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4819389622 Y[View]
481939582Fallout 76's NPC-adding Wastelanders update has been delayed into next year: https://www.euroga…[View]
481948656kick every door[View]
481948632What are some games with good magic mechanics?[View]
481948626Top 50 PC RPG's as of 2019 according to RPS. I agree with most of the list. 1. Dark Souls 2. Di…[View]
481940890>Top 100 Games of All Time >1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.…[View]
481948541>He uses his game console for stuff other than video games[View]
481946696Will it fail again?: The game is back on steam and they removed lootboxes, all the content is unlock…[View]
481948481Minecraft server: JOIN TRIALS AND CHILL This is the place to be if you wanna punch some blocks and c…[View]
481945118Dynamaxing is literally just Mega Evolution but instead of making a new model, they just scale the P…[View]
481947754>So nice and warm... What did Marianne mean by this?[View]
481945827So are you gonna get fit with your dragon bro tomorrow /v/?[View]
481948332https://twitter.com/LinleyGroup/status/1182331356925198337 THANK YOU BASED INTEL[View]
481945579I this fucking cannon?: 'These clumsy knights of Colovia had no chance at all, splitting apart wetly…[View]
481948275Just a little question i can't google anywhere. When i use double bladed weapons i get the same…[View]
481948132Things you can say about Steam but not the Epic Games Store[View]
481946573ITT: post your first vidya crush.[View]
481943221Thoughts on the Black Bull? also F-Zero thread[View]
481942715>game has cute and innocent character >they're actually evil why do developers keep doing…[View]
481944994So we can all agree the PS2 is the greatest video game console of all time right? Everywhere I go no…[View]
481944456Anon, have you been making sure ti train your brain regularly? You brain needs exercise just like yo…[View]
481948016what went so horrible wrong? is this the new bless online?[View]
481947748I miss AOTS, bros[View]
481947948What are some of the most underrated Dragon Quest characters? I’ll start[View]
481944162Are you ready for the GOTY /v/?[View]
481947561Streaming bf4, it's a lonely stream, come call me a piece of shit https://www.twitch.tv/mf_nook…[View]
481946546In This Thread:: CAUSAL FILTERS[View]
481945803Why are there so many cute girl shooters and such but next to none with cute boys?[View]
481928028NO LOOT BOXES CONFIRMED IN MODERN WARFARE: WE ARE GOING HOME https://blog.activision.com/call-of-du…[View]
481945737>Delayed for 4 more months reeeeee[View]
481944730Is there a game that's like Super Mario Sunshine but it's only the space levels where you …[View]
481878608Capcom is planning more ip revivals and remakes: >'Our initiatives are to (1) strengthen digital …[View]
481927743>have real chemistry with best girl >you can't romance her Why is this allowed?…[View]
481942865The greatest masterpiece of this generation[View]
481947221Why am I being taxed no matter where my location is when I try to buy this?I refuse to pay digital t…[View]
481942765Anyone have a Switch Lite? What do you think about it?[View]
481945643Fuck China All chinks and chink apologists go to hell and stay there.[View]
481920275Disco Elysium: I can't find my fucking shoe.[View]
481939796I'm getting pic related to play with 3 friends on pc What are we in for ?[View]
481943012>Game is set in a 'post apocalyptic wasteland'[View]
481946774Will TF2 ever be good again?[View]
481944560Say, anon. Your Civ has a nice piece of land there all to theirselves. Mind if I move in? It'll…[View]
481946879There has not been a Super Mario Maker 2 level sharing thead for a long time: Here are some of my le…[View]
481898315Does anyone else feel gaming is not really gaming anymore? At least not like it originally was. Thin…[View]
481939365Just shooting the shit here. What kind of games would v want for this franchise. Personally, I'…[View]
481946658>updated my journal[View]
481943682>Kills 100s of innocent people, some with families. >Destroys buildings, vehicles and ruins p…[View]
481946652fuck janny[View]
481945653Is there such thing as a perfect game? What would make a game perfect?[View]
481932051Have been starting to get into this series and so far have played 5, 3, and just finished 4. So far …[View]
481945242Who can beat them?[View]
481945381WoW for the first time ever: I've never played WoW before, i and i'd like to get a taste o…[View]
481946441leek: crash issac rayman geno bandana dee bomberman[View]
481929516>the perfect system doesn't exis-[View]
481945137>ruins your franchise[View]
481939392>game doesn't let you marry best girl[View]
481946189Where They Cremate The Roadkill: Why doesn't anyone ever talk about this amazing game?[View]
481944658>get shat on by other team >other team says 'gg'…[View]
481945127>game looks only good on the cover >is a pile of shit in reality not even the 2 hour long game…[View]
481945960Three-headed /v/ poster: Here, I'll start:[View]
481938038what is the best GTA and why is it not GTA V?[View]
481945286so this is the power of PC...[View]
481935485Isaac: Repentance pushed to 2020: Sorry fellas if you wanted Antibirth kino in the main game by this…[View]
481942446So now that more dlc has been confirmed, is HE___ in?[View]
481928876What would you prefer; a perfect Alien style survival horror game that’s like Resident Evil 1-3, or …[View]
481945742I started a new file to go for 112%. Any tips?[View]
481945865ITT: post a vidya character's triggers pic related 'forged evidence'[View]
481944424Yup. Overrated, uninspiring, repetitive, bland, aimless, need I continue?[View]
4819440722020 is looking really good for fighting games how can one single game development company save an e…[View]
481945794What games take place in comfy Russia?[View]
481944839You know, I really wish Notch would do the world a solid and buy out 4Chan, then immediately shut it…[View]
481945717Apologize.: It's based. Apologize.[View]
481939383Is this the beginning of the redemption arc? Are racing games saved?[View]
481943771Who is the best vidya youtuber?[View]
481943468Is Horizon Zero Dawn worth playing?[View]
481944368Metroid: Do you think we'll see a tease like the skyward sword poster, or nothing till a full b…[View]
481935826Could you please lower the price?[View]
481944369COD MW: yeh, im thinking COD is BACK! only one week from launch, how HYPE are you?[View]
481945297Say something that you hate the most in the gaming industry? Like a company or a practice?[View]
481939709When are we going to get a black smash character? >aaaaaaa alternative costumes >aaaaaaaaa mii…[View]
481944846This is my bf dimitri. say something nice about him![View]
481945471Do you play video games that blatantly pander to fetishes?[View]
481940697SWEET JESUS, FISHER![View]
481906707>that game you want, but is too controversial/offensive/etc to exist What's her name /v/?…[View]
481945319HEARTBEAT RPG: For some reason the other thread got deleted[View]
481941690Any tips for Battlefield V, or even Battlefield in general? Things I already know: K/D isn't …[View]
481937909I am carrying your child[View]
481940430>quietly is the best indie game available on switch[View]
481903606The game is good but weapon durability is actually a completely pointless mechanic[View]
481941369>high quality animations[View]
481930317What went so wrong?[View]
481905365Nioh 2: say something nice a out your new wife anon https://youtu.be/fCCZIjCaytM[View]
481945006>Game is not even out and its already getting prizes as a movie[View]
481944737Pokémon Gold.[View]
481940665What's your favorite DLC, /v/?[View]
481938606Stubbs: I would just like a Stubbs the Zombie thread.[View]
481925782Why do russians like this game so much?[View]
481944764Will (you) be buying the all new virtual egg feeder game on the Nintendo switch? https://youtu.be/E0…[View]
481939628>Download Empire Earth Gold >GOG version >Follow most guides, set it to widescreen and 3D H…[View]
481944710is he coming back to smash the commies?[View]
481897208Has there ever been a vidya publisher as morally repugnant as Activision-Blizzard?[View]
481941917*forever changes gaming as we know it*[View]
481930737Are we excited for Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
481943302>It's winter of 1999 >you're about to play with your brother and mom made hot chocol…[View]
481892470rabi ribi thread: Rabi-ribi out for switch.[View]
481914159AAAAAAND It's dead.: The latest BL3 'notfix' nerfs the most popular builds into the ground and …[View]
481943873Googles new game teaches kids to snitch: You have to give all the dopey people little love cards to …[View]
481943443>Overwatch Halloween event is still the same Eichenwalde PvE bullshit as the last few years, exce…[View]
481942823Dust - A post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game: New fallout and wasteland inspired game android: https:…[View]
481941468>tfw you join a random server and people are calling each other 'faggot', 'nigger' and 'jew'…[View]
481941180How do we get Koizumi to work on Zelda again and save the franchise from Autnuoma?[View]
481943789What went wrong?[View]
481942098>want to play old multiplayer game >all the servers are hosted in Europe Is it because you poo…[View]
481929986Which is better Earthbound or Mother 3?[View]
481940146When did gaming peak?[View]
481928305You have 10 (ten) seconds to recommend me a touch-screen based title for the Nintendo DS/3DS.[View]
481921331Games where the remake or remaster completely shits on the original?[View]
481940717>friend says a guy vidya character is hot >that's gay bro >lol I'm comfortable in…[View]
481943059Press s to spit on Minecraft[View]
481942307Post your limit breaks.[View]
481943113How will you defeat her /v/?[View]
481943269Viddy game thread for saucefrens :^)[View]
481943393>clan tryout in cs 1.4 >the dude tried sneaking up on me >ran on a metal surface and i hear…[View]
481939070Can i sing a song for you?[View]
481939753>WoW Classic is a massive success, still surpassing retail month after release >SJW and useles…[View]
481884929Fire Emblem Three Houses: >the most popular character is still Chadmitri OH NO NO NO NOOOOO EDELB…[View]
481906462Are you getting one?[View]
481940637Would you grind to Exalted to play as this?[View]
481935417ITT: God Tier vidya soundtracks[View]
481941672GAMESPOT TOP 10 SCARIEST VIDYA MONSTERS: 10: The Balrog Diablo Of all the games we went though in se…[View]
481942720What's better? Physical Wii Games on Wii or on Wii U?[View]
481941625Did you buy her game? Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that it was >OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
481942898>tfw no pirate games[View]
481940097What does /v/ think about Breath of Fire on SNES?[View]
481895294Play Xenoblade 2 Listen to Xenoblade’s 2 soundtrack Discuss Xenoblade 2 Watch Xenoblade 2 lore video…[View]
481936389What the fuck happened to Diablo Median? What the fuck is this shit??? Lmao it looks HORRIBLE What t…[View]
481931853So is there any VR games that are must haves?[View]
481928710Final fantasy 7 remake: I will buy tifas game and will have fun.[View]
481941154the AI in this game is hilarious[View]
481803528Rance thread: Help me /v/ros. I am unable to break the final stronghold of the demon army in that 2n…[View]
481941685>'up until now'[View]
481938387*doesnt approach the objective even when its overtime* *loses*[View]
481935998What’s your most disappointing game of 2019 so far?[View]
481936695We want the Code Vein audience[View]
481930213JOHNNY IT'S A SAINTS ROW THREAD post female bosses[View]
481915283Pokemon Sword & Shield first town: https://zerod0wn.wordpress.com/2019/10/14/pokemon-sword-shiel…[View]
481941875Bayonetta is better than DMC will ever be.[View]
481940332>adult bad >kid good why did it suck so much /v/?…[View]
481938603>Death Stranding not even out yet >patches already being released This...this isn't good.…[View]
481937530What went so: Right[View]
481936979>H-hey, Koji, it's Stef. I know DS is coming out soon, but if there's room left for ano…[View]
481928601have you ever gotten mad at a game?[View]
481941208$10 a month to ensure my mental health[View]
481938681>game becomes f2p game >gets filled with hackers and shitters >and then it dies Everytime.…[View]
481940579Its the 25th anniversary Say something nice to it[View]
481941454Mega buster![View]
481941210This is a bait thread. I just wanted to show you the screenshot I made in Paradox Interactives'…[View]
481941290Is it possible for a long-running game franchise to keep its soul? It seems like franchises always g…[View]
481941287Have you beaten IVAN yet?[View]
481940849>AFK smoke break[View]
481937780Smash Leak: ok i lied but honestly who didn't see that coming Guys why do you want Crash in? li…[View]
481941163What's a character you'd like to see featured in a new platformer game? Whether it be a ch…[View]
481913816Would /v/ sleep on this bed?[View]
481939262>trust me boyo, now would you kindly go do an errand for me?[View]
481941040>turn on PC/console >shitpost on /v/ >See what game i want to play >shitpost on /v/ >…[View]
481938257Digimon or Ni No Kuni?: So its gonna be a little while for Pokemon to come out (long time fan, but h…[View]
481940895Pirating mp games: Yep thats a thing now (shared launchers username +pass for $2.50 or $7 on release…[View]
481934986What is your favorite public transport game?[View]
481940773>Game removes a staple feature of its series >Game devs make said feature the selling point of…[View]
481940391What games help fill the void?[View]
481936373Games where you have to pay rent every month?[View]
481935824Every single pirated game I download keeps telling me the file is corrupted or the disk image is no …[View]
481934398>Onimusha got a coop bloody palace officially more than a decade before DMC got one via modding…[View]
481924072meanwhile in fantasy /v/......[View]
481938924this piece of garbage game is one of the biggest disgraces of our industry[View]
481939864Geno: Given the context of our current sociopolitical environment, especially with regards to everyt…[View]
481940274name your favorite game and the reason why or the cat gets it[View]
481925439This is a switch game in 2019[View]
481884063Who was in the right?[View]
481939883You think I'd let you do this on your own?[View]
481938031This is coming to the switch next Tuesday apparently, when the heck was this announced?[View]
481940025Shooters FPS Games: Hey vidya, I've not been gaming for a while. Anyone recommend any multiplay…[View]
481934230Should Yooka-Laylee try their hand at 3D again, or should they stick to 2D platforming for a little …[View]
481931715ITT: Games where in the end, it doesn't even matter: Pic related. >inb4 mass effect 3…[View]
481928597>be me: >Bloodbornefag >find out very quick Dark Souls is infinitely harder + way more vari…[View]
481909595This game is fucking shit and I hate that I got memed with interesting setting into buying it[View]
481939684>we all had her, but he married her so it's pretty clear he is one of us, since he basically…[View]
481935614Dark Souls is better. Dragon's Dogma is better. BOTW is better. The Switch has a variety of be…[View]
481935352Lloyd VS Heihachi: Which is more likely for Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Which one would you prefer? E…[View]
481899559Be onesto, you can't wait to play it.[View]
481939590The World Ends With You[View]
481939347God, why is Jessie the only HuniePop to get into SPNATI why couldn't it have been someone good[View]
481934253haha zelda BTFO[View]
481939306Where are al the spooky games?[View]
481930805Switch Lite: Did you end up buying one? I heard it feels a lot better the the OG switch?[View]
481939248Are there MUDs worth playing in 2019? i was thinking about trying LifeWeb, Armageddom and Starmourn[View]
481927835Comfy Dragon Quest 11 S thread: How are you enjoying DQ11S so far? I've just recruited Jade and…[View]
481937351Can anyone recommend puzzle games for my phone? None of that Bejewled crap. I mean puzzles that have…[View]
481930551Need me an ACTUAL Death Stranding spoilers thread. All the leaks I've seen have either obviousl…[View]
481874238Create Your Bugfu & Anons Rate Your Taste: https://picrew.me/image_maker/143336[View]
481933835>localization changes a character's nationality from Japanese into Chinese Was this even nec…[View]
481931050>squeaker's mic is constantly on[View]
481924785What's different about video games then vs now?[View]
481932264Your Turn To Die: Just finished the second chapter Voted for Kanna because I didn't care much f…[View]
481935162Sekiro: She is so cute bro's...[View]
481886358Why are games that use heavy Catholic iconography so fucking cool? Is there a better Aesthetic than …[View]
481935349DOMA DOMA DOMA[View]
481925806ITS HAPPENING[View]
481934139>first time playing >start game make my dude a doctor cause it seems like it would be useful …[View]
481937824What are some good games released after 2015?[View]
481933334Why can't he just do a simple review for a game anymore instead of a big Hollywood production? …[View]
481929732>”dude it’s just as good as tropical freeze!!!” >little to no enemy variety >levels are bl…[View]
481938457Must you have autism in order to play this game?[View]
481933457id never made a bad game.[View]
481929235Fnaf fangame: >TRTR aka Fnaf 3 >literal fnaf 1 with fnaf 2 shit and feat Candy i mean Sugar …[View]
481938020ITT: IPs killed by PC culture[View]
481936924It’s out cfwbros https://1fichier.com/dir/gyKLD6JY[View]
481931413>Sequel's tone is drastically different to the original[View]
481938143How can a horror game be so comfy?[View]
481937821Ahem, for my talent I will sing the theme from Halo. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH AAHHH AHHH AH…[View]
481936615Finally decided to install this game after having it sit in my library for 2 years. What am I in for…[View]
481935062Mistover: PSA: Every time a character survives from Limbo, it puts a stacking ATK debuff on your cha…[View]
481931997Suda51 and No More Heroes Thread: TSA is out for Steam and PS4. Downloading right now, since I don…[View]
481934930What is Sanae playing, /v/?[View]
481917606games with trains[View]
481913743What am I in for /v/?[View]
481931839Calling it now. The fifth fighter pass character is going to be someone from a game no one even cons…[View]
481932827BlizzCon is 2 weeks away, any Wow leaks that seems likely besides the Shadowlands one?[View]
481922916Disc Creatures: Just came out today, I'm probably gonna be picking it up tomorrow myself Any of…[View]
481937776smash threads should not exist. i'm willing to bet one of my testicles that not a single person…[View]
481931967What does /v/ think of Cloud Strife?[View]
481933086Sachiko riding her way to page 10![View]
481937290What was even the demographic for this character?[View]
481937518Breath of the Wild 2 will have Motion Controls like TP and SS[View]
481937023smash guys: uhm like who the fuck is terry and hero where are the real picks like reimu, shantae and…[View]
481927552ITT good games brutally murdered by their devs Pic related https://youtu.be/WE6nZx5MDgM?t=3m38s at …[View]
481937072Where's the new bats game?[View]
481937334What was his problem?[View]
481937171Heartwarming: No relationship quite like a boy and his dog![View]
481933749>He's never played Mr. Gimmick! Are you some sort of casual? Is this how you spend your birt…[View]
481875967/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>481834215 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
481931821>there will never be a good Dragon Age ever again[View]
481932481One Leak to Rule Them All: Hello /v/. Just here to say that the final Fighter's Pass character …[View]
481932307Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIjOIQEpvKA[View]
481739928Lobotomy Corporation: How the FUCK do I beat her. I can’t even scratch her second phase before all o…[View]
481918985Dark Souls 2: What was her endgame? Was Nashandra simply a greedy tyrant? What's the curse of W…[View]
481936301Asphalt: This game got hard fast.[View]
481930579If you HATE Smash YOU SUCK https://youtu.be/5rxU5MEm0J4[View]
481890654YA DLC BUYIN'[View]
481935127>huge monster with enormous range and speed >rolling around on the floor like an idiot makes y…[View]
481936284Alright, /v/, here's a question for you. What are some games that are like Heroes III, but do n…[View]
481933129Remember Coin Launcher?[View]
481935408>Just restart your PC bro[View]
481930801Why does /v/ like gachas? Pic unrelated[View]
481932201Anyone found good games from that Internet Archive MS-DOS games list?[View]
481930701How much grinding are YOU willing to put up with for your team of 11 DigiWaifus?[View]
481935887People keep saying this is better than WoW classic, but I'm very skeptical of Korean MMO develo…[View]
481935759The era of man is ending... human body can’t adapt to the condition of zone, but out of zone rises a…[View]
481922082I don't think there is a single more mediocre, average, 5/10 game in this world. There is nothi…[View]
481919873I've been playing video games since I was 7 years old. I have finished 317 titles. But I have n…[View]
4819350952 Weeks until GOTM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg0sbOAVEtY Literally SOUL: the game Can it Leak…[View]
481913789What's her name, /v/?[View]
481935137ITT: Vidya PTSD[View]
481933963Modern video games spoil us aweeeee: Sometimes i feel like everything is too streamlined now and it …[View]
481930331Literally nobody would give a fuck about Persona if it wasn't for the waifus. It's a glori…[View]
481935070>that old flash game you always replayed What's xir name, /v/?[View]
481935069Muffet Synthwave: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KGqLIm_iyP4[View]
481932649Hoi4 thread Also why the fuck is Afghanistan so hard to invade?[View]
481912374Why didn't arcade gaming die out in Japan like it did in America?[View]
481932485What are some Wild West games /v/?[View]
481932079this is why riot games it the best company[View]
481934261With the current sale are any of the Paradox grand strategy games worth getting into now? Open to ot…[View]
481933834choose your fighter[View]
481934619>Game begins >1st level has a several minute long unskipable tutorial just to teach you to loo…[View]
481934070Post based western VAs.[View]
481934412Fortnike: wheres my favorite sports label[View]
481934225who /hyped/?[View]
481932927Play The Evil Within[View]
481905397The Witcher 3 can do 50-60FPS on Switch: What the fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFV0S8C2z3o…[View]
481934360ITT: brainlet filter[View]
481932748Why are devs trying to rip off Cuphead?[View]
481931739Pathologic 2: I heard it got a update that made the game finally run well, that true? How well does …[View]
481932448Now that the dust has settled, what does /v/ think about Shibuya Scramble?[View]
481858049Do you have anything you'd like to say to Poison?[View]
4819231095th DLC Fighter Is The Prince from Katamari: Hello /v/. The final fighters pass character is The Pri…[View]
481932597Sony's board of directors (pic related) want to make their Smash ripoff and put YOU in charge. …[View]
481934080The Brothers' War.. The War of the Ring.. The Seven Hour War.. These 'wars', among co…[View]
481933743Why are game dev so mediocre today?: I mean, just look at all the shit this dude had to make just to…[View]
481933757Oath MMO scam: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/readyupstudios/oath Another Kickstarter scam …[View]
481933829Which videogame reticulates splines the best?[View]
481931048Is the Disney Afternoon collection worth a buy? Or should I just get Ducktales Remastered?[View]
481933775>tfw we'll never get a Naruto game that is based solely on Tobirama dealing with the Uchiha …[View]
481933435Hey anon, long time no see! It's me, Steve. You look tired, I have some spare beds over here. C…[View]
481906579>2k hours in path of exile >15k hours in diablo 2/LoD/median xl >3k hours in diablo 3 On pa…[View]
481933534This is an Aerith.[View]
481933671It's PDXCON tomorrow, /v/! What overpriced DLCs are you looking forward to![View]
481933649The sequel needs to take place in Hollywood.[View]
481928873How would you adapt Frasier into a video game, /v/?[View]
481919943Is there a game that has ever made feel scared? What in particular scared you? Doesn't have to …[View]
481929117Play their game. It's not gonna last another month...[View]
481932629Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXvQ1nK4oxk[View]
481933419>had RE4 since day one gamecube >owned GC, PS2, PS3 and now even physical PS4 >mfw i HAVE t…[View]
481932631Who was your main?[View]
481933134Linux gaming thread: Linux has a lot of games, and getting even more very quickly. What is stopping …[View]
481932636Anyone else used to play this game?[View]
481933268Stay Cool, Kobayashi-San!: A River City Ransom Story: English trailer is up https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
481930924Don't mind me, just taking my Game of the Year award[View]
481921697Motherboard, Power Supply, Cooling, Sound Card, Memory, none of that shit matters man[View]
481927870he he, 'vein'[View]
481921057ITT: Perfect characters only.[View]
481926997How the fuck is nobody talking about this? Steam is about to fucking revolutionize online co-op in g…[View]
481925031>Welcome to the top of the food chain ;) Th-thanks??[View]
481932852Buy SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated[View]
481932487When you're a god in a JRPG[View]
481931318Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWFwACXa_Zg[View]
481925959Do you enjoy video games, /v/?[View]
481914721So people arent excited about this because they saw some pre-prealpha game footage?[View]
481931893What the fuck was his problem?[View]
481925320So I was thinking of playing some RTS single player on my old computer, which one do you think is th…[View]
481931213This is one of the worst and greatest games of all time[View]
481931487If the technology was there microtransactions would’ve happened much sooner. Games have been trying …[View]
481928163>Game is so shit it's not even worth pirating What's her name /v/…[View]
481927525release date June 12, 2008 11 years ago[View]
481855790Devil May Cry: Comfy DMC thread, bros. Post your favorite >taunt >music track >boss fight …[View]
481926994Hi! we're the trifecta of technologies that are better than anything you got today in gaming, b…[View]
481926094What is the Hell Girl of vidya, /v/?[View]
481925113Mystic Knight is the most underrated vocation. Dragon's Dogma thread[View]
481919089what is immersion breaking to you in a video game? something that makes you too disappointed to keep…[View]
481924424Is it worth picking up on the switch?[View]
481930035Bless Unleashed: https://blessunleashed.com/news/new-combat-changes-coming-in-the-open-beta Anyone e…[View]
481916234What does /v/ think of Rayman?[View]
481885215>game has absurdly horrible balancing[View]
481931031Got item?[View]
481917551>watch any GameXplain video >guy sounds like a cartoon nerd with phlegm stuck in his throat Ho…[View]
481928981Jinjo: Jinjo[View]
481921658>if we shill daily on /v/, surely it will sell well lmao[View]
481930903Vidya related haha thread[View]
481930848When are we getting the remastered port?[View]
481923701 [View]
481925662Ace Attorney: >the vilest of all the prosecutors in the series >has the voice of a demon >m…[View]
4819292542019... I am forgotten...[View]
481902151HLVR will be to VR what HL was to FPS[View]
481929854ROCKSTAR PRESENTS...[View]
481930302Do you like video games about gladiators?[View]
481885612This is WoW in 2019[View]
481921516>game apes at current trends and becomes immediately dated[View]
481930176>nintendo is desperate for switch to sell >pretend their policy changed >switch does a frac…[View]
481929209This game sucks. It's barely a battlefield now and more claustrophobic objective rushing. Hell …[View]
481930391It's back[View]
481913151>released on PC >not a single thread what went wrong?…[View]
481880404Who is your favourite vidya clown?[View]
481927903Call of Duty Mobile Breaks Record with 100 Million Downloads in Its First Week: https://sensortower.…[View]
481927242>no shitstorm this year I still can't believe bros...[View]
481928446 [View]
481929918This is Rudolf von Sturmgeist, the SS commander in charge of the secret HO-IX flying wing aircraft p…[View]
481929767Shill me on your favorite RPG[View]
481922510Why does he wear the mask?[View]
481929690GRAND THEFT AUTO & RED DEAD: What will the next GTA game be like?[View]
481929349Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: Anyone looking into getting this? It looks to be a pretty grea…[View]
481925720Well /v/?[View]
481927019Floating Xatu in the sky: Floating Xatu in the sky[View]
481927010Videogames that remind me of Mehmet the VI, last sultan of the Ottoman Empire?[View]
481928806Epic giving away games has actually made me less likely to buy indie games, because I've alread…[View]
481929331>thinking Ninja Ryu is the last fighter in the fighter's pass based on absolutely nothing…[View]
481920173YOU GUYS MAKE ME LEFFEN when you say you don't like Smash Ultimate.[View]
481922283Anyone in this Beta? How is it? >Made by company who created Tera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
481926083How wrong will he be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaXGA_wSWDA[View]
481923773How the fuck would she have have ballistics? She's wearing a sweater vest, where the hell would…[View]
481928683>go shopping >see some cheap preowned games but the cases were damaged >decide not to buy t…[View]
481922070Dame Da Ne: >>481918904 wasn't quick enough to reply[View]
481886779Play Life is Strange: Max is crying because you didn't play her game. What's your excuse?…[View]
481928574Is it Worth It?: $13.25 for Interplanetary, Aven Colony & Forged Battalion on Steam. Two of them…[View]
481918864isn't uploading this to steam illegal ?[View]
481926940Pucker up big boy, we're here to save Resident evil[View]
481900956Congratulations /v/! Blizzard is dead![View]
481923894TOO MUCH FUCKING GAMES TO PLAY: there's just too many fucking games to play, I'm off now t…[View]
481922683Time to fish and relax! >get shot by a sniper 1km away FUCK[View]
481926564Fortune Summoners: Hey /v/ I downloaded the Deluxe version of Fortune Summoners, but I can't ge…[View]
481919837Qirex was here. Feisar sucks![View]
481928334Man, this game looks so fun. Can’t wait to play it![View]
481927506Red Dead Redemption 2 ENHANCED on PC: New trailer for enhanced PC version https://youtu.be/SXvQ1nK4o…[View]
481924830>game has companions >their AI is absolutely terrible…[View]
481880809Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
481923889What games to politics and religion well?[View]
481924893endings that made you cry[View]
481926451>hunter x hunter could have been getting a new rpg >fairy tailcucks cheated the poll so they…[View]
481927604>Gamefreak wants to make games that aren't pokemon >The quality of non-gamefreak pokemon …[View]
481927601how do they keep fucking up https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.polygon.com/2019/10/17/20919220…[View]
481927363October 17, 2019. I am forgotten...[View]
481921030ITT: things that still haven't been done in vidya >multiple playable races that aren't …[View]
481911651>Game launches in 8 days >Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the original developers of Fallout, h…[View]
481927176It cost $400,000 to stream the stadia for twelve seconds[View]
481919160>Game makes you fucking murder someone to fully complete it[View]
481924234Well /v/?[View]
481927048Cube World has been saved: https://www.reddit.com/r/CubeWorld/comments/dj2ia1/i_created_a_mod_that_a…[View]
481926023What is this pose meant to convey?[View]
481913730Fuck these faggots for never putting their shit on PC.[View]
481926019'gamer' boycotts were always ineffective. Remember left 4 dead 2 boycott? Yeah me neither. All that …[View]
481926523How long before a mod to replace her with a big titted loli?[View]
481924264I finally gave Rivals Of Aether an honest try, and I gotta say this game is the most legit smash-lik…[View]
481923706I have only ever played 3 japanese games in my entire life: Minish Cap on Gayboy Contra on PS and MG…[View]
481919593Why does Persona 3 feels so nostalgic? I finished it just 6 months ago but it feels like it was 6 ye…[View]
481926570Pinball Games: Are you buying the new tables soon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l1oQXu_A40…[View]
481924434How is not a single dev tried to follow Turok 2 path? This should have been the future of FPS, not a…[View]
481906262>you'll never hear lifelight for the first time again[View]
481924958FBI here. I'm investigating an allegation that you never played The X Files Game. Is that accur…[View]
481925945Someone stop him[View]
481916708Zero Escape thread! Just finished 999 and I absolutely loved every second of it. However I am more t…[View]
481926249What are some games that emphasis the illegal selling of goods to make fuck tons of money?[View]
481921539Meanwhile In a reality where /v/ existed in the 1990's[View]
481903221What do you expect from the Crash franchise going forward? You think the new games will be cool or w…[View]
481925554what does /v/ use to edit their gameplay footage? the last 3 windows updates made my copy of adobe p…[View]
481918461Are there any Mario fans here? Like actual Mario fans that consider the Mario franchise to be their …[View]
481922795Far Cry Thread: Was he a better villain than Vaas?[View]
481925149So we all know that both of these games are bad. But which one is better?[View]
481925726Is it just me or does the general atmosphere and story of this game feel so...bleak?[View]
481902468Is this only weebshit and tits or is it actually a good game aswell?[View]
481817156Dead or Alive: This lovely lady is out today on Steam. How are you coping with the fact that you mig…[View]
481921684Where we droppin’?[View]
481925353Why are female characters in western games always so boring and repulsive?: La criatura del infierno…[View]
481923019Does he deserve a lynching?: Do corporate SCUMFUCKS need to be taught a lesson about their place in …[View]
481923185Name a current gen comfy game. Bonus points if it hase some kind of home base you always come back t…[View]
481925190Red pill me on the Nvidia shield: What's so special about it? Should I consider buying one?…[View]
481922479>climbing is a major feature of this game used constantly to traverse the terrain >when it rai…[View]
481924092Pantheon Rise of the Fallen: Opinions on this game? Game looks great imo, but development is super s…[View]
481924801I didn't know the nukes were a metaphor for a white minority civilization....[View]
481895331Have you ever visited a videogame con? How was it?[View]
481916158gameboy general: so I'm getting a Gameboy this weekend and looking for games. already have fire…[View]
481914960I actually liked the game, what do you think /v/?[View]
481881197how much coffee does /v/ drink during a gaming session and how does it affect your gaming skills?[View]
481921362Vintage Donkey Kong lore: 1/2[View]
481924567What are some video games with themes of living in a society?[View]
481923476You find yourself by your current most wanted for Smash, what do you say to them as words of encoura…[View]
481920681>Don't shoot! I surrender.[View]
481917875Should I check out Little Town Hero, r/gaming? What do I think of it right now?[View]
481894231games for this feel[View]
481924230IT'S BACK, BAYBEE!: After a long wait, Icons Combat Arena has recovered to the stage, and the d…[View]
481920671Median XL or Path of Diablo, /v/?[View]
481919426They better not fuck up the Croft Mansion this time. It was fine in older games and Legend, and I wa…[View]
481924127Daily reminder that House will conquer America and become the Architect of Destiny.[View]
481907951I summon Gatling Skyterror in atack position[View]
481923885Why did Darkest Dungeon not get a mobile port? It seems like the perfect game I'd play on the g…[View]
481923724EH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH ! ![View]
481919458Why is this game running like shit on my PC when I meet the requirements, literally unplayable, is t…[View]
481923626So this was the horrible future Xatu saw.[View]
481900759Has Game Freak just completely lost it's mind?[View]
481923404Where my Somaliland gamers at?[View]
481871583Why is nobody talking about League of Legends having: >A fighting game. >A card game. >A m…[View]
481919103Dandara: Can someone who has played this game tell me what they thought about it? I just got it on s…[View]
481923227is the battletech game worth buying or pirating? i need a game to get my mech fix[View]
481921848https://store.steampowered.com/app/1146310/Beyond_a_Steel_Sky/ >Beneath A Steel Sky sequel what t…[View]
481914223CoD: This game is so bad and itd going to fool so many retards into thinking they are going back to …[View]
481907453If you could play it online, would it eclipse all the other fightans?[View]
481904778You'll never see him coming![View]
481896483Stardew Valley: What made it succeed where Harvest Moon failed?[View]
481880138Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
481919980>tfw no max gf AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDAMN IT[View]
4819204132020 will be a great year for Demon's Souls fags. Screencap this for the announcement threads, …[View]
481919574ITT: Games with rats[View]
481922429Hello /v/! Just a reminder that there's less than a day before it's time to start getting …[View]
481921358Was it really a soulslike?[View]
481920863>that one game that you enjoy for one specific thing about it, even though the rest of it is tedi…[View]
481909041How come this game never got a true sequel? 2 and 3 play nothing like it[View]
481922240Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine: This game fucking rules. Chapter 3 when? You picked the Sou route, …[View]
481912129Wow... Really makes you think, huh?[View]
481921251Name a worse year for video game droughts than 2019. And no, remasters and remakes don't fuckin…[View]
481921393What are you playing right now?: I'm going to fly from Bellingham, Washington to either Tucson,…[View]
481921964>Platformer >It's actually a puzzle game Also fuck Mario Maker youtubers for memeing this…[View]
481921929What are some games that are genuinely like FTL?[View]
481921858ZODIAC KILLER FINALLY REVEALED: The identity of the Zodiac Killer has FINALLY been discovered -- pic…[View]
481921737ITT: Games where you can be a mastermind[View]
481921489If you havn't read homestuck you won't understand the message of undertale. Undertale is v…[View]
481917750>dark souls >has no soul wtf happened[View]
481920557is there a multiplayer coop game with a sense of progression as good as Minecraft's?[View]
481917710Hey /v/: Why should I give a shit about pokemon being removed from sword and shield?[View]
481900783'Please buy our boring game'[View]
481920794The Black Masses free demo release soon around 3 EST. It uses an upgraded Ultimate Epic Battle Simul…[View]
481919591Somewhere out there, in this very instant, an overweight basement dweller indie developer is craftin…[View]
481919750The animation update is out! 10 Years later we have it[View]
481915312>get to my first divine beast, vah ruta >first phase done, all bows break on second phase so I…[View]
481921425Not an AC game[View]
481919507I miss Iwata, I wish more video execs were like him.[View]
481920858When will Tails get his own spin-off game?[View]
481917812when was the last time you went to autistic mode?[View]
481918384T-thanks for the innovation Miyamoto... bing bing... wahoo!!!![View]
481912652>The last game you played now has the soundtrack done by the last musical group/artist you listen…[View]
481920227The director of The Last Night shared the tech he’s using for the game. The rain drop is reflected r…[View]
481918551The greatest handheld generation: Reminder that we will never experience anything like the last gen …[View]
481912569Future of Shenmue: So finally this game is coming out in a month and it needs to sell in order for t…[View]
481918326Main Menu thread: >left: simple, aesthetically pleasing, unbloated >right: soulless copy of ev…[View]
481919774I have a theory. you know how metro exodus and outer worlds are epic games store exclusives right Yo…[View]
481908873Jet Girls New Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVByAnz-g4g&feature=youtu.be How does it …[View]
481912597What's a game that you didn't expect to enjoy all that much, yet it ended up becoming one …[View]
481914982steam halloween sale 2019: it will be shit[View]
481894915Fairy Tail: She's in[View]
481914693ITT: forgotten games[View]
481917229>''''Snake'''' >once known by the '''…[View]
481919917the wait is fucking killing me[View]
481918362>play fortnite chapter 2 >land somewhere high >realize a guy is with me >not today >b…[View]
481915531Got any fun vidya creepypasta to read for the spooky months?[View]
481917463What is peak Id Soft and why is it Quake 1?[View]
481918806How would you feel this out /v/[View]
481907947What would be their favorite games?[View]
481917071Why, yes, I do use the black box with the concheror. How did you know?[View]
481919176I'm beginning to understand that games are not a substitute for social interaction[View]
481918808What games have the best outfit/armour progression? I really love the way Dead Space starts you off …[View]
481919504>censors your vidya[View]
481916479Alan Wake American Nightmare and >observer_ are free on the epic games store https://www.epicgame…[View]
481919391Who is the Rich Amaral of video games?[View]
481906258Just beat the postgame final boss and saw the final credits. This is easily my GOTY and the best JRP…[View]
481919407>when THAT track kicks in https://youtu.be/joO3jyU67TI[View]
481917021>game has a cute tech sidekick/ support character[View]
481914678Do arcades truly have a place in these modern times?[View]
481916561Ring Fit Adventure: Dragaux![View]
481904764>the average AAA game doesnt appeal to me at all anymore >havent played an esport since 2014 …[View]
481916932Should Dragons Dogma 2 have multiplayer components are cement itself as a single player experience o…[View]
481918904Dame Da Ne[View]
481917069games for this feel?[View]
481911089Is this worth playing or should i just play 5? Price isn't an issue but i heard its impossible …[View]
481868083Fuck off homos.[View]
481916214Let’s be honest, it still hasn’t been topped.[View]
481916952Hollow Knight: Just played through this gem. Is there any other 2d platformer that come close to su…[View]
481917528Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC: New trailer for enhanced PC version https://youtu.be/SXvQ1nK4oxk shame …[View]
481918282What games allow me to use both modern and legacy weapons at the same time? I wanna chop fuckers wit…[View]
481886715Why did everybody hate Final Fantasy IX?[View]
481918470If you havn't read homestuck you won't understand the message of undertale. Undertale is v…[View]
481917430>oh yeah, that happened[View]
481918541Has anyone tried the Grandia HD remaster? How is it? I never played the original, thinking of playin…[View]
481914340>pc games[View]
481918491imscared: It was a good game.[View]
481914765>purchased this game to piss off /v/ >purchase additional $103 in cosmetics >turns out it l…[View]
481912685Ciconia When They Cry: Did you remember to restore Earth's dignity today, anon?[View]
481862238How's your nationality represented in video games?[View]
481915209So, with Banjo, Ridley and K. Rool in, can we all admit that Reimu is the last heavily requested cha…[View]
481918295Majora's mask.: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
481918228Mamma mia my spaghetti is cold pizza tower time[View]
481915441>zoomer is the best player of the team >boomer is the worst…[View]
481918202ITT: Franchises only YOU care about[View]
481916845Most difficult game in the franchise.[View]
481911325Am I a NPC?: I bought overwatch on switch and I'm having great fun despite the 30fps. I'm …[View]
481891794Aaaaaaaand dropped. >'B-but /v/ said Nintendon't changed this time around!!!!!'…[View]
481917918cursed tf2 images[View]
481909901The fanbase of the Square FF games excluding FF7 = 4chan The fanbase of FF7 = reddit The fanbase of …[View]
481917898154 days to go[View]
481880904>2005-2014 >tons of people using mics/headsets >lots of communication/trash talk/micspam be…[View]
481915769My switch lite is starting to make squeaky sounds every time I press the buttons. What can I do?[View]
481883981I'm going to buy her game.[View]
481914252What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
481908359Why is the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) series so good, bros?[View]
481906102Indivisible: What parties do people use? I go: >Yan >Kampan >Latigo I want to use Naga Ride…[View]
481917447>be GameFreak >mainly work on Little Town Hero and prioritize it over Pokemon Sword and Shield…[View]
481909439Play gacha[View]
481917328I pity the fool who doesn't understand SOUL[View]
481906113What is your favorite ending to a video game?[View]
481902198Is 'upgrading' to a Switch worth it if I already have a Wii U?[View]
481912471>Dark Ages Donkey Kong, Wrecking Crew, Mario Bros >Archaic Period Super Mario Bros, Lost Level…[View]
481873585Who was in the wrong here?[View]
481916989Chihaya and Ohya deserved better. They didn't even get beach dates[View]
481912861Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order: New footage shows it plays a bit like Sekiro and has metroidvania elem…[View]
481914475Here's your Sub Zero bro[View]
481909425>buffering system kills you for no reason >unbalanced characters, some might as well not even …[View]
481909692>Nintendo is doing well >Sony is doing well >Microsoft is doing well Why isn’t anyone doing…[View]
481914698Is ELEX boring?: Hi my fellow anons. A few months ago my doctor told me to find a job to help me imp…[View]
481916707How did his nose fit inside the mask?[View]
481913675What am I in for?[View]
481906916>ruins your game[View]
481913762DMC: What is the best stylish action game and why is it God Hand is objectively the best character a…[View]
481913416RIP Diablo[View]
481913989Comstar did nothing wrong[View]
481912328Tell me about him. Why does he wear the mask?[View]
481916451>he calls the Nintendo Twig a 'Switch' >he refers to the Microsoft XBONE as an 'Echs Bahwks Wu…[View]
481912530Do you guys even like games anymore? You always shit on every game that releases nowadays, even thos…[View]
481914848Heartbeat thread: Genuinely based game[View]
481903873Shotguns: Post those mf shotguns[View]
481914694I am forgotten[View]
481914415FUCK YOU NINTENDO[View]
481892772ITT awful boss designs[View]
481911840>Medium is too easy >Hard is too hard[View]
481910934Star Fox thread: would star fox zero work on the switch?[View]
481911872Does this statement apply to video games? Was Yui right?[View]
481907291Woah... Kino[View]
481908906WHERE IS THE N64 MINI?[View]
481898303Pokémon Stadium was so much fun[View]
481913496This cat looks at people with dozens of games in their backlog and they're playing a game they…[View]
481915109Classic Tetris World Championship: BOOM Tetris! The best tournament in all of eSports is back this w…[View]
481914909Post Khemri TV[View]
481913206Games you are nostalgia blinded by and know it: I start,Crash Bandicoot 1,for me its one of the best…[View]
481899840Dungeon Crawl: Are there any good dungeon crawling games in first person view with real time combat …[View]
481905601Games with bad AI[View]
481914861What are some games with great swordfighting?[View]
481857947What is /v/'s opinion on Magic the Gathering: Arena?[View]
481905109Dora in Grey? What are some moments in games that made you realize it had soul?[View]
481885981Disco Elysium discussion thread.[View]
481912420I've been a PC gamer for a solid year now, and after playing a bit on PS4 for the first time si…[View]
481905135Has anyone on here played the Nancy Drew games? Are they any good?[View]
481914574ITT: game series that nobody asked for, that keep failing in sales, but that devs keep making for so…[View]
481910242>The hero of a beloved series goes missing only for him to be found alive and well much later Wha…[View]
481901278>Enemy can crash your game[View]
481886235What was the big deal about this game? I'm playing it on Cemu and 15 hours in it's already…[View]
481914195OH SHIT /v/ros![View]
481914217Hope you rike my game graphics gaijin.[View]
481910973Absolute Kino[View]
481911842Dreams: What's happening with this game? Do you think it could be a ps5 launch title?[View]
481911631Free shit. H08AK-JJCEE-DCKNA[View]
481913793No More Heroes: TSA: Downloading on PC right now, what am I in for? Is it as kino as the others?…[View]
481913457>'It's not original, but it's true, I love- MEDIC!' What did he mean by this?…[View]
481913507Here is your early access bro[View]
481902773Games only you've played[View]
481910681Granblue Fantasy Versus: Got Granblue early ama[View]
481903886Call of Duty Mobile Breaks Record with 100 Million Downloads in Its First Week: https://sensortower.…[View]
481904478What PS3 model should I buy? I just want to play Last of Us and Heavy Rain and have a blu-ray player…[View]
481876032Pleb filter or marginally disappointing sequel?[View]
481911467So what is the appeal of witcher? It plays like shit and its janky as hell.[View]
481912296Amicia from plague tale: Icompare how many times does she die and how many people does she kill in a…[View]
481911465Is this shit gonna worth my 400$?[View]
481911118Have video games ever done romance properly, like in real life? Which video game do you think does i…[View]
481911926Have you played Rise to Ruins? Thoughts?[View]
481904271do any of you guys know if they gonna change parts of the story in reforge?[View]
481876843It’s your fault for not being civil, Gamers.[View]
481863381Oh yea, that came out[View]
481911096Story of seasons: This just released at japan today How long until the american one?[View]
481912125Stardew /v/alley: So /v/? Nature or Technology?[View]
481912276how do i install osu if it says i require netframework 3.5? however i fucked up system settings to t…[View]
481910917Gaming Censorship: Gamers rise up[View]
481910487hmm? yosh[View]
481909939Deus Ex > Death Stranding: Would I want Norman to put his penis inside of me? No. Would I want Ad…[View]
481911258So whats the catch here? shitty ports? or crash/spyro are nothing but nostalgia bait?[View]
481898295Is gaming on OLED TVs worth it? How real is burn-in?[View]
481907093What will you hold on to /v/?[View]
481831756Reimu might be in the second fighters pass: Since that ZUN interview was in March, before the second…[View]
481911527Why is Valve able to stay ethical when no one else is?[View]
481909549>I wonder if EA/DICE are planning to reboot the 'BF:Bad Company series' in order to follow the tr…[View]
481911204bless unleashed: lmao https://blessunleashed.com/news/new-combat-changes-coming-in-the-open-beta…[View]
481907704The great debate.[View]
481911217Games you dont stop playing: Been in the real world for the past few years and have managed to stock…[View]
481907149>can only wear Halloween themed cosmetics during the Halloween update >can wear Christmas them…[View]
481910984READY SET GO![View]
481909816/v/ map thread: Keep it vidya 100 by 100 images[View]
481909762Selling skyrim on steam: I got an extra copy of skyrim on in my inventory, selling it for 5 bucks on…[View]
481902350DAME DA NE[View]
481909882Ring Fit Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASOe_9idvpY&feature=youtu.be[View]
481909685What can /v/ tell me about Traditionalist video games?[View]
481904505Vidya webm thread[View]
481910470What is the Buckethead of video games?[View]
481910650>favorite developer? hideo kojima >favorite director? james cameron…[View]
481910376Everyone's trying to hype riots new games Wake up sheeple This is a distraction, obviously 'Fre…[View]
481909938and you did nothing to prevent this[View]
481902641pc gaming, everyone... do you think Nintendo has hopes to achieve this in 50 years time?[View]
481905951Hellsign: is this a good pickup for Halloween?[View]
481901213IT'S OVER, PC WON. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXvQ1nK4oxk[View]
481908661Layers of Fear+DLC and Qube 2 are the upcoming free games on Epic: Alan Wake American Nightmare and …[View]
481893945i'm going to make an indie game bigger than undertale, roast me[View]
481906997Yakuza 7: Are you buying the new Yakuza: Persona game?[View]
481890067Moveset updates: So, Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur VI has announced “New Moves” for their most recent se…[View]
481899524Pokemon Sword & Shield version exclusives: https://zerod0wn.wordpress.com/2019/10/17/pokemon-swo…[View]
481901846>Dasha voices a character >Chapo fag voices a character >A character called 'Dick Mullen' W…[View]
481909473Smashfags suffering is the only best part about this board.[View]
481902594Halloween is here! Post your Halloween slutwear[View]
481905630Rate my taste. What would you change? What does it tell you about my personality?[View]
481909064Should I get Luigi's Mansion or Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?[View]
481908124Prepare to Die, more like Prepare to Get Fucked. Also, Remastered, my ass, they haven't fixed a…[View]
481906176I'm 25 min into the queue and I have to poop...[View]
481909623Will Isaac ever get another game?[View]
481902474>Bad Company 2 >implying >bloom everywhere >monochrome maps >32-player limit >gr…[View]
481909418DBFZ BROLY: Dragon Ball Super Broly confirmed to have transformation in DBFZ and releasing very soon…[View]
481887967/v/'s Official Ranking of Significant PS4 Exclusives: Does Concrete Genie deserve mid tier?…[View]
481905491Buy Ryza's game.[View]
481902421For me it's Ash[View]
481902417why is the soundtrack so depressing?[View]
481862685Imagine that you could push a button that would generate an incredible, perfect, mindblowing game ev…[View]
481908868I will cry tears of joy if this actually manages to happens besides the sub 1% chance. I will keep m…[View]
481903201Rage 2: Do enemies respawn in Rage 2?[View]
481905583Thanks for beta-testing, PCfags![View]
481904110How will this affect Chinese players using VPNs in PUBG to go to EU and NA servers ?: https://www.pr…[View]
481909024And RICHES beyond imagination![View]
481909014How about a RaveDJ topic? Http://rave.dj https://rave.dj/kObKzMAz2ueL9w[View]
481892718Wouldn't you want that, anon?[View]
481908976Were video games worth it?[View]
481901916>Update game >CPU can get FRENZY now I wanna go back.…[View]
481908860I have a feeling the “final boss” for the the last of us 2 is going to be infected Joel[View]
481908713It's time to abort my whole friggin species[View]
481908646DEATH STRANDING TRUE SPOILER: Death Stranding >Christian >Against Homo/FAGGOT Scum >Redpill…[View]
481886158Is Red Dead Redemption 2 comfy? I was thinking about buying it in november for pc as sort of a chill…[View]
481907739Larping on archeage.: So today I created pic related on aa:u new server.(tinnereph) I had a mixed r…[View]
481901160I am forgotten...[View]
481896368Marry, fuck, kill the rest: 40k.[View]
481907925I'm feeling like next gen is gonna be great for us Xbros. Honestly can't wait to see what…[View]
481905650Is there a scarier video game enemy?[View]
481898643Baldur's Gate: tell me about this series I played the first one and the tutorial was a borefes.…[View]
481905673Why are there no good Norwegian games?[View]
481888837confirmed censorship: bros... https://personacentral.com/tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe-encore-japanese-ch…[View]
481908009>Wild Area is about the size of two regions from Breath of the Wild That’s it. I’m buying it.…[View]
481905407I honestly don't know why I buy games at this point[View]
481907208Have you picked up the greatest Wii release of 2019?[View]
481900761AVGN: WHAT was he THINKING?[View]
481904514Postal: They're gonna bring back the sawn-off and scythe, right?[View]
481907156>Was kidnapped >rescued by her brother and future boyfriend >instead of continue playing vi…[View]
481900949Crysis (2007) was the last great videogame Now, before you start ranting on about modern titles, wha…[View]
481901089Did she deserve it?[View]
481907310>Is 100 Percent owned Tencent, a Chinese company > Still gets a pass from spergs hmmmmmmmmmmmm…[View]
481906210Degenerates like you belong on a cross New Vegas thread[View]
481905543Why are all games based on anime so generic? I thought Japan was a beacon of creativity and indicati…[View]
481904609Valve fucking sucks: Valve fucking sucks. They spent years and years ignoring their original fans in…[View]
481904258Do you still have your cheat code books anon?[View]
481906421What games do bank robbery right?[View]
481894069>b-but it has super mario sunshine funtime and wind waker and f-zero! yes I've played them a…[View]
481906425League of Legends: Are poeple on /v/ play league? What do you think about it besides being a 'normie…[View]
4819065286 gud final boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TctWIY7wteE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5BQ-PTE8…[View]
481906613so you're baby's boy huh? the one he says thats into cars. coool so what you into homes? h…[View]
481903528so now that the dust is settling what was the best fire emblem of the ds/3ds era? awakening[View]
481899716Now THIS is peak character customization https://gyazo.com/580bc7704ba36f61035ba3117355b75b https://…[View]
481905975Is out[View]
481900538Ni no kuni: This game is so infuriating I feel like dropping it. I run out of mp with bosses and I…[View]
481905289I`ve been playing destiny 2 this past 4 days enjoying it like a kid, then i realized that the end-ga…[View]
481904679Ring Fit: Are you going to buy dragaux's game /v/?[View]
481903462what are the essential fixes for PC san andreas besides silent patch?[View]
481901958Is it possible to wear vidya related clothing without looking like a massive nerd?[View]
481903758Which horror related monsters are the scariest? >Demons >Human-created monsters >Aliens …[View]
481904423Will video games ever be so based again?[View]
481903267What happened to this in the end? Did they just take the money and run?[View]
481901191Sonic: Come on, this was the design from the very beginning. Only a complete idiot would think the o…[View]
481904676GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Steve (yes, THE …[View]
481898976What the fuck is this game's problem?[View]
481899905>Releases on Halloween >You have to play spooky game through November instead of October or be…[View]
481893872Did she fuck Ken?[View]
481903501This movie was unironically great[View]
481890083>try to discuss the disastrous state of the modern vidya industry >'just play jap games lmao' …[View]
481904746Why do people hate this game so much? I played through it multiple times and thought it was fine.[View]
481901805I FEEL.......NOTHING[View]
481900912When are we gonna start seeing NPC AI like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s in open world games?[View]
481899796What made it so much better than all the other Final Fantasy games?[View]
481897519Voiced by Upham[View]
481901102Lets thank all the console peasants for beta testing the game for us PC gamers.[View]
481900057Fucking how?[View]
481904393Jurassic World Evolution: Do you like how the game has evolved since it’s release? And what can we e…[View]
481903946>Jurassic Park: Warpath >dinosaur fighting game for the ps1 >used to rent it from my local …[View]
481902287Is this the future of working out? I don't mean Nintendo games specifically, I mean the idea of…[View]
481904092Best roblox games?[View]
481903472>mfw pcfags will never ever get rdr 2[View]
481897818where the fuck did the grand scale of war go? i want my 64 player large scale battles with war ships…[View]
481903189>play the new riot games FPS >'you fuckin wallhacker' >'lol l2p fuckin noob xD' >'lol' …[View]
481883643So now that we know the full story thanks to spoilers can we safely say that kojima is finished?[View]
481902504What does /v/ think about moviegames?[View]
481894949Why Windows 7 is so good for gaming, bros?[View]
481892669Wow this is a pretty fast board. Talk about PS2.[View]
481901071How's scream fortress so far /v/?[View]
481900561/vr/ here Name one (1) beneficial thing videogames past 1999 invented[View]
481902883>pirate game >Codex Installer music starts playing…[View]
481894176How did Vault 95 get supplied with Jet by vault-tec even though Jet was invented post-war?[View]
481903034ITT: Subtle video game apparel: Or figures, items, tattoos, etc[View]
481899239Why didn't you save her?[View]
481901928When a home console generation dies it should be resurrected in handheld form. PS3 or XBox 360 handh…[View]
481889027Where can you get pirated Oculus Go/Quest APKs from? Do want Beat Saber.[View]
481881598Scary moments in non-scary games: What are you afraid of, Anon?[View]
481875920>excited for game >buy it >it’s great >two months later >never want to touch it again…[View]
481902106Did you play Tony & Friends In Kellogg's Land?[View]
481903304Am I cuck for letting Kenny beat up Lee with zero retaliation?[View]
481899234OP of previous thread here. post your steam top 10s. This is my #11-20, if anyone wanted to know[View]
481901756What would be the mmo you would play again? The mmo where you would go online to see and chat with p…[View]
481903104Why the fuck did they make the character even harder to control?[View]
481854543Tales thread Absolutely no Legendiafags allowed.[View]
481902656When's the DLC coming? This shit is taking up room on my PS4.[View]
481899589>brief pop-up window appears when launching a game[View]
481901975>I suffered indignities What she...[View]
481898116>CaC >you can't create a cute waifu[View]
481901031This is the release version Look at all the big improvements they've made![View]
481898860Final Fantasy VIII (8): Why is FFVIII the most controversial Final Fantasy?[View]
481899689Habbo Hotel...home...[View]
481901219Never. Ever.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXvQ1nK4oxk[View]
481900674Man indie games have been fucking great lately[View]
481902582I know it's a long shot, but anyone here had troubles with the disc drive on the XboneX? Specif…[View]
481901004Psychonauts: I bought this game several months ago for $1 dollar and it has been on my backlog I dec…[View]
481899253These are your support and ADC. Say something nice about them.[View]
481897749>too depressed to play games which don't grant immediate stimulation it seems like I'll…[View]
481901573https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Z7IunmmV27 give me your best t rex /v/[View]
481902132is it over?: is this going to kill hearthstone? will we see riot destroy blizzard in our lifetimes?…[View]
481900001Persona 5 Royal Launch Live Stream: New info perhaps? https://gematsu.com/2019/10/persona-5-royal-la…[View]
481892791I love video games!: I don't think we say it enough.[View]
481889040What's the matter? You can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?[View]
481901263Anyone else getting this POS? I got a free trial on GameFly just to play this. Only reason is for th…[View]
481848312Halloween game thread: How's your Halloween game coming along, Anon? It's my first playthr…[View]
481894386Why is North America SO BAD at competitive video games? Its common in the mainstream titles like Lea…[View]
481893569Why are Sadidas the hottest race in the world of twelve?[View]
481894187Reminder that the Digimon Cyber sleuth duology releases tomorrow on STEAM And SWITCH.[View]
481879469>encounter scary NPC >they're actually very kind and generous…[View]
481898087 [spoiler [View]
481896808What do you want to see in the next GG game? Which characters you want to see returning? Which mecha…[View]
481894926Warcraft 3 reforged[View]
481890132So who is best fire emblem TH best waifu and why is it sothis?[View]
481895019What a nice day, time to play my Switch outsid-[View]
481892163oh no no no no[View]
481900849FighterZ: >Get touched >Never regain control until you're on your next character…[View]
481899020>Everyone seems to like it I cant wait to get /fit/, I just hope the legstrap will fit around my …[View]
481898585Are these worth playing?[View]
481899867is the bible offensive for video games \v\ >[View]
481894910Code Vein: So, if I buy this, will I get a competent game with really fun gameplay but where the sto…[View]
481878689Have you slayed the spire ?[View]
481901332Sega Integrated Report 2019: >In the package game field for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019,…[View]
481901087How will field of view improve for gaming in the future? Right now we can't go over 90 degrees …[View]
481897784>everyone talks there are spoilers around the web >there is no spoilers at all the only thing …[View]
481900632what went wrong?[View]
481898828when will the english version of love live all stars come out[View]
481899201Left = /b/, Middle = Reddit, Right = /v/: Who has better taste /v/?[View]
481890601The most demanding class, skill wise, don't @ me[View]
481898041Where were you when Nintendo finally offered Night Trap (yes, THE Night Trap for Sega CD whose anniv…[View]
481891161Why aren't you playing Magia Record?[View]
481897985>speedrunning is lam-[View]
481892952League of Legends will have a fighting game. Which characters would you like to see in the game?: Wh…[View]
481898897This is what peak waifu material looks like.[View]
481896712AVGN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvGxHuEUXgs Weak episode desu[View]
481898061What went so rght ?[View]
481879712But I thought only B-Team made bad textures...[View]
481898364The other day I was talking about how games nowadays don't have much depth or Easter eggs to th…[View]
481895351I can't believe this game is going to bomb TWICE[View]
481886667Will there every be a game like Shellshock Nam 67' again? >Absolutely brutal maps >Tortur…[View]
481899362Should game companies let the series die if the creator die also?[View]
481898574Atelier games was never lewd like Ryza's ga-[View]
481897017Why is 95% of the map completely empty? Once the novelty of 'wow so immersive and real' wears off th…[View]
481899872just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad design[View]
481899693You're going to play an old game that's passed the test of time, right? No need to start s…[View]
481899683reisen loves irisu[View]
481898809Hello /v/, does anyone know where i could find a pirated copy of VBS 3 or even 2?[View]
481882515why is he even a fan favorite?[View]
481898794>Kanto bad stop pandering >Fuck all this new shit go back to Duel Monsters format Why the hypo…[View]
481899468How come this fight established the power difference between cloud and sephiroth better than most sh…[View]
481896469is vr worth it? im in a very strict budget and the pc that im buying barely meets the requirements f…[View]
481899171Why can't I stop playing Minecraft after all those years ? It keeps sucking out my life force, …[View]
481899331Blast Master Zero: So when Leybizt's game is coming out? He is going to save Earth to show Jaso…[View]
481895123>remove an accessory from character >he/she now looks completely different…[View]
481896332Vidya cringe thread. Post some fucking cringe right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt6PPkTDsWg…[View]
481895838I just want a new space marine game :([View]
481897406Sony vs Nintendo, go![View]
481890003Anyone still plays Arkham City?: I've recently took up the game after a number of years and I h…[View]
481896854How is this possible?[View]
481889826What do you think of the Switch exclusives so far? Discuss.: Switch exclusives: >Mario Odyssey …[View]
481898387What's your favorite weapon in ww2 games?[View]
481894446Question for those who buy early access games: How much of a big faggot are you?[View]
481894682WUH-OH! B I G![View]
481883496blizzcon: Blizzcon 2019 thread. No politics allowed. What do you expect to see from Blizzard this ye…[View]
481839956Comfy Switch Thread: What are you currently enjoying on your Switch? What's your next game pick…[View]
481895884>going through some 3DS homebrew forum >guy asking question about his homebrew hello world pro…[View]
481894939So what was the big deal about this game?[View]
481882992Baldur's Gate And Planescape: Torment Still Tell Stories Like No Other Games Can: >'An incre…[View]
481898031Where are the games about Eastern Dragon's? It's all just western shit.[View]
481898290world of warcraft skeleton: fermented deviate fish[View]
481892328top tier character designs: I'll start...[View]
481896864Agents of Mayhem is not that bad.[View]
481895636What should I play? >Deus Ex >Planescape Torment >Dark Souls 3 >Nier Automata >Forza…[View]
481895143Etriam: Etriam.[View]
481890824New Terminator game is less than a month away for non-Americans. I wish they'd hurry up and rel…[View]
481890289I said it once and I’ll say it again, the Switch is RPG monster[View]
481896749hey /v/, i need you to help me find a clip/game it's a twitch clip and in it a guy is playing …[View]
481892784How many games have you finished so far this year? Are you on track to complete the deadlines on you…[View]
481896558Games for the Joker feel?[View]
481897252What am I in for?[View]
481895791This has the best music in any game ever.[View]
481897436How do you get into vidya programming? Where do you start[View]
481881729Any video games that themes of depression/suicide well?[View]
481888263post your kniggers lmao XD knigger thread! mordhau! haha![View]
481887125Who was the best babe in a Soulsborne title[View]
481892147Uncharted 5 covering the adventures of young Sully: Yes/no?[View]
481879204Oh boy another Hornet thread. Waiting is killing me. I hope Silksong is going to have physical relea…[View]
481887103why are Japanese devs like this[View]
481881825So, besides stopping World War Three, is there anything else I can do for you this evening? splinte…[View]
481894919I want to play fighting games competitively. What would be the best games to play? Should I expect t…[View]
481878246Samus was bulky and muscular in Zero Mission: Prove me wrong.[View]
481895645how is your nationality portraied in vidya?[View]
481891331Marguerite's infected snatch: is the best Vidya boss in the last 10 years Probe me wrong[View]
481895453Apparently early reviewers spoiling story/ending? already. So I'm taking L for a month from gam…[View]
481896568What's the one franchise you loved but now days only gets passing mentions in mobile shit?[View]
481893897GAMERS RISE UP[View]
481893221Uuuh... why does Jpana be like this????[View]
481890228So whos ready for some Red Dead 2? I sure am[View]
481887613Any anons excited for the new update?[View]
481846832Nice hustle, tons o' fun. Next time, eat a TF2 thread.[View]
481866887How are you gonna say the 'N' word now bigot?![View]
481896140>wake up >get a sudden urge to play tetris on my gameboy advance sp >search literaly every …[View]
481882369Games with SOUL: >one of the first 3D 'real life sim' sandbox open-world games, where y…[View]
481838631The great debate.[View]
481886213Guild Wars 2: Guild Wars 2 thread. We need to discuss some important topics like new mastery and Hal…[View]
481885525When is Shining Force 4?[View]
481895696>buy xbox one x after changing from s >electricity bill spikes Yikes. Imagine next gen and all…[View]
481874267ITT: Legendary /v/ threads only oldfags remember[View]
481893089Any of you fags play this? /v/ Steam group when[View]
481894009What's the point of having good taste in games? Wouldn't it be better to just enjoy all th…[View]
481892413Arguably the brains behind Crash Bandicoot. Gets literally no representation which is instead given …[View]
481882286Sir,with all due respect.If USMC is so great why aren't there any good marine video games?[View]
481894443https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI_PrltB5LU OG WHEN?[View]
481895223>tfw no lammy[View]
481895029Zombie Games[View]
481894454Anon, do you take Nico and Maki to be your wives? Do you promise to be faithful to them in good time…[View]
481894652Is this the most American game? I dont mean patriotic. That goes to Metal Wolf Chaos. I mean the mos…[View]
481892032Why do you hate me?[View]
481888026Why aren't you playing Maplestory 2? Don't you want to get to know Vanilla and Mint two of…[View]
481894412CARRIER HAS ARRIVED. Or will arrive in early 2020. Are you going to buy the uta remake even though …[View]
481891694>5:30 am >cant sleep >cant stop thinking about 'you cant sleep while enemies are nearby' wa…[View]
481893684>Android 21 is getting added to xenoverse 2 When the fuck will they just make Xenoverse 3?…[View]
481886989I don't care if you buy my game or not. Just die.[View]
481882037Dedicated Servers: I believe that having the ability to create dedicated servers and make maps are t…[View]
481893172EA shills constantly post here and tell you this is a good game now. Its not. You play the same 2 ma…[View]
481894226Terry -SNK- >S Banjo & Kazooie-Microsoft >M Joker-Atlus >A Hero-Square enix >S…[View]
481892143What do you think about Everlasting Summer aka The Manifestation of Production Hell aka The Game Tha…[View]
481892515Ardyn's double spinning kick in the last battle keep hitting. It is deceptive and subtle.[View]
481889132So this is finally out, how is it?[View]
481893296Can 20th century fox stop sucking cock and just make a GOOD alien game already? Why can Nintendo…[View]
481891983Why was this game missing that 'Spark' that made the other 3D Marios so enjoyable? For me the moon s…[View]
481891352What are some good games to play after a break up[View]
481892985GOTY right here. Haters not welcomed[View]
481874431>video games can’t be art Imagine thinking this after this gem released…[View]
481880074ITT: Perfect characters only.[View]
481889772Does anyone unironically still care about videogames?[View]
481893490Praise Allah![View]
481888352Is it *really* that good, though?[View]
481879164https://twitter.com/nakamura193/status/1184661260496822272?s=19 What did she mean by this?[View]
481892590Still befriending Netflix and Smash secondaries.... I'll not ask you to actually play the game…[View]
481889724moot with his asian gf in japan[View]
481893557Why aren't there any GI Joe videogames? It's just Metal Gear Solid for kids.[View]
481893483WHERES THE NEW BATMAN? WHERE IS IT?!: https://youtu.be/e4_H8yl2iwQ[View]
481893454>add friend after a good game >he immediately msgs me 'Who is this?'…[View]
481874402should i refund this right now? yes or no?[View]
481891193Another one bites the dust[View]
481874861Is anyone still playing this? Watched some gameplay and gunplay looked nice.[View]
481882395How long until it's out bros? There's still no Steam page.[View]
481866935Can someone explain to me how funko pops took over video game stores? Those two cost roughly the sam…[View]
481889712Playing it right now, honestly the only bad thing is that it can get really slow but the gameplay is…[View]
481883865The vidya alphabet: A is for Asura.[View]
481887656Is it pronounced like Ohcarina or Ahcarina[View]
481880383Hey hey. Romance and make love to your teacher[View]
481890995More than just Precious stones, i bring you an ancient power.[View]
481892748Cheaters. Why do they do it?[View]
481890282Blizzard: Blizzard Bans Three College ‘Hearthstone’ Protesters For Six Months https://www.vice.com/e…[View]
481891451There's something neat about top-down/isometric/faux isometric games.[View]
481858595post your top 10 playtime on steam. rate others[View]
481888330>Japan loves protagonists like this Holy shit, what went so fucking wrong with island gooks?…[View]
481892021How did Blizzard beat us?[View]
481889413This didn't age very well: Remember how much of a classic the original Deus Ex was? They were s…[View]
481861407Craigslist Thread: Find any treasures near you anon?[View]
481881629What are some RPGs where I can harness the power of song and music and play as a minstrel/bard?[View]
481892473what is this place?[View]
481839358Noita: the cutest[View]
481887832Thots on chapter 2 of Fortnite?[View]
481892225>the Jim Belushi of JRPGs[View]
481889585Focusing on things that are negative or you hate is just making you depressed and unhappy! So let…[View]
481880448I'M GONNA GO ON REDDIT[View]
481889707this is the video game im currently playing on my mobile phone any thoughts?[View]
481888313Hey anon, its-a me, Mario! I know you sacrifice a lot of your childhood to spend-a time with me. All…[View]
481866391Why were we ok with no Wii U backwards compatibility with the Switch while we complain so much about…[View]
481891113>he paid for Ciconia[View]
481886123this game is really really fun[View]
481875682I miss him so much, bros....[View]
481885704Just bought a 3DS, what are some good 3ds and ds games I should buy?[View]
481889151Do you have any house rules for video games you enjoy playing? Do you think it's possible to…[View]
481890620Are there any vidya about the Troubles?[View]
481889531Stardew Valley thread: .[View]
481888874虫姫さまふたりブラックレーベル: What do Touhou fans think of this superior bullethell game? https://youtu.be/Xew7Eo…[View]
481890707Which one should I get?[View]
481890046>mobile game has better graphics than the pc game[View]
481888805Death Stranding: post spoilers[View]
481888593There's something weird about this game compared to the first one that I can't quite pinpo…[View]
481877864>pirate game <runs perfectly >buy game on steam <freezes, crashes, literally will not st…[View]
481885154Spooky Games: Halloween is upon us. Which spooky/horror games are you playing to get yourself into t…[View]
481884839Why is there no good Jurassic Park games since genesis/snes age?[View]
481881998Stay jelly gamers Rate my elite gaming rig[View]
481887634Was it good?[View]
481862049ITT: SAME VOICE ACTOR[View]
481890345Princess Gothic Claire RE2: I bought RE2 on PC just so I could play with this skin... and I have to …[View]
481885178The enemy has broken through your walls! You have tunneled into a new area Your creatures are under …[View]
481877239So - is it worth buying? Or not?[View]
481854872post strange vidya marketing[View]
481873593DOOM in Smash Bros: >Trailer starts >Luigi's spirit has been dragged to a place of nothin…[View]
481877960Do you game in the tub /v/?[View]
481883419How many fucking Canadian holidays are there? Why does it seem like these fucking leafs are on vacat…[View]
481889818So /v/, whats your favorite brand, and why is it Jakobs?[View]
481889538Real Fruit Ninja video [humour]: I just wanted to share this clip with you I found around when surfi…[View]
481889761themselves the bitch in have does the hot management terms I it researching Or a just tummy matter r…[View]
481886252We GOT this, Sis!: Fuckin' A![View]
481889660Yo I love me some video games, but uh... Why y'all so angry about'em?[View]
481889556Are there any sites that sell good SNES reproduction carts? I'm getting an Analogue Super NT so…[View]
481883376>game features a character who heavily criticizes the society they live in…[View]
481878927VR shootan: >right handed >left eye dominant Can I fix this or do I need to constantly close m…[View]
481889431Ace Attorney: Reminder that Phoenix Wright was caught on camera grooming children even before the wh…[View]
481883318would it be possible to mod in dismemberment?[View]
481885494What video games have the best post Soviet aesthetic?[View]
481889096The RTS Racoon has appeared Tell him which RTS game you're playing right now and he will bless …[View]
481886695>No bonfire and no death challenge where you can beat the game without resting at a bonfire or dy…[View]
481867375PizzaTower: How good do you think it will be?[View]
481849293ArcheAge Unchained: What am I in for?[View]
481888916Flight Simulator 2020: Oh god I'm so hyped for this. Back in 2006 the poor graphics were immers…[View]
481888843Reservoir Dogs the game exist. The plot was during the heist. The shooting events where good but I h…[View]
481889120>Bannerlord & Elden Ring both coming out between March & June 2020 this gives me such com…[View]
481884328>it's only been a week >people have ALREADY forgotten about the Blizzard incident…[View]
481887698Is anyone here involved in the making of a videogame? What kind of game is it? How is the developmen…[View]
481865138Is this what perfect character design looks like?[View]
481879003>no friends to paly with >everyone is already in parties/stacks What are you supposed to do he…[View]
481883969ITT: subtle vidya clothing[View]
481888546vidya webms[View]
481884204>Have a favorite videogame >/v/ hates it[View]
481880697>protag is retarded[View]
481887958Tell me about Shade. Why does he wear the mask?[View]
481887291Miku chilling with her friend Godzilla as seen in the Project Diva games.[View]
481830798Why haven't you reinstalled League of Legends yet?[View]
481887168[spoiler ] [/spoiler] [View]
481876661Concept art thread aka what could of been[View]
481878913>super form is turning white rather than gold this is actually pretty rare in vidya ain't it…[View]
481878889 [View]
481877738Witcher 2 is a great game[View]
481880914With Ryu's inclusion in Smash, what are the chances of getting more Gaiden/DOA games on Switch?[View]
481877909Would /v/ sleep on this Slime themed Dragon Quest blanket?[View]
481878284Juri Han[View]
481867743I have started and stopped this game twice and am now determined for the third time to be the charm.…[View]
481861538You have five seconds to explain why you aren't in a competitive player-versus-player match rig…[View]
4818837602006 was the year video games died[View]
481808987Latinos, do you like how're you represented in the videogame scene?[View]
481885057The blender porn is gonna be fucking great[View]
481848216I'm afraid it's been... 9 years[View]
481883276Astral Chain: So, what exactly was her plan?[View]
481873790Where did they go so wrong /v/?[View]
481877402>Game has dogs >They make realistic crying noises if attacked Why is this allowed?…[View]
481876202>'good neutral there' >'damn nice mixup' >'good games' Why are fighting game players so mea…[View]
481885747I only ever played the Hero and Dark campaigns so I have nothing but good memories with this game.[View]
481826358Reminder that Dimitri is the most popular character in Fire Emblem Three Houses Reminder that this i…[View]
481881690>yoko taro retcons 2B into a black girl[View]
481884492>Copen has as much screentime as Gunvolt now Cope(n)CHADS ww@ gunvolt thread btw…[View]
481881529Next Gen™: Are next gen games retro yet?[View]
481884746what video games would allow me to completely detach myself from reality?[View]
481885124You guys got any cool videogame merch? I got this sweet thing from my friend whi's a girl for m…[View]
481885478they can't keep getting away with it[View]
481883864Imagine being fucking retarded enough to only want third party human characters in Smash.[View]
481878784Would you /v/?[View]
481882396Atelier Dusk trilogy DX trailer: Best trilogy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty30zUUk1wg…[View]
481838694New AVGN - The Immortal (NES): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvGxHuEUXgs[View]
48187736122 November 2019: One of the best games in humanity's history gets released https://youtu.be/wI…[View]
481885958The men in blue gets undeserved hate. Sequel when?[View]
481875067if Jojos were to get the fighterz treatment, and you had 25 slots to fill what is your roster? Part …[View]
481859163Why does Nintendo hate daisy?[View]
481847165WC3 reforged: it looks good[View]
481872650Kombat pack 2 for MK11 is going to be Fujin, Sheeva, Blaze, Ash Williams, Superman, and Demogorgan. …[View]
481879848Death Stranding Experience so far I have been playing the game since Monday. I am impressed by the d…[View]
481881087Video games are solved: After a lot of RnD companies found that the best selling games for the most …[View]
481879537>his nickname includes 'doctore' or 'dr.' but he isnt an actual doctore in real life cringe overl…[View]
481878389battlestation thread: battlestation thread please don't stop this from posting due to unorigina…[View]
481872268Transgender Fortress: So, there's going to be transgender dwarves in the steam edition of Dwarf…[View]
481863210ITT: Kino sprite work.[View]
481863825>7 fire emblem reps in Smash >6 are sword users Where the fuck are the Axe and Spear reps?…[View]
481884737when your backlog is so extensive that you can't return to that old game you love: what game is…[View]
481884732>Wow! Female combattant! 10/10 games! |:-O[View]
481873656What are the best games for this bad boy?[View]
481884117>antagonist gets away with everything Why is this a thing?[View]
481882397What is the single most greatest twist in video games history?[View]
481881409Future Boss DLC/free update for Ultimate?: If you guys had to choose for future bosses for free or D…[View]
481877621What? I enjoyed it, with another player of course. 5 and 6 were good but I'm so glad 7 put the …[View]
481884234below zero spoilers: give me below zero al-an spoilers body that happened few weeks ago[View]
481883730Remember when Lisa Simpson was the star of the Kirby anime?[View]
481883541Damn, so the Witcher 3 looks like THAT on Switch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_HATX3tVLc&fe…[View]
481884160>>481875920 >excited for game >buy it >it's great >two decades later >stil…[View]
481882324I wanna netplay a mario party game with friends this weekend. Which one is the best?[View]
481884149that demo[View]
481882979Why Sweden doesn't make niche games anymore like Kula World?[View]
481882054Hey guys, I'm an employee at Beenox and have some as of yet unreleased information about some f…[View]
481779573RISK OF RAIN 2 let's fuck up some wisps vanilla monsoon 109775241110166061[View]
481881539Smash Overwatch Blizzard thread for filters: I don't have any other Overwatch pics saved on my …[View]
481854597Fighting games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVVJnR-rMds Can professional fighting game players r…[View]
481879220Death Stranding Spoiler Summoning Thread[View]
481873392/v/ is boring tonight: can we have a thread about comfy vidya moments? >2 am >playing tf2 with…[View]
481882462Say something nice about the ass on the right: Come on, I know there are people here who like it. Be…[View]
481883142vitaQuake II: Hello. Is here anyone who could help me with this port? Im trying to unlock mission pa…[View]
481879693why yes, I am a fan of the Metroid and Silent Hill franchises. how ever could you tell?[View]
481878954in the ending it's revealed she transitioned[View]
481873957Quitting League Cold Turkey: Redpill me on why League is so shit, /v/. I played it on and off since …[View]
481857674AI: The Somnium Files: Will they ever top a pair like Aiba/Date?[View]
481875751This ad is fucking amazing holy shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-x12UEo-rs[View]
481878995Anyone else has issues with blurry 360 games on the X-Box One? Some people solved by changing the se…[View]
481882587Not sure if /v/ can help me but here goes; I'm going crazy trying to remember the name of a gam…[View]
481877549The Kawakami reveal is played for laughs, but imagine actually finding something like this out about…[View]
481878178How good are you at Fighting Games[View]
481870405Tragedy has struck, /v/! The guinea pig wizard has lost his powers! Only one thing can restore them:…[View]
481864295Cover me while I fish bro[View]
481881934Play Love Esquire![View]
481880363Times where triple A studios got BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAcZhvup25o[View]
481877672Unironic 9/10 GOTY[View]
481877972ITT: Franchises only YOU like.[View]
481873765Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order: Who needs Death Stranding when you get to play a proper jedi game for …[View]
481880147Broadside. Home.[View]
481881005So now that Microsoft are a step forword fighting the tixic gamers by bleeping them what's the …[View]
481876793>companions will walk over a revealed trap yikes, uninstalled 10 minutes in…[View]
481851961>daughter really enjoyed mario maker >buy mario maker 2 >let her play it for a little bit …[View]
481861784What went so horribly wrong?[View]
481859970Warcraft: Panda females are my favorite race in WoW[View]
481872171 [View]
481871160Why did this game get so little attention? Was it because of optimization issues?[View]
481872782>FF XII good >FF XIII BAD They're essentially the same game but one has better characters…[View]
481877056Liz Bandicoot[View]
481877007RTCW > ET >>> TNO = TOB > 3D = SoD > 09' >>>>>> dog shit …[View]
481854218Why did tifa love cloud?[View]
481868248A Hat in Time: Are you going to get it for Switch?[View]
481876701This guy walks up to your girl in the club and strikes her with his torch while yelling 'AWAY! AWAY!…[View]
481877010>bonus features are alternative costumes >they are skimpy two-piece bikinis >game also has …[View]
481861482Choose your class /v/[View]
481864231>tfw you literally can’t tell which is the game and which is real life Graphics literally can not…[View]
481880736>lose game >have 540 hours >'nah man I only play for an hour on weekends'…[View]
481880537What are some games with unnecessary sequels?[View]
481879467Ciconia When They Cry/Kikonia No Naku Koro Ni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBrPllRrw6c K I N O I…[View]
481878485What does /v/ think of Anne Takämaki?[View]
481860160unironically the best TPS on the market[View]
481878731Why is there no The Sims clone?[View]
481814126How fucked are they?[View]
481872738Fantasy Life: Has anyone here played and enjoyed this game? I'm about 20 hours in and it's…[View]
481874673>Top Selling Capcom franchise by a long shot >Known to people who don't play video games …[View]
481853276First screamer: It's that time of year /v/ What was your first Screamer story? Pic related…[View]
481879547How do you know that you're having fun playing a game?[View]
481866653UNIST Thread: Catch these[View]
481871684What gacha do you play?[View]
481842802Yoshi Circuit: Yoshi Circuit[View]
481864498(sound of Sniper dying in distance)[View]
481879551it's almost 2020 will anything be released before the last day of 2019 to top Hollow Knight gam…[View]
481879330When is Granblue going to take it's world, lore, characters, music, and literally all the good …[View]
481873709play touhou 11 - subterranean animism[View]
481750161Etrian Odyssey: I've been wanting to play crawler lately and am looking at the Etrian series. I…[View]
4818790392006 was the year video games died[View]
481862226>multiplat game is one of, if not the best on the console[View]
481878978ITT: God Tier vidya soundtracks GO![View]
481870903ITT: Games which in another timeline are alive and doing well[View]
481876961ITT gamefranchises with only 1 good entry[View]
481849705It's been 5 years. What do you think?[View]
481876723Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones: So how is it?[View]
481806851Hey /v/ look what just came in the mail. Also, Yume Nikki thread[View]
481877839Jojo Fan-game: i heard there is a huge Jojo fan-game being made or whatever where Anne has a stand i…[View]
481877708why can't I enjoy this game anymore I literally start a world up and quit within the same hour[View]
481878502how to disable banner download of demos on 3ds[View]
481867550What are the most bang for your buck games on steam?[View]
481875306Microsoft Unveils PlayStation 6: https://ogn.theonion.com/in-major-blow-to-sony-s-upcoming-playstati…[View]
481874715Wtf is this Miyazaki?[View]
481860415The Wii...: The ideal console. You may not like it /v/, but this is what peak console gaming looks …[View]
481875651This is a bad series[View]
481870061>Nintendo Quality[View]
481877421Fuck you I'm having fun[View]
481870995Never played an MMO before. Any recommendations for fun ones?[View]
481876864Looking for an old PC game: Hey /v/, I’m searching for an old pc horror game in which a detective is…[View]
481864067What game do you join?[View]
481873872I'm in a unique situation, /v/ For most of my life I've only ever really gotten into Japan…[View]
481873169You guys seriously need to raise your standards, mods of THIS? Are you kidding? How much milk could …[View]
481877265Please play Dragalia Lost.[View]
481875792When did JRPGs become moeshit?[View]
481875994Will Riots new game join Lawbreakers and Battleborne?[View]
481877480The original OP from the original thread can return to watch how the fuck ended his progress on this…[View]
481868370>why yes I represent worst girl how could you tell?[View]
481874374>All nostalgic media is starting to stagnate and die while reality continues to be even shit Just…[View]
481870891What went so utterly wrong?[View]
481870121Guilty Gear 2020: Who do you think will be revealed at Arc Nama and Arc Live?[View]
481874286You are now aware that C&C Generals Zero Hour is banned in China. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
481871693Started Golden Deer as my last Route. What’s the best class for everyone. Claude I don’t have to thi…[View]
481834215/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>481796856 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
481874943Oh god, the Vriskachads were right His route is fucking shit[View]
481873950Anyone else sexually attracted to their Nintendo switch? I kinda like to rub my scrotum on the table…[View]
481872668Reminder that Bulbasaur is a frog[View]
481859002Who's looking forward to Streets of Rage 4 yo? Thoughts and opinions on the series in general. …[View]
481869045This wasn't supposed to be so good what the fuck.[View]
481873420Tell me hat is your favorite Dragon Ball game and what do you like about it?[View]
481873980>high fantasy RPG >soundtrack is drill music…[View]
481873775Why havent we gotten a new breath of fire game?[View]
481876425im not even that good at siege. why do people add me?[View]
481873254Don't know when exactly will this be announced, but I guess it's gonna be in the next Nint…[View]
481873836The eternal debate.[View]
481873112How is Nobunaga's Ambition? I have never played any grand strategy before?[View]
481872170What is the manliest most hardcore game ever?[View]
481866031I stand by saying Mania is the true Sonic 4. This is objective fact, as would a possible Mania 2 be …[View]
481858670See ya later, okay?[View]
481871786you're in the club with your gf and this guy walks up to her and starts lying, what do you do?[View]
481858505Where does /v/ stand on this, namely after they tried to shade Blizzard for the China thing? >Tee…[View]
481876134As the end of this console generation comes sooner day by day, what should Nintendo do for the Switc…[View]
481876115Sharpedo Bluff...home.[View]
481870453>play as redguard in every TES game >but make him look white with mods ITT vidya autism…[View]
481870539Is Call of Duty back?[View]
481833956XIV: Did WoW Classic & ArcheAge kill FFXIV....[View]
481875895Fuck Battlefield V: I'm tired of the shitty aesthetics on this game. They can release new conte…[View]
481875356Mobile MMOs: so I keep hearing about how mobile is the future of MMORPGs, but are there any decent o…[View]
481870026>Best girls routes instantly give game over Why the fuck is this game so overrated ?…[View]
481869039Why are videogames still like this?[View]
481875479Post used goods in video games[View]
481868512FMK /v/: Hey /v/ It's time for Fuck Marry Kill! Give me three video game girls, guys or creatur…[View]
481873861Happy birthday anon, I got you that Train Simulator Playstation game that you asked for[View]
481875583I will post this picture every day until metal gear rising 2 is announced DAY 118[View]
481874017Death Stranding Rooz Nooz: Please make fun of this guy, for the love of God. These fucking 'Rus…[View]
481874356>Does nothing[View]
481858761Well /v/?[View]
481867019Super smash bros ultimate: When will the Brew leak start to be the grinch leak all over again just b…[View]
481872967How come this game looked far better than any PS3 or X360 exclusive in a far inferior hardware?[View]
481870385Dear god the pacing in this is horrible.[View]
481870474will 343 make halo great again?[View]
481873782They're in[View]
481872470How strong is aqua in comparison to the main cast?[View]
481875129Your main: Your skill(estimated): Times you’ve wasted on this shitty party platformer game: gogogo[View]
481863218>/v/ argues over which is best, 2, 3 or Deadlocked >real best game was there all along…[View]
481836690Remember Harry, always question, always search, never look in a mirror, don't trust the necktie…[View]
481870498Chernobylite: is this worth getting? how long/replayable is it? saw it release on steam today, curio…[View]
481864851Hi Daniel[View]
481847462Put a vidya image through here and post results. https://poyopoyo.gifanimaker.com/[View]
481870795>play for 30 minutes: >boring as fuck am i missing something? how the fuck do you guys play th…[View]
481868536Do you like Megaman 10?[View]
481869134Death Stranding: I hope.you're not hoping reviewers leak spoilers. Game is out in 3weeks. We wa…[View]
481872354Pet Peeves: >DOT effects are easily dispellable and deal too little damage to even matter >The…[View]
481869175Do you like Lugi?[View]
481872510code vein crashes: i had to run past every monkey since if i kill them it crashed the game. some ano…[View]
481872084For me, it's Yuri from the King of Fighters Series[View]
481874185Hello /v/, just a reminder that there's only one more day left before it's time to start g…[View]
481873104Mary Skelter 2: So this game comes out soon. Will I enjoy this if I absolutely love Etrian Odyssey g…[View]
481870216Who else SNOOD/GANG?[View]
481870048Could a new Darkstalkers be successful? If Capcom actually advertised and released the game in a mon…[View]
481862965Why didn't they have games?[View]
481820336Now that the dust has settled, what did we think about this game? I haven't played it yet.…[View]
481866390What are some good games based on movies or work as a tie-in? >pic related…[View]
481869723Will the internet ever be good again?: Vidya related nostalgia thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
481873250>8 years in the making >still not finished :S…[View]
481872430How will it be remembered after ESVI is out?[View]
481873642>Kael was a villain deemed absolutely irredeemable >Sylvanas did worse shit daily as leader of…[View]
481869874Anone anone, you should go sleep now or you'll be tired tomorrow![View]
481860139Looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
481871984How do you deal with the fact that even if you were to play vidya every waking hour of your life unt…[View]
481829097https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1183469332895952896 >He sues Sega and EA for using his char…[View]
481871014games only you like[View]
481867836What was the point of this character?[View]
481873227ITT : MMO that are still alive[View]
481785634why did the RTS genre die? what can be done to resurrect it?[View]
481873186Are you one of the fat fucks that'll buy this? Do you think it'll be good?[View]
481871439Games only you played, go[View]
481861094>Get to next stage >Flamenco music begins playing https://youtu.be/3iP9bGqt6No Why is this mus…[View]
481856914any games that help me cope with the death of a loved one?[View]
481869329ITT: God tier first levels.[View]
481872730Beach Levels: What are some games with chill beach vibes?[View]
481866708i did not care for breath of the wild 2[View]
481872630What are some games about doing the impossible?[View]
481857594Would /v/ sleep on this Slime themed Dragon Warrior blanket?[View]
481870972Apex: This game is cool. I like it. Gets kind of old sometimes. I feel like it has elements of diffe…[View]
481871974Disco Elysium: >saves you from thots >keeps electro from dragging you into the hole again >…[View]
481872454Misadventure: >Can't wait to visit my OC when the dimensions merge…[View]
481867736Stop breaking please.[View]
481870285anon finds a comparison on 4chan with two choices. anon decides one game is better and posts his opi…[View]
481871776ITT: with depressing stories: People usually ignore how hopeless and desparte the survivors of green…[View]
481871153Anyone else think the Xbox One should have an option to include GPU's: ^[View]
481871737ys: dude squeed lmao[View]
481858467What are the most ambitious vidya crossovers?: Smash brothers is too obvious of a pick. https://www.…[View]
481872057Anybody got sauce on any servers for this game? Just started playing but would love to be able to tr…[View]
481871676What games make you crazy?[View]
481872041Greatest game of all time[View]
481871754ampharos: just caught an ampharos[View]
481867623Klaudia is prettier than Ryza.[View]
481858336Abraham Lincoln for Smash!: Come on boys! It's time for our next Smash representative to be our…[View]
481841707...Wyrms pull bugs into their thrall, Till ages pass and kingdoms fall, Caps and shells may fall to …[View]
481871474What is the junk food of video games?[View]
481870552They can't do this...... They can't fucking do this bros!!! They have the dominant moba/au…[View]
481870432You really should go to bed. If you stay up much later, you will be tired tomorrow, and you need to …[View]
481868951an old lesson that /v/ needs to relearn[View]
481850715Holy shit why is it so fucking hard? >Can't beat Lost Kin >Can't beat Watcher Knight…[View]
481871581https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcfRayP6bUY You now remember the Slugfest Commentary[View]
481857604Just tell me the worst fanbase in your existance. I have no better to do in life.[View]
481871093>boot up fortnite because of part 2 interest >go into first game with bots >first one I fi…[View]
481857054Come back and reunion when?[View]
481862428Post only the highest of quality video game rips in this thread. https://youtu.be/EhEAazYMdwM[View]
481870686Why does /v/ act all high and mighty when this board is full of trannies, homosexuals, furries and p…[View]
481864371The only good GTA V character.[View]
481862106Isn't Rosalina the cutest, most beautiful Mario princess?[View]
4818118141 > 4 > 2 > 64 > 3[View]
481870154Riverwood HOME[View]
481845298Is this the holy trinity of most garbage waifubait discussion on /v/?[View]
481870324I did not care for Super Mario RPG.[View]
481820964Pitch your game here[View]
481870302Gotcha Force: Remaster, remake, sequel, or spiritual successor WHEN ???[View]
481870325SS13 Thread: >Clowns >Greytiding fucks >Science making deathbots/golems >medbay making m…[View]
481870292Your daily reminder that >pic related is better than Little Town Hero.[View]
481869169Trust us now. It's time to let me go... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n46zZ_y3hqA[View]
481868306I am all of u..[View]
481868807This game is fucking phenomenal. Easily the best game of the year.[View]
481869758>Start a seemingly simple side quest >It soon becomes apparent you're not prepared for it…[View]
481835030>steals your materia and your heart >'heh, nothing personalia kid'…[View]
481866986>hardware technological progress pretty much stopped >tfw we will never expierence things like…[View]
481815486Postal 4: No Regerts: Does /v/ approve?[View]
481868571This was a triumph I'm making a note here, huge success[View]
481865608Luigi's Mansion 3: Looks like more gameplay footage is being released by people with early copi…[View]
481869591>male is White >female is Asian Why is this common in Final Fantasy games?…[View]
481868705Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Did Lords of Shadow 1 have the comfiest environments?[View]
481869384You have a heart of gold. Don't let them take it from you.[View]
481868068How's classic going for everyone?[View]
481869315Reaper, Reaper! That's what people call me. Why? Cause they all DIE! When I sing I end their li…[View]
481862876what kind of character are you in rpg video games anons?[View]
481867042This game broke my dpad[View]
481865006Rune Factory Frontier: Went to replay this for nostalgia sake and couldn't put it down for 8 ho…[View]
481862010Dog = Blizzard Cookie = Money Woman = Chinese playerbase[View]
481868926jesus this game is comfy[View]
481867348Are there any games that let you get killed by cute girls?[View]
481839145Do you play adult VR games? Describe what it's like for the great unwashed? Don't lie.[View]
481867860What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
481867325hey guys im gaming[View]
481864205Why 'upkeep' exist? i can't understand. i'm retarded[View]
481845107Has there been a remaster in recent times that raped the original as badly as the Grandia HD Remaste…[View]
481868292Has video game dialogue ever made you cringe?[View]
481867852October 17, 2019. I am forgotten.....[View]
481862465>riot's card game LEL[View]
481858051Blizzcon expectations?[View]
481864908Monster hunter: >Monster hunter iceborne thread. So how was your experience with him? Also temper…[View]
481867564Damn that looks like ass. Why do gamers have such absolutely terrible aesthetics?[View]
481850605imagine the smell[View]
481867008For a game with 2 women as the MC's, this was actually pretty good[View]
481866997>install multiplayer game >press enter to type in something >banned…[View]
481865926Is it wrong if I like 1 better than 2?[View]
481868175Top 5 games of this console generation: 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Super Mario Od…[View]
481867921Why can't the Payday Gang just pick their deployables back up and take them with them?[View]
481832452Daily reminder what GF is a shit developer.[View]
481862870I think video games sucks, or at least games released in the last decade suck. Change my opinion if …[View]
481782071Veronica wins again![View]
481825752Is there a make version of this with the guys from each house? Like Claude choosing his career over …[View]
481859981Why aren't you playing Kemono Friends 3?[View]
481862971What's the next step for mobile gaming? Will it replace PC and console now that the hardware ca…[View]
481860772Was the PS2 era the perfect balance between graphics and design? Ever since graphics got insanely ex…[View]
481865371Games for this feel?[View]
481859003>games that you really want to replay but cant get the motivation to get into what is it /v/?…[View]
481862063>Game: The Revenge of X[View]
481867608We keep hearing buzzwords like dedicated servers t. woman who plays video games[View]
481865580God Eater Thread: Phym time![View]
481867553but you bros told me that the lol card game was dead on arrival...[View]
481867101So is this like Lost Planet or what?[View]
481867265what's going on in this game?[View]
481866280Which is the best option for a first run? I've heard the game feels like it was made for Emily …[View]
481867236What the fuck is this shit? Pathfinder General I guess?[View]
481858210post non vidya music that would fit in vidya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OE7lL9OS0U[View]
481863098Disc Creatures: Any poke'mon fans looking forward to this at all? Has me curious and wondering …[View]
481867201>Realize there's an anime about Killer 7 >It's just about a chinese guy who can thro…[View]
481863984>recently started playing ESO >been having a good time, about level 20 >tonight get blue sc…[View]
481866928>*blocks your fun*[View]
481864271Whats the next big thing thats Free to Play?[View]
481865652Imagine if this art is what Mario actually sees, and we are playing through a filter to make everyth…[View]
481865525This is the king of Pokemon. Say something nice to him![View]
481865764LEFT OR RIGHT?: ...only have enough for one...[View]
481865828ITT: games you played the summer before starting high school[View]
481844383So why isn't every other dude a mage in Elder Scrolls? There seems to be no born gift enabling …[View]
481866554https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfwMBPYqR6Q what does the future look like for mech games? Was this …[View]
481851470Kawakami thread? Kawakami thread.[View]
481866540Exact moments you realized a game was a masterpiece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkVwuWH-woA…[View]
481862480>only two games you preordered were Diablo 3 and MGS V >both turned out to be shitty disappoin…[View]
481864917I just got a long awaited upgrade for my PC. what are some good graphically intensive games from the…[View]
481862701Why are games so fucking long? Galactic Assault games take over an hour to play. Wth?[View]
481866108Why the fuck is a 160% uptime aoe silence, that shreds magic resist and breaks the target allowed in…[View]
481865510What are some examples of a fan design being better than the official one?[View]
481864494Fanatical Having Steam Style Flash Sales: https://www.fanatical.com[View]
481859972Thinking about getting my sister a 3ds for her birthday. >what games should I get? >what mode…[View]
481860396Give it up for Day 34: A month+ and /v/ still can't play BL3. Imagine the cope incoming to thi…[View]
481865914Do you find yourself playing the games he does after watching the episode he plays the games he does…[View]
481865691Retard here You're all dummies Play Far Cry 5[View]
481845914Death Stranding copies have been released.: I need your leaks, your spoilers, and your opinions.…[View]
481865601These are the highest grossing games of each year since 1990, discuss /v/[View]
481865546Why would anyone choose any class other than VANGUARD [View]
481860961Ridleybros rise up: This is the most fun character in smash. Why would you play as anyone else?…[View]
481830473How's your October Bloodborne playthrough coming along, /v/?[View]
4818628542020 is rearing its ugly head. what game would you say define the 10's?[View]
481865319Funny how that happened[View]
481865315>unironically better than Pokemon[View]
481865214You people make me sick[View]
481864896Attention /v/: *Ahem* What the fuck is a fortnite?[View]
481862431Why is western video game music so soulless?[View]
481861201Link with a hat[View]
481850765>Playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.[View]
481864449>MC has no discernible personality traits and is merely a stand-in for the player.…[View]
481862686>Witcher Senses™ Glaucoma Mode™ Why would anyone settle for this when the PS4 version is much bet…[View]
481860563How do we go from this...[View]
481864019RULES OF NATURE!!![View]
481845731Is it worth a PS4 purchase? Be honest.[View]
481844803>still no game with actually good music[View]
481861954How Are Your Boycotts Going?: Going good over here. Its not hard since they dont a single fun game. …[View]
481862825does anyone else notice how similar riot's new fps game looks?[View]
481862223The O in October stands for Oblivion. So start up a new character and PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD >TES4 O…[View]
481863930What are some games that make you genuinely angry when you play them?[View]
481852781What are some good Digimon games?[View]
481852906Since Smash 5 is a reboot, who should the nine third party characters be?[View]
481863660what are you playing tonight /v/? pic related here[View]
481856245Paper Mario: Color Splash and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are good video games.[View]
481838114Reminder that From haven't made a good game since Bloodborne.[View]
481862907can /v/ recommend me some good Halloween/autumn games? So far I've got pic related and The Nigh…[View]
481860297How do we fix him, /v/?[View]
481855890>character wears full-suit armor but not wear helmet because it doesn't look cool >gets o…[View]
481861471What's 2019's game of the year?[View]
481863501Just catched Groundhog Day Like Father Like Son here on VR in my country .. and I'm wondering..…[View]
481854062In a world without gold, we might have been heroes[View]
481862765Why are wizards always stronger than warriors?[View]
481857914Steam avatar thread post your avatar and rate others, i'll start[View]
481839801Here’s your echo fighter pass, bro[View]
481862358How many Worms games does the world need?[View]
481862824Was I the only one retarded enough to not know that he can eat wood and gold to heal? It said so in …[View]
481849305Neir automata: Did you feel anything when weight of the world played?[View]
481861203Anyone get depressed at how many games they've played, but not finished? I've probably onl…[View]
481862914>older games on shit engines like mount and blade and kenshi simulate medieval type worlds and op…[View]
481861659Yeah, I was just wondering if someone wanted to play CoD mobile and talk shit: I KNOW ITS A FUCKING …[View]
481859732Final Fantasy 7 Remake: It will be GOTY 2020.[View]
481862585Difficult bosses >tfw near-impossible to 5 star[View]
481861576Evil Within: Good god they really dropped the fucking ball with this sequel, it's rare I see a …[View]
481859275>get killed by another player >anime avatar…[View]
481859203>China is a sleeping giant, let her sleep, for when she wakes up she’ll shake the world. >-Nap…[View]
481836041Are you enjoying Fortnite Chapter 2 so far?[View]
481856291ITT: Games that are somehow more cringey than Persona 5, XC2, Nier Automata, and now Atelier Ryza.[View]
481860026Ok, so how do I pass the blackwater park?[View]
481860178Why wont he give up?[View]
481851487>I play gacha games for the story Seriously, who does this and why?[View]
481860386Just catched Groundh Day her onSNE in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there amore games wi…[View]
481858646games with this feel?[View]
481862129>oh did you want to post about video games? >too bad, only waifu shit and spamming about trann…[View]
481782525Monster Hunter World: Iceborne thread Why is the arena so hard? I just wanted a Guild Palace Armor..…[View]
481854758Admit it /v/ - they saved you from the darkness within yourselves.[View]
481856184Im sick of having a piece of shit computer im sick of the long loading times im sick of the shitty g…[View]
481861546did this game give you OCD to get them High scores?[View]
481861930Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch as Main Character: >When the most unrealistic part about …[View]
481852465i cant wait anymore /v/ros i really hope we got him day 1, but i think itll be late november for fuc…[View]
481860518Emulation thread. Playing anything currently?[View]
481861268What is your favorite video game company?[View]
481855829Herro there! Buy overwatch for switch gweilo: BUY OVERWATCH FOR SWITCH AND THE GLORY OF BLIZZARD AND…[View]
481861402here's your controller bro[View]
481860828Is it possible to use video games as a substitute for human interaction? I'm starting to arrive…[View]
481831164LoL fighting game: Are you excited for it? Is Riot a good company to make something like this or wil…[View]
481855423It was the most kino of the Black Ops games[View]
481857450why is romance so poorly done in vidya[View]
481859792Fortnite... Is ready to Rumble![View]
481856182Besides resident evil 2 and dmc5, what good games even came out so far this year. This generation wa…[View]
481858025Is this a fun game to play for fun spooky Halloween?[View]
481857953https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSPkkpkF4LA >nobody liked the guest thing in Rio >do it again …[View]
481841912Enjoying the definitive edition?[View]
481835967Put a vidya image through here and post results, Thread 2. https://poyopoyo.gifanimaker.com/[View]
481858119I'm currently playing Bioshock 1 again: Damn bros, I forgot how good this game is, comfy, scary…[View]
481861125This generation was defined by microtransactions, loot boxes, pixelated indie shit, game media ruini…[View]
481858743I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to a hope in the possibility that E3 will be videoga…[View]
481859820What happens to MMORPGs when people stop playing them?[View]
481851315>Video game characters that you look like[View]
481853908itt we wait for death stranding or leaks: itt we wait for death stranding or leaks[View]
481857815What will they add on to Vergil in the inevitable DLC?[View]
481852253Hi, It's me , Nia ![View]
481856747Paralives new halloween video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3G1kvPS7Nk thoughts?[View]
481846886https://store.steampowered.com/app/1083880/Princess__Conquest/?snr=1_241_4_rpg_104_3 WHY DID NO ONE …[View]
481833170Charizard is back! Don't you love Charizard?[View]
481860013Tekken is a garbage game in all respects. You either mash or you engage in psychological zero sum ga…[View]
481859079Why does he sounds like Jesse Pinkman?[View]
481854792Literally impossible I can't do this[View]
481860231video: HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN 1 SNIPER SHOT TAKE DOWN (GTA V) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uokge2rWi…[View]
481859962This kills the Smash trannies, is there any way this game can fail?[View]
481829496>Gen Z will never get to experience a G4 E3[View]
481857136you thought you could scroll by without posting a risk of rain 2 meme?[View]
481857278Looks like KINO's back on the menu, boys! https://youtu.be/-IafWtxX5GQ?t=900[View]
481859484Why would anyone choose any class other than VANGUARD [View]
481813085Why are Henshin Hero games so rare? what is more fun than transforming and kicking a monster so hard…[View]
481859368>Trade up a bunch of shitty halloween items I had like those Pocket Buddies or Orbitals >Manag…[View]
481854150AOE2 DE: How can they fuck this shit up so badly? It looks fucking horrible. The definition soulless…[View]
481859340>game explicitly states that the demo will take place in the seedy and under developed outskirts …[View]
481858713>nitpicked feature of game >exaggerated outrage comment flagrant contrarian statement for 400 …[View]
481852379>Shenmue >Japan, comfiest of all my countries >feed cat, talk to people, snowy weather all …[View]
481848363>don't want to deal with emulation >don't have the money for new vidya >end up ju…[View]
481849398This is disgusting...: I fucking hate modern GameFreak.[View]
481859075How do you feel about Foxhole, anons? Fuck human scum btw.[View]
481833856Hey there /v, I'm from /agdg and I am getting my monthly dose of exposure here with you to let …[View]
481778524Darkest Dungeon: When's the next game coming out and is the first game recommended for someone …[View]
481851583>beat a great game >life feels empty and I don't feel like playing another game What do …[View]
481858953why the fuck does everyone hate drk?: all the fucking fags, dancer mains, andl trannies shit on the …[View]
481855805Tales: Was it actually good or was just praised because it was on vita? will it have a switch port a…[View]
481857891what da best halloween games[View]
481831180Why did you stop enjoying Overwatch?[View]
481855289Who’s you favorite Warframe?[View]
4818399672000s Nostalgia thread: Come and reminisce about a simpler time DANCE TO THE BEAT WAVE YOUR HANDS TO…[View]
481858737Why are geese such assholes? >honk![View]
481856071SO HERE I AM[View]
481847625For me its final fantasy X. The best jrpg ever made.[View]
481857475OH NO! WATCH OUT HAT KID![View]
481858397Anybody have any good Gamestop stories, either as customer, employee, or witness to someone weird?[View]
481849689I'm not fucking around anymore /v/, go support this game. It's fucking Undertale but when …[View]
481857490Is it good now[View]
481847131SMT thread: I don't like Persona that much but I'm interested in giving the main series a …[View]
481847961>install Skyrim without any mods to get all the achievments and kill time until Bannerlord comes …[View]
481854696I truly believe Ashley will be playable in Smash one day. She's got fan demand. She's got …[View]
481850887Is Mario Party 4 the Evangelion of Mario Party? Everyone keeps seething and hating on it because the…[View]
481857975Games you were late to the party to[View]
481856447UNIST Thread: Early evening edition[View]
481857984HE THICC[View]
481857010I'm going to re-install Oblivion. What are some crazy wacky fun mods! I want to really fuck my …[View]
481857310I don't get it.: I bought this for the Switch and i fell in love with it, why do you guys hate …[View]
481857859Rhythm Heaven Switch: If Rhythm Heaven were to come to the Switch, what should be added? As in, what…[View]
481852580Begging people to tell you an entry point to a series is retarded because you're never going to…[View]
481854931>Objective: Wipe out all 1.2 billion of the red communists[View]
481851416Daily reminder: Your boycott failed. Resistance is futile.[View]
481848749Who actually plays as this character anytime she's an option?[View]
481855693Six Ages: **Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind**, the spiritual sucessor of King of Dragon Pass is releasi…[View]
481856113Are there any kino streamers? Sometimes watch Jerma's content when I'm bored, but just abo…[View]
481841359>Saves PC gaming![View]
481857614What are some games about mentally ill people?[View]
481854568Damm this shit is boring[View]
481857570I'm doing it boys. I'm downloading Fortnite. Wish me luck[View]
481857582AI: The Somnium Files: Just finished this, let's talk about it. The true end kind of dragged on…[View]
481857263How to be like him?[View]
481856330Maire, Sekiro![View]
481851467Leaks: Nintendo Direct on November 27 >Pikmin 3 Port Reveal >More Animal Crossing stuff >Fi…[View]
481857210SA-MP was one of the funniest multiplayer games ever. Specially the role play servers. Will we ever …[View]
481806246/v/ the Musical VII: /v/ the Musical VII has officially ended! Thank you all who contributed! >Wh…[View]
481792412Can you really make friends over video games? Everyone I meet ends up drifting away eventually.[View]
481849214What are some of the best underrated GBA games: Looking for something to occupy my time on a fairly …[View]
481854715Ninja Gaiden Sigma: This shit is kinda hard. I'm more casual than I thought. Give me some tips …[View]
481807497Since Ryu is a lock at this point, what stage, music and spirits will he bring?[View]
481856930>The Last of Us is a surprisingly great game, more than that, it's an amazing experience Uhh…[View]
481842649Jonesy is in.[View]
481856941Just delete the Alliance already[View]
481837508Hello /v/ I am currently working an internship at Capcom, and one of my fellow interns found this w…[View]
481851889Never Forgive. Never Forget[View]
481813529Crash Bandicoot Update: Content updates for Nitro Fueled will see an end after December. Crash Bandi…[View]
481856735the long dark thread[View]
481853189Been playing this. Its pretty fun actually. A little janky and cringe at times but overall good.[View]
481856716du u no de wey?[View]
481851998So, HoI IV. It feels like the worst Paradox grand strategy title, and yet it's the one that doe…[View]
481836941>Blizzard allows political propaganda thousands of other times on stream >crickets >Blizzar…[View]
481856659i think dmc5 is an empty game nothing but combat no story no diversity in the missions there are lit…[View]
481850140>game advertises real world products[View]
481852929Little Town Hero: >Literally just Attack on Titan >60% on Metacritic >Pokemon died for this…[View]
481839573Why does /v/ claim to hate walking sims and games with shit gameplay, but turn around and praise Sil…[View]
481854753Why didn't Playstation ever create their own version of Miis/Avatars?[View]
481856492> Playstation All Stars 2 has better third parties than Smash /v/ BTFO[View]
481851564what the fuck do these retarded jannies have against paladins, fucking blizzcucks[View]
481852170Trips gets the soundtrack+game which for some reason is cheaper than just the game[View]
481856363Should i cuck Gemma? Is there an advantage of something for marrying her?[View]
481852281look at the fiddlesticks rework faggots, it looks so bad but the zoomer kiddies will love it back th…[View]
481855542Will juice make my game more fun? :([View]
481855852Wow is dead[View]
481849596How would you fix the horror genre?[View]
481795009>>>/vr/5950384 >>>/vr/5946912 >>>/vr/5948660 >>>/vr/5948660 Half…[View]
481852254This thread has Edelgard as the opening picture. Because of this, it will get a minimum of 500 repli…[View]
481852096Why did they change his voice? Its so fucking bad[View]
481855396>It's been one year minus 15 days >Susie Deltarune still isn't real…[View]
481853120Help me find my favorite mobile game??: I really need help finding the name of a game I use to play …[View]
481848940ITT good video game movies: I’ll start[View]
481850606Single player game series where the first game you played wasn't your favorite? I feel like the…[View]
481855256What are some games with deep dialogue?[View]
481851734For what purpose does a character need lips like this?[View]
481826028Still is the best game ever made.[View]
481851798How do we go from this...[View]
481852193>trying this with both joycons drifting I want to kill myself[View]
481853871Prove me wrong. DOOM 3 was the best in the franchise [/spoiler ]Playing this now and forgot how no…[View]
481839568Play Archeage Unchained its actually good now since there's no p2w. It's a better version …[View]
481777283How did Sony allow this?[View]
481853646>Killing machine >Slaughters Russian mobsters for fun >Drives a sick Supra >Gamer >Li…[View]
481848283Are you going to play The Last of Us Part II, /v/?[View]
481848915What would you do if you saw Xatu in real life?: i think i would cry Xatufact of the day: Xatu likes…[View]
481826176>anon, I... I think I'm pregnant[View]
481835334What the fuck is the Traveler? Who made it? Why? Is it mechanical or organic? What it it's purp…[View]
481852427Hey uhhh... its says over here that Blizzard has issued a six-month competitive ban for the college …[View]
481852942I have 25$ in psn money, what should I buy with it[View]
481854484where's the lie[View]
481853793I heard them say we've reached Morrowind thread, I'm sure they'll let us go.[View]
481849378Millennials of /v/ what game are you currently playing? Zoomers not invited.[View]
481832078PEAK SOUL: This is one of the greatest games of all time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kez-bm3GzrA…[View]
481853086When is this coming to the west?[View]
481839763If a game has shit gameplay then what's the point? Sure it may have great story but the best vi…[View]
481850264I'm still mad. Feature polls should have 80% or even 90% to get an update through.[View]
481851908Why did Square waste time and money on Kingsglaive when they could have put those resources towards …[View]
481847139>game is super realistic in all aspects >doesn't make you're character take a big we…[View]
481852619Fort Dawnguard[View]
481834331You're getting a VR headset soon, right?[View]
481846436>oh cool, a Story of Seasons game on PC >I liked Stardew Valley so I'll give this a pirat…[View]
481821118It's my favorite game of all time[View]
481820072Put a vidya image through here and post results. https://poyopoyo.gifanimaker.com/[View]
481853315Vidya Twists: The best twist thread was deleted for some reason before I had a chance to reply to so…[View]
4818531762019 I'm totally forgotten[View]
481853057>MMOs dead >RPGs dead >RTSs dead worst timeline…[View]
481853171Fake News: >Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's release on October 25 is coming up soon, and now …[View]
481841410Look at this bullshit. LOOK. AT. IT. 600 system, came out years after the Super Nintendo, and some a…[View]
481852675Rate the last game you played[View]
481838950Does /v/ believe that 'Majority Rule' is the best way to settle disputes? Or even a good way?[View]
481852957>Boss? Is that really you? Kept you waiting huh,[View]
481853021KOJIMA HIDEO: >K-Kojima san... Something hard has poked me from behind... I-Is that you!? >Shh…[View]
481851850What was the point of this again?[View]
481852806North east anons, Watcha all gonna be playan when we get hit by this nor’easter? I’m gonna be playin…[View]
481849396What are you looking forward to more: Final Fantasy 7, Cyberpunk, or Vitamin Quest 2?[View]
481843015https://www.wowhead.com/news=295682/8-3-ptr-new-death-knight-ebon-blade-swords NORTHREND.... HOME…[View]
481851960What is causing gamers to be more Alpha now?[View]
481849525How much support do you think Nintendo and anyone involved in Smash see/are aware of for certain cha…[View]
481851787Why aren't you playing Trine 4 right now?[View]
481851247Anyone have some tips 4 this boss? I don’t have line bomb and am tired of going through the 6 levels…[View]
481846486prove me wrong: reposting from another thread Once people figure out that VR with strategy games/rts…[View]
481792657>Game launches in 9 days >Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the original developers of Fallout, h…[View]
481825632>Fortnite is back on top >Lady Gaga is dancing on Gaben's grave FeelsFuckingGoodMan…[View]
481826653Underrail thread: Welcome to civilization edition.[View]
481831291Bros..: Rare is finally going to give us a new Banjo. Go to 5:23 on the video. Trust me on this. htt…[View]
481851957Nintendo Direct on December 12th, 2019: Highlights: -Marvel's Avengers revealed to be coming to…[View]
481851919GOLD DIGGER[View]
481850295If human vaginas smell like fish, does hers just smell like normal human skin? Just a thought...[View]
481851840>'you can't do shit' >actually moves >havin a boss battle with her Any game does this?…[View]
481832659Why haven’t you bought a switch lite?: I just bought the Witcher and a switch lite. I was skeptical…[View]
481814659>wayforward using google translate to translate the new shantae BAHAHAHAHA how can shantaefags de…[View]
481839885>smash attack button to win[View]
481851167Admit it, you finished D3 and the expansion.[View]
481850631>that's another command post under imperial control >we're losing a command post fig…[View]
481851565Would it be possible that Maria was not only born from a manifestation of Jame's dark desires b…[View]
481849208>Dislikes: Women WTF I love Guilty Gear now. When's my boy Zato-Juan? Also BULLSHIT BLAZING …[View]
481850448>completely free >easily runs at 300FPS Why aren't you playing PUBG Lite?…[View]
481849891'It's dialectics, fool. The NCR uses toilets and sewers, thus we as the antithesis must shit in…[View]
481840494>Hey Anon! How are ya holding up? It's been a while. You look a bit off... Is everything alr…[View]
481845813>normal encounters with enemies end too fast for status effects to be useful >Bosses are imune…[View]
481849361Why is roleplaying the character that you play so frowned upon these days?[View]
481850020>blocks your path[View]
481849670Three Houses: Imagine not doing Blue Lions as your first playthrough.[View]
481774469>GOTY comes out in 6 days You have pre ordered right[View]
481785758This is Ruka Urushibara. The 'son' of this shrine's chief priest. Yes, a son. No matt…[View]
481848397Whats the point of dota2 ?: you can win at any bracket in cs:go by being good and actually giving ou…[View]
481847237Is this the only black girl in video games that's ok to like/find hot here? Is it truly, dare I…[View]
481841713ITT: Let's list and discuss kino game trilogies, anons[View]
481850595>game features a crafting system[View]
481848157GOTY's since 2000: What's the worst Game that ended up winning GOTY /v/?[View]
481821846give me your best videogame idea[View]
481846301 [View]
481846991Do you think video game prices on eBay are out of control?[View]
481831664Kirby thread: What do you want for the future of the series? Also, where is shadow kirby going?…[View]
481850008I worked at Vicarious Visions starting in 2010 until August 2019. I can confirm that there is indeed…[View]
481811570Holy fucking shit, it was worse that I ever could have possibly imagined. Even the multiplayer was s…[View]
481844681Treehouses: Why Does japan have such shit tastes?[View]
481830801Divinity: Original Sin 2 Thread: These have been fun lately. Let's keep it going Sword & Bo…[View]
481850132Man, anyone else tired of all this Luigi pandering? Couldn't they have given Waluigi a game ins…[View]
481820404What are the essentials mods to install?[View]
481849981NOOOOO WHERE'S MY GEN 2 PANDERING WITH 10/10 DESIGNS SUCH AS... >Dunsparce, who even remembe…[View]
481845864>fall/winter time again Time for the annual Oblivion replay[View]
481849024Why are daily shill threads allowed on /v/?[View]
481849849Maybe Halo 4 was a good game after all[View]
481848857what games let me go even further beyond?[View]
481849774Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm: Okay, so I've maybe finished it? I really liked it. But…[View]
481838412Why was Darksiders 3 so much better than this “ambitious” pile of trash /v/?[View]
481847247What’s your favorite gun /v/?[View]
481847970What makes a good fighting game? They all seem the same to me except for Smash[View]
481845332Mid-2000s F2P Korean MMO thread Did anyone here play FlyFF back in the day? What games did you play?[View]
481848661Zoomer PCs are full of RGB but the control software is worse than EA PR team. Why?[View]
481847464new thread, put a vidya image through here and post results. https://poyopoyo.gifanimaker.com/[View]
481846680Happy fucking Halloween to us! Dokkan thread.[View]
481849521Is this one of the greatest JRPGs ever made? I literally cannot stop playing, its scary. I can…[View]
481847238Worst game this year?[View]
481840479>final boss >piano starts playing[View]
481845796games with great camouflage or stealth mechanics?[View]
481834017How does this image make you feel[View]
481846238Jealous /v/? Nostalgia thread.: Found this bad boy at a local thrift store for 42 USD and nineteen c…[View]
481835584Just need to get this off my chest...: I love video games, but when I interact with people about the…[View]
481849154How come we don't make vidya music albums anymore? Post some music you like from recent games[View]
481846340>tfw I will never give her my purging thorn[View]
481843675Why was dracula such a bitch in this?[View]
481846293what are some 6/10 videogames.[View]
481848904Concept art thread aka what could of been thread.[View]
481847249>AAA game from big 3 publishers gets crushed in the reviews IM COOMING[View]
481848143Recommend me some good christopher robin/winnie the pooh games /v/: ahem i have an announcement to …[View]
481834717Shhh, Toon Link is sleeping[View]
481845743Are you a good enough gamer to survive Kanako's final attack?[View]
481843968Why was MGS3 so fucking great lads?[View]
481838626>If you make me happy tonight, ill give you an extra letter grade on your midterm!…[View]
4818200013x3 thread: game recommendations too[View]
481828749TW4 -> TS3: Has anyone here tried going back to The Sims 3 after playing 4? I was overall pretty …[View]
481846165So why did the Enclave let Shady Sands become the defacto government during 2240-ish?[View]
481841397The last time I posted a VTMB2 thread here, I said there was no way it was coming out on time, and s…[View]
481847176What will win GOTY at the stupid VGAs?[View]
481845723Which Kong should be the next rep for Smash Bros and why is it Funky?[View]
481818580What is the best videogame movie ever made, and why is it Postal (2007)?[View]
481846910Here's your Fallout spiritual successor, bro.[View]
481841034links awakening: Help me out guys. I’ve yet to play it. Is the 60 dollar switch version worth it or …[View]
481846750Smash website error?: I was going on the smash website earlier but I noticed something strange. I gu…[View]
481840158Which would you prefer for the plot of Sekiro 2? >Immortal severance ending. Alone and without d…[View]
481819693what videogames people in their 30+ can enjoy?[View]
481847607what are your thoughts on romstation?[View]
481774521Thoughts on Indivisible ? I'm 5 maybe 6 hours in and while it's dripping with familiar lab…[View]
481815954Where should i get digimon cyber sluts? Switch PS4 or PC? What would be the best choice?[View]
481827273Any soundtrack that Toby Fox works on is instantly gold. He has to be the most talented game compos…[View]
481831224Will you be replaying?[View]
481845512Would you play a GTA game where the main character joins the police force and actually has to uphold…[View]
481846757The mainland belongs to China: It does not belong to the illegitimate communist regime.[View]
481846921mistover: holy shit this game is hard as fuck[View]
481834515This is spyro: Say something nice about him or he'll kick your ass[View]
481830974GAMER GEAR thread: Do you guys wear video game clothing?[View]
481831019So now that Iceborne was a success, what's next in the Revenge Arc?[View]
481837601what /v/ thinks about this port?[View]
481844801>Tony Hawk's Underground 2 isn't among his favorite games of all time…[View]
481837449tracer a shit, reimu a shit, doomguy a shit, ryu a shit, jonesy a shit, geno a shit ps1 venom for sm…[View]
481846614What are some games that are examples shown in pic?[View]
481839080>Comes out in 1 week >No one cares Is Kojima, dare I say, finished?[View]
481794338Boycott didn't work and their sales are back up. Your memories are worse than that of a goldfis…[View]
481842256The truth is: Japan have been saving vidya for years now, say something nice about Japan.[View]
481830187Best boy is a never ever for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: What did he do to deserve this travesty?…[View]
481839356What are good shmups for a beginner?[View]
481843334>I love (insert videogame character here) Only posts horribly off model fanart…[View]
481839259What is the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game?[View]
481837461any indie game recommendation?: hey, /v/ you'll probably attack me cus this but meh i was sear…[View]
481845117> Start game > Spend an hour crawling on the floor watching people get shot > Finally get …[View]
481810448Let’s get this Ace Attorney thread to bump limit Post favorite cases, least favorite cases, artwork,…[View]
481844630Oh shit, anon was right.[View]
481836839*removes Gifted* Ahh, now it's perfect.[View]
481837684What can change the nature of a man?[View]
481843581did you rike it /v/ ? did uchikoshi redeem himself after ZTD?[View]
481844978What's the /v/ version of pic related?[View]
481844750blizzard uses ban[View]
481844419What the hell was her problem? Recommend some freeware horror games for October, please[View]
481834553Just finished this. This game had no fucking right to be this good.[View]
481844767What ever happened with that game Game Freak's making? I think I heard they got the Undertale g…[View]
481840607Do you remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpsbj0OoeNo[View]
481844194This game makes me feel like I have a learning disabilty. I love the writing and characters but I ca…[View]
481835448wow look at these graphics[View]
481844198Your Turn To Die thread.: Just finished the first Main Event. Without any spoilers, how much do the …[View]
481837213Haha longboy: Look at him![View]
481844234>game is more fun without friends[View]
481838218So...what happened next?[View]
481806042Dracula won[View]
481838432>British 'humor'[View]
481836342I'm back! By the way, fuck Capcom!: I'm back with another fucking leak! I forgot I had off…[View]
481840119I have $50 on steam, what are some recommendations for games?[View]
481820615There's simply no reason for you not to play Ultimate Ninja Storm right now, the game is practi…[View]
481842418>your vidya will never be real Why do we even continue bros...[View]
481840984YOU ARE A...[View]
481839664i hate it when mario eats my pizza: i hate it when that dumb motherfucker eats my dinner[View]
481843208df sf dasasdffd dasfdas dfas sfasdf asdf sf dasf fasdf asdf sf dasf asdffddasfdas dfas sfasdf asdf s…[View]
481838762Castlevania threads are posted but once every century and my role is over. If I can post another, th…[View]
481838804rainbow six[View]
481834794Guys, I just cant figure it out. Who killed Heavy?[View]
481839859Where are the Good Games[View]
481828001Has any character in vidya suffered more than Emil? https://youtu.be/EDhPsYeK-jU[View]
481838808Chernobylite: This just went EA. Thoughts?[View]
481839627The future of minecraft: Are there people here that unironically play shaderless minecraft?[View]
481836421So ... why is nobody here talking about what's likely the best RPG since Planescape Torment?[View]
481841652Mickey Mouse[View]
481828081Did he actually do anything wrong?[View]
481842703LOUDER: LOUDER!!!!!!![View]
481837614Are there any games with cool interactive worlds you can just fuck around in?[View]
481842352Reel Fishing Thread: Reel Fishing thread. Just finished the story mode. The end game grind was super…[View]
481804248This game died, and Valve just left it to die instead of going F2P.[View]
481836526should i play nocturne before these?[View]
481824256Katherine: >I think I'm pregnant[View]
481840298I said it once and I’ll say it again, the Switch is RPG monster[View]
481833051Far Cry 2: How do I make this game good, or is it good to go out the box? Should I played with …[View]
481839168This game is like a jigsaw puzzle of the perfect zelda game. Except instead of fitting the pieces to…[View]
481839646You said that Nash was inspirational?[View]
481833185The only major developer who isn't partially (or fully) owned by Tencent is also the most hated…[View]
481840575Early celebration thread! Who’s ready for Riot to save the industry?[View]
481836501Pack suggestion FP: With him being the first fighter for next pass, what would be his stage, spirits…[View]
481837630>he still plays video games past the age of 15 pro skub[View]
481839345Would they have been a good cast if Danganronpa 3 was a game instead of an anime?[View]
481830883Zero Time Dilemma: Is this worth playing? I loved 999 but thought VLR was mediocre. Heard this one i…[View]
481839960FF7 Remake: Episode 1: Part 1[View]
481838317Classic Tetris World Championship: BOOM Tetris! The best tournament in all of eSports is back this w…[View]
481836060>RDR finally on PC >It's actually the bland, generic, SJW, GTA Clone version instead of R…[View]
481818802>game unironically uses the word 'gamer' Fucking why[View]
481830569What are some of the greatest visuals/cutscenes you've ever seen in a game?[View]
481836492Resident Evil 2 famously got a miraculously functional port on the Nintendo 64. Do you think it woul…[View]
481839631The reason why Driver san fran is no longer on sale will be revealed in the next direct.[View]
481824523Give it up for Day 33: A month+ and /v/ still can't play BL3. Imagine the cope incoming to thi…[View]
481795139Capcom Financial Results: Capcom calls Devil May Cry a 'major brand' alongside Resident Evil, plans …[View]
481818805how are you supposed to make vidya friends and find people to play with? everyone is just in their c…[View]
48181199020 days, my dudes[View]
481837198Don’t mind me, I’m just the only game with buying on Switch.[View]
481837637>no male Demon Hunters and Death Knights in Reforged Why... I don't want to play a slut who …[View]
481838943Why does every 2D game have this move now? What game actually uses it well?[View]
481837445Why did Link have to be shafted so hard by destiny?[View]
481838330This is Banjo Threeie[View]
481838845>This died for a shitty League of legends reskin Still mad[View]
481838585the character that did this[View]
481838796ITT: games you like for really weird reasons Path of Radiance smooth frame rate and menus that pop i…[View]
481838521>want to play 1 (ONE) game >have to pay 300 dollars for DRM box >+60 dollars for the game …[View]
481838768>tfw no good games to play[View]
481838743in this very thread:: games that put you to sleep[View]
481834230>everyone too focused on all the stuff riot announced and missed the 2 new champs coming out in l…[View]
481838658>go behind waterfall >there's no treasure…[View]
481838298Gabe Newell 1962 - 2019: Rest In Peace Gabe...[View]
481817069Half cooked game ideas: A horror game in which all of the enemies are trying to assimilate you inste…[View]
481829703Postal 4: Holy shit bros, i can't fucking wait to get it. its about time we get a funny filthy …[View]
481833862Doom 4 is really fuckin' bad.: You pathetic fuckin' animals really need to get some taste,…[View]
481838498Project A by Riot discord server: Hi, i'd like to invite you to Project A (upcoming FPS game by…[View]
481827975>The Last of Us is a surprisingly great game, more than that, it's an amazing experience Was…[View]
481831921What went wrong?[View]
481838351will you be playing?[View]
481838347>turn on world of warcraft wrath of the lich king private server to relief the old times >turn…[View]
481833509This /v/ thread was sponsored by Nord VPN, stay till the end of the shitposting for more infomation[View]
481835467Describe your gaming crew /v/.[View]
481837804Hey y'all! What's your favourite Madden game?[View]
481829182I am about to start this for the first time. Can you give me some advice without spoilers on how to …[View]
481838154MGS Goes Open World![View]
481836376boone piss[View]
481834353Why aren't you playing Magia Record?[View]
481838146And then Jan punches the Weequay right in the...[View]
481834727>it reminds me of... that time... What does he mean when he says this?[View]
481814584OOOH, GODDBYE TUESDAY TRAIN I'M LOOKING FOR A Guilty Gear thread[View]
481834842Thirteen years ago.[View]
481836415what they did mean by did this?[View]
481835552Has China released one single notable game? Why can they not appeal to us like Japan?[View]
481837762is he /OUR GUY/ ?[View]
481836183switch not TV material. it's best used handheld, and games look better on switch lite. and it…[View]
481827826ITT: The peak of a series: Lets be honest here, no game in the series is perfect and it has flaws, o…[View]
481830864I’m making a game for uni: On of my module assignments is to create a game and I’m stumped on ideas,…[View]
481834428Do you own any vidya apparel /v/?[View]
481837462Hopefully, this will be a masterpiece.[View]
481822240Here's your new Fiddlesticks, bro. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/10/champion-ro…[View]
481837251What is the general reception for PoPoLoCrois?[View]
481835598*is better than code vein*[View]
481797149Why can't Snoy just leave this poor console alone? It finally found a home with homebrew and t…[View]
481829029Anone anone, you should go sleep now or you'll be tired tomorrow![View]
481836848https://skribbl.io/?X8gNQGipu5 get in here fuckers[View]
481819120>Japan Level >dink dink dinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdink >ding ding >dun dun >YOOOOOOOOOOOOoo…[View]
481835707Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl[View]
481824895Death Stranding Experience so far: I have been playing the game since Monday. I am impressed by the …[View]
481834253Do you play tall characters?[View]
481835301what do u think about samus iran?: yeah what do u think about her also do u think u guys could post …[View]
481836563Chernobylite: What do we think about it bros? Is it the Stalker sequel we've all been waiting f…[View]
481833154hideo kojima: will Death Stranding be his tour de france?[View]
481835293Post New Ideas for the Next Mario Game: >M&L RPG spin-off featuring Peach and Rosalina…[View]
481836494>start game >it's a Western open-world game with RPG elements, casual stealth, loot, moca…[View]
481810814Kirov reporting[View]
481836327FER KARRRRL[View]
481829035Blizzard bans US players for showing support to the Hong Kong. Chinese cum must be tasty for Blizz …[View]
481827747How does FromSoftware do it?: I don't care how autistic this board goes about DS2, I love it an…[View]
481836579PS Vita: I still use mine to play lemmings :)[View]
481775063Dance on them Brewposters and Tracerfags: Fortnite and Overwatch are never getting into smash, fags…[View]
481834825THAT'S IT I'M RESUBBING TO WOW look at all that junk[View]
481832768Do you have gamer callusues /v/?[View]
481836454https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXS7d1ejOsg [Embed] >Terry's core moves have been the same s…[View]
481816881I CAN DO ANYTHING except release in the next 5 years [View]
481804981I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
481833930Ace 7 vs. Ace 4: Which game is better? I don't remember most of 4. I remember liking it a lot, …[View]
481822154Wow... Really makes you think[View]
481836356Here's your Fallout 5[View]
481831217Why haven’t you preordered the Dying Light of racing games yet?[View]
481835620Let's have some fun: Monkey Paw vidya thread; I'll start. >Halo Infinite somehow become…[View]
481826497Post yfw you never fell for the Overwatch meme.[View]
481835993>open door >see this WHAT DO[View]
481792667Can we get a thread dedicated to the 2000s, janky, FPS games that used to be so common. You know the…[View]
481833769For me it's Lady.[View]
481835690I'm having a blast with black flag, how do the games that come after it hold up? or is this pr…[View]
481835535What are some videogames?[View]
481782405Plagiarism in videogames: what are some famous cases? I actually don't think I never heard of o…[View]
481825654Required disclaimer? Or pure marketing? Do you recall even seeing this before Resident Evil? Do any …[View]
481835496Based or cringe?[View]
481833759So....who here actually likes this game?[View]
481818102Where should BF6 be set?[View]
481835241SMT: How do you like them Zelenin's Greatest Hits?[View]
481834552How do I change my characters color scheme? I can change the mech but not my character.[View]
481835195Last of Us 2: Is tolu 2 going to have another 28-35 hard ass bitch? I like playing vidya with a semi…[View]
481831639Came home to find this on table: Is she cheating?[View]
481804118>this is a product of the endeavours of the Fallout 4 Modding Community What is their endgame? Mo…[View]
481834106whats the best banjoVania?[View]
481833015revengeance: if you were to take out the armstrong boss fight then this whole game's score woul…[View]
481834092Unconfirmed Leak of Sonic's Film Design: Didn't see any topics about this yet. Currently n…[View]
481803084When did you realize Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was a masterpiece?[View]
481821425>have a billionaire game ideia >don't have the initial investment IN THE END, NOTHING REA…[View]
481818792Is the way to fix Sonic to go back to the early 2000s shonen tone of story it was in the adventure t…[View]
481831356>Be caveman gamer >Just want to be left alone to play your triceratops powered Rocktendo Enter…[View]
481834047i have the multi million YEN video game idea bros >you play as a cute loli vampire >your weapo…[View]
481834496Oh boy! Didn't realize it's fucking summer reddit in /v/ right now. Name me an off topic t…[View]
481834374post vidja: https://artbreeder.com/ you'll need an account tho[View]
481813523I want to go back[View]
481796856/v/idya Draw Thread: >Post references and names in one post >Keep it vidya origin, no OCs >…[View]
481829684So how did one little side project trigger thousands of manchildren?[View]
481834221what are some games: yeah what are some games? also post some porno because i am too lazy and stupid…[View]
481834028games for the feel of my dad receiving and opening my bank statements for years without telling me?[View]
481822213What is the best game made in China?[View]
481814189If Metal Gear Solid 3 first came out only recently, would The boss still receive the same outstandin…[View]
481829609IM THE GUY[View]
481832312What are some overrated games?[View]
481830193Blizzard bans three college Hearthstone players for Hong Kong protest sign: >Blizzard has suspend…[View]
481833792should I /v/? what even came out this year? what's coming up in the next couple weeks?[View]
481823748I'm about an hour and 30 minutes into Yooka Laylee and I'm getting bored. I'm on the …[View]
481832235Who is the best boy in vidya and why is it max?[View]
481833424/v/ boomers that still play games while being married with kids, what's your go-to game(s) righ…[View]
481832114>close /v/ after being tired of browsing it for so long >go to another website to find somethi…[View]
481833993Wasted Life General—/WLG/: Post here to discuss why you wasted your life, how you cope with having w…[View]
481824682Recommend me PS2 games: Hey /v/ current goal for me has been to record PS2 games and put them as an …[View]
481831685B E L I E V E[View]
481830254I don't care if you buy my game or not. I just hope you die.[View]
481813675The Soul Infuser.[View]
481829696How successful was their marketing campaign on /v/ and other social medias??[View]
481833515why is he so perfect?[View]
481831134>1069 days[View]
481831935ys ix: so ys ix was released in japan on september 26 and no word of a western release has been anno…[View]
481833176How does Edelgard win against the Slitherers when there is no Rhea to meat shield the nukes?[View]
481819418>game has good gameplay but shit tier art direction[View]
481833468Dream Games: I always wanted a Silent Hunter 3-style 'Space Battleship Yamato'. Stealthing around Ju…[View]
481783974Nintendo allowing refunds for Overwatch on the Eshop: Seems like Nintendo aren't allowing commu…[View]
481735240What makes Touhou games so SOULful, bros?[View]
481833054>game has a section or event that makes fun of another game from a different publisher…[View]
481829210what are some android games that are worth playing and investing time in?[View]
481829440>Astellia Online Anyone played this? how is it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDw6_g6FE_8…[View]
481833157Why did you stop playing /are not playing / reinstalled -Insert shit game here- anon ?: 50 Replies p…[View]
481824560ITT: Games you recently beat but can't make a distinct thread for it: For me, it's Vampyr…[View]
481831895You were loud and now you're DEAD! ᵃnᵈ ᵘᵍˡʸ[View]
481832087I'm going to cum on my Mom if Nintendo doesn't release a new F Zero Next Year.[View]
481761565>We need a gun for the good guys >Say no more…[View]
481831951Which is the better CRPG?[View]
481825829Kirby Thread: I have not seen one compelling argument as to why Bandana Dee wouldn't be a great…[View]
481825367SUCK ON THIS[View]
481830343most underatted tell tale game?[View]
481825251ITT: Post games that are never coming to the Switch[View]
481825597FOR THE DARK GODS![View]
481832572What's this, goddess? An anon! He's ugly![View]
481793597Shake your Moneymaker![View]
481777275>Play Pathfinder >Try to hit on Valerie >'Uh, sorry, I prefer relationships with MAN!' Into…[View]
481827853>when /v/ was actually fun and creative[View]
481830690This man gave us so many great games. Yet when he makes one single mistake you all spit on him. gam…[View]
481823165Would /v/ sleep on this Slime themed Dragon Warrior blanket?[View]
481831458Is this game still fun even if you have no friends?[View]
481829790OK but why does she have fox ears and tails in her human form? Makes no sense.[View]
481826437What went wrong?[View]
481827992it's shit[View]
481832327This is the 2nd best selling game in Japan this week[View]
481828815>join Valve >don’t even release the game No but seriously. What the fuck happened? They’ve bee…[View]
481832226anime players when sfv had a small base roster: >where are all the characters? this roster sucks …[View]
481830617He's not even trying anymore, is he ?[View]
481830416https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhOEn7Xl8as Oblivion... home...[View]
481830572Borderlands 3: >OST of the year is from a Borderlands game How did they do it?…[View]
481831842Is Nomura a good director?[View]
481821506Old = good.[View]
481827112Why aren't you playing Paladins?[View]
481819976Why does nu /v/ dislike Japanese/anime styled games so much now? pic unrelated[View]
481771107>ctrl f 'best rpg for at least a decade' Nothing comes up. Don't you turn on that …[View]
481830095Meta Thread: >Try to talk about any upcoming game on /v/ >SHILL SHILL!! >NEW GAME BAD OLD …[View]
481829378> How to fix the MMO genre? mmorpgs need a completely rework. wow ruined it and it will stay like…[View]
481736768Mario and Sonic 2020: Now what can we expect as these two characters are confirmed as guests? Also, …[View]
481803381>locked at 60 FPS on all platforms except switch >no mention of except for PC welp that just …[View]
481826525Games where the AI cheats?[View]
481824903Are the Castlevania games any good? Watching the Netflix series got me interested. Where do I start?[View]
481825526Outer worlds: Who here hype? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GFrZgko5pw[View]
481829781I wish my 3ds worked still I would play this in a heartbeat[View]
481830740>3ds era came and gone >No rush style game with OST by Hideki Naganuma https://youtu.be/L4KIxq…[View]
481830645will there ever be a 4th one? why does EA refuse to cash in this disgustingly easy check? is this se…[View]
481830602What are some games about rejecting Gods?[View]
481830581Now that the dust has settled, was it worth it?[View]
481829310Dragon Quest IX remake: Anybody excited for a possible DQ9 remake in the works? This game is definit…[View]
481829197Literally just found this. Why is this ad using the Modern Warfare 3 font and theme?[View]
481773126I'll attract the enemy with my human mating call: I'M SO WASTED, I'M SO WASTED!!…[View]
481828195Post Smash Memes from the Future[View]
481828000What was your favorite minecraft mod? Mine was sdk gun mod, toomanyitems and millionaire mod[View]
481824602The Switcher 3: This is the best the PC has to offer? Lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziwQnev5…[View]
481830312With the use of the leash, it is possible to suspend animals in the air by tying the leash on high-u…[View]
481828034Why do games use left to right as it's primary way to progress through a level. Why is it never…[View]
481829704>STOPS YOU FOR FINISHING THE GAME: shouldn't have hesitated then[View]
481829784Oblivion DLC Disc Incomplete?: I bought TES IV: Oblivion Game of the Year edition awhile back. I tri…[View]
481830079What are some games where I can be myself?[View]
481828293I am afraid to play dead space on hard. It is spooktober and I am afraid.[View]
481821024Just got my virtual ticket. This is going to be the best one yet.[View]
481829632Classic Tetris World Championship: BOOM! Tetris for Jeff The best tournament in all of eSports is ba…[View]
481821296https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t30IAnU_5_I >Cassie Cage fights with pistols >shoots Jax numer…[View]
481822239Do you play games with your girlfriend?[View]
481828407Last video game to give you an emotional reaction?[View]
481829806>all right anon, what's your great game idea pitch >wait, stop. I can get pajeet off the …[View]
481829549Which Final Fantasy 14 job is canonically the strongest and which is the weakest?[View]
481825964What's the best shooter than isn't a battle Royale to play in 2019?[View]
481822002Snaked out of money by xbox: Mostly a vent post, or a plea for advice or some shit, but heres the st…[View]
481828694How about another smash thread Sakurai?[View]
481828217Did you ever make your own game?[View]
481827395second game when?[View]
481829594What game lets me be a huge assnozzle?[View]
481816243Where were you when Tracerfags got BTFO?[View]
481824887I'm out of the loop bros. Was Hero ever banned from Smash?[View]
481829459ITT: Music that should be in Cyberpunk 2077 I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PKcMA2B…[View]
481826524Recommendations for good flash games?: Can you guys recommend any good flash games? Looking for ones…[View]
481818128The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.[View]
481798408>Female character >Is a magic specialist Every damn time…[View]
481824930>Objective: Run.[View]
481826621RUSH RUSH TO THE YAYO[View]
481814062you're in a TF2 thread [View]
481829268>infinite arrows[View]
481829120https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Gg9CqhbP8 Post a music video and /v/ recommends a video game based…[View]
481825885Stadia: You need to get better internet for Stadia bro.[View]
481798793Smash DLC Thread: >Who do you want in? >who do you think is the final fighter pass fighter? …[View]
481822321Would you play a cinematic AAA high budget Idolmaster game?[View]
481825431What were the last Kirby and Yoshi games that weren't complete boring fucking trash simpfests?[View]
481826409Advice?: I've never posted here but I had a question about vidya. I recently got my first job a…[View]
481785705Are you guys ready for unreal 4 cs from riot? https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/118430748586955980…[View]
481828796Artifact: one year anniverasry is coming up. how awkward of a topic do you think it is at valve…[View]
481793421Full backwards compatibility with all older playstations in PS5 is confirmed by the insider who leak…[View]
481828571>Walk into GameStop with intent to pick up Game. >Notice Game: Definitive Edition (Clearance) …[View]
481819708>Be me >Just finished Blue Lions route >Like 40 fucking hours into it >Get to the fin…[View]
481825759OVERWACH SWITCH edition: Why you no pray gweilo?! Blizzard and China are number one![View]
481828175>npc ally doesn't ever die from being shot at >use them as bait and to clear out the enem…[View]
481792650There's no reason you shouldn't be playing Archeage unchained[View]
481828219FINAL FANTASY X: https://a.cockfile.com/6cWCum.mp3 https://a.cockfile.com/lmkkTD.mp3 https://a.cockf…[View]
481826573Neighborhood 1..... home[View]
481826536God I love video games but I also HATE THEM SO MUCH[View]
481815857TWEWY thread[View]
481827886was it kino? >the wedding was 11 years ago[View]
481811282Smash Ultimate: How come Samus doesn't look like this? No one likes the Other M suit.[View]
481827628Truth of The Brews Leak: As many of you already know, the Brews leak is not real. It was I who creat…[View]
481803193Analog pocket: Are you getting one? >4k screen >Runs gba, GBC, gb, lynx, Sega Game Gear, Atar…[View]
481826249Why didn't you play Wildstar and thus doom the MMO genre to eternal failure? It was supposed to…[View]
481827746Killing me will not stop Nova![View]
481815367L A U G H[View]
481825549>Private Division Confirms The Outer Worlds is enhanced for both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Alright, …[View]
481826795Actually good IOS games: Hey /v/ros, im looking for actually good ios games to kill time while i’m h…[View]
481824745Post those top played[View]
481827498>enemies can open doors >you can't[View]
481824902Red warehouse by the riverside on the outskirts of the City 17 canals... Home...[View]
481825397HIL DA HIL DA[View]
481799576What's the worst financial vidya decision you've ever made? Whether that be bought, sold, …[View]
481816660What are some fun games to RP in? Not erp, just normal for fun rp.[View]
481820060Hey /v/, I bought Company of Heroes a while ago and never had trouble with it. Now, everytime I inst…[View]
481820525https://vocaroo.com/i/s1o4K4UCOXJD my personal message to toby fox[View]
481824135Kenji Inafune: The Man The Myth The Legend is there any way he can reclaim his former glory?[View]
481763495Postal 4 No Regerts: Janky Alpha build 0.1.25[View]
481826721crappy video game memes: >XD WheN the zOomEr...- Post crappy video game memes…[View]
481819346ITT: bad games that make you go pic related[View]
481820746>first Melee >then Sm4sh >then Ultimate >now Riot literally just bought Rising Thunder a…[View]
481821993Fanatical Having Steam Style Flash Sales: https://www.fanatical.com[View]
481786293What the fuck is this Who made this[View]
481826451>little shit is unhappy and shit talking my theme park >drown him in the water slaughter ride …[View]
481823169It’s amazing.[View]
481825827I'm bored, can anyone recommend me a good demo to play?[View]
481820263Opinions on the Neo-geo?[View]
481817086What games do you play to take your mind off things?[View]
481821965Is Star Wars Racer any good?[View]
481819463What's his endgame?[View]
481825994>Their wounds were deeper than I’d imagined. Those guys were hurting.[View]
481822012Will PS2 emulation ever get better?[View]
481823723Anyone playing some Euro Truck Simulator 2?[View]
481783528New Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i2_Eotzh6M&fbclid=IwAR30rHIQ4sq6ffP2geQCQRp-UIOHqI…[View]
481824483What went wrong with this game?[View]
481805902You got your wish, Overwatch won't be in Smash Bros. But with Activision being a part of Blizz…[View]
481824982Goblin Twink: I have recently started to RP as a Goblin woman in WoW. And it is the most exhilaratin…[View]
481818584games like this?[View]
481812586Why does this game make /v/ seethe so much?[View]
481823312Spoiler Thread: Someone, please, tell me what this shit is about.[View]
481820036Now that the dust has settled, what's the correct answer?[View]
481825118It’s fun desu[View]
481820212How do we fix the Far Cry series?[View]
481824872https://arch.b4k.co/v/search/filename/1472146881605s.jpg/# Remember kids, there are actual trannies …[View]
481824920Pauli's Diner: The Batman: Arkham Knight opening diner scene is super comfy. I wish it had more…[View]
481822924This game is a fucking shit, so ugly, so unfinished game I haven't seen many years >Oh, it…[View]
481824536This is my wife, Piper.[View]
481821996Give me your best pirate girls /v/: Don't disappoint me[View]
481823250Great character design stuck in a shit series.[View]
481818001For me, it's poison ivy, the best Villain in the Arkham Asylum games[View]
481823472You're buying Mary Skelter 2, right?[View]
481824519Downtown, home[View]
481818426Gamerstation Thread: Post your setups[View]
481757083What is his endgame?[View]
481819634>2 copies sold why did it bomb?[View]
481824338You are playing Runeterra right anon? You DID get a key right?[View]
481793758>Game lets you create your own character >just select the default and start the game am i the …[View]
481795380FE3H Famitsu poll[View]
481824012What's up with the furry tranny spam? Are they completely nuts know because they know Trump wil…[View]
481814998Did someone say? [Thunderfury, blessed blade of the windseeker][View]
481823812How do I get good at this game?: I was insanely good at Mario Kart so I thought it was time to play …[View]
481814898/v/ros, I just finished this genre-redefining, trope-subverting, atmospheric, dark and eerie, emotio…[View]
481820023Sup /v/ Just bought my first AGS 101 for $40 CAN What games should I get for it? Gonna buy a multic…[View]
481802747 [View]
481818019Games for Windows XP: Hey guys, do you know any good games I can download for Windows XP? Thanks.…[View]
481823327I want the PS2 to become retro so we can finally talk about it here. Silent Hill 2 , Silent Hill 3 ,…[View]
481806843S U P E R C A K E S: *blocks your path*[View]
481821360People hating on this game are just PS4lets coping right? Because it genuinely looks fucking great[View]
481821490Look at them, they come to this place when they know they are not pure. Tenno use the keys, but they…[View]
481766963Disco Elysium Man, what a shitty ending. Can't believe they censored Faggot by default and the …[View]
481820253Is Valve like Area51?: What are they hiding? What are they working on? What if they are literally de…[View]
481820324Where were you when riot killed blizzard?[View]
481810340Why can't Type-Moon and Sony make a good high budget game? They have ridiculous amount of money…[View]
481822293Your face when screen goes black before first titles of the game[View]
481815249Recommend me games with bows: Preferably ones set in modern day[View]
481822827Play Coco’s racing game or else.[View]
481813287Just as it was starting to get stale they released a huge update polishing every asset in the game a…[View]
481809009Minor/less known 3d action games: I play/played through the DMC series (including the reboot), Ninja…[View]
481821874>absolute shitter >drink some coffee >korean tier pro gamer Am I a boomer?…[View]
481822117>american's getting out of school time >board is unbearable to browse…[View]
481821841>New edf released on Steam yesterday >not a single thread Is it really that bad?…[View]
481819679Not gonna name any names, but, if any Spirit managed to become a full fighter as Fighter Pass #5, ho…[View]
481808381 You're awful, Joker[View]
481791167RDR2: I've wanted to play this game for a very long time and now it's finally coming to PC…[View]
481817683Concept art: Post early concept art of stuff.[View]
481821764What games have a dedicated button for a bodily function? Such as piss button in Okami or fart butto…[View]
481822041What was the first game to piss off Nintendo's fanbase?[View]
481808508There's no way you'll play Riot's version of artiflop, right anon?[View]
481818853Why didn't Konami put Rondo of Blood in the Castlevania Collection that came out this year? The…[View]
481821390atelier totori: Is there any atelier totori game for PC?[View]
481821285bruhs I'm tearing up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhwjd7C2WsA[View]
481821513what's the best way to play it? I remember some anon dropping a link with everything ready a wh…[View]
481821654Think of the last game you played, /v/. Got it? Good.[View]
481819879Its spooky month motherfuckers what games are you playing.[View]
481819002>actual gameplay that isnt auto farm the game, with proper strategy and unique, detailed animatio…[View]
481820039Is this game any good? Seems to be getting high praise[View]
481821051i dont remeber shit about the DLCs for TBoI i just remeber i was angry about it[View]
481821046Can you emulate it on the ps4?[View]
481810017>The Last of Us is a surprisingly great game, more than that, it's an amazing experience Bro…[View]
481816483>you were kicked from the server >reason: my cousin wants to play…[View]
481815439ArcheAge Unchained: Steam release tomorrow. You are going to play dwarf, right? Let's stomp the…[View]
481820697*distant flute noises*[View]
481815824Little Town Hero bread: Hey, no LTH threads? Just came out today! What are ya'll thoughts? game…[View]
481820416Guys, why are you not playing Little Town Hero? >8/10, 9/10 from most popular sources (IGN, GameX…[View]
481820380New AVGN: >id rather.... abolish slavery >id rather let women have the right the vote >play…[View]
481813771https://www.actugaming.net/dead-or-alive-6-interview-yohei-shimbori-producteur-184969/ >As transl…[View]
481813843Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 Vs The Outer Worlds If you had to pick only one to play which w…[View]
481816289Twitch: I hate this site so fucking much. They try to advertise it like a cool gamer community when …[View]
481818824Water thread: Water thread[View]
481819582>Bandai Namco developed Smash 4 and Ultimate How come there's no Tekken character in Smash?…[View]
481813513Pathfinder:Kingmaker: How fares your current run? What build & alignment? Remember: always purge…[View]
481815757I just got hired at Nintendo.[View]
481775874Why don't they make FPS games like they used to?[View]
481812626ITT: we try to pinpoint the moment the industry lost its soul[View]
481806823What are fun games to play while inebriated?[View]
481816683Will we ever see one of these on the Switch?[View]
481817397Did it die bros?[View]
481783931Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 delayed to late 2020: OHNONONONON[View]
481817910What’s fighter pass would have pleased as many people as possible?[View]
481812775>” Racism? When I were young I hated negroes due to my pa tellin' me they was good for nothi…[View]
481795758/Underrail/: Tchort is not a cult![View]
481809913Alright playing this completely blind. I know nothing about it. Worst game on the Switch so far, pa…[View]
481815549is this good character design?[View]
481819717>star to think my mind as mental prison and apartment as real prison where is so much you can act…[View]
481812657Would /v/ sleep on this Slime themed Dragon Warrior blanket?[View]
481798498Give it up for Day 33: A month+ and /v/ still can't play BL3. Imagine the cope upcoming in thi…[View]
481817950Why do people want a new gen already? It's only been 7 years and games still look mindblowingly…[View]
481815219Hey Faggots, My name is Vincent, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, n…[View]
481773816Switch can't handle overwatch: https://kotaku.com/the-switch-just-can-t-handle-overwatch-183907…[View]
481819434what went wrong?[View]
481816649WOAH, LONG![View]
481819285Grandia HD Remaster: Is it worth it?[View]
481819275while videogames are important, you should always strive for more elegant hobbies[View]
481808359who did it?[View]
481810598Have you ever called customer support of a videogame company?: Did you ever call one so they could t…[View]
481764531Why is FFX widely regarded at the last best game in the series even though it's basically the s…[View]
481815268Fuck this game and fuck you[View]
481810670I don't understand, why is he in jail in the future with robot jailers?[View]
481818032Dark Souls 2 players be like...[View]
481817872>reaching the end of a game I really enjoy >realise that I don't know what to play after…[View]
481818670Super cute cute cute girls! Play Tokyo Afterschool Summoners![View]
481784232>install a game >say anything >time and money stolen the twitter meme loving faggots will d…[View]
481818305how do you feel about taunting in videogames?[View]
481807361Last character in fighter Pass 1 is Crash. Fighter Pass 2: - Ryu Hayabusa - Nightmare - Geno - Lloyd…[View]
481814840>I hurt myself today[View]
481811545Bloodborne: REEEEAAAARRRRGGGHHH[View]
481816340https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gaAaEPFn7g SOON[View]
481813659its actually fucking fun[View]
481817770DUMB YOKEL[View]
481817862FUCK VIDEOGAMES[View]
481810260I want more games with cute young girls who say nice things to the player. I don't want more ga…[View]
481816315>old ass game that should have no problem running >start getting shoddy performance, open up t…[View]
481810248Chernobylite: This just released as early access. Any interests?[View]
481817785>Xbone and PC gamers don't get to play the angry lesbian simulator part 2!!! DX, POWNED, REC…[View]
481811901*kills your wallet*[View]
481808861>igg games is saf-[View]
481815191>2003 >Call someone a nigger faggot in a game >Get ban- Oh wait, no you didn't because…[View]
481817154>player character can summon minions[View]
481817405zoe quinn is now dating the creator of your favourate game what's your response also who will …[View]
481817220I'LL HAVE[View]
481816986Can we have a digimon ganes Thread?[View]
481815579Ciconia When They Cry/Kikonia No Naku Koro Ni: Yeladot Shavit, bringing the heat!!![View]
481816989Smash leaker here Choosen undead is going to be a dlc character in the second fighter pass. The char…[View]
481811895Any good listings of nice DS games out there? Don't want to replay Tingle or Hotel Dusk for the…[View]
481808450>for hitman 2 i was thinking maybe 10 smaller maps with 1-2 targets >no bruh let's just m…[View]
481816826https://www.dualshockers.com/cd-projekt-red-breaks-down-cyberpunk-2077s-scene-system-feature/ >In…[View]
481793440Will you play Riot's new fighting game?[View]
481812792how the fuck do i do it bros?[View]
481811113who the fuck even likes sayori[View]
481814858Nuketown is the 2fort of call of duty[View]
481814572Why does this game still have Denuvo? It's been 3 years already[View]
481814789>tfw you'll never have enough free time to get through your backlog…[View]
481815398>Konichiwa, my name is Hideo Kojima, I am from Japan and I heard that you guys are looking for de…[View]
481805747>Dota 2 player Kuku makes a racist comment against Chinese people in a pub game. He apologizes an…[View]
481813834So /v/, what is the best mobile game and why is it pubg mobile?[View]
481762880What game genre requires hard work more than skill to get good at?[View]
481815680/v/ i need your help, i want to play japanese games to learn japanese: what are some good games to s…[View]
481815664I'm so fucking tired of this shit: Why can't they stop jerking off charizard and kanto…[View]
481796068Why was it so shit?[View]
481804313>Here's your controller, bro[View]
481814516It's time to duel[View]
481812412what would satori hear if she read your mind?[View]
481792117What do you want to see in FE:Hogwarts 2 ?[View]
481815172Question: What Happens If U Cut Ribbon's Belly Open & See Her Blood Is Coming Out???[View]
481814941Fort of the Damned is out today, mateys.[View]
481804839What kind of reward do you expect for saving a princess?[View]
481811907Dead Cells: I'm on the fence about buying pic related. Is it any good?[View]
481809971Anyone play this? Or warband in general I guess. I got it on Steam the other day, so far I've j…[View]
481807346Unfortunately, I only have a PS4 and a crappy laptop. Therefore I would consider buying it for PS4. …[View]
481787725Nier is the defining JRPG of this decade[View]
481813848The content and attention to detail of Turok 2 The scale of Halo 3 The level design of Duke Nukem 3D[View]
481814467what are some videogame levels that made you turn off that videogame and never play a single other g…[View]
481812602*Has zero investments from Tencent in your way*[View]
481813775You hating faggots are so pathetic, just consume the product like a good boyo uwu[View]
481810058YOU TURNED /V/ AGAINST ME[View]
481812691SC2 still any good? Feel like I missed out not getting it as a kid. Never really played any of these…[View]
481813885Astral Chain: Japanese Open-World Games & Hub Worlds: One of the few YouTubers that /v/ doesn…[View]
481804197*rips off a warcraft 3 mod* *rips off hearthstone* *rips off overwatch* *rips off diablo*[View]
481808569This is the ideal protagonist. Say something nice to him![View]
481814157*crunch* where's the giga raichu?[View]
481807463this game has menus reminiscent of the xbox 360 blades theme that we all loved[View]
481806206U ready?[View]
481803621Is it dead yet?[View]
481803537It's time to discuss the greatest handheld ever made.[View]
481813189Halo: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PORT A 360 GAME?[View]
481811926What's the name of that terraria-like side scrolling game, moon/harvest something?[View]
481799431oof: .[View]
481802607Why do you play gacha?[View]
481813724New Pesterquests its Kanaya and Karkat kino[View]
481810438ITT: Characters that should have joined the party I'll start.[View]
481688486LMAO SHE FUCKED A CAT[View]
481803006Project L: Does League of Legends have extensive lore in game? Wanna get into the FIGHTAN but knowin…[View]
481734397>'You're going to buy my game right anon?'[View]
481812013SOI SOI SOI[View]
481793147Man, I fucking love the DS library. So many great goddamn games.[View]
481807950Anyone else think 'realism' looking games with guns that don't instakill is retarded to watch a…[View]
481810375Being gay is illegal in China so why isn't Activision Blizzard banning gay stuff from their gam…[View]
481793034Why do Pokemon games refuse to move beyond Kanto? The people this pandering would appeal to stopped …[View]
481811865I recently been getting into stealth games with MGS, are there any other titles in the series as goo…[View]
481809631'Vote with your Wallet'[View]
481782631Final Fantasy VIII (8): Why is FFVIII the most controversial FF?[View]
481812960What game are you enjoying the most at the moment, /v/? I’m looking for something new to play. I hav…[View]
481785538It's October. What's your favorite horror game?[View]
481810056Name ONE game[View]
481800580Am I the only one thinking they have implemented the idea of VR all wrong? Back when the Oculus was …[View]
481779979New Half-Life Game: >Half-Life: VR, Valve's next major game release. This is a single-player…[View]
481807886Video games deserve a real awards ceremony. Only then they will be accepted as true art.[View]
481809814Best game for exploration ever: So...how the fuck did they do it? Basically on 360 hardware. No load…[View]
481812527Is it good?[View]
481809869your dole dippers madam[View]
481812402Favourite vidya song? For me, It's Item Bounce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVXnoanopzA[View]
481811106*btfos gwafix, wesowushun, and fwames puh segund babies* gameplay and portability is all that you ne…[View]
481812349soooooo, why are you not apologizing /v/? they are actually referencing a meme born in 4chan[View]
481812180 [View]
481811610>one of the best video games stories and genuinely the most disturbing horror video game is hidde…[View]
481807892ITT: Great characters stuck in shit games.[View]
481810571Literally name one (1) game with better combat than Yakuza 0.[View]
481800526JRPGs: where you can make your own party yourself, from scratch. Is this the only game that did this…[View]
481806605>Japanese level >BONG BONG >YOOOO…[View]
481781829What do you think of The World Ends With You?[View]
481807268Luigi's Mansion 3 looks DARK: Finally we get to see what it really looks like without all the b…[View]
481808226The best FF?: Anyone who rates this game above FF7 is a contrarian hipster, and I say this as someon…[View]
481810476>game set in a non-english speaking country >characters just speak english with an accent…[View]
481809923Why yes, I play every title i like on every platform i can and i don't care what other people p…[View]
481810727>chooses male character over a female character are u gay or why do u like to stare at a male ove…[View]
481806525>slow combat >same animation for every attacks >attacks don't even appear to hit monst…[View]
481793481Call of Duty Sixteen: This is Call of Duty Sixteen. Say something nice about it.[View]
481803570What is the state of this game?[View]
481805760what are your expectations for blizcon this year BLIZZBROS?[View]
481806865Does anyone have her green text?[View]
481807539WTF happened to western video games?[View]
481810110What is the best city builder game you would recommend for a hyper autist such as myself?[View]
481808189Long War devs proudly present... A fucking grand strategy game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2rv…[View]
481807341Thanks to Blizzard we will never get a Sleeping Dogs 2 now.[View]
481810301>Turn on a light switch >Have a heart attack and die Great gameplay, anons. I'm really gl…[View]
481808991Gentlemen, I have come to say the N-word[View]
481764763Why the story is so weak?[View]
481810013mods mods like a bethesda game[View]
481806769What's the best handheld for emulation in current year?[View]
481794403Would you describe yourself as being anti-censorship and, if so, how do you feel about canonically g…[View]
481805721Hello /v/, please tell me about this game. Did you like it? Is it worth picking up for 20€?[View]
481810203*blocks your skill*[View]
481810159I'm from Burnos Aires and I say kill em all[View]
481806915Are there any tasty humans here?[View]
481809984Sad songs: Sad songs https://youtu.be/CRTNLLdgI_0[View]
481791876Is this about right?[View]
481805381Bros I need to start working out, please help out and give me: 1. Pictures of video game characters…[View]
481803125Gaming Laptop: I'm about to buy the HP Omen 15. Convince me not to[View]
481797045Code Vein: I didn't ask for feels, I thought I was playing Edgy Souls.[View]
481809329>Spin-off is better than the main game[View]
481808357Would /v/ sleep on this Slime themed Dragon Quest blanket?[View]
481773086What a fool you are. I'm a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence…[View]
481808309>indie dev spends years trying to make his own game and takes patreonbux >suddenly cancels it …[View]
481791986What fighting games is /v/ playing nowadays.[View]
481806684Is this the most iconic shot in all of video game history?[View]
481803980Will the riot fighting game kill the FGC for good? Surely we can't handle yet another smash sit…[View]
481800441If japanese games are so good how come their best strategy game is also porn? Can the japanese into …[View]
481803286Is it too late to start buying Gamecube games?[View]
481806896Halo 3 had one of the best multi-player eve, it puts modern games in shame[View]
481798234do you have any favoriting running animations? Running animations are extremely important[View]
481783581It's out[View]
481808639>there are people that buy DLC for gsg games and total war games HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKING R…[View]
481808351ITT: We post our favorite crossover things in video games Hard Mode: No Smash[View]
481800008So who else remembered that this came out? Had some good ideas, but holy fuck did few of them stick …[View]
481783787DEATH STRANDING SPOILERS: Let's dump here all we got, niggers[View]
481795080Is there any good dating simulator?[View]
481805612>the absolute state of nintendies[View]
481797352Is Fallout 4 even worth it for mods alone?[View]
481807371Who is the best independent video game reviewer and why is it this guy? Note: I'm not talking a…[View]
481805167I am now compassionate and understanding, what games cater to my sensibilities? nb4 understale[View]
481807939JC DENTON, IN DA FRESH[View]
481807363Do they only hire Satanists, or does that just apply to the engineers?[View]
481802432worst rejection option in persona: for me it's Ayane, this girl finally got some confidence and…[View]
481804493For me, it's a female vulpera.: Mhmmm....[View]
481807742Xbox? More like Xbased.: Fuck a sony nigga I'm a chief nigga.[View]
481798909Bloodlines 2 has been delayed: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/10/16/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodl…[View]
481805951>fighting game on a keyboard >fps with a controller yuck fuckin disgusting…[View]
481793309/v/ only hates this great game because it's popular[View]
481799985Mobile gaming: When did the whole 'dedicated gaming consoles are finished. All major games from this…[View]
481807376What do you consider the cream of the crop of vidya?[View]
481805809ITT: Tropes You Love: >main characters or bosses are based on the seven deadly sins >shopkeep …[View]
481805856This Megaman thread is the worst one by a long (charge) shot[View]
481792004So, what's the consensus on this one? Was it good? Bad? Mediocre?[View]
481805871Sequel when?[View]
481806053>click Just a reminder that everyone caught trying to escape /v/ will be executed on the spot- go…[View]
481804716What's the future of Mario RPGs?[View]
481806910remember the irate gamer? yeah, this is him now.[View]
481795129Post big vidya butts[View]
481792214Cortana looks like THAT?[View]
481801823Digimon Hacker's Memory or A Hat in Time for Switch this Friday?[View]
481806392Triangle man, triangle man Triangle man hates person man They get into a fight, triangle wins Triang…[View]
481800686ooh... that's kinda' neat. i didn't think a hat in time on switch would get this dlc …[View]
481806720Nintendo Switch: lads, black friday is incher closer and closer these days. this year is the year I …[View]
481806607Which character has the best game?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18801470[View]
481806486>rajang 's armor is not the best version dropped[View]
481803691>singleplayer game >devs patch an exploitable bug which is harmless, unable to be done by acid…[View]
481804940What winter-themed games are you planning on playing once Winter hits? Are you playing any now?[View]
481804549Max Payne... it's ridiculous that you've made it this far. You won't be alive when th…[View]
4818055388 hours in and it's the greatest game I ever played in my life.[View]
481804702This is a 6/10 according to /v/, because she's not a Chinese cartoon.[View]
481805931ITT: Essential Vidya game Design books[View]
481805274games where you play as the bad guy?[View]
481804542Waggle memes aside, what do you think of FPS games with proper motion controls?[View]
481801267This game seems so dead to me. I often get matched against bots and get matched against the same pla…[View]
481801541For me it's Izanagi[View]
481797068I liked it.[View]
481803017WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME https://www.pcgamer.com/the-masters-of-doom-television-s…[View]
481800779Persona 5 The Royal: Are you excited for P5R /v/?[View]
481802219October 2019 I am forgotten[View]
481803471>>481780792 I never considered the implications of lavos manifesting magic but I always though…[View]
481800470Its generally agreed upon that Saints Row 2 is miles above 3 and 4, but how does it compare to Saint…[View]
481803372I just marathoned the first 4 hours, AMA[View]
481795686Need for Speed Heat Feels Like The Dying Light Of Racing Games: Need for Speed Heat Feels Like The D…[View]
481787591*saves gaming*[View]
481805005anyone else play this?[View]
481804993>series takes awhile to find its footing >creates a golden age >never returns to its former…[View]
481804963is there a game that i can waste my life into without interacting with a single human being ?[View]
481797915Any games where I can run a shop or be a bartender? I'm aware of VA-11 HALL-A.[View]
481804903So when is Platinum making an official JoJo game? They've already made the best one and it was …[View]
481771837Be honest, /v/. The only reason you prefer japanese games is because you have a girl fetish. They ar…[View]
481802895play skyrim[View]
481800691>game follows your character as he/she grows up[View]
481804552I’m not trying to suck off their dicks but how did they do it, in current generation? How were they …[View]
481795924What did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
481804356What? You don't call, you don't write...[View]
481799398>playing jrpg >talk to cat >'meow!'…[View]
481758132>you have to buy all 3 games to have all the content >you can buy full games for the price of …[View]
481799995What went so wrong?[View]
481804061Thoughts on Rise to Ruins? It's a mix of Age of Empires, WC3, Black & White and tower defen…[View]
481802728Well /v/?[View]
481796815What did he mean by this?[View]
481793016Is this game worth playing if i already beat the first one? The new girl looks cute but $50 is prett…[View]
481778301>DUDE IT GETS BETTER IN THE DLC Why did you lie to me? The DLC's are even worse with large g…[View]
481750023Devil May Cry: Fix it. Make it perfect.[View]
481791518What do people see in them?[View]
481800585Bean playing zanki zero a bit. Its a realy interesting game. I just wish it had better dungeon game-…[View]
481779516So how much of a presence is Mr. X? I want to pick up this game, but not if I'm going to be sta…[View]
481792705Rouge the Bat is athletic[View]
481802597Choose your class[View]
481760368>riots new game OH NO NO NO NO[View]
481798476What are some good dual monitor games, /v/? Something active enough to keep you playing but brain de…[View]
481803264OH NO NO NO NO[View]
481798967bruh moment: >playing dark souls III on laptop >uncle and little cousin randomly visit >i…[View]
481798696Megaman thread: Discuss your favorite games in the Megaman franchise.[View]
481799802Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch as Main Character: >When the most unrealistic part about …[View]
481799378Are this games better than modern RPG's? Discuss[View]
481798474What to play next?: I just beat Code Vein and have been struggling to decide on what to play next. W…[View]
481778212Did you thank and commend your healer today, anon?[View]
481802524RIP Hearthstone[View]
481797209This guy said that 4chan is cool and this is a good board to post to so hi guys how's the video…[View]
481788734Next-gen Consoles: So anons, with all the confirmed stuff being shown on the internet, which console…[View]
481751381/v/ the musical VII: Just over three hours to go. Get those last minute songs and arts in! The organ…[View]
481802713You know why he's out of obscure retro games to 'review' and can't make videos about more …[View]
481801161Has anyone played yet? Out today[View]
481788736>people BUY and play terrible games like Code Vein just for the cleavage during some cutscenes…[View]
481802037New game's Dilemma: So I've just finished playing AI: Somnium/Xenoblade 2/FE: Three houses…[View]
481802649Next year 'this game is *perfect* on the Analogue Pocket'[View]
481798990Can we talk for a bit about Robots/AI and how it ties into vidya? let's say the Open AI project…[View]
481796345What is it with Gamers being so toxic, entitled, sex-obsessed, and annoying?[View]
481796707Games with this feel?[View]
481796805Recommend me a fighting game for someone new to the genre[View]
481801257What's the Remain in Light of video games?[View]
481802150Portal: I was wondering if anybody knew any games similar to Portal. Looking forward to playing your…[View]
481796170>only redeeming factor of the system is the exclusive games, which are rarely anything that could…[View]
481800179Where real men cried.[View]
481790260 [View]
481793238Experiences buying here ?[View]
481800208Anybody knows the player count on pc? i dont want to buy a dead game[View]
481801817Think this will be good?[View]
481801203Anon! Hey! Great to see you! It's been a while, how's it going?[View]
481801040>overheating roll move for ranger I tried to have open mind while trying it but nope fuck this…[View]
481784060Datamining ruined game discussions: One of the most fun things about discussing vidya was telling ot…[View]
481794932Just bought this game. You get the original version free with the remaster. What am I in for? Is the…[View]
481795123So Anyone got some leaked Death Stranding gameplay???[View]
481797423Riders on the storm...: https://youtu.be/W6ldFV5dBfM[View]
481801778I am looking for a roleplaying game for PC, and I am like two or three years down the requirements a…[View]
481798547Mm hmm mm-hmm hmph.[View]
481797245what went wrong[View]
481801159Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: Here’s some insider info about Smash Ultimate DLC. -The fifth challen…[View]
481800439Is Valve the biggest meme in the industry right now ? Or is it Blizzard. Each for different reasons …[View]
481792525Glad you could remake it Uther.[View]
481792240Ni no kuni: Why is this game so hard. Bosses easily one shot you.[View]
481801148HAAH WAAW[View]
481799414I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
481796664I know you're right here right now mister[View]
481796632I sold that skin for 20€ (i got it dropped) how big of a mistake have i made? am i going to regret t…[View]
481796840> AHEM... FUCK KONAMI AND FUCK PACHINKO Shoop this image /v/ related[View]
481800730When's the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Mansion DLC coming? And will there be a nightgown outfit?[View]
481796005Nobody: Game Freak: Charizard sure does need another form[View]
481791651Famitsu Sales: [NSW] Disney Tsum Tsum Festival (Bandai Namco, 10/10/19) – 30,350 (New) [NSW] Dragon …[View]
481799332>major celeb makes a reference about popular game >internet fucking explodes >literal stacy…[View]
481792192Now even worth a pirate. Am I right fellow pc chads?[View]
481791345Dragon's Dogma has the most satisfying counters. Does any other game come close or beat it?[View]
481779095What are the best shoot em ups to play today? Pic related[View]
481798193Aesthetic characters: What are some aesthetically pleasing game characters?[View]
481795414For some odd reason, I want an Astral Chain x TWEWY crossover[View]
481798423Just bought pic related What am I in for fellas[View]
481795912Physical game copies I've lost access to: dozens Digital game copies I've lost access to: …[View]
481785848He was in the right[View]
481797415Where/when did the social media crybaby echo-chamber begin? When they realised that companies would …[View]
481799612Leaked Half-Life 3 Combine Soldier model, a valve employee sent this image to Tyler McVicker, it isn…[View]
481788457What the fuck do I play on this thing?[View]
481799648/v/ plays EDF5 with me? :3[View]
481783783october 16th... i am forgotten[View]
481799167Why are all 'level up waifus' in soulsborne games sad and depressed females? Often even maimed or di…[View]
481778231Okay captain, if your baseball is so great then why are there no good baseball games huh?[View]
481796015Woah it's like a postcard! Dear ssrge,kicking ass in outer space,wish you were here![View]
481798704just got a copy of death stranding. this game got a serious downgrade. what the heck kojima[View]
481792126Jinjo: Jinjo[View]
481796524Dishonored: I really want to see another Dishonored game.[View]
481792364New Pesterquest volume is out now[View]
481797521Nier Automata is a good game.[View]
481723352Did you try it out yet? Thoughts on the new chapter?[View]
481798521>ordered a controller from overseas two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived Bros...…[View]
481798405Name some kino videogames.[View]
481733456/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>481677871 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
481795882Lufia: Curse of the sinistrals: What's it like? Is it good? Pretty much all I know is that the …[View]
481788003Is this a fucking Longcat reference?[View]
481774654What gacha has a lewdest girls,/v/?[View]
481795671>game allows you to get drunk or use drugs What other games do this? GTA IV is the best example…[View]
481796724RPG SUGGESTION: I was wondering if anybody had an RPG they could recommend playing because I recentl…[View]
481793436TIE Defender, Standing By.[View]
481783478great lines in video games.[View]
481795719Tell me about Gatcha, what's the appeal? What makes it your go to phone game? What makes them t…[View]
481794897what am I in for?[View]
481795654How do you choose what games to play? I pick the ones with big tits in them[View]
481794953'Why yes, I do enjoy both classic turn-based and action-based JRPG games as both styles of gameplay …[View]
481797026>only 2 girls >a bimbo and a literal who >no ending for a happy volcel Yeah, I think japs a…[View]
481797293>Do you want to make a game? >If yes, what game do you want to make? >What assets can you p…[View]
481783757Why was this made a droppable item instead of the usual estus?[View]
481793697League of legends was a mistake: And it fucked gaming forever[View]
481797147>Tougher enemy approaches >Shoot multiple rounds in its weak point which doesn't happen t…[View]
481763973>The Last of Us is a surprisingly great game, more than that, it's an amazing experience Dam…[View]
481792005Even if you don't like Sword and Shield,: you gotta admit This is Cool as Fuck.[View]
481786860>playing Touhou for the first time so I can work my way up to playing Lunatic levels since I…[View]
481670168DOA Thread: This is Luna, a genius autistic researcher from the Moon. She is also a bunny. It's…[View]
481796289muh mods: >b-but mods will fix it! 4 years later and this game is still trash, what gives?…[View]
481796720Why is F.E.A.R. so good?[View]
481794318New Undertale-esque game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkNnbb8BE_k why have there been no threads…[View]
481782567You know what? I will kill Paathurnax. Based Delphine is right, the fact that he is a traitor to Ald…[View]
481796598Is this a feasible gameplay mechanic for Pikmin? Think 'the Jetpack controls' from Pilotwi…[View]
481796592As technically impressive as MSFS2020 may be, it looks absolutely soulless. There's nothing tha…[View]
481795336How do I Coom?: How do I Coom?[View]
481793694I want to be Big Boss: How do I do this?[View]
481790295Hey anon, are you ready to spend a wonderful year with 10 cute Japanese girls? https://www.nintendo.…[View]
481796016Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch as Main Character: >When the most unrealistic part about …[View]
481796320Featured story in today's New York Times: Fear, Anxiety and Hope: What It Means to Feel Margina…[View]
481796049>series has three games >two of the main characters never get to face each other…[View]
481791216>game allows you to turn animal companions into healing items[View]
481790206Stadia: How do we stop this from succeeding? If it works it is going to kill mods on pc and game own…[View]
481794598*does nothing for 40 cycles because you used an if condition*[View]
481783105Code Vein: >have str/willpower and dex/willpower up as passives >replace one of them with swif…[View]
481794174>pixel art indie metroidvania[View]
481795883Tell me, Feddie scum. If your Gundam is so great, how come there are no good Gundam games?[View]
481796061What are some weapons, skills, classes, etc. In games that you use that others look down on? Why do …[View]
481792689October 2019, I am forgotten: Seriously, I remember the daily 500+ threads for it. What happened?…[View]
481763068Town: To the surprise of absolutely not a single soul, it’s shit and runs like ass.[View]
481795784/v/tard opinions: >'fighting games havent evolved' >'input execution shouldnt exist' >'new …[View]
481794302what games give you a good sense of speed?[View]
481793972Every major hearthstone streamer made a vid on this yesterday: Hearthstone is officially dead, nobod…[View]
481793927>Working at Japan’s first hotel & casino, you stumble upon a black-market auction, and end up…[View]
481794825What are some good games to play after a break up?[View]
481795014When is the Fortnite fad going to end?[View]
481793914Hey 90's kids, remember Long Cat! XD Long Cat is long, amirite?[View]
481795437how do you tackle toxicity in video games girls? ^^[View]
481788171>hello i'm the best game out of the 3 humble bundle monthly games we all bought…[View]
481794973>5 minutes in and game still hasn't gotten good[View]
481780860was Link chad or zoned?[View]
481793223Both games included for $10 Worth it?[View]
481795310>We need a gun for the morally ambiguous antagonists who may or may not have valid points for wha…[View]
481794464Recommend me a good RPG game for the Switch. It should have: >many different characters >waif…[View]
481792250Videogames need more Hispanic representation: Mexicans have produced vidya, Mexicans/Latinos should …[View]
481795052Surrender Yourself To Kanaya[View]
481794834WTF was his problem?[View]
481794610Defend this.[View]
481792985ITT: Games weebs will never understand[View]
481782187What is the Dark Souls of video games?[View]
481792304>Halo Infinite >Next gen Rareware >Flight Simulator 2020, the largest open world game ever …[View]
481794669So has scam citizen said any new bullshit recently because i been seeing more youtube shills recentl…[View]
481789074The Joker did absolutely nothing wrong, society wronged him. Prove me wrong.[View]
481793391It's fall /v/, what's your comfy game to play on a cold, cloudy fall day? For me, it'…[View]
481794634I don't recall ever calling myself a Megaman Thread[View]
481794558HE C H O N K[View]
481792480post good horror games.[View]
481792226LEATHA PLEATHA[View]
481791753Smash: Idgf who you want in Smash theirs no way you can convince me that at some point we won't…[View]
481794457>Was getting weak willed and considering buying SS >New trailer shoots me down again Thank you…[View]
481794079based catherine[View]
481792927Won an Xbox at work. What games does it have? Or is it just a Rare Replay machine?[View]
481778423>oh, this guy is selling the item I need >how much? >offer >[offer] >lmao >okay, w…[View]
481793719What makes a game unambiguously reddit?[View]
481792607Games with this aesthetic?: Any games with this type of American Ninja style aesthetic? Bonus: If th…[View]
481782332Why did the horror/ just obscure games dissapeared completely? Is the genre dead? After playing sile…[View]
481779920Suda51: 須田剛一の帰ってきたトラヴィス PS4&Steam版発売記念SP starting in half an hour https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
481774314Is he right /v/? Are esports killing games?[View]
481758723ALRIGHT I'LL DO, I'LL TAKE THE BRUNT OF IT for the 10th anniversary of league of legends, …[View]
481776519Why didn't we make a difference? The chinks win. Why don't we ever make a difference?[View]
481768540 [View]
481788215What is Your GOTY 2019 ??[View]
481793568What games do you play to escape your misery and loneliness? For me, it's pic related.[View]
481790454Why do dumb chinks and weeboos like stupid shitty mobile games so much?[View]
481789147What game does this represent?[View]
481790020Gears of war 5: Wtf was this shit it's so bad it's depressing They should of stopped at 3…[View]
481789993LISTEN HERE, we can't be assed to work just on our most sold game anymore, you understand that?…[View]
481792687Sprite ripping: A friend of mine are making a game in construct. We want to study maps from differen…[View]
481791445Great game.[View]
481784717Shitload of new gameplay and information just dropped. https://youtu.be/WwRuCQfk-Ok[View]
481793150Infinity Stones in Mass Effect[View]
481791292Linux gaming thread: Imagine being so opposed to freedom that you don't even want to try gaming…[View]
481793220does anyone even care about sword and shield other than muh brown girls[View]
481789443League Of Legends' Creators Also Making An Animated Series, Card Game, Fighting Game And Shoote…[View]
481790743The cigarettes snake smokes in mgs1 are called moslems, does he also kill moslems?[View]
481790871Who else is hyped? I even bought RTX gpu for this game.[View]
481792075I hate nu pokemon so damn much: Mega evolutions were awesome. It gave old pokemos a new touch. Even …[View]
481792796What was the point of this scene?[View]
481787536You did get your refund right?[View]
481783236PROJECT A: Are you fucking ready, /v/?[View]
481790218I miss early 2000s game culture so much, Goddamn!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_P24SZIfYo…[View]
481791725>Be me >Minimum wage worker >Playing dark souls 3 >Invade someone >They add me >We…[View]
481780852What's your favorite game, and what's 1 thing about it that sucks.[View]
481786671How would /v/ react to WC3 reforged if it were a nintendo game?[View]
481789914>not a dragon type OH NONONO HAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
481787609>pixel art isn't maximum comf-[View]
481792686CTR Nitro Fueled thread: Spooky Grand Prix edition why the fuck I don't have any grand prix ski…[View]
481792439i did not care for Mega man X2[View]
481792121>original game came out in 2004 >Switch struggles to maintain 30 Holy fuck how WEAK is this ga…[View]
481789748>Nintendo game has the emotional impact of a 1990's animated Disney film >WOAH THIS GAME …[View]
481792652>Playing Vaccinator Medic on Precipice >Give heal target both bullet and explosive resistance…[View]
481788469>Assassinates every person that he targets >Knows that Corvo has The Outsiders mark and powers…[View]
481791201pokemon sword and shield version exclusives: https://zerod0wn.wordpress.com/2019/10/15/pokemon-sword…[View]
481740320why was this game so bland? every location looked literally the same, gray ruins with gray stupid fi…[View]
481789879Holy shit this game is bad. Been playing it free on the Xbox pass. It's more of a movie than a …[View]
481787524ITT: Vidya characters that remind you of yourself For me it's Kefka – intelligent, nihilistic a…[View]
481791442Is Flurrie the best partner in the Paper Mario series?[View]
481787860Code Vein is pretty good[View]
481787794https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1DoHhUiULU&feature=youtu.be >Force you to play as a literall…[View]
481790074*quietly releases on the switch*[View]
481789624It's whispered among the jaegers that Class VII will take out anyone... if the price is right. …[View]
481790778Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R[View]
481791283New game's Dilemma: So I've just finished playing AI: Somnium/Xenoblade 2/FE: Three houses…[View]
481786518you're gonna play his game, right?[View]
481782059What games did you enjoy most from this console generation?[View]
481791909Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch as Main Character: >When the most unrealistic part about …[View]
481791850Find a flaw[View]
481783143>play Dagon Quest XI >see this '''monster''' well fuck you too Japan…[View]
481789825I want to be Isabelle[View]
481791372Xbox? More like Xbased.[View]
481743981Well /v/?[View]
4817894972019... i am remembered...[View]
481780493Why are so many people casuals nowadays? It's literally impossible to talk about anything even …[View]
481790418Romancing SaGa: Yes, I changed the picture.[View]
481790963You have 5 seconds to post your steam profile or cirno will kill you, so hurry up loser.[View]
481787934I'm your girl![View]
481786401INTERNET ARCHIVE RELEASING FREE MSDOS GAMES: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games…[View]
481788303Hello. We are the two best RPGs of the 2010s. Say something nice to us![View]
481791153Is this worth to play now?[View]
481791131>you take a sip from your trusty Tilted Towers Canteen[View]
481791000Switch port when[View]
481773375Why aren't there any games where you play as a homeless van dweller?[View]
481789532Let’s compare PS2-PS4: >PS2 had 5 GTA games, two Max Paynes, 3 Midnight Clubs, Bully, Warriors, a…[View]
481789930Is it possible to do diagonals combos with the analog on this? Ds4windows settings only help so much…[View]
481773924She deserved better than death, SFM and coach[View]
481790639Do you know the odds of a magic ship just falling from the sky for no reason? About 0.00001%, but re…[View]
481790403The Surge 2: Which ending is even the good one? I just killed the last boss, and it gives you a choi…[View]
481788007I dont kow if this is a german server thing but... Why is the community so goddamn cringy? it's…[View]
481789749>announce 4 games >all of them look like trash what did they mean by this…[View]
481782570How come Alpha Protocol is literally the only RPG set in current day, real world, no supernatural sh…[View]
481789252Destiny: Is it worth playing? I played the first as a awoken hunter, never bothered trying the other…[View]
481790236Are you ready for Christmas, /v/?[View]
481783572are jrpgs dead?[View]
481790354What are some games were Americans are the bad guys, just like in real life?[View]
481790349Gantz game, how should it be done? Multiplayer only or singleplayer? What genre? True permadeath per…[View]
481779724im looking for a game on the xbox: all i remember that it was a third person shooting game, had a lo…[View]
481790228The Janitors for this board are real fucking faggots. Stop deleting all the threads you fucking reta…[View]
481784824Daily Reminder: Asylum>Origins>>>>>Shit>Knight=City[View]
481785750COMMUNISM IS A LIE[View]
481761317Contrarianism aside, is BOTW the most beloved game on the internet?[View]
481790106>Oswald... COMPROMISED How the hell did a Call of Duty game of all things manage to be this kino…[View]
481783604Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 delayed to late 2020[View]
481790057I thought Hat Ken was just a meme but it turns out there's also Hat Ken's friends: Hat Zan…[View]
481789789Dark Souls has become incredibly popular,and it showed there's room in the current vidya indust…[View]
481785745ITT Vidya that use the medium to its fullest[View]
481784563ZOOMGUY IS NEVER GETTING IN SMASH: 'Yeah, I want Green Samus in Smash Bros. How could you tell?'…[View]
481787161https://youtu.be/cMI1tqgCc0U >Be a fucking manchild I swear if I see you faggots with your switch…[View]
481783880Why do you cap on this map anon? I can understands on another maps but Hightower is a map where peop…[View]
481789827>tfw you'll never chill in your underwater home in Aquatos >tfw you'll never sip a c…[View]
481789772Gen 2...I am forgotten[View]
481768745>”Hmm... I play e5, your move Anon!”[View]
481775902Hands up, pants down.[View]
481789631What are some games where i can betray my allies and leave them to die?[View]
481780780Little Town Hero: Stop believing this shill who is hating on the game, and play this. It's actu…[View]
481784912DOS ARCHIVE RELEASED: DOS archive just released over 2500 MS DOS titles for FREE A huge catalog of 9…[View]
481788069When will there be a good Shantae game again?[View]
481788782Big YIKES, Gamefreak.: There's a LOT to unpack here, y'all. Yikeroonies![View]
481786907Hey fellas. I work 12 hours a day from home doing some pretty tedious work. I need something I can p…[View]
481779706>And then it was all over[View]
481767056Battlestation thread. Richfag edition.[View]
481786660So it's just the same idea as mega-Evolution but just worse[View]
481775432Demon's Souls Remake by BluePoint, PS5 Launch Title: https://twitter.com/Tidux/status/118411441…[View]
481758625Time for Face Modeling discussion?[View]
481770214Predict the meta critic score.[View]
481781098Official Fortnite discussion thread[View]
481787117remember me?[View]
481781105Have you ever gotten burned by a video games-related kickstarter?[View]
481774147so long, edeltards *bang*[View]
481775993/v/irgins are the dunmer of 4chan >extremely jaded >suffer from terminal contrarian neckbeardi…[View]
481786674https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZd5UDa5lJM Meanwhile Grand Theft Auto 5 just has a smart phone and …[View]
481786325What the fuck is it about smash ultimate players online teabagging that gets me so mad Jesus and its…[View]
481724668Underrail: share stalker elimination strategies[View]
481786580If you could make a Goo version of a video game character who would it be and what would they taste …[View]
481783021Would you be okay with games costing 75 dollars if it meant no more micro transactions? DLC will sti…[View]
481756975I've decided to bite the bullet and get Fallout 4. Normally I'd do my first playthrough pu…[View]
481787521Why so many horse games on PS4 /v/? There's 3 alone from just this series.[View]
481757820WTF? I love Hollow Knight now![View]
481786616How do we fix him, /v/?[View]
481782961While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace[View]
481778101Friendly reminder that Kirby thinks you're awesome.[View]
481787075What happened?[View]
481780153The return to freddy's.: I miss this fan game bros. Back then it was a fan game Fnaf 3 when the…[View]
481784598>you will see Pokemon die in your lifetime Feels good, it was never anything more than mediocre.…[View]
481783597How do we solve the clipping problem?[View]
481751349>He chooses German rifles[View]
481787894>Playing online game >”Anon, get in voice chat.” >”no thanks, I’m listening to joe Rogans n…[View]
481786876/v/ last month: >keep politics out of games /v/ this month: >multiple threads about china at a…[View]
481782137When will you braindead faggots realize that all of these are irrelevant?: > Sales > GoTY’s …[View]
481781921just started this game what am i in for, /v/ros?[View]
4816983392019, I am unforgettable. Rance thread.[View]
481787670Day 1: monday: To do: - discuss new postal 4 release - pay respects to champ - regret nothing I kind…[View]
481784984how to beat louse. they breed to fast.[View]
481785478Did you ever make your own game?[View]
481778068SOMA > Amnesia > Black Plague > Overture > requiem[View]
481785517Fact: These are objectively the greatest games ever made[View]
481777404Todays gaming is complete garbage Nothing to look forward too The only interests left are circlejerk…[View]
481785371What do you guys think of internet memes leaking into videogames? Picture related. I haven't th…[View]
481785753Wassup Master! Do you know what day is it today?[View]
481778857Some new Nioh 2 characters got revealed yesterday: Imagawa Yoshimoto and Nohime. Are you hype for th…[View]
481765371Any way to make this a better RPG?[View]
481779742What does the fox say? For the Horde![View]
481783776smash leak update: hello I am back, if you don't remember me I am the guy who said pack 5 would…[View]
481786543All I want for X-mas is a PSP[View]
481785527Nintendo ARM Handhelds: What went so right? How were they able to create 3 amazing systems back to b…[View]
481782849Nintendo Switch: Does it have any good games?[View]
481782761Do you pirated any games today?[View]
481785596ITT:We post an album cover and anons recommend us a game based on it: I'll start[View]
481782982>26 years >still fun and full of soul what other games are this fucking timeless?…[View]
481786314For my surprise, the online still active.[View]
481786276Gamefreak love & support thread? I love these devs to death[View]
481785874ITT: Shit Ports: I'll start.[View]
481772257What game allows me to be a really wealthy merchant and run a trading empire, fending off competitor…[View]
481786007Just how good is it?[View]
481764717Is she right /v/?[View]
481785757Go play a video game[View]
481778590Give it to me straight /v/. Have some of you actually bought a game, even if it's shit, just be…[View]
481760768Christ Nintendo is it really that hard to put AT LEAST 500gb of storage in the switch? If i wanted a…[View]
481785030Lost Valley[View]
481777260FE thread: Let's talk about how your favorite game sucks and why mine is superior TH and SoV ni…[View]
481771083The Lord of Murder shall perish~[View]
481774256BREW RESPONDS TO SABI: He’s being dodgy and won’t answer the question, is this shit actually real af…[View]
481732762>''dude I'm a friendly hoovy!''[View]
481779146What are some video games that required their endings to be explained?[View]
481784106Are these games good? Is the story worth playing through? Can i play them without having played any …[View]
481780816Do you play Olympics games /v/?[View]
481785209Is it good?[View]
481778358So is this game actually good?[View]
481785324Open world RPGs: Are they the biggest con in gaming?[View]
481781718GameFreak will never put effort into Pokemon because you'll buy it anyway.[View]
481767845How does /v/ like their Tuna Girls?[View]
481781905Guys do you think the movement away from sexualizing video game characters is due in part to improve…[View]
481785191What are some games were Americans are the bad guys, just like in real life?[View]
481773618Name. A. Single. Flaw.: pro tip: you can't[View]
481784972\Anyone wanna play EDF5?[View]
481784950i'm looking for ps2 rompack with the best games. where can i find it?[View]
481783661All right. Do I buy Code Vein, new Atelier, or both?[View]
481754012Dragon Quest XI S: How far in are you now? I just got the magic key.[View]
481775662>Witcher 3 is advertised as a roleplaying game >you play as Gerald, a predetermined character,…[View]
481774950reminder that he's gonna be in P5R[View]
481769991What should i roll? Dual wield str ranger? Dex rouge? 2h Paladin?[View]
481780459Lambert... when I think guerilla, I think splinter cell thread[View]
481784691>Digital Foundry gives stamp of approval We are going home Shenbros[View]
481780294Is it worth jumping back in again?[View]
481784438How many hours a day do you spend playing video games?[View]
481783232Anyone want a free steam code for GRID 2?[View]
481783741What's the general consensus on this game? I thought it was a far improvement over the first ga…[View]
481774561Ciconia When They Cry: The beginning of the end? You're behind the times. Here's how it sh…[View]
481774510Why is hard science fiction not a popular setting for video games?[View]
481782821I'm not gonna buy SWSH because it looks like an absolute turd, but this Charizard form is prett…[View]
481743303Is it immoral to pirate video games?[View]
481779797Why did everyone hate Final Fantasy IX?[View]
481784131Remember when you'd be banned for bringing this up?[View]
481781402Stygian: did you fall for it, /v/?[View]
481736569Smash Bros “Brew Leak”[View]
481755896Terry 'first you busta wolf and then you busta nut' Bogard in Smash: I say we clean up this board by…[View]
481771287>Many consider him the current face of the fgc Lmao fighting games are a fucking joke. A furry fa…[View]
481782689Help me out, here. The synthesis between the fire upon death and a sword that crits 100% after hitti…[View]
481756769ITT: Kino Vidya Intros https://youtu.be/MVbeoSPqRs4[View]
481776039>game has rape euphemism Why is this allowed?[View]
481770292>still best GTA ever >still best open world game ever >still best character customization e…[View]
481766243Who is the Sixth Doctor of video games?[View]
481773628Who here is pumped? I cant wait to see why this game made journalists cry[View]
481782809Video games: why do i feel like games in the ps2 area are really solid great games examples are burn…[View]
481782813I'm playing trackmania united forever and I've tried to download user tracks, but they…[View]
481759937Is there a single video game character that could defeat Candlejack, or at the least inca[View]
481780526How important is the online aspect of Dragon's Dogma what with the pawns and all? Would I miss …[View]
481771803I just bought a gaming keyboard that lights up :)[View]
481779224>the call that made Death Stranding available in middle east[View]
481776827Nintendo won: Switch exclusives: >Mario Odyssey >Smash Ultimate >The Legend of Zelda: Breat…[View]
48178032730 MINUTES![View]
481780657This came out 19 years ago, what has went so ungodly wrong since then?[View]
481781539>game mirrors the hardships you're going through in life[View]
481779898AI: The Somnium Files thread: You DID take the receptionist to Atami for the true end, didn't y…[View]
481768670Does /v/ have gaming related bedroom decorations? Pic related, its mine[View]
481780867Ironically unironically what is wrong with self inserting in games with character creation? Why do y…[View]
481781845Can we agree that, excluding DLC, ZSS is the most boring character in the game to watch or fight? Th…[View]
481756980What can I expect from this game? I think I‘ve never played a CRPG, but this one looks interesting.[View]
481773063Baldurs Gate: Just picked this up, first timer. What build/party/etc should I do? Any tips?[View]
481782208Should I play Star Wars Republic Commando 1 or 2?[View]
481781983ITT: Subtle Vidya clothing[View]
481779256Looking for an old DOS game that I haven't been able to name or find for over 10 years. At the …[View]
481781891Mario remake gets its first cast member[View]
481779340Who's responsible for the sorry state of gaming today, devs/publishers or gamers? Personally I …[View]
481771604Yeah I'm feeling like Blizzard is fucked.[View]
481776272Is it good[View]
481780107Cube World: What exactly went wrong?[View]
481776697You can use your Steam wallet to buy the Vive again: turns out they had just taken the option down t…[View]
481768478>Music from a game has an interesting time signature >THIS SOUNDS LIKE SHIT WHAT TERRIBLE MUSI…[View]
481780856The Elfinator is so based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIu1AXbWf4Q[View]
481780261binding of isaac, the: Pick one[View]
481765448Why did you stop playing Paladins?[View]
481706832How the hell did I end up on Emi’s route?? I was trying to date the burnt chick and now I’m running …[View]
481775116Can /v/ catch Carmen Sandiego?[View]
481770724HIRE THIS PERSON[View]
481779721I want to play splatoon 2 but I worry I'm too late. Am I? Should I just wait for 3, along with …[View]
481770452>this is how I look when checking crackwatch every morning hoping borderlands 3 got cracked…[View]
481762197Is GBA a boomer or zoomer console?[View]
481775304They really can't get anything right, can they?[View]
481777530Games with this aesthetic?: Any games with this type of American Ninja style aesthetic?[View]
481764245NINTENDO GAMES ON PC WHEN?: Surely their next console/ hybrid will flop. Third party Nintendo is com…[View]
481779064This is the ideal game menu. Like it or not, this is what peak performance looks like. https://youtu…[View]
481768742Redpill me on this game, no bullshit, no bias and no tomfuckery[View]
481779869Look at how fucking short he is, The little fucking manlet![View]
481778970Jedi Academy thread: Hey Jaden![View]
481750538>remake/remaster is worse than the original game What's her name, /v/?…[View]
481779845Here's your medieval fantasy jrpg character, bro.[View]
481764803ITT: post games you were looking forward to, but kinda vanished from earth[View]
481775308Don’t mind me, I only just have the greatest boss theme ever made.[View]
481753994I'm so ready for Vulpera: Fucking unlock them already, Blizz. I promise to slaughter every last…[View]
481765237Fucking cringe.[View]
481775891Post em[View]
481774476Is this EAs least mistreated series> >but 4 and the phone game! The games between Red Alert 2 …[View]
481775371Console bashing thread I guess: I'm so tired of console faggots saying there is no difference b…[View]
481772274>He isn't playing the greatest game yet made, and the pinnacle of games as art, now availabl…[View]
481777558What are some modern arcade games (say 2010+) you enjoy?[View]
481777514Uh.. bros?? I thought Blizzard were the good guys[View]
481766151Why is the map so plain? It should also be a lot bigger then it currently is.[View]
481779029I really dont get why blizzard gets hated by all those incels. its just a company trying to make mon…[View]
481773828How will you defeat her /v/?[View]
481776536Woah...so this is what happened when Nintendo finally hired this man.[View]
481773354I have legitimately never met an intelligent Trigger-only fan. They usually only rely on appeals to …[View]
481779257this is basically a real life GTA 4[View]
481766837Kingdom Hearts 3: Was it really THAT bad?[View]
481779013>Now it's day and night the irons clang, and like poor galley slaves >We toil and toil, a…[View]
481777454Why are blue and gray skinned vidya women so sexy?[View]
481779003>ban hong kong player to kill hearthstone >just to announce brand new card game well played, …[View]
481778987Did they make her lips good for sucking because Metroid Prime suck balls?[View]
481776745Hey /v/, wanna hear a joke? Competitive Overwatch[View]
481777985Define gameplay depth.[View]
481777512>game is set in alternate history[View]
481740939>Whaaaaa-w-why am I trending right now?!?[View]
481773460Joker is cute! CUTE![View]
481744416What did he have that all the other Spartans didn't?[View]
481776031Post vidya butts, hot and sexy only[View]
481778680When will this site die?: We reached maximum expansion on degenerecy already. I am dead inside, /v/.…[View]
481752059SotFS is pure fucking SOUL[View]
481773953Fuck Postal 4 until it's actually completed. Now how the FUCK did they get away with this sort …[View]
481775246How do we fix it?[View]
481773567>want to play sum fucking games >on weekends waste my time here >in week at work waste my t…[View]
481762685So it's finally calmed down? Well, SJWs is really a funny crowd. What going to happen next with…[View]
481773769I'M THE JOKER BABY[View]
481760196Fortify Attack is the most difficult spell, and, thereby, Enchantment Property, to acquire in Morrow…[View]
481776371ITT : Games /v/ will never understand. New 1gb update is here by the way.[View]
481775079Time for Nintendo to take Kat: You know it will be much better for the series. And Klonoa, too.…[View]
481677625Best area of Code Vein. Literal peak level design.[View]
481776758The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III: NISA DID IT Millium BROS! >87% out of 100% critic…[View]
481776280Uh....Bros...? https://gamingbolt.com/devil-may-cry-called-major-brand-by-capcom-more-titles-hinted-…[View]
481777375>he actually thought the boycott would work >he actually thought gamers wouldn't fold wit…[View]
481772589how is this possible that bunch of smelly nerds that work for donations can make games run better th…[View]
481773196>HP washing is still incredibly common[View]
481774293>game >if your HP reaches 0 you lose[View]
481763475Just beat this game yep killed the 8 headed snake demon that sure took awhile to beat[View]
481771973Why isn't Croteam sharing more information about SS4? Is it gonna flop like SS3?[View]
481773484/v/, turn the web browser off right now![View]
481771301Is there a quick way to sell trading cArds? I have hundreds[View]
481750606UNIST Thread: Spooked[View]
481772237>most devs nowadays would rather make slot machines than games Are games heading back to their ar…[View]
481775216Animal Crossing New Horizons Leak: >ACNH will be skipped during an early November direct and inst…[View]
481775647For me it's the Shin Station.[View]
481773992>They can't find the body of D.B. Cooper >Big Foot skeptics expect to find the body of a …[View]
481776136A FUCKING FROG[View]
481770583Did /v/ like Heavy Rain?[View]
481775345This is my wife and her boyfriend. Say something nice about them.[View]
481769350>behind you gaben!!!11 >ITS TIM >hehehe >NOOOO NOT STEAMM…[View]
481736436Splatoon: Is anyone else other than the Japanese that likes Moray Towers?[View]
481707785ctl+f Noita, no thread: This game is bullshit. Finally get a good seed for alchemy, get an amazing d…[View]
481765948>playing wow >get lvl 120 >get forced into dumb ass world quest >have no idea whats goi…[View]
481730835>make a mildly interesting character with a personality in a Mario game >gets lobotomized and …[View]
481774732WoW: He literally just had to not charge her, and he would've still been alive as she had alrea…[View]
481770281>Came out today >Completely and utterly fucking ignored by everyone including Digital Foundry …[View]
481726429Tales of Graces announcement next month?[View]
481775656>tfw no savepoint[View]
481769812Why do you ace combat fags play arcade games instead of real sims? I don't get it.[View]
481756280The only western made game that's on par with japanese games when it comes to gameplay.[View]
481770121have you ever been literally unironically in love with a vidya character? pic related is my crush I …[View]
481759145Are there any other reasons to own this piece of shit outside of having a P4G machine?[View]
481765834Not hahaing anymore, are you, degenerates?[View]
481770498Play Eiyuu Senki![View]
481773798Are john carmack and romero still friends?[View]
481734862Should Nintendo make another Kirby Air Ride?[View]
481754004Prince of Persia when?: What did you like and dislike about each game? Sot >amazing aesthetic …[View]
481762485what viewpoint do you guys race in? for me its the cockpit view[View]
481772185I'm so fucking sorry, Gabe. I can't wait a whole month to buy it on steam. I will miss all…[View]
481771862Sooo they are making an MMORPG right?[View]
481765107Will you kill my teacher for me?[View]
481773523IT'S OUT BOYS https://youtu.be/9BaQDAokUbc[View]
481763309Activision wants to remaster more games?: What other game franchises do they have to remaster? Skyla…[View]
481762663Why do you guys shit on this? Playing on Switch for the first time and it’s fucking amazing.[View]
481773182ArcheAge Unchanged scam 5.0: >Ah yes let's combine a new buggy patch with the release of new…[View]
481773509>game >press any button/start to begin[View]
481774072Would a pc stick be any good for playing minecraft?[View]
481773972>another card game >another fighting game >another hero shooter >another diablo clone ho…[View]
481768421Why can't more devs be like this instead of muh politics muh social justice muh P.C. Even Japan…[View]
481771771Ride the snail, anon[View]
481773283who can stop them?[View]
481773712R-remeber me?[View]
481775009What is it like to live in New York city /v/? What is it like to go out for a comfy walk from the ci…[View]
481768676Why doesn't he have his own game bros[View]
481767483Will Death Stranding be the biggest kojimbo-kino mindfuck since MGS2? Can't wait for the hordes…[View]
481762808Call of Duty Mobile: Fun? Chink shit?[View]
481773290Hey is Death Stranding out yet? I hope the Swan song of the PS4 is good.[View]
481768404How doomed is this game? Aside from no news for 18 months and Croteam's co-founder leaving the …[View]
481772562Call of Duty Mobile Breaks Record with 100 Million Downloads in Its First Week: https://sensortower.…[View]
481770353>enemies can open doors[View]
481773195>game changes the difficulty settings from VERY HARD to HARD when you die too much, trying to do …[View]
481758820>/v/ knows more about fictional video game worlds than the on they live in Crazy huh?…[View]
481769351Fighting games are fun[View]
481769762So it's literally just re-colors. Thank god I don't have to buy the deluxe version and can…[View]
481685390Admit it. You fucking LOVE this game.[View]
481766717>Riot announces new games >Hearthstone clone >Counterstrike/Overwatch clone >People are …[View]
481769225Hey, this is pretty good. Never played Castlevania before. Just got the wolf transformation. No idea…[View]
481772873What are some games with god-tier intros?[View]
481771476>final boss can hurt you outside the game Why do so few games do this?[View]
481772557When will Rex be deleted from Risk of Rain?[View]
481768063What the fuck is senran kagura doing on metal gear rising?[View]
481769723In classic RPGs you had whole teams fighting against each other. In Pokémon the formula was a bit di…[View]
481772515ALL HAIL SHADOW[View]
481758653I just beat this fucking game and it just raped my feels. how do i cope now[View]
481762819Pikachu...easy on the jelly donuts...[View]
481772330>admin watches you and listens to your squadchat any other jannycore kino to play when not modera…[View]
481770595Who would be tastiest to cook at a barbecue?[View]
481769318Does /v/ play any casual phone games?[View]
481769597Any other games I need to worry about looking blurry on X-Box One with backwards compatibility besid…[View]
481772187https://twitter.com/Xcelsior_hs/status/1184333609370619905 https://twitter.com/Xcelsior_hs/status/11…[View]
481772150Who will be your champ in wwe 2k20 universe mode I think I'll go with ribbie[View]
481763946>zero Japanese games /v/ btfo[View]
481768417Just got this game on a sale. What weapon should I start out with?[View]
481770738lmao who is gonna buy this for 200 microsoft points[View]
481771640LONGMEOWTH IS LONG xD[View]
481767626Pucker up big boy. We're here to save RE[View]
481768205>LGBT character in Japanese game >'muh dic.. nice!' >LGBT character in western game >'re…[View]
481770606>'Hey bro, pass me a controller.'[View]
481771390what games let me do property damage?[View]
481765572Soul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvFRWKklC6c&list=LLhUFcfypSs3UjAKftGEVQ4Q&index=14…[View]
481765827Little Town Hero: What do you think of Little Town Hero? it comes out later today. ``` >Do you th…[View]
481762272Give it up Nintendo. You're never getting the Wii soccer moms back.[View]
481674387>unofficial media becomes canon in games[View]
481771198Just remembered how great Assassins creed brotherhoods multiplayer was. Is it dead on pc?[View]
481763910Pokemon you unironically hate[View]
481771134Casually drives on the water by a 'huge' monster it's not pocket monsters anymore it's ju…[View]
481725910>play csgo >see an enemy >aim at the ground right in front of him and shoot >headshot /v…[View]
481729501Devil May Cry 1 thread[View]
481771389VGM Masterpieces: They just don't make them like they used to. Any other games that have music …[View]
481769375Red Dead online: What went wrong?[View]
481748681What are you emulating on your phone, /v/?[View]
481762830Why yes, I do just summon on every single boss I've ever fought in a Soulsborne game, how did y…[View]
481771193Yeah yeah, I get it, she's got big tiddies. But are the Atelier games even any good? Which ones…[View]
481767460Muv Luv series: What am I in for?[View]
481771004Thoughts on Rise to Ruins?[View]
481763037This game will be 15yrs old in one month Let that sink in[View]
481754454Who will you main?[View]
481763346Does anyone else feel like snipers just ruin games? >Game has 30 weapons, but only sniper rifle i…[View]
481765375Itt: villains who did everything correct[View]
481736243>Kills 100s of innocent people and soldiers fighting for their families >Makes a quip >Da…[View]
481754347October 2019, I am forgotten: Seriously, I remember the daily 500+ threads for it. What happened?…[View]
481747182So was it really so bad?[View]
481766934>an episodic remake of final fantasy >pokemon ss looks terrible >only recycled games like a…[View]
481768889We needa bring back Smite Someone start making smite generals on vg fast[View]
481769421What is the point of making a robot child? No, really.[View]
481764980SEASON 2 INCELS!: https://youtu.be/3KgmY5NrEzU LET THE FUN BEGIN. SEE YOU IN TEAM RUMBLE have sex!…[View]
481752603This is better than Nocturne.[View]
481758147Thoughts on the Tokyo 2020 video game?[View]
481763947Is it ok to play the ps4 remake of sotc before the original? I dont own a ps2.[View]
481769387Stop posting wojack coomguy[View]
481768015Why are there no games with older female protagonists? There are young male and female protagonists,…[View]
481769635This game was pretty good, but also quite a bit different from the Key standard. What VNs are simila…[View]
481761737What are some good games to play while drunk as shit?[View]
481765352I bought an X Box One X. What am I supposed to do now? I'm a stranded PC gamer who lost all his…[View]
481769056Was Hirata time-travel or merely remembering? How did he kill Lady Butterfly and his dad in the same…[View]
481767426ARMA: >want to play pvp >ruined by 3rd person camera abuse and everyone dropping their graphic…[View]
481762335Characters you would delete for 10/10 experience[View]
481768519>$4.99 on PSN Is it worth it?[View]
481768876Name me one final boss theme as good. Protip: you can't https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbXVNKt…[View]
481757476>B-b-but Surge 2 is better So why aren't more people playing it?[View]
481767404Is this game playable yet or does it still runs like shit?[View]
481758108Call of Duty Mobile Breaks Record with 100 Million Downloads in Its First Week: https://sensortower.…[View]
481763990Anyone else stuck in a 'game laziness' glut? At the moment I'm just playing the same-…[View]
481761285GOTY INCOMING[View]
481767609How would developers get girls into the strategy(RTS, 4X, General autism) game genre? >inb4 examp…[View]
481765226>stadia release will be like[View]
481709531This is my friend Dimitri. Say something nice about him.[View]
481731642My co-worker at a new job asked me what games I play. I didn't know how to respond, I said a fe…[View]
481768138Just finished this game. What did I think of it? Ace Attorney thread[View]
481759016>1 year survival mode console exclusivity BAD >Lootboxes BAD >Blizzard BAD Yooooooong out…[View]
481763356Music Appreciation Thread: Post games with great soundtracks!![View]
481755387Persona 5 Royal: >Atlus creates the best JRPG of the decade >Release it again with tons of ext…[View]
481766332this is a good game[View]
481753250Bandicoot Women from the Crash series[View]
481758018>Normal difficulty is a joke >Hard difficulty fucks you sideways…[View]
481754372SING ME A SONG LADS![View]
481767651How does /v/ feel to see Zoe Quinn lie her way to the National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY for a…[View]
481764154Name a flaw[View]
481667831Hunting of Monsters Born in Ice Thread[View]
481766450Brew Leak: Y'all really about to be clowned by an anime girl with a FB post on a sign[View]
481763363Buy our game[View]
481763982Death Standing Leaks: Heard there are leaks circulating already. Source? Post pls.[View]
481763481Imagine playing nothing but /v/core games for rest of your life. >Souls game of the month >Wee…[View]
481760602>Metal Gear Solid >Metal Gear Rising >Metal Gear Survive >Metal Gear ______ generate a r…[View]
481761120須田剛一の帰ってきたトラヴィス PS4&Steam版発売記念SP【ファミ通】: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDGypeyZf5c starting in…[View]
481762409Just watched a fifteen minute youtube video on how to be more confident. Heading off to the club now…[View]
481760509ITT: times you acted like the joker: >game asks me to press any button >press the power button…[View]
481763658>Kojima: >hasn't made a good game in years >/v/: >'omg but this is going to be the …[View]
481721027Nioh 2: YOOOOO[View]
481748984Metal Gear Solid Expert Needed: Has anyone confirmed the preconditions for getting the rat to eat th…[View]
481739008Rawr, scared ya![View]
481758452Do you love Final Fantasy 7?[View]
481764091cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing bros: easily GOTY - I cant wait.[View]
481706902Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
481761449That fucking Witcher 3 on switch... Was Capcom too lazy with re7 on the switch?[View]
481760719It still makes me so happy that the smug Grinchers got owned, AND Banjo still ended up being in the …[View]
481757246Find me a better waifu in Persona. You can't. She's smart, strong, and brave. She doesn…[View]
481763708Machinarium: Josef's game turned 10 years old today. Say something nice about him![View]
481765907What are some games about big dreams?[View]
481764878who invented good graphics?[View]
481765631Have you ever genuinely clapped at a video game ending?[View]
481761398Tell me a good Japanese game that doesn't have the following: >gay ass anime art style (fagg…[View]
481757297>when the difficulty setting does more than hp bloat[View]
481764753Play Tales of Symphonia[View]
481763952Does anyone else feel guilty when people make a game that turns out bad? I wish I could help them so…[View]
481759951Outer Worlds: Are you excited?[View]
481749893Was Shadow the Hedgehog planned from the beginning? After all, the eclipse cannon existence doesn…[View]
481764109Apex Legends: How you boys enjoying Shadowfall? The trully KINO BR experience I've had some pre…[View]
481759516why video game cummunity racis toward china prayers?[View]
481759543Do anyone know why Mario Kart Wii looks worse than Double Dash?[View]
481764732Post 'your games'. Games or game series which mean the most to you, the ones that are most important…[View]
481764912>pauldrons bigger than body[View]
481763894If i say i'm unlocking this crate for this item and i don't get it, is that a glitch? Reme…[View]
481758240Have you ever been pissed at a video game company?[View]
481761784GO TELL AUNT RHODY[View]
481728264Disco Elysium: How can one game be so based? Name one other CRPG which has the balls to say somethin…[View]
481764776>he still thinks the brew leak is real when will fortnite zoomers realize their shtity franchise …[View]
481764442fuck penders. this was the true sonic comic[View]
481763034>CTRL+F >No Dead Space thread I'm in the middle of attempting a hardcore run of 2 since I…[View]
481762365Why is the Luigi's Mansion beta genuinely spooky?[View]
481763735hey /v/, i’m looking for an mmo to play with good pvp. has to be f2p or just pay once. no subscrptio…[View]
481752795Play Life is Strange right now: Play Max's game.[View]
481652887ITT: Porn games that are actually fun to play and aren't just VN garbage. Hard mode: No Rance a…[View]
481748318Give me your most wanted for Smash and I'll do my best to write up a reveal for them just for f…[View]
481763401Splitgate: Why is no one talking about this game? Its a f2p arena shooter where everyone has a port…[View]
481739064Archeage Unchained: How's the leveling going bros, we're playing the best MMO on the marke…[View]
481749895It's boring. Why is Ocelot a normal fag all of a sudden when he was always crazy in many differ…[View]
481763939all i wanted was to be able to play as robin's cute daughter in smash bros, but it's never…[View]
481759259Why can't western developers develop good character creators? Especially for females.[View]
481761694Let's take a moment to address the best game.[View]
481760497>metroidvania >female protagonist This is become a stale meme. Indie devs, please stop doing i…[View]
481759332so whats your xbox gamerscore /v/?[View]
481763627Is /v/ still pretending this game is bad?[View]
481756667Do you love sweet devil?[View]
481755562is this shit even any good? someone gifted it to me around the time of release but i've never p…[View]
481763380Where did all of it's SOUL go?[View]
481763315Miss her bros...[View]
481757674What the fuck was his problem?[View]
481754721What if he brought Dead Or Alive spirits with him? Ninja Gaiden doesn't have enough actual char…[View]
481763140Red Shirt Guy 3: From China with Love: He shall rise again, Blizzard. >AHEM…[View]
481763047HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Konami is done.[View]
481742773what did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
481762965Grandia 1+2: Why aren't you playing this?[View]
481759475Seriously: fucking when[View]
481760236>you cant skip the cutscenes[View]
481757708Is anyone having deadzone problems with SOTFS?: Seriously. The game doesn't feel right. I'…[View]
481758605This kid pushes like a fucking idiot dude.[View]
481759220Octopoos: Are there any (non-H)games where I can play as an Octopus? t. Marine biology autist…[View]
481758636can anybody recommend me games like this ? Is alone in the dark any good ?[View]
481762513So why didn't you play ReWired? It's a fanmade campaign for the original System Shock? Or …[View]
481762451If I have a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, can I run games that require a 3.2GHz duo-core processor?[View]
481703205Give me your favorite Zelda girl /v/[View]
481752346What killed the stealth franchise?[View]
481759718Imagine being a retard who would rather have more third parties in Smash than first parties. Imagine…[View]
481759336What's the hardest you've ever raged at a game? How do you know when you need to take a br…[View]
481752742Why are turn-based RPG's not popular anymore?[View]
481664498Risky Rain Thread: REX is fun and you are just a bunch of drizzlets[View]
481758796>game dies and gets rebooted with a big makeover[View]
481734641>Simcity killed by Cities Skylines >Sims will be soon killed by Paralives How can you even fuc…[View]
481762323What was her goddamn problem?[View]
481760774What went so wrong riot bros ? Why is Tim dabbing on us[View]
481762226Why is this game so hard. I thought that it'd be easy. Bosses can easily one shot you and I end…[View]
481761749Why is Agent still on Rockstar's site?[View]
481762135>ywn get a good Invincible vidya adaption its not fair bros[View]
481759884They're playable. https://gematsu.com/2019/10/fairy-tail-game-adds-playable-gajeel-redfox-juvia…[View]
481742036What games are you playing this halloween /v/?[View]
481753983Reminder that Ryu Hayabusa is NOT getting into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[View]
481757829YES. The dark blue/black Kirby alternative color is meant to represent META KNIGHT in Smash Ultimate…[View]
481757940is this a good monitor for halo, wow, cod, and other stuff https://www.amazon.com/LG-32GK650F-B-Moni…[View]
481759264I just got into PC gaming and was wondering if there were good website that would tell me if my spec…[View]
481756710Like, Zoinks, Scoob! What's our best game?[View]
481759821Hey, it's me Trousers.[View]
481761869You guys enjoying the TRUE BR kino experience? Share Shadowfall stories: >guy went down from a sh…[View]
481757668Who will you play in the league of legends fighting game? For me, it's Kayn.[View]
481759321 [View]
481759903We're getting news in 15 minutes. Possibly the launch trailer too.[View]
481752398an old lesson that /v/ needs to relearn[View]
481758679Need suggestions: I have skyrim special edition for the xbone. I'd like suggestions for a mod t…[View]
481761170>Hollywood actors play more vidya than the NEETs around here[View]
481758945Why do videogames reduce violence?[View]
481761389ITT: Kino trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3MabEog3yQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL4Z…[View]
481759762Ready to BING BING WAHOO in real life!?[View]
481761114Why are there no games set here?[View]
481757125New idea for /v/ thread? Go to https://www.mobygames.com/ game cover database, find the back cover o…[View]
481761328>Most powerful secret boss in game is a rare random encounter that could happen even at the begin…[View]
481735741Riot just announced multiple new games OW Clone HS Clone Fighting game random shit https://files.cat…[View]
481754762My Vita memory card got corrupted :([View]
481758560And for a few seconds, came harmony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv0y0On8ZGQ[View]
481754628Honestly, this game sucks.[View]
481760981Is there any way to completely delete a switch game bought from the Nintendo eStore? I bought Lust f…[View]
481760980>all sony exclusives are shi-[View]
481758559Did you have a cool sibling/uncle/older friend who is good with video games when you were younger? H…[View]
481760912>Fight like a man you homo![View]
481730362Fast travel is a garbage mechanic that discourages exploration and makes the player lazy. Prove me w…[View]
481758356>Character voiced by Dasha >Dick Mullen Is anyone else playing the official CumTown game?…[View]
481743920>port a 4 years old game in Switch >sub 540p >15 FPS AHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
481760431Ms. Lawson[View]
481736406>League >An FPS game >A Fightan game >A Card game >They're not even done announc…[View]
481743612Does anyone else watch classic G4? It's comfy background noise for when I'm gaming[View]
481759126>tfw no ghost sword to play videogames with[View]
481760349Smash Leaking for Dummies: >Find an interesting/weird/never-seen-before picture. Make it your tra…[View]
481755582'Geez! You still are an ugly fella. How's it been, huh?'[View]
481754179I'm too comfy guys. Help me.[View]
481760107Did he really deserve it, /tv/?[View]
481737308Complete Riot Games Lineup: >league of legends (PC) >league of legends: wild rift (mobile, con…[View]
481758404Legends of Runeterra: LoL Card Game: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDPhHpyZIck Two gooks …[View]
481758121Does anyone still play command and conquer generals or 0 hour? I'm saving up for a PC and was w…[View]
481759968Personally, i think Tifas redesign is pretty bold[View]
481759474Finally, some bladur's gate 3 news coming soon. Hopefully they'll say it's either tur…[View]
481757301My birthday's coming up in a few weeks. What vidya does /v/ recommend I waste my money on and b…[View]
481736750Wow... Talk about shameless...[View]
481759009What are some of the best games to play with nude/sexy mods? Bethesda games are easy pickings.[View]
481755802Did any of you ever beat this as a kid? Without cheat codes.[View]
481758682Was this game al-right?[View]
481757431what went wrong[View]
481712076It's very simple, take a video game name that has 2 or more words in it and change one of the w…[View]
481758487Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
481759461>Nintendo bonus is re.....[View]
481759451Bearer of the curse I will always be at your side sometimes I play ds2 just to go about the process …[View]
481755303Are there any good games where you can just shoot people?[View]
481756020What exactly went wrong?[View]
481752572When will you fucking learn? EA never cared about you. They never did and never will. If you're…[View]
481759090Why was it so good?[View]
481735476Based IGN, having better taste than /v/irgins[View]
481759021That shooter better have this quality of heroes, period.[View]
481757035do trophies automatically sync in background. seems to be when live area is refeeshed for me or when…[View]
481757924Do you still play otome games, /v/?[View]
481757337Dota 2 bros how are we coping: It's not fucking fair bros, we get 2 spin off games and they wer…[View]
481745969you DID pick up your copy, right /v/?[View]
481687349Fuck. Marry. Kill.[View]
481755729I don't recall ever calling myself a Megaman thread[View]
481672074/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday >consoletan.booru.org >consoletans.neocities.org/ >flockmod.com…[View]
481758281>ywn serve in the Imperial Fleets to defend Archades from all manner of degenerates why live…[View]
481756520>told to remember their old adage >forgets their old adage What did he mean by this?…[View]
481753241Azama: Azama[View]
481754371why do you retards say that nozomi is fat? what part of this is fat?[View]
481744441Fuck eSports: Reminder that Mike 'People's Champ' Ross is right[View]
481754974Is this fun[View]
481755775JRPG Dramatic opera choir music every fucking time[View]
481753545Time to end this 25 year debate, which is the GOAT RPG?[View]
48175654710 more days[View]
481757670*slides into you*[View]
481757671Why is doggo so big?[View]
481721956Young Link or Toon Link?: which one do you prefer and why?[View]
481743607If they completed the DLC, would you recommend it? tldr; Lunafreya DLC: She becomes a demon Noctis D…[View]
481757760Games where my villains can transform and I nonstop desire to fuck their human pussies into a perman…[View]
481757636What type of dangerous situations could you expect in a mega man battle network style universe? Aski…[View]
481753857Why is there no house building simulator game? i want to do wiring and plumbing and shit[View]
481743020Is Street Fighter II Turbo the most timeless game of all time?[View]
481756556Is pic related useful? I know people like to say to take flank routes and use airblasts but I can…[View]
481757510What are some games that take place in ancient Greece?[View]
481757489What video game has the best weapon design?[View]
481750506I think her english voice is oddly soothing and enjoy playing games/watching anime in which she voic…[View]
481741663Misunderstood? Or Mediocre?[View]
481745323Help me out /v/. Many years ago some Anon posted a game for everyone to dowload that was a generic F…[View]
481755543The FGC is saved bros[View]
481756435so many friends to never log in again maybe they're dead[View]
481757060Metal Gear Thread hard mode: you can't mention solid[View]
481749723So now that Hayabusa has been essentially confirmed, what stage and music do you think he will come …[View]
481756764>Overwatch clone >Artifact clone >Diablo clone >Rising thunder clone When did Riot becom…[View]
481754281What do potions taste like?[View]
481681267Pathfinder:Kingmaker & assorted cRPGs: Post 'em, builds, alignments, favorite characters, k…[View]
481744861Fallout New Vegas: All right. I'm gonna say a word. I want you to say the first thing that come…[View]
481731042>claims to hate Super Smash Bros. Melee >'I don't like how competitive it is' (or somethi…[View]
481737451why when compared to other mainstream games are shmups so underated or not talked about at all[View]
481721645Charts thread. Post your 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, etc. Rate, hate, recc, discuss, you know the drill.[View]
481756353Both games included are $10 Are they worth it?[View]
481756641ITT: we are /v/ in 2018[View]
481752219This shit came out on PC today, is it any good? I love EDF 4.1/5[View]
481751795custom character thread / let's see your created character from games that allow it[View]
481713474Are you looking forward to Blizzcon?[View]
481751749Bros wtf?[View]
481754670Why is she so irrelevant now? When’s the last time she got a game[View]
481756402>NEW NINTENDO GAME[View]
481756008Legends of Runeterra: >he doesn't have an invite[View]
481733242SMASH PROPHECY: Brewfags are getting cocky aren't they? Your leak with Jonesy is only going to …[View]
481707967Postal 4: Still seems like Postal to me[View]
481756332Why do I love tf2?: Well, I just spent an hour lecturing an empty hightower server on the dangers of…[View]
481755423I just bought a gaming keyboard that lights up :)[View]
481752604Any upcoming 40k games that seem promising? I'd really like to see another Dawn of War DC game.[View]
481751661Dota bros...[View]
481746220ITT: Video games that make you happy[View]
481756092>not Leon Kennedy >not Jill Valentine >not Chris Redfield >but Claire Redfield as the Re…[View]
481755085i got an xbox one: call me a dumbass but it’s backwards compatible with 360 titles so i got a preown…[View]
481743951so /v/, the eternal question, framerate or graphics?[View]
481754149Playing this for the first time since I was a child, what's the best way to have fun with it?[View]
481749578>Not to sound cliche, but this world sucks! How is saying 'this world sucks' a cliche? I've …[View]
481755421good night /v/ gonna wake up early to see the big news tomorrow[View]
481751879Krystal from Star Fox[View]
481742831What does /v/ think of playstation exclusives?[View]
481745149>reminder that Pcbros can't defend this game What a lovely day to shit on Artifact…[View]
481752912Going to upgrade my PC next week, am I too late for MHW?[View]
481749093Mods are asleep. Post Wario![View]
481755680She did nothing wrong[View]
481681423How do you save a game's story in post-launch updates? Is it even possible? Where's the li…[View]
481752951Is this game worth playing? Or should i just play the second game?[View]
481753304Yet another win for the Switch platform.[View]
481733205Reminder that this faggot is the reason for the lack of difficulty in Zelda games. He's in char…[View]
481755138what game are you enjoying lately anon?[View]
481741750Will the DS5 actually have reasonable battery life or will Sony knee-cap it again to sell more charg…[View]
481747219Predict the metascore.[View]
481754087ITT: Kino final bosses only[View]
481750647>Californian liberals make an FPS game[View]
481745197Will console expectations break the industry: Game consoles will be capable of doing 8K. This shit a…[View]
481753359>Twilight Syndrome >Moonlight Syndrome >The Silver Case >Flower, Sun and Rain >Killer…[View]
481750231Lawbreakers game files: hay i was wondering if there is anyone out there with the lawbreakers game f…[View]
481751952What are some game series that were completely fucked over and ruined? I'll start with an obvio…[View]
481753406>British 'humor'[View]
481753740they knew it was insufferable so they tried to misdirect with this stud and why isn't the tut s…[View]
481753336What are some comfy grinding mobile games. Prefer no games with daily stamina or any gay shit like t…[View]
481737316Just got a free SNES from my brother, plan on getting Crono trigger and the Mario rpg what else shou…[View]
481748372These two were the absolute kings of PC gaming yet they haven't made a single good game in more…[View]
481751106will any game do zombies right? they're a horrible threat and if they catch you in a group you…[View]
481753562Baldurs Gate: Be honest with me guys, should I play the first BG, or jump right into the 2nd? I have…[View]
481743786LET'S DANCE[View]
481751714How does China have this much control over the industry?[View]
481747570/v/'s best games of the decade: >2010 Fallout: New Vegas >2011 Deus Ex: Human Revolution …[View]
481751364>Come to Arroyo They said >Verdant farmland They said >Bountiful harvests They said…[View]
481742438LOW SPECS PC THREAD: Recommended the best pc games/emulation to PC with inferior hardware than a gam…[View]
481741483This was released in 2011. Why is this the only Sonic game that's aged like fine wine?[View]
481752770why do games have so many throwaway and disposable characters? there's no longer hardware limit…[View]
481748414average dark souls 3 player[View]
481751512Is Nero the ultimate pleb filter? Seems like only patricians like him.[View]
481751076Wtf were they thinking ? This is a boring grindy pos compared to the 2nd DQ.[View]
481748431WARSAW game.: Can't find guides for shit on this game. It's not as good as Darkest Dungeon…[View]
481750369Holy shit, I finally figured it out.: The reason Gohan tells Cells he doesn't like fighting or …[View]
481748572Please remember to go to bed! It's not healthy to stay up all night playing games! You need to …[View]
481752253What are some spooky co-op games on PC that me and the lads can play during this the spookiest of mo…[View]
481752323Splinter cell: So what's the easiest/best version of double agent to emulate? I have an actual …[View]
481750040>We need a power-up for our shoot 'em up game >Say no more…[View]
481742574Gender locked classes: >pick up MMO >all the interesting classes are female only i get race lo…[View]
481740237Have you finished with that backlog?[View]
481729559filename thread[View]
481752001Dragon Soul Absorbed[View]
481751645Post your /v/ dream teams. The best one wins a prize.[View]
481712648XIV: OK so 5.1 is about a week and a half away, is still worth it to level nin or mnk? somebody is h…[View]
481745912Play Deus Ex.[View]
481747919Post bosses that stole your youth[View]
481748387Did the internet ruined Vidya? most of the issues with modern gaming seem to steem from the internet…[View]
481745724Why can't we get a game that recreates warfare in a realistic way? Arma 3 has very realistic gu…[View]
481749240>tfw you're showing off your cute, young girlfriend.[View]
481748667daily reminder you're forced to buy this game if you wanna see the real harvest moon on pc[View]
481748758What's the best monster from maple?[View]
481751351https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXS7d1ejOsg >Terry's core moves have been the same since his…[View]
481745673Fuck yeah, just got a game from Goodwill, let's open this up and pop it in the PS2.[View]
481743504Was Lollipop Chainsaw ahead of its time?[View]
481742273AI: The Somnium Files: I'm trying to decide whether I like VLR or AI more. What do you think? A…[View]
481746260Does /v/ forgive the Sangheili for what they did to humanity?[View]
481746879A game gives you the option to play as a nun. Do you take it?[View]
481748612What did you play today?[View]
481749659>this kills the blizzard[View]
481745958honestly, she has about a 90% chance of getting in.[View]
481747534>short cutscene plays to introduce new enemy type[View]
481751019Have you ever had a dream crossover idea?[View]
481743509I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames[View]
481748991wow classic: >run a dungeon with a completely toxic group >i wipe the whole because im drunk …[View]
481749079Your daily reminder that >pic related wants to make sure you deleted Overwatch off your platform …[View]
481744501World of Warships: Is Scharnhorst still good?[View]
481750816Jonesy in Smash Bros. Ultimate: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character 5 Leon Scott Kennedy - Has …[View]
481750513comfie video game trhead[View]
481746423This is my boyfriend, Goro Majima. Say something nice about him.[View]
481740928Which character in this picture had the best game?[View]
481750439Only a couple more weeks until Mario and Sonic, are you ready /v/?[View]
481749397Fuck the impossible lair. It's easy as fuck but the level is so fucking long that the patience …[View]
481743085>Be Capcom >Release DMCV in 2019 to critical and commercial success >Be Capcom >Think it…[View]
481749758Postal 4: Postal 4 has been quietly released. Anybody a fan here? https://youtu.be/ZPJoFgscKuk…[View]
481729650Blurry witcher 3 plays pretty good. It is definitely on par with blurry doom and blurry mk11. Defini…[View]
481749301>Haha Snoy >Haha Movies Am I the only one that understands the complexity of these ambitious c…[View]
481712267/v/ the Musical VII: The deadline nears. Less than 11 hours remain. >What is this? An annual coll…[View]
481723892Smash Bros: >Terry comes out November 25th >Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) will be announced at T…[View]
481743716>this is in the new Fortnite map STEVEFAGS AND BOOMERFAGS BTFO[View]
481738901>when your favorite character is also the worst character[View]
481747429Metal Gear Solid 2: Why is this so underrated? Is it because people were blindsided by Raiden and bu…[View]
481749794Yep. This is still the best game on the Switch. There's no denying it.[View]
481749517>buying the same game twice[View]
481747136Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch as Main Character: >When the most unrealistic part about …[View]
481746921>remake is better than the original name 1 game[View]
481742125Even if its handful of the developer team that made dead space I'm glade EA didn't complet…[View]
481749287i thought carpal tunnel was a meme. and then i played Taiko (button/touch mode) buy Don-chan's …[View]
481748540I don't know why I like her. I'm a shy boy.[View]
481747457>game has different game over sequences depending on who you're defeated by besides Tenchu, …[View]
481741601Sliding scale of badness of Smash Ultimate fighters[View]
481742775How does /v/ feel about Alan Wake?: Been hearing mixed things about this. Is it worth playing?…[View]
481744315Play Dark Souls[View]
481737393Wood needed[View]
481746414can't remember which model came first, words or symbols?[View]
481742403What's your favorite style of graphics, /v/?[View]
481747450This is the best Metroid game.[View]
481748303>'I likes ya...and I want ya...' >'Now we can do this the easy way...or the hard way... >'T…[View]
481741842This should be her base outfit[View]
481735072Play Girls Frontline[View]
481746546EDF Iron Rain.: So this happened and no thread on /v/. It's getting shat on in the reviews for…[View]
481747818Every once in a while, for no apparent reason, I get really hyped about yugioh and want to play it. …[View]
481748416why do so many people on /v/ enjoy watching other people play video games? just play them yourself i…[View]
481700546This game is turning 10 in a few days: Can we all agree it was overrated as fuck and nothing more th…[View]
481743764My father works at Nintendo. He says that Kirby is confirmed to be playable in Smash Ultimate. Here …[View]
481746827Post kino vidya OPs https://youtu.be/Aq8EKttSu3I[View]
481744090Who is the cutest video game character?[View]
481748169what is her appeal? She's annoying as fuck in the story[View]
481748167This game deserved better than to be beaten to death by angry trannies and sjws, and its complete fa…[View]
481740802Tell me about things you just can't stand. I'll start off with a few things that really ge…[View]
481747690YTTD thread? I haven't seen one in awhile.[View]
481747972>You so much as breathe wrong, and I'm gonna fuck a ninja. Why did he threaten to fuck a nin…[View]
481726349>they actually found the fucking source code >they are now fixing the game including adding mu…[View]
481744575What would you do if your company managed to make a multiplayer game with reasonable success, and Te…[View]
481743702>Losing in an online game >stop taking it seriously and make jokes with everyone >have 200x…[View]
481747729he he, 'vein'[View]
481746081Is it possible for the Fairy Tail rpg to be a good game?[View]
481747446Is it worth revisiting?[View]
481747589What are some games where I can play as a magician?[View]
481746795>combat is entirely parry-based[View]
481743537Was it decent?[View]
481744379how do people get banned from this shithole spamming nigger and gore didn't work[View]
481747303>Honey! I got the dark souls game you've always wanted. T-Thanks mom....…[View]
481747235>anime fighting game >its another Naruto Ultimate Ninja Strom rip off…[View]
481718260What went wrong?[View]
481726610This game is a pleb filter.: Apparently it's too tough for many reviewers to even finish. https…[View]
481744930Hey /v/, just built a competent pc that can play modern games. What recent games with good graphics …[View]
481722553Kos-Mos scares the shit out of me![View]
481735523League of Legends Fighter Confirmed[View]
481744408Why does Sony even bother making non-cinematic '''experiences'''?[View]
481743832Enemies in vidya that scared you as a child I honestly dont know why i was such a pussy with these f…[View]
481737620Where we dropping, boys? >the little caves in the volcano Sequel when?…[View]
481736520>install game >be terrible at it >teammates insult me instead of trying to teach me how to …[View]
481746480This is Cambyses the Second. Say something nice about her (male)[View]
481746735I need a new gaming monitor Has to be 1440p 144hz size doesn't matter Would like it to be decen…[View]
481745315How does it feel now that the dust has settled and then settled again? I've never been happier …[View]
481746485>Dating simulator has all endings be you getting friendzoned or rejected >It's actually …[View]
481743878Recommend me some good mobile rhythm games. I want to have some good games in my new phone so I…[View]
481745459[MHW] anyone know how to beat barrioth: either 3 carting or running out of time plz help[View]
481742090So i won the game with yes man ending, i was a bit dissapointed you cant continue playing the same r…[View]
481743102>warrior class >hit enemy >hit harder >hit everyone >SUPER DUPER ANIME TELEPORTING SL…[View]
481694442Is it even possible to Arcades have a comeback?[View]
481746071What the fuck is this /v/[View]
481741590what you are looking at is a screenshot of the worlds first true video game so this has by far the m…[View]
481743397Why aren't you playing Trine 4 right now?[View]
481740974this good[View]
481746001I-Is King alexander still alive...?[View]
481747308Why are there so many weeaboo boards on 4chan? Even non anime boards suck Japan's dick a lot /p…[View]
481742094Does anyone here play touhou?[View]
481745156Ghost Trick Thread: What do you think of Capcom’s best DS game?[View]
481741924Why did he do it, bros? Surely there was another way...[View]
481744603Games that gave you a nauseating feeling?[View]
481683831Does anyone care about this, why did they go for such a niche character?[View]
481740835does the mobile market actually exist outside of china? why the fuck would you even play games on yo…[View]
481736461Sonic redesign leak: Thoughts?[View]
481745129Was Norgate inspired by the film for his industrial soundtrack of the game, or was it a coincidence?[View]
481736191>/v/ says a game is bad >play it >it's actually good What's her name…[View]
481728385>alternate universe Smash Bros posts Is this some form of rosterfag coping or just plain autism?…[View]
481741146ITT: Characters that are impossible to dislike, small or big. Everyone loves the RE4 merchant.[View]
481743678Friend Areas... Home.[View]
481724595Why is she so underappreciated?[View]
481739696Is this a good game. been playing alot of action games lately and i've been in the mood for som…[View]
481741882How's that Mistover playthrough coming along /v/? You haven't game overed like a little bi…[View]
481744246Music thread: https://youtu.be/QEV1YKYTp3I Here's something I eventually realized about lyricle…[View]
481743936>get gameover >get deep fried and eaten by your dad…[View]
481737919Filename thread[View]
481732649are there any good baseball games[View]
481740291>Boss reaches phase 3 >Lyrics kick in[View]
481740347Is Mario really the antagonist of the original Donkey Kong game?[View]
481744014hat in time: >Watching new player on twitch >'Oh hey, I found a sticker, cool' >Never tries…[View]
481743690If this were the case /v/intendoGAF would not mind the slight changes in art direction. In fact, the…[View]
481743940Just finished this. It was kind of disappointing. It started out very strong with great atmosphere, …[View]
481742039Beedo's Wild Ride. Home.[View]
481740901UNIST Thread: Early Evening Edition, 2nd Clause. PC kw: pclobby[View]
481743782>weird label art of human-serpent hyprid outside of a burning castle >gameplay is just snake W…[View]
481741953Why isn't ashley in more wario games?[View]
481741901feels good to be a blizzard fan cant wait for blizcon and the new epic cinematic for the new world o…[View]
481741878i want to play a mall game where you just walk in the mall and buy things with no enemies or anythin…[View]
481743150Inmate! Stop cooming right this instant![View]
481737984just woke up is this shit dead yet?[View]
481732686>2019....I am forgotten...[View]
481743104>Mess up a mechanic in a dungeon at the final boss >The entire party wipes >They blame some…[View]
481731992This don't look that cyberpunky. More like gta vice city[View]
481743143/v/ is a fucking cesspit of hypocrisy, double-standards, and retardation: This iv /v/: >How are p…[View]
481743095fesh pince: He was only human, but yes he was chicken and waffles.[View]
481738537Engine swapping saved CTR[View]
481740212Halloween thread[View]
481742195Are any of you working on a game?[View]
481741680Play Fortnite Chapter 2.[View]
481704719What the fuck[View]
481735692Does SMT have better waifus than Persona?[View]
481742676This game isn't easy. October game thread[View]
481731349>Game forces backers to put their autism in check[View]
481740307post some of your childhood favorites[View]
481739648Why is this grandpa game so popular?[View]
481719257Downloading now, any tips for a new player?[View]
481741951Would you want to play a Simpsons Battle Royale set in Springfield ?[View]
481739193They just dabbed on Blizzard so badly bros...wtf[View]
481737014Now that the dust has settled, was it based?[View]
481736675How can people choose that old, bitter and annoying hag over this red haired angel? >b-but muh bo…[View]
481739228Is there a more based game than Lost Paradise?[View]
481741992Wow, did the N64 look that much worse than the Saturn and PS1?[View]
481736313>most people agree that Halo CE was great >most people agree that Halo 2 was great >everyon…[View]
481739664outer worlds.: enjoy your re-skin flavor of the month brain dead shooter, goyim.[View]
481738829>*sniff* >*crunch munch chew* >*cough* >*taka taka taka* *sniff*…[View]
481735584What would you do if you saw Xatu in real life?: i think i would cry Xatufact of the day: Xatu is gr…[View]
481740608Missed the buzz around release, is it worth if I get the mod that removes region locking?[View]
481736260Reminder to appreciate your husband in God Eater 3[View]
481741701>spend 50 usd in gacha game for android >instant regret >didn't even get the digimon I…[View]
481741054Is this the Chaddiest of all the entire cast of Three houses?[View]
481736178>does absolutely nothing of value or note Why is he even in the game?[View]
481736990Post factions that did NOTHING WRONG[View]
481741868What video game themed things do you own?[View]
481734010Why aren't you playing angband, anon?[View]
481729935If this was released today it'd have a larger player base than Fortnite.[View]
481735397[drifting intensifies][View]
481741890is VR /based/ ? cuck journos hate it[View]
481730525Will FF7R be getting a PC port?[View]
481737104Vidya Dads: >Look at you! Already you are grown, my daughter, already you are a wizard. Have I be…[View]
481730925ITT: Characters with the highest skill ceiling of their respective games. i'll start[View]
481735482Reminder that if you dont choose a Great Sword you're not a real man.[View]
481734308Post the best girl in the world. Or I'll conquer your country.[View]
481738893I need help, I have a test tomorrow and i need to get some sleep, can anyone give me some chill vidy…[View]
481740209how do we fix arena shooters[View]
481738904>We need a gun for the bad guys >Say no more…[View]
481739686Anyone have experience importing a game from Amazon Japan? Pre Ordered P5R for the Amazon JP theme b…[View]
481740287have you ever been to a Vidya-related party? What game was it?[View]
481733615>new EDF came out >0 threads what went wrong?…[View]
481733390The future of gaming is coming November 17th.[View]
481739324arcade stick thread: Post them arcade sticks[View]
481737335Had any game ever had a decent fucking matchmaking system? Because for multiplayer playing alone is …[View]
481736714Redpill me on ArchAge Unchained. Unbiased opinions only.[View]
481738059Vidya villains that were right: post them[View]
481735289Has there ever been a collector's edition worth a shit?[View]
481736153What game should I play Astral Chain FF VII Mario Odyssey God Hand Dead Space New Vegas Persona 5 U…[View]
481738049Picked this shit up after seeing it on /v/ a couple of days ago Holy fuck final chapter WHEN Also wh…[View]
481737590Are the SCP games good?[View]
481735784Why is so angry, /v/? Is it because she needs pebis?[View]
481732802/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>481677871 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
481736893My favorite starter is Chimchar and yes that's partly because of nostalgia[View]
481729301Is it going to be any good?[View]
481709128ITT: God Tier vidya maps[View]
481726230Why do I feel like playing fortnite?: Iv'e never liked fortnite, but something changed in me. W…[View]
481733679Is this game just top-down Etrian Oddysey?[View]
481661150Did you play Lara's game's update?[View]
481738805Megaman Thread: >we'll never get a Megaman X game like 8 again >even if we do get X9, the…[View]
481738960Annoying bosses: Name a more annoying boss for melee characters than the High Dragon from Dragon age…[View]
481737213ok guys. Sonic here. I escaped the prison island. Let's find the imposter called everywhere 'Bi…[View]
481736314You are going to buy my game Trails of Cold Steel 3 right?[View]
481723958League of Legends card game being announced in 2 hours Is it Artifact 2.0 ? https://twitter.com/Slas…[View]
481738034>/v/ recommends a video game >Anons love it because of fan service, 2D tits and ass. >Every…[View]
481738534Holy fuck they btfo'd Blizzatd so hard[View]
481734120How does /v/ feel about video game addiction being in the DSM-5?[View]
481736284Did they just kill Blizzard?[View]
481736219Post your pimped out CTR Rides.[View]
481733157Why has Epic not just pulled the plug on Fortnite yet? It's pretty obvious that their skeleton …[View]
481734136How would you fix Sword and Shield?[View]
481738239I've never pirated games but I'm sick of paying full price for them now. How do I get int…[View]
481737192Blizzcon? More like Jizzcon![View]
481738325He’s in[View]
481716049Are there any GOOD games where you play as a teenage girl?[View]
481735115about 300 of bungie employee (along with more contractor in China) are working not on destiny 2 but …[View]
481737729wtf happened to overwatch?: >hear there's new event with new modes and ton of skins >rein…[View]
481737853Slap my hand.[View]
481736103Are you finally ready to admit Bioshock 2 is the best one?[View]
481730309Do you like to play as female characters aside or after you have played the male ones? Especially in…[View]
481734858BotW Link nendoroid[View]
481737983This is the single best video game ever produced.[View]
481738192No, I won't play your shitty waifu simulator.[View]
481735893>Tifa's limit break hits the chocobo[View]
481733405I finally fucking did it. I beat Ys Origin on nightmare with yunica, hugo and toal. All that is left…[View]
481725670>the portable Cleveland Steamer can be taken with you into the shitter. It will provide you some …[View]
481733618So now that 90s nostalgia remakes are big business and Nintendo is on good terms with Rare/Microsoft…[View]
481737873Remember me?[View]
481730513I think fightan games are hard with their execution and combos. Post practical combos to get me goin…[View]
481736063what video game moment made you permanently turn into the joker and embrace nihilism? for me, it was…[View]
481737747lets laugh at the faggots at riot together >make some card game nobody cares everyone who would g…[View]
481737013Who's the CHADEST Dragon Quest protagonist? I think V Hero is by far the chadest.[View]
481736918Am I a little bitch if I teared up at this scene?[View]
481732479can anyone recommend me nds games? (other than zelda ... please)[View]
481736402>we'll release reach on pc before the end of the year bro[View]
481737273Doraemon Story of Seasons: Anybody buy this? I've never played Harvest Moon before and this loo…[View]
481735779Worth it? It's been on my radar for a while and it's finally on sale I watched anime coupl…[View]
481735992Ayyy how you want your remake Gweilo?[View]
481735208>Game references your country[View]
481734992ROFL pc loses another exclusive thanks for beta testing, steambros![View]
481731854You'll have to get past ME if you want your precious Blizzcon to take place this year[View]
481735865>a shooter like overwatch >a card game >a fighting game Actually Riot GameS now…[View]
481733658WoW retail: The furry tide is coming. Is there hope for the Horde or will they be pervasive like Blo…[View]
481734327>'Why, yes. I DO prefer Japanese games over western ones, why do you ask?'…[View]
481732217Find a flaw[View]
481736693Is it good?[View]
481736692Why does she look like a tranny?: >horseface man looking face >gargantuan man hands is this a …[View]
481735417My 7 year old went to the neighbours and played Skylanders and is now interested in video games, as …[View]
481736606Yeah, I’m thinking he’s in.[View]
481736512This game is short as fuck holy shit.[View]
481734731MOON RIVEEEEER[View]
481736536THE HOLY BIBLE MAY PREACH Total War Thread[View]
481733764Still makes me laugh desu(To be hontoni)[View]
481733639Why aren't you playing Skullgirls Mobile? If ya' do, devs said they'd add more charac…[View]
481717215what went wrong[View]
481733029Is this the best The Sims?[View]
481727278Who wins?[View]
481736174League of Legends is going to make Blizzard its bitch next year[View]
481736171Boomers rise up[View]
481735958Imagine paying real life dollars for a controller that fucks up if you look at it wrong[View]
481724362These games haven't aged very well have they?[View]
481735675DRG Thread: Rock and stone brother! Anyone finish the elite deep dive yet? It's a total pain.…[View]
481729539I'M DONE /v/!!!!!!: I'M DONE!! THAT'S IT!! I'M FUCKING DONE RIGHT NOW! IM SICK A…[View]
481720716Guilty Pleasure Thread: >cringy dialogue >boring story >good graphics >fun gameplay A tr…[View]
481734989So, we've already established that it's the game of this decade, but how is it on the Swit…[View]
481735758What video games are you currently playing through /v/? How much free time do you have to play vidy…[View]
481734396When will they update the GOG version? I want those sick FPS enhancements and headshots on my Pathol…[View]
481735474When will he be in Smash?[View]
481730507she's perfect[View]
481730327Who is best girl?https://www.strawpoll.me/18797240[View]
481735089Wtf how come I didn't notice this https://store.steampowered.com/app/965230/DORAEMON__STORY_OF_…[View]
481726984When is he gonna be revealed for smash?[View]
481733521Yes, yes let's get down to the real issue. How many good Star Trek games have you played? I mea…[View]
481731019Where were you when this meme game got btfo? https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/481580670/#481600636 https…[View]
481722505>Japan Level >dink dink dinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdink >ding ding >dun dun >YOOOOOOOOOOOOoo…[View]
4817336044k gaming is dumb: There is literally no point in 4k gaming, you get around 60 fps with the best car…[View]
481734334call of duty 16: is /v/ excited for Call of Duty 16?[View]
481731380Would you buy it?[View]
481677871/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>481593259 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
481733425What a lovely little game[View]
481729651Re2 remake: I'd like to get a variety of opinions from you guys about R.E 2 remake before I pur…[View]
481722149How long until she's revealed for Smash Ultimate DLC?[View]
481732826So now that papa blizz has remastered starcraft and warcraft 3, are you looking forward to D2 Remast…[View]
481726519ITT: games without a single flaw[View]
481731163Why does no one care there's no sexual content in Postal 4? Like tiddies have been important an…[View]
481732747Wtf bros I built a new gaming PC two months ago but there are no games to play[View]
481733124We post kino /v/ music: https://youtu.be/Cbjq-LVcFXg[View]
481730701Can't get it deleted, might as well give it away.: Their forums are too fucking weird to flood.…[View]
481733246I HAVE AN IDEA! What if with the new consoles coming out next year probably, we got a 'Witcher …[View]
481699075Okay, so I caught up with Visions of V and this is bugging me even more now. How fucking dumb is Dan…[View]
481730750Why have no video games originated from this massive continent?[View]
481733121Luigi's Mansion: Does anyone want to play some Dark Moon ScareScraper in anticipation of 3? FC:…[View]
481732984who the audience for these games??[View]
4817329514 balls: >game has fusion mechanic >fusing two specific units gives you a unique unit with bot…[View]
481731882Mortap Kombat 11 is for niggers and casuals. Get that PS2 from your basement and play a good Mortal …[View]
481731578>want to support a game or dev >buy several copies of the game on release day to help with sal…[View]
481732251new thread: vote for mime waifu. vote for eva >>481729345 >rojocucks need VPNs to win SAD! …[View]
481718762https://skribbl.io/?y1tw6CLGnU come in[View]
481726209What's the best 3D platformer? Is Mario 64 still king?[View]
481730009>Game uses tedium as difficulty >Still has a huge fanbase…[View]
481732651Ïf the game has cute girls, I buy it.[View]
481718225This is the WWE2K20 roster, say something nice about them.[View]
481723918There's a Disgaea 4 Complete+ demo out. Go play it.[View]
481726107>quests are weak >melee combat is weak >story is weak >dungeons are repetitive the only …[View]
481732735*PWAH* KIRBY[View]
481724815Whats the last game you played with your girlfriend? For me it was Mario Kart[View]
481730239im looking for a homemade/selfmade fighting game that was based on street fighter or mortal kombat b…[View]
481732072Despite its flaws, I really enjoyed Final Fantasy IX. Why don't you?[View]
481730235As someone about to start Martial Arts classes, what video games showcase martial arts or 'kung…[View]
481724326>no DRM-free builds and no Linux build of Thomas Was Alone >a fucking Steam key for the OG Yum…[View]
481732219It's gonna be a delusion, right?[View]
481708934>Steam tries to be more like Discord >Discord tries to be more like Steam Which one will you e…[View]
481703790Remember when Zelda used to have great dungeons full of personality? Good times.[View]
481732258Ms. X, what would you do?: >Walking around in the RPD, killing zombies and lickers, minding my yo…[View]
481729028Why do people insist on using game-changing mods on their first playthrough of a game?[View]
481732398What are some games with good grass?[View]
481732063>/v/ will defend this[View]
481725886When did you stop playing maplestory?[View]
481731981Say you're playing a game on an emulator and it's your first time playing that game. Would…[View]
4816851842019, I am forgotten..[View]
481717101Thoughts on the wrestling vidya genre?[View]
481725742Can they recover?[View]
481731941Fell for the greedfall meme. When does it get good?[View]
481731636I don't get it.[View]
481719254Halo Infinite: Will it be good?[View]
481730697Games with this feel[View]
481730236Any fellow gamers here desire to relapse in the middle of sober october?[View]
481731526/fat/ vydia girls[View]
481731673CPT 2021: I'm mad, let's do this -game is called Street FIghter: New Generation -gonna be …[View]
481724617Have you worshipped The Goddess today?[View]
481723910>158cm Lady Edelgard is smol![View]
481730203ITT: Game Modes only you liked[View]
481723037Well /v/?[View]
481730674 [View]
481730105what your song to /dance to /v/? I like rock and roll pt 2[View]
481728136>less and less skeletons these days because of China pandering Fuck the bullshit SKELLIES RISE UP…[View]
481726256So like... why do blacks love Sonic so much?: I can't be the only one that has noticed this. So…[View]
481709114What do you think of The World Ends With You? You HAVE played it right, anon?[View]
481721372Meanwhile, on the SS/v/ Normandy..[View]
481718738On the slim chance there is ever another RPG-style Paper Mario, what would you want in it?[View]
481694647Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that the meme sword was the worst weapon in Bloodbor…[View]
481731410>join match that only has a few players and refuses to add anymore >leave and join match that…[View]
481720161>game has better content when you lose >makes you not want to progress the story…[View]
481731150Games for this feel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_H3MWVx6JU Makes me think of GTA myth videos,…[View]
481729542>tfw was excited for this but it uses Blizzard's launcher[View]
481731128>No! Don't leave me! Don't leave me.. How depressingly poetic. Are you still angry, /v…[View]
481730347The NCR is the strongest fighting force the Mojave has ever seen and the greatest country to rise si…[View]
481731115Persona 5[View]
481722389Should Red Dead Redemption III be a prequel or sequel? I feel like a sequel is too far into the futu…[View]
481731068Where's that new Arkham game?[View]
481718314Is the Signal Simulator any good? I stumbled upon it on /x/ and does look kinda interesting.[View]
481724923Mail call /v/! I wonder what I got? In case you're wondering, no, not nigger hands.[View]
481729834name an uglier protagonist[View]
481728569Games for this feel?[View]
481677651Why is the MH community so hateful towards speedrunners?[View]
481719951Persona 5 Royal: Only on PlayStation™ 4[View]
481730747>game sequel is horrible >fanboys still think it's great somehow What are some games lik…[View]
481729762The ultimate pleb filter.[View]
481730346So what happened to cosmo wright?[View]
481730018>Short. >Stubby. >No powers. What the fuck is the appeal of Shy Guys then?…[View]
481724504>game >characters have to participate in battle to receive exp…[View]
481730407Der'mo vse moi sunduki polny[View]
481728424>game >CaC >the female one is not cute…[View]
481728857Lost Technology Translation or why you should learn nip: >Niche japanese grand strategy game gets…[View]
481729607>he buys video game merchandise[View]
481694556How's your Dragon Quest 11S playthrough going? Who did you marry?[View]
481726847Why does everyone hate Rin?[View]
481725268You hear it, you lose[View]
481725107i am rooting my dumbphone to troll play android 'games' what are some mobile 'games' that play like …[View]
481718321REmake: So I started playing the first REmake on ps4 and holy shit it's pretty good the only ot…[View]
481726457https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/index.html NINTENDO WON APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW[View]
481729901where can i find a game where i play as an amoral character[View]
481729846I went into Outer Worlds totally blind for a review in writing and I don’t see why people are so neg…[View]
481719003>Craig Bandicoot[View]
481729512What are some good subtle gamer furniture?[View]
481725667Why can't you play as a Psyker in any of the Fallout games yet?[View]
481727850https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCIEKYI_ls SOON[View]
481728104>lose competitive match >report everyone on enemy team with written reports…[View]
481690251RDR2 definitive edition, thanks beta testers: Did you get yours yet, bros?[View]
481726303Pro E-Sports reminder: I'm interested in certain E-Sports tournaments, Pro competitions only fo…[View]
481729062>Get permabanned from server for saying the N word >Get on an alt and report the server for su…[View]
481717894I started playing Spyro cause of the meme mod threads. This game is boring and very generic. What d…[View]
481729402Still going, island /v/ server. >MC.1.14.4 >server.brovilleonline.com FFA except for spawn, it…[View]
481722406vote for mime waifu: https://www.strawpoll.me/18782985/ https://twitter.com/HorrorVale/status/118424…[View]
481729341Pt. 2: Smaller leaks for you fucks again. I'm back again, with some more shit for you to seethe…[View]
481728724What happened to him?[View]
481728231Nioh thread: Currengly enjoying playing this game Looking for some good vids to enjoy https://www.y…[View]
481725815Buy her game. BBTAG thread[View]
481724296>/v/ tells you game is shit >it's actually great Why do i even listen to you faggots…[View]
481728025Come up with his moveset[View]
481716787So who here is picking up Overwatch on Switch?[View]
481729036Underappreciated games[View]
481727241The definition of kino.[View]
481728164is there a cheaper alternative to G2A?[View]
481725730Are you gonna buy his game /v/?[View]
481706703Sleeping Dogs is better than Yakuza: Fight me weebs[View]
481717067Why didn’t Nintendo keep supporting Splatoon 2? Its only been out for two years.[View]
481721759YOU'RE A...[View]
481728524not hahaing anymore, are you, degenerates?[View]
481726227>Her large elongated elven ears jiggle with each savage thrust into her pure arcane ovaries, Her …[View]
481722616Play Guilty Gear.[View]
481706175Why are all 'horror' video games not even scary? It's just so boring, I honestly don't get…[View]
481691964lobcorp: Why do clerks exist? >Don't get paid >Die to anything…[View]
481723584Game like pic related[View]
481722524Hello, my name is Connor. I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife.[View]
48172470910 days till the FPS genre is saved. Can't wait to be a Shotgunchad.[View]
481728185He's Coming :): smash- Crash is going to be announced during the game awards, full cgi trailer.…[View]
481727791Okay so if I were elected Video Games President I would degree piracy of games legal. However, I wou…[View]
481725816Every hater thought that it finally is going away, but fortnut doesn't give a fuck what crybaby…[View]
481728034Who will be your champ in wwe 2k20 universe mode I think I'll go with ribbie[View]
481726440Gex in Smash thread[View]
481727203What WAS with those guys?[View]
481724435>A 2002 study recognized Super Monkey Ball 2 as one of several video games associated with improv…[View]
481721658Games with the best dark ambient music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWPe7hrEZhI https://www.yout…[View]
481718742I'm gonna say it, /v/! YOUR RIGHT HAND...[View]
481656571>Game allows backer characters to be put in >it's actually done extremely well and fits t…[View]
481727750>boot up JRPG after taking an extended break >save file about 14 hours in >'eeeh, I don…[View]
481727748Daily reminder to purchase ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Groove, available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 a…[View]
481675934>The /v/ party sets off on a grand adventure Whats your role, anon?[View]
481727124you'll never learn[View]
481724203Is it worth 40$? How hard is it to homebrew?[View]
481722424Are there any open world games that have cool wildlife that interacts with the world in a believable…[View]
481723623Why are all FPS so gross and bloody?[View]
481724751What do you think of Leon, /v/?: What do you like or hate about him?[View]
481727226>start game >get super into it >eventually stop playing and never finish it…[View]
481725213>game company betrays customers to appeal to Chinese >suddenly 95% of /v/ LARPs as CCP officer…[View]
481666692Why mmos are fucking dead?[View]
481705473/v/ has played the best FPS ever created...right?[View]
481723989came for the tits, stayed for the volleyball[View]
481726760ITT: Soundtracks you still enjoy months after finishing the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT…[View]
481720957This is the game that has millions of players enticed and trippin?[View]
481724063We Japan! West game censor normal! Japan game no censor ok? Understand? Pearl harbor again darou![View]
481659925Filename thread Keep it vidya[View]
481723301Grandia HD Remaster: >Switch port was a bad sign >PC release got delayed >It's still f…[View]
481724639Holy shit this world is HORRIFYINGLY, disgracefully fucking AWFUL. Up and down and up and down and …[View]
481725426Xbox Live arcade games only you played.[View]
481721778Never played a Pokemon game before, would this be a good starting point?[View]
481713392So they cancelled the recent Overwatch event for Blizzard because of the China issue. Blizzcon will…[View]
481724828best games /v/ are too young too know about[View]
481726018The last character you played as has awakened in the northern undead asylum. How far will they go?[View]
481721687GTA 4 is better than GTA 5: What made GTA 4's rendition of Liberty City feel so much more real …[View]
481726294Its up[View]
481725053Mount and Blade thread: I just got the game last week and I've been messing around. Is it viabl…[View]
481723357Is there a world map of all the places in the mario universe? Fanmade or otherwise.[View]
481712159Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... the worst dungeon in MMO history![View]
481723878ITT: memes you didn't fall for[View]
481724462>everyone shits on this because EGS >pirate it >play on nightmare >have a blast, best FP…[View]
481724279Play Life is Strange.[View]
481680797/backlog/ general: Post 10 games from your backlog /v/ will tell you what game you should play https…[View]
481724046Sequels that ruin the previous best character?[View]
481721616Does temperature affect framerate? I had to clean my processor and I'm too lazy to buy and appl…[View]
481724625What are some chill games to play after you come home from work and smoke a bowl? Pic related for me…[View]
481725859Cunny. what does it mean? Are games cunny?[View]
481720731>No one talks about this >Silently drops next Friday Is gonna be a shit port isn't it?…[View]
481725556When did everything go wrong?: I wish I could turn back time[View]
481724432>that kid that was just absolute shit at any game he ever tried to play…[View]
481725257>*goes on sale again* It’s not even funny anymore. It’s just sad.[View]
481717986what would you like to see in the inevitable Company of Heroes 3?[View]
481724363>Baldur's Gate 1+2 >Planesecape/Icewind >Pathfinder Kingmaker >Pillars of Eternity …[View]
481722087Jackbox Survive the internet https://www.twitch.tv/jackbox3and4[View]
481719262Claim your gun here. Keep it vidya.[View]
481722813SWORN ENEMIES[View]
481725367Cube World: Now that the dust has settled, we need solutions.[View]
481724062So true[View]
481725347Autumn and shit: It's that time of the year again, /v/. The leaves are falling and orange, and …[View]
481721949WoW's next expansion: Fed up with Blizzard, and had a pending job offer and although for obviou…[View]
481717886Will you buy Erza's game?[View]
481725284Is this the ultimate big brain game? Apparently only very few people managed to 100% it without a gu…[View]
481725116Why is literally every game ever made bad?[View]
481725214This game had no right to be good[View]
481713808What will be the future of this franchise, if there is a future? What would you want out of a future…[View]
481725151should I buy this game?: been playing rs 2 vietnam but it's slowly dying so been thinking about…[View]
481718537tell me good Western RPGs. I am a brainlet who has not played very much except Todd's Fallouts …[View]
481675375I've only beat one of the divine beasts and this game is already boring as hell. Why is it so …[View]
481715343Something doesn’t add up about the Big Shell incident in New York City. Solid snake “supposedly” die…[View]
481646254Ciconia When They Cry / Kikonia No Naku Koro Ni: All is in the name of guiding humanity down the rig…[View]
481711754Why did you forget about me, /v/?[View]
481724241Itsuno is the most powerful game director[View]
481723818what was her fucking problem?[View]
481696037Disco Elysium: The game dabs on communists. Now can you political fucks fuck off and talk about the …[View]
481722748comfy oblivion thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY41Q1FYokQ[View]
481682641>Game launches in 10 days >Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the original developers of Fallout, …[View]
481716636Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch as Main Character: AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA >When the most u…[View]
481724427Capcom calls DMC a major brand and are planning for more titles. The games as a strong global presen…[View]
481719514ITT: characters that definitely browsed 4chan[View]
481719045Whats the last seven wonders of the world remaining?[View]
481722625Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA[View]
481723095Is Steins;Gate the best visual novel ever made?[View]
481724134>Plastic manchildren toys have been more popular than ever You know what that means, DoW4 never e…[View]
481724215>Time elapsed: 5:00 / Average Wait Time: Less than 5m >Time elapsed: 10:00 / Average Wait Time…[View]
481724196AI The Somnium Files: Didn't see a thread up, time to change that[View]
481724175Yargh, play Sea of Thieves, matey.[View]
481705389Have we reached the point where companies won't be able to make people buy a new console every …[View]
481674863Is it as good as people say?[View]
481722463Games that deserved more praise.[View]
481722375Going too far: Has a game ever made you feel bad for playing it?[View]
481724041Steam achievement glitch: Yesterday when I logged onto Steam, some achievements got set to 0.01% of …[View]
481721814This Week on Adress Unknown[View]
481720325Have you run your sets today, anon?[View]
481722435What are some good murder mystery games?[View]
481719287I like flying skulls as enemies in video games. I'm going to post some. Feel free to post more.…[View]
481712148Story of Seasons: Doraemon: How the game? Im about to try this out now.[View]
481723643Zoomers who were kids when GH3 came out are now old enough to post on vee[View]
481723741Is he the gayest FE boy?[View]
481723743*steals your dlc slot*[View]
481721318ALL HAIL PRINCESS JOY BARANTHEON! The golden flower from the lineage of Cersei Lannister and Robbert…[View]
481720527Are metroidvania games the future? Are they are time travel back to the sprite era? What say you /v/…[View]
481717634Thank you for the list of evil pigs in video games.[View]
481722202Don't worry about Fortnite in Smash: If you're concerned about Fortnite stuff invading Sma…[View]
481722527is it possible for a game to give you PTSD?[View]
481721513Go play Penumbra[View]
481720586What are some small stupid details that make you enjoy a game more? For me, it's when cutscene…[View]
481696532what were when pokemons were little girls you could collect?[View]
481723387well whoopidy doo[View]
481723361God eater: Would you recommend a newbie in ge1 to use custom bullets? I've tried them and they …[View]
481720529Any horror games that feel like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sgc1I9sjfc[View]
481717673Why are asians fine with gacha games while westerners are trying to outlaw lootboxes?[View]
481719995ITT the cutest vidya characters you've ever seen. (Shes hiding a big surprise) : O[View]
481723330Who will be your champ in wwe 2k20 universe mode I think I'll go with ribbie[View]
481709445Claire cares[View]
481722441Playstation 5 is a beast: How the fuck did they manage to make a console this powerful? Not even end…[View]
481723115Pine Thread: It’s shit[View]
481722547Reminder to not support Valve Enablers. Steam is just as bad as Epic store for PC gaming. GOG or pir…[View]
481715097How pissed off will Twitter be when they find out she gets raped in TLOU Part 2?[View]
4817228962 weeks later. I am forgotten...[View]
481721038Sweet Roll[View]
481721912Have you ever seen someone become a total NEET in your time playing vidya? My cousin dropped out of …[View]
481721129>he pays for online >He pays for games[View]
481720405Is this the most realistically written video game character?[View]
481722049Clockwork City is the most unique and beautiful area in all of ESO.[View]
481704150>RE2 comes out on N64 2 years after the original >fucking wew guys this is a technical achievm…[View]
481718547What are some video games where EEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR[View]
481716983>game makes you drive large vehicles[View]
481722471Is this EAs least mistreated series >but 4 and the phone game! The games between Red Alert 2 and …[View]
481722402>discover my old vidyas I played when I was younger >notice 90% of my collection is missing an…[View]
481687239>haven't played overwatch in awhile >start it up >see this What the fuck is this shit…[View]
481715853>game lets you take off the female characters clothes[View]
481722119What will be the legacy of the Red Dead Redemption series?[View]
481714349When does it get good?[View]
481722228What are some games that simulate and teach me how to have a gf?[View]
481719894For me Is the Boom Hammer[View]
481721449Anyone know this game ? Help?: Has anybody played this game before? If you do and remember the name …[View]
481719446Ruined Gamin': In the long run, this company probably destroyed the gaming industry. It would h…[View]
481718039This is the best Saber[View]
481720736Who is the worst video game industry right now? Is it pic related?[View]
481720856For me its kerning city[View]
481719096Stoneshard Thread: What's your bet /v/? Will it be indie trash or an actually good rpg?[View]
481720946I love her bros.[View]
481718672Thoughts on this game /v/? I played the demo and it was fun. Not seeing why it only has a 6/10 on st…[View]
481721273Best Fighters in /v/idya: and why is the F-103 Excalibur[View]
481718142>no news since announcement what the FUCK is going on[View]
481720546Riot Games is 100% owned by Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate, the same that influenced Blizzard decis…[View]
481717153ITT games only you have played[View]
481720538This game fucking sucks.[View]
481714625Fuck you I liked it - Thread: What games do you love that most of the planet tends to hate?[View]
481708203Would a game set on the Edmund Fitzgerald work?[View]
481718548What RPGs have the best combat system?[View]
481718414OH NO NO NO https://streamable.com/481or[View]
481719972Hey guys it’s us, the best mainline villains[View]
481701327It's heavily implied that she got innocents convicted and possible gotten some the death penalt…[View]
481719032The game's biggest, most egregious and obnoxious of faults, though? The utterly ridiculous leve…[View]
481718575Favorite games which let you hijack planes?[View]
481718919How do you make a strong female character without giving them masculine traits or making them seduct…[View]
481716045I'm sorry, what?[View]
481615241Underrail play a fat fucking unit[View]
481720190Here's your controller bruh!: >Your friend is not trying to sabotage you since he's als…[View]
481717904ITT: Vidya images/posts that aged poorly.[View]
481710658Anyone else excited for ryza?[View]
481711559>make thread expressing your honest feelings about something >other anons follow suit >dece…[View]
481717440>Both are unapologetic cheesy edgelords >Both are power obsessed autists >Both got away wi…[View]
481712440Sekiro: Focused to a fault. The tradeoffs weren't worth it. I appreciate the experimentation th…[View]
481713857Webm thread[View]
481720021ITT: video games with so ridiculous promise you didn't believe at first they really exist[View]
481717792October 2019. I am remembered[View]
481719125Please remember to stay hydrated while playing games, and take regular breaks to exercise! But most …[View]
481710430What horror games are you playing this october?[View]
481718103A Witch's Tale: Has anyone played this? Feeling something cute and spooky and it looks fun. I…[View]
481714035It doesn't feel like an Atelier game.: Annyone else? it feels diferent from the rest of the ser…[View]
481719386r i banned?[View]
481719408It appears as though I have been summoned. Anon, do you need some healing? I can do that by smoochin…[View]
481717625Since nothing went right, what can Capcom do to turn the ship around for future RE titles? Resident …[View]
481715963Is Metal Gear a mecha game?[View]
481717642do you think the focus on graphics should be halted in support of other aspects of the gaming experi…[View]
481718963Sup nerds, just being better than the 'original'[View]
481718121how do we stop this girl from offending the moon?[View]
481718831How do I become a popular streamer in the current year?[View]
481709241>29 years old[View]
481718798Thoughts on fortnite 2?: what would he think?[View]
481718695Dragon age origins thread: What the fuck was his problem? Seriously why did he betray you again?…[View]
481709952Name a better game You actually fucking can't[View]
481718592clean it up you fucking loser, no slacking at work[View]
481718021>2/3rds of the map are nothing BRAVO ROCKSTAR[View]
481681530Places you want to visit before they're gone forever.: >Legendary game center 'Kawasaki Ware…[View]
481717983Zelda: You know they say Wind Waker holds up better than Twilight Princess due to pacing issues... .…[View]
481691371>you need develop justification for your wars WHAT THE FUCK is this bullshit? I'm the fuckin…[View]
481718432Post games with GOOD minigames[View]
481715139Is there any reason not to switch to Linux now? I haven't played a AAA game since 2016. It…[View]
481716390Was this game hard or was it just me[View]
481718231EVERYONE, GET IN HERE Survive the internet https://www.twitch.tv/jackbox3and4[View]
481698326>Start up Overwatch on switch at 11 AM >Please install newest update to play this title Okay …[View]
481709191FE: When will the inevitable remake happen? Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRZpdcVAtf…[View]
481714308What’s the best mainline game? Personafags not welcome[View]
481715913>tfw vidya don't fill the void anymore What the fuck bros, what do I do know? I only like ea…[View]
481709660Post your idle stance[View]
481715969Games for this feel?[View]
481716107/v/ Plays Disco Elysium: Let's play Disco Elysium /v/. How this will be done is 5s will decide …[View]
481717729GOTCHA FAGGOT[View]
481684665How the fuck is locking a Mii Costume behind $25 a proper apology for Rex fans? There is absolutely …[View]
481714779Valkyria Chronicles 2 was underrated.[View]
481716462>the game has useless collectibles[View]
481717508Fortnite Chapter 2: How are you enjoying it so far?[View]
481707176Why does /v/ hate this again ?[View]
481700761You'd never let him down, right anon? You bought Shadowkeep and are gearing up for the raid, ri…[View]
481716410What are the best dungeon crawlers of the last decade?[View]
481715860>pirate game >actively taking profits out of both the developer and publisher's profit …[View]
481713740SMASH BRO LEAK FIGHTER PASS 2 AND LAST FIGHTER PASS 1 CHARACTER: the last fighter pass 1 character w…[View]
481716164>Best metacritic score in the past decade. Say hello to your official GOTD.…[View]
481709187Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brew Leak: Hey /v/ it's me Probably would be sus of anyone callin…[View]
481658317Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: >The fifth and final faction in Vampire: The Masquerade –…[View]
481716715Bad games with funny glitches[View]
481715807>borrow a powerful item for a quest >game expects you to keep it after finishing >go out of…[View]
481717230>look down >see feet I will now buy your game…[View]
481709656>2 weeks after release i'm forgotten[View]
481717125Reminder that this is the worst event in the game.[View]
481710173Mario Kart Tour: Who here /Lucky/?[View]
481714493Do you feel it, the moons power?[View]
481717016what are your favourite mods?[View]
481680745Why do we hate Fortnite again?[View]
481715190Do you like GTA's humor, /v/?[View]
481710890what's good /v/ I work for Nintendo Sales and Marketing but my wife left me and I'm not go…[View]
481715037What Happens If U Stab Her In The Heart??[View]
481716141If Smash Ultimate had a cutscene depicting the clash between Galeem and Dharkon and the Smash Bros F…[View]
481708151Do you buy vidya figurines?[View]
481713484Here’s your Warcraft 3 reforged, bro[View]
481695876Why is everyone assuming we are getting a second pass, and not simply extra characters? Remember Sma…[View]
481716420that plot twist was so far-fetched the plan I mean, not how they find out Akechi was full of shit…[View]
481716383League of Legends 10th anniversary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbkRf-uphog >Thoughts…[View]
481711824Do people still play Gwent?[View]
481714006If I make a kickstarter, will /v/ support me? There'll be big titty anime girls.[View]
481714365So yeah, I've finally cracked and bought Nocturne, it's arriving tomorrow. I know I'…[View]
481716306Blockland... Will Brickadia fill the void?[View]
481716267so what do you think about riots artifact 2.0?[View]
481710352Minecraft vs Fortnite Thread[View]
481715842Why did you stop training your brain, you lazy fuck?[View]
481712608This is Victor and Gloria, the two protagonists for the new Pokemon game! Say something nice about t…[View]
481715882ITT post beautiful vidya intros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC2qKy-WMf4[View]
481712684 [View]
481696196Well, I guess I'm denouncing Blizzard.[View]
481715769Ptsd thread[View]
481715717Tranny threads: Trannies and weeabos have taken over /v/ today. Can we get a good thread going? Anyb…[View]
481714252Is Hyrule Warriors worth getting if I played it on wii u?[View]
481710119Despite the whole Activision Blizzard fiasco, what are the chances he, his moves, stage, and sticker…[View]
481715145Why do gamers like this exist? Are these zoomers?[View]
481705078>This is a triple-A game on Switch OH NONONO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SMayL9geb4…[View]
481712756Videogame Related Confession Thread: Spill it /v/. I'll start. When I was first starting to fi…[View]
481715306*blocks your path*[View]
481709965>game has anime art style[View]
481713093>What is Vidya Album Forever? Vidya Album Forever is an eight album collection of vidya music com…[View]
481714247ITT: Music from a game you've never played that makes you want to play it: https://www.youtube.…[View]
481712787how would you make a game set in the Spanish Civil War ?[View]
481715256Save the internet stream https://www.twitch.tv/jackbox3and4[View]
481714041What's the best alternative to using these things? Preferably something that is still compatibl…[View]
481710965The first pregnant protagonist in a game will be a man how does that feel women[View]
481713434Spelunky 2: Why is it taking so long?[View]
481714613>has two swords >doesn’t dual-wield ???[View]
481714804Fire Emblem: >Church is evil, lies to the people to control Could they not make it more complex? …[View]
481712481>tfw no news on Oddworld Soulstorm[View]
481713993can a REALLY SHORT game still be good?[View]
481710650So I'm trying to play Persona 4 Golden on one of these and the audio out is giving me fits beca…[View]
481692407>was almost just a month away >suddenly march 20th it hurts bros, it hurts..…[View]
481714109Any mods to fix the combat system?[View]
48170960910.23.2020 $499 USD Ghosts of Tsushima and Death Stranding are cross-gen titles and will be launch t…[View]
481676136Pyra and Mythra should have been a single character, called Mythra. Having both of them just feels l…[View]
481712072How many of you use a VR headset in game?: There are a shocking amount of indie, porn and some AAA g…[View]
48171304010-year anniversary to one of the biggest and most influential online video game in the history of v…[View]
481714515>Year One Pass - Access to two campaign add-ons to release within the first year of DOOM Eternal’…[View]
481711010Wake up khabib[View]
481703189>Play a game for hundreds of hours when you're a kid >replay it years later >it's…[View]
481695821Post your 3x3 games of the decade: (2010-2019) Rate and hate[View]
481699813Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Edition: So I'm pretty fucking excited RDR2 is coming out to the PC by…[View]
481711816Please help me find this game name!!!: Has anybody played this game before? If you do and remember t…[View]
481708052The eternal question[View]
481713695Where do I find a reliable mod menu for this?[View]
481711264Is there a game where you can manage groups of people individually, and slaughter them or add taxes …[View]
481712253It clicked.[View]
481713854Why do people consider this game hard? Even on master it’s about as difficult as dark souls 1. For y…[View]
481699743Artificial Difficulty: the game[View]
481700085Can I get examples of good textures on low/dated poly models[View]
481707589How do we bring back sci-fi racing games, /v/? Vehicle combat friends are also welcome.[View]
481711604Glitz Pitz in Paper Mario TTYD: Why was this story arc so well done?[View]
481710114Does Overwatch need more black male characters? They already have three.[View]
481712025I know it's a long shot, but anyone here had troubles with the disc drive on the XboneX? Specif…[View]
481696158>Pick low tier character >Win >Hahaha you're fucking garbage I can't believe you …[View]
481712023Well, is she right /v/?[View]
481712382ITT: vidya characters who's names you should never ask for[View]
481710315'Pilot, be advised. I calculate a 97% chance this Titanfall threadwon't survive prolonged expos…[View]
481713406Dose: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0BoOQLdOdFC[View]
481704098Kameo: Elements of Power: we are never getting a sequel are we?[View]
481713248How do you fuck up this bad? the first game had such a simple premise[View]
481709405Post a non vidya picture and guess what game anon is referring to: I'll start[View]
481709498If there is ever a sequel to Metroid Fusion, how could the story be continued?[View]
481700240should I buy zone of the enders 2 on ps3 or PS4?[View]
481712554Series that you would like to see a Battle Royale of Pic related, being able to go to all of the ico…[View]
481712950#mee-a-too!: Nintendo has announced that Mario and Luigi were both victims of sexual abuse in order …[View]
481709180>British 'humor'[View]
481709883Spooky Thread: >Two weeks left bois Let's have a proper horror/unintentionally creepy games …[View]
481708358I'm your _______![View]
481712164john madden![View]
481707863What's the biggest disappointment you've ever experienced in vidya?[View]
481712975He is in[View]
481711130Is Digimon Cyber Sleuth 2 worth playing, first game was a massive grind.[View]
481706380>mfw no good One Piece games on Xbone[View]
481702326DMC thread: Dear Capcoom, Since Fans have expressed their displeasure with your current rendition of…[View]
481702023This game fucking sucks.[View]
481706469I believe that one day we'll get another Ultima game but Rosalina from Super Maryo Brothers doe…[View]
481709335Why did I enjoy this so much? I didn't even jerk off to it.[View]
481712695ITT: sprites that look like food[View]
481677583Give me one good reason to buy Cyber Sluts on PC or Switch when PS4 is an option.[View]
481712525>元シナリオのポイントは、スネークが本当に感謝して、いつになく直接的な表現を使っていること……ということを考えると、やはり'Thank you... my friend.'のままが良いかも。 …[View]
481706181Why does /v/ hate this again?[View]
481705519Why can't they just make an achievement system.[View]
481707039Dragon ball Xenoverse 3 when? It's been too fucking long.[View]
481702182Is this the most overrated game of all time?[View]
481684884Who is your favorite Dragon Quest monster? For me, it's Cruelcumber.[View]
481647030redpill me about pokemon mystery dungeon[View]
481705948What are fuck are you doing, Wargaming?![View]
481710896Now that the dust settled, is the game itself good?[View]
481708764I finally hacked my 3DS. What are some 3DS & DS games I should play that I totally missed out on…[View]
481699490>no game ever features a tomboy as a protagonist Fucking why?[View]
481711691actual leak: crash next month, geno revealed alongside him heavy, chell, and freeman are all in expe…[View]
481703917Why is /v/ so obsessed with their childhoods? Every week there's a nostalgia thread for LE 90s/…[View]
481708753Should I buy a flashcart for my 2DS or emulate on Wii U? I don’t really care about portability, I ju…[View]
481635826/v/ the Musical VII: Dawn of the final day. 24 hours remain. Remember to have fun, anons! >What i…[View]
481710546Name a good video game that was made by a girl![View]
481711382Where is the thread?[View]
481703364Linux gaming thread: Since Linux can be used to play fuckton of video games, what is stopping you fr…[View]
481681474How did this game skyrocket to the popularity of Minecraft and Pokemon? >hurr they added BR mode …[View]
481708463>decide to make a mobile game >hire a Chinese dev to release an asset-flipped clone of an exis…[View]
481703728WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?[View]
481708408Well /v/? Prove her wrong.[View]
481699793>me buying decade old ports on Switch for $60 plus tip[View]
481693128IMPOSSIBLE CREATURES: Impossible Creatures is an RTS with a focus on unit customization. The game al…[View]
481709349Remainder that this is the worst event in the game[View]
481708297give me the rundown on this game, if i do pick it up it will be the switch version. is this game fun…[View]
481706693one month later we are forgotten[View]
481707193How come there are so little games about The War of Southern Aggression?: seems like it would make a…[View]
481708675It doesn't feel like an Ys game.: I'm not saying it's a bad game, it just doesnt feel…[View]
481696095Video games with this atmosphere of feeling to it?[View]
481709703What was 4A Games thinking?[View]
481707518AG racing games: What's the best antigrav racer of all time? What's the best modern AG rac…[View]
481707142Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch: AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA >When the most unrealistic part ab…[View]
481709784Who will be your champ in wwe 2k20 universe mode I think I'll go with ribbie[View]
481708475Viddy game thread for saucyfrens :^)[View]
481709039Games only you played.[View]
481709070Anon, you are gonna buy Persona 5 Royal, right?[View]
481709409Terry will be shown and released on the second week of november All of his movers can be powered up,…[View]
481709151Wake Up.: Thanks, losers.[View]
481711274>you DO (blank) ...right /v/? >anything to do with FE or any gachashit for that matter >buy…[View]
481708123>Hates obnoxious SJWs that seethe over the fact that games have white male protags >Hate obnox…[View]
481708487Tera:me Curaga: video game escapism Young xehanort: depression induced by not having gf[View]
481708086Put your knowledge of interactive electronic games to practical use in order to rescue the abducted …[View]
481699587#FE Encore: Are you getting it even if it's censored?[View]
481708667Have we finally figured out what truly happened?[View]
481708243https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwb6d2wK3Qw >'Your favorite games are on your desktop, laptop and…[View]
481708864visual novel thread: what are you reading atm?[View]
481703512Why didn't you buy Link's Awakening, anon?[View]
481694978You all pretend to hate her but you're going to end up playing her game anyway![View]
481708562What can I expect from this game? I think I‘ve never played a CRPG, but this one looks interesting.[View]
481706903>'I work better alone' >dies what did he mean by this?…[View]
481662071Anyone else already completely tired of classic and went back to ffxiv? Don't get me wrong, cla…[View]
481707269Sonic. All around all around. You see it?[View]
481707446KOTOR: Is this a good game?[View]
481677198>dimitri gets a reunion cutscene >claude gets a reunion cutscene >the church gets a reunion…[View]
481675574People are disgusting. My own father and mother are disgusting. You must be disgusting, too![View]
481708312Is Hyrule Warriors worth getting if I played it on wii u?[View]
481704829TEN YEARS OF LEAGUE >card game, probably gacha >mobile version >fighting game >anime Tha…[View]
481708148H A H A[View]
481707297assalam aleykoum: BASED AL-KOJIMAtouari[View]
481708041He i[View]
481707674Damn, I suck at this game :([View]
481707961The Surge 2 thread: Where the fuck do I find the level 100 and up implant slots?[View]
481700353So i decided to play Mega Man & Bass in a GBA emulator, and after beating 5 robot masters i foun…[View]
481707869This is the best exploration game ever made.: So...how the fuck did they do it? Basically on 360 har…[View]
481707705Post your top 3 most played games and get a game recommendation.[View]
481705595Soul vs Soulless happening in front of our eyes[View]
481707832Don Corneo Thread[View]
481703559Smash Ultimate DLC - Correcting Dexter's Dad, once again: Some anon in this site directly refer…[View]
481684467Why is this a thing? What is wrong with Fallout 4 modders?[View]
481707778The voice for the main character of the last game you played is now replaced by Nolan North.[View]
481707703>recent game footage doesn't look like like shit Why did you lie, /v/? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
481707673Miss me yet ?[View]
481691189What could have been[View]
481701505>he plays kids games like crash Nsane trilogy[View]
481707497it actually isn't half bad the free weekend really helped and gave it a healthy population abou…[View]
481706641Ragnarok: Eternal Love EU: Hey /v/, are you already downloading this game? It just came out (for me)…[View]
481705303Is YIIKES that bad?[View]
481706483I fucking hate hide and seek simulator horror games. Why can't we get more horror games like D…[View]
481698021Piper best.[View]
481682727Quake II: Quake II[View]
481701752>Western devs can’t make an attractive fem-[View]
481707325Long War devs proudly present... A fucking grand strategy game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2rv…[View]
481704163In Hindsight was fear 2 a bad game[View]
481707227whats /v/ plan for staying undefeated for ever in vidyas? thread hymne: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
481702954i miss him[View]
481702000How did this piece of shit become the most popular video game ever made?[View]
481707057Is this game any good? It's dirt cheap at the moment.[View]
481707036>tfw you'll never chill in your underwater home in Aquatos >tfw you'll never sip a c…[View]
481703137PvZ: Battle For Neighborville: It's out this Friday. Are you ready for cute plants (and zombies…[View]
481703484>raytracing is a me-[View]
481706764I AM COOMING[View]
481705545what else should i be emulating?[View]
481706803Remember to take it with a grain of salt guys.[View]
481684485>'Master Chief, mind you telling me what are you doing on that battlefield?' >'Sir... Finishin…[View]
481670672Is this accurate?[View]
481702185Why won't snoy just release this to pc? they'd make a lot of fucking money it makes no go…[View]
481703704Why does he talk like a fucking anime?[View]
481706182Just got this. What am I in for?[View]
481703782OH NO NO NO[View]
481706397>this entire game What went wrong?[View]
481651893S4 League: Is there hope for a NO FUN ALLOWED kind of gathering to happen once again? I miss this ga…[View]
481706328Unreal Tournament: :([View]
481662653Why do gamers get upset when vidya deals with real world themes and attempts social xritique? Every …[View]
481706293The one that redpilled you.: What's her name /v/? Mine's Dragon Age Inquisition. >Faggo…[View]
481692172Does VR make a good workout?: /fit/ here, I cant jog or bike in the snow but I heard about some guy …[View]
481706158New channel, looking for subsribers.: So far i only have 3 subscribers, and only 2 videos. But a sta…[View]
481706126My Switch finally arrived, cant wait to play all these games outsid-[View]
481696806I can finally fly a plane into my own house https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOPIjzzH1G8[View]
481705216Are you excited for Death Stranding?[View]
481697115How the fuck does the AI just spawn stacks of troops double the size of mine out of nowhere?[View]
481701939Fuck you I don't want to have everything unlocked again from the get go. I fell for this last t…[View]
481702951Why the fuck is there nothing good to play these last few months? Recommend me a game, please.[View]
481703347>the game lets you play as food[View]
481682169Japanese female character design[View]
481704932Should I reinstall this?[View]
481696592>The same shitty event for 3 years in a row https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S14HJUqM1KI Why?…[View]
481658202Video game characters you want to kiss[View]
481704950What are some Japanese Games that take place in Japan?[View]
481701015>avoid games that /v/ recommends >buy games that /v/ hates and tells you to stay away from …[View]
481704513i prefer dmc 2013 over dmc 5 cause it has platforming and it's not a corridor the combat is sim…[View]
481703682>mmo's are de-[View]
481701836if i reinstall windows will that clear my osu! hwid ban?[View]
481701470It's a masterpiece.[View]
481705325What are some games with this feel?[View]
481705279I know it's a long shot, but anyone here had troubles with the disc drive on the XboneX? Specif…[View]
481699524What is the purpose of the childhood friend in video games?[View]
481704969>next monolith game is a mmo what is your reaction?[View]
481704898the simpsons tf2: the simpsons tf2[View]
481702994I'm super stoked that Next-Gen is really pushing Ray Traced graphics. It seems to be a real gam…[View]
481699682>they upped wc3 from 12 to 24 players 64 players with 10x map size warcraft 2 battle royale when?…[View]
481688972Why You haven't pre-ordering the 2020 Official Olympic video game?[View]
481704167any riot police games available? It is a genre that doesn't get any love[View]
481703971How can anyone take this shit seriously?[View]
481694084Why are minecarts so useless?[View]
481686773Control flopped. Yet it's praised by so many. Why?[View]
481704431What are some good f2p games that are not known well, maybe have a medium to small community? I reme…[View]
481704065>I IMPLORE YOU THINK ABOUT THIS What did he mean by this?[View]
481669138Games where I can deus vult[View]
481703631Glorious Model O: Is this thing overhyped?[View]
481704068AVICII Invector just announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
481701418Scenes that define COMFY[View]
481703404Just fuck my shit up.[View]
481702518Ice Hockey (1988) displaying the most important countries to the sport of the time.[View]
481657327Postal 4 General[View]
481703702Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Bitch: AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA >When the most unrealistic part ab…[View]
481698847This Soundtrack Kicks ASS! What video game tracks make you hype as hell?[View]
481700625Do you use Windows sonic for headphones? I cant really tell a difference in games[View]
481695980Code Vein Flaws: The Restore Vestiges thing. Pretty awful to be honest. These should have just bee…[View]
481703513Putting spaghetti western outlaws on a coastal pirate adventure was so ridiculous I loved it[View]
481691646What were they trying to do exactly?[View]
481699121Related Titles: Lately I've been feeling those pangs of nostalgia, /v/. The desire to return to…[View]
481702507Mordhau: Does anyone play Mordhau? I thought it would be the type of game /v/ never shuts up about b…[View]
481702358Why yes, when I pop my clutch I'm already in second gear. How could you tell?[View]
481696832>He was forced to be bad by the little girl from the Ring Why did Capcom destroy a cool villain …[View]
481692749If you use a Warp Orb in 2nd place then use a shortcut to jump to 1st before the orb reaches 1st wil…[View]
481699956>元シナリオのポイントは、スネークが本当に感謝して、いつになく直接的な表現を使っていること……ということを考えると、やはり'Thank you... my friend.'のままが良いかも。…[View]
481703130>selling a free game what was meant by this?[View]
481701787How do you guys feel about hackers/cheaters?[View]
481691859Mistover thread: post frustration[View]
481699724Blade Strangers is still getting new content? I thought it dead.[View]
481702847Why does big boss have such a hard on for guns?[View]
481701797I've been an absolute pussy about horror all my life until a few weeks ago, so I finally decide…[View]
481702402I have a theory. Its possible some of the weapons in Ice-borne intentionally do not have final forms…[View]
481702062This is your brain on Fallout New Vegas: https://youtu.be/HQZuODPRZTo[View]
481639983>ctrl+f >no noita thread Reminder to take vampirism with chainsaws to teach those hissi fucks …[View]
481698052http://aliensoverhaul.mattfiler.co.uk/ Does this mod makes this game bearable or is it still shit?…[View]
481700337Reminder that Smash wouldn't exist if not for King of Fighters. Respect your father, zoomers[View]
481693543Dragon Quest: What kind of person who choose her over the other girls?[View]
481702350>Game series that's pretty uniquee >Only has like 3-4 titles >Keep replaying them unti…[View]
481679258>HD remaster removes soul[View]
481701429>How your job /v/? >Are you taking your medicine? >Do you have any negative thoughts?…[View]
481700295>play pic related for 30 minutes >it's literally noting but QTEs and cutscenes Damn......…[View]
481701970This is the purest sample we've seen yet.[View]
481702154Who will be your champ in wwe 2k20 universe mode I think I'll go with ribbie[View]
481649221Death Stranding spoilers are out and in the wild bros.[View]
481701902>make game >its shit why do americans do this?…[View]
481701109are you fags ready for the GOAT video game to be released? Death Stranding is going to revolutioniz…[View]
481700918>horror game has a recurring enemy that just won’t die[View]
481700342What if I told you malign forces from the great beyond were operating on you through online video ga…[View]
481686613Why don't you guys like atelier?[View]
481698137>Yooka Laylee underwhelmed everyone and left a sour taste in some people >impossible lair is a…[View]
481670000be honest /v/, how often do you play video games these days[View]
481691997You can play Grandia HD Remaster right fucking now! What are you waiting for? https://store.steampow…[View]
481701831>Woman ahead >Therefore >Try thrust…[View]
481699364I'm gonna need a new KI right the fuck now. Any leaked info in the coming future for KI4?[View]
481700818Now that spooky month is underway, how do we save the horror genre?[View]
481694729Fuck this retarded cunt.[View]
481690734Are you buying tifa's game?[View]
481700115Looking for an rpg i dont know the name of: anybody remember this raunchy ass rpg, i saw a trailer o…[View]
481699423>And this move cripples 97% of /v/ and sends them in into a tantrum[View]
481697231Just catched Groundhog Day here on SNES in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more …[View]
481700994Bros please tell me this isn't the last time i see her PLEASE[View]
481694841How do we get casuals off this board?[View]
481701092Why do so many people play Farming Simulator 17 online? What's so fascinating about working on …[View]
481699716Red Dead Redemption 2: PC Version: Looks like RDR2 is finally out of beta and us PC gamers are gonna…[View]
481690105Do their GPU drivers suck?: I am thinking about getting an rx 5500 instead of a gt 1650. I never bou…[View]
481701404The World Ends With You: What do you think of it and what are your hopes for the sequel?[View]
481677350Hey, this is my bf Agent 47. Say something nice about him you femcels.[View]
481701221>He thinks Phoenix isnt getting in smash[View]
481701105itt we post slags[View]
481700880Pic related is on sale. I know everyone says the Megaton Edition is the best, but is World Tour stil…[View]
481693383Real or fantasy guns?: Well which do you prefer in your games? Are you tired of seeing the 1000th re…[View]
481691594Uh. Meow?...[View]
481691074>It's okay when Miyazaki does it[View]
481611540Hours Played: Post them top tens[View]
481699180Yeah, /v/ wasn't kidding. It's complete dogshit. I'm at the Quelaag's scorpion …[View]
481699391>All important items have a dedicated button, eliminating the need to constantly pause the game a…[View]
481700072What was 4A Games thinking not tuning this shit right for a major presentation of the tech?[View]
481682643Someone blackpill me on the 3ds family before i waste all of my money again[View]
481697327Chinese Company Made Employee Apologize For Expressing Love For Pokémon: https://soranews24.com/2019…[View]
481699986HE CAN'T GET AWAY WITH IT[View]
481695818>why yes, I play league of legends, playing top and jungle exclusively, how could you tell?…[View]
481699935MUFFET WAVE: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KGqLIm_iyP4[View]
481699926Why does this game feel like such a waste of time? I'd go so far as to say it's one of the…[View]
481696104Did ever a spiritual sucessor ever work?[View]
481694584>rdr2 has GREAT graphics! >meanwhile, literally worse than cyberpunk 2077…[View]
481699739Stalket Online Oct 15 2019: What happened to stalker online coming out today it's not showing u…[View]
481693729>evening time in Yurop >Americans show up >board is flooded by weaboo shit Why are there so…[View]
481698551James in Gamestop: What is he buying though?[View]
481698982Games Only You Like: I'll start. yes its Dragon Age Arcade Version but the dialog and character…[View]
481615350Dead Space is better than Resident Evil 4 in literally every way[View]
481699367If I buy a subscription will I get Crash and Spyro or I already missed them?[View]
481689556Why is the Java edition so glitchy?: >make nether portal >go to nether >walk back in portal…[View]
481699447This game would have been perfect if the enemy encounter rate wasn’t fucked[View]
481699283Is OSRS worth playing?: I played for a couple of weeks and then quit. I don't know, I like the …[View]
481698291ITT: 2010s games with SOUL[View]
481699230What's the most hyped for a vidya-related announcement you've been?[View]
481699194Zombie Army 4: Dead War Adds Ugly Chick as Main Character: AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA >When the most u…[View]
481699178Worth a purchase?[View]
481698739I am salivating at the idea of blizzard's response to Mei being a Hong Kong protester. I pray i…[View]
481698889New GTA 2077 looks great![View]
481696160Making a game thanks to inspiration from this. AMA.[View]
481673997JESUS CHRIS the backtracking in this game is unbearable. I endured all the needless going back and f…[View]
481696638would a jinroh game work?[View]
481694530Play Phantasy Star Online.[View]
481687084DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Why arent you playing the PC GOTY?[View]
481694550Y'all great people and I love to spend time with you[View]
481698793Niggers,fag,trannies, and wamen that dont make pee pee hard and make me wank in ma vydia games? Grog…[View]
481696346Umi would like your assistance for an experiment on the human body. Will you help her?[View]
481698275Who do you think the next 5 characters will be? Personally, I think Roman (RWBY), Eltnum (Birth) , R…[View]
481695897Are there any transcripts of Tales of Innocence R out there.: I own the game but having a transcript…[View]
481698319Why is San Andreas the best GTA?[View]
481695724Give me your best Randy memes and pictures[View]
481698250Get fucked[View]
481696767paper mario bread: Is there way to get to Chet Rippo without Bobbery? I wanna set my health to 5 as …[View]
481698535>play the best video game ever >wake up[View]
481694912Why does /v/ hate her so much?[View]
481649154'If our society seems more nihilistic than that of previous eras, perhaps this is simply a sign of o…[View]
481697339>waited years for Kingdom Hearts 3 >even skipped the entire PS3 generation, missing out on cla…[View]
481691826where do you get your vidya news from? not /v/ hopefully.[View]
481669665Best Black Box: If you own both, which do you prefer to play your games on, the PS4 or Xbox One?…[View]
481698025Come on Lax, do some research BEFORE!: Actually we know the leak about Maxwell in smash is FAKE.....…[View]
481688103The creators of the biggest franchise in the world announce an entirely new game and there is no hyp…[View]
481689190New humble bundle in 30 minutes.[View]
481691750Was this thing any good? Came late as fuck and read it's got ass speakers[View]
481687331Gensokyo Night Festival now available via Steam Early Access: https://store.steampowered.com/app/112…[View]
481688343Archeage unchained: >10k queue Ok[View]
481697948What are some clever way devs can bring back Easter eggs in games without data mine[View]
481697902>the environment is actually beautiful and pretty >it is full of dangerous shit that will kill…[View]
481696908Besides Melty Blood, what is the best fighting game?[View]
481693841REPENT! THE END IS NIGH![View]
481695263>Epic tries to hype Fortnite 2 as this major cultural event >Less viewers than League of Legen…[View]
481692345Hey /v/ what do you /sip/ when you play vidya?[View]
481697261Super Mario Maker 2: How come everyone forgot about me?[View]
481674147It had been a year since his announcement for smash Are still happy about it?[View]
481670059How much player interaction is needed for you to consider a game as a real game and not a movie game…[View]
481692956We all agree this is a flop right?[View]
481681857maybe I’m a fag but I miss tf2 getting promotional items[View]
481696704Is Zappy boi the best character Blizzard has ever created?[View]
481697302>player notices you own at the game and sends a friend request >delete message and report him…[View]
481697296>MY WIFE FOR HIRE[View]
481633990Hopes, expectations & dreams?[View]
481693921Rising Storm 2 Vietnam: its over bros[View]
481695972How likely is it that Bluepoint is remaking Demon's Souls?[View]
481694609Is there a way to play this shit without Firaxis launcher?[View]
481696726She really has a bias for Sith.[View]
481694505Who was in the wrong here?[View]
481696632>ps+ ends >lose stuff on hard drive >need ps+ to get shit back >hear the cloude even del…[View]
481695394Yeah, i'm thinking he's back.[View]
481694750Show me what you got /v/[View]
481690418Detective games[View]
481687342Best racing game of all time?[View]
481694017>That game you have zero interest in but /v/ has spammed so much you know the characters and even…[View]
481696198And here is our sons room. Hes quite the gamer as you can see.[View]
481696119So where is the new game + on this thing? Blasphemous thread Also the best track in game? Right here…[View]
481695895For me, it's the Cattleman Revolver[View]
481694438Hello /v/, I am going to my grandparents house and I want only your confiest game recommendations.[View]
481684515Nier automata: Is it hyped up garbage?[View]
481694079Vidya game thread for saucyfrens :^)[View]
481693124What RPGs have good party building where you can/have to build your members and their skills up so t…[View]
481695985Who will be your champ in wwe 2k20 universe mode I think I'll go with ribbie[View]
481691734Is this WoW leak real?: What are you expecting for 9.0?[View]
481693895Why doesn't so punch me for staring at her so much?[View]
481690723Who was in the wrong here?[View]
481694004>has best GTA theme song in your path[View]
481692894Yeesh. What went wrong?[View]
481695709I better not have just heard you hating on Sonic, anon.[View]
481695504Oh god oh fuck, it's Ultra Borb![View]
481692257Does anyone know what's going on with Hylics 2? It was supposed to come out this summer but Mas…[View]
481687147Why do people seem to hate Midna?[View]
481695529Why do gamers get upset when vidya deals with real world themes and attempts social xritique? Every …[View]
481683493Which video game character has the best porn?[View]
481693825Whore of the Orient was supposed to be the spiritual successor to LA Noire by Team Bondi. The studio…[View]
481695354What are they looking at /v/ ?[View]
481694551Well /v/?[View]
481674184Warcraft 3 reforged models Still dumping from >>481660785[View]
481694081Explain why you're not playing Planescape Torment on the Switch.[View]
48169514510/10 character designs[View]
481684563What's one of your favourite games of the Decade? plebeians not allowed[View]
481691990Would you give it all up to be isekai'ed into the world of Pokemon going on adventures? What Po…[View]
481688019ITT: Times when Nintendo acted like the Joker.[View]
481689853why japan loves skyrim so much?[View]
481694832ITT: Neat shit some games let you do >phone numbers you find throughout the game world can be cal…[View]
481694790I cant wait for cyberpunk 2077 bro[View]
481694731do you play rpg maker games?: or even make sum yourself? is the anon here who made this? is the anon…[View]
481689198https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/10/15/blizzard-cancels-overwatch-launch-event-in-wake-of-protests …[View]
481675028Is this game supposed to look like that? It's 1080p with AA, my rig can't handle higher re…[View]
481694620What's your favourite DaS3 meme/cosplay build?[View]
481694464Voice of Truth: Will there ever be a greater moment in gaming history? Will he be back guys?[View]
481694448Idea: I have an idea, couldn’t we just make fake soundtracks for different franchises and title it w…[View]
481683707>here are your protagonists, bro[View]
481694384WHERE IS IT GABEN[View]
481684389FUCK WIN10 GAMING - PART 2: >old PC was a Win7 >4GB of ram, intel dual-core, onboard graphics …[View]
481691985Need For Speed Heat feels like the Dying Light of Racing Games www.youtube.com/watch?v=A27nVg3OgNE…[View]
481603430Smash: Reimu for Smash: She's in. https://twitter.com/PushDustIn/status/1183253143590559745 …[View]
481687581Snood thread. Let's talk about this great classic our moms played when they thought no-one was …[View]
481694215>already dead lmao[View]
481693009>tfw had to make a new Battlenet account an buy overwatch again because I regret deleting my old …[View]
481693953>2minutes into aram and chill and ths happenns UGH! why are gamers so toxic -.^…[View]
481693997Yes.: >'y-you love women with big tits and asses bcs u hate transgender people xd' >'y-you s-s…[View]
481677998Is DQ11 worth getting on the switch if you already played the game on PC? What does the switch versi…[View]
481692064For me, it's Terran Theme 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcEHDqji74A[View]
481692650What's the biggest vidya letdown you've been burned by?[View]
481693773Let's talk October horror I just got pic related along with Paratopic What am I in for?[View]
481690028Last one 404'd so lets try again Comfy Arma 3 thread. Is it worth picking up? Or do I absolutel…[View]
481674559Play Warframe.[View]
481682008A place of power Gotta be[View]
481691764What happened?[View]
481674487>Game becomes popular >Community goes to shit What's her name /v/?…[View]
481682937I just fucking died: What are some good games to play in the waiting line for heaven?[View]
481663757Granblue Fantasy Versus: Vaseraga and Zeta are in! Are you still interested in the game? Will you bu…[View]
481692457>You have received one mystery gacha lootbox! Open now?[View]
481688979Imagine the shitstorm this would bring right now[View]
481693182>minor enemie becomes the big baddie of the game Any games for this feel?…[View]
481680589Disco Elysium Launch thread: Get hype bros, the GOTY unlocks in 1 (ONE) HOUR.[View]
481689065kof: post your dreams for the new game[View]
481692939Cube World thread: >Wollay and his digital wife still missing >Concurrent playing users droppe…[View]
481692883Na'ar means child in ancient hebrew.: >https://archived.moe/v/thread/481684684 >>48168…[View]
481670039Admit it contrarian faggots, Final Fantasy VI is in your top 5 games[View]
481691515I wanna start killing homos NOW!: Can't wait![View]
481690496Do you still buy physical games, /v/?[View]
481691913So wait if there's >ArticUNO >ZapDOS >MolTRES Then explain to me >????UNO >Gyara…[View]
481688653What is your favorite game of all time?[View]
481692442Street Fighter V: What are your expectations for season 5/Super Street Fighter V?[View]
481690828why all the hate ? Just bought this and i'm having fun, gameplay wise is superior to BF1[View]
481660767It was a better time[View]
481688243>people complain about RPGs that are linear like FF13 >people complain about RPGs that are non…[View]
481692210for me, it's Jun.[View]
481688230Is there a single girl in vidya that's more perfect than Giselle?[View]
481687382Did anyone else have their achievements changed on steam for rarity? All the sudden apparently achie…[View]
481692102XIV: How do you feel about the Warriors of Darkness? I feel like preserving their motivation until r…[View]
481685332NINTENDO SIXTY FOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRR What happened? It feels like so long since I've ever …[View]
481692026Rogue can be considered to be better than ACIV. It's pretty much the same game, except it has h…[View]
481687713Freemium Smash Bros for Android: https://youtu.be/rxerKDlbhyk Posting this because this game shouldn…[View]
481688784Stadia is almost here. How can you recover anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76rL2xlDzdA[View]
481690931Linear storyline or emergent sandbox gameplay?[View]
481690841Spooky Fnaf lore: Or spooky vidya in general, whatever get's the spooky going[View]
481691625>10 year anniversary >stream to celebrate/announce shit later Besides the known fighting game,…[View]
481689516Are you ready?: 2 best games will be on switch soon! Can't wait to dive into the world of Witch…[View]
481691507Will my toaster run it, /v/ ?[View]
481689304People have ALREADY forgotten about the Blizzard incident[View]
481691549She's an awful character[View]
481688102How do I make this game fun? Anime girls?[View]
481691023>hey anon, ill let you in on a little secret... im in...[View]
481691417>cant decide what game to play how do you decide what game to play?[View]
481671016What made it superior to Minecraft?[View]
481691386What if he is not in?[View]
481688708How did this country go from ruling video games in the 2000s to being outdone by Europoors in 2019?[View]
481678651>vidya characters you want to impregnate[View]
481680517San Andreas > Vice City > Bully > GTA3 > Vice City Stories > RDR1 > Liberty City S…[View]
481675114How bad did Ubisoft screw up Ass creed after the Victorian England one. Is the game still an ass cre…[View]
481688125post ur favorite shmups[View]
481690920Miiverse thread: Hardmode: No UH[View]
481685948Seriously though, why did game companies continue to even try after Fable was released? I mean it…[View]
481690771>Aww shit, here comes Pacman...[View]
481610421The last Final Fantasy...[View]
481673963Why did Nomura make the first Kingdom Hearts game the best one?[View]
481686616>jukebox option[View]
481689119>tfw been cycling between Deus Ex and Dark Souls for years now >tfw haven't been absorbed…[View]
481685073>rdr2 has great graphics[View]
481458590Splatoon: What's your favorite weapon and why?[View]
481678621What do you expect from Xenoblade Chronicles 3?[View]
481680171Is this the end of PC and console gaming alike?[View]
481688749>Gaming peaked in the 90s Why do people spread this meme when the 2000s exist? 80s and 10s fags n…[View]
481671142China has been generous.[View]
481689834He's in[View]
481689879FORNITE 2 BAYBEEE GOTY GOTD GOTC *flosses*[View]
481684056Archeage Unchained. Launch day is today steam launch is at 1pm EST. It's already out on the gly…[View]
481689191“Why yes, I would like to preorder a copy of Luigi’s Mansion 3. How did you know?[View]
481686158>perfectly normal setting >Ninjas samurais etc >Do the graveyard mission and suddenly fucki…[View]
481687260What headsets do you guys use, this is your one and only chance to push down the buyers remorse you …[View]
481650615Still the king.[View]
481683806>Super speed >Teleportation >Time manipulation From a design/balancing standpoint, what…[View]
481687927OH NO NO NO NO[View]
481672828hey /v/ im having trouble running morrowind on my shitty laptop. it has low fps and clipping issues …[View]
481688980More like Team Fortress, Too.[View]
481648736new budget king FLOPPED: https://youtu.be/ajZA8vjjZ48 >barely more fps than rx580 in competitive …[View]
481683083>game takes places in Japan >localization removes all Japanese references…[View]
481687441What are some Coomercore games?[View]
481688078Why can’t i play Dragon Quest XI on my Xbox One?? Who’s paying to gatekeep the game? Sony? Nintendo?[View]
481687567How did Activision/Neversoft create the best arcade sports franchise ever?: Literally every game bef…[View]
481669162No More Heroes: Are you ready?[View]
481688695Are these objectively the top 5 best video games of all time?[View]
481686850These two games are better films than all the Brosnan Bond movies after Goldeneye. One of them even …[View]
481688465How do I make video game[View]
481685628> Game company announces new game > It's a remaster Are we stuck with this trend now? I e…[View]
481684760Ocarina of Time is completely redpilled.[View]
481678584Will Blizzard die within our lifetime?[View]
481681952ahahaha oh nononononono defend this stellarisbabs[View]
481682825It's been almost a year. When is he gonna finish this shit?[View]
481671657NOVEMBER 19TH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKmsYB54zBk[View]
481676727handheld switch games look better with the switch lite. switch games are handheld material. TV is fo…[View]
481686062VE REMAKE FUCKING WHEN: Holy shit these games were so much fun with motion controls[View]
481686259so who is looking forward to Warcraft 3 reforged?[View]
481688117where the fuck is the music? I think I heard the beautiful save room theme ONCE, what the fuck? same…[View]
481684869Do you prefer classic shooters or old school shooters /v/?[View]
481685927Is this anything other than a ledge hopping simulator? Because that's all I've been doing …[View]
481677612At what point does it become fun? I’m trying to buy my first house and am just doing endless chores …[View]
481687702Post keynote moments from games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS6tBhNv-LU&t=226s[View]
481686620This could be great but there’s a severe lack of humor and wit.[View]
481685217I'm supersized there is anyone at all still interested in this game.[View]
481686164Gamefreak supports trans rights. Why don't you?[View]
481685219Can you please help a brainlet understand what a 'season' is supposed to be in a videogame? What the…[View]
481678124Zoo Tycoon 5 Star Zoo: I've been trying the Panda campaign in Zoo Tycoon 2 for the last week bu…[View]
481687262Blizzcon 2019: Its in 2-3 weeks. What is next bros? While nobody gives a shit about the Honkong stuf…[View]
481687123le 80's: Was it Hotline Miami that popularized the 'imitation 80's' genre? None of the gam…[View]
481686274Is it worth getting a PS4 at this point or just waiting till the Ps5? t.PcChad and Switchbro[View]
481685165>Mario/Zelda game has a plot with as much death and suffering as Disney's 'The Lion King' …[View]
481686795How would you design his game? Would it even be possible?[View]
481656223Unironically, why was this allowed?[View]
481685118Do you own a physical collection /vee/? I'm thinking of starting to pirate everything from now …[View]
481686830Have there ever been any good games about being a firefighter? The only one I can remember is Magica…[View]
481685225dragon age inquisition: >worst party members >brought back all the old favorites just to ruin …[View]
481675857So, why did you quit anon?[View]
481639136Why was this allowed?[View]
481682816The last of us: I played this game for the first time. I am certainly not surprised because I actual…[View]
481684861What a turd of a generation. By far the worst ever. >nintendo waggle >cost of making hd games …[View]
481685109Who was in the wrong here?[View]
481674047Inafune almost destroyed Capcom. Has there ever been another instance of a single man nearly destro…[View]
481683361There is literally nothing wrong with Blizzard, Activision, Tencent, or China.[View]
481678846Should I buy the Remaster, people say to just emulate it or emulate the saturn version.[View]
481686187It's Time[View]
481678889So why come there are no good Winnie the Pooh Vidya?[View]
481676818A Hat in Time: Are you getting the Switch version?[View]
481684340Good news: it looks more accurate. Bad news: the movie is a guaranteed flop at this point, consideri…[View]
481685937As of 2020 all games produced within the european union must include 3 LGBT characters and vibrancy[View]
481685793You know that shitty mobile game that gets shilled in every bit of content you watch online? Just go…[View]
481675910Wtf i thought less sexualized and socially aware was better than fan service and oversexualization ,…[View]
481682080Why did it die so quickly?[View]
481665306NOSTALGIA THREAD: Do you have a song, image or stage that hits you with a wave of nostalgia like no …[View]
481680351What’s his problem?[View]
481683564What happened? Was looking forward to this.[View]
481684123Pokédex Leak: Who believes the new Pokédex leak? What do you think will be shown in tomorrow’s video…[View]
481685330Post your idle animations![View]
481681290I poke my head out of the gutter for One Freakin' Second and fate SHovEls SH!T in my face! http…[View]
481685550I was thinking of Playing Pirate Warriors 3, is there any point with 4 coming out, or is each game f…[View]
481677540Brew Leak: What will happen next?[View]
481680415caption this[View]
481685106How do we fix this?[View]
481665529>entire career is using other people's IPs with the exception of Dreamland >didn't e…[View]
481669210Videogames butts thread: Post vidya butts[View]
481685323>Character has an alternate palette/costume that's objectively better than all the others …[View]
481683830Where is Toadsworth?[View]
481685171It's here https://youtu.be/OVl8rX6v6jg[View]
481635349Doomguy should be in Smash.[View]
481683436Recommend me a good mobile game please Idc if its gacha as long as i can get thing with time and fr…[View]
481684943Can we have an Arma III thread? Is it worth getting into now? I barely played 2 but it seems like a …[View]
481683369Do you play any riding sims?[View]
481684180Is there any video games that teach you how to sing?[View]
481682318Mage kino is back on the menu boys >Inb4 no steam version Steamie stop steaming…[View]
481662546Life is Strange: >/v/ autistically hates game >play it again >turns out it's still gre…[View]
481684045Which one, canonically speaking, has the biggest breasts? It feels like Pneuma > Pyra > Mythra…[View]
481663342The absolute STATE of modern sonic[View]
481684457Which one guys?[View]
481663540You invert, right?[View]
481684087>check mail >'XY is now available!' > eArlY AcCEsS…[View]
481682047What viyda trophy/cheevo would you put on your CV?[View]
481684170I thought this game was supposed to be an improvement? The only good thing is queuing upgrades.[View]
481672967What was your first big gaming disappointment?: For me it was Empire TW. Medeval 2 and Rome 1 are tw…[View]
481683789Master! Do you remember what day is it today??[View]
481679786>you're trying to save the world >shopkeepers still charge you for items It's like t…[View]
481681651Will it be better than previous installments?[View]
481678052PUBG Lite: It's free and easily runs at 300 FPS. Why the hell aren't you playing it right …[View]
481683197Durr let's just leave this guy alone I wonder if he will try to escape[View]
481683974https://youtu.be/VK1JX3Spq7M found this guild on warcraftmovies lol[View]
481677792Suikoden II is the best RPG ever created Prove me wrong[View]
481669874Come the end of next month she will be forgotten about.[View]
481681974How does an Imperial loyalist know his daughter is on her period? When the Thalmor delegate's c…[View]
481639313Sexy animations in vidya: