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442648058Classic Sony.[View]
442647310Is there some mod that higlights items on the ground? Playing it at 1440p they are just too tiny to …[View]
442647570Game Awards 2018: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
442645954I'll keep this short and sweet, Dutch. You're weak, you're out of control, and you…[View]
442627321FE 6 > FE 7 > FE 8[View]
442646727okay fags, name a protag you wanted to kill in a game[View]
442647768Damn, Natalya looks like THAT?[View]
442647418You did complete Secret Mission 31, didn't you Anon? You did beat all 5 Vorkken fights yes?…[View]
442645135We got sonic vs mario in smash Why not the others?[View]
442645331What is the best horse in RDR2?[View]
442645270THICC: ZSS lost her ass? Lol[View]
442639859So when it is coming? inb4 soon[View]
442636614Thoughts Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds?: title.[View]
442645682Why don't we have a triple AAA xmen game yet?????[View]
442641262*saves xbox* *saves gaming*[View]
442637868Be honest /v/: Is he THE never ever? Not just for ultimate but for smash as a whole[View]
442647195get ready for sonic kino lads[View]
442643002ITT: Characters who look like you[View]
442634802Katawa Shoujo Appreciation Thread: In less than a month it will have been 7 years since the release …[View]
442630809Monkey's Paw - What's your wish?: I want Sans from Undertale in Smash[View]
442640745Why aren't older women main characters represented in video games? Why aren't game journal…[View]
442641919Whats a good character to learn with? Been using Steve, and I love him. But want to experiment with …[View]
442641817Is it worth buy it on Wii? I don't have wii U or a switch[View]
442646160I'm giving mgqp a go but the censor blocks are annoying. Is there a nude patch for this shit?[View]
442646550What are some games that take place in northwestern china.[View]
442584440>/v/ laughed during the first iteration of OC's >Now get god teir fetish designs Who…[View]
442640232Does Nintendo really expect the average person playing smash to know who the fuck this is?[View]
442646140What games let you exorcise demons[View]
442639486IT KEEPS HAPPENING: Whose mothers did Just Cause 4 kick in the nuts?[View]
442642563Why did /v/ get even worse after the split?[View]
442639867Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Who do you think the next 4 DLC characters are going to be?[View]
442642670Is From Ashes the worst DLC of this generation?[View]
442631040Don't worry, the good characters are coming: Who could be enough of a fag to not want this?…[View]
442643023Indivisible: Don't sleep on GOTY 2019[View]
442644936>'''''''immersive'''''''' Wrpg >Character never sharts great games Todd.…[View]
442645256How do we fix the open world meme[View]
442643510Anyone know any other games similar to downwell in their polish and gameplay style?[View]
442645460Ahem... Fuck white heroes.[View]
442641683What is the best FF of the playstation era?[View]
442638545Why aren't you playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R, /v/?[View]
442608074all memes aside what do you think will actually happen with this[View]
442644968Joker being in smash is cool and all but I just want to play SMTV. It's been like a year and we…[View]
442640372 [View]
442645247Fucking retarded spirit[View]
442644738don't have a switch, not planning on getting one, but still getting one of these to play gamecu…[View]
442643797What are some games with fun summoner classes?[View]
442591847Would Bayonetta be a good mommy?[View]
442644116Cho Aniki Thread: Confy talk about the best game[View]
442644790Battletoads is back you guys![View]
442643770comfy spirited thread: Who else here /spiritsdontdeconfirm/ ? Characters with spirit battles in worl…[View]
442644767Does anyone know when the release date for nightmare cops will be? They released a trailer and had a…[View]
442644756This game is glitchy[View]
442644641should I get this now or is it likely to get even more discounted for steam christmas sale? there wi…[View]
442641132>Here's your new xbox, son. You can throw the old one away.[View]
442642241Why does Nintendo hate her so much? >give her ridiculously good air normals >make her jump flo…[View]
442641294tfw this game installs malware on your computer now[View]
442632340>shitty campaign >can’t taunt online for god knows why >garbage matchmaking >no online t…[View]
442643662ITT: Games only you bought.[View]
442632381>main character of the first game is the final boss of the second game[View]
442640802>mfw having to unlock 90% of the roster in Smash Ultimate Anyone have a save file I can use on my…[View]
442635502>6 years in goddamn development nobody fucking cares 1.0 is launching in a day.…[View]
442642908Why did Rakion die? It wa so so ahead of its time[View]
442643539Release Smash: >Smash Bros Ultimate sold 1,238,358 units in 3 days. >Switch hardware sold 278,…[View]
442635098Doom Eternal: What are the chances this will require Bethesda's shitty launcher?[View]
442642680Fuck them. Fuck everything. This isn't worth it anymore[View]
442643085Which one should I get?[View]
442642225>You put immunity on for a hero >Other faggot plays this card and kills it what the fuck is th…[View]
442642512Okay fags, tell me your favourite games of this year BUT no RDR2 or GOW bullshit. Only the most obsc…[View]
442642681Is this good?[View]
442643330Isn't it about time Steam complies with modern UI standards in Windows 10?[View]
442641746>little cereza grew up and died[View]
442641778Who do they main?[View]
442642805>this guy must sell your favorite game what would he say ?[View]
442629630Uncharted 2 is the greatest action/adventure game of all time. Prove me wrong.[View]
442640584>Two different versions >Jap localized version is inferior What did Yoko mean by this?…[View]
442641885tonight’s the night[View]
442642689>Here's ur winter holiday event bro[View]
442643115>5 shitty skins >2 emotes >1 highlight intro >no new game modes >FFA changed to myste…[View]
442640375So THIS is the power of Battlefield™ V https://www.instagram.com/p/BrQSkZulKDw/?utm_source=ig_web_bu…[View]
442642825Red Dead Online: What went wrong?[View]
442640163Who is your favourite African character in videos games? for me it's Urine.[View]
442642740 Whens Mahvel [View]
442641826What's it like to work for a game company?[View]
442635350Will game ever give this feel?[View]
442639764>unironically loved Quantum Break >am bored to shit with most games >idk what to play give …[View]
442641887PS4 can't compete with the Switch.[View]
442636687Still enjoy playing Pokemon games?[View]
442639267LEGO games on sale on Steam right now. Which ones are worth getting?[View]
442637103Are any other channels under as much scrutiny as pewdiepie? For example Tara Babcock (pic related) c…[View]
442641424>next gen of consoles comes out >you didn't buy a spare last gen console in case your old…[View]
442624740UNIST Thread: Currently on sale on PSN for $20 Join the party[View]
442638509Are Mario games too hard?[View]
442641749*Blocks your path*[View]
442632245Fuck X-COM 2: I'm so fucking done with X-COM 2. Im just so damned tired of having the Council i…[View]
442640943The ammount of money Nintendo could make selling smash skins is absurd >Mr. L costume for Luigi …[View]
442641734MELEE IS DEAD: Ultimate is better, bury the corpse already.[View]
442641691Are we ever going to get a sly 5? Its been years and still no news :([View]
442641151Best Final Fantasy OST Thread[View]
442641414>try to censor game >end result is even more lewd than original uncensored version…[View]
442624538Can we take a moment to appreciate the amount of autism sakurai went through to give us all these th…[View]
442634668What would the canon powerscaling look like for smash? I was assuming it would be like.... Kirby>…[View]
442639653mobile: What video games do you wish to see get a mobile port?[View]
442631262How did this laggy rehash with broken online achieve this score?[View]
442639828>almost 2019 >no Scott Pilgrim re-release Life is pain…[View]
442641028I'm gonna take you for a ride![View]
442639037He's fucking in[View]
442627912Worth playing if I wasn't even good enough to beat or even get far in the first one?[View]
442630306DMC: Name a more Delusional fanbase, pro tip: You cannot[View]
442639123>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KToROLFBsgc >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gPBmDptqlQ >…[View]
442588440risk of rain: >game is called risk of rain >it never rains…[View]
442635184>majority of new characters sold separately >completely broken online modes >no voice chat,…[View]
442632002ITT: Games that ruined other games for you by simply setting the bar of quality too high I legit can…[View]
442640517Okay, here's my concept for Heihachi in Smash >B - Wind God Fist (motion for electric) >s…[View]
442639770'Hey let's put a bunch of characters few people care about or are familiar with because that…[View]
442637198Is this the most pointless game to ever exist? Ultimate completely overshadows it in every way.[View]
442640309>tries to murder a child for no other reason than to be a celebrity was he based?…[View]
442638942Hello /v/, Capcom here. If you allow us to brainwash you and have you eat our feces, you can earn up…[View]
442624675Reminder to buy Mega Man 11 if you wish to accelerate the Blue Bomber's reign of excellent game…[View]
442638107SHE'S IN[View]
442620319anybody playing this?[View]
442565857Why is this character so appealing? Not many match up[View]
442637591Will he finally make a reappearance in the Crash Team Racing remake?[View]
442639884You still haven't forgotten about him, right /v/? Plant Gang rise up![View]
442618034Is there really anything wrong with having attractive female characters in games? Honestly, who is i…[View]
442638776Can you guys recommend me some games that are similar in gameplay to this one? I just really enjoye…[View]
442630474 [View]
442574532Here's a hot take: If you think VR is a gimmick, you have never played a good VR game.[View]
442637767You were patient and let Todd fix his game, didn't you, /v/? You wouldn't let a few bugs m…[View]
442639730He's in right?[View]
442615520corrin is so much fun to play[View]
442638635So is it good? Anyone play it? I've always really enjoyed Supergiantgames, and was contemplatin…[View]
442636423>game community has zero americans[View]
442639528>#1 most wanted newcomer is too 'expected and safe' to get in >so they won't ever get in.…[View]
442634929>canadian developers[View]
442638103Peach's costumes are so stupid. They could have been more creative and replaced the the gold on…[View]
442638642GOD HE'S SO HANDSOME: I'd let him smash me any day.[View]
442638203>BUY 1000 DLC'S[View]
442639069What the fuck did I miss? What do I have to do to get 100%? Do I have to max my skill tree? Cause I …[View]
442635265Do you think RDR2 will have an Undead Nightmare sized expansion? The way Rockstar is going about Red…[View]
442637996> The only Media Franchise in existence besides Hello Kitty that will reach 100 Billion Dollars i…[View]
442639289Finally, a tier list we can all agree on.[View]
442637597No game can touch 2012 TF2 in terms of sheer fun[View]
442639253What games should I buy on ps4? Currently playing kingdom hearts, planning on buying code vein. What…[View]
442638910>playing tf2 >having a good fucking time >dicking around as engi on 2fort >talking with …[View]
442639127>April 2019 >rdr2 wins BAFTA >crew goes up >they sit down in a circular form >(when i…[View]
442637164would you fuck a waterwraith[View]
442631385WHERE'S YOUR Devil May Cry Thread[View]
442633674Whats /v/'s favorite fighting game?[View]
442638864GOTTA GO, MAX[View]
442606765Find a flaw[View]
442638780GTASA > GTA5 in length (And quality): Using speedrunner statistics, GTAV is shorter than GTASA by…[View]
442631215Nioh is *literally* just a rip off of Inuyasha.[View]
442619205Anyone struggling with this mission?[View]
442635914Why are the moderators so fucking poop?[View]
442638594What went wrong?[View]
442638586What have you been playing lately, /v/?[View]
442638448BATTLEFIELD 5: OH NO NO NO NO! /v/ BTFO! this cringy add is sure to raise the sales . pack it up inc…[View]
442638519Next Donkey Kong[View]
442610126> Japan's Favorite VG Characters & their status in Smash: > 1. Link (Legend of Zelda,…[View]
442637769Don't you Forget about me[View]
442631903It's going to be shit[View]
442637963sleep tight spoder[View]
442629042Smash and Pokemon saved the Switch: So, what's next for Nintendo?[View]
442634987Damn, Erica looks like *THAT*?[View]
442636602Girl and his goons are asleep Post your favorite vidya milkers[View]
442638167http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25506993/free-agent-pitcher-adam-ottavino-says-whiff-babe-ruth Th…[View]
442632535You're given the superpower to utilize one video game glitch in real life. What do you pick? It…[View]
442637764The corporations Morty![View]
442604503>The best girl is yourself What games do this[View]
442634161Bugthesda Shitworks: I CAN'T STAND Bugthesda or their fans. If R* or CDPR made a buggy game the…[View]
442637943Your thoughts on the lineup for AGDQ 2019? https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule Starting with Hollow …[View]
442637971Storm Island 2.0...why can't they come up with good expansions anymore in Forza Horizon?[View]
442637659>no trophies Wait, why am I supposed to keep playing this again?[View]
442637094>*blocks your video games*[View]
442629701Zelda is a good girl[View]
442630624The Mii Fighters are fucking based[View]
442632043>We all had her, but he married her Was John Marston a cu-ck?[View]
442633489Atelier Arland DX: How are you Mysteriousfags finding Arland, the best Atelier trilogy?[View]
442637216What the fuck was Sakurai thinking? This is worse than Smash Tour.[View]
442631775>jannies now delete post saying n*igger in them so much for /v/ culture...…[View]
442606780OH BOOOOY[View]
442633686>in a world... >where speed is king >cuts to Eggman, played by Jim Carrey holding an oversi…[View]
442633892Why isn't he more popular? He's pretty funny, and has some pretty well written games out t…[View]
442635105he's fucking in[View]
442637027ITT: products/games you will never EVER try And this goes for all 'cloud gaming' platforms not just…[View]
442628745Poor, Poor sonic[View]
442632749any games with this feel?[View]
442610730How's your journey through the World of Light going anon?[View]
442636665!: *ting* *ting* *ting* *AHEM* FUCK racism... FUCK sexism... FUCK discrimination... And most importa…[View]
442634924Overlord 360/xbox one: Hey does anyone still have Overlord I miss playing multiplayer[View]
442636627i want to be Judy Garland's own speed demon.[View]
442631892Behold. The absolute worst D-pad known to man.[View]
442631746Your daily reminder that >pic related causes salty /v/irgins to prolapse their anuses.…[View]
442624654Daily reminder that Wolfenstein II is much better than The New Order. In before >but the story i…[View]
442634498Rising Storm 2 has an Army Men update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8q99Xhk8q4[View]
442636136Would it have been better if they just wrote him out of the story like he died or just cut ties with…[View]
442636027He is going to be the next namco rep mark my words.[View]
442629882I did the whole 'redeem nintendo rewards' for this game, but I didn't get an email or anything.…[View]
442614474Are ya winning, son?: So these are the results for most fapped to game characters on this year. Anyt…[View]
442634464>enemies scale to your level[View]
442616985ITT: cute vidya character designs[View]
442634078Honest question, how was ancient Turkey of all places able to make the bible popular? Christianity b…[View]
442633906>I'm already Tracer[View]
442629591Far Cry V unironically had the best music in any video game this year. Prove me wrong. pro tip you c…[View]
442635148Why would you release unfinished, broken games?[View]
442630909Will there ever be another good star wars game? Any hopes for Respawn's new game?[View]
442633659>Play competitive for the first time >Win 3 to 2 losses >Want to do more >Have to wait 2…[View]
442633332Assassin's creed brotherhood: anyone have a steam key for assassin's creed brotherhood del…[View]
442634648Friendly reminder that mods are going to be awake soon, shitpost while you can early birds.[View]
442632441ITT: your biggest gripe with smash ultimate Mine is HIS WORLD IS STILL INSTRUMENTAL ONLY[View]
442634621Was this an inside job to draw focus to Blizzard and sabotage themselves from within?[View]
442622195This is just bad[View]
442633650ok /v/ this is the final nail in Banjo's coffin[View]
442634083I know you basedboys probably won't know anything about this but is the '2019' edition worth ge…[View]
442632289>Spirit battle >stage has a walk-off[View]
442630824What did they mean by this?[View]
442631934ITT:Characters that are literally you[View]
442626195Post Catholic video game characters[View]
442624610I'll be your gf for a month if you can beat my Oregon Trail score.[View]
442633810>Youtuber is called 'RPG_____' >'Now! I'm not into RPGs that much but...'…[View]
442597695How's the game so far[View]
442630090Is this a joke?[View]
442627649Rage 2 Thread: Noticed there wasn’t a thread up for this game! Figured I’d make on. Playing through …[View]
442629828Star Wars vidya: Is there any hope for something good in these dark times?[View]
442627738How do you think the Sonic PR Twitter is going to go about damage-controlling the reception from the…[View]
442628896>game has scene of female begging for her life[View]
442607887*saves video games* https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil/[View]
442633182It's been over 12 years since Twilight Princess released, but Midna is still not in Smash. Try …[View]
442631691Can't wait to see Chris Chan's reaction to the upcoming movie.[View]
442626858Find a flaw /v/[View]
442630572Are you ready for 2017 In Vidya: Part 2? What are you really looking forward to and why?[View]
442633147Who /ROB/ here?[View]
442624020What’s /v/‘s opinion on the new Atlas game coming out? I for one feel like I’m in a dream. A pirate …[View]
442629146Who wore it better?[View]
442632084>'Why would you do this? we only wanted to play video games.'[View]
442627327>Watching Nairo with Snake >Has 1,029,000 (and some change) GSP >In Elite >Be me with Si…[View]
442625784SF5 thread Any body else upset on the new update?[View]
442631464Not even WoW's biggest shills like the direction Blizzard is going Is this the beginning of the…[View]
442610452>quietly dies off in a corner what went wrong?[View]
442628545The ads for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No S…[View]
442626620What fightan should I pick up if I almost exclusively play Melee Marth?[View]
442623836Why is he still sponsored? I thought toxic personalities had no place in gaming.[View]
442630451ok, throw me some numbers /v/.... when is Blizzard going to be devoured into Activision?[View]
442630569>bought gravity rush 2 in the flash sale >haven't touched it >gravity rush remaster is…[View]
442632239Mario Breaks His Ass At The Public Pool 64: What are some games where you can hurt yourself in ridi…[View]
442631395What do you guys think of the Devil may cry 5 xbox demo?[View]
442630196>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442630078Persona 5 The Animation: >game has great English dub >game gets anime series >anime doesn…[View]
442631146IT KEEPS HAPPENING: Whose mothers did Just Cause 4 kick in the nuts?[View]
442630190What's the verdict on this?[View]
442631218>HAHA gotcha again lol enjoy your card game :^)[View]
442620887So what does /v/ think about this game?[View]
442617020Will companies cater to China and make changes to the game for a China release OR just give up on th…[View]
442631406show me what you got https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/[View]
442629324SUPER ROBOT WARS T: ENGLISH RELEASE SAME DAY AS JAPAN! MARCH 20 2019! Also >Ugly ass boxart…[View]
442627607is thi shit any good they gave it to me for free and i suspect its hopelessly neutered without buyin…[View]
442629294Why can't they get online right after all this time? >Can't even make a party and join …[View]
442630864Why the fuck did they announce an expansion a year before release?[View]
442628972Damage on contact with an enemy doing nothing completely ruins the fun of combat in a game. Discuss.[View]
442627924Do you have a gambling problem? I just blew $40 on microtransactions for a mobile game[View]
442622757Admit it, /v/. You fucking LOVED Sonic Adventure 2.[View]
442630384insider here this is the first scene of the new movie[View]
442630147Russian Roulette[View]
442629608Chads only.[View]
442629929>zombie game >they dance during the credits…[View]
442626349Follow your Heart: Who's excited to see our boy in full 3D glory? I'm just in it for eggm…[View]
442628067/MK11 GUESTS/: >no problem with violence >accepts that she could die a gruesome death >Sha…[View]
442628109Is it just me or does Metroid feel kind of out of place with Nintendo's other IPs?[View]
442624940Let's settle this /v/! Is this fucker puerto rican or Filipino[View]
442624970>Digimon vs Pokémon >Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter >Digimon Survive on Nintendo Switch …[View]
442625340Paladins: >bugs that never get fixed, legit broken champions who cannot use their ultimates, beco…[View]
442603241Here's the final boss of your beloved series, bro.[View]
442623225Any computer has the ability to kick your ass in any videogame ever made, even ones with random elem…[View]
442629342Literally the most fun I've had with a game for years. Reminds me of all the the hours of pur…[View]
442628576Christmas Nefaria on the front page![View]
442628248So what are Sonic Team going to do next? They've already shown they're incompetant.[View]
442622935>tfw there will never be a game with a story as good as a movie, an amazing movie with a great st…[View]
442613217>he doesn't want to watch Jim Carrey playing Robotnik[View]
442628453Which one of these games is worse /v/?[View]
442628813Smash Ultimate roster r8 thread: Post your mains, rate others[View]
442625298He's in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5cKWP4YN8M[View]
442623835Is NiGHTS the most magical video game out there?[View]
442625575Does James lurk?[View]
442607159I just found out that Platinum developed an Avatar game. Was it any good or was it shovelware garbag…[View]
442614683Which did you main and why?[View]
442613969Just finished Dead Space 1. This is the single most obnoxious game of all time. Literally just autis…[View]
442627686>Here's your world map, dear adventurer.[View]
442618556So what went wrong?[View]
442594572>only two spirits, both of which are Fighter Spirits >only character whose Fighter Spirits ar…[View]
442627769>confirmed for massive input lag >confirmed for massive input buffer Is it time to admit you w…[View]
442623542Are there any games that really play on the concept of infinity? Not so much just infinite scaling o…[View]
442618108How does it feel to know that there will never be a third game because she didn't make sony eno…[View]
442598232KINGDOM HEARTS 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI LET ME FACE LET ME FACE LET ME FACE MY…[View]
442627241What are some good mobile or handheld games to play when you are taking a nasty long shit? Shitting …[View]
442626570Nerf this little shitskin right now[View]
442628430Holy shit I thought this was going to be a stupid lowpoly walking simulator and I got an amazing log…[View]
442626191Is Switch really gonna become the best selling console this year?[View]
442626310How the fuck are you supposed to beat this? He gets his final smash almost immediately and there…[View]
442621070Name me some fun games like this one.: Twin-stick shooter, top-down view Preferably with similar aes…[View]
442623253She NEEDS to be in Smash.[View]
442627625How does it hold up to the rest of the series?[View]
442625374hey /v/ ask a gaming youtuber with 100,000+ subscribers anything Pic related[View]
442626602Artifact: What went deliciously wrong?[View]
442627638I have no one to play it with and I'm being continuously beat by Lvl. 4 CPUs. Should I just kil…[View]
442622497/v/ sucks dicks. Your shitty ass meme is just as unfunny and overdone here as the one outside of thi…[View]
442623750ITT: characters that should've been in PAYDAY 2.[View]
442627563Crash Bandicoot = B: tornado spin ▲B: first pump jump ►B: wumpa bazooka ▼B: belly flop ▼A: Slide Ray…[View]
442627559What are some games where you wake up in a cart?[View]
442622912ITS NOW OR NEVER SORA![View]
442627526Has Sonic The Hedgehog suffered enough?[View]
442627179ITT: people who are gonna kill them selves: To nites the night sugar[View]
442627343Think Anthem is gonna or fucking garbage?: Let's be real here, so far from what has been shown …[View]
442621358Take this you stupid fucking dog.[View]
4426010374chan Plays Skyrim: Part two: Well boys, welcome back to 4chan plays skyrim. So far the story from l…[View]
442623430Are these worth it? My 3DS from 2012 is beginning to die, the bottom screen flickers non-stop, as we…[View]
442624891... um... wtf gabe[View]
442626809Saint Seiya General: Any of you niggas play Soldiers Soul yet? I'd say it was a pretty good off…[View]
442619940>playing tf2 >124 points >still lose the match >fucking every time…[View]
442626908Bo4 Zombies DLC: What's the /v/erdict[View]
442562407Unga bunga me throw cross, me throw bottle[View]
442603723How would YOU improve Dark Souls 2?[View]
442624418What are some FPS without firearms? I'm looking for shooters with bows, magic, freeze rays, gra…[View]
442624852is it possible to be a good Christian and play games like Shin Megami Tensei? How do you justify it?[View]
442621902How would you save Square Enix & prevent them from dying /v/?[View]
442626624He's in[View]
442623684Where the fuck is it? Where’s the fucking beta[View]
442605073New Sonic Movie Poster: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
442616309Guilty Gear is still the most based ArcSys fighter?[View]
442622657>voiced by Michelle Ruff[View]
442626247Is anybody else mad?: at how shitty the spirit collection is compared to trophies?! I get that it…[View]
442625826Battlecat thread: Would you /v/?[View]
442624031Here is a million dollar idea. It's Smash Bros, but FEMALE characters only. Lewd and Cute. Whi…[View]
442624721What are your thoughts on 'The Forest'? Me and a friend been having a blast really. What are some go…[View]
442618680Drop already.[View]
442587376/DEVIL MAY CRY 5/: >Capcom has revealed further details about the new 'cameo' system and how peop…[View]
442623114what was her fucking problem?[View]
442625862Eza new patreon exclusive game show promo https://youtu.be/aiockxxqsOo[View]
442618140>virgins find this attractive[View]
442613768Nier Automata: Do I need to play the other nier to understand this one?[View]
442625590Nier Automata: For all the people calling Nier Automata easy, have any of you beaten the level 99 Sp…[View]
442597854Does /v/ play fighting games, if so which ones?[View]
442625551What's the best Racing game on the N64?[View]
442625524Ryu and Ken are amazing in smash. Know what would be better? The best of every major fighting game s…[View]
442625491does anyone have an arena open? i just want to play fun 4 player matches[View]
442623838Red Dead Redemption 2 Won't Come to the Switch In Its Current Form: https://youtu.be/T7PAgdrnuK…[View]
442624747Why is he so bad?[View]
442625372What's the best way to practice before launch? I own 4 and DmC DmC (I didnt know) and kinda wan…[View]
442624971Which is the better Immortal? Adema or 21 Savage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22tCfmdLT_k https:…[View]
442619776How do you fuck up a characters voice acting this bad? He sounded 10 times better in Brawl[View]
442625182Ubisoft know[View]
442625152MOONMOON_OW Smash Tourney is going down atm >https://www.twitch.tv/moonmoon_ow…[View]
442625104Alright you have heard of Epic Launcher, but have you heard of Unity Launcher?[View]
442623627>Beat that large dude named Tommy in Chapter 2 >Somehow can't defeat strong woman on stag…[View]
442621240What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
442622071ITT characters only the faggiest of fags use[View]
442612596>fat enemy >has extra health points[View]
442622914ITT: moments in video games women will never understand[View]
442622107WHY ARE GRAPHICS SO SHIT? Shouldn't we have reached photorealism by now?[View]
442623510why did he let this game live for so long, completely dead and scrubbed from their website as if it …[View]
442624051Muscle/Fit Samus > Bimbo Samus we need more fit girls in vidya[View]
442617160>everyone wanted Ridley in Smash >absolutely no one plays him now that he's available…[View]
442611790This is the best and most beautiful incarnation of Zelda so far. Agree Y/N?[View]
442623145>REEEEE ME MOT KNOW HOW TO FIGHT CROC Absolute state of /v/ RIGHT NOW[View]
442602823>people on /v/ wants Reimu to be in Smash >not wanting Marisa instead for shame…[View]
442623997Eli Vance dies at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode Two [View]
442619551Can Unity a good choice for a 2D turn-based RPG?[View]
442620523>physical is bett-[View]
442624016Diablo 2 Thread... Ladder reset was December 8th. Why Aren't You Playing!?!?! Currently Ranked …[View]
442578405Why did Kai's game bomb?[View]
442618815I noticed that there are quite a few bars with coin-operated arcade machines but I don't think …[View]
442623347Gsmer peter: Gamer peter...pwning noobs..like a boss.![View]
442623828Your worst freakout in a videogame?: What is the worst you have ever reacted to a game anons? >Be…[View]
442621995Lets play some damn smash, bros. Room is up. Room name-butts pass-3737 Its teams with 4 stock and it…[View]
442605153ITT: post dem sexy characters[View]
442609035What game do you have the most hours in?[View]
442623463Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
442616591Is there any remaining interest in this after Crash Team Racing got announced?[View]
442620489ITT: Characters that you hate but everyone else loves.[View]
442623059There should be an iDOLM@STER Bandai-Namco Rep for Smash DLC[View]
442622228Why isn't there anymore boxing games? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCB9_3E9OTw[View]
442623294Worst PS4 bug yet. I can't get Snance to give me an advance. He just keeps laughing and slappin…[View]
442622156How the fucking shit do you get this to appear consistently? I did 2 classic games in a row and it i…[View]
442621683ugh....what could have been[View]
442621740Was Arthur Morgan a good man?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17029729[View]
442621967So, what went wrong?[View]
442621931>no spirit >10 million+ have played >creator is addicted to splatoon 2 >has said nothing…[View]
442622772Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST: Is there any JRPG that can top this OST?[View]
442605495Does a better main menu theme exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bW75OwVXZI[View]
442617141I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to a hope in possibility that E3 2019 will be videog…[View]
442623103*siiiip* Yep, these days they don't know how to make you struggle in a boss fight.[View]
442581738Why does he always look so angry?[View]
442615985Who do you like more? Who is the better protagonist? Who is more likable?[View]
442618058I thought this was supposed to be hard[View]
442611478What Mortal Kombat rep would you like to see in smash?: Come on, we all know it’s happening, is scor…[View]
442621091Do you have that game, Miney Crafta?[View]
442621903Red Dead Online: post your cowpoke and cowgirls[View]
442619264/v/ humor thread[View]
442621318Is L3-37 the best Star Wars character of all time?[View]
442608097How the fuck is he not in?[View]
442622382So my Switch just died. I downloaded all my games on it. I have 400 hours in Zelda and 500 in Splato…[View]
442607586Rank the Final Fantasy games And don't you dare put FF2 on the bottom unless you've actual…[View]
442618935>“We want to give Night City a Californian feel,” he says. “It’s not just another abstract dystop…[View]
442619380What did he mean by this?[View]
442622380games with this feel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYY6UH4fSY8[View]
442604827Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy: Isn't this supposed to be released today?[View]
442621727How come a fighting game has better in-game facial animations than most games out there? say what y…[View]
442619290comfy recommendations/discussion: pls recommend games that are super comfy to look at and play. i li…[View]
442619210Japan's Favorite Games & their Smash Representation: > 1. Final Fantasy X (Yuna, N/A) …[View]
442619601why are games why[View]
442577680HERE'S YOUR REMAKE, BRO![View]
442619304>physical version sold out FUCK i knew i should have bought it earlier[View]
442615620Is there a single person that likes this game?[View]
442621656minecraft thread! post your bases![View]
442621737who wants to play Risk of rain with me? i just bought today.[View]
442621667Post kino bossfights[View]
442620896Fun fact: Young Link is younger than Toon Link.[View]
442614246>This triggers DEmake2 fans.[View]
442621428Skelly Jelly Pussy[View]
442620437They revealed the second poster for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and it's just as …[View]
442621387It is written only Link can defeat Ganon[View]
442619586>Get stuck in laggy free for alls repeatedly despite having preferred 1v1s >Get timed out and …[View]
442615329We're getting a Yo-Kai Watch rep, that much is certain. The Question is.. WHO?[View]
442621023>game's final boss is God/organised religion[View]
442600732OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
442619063Is there any games with levels or stages like pic related?[View]
442600387Fallout New Vegas: Is there any reason NOT to support Caesar's Legion?[View]
442615569Microtransactions are the future of video games[View]
442619957Will the turbo autists of the Sonic fandom be enough to make this movie not tank?[View]
442602483When is it acceptable for women to be stronger than men in a game?[View]
442611137DEMO CONFIRMED TOMORROW! 4GB of content, 20 minutes of gameplay[View]
442619049Ralph has over 5 thousand dollars left by the end of his adventure in Wreck-it-Ralph 2. Ralph also n…[View]
442620665Why have esports never taken off and become mainstream? Is it because the games aren't appealin…[View]
442612236Do/did you open your amiibos or do/did you keep them sealed?[View]
442561417He deserved to live longer. Fuck you, RockStar[View]
442617595Why is Yuna so perfect?[View]
442619514This game worth a play? I thought it looked good back in the day when it was Vs. 13. Haven't ke…[View]
442620261ITT: Games you think are underrated.[View]
442613461Why aren't you maining what are the objectively best characters in the game? You want to win, d…[View]
442616560Nothing wrong with me, just heading to the archives[View]
442617313Baldur's Gate Thread: What's your favorite race in baldur's gate? For me, it's G…[View]
442618982are you enjoying the latest patch for world of warcraft? its got a bunch of cool new features like t…[View]
442619614>launches head and kills you >'Sukapon these nuts ooooooooooo'…[View]
442601931 [View]
442615357Guess what game i'm playing right now in 4k 60fps /v/[View]
442620363X4 - Every Day is Patch Day: Seems like X4 threads only survive in the mornings and early afternoons…[View]
442594784Ultimate: I think it's time to celebrate DQ fans. We're in. >It features series creator…[View]
442619065>Diablo on a mobile device Why are developers such brain dead pieces of garbage?…[View]
4426182732018. I am forgotten.[View]
442618019Is ESO worth the money?: The Collection Edition is only $40 right now on steam. I played it a few ye…[View]
442620189Thoughts on Canada being in civ 6? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg0PYsWK1dc[View]
442620073literallyme: >import shitty animu fapbait game >unironically play it for the volleyball MOMS G…[View]
442616847How do we save the horror genre in video games, /v/?[View]
442599580>no trophy in Sm4sh >no spirit battle >not even a legend Why does Sakurai hate sweet bandan…[View]
442606108She looks like a fucking dog[View]
442618027You must be 18+ to post here: If this image doesn't make your think meat warm and fuzzy, you…[View]
442616462>U.K. gamer gets swatted >'Hello bruv, police here to have a chat innit' >calmly walk in an…[View]
442614993Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
442618095its only a tuesday night boys but its getting late and ive decided to revisit this god send of a gam…[View]
442599658The ads for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No S…[View]
442617629>shit unresponsive controls >camera that hates you >slipery slopes everywhere >cheap sh…[View]
442618313What do people see on this ugly nigger? He is naked and he doesn't have a penis for fuck sakes[View]
442580616RTS support group thread what have we been playing?[View]
442609972What's a game that no matter what will make you happy ?[View]
442619050Games that appeal to your fetish[View]
4426193104channer go home.[View]
442615856Why does nobody want him in Smash?: I’d main the fuck out of him[View]
442617520Go hit the damn shower, Melee players. You probably stench like hell.[View]
442609783only boomers will remember[View]
442613862“I’ve always used the opportunity to make political statements in Metro games” – Dmitry Glukhovsky s…[View]
442617383Good Star Wars games are dead for good, aren't they? We'll never get another KOTOR II, Jed…[View]
442619020>tfw you don't live in the Devitobotnik timeline Feels bad man[View]
442615050Meanwhile on bizarro /v/...[View]
442618051so is this game like a japanese gta? I've seen that is pretty much the same but with a smaller …[View]
442618614Every videogamer's best friend[View]
442618464Red Dead Redemption 2: >He went back for the money[View]
442608393Who are the best vidya girls perfectly suited to being mating press?[View]
442606065Why can't they make good games, /v/?[View]
442616827>Getting mad at quick play >Sending hate-mail for quick play >2018…[View]
442618354Just tried online and had fun, not sure what the problem is[View]
442618128>make a battle arena for /vg/ >radio silence Anyone who's not afraid to play someone else…[View]
442612195remember when capcom brought the fighting genre back into relevancy? say what you will about the act…[View]
442615810MK VS SF VS T VS SC VS KOF VS GG VS SB: Ryu and Ken are amazing in smash. Know what would be better?…[View]
442617267so after DaS3 we can agree that souls success was based off sony and not him right? >DeS, DaS, an…[View]
442618036https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuDnjx6bPa8 what do you guys listen to while playing? i've been…[View]
442617937Anyone else feel that the melancholy tone from the first 2 games is gone from the franchise for good…[View]
442616018Smash Ultimate salea via famitsu: https://s.famitsu.com/news/201812/12169110.html Non-estimates are …[View]
442585069Why is he so smug?[View]
442613976>They're kind gesture >THEY'RE FF8 IS THE WORST FF EVER 0/10 TRASH!!!…[View]
442616315Just finished this for the first time, though I had played 3 and 4 before. It was pretty great. You …[View]
442612068Would you have the guts to make half the Smash Roster disappear? And if so, what would you hope it l…[View]
442617482What’s the best way to practice?[View]
442617590Any freegamers here? https://youtu.be/5HVYnI-Vhls[View]
442611716Fallout new vegas: Hello anons, I am requesting help on what to name my Fallout new Vegas character,…[View]
442614074>everyone is opening up about the massive amounts of input lag in Smush lately Is it time to admi…[View]
442617558CSGO: >be me >hostage in weird experiment >it's ok, reward if I am rescued >word.e…[View]
442617503Just picked this up on sale. How bad did I fuck up?[View]
442597971Lol @ Denuvo.[View]
442610510W...why does ________ gaming company suck?: Introducing Robert Altman, a son of Hollywood and Washin…[View]
442600027CAN YOU HEAR ME? ANON?[View]
442604562Save the industry: Whats that big idea you have?[View]
442617247Elite Smash: Is elite smash really for big boïs, or does it suck ? Considering the fact that it only…[View]
442615485This game is absolute fucking trash. No wonder I never heard about it before I got it. >Hey Fuckf…[View]
442617009Geralt of Rivia: Do Japs unironically love him considering he's got two crossovers?[View]
442616949Vidya Tips Thread? I'll start. In chapter 2 of rdr2 the whole map(that isnt past blackwater) ca…[View]
442616385>AWD or lose: the game[View]
442613945This is so sad[View]
442616009It took the battle royale fad to make this series actually 'innovate' for the first time in a decade…[View]
442616504What are some video games about characters who are too angry to die?[View]
442616729>over 1mil gsp on Ridley Wtf bros I thought he was supposed to be bad? Wait, it couldn't be…[View]
442610857Oddworld thread: Hello[View]
442581083Could you imagine how terrible being a Sonic fan would be right now if Mania didn't exist?[View]
442614625Now that the dust has settled, is it a port?[View]
442616065WHERE IS Dino Time[View]
442616616Smash Music: Are some tunes unlockable only in the shop? Or do you just keep playing and it unlocks …[View]
442616418>Represents the next Smash Bros DLC.[View]
442615817Replaying the Final Fantasy series from the beginning and I had no idea how progressive it was. You …[View]
442616313i only have 40 hours on quake champions i LOVE it, yet i haven't played other quakes should i p…[View]
442615765I got a new dog and I just picked up rdr2. It's like a crossover. Dog meat and the lone wandere…[View]
442613073What kind of romances are you looking forward to in the next Dragon Age?[View]
442612279WHERE IS THE SEQUEL /V/[View]
442613394ITT: Things we will look back on in 10 years and think, 'man that did not age well.'[View]
442615082This is based[View]
442613436What game had the most hype before release?[View]
442614871Why did it get easily forgotten?[View]
442613978Real gamers only. No casuals roasties, autists, or hipster posers.: If this image doesn't make …[View]
442614868What the fuck kind of visual effect is this?[View]
442611079Is this real?[View]
442602825>not even a fucking Spirit[View]
442613993Senran Kagura: Is anyone going to buy that pinball spin off?[View]
442608306Outer Worlds: Outer Worlds thread. What are you hopes and expectations? Looks good so far, I am just…[View]
442595826What was the best JRPG of this generation, /v/? https://www.strawpoll.me/17028589 https://www.strawp…[View]
442615419Soulsborne Ranked Thread... Again: Let me preface this by saying that these are all damn great games…[View]
442597723Persona in Smash: We speculatin', get the fuck in here. >What'll be the stage? >How …[View]
442610521I know opinions are pretty split on pic related, but I actually love the differently-shaped buttons.…[View]
442614573DUSK: Damn, it‘s THAT great?[View]
442614724Remember me, /v/?[View]
442614764what a flop[View]
442614876Are we all happy with the new killer?[View]
442608246why does resident evil have so many cute girls?[View]
442586056>be me >out xmas shopping today and need a gift for my nephew >go in local gamestop >red…[View]
442575316Do people unironically think a character from a shitty porn game will get in?[View]
442613406Vidya cringe: Thoughts? Do you play games to escape reality or to rewrite it? >Cringy as hell…[View]
442613960>4 to 6 months Oh.[View]
442614335Who is the strongest Souls protag?[View]
442611263What’s /v/‘s opinion on the new Atlas game coming out? I for one feel like I’m in a dream. A pirate …[View]
442577987post your personal favorite bossfight of all time[View]
442613997How do we fix horror genre?[View]
442614460Is his spirit battle even worth it? I won't even try to beat it if it's something shitty. …[View]
442613469What Vampire Bloodline would you be?: /v/, if you we're forced to be converted to a Vampire in …[View]
442614343Let me see your switch game collection[View]
442611750>released today >no threads up Let's fix that. EDF thread.…[View]
442611191Name a more delusional fandom, pro tip: You cannot[View]
442611547ITT: things that never came to be[View]
442614293An actual good game wouldn't need tons of pop culture references, emotes, or tie-ins to keep th…[View]
442614263Crash Bandicoot: So why did Cortex decide that this cute little guy was worth weaponizing?[View]
442612167Why is Sakurai so bad at coming up with villain names?[View]
442610632Comfy winter games: Looking for a comfy European medieval stlye game....cozy towns and atmosphere. S…[View]
442612989Is the PS Classic the proof that Sony doesn't know what it's doing and just can succeed wh…[View]
442605389>throw a grenade >fuck up and it bounces back to you…[View]
442613537Like it says in the book, we are blessed and cursed.[View]
442613467>the ratchet and clank movie, despite having the soul sucked out of it and being turned into a ba…[View]
442612164Is there any reward to getting an A-Rank on all the missions? Should I try to perfect the missions a…[View]
442612331Hit or miss[View]
442607285>nvm fixed it[View]
442612258>tfw I haven't even started season 2 past Miami yet because I want to get all my shit from s…[View]
442610520>Multiplayer game on Steam >Not Vac enabled…[View]
442610904PS4 on PC: Would you buy a $99/yr Playstation subscription to be able to play current PS4 games thro…[View]
442611058joker in smash celebration thread thinly veiled joker in smash fanart and laughing at deconfirmed ch…[View]
442606661I'm so fucking sick and tired of people complaining about Fire Emblem in Smash Get over it alre…[View]
442611012Dota 2 is shit prove me wrong: >Dumbfuck mechanics >Icefrog is mentally retarded and cant bala…[View]
442613502Wtf Capcom: https://youtu.be/aoYuN01Ybvs[View]
442613496>stroll into town >steal people's shit >scrutinize everything about them >sic monst…[View]
442613476Today I will remind them.[View]
442613057Whats your favorite Sonic game anon?[View]
442613165'What is that father?' 'An invitation, boy...' 'From who?' 'Powerful fighters from another realm.' '…[View]
442613437Red dead 2 on kkk: I am oofunded by how they portray good white men this needs to be remove as fast …[View]
442613363N..nice helmet, bud. Yeah. No, it looks really good on you. You look fine. Honestly. You look reall…[View]
442613167Bully: Scholarship Edition is shit: The Wii looks acceptable, but the Xbox and PC versions are abhor…[View]
442607189Why aren't you playing me, /v/?[View]
442608153Is it wrong for me to be sexually attracted to a robot?[View]
442611969On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for this movie?[View]
442612617>he doesn't order physical copies of games online[View]
442612987Yeah, I think Smash 4 is going to remain the standard again for a while. Who wants to play SSBU with…[View]
442611271Should I buy a PS4 or waitfag for a PS5 ? I have a switch to entertain myself in the meantime.[View]
442610909Super smash Bros ultimate: Here are your DLC fighters just remember These were chosen by Nintendo an…[View]
4426110395 Smash games later, Dixie is still not in: How does she keep getting overlooked when half her model…[View]
442611451>try to join an online match >Adds me to a 4 player lagfest despite having their priority set …[View]
442610886ITT Adventure games with create-a-character please[View]
442612004Worst Zelda ever.[View]
442612304Are they the most pointless main party members of all time, as far as story-driven RPGs go?[View]
442612298Fallout 76 and trust the AAA: Hey there gamers... Remember to keep buying our games if you know what…[View]
442604405/Crash/ general Thoughts on the new CTR game?[View]
442611895Favorite smash games: Here is a list of my favorite to least favorite smash bros games from top to b…[View]
442564425Is this really worth playing now that it is normie shit? What makes it better than other normie shit…[View]
442605697rate this castle design[View]
442607872What are some games that allow me to explore a mountain wilderness that aren't Skyrim?[View]
442605634Pitch a GTA VI that will outsell V[View]
442611937play mobile games[View]
442611291Does anyone care about Splatoon?[View]
442611858>main character has flashlight fixed on his hip or breast pocket >it moves around with the cam…[View]
442606635there should be more atlus in smash[View]
442611698had a look on Genisis Alpha one >base building with premade rooms and halls with snap points >…[View]
442611616Fallout NV RP: I really want to rp Fallout NV like this anon does in this new green text vid on Yout…[View]
442610860>'Yea, but it's fun with friends'[View]
442610230Games with this feel?[View]
442611315Game Screenshots Thread[View]
442608837What games let me play as one and only true roman empire?[View]
442599747Do you wear subtle vidya clothing?[View]
442611103Is this how new generations think older graphics used to look like?[View]
442601901was it a good console[View]
442606847>30 FPS >not on PC >physics not the same as the original >maps overdesigned as fuck with…[View]
442604457>99.83% god fucking dammit what am I missing[View]
442602531Why is best Final Fantasy girl not getting any love?[View]
442609179I miss him.[View]
442610778guess what i bought today[View]
442610806Hey guys just wanted to let you know Jotaro is gonna be in Smash Ultimate[View]
442610339haha what if he takes his shoes off during a joke and they're stinky from him running haha[View]
442607217How does RDR1 even take place: RDR2 makes it clear that even in 1899 the wild west was coming to an …[View]
442608862Never played these games and as far as I know this one has the first game included. Worth it?[View]
442609116>MOTHER's 30th anniversary is next year. What do you think Nintendo has planned for it? A co…[View]
442607221Still Viable for DLC: ITT Post characters that are still open for Smash DLC, no spirits, assists, or…[View]
442608087Can someone please recommend me good indie games that are genuine and not pretentious or don't …[View]
442609010>pay for a game >it's filled with ads Is this now going to be an accepted thing for you z…[View]
442610150What's his name again?[View]
442609451I think its fun and a great party game, whether you like it or dislike it is entirely subjective. Bu…[View]
442599831Cloud gaming & shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BQ4bXNdEQI tl;dr linoos tech dicktips is s…[View]
442603753ROCK AND STONE[View]
442609957After three games of scrubbing the bottom tier floor, is she finally good?[View]
442610374DMC thread[View]
442600862Dark Souls Poise: I just want to say this one last time. There was never anything wrong with how poi…[View]
442602493How do we save /v/[View]
442608297>csgo goes f2p >there's less people playing than when it was pay to play what went wrong?…[View]
442598401Greatest character in vidya history[View]
442606516So, How is hacking this thing going? Oh thats right, NON EXISTENT![View]
442610115Do you think Rook is gonna be the real main villain because he went insane after watching all his fr…[View]
442605675what are some games about breaking free?[View]
442592365>he fell for the wifi meme it's 15 dollars, /v/ what's your excuse?…[View]
442609362Nominations are UP: https://2018.vidyagaemawards.com/ Come nominate your favorites and unfavorites. …[View]
442600346Why is Fortnite so damn popular?[View]
442609864overwatch thread: >high skill heroes countered by low skill heroes Why anybody play this garbage?…[View]
442609368What is their endgame?[View]
442600958>say 'Alexa, tell me about Gabe Newell.' >Post results.…[View]
442577916Smash Ultimate Head-canon thread >Post your ideas for the relationships between fighters >Post…[View]
442607019>Popular indie game by female dev >About sexuality and/or mental illness Why every time?…[View]
442608521help a brother out is there any FREE fighitn game worth playing? or even a active and easy to match …[View]
442606606Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter…[View]
442608607>Enemy has fart / burp / butt slam attack[View]
44258553710/10 Games: ITT Gaming Perfection. Pic very much related[View]
442609514Post your main >are they better? >are they worse?…[View]
442602020DOA Bread: >https://shoryuken.com/2018/12/11/eliot-and-brad-wong-confirmed-for-dead-or-alive-6/ A…[View]
442608838Will he shout persona?[View]
442609364Do you remember happier times /v/?[View]
442609350What are some series you'd like to see made into a video game. For me it's Final Fantasy U…[View]
442608845More delusional than Genofags, at least they've shut the fuck up about their character after th…[View]
442605991Welcome to the side bench of untouched characters[View]
442608646Sonic: how do they keep fucking it up bros[View]
442605727What's the best sports game ever and why is it pic related?[View]
442609147Are they ever gonna make a Switch mini? I wish it was smaller like the Vita.[View]
442597113You are allowed to not only marry your sisters but fuck and impregnate them. How did this game be al…[View]
442607139Case • Corsair carbide 540 series air CPU • i7 6700k 4GHz Motherboard • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero G…[View]
442609112Steel Beasts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpTp0NZY9kU What are all the hoops I need to jump thro…[View]
442609104Why did everyone look so fucking pissed in the art for this game? Mario looks like hes about to fuck…[View]
442608241Does V like my team?[View]
442608849Am I a bad person for not wanting to play against a friend who is clearly better than me and always …[View]
442608679>Use actual money to buy toy for videogame >Doesn't use it, just keeps it in the box to s…[View]
442607386New Nintendo Direct Leak: Pic Related On December 21st, there will be a new Nintendo Direct. It will…[View]
442572073Download epic launcher[View]
442577316>Invaded by dark spi-[View]
442594131What games have the most fun and interesting archery?[View]
442608725>Sakurai killed SSB Wii U just as the meta favoring Toon Link was developing >Zelda hasn'…[View]
442607649Switch Thread: just got a switch with smash and mario odyssey what game should I get next? planning …[View]
442605101BUY FALLOUT 76![View]
442588636Hey /v/, I'm working on a game. It's basically like if Conker's Bad Fur Day and Wave …[View]
442608328Who else likes half life 1 better than hl2[View]
442596142>1 week in and all of the hype is dead and there are almost no threads about it What happened?…[View]
442602853Who is the handsomest Smash character?: and why is it ____Wolf____[View]
442596917Post the best alt color[View]
442594770You're in charge for making the next boss in a Souls game. What's your great idea, anon?[View]
442608206Gee, that whole stink of a release of Fallout 76™ sure was rough, huh? We had a great time at Zenima…[View]
442608180World of Light: >couple hours in Ok, this is pretty fun >10 hours in This is getting pretty re…[View]
442589114This board tricked me into believing this game is anything but a janky DOOM clone with bad English.[View]
442603464>bloodborne sucks /v/ in tears[View]
442599323it's not an rpg[View]
442592262Open onions on RE5?[View]
442605160A Time-Honored Tradition[View]
442606702Post your favorite characters to play as so far And guess personalities[View]
442607226Why is the X series garbage compared to classic?[View]
442607767Pure anarchy, no plugins besides /spawn. Do anything you like, say whatever. build whatever. dial274…[View]
442601632ITT: Post literally nothing I'll start[View]
442603981Onrush (your average ps plus game): Is this game secretly good or are my negative first impressions …[View]
442607685https://twitter.com/prototypeoflife/status/1072621706290872322 This is the power of fighting games.…[View]
442605891>Yooka Laylee devs shitalking their own game https://youtu.be/6FOdgdf6Cjc…[View]
442601859What are some youtube channels similar to ross game dungeon? Where they just go through and analyze …[View]
442607609BASED Sakurai[View]
442602372IKE BROS THREAD: Who are all of Ike's bad matchups and how do you like to counter them?[View]
442606687HOLY SHIT[View]
442604551ITT: Post dem lizard characters[View]
442601919It's almost the end of the year. What games are you looking forward to?[View]
442578698>use to hate the idea of some dumb gator in smash >drank Rool memer tears >Rool is announce…[View]
442605604>He's one of the limited few spirits to actually have dialogue and a small area in World of …[View]
442603081Why is this game so overrated on /v/? It has ton of flaws.[View]
442603949How much longer until Bioware is shut down?[View]
442575929>Nords are only 42% of Skyrim’s population[View]
442580170do you still have hope in gabe newell, /v/?[View]
442607031/Hitman/: Is this deal worth it? I've been playing the Hitman 1 missions in the Hitman 2 client…[View]
442605350Earth Defense Force 5 (EDF): >'1 head, 2 eyes, with hands and feet. Bipedal' >'Almost identica…[View]
442604878This releases in January. Should I wait to play it or is it done enough as is?[View]
442606784Why was One Direction in a Final Fantasy game?[View]
442606730what are the best guns to use? t.spraying noob[View]
442606659>Remove daily quests in favor of world quests in Legion >Bring back daily quests too in 8.1 …[View]
442604960SNOY will kill the ps3 in 2019, the psvita too but it has been dead for years so whatever You guys d…[View]
442606586Can I get some more RPGs in the vein of UnReal world?[View]
442606296God damn, look at how fluffy she is.[View]
442606272Guys don't tell anyone but I hacked into valve and found out the next Team Fortress 2 update wi…[View]
442590794ITT: Best controls in Smash Ultimate[View]
442605493Niggers of gaming: Post the best videogame niggers. Pic related[View]
442603213bluepill me on Halo Infinite: I've always liked what I saw of halo's pvp and pve campaigns…[View]
442606090how do you go from this...[View]
442604938HOLY SHIT HE’S IN[View]
442606074>sister wants to watch you play >'LMAO this game is SEXIST'…[View]
442605301Stop playing Fortnite[View]
442580323Describe the last game you played as bad as possible and others try to guess which one is it >Kid…[View]
442604687yes, yes, well *buurp* done, Bethesda. Well done. HOW*buurrp*EVER.....[View]
442605380Uh oh.[View]
442602559what's the vidya equivalent to this?[View]
442604202HOLY S HIT oh it's a tabletop game[View]
442604714What visual novel are you playing /v/?[View]
442604354RIDLEY: I've reached elite smash using him and he's nowhere near as bad as how people are …[View]
442602103>taking items from powderganger container >lose karma i've been killing them for a long t…[View]
442603656Never had a Wii U, so never played it before. Is it worth the buy?[View]
442604237Nominations are UP: https://2018.vidyagaemawards.com/ Come nominate your favorites and unfavorites. …[View]
442605537>Dark Spirit XxXnOsCoPe_420_DaBXxX has invaded![View]
442602621I'm ready to take the plunge. Which one to get xbros?[View]
442602554Ronaldo scores the deal: Ronaldo for Smash. Football games are one of the best sellers every year, w…[View]
442600558Version 1.02 is coming soon, what changes do you think will be made? I personally think all the cryb…[View]
442600767>can't discuss sony games without MOVIE CINEMATIC 10/10 VACUUM posts >can't discuss …[View]
442595925So, what's the /v/erdict?[View]
442604675>haha look, what i m doing is totally super weird but no one in the world reacts to it xD >it …[View]
442603461Why are the older/big sisters always killed off in vidya games?[View]
442604915>playing smash with your bros >being loud and rambunctious, whatever >neighbors call the co…[View]
442604214Your time is up squidkids![View]
442604718>Dedede's final smash was changed to this scene >Bandana Dee is present >Bandana Dee …[View]
442601467Name one game from this year you can definitively say is a must play Pro tip: You can't.[View]
442603960Who are the most iconic vidya characters?[View]
442603757god i fucking love granblue[View]
442597392Female game characters who are fit.[View]
442601721Will the GOTY version be fixed on PC ?[View]
442604661Are you Elite?[View]
442599235These are the most ICONIC video game characters of all time (1 per series since Mario and Pokemon wo…[View]
442604620Kirby Star Allies - Soul Melter EX: How are your runs going? Have you solo'd it with based Plug…[View]
442603657How did we go from this...[View]
442604539ITT vidya music you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owtYx5xBfKU Let's rock! Also is it w…[View]
442604515I’m going to be a big boob streamer girl. Right now I’m a 23yo NEET femcel (I know I could theoretic…[View]
442604440Which fight was the worst for you? Yarn Yoshi? 18 and 9 Volt? Willy? Pauline? This one with the Yell…[View]
442603995What do you want to see in the next Call of Duty game that will inevitably come out next year?[View]
442604198Smash Ultimate: Is it any good?[View]
442593013About to play this for the first time. What should I expect? Any necessary mods?[View]
442602859DAMN, this game looks good.[View]
442602067God tier: >>442594286 High tier: >>442592816 >>442600150 >>442593096 Meh tie…[View]
442604034So, before I go looking for a PlayStation image to rip the songs out manually, which one of you weeb…[View]
442602218So basically GeForce Experience shadowplay is fucking SHIT and only works as intended like 10% of th…[View]
442602608Well /v/....[View]
442603827How do you go from this...[View]
442599331Why is the dominatrix trope so popular in female character design in games? Were all the OG characte…[View]
442600014Thoughts? It's free with ps+ this month on vita[View]
442599714>final boss can open doors[View]
442602981Sonic becomes trans gender to rape woman in the womans restroom: Video game carecter sonic becomes t…[View]
442602921Gamer Moments: post your gamer moments[View]
442603653>It says here your hobbies are netflix, lifting weights, and fishing. Care to explain why you don…[View]
442600069>quickplay by preferred rules >one on one >three stock >queue up >free for all, time,…[View]
442587685wew, thanks china[View]
442598376He's right, you fucking losers.[View]
442599061Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Fighters Pass Contents: All fighters are representatives from third part…[View]
442601647Did Snake die a virgin? Or did he bone his bosses daughter in an Alaskan cabin?[View]
442599719So I bought this setup. Problem is when I plug in both L and R into the Magni, the sound gets all fu…[View]
442603210Does anyone else fucking hate this site's culture ? like seriously im fine with game streaming …[View]
442602349What are some laid back games on this system: that can be played without putting too much time and e…[View]
442603023*This kills the River Survival*[View]
442602879What chair do you use for gaming?[View]
442593989>50% off less than a month after release, after Black Friday Hitman 2 flopped, what happened?…[View]
442602741>'HI! I'm daisy' >She says as she cums down your throat.…[View]
442587421Is this really what kids consider to be cool guns nowadays?[View]
442602650>press any button to start >press the space bar i press the space bar because my fingers are f…[View]
442577115A FUCKING LEAF https://youtu.be/eg0PYsWK1dc[View]
442600848Are there any roster cuts (other than Smash Bros) that make you upset /v/?[View]
442602309Post video game characters that are LITERALLY you and rate others[View]
442600424>LET'S FUCKING GO, BOYS![View]
442602647>ditto can become a root vegetable[View]
442599380PlayStation 2: What's your favorite game from the PS2, the greatest console of all time? Mine…[View]
442596482What was your first SMT game, anons?[View]
442601653Post Cerebella: Other SkullGirls are accepted, but Cerebella is encouraged[View]
442600805The graphic of this gen aged horribly quick. Games from the begin of the gen already look like ass c…[View]
442582916Edelgard WILL be my wife.[View]
442602373So what do you guys think. I want to be optimistic myself but don't really have too many hopes …[View]
442602001Backlog thread, post your backlogs and have other anons pick what you should play. https://www.straw…[View]
442602338autism blocks: Pure anarchy, no plugins besides /spawn. Do anything you like, say whatever. build wh…[View]
442582574Porky is Smashing: >Porky and Pig King statue spirit's mysteriously missing from the game, d…[View]
442598528here's your paladin bro[View]
442601952Classic mode makes me excited for DLC. I got some ideas for future characters. >Banjo-Kazooie…[View]
442601707ABSOLUTELY BASED CHINA BANS FORTNITE, PUBG, PALADINS: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fortnite/fortnite-chi…[View]
442592567ITT: post dem yellow characters[View]
442594139Why are these still universally considered the Best RPGs of all time?[View]
442600348/v/ show me your mii fighters[View]
442597141It's time to finish this debate. Which one of these lads is objectively the best[View]
442601923ITT: post dem cop characters[View]
442585692Why were there so many blunders this year?[View]
442601812>no 1v1s[View]
442594902ITT: Post dem purple characters[View]
442599392Who here /TeamXehanort/?[View]
442599874Show me a game with better gameplay than Max Payne 3![View]
442601693So what's the /v/erdict?[View]
442594286ITT: post dem red characters[View]
442576157Will there ever be another RPG worthy to be counted amongst them?[View]
442601187The multiplayer in Kid Icarus Uprising is pretty fun[View]
442594827Give me one good reason any stage outside of 75M, Palutena's temple, New Pork, and Great Cave s…[View]
442559426>You did study for your finals, right anon?[View]
442601570What was the game of your life /v/ ?: > Playing 24 h straight > Farming at Payon cave > Spa…[View]
442601529Whom here GUH-HUH[View]
442595210Reimu! In Smash!: The thread was still going strong when it died, so here's a new one. Post rea…[View]
442597551Darkwood: Can this game be surpassed? I haven't been able to enjoy many games since I played it…[View]
442601440>this is what the average melee player looks like[View]
442584952Fallout 76: OH NO NO NO[View]
442590540Would these characters sell the Fighters Pass to you?[View]
442598175>We all had her, but he married her Was John Marston a cu-ck?[View]
442600775>Disembodied female voice nagging assigns you chores and plot points -or- >Despite being compl…[View]
442601304*Solos Galeem the African Dream's entire army with the help of Spring Man*[View]
442595262Do you play League of Legends, /v/?[View]
442600492leaked vergil render for dmc5[View]
442600828What do you think of difficult games?[View]
442601105I'm picking up a ps2 tommorow, what are some hidden gems to pick up? Also how would I go about …[View]
442598096Map/Level editor: any games on steam that have that feature and are active?[View]
442570940Why do we need 50 smash threads a day?[View]
442598105Will there ever be another game worthy to be counted amongst them?[View]
442579668How are you guys finding it?[View]
442600840You think they're gonna fix the multiplayer?[View]
442600736What's your best gamer moment?[View]
442600821>every action game now has batman combat[View]
442600679How are your main(s) holding up? How do you think it'll change after EVO Japan?[View]
442595245I just reached the first HR quests in this, does the game get any less boring or should I just drop …[View]
442595674What did they mean by this?[View]
442587960>CPU is obnoxiously hard >Will do things no human could possibly predict >Can coordinate at…[View]
442596672Jesus fucking Christ /v/ I thought you were overreacting like usual to this but goddmamn. My pride w…[View]
442599804Christmas: Post those videogames that you associate with Christmas. Either due to their setting or j…[View]
442599591pick your fighter /v/[View]
442562808New Ace Combat 7 VR gameplay: https://youtu.be/PMg60IeQjyI https://youtu.be/BGTnm05BVls Are you read…[View]
442596635who will get pranked next[View]
442596164ITT: post dem black characters[View]
442596082Is this truly the greatest Pokémon game ever made or it's just a /v/ meme?[View]
442599367/v/ reviews popular games in a single post: We will use RE4 as the ice breaker go![View]
442578196The 'Kings' still reign supreme: Why have they never been matched? The optimism and acclaim surround…[View]
442599879whats the name of the pro player who cosplays as a girl while playing?: Not sure if it's dota/l…[View]
442590940Max Payne 1998 Beta Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_argKFy6rg That cock sucker Frederick…[View]
442598639Redemption > Bloodlines Prove me wrong[View]
442599128Christmas starts in 2 days, how will you be spending it?[View]
442598394Okay now this epic[View]
442596154Should video game consoles bring back region locking again?[View]
442599726I want a second fighter pass so I can finally get Tails or Eggman.[View]
442599175Was Termina a real place?[View]
442591424Play Dusk /v/[View]
442599647kenshi: new kenshi thread >all this one from ancient lab WEW[View]
442597541Sign of shitty game design or 200 IQ strategy?[View]
442599556I'm Christopher Walken, and I, play video games![View]
442599543Why the fuck did VLR feel the need to show you your position on the map in the most obnoxious manner…[View]
442598514ITT forgotten gems[View]
442599306Well, /v/? What prompted you?[View]
442596610Ciconia no Naku Koro ni: Are you excited for Ciconia no Naku Koro ni ?[View]
442599354We already know John's voice actor was based and now Arhtur's voice actor is a based Irish…[View]
442598991So what makes a game hard and what makes a game nu-hard?[View]
442597174She's cute! CUTE![View]
442594331Hey guys, looking to buy a microSD card for my Switch. Which one of these should I buy? Keep in mind…[View]
442599037*rustles the jimmies of every smashbabby*[View]
442598828How many tries did it take you to kill Friede? You did kill her, right?[View]
442597729Beyond Good and Evil Thread: Would you a shark, vee? https://youtu.be/Y2229DmJLIY Beyond Good and Ev…[View]
442597528Aside from Piranah Plant, do you think anything else will be distributed to Smash as a 'present…[View]
442594834Why didn't RDR2 let me kill this old bitch? Or at least slap her around? REE![View]
442598862/v/Mas: Christmas is right around the corner and one thing i always notice is when i get on every ho…[View]
442597624How can one game be so grindy???[View]
442544829Fucking your bro's daughter isn't right.[View]
442595735Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442596796Parasite Eve 2: I played the fuck out of this game (Mainly due to one summer it being the only new g…[View]
442595850It's a port that you paid me full price + $24.99 mystery DLC preorder for.[View]
442598642*breathes in your direction*[View]
442597987How do you go from this[View]
442575512>tfw the feds block your glorious return at the VGAs Sylux thread…[View]
442597897Do we really need new games anymore? There's so many existing games that one person could never…[View]
442597737>free for an entire week on PS4 and Steam Why are you not playing SFV right now? It's the be…[View]
442597660HEY THERE MISTER![View]
442595287Here's your Monster Hunter rep, senpai[View]
442597317Shake Shake~[View]
442597181you want to know why I am so pointlessly evil? Because it's fucking fun![View]
442597916The patch is shit Discuss.[View]
442595304CTR Thread: who's your main??[View]
442596194Do you remember MSN Gaming Zone?[View]
442596294>*wins the Smash 4 ballot*[View]
442568159Nier Automata: Why do you fucks like this game so much? Is the gameplay that great? I thought it was…[View]
442528862/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread: >>442454775 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
442595335What is the general consensus on the new Mortal Kombat 11 trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_…[View]
442597727Fuck minecraft: This shit is behind and wont update to 1.8 like suprememe pc master race /anytips…[View]
442587637So what's the highest IQ mind games fighting game out there?[View]
442597149YLYL: Videogame humour haha[View]
442595190World of Light's 13k challenges are complete and total ass. The challenges are wildly unfair or…[View]
442596103realistically how does bethesda recover going forwards?[View]
442596615Is he gonna be in the dlc?[View]
442594138Why are all female character either evil or boring?[View]
442596885The ads for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No S…[View]
442555324>Elves are common >Dark elves are common >Literal demon spawn are common Why do fantasy RPG…[View]
442593456why /v/ is such contrarian?[View]
442596832>brainlets dont understand scarcity in videogames and be a good thing Money raises the stakes.…[View]
442597250Jets'n'Guns 2 is in early access and I see no thread[View]
442597180ITT: Games with god-tier animation: >Sam back-steps instead of spinning on a dime when you go fro…[View]
442596579Will there ever be a roguelike to surpass Elona +?[View]
442596609Guys I'm scared to buy pre-owned games. What if the disc is scratched or covered in chocolate?[View]
442596530For some reason it's legitimately impossible for me to dislike Todd[View]
442590529Why souls combat feels so good despite being as shallow and braindead as possible?[View]
442595958you DID get your leaping boots, r-right /v/?[View]
442596462J Thaddeus Toad is now the MC of the last game you played. How is it? Bearing in mind he's an …[View]
442595760Never played a CRPG before, but somehow I have three Shadowrun games in my Steam library from bundle…[View]
442596471Mr Game and Watch is naked! look at his penis![View]
442595727They should put Reimu in Smash for even more LGBT representation.[View]
442596786Hitman 2 is $30 on PSN store.: should I pick it up, bitches?[View]
442594578Why haven't you made your own game yet time is ticking[View]
442595858Why the fuck is this game so poorly optimized? I want to enjoy it, but that's impossible when t…[View]
442592973When are we getting a FE7 remake so I can marry and creampie Lyn?[View]
442592697These are officially the most popular vidya characters ever[View]
442595579If it dies, it's your fucking fault, not womens[View]
442594814A friend gave me his ps2 and I would like a recommendation on which series to dive into first: Jak a…[View]
442592810Say the word[View]
442587669He's the last character needed to complete the true circle of fan service. It doesn't matt…[View]
442596151ITT: post dem black characters[View]
442596000https://youtu.be/eILvkKnMxWY Thoughts on the new Meat Boy?[View]
442594595which newcomer are you having fun with/v/?[View]
442596270Today's Klonoa's 21st anniversary! Did anyone else remember?[View]
442595570What does /v/ think about Paladins Royale?[View]
442595903Spam doesn’t exist in fighting games: Even in smash. Prove me wrong.[View]
442593723>need to shoot bad guys >get the cursor on just the right spot >pull trigger >FORGOT TO …[View]
442584546>'Anime titties games must be banned because...THINK OF THE CHILDREN!' >'Gore games? Yeah, the…[View]
442596048Rising Storm 2 - Green Army Men: You are playing the greatest mod this year arent you /v/? https://w…[View]
442581447ITT: LEGO Vidya: Specifically the Traveller's Tales games, since they're on sale. How are …[View]
442550034Kenshi: >Not having multiple layered gates with turrents on each layer >Not having perfect 100…[View]
442592923Why is she so smug?[View]
442595354Why is he so bad?[View]
442583803Why weren't the Scoia'tael in Witcher 3 even though they were a gigantic part of the first…[View]
442595042ugh... what could've been...[View]
442594985Why did they put Conan the Barbarian in Smash? He's not a video game character[View]
442595472>mfw there's more possibility to the Rabbids get into Smash easier than fucking Rayman I can…[View]
442595330Seems a bit racist Nintendo[View]
442595049These are Arthur, Sadie, John, Molly, Abigail and Dutch VA from Red Dead Redemption 2, say something…[View]
442586945He's in[View]
442594892REIMU! IN SMASH!: As time goes on Reimu becomes more and more likely to be in smash, months have pas…[View]
442593414This is your Smash Ultimate DLC roster. Say something nice about them![View]
442594269What the fuck was his problem?[View]
442536643Why did they make Samus so RIPPED?[View]
442595358THE PAGIES, IN CAGIES What in the name of Laylee's marvelous tomato nose is Playtonic doing rig…[View]
442549126Dragalia Dead, need new mobile game: Dragalia Lost is pretty much dead. Mind recommending me good Mo…[View]
442582427Is this IP the peak of videogames?[View]
442595241Bought smash ultimate yesterday and I already returned it. There’s like 10 new characters and it pla…[View]
442553197Are you having fun with the new Smash? Who's your main, and have you finished the campaign yet?…[View]
442590721hehe very funny obsidian[View]
442594469This game is so easy even in hard but it's really fun. Why does /v/ hate it?[View]
442591462https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CzX2JUqDuI More examples of western video games franchises that bec…[View]
442594797anyone here know if the N2DS XL still does that weird shit where the bottom screen scuffs up the top…[View]
442594295Post your tier list of most to least fun to play as.[View]
442591521how the FUCK do i kill with this nigga[View]
442594612Smash Ult: Now that its out, share good music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE27K5NCS5Q…[View]
442594598>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442593987BFA Patch 8.1: New warfront is the same as the old warfront[View]
442592848Post your best green characters, bois[View]
442594168Undertale is bad. We can all agree on that. But can we agree that fucking Sans would be a better fit…[View]
442594048Why doesn't Epic Games ever put tanks in their games again? UT2004 with the Onslaught mode was …[View]
442594454This is just Death Note mixed with Durarara. The antagonist even looks like Light.[View]
442556517Do you remember the first time you went through the Deadmines?[View]
442585539DEATH STRANDING TRAILER: Looks like we are getting a new trailer soon boys!! https://twitter.com/Lum…[View]
442593438Has a game ever made your life better?[View]
442587315what did he mean with this[View]
442592793>It's not weird, but.. What the fuck does that slut mean by this? Does she think it's n…[View]
442590596Are Cloud mains good people?[View]
442594041>fight Riku for the 10th time[View]
442593823ITT: Post dem green characters[View]
442592795I sure can't wait to play dead or alive 6!: they added back bouncing boobies!!! take my money! …[View]
442593643>that boomer who's still playing that old browser RTS[View]
442573176Nintendo confirmed: Whose did he steal /v/ ?[View]
442593956He hates Vidya, I wonder if that flaming fag would have the balls to criticize America on that consi…[View]
442589724If you are capable of even the most basic combos, then you are better than the vast vast majority of…[View]
442593939Armin and Mikasa BTFO!: What are some games where hearts get broken and friendships destroyed?…[View]
442582613Is there a more inept video game developer?[View]
442592672>Put a lot of effort into making an amazing game >Then go out of your way to make the online s…[View]
442592880Why is he so strong /v/?: To think that such speed is also used to evade taxes.[View]
442592039What does the N on his head stand for?[View]
442591202>Play game >Liked the gameplay >Liked the story >Liked all the Characters >Liked the …[View]
442593207ow thread: >high skill heroes countered by low skill heroes Why anybody play this garbage?…[View]
442593689Judge and make assumptions the above poster based on their Smash main. >Fox…[View]
442592231the absolute state of redditors on smash online they do shit like: >have GOD AWFUL connection mak…[View]
442593624Why haven't these types of arcadey on-rail shooters had any sort of attempted resurgence with t…[View]
442593347Why wasnt her spirit censored like Camilla's and Mythra's? Compared to them she is underag…[View]
442593540cmon guys r we really still doing this?: >eat food >recover health I mean come on how unrealis…[View]
442558947Hat time you know the drill pick a hat if you want a certain one https://imgur.com/a/2KG35cH[View]
442593125Isabelle is straight up broken and Krool and Inkling are overpowered as hell. You can talk about ani…[View]
442593412ITT favorite trailers https://youtu.be/9rbeAGdYk_0[View]
442590874Games for that feel?[View]
442580840This kills the melee players[View]
442593301He's IN.[View]
442573356Hitman thread: >third playthrough on Mumbai >stumble upon the whole thing with the Kashmirian …[View]
442593226Fuck off i need the N*ggers to work in the fields[View]
442592972The mark of my dignity, shall scar thy DNA[View]
442593185Any good games that let you teleport?[View]
442590623Smash Ultimate is going to be unbearable when all 4 of these fucks are top tier.[View]
442593075Mr. gay and watch[View]
442590070>only 1 in every 10 quickplay queues will get you a game mode you actually want to play >on th…[View]
442592773Remember when Nintendo made a 90 minute commercial for Super Mario Bros 3?[View]
442589306>game has multiple endings[View]
442554226REIMU IN SMASH: I have been shilling for reimu since the very announcement of Ultimate, I didn'…[View]
442590890How is this?[View]
442547249Okay, this is epic[View]
442578785>complete dungeon >reward: sandwich what's your reaction?…[View]
442590829You are at the tavern and she comes up and slaps your healer on the ass. What do?[View]
442589285Could it be adapted into a 9/10 game?[View]
442592824>Higher difficulty levels lower xp received[View]
442585068how big is your current backlog?[View]
442592570Post yfw online trophies[View]
442591160 [View]
442592695ughhh.... what could've been...[View]
442583898Smash Bros. Challenger Pack 1: Joker Release Date: February 21, 2019 Goku Announcement Date: May 9, …[View]
442586786bbattlestetson thread[View]
442592504>literally just watched a 9 year old kid waste more than $200 dollars worth of shit for some mobi…[View]
442582043Dutch... *cough cough* Micah won..: Micah won, Dutch... discussion for our game has completely died …[View]
442569532Explain to a brainlet like me why people like melee so much ? 'ultimate is good, but it's not …[View]
442576727Nioh bread What are your feelings on Nioh 2? Are you happy with character creation or would you rath…[View]
442574508A list of fucking problems with online: >I get more 1 v 1 matches when I queue for FFA >I get …[View]
442583416>So, who was the person who formed this incredible ideology known as Kabbalah? What was intended …[View]
442590743leave lol[View]
442586520Shhhhhhhhh...be veeeeeeewy quiet...she's hunting Smash invitations.[View]
442583472what happened?[View]
442592135>game makes you lose karma for killing animals[View]
442592113Mods are asleep Post fun and obscure video games[View]
442591173>Steam dies because kids all switch to Epic's new service because new games are going on it …[View]
442591993FFXIV bread: Which class do you like to play the most? Mechanics-wise and RP-wise >mechs SCH, bec…[View]
442564607Dark Souls 3 is uninspired[View]
442591943>Hippocratic Oath >Molotov cocktails Is this game set in our world, or just lazy/overlooked w…[View]
442585375Guise i just CFWed my New 3ds XL, recommend me some lesser known great games for it. I know about th…[View]
442591680Why do they still let Sakurai work on Smash? Anyone who is responsible for Ultimate's online mo…[View]
442590409Outer Worlds: Anyone else worried that Outer Worlds is gonna try to cash in on the fanbase's lo…[View]
442585645Difficulty in Videogames Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY-_dsTlosI Why haven't you pl…[View]
442589508What the fuck went so horribly wrong?[View]
442588931How pointless would it be to back up and play this if I’m new to MH?[View]
442581837>play as him >go online >utterly stomp rool babies What's so bad about him? His moves …[View]
442591449When EA finally kills Bioware. I'm gonna be really sad this never got a sequel[View]
442591558>my favourite fire emblem character >my smash main >hated by the smash community >hated …[View]
442553960/v/ga thread: Nominations are UP: https://2018.vidyagaemawards.com/ Come nominate your favourites an…[View]
442589459The boys are back in Towm: Frank Geckoman Part 2: Well boys, welcome back to 4chan plays skyrim. So …[View]
442587874what the fuck is this character design[View]
442591380>Tier list thread was up a few days ago >People were posting Zero's tier list and Leffen…[View]
442591308Smash Mains: /v/, what do you think are the best/worst mains for SSBU?[View]
442591264>pay $60 to watch commercials They absolute state of fighting cucks.[View]
442587298246 KB PNG ATTENTION EVERYONE *taps fork against glass* *ahem* FUCK ANIME CHARACTERS AND FUCK ZOOMER…[View]
442591115Why do so many video games have such shitty health systems? The best health system is segmented life…[View]
442591087Here's your bounty hunter, bro.[View]
442590515>Nintendo finally caves to Ridleyfag whining and puts him in the game >he's a garbage-tie…[View]
442588257*ting ting ting* AHEM He's in.[View]
442586550>Gosh i god of war 4 is such a masterpiece thanks based sony for giving us this game full of fres…[View]
442587949What’s the fastest way to make it as a YouTube gamer when you only have an iPhone to record on?[View]
442590260I'm starting to get worried[View]
442590482damn, rockstar...[View]
442588297where am I supposed to get the non-EE versions?[View]
442590473Salem's Link: Everybody get the fuck in here! Salem is showing off some good ass gameplay Link …[View]
442590443How do you prefer your game waifus /v/? As the player character? As the smile to protect? As the ant…[View]
442545638thoughts on this game?[View]
442590324DLC in your path[View]
442583998press F[View]
442590230Tier List Thread: Tier list thread. Post your tier lists.[View]
442590126THE PAGIES, IN CAGIES What in the name of Yooka's nonexistent pants is Playtonic doing right no…[View]
442579980You’d better go and play Dusk you faggots. It’s what Blood 2 should’ve been[View]
442586929EA leaked personal data: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KirdH9Trpb0 Notice the pattern here: Fallou…[View]
442590051What the fuck Rockstar! Why can't I knock her out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqqJGgFgtbs…[View]
442589805/v/ermin /v/eekend i win lol, i made the most powerdtfull[View]
442569169Post your current crew and get judged.[View]
442586642>Gets knocked off stage >Has a garbage air recovery >Goes straight up and then straight dow…[View]
442589034>'Las visitas' walk in. https://youtu.be/ngSPb8S5ODc[View]
442589625>I GOT YA NOW BLACK LUNG[View]
442588249What does /v/ have to say about weeb dark souls?[View]
442528856The Outer Worlds: >It's hub-based greatness instead of open world trash >Made by Tim Cain…[View]
442587091>game has shit gameplay >but literally everything else is perfect, so it's still good Wha…[View]
442586006Is this thing cancelled? SE never talk about it again[View]
442587720Elite club: Post your elites![View]
442589498Shoutout to Rockstar North's security guard[View]
442589305He's in.[View]
442588725>game has slip mechanics[View]
442589132Video games are fucking garbage.[View]
442589281So, what do you think of the live action Sonic?[View]
442567110Which western rep should get in?[View]
442586838>view a smash bros thread >ctrl+f >'shower' >20+ matches Holy fuck, do these people real…[View]
442588654SFV is on free trial. How's that ads grinding going, /v/?[View]
442583362A little playful teasing since someone didn't make it into Smash as a playable character.[View]
442588637The greatest RPG ever made[View]
442573475Does /v/ play fighting games? What do you play? Who do you main?[View]
442588508Hiro was the traitor, Moot. I gave you everything I had....[View]
442588746>Everyone is in >Except Charizard from Smash 4 because he's bound to Pokemon Trainer…[View]
442588694Can we have a controller thread?[View]
442588579Do you ever take performance enhancing drugs while playing video games to give yourself the edge ove…[View]
442588412>Playing KH3 without playing any of the old games and posting in threads just to SPITE the fanbas…[View]
442583135Do you think that all xenoblade2fags commited suicide after this? There is suddenly 0 xenoblade 2 th…[View]
442581553Well yeah, I think video games are fun[View]
442587353Smash DLC: I see a lot of the same suggestions over and over again but what about some characters th…[View]
442558815How is this allowed?[View]
442587723Dont mind me, just still being the hottest woman in Smash.[View]
442587580are you concidered boomer if you played quake 3 on ps2 ?[View]
442588174Well does he[View]
442586884what exactly about the story and character makes people think it's so good? i thought it was fi…[View]
442587131Never seen gameplay from a 1998 beta of Max Payne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_argKFy6rg Accor…[View]
442588067>Tier list thread was up a few days ago >People were posting Zero's tier list and Leffen…[View]
442568635Why did they give the inkling boys such terrible alternate outfits.[View]
442585374Is there anything left to be done in the 2D platforming genre? Even puzzle-platformers don't se…[View]
442585251Did she win?[View]
442586282Minecraft Refugee Crisis Map: https://youtu.be/dAbBDFkn8Qk >Meet Stephen Reid, founder of Immersi…[View]
442584350DMC Thread: Are you a bad enough dude to take motivation up the ass?[View]
442587604Did you know that the person who wrote this legendary killer7 craigslist ad is the same person who m…[View]
442587373Will I be able to stay in Masters after her Shield Bash nerf?: t. One trick Brigitte main who climbe…[View]
442580781I've been practicing 3d modeling for a few weeks now and this is what I've come up with. W…[View]
442587525Here's your live action Sonic bro.[View]
442586986why is he so autistic?[View]
442587459Now that the dust has settled, where are the mods? This thing was made in fucking Unity. I want to …[View]
442565220ITT: characters who are a lock for Smash 6[View]
442559351''Strong'' '''women''' have no place in gaming.[View]
442586010So what reason was there for no taunts online? Were you bothered by this change? Do you teabag?[View]
442572786>the absolute fucking state of competitive Smash Bros[View]
442577178Rate the entries in a game series and others try to guess i'll start 2>3>1>4[View]
442585796Top Video Game Character: Who was your most searched of the year?[View]
442586998>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71UfH4Wr-IE Take a drink every time they use a projectile.…[View]
442586181It's honestly not THAT bad: I started playing the game today and the biggest flaws imo is >c…[View]
442587064Greetings, friend. I'm Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science and you're reading this in my…[View]
442585860Where were you when Obsidian saved video games?[View]
442562504Which one will bomb?[View]
442585309Why aren't you playing her game right now?[View]
442586659What did Sakurai mean by this?[View]
442580702Are you gonna get Soulja boys new console?[View]
442586646GOD'S GIFT www.godsgift.io[View]
442586473hey puppy (´ε` ) why aren't you playing with me right now pup?[View]
442585718What does /g/ have to say about Weeb dark souls?[View]
442585871I'll take that invite and Lance will come with me as my alt. Thank you.[View]
4425797032P: Every day until she's out.[View]
442584716>camilla and mythra have to cover up >this is allowed ?…[View]
442559179This is the current price of all Street Fighter V content, they will soon being adding Season 4. SFV…[View]
442583950Smash Ultimate online feedback: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/428…[View]
442579613One of these characters will be playable in Smash as the 2nd Namco rep say something nice about them…[View]
442583919Are you ready for /ourguy/s third game next month /v/?[View]
442582007Say what you want about the game, but the opening of FFVIII is GOAT.[View]
442563210It's out! https://store.steampowered.com/app/519860/DUSK/[View]
442585845Are you all afraid of power surges? You know they can fry your $2000 rig or console in a split secon…[View]
442576993Nintendo Switch 2019 model: Nintendo is prepping their next Switch system which can be seen as a mid…[View]
442584098>He doesn't play Vermintide 2 to the DOOM soundtrack[View]
442577748I recently replaced my 10 year old laptop. First new game I've gotten is Odyssey. I'm real…[View]
442584646name a more anticipated game ever you can't[View]
442585053>you: dash forward >enemy: dash back >you: dash back >enemy: dash forward >you: dash …[View]
442585808Game right wing politics: What does a game trying to push right wing politics look like? I am not ta…[View]
442582227Things That Scared You As A Kid: This bear in tomb raider[View]
442585729Here's your live action Sonic bro.[View]
442575076What's the appeal of management games?[View]
442551534It's not even that hard.[View]
442583650Huh, ReviewTechUSA actually interviewed Ninja. It's pretty interesting: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
442583982Nier: Automata Game of the YoRHa edition: >In Japan, the PlayStation 4 version will launch on Feb…[View]
442584990>'Anon you know I can't clean up this board everyday! I have terminal lumbago and it's …[View]
442585427Why aren't you playing a wrestling game RIGHT NOW?[View]
442585351So they're getting keyblades at some point, right? Every other hero has one so what is the poin…[View]
442540094What changes would you make to BotW's formula for the next big 3D Zelda game?[View]
442585298>corrin mains[View]
442581796>be me >favorite song is Big Iron by Marty Robbins >never played fallout new vegas >all …[View]
442584906He is stronger than Captain Falcon now.[View]
442583403Post the best vidya birds[View]
442572936FIGHT KNIGHT FIGHT KNIGHT FIGHT KNIGHT FIGHT KNIGHT FIGHT https://store.steampowered.com/app/792120/…[View]
442585183I haven't seen him pop up yet as a spirit which means it's still fucking possible.[View]
442584762Smash4> ultimate[View]
442585103What should I play on this cold lonely night?[View]
442581297ITT: Characters that will never be playable in Smash Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W…[View]
442575652Some say this game even beats Ocarina of Time: How has this game stood the test of time? How does it…[View]
442584808I can't remember it: /v/, what exactly was he called?[View]
442583721What does Kefka hate?[View]
442584537Nigga WHAT why the fuck didn't I know about this?[View]
442580747What makes someone a hack?[View]
442581084Twilight Princess Credits Theme: Can a music fag break down why 4:10 onward just good[View]
442583139WE JUST NEED ONE MORE RDR 2 ONLINE THREAD So what are you doing when you're done with the mis…[View]
442584465Anybody have any information on laughing coffin in vrchat?other than that hes a avatar stealer.[View]
442583791HOLY MACARONI[View]
442584039Quick question about the Skull Kid Mii outfit...: I have the head gear already but not the outfit. D…[View]
442583030I really like Spider-Man games, played my fair share of them, but sadly not the latest one because I…[View]
442581739meme dragon: meme dragon[View]
442583781You: King K Rool, Bayonetta, Fox, Ness, Captain Falcon, Cloud, Marth, Chrom, low IQ, etc. Me: An IN…[View]
442582292FighterZ fans, who are you guys rooting for season 2 dlc characters? I like the idea of raditz a lot…[View]
442579837You lied to me /v/ it's a super fun game.[View]
442584052Post yfw they patch out putting your console to sleep in the lobby without getting penalized before …[View]
442583874STOP SHITTING ON FALLOUT 76!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
442582578Is he really that important to Wario compared to all the people Wario met in Wario Land and Wario Wa…[View]
442583740RS2 Christmas Special: kek, this is awesome[View]
442578417Now that Persona 5 is confirmed for a switch release what other Atlus games do you want to see getti…[View]
442583150Fuck Square. They're a bunch of slant eyed cowards. >Cloud is in smash >One stage >Two…[View]
442569287There. I just saved consoles forever. You're welcome.[View]
442580553are there any interesting RPGs coming out soon? only one I can think of is Bannerlord and Nioh 2 whi…[View]
442583562Hollow Knight: This guy is way harder than Nightmare King.[View]
442582068First Smash i will ever play. Any good Youtube channel (no stupid screamers plz) or web to learn bas…[View]
442579176>Hunt Showdown never gets talked about on /v/ Granted, it's early access, but it's a pr…[View]
442582436Haha yes, i must admit that fallout 76 business was pretty funny. But we both know that when TES 6 c…[View]
442532757There is such a thing as 'healing' games? Stuff that help you to feel good/less lonely or a connecti…[View]
442580757Why is Tifa STILL on the list?[View]
442565007Devil May Cry 5: V loves Big Black Cats.[View]
442583223I unironically want him to be in the game. He might have a very original moveset, he is the main cha…[View]
442583118Post kino smash ultimate remixes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW2I0-jxTsE[View]
442582671Why so many ''adults'' playing this game for childrens?[View]
442573085Help a nigga out here. I'm in the mood for a JRPG, I own a PS4/Switch/PC. I have limited time t…[View]
442582761Imagine if Nintendo made a fighting game where all their mascots fought each other and you could hav…[View]
442571497Who do you main in smash? For me, it's sonic and fox[View]
442583001Tier List Thread: Now featuring Joker from the Persona series.[View]
442582965>smash is a kids party game anyway. >i-i Dont need to win. Its for fun anyway >its not a f…[View]
442582941bacground music: need to know what theme its playing during the fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
442578804What game has the best soundtrack?[View]
442577084>he still plays Overwatch[View]
442580391>tfw always replaying games from series you enjoyed when you were younger >tfw the only time y…[View]
442582698>waluigi will never EVER be playable It really makes me laugh[View]
442580320Why don't games let you play as prostitues anymore?[View]
442577775Who would be the best choice to be the next Game Director for Smash Bros if Sakurai were to retire?[View]
442582449Um excuse /v/, have you seen a little girl around here? Short, black hair...[View]
442577848>you can set enemies on fire >their screams give you PTSD…[View]
442581935Remember not to talk nonsense about the characters that others want This may be you tomorrow. https:…[View]
442544151Why can't they develop games?[View]
442582268I wish mobas were pretty to look at[View]
442582581ITT: “Quality” boxart[View]
442580417Is /v/ hyped for Doom Episode 5? https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil/ Based Romero is back baby![View]
442579730>Mahoyo fantranslation cancelled AGAIN Will it ever get translated?[View]
442578962Whatever happened to this dumb shit? Did it sell well?[View]
442581157I played this game and I thought it was bretty good. I keep hearing theres many ways to play it and …[View]
442571739help me /v/ I absolutely suck at smash my buddy got it yesterday, and we were playing it last night …[View]
442551619Rayman: Is he and that pink fucker the true final bosses of Super Smash Bros Ultimate?[View]
442581562Yuna: I really really really love her guys. Why is she so fucking perfect? Those eyes. Her armpits. …[View]
442582086Which is the best engine for RPG games today? Is there any new engine being developed for the near f…[View]
442582079Anyone know where the hell this thing is in the US? What the fuck Square.[View]
442579638Overwatch got a new logo. Thoughts?[View]
442581008What games are you still hopeful for?: >Bannerlord >Possibility of Deep Down being released …[View]
442581939Post good lore. Zelda 64's + Mario 64 had the best[View]
442575537Oh hi there guys, hope you are enjoying patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance.[View]
442580313Whatcha playin’ with?[View]
442581606I am the ultimate being... There is no hope... My hammer of death shall rain down upon you![View]
442573428https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol12g5GxI7Y >SNES Classic Edition Runs PS1 Games Better Than The …[View]
442571528Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442558915times you acted like the joker: >playing gta >stars driving the speed limit and avoid breaking…[View]
442577049>game tries to be funny >it’s not The cutscenes in this game are so weird and out of place/cha…[View]
442579675OSRS: How can anyone stand this shit?[View]
442581167 [View]
442581092Shantae: Is the series any good or just waifu garbage?[View]
442580656A reminder[View]
442571301Osrs 2007v2018: Any active osrs players who have played since 2007 or earlier? How osrs is different…[View]
442580817Post your smash pics.[View]
442580340https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGANQad7Q1U AYY LMAO[View]
442579406Do you appreciate or dislike minigames in your adventure and/or open world games?[View]
442579094Is there anything in this world more overrated?[View]
442579830World of Light completion help: I got through world of light trying to 100% it, I've beaten the…[View]
442571479So, how long did it take for the first balance patch to happen in Smash 4? The sooner this fat sack …[View]
442574987Can't they just make a diablo clone where the combat is hard and deep instead of some shit wher…[View]
442580547IT'S some fucking idiot who wants to turn Max Payne into a tv series[View]
442578998*WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB*[View]
442579105>No For Glory >Highest input lag in all the franchise >Pay for Online >Ganondorf is stil…[View]
442577013What do you think about World War Z? Looks like I might pirate it. https://youtu.be/bGutI6CNgII[View]
442580024JUST A MOMENT!: /v/ and Gamer You know what day is this? >no >w-what day is this, master Anon?…[View]
442563753Let’s smash: Instead of bitching, let’s play >4-man arena >name /v/ sucks at smash >pass i…[View]
442557064Final Fantasy XIV SHADOWBRINGERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNRgNQzW-X8 is raiding dead in Fin…[View]
442579976Are ''walking simulators'' automatically bad ?[View]
442577590Smash: >mii gunner is top tier right now >you didn't make the default smash 4 mii gunner …[View]
442577065Gaming Screenshots Thread 2[View]
442578775Jaded Gamer: Any good games for a jaded 25+ yr old with a career? Jaded to the point where I played …[View]
442571941Next year guys![View]
442574574admit it /v/, he has a shot and you cant stop him[View]
442577646>'tHe nExt reD dEAd sHouLd bE aboUt youNG aRthUr or yOunG DutcH'[View]
442577419dont know if you heard about this but sadly CSGO continues to ruin their game by making something el…[View]
442576303First Video Game: Hi /v/ I've never played a video game in my life. Can you recommend me someth…[View]
442575361Just..one.. more thread Arthur!: I have savoured.. i have not looked at none video clip or gotten a …[View]
442579542Post yfw Dusk saved the FPS genre.[View]
442578317No pokefloats no buy[View]
442576106Why do you fucks care so much about online and only playing online? How about you just have fun with…[View]
442575307PUFF PUFF IN YOUR GRAVE, FAGS!!: Slime gonna be in smash, as a Square Enix Rep, here the List > I…[View]
442576637How do you install that browser extension to filter Smash threads? Fuck it, I'm really fed up w…[View]
442578645This is your devil survivor for tonight[View]
442579268>New Austin is hardly used in the game Feels unfinished but it doesnt matter to me since online s…[View]
442578285ITT: hardest boss fights of all time[View]
442578365Been gone for a while with work. How was this? Its mixed on steam, but what did /v/ think about it?[View]
442574535Sequel when?[View]
442579217MADMAN LIKE VILLANS: What are some games where the villan you're going up against is a 64d parc…[View]
442578896Oh shit! If Valve dies then I'm going to lose all the games I bought on Steam! Somebody stop al…[View]
442578867HOLY SHIT ITS FUCKING REAL! I thought you fucks were messing with me[View]
442576523>tfw no Geralt bf[View]
442543085Good day lads, just wondering what your biggest gaming disappointment was and why.[View]
442576582Best choice right here.[View]
442578581give /v/ its anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FN8u-mB1js[View]
442577991>game tries to be funny >it actually is What are some games you found funny, /v/?…[View]
442570220Dragon Ball FighterZ: Play DBFZ[View]
442578258>MFW Ubisoft have no interest in ever making another Prince of Persia game ever again They were m…[View]
442575713ITT flash kino[View]
442578375Langrisser Mobile: how will fehfags ever recover? http://captiongenerator.com/1209812/IntSys-Reacts-…[View]
442577269holy fuck this game sucks[View]
442564021Tencent shills will defend this[View]
442578231>game is lineal as fuck >devs add a hard mode because they actually think it has replay value …[View]
442578174No context thread: I'll post a random vista related pic from any game. Someone who doesn't…[View]
442574184rank all bideogame franchises from most incel to least incel. meleefags > nincels> sonyweebs…[View]
442574168Just curious, what are specific moments Dice or EA made claims towards wanting to accurately/authent…[View]
442570979Game will be shit. Continued from >>442561694[View]
442573375What videogames do you play when you are tired of life?[View]
442573524GO FIRM THE PETITION XENOSAGA HD: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Katsuhiro_Harada_DirectorProd…[View]
442577834Thoughts on this game? I like the campaign but I think online is overrated desu[View]
442577791Witch on the Holy Night's translation has been cancelled >If you want me to say it’s dead, …[View]
442523380Daily X4 thread 1.32 is live, get ready for war.[View]
442573795.: So uh, how do I get big on this thing? Any actual realistic ways for a male?[View]
442577394too many games to play: and i don't know what to play.[View]
442577702Which one is better? F-Zero or Wipeout?[View]
442577158Why does Sakurai hate me?[View]
442577579What do I say when the job interviewers ask me to tell them about myself that isn't video games…[View]
442575565How does Valve save Artifact?[View]
442577431https://www.everquest.com/news/eq-the-burning-lands-expansion-launch-2018 https://www.everquest.com/…[View]
442576518Smash Ultimate has inherent input delay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWqSODoookc >Average res…[View]
442576053>slow mimic movement >shitty animations for mimics >Morgan can only hold 1 weapon >makin…[View]
442575136https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8d8OMM-XpA Looks kinda boring lol.[View]
442542404What went wrong?[View]
442575397*obstructs your playthrough*[View]
442575229How do we save the horror genre in video games, /v/?[View]
442560659>First Deus Ex talks about conspiracy theories and a plot to enslave humanity. Augmented people a…[View]
442576554Is she still OP?[View]
442576979The Epic Games Store: Can someone inform me what this is all about without this thread turning into …[View]
442553475which on of these will be better in your opinion?[View]
442576925https://youtu.be/5WfKDgNuuP4 Not bad at all[View]
442574609Are there any non-tolkien high fantasy games?[View]
442571873Play Fire Emblem heroes[View]
442573861Just finished these up. These two games are pretty overrated. Nu GoW shits all over the first two. N…[View]
442571772>2012: 'Haha, can you imagine Gen Z, 10 years later, saying brownnbloom Cowadoody, iCarly, Angry …[View]
442574298I keep seeing reports of lag for Smash Ultimate, has anyone tested it out on a CRT?[View]
442573680What kind of lame ass vacation spot is Silent Hill? There's nothing there.[View]
442574635Any chance of Microsoft rebooting Perfect Dark in the future? I really want to see a new Bond game b…[View]
442532863Battlestations thread: What it says on the tin, post battlestations.[View]
442576425*blocks ur path*[View]
442574595What's going on here?[View]
442576238Funny Glitches thread ill start: >be me, 10ish /v/ fag >have fable 2 play 2 player with cool /…[View]
442573790Why is she so obsessed with Asuka?[View]
442564926There's been some leaks for Jump Force with the new Jump Festa trailer coming soon >Kinnikum…[View]
442576258How to dodge FFA matches in Online: All right /v/ros I found a solution to getting stuck in FFA onli…[View]
442576090Nostalgic Web Games Thread: Post your memories, reccomendations and shit regarding online/flash game…[View]
442576096OH NO NO NO NO NONONO[View]
442566346Why wouldn't they just make a Sonic movie like this? Are they really that dumb? https://youtu.b…[View]
442574109>can't taunt online For what purpose? Nintendo literally censoring gameplay because of feeli…[View]
442573779Who else can't wait for panther boi to slap newcomers in the ass at below freezing temperatures…[View]
442573619>Hear horror stories about this game >Superb it on my first try >Get stuck for 15 minutes o…[View]
442572734 [View]
442575806Smash Screenshot thread: So is this canon to Pokemon now?[View]
442572663You think people who sit on the edge of the stage and spam projectiles as link/young link/toon link …[View]
442555523https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a4wp8g/uh_i_just_logged_in_and_uh_im_playing_someone/ > Pe…[View]
442548001What CPU does /v/ use to game with?[View]
442570902Best controller for Smash Ultimate: Meleefags BTFO https://youtu.be/HsiE8D2fZw4[View]
442566946>super armor jump >huge hitboxes, >little to no endlag on any moves >hits like a truck …[View]
442568038Is this the edgiest RTS unit ever made?[View]
442570042>Buhoo Banjo should have gotten in instead of Joker. It was his turn! Why are characterfags such …[View]
442574996AC Origins DLC: So, I've been playing Assassin's Creed: Origins and I've just about d…[View]
442566837Game Collections: At what point does a collection become an obsession?[View]
442574461Soundtrack of the year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay_aDjEv-7E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
442573010why did the story of seasons franchise decide to not be multiplatform? it's not like they sell …[View]
442505113Is he the Bayonetta of Ultimate?[View]
442574734>circle jerking group >constantly invades /v/ >easly spotted by anyone >conspires to shi…[View]
442544714What's the most important stat?[View]
442574416Which is the best Digimon game?[View]
442570949So now that the dust is settled, can we all agree that this guy is not only the best Newcomer to the…[View]
442569929Mark: Danced Crazy [View]
442568187what the fuck did he REALLY want?[View]
442575157I need to play a good robot game. That one game from nintendo E3 looked good, but not enough. Any re…[View]
442574963Ark Survival Evolved stories: This will be the story on one of my old tribe leaders and why I left h…[View]
442571491https://games.avclub.com/battlefield-v-s-campaign-tries-to-argue-that-wwii-had-v-1830887352 >PLAY…[View]
442573549This is Joker. I've infiltrated /v/.[View]
442574615What's the last game you played that had local multiplayer?[View]
442574328*Einel of Polte has invaded your world* >hes sitting there in the toast emote with an item droppe…[View]
442573595Wait, how did the music for this place go again?[View]
442572343One more big score and we'll have enough money to leave[View]
442570620Why are Western games & characters so unpopular and forgettable? Like even American gamers prefe…[View]
442563353With Joker all bets are off. Out of anyone in any Soulsborne game, who gets in Smesh?[View]
442572763Who is BJ's mom?[View]
442574097What are your thoughts on the input lag of Smash Ultimate? >Average response time in all Smash ga…[View]
442573395What happened after he cut off Kreia's hand? How did she escape? Why did he let her escape? Are…[View]
442574019Got A lgv30, time for JRPGs: Finally got an lgv30. I'm ready to emulate JRPGs like a mad man. G…[View]
442573979How do I beat his Spirit on hard difficulty ?[View]
442572848I hacked my switch and put in bunch of games with good reviews, but I noticed most of these are eith…[View]
442527619Game of the Year, everybody.[View]
442573757He's going to be a DLC character[View]
442573936Indie amateur games are better than AAA shit[View]
442564373Find a flaw. Hard mode: no Brawl, no (insert character wasn’t added), no World Of Light.[View]
442573801why beautiful women love pokemon so much?? whats pokemon secret??[View]
442561258What was her problem?[View]
442573806What should I buy for my gamer bros? I saw a notepad that looks like a SNES so that might be cool.[View]
442557939What am I in for?[View]
442572915need help finding out this server. just wanna say hi cause he is one of my favorite rust streamers h…[View]
442571707Hey, /v/. yore ugleh[View]
442573625Sup fuckers its almost smissmas, why aren't you celebrating with your tf2 thread ?[View]
442562130Wrongfully banned yesterday from an mmo I play every day. No warning and no reason given. Never been…[View]
442562745So what the fuck was his problem with Kratos anyway?[View]
442573545>see EU4 is having a discount >Oh cool I can finally get those dlcs I've been missing, la…[View]
442546343Gamemaking: How is your game coming along, anon?[View]
442573493/v/ plays game dev tycoon: Saw someone else do it last night and i'm neither the anon from last…[View]
442558769The ads for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No S…[View]
442573430is now a good time to get back into CoH2 with all the noobs?[View]
442573202Is it still the greatest online multiplayer FPS experience of all time?[View]
442573229Hey weebs, My name is Sony, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lif…[View]
442573151SONY's ok with THIS?[View]
442567397Is Jason Schreier a good guy for the gaming industry, or a bad guy?[View]
442567268What is the top 10 of most popular vidya characters?[View]
442572646Anybody up for some duplicate keys thread?[View]
442571189>'These are going to be characters that are new to the series, just like Joker from Persona 5, ch…[View]
442571889You N word![View]
442572036Resonance of Fate: When does this game get good?[View]
442567264You wake up in the world of the last video game you played. How fucked are you? Pic Related. I…[View]
442570549>shoots out short range gordo >enemy charges cause they think gordo is gonna despawn >suck …[View]
442572254Hey Guys: Why all of you choose representatives for square enix practically impossible because of th…[View]
442570758EDF: Wingdiver tips? Really fun to play, but I go down almost instantly whenever I approach those fo…[View]
442572746Did Pokemon finally take the thicc pill?[View]
442569931DayZ releases 1.0 on the 13th of December: Come in and discuss this game with me anons. Got any good…[View]
442572447https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYKJrWEPkBw Kiefer Sutherland, Brian Blessed, Charles Dance, and Hel…[View]
442572640link loves buff men https://twitter.com/aitaikimochii/status/1072190590106853376[View]
442570503ROTMG: realm of the mad god thread I'm trying to introduce my friend to the game but he keeps d…[View]
442571358Why is edginess a bad thing?: Shouldn't Hel be edgy? The abrupt death metal was fun. https://yo…[View]
442568550Smash Ultimate DLC: Reminder that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER who is in Smash has been on a Nintendo cons…[View]
442568840>Walks on stage >Everyone claps and creams their pants Can someone explain this to me? I know …[View]
442572539You've learned to wavedash with Z, right /v/? You arent still trying to use your right trigger,…[View]
442572453HAHA YOU'RE TOO SLOW[View]
442549225Banjo is a lock: Here’s why: >reggie said they are reaching for unrepresented franchises for the …[View]
442559996You can push 2 buttons Well?[View]
442570742The only fighting game I've played is Street Fighter. I like it but I find myself practicing co…[View]
442571962I want to fuck all the girls in Smash[View]
442569925>*ahem* I see there is no Blizzard Entertainment thread on /v/ right now. Blizzard Entertainment…[View]
442564301So why did everyone shit on Big Daddy in Playstation All-Stars and then it was fine for Sakurai to a…[View]
442570509>We all had her, but he married her Was John Marston a cu-ck?[View]
442548962Some big ports heading to switch to pad out the first half of 2019. Christmas Direct will contain so…[View]
442562934How many fetishes can one mine out of Camilla, really[View]
442571714>Post a picture that reminds you of the last game you played >People try to guess what game it…[View]
442568168>playing rdr2 >character decided to get bank loan >Oh, ok I will pay it off in minute >r…[View]
442571010For England James?[View]
442569734Solidus Snake Spirit: Can’t find the fucker in World of Light. Anyone here manage to snag him anywhe…[View]
442565365so what's a decent build?[View]
442571551Hopes for Monster Hunter World: Iceoborne? It's clearly G Rank with more monsters. Since Nargac…[View]
442571457he's in[View]
442571419SPEED: This movie will destroy the world[View]
442558762This is my main. Say something nice about him![View]
442571408>Here's ur winter event bro[View]
442571048Why is ValveTime still a thing?[View]
442563715What's the name of the game where you are stranded on an island and have to survive?[View]
442569176Mount and Blade characters: Post your beggars[View]
442571326>Beta is supposed to come out this year >barely any news still Why don't they just admit …[View]
442570351Mortal Kombat needs a full reboot. The storyline is a complete mess. >inb4: who even cares about …[View]
442571283watch your mouth there boy[View]
442569529Here's your competitive stagelist, bro.[View]
442550991you people are so stupid you realize that by not buying the game, they're not going to make mor…[View]
442571084Would you /v/?[View]
442570427Video Game Screenshots Thread 2[View]
442567242Why are elder scroll games more popular than fallout games? Fallout 4 came out more than 3 years ago…[View]
442569505How the fuck do I knock somebody out with this character?[View]
442546989here's your classic bro[View]
442568174Why aren’t you playing Dusk /v/?[View]
442570796Jets'n'Guns 2: Has anyone got it? Early Access version has only 4 stages and around 10 wea…[View]
442570639Ocarina of Time Link deserved to be in Ultimate too. Technically so did Twilight Princess Link. They…[View]
442569534I present to you the best choices for the remaining 4 DLC of Smash Bros Ultimate: Sora - Square Enix…[View]
442570720Yuan Shu, the Pretender: Who is Yuan Shu? How did he become a warlord? Is he a heroe, villain, or a …[View]
442570347>Port >Indie port >Port >Port >Indie port >Indie port >Indie port >Port >…[View]
442569432ITT: Make your own Spirit Battles: Spirit: Goku Fighter: Ryu (Orange) Type: Attack Stage: Suzaku Cas…[View]
442569167Final Fantasy X-2: what a weird game, haha...[View]
442570364Hey there spartan boy[View]
442567457I got this spirit by dumb luck how about the rest of you?[View]
442567035Yakuza 0 CPY: It's over, DRM is dead[View]
442569916Ultimate Online: Completely disregarding the matchmaking, how is the actual connections with online?…[View]
442559232>Why of course i play LISA!, it's manlier and has the best battle system…[View]
442569656Both release the same time, only one is good the question is which one?[View]
442568680How do you feel about video game characters with glasses?[View]
442567879SO HERE I AM[View]
442570174fuck normal people that includes (you)[View]
442566909Are you ELITE? Post your Main, GSP and if you're Elite or not? Main: Richter GSP: 997,489 Elite…[View]
442564902Tommy Vercetti: REMEMBER THE NAME[View]
442566001This shit gave me feels. How are you holding out, half-bros?[View]
442567213Buying Switch off CL / eBart: So, I found an offer of $200 for a Switch without joycons.... Can the …[View]
442568681What game from this year do you guys think will be massively influential and beloved 20 years in the…[View]
442568274Is there anything worse than being a Sonic fan?[View]
442561694Game's ruined. Continued from >>442552653[View]
442567054This is peak Ratchet and Clank and you know it[View]
442569889lol China[View]
442569835Resident Evil: Why is the scariest area I can think of in a horror game this area? I know for people…[View]
442569701when you're a gamer and you have got to pee right after you have cum[View]
442569496>Pichu is not only viable, but really good Are we living in the best timeline?…[View]
442555795>The fighters will be 'unexpected' >The DLC casts 'a wide net' Who the fuck could they add as …[View]
442569689Why do people keep giving Sony shit? They're right; children need to be protected from bad infl…[View]
442569674Battle Network thread: >Much better characters and storyline than anything in the Classic timelin…[View]
442567664I want to marry Brigitte. Move to sweden and open our own auto-repair shop. Work tirelessly to suppo…[View]
442568416Steel Division is on sale I want /v/ to tell me if I should waste my money or not[View]
442565906The rules are simple: You may remove three characters (not echoes) to add one character of your choi…[View]
442568773What's your opinion on Nintendo and DLC?[View]
442568608Does any other video game cast have cooler powers than the Darkstalkers?[View]
442569490The wrong wrestling cat got in.[View]
442569484>Good to go >Party time >Good to go >*grenade launcher noise* *explosion*…[View]
442569481I Like Fallout 76: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKb-CWFocu4 Based[View]
442567945Why did they give her such a sexy voice in Smash?[View]
442535164war thunder>world of tanks[View]
442567946Now that its been a good few days, who do you think are the strongest characters in Ultimate? I thin…[View]
442566768This will be your newest DLC Fighter in Smash Ultimate. Say something nice about him.[View]
442568460When a fan site organizes the characters better than the game's official character selection sc…[View]
442568730Was Asooka a dyke?[View]
442566763overly complicated stories: ITT post games with stories that are just pure autism[View]
442568740Who else hyped for the rest of Todd's Redemption arc?[View]
442566808Terraria: I am sick and feel like watching some comfy Terraria playthrough. Recommend me some, anons…[View]
442567986What does /v/ think of Gravity Rush?[View]
442542856Post your Elite Roster you already unlocked it, right?[View]
442567215Is this worth playing?[View]
442568965cursed picture thread[View]
442565091>Does slam attack >Kills one Palico >Drops half of Ingle Isle >Digs into ground >To t…[View]
442568935>Pichu is better than 90% of the cast in the game That's honestly quite embarassing to every…[View]
442567407ITT: We write a letter to Minecraft Steve.[View]
442566893 [View]
442568764>tfw no new Ranma 1/2 fighting game >tfw no Yakuza/Shenmue-style Ranma game…[View]
442568359Smash DLC character: Fuck Banjo. Rash for Smash[View]
442563826Is this a good game?[View]
442568529Left Alive: Can someone give me some info on the story? From what I understand the bad guys are the …[View]
442568484PS4 outsells Xbox 360: Xgroids on suicide watch.[View]
442562749What spirit battles and music will there be?: Wii fit Trainer (Male) Possessed by Kamoshida -Side Sp…[View]
442565532What are some weeb games that capture that 'watching Toonami at 3 AM feeling'? Stuff that's com…[View]
442568441I gave you all I had, /v/[View]
442558119Rising Storm 2 Vietnam: Toy soldiers are here and it's fucking fun. Get in Niggas. >https://…[View]
442562010Not all graphics are created actual.[View]
442568254post yfw you got to play as master hand in world of light.[View]
442562481EDF: Why did the ruin the dub? This is trash compared to 4’s. Game is still great though. How are yo…[View]
442564946Where are my Hitman niggers at?[View]
442561219>next battlefield is 2143 >everyone are robots, no more male/female bullshit >can now shoot…[View]
442568075Can you recommend any good 2D platformers? Console/PC/indie/AAA/action/metroidvania, I don't ca…[View]
442567763I GOT THE SMASH BALL! TERRA FORCE!: >No joke the best bandai namco dlc rep.…[View]
442559594New humble bundle thread You better get your hopes up, cuz this week is goona be nothing[View]
442562978Underrated: Been smashing out Escape from Tarkov and Hunt Showdown more than any other game over the…[View]
442562027Who else was more excited for this than Smash?: I've only owned Nintendo systems so I've w…[View]
442567772Fallout 76: Fallout 76 is far more enjoyable once you've received a lobotomy! It allows you to …[View]
442563856It feels so dumbed down...[View]
442563141Seeing as everyone can't stop complaining about the roster, who would you have picked as the ne…[View]
442564246>tfw still unshaken[View]
442566580What video games are you getting your friends and family for Christmas, /v/?[View]
442566363I want to get the new Pokémon game for the Switch, but I am still new to the world of Pokémon so I d…[View]
442560241How many games did you buy that became a backlog that youll never play?[View]
442566701Rockstar makes their poor security guards wear their gay ass logo out in the street[View]
442560804ITT we post a vidya character that can beat green screen Protip you cant[View]
442567163oh no no no this is the Steam killer[View]
442565512Epic Games: does epic games do anything malicious with your files? it almost seems impractical busin…[View]
442567108>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442566507A FUCKING LEAF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg0PYsWK1dc [Embed] Canada tames the Great White No…[View]
442562801I love fighting Isabelle: I need more pic of Isabelle getting punched in my life[View]
442566394You went alone to the Game Awards?![View]
442566128ANON! What are you doing wasting time on this Chinese pingpong board? You should be coding up the ne…[View]
442566915Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
442566881>your main >your level of satisfaction >what changes you would make if you could to their m…[View]
442563952Sonic the Hedgehog: As you all have probably seen by now, SEGA is very aware of the backlash that th…[View]
442534092What the fuck did they do to my nigga Sonic?[View]
442555910Best girl.[View]
442561523Fable Thread: Can we take a moment to talk about Fable Legends i know it's not everyone's …[View]
442566104Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442556283>build $3000 pc to run all the latest games >best pc games have graphics from the 90s >so…[View]
442566479Crytek v. Star Citizen: Case Dismissed!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgZTmvB3buQ See picture for…[View]
442565241>Fixed an exploit affecting certain armor types that could allow players to gain unlimited carry …[View]
442566387>tfw there is no hope left for /v/ or the video game industry[View]
442541497OH NO NO NO NO NONONONONONONONONONONONONO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg0PYsWK1dc OH JESUS FUC…[View]
442566220>hold right to win overrated games thread[View]
442538325TIDES OF VENGEANCE HYPE: Patch goes live in a few fucking hours lets go what are you guys gonna do f…[View]
442560446Choose the final 4 newcomers, everyone else is deconfirmed forever[View]
442566171What games do you recomend? I'm posting wishlist in a minute of games I'm aware of. Am I m…[View]
442565281Why do people think Sora has any chance of making it in to smash when he's owned by Disney? Why…[View]
442565965I like checking people out on twitch sometimes but I really can't stand watching ads to then wa…[View]
442565869>he thinks the ruse isnt real You are in for a surprise[View]
442565839omg guys, i'm having so much fun mastering all the drive forms to get to the garden of assembla…[View]
442565537oh i go seven slide into the dms[View]
442532045Epic games launcher: >Giving one free game per week for the next year Why do you faggots still wa…[View]
442560209Does Mario64 have the deepest intentionally hidden lore similar to Dark Souls?[View]
442561792When are we getting a FE7 remake so I can marry, mating press, and breed Lyn?[View]
442505370Does Wii Fit now hold the title of best female booty in Smash simply by virtue of it not being a def…[View]
442561765Games for this feel[View]
442565104Dragon Age thread: Do I really need to buy Origins to be able to use dragon age keep and able to tra…[View]
442563603Let's be real here, the only reason they are afloat right now is because of spics buying FIFA P…[View]
442510162What went wrong?[View]
4425640374channel was a mistake: Are you guys for real?!! I literally cant believe that at this point of soci…[View]
442565362This is your next Smash DLC character, say something nice to him.[View]
442563779It could have been road trip kino[View]
442563169PLGP IS THE BEST POKÉMON GAME, HERES WHY: >Starter pokemon has max IV so no need to keep reseting…[View]
442565057>'Well at least I fucking tried'[View]
442558946'Dammit Dutch, first we have to go on the run from, the Pinkertons, now because of you we've go…[View]
442564079Animal Crossing thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OHer0wRYEs What did Isabelle mean by liking…[View]
442558235When will video games implement smellovision technology, the tech that allows you to smell video gam…[View]
442553828Give me one good reason why this shouldn't happen.[View]
442549125>/v/ asks for a new game like New Vegas for years >it finally gets announced >newfag zoome…[View]
442564989red dead 2 on the pc is almost a given right?[View]
442564067Let's be real. Smash threads have made /v/ even worse. If Tortanic killed /v/, Smash Ultimate t…[View]
442563660What does darkness smell like, /v/?[View]
442564820What is the foo fighters of video games? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crOZk88eCcg[View]
442563589Whatever happened to Kinect becoming the future of gaming? Is Xbox still shilling it like they were …[View]
442564220About to install this mod for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
442564506Now that the dust has settled, name one good and one bad thing about these games in your opinion.[View]
442564575dreams and shit: video game thread i guess i dont know where else to put it so im putting it here …[View]
442564461Where are the details?[View]
442549927Why are people complaining about K.Rool when it's this fuck that's broken?: Slow - mid spe…[View]
442562180A Not So Positive Thread About The Current State Of Fighting Games: I remember at time when just loo…[View]
442532868So apparently the light from Ness' forward smash removes the black void under skirts. Where are…[View]
442552341Thoughts on Patchouli Knowledge?[View]
442563693Minecraft stories?: Hi, I've just recovered my minecraft account that was hacked in ~2012 and I…[View]
442561724Is this worth getting? I read somewhere that they fixed the D-Pad. I don't have a Pro Controlle…[View]
442563846Why do they call it an Xbox 360?[View]
442564043Little pig, Little pig. Let me in[View]
442563314Gonna be playing pic related. I need some good thrash and speed metal to play in the background, MID…[View]
442562308So let's say Fighter Pack 1 contains only franchises that have never been added to Smash before…[View]
442519619After Joker being revealed, I've been thinking about other dlc, and I dreamed that she was in. …[View]
442559749Witcher 3 had good combat[View]
442550462IT HAS BEGUN DMC thread New trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXJRnqFzR7s[View]
442553878Ashen: Excluding the Epic Games Store, is this any good?[View]
442559119What are your thoughts on the input lag of Smash Ultimate? >Average response time in all Smash ga…[View]
442562892What's your favorite Street Fighter character /v/? I like Ryu but apparently he sucks on SFV[View]
442558750/v/ will discuss if fallout 76 is triple gay or not: I just want a Phoenix Wright-like argument thr…[View]
442561698>Oh, I'm so happy! I've always wanted a husband! Think of all the centuries — uh, years…[View]
442560975>Most players avoid conflict due to the realization that it's a complete waste of your fucki…[View]
442553681Rank the persona series games based on their OST[View]
442563374ITT: Good ports[View]
442557258This is a professional streamer and mecha pilot from Korea.[View]
442556878Put the hotpockets down and deal with this spam jannies. This is absurd.[View]
442560319Name one video game that is a better movie than a movie is a better video game[View]
442558246Post vidya places you would love to live in Hard mode: No JRPGs[View]
442563125So it's easily the best BR game out now, right?[View]
442543698what are some games with this aesthetic?[View]
442532065BFV: You cant refute this you just cant[View]
442554267Anyone played it enough to judge? Will it be a banger?[View]
442562951Hello: Am a boy Not sure what This is Or how to do it My life is a lie[View]
442562827Shut the FUCK up /v/: I'm sick of all you weeb incel virgins on this board complaining this ZSS…[View]
442562736He's in[View]
442561924Sony Corp. execs have quietly been calling it the 'godkiller' in private.[View]
442553291Announcing him at the Game Awards would have gotten EVERYONE n the fucking Planet to purchase the Fi…[View]
442560654Nazi Zombies: What went wrong?[View]
442562584Is there a mcboot that works with scph 90001 8d? If there is where can I find it[View]
442562035Thanks for beta-testing[View]
442562534What's she doing?[View]
442562492pokemon battle royale when?[View]
442562472How would you guys differentiate the 3 links more without changing their core moveset? >BOTW Link…[View]
442561316Why do people care so much about baby's first 'fighting' game?[View]
442515419wasted potential: this could OF been a legend like Skyrim or Fallout 3 instead it's a meme that…[View]
442559816Wonder what it could be?: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?[View]
442555510GAMERS RISE UP[View]
442561538nu blizz[View]
442561782Yo /v/: Sakurai, creator of Smash Bros, created a Tamagotchi based on Digimon in 2005. https://www.i…[View]
442561984He's in.[View]
442560232>that nerd who seriously thinks BotW is a more influential game than Skyrim…[View]
442561605She's in.[View]
442560373why is this saying that shadow is hot wtfg......im shaking and crying ..! nah...im not blaming who m…[View]
442561892Movies 4 Gamers: Exactly....when will Hollywood learn that making life adaptations of BOTH video gam…[View]
442561891What is the best Deus Ex Ending and why is it the Dark Age [View]
442561691>every character will be unexpected >everyone expects Sora It's his time…[View]
442560532Atelier Lulua: My FATHER: Sterk is revealed to be a possible father for Lulua http://www.siliconera.…[View]
442561718>tanks and supports will never be removde from the game[View]
442557979>Left: how Doom fans celebrate their series >Right: now id does it…[View]
442561578>that one theme you can't get out of your head because that theme's character keeps kic…[View]
442561542HELLO, SON[View]
442561537Smash dlc speculation: Who do you think has a realistic chance of joining the Ultimate roster? Rules…[View]
442553430find a flaw[View]
442543682>There are people at this board, right NOW, that paid for a year of access to Nintendo Switch onl…[View]
442556921Dragons Dogma 2: Playing the new Monster Hunter got me thinking, what kind of new mechanics do you w…[View]
442551416>make a pc exclusive game >only the top 1% of gaming pc can run it at 30 fps…[View]
442554232>new game in a franchise adds significant quality-of-life improvements >fanbase complains it…[View]
442553484Quiet is...[View]
442559474>that one scene in a video game where its quiet[View]
442545717Left Alive new trailer: This game is probably going to get torn the fuck apart by people but it look…[View]
442558163Vidya girls Tits and Ass Thread[View]
442560101>Wanting strong characters nerf'd instead of wanting weaker characters buff'd I hate ev…[View]
442560828What are some games with this feel? I'm thinking Rock Band.[View]
442557880ITT: Vidya Sluts you have busted the most nuts to. Pic related; I have a fetish about depravedly bre…[View]
442553180>any sort of humor to the majority of /v/ is reddit Explain.[View]
442559756whats going to happen to the gaming industry when the likes of activision and ea cant grow their yea…[View]
442552947what went wrong?[View]
442560559Really want the Liquid and Solidus spirits in WoL but cant find them: any anons here manage to find …[View]
442559415which games have the best character creation pic kinda related[View]
442558861He's in.[View]
442543327>all of the bayonetta music in Smash is instrumental The P5 music will have vocals, r-right bros?…[View]
442558669This is your devil survivor for today[View]
442557294why are games so gimmicky and soulless nowadays[View]
442560389Every newcomer is a zoner or complete ass. Inkling is the only playable non projectile and spacing c…[View]
442554418Fallout 76: New Patch: So now that todays patchnotes are out and it's confirmed that Bethesda t…[View]
442559849Is Virtual Pet a type of Video Game? Becouse this means agumon is a video game character.[View]
442556749>Played through the Personas on 2x speed because fuck that grind >Most of the soundtrack now s…[View]
442554278Is it worth it for 30 bucks?[View]
442555245Any other female videogame characters that should be put into this list?[View]
442552308I cant stop playing this[View]
442552653yep, this series is over[View]
442555521these two are the actual definition of wasted slot, literally only there to appease meele nostalgia …[View]
442558094I need a game like Darkest Dungeon. Any ideas?[View]
442559303>37 year old virgin Can you even imagine?[View]
442559672Thoughts on cloud gaming?[View]
442553813>i never learned how to read ... what? was that some insider joke? can someone explain?…[View]
442555197Itt: yep, that happened[View]
442559824They're in.[View]
442557936SPACE SIM: Actual definitive space sim or just a bunch of false promisses? I've never played it…[View]
442555017Why do people say Dark Souls is 'clunky'?[View]
442559732What are some games with playable non-humanoid aliens?[View]
442556727Which class is your favorite?[View]
442558104soul vs soulless[View]
442559557A Not So Positive Thread About The Current State Of Fighting Games: I remember at time when just loo…[View]
442559181I want it and I want it now[View]
442551885This is your Square Enix Smash DLC for tonight.[View]
442559072GameCube controller dead?: Is the pro controller the new standard for smash bros?[View]
442557835>Rob bank in one mission >Get all the money in one go to fully upgrade camp So what do I with …[View]
442560723Do we like Spyro or Crash better?[View]
442549757Hey cuties. How are you liking Hitman 2 so far? Doesn't Agent 47 look stunning and slick on tho…[View]
442557271stop picking hazards off in elite mode you fucking idiots. its still gonna give you awful fucking st…[View]
442551615>handheld >cant hold it due to bad ergonomic design and heaviness What a joke.…[View]
442558858I mean, the art is already shitter, but it can't be THAT bad, right?[View]
442556650Read it boy..[View]
442558612He's in[View]
442558619Name a more based video game streamer.[View]
442558739SS > NS > VS > Raiden > BB[View]
442553327>play a match of the new csgo batle royale >wait 5 minute in que >3 minute warm up >'gam…[View]
442558412How do you get in elite smash[View]
442555852She is high tier[View]
442558051The names Bond. James Bond. >007 shakes up the battle![View]
442558391Do you guys like Lost in Vivo?[View]
442558387>European joins the game >starts referring to me with things like 'boy' and 'laddie' Fuck off,…[View]
442551820im in love boys[View]
442557764Gokufags spirited TFO[View]
442556095AAA game dev here. Give me your million dollar ideas, goy.[View]
442553029Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff[View]
442552149Currently on sale for $12. Is it worth buying?[View]
442556748Will my GTX 2080 run this modern 2018 PC game?[View]
442558113Final Fantasy XIV SHADOWBRINGERS: >Our warrior of light...our weapon of light…[View]
442557112>watching latest KH opening with the skrillex song >really hyped for KH >without noticing, …[View]
442540069CIV 6 Canada: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg0PYsWK1dc&feature=youtu.be >Unique buildi…[View]
442556714Behold: Your New Smash DLC.[View]
442554549What would /v/ recommend out of these two to play pokemon on? Both are pretty much same price here i…[View]
442554919Diablo 3 score: Why the fuck this score? Is it a bad game?[View]
442553897>overly revealing female characters >inharmonious chatroom It seems like the desires of the Ch…[View]
442526915Game Screenshots Thread (I'll start)[View]
442557157i don't like game.[View]
442554573ps4 holiday sales: What you buying? Alright lads i got 12 dollary doos in my account and i want to b…[View]
442555609Yep, I'm thinking WOAH is back.[View]
442556697It’s been a week since Just Cause 4 came out. How is it? I haven’t heard anything explicitly bad and…[View]
442553028RelaxAlax: What's /v/'s opinion on this guy?[View]
442551782>epic gamer blocks your path What do?[View]
442557245Is there an ending or is it a cruel joke that just continues on a loop for all eternity?[View]
442553630Utawarerumono Mask of Deception & Truth Bundle PSN Sale $30 USD: Bundle is on sale on PSN right …[View]
442557012What a broken shitty character. How did he even make it into the final game?[View]
442555775>Merry Christmas anon, the nice boy at the game store told me this was the most popular game…[View]
442538810What happened here[View]
442551507Bitch Lasagna![View]
442556445Please fuck my wife[View]
442536954Silent hill: Are the first four silent hill games the only ones worth playing? How would you rank th…[View]
442529707Glad you could make it, Uther.[View]
442503047Jesus Christ, it's worse than I could have imagined.[View]
442556408The year is almost over, bros. What games did you finish?[View]
442556061I'm about to burst a fucking blood vessel, how the fuck do I do this fight? I can get it down t…[View]
442554895do you think we will get at least one more female character in Smash? if yes, who would you want it …[View]
442554395The ads for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No S…[View]
442555547Whoa bro, cool list of viable competitive stages you've got there. Would be a real shame if of …[View]
442556281Hat time you know the drill pick a hat if tou want a certain one https://imgur.com/a/2KG35cH[View]
442556118>8th game in the series has the same plot as the 1st[View]
442548396What the fuck was Naughty Dog thinking with this design?[View]
442546307What good gaems should I buy on ps3?[View]
442554104solas or cullen?[View]
442550050Anon! You finally arrived We were just discussing our favorite videogames, what is yours, Anon?[View]
442555978>2018 >still the goat among gots[View]
442555957the answer lies in the heart of battle[View]
442542335what would be your thoughts if they were the dlc fighters?[View]
442549615Do you still believe in the Bear and Bird, /v/?[View]
442548520Which is your favorite animalistic game?: Mine is Klonoa: Door to Phantomile.[View]
442550428Your country did not prepare you for the level of violence you will meet on my TF2 Thread![View]
442555346>that'll be $5.99 + amusement tax[View]
442554763Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: Imagine this with four player co-op. I know the MMO exists. I want …[View]
442555663Holy crap, new video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJpIhC805wI&feature=youtu.be…[View]
442550653>New Obsidian game has worse looking faces, facial animations and hair than Obsidian game from a …[View]
442544767NO MORE FREE GAMES ON PS3+VITA FOR PLUS USERS MARCH 2019: FOR THE PLAYERS www.thumbsticks.com/remind…[View]
442542684Nier:Automata Game of the YoRHa edition: >In Japan, the PlayStation 4 version will launch on Febr…[View]
442541584Is VR worth it yet?[View]
442553506>you tried getting into SmashBros without any friends >you tried getting into ANY competitive …[View]
442554110This DMC had the best combat, prove me wrong: in spite of all the DMC5 threads, I'm tired of yo…[View]
442505492Final Fantasy XIV SHADOWBRINGERS: *guitar rift*[View]
442554552>LET ME FACE, LET ME FACE, LET ME FACE MY FEARRRSS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1xYsMInWAw…[View]
442551571Is nintendo switch worth buying?[View]
442529752>we live in the timeline where Joker got into Smash before Rex[View]
442555082https://youtu.be/1tOuq-dO85I Soccerguy on suicide watch[View]
442555059Anyone else having as much fun as I am with him?[View]
442553750He's in.[View]
442554925What the fuck?.......... ...[View]
442553810>game allows you to be enslaved by npcs[View]
442554868Stupid unga bunga characters[View]
442553614The boys are back in Towm: Frank Geckoman Part 2: Well boys, welcome back to 4chan plays skyrim. So …[View]
442553539Bully Online. Let's Dream About It.[View]
442552463console plebs >pick the console of your choice >buy the game for it >play pc '''''master ra…[View]
442554652KH3 ENDING LEAKED: Okay now THIS is epic.[View]
442552575It’s been a fucking week, where is the crack REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
442552784>Still no Lost Kingdoms III What needs to be done for another Lost Kingdoms video game?…[View]
442551126>ez, get rekt fgit How do you respond?[View]
442544170How come Bungie never managed to repeat the level of polish and production quality they had with the…[View]
442554394I want to sniff Miss Fortune's brapper[View]
442550565What games have made you stand up and clap when they ended?[View]
442554203New Catlevania game when?[View]
442553823Would you buy the Dillon's Rolling Western games if they were brought to the Switch?[View]
442549546Mortal Kombat 11: MK11 Thread So what are you fags hoping to see this time? I'm really pulling …[View]
442551794Really makes you think.[View]
442543756>game tries humor >it's aall puns[View]
442552047What does the 5 have to do with John Romero's new video game Sigil? Why did he show it repeated…[View]
442549456Which Naruto game is the best and why?[View]
442549159>dedicated jump button nope, not zelda[View]
442553835/saltg/ -- Salty Gamers General: Greetings /v/, I am a salty gamer. I don't handle losing well.…[View]
442551053Steins; Gate VN: I was exclusively a /b/tard until 2010, was this game a big deal on /v/ when it fir…[View]
442553554HAPPENING https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-HOLIDAYSALELP/1?direction=asc&…[View]
442552551ITT: your NEVER EVER Smash picks Any of these guys, but preferably Scout, Soldier, or Heavy …[View]
442553027Literally all I asked for was to have a traditional all star mode with all these characters and to r…[View]
442552020Why does he look like a fucking faggot? I already hate him just by looking at his shitty twink face.[View]
442536049*creates the best video game soundtrack in the history of gaming* Heh... nothin personnel kid[View]
442553286Can we have a comfy flash games thread? Do you remember playing this as a kid? I used to fucking lov…[View]
442551345Fallout 76: >Fag hunters get banned forever >This guy isn't banned and streamed it See th…[View]
442551409Which video game character would be the best boyfriend?[View]
442552582Was Rosalina a mistake?[View]
442551036I like Pauline, I'm glad she's back in a mainline game and she's now playable in Tenn…[View]
442552969Just finished Portal 2 again. Legitimately one of the best and most soulful game of the 2010s, maybe…[View]
442551673what are some of the best mods ever made for games?[View]
442552850What are some games where you face tough choices?[View]
442549076>game devs & creators shove their politics into video games at every opportunity >but you …[View]
442552541Gravity Rush Remaster: >PSN Winter Sale >$10 USD / $13 CDN Now you can own both her games…[View]
4425379152018 GOTY[View]
442552505Saber: calling it right now, BTFO nintendo and nostalgia fags she will be DLC[View]
442549524If 'STR > DEX', how come that in Classic rogues are the top goldmakers and hunters are the top so…[View]
442531658Did western games surpass Japanese ones in terms of story, writing and characterization? Seems like …[View]
442549612unironically the greatest trilogy of all time[View]
442551281Why can't I beat this fat faggot past the third fight Also hollow knight thread[View]
442551719what is he doing in france[View]
442545278How do I stop wasting money on gacha games? I feel like hey it's a limited time event and it…[View]
442550430When the fuck is the new update?[View]
442548590really makes you think[View]
442551424>doom eternal >metro exodus >the outer world >atomic heart >blood remake >cyberpun…[View]
442551964thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BQ4bXNdEQI[View]
442551769post casual filter spirits[View]
442551818You are going to play 8.1, right anon? You can make choices[View]
442542152Smash: >didn't recreate smash 4 mii gunner and main it >mii gunner is also top tier atm W…[View]
442552282Sophie from Atelier Sophie is hot.[View]
442551572What is the feeling that you get from this? https://youtu.be/TXYVHOxhuYc Yes it's nostalgia, bu…[View]
442551189Getting the best ending in RPGs: Can't enjoy playing RPGs anymore due to constantly worrying ab…[View]
442549342Hello Human!: *flop. flop.* Trading caravan passing by! human! trade with us human! Don't forge…[View]
442550940How would you incorporate a vitality sensor into your game?[View]
442551783The ads for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No S…[View]
442552036These two games pretty much perfected the RTWP combat system for tactical games and I highly prefer …[View]
442551853Games and waifus: Any Japanese game with decent waifus who are not lolis? I’m not a pedophile. Oh an…[View]
442547321Remember when Goofy fucking died in KH2?[View]
442533650Who's laughin' now?[View]
442551289Why is he so garbage? Even moreso than 4? I thought Sakurai was doing the third parties a fellow nip…[View]
442551501not very good english sorry assist trophys and sprit do not decomfirm characters, i will leave the m…[View]
442551740Which was your first Mega Man game and what do you think of it now? >X6 >truly the worst one…[View]
442547703ARTIFACT IS SAVED!: MULTIPLE UPDATES ARE COMING! We did it again, /v/! Even Valve caved before our m…[View]
442520658street fighter v is going to have a free trial starting in 8 hours ending in 8 days. you aren't…[View]
442551338Guys, look! He bought an Xbox One! IN 2018!!![View]
442544716Did it deserve its fate as pay2win mobileshit?[View]
442546347What made it so kino?[View]
442548919Based On A True Story: What did they mean by this?[View]
442539784Console wars are worthless: Hello frends, I come from Eastern Europe. Here we don't play on con…[View]
442549893>everyone at work is having fun playing Smash >wanted to buy a Switch this month >couldn…[View]
4425509647 and he's in[View]
442549376Elderscrolls Online is the best game in the series. From Lore and Story to Gameplay. Fight me.[View]
442548829Gaming stance: What’s the best way for your mouse and keyboard to be set up? E.g. how far should the…[View]
442546723Renegade X: Reminder that this game is insanely fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VHennwBhG8…[View]
442551181Does anyone else just not like how Unreal Engine games look? They look bloated and soft or something…[View]
442547607Which games coming out in 2019 are you most looking forward to, /v/?[View]
442551150FUCK THE PATRIOTS[View]
442530416>Collectibles found: 99/100[View]
442537884Why dont world war 2 games explore the 30's properly? its surprising how few WW2 games and movi…[View]
442549029Who was in the right here?[View]
442548889>Tales of Vesperia >Yakuza 4 >Resident Evil 2 >Kingdom Hearts 2 >Ace Combat 7 >Jum…[View]
442550959Wrong, Jarek. This is not a brutality! This is a Mortal Kombat thread![View]
442539967How would you define character action? do you have an idea for a better name for this 'pseudo genre'…[View]
442542960Assassin's Creed: what went wrong?[View]
442549086Karate Master 2: How come this game got so little love? There aren't many games like this one. …[View]
442538356the eternal debate....[View]
442550263What are you currently playing? Just started with Persona 5 last week and I have to say it's on…[View]
442549387>make thread about vidya >weeabos spam their anime avatars everywhere this is 4channel, not 4c…[View]
442550697Gaming Disorder: https://www.who.int/features/qa/gaming-disorder/en/ >increasing priority given t…[View]
442549685DA: How come girls like Cullen so much? He didn't get much screen time in the first two games.…[View]
442548859Where did smug overconfidence go? I hope you didn't think we forgot.[View]
442496762Mario has the deepest lore.[View]
442548348I'll keep this short and sweet, Dutch. You're weak, you're out of control, and you…[View]
442542765What is your favorite Souls game and why?[View]
442547252Now that Joker has completely blown apart any preconceived notion of who can be in smash, I legit th…[View]
442550067>people having a hard time unlocking characters in Smash Ultimate >not just cheesing the fight…[View]
442549057*Freezes you and kills you at 40*[View]
442531302I present to you the best choices for the remaining 4 DLC of Smash Bros Ultimate: Sora - Square Enix…[View]
442549872Best costume[View]
442548386What if it ended up better than Starfield? That would be a laugh for the ages.[View]
442550183Devil May Cry 5: >Vergilfags are still in denial[View]
442549475>headshot Doomfist >Bleed you fucking nigger! Was that really necessary? Blizzard really went …[View]
442549976Rate the final installment of Utada Hikaru's Kingdom Hearts trilogy opening tracks. https://yo…[View]
442548849>K. Rool, Inkling, Isabelle, and Chrom are all Mii Fighter costumes in 4 >become playable in U…[View]
442547307Is spiderman for ps4 worth it?: I see nobody talk about it now. It is on sale and I am getting a bon…[View]
442535692why the fuck does this piece of shit look better than sonic jesus fucking christ[View]
442545435Say Mcdonalds.[View]
442546615Who is better?[View]
442547018Without irony, she would fit in smash[View]
442549698Post games you like that /v/ hates for no good reason[View]
442549569i play lots of dota, currently planning on getting a console to cleanse the toxicity with some relax…[View]
442548776>quickplay matchmaking is completely broken >online punishes people who want to play with comp…[View]
442548215Battlerite: Is this game any good?[View]
442549062Rising Storm 2: https://tripwireinteractive.com/#/community/the-green-army-men-christmas-event-is-he…[View]
442525548Monster Hunter World Iceborne: What monsters do you want to see return in the expansion?[View]
442547229What the fuck kind of visual effect is this?[View]
442549448What is the Dark Souls of Hentai games?[View]
442547523Why do people hate on Mega Man 8? It's great.[View]
4425487020/10 red dead 2 review: https://mashable.com/article/red-dead-redemption-2-excess-waste-problem.amp…[View]
442549068>Roll Caskett spirit >Isabelle with mini Diddy >always spawns Hocatate bomb >references …[View]
442547284The ad for Epic Store have begun: >Watching YouTube on Steam >See these ads on them >No St…[View]
442549265Hey, you know those flaws that Smash Ultimate has? Just remember this: 'Project M Ultimate will fix …[View]
442529937Doom Eternal and Rage 2 skipping Steam: Ugh, I don't want to miss out on Doom, but I don't…[View]
442531585It has begun I will show you your worst nightmares I will give you..... DESPAIR AND DMC THREAD…[View]
442548089Daily reminder to Switch owners to support third party develepers! When Beo 3 comes out buy it! Buy …[View]
442540860>farts on you and launches you out of the playing zone and you die[View]
442548841Did a video game ever teach anything useful?[View]
442545604>Looks just like Marston >Knows the entirety of Dutch's gang as well as their fate >No…[View]
442543909>PUT PUT PUT PUT PUT PUT >[random death scream] >Vrag ubit!…[View]
442546485Sigh, what could have been....[View]
442540946Building games: Okay listen up, I want a nice cozy building game. The only decent ones I can find ar…[View]
442546976Werewolves: What are some games that did them right?[View]
442544109>game automatically launches after it finishes installing[View]
442543903Has anyone ripped her model yet[View]
442547017MP thread: So when it comes to Max Payne we can all agree that the 1nd is the best, 3nd is 2th best …[View]
442499335>Sony never patched Gravity Rush 2 so we get all the costumes after they closed the online It hur…[View]
442541682The Board of /v/. 10 pages of threads. 150 assorted threads of various quality. Hundreds of posts ev…[View]
442548452jesus christ bring it back[View]
442533079This is your imouto for tonight[View]
442546931Glad you could make it, Urethra.[View]
442544729Kirby's body got copied even though he wasn't hit by Galeem's beam of light[View]
442541950>Jon, don't do it! Think of the advertisers![View]
442548064Estelle Bright/Trails bread: >Protagonist of two games >Playable character in 5 games >Appe…[View]
442545520>only maybe 1 in every 5 matches are on the settings i want >the one that finally is is just a…[View]
442546717Shit on my idea /v/: So, in light of the disaster that was just announced, I think I found a fix for…[View]
442548032which anime game you want[View]
442548028Why did she say poo?[View]
442530201The perfect user interface doesn’t exi-[View]
442547584What are some good local coop games?[View]
442547776>game as a service meme, such as picture >have to play basically everyday if you want to keep …[View]
442547002give me your most anticipated games /v/[View]
442547603ITT: smash ultimate top tiers: Im not a tier whore or anything but these characters are objectively …[View]
442543005What are some shitty or medicore games with great OSTs?[View]
442543218What can go wrong?[View]
442544327I personally dislike The Quartering's brand of shitty 'Esjay Owned' videos, but do we have any …[View]
442543759Hello,I'm independent game journalist Tobias Rieper.What did you think of the new Hitman game?[View]
442546080Post EZ games[View]
442545547Meet your new Sterk.[View]
442547136>clone of big boss >doesn't even have blue eyes lmao…[View]
442545004Hopes and expectations?[View]
442546731>*snipes you from a million miles away* Heh nothin' personnel kid[View]
442544761>playing a game >protagonist shows interest in a girl >nothing comes of it or she's wi…[View]
442546567*Obliterate your samurai infantry*[View]
442546884What are some games where I can raise a daughter?[View]
442546882I'm so sick and tired of having my entire gender objectified and degraded everytime I want to p…[View]
442546878>when you hide in Fortnite Season 7 and come out in the end to finish off the last guys with your…[View]
442537234F76 IS FIXED: absolutely fucking BASED! this is the second patch that fixes everything. Why are you …[View]
442543557Where were you when Battlefield died?[View]
442537731unpopular opinions: This game is boring[View]
442538736DIDDY NO[View]
442544956Mipha is canonically black-coded.[View]
442546647ASHEN: Need help at last dungeon in xbox. Password: 11111[View]
442546345He killed millions... ...but I want to save him from himself.[View]
442528895Stop trying to find negative things about every game. Things become so much better when you concentr…[View]
442499168Should I buy it?[View]
442543141Was it kino?[View]
442542360You will help Narrator get his third swimming pool, won't you /v/?[View]
442540591Console Thread: Who else /console/ here? I'm convinced PC gamers are autists who spend more tim…[View]
442539007Metro 2033 film cancelled because Scriptwriter wanted to Americanize it: https://www.pcgamer.com/met…[View]
442543202If you roll 76 you have to buy Fallout 76.: With proof. (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
442543341I am you, and you are me. Carry that with you, wherever you go. Thank you... my friend. From here on…[View]
442535205Where can I torrent games anon?[View]
442544501>perfect games don't exis-[View]
442544085I am so godamn bored I'll try another 2 hours and then uninstall it, for a game that 'lets you …[View]
442543987Is GOW the biggest casual movie we got this year? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jMJ39_j6NQ[View]
442545592does anyone have the hori controller and if so can you remap your buttons in smash?[View]
442545559Playstation winter sale starts today. Store is currently updating.[View]
442544478Post your Smash screenshots[View]
442536778Alright guys who do you thinks going to win the subscriber war in 2019? Pewdiepie or T-Series? Im ro…[View]
442545287Zerg bug spray/FUCK CHINA: 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre 六四事件 八九民运 茉莉花革命 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Fre…[View]
442534953Hey /v/, I would like to see your custom characters you've built! I'm really interested i…[View]
442543603The worst Zelda.[View]
442543701What is your favorite fishing game?[View]
442544929I’d honestly be cool with either Neku or Sora in Smash[View]
442544832Where do you SPAM or 'change subs' your Youtube channel /v/? I'm stuck on 70k.[View]
442539287What was this game supposed to be about?[View]
442544732Meanwhile, at the /v/an Der Linde gang[View]
442544712what are some cute game dance animations anons? no fornite [View]
442542990>Have a great little speedrunning community >Event goes mainstream >Bunch of trannies join …[View]
442544210Merrily: T'is languorous? A plain disaster? Morrigan wants to celebrate Givingday with /v/ ,but…[View]
442543739Subnautica: Is a Boneshark docile if its raised in containment or will it murder my Cuddlefish when …[View]
442542593I got the nyko thin case to protect against scratches and dust on my switch but noticed in handmode …[View]
442543850Why would a company require 2SV to play a game mode? Is there something to gain monetarily by havin…[View]
442539497How the FUCK hasn't he gotten into Smash?[View]
442526764>he's not Grandmaster What's your excuse for being stuck in Diamond?…[View]
442544095Is there any skill factor in this game?[View]
442540226Mechwarrior Living Legends. Why does nobody talk about this game?: So I rewatched this Review https:…[View]
442543932what did they mean by this ?[View]
442543189Some call me jose[View]
442542639This game any good?[View]
442540715>Dude just CC him[View]
442541354Apologize. After today's patch you bandwagoning NPCs aren't able to hide behind 'muh bugs'…[View]
442540653So I’m looking to buy a cheap non xl model of the 3ds for travel. Is the 2ds or o3ds still worth it …[View]
442543551Post OSTs with SOUL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM_pHJQoeK8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZy…[View]
442538931*tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on? Good. *ahem* FUCK controllers and FUCK console players.[View]
442540721Uncharted 4: >when your villain is more likable and interesting than your protagonist Why did th…[View]
442537851*Kills PC gaming*[View]
442543148so tell me, why should I get a new engine?[View]
442540434Pack it up, lads, we're done.[View]
442542851>describing a game made before 2013 as 'dark souls-esque'[View]
442539632What's the best controller for smash ultimate? GC?[View]
442539701>graphically demanding game from 2018 doesn't run at 60fps on max settings on my 750ti i5 25…[View]
442543150comics: comics[View]
442543136Why you have not played their game?: Explain yourself, baka![View]
442540921>Sylux, Adeleine, Porky, Banjo Kazooie and Poochy are eventually getting added as spirits >The…[View]
442542932nocturne baal: *turns your party member into a fly* Wtf is this a status ailment? How the hell do I …[View]
442540485What are your thoughts on world famous game journalist Geoff keighley?[View]
442532692>protagonist gets older with the series[View]
442537652ITT: underrated gems[View]
442542891Skidrow? More like Shitrow[View]
442542857>have sex with an animal >people call you a pervert…[View]
442480570So who's the other four fighters?[View]
442528950Yakuza.0-CPY: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
442534516Who is the best writer in the history of vidya and why is it Seanbaby?[View]
442539524Comfy vidya thread: What are those comfy games that you love /v/?[View]
442511069OH NO NO NO[View]
442542751DEATH STRANDING: Only 1196 images left until Archillect hits 204863 and Death Stranding release date…[View]
442541470>camps one spot the whole game without pushing the object and missing every shot. stop doing this…[View]
442542252LAH-kih-too or LUH-kee-too[View]
442541076play artifact: there will be chat and color blind mode now please come back[View]
442531185What improvements are you hoping to see in this game compared to 2016's Doom? One of the thing…[View]
442542312How is this videogames? It says it's 3DS but it's probably just a typo, right? https://www…[View]
442542453How does /v/ feel about goku finally being in smash[View]
442541415Smash Discussion: If we're being honest, I think Isabelle will have better frame data than vill…[View]
442540249Latest FO76 patch makes the game way more grindy: Reduced EXP from most Dailies, Events and main que…[View]
442541714GoD Rise From the Ashes: Guess who's back[View]
442537097PC: What went so wrong?[View]
442541939A toast to 2018's best e-sport athlete Sonic Fox![View]
442538989Rising Storm 2 Thread: You'll be playing as the Greens right anon? >Greens vs Tans >Helic…[View]
442542158How can he be so based?[View]
442540978Vaginal bob-omb[View]
442537931Thank You Based Drake for making my hobby cool. I am finally one of the COOL kids![View]
442540417BANNERLORD: Release Date NEXT YEAR It's happening. No vaporware. What warband mods are you play…[View]
442540446>Gets btfo'd by Ken every time they have a match >has to resort to 'muh dark powers' ever…[View]
442541496https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2SZuqyjKtA&t cant go back.[View]
442541606What went so utterly right?[View]
442539859By adding Joker and Rathalos into this game they have created so many possibilities it's fright…[View]
442533275Worth it?[View]
442526632Play Forza Horizon 4.[View]
442536348Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442541697>winfags will never get to play the original and best version of this masterpiece why haven…[View]
442541602Post a pic, everyone recommends a game based on it[View]
442540538Explain to me why this game actually rewards you for doing autocombos[View]
442539471NOW WE FORGE IT THE ULTIMATE THREAD THE kingdom hearts thread[View]
442538889What did Sakurai do?[View]
442541576I'm trying to find a certain game from, i think, between 1997-2001. It was 3D and i think some …[View]
442541504It's me again, Mr. OP, reminding you that you're nobody 'til somebody loves you. And …[View]
442541483GOTY thread? >pic related[View]
442517417What is the point in leveling up in games like skyrim, oblivion, etc. where your enemies level with …[View]
442541425I Like Fallout 76: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKb-CWFocu4 Based[View]
442541339>Both have the awful Unreal Engine aesthetic >Both had a shit roster on release >Both have…[View]
442524858Yuna: Why is she so fucking perfect?!!!![View]
442539440Do you have my meat, anon?[View]
442539152Why is Shovel Knight considered the poster boy for Indie games when Undertale sold twice as much and…[View]
442516850EDF5 is out on ps4 today, pc release should be in 6 months. How do you like the game so far?[View]
442535182These are your DLC fighters, say something nice about them[View]
442539609>Yakuza.0.REPACK-CPY Yakuza.0.REPACK-CPY >Yakuza.0.REPACK-CPY Yakuza.0.REPACK-CPY >Yakuza.0…[View]
44254076214 games that pushed the limits of the SNES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2hg0lSkVm4&feature…[View]
442532221PC gaming will see a true Renaissance when pirating is destroyed as a force. This is because the pla…[View]
442539257>angel bitch boy gets new guidance lines >better boy Snake gets shafted and doesn't get n…[View]
442538302What are some good free games?[View]
442539691How could a Venom game work, beyond it being Prototype-like?[View]
442532082Devil May Cry 5: New video trailer with new song (Mad Qualia by HYDE from L' arc~en~ciel). http…[View]
442539978Who here is ready?[View]
442537006Mr. Gaben: I don't feel so good.[View]
442536451>REHASH: THE GAME[View]
442538835Glad you could make it, Uther...[View]
442538650Why do Japanese people like this fucker so much? He made alot of apperances in other games aswell, w…[View]
442540552>will anyone think about the poor indie dev... BANG >please support Tencen... BANG…[View]
442540334>Epic rock remix to a vidya track with a unique sound[View]
442520432Don't mind me, I'm just the finest looking open world game ever made.[View]
442535289Fuck off capcom fuck off fuck off fuck off[View]
442539503>'I'll be out soon'[View]
442531828Do you like System Shock 2? Do you like Prey? If the answer is 'Yes', then you'll probably like…[View]
442539619ITT: 10/10 designs[View]
442536595EDF 5: BREHS[View]
442539949The Shittiest Reviewer on YouTube: >The Walking Dead is a bad game because of bugs and glitches e…[View]
442537932Only on PS4 so uncrackable: So is it worth the 25GB?[View]
442539765https://www.gamespot.com/articles/devil-may-cry-5-will-feature-co-op-play-confirms-c/1100-6463803/ …[View]
442538207Patch 1.04 (1.413 GB) is live right the fuck now.[View]
442539893Escape From Tarkov: What's the deal with this game? I just got 14 days free access to the beta …[View]
442539528What games are like this?[View]
442538125I want to introduce nephew and myself to Zelda games. Should I start with the first one in the serie…[View]
442535486I AM ROCK[View]
442539662Can you beat him in a fistfight, /v/?: The President of Nintendo America.[View]
442537868is a gtx 780 worth it?[View]
442536761Did I do thaaaat?[View]
442533654Help me decide /v/: >anon recommended Xcom 1/2 >been eyeballing pic related forever I hardly…[View]
442536751What’s he thinking here?[View]
442539549He's in[View]
442539432everytime I play a smash game I hate Sakurai for what he did to wario. why is the charge not his sig…[View]
442531239Does anyone on /v/ still play Guild Wars 2?[View]
442537675How long until China makes their own console and conquers the western market?[View]
442535537>tells you she's the villain from the beginning of the game >no option to throw her out t…[View]
442535345Bow to your chinese overlords[View]
442536542Accept it, she's in.: Super Smash Bros. x Overwatch is inevitable at this point. > Overwatch…[View]
442504635>you'll never play an RPG that good again[View]
442539246Will he build a Smash girl harem?[View]
442536598Ok /v/, I’m looking for a game to fill this description >a PS2 game >ARPG with large, explor…[View]
442535548Haha where we dropping boys!?[View]
442539156/v/ if you don't like a video game and you can coherently explain what should be better about i…[View]
442533837>an action game character created by hideki kamiya is already in Smash >'b-but dante will be i…[View]
442535383>Boss' entire life is narrated by some black guy[View]
442538689bethesda doesnt make rpgs if you ever wanted a game like skyrim you are to blame for the fall of rpg…[View]
442530517I can't see any positives about this game after playing 3 hours, I thought it was gonna be a go…[View]
442537867any games were i can travel a lot doing nothing of impact?[View]
442538954Anyone gonna play this?[View]
442538497Why is he so smug? Who’s invitation did he steal? [View]
442525691Post an image, others recommend a game based on that image[View]
442531194When a player has to watch hours of youtube videos and make hours of attempts to beat a boss, it…[View]
442533906you have to pick one, the other disappears forever: what will you chose[View]
442537771I feel real bad for Todd. You can tell he wants to make good games, he really does. Just imagine how…[View]
442538071What are your thoughts on the world renowned video game composer jesper kyd? What do you think are h…[View]
442537061I just bought a new laptop. It wasn't that expensive, but the canyourunit website shows that it…[View]
442531418Video-game industry thread: Is he right? Should video games have so much franchises?[View]
442537456Final Fantasy XV: Why did you hate it so much?[View]
442516904Pascal the dog is here.[View]
442536675Zeke x Morag[View]
442524702Why do people want sans over frisk? Like cool we get it sans is le funny meme hehe xd but frisk woul…[View]
442536310ITT: ''Bad'' games that are actually good[View]
442527085>He thinks Talos is actually a god[View]
442531270>pokemon still say their names like in the anime I think it's time for Sakurai to retire, he…[View]
442535064Are you having fun playing as him?[View]
442529862Mass Effect Reapers: >Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ig…[View]
442538062How the fuck do people still get excited for new Ass Creed games? >1 >2 >Brotherhood >Re…[View]
442538060This Is Why Fallout 76 Isn't As Bad As They Say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of6UiUihe6I B…[View]
442537762Damn, Kurds look like that?[View]
442531886What's the best marble game in the market right now, /v/? I'm looking for the true success…[View]
442529983What’s the verdict on World Of Light: Okay guys I’ve finally finished World of Light! let’s me hones…[View]
442534561Wheres the boyfriend simulator games: All the sort of simulator games tend to be made for men what a…[View]
442534841What is it about Majora's Mask that makes it so unsettling? Why did they go through with this d…[View]
442535196HE'S IN[View]
442537684Whose fucking retarded idea was it to give sonic muscles? It looks fucking weird and disgusting.[View]
442512013Smash Ultimate Tier List: How do you feel about Japan's tier list compared to ZeRo's and L…[View]
442531310games to play when your horny?[View]
442527207Smash is fun but this game is still better[View]
442532208Who are y’all using as mains? I’m thinking about choosing these two bad bois.[View]
442536740WTF why is he so good, bros?[View]
442532673ANDROID: do an GOOD games on android exist? I can't find anything good at all. Shattered pixel …[View]
442535991HOW: The fuck do I fight the Belmonts? I can't even get close to them. It's not fair bros.…[View]
4425207283 more days.[View]
442529839Can he defeat Gaben?[View]
442513069> tfw Sierra lets you touch her pooper I'M GONNA SAY IT I need to use the bathroom…[View]
442533125Gitaroo Man thread?[View]
442535749>long history of games, many on nintendo consoles >persona collab started same day that joker …[View]
442535759What game allow me to be a filthy french rat ?[View]
442535093Do you agree with this? I dont have the game yet but I remember inkling looking like dog shit on all…[View]
442521540Tell me about this guy[View]
442512158Super Smash Bros Ultimate sells 1.3 million copies in 3 days in Japan: https://nintendoeverything.co…[View]
442536267DLC that would be cool but will never happen: If Blizzard starts shilling for Smash these boys shoul…[View]
442508696Rising Storm 2 Christmas Event: Nobody talking about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8q99Xhk8…[View]
442529894>Max Payne 4 never[View]
442535552>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442533442Thoughts on SCUM: Considering buying it now or on the Christmas sales, is it any good as a survival …[View]
442530041>finally get my most wanted character since the brawl dojo days in >he's fucking amazing …[View]
442535775>true ending is DLC Name a greater bullshit in videogames than this one. You can't.…[View]
442534587Now that Smash is out, are there any other Switch games that you are looking forward to?[View]
442530910ITT: leaders you want to see in the next civilization game[View]
442534457How the fuck do I get past this boss, /v/? I've been at him for the last 3 hours and he always …[View]
442535626I for one am really happy Joker got in Smash He just might become my new main.[View]
442534221Mii fighters: Anyone been messing with them? I've been loving the new moves they gave the Brawl…[View]
442535025MMT: Morning Meta Thread. Why is it that threads during Australia and 2am-9am US EST are generally o…[View]
442532861>HYDE in DMC OST HOW CAN YOU EVEN COMPETE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXJRnqFzR7s…[View]
442533815Hello, I am Stephen Heaslip, I run BLUESNEWS.COM, which used to be the most popular video game news …[View]
442533168If Valve turned CSGO Battleroyale meme into real game then when will they turn Half-Life 3 into a re…[View]
442535201It's out.[View]
442534719Name a more broken character[View]
442535110Real gamers: If this image doesn't make your butthole wet, you're not a real gamer, and yo…[View]
442534047xenoblade 2 is just so fucking bad animations are indie tier and feel unnatural, the voice acting so…[View]
442500580What is it about Lammy that people like?[View]
442516438IT KEEPS HAPPENING: Whose mothers did Just Cause 4 kick in the nuts?[View]
442535016ITT: Make your own spirit battle. >Spirit >Puppet >Stage >AI quirks and other rules Pic …[View]
442534980>ywn have this much control over an FPS campaign ever again Cinematic cutscenes have destroyed c…[View]
442534687I don't think we're going to get another game of this scope, quality, AI/environment inter…[View]
442533393>game catches your eye >there are literally no reviews to judge whether or not it’s worth its …[View]
442529480What are some must experience titles for vr? Got one of these coming in today and I dont have shit p…[View]
442534261You can fuse two different titles to create your dream game. What's your pick? >Stronghold +…[View]
442530607Dailies: >play 1 mmo and 1 competitive game >just finishing the daily challenges take me 5 hou…[View]
442534727>tfw MSN Gaming Zone has been dead for years >DF2:JK MP died with it >will never play Caesa…[View]
442532523How bad was it really compare to other 3D Sonic games?[View]
442529597ITT: Games that use the same engine[View]
442534485Why don't you have arcade cabinets at home /v/? 1-UP is free.[View]
442529246Do yall niggas actually identify as a ''gamer xd', do you unironically put ''gam…[View]
442533264Characters they need to nerf in Ultimate: DeDeDe Palutena Pit Samus/Dark Samus Mewtwo[View]
442534393BLUE ARMS?!![View]
442520724>let Roy Phillips and his ghouls into Tenpenny Tower >they fucking kill everyone Whoa, was Bet…[View]
442533987KIRBY: Just started playing pic related. Never played a Kirby game before. It's pretty fun, but…[View]
442514997The Worst Raped Game Franchise of All Time: Stealing a thread from the Codex. >Which game series …[View]
442514439PATHFINDER KINGMAKER: so whats the verdict /v/ros? GOTY of 2018? or ultimate flop made by a bunch of…[View]
442523872*blocks your path*[View]
442533492>E3 2019 >Trailer shows Solaire standing on the drakes bridge >He is looking directly at th…[View]
442534216RIP GoG: Steam will be fine, but nobody will use GoG or GoG Galaxy ironicaly or unironically. You tr…[View]
442533317>Ice map >Tigrex >Khezu hype evaporated…[View]
442533831Shut up about this trashy fighting game already[View]
442468195CYBERPUNK 2077: Are we /hype/ for Cyberpunk 2077? Please consider giving your opinion on the officia…[View]
442534042DoA6: Eliot is back. Give him milkies.[View]
442532506What the FUCK is the point of this card?[View]
442510954So what have you fags been doing celebrating 25 years of Doom? I have been going through all the cac…[View]
442533616What are some good games for the holiday season? I always put time into Christmas NiGHTS but beyond …[View]
442532242This is Phil Spencer he is the head of Xbox. Say something nice about him.[View]
442533781ITT: The most hidden of gems: I'm the best at this game.[View]
442530130>buries you with a side b that buries for way longer than every other bury move in the game and u…[View]
442532829>Microsoft are the good gu-[View]
442528065What games are they going to kill next?[View]
442529845>but dude.. think of all the PORN we will get of her if she gets into smash!!…[View]
442530905Is she the best petite character in all ofvideo games? If you disagree, post yours. If you agree pos…[View]
442454775/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread: >>442358536 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
442533381>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442533506The gameplay feels dissonant with the enemies the game throws at you.[View]
442517932Fuck the next gen What are you guys playing on your ps360? Last gen best gen thread I'm playin…[View]
442532145>Dlc proven to be anime shit >vesperia announced for switch and pc Yeah, he's definitely …[View]
442528510which is the best 3D? 2D?[View]
442531725>be pussy >play horror game >quit before the game really starts >'Fine I'll try aga…[View]
442529251ITT: Guns that should appear in more games[View]
442532182>I'm gonna say the N word, Arthur.[View]
442532068Tell me sum good online fighting games that i can download illegally but still play online[View]
442518270How is it , /v/ ?[View]
442533148Name a better vidya waifu. You literally can't.[View]
442530227So where is it? Every single game from that Wal-Mart leak turned out to be real except this. Nothing…[View]
442527329>Want username >See this Name a worse type of scum than this shit. These accounts should be de…[View]
442532936why does he physically react to pain when he is supposed to be completely numb?[View]
442524385Path of Exile /v/erdict: Well /v/ I played a little bit of PoE in the delve league and had a decent …[View]
442527243Kingdom Hearts: >tfw cutest KH girl isn't in the main series and probably won't get a 3…[View]
442527856The best SB chars are platformers. Don't deny it. It's the platformer fighter. We NEED the…[View]
442530012Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat VS Tekken VS Soul Calibur VS Guilty Gear VS Z Nintendo: Ryu and Ken …[View]
442530097>getting ads for Facebook gaming on every vidya site I go to now Is this any good? I mean, is it …[View]
442532551Ape Escape 3, the greatest game of all time.[View]
442530390>Enemy team wins game >Opposite player starts spamming ''GG EZ'' in the ch…[View]
442531654Are you ready for the last 3 DLCS?[View]
442485295>this is how the average modern indie game looks Yikes! What were the devs thinking?…[View]
442526321whats his moveset?[View]
442532318what do we think of this?[View]
442526839Why is everyone so quick this is assume is about her womb bomb? Wasn't her entire character abo…[View]
442527913What space games are you playing these days?[View]
442529868There is no such thing as a perfect trilog-[View]
442527909> God Tier > High Tier Sega Capcom > Mid Tier Square Enix Rockstar Ubisoft Nintendo > Lo…[View]
442529423Thoughts on Soul Calibur 3?[View]
442528557ITT: We rank the Paper Mario games[View]
442531453I liked the original but I've long since lost my copy of it, this worth getting over just findi…[View]
442531943How are league, pubg and overwatch dead?: Why does this board spout such utter shit?[View]
442532113>Maximo 3 fucking never[View]
442527293What did he mean by this[View]
442528102Is this worth it for 17 bucks? I love tacticool stuff and might actually have some buddies to play i…[View]
442530252Why do I not think there are any worthwhile VR games?[View]
442531738Why did they change her VA? Her original voice captured the character perfectly, this new one really…[View]
442508213>reminder the Asari hide how they truly look using mind shit[View]
442531616How do I play this game online? Serious question.[View]
442511795Be happy your Government does't your games away from you.[View]
442528114>feel like playing a starwars or lord of the rings game >there are no good ones >the except…[View]
442529514>pay for online play >almost every game on every console uses peer to peer Why is this scam to…[View]
442430334Rinoa == Ultimecia confirmed[View]
442529551Will he be out soon?[View]
442525463I'm fucking mad bros. Veronica deserves to be in more than any other Fire Emblem character with…[View]
442531328>pc game port >dude can't wait for the porn mods >can't wait until they fix X in …[View]
442526530this board needs the Lord[View]
442526730Creepypasta is cancer: you probably didn't need me to tell you this but I've written a for…[View]
442527021If we don't make it... It's been an honor serving with you Halo Thread[View]
442530670We're gonna kill her[View]
442527928Mass Effect 3 is better than 2[View]
442523424Who is the Raikou of western games?[View]
442529975>8 years later >still the best game ever made How the fuck did they do it?…[View]
442530936Vikendi thoughts?: yes pubg is not the best game yes it has bugs yes it has stupid mechanics yes bad…[View]
442502805Do you play League of Legends, /v/?[View]
442529857M A N G O E S[View]
442530527What videogames have the best mimics?[View]
442525695Why do people think that because Joker was announced for smash that literally anything is possible n…[View]
442528673Where were you when GTA brought back Twisted Metal and Demolition Derby[View]
442527245It's 2018....: are one of you motherfuckers gonna leak this thing or what.. i'm sick of wa…[View]
442530315Uh Oh, its time for another MK11 post[View]
442529231Guy tried to stream Anthem and got nuked in 10 sec.: Someone did not read the nda and tried to strea…[View]
442530320They really fucked up with this game. The game is right now 10% off but it won't do any good be…[View]
442526847So,are they gay?[View]
442529540why do all indie games have THAT art direction? Y'know exactly what i mean, indie is unironical…[View]
442521364>what's so bad about a game getting popular?[View]
442529981does it worth 5 bucks?: currently on salf in psn for 5 bucks. is this game a good investment?[View]
442529617Emil for smash. Fuck 2B. Literally[View]
442527267>playing a party game competitively >being ‘skilled’ at party games…[View]
442524518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9hh91-2iaA How the fuck did God of War not win best soundtrack for …[View]
442527372GET OVER HERE MARIO[View]
442527903don't you test me. or I'll do it.[View]
442529792I can't do this alone Even though I am strong Need something more than me Someone to push me to…[View]
442529773What am I in for?[View]
442528941It seem videogames threads arent allowed anymore since mods just deleted a csgo thread. Or is ir onl…[View]
442523383Nintendo Direct Leak - Smash Brothers DLC: Hello everyone. I'm from a city called Frankfurt and…[View]
442527156Skating games are back!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4KMBhFIvOA Meanwhile Tony Hawk gets... thi…[View]
442517707Do we like it?[View]
442519192>Hand it over. That thing, that Dark Souls 3 Seriously From?[View]
442526715BEST TRAILER WORST GAME: >https://youtu.be/gN8geCTlZOo beat this…[View]
442528628Games with this aesthetic?[View]
442521927This is my TF2 Thread He was loud and ugly, Now he's LOUD... and ugleh[View]
442525613Space Engine thread[View]
442511771Lets Measure Our Switch Dick Size: I have 60 games total. How bout you?[View]
442526497Beat Saber on suicide watch: Be honest. How mad are you Beat Saber fags about pic related?[View]
442529118>post yfw the game crashes[View]
442519396DMC5 thread: YOU CANNOT KILL ME I AM OMEGA YOU CANNOT KILL ME I AM DMC THREAD https://youtu.be/AXJ…[View]
442525996Why is Luigi such an embarrassment to the Marios?[View]
442515646i wish this were more popular[View]
442522606Would you call this good character design?[View]
442529081>already has a bigger dev team than its modern counterpart face it retail cucks, your servers wil…[View]
442529072Why is it that when people draw/cosplay/otherwise depict 2B they give her stockings while she’s actu…[View]
442527512Thought on Jet Set Radio Live?[View]
442486620Has there ever been a bigger 'fuck you' from a developer to fans in gaming? >be most requested fi…[View]
442528741This is Bradamantes, say something nice about her[View]
442528550If western game developers are all for gay representation,why aren't they making cute gay chara…[View]
442528623Here's your new smash dlc character, bro.[View]
442528290coc: Join my clan UwU. Inb4 iosfag[View]
442517653>Finally enjoys the game >Checks forums >Everyone hates it and calls it 'Too complicate' Wh…[View]
442526451Games with satisfying shotguns?[View]
442528237Finally finished this game, can we talk about this series? Is Apollo Justice really that bad? What…[View]
442526549??!?: Before Junko dies, she controls Monokuma, but at that time, Monokuma is just a robotic puppet.…[View]
442527857Would fucking a 100 year old Asari be considered pedophilia? What's the age of consent in Asari…[View]
442521816Name a Better Reboot: I'll paypal the first person to prove me wrong $100. you cant prove me w…[View]
442525346What the heck is their Series Symbol gonna look like in Smash?[View]
442527576why are they all the same?[View]
442520615about to play this for the first time. Should I be using any mods for a full experience?[View]
442528279What the fuck am I playing?[View]
442449991Resident Evil 2: What went right? [View]
442526848Video games are meant to always be played on the hardest difficulty.[View]
442524802Snoo PINGAS usual I see[View]
442526910It's never going to happen, is it?[View]
442505194>molten core >play frostmage >press frostbolt-/decurseif macro button repeatedly >highes…[View]
442526809The protagonist of the last game you played has to protect you from pic. Do you live?[View]
442527959Are you a loser if you play videogames?: ''''Self-made'''' millionaire makes outrageous claim. https…[View]
442519537>Game has spooky skeleton childs that were once children and appear in the knight, people who get…[View]
442527168praise God Gaben![View]
442517563so how will they design borderlands 3's cover /v/?[View]
442522259MK VS SB: Ryu made me realize how great normal fighting game characters work in Smash. we could fina…[View]
442523634F https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fortnite-studio-removes-all-infinity-blade-games-f/1100-6463816/…[View]
442513496What the fuck was his problem?[View]
442511218PC controllers: Looking for cheap wireless PC controllers, any suggestions or tips?[View]
442526724Yar Har fiddle dee dee You'll never play handball the GOTY Cuz a pirate you just be Yar har fid…[View]
4425187692019 is def gonna be the official weeb year New Umineko VN, also When They Cry 5 Arc System Works is…[View]
442522794What are you the most pumped for?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_in_video_gaming[View]
442526787Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Listen here,Smash fans.I got something really important.My Sources t…[View]
442526078Could /v/ explain the conundrum of hating a video game but still buying it and playing it? Fallout 7…[View]
442521441Why did this series have so much soul and how did Naughty Dog lose their soul after?[View]
442527253Daily reminder,we'll never get this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2WeX41WfOsY[View]
442487385Why is he the one Fire Emblem character that Smash fags don’t mind?[View]
442522306>when a game kills off that one annoying shitty character[View]
442527126People actually thought that this year might be good HAHAHAHAHAH[View]
442520251The fuck[View]
442524997What games let me play as Hulk Hogan and work jabronies into shoots?[View]
442521592Tried this out the other day but it didn't grip me at all. What's supposed to be good abou…[View]
442517930Why do we hate this game again? It is a solid game.[View]
442525373What are your thoughts on Viscera Cleanup Detail?[View]
442524114why writing so bad xc1 not like this[View]
442526160Now both Rage 2 and Far Cry: New Dawn feature clown vomit What is this new trend about? Am I missing…[View]
442524091World of Warcraft II - Reboot sequel map: https://i.imgur.com/K8ooLIP.png[View]
442523784Sterk revealed for Atelier Lulua: https://gematsu.com/2018/12/atelier-lulua-adds-sterk-two-new-chara…[View]
442525040I can't believe Reimu and her gf are in Smash![View]
442524425Here's your new legendary skin, bro.[View]
442526412>get this >everything is unlocked >krypt and coins don't much use anymore Why did the…[View]
442526392Persona memes n' macros thread[View]
442524968>Was the 'mascot' Digimon >Digimon started as a hand held pet raising and battling g…[View]
442522319>Duke Nukem Forever comes out >DOOM4 Comes out >Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out soon >Bey…[View]
442520521Doom Eternal and Rage 2 skipping Steam: Ugh, I don't want to miss out on Doom, but I don't…[View]
442521101Are there any video games with Welsh characters?[View]
442518014What went wrong? should I pull the trigger? Is it decent?[View]
442515725Is it ever bad that I fantasize about a version of Deus Ex where Unatco doesn't turn evil and y…[View]
442522073How can they be worthy of being in Smash when the series they come from has irredemably shit music? …[View]
442514615Wow this game was a real pile of dog shit. Like two bosses and awful puzzles every two rooms. More l…[View]
442518713Stop trying to find negative things about every game. Things become so much better when you concentr…[View]
442523623/r6/: Rainbow Six Siege thread, fuckers. >What's your rank? >What rank are you going for?…[View]
442518169*blocks your street race*[View]
442512545>Battlefield 1 is the worst ba-[View]
442516154Games with this feel?[View]
442485617ITT: Things that F04 got right[View]
442522694make this /v/ related[View]
442523207I fucking hate racing minigames in non racing games.[View]
442524740>i know one day they are gonna make films and video games about our adventures. All you need is a…[View]
442524686> Windows 10 are horrible for gaming > I am gonna switch to OS that is even worse for games Wh…[View]
442524618>tfw they're already tracer so you have to be dva[View]
442493537Blizzards stock price is down 44% since Blizzcon: >Since a disastrous Blizzcon in November the bl…[View]
442517771>Lara Croft >Tracer >Bayonetta Can you think of any other British girls with two guns fro…[View]
442519851ITT: Real world locations that would make for great video games.[View]
442524343What games are you currently playing you never bothered with before? I'm currently going throug…[View]
442522090What are some good rhythm games?[View]
442522904>need to update game >'cannot download because there isn't enough free space' >50GB of…[View]
442524112Platformer chars belong: The best SB chars are platformers. Here's whos left: Crash Bandicoot =…[View]
442520540Apparently, Smash Ultimate has a lot of input lag. Press F to pay respects. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
442524184He did nothing wrong[View]
442524178Can some anon please post the robotnik and snivley n word pasta?[View]
442512629*blocks ur roharims path* psssh nothin personnel Gandalf.[View]
442522098Let's see what is inside.[View]
442513275Oddworld thread: Hello[View]
442515460Zelda died when this came out. Nintendo knows that they can’t compete so they went with the open wo…[View]
442517259>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442522219Tier List thread: So who would you trust to mother your children? Is this accurate?[View]
442523595What's your under the radar GOTY? pic related[View]
442516326*gets stuck*[View]
442517178>Desert Princess >Doesn't have delicious mocha skin >Not wearing a sexy hijab Dammit N…[View]
442522489You're crossing a suspension bridge. The bridge is wide enough for only one person to cross at …[View]
442516501You did play the best RTS right anon?[View]
442515748>play open world game >night is just daytime but blue…[View]
442513018>One of the best horror games to come out in the last decade >No one ever talks about it or me…[View]
442514307Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442522808Just started pic related on hard, never played a yakuza game before. What am I in for?[View]
442519446So who's hyped for Tales of Vesperia /v/?[View]
442521075Need help finding an old game: It was a tribal survival game kind of like the Sims where you had to …[View]
442523065How does everyone feel about Uldrin Sov being resurrected as a guardian? And general Destiny 2 spoil…[View]
442522935people thought Bayonetta was too lewd for Smash, yet there she is. Ivy has costumes that are toned d…[View]
442519152JOIN THIS: https://skribbl.io/?dSvMDpXMUk[View]
442523023You guys like my General Arthur Morgan of the 44th Union Infantry whos gone rogue after the War agai…[View]
442519386hory shiet DUSK has officially been released and its discounted 17% why is nobody talking about this…[View]
442522810Duck in Gamestop: Duck in Gamestop[View]
442522226Which Smash Characters have a Palace?[View]
442522684>that small game you absolutely loved as a kid gets a surprise sequel[View]
442520826oh no, he's entirly blue[View]
442520562I still can't get over Souls being dead.[View]
442520743Other than Tencent, what went wrong with Epic?[View]
442494903haha lol[View]
442521050OK how do I get past that shit to leave the area with the 3rd boss[View]
442521284Unrealistic Reps: Honestly, What character are you most doubtful of getting in, But want the most? F…[View]
442511831Look at these fucking dumbasses[View]
442517528I forgot this was coming out. Is it any good?[View]
442518740Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA å pushar på å smeker Med motståndet vi leker Vi sitter h…[View]
442518790Okay so, weed is now legal in Michigan, and I just got done playing pic related, and I loved it. But…[View]
442476597Smash World of Light: what's the /v/erdict[View]
442521912Why did they give Alucard voiced lines in Smash? I don't mean just like a single line when he…[View]
442512309Why is Japan so much better at gay romance than the west?[View]
442508768>'Pick up that fern.' what do[View]
442516721* fucks your gf *[View]
442520727Fortnite: here we go, boys![View]
442518668PATCH DAY!: who hype for another amazing patch incoming today?[View]
442521618GANK SIMULATOR 2018[View]
442520604>kill enemy >weightlessly slumps over with HavokTM physics…[View]
442511080Peace Walker >From now on, call me 'Big Boss'. >The first title where John actually decides to…[View]
442514232>hint at a much needed expansion for BBTAG back in EVO and still haven't revealed what it is…[View]
442513537If you are not using this control setup for Smash Ultimate you are doing it wrong. Only excuse is if…[View]
442520321So if you were to guess how long Steam will be around, what would your guess be? 5 years? 10? 20? 10…[View]
442513981Things a gorilla would say >Nash at SFV launch wasn't broken >Sin in GGxrd is a high IQ c…[View]
442513254Is he viable for high-level play?: can we even know that yet?[View]
442513094I AM THE PASSENGER[View]
442512942 [View]
442519486The Dawning comes back to Destiny 2 today: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47513 >E…[View]
442520332What Happened To These Guys?[View]
442481584Nier Automata: What did they mean by this?[View]
442516035>Dataminers checked spirits and they didn't find any related to Zero Escape. >Reggie said…[View]
442520202Your daily reminder that >pic related causes furious masturbation in Rockstar cucks.…[View]
442520158Some of you faggots will defend this.[View]
442520042What's his name again? Also Hitman thread[View]
442497634>Nargacuga is back >G-Rank >Multiple new Biomes >Witcher crossover >'Appreciation Fes…[View]
442514854I’m a newb. Please explain this game to me.: >how do I decide which character is the best? >wh…[View]
442519732what did he mean by this?[View]
442518389premise for undead nightmare 2[View]
442518280what are some overlooked gems on the pcp station?[View]
442519518>Rockstar: I-I'm sorry >Kratos: Don't be sorry, be better…[View]
442517893I did it. Now what?[View]
442517645Anyone got a C64 mini? Is it good? I hear it's quite easy to put the whole library on it.[View]
442519056The Black Goo Of Japanese Unoriginality: These are screenshots from THREE different games[View]
442519289>When you get the perfect stage and song combo in smash >F ZEEEEROOOOO…[View]
442512778Is it really the best visual novel ever made?[View]
442482475>Kill Best Girl >Give us Shadow the Hedgehog instead It's like they hate money or somethi…[View]
442516769Remember people were shitposting about this killing piracy?[View]
442517514Why is the Online Mode so fucking halfassed and badly made Arena 2 people - Viable and functioning b…[View]
442513840Dreamcast: Just bought one of these and a fuckload of blank CDs. I've already downloaded: >M…[View]
442512008this is unironically the greatest fighting game ever made[View]
442518995He's in![View]
442500203ITT: games only (You) remember[View]
442510751Dark Messiah: of Might and Magic[View]
442517789Yakuza.0-CPY: That's it denuvobros I can't take it any more.[View]
442518098I want to enjoy this game so bad but the combat is fucking terrible, the controls are complete shit …[View]
442515851>new tales game huzzah! Hopefully it'll be better than Berseria and Zestiria! >totally ed…[View]
442509740Headcanon Thread: I say that Geralt is able to draw his swords from his back by using reverse Aard, …[View]
442518369Hello. I have info regarding the last 4 characters for Challenger Pack 1. I want to state first that…[View]
442499640Why not?: No “He’s not from a video game” allowed.[View]
442493429Smash Brothers Ultimate Headcanon Thread: Post your headcanons or headcanons of those you read that …[View]
442518274RDR2: How did you feel about (read image)[View]
442515108This Is Why Fallout 76 Isn't As Bad As They Say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of6UiUihe6I Ba…[View]
442518068Are wireless mouse now at the point where you should just get one? As in, the chord literally does n…[View]
442514345Objectively an all time top 10 racing game[View]
442515818He's going to take Goku's spot in Smash[View]
442515000Kill all babies? I'm playing a Nintendo game that says 'kill all babies'[View]
442511812What are some good speedruns where the runner doesn't immediately cheat out of bounds or throug…[View]
442515481KF2 Thread: Anyone else playing the Twisted Xmas event? Feels nice coming back to KF2 after a long b…[View]
442516985Why didn't Gamestop ever try to undercut Steam the same way Epic is now doing? The death of phy…[View]
442517604Why does waluigi trigger waifufags so much?[View]
442480148is everyone who mains this guy a fag?[View]
442515648anyone know when this game is available[View]
442517361hello ps vita revival coming 2020 from sony. new console handheld to market.[View]
442515687YEEEEE HAAAW[View]
442514848who here 8bit?[View]
442515960>want to play binding of isaac rebirth dailies/randomizers >stats on devils rooms etc would be…[View]
442514635Are they gonna go back to making games now?[View]
442514976What is so bad about the movie poster?[View]
442516873Why is Link considered the best vidya character ever?[View]
442515280Is there a better modern horror game than this?[View]
442515136Geralt for Smash: Do you think he will get into Smash Ultimate?[View]
442515807>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play when it had a really fun battle royale mode ad…[View]
442516557Were his actions justified?[View]
442515039The number one flaw with this game is the sheer number of context sensitive controls. >want to i…[View]
442512198Emulation Thread: Cemu 1.15 came out recently and I wanted to try out some mods for BotW, but I need…[View]
442515179Are trials/cases in Danganronpa more entertaining than your average detective/courtroom game?[View]
442516115He's in[View]
442512113Was he a fink?[View]
442515995The map should be designed with NPCs in mind and the NPCs should be designed to be entertaining and …[View]
442510556Are curved monitors good for gaming? If you own one do you like or regret getting curved?[View]
442514036Castlevania: https://pastebin.com/6wj1mtqq Mega Man: https://pastebin.com/ZDJWC4n6 Smt: https://past…[View]
442512147We can't ignore this anymore this is the third day in a row 4chan want down. What is the money …[View]
442511056games to movies: Alright /v/ admit it... Which video game character do YOU want to see turned into a…[View]
442491780>this is a 10/10 according to /v/[View]
442508661What is America's favorite video game?[View]
442515186Is the Xbox One actually doing ok these days?: Should I buy one and if so, what are the best exclusi…[View]
442508146What games did you beat this year, /v/?: I completed: 1. Final Fantasy VII (Replay) 2. Final Fantas…[View]
442509026The game of a generation[View]
442514883What was his endgame?[View]
442513386Skyrim Nostalgia >2011 >be me >wake up to my Party Rock Anthem alarm >shuffle my way ov…[View]
442515297What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
442512794How is he? Viable?[View]
442512586Overwatch gets free characters, why can’t smash?[View]
442501623>more hype for CTR within hours of its reveal than the entirety of Team Sonic Racing's exist…[View]
442514730https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaGWPRZKVe8 Let's be real. Smash Ultimate owes all of its succe…[View]
442514972ITT: The Never Evers: Games that will literally never come into fruition, not even in an alternate u…[View]
442510797YOU SEE, DONKEY KONG[View]
442510091Is she introverted?[View]
442512361>pay $300 for console >pay $60 for game >pay $30 for official ethernet adapter >pay $20 …[View]
442512873RDR Online: So Im giving it another try after the money gift Rockstar has been throwing out Should …[View]
442514621He should be the fifth DLC[View]
442514442Is it worth getting now?[View]
442509230MK VS SSB: Ryu made me realize how great normal fighting game characters work in Smash. we could fin…[View]
442512624>game I like? It's an artistic story heavy experience >game I don't like? Cinematic …[View]
442514471Sol VS Ryu in Ult: Ryu made me realize how great traditional fighters feel in a platform fighter. So…[View]
442513753Who will be Jokers classic mode boss? Will they add new bosses in the dlc packs?[View]
442505791>Any criticism towards Smash >'RREEEEEEEEE! I WORK SO HARD FOR YOU! YOU WILL NEVER BE SATISFIE…[View]
442511551>Pretending this isn't objective truth[View]
442513191ITT Retarded Gamer Logic: >'B-B-But PC gaming is expensive' >Owns a $1000+ phone >Upgrades …[View]
442505741why did they make male corrin more attractive and prettier than female corrin?[View]
442514160what are some comfy games to get for steam christmas sale? I am off work from the 25th till the 1st …[View]
442514158This guys is a real jerk![View]
442513728>constantly make fun of Fire Emblem characters in smash (weebshit, anime swordfighter, etc.) >…[View]
442514093How do you do, fellow gamers... can I interest you in a sesh of CODMW3? I will pwn all of u[View]
442512071>Interested in Elite Smash just to test it >see folks getting in on day one at 300K GSP >be…[View]
442514005Fallout 76: >critics and players praise obscure games for their subtle way to tell a story >tr…[View]
442498761What are some of the worst alternate colors in Smash Ultimate? Hard mode: No Sonic, Pac-Man or Cloud…[View]
442513232Shit, I actually need help: >Courage lies with the hopeful girl who waits for her friend. What th…[View]
442510385Why do people think we're getting a second Fighters Pass, again?[View]
442508929Did you know that pikachu libre is a girl?[View]
442505596When are they fixing this shit?[View]
442511804What games do Zoomers like nowadays?[View]
442509180Why are sports games so popular i dont get it[View]
442513047Is this the pinnacle of nintendo character design?[View]
442484254>Doom Episode 5 confirmed https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil/ I feel bad for zoomers who never got …[View]
442510269Alright then you FUCKS, it's time to save some money and stop sucking new game corporate AAA sc…[View]
442512879What are some of the best video games out there that start with the letter, 'N'? Be loud p…[View]
442511351Tokimeki Memorial: What do you think of her?[View]
442513464How is it. lads?[View]
442509184I'm already tracer xP[View]
442513436Tekken VS Soul Calibur VS Street Fighter VS Nintendo: First off all, people thought Bayonetta was to…[View]
442508212Okay WOW who here can relate!: As a gamer, I feel personally attacked lol. This is so true![View]
442463835Admit it. You teared up.[View]
442485945FUCK LAWFAGS[View]
442513180Fuck FFAs: If you put the Switch into sleep mode before a match starts, you get disconnected without…[View]
442512047Is there anything more YIKES than identifying as a “gamer”?[View]
442497064>Only like one or two jrpgs >Don't like most Nintendo first party ips >Games like crus…[View]
442511931What exactly makes a low budget indie game 'good'?[View]
442509197ITT: the last good rpg[View]
442512982Do /v/ consider Gravity Rush 2 as a good game?[View]
442511852This is the greatest jprg of all time. Don't even try and come in this thread and post some wac…[View]
442507601What is the best Star Wars game of all time /v/? And it is all time as Disney is going to continue t…[View]
442512562He's in.[View]
442508762dlc: can't believe nobody's been mention this but... it seems to me like he could be in…[View]
442510121Twilight Princess is the best Zelda: >amazing artstyle >solid plot >best dungeons >ganon…[View]
442512291The Lumbago dilema: >Be me >Be oldfag, already in 40s, fat, bald, oldschool /b/tard but it…[View]
442512592how's your space adventures going anon? has 1.32 made a big difference for you?[View]
442512170You reaction if he made it into smash? What would be his trailer?[View]
442509437Smash Ultimate: Choose 4 vidya charater of your choice for DLC 1. Conker 2. Banjo Kazooie 3. Doom…[View]
442511140Is SSBU the worst game to play online? >constant lag even if you personally have a good connectio…[View]
442484212Comfy Switch Thread: Whatcha playing/looking forward to bros? Getting any Switch related stuff for C…[View]
442510972So /v/ how long until he's in smash https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1072141561276915713…[View]
442510596Final Fantasy X-2: what a weird game, haha...[View]
442508621What are some good cowboy/western games on PC? I've been playing Red Dead at a friend's ho…[View]
442509156What games do you want for Christmas? /v/[View]
442512195>the first smash game after 64 to have 64's music this is the best fucking smash ever made f…[View]
442492859Nier: Automata Game of the Yorha edition announced: https://twitter.com/Nitomatta/status/10723003580…[View]
442512105I'm that fuck that forces you into a 1v1 stamina battle online AMA[View]
442511701The Unfuckables: You can fuck every chick in the party Sept for her why I want that musky barbarian …[View]
442497978What the fuck was his problem?[View]
442511913WHAT'S HIS FUCKING PROBLEM?! >only two songs ripped from FF7 >no FF Spirits >his Spiri…[View]
442511028What accesories and games should a switch have?[View]
442511902>Be me >Go on some random forum and state that paid online is complete bullshit >Almost eve…[View]
442511372 [View]
442511789Which is worse? And what is the best 3D Sonic game?[View]
442511537>game keeps crashing randomly[View]
442507670There has never been a better moment in an open world game. Change my mind[View]
442505887*Blocks your path*[View]
442505616Why are these considered the 2 best games ever? they didn't influence the industry at all[View]
442500553you can erase one video game from having ever existed. what is it?[View]
442511660>be me >upcoming assignment worth 70% of my grade >Super pumped to get this shit done >F…[View]
442511250>never played Fates >never bought Smash 4 DLC >heard everyone bitch about Corrin in Smash 4…[View]
442482718Dragon Age 4 : ''Last thread was absolute shit'' Edition: We get it, Bioware is …[View]
442506663Fucking KEK[View]
442510665What are some games that take deep looks at the world and philosophy? Besides Dues Ex anyway.[View]
442510526Is 2019 going to be the 2001 of this generation? >Ace Combat 7 >Devil May Cry 5 >Kingdom He…[View]
442499402Its real and unchanged! Hey Reset trannies, your powers are dwindling![View]
442511480Cook, Serve, Delicious: What's the /v/erdict on these games?[View]
442507506>Replaces Arthur after Red Dead 2 >No established connection to the gang >Cucks Marston, an…[View]
442511217He's in.[View]
442511190WEAPON ARTS[View]
442508560*ahem* Fuck Nekkers and FUCK Ogroids.[View]
442511051>Protagonist of two games >Playable character in 5 games >Appears at one point or another i…[View]
442510594This is the Link we could have had but never got[View]
442508147is there a way to make an actually realistic stealth game that's fun to play? In real life peop…[View]
442467612Is he supposed to be called Megaman or Mega Man?[View]
442504703>Isolate that signal. Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing on that ship? Sir, joinin…[View]
442499501>miss point blank shot >reload the save >wait 300 years >miss point blank again…[View]
442488330Was she autistic?[View]
442493026So why was this game wiped off the face of the Earth? And where can I play it at (my copy was remove…[View]
442506576ITT WE BUILD A GAME ONE MECHANIC AT A TIME: >player character gains temporary power ups for being…[View]
442510847>lose 4 player PVP because of them Was it worth, you fucking faggots.[View]
442510519Does he actually have a chance now?[View]
442510881*sips from a puyo* Aaaaaah. Sonic the Hedgehog. How the mighty have fallen, with an live action film…[View]
442493365Was she actually the winner of the Smash Ballot?[View]
442504983UNIST Thread: Routers restarted, let's do this[View]
442456507Has anyone got Kumatora's model from smash ultimate yet? I thought mother fans would be all ove…[View]
442510636What are some good games that let you hunt niggers?[View]
442510674Last chance bros (2 quest parts are already broken in part 4, use a guide to skip the busted bits)[View]
442510527>can’t immediately repick your character after a match >can’t taunt in certain modes >can…[View]
442475479But anime aesthetic doesn't improve games at all.[View]
442484620Did Rosalina deserve to become a core mario character?[View]
442509673I heard this game got a bunch of good free updates and since it's shaky release. Is it any good…[View]
442499539Do any of you actually still like subspace emissary? The cutscenes don't make up for the dog sh…[View]
442500518yore a tf2 thread [View]
442507221Which one, /v/? In my opinion the original has unsettling eyes.[View]
442504872Play modded Skyrim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDu9OOz7kxk[View]
442506580playing FFXIII feeling quite comfy. whats/v/ up to tonight?[View]
442496196Name me vidya that has horse genitalia in them. Hard Mode: No RDR2[View]
442507972>game has a hunting/crafting system[View]
442509814Pikmin thread[View]
442500607Why don't you visit anymore anon? Don't you love me?[View]
442501025She is all that remains of a once powerful nation[View]
442507493>game only has 2 difficulty options Do you choose easy or hard /v/?[View]
442508036Post characters that are literally you[View]
442507742How is your experience with online so far? I had 1mil as K rool and just lost 10 times in a row whil…[View]
442507465Alright. Who's the most un-fun character to fight against? My vote goes for this bitch. I don…[View]
442509878And the kusoge of the year 2018 award goes to... *drumroll*[View]
442508456>Game has an unbeatable boss Wtf do I do[View]
442506984Atelier Arland DX: Why is playing as a cute alchemist so fun?[View]
442492964close combat systems: what makes a good combat system in a game? why is skyrim's combat general…[View]
442507252How to unlock full roster without going fucking insane?[View]
442508985>every other third party is at the very least playable, if not respectably and consistently place…[View]
442506849Metal Gear Survive was originally part of MGSV: Kojima wanted there to be a zombie gameplay mode in …[View]
442505959A whole year...[View]
442503447Look Morty! I turned my- *buuurrrrpp* myself into a game Morty![View]
442503889I just bought an original chrono trigger cartridge, I have never played it before, but I've hea…[View]
442506898>piracy bad >console war >you play a GIRL in a game >lol metacritic score >/pol/ thr…[View]
442474076What's your most unpopular Smash Opinion?[View]
442505045>get blown up by creeper in minecraft and lose all my stuff (full diamond gear, epic level enchan…[View]
442454396risk of rain: >enemies take forever to kill >99% of the items are useless >only good items …[View]
442507860ITT indie clone games that are actually good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ1ImpV7X5c[View]
442505726So Megaman fans you cried for 10 damn years Did you get what you wanted?[View]
442490570Chinese censorship in games: How do we stop China from ruining video games? Shits dumb as fuck.…[View]
442507685>Vidya designs that wouldn't be cringey to wear in public[View]
442504669This is what the ideal male videogame character. You may not like it but this is what peak performan…[View]
442504629MGS3: The best video game ever made?[View]
442508481>sonic the hedgehog movie[View]
442506316Ivy Valentine should unironically be in: First off all, people thought Bayonetta was too lewd for Sm…[View]
442508432This game is fantastic.[View]
442506929Gentlemen, how do we kill ACfag, aka Doug Harris?[View]
442506754Beyond Good and Evil 2: Do you even care anymore? some new gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
442505297>Rapes you.[View]
442505902Konami has been pretty based when it comes to Super Smash Bros, what are his chances?[View]
442477636>All the marketing about the single player campaign is focused around the fact that you can final…[View]
442503643>We always have threads of favorite pistols, shotguns and rifles But what about Rocket Launchers…[View]
442507294Can the gameplay be modded to be good?[View]
442494720Hey look! Henry has come to see us![View]
442504216How much will amiibos be worth in a few years?[View]
442502871>tfw sonic adventure is widely regarded as shit now[View]
442504574What is /v/'s opinion on rom hacks? Any favorites?[View]
442504628In videogames with multiple playable characters do you first play the main character?: Like for exam…[View]
442504925Post characters that are going to get cut from the roster when the DLC releases.[View]
442507569I decided to re-download Aion after many years, what can I expect going into it now?[View]
442507253Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
442501230I had this picture in my file for a while and been meaning to used this, but couldn't. Have it,…[View]
442507075here's your japan-centric DLC bro, hope you like anime[View]
442507156This is how a developers should do a walkthrough: https://youtu.be/wKoJKe_yKQI[View]
442506806Odyssey DLC: I hadn't played SMO in a few months, turn it on and see there's new costumes,…[View]
442502249Why do people buy shitty funkos when they can get actual good figures of characters for the price of…[View]
442505873Will Diddy Kong Racing get a remake or a sequel? The DS one wasn't very good, so I think they s…[View]
442505291>join server >have to watch an advertisement…[View]
442504413I can honestly say that I've been asked a million times why I play games and I normally just sh…[View]
442496480How do we stop this?[View]
442506567the game keeps content from those unskilled enough to reach it[View]
442505158What are some funny video game characters?[View]
442506120Kenshi: About to play this bad boy for the first time - what's some good not so obvious advice?…[View]
442502720Will we ever get a map like Five again?[View]
442488860>Banning games is okay as long as it's a genre and fanbase I don't like If you unironic…[View]
442505371Now that Persona is confirmed to come ot the Switch what other Atlus games do you want to see gettin…[View]
442506628My beef with Dragon Age 2: So here I am playing all the games in order just finished DAO and I start…[View]
442500643I used to get excited seeing this little screen here, but now when it pops up it's sheer dread …[View]
442506557/v/acc: I hope Steam bans more and more games. I hope the busybodies find something immoral and oppr…[View]
442501528What is the most worth mentioning country in gaming other than the US and Japan? UK, Canada, Euros o…[View]
442504471Scorpion deserves a spot: MK is just as classic as street fighter and we all want Ryu VS Scorpion. B…[View]
442505391What video game were you playing on Christmas morning 2001?[View]
442501737Who would you pick to voice Link?: gun to your head... Link is getting voiced next game and you have…[View]
442505649>adds a bunch of gathering quests >says it’s a huge content update how did Nexon get away wit…[View]
442503021What’s a good starting point for this archaic bullshit series? I’ve discovered that pic related is n…[View]
442505619>there are people who beat WoL on hard in 20 hours FUCKING HOW?? IT TOOK ME 40 HOURS ON HARD AND …[View]
442505972>fantasy game >the characters have british accents…[View]
442503271Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu Drag…[View]
442505781heres your dlc famiglia[View]
442500437>the current state of Quake Carmack must be rolling in his grave right now…[View]
442502856This game is a masterpiece. Why doesn't it get the praise it deserves?[View]
442501365Jin Kazama should be in: Ryu made me realize how great normal fighting game characters work in Smash…[View]
442493850/v/ Plays Skyrim.: Alrighty boys, I saw the game maker threads last night and I want a go, but this …[View]
442501591ATOM RPG: What do I do at the bunker? The dudes outside the bunker just rob me of all my shit and I …[View]
442499439This is Lieutenant Noel Vermillion of the Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL).[View]
442500742These are objectively the most influential games ever[View]
442503965What is a game that got shit on for being overrated so much that it has actually become underrated n…[View]
442468868Reminder that there's people who pay $500 dollars on pro arcade sticks when the best fighting g…[View]
442505153your thoughts on them, /v/?[View]
442505240What are some fun online games to play with my wife?[View]
442505012>Infinite moveset potential >Series has never skipped Nintendo >Consistent releases over th…[View]
442494780Ideal Zelda representation in Smash: >Link >Zelda >Ganondorf >Toon Link >Sheik >Ga…[View]
442467793Is this the hardest fight in the game?[View]
442505047Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II: where my RTS niggas at? who are you >playan >fightan >ramman…[View]
442497621>sci-fi game >main focus on weapons is swords and spears Is everyone at Chucklefuck retarded?…[View]
442497026this is not okay[View]
442503430What was the most emotional that you have ever gotten during a video game?[View]
442497829>Living in a post Joker in Smash world >People now speculate Doomguy, Scorpion, Dante, etc …[View]
442504305See that Mountain? You can do it.[View]
442498780Would you complain?[View]
442499572so any one know a good forum for discussing racing game wheels? hmm: interested in finding out more.…[View]
442499250Roguelike Thread: >Spend three weeks grinding through TOME >Many good fights were had, many cl…[View]
442504638How come nobody is making new Dungeons and Dragons games anymore?[View]
442503164Gaisy/shid meme: Does anyone have a link to/MP4 of the video of the dude narrating the smash bros ch…[View]
442504230what do?[View]
442489191Fallout New Vegas: New Vegas thread. I'm poor as fuck so I don't have a gayming PC so the …[View]
442502113Why is being a Sonic fan pure suffering[View]
442503243the sight of these three all together strikes the /v/ smashfag with immense pain[View]
442499929is there a game with more satisfying club controls than flinstones?[View]
442500684How did they manage to make the game more boring than fortnite?[View]
442498492Are these unironically the most influential games of the century?[View]
442504224Last thread archived, so Post Cerebella: Help a fella stock up on photos of his waifu. Thiccer than …[View]
442501537Necropolis has opened.[View]
442496410What's /v/'s favorite female video game character?[View]
442498527I am the ultimate being... there is no hope. My hammer of death shall rain down upon you.[View]
442503957 [View]
442501619Can we have a factorio thread? I want to start a new game but late game always feels boring. Are the…[View]
442503885>Be me playing Doom 2 >Been modding it for the past few years, completely still surprised at h…[View]
442503424Your thoughts on Xbox nu-avatars?[View]
442502097Libre pikachu in smash ultimate has a fat cameltoe: The normal model does not, discuss.[View]
442503356Comfy Stalker thread: talk about your unfortunate moments in the zone[View]
442503805Anyone else not touch any other game modes other than classic mode, and played it on repeat since la…[View]
442503778Picross 3D: Hold the fuck up Do people actually factually complain about guesswork in this game? Are…[View]
442457926Mortal Kombat 11: 'Mortal Kombat is back and is more fit than ever in this new and fantastic evoluti…[View]
442500438Here’s your Christmas present, bro.[View]
442478186ED BOON TALKING ABOUT SMASH: >Ed Boon Tweeted about Smash >2015, at the beginning of the devel…[View]
442503671ITT vaporware[View]
442499319Is there a videogame that made a significant change in your life? Books do this, movies do this, mus…[View]
442488086What are /v/'s thoughts on VR and its potential, in particular VRchat and social interaction?[View]
442476284Why is Fortnite so fucking popular?[View]
442503056Post yfw they go to the Armageddon timeline[View]
442502938Artifact = Casino: This game is literally gambling. There are layers upon layers of RNG, every aspec…[View]
442502514fuck you pauline[View]
442502980what the fuck was this meant to be sakurai?[View]
442503321Sub Zero should be in: Don't deny it would be cool you silly bitch. B: Ice Ball ▲B: Ice Telepo…[View]
442502852>tfw no Batwoman video game[View]
442502752Sensei! Want me to do some investigating for you?[View]
442501340>no taunting >forced to play 4 player item lag fests >GSP is unpredictable >cant change …[View]
442498550Year of trash: What do you think was the actual best game of 2018 /v/?[View]
442500025>C&C Remaster I mean assuming they don't fuck it up (petroglyph is developing it so they…[View]
442500510Strategy General: Discuss.[View]
442501627Looks like EA's stock has stopped dropping.[View]
442485493Can someone explain to me why EA constantly keeps pushing this kind of shit? I'm not talking fr…[View]
442502123>Your enemy is actually your best friend[View]
442491326Be honest with me, /v/. Does he have a chance?[View]
442502658is Olimar based?[View]
442502576>this is an 11/10 according to /v/[View]
442502040ITT video games that cant be discussed in /v/[View]
442502719Everything is so terrible all the time. I just want to have fun with video games.[View]
442487896post yfw Daggerfall has the best females of all ES titles[View]
442493708What are some games that let me kill in the name of our dark Lord, Satan?[View]
442493812what are your hopes what are your fears[View]
442500379What went right?[View]
442501014what is the best fire emblem game?[View]
442499750>you will NEVER EVER experience something like this ever again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za…[View]
442494915Excluding minecraft, what do you think will be remembered as the most influential game of this decad…[View]
442501220how could one adorable pupper be so fun?[View]
442488538What's the most /fa/ video game of all time?[View]
442502468Where is Geno? Where are the Chorus Kids? Where is Shadow? Where is Isaac? Where is Banjo and Kazooi…[View]
442500670Artifact is SAVED! Thank you based Gaben[View]
442502006Post Cerebella: I need to stock up on photos of my favorite titty acrobat girl. Post em all, but no …[View]
442500071Post characters that you want to do on hard[View]
442499318>want to replay game >remember THAT level…[View]
442499104>ridley only has three jumps >k.rool has a get out of jail free recovery >input lag up the …[View]
442492101Why the hell are items and certain maps banned in competitive smash. Please don't give me the b…[View]
442499134How long 'til heavy update lads?[View]
442499209Just got a homebrew Wii U after not owning a Nintendo console in 20 years. What should I play?[View]
442497231>Remove features from Legion like Paragon Rep boxes and Invasions >Add them back in, call it a…[View]
442497987Wonderboy should be in: B: Beast forms, works like Monado arts ▲: Hawk Form ►: Lizard Form ▼: Lion F…[View]
442501482anon wants to buy a ps4: Is a PS4 (used) worth getting? I have a Switch, and I might get a better PC…[View]
442496941does gta iv work on windows 10[View]
442500780How many levels of bloody palace are there, /v/? like i wanna stop but I don't think I physical…[View]
442496682Fallout Pleb weapons thread: I’ll start, the Anti Material Rifle is Reddit tier[View]
442500450Okay, I give up. Someone post how to unlock marth because I CANNOT beat him in world of light. Fuck …[View]
442500442Alright, so I’m trying to get into MH, and I’ve read everywhere that World is more accessible and I …[View]
442501159This Lord makes /v/ SEETHE[View]
442437586KINGDOM HEARTS 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI So is Kingdom Hearts 3 too big to fail…[View]
442496716Ninja Gaiden VS Shinobi: Hayabusa and Joe Musashi should burn be in smash. Hayabusa B: Ninja Stars …[View]
442500434>he wants Isaac in smash over Starfy[View]
442497201Post your favorite guns and other anons post games that has them[View]
442500418Online thread: Don't mind me, just here to ruin your 1v1 experience.[View]
442498367>a thriving online community[View]
442497338I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that this E3 will be videogam…[View]
442500321This is the best Grand Theft Auto right?[View]
442498146hey /v/ I'm looking for a good satanic video game to play like the original Diablo (in theme, n…[View]
442500016/v/.... dont forget her .......[View]
442499302>There are people who are already clamoring for nerfs instead of buffing shitty characters https…[View]
442491317Chill Thread.: What are you playing right now, /v/? How are you feeling? This thread is just for chi…[View]
442485830Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Predictions: Post 'em[View]
442493741Name a better comeback in the history of vidya characters[View]
442495184>tfw vooming around the arena as BLM for absolutely no reason other than how cool it is Is Aether…[View]
442498019Strange Jounrey: >Ordered SMT: Strange Journey with the money I've gotten from birthday >…[View]
442498967the /v/ire season 6 -Video Game Industry: You ever notice that the guys who do that, the Kotakus, th…[View]
442499904Am I right?: whats the smite equivalent of teemo? what class is he? havent played league enough to k…[View]
442499884Do you think Nintendo is privy to more obscure memes?[View]
442499712We live in an era where Nintendofags brag about buying ads for PS4 games[View]
442499694. nevah[View]
442498714I stole $300 of Nintendo eShop cards from my slutty sister. I need to spend them all on Switch games…[View]
442481207Subnautica: Why the fuck is it so terrifying?[View]
442498982>already has his own amiibo >completely unexpected >gives Bamco another rep He's in…[View]
442497739I did not get the hype over the demo but after 10 hours of the game I started to get really fucking …[View]
442497586how well this team would do in the last game that you played?[View]
442498536Anyone else hate how bad smash 4 looks compared to ultimate? The colors are so dark and the models a…[View]
442498097Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh Oh oh OH, oh oh oh oh[View]
442499261More platformer characters less RPG characters: SSB is the platformer fighter, and so I've alwa…[View]
442497404ITT: Good vidya music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot5ZlYdStpU[View]
442497370ITT 'Your main got the short stick': Why is he the only character that is actually somehow WORSE tha…[View]
442499373Kenshi thread Where can I find Skelly dialogue cause they say some cool shit when entering the Swamp…[View]
442491880Can you name ONE developer more based than this?[View]
442435483Why did D2 go this direction?[View]
442497623Smash Bros Character Prediction: >Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a Hanafuda card manufacturer, a…[View]
442496724Why didn't they just take some water from the Sandy Shades well?[View]
442481068EDF: NA version finally comes out tomorrow. Who else is excited?[View]
442499058Who was the Jannetty?[View]
442498812Hail to the king, baby[View]
442498423We all know Joker’s stage is going to bring all the obvious music tracks (Life Will Change, Rivers i…[View]
442493626What genre of video games requires the largest brain and/or highest IQ to play?[View]
442495169Post yfw this breaks record sales because they play up the zero suit even more, and people call it G…[View]
442498704And people wanted Ashley in Smash bros.[View]
442498457BFV: >went against /v/ and bought BFV for the full price >it's fucking shit I should have…[View]
442498590Does any one else disconnect literally every 5 seconds? >Disconnect before I even join online …[View]
442495594>China now AAA's precious cash cow >No more skeletons ever FUCK…[View]
442498520ROCK AND STONE[View]
442494736Unpopular opinions: >Grew up with Street Fighter 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 and yet Street Figh…[View]
442497153Stop getting hyped by the outer world's. It will never be better than fallout and definitely wo…[View]
442496334Why aren't you playing the Infinity Blade games, /v/? They have actual graphics.[View]
442497192Are there any video game characters you strongly related with? Pic related for me.[View]
442495664>console 'library'[View]
442493139im gonna say the n-word poyo[View]
442494947Censorship is getting out of hand: Not a big fan of JPN games nor most anime, but this censorship th…[View]
442498103How's that colony doing?[View]
442497183I'm gonna say the n-word![View]
442497482Why did I move here? I guess it was the country roads. I turned myself into a Borderlands, Morty. I…[View]
442497802The real question is whether or not this will get a game[View]
442474020>mfw persona 5 will be never ever on switch[View]
442490262Just picked it back up again: Still best open world exploration yet. And don't give me that RDR…[View]
442497674What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
442497718Miss me partner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQqVUM2f5es[View]
442497532>we need a gun for the chiseled old boomer character[View]
442497276Are you hyped?[View]
442492134Is there even a point to play from Level 1 and work your way through the different expansions? The s…[View]
442496375Say hello to your four remaining DLC newcomers![View]
442449894Go replay Fire Emblem: Awakening right now.[View]
442497090Doom Eternal: Alternate skins for invasion and solo confirmed. >Invade someone with a team of dem…[View]
442497065Smash Ultimate: How do I cope with being too poor to play smash ultimate?[View]
442494114sign the petition[View]
442496386smash ultimate data mine leaked model[View]
442492126One of these two will be a dlc for Smash Bros. Who will it be?[View]
442492471Whats so amazing about Chrono Trigger?: I just dont get it, /v/. Everyone parrots this game as the g…[View]
442497048>A-click over here and wait 10 minutes >Now A-click back to where you were, listen to boring d…[View]
442489189Here's ur dev team bro.[View]
442495275What could go wrong?[View]
442496097>make a catbell item >never use it again Why did Nintendo do this? Isn't it a waste of cr…[View]
442496660>Yuna will never look at you like this right before she's about to be shot dead why even liv…[View]
442496653This is your new Primed Warframe[View]
442493069Now that the dust has settled. Was this the best FPS of 2018?[View]
442487350What the fuck went wrong[View]
442493657Lucina Appreciation Thread: Say hello to your top tier and best daughter.[View]
442496429>this is how the average Ridley main looks like Un hombre hecho a sí mismo... Yo lo respeto.…[View]
442496396no sandstorm thread? let's fix that[View]
442491942Be honest /v/, did these really deserve to win the 2000 GOTY?[View]
442490237I would love to see Fei Fong Wong in Smash even though it's as likely as Geno (not at all)[View]
442494262DQ11: Can anyone tell me if the US release of DQ11 has Japanese language options? I'm intereste…[View]
442483550>Amazing recovery >Boomerang >Solid neutral B >Can put you in the ground with a fucking …[View]
442478884What a year for PS4 bros, it was a total blast: >Outsold the Switch and Xbone in 2018 >Had the…[View]
442492737yeah.. pretty much me[View]
442495896Do you think Kawakami nursed Joker back up after his training sessions?[View]
442492976>1st game >dlc isn’t super important to the plot overall >2nd game >dlc introduces the f…[View]
442490329I just beat this for the first time. Why do you all hate it so much? I would say it is probably the …[View]
442495467He bought?[View]
442487074So is Capcom literally just copying a more successful hunting game?[View]
442493561Is he the best player in the world or just the Pewdiepie of Fortnite?[View]
442495669What even is this game? I only ever saw it in the incredibly small game selection that Kohl's u…[View]
442493167check this out rn[View]
442494846If you were a villain in a video game, how would you’re henchmen/subordinates look like? What kinda …[View]
442490686This must stop: >Fag >faggot >fag >faggot >Fag >faggot >fag >faggot >Fag …[View]
442494000I just want to play Persona 5 while taking a shit. Is that too much to ask for?[View]
442449697>Bethesda is going to put Doom Eternal on their shitty client instead of Steam GOD FUCKING DAMN I…[View]
442485214Should I play Undertale? Why? I'm wanting to because this seems like a really interesting chara…[View]
442490904Still would.[View]
442484218Is Spyro Reignited the worst remake of all time.: Think about it, other remakes have stayed true to …[View]
442485073You guys wanna talk about this game?[View]
442493798Is there a Dark Fawful spirit? I got normal Fawful but it doesn’t evolve or anything, it actually ki…[View]
442491937>game is incredibly complex >it has no wiki JUST…[View]
442494420Conejo Arcadio: Conejo Arcadio[View]
442483474>game has a fuckton of wikis[View]
442494739>buy smash bros, the hip multiplayer game of the year >have no friends Every time.…[View]
442492142Would you be her ghoul[View]
442481340>buy lan adapter off ebay because the fucking switch doesn't have an ethernet port >switc…[View]
442492916Rayman B: vortex (tornado projectile from Rayman 3) ▲B: Helicopter Head ►B: shock rocket ▼B: wind…[View]
442488612The Outer Worlds: Think The Outer Worlds will be any good /v/?[View]
442494254you can only post in this thread if you main a Star Fox character in Smash Ultimate[View]
442483241You have one wish.[View]
442491407Now that Persona is a Nintendo exclusive (See PQ2) what do you expect from Persona 6?[View]
442446254kenshi: KENSHI THREAD no disgusting horniggers allowed in this thread please[View]
442491970Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
442479995Defend this Xbox owners[View]
442485887Is Dragon Age: Inquisition + all DLC's worth it for 10 bucks? I'm considering it, for such…[View]
442493481What is the motivation behind console wars? I don't get it. Why not just buy whichever one has …[View]
442494271How do people expect next gen consoles to do 4k/60fps in those tiny boxes with limited cooling space…[View]
442491637DOOM is 25-years-old today. Let's post some fucking DOOM!!![View]
442494136Arthur (Ghosts N Ghoblins): B: Alternatingly throws Lance, Dagger, Sythe, Axe, or Tri-Blade ▲B: Fir…[View]
442491000What the best playstand for Nintendo Switch?[View]
442475153i feel like shit[View]
442492697zero is making leffen his bitch[View]
442493546>light and dark are elements[View]
442493550How many years has it been since a decent game was released on steam?[View]
442488391Red Dead Redemption 2: Anyone else still on chapter 3? Right now I'm all about hunting to pay o…[View]
442459537STAR CITIZEN WINS LAWSUIT, CRYTEK DEFEATED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw-Df748okk KEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
442491261Smash Mansion Head-canon thread >Post stories about the fighters' relationships living in th…[View]
442490012Worst Zelda Game: >weapons break >bows break >shields break >things that break must be m…[View]
442492616Fuck Din, marry Nayru, kill Farore.[View]
442490987You lot aren't autistic enough to appreciate freeroaming in video games, instead you have to do…[View]
442428114Who wins in a fight /tg/?[View]
442493223'This is Todd, I've infiltrated the theater'[View]
442488308Microsoft Christmas Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v70Fu2WU8-w https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
442452752Now that the dust has settled,: I thinks it's safe to say that this game is the best video game…[View]
442488064Its bittersweet how the devs wrapped up all loose ends from Hotline Miami in the sequel, but was it …[View]
442491021OOOohhh HO HO HO HO![View]
442455936Kill one, the rest remain in the gaming industry forever[View]
442492928ITT: how do you see some sprites? Although he never had an official 3d model of his final design I …[View]
442492792Let's have another comfy book thread. If our janitor lords will allow it....pls[View]
442492736SMT SWITCH: What's taking so long?[View]
442488315I just want a 3D sonic with sega blue skies, palm trees, beaches, and jun senoue rocking out on a gu…[View]
442422652Subtle vidya clothing thread I'll start[View]
442492615Do people still play this game online besides poorfags and south americans? My cousin is selling me …[View]
442492601These stories are really boring. Does it improve much after chapter 1? I'd rather have had 1 go…[View]
442492456What did they mean by this?[View]
442492498>Blue arms They want to start a another shooting, don't they?[View]
442491262how the fuck do i get up the pole?[View]
442492362Alright, so I played a few matches online Smash 5. I've played this game quite a lot, so I know…[View]
442489875Atelier: Just got Arland collection. What am I in for?[View]
442491091Reminder that Japan has the highest rate of canabilsm of any 1st world country. Just by being on Jap…[View]
442491482blood and panzer dragoon will get a remake but nobody cares[View]
442490593With the addition of Joker, there will soon be more playable 3rd party franchises in Smash Brothers …[View]
442488656So, we can all agree that Read Dead Redemption 2 was the real game of the year? Pic related.[View]
442464908Nintendo banning people for disconnecting accidentally: >Play Smash >Deal with their shitty on…[View]
442492090And of course...: A toast to the Janitors![View]
442490020Persona Q2: >best girl finally becomes canon >her game flops It's not fair, bros. Why doe…[View]
442491305Are you looking forward to her?[View]
442491975Why did he have to die. If the 5th game starred him the series could've been involved.[View]
442491304Name better game[View]
442490945>horror game has nothing but jumpscares[View]
442487179What's the first thing that comes to mind looking at this picture?[View]
442491117Sir Commisar!: So like... I' been thinkin... Like... If the Imperium is so great... Then why a…[View]
442490053what am I in for?[View]
442491842>final boss is your sister[View]
442491829>Not for sale[View]
442488946no other elder scrolls have better quests than this one[View]
442480246Classic sucks: Classic is gonna be garbage >99% of the players will be garbage >people think m…[View]
442468343X4: Foundations: Beta v1.32 is out and the shipyards are churning out ships. War is coming.[View]
442490923What a slut[View]
442491538You did save all of your quartz for me right?[View]
442467458Kotor: Did they fuck?[View]
442489436I don't think I've ever met a person irl who has ever played a Kirby game. I've never…[View]
442478015Now that the dust has settled, what did we all think about this movie /v/? Is it as bad as everyone …[View]
442489470vaguely post a video game, guess other's[View]
442491029>Game bosses follow the seven deadly sins[View]
442491286pirating Puppet Combo games: Does anyone have a few of their patreon exclusive games they could uplo…[View]
442476328Why aren't you playing on CRT TV[View]
442487536>You only have 12 hours left to live >You have to spend the remaining time playing one video g…[View]
442489019First Soul Calibur and now Monster Hunter, why does Japan love Geralt so much?[View]
442490959Characters that deserved to be in Smash more than a personafag no one asked for.[View]
442491187ultimate online is retarded: Do people actually search for FFA in smash online to force 3 other peop…[View]
442485873Buy Fallout 76.[View]
442485407Steam Avatar Thread: Share your avatars bonus points for christmas themed ones[View]
442491090>potion effects randomize every time you start a new game I think this is only used in roguelikes…[View]
442487163Why do you hate League of Legends™?[View]
442469871What books would make good vidya?[View]
442490891Christmas games: Post games set during Christmas.[View]
442490247Is this series any fun? I hear it's fun but it looks like it's a meme[View]
442490476Say hello to one of the only FE characters worth putting into smash, and the next dlc character[View]
442490721TOP TIER WAIFU![View]
442483078Why are Nips so shit when it comes to PC?: So it turns out a fucking GOTY edition was announced for …[View]
442490639fortniter guy will appear. in smash LEAK[View]
442490023Bring Back For Fun/For Glory[View]
442482910>'You really think you can defeat me, boy?'[View]
442489293ITT: Advanced Melee Tech: When you guys are trying to get the water just right, do you make it hotte…[View]
442490048How would you buff this turtle-bull-dragon hybrid?[View]
442487873Thoughts on EO Nexus?: How do y'all think it will fare compared to previous EO games?[View]
442486243>9th best selling game in Japan when it launched >8th best selling game in October NPD sales I…[View]
442490025Doom controls: Did 90s fags seriously fucking use the mouse to move forwards and backwards? What is …[View]
442485004someone explain the interconnected world meme[View]
442490072>finally smash the fuck out of Roy with my boi Ridley >get qued with some bullshit 4 man smas…[View]
442488163how would steve look if he was in smash? is there any way for him to have a decent design? also if a…[View]
442443564>no BGE2 gameplay thread Wtf is wrong with /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldqiTV6AvE8&fe…[View]
442489903https://youtu.be/cJb7qnGc314 In (probable) reference to the various /ss/ material, Pit and dark pit …[View]
442488305Why won't you love her?[View]
442489545Crash In Smash: Crash Bandicoot: =tornado spin = first pump jump =wumpa bazooka =super belly flop…[View]
442477983The Outer Worlds: How do you think The Outer Worlds will compare to Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas? Will…[View]
442489742I'm really glad to hear that you like my game, anon. Do you mind if I update it?[View]
442486952Pick one. Double presses dont work. It only has enough power to grant one of the wishes. >Red 6 c…[View]
442489740first person space exploration: >eve >elite dangerous >star citizen >no mans sky what d…[View]
442489648SEE THE BLOODSTAINED HELLBOUND SHADOW HBHGHBGHBBG SING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHp81wYKvaI…[View]
442488665Original Xbox: Name a better launch lineup, pro tip: You cannot[View]
442468051DMC V: Other than Trish everybody else looks great[View]
442487043how is she faring compared to the rest of the roster? good bad dont care?[View]
442487192Who is it /v/?[View]
442489514It's up https://youtube.com/watch?v=BQLEW1c-69c[View]
442477385>this qt walking up to you and bites you on the ass What do you do?[View]
442477124Is this bitch the worst character in the game?Yes.[View]
442488909The Switch will have outsold the Nintendo 64 by the end of December.[View]
442485330This is the only good thing Gearbox ever did. and it's still nowhere near as good as the base g…[View]
442488379Why does Japan like this shit?[View]
442485946>personashit got in smash WHAT THE FUCK IT WAS HER FUCKING TURN[View]
442488602Is this the most kino glitch/trick video of all time?[View]
442471886Did he get the best buffs? Why aren’t you maining Link, /v/?[View]
442487220Is he the best third party character in Smash?[View]
442485165I'm the final Boss[View]
442488987I know this is a long shot but help me out /v/, when I was a kid I saw YouTube gameplay of a Mario g…[View]
442487095think I've outgrown it bros completely bored of video games. what do I do now?[View]
442488406WHAT IS NINTENDO TRYING TO DO: >paper mario >try to deviate from the tried and true classic fo…[View]
442486939What makes her character and games good?[View]
442487283>*blocks your path*[View]
442488819Can't unlock Isabelle because I can't bring myself to harm her. I'll never be able to…[View]
442488797Can’t believe I bought this at launch[View]
442485692What rhythm games are you african american fellows partaking in these days?[View]
442481403Be honest, how would you react if he got into smash?[View]
442479858Sakurai has agreed to add your most wanted's into Smash with the catch that you have to cut cha…[View]
442488409sure was a good idea for blizzard to tank their public image for a Diablo game they could sell to th…[View]
442483792>use Olimar in a match >nearly every second of gameplay is filled with the dying whimpers of P…[View]
442480624Castlevania: Why do people pretend Rondo of Blood is better than Symphony of the Night? Don't g…[View]
442485882>Get hit with any move that buries >Die with zero counterplay Epic, truly epic. Whoever though…[View]
442488243The last sentient video game character you controlled now has to get a routine checkup from Dr Mario…[View]
442476152This is how Epic will be KO'd.: Just like when GoG started getting a foothold, and all the sudd…[View]
442487960I haven't invested time in any non quick match multiplayer game in like 3 years. Help me /v/, w…[View]
442485686>inventory tetris[View]
442477763This is Doomguy, his series turns 25 years old today, say something nice about him[View]
442486943Holy shit!![View]
442487258>looking at friend's switch hours played >splatoon 600 hours >xenoblade 475 hours >…[View]
442487118am I the only one who enjoys battle royale games?[View]
442487465Is there a better stage for Smash than Big Blue? I don’t think so[View]
442478571>you will never be reborn in a games world as a competent person capable of going on grand advent…[View]
442485104It's gone, bros.[View]
442484343Post only the most wholesome and cute canon vidya couples.[View]
442487241I know Rayman getting into smash is a bit of a pipe dream already, but if he's ever in then Mr.…[View]
442477997Make a skin, /v/.: I want to see what you fuckers can do. Bonus points if /v/ related.[View]
442469330What went wrong? https://www.pcgamer.com/metro-2033-film-has-been-cancelled-because-the-scripter-wan…[View]
442486908Hail to the king.[View]
442442893Oh, fuck. Diddy is hentai.[View]
442486460>Largest opening of any Nintendo game ever made Damn. How do you get that good?…[View]
442484889Why is the American trilogy of Final Fantasy games so bad?[View]
442481057 [View]
442475641So uh... Does he even matter at all?[View]
442486209what are some games that take place in interstellar space?: .[View]
442486230Why the fuck does Persona 5 waste your time so much? Why doesn't it let you do shit? Persona 5 …[View]
442431929Thoughts in a vacuum: Outside of the raging fandom that spawned in 2015 outside of the tumblr AU…[View]
442484232Name a game you hate: Now say something nice about it. I like the Anthem robot voice song. Even thou…[View]
442475668Vidya melee weapon archetypes: Which one do you main and why is it the best?[View]
442482117Hyness accomplished the thing not a lot of Kirby villains managed to do: survive[View]
442483826Why is Bethesda so scummy? Why do they release a shitty game and then refuse to return the money the…[View]
442485938Input reading: The fighting game[View]
442485836So I gave my adopted son Hroar a...: Ridiculously overpowered Daedric dagger as a gift, and he has s…[View]
442483381I think they look cute[View]
442484290Game PTSD: Post it wwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll......[View]
442485056>play Dark Souls 2 they said[View]
442484424Is this game as good as it looks? The art design is fantastic[View]
442482438What's the frame rate on the Vita? How fun are they? Better than P4D?[View]
442452038VRchat is just a m...[View]
442484785Here's your Smash DLC bro[View]
442479509Why isn't quake popular anymore?[View]
442483742Anyone else feel that the excessive violence from Mortal Kombat was kind of out of place at the awar…[View]
442442604>*blocks your path*[View]
442479445Jade: For the love of FUCK! R34 on MK >best girl[View]
442484203>Be Splatoon collector >Unable to preorder Inkling Smash Amiibos after E3 >Unable to preord…[View]
442483797What's up with these games and traps? First steins;gate now Chaos;child.[View]
442485012Umineko rep in smash: >new and unexpected IP >has a fighting game background that would make p…[View]
442482776>RPG >forced first person perspective[View]
442484248>game has a Christmas level[View]
442484016What was the meaning of this scene?[View]
442483571>game has its own fictional story within the world that ties into the theme of the game What are …[View]
442484348Who would win in a fight; Revan or Meetra?[View]
442484827>he's a janitor >on the internet >on an anime imageboard >he does it for free >h…[View]
442477805>game has punishment for leaving mid-game or too early >lose connection and the game still cou…[View]
442476128You have been visited by Joker leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and unexpected reveals, your …[View]
442461590>STILL no G rank i sleep[View]
442458008Next gen consoles: Ok, so the things we know so far is that: -Several projects and games are current…[View]
442484449>Ike's new voice I like Roy's English voice and I'm still on the fence about Yuri…[View]
442483758So, not shilling, but this game looks fun as fuck. I wanted Sea of Thieves to not be shitty because …[View]
442480215Fuck Square. They're a bunch of slant eyed cowards. >Cloud is in smash >One stage >Two…[View]
442481457GTA: How would you evolve the series for the ninth generation of consoles?[View]
442482420>street fighter 5 is sh-[View]
442483102It's not coming out is it?[View]
442483447Hello. I have some information on the upcoming animal crossing game that will be on the switch that …[View]
442482940How do you organize your /v/ folder?[View]
442477840What does the N on his head stand for?[View]
442483436Here's you new DLC bro[View]
442483582what are the best godzilla games?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A[View]
442483235THEY ARE IN[View]
442472739no tawna no buy[View]
442482202Friendly reminder that /v/ once thought P5 was the best Persona game and only now that it has been c…[View]
442483059What are some fun PC games?[View]
442482404Gaming: I was watching a yt vid last night and the guy mentioned to one of his friends another frien…[View]
442483234Danganronpa in Smash: Who's your pick, whats their moveset? With Joker getting in, its only nat…[View]
442481630Now that the dust has settled, can well all agree that Katamari Damacy was never good?[View]
442404319What /v/ thinks about the idea of Naruto themed version of Crusader Kings or Mount and Blade?: Perso…[View]
442482045Why are Sonic Fans so fucking against the idea of Tails being in Smash?[View]
442483028The only Smash game that will ever matter.[View]
442481107What are you willing to do? Would you even say the n word to stop us?[View]
442482519Man, what's this? Shit looks ridiculous. No respect for the 'hood, all clean and shit. You…[View]
442481553did they fuck?[View]
442482817Anyone else having issues using the old Wii U Gamecube adapter with Smash Ultimate? My controllers k…[View]
442471591>you can complete the game without killing a single enemy. What good games besides NV does this?…[View]
442476616How am i supposed to kill THESE THINGS in the WELL! 1 is okay but 2!?[View]
442466072Do you think Justin Wong could beat the Devil at a fighting game for his soul?[View]
442482679The movie is looking good![View]
442482642Count me the ways EA will absolutely destroy their Titanfall 3.[View]
442482431he need a redemption story befforre we accept him he needs to say nigger beat his wife or scam his a…[View]
442479829Is it pronounced MAR-LUCK-SI-YA or MAR-LOOSH-AH[View]
442480280Why are gaming journalists and gaming enthusiasts so different in regards to their tastes and views …[View]
442479328>no spirit despite being main antagonist of two characters’ games >only boss fight not to ret…[View]
442482556This is your finest swordsman in Hyrule.[View]
442472228Give me some good Aztec games[View]
442478632This game is literally soulless.[View]
442473604Is there such a thing as a legitimate Russian player?[View]
442482152https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kwtT3H9eOQ Why the FUCK is this not in ultimate[View]
442482456This game will be a masterpiece on par with REmake and there is nothing you can do about it.[View]
442480978time to post your stick /v/.[View]
442464516Now that the honeymoon phase is (finally) over - what is /v/'s honest opinion on this piece of …[View]
442482407Redpill me on this game[View]
442482386why can't sega ever do anything right?[View]
442481904Anon I...[View]
442482371HE'S FUCKING IN![View]
442482176Why didn't Todd come out?[View]
442482197Where does /v/ get their gaming news from?[View]
442482013so what music will he add into the game and why will it be these Life Will Change (Instrumental) Whi…[View]
442481087ho ho ho buy my game[View]
442465897It deserves better: No Threads on Ashen, huh? Why do you hate the artstyle /v/? Cant stand for a lit…[View]
442475582shut the fuck up and read this: sup 4chan people just got done with dinner it was good salmon and cr…[View]
442482061Hey /v/ I want to watch Kung Pow but cant find a decent stream for it. u know what to do[View]
442481646MY GF's SIMS 4 game: where's all the downloads for hitler, trump, The whitehouse? I torren…[View]
442482048Pelinal did nothing wrong[View]
442479708I'm not his biggest fan but should he be in? >Mario >Luigi >Peach >Daisy >Bowse…[View]
442479678Choose your character.[View]
442480613When you launch the wrong game but can't cancel it in time. Those 10 seconds of your life are m…[View]
442475727DMC 5 demo - it sucks.: Bayonetta fan here, that DMC demo sucked. There’s literally only one melee a…[View]
442479837Play Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest[View]
442481641Hail, Nomura!: >Theme of the game is ''Light' over 'Darkness'' >All the go…[View]
442481638Is spyro reignited the most successful remake of all time.: Think about it, other remakes have been …[View]
442481274hear me out, nigger.[View]
442481532>prefer 1on1 match >puts me in 4 player FFA with flat levels >it boils down to two fags in …[View]
442481502What video game has your favorite unit responses? For me it's Dota 2, but I don't think I…[View]
442467048>''Smash is a fighting game''[View]
442473050God Hand: Sell me on this game /v/[View]
442481441>fighting Botwoon with nothing but two health tanks, a spazer beam, a charge beam, and no gravity…[View]
442481321>valve gives you the new pass for free if you already bought the game are they /ourguys/ again?…[View]
442440701What is the best fps /v/? Series wise? Stand alone game wise? Is it >Wolfenstein >Doom >Qua…[View]
442473943Have any of you guys ever encountered a let's play youtube channel that's full of videos a…[View]
442471012So /v/ what shitty mii fighters have you been using online?[View]
442479321hackers have to go online to get the Joker DLC you lose! get your switch bricked, bitch[View]
442481184*disables you*[View]
442455138Fortnite: >f2p without pay2win >cute girls >unique build mechanic >regular updates >h…[View]
442469047far cry 2 thread: Is this game actually good or is it /v/ being contrarian? I think I heard somewher…[View]
442479343She's gonna take you back to the past[View]
442478142So Dusk finally released. Did any of you faggots play it? Episode 3 was a wild ride.[View]
442444747The absolute state of World of Warcraft in 2018: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdHmLONxYmI ha…[View]
442474690>went woke >but didn't go broke What went wrong bros?…[View]
442458882Is anyone else curious as to why they removed fur effects in smash ultimate? Smash 4 looks so much b…[View]
442478653Hey Peter gryphon it's me Sam's undertail from the video game undertail, check this out ki…[View]
442480550I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
442439362ITT: 10/10 Trailers: Post some Kino Shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ND5dYIFkd0[View]
442474451The absolute state of current Nintendo. Can confirm that all secrets are already uncovered for you i…[View]
442475753...S'up dude?[View]
442476775ITT: series that need to die >Devil May Cry >Mortal Kombat list the others…[View]
442480130When exactly does this game get good because I'm 2 hours in and bored out of my fucking mind[View]
442480658Minecraft Java: Come join SheetzCraft, we are a vanilla anarchy server looking for new players. come…[View]
442480585I may not come out alive, but I'm going in there. There's only one thing I want you fellow…[View]
442480503How likely is it that we get cucked with persona music in Smash like with Cloud? I'm kinda worr…[View]
442480365>Play online >Netcode is abysmal >Almost everyone waits in shield and then baits your appro…[View]
442477473>Day 1 DLC >No one cares why is it OK when some games do it?…[View]
442480217Discuss, rate and port yours[View]
442480412What are the best games to play that you don't need to pay a lots of atention to it? So you can…[View]
442479842dota: how to kill a riki?[View]
442480289>unique fighting spirits that embody the fighter and give him special properties or powers How di…[View]
4424797672019 looks to be the best year for video games in a while with the return of a whole bunch of real v…[View]
442480139I want STALKER 2[View]
442479898>Have dodgy internet, ISP won't give me better internet when I ask. Something about blowing …[View]
442478617I heard that this was actually a good Battlefield game for once... and then I heard about how they n…[View]
442478391Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
442479789>Released on a 'mature' console >Rated M >More censored than the original version for the '…[View]
442479181As your flesh bears the sigil, so your name shall be known as that... of a[View]
442474768what game do you play better when drunk?[View]
442457437>Codecs stop the game in real-time for some reason >Characters respond to what's happenin…[View]
442476961Is he the luckiest character in all of vidya?[View]
442476984Best girl.[View]
442479435https://www.twitch.tv/skynetcloud pls im lonely, someone play with me[View]
442462809Was it good? Was it a worthy final installment?[View]
442479373Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: engrish can can even be found in the greatest of things[View]
442471489rat thread[View]
442465342I refuse to believe a mobile game can be a good game. Change my mind.[View]
442478997>Expectations >Hopes and Dreams Discuss[View]
442476753Why aren't you playing the Infinity Blade games, /v/? They have actual graphics.[View]
442479109This is just sad. But I'm also glad.[View]
442468493Should loot boxes be banned? Just don’t buy it.[View]
442476230Discord Nitro - Thoughts?: You guys think it has a chance? I like their model that is similar to Xbo…[View]
442477239The Waylanders: Literally who? Pros >Dragon Age Origins style 3D WRPG >Has VA for Teyrn Loghai…[View]
442479016SOMA: SOMA is free on PS+ this month and I'm a sucker who resubbed for three months for RDR2 On…[View]
442474864mfw there's so many goddamn threads about the same fucking game get the fuck out smashfags[View]
442478353Literally the greatest Kirby game[View]
442470601Comfy GameStop Thread: Thoughts on this store? Do you still buy/sell used games?[View]
442478893I don't know if you have ever noticed, but the Sonic games are full of implied discrimination a…[View]
442478659Based Game Freak does it again Another 10/10 loli[View]
442477502in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and the series as a whole in general, it's implied that Yennefer a…[View]
442443693New Hitman thread my dudes[View]
442459568DEATH STRANDING: Aki Saito joins Death Stranding team. The guy also worked on SIlent Hill. Was caram…[View]
442476672yoyogames sandbox: What are you playing, /v/?[View]
442476056How do I start coding, bros? What books did you guys use?[View]
442475760To the people upset Waluigi still isn't playable. Kirby can inhale Waluigi. You can't copy…[View]
442477454>Pokemon fans think THEY HAVE IT BAD: >Only good game in years was a fangame >Absolutely no…[View]
442478629Which country? True man was on the other side![View]
442476729Let's have one of these threads. I need a good laugh.[View]
442474576>platinumed game >feel empty what do I play now /v/…[View]
442476163Why did BRINK fail, /v/?[View]
442467693Overrated games: I'll start. Skyrim. It's far from the worst game I've played, but pe…[View]
442475023So besides stoppping WW3, is there anything else I can do for you this evening?[View]
442478381If it's not fun, why bother?[View]
442437761Why people don't like mainline Shin Megami Tensei games as much as Persona games? Are they too …[View]
442477852Why is Zelda unpopular outside of Japan and Canada?: It's well-known that Zelda no longer pulls…[View]
442478107Episode Tier List >LA Meltdown>The Birth>Lunar Apocalypse>Shrapnel City…[View]
442478128let's cook up a Half-Life thread[View]
442478108How had Mortal Kombat's aesthetic remained cool for over 25 years? Shao Kahn from MK 11 looks a…[View]
442477301have fun: discord /V5uDcC[View]
442478001Hey guys does anyone know when RE5 is coming out for the Nintendo Wii? Seeing as how the Gamecube go…[View]
442471142>Down B >counter[View]
442470726How can you fuck up this badly?[View]
442477684>game has ng+ >doesn't actually add anything or even scale enemies up to your level FOR W…[View]
442477327Let's settle this once and for all. Was Diablo II a roguelike, or a roguelikelike?[View]
442477035Your Reaction:: Instead of Incishit, Chrom, Isabelle & Joker. Sakurai announced these as the new…[View]
442475348Is this any good? I’ve had my eye on it but wanted to wait until the price dropped. Can get it now f…[View]
442472308One of the two will be Smash DLC[View]
442477414>yfw they're adapting the OTHER Monster Hunter franchise, not the vidya one…[View]
442477179What are your thoughts on this game?[View]
442476205Was it kino?[View]
442477362What are your thoughts on Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!?[View]
442476143>you were the bad guy all along[View]
442476695Panzer Dragoon I&II Remake: IT'S HAPPENING http://www.forever-entertainment.com/en.panzer_d…[View]
442477289Literally impossible[View]
442477281Why devs complain that making a game today is like ten times more expensive than twenty years ago? i…[View]
442476942Smash DLC: It's sad to see that there aren't more Arthaschads.[View]
442434978Santa hat thread time pick a hat if ya want a certain one https://imgur.com/a/2KG35cH[View]
442476847>playing Ultimate online >prefer 1v1 Stock Item Matches >get a match of 1v1 stock items …[View]
442476781This looks amazingly. Honestly. I'm incredibly excited for this. I hope they manage to incorpor…[View]
442468615well, /v/?[View]
442475343there he is![View]
442475664>ambient sound includes buzzing flies[View]
442475320AMR2 or Samus Returns? Leave out the fact it’s a free game and all the garbage Nintendo did over it,…[View]
442476543whats the path of exile of weebtrash games?[View]
442475643I like it[View]
442476581sorry for meta posting: but this board moves too goddamn fast like damn, there aren't even that…[View]
442464465Let's see your elite characters /v[View]
442443908Literally fucking impossible[View]
442475148Is Street Fighter V worth it or should I get Tekken instead?[View]
442471764(((Media))): Unironically based.[View]
442475880>Rules are on >Only thing guarenteed from my rules is stock >Always get items >Always ge…[View]
442462390Why aren't you playing an Atelier game right now?[View]
442476083so.. you do think he was the best link, right?[View]
442469128pick a wand and 2 rings[View]
442463296SouljaBoy’s Stank-ass Game Console: Can we please talk about this whole ass disaster https://youtu.b…[View]
442469062ITT: Games that came and went[View]
442474826Does anyone know are can guess what game he's playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v70Fu2WU…[View]
442466882BotW thread: How do I start enjoying this game again? After 100 hours of playing it just feels like …[View]
442475779where can i play vanilla, minimal plugins multiplayer survival minecraft?[View]
442432646Are you excited for Dragon Age 4: Friendship is Magic?[View]
442473095Did you circumcise your Wii?[View]
442475581>he doesn't play LoL[View]
442475115Any video games you did not like at all at first but slowly grew on you over time?[View]
442471616What are some games like mgs2?: Idk how to explain it, but I enjoy the level design of games like th…[View]
442475637I unlocked all the characters. It was long and tedious due to the forced 10 minutes between unlocks …[View]
442474979Why is she so cute bros?[View]
442461267>He thinks MMOs are dead >He isn't playing Lost Ark…[View]
442475385Which country?[View]
442475589Still waiting on that patch, you incompetent BOOBS.[View]
442475540Is caseking.de legit?: Any other Euroanons used them before? They have 1070s at much lower prices th…[View]
442475521Fortnite streamer allegedly beats his wife: https://dotesports.com/culture/news/fortnite-streamer-wh…[View]
442470097Fuck this boss.[View]
442475457As someone who has played all the warcraft except wow, how does the lore compare? I got the general …[View]
442475408So I Just heard Capcom will include Witcher garbage on MH:W Will this be just a skin for the main ch…[View]
442472645X4 Foundations or Star Citizen?[View]
442475312>literally the closest we'll get to a proper cowboy bebop game[View]
442475171She's going to say the N word...[View]
442475060did someone on /v/ played Ready Player Fuck?[View]
442475028Am I the only person here that takes 4 player FFAs seriously?: Without items of course. Sure they ar…[View]
442474717>WHY ISNT WALUIGI IN THE NEW SMASH?!! >THE NEW YOUTUBE REWIND SUCKS!! why do they get mad over…[View]
442472183What is valve going to do to save artifact?[View]
442472590If Waluigi was an Egyptian god, he'd be Raluigi[View]
442468395License you wish got turned into video games?[View]
442470535ITT: bad games that had great potential[View]
442474861Would a video game adaptation be good?[View]
442474681There's no denying it /v/, he's in.[View]
442472198I think one of sakurai's goons got a bit naughty: I just happened to notice that Palutena has a…[View]
442474786Hey Anon! Let's get this Let It Die thread started![View]
442474763>the game has robots that do their best to act like humans and fail to the point it becomes accid…[View]
442473364ahem... Fuck FEH![View]
442450187Smash DLC Discussion: Setting memes aside, Sans in Smash Bros. Ultimate makes a lot of sense. >Un…[View]
442472743The Outer Worlds: This is Kathryn Megan Starks, senior narrative designer for The Outer Worlds. Say …[View]
442471357Games are not gory enough these days.[View]
442471534Does /v/ still play Tokyo Afterschool Summoners?[View]
442472756does your grandparent watch you playing vidya?[View]
442473374The theme of the game: >GOD TIER Surpass all obstacles no matter if someone tells you it's i…[View]
442456870Feh Channel starts in a little over an hour. Post expectations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJfO…[View]
442443420Ready for Obsidian newest RPG?[View]
442474263Someone please talk about these games are they good or bad?[View]
442474231Why are people so obsessed if a game is for children or not? It's not like you play games in pu…[View]
442472526Smash Ultimate opens at 1.4mil sales in Japan: >[View]
442473279This has to be one of THE worst most artificially difficult bosses in video game history.[View]
442474046Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.[View]
442474169What are some good electronic gaming commercials? https://www.ispot.tv/ad/dUp0/microsoft-2018-holida…[View]
442467078Dying Light is on sale at Steam for $19. Worth it?[View]
442472108You did beat him, right /v/?[View]
442468629Why did they cut his fight? He would've been the perfect Classic boss for Ness, Lucas and Doomg…[View]
442473528MY GENITALS ITCH[View]
442473565is being killed in a video game by a girl the same thing as being emasculated? what if I get owned r…[View]
442473930Best Godzilla game: Monsters...[View]
442464195>they had to add 'from Persona 5!' so people would know who he was lmao…[View]
442449602/v/ Plays Game Dev Tycoon: Modded Edition - Pt. 1: Hi there /v/. I'm not the same anon who was …[View]
442468148Do you still buy physical copies of games /v/? If not what is the last physical game that you bought…[View]
442473475*gets hurt*[View]
442463545DayZ is leaving early access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KsipmJinTo Thoughts?[View]
442470975>Genuinely one of the most requested sequels of all time >Looks like mobileshit Fortnite garba…[View]
442473296A black feller doin yer wife? Well I ain't see a problem with that. Us white men treated them b…[View]
442472951'Never ask me for anything again' - Sakurai Based[View]
442473214StarCrawlers: Any tips for a good party build? From what I've been reading, Soldier, Force Psyk…[View]
442472973ITT: Kino[View]
442472847ITT post your reveal trailers for smash >we start at a location similar to the ruined zoo from su…[View]
442469305Why are gay people so good at video games?[View]
442472802>Where we dropping, son? Baja Blast?[View]
442472708ITT: 6/10 games No ironic posts allowed[View]
442472736>game features at least one faction that is full of dykes Name that game.…[View]
442442029Run that 90 with the drum attached (Drum) You a shit talker, we got guns for that (On God) Tryna fis…[View]
442472329Best way for a girl to make money playing vidya? Asking for a friend.[View]
442455309>I've made a lot of tough decisions since I took this position. But none of them harder than…[View]
442472103No it's not[View]
442472242dude I friggin L O V E oneyplays[View]
442468584ITT: Vidya opinions so horrible they make you cringe[View]
442438035you can only play the characters in which you have finished at least ONE game of their respective se…[View]
442470574THIS GUY ARE SICK[View]
442457843>Tfw the gameplay is fucking trash >But I can't stop playing it because the soundtrack is…[View]
442471940The Red Dead Redemption 2 threads. I'm afraid I have to insist. We've gotta let them go, D…[View]
442471739https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/ninja-drake-epic-fortnite-1203085591/ >Drake made gaming mai…[View]
442461661Remember when video game demos were commonplace and not just a latch ditch effort for failing games …[View]
442469467Post your favorite video game characters. I'll start.[View]
442469976w a i f u f a g s: ITT: games that whyfufags pretend is actually good[View]
442466718Do you consider the Switch to be in the same generation as the PlayStation 4 and the (lol) Xbox One?[View]
442471559am i getting old: i've enjoyed playing a lot of video games before but nowadays i feel like its…[View]
442467937>/v/ WILL defend this[View]
442471305what do /v/ think about pop culture references in videogames?[View]
442470958>have always hated the style of localization Dragon Quest has taken for the past 10 years and thi…[View]
442471263What the fuck kind of visual effect is this?[View]
442469690The Citizen Kane of videogames.[View]
442465406Jesus, the online in this is fucking terrible. >set my stats to 1v1, 7 min, items off, stage haz…[View]
442470403how the fuck do they continually get the online wrong? voice chat locked to a smart phone, profile a…[View]
442471063Why is /v/ so bad at any sort of game where you have to vs someone? Is that why turn based games are…[View]
442466941why not him instead of Joker[View]
442470210>game has upgrade system >you cant upgrade weapons you like into the same viability as late ga…[View]
442470884yeet: https://mginvite.com/inv/gbkdwlbhp6739n91[View]
442462979Stop making this retarded comparison /v/: It's obvious that the wacky scientist from the intro …[View]
442470332>be me >meeting someone new >trying to get to know eachother >starts asking me about my …[View]
442468507It's time for the Agubros Smash Brothers here we go[View]
442470329This guy comes up to you and says he has a plan. What do?[View]
442470094Who's your vidya bf?[View]
442470174https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-341417-16/dev-blog-toxicity-update >Upon review…[View]
442469583ITT: Games that made you cry[View]
442470263>Next DLC are Agumon and Jibanyan Monster Battle of Dreams PLZ Daddy Sakurai…[View]
442469206Nintendo says 'Fuck it' and reveals to us the remaining four Smash DLC characters. These are them. Y…[View]
442467827ACCEPT IT[View]
442470503What do I think about this game?[View]
442469214What's the comfiest hub and why is it Majula? https://youtu.be/epK4CBE4bB8?t=457[View]
442470464>Was born in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Tall Trees to a mother that died during child …[View]
442470461What the fuck was his problem?[View]
442470457Yo. People are talking up Smash Ultimate but what is the stuff which you hate about it? I hear a lot…[View]
442467582Gameplay > Art style > Story >>>>>>>>>> (((Graphics)))[View]
442470321You guys wanna play some Skribbl.io? https://skribbl.io/?xwTELQV2Vn[View]
442470240Who the fuck picked the tracks for ultimate? >Richter Chadmont finally gets into smash >litera…[View]
442470390What are some odd, insignificant things in video games you remember for some reason? pic related[View]
442469864Artifact: hehehe F[View]
442466692Imagine paying $60 for this[View]
442448780Xbox One X thread[View]
442454390Are you a boy or a girl?: Well /v/?[View]
442466719>catalog has porn on it at all times Why hasn't Hiro deleted /v/ yet? The community here is …[View]
442470137>make a video game thread >12 replies and archived >make a video game thread with a clickba…[View]
442470215>That'll be $59.99 for this port with a story mode revolving around stock png's, plus $…[View]
442441896>Why couldn't they just get Sonic right, they didn't even pay Instagram influencers to …[View]
442470112woah baby[View]
442468991What are /v/'s thoughts on this game?[View]
442463481Tencent is trying to flood /v/ with all this propaganda about how Steam is bad and how the Epic Game…[View]
442435181what good games are ONLY on the ps3 and nothing else?[View]
442469857Comfy Thread: Get in here comfy niggas >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >…[View]
442468305>((((Dragovich)))) >((((Kravchenko))))[View]
442469474Gravity Rush 2: Is there any way to get dusty tokens or find treasures reliably or am i out of luck …[View]
442450724BLUE ARMS[View]
442469227>Only 8 starters for ultimate. Y U do dis Sakurai?![View]
442469540Street Fighter? Why don't you zoomers play a real fighting game like Yie Ar Kung Fu? Yep, those…[View]
442468778415 days since a new, major TF2 update... Pay your respects to the TF2 development team.[View]
442469424DUDE I HATE PORTAL[View]
442463662Is there such a thing as a good mobile game?[View]
442466921Why does nobody care about Mallow? He was always my favorite with how he could make it rain with his…[View]
442469272Ringo Ishikawa: Just finished the game, checked online to see what others thought of the ending. Sur…[View]
442463706IM GOING TO PULL A Tf2 thread OUT OF YOUR ASS[View]
442469231>play against an obvious reddit / 4chan stack in a game >beat them >just throw '???' whenev…[View]
442462850Should I play pic related for any reason over the newer XCOMs?[View]
442468457>lmao why do you even main him according to the tier list he's fucking garbage…[View]
442466636when will skyrim 2?[View]
442466969You DID buy my games, right /v/?[View]
442468832WHACK THE SUCKA[View]
442468862MY BROTHER HAS A LADY[View]
442468286IP: PASSWORD:rage GET IN HERE[View]
442466506BORN DIFFERENT What does /v/ think of the latest episode of the Jimquisition where Jim Sterling slam…[View]
442457425How the FUCK do you get good at this fucking game? My fucking power ranking is 15,000 versus LITERAL…[View]
442467456OK I found my main Why is he so fucking good bros His air game is nearly unmatched And it feels so g…[View]
442467453Will they be forced to develop games again to save Steam?[View]
442434535Dusk came out of early access today. Episode 3 was a ton of fun. I had a blast with this game. If yo…[View]
442468831LOWER TIER[View]
442467558Any vidya with very large enemies?[View]
442468796>''''''fighting'''''' game >there are projectile characters…[View]
442468760DMC5: Here's your Vergil bro.[View]
442467768(Pic not related): I'm thinking of a character whose head is just an eyeball, which is on fire.…[View]
442460881>The original Resident Evil 2's campaign is getting pared down for the 2019 version to make …[View]
442468652Who was in the wrong?[View]
442467746post hidden gems on steam[View]
442465846is the sans boss fight an example of someone trying his absolute hardest to stop you despite knowing…[View]
442462608How long until we get a real VRMMORPG?[View]
442468445waifufaggotry: ITT: games that waifufags pretend is actually good[View]
442468282>Gosh i love god of war 4 so much it´s almost a masterpiece the best game of this current generat…[View]
442466830Who would be a bethesda rep for smash? I would think either doom guy, dragon born, or vaultboy. Also…[View]
442467481Why haven't you betrayed humanity yet?[View]
442468301fact:: wealthy kalosians commit more crime than poor hoennians[View]
442468383https://www.twitch.tv/skynetcloud IM BACK![View]
442461769>all DLC characters will be completely new to smash It's official, he's in.…[View]
442466591Are you going to hold this against the entire brand?[View]
442464224What is the calarts of video games? Also fuck jannies for deleting last thread. I thought video game…[View]
442414510Did the Zero Suit ruin the Metroid franchise?[View]
442410565can we get a comfy STALKER thread?[View]
442467995Fuck Minesweeper: Fuck this fucking game[View]
442467384Why didnt they pick Samus' Samus Returns outfit for the game, rather than the unpopular Other M…[View]
442468036So we can all agree that it was kino, right? Also Eri a qt[View]
442460854PC is the smallest gaming platform: What happened? Are developers just going to keep betting more on…[View]
442465235ITT: Popular characters that actually suck[View]
442467886best boy[View]
442465698How can Animal Crossing be considered a game if it's impossible to lose? Other casual games at …[View]
442465182>final boss makes you go[View]
442464906>want to play smash ultimate, mario, and other cool shit >want to wait for new nintendo switch…[View]
442467174How does this image make you feel?[View]
442467472How did we go from this...[View]
442467523Bioware has killed itself: Press F to pay respect. I will always remember you for what you used to b…[View]
442465245Post Smiles you want to protect.[View]
442462607Why is everyone whining about games not being on steam? Who gives a shit? Just put an icon on your d…[View]
4424659122P: Every day until she's out.[View]
442465215Should I preorder claire's game? I know I'm going to get it at some point anyways and I do…[View]
442463303Weakest entry in the series by far. Seriously this game was so disappointing, it has basically no re…[View]
442467038I finally got it, the game is greaaat dudes[View]
442466962I just want to say one thing.... Fuck canvas.[View]
442465281>quotable >quirky writing >8 bit >retro >nintendo hard >indie >inspired by eart…[View]
442467132>it’s a quan chi gets away with everything episode >it’s a your favorite fighter loses to scor…[View]
442457449Here's your new top tier. Say something nice about him![View]
442457150>Be a fat dumbass >throw your opponent off the stage >Neutral B on the Edge >Opponent li…[View]
442464359Nekopara might get taken down from steam soon. I sent a report that the game has loli content inside…[View]
442465053How did a laggy rehash with unplayable online achieve this score?[View]
442466681>It's foreshadowing Isaac![View]
442465296>reach the final boss >starts a monologue about the nature of humanity…[View]
442442024DEVIL MAY CRY 5: 'V is Sparda' piggyback leaker is full of shit you dumbasses.[View]
442465673I have a wheel. so what to play with it? so far I played: >eurotruck simulator 2 >dirt 3 >s…[View]
442466862https://youtu.be/cJb7qnGc314 In (probable) reference to the various /ss/ material, Pit and deal pit …[View]
442466779/v/ battle station thread post 'em[View]
442466394>mfw using freesync How do people play games without this shit?[View]
442465924What video games let me raise a daughter or play alongside my daughter in-game?[View]
442462087Where are the details?[View]
442446495Samus is looking for Zelda: Palutena said she was with Rosalina last. Rosalina just smirked and retu…[View]
442466439Am I the only one who likes this design?: The middle form of ridley is fucking retarded but I don…[View]
442466410Do you still buy physical copies of games /v/? If not what is the last physical game that you bought…[View]
442466378May I stand unshaken?[View]
442465164How come Smash gets a pass from negative reviews related to the online aspects of the game? Any othe…[View]
442466186Next DLC character is a from software rep, not sora[View]
442464517This is your 2nd DLC for Smash. Say something nice about her.[View]
442465351Did HR/MD (latter I haven't played yet, and I don't know if I ever will) happen in the sam…[View]
442465758Danganronpa V3: Why man? I just wanted to role play as the cute and slightly chubby girl with big bo…[View]
442458010>They represent a black man as Donkey Kong What did Sakurai mean by this?…[View]
442452835/v/ told me to sell my consoles and build a gaming pc, i now have an absolute beast of a system. Onl…[View]
442466013Smash bros?: How do i unlock peach and Zelda?[View]
442466159>Playing against someone as Shulk >Someone is playing as Shulk >Nobody knows what they…[View]
442465979DUKE IT OUT: as your favorite Nintendo characters[View]
442464642Name one video game that is a better movie than that a movie is a better game[View]
442465076Why are there still new ps3 games coming out in 2018?[View]
442463627Valkyria Chronicles 4: What's the best ace weapon in the game? I haven't been going out of…[View]
442453381Beyond Good and Evil 2: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2229DmJLIY Looks ambitious in sco…[View]
442465957tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...[View]
442450280What's her name?[View]
442463143>tfw no new Bleach game[View]
442431737Nooooo, my SJW cowboy game is supposed to win![View]
442464491Is it worth getting this shit on PS4? Never played Elder Scrolls since Oblivion[View]
442465660Metroidvania general: Man, do I love ESA. Perhaps my all time favorite.[View]
442465531SMASH HEADCANON THREAD: >Shulk comforts Samus when Ridley gets in smash and are able to get along…[View]
442464182What was his name again?[View]
442456646realistically, this idea had no chance. so why did people sink so much money into it?[View]
442464056Wii Fit Trainer is the best Smash girl and you can't prove me wrong[View]
442464257Because this is what fans wanted when they asked for Beyond Good and Evil 2. This joke of a fucking …[View]
442463081Have there been any innovations in the fighting game genre besides lootboxes?[View]
442449171Which Spidey game is the best, and why? Pic related is my favorite because of the gameplay.[View]
4424650592018. I am forgotten.[View]
442462574BYAKUREN IN SMASH![View]
442462956Shadow cloud gaming service: A new company wants to do an attempt at cloud gaming service, claiming …[View]
442461573How far back graphically would you be willing to play?[View]
442462385I used to replay Half-Life by this time of the year every single year. This is the first time I won…[View]
442461235This is the TRUE DOOM 3 and you know it![View]
442464792any one know a good forum for discussing racing game wheels?: interested in finding out more. not re…[View]
442461291PANZER DRAGOON REMASTER: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/12/the_first_two_panzer_dragoon_games…[View]
442464772>*destroys gaming* Nothing personnel, kid[View]
442457746>just over 2 hours till launch. EDF thread[View]
442464728Hades: Did you buy her game yet?[View]
442456835My operation was a success. WROM WROM !.[View]
442461602what does /v/ think of EO's hex girl[View]
442464552>Do you want to skip this level?[View]
442457796First time Nintendo console owner here, I just bought a Switch. Recommend me some games for the Swit…[View]
442464147Holy freaking crap, Louise! It’s Sams Undertall![View]
442464410Why is Xenoblade X so good, bros? I'm just sad there isn't a sequel yet.[View]
442455925>calls you a black lung[View]
442462780Here's your refund policy bro![View]
442462396I'm going to play some video games, wish me luck.[View]
442463009MGS thread: Anyone else go through and shoot all these fuckers? I must have used the soft restart ov…[View]
442432759Psychonauts 2: I don't want to over-hype myself, but I really want it to be good. https://www.y…[View]
442462116Should streamers need to get permission to stream their opponents/teammates: and compensate them for…[View]
442459880Fact: These are the best games in the Soulsborne series. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.…[View]
442461379subtle video clothing[View]
442463937rogue lite: Are we just supposed to take this shit? The online is unplayable[View]
442463072look at these blacks[View]
442451013he's in[View]
442463709https://twitter.com/InfinityBlade/status/1072257126867849216 >tease an infinity blade crossover i…[View]
442461103>game that wins best narrative loses goty to a game that only had narrative How is this acceptabl…[View]
442463586Just recently gave this game a shot after the absolute joke Artifact has been and I'm very plea…[View]
442460448Why do you faggots want this furry so much when he's literally more irrelevant then Geno?[View]
442463572Fire Emblem Heroes: *Flap flap flap* Feeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hello summoneeeeeeeers! Are you ready…[View]
442463490So bad its good: Can someone tell me some games that are so bad their good? Not just games that are …[View]
442463474>its official, you suck Why was his taunt game so weak yet so powerful at the same time?…[View]
442459358Undertail: You cannot call yourself a real gamer if you haven't attempted to ironman this game…[View]
442462286SC6 CaS thread, fags. I'll dump some of mine to start.[View]
442462786When will this SJW diversity bullshit fucking stop?[View]
442462889NIGGAS IN THE CLUB[View]
442462049Okay, /v/ is there a torrent client that allows me to download without sharing at the same time? It …[View]
442460565Buy Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 for PS4[View]
442462550Was it worth $20? Or am I going to enjoy this t.hard core rpg player Been playing rpgs since Morrowi…[View]
442462138For how vocal a minority melee tourneyfags are they have some pretty pathetic turnout Do you really …[View]
442459381Looking for Sega Saturn-style Android bluetooth game controller: Hi, I am looking for a game control…[View]
442461745An Unfinished Masterpiece: Chocked full of SOUL[View]
442462007>foot tier list discuss[View]
442462972Which waifu has the best chances for Smash? >Miku has a successful relationship with Sega and jus…[View]
442460165If red dead redemption 2 were released 30 years ago where would gaming be today?[View]
442462551ITT: shit games with great gameplay[View]
4424626921. Go to https://www.spriters-resource.com 2. There is a dice on the top-right corner, click it Now …[View]
442462572Halo 5 co-op: Need 3 people for Halo 5 campaign[View]
442462247>video game streaming is the future You guys ready to not own your games, have shit latency, and …[View]
442462614What characters would be on a 2018 version of this?[View]
442462434Will we ever have huge boobs again in AAA games?[View]
442460980>start game >select difficulty screen >hard mode has a picture of a man >easy mode has a…[View]
442452648Doesn't seem so bad now, does it?[View]
442459885giant bomb[View]
442461292What life decisions did I make that culminated in me becoming a Palutena main?[View]
442462064they ruined her taunts[View]
4424611982064: is this game worth my time? i downloaded it for free a couple of months ago and it's just…[View]
442460098>punch >punch >kick Name a more iconic combo.…[View]
442462268what is the PoE of weebtrash games?[View]
442461802>it has been only 40 days JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY.[View]
442411431Video game sounds you'll remember for the rest of your life[View]
442462159Why do people keep saying she got buffed? >Hitting sour spot forward/back air no longer stuns lon…[View]
442462129>go home gamer girl[View]
442456036Samsora Tier List: It's ordered[View]
442454195Reedus reveals Death Stranding is made for incels[View]
442461918Smash has been killing it: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate has already sold 1.3 million copies in Japa…[View]
442461805'Super Smash Bros Ultimate - The Most IMPORTANT Game This Generation' Do you agree?[View]
442460215Did he die?[View]
442460056Why is Nintendo so racist?[View]
442455038That's it, Valve is dead: Thank god Epic games and all the other major devs are fucking them in…[View]
442460691I shiggy diggy: >he mains Fox in a Smash game that isn't Melee…[View]
442460679Redpill me on this game[View]
442460408Got absolutely bodied by this jerk twice.: anyone else?[View]
442460618What's the best Godzilla game?[View]
442461681Is it a port?[View]
442447983this is my first weebtrash game, i'm a couple hours in, does it pick up at some point? is this …[View]
442461665How was your 2018, /v/?: >get a job? >get a raise? >move out? >move houses? >buy new …[View]
442455450your most hype game of 2019?[View]
442461554Server stereotypes: German server in a Valve game >German remake of a famous song as an introduct…[View]
442461412>gets you to 110% and proceeds to Paint-Roller+F-Smash Fuck that shit, now you guys can’t cry abo…[View]
442459263What games are you playing on this fine day?[View]
442402758Iconoclasts: This is this month's free PS Plus game and I thought that it would suck. But it…[View]
442458791So I heard you guys like videogames. What are /v/'s favorites?[View]
442461406What a game with this feeling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B12REtkl2KY[View]
442458794Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru3RogrgXS4&t=2m03s ht…[View]
442461223Goddamn, Sony's really going all in for PSASBR2.[View]
442461261So I Just heard Capcom will include Witcher garbage on MH:W Will this be just a skin for the main ch…[View]
442459252>UT switch release >anything goes >popularity >shovel knight's presence proves the …[View]
442457552Worst boss of DSIII comin in hot[View]
442451257Are you hyped for /ournewgame/?[View]
442454134/v/ I am thinking of building a mid range Computer for cheap since my desktop died on me. Are there …[View]
442461078What are the best things to get on their menu?[View]
442460952what are the best dungeon crawler games? something that really nails the feeling of going deeper and…[View]
442460971>constantly defending video game companies and their anti-consumer practices, unless of course, t…[View]
442459950Stick Fight: The Game: 'Yay!' for dead fucking game edition! The game is out on steam and you can ge…[View]
442440524What if it turns out to be fun? No wait, actually, it's preferable for you to keep throwing you…[View]
442460602WHO'S HYPED?[View]
442450746Can we talk about F-Zero[View]
442444274Rage 2: No Steam - Bethesda Store Exclusive: >no Steam >Bethesda Store exclusive Hard pass. Pr…[View]
442458720>Tekken World Tour winner got half the amount of money as last year's Why is the FGC so poor…[View]
442447143So we all agree that she needs to be in Smash, correct?[View]
442460382Am I the only person who thinks it looks more boring than Sm4sh?: Nothing looks like a true combo an…[View]
442428984Should video game reference popular internet memes?[View]
442460082WHERE THE FUCK ARE ALL THE GOOD PLANETS? >explore half the goddamn sector >don't find a s…[View]
442459951Hey guys I don't really come to /v/ but I was wondering if any of you could help me out and tel…[View]
442458764Remember me?[View]
442455941Super Smash Bros. Fighters Pass: That would be 24.99 + tip, sir![View]
442459363When will their redemption arc begin?[View]
442456778>https://testyourmight.com/threads/italian-gamestop-leak.67552/ literal Fortnite battle passes ar…[View]
442459669Will this improve on ARK's formula?[View]
442453075This is the comfiest place in videogame history. Prove me wrong.[View]
442460190>game doesn't let you take photos[View]
442459968does anyone know where i can find Star Trek: Generations? a torrent or somewhere to download? i neve…[View]
442458965DMC5 Demo: Didn't notice a thread. Anyone try it yet? Downloading it now myself. Xbox Exclusive…[View]
442458776Remind me, what sound does this make?[View]
442459909what is the path of exile of cute anime girl games?[View]
442458658Dark Souls Demastered: I'm trying to steamroll the game as hard as I can. Is there anything els…[View]
442457931It's that time again, who will be the final 4?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17013020[View]
442459378smash ultimate: When can we get a paid dlc option to unlock all secret characters?[View]
442458532Happy birthday Doom: Meet your next DLC after Joker.[View]
442459440Feh channel for Book 3 starts in one hour. What are you hopes and dreams? Glorious Nippon stream htt…[View]
442459626*Ruins your series*[View]
442449857How would you fixed the Mass Effect Trilogy /v/?[View]
442412523God i fucking love Granblue[View]
442458706Now Pokémon is making a Tamagotchi? Isnt this a Digimon thing? Maybe agumon realy have a chance in s…[View]
442457987Would they?[View]
442455786Post vidya characters from your country[View]
442445603TF2 Party Van: let's play lads IP: tf2.partyvan.games:27015 password: 4 letter synonym for ange…[View]
442459247why the FUCK does this game have to be so god damn scary?[View]
442448423Planescape: What can change the nature of a man , /v/ ?[View]
442457791what did nintendo mean by this?[View]
442434281Give me one reason why you are not playing Tekken 7 the best fighting game this generation[View]
442454934>DLC in your path[View]
442452050Ashen: it's good? Should I buy it? ashen thread?[View]
442458839Return of the Obra Dinn: Just finished. So good. The guy did it again, transforming bureaucratic dut…[View]
442458627Okay, disregarding any conversations about whether or not he will get in, let's say that Sora *…[View]
442456548BGS Update.: Hi, person from BGS here. First off, people here at the studio aren’t worried one bit a…[View]
442456020Newfag here, how bad is this game actually? How was /v/ when this game came out? Is it really the wo…[View]
442454646The competitive balance was shit but Brawl had a much, much better singleplayer experience than this…[View]
442449172hey guys today i'm leaking the new smash game's roster also joker and piranha plant are DL…[View]
442457961/lit/ intervention: Will you read?[View]
442458093Stop hating Epic Store you entitled assholes who don't respect developers!!!! https://www.youtu…[View]
442440483Isabelle thread: Why is she so pure ?[View]
442458381Is it time for a new GOOD Godzilla game?[View]
442458210will the smash franchise eventually make the jump to 3D?[View]
442458358SEGA Genesis Emulator: >mods[View]
442453557Well, which one do you like more /v/?[View]
442457059https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHLa5T-X620 what did coffee stain's youtube account manager mea…[View]
442457396The cake is a lie.[View]
442455367Finally, a heavy is the best character in the game. Thank based Sakurai for this blessing he has bes…[View]
442453367Prepare for the next saga in Christory: He will be making videos for at least a year on the new Soni…[View]
442458031Am I the only retard who fail this 90% of the time?[View]
442457574Cleopatra is the cutest Fate Servant[View]
442455945Remember me /v/?[View]
442457923Stevechads rise UP: >Part of a popular franchise that still going strong after almost ten years …[View]
442453074Describe how this image makes you feel[View]
442456094Buyyyy myyy gaaaaaame, or suffer myyy currrrrse[View]
442450039which of these two are more likely to appear in Smash? Laharl is the MC if MCs but Etna has actually…[View]
442457742UNGA BUNGA[View]
442450547Choose one /v/: Shitty story with amazing gameplay or amazing story with shit gameplay.[View]
442457708He's in[View]
442446723It's not over yet. Post'em.[View]
442454187For me it’s Smash Brothers Crusade, the best lineup in video games.[View]
442457142How long did it take for the boredom to set in? For me it was around the time I cleared one corner o…[View]
442457472Was it a good comeback? Did Larry receive the justice he deserved?[View]
442452403Are fighting games worth getting into in current year?[View]
442430831ITT games people that don't read books or watch film praise for 'good writing'.[View]
442457435shadow of war definitive edition (all dlc) is on fanatical for £10, is it worth it?[View]
442457427What are some games that capture the spirit of kicking a childs sancastle?[View]
442439714Explain yourselves, Valvefags.[View]
442447595https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VibM9vCguc[View]
442453065Alright faggots, where are my Panzer Dragoon bros at? It’s remake time. If you give two shits about …[View]
442457042>Playing Red Dead 2 >Go hunting >Shoot deer >Miss the head >It doesn't die >H…[View]
442454986>Krool gets in Smash >Good recovery >Gets a boomerang >Gets super armor >Gets a cou…[View]
442456974Sonic (2019): OH NO NO NO[View]
442434329Is 2400MHZ enough for gaming? I'm about to buy 2 8GB sticks. 2666Mhz+ are too expensive for me …[View]
442456701Smash is going to become super popular when Sans is confirmed as a DLC fighter.[View]
442446085Do you think there will ever be a genuine 10/10 game like Botw again? I mean sure, you can improve g…[View]
442432464Tf2 party van thread Password the usual[View]
442456821Step aside, HS killer here[View]
442444213>start match >walk for 5 minutes >get killed by bob the builder >repeat…[View]
442454807Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
442456814Where are my Dedede mains at?[View]
442450025>this registers as left tilt attack fuck this garbo[View]
442456703stardew switch game saves: >gf played 140 hours stardew on my switch. >inb4 no gf >I got h…[View]
442456005Is he a Kirby? Why does he have fingers and wings?[View]
442456651Why didn't he just merge with Icarus? What would have happened if Daedalus was connected to MIL…[View]
442455153is V /v/?[View]
442451423which character is the biggest clown?[View]
442456585Battlefield: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Battlefield V. The societal critiqu…[View]
442453249is hell 30 or 60 FPS?[View]
442451046Objectively better than morrowind[View]
442456364Do we ever see Pariah in either of the Prototype games?[View]
442451835Is steam fucked for real now? I can't wait to support the Tencent owned Epic.[View]
442452412He's in.[View]
442452240>game starts to be fun then introduces another shitty device encouraging you to drop the game Any…[View]
442455570When did you realize D.va was the best girl?[View]
442455927Cloud’s involvement in World of Light is better than most characters. Dude’s the one guarding the Ma…[View]
442454367I don't think I've ever cared as little about graphics as I do now. I don't know if I…[View]
442428105We settle this now. Who do you save?[View]
442454103Post games you will always replay no matter what: For me it's Megaman 8 don't ask me why I…[View]
442455638Hey V, what game should I try? I'm bored and on medical leave and have too much free time now. …[View]
442455615Why is this lame faggot in Star Wolf? It's just because of 'muh uncle' isn't it[View]
442452086r8 my collection boyos[View]
442452526holy shit he is broken jesus...[View]
442453862JOHN MADDEN[View]
442455358What a cutie[View]
442423870Why are self-made videogame success stories such a male-dominated market?[View]
442451793It's over, Sonybros.[View]
442450943Katy Perry joins Final Fantasy!: Meet Final Fantasy's newest character! https://www.youtube.co…[View]
442453139best game ever made coming through[View]
442454467Totally real Joker classic mode leaks: Stage 1: Versus giant Bowser with Peach, Lucas, and Pikachu a…[View]
442450831Did Bioshock Infinite predict Virgin vs Chad?[View]
442454334Doom eternal just got confirmed to not be on Steam, what do bros?[View]
442454873>Rockstar's first foray into first person perspectives is better than 90% of AAA FPS and rac…[View]
442453437MHW: Iceborne hopes and wishes thread[View]
442452816He's in.[View]
442449085What do you think of the game?[View]
442453384>game is literally press buttons to win[View]
442453720play love live and sonic[View]
442451762So does Capcom have a fetish for the Witcher now? What are some Capcom games you'd like to see …[View]
442454339>be me yesterday >Load up Gmod Darkrp >Dick around for a while like I usually do >Se so…[View]
442446627ITT: mains who you have respect for[View]
442451883Battlefield: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Battlefield V. The societal critiqu…[View]
442451587This nigga Falco is pretty good[View]
442453574How do you go from this...[View]
442453567tfw this Zelda character model is actually from the new 2019 LoZ game with Princess Zelda as the pro…[View]
442451242Post Cerebella: I need more art of my big tiddy acrobat[View]
442448053Botw has the same issues every open world game has. It loses it's charm in the first few hours.…[View]
442453429Dance Carmen![View]
442453607im never buying another one of todd's games again! not after skyrim remastered, not after fallo…[View]
442452136What is wrong ?[View]
442453356>Epic Games Launcher exclusives I finally have a reason to pirate games again now, holy shit.…[View]
442452992It's shit.[View]
442358536/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread: >>442266440 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
442449010The games season pass is now complete, with a plethora of side and back stories, new ancient evils a…[View]
442418389Sonic Movie: It's fucking happening[View]
442452470>tfw absolutely no games of this scope are released anymore F Thank you games as a service…[View]
442452689>mfw when seeing the Sonic movie poster[View]
442449384What are the actual odds of Crash in Smash?[View]
442451354It's been 15 years.[View]
442451047some games with this aesthetic?[View]
442442478DMC Devil May Cry Thread: IT HAS BEGUN[View]
442448106>tfw videogames are boring now >still play all the time beacuse nothing else to do i thougt th…[View]
442450116ITT: Post characters who don't have an amiibo that you want an amiibo of.[View]
442452758You thought I was fucking joking, huh? 'Oh, Reimu's such a kidder!' Think again dickhead. As we…[View]
442410096>Doom Eternal >Rage 2 >New Wolfenstein >Bethesda Launcher exclusive How do we save the s…[View]
442451361he should've been the semi clone in the game instead of isabelle[View]
442427848Is VR still a meme? Or is there already content, which justifies buying one?[View]
4424525392018... I am forgotten.[View]
442452426TF2, CSGO, Valve games: Why there is no medieval mode in CSGO? It would be fun[View]
442450982Why are people so defensive about this piece of shit, yet so quick to criticize objectively flawless…[View]
442448390BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!: >Order PS4 Pro today and get a FREE gallon of vaseline to smear …[View]
442449335Stop playing old games Playing old games is miserable You meet some of the most toxic nerds you will…[View]
442446258You are tasked with making a Warcraft MMO. Feel free to ignore as much or as little of World of Warc…[View]
442448820Where do devs go after their studio closes?[View]
442452275Idk: I don't understand how this could happen. A great game with terrible online play. I tried …[View]
442444739Hello /v/, we are playing SCP Secret Lab (prison break simulator) with fellow anons at:…[View]
442452219>By far Telltale's best series >Really funny, great writing, good puzzles, easy to play …[View]
442449226new game when?[View]
442435657Is this shit supposed to be the easiest souls game?: >beat the first two bosses in like 2 tries …[View]
442451979Oh god, what have they done to Pokemon?[View]
442449145Just about to start up the GOTY edition of Borderlands 2 What class do you guys recommend?[View]
442451459Where does RE go from here? Do they remake 3? So they remake fucking CV? Do they remake REmake? Are …[View]
442446474Imagine beating your wife over fortnite[View]
442423647Is it worth it for $15?[View]
442451849based Owen ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v70Fu2WU8-w[View]
442449669What the fuck is her endgame?[View]
442448825>game is 80% cinematics[View]
442448174What went wrong? No, seriously... WHAT WENT WRONG?![View]
442451189Will they come back?[View]
442451547Thoughts? What went wrong/right? /v/ BTFO OH NO NO NO... BRAAAAP Did you preorder her game, /v/? Buy…[View]
442447916Let's chat /v/tards, what do you fucking hate about the modern gaming industry? Shit like fallo…[View]
442427048Opinions on Babylonia?[View]
442449709How do I git gud at Dawn of War 1 Multiplayer? Also, Warhammer Thread [View]
442449590Do you think that Sony is going to try to continue releasing a bunch of exclusives next year, or beg…[View]
442451268To all raw meat eaters gtfo /v/ is well done territory.[View]
442433393unpopular opinions: A single 24' 1080p monitor is all you need[View]
442451256Thoughts on TC2? Seen plenty of gameplay, and I might get it soon or in the next sale or something. …[View]
442445665Hey there guys, hope you are all hyped for patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance.[View]
442448592Is Schala the main character of the Chrono series?[View]
442449017What games can I corrupt girls in?[View]
442451006What’s wrong with DMC fans?: Is it just me or is there something truly off with fans of DMC? Are the…[View]
442447567smash dlc will be the just cause guy yeah: and also sans and steve and banjo and shantae[View]
442446015Daily reminder if gamerelated was a japanese game with english subtitles and a prettier protagonist,…[View]
442448509And people called Artifact Heartstone killer.... >Guys this will be the most played game on Steam…[View]
442450753>Use powerful item have permanent stats lost.[View]
442434163Do you like Hatsune Miku?[View]
442447316It says here you do naughty things in Holiday season, care to explain?[View]
442450636>Tfw just upgraded from a GTX 970 to RTX 2070 >Also tfw I have a i5 6500 I know I'm finna…[View]
442450073What do you prefer in a rpg ? >Vast and coherent open world, free map exploration, no limits. …[View]
442450648Raiding launch site bravo: Looking for a group to raid site bravo, have power armor and ammo as well…[View]
442450279Eevee Tamagotchi: Would you play Tamagotchi in 2018? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trVx2RYH_p0…[View]
442449427Fucking Rockstar, torturing us like this. Anastasia got a bigger rack than Karen and we can't f…[View]
442446221What are your opinions on 8bitdo controllers? Personally, i've had my eye on getting the SF30 P…[View]
442448234why does he scratch his nuts then his asshole? what is he playing at?[View]
442450369Ēsu Konbatto Seben Sukaizu Annōn Thread: Are you excited /v/ ?[View]
442446260Why is this kind of language allowed in our videogames? It's 2018 for god's sake.[View]
442448960What are your hopes for Toy Story 4 /v/?[View]
442441143It's over. Nintendo already won the holiday season.[View]
442450074Th Dawning comes back to Destiny 2 tomorrow: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47513 …[View]
442436532Name one thing he did wrong. Just one.[View]
442450094>playing Donkey Kong online >set my rules to 1v1 Battlefield forms only >get matched up wit…[View]
442420685Agubros , it's almost our time to enter Smash Brothers[View]
442445550>tfw starting a short game after beating a 80+ hours game[View]
442449269DMC5 DEMO ON PSN: IT'S OUT BROS[View]
442448048>he made a male Hunter[View]
442446685JACKBOX! (4): Jackbox time, I guess? Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eritnit Code: EWWX[View]
442439471Who is your favorite fighting character?[View]
442447956>new decks coming this Thursday Apologize to Artifact RIGHT NOW[View]
442438820How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
442449693Outer vs smash ulti: What the fuck do I do!? Do I get an xbox one for outer worlds? Or do I get a Ni…[View]
442448228Is there a Risky Boots Spirit in smash?[View]
442449421Passion = Chikai > Sanctuary > Don’t Think Twice > Simple and Clean > Hikari[View]
442449418Why are games that take place in the winter so comfy?: Why are games that take place in the winter s…[View]
442446567what are some games about universes colliding? December 18th, faggots[View]
442386603Which games have the best atmosphere?[View]
442448998With the next gen right around the corner will Epic have Unreal Engine 5 ready by then or will devs …[View]
442448972Squad Strike bros report in Post/rate squads. 3 or 5 man teams[View]
442448101Just Cause 4™ is a good game.[View]
442448541>been playing single player games for almost ten years >buy rocket league and the new WoW expa…[View]
442443546Professor Layton: >the Professor and Luke have been frozen for 10 years Where the fuck is the nex…[View]
442442463Do you think you’d be as into vidya as you are if you looked like this?[View]
442448669Do you think there should be a new Outlast game or should Red Barrels make something brand new?[View]
442445087These are examples of genuinely good Nintendo games. They are mechanically sound, well designed game…[View]
442448651whats the most clowning game you played?[View]
442448628truth is.....the plane was rigged from the start[View]
442446743>second heaviest character in the game, hard to kill for most of the cast >godlike recovery th…[View]
442442481Which one did the New York atmosphere better?[View]
442448441How old were you when you realized western games are better than Japanese games?[View]
442447821Uh, Nintendo?[View]
442446191>game has a female protagonist I buy >game has a female protagonist who isn't cute I igno…[View]
442448535Which one of these games disappointed you the most?[View]
442447238Which LoZ has the best Link?[View]
442419286Monster Hunter World - Geralt of Rivia Reveal Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se49NRs_auw W…[View]
442446872Prease understand: Making game is very stressful[View]
442447454Why does disgaea/NIS conversations devolve into 'cute girls'. '______ is cute' when there are evil g…[View]
442394918How's the game? Thinking of picking it up[View]
442448381smash ultimate dlc leak: I know what your gonna say 'its a text post so its fake' so what I'm g…[View]
442448356Would it improve the game, if companions did not go by name, but by occupation? I mean instead getti…[View]
442448280>wanna play video game >can't play because the music is too groovy and you can't con…[View]
442446584I need a new, fun game. Give me something obscure[View]
442447781What's the distinction between Ganon as a pig-man and Ganon as a man that turns into a pig?[View]
442444728So what do you guys think? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SIp3bdkIXvU[View]
442440715Console war... console wars never change.[View]
442446079Death Stranding is going to release on September 20th 2019[View]
442446581How is REmake 2 going to compete with the kino camera angels of the original?[View]
442443828>broke my right index finger How am I supposed to play fighting games now?…[View]
442446256Games you're still hopeful for?: What games keep you from quitting playing vidya altogether? …[View]
442443840Painted legs.[View]
442446969>You're wrestling with a giant[View]
442444084Devil May cry 5 facial models: Why does every single character look uglier than their irl counterpar…[View]
442447768How accurate is the tier list for Smash Bros[View]
442447752Did he have assburgers /v/?[View]
442447342IT'S HAPPENING: http://spaceengine.org/blog181210/[View]
442447142You know, it's surprising to see Samus ahead, even if ever so slightly.[View]
442447740Smash Is making like gangbusters: >itll suck, and bomb >will be the next 76 >who would want…[View]
442447681*ruins your fun*[View]
442447623How do you feel about the fact that we're never going to get a TWEWY sequel and we're gonn…[View]
442445038is there any point of buying a switch if you already own a Wii U? 90% of these games are ports[View]
442447596where the video games[View]
442447576Your favorite game journalist needs your help! https://twitter.com/xpatriciah/status/107157970241287…[View]
442447559I miss it so much, bros.[View]
442434530Modern Obsidian: So this... is the power of nu-obsidian... wow...[View]
442444539EEVEE TAMAGOTCHI CONFIRMED! COMERCIAL IS ON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trVx2RYH_p0 ITS FUCKING…[View]
442445935If Goku's getting in Smash, then Mario is getting in Jump Force. Good trade, right?[View]
442447393>the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2018 (two thousand and eighteen) >the game'…[View]
442444262Here are your DLC newcomers now stop fucking complaining[View]
442447380Official GOTY, 2010s Edition: >2018: Return of the Obra Dinn >2017: Breath of the Wild >201…[View]
442445179[blocks your path][View]
442442576What series worsens as it progresses?[View]
442447126What does /v/ think about Lego Harry Potter?[View]
442432627>please install Epic Stor.. BANG >think about the dev.. BANG…[View]
442446783What has become of /v/?: Why does /v/ become more and more like reddit? I want the fags with unsati…[View]
442436265Does overleveling count as cheating?[View]
442435943Why is this game shit again? (hard mode: don't mention Reddit in your answer)[View]
442445325Dog with a Scythe: Dog with a Scythe[View]
442409618>Wins GOTY >No one cares What went so wrong sonyfag?…[View]
442442149>desert level >ice level >swamp level >sewer level >Lava level…[View]
442446990Doom Eternal: If this doesn't confirm that it will be exclusive for the Bethesda launcher then …[View]
442443765/disabled/ thread What are you currently having issues with? I have arthritis and am ready to give u…[View]
442446956ITT:Good redesigns[View]
442446491>The final boss theme is a remix of the main theme[View]
442445129yquw: You quote you win[View]
442432214Okay /v/... answer the questions: >your favorite video game >your height >your fetish …[View]
442415828>Jigglypuff finally gets buffed. >DDD gets a new meta with his swallow. >Falco is decent ag…[View]
442446598Are there any games featuring or entirely about the kind of meta gaming (I think that's what it…[View]
442446546remember when everyone said he was: going to be a boring, generic protagonist turns out to be one of…[View]
442443653>Bethesda and Id put multiplayer in the new doom despite the absolute failure that was MP in doom…[View]
442445612I haven’t even unlocked everyone and I’m already bored. When are we getting another smash direct wit…[View]
442446460what did they mean by this[View]
442446443Huniepop 2: who is it?[View]
442446160What did John Romero mean by this?[View]
442446417This is Joker: I’ve infiltrated the image board[View]
442445934They ruined her[View]
442443403How retarded is this game? Those leaping giants that fucking oneshot you in that huge dark dungeon a…[View]
442440478>enemy head in my reticle >shoot at point blank >bullets go anywhere but the reticle >ge…[View]
442405698REmake 2: What are the chances of them fucking this up?[View]
442445953How do i get good? I can't even beat a lvl 7 cpu[View]
442445029Is this 'Put every possible shader effect in' style the new pixel shit? Every cheap indie game uses …[View]
442440803Dagoth Ur in Smash[View]
442439110Is this face asian, yes or no.[View]
442446113Open world London game when?[View]
442435812Hey /v/, how do you feel about emulator shaders?[View]
442445614How would you react to this?[View]
442445770And just like that, the detractors lose again. Why do they even try anymore?[View]
442444637funny games[View]
442444953Dont Starve: How am I supposed to play this game? There is so much shit going on at once its overwhe…[View]
442445412Are there any VN speedrunners?[View]
442425370To commemorate the movie, let's do this again. Google 'your name' + the hedgehog, post first re…[View]
442443121I'm a Ace Combat baby so I've only played 6. I keep hearing great things about 4 and 5 but…[View]
442445828Christmas gacha, boys! Who you rolling for?[View]
442445597Kino : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lezN3ZIzkuk Cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoTams2y…[View]
442445818Only the most bullshit spirit battles: >Reads your inputs >Impossible to launch because giant …[View]
442428818Just played this game for first time. Holy fuck it's bad. Doesn't even live up to skyrim. …[View]
442444014Best game you played this year: So now that 2018 is almost over what was the best game you played th…[View]
442441212So what's the story of this series again?[View]
442439772So, we are fine /v/! As long as nobody says the N word.[View]
442438364What would fix this game?[View]
442445514The greatest arcade game of all time[View]
442444736It's been 9 years since it came out[View]
442445278What did John Romero mean by this?[View]
442410248I'm glad that the RTS genre is rising again.[View]
442434590Should I get this game if I absolutely loved Borderlands 2 and Diablo 3?[View]
442444503ITT: 3rd party franchises/characters that are unlikely as hell: But you'll love 'em in the…[View]
442443254>aims vaguely in your direction >one shots you >pushes one button and effortlessly escapes …[View]
442445326Why is it so hard to have fitting clothes in video games that don't hover a foot off the body?[View]
442440041X4 Foundations: Egosoft pinned down the problem for stalling ecnomy, apperantly[View]
442445159Why the fuck does this game have Online Challenges?[View]
442437602How accurate are the firearms in Red Dead Redemption 2 compared to real life? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
442445120Favorite First Person melee weapons combat focused game? for me, it's Dying Light.[View]
442441047Why isn't Christmas vidya as common as Christmas songs or Christmas films?[View]
442441574I'm invited... to Smash?![View]
442403051>No dedicated servers >Horrible, laggy netcode >Extreme Input lag >FPS drops >Bad, l…[View]
442443924>innocent fans YEAH HYPE EM >innocent game engines YEAH REUSE EM >innocent assets YEAH REUS…[View]
442437145>worst character in the game a-at least he's in!![View]
442441692videogame stories scare never as good as movies >tfw there will never be a videogame with a story…[View]
442443663It's here: https://youtu.be/BQLEW1c-69c[View]
442428036Any games about trannies that can't pass?[View]
442444579I'm Watching The Polygon Show: https://youtu.be/Q9fzY_3u42Q?t=2041 Hate myself for watching thi…[View]
442438020Now that Obsidian got exposed, Bethesda released one of the biggest trainwrecks of the decade and Bi…[View]
442442240How does one get good with based texan man of sentries?[View]
442441892Does it Deservie all the shit it gets?[View]
442441228okay what are the best kancolles? boats -> azur lane guns -> girls frontline tanks -> ?????…[View]
442441758Happy 25th birthday Doom[View]
442438438TACO TUESDAY![View]
442444324Divinity: No one has as many friends as the man with many Divinity threads[/spoiler[[View]
442442332>You wanna play the DLC? Lol sorry bro.[View]
442444297CS:GO Danger Zone impressions: So far I have played 7 hours of DZ here's what I got The game is…[View]
442442047SSBU: please rate my awful tier list[View]
442444139DIL: Why do girls love vidya guys like Snake, /v/?[View]
442439253I still can't believe how much of a fucking blunder this piece of shit is. Is there anyone in t…[View]
442444020Does /v/ still play Doodle or Die anymore? Is it dead bros?[View]
442441392Killers: >Most killers really weak especially without certain perks, most easily countered and ar…[View]
442441045I'm gonna play Nocturne on hard, what am I in for?[View]
442443780Okay fuck it. The Second dlc character is Geralt of Riv. The reveal will happen on 19/12.18. I'…[View]
442443474It's a shame Sony forced Sucker Punch to release this game so close to PS4's launch. Game …[View]
442444012So this is a thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUM3jx0ob40[View]
442443968What do you think of these future Nintendo consoles, /v/?[View]
442440838>tfw played smash all day >be mid 30s >never had gf >gonna play all day today too…[View]
442442271This nigga trying to charge money for a Doom WAD in 2018[View]
442443826Why doesn't Bethesda make game worlds the size of Daggerfall or larger anymore? Indie devs can …[View]
442423976What went wrong?: Pillars of Eternity 2 should have been a hit... why not?[View]
442436861Why does Nintendo have so much shotas?[View]
442438672Lets settle this once and for all; CAMMY OR CHUN LI ONE DIES AND ONE LIVES[View]
442441782Would you consider this year a slump for Xbox? Games wise[View]
442443576I'll get shit for this but Mafia 3 needs more attention. It's like Scarface: TWIY or Godfa…[View]
442434786What makes this hand so crazy?[View]
442440152i went to high school with sans 10 years ago[View]
442439054Follow the money, Bethesda edition: Tl;dr Bethesda/Zenimax sold its soul to 'business men' in order …[View]
442438667I can't get excited about a single game anymore. Is this it lads, is this how it all ends?[View]
442441871Why are imitations of 8-bit games so much better than actual 8-bit games?[View]
442443037> Been waiting over 15 years for a Horizon Zero rep in Smash: Why Master Hand refuses to invite h…[View]
442438947Holy fuck. Someone please tell me how to do the fucking Zelda dungeon. I'm so fucking confused.…[View]
442439075One of you /v/irgins must have played this. Is it any good? Also general indie recommendation thread…[View]
442442710Which spirit did you get when you launched the game the first time?[View]
442441785What's your favorite christmas themed map?[View]
442431110>No stage builder >No co-op in World of Light >No custom moves >No smash run >No smas…[View]
442428384Name a better boss fight[View]
442442535Excuse me what[View]
442439325Nintendo won. Famitsu's preliminary report says Smash opened at 1.3 million copies sold in Japa…[View]
442442186What happened to this game?[View]
442440668so what religion do the monsters follow in deltarune?[View]
442440678Why even use anyone else?[View]
442440836The shift of video games from offline to online is what killed gaming.[View]
442440817This is the best moment in all of Final Fantasy.[View]
442439963CTRNF: Hoping to see a character roster like this in Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled next year, exc…[View]
442441523They're back.[View]
442441525HE'S IN[View]
442440918I have a ps3 slim CECH 2101 i bought in 2010 and its making a very subtle noise on what sounds like …[View]
442441514PLAY ETERNAL![View]
442439452Glad you could make it, Uther.[View]
442441005ITT: Actual Forgotten Gems[View]
442439024>Mortal Kombat 11 Here's your guest character dlc bro Thatll be $29.99 plus tip…[View]
442440104They're waiting for you, Gordon.[View]
442439651ITT: shitty ass games[View]
442439785Brawl Stars: Supercell releases a new mobile game on Wednesday. It will make them more money than al…[View]
442431594What is your favorite Call of Duty Mission?[View]
442439884She is in.[View]
442392375I'm gonna say it. Hitman thread[View]
442440951Fuukan no Grasesta: How are my non-EOP friends enjoying it so far? I heard Amayui Castle Meister was…[View]
442440541Why walk when you can reinstall? What are the must have mods?[View]
442435510This game any good? I’m totally out of games to play. Horror games are my favorite and I haven’t pl…[View]
442440725>it's another 'retards think any character that wasn't made in Japan, is from a movie/b…[View]
442440314Will it be good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2tZyh4pwM0[View]
442435697I literally do not understand the point of the duel gameplaywise in this game. I'm playing the …[View]
442409686How do you go from THIS[View]
442421112Why is sex a huge ‘No’ in video games? Serious discussion please[View]
442440474>made by relic >it was announced august last year >last news about it was the announcement …[View]
442440551Yep, he's in[View]
442394614Does it strike anyone else as weird that they announced Joker for Smash without even the slightest p…[View]
442412571ITT: Cursed Spirit Battles[View]
442436802>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442425184look at how i fucked yasuo in the ass[View]
442421356If he's not in DMCV, the game is fucking garbage.[View]
442432274Beyond Good and Evil 2 is never coming out[View]
442440189Kirby as Agumon s2[View]
442437678Minecraft: What went wrong?[View]
442435334ITT: The best area in a game[View]
442438949ITT: Rejected Level/World/Zone Ideas: We all have one thing we've always dreamed of seeing in t…[View]
442434283>CAN YOU NOT?! She deserved it.[View]
442440039STR > DEX Name 1 (ONE) game where STR effects speed just like in real life. protip: you can'…[View]
442439998Are there any games (RPGs mostly, I guess) in which romance/marriage options aren’t just something t…[View]
442436848How do we fix Persona 5?[View]
442436313What gacha games does /v/ play?[View]
442436824It's our time to shine, REbros. That DLC spot is ours[View]
442436680Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442435295Who was Tougher?[View]
442439857What's the last AAA game you can think of that didn't have any progressbars or similar rpg…[View]
442424639>competitive is literally dead because it's too stressful for average TF2 player >hitboxe…[View]
442437962Hey anon you're tired, you should go to bed.[View]
442438607Am I the only one who wants to see 2D backgrounds make a comeback? With today's technology it c…[View]
442431427Nintendo fans reacting to Joker in Smash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z748JU5OsW8&t=64s…[View]
442427861I'll be blunt. I'm not fan of how the game looks. Desaturated, filled with uncanny valley …[View]
442430365what the fuck is her problem?[View]
442436821B T F O: How come one fan can make a better game than a multibillion dollar company? https://www.you…[View]
442438860Killers: >Most killers really weak especially without certain perks, most easily countered and ar…[View]
442432996Was he a virgin?[View]
442431946Do you prefer Western RPGs or JRPGs?[View]
442416632>Game punishes you for taking a different narrative path than the writer's intended one…[View]
442429595Get in here fuckers, they're crushing our hopes and dreams live on stream https://www.youtube.c…[View]
442437323Why did they make three main RE games for PS1? Like why not wait for next console generation before …[View]
442426982Just beat HR for the first time; any other games like it?[View]
442433053Kingdom Hearts III: >49 days left Fuck I can't believe it[View]
442439391Name a better MC[View]
442439291>Nintendo is appearing at Reitaisai (Touhou Convention) this year >ZUN and Nintendo have been …[View]
442439064WHO COULD IT BE NOW[View]
442439045Enjoying FFA online? If not you better get FUCKING USE TO IT[View]
442436050someone send me a guide or teach me how to play this game ty[View]
442438797What if there was a huge crossover jrpg game? Instead of only Final Fantasy characters, there would …[View]
442437686Say there was another Smash Ballot...: which characters would make as the Top 10?[View]
442438895You don't support the Western AAA industry, right /v/?[View]
442437481oh no![View]
442434487>It's the best BR out there How do they do it bros?[View]
442438395Earth clan, If you need a loan if your short on funds I would be glad to loan you some credits with …[View]
442438580Shadow of War BUG or just too dumb?: Hi fellow people Im in Shadow of War, pretty early when u first…[View]
442436887Fantasy life RPG: Why has no rpg ever reached the scope and variety of Daggerfall? Am I missing some…[View]
442438158ITT: Games hijacked and ruined by redd*t[View]
442438405Why is CQB so m*e? CQB armor is c*te C*TE[View]
442433660GAMERS RISE UP: >In the popular MMORPG 'Old School Runescape' there is a raid boss named 'The Gre…[View]
442438231Let's play a game /v/, post your test result so we can see if your still taking public transpor…[View]
442436787>I base my vidya opinions off of what people on the internet say >I base my opinions on what e…[View]
442438102hey guys panzer dragoon and blood remake[View]
442434034You have 5 minutes to tell me what is the worst game released in 2018! Hard mode: No Fallout 76…[View]
442437665so...: What was it?[View]
442429739/v/ plays Game Dev Tycoon: >>442418104 Fagasstraps ltd. is nearly bankrupt. we had to fire our…[View]
442437493> Game will probably sell around 7-8 million by the end of 2018: > Nintendo only makes 5 DLC F…[View]
442435021mahotsukai no yoru is now fully translated: is it worth playing ?[View]
442404382Romero's new thing >SIGIL, an unofficial spiritual successor to The Ultimate DOOM's 4th…[View]
442437590It's gonna be shit, isn't it?[View]
442437838Why aren't any top players taking this game seriously anymore? I thought this was supposed to b…[View]
442437880Battle Arenas: The Good: > Guaranteed a ruleset, with no deviations > Can fight the same grou…[View]
442425831Is there any hope for the Final Fantasy 7 remake?[View]
442414647Smash Ultimate has the most input lag of any smash game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWqSODoookc…[View]
442370485Smash Ultimate Headcanon Thread: Come and post your autistic headcanons here.[View]
442436354>monsters drop better weapons than the shops[View]
442434537I just wanted it to be good.[View]
442437454>headshots you[View]
442437563>gaming time has joined the server >gaming time: gaming time >wipes the floor with your tea…[View]
442437452Holy Celestia! I can't wait until this gets ported to Ultimate! https://youtu.be/vOgi_YfaNtE[View]
442436652Anon you asked me for WHAT game now?[View]
442434207https://gamerant.com/resident-evil-2-microtransaction/ Fucking hell.[View]
442434126Ridley for MK XI: Since MK XI is coming to switch, they should add ridley as an exclusive character.…[View]
442436017https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHgY8BBoHbs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVIk0VCTQgc https://www.…[View]
442435843stop pre-ordering AAA videogames.[View]
442417925Could this have been legit or just a lucky guess?[View]
442429565Will it outsell Brawl?[View]
442406129Dragon Age 4: >9:45 Dragon >believing in Maker I hope you aren't like this, /v/…[View]
442431184CHOOSE YOUR COVER[View]
442430850hows the game now since quake con[View]
442436984>Obsidian fags claim that their games have more roleplaying than bethseda fallout and divinity We…[View]
442435661Jimmy here.[View]
442436117DON'T CALL ANYBODY[View]
442436615HOTS thread[View]
442431435It's inevitable. He/she/it is the last DLC character. Nintendo decided.[View]
442419132Is this the hypest video game moment ever?[View]
442433990Are you ready for fast?: Lets talk about sonic[View]
442436453Put her in Smash.[View]
442403805You know the drill >Kill one >Marry one >Put one right in your Smash.…[View]
442436145ITT: Worst controller: Only licensed Controllers by big company[View]
442435329Final Fantasy XIV: Is this game still relevant?[View]
442434024You may not like it, but this is what Challenger Pack 1 looks like.[View]
442429121Left or Right?[View]
442434578He's in[View]
442434992why are there so few echoes in ssbu? there are tons of characters we could've had[View]
442435669the steelseries free is the best, and most comfortable controller. i don't care if your hands a…[View]
442433632>I love [genre]! X is my favorite [genre] game! what do you think of A, B and C games in that gen…[View]
442433728What are some bosses that really make you feel like you're gonna get fucked hard?[View]
442434508>make same moviegame 6+ times >reuse same toons and worlds every single time…[View]
442434043So, are these the new meme picks?[View]
442432436HE'S IN[View]
442424916What does /v/ think about Project M? Best smash game or best smash game?[View]
442434608>This is the face of /v/ Hows that 'gamer gate' working out for you, sweetie?…[View]
442434107Will you open the door and let me in? /v/? i have a special announcement for you related to my games[View]
442413962Monster Hunter World G Rank Confirmed: G rank finally confirmed for World, we’re getting multiple ma…[View]
442422527'I'm in? Thanks, you made my birthday even better'[View]
442429812Thoughts on Street Fighter V?[View]
442430221ITT: Times when gamers rose up[View]
442432935Does fortnite bring out the worst in people?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CcC-DhJV-0U[View]
442422949What's your excuse for not playing smash with your old friends from school years?[View]
442434807>get pic related after hours of grinding >other player crashes a fucking orca liner into it co…[View]
442426283 [View]
442434504>My friends... Hello and welcome to Goldeneye 007 SpeedLore! >Today we will be looking at a tr…[View]
442433502What went wrong?[View]
442434215KIMI NO WAI[View]
442434128This is a GAMERS every day carry, right? Don't mess wiht us.. ;)[View]
442434102WE GOTTA TEACH THOSE KIDS ABOUT THOSE POOR REFUGEES!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAbBDFkn8Qk…[View]
442434015Video game critic Noah Caldwell-Gervais reviewed Fallout 76 favorably. This is kind of a big deal. T…[View]
442433745What's the Seinfeld of vidya?[View]
442431362Tetris thread: Best girl is j piece[View]
442417332PLAY MY GAME[View]
442433682>utilizes 12% of your GPU while gaming psst nothing personnel kid[View]
442401351You have 10 seconds to explain why you're shit at fighting games.[View]
442433047why are game freak apologists so threatened by the idea of agumon getting into smash? it's not …[View]
442418983Post objective OST kino https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=celP7sgGvjI[View]
442434371Games that Capture this feeling?[View]
442434789Who is the sluttiest videogame girl?[View]
442427430Your daily reminder that >pic related makes the collective anuses of every /v/-tard on this board…[View]
442428790Say the word![View]
442433551Oh no. Not me. I never lost control.[View]
442423297GAMERS RISE UP!!![View]
442425270lol ?[View]
442428391>game features a brass bull[View]
442433484https://youtu.be/KoUUUtWFPIg It's been eleven years, bros. I don't think it's coming …[View]
442433514what in the goddamn......?[View]
442433408all right /v/ give me your best resetera screecaps[View]
442426497A legit question about video games: Been playing them since 98. Not including black and white kids g…[View]
442408858Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442413714>get shot >slowed down by 90% cant turn around anymore >no sprint option >you have to eq…[View]
442433014Since Joker got added, post your hopefuls you never thought were possible before Pic hugely related[View]
442427129Post your battlestations[View]
442420898Smash sells 1.3 million in Japan: Waka waka[View]
442431482I've hacked into the /v/ archive and disabled your algorithms Pic related[View]
442433089I AM ROCK[View]
442433043The many miles we walked The many things we learned The building of a shrine Only just to burn That…[View]
442430512So what's the /v/erdict? I was personally excited that they added in a new Adventure mode but a…[View]
442430403The last videogame you played has to withstand the brunt of Eric's weaponized autism. How does …[View]
442432901What percentage of these is pure profit for microsoft/sony?[View]
442420524>he gets mad while playing vidya you're not like this anon, right ?…[View]
442430367What type of person mains Palutena?[View]
442432814As a kid I thought this edit was funny and stupid but now I unironically would want the Sonic movie …[View]
442432710What's this game supposed to be about?[View]
442428817Little game /v/: We don't want shit predictable characters! Put here 4 non-predictable characte…[View]
442432712Are there any games (RPGs mostly, I guess) in which romance/marriage options aren’t just something t…[View]
442431324Is there any game that has lots of busty and cute girls, to soothe my perverted needs?[View]
442428476This is happiest Link.[View]
442430156Did you get us already anon?[View]
442423791Dragon Age: Will Be Political, Celebrate Diversity: https://www.hardocp.com/news/2018/12/08/dragon_a…[View]
442423207He's coming to Smash.: It's only a matter of time at this point. What will his abilities b…[View]
442428619IMAGINE ME AND YOU, I DO[View]
442427967Hello /v/! I am in need of your help to share and spread my message. I know it is rude of a random s…[View]
442432079ITT: we post signs a game is going to be good Ill start: >game features a diverse set of lolis…[View]
442403737What are some games you remeber jerking off to?[View]
442431172How do we fix it? Hard mode: Don't just say 'add virtual console up through the gamecube'…[View]
442431909What was Insomniac thinking?[View]
442431715This is your hunting partner come August 2019. You'd better not let her down, anon.[View]
442430976Why are games nowadays designed to be so antisocial?: Back in my days, games used to be this things …[View]
442428060>knock guard unconscious >hide his body near the sea >starts sliding down a little >pick…[View]
442423819You meet irl with the last character you played: what happens next? >47 >probably get killed o…[View]
442429287Is platinuming Resident Evil 0 as cancerous as it sounds? No healing etc. I did REmake just fine.[View]
442429650>Sakurai what should the last special for this character be? >Uhh...I dunno...give em a counte…[View]
442423141Recommend me an actual hard platformer (Metriodvania included) people kept saying Celeste got super …[View]
442386313>tfw honestly pretty surprised Gearbox is planning on putting in white male given Randy's ab…[View]
442431035https://youtu.be/R3IhVe2_3GE Monster predictions? I'm hoping for Gore myself.[View]
442426462Just beat FFXV. It sucked. Suggest to me another game to play. RPG preferred but I dont really care.[View]
442413423Which was the bigger upset of 2018?[View]
442426953Everyone ready for another productive day filled with launching small children off the underside of …[View]
442426796GDI or Nod?[View]
442428043ITT: KING K FAG: Get over there, KING K BRO!!!!!!![View]
442429079In a game with a breast and butt slider do you mess with them when creating a female character. Do y…[View]
442430984ITT: Monster design: Post your GOATs Let me start[View]
442421058So many of you want Lara Croft as a girlfriend, but you do realize she'll be travelling all ove…[View]
442430930I haven't bought a video game in eight years. I pirate everything.[View]
442425415>Blackout vs. Battlegrounds well?[View]
442430393How will REmake 2 compete with the kino camera angles from the original?[View]
442430387AYO RAIDEN[View]
442425314What a hack. SIGIL™ is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM® created by John Romero. It contain…[View]
442423669The best video game series of all time is turning 25 years today. Let's have an appreciation th…[View]
442427824These are pictures of three different games that are going to be released around the same time.[View]
442427759I am so fucking sick of fanboys, Nintendo's in particular. They always use the same tired excus…[View]
442424214Sonic the movie hype thread: As a Sonic fan, I am enjoying this. I LOVE it. And I want this to go st…[View]
442420937monokuma in smash: what would his moveset be?[View]
442395136The Outer Worlds has no chance of being good.[View]
442423836Alright, /v/, I want to make the edgiest game possible. What are some essetial edgy elements? Pic se…[View]
442428628What are the criteria for goty?: As most of /v/ probably knows, God of War won it for 2018. Now expl…[View]
442427995https://youtu.be/4vJ6doOFXcE So this is what you want, huh?[View]
442428776Post a two word title for your main: .[View]
442414643how do you play smash with this retarded piece of shit plastic tat?[View]
442429615Fallout 76: This is the one thing they should have not copied from New Vegas.[View]
442429506>There is no sign of the spirit of Senator Armstrong Should I say ... Mmm ... DLC?…[View]
442429260>gameplay is currently shown on twitch >no thread for it well it's actually not unexpecte…[View]
442428396Are you ready?[View]
442428732what are some absurdist games?[View]
442425050>kinda want to buy a Switch but dont want to be a soiboi Tell me why I should or should not get …[View]
442426539Why the fuck does a WINGED FLYING MONSTER have one of the worst recoveries in the game while K. Rool…[View]
442426105ESO is a functional online version of Elderscrolls. So why the fuck did they fuck up 76 so badly? It…[View]
442429036anyone else think she was modelled on Narcissa Wright? They look exactly the same[View]
442427147Are you enjoying Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight?[View]
442428605Hello I make shit game Its shit and it smells but you gonna buy it cause your fave character is ther…[View]
442427847Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Ok,you might don't know me but my sources on 2 december told me…[View]
442428496>played all the bamham games >died maybe 4-5 times in each game >get the new spider-man gam…[View]
442389843You can fuse two different titles to create your dream game. What's your pick?[View]
442424770What's a good game to play on a 4:3 LSD?[View]
442426547I still can't get over this, guys. He was my fucking never-ever, and my most wanted. I would ha…[View]
442415602PICK UP THAT CAN[View]
442428409ITT: the worst game that no one else has played[View]
442428113robot christ[View]
442428098I think you are a thief because you stole my heart[View]
442418104/v/ plays Game Dev Tycoon: >>442405029 Somehow Fagasstraps Ltd. clings to life. New ninja game…[View]
442424943Guys.... He didn't predict Persona.... How can this be, we completely trusted him?[View]
442423475>Good fanservice + good gameplay Is Dungeon Travelers the only game that has both?…[View]
442423301I'm thinking of picking up smash The ranked seems pretty good if you forget all the lag problem…[View]
442427682Do you know any games where you can betray other characters?[View]
442427606KH3: LET ME FACE LET ME FACE LET ME FACE MY FEAAARS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BaDXuFMz20 The …[View]
442422460>went in expecting generic dude MC >got the best protagonist in video game history…[View]
442408216Face it, she's fucking in >game character across multiple platforms including the 3DS >ex…[View]
442423091>Marth >Girl Marth >Fire Marth >Gorilla Marth >Magic Marth >Hobo Marth >Wind Ma…[View]
442418363What is it like now?[View]
442427313What visual novel are you playing this week /v/?[View]
442426206There's a live action Sonic movie coming in 2019 Why does Sonic have fur though isn't he a…[View]
442418250>the NES mega man games are difficult and unfair >yeah i play old games, with savestates…[View]
442413958People always act like games are getting worse, but seriously, games this decade have been better th…[View]
442422837Left or right?[View]
442409439PANZER DRAGOON I AND II ARE GETTING REMAKES: 'Panzer Dragoon: Remake is a refreshed version of Panze…[View]
442420564You all probably suck: Let's face it anons 90% of this board (myself included) are trash compar…[View]
442423113Which company do you want to see crash and burn /v/?[View]
442425176dios mios...[View]
442426763Turn on pc it, put curse on humanity[View]
442421581Wat do?[View]
442424762It was good.[View]
442417386>create the Saint's War >fucking amazing event with lots of interesting characters involv…[View]
442424969>person makes a legit good review of a video game, pointing out all the good things in it and the…[View]
442426020would you look at that, videogames make men more violent https://youtu.be/7yHy0gcZ11Y[View]
442426680I didnt buy this game should i get a switch to play it?[View]
442419115>Enjoy game >Read about grind/time investment it requires >Delete it so it's not tempt…[View]
442426601Rising Storm 2: Vietnam: Patch when?[View]
442412165First image of live-action Sonic the Hedgehog released: Bulging eyes.[View]
442426212Can we get a Sakurai worship thread up in this bitch? I'll start: Smash Ultimate is the best ga…[View]
442422171How the fuck do I farm coins? I can't seem to earn enough to keep up with the changing stock of…[View]
442426157What say you?[View]
442397553Joker's announcement started to made me think about 2B and the possibility of her being a DLC f…[View]
442425563Are there any space games out there that allow you to customize your fleet however you want? Just bo…[View]
442399454All memes aside,why are pre-order numbers for this game good?Game doesn't look bad but not part…[View]
442422943LoL: Why does league have the most toxic community of any other game? I have been playing this shit …[View]
442423394*blocks your path*[View]
442426209Please Instar Epic Game Store thank[View]
442425034Steam Avatar General: You load into a game. These are the players you see. Choose 5 players as teamm…[View]
442397312Why is snow so comfy?[View]
442425746Merrily: T'is languorous? A plain disaster? Morrigan wants to celebrate Givingday with /v/ ,but…[View]
442425134So, Project M for Smash Ultimate when?[View]
4424216694 more years of 3DS support[View]
442423651What did John Romero mean by this?[View]
442421186>going back to a childhood game reveals that it's not as good as you remembered What's …[View]
442424583Reminder that he will never ever be in Smash Bros.[View]
442425179>Explosive flame[View]
442417043How the fuck do I beat her. I'm lvl 83 for fuck sake! Her attacks are insane it's bullshit…[View]
442416075Recommend me some strategy games that arent Total War or Paradox stuff: Hey guys, I want some cool s…[View]
442423062DMC5: Reminder that Urizen is totally Vergil. If his voice being Dan Southworth at a lower pitch was…[View]
442424734What are the chances of a Shattered Dimensions 2?[View]
442424735Reminder that Leach mains are fucking tryhards.[View]
442409587Post your SSBU main[View]
442422746Characters Rated E for Estrogents: Ever think about how hard the writer at R* beat his stubby pud of…[View]
442424592'MASSIVE EXPANSION WITH THE SIZE OF PREVIOUS G-RANK' lmao 4U only added 16 monsters including small …[View]
442407863Why aren't you playing anymore?[View]
442423172This kills the gamer[View]
442422217You unlock all those characters yet?[View]
4424187283>4>2>1>trash>5>shit>6. What series /v/?[View]
442424397Most popular games right now: -Multiplayer game with permadeath -Digital TCG that requires 100s of h…[View]
442424382Will the single player issues ever be patched (bounties, contextual fuckery) or have the already aba…[View]
442423546Make it /v/idya, faggot.[View]
442410028*gets in your game*[View]
442418817What do you hope the next Crash game is like?[View]
442416951What do you think was going through Kawakamis head when she saw Joker working out half naked?[View]
442422384You find yourself diddled into going on a date with the CEO Princess, she wants to hear your video g…[View]
442421425Did you buy your boyfriend today /v/?[View]
442422229Since we know all the rules are out with the announcement of Joker and Geoff got all 3 console reps …[View]
442418656Sega reveals more of Sonic’a face[View]
442405003>kill a wolf >drops gold and a giant two handed sword…[View]
442420394Now that Obsidian got exposed, Bethesda released one of the biggest trainwrecks of the decade and Bi…[View]
442423274Why hasn't a time since last save warning on quit become an industry standard?[View]
442402301imagine being THIS butthurt[View]
442422398>is in soul calibur >is in monster hunter They are going to put this boring cunt in smash aren…[View]
442414884What should be in 4chan Rewind 2018?[View]
442420971He's in smash for DLC >Game was heavily inspired by earthbound and has earthbound charm unli…[View]
442423239Does anyone else ever google pictures of Todd Howard and gaze into his eyes while romantic love song…[View]
442417150Not into video games all too much, but is it true that this suit doesn't have a single player?[View]
442418625DOOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF7dqyZ1S6E[View]
442423128Vagina: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Battlefield V. The societal critique is …[View]
442422965How many hours a week do you think she plays Civ games?[View]
442422461CYBERPUNK 2077 BOX ART LEAKED[View]
442412538How Asriel was so satisfying boss fight without being a hard one?[View]
442421851ANDROID: Are there any good games on android? I'm stuck with this phone for a while.[View]
442419607Why not swallow the Chesspill, /v/? It's F2P[View]
442409308DS = BB > DeS > DS3 > DS2[View]
442422697why isn't she an assist trophy anymore[View]
442422538146/5000 > playing vidya > I feel tired of playing > I see how long I've been playing …[View]
442422523March 22 2019[View]
442422230What is the best game that offers multiple choices>?[View]
442416576>literally the most anticipated game ever How could pic related realistically not win GOTY next y…[View]
442422335>easy to play >all high or top tier due to reach+damage+speed >usually have some ability to…[View]
442398514Tell me why: a mesoamerican Lovecraftian horror game with bloodbonre's gameplay isn't the …[View]
442402507>has control over demons >chest tattoo looks like Mundus three eyes >battle theme is called…[View]
442421226He’s in: He’s in[View]
442418672DOOM's 25th Anniversary: It's DOOM's anniversary. Say something nice about it! https:…[View]
442422103>Sonic Mania >Sakura Taisen remake >Shenmue 1&2 remaster and 3 coming soon >Valkyria…[View]
442407469What is the best COD game?[View]
442404202Not gonna lie, it wasn't that good or groundbreaking[View]
442421852I cant even play through this game bros....... I keep going into first person mode and just wander a…[View]
442421812Any chance for a Cowboy Bebop game?[View]
442418005https://twitter.com/DOOM/status/1072144618404364289?s=09 Join the slayers club anon.[View]
442376941Team Fortress 2 appreciation n' snit: hello shitwads, I wanted to open a thread to see what you…[View]
442414560Bug in Vulgrim's shop: Hey guys. I just want to ask all xbox Darksiders 3 players. Are you expe…[View]
442415792It's me or journalists are shilling too much Epic Game Store? I don't remember see any pop…[View]
442412660What went wrong?[View]
442413016Is this the infamous 'nintendo bonus' everyone is talking about?[View]
442413823Would you play as a cool samurai girl?[View]
442421720E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy thread[View]
442407217OH NO OH NONONO[View]
442404569Why did it do so well in the west?[View]
442369326So, can we have a warhammer 40K thread? Just got this today and know nothing about this series. Exce…[View]
442421449Some real old boomer game documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQLEW1c-69c[View]
442419150Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z: >When anncouncing the game, Inafune said: '“I’m very happy to stand here n…[View]
442418776Is there anyway to fix pic related or do I have to buy a replacement?[View]
442417727Mass Effect: *ruins your game series*[View]
442420336This is such a stupid game. All you do is collect armor and mounts[View]
442416830Can we at least agree on this?[View]
442418815>'I hope you have a great day, Anon!' >'Just remember, I'll always love you! And enjoy th…[View]
442421297Post YFW Smash Ultimate's horrendous input lag[View]
442420973What are the chances that a soul caliber rep could get its place in smash? I think it’s pretty possi…[View]
442410547Do you actually like strong female characters, /v/? If so, what are your favorite ones?[View]
442418381>times when /v/ got completely BTFO[View]
442418610This is your new smash god. Thank me later.[View]
442417472GIDEON ZHI ON SUICIDE WATCH: http://www.siliconera.com/2018/12/09/megami-tensei-series-spinoff-majin…[View]
442393985X4 Thread: cute ships edition how is your empire faring?[View]
442420683Do modern games still allow you restore form a save point with no ripercussions, if things go to shi…[View]
442417031Why does wearing an armor grant him the title of Man?[View]
442420552ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA: ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA did you play kenka bancho, anon? what other delin…[View]
442420137>Now more than ever it's apparent Smash Brothers is a celebration of video games rather than…[View]
442417585What is the best ARPG in gaming history?[View]
442419553Fucker is canon in both SC and MH because of fucking portals, what's next? Smash?[View]
442419398It's going to be G rank under a new name, right?[View]
442420170If its been five years and I still haven't bought a Playstation, why shouldn't I wait for …[View]
442418186>Baldur's Gate >Neverwinter Nights >KOTOR >Jade Empire >Mass Effect >Dragon A…[View]
442418984Who would be the dom in the relationship?[View]
442419502Sonic was never good.[View]
442419501>Unga, unga unga bunga >*kills you*[View]
442406604>streamers wins/beats something in game >'LETS GO'…[View]
442415514Are video game discussions better now than they were over 2 decades ago?[View]
442417136Aren't hedgehogs stereotypically slow? Then why is this super fast character a hedgehog?[View]
44241900125 Years of DOOM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBx0UbmlEOc[View]
442416052>top 1% performance can't save a match Does Blizzard have the best game design of all time?…[View]
442417457Only 1 month till Kingdom Hearts 3 releases.[View]
442404676Help me: So, I'm currently playing a MMORPG (link:https://www.imperiumao.com.ar/en/) and I need…[View]
442415065Why literally is 2B such a fukken unironical prude?[View]
442418847denuvo BTFO: defend this bootlickers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baMwNSX-Y1c[View]
442418528Yes, yes, leave Steam, come use Epic Store and Bethesda Store, we have pretty exclusives... Uh? Refu…[View]
442418241>wrong portal to soul calibur VI >wrong portal to monster hunter world >WRONG PORTAL TO SMA…[View]
442402590>It's not open world trash And with that, The Outer Worlds is now confirmed to be better tha…[View]
442418437how bad did this thing bomb? anybody in here actually got the game and played it?[View]
442414254ITT: things you're glad are left in the past forced steath/failed if seen mission outta nowhere[View]
442418427What the fuck is Sakurai's problem?[View]
442412702Have video games made you better in anything, /v/? Learned any valuable lessons? Reasoning? Project …[View]
442416774I was shuffling around a big yard sale yesterday and I landed an Atari 2600 with controllers and pow…[View]
442415759Why does /v/ like this postmodernist garbage[View]
442418016ITT: The most powerful characters in gaming.[View]
442407665>20 years in development >is finally released >everyone forgets about it in a week…[View]
442388964ITT Placebo[View]
442417761>*shoots you into oblivion*[View]
442405029/v/ plays Game Dev Tycoon: >>442394542 After our smash hit, Undertale, Fagasstraps Ltd. is onc…[View]
442417695What are some games where the rival of the protagonist tries to be as cool and strong as him but fai…[View]
442415094>that one guy who always picks the edgy character in multiplayer games[View]
442417467How autistic would you be to bring a Nintendo Switch to a bar?[View]
442415889Who else here dislikes PC gaming and elitist culture? I’ll play an occasional indie game on my lapto…[View]
442415878Death stranding is Silent hills.[View]
442415013Renegade X: Anyone playing this? This shit is insanely fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVs7JEsr…[View]
442414801>fuck, my ass hurts real fucking bad after that. That'll be $250+tip >>only have $20 i…[View]
442415596What exactly is fun in reading 30 hours of dialogues and doing daily chores that I could easily do m…[View]
442415182Why haven't you played Broken Reality yet anon?[View]
442370757Is anyone else getting their ass kicked by these? Admittedly I haven't played Smash in years bu…[View]
442416003>Design a character who literally just holds mouse 1 and walks forward What did they mean by this…[View]
442414954Wario thread[View]
442395183Why does this series have such shitty representation in Smash? 6 of the 7 characters have fucking co…[View]
442416767Valkyria Chronicles 4: What's the best ace weapon in the game? I haven't been going out of…[View]
442415883Favorite flash game thread? Mine is probably the last stand 2 or sonny[View]
442415172III copies of Kingdom Hearts III ma'am.[View]
442409147>Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?[View]
442415897Sega hates Sonic's new design for the movie. Apparently they didn't have any creative cont…[View]
442416621Can we have a thread about three best fantasy MMO race to ever exist?[View]
442414153Smash Bosses: Don't mind me, just posting the best boss in Smash Ultimate Marx and Rathalos are…[View]
442416559When is the beta over? Bank heists when? Train robberies when? Buying houses when? This is the most …[View]
442416464ITT weapons that have surpassed Metal Gear >artorias of the abyss[View]
442413127Is MMORPG ded?: Do you remember playing Flyff, Fiesta, Runes of Magic etc.... Do you remember when D…[View]
442411687HOLY FUCK HE'S IN GUYS[View]
442409856What would get you excited for Bloodborne 2?[View]
442403567You can't post with that subject: Is he dead? He was supposed to be joining google but then dis…[View]