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459405736Which Optifine graphical settings most influence the number of FPS on Minecraft ?: Hello everyone, a…[View]
459405689Till all are one We'll never get a third game.....[View]
459405641This game has some gut-wrenching parts[View]
459405506Can v help me find a game: I remember my cousin playing an mmorpg looking game with naruto shit in i…[View]
459405595Hyperkitty is a murderer[View]
459402572Why do people hate P4? Playing Golden for the first time, and it's not any worse than my memori…[View]
459405359Post your Heroes Psychic Blast / Force Field corruptor Just grabbed flight[View]
459403870Final bosses >the boss clones itself, and throws elastic arms at you[View]
459398054ONLY ON CHADSTATION 4[View]
459403971Japanese devs must stop putting children in their games.: Japanese devs must stop putting children i…[View]
459400573>game makes an obscure reference nobody gets[View]
459405261I want Metroid 5 and I want it now[View]
459399323Have you done your 50 push-ups for the day?[View]
459404503in what games i can destroy kebabs?[View]
459403361My celestial girlfriend is a staff member of the universe who is staying covert from science and the…[View]
459403520I'm thinking of emulating The Simpsons: Hit and Run. Which version should I choose, and how wel…[View]
459387221What went wrong?[View]
459380346>/v/ - video games[View]
459401232PC version soon It will be revived[View]
459341383ATTENTION!: *Ahems* Trail>Tail thank you[View]
459401675Was it a good game?[View]
459404814Play Digimon[View]
459390387Did everyone forget about me?[View]
459398796Does anybody play their Switch using the joy cons separated but acting as one controller, or do you …[View]
459404652For people who have gone back and replayed the original MM, how does it hold up in 2019? I haven…[View]
459381750Are you boycotting Red Bull for their anti-gamer campaign?[View]
459404565Overwatch's new social feature leak: my information is a little old but still pretty accurate a…[View]
459404545Can we have a mercy main thread? The overwatch thread keep getting deleted[View]
459404389Does anybody ever not kill these guys?[View]
459403121>new JoJo game is a fortnite ripoff that's already outdated >ASB will never be re-mastere…[View]
459401715Name a bigger joke in the FGC: Protip: You can't.[View]
459404215For me, it's Kuro.[View]
459390487Pound 2019 Final Day: http://multitwitch.tv/vgbootcamp/vgbootcamp2 use above link for ad-free viewin…[View]
459392047Based and absolutely right[View]
459401837Holy shit: I'm a few hours in but the maps and animations are all so much more lively than thos…[View]
459404025uh: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l4HQ0v0AJWc[View]
459398625what if you when you walk outside you see a bunch of flies swarming around a dead raccoon but when y…[View]
459402238You DID link the fire and save the world, right, anon?[View]
459371821Can DMC5 win goty? It's the best action game of this generation and maybe of all time. It will …[View]
459400373He's right, you know.: >when the director of the GOTG calls you out on your shitty lazy desi…[View]
459403765>this dudde slaps your gf's ass then proceeds to do this dance what do?…[View]
459400285What are ways where a game has used its own UI or visual feedback for information to create an emoti…[View]
459397735Why doesn't /v/ care that Sony is censoring games? https://www.oneangrygamer.net/sony-ps4-censo…[View]
459398832Can this be disputed?[View]
459401381Minecraft, home.[View]
459403051Where are the games?[View]
459399885This is the Lady of Time and Space™. Say something nice about her![View]
459398830The greatest sequel ever made right next to Resident Evil 2 and DKC2.[View]
459402369ITT: Smiles that we couldn't protect: I want the feels /v/ros.[View]
459401372so MK 11 dlc was supposedly leaked if it is real who are you most hype for i personally can't w…[View]
459401215Smash Bros. tier lists: Let's have another one of these. Tier list maker: https://ssbworld.com/…[View]
459402667Parring what happened in the end, why would controlling the reapers be a bad thing?[View]
459400262Favorite videogame reviewers? My favorites are: SuperBunnyHop Dunkey SnesDrunk Gmanlives[View]
4594029153x3 Thread[View]
459402838>The year 1997 has arrived. A herd of fuckin' ugly reds. are rushing from the mainland. Crim…[View]
459399012Consoles are the reason why you dont have to buy a new GPU evry 2 years just to run the latest games…[View]
459402123atmospheric and charming Witcher 1 > poorly implemented soulless dark souls wannabe Witcher 2 and…[View]
459390250Working on your game, right anon?[View]
459394964Mmkayi THIS is stupid.: Downright retarded, even. This is beyond any redemption. We really should st…[View]
4593966383DS hack: I just got a new New 3DS, and I need some help with hacking it. I bought a 32 gig sdhc car…[View]
459395846This is a dreadful design[View]
459402396Mains thread? r8/h8[View]
459402564I love Octain![View]
459401236Why did Battleborn fail?[View]
459401806Why are you not playing Overwatch, anon?[View]
459402390>THAT'S IT!!!! >i've come up with a new recipe…[View]
459399787>horror section in a non-horror game[View]
459401749What went wrong?[View]
459400423Mother 3 is officially 13 years old today, let's have a thread to honor it. Mother 3 thread[View]
459400506Let's say that Epic game existed back during fifth generation. You know games like MGS and FF7 …[View]
459395890so this is why you lads play this?[View]
459400897Face it, it's canon.[View]
459401664>reads donations for a full hour[View]
459400875games for this feel?[View]
459396862How you deal with the lack of will to play games? It's been months since I opened steam for the…[View]
459401152I had more fun with Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne than with Sekiro: This game has way to much hand hol…[View]
459374775>Am now 30 >Unable to compete at all in shooters or fighting games, genres I used to be really…[View]
459401425https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBQZ8SBm6UY big if true[View]
459400317>SOUL >SOULLESS[View]
459401210What are some games with secrets unsolved after years?[View]
459393786Do you have any strong opinions on the race of argonians?[View]
459401163What are some good Factorio mods?[View]
459399237Should I buy a console for RDR2?[View]
459397564Which one was the most difficult boss?[View]
459400891Rtx off ogl on minecraft: Digital foundry mine craft java raytracing in open gl https://youtu.be/5jD…[View]
459398434Just bought this what am I in for[View]
459381992>this triggers journos[View]
459400264Why are Soulsborne fans unable to enjoy games that aren't named Demon's Souls, Dark Souls …[View]
459394171what is the point of this tickbox it does nothing[View]
459396130Who are the most likely Smash newcomers at this point?[View]
459396424The Epic Games Store is terrible right?[View]
459397869Ace Attorney: You'll still be here in seven years, right?[View]
459397934Games with that somber Dark Souls/SotC feeling of dead ancient world. Journey maybe too, I guess? I …[View]
459394348It will be announced this fall, in similar fashion like RDR2. What's the hopes and dreams for i…[View]
459400440>Nintendo makes tons of Co-Op games >Non of them are online Why?…[View]
459400437What are some games with interspecies sex scenes?[View]
459400359Was he in the wrong?[View]
459400162>make video game thread >deleted and warned >make 1,000,000th it was her turn thread >s…[View]
459397116Can we have a matt appreciation thread? Knows Japanese not a weeaboo. Bad at videogames but good at …[View]
459398156Battle Born is actually bloody amazing: Spotted the Humble Bundle deal over at /r/GameDeals - great …[View]
459399057> there are people on /v/ right now that are angry about multi-player games banning abusive playe…[View]
459400067DUDE >hits bong D-*Cough* DUDE WHAT IF MARIO WA- *Hack ON MAGIC MUSHROOMS DU- *dies coughing* HAH…[View]
459396562>playing vidya when it's sunny outside ahhh depression season, take me back to winter…[View]
459399043Mortal Kombat 11: >thread everyday every hour since it's reveal >game is out >no threa…[View]
459399727Futaba appreciation thread, Sunday edition Happy Easter everyone![View]
459398593>Currency is just 'credits'[View]
459396801You look so cute, Miss Cloud[View]
459391067Play Fallout 4.[View]
459393856If he wasn't in smash, none of you would have a god damn clue what F-Zero was[View]
459397175Post you're battle station[View]
459383539If a console comes out which does not have any exclusives you can't get on PC, literally what i…[View]
459396058Fantasy Life Thread: Fantasy Life 2 on the Switch when? The mobile one doesn't count.[View]
459398305>Yeah, uh, I'd like to get a 20 pc nugget meal with king size fry and the elixer of the gods…[View]
459399138>start game >it's turn-based[View]
459387826>Its Stardew but better anyone else playing this right now?[View]
459399297Daily reminder your god emperor wants to ban violent games[View]
459392506Of all the horror games I've played, which includes every Silent Hill, most Resident Evils, and…[View]
459398847So I come on this fucking site, hearin this place is where hardcore gamers, the biggest gamers are, …[View]
459389938ITT: game franchises that deserve a revival.[View]
459355527This game is hot garbage and its fanbase consist of casual shitters rejects who got filtered out of …[View]
459397495>autistic heavy metal rock music starts playing /../[View]
459399467Fighter Pass: Post them.[View]
459374956He's in. Stardew valley thread.[View]
459399294Playstation 5 giant Spiderman boat riding game? What is this shit? They felt like Spiderman was too …[View]
459394564Quick help seeking about deciding what game to play. You helped me last time, had really nice time p…[View]
459396957>game gets daily, hourly threads about it 2 years after it launches What’s her name /v/?…[View]
459393320https://youtu.be/tL2ap4EU2o4?t=141 Thoughts?[View]
459393285Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
459395398Risk of Rain: Bandit when ?[View]
459398565Where do you see the game industry in 5 years?[View]
459398913Baka 9 from perfect math class cosplaying as Oh yeah yeah![View]
459398815finally now to level 7 times to use it xdedede[View]
459362920home thread: for me... it's classic[View]
459398582best soundtrack ev4rrr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrqB97715hY <3[View]
459383504Whys is smurfing, griefing and leaving such a huge problem in OW? Is it cause of the state of the ga…[View]
459398517AHEM Sekiro has the worst music of any souls game, That is all[View]
459393789Persona 6: What they gonna do with him in p6, though. Same thing as in p5 or replace him?[View]
459398402Why are triple-As allowed to pretend their games aren't early access?[View]
459398292Animal Crossing: Only the best villagers are allowed in this thread.[View]
459395469Hytale: Hytalechads, WHEN'S BETA?[View]
459397084But what do they eat?[View]
459398006>Fyrestone, home...[View]
459395091>Are you always so happy? 'Oh yes. After all, what's the point in being miserable all the ti…[View]
459370615The definitive Final Fantasy ranking.[View]
459398091What are some games where your character can do this?[View]
459397910You took the crystal ball with you, right? Right?![View]
459397092Happy easter, Xbox.[View]
459397935Anyone played Konung 1 or 2? I got them for pennies on some sale and they seems to be some wierd rus…[View]
459396141guys Im going to wendys you want anything?[View]
459397841Hacker??: Is this guy using hacks? https://youtu.be/a4JUQzrC5tU[View]
459392036Go home kids. The Mario RPGs are dead.[View]
459393937Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox): Why does he always stand with one hand in his pocket?[View]
459397808How's your Easter[View]
459382716Japanese devs must stop putting children in their games.[View]
459375526night city[View]
459390969*chomp* *chomp* *chomp*[View]
459397702If GMDX is so great, how come it has worse character textures than Revision?[View]
459396803this game just quietly came out and was surprisingly good only problem is it's incredibly short…[View]
459396487Obduction: Just discovered and started playing this and holy shit why did I never know about this. I…[View]
459397094Do you play fighting games /v/? What do you play? Who do you main?[View]
459382445I took the HellMOO 2010 core, fixed a massive swathe of its bugs and added a bunch of content, MUCH …[View]
459359539>Nintendo and Bethesda have already collaborated with Skyrim switch including Nintendo features …[View]
459380727Post your Fighter Pass /v/[View]
459393612What are some bald or balding videogame characters? I need it to cope, since i discovered that i am …[View]
459384356Ahah this comic really made me chuckle Can /v/ post more video games related comics such as this one…[View]
459389098Does /v/ like the Dead or Alive games?[View]
459397395ITT: Casual filters.[View]
459394384Who's the most based GTA character /v/?[View]
459386082I'm curious as to why you choose to play as a female in games when given the choice?[View]
459387369What games do you think North Koreans play?[View]
459397036What went wrong with this? Was it its tranny overlords?[View]
459397140Is this the beginning of a new era?[View]
459369348Resident Evil Thread: >your favorite RE game >your least favorite RE game >your favorite RE…[View]
459396624What's your favorite game by Rockstar Games?[View]
459396972Bruh. Look at this dooood. Ononononononono.[View]
459356334>girl_gamer93 enters the server[View]
459396573>download tony hawk pro skater 4 from myabandonware >it's has cue/bin files what do i do?…[View]
459396641Digimon Games Thread: >ruins your run[View]
459396085Is Team Fortress 3: Diversity Simulator as good as Zoomers say? My brother got it for me and I'…[View]
459370112MORDHAU: 8 DAYS to FULL release. N O N - N E G O T I A B L E[View]
459394383>make tank class do more dps than the dps class Are games really that difficult to balance?…[View]
459396087What does /v/ think of the original Warcraft?[View]
459395393So which one's gonna be the E3 announcement?[View]
459374106What's the /v/ version of this?[View]
459380097What phone games are addictive enough to destroy marriages?[View]
459360967Who wins?[View]
459396316Get woke go bro-[View]
459388920>be Sakurai >want to make a new pokemon character for your game >pick an ugly starter that …[View]
459394808>one nintendo switch please[View]
459396313How did they fuck this up so bad?[View]
459393854Is there anyway to extract files from a game specifically designed for ps3: Lets say I want to extra…[View]
459395665How do you do fellow gamers?[View]
459394652How do we improve character designs?[View]
459395382Why yes Dragons Dogma 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Dragon Age 4, and the next Witcher game are indeed my most …[View]
459383245Fuck all y'all niggas with your sekiros and your dark souls, this here is still the best damn g…[View]
459395763>Move out of house and into studio >Your work isn't any noticeably better Games for this…[View]
459395065>JRPG >Easter worship Church are the bad guys Why do they hate Easter worshippers so much?…[View]
459392142What storefront do you use for lewd games?[View]
459380161Filename thread[View]
459378691How do you beat the Goths?[View]
459392361What's the appeal of these type of characters?[View]
459394227JRPG thread: It's sunday why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
459395748What a fun game[View]
459393594So who will win the war in BFA?[View]
459395649What are some games about Kara Boga[View]
459391852Play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RIGHT NOW[View]
459395584Are there any games that deal with the subject of dying alone?[View]
459393251*clack clack clack clack clack* Why are you alone in the rain anon? Wanna share this umbrella with …[View]
459386398I wanted to enjoy this game it's good looking, comfy, I like the transmog thing love when it ra…[View]
459394628Are You Ready?: Retarded! I can say it![View]
459387927where do to find friens to play vidya gaymus with?[View]
459394389How do we save horror genre?[View]
459391843>Boot Bloodborne after playing Sekiro Why....is....it sooooo...fuuuckinnggg....slooooooowww duuud…[View]
459393271ITT: Mentally ill video game characters. Let's start with John: >Looks like a fucking letdow…[View]
459395121Why, yes I still play MUL-T despite the nerf. How could you tell?[View]
4593950602019... I'm still mad.[View]
459395056Dragon's Dogma: Which vocation is the chaddest, and why is it the Mystic Chad (aka Paladinbro)?…[View]
459394743>The perfect action game doesn't exis-[View]
459381230Has anyone seen the Jax Briggs Ending?: This is some cringy ass 'Wakanda forever' shit, ev…[View]
459394657Could this be GOTY?[View]
459393845Things you do in vidya: >let my friends win last minute to give them that dopamine release which …[View]
459393658he ate millions...[View]
459332398>that one dead game you loved that you will never get to play again What's her name, /v/?…[View]
459390517is the 90001 ps2 good[View]
459393385Just beat snake eyes The game doesn't feel hard, but it does feel like I turn into an incompete…[View]
459370058Sega Mini: Assuming the Sega Mini turns out great do you think it will finally make people appreciat…[View]
459394437>losing in a 1v1 >alt+f4 and then block him…[View]
459373759*Blocks your path*[View]
459394315Why do games only let you kill nazis and not jews/nigs/feminists/etc..?[View]
459394212fuck oracle of seasons/ages was so good. also ricky best boy[View]
459393438remake wont include this[View]
459393832I'm thinking of trying him out online today, but I'm never played them in any game, what a…[View]
459392729Why did people like him?[View]
459388308Hey can we not have 4+ Smash Roster threads? It's autistic and not even really discussion you g…[View]
459394080Jesus was a gamer because he rose up[View]
459394014Is anybody else sick of fighting Joker?[View]
459388769EASTER BUNNY IS A FAGGOT: Redpill me on Kenshi plz... Is it worth the sheckels?[View]
459393615was it really that hard or was it just shitters complaining?[View]
459391050worst bosses in history: the game is great, except every single boss is garbage they all have a grab…[View]
459393728i just bought ace attorney trilogy despite my mind telling me to just torrent it what am i in for th…[View]
459391505/v/'s thoughts on this assassin's creed protoganist nobody knows?[View]
459393215>lock on enemy >enemy attacks >shift+S to evade >sekiro starts running straight towards…[View]
459393418>ywn play your favorite game again for the first time >ywn be surprised by the story again bec…[View]
459392534why is every senran kagura garbage?[View]
459391881Easter Eggs in Vidya: what are the best easter eggs in games?[View]
459390273>buy Seagate Expansion Stea4000400 (its external, 3.5') >take the hdd out of the case >open…[View]
459388549>'It says here you have never played a Sly Cooper game, care to explain yourself?'…[View]
459386356Have you ever bought a game just for one character, /v/? What's their name?[View]
459389489Are there any hacks that would allow me to play Star Fox Zero with a more traditional control scheme…[View]
459391812High speed, low drag[View]
459391837Best Spyro game coming through.[View]
459390376Here is your fanservice sexy outfits you evil white straight gamers NOW LEAVE US ALONE.[View]
459393435Why I liked Transistor better than Bastion: The inaccuracy of the Turn phase is something I'm u…[View]
459392235If Romani gets abducted, what to the aliens do to her?[View]
459389848>protagonist of the first game is the villain in the sequel[View]
459392772/v/ Meta Thread: /v/ should be divided into two boards: /vw/ - Western Video Games >For discussio…[View]
459358817>tfw your waiv is stuck in a lesser game[View]
459383594Games that you can't stop playing?[View]
459369791I implore you to find me a single flaw.[View]
459393012Warframe: Warframe poorfag. Any kind soul want to donate platinum for a good cause :)[View]
459388097Why do people buy the 1.0 version of a console instead of waiting for better revisions? It's a…[View]
459387017RTCW - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: We need a thread about these classics.[View]
459393114what are some games based on slavic mythology/folklore[View]
459390452So... are you guys using all that Easter free time to catch up with your vidya backlog?[View]
459392902You should become a pirate, Anon[View]
459391748Why yes, I own a Nintendo Switch. How could you tell?[View]
459391765>Artificial Academy 2? I love that game.[View]
459387545FRED FUCHS?[View]
459392764>tfw no good bronze age vidya[View]
459366310Persona Stuff: Persona Super Live 2019 is on it's way, and with it come some new announcements.…[View]
459392660WHO DA MAAAAAN[View]
459391510H4X3R: BY TEH P0WR OF TEH 1NT3RN3TZ 1 D3STR0Y U[View]
459390924It's time to admit adding the battle rifle and nerfing the pistol was a mistake. The pistol was…[View]
459390541What else can be added?[View]
459388119Where is Elder Scrolls VI likely to take place?[View]
459390472is it possible to beat this game if I'm a brainlet? it looks fun baba thread[View]
459387457My wife, Chun Li, is the strongest woman in the world![View]
459389878Scary shit in non-horror videogames[View]
459388954Yoshi's Crafted World proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art…[View]
459381632>he still uses steam >he still uses epic store >he still uses origin >he still uses GOG …[View]
459386506Been playing SMT IV to get my rpg fix, its great. Didnt bother with Persona 5 because I cant stand t…[View]
459387652Is this game worth it?: Saw it for dirt cheap in my cunt, but i kinda want the digital version for t…[View]
459392031I’m building a pc can you guys help me?: What’s the cheapest cpu that won’t bottleneck an nvidia 160…[View]
459388314So, after over 10 thousand games, top 100 legend, and many 12 win arena runs, I've finally acce…[View]
459389507How the fuck was I supposed to know that I'm supposed to do this and that to defeat him? This i…[View]
459391842HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE https://youtu.be/UppyPzIb5Y8[View]
459363010https://webm.red/NmGo.webm what did he mean by this?[View]
459354714The long wait is over. A new Petscop video dropped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew4HcmqPWhw What…[View]
459391481when u in anor lando b like XDDDD[View]
459389574Is there something wrong with my playback or is the game running in less than 10 fps? https://youtu.…[View]
459387518This kind of sucked lol[View]
459391272What did she mean by this?[View]
459388040this game is impossible why do i always get shitmon the furthest i got was the fire guy through the …[View]
459389930he did nothing wrong[View]
459385880You cannot win this game with real life players through anything other than domination. Prove me wro…[View]
459388096>shit graphics >slow ass run speed >chance based combat Why do fags think this is GOAT? bab…[View]
459388249Best platformer game to ever exist coming through[View]
459364956Borderlands 3: Imo Borderlands 3 deserves to get pirated to all hell and only bought on steam releas…[View]
459385912now this is epic[View]
459390272Metal Gear Solid: Why did Ocelot decide to start serving Big Boss?[View]
459389594Wait a minute, those vectors[View]
459388940I'll cut you sons of bitches in half[View]
459368751Pound 2019: Final Day: http://multitwitch.tv/vgbootcamp/vgbootcamp2 use above link for ad-free viewi…[View]
459390359Hi /v/ I'm trying to run Lisa the Pointless on my old hunk of shit laptop but it freezes whenev…[View]
459383287Would you mind to take a look at that tagline? When it's only on Playstation it means it will a…[View]
459377291Do you guys like the new Lara?[View]
459387137What's the last game that made you cum?[View]
459390003Post video game Skeletons, please.[View]
459388421nintendo is a hive of filthy backstabbers sony is worthless microsoft has cursed us all smash 4 is t…[View]
459368705Is Nintendo Switch the most disappointing console ever?[View]
459389510Where the fuck did this game go? Are they waiting for it to go through the censorship police at Sony…[View]
459388005Pikmin 4: What would you guys want for Pikmin 4? How would you change the formula for this game? Wha…[View]
459383307Why has there never been a truly good star wars game?[View]
459386157Console collection: show me your collection /v/[View]
459388694I miss 'Relatable Meme' my gamer friend: I once had a friend, who went by the online name 'Relatable…[View]
459386637so who do you think is underneath the costume?[View]
459389026Mystery Dungeon Thread: All Mystery Dungeon games, not just Pokemon specific. Favorites? Games you t…[View]
459336069risk of rain: risk of rain post hosts[View]
459381229Indie game devs are all inspired by this game but they fail to capture what made this game great. Th…[View]
459370367Why didn't they invite him into their group?[View]
459388756Post your battlestations[View]
459387496You have 10 seconds to pitch a Joker video game in which the player controls the Clown Prince of Cri…[View]
459387278So how hyped are you for the new game by our guys Kodaka 'Your Investment In My Games Is Unhealthy' …[View]
459379303>Game captures you and takes away your gear >Have to play a stealth section to get it back…[View]
459389053Is the Wesp5 patch required to play the game?[View]
459388946S4 max shilling thread Eurobeat lyrics are more fun to type than play the game edition >OwO what…[View]
459386657Is DS2 the best in the series for focusing so much on pinning multiple enemies at once against you?[View]
459388516Will George be able to save it?[View]
459386023>FPS game >view bobbing:on >camera shake:on >Field of View 70 >motion blur:high who p…[View]
459383342Why are masked female villains so fucking hot?[View]
459388531Times large portions of /v/ got BTFO. I'll start.[View]
459388408RTS or 4X? Which is the thinking man's game?[View]
459383997He's right you know.: https://thedickshow.com/episode-144/ >My mistake was thinking that vid…[View]
459385378The new Link’s Awakening style could have worked for a Mother 3 remake[View]
459388512 [View]
459387538ITT: only the most soulless/least soulfull games[View]
459361527*walks toward you*[View]
459386638What would you like to see in Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
459386891Saints Row The Third Switch: This is the game switch owners have been waiting for!!![View]
459351221Post your favorite Idols[View]
459386962>Left >not anime originated >not anime-sized/shaped eyes >looks very anime-like looking …[View]
459387974>brickgirl wearing crocks, yellow spandex, and goggles what in the flying fuck were they thinking…[View]
459386726What was the first year 2000+ vidya you ever played? Did you like it? Did it give you any good memor…[View]
459387935>He plays chinkshit movie games: >Final fantasy >Persona >Fire emblem >Metal gear…[View]
459346005SEKIRO LORE THREAD: So, how about a lore thread? Do you think Owl was always an asshole, or did he g…[View]
459386589Microsoft - PAY It Anywhere: Play Anywhere, to bring ppl the games on every platform. You pay it on …[View]
459387889Why hasn't there been any horror game based off of Unit 731? Is it because so few know about it…[View]
459383512City of CoX: post the best heroes and villains you've seen also, server just restarted and is r…[View]
459385250finnaly /v/ did something creative https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/bucky[View]
459387338Gee, it sure is boring around here.[View]
459384609DLC 7 predictions.: What other character is he going to be paired with guys?[View]
459349152>8 core CPU >navi GPU >RAY TRACING >PS4 backwards compatibility >launch price will be…[View]
459384142I HATE this fucking PRETENTIOUS BITCH also Phoenix Wright thread[View]
459386872I believe there is a high chance this game will get less than 70/100 metacritic score.[View]
459379302Would Gamefreak ever make Pokemon a dating sim?[View]
459379590Kiss this bitch[View]
459387272Thoughts: https://youtu.be/vf4z7GkmlhY[View]
459387202warhammer thread[View]
459386880>2019 >People still buy Intel for gaming on a PC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmu3G_XmHGs…[View]
459385867blocks your path[View]
459386997Morgan > Kana[View]
459382406Was it a financial failure?[View]
459386345Damnit lads, I thought I was finally old enough[View]
459370732Who the hell reads novels of video games? The stories in the AC games are dull enough.[View]
459382619Is it really that bad? I tried to play it recently, but it seems horribly paced and slow compared to…[View]
459383501>rose-tinted vidya thread >Share games you had very fond memories with >only child >mid …[View]
459371315I'm playing this for the first time. I just finished my first case. Mia is my waifu already. I…[View]
459386572Thoughts on Roblox Egg Hunt 2019: Imo it aint that fun, you basically have to visit like 60 games to…[View]
459386049Classic: Warriors were so far and away the best class and it wasn’t remotely close. Watching you idi…[View]
45938482430 year old gamer here. If I want to make a living with FPS video games should I try to compete in a…[View]
459382687Who is your main gonna be in Super Granblue Bros.?[View]
459386428What's the edgiest piece of shit you have ever played?[View]
459385415Screenshot thread: Anything goes as long as it's from a video game[View]
459386323Why are Plebbit trannies pushing this bing bing waho trash?[View]
459360670Do you agree?[View]
459385580At what age is one supposed to stop playing video games?[View]
459383721Can we have a Tales of thread? What do you want to see in the next Tales of game the most?[View]
459382705This is the fix for the Smash Fire Emblem problem[View]
459381576How Black Women Made The Sims 4 Their Own: https://ign.com/articles/2019/02/28/how-black-women-made-…[View]
459384662How long until our favorite Star Wars character will get a game about her?[View]
459383061Core values of fighting games community[View]
459325360post main faggolas[View]
459385296does anyone even play 2B2T anymore?[View]
459384128Katana Zero: The cliffhanger ending sucked but honestly I'm really excited for DLC or a sequel.…[View]
459320821>You have received a large dose of radiation. >You have received a large dose of radiation. …[View]
459385716Who do you side with /v/?[View]
459383105Terror: It's baseball season again soon, anon.[View]
459365629What is the most intellectually competetive game right now.: Is it LoL, DotA, WoW or something else …[View]
459382817What is your favorite Digimon game?[View]
459382393Are videogames a good way to pass time in the summer?[View]
459385501>California >Lowest IQ in the country per capita >Most popular game: Fortnite >Massachus…[View]
459384990what game has the most unexpected ending?[View]
459380732Crusader Kings 2 Thread: Alright I’ve just recently gotten back into this game. Forgot how fun it co…[View]
459380013What are some spin offs better than the main series?[View]
459381145HALO REACH ON PC: Where were you when Xbox One fans were blown the fuck out by their own console mak…[View]
459384487You're smart enough to play Puyo Puyo, right anon?[View]
459382330Know I'm late to the party, but still people playing this? Or have played it and want to talk a…[View]
459383595Is this worth playing?: it's finally getting translated. I won't have to read a fucking 60…[View]
459385132Upper Mid to Top tier characters are simply more fun to play as. That's a fact.[View]
459383056Battle for Middle Earth 2: Should I play patch 1.09 or Rise of the Witch King 2.02?[View]
459384686Is Kasen an oni?[View]
459376028PS Vita Games: Going to college soon and dad gave me his old PS Vita Does /v/ know any good games?…[View]
459379067Is there any game that had a bigger cultural impact than Fortnite? Is it the best game ever?[View]
459378240What are the chances of Capcom trying to revive Dead Rising once more as a really good revival game …[View]
459358421Who is a better choice. I cant decide.[View]
459383638it's Easter, post your favorite easter eggs[View]
459383357>2000: Chrono Cross/The Sims >2001: GTA III/ Serious Sam: First Encounter >2002: Metroid Pr…[View]
459377438I am not trying to start an argument I’m genuinely curious as to what the appeal of these games are.…[View]
459371359>indie '''horror''' game >everything is a metaphor for the dev's mental illness Will this…[View]
459382935Why was Big Boss's story so much less interesting than Solid Snakes? He was supposed to be the …[View]
459383831Been playing Mordhau since closed alpha and this is a game I expect all of you to get next week. It…[View]
459384559ANNO 1800 CRACKED: C O D E X P R E S E N T S Anno 1800 (c) Blue Byte Release Date : 04/2019 Protecti…[View]
459384342Bruh......look at this doood OHNONONONONONONONONO[View]
459364076redpill me on this weeb garbage[View]
459384235Nintendo Direct this week?: Hop in boys, it's speculation time. Persona 5 News on the 25th, it…[View]
459384034Tonight, Gehrman Joins the Hunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9zxXN1rx0&feature=youtu.be…[View]
459376973Will you buy a PS5 in the first 6 months?[View]
459381996Fuck Undertale and any other games that does the same stupid shit it does. Stop making non-humans ne…[View]
459383727How will /v/ react when Erdrick gets announced instead of Steve, Banjo, Doomguy and Sora?[View]
459383714The Ultimate Custom Stages: You have to try my Custom Stages Yes or Yes. I have close stages. Moving…[View]
459383694how many hours until this gets good[View]
459382568anyone own 90001 slim is it good[View]
4593794122019, I am forgotten...[View]
459383542Hello fellow 4changoers! I am a legitimate poster on this board and not on Activision/Blizzard Enter…[View]
459382168Let's have a Bloodborne thread. Bloodborne >>>>>>>>>> Suckishit =…[View]
459383241>TFW can't even play classic because blizzard made every single horde leader a alliance alig…[View]
459382747Good morning /v/ does anyone play Mario Kart Wii with wiimmfi? I wanna play with anyone[View]
459383174Splatoon 2: >Andrew, Ryo, Tori, and Josh have won a 10x battle for Team Tortoise You’re welcome …[View]
459382195What's your favorite minigame?[View]
459382134You won't see another F-Zero or Starfox game in your lifetime.[View]
459367080Would Disgaea have gotten the following it has if it didn't have Etna?[View]
459370503Why doesn't he use his billions to create new games?[View]
459375250People are seriously looking forward to Samurai Shodown? Why? Mortal Kombat 11 is coming out soon, a…[View]
459382702Moms Basement.... Home[View]
459369315Why is no one talking about the best Fallout spiritual sequel out there? https://youtu.be/Qj14jhGRNn…[View]
459382382Are there any normie games that are actually good?: Post AAA/normfag games that are actually good ga…[View]
459359956Do you own any video game toys?[View]
459382543Days Gone bugs: I really hope new 17gb day 1 patch fixes this. I have bad feeling if reviewers have …[View]
459376791Is this game good?[View]
459382357What's the scariest horror game?[View]
459381467Was it really that bad?[View]
459382161Play GTA 4 Online (Pirate) Get the GTA 4 ( version) Download CitizenMP:IV Done[View]
459378709>never made a bad game How does he do it?[View]
459382252What’ll you have?[View]
459381076Is he based?[View]
459379737April... I am forgotten.[View]
459380443>One digital deluxe copy of Borderlands 3, please But sir it's Epic Store exclusive! >Tha…[View]
459381321'tis cold in my tent[View]
459376497Remember when Amelia was considered powercreep? What happened, FEH bros?[View]
459364793STAGE BUILDER THREAD: post actually good stages for once[View]
459376234So given the choice do you go with serious character creation or make a monstrosity?[View]
459370426Will Vic still be voicing Omega in Sonic Team Racing?[View]
459369609games that make you extreme comfy?[View]
459381684I love Shield![View]
459381714Why is this game usually seen as an unfathomable piece of shit, on /v/?[View]
459374925>already total dogshit >'we'll nerf them even more!' F…[View]
459379882Streum On working on another W40K game and it looks like it's gonna be more sneaky beaky like L…[View]
459380250>enemy bot actually outsmarts you[View]
459381531ASASSINS CREED UNITY: Sucks I thought you fags said all the bugs were fixed. The pop in and draw dis…[View]
459371282Sekiro thread: This fight is the most annoying for now. >Huge tracking even when dodging or jumpi…[View]
459379107>Duuude Japan Lmao[View]
459381353ZTD thread[View]
459378185only CHADS like this game[View]
459380760Here’s the DLC fuck you[View]
459379626Find a flaw.[View]
459379267Days gone: Just 6 days until GotY 2019 releases. Who else is hyped?[View]
459379481The story of BioShock 2 around the idea that there are multiple Big Daddy's is flawed. When I s…[View]
459381089Ez Flash Omega: Best place where I can buy it?[View]
459380164>Explosion level >Borbstep starts playing…[View]
459365454DO THA MARIO[View]
459380678Anon, why do you choose the male characters in vidya? You can already just be a guy IRL. Why not pla…[View]
459380859When’s the Super Nintendo or Gameboy version coming out? Unless they get more third parties on board…[View]
459380826So who do these arms belong to?[View]
459344972Why do people complain about having to fight multiple enemies at once in this game?[View]
459380715blurblublu dhurrrpfftfh wooshwooshwooosh durk sols twwo ish guuud whooooshwoooshwooosh ktsshhhgrbrb…[View]
459378551To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play this game. The humour is extremely subtle, and w…[View]
459379869How do you beat him?[View]
459380591When are we going home again? LGPE were great for babies, but it makes me want another Kanto game.[View]
459380448Is the joke that you suck?[View]
459364648this is the best controller ever made say something nice to it[View]
4593805255 days before release and there is ZERO hype why isnt sony advertising this game[View]
459378570Why are skating games dead?[View]
459377980GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another passing by with every leakfag …[View]
459368106Anyone remember this mod?[View]
459349402If you bought this game you're part of the problem[View]
459380241MK 11: Here's your dialogue bro, along with 3 fighter packs https://www.reddit.com/r/Mortalkomb…[View]
459375261Just finished it. I'm going to miss these motherfuckers. Was this peak Tales? Should I skip the…[View]
459376296Hey /v/[View]
459379672>haven't been on steam for years >want to buy a pc game since ps4 broke >have no money…[View]
459380130How is it that Nintendo absolutely nailed the Arwing design in Star Fox 64 and made one of the coole…[View]
459365651Why aren't you gaming on Linux /v/? Why do you still put up with Microsoft bullshit?[View]
459379945oh my god JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP![View]
459379797Why did they have to recycle so many ideas in this game?[View]
459379317trash game[View]
459376939Old games. Are they even worth playing? There's always a better option for games, be it gamepla…[View]
459379349After each session I need 2 cigarettes in a row to calm my nerves down. This shit is tense even when…[View]
459378854Why do SH2 cutscenes still look better than today's games even with the difference in technolog…[View]
459378861Meanwhile, at the Black Mesa /v/search Facility, minutes before the big experiment..[View]
459379336Mortal kombat 11: This is going to be a good game, I helped design it. Shaggy will be a dlc.[View]
459379325>game has animal companion >sacrifices itself to save you…[View]
459363902Say something nice about the best classic fps game, it's getting a proper sourceport by Nightdi…[View]
459379274Only 1 (one) consul[View]
459377904DRTC: Anyone of you marvelous fuckers play this? Its taking up a lot if my time lately.[View]
459375815So what makes the best story? Saving yourself? Saving one? Saving a few? Saving many? Saving the wor…[View]
459377258DMC 5 Dante: So what’s your honest opinion on how Dante looks in this one? I’m okay with everyone el…[View]
459376481Why are there no video games set during the Stone Age? Far Cry: Primal was OK, but it didn’t scratch…[View]
459378601Dragon's Dogma is leaked, dump is coming.[View]
459377015>play this uwu am i kawaii game >tuns out to be a terrorist simulator >mass produce bombs a…[View]
459372932Was he right? daily reminder that Rising writer still is a Konami. same for the producer. director s…[View]
459378865waiting for my reach beta email. any day now >whatcha eating[View]
459378987When is this bitch gonna get nerfed? No character should be allowed to take 25% of your health and g…[View]
459376426Games that feature suicide: Preferably RPGs[View]
459377493Ahhhh yes give me that Dark Soles *sniiiiiiiiiiifffff* This is truly the best game[View]
459378818>the camera in sekiro isn't a proble-[View]
459372958Say it.[View]
459376520Terraria: Crimson or Corruption? Favorite Boss? Class?[View]
459377420/v/ Old Rumors, Legends and Secrets: Post some of your favorite Gaming Legends, rumors, and secrets(…[View]
459378528>area with the best aesthetic and soundtrack has the worst gameplay[View]
459360930Is nu-/v/ capable of drawing Kirby?[View]
459378391Your reaction when you heard this for the first time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6UhV3E2H6w…[View]
459378360>this will be a Nintendo staple like Smash Bros, you’ll see how the years go by and people will k…[View]
459372972Shadow of the Colossus? More like Waste of Time I just forgot this![View]
459378212>*smacks chops*[View]
459378153Xenosaga HD remasters when?[View]
459374834>Hey lois, this is better than that time I became a goomba[View]
459374217I spent $130 Canadian dollars pre-ordering Mortal Kombat 11 Digital Premium Edition on PSN. Ask me a…[View]
459375014>tfw you will never be Todd Howard's son[View]
459371820Post yfw you didnt even waste time pirating MK11, let alone money buying[View]
459377223Hand holding: Hi /v Been thinking about this recently more so than before, been playing things like …[View]
459358259Will RDR2 be announced for PC tomorrow?[View]
459375298Who was he again?[View]
459373786If Shantae was revealed for the Fighter Pass for Smash Ultimate, what would this prove? How would it…[View]
459377402>one copy of Fortnite please[View]
459377649https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3jeB19Zbzc Mrs. Obama, he's done it. Jax has stopped racism.…[View]
459369452This bitch turns 30 today. Say something nice about him[View]
459375050ok /v/, what are the best classic games of all time? i've pretty much only played vidya on my p…[View]
459377537Inoko Max-Game Center CX: It seems out loveable fat normal gamer is leaving game center cx and Gas C…[View]
459376730This is me In every meaning of the word, this character is me I am him and Him is me I am Frog and F…[View]
459373725blis helb: how do i fix this?[View]
459372015So, the PS2 came out 19 years ago. Crazy how time flies, huh anon? What are your favorite memories …[View]
459264427Half a year later, how do you feel about Mega Man's return from the dead?[View]
459375848>you get a high score, higher than anyone before what are your initials /v/? for me, it's AS…[View]
459370018This is insane, I don't even believe it, but it's true. Screen cap this, be prepared for t…[View]
459377201Well /v/? It's really important you vote and comment https://www.strawpoll.me/17855225[View]
459376969>still no game where you're a cereal biller[View]
459377147Will it save the MMORPG genre?[View]
459372693Dovahkiin in Smash Ultimate: Post yfw our nigga Dovahkiin gets a place into the roster of Smash Ulti…[View]
459358710Give me one reason why you're not emulating the best souls game right now[View]
459374327>soulsborne >metroidvania[View]
459373047What is the vidya equivalent of starting a thread that dies with 0 replies?[View]
459376759What's the best JRPG of all time[View]
459376246I'm looking to buy a switch, the power adapter isnt included in one listing. Can I use any othe…[View]
459376293I dare you to name a flaw except chalice dungeons, all areas looking the same, everything after forb…[View]
459376647japan: how can we put more cute girls and lesbians into games? america: how can we put more brown pe…[View]
459370341This is the ideal alien body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
459376136MK11: So is the point of D'Vorah to literally be the most hated MK character ever? Why the fuck…[View]
459374284SHE'S IN![View]
459376470Modders: Why are they all so autistic?[View]
459364823HoMM3: >greatest game of all time >/v/ never talks about it Why is this?…[View]
459376258What a shitty trial and error shitfest[View]
459357218>dev supports accessibility (e.g. color blind mode, remapping buttons, etc) in games >game jou…[View]
459370647How the FUCK did they get WORSE at making these games? Not only is this a shit atelier game, its lik…[View]
459374705Christian server: Anyone wanna join my minecraft server? Message me on discord Pichu#5828 (1.12) non…[View]
459375725How do you roleplay in your games?[View]
459375663NWN is Dead: Post mods, servers, drama, and what you're building.[View]
459361997Why didn't CJ shake Wu Zi Mu's hand when he offered to before the race? The guy was just b…[View]
459364267Was she the best character in her game?[View]
459361427Seriously, is there a single reason why they haven't patched this out? >Killing esports >…[View]
4593548643x3: bosses edition hardmode: every boss must be from a different game [View]
459359186Epic games paid Phoneix Point Devs approximately 3.3 Million for exclusivity: OH NO NO NO Just imagi…[View]
459359045MK11 will have the funniest tournament games[View]
459374991Is this videogame a good and accurate representation of Mexico and Mexicans?[View]
459354403She will always be a better character then Crash[View]
459374835How good is it and the DLC compared to the first one?[View]
459371745>Game has dev self insert[View]
459369249So THAT'S why /v/is playing Sekiro on PC. I knew it didn't make sense to play it on PC sin…[View]
459374985>never should of come here.[View]
459368462How can white woman even compete?[View]
459374753Where's my fucking sub money anon[View]
459370193Let's say Gaben actually move his ass and announce Half life 3 at E3 with no leaks before. Wha…[View]
459374949Post games that give those perfect summer vibes. I'll start.[View]
459374943simple as[View]
459373789Why won't Rockstar remaster this for modern consoles? Also, Midnight Club deserves a re-release…[View]
4593744264chan! He has returned, more powerful than ever![View]
459374643backlog picker: Alright /v/. Pick a game for me to play from my backlog: Battle Chasers: Nightwar Bi…[View]
459374572what are some good games about making jokes[View]
459370380KINO: https://vimeo.com/331647586[View]
459367097>hey let’s create dogs that roll in packs of 20, make them impossible to hit and when you block t…[View]
459371429Who is the Kubrick or video game developers?[View]
459369735What fighting game has the CHEAPEST AI of all time? I know fightans are meant to be played against o…[View]
459374340Easter afternoon vidya mixups, post what your faves or what you got https://rave.dj/cEFUAHnjGRPjCw h…[View]
459368276Games aimed towards depressed 30-45 year olds[View]
459372421games only you played[View]
459371381Dokkan Battle: Do I have enough going on here to make a solid Vegetas Family team?[View]
459374087Images that give you anxiety[View]
459373868Days Gone leak: more riding[View]
459373962What are some of your favourite YouTube videos about video games?[View]
459373902Easter themed games? pic related, Rampage 2 Universal Tour the best easter game[View]
459370693XV-2 when?[View]
459372823Name a more beautiful moment in all of gaming[View]
459373724TODAY IS EASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4HQ0v0AJWc[View]
459372664sony is worthless microsoft has cursed us all nintendo is a hive of filthy backstabbers fuck paid on…[View]
459366313Reminder that God of War won game of the year 2018[View]
459373332I really miss the OG Ragnarok/Tibia/Maple Story times. Of couse, i had a shit ton of time to expend …[View]
459361430What would be the game of your dreams ? Tell me, even if it's totally unrealistic, technologica…[View]
459370837Who did you pair him with?[View]
459369237Big Boss is more than a title. It is an identity shared by two people; John and the combat medic tha…[View]
459368920XFire. Home.[View]
459348398Best RPGs of all time: Here's a list of objectively the best rpgs of all time: 1. Planescape: T…[View]
459358358We can agree that this is how celica enlisted the services of Saber.[View]
459351756>No, I'm not doing anything on Sekiro, the video was going to be 'The lost soul arts of Demo…[View]
459372897Why didn't he just invest in a leash?[View]
459371484I think I'm falling out of love with video games, /v/, and it's really a sad thing for me.…[View]
459372297How can I play Borderlands lan with my sister? It won't connect no matter what[View]
459360012This game is overrated[View]
459372715Playing this for the first time and going for all 108 stars, who should I have in my party?[View]
459351832what the fuck is with the renewed interest in this game all of the sudden?[View]
459372582Insurgency: what went wrong /v/?[View]
459366174>tfw you realise you're not getting another Max Payne game[View]
459367530Why do I enjoy Japanese video games more than American? I'm not a weeb or anything, I don'…[View]
459349801Was it really THAT bad?[View]
459372819MUGEN THREAD: post some good chars, i'm bored[View]
459369763Who are they fighting?[View]
459369627Forager: Is it really as shitty as the steam reviews say? How do you even fuck up an idle game?…[View]
459370941Has nobody even suggested the possibility that the next Xbox could be revealed at E3?[View]
459372469Bloodborne Laurence: Did anyone else have a weird amount of trouble with this boss?[View]
459370527What went wrong?[View]
459370653So do we have official launch date for Classic World of Warcraft?[View]
459371654But how does it work?[View]
459369770Tell me about some good games /v/ that have come out recently, or are going to come out soon. I can…[View]
459371835Granary stocks are very low, sire.[View]
459369251>games soundtrack has violins in it[View]
459369047>That guy that called the server admins out for being corrupt and shit >That guy that got bann…[View]
459368464nintendo is a hive of scumbags sony is worthless microsoft has cursed us all death to nintendo[View]
459365846Filename thread[View]
459370256What are some things you dislike about Sekiro, and how would you improve it? I have a few things …[View]
459310782DEVIL MAY CRY 5: Will it ever be topped?[View]
459371334ok, this is epic.[View]
459369832>month old niche singleplayer game >le epic turbonormie battleroyale everyone and their mother…[View]
459351262Oshit I just remembered! You guys are supposed to share your ideas on the final 4 DLC charatcers[View]
459369790Why we love comfy games[View]
459369268Nintendo needs to stop fucking over Square Enix.[View]
459366162Post your GOAT and your biggest achievement: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle I've never smoked, drinke…[View]
459370958Hello hello hello, what do we have here? We got a couple of kyuties on our hands. What do you think …[View]
459370948The G-Man Squad have invaded the world of the last game you played. What happens?[View]
459360231>cs:go >start game >one guy playing but talking to other people not in game over in-game mi…[View]
459370856What are some games that feature a faith-based religious system? >inb4 modded skyrim…[View]
459370832You now realize that only online written gaming journalist articles anyone ever pays attention to ar…[View]
459369892Casual Filters[View]
459369928What went wrong with it, /v/? I never got to try it past beta due to my toaster and now I hear it di…[View]
459368045What games do black powder combat well? I have got about 300 hours in Shogun 2: Fall of the samurai …[View]
459362485Times when you acted like the joker in Vidya. See a guy on my team doing poorly, don’t flame him and…[View]
459370184I see it now It comes so clear Your insincerity And me all starry eyed You think that I would have k…[View]
459370048>Hornets received. >Wraith farting in. What the FUCK did he mean by this?…[View]
459367749>another brownbloom sickdark meme game >feudal japan with giant enemy crabs and demons meme …[View]
459367359What are some of the best video game Easter Eggs[View]
459369707Marine squad deployed![View]
459358502Graphic Mods?: MODDERS BTFO[View]
459365925>be me >playing overwatch >everyone is quiet because it's really early >start shotc…[View]
459369831Here's your MH rep[View]
459369851What are some games for this holy day?[View]
459368916Why do American retards fall for this shit?[View]
459361330claim your itemfu[View]
459368064What the fuck happened to this?[View]
459362176Why the hate /v/?[View]
459367758Kharak, Home...[View]
459369329L2: >the old models will never come back What's wrong with Koreans?!…[View]
459365747Confess: I play gatcha games and enjoy them.[View]
459369253Deadpool is unironically a Smash DLC character. I'm not bullshitting or making this up. Screenc…[View]
459365915The kingdom of Myrtana... united... by king Rhobar II.[View]
459366379Ray traced Minecraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jD0mELZPD8 The future is now.[View]
459361007City of CoX: Everybody get in, share your characters and campy story arks. Remember if you find your…[View]
459365935Mama's dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys...[View]
459365889Games similar to pic related?: Aside from the Souls series, also needs a good plot[View]
459364887How old she actually is?[View]
459368193Smash makes me upset Im seething[View]
459367990What happened to the superhero video game genre?: I'm not talking about Spiderman, Batman, or o…[View]
459368613>Be 2019 >Just finished BL GOTY with a couple of buddies >Everybody got at least one pearl,…[View]
459342420How did you react when you saw this bs?[View]
459368615So are the rumors true? Is he dead? Did Erron Black kill him? Or is he just not in the story mode fo…[View]
459368074I never played a soulsbourne game or sekiro. What game should i start with?[View]
459362728just started play Morrowind any tips /v/?[View]
459368117so is epic game store really that bad?[View]
459367191HEY HEY HEY SMASH THREADS Have no actual discussion. it's just constant shitflinging. Get over …[View]
459366396when do you think we'll get a translation patch /v/?[View]
459368258What went wrong?[View]
459355372Best game from fromsoft. Prove me wrong. >Atmosphere is 10/10 >Best one lore-wise >Enough i…[View]
459368056Will he have anything dialogue in Sonic Team Racing?[View]
459366652Why hasn't a trouble in terrorist town standalone been attempted? I feel like it, more than a l…[View]
459324510What do you think about videogame music?[View]
459367885are you kids keeping fresh?[View]
459366579>Can't jump dropped[View]
459364938BB = Sekiro >>> DaS1 >>> DaS3 > DeS > DaS2[View]
459367815Why are the 20xx cards so expensive?[View]
459367019Which games have the best written villains that are either relatable or justified in their actions?[View]
459359305Are there no good multiplayer FPS games anymor?[View]
459357321Annual sportshite power ranking: MLB The Show > NHL > FIFA > Madden > NBA 2k[View]
459365374How do I get back into minecraft?[View]
459367236similar games? crew management, exploration, space battles?[View]
459361425My PC controller recently broke and I need to buy a new one, wich one do you guys recommend?[View]
459367387Leaky Leaks: E3 DD2 DMC6 DMC5 DLCs RE8 RE3make[View]
459360130Post good characters who are forever stuck in shit games.[View]
45936549780% Dad simulator 20% Yakuza game Will the fix the balance when it gets remade?[View]
459366895what kind of difficulty you want senpai[View]
459367283how can consoles even compete?[View]
4593466236 days until release Are you ready?[View]
459367253New Vegas Multiplayer: Disillusionment Edition: This is the mod that redpilled me. We were all warlo…[View]
459367026Peach Ball Pinball: Who is stoked for PEACH BALL Pinball There is going to be titties tails and most…[View]
459364080Best Nintendo princess: she's in[View]
459365445Who is the better villain, Kefka or Luca Blight?[View]
459366623I can't break its eye. I need Chaotic Lichen and it's a 20% by breaking the eyes but I jus…[View]
459347873Play Resident Evil 2 on PC[View]
459366780Would you a space nazi mutt?[View]
459364509Now that the dust has finally settled, which female companion is the best of the fallout franchise?[View]
459366569Was it really that bad?[View]
459365337What do yall think about bfbc3? Better yet: what do yall think of continuing a great series with ea…[View]
459363726>Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
459351714Give me one good reason why I should spend thousands of dollars on a gaming PC instead of just getti…[View]
459366027Any games where I can play as a protagonist who is pushed into a hero's journey (s)he doesn…[View]
459363582Hey hey! Come on over, have some fun with Crazy Taxi! YA YA YA YA YA[View]
459365418Happy Easter /v/![View]
459363429You want to know what ruined FPS games? The ability to aim down sight. It slows down the pace of th…[View]
459366018This game doesn't hold up. It's all nostalgia.[View]
459344723STAGE BUILDER THREAD: ULTIMATE 2.0: POST ARENAS AND STAGES also i just wanted to say that if sakurai…[View]
459365830Can we get some appreciation for the aesthetics and atmosphere in Thief? I really like the Dark Age …[View]
459365805>available for PS3 download on PSN Store US >not available for PS3 download on PSN Store AU Wh…[View]
459361267Games that are 10/10 and 7/10 at the same time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlp8GimssgI[View]
459365085Post dabs in vidya[View]
459364883Co-workers keep suggesting I start a Twitch channel because they enjoy talking about games with me. …[View]
459365446>Here's your PSN launch title bro[View]
459363741Post games from genres that you normally dislike but are an exception. Fucking hate metroidvanias bu…[View]
459365095Just a reminder that in last year E3, people say Sony won E3 just because of the kiss they show and …[View]
459364959>played Morrowind for 18 hours >still have never been able to get into it across multiple atte…[View]
459365516can all threads like >play league >play overwatch >download epic launcher >watch twitch …[View]
459364825Which console is the best right now?[View]
459363395You are going to play their game tomorrow, right /v/?[View]
459364904Does anyone actually like this bitch? She's incredibly annoying and jobs repeatedly in her own …[View]
459357279>co-workers talk about video games >its always the latest battlefield, call of duty or assassi…[View]
459365384Today I get the fractured but whole on the switch.: I am going to be a black check in a boy body.…[View]
459349561Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney: >It's a 'there are two pieces of evidence that would prove the…[View]
459365349Yo I spent my 10 event tickets and this guy showed up. Is he any gud? I already have Macan and Leib …[View]
459313784Leave Subnautica to me.[View]
459364075Am I ready for Legendary? (won on Hard)[View]
459353763She was too pure for this word. Both hypothetically and literally.[View]
459364972I'm enjoying Remake 2. Thanks /v/.[View]
459364324You're way too deceitful, Todd That's why it does not just work You'll have me buying…[View]
459365195>'You unlocked a secret level' >looks like every other level Fuck you Gex, you lied to me. Die…[View]
459364423Is Karma a good mechanic in videogames?[View]
459355636ah yes[View]
459364396What went wrong?[View]
459363889So wait, people were having trouble with this fuck? I got them on my third try, I had more trouble f…[View]
459360573What's the best Skyrim race and why is it the cat people?[View]
459354508What's the verdict on this? Looking to play a rpg and this is on sale right now[View]
459362174games that live up to the hype[View]
459353526>leaves people unconscious hanging upside down with no immediate way for ambulances to rescue him…[View]
459360934What exactly killed the MMO genre? Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
459360906Regional pricing: How is it possible that videogames cost the same in Germany and Czech Republic whe…[View]
459356694tf2 screenshot[View]
459364327Whats the most fun class in WoW BFA? seriously i resubbed and want to play some good class in 8.1.5[View]
459360614Anybody else fucking HATE this game? Sometimes I feel like the only one.[View]
459329545You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't playing Girls' Frontline, before G11 puts th…[View]
459364802Name a bigger jobber in video games. >gets ass beat in reveal trailer >gets ass beat in mk10 …[View]
459362497Was Shido a good villain in Persona 5?[View]
459357957Here's your PC bro[View]
459364617>Apathy is life![View]
459363130>Why, yes, I do enjoy japanese RPG games, how can you tell?[View]
459361102>ywn kiss Tracer why even live?[View]
459363567Describe joanthan blow[View]
459361754>run server >put God mode on just for you and your friends >kill and spawncamp your enemies…[View]
459363931>Credits don't thank the fans[View]
459363673Whats his name again /v/?[View]
459363183>game's main leitmotif plays during a heartfelt moment[View]
459358039Why does /v/ love Persona series so much? I didn't even know they're that popular with wes…[View]
459357848How many Sony games does it take to change a lightbulb? It doesn't matter because they can just…[View]
459356363[PROTOTYPE2]: So, I loved the first game. While it had its flaws, the sense of freedom and the feeli…[View]
459360783>Why yes, I am a Theoretical Physicist. How could you tell?[View]
459362354>Everyone knows 80% of people playing as a female character in an mmo are male >Other guys st…[View]
459348097Step aside, best civilization game coming thru[View]
459360672Is this a pinnacle of single-player military shooters?[View]
459362301I know you fags are playing it. Are there branching paths and different endings? I've beat it t…[View]
459361974Literally unplayable without the orchestral mod[View]
459363549Mortal Kombat 11 - tfw no Reptile: I know this is a huge amount of COPE, but even when MK 3 came out…[View]
459361830why ps1 graphics feels so good?[View]
459362574>Tfw dead sick with the flu Any of you boys got good Stardew Valley mods? I need maximum comfy to…[View]
459363053Boy, give me a very good reason why I shouldn't kill you...[View]
459362460So when's the direct? April 25th? https://streamable.com/5gwlt[View]
459363462Why do western dev's want to be the Whore of Babylon?[View]
459363341Hey anon, played on our new drp server yet: Here is our new drp server anon, check it out. https://…[View]
459363273She will get censored at granblue versus right? I mean, this is too much cleavage for sony[View]
459363180Tinfoil hat GAMERS ww@?: So today I was emulating windows 95 which was emulating windows xp which wa…[View]
459334904daily reminder that porn addicted shut-ins think this is the only way women should be represented in…[View]
459360507ITT: realest motherfuckers alive[View]
459362838Cuphead? Hollow Knight? Don't make me laugh. There's only one indie game worth talking abo…[View]
459358629Why are there so few Jewish video game characters?[View]
459359470Most embarrassing vidya faps: Post 'em[View]
459359478How do I get good at this game? I seriously want to love and enjoy it and I find the gameplay enjoya…[View]
459359554SuperTuxKart: SuperTuxKart 1.0 has been released!!! This is the year of Linux gaming!!!! M$ BTFO! Ma…[View]
459350979This console was too pure for this world.[View]
459351681Who are you fooling anon be honest you dont use those buttons[View]
459358379>indie game gets made with Unreal 4 >everything is blurry >all surfaces have that shine …[View]
459359483How's that let's play channel of your going?[View]
459362296>based and redpilled what did he mean by this?[View]
459358838ITT: games you regret buying regret buying[View]
459358395GDQ: Steams happening May 12 - 16 who else /hype/?[View]
459362089>tfw scared the shit out of me when saw her for the first time >tfw talk with her and she deci…[View]
459362032Apex Legends Register For Giveaways: Register now for the giveaway! Only Apex Players can participat…[View]
459361236What a piece of junk.[View]
459358469Y-You're gonna play my game right anon?[View]
459361814It's fine.[View]
459360696Was the trademark renewal just rutinary?[View]
459358094NINTENDO WON: AGAIN[View]
459356486I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna say the r-word.[View]
459361117ALL HANDS ON THE POOP DECK https://youtu.be/n0kVSbzolDs[View]
459357638Why are there no good RWBY games?[View]
459359574>Be born a zoomer >Bombarded with games and media 24/7 >Alone and confused >No one to gu…[View]
459358156>halo 2 is shit any everybodies just waiting for 3 >custom games are gonna revitalize communit…[View]
459357025PUBG MOBILE: PUBG MOBILE SPRING DRAW Loading screen. Have a good day of spring.[View]
459347297What's your favourite fighting game select screen?: For me, it's Tekken 5.[View]
459361226Pa-Pa-Pa-Pass the controller, bro![View]
459361181What even more mk11 dlc https://youtu.be/UppyPzIb5Y8[View]
459333290>Valve is lazy >Steam never gets updates I'm genuinely confused why this sentiment still …[View]
459360759poorly describe the beginning and ending of a game, others guess what it is: starting with an easy o…[View]
459361126Will I risk getting banned if I play a cracked game on steam and go on a cracked multiplayer server …[View]
459358301Will we rise again, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgkCawbMGM[View]
459342979Pic related stands in your way and says: >Hi, I'm Ed Boon, why didn't you pre-order a c…[View]
459356464Find a flaw[View]
459347918https://www.stalker2.com/ is it going to be a flop that will ruin the franchise /v/? what are your h…[View]
459358402>snow level >has a sliding down the mountain minigame…[View]
459358251Romance in games: >Game has romance options >be homo >guys you like only available to roman…[View]
459352902Happy Easter anons! What are the best easter eggs in vidya?[View]
459354437PERSONA 5 SWITCH LEAK: GET THE FUCK IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzFGYEZNah4[View]
459357473Post your park: From any game, just post em[View]
459358574i heard some shit was going down with this game. i used to love playing it back in the day, what…[View]
459360201It's been about 2 hours on this guy so far and I'm pretty sure I'm taking this back t…[View]
459358539Is it dead yet?[View]
459356654Ara ara~ Everyone, please listen, I have something very important to say: Fuck the Imps and, more im…[View]
459355109IN THIS WOOOORLD[View]
459359701DMC: Nero is turning bad in 6[View]
459360120What games allow resurrection?[View]
459360031>We won't be seeing Animal Crossing switch in 2019[View]
459359707>enemies use spandaus[View]
459359917Celica porn when?[View]
459360048what did they mean by this?[View]
459359614What vidya has meaningful deaths through its story/gameplay?[View]
459357785Battlefield 5's firestorm is the best BR on the market. The looting needs work, but other than …[View]
459357606Games with cars you get personally attached to. Is there even a single game like this aside from Mad…[View]
459348865Days Gone leak: Short clip from Pro, resized because webm limit sucks[View]
459359824What are some games?[View]
459358361It's going to be VR isn't it?[View]
459357383>been out just over a month >no one talks about it anymore What happened bruhs? Did Sekiro BTF…[View]
459344220US Walmart Regional Manager here. I have no leaks for you, but some game related information which y…[View]
459357869>Make TWO akechi-themed recolours >Can't be fucked to make an alt colour of Arsene to ma…[View]
459358641> Be me > Be Sotha Sil > Pretty good > Basically an advisor to this dude called Nerevar …[View]
459359595Despite the hundreds of romantically involved characters and even married ones is there any openly L…[View]
459352120Now the dust has settled, was it good?[View]
459359527'Sekiro is sooo much easier than dark souls' -youtuber kiddo that has played hundreds of hours of d…[View]
459358729Help what do I do[View]
459358805Video games stopped being interesting in 2004. Prove me wrong.: Pro-tip: you can't. Pic related…[View]
459359263Ace Combat: <<Can you hear me, shitposter with 3 bans?>>[View]
459358448Please post games I can fall asleep to[View]
459355720>that one map[View]
459354618Whose idea was that remake of SM64 needed to be more like DK64? I thought everyone hated having to c…[View]
459355458Are video games getting worse or am I just getting too old for vidya?[View]
459354643Assassin's Creed Unity: hey can somebody i can fix the lag in unity and make better fps i disab…[View]
459357250This is Poppi[View]
459358227>>https://youtu.be/NGe79n-jcHk?t=881 well anon?[View]
459356612How is Etrian Odyssey Untold The Millennium Girl, would you recommend playing it?[View]
459356536If Super Mario Bros was released today: New game from Nintendo: Super Mario Bros! In this single pla…[View]
459354589How many monitors is /v/ rocking? If 3, what do you do with the other 2 while gaming?[View]
459344484Starcraft 2 GSL Supertournament Finals: Starcraft 2 South Korea Time GSL Supertournament Semi+Finals…[View]
459346410Hello /v/, you're up way past your bedtime, aren't you? I hope you've slipped into so…[View]
459355495how does she shot web?[View]
459343251when are they gonna make a sequel to this?[View]
459357846Games for this feel?[View]
459355719Video game tracking: What video game site(s) do you use to track your collection now that backlogger…[View]
459319465>search classic >search home >no results Something's not quite right.. Rate my Female …[View]
459354473What is your genuine opinion on Link?[View]
459244424Splatoon: >[horn blowing] WAKE THE FUCK UP IT'S TIME FOR THE SPLATFEST!…[View]
459358145Why can't it act in an orderly and lawful manner?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esf4klODr90…[View]
459356073What's next after impulse triggers?[View]
459357013How long until it finally dies?: >all of the dedicated developers/players are leaving >constan…[View]
459344030A new Poker Night is game is getting made and (you) get to choose any four characters to star in it.…[View]
459354526Protip: You can't.[View]
459355368What the fuck happened?[View]
4593559163 > 1 > 2 Any other games like this?[View]
459352921>tfw trying to level Sienna as my last character >everything besides Legend is full of fucking…[View]
459356005Why does the game industry worship uncreativity? I'm sick of all these clones of Zelda, Mario, …[View]
459353039Were the Assassins order nihilists? >Used the code: 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted.' …[View]
459356810Pathfinder Kingmaker: Was in the mood to play a crpg and picked this up again. Whats a good build fo…[View]
4593573958 Days: >8 Days 8 Days[View]
459349552Tifa or Yuffie?[View]
459357294God Hand 2: https://youtu.be/6diAmmp0-bk[View]
459356360Did they fuck?[View]
459346743How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
459354973What is the most important aspect of any game?[View]
459357121Which game best represents the golden generation?[View]
459356440Arkham: Origins is easily one of the best superhero games ever made. Why do so many people ignore it…[View]
459357050these are the graphics that you'll get with the release of shadowbringers you may not like it b…[View]
459357038hesitation is defeat[View]
459356019Happy Easter /v/![View]
459351664Other than FFXIV, what are some gay games?[View]
459354729Sekiro doesn't need an easy mo-[View]
459356749What are some games Americans don't know about?[View]
459353057Post your best kills[View]
459353536Heroes Orchestra LIVE CONCERT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkuPY3sweZQ[View]
459350640Why are they so perfect?[View]
459355263Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge: Master Ninja vs Ultimate Ninja, which harder and why?[View]
459355934Video Game fee fees: Video Games that hold an unknown emotional effect over you from that one time y…[View]
459354909Pokemon Minecraft: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/free-legendaries-pezzcraft-pokemon/ Come j…[View]
459353578>game set in feudal Japan >main villain is Nobunaga with demon powers…[View]
459354902Kino games thread[View]
459349990Thanks to the power of technology, this visage of a cat could be improved and flawlessly transferred…[View]
459356475just wanted to say thanks to the boys for warning me about lionfish, hope these little cunts get wha…[View]
459352464So now that it's over, what would you have done differently? Save the Lee dream til Ep4.[View]
459351305Why didn’t Nintendo include this costume for Joker in Smash?[View]
459352791I'm having a hard time deciding what to play next. Recently I've played Sekiro, RE2Make, C…[View]
459351760Any good comfy games?[View]
459352871Borderlands vs Far Cry 5: My friend and I are looking for something to co-op, and are trying to deci…[View]
459353462>Enemy mocks you[View]
459344839Is it your GOTY?[View]
459350879H-hi /v/... I am doing the coming to this b-board because I need a f-fun town building computer game…[View]
459353612How is it? Does it even hold a candle to Harvest Moon?[View]
459356172After 200 years, tofu is back[View]
459354104This triggers the Sonyfag[View]
459354856How come all game launchers but the blizzard thing are SLOW AS FUCK? Steam is literally internet à l…[View]
459354572>LA RUMBA NO CANTO MAS[View]
459350265Is the Xbox 360 retro yet?[View]
459349790Are easy difficulties cheating?[View]
459355472Looking for some fps rpg, anything besides these series worth trying? Also tried the new prey. Shoot…[View]
459355297Well /v/? It's really important you vote and comment https://www.strawpoll.me/17855225[View]
459280121TF2 thread: post your best deathscreen[View]
459353606>DMC5 is the best action game of all ti- *sips monkey booze* Problem?[View]
459325015Yeah, it's another SMT thread.[View]
459353987TIL YOU SURRENDER I WONT GIVE UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHOJBtZhKQo[View]
459336569Persona 5 S: Please the S be Switch, I don't know what i'll do if it's not.. I WANT T…[View]
459355043BEST DIVISION 2 BUILD: https://youtu.be/Frf6ZXzjSiU[View]
459353323Entered Ashina castle and killed bull. I assume suffering is just about to begin.[View]
459350983Three player inputs were required to run in this game. In Origins and Odyssey, it's been reduce…[View]
459349551Dead Space... What did I think of it?[View]
459305082>you are now aware that Headless Ape moves and behaves like a centipede, which is why he's h…[View]
459344164Remember that time they gave Sonic the Hedgehog a gun & painted him black? That was weird.[View]
459295713No City of Heroes thread? Not a problem Keep the dream alive bros, we're going home! Post your …[View]
459349663I want to make a sprite-based platformer/top-down RPG hybrid (think Nier in how it shifts perspectiv…[View]
459354356How do night elf girls get by in thick primordial woods in such skimpy outfits and without any shoes…[View]
459351138Is there another AAA developer who's entire library is valued this low?[View]
459352629kino moments in vidya: starting with a classic that forever made game journos hate the franchise…[View]
459334975>game is a murder mystery >it's not possible to solve with the clues given That was compl…[View]
459351009anyone getting mk11 on the switch? looks a lot better than the last portable mk that was on the vita…[View]
459353926My Time At Portia Is this a good game. How are waifus here?[View]
459345738Oh my god Super Mario? What are you doing here?[View]
459342249what is the most optimal way to play this today? Every time I've tried to get into it, it is a …[View]
459352336So, which games are you excepting the most on Switch this year /v/?[View]
459329823>every dead character came back to life except mileena Why does Ed Boon hate the best girl so muc…[View]
459349136consider me dumb but I forgot to ask before buying (it’s €4.49 on Origin btw) does BFII needed to be…[View]
459353824Do tiers life matter?: Are the concept of tiers really applly to every competition or there are just…[View]
459348481Why do handheld games always look so blurry?: I understand that remakes of N64 games are supposed to…[View]
459339550>that one teammate who writes gg after your team gets stomped[View]
459350869So /v/, I have a problem. My little brother is 15, about to be 16. I'm ten years his senior. I…[View]
459347559'...Take a look at this.'[View]
459350051What's the worst voice acting you've seen in a game?: here's some of the shit i'…[View]
459352505>tfw nobody remembers King Graham[View]
459353239Why is she so perfect?[View]
459353150Surfing games: Last good one was Transworld surf for xbox, surfing gsmes are fun af we need a curren…[View]
459350630Dark Souls 2: It may be the worst in terms of gameplay (still good though, fuck off!), but it has, b…[View]
459348726>part of me want to play mass effect 1 and 2 again >remember 3 and the magic is ruined I hones…[View]
459318064DMC: What did she go double check? Was it a mistranslation?[View]
459350647Psssst, hey you! yeah you down there! Little fella with the keyboard!: What are you playing today? A…[View]
459351775Why is he always lurking around Junes?[View]
459314385Draphs are the best fantasy race. WIll there be draphs in Granblue Versus?[View]
459350257 [View]
459292845Most expensive gaming related thing you own.[View]
459350909I just finished Sekiro and it got me in the mood for more souls game. What do i play next, /v/? Im g…[View]
459350012Wakfu: >Big fan of ankama games >Dofus notoriously toxic among frenchies >Bootleg WoW >D…[View]
459350161> FF12 > pre ordering > what am I getting at…[View]
459346446What are the things we fight before Kefka?[View]
459350593Is this the worst launch of all time?: BioWare-EA have been completely radio silent since release…[View]
459349521Why do all moden MMO's cater to raiders? Raiders are the shit tier players of all MMO's Th…[View]
459340295Pitch me your dream game /v/? You have a 100 million dollar budget and free reigns for design and st…[View]
459351189SuperTuxKart 1.0 Release: http://blog.supertuxkart.net/2019/04/supertuxkart-10-release.html Consolef…[View]
459350481Why yes I am a fan of the hearts of iron series how could you tell?[View]
459350198How is this game? And I'm asking about the Switch version, if there is a difference between PC.[View]
459352245NA Legend challenges Bogenhafen, Ubersreik.[View]
459347394Are you looking forward to the best total war game and bring benevolence to the land?[View]
459347014forager: >topseller on steam how is this videogame[View]
459351858>you want a whore? Buy one >you want a queen, you earn her >still fucks her What are some b…[View]
459341517What's your favorite pokemon?[View]
459344690Do you think the Wii Fit/Just Dance style exertainment games were part of what made the Wii so popul…[View]
459349902Mouse / Keyboard: What's your mouse and keyboard combo anon? G Pro Wireless and GMMK TKL …[View]
459348906Caught Him: Now what? Is there any way to level him up or make him follow my commands correctly? Was…[View]
459351251Hey /v/, I need a recommendation for a game to deal with mourning and isolation right now. Any recom…[View]
459347267>Mordhau releases in EIGHT DAYS Get hyped[View]
459349116Name a more iconic crossover: Protip: You can't[View]
459340089Hey all. Is this PC a good deal? My dad won the lottery a month or so back (not the main jackpot but…[View]
459350384I'm writing a game: I've recently been hit with an idea for a video game. It was at moment…[View]
459345737Epic games paid Phoneix Point Devs approximately 3.3 Million for exclusivity: >getting paid for t…[View]
459351117Your soundcard works perfectly![View]
459329589Should we switch to linux?[View]
459337745When was the last time you actually enjoyed playing vidya?: I recently bought a Neptunia bundle on s…[View]
459349048Vidya feels/nostalgia thread: Share your stories, make others feel[View]
459348519How do we save him, bros?[View]
459349791The end is nigh: Tik-tok tik-tok pokeshitters. You're time almost over. https://store.steampowe…[View]
459337764why are nintendies such hypocrites remember when nintendo was full on censorship and the fanboys def…[View]
459349321Now that the dust has actually settled, can we agree that the Strogg aren't bad vidya enemies i…[View]
459346385hyah! hyah! hadoken! yuh! shoryuken![View]
459350529>no competitive game has a sink or swim training mode[View]
459347327Now that Sekiro has turned out to be a disappointment, have you finally realized that Miyazaki is a …[View]
459336524What is this aesthetic called?[View]
459348451Gacha lads, Can you explain to me the appeal of Gacha? I really don't understand the point of i…[View]
459350373>RPG has rap music[View]
459288282>There's no such thing as someone suspected without cause what in the actual fuck did this l…[View]
459343779I already miss Sakura. These bitches don't even want to do victory poses.[View]
459348817>$20 skin[View]
459343673Thread for all the ones you couldn't save.[View]
459339996What would you have changed to make this game a true masterpiece? I'll start Story >start th…[View]
459347293>brickgirl wearing crocks, yellow spandex, and goggles what in the flying fuck were they thinking…[View]
459343074Why do devs keep hiding/leaving secret shit in the code? Is it intentional? Every game has its autis…[View]
459327839Videogames are NOT art!: Fucking BASED YIIK director. FUcking BASED!! Will buy a few copies of his g…[View]
459349828What are some games (any genre) with good character creation options? One that actually lets you cre…[View]
459349796Just got this for free on PS4. What am i in for? Which weapon do i use to not have enemies ramdomly …[View]
459343379ITT we post games that haven't aged well. You can really tell it was designed for xbox/ps3, the…[View]
459319667It's Saturday, lads. What are ya >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >D…[View]
459330063Happy 4/20 /v/.[View]
459348575>Mfw played vidya for 20 years and never reached the Endgame in any RPG >Never had those OP c…[View]
459345750Can't wait to buy 200 easy fatality tokens just for the price of 9.99 plus tip[View]
459330860Dragon Marked for Death: I just got this (probably dead at this point) game. How should I build my c…[View]
459348031Night City..[View]
459348087Was he based?[View]
459349159So a new episode's out, after twelve million years. Finally things are starting to make sense. …[View]
459328132WHEN H E N[View]
459338181Walking Dead game: Did you leave her on the side of the road?[View]
459346481This the channel of how you do a departure >No drama >Complete transparency >Being a little…[View]
459348101Can anyone recommend a decent cheap cpu to pair with a 1050? Normally I'd just slap an 8400 in …[View]
459347020If you want to know why girls you take home look disturbed when they see your Nintendo Switch... ...…[View]
459348874>character is based and supremely redpilled[View]
459345797What was the first class in Team Fortress? And I don't mean what your first class was, I mean w…[View]
459347564How come I can’t find any rule 34 of Todd Howard? A fujo has to have drawn some shit at some point. …[View]
459346693What the fuck is this? How are you meant to do this without using healing items? Yakuza Thread…[View]
459322619Update when?[View]
459315731>2019 >Still no sailor moon game[View]
459342207memes aside, why is Nintendo so lazy with their remakes/ports?[View]
459344821>can't make a porn game thread without it getting deleted >people can have 6 smash stage …[View]
459344797Emulation Thread: Currently in the process of backing up every single ROM available on the internet.…[View]
459348215My childhood (Flash games thread)[View]
459330219Big Boss is not a person. 'Big Boss' is an identity composed of two people that look, sound, perform…[View]
459348098Since there are zoomers here, Im going to ask Did videogames give you a fetish? What game was?[View]
459345468Is it coming to Switch?[View]
459348062FTFY Japan. maybe next time look at an actual african queen before you design one[View]
459343354ITT: Let's have a thread for those you want in Smash without Banjo/Steve wars or leakfaggotry. …[View]
459344856>get rare item >'note: This item is rare be careful how you use it.' >use it immediately …[View]
459346991Will his reveal ever be topped?[View]
459347847Is he the biggest ideas guy in gaming? Even Suda is at least somewhat convincing.[View]
459344606Have you played Kanna's game yet?[View]
459342097What are you Dreaming of /v/?[View]
459347517smash bros is one of the most unpleasant games to play[View]
459345453Just finished this. What's the next Castlevania I should play? I've done 3, Super, Rondo a…[View]
459327364killer7/TSB/suda51 thread: playing killer7 at 11pm is the best worst decision ive made all week…[View]
459345821>party member sacrifices himself >boss doesn't even have a scratch…[View]
459343140>My wife ( My only gaming buddy) is at her dads for the weekend due to him wanting to take her to…[View]
459347235Magia RE-KO-DO: How many of /v/ is going to plan the EN version of the Madoka Mobile Game? Got any q…[View]
459346961can someone aware me on the latest Smash Ultimate leaks?: are we getting Ridley?[View]
459347161Anyone remember this game?: There used to be a game on addictinggames or some flash game site like i…[View]
459347050What games give me the option to celebrate easter?[View]
459344472https://vocaroo.com/i/s1bWUFEjjMBI should my knees be making this noise when I squat or bend them[View]
459336371Summon Night Thread: Is 5 any good? I'm on Chapter 8 of 6 but I might pick the Female character…[View]
459341498Is this game any good?: Or is it just one of those games people have on their Steams to look 'depres…[View]
459344629She should've been a walking Jojo reference.[View]
459346673About 10 or 11 years ago, a guy posted a pic of himself fucking his girlfriend from behind while sim…[View]
459346860WE https://youtu.be/PdBTaikX4Fk[View]
459326173Let's play a game /v/. Describe your most wanted DLC character for the fighters pass by predict…[View]
459345576Why would they even create a PS5 and Xbox Two when the current Gen is barely a graphical improvement…[View]
459344884Meanwhile in OOT /v/...: We are going to build a bridge, and make the Gerudos pay for it Make Hyrule…[View]
459346545Hey /v/[View]
459346204Hmm I love video games, I wonder what I should play today...[View]
459343686Metroidvania: Why do autists love this shitty ass style of game?[View]
459345323>no one talking about the best Sonic 3 mod to have ever existed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b…[View]
459335835So I'm in the middle of chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I just got a 5 star Blade for Rex,…[View]
459345258>nobody gives a shit about a game you love Why does it hurt so much, bros?…[View]
459346035>character is based and supremely redpilled[View]
459345974Preorder Mortal Kombat 11 right now.[View]
459338365What boards would he post on?[View]
459312676Nintendo's Official Statement on Smash Bros DLC: 'Sakurai wants characters that are unique, dif…[View]
459342543Has anyone ever quit video games? I haven't played anything in years.[View]
459342831are there any games based around easter? there are a lot of christmas games, but easter?[View]
459343920MGS2: Looking back, this really was the best Metal Gear game, and probably one of the best games of …[View]
459345384>Last Online: 443 Days Ago[View]
459345363We should be grateful to NRS: If Mortal Kombat 11 were being made by a japanese company instead of N…[View]
459343846ITT we pretend we're on a gaming forum in 2006[View]
459344686This nigger turns 30 today. Say something nice about the Game Boy, share memories[View]
459335590>be a girl. ( An actual girl, not a 'girl' on the internet). Games are a main part of my life, no…[View]
459343325dreams: Is anyone else fucking around with this? I thought it looked pretty amazing but there isn…[View]
459343909What was the best year for video gaming? I'm going to say 1998[View]
459337995Have you ever felt so flustered that you had to take a break from the game you were playing?[View]
459345078Happy Easter, /v/[View]
459338645UNIST / Under Night thread? Lets get a lobby going![View]
459332686So how would you scam Sonicfags, /v/? They're the most autistic game fanbase, after all.[View]
459338289What a fucking Joke of a collection[View]
459339436THEIR SINS NEEEEVER DIE!!!!![View]
459326181HEAT shield![View]
459340565>imagine not playing oldschool maple story in 2019[View]
459338471This will be the highest selling Fire Emblem. How does that mame you feel?[View]
459344729Steam Cucks think DmC is better than DMC5: Reminder that if Steam had proper curation (like Epic), i…[View]
459344718Hey /v/ - the vidya. Since it's weed day today, I wanna know what vidya games are best to play …[View]
459335831>population of 1.4 billion >no contribution to gaming outside of crappy bootlegs why has china…[View]
459336473What will you do when every platform implements censorship? What will you do once the Olympics are o…[View]
459334278Do you think more males in video games should be young, cute and courageous or masculine, powerful a…[View]
459344565ITT: Definitive Retro Remakes[View]
459343101Do you say thanks to the people that make all these great games for you (developers etc.)?[View]
459336742why are there no longer any fun racing games?[View]
459344158>final boss is recolor version of random enemy[View]
459342001>hands start to get cold and slow How do you avoid Gamer Hands /v/? I have to actually exercise a…[View]
459327506What game has the best redhead /v/?[View]
459340931What are you playing RIGHT NOW, /v/? I'm playing Saints Row IV (pic related, obv) because I got…[View]
459343067I'm genuinely afraid about the future of the industry. When I look at other countries, such as …[View]
459342724>wake up >no cute and funny (cunny) thread on /v/ wtf???…[View]
459330289I've never played Dark Souls: I want to get either DS1 (remastered) or DS3. Skipping DS2 becaus…[View]
459320606>game saddles you with an annoying mascot character >he's actually great…[View]
459343150Exclusively Games: Has anyone actually used this website? It seems to be nothing but opinion pieces …[View]
459340984>join a lobby >”anyone have a mic?” >a jumbled mess of words and high-pitched static rape m…[View]
459338832What is the best standard battle theme?[View]
459343938ITT: underappreciated gems[View]
459318821Besides Digimon World 1 and 3 what are some good Digimon games?[View]
459332789YA SPEED RUNNIN'[View]
459343852Why yes, I do think fire emblem is better than its ever been[View]
459343423E. Honda vs Dhalsim: Which is a shittier design? A super skinny Indian who is also really muscular o…[View]
459263452/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>459190954 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
459330774>boss can go invisible[View]
459341631what is the weirdest gaming crossover?[View]
459340141Hitman Thread: *clink*[View]
459338535and you know what the funny thing about this is? YOU'RE STILL GONNA BUY THE PS5!!![View]
459339768Why did they ditch Human Reptile?[View]
459342402What happened Apex bros?[View]
459343139>chad persona 3,4,5 >virgin persona 1,2 and smt…[View]
459339623Why did the president arm his daughter with ballistics?[View]
459338859Who's dick do I have to suck to bring rhythm games back?[View]
459341875How do you afford your gaming hobby?[View]
459338112Was he a pedophile?[View]
459331898>boss music of the game is called 'Decisive Battle'[View]
459292658Was Metroid irreparably ruined by Other M? Will Samus ever return to being her old self?[View]
459330419What's the Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of other franchises? That dream game that got all the effort and…[View]
459341818>handful of days later >literally dead again lmfao…[View]
459327689Who is more chad?[View]
459341932>brother gets hyped for the latest triple A western game and pre-orders it >gets angry because…[View]
459297398suzaku is the ultimate waifu also ffxiv thread I guess[View]
459339495Any you bitches like RHYTHM GAIMS?[View]
459337737Is this the greatest game ever created?[View]
459337153Why don't platformers have stories?[View]
459338131Post vidya characters you want to fuck.[View]
459339564Sonic adventure 3? How about Knuckles adventure 1?[View]
459341948>TERRIBLE voice acting >No remote attempt at any lip syncing at all, downright atrocious most …[View]
459327737Who was the best one of the bunch?[View]
459319518>game series that simply can't exist today[View]
459342093what game most encapsulates your childhood, fellas?[View]
459335282i have a 79001 and when i load shining force exa save file audio cuts out for a sec and then starts …[View]
459341990Damn, Slacks really let himself go.[View]
459341946Only one month until the Haruspex! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQIWmfC_CCw[View]
459339740>post apocalyptic zombie game >no options to do questionably immoral things with no consequenc…[View]
459338580>drunkenly browsing the psn store >pic related is 10$ on psn >I'd buy that for a dolla…[View]
459337613>Persona has music spanning from 4 games in the series Including remixes https://youtu.be/nCavkJ…[View]
459341432Why do early 90s japanese PC games have so much soul?[View]
459340610Who is it?[View]
459335749Dirty post-apocalypse lesbians are the best[View]
459340145Is it still shit? If Xbox had better exclusives they'd be dominating the console market right n…[View]
459340735just finished the game and beat the final boss without using resurrections and forgot to use any pro…[View]
459340994Why no Outward thread? This game is pretty cool.[View]
459340080The vermin weekend continues, come about and come in.[View]
459338719Is 'Fortnite' Minions of gaming?[View]
459315627GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING /V/! Just a friendly reminder that Monster Hunter WILL be in the Super Smash Bro…[View]
459337338Someone still have hopes to Red Dead 2 coming to PC in July?[View]
459339120What's your favourite game from 2013, /v/?[View]
459305554What's your favorite Final Fantasy?[View]
459340508COD turned into overwatch and battle royal at the same time It was the trend now it chases them[View]
459327020Apologize to Nomura right now. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11d1TKd4ZKZd41pJKQ77bKz4YxJx8_Mojz…[View]
459309415Post underappreciated vidya waifus here. They need some love.[View]
459221397Naoto is cute! Cute Cute Cute![View]
459340189Nekopara: Vol 4 when?[View]
459325257>playing Tales of Vesperia after playing Trails in the Sky This game is shit…[View]
459338273Why can't more games have good stories?[View]
459340050Me, pirate games? Of course I don't. I only obtain vidya through trusted digital marketplaces s…[View]
459335176Protip: You can't.[View]
459329212will they be back for easter[View]
459313660So why aren't you playing a game right now /v/?[View]
459338809This isnt bait. I am not trolling. I am looking for an honest rating and opinion on my favoirte game…[View]
459331206Damn! Daisy looks like THAT?![View]
459337073waluigi meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI5pc_iIg9Q[View]
459334276Anyone on /v/ own an Xbox One? What have you been playing lately?[View]
459330468Angry gamer breaks game for being too hard[View]
459336050HOLY FUCKING KINO[View]
459322795>SSB4 has the weakest newcomers if not for DLC Why is this?[View]
459336745What a cute boy: Say something nice to him[View]
459339406Smash: joker is a dumb bitch. he is poopoo caca peepee head thank god i haven't bought him yet…[View]
459333286God this game is like someone took the least inspired parts of every RPG and crammed them together. …[View]
459288758Foolish fools who act foolishly: On the Island, only two things matter : the gold, and my whip.…[View]
459336171>game defaults to inverse thumbstick controls[View]
459325839OH NO NO NO They've got you by the balls.[View]
459339013Well /v/? It's really important you vote and comment https://www.strawpoll.me/17855225[View]
459337642Friendly reminder that Gamecube > SNES > Wii > NES > Switch >WiiU >>>>…[View]
459338914Reminder: Take it to heart.[View]
459335912The perfect game library[View]
459336070Games only you have played[View]
459338276people still play it? is it worth the download?[View]
459330708What's that Goyim? You want the DmC series on switch? Show us you care by buying Dragon Age![View]
459333472>games has been out for days >literally zero discussion Just how badly did Mortal Kombat flop?…[View]
459338362>game was so popular that after a while any new porn of it is futa/scat/preg/vore-shit…[View]
459332616>Game boy advance game >the word 'advance' is in the name title…[View]
459338492Warhammer Games Thread: Any word on Chaosbane?[View]
459325914Alright /v/irgins, tell me who your favorite idol is and no one will get hurt.[View]
459337431True Midna is best Midna.[View]
459337481ITT: old /v/ memes you can't post anymore[View]
459326764I'm playing through pic related for the first time. It's pretty fun so far, just got to Th…[View]
459313976Who is the worst JRPG protagonist of all time?[View]
459318265Katana ZERO: so what's the /v/erdict?[View]
459334604> Top 100 Best Games Ever > Breath of the Wild is ranked #1…[View]
459337961what the fuck is with the renewed interest in this game all of the sudden?[View]
459329659Best Nintendo games ever according to Nintendo Themselves: 45. Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube) 44…[View]
459337732*Upstages Joker*[View]
459337192Another fad game dies and Blizzard prevails. What went wrong?[View]
459337584People really need to get their facts straight[View]
459337639>imagine not playing oldschool MS in 2019[View]
459334256Tell me, Commander, if your Federation is so great, why hasn't there been a worthwhile Star Tre…[View]
459337030The Great Debate continues: Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
459337037Here's your controller bro[View]
459337014>Game has a expensive unit that becomes a cheapass unit[View]
459333690This cute swede made me buy Overwatch. Say something nice about her![View]
459328601What's the appeal of Runescape?[View]
459335485I’m gonna fuck around in pic rel tell me which character you think is most fun Already got Thanos gi…[View]
459333330Should I buy a 6 month membership or gather enough ingame money to buy a bond?[View]
459328958Red Flags: >headquarters of a game company is situated in California dropped…[View]
459332105DROP SHOT[View]
459333457Single player card games on PC?: I'm looking for some single player card games on PC. It needs …[View]
459329826Do you remember when you stopped playing as much vidya?: Do you remember the change happened to you?…[View]
459335748>Devs claim that their game update adds tons of new content >It's just old content with d…[View]
459279464Is this game any good? Are there news of a console version?[View]
459335010Daily reminder that if being a 'Gamer' is a key aspect of your identity you're a vapid soulless…[View]
459306612Max Payne 3: What's your favorite level? Fan of the boat level now (on it now) and Max's h…[View]
459334091Dump your manliest shit here: https://youtu.be/wBHlfUKfB18[View]
459335768Should I unlock mav or nomad in r6s? Mav seems like the easy choice and nomad as the right one.[View]
459335654all this whining and bitching on /v/ about sekiro... and i though you guys were better than me.. sha…[View]
459329143>take the first boss >add some fire >call it a new boss Why do they keep doing this?…[View]
459328130>Daily reminder that NRS has gone full on Woke and makes strides to censor people unhappy with th…[View]
459335473>he says VNs aren't videogames[View]
459328465Aside from Wome: Total War and Age of Empires, what games allow me to pway as a pwoud Woman centurio…[View]
459335394>game has recruiting mechanic >named and voiced character you get through questlines is a low …[View]
459334037>Another fromsoftware game >Unfinished >59.99+tax…[View]
459326545Alt-Right Gamer Ecelebs: I'll start[View]
459333885Claire. Claire Redfield.[View]
459330269/v/ btfo by based YIIK[View]
459335220Defend this, /v/[View]
459310768>west is obsessed with muh stronk females and tries to add them to every game >Japan, a 'mysog…[View]
459334732>”Oh hey sweet a new quest” >Escort quest for a character with little to no health >”Go bac…[View]
459316073Why is he considered the best Link? He literally fucked the timeline and shattered it into three pie…[View]
459331576ITT Subtle vidya clothes[View]
459334101HIRE THIS PORT TEAM[View]
459332013ITT: vidya music that makes you feel melancholic/nostalgic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_-fba2h…[View]
459331005Is there any games where you can defeat your opponent by hitting them in the balls?[View]
459331095>Look who finally stopped playing video games long enough to come out of his dungeon…[View]
459334667NAE fortnite customs fuck em up bois: Customs code : gels1 NAE DUOS fuck em up there a group of ret…[View]
459327035ITT: Vidya characters dressing up as other vidya characters, or fusions of the two.[View]
459302449Do you actually play games on the max difficulty?[View]
459334120What's taking them so long to port Dark Souls 2 to the Switch? They think I'm going to set…[View]
459334282If you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold, but if you lose the Devil gets your sooooooooul.[View]
459334080Is this the best competitive multiplayer game on the market?[View]
459334191Subverse: One Million Dollars: You just know these guys participated in 420.[View]
459322659STAGE BUILDER: ULTIMATE: Post stages and arena.[View]
459333007who here /waiting for wow classic to give their life meaning/? and what are you guys playing/doing i…[View]
459332917Is there a vidya character you'd love to have as a best friend?[View]
459332734Will the Elder Scrolls 6 have many endless radiant quests that lead to nowhere like Skyrim and Fallo…[View]
459330227Senran Kagura's on sale right now. Never played before, should I get it? >inb4 Sony censorsh…[View]
459331781>laggy as all fuck even using the cable adapter >no way to communicate with the other player …[View]
459327876Fucking piece of shit: I've literally been stuck on this faggot for the past 2 days[View]
459332403Will we ever see ever see a Pokemon Omega Fire Red/Leaf Green or Pokemon Omega Silver/Gold? I'm…[View]
459323373> Why yes, i will be purchasing Mordhau, how did you guess?[View]
459279384Risk of Rain 2: You know, this has been one of the few games lately that I even feel compelled to pl…[View]
459329282Just remember if you ever hear a dude say 'I play [game] because I like the story/character creator'…[View]
459333019patreon ebeggar is making generals of his shit h-game game on /v/: >>459322619 Ive reported th…[View]
459332470Classic MH is the only game that makes me happy nowadays. It's just so fucking hardcore; you ca…[View]
459301331https://webm.red/NmGo.webm Yeah nah people absolutely have to identify as the playable character. It…[View]
459306687Try to recognize the vidya character by only posting a part of them[View]
459291817I hate how in Persona 5, the story writers expected me to feel bad for this guy and forgive him >…[View]
459326634ITT indie devs who are based and /ourguys/[View]
459331362Classic wow: Bros... we're... we're really going home... [sopiler] no trip fags aloud [/sp…[View]
459331364F-Zero gets a brand new game on Switch. What would you like to see?[View]
459321686So what’s gonna happens to the dragon ball games after toei takes the license away to funimation bec…[View]
459328995Cyberpunk 2077: What do you think of the first companion in Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
459327736What will you honestly fix or change from a sonic 06 remastered/remake version, /v/? For starters I …[View]
459320459Best dpad[View]
459329172>protagonist from the previous game is the final boss in the sequel What games do this?…[View]
459331371why are female ninja in vidja so sexualized: >taki >mai >doa girls >senran kagura…[View]
459331424I love Selene![View]
459332787OCTOPATH TRAVELER ON STEAM WTF?: So.. I just came back home from the Bahamas with my gf and saw this…[View]
459330057>Rival can also kill bosses and steal their powers any other games that do this?…[View]
459331086This is the best fighting game ever. You might not like it but this is what peak neutral and skill l…[View]
459332451> Everyone including fucking Nintendo considers it the best RPG ever Does Final Fantasy VI deserv…[View]
459332123what are some creepy mysteries in videogames?[View]
459332317Well, /v/? Which is it?[View]
459329565Is there any video game villain that can match this? Or even exceed him?[View]
459329547>Boomer inbound Will ever be a Unreal sequel which brigs back the old Unreal style and atmosphere…[View]
459325901What went wrong?[View]
459315941Post an image Get a game recommendation[View]
459331304nintendo direct may 7. hold onto your hats, folks. this is gonna be a doozy[View]
459330852Dump thread: Throw here all vidya related images you never had to chance to actually use.[View]
459329112Assassin or Magical Archer? Which is the CHADest of the vocations /v/?[View]
459329903>Why yes, I do want Mach Rider in Smash, how could you tell?[View]
459329549Newfoundland. Home.[View]
459302752you telling me this guy spawned his own race?[View]
459331818MGS4: Guns of the Patriots: How do the ID locked guns work? Couldn’t people just take out the lockin…[View]
459331727any good comfy games?[View]
459331175It had everything else fucking nailed. Why did the story have to suck so bad. I'm at the fast f…[View]
459315747Pound 2019: Unforeseen consequences edition Ult: https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp Bracket: https://s…[View]
459316592Steve deniers are fucking pathetic[View]
459321560Which pill/genre do you choose, /v/?[View]
459331148>its the your dad and grandad tell you to get on war thunder for the fifth time this week episode…[View]
459331181Should I buy a 6 month membership or gather enough ingame money to buy a bond?[View]
459329387>protagonists do morally ambiguous things to achieve their goals >there's an opposing cha…[View]
459329008>Bro you don't like Minecraft? Everyone loves Minecraft[View]
459329226ITT: Elite tier gamers and what we can learn from them to become better gamers ourselves.[View]
459328395My replacement vita came in the mail today and I finished installing all the homebrews and stuff on …[View]
459330707rave.dj thread? i'll start. https://rave.dj/cda5IOBp8WVJwg post shit, good or bad[View]
459329482What're their chances for Smash lads?[View]
459330581>character's backstory only gets revealed in item descriptions I really wished more games we…[View]
459329236Why can't western vidya anthros look like this?[View]
459329268Super Smash Bros. Stage Builder: Hey v/ what do you all think of the stage I built?[View]
459328876Kenshi: Red pill me on Kenshi. Do you get used to the controls quickly? Can you actually fight when …[View]
459330201Games for this feel?[View]
459330168The television and movie industries exist solely to tell interesting and compelling stories. The act…[View]
459329793games with good redemption arcs?[View]
459321195What's the most disappointing game you've played recently?[View]
459326232Are we going to see it in E3???[View]
459326763>won match with random people >1 dude sent friend request after match >decline…[View]
459329723Hoi4 The New Order Leak: https://mega.nz/#!DaJ2labT!CYScxD0_LU9AilI4EoupCgzyW_NjglKS0JYoJ7_IvSQ: Her…[View]
459329719what did the fading flame represent for you, personally?[View]
459328738ITT cursed pictures[View]
459329679What went so right?[View]
459329016Art books: Fellas post your favorite art books and shit you wanna cop in the future Artbook and what…[View]
459328042>Yes, my hobby is gaming[View]
459328747Your daily reminder that >pic related invented the internet just so he had a place to store his p…[View]
459328449will we ever get another 3D mario platformer that focuses on mario's movements in a 3D space wi…[View]
459329506ssbu stage builder: so /v/, now that we know of the memes stage builder has created, what are your t…[View]
459329407more like this[View]
459327580>play non xbox game >there are no achievements whats the point?…[View]
459324841What the fuck went wrong?[View]
459325607>every other thread is about gaysona STOP IT NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR GAY INCEL SIMULATOR WE DISCU…[View]
459328978Pikmin thread[View]
459329084>/v/ says game is shit >it's actually a masterpiece Why did you lie?…[View]
459290628Post your custom created characters! I'm looking for new games where you can make some real uni…[View]
459329048>enemies have the best design in the game >no interaction beyond fighting Such a waste…[View]
459325242ITT: times /v/ was wrong about a videogame[View]
459328956Grain of Salt Leak: Okay guys, take this leak with a universal grain of salt. I have the next 4 smas…[View]
459328929Blaster Master thread.: Eves corrupt tiddies are distracting.[View]
459328910I don't see the point of playing turn based games on anything but the lowest difficulty. You…[View]
459325498Tell me about your first MMO experience /v/ What was her name? How long did you play for? Do still k…[View]
459326527Games for this feel.[View]
459325869Here's Nintendo's All-Stars, bro.[View]
459328191Any games that have this feel?[View]
459327515Terraria: Truly one of the few games I could give a confident 10/10 to. What do you think of it /v/?…[View]
459324187Minecraft thread[View]
459326557Is Jak and Daxter the 'Legend of Zelda' of Sony? Both series share a lot of similar elements, themes…[View]
459321401Play this shit? Awesome. Female hero and sexy personality.[View]
459328471Has Nintendo done anything for Mother 3's birthday?[View]
459328592Actors in game: Is this image interesting enough to make you wannna play?[View]
459327017Holy shit: Is this music really playing during gameplay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D45z-fW8ygA…[View]
459327552This is what that shit game deserves[View]
459325747how to git gud at fighting: >start playing fighting games >buy a stick >character I want to…[View]
459319050Why do people become whales? Like what's the mindset for you to justify blowing hundreds of dol…[View]
459304323Party Van: It's time, to get high on 4/20 and celebrate DUDE WEED LMAO while playing TF2 with /…[View]
459325710ITT: Pikmin: Do you think that Pikmin 4 is still in development or do you think that Hey! Pikmin was…[View]
459315562Miss me yet, /v/?[View]
459326887What is the consensus on this? Is there any hype around it at all? I've only just seen a commer…[View]
459328117Is it bad that this fan made engine looks way better than any game Sonic Team has made since 1999? h…[View]
459327462I'm glad representation in video games is finally getting the attention it deserves.[View]
459325875What do you guys want to see in a proper Paper Mario Sequel? How can we build upon Thousand Year Doo…[View]
459328050What Dreamcast game should I play tonight? Arcade ports are preferable since my attention span is we…[View]
459326151>top 100 best pc games >no.1 half life[View]
459326272‘Sup gamers, why are minorities so much better at playing video games than white people? White peopl…[View]
459327795What went so right?[View]
459324805What's the best game in the valveverse?[View]
459324851Why are the DMC games so fucking short? It sucks that you either need to repeat missions to grind or…[View]
459325616>my favorite video game of all time is Ico What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
459327372This game... it's REALLY good. It's Resident Evil 6.[View]
459296719How long can Windows 7 stay relevant for PC gaming? Is everyone just going to have to switch to linu…[View]
459327765Why are there so few Vidya with Scottish inspirations?[View]
459327758will they return?[View]
459327415I don't care about weeb games getting censored. I don't care about you getting banned for …[View]
459298972mario retardy bihtces[View]
459326425Femanons, you meet a guy wearing a Nier Automata t-shirt, what do you do?[View]
459326934good video game movies or movies about gaming?[View]
459327490 >yfw no acrid in RoR 2 109775240998059684 [View]
459327427How do I set up pirated games so that I can play them online? Don't I gotta do some VPN garbage…[View]
459327457How do you tank the 'first' areas in the Monster Hunter? At the very least, in your opinion, and whi…[View]
459325334Post a game that released in the last year you had a real conversation with a woman. I sure miss hig…[View]
459323492So is this still the best indie game ever made?[View]
459326905I need solid games to play /v/. Real well put together games. I just finished the DOOM remake and i…[View]
459326803first to send hentai gets a steam game of their choice for free: first to send hentai gets a steam g…[View]
459307674Do you still play Minecraft, Anon?[View]
459327002>Hi, one copy of Lego DC Super Villains. Yes I will be buying the Deluxe Edition.…[View]
459327084god this game actually sucks how the fuck do you fuck up a franchise after discovering the golden re…[View]
459325423how come skyrim special edition runs flawlessly on my computer but fallout 4 runs like absolute ass?[View]
459321721Why aren't you playing CE in anticipation for MCC on PC?[View]
459314460Just bought Darkest Dungeon. What should I expect?[View]
459318335What is the purpose of this game? You do all this work trying to raise the best daughter you can for…[View]
459323537Metal..... Gear......[View]
459326243ITT: THAT part[View]
459325838so being realistic how likely am i to regret getting a vive head set? Id need to spend 900 bucks in …[View]
459326153https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT_IyrBBrY8 So, is Sonic 06, dare I say, redeemed? Is it time to go …[View]
459325718GOAT-TIER DLC: I'll start with pic related.[View]
459326298>user reviews >overwhelmingly positive[View]
459326598First Person 'Slashers': It is interesting to me that, in the 7-year lifespan of Chivalry, not one o…[View]
459295620/v/ watches Cinematech: It is now time. Time to re-live the golden age of TechTV and the glory days …[View]
459319507Any games with death traps besides zero escape and Danganronpa?[View]
459326515alright minecraft gods, i need you to help out a shit-at-building minecraft player. I want to recrea…[View]
459326479Steam Drones are already defending Failout 76: Despite making up only 1% of the population, Steamcuc…[View]
459325763Chapter 2 when[View]
459324119Characters that did nothing wrong[View]
459325308why are sports games so shit?[View]
459322416/v/ - The Vidya. Home.[View]
459326260ITT: Characters you couldn't protect[View]
459325251>adult game[View]
459323759It's no masterpiece.[View]
459326134ITT: Games you still think are good even though they got bad scores and you never actually played th…[View]
459325643Switch haters on suicide watch...[View]
459324494>want game to be good >It's not good wtf…[View]
459286627Why did they make Selvaria so well endowed?[View]
459284179Next Xbox Is More Advanced Than PS5: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/04/insiders_claim_that_next…[View]
459326081What game lets me roleplay as an ugly white ogre soccer club manager?[View]
459296239PlayStation 5: https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ So what Japanese games d…[View]
459321771>that 30 yr old boomer that still plays (modded as fuck) S.T.A.L.K.E.R.…[View]
459318798What games do INFJ's like?[View]
459325697what the hell[View]
459325805Show me your Best Stages.: Smash Ultimate.[View]
459324823>It gets better after the first few hours, give it a chance![View]
459325765Phoenix Wright was a hack: Reminder that he even believed the Grinch leak. Goes to show how small hi…[View]
459298642Do you buy digital or physical on Switch?[View]
459322372Halo Reach PC delayed: https://www.pcgamesn.com/halo-the-master-chief-collection/halo-reach-pc-relea…[View]
459325447Original crysis multiplayer: The original crysis multiplayer was so good, why did it have to go bros…[View]
459325194What are the actual best traditional fantasy games out there?[View]
459325331Bayonetta: COMFY CARS[View]
459325045>top tier setting >no games Why is it so common?…[View]
459323643I NEVER FELT LIKE[View]
4593101362019... I am forgotten...[View]
459325175For any anons in the Atlanta, GA area, are there any good, consistent Smash locals?: The only releva…[View]
459325037I miss it bros will we ever get a remaster?[View]
459324771>Hey anon~ you wanna watch me kill that tiger? <3[View]
459320093Are you hype? Just found out i didn't actually see the full trailer an watched it. I'm act…[View]
459323681Let us not make this official, outlander. Move along.[View]
459324908I always felt that this could make for a good video game. Like, it's too long for a faithful fi…[View]
459320320Inaba: Home.[View]
459319129Just bought this. Did I make a mistake? What should I play first?[View]
459324693For me, it's Alisaie Leveilleur, the best Scion[View]
459324672Tree of Savior: Would you do something lewd or naughty to someone that just used a out-of-body skill…[View]
459290370Why is it so much better than 4 and 5?[View]
459323246ps2 emulation on pc: how good is it? i'm thinking of buying a used ps2 fat andmodding, but befo…[View]
459284757They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a New Vegas thread. They said …[View]
459304223Well /v/? Is he right?[View]
459324534teraurge: I think I just impregnated a giant snake xenomorph girl[View]
459310267What are your favorite dragons or wyverns?[View]
459317175All hobbies are expensive and technically time wasters, but why does playing games as a hobby has a …[View]
459324464>tfw no new Turok game[View]
459323142>vidya soundtrack >guitar starts playing[View]
459324421>game has 'evil' choices >they actually make you into a complete monster Why is this the only …[View]
459323028Never forget.[View]
459324208>Ganon Rush challenge >Playing as fucking Ganon >Fighting bosses >Fighting multiple boss…[View]
459323148>tfw no Makoto gf[View]
459323528They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the High King... with his Skyrim thread! Shouted him apart!…[View]
459324149Lets do a custom 3v3/4v4/5v5 on LoL. Summoner name: Brenton Tarrants NA only[View]
459322652Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather.[View]
459323448>card break >card break >card break >card break >card break…[View]
459324059all the time you spend shitposting on /v/ (You) could've use it on something more productive li…[View]
459321834What games let me play as the bad guys?[View]
459319851Name a better piece of DLC than the Shivering Isles for Oblivion[View]
459323632>Rip off Warhammer and so many other franchises and products so many times >Get praised for it…[View]
459306241Mission: Capture Specter[View]
459323715Does pinball count as a video game?[View]
459323172Who did you choose?[View]
459323776Will this game ever be playable on PC?[View]
459316149Is Resident Evil series finally redeemed?[View]
459322006I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames yo…[View]
459316578Metroid Thread starring Sylux from a literally who DS title back in '06. Where the fuck are the…[View]
459323631How is this design so appealing?[View]
459321538Leon Help!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWVHdKre3T0 Should Leon use his Aryan seed on Claire, Ad…[View]
459323616Why is Aigis so cute?[View]
459323601Pic related confirms that Switch owners are impoverished degenerates.[View]
459323576MK9 PC Audio: Are there any other anons experiencing cut scene audio issues in story mode? Is there …[View]
459323487>tfw I accidentally trapped my mother in the going into games machine while it was hooked up to T…[View]
4593228522019... I AM FORGOTTEN[View]
459322871>Why, yes! The original Mother IS my favorite out of the entire trilogy. How could you tell?…[View]
459323332Fuck, i miss him already[View]
459288269Why is there still shitposting about the MK11 women wearing 'burkhas' Look. Tits. Tits right there. …[View]
459314495What was the point of Locke?[View]
459319347Installed dolphin and I'm looking to play Resident Evil games since I've only played 4 and…[View]
459301012Fate/Grand Order: >FGO NA takes the scene on Sakuracon >everyone is expecting an answer about …[View]
459309540Best PS1 Games: I need your greatest games list of the PS1. I need to create a huge back catalogue t…[View]
459323216420 is almost over my dudes.[View]
459315325*saves your MK11 DLC roster*[View]
459321054Any games like FTL? Crew management, space exploration and such?[View]
459322223Is it worth it? I played the 2nd long time ago. And thinking of going into this one but if it's…[View]
459322090is the slim best. which model is best https://www.resetera.com/threads/best-ps2-model-to-buy.44743/…[View]
459316019Fuck this lazy incompetent fat fuck and everything he and his company represent.[View]
459323027Greetings, Number XIII... or is it Jason Fly? You'll have to sort that out before they ingrave …[View]
459322965ITT: forgotten games[View]
459322930>literally can not punish fast characters for anything This game is too safe. A fast character li…[View]
459317416why don't any of the dark souls record setters look like people who would set dark souls record…[View]
459322778>pc version[View]
459321754Feeling like playing a Dungeon Keeper game. Should I go back to the originals or is War for the Over…[View]
459322731i propose a toast TO GAMERS!!![View]
459317237why is Sony afraid of anime tiddies?[View]
459322594anybody play poker pokerstars vr? I crush fools on the reg[View]
459291973scp secret laboratory: We are playing on: twocows.mooo.com:7777 Download the game on steam its only …[View]
459295328I'll be taking care of my little sister (12) for tomorrow, we got two computers that can run an…[View]
459319374World's largest collection of videogames!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcdTT15jDeA based…[View]
459322507>that kid who streamed football games on twitch by holding a controller and pretending he was pla…[View]
459321559Video Games and Privacy: >THEN >Used to be able to buy PC video game at store >When you bou…[View]
459298536Why is everything in Dragon's Dogma a damage sponge? i dont want to spend 2 hours shooting at a…[View]
459319710These are the most likely Smash newcomers as of now, how does that make you feel?[View]
459322270Bow down to your steam overlord game! Behold, a Gacha game where the gacha is free! The ultimate tr…[View]
4593061542019.....I am.....forgotten...[View]
459322264Fun fact: Asuka is actually in Super Smash Bros. She's just disguised as your favorite characte…[View]
459317127The great debate[View]
459322202Tree of Savior: Does this make my butt look big?[View]
459321735>game is unpopular >you like it anyway What's her name, /v/?…[View]
459318837Yume nikki: dream diary: What's the /v/erdict?[View]
459322148how does 1800 stand up to 1404?[View]
459321426serious question, why do developers even bother supporting games if they have literally no one playi…[View]
459322107What about King of Fighters 2002 specifically made it the most appealing fighting game in Mexico? I …[View]
459310632Thoughts on Sekiro /v/?: It's been out for a while, is it the weakest out of the soulsborne gam…[View]
459304758/v/ plays Fire Emblem: GHEB EMBLEM: >Fire emblem: A series that Nintendo did not think the west w…[View]
459319678So it's agreed? What can we learn from this?[View]
459319570Samurai Shodown: Let's have a SamSho thread. Are you liking the new game so far? Have you preor…[View]
459316568You can combine 3 games to make your dream game, What 3 games do you choose and what aspects would y…[View]
459319381Why are there no cops in modern racing games??? Does EA own the police or something? Srsly someone l…[View]
459317482Any of you still play this?[View]
459320478Use the Epic Game Launcher they said. It'll be fine they said.[View]
459321368I got 16 bucks and some change on my Switch, what should I buy? Travis Strikes Again dlc got me want…[View]
459321448>completely skip all cutscenes after clearing ch.2 portions >miss zero story beats >no reg…[View]
459320082What games do chinese people play?[View]
459319272Boo! Did I scare you, Anon? Gonna keep your game paused for a minute, and then turn off your gamecub…[View]
459321205RAVE.DJ THREAD: https://rave.dj/HEwQ4A0BirPNJQ[View]
459280261Protocol 3...[View]
459281184Smash DLC: Post your most wanted Smash DLC. Say something nice about the lineup of others[View]
459317606AND I RAAAAAAAN[View]
459320124so what is it??[View]
459321059videogames will never be this good again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD_GqlNtNjo JUST FUCKING K…[View]
459317806bros we're coming home[View]
459307694STAGE BUILDER THREAD: ULTIMATE: POST STAGES AND ARENAS make more ashley/futa isabelle stages…[View]
459312723There's literally nothing wrong with playing as a girl in a video game.[View]
459320429>mfw Half Life 3 will never, ever exist >mfw if it does, it will be monkey-paw'd to shit …[View]
459320952What are some games where I can hunt vampires and/or other monsters that don't belong in this w…[View]
459320860it's not good it doesn't even make top 5 of current gen playstation exclusives[View]
459316212Rimworld: Finally got the handle of this game and am looking for mods to add, what are some of the e…[View]
459320753I think this might genuinely be the best game ever made? I've never been this floored by someth…[View]
459317589Was this the original dark souls?[View]
459320731>still a better game than Sekiro confirmed by Matt Based.[View]
459307042How can one woman be so based, lads?[View]
459315863paradox games: >muh complexities dont forget to buy $60 worth of DLC for more complex complexitie…[View]
459319158This thread is dedicated to the most absolute mad men in video games.[View]
459318040>there are people on this board at this very moments who weren't born when gta3 came out Any…[View]
459319726I'm waking up for Sony's E3 I get on /v/ and I wait for streams I'm waiting for domin…[View]
459307697What happens if he catches you?[View]
459320217Oculus Home. Home.[View]
459313383why do you like dwarves so much?[View]
459317507Why did Gameboy Advance games have so much soul?[View]
459319887>star wars game in 2020 >protag is a generic white dude…[View]
459319943Good fantasy games excluding blatant animeshit: >Witcher 1 >Witcher 2: assassins of kings >…[View]
459313439Reminder to never let rosterfags or leaks ruin what you think about who you want in Smash. If you wa…[View]
459314671Not up to code: Post characters that are not up to artificial beauty standard.[View]
459319746This is the peak of the civ series. Prove me wrong.[View]
459297004Final bosses >weak points behind shields[View]
459316430Failed: Post cutscenes or animations when you failed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOr-Crl1Nsk…[View]
459314151What features would you add/remove to the next big Zelda game?: >Nintendo finally fucking adds ot…[View]
459298297Which game has the worst fanbase and why is it Fallout?[View]
459317763>get one item >instantly become a god What were they thinking?…[View]
459302405Is this a masterpiece? because so far it gives me no incentive to explore at all.[View]
459319000Importing Games: Thoughts on importing? I mainly do it cause if the system is region free and I can …[View]
459313346Countries with Overwatch characters.[View]
459318948Imagine actually caring about Steam vs Epic squabbling.[View]
459311780Why can't indiescum put some effort into their games and there are other genres out there than …[View]
459318890Are dancing games still a thing?[View]
459318786Can we talk about how much of a bitch Kotal Khan is? >got his shit kicked in by gay Hawkeye in MK…[View]
459318764CO-OP Console Games: I miss the days of arcade co OP's and beat em ups. Is there anything on PS…[View]
459316831Name a smile more worth protecting. Protip: you can't[View]
459316953Thoughts on Capcom's next Smash Bros fighter, Leon S. Kennedy?[View]
459312129Star Wars thread: How do we save Star Wars for fiture games anons?[View]
459315527>that one time Sony released a PlayStation exclusive to PC[View]
459318503>Jet Set Radio still neglected despite winning #2 in a 'franchises we want back' poll that SEGA h…[View]
459318350Buy my game.[View]
459314190Give me one (1) reason why this isn't GOTY.[View]
459318402At what point will games be able to look this good in 60fps?[View]
459316741Best mom.[View]
459318349Your first gay vidya fap: >Be 15 >Play FFIX >Encounter Kuja, think its a woman >Jerk off…[View]
459318252>playing game >make character can't wear female clothes where is the non binary option?…[View]
459318207Are they the GOAT Smash composers?[View]
459315605What was their super power?[View]
459316000*ahem* woof woof bark bark arf bork arf[View]
459278731>'Everybody comes in here's got to have to a shot – house rules: inhibition's the first…[View]
459317959Why is Jump Up Superstar such a fun song to fight to? It's so amusing that my favorite stage in…[View]
459300049DMC: Here's your DMC3 REmake Dante, bro[View]
459308974what the fuck is with the renewed interest in this game all of the sudden?[View]
459317693Hi /v/, Professor Helper here! You didn't flag my profile, did you?[View]
459317638Is this a good fight stick for some 2d games. Not fighting but 2d/nes/snes/gba? Any of you with arca…[View]
459310062I know /v/ secretly loves Assassin's Creed so how has the Odyssey DLC been?[View]
459316353Which video game world would you like to live in? What would you try to achieve? You'd be iseka…[View]
459311356DLC pack 2 leak: TICK TOCK PLUMBER BOY I think it’s finally time we settle this in the RING[View]
459317193KH3 Scala ad Caelum fully explorable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJvYoFr3tuU OH NONONONO >i-…[View]
459317148Hi friends. Play my game please.[View]
459265130>male game about existentialism >Name character 'To Be' > 80% of /v/ misses this…[View]
459316923>Everyone and their mothers in the gaming media ready to crucify him and try and get him arrested…[View]
459316881smash characters by genre: >Platformers Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Rosalina, …[View]
459316752Pokemon has the best elemental chart in video games. Discuss.[View]
459316242>game punishes you harshly for minor infractions[View]
459316278Was Miranda a valuable asset to the team?[View]
459316296Why was he such a pansy?[View]
459315635>enemy is weak to charm spells[View]
459316574HALF-LIFE 2 MMOD: Is it any good?[View]
459316490>tfw the new mk game will give us a new Gstar video why doesn't he play online though?…[View]
459314778What type of horror monsters would microsoft need to add to make Killer Instinct 2 a success?[View]
459308942How does it make you feel that western gaming is failing both critically and financially?[View]
459303592Yes, yes, well done, Japan. Well done, Japan. HOWEVER[View]
459315226I want to play a game that's basically STALKER but set in the American southwest (or in a Sonor…[View]
459294080>skyrim is a good ga-[View]
459314635>Credits don't thank the fans[View]
459316185classic wow bad: Boomers >classic WoW will be legendary Zoomers >classic WoW will be kill WoW …[View]
459314861>On Disc paid DLC day 1 >already have a season pass for $40 >more than likely will be a sec…[View]
459314675Are you ready for a new video, /v/? You have been keeping up haven't you?[View]
459314660Masahiro Sakurai is a sham. Every DLC fighter in Ultimate so far is trash. One is just a mook, and t…[View]
459315878>Dataminers ruin yet another fighting game roster surprise[View]
459315902>ywn play s/v/en coop[View]
459312539any games for tfw juri will never shoot thick futa jizz into your throat choking you to near death?[View]
459312590ITT post games widely considered the worst in their series.[View]
459313926I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite game on Steam.[View]
459311669Im about to start this. Any tips? I usually like fast weapons with good mobility in other games, any…[View]
459315586Don’t mind me, I just have the best OST in the Persona franchise. So many bangers.[View]
459279168STAGE BUILDER THREAD: /v/ memes edition[View]
459313071Revolver Ocelot: Revolver Ocelot[View]
459291793POUND 2019: Kino Edition Ultimate: https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcam…[View]
459315229You morons will argue about anything[View]
459301880post the most plain, basic, souless shitty characters in vidya[View]
459314213It's no masterpiece[View]
459309895April 2019, I am forgotten...: Things to discuss with the original RE2 >Are you a Leon A or Clair…[View]
459296627>these are the most likely dlc candidates How does it make you feel, Smashdudes?…[View]
459315309You ever competed in a fighting game tournament? Are the winners mostly arcade fighting stick users …[View]
459290656/v/ plays eratohok: >What is this shit? eratohok, the only touhou text based strategy and h game …[View]
459307953Western 3rd parties will never be in Smash, how does that make you feel /v/?[View]
459313239'Einstein was right, time is relative to the observer. When you're looking down the barrel of a…[View]
459312747What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
459294957Smashfags have no arguments against this webm and it scares them[View]
459313556Kirby Thread: So the next mainline Kirby game is due to be announced in the next few months. Possibl…[View]
459313808Do you like Puyo Puyo, /v/?[View]
459307206so mk is trash now so help me out /v/ name 1 GOOD fighting game where i can be a cool looking ninja …[View]
459311148Anyone play this game? It was pretty fuckin' kino.[View]
459314086What games have the best selection of enemies or at least your personal favorite?[View]
459303234Is it worth $39.99?[View]
459291512>replay old game >is still good What's her name?…[View]
459303462How do I learn to enjoy games even when I lose?[View]
459312672Apologise: This the Kano ending of Mk11 Apologise[View]
459314354Why would rockstar waste time making shitty games like this?[View]
459306212God Tier Trailers: I'll start https://youtu.be/fBJ0ifVtK5c[View]
459309028What's going to happen to this board when Steve gets revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate?[View]
459233826So what will blizzard do when Classic is a ghost town after 1 month?[View]
459314220Skyrim: If you haven't modded your Skyrim to give it a real combat system, you can't say y…[View]
459312442Reminder that Thief 3 on PC with fan patches is an excellent stealth game.[View]
459313505Hackers keep trying to access my Epic account. What do I do?[View]
459312807This new form of entertainment is dangerous. The impact of immersive virtual violence must be questi…[View]
459305943How do you calm your anxiety while playing multiplayer games? I keep thinking people are gonna think…[View]
459312745April 2019. I am forgotten.[View]
459300694When are we getting another one?[View]
459308398You literally can't argue with this.[View]
459311601>put link's best outfit behind a paywall >even if you get it, requires a nightmarish amou…[View]
459313486Everyone that like but you don't: Post and Discuss characters and games that /v/ like but you d…[View]
459313058'Cheating' in FPS: I used to have a second monitor with an audio visualizer using RainMeter, which w…[View]
459313463The Greatest Chad Of All Time: Why is Kano so based https://youtu.be/gLzOZc_1anU[View]
459313431Games that the AI suffer some mental illness: Thread[View]
459309816How do we fix the scary game genre?[View]
459313290PC Gamers?: Are PC gamers objectively annoying? Why or why not?[View]
459313253*snipes you*[View]
459310818Ace Attorney: Thoughts on the dates of trilogy plus the Gramarye trial already having passed by in r…[View]
459309356Jedi Fallen Order: I'm not tryin to be rude, but is the character on the right a male or female…[View]
459311507WildStar: What went wrong, /v/?[View]
459312845last year was a lot of fun[View]
459310693I want to play a Fallout for the first time, some friend recommended starting with Fallout: New Vega…[View]
459312087WaW:2 when? im fucking plying WaW wasnt better than COD4 and MW2 back in the day[View]
459310846>You can just mash dodge and never ever get hit What did Yoko Taro mean by this?…[View]
459310558Just be honest with me, those who have played it. How much money is this game really worth?[View]
459307771Why does everybody underestimate the Nintendo Switch?: Especially considering, from the n64 thru the…[View]
459312023What's your favorite Pokemon /v/? Mine is Torterra. He's big (cute!), a turtle (cute!), an…[View]
459312173Video Games make you Weak: Does playing video games lower your testosterone?[View]
459312403Smash Ult. on Xbox One: Not an Xbox player myself but one of my best friends is, he can’t get a swit…[View]
459308935All they had to do was use the DS3 engine and it would've been an instant success.[View]
459312232>melee introduces counters >brawl introduces reflector/counters >smash4 introduces time-eff…[View]
459312119I'm sick of Apex and want to play one of these.: I like both. Beat both. I just want to relax a…[View]
459311873Smash DLC Discussion: Ok guys, is there enough to make either of them a character in Smash? I think…[View]
459310930I can't believe /v/ prefers Lilith over Morrigan.[View]
459310003re is the goat: this is the best ninja gaiden better than black, better than 2, better than all of e…[View]
459306261The only Frictional Games with a mixed rating: Why is that? Why don't people like Machine for P…[View]
459307605Who's your favorite LGBT Fighting Game character?[View]
459308027ITT: vaporware[View]
459311801Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
459311942Is Team Fortress 3: Diversity Simulator as good as zoomers make it out to be? My brother got it for …[View]
459310373yeah there was no way he was going to get in and i'm glad i never got my hopes up, but wtf is w…[View]
459309009Last night I had the wildest dream, lads Gardevoir was in smash ultimate[View]
459311723What are some games where I can[View]
459311320Game Recommendation Thread: Looking for a steam game budget £30/€35/$35, I'll throw out some of…[View]
459302770How the fuck do people play this online?: I’ve been playing 1v1s with friends all day no problem, an…[View]
459288323Jackbox with /v/: YOU DON'T NEED TO OWN THE GAME TO PLAY[View]
459309631>confirmed no region switching between games (can't play Japanese Gradius for example) >n…[View]
459311172Famitsu: Japan's most wanted games: 1. [PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake – 1,039 votes 2. [NSW] Dr…[View]
459311317Google Stadia: here's your console bro[View]
459301015Can we have another Digimon vidya thread?[View]
459303649Will this be the first big flop of 2019?[View]
459311232What the FUCK was their problem?[View]
459310989Tree of Savior: You find a goddess on your bed, what do you do?[View]
459309776Sniper Guns: Who is in the wrong here?[View]
459309513>nu-claire now says bad words like 'shit' and 'fuck' that the real claire wou…[View]
459294856This fight can eat my asshole, seriously I’m not even that fucking mad that this is the 5th day and …[View]
459310929>you will never live in Balamb Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eU0tRBHnE0[View]
459310898SEGA needs to HD remake Sonic Advent-: https://www.moddb.com/mods/sonic-adventure-2-neuro-ai-hd-text…[View]
459308851How do I go about telling my family that I'm a gamer? They might think I am a school shooter or…[View]
459308726Laurence St. Paris[View]
459305506Give it to me straight /v/. Is this shit worth buying if I like fighting games and don’t give a shit…[View]
459309113Who was in the wrong here?[View]
459310337Metal Gear Online Room (PC): If you have MGSV on PC feel free to come check out my MGO room, there…[View]
459306994Why are fighting games so popular among black people?[View]
459310560Armored Core thread.[View]
459309324>risk of rain >never rains[View]
459303657grim dawn: what's the best method to farm the malmouth faction? I want the XP potion[View]
459308737In what games can I transcend humanity?[View]
459300817Okay /v/, so Joker can only damage people with a model gun because his enemies are fooled into belie…[View]
459308473What's going to happen to your PS3 downloads when PS5 launches? Will Sony still manage three on…[View]
459309894wanna learn how to make games: I'm bored, decided to learn how to program/make games, downloade…[View]
459302929Are there any modern castle sim/builder games available or am I just stuck with the Stronghold games…[View]
459309342for me it's roselia[View]
459302737How did Persona 5 put the series into mainstream appeal?[View]
459308212Does it have a chance of being backcompat?[View]
459308704Why the hell did 8bitdo change their stuff.: So 8bitdo controllers actually looked good once, when t…[View]
459298324>Game lets you piss[View]
459309796what went wrong?[View]
459309726Piece of shit games that everyone else seems to love: pic related I have never ran into anyone that …[View]
459307278 [View]
459309547Well /v/? It's really important you vote and comment https://www.strawpoll.me/17855225[View]
459309440Why don't you play arcade games? You're posting on a videogame board, yet you don't …[View]
459306873Are you excited for The Last of Us 2? Graphics look really good.[View]
459309425SSSATURDAY NIGHT MUTHAFUCKA: janny is a faggot edition >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READA…[View]
459309250Why does Ubisoft bother shilling here when they know we’re going to buy their games anyway?[View]
459308181Anyone playing Katana Zero? It's a pretty fun game. Protag sorta reminds me of Tosh from arc th…[View]
459300689Ok faggots: Are you hating on every fucking game for literally no reason? Do you even like games? Yo…[View]
459307553This guy had a hard life. He gets possessed by a demon and gets killed and doomed with said demon in…[View]
459307894The peak of sword combat.[View]
459302676this motherfucker was so fucking difficult. Feels good to finally kill him.[View]
459305882Youmu looks cute in the upcoming video game Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.[View]
459303298Is the Banner Saga trilogy good?[View]
459308669help me, /v/- i can't decide: should i play Shin Megami Tensei IV or Persona 5?[View]
459308362Will we get Fallout 5 in the next 3 years?[View]
459308039What games let me fuck up pinko commie scum?[View]
459307465Never played a fighting game, Interested. All these games cost like 100$ for something I have no ide…[View]
459306093CK2 IS A HISTORICAL MENU SIMULATOR. Boring as hell![View]
459302045Granny Cream's Hot Butter Ice Cream!: We take the hot butter Mix it with the ice cream Freeze i…[View]
459307571How do you balance a fighting game?[View]
459308357Goodnight /v/[View]
459307169Rockstar fixin' to dab on Persona and all Japanese school simulators[View]
459306354Look /v/, it's Ann Takamaki![View]
459306547>game is made by dykes[View]
459306373BG: Face ME?! Face the new Lord of Murder...[View]
459307502Why aren't you playing MechWarrior Online? >F2P >Unique gameplay >Western Mechs >Lo…[View]
459227640For me, it's Marie.[View]
459302773>last 5 years >not a single good single player game What went wrong?…[View]
459306615Why isn't every single system here up to the seventh gen flawlessly emulated yet?[View]
459305408PS Vita: Where did it go wrong?[View]
459302474What are your opinions of potatoes races? They appear in Gran Blue, FF14, Etrian odyssey and they se…[View]
459307662City Ruins...home...[View]
459303656>even BING BING WAHOO games are less censored then sony games lol, what happened…[View]
459287938>Beat the game several times. >Bored. >No other builds to try. >No rare gear to hunt d…[View]
459304692God Of War: Raising Kratos: >COMING SOON right here to PlayStation YouTube: Raising Kratos docume…[View]
459305667>CRT's are obsolete, washed-out LCD's were only a thing a decade ago My, am I disappoin…[View]
459306042Sonic 1 is the most soulful sonic game[View]
459299234> Sub-par shooting even for the time > Atrocious audio engineering makes the game feel lifeles…[View]
459307406Tribes Ascend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urfADUE22zA Where were you when an elite team of high…[View]
459299706Does /v/ take any substances when playing the vidya?[View]
459303963Smash? Smash...: Banjo, nier automata (Yorha no.2), Crash bandicoot, Erdrick, that's all I can …[View]
459305031How come nobody pushes for him in Smash?[View]
459304849Is there a game with a comfier artstyle?[View]
459307240Examples of the biggest downgrades in gaming history?[View]
459288837What happened, /v/?[View]
459303586Final Fantasy IX > Other Final Fantasy games This is a fact.[View]
459306728>Dark souls >Switch >reasons why i should buy…[View]
459305420You are going to buy it right /v/?[View]
459290695Gamer Fuel: It's Saturday mother fuckers. What are you playin? What are you eating? What are…[View]
459303743Jesus H Christ what a shitshow the ending was, and a waste of a concept too.[View]
459305732Usted no es capaz de derrotar el Liu Kang Blanco, Dios del Fuego, Relámpago y creador del nuevo Univ…[View]
459306421>sehhhhh >gahhhhh[View]
459295987What's the consensus on /v/ about Spec Ops: The Line?[View]
459304326Did we ever determine what this was?[View]
459301060Any chance of the Street Fighter EX series making a come back? I want to play as my wife Hokuto[View]
459303179You literally can't dispute this.[View]
459306165>46 days until E3: Oh god the wait is LITERALLY killing me..[View]
459303362Did you pre order MK11 /v/? You don't want to help further the LGBT+ community? It's the r…[View]
459303539Literally the best remake of all time[View]
459295541STR or DEX?[View]
459304403Who are some of the most blatantly broken pieces of shit in fighting game history?[View]
459304693Fortnite leak: Fortnite schedules their tweets using Twitter Media Studio, and I was able to access …[View]
459302796Is this the greatest videogame ever made?[View]
459296879Hey /v/. I was wondering if ya'll could give me a game I can fully immerse myself in and just f…[View]
459302450HOW: how is this fucking fat ass bastard penguin able to have literally the best theme in video game…[View]
459305602She's right you know[View]
459304319Battle brothers: >Origins – Pick one of ten different origins and play as northern barbarians, pe…[View]
459277205Why can't big publishers recognize that people like games that are fun and unique rather than a…[View]
4593052172019... I am forgotten[View]
459301576>dlive is built on the block chain making it decentralized >that means mods cant ban you for s…[View]
459301492Bandana Dee is 'Brave'... Right???[View]
459302409Why are all remasters done with muted horrible colours that look nothing like the original? Would it…[View]
459303013Vice city is the best gta story and gameplay wise fight me about it[View]
459305059>download and install private vanilla server >create your wow:classic main > post em …[View]
459304682DMC 5 is Ugly: >according to DMC5 fans, these graphics are acceptable I'm gonna go ahead and…[View]
459303968World War Z: What does /v/ think of World War Z? Looks good in that Left 4 Dead kinda way, but epic …[View]
459298698Incredible attention to detail[View]
459302543ITT: great series that didn't deserve to die the way they did[View]
459285547ZTD thread[View]
459297571Why did it die so fast?[View]
459300309What went so right?[View]
459301680>FFXV: Happy ending edition announced Get in here bois! It's Reclaim the Kingdom 2.0!…[View]
459304715HELP in need to know the order of what i'm supposed to do. obviously i'm supposed to jump,…[View]
459300742>uninstall all social media >stop watching YouTube >pirating games again >mfw enjoying v…[View]
459300086This is what top aesthetics looks like.[View]
459304665Are any of the Ghost Recon games worth playing?[View]
459301924whats devil hunter like? ive never played a dmc before but ive played bayo and mgs, is it just annoy…[View]
459232901Reminder that none of the events of Borderlands 2 would have happened if it weren't for this bi…[View]
459303420Why isn't every single system here up to the seventh gen flawlessly emulated yet?[View]
459303363she is just female sub zero[View]
4593036715 days before launch and there is zero hype.. what went wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5iso…[View]
459300930I honestly think this game would have been better if atreus was a girl instead of a boy. Its hard to…[View]
459296947What's the best looking Pokémon game?[View]
459303367What are some RPG series that tell stories that are too big for only one or two games?[View]
459302826Unpopular Vidya Opinions Thread: I enjoyed every single Japanese game that I've played, and yet…[View]
459289746HW Zelda > all[View]
459302286Rank them by >who would win in a fight >survivability >cuteness >dick size…[View]
459303617Was Tali meant to be Jewish?[View]
459303791You don’t have to believe me, but I have confirmation that they are the next DLC characters in Smash…[View]
459294036When did the definitive JRPG series become Persona instead of Final Fantasy?[View]
459298519Here you go, one copy of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and a large diet Coke. Would you like any sauce t…[View]
459302476What is /v/'s opinion on ducks in games?[View]
459297538So, was it better than Bloodborne?[View]
459302235Is the bullshit Link has to go through worth it just for this broad?[View]
459303093Mario Pinball Land: Why do Nintendo fans rarely bring this game up when talking about bad Nintendo g…[View]
459302859Do you need anything rxpierience to craft a good love story?[View]
459302395>he hasnt taken the CRT pill >he's using LCD or some varient of it >he isnt playing in…[View]
459302536Project x Zone 3: what characters do you want?: Discord server of PXZ (it's new) if anyone is i…[View]
459300653Does /v/ like low budget East European video games?[View]
459302514Where did the time go?[View]
459301110Let's take some time to appreciate that Microsoft saved this franchise from obscurity. Microsof…[View]
459302452UMvC3 Thread: Looking back, how good was this roster?[View]
459291546>People who played p5 first are already shitting on p3 and p4 for looking 'too old to play' now. …[View]
459300258Spyro: Reignited Trilogy: Marco is best dragon[View]
459292591what games have good character creators?[View]
459296925Was it good?[View]
459302330Why didn't they put sneakers on him instead of steel-toed shitkickers or whatever he's wea…[View]
459295879who will be your first playthrough in imperator: rome?[View]
459297559are they even capable of making a game that has something else in it other than just a combat? they …[View]
459285863>Garnet cuts off hair >instantly 100% more fuckable Her thirst is boundless. Think she used to…[View]
459300037Reminder that the Switch doesn't get much 3rd party support because you keep buying only Ninten…[View]
459294843Remember when Kratos didn't respect women? Uhhh this is awkward. Did he become a softy because …[View]
459296084MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
459295489ITT: trash that /v/ tricked you into playing: Nice that I uninstalled after 40 min and avoided wasti…[View]
459301979https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3jeB19Zbzc WE[View]
459298923Contra Anniversary Collection: How will Konami disappoint us this time?[View]
459299792Woke Rating: I propose a woke rating for every game, much like the parental rating they all get at t…[View]
459302310>playing as joker >shoot Ridley in mouth while he’s charging >start combo string while he’s…[View]
459302157Life Simulation: What are some fun Life Simulation games besides The Sims, Harvest Moon, Rune Factor…[View]
459291848Choose your fighter. VN Thread[View]
459302113Apparently SteamWorld Quest leaked a few days ago. I know some of you fags have hacked Switches, so …[View]
459295043 [View]
459301562How epic would a proper Sopranos game be?[View]
459299071>bad ending is the best ending[View]
459302053Why was Heaven's Feel the best route? 2nd movie when?[View]
459301115Intense vidya: What are some video games that can provide this sort of feeling?[View]
459295229come play vee[View]
459298024Gentlemen, how do we fix Pokémon?[View]
459295975>one battle to settle the score >not possessed, this is purely dedede trying his absolute hard…[View]
459301030>PC on the fritz >Friends away or otherwise occupied >Gf staying late at office party >N…[View]
459301639What do her feet smell like /v/? I only imagine it's vile[View]
459300964The exclusives left to come out are MediEvil, Wattam, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, and Death Strandi…[View]
459299698If Mario was round he'd be Marui.[View]
459273184Danganronpa: Reminder that it's Hagakure Appreciation Day![View]
459301727do you ever wish we could go back to using vent and xfire? and get rid of all the social shit?[View]
459294980Is this game any good? I know it’s an ass creed game, and it’s a boring overdone setting, but some p…[View]
459298560I'm playing Persona 5 for the first time and I've gotta say the LGBTQQIAAP representation …[View]
459301057Need a name for these things.[View]
459292665Do you think devs should allow players to play as monster races instead of the usual human variant r…[View]
459288176Some keys to give away: Easter started over here, I've finished spring cleaning, and found some…[View]
459301165bros we're comin' home[View]
459300847The plot synopsis of this sounds so retarded, why does PlayStation waste its exclusive slots on garb…[View]
459262410You know what it is >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >DRINKAN >FAPPAN …[View]
459301252ITT: post a recent screenshot you took[View]
459299995DAME DA NE DAME YO[View]
459290305Why is Japan so different from literally every other country in the world when it comes to vidya? Ev…[View]
459265086Are you going to buy Persona 5 now that's it's coming out on a real platform? You think th…[View]
459297503Don't forget that Zane is a faggot and his girlfriend is made up.[View]
459299323ITT: Post minigames only fucking retards enjoy[View]
459300493Defend this /v/[View]
459290921ITT: We all work for Umbrella.[View]
459298807Was he really Liquid?[View]
459300261When will classic sonic fuck off?: I don't understand! I don't see classic Richter, classi…[View]
459300768Death Stranding releases in November. CookieMonster is giving Kojima the deadline he needs[View]
459296731Any good games where I can have a skeleton army?[View]
459299480What does /v/ think of Kassandra?[View]
459299185Why aren't you playing GOTY?[View]
459300147It's Easter. What are some good games with Christian protagonist?[View]
459300104He just disabled a moving truck, with a grenade, while jumping off a horse. Heh, incredible.[View]
459299782did you buy a vita yet?[View]
459300205Daerht PoP ruoy ot emoc ...em ot emoc[View]
459298348Let's talk about yugioh video games. OK?[View]
459258048Classic. We're going home, boys. >Faction >Race >Class I'm gonna play an undead s…[View]
459298829MORDHAU: 29th of April, 2019 year of our Lord. N o n - n e g o t i a b l e[View]
459300074TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT Tf2 party van: Saturday edition[View]
459299913yo who got the code[View]
459300034The Demon Bell doesn't even change anything? Is this some kind of inside joke? Why are tryhard …[View]
459297682ITT: Daddy issues in vidya[View]
459299870>play persona 5 >Hawaii >Haven't maxed out female social link >End up hanging out …[View]
459295476World War Z? More like Left 4 Dead 3.[View]
459299924Let's post electronic videogames that won't be on switch[View]
459299908Rags to riches empire building strategy game. What games?[View]
459297756You might not like it, but this is peak sword combat.[View]
459239308Touhou 17: Willy Wonka and Weenie Critters: >What if I combine HSiFS with UFO? Looks great desu…[View]
459297016Fixed it for you incels. this is what A REAL BLACK QUEEN looks like.[View]
459299690Is the Switch worth buying yet if I want to play single player? I don't want to pay for online …[View]
459295626What was your favourite flavour of the month/season/year game, /v/? Which do you miss the most?[View]
459299674Soma Cruz holding a Gun[View]
459274556DMC: I want to put my hands into Yamato handle and hold it hard and tight[View]
459299339Let's be real here, /v/. IF Nintendo and Microsoft work together for Smash. And IF Microsoft de…[View]
459298905Fuck, why is it so ugly? Its like they made this game for the previous gen but forgot to release it …[View]
459296101Which character to choose first?[View]
459297326Dark Souls 2 is one of the (if not THE) best souls games.[View]
459294835Is there any vidya character who could defeat the Big Rig?: Powers: >phasing through literally an…[View]
459298862Dead by Daylight: Who do you like to see as the next killer? I personality like to see 1990 Pennywis…[View]
459256902ITT: Games with horrible combat[View]
459297419I want to play an Age of Empires game. Which one is the most definitive example of an Age of Empires…[View]
459295818What game do you think deserves the title of game of this decade /v/? What was your favorite? What g…[View]
459299003Asassin's creed Unity gets review pumped due to them giving away the game: Will Steam delete th…[View]
459297634Does anyone else think the quality of their work has declined since they moved out of the house and …[View]
459289638What do you believe is the most horrible type of game genre that you can't believe that people …[View]
459298939What are some games with female characters with big mammary glands?[View]
459298850Isaac’s Smash reveal.: We open on a big, grassy field. We zoom in on a young man on a hill. He looks…[View]
459298617so i started playing pic related with the hd collection, why did they think it was a good idea to gi…[View]
459296690Why are humans always so untrustworthy? And no, humans in JRPG weeniehut carebear lands don't c…[View]
459294250ITT villains that look cool[View]
459298649>Create a Queue to prevent them from overloading the auth server >Queue gets overloaded This …[View]
459296270>Enemy is only beatable with a certrain weapon[View]
459291202>DUDE What if instead of introducing new areas we just reuse the same one 3 (THREE) times. So at …[View]
459298406Watching the clips on YouTube again, Chained Ogre is definitely bullshit in terms of his hit detecti…[View]
459287164AVGN thread[View]
459295570Dreams Thread: Dreams Thread[View]
459298485should I play this game if I want to play as a cute ojou-sama? If not, do you know any games that le…[View]
459298479Game idea?: I have $50 on Steam and I'm looking for something fun to play. Any games that are s…[View]
459297765When u smokescreen and then use down b in the smokescreen for a kill[View]
459298326>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
459297994>english voices are nails on chalkboard bad >no jp audio option…[View]
459294683Why did /v/ hate Cuphead?[View]
459298154What are some games where I can pamper someone?[View]
459297397>Replay a shitty old game >It's actually god tier now MGS2 is like reverse Tomb Raider, t…[View]
459294598>Saves the horror genre[View]
459297880Why are Xbox controllers so bad these days? I've literally bought another one of these new and …[View]
459297847Warhammer Games Thread: Any word on Chaosbane?[View]
459289182I thought /v/ said the ace attorney trilogy remaster looked like shit why did you lie?[View]
459296828Post video game presidents[View]
459263303Why isn't it as popular as Persona in the west?[View]
459296776Reminder that whether you prefer Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, PC or whatever, it's all good. As …[View]
459297371Any rust like games?: I’ve been trying to find a game like rust but I just can’t. Do you guys know o…[View]
459293484What is Lovecraftian? Does it mean abstract horror, grotesque horror, or cosmic horror?[View]
459237082Linux Gaming thread: Holy shit Linux gaming is getting better insanely fast. How long until you swit…[View]
459287021Can we agree that Twinsanity Crash was the peak Crash design? N-Sane comes close, but it still lacks…[View]
459247750>your face when there's a very unstable situation on the ground that is unfolding very quick…[View]
459293917Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
459296153There's no market for porn ga-[View]
459280698That's it? That's 'one of the best games of all time'? I mean, it's pretty fun, but m…[View]
459295074If this game wasn't set in The Simpsons nobody would give a shit about it. It's just GTA w…[View]
459297204Loking for new friend: Lookin for new friends to learn the language and play games^_^[View]
459281310Filename thread? Filename thread.[View]
459296830How seriously do you take character creation appearance wise? and do you prefer to play male or fema…[View]
459295278>lock on an enemy >game removes the target by itself >click analog stick to lock on again …[View]
459296496>make a porn game >put it on steam where people can see what you're playing and the time …[View]
459291738osu: Can we have a discussion about the greatest rhythm game off all time made for personal computer…[View]
459296812Since Late 00s-Early 10s nostalgia is now mainstream with Zoomers on social media, how long till we …[View]
459294546Is everyone way to hard on Tyler Mc Vicker?[View]
459292561What does your ideal controller look like?[View]
459296808Demon's Souls: the pioneer, >marvelous Dark Souls: the successor, >really good Dark Souls…[View]
459296216>game has a million of different endings >the endings are influenced by your choices made dur…[View]
459296614Team Sonic Racing: *Destroys Crash Team Racing*[View]
459296610How do you balance a fighting game?[View]
459295730AAAAAAAAA GODDAMMIT Literally the only sega saturn game i ever want to play is princess crown, and i…[View]
459296491Dear Commander: Commander… I know you’re still fighting your hardest for us on the battlefield. We’r…[View]
459295947Please tell me I'm not the only one in here that loves this game[View]
459293656Futaba appreciation thread: Feet edition Why is she the best?[View]
459295601What's a good city building game? I'm checking out Banished and Northgard on Steam. I need…[View]
459294335In the mood for a platformer. Any suggestions /v/?[View]
459295894WHAT ABOUT FPS GAMES?[View]
459296004Team Base... Home...[View]
459296065What do you think about games as a service[View]
459285240GarfieldRPG battle system brainstorm #2: I'm working on a GarfieldRPG and have gotten the main-…[View]
459292107Hitman: What am I in for?[View]
459294010>Play game for 3k hours >still absolute at trash at it what do I mean by this?…[View]
459295859Rave.DJ Thread: Mix Your Favorite Vidya Music Here!: https://rave.dj/mix (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 x …[View]
459285398ray tracing might be a meme but god damn i love how white that snow is[View]
459290540Do you keep your old consoles or sell them?: I have way too much stuff and I'm looking to do so…[View]
459295751Manhunt is fun.[View]
459294802Why can't KOEI just make a decent ROTK game?: Do they hate money? TW sells, why wouldn't R…[View]
459279912The best fighting game player in the world uses a fightstick, why don't you use one /v/?[View]
459295583Here's your Demon's Souls remaster bro[View]
459295120Underrated games[View]
459290225YOU NEVER SEE IT COMING https://mobile.twitter.com/SuzuTitor/status/1119575748535357440 https://yout…[View]
459294852just being the best GTA with the best theme song[View]
459295446*autistic screeching during the fight*[View]
459293349which team did you pick?[View]
459291235>five months have passed >silence[View]
459295378Why don't they just make a Yakuza spin-off game that would explore how everything else would…[View]
459294982>Story > Gameplay You're not one of those brainlets who actually believes that, right?…[View]
459286840What did your Toon look like /v/?[View]
459282620We need more games like Ratchet and Clank.[View]
459295280I'm a shape shifter at Poe's masquerade Hiding both face and mind all free for you to draw[View]
459294628MapleStory: Where were (You) when Nexon finally killed Kishin and 2 PC me- Wait a minute... NEVER F…[View]
459295221Why is arcsys so bad at balancing?[View]
459294505What are some cozy games I can play to cure my loneliness?[View]
459293826will it ever conclude?[View]
459295062Minecraft - tominecon.7z: On the assets page, following MineCon 2011, a file was posted titled tomin…[View]
459294605Here's a riddle: it would be impossible for someone born in 1987 to have beaten any Pokemon gam…[View]
459260373Not sure why there's been a sudden influx of FFXIV threads these past few days but let's k…[View]
459238975>Sekiro is too har-[View]
459286056>drop $1100 on new gaming PC after being a poorfag and not having one for almost four years >S…[View]
459244245What are some video game settings you'd like to see more of but know you probably won't? I…[View]
459293842What are you favorite game or games on your Switch? So far the game I have the most hours in is Diab…[View]
459294780This game is pretty neat.[View]
459292880was play dark souls 3 on ps4 for ages but just got a copy for pc whats the playerbase like? will i u…[View]
459286818ITT:Comics that didn't age well.[View]
459275806He's right, you know.: >when the director of the GOTG calls you out on your shitty lazy desi…[View]
459291158>ITT; vidya that deserve more love[View]
459287705>just a small studio of normal looking dudes making video games >kept a lot of the original te…[View]
459292192Any games for this feel?[View]
459294486Is it August yet[View]
459293379Just got a Switch this weekend. Breath of the Wild is fucking amazing. You guys lied to me[View]
459291669Do you remember this piece of shit?: Sherwood Dungeon[View]
459293235what the fuck is with the renewed interest in this game all of the sudden?[View]
459293875>game has the cute enemies you feel bad for hurting[View]
459292772Is it worth it for BC, PC crossplay and 4K blurays?[View]
459290758SEKIRO LORE / MYSTERIES: Unexplained Sekiro lore mysteries. Does anyone on /v/ have the answer? what…[View]
459289707>You are challenged by Cynthia! wat do[View]
459288010Why did he become associated with a dumb gaming meme? And are you looking forward to him in Mortal K…[View]
459291872Found this random image in a folder, saved from a lore thread but can't remember why. Redbull m…[View]
459294201Are you playing her game, /v/?[View]
459236258ITT: What anime/tv-shows/movies do YOU want to see as a video game, /v/? For me its One Punch Man. I…[View]
459288158Games you've quit and returned to: what were your reasons?[View]
459292578>Souls-like We need to all agree right now that there's no way that this is an actual fuckin…[View]
459291885Top 10 eShop game this week in EU: >1.Cuphead >2. Skyrim >3. Super Mario Odyssey >4. Ent…[View]
459272674>finally finish sekiro >want to watch this fight again on youtube >people ACTUALLY use a ru…[View]
459293843Have you ever been scared in a video game?[View]
459268340Rate and hate.[View]
459274098Are there any games that feel as alive and immersive as Witcher 3?[View]
459287379How big is your Asuka folder?[View]
459292596The Surge is free on PSN, should I give it the storage space? Im currently playing thru Sekrio and D…[View]
459293542*carries undeserving shitters and game journalists to the end of the game*[View]
459292740>Current objective Rape [View]
459289327Will there be anything like it ever again? Not just the game, but the shareware era in general.[View]
459275872PlayStation 5: So what Japanese games do you expect on this[View]
459290096Desolator ready[View]
459293287Incineroar appriciation thread: > Hated by the public before S&M came out > Became an ins…[View]
459285596Any games where Iron Man dies, Captain America goes back in time, and Hulk wields the gauntlet?[View]
459292778holy shit[View]
459292503Hey anon, just a reminder that you are cool and awesome, I hope you have finded or find love and hap…[View]
459293016Nostalgia thread: Who remembers playing MW2 on the xbox? Good times /v/[View]
459251185Why don't they just kill these fucking pricks and be done with it?[View]
459292980>dungeon to be explored has lore and backstory >it's sad and harrowing…[View]
459292543i unironically want a sequel for this with more jobs and interactions. it was fun but very short[View]
459292947Sora thread: Get in here lads, let us preach about the heart, darkness and light and why Sora is a m…[View]
459292232Is it a sport or a video game? Or both?[View]
459292836does it have soul?[View]
459292853WHERE'S THE TRAILER[View]
459292181ITT: Guns guaranteed to kick ass[View]
459247081MK11 leaked DLC fighters: hmhm[View]
459285637What games from these guys are must plays?[View]
459290074*Mogs Sekiro*[View]
459286582Cell-Shading Loot Game the Third: Get in here, losers. We're leaking shit. So I work on the Gea…[View]
459290127Who wants to talk about Icewond Dale and about how it's objectively better than Baldur's G…[View]
459290727What was her name again?[View]
459290663Girls Frontline dabbing on all the other gachashitters!!! *dabs*[View]
459291551>open catalog >about half of the threads are twitter or article screencap threads for cheap ba…[View]
459253597Action games must have photorealistic visuals to justify their existence Metal Gear Rising, Bayonett…[View]
459288719we can all agree that Ike has been always the most honest character in Smash Bros right? Only scrubs…[View]
459290101do you own vidya merchandise?[View]
459289541The World of Days Gone | PS4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bxgra5AIKI There's no such thing…[View]
459290467Samus, Harley, Morrigan, Elizabeth: Fuck 2, Marry 1, Kill 1[View]
459290901Canon Fodder: >sekiro needs easy mode I wonder what would modern 'journalists' do confronted wit…[View]
459286521DREAMS R E A M S[View]
459291765Where is the sticky for this board? I made two threads that are completely on topic for video games,…[View]
459291496ITT: brainlet filters[View]
459288910This was actually pretty good[View]
459291447>46 days until E3: Oh god the wait is LITERALLY killing me..[View]
459271619It's 2003. What are you playing?[View]
459261606Pound 2019: Official Pound 2019 Thread Ultimate: https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp https://www.twitch…[View]
459281505Why do people have such a hard time admitting that this is the best game in the series?[View]
459287508What is the WORST game you have unironically played? This has got to be the worst piece of shit I h…[View]
459290295This is not a real Mother 4 sequel.[View]
459285470Dark Souls difficulty: Why is it so taboo here to claim that the Soulsborne+Sekiro games are difficu…[View]
459287649Conton City... Home.[View]
459290683Why aren't more games set underwater?[View]
459285116>MGS3 will NEVER be released on PC[View]
459290971SRW was released on April 20th, 1991 28 years now Say something nice about it[View]
459290430OI YER HEADS 'R ALL 12 tf2 thread[View]
459290942>I'm going to save the world by destroying it[View]
459288052Let's see a great big smile, /v/![View]
459287882*ahem* FUCK homestar[View]
459290865This is your next smash dlc,say something nice about him[View]
459282843Play S4 League with /v/!: Only alcoholics are allowed to play today. >S4 league private server …[View]
459286029I can't fucking play this game. I just finished a World in Flames II game against the fucking S…[View]
459289380Favorite Resident Evil? For me it's Claire Redfeild[View]
459284369Is it time to admit that gaming has become too toxic and we need to remove all forms of communicatio…[View]
459286667hey /v/iggers give me tips on how to sort my inventory in diablo 2, I seem to constantly run out of …[View]
459285815Rave DJ Vidya Edition https://rave.dj/mix Post dem mixes. https://rave.dj/o1Tjz411QD9ByA[View]
459284189What are those games you thought were cool as a kid but you go back to them and now they’re awful?[View]
459288671How problematic is Japanese young character trope?[View]
459290323Did you beat him /v/?[View]
459290226How is the switch going to hold up once the PS5 and Xbox 2 are out? I mean games like doom already s…[View]
459286349Why didn't you buy her game?[View]
459289640/v/TSD Thread: Give /v/ PTSD[View]
459281009old models>new models[View]
459288475So when's the last time you shot people with a black coloring pencil, /v/?[View]
459286276>the run to Iron Forge is coming back Are you ready?[View]
459239418Scoia'tael, Order or Neutral?[View]
459289175Do you have murderous thoughts /v/?[View]
459285826For me, it's the newtgat.[View]
459288095How do I get good with joker[View]
459289608>The white guy is deeply hated by /v/ >The jew guy is considered okey and maybe a bro in /v/ I…[View]
459262854Anno 1800: If you didn't preorder I feel bad for you, son Got ninety-nine problems but Epic ain…[View]
459289484What is /v/'s favorite JRPG?[View]
4592882623x3 thread: post em https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
459282970PS5 to be around 10-12TFlops: 1.8ghz Cpu according to leaked 3Dmark stats of the potential SoC PS5 w…[View]
459288878Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin: I really enjoy vanilla Dark Souls 2 (fight me, faggots), but …[View]
459289319Comfy Switch Thread: What have you been playing on your Switch bros? Download anything from the eSho…[View]
459289065please tell me you dont actually do this for the love of christ[View]
459268787Neptunia: DEEPEST FUCKING LORE[View]
459286561The Joker DLC for Persona 5 is censored. >Anns ass was nerfed >Song lyrics got changed >Jok…[View]
459287783Say hello to the game that has been dabbing on Nintendiaps for almost two decades and still makes th…[View]
459287692You do have Mortal Kombat 11 preordered, right /v/?[View]
459279140Are there any Switch owners on /v/ that actually dislike Yuzu or is it all just false flagging?[View]
459266507Okay guys, wasn't it a little bit too much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVHpL9yutLg Also So…[View]
459288068With Sony not even having an conference and Nintendo cancelling Animal Crossing and Metroid, Isn’t M…[View]
459263829SCP Secret Laboratory: Server IP: twocows.mooo.com:7777 Apparently i missed an update. Game is free …[View]
459288213watch dogs: Got if for free, is it worth the time?[View]
459288416Did you hear? Phoenix Wright was caught using false evidence during a trial. Can you believe the man…[View]
459252414are all the dlc characters gonna be as half assed as Joker?[View]
459288309Can we talk about how much of a bitch Kotal Kahn is? >got his shit kicked in by gay Hawkeye in MK…[View]
459288189Does anybody know a chatside for a nerd?: kinda just hoping to find someone to chat with every now a…[View]
459284610s-she's gonna be ok, right, bros?[View]
459285760We're gonna get to play as fucking Ash Williams in Mortal Kombat guys. Fuck the skimpy outfits,…[View]
459288327xbox devs: to be presented at e3[View]
459281635What do you think about his inclusion in Smash Bros[View]
459285914He's in[View]
459288131>be me >heh[View]
459286485>here's your faithful sequel bro[View]
459287626So what's next for this series? Is 1800 the end? 1800 is kino so far.[View]
459286903DAME DANE[View]
459286717Did smash kill fightan?[View]
459287612*bombs board* Lol srry bro cant control it[View]
459272074Assassin's Creed Unity Going Free Forces Ubisoft To Increase Server Capacity 4 Years After Laun…[View]
459287870The development of the last game you played has been handed over to a bunch of dykes. What changes /…[View]
459287856>mid 2000s cinematic game >AND I REMEMBER THE TIIIME WHEN YOU LEFT FOR SANTA MONICAAAA…[View]
459286135Arcade stick for classic/2d games?: Is this viable alternative to the dpad? I've been thinking …[View]
459286548WAKANDA FOREVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3jeB19Zbzc[View]
459239151Why the FUCK is no one talking about he story? ITS OUT!!!!! Game looks like a rendered movie! Absolu…[View]
459287710>real Su-27 Flanker >$50,000,000 >DCS Su-27 Flanker >$7.50 (50% off) Why aren't you…[View]
459287703This is my echidna. Say something nice about her.[View]
459285563 [View]
459280790Tell me of games with LARGE WEAPONS[View]
459287359The Quatering? More like Quater pounder. More like would slit his mothers neck for a Quater.[View]
459287298Does NieR have the best storyline in gaming history?[View]
459287087Name a better JRPG villain.[View]
459286189*AHEM* Steveposting is just a front for asspained characterfags who's most wanted is second ban…[View]
459287395NWN Multiplayer is dead: NWN is a D&D game where you make a game world or join another game worl…[View]
459287294People IRL who look like Video Game chars: No cosplaying faggotry either...but have you ever ran int…[View]
459274236Who are the most iconic video game characters that aren't already in Super Smash Bros[View]
459278195Canonically, Lightning became God, traveled to France, and became a fashion model.[View]
459286517Do you think that the PlayStation and Switch lineups would be better if Sony and Nintendo stopped pr…[View]
459287006just finished this, what's the /v/erdict? thoughts on the story?[View]
459257740Official Laught at Phoenix Wright thread: >disbarred >humiliated >proven evidence forger HA…[View]
459286919did you beat the 9,9 difficulty in smash ultimate?[View]
459261721For me it's Chun-Li, the strongest woman in the world.[View]
459286654I wish this game mode didn't exist, it literally killed online gaming[View]
459284979Just really good friends[View]
459286686Smash Ultimate world: Share them Replays, stages, Mii Fighters, videos[View]
459285783Hyperdimension: I love the characters but can't stand the gameplay: I bought Re:birth1 at the s…[View]
459278036Games and aesthetic: If japanese games had the exact same gameplay, but the girls were as ugly as th…[View]
459262690Squad: Why aren't you playing squad right now and larping as insurgents?[View]
459286489I made a thread wondering if anyone was interested in making a star craft custom campaign, why was i…[View]
459285758>Hard mode is complete bullshit >All the other difficulties below it are piss easy…[View]
459268061What's your opinion on secondaries entering a franchise you like?: Or worse, e-celebs who then …[View]
459286041Fairy Thread[View]
459283780Which one would you impregnate, anon?[View]
459286073What are some games where you can grill things?[View]
459284653Smash: Should I just fucking get it? I never played Smash except on 3DS, butI could never tell what …[View]
459285940Does anyone here play Project +?[View]
459284615here's your controller bro[View]
459282985apex: Is this game dead? It managed to make more noise than fortnite in the first weeks, but checkin…[View]
459285819Tired Thread: Anyone else tired of everything associated with Vidya and entertainment in general? Mo…[View]
459277416polymer renderer plus duke nukem 3d high resolution pack brings duke up to what graphics period?[View]
459282349Is Sekiro the peak of sword fighting games? How can any game even compete?[View]
459285582DEAR DIARY[View]
459277935LATIN AMERICA GAMING THREAD: What are you playing Bros? What games do you plan to get? How do you af…[View]
459284894fucking ladders: How do we fix ladders in vidya?[View]
459281830Is this the quintessential clown world game?[View]
459277029Are warlocks good in vanilla warcraft aka classic?[View]
459284598Is it possible to be the idea guy without starting as a code monkey?[View]
459254085Why Nintendo never created its own Gran Turismo?[View]
459279018RISK OR RAIN 3 TREAD[View]
459285035Bruh look at this dude[View]
459283627>losing a gaming buddy forever Any of you guys ever had this happened to you? An online friend yo…[View]
459284546Is this good news or bad news?[View]
459283584why do the best characters always have to be the most unloved in games?[View]
459285169To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Europa Universalis 4. The gameplay is extr…[View]
459284907Anyone playing this? is it worth 60 bucks?[View]
459282273>It's a Notre Dame level[View]
459283170What's the best video game moment of all time?[View]
459284891Screenshot thread, lads[View]
459282214I liked Sekiro, what other similar games should I play?[View]
459284796What are some games with demons?[View]
459275712Best single player games of the century: Well, what are they /v/?[View]
459283746 [View]
459283550When The Attorney Cries: *updates the number of persons on the Island*[View]
459278771>go 1-10 with skilled guy in a server >'so bad anon, just go away' >immediately leave and u…[View]
459283723Reminder that most shrines are quite varied in gameplay content, the puzzles are some of the best in…[View]
459282743>game allows custom tracks >play whatever shit >use headset >'You are about to raise the…[View]
459283281she's in[View]
4592830852009 /v/ >nip games are shit, western games are where its at! 2019 /v/ >western games are shit…[View]
459284114What a fucking madman[View]
459284112i think its time for a C.O.M.F.Y: STALKER thread.[View]
459282265What's the most evil protagonist you ever saw in a videogame?[View]
459279556I dont know what to fucking play[View]
459283882Freelancer thread? Freelancer thread[View]
459281743What's the most convoluted series timeline?[View]
459283838>Persona 5 news coming April 25 >Hat in Time news coming April 25 Nintendo Direct April 25?…[View]
459281952>reboot >sequel >spiritual successor >'new' thing, except it rips off 90% of an older be…[View]
459283714What are some crossovers you wish you could play?[View]
459283590Is there anywhere I can check videogame budget and developement time ? Some sort of Box office mojo …[View]
459280897Mortal Kombat 11: Not even out, broken shit already found. Fucking clockwork lmao https://twitter.co…[View]
459261449Mila is a lesbian[View]
459283427Mario Kart 8 D: >in third >can see 2nd and 1st right in front of me >throw one of 3 bananas…[View]
459275420Do you still play the best selling console of all time /v/?[View]
459280638Battlefield 1942: Why dont you play battlefield 1942 online right now? IT got many full servers…[View]
459222701HEY PLUMBER BOY, YOUR TIME IS FUCKIN UP https://youtu.be/mZTR2R3snWY[View]
459283237Pirate vs steam version Darksiders 2: I remember playing pirate versions of Darksiders 2 about 4 tim…[View]
459275534It's 4/20/ what's the best game to smoke and play today?[View]
459276646What do you want to see in the sequel? https://people.com/movies/tomb-raider-alicia-vikander-getting…[View]
459280123Comfy Smash creator stages[View]
459279408/v/ has been noticeably shit the past few days, let's have cute thread.[View]
459281579Who's the Sheev of vidya villains?[View]
459282684ITT we predict how this coming week’s Giant Bombcast discusses the Smash Bros. censhorship >Brad:…[View]
459273810Any tips for this game? Just got to chapter 3 and I'm getting blasted. The overworld is so rand…[View]
459280982>Metal Gear is one of the most secret black projects! What did he mean by this? What are the othe…[View]
459263371>Ass of the Tomb Raider[View]
459280864If Dark Souls was so good, why does it only have as Metascore of 88?[View]
459280710How badass are your favorite games anon?[View]
459281112Why didn't this happen?[View]
459281568This can be yours for the low price of 179.99[View]
459281878I know I'm 6 years late, but I finally got around to playing this. Why did everybody make such …[View]
459281015Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
459282060What do you think of significant single player DLC packs? I'm talking about when a game gets en…[View]
459281857yet another [spoiler]3x3 thread[/spoiler][View]
459281913Redpill me on abyssals, /v/.[View]
459275536Why is he so strong?[View]
459279523>why yes, I am happily married as well as play video games. I don't see how the two are mutu…[View]
459279840What happened to his videogame?[View]
459281710I've been playing the remastered original starcraft lately and just found out the map editor is…[View]
459280526How better would Blood (1997) have been if it was mad in the quake engine?: the Blood (1997) alpha v…[View]
459281363>the last non-boostshit Sonic was 13 years ago why can't we go back adventurebros?…[View]
459268636FINALLY as much as I hate YongYea at least the “mainstream” fighting back about the Sony censorship.[View]
459281258>game doesn't have borderless windowed mode[View]
459279330Why would you pay for a game when you can get the superior verson for free?[View]
459275853Doom 2016: https://streamable.com/rczm3 >Whoever recommend to me Doom 2016 I can't remember …[View]
459278958What's the best movie-based game?[View]
459279783Project x Zone series discord server open:: Hey, v. I'm a long time fan to the series and i was…[View]
459277492Dreams thread. What are you creating anons?[View]
459280182What was the narrative purpose of this scene?[View]
459280818PS5 has no gaems[View]
459277904Happy columbine shootings day /v/ or happy Hitlers birthday! what are you doing on this blessed day?…[View]
459273574Happy 20th of April, /v/. How are you chilling? What games are you playing while?[View]
459280658>can't keep track of fast moving targets with my eyes. >can't even turn around and d…[View]
459279245What went so right?[View]
459279713What went wrong?[View]
459280448Mario Kart 8 D: >in third >can see 2nd and 1st right in front of me >throw one of 3 bananas…[View]
459277206Now that modders have added reversals and working inertia back into the game 5Casuals have been BTFO…[View]
459280395ITT underrated games: games that are good but no one heard of >build airships, buildings and tank…[View]
459270159Waypoint markers and fast travel are the cancer that killed open-world games. Instead of having to f…[View]
459273724sup' folks just going to smash bros[View]
459280048quite the game[View]
459275791>In recent news, Microsoft Coffee Boy Phil Spencer has announced the Xbone Sad edition in retalia…[View]
4592761863x3: Post your favorite vidya[View]
459277189I remember back when the Wii was out people were comparing its power to '2 Gamecubes taped together'…[View]
459277678What's a game you never uninstall?[View]
459278212Cracking Far Cry 5: >My dad gets some cracked games at work from a buddy who also torrents shit, …[View]
459279904You like Fatal Frame, right?[View]
459279658Are there any based podcasts about gaming or more specifically pc gaming? Asking for a friend. Bonus…[View]
459278907>pleb >buys PSfunf[View]
459278343>Cursed and Defiled Blasphemous Heretical Nihilistic Lower Root Deep Lorian Infant Chalice Would …[View]
459276645how am i supposed to win ?[View]
459229412*allows you to still play all new games at max graphics despite being 8 years old*[View]
459279528What are some games where I can confuse the enemy?[View]
459273209You give a finger. They'll take the whole arm.[View]
459269813what do you want out of Destiny 3?[View]
459278584Project 06: Why the fuck isn't /v/ talking about this? Looks kino as hell and I can't wait…[View]
459275261>java games Magic times[View]
459263831https://youtu.be/aWudYmxO34Y Is he /ourguy/?[View]
459275834Why did Nintendo remove Trans Right stages from Smash?[View]
459261951Last thread died. Fuck Rosterfags[View]
459273589Why do video game characters have such big breasts? What's the point?[View]
459278785why is this is so fucking good bros[View]
459278000Alright faggots, recommend me some good shmups. Vertical, horizontal, bullet hell, new, old, popular…[View]
459278438Sekiro: GOTY: Brehs... I don't believe it, but GOTY so far for me is Sekiro. I'm stunned,…[View]
459279052Just finished Blood (1997) and found out about the alpha build of the game. it allowed you to transf…[View]
459276221Tsubasa: Name a cuter FE character except you literally can't.[View]
459278974FromSoftware to hardware.[View]
459278947my PC is still on Windows 8.1. is it worth it to upgrade to Windows 10 for gaming? how does 10 compa…[View]
459274173What did we think of Lady's game?[View]
459278347What is the vidya equivalent of this?[View]
459277567WHEN H E N[View]
459278578Why do game journos review games based on whether or not they're able to beat them? It's s…[View]
459262978Epic games paid an estimated 3.5 million for Phoenix Point: So basically Fig has a shareholder retur…[View]
459277569Why is he so fucking big?[View]
459276847ITT: Games that cured your depression.[View]
459264585Enemy model's interactivity is extremely shit looking for 2019 game. No bleeding cuts on body o…[View]
459270646Omnislash or Lion Heart? I don't even remember what Zidane, Tidus, and Vaan had.[View]
459275521>game seem great >find out balthier makes the worst machnist >drops game because too autist…[View]
459278126Ignoring Wily's autistic rampage that occured afterwards, who TRULY was in the wrong here?[View]
459264471How long until all Jaoanese games are westernized? Capcom is done, 100% photorealism Yakuza games a…[View]
459277851I poke my head out of the gutter for one freakin' second, and fate shovels shit in my face.[View]
459277971I bought planet coaster 2 days before it went on sale[View]
459275139You should play Gravity Rush today.[View]
459270738Heroes of the storm is almost completely dead. What went wrong? It feels like it never even close to…[View]
459272313Replaying this game and it isn't bad. It's only the overall main plot that fell flat, some…[View]
459277843Will shilling in Smash ever end? It's been like this for year now.[View]
459277825Report to the ship immediately.[View]
459277815>he plays video games[View]
459273928I wish Harvest Moon: AP came out remastered on Switch: I really wish this game came out remastered o…[View]
459275123Why did Naughty Dog stop making good games after this title?[View]
459268254Prey: About to start this, since it's got sucha a good rep around here. What difficulty would y…[View]
459274036Should I buy a 6 month membership or gather enough ingame money to buy a bond?[View]
459277674>just chilling with a game >hear gf arrive, ignore >sits down beside me >i turn to lo…[View]
4592776623x3 thread: bosses edition hardmode: every boss must be from a different game [View]
459246503This game fucking sucks. Also, good god, the dialogue is cringy. It went past the campy side of thi…[View]
459273082>play well >lose account[View]
459277434X-3 with Yuna cucking Tidus when?[View]
459275389Remedy Digital Universe: Reminder that all four of these franchises share the same universe. How wil…[View]
459276119>Tfw no silmarillion wrpg. Imagine the possibilities.[View]
459258701Find a flaw.[View]
459277159Hi friends, come and play my game please.[View]
459277073Who's your favorite Nintendo character(s)?[View]
459272171>Still no fucking Halo on PC I just want to play Halo Co-OP with my bros again.…[View]
459276140play seeds of chaos[View]
459274458When you pick this class, you announce to the world 'I am the most basic bitch imaginable'[View]
459273943Can /v/ solve this?[View]
459275805Why was there no fire flower in SM64?[View]
459223683Risk of Rain: How do you think the enforcer will be implemented if ever? Will Mul-t ever feel good t…[View]
459276350Could she get in?[View]
459275173Why is she so perfect?[View]
459265047How does Persona get away with making fun of: >gay people >transexuals >mentally handicappe…[View]
459276243what is the biggest cancer in gaming and why is it conveniencefags?[View]
459275967>2 DOEs >1 blows up the fort >Think they both would skedaddle >second one attacks the to…[View]
459276537why was this so fucking good?[View]
459274184Name one (1) game with a Cute and Expressive silent MC.[View]
459274430Kirby: What features would he gain from eating you?[View]
459275405>game gives you a choice >both choices are bad and everyone hates you for them >BRILLIANT W…[View]
459275268>when the quick time event prompts start appearing[View]
459269597Hi, I'm superior to the N64 version.[View]
459272519Would you a Lady Maria?[View]
459240232I'd suggest you claim your Life is Strange waifu in here before some other anon does. Victoria …[View]
459236012Is he right?[View]
459276252Has anyone made a drinking board game like this, or the pokemon version about video games? If someon…[View]
459269134Let's all wish Lucina a happy birthday![View]
459274820>japanese video game wants to show character development >said character cut his hair in a dra…[View]
459274670World War Z: >no threads yet I guess the hate against Epic is real. Anyway, WWZ Thread. This game…[View]
459275667a weapon to surpass Metal Gear...[View]
459262489What video game animal you wish you could keep as a pet?[View]
459275630What are some games where you play as a buffalo soldier dreadlocked rasta?[View]
459262062>Under a week left with $380k to go. >Devs that made Myst, Riven, Uru, Obduction https://www.y…[View]
459275606Leanbox - Home.[View]
459272131Any crowdfunding projects that you're still waiting on? Are you confident it'll end up goo…[View]
459275303This is the Gravity Queen. Say something nice about her![View]
459273674Dlc boss fight when?[View]
459263507City of Heroes: Show me those characters /v/[View]
459275361Anthem has less Twitch views than UNO: OH NO NO NO NO https://www.reddit.com/r/AnthemTheGame/comment…[View]
459272009How would you feel if inputting the Konami code gave you 30 HP and changed absolutely nothing else a…[View]
459274774Is this the peak of COMFYNESS?[View]
459268114How did you react when you first saw this scene?[View]
459275146Here's your controller, bruh.[View]
459275141when are gonna see her again?[View]
459274310Did people like AHiT more than Yooka because...: ... it wasn't heavily based on late 90s mascot…[View]
459273581>Game >Game: Subtitle >Game: Subtitle 2: Subtitle >Game II: Subtitle >Game II: Subtit…[View]
459274319Smash Ultimate DLC: Good evening guys, I know it's hard to believe a random person like me but …[View]
459274178What is the most pretentious game you've ever played?[View]
459250703>tfw you realize Irvine was lying about the loneliness of the sharpshooter etc. and the man just …[View]
459272212On a thread yesterday someone said something very interesting >PG and Kamiya are Nintendofags so …[View]
459272856Battlerite: What goes on here?[View]
459270632If you had to pick the single best Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game on the PS2 which one would it be…[View]
459243062P5 The Royal | P5S Thread: >What do you want? >What do you expect?…[View]
459261462STAGE BUILDER THREAD: Post your creations and arenas[View]
459274521>See James? We were the Silent Hill 2 all along What the fuck Konami?[View]
459273387Will we ever get the proper Tolkien kino vydia we deserve?[View]
459274473Videogames: Post your recent videogames and recommend at least 1 game. I'll start >Stronghol…[View]
459273972>Sony censorship BAD Is he /Our Guy/ now?[View]
459235468DMC: Van scenes are canon inb4 V V doesn't appear with Vergil[View]
459268001'The true figure is still hidden in the sleep' FINAL FANTASY XV's Season 2 DLC 'Dawn of the Fut…[View]
459273557What is your opinion about the Persona Q line of games?[View]
459272547Switch is halfway between ps3xb360 and ps4xb1: Prove me wrong. Switch is middle image. Left is xbox …[View]
459268023W-What happened bros?! I thought we defeated fortnite kids? This can't be happening![View]
459273225Post NSFW smash bros stages with ID. last thread was archived and apparently that stage had an other…[View]
459269930Can you guys recommend any good AI vs AI RTS games? Games where you as a player can simply watch the…[View]
459272735This game is a lot harder than i expected. How does it have such positive reviews. I don't expe…[View]
459273401Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
459272804Vidya Music Thread: 4/20 Edition: Post vidya music that sounds best while high. Here's mine: ht…[View]
459268751HD collection when?[View]
459273775ITT: Last picture you saved now becomes a video game >You play a female assassin >She dresses …[View]
459273627I'll be home by myself for two weeks and I was going to take this opportunity to play FPS loud …[View]
459271913Why doesn't Dark Seamus have his own moves?[View]
459268079Name one thing more pathetic than breaking shit because you got angry at a video game. Especially wh…[View]
459270969What is the pic related of YOUR favorite game, /v/? When and with what do you go all out?[View]
459272871ITT Horror missions/levels in a non-horror game.[View]
459272506Is this a fucking joke? Why would they add enemy impossible to beat[View]
459272029Mass Effect: Is the mako the definitive pleb filter?[View]
459261284How do we fix the horror genre bros?[View]
459263685>Damn this game is good, but looks like i'm only half way, better go to sleep and finish it …[View]
459272985Banjo: Kazooie[View]
459271637So what's the deal? If the Gilgamesh route is already translated why is there no translation pa…[View]
459266909Vanilla will be a let down: Its pretty much preaching to the choir but let me say it again >mill…[View]
459270132OMG IT'S ZEZIMA!!!111!!!1[View]
459272469>haven’t played on my PC in some time >decide to play some Garry’s mod >haven’t touched th…[View]
459268705ITT: in celebration of 420, we take a video game title and replace a word with 'weed' or other canna…[View]
459265357Anyone here tried gaming on a super ultrawide? How is it?[View]
459267923>use a screencap of the moblie game >'OhNoNoNoNo FuCkInG NiNtEnDoRkS AmIrIgHt sOnYfAgS?! The a…[View]
459263378>you must register at our forum to read this post >'i PMed you the fix ;)'…[View]
459266019Show me the best girl in the world, or I'll EAT YOUR SOUL[View]
459271618What monitor do you use, anon? Making the transtion from regular TV screen to a gaming monitor for t…[View]
459271772MMO Thread - Male Edition: Come join the ever-dying game genre and post your Characters, Hopes, Stor…[View]
459264516what shmups do you like /v/?[View]
459272595holy fuck bros what have i done? >playing aram >some french premade on the team >one dude t…[View]
459272403Spirit: Show me your collection, now.[View]
459270001>'Right now, you are useless to me Makoto' >'All you do is eat away at my life, retarded robot…[View]
459267409What went so wrong?[View]
459272525Was G-Man part of the Combine?: All his actions are planned to lead Gordon to open Earth more to the…[View]
459266242Today I will commit RDM.[View]
459271140Rain World: tfw lost[View]
459267489Grand Strategy Games: Willy is back in action but he's not certain which path should he choose.…[View]
459271989Last time i turned mine on was 6 months ago[View]
459271979Holy shit what a lame story[View]
459270304Who is the best dog in video games?[View]
459267527JAPANESE GAMES ARE BACK: XV is the best and fastest selling FF game Sekiro sold 2 millions in 10 day…[View]
459271068Guys... Where's the official Mother 3 English release that Reggie's been hiding?[View]
459271630Is anyone else planning on attending the first ever official Final Fantasy VII Concert in LA? Ticket…[View]
459231913George R.R. Martin is rumoured to be working on a video game: >we finally get 10/10 writing coupl…[View]
459266461hey /v/[View]
459234691Give your money to Granblue Fantasy.[View]
459268427Why are people not allowed to criticize or say something negative about this game or even something …[View]
459271256>boss design is old school >boss is small and unimpressive >boss becomes unpredictable and …[View]
459267384*exists politely*[View]
459242034We're going soon bros. >race >class >faction Lets hear it.…[View]
4592710403 boss cells is literally unplayable[View]
459271017What are some games with a bald main character?[View]
459271000The last 4 vidya characters you played as wake up inside the Cube. How fucked are they?[View]
459270963rave.dj thread: rave.dj/mix post your gaming mixes. made some kino just now: https://rave.dj/iz2nxWi…[View]
459264229How can a 16 year old girl like Ann Takamaki have larger breasts than her teacher that’s in her mid …[View]
459270781Are all games like this now? Every line i read is cringey. Is this how kids talk? Do kids equate jap…[View]
459270267OH NO NO NO NO[View]
459270786ITT: games that get a bad rap but aren't actually that bad[View]
459269321Post NSFW smash bros stages with ID I'm fucking around with friends playing on cursed stages[View]
459269662Sup /v/, summer's coming around and it's got me in a mood. I'm looking for some good …[View]
459270602Currently testing classes on a private server. Why the fuck is Paladin so god damn difficult at low …[View]
459269371After people ignored my previous Divinity 2 thread because apparently you can just offload terrible,…[View]
459270502>worst choice actually leads to the best outcome What games do this?[View]
459255969Haha look how fucking ugly she is[View]
459269041since when did nintendo games on a sale? sinking ship?[View]
459265379ITT: licenced game kino[View]
459270391Post companies that have never made a bad game.[View]
459258782>draw map with stylus >Battle starts have to awkwardly press A and B now for combat or put dow…[View]
459269553Press F to pay respects[View]
459262916Which vidyas do alchemy or necromancy really well?[View]
459263486How do I make him shut the fuck up?[View]
459270130What games let you change your character profession?[View]
459269879Just picked this up, has anyone here played it? What did you think?[View]
459267371Play Tale Of Two Wastelands: Play TTW[View]
459269247Predict the Metacritic score[View]
459222728DS2 babies WILL defend this.[View]
459269583Men go with the legion. Weaklings that licks Tyrone cum out of stacy pussy go stormcloack[View]
459269194Orc or night elf hunter? I just can't decide[View]
459269084Yeah, yeah, yeah /V/ It's yo' man OP Loc in the place You kno' wha' I'm say…[View]
459267372Gordon Freeman in the flesh. Or rather, in the hazard suit.[View]
459269229>reviewers never got far enough to sperg out about this[View]
459267965OH NO NO NO NO[View]
459254969Is this the ultimate case of soul vs. soulless?[View]
459268938What are the best Blazblue and Guilty Gear games?[View]
459261731>bayo was the metaknight of smash 4 >Now joker is the bayo of smash ultimate How do we fix hi…[View]
459268692Nooooo /v/, reddit is making fun of us again[View]
459257725How is it managing to stay relevant and popular for so long? The game looks shallow so what's b…[View]
459268798>The west moves gaming forward >Meanwhile Japan is happy to stay on the comfort zone of the Pl…[View]
459263961AHEM... RETARDED[View]
459257670>Okami was released 13 years ago >Issun teases a sequel at the end of the game >Okamiden wa…[View]
459268374ITT: we ruin a game/level adding a dreadful song[View]
459265223Stories about dumb people and vidya >be me a long time ago >go to highschool with an actual ps…[View]
459268376Admit it: Mass Effect 3 was a great game and hating it is a literal meme. >b-but the ending was b…[View]
459265513Yoshi's Story ruined Yoshi.[View]
459268260>make multiple stage builder threads >all get archived in less than 20 minutes…[View]
459267127zoomers will never know how good we had it back then...[View]
459268153Arelith: someone give me the low down, what's the deal with the Arelith drama?[View]
459267318What happened to the VR hype?[View]
459266229This stuff unironically makes me better in competitive multiplayer games how do they do it bros[View]
459267948Is Bloodborne GOTY worth 20 bucks?: Or should I wait for it to get cheaper?[View]
459267986Hey you You with anime avatar Shut the fuck up you bitch[View]
459268042Y'all gin go git dem dil bit DAWG TAYAGS[View]
459267980>Game insists you use a specific mechanic to win >Game removes mechanic halfway through…[View]
459251035What is your first impression upon seeing this thumbnail? https://youtu.be/i176OFFGvV4[View]
459267861Has a JRPG managed to achieve this level of kino ever since?[View]
459265892Is running fortnite on my nintendo switch bad? The fan gets loud when I play fortnite but not any ot…[View]
459265764Anyone been playing this game? Personally having a ton of fun and the story is quite interesting an…[View]
459265342Starting up this series' run (3->SL->Nexus->LR) since I never had LR when I last playe…[View]
459265362DMC 5 - Where's the Content?: >21 missions and 3 alternate character missions = 24 total …[View]
459266197Does anyone remember this game?[View]
459266659Layoffs in the future for BioWare and DICE: I've been told EA's executives are giving BioW…[View]
459267308itt we are game objectives: >be me >healthy, young, good looking male, aged 25, 180 cm. >ju…[View]
459262094I have every console and PC except x one, but nothing to play Help me[View]
459262291How do you respond?[View]
459265737I'm bored af: I'm poor and I don't know what to play on my PC. I'm bored of CSGO…[View]
459267103Do you play different game in different seasons? For me it’s Fallout 1 in the summer and MW2 in the …[View]
459266875'How very charitable of Her Majesty to summon us to a social gathering of prepared foods and open-ha…[View]
4592645744 the kids[View]
459264459Let's have an ACTUAL fucking discussion about the MMO Holy Trinity. No healslutting, no bullshi…[View]
459266339post fake tough guys[View]
459244275Thisi s your Canon happy ending /v/: Discuss about the best family in /v/idya[View]
459265896Why does this piece of shit game keep forcing me into this shit?[View]
459266820I miss the old days of open world games in the early 2000s when they where called 'GTA clones' and e…[View]
459259780Enderal Thread: What does /v/ think of the best experience gamebryo has to offer?[View]
459266748>no games with character designs like this WHY[View]
459263509Worst Mario Kart coming through 'other than 7'[View]
459265893>haha kingdom hearts was so fun as a kid maybe I'll try kh3 >actually playing it…[View]
459265576Girls Frontline dabbing on every other gachashitter!!! *dabs*[View]
459266110G27 Shifter w/ Fanatec Csr?: Hey, i have a Fanatec Csr and no shifter, if i buy a G27 shifter and pl…[View]
459257598>japanese hitboxes[View]
459263031Flat earth simulator??? https://youtu.be/UppyPzIb5Y8[View]
459266385How will Unleashed fags ever recover? https://youtu.be/k0AzwtrdxgQ[View]
459257132>first boss of the DLC is the hardest What was the logic behind this?[View]
459261968>minecraft update in 4 days[View]
459265814Nice stages: Post really well done custom stages that make you happy[View]
459265414Have you ever genuinely felt bad for a fictional character?[View]
459264703>Wario t poses in jokers final smash[View]
459254654Can /v/ give me some games to distract me from how much I hate my life[View]
459263510Post a better rainy day game I dare you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLFzkY2lzRs[View]
459257825Why do I like watching extremely long and autistic video game reviews like pic related? Do any of yo…[View]
459265743>pirate game >the cuck devs thank you for it cringe…[View]
459264359Holy shit, this is the perfect example of a game that starts off so good but turns to shit at the en…[View]
459250249Play Forza[View]
459265509Objective: Remain in Light[View]
459265218>one copy of Final Fntasy 12 please, of course i want the first edition and no the IZJS/TZA garba…[View]
459264132god of war: Are you ready for PS4s new movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKJogfyUhLU…[View]
459260606I know i will get a lot of hate, butt fuck it, its /v/ you are hating everything. What is a good way…[View]
459261143Leak: Okay so I have some inside information about 2019. The next Smash Ultimate DLC character is La…[View]
459263702Germans gamers.: It's me or germans gamers tend to rage very easy in online games? They always…[View]
459264269Fuck this game and fuck you people for convincing me to try it. I started off simple enough. I do …[View]
459243074Another Smash Mains Thread: Post em, r8 em, h8 em[View]
459265121Characters By Estrogents, for Estrogents: Ever think about how hard the writer at R* beat his stubby…[View]
459253370The future of gaming: So, which is your stance? LGBTQP yes or no? Who's right? Nintendo banning…[View]
459262429>Switch has been out for over 2 years >still no trace of a decent backwards catalog >there …[View]
459261114When They Cry 5 (Higurashi,Umineko) coming out in English this summer: Are you all ready for another…[View]
459260825Can you save the diver princess from a killer whale?[View]
459264882AI upscaling: interdasting[View]
459264337This is the real reason behind the current trend of self censorship happening in Japanese media.[View]
459264104Free Visual Novels: Does anyone know where to find free visual novels that have a good quality such …[View]
459190954/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>459098894 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
459212679Is hyper sexualization in games immoral?[View]
459263287>unreleased Donkey Kong first person shooter[View]
459262812*sips* Ahh minecraft, now THAT was a game[View]
459254890RPG settings: Is it just me, or are RPGs extremely reluctant to feature different settings? It'…[View]
459262990Anonymous: what dose /v/ think about this rogue like?[View]
459261286Literally impossible[View]
459249253Which other games have lewd protagonists?[View]
459264093Manasvin Warmech: This is a Manasvin Warmech. Discuss why it's inferior to Anavatapta Warmech a…[View]
459263432Word is they're planning an open world game. >How do you think it would be? >How would yo…[View]
459264020That stench!?!?[View]
459253290Name one thing you can say to 'gg ez' without sounding mad[View]
459263940There we were, having great discussion about video games when some neckbeard janny got offended. You…[View]
459263868what are some video games that feature lawyers? Besides obvious stuff like ace attorney[View]
459263315Damascus.. home..[View]
459254112are you going to buy her remake, anon?[View]
459262195Why is BB so much better than anything else From Soft ever shat out? From what I've seen on you…[View]
459247061have you ever been banned for typing something in a game chat?[View]
459263345BB = Sekiro >>>>>> Souls Where my SekiBorne chads at?[View]
459263696>giving the covenant back their bong[View]
459263556Do you remember me, /v/?[View]
459263636Monster Hunter thread. What are you currently hunting?[View]
459263523What went so wrong?[View]
459263483Anyone know if running fortnite on a nintendo switch is hard on it?[View]
459261834What's the most chill vidya music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJBTgIaS4dc https://www.yout…[View]
459262426>AND WE'RE YOUR what exactly did she mean by this?[View]
459248624>that guy who only makes good alignment choices because he thinks he's actually a good perso…[View]
459262387I'm actually having fun with this. Granted, I did buy a key for 11 euro so that might have some…[View]
459263115>fast travel[View]
459257837Final fantasy is an RPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkOA_HAVoqU[View]
459261183>the new soulsborne game set in feudal Japan is har-[View]
459262948Is it worth getting just for AC:O? Is AC:O even that good?[View]
459262928>tfw IQ to high too consume western kusoge[View]
459243046Less than week before release Are you ready to build your empire in ancient world bros?[View]
459262895Switch thread: Lets have a good old fashioned switch thread. What are you playing friends? I recentl…[View]
459259493What's he playing?[View]
459249130Guess whos birthday it is Lucina thread[View]
459261712Would you watch a Smash Bros anime?[View]
459262798Sekiro criticism thread.: I love the game and all but... this game is very very short, and it doesn…[View]
459261371World war Z thread.: There was one earlier but what the hell let's hear more of /v/'s thou…[View]
459250850Wait, so I just have to have the bigger number and I win? This seems really fucking shallow of a gam…[View]
459259575>Be in CS >Not making games Why aren't you making video games?…[View]
459262516Boi!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i176OFFGvV4[View]
459238031>Join a roleplay guild or group in an online game >Have a female character >Indian men/thir…[View]
459260367Wind Waker was awful. Skyward Sword is superior[View]
459259828Here it is.[View]
459255957mordhau: https://youtu.be/nFpoDlH6Sxs what went wrong?[View]
459262353Grand Theft Biker, but Dark Souls: Are you ready for Days Gone, /v/?[View]
459259810 unironically I wanted waluigi to be in smash so bad, not for the memes or the fact it would complet…[View]
459262246Space engine thread: $100 to anyone able to find the 84 AU radius star $50 to anyone able to find a …[View]
459261145Where's my cyberpunk city builder video game?[View]
459260838Anno 1800 Pirate: Is this real or fake?[View]
459260109what are some good obscure multiplayer games with very small but stable communities? as in games tha…[View]
459257150What went wrong?[View]
459260264This is the sunwell in WoW.: Remember when Arthas corrupted the sunwell in Wc3, dooming the High Elv…[View]
459261836what did samurai allow this?[View]
459191556>Japan still has vidoe game arcades >People still read video game magazines (paper) It's …[View]
459260526Will I regret buying this?[View]
459239538Which one did you rike more?[View]
459260924>protagonist isn't white >they're female…[View]
459235908STAGE BUILDER THREAD: give me your worst[View]
459258676I know you were all so excited for smash dlc and such upcoming releases but for me, this is the ulti…[View]
459260263Who wants a free copy of Assassin's Creed Origins?[View]
459240174the yellow rabbit and the curry: does /v/ still like tactics style games?[View]
459261607>Wolf... Thank... you... What did she mean by this?[View]
459260232>Dark Souls 3 isn't a complete piece of shi-[View]
459261273Classic MonHun: He's right u know[View]
459256584Thoughts on the ultimate Pokemon?[View]
459258628What the actual fuck is wrong with Sony?[View]
459253727ITT: Go to a subreddit for a game you like and bring back something that makes you mad[View]
459256384wtf Gaben where's the Easter sale is this really it?[View]
459259234Anyone knows if there's a place I could buy GTA San Andreas for under 5$?[View]
459249153>pre-order for extra content[View]
459243785City of Heroes: Test Server is still up and running, only 200 people per zone who knows when a real …[View]
459259229Post only those games with max soul[View]
459240762This makes me want to buy a SEGA game.[View]
459260065Where my dress armor bros at?[View]
459258685Why did he do it, bros[View]
459259164Name a worse fanbase.[View]
459260930Claim your Valkyria Chronicles waifu.[View]
459227185>he still uses steam >he still uses epic store >he still uses origin take the pirate pill a…[View]
459260592I love chilling in the sun rather than playing time wasting video games. Wbu?[View]
459251830When was the last time you truly enjoyed a video game, /v/? You know, like one that left you with an…[View]
459259112I just got around playing Yakuza Kiwami and now I understand what all the hate about it is. The game…[View]
459257848>install game >installer asks me if I have read the end user licence agreement >click on ye…[View]
459257487Why do so many people shit on Dishonored for 'punishing' you for using lethal tools? It's true …[View]
459257080Characters By Estrogents, for Estrogents: Ever think about how hard the writer at R* beat his stubby…[View]
459260297scammer ebay / forums: This man is a scammer, be careful not to be scammed https://badbuyerlist.org/…[View]
459260301ITT: 'Good guys' who did EVERYTHING wrong.[View]
459258336Tyranny: Thoughts on 'Tyranny'? How does it rank among Obsidian's other games? Is Kyr…[View]
459243904Reminder to not let rosterfags or leakfags influence who you want in Smash and just want who you wan…[View]
459257019>game disguise itself as a young adult novel[View]
459260027R.U.S.E.: Why didn’t you play it /v/?[View]
459250570>/v/ tells you a game is good >it's shit Post em…[View]
459259956Here is your next Shantae game. Get ready for some 4 player co op.[View]
459256398Why do so many guys play as mercy? Shouldn’t they want to be the masculine characters like McCree?[View]
459229727Anno 1800: how did they do it /v/? It's legit the best city builder ever made[View]
459259813>mfw True Vault Hunter Mode on Borderlands 2 Holy shit NOW the game is good…[View]
459258738When your business structure was good when it was small teams of autistic geniuses but they all left…[View]
459259097Does anyone else not feel very optimistic about the current state of PC games? Things felt much more…[View]
459256729I need to buy a gaming laptop, what do you recommend /v/?[View]
459255329I want to start doing pornographic animations featuring video game characters, how hard is it to mas…[View]
459258376Is there a SINGLE character the Soldier from TF2 cannot dominate? Aside from Batman, of course.…[View]
459247381Picked up a Nintendo Switch with Smash and Breath of the Wild. What other games should I get?[View]
459256468>Welcome to Tilted Towers![View]
459259125What's his problem?[View]
459257325Look at him go![View]
459258869Is MCC PC gunna have text chat in matches, and if so, how will it effect the game?[View]
459258779>two shitty monster hunter clones >no fighting game What the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
459257126Can someone explain the death and revival mechanics in Bloodborne to a brainlet like me? I mean from…[View]
459258529Hey guys playing rdr2 for the first time how do I make arthur not sick haha... please. R* wouldn…[View]
459247297Welcome to the /Zone/: STALKER/STALKER 2 Discussion thread After seeing it pop up again, it made me …[View]
459253487Played any good RPG Maker games recently?[View]
459258518/vidya general/ A place on /v/ where you get to talk about games. Whatcha playing?[View]
459248067What do you owe to Ninja, /v/?[View]
459258517Quick! Post your games arranged by playtime![View]
459258392Skyrim thread: I downloaded a bunch of mods for Skyrim, and I created a sexy orc chick, since she be…[View]
459256357who was in the wrong?[View]
459257982Less population than the rural shithole where I live, why do you care about resetera again?[View]
459256490Why did no one play this game despite it being part of the C&C series?[View]
459248209What's the video game equivalent to the Red Wedding?[View]
459256919Can anyone tell me why Resetera is a tranny meme? It just looks like a forum to me[View]
459253336Snake Eyes Shirahagi: >hardest enemy in the game is a mini boss >can’t be defeated in pure 1v…[View]
459254712Even if you don't like gacha games or fgo you have to admit, the amount of extremely good artwo…[View]
459255662He's in.[View]
459257508>Wow, anon, it's good to see you! I know you always talked about making video games. I bet y…[View]
459255061>1.5 hats from Game Bro SBURBfags on suicide watch[View]
459257545based snoy censoring sexist games[View]
459257350Any images that convey this feeling?[View]
459257495Kino vidya endings. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q7ARs0nMhE[View]
459257486OH MY[View]
459257480Fuck you Rajang[View]
459257393>extremely popular, critically celebrated VN >literally all you have to do to progress is clic…[View]
459255589Space Engine: Where we're going, we don't need eyes to see.[View]
459229387It's going to be ourgirls time soon. Can you feel it?[View]
459256712You do play with a 144hz monitor, right?[View]
459256245what game you will make?[View]
459253023ITT: 10/10 non-pretentious games[View]
459256917Help a brainlet: Is anyone willing to walk a freezer temp IQ tard through downloading HOI4? I hav no…[View]
459253985mechanical keyboard: You have a mechanical keyboard right ?[View]
459256984I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than being a snoyfag. Honestly, think about it …[View]
459237442Now that the dust has settled, what's the /v/erdict on Wolfenstein II?[View]
459254136Guess who's back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcVWwmwPi_8[View]
459256819ITT: Kino speedrunning moments[View]
459251457Happy 420: What games are you playing for 4/20? What strains are you smoking for 4/20? if you dude…[View]
459255658>that video game you wish you could play for the first time again What's her name, /v/?…[View]
459256780>Minmaxing? Ah yes, of course. What other way would you play an RPG?[View]
459256673Why does everyone: Think this game is political? Huh /v/?[View]
459256670Cory is so cooll, I love God of War[View]
459252780What is your favorite class in the Mass Effect Trilogy and why is it Soldier?: Soldier is best and m…[View]
459255351JRPG thread: Why aren't you playing a JRPG right fucking now?[View]
459255749>still no datamine Wtf are you nerds doing with your life? Get to fucking work…[View]
459256598Reminder that he hates Rebecca, she will not return[View]
459255347Reduced the power against shields[View]
459256272>enemy boss has exposed breasts[View]
459254172Are gamers nowadays being overwhelmed by the amount of choice they have in what games they can play?[View]
459220279What features do you want to see in Artificial Academy 3?[View]
459255383Why do so many ppl say switch is no more powerful than xbox360 or ps3?: Look at warframes graphics o…[View]
459250690Hello fellow 4changoers! I am a legitimate poster on this board and not on Activision/Blizzard Enter…[View]
459256326>Game has brown girls >They are just white girls painted brown t /v/ Hmm you dont say.…[View]
459255203>mfw when I walk into GAME(video game shop btw)[View]
459252019Redpill me on this guy. Almost everyone on this board and even the people in GameFAGS think this guy…[View]
459256091Well well, look at the Outside World slicker pulling up in her fancy Japanese import.[View]
459255176Its better than Crash.[View]
459253491HALF-LIFE 2 MMOD: Is it any good?[View]
459255873I love Junpei[View]
459255714Should pacman be in smash bros? I mean he was the first true rival of Mario he should be in smash[View]
459251561Films similar to games: Post film recommendations based on a game. For instance, if you liked Darkw…[View]
459254619Sekiro: Find a flaw[View]
459254819So what shall it be? Do you join the Fallout thread or do you die here? Join! Die! Join! Die![View]
459237829It's time for you all to admit that this was the best game in the franchise.[View]
459255256>A wild Zubat appears Bzzzzzt![View]
459254797So, what was his problem?[View]
459255135Looks like Kratos kino is back on the menu boys! (PS5)[View]
459255115You should be able to solve this.[View]
459238765Why the hell aren't you playing 蒸気都市の探偵少女? You play as a cute steampunk girl detective and solv…[View]
459250432How do you play games with this thing? holy shit So far i think driving and turn based tile games ar…[View]
459251789Is Sword Saint the best boss fight in this gen? >fun 1x1 duel with no gimmicks >tough but fair…[View]
459243060What Japanese games are you looking for this year?[View]
459254871ITT: Post a map from a video game, other anons guess the game[View]
459254937Nintendo hire this man[View]
459252486 [View]
459254221Characters By Estrogents, for Estrogents: Ever think about how hard the writer at R* beat his stubby…[View]
459249329Tell me, Anon, if you can: you have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created? C…[View]
459254443No Waluigi for you!: Waluigi does NOT deserve to be in WarioWare Gold! Lulu does! So get fucked Walu…[View]
459254129Draw a image of the last console you were genuinely excited for[View]
459249905Post bosses that are literally impossible to beat[View]
459251673Ultimate Stage Builder Improv: Welcome to Stage Builder Improv! Here's how it works: an anon po…[View]
459254289Uhh this is one weird game[View]
459254273Tell me /v/, just what ARE the advantages to being third?[View]
459251734Why doesn't vidya have those huge opening intros anymore? Yeah they were often glorified cutsce…[View]
459252679Hey v, did you know that you can do other things besides vidya and still enjoy vidya?[View]
459254117Reminder that you shouldn't discuss vidya on /v/ if you haven't beaten least 20 games from…[View]
459243839PlayStation 5: >Ray Tracing >Solid slate drive >PS4 BC and possibly more systems >3D sur…[View]
459254063>Why yes, the Xbox One is my console of choice for all my digital ludological adventures.…[View]
459241741Can you name a jrpg with a worse main cast?[View]
459245450What the fuck was his problem?[View]
459252251>drunkard >blast him with flamethrower when alcohol gasses are all over him >nothing…[View]
459251891Smoke the pain away: Happy 420 /v/[View]
459228749Fuck this bullshit. I used cheats and i feel fine.[View]
459241723Just bought the components for my first gaming PC: I've always been a console gamer ps1 > ps…[View]
459240205>Can't play the game without staring at an objective marker on the minimap >None of the q…[View]
459246517What was his deal?[View]
459241437shaking my head at yo right now Nintendo...[View]
459249582Are Nintendo seriously taking the piss? £45 quid for a 5 year old remastered game that is now 18 yea…[View]
459251904>game took 6 years to make >only 4 hours long Fucking how? I understand it's an indie d…[View]
459253424Nintendo hire this man![View]
459243568Will Sony censor it? Will it be the final nail in the coffin?[View]
459251113Has any game ever shown bigger proof that good graphics can't make up for poor gameplay?[View]
459251551WHO DA MAAAAAN[View]
459253224Danganronpa: Is there a cuter girl than Chihiro?[View]
459253121Baldur's Gate is objectively made for soiboy betas looking for a friendship and romance simulat…[View]
459253105Biggest gaming redflags: >Game has synth electronic pop music[View]
459252456Any good modern RTS games that don't require much brain power? I'm sub-75 iq[View]
459235085How much is he paying them?[View]
459251303You guys do play the best versions of III and Vice City, right? PCtards pls go with your shit ports …[View]
459250142Best Elder Scrolls game and nothing you say can change my mind[View]
459251143>Game features your fetish[View]
459252173what went wrong[View]
459252839>He didn't appear in Travis Strikes Again He better have at least one line of dialogue in NM…[View]
459251721PS5 to be around 10TFlops: 1.8ghz Cpu according to Digital Foundry and some leaked 3Dmark stats of t…[View]
459243356Admit it, he's the best video games journalist around INB4 that's not saying much[View]
459240052Is it still worth it to get a 3DS ?: I just recently got a New 3DS XL for 40 bucks (wtf is going on …[View]
459250550anyone still got backups of their minecraft jars and files from 2009/2010? if so can you link them s…[View]
459249717ITT games only you played[View]
459252314World's Largest Kahoot attempt: https://kahoot.it >Where? mixer.com/worldslargestkahoot Mixe…[View]
459252265YOU WANT OGRYN?[View]
459247141what happened?[View]
459251434ITT: retarded game systems[View]
459238220Videogames art books thread: Post favourites, what you have, what you're looking forward to…[View]
459252085Justify existence of consoles ITT or all exclusives become multiplats[View]
459245350Welcome to the multi-store world[View]
459252016*Ahem* Fuck Spirits! Fuck Porky! Fuck Capcom! Fuck Unrelevancy! I'M GOING TO BE PART OF THE FIG…[View]
459249491post more SOULLESS franchise pro tip: you can't[View]
459250047I need a game I can really sink my teeth into. Post em.[View]
459246574paradox hate thread[View]
459251886Just started playing this today, need an outward thread.[View]
459251884Next Level Games is making an action game where Princess Peach beats the shit out of other Princesse…[View]
459251792What games did the sploof fairy bring you this year /v/?[View]
459251541Why put heavy RPG elements (leveling up, stats, etc) in action adventure games They would be objecti…[View]
459250354Games With Great Stories: I'll start[View]
459245550I wanna FUCK this Riven![View]
4592501281 year ago[View]
459250062So I never got around playing the Wolfenstein sequel. Is it true that the game shied away from displ…[View]
459250943DB Heroes World Mission: Any tips or recommended cards for arcade/online? I tried inline today and …[View]
459249826>game has fatties with C+ cups in it[View]
459250709NuLara Worship Thread[View]
459250440post video game tropes and cliches that have been done to death but you love them anyway: >big fl…[View]
459250234Nintendo Reports a Loss of $457 Million, 3DS and Wii U Both Fall Short: https://kotaku.com/nintendo-…[View]
459250663When do you think we'll have full dive virtual reality?: 20 years? 50?[View]
459249092Travis Strikes Again: When I started Killer Marathon I was a little annoyed by the time limit but as…[View]
459244339Games where you can reset the entire fucking universe?[View]
459235248>Why yes, i did join the Navy instead of going pro, how could you tell?…[View]
459250239So is it literally just zoomers and other normalfags playing this? I keep seeing Rockstar/TakeTwo s…[View]
459245852That stench!?!?[View]
459246070You guys weren't kidding. This game is pretty great. >that AI >that gunplay >that atmo…[View]
459247592How to spot a newfag.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EOUM6moyAg I'm just gonna leave this he…[View]
459250475Let's talk about cuphead. In the switch version you can play as Mugman natively. Presumably Ms.…[View]
459236761MK11: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kappa/comments/bf9dqk/consumer_warning_mk11_content_grind_walls_more/…[View]
459250410Let's be real, this is GOTY and it's not even close.[View]
459247603Uh... Bros[View]
459247596Post good indie games. I'll start.[View]
459244037More games like this? I hunger for more after finishing it. I've already played and completed: …[View]
459250241>He actually went with Nvidia Oof Enjoy upgrading in a year to get playable performance in new ga…[View]
459248195Can we have a matt appreciation thread? Knows Japanese not a weeaboo. Bad at videogames but good at …[View]
459234790World War Z game thoughts?: Well /v/ I personally thinks it's pretty good. Could use a little m…[View]
459250141Bruhh im so high rn, lol[View]
459246643When is gta5 coming to switch?[View]
459250120any destiny child players[View]
459244437Does anybody here play stalker?[View]
459243979Glory kills are the best thing to happen to the FPS genre in the past decade and a half. >Keep yo…[View]
459241285Why do JRPG fans do this?[View]
459249367Is Dragon Commander fun or have good gameplay? The blatant SJWery I don't really care about, in…[View]
459245775Epic paid $3,370,587 for Pheonix Point exclusivity on their store. Would you accept this kind of mon…[View]
459242223Flight Games: >tfw too much of a brainlet to play flight sims I can only play War Thunder.…[View]
459247797Why are swords the dominant weapon in video games when historically they were just a sidearm used as…[View]
459246792Why is nintendo so based?[View]
459247869utawarerumono: Are we going to get steam versions now that nisa stole the license?[View]
459249209https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPlQpGeTbIE You can only post in this thread if you understand the d…[View]
459247883Why the TF2 animated series was cancelled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIjjVrstGd8 Well crap.…[View]
459247938Why is it okay for nintendo to implement crossdressing with their characters but not us?[View]
459241893>Start speedrunning >Become trans I saw this happen, through time, to pic related. What is the…[View]
459243870HE'S IN[View]
459246138The best smash players use DK, Bowser and K Rool.[View]
459245146>Buy game >Don't finish it I did this with Torna, GoW4, RDR2, Sekiro, Uncharted 4, HzD a…[View]
459240784>he hasn't preordered Judgement[View]
459240379Even though I have the money to buy a game, I pirate it because it's free and save me money.[View]
459247818Shh 2019: Just had to take a quick pic before the reveal drops :)[View]
459241275Are videogames culture?[View]
459246312Videogame music: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_music How do you feel about videogame musi…[View]
459248105What's your favorite monster catcher game?[View]
459235131Do you enjoy online card games, /v/? You know, stuff like hearthstone, gwent, MTGA, Shadowverse and …[View]
459248796Yep. But you can call me Dante the demon killer. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?[View]
459245986Its better than Star Fox 64. Better content, better dogfights, better controls.[View]
459246918They always say video games are a waste of time. Has any game ever taught you a profound life lesson…[View]
459248665>borrow a summon from someone named Gwyn >notice they're playing as a girl Isn't Gwy…[View]
459248664Travis Strikes Again: Sudaverse thread Why is Henry so edgy now?[View]
459248587Mother 3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Its the 13th anniversary of this masterpiece. Why hasn't anyone made a …[View]
459243514Why don't weeaboos (NIER), furfags (Undertale), womyn (Crypt of the Necrodancer, Transistor), u…[View]
459248534Can we have a gacha thread? Consolekiddies not welcome. >What cha playing? >Latest 5* >Most…[View]
459247278Why didn't Snake celebrate Easter?[View]
459247995>combat with zero depth, can win every fight by mashing attack button >the investigation mecha…[View]
459247829How's the switch port?[View]
459248080only man children, liberals, reddit and drama youtubers are mad at the epic games store everyday the…[View]
459248024Holy fucking shit, what is this camera? It's definitely the worst part of the game.[View]
459234338>Spend hours upon hours browsing /v/ >Rarely play videogames anymore How do I stop this or rev…[View]
459247425What makes Nintendo so appealing to tranny and degenerates in general? I don't see this kinda s…[View]
459247401How's that backlog coming along, /v/? Making any progress?[View]
459242728Jump Force: What went wrong?[View]
459247383Let's play a game: Post a picture that you actually took and people will recommend a vidya[View]
459245679At what point did you realize that Sekiro had the best combat of any game that you had ever played?[View]
459242542Tried Pagan Online, hated it. Now I want to play a proper arpg again. What would /v/ recommend?[View]
459245191ITT: enemies that block your path[View]
459247341ITT: Only the greatest of videogame openings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azVh3H_EP6E[View]
459247281How would a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard videogame play? Cuhrazy style WRPG?[View]
459242998>there's nothing wrong with women samurai in the game because they're historically accu…[View]
459246032Was this a good marriage?[View]
459240654Ultimate Stage Builder Improv: Welcome to Stage Builder Improv! Here's how it works: an anon po…[View]
459239982prove that you are a hardcore original gamer. bet you can't ....[View]
459246927Did you collect all the puzzle pieces, anon?[View]
459247198Ouch. Switch is becoming more and more popular every day.[View]
459244807fucking jews idiots gay ass niggas gay retards gay idiot gay swedes homosex hypocrites fucking greed…[View]
459241225>the music >the dialogue >the stakes Name a better presented boss fight…[View]
459247089How did Atlus get away with it? Based kotaku exposing those nip racists for what they are[View]
459246235Piranha Plant: So, after a few months, what’s your final opinion on this guy?[View]
459246997zm_lila panic... home At least it was before I got infected[View]
459246979What went wrong?[View]
459244835>main game is pretty easy >post game is fucking hard and requires dozens of hours of grinding …[View]
459246773>Joke character gets development and ends up being one of the strongest characters…[View]
459245625The Witcher lets you collect pictures of women you had sex with as if they were mere trophies. What …[View]
459246812Objectively good vidya music? Hard mode: Theme is under 30 seconds. https://youtu.be/9lUgiSzBvaA[View]
459245563Favorite Nintendo 64 Game?: What is your favorite Nintendo 64 game and why?[View]
459240413Would Lucina's Mother agree?[View]
459237340Mortal Kombat 11: How do you want your Switch port senpai?[View]
459241987What's the most cancerous game you've ever played?[View]
459244829Erdrick in smash it's just fake[View]
459245438Mobility Mod v2 for Half-Life 2 + Episodes. https://www.moddb.com/mods/mobility-mod-for-half-life-2 …[View]
459245961Games you want to see remade.[View]
459230970Night City...[View]
459243351The last video game character you played as is coming to kill you. Can you survive?[View]
4592454814/20: Dude what game are you playing while high on weed to celebrate 4 20. I'm gonna play like …[View]
459246175>AND WE'RE YOU what exactly did she mean by this?[View]
459246296Honestly, this port was one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. For context, the …[View]
459244046Fallout 1 > Fallout: New Vegas > Fallout 2 > Fallout 3 > Fallout 4 The atmosphere in 1 a…[View]
459233439Is it actually any good, or is it just the least bad Elder Scrolls?[View]
459235163>protag has multiple girls swooning after him >there is no harem ending, you can only pick one…[View]
459246227>playing assassins creed odyssey >find some athenian soldiers >start battering one >its …[View]
459241774Examples of the biggest downgrades in gaming history?[View]
459242804>New Medievil >New XIII This is a great year.…[View]
459241303Thoughts on this game? I just finished it. Pros: -The way they recreated Trico is amazing, by far th…[View]
459245985behold. The ultimate casual filter area. This quest hub and the areas that surround it have destroye…[View]
459245826do you like this soundtrack?[View]
459244213Was the original Mass Effect trilogy, low brow, or high brow sci-fi? Smarter than Star Wars, but du…[View]
459226004Gamestop Employee bored at work AMA: Inb4 'u got battletoads?' At work so delayed replies :^)[View]
459243714Find a flaw[View]
459244357MY LIFE IS A LIE[View]
459240828Senpou Temple,Home.[View]
459244928Where is it, Microsoft?[View]
459244445How popular are gaming shirts in Japan?[View]
459245376when will I be able to touch mommy boob[View]
459245439Good FPS bossfights: Post them. Post terrible ones too if you want.[View]
459245071No fun allowed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5dW-axV-fc[View]
459236187More information when?[View]
459245054Firelink shrine.... home...[View]
459244278The Darkness: So I'm playing through the first The Darkness game yet again and I wanted to make…[View]
459242350if warhammer is so great, how come it has no good games?[View]
459243524>game let's you pick between jap or dub voices on a per character basis.…[View]
459242014>cure poisoned status with a potion >enemy reapplies it the next turn…[View]
459238968This picture of Klonoa has been enhanced by artificial intelligence. Say something nice about it.[View]
459241937No TF2 thread? So i will just make one.[View]
459218367>japailnese games[View]
459242418As it is the 20th year anniversary since the Columbine shooting today, it’s time we stand up against…[View]
459243029>tfw no online vidya friends[View]
459242915Dante only mod for DMC5 when? Nero is fun too but when I reach the V parts it makes me want to put …[View]
459244094Why is Black Ops 4 such Trash?: Why do you think Black Ops 4 sucks so much?[View]
459239569The diablo games were never good, change my mind[View]
459244442MUH BLOOD. MUH HAN[View]
459240587>A decade has past >Still can't play p4 golden without buying a fucking vita Is my life a…[View]
459241694>FINAL fantasy >there's like 20 games…[View]
459241716>You can quick save during combat so you can just reload the game until the state of the game fav…[View]
459237538King Of Fighters 14: This game looks so off visually, but it just has so much soul to it. Looking fo…[View]
459244356>tfw the stage clear theme of most Sonic games is a variation on Sonic 3 theme…[View]
459235487Morgana thread bad memes you never saw coming[View]
459242745>mods deleting daily E3 threads for 'spamming/flooding' wow that's a new low 49 days to E3, …[View]
459223173>role-playing game >the only role you can play is that of an effeminate young boy…[View]
459236769Dark Souls: After the combat masterpiece that is Sekiro, will we ever be able to go back to Dark Sou…[View]
459242565For me, it's Sara Ryder[View]
459241039Comfy Switch Thread: Are you enjoying your Switch /v/? What are you playing today?[View]
459242384How did we go from this....[View]
459243853Post spin-off and crossover games you wish existed. Imagine an RPG where your party is made up of Li…[View]
459243831Dokkan Battle: After the cooler trap banner what next?[View]
459238964Timesplitters 2: Why is this game so good? When is Timesplitters 3 releasing?[View]
459229619New thread, get in here https://rave.dj/mix[View]
459242047>Mission hints: Full[View]
459233659Chrono Nigger: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/the-top-25-rpgs-of-all-time-1-chrono-trigger Another…[View]
459243083Meanwhile, on Snowbound /v/...[View]
459242420I genuinely want to strange the pieces of shit that designed this retarded game, its mechanics, maps…[View]
459237889At what age did you guys grow out of vidya? 25 for me.[View]
459243427Why are you not playing KAG right now?[View]
459233275Sports Vidya: Are there any current sports vidya on the market where you can actually enjoy the game…[View]
459230845https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bxgra5AIKI&feature=youtu.be Days Gone looks so fucking kino. Th…[View]
459243223DISCORD: >https://discord.gg/MXzaV5 GAME DOWNLOAD: >https://www.cohtitan.com/forum/index.php?t…[View]
459233268Was Arno the last likeable Assassin's Creed protagonist?[View]
459243063do you think that chinese will gain or lose social score for playing 3 kingdoms?[View]
459233903So basically most of the shit that goes down in the Yakuza games is somehow in a big part due to Nis…[View]
459242940What are other games outside Sonic, that people goes around making OC's?[View]
459212383For me it's Skarlet[View]
459242910Hey guys, what video game should I play?[View]
459241538ITT: Underrated games[View]
459208727Half of this game was great, regardless of V's gameplay. fell apart when you find out it virgil…[View]
459241861Why can fans make better games and remasters than Nintendo?[View]
459156568VR: Did you try one yet? What were your problems with VR?[View]
4592376962019, I am forgotten...[View]
459241378how long does it to take to really re brand a game, this should be out by now[View]
459239721Comfy, kino, and soul[View]
459227915Post your PC specs. Let's rate each other.[View]
459238315What do you guys think of Emma?[View]
459240397Grim Dawn thread. Non-Solael fags are not allowed.[View]
459239586God o Kamehameha! Seiko![View]
459237514Be honest How many tries did it take you to beat him?[View]
459241092Joker DID use a slur in Persona 5 and Kotaku did nothing wrong. /v/ is a bunch of retards.[View]
459183551What would you like to see in Dragon's Dogma 2?[View]
459241660is this franchise dead? what's wrong with it? will destiny 3 be better?[View]
459239594What if we took everything we liked about Anno 1800 added the ablity to land troops and destroy enem…[View]
459241581I'm ready[View]
459236998The good old days.[View]
459232616Speedrunning: How come /v/ rarely talks about speedrunning? Speedrunning is pretty popular on Twitch…[View]
459238462Sekiro: Why do the enemies constantly animation cancel into guarding? It feels so terrible to swing …[View]
459222673City of Heroes: Sisyphus Edition DISCORD: >https://discord.gg/MXzaV5 GAME DOWNLOAD: >https://…[View]
459240936E3 will reveal Banjo&Kazooie and Shantae as part of the Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass.[View]
459238730I just wanted to play Persona 3 and 4, so I took my PS3, made an american PSN account (because Perso…[View]
459238394April 2019, I am forgotten...: Things to discuss with the original RE2 >Are you a Leon A or Clair…[View]
459230158>You're in Dhirim and this guy comes up and slaps Ymira's ass >What do you do? Mount…[View]
459240456Are the RDR games overrated? Undead Nightmare was fun but the rest seemed boring?[View]
459231181Xshit 2: >Start xcom 2 war of the chosen because of some threads on /v/ >play for about 2 hour…[View]
459239682Sekiro Strategy Thread: Post your combos, tactics etc[View]
459241050When's the last time you played a game that gave you the feeling of being on an adventure that …[View]
459238291I'm sorry but you will never relive those experiences, ever again: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
459238051play Grand Order Mahjong: is this an offical game?[View]
459238815Was it kino?[View]
459240764Will Capcom ever again outdo themselves with an RE game?[View]
459232560Two more Months[View]
459237791What games did you get for 420 /v/?[View]
459222240>you fight God >God is actually just a supercomputer/AI what games do this…[View]
459240352>things in games you never understood >RPGS How does making numbers pop up above your targets …[View]
459235981Unlike all the sequels which were multiplatform, this game still remains an Xbox 360 exclusive.[View]
459225417Katana Zero: How did you all enjoy this game? The whole game felt like one big adrenaline rush to me…[View]
459237807Recommend me some games to play on this specific date[View]
459238127The end it nigh anons.[View]
459232708Why is this so hard to do these days?[View]
459237085It's still true.[View]
459239401Oh look at this, this- this tests your ability to be an asshole[View]
459237226Smash makes me REALLY mad you guys I get ANGRY[View]
459234813Now that it's out on Switch... Eh. It's okay, but not the best thing ever.[View]
459239862pc gamers have some taste left. its nice to see that we dont give a fuck about smash shit[View]
459239927Are flash games allowed on /v/?[View]
459233565What if Link was black?[View]
459209160Call of Duty: post your weaponfu[View]
459233284What is Doomguy’s chances of potentially getting into Smash at this point? >Bethesda involved wit…[View]
459239779Do you own any video game /toy/[View]
459234428God I fucking hate Liu Bei.[View]
459239137Why did anime MMOs die?[View]
459236113Can I get some help identifying this possibly one of a kind DSi?: (Moved from /vr/) I've posted…[View]
459218271Pyra is You[View]
459221029Do you regret buying one?[View]
459234204You like Sekiro Shadows Die Twice?: Their early games were a little too simplistic for my taste. But…[View]
459227957Which game do you think has better combat? Devil May Cry 5 or Final Fantasy XV?[View]
459235005DAGGERFALL: Should I play the original version or the Unity version?[View]
459237998can someone aware me on the latest Smash Ultimate leaks?: Will Ridley be in?[View]
459236589>Game lets you uppercut[View]
459234619>literally a pr*stitute how can you guys like her? that said, should i pursue her social link? I…[View]
459219734..: >Jimmyfags[View]
459236039what is the best dragon quest game for someone to jump into the series[View]
459233198>Nagrand >Home[View]
459236348Just bought this What am I in for?[View]
459237223Sequel when?[View]
459237241why the fuck hasn't there been a good Bond game in the past 10+ years? pic related, kino[View]
459232030Why do people think this was a bad scene?[View]
459235592Which team should I go with? No racial slurs please.[View]
459238396Games like majesty: I crave a game like majesty. Indirect control and character progression strategy…[View]
459238543yer better not be a manhunta[View]
459229663What the hell happened to maze-like levels, fast movement, and key-hunting in games? I'm not a …[View]
459218416>Sekiro doesn't have the best combat of any gam-[View]
459237427Oh this? This is my gep gun[View]
459238336Positive vidya thread: >be me >play game I like >get random item drop >it's actuall…[View]
459222192These are game developers in 2019.[View]
459232716What games are you playing on 4/20?[View]
459229901This is your female protagonist of the day.[View]
459235359>game supports custom soundtracks[View]
459204425Why can't more games have deep and well written characters?[View]
459217001PlayStation 5's 'Deep Learning' Technology Could Identify Just How Bad You Are At Gam…[View]
459237681Witch It: It's on Free Weekend and its fun.[View]
459237093>Can't play the game without staring at an objective marker on the minimap >None of the q…[View]
459218931Oh my God. This is wonderful. This is the end of the monopoly. Steam's fucked.[View]
459222895Starcraft 2 GSL Super Tournament: Worst Corea Time GSL Super Tournament Youtube Link: https://www.yo…[View]
459236634Why its so shit: >Live in Germany for half a year >My old laptop dies suddenly > Use my lon…[View]
459232795This game is hot garbage and its fanbase consist of casual shitters rejects who got filtered out of …[View]
459225508Any other transexual/herm characters in games?[View]
459227392>Games has expansive cooking mechanics despite not being important for gameplay I love this shit,…[View]
459236404Is this Blizzard's biggest sin?[View]
459232605What's the true purpose of console wars? Other than 'hur dur I'm superior' I don…[View]
459227634Reminder that he died for our sins to BTFO Erdrick and Steve. Press F to pay respects.[View]
459234539>DUDE HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF LOL This is literally his 6th game with the exact same ending. Why i…[View]
459228475XIII REMAKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UruHvGaeB2c[View]
459235654>they get away with selling this game as 'realistic' Fuck this arcade cowadoody shit…[View]
459219571URIZEN: Why is this demon king so badass?[View]
459234230is there any good video game based around naval strategy, ship design, combat? space shit (e.g. stel…[View]
459227678Would remove western politics from Gaming if it meant getting Microtransactions in every game?[View]
459234964Used to played a bunch of orcs must die unchained before it shut down. Whats the next best tower def…[View]
459235340Why doesn't nu-/v/ like MGS even a tenth as much as classic /v/ used to love MGS?[View]
459220926Camilla is ready for Easter! what will you be doing?[View]
459233851I don't like playing as black people in games.[View]
459236170Toontown Rewritten: How is it?[View]
459233398Travis Touchdown has a child. How does that make you feel, /v/?[View]
459235616Nintendo has 'refurbished' (they're actually new) New 2DS/3DS XL systems for $100/$120. Is the …[View]
459233934So when are we getting a Penguins of Madagascar video game /v/? Will they save Michelle?[View]
459229468still best fighting game[View]
459235205Would a keyboard and mouse console work?[View]
459235924ITT shit games that weebs love[View]
459235883Games with disturbing content: Are there any good examples of games with disturbing content? Not jus…[View]
459235870Are we ready to admit just how wrong we were about Evolve yet and that it was a masterpiece the like…[View]
459235850Puppet Fighters thread: NEEEEEEEE![View]
459233932>Enemies can lock doors[View]
459235792*powercreeps the enemy team into Oblivion to wipe you out in the first round* 'Nothing personnel, ni…[View]
459163589Splatfest begins in 30 minutes /v/ Who will be victorious, the fast hare or the steady tortoise?[View]
459232512That one game you never get tired of replaying: Pic related is mine[View]
459220514Why does /v/ hate fighting games?[View]
459235393>OpenAI has 99.3% WR against the playerbase >Only streamers can beat it. The game has full fun…[View]
459235481Why is there no news about AC switch ?? Nuuh I want news so baaaad ![View]
459235276What did he ever think about that entire embarrassing press conference he presented back in 2006? Wh…[View]
459233287What are some other video games to celebrate the birthday of our FÜHRER?[View]
459235337PC Thread: >your specs Post 'em and rate 'em /v/.[View]
459232625Is the whole game about getting Link pussy?: Just got to Dolphintown. It seems like this whole game …[View]
459229919X5 > X3 > X2 > X7 > X8 > X6 > X1 > X4 > MHX > XCM: In Terms of Music.…[View]
459225873AVP2: Ever play this? I'm about to start the singleplayer.[View]
459234807After this scene everybody looked old Johnny with disgust even his future self.... SJW have ruined v…[View]
459233707Redpill me on this /v/, I just picked it up and even before the end of the first mission I'm bo…[View]
459204431FFXIV LEAKS: >THIS IS NOT A DRILL GET IN HERE BOYS removed skills are: Hide, Blood for Blood, Ri…[View]
459231208>gold doesn't weigh anything >ammo doesn't weigh anything >healing items don…[View]
459233714>Uh oh did you actually think you could take your mind off me for one second and have some actual…[View]
459234383Switch port when? They should have ported this rather than NSMBU “Deluxe”[View]
459232960>tfw want to play on PC for framerates and frens >tfw don't want to grind for 500 hours a…[View]
459221654Hi 4chan, here are some stuff I can leak. It's only PC related stuff I know. PC related stuff :…[View]
459210614Let's see how underage b& nu-/v/ is.[View]
459222676STAGE BUILDER THREAD: Post your stages and arenas with custom maps ! also i just wanted to say that …[View]
459232525>your favourite game is now owned by Tencent WWYD[View]
459233393I clocked around 100 hours on Skyrim somehow since its release but never got far in the main quest o…[View]
459232679where were you when xbox won?[View]
459232690I died 57 times and didnt even get to a single boss should I just give up?[View]
459231636>private servers are dead >actually played modded games are dead >RTS is dead >everythin…[View]
459186301Wholesome Teraurge thread.[View]
459234030Bugs and issues in Smash Stage Builder >No Delete content button >No Report content button …[View]
459233841is this fun if I don't have friends and play with randos online?[View]
459223626what the fuck is with the renewed interest in this game all of the sudden?[View]
459224762waifus 3x3[View]
459229782Why is hacking in video games a thing? You basically win the game by doing nothing, why not just not…[View]
459233451Which M&B Warband mods would you recommend? Just looking for a fun/comfy weekend playthrough, no…[View]
459228643I literally reee'd when this happened to me...how the fuck did the emulation fuck this up?[View]
459233363Top 30 Fighting Games of All Time 1. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (1999) 2. Super Smash Bros. Mele…[View]
459232350Heyt /v/ looking for a game: Hey /v/ Looking for a game like divine original sin 2 or dragon age. An…[View]
459226779>close game >it crashes[View]
459233030>presses the jump button 6000 times in 2 minutes yeah, smash online just takes skill bro…[View]
459217153Thoughts? https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/04/19/gta-6-vi-rockstar-games-in-development/[View]
459227652When you think about it, Dark Souls 3 could be considered one of the worst games of all time because…[View]
459220471What the fuck was their problem?[View]
459233343smahs brothers = bad game: smash brothers ultimate is a bad game so are all the other smash brothers…[View]
459231450*breathes in* FUCK KIRBY PIKMIN GOOD[View]
459227345What are /v/'s thoughts on VA monitors for gaming?[View]
459231029Soulsbornekiro thread: Sekiro>BB>Demons>Darks2>Darks1>Darks3[View]
459233227For those of you who say that Sekiro is easy; I bet you all got your hand chopped off at the beginni…[View]
459192796We're going home This triggers the retailfags[View]
459231328Are you ready for round 2?: https://segmentnext.com/2019/04/19/xbox-anaconda-specs-to-be-playstation…[View]
459223538First render of the new command and conquer remaster, are you hopeful or will it be shit?[View]
459221954OH NO NO NO[View]
459230020>SSBU releases Joker DLC >stage acknowledges Persona 3 and 4 So when is Nintendo going to fina…[View]
459229135This was a triumph! I'm making a note here: Huge success! It's hard to overstate my satisf…[View]
459230784modern ubisoft is ba[View]
459231927So we all agree this makes Smash Ultimate worth buying now?[View]
459221610HE'S IN. https://www.mortalkombatonline.com/t/mk11/dlc-leaked-from-switch-mk11-files-spoilers/0…[View]
459229130post fangames/ romhacks you're looking forward to: https://youtu.be/5yTbAJUs2Dk (skip to 2:05) …[View]
459231708We've seen some ups and downs in vidya industry and judging from recent events, what are your h…[View]
459231378Why you should cancell that preorder /v/: Now first off, I worked on the game as a Tester. So I…[View]
459232686>game has an auto battle feature >it could beat every enemy in the game, even the final boss…[View]
459232589Play XIII (2003)[View]
459230947>Brb need to take a huge shit >Brings mic into bathroom…[View]
459232484I found out what's inside Neppy's clothes. You won't like it. Open the spoiler only w…[View]
459231678GTA IV: Did you like this game, /v/? Not in comparssment to other GTA/similar titles, but as a game …[View]
459232554Here lies Google Stadia 2019 - 2019 R.I.P. in peace[View]
459231605Phone games for night shift: What are some fun and simple games to play on night shift? I used to pl…[View]
459232320ITT: games that would never be possible if they were to be released in current year[View]
459222586TF2: >start thread to kill the spam >fucking pruned HEAVY IS ANGRY…[View]
459227781Which is it gonna be, /v/? Draphs or Erunes?[View]
459215740>American party member >asks for a tip after every battle…[View]
459232090I don't have loyalty to a particular store, I just hate having to open several different progra…[View]
459226773Noe that it is officially Easter, what are some nice games with rabbits in them?[View]
459230620>the spinoff has better music than the original game how often does that happen? https://www.yout…[View]
459162627MEGA MAN thread TODAY WE FINISH THIS![View]
459229493Will we ever get bully 2?[View]
459219194w-what is she talking about[View]
459231745RPG settings: Is it just me, or are RPGs extremely reluctant to feature different settings? It'…[View]
459228609we have to do something /v/[View]
459231692There's a bunch of PS2 games that I'd like to try, but I don't know which version to …[View]
459227979Mass Effect 1 is a fantastic game with the best story in the series. Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic ga…[View]
459226673Kingdom Hearts Thread: Best girl edition[View]
459226567Shhh.... Link is taking a nap[View]
459227186>lives alone in a tower >is called Alonne…[View]
459209562If a 7 year old can afford one, there’s literally no reason to not get a Switch.[View]
459227215Vidya Confessions: I never beat the Asylum Demon, I died like 20 times and rage quit.[View]
459229794KH3 just can't compare[View]
459200583DICE and Biowares future in doubt after EA meeting.: https://youtu.be/l9Y_PJ9lByw Anthem and BF5 sol…[View]
459229024Kill Grigori.[View]
459230669https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcMe-fC5Z-Y Why aren't you still playing Watch Dogs 1 online ha…[View]
459229518Skribblio, Vidya Edition, all video game words 3 rounds, 60 seconds draw time going when we get 4+ p…[View]
459229123Do you play your 3DS in public?[View]
459221674Here's your remaining Smash DLC characters bro >Sidon >Sora >Sothis >Amaterasu…[View]
459229681Kuon and Eruru.[View]
459201739Smash Bros DLC: >https://twitter.com/SykinSG/status/1119380981515988993 That be 20$ plus tax bros…[View]
459230437/v/ has been getting raided for the past hour, fucking do something goddammit.[View]
459228748>suddenly /v/ likes ni no kuni 2 the Bracken posting is getting a little out of control, but who …[View]
4592219983 iterations of sherry and the 1998 low poly sherry looks the cutest what gives?[View]
459229885What games are you playing to celebrate 4/20?[View]
459226406Name 1 (ONE) game where status effects arent completely useless vs enemies[View]
459230537Can we talk about what a great system the PSP was? If the Switch grabbed the IPs for a lot of the PS…[View]
459230445is this it?[View]
459224281>rainy japanese neon city at night level >__________ starts playing…[View]
459227910Mario Maker: Why doesn't Nintendo like to give us a set date about their games? We still don…[View]
459230293How often do you buy new games? I feel addicted as hell. I barely have any time to play games, but i…[View]
459229784Portal 3 and Half-Life 3 should be the same game. >half-life with portals >portal with guns Te…[View]
459229565In the span of 40 in game years the horse has committed around 4 genocides against the alliance plus…[View]
459224923Was it depression?[View]
459220430Official Ghost of Tsushima Hype Thread: >there's nothing wrong with women samurai in the gam…[View]
459229476*ruins your meta*[View]
459228308>stopped going to /v/ >started enjoying video games again…[View]
459229272Girls Frontline dabbing on every other gachashitter!!! *dabs*[View]
459228909Mortal Kombat 11 - Official Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQFZC6dzauM HYPE!…[View]
459229189This comic sucks.[View]
459229006Select your Knigga[View]
459223237Kill Delphine.[View]
459219639How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
459227448Is it ever worth fighting these things?: What is the reward? Is it good? I'm about 3 hours into…[View]
459200076https://thedickshow.com/episode-144/ >My mistake was thinking that video games are art: I wanted …[View]
459225573What went wrong with MGSV besides helicopter rides that artificially lengthened the mission time?[View]
459228143I'm an EA constant. Whether you believe or not doesn't matter to me cause I literally don…[View]
459228618Anyone in it worthy of rule 34?[View]
459220701MemeBreakers: Cliffy should know that the internet never loses its receipts.[View]
459226137>remember it was yesterday that E3 2019 was 200 days away >it's almost there >I only p…[View]
459225251>DMC5 is the best action game of all ti- >Sekiro is the best adventure game of all ti- >KH3…[View]
459227124we pretend Super Smash Bros Melee was released.[View]
459226421I think he has the best kill to death ratio of any FromSoftware boss.[View]
459199467Have you made your perfect vidya mashup yet? https://rave.dj/mix[View]
459227349literally impossible[View]
459228147i put up with a lot of shit up to this point but this is taking it too far what where they thinking …[View]
459215628Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
459224946Fucking Loser makes anti-Epic song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFmaIlar_LU Steam drones are hon…[View]
459228028Weed Games: Are there any GOOD cannabis farming games out there that have some depth in botanic and …[View]
459227869what's the best dragon ball game ever made and why it is dragon ball z tenkaichi 2?[View]
459227596will we ever see a character as cute as sword-kun?[View]
459220742Post devs that shattered your expectations: http://www.theastronauts.com/2019/04/is-witchfire-the-ne…[View]
459220213I'm tired of playing as some faggot prancing japanese twink, why the hell don't they make …[View]
459226662Besides Gravity Rush and Journey what are some other sony games that aren't exclusive to PS4 bu…[View]
459227198Nu-games.: https://youtu.be/C-8McA6nFP8[View]
459226838ROLLIN' AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND *sniff* *sniff* G-GOT P-PLACES TO GO *sniff* *sob* G-GOT T…[View]
459225974are all the offical touhou games just bullet hell games? Otherwise I'm thinking of deleting the…[View]
459227559I started playing Bloodborne and the PS4 seems to be running like a jet engine. Anyone else had this…[View]
459221496Are you man enough?[View]
459227201You will buy her game, right?[View]
459227548Alright /v/, of the last 5 vidya characters you played, 1 will try and kill you and the other 4 will…[View]
459224485>I don't care it's just weeb games You'll care when it's GTA6 and CP2077…[View]
459227535For me, it's Pike + Calamity cannon This game is fucking depressing[View]
459226162>DMC5 is the best DMC gam-[View]
459226659>Strategy in every encounter is to mash your most powerful attack and chug potions In retrospect,…[View]
459226813>reinstall witcher 3 >fan starts having these spikes where it gets noticeably louder. >can…[View]
459222420World War Z or L4D2: Is World War Z worth it over L4D2? My gf is planning on getting two copies for …[View]
459224117>Wake up >See this Wat do?[View]
459227141Digimon Masters Online: >even the GMs were fucking with the game If you think about it, it was al…[View]
459223321>albums have produced revolver, pet sounds, the velvet underground and nico, highway 61 revisited…[View]
459221657Jesus Christ just how long is this game? I am 40 hours in, and got the flying ship, so I assumed I w…[View]
459227106What are some games where shotguns are actually viable?[View]
459225953Bed of Chaos? More like bed of ASS! This guy is a bucket of fuck. A regular shit sandwich. He swips …[View]
459226945What is the video game equivalent of pic related?[View]
459225691there he is![View]
459180658Tales: Was Velvet a good Tales MC?[View]
459221408Are we ever going to get a new release? I'm also surprised they haven't released an HD col…[View]
459223474How do we stop Snoy? DMC5 was able to get uncensored because Capcom is a big name but what about mor…[View]
459225023So this is power of Miyazaki's a-team...[View]
459219762Who wore it better?[View]
459220284 [View]
459224605Pyra: Looks like she's picked up modeling as a side job.[View]
459223704Where the fuck do I download the .cia for this and how do I translate it to English?[View]
459226104MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: discuss[View]
459223774https://www.oneangrygamer.net/sony-ps4-censorship-policy-censored-games/ nu /v/ has no problem with …[View]
459226065Look its wojak.[View]
459196019Kassandra Thread[View]
459223551>Boss can aggro neutrals and kite them to you[View]
459226378He should have been the new protagonist instead of Ichiban.[View]
459225009Post vidya music that this bear would dance to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DHc81dZpx8[View]
459184408Name a cooler Digimon, I dare you.[View]
459226171I only just startes thia game and I really like RDM. will I be shunned from all future content becau…[View]
459216505Post Smash mains: R8 and h8. Here are mine.[View]
459221608What's a game /v/ plays before going to bed.[View]
459216720The Great Debate: Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
459220543The last character you played as is now a new guest fighter in the last fighting game you played. Wh…[View]
459225148What was this guys motive?[View]
459225947How much longer until it will be their time again Why buy a company if you aren't going to do s…[View]
459220194Literally impossible.[View]
459223928Endless Legend: So how do I git gud? I can't get into the flow of this game at all. I usually j…[View]
459224215Crystar just lost a sale since this was edited out of the intro because of Snoy.[View]
459222208>censors games >everyone just accepts it How did this happen?…[View]
459222531>It's 4 aclock in the morning[View]
459221232How do I make a fun game. I know java, c++, c# and can draw on a mediocre level.[View]
459225240What went wrong with this? I thought it was supposed to be minecraft killer[View]
459225439i recently 100 percented a game i have spent a long time on, and i am looking for some new titles. a…[View]
459225325>YU ON AIEH MONSTAH was it necessary?[View]
459225387Best 3DS edition?[View]
459223639So I'm catching up with this now, only GoW I didn't play was Ascension. It's honestly…[View]
459223561Why does /v/ hate action rpg?[View]
459224208I want to go back. I had so much potential but I wasted it on comfy video games. Take me back[View]
459219074Trevor! Go kill those border guards for being racist![View]
459225134holy shit bros this is the best rpg ever made is there anything else like this?[View]
459225161L O L[View]
459211942What was the last one you finished?[View]
459221136HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAST YEARS GAME OF THE YEAR!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_MuTMcSaGY LIST OF …[View]
459206782It's doomed, isn't it?[View]
459222092>game has mechanic where you can recruit NPCs for your team >teaches you how by making you rec…[View]
459221625>foot-foot dive[View]
459220380Is the Federal Gunship worth a buy?: Is the federal gunship the ultimate tank spaceship in Elite Dan…[View]
459223201This is the only game I've been playing these last 11 years[View]
459224752Well? what does /v/ think of /ourguy/'s debut single with his classic 'Sega's games are th…[View]
459223481Samus's name is kinda like a pun on Seamus[View]
459221972Bayonetta: Was this as good as people make it out to be?[View]
459220805just fell for the switch meme: what am I in for?[View]
459224120Risk of Rain thread: >ONE Risk of Rain thread up >GO TO VG >*deletes*, then wipes hotpocket…[View]
459223047Here's your MK11 kombat pass bro DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Content\DLC\ShangTsung Dependenc…[View]
459220587Girls' Frontline MDR rate up in thirty minutes.[View]
459218936Please buy the his Mii Costume so Nintendo adds him in the next smash.[View]
459223119>/v/ is 3 pages short QUICK WHAT GOT LEAKED[View]
459220470video games[View]
459218684First they came for the physical copies, and I did not speak out— Because I liked digital copies. Th…[View]
459222020How do we make her competitively viable?[View]
459200410Welcome to /v/, how tough are ya?[View]
459223379Why aren't you playing UNIST?[View]
459221896Your daily reminder that >pic related is laughing at the fact that BioWare & EA are gonna ge…[View]
459219564ITT flash games and why we played them.[View]
459219038>you are visited by the magical toad Fortypercento on a rainy night. He tells you he can bring ba…[View]
459211284STAGE BUILDER THREAD: ULTIMATE: Post your stages and play on the arenas[View]
459221716She's going to be in Smash Ultimate. You can't stop this. It will be your reality.[View]
459222167fuck all weebs and their weeb games ban all weeb games[View]
459221501Alright, amidst this chaos, we'll settle this...which one's superior[View]
459222230>play nip game >kill Thor and Mishima within five minutes of each other…[View]
459220502Why is this game so hard?[View]
459214160ITT we post literal tech demos[View]
459220261>you were doing what the villain wanted the entire time >if you kill him you'll be just l…[View]
459221103Show me a more based quote from a video game[View]
459200261City of Heroes: https://score.savecoh.com/account https://discordapp.com/invite/XeqcW5[View]
459220656What the fuck is happening I guess there aren't a lot of people that would do it for free[View]
459217761Assassin's Creed Unity: So I just picked this game up because it was free on Uplay, I hadn…[View]
459219716*A-AHEM!* FUCK LIZARDS[View]
459211227Remember boycott Nintendo![View]
459217739Bloodborne: This game is great, but I do have to wonder. Why did they go back to grinding for health…[View]
459209000Should I buy this or Spider-Man? Or something else entirely? As long as it's fun I don't g…[View]
459208389Sekiro is too har-[View]
459213768it's over: bros...[View]
459199835Here's your MK11 Season Pass bro. Leaked from Switch https://www.reddit.com/r/Mortalkombatleaks…[View]
459219359video game thread: what are some video games[View]
459219941Mii Thread:: Post your Miis of your favorite vidya characters[View]
459219540Can we all agree that these are the most overrated games of the decade?[View]
459211485Why does /v/ hate GTA5 so much? Sure it's not as good as SA or RDR1. But it's still a good…[View]
459215821Very good game.[View]
459219834THIS IS IT BABY[View]
459219203Whats her problem? Also touhou thread[View]
459192257Where is the Risk of Rain thread? Get in here. NA east 109775240996669740[View]
459219738dokkan battle: cool fuckin weekend summons[View]
459187253>game let's you play as the ojou-sama[View]
459219663video game: video game[View]
459219615What kinda videogames do you guys like to play?[View]
459202521ITT: predict the gimmicks of the remaining dlc characters[View]
459219189>game has hacking minigame[View]
459219247is it shitpost hour yet[View]
459219459>plays spyro for 6 hrs straight[View]
459218470>it's a 1000 tickets, instant vehicle respawn & same map 24/7 server…[View]
459219218>tfw voting for Trump again in 2020 libtards and trannies will get BTFO again…[View]
459215734Playing through this for the first time and just got my 3rd star. Does this game become challenging …[View]
459217154 [View]
459219328The state of /v/ right now: Can we talk about this? Can we somehow get hiroshimoot to hire mods that…[View]
459218868I bought this. Now what?[View]
459219281post your dream smash dlc lineup[View]
459219272It's out[View]
459183693If 2chan could do it, why couldnt we? lets try and make a yumi nikki fan game.[View]
459215987Death to all tranny faggots Every video game that has trannies in it should give you the option to k…[View]
459218327Nintendo Direct: Waiting on a game to install and i'm pretty sure I can anonymously leak this, …[View]
459218979There ought to be an open world Japanese biker gang game.[View]
459212726It's Caturday![View]
459218368ITT we predict how much of a shitshow BL3 writing will be HEY MORDECAI LOOK TANNIS TURNED ME INTO A …[View]
459215482What's a good LAN game to play with your bros?[View]
459206586Smash: Post your stages and arenas![View]
459207946Fucking GameStop, holy shit.[View]
459210915Play Granblue Fantasy in your web browser while you wait for Relink and Versus[View]
459216859Why aren't you playing this yet /v/? what are you gay?[View]
459218890MMOs: Currently, I'm on a MMO spree. Playing through WoW for the first time and loving it. Down…[View]
459216927ITT: vidya cringe[View]
459218808When the fuck will we get a new Tales game?[View]
459218770Server Raid Minecraft TNT: cppminecraft.ddns.net:25564[View]
459213663>tfw almost no MPC's (Mexican Playable Character) in vidya What video games give the option …[View]
459218681How are you holding up, /v/?[View]
459209767He's in[View]
459216225ITT: characters that want to hatefuck the protagonist[View]
459216315Any games you're looking forward to?[View]
459201119Which is better Persona 4 or 5?: Also who is better Dojima or Sojiro?[View]
459204816Anyone else feel that this year has already peaked?[View]
459218276FUCK Saradomin and FUCK Saradominiggers[View]
459217036>comment on a reviewer’s video that the game’s mechanics suck and even the devs know it >tells…[View]
459209474Days Gone in 6 days: Early leak screenshots are sweet af[View]
459208184Post video game characters you like[View]
459214297Have you ever fallen in love with a Video game character? no Kass fags allowed [View]
459218167Smash DLC: Is it finally his turn to smash?[View]
459215848YouTube’s shitty recommendation algorithm recommended HDOOM to everyone and they are losing their sh…[View]
459211009>Sony censors anime nudity and lewd in games to protect no one considering one would only buy a l…[View]
459211139hey hey people[View]
459218342Wanted: Map: Me and a few friends are looking for an old Call Of Duty World At War zombies map, it w…[View]
459205759What does it have over Dark Souls 2?[View]
459214898Been meaning to pick this up and finally did. What am I in for?[View]
459213607Dark Souls: Your favourite OST in dark souls series? https://youtu.be/OJSiaf9m55s[View]
459213572Why can nobody match them for tight action gameplay?[View]
459218218Are fapbaits lewd and porn the only reasons people play and support mobile gatcha games?[View]
459218229>Game >Game: Subtitle >Game: Subtitle 2: Subtitle >Game II: Subtitle >Game II: Subtit…[View]
459218193Sekiro? Pff, that's for babys! Ahh Bloodborne...now THAT was a HARD game.[View]
459216660how is this? worth 20 monies?[View]
459212703You are rolling a paladin in classic right bros?[View]
459211883what is the most comfy game to play in bed?[View]
459218037How do we make Kirby great again?[View]
459207957Forgotten Game Saturdays: Let's talk about good forgotten games. Battle Network was kino for al…[View]
459216838If there were only one western rep in Smash, who would it be? Doomguy imo should be it[View]
459215347What the fuck was his problem?[View]
459216173Why does it seem like nobody cares they're censoring games?[View]
459198943>Kill One >Fuck One >Marry One >Befriend One…[View]
459212951Pac-Man? more like...: Black Man[View]
459215270Does anyone else have incredibly slow download speeds on steam? I’m trying to download tekken 7 and …[View]
459215394How do I git gud? Just spent an embarrassingly long time in Aurum Vale barely able to keep my MP fro…[View]
459213824Arma 3 - german cold war DLC: >east and west german factions >419 squarekilometer terrain, win…[View]
459216518What is your favorite portrayal of Hitler in a video game?[View]
459174413Grey-Mane or Battle-Born?[View]
459210056anyone got why games they for rec[View]
459216156Was thinking of something like a WoW Classic terrorist group like ISIS where we look for people on f…[View]
459203019Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=377H3K9jAGA&t= What are /v/…[View]
459216491Why haven't they made a new Scarface game?: or at least remaster it to current gen consoles.…[View]
459187558How did a glorified menu get so much fucking love and shilling?[View]
459205850Professor helper here![View]
459217171>smash pot >cobra snake jump scare >does more damage than any other animal…[View]
459217032Why can't lizards be wizards?[View]
459194778Take me back[View]
459210391Autistic vidya things you do in IRL: When I'm alone, I pretend to walk limped while holding a p…[View]
459167923>play Resident Evil 4 >It's not survival or horror…[View]
459216467MORDHAU: 9 days until this badboy drops[View]
459214934How do you expect to git gud if you don't eat your gamer gummies, /v/?[View]
459213757What the fuck was his problem?[View]
459214568Red base... ...home.[View]
459214638ITT: Games you cant talk about on /v/[View]
459216390You're walking with your bf one day and this son of a bitch gets in front of you and yells mort…[View]
459209908Did anyone else use the 3DS's 3D cameras extensively? Sure the quality is pretty crap, but ther…[View]
459214995>go underwater >enemies still able to shoot and hit me Is there a single game that handles thi…[View]
459214991>this was official art back in vanilla[View]
459216217Post Villains who were actually the heroes[View]
459212016What does /v/ think of Wolfenstein The New Order?[View]
459210247Give me games with the absolute best in melee combat. Dont even think about posting Soulsshit either…[View]
459212143Who knew senran kagura would be the game to set a new standard for DLC[View]
459215614go play banjo-kazooie[View]
459215985Did any of you play make-believe with games when young?[View]
459214797What are your hopes and dreams for Animal Crossing Switch? Will Animal Crossing get pushed back like…[View]
459213816Why are videogames so white, /v/? https://graphitepublications.com/why-are-video-games-so-white-the-…[View]
459213993YOU HAVE COME TO THE WRONG NEIGHBORHOOD, bucko! ITT: Post games that only YOU played/liked. Pic rela…[View]
459214217Trannies don’t really belong in video games anyways desu[View]
459214274The R-type games are insane when it comes to the lore. >Space Corps decide to harness the power …[View]
459214947Intense RDR2 kill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9lvy_VXLLc[View]
459208572Countries with playable heroes in Overwatch.[View]
459215723https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7bmXywWus8 We will never get games like this again...[View]
459212669https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UINhE8L1yXg When you hear 'Fasten Your Seatbelts', what game are you…[View]
459215620About to do my first Belmont run, since this is the first game where the Whips actually have a decen…[View]
459214247>an ancient evil has a zero startup command grab[View]
459215537Philly Spencer: I have come to the conclusion, whenever it's in general or mainly on this board…[View]
459215531it's fucking nothing[View]
459204293Name a combat system that more perfectly blends together fast pace, depth, fluidity and variety.[View]
459209561What games allow me to grow as a person? I'm tired of getting bullied[View]
459215387/v/ it's your cousin, Roman! Let's go bowling![View]
459210946take me back to the 2000s /v/... https://youtu.be/Q0q1gCsZykg[View]
459199516EASTER GMOD CINEMA: come join fellers password is vid*a[View]
459215306>MC becomes the main villain What are some games that do this?[View]
459209104Skyrim Mods: I'll buy you something edition: Will gift literally any game of your choosing if y…[View]
459214540my power is out and it's not estimated to come back until 16 hours from now the fuck do I do[View]
459206225How did Nintendo actually get away with this? The entire game is a parade of blatant product placeme…[View]
459214479>4K is a me... https://youtu.be/6k7a8bw451M You guys should see how this looks on my 4K TV. Jesus…[View]
459203861I love Doom, but the RNG aspect of the enemies attacks doing variable damage is retarded. Same thing…[View]
459213882>in recent news, Microsoft responded to Sony's PS5 spec announcement by releasing the disc f…[View]
459211218Why is she so cute[View]
459213591why why is skarlet so cute /v/: explain[View]
459208067Post your dream characters /v/[View]
459211671is this worth playing in 2019?[View]
459209560OH NO NO NO[View]
459208835hey hey[View]
459211529Why was this called Bioshock?: Bio means water, yet this game takes place in the air. Shouldn't…[View]
459208387best games to speedrun that isn't fucking mario[View]
459210457do you distribute your digitally purchased games across accounts /v/? Steam, xbox live, psn included…[View]
459198034Senior EA Developer calls the Wii U “Crap”, Nintendo “Walking Dead”: https://attackofthefanboy.com/n…[View]
459211814Is this game any good? Looks like it has a ton of potential but I'm a bit worried as I've …[View]
459205438Super Smash Bros is a button mashing party game made for young children.[View]
459214037wtf was his problem?[View]
459213948you just got played[View]
459214407Juri: Post some Juris[View]
459185965What kind of a degenerate do you have to be to enjoy this shit?[View]
459210008>There are people who think these characters aren't white You're either retarded or bli…[View]
459209140SEGA: What is your favorite SEGA game?[View]
459213916>he can't enter the zone Explain yourselves[View]
459213863Post Mii fighters[View]
459206814what's your fondest memory of everquest[View]
459209410Is this worth getting into? I've been hankering for some mech games[View]
459211606What's the videogame equivalent of Cedar Rapids?[View]
459208814Games that were good, but didn't live u[p to the hype/potential.[View]
459212954>you play as the waifu what's her name?[View]
459211106Dragon ball fighterz: >power is maximum. >damage scaling.…[View]
459160575FUCK leaks. Which characters do YOU guys want for DLC? Not ones that are the most likely or the ones…[View]
459181003Party Van: It's Friday! That means, it's time to get drunk and high and play some TF2 with…[View]
459211361Any of you niggers getting porn game playthroughs recommended to you by youtube? A lot of it is unce…[View]
459198649Handsome vidya men thread: Post those hot dudes[View]
459211826You're at the club and this guy blocks your girlfriend's attack. What do you do?[View]
459209960>youtuber injects his left-wing political opinions into video about vidya.…[View]
459198751Oh shit I'm sorry[View]
459207694It's been years after the PS4 has been released, my question is, do you think it was worth the …[View]
459210539World In Conflict: Why did it fail /v/?[View]
459202793Is too much realism a bad thing?[View]
459207323ITT: Best plot twists[View]
459179407Do this actually get fun?[View]
459206116Tell me fellas, what consoles does everyone have Casual discussion welcomed >PS2 >PS3 >PS4 …[View]
459211781Why do a lot of /v/ memes that depict Nintendo unfavorably have someone suck the Nintendo player thr…[View]
459210120Have you ever been mad at a game? What did that anger make you do to it?[View]
459209579Please rank from best to worst based on your opinion.[View]
459209376Does anyone else here play HATRED? its kino but id prefer it be first person[View]
459211452>That one awful character in a game with a solid main cast What's their name, /v/? For me it…[View]
459173658This game is so fucking hard. How am I supposed to feel my gamer superiority when I keep dying like …[View]
459203430>game breaks the 4th wall[View]
459210059what platform should i play MGSV on? and does anyone still play the online mode on either?[View]
459208406What am I looking at?[View]
459199901Do you think games have advanced from 2009-19 as significantly as they did from 1999-2009?: or 1989 …[View]
459210385Skyrim on Switch: This is Skyrim on Switch in winterhold at nigh[View]
459206417ITT: Wait, people like this?[View]
459210725Brad is the greatest game protagonist of all time[View]
459207027it's worth a buy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slqX_63SHMc[View]
459208652Gears of War Thread: Thread theme https://youtu.be/vwXI5zpszvI Post your hopes for the future 3 gear…[View]
459208694>MUH POWER[View]
459210696>game makes you contemplate your life choices[View]
459207192Does /v/ like games with fluid animation?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkd-0XqzX4Y[View]
459208856Guys he's in![View]
459205624FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE US DOLLARS: >we will be able to release it at a suggested price that…[View]
459210050thank you anons for letting me know how to kill Owl[View]
459208019Is Deus Ex the Chrono Trigger of Western games?[View]
459207518Is it possible to have an Age of Empires 2 thread without we wuz shitposting?[View]
459205030looking for an open world cry of fear. does something like that exist?[View]
459174773CLIMAX the best custom stage[View]
459187639Dragonball games: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has a ridiculous amount of characters. Pick some from the game…[View]
459209726What will go wrong?[View]
459180257buy a vita[View]
459191441STAGE BUILDER THREAD: ULTIMATE: Post your stages and play on the arenas[View]
459172417Persona 5: Why was this master piece so much better than all the other Persona games?[View]
459208742Huuuh, guys?[View]
459200329CITY OF HEROES: SERVER UP NOW KEEP TRYING, PATIENCE also post your heroes[View]
459206358Katana Zero: For those who have beaten the game. What do you think to be continued means /v/ could i…[View]
459209027What are some games where the bad guy is intimidatingly large?[View]
459208623About to emulate some PS3 games. Shall I start with Demon's Souls or Persona 5?[View]
459206014PlayStation 5 pictures leaked it will look like this.[View]
459208942What are some games that feature this kinosthetic?[View]
459208848that which makes you sad in vidya: >game full of schoolgirls >very little pantsu…[View]
459208775Can't wait to beat the shit out of people: Early access for na is the 30th https://www.youtube.…[View]
459208062does v play Gundam Battle Operation 2: My weaboo friend plays it every night. Looks lit.[View]
459196190Have you ever made a long term friend in a game? I know people that have stayed in touch with friend…[View]
459205359Should I even buy this game if I don't have an SSD?[View]
459208634I love Selene![View]
459208560One Xbox one S All Digital please[View]
459173212>Ass of the Tomb Raider[View]
459208428Final Fantasy XIV Catching Up: >be me >ff14 fan who is catching up on content >watch conten…[View]
459208419How the fuck do I kill this asshole before quitting for good[View]
459199497>claims to hate video games >routinely reviews them on his show what is his problem? https://w…[View]
459163481WRIGHT VS GAVIN THREAD #3: objection amirite[View]
459192351> Ranked in the top 9 of every best character contest since 2002 What makes these characters so p…[View]
459205337What games do INFP people play?[View]
459202704>'Na na nana na na...Na na na nanana na na na na[View]
459192835You have to purify this world Anon[View]
459207223Best titties Best hips Best thighs Best ass Best dick Xhe has it all[View]
459207706Have fun Neku[View]
459205297Today's my birthday! An Ace Combat thread sure would be nice.[View]
459202583>Nintendo gets called out for featuring a slur in Smash from Persona 5 (falsely) by an autistic t…[View]
459203603VIDEO GAMING SERVER JOIN NOW FREE WOMEN!!! discord . aw4XE8[View]
459204412Blaster Master Thread. Will leibniz be chill in 3 ?[View]
459205001Damn THIS is Smash Bros?[View]
459206610Replaying pic related, anyone else pretty big into .hack//? Think they will ever make a HD collectio…[View]
459198040Alright /v/, name me a villain with motives more complex than this guy.[View]
459185000So 10 more games just got announced yesterday for this thing: Castle of Illusion World of Illusion T…[View]
459202003Where did everything go wrong?[View]
459195141How come Japanese fighting games have no sense of impact or violence to them? Mortal Kombat 11 combo…[View]
459204939Do people praise this because of the gameplay or is it just the cheesy dialogue and edgy music?[View]
459161256Final Fantasy XIV team is working on Final Fantasy XVI: How does this make you feel?[View]
459205619MTGA Thread: What do you think of netdecking?[View]
459207784>The series skips from 3 to 5 What did they mean by this?[View]
459206149Final Fantasy XV: >The bleeding horse is finally dead...only good thing to come from it? The Musi…[View]
459207584Did you collect all the puzzle pieces?[View]
459181732Stardew Valley thread: Jas best girl[View]
459207573The strongest Pokémon.[View]
459206742What's boss fight got you the most pumped up?[View]
459207161Give me some weird and obscure Dreamcast games to try out please.[View]
459206034Which Sims game you like the most?[View]
459183945Why was he so underwhelming?[View]
459197309>Be Sony >Be technical leaders of the industry Why can't anyone else have this graphics q…[View]
459207178https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XQDNQUnBk do you like oblivion?[View]
459207140Scariest game?: Name your favorite horror game. Mine is pic related.[View]
459204226>Ninja games are never going to make a return. HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND…[View]
459206806Are your taller than your favorite video character /v/?[View]
459198959i seriously hope you remembered to budget your favorite streamer this week[View]
459191025DMC5 is Disappointing: I know people who liked it are going to passionately disagree, but I think DM…[View]
459200930what the fuck was his problem?[View]
459205282guys look I posted an OP without an image ahahahaha[View]
459196349I'm about to play pic related or the first time. What am I in for?[View]
459206713american scp time: SCP secret lab is free this is the server twocows.mooo.com:7777 get in here d boy…[View]
459197163We need more fat cow female representation in videogames.[View]
459206451Name a game with a more bullshit final boss. Protip: you can't[View]
459206019Katana ZERO: This game is rad as hell. Anyone else playing it? It would have to be a post-game unloc…[View]
459196906I genuinely hate Nintendo fanboys. They keep buying a reskin of the same three childish games over a…[View]
459196779>Replaying Half-Life 2 >Load up one of my saves >Doesn't load What the fuck happened? …[View]
459206229I just keep playing this game because I fell in love with her[View]
459206210Hey (not) Nero: Will we meet again?[View]
459200776My name is R.O.B. That's short for 'Robotic Operating Buddy.' Want to talk about any video gam…[View]
459203698>enemy poisons you >you die in 3 turns >you poison enemy >it deals fucking chip damage W…[View]
459206128Just finished Blood (1997) only to find out that the Blood alpha allowed you to transform into a coo…[View]
459145178Now that Metal Slug 8 has been confirmed to be in the works, what do you want from it?[View]
459121578Pound 2019: first Pound since 2016, this year with smash ultimate and melee http://multitwitch.tv/vg…[View]
459205882What do you want for the inevitable DLC? I hope we go full j-horror.[View]
459203567Why do people pair Persona girls with anyone other than the male protagonist?[View]
459205778Ys IX: We are never getting a non-party Ys title again, are we?[View]
459159213>day one pre-order dlc >25 characters at launch, whereas injustice 2 came out before it and ha…[View]
459205829>Our design is just getting more mature and respectful. You’re not going to wear a bikini to a fi…[View]
459204368>JRPG >Protagonist is a generic, silent, expressionless statue designed for self inserting.…[View]
459205673Post Kino Vidya Scenes: Can we get a Vidya Kino thread https://youtu.be/Yjk0wp37SO0 https://youtu.be…[View]
459193553Remember when Alan Wake was supposed to be open world? That would've been nice. Too bad the Xbo…[View]
459203747Find a flaw.[View]
459196294I wish the series died with Desmond. It said everything it needed to say as a series by that point.[View]
459187172Why does smash online make me so nervous? I like playing smash. And being able to play against other…[View]
459205263Is there even the slightest chance this will be any good?[View]
459203068He killed millions[View]
459194130MORTAL KOMBAT DLC LEAKS: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mortalkombatleaks/comments/bf2kis/from_the_switch_…[View]
459203952ITT: Famous people that would have been gamers if they were alive today[View]
459205123Hype? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dHZVDgRdzA >dat english though…[View]
459181635Will video games be the doom of mankind? Will VR become so real one day that people won't want …[View]
459200859>takes more than 1 hit to kill a rat[View]
459204165I can't go back to souls combat after beating this. It feels so slow and clunky. Even bloodborn…[View]
459203254Do try to stay fit and keep your weight down well keeping up and playing the videogames you like?[View]
459204748how do we stop him bros[View]
459204827Are you participating in this year's Roblox Egg Hunt, anon?[View]
459204096WHY: Why did some stupid ass fucking weeb game character get into smash, but not steve from minecraf…[View]
459187492Can a cartoony artstyle really make up for bad graphics?[View]
459200129Tell us the exact moment a video game series when to shit, I'll start[View]
459202517Would you fuck this Playstation?[View]
459204529>Best triggers/analog stick Xbone controller >Best dpad WiiU Pro/Switch Pro controller >Bes…[View]
459189953Name a videogame phrase you can say during sex[View]
459200125Sekiro: Okay. Predict what the DLC will be about and how long is it going to be. Will it top Old Hun…[View]
459204275What does the Doug button do?[View]
459204136Don't forget to play my daughter game next month.[View]
459200883With this, your spell of Imperishable Night shall be broken, and the dawn shall come![View]
459203773Y'all niggas have been blessed by being in the presence of the ecologists Free artifacts and ha…[View]
459202437in what game was the first time you connect with a stranger[View]
459203586Underrail Expedition: Where the fuck is it? Also Underrail thread I guess[View]
459202559What's the consensus on /v/ about Red Dead Redemption?[View]
459203556My IQ is too high to enjoy video games.[View]
459203382>That guy who follows npcs around for 20 minutes[View]
459161950DMC: Can i expect something about DLCs on E3?[View]
459180283>spend nearly a decade promoting twitch and games done quick >have no other income than game s…[View]
459196995Fix this character.[View]
459202537>stage creator is not a mista-[View]
459202528>character uses its own health to unleash powerful attacks >has low agility…[View]
459203089Thanks to the smash update I’ve been using my Switch again and I forgot how much I liked using it. T…[View]
459192525What are the best stalker CoC mods?[View]
459201130Does it bother you when a game advertising dragons, and all you get is wyverns?[View]
459201158Honest question, why hasn't anyone made a Skub video game?[View]
459202206What even is her appeal? I don't get it.[View]
459199432What's the best kiss from a video game, /v/?[View]
459201557>top 10 vidya list >its just mario and zelda…[View]
459202760enjoying neopets anon?[View]
459202738>Everyone posting Stage Builder porn You guys are making me Nostaglic for Halo 3/Reach.…[View]
459194394These are the most unlocked achievements of Hitman 2 >only 14% have finished miami, the 2nd loca…[View]
459202519Let’s settle this: Which one was better?[View]
459198432Tropes that you love.: >Use Ultimate Attack >Character says a quote.…[View]
459196089So what happened to FPS? Feels like we get maybe a couple FPS a year that focus on the shooting. It…[View]
459199035Why am I the only one that truly understands her appeal as a character?[View]
459202109birds are very important[View]
459199262Post characters that are literally you[View]
459201834>Why yes, FFIX is my favorite Final Fantasy. How could you tell?[View]
459200209What is the 'Stealth Archer' of Oblivion? AKA the most OP build.[View]
459200530is God Eater 3 worth it?: i recently built a PC after not having one for 10 years and being a consol…[View]
459198693so is there any chance of us being able to play classic without having the entirety of retail instal…[View]
459196075What could've been...[View]
459201017>Anti-aliasing: FXAA/Off[View]
459170338Webm thread.[View]
459200907Are Shenmue I and II worth playing more on the Dreamcast or on the PS4/Xbone? Anything I should know…[View]
459188701Are you still mad /v/?[View]
459198909Tell Bulborb when Pikmin 4 is coming[View]
459195548When was the first time you were wow'd by a game's graphics? Pic related, that train stati…[View]
459201083Project Cars Wii U canned, 'simply too much' for hardware: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-0…[View]
459199236How has your gaming lifestyle been impacted by marriage and children?[View]
459201470Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box; Come down like falling bricks You can place t…[View]
459198418Console war faggotry aside, is this still the best game ever made?[View]
459159084What went wrong?[View]
459198378So now that Persona series and Bayonetta series are mainstream now thanks to Smash, do you think it…[View]
459197537FF:XIV 5.0 Supposed Leaks: >Remove class identities and MP/TP and make every job an amorphous blo…[View]
459197826I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames[View]
459200442If this is gonna be a PS5 launch title, are they at least gonna somewhat update the graphics?[View]
459201180>listening exclusively to video game music[View]
459201127Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
459198130Thinking about picking it up cheap from a key reseller just to scratch my FPS itch. Is it really tha…[View]
459140459Who else is looking forward to Samurai Shodown? Who's your main from previous games? Charlotte …[View]
459185692Has there ever been a video game that you view as a great game but personally you hate it? Like you …[View]
459200832>hey my game keeps crashing at this specific part, how do i fix it? >oh nvm just had to change…[View]
459199671Godot Thread: >tfw someone made a godot thread without posting the best game being developed for …[View]
459195325Tree of Savior: the new class matross npc is such a semen demon[View]
459200074Make any stages /v/?: Post stages and custom mii's[View]
459182678Persona 5 has the best JRPG OST: >P3 fags when they realize nothing in their shitty games can mat…[View]
459191172Save or Kill?: What do you hope Chief does to Cortana in Halo Infinite?[View]
459185342can we have a gaming humor thread? post your funniest gaming related pictures.[View]
459199625don't mind me just going to smash bros[View]
459192287>rainy japanese neon city at night level >________ starts playing…[View]
459198437https://twitter.com/DKTreehouse Would you like to go to DK's Treehouse?[View]
459200161Is shadow of war any good or am i good missing out on it?[View]
459197293New Psi Ops game coming out this year. Did anyone here even play the first one?[View]
459199851SELECT YOUR CHARACTER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxMdFMJdeYg[View]
459198790Skyrim Mods: I won't stop asking edition: Will gift literally any game of your choosing if you …[View]
459199856One copy of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2: Bloodmoon Edition, please.[View]
459198857would soulsfags and sekiro retards even last a minute?[View]
459194201What are your top 5 boss fights of all time?[View]
459198058>best Rare series since the Microsoft acquisition >still no TiP PC port >still no 3rd game …[View]
459191995Transistor: Is this game supposed to be this boring?[View]
459197795Ignoring XCOM, where did all the alien games go?[View]
459199438Is this the only game that had captured the feeling of true dread[View]
459199437What's the most you've ever played a game, /v/?[View]
459197280MK fans asking for copious amounts of gore and violence are just as autistic as incels asking for un…[View]
459198262>the only function of a PC is to play video games this is what consolebabs actually think, often …[View]
459194424Why is Red Dead Redemption still so memorable but 2 has already been forgotten?[View]
459197730Nu-Persona: [/spoiler]4>3>5[View]
459196628First time posting on /v/ in my entire life after 10 years + on imageboards. My birthday is coming u…[View]
459193163I'm doing a report and I need 5 video games where you can play as a fish[View]
459198682IKUZO SEKIRO![View]
459198087Vidya Collection Thread: U 'mirin?[View]
459196916Games with this aesthetic?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYQ0Xd0nybQ >https://www.youtube.…[View]
459197523Godlike vidya OSTs: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p1vacn3KcE post em…[View]
459154169Console or PC?: Guys I don't want a flamewar thread. I just want to camly discuss the benefits …[View]
459195361You're in.[View]
459198870Half decent stage builder G.U.N. Truck chase when?[View]
459186978You have 10 seconds to explain why Steam deserves 30%: Or all future games will be Epic Store exclus…[View]
459198778Fuck this guy.[View]
459198686Why do they call him Tingle?[View]
459182386Which FPS game does it right[View]
459194123Games for this feel?[View]
459198480I'm about to head into memoria in FFIX, any sidquests or anything in terms of preparation would…[View]
459193248>brooding serious boy >kind gentle girl >Serious and somewhat edgy broody boy with some iss…[View]
459198401Digimon: Taomon is cool[View]
459198014It's okay to whale every once in a while nya[View]
459156072>Wizard >Mage >Sorcerer Who is the true alpha?…[View]
459197024Post Kino Vidya Scenes https://youtu.be/Yjk0wp37SO0 https://youtu.be/SJDeuaLS5gg https://youtu.be/VE…[View]
459194715Out of room on my SD card. What should I delete?[View]
459196178there's nothing wrong with only buying games digitally[View]
459197075Games for this feel?[View]
459197830Pol tards BTFO[View]
459197629>Street Fighter Collection >Mega Man Collections >Castlevania Collections Seems like we…[View]
459162254>Water and Ice are different elements Why can no game do elements right?…[View]
459196401Why is /v/ so obssessed with logic?: POPULAR BAD CRITICAL ACCLAIM BAD NICHE PC GAME GOOD[View]
459195829SEKIRO THREAD: Emma is my waifu edition[View]
459196373Why don't Ed Boon want me man![View]
459191884Post vidya girls you want to do this to you.[View]
459196745Is there any hope for the series left?[View]
459195520Mech Games Thread: How's Battletech? Pic related is pretty bad but customisation is interestin…[View]
459195149smash /v/eekend thread? 3stock 7mins East coast US ID 0XN84 PASS 1478 Expect visits from Sandbag-kun…[View]
459188091Is Iron Rain worth checking out? Also EDF thread[View]
459195654I feel dumb it took me this long to beat the first 4 episodes[View]
459195967I'm seeing many chinese people playing PS4 games online What's their endgame? Are they in …[View]
459197030Anyone else hoping they add a day/night cycle or some time system?[View]
459196983post em[View]
459156562Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Released - March 18, 2014 I know it's been a while, but was t…[View]
459186787Are you a sore loser or a graceful loser, /v/?[View]
459162594How would you feel if Erdrick was picked as the representative for Dragon Quest in Super Smash Bros?[View]
459192382Who are the best video game tomboys?[View]
459194239Underrated FPS games[View]
459189935itt we are the wroters of family guy and we have to make vidya related side gags[View]
459179785about to buy pic related[View]
459194816this new intro is soulless as fuck and it's not funny[View]
459196426Mother 3 Anniversary: Today is the 13th birthday of MOTHER 3. Let's celebrate! https://youtu.b…[View]
459194992>/v/ will defend gacha[View]
459185269Do you like Fidget?[View]
459195947Is it gonna be a PS4 launch title?[View]
459195713Half decent stage builder G.U.N. Truck chase when?[View]
4591960002019, I am forgotten.[View]
459193608Retro is doing Mother 3 confirmed: Here's the proof lads[View]
459188834why are sprites so soulful?[View]
459193786Cheapest way to record non-emulated game footage? I'd like to upload some footage of more obscu…[View]
459195503Anno 1800: Cheer up your sister Hannah by building cities and then fucking her edition[View]
459194414ITT: Developers you can trust[View]
459181972What happens on The Last of Us 2 end /v/?[View]
459195595Dark Souls: Let the darkness rain upon you[View]
459191885This is William Joseph Blazkowicz III. Aka Doomguy. AKA The Doom Slayer. AKA The Hellwalker. AKA The…[View]
459195441PEER INTO CHRISTMAS FUTURE /V/!!!: And tell me your what if scenrio of a company head OTHER than Dis…[View]
459195408What are the chances of him getting into Smash?[View]
459191945Metro Exodus: Why is this gun even in the game? The Ashot can kill anything with one shot and fully …[View]
459194350*rocks back and forth autistically*[View]
459194706Should I get Sekiro, DMCV, RE2 or Monster Hunter World?[View]
459183453SEGA needs to HD remake Sonic Advent-: https://www.moddb.com/mods/sonic-adventure-2-neuro-ai-hd-text…[View]
459193707What are games where you play as someone who's Notorious?[View]
459195131Why do they keep repeating these meme names? Are they running out of ideas?[View]
459194468why does russia always look horrifying in video games[View]
459187939GreenManGaming Now Selling Borderlands 3: >B-b-but Epic won't allow s-s-sales of third party…[View]
459189748Recently Ive been treating life like an rpg. Most days for the past couple months ive been walking a…[View]
459191434What was your longest continuous gaming session? Did it effect you, physically or mentally in any wa…[View]
459194724>A scientist with a tragic backstory as he succumbs to darkness and his body and soul are seperat…[View]
459192349You fucking niggas never told me this was a masterpice.[View]
459194152>tfw cute streamer says your name and smiles for a very affordable donation…[View]
459194594Wtf? Why is Nintendo sponsoring a hateful unchild friendly website like 4channel?[View]
459194421fuck vidya where mah shitposters at[View]
459171940See you, space lawyer...: F, he was a light of hope along with Edgeworth in that godforsaken piece o…[View]
459189774How the fuck do I deal with dual monitors for pc gaymen?[View]
459194074if you suck at csgo just cheat, dont let your skills ruin the fun![View]
459194280>Tfw still no cute Alis Landale figure: Life is suffering.[View]
459194116What happened?[View]
459194128Mortal Kombat 11: It's going to sell 10 million and Billy and his incel squad can't stop i…[View]
459194069which video games best portrayed yoda ?[View]
459192758I can't help but wish that the Joker Spirit Board had more meat to it. There are plenty of Pers…[View]
459194020>NSMBU Deluxe The game is trash. Also a Wii U port with no substantial content resold for 60 buck…[View]
459193929Why do people say that Steve isn’t iconic when in reality he’s one of the biggest icons in gaming[View]
459190640>gets into smash >suddenly everyone cares about her Really makes you think…[View]
459193964We need more Maya Fey in prison fanart![View]
459187467oh no no no[View]
459189192Thoughts on When They Cry 5? http://blog.mangagamer.org/2019/04/19/sakuracon-2019-announcement-cicon…[View]
459193158Worth playing if I already know the plot-twist?[View]
459098894/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>459048509 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
459193772Starcraft: EG.IdrA rearranged is “I raged”[View]
459191963>New Game+ Allows you to skip the entire story[View]
459191746Why can't you rape people in Grand Theft Auto? You can commit murder, steal, and disrespect pol…[View]
459190092What video game character has the most distinctive voice besides Mario and Snake?[View]
459181392Boomer Games[View]
459189521>First game is rated E for Everyone >Completey family friendly >Second game is rated T for…[View]
459193643Ed, wtf did you do to her? https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/04/mortal-kombat-11-leaks-for-sheeva-m…[View]
459191578Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake a real thing[View]
459162474*silently kill Unreal Engine, Unity and CryEngine*[View]
459184737Is she the most underrated video game girl ever?[View]
459193501So how are you enjoying Rise of Shadows? Came back after not playing for 6 months and i guess i miss…[View]
459192880How does a game get a general? does it need to have set amount of people playing the game enough to …[View]
459179082Why aren't video games considered art?[View]
459193431Piracy thread: >Epic literally funding piracy by guaranteeing sales >Steam, lol don't car…[View]
459177978Defend this shit Personafags.[View]
459193205Well, /v/?[View]
459190626How to fix RDR 2's terrible narrative in a few simple steps: >Instead of forcing the charact…[View]
459193213>/v/ in browsing history >Youtube knows to recommend me the exact things I definitely want to …[View]
459183282What are some good games about redemption?[View]
459192125yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road[View]
459191941>Literally whitewashed an Asian Guy Ed Boon please[View]
459193004Stage builder has been out for 2 days and there still isn't a stage where the G.U.N. Truck chas…[View]
459179435SMASH Betting Table: Place your bets on the characters here. Who's getting in? Who isn't?…[View]
459189127>Start game >Run out of town into open fields >Sprint towards quest marker >Killed by ra…[View]
459182106Was this unironically the best N64 game?[View]
459190918Which was the best Minecraft update?[View]
459192406>Wario T poses in Jokers final smash Was joker rushed?[View]
459181357AC Unity: Got it because of the church fire, last one I played was Rogue, which I thought it was rea…[View]
459184432Mods or vanilla?[View]
459192708A ninja?[View]
459191125>Nintendo is only for basedbo-[View]
459143021Crash Team Racing: Who is your main[View]
459192505anybody try this shit? it has a survival mode apparently and adds a bunch of stuff not in the normal…[View]
459185820>want to replay a game >remember 'that' part >remember that the whole game was actually tha…[View]
459170586Anyone else weirdly nostalgic for the grinch leak? It was probably the most fun I've had during…[View]
459192445Tree of Savior: IT'S HAPPENING we are in pre-patch for the new classes and raids https://treeof…[View]
459191558The only consoles worth owning ever/then/now: in the 80s it was the C64 (Nintendo literally copied i…[View]
459189767whats their magnum opus?[View]
459184571Would a Half-Life 3 reveal be enough for you to Forgive Gaben?[View]
459181240Holy shit, this game plays like garbage. I knew it had some design problems and all, but I expected …[View]
459192087Is this an official Steve render[View]
459179001>'This... is a TF2 Thread' >'Dear God...' >'There's more.' >'No!'…[View]
459192047Do we ever find out why his helmet has to be so high?[View]
459191763Sequel when?[View]
459183318Renamon the Digimon[View]
459191756Why doesn't steam have a 'cute boys' tag yet, /v/? It's already full of objectively useles…[View]
459191725Can anyone recommend a good game with this kind of musical aesthetic? https://youtu.be/CnMwt6pWH-M[View]
459186827ITT: Bros till the end[View]
459190474Is there a more infuriating enemy than these grasshopper bastards?[View]
459191501Sekiro help thread[View]
459189321Nothing Personnel Okami kun: So how did you guys handle the worst hitbox in gaming?[View]
459158956GTA IV is better than GTA V[View]
459191402>more AAA franchises and indie devs announcing they will go epic only every week Is that shit act…[View]
459189923What's the best JRPG on Steam[View]
459191006Okay, was it really necessary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAXG5wrq1CA[View]
459187484'It isn't a Port Machine guys': THIS GAME CAME OUT IN 2011[View]
459191295>tfw most MMORPGs right now are all based on PvP >The ones that are based around PvE water it …[View]
459190029>JRPG >MC is a mute, spiky-haired moralfag meant purely to be a self-insert, with no personali…[View]
459188953Is there anything more boring and unimpressive than speedrunning?[View]
459188383where can i find a torrent or download for WC3 for mac? i found a portable version but it's in …[View]
459172134Smash Custom Stages: Post your stage creations. Here's a Banjo Spiral Mountain stage[View]
459190873wow: so....this is the power of the Nintendo Switch[View]
459185826Whats the scariest video game you've ever played?[View]
459186417Anybody here play oldschool runescape?[View]
459189912>the protagonist kills off their party members[View]
459186379Should the magic meter be blue or green?[View]
459188642>boss talks shit >dies like a bitch[View]
459184895I want to dive into Final Fantasy XI, but I'm worried about missing out on content. Is there a …[View]
459169102Is genichiro truly the most JUST character in all of soulsborne?[View]
459168319Was Mae supposed to be fat?[View]
459187031What went wrong?[View]
459186153>There is still no GTA/GTAlike set during the 1920s why[View]
459190382What are some games that are great the first time you beat them, but when the more you replay them t…[View]
459175545How would you do Quake 5's single player mode?[View]
459185526do you know this feel?[View]
459188392does this mean /ourgirl/ got into smash as the next DLC? or are we getting a mother fucking kino seq…[View]
459174526/v/ memes lost to the wreck of time: Oh shit I'm sorry[View]
459190009You didn't kill them, did you?[View]
459177712It's April 20 in GMT. Blaze the Cat thread.[View]
459186090Countries with playable Overwatch characters.[View]
459189881>looking back at memories of when I was younger playing video games >smile >suddenly rememb…[View]
459189875Crossovers that would seem weird, but would end up working out flawlessly? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
459153179>devil may cry 5 would have been better if the developers owned the means of production do you ag…[View]
459187274Your threadly reminder that it's the fate of 3D Sonic to become a DMC5-esque Hack n' Slash…[View]
459189693He never gave us Mother 3[View]
459189628ITT: kino vidya scenes[View]
459188894X-2 is better than X. Only a virgin weeb cares about saving the world and muh chosen one.[View]
459142139Risk of Rain: Artificer feels better now but does anyone else either not proc stuff at all using fla…[View]
459188958Nostalgia thread. Let's reminisce in the golden days of gaming back before it was ruined by cor…[View]
459189542Recording gameplay: Cheapest way to record non-emulated game footage? I'd like to upload some f…[View]
459186270anyone got why games they why rec[View]
459186721What is your favorite car in the GTA series?[View]
459188458Home: Reminder that retards that get so caught up with minmaxing are losing sight of what makes Clas…[View]
459184636/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm: LAST TIME >I got fucking BODIED >time to try …[View]
459187890What went wrong?: > 2013: Masterpiece, Citzen Kane of gaming > 2014: Piece of shit, ruined the…[View]
459184487Why aren't you playing King Arthur's Gold? It's free to play now![View]
459187910I can't wait for boomers to die off. Then we can have museums filled with actual masterpieces s…[View]
459187360top or bottom for a cannon weapon idle pose[View]
459189021*snap* yep, that's going in my Touhou thread[View]
459187519Games where you protect a princess?[View]
459185654>Dies like a bitch to Kitana >Pre order character dies so easily >Hyped up in MK9 to be the…[View]
459188745Grim Dawn: Almost close to the end of Act 4. I know Ashes of Malmouth can only be done after killing…[View]
459178870Did he really know the UN inspection was a ruse? He may have lied about killing strangelove, but he…[View]
459188563>spawns >dies[View]
459188281Shepard Commander[View]
459187364what are some other games that everyone has played before?[View]
459184039We write a letter to Sony to go back on sexual regulation: I'll start Dear PlayStation and Sony…[View]
459188385>When your pirate crew decides they’d actually like to be paid, so you have them pulled down into…[View]
459187891I would idol her m@ster if you know what I mean[View]
459185132Why do today what you can leave for tomorrow?[View]
459187952>look at the views :-)[View]
459185551ITT: THAT song: https://youtu.be/jaIo82uT0qs[View]
459187840Pneuma: Why was the ending so Kino?[View]
459179379EVERYONE THAT LIKES THIS GREEN FAGGOT IS CANCER: Nostaliga faggots should KYS asap. No one gives two…[View]
459187475What’s the best videogame to ride bikes in?[View]
459185151The mad man actually did it: He made a full length Arby n the Chief feature film[View]
459183853what do you think of wiifette?[View]
459159728I still can't get over this game, I can't enjoy anything on the same level anymore[View]
459184567ITT games that pulled at your heart strings.[View]
459180426How did you play your first run through of Deus ex? Full stealth? Full combat or a combination of bo…[View]
459187480Minecraft Thread: Is Minecraft still a thing? Do people still play it? Also every time I see someone…[View]
459180470>this is your latest sma5h newcomer[View]
459176163Nintendo Switch : 2019 & Beyond line-up: What games are you looking for this year Switchbros? I …[View]
459183154pc or console: I'm getting a huge amount of money so I wanna get some ideas >I have 1,500 do…[View]
459130743Play Artificial Academy 2![View]
459184660Where do I go to get PC games completely DRM-free? I remember GOG having a reputation for its policy…[View]
459186302Will gift literally any game of your choosing if you can find me a link to the exact hud used in thi…[View]
459183950Droikekas get in here: In this thread, we are all droidekas. Let us know each other as they would.…[View]
459185390Let's just suppose Saber makes it in to Smash: Give her a tagline, special moves, stage, and mu…[View]
459186858>Not allowed to post un-altered screenshots from this game VIDEO GAMES AREN'T WORK SAFE BE A…[View]
459186161>mash square[View]
459167037Midna Tread[View]
459177449I don't get it. What's so special about this scene?[View]
459163535Its time: Will you be buying the best new medieval game? Its non-negotiable.[View]
459186521This is your new playable race in world of warcraft, say something nice about them![View]
459182617Actual EZA Discussion Thread: Do you like the Easy Allies? What did you think of this week's po…[View]
459177834What games did those cool xtreme kids with heelys play?[View]
459186353we are in a time where nintendo is less cucked than sony[View]
459157802Dragalia lost thread: Six more days before this gacha is saved. Discuss.[View]
459186251Post easter eggs.[View]
459177808Comfy Switch Thread: Happy weekend bros, what are you playing?[View]
459176061What was his problem, really?[View]
459182250>enemy is immune to elemental damage but weak to physical attacks[View]
459183969I miss it bros...[View]
459184740Who was the better lead?: Arthur was the better main. Prove me wrong[View]
459185720>why yes, I do play tf2 for the first time in 3 years while drunk out of my mind and trade half o…[View]
459180660just beat this for the first time ever (v1.2 on n64 if anyone cares,yes i like being autistic about …[View]
459185370Smash DLC: Post your most wanted DLC picks for Ultimate. Say something nice about others[View]
459184790Are you playing autochess yet? They just released a mobile version.[View]
459131032They finally did it the absolute madmen.[View]
459180614Is there any way for me to get an FOV beyond 90? 90 FOV makes me motion sick incredibly quickly[View]
459180545Is this the best game ever made?[View]
459184034Just finished Blood (1997) only to find out that the Blood alpha allowed you to transform into a coo…[View]
459182972Smash and Breath of the Wild, what other Nintendo Switch games would you recommend?[View]
459184646Why does /v/ browse this fucking website so much? Where do you find all this garbage and why do you …[View]
459182679Did he really do anything wrong?[View]
459183381What's a game where I can be an incredibly powerful wizard?[View]
459177462mfw playing bioshock infinite[View]
459185112Gaming on Linux part 2 or The Death of Windows 7: >>459183170 I think it's like a 10% hit…[View]
459180827Why are clowns in vidya always have to be portrayed as evil and/or nihilistic antagonists?[View]
459184998What do you think of The World Ends With You?[View]
459183769Who can beat him[View]
459172482Mh mmh hm hmmm, hm hmmm.[View]
459184798What are some games that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime?[View]
459156301If you don't like it then don't use it.[View]
459171153What's your opinion on the Nintendo Switch? I'm thinking about buying one[View]
459182934I am the vidya games fairy: What is your wish, anon?[View]
459169921Gal-o sengen.[View]
459184582>Good Friday >no sign of an Easter sale on Steam Bros... is Steam over?…[View]
459184441Why don't they make console with keyboard and mouse?[View]
459184569Fuck this spiky haired wh*toid[View]
459184570hey sensei lets investigate the meat eggs[View]
459161231>/v/ will defend this physical DLC[View]
459183026Make a DLC pack at least Nintendo. Fuck, we need new Mario Kart content.[View]
459184409Why aren't speed ups a standard on Modern games? It makes replaying it tolerable especially wit…[View]
459184217Epic Dankness Fuck communism music: https://youtu.be/rqM6DN7qdwM Memes + special effects - communism…[View]
459179370He can learn those moves despite being WATER/FLYING >earthquake >thunder >dark pulse >ir…[View]
459182887>Fatefags will call the good character design[View]
459178859Post vidya characters that have canonically had a penis inside of them.[View]
459174713City of Heroes: We're coming home bros. Server is going up! https://youtu.be/k-ImCpNqbJw[View]
459183414ITT: Terrible boss fights[View]
4591804093x3 thread: post 3 by 3s of games you enjoyed, not of games /v/ told you to enjoy.[View]
459180427>why yes I play spy and engineer, how could you tell?[View]
459181286> finish first case >asked to show evidence to your best friend showing his gf was a cheater, …[View]
459178843We live in a society..[View]
459174771Hades: It's so weird to see them keep tinkering with early game instead of making more bosses/l…[View]
459183730Will they ever get hacks going on the newer/patched Switch models? I'm definitely in no hurry, …[View]
459180579Is this the FIRST EVER port to Switch that didn't need to be severely downgraded in order to wo…[View]
459182779Best version of Minecraft[View]
459183657PS4 HD Remaster when?[View]
459181867Minecraft: My friend has some 2b2t rip off mc server if you guys wanna join and fuck it up it would …[View]
459181474>april >already forgotten what happend to the bros of the #plantgang…[View]
459182206Nier Automata: Am I supposed to be doing all these side quests because they seem pretty generic? …[View]
459181235this is my gf makoto nobody is allowed to make fun of her[View]
459180041>Here's your three limited edition giclee prints, dear fans![View]
459183254>stomp stomp stomp stomp If the PS5 doesn't have Uncharted V on release day then it is dead …[View]
459177535Oh god oh jesus oh god oh jesus oh god oh jesus What have I done /v/!?[View]
459182469how do you clean your consoles? I want to clean one and the most important thing is the smells (stin…[View]
459176483Why do nerds, be they enthusiasts of video games, comics, tabletop gaming or anime/manga, have such …[View]
459132581This shit just popped up when I turned on my PC. What are my fellow Windows 7 users doing next year?…[View]
459177645Dragon Marked for Death is a fucking great game. Underrated as hell.[View]
459182661KSP EULA: Sup anons, did the fiasco about the Kerbal Space Program EULA ever get resolved?[View]
459182778>McCree's new skin includes an extension cord Fucking what[View]
459182716Metal Gear and Kojima thread: >MGSV seemed like it should've been the greatest game ever mad…[View]
459174336>47 days until E3: Oh god the wait is LITERALLY killing me..[View]
459176130Will gift literally any game of your choosing if you can find me a link to the exact hud used in thi…[View]
459181782>/v/'s favorite 3D Mario isn't Odyssey Ouch![View]
459176174was it really kino? or am i blind by nostalgia?[View]
459179068What's Luigi thinking about?[View]
459161883Is there any good Sonic game besides 1, 2, 3K and Mania?[View]
459182013One of the remaining 4 Smash Ultimate DLC characters hinted at: Just like how Sakurai is a huge P5fa…[View]
459182283Resident Evil 6 is good, don't let (((them))) fool you[View]
459163291Literally the hardest boss ive ever fought in a video game. Fuck this shit. Im never replaying this …[View]
459182035>Buffing K Rool, Bowser and DK Heavy bros where you at[View]
459181592Did any leakers know about this before Nintendo leaked it themselves?[View]
4591800986 is best 7 is great 13's the one that shat on your plate[View]
459175004>have to fight another boss before him every time you die >has 3 phases >has 3 different ty…[View]
459181864What does /v/ think of CD Project and great vidya they make? (pic related is their headquarters)[View]
459181137Which is the objectively correct choice /v/?[View]
459167754Sony Censorship: We had a relatively civil discussion about this last night, so I'm hoping toda…[View]
459178490Will this be THE Pokemon experience?[View]
459176805>/v/ suddenly hates BOTW ????[View]
459181394It's a masterpiece in game design[View]
459175060Katana Zero: Why is there no thread about Katana Zero? The music is great, gameplay is sharp and pol…[View]
459181278ITT: Post a map from a video game, other anons guess the game.[View]
459178112Why aren't you playing MDR's game?[View]
459181210Why did Nintendo spent 4 months to remix this one won't?[View]
459163524>Western vidya girls aren't attrac-[View]
459179423COH server up: COH is up. Steps: 1.) Sign into your score forum account at this link. http://score.s…[View]
459164996ITT we make a game several times better by removing a single character. Pic related[View]
459179310one copy of persona 5 please. with some smash with a joker to the side.[View]
459180667Sekiro Support Thread: you looked at it edition[View]
459178992>he doesn't always use the canon name and default appearance for customizable characters …[View]
459180108What's currently going on this board?[View]
459177817Name a better girl in video games. You cannot.[View]
459175945he's in homeboy[View]
459174876What are /v/s thoughts on Drakengard?[View]
459167336Post only the best females in vidya[View]
459164823kalimdor or eastern kingdoms?[View]
459178508Angry Joe's Best games Ever: Is he Right /v/?[View]
459179678Battleborn: Reminder: there's 13 guys playing Battleborn right now[View]
459177798This guy bruv!?!: Eeeeediat like me came into a problem[View]
459178279No More Heroes 2: Imo Nurse Sylvia was the best thing in this game besides some sparks of 8/10 ideas…[View]
459173976Classic. Home.[View]
459175716What is your opinion on GOTY 2018?[View]
459179361When is Rockstar going to bring back Lemmings?[View]
459176991who plays DOA6[View]
459177687>Objective: ...[View]
459179539Fuck having Reimu in Smash! Let's have Kasen Ibaraki instead![View]
459179301porky drowned in his own piss and shit[View]
459178797Ashen: So is this just a forgettable souls clone or is it actually worth playing?[View]
459179295I'm paying to host a modded Terraria server in Atlanta, Georgia. You'll need TModLoader in…[View]
459173616You fed your Neopet today right?[View]
459169640>pc has no games[View]
459179052https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Pkrxw6 How's it looking, /v/? Overkill, or adequate?[View]
459178868This actually drastically improved my opinion on Joe Rogan. Didn't think he would be capable of…[View]
459178668>he doesn't oil up his game discs before each use[View]
459174838How would you make an Avatar game work?[View]
459158035Who was in the wrong here?[View]
459171958HUMAN BEHAVIOR[View]
459169969>tfw tax return arrives on Monday What expensive vidya crap are you buying with yours? You did re…[View]
459177178he has no style he has no grace this kong has a funny face[View]
459171983Reminder: RDR2 to be announced on Monday for Epic Store![View]
459177486When the FUCK is this getting an HD collection?[View]
459147054What went wrong?[View]
459176720wait.. is this 4channel a s...[View]
459136691>make an RPG >terrible combat >terrible voice acting >forgettable story >forgettable …[View]
459174961Games you only bought for Shotas/Lolis[View]
459176230New System Shock Remake update https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1598858095/system-shock/posts/24…[View]
459173178What is your favorite RPG?[View]
459174565So /v/ did ya beat any good games of late? I'm watching the epilogue for Actraiser 1 right now.[View]
459178034Stupid dog[View]
459157061You may choose one of the heavenly tailor's gifts.[View]
459177526How come there are no GTA characters in smash? It's literally the biggest vidya franchise that …[View]
459174618ITT: Post your taunt animation[View]
459175335>that kid whose parents wouldn’t let him play Pokémon because it had evolution…[View]
459162430Why does Japanese studios wanna be Rockstar and make games like them so bad?[View]
459173324>game has vampires >they're complete sluts why does this always happen?…[View]
459177869>Suda likes Niggers anyone who bought supports free education[View]
459166035>Almost killed Sega >Set back the Aliens franchise by a decade >Introduced internet memes …[View]
459177365What is this type of video game character called?[View]
459177743TLOU Factions: How the fuck do I get better with the hunting rifle? I'm tired of running into b…[View]
459173298so it's delayed till 2020 right?[View]
459171938uhmmm... this comes out in like 5 days. where's the hype?[View]
459177625It's happening, When They Cry 5 SOON[View]
459176137It's coming out next week: Did you pre-order?[View]
459174706Why no one talks about Garfield’s autistic cousin? He should get a reebot and a movie[View]
459176173ITT: we share unexpectedly hard flash games http://www.dan-dare.org/FreeFun/Games/CMTVMore/SpongeBob…[View]
459176927Damn, Scarlet looks like THAT?[View]
459147303Can I get some suggestions for puzzle games like picrelated? As in decent puzzles with an interestin…[View]
459169727Mukuro Ikusaba: Mukuro Ikusaba AKA The hidden 16th Student, lying hidden somewhere in the building, …[View]
459168813What does he even do now?[View]
459171506Gaia Online thread: Share your gaia experiences.[View]
459173130I just got banned from Rainbow Six Siege for teamkilling.[View]
459173283NINTENDO IS TRANSPHOBIC: Fuck You Nintendo[View]
459176415This pic shows that there is a fundamental difference of mindset between those who view fiction (vid…[View]
459176450What did HAL mean by this?[View]
459176110'There's more to your destiny. I've seen it.' are you fucking SERIOUS[View]
459175779what a bunch a jokers[View]
459176259LOL, internet![View]
459174626Why don't we Mario kart /v/eekend anymore?[View]
459170374do people really think that low poly games with high res textures and anti-aliasing look good? when …[View]
459168669You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took…[View]
459146612Have you ever considered falling in love with a video game character?[View]
459175626Which one is better? Samurai Warriors 4 or 4-II?[View]
459107998Touhou 17 soon: I have a feeling this will be better than Touhou 16. By the way, what's up with…[View]
459127453/scp/ - Secret Laboratory: Good Friday Playing Agreement edition The game is FREE and only 4~ GB to …[View]
459161427More like Mommynetta[View]
459174560Why aren't you gaming on a CRT?[View]
459172804I've never played F.E.A.R. Is it any good?[View]
459175343Don't forget your daily Reus.[View]
459164771What child do you hope to see on the bride banner next month?[View]
459171926>Take a week long break from Smash >Come back to play >Elite is filled with a bunch of jap …[View]
459174906What the hell was this guy's problem?[View]
459174704goty? goat???: katana zero is literally goty[View]
459172154Why is he so overpowered?[View]
459170828>help me[View]
459174071Can I still get something out of it in 2019?[View]
459169479TRANNIES BTFO BY BASEDTENDO: https://twitter.com/JakeIsEarly/status/1119321595024166912 I wonder if …[View]
459166380What went wrong?[View]
459173018who's gonna stop us?[View]
459170661Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
459174207>be PC gamer >most played game: shitposting on /v/ for +10,000 hours >second most played ga…[View]
459174203Is 3drealms Randy the best Randy?[View]
459172434Does anyone feel like the SS isshin phase 2 and 3 was too easy? All you have to do it keep your spac…[View]
459173063>Casually BTFO's American, Koreans, and Japanese with the[View]
459123676Sekiro help thread: Cant really help with the sperging out camera though Edition[View]
459171618Itt: we post things that are more of a fighting game than smash[View]
459159162When was the last time you went into a game completely blind and were pleasantly surprised?[View]
459172610How important do you think story is to games? How much does a good story add to a game? I was watchi…[View]
459172647How do you feel about muscular women in video games?[View]
459158045What exactly is wrong with playing gacha games without paying for them?[View]
459173609What are some games where you can summon things? I like having someone else do the dirty work.[View]
459163338Why can't fighting games retain a playerbase?[View]
459168136Single Sangheili women are looking for human men in your area[View]
459173460>Zelda 1 (The Hyrule Fantasy) >it's the first >Zelda 2 (The Adventure of Link) >dir…[View]
459152684Lightning: >/v/ says she has no character development and shows zero emotion >'Just a Cloud cl…[View]
459135801Why does this image offend /v/ so much? Does it hit too close to home?[View]
459169541/v/ I'm looking for a casual, comfy racing game with good graphics that I can pirate on PC. Pic…[View]
459173106>playing games on my PC for a few hours >smell burning…[View]
459171968what went wrong?[View]
459169273i have a dual monitor setup, and when i play games my cursor sometimes clicks out of the game (even …[View]
459119908Majima dancing in the front page! Yakuza thread[View]
459172904I told you all to mark my words, didn't I?[View]
459172878Chapter 2 when[View]
459172593minecraft: join now, no rules 1.12.2 c2z1.mcnetwork.me[View]
459156394Favourite fromsoft bosses: What's your top-5 favourite boss list in the games from Demon's…[View]
459172557Kenshi Thread: Kenshi thread... 1st time playing tonight any advice anons? /r/ Kenshi post-id pic…[View]
459172556ITT: good vidya parents.[View]
459141893ITT times you were like the Joker in gaming >press any button to continue >press the power but…[View]
459160210Prey: How's this game? I just used my 14 day game pass trial and wanted to see if this game is …[View]
459146065Why don't you play ATLUS games /v/? They're the only good JRPG developer[View]
459172368>I'll just keep repeating until I win and there won't even be a ranking system G U I L …[View]
459172343VIDYA OST/ARRANGEMENTS: Post your favorite vidya OSTs/arrangements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
459163265 [View]
459170626I have 25 bucks to blow and want one of these. Which is better?[View]
459162094CITY OF HEROES PRIVATE SERVERS: We're going home soon[View]
459163780Anon, it's Pauling. I've got a TF2 Thread for you.[View]
459162752>Sekiro has good stealt-[View]
459142850he's shit: have you regretted your purchase yet?[View]
459169356Starting Smt: nocturne up 10 years after my first try of it. Got past Dante my last time then quit. …[View]
459169894>Borderlands 3lead says Epic Games Store is a needed monopoly killer. UH OH! >http://archive.f…[View]
459170618Obra Dinn: You have played the best game of 2018 right?[View]
459166671ITT: Best vidya soundtracks[View]
459171737How good is Switch emulation as of this month? Last time i heard, they managed to get Odyssey to run…[View]
459170094so, who was worst girl [View]
459166392Nier Automata: How do you feel about Nier Automata worldwide success? Did you ever imagine that a ga…[View]
459170074So, ughh... what do I play now?[View]
459171598LEGEND OF ZELDA[View]
459170327That is some motherfucking technology.[View]
459171501What went wrong?[View]
459171490games where you start out in a large area you think is the entire game, then much further along the …[View]
459169198boys, we're.... we're going home...[View]
459166652dude old cartoons lmao[View]
459169671Is this worth playing?: I always liked the look of this game, should I go for it? Never played a meg…[View]
459171348*grabs you*[View]
459164845These are the two best girls in Overwatch. Lesbians, brown skins, muscle girls, and grapes need not …[View]
459145821MK11 single player (non-story) progression is reportedly agonizingly slow/difficult: >From the pe…[View]
459167056Remember that time between 2008 and 2013 when the entire industry declared war on color?[View]
459170051Another goddamn Mega Man thread: What happened to him? Where did he go?[View]
459171043>tfw too stupid for strategy games I want to play Anno 1800 but I'm retarded :(…[View]
459163253Why hasn't there been a huge RPG game set in the GoT universe?[View]
459170084Will Suikoden ever be back?: Also, Suikoden thread. What are your expectations?[View]
459148883Name a better Smash Ultimate roster. You fucking can't, this is perfect.[View]
459170001What the fuck, /v/? You said that 8bitdo controllers were supposed to be bad. Well, I got one and it…[View]
459165167ITT: your favorite weapons in vidya[View]
459169127Is this the best monster hunter clone? Protip: Yes[View]
459159980Don't mind me just posting the objective ranking of Soulsbornekiro games. You may not like it b…[View]
459169031Name a better team[View]
459169274>main character IS the final boss[View]
459170256>my face when a female character in a gifting game has clothes on[View]
459136418So when can we expect to see some fucking gameplay for Bloodlines 2? Are there any chances of the de…[View]
459168561Is this good?[View]
459165743Nintendo removes 'Trans Flag' Smash stage for being 'political statment': FUCKING BASED…[View]
459169659>Seven years[View]
459142379jesus christ, why does every game suck ass? wtf happened, really? is it lack of ideas or just greed?[View]
459169531What happened?[View]
459157718STAGE BUILDER THREAD 2.0: post your stages[View]
459168681Now that we finally have Joker in SSBU, I thought it’ll be a fine idea to go on here and see who you…[View]
459168370TRITE BTFO[View]
459168290>there hasn't been a good RPG in like 5 years[View]
459169567Arthur Morgay[View]
459169529How good is Switch emulation as of this month? Last time i heard, they managed to get Odyssey to run…[View]
459169508Phoenix Wright literally disbarred: #DarkAgeOfTheLaw #DarkAgeOfTheLaw #DarkAgeOfTheLaw #DarkAgeOfThe…[View]
459159698'this isn't dark souls, bro! you can't dodge and attack! you have to parry': >normal en…[View]
459164676Should it be legal?[View]
459169242Hi there friends! Nice to meet you! Would be a shame if you stepped on my ZTD thread[View]
459163171Why do nuns appear so often in Japanese games but never in western games when nuns are a part of wes…[View]
459169125Do you think they will add his boss battle into ultimate?[View]
459168771here's your smash dlc newcomers bro[View]
459165346good engine bad game[View]
459167865What's your comfy game for Friday/Saturday nights?[View]
459167420What game in your opinion has the best level design?[View]
4591624572 > 1 > 3[View]
459167991If you haven't played at least 15 of those games, you are a faggot that should be bouncing on a…[View]
459168773Who was in the wrong here?[View]
459167340Death Stranding is Silent Hills: >they blurred out the top title Silent Hills Death Stranding…[View]
459156875Who will be in next?[View]
459168329Mortal Kombat 11 went FULL SJW - Kitana kills Shao Khan and becomes the new Khan for outworld after …[View]
4591654752019... I am forgotten.[View]
459168415Post games with under 1000 daily players on Steam that you play[View]
459166540just bought a ps4 for bloodborne, spyro, shadow of the colossus and persona 5 is there anything else…[View]
459164861How could they been saved?[View]
459158678What classes would be in a wrestling rpg?[View]
4591608483DS thread: I'm about to get my first 3DS. Do you guys know which is the best model right now? …[View]
459168358>300 dollars They claim they're remastering the previous seasons to look like Season 4, but …[View]
459164829>video games can't be kin-[View]
459160707WHAT'S THAT SMELL?![View]
459136238Can we have a Nioh thread? Favorite build? I'm using STR for odachi, but I only like using ligh…[View]
459168235I always felt that this could make for a good video game. Like, it's too long for a faithful fi…[View]
459168201What's /v/'s opinion on Blaster Master Zero 2?[View]
459164683I want to go back to a time when there was no guest characters. If you play any non-Nintendo charact…[View]
459165854>wow this Hollow Knight game is great! I sure am having a good ti-[View]
459163984>jump into some whirlpool to go into a kingdom What the fuck is going on with the story in this g…[View]
459162762Days Gone: >about a week before release >little to no hype How did snoy fuck up this much?…[View]
459167613how edgy[View]
459167651Are there any vidya friend threads on 4chan? They only seem to be on reddit for some reason.[View]
459167746IT'S PAYNE[View]
459167586NWN Multiplayer: NWN is a D&D game where you make a game world or join another game world and pl…[View]
459165606Saying Sekiro isn't a soulsborne: ishygddt[View]
459133556which race and class will you be come classic?: dwarf warrior reporting[View]
459142640Play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. Please.[View]
459167438>when the poop in your diaper gets cold[View]
459165974User data suggests a lack of skill. initializing GGWP.exe[View]
459167283Why no one talks about this game?[View]
459166601Counter Strike: CSGO Thread[View]
459120823its really that bad?[View]
459163502PHOENIX WRIGHT IS OUT FOR BLOOD: The German rookie doesn't even have a chance. BASED WRIGHTCHAD…[View]
459165114is it gonna be shit?[View]
459164110Classic WoW. Home.[View]
459166584>There's going to be at lest two DLC fighter packs for SSBU >One for third parties and an…[View]
459160816Next-Gen Xbox Reportedly More Powerful Than The PS5: >Taking to Twitter, journalist Ainsley Bowde…[View]
459160730Blade & Soul: does anyone still play this game[View]
459165235Jackbox: Come join us on jackbox tv for party games and edgy humour Room name: DLMX Twitch (optional…[View]
459164737>people have already forgotten this game[View]
459162928ITT: Characters who 'Did nothing wrong'[View]
459161106Sony's lookin iffy, uh, snoyboys lost their stiffy, uh Got the tittys, uh, sac it holds fifty, …[View]
459164330>Super Mario 64 Unreal Engine 4 Remake 2019 (4K 60FPS)[View]
459166340Post your Smash Mii Fighters, post your name so people can search them. Bluester[View]
459160873Why aren't you playing something right now /v/?[View]
459166153giant bomb upf discord: Hey there, so is there a new discord? I only found dead links[View]
459166119DEVIL MAY CRY 5: Why hasn't Capcom announced any DLC? I wanna play as Vergil goddamn it...…[View]
459162601Fallout 4 is pretty fun so far.[View]
459165754Here's your Charon bro.[View]
459157635Games for pure maidens like this one[View]
459164818GTA 5 on PC has better graphics than RDR2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyB-szj4Xnw[View]
459165734Lets get a webm gameplay thread up: Just posting random gamesI want to see your webms bros[View]
459163772whats the best software to record gameplay nowadays? is there maybe one thats particularly easy on C…[View]
459165128What's a game that you rented over and over but somehow never owned? For me it was rocket Knigh…[View]
459148441Maybe Sony is right and developers should tone down the sexualization in games where the only game s…[View]
459163389IT'S NOT A BUG, IT'S A FEATURE! - The game[View]
459164228I just realized, That Rare created Diddy Kong. So, In a weird way there IS a rareware character in …[View]
459164480Can we talk about how much Half Life's guns fucking suck? The games would be so much better if …[View]
459164028He's in[View]
459162448'Sniff sniff' Smells like early 00s: No more console waifus from now on. We live in dark times…[View]
459165069Maybe /v/ is right and developers should tone down the violence in games where the only game saving …[View]
459163563What can be done to make FPS feel fresh again? The throwbacks to the 90's shooters were okay bu…[View]
459162498What does /v/ thinks of Hytale?[View]
459164903Prince of Persia: God damn, I forgot how much I love these games. The traversal is still fun as fuck…[View]
459164883Tree of Savior: IT'S HAPPENING we are in pre-patch for the new classes and raids https://treeof…[View]
459162339Pokémon heartgold/soulsilver how to catch Riolu: So I’ve read you need to wait 70 days to catch Riol…[View]
459159889Asking for a friend.: Excluding the ending, is there any reason this game isn’t better than the firs…[View]
459164024ITT: times that gamers rose up[View]
459163838>expect p4 dancing to be shite >it's actually the most fun i had with a game in a long ti…[View]
459164137>releases just over a month away >still no actual launch date did they just forget?…[View]
459163606What's your favorite unique and set (item)?[View]
459152440What is your favorite type of weapon to use in vidya? Anything from prehistoric spears to magic beam…[View]
459161008is this vaporware? info when?[View]
4591627492019... I am forgotten...[View]
459163058What ever happened to Code Vein?[View]
459161451It's no longer P2W. Come back.[View]
459158430>Play game >It's boring >'But it's fun with friends!' >Play game with friends…[View]
459163043resident evil 2 - a hint[View]
459161269Akko on the front page![View]
459159697With the PS Vita being in a state of half death for about a year now, let us discuss what went wrong…[View]
459163727So now that Windows 7 is being deprecated are you ready to embrace the future? Don't tell me yo…[View]
459163359That Stench!?!?[View]
459163627>playing multiplayer game with voicechat >teammate makes fun of your voice…[View]
459161682>Dark Souls 2 takes place in Drangleic >known as Drang in Dark Souls 3 >DS2's intro in…[View]
459163573Is there any mmo that are not designed just with making money in mind? i mean one which was made by …[View]
459163569CLIMAX the best custom stage[View]
459150634Here’s your fighters pass bros.[View]
459161153How is it that this is still the best cod ever made?[View]
459160692>the reigns of history go back to the hands of humanity. >things go to complete shit, and the …[View]
459163314>'Oooh why, yes, I never level int, how did you know?'[View]
459160298>another generic protagonist how could EA do this to us again... in a universe so full of aliens?…[View]
459163105>they gave kirby a fucking GUN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
459134567Seriously WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING? This is the most embarrassing roster I've ever seen…[View]
459162505Literally impossible[View]
459161969There taking so long to remake Sinnoh.[View]
459162319Did anyone else back in the day use to open the disc tray while the game was running and remove the …[View]
459162050what am I in for[View]
459142323Am I really supposed to believe that the people who are against Sekiro having an easy mode just want…[View]
459159787Who exactly is the target audience for Persona games?[View]
459162420>Videogame soundtrack has orchestral symphony and metal/rock lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
459160505The age old debate[View]
459156557>Dark Spirit has inva-[View]
459128752Easily more fun than POE.[View]
459160901Why does this game feel like it's from 2008 in a good way?[View]
459122787Classic Home[View]
459162368This guy is not fun to play as.[View]
459157913Top 10 Final Fantasy Games: 1. IX 2. V 3. VI 4. VII 5. IV 6. X 7. VIII 8. XII 9. XV 10. XIII[View]
459140615How many times did he kill you before you won?[View]
459156007>game is based around math and geometry[View]
459162090Fallout 4: what the fuck is with the renewed interest in this game all of the sudden?[View]
459139439The problem with fighting games is that they're unbalanced. Any PvP game gives both opponents …[View]
459153392September 11[View]
459160615>video game franchise overstays its welcome Any examples?[View]
459162424>GPU idles at 56 degrees. Living in the desert is suffering.[View]
459162418>game wastes time, money, and effort on non-human races when people just want to play human or mo…[View]
459159567>one white character >gases people I'm OK with this.…[View]
459161053It's pure kino, why wasn't it more popular?[View]
459162335Did Smash ever have a Never Ever trifecta?[View]
459157939games from the 2000s you played that aren't talked about much or remembered[View]
459162243Rage 2...is amazing.[View]
459162151>for when the fighting has stopped, and the Fallout® 76 Power Armor Edition has settled, you must…[View]
459162208we are the lazy generation[View]
459159494What games can I play as a Witch Hunter or Van Helsing kind of guy? I like a class that uses gadgets…[View]
459161441Work in progress: When will it be done, /v/?[View]
459147676Do you play pokemon Go?[View]
459154436Castlevania Anniversary Collection full lineup: >Castlevania (NES) >Castlevania II: Simon’s Qu…[View]
459161334hey yo, i got a good rig now. what are some great jrpg on steam? i already got chrono trigger and ta…[View]
459161794Tree of Savior: It's easter, up for some cute buns?[View]
459161846Can't wait for Xbox E3 this year.[View]
459150920how's this port?[View]
459159597Just bought pic related What am I in for lads?[View]
459161568Why aren't you playing Hearthstone right now /v/?[View]
459161370I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver - your hands only. Let…[View]
459127531DMC: 5Yamato > 5Red Queen > Rebellion > Sparda > 3/4Yamato > Alastor > Force Edge …[View]
459137567Does anyone else find it kind of strange that Playstation characters in Smash get like 10 times more…[View]
459144740Albion has gone f2p and has been able to maintain it's player base throughout the past couple w…[View]
459151350Is Noctis from FFXV a well-written character?[View]
459132051Risky Boots? More like Risky BOOBS LMAO[View]
459161298>play a game >200h+ on a counter because you started from the very beginning dozen of times …[View]
459161293Peachy tread (after months): Well boys peachy tread is back just post hot peach images.[View]
459161205What are some games where the villain wins in the end?[View]
459157214Does Bloodborne deserve a Nobel Prize for being the epitome and the crown jewel of the art of kinovi…[View]
459154359Who do I fodder off Distant Counter for Felicia?: I don't like Valentine Hector's art, but…[View]
459155409Do FF6 & Chrono Trigger deserve to be the highest rated RPGs ever?[View]
459161059Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose.[View]
459156095ITT: one game that WRECKED the franchise: pic related[View]
459156439>no hoods no hoods >no hoods no hoods >no hoods In a game where you play as the reaper. How…[View]
459158464So I'm not really into JRPGs much but Joker being in Ultimate makes me want to try pic related.…[View]
459160889Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: First look at Nitro Kart's Inferno Island, and looks like Velo …[View]
459159587What is CJ pissed about, /v/?[View]
459153165CITY OF HEROES: server soon leo is STILL a faggot[View]
459158826>Bloodborne is fai-[View]
459160347How can they possibly resurrect it? Multiplayer shooters are dead and BR mode is oversaturated alrea…[View]
459158916Were there no microchips and transistors in the Fallout lore before Bethesda bought it or were they …[View]
459155748Why do Switch owners love paying premium prices for old software?[View]
459153672I'm real sad boys, give me ur saddest vidya music please[View]
459158891>*entangles your fiends and delays your tech by 90 seconds in you're path*…[View]
459160181P5 zoomers are already saying that these two games look 'too old' to play: Is this karma[View]
459096247Is AC Odyssey worth getting if I really want a Ancient Greece game to play?[View]
459158676How does it feel to not have these beauties on whatever shitty console you use? Must feel bad.[View]
459159125I never really got the point of them all being animals if there are no humans and they all act like …[View]
459155265I have a low opinion of Witcher 3. It seems to me that it's only gotten its critical acclaim be…[View]
459160013Games with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX_TxKa0dCY[View]
459160012Are there any modern MMOs actually worth playing?[View]
459157832The absolute STATE of Japanifornia: >3 prosecutors, the chief of the prosecutor's office and…[View]
459159836What's a nice laid back game to play when you're really sick and don't want to upset …[View]
459145230Resident Evil: Would you be mean or nice to Claire?[View]
459159754Anyone remember the Space Hulk (40K) games?[View]
459159378Join my clan plz https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=P9RQ920R&token=ecbfx87m&pl…[View]
459159409This game has the best ending.[View]
459156678>hazardless mementos legal Are you ready for BABYBABYBABTBABYBABABY at Evo?…[View]
459159286Is this the most underrated fighting game of all time?[View]
459159368>it finally gets good when you hit Camelot what the hell happened? All the other singularities we…[View]
459158112Why do so many of you faggots keep begging for soulless remakes/remasters of classic games? Are you …[View]
459159234I hope you too are building something meaningful for your children. Based Epic Store creating my her…[View]
459139882Game journalist is blaming Kotaku for publishing their mocked Persona article. RIP[View]
459158265oh 1 of your pixels touched 1 of mine? here let me teleport you into my arms and knock off 90% of yo…[View]
459156061Did you enjoy Dragon Quest XI, /v/? https://youtu.be/_5nZV7_fWuI[View]
459156862Those on Windows 10 will never, EVER get to play this masterpiece[View]
459157025>47 days until E3: Oh god the wait is LITERALLY killing me..[View]
459146051Welcome, friend. You're nearly a Morrowind thread around here. Please, talk. What are the best …[View]
459156441This game is really bad. 3D Sonics were never good. Only 123K are good... Bad camera Knuckles and Ro…[View]
459158834You have 10 seconds to explain why you didn't buy BLUE REFLECTION.[View]
459153209>WAAAAAAAA SEKIRO ISNT EXACTLY LIKE SOULSBORNE GAMES will the seething ever end?…[View]
459157349elder scrolls bread absolutely zero dunmer allowed edition[View]
459157393What could go wrong?[View]
459158617You have to kill the main character from the most recent game you played, how would you do it?[View]
459154718>Bang a chick so hard her granddaughter 200 years later lusts after your dick the moment she sees…[View]
4591585582019 I am forgotten[View]
459156667Why are people who make Youtube videos for a small community such cancer?[View]
459157254Are there any decent dumb multiplayer sandboxes, so I can chat with some randos, like in the Garry…[View]
459153703Why aren't you playing Esothe, /v/? It's free.[View]
459157658Playing tha new smash update[View]
459156925What games are you looking forward to /v/? Is the lack of interesting games on the horizon a sign of…[View]
459116886Literally impossible[View]
459154239Name a better Casual Filter You cant[View]
459158037what are some good racing games where you don't need to fiddle with anything, you can just get …[View]
459154331A friend of mine is cheating his way through Dark Souls 3. He had given himself 99 in everything and…[View]
459157771Literally the greatest love story ever told in a videogmae?[View]
459153589What is the most fun Dragon's Dogma class and why is it Warrior?[View]
459158063Like, every video game would be better with a Scooby-Doo crossover.[View]
459156459Why do PCfags on /v/ get so triggered about consoles?: Look, a console is a proprietary computer to …[View]
459157006hey /v/ you seen my gun?[View]
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