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467929168>yfw a spinoff budget non canon game has a better Tifa reveal than your actual remake Is Nomura f…[View]
467988805Haru is excluded because she's taken by me >1 marry >1 side bitch >2 friendzone >1 …[View]
467985298>Final boss WANTS to be defeated Can you tell me 5 games that do this? I really enjoy it…[View]
467988539>why yes, i did indeed join team tortoise. how could you tell?[View]
467962368YOU DIE, I GET PAID[View]
467978168Vita emulation?: Hey /v/ros... Why is there no actual working Vita emulator yet? The Vita is officia…[View]
467987513if this come out on nintendo now we have thread daily[View]
467989771MH World on sale: Just saw it was on sale on steam. I was planning on holding off until iceborne and…[View]
467978528I got this for under 20 bucks, what's your excuse?[View]
467987932Nioh: Literally how?[View]
467988760>game let's you play as a cutie patootie[View]
467948225Samurai Shodown: You can download the samsho season pass for free, you don't even need to own i…[View]
467985104Why is there only one good vn? It is just not fair[View]
467978551Is it just me or are the steam sale discounts REALLY bad this year? Most of my Isthereanydeal list i…[View]
467988614Who the fuck is Etika? Why are all the normie friends talking about him?[View]
467987415>shoot, kill, stab a female soldier and listen to her cry out in pain before dying Why do you thi…[View]
467940137Persona 5 Royal: Look at this PERFECT loli. YOU'LL WILL BUY HER NEW GAME... right?[View]
467971521OK this is Epic.: >Rocket League fans jebaited the broadcast this weekend to show how they truly …[View]
467888421/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467832652 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467988470Is Claire's campaign easier than Leon's?: It throws you in to the deep end very early, but…[View]
467972478Video game shelter thread: Since /v/ is riddled with e-celeb threads, lets discuss VIDEO GAMES here.…[View]
467982108Vaporware games thread.[View]
467988419I've been looking at this game for a while now and it's on sale for $24. Is it worth it?[View]
467988819What did Kojima mean by this ?: Did Kojima predicted it ?[View]
467986610What is Shu doing right now?[View]
467988579The revolution....... will not be televised.... Jolyne![View]
467984183I just want you all know that i love Ann Takamaki, and i think she deserves her own thread on this b…[View]
467976405I need ideas for my house / base. What should I make[View]
467987994>quit game just before the final boss ONE NOTHING WRONG WITH ME[View]
467987235Is it wrong to marry her?[View]
467924057Play Kerbal Space Program.[View]
467961429Only superior people who have sex can truly understand why pure melee builds > mage builds > m…[View]
467988389Another garbage sale. What happened?[View]
467978520How will they change this for the remake?[View]
467987762Steam's store is offline.[View]
467988172>make a game where every weapon is satisfying to use >set the game in an interesting setting …[View]
467986686>nothing scares me anymore Is there even one truly horrifying game[View]
467984876Why did he do it?[View]
467958104OG Tifa Lockhart Courtesy of BASED Koei Tecmo: Remake ethics fags BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
467981004the cinematic when pyra and mythra exchange their personalities, what does it means ?[View]
467988019>want to buy it to anger trannies >want to pirate it because of zoomer pandering Which do I ch…[View]
467986840any comfy rpgs for DS?[View]
467983517Genshin Impact: This open world looks really good. What are your expectations? Let's see if we …[View]
467979476This would be a lot more fun if the load times weren’t so long. Any chance of them fixing this soon?…[View]
467986949GORE THREAD[View]
467987749>post yfw[View]
467985910All the Steam games saved on the (E:) Drive have been deleted. WTF ??[View]
467985945steam summer sale: >accidentally joined team pig what's the easiest way to rewind time?…[View]
467987424>/v/ - E-celebs and Trannies[View]
467984410Finally did it: 2 days ago I made a thread about not being able to beat this nigga in Sekiro and aft…[View]
467976838SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Punch-Out!! (Wii) Bl…[View]
467983929/v/ told me to buy this game. What am I for?[View]
467972549>make Barret almost unrecognizable >completely change Cloud's collor pallette and hair …[View]
467982809>search for game review >reviewer shows his face half of the time instead of the actual game W…[View]
467981967Can we have a comfy TWEWY thread, please?[View]
467986829Can you play as the Nazis in Hearts of Iron IV?[View]
467984228Overwatch: How do we make it fun again?[View]
467986368arma 3 or elder scrolls online, im new to gaming so if you could help me out on which one i should g…[View]
467957087DMCA/Mario Royale 2.1.0 Thread: >NEW UPDATE NEW UPDATE >NEW UPDATE NEW UPDATE >What is this…[View]
467985000Who else was so excited they could jump off a bridge?[View]
467975446https://store.steampowered.com/sub/18260/ Dirt cheap. You have no excuse.[View]
467986523>half-life 1 and 2 were 5 years apart holy fuck, I can see why people thought this game was so r…[View]
467979913Still the definitive spider-man video game[View]
467986080Are MMORPGs still a thing with kids today or are they now a thing of the past?[View]
467986340>That kid that used his own name[View]
467979484Now that the dust has settled, how was it?[View]
467985459Buy blizzaria's game, its already out[View]
467984632Atelier Series: Which arc is the subjective best?[View]
467982418>blocks your loot boxes with a law about gambling Your move, game industry…[View]
467981761Laddies and gentlemen, we found it.[View]
467986375Why does her MvC theme song have lyrics? It's not like you'll have time to enjoy them in t…[View]
467969971Why do black people have such shit tier taste in games[View]
467986321>Phantasy Star Online 2 So why do you fight Adam and Eve from the bible in this game again?…[View]
467986271So, this was fucking great. And now has Photo Mode.[View]
467984359Why aren't they a couple yet?[View]
467977201Should we get a new Halo game with the campaign having multiplayer and you can make your own Spartan…[View]
467985990Literally how?[View]
467986139How comes no one talks about Happy Teddy Bear?[View]
467980660>here’s your new gamecube game bro[View]
467978895Video games are now bigger than music and movies combined: https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/03/video-game…[View]
467985042Daily reminder: If your waifu is not Mitsuru, you're probably gay[View]
467985652>Tanky character that joins your party for free Whats his name /v/?[View]
467982690Why are Americans so insecure about 'Japanese Games'? Why do they have to call everyone who enjoy an…[View]
467985141YAAAS QUEEN SLAY the expansion[View]
467985292>party betrays you at the end of the game Which games have this?[View]
467985039They took my fucking eyes, Axel[View]
467979585Yah or Nah: Is pic related anything good ?[View]
467985129Was it autism?[View]
467982479>he chose team corgi[View]
467984814Post high-test video games, pic related.[View]
467973578Warhammer 40k: What are some good 40K games besides the RTS's? Also, MMORPG LITERALLY WHEN?…[View]
467982363PopCap was the best video game company[View]
467984740Harry Potter and the Dumb Cute Bully Game: TWO DAYS UNTIL ROMANCE AND DATING I REPEAT TWO DAYS UNTIL…[View]
467984414Can we get a MMO graveyard thread going?[View]
467976575Good fucking luck.[View]
467983641RunawayGuys thread since e-celebs are allowed now Chuggaa is our guy[View]
467984591>mods ban for talking about an eceleb who beats his wife >mods sticky when an eceleb offs hims…[View]
467974928Besto efuefu[View]
467981546*blocks your path*[View]
467963423It's Time[View]
467981597post male video game characters in extraordinary shape[View]
467975096Why did a small child have a moustache, though.[View]
467974165Anon, please... I just want you to love me... Am I not good enough for you?... What other women have…[View]
467957317Tell me, /v/, what's your sign?[View]
467974707Why aren't you playing the best singleplayer FPS since Doom 2016?[View]
467978090What game is this from?: I showed it to the guy at GameStop, he said they didn't have it. wtf!?…[View]
467983850ok what the FUCK is this shit and how do i defeat hardest random AI 1v1 on 2 player maps Concept of …[View]
4679813762019... I am forgotten...[View]
467976412Why is there so much art of girls playing Switch and why is all of it in handheld mode?[View]
467983720Big Boobs are disgusting: Square should've made her more cute and funny.[View]
467976623Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon now: Punch-Out!! (Wii) Later: Pokemon Crystal (4h btw) Stream:…[View]
467979668Hey guys this is Mike from Cinemassacre and today we're gonna be reviewing a popular YouTubers …[View]
467974041>That one game you wanted to love so bad you denied reality for months before admitting 'It was o…[View]
467983221Are you ready for the Pokémon leak season?: I'm craving for seeing the full range of GF's …[View]
467983009What is the name of that video game where you can build empires and conquer Europe?[View]
467979570>be entirely straight and only watch porn 3D girls >even fucked a few girls irl >never even…[View]
467983231CJ: How do you know this fusion shits gonna work? Goku: I don't know for sure. But I know it…[View]
467982520Is this good and worth playing? afrench made 'JRPG' seems kinda strange to me, but it has some good …[View]
467983101Give Gabe your coins now![View]
467981815What's the funniest game you've ever played? Either intentional or not.[View]
467978479So in order to get this level and continue the story I have to pay $40? Why do people actually pay …[View]
467982976What does /v/ think about video games?[View]
467981708test to see if i got banned for saying fuck etika if not, FUCK ETIKA LOOOL[View]
467979995>Play warcraft 3 on a big map >1vs1 >use meatwagon and goblin aircraft to build 10 townhall…[View]
467982646Am i the only one who watches old e3 trailers and read the interviews to get myself hyped for a game…[View]
467982619the dark souls of kart racers[View]
467960468Which MMORPG should I start playing? I prefer PvE focus.[View]
467982532Has anyone played this Edge of Eternity game? It's on sale on steam and I wanted to know if it…[View]
467976834Bloodstained: The switch port is pretty shitty huh?[View]
467982370I don't think we'll ever make a better taunt than this.[View]
467976682The Pit Store says that there are some few hours still left, what does it mean?[View]
467979734about the boob size[View]
467980486Why don't you play a REAL Shin Megami Tensei game?[View]
467960967What's your 'Comfy' vidya you go to whenever you're stressed with life /v/?[View]
467978902What was his name, /v/?[View]
467960753You are hyped for her game, right /v/?[View]
467972652Denuvo has won: So where are those cracks, guys? The last major crack for an important Denuvo game w…[View]
4679794381.) Post a random image (don't be a pussy and actually choose the image randomly) 2.) Let other…[View]
467975028wtf, this plays like ass how do you pcfags do it? I'm really supposed to reach and press f1 and…[View]
467981170*Sales event is rigged by reddit trannies* BRAVO STEAM![View]
467981061The reason you see so many clickbait articles is because chinese people are afraid of poles. POLSKA …[View]
467980219Realistically what are his chances now thanks to Banjo, Joker, and Bayonetta?[View]
467977934Hitman 2: How is everyone enjoying the new Bank level?[View]
467980364This company doesn't have much longer: >in 2014, Crytek nearly went bankrupt and was out of…[View]
467980239Do you have as many classics PS2 games as Lil B, The Basedgod himself >Siren....it's alright…[View]
467977935Best Nickelodeon video game? I thought Nicktoons racing was pretty kino.[View]
467980221 i miss her [View]
467889225Under water ray romano 4: New utawarerumono https://www.famitsu.com/images/000/178/511/5d105996d6a3c…[View]
467976309ONE GUY?![View]
467965510Steam Summer Sale Grand Prix: Which team did you join?[View]
467940340Japan saving the industry: >Astral Chain >Animal Crossing Horizons >Babylon's Fall …[View]
467978774>mfw random eceleb is dead[View]
467974731Switch or PC[View]
467978720Name a single game company with better support than Blizzard. Granted their games are shit but ! Tri…[View]
467977343My name is Alex Mercer. I'm the reason for all of this. They call me a killer, a monster, a ter…[View]
467968419All those threads on /v/ saying Fallout 76 was a bad game? All a lie, we wanted you to buy it.[View]
467971632She deserved it[View]
467975992I used to do this in MMOs and it worked.[View]
467976914>Banned from competitive play forever What would the meta look like if he weren't banned?…[View]
46796696923 years young yet no one cares about this dead game. what went wrong?[View]
467977825Filename thread, starting with a fresh one[View]
467974279Did anyone else cry when Tom had to go back to America? To me it felt like saying good bye to an act…[View]
467970424YouTube search 'Nude mod'+your favorite game: Post results[View]
467965393How much should I play for this?[View]
467973919Heavy Rain out on PC: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/heavy-rain-is-out-now-on-pc-w…[View]
467962719Steam Summer Sale: What are you picking up?[View]
467977495haha nice...[View]
467977265Megaman or Touhou?[View]
467977396What are some games where I can play as a militia, terrorist, or guerilla?[View]
467972378The.Sinking.City-CODEX: IT'S UP Take that Tim![View]
467974986>tfw Nintendo lost E3[View]
467956363ITT:you can only reply with videogame quotes[View]
467963539What do you want from the one punch man game?[View]
467968783/v/ sings Megaman fucking when?[View]
467976806*copy and pastes your favorite anime franchise into a shitty arena brawler*[View]
467970637how do they get away with it?[View]
467964793SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Punch-Out!! (Arcade)…[View]
467975385You are stuck in one of these years and you are only allowed to play games released in this year for…[View]
467974546If publishers wanna bullshit us why shouldn’t we bullshit them back?[View]
467974285Is this a good game? I like Fallout 1 + 2 a lot if that matters.[View]
467969982This sale is anemic.[View]
467972450Give me a good game to play /v/ Preferably something more simplistic and fun, like Terraria or Stard…[View]
4679745598.2 saved WoW[View]
467975886Feels thread: What are some dark and depressing games on the Xbone? It can be backwards compatible t…[View]
467953467>he hasn't taken the Dancer-Pill yet[View]
467975329why did you fags try to tell me that touhou games are easy?[View]
467976163Steam birb team: Steam birb team Only birb team can post here Steam birb team[View]
467976119After 11 years DMC 5 comes out; all it's hype and glory. Only to be cucked out of its place as …[View]
467976026/tc/ - Team Corgi ASSEMBLE[View]
467956605What does /v/ think of Sleeping Dogs? I got it last night since it was at a heavy discount, liking i…[View]
467972016Big Boss looks better with short hair[View]
467964216WoW Classic: >died before release oh no no no classicbros we were supposed to go home…[View]
467975901Wow Nomura guess this was too hard huh? Look, she even has her hair brushed back over her left ear j…[View]
467975850Did nobody playtest this shit? i've literally been waiting here for about 15 minutes, while 10,…[View]
467972507So is devil may cry 5 1 million years after DMC:dmc?[View]
467975024>steam summer sale is up YES YES YES >check wishlist >the games that I actually wanted got …[View]
467974614Lets play some apex bros[View]
467975397>the worst thing to happen in BFV to date Is he right /v/?[View]
467968810>no runewords, all gems are worthless except emeralds, crafting is a joke >99% of items are us…[View]
467974618why do people make a big deal about this cutscene? the giant horse man picks up a generic looking gl…[View]
467972443PSP>DS: Discuss.[View]
467974931My friend Pedro? More like 'My friend, this is another 2 hours long indieshit '.[View]
467959060Everyone says this guy sucks at games, but honestly he's better than me in most games. There ar…[View]
467974880Is it weird that i love the first Dark Souls, yet i have only completed it once? I have played to O…[View]
467974967Will Sparda become playable in DMC5:SE?[View]
467974834Patrick is a gamer. Patrick is definitely a gamer.[View]
467974661I like her more that way[View]
467974376CORGILETS BTFO: IMAGINE not being team corgi[View]
467972119In the reaches of space, below the surface of Planet Zebes, Samus Aran face the Space Pirates. She d…[View]
467973413It's time to jump up in the air, Jump up, don't be scared, Jump up and then your cares wil…[View]
467974271Why was cid so fucking gay[View]
467974164Hey guys this is Mike from Cinemassacre and today we're gonna be reviewing a popular YouTubers …[View]
467973983Casual Games: What are some other good casual games?[View]
467972439>all this gay shit on /v/ >gaming industry as a whole is practically crashing I cant wait to g…[View]
467970478BOYCOTT FF7 REMAKE UNLESS THESE CHANGES ARE MADE: - We want Cloud to have significantly shorter hair…[View]
467971978/v/ will ignore this...[View]
467966858ITT: Video game themes you can't stop listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSClR8_pmCc…[View]
467973176Contrarian's on /v/ getting BTFO'd: Who would've thought? No free games for you plebs…[View]
467959132>beats his wife after learning she had an abortion because she thought it would interfere with he…[View]
467945758Hollow Knight Silksong new infos TLDR: HEALING >When enough silk is held Hornet can Bind, wrappin…[View]
467936629hello i am the best FPS map of the last 9 years[View]
467973428What game lets me go on a weird adventure?[View]
467973207I'm so glad digital games brought down the price of gaming for everyone, could you guys IMAGINE…[View]
467972976/COCKS/ report in[View]
467972985My name is not important. What is important is what I am going to do. I just fucking hate this world…[View]
467972473What are some video games?[View]
467968881So, how about actual vidya while the Anons get salty over Nintendo again. What track would Spyro hav…[View]
467972839Are they serious?[View]
467970401Quake 2 >>>>> Fortnite >>> Quake 1>Quake 3[View]
467972674Redpill me on rebellion[View]
467972332What's your opinion on the latest Mortal Kombat game?[View]
467970792Day 3 of GDQ! It's feeling just a little more like how it used to be.[View]
467972596Post people gaming in the 90s and 2000s[View]
467970387How do you go from this...[View]
467972384Video games that let you play as an actual demon throughout.[View]
467957658We're told that gaming is growing exponentially and that the market is bigger than ever before,…[View]
467971884>buy boost to lvl 60 as a wowfugee >find out there will be lvl 70 boost on launch fuck you fag…[View]
467933231So how are you enjoying Crash Team Racing (CTR) Nitro Fueled, anon?[View]
467964058Shin Megami Tensei: Let's have a Shin Megami Tensei thread instead of threads about some dumb n…[View]
467968379I would just like to thank all the pcbros out there beta-testing these games before Russian and Braz…[View]
467965173Cockatiel: Reminder to pick Cockatiel, the official /v/ team :^)[View]
467968681Now that E Celebs are officially allowed on /v/, let's talk about the greatest of them all: the…[View]
467961774it's happening![View]
467971314>recent events will be their new flagship to begin vanning gamers to the nearest ward Its over, i…[View]
467971093Why do people say THIS is hard? What the fuck is wrong with you?[View]
467964542>Japanese game >every foreigner speaks Japanese…[View]
467954686https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y-WYX6-dq4 Holy fucking shit, why didn't they just put this de…[View]
467970779>still no good ASOIAF video game Why the fuck is that fat fuck writing a game script for From Sof…[View]
467969246tfw no Half Life 3[View]
467961250What are the chances of a Nintendo Switch remakes of the two game after the DLC announcement?[View]
467967151ITT: Characters who are severely underrated to get into smash[View]
467969850>game has a classical music radio station[View]
467938031RISK OF RAIN: thicc editon update is supposedly dropping in an hour and half.[View]
467969987What’s a good building game for ps4 or pc. I’m not just looking for a building game I wanna find a g…[View]
467966901ITT: Come up with your own original vidya: >Survival horror game where you play as a small group …[View]
467969812Can we have a Saint thread?[View]
467951997Anybody have art books for the Disgaea series? Also Disgaea thread, finally got back into the series…[View]
467941465Smash Ultimate DLC: Who will be in?[View]
467968838What are some games with complicated plots?[View]
467965685So are nPCs the new console war kiddies of this generation with this steamdrone and epicuck shit sho…[View]
467968086Refined Taste: Post games that are pure in essence.[View]
467965959TICK TOCK TICK TOCK[View]
467965276Is the new Wolfenstein series worth playing? I'm in the mood for some story shooters, but there…[View]
467945928which was the better choice? inb4 shani[View]
467961562“women are real gamers to-“[View]
467918932WC3 reforged: here's your dark ra- I mean night elf archer[View]
467963768All of them dropping like flies and yet one remain the king himself.[View]
467962298What kinda good shit were they gonna get?[View]
467966362WHERE THE FUCK[View]
467965108WHAT THE FUCK STEAM??????[View]
467945141Doom >celebrates masculinity >encourages players to be as violent as possible >heavy metal …[View]
467951358What are games you personally believe are long overdue for a remaster?[View]
467923786Absolutely based[View]
467956367I've fixed Smash Bros Ultimate Roaster.: The worst offense in Smash Bros 4 and Smash Bros Ultim…[View]
467966163EAT THIS[View]
467966154>these new Steve threads actually imply they wanted him in unironically What a bunch of faggots…[View]
467966049GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you hee that we’re another day closer to Etika (yes, …[View]
467965640Forget Steam Sale. Humble Bundle is where the real deals gunna be at in 43 minutes.[View]
467887148Marie Rose is cute![View]
467965758>Become the warrior of darkness FFXIV is pure cringe[View]
467961517season 2 is launching next week, will it bring players back?[View]
467955238Jump vs Capcom fucking WHEN[View]
467965690Risk of Rain 2: >local plant murders half of all life.[View]
467965515hey guys I heard you guys allow internet celebrities now. Just wanted to talk about my favourite str…[View]
467952540Steam Summer Sale 2019: What games are you waiting for to go on sale, anon?[View]
467964923City Building: Any good city builders out there with specific objectives to complete? I played the h…[View]
467962742it's his fault change my mind[View]
467957329normal person: yeah sure I'll buy the new Fifa game but idk, between spending time with my gf, …[View]
467940369What is your favorite loadout? Cosmetics and all[View]
467955378China going to fuck everything up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew6ZgwZLyFU This was posted in th…[View]
467964958can we get a comfy MGSV thread? Mosquito's Legacy is back once again today and I've been g…[View]
467964024Hey guys, whats up? Liking the sale?[View]
467964821This board is absolutely garbage right now. What are you playing right now?[View]
467956014SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Crash Bandicoot: N. …[View]
467961423Etika just wanted Steve or Goku in Smash...but no, Banjofags ruined everything and killed him[View]
467960450Play Guild Wars[View]
467962283There is a smear campaign against CDPR: Discuss[View]
467963082>Koei Tecmo has better artists than Square Enix[View]
467964054>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPN0qhSyWy8 will you be buying Elder Scrolls 6 and the new Fallo…[View]
467963939Are you ready for Umi-chan's new game?[View]
467963824the new bfa cinematic just dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SszpZF8KCN8[View]
467951241The more rotten the society is the better they consume trash like Call of Duty, RDR 2 and Cyberpunk …[View]
467956156Will there ever be a game as soulful as this one? That aestethic design, that humour, that goddamn s…[View]
467939675Redpill for vidya fatigue: Enter this state of mind to enjoy games again[View]
467960770THIS GAME'S WINNER IS..[View]
467959432FUCK BROS[View]
467962515People praised this game for environments and physics?[View]
46796088410 Minutes fellas. Planning on getting some easy stuff to run. Want some mystery games, so I'm …[View]
467962246You did remember to not forget, right Anon? This world deserved more stories in it. https://www.yout…[View]
467952615Banjo: Banjo[View]
467959271>blocks your path >yeah! who won the lottery? i did! oh my god smell that air! couldn't y…[View]
467962560Wow, 10/10 summer sale, Steam.[View]
467925974>ruins your gaming community[View]
467962717This turn, this goddamn turn. I used to get platinum relics and beat Oxide's ghost in CTR as a …[View]
467917882And who are you to come before me? You bear the insignia of the bear, but you dont wear it like the …[View]
467955097They're in.[View]
467957408Just finished this. Any other puzzle games that totally shit all over Portal?[View]
467962320Lot of Coco’s online[View]
467953180How powerful could a Switch pro be?[View]
467953609'So what games do you like, Anon?': What do you say?[View]
467951709Being a teenager is voting for Stormcloaks. Being an adult is voting for the Empire.[View]
467956502Do Stevefags actually even play smash,or Minecraft at all? Think about it,over the course of a few m…[View]
467962114Sre you excited to be crushed by her abs bros?[View]
467962158Hey guys, I got a Sims4 complete pack, what are some must-have mods to install while playing this ga…[View]
467957108https://youtu.be/WXpxWy8DJSE >sekiro combat in star wars looks decent, day 1 pirate for me…[View]
467959039>hurr durr every enemy is strong as fuck and you die a bunch of times until you can actually wiel…[View]
467961021there's just too many games bros...[View]
467961574Fact: /v/ no longer discusses this game because they realized they suck at it[View]
467944860I've been silent on the censorship hate train... but this crosses a fucking line.[View]
467961336>Does a muncher exist if nobody looks at it? Well, if it is less than four blocks away from the c…[View]
467959953RIP ETIKA: Damn[View]
467960889We need to start a petition to get him into Smash.[View]
467951739The Sinking City: Comes out on June 27, will you play it anons? >inb4 epic yadda yadda https://ww…[View]
467960863Press D to dab on square headed nignog.[View]
467960525DOA Xtreme Venus let you pinch outfits and give wedgies now with two hands! https://youtu.be/ygeS5mA…[View]
467959058Which RTS offers the most replayability, be it playing against AI or just replaying the campaign ove…[View]
467960918Captain N is dead: literally fucking who? >dat verify tho XD[View]
467955124Post vidya characters that canonically had SEX[View]
467926197So, its been two week since Banjo & Kazooie were revealed now, and I just thought I'd check…[View]
467950493What the fuck was his problem?[View]
467959613Welcome To Silent Hill - Heeellooo Nurse Edition: Ok people let’s get some of that fog town chatter …[View]
467958108I DOUBT[View]
467957912Damn, Fortnite waifus look like that?[View]
467956424People who don't immediately look at the control settings when you start a new game, why do you…[View]
467952818you like gacha don't you anon?[View]
467959935Nintendo and the dev team behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe should be fucking ashamed of themselves.[View]
467960505What does /v/ think of Nitro Rad? I think he's comfy[View]
467957476Torn City: Torn city is a massively multiplayer text based crim RPG! Join now using this link and re…[View]
467911404ban bikini armor, its ridiculous[View]
467960497>he doesn't main the best character, pic related It's like you want to lose…[View]
467960452what are some game original sound tracks that are absolutely banger[View]
467956041Does anybody on /v/ remember this masterpiece? I fucking loved this game, honestly if they ported to…[View]
467956860Never played ff7. Is the switch version good?[View]
467952112Pokemon Masters: Global release in 2 days. Will you play it? https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status…[View]
467958739How will Nier be remembered in 15 years time?[View]
467953243>That indie game that was supposed to be out months if not years ago, but the devs haven't s…[View]
467905821Bloodstained: >Another page in your story...written. Dantalion is objectively the best familiar.…[View]
467958010i played some GTA:O just for the sake of nostalgia, and by god is the meta AIDS >land oppressor m…[View]
467960137Early Death Stranding celebration thread! only 135 days, 4 hours, 15 minutes and 56 seconds until th…[View]
467959902What games follow the expression >easy to learn, difficult to master https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
467938330How do you justify still buying games nowadays? Most games have some aspects of it I absolutely don…[View]
467958042Is there a better feeling?[View]
467958671Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair: So, Yooka Laylee is getting a sequel Looks like its a 2D Sides…[View]
467959871Dante's game came out on Switch today, are you going to buy it?[View]
467957471One of these is Cloud Strife. One of these is Clod Stroff. Can YOU tell the difference?[View]
467926596When do you go 'ewwww' about a game?: >It's a 'zombie' game.…[View]
467959764Welcome to summer /v/. How cancerous newfag are ya?[View]
467959418>2004 >Got 5+ game demos every month from PC Gamer >Takes, at most, 10 minutes to install b…[View]
467958326>game has 3 factions >humans >organic alien hivemind >elf-wannabe psionic aliens…[View]
467954515Literally who?[View]
467958237Weird Mario 3 rom continued: So we found vague info on this bih, we just gotta find out why they mad…[View]
467956656Hello, Anon. You know why I'm here.[View]
467959546League of Wintrading: How do you feel, trying to climb while people are literally selling wins to ot…[View]
467959427Why are people so toxic these days? Every server I go to is toxic kids shouting the N-word and what …[View]
467948106will Sony win again???[View]
467959120What are some esoteric RTS games?[View]
467958720Well Sojiro, I know you told me not to get with Futaba, but I chose not to listen. That's right…[View]
467952896A.N.N.E is now up on Steam: The Cave Story game with robots called A.N.N.E is now live on Steam. htt…[View]
467958904>yeah, I'm here to get my copy of samurai shodown please. >He says to the psn store becau…[View]
467950778>no wild west cowboy setting >no futuristic sci-fi setting >no modern day setting Yep, let…[View]
467958807What are some games with large reptillians[View]
467908814This is the best Castlevania game. Symphony and Rondo fags need not apply.[View]
467941825Xen, home. Or at least it was before they fucked everythang up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzR3…[View]
467945274>it's still there[View]
467937315Did you ever play a game from start to finish exclusively on the toilet? multiple sessions are ok[View]
467949693Post bad redesigns.[View]
467954648Crash Team Racing remake sucks. It even share the same Crash Trilogy Unity Default Pack.zip assets[View]
467956250Rocket League: How the fuck do I git gud at this fucking game? I've played over 900+ hours and …[View]
467883093ITT:: Only the worst armour and weapon designs allowed.[View]
467955090*lags into your path*[View]
467955887Curse of the Moon: Is this the better game? I had way more fun and the controls are super tight comp…[View]
467946576Why do you hate this game? It was fun.[View]
467956471>game has optional boss fights[View]
467957130https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXpxWy8DJSE: >open world >skill tree >upgradable sidekick …[View]
467956510>why yes, I am buying a Switch just for Animal Crossing >how did you know?…[View]
467957674Terra-fic Terra thread![View]
467957453How good is the story going to be?[View]
467953708heatwave gaming: how are you coping with the heat? >>>/int/107541817 what are you playing a…[View]
467953964Play Paladins[View]
467949420TF2 SPRAY CHALLENGE 1) Browse to team fortress 2\tf\materials\temp 2) Post the first picture 3) Fun[View]
467951258Why is the English dub so bad?: I had to switch it to Japanese but I finally settled with the Mexica…[View]
467956932You boys played this game? I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.[View]
467957326GOAT characters tbqh[View]
467952757What should I play next? Also post your backlog and get recommended what to play.[View]
467923182>Focusing on brand rejuvenation, aims to strengthen IP's with quality games, then increase p…[View]
467950973I’m no fighting game expert but I do enjoy them. I’ve never played Guilty Gear before, what’s it lik…[View]
467955985VR Help Thread: Hey Anons, I wanna have this one PC game in a first person view but without actual V…[View]
467956513Legend of Zelda: What do you want in the breath of the wild sequel?[View]
467909272 [View]
467952521GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Peridot (yes, TH…[View]
467956456Why is it so beloved? All you do is run and jump, it's basically just pressing buttons.[View]
467955710It's: Tiger Electronics time[View]
467955394>It's just RCT 1/2 >But 3D >With staff infrastructure and management >And incentive…[View]
467956168Hello God. I am here to ask that you be kind with humanity and make a good company buy Borderlands o…[View]
467955696Are there any games where your goal actually is to kill yourself?[View]
467954002>*pounces on u at night and succs ur dick*[View]
467955897Having a good day, anon?: Help me decide what should I play next * Arkham Knight * Dark Souls III o…[View]
467956254Why is Yumi best girl?[View]
467930069>goes bankrupt[View]
467937878Play Honkai Impact 3rd[View]
467955945So why did we crucify this guy again? because he told someone to suck his dick? don't we do tha…[View]
467956283Here's your X, bro[View]
467955723Dragon Ball FighterZ: So when is he gonna be revealed?[View]
467956258imagine paying for games, pathetic incels[View]
467921818Is it ethical to pirate Vidya[View]
467950812SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Ape Escape Next: Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Tril…[View]
467934437its kino.[View]
467954448Who is best girl and why is it Kasumi?: The game's not out yet and yet she's perfect…[View]
467955261How to get back into videogames if you've lost interest entirely ?[View]
467953072Mario Maker 2 Pre-Release thread What are your hopes? What are your fears? Only 3 (three) more days …[View]
467955969If they had sex what would the result be?[View]
467944595I like coco[View]
467953276The Witcher 1: What went so right?[View]
467954809Is this grounds to sue for false advertising?[View]
467954645Post only the most 'realistic' guns in videogames.[View]
467955662>class gets nerfed >it is now passively worse than it originally was but if do a condition in …[View]
467955659Castlevania starts at Symphony of the Night.[View]
467955637>no online cup races >no online time trial races >can't see your coins when in online …[View]
467914595Let's have a comfy FF7 thread, to discuss the original game, plot and characters. Not allowed …[View]
467955596Why haven't you tried the new kaga game?[View]
467949707You need to make up your mind, Anon. There's no more time. What're you going to do?[View]
467955423Is 70 bucks really worth it for this game or I wait for a sale?[View]
467945350Tropico Thread: Tropico Thread[View]
467950728what a shit board[View]
467937538Don't call it a grave. It's the future you chose.[View]
467936437Gacha: Can we have a gacha thread? What gacha games is /v/ playing[View]
467953603Why doesn't /v/ praise Zero Punctuation more?: He's smart, he's been doing his show f…[View]
467954492Octopath Traveler: Does it matter which character I choose for the start besides them being in my te…[View]
467948113oh yeah that was a thing[View]
467953254Top 5 PC games of the last 5 years. Name them.[View]
467955012Okay muchacho, EAT DIRT!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!![View]
467954523why white devs do this ?[View]
467951529You know the music, time to dance. Halo thread[View]
467954876Earn Skins: For those who want some free skins and just enter idleempire (https://www.idle-empire.co…[View]
467953561>Distributed as freeware by the US Airforce Ayy[View]
467953985Is the kickstarter curse real?: What went wrong?The combat is clunkier than SOTN and the game someho…[View]
467935569Will Akko's new game save VR?[View]
467950443You write like a phone poster[View]
467952575This is your Handler for tonight.[View]
467954393Should I play 那由他の軌跡 using PPSSPP?[View]
467935015Why did people start caring so much about graphics recently? It used to be that gameplay was what wa…[View]
467952154This is the best piece of music from any Final Fantasy game, change my mind. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
467942470Which game is the SDQ mascot inspired from?[View]
467945217Should I play the original, I have it for the PS1, or is there a really good translation that is wor…[View]
467953946>makes you hold for every interaction Why did they make this fucking retarded decision? It’s like…[View]
467950252What are you getting in the Summer Sale, /v/ros?[View]
467941864Post dem groovy /v/idya tracks https://youtu.be/jrltRkgj9LI[View]
467927719Tifa is in Dissidia NT with the old design, not the new one[View]
467953737ADAM! what the hell are you doing, son?[View]
467945027'Deep' games that /v/ praise: What are the best deep games besides these ones? >Nier: Automata …[View]
467952610Geno is Kino![View]
467951386Armikrog: I like it[View]
467931312>1.4 billion people >huge gaming population >absolute zero AAA game devs, just companies mi…[View]
467953542S4 League thread: We should play on Connest-2 more often. In fact we should actually play this fucki…[View]
467950296Why does /v/ hate him again? Hes literally the only good part of cinemassacre anymore and his retro …[View]
467949718Literally how?? Also Dark Souls bread[View]
467953147Certified /v/ classic: Find a non 4 flaw[View]
467953395Listen to Gav, He's great.[View]
467948371I don't care for games so I never googled this, but at what clock time does mario maker 2 relea…[View]
467950180 [View]
467950847>Throw a grenade >It bounces off the glass of a window and doesn't break through >Die…[View]
467951710Amid Evil: >/v/ isn't playing the best singleplayer FPS since Quake 1 Explain yourselves.…[View]
467929727How do you make this fun?[View]
467945727Hiveswap thread: So what the fuck is gonna happen in Act 2?[View]
467952742Games only you have played[View]
467953014Why the fuck did you play Fallout 1.5: Ressurection yet? http://resurrection.cz/en/[View]
467953015what are some games for this feel?[View]
467949735What is the best competitive FPS on PC right now?[View]
467943362post you're gaming position[View]
467952375Games about infiltrating an evil organization and destroying it from within?[View]
467950789YouTube search 'Nude mod'+your favorite game: Post results[View]
467935442how can one play this game unironically ?[View]
467952062MGS4 thread We talk about its impact, its gameplay, history and strange stuff in it.[View]
467951309I LOVE NIOH[View]
467951340Kingdom Hearts 3: https://www.khinsider.com/news/Famitsu-interviews-Nomura-on-Kingdom-Hearts-3-Re-Mi…[View]
467952278you only call yourself trans when you cant pass for a trap post videogame artwork[View]
467951462>*teleports behind you* >*becomes your favorite character* Nothing personal. This is my justic…[View]
467948251Hello, Anonymous user of /v/! According to the data I've gathered, you do not like the Mega Man…[View]
467951918All those threads on /v/ saying Fallout 76 was a bad game? All a lie, we wanted you to buy it.[View]
467946256Why did people say this game was racist?[View]
467949193games for this feel?[View]
467951176Is it possible to make a Star Wars game that isnt based around Jedi or the rebellion? Also RIP Ragt…[View]
467948209>spinoff is better than all main games combined What's her name, /v/?…[View]
467951768You'll buy them, right anon?[View]
467948478>Comfy 3DS thread >Piratefags ruin it >Buying 3DS games heh >Wii U thread >Bro Bro yo…[View]
467942702WHICH DIABLO/TORCHLIGHT ARPG GAME HAS THE NICEST GRAPHICS? Playing Torchlight II and it's kinda…[View]
467944814Hey, you. You're finally awake.[View]
467950634God it's so hot in here I just want to go to sleep. How are you dealing with high temperatures,…[View]
467950661Why do console games look better than the PC versions of the same game, if both run on the same grap…[View]
467951247Do you think there will ever be a real Dissidia 3 for PS4, or did NT kill all chances if that?[View]
467930353What is the future of Crash Bandicoot? Do you think we will get a whole new Crash game and not remas…[View]
467949121Have they found him yet?[View]
467948194Why do people pretend that Final Fantasy 6 is as good as Final Fantasy 7?[View]
467945464Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Ape Escape Next: Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Later: …[View]
467949812WHAT THE FUCK? Why the fuck did are they botching the Switch version? This is fucking unacceptable. …[View]
467938682Daigo says he thinks he has ADHD... Is it common among top players?[View]
467950817>RTX on[View]
467950795Etika is a worthless fraud He's another one of those yeetwave black con artists that discovered…[View]
467945774>But real-time exploration allows for some neat tricks on the macro level. The way I understand i…[View]
467936768Can mods even fix Skyrim?[View]
467950605What's your best build in Terraria? Post them.[View]
467950558This is your reminder that Kinessa is way cuter than Nessa, and that anyone who cares about that Pok…[View]
467948539If you post honest mains, you're based.[View]
467949765Nintendo does it again: Devil May Cry on Switch Is Dante in??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTAab…[View]
467936571Muse Dash: This is the last day this game is on sale, at least on the Switch. Should I buy it or wha…[View]
467945917Menat: Cute.[View]
467945673are they going to release another expansion? surely they wont leave it hanging[View]
467947912Play Oblivion.[View]
467950068Will Tim Sweeney save gaming industry from valve monopoly? I hope so[View]
467937539Game Dev: Hello /v/ I manage a small indie game company of ~20 people, we are currently brainstormin…[View]
467946471Start playing the Rance series, today[View]
467947974Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name? ..... Well, not even last night…[View]
467916963Play Temtem: It's SOUL https://store.steampowered.com/app/745920/Temtem/ https://www.kickstarte…[View]
467949717>game says you require more vespene gas[View]
467943345What's the /v/erdict?[View]
467943992Games for this feel?[View]
467946513Now that all models are able to run backups/install PKGs even on latest firmware. What should I try …[View]
467947695Now that Titfa's been nerfed, all hail the new Boob Queen of JRPGs[View]
467942172Chinase people in multiplayer games: Why are they the most annoying type of people in games? Even ru…[View]
467941170PC needs a major release: no games on the horizon except for Cyberpunk[View]
467949436Any other games with a similar feel or style of the Disgaea series? Are they making a new one or is …[View]
467946567So now that the dust has settled, what's the /v/erdict?[View]
467948995Why are male druid nipples allowed?[View]
467948728Was avalanche the real baddies?[View]
467947936mario/dmca royale[View]
467948706>dreamed about having a cute gf again what are some games to help me repress my sadness?…[View]
467948585>banjo got in >steve posting stopped >mfw banjo posting will stop soon too just like krool …[View]
467947714If I wanted to get an experience similar to Metroid Prime whilst using a mouse, what would I play?[View]
467944810SMT? What's that? Never heard of it[View]
467939709GRIM DAWN THREAD Discuss what we love/gate about this game I just died on level 150 of crucible beca…[View]
467946768How come Nintendo gets a free pass?[View]
467948365Filename thread: Here we go.[View]
467947219ITT: Games only you have played.[View]
467948342Bad News /v/. You have been marked for death and a Terminator has been sent to destroy you. Good new…[View]
467945468Did any of you play Enderal? Is it good?[View]
467947748Red Alert 2: >trying out Red Alert 2 for the first time >run the install, screen goes black …[View]
467947795It's up, bois.: https://steamcommunity.com/games/632360/announcements/detail/159587866598294576…[View]
467944368Aerowalk... home.[View]
467935701It's no masterpiece.[View]
467854537Samurai Shodown: IT'S OUT! Let's play /v/!![View]
467946118How many times do I have to tell you that your choice of waifus is WRONG[View]
467939183ITT actual dead games that no longer have any value as a purchaseable product: I'll start…[View]
467945397>episodic aaand dropped[View]
467939480Elden Ring: Dude, I really hope Elden Ring will have Sekiro's combat >I can't go back t…[View]
467947074>'Press any key to continue' >Press escape >'Are you sure you want to quit?'…[View]
4679392814 Stam 4 Str leather belt[View]
467947686>yfw You can save Aerith/s, but if you do so then Tifa dies.[View]
467947027>game gets delayed >naruto flute music plays as everyone quotes samurai miyamoto saying some b…[View]
467945079>Steam >the current year This is why Epic will win eventually. They would never allow this gar…[View]
467937167How important is a character's age in videogames?[View]
467947504>game furiously jerks itself off infront of you[View]
467938870What is the appeal of this character?[View]
467946091What's your opinion about Noah Caldwell-Gervais?[View]
467942728What did the absolute madlad mean by this?[View]
467946946>When a fully grown adult man asks you if you play Nintendo games[View]
467941127>The waters warm come swim anon! >I keep texting but you aren't replying anon, are you ok…[View]
467944362Sword Art Online: Alicization: W H E N ? H E N ?[View]
467947000*Laugh in money* What's wrong cucks? Where's your crack huh?[View]
467945275Alien Games: What's your favorite alien-themed game? From Xenomorphs to Grays, first invasion o…[View]
467914918In the break room now, what games do you play on your phone /v/? I've been playing Pokemon Go, …[View]
467939736>cum play moi game, o'll test ya what game was he referring to, exactly?…[View]
467941294You guys realize this shits still broken right? You'll be getting a PC port full of blank melee…[View]
467944613>(Yes I know there is a thread already up but none of you faggots are willing to answer even the …[View]
467944483We're looking at Framerates of over 120 Frames Per Second.[View]
467945990Random screenshots and clips from FF7: cause I recently been playing it again so why not[View]
467888692Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict?[View]
467932204why did this game flop once again?[View]
467940301Let's think positive, /v/![View]
467937486This is Klonoa! He had two games! Both were very good! He never got a third game though, which is ve…[View]
467945818What is he looking at?[View]
467934472Ape Escape 20th Anniversary: https://twitter.com/PlayStation_jp/status/1142984187260968960?s=19 ...t…[View]
467944501>Play single player game >Enjoy it, but not enough to finish it >Autism doesn't allow …[View]
467943871Vivian's tummy is cute.[View]
467942576Who can you trust?: Where do (You) go for reliable gaming reviews? It seems like the internet is tor…[View]
467945424How well is this game optimized for pc?[View]
467941767Which Fallout 3 DLC should I get?: I already got broken steel a few years back but I'm on a new…[View]
467944884>'Since we're not bound by a predefined character like in The Witcher anymore, the game will…[View]
467940916SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon No Poyobean in sight Now:…[View]
467939973GOD I'M SO FUCKING ALONE AND DEPRESSED Please recommend me a jrpg with a great cast of characte…[View]
467939139> be at coffee shop >guy next to me orders a cappuccino with THAT in IT (you know, s o y) I w…[View]
467944763*blocks Cyberspunks path*[View]
467941737Choose your new world Anon: Let's say you 'die' in a car accident, but before your brain dies t…[View]
467940662Early Morning Vidya Tiddy Thread: Post them vidya titties and get that blood flowing, anons[View]
467945012Dragon Ball games: Does anyone else feel like dragon ball games are hit and miss? Theres some good o…[View]
467932394What are some more games like this? I haven't had this much fun in years.[View]
467936887>2008 >yeah I pirate games >2019 >YARRRR HARRR MATEYS FIDDLE DEE DEE Why is /v/ so annoy…[View]
467911298*blocks your path to photorealistic graphics*[View]
467941698>2019 >Still no AAA relationship simulator What did video GAYming industry mean by this?…[View]
467943853Oh shit anon, Aliens have invaded the earth and are planning on destroying the entire planet. You…[View]
467943962Crash Twinsanity remake fucking when?[View]
467944134this fucking sucks[View]
467941206Accept the CloTi into your hearts[View]
467943482>Shit on a game pre release >End up playing it and actually liking it a lot…[View]
467942271The remake was just as good as the original. I am so tired of nostalgiafags runing every discussion …[View]
467941537Is it dead?[View]
467943959Why didn't Nintendo call it Lylat Wars Zero?[View]
467939741>slowly developing carpal tunnel syndrome anyone else with gamer injuries?…[View]
467937616This console is better than PS4 purely because of game pass. PS4 has better exclusives though.[View]
467938691How the fuck are you supposed to[View]
467937725Working on a rp server set in Gold Rush era California with a bunch of custom mods: Homesteading and…[View]
467932023Is Oxide boss easy or is it just that your skills have improved so much till you get to him?[View]
467924512Is this the best game of all time?[View]
467943631Wargame: Red Dragon thread: This game is really fucking good, but how do I GET good? Even the AI pus…[View]
467941150What vidya music will you be playing when 4chan is on it's knees and you have 24 hours to make …[View]
467943542>female boss >'Your dagger is only six inches hahahahahaha that's so small'…[View]
467937769Which RTS games would you recommend, if I'd tell you that I really like CnC ZH? Older games are…[View]
467942776Who shat in his Cheeri-Os?[View]
467943307Boomers What was the best vidya webring[View]
467941243Pokémon Masters trailer in 2 days: https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/1143504913697316865…[View]
467868185Why are old games so much more soulful?[View]
467942831Your mom will HATE Dead Space 2![View]
467941301Check out this video games guys https://youtu.be/TeQHYCuKY7s[View]
467920152Can someone explain Ulysses to me? Why they hell did he care about the divide so much?[View]
467941307I don't get it Chernobyl led to 'The Zone' but then C-Consciousness says its dicking around cre…[View]
467941917Ok, you gotta admit that this unit looks pretty badass[View]
467928253>Final Fantasy Represented >Dragon Quest Represented >SMT represented >Tales of represen…[View]
467940624>Open world >Soulslike >Battle royal (You) have the power to decide the next genre of popul…[View]
467941492300 ping Chinaman from an internet cafe >Doesn't say anything - completely silent >doesn…[View]
467939391He's in.[View]
467941083have u ever been addicted to an mmorpg? how bad was it for you at its worst?[View]
467939869I'm okay with Tails having an affinity for engineering and electronics, but pulling convenient …[View]
467937754How the fuck do i change the controls?I bring up controls and it shows me a controller on fucking PC…[View]
467933895Monitors: Will the PS5/Scarlett really do native 4k? I had originally been holding out to buy a 4k d…[View]
467939236Doing God Master. How fucked am I?[View]
467942009It's sounding good. Is Romero back?[View]
467940971New Fist of the North Star RPG coming to the west in 2019: Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE ht…[View]
467934309Any games about colonization?[View]
467941419Black Desert Online Thread: Post gear, characters, guild drama, and other stories here[View]
467940432 [View]
467936646Chie works out every day but never showers or changes her clothes.[View]
467937969Is this this shit really that hard or am I retarded? Trying to catch all the emeralds, but the only …[View]
467936047SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon No Poyobean in sight Now:…[View]
467937556Cutscenes ruin video games prove me wrong[View]
467939204why is there nothing to play[View]
467929448FFXIV Shadowbringers: Discuss![View]
467940309>That game you waited years for and ended up completely unremarkable Who is it, /v/?…[View]
467933219>spams dancing blade and counter >beat her >accepts rematch >her mode is one stock with …[View]
467940164Sequel fucking when?[View]
467933228>Item play >Gap closing projectile >Uncharacteristically fast run speed >Acting out of r…[View]
467939373>game is almost impossible at first but then gets easier over time as you unlock things and level…[View]
467938304Games for normal people: FIFA, Madden, GTA, CoD, Fortnite, Minecraft, any mobile game. Games for psy…[View]
467938052ITT video game characters that canon boned[View]
467939762MGS THREAD: >makes Chico a tranny lusting for BiBo cock >nothing happens HOW NO NEWS OUTLETS C…[View]
467904237No good games on PC: There simply isnt any good games on PC anymore. It used to be that back in the …[View]
467932184What games primarily feature civilized animals?[View]
467917445soulless remakes: Why can't they just leave well enough alone?[View]
467939261Post some Star Trek games[View]
467932359Todd thead: Post your Todds[View]
467937526BLOODSTAINED: HOLY SHIT YOU CAN BACKDASH CANCEL IN THIS GAME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXGWQuX…[View]
467932760Titanfall 2: >haven't played a modern FPS in a long time >see a lot of praise for this ga…[View]
467934368>Carries your session[View]
467935729Bloodstained: previous thread >>467909707 hit bump limit[View]
467937531I'd much rather play xenoblade X, but I don't have a wii u. Anyway, what am I in for?[View]
467937192So what happened to this shit? I remember Nintendo retards were shilling this game like it's se…[View]
467937743WHAT IF HE GETS TO THE Oddworld thread[View]
467938835Cosmo Canyon... home.[View]
467927876Sega Stream: Starting in 20 minutes, get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9hHdq-lCHA&fe…[View]
467935319post the worst bosses in gaming,i'll start[View]
467938509Scottish niggas.[View]
467938653Good fucking game First 5 minutes and a fucking t-pose[View]
467937395Do any of you have Dreams for the PS4? If so, is it any good? Should I get this or Mario Maker 2 for…[View]
467923368The great debate[View]
467930040What if From Software made a Star Wars game?[View]
467938235Grizzly Hills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTSK5waNs8 Home.[View]
4679329672019... my legacy... forgotten...[View]
467937045IT'S TIME, BITCHES what is your current GOTY?[View]
467935748Fuck this boring summer: I have 23 games installed and I don't feel like playing any of them. T…[View]
467923058Did you play this game ?: If yes, then what do you think of it ? I've been thinking about buyin…[View]
467931129>Why yes, I play on easy mode, the story is the only thing I want.[View]
467932534ITT: Books that should be made into games[View]
467927391Is there any point in waiting for a PC version? Seeing as it's published by Sony I think the od…[View]
467934698Guys please is there any way to get an account unbanned? Apparently Amazon contacted SE and told the…[View]
467936603what game can I play that allows me to assume absolute power as a dictator ?[View]
467931895Lupino was down i made like chow yun fat[View]
467937474>be Zelda >acquire Triforce of Wisdom >be flooded with revelations and other fragments of r…[View]
467935495Was it kino?[View]
467936724>girl joins the guild >orbiters try to form an e-relationship >rest treats her normally …[View]
467937530>Hardly buy games on or near release anymore >Never get to be a part of the discussion and shi…[View]
467937117Did anyone played other titles from them that aren't soul series? Their games were literally ga…[View]
467933518What are some timeless games?[View]
467936162Name my band[View]
467937125Why are inklings so aesthetically pleasing?[View]
467937202What's the most valuable piece of videogame memorabilia you own?[View]
467936030About to get a PC again after 7 yrs console only. Recommend me some great PC exclusives I missed. Cu…[View]
467932552Who do you pick when playing Mario Party? >boring tier mario, luigi, toad >edgy memester tier …[View]
467935013How come when any moderately popular new genre or game mechanic comes out, every dev rushes in to co…[View]
467936706I just beat The Silver Case. I get all the stuff with the eyes, but I feel like the game ended befor…[View]
467921184>no mario royale thread go play some mario royale right now, faggots http://www.infernoplus.com/r…[View]
467936568okay i may or may have not done a mistake by listening to my friends and making a dayz standalone s…[View]
467892946How do we save videogames?[View]
467930081Is Death Stranding a japanese game or not?[View]
467932913>tfw they using HOTS assets in wc3 reforged LOOOOOOOOL[View]
467911664Platformer mascots: Which mascot would you choose to add to form a quartet? The mascot has to be at …[View]
467932504Black Mesa: Xen Preview: >Morning Mr. Freeman https://youtu.be/IzR3vllw6O0 https://youtu.be/K3dqA…[View]
467930754How long I have to wait for a better alternative for War Thunder?[View]
467927762Dissidia NT: Tifa just got announced for Dissidia. will she be able to save the game?[View]
467928627Hey /v/: what do you think of smash 6's roster[View]
467936186how do you afford your gaming /v/? You are not a pirate are you?[View]
467935226Whats you're favourite gaming beverage?[View]
467922240Should I rather download a bunch of mods to make the game fun or should I just download earlier buil…[View]
467933101SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Split/Second Next: K…[View]
467931152Is this what perfect female character design looks like?[View]
467926597buy yo-kai watch 4[View]
467934031Bajumbo moi noi noi jecker Dabatto bunkergait jun jun Nora juerue-rotto pura-pura petto Puraret dum …[View]
467934662>Hur dur I want Sans to be playable in Smash bros He's from an indie game published by no co…[View]
467917358What do you want from the next Ace Combat game?[View]
467924636'toxic' is such a fucking zoomer term. Back in my day you weren't being toxic, you were mad. Ma…[View]
467928742>game gets a live action adaption[View]
467928823is true that games without their own game engine don't have soul???[View]
467935446what are some games with impressive modding efforts?[View]
467909707Was it kino?[View]
467928235ITT: Shit vidya villains/antagonists[View]
467931839>so many games >so little power of will to play them…[View]
467919604Phantom pain: Now the dust have settled. Can you still feel it? All the hype you lost?...gameplay yo…[View]
467895260Could the still be dlc? If spirits are decomfirming, there isn't one with both of them together…[View]
467932574Detective and mystery games with fun plots and fun characters?[View]
467931347What's Toukiden and is this girl cute?[View]
467930262Are you ready for the patch that will kill Classic WoW?[View]
467833871I wish I played Splatoon more and kept up with the Slpatfests. So the last one is among us now? Do w…[View]
467930120uhhuhuh WOAH- check it out Beavis... Snake's about to score uhhuhuhuh[View]
4679216272D fighting games going from 2D to '2.5D' has been a pretty big loss for the genre. Since then most …[View]
467924746>say word >money stolen Why is this allowed?…[View]
467932824>Normal is too easy >Hard is too frustrating…[View]
467933903What were your thoughs when The Way Home started playing at this moment? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
467934384>when someone starts being racist in game chat[View]
467934610I have a question for risefags and yukarifags How does it feel to be a cuck?[View]
467929937WE FLY HIGH[View]
467925474Hope you are having a good day: Help me decide what should I play next * Arkham Knight * Dark Souls…[View]
467915764i have never finished this game. what's more, i've never even gotten to the point when you…[View]
467928827Summer /v/acation: What are you playing this summer? I decided to start Ever Oasis, seems pretty com…[View]
467928409All those threads on /v/ saying Fallout 76 was a bad game? All a lie, we wanted you to buy it.[View]
467926297What went wrong /v/?[View]
467933656why did the monster girl fad die off before we got a single good monster girl game?[View]
467926535This is Kat from Gravity Rush Say something nice about her.[View]
467930306DMC Thread: can anyone figure out how to play with friends on that one mission?[View]
467933107>week later and still Tifa bitching[View]
467933368so Dissidia gets real tifa, while actual ff7r gets nu-tifa? dammit square.[View]
467933548FUCK YOU COLONIALS!: French SGT Warden reporting in.[View]
467932095Capcom Project Battle: What do I think of this game /v/?[View]
467915757Sometimes game censorship is actually good and sensible. Change my mind.[View]
467915819>that one game where you just sit in the main menu listening to the music Which one?…[View]
467930753SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Split/Second Next: K…[View]
467932169>Best Armor stat-wise looks unfashionable and gross Do you go with the best, or do you like to lo…[View]
467925605Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic: Is this the city builder to end all city builders? The res…[View]
467925143*muffled scout death scream in the distance*[View]
467929387ITT: vidya concept art vs final models, before and afters, remakes, art evolution, etc[View]
467925916Falcom to announce new Kiseki on June 29: https://gematsu.com/2019/06/trails-series-15th-anniversary…[View]
467928989How do you start to enjoy vidya again? I wish i could pick some game and play it until i finished, j…[View]
467930990>I'm a big fan of [genre]! >oh but I only played the best few games in the genre and viol…[View]
467930893Is this one of those games where you're basically guaranteed to get the bad ending on the first…[View]
467925525Name a better 3D Sonic game. You can try.[View]
467932026I have to say, it's quite amazing. To think that all of you would be capable of pulling the woo…[View]
467930856How can I get animal crossing new leaf on the Wii U?: I just bought this thing for 8 bucks. How do i…[View]
467895384Are your wallets ready, /v/irgins?[View]
467928389ITT: Most overrated games of all time[View]
467931367Is this as good as its reputation? I have played shittons of mods already, last one was dead air (wh…[View]
467917707Play The Hunt: Showdown[View]
467931396I wanna bash his stupid fucking face in.[View]
467929127Games with this feel?[View]
467926976soul/soul/soulless/soulless: what went wrong?[View]
467929335YouTube search 'Nude mod'+your favorite game: Post results[View]
467930364She looks so much better here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y-WYX6-dq4[View]
467925391I guess it was the weather[View]
467928747How does Gerry have much more charisma than most WRPG main characters?[View]
467929095for me, it is Chie Satonaka[View]
467930581>MC gets a gf[View]
467930561What is the best VR game ?[View]
467908369ay tone, something aint right...[View]
467930761Is /v/ Team Edward or Team Jacob?[View]
467925118SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Skylar & Plux: A…[View]
467930701Need recomendations for 2d shooters. can be platform or 8 direction, doesnt matter. More fast paced …[View]
467930325Why did he sperg out and run into the tv like a retard the second they asked him a few questions? Th…[View]
467912512Was Sephiroth dead the entire time as Cloud technically killed him when he threw Sephiroth off the r…[View]
467928521Pokimon: What say you /v/ ? Will you accept the challenge ?[View]
467927050This image brings me indescribable joy[View]
467928846Claire is the the most successful remake of any character in any vidya[View]
4679243651996, this is what an RPG city looked like. A full simulation of a fantasy world you xould lose your…[View]
467920748This is it. This is the game you didn't know you wanted.: https://youtu.be/_Xdy-9poImw?t=782…[View]
467928297Halo Infinite beta flights should start this year.[View]
467929975>item servers have been down thrice in the past few days COME ON MATES, SAY IT WITH ME I BELIEVE…[View]
467928801Why did it flop?[View]
467924652Battlestation thread bois, post em.[View]
467930134>browsing /v/ >start arguing with some fagot who is clearly below my high level of intellect …[View]
467928516A BODY WAS FOUND!!! I really hope it's not him.[View]
467929597People of color are based and redpilled[View]
467929593Risk of Rain 2: https://twitter.com/RiskofRain/status/1143239961484976128?s=19 June Update is upon u…[View]
467913431>everyone hated Metal Gear Rising when it came out until MGSV was confirmed in the works Is this …[View]
467927807Tifa in Dissida NT: She's in.[View]
467925148Why are you currently not playing Overwatch, anon?[View]
467923781It's the space year 2019 and there are STILL people who use wired peripherals. Think about it f…[View]
467926380>been years since your last successful non Pokemon game >stuck with piss poor publishers like …[View]
467926143Silent Hill series remake / remaster: I’ve heard really bad things about Silent Hill HD Collection. …[View]
467929494>Teammate has a 4chan meme as a username or avatar >They're always horrible at the game…[View]
467929038Mythra is perfect. Xeno thread[View]
467920416When playing a game, how much do you isolate your experience from the internet? >not at all >a…[View]
467929124Imagine still believing 4chan leaks in 2003+16[View]
467929609I've got an idea for a game: >Gameplay: mix of FPS and first-person-walking-simulator. >t…[View]
467929267>teamkill some noisy kid for the whole game >round ends >he sent me a friend request…[View]
467928268>non-linear 2D So is it a metroidvania with progression tied to powerups, or is it more like soul…[View]
467921060Kingdom Hearts 3: https://www.khinsider.com/news/Famitsu-interviews-Nomura-on-Kingdom-Hearts-3-Re-Mi…[View]
467929256Where is the steam sale?: You guys said it would be today[View]
467926476DaS3 > DaS1 > BB > WeebSouls > DaS2[View]
467922601Would you like to see a new pilot wings game?[View]
467929290>play racing game >it has tank controls refunded…[View]
467903320He hasn't appeared in a new Zelda game in nearly 13 years. How likely is it that SJWs are going…[View]
467926007God Emperor of Mankind: Yes https://youtu.be/758YGA4Rp3Y Valfaris[View]
467925054How come the FFXIII have not yet been ported to this gen's consoles? Is the Crystal Tools Engin…[View]
467852951Dragon Quest: FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK WHAT DO!?[View]
467928063It's actually good.[View]
467918581This is a playable character in Smash.[View]
467926531What is his relevance to the story?[View]
467924013it's just me or monster hunter world is much easier than the others? in FU took me 30 minutes t…[View]
467927463People say that back in the day Tekken was mocked in the FGC but Tekken 7 turned things around. Why …[View]
467927328>Any videogame >Protagonist's nickname 'The Chosen One'…[View]
467927201How the flipping heck is this immune to C&D?[View]
467927960damn Capcom hearthstone looks like THAT[View]
467912672Here is your goty 2019 and goty 2020: 2018 it was god of war 2019 it will be death stranding 2020 i…[View]
467926916>video games can't be as deep or emotionally resonant as literatu-…[View]
467928394vidya series with consistently best music? for me its warioware https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt0…[View]
467928392Am I The Only One That Actually Likes The Lore?: FNaF Thread I Guess[View]
467927536It's actually fun[View]
467928152Play Half-Life 2.[View]
467922301I was considering buying smash, but can I play as Wario-Man?[View]
467923998Games that make you feel like you're living in the 90s and really early 00s(non-american): It w…[View]
467925648Why are game UIs so fucking sterile nowadays? What ever happened to at least trying to have some cre…[View]
467915935I just recently picked up tekken and I am behind the learning curve. I wanted to main lucky chloe, s…[View]
467924994What's the dark souls of competetive first person shooters?[View]
467927864Childhood is thinking Dracula X is an inferior Rondo of Blood port. Adulthood is realizing that it…[View]
467927062Looks like shit, doesn't it? Even botw's overworld looks way better and way more detailed …[View]
467925573KLONOA THREAD: Let's talk about Klonoa and how awesome his games are![View]
467921898Temtem: Discord pre-orders with Alpha access are open now. But, fuck me, $35 is really a bit much fo…[View]
467926750New Silksong Info: >http://teamcherry.com.au/e3wrap/ >mostly confirms gameplay elements we alr…[View]
467925179Why do people still pretend that this guy is some new Indie Developer who made a Fangame? Its insul…[View]
467927507This is a blade. You may not like it, but this is what peak weaponsmithing looks like.[View]
467924094We had fun with this the other night. Let's do it again. https://skribbl.io/?5Pf2eNIIt5[View]
467927243>that friend that tries to get you to play Dragon Quest[View]
467862479Spyro reignited: Now that we know it's coming to all platforms, can we finally put away the dum…[View]
467924785What's the /v/erdict? Did we rike it?[View]
467915492>you're stuck on /v/ instead of living in a games world, settled down with a comfy life surr…[View]
467914426Is Claire Redfeild now considered the best Resident Evil?[View]
467918981*tap* *tap* Fairy! Clefairy! Clefairy! Clefairy![View]
467916834How longs your wishlist for the Steam Summer Sale lads?[View]
467926817What games make you seethe[View]
467921672Trails in the Sky: Hello guys. I was offered this game on steam. Anybody played it? I like JRPGs in …[View]
467920559What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh! game and why is it this? >set at just the right time for the card game…[View]
467925090Hopoo where is the fucking update? I It's already the 25th[View]
467925446What's the girlfriend equivalent of this game?[View]
467926520About to play this for the first time, should I play on normal or hard?[View]
467924842What did he mean by that? That the game is 1 frame per minute on PS3 and it takes so long to finish …[View]
467926480Ooops sorry, servers are down for maintenance. Looks like you can't play your single player gam…[View]
467926060Where to brah?[View]
467925284GOAT game but goddamn the graphics were shit even for it's time[View]
467923863https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFmrzRUojS0 >ooh da doh >eh rehh >ooh da doh >eh rehh Wh…[View]
467926261>Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon >Now: Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island …[View]
467924169Ranking: Rank these developers from Worst to best Capcom, Blizzard, EA, Nintendo, ID software, Valve…[View]
467905642The new Sonic design. She's in.[View]
467919321Minecraft 1.14.3 is out today, here's the /v/ server. Pirates can join[View]
467926075Here are your Warcraft 3 Reforged night elves bro[View]
467915858Only the most SOULful games.[View]
467925292Rank the games: 3 > 2 > 6 > DS > Super > 4 > 5 > 7 > 1 > 9 > 10 > I…[View]
467924646where is my fucking R3MAKE???????: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggg[View]
467900986No Anon, YOU'RE breathtaking.[View]
467916260That'll be $19.99. Don't worry, tax included.[View]
467918510What are some good mobile games?[View]
467920482A few simple questions: Is pic related good? Why or why not? Should I get Borderlands 3?[View]
467923174>soul >soulless[View]
467922668Just ordered the MGS HD collection for the 360. What am I in for?[View]
467920421Shhhh be very quiet. Sam is sleeping.[View]
467925109I just bought this what am I in for?[View]
467921529ITT: Pleb filters[View]
467920364SGDQ19: Fat Pigs Let's Play Edition >Now Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom >Next Skylar …[View]
467923872say something nice about this cutie[View]
467916836>is male >wears skirt and spats[View]
467924820> drops fps to 10 > wiggles its limbs so you keep missing > pushes you off the cliff in FRC…[View]
467920902Why is sexuality in video games 'unethical' but violence isn't?[View]
467924554ELDEN RING OH ELDEN RING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU4AK_0Pn-U[View]
467920225What Smash character does James main?[View]
467924612lololololol: fucking whoever reads/puto el que lea[View]
467905554what's /v/ playing tonight?[View]
467918427Hey guys im new here!Fresh off the boat from /ck/! I see you like making a lot of samey threads wher…[View]
467924338Post yfw you also realized a game's quality and fun isn't marked by how hot the girls in i…[View]
467923545Games Pushed to Their Limits: HOW DID THEY PULL THIS OFF?[View]
467923848Why is being a nice guy in online games suddenly considered bad on here? I'm a really nice guy …[View]
467923093No underage girls in skimpy clothes? PASS![View]
467912108God of cocktease: Just finished pic related and..... The whole game they build up thor (and odin) to…[View]
467924149Is /v/ermin stuff a thing anymore? Or is it only on weekends? I always seem to miss it..[View]
467923576What are some videogames where the protagonist goes of the deep end?[View]
467899032Unusually good soundtracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zky9zZwcVPU[View]
467924063>mfw this turd was shilled as another fortnite killed so what happened to another 'fortnite kille…[View]
467869960SSBU Fighter Pass: Who are the last 2? Will there be a second pass? Who will be in it?[View]
467916528Thoughts on the GTA V map?[View]
467922467What's the weirdest place you've played vidya at?[View]
467919274>mission where you have to chase down and capture/kill someone >mission is scripted so their v…[View]
467923907Mfw I will never download Epic Game Store and would rather quit PC gaming forever than give money to…[View]
467917754'Tis weak to Dragon's Dogma Thread![View]
467920293I am forgotten[View]
467921565Fuck this boss, can't believe I actually had to use the halo buff to beat her[View]
467923491>Best open world rpg to come out in years >Well implemented survival mechanics >Crafting is…[View]
467886403Don't forget to read the manual, Manager![View]
467914598what was his name again?[View]
467922682>we will never get sandbox Lego game with all the licensed parts ever released it hurts bros…[View]
467922464anal pound[View]
467923187Do good, modern indie games exist?[View]
467909607Reminder that there will never be another real Paper Mario game. I miss it. I miss it most of all. O…[View]
467923357>tfw ideia guy[View]
467923315I have to say, it's quite amazing. To think all of you would be capable of pulling the wool ove…[View]
467917423Why do people shit on the batmobile in this game so much? The is without doubt the most fun bamham g…[View]
467919712Elden Ring: >Elden Ring should have Sekiro's combat >You're right I can't go ba…[View]
467918229When are we getting a warioware game for the switch ?[View]
467908643>No 3rd party characters >Character models look like shit >You need to play as Fox or Falco…[View]
467920403In november, Skyrim will be 8 years old... When is the next elder scrolls game?[View]
467921317>Beating DMC 3 on Dante must die difficulty? Piece of cake.[View]
467914851Just got demoted a rank in overwatch and heroes of the storm >get matched with the same losing st…[View]
467920529Why does /v/ like this retard again?[View]
467921359Why is everyone back talking the gtx 1650?[View]
467921536>game has unlockable cosmetic rewards >but they're only available after you beat the game…[View]
467920983Here's your capcom all-stars card game bro https://youtu.be/pWagj3ufwZg Capcom did say they wan…[View]
467893006UNIST Thread: Let's roll[View]
467912914Making a huge deal out of a celebrity character model and voice actor sure seems like a red fucking …[View]
467920728BANJO IN THE SMASH!!!![View]
467918878So who is he going to kill next in the next God of war?[View]
467916567What am I in for[View]
467911381this gamestop still has a mario galaxy promotion from 2007 note the mario maker 2 poster to the left[View]
467919935What the FUCK is this new normieroyale?[View]
467910294Heavy Rain is Out on PC: >Piratefags can't play it Where are those cracks, guys?…[View]
467921289Ahem *ting ting ting ting ting* A-AHEM *ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting* I THINK TABATA…[View]
467913230>Wake up at sunset >Play vidya/shitpost all night >go to sleep after sunrise Living the lif…[View]
467910184Do Americans even have good enough internet to play this thing? Lol![View]
467902268Obscure games: Haven't seen any iceberg threads on /v/ lately. What are some super obscure game…[View]
467920435>lol kek my only character trait is that I crave MC's cock unless there is another male cock…[View]
467917595Let’s make a video game! With each post we add ONE new thing to the game. Could be mechanic, story c…[View]
467919383I don't get it[View]
467900410Let's have a buyfag thread. You have your eye on anything, /v/? Anything arrive recently? Anyt…[View]
467920914Is this the biggest downgrade since Watch Dogs?[View]
467921357>literal walking simulator bravo kojima[View]
467905856Why is Tita now smol Tita? I miss cow Tita.[View]
467918752Happy birthday Sonic![View]
467920128>The tasteful thickness of it Is this what peak armor design looks like…[View]
467916831How come /v/'s opinions are either on point or completely bullshit?[View]
467907153How do we stop california[View]
467902643>Download 4chanX >Click the notepad and pencil symbol to the left of 'submit' >Draw a vidya…[View]
467919930Is he right about /v/?[View]
467920230scoop on upcoming smash bros ultimate dlc content being added to the game. Also some Nintendo Direct…[View]
467920256>been cut to pieces and only living and being held together through sheer willpower alone HardCOR…[View]
467914348ITT: Games LITERALLY only you played[View]
467914468SGDQ 2019: crying squid edition >Now Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom >Next Skylar & Plu…[View]
467909076the sequel we deserve...[View]
467914736it's almost 2 am here, and I'm still playing videogames instead of trying to fix my sleep …[View]
467914843PS Vita: What are you playing /v/?[View]
467916253When did you realise that video games are nothing but complete garbage?[View]
467917818What is Cooking Mama's body type?[View]
467917039Any minute now[View]
467918743Name ONE game that does this. i'm fucking tired.[View]
467919583Humanized /v characters thread: Humanized /v characters thread[View]
467919549Flint Hook: What am I in for?[View]
467919548Play pic related[View]
467901531Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Thread: How is it going for you racers?[View]
467915734Oh FUCK[View]
467919240Eggoria: is really cool, it's kind of like Rimworld but you're forced to live as a nomad m…[View]
467907778>stands right in front of you >as in, your crosshair is dead center on his face >backstabs …[View]
467881887Screenshots, Gifs, Webm, Artwork: Post Unethical Vidya Related Content[View]
467915984Punished Throat Baby A fetus denied his Reddus[View]
467914658>select all the images with Cars[View]
467905374Does the one of the Triforce gives you some kind of power by itself or you need the three pieces?[View]
467896086Ashley Thread: i really wish she wasn't stuck in warioware her and characters like jimmy t have…[View]
467892120>Mario gets a boss but it's just scarier bowser >Zelda gets a boss but it's just sca…[View]
467918907>*blocks your path*[View]
467908439What game should I get /v/? Spiderman or God of War for my Ps4 pro?[View]
467913513I-I DID IT! HE BOUGHT IT![View]
467916393You're trapped in a mansion /v/ what do?: You're trapped in a spooky mansion, you can…[View]
467913038What's your favorite plot twist in a video game?[View]
467915531It looks incredible[View]
467914078Why don't video games get as much good fan-content as TF2, anymore? Things with genuine inspira…[View]
467915634>video game protagonist is a teenage boy with an oversized sword who teams up with a bunch of wai…[View]
467913432Back when video games had SOUL[View]
467908068Fire Emblem Three Houses: You will protect her smile, right FE Bros?[View]
467916518So....uh, League of Legends? Remember that game, dudes? Now that was a pretty good game, right.[View]
467914467Is it worth 20 bucks? Is it repetitive like Warframe?[View]
467909752How is it?[View]
467914001Warrior, mage, or thief?: Well?[View]
467916907we should make a petition to get one for the Switch, it would be pretty rad, cum on Datel[View]
467917503Koji Igarashi: >How much did he make? >Did he fuck Mana?…[View]
467912307What is the hardest FPS game, /v/?[View]
467917458DSP did nothing wrong[View]
467917673Red Dead Redemption 2 Secret Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebtC20kkcBU[View]
467915361Hitman 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvU9EL4zd1M today is the day folks probably number of peop…[View]
467914552Why did everyone like Skyrim when it came out but started to dislike it more and more over time?[View]
467917325Who will you pick as your party and what is your hero(es) wish list after Expansion Pass as possibil…[View]
467903783Fez: was this really worth getting in such an uproar over? years later it just seems like a fairly m…[View]
467894249>playable Zelda in BotW 2 >we finally get a Gerudo outfit for her Nintendo struck gold with Ge…[View]
467912908>muhh steam sales Yikes, all the other entertainment boards would never get hyped giving money to…[View]
467900365>boot up open world game >first thing I do is find the nearest bridge and jump off Am I the on…[View]
4679172702019 AA games: What are some games you are looking forward beyond big bangers. DxM, Astral Chain and…[View]
467917009Who has the best pits in video games?[View]
467915890why is /v/ so obsessed with kabounce?[View]
467908772Rate my setup /v/[View]
467912552Zelda: Overrated, empty piece of shit game that only gets praise because it has the Zelda stamp on. …[View]
467915538Hello. I have been playing Path of Exile for the last 5 years. Can you tell me what great games I mi…[View]
467915295>No Hello Kitty video game[View]
467873039>Fights take an eternity to finish >Monsters have no health bars >Sloppy, slow combat >T…[View]
467840268Any of you faggots play VR. I swear I get bitches sucking my dick cuz I flash the goggles.[View]
467894120hey.....that's pretty good for kickstarter standards, good job Iga, your project didn't cr…[View]
467911589>game doesn't let you decline side quests[View]
467889463>game about fighting corruption and oppression of those in power >suddenly in the last few hou…[View]
467908328Nds is best console, prove me wrong[View]
467915921ATTENTION!! Video Games! That is all.[View]
467916240what are some games that capture >that Oblivion feel[View]
467913134Smash leak: She's in.[View]
467915543She's truly the greatest anime woman ever created. >Long red hair >Her face obeys to all…[View]
467873487Miiverse thread?[View]
467916109American Truck Simulator: https://trucksbook.eu/company/35814 Join if you are looking for a competit…[View]
467897006The dualshock 5 must have proper analog stick placement or else... No buy.[View]
467915937holy moly....[View]
467880007Name me a video game developer with better robot designs than Scott Cawthon. I'll wait.[View]
467909195Reminder Quake is the peak of vidya skill git gud /v/[View]
467913743This is a good ending and you can't change my mind. Fuck Gehrman, he can keep suffering in the …[View]
467884954Are you gonna buy Satsuki-sama's game?[View]
467915175>bunch of Fiends have innocent people locked up for ransom >pickpocket one of them so I can ge…[View]
467914312Sometimes it seems like there are only two types of people on this shit board: 1. people who say the…[View]
467913361Should I play X or X-HD It would be very convenient and comfy to play X-HD on my switch. I'm wi…[View]
467909243High School Murder Sim: >gave some nerds the key code for the security room to get access into th…[View]
467915283AMID EVIL: DUSK BROS WHERE YOU AT? What do you think about this game so far?[View]
467915281I'm gonna getcha, Agahnim![View]
467909671Endless Space 2: Is this a good game for a “babies first” strategy game?[View]
467911263Astella online: You got an exclusive invite to the newest top MMO game right?[View]
467914156Just started playing Mother 3 for the first time. Don't know anything about the plot. Stopped p…[View]
467896004So how was Jecth a blitzball star in Zanarkand but also helped Braska defeat Sin if Tidus had to tim…[View]
467910236That One Level: Post 'That One Level'[View]
467913705anybody have this game? how is it different from HD ? it seems to be in actual 3D instead of isometr…[View]
467912182Do we have high hopes for Diablo4 bros[View]
467902631 [View]
467903521>make Link into a transsexual, fill BotW will literal faggots >give Mario a fucking dress to w…[View]
467911717games that need reboots[View]
467899003>this is considered a bad ending[View]
467911212SGDQ 2019: ugh block edition >Now Chasm: The Rift >Next Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom …[View]
467909484Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
467908985>Purchased Torchlight II. Have I done a bad?[View]
467902106Is it possible to reach the upper right room in the ship with only double jump?[View]
467914025>who said anything about love?[View]
467887660Are Alisa and Kazuya okay characters to learn this game with?[View]
467913708Replace the Kongs with Banjo and Kazooie and K Rool with Grunty and you have Banjo Threeie[View]
467853729Sw•Sh: How does a multi-million dollar, global mega-hit franchise like Pokémon get away with releasi…[View]
467908825Ape Escape 4: Based Kojima giving us Ape Escape 4![View]
467905357My little brother will get a tablet for his birthday (tommorow), what are some fun games that run we…[View]
467906632I don't know if it's because it was the last one i got as a kid, but is Crash 2 the worst …[View]
467912617Just imagine.[View]
467912883ITT: Games that will never come out[View]
467909720Why was Master Chief holding Johnson's hand? I don't care or anything, I just think it…[View]
467871057I don't usually complain about gun animations but jesus, how did this slip through?[View]
467913389What are you hoping out of cyberpunk and how will it trigger trannies?[View]
467911954GDQ: comfy thread[View]
467908708Play rhythm heaven[View]
467906083Pick your Smash waifu[View]
467911289I guess /v/ is having fun tonight so I might as well post my shit. Make it vidya.[View]
467910956How many switch games do you own /v/? how many have you actually completed?[View]
467910509What went wrong?[View]
467912350If I have to fight this dog fucker one more time just for ONE shear claw I’m going to lose it.[View]
467904491Can someone tell me in a GOOD way how to play this game, or point me towards a quality guide? The tu…[View]
467912007How were you supposed to know to jump over the goomba?[View]
467911301I never see any threads about tomb raider. Never played any. With the steam sale approaching, I’m co…[View]
467910469>game is announced in 2015 >gets released in 2019 >still no western release date great job …[View]
467910179>He buy games[View]
467912562Everyone loves this shit series so much. They're all just shills, right? I can't imagine s…[View]
4679107182019, I am forgotten.[View]
467909336Rayman: Why does Ubisoft hate him? Also, yeah, he's in.[View]
467908097Which games do you plan on using these for?[View]
467911493Hey guys I got $25 on steam. Are there any good games where I can date a cute girl, but not a VN? Li…[View]
467910756>He doesn’t back up all his legally purchased games with pirated copies just in case steam/xbox/p…[View]
467843719Senran Kagura Reflexions: I want to wait for this to go on sale, but I'm afraid Steam is going …[View]
467911492OH OKAY I WILL WORK[View]
467905696ITT: Vidya with a K I N O level ending[View]
467882971WHEN does it get good?[View]
467910275Everyone's here[View]
467908892You turn around and see this. What is your reacting? Doom thread i guess[View]
467909973Nioh vs Sekiro: Which one was objectively better?[View]
467892179>60$ Seriously?[View]
467908705TRAILS THREAD: mina-san.. otsukaresama-deshita!![View]
467894471The Great Debate continues: Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
467907461games with nice water[View]
467887840is this game good now? does it justify a 20 dollars purchase? sure it cant be that bad, given /v/ is…[View]
467911115Are you buying Nakoruru's game /v/?[View]
467906167What are some zoomer tests? For example, if someone prefers Super Mario 64 DS over the original.[View]
467911054What are some games that have factions as important as fallout new vegas? Where every faction is goo…[View]
467910053SAMURAI SHODOWN: Are you ready fuckers?![View]
467910885I wish the luminary was a girl instead.[View]
467910819MC having a confirmed girlfriend is so much more interesting than that weird edging around romantic …[View]
467909949Post YAWNcore games.[View]
467906635SGDQ 2019: Overestimate edition metroid >https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick >https://gamesdo…[View]
467909756Is it good?[View]
467910694>Thread nuked based janny[View]
467910104Team Fight Tactics: Why is Garen so broken?[View]
467910619Everyone HAS to play this gem on an indie game![View]
467901646should i play battlechasers night war or tyranny?[View]
467910450TF2 discussion: I've been playing TF2 more recently (I have 2053 hour's) and I've see…[View]
467901947>after years and years a pokemon game finally hits a home console >it's the laziest pokem…[View]
467906023Canary Mary race number 4 makes me want to pull my hair out. I've been at this bullshit for TWO…[View]
467904386>he isn't using an mx518 right now Get the fuck out my /v/[View]
467910285After Aerisths'sth untimely death, did Tifa rise up to occasion and take care of Avalanche…[View]
467910030what is your favourite brazilian game /v/ ?[View]
467881476>Sorry, sir. Only /v/irgins who grew up playing DOS games are allowed in.…[View]
467863750What did he mean by this?[View]
467853568DMC: Was V a good addition to the cast?[View]
467908038>Fireden archive is down[View]
467904661where the FUCK is it *cough*[View]
467900119Does Azshara lay eggs?[View]
467909884Do kids today still play MMOs?[View]
467909687Hello! I am Claptrap from the Borderlands series![View]
467909534>try the NES games on The Switch >get destroyed >tfw not good enough to play Boomer games…[View]
467909680Vidya with this feel?[View]
467884928COME AND DRAW /V/: https://skribbl.io/?mIAMdoScYp time to have fun[View]
467908278What’s your favourite New Vegas weapon? I haven’t found anything good.[View]
467893034What if Reimu was in Smash[View]
467909810is this considered to be good character design?[View]
467908805Xbox Live Bans: Is it possible to get banned for unrelated activity. I.e. if Microsoft learns that y…[View]
467909654As a straight male, I declare that... I love Yusuke![View]
467908227>someone posts the entire tails scat comic >mods and jannies don't care this board is fuc…[View]
467908360Geno is Kino[View]
467909179Sup ya'll, it's me.[View]
467909545Reminder because of Pokémon removing Pokémon there will be Pokémon that appear is Smash Bros but not…[View]
467909118Post only the most satisfying final bosses[View]
467909347Panzer Dragoon Saga >>>>>>>>> FF7[View]
467909075>bloodstained thread im struggling with the map at 99.80% so post your maps below if your stuck t…[View]
467902869>The Way Home starts playing[View]
467907349Name a flaw[View]
467905081Games that invoke primal fear in you?[View]
467905987Psychonauts Thread: I just 100%'d it. Great game. Are you hype for the sequel?[View]
467908210Do you wanna play naked fun, anon?[View]
467908268*wins you every game for the low, low price of $5.00 USD*[View]
467884343>Pull up a chair Anon, next round is about to start![View]
467908585>He doesn’t back up all his legally purchased games with pirated copies just in case steam/xbox/p…[View]
467891815Opinions on this game?[View]
467888897Would you ever actually marry a video game character over a real person?[View]
467908453After Aerisths'sth untimely death, did Tifa rise up to occasion and take care of Avalanche…[View]
467891630ITT: We post bullshit boss fights[View]
467908462I doubt you could even imagine it[View]
467907447ITT: God tier vidya trailers https://youtu.be/p9vXzCV4g4s[View]
467908480A reminder that Cow Cow did nothing wrong[View]
467905452Nina will never, ever be in CTRNF[View]
467908303We're half way through 2019, and we still don't have a good Avatar game.[View]
467892825Cities you always wanted to visit in video games.[View]
467903702why fallout new vegas > all fallout: well? WELL?[View]
467905170is this worth $10?: Gamestop has this for $10 on 360. I haven't found a lot of good JRPGs for 3…[View]
467901938What are some popular characters that never got their own game?[View]
467906121There used to be a hentai image board or booru or a doujin site that used this Ren character as its …[View]
467907914Why was her awakening so cringy[View]
467907424Devil may run up on a nigga[View]
467900714It was a bad game. Even for its time. It's because of a Link to the Past that we're still …[View]
467904000Will there ever be a good jimmy neutron game[View]
467906518I literaly cant wait[View]
467905171>it's ape escape but all the monkeys are gay >the lead monkey has to look like donald tru…[View]
467889130Has any franchise introduced since fucking Smash 64 had this much of a slam-dunk choice for its seri…[View]
467906314Was the Slowdown on PS3 THAT bad?[View]
467906760Echani mating rituals.[View]
467906303S-0-Y-BergPunk 2077: What Went Wrong?[View]
467907297Genshin Impact: BOTW has officially been defeated.[View]
467906000Well, /v/?[View]
467897909Alone I stand, in this miserable void of a thread... Amid Evil[View]
467876387How do I make my city look nice?[View]
467902872Is it sad to say that this is the game i've been most excited to play in recent years?[View]
467902492Stop buying remakes.[View]
467904271Post Best Armor Only: Lets see'm. What are some of the best armors you've seen?[View]
467907218So after playing as Leon I started the second run with Claire. This seems to be pretty much the same…[View]
467895717How would you describe Mail?[View]
467905836Am I the only one playing this? Feels pretty lonely, Pokemon Go exploded and I wanted to re-live see…[View]
467901729What's your favorite JRPG dungeon?[View]
467906449How would you make a video game based on Tails Gets Trolled?[View]
467904150Do you think we will get GTA6 on current gen?[View]
467870843>Distributed as freeware by the US Airforce Ayy[View]
467824735DMCA/Mario Royale Thread: >What is this ? Mario Battle Royale that got fucked by Nintendo, now ca…[View]
467882801Rebecca > Claire, Jill, Ada[View]
467882195What's the shittiest, most forced Mario Kart Stage, and why is it Baby Park?[View]
467903887I'm in love bros.[View]
467901213SGDQ 2019: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick Now: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Later: I forgot…[View]
467906357This dude looks like Sasuke Uchiha... Look at his eyes and face.[View]
467905720i want to fuck this dog's pussy with doggysyle and lick her fluffy asshole.[View]
467904783MONSTER HUNTER: So anyone find the closed path in the new map yet? they said it will be the largest …[View]
467873149There isn't a single good multiplayer FPS out right now[View]
467905425ITT: things we wish our video game friends would say: >tfw no fighting game buddy that I can exha…[View]
467897758Cloud loves Aerith: Deal with it Tifacucks.[View]
467904843Be honest /v/, how excited were you when you saw him? the crowd at the E3 literally cheered.[View]
467905072Name a better horror game released in the last 10 years. I'll wait.[View]
467904146Just picked up a pink DS Lite to play on since I haven't owned a fully functioning DS Lite sinc…[View]
467903515what was his fucking problem?[View]
467902186Whats the point of this?[View]
467901851why are americans addicted to FPS games?[View]
467903310ITT: Awful designs[View]
467888080This is a Cloud x Aerith thread. I just wanted to let you people know that the FF7 remake WILL bring…[View]
467901980Name a more bromantic moment in any media Go on, I'll wait[View]
467870631>game has 2 wikis[View]
467904980>is literally the best character in the game That's gonna be $5.99 bro.…[View]
467896309Have you been a responsible and honest deliveryman today, /v/?[View]
467902365mario: dude, i fucking love mario & luigi[View]
467894541I can keep this up all day, Gabe[View]
467897782Noone: Nobody: Not a single person: Bowser: Time to steal the princess again![View]
467894191Robocop (the 80s one) has now replaced the protagonist of the last game you played. How much better …[View]
467893554How is it possible for such a high selling, big budget studio to be so amateur?[View]
467890742Hellblade or Plague Tale: Which one should I get? I understand theyre both glorified walking simulat…[View]
467904180>mfw you get an FOE in your Etrian Odyssey thread[View]
467887379>no, it's like a game but without any of the gameplay Why are walking sim fags so delusional…[View]
467902871Kassandra is my wife.[View]
467901375>Knuckles: 'Man how'r we gonna defeat Eggman’s army?' >Blaze stands behind everyone twidd…[View]
467901515ITT:Your idea for a new game: >Bullet hell where you play as a bacterium that has to dodge antibo…[View]
467903716I'm in love[View]
467903346Still trying to wrap my head around it: >Banjo, Mario, Snake, Joker, Pacman, Cloud, Bayonetta, Me…[View]
467903114Hey Peter, spell icup[View]
467895272What are some legit good channels about video games? Don't post people that you like because th…[View]
467881878Smash Bros: Well /v/, who are they?[View]
467903313Please deposit 5 coins[View]
467894456Make it Vidya related.[View]
467894269Det är det enda ni gör på dagarna Ni sitter där i Ventrilo och spelar DotA[View]
467901073SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Next: Uncharted: Drake…[View]
467903306Is it just me or is this game too faithful to the original? You can't control camera with right…[View]
467897498Is this accurate?[View]
467902285What are your favorite Vidya-related presents that you got on Christmas ? i remember when i got Poke…[View]
467894289Alright, /v/, time for a few rounds of Misuterii High with your pals. Join up and we'll start w…[View]
467902589Post excellent character design[View]
467897442I saw in a video that it's actually recommended to play this on easy for your first playthru du…[View]
467903020What's a better entry into the series, X or Future Tone DX? I tried Future Tone demo and it was…[View]
467901265Legitimately the best console ever made.[View]
467901470THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!! XD[View]
467900712>Noob players looking for more for a team in pvp game because its too hard to solo as a noob >…[View]
467892269Fantasy RPG's with SHIT LOADSA Classes?: Dearest /v/, I'm in the market for a Fantasy RPG…[View]
467899123Nuts and Bolts Jinjo pisses me off.: >Was playing Nuts and Bolts >Overall thoughts: Its a soli…[View]
467902417https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBgXH7eyRo4 Still gives me goosebumps. Post late 90's / early 2…[View]
467902595>American Venom starts playing[View]
467898953Next MK dlc[View]
467893481>you can only state that either Jeanette was lying or that Therese is a horrible person for killi…[View]
467899395>mfw i watched 3 E3 events go by with no excitement for 95% of the games. >too many side scrol…[View]
467899807So you have a video game idea for me?[View]
467899170hey ervyone whats up gam-boys[View]
467897674What’s /v/‘s favourite sports vidya? For me, pic related. Simply the best baseball vidya to ever exi…[View]
467892590P5 > P4 > P3[View]
467898975Who was this character designed to appeal to?[View]
467898652The materia system has been scapped: I'm really trying to give this thing a chance, but I doubt…[View]
467894057Zoomers will never ever know the feel of having a lan party with the bros[View]
467891621Who are your favorite female villains in video games[View]
467899675super nep rpg: so.. is it even worse than anticipated? because it looked like dogshit and still doe…[View]
467898603Perturbing games: What are the most perturbing games /v/ has played[View]
467901321What's been your favorite speed run so far, /v/? How would you rank Day 2 of GDQ?[View]
467895913why are there no good videogames?[View]
467892727>announce 3 months ago that you're abandoning the game ''''''…[View]
467900993>gays and trans need to die right now No one cares that you are mentally ill and don't want …[View]
467900979Why hasn't this faggot finished Destruction Darius 2?[View]
467895324Someone is waiting for you on level 100 in the skull cavern[View]
467890441>turn based gameplay >it's not based at all…[View]
467895153Magia record: Who’s playing this?[View]
467836808Let's have a comfy Switch thread[View]
467895437Kayne and Lynch 2 Dog Days: This game is a pleb filter and it's unironically great. As a third …[View]
467897685sgdq: sgdq metroid >https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick >https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule…[View]
467900726You guys hyped for pic related? Sony really does have the best exclusives and I cant wait to buy a P…[View]
467898702Okuruma' palace has the best theme[View]
467893895The greatest vehicle added to the first mario maker is NOT Available in the 3D WORLD style in 2. ARE…[View]
467898046>Kiryu needs to pay hostesses to get some action >Yagami actually gets girlfriends The virgin …[View]
467898132The post game content is excellent[View]
467892635What does the N stand for?[View]
467897693If you don't put checkpoints in, I ain't playing your level my dude.[View]
467899997>Teleport behind you Whatcha playing anon?[View]
467888547Warriors are bitches XIV: Admit it, the only reason Warrior mains aren't the worst is because G…[View]
467855880APOLOGIZE: https://www.pcgamesn.com/diablo-4/blizzcon-2019[View]
467897384Should I give the water chip to the ghouls or just go straight to vault 13?[View]
467882429CTR thread.[View]
467897312Who was in the wrong here?[View]
467897562Where is he ArcSys[View]
467896342DOOM 2 map 17 stuck on blue key!: love this level but can't figure out how to cross this gap. a…[View]
467896323What's the best cheap 3rd party controller for switch?[View]
467897931is it still possible to play phantasy star online 2 on the vita ?[View]
467888153Honest to god, Why haven't we seen more from the Bethesda store? It's been years now. They…[View]
467895836I really enjoy collectively shitting on games with you guys. It's a lot of fun. Everywhere else…[View]
467840729What killed the MMORPG genre?[View]
467878824What are your major gripes with this game? What do you think this game lacks that can be improved up…[View]
467895814Super Mario World: MS PAINT BOWSER[View]
467894647What characters in smash do you think doomguy would and wouldn't get along with Like if he met …[View]
467896992Best horror game of the decade don't @ me[View]
467897901>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
467891325>Add someone on steam >Profile and game list are private Do some anons do this and if so, why…[View]
467895710can anyone help me figure out this game I played as a kid?: It was a puzzle game where you had to gu…[View]
467893226Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon not autosaged edition Now: Metroid Prime 1 Next: Metroid Prime…[View]
467897352Da hymen[View]
467856962Bloodstained: >Best Boss >Worst Boss >Best hat >Best area >Worst area >Best bullet…[View]
467878553What do you think of Judgment so far?[View]
467892316Why do Japs (besides SNK Playmore and those who sell in Playism) hate the idea of DRM-free releases?[View]
467895713>add normies from work on Steam to play shit like B1944 and RL >have to play my hentai games o…[View]
467891923Things that you'll be glad is gone in the remake. >Pressing that fucking button with Tifa an…[View]
467892643Please be quiet. Link is sleeping...[View]
467878586Battlestations Thread: An afternoon delight battlestation thread.[View]
467894915minecraft story mode getting delisted: So is it worth downloading before its gone forever? I like th…[View]
467892636>try to enter a well populated community server >banned.m4a >check the sever's website…[View]
467892672Gamer will kill Gamer Spilling Cheetos across the land Shilling for corporations Something I don…[View]
467893748The Sims: Do you want another open world Sims like The Sims 3?[View]
467891962Here's your successor to New Vegas bro[View]
467844223Well, isn't she?[View]
467879029>loved Fallout 1 >hated Fallout 2 I can't be the only one…[View]
467887902What PC games have the best female muscle mods?[View]
467883218Glory kills ruined Doom.[View]
467894452Any of you zoomers playing Castlevania: Requiem?[View]
467889616should i buy Bloodstained?[View]
467888418here's 20-year-old Tina: Sfm animators you may proceed[View]
467895407>Read Umineko before I was done with Higurashi AH! ZEN ZEN DAME DA![View]
467892376Why aren't there more games where you can betray humanity and become a monster alongside your w…[View]
467895249Only girls and trannies read Visual Novels stop reading those weeb shit and play real games[View]
467891390Hey there, friends! Handsome Jack here. Just wanted to remind you all that we are but a few months a…[View]
467895001Business idea. Tell me what ya think: ~GI: General Investments~ >Open app/website >Invest mon…[View]
467894890I unironically enjoyed the combat in Hyrule Warriors more than the combat in Dark Souls 3 especially…[View]
467884857ITT: it will never ever get better >devs will never stop outsourcing crucial work to overseas…[View]
467893216>dr halsey >im ONI[View]
467893274I want doomguy inside of me and I hope that people hyped about the new game will indirectly supply m…[View]
467894820THE ARCANA[View]
467877883How did it retain soul?[View]
467886556that feel when you reach a plateau in fighting games you can't break out of[View]
467877616This shouldn't be happening, bros. You all told me this game has SOUL. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
467893871I know someone else here has played this: I can’t be the only one here I know someone else fucked wi…[View]
467891881Hehe get fucked hk shills, i have no reason to get that game now[View]
467894228Tgc is a meme please meme it: https://discord.gg/q2eqUW9[View]
467894139Utawarerumono: Do people still care about this series? New game announced.[View]
4678899692019... I am forgotten...[View]
467890987How is this game for kids? Wouldn't soccer moms get mad at all the devil stuff?[View]
467892075you did pick up your copy of judgement, right /v/?[View]
467893105What are some RPGs with interesting stories that I can run on a shit laptop? I'm stuck living o…[View]
467888074ITT: Games only you played[View]
4678044143DS Thread: Are you still playing your 3DS?[View]
467888670Whats a really COMFY game?[View]
467890779Games for this feel?[View]
467892876overwatch: >be me >enjoy overwatch >have good game so far >tumbleweed.mp4 >it's …[View]
467893134How does combat like this not make you seethe if you're playing on regular. My enemy randomly t…[View]
467890036what's the 'nine inch nails' of videogames?[View]
467885749Ok, bullet round, the category is 'Games That Autists Play'. I need games that make you go 'damn you…[View]
467888591What video games do the elderly play?[View]
467888805The last character you played as gets dominated by soldier, writte him a line[View]
467892094Stocking up on indictments? How honourable of you.[View]
467888180Is there any point to buying this game at launch? There won’t be any good levels online right? Also …[View]
467890682Space engine thread[View]
467864207HALT!: Only the greatest and mightiest vidya songs may enter. All others will be eradicated![View]
467891559where the fuck are the steam sales?[View]
467892678WARHAMMER 40000 ARCADE FIGHTER: Today v, you are gonna make a warhammer 40k arcade fighter. gameplay…[View]
467889710This shit even good?, I just bought it yesterday and have yet to play it[View]
467886773https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd3M0wAEtEg Another black man dead in video gaming. What's goin…[View]
467890453>See a cool trailer for a game >Thinking about getting it >Decide to do some research >B…[View]
467890547What the fuck this is awesome[View]
467885337Black Mesa Xen: https://youtu.be/IzR3vllw6O0 Thoughts on new Black Mesa Xen Footage?[View]
467887327ITT: Post your idle animation[View]
467887979SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon popped cherry edition Now: Metroid Prime 1 Next: Me…[View]
467885586>jungle level >African drum music starts playing…[View]
467884585Time to settle this, vote for /v/'s all time favorite gaming franchise https://allourideas.org/…[View]
467891827It's not too late for a Miku monday thread What's your favorite project diva/mirai game?[View]
467808182SUPER MARIO MAKER 2: Who is ready for the gaming world to be renewed with Super Mario Maker 2?…[View]
467891749SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon tranny time is here edition Now: Metroid Prime 1 Ne…[View]
467891525>game has extremely low fov >can't be changed…[View]
467889382What games have the best Hell levels? You better tell me quick before I eat your soul.[View]
467885008What is the best crafting, building, and surviving game out there?[View]
467887974Has anyone actually played any of this? Finished it? Curious on thoughts since I'm never playin…[View]
467840741Play Guild Wars[View]
467887954I just want to go fast[View]
467891392Which version of CTR should I get?: I'm doubting a lot on this one, I really want to get the Sw…[View]
467885462>we need our game to look futuristic[View]
467872676uh why was this as big of a deal as it was?[View]
467890993ITT: Nintendokino[View]
467879865Name my band, /v/. Also where are you logging out before early access?[View]
467891114If you play casual games you're a normie retard[View]
467878079What are my vita bros playing?[View]
467887242Comfy Mordhau thread. Post kniggs.[View]
467881807The worst type of gamers: >People who complain about balance in a single player games…[View]
467889310Game soundtracks that elicit the same kind of feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCEdBQLp7GQ[View]
467889402How did Daigo achieve that level of focus?[View]
467888521I love Selene![View]
467883304Black Mesa: Xen - Official gameplay: looks like kino is back on menu, and with a totally different s…[View]
467883065What Mini Bosses do you want in BOTW 2?[View]
467890031Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong[View]
467888516So is this shit just dead? Post games that had potential then vanished[View]
467863434Are you going to play her game?[View]
467889756>final boss is revealed to actually be you >and you are revealed to be the final boss >you …[View]
467886121Can we get some driftin going? http://driftin.io/?l=ALXJJJXJOXYJ-0 Babby mode: >Racer Very easy: …[View]
467890148>Why yes, I did spend my evening downloading panty textures for AA2[View]
467864586it won't fit in your wallet right now, so let's put it back: the game[View]
467832652/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467740069 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467885647Now that Banjo got in, is he the last necessary fan-favorite request left?[View]
467889758>Vidya cosplay porn >They take off the entire costume 3 minutes into it…[View]
467883932>DMC coming to Switch for the first time >fucking historical event in the making >most requ…[View]
467886384What happened to this nigga? His game actually looked FUN[View]
467889424Based localizations[View]
467889464fightstick thread: Post your fightstick /v/[View]
467882339Anime Murder Mystery: Alright, /v/, time for a few rounds of Misuterii High with your pals. Join up …[View]
467889419Why does a honorable samurai have a revolver? Where's the honor in that?[View]
467884065I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that the new prime game will …[View]
467885669The new Pokemon game on Switch looks good. I don't get why everyone shits on it...[View]
467876286Why are obsidiots so attached to this ONE game?[View]
467887453Remember N+?[View]
467888650What are some good games where I can jump off bridges?[View]
467883246was it worth it?[View]
467886002Pocky & Rocky: Holy shit, this game is fun. Any other games like that I should play when I fini…[View]
467881920mariofoot: mariofoot[View]
467856101What's your dream musou, /v/? I unironically want Mushroom Kingdom Warriors[View]
467885997How can any other girl in the Mana series compete?[View]
467888960You are becoming hysterical.[View]
467886258The most powerful robot of all time challenges the MC of the last game you played to a duel to the d…[View]
467887932Imagine this: Imagine back in the day for super nintendo. You had $60 to spend on a new game. Instea…[View]
467888549Super Cutman![View]
467888531/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467832652 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467846964Do you guys actually like Cloud? Like as a character[View]
467875178What are you hoping for?[View]
467888386Do you guys like 2B? Like, as a character.[View]
467886586Who was in the wrong here?[View]
467887352>IVE >SEEN >FOOTAGE…[View]
467887714Is this the most difficult From Software game ever made?[View]
467883394Post cool cover art.[View]
467888240Hi there, I'm the best Yu-gi-oh game ever made.[View]
467887419>game has enemies with attack pattern complexity and defensive capabilities of the player >mai…[View]
467888161League of Legends org: Looking for League of Legends players to join a newly founded org (click the …[View]
467881347mario maker ver. 2: so are night themes still tied to those shitty gimmicks?[View]
467888050I love Xion![View]
467863832So who's next?[View]
467885269Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon metroid finally edition Now: Metroid Prime 1 Next: Metroid Pri…[View]
467887292What are some Christian video games?[View]
467881554why is peach so angry[View]
467869301anyone else really enjoy taking vidya screenshots? is it a boomer thing?[View]
467887747Steam Summer (Pre-)Sale Thread: Steam pre-sale thread! What're you looking for? What're yo…[View]
467875294Thoughts on his inclusion? Also, DBD thread[View]
467882092Last time I asked the thread died. I really really want to know, I want to get a warriors game so sh…[View]
467881271>Yes, I'll take one copy of SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE™ for the Nintendo Switch. Hold the bay…[View]
467886327you guys are alright dont go to peach's castle tomorrow[View]
467885235Oh shit here we go again[View]
467885748Have you played zeno clash?[View]
467876181Which Monster-Catching GEIMU will you buy anon ?: you DO have a switch, right ?[View]
467876593I've only had a gaming PC for a couple years so I wouldn't know. Why did Steam sales used …[View]
467887117Other then this, is there an actual good Isekai game?[View]
467887116What went wrong?: >More weapons than halo 3 >Can carry more than 2 guns >Has AI bots unlike…[View]
467882202Summer sale is here now, so I have a quick question >Deus Ex 1 for 97 cents or >DE, Invisible …[View]
467885787Is there a videogame where a random mook managed to survive the players killing spree? like a lowlev…[View]
467875443>make mega hit game >make enough profit to compete with other companies that have the market b…[View]
467885031Are they finally waking up? Who knew that you couldn't only sell service based games and expect…[View]
467883778ITT: racism in video games[View]
467879680Dragon Age: Origins is GOAT for RPGs. Will Dragon Age: Origins ever be topped?[View]
467886378What are some games that are redpilled on war and conflict as a path to spiritual enlightenment? Har…[View]
467881557What are some good games that only boomers play?[View]
467885596How would you fix this game? I'd remove more than half the moons, like talking to an npc, carry…[View]
467886105Just finished Genesis. The quality seriously fucking dips after the Isaac saga, but everything befor…[View]
467885638Sam and Max: You think we'll ever get another game, little buddy?[View]
467848245Why does dabbing on these boomers feel so satisfying? Is it because it feels like I'm burying t…[View]
467885871Fact: All games made by Bioware suck and are baby first RPGs[View]
467880717What are games with this aesthetic?[View]
467883320Why did it die so quick?[View]
467879936Why are Yuki-onnas in vidya so cute and innocent ?: Aren't they supposed to be evil ?[View]
467882514Gex Remaster Trilogy When?: Well? Everyone else has had their time to shine recently, why not the mo…[View]
467882820Mario and Luigi RPG: Are any of these worth to play in 2019? I played pic related when I was a kid a…[View]
467881718What drives a man to play 6000 hours of the same game?[View]
467885672>steam update queued >it's just a pre-patch FUCK…[View]
467876172This game is fucking good, what the fuck[View]
467879012Wow New Vegas is a actual place called Las Vegas! Did you know that /v/?[View]
467879862What went wrong?[View]
467881543Sorry Smashfags, looks like we're getting Doomguy first.[View]
467864534Cut three, the rest will stay.[View]
467885389Darknut: >tfw darknuy[View]
467884978Buy Ikumi's game.[View]
467880525SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon just one more hour edition Now: Borderlands 2 (3 ho…[View]
467885315>game has optional boss fights[View]
467885216Great WWII RPG: >fun map >Can intercept enemy logistics >Bomb enemy bases to death >Hav…[View]
467878874FeMCs like Ryza should become commonplace.[View]
467881694>confirmed superior to all its influences Where were you when based China revolutionised mobile g…[View]
467885023Games from the Graveyard: Games from the graveyard you dug up to play, what are they /v/?[View]
467837916Warcraft 3 reforged: Wtf is wrong with that archer[View]
467884772What are some JRPGs where the main character isn't the 'guy with a sword'/warrior/DPS archetype…[View]
467877851about to play this for the first time any tips?[View]
467882150gaming laptop: Hey all, Im looking to buying the best 15' gaming laptop out there. Currently have a …[View]
467879845Is this game as bad as everyone said it was?[View]
467884547I'm done fighting.[View]
467884640Anyone else really enjoy this game?[View]
467882508Vidya cringe thread[View]
467881382When is he going to jail?[View]
467884520noko: Does anyone know what mod that these are from?[View]
467884349He hasn't appeared in a new Zelda game in nearly 13 years. How likely is it that SJWs are going…[View]
467877761What's her full name?[View]
467882957Is this the only instance where the Amano art is better than the in-game design?[View]
467869307Why aren't revenge plots more common in video games? Call of Juarez, God of War, Kingdom Come, …[View]
467875940me and the boys playing hide-and-seek with link on the moon[View]
467871602The Dragon Quest Newcomers Guide™: >I Crusty Play on NES for the full archaic experience or GBC i…[View]
467878173ITT: SOUL[View]
467853954/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Randomized: LAST TIME >Greil fucking died >Ike, our cu…[View]
467882397>that feel when you subjugate Twitch Streamers to your insanely difficult levels and watch them R…[View]
4678840062019.... I..... am forgotten.....[View]
467878150All the PSP needed was a Resident Evil and a port of it would have been the GOAT handheld[View]
467875956WHEN does it get good?[View]
467880083Anybody still fap to these gals from 2001?[View]
467880486Ah... the child of Bhaal has finally awoken. It is time for more BG2 thread[View]
467882837Heh I was holding back both times kiddo[View]
467879235OMG Animah tiddies! Seriously. Why the fuck do people eat this western 3d porn shit up so much?[View]
467877043Reminder that Deus Ex is now dead so that this capeshit game that even journalists at E3 couldn…[View]
467882751Games that deserved better: I still miss this one sometimes, what games do you guys wish were still …[View]
467883132law, neutral or chaos?[View]
467879626Why don’t they make good Tony Hawk games anymore?[View]
467883125Romero is gonna make you his cannoli.[View]
467835312Tonight's the night. rumor of update soon and summer updates happen before steam sales[View]
467872802Opinions on Mass Effect: Andromeda: Now that the dust has settled, what do you guys think of ME: And…[View]
467882852Never played kid: Post games from your childhood that you never played.[View]
467882843Are there any games that lived up to their concept art?: I was looking at some REmake2 concept art a…[View]
467882024Which soulsborne has the best soundtrack [spoilers]there is only 1 right answer[/spoilers][View]
467872994HELP! Is there a Torchlight/Diablo game which also has Character Creation? I wanna' have an RPG…[View]
467822909World War Z: >2 mln copies sold, 700k on PC, EGS is the top digital platform,: HOW COULD HAPPEN S…[View]
467877708https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/learn-japanese-to-survive-trilogy Is it worth it?[View]
467881446Does /v/ play Minecraft?[View]
467880715Did gamers in 2005 want games from the 90s remade? What went so horribly wrong in the last decade? I…[View]
467882249Haha: >Masuda calls up Aonuma. >Requests an urgent meeting with him, Aonuma agrees. >He…[View]
467875021Let's all laugh at the sportsfags.[View]
467880750ITT: battlestation thread?[View]
467882048https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2H9jt8Hfv0 games for this feel?[View]
467880934The FFVII Remake looks awesome. Have you gotten your pre-order yet?[View]
467880853Measurements: Can you name any /a/ or /v/ girls’ measurements off the top of your head? How do they …[View]
467881721Why does dabbing on these virgins feel so satisfying? Is it because it feels like I'm burying t…[View]
467881925Oh trust me, there's more than one way to realise the legend. I WANNA BE A SUPER SAIYAN! I WAN…[View]
467873452The Good Old Days: Remember those days of being a teenager, playing Vice City? Man I miss those days…[View]
467881421Kazooie: Look at her go, haha[View]
467879206Is it happening tomorrow?[View]
467868772Weird Mario 3 rom: I downloaded this off the internet, and it is pretty much a shitty rom hack of Su…[View]
467881356This is a top 10 game of the decade. Based Terraria.[View]
467863210WoW Dev AMA [Real]: I have some information about upcoming World of Warcraft information that you mi…[View]
467881343It Just Works Song: I'm sure a lot of people here have already seen this judging by how fast th…[View]
467878954Where do I go to meet gamers who are not soiboiz? I am a boomer aged gamer but I still enjoy gaming …[View]
467826534>play original quake, doom, and even fucking doom 3 >backpedal a lot when attacking enemies …[View]
467880694jesus christ the assassins guild is a bunch oif incompetent shits two assassins one after the other …[View]
467880594What am i into? law, neutral or chaos¡[View]
467880252I just finished Cadence of Hyrule, it was a fun little game. A little short and easy but enjoyable n…[View]
467875910I have beaten this game on Nightmare, on an N64. Ask me anything.[View]
467873883SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon THIS IS TORTURE edition Now: Borderlands 2 (3 hours…[View]
467878901ITT: unpopular opinions: I actually really liked the cartoon-y graphics. Though to be fair, I also r…[View]
467877190So how long until this becomes Epic exclusive?[View]
467879060Sonic DBZ crossover would you like this to happen /v/?[View]
467878012Is Switch saving videogames?[View]
467879547press F to pay respects[View]
467878048Insurgency Sandstorm: Man, what the fuck is up with this game? It just has these weird problems for …[View]
467880058Are there any games about kidnapping people? More specifically ones where you are the one doing the …[View]
467880030Who's playing Misuterii High tonight?[View]
467878295Warcraft 3 Reforged... home[View]
467879851COD: Remember these days? >one team starts losing, entire team quits >nukeboosting >aimbott…[View]
467871176fuck, why is she so perfect /v/?[View]
467870653Just started this: What am I in for boys?[View]
467865670Your favourite puzzle/logic games[View]
467879781>tfw first time fighting Quadraxis[View]
467867473why arent you playing GTA online right now?[View]
467877026Post your vidya ideas I drew pic related. It's a post apocalyptic survival games with monsters …[View]
467878426whats the point of having the epoch if chrono and freinds can still go to all the different time per…[View]
467876615Is this worth getting or not?[View]
467878620Show me the /v/idya music that gets your blood pumping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7YmF0TGNs4…[View]
467856225Crash CTR: >coin system is a completely pointless fortnite-level time-gated piece of shit >jum…[View]
467876831go to hell stupid fucking snowbound veto this shit you assholes goddammitevery1pressxthismapisfuckin…[View]
467839589>with Ridley, K. Rool, and Banjo in these are the new trio of Never Evers We at the bottom of the…[View]
467879112Vidya speculation thread: Would /v/ want a vidya about Green Arrow doing crazy combos with various t…[View]
467877141What did they mean by this?[View]
467878760Features you hope for in future smash updates?: No rosterfaggotry, just game mode and shit. As for m…[View]
467876712Tifa = giant bouncy boobs: THIS is Tifa. Notice the GIANT BOUNCY BOOBS. Okay? That's how you sp…[View]
467872535Am buying a laptop without much storage, can I play games off these things without issues, or will I…[View]
467861616Let's talk about the upcoming video game expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers which rele…[View]
467877869Stages and places like this had so much soul. A creepy unsettling vibe, yet cool and mysterious. No…[View]
467877513Vidya games where you and your friends can feel like this?[View]
467867074Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
467877681Should I play this shit ?[View]
467868858Why is this the only game I’ve happily played more than a few times? Any one else just really like D…[View]
467877516Black Mesa: Xen gameplay released https://youtu.be/IzR3vllw6O0[View]
467876725I wish team ninja would do something with the njnja gaiden series instead of whoring out the girls t…[View]
467872512>communism sucks, and all we've got left is capitalism, there is no such thing as a third op…[View]
467876907How did Nintendo create the best open world game ever made?[View]
467877183I'm tired of playing as human meatbags in games. What are some games where I can be a monster/c…[View]
467871270MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
467876748Why don't we have more games set in Mexico?: Super Mario Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption, Guacamel…[View]
467870607What do they eat?[View]
467869364Elder Scrolls movie plot >no reference to lore beyond superficial surface level race differences …[View]
467876150u have 10 seconds to prove ur a veteran gamer![View]
467872895I just played this for the first time. This game has the most soul I've ever experienced in a v…[View]
467871313Crash Nitro PS1 mode?: /v/ I just need a quick answer, does this game let you change the graphics to…[View]
467868509Doom 2016: What made it so good?[View]
467870191I'm downloading nickalodeon games for my nephew and I only want to get on of the odd parents ga…[View]
467872878Aside from being the best Tales game in the series, why did Vesperia also have the best skits?[View]
467876189So...uh..you play the vidya, eh?[View]
467871146Scream a Megaman song[View]
467864178>hype dead You thought you did, but you really didn't.[View]
467874756This is WA2000, say something nice about her.[View]
467854335RESIDENT EVIL: What would you do in this situation?[View]
467873560Games that let you be a really big demon daddy?[View]
467872402Talk To Transformer: Talk to Transformer We always get cool shit out of the bot, and I am always up …[View]
467849001What's your favorite element for your character, /v/?[View]
467874565Are we getting a new christian whitehead sonic game any time soon?[View]
467870671cutfags are the worst kind of smashfags prove me wrong[View]
467876001Hidden Gems: I'll start with Gregory Horror Show.[View]
467875937Would they be friends?[View]
467873696Hey anon my name is street do you like my game?[View]
467875821I want a good Fairy Tail game.[View]
467873104First time playing this game and I'm 20 hours in. Is it supposed to feel this grindy or am I re…[View]
467875768whats the point of having the epoch if chrono and freinds can still go to all the different time per…[View]
467874137Woah...so this is the power...of Kojima...[View]
467875710Is Splatoon a loot shooter?: Just got to A rank, feel like I'm struggling with my mix matched g…[View]
467865048Is this the worst DLC for FNV?[View]
467875619>Case 3, Trial 2 >One bar of credibility left >Asked for the motive >'I can prove it' …[View]
467874317Nintendo opening new retail store: Anyone plan on checking this one out? I live in Canada and have v…[View]
467874221Post characters that would cry upon getting invited to Smash.[View]
467874303What's a fun touhou game that runs well on Windows 10? Bonus points if this cutie is in it[View]
467875216what are some games where the weather can kill you?[View]
467870940Will we ever get a vidya show of comparable quality again? Why do they all suck?[View]
467868694What do you think of Tarkatans being good guys now?[View]
467875128Minecraft mods: I want a modded minecraft thats cozy, comfy, and calming to play. What is the best v…[View]
467873604Atelier Lulua: I picked this up in anticipation of Ryza. Never played an Atelier game before, what t…[View]
467875116Uh all the grotuesqe posters or roster fags as i like to call them get off this board its a real fan…[View]
467870254I just got a Switch with smash and I was looking for more games to play on it. I was going to get Sp…[View]
467874879Unironically what are some games: I'm lonely and horny and want to try some VNs because there…[View]
467871507My name is Cloud! I have a sword.[View]
467874692Vidya DJ thread: Use rave to make a mashup involving 1 game song and 1 regular song. Post masterpiec…[View]
467870895>Hey, I have an idea! Lets all go see the princess's wedding dress! Ummmmmm..... What?…[View]
467847817What are your thoughts on children today growing up with characters like this?[View]
467873840If you didn't veto this shit you're a fag.[View]
467873749Games with sexy revolvers[View]
467864057What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
467873776Are you a real gamer?[View]
467870865>Crossfire back in 08, didn't even knew it still existed >World of tanks casually from ti…[View]
467863719Bloodstained: The Switch can barely run this game... Now I understand the frustration people have wi…[View]
467871357Skyrim skin color mod: Hey anons, is there a skin color mod for high-elves anywhere for Skyrim SE? I…[View]
467872642Why did OOT look worse than a Pokemon spinoff?[View]
467862125Games where power level equates to size of enemy?[View]
467870515What do you think the next Legend of Zelda game should be like?[View]
467873683iTT best moms in vidya[View]
467865942Is video game addiction a real thing /v/? Are you addicted to video games?[View]
467866487What do they eat?[View]
467873571Post Kino[View]
467866880SGDQ 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon kill me now edition Now: Borderlands 2 (3 hours btw…[View]
467866451I'm gonna have a kid soon. Do I kick his ass at vidya until he gets good or let him win so he d…[View]
467873282What the fuck was his problem[View]
467865510can games be art?[View]
467871410SO HERE I AM[View]
467872138I’m gonna buy a PS2 this weekend off eBay and could use game Recommendations. So far I’ve got Silent…[View]
467872109>game has a pro-war message[View]
467868742Hello /v/. I’m looking for sailors.[View]
467872951How long do you think it would take for Square to remake FFVI?[View]
467868985Why did her inclusion in Smash make westernfags seethe so much?[View]
467870002>game lets you wield big fucking swords[View]
467867443OH NO NO NO NO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj2flC2cEak[View]
467867505PS1: What is the best emulator out there?[View]
467868549Do you guys like Emiya-kun? Like as a character?[View]
467868579>you on that switch kid?...yeah I remember when I had the mindset of a 10 year old…[View]
467869956what is this thing? I spent five minutes poking it with a paper clip thinking it was the reset butto…[View]
467870572>search for game on YouTube >click video >the first two minutes are devoted to a sketch ab…[View]
467852732Monster Prom: New thread since the last one 404'd from '''unknown reasons'''[View]
467869010Heavy Rain is Out on PC: >Piratefags can't play it Where are those cracks, guys?…[View]
467866510>game is better than the source material[View]
467871798https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnMxQxjbLZs HERESY IS BACK ON THE MENU[View]
467858294Just booting this up for the first time. What should I expect?[View]
467862378Silent Hill thread: I want to get into the series, so I want to emulate the first game. I heard that…[View]
467868901What's going to happen when people actually find out that Sephiroth isn't a 'whiny crying …[View]
467858624>toadette is anti-union wtf[View]
467863634I’m almost done with Dragon Quest 4, and I’m planning on playing 5 since many say it is the best one…[View]
467871143if they made a new guitar hero what songs should be in?[View]
467870712MOMMY: Holy shit guys, are you ready for Shiki’a game ?[View]
467870960I don't use a single demon source, yet I still grind to get every single one of them[View]
467866975This guy comes up to you and asks if you love your girlfriend: What do you say?[View]
467869351Can my girl get some buffs?[View]
467870659Switch port when?[View]
467863551Choose your character![View]
467859990Why is this game so fucking underrated?, literally nobody ever talks about it & always circlejer…[View]
467867627>your friends wont buy yo-kai watch 4 geemu and play it with you because it isn't popular…[View]
467870759Breath of the Wild is the worst best game of all time. It has so many flaws, massive at times, but i…[View]
467870581Where the fuck is SMTV.[View]
467870571Did you watch it /v/?[View]
467870527>likable character with interesting backstory and engaging character development >stuck in a s…[View]
467870153What is up with this game? I hadn't heard about it at all until it popped up. I looked up foota…[View]
467870265Why are people making an outrage over Nessa colors? she's just tanned like pic related continua…[View]
467859794 [View]
467864068Are there any new or semi-new MMOs even worth now? I need something to dump my life into but im so …[View]
467867048>playing shooter >find and AK 74 >its 'strong' but innaccurate and moves all over the scree…[View]
467870172what's the cure for gamer AIDS?[View]
467868478Watch this and tell me it doesn't have Soul.: You can't fucking do it. https://www.youtube…[View]
467869530Why are the devs so determined to kill this game again?[View]
467870312For me, the Biggoron sword.[View]
467861409Sooooooo. Can we agree fallout 76 was magnum opus[View]
467838697ITT: cunts[View]
467869928Fortnite is the Minecraft of this generation. An inherently great game that /v/ only hates because i…[View]
467870182 [View]
467870179i made a hand painted video game: https://claypeterson.itch.io/arena what do you think[View]
467849660*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* That's all it takes for the Crimson Dawn to come into your facility and l…[View]
467870105>STILL no HD remaster of one of the best JRPGs ever made FUCK YOU SQUARE ENIX FUCK YOU FUCK YOU F…[View]
467866946I just made Nightmare King Grimm my bitch. Is there anything else to do in this game?[View]
467860578>Street Fighter goes PS4 exclusive >fails and regarded as the worst title in the series >Te…[View]
467867767Any you fags hear about GameStop’s secret new compensation plan? Did they fuck up again?[View]
467868045Why don't you enjoy JRPGs?[View]
467837591>it’s another “character is written to be as cryptic and unintelligible as possible in order to p…[View]
467862652Is this the real pleb filter?[View]
467869716you have to make a sequel. what do you do /v/?[View]
467868173Name a cuter detective. Also, 'mystery' games like this. Preferably stuff easily emulatable.[View]
467846695MYSTERYBRINGERS: are you excited what class are you rolling and tell me what class you think is gonn…[View]
467869562Should I switch from WoW to FFXIV[View]
467869534hows ps2/1 compatibility/lag. my ps2 slim makimg a grinding noise on loading screens. do i get ps3 o…[View]
467868638Is Divinity Original Sin 2 the only good D&D simulator?: It has a GM mode, does any other vidya …[View]
467839183ITT: Games LITERALLY only you played[View]
467861471Did anyone else actually like Kid? It seems like most players preferred Harle and Leena.[View]
467866478time to resub bois[View]
467868209What do they eat?[View]
467866298please reate these borders[View]
467867726What's with all the fucking Chinese memes on L4D2 workshop?[View]
467866782woke link limited edition: why haven't you pre-ordered the steelbook edition? are you retarded?…[View]
467865804>tfw you will never relive the hype for MGSV with /v/ again i miss this series bros, i really do…[View]
467868736Which is the superior game?[View]
467865323>Character leaves your party. >Takes all his equipment with him.…[View]
467859273LIBERTY CITY SOUL[View]
467867468NPD May 2019: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiLid3xs4PjAhWVcc…[View]
467868528I just want to play games online; why do I have to pay 60 bucks a year for this privilege? Also what…[View]
467868536How actually fucked are these guys?[View]
467867670Will it be included in the new Mario Maker?[View]
467865912What can the King do for ya, /v/?[View]
467868446Okay, hear my idea /v/... team final smashes[View]
467868447No such thing as sweeter a sting~[View]
467868345On copy of animal crossing deluxe on the nintendo switch please.[View]
467863089realtime strategy: Give me some RTS games to play. I want to build walls and tanks and shit.[View]
467857737Ashley is here to clean your video games.[View]
467861281You are stranded on a deserted island, but you can play any videogame of your choosing what would it…[View]
467866512He's next in Smash.[View]
467862340He's gonna take you for a ride[View]
467865191Post games that are literally impossible to defend. No bait images of popular games that you just do…[View]
467860303>that one friend who comes over to the sleep over even though he wasn’t invited…[View]
467852249Imagine, it's 2019 and some /v/ fags STILL haven't played this: https://youtu.be/ZuyUShtcn…[View]
467864625Gimme your best vidya rhyme[View]
467867842XCOM Enemy Within is such a perfect game besides the shitty story and voice acting. How could they f…[View]
467867651High quality animations[View]
467867184>Badguys' sidekick was the mastermind all along[View]
467860371Hitman Thread: New map tomorrow. I sure hope it doesn't suck.[View]
467819516Smash Bros Fighter Pass: Who will the next 2 DLC fighters be?[View]
467860710Why wasn't there an option to impregnate this witch?[View]
467859015What games are you most excited for /v/?[View]
467865613Any good games similiar to FATE?: I'm looking for a good dungeon crawler that has a similar 'to…[View]
467864276Any rpgs on the 3ds where i can be evil?[View]
467866910How does the saying go, Allah wills it?[View]
467861549SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Borderlands 2 (3 hou…[View]
467843542Windows 7 with new GPUs: Does anybody here have windows 7 with new GPUS like RTX 2060 or 2070, or Ve…[View]
467866639bros... i cant wait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAIJich73NY[View]
467866873Which version of FF6 should I play for a second run?: Okay, so, after doing a solid replay of FFVII …[View]
467862450Do big-shot game developers even play videogames? And not like for work or testing or anything, but …[View]
467865865When's the last time a game that was pretty good was universally panned this hard?[View]
467864848Is there any way to get unbanned from this game? I've spend hundreds and hundreds on it and I…[View]
467819879do you get angry playing video games?[View]
467865732N64 had great MP for coop but man the MP in live and reloaded with bots was awesome. Never got to pl…[View]
467864882WHAT NOW SONICFAGS?[View]
467856773What would make sense as a setting for a FF game with characters that are Giant Kaiju? (Made pic rel…[View]
467842467Which one of these games will cause the biggest shitstorm on /v/ next year?[View]
467863984This is a wimp. Say something nice about him![View]
467860974Show me your best /v/ commercials Bonus for Retro[View]
467852759ITT: We create a MUGEN Roster. Name me some fucking characters and I'll add them.[View]
467866021Cool! You can play switch games on your phone now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9etS5eeKQg[View]
467863289Who doesn't N. Anderson have an N tattooed on his forehead when N. Cortex does?[View]
467856705ITT: Unexpected master pieces[View]
467851887LoZ artstyle: I'm not mad about the style that they chose with Link's awakening. I was dis…[View]
467864993What games let me wield heavy amounts of destuctive power? I want to be able to completely decimate …[View]
467859813I don't know what it is, but there's something about this stupid faggot that makes me irra…[View]
467861173when did needing a constant stream of new 'content' updates to keep a game alive become th…[View]
467855356>'one copy of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice please, and put it on my bill'[View]
467861051Remember me, /v/.[View]
467865437Why no one had make a TTT for console??? I swear this is one of the most entertaining and funny game…[View]
467861357fight me: http://fightclub.iambeef.com/[View]
467865339>play a necromancer >kill a dragon >raise it >it summons a human skeleton…[View]
467863625Look at how delightful the new animation for the feathery flap looks, Sakurai has really outdone him…[View]
467862804Heavy Rain is Out on PC: >Piratefags can't play it Where are those cracks, guys?…[View]
467865127Anyone wanna roll up some Diablo 2 characters on Battle.Net?[View]
467856506What does /v/ think about games with choices?[View]
467863563Bloodstained fashion thread 2.0.: Found the Vampire Hunter D hat.[View]
467856067So... uh.. Dark Souls I. Clearly you aren't a true gamer unless you've played and beaten i…[View]
467864909Metroid thread: Will Prime 4 ever come out in our lives?[View]
467860224goodnight sweet prince >A body has been found in the water roughly a half-mile from the Manhattan…[View]
467862637This is the Belmont that will be accompanying you to Dracula's Castle tonight. Say something ni…[View]
467864420opinions on Smashified?[View]
467839392Are you a boomer or a zoomer?[View]
467862314Is this the peak of the roguelike genre?[View]
467859861Great cover art: See subject line[View]
467864105The great debate.[View]
467859823>when i try to tell a friend i found a really cool game[View]
467860823Mr. Hazikostas has graced me with a beta invite for classic, should i install it? wich layer should …[View]
467856931Hi /v/, wat do?[View]
467863323>Japanese games aren't problemat-[View]
467819661Anybody else try to get into this game but just find it really boring?[View]
467863731Just Cause 3 is $3, should I buy it? I've never played any of the games past 2.[View]
467863376I haven’t slept in 2 days. What should I play? I was thinking ffxiv. Or tekken 7. Are there a lot of…[View]
467863535So it's unlikely they'll ever update this half-assed Stage Builder, but if they did what a…[View]
467860993We had a tinnitus thread yesterday, so I was wondering if anyone here suffers from Essential Tremor …[View]
467856243Warcraft III Reforged Night Elf Archer wears burka/niqab!: Finally, some of the Night Elf art has be…[View]
467857828THQ Nordic: What is your opinion of this publisher? Destroy All Humans! https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
467847149Would you buy Neon Genesis Evangelion (Nintendo 64, Bandai, 1999) if it was released on the Virtual …[View]
467862420Are there any other old games you'd like to see get the FFVII Remake treatment?[View]
467854320What Was The Best Update And What Was The Worst: Minecraft Thread[View]
467840647Who has the best Kart Racer on the market right now?[View]
467859393Hello, fellow gamers. So, who's dick I gotta suck to be able to play fighting games on PC? Ever…[View]
467862279>game suggests you take a break[View]
467854414divinity original sin 2: I'm thinking about buying this game on tomorrow steam sale.Is it worth…[View]
467862701I love my autistic son Owain![View]
467857829What will you play on me today?[View]
467862160When's the last time a game that was pretty good was universally panned this hard?[View]
467861946I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
467860268This and the sequel are on sale right now, I know nothing about them other than the movement looks c…[View]
467860226>wants to beat up the army's tactician just to show how tough she is What the fuck is her pr…[View]
467855026Rave DJ thread Go to https://rave.dj/ Mix two (or more) vidya songs or mix a vidya song with a real …[View]
467859127post the last full price video game you bought near its release for me overwatch[View]
467859802>Protagonist is forced to abandon his hometown[View]
467861489Geno aside what other S-E costumes do you expect to be part of Wave 2?[View]
467860031Games with this feel?[View]
467859409Games with this aesthetic[View]
467860037>Backlog getting bigger should I finish DQ11 or Yakuza 0?[View]
467859279My computer went to shit so I have to use Vista. What are some gams I can play on it /b/ros?[View]
467856820SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Perfect Dark (Bonus …[View]
467858229Uh... I never played this game but Eh... she understands that outfit makes her look like she is aski…[View]
467861362What's /v/ consensus on Angry Goy?[View]
467860414How do I get good at this game /v/?[View]
467851803Why do people like this series? The games are easy as fuck and the anime is dogshit. Is it nostalgia…[View]
467814956new Death Stranding tease: MY LIL FUCKING NUTS GUYS, HOLY SHIT[View]
467861119>I'm more of an ideas guy[View]
467859482what did he eat?[View]
467858853Want to buy this but none of my friends are into it and the local scene is pretty much non-existent.…[View]
467861046Famitsu gave this thing a perfect 40/40 back in the day and the Zodiac Age version was heavily prais…[View]
467828541Where are Digimon survive news?[View]
467860762Card Capture Recc?: I know I should probably ask /g/ but the sole purpose is for gaming. Money'…[View]
467860670>new installment in your favorite franchise for the first time in over a decade >it's abs…[View]
467859428>2d sidescrolling game >you can't move with the d-pad…[View]
467860482This skin is extremely OP: I played with it during E3. They had all the skins on 1 epic profile. Thi…[View]
467819953ITT: buyer's remorse[View]
467856062Lf - EU Tank Heal 2x dps[View]
467859498Stop supporting terrorists: Cloud, emo or not, and Tifa, regardless of her boob size, are terrorists…[View]
467859107>tfw you will never hold Tifa's hands[View]
467858971Might be one of the worst games ive ever played[View]
467857105What is a game you wish you could forget about and play all over again? For me, its STALKER.[View]
467859793>Mario fangame >uses sprites from Mario RPG…[View]
467858089Friendly reminder that Halo Infinite is coming to all Xbox's (XB1X/S, and Scarlet as well as PC…[View]
467856824Donkey Kong sets his sights on you: Make your move[View]
467859585Are there any games about a heroic wizard defeating an evil warrior/knight? Not counting titles like…[View]
467859276Why do americans eat bacon while gaming?[View]
467852893Have you ever been surprised by playrate statistics released by video game companies?[View]
467840241How often do you rely on cheap tactics in games?[View]
467839126ITT: Games that only zoomers enjoy[View]
467857650loving the game so far but seriously no karaoke? i want to start breaking za worldo again[View]
467856791play skyrim[View]
467840629Habu senpai wants to hear our questions what do we ask him boys?[View]
467852726xiv: What other gunblade designs will be made in the hot new expansion, FFXIV: Shadowbringers?…[View]
467859315>The cool mechanic in the game can only be rechargeable over long periods of time.…[View]
467859267so, did is he ever going to eat that rotten roadkill asshole of a skunk and down it with beer?[View]
467859258ITT games boomers tricked you into playing.[View]
467849229>That kid who encountered a random battle during Final Exams[View]
467858997Vidya feels thread: Back in the 90's, I had a neighbor who was my vidya buddy. We played hundre…[View]
467856702You are becoming hysterical.[View]
467858994The Sinking City: Are you going to buy it?[View]
467858752Still no web browser?[View]
467858827the only good thing about GTA V's story.[View]
467857913What a fucking waste.[View]
467850136Underrail: Expeditions is coming out~ In a fucking month. Let's talk builds and lore until then…[View]
467858347IN-N-OUT PUTOS![View]
467858660>you start creating a game >you don't want attention, just people having fun with your ga…[View]
467856485FF7 was always dogshit, and critics are focusing on Tifa's tits just to draw everyone away from…[View]
467854967Does anybody remember me?[View]
467838484This pistol doesn't have a thermal clip[View]
467852581The Witcher 1: What went right?[View]
467834121>entire game runs on a timer This is a game not work nigga.[View]
467850554Recommend some good roguelikes: One that I really liked was Tales of Maj'Eyal but I played it t…[View]
467856045ITT: The best vidya jazz music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p2MPh3sWz0 https://youtu.be/Ync81hy…[View]
467854759time to goat[View]
467853590Select your racer /v/[View]
467822986Crash Team Racing: Holy shit this faggot was 10x harder than Nitrous Oxide[View]
467852689https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCFfajJxSIo >some weird visual novel gimmick Okay >some really…[View]
467854996MHW - Post your weapon stats[View]
467848668What happened to the horror elements of Zelda?[View]
467854902Here's your next smash dlc bro.[View]
467855546What games give a feeling of isolation or loneliness?[View]
467858164Rail shooters... BAD![View]
467858081ITT: Casual Filters[View]
467857767How come indie developers, comprised of fans, continue to make better games in franchises that they …[View]
467856952Underrated gems[View]
467853324Why haven't you bought Food Girls? It's a game about dating anthropomorphic food. It came …[View]
467848768>GSP doesn't matter! Is this something only said by low GSP shitters?…[View]
467857163Games where you play an architect?[View]
467851850Why is this game apparently immune to criticism, especially when compared to the rest of the series?…[View]
467854230New build: Any ideas for a fun build?[View]
467856289Happy Birthday Ezio![View]
467857421Hearthstone's single player content alone makes it better than all other card games[View]
467848545Cursed Castilla EX: Is this game good? Is it possible to turn off the borders in the Switch version?…[View]
467851521Leave Dagoth Ur to me.[View]
467853140Steam is down: time to die[View]
467855123Hulk kid gets mad from mama jokes 1: Hulk kid gets mad from mama jokes 1 https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
467856491>Mech genre slumped with Evangelion garbage >Mech genre died with Armored core for Answer Ther…[View]
467851723Thoughts on modern SNK?[View]
467856327ITT: Moments that represent 'grand epic adventure' in vidya.[View]
467854573The only good synth is a dead synth[View]
467852143SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Perfect Dark (Bonus …[View]
467847470It still hurts[View]
467852607How has being a Chad benefitted you're gaming experience?[View]
467838887>tfw when not tomboy gf to travel and go on adventures with[View]
467843684Because of you amerifucks we don't have this game localised[View]
467853856There is nothing wrong with Tita's new design[View]
467854653Star Ocean: Any SO2 fans here?[View]
467856238Did you roll your Island Asterios yet?[View]
467856205Who is the best Mass Effect waifu?[View]
467851090Your favourite quotes from video games: >'Many fall in the face of chaos, but not this one. Not t…[View]
467853741We need more Amazonian women in games.[View]
467847737Only one of those two is factual. the other is a lie. Pick one, /v/[View]
467855018Avalanche Studios have never made a good game.[View]
467854908How many controllers, mice and keyboards have you destroyed because of gamer rage?[View]
467850590Fuuka thread[View]
467854610What 3 upcoming games are you most looking forward to playing right now? For me it's: Cyberpunk…[View]
467832570New Sword & Shield gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKK4cscvb3s >HIGH >QUALITY …[View]
467855853This game is, dare I say it? Fun![View]
467821931What the fuck is the point of this? 99% of whales are adults, not children. And how can you tell whe…[View]
467855645Why are pokefags like this: >i-i uhh i only play pokemon because its the only franchise with good…[View]
467853421What's the next step in Todd's plans?[View]
467852662Now that the dust has settled which system was powerful? PS1 or the N64?: Also which one do you pref…[View]
467855563GREEN LIGHT. GO GO GO[View]
467847538What was your first post on /v/? >Posted a picture of a bible and asked everyone to stop behaving…[View]
467853957When the hell is the beta?[View]
467854784WAKE UP[View]
467851258Please deposit 5 coins[View]
467855310Final Fantasy dragons: For me it's Bahamut.[View]
467849532>Crash remake trilogy is kino >Spyro trilogy is kino >Crash Team Racing remake BTFO Mario K…[View]
467852837Stop deleting Magia Record threads. Delete shitposting threads if you want to delete something. You …[View]
467852146Your excuse for not cheating in CS?[View]
467852763Why aren't you playing my game anon?[View]
467848828Please play the definitive edition of my daughter's game when it comes out[View]
467854659>Don't know which game to play >Stuck in an infinite loop for days trying to decide…[View]
467854961Age of Wonders thread: Planetfall coming soon, which made me go back to the classic. Boomers get in …[View]
467846780Toukiden 2: Is this a perfect Monster Hunter game? From Steam forums: >Outside of a few times whe…[View]
467836813Alisha was robbed.[View]
467831304>Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is not a bad game but it is disappointing, a metroidvania all …[View]
467849458Why do Americans actually eat beef jerky when they're playing video games?[View]
467854250Divinity: Original Sin: Which is better? The first or the second?[View]
467852265What went so wrong? The PS3 was so much fucking better than this piece of shit.[View]
467847232Have you ever spent money on a f2p game goyem?[View]
467853538Risky Boots? More like Risky BOOBS LMAO[View]
467854240What should Persona 6 be like anons?[View]
467849140>People were more hyped about Shantae being a spirit than Shovel Knight being an assist >Shove…[View]
467850340>ruins your game[View]
467852130Sonic is 28 Today: Say something nice about him on his birthday![View]
467854386HUEY DID NOTHING WRONG: daily reminder to all kazcucks that huey did nothing wrong. >b-but muh in…[View]
467838289Baldur's Gate III: This game is gonna be a blunder, isn't it?[View]
467853671Is there a video game character that could beat the golden alpaca?[View]
467807429This is Velocity, the Summer Games Done Quick 2019 mascot. Please take care to use them/it as pronou…[View]
467853841You now remember Sam Rockwell was in Dishonored 2.[View]
467853693The 4th reveal for the Fighter Pass is a spirit character, obliterating the idea that being a spirit…[View]
467851664You guys gonna double dip?[View]
467853256post your oblivions[View]
467853450Would you a snek mean girl? Monster Prom thread[View]
467853642Why is WA2000 the best gun /v/ros?[View]
467853931Are ya winning son?[View]
467853904>game you've been looking forward to playing >you finally get your hands on it >it con…[View]
467845367Beginning from last thread, I thought of having a Final Fantasy game with the main characters solely…[View]
467846203Twilight Town...home[View]
467853489Has this been updated yet?[View]
467853515This is my wife, Ultima. Say something nice about her.[View]
467852350Those two make a game, what's it about?[View]
467846314Videogames aren't fun anymore. What games do you recommend to rekindle my interest?[View]
467853491What's the general opinion on Yo-kai Watch 4?[View]
467852886So... uh.. Fallout 3. Clearly the best in the series, right.[View]
467851416Seems like everyone complains about the shooting in Rockstar's games, but is it really that bad…[View]
467851079THE PHANTOM[View]
467819275Rivers In The Desert is overrated[View]
467849764Best non-musou games where I can really take on a whole slew of enemies alone?[View]
467853114Ngl, There's not a single thing in vidya that makes me seethe more than some scrub doing this t…[View]
467852158If someone was collecting NEETbux from the government, and they decided to make some kind of fucked …[View]
467844591GTA 6 ANNOUNCED BY ROCKSTAR: https://youtu.be/Irb4N-ZfUik[View]
467828963Ashley for Smashley[View]
467847057>yfw you enter The Zone[View]
467851709>lol thanks faggot[View]
4678493163x3 Thread >SITES WHERE YOU CAN MAKE ONE OF THESE IMAGES https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php https…[View]
467848812The story of XC2 was absolutely amazing, everything you would want in a JRPG. This moment in particu…[View]
467849291>boss does not respawn[View]
467849768The new Pokemon looks great![View]
467852245Gassing the jews: What game can I exterminate the Jews from the national socialist perspective?…[View]
467852168African fantasy setting: While I hate negroes a, game set in a sub Saharan Africa fantasy/horror set…[View]
467852118Reverb vs Index vs Rift S: High resolution, high FOV + refresh rate, or affordable price?[View]
467851624Is 'Baba Is You' supposed to make me feel like a brainlet?[View]
467852029What will happen to the joycon boyz?[View]
467847175SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Titanfall 2 finishin…[View]
467849123In hindsight, is this not by far the best one?[View]
467847065Trinity thread? Trinity thread.[View]
467832641Why do people still defend pokemon ?: pokemon is literally the biggest vidya franchise in the world,…[View]
467849560Isabelle DOES NOT want you to see this picture![View]
467850060Proof right here that dlc was already a product in capitalistic society. Seriously though, even just…[View]
467831101(YOU) are now transported to the last game you played. How do you fare?[View]
467851390The Saturn is unironically the thinking mans console. It was handcrafted by Sega themselves to repel…[View]
467849497What's his name again?[View]
467793732Why does everyone hate WoW now?[View]
467848708TF2 Weapon Idea Thread: New Disguise Kit that allows you to shoot disguise weapons, at the cost of c…[View]
467851287>Item has 0.05% drop chance >Get it while your are farming for something else Post yfw…[View]
467846679Why'd they recreate the classic sword if they weren't going to do the same for the shield?[View]
467772190Who is the target audience for this series? Sure as hell it isn't Megamanfans because the serie…[View]
467850996ITT: games only you played[View]
467849482Capcom working on a Hearthstone copy, it's being shown off right now at https://www.twitch.tv/k…[View]
467849080>are ya winning son?[View]
467845287Savage: Alright /v/, it's time to bring a dead game back to life. https://www.newerth.com/ Sav…[View]
467831607Games you like that never get talked about on /v/ thread? Fucking love me some Roadkill, it's t…[View]
467850808What do you know about it?[View]
467849015>western gaming[View]
467850798Does anyone actually find his games scary? They're almost comical in how hard they try to prese…[View]
467849751After much consideration we and Epic Games have decided to make Death Stranding an Epic Games Exclus…[View]
467848550ape escape 4 when?[View]
467850143recent purchases thread: I had to choose between Orbx global scenery for FSX, and Carenado's Ba…[View]
467849042Why did you quit overwatch anon? Come play with us, the waters warm! Hehe xp[View]
467849424it's better than Ritual of the Night[View]
467850360>Final Fantasy >Dragon Quest >Shin Megami Tensei What’s the next JRPG third party IP to be …[View]
467850293How long until its localized ?[View]
467850243Enter the Gungeon bread: >it's a Rad Gun episode[View]
467845382You have five seconds to explain why you haven't played every Touhou game.[View]
467845646WE KNOW[View]
467849919[LINX-LL]: Companies : Blizzard / EpicGames / SEGA Confirmed Type : Auto Chess Games. 2 Weeks.…[View]
467804436Which game has the best shotguns?[View]
467841374Is it too late to get into Dota now?[View]
467849598What are some games where enemies are significantly bigger than the protagonist ?[View]
467849594> post yfw OOOOOOHHHHHH ELDEN RING[View]
467849556Will we ever get another game with this much kinography?[View]
467849236What moment made you realize how toxic the fanbase for your favorite game is?[View]
467843464So does this game get worse if you go for the true ending?[View]
467843892Wow, Nintendo really are the good guys![View]
467848531So... uh.. you like that vidya, huh?[View]
467847162Is it worth it?[View]
467775631I take it you've come to deliver the Platinum Chip?[View]
467847361what are your favorite type of games? for me it's image name[View]
467849069Claire: Extended Cut: What kind of game is this one?[View]
467848976>C418 - Mice on Venus starts playing[View]
467849120Sheik thread.[View]
467837196What songs will be in when banjo get in? you think they'll have some conker songs in there too?[View]
467844267so what games do you want to get tomorrow ?[View]
467847497ITT: signs you're about to play ludo >protagonist is androgynous[View]
467844924Is there a more satisfying boss to beat? it's like 10 minutes of near perfect blocks and counte…[View]
467843652Oh yeah, THAT happened...[View]
467848164>You have to leave, you have to leave What did he mean by this?[View]
467848879ITT: popular games you could never get more than an hour in or so[View]
467848835Is anyone else not able to get there dmc preload to unlock on switch in the U.S? It says the release…[View]
467841897What's the most chad race in tamriel?[View]
467784960Who will get in?[View]
467848778Imagine being so indescribably assblasted that a game you don't like is massively successful th…[View]
467842689IT'S TIME, BITCHES what should we play?[View]
467846294ITT: iconic moments in vidya[View]
467846340ANDROID PORT FOR SWITCH (UPDATE): Back in February, developers Billy Laws and Max Keller managed to …[View]
467848671STR > DEX[View]
467841732ITT: We post a picture and /v/ recommends a game based on it. I'll start[View]
467843934Why is this game so damn expensive to play?[View]
467847045Post your favourite Klonoa song[View]
467848568VR Thread: This things great, what are you guys playing?[View]
467845265*destroys nintendo*[View]
467847771Western games > Japanese games OK OK with the exception of Nintendo and Sega made games and some …[View]
467804267Is your wallet ready for tomorrow? A week or two of discounts that doesn't change at all, moder…[View]
467846878Why everything went to shit after chapter 3?[View]
467846867Name some good wii/gc games for me to pira-I MEAN collect[View]
467841214IN A WORLD COVERED BY Megaman thread[View]
467847947Any games that have a Chad/Virgin dynamic duo?[View]
467846741Games with this feeling? The Chain of Dogs tragedy still hurts, bros.. don't spoil the rest of …[View]
467847841do you think a Switch Fit series could work now?[View]
467843613GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you hee that we’re another day closer to Jack Frost (…[View]
467845932People that did nothing wrong[View]
467847989Got some cool info for y’all - There will likely be a second fighters pass. Nintendo’s in the talks…[View]
467847767Is this the single most iconic moment in gaming history?[View]
467845826What’s the highest rank you’ve ever had on a public leaderboard?[View]
467843980Will he be worth the hype? Or will he suck like the plant?[View]
467844489was he a snatcher?[View]
467847321What mini bosses do you want to see in the breath of the wild sequel?[View]
467847446>game is too interesting to stop playing and get something to eat finally…[View]
467837140Starbound: Are there any mods to make this game actually fun?[View]
467847410A new kart racer with absolute control like this when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqCyXfeAQcA…[View]
467817695Why is the fire element always the strongest in RPGs? A blizzard, tsunami, tornado and an earthquake…[View]
467847359>china can't make games[View]
467847205>Be better than your friends in a certain video game >'dude you're not good, you just hav…[View]
467846612WHAT?: You haven't played tubersimulator?[View]
467833035Play XCOM 2[View]
467847171Summer Games Done Quick 2019 https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick https://gamesdonequick.com/schedul…[View]
467847141ITT 9/10 remakes[View]
467841275SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Titanfall 2 Next: Pe…[View]
467847082This, is Blizzaria[View]
467846970>'It's so cold guys, let me grab my sweater real quick, just like in good old days'…[View]
467846842If you didn't side with the Stormcloaks, then you played Skyrim wrong.[View]
467846347Why playing rainbow six siege drunken is so addictive[View]
467819253This is Mike Pondsmith, creator of Cyberpunk.[View]
467846101the console killer app is here: https://youtu.be/XPjgbBL34M4 lmao thanks for beta testing pc's …[View]
467836769Post your craziest vidya ideas.[View]
467846673Lets play a game /v/. Describe a video game character by posting a non-vidya related song. Others gu…[View]
467842608With the whole retro FPS revival thing going on and the fact that Bungie is independent now, do you …[View]
467842574voice actors: vidya you like more because of the va[View]
467846480and plus, generally speaking autistic people are the most honest there is, since usually they have n…[View]
467843913what am I in for bros.[View]
467846269What was the last good Lord of the Rings game?[View]
467845313Post criminally underrated games from this gen[View]
467846128Imagine losing to Meebo in the polls?[View]
467839191Would you?[View]
467840215>This is the state of gaming in Asia What happened?[View]
467846050They’re gonna introduce microtransactions and you know it.[View]
467831618Now that the dust has settled, was it actually good?[View]
467844523>Italian boss fight >'PASTA LA VISTA, BABY!'…[View]
467833925ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS BOYS https://youtu.be/_LIw6Vnt2MI XIV thread, what class you leveling first?[View]
467825215YIIKes: Yikes[View]
467827698Should I buy a switch? Switchfags, are you full of regret? Odyssey looks good and the new Animal Cro…[View]
467834038PS3 Hidden Gems: Been playing for long time, need recommendations for i have played almost every kno…[View]
467843250Good Modern Point & Click Games: Do you know any good recent point & click games? Pic not re…[View]
4678320892019年のグレートポケモンカリング The Great Pokemon Culling of 2019 全国図鑑 National Dex バトルフロンティアBattle Frontier 3DS …[View]
467761779SamSho drops tomorrow. Who's ready to #EmbraceDeath?[View]
467842359Games for this feel?[View]
467842702So I am moving soon. Before I move I am crashing on the floor of a buddy's room in the town I a…[View]
467845156/v/, help me find an old school RPG I can't remember the name of to save my life. I distinctly …[View]
467840112>Pa says elves are bad and not to trust 'em[View]
467837896Have you ever had a female friend or sister you liked to play games with?[View]
467845449>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
4678394752B: 2B[View]
467845420DISGAEA is un-FUCKING-believable![View]
467838728*btfos Cyberpunk 2077*[View]
467840015Fire Emblem Three Houses: Do you think they will put the children as dlc in 3H? While there are many…[View]
467841630Name 1 (one) good reason why she shouldn't be in Smash.[View]
467840446Dragon Quest Torneko: >Most popular character from DQIV >Constantly in the top 10 in popularit…[View]
467844848what makes for a popular kids game?: in 10 years, 20 year olds will remember fortnite with nostalgia…[View]
467844546What are some good open world puzzle games[View]
467835627Can we get a non shill thread about Genshin Impact?[View]
467843706Don't fall for it lads[View]
467840857Will it ever come out?[View]
467820703JUDGMENT: comes out tomorrow you guys excited[View]
467839434just ruined my pacifist run and I want to kys myself[View]
467837663I miss him, bros....[View]
467844381goat character select music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2uWeZF9gcc cant be beat[View]
467840627FALLOUT 4 - Should i buy (PC)?: How many mods do i need to make this game playable? Mind you i'…[View]
467839359What kinda good shit were they gonna get?[View]
467844002Warhammer 40k: Decent 40k game when. Lots of shit that can be adapted[View]
467844548>what are you lookin' at? You bastard![View]
467842459Anyone remember the old Spongebob point-and-click PC games? Those were peak comfy.[View]
467843837fuck you /v/ for hooking me on this weeb shit rhythm game that isn't even that good. Girl in Bl…[View]
467844571Is there a Torchlight/Diablo game which also has Character Creation? I wanna' have an RPG where…[View]
467834240boy I sure can't wait to play an 100 hour game all over again just for three hours of extra con…[View]
467844401What are some games that you think are ASSSSSS!!! But the music is so fucking good that they PASSSSS…[View]
467844170prediction a week before this comes out it will be announced as epic store exclusive[View]
4678437852005 was such a based year for sports vidya.[View]
467789367What went so right?[View]
467842037ITT: Bullshit levels in video games.[View]
467843813Baldur's Gate Thread: >It's an ambush by higher lvl goblins Normally I'd just avoi…[View]
467843532Why was Final Fantasy XI so magical?[View]
467840376Come anon, can't you hear the everlasting trumpet? Don't you want to be a star?[View]
467840193>I hate this game. It makes me want to kill myself whoa whoa whoa whoa how the fuck did he get aw…[View]
467838092>Has the most unique movset of all fe characters >Said moveset is true to the game they origi…[View]
467842589The devs are serial liars and have done nothing that isn't incompetent[View]
467810116Which console is superior AESTHETICALLY?[View]
467833092I'm an hour and 33 minutes in, does this get better? I'm not saying its bad, I think its f…[View]
467843281Behoyd, my SMT thread![View]
467833491>Alright class,we are gonna have a surprise test today >... >Yes,what is it Bart?…[View]
467842407>can't stream because 2mbps >can't play while streaming because my 6 GB RAM pc can…[View]
467842720>enter area >automatically know a boss cutscene is gonna play…[View]
467839478It's over, Intelbros.[View]
467837207I want to go back.[View]
467834830Thoughts on sitting while gaming? Do you use an office chair? A gaming chair? A sofa? Maybe a beanba…[View]
467839926Recommend me a game with good gameplay and story pllls[View]
467838710Post good tactical/hardcore shooters, preferably multiplayer. Pic very unrelated.[View]
467827570If you ever feel sad about how your favorite franchise has been treated, just remember that the last…[View]
467842901LOOT BOX CAUTIONARY TALES I spend 1000 on lootboxes once, and so we didn't have enough money fo…[View]
467840772Honestly too many shit on 3 and too little shit on 76, at least 3 was a roleplaying game[View]
467841903>people actually think competitive shooting games can exist on PC graphical adjustments, resolut…[View]
467842686What are some games with ninjas, /v/?: Any genre is fine, as long as you can be a ninja stupid samu…[View]
467840696>tfw there are no good video games[View]
467814931So this is the power of Brazil... Woah. https://youtu.be/VgdWMqMKIZ8[View]
467842548Samurai Shodown: Does it come out digitally at mid night for EU?[View]
467827225Well, what kind of game challenge do you like?[View]
467830714Terraria: What makes it so good? Would it work as well if it were in 3D instead? Terraria thread.…[View]
467842543GAMES ONLY YOU KNOW EXIST 2: >I'll Start[View]
467832778Just finished playing through it a second time. There are pretty much no terrible case, and 5-5 was …[View]
467839380What game are you currently playing /v/? Post a screenshot and talk about it, recommend shit to othe…[View]
467839528Is this the Dark Souls of racing games?[View]
467842519>dialogue that goes on too long: the game[View]
467839110what happened to it /v/ros?[View]
467842394>tfw no Viera gf Why live[View]
467841232Regalia: Of men and monarchs: Is this game good?[View]
467841482Why did VR fail? This looks fun as fuck.[View]
467841806She is made for ___[View]
467834350ITT: games only you remember.[View]
467839841Face it, fellas: He has more personality in his left nipple than 99% of characters by AAA companies …[View]
467836912New Garry's Mod(GMOD) update coming soon[View]
467841898What did we think of it, /v/ros?[View]
467841302How do we stop fujos?[View]
467840775>Pooja - blessing the network rack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn9SxPieD-c…[View]
467836359when does it become fun?[View]
467841716The ball you just felt... that was your future strike. What you hit with your bat was the ball in th…[View]
467841687Bosses with fucked up hitboxes[View]
467838879Chinese Parents: But why?[View]
467841323/ww2t/: itt we discuss the different mil-sim games of ww2: RO, HLL,PS, Anyone wanna group up to pla…[View]
467838632why arent you playing modded doom right now???[View]
467840921What games are exclusive to this thing again?[View]
467839970Come home white man[View]
467833678What’s the best logo ever associated with videogames?[View]
467818582What if Final Fantasy let you play as giant monsters through out the entire game?[View]
467839683>game takes place in a castle[View]
467836731>most popular FGC title in the world >implying this isn't the most obvious namco rep…[View]
467837350Your daily reminder that >pic related is glad that loot boxes may get banned soon, but is concer…[View]
467802561Ex-Fortnite Reddit mod accuses Epic Games of paying mods to manipulate posts[View]
467833615SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: still Prey Next: Tit…[View]
467840829Retroarch: Why does no one tall about thos emulator? Also emulation thread i guess[View]
467838516Real gamers will know what’s wrong with this picture.[View]
467796825>I've woken up twelve days in a row, and Banjo & Kazooie are still back Will this feelin…[View]
467830782Time when /v/ were completely BTFO: 'An epic blue balls waste of time' https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
467840617nier credits: Fuck these credits, theyre impossible to solo. No psn access to help me so I end up ge…[View]
467839093Does this game really have that many “details” compared to other games? I’m playing through it now a…[View]
467838059Smash Ultimate: >locking the best character in the game behind paid DLC and people will still suc…[View]
467836504Harvest Moon thread: I played og and 64, what should i play next?[View]
467768546Play Guild Wars.[View]
467834785I am a insider at Nintendo gonna quit next week so here some smash shit >adding the old mii costu…[View]
467840418>Published by Paradox >Made by a developer's whose only game is a dead FPS game >There…[View]
467838171>crafting >survival >open world >early access…[View]
467833638>There are people who actually think pic related isn’t a scam[View]
467837579It's time. Dust off your 3ds and have some shitty races.[View]
467835663How's your fourjobfiestarun going? Got Thief+Berserker+Beastmaster so far.[View]
467839213Why did i got Uka Uka mask while playing as Crash? Was it a glitch or was it because it was 'evil gu…[View]
467835597>mfw every worldsoy is gonna superman every spin[View]
467833981are you ready for the patch that saves BFA?[View]
467837198Games for this feel?[View]
467839119Switch vouchers worth it?: Is it a good deal? I live in Europe and gift cards never go on sale. I pr…[View]
467837858What direction do you want future Mario RPG titles to go in? This is for both Paper Mario and M&…[View]
467811538OH ITS PIDGEY[View]
467837868Which game had the best AI? JPRGs do no count.[View]
467837482this guy was actually worse than Skull Face, there was no reason not to kill him. What if he came ba…[View]
467836124My fallout order: Nv=2>3=1>>>4>>>76 Although my favorite is 3 Never played tact…[View]
467829424>Game has a beautiful hime[View]
467779092Can someone please tell me why people defend this absolute fucking abomination like it's the 2n…[View]
467836446You're going with the correct path and choosing Deer while recruiting Ingrid, right?[View]
467839003Why have we lost the art of making good campaign in FPS games?[View]
467833642ITT: Your GOTD[View]
467835927Half-Life 2: Episode Three: What is the real reason why Half-Life 2: Episode Three was never release…[View]
467740069/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467652046 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467833741Imagine the despair if Danganronpa got a Switch port.[View]
467838156Be honest, what was your favourite game growing up?[View]
467838201Why ttw?: Those who like ttw, why this mod? 3 and nv are my 2 favorites but i like my lone wanderer …[View]
467837994Why didn't Chibi just STFU?[View]
467838679With the glass ceiling broken, all the oppressed groups shall prosper. Especially the most oppresse…[View]
467834558hows compatibility and lag for the ps2 that has ps1/ps2 hardware in it[View]
467836460>game reportedly has tons of glitches >never experience any of them while playing…[View]
467836876So this is the power of Mexico... Woah https://youtu.be/H888NyDQndw[View]
467836401What vidya character would you marry /v/ ?[View]
467838317So this is what being a chad feels like[View]
467837536STEEL DIVISION 2 =Failed Badly !: How did it Fail For Most Gamers ! Not Tutorial at all Devs dont …[View]
467785524Atelier Ryza is coming to the west https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEwKEO9y9IU[View]
467834072Explain this /v/ Countless smash threads and anything else dies that also isn’t meme worthy.[View]
467832721Metro: What exactly is wrong with the redux version of 2033? I haven't played it but I'm c…[View]
467837202looks at the size of those legs[View]
467837459don't starve: is it shit?[View]
467837026Hey /v/ what's a list of single player games that'll reignite my love for games[View]
467837660>Enter server >Russians start spamming their backwards letters >They vote kick anyone who d…[View]
467836509just finished my friend pedro, really was a great game, way too short though, and all of the boss ba…[View]
467834668Himiko: Nyeh[View]
467837764Ursula a cute! CUTE!![View]
467837353Sora has entered the world of your favorite vidya!: What does he see? Who does he talk to? What do t…[View]
467832091Why can't we have more of this? Combat was tight af[View]
467776450>Legit modern classic comes out >Nobody talks about Why didn't you buy her game, /v/?…[View]
467832696/sonychad/ general: what are we playing today, lads? finna bout to start judgment, might play a litt…[View]
467833367Dare I say, peak soul.[View]
467830704I know it's a pipedream but he would be so perfect as a DLC character for Smash. ITT characters…[View]
467837331Post yfw: >Cyberpunk 2077 includes all the bat shit craziness of 2020 >Including the Bozos gan…[View]
467819462>tfw just bought 32 GB RAM for my gaming pc how did I do /v/?[View]
467831969idorts, how you decide which platform to buy a game on?[View]
467832773>tfw this game is too spooky to finish[View]
467823201Post the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this.[View]
467829939Why dont more triple a games have turn based fighting anymore?[View]
467835798Is it time for a Fortnite thread?[View]
467834461what do they eat[View]
467836449This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Ape Escape franchise. Do you think there is would be in…[View]
467836703'Hey remember Megaman?' -Keiji Inafune[View]
467836875No underage girls in skimpy clothes? PASS![View]
467833243*dodge rolls and throws*[View]
467833934He was so good back in SF2. How did they fuck him up so bad in V?[View]
467835706Kirby is hungry! What are you gonna give him to eat, /v/?[View]
467824146what's the point of this? >an american company is now losing money >iranian and syrian po…[View]
467835214I give up, this game is just too fucking long.[View]
467835340Should I just quit video games? I'm almost 30 and realized I rarely complete any game I start. …[View]
467833070How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
467836206ITT: Vidya stages that made you sweat: For me it was Super Mario Galaxy 2's The Perfect Run.…[View]
467835957>solid snake >venom snake >solidus snake >deadman >heartman >die-hard man based…[View]
467834967BYE BYE BABY[View]
467834062Well /v/ are you as wimpy as this guy?[View]
467835009Day 1 of release....am forgotten: How did that happen, HP bros? It was supposed to give Pokemon Go a…[View]
467835374Why do we hate this again?: >story is about heterosexual white couple and their dreams of childre…[View]
4678338942K Is Treating NBA 2K19 Loading Screens As Ad Space: https://respawnfirst.com/2k-is-treating-nba-2k1…[View]
467832286>when the game is good[View]
467834823How do we fix the space travel time in videogames?[View]
467834775Chad Wagie FortNite Developer causes NEET Opensource 'Shitpile' to Shutdown: ChaosEsque Anthology, a…[View]
467834142>haven't enjoyed a game in years[View]
467825126Is this the best vidya movie?[View]
467828030Why is Max Payne 3 still based ?: I was watching a kike streamer today talking about that sakiassian…[View]
467834310What are some games where the good guy dies in the end?[View]
467832690MOMS GONNA FREAK[View]
467834295Is she the hottest in the series?[View]
467777265Why do people find SSJ2 badass? He was just an arrogant idiot.[View]
467833641Why did they use Jewish mafia as antagonists instead of the regular Italian mafia like every other g…[View]
467833021>protagonist survives a blow that would otherwise insta-kill him because of resistances…[View]
467833073What are some things that /v/ does?[View]
467831684Dear pesky plumbers[View]
467829756GDQ chat is so nice and wholesome this year! Glad that nasty shits like the folks here aren't c…[View]
467833623tbogt: Was it kino?[View]
467828513SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Prey Next: Titanfall…[View]
467833473>The rails fall away. The High Wilderness is wide before us... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU…[View]
467832657Don't mind me, just the best action game of all time passing through[View]
467831565>Buy Wii game >Case feels heavy >It has a huge manual and a Nintendo Power pamphlet, club N…[View]
467747214Fire Emblem three Houses: You need 11.9GB or more spaces to download the game. It seems that some so…[View]
467832343Why do moderate left-leaners always eat up narratives about rebelling or changing society? Don'…[View]
467833376Junpei Iori![View]
467811145Left or right?[View]
467828159You DID give him the ring back, right?[View]
467826331Best girl wants to give you a hug, /v/![View]
467833235This is Clint Hocking, creator of an actual Cyberpunk game.[View]
467833226Here's your controller bro[View]
467831424So THIS is the pokemon killer huh ?: >sold like shit on japan >probably will sell even less on…[View]
467830412About to play strange journey for the first time, what am i into? what should i know?[View]
467831053>*be the best game in 2 series*[View]
467817354Now that the dust has settled, was there anyone genuinely opposed to his inclusion in Brawl?[View]
467821152What video games do smart people play?[View]
467833020Chad Wagie FortNite Developer causes NEET Opensource 'Shitpile' to Shutdown: ChaosEsque Anthology, a…[View]
467832804Does anyone know about a Minecraft server full anarchy like 2b2t but WITHOUT hacks?[View]
467833004y-y-you're gonna buy cyberpunk on GoG, right Anon?[View]
467832945It's fucking time for S4 League: Hello eSpers, the room is up. Grab the game at : http://s4max.…[View]
467778968What's the worst JRPG you've played?[View]
467830980What kind of a deranged creep would want THIS to be his player character?[View]
467831323Lol i've played this game for over 10 years, this remake is broken as shit. The regular NPC…[View]
467829639>All Valve Index shipments are targeting a Friday arrival Are you ready?…[View]
467825252Mega man: IN A WORLD COVERED BY ENDLESS WATER Megaman thread. Tron is better then Roll.…[View]
467832642Am I crazy or did DS2 have a weird audio filter that made everything sound perfect for the atmospher…[View]
467829782There are people right now on this board that can beat this game, and then replay it for the dlc pac…[View]
467827532Start playing fighting games.[View]
467807316Outer Wilds Is One Of The Best Games I've Ever Played: Thoughts, /v/? Did you like Outer Wilds?…[View]
467832467XCOM Brogamers run continues to be a nightmare, since last time we have: >friendly fire killed Mo…[View]
467832074I can't wait til my husband's next game comes out![View]
467832329Does anybody else play this? It's actually kind of fun[View]
467828582If you are at round 2 at 5th or lower place, you can't win. Not at least on the Medium setting,…[View]
467807445magia record: Are you going to play her game tomorrow?[View]
467829982>/v/ hated dead island to death >/v/ tells me dying light is a good game >play dying light …[View]
467831696why do they call it xbox scarlet? because xbox sales are in the RED![View]
467826365What's an existing genre of game you've never actually played? For me, I've never pla…[View]
467826924Just spoke to gigachad on the phone, he said these were his favourite games on the ps2[View]
467831871Save for that heavily make-upped 48 year old quirky Japanese woman, there was no cringe during this …[View]
467831956Janny plz, you will only make me shitpost harder. I'll let you off and I'll dial it down a…[View]
467827727Prove me wrong[View]
467831915>Mid ints >Top feeds and disconnects >Jungle farms the entire game Why is this game so u…[View]
467824856Ape Escape news: it's almost happening. new merch. a bluepoint remake will be announced any day…[View]
467831863An N64 mini isn't going to happen. Half the library worth playing is rare games, the other half…[View]
467829170places you wish you spawned in[View]
467830204Buy her GAME anon, it just came out: you do know how to read japanese right ?[View]
467825201ITT: Obscure Vidya characters[View]
467828918Just finished this. Fucking hell what a game.[View]
467831365Have you ever discovered a cheat or easter egg on your own without having heard about it first? Has …[View]
467831595Rocket Leaguers?: Any rocket league fags like me. Comment what car you use and your rank. I’m a gold…[View]
467831598Puyo Puyo: Hows your chain game, /v/?[View]
467830609>desert level >Arabic music plays[View]
467828251Skyward Sword is the most soulful Zelda game. People hate what they don't understand.[View]
467826305Who's correct here?[View]
467821192Why hasnt any dev studio been able to dethrone Bethesda?[View]
467827692>people wanting Zelda Maker after hearing about Chamber Dungeons >All the zoomerfags on /v/ th…[View]
467829903There's literally nothing to play[View]
467788652>People complains about her chest >It's still big…[View]
467829441>hey son what are you playing?[View]
467830458Hey guys Activision here just to let you guys know we have an epic new installment in the Call of Du…[View]
467829089Is she the hottest video game character?[View]
467830309Steam friend thread? Need some people to play with, friends list is quite empty. https://steamcommun…[View]
467829858Almost heaven Angel Island Mushroom Hill Zone Red Mountain and Ice Cap[View]
467830831Play Foxhole[View]
467820375Well my copy of Bloodstained finally came in, what am I in for /v/?[View]
467830794What do you guys think of these companies who release old games in fully functioning retro cartridge…[View]
467829985So... uh.. you like that vidya, huh?[View]
467827056What video games deal with mental illness?[View]
467830517Is it a good game world design?[View]
467830589have your parents ever walked in on you playing a video game?[View]
467828812Indie games: Pl ... Please anon save me ... ahh please what game doesn't take much time and can…[View]
467829061I'm Mister King Dice, I'm the gamest in the land I never play nice, I'm the Devil…[View]
467818928>objectively better than mario shart >people will think it's worse because it doesnt get …[View]
467830294Hey Anons! Don’t Forget To Save!: Stop in quick and save before you continue scrolling and moving on…[View]
467829328ITT: We modernize old games > Every planet has a microtransaction merchant > Revan's robe…[View]
467815378What's his personality like? He looks too soulless, almost as much as Steve.[View]
467825867>this is what the gameplay looks like only a few months before release ohnononononono https://www…[View]
467804179was he right?[View]
467797147What makes this game be full of soul and the best Persona game?[View]
467830134Opensource ChaosEsque Anthology project ends due to interferance from FortNight developer.: ChaosEsq…[View]
467795493>A new study commissioned by the Consumer Technology Association highlights just how much price t…[View]
467829405Teamfight Tactics releases tomorrow. You better play it.[View]
467829709>Mario Maker 2 in 4 days >DQ Builders 2 a few weeks later >Fire Emblem in a month >Astra…[View]
467828853Is there any vidya character that can defeat danger mario?[View]
467829973Post your favourite games brothers: Recommend similar titles as well if you wish Honestly, the diffi…[View]
467829906what are some games where you can make up your own rules to win?[View]
467829895Pre-downloaded this on switch eshop, supposed to be out today, when the fuck does it release?[View]
467824909buy the game faggot[View]
467828972Would you have prefered something similar to this, /v/? https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/the-legend-o…[View]
467829679ITT: Underrated vidya villains[View]
467794885GENSHIN IMPACT: >actual dungeons >better graphics/artstyle >open world isnt just empty noth…[View]
467792520How to block gay games on Steam. If you want to block homo daddy and all the other crappy gay games …[View]
467810131What's /v/ consensus on Laura Bailey?[View]
467828708>Enemies from here on out will block all of your attacks unless you activate your shieldbreak tec…[View]
467826610black overalls mario > blue overalls mario[View]
467827235A long time ago, in a warm and dense forest, lived three happy birds.[View]
467829220>chooses to play game on normal setting >complains about it being too easy…[View]
4678292102019...I am... forgotten...[View]
467826075YAHOO YAHOO Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YAHOO![View]
467829069Finding someone that plays video games: I've already made peace with this. Even if you did find…[View]
467827061>He knows the names of voice actors >He recognises their voice >He gives a flying fuck if t…[View]
467816235She's right tho..[View]
467827723When's the Summer Sale, /v/?[View]
467828171So now that they are all back, who will be the most successful mascot in the next years?[View]
467817816Are there any games were gender swap is used as an actual gameplay mechanic and not just fanservice?…[View]
467828137What the fuck is auto chess[View]
467827168HAHA: HAHA[View]
467828632Station Square... Home[View]
467822525SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Castlevania block ending …[View]
467821041wait WHAT?[View]
467823617Hack and Slash RPGs: Are there any that you especially like, /v/? Any that you especially dislike? W…[View]
467818551Final Fantasy XIV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNYNx4CB2Nw&feature=share Alex Jones is a WoL…[View]
467811410Where the fuck is it?[View]
467824641if you could play a game with Warwick Davis, what game would that be?[View]
467819585when did we lose[View]
467826059Yooka-Laylee: I played Yooka-Laylee and it was great but it wasn't GOAT as many of you are impl…[View]
467827960Scamstained BTFO: >Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is not a bad game but it is disappointing, a…[View]
467824984Marry me, wahoo![View]
467827948My Video Nignogs, who here will explain to me how Minimax algorithm works in game dev. Ps. I am brai…[View]
467808657Bloodstained: Kino of the Night: This is a really good fucking video game.[View]
467825164recommend me cool steam profile. current mine is pic related.[View]
467827836>tfw no la noire style men in black game where you hush witnesses and try not to reveal you'…[View]
467827517name a flaw[View]
467817141Will bloodstained be a success?: I think it will be successful enough that Iga will get to make a co…[View]
467811741We had a nice one yesterday, let's do it again.[View]
467823215Redpill me /v/, is Dark Souls a good game?[View]
467823663So why do people keep saying his voice/dialogue is racist? He just sounds like a generic 'big g…[View]
467821580I’m interested in this series. What games should I play? There’s too fucking many and I don’t know w…[View]
467822839>wake up >play a game for 10 minutes >get bored or frustrated >go back to sleep >rins…[View]
467826631On a very serious note should I get this game? I fucking despise long intros and unskippable cutscen…[View]
467808214GoG galaxy 2.0 here we go, no steam support[View]
467827107Early Death Stranding celebration thread! only 136 days, 1 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds until th…[View]
467824772How does Nintendo manage to make those bobcuts so cute?[View]
467824486You have been visited by the dark Regi of bad luck. Your favourite mon will be cut from future games…[View]
467826350Buy Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night[View]
467825893What games do you enjoy playing with your girlfriend, /v/?[View]
467824516What is point of making a soulless remake?[View]
467825446Senran Kagura peaked with Shiki. It's only been downhill afterwards.[View]
467822857Have you played the Ape Escape trilogy yet? I'm almost done with 1[View]
467819629>All I want to play is a good FPS >All modern FPS are open world trash like Far Cry where you …[View]
467826574After all these years how good of an rts is Warrior Kings: Battles?[View]
467821169Can someone sum up why incels are spazzing out over the latest entry to a kid's game series?[View]
467818816What are your thoughts on cult classic Suda51 game Flower, Sun, and Rain? And what are your thoughts…[View]
467826216Pokemon Sword & Shield: HIGH QUALITY ANIMATIONS[View]
467814138when do you think there will be death stranding gameplay revealed? I know there was gameplay in the …[View]
467826169https://clips.twitch.tv/FineKindFungusVoteYea Today, I will remind them.[View]
467825480Love it when game characters describe their game perfectly.[View]
467823995>Game protagonist isn’t silent.[View]
467820931Don't forget to buy Dante's game tomorrow![View]
467826009Okay I get it, Erdrick got in. Sorafags are worse than the fusion of cancer and steve combined. Hell…[View]
467825054MGSV Mission 51: https://youtu.be/-B4JIHh5Jqk?t=1059 After the reflection of venom as a demon there …[View]
467794935Was Tifa an Asian?[View]
467823927What are some video games?[View]
467825667Now that the dust has settled, which one is the best?[View]
467824074Which games have the comfiest, or the shittiest, HUDs and interfaces? I really love immersive UIs th…[View]
467797658gamefreak hate thread[View]
467824331is there any demand for a Mario Maker general on /vg/ where we can share ideas, share levels, and ge…[View]
467825026>ffxiv >playing PLD in dungeon >WHM healer can't keep up with trashpull damage, even w…[View]
467822017Imagine being excited for a consumer project that is only made to make money off of low common denom…[View]
467824629BLOOD: What is the best, most accurate blood port? do you prefer nblood or gdx? Fresh supply is stil…[View]
467818037YOUTUBE COMMENT PREDICTS RDR2: Holy fuck, this is sad. RDR2 was pozzed as fuck and he predicted it a…[View]
467824997Will the ethics department remove Scarlet's cleavage next?[View]
467824809ITT: perfect examples of zoomer design[View]
467824361What game does Religion the best?[View]
467824128Anyone having a problem with tifa's chest restriction is 100% an incel. A lonley virgin that ne…[View]
467824836After playing for around 90h, I'm done. There's to much luck involved in ending up with a …[View]
467807937GOG GALAXY 2.0: Have you got the invite yet /v/? https://twitter.com/GOGcom/status/1143098153257918…[View]
467822194Just imagine a world where GameFreak were talented[View]
467824306How do you guys feel that 4Chan is a dumping ground for shitty fake leaks?[View]
467821512>tfw /v/ still can't decide between PS Vita or a 3DS[View]
467820232Which Igavanias can be considered good? I finished SotN for the 6th (?) time today and I feel it…[View]
467824661Mayl Monday: Mayl is for[View]
467814820>enemy can flank you[View]
467822281Be honest faggots, is FF7 in your top 15 RPGs?[View]
467811284I should bash your face in after all you've done.[View]
467823338Did Guarma in RDR2 make anyone else want a survival game with these mechanics?[View]
467824327Why don't games have an emotional impact anymore? Is this just a side effect of getting older?[View]
467823861>You have been banned from all boards for the following reason: >Replying to off-topic garbage…[View]
467823730Is it good?[View]
467824115Shingeki No JUST: What are some games who lose their punch and everything that was good in their rem…[View]
467815482Best link?[View]
467823412ITT: major redflags: I'll start.[View]
467822286How does /v/ choose a game to play when having a large backlog? How do you stay interested in a game…[View]
467797230>Time travel as a plot device Stop this. While traveling to the future is logically feasible trav…[View]
467822992MY PECS: HAVE PECS[View]
467822670Here's your cyberpunk bro![View]
467821221what kind of hell hole does he live in[View]
467822439How do I git gud at this game? Yes I posted this same thread earlier today.[View]
467823743>boss leaves his favourite minion behind to play with the protagonist[View]
467823740you do take a lil walk for every hour of gaming right /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY-k_YVkR…[View]
467821985What are some video game related lies/rumors that you saw on internets and actually fall for?[View]
467813268It feels like the entire industry is turning on /v/[View]
467822836New mario game on steam leak[View]
467817901Zelda: Hey boys.[View]
467823270When is it coming to switch bros?[View]
467823367Are they all worth playing?[View]
467817394>Edward and Alphonse Elric get transported into the last game you played How well do they do?…[View]
467809086EU4: what do you think?[View]
467811196when was the last time you went to a LAN party anons?[View]
467822407200GE: What single player games can you run at 50-60fps on this? Video games comparable to Witcher 3…[View]
467823098Youtuber judges quality of game by twitch views: https://youtu.be/OLYet4Xxq90[View]
467813494Have you ever spent money on an F2P game?[View]
467821658Would it have been successful in today's environment?[View]
467823038>tfw want a RGB CPU Cooler >tfw it costs $100 + should I do it /v/? I want to make it more aes…[View]
467822082Since we have a console aesthetic post, what controller is the most AESTHETIC?[View]
467807706You just know[View]
467822808Reccomend me a good game Preferably ps2/gamecube era[View]
467792945What went wrong?[View]
467822496>Sakurai health deteriorates, he finally retires. >Next guy in charge stops being retarded and…[View]
467722559Hey /v/ let's play Mario Bros. royale online. http://infernoplus.com/royale/#game[View]
467822294Been in a coma for the last 37 years, I've just woke up 15 minutes ago. What are some new video…[View]
467821593What moment made you realize how toxic the fanbase for your favorite game is?[View]
467814216Tankfest 2019 is almost here. Let's have a tank thread, /v/[View]
467817531SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Castlevania block time N…[View]
467822047How to get past far jump?: I've been playing Mega Man X6 after having recently enjoyed the X se…[View]
467820909My OTP[View]
467822481Subzero in turtleneck classic sweater: Subzero in turtleneck classic sweater[View]
467821921ITT:Soulless Hubs[View]
467822435I have read people complaining that Papu Papu is impossible, yet i beat Oxide on the first try. I re…[View]
467821891Assassin's Creed Lore thread: >Putin has connections to the Templar organization Abstergo In…[View]
467815241>layering won’t affect gameplay Oh Blizzard.[View]
467820031Boys, that new pokemon game on Switch is looking good[View]
467821861Is this a good series of games?[View]
467822174Is this the Future We're Going to Allow?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecpkOvx4FVY…[View]
467821897Why haven't you played the Barkley 2 demo yet? You're not some kind of newfag zoomer who n…[View]
467817463Khajiit has fine wares, if you have coin![View]
467819303still best game?[View]
467816560Here's your last two dlc slots bro[View]
467764376Whats stopping the Japs from creating a decent NGE game?[View]
467811950Who is the Tomohiro Ishii of video games?[View]
467793249*filters brainlets*[View]
467819625Cloud Strife Designs: Well, /v/? Which Cloud do you like the most? >1997: FFVII >2005: Tech …[View]
467817631ITT: Soul vs Soulless[View]
467800290Leak Nintendo Switch Mini[View]
467816865ITT: Vaporware[View]
467819132>the last NES hero not in Smash after DQ Hero and Simon ascended to greatness Does our ninja have…[View]
467821278Was she in the wrong?[View]
467814458Choose your character![View]
467789931>Wish for an ArcSys One Piece game >OP Battle Colosseum comes out >it's shit…[View]
467813453I can feel it into my bones[View]
467820104Is mobile gaming any good nowadays? Thinking of getting a new 5G phone[View]
467820764CyberTranny2077: Uhh....guys what the fuck is this??[View]
467817438Post the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this.[View]
467820937>blocks your path what do?[View]
467817182Comfy Yume Nikki Thread: Post your favourite locations. Discuss your favourite fan games.[View]
467820748Is westernshit AAA games finally dying?: Acti Blizzard games are dying hard EA games are dying hard …[View]
467820072>This game has better, more interesting level design and motifs than NSMBU What the hell…[View]
467820846Monster Rancher 2 online when.[View]
467811013CTR thread: How are the Sonicfriends holding up? https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-06-24-u…[View]
467820008Are you pro or anti bug stunt?[View]
467805974Why hasn't marvelous moved to the Switch/PC yet? Why are they staying with sony despite their h…[View]
467815114My son doesnt play graal online classic,how do i punish him[View]
467813928Emergency Digimon Thread. Ask Your Questions!: Bandai is asking for your questions that might be ans…[View]
4678184046.5 out of 10: >Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is not a bad game but it is disappointing, a me…[View]
467809520Are you prepared for the spiritual successor to New Vegas?[View]
467805475Final Fantasy 1 is actually pretty good.[View]
467816241Are you in charge here?[View]
467774291What the fuck went wrong?[View]
467819987>leave doom eternal to me[View]
467817562Now that you babies are done with CTR, maybe its time to play a man's racing game.[View]
467812429What is the secret behind Estelle's appeal? And why didn't you play her game yet?[View]
467817962Mammoth Cheese Me want some.[View]
467805472What does /v/ think of the steamy volcano man[View]
467818525Why doesn't /v/ like this game? It’s not a masterpiece but it’s definitely under appreciated an…[View]
467818531hows ps2 compatibility[View]
467819608>game has a classical music radio station[View]
467795321>Medium is too easy >Hard is too hard What the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
467819529Will there ever be another?: Pay your respects for the greatest team based shooter that ever was. Th…[View]
467810938oh no no no no hahah How will nint*ddlers ever recover? Protip: they wont[\spoiler][View]
467819403Worst piece of music in Club Penguin?: most songs in the nightclub are fucking trash.[View]
467815115Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons x Pokemon crossover when? >brushing and shearing mareep >collect…[View]
467819354Ace Attorney: What do japanifornian women need to hide so much from other people? Can you tell me?…[View]
467815950Samurai Shodown: You're going to play her game in ~5 hours, right EU /v/?[View]
467818674How much of Midgar will be explorable as the original only let you in the slums but the trailers for…[View]
467812948Games that should have fan translations but don't.[View]
467791535My GPU died. Best games that can be played without a graphics card?[View]
467814962>pop off in a video game so hard I get accused of hacking is there a better feel…[View]
467809648When the fuck is Yakuza 6 coming to PC? This article was made last year in August and said release d…[View]
467816652Would you play this game /v/?[View]
467800172Is this accurate?[View]
467808230This is fucking DOGSHIT, why did you lie to me?[View]
467814031Will you zoomers be purchasing Castlevania: Requiem and Castlevania Collection?[View]
467817685SGDQ: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Next: Castlevania:…[View]
467817782>Final boss is the narrator GOOD LUCK YOU'LL NEED IT[View]
467818396People here spend most of their free time either playing video games or talking about video games. B…[View]
467784809Redpill me on the Arena in Monster Hunter games /v/[View]
467818338Dead or Alive: I just got DOA Xtreme 3 Scarlet for Switch, any tips? Who is best girl?[View]
467802783You know guys, you don't have to fight. They can both be best girls[View]
467816447So where does Bloodstained rank, /v/?[View]
467818101Where the fuck is the orchestra/uncensor patch I already found a prepatched cia but where's jus…[View]
467756593Why are there no good Superman games?[View]
467812791Hi, this is Doug Bowser from Nintendo of America. We have been monitoring your video game board very…[View]
467818015WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE SO MANY SMASH THREADS: Smash is a really really good game, but jesus fucking …[View]
467815354Comfy Adventure Games Thread: LucasArts games recommended. Sierrafags tolerated.[View]
467817618Is this game any good? I've been seeing it here a lot lately.[View]
467814563are you excited for Fight crab nintenbros?[View]
467814232Mikan is a cute a CUTE![View]
467811973SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Castlevania block time N…[View]
467814156Who the fuck serves coffee with curry? Did he want his customers to shit their bowels out?[View]
467799409Good idea >Put in a parry system with unblockables and give players a clear sign when an enemy is…[View]
467816860>5+ Smash threads up at any given time >Discussion of any other game for more than a few days …[View]
467817073Quiet! I hear a boomer...[View]
467802126Your DREAM MMO: Dingdong JIngle-Jangle himself comes to you one day and he makes you, YES YOU in cha…[View]
467817045>game assigns you the worst class[View]
467816796Botw 2 hype: Are we gonna see the new champions in the sequel? It would be amazing to see more of Ri…[View]
467813145What do you think of Ali Hillis' VA work?[View]
467780082Stop playing Divinity[View]
467807758Enjoy your in game ads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UQEULq1Tas[View]
467812598You should be able to solve this.[View]
467812681The best villain?[View]
467815007Anybody who cares, I've been getting into a new user. If you're sick of Ninja in your face…[View]
467815031Nice trees[View]
467816352Austin Powers grand heroes: >mfw I got swimsuit Vanessa on my first try Who are you rolling for?…[View]
467812970I haven't really been following this game why did everyone start saying it'll be shit all …[View]
467814182is sun and moon worth playing? I have the original game, but never played it because i heard that it…[View]
467809020FFXIV: ARE YOU READY[View]
467810031Do you think they engaged in missionary sex everyday within wedlock for the purposes of having a chi…[View]
467815917I recently learned about transmission and downloaded Besiege to play with gears. It's pretty fu…[View]
467815994Why are racists allowed to call me a n*gger on here with our repercussions? black gamers stand up![View]
467810187X91 Wired Controller: anybody use one of these? need something for my PC and this is only $20[View]
467815395Anons help me out. Diddy Kong Racing is one of my favorite games and I saw some footage of the Crash…[View]
467815747Pic unrelated Nintendo is looking to make the following business decisions soon >Increase their s…[View]
467814456>Happy are those who do the work of the Lord. Zion belongs to God and the people of God. It is a …[View]
467802828is nakoruru an asian?[View]
467815405>Vilain is more likeable than the protagonists through sheer charisma/aura, attitude, or motives …[View]
467813430Please play Dragalia Lost[View]
467803682BG2: continue >>467766383[View]
467814240what games help me deal with mental illness?[View]
467812741You have 10 seconds to prove that (You) are the Dark Souls of /v/ posters.[View]
467812478Will there ever be a truly great X-Men game?[View]
467814827When will it release?[View]
467809941Hi, I am the greatest fighting game of all time.[View]
467804535>Games you'd play if the playerbase was still alive[View]
467814426What are you looking forward to, Anon?: (((This is a subtle post to brag about my excellent, exquisi…[View]
467813179How is Astroneer?: Saw it was on sale on Steam and wondered if anyone had played it. The art seems k…[View]
467810271Gentleman, i have come to say the N-Word[View]
467814410This new battle theme for P5? It's good[View]
467814341ITT: Vidya apparel that is unironically acceptable to wear in public without looking like a faggot.[View]
467810340And here are all the Nintendo Switch games coming in 2019.[View]
467814308Games with nice water[View]
467814257Why did the RTS genre die?[View]
467812582Final Ultimate Legendary Earth Power Super Max Justice Future Miracle Dream Beautiful Galaxy Big Ban…[View]
467813624Post the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this.[View]
467812670There are no good mobile games.: I grew up with Playstation 1, N64, dreamcast, PS2/Xbox.. Smartphone…[View]
467812153Name ONE (1) thing better than SLEDGE BRO[View]
467812849DON'T BUY MARIO MAKER 2!, don't do it[View]
467812652Super Smash Bros leak: I know insiders who were able to get a pic of this. This is 100% legitimate…[View]
467813238>Why, yes, I do in fact do that thing with the game. How could you tell?…[View]
467806749SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Castlevania Later: Bloods…[View]
467807141Fuck you I'm buying it for the novelty. It's also very pretty to look at and has over a hu…[View]
467812143You stand alone Amid Evil[View]
467812162DOOM thread[View]
467813569Dragon Quest: So this is the best game in the series right?[View]
467808392Is it shit? Literally nobody on /v/ is talking about this game.[View]
467805939/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General #569: 'Virtual Reality, Real Suffering'™ Red dot AWP OP Edition >…[View]
467810669VTM: Lads, when are we getting new inormation about the game. I'm starved. Also, officer Chunk…[View]
467806703>you can only play one game,the other will be canceled so which one?[View]
467813149Game animes: I remember seeing this really dumb Smash anime concept where amiibos were used like pok…[View]
467807578Post your favourite vidya series: Rate and rec. Series you have played/series you like Post positive…[View]
467810858>Runs your game in 420p at 23fps No hard feelings kid[View]
467811669What are you emulating, /v/?[View]
467810827Halo Reach flighting: CHECK YOUR EMAILS FIRST WAVE IS GOING OUT[View]
467810203Abput to start strange journey redux, what am i into? anything i should know?[View]
467812572>Mickey Mouse can't be in Smash because he wasn't invented in a video ga…[View]
467791624Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck happened?[View]
467812519Musedash: where the FUCK do I fever[View]
467812503TELL 'EM TO MAKE IT COUNT[View]
467812302He's IN.[View]
467795547Why are remakes so unfaithful?[View]
467809694Why are there console wars if we already know that the winner is the /v smile?[View]
467810426really tempted to reinstall fortnite,change my mind /v/ before i do something i will regret[View]
467812329>you can tell boss to kill themselves >they do…[View]
467810335>turn on microwave >6000 ms ping[View]
467810456Day two of GDQ! Are you enjoying the runs so far, /v/?[View]
467807560IF THE REMAKE CAME FIRST: I can't believe the utter GALL of Nintendo trying to push this shit o…[View]
467812127/v/ sings 'Life Will Change' P5OST: >What is it? People record their singing and it will all be m…[View]
467812039>Not wearing diapers to play video games >Actually pausing to take bathroom breaks…[View]
467794423Terra > Aeris[View]
467812010steam summer sale: Which games are you going to buy tomorrow, steambros? These are the ones i care a…[View]
467811482Why do cheats suck nowdays?[View]
467811984What are some games where you go to war with a third world country and burn it to the ground?[View]
467806498SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Castlevania block time N…[View]
467810926[ H I T M A N | 2 ]: BANK TRAILER OUT CHECK THIS KINO MY FUCK AINT IT SWEET https://youtu.be/fvU9EL4…[View]
467776234Worst Castlevania game?: Guys, in my opinion is 'Vampire Kiss', as amtter of fact that it has countl…[View]
467809212Reminder that Tifa is asian[View]
467810817is blizzard the only dev that can design plus-size characters?[View]
467806507what a piece of shit[View]
467810294>series tries to introduce new protagonist >everyone thinks he's lame >devs backpedal …[View]
467796980Pic related is $15.50 in my country (steam), is it worth it? I loved The Witcher 3 for its world and…[View]
467811515what are some games where it's just you going on a comfy quest to save the world?[View]
467792859Are they the two greatest protagonists in games?[View]
467810523How long is Bloodstained?[View]
467809013Despite being the purest boomerFPS, doesn't look like ass and having the thigtest gameplay, it …[View]
467810734I never thought I'd see such blatant trolling as I have in this forum. Step away from the compu…[View]
467807625How do you intend to survive the next 6 hours of Granblue Fantasy maintenance?[View]
467810059DMC: You're listening to a sermon in Fortuna with your gf when this guy suddenly shows up and J…[View]
467804049Just got this in the mail today.[View]
467797841I want a Final Fantasy Kaiju game.[View]
4677856593 Hours till I my wife gets her release on PC[View]
467810909How can any of you play MTG:Arena after the company behind it was exposed as the garbage they really…[View]
467804514How the fuck do you aim in this game the bullets just scatter all over the place[View]
467789872Cyberpunk 2077 Negativity: Who Profits? Why is CDPR a Target?: The truth is that all publishers woul…[View]
467810805>yfw your gf doesnt play graal online classic and you must punish her[View]
467807834Intruder: What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
467802784So is Skyrim worth replaying 8 years later?[View]
467808248When does it get good? (Already asked for a refund)[View]
467808319There is a simple solution.[View]
467809379Cadence of Hyrule Datamining?: Has any data mining been done on this game to look for future DLC hin…[View]
467799813Xenoblade 2 is good[View]
467809592ITT: Enemies that don't fuck around[View]
467810473What are some games about science?[View]
467810458Behold, objective waifu tier list[View]
467810174Why hasnt any dev studio been able to dethrone Bethesda?[View]
467810086What's your thoughts on gaming laptops /v/?[View]
467808726Would people from /v/ justify paying 10 dollars so they can post on high quality videogame forum?[View]
467807948Kojima-san, where are this babies parents? Why's it just us?[View]
467801123PlayStation Vita exclusive 'Gnosia' scores 10/10 from IGN Japan: From the grave... Still delivering …[View]
467806539Should I resub ?[View]
467799195Which one will you be buying /v/? >Inb4 pcfag[View]
467810293>In their home games, Squall is considerably edgier than Cloud >in Kingdom Hearts, Cloud is CO…[View]
467793660What are some re-deigns that are objectively superior to the original?[View]
467807917I pirate AAA games and buy indie games. Am I chaotic good?[View]
467808050Pathfinder Kingmaker: Is this game still bugged to hell or did they fix all the major shit with the …[View]
467810110Oh yeah: I believe it's time for an Early 2000's thread[View]
467809979What did he mean by this?[View]
467802793>game has inventory weight limit Why can't I just pick up everything I want without having t…[View]
467791597What makes this the greatest of JRPGs?[View]
467805859what's next for Senran Kagura series?[View]
467800747What game has the best hammer combat[View]
467807053Is Squad fun? Been wanting a 'social' game where communication is a big part of the game[View]
467809425This motherfucker drifts into your lobby and slaps your Bandicoot gf's ass, what do? CTR thread…[View]
467809383>skate game >rio de janeiro level[View]
467796138Holy shit https://gematsu.com/2019/06/dream-daddy-dadrectors-cut-coming-to-smartphones-on-june-25-sw…[View]
467805130*mindrapes you*[View]
467773618Smash bros DLC: Who will be in?[View]
467764140You can shit on nuWolf all you want, but at least it has a god tier soundtrack https://youtu.be/ZvAS…[View]
467809470Any mod that checkpoint saves at the start of a new map? I'm on 2BC and just want to play this …[View]
467809353Lets have an industry thread! Have you worked in the industry? Want to? know anyone who does? do you…[View]
467806002>Hi I'm Nappa, and this is Vegeta. He was a prison... bitch.…[View]
467801268When did you realize Tifa's butt is what really matters?[View]
467806330Death Stranding: are you ready for a disappointing walking simulator full of tryhard cutscenes?…[View]
467773727GOG Galaxy 2.0 closed beta live no NDA: >Connect GOG GALAXY 2.0 with multiple platforms and unite…[View]
467808448Hi, this is the best Final Fantasy V.[View]
467804738Now that Tifa's been nerfed, is she the new boob queen of JRPGs?[View]
467794251Sad truth[View]
467794770>He thinks turn based combat is shit lol at adhd combat drones[View]
467807592super princess peach 2 when?[View]
467773629Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Why did everyone call this game a Persona clone? The game has a system that s…[View]
467806709Why doesn't Epic make a new Jazz Jackrabbit in 2.5D?[View]
467808469Let's have a video game thread.[View]
467808273Super Smash Bros leak: I know some insiders who were able to send me this pic. This is 100% legitima…[View]
467808253ITT companies that deserved better[View]
467808243How should I feel about this girl?[View]
467806551Any tips for new players? Played for 2 hours and was lost the entire time[View]
46780427220 hours into total war warhammer 2, and i still did not find a starting place for any faction that …[View]
467807990PTSD thread.[View]
467793330FFXIV Shadmanbringers: >Naoki Yoshida: We don’t take into account the “streamability” of content.…[View]
467807615>game calls a Spandau an MG34[View]
467804889Are there other CRPGs with an AP system like Fallout's? >spend all AP >end round >get …[View]
467803527Why do I keep seeing people say 'the internet is freaking out' about Atelier Ryza? Atelier seems dec…[View]
467807571[spoiler] [/spoiler][View]
467807481Anita and Feminist Frequency hav3 outlived their usefulness Dispose of them[View]
467806182Master race advocates are faggots: >he’s never ejaculated inside a woman but he’s sold a Minecraf…[View]
467805237'Why yes I do think Killer Instinct is the only fighting game worth playing, how did you know?'[View]
467806091How does /v/ handle gaming in Summer when there's quite a bit of heat? Does your PC heat up the…[View]
467770893IS BLOODSTAINED HARD? I'm thinking about buying the game, but I personally can't play game…[View]
467799853Crash Bandicoot: Literally impossible[View]
467807157What is your favorite Job/Class in video games?[View]
467778093Why is my boy so wide now?[View]
467807017/ww2t/: >>>467777052 discuss ww2 autism games, hll, ps, h&g, ww2 online, Ro2 Whats the …[View]
467802560Woooooood needed.[View]
467806587Just got through playing this, I never played the original version but this one is pretty good, is t…[View]
467795712you now remember Charles Dance was in Witcher 3[View]
467806110Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Does anybody know a game with similar moeshit and comic relief qualities lik…[View]
467804669Which RCT game is the best and why it is the second ?: (Planet coaster suck lmao)[View]
467784208Slow Ride[View]
467804403Would you give a hand to a lady?[View]
467805215What game will cater to my fetishes? Which cater to yours?[View]
467806573How is clipping like this acceptable in 2019? It's not like 3D modeling is a new technology.[View]
467801220SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Timespinner Next: Ca…[View]
467805715Muse Dash: Honk honk! You did unlock my skin, right? ... What's that, you didn't? You can…[View]
467798037Did you rike it??[View]
467804641What fun multiplayer games do you guys play? Im getting burned out of my ussual games (siege hunt:sh…[View]
467804295How are people free?!? I have school till the 12th of July. School restarts 5th of August. How do pe…[View]
467805309Nioh: ok so I didn't have much trouble until Onryoki, but holy shit he was hard. who else had t…[View]
467757367Steam Sale Tomorrow Thread: https://inews.co.uk/culture/gaming/steam-summer-sale-2019-when-start-end…[View]
467787518Are you happy now?[View]
467801975How will this affect Nintendo's stock price?[View]
467803945Risk of Rain 2: Are you ready for it /v/?[View]
467801514What happened to user generated content in games? this console gen has seen a huge decrease in the a…[View]
467797974What are some rpgs where choices have real consequences?[View]
467803542Anyone found anything better than this?[View]
467779896TF2 thread i suppose: Tell me. Where did we go so wrong?[View]
4678048021.) Post a random image (don't be a pussy and actually choose the image randomly) 2.) Let other…[View]
467805758Bumblyburg... Home.[View]
467803523Listen to my story[View]
467805656Play graal online classic[View]
467803494Do you have any vidya related regrets?[View]
467804278Wario is the still the most attractive Nintendo character and all their 'waifus' are garbage.[View]
467765538what are your thoughts about little girls in games?[View]
467798347Halo Thread: WHERE THE HELL IS REACH[View]
467804843shut up /v/[View]
467801565What does /v/ think about this Tiananmen Massacre?[View]
467804876>play Nier Automata >assume 2B is Tara Platt because it sounds just like her >never look it…[View]
467787837Aight, devs that have never made a bad game. Let's see them[View]
467804159Planescape Torment: I don’t get it /v/, if Nameless One, Dak’kon and Morte encountered the Final Bos…[View]
467798584So ... uh, Fallout New Vegas. Clearly the best in the series, Right.[View]
467796697>Blazblue had like 6 versions after she was introduced >She wasn't good in any of them Wa…[View]
467802228>turn the whole party into dark elves >literally digitized black-facing what were they thinkin…[View]
467792546So is the new ass creed game not happening and we get a BOTW ripoff instead or will they release two…[View]
467804038Oh Shit it's a PS3 Thread: I'm still pissed off they abandoned the XMB. It was perfect.…[View]
467804172What are some games to play when it's basically a fucking furnace outside?[View]
467778457This is Lara Croft, the queen of gaming. What's next for her career?[View]
467801483“What is better ? to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort ?”[View]
467801990Syria and Iran BTFO How will they ever recover?[View]
467803757Comfy Yo-kai Watch thread: Comfy thread[View]
467789932name one (1) good sonic 3D game[View]
467800003Agent 47 in Smash: Why is no one talking about 47 in Smash? Dude's a literal gaming ICON, more …[View]
467802179How the FUCK did this happen? What went wrong? How did a fucking indie game kick the shit out of the…[View]
467802908Hollow Bastion[View]
467803532How is it? Worth fucking around in for a few weeks?[View]
467803479>Hi I'm Nappa, and this is Vegeta. He was a prison... bitch.…[View]
467797883Fortnite Nostalgia Thread[View]
467803128So what is next for the Dota franchise?[View]
467796119Was it kino?[View]
467797448This game will make KH irrelevant moving forward: E3 more than confirmed Nomura did the bare minimum…[View]
467798765>ITT: when the devs run out of ideas[View]
467801434You guys know of any good neo-noir games to play?[View]
467803156Feminists vs VideoGames: They are slowly creeping into our hobby by infiltrating the game industry w…[View]
467802823I bet /v/ will get angry about this.[View]
467803089Why is the fire element always the strongest in RPGs? A blizzard, tsunami, tornado and an earthquake…[View]
467787892>wake up >turn on modem >drink milk >connect PSP to charger >turn on tablet >open …[View]
467802740So what's /v/'s opinion about EvE Online?[View]
467803061it say[View]
467792692HERE'S your new Pokemon trainer waifu bro...[View]
467801365Could a remake fix the game or is it a mistake on every level[View]
467802478>Be me >Saw pubg for the first time and tried it a little >Think: It's eh. >Now bat…[View]
467801239>tfw no good Indiana Jones games[View]
467750185What happened to the horror elements of Zelda?[View]
467782829>Look at me.I am your steam now[View]
467801742I would consider it mercy to put these ugly things out of their misery. Mass Effect bread, I guess.…[View]
467802258>IM GONNA FUCK PRAXIS UP THE ASS I mean, really?[View]
467802486Is it true that Petscop is a critique of late stage capitalism in the late 90s?[View]
467800358Honestly, the combat isn't as bad as people make it out to be.[View]
467786336EA EXECUTIVES GIVE UP THEIR 2019 PERFORMANCE BONUSES: Why do we hate EA again?[View]
467799475i'm an hour into this. why is it so terrible? i've never played a game that controls this …[View]
467802408Night Beast Grab my right arm Smiling like you got all Koware kaketa black box daite Hidden fear ove…[View]
467798595>this is a 4/10 according to /v/[View]
467801870Why yes i do think Sonic Adventure 2 is the best 3D Sonic game and despite its flaws still one of th…[View]
467801324Step one: Secure the keys[View]
467799109Persona 5 Royal: They had the perfect battle soundtrack, and they replaced it with this gay shit? …[View]
467766383why did Bioware make a fighter with 15 strength a canonical member of the party[View]
467799318>Unless you're careful, there's a tendency for games like Mario that can be played by c…[View]
467795468Smash 6 roster: >Lucina CUT >Roy CUT >Chrom CUT >Robin CUT >Corrin CUT >Dark Pit C…[View]
467801257Is this game worth playing solo?[View]
467801540updated goblin fem model will be nerfed: Hi just letting you guys knows months in advance that the u…[View]
467799856What does /v/ think about this game?[View]
467800319Fallout 76 Duplication Glitch?: Does anyone know of any current working Fallout 76 duplication glitc…[View]
467795772SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Half-Minute Hero Nex…[View]
467793178Two more days till Indie Mech GOTY really hoping the pvp is good and alive, which version you guys g…[View]
467798880Planescape Torment: The Eternal Debate[View]
467789678>Game is a lot more fun with a friend What game is it??[View]
467792297Crash team racing outsold sonic team racing 4x in FW in UK: Crash is back baby[View]
467797982 [View]
467786314Why a Department for Ethics Even exist?: Why tho? Why a gaming creator company needs a Department of…[View]
467800409What were you saying, /v/?[View]
467798040FOUR MORE DAYS[View]
467796705press S to spit on its grave[View]
467796149Will be there a Second Video Game Crash when Cyberpunk 2077 gonna turn out to be a total shit? Discu…[View]
467795518ITT Items what they do vs. what they end up doing. I'll start. >This fucking thing supposed …[View]
467779883>be Ganondorf >receive Triforce of Power >am saturated with divine power >get all sorts …[View]
467795335No soul or personality[View]
467795092Why are jap games so shit compared to non-jap games?[View]
467783602what are some /v/ approved game engines?[View]
467797375Duck Game: from Adult Swim Games![View]
467774695>4 days We're nearly there. Queues are going to be fucked aren't they?…[View]
467799312ITT: Vidya PTSD[View]
467789451GOG doesn't have achievements for 99% of their games so honestly FUCK them how will my friends …[View]
467798636How many contrarians will kill themselves when CP2077 inevitably becomes a critical and commercial s…[View]
467795865>finish game >the friends you've made along the way were an actual treasure >it's…[View]
467774905Anyone else excited about this game?[View]
467799465know your place at the bottom, humans[View]
467799341Honest opinions on this gem? Compared to underrail i like the quests and rpg elements more but the c…[View]
467794586I want to play MMOs but I don't like other people. How can I play WoW by myself?[View]
467799179How is this fun?[View]
467799046Nintendo is opening a new store in Tel Aviv. Goyim not allowed.[View]
467784016One copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience, please.[View]
467788112Y’all niggas overreacting. The only issues here are her thigh-highs and skinny legs. And outside Str…[View]
467781568What games are you looking forward to?[View]
467796757Play Honkai Impact 3rd[View]
467789567So... what's best? Prebuilt Building your own Or a Gaming laptop?[View]
467798349>a whole month before i can finally marry her What do i even do until then?…[View]
467786959What's keeping you from having a good time at VA-11 HALL-A, anon?[View]
467795574Did the Saturn really have that many good games? Seems like I really missed out.[View]
467797340Here's your controller, bro[View]
467797349What games let me play as a skeleton?[View]
467797616Decisions: I’ve been thinking. I can get ONE of these 3 games - Crash Nsane, Spyro Reignited or Okam…[View]
467797837Fun Bosses Thread?[View]
467796913ITT: Kino game design choices >Last area in the game is a return to the first area of the game th…[View]
467785550I just got GTA iV and... the protagonist is an immigrant? what the FUCK is this SJW bullshit, Rockst…[View]
467796753>want to replay DQ8 >want to try 3DS version with extra content >3DS notoriously difficult …[View]
467796490If this was a Mario Kart it would have metacritic score of 90 or more, but because it was Crash raci…[View]
467793160AERITH WAS RUINED JUST AS MUCH AS TIFA: >Bolero jacket had distinctive shoulder pads. Now she…[View]
467794104It's coming.: It's coming.[View]
467791949>game pauses cutscenes when you alt+tab[View]
467793338Play Witcher 3[View]
467796891>Five copies of 'Super Neptunia RPG / 勇者ネプテューヌ /勇者戰機少女' for me and my friends, please…[View]
467777052/ww2t/: itt we discuss all the ww2 autism games such as post scriptum, foxhole, hell let loose foxh…[View]
467795238Your favourite flash games?: It's time to show them some love[View]
467793395Both have the same meta critic score 97. Left >autistic fanbase that keeps starting console wars …[View]
467794919For MMOs which one is better, active gathering system(as in rust for example) or passive one(as in m…[View]
467796463I hacked my switch and will be buying a mini to pay 1st party Nintendo games. Who else comfy pirate …[View]
467793559BLUNDERPUNK 2077 PROMISES BROKEN: *Sips Drink* >it doesn't have to be at night >it doesn…[View]
467796684Why aren't the Nintendofriends asking for God of War on the Switch instead of Persona 5?[View]
467782890 [View]
467796601Stardew: What's the best farm style to pick? I know Standard has the most space, but has anyone…[View]
467795243>game requires collecting all items to 100% it >areas get locked off after finishing them…[View]
467794096STRONG INDEPENDENT WYMIN ABOUT TO GET DABBED ON BY 47 https://youtu.be/fvU9EL4zd1M[View]
467795246I'm gonna dump my Banjo-Threeie concept autism and ask you guys what you think and for suggesti…[View]
467768338pure malice? more like pure autism. how did they botch this last boss so badly, /v/[View]
467753802Dame da ne...[View]
467787678Greetings Turok, I am Adon. The Primagen seeks to destroy the five Energy Totems that keep him impri…[View]
467792684CLASSIC WOW: >life has got so bad the only thing i look forward to is classic WoW I never thought…[View]
467787781Phantasy Star: FOnewearl best class. FOnewearl all day, everyday. FOnewearl can take down De Rol Le …[View]
467793893What do we save horror genre?: Name post 2010 horror games you actually liked. >Lone Survivor …[View]
467796139>the boss can instakill you without warning[View]
467795183>removes bonfires Wala! We fixed Dark Souls![View]
467748321Which one are you /v/?[View]
467795896Whats the point of this game? >takes 10 turn to make a strong army >your country constantly cr…[View]
467795480Post IRL Vidya locations[View]
467795904Did you play her game yet /v/?[View]
467778658/Virtual Reality/ thread: Which headset should one get right now when getting into VR?[View]
467791006What video games have you played today?[View]
467792690>When is only interests are video games/4channel[View]
467778158what are some christian approved games?[View]
467791179the fuck was his problem?[View]
467794648Why do I keep dreaming about dota under lords if I only played it for three days then uninstalled[View]
467789080Vidya has become real! First 48 hours: Rules: Vidya has become real suddenly. The last 3 you have pl…[View]
467788742SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Ranger X finishing u…[View]
467794637What are some things you do when shit gets real in games?[View]
467791696>celeste >night in the woods >a hate in time >firewatch >hyper light drifter why are …[View]
467795147What's the correlation between video gaming on a professional level and cross dressing? It happ…[View]
467780414This is Aoko's game. Why didn't you play it yet? Check out the comfy late 80's Japan …[View]
467793198are you buying it? will it be more successful than awakening?[View]
467783783What are some good chill and friendly video games?[View]
467792915I'M GONNA DROP IT[View]
467794610Why are Nintendo Switch games so expensive?[View]
467792579Now that the dust has settled Do you prefer the real Tifa or neo-Tifa?[View]
467792237Does /v/ like Muse Dash?[View]
467792752I don't know /v/ros. I have premonition that when I start playing it I'll get bored after …[View]
467794494What is the MP5 of video games?[View]
467785159Good game design always wins.[View]
467793860>why yes I do think that nuts and bolts is the best one in the series how did you know?…[View]
467745087Resident Evil: This is your new daughter and wife[View]
467793468*hits pipe*[View]
467776113Will the 'strand genre' of gaming become a major gaming genre in the near future?[View]
467793864Oh trust me, there's more than one way to realise the legend. I WANNA BE A SUPER SAIYAN! I WAN…[View]
467763486So, how can we fix WRPGs?[View]
467792568What the FUCK are they working on?[View]
467734008>The poster girl of gaming is getting less fanart in her reveal than a nobody from an unreleased …[View]
467792027Smash Bros. Info Dump: Here we go. >Banjo and Hero's move sets are shown in an Smash Direct …[View]
467793673What are some games where you kill women?[View]
467789832why are you so angry and rude, /v/?[View]
467791282Why do gamers do this?[View]
467778621Nwn2 thread: I'm going to give this another runtrhough, including MotB and maybe Storm of Zehir…[View]
467793534What games allow me to play as Slovenia? Mods for non-slovenia games are also fine.[View]
467792532What are the odds of the Sega Ages Switch Games getting a physical compilation?[View]
467790659Things that damn near ruined otherwise good games: The MOTHERFUCKING forced batmobile sections. What…[View]
467790123What video game has the best written evil empire?[View]
467727532Genshin Impact: >actual dungeons >better graphics/artstyle >open world isnt just empty noth…[View]
467791662Ugly Character Designs: What does Nintendo have against skirts?[View]
467790595what video games have the best orcs?[View]
467711543What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
467793161je suis monte![View]
467751503A bird stares at you. What is the name of this bird?[View]
467777708CTR Thread: hype edition[View]
467792978Ready for Shadowbringers?[View]
467790021>mfw western games suck more than compile heart games >mfw Cybermeme 2077 will be forgotten 4…[View]
467743461Trailers that were better than the games they advertised: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbSdxtFuVt…[View]
467792891>Final boss gets a pre-emptive strike and instantly kills a party member…[View]
467784380If I can honestly tolerate more linear, cinematic gameplay, is this game enjoyable?[View]
467792789Jesuth H Chriht I can already smell the smoldering trainwreck before it even hits[View]
467788172Samurai Shodown: APOLOGIZE[View]
467791145Where I lived, sega consoles were hella unpopular, like no one I ever knew had one. I only ever hear…[View]
467792483https://twitter.com/TimSweeneyEpic/status/1142247774701916161 Tim Sweeney congratulating everyone fo…[View]
467781773Kaz Hirai has officially retired. Why didn't he get a sticky?[View]
467791897Anon, you must be tired... Please get some rest... I'll stay right here with you...[View]
467783637So we can all agree this is the worst mainline entry in the series, right?[View]
467792135>Well at least one of us had a good morning.[View]
467745719is griefing in games dead /v/?[View]
467792056Sudaverse / No More Heroes: *blocks your fucking path*[View]
467789615>playing casual games cringe[View]
467791995is the ps3 with ps2 hardware in it good. thinking of getting one[View]
467791976>game set in the future >countries still exist…[View]
467791797ITT: we talk about the best FF >pic related[View]
467789943How does the Saturn have so many good games?[View]
467787725I'm about to make Nightmare King Grimm my bitch.[View]
467779010>GOTY 2018: God of War >GOTY 2019: Death Stranding >GOTY 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake Why…[View]
467785749Fuck these gay ass enemies[View]
467787884best harvest moon game right here.[View]
467788282What do you guys think of Will Wrights new game Proxi?[View]
467761638Cyberpunk 2077: When's the soonest you think they'll let us be a futa, bros?[View]
467790078Why aren't you consuming P R O D U C T™, anon? Buy SwSh™[View]
467787638ITT terrible map system[View]
467791137>wondering why I keep hearing seagull noises in game >half an hour later I realise It's a…[View]
467790993> game is full of huge evil unworldly apparitions and monsters > final boss is some guy who wa…[View]
467787787All of the zelda games without exception suck. same shit every time: >ze evil dude >ze prin…[View]
467785430MM11>MM09>MM08>MM10>MM&B>MM07>MM02>MM04>MM06>MM01>MM03>MM05 Pos…[View]
467762362Post Retro sluts: preferably western and more obscure[View]
467790831>game >game ii >game 3…[View]
467787820We are loving our lives....: Nostalgia hit you yet /v/?[View]
467790739>brain: lean forward to passionately make out with the Noonwraith's wet tongue to stun it sh…[View]
467790691Someone call for de docta?[View]
467785963That game died quickly lmao[View]
467790280Is the Switch ready for DF?[View]
467775410How good is FFXIV really? Is it the best MMO on the market?[View]
467787784Can we all agree that Kanji is best boy?[View]
467789936>mfw i watched 3 E3 events go by with no excitement for 95% of the games. >too many side scrol…[View]
467790253What are some games that allow me to save my wife's son?[View]
467790181>*squishes all the little korean bugs at their own sport*[View]
467789867Why was it so perfect, /v/?[View]
467789965Will MechWarrior 5 be the needed return of the Mech Sim genre?[View]
467787697I'm working on G-Police 2. Ask me anything.[View]
467789904Why is Ivalice the best Final Fantasy world?[View]
467789468Name a more based character >protip: you can't[View]
467788862Lootboxes are like Kinder eggs.[View]
467786910Kirby, I challenge you into a duel.[View]
467788374Anything you would actually not want in the FF7 remake? Pic related[View]
467769190Sleeping Dogs is literally TWO dollars: What's your excuse?[View]
467789598Microsoft made history this generation. https://youtu.be/R_TfwX99_yo[View]
467781672Is this a good game worth 20$?[View]
467789665What is the red lentil soup of video games?[View]
467762065SMT: Who is the coolest demon and why is it Cheetahman?[View]
467788925Unbound at last! I thank you, brother. The centuries in limbo have honed my strength. Not even Kain …[View]
467789415>good is actually evil Name a better trope[View]
467787528What's your favorite unsolved videogame mystery?[View]
467785826I love Xion!: And I can't wait to play as her in the Re:Mind DLC![View]
467789317Some game designer who's laughing their ass off decided to put a pizza down there.[View]
467788818>enemy can heal themselves[View]
467783841MGSV Mission 51 Ending: I just hope someone will read this because I just haven't seen this yet…[View]
467789236Why do trannies like this game? I’m not buying this because of that.[View]
467788006There is too much choice these days, every day 20+ new games are released and they are all shit, it …[View]
467788065What games would you play with Konata?[View]
467789110Does a Moba character deserve to get into Smash?[View]
467789030Social: Post ASL and why you're browsing /v/ on a Monday morning / afternoon / etc. As of posti…[View]
467788972Iceborne Bet: These can be found in the new map. What monsters do you guys think they are[View]
467788946tactical shooter thread: what have you been playing anons?[View]
467776972>here your new artstyle, bro[View]
467781308SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Contra III: The Alie…[View]
467784027Should I buy Catherine Classic on PC or Fullbody for PS4?[View]
467778092The last character you play as has to compete with Boromir in an Orc killing contest. Who wins?[View]
467785770>Can natively play Gamecube games with a Gamecube controller >Wii & Wii U BC >Can emula…[View]
467787096You fight like a dairy farmer![View]
467779179Why don't you start your backlog today?[View]
467787590can only afford one this week. which is the better investment?[View]
467787091Oh what's that, you want to own that castle you lost half your army taking? Well, after careful…[View]
467785068ps2 90001 makes a click sound everytime it reads disk is it normal[View]
467786882This is how Chads sit when they play video games and shitpost. Why aren't you sitting like this…[View]
467785397ITT: 10/10 character design[View]
467787537Which 2D Metroid has the best mechanics?[View]
467784762What was her fucking problem?[View]
467783346Its over, we lost[View]
467780618>discord is down[View]
467780526INFERIOR SEQUEL THREAD: I really love the SW 2013 remake, despite its clunkiness etc. The katana co…[View]
467785294This is a happy go lucky Italian-Mushroom Kingdomian superhero who makes excited sounds like YAHOO w…[View]
467784359You guys got any tips for Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition?[View]
467786013I am no stranger to the deaths of planets. Cyrene was my home. But when the need was evident, I did …[View]
467780794Okay how bad did it fail?[View]
467786645>Rival Team is experiencing internal turmoil[View]
467786696how long before Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice™ is announced as a guest character?[View]
467785820When the FUCK are they going to show Skyrim 2? It was the biggest and best game ever and still no se…[View]
467782340>MC was the final boss all along[View]
467774360Bad Game Design: Honestly, how was the player supposed to know how to get out of this room without r…[View]
467782450>Devs think you can only have two types of female protags >a blaxploitation nig with an afro …[View]
467785695Atelier Ryza West release date: https://twitter.com/koeitecmoeurope/status/1143137949996998657 Soon …[View]
467777648Is this the most unfair boss in souls games? >DUDE 33K HEALTH LMAO >DUDE PURE FIRE DAMAGE LMAO…[View]
467785416Who is the best Silent Hill protagonist and why is it Harry Mason [View]
467784603Granblue Versus: Do you think GBV will be a success competitively? When the fuck are we getting more…[View]
467776756To Gta V Mysteries Poster: 4chan was misbehaving unfortunately for me but I did not miss your post. …[View]
467779965Are you playing their game, /v/?[View]
467785052Who's /v/ gonna pick as their starter?[View]
467767562>2/3 of the map is fucking nothing >no reason to go outside the city >highway leads to nowh…[View]
467784543what did Eidos mean by this ?[View]
467785363Did you enjoy this game ? What exactly did you like/hate about it ?[View]
467701264IRL vidya locations[View]
467784342game suggestions: ITT: Post the last game you played, other anons give suggestions for you to play…[View]
467784813Do YOU hide your powerlevel in public or do you talk about/play video games with others, /v/?[View]
467769272Nintendo.. HIRE THIS MAN![View]
467764231Where was he for all the shit that happened in Personas 2 through 5?[View]
467778291Is this quite possibly the greatest game to ever be made, ever?[View]
467784987https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-25-companies-game-revenues/ >Bethesda isn't even in…[View]
467783524>Be PC Gamer >No one I know plays PC games >only people who play PC games are boomers with …[View]
467783147>Allowed out of your eternal prison inside a fucking door getting attacked by a giant monster end…[View]
467774981Do you think the CIA has had any influence on the video game industry?[View]
467784781*triggers /v/*[View]
467777639Latenight Lewd Thread: Post lewd vidya images that you never get to post.[View]
467782908For me, its the Carcharadontosaurus[View]
467784716>Rush Jacht huh?[View]
467782029Why, yes, i liked Kirby Star Allies. But how did you know?[View]
467782386>press any button to start >press power button >game doesn't start…[View]
467776049Why are western games so pretentious?[View]
467768290>pyramid, ball, plus, cube[View]
467782671>ITT: Games brainlets will never be able to enjoy[View]
467767279Games with cyberpunk aesthetics?[View]
467777693Jojo thread: Talk about Jojo video games. What is your favourite one? How would you make a new one? …[View]
467783604Will sony release a limited edition FF7 themed console?[View]
467780982>the average /v/ poster[View]
467768149Tell me, /v/, does a 'rumble' feature for controllers/games really add ANYTHING positive and/or mean…[View]
467781354Nintendo switch mini leaks: Hello everyone. I am a worker at the Spanish company that have accidenta…[View]
467782913>Honestly could it have been good[View]
4677833083 copies of Senran Kagura Reflections please[View]
467783509What are some games with characters who have incomprehensible motivations?[View]
467773728Worth it in 2019 /v/?[View]
467782802The CRPG revival.: Who did it best in the end?[View]
467781849Miss /v/, a pleasure.[View]
467777502Dragon Quest: Just got all 6 orbs, what should I do before going to Yggdrasil?[View]
467781878what games can i run on this SHIT >Integraded HD Graphics 610 It can run undertale, completed it…[View]
467782457TICK TOCK POKEFAGS: https://gematsu.com/2018/11/new-dragon-quest-monsters-game-in-development-for-co…[View]
467781701>Buy a game on Amazon >It ends up being a Nintendo Selects or U.A.E & Malaysia version.…[View]
467775346>Oh Bannerlord... I doubt you could even imagine it[View]
467780547Why the fuck are 150k people playing this RNG garbage?[View]
467766593Squenix, this is all we're asking for: This was drawn by Nomura in 2014. If anything, her jugs …[View]
467776491Have you ever played a game because of one character?[View]
467778110This is my wife Neptune.[View]
467778902SGDQ: Where is my LGTBBQ representation?[View]
467781365Can you play basket in Cyberpunk 2088[View]
467778836Como descargar dragon ball af mugen para android? Jajajajajajajjjajajajajaj a si siiii: https://yout…[View]
467782250>western game >VA is vtuber What are they thinking?…[View]
467772904A message for pirates: Fuck you, pirates. For ruining the industry for everyone and being stealing n…[View]
467781756Dwarf Fortress thread: Why aren't you playing Dwarf Fortress, Anon?[View]
467780639What's unironically the most offensively bad video game you've ever finished. I recently …[View]
467748974admit it, you cried[View]
467775961What do you think XCOM 3 will be like?[View]
467781880This is E.Y.E. tier jank, but the atmosphere in this one is fantastic. Heard it was broken on launch…[View]
467767002Anyone else tired that so many gaming communities have switched almost exclusivly to discord. Maybe …[View]
467781631Private Pavel, I'm FSO.[View]
467766675ELDEN RING. ________________________________________________________________________________________…[View]
467779527I wish RTS games came back into prominence[View]
467779065Be honest /v/. Did you beat it?[View]
467770018How do I not suck ass at this game?[View]
467776079SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Jackal Next: Contra …[View]
467781208Not even shilling. How does this shit manage to be so good for streaming vidya from your home PC?[View]
467779170Most Important Addition in Mario Maker 2: It's the on/off switches, any dissenters?[View]
467781045ITT: Pleb filters Nu-males hate this game for some reason.[View]
467779289You thought you did, but you didn't.[View]
467780760Fuck this game: Everything in this game was pretty fine (some downsides) til the last day comes up, …[View]
467773189Gaming Mouse Thread: oh don't mind me, I'm just the most perfect mouse that ever existed …[View]
467780379Now that the dust has settled, what’s the best she ever looked?[View]
467757715Which games should I play and what versions? I've never played DQ before and I'm intereste…[View]
467780113Pull The Trigger is a banger[View]
467771332Is Castlevania SOTN in your top 10 games /v/?[View]
467780293Why is it Inquisition? When do you 'inquisition'?[View]
467776714>it will never be 2012 again watching Pewds and Cry play Bloody Trapland…[View]
467764135Okay... I'm hyped.[View]
467768684Wake up PC bros: You long, you wish you could play this game. Gawd is so fucking FUN. You won't…[View]
467778305The soundtrack is so God-tier i want it. Will i be disappointed?[View]
467768486Now that the dust has finally settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
467779837Zelda bros...It's over... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Egzb6_HCqQw[View]
467779842>'To run, mash the [button]' Why is this allowed? It ruins gamepads.[View]
467779695Chie or Yuikiko?[View]
467766854Sell me this console. Do your best.[View]
467775158>get into a game series >can finally partake in the memes, references, and enjoy the game more…[View]
467773036>epic won. valve will never recov...[View]
467765102ITT: /v/'s Official DS Game LIst: Post the essential DS games, and I'll compile them into …[View]
467742896borderlands 3: hnnnnnnnng moze without her helmet[View]
467779484What is a game entirely devoid of art style, cinematic elements, music, culture, and immersion tacti…[View]
467776893Is Pyra the ultimate Nintendo waifu?[View]
467774117Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Pyra & Mythra[View]
467759793Night City, home.[View]
467747749Based boomers.[View]
467777901Games aren't any fun anymore. Nothing is...[View]
467772729Does /v/ play Second Life? Its basically the sims online except with furries and boomers.[View]
467773106What went wrong?[View]
467778973Why didn't you play Sona-nyl yet? It's the best steampunk/Sakurai game.[View]
467778296Modern poetry[View]
467778195Reminder that Ultimecia=Rinoa has been confirmed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FhZgZftYrw[View]
467773237>Release date: Q2 2019[View]
467762730https://skribbl.io/?M6fCOdySXU get in here[View]
467778838This is objectively the best megaten game[View]
467773665Stop making fun of Haru's forehead[View]
467775521Zelda: Zelda[View]
467777162Let's be honest /v/. Who liked it?[View]
467767257Why did MMO's die?[View]
467765152Thoughts on this game /v/ the obvious push of micro transactions is terrible but other wise I'm…[View]
467770418Alpha Protocol: What went wrong? What went right?[View]
467772707Turns out Dark Dreams Do Die[View]
467777752>Journos complain to no end about how unfair Sekiro is and that it doesn't cater to them …[View]
467777324>tfw metroidvania games are too hard What's the easiest genre?[View]
467774572Lisa the painful: Was he in the wrong?[View]
467770084Anyone else mod Fran to be covered up in Zodiac Age release? I hated how she was half naked all the …[View]
467777829Kane and Lynch Sequel when?: Square Enix finna use that IP or sell It?[View]
467777545>Yes, I do indeed believe this game is too hard, therefore its difficulty needs to be toned down …[View]
467775289Now that the game has came out and broke series sales records, will we not have to wait a decade for…[View]
467774836Are you enjoying SGDQ?[View]
467751797Will you play the western release of Magia Record, /v/? https://twitter.com/MagiaRecordEN/status/114…[View]
467746886>protagonist of a murder mystery >doesn't solve anything ????????…[View]
467774807Mmm, yes. This is why I play video games.[View]
467777278Why no good WW1 games set in 1914 (the most batshit insane and interesting period of the whole war)?[View]
467777241ITT: Characters forever tainted by recent tranny e-celeb shit: HE DID NOT DESERVE THIS BROS[View]
467763221Atenntion. I love Ann and i think she rightfully deserves a thread on this board. Thank you for your…[View]
467765120What happened to horror games? Are normies scared of them?[View]
467761175CTR Crash Nitro Fueled: Normie Edition[View]
467776428>My favorite game? Arthur and the Invisibles on the PS2.[View]
467771847*kills the MMORPG genre*[View]
467776760Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right a…[View]
467776334>game has large speedrun community[View]
467770823Is post-armageddon/WWP Worms wasted potential?[View]
467773287This is your daily reminder that the Sega Saturn is the greatest console of all time. Experience glo…[View]
467771316Western games shit... Japanese games suck... Now China save the video game.[View]
467775603DUSK SDK will use Trenchbroom as the default editor >https://twitter.com/kristianduske/status/114…[View]
467775142What are some good naruto games?[View]
467775624Monster Hunter Thread[View]
467776331Das fingus de los Elder Ringus! Hagame agaro me muy grande pene.[View]
467770402Goldshire... home.[View]
467771518SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: DuckTales 2 Next: Ma…[View]
467771808Opinions on this?: Picked this up for $5 It has some obvious problems but it seems alright so far. R…[View]
467774186what is a fun 2d platformer with secrets and other hidden stuff if you go out of the way? preferably…[View]
467751117Banjo-Kazooie: *giggles*[View]
467775682>he play western games[View]
467772321'Final Fantasy VII Remake looks bad!' 'Japanese developers just can't make good looking games w…[View]
467755640Vidya Music Thread: Only the best shit allowed. You do have good taste in Music, right Anon? https:/…[View]
467775481How easy is it to troll in this game? Is it satisfying? I've heard there are a lot of RP server…[View]
467775390>the only good thing to come out of E3 2019 is people making fun of it[View]
467773082Will they ever make a good game?[View]
467775138Our Queen is arriving soon brothers[View]
467774973>ive been theough the desert on a horse with no name[View]
467752264ITT: Lost video games: Pic related is a news article about an Argentine video game based on the 1999…[View]
467774545How is this at -85% ? I think it is the only option and there is no base-only game available anymore…[View]
467774750The Tales of series has some of the worst combat in video game history, I'm glad they're f…[View]
467773674Como descargar dragon ball af mugen jajananna: https://youtu.be/Ih7-wW1Pk34[View]
467765553Why didn't Virtua Fighter become Mainstream? The only reason I know about it is because I am a …[View]
467765846God I want to punch this smug piece of shit in the face the moment I see this stupid fucking photo o…[View]
467772534What's with these homies dissing my girl Why do they gotta front? What did we ever to these guy…[View]
467770052Balamb garden... home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSt-fNv5d68[View]
467755191I'm still mad.[View]
467768163Alright so what's the best anime game on steam?[View]
467774469Play pubg on phone first time. 14 kill plus coming in first. I felt like I was hacking. I felt like …[View]
467771859>game starts with a pretentious quote[View]
467768108God damn it. How do you do combat in this game? I usually avoid it but I apparently have to save Rub…[View]
467765189Fifa is the best game there is because there are no women in it. Discuss.[View]
467772401I finally got a new PC. Is SFM still the go-to game for making porn?[View]
467770075>hey bro how much for this item? >'offer'…[View]
467758976What's his endgame?[View]
467771275every Philadelphia's wet dream[View]
467771589Am I the last person with a working copy of Fez?[View]
467772216>He actually plays and enjoys the Low Honor route and endings for Red Dead Redemption 2…[View]
467768276Has a video game ever made you cry or at least very emotional?[View]
467771386What was your TF2 spray?[View]
467768896are people actually playing this?[View]
467771505I just completed the first Metroid on the NES because old games good and new games bad, and... Samus…[View]
467773374Breezegale... home...[View]
467773320What are some games where I can own slaves?[View]
467769937ITT: Franchises which were never good.[View]
467772265Will he be protagonist of 3? Will we get a 3?[View]
467758914This is actually a pretty amazing game especially for being totally free to play and created by a bo…[View]
467763359Hiveswap thread: So what are your expectations for Act 2?[View]
467758984Baldur's Gate Thread: Let's talk weapons lads favorite's that you fancy when facing t…[View]
467760785Has youtube always been shit for gaming videos? I feel like it's gotten worse lately.[View]
467767139So how come Paper Mario isn't a playable character in Smash? Not only that but I have never see…[View]
467770275Post your favourite class from rpgs, anything goes, rate other picks. For me, it's Dragoon. Lan…[View]
467756347This game is fucking good, what the fuck[View]
467772616>Coz it's easy. And it does a lotta damage[View]
467742914Play Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night[View]
467766624Why do people consider MGSV repetitive? When I think about other games like: ETS2, ARPGs in general,…[View]
467758994How did he become the new face of Nintendo staff? He's not even a prolific director. He's …[View]
467757767Post your favourite game and explain why. Judge other anons.[View]
467769065I really tried do play this game, bute the shit is just too boring. Plays more like a tcg with more …[View]
467772008ITT: Criminally underrated games from the last 3 years[View]
467769319ITT: Games where previous installments look better than the new.[View]
467763159/sit/ general.: What chair do you use to game, /v/? I'm considering picking up a Secret Labs Om…[View]
467761785Whats the first game you ever played?[View]
467752059Improved remakes?: Whats your favorite game featuring remakes of classic characters? Mine's def…[View]
467766657How do you pirates even decide on which game to play?[View]
467771590CLASSIC IS SAVED[View]
467771182UK vidya Charts: >UK Is this good taste, /v/?[View]
467770420What is the best 007 game ?: Personally, without including Golden Eye, I would say The world is not …[View]
467767817SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Solomon's Key f…[View]
467765067Type 'starcraft' using only your left hand. Feels good doesn't it?[View]
467771350>game has an useless class >devs insist it's fine…[View]
467732094These two are your favorite young heroes for tonignt[View]
467771158Where the fuck are digimon survive news?[View]
467760673>find game at random on steam >trailer looks cool >buy it >get to the first boss >su…[View]
467749565This is a Cloud x Aerith thread. Tifacucks need not apply. Here are the reasons why Cloud and Aerith…[View]
467770935anons im getting tired of online games what RPG should I be playing?[View]
467764759Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ANT-MAN?[View]
467770624Progress on this has been lacking to say the least. I don’t blame people. There was so much disinfor…[View]
467739969Hollow Knight lore thread? I'm working on beating The Radiance and I gotta say I don't rea…[View]
467770675ITT: Dead Dreams Thread for the games that didn't deliver >inb4 Spore https://www.youtube.co…[View]
467763710Any news on steam DorfFort?[View]
467770403The wind feels so nice... This is my first time experiencing spring. But, this season will eventuall…[View]
467769457Why do sports games look so fucking bad? All they have to render is a closed stadium with a crowd ye…[View]
467768440Games with wasted potential: >2006 Wow this actually looks pretty cool! I can't wait to see …[View]
467768931Why is it so fucking bad?[View]
467768424What ever happened to local player game modes?[View]
467769891I love Todd[View]
467733468>game has a spellsword class >it's absolute dogshit why is this the case for literally ev…[View]
467767450FACTS and TRUTHS Bloodborne sucks DS1=Sekiro Skyrim>Morrowing>Garbage>Oblivion PS4=Switch=P…[View]
467767024What are some good edgy games, /v/?[View]
467769401Finished up with my playthrough of Ghosts. I've actually never played it until now but I hadn…[View]
467760879Play League of Legends, nerd.[View]
467762618>game only allows you to carry 2-3 weapons for the sake of 'realism'. >has giant glowing icons…[View]
467767036not even 6 months after my release...i am...forgotten[View]
467765602Death Stranding is garbage.: On multiple levels. - Character designs are boring and uninspired, whic…[View]
467769253Enter The Gungeon Thread: What the fuck, guys? You lied to me, this game is fun as fuck. This has t…[View]
467767226I think the best girl of P5 deserves her own thread as well. Fluffy hair![View]
467769072PoP: Great at the time of release... But comparing it now with the two tomb raider reboots and uncha…[View]
467765156>streamers are already bored Oh no no no... Ahahah ah ah ah aahaaaa[View]
467768541I finished this game back when it came out on realistic. And now it's kinda kicking my ass. Mos…[View]
467764917If you have this TF2 item and your Steam inventory has never been set to public, I will pay you $10 …[View]
467767738So what's the verdict?[View]
467766654>Octopath Traveller 2 will happen before Bravely Third[View]
467766510>game's idea of difficult enemies is just more health/super armor[View]
467700058>What? To prom? But...you're my student...it's not right[View]
467768441I cosplayed as Konata and my friend took interest: So as a joke, I went to my friend's house to…[View]
467756087How much does party chat actually add in this game? I have the mobile version but I'd prefer to…[View]
467765721>find an interesting game >its in early alpha >wont be out in 1-2 years, if ever…[View]
467765880Daily reminder[View]
467761763I activate enemy controller![View]
467768117Can I play GC and Wii Games in 720p with this potato? Intel® Core™ i5-4200H CPU @ 2.80GHz NVIDIA GeF…[View]
467753726Tell me your most controversial video game based opinion.[View]
467765857Ok, so we can all agree that Bloodborne is best soulsborne. Right /v/?[View]
467766049Hi I'm the worthless piece of shit who makes those low effort katamari rip offs for mobile, the…[View]
467767608supper smesh bras ulteemate: Select your character, /v/[View]
467766525this is not okay /v/[View]
467767076did you play/enjoy it, bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ3lCAsNm7c[View]
467767018>Killed in game by some dude named XxX_Raz0rPussee9000_XxX >'Yeah fuck you too' >Game cuts …[View]
467761346ITT: We bitch about Steam's awful phone app: The UI is trash I just want to browse the store fu…[View]
467762432SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Zombies Ate My Neigh…[View]
467763853>DMCfags tease him, but he ended up writing and directing a better award winning game than Itsuno…[View]
467763464>not in the 3D World style Mario Maker 2 is confirmed to be Shit.[View]
467762030every other major form of entertainment and media (movies, books, tv shows, and music) often explore…[View]
467765747I am absolutely fucking livid that Chun-li isn't real. I think about this $900 statue every day…[View]
467765456Sitting on this has immensely corrected my posture. Mostly because of sheer need to function as a 'c…[View]
467744735UNIST Thread: Well if they weren't going to explain why it glowed[View]
467767260Is this the most kino vidya trailer ever? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1099830/Welcome_to_Para…[View]
467761982PC controller: Old faithful 360 gamepad died. Time for an upgrade! Whats the best controller to get …[View]
467762849>start playing Eve Online around 2011 or so >game is good but large-scale pvp and nullsec is s…[View]
467765014>character has a dykecut >immediately add her to my party…[View]
467763259Veronica is the prettiest, coolest, most graceful, strongest, nicest-smelling, friendliest, smartest…[View]
467764874>hurr durr this game is shit because it's too much like castlevania symphony of the night Wh…[View]
467759184Mario lore thread[View]
467764062Are Nendoroids just Funko Pops for pseudo-intellectuals?[View]
467766614What went off the rails?: What is my opinion? What did i think of this? In open areas the game FPS d…[View]
467766583Daddy Seph>Faggot Cloud[View]
467753129When stars're smilling moon Wonder how look in your eyes Just dialing your number Failing to pr…[View]
467764115>IT'S A GAME BUG.[View]
467747513How do you feel about the feisty short stack Midna?[View]
4677468352006 - 2016: The worst Nintendo era. Can't believe we endured 10 years of absolute dogshit from…[View]
467763582Wtf is supposed to be the appeal to this game? It's basically a game with you seeing the same s…[View]
467763429I need your help /v/ Should I play Silent Hill 3 or Dead Space?[View]
467765753ape escape 20th anniversary: woul you prefer a remake or ape escape 4 ?[View]
467754653Believe me or not. I don't care. Here is all I know: Nintendo Switch Plus >Not really all th…[View]
467760493What was the oldest game you remembered playing?[View]
467759591How to fix Vampire Bloodlines 2: Here's some advice for Paradox on how to save this game: - Cha…[View]
467765819Are you going to try Teamfight Tactics when it's released tomorrow?[View]
467765623Oh look, another video game to ignore. >The thing I want people to maybe understand is that the …[View]
467765229>Beach level >Steel Drums start playing >Level is relaxed and fun…[View]
467762680The Prophecy has been made.[View]
467711250ITT: Flash games.[View]
467763697ACHIVEMENTS: are they really necessary to be included, even as an optional thing to me it seems mor…[View]
467760510Is this some kinda joke?It's literally a walking shitpile that does more damage than anything a…[View]
467764908What went wrong?[View]
467764619Is this the greatest vidya moment of all time?[View]
467765062Hollow Knight thread Metroid frens welcome because its fun discussing Metroid-likes with Metroid fan…[View]
467765058How's your game coming along /v/ros?[View]
467763484Do people honestly have back logs of games? Why buy games when you have ones you've not yet pla…[View]
467761594Is it any good?[View]
467761676Did it add anything valuable to the game?[View]
467756039GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Tracer (yes, THE…[View]
467764709is warioware peak vidya kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq8a9O0coa8[View]
4677646242019 i am forgotten[View]
467763682What is our opinion of fortnite?: I think Epic accidentally into success by this children's Mul…[View]
467750208Is it too late to get into this?[View]
467762389Amid Evil: >1 hour long /v/ WILL defend this[View]
467764562>protag gets a new look later in the game[View]
467764485>Open your eyes... >Open your eyes.[View]
467761875Who's behind the 24/7 propaganda attacks against this game on /v/?[View]
467732681Tips for new players?[View]
467753304WAKE UP[View]
467758152>been on summer break for one month >still no steam sale WHERE THE FUCK IS IT VALVE…[View]
467763196HEY HEY HEY[View]
467763453Cloud, I have a favour to ask.[View]
467762406dark wave[View]
467733495Will boomers ever throw in the towel and admit Doom 2016 was a good game?[View]
467764130They were always really good at appearing like they were interesting people with interesting lives, …[View]
467761596Cool game I found: Hey lads I just started this cool looking MMORPG game like 2 months ago what do y…[View]
467762731Just a simple reminder that Tim Follin is a god. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_gObHt1uZA[View]
467752754By spawning DOTA, did this become one of the most influential games of all time?[View]
467762553> pic related is the most ambitious Crash game > devs are obviously passionate as fuck > tr…[View]
467747910why are people angry if they remove shit[View]
467761521Did any games make use of this thing’s analog triggers? The only use I can think of would be GameCub…[View]
467762601Here’s your Pokémon killer[View]
467760810Sell me this game. Do your best.[View]
467763694Hey /v/....i got a portable snes recently Im gonna play Final Fantasy V next....but want the best po…[View]
467763672Final Ultimate Legendary Earth Power Super Max Justice Future Miracle Dream Beautiful Galaxy Big Ban…[View]
467725286How do you feel about the Joker controversy in Smash Ultimate? Does the character need a nerf? Is Mk…[View]
467763495why is faggotry allowed in smash[View]
467762674>games where the title of the game is a major plot point[View]
467762056games with good looking water[View]
467736573THEY DID IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxxyfPfX44U IT'S FUCKING NOTHING[View]
467756130Touhou Thread: You have ten seconds to list your favorite 2hu >Game >Stage >Boss >Music…[View]
467763278heres ur dlc bro[View]
467760401Comcept made twitter pages for every single character in MN9. Is this the worst example of counting …[View]
467754356based, it's time steam had some competition[View]
467762367Dark Souls 1: yes, indeed[View]
467760326>Souls-like >Metroidvania >Kojima-esque >XCOM clone…[View]
467759542>new total war still not cracked[View]
467762085Why, outside of Shenmue, aren't there action adventure games where the boss fights have fightin…[View]
467754702>that 30 year old boomer who still plays minecraft alpha[View]
467761393>first-person melee combat where you cannot determine your reach and cannot determine your exact …[View]
467759397How come nobody in Shinra HQ notices he has a giant sword on his back?[View]
467757863>top review says 'This game is great, I know I'm going to play it a lot!' >5 hours on rec…[View]
467753971There is nothing more pathetic than raging in a ranked game. How sad and hallow must your life be s…[View]
467757509When is VR going to save gaming?[View]
467761130Dragon Quest thread: Whats the best Dragon Quest game and why is it 5?[View]
467762582What are some games where I can learn about Japanese history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKMw2i…[View]
467729110play her game.[View]
467692228Dump your Megaman girl collection or else X9 gets cancelled![View]
467762442It's happening boys, Project Scarlett 2020 Xbox Game Pass Halo Infinite 2k20 always online. The…[View]
467757419SGDQ 2019: NOW: The Hobbit NEXT: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 LATER: Zombies Ate My Neighbors Stre…[View]
467761157Now that the dust has settled, will you be getting pokemon SS?[View]
467740576Dragon Star VARNIR: Why aren't you playing the sleeper hit JRPG of the year? The Fairy Fencer F…[View]
467736675How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
467758936It's right up your alley, more like up your ass![View]
467761582Vämpıre the masquerade:Bloodlines 2 thread: So which clans are you guys hoping they'll add?…[View]
467762160Hello, America. It's your president, John Henry Eden and you're listening to enclave radi-…[View]
467762008OVERRATED GAMES: name you overrated game and why you thought it sucked. for me its hotline Miami. ch…[View]
467746915Screenshots, webm, gifs: Post unethical vidya content[View]
467757080What is the best way to get into dmc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pomC2SRngEQ[View]
467746607Search your feelings. You know it to be true.[View]
467760515So what are the odds they'll pull a Burst and make a souped up version a year or two later?[View]
467758645Halo: MCC: Where the fuck is the beta?[View]
467712927Party Van: Hey /v/, it's Sunday! Time to play some video games! We're playing KF2 tonight,…[View]
467761275ITT: Controversial opinion thread: fnaf fans on /v/ can actually be really chill and fun to shitpost…[View]
467754160Only one day till release: Why are there no threads about it?[View]
467760125Is Xbox a dead console?[View]
467749863I'M GONNA KILL PRAXIS[View]
467757793Flood with rocket launchers: 'Lets give the horde enemy one of the best weapons in the game and fuck…[View]
467758167ITT: comfy games: what are some comfy games /v/? I wanna play something I can just relax with[View]
467736676FFXIII Screenshot Dump: Inspired by the recent aesthetic thread. Game props and environment design s…[View]
467758562This is Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man and Onimusha. Would you like to see him mkae a comeb…[View]
467760146Why does the FFX duology get so much hate? Playing through X right now and it's pretty damn fun…[View]
467759095NDS: What are your favorite NDS games? no 3DS games allowed, there's already plenty of threads …[View]
467760046Not bait: So I recently signed up to GameFly and was lucky enough to have Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro…[View]
467760934Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold over 110 million copies: It had sold 95 million last year. So it sold 15…[View]
467757879What makes Juri Han so appealing?[View]
467760763Robotnik did nothing wrong: Sonic is just a massive dick to him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJvv…[View]
467730114Fate grand order: How does a gacha game make 1 billion dollars?[View]
467755748Well /v/?[View]
467758383muse dash: Who is best girl and why is it her?[View]
467743206Habbo Hotel... home...[View]
467752543ITT: games only you ever played[View]
467731553I LIKE THAT JUMP[View]
467743116CTR Crash Team Racing: Coins earned nerfed today.[View]
467759925Games with soul but NO heart: No. I won't explain what's the difference. It is something y…[View]
467752341Was this the most original and fun action game ever developed for any console? Will we ever see som…[View]
467758528anyone playing this gem?[View]
467759220ITT:: Post your yokaibro[View]
467753914>Sure Kojima just threw away and forgot the work of his life and decided not to make any connecti…[View]
4677573403ds in 2019: I bought a 2ds xl today with devil survivor overclocked and strange journey redux. Reco…[View]
467758023comfy boomer thread, zoomers are asleep >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzTeAs2B6SA…[View]
467755859Corvo Bianco... Home[View]
467753815Dutch is so fucking cool[View]
467758789TOR Thread: So what class and subclass did you pick anon? You ARE playing this, right?[View]
467758376ITT:'''villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
467756668just hacked my switch. what are some fapworthy games I can get? so far it seems like their library i…[View]
467745396How was gamefreak able to ruin the pokemon frachise ?: what franchise is going to replace pokemon ?…[View]
467758160>I don't know what the block does, do you? >I don't know. What were they talking abo…[View]
467759047Who would have thought that a console inspired by texting while driving would be a flop?[View]
467704079DMC6 new character or stick with Dante/Nero?[View]
467752082Since an SNK character is confirmed for Smash, which one should it be?[View]
467759057Is it possible for Valve to stop Riot from winning the autochess war?[View]
467757674PS3 games you enjoy: Is there anything worth playing on PS3 besides demons souls?[View]
467738409Majora's Mask: Literally and unironically the best Zelda of all time[View]
467707981Will we ever have another good Tony Hawk game? What do you guys think was the best one?[View]
467753173>game makes fun of you[View]
467758449What games do big, two-handed swords justice?[View]
467756616I can’t wait to see how they handle this in the remake![View]
467757061Persona 2: Innocent Sin was released exactly twenty years ago today for the PlayStation in Japan, on…[View]
467755394just played through banjo-tooie and >it's 'grab-a-sailor' night every wednesday …[View]
467758051It's that time again /v/, time to make fancy covers for the vidya gaem. https://nullk.github.io…[View]
467754468Is it important to suspend your disbelief and put aside your own knowledge on how a game is made to …[View]
467754563I can't believe how they ruined Tifa by reducing the size of her Popeye the Sailor Man arms. TH…[View]
467741673With a prime release on Switch with actual marketing from Nintendo plus the Hero making Smash, do yo…[View]
467758216How did they get away with this?[View]
467756214Super saiyan kid, black haired kid, or super saiyan god super saiyan kid?[View]
467731589https://skribbl.io/?mODcYW2C1c Get in here /v/ Its gaymer night[View]
467750313Risk of rain thread[View]
467755725Have you pre-purchased the definitive edition of Devil May Cry 1, only on the Nintendo Switch?[View]
467757820what are some games about justice prevailing?[View]
467751230SGDQ 2019: NOW: Outland NEXT: Hobbit LATER: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Stream: https://www.twitc…[View]
467757802Dhirim... home...[View]
467757692what video games are fun to play in chastity?[View]
467746713Is this worth 12 dollars?: Looks kinda like a mix between a Tales game and Eternal Sonata. Anyone p…[View]
46775690137, married and one kid. Am I the target audience?[View]
467751717SamSho Thread: >Game will be out in two days >no long combo input bullshit >Input delay lag…[View]
467742604How come we haven't got an official or even straight up d&d clone fighting game featuring e…[View]
467756929Report: Jennifer Connelly is suing Capcom for using her likeness[View]
467754791Is this worth picking up in 2019? Its one of the few Star Wars games I never got to play and it look…[View]
467754693Your final two characters are here.[View]
467741869Vote kicking is for faggots[View]
467755775 [View]
467755238Is he the luckiest vidya character of all time?[View]
467756832Join my besiege server Address is 7123 and password is a single lowercase E. Something might go wron…[View]
467752241why is Minecraft popular again? What happened to fortnite.?[View]
467740624Shitstained: Ratual of the Scam hate thread: -atrocious graphics, I've never seen such an ugly …[View]
467754593Dragon Age: You did the right thing, yes?[View]
467755592ITT: pretty vidya[View]
467754394Why do fighting games require such a huge amount of time invested to get good at them? Seriously, wh…[View]
467750445Hacked Handhelds thread: What are you playing on your comfy hacked/jailbroken handhelds this evening…[View]
467755432What game is he playing?[View]
467754079>its a 'russian with a shitty microphone' episode[View]
467756591What's a good currently running series I've probably never played No preference on gamepla…[View]
467756194https://vocaroo.com/i/s1dLTPSX36Y8 stop[View]
467755475Y'know /v/ shits on the Switch a lot but you just watch in a few years the Switch will become t…[View]
467750097He deserves to be in Smash much more than a Monster hunter[View]
467755595Do you play vidya with your sibling(s)?[View]
467751854Publishers Milking Normies to Keep From Fudnding Real Vidya: Shit the fuck up about the Lootbox stra…[View]
467747135Which alt are you maining?[View]
467747490what was wrong with the shitty dialogue in this game?[View]
467753170Judgment: Physicial tomorrow edition. How are you my friends coping? Time is nigh[View]
467753468Which Legend of Zelda was superior? Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess?[View]
467718806How do you usually pick what characters to use in games with a lot of characters to pick from? Do yo…[View]
4677559012005 was such a based year for sports games.[View]
467755660Blood General: Can we all agree this game is the pinnacle of first person shooters? >Satisfying w…[View]
467751505Post YFW pokemon sword and shield sells more than 20 million copies even tho its going to be bad[View]
467747858Why is this game so underrated? It's literally the LAST remaining old MMO >huge world, open …[View]
467748236Ape Escape incoming: You morons were memeing about it and its actually going down[View]
467755007Any game with this aesthetics and atmosphere?[View]
467752674How the fuck am I supposed enjoy this shitty ass game, everything is made to be retardedly complex a…[View]
467753532Is this going to be a really great game?[View]
467730259I get it: it isn't perfect. And no game is! but if you look past the flaws, you'll find ba…[View]
467743551I think she looks fine[View]
467754879Well, Banjo & Kazooie are in Smash because Microsoft decided to do the right thing. What charact…[View]
467755061AOE2DE: NEW CIVS: Bulgarians: Team bonus is blacksmith works faster They get militia upgrades for fr…[View]
467749676>antagonists who are old allies and can become an ally again I love this trope.…[View]
467754785What's his name again?[View]
467734376VIDEO GAMES: Welcome, anon. In this thread, we will discuss video games. >favorite game >favor…[View]
467754634Why the fuck is Anno 1800 taking so long to be cracked?[View]
467699385Just what the fuck was his problem?[View]
467744029>game tries to be funny >it actually is[View]
4677517132019....I am...Forgotten: For real I barely found out about this apperantley John Cena is going to b…[View]
467752475How do we fix gaming, /v/?[View]
467700503Why is she ruining her coffee?[View]
467752175What does /v/ think of Amiibos?[View]
467753482Help me pick a game to play. Xenoblade Chronicles, FFX, or Resident Evil remake[View]
467739150What went wrong?[View]
467751409Ivalice Online when[View]
467733720I am the eternal dragon Shenron.: I shall grant any /v/idya related wish that is within my power.…[View]
467752741I’M A /V/ USER[View]
467748480The new Pokemon game looks great![View]
467750327Is city of tears supposed to be this hard or do I fucking suck?[View]
4677494543d games that play better with a dpad instead of a stick?: Hard mode: no fighting games.[View]
467747159So /v/, what's your favourite fightan female character?[View]
467752207the best 3d sonic game in 9 years was a lego spinoff: how is this possible?[View]
467748128I have this sitting in my Steam library. Is it worth playing for the story if I'm a brainlet an…[View]
467751479>playing hotline miami >wish I made this game >fantasize about all of the changes I would h…[View]
467741963Now that SqueEnix has their second Smash rep: Will they finally add more FF tracks for stages?…[View]
467751997Oh trust me, there's more than one way to realise the legend. I WANNA BE A SUPER-SAIYAN!!! I W…[View]
467747512alternatives to Pokemon: i'll start at the top[View]
467752863This is Dyna Blade. Say something nice about her![View]
467736258>Hello, Steven. Long time, no see.[View]
467752345So was venom snake a better fight/soldier than Big boss?: >topic…[View]
467752009hololens2: Has microsoft simply given up trying to act like this price tag is justified? the oculus …[View]
467748153Post anything comfy to listen to while driving in vidya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpKlCKL9FsM …[View]
467751705Do you guys take screenshots while playing? Why? Why not? FFXV unironically gave me a habbit of taki…[View]
467751658Was The Sims 3 better than The Sims 2?[View]
467751625I've been waiting for more than 2 years... and the same rumors do not stop.[View]
467689745Why are people making an outrage over Nessa colors? she's just tanned like pic related[View]
467742809Does he stand a chance, /v/?[View]
467748865>game has a shotgun >it doesn't 1 shot common enemies at point blank…[View]
467744372SGDQ 2019: now: doom next: outland later: hobbit links: https://lmgtfy.com/?q=sgdq+2019+schedule lat…[View]
467747113As 'cool' as Keanu Reeves is, his fame is just a trend/fad, why would CyberPunk make him a main if t…[View]
467748935Someone redpill me on this game.[View]
467746575The Witcher 2: You know what makes me fume with anger? The mis-use of the word 'Seething' on this bo…[View]
467742234FFXIV: Is there any point in playing between now and Friday[View]
467727330All his games past Yoshis Island sucks He's a walking meme. Laugh at him. Laugh at this fool. H…[View]
467728732Bloodstained is really fun. It's pretty much exactly what I was hoping for and I couldn't …[View]
467751139Le ebin gaymen: Imagine a board for video games which talks exclusively about phone shit, japoonese …[View]
467749701What went right?[View]
467751105Queen Empusa thread: She'll have a thread all to herself right here.[View]
467748778HOLY SHIT[View]
467746839is this game good[View]
467751017Comfy missions thread[View]
467750134aside from Rampage which games let me play as giant monster?[View]
467748414Can you all stop freaking out about the National Dex? They're obviously going to bring it back …[View]
467748660E.Y.Ǝ Divine Cybermancy: How do I not make waves[View]
467750163I bricked my OG xbox and my Wii in the same week[View]
467750324Ps4 mine craft together tonight turbo ????[View]
467749547What is the video game equivalent of this?[View]
467748029I wish more games had Ansel support.[View]
467735304Why are there so few mech games? And of the mech games there are, why do so few of them have humano…[View]
467750289Why aren't you playing the best FPS in recent memory? Amid Evil thread.[View]
467750298Sonic: Happy Birthday, Sonic![View]
467743594so i bought the starter pack and have been playing a week and a half, im level 23 or 24 by now and i…[View]
467748173CoC builder base thread: Post/rate builder bases, I’ll start[View]
467735587Bwaah~ Bwaah~[View]
467748230I just realized that E3 happened. I completely missed it, somehow.[View]
467745870How to get gud?[View]
467747726Why is the 3DS library so shit compared to the DS library?[View]
467722076How many people do you think actually went back to Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie after the Smash announcem…[View]
467737878ITT: the last two games you played have been fused into one unholy monstrosity. Describe the results…[View]
467740986Just imagine...[View]
467747003I try different games, but I just feel a bland 'eh...maybe not' feeling. I went through Resident Evi…[View]
467747496For me? It's Leifang[View]
467743076What do you guys think of Orphea from Heroes of the Storm?[View]
467687429SIGNS OF LOVE[View]
467748142what are some good management sims?[View]
467747210What games are soulless and have soul at the same time?[View]
467732761What video games did you play today?[View]
467748969>Left: SOUL >Right: SOULLESS[View]
467748943Why do people seethe at 'hoarders'? The Hidden Palace recently released a bunch of NES prototypes. N…[View]
467734263let's be honest, there's no reason to get one unless you're incredibly poor and can…[View]
467748835New track is a great replacement for Last Surprise fags[View]
467747168>Kill la Kill IF instead of Super Dragon Ball Z >Gundam Versus instead of Full Burst >STILL…[View]
467748775Which way should i do first? I'm just got the 'hand' and taked the ride. Dragon, middle or unde…[View]
467739145Things you can say about your favorite game but not your girlfriend[View]
467725903Why yes, I think the N64 is superior to the PS1, how did you know?[View]
467739861Any games with this feel? I don't mean it in the meme way, I'm being genuine. An example w…[View]
467745350Just beat this, shit was pretty cash. I had to beat Avalanche Abaasy using topple lock since I'…[View]
467746189Don’t mind me, I’m just the best FF menu theme easily. https://youtu.be/F9ee_Ez6tFk[View]
467747384Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
467738843Where are the N64 games?: I've played Mario, played Zelda, played the Rare games, played Goemon…[View]
467741958Pathologic 2 thread? I just got to day four and I've been lucky enough to get four showders. An…[View]
467746164'Tifa's Boobs Are Not Small!!! Boycott Final Fantasy VII Remake! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!' Congr…[View]
467730748>can’t skip the hour long tutorial[View]
467747876Welcome, enter dream world center Genius, I'm no false pretender Fractals fusing, brain abusing…[View]
467747771Crash: Why does Crash 1 have so much input lag compared to Crash 2? I haven't played 3 yet as I…[View]
467724749How do you determine who you play in fighting games?[View]
467747049>tfw no gf[View]
467747642For me, it's the Ninja[View]
467747634Greatest love story ever told[View]
467743705>wants you to fuck her fdau what you do?[View]
467747220I just beat Gravity Rush 2.: Is she dead? How did she show up in front of Raven at the end? Does she…[View]
467743851What is the longest you played a game you hated? I think I played Eternal Sonata for 40 hours or so…[View]
467747123Is his game worth playing?[View]
467732848The main character of the last vidya you played has to fight the chapulin colorado how fuck is he/sh…[View]
467728171Why is linearity seen as something negative now?[View]
467746709what was the porpuose of this scene?[View]
467728632how is Breath of the Wild STILL $50: didn't it come out like 2 years ago?[View]
467734170Do you play hentai games, /v/?[View]
467743497Zachtronics: Anybody in here like Zachtronics? Enjoying the hell out of infinifactory, which one sho…[View]
467741865You zoomers bought Castlevania: Requiem right?[View]
467690484mario maker 2 comes out this friday >level ideas >what you'd like to see added in updates…[View]
467744753I'm looking for a chill relaxing game I can just zone out to. I'm super tired and can bare…[View]
467746489So, how will they ruin it once they begin cutting it apart and putting microtransactions into it?[View]
467736659>YAAAAAAAY! Gwaaaaaaah woawho awoh heheh wow so many peepur. Woww.. Dank you arigat?gozaimashita.…[View]
467746462>”Herr derr play her game” YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCK, HOW THE FUCK I’M SUPOSSED TO PLAYER “HER” GAME WH…[View]
467746460EINS ZWEI DREI[View]
467746085Foxhole: Anyone on /v/ playing this? I've been playing a bunch since the new update and the gam…[View]
467709386Super Mario: I think it's time we had a discussion about good ol' Mario. Come get comfy. W…[View]
467732542How does she see out of that helmet?[View]
467728123lmao DQ1 feels so prehistoric now.[View]
467746081Can I ask you a personal question?[View]
467745395Will he ever be in smash?[View]
467737937Mass Effect: Why was there no actually idealistic option to side against the Council instead of just…[View]
46774506964 > 1 > 4 > 2 > 3 Prove me wrong. You literally can't.[View]
467711472this is Velocity, the trans raptor mascot for SGDQ, say something nice about xi[View]
467737536why are you not developing games /v/?[View]
467740752Challenge: /v/, Your challenge is this:For thousand of years i have sat upon this throne. I have hea…[View]
467742126>byond://BYOND.world.428650404 direct byond link if you have it installed >http://www.byond.co…[View]
467735549What is your experience with pre-ordering games?[View]
467721721What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
467744776Fallout 4: What did you all think of fallout 4's ending Just want a opinion Pic related[View]
467736903Have you preordered GOTY 2019 yet, /v/?[View]
467745404Every day I wake up I pour myself a cup Of that rich folgers aroma The best part of waking up It…[View]
467745758Will this game teach me to be a Chad and get a gf?[View]
467743208What games should I get for my Ps4 Pro?[View]
467744409How do I feel about this game?[View]
467745346ok since mods are not here to delete the cuck thread how about porn thread to bring them so they can…[View]
467742621favorite game to listen to youtube videos or music while playing?[View]
467744407What's your favorite magic catalyst in vidya? We got: >bare hands >gauntlet >runes …[View]
467735806Genobros rise up. Let's get some fanart of our favorite star boy in here. When do yiu think he…[View]
467729202Were they only human, after all?[View]
467743438The game that broke /v/: Oh my god stop talking about this fucking game already retards. Stop making…[View]
467741663Do you prefer to play as law enforcement or law breakers?[View]
467743631You know what? I'm just going to say it... /v/ is the new shittiest board. /tv/'s better.[View]
467729759Sword&Shield damage control: Nintendo is now officially going out of their to censor anyone talk…[View]
467740112SGDQ 2019: now: doom final next: outland later: hobbit links: https://lmgtfy.com/?q=sgdq+2019+schedu…[View]
467733482What is the video game equivalent of The Last Jedi?[View]
467743507Was he a good villain[View]
467728518How is it worse than Brawl?[View]
467744198Why does this game look all sepia tone-ish? Isn't it supposed to be pure black and white? The H…[View]
467742440This game is way too hard where the fuck is the easy mode?[View]
467739307Just picked this up from steam the other day. Any tips for an aspiring white samurai? I started with…[View]
467682598Find a flaw![View]
467742827Is he the biggest asshole in Vidya?[View]
467739620This is an evil place.[View]
467743112ITT: Some chill games, Some good ass games, and some fun ass games. VR games also welcome if you…[View]
467743951moochoo shaka paka[View]
467742804I got a letter. The name on the envelope said....'Mary'.[View]
467743873Yo /v/, where can I get a copy of Striking Vipers? Shit looks sexy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m…[View]
467742678Don't trust grown men with goatees.[View]
467743840Gmod: >'Hey you mass NLR'd during a raid so.... >X HAS BEEN JAILED FOR 30 MINUTES…[View]
467732572western gaming thread[View]
467740090Will you play her game, /v/?[View]
467743550What are some games that take place on a single house/mansion? I guess most of them are horror games…[View]
467742324Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong[View]
467741997What does casting a spell feel like? I hope it feels like coming.[View]
467740720Is Sonic perpetually cursed?[View]
467741951is there a more retarded name for a genre than ''RPG''? You play a role in every…[View]
467743253ITT dev houses with only one game in the works like a bunch of LOSERS[View]
467736236>NOOOOOOOOO you can’t just play JRPG’s you have to play mature adult western games…[View]
467739385Games to help deal with crippling depression?[View]
467718328>barely knew cloud as kids >never interact with him except one time at the well where he says …[View]
467742706Who do I save /v/? Which person do I cure of the plague? https://www.strawpoll.me/18217420[View]
467739463Outer Wilds: Unironically the best adventure game in a decade. Please play this game, you won't…[View]
467742790https://youtu.be/WF_6YJvWcDY Shilling[View]
467742752Post strategy games with raiding / PvP. Mobile and browser that are consistently playable are welcom…[View]
467738385what did you save today?[View]
467742497Did you guys upgrade your PC for the next generation yet?[View]
467742340They Are Billions: Rate it. Surely some of you /v/irgins are playing it since the campaign dropped.…[View]
467740143>JRPG >the males are the best part of the game and not the females, because they're all o…[View]
467740706I just hacked my n2ds, so what are some good class based rpgs i can run on it?[View]
467740150Roguelikes/Roguelites: What can you personally recommend? Favorites, hates? Discuss.[View]
467740783I love Selene![View]
467719312“are you going to buy my game anon? If you do, I might kiss you, just maybe” what do you answer to t…[View]
467737392What gaem has the best icons and why it's Warcraft III? They're literally little pieces of…[View]
467740802Facts: •MP has the most replayability; real players are great friendlies / opponents. It's much…[View]
467725179It's funny to me how /v/ freaks out at Zoomers now having Minecraft, MW2, and Skyrim nostalgia.…[View]
467728605Vidya gore[View]
467739872Is there a game like Diablo III or Torchlight II which has Character Creation? Asking for a friend.[View]
467740598GTA V is fucking shit >side activities are boring shit like golf, tennis and fucking darts while …[View]
467652046/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467579164 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467690890What was it like growing up during the classic era of gaming? Stuff like this really interests me.[View]
467740597FF7: Good moments that will be ruined by terrible voice acting in the remake. Let's start with …[View]
467706735Comfy Minecraft Thread: Post >favorite biome >favorite ost >what you've been working o…[View]
467723673>Camera shakes when you get on horse. >Camera shakes very rapidly when you slam someone. >C…[View]
467736001What should Nintendo do with future Star Fox titles?[View]
467741521What does /v/ think about Mobile Gamers?: In my opinion mobile games are shit. Why play PUBG Mobile …[View]
467719827Do you think that high input lag is an effective way to give a feeling of inertia?[View]
467740894How is that game your making coming along /v/?[View]
467731778When was the last time you genuinely got mad at a video game.[View]
467739857Poyo! It's me, the famous video game character and icon, Kirby! I'm here to tell you that …[View]
467736895I know everyone shat on this but the hype and excitement of it will never be experienced again. So m…[View]
467731960>Game let's you kill women and children[View]
467738914how's that game coming along /v/~[View]
467740564Thinking about getting pic related from the flash sale on PSN. Is it any good?[View]
467737579there is no reason for GTA to be open world,. there is fuck all to do in it unless you like stupid s…[View]
467740551STR vs DEX[View]
467739968Do people still play Hogwarts Mystery or is it forgotten?[View]
467739840Boys, that new pokemon game on Switch is looking good[View]
467729460I've just started to play this game, and I'm not sure if I'm not getting it right or …[View]
467736034SGDQ 2019: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule Now: Streets of …[View]
467738961What does /v/ think of JUDGE EYES: Will of the Shinigami? non-sonychads, please don't answer.[View]
467737610what gaem[View]
467737767I'm looking for the hypest videogame tracks of all time, any suggestions /v/? https://www.youtu…[View]
467735363Death's Gambit: Appreciation corner[View]
467718813Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled: Why the fuck are speed characters so horrible now? Why is no-one ta…[View]
467723221Thanks steam![View]
467739351I have never played a game where I didn't focus exclusively on raw power and DPS. What's i…[View]
467661142atelier iris: I need your strongest potions[View]
467735498Oh trust me, there's more than one way to realise the legend.[View]
467738029This guy comes up to your lane and slaps your supports ass, what do you do?[View]
467737381Shenmue 3 is looking pretty good: Or are we not allowed to discuss it anymore due to the Steam drone…[View]
467737208How come more games don't focus on good melee combat?[View]
467736437IS THIS THE END OF FORTNITE??????[View]
467716760GTA V Where is the Rockstar employee under NDA?: To the Rockstar employee that shared hints about th…[View]
467738472>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
467738606>Nintendo's new partnership with Microsoft leads to the Diddy Kong racers being added to mar…[View]
467738739Some game designer who's laughing their ass off decided to put a pizza down there.[View]
467738775Smash headcanon thread: With the help of Erdrick and the other DQ heroes, Banjo was able to defeat G…[View]
467736198Muse Dash: How goes the grind anon? The first round of the score attack ends in 2 days![View]
4677109312 days until the sale starts. What are you hoping to buy?[View]
467737189If he isn't dressed as a sailor in the remake I'm not buying it.[View]
467737757>he installs fitgirl repacks[View]
467738638Holy shit[View]
467727204Why is every job getting gutted in FF XIV Shadowbringers to cater to the WoW refugees coming in?[View]
467738538What's the point of fighting games? You could play days on end and you surely will never catch …[View]
467729847why hasn't an indie dev ripped off animal crossing and made their own version for the PC? like …[View]
467736202>grind levels for a day Oh... So the characters not in the party don't gain any EXP at all..…[View]
467736291Hey again it's me Todd Howard. How are you all enjoying the brand new Nuclear Winter update so …[View]
467718445HUGE casino update coming soon to Grand Theft Auto 5 Online! Speculate on the update ITT[View]
467735559ITT: Games /v/ doesn't want to admit are good[View]
467736831Dim, pouty tart with huge breasts... new single out next week.[View]
467723992cp in life is strange 2 is fine, but tifa's huge tits must be reduced and legs covered cause ra…[View]
467730652Megaman Thread: So Im playing MMX5 and what was the deal with the W in the background of the zero fi…[View]
467737750Apparently I need to rent my own server or something >like to play horde mode alone >find unpo…[View]
467735694[chair clattering][View]
467737150Katamari Damacy: I played the original on PS2 a while ago, and it was fun. What are the must-play en…[View]
467733891Denuvo has won: So where are those cracks, guys? The last major crack for an important Denuvo game w…[View]
467734503Sega was always superior: >Final Fantasy release date: 18 Dec 1987 >Phantasy Star release date…[View]
467730657Xenoblade 2: Slowly looking through assets and I'm gonna bite the bullet and ask for whatever h…[View]
467736031>If demand is high enough, a mascot character from a long dead franchise can be added to Smash Br…[View]
467737018>pirate game >its not stealing >its a surprise discount!…[View]
467735202>game has a shitty stealth mission >near the end you get caught anyways and are forced to kill…[View]
467736041How the fuck do i fucking beat this guy: I’ve been stuck on genichiro for 3 days (only play like an …[View]
467727468>More exited for this than the Link's Awakening remake What went right?…[View]
467736797Is he a good villain.[View]
467736732Baldur's Gate II: Which one should I play?[View]
467733681Every character in this game is so fucking annoying that I began to root for the nazis by level 3. …[View]
467736716ITT - Anyone wanna play Minecraft w/Me: Hamachi server[View]
467702940HUEY DID NOTHING WRONG: daily reminder to all kazcucks that huey did nothing wrong. >b-but muh in…[View]
467734870Why don’t you keep track of your backlog, /v/? It’ll give you peace of mind and make you stop throwi…[View]
467733863Got pic related recently, what should I expect? What should I look out for? Do I need any prior know…[View]
467724778How do we solve the CalArts question?[View]
467734989Isnt it wierd that Genesis and Angeal are a bigger part of FFXII ethos even though they were as powe…[View]
467730023>MC canonically has a big dick What's her name /v/ ?[View]
467732780Buyfag thread? Buyfag thread.[View]
467734797So I'm gonna hack up my nephews Wii u since they dont use it much anymore. What emulators shoul…[View]
467733098Help: What can i do?[View]
467730014>protagonist has unlimited sprint with no side effects[View]
467727758>Why isn't there any fat male characters? Is there anyone who actually made this complaint?…[View]
467728904ITT The second game in a series is the best one[View]
467731807SGDQ 2019: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule Now: Devil May C…[View]
467733668ITT: Reboots you want to see[View]
467735884We’re finally going home bros... to Asmon layer...[View]
467735421>Final Fantasy >there's more than ten of them…[View]
467734438ITT: games you wish weren't dead[View]
467729725Hmm...These marks on the ground.... Witcher Thread gotta be....[View]
467735536What's his name again?[View]
467718775Here are your new gym leaders bros[View]
467733552What's the best Super Nintendo game /v?[View]
467732067Why doesn't Sony like crossplay?: I just found out SMITE on Xbox, PC and Switch is cross play e…[View]
467733410ITT: Games that have absolutely no right having God-Tier OST's[View]
467732580Play Outer Wilds.[View]
467728236I am still fucking mad[View]
467729770Quick, /v/, your home country is going to war! The government has given you 5 trillion $ to design a…[View]
467722960If some of you don’t mind playing on console, Cyberpunk is preordering on Amazon with a discount. Pr…[View]
467725782I know I'm pretty late to the party, but I just finished this for the first time. I've own…[View]
467734121So what you're saying is. If you get all three pieces of this Triforce you can reveal your true…[View]
467643482>Leonard Boyarsky: We're all about exploring philosophical themes while having a fun great g…[View]
467732371>itt: Oh yeah, THAT happened.[View]
467734562Old Fantasy: >muscular men with swords >lithe women with daggers and bows, sometimes swords …[View]
467717738Is Wario canonically Jewish?[View]
467732629Splinter Cell: Did anyone else love playing co op on splinter cell chaos theory and double agent on …[View]
467713486What visual novels do you recommend? I haven't played any.[View]
467732645do any of you know how to make this piece of shit playable? i'd heard about texture popping and…[View]
467728406Why do websites do this, does anyone fall for it ?: >download a super mario rom >its a .EXE…[View]
467734203There's a concerted effort by CDPR shills to attack Final Fantasy 7 and stir up controversy ove…[View]
467700162what does /v/ think about Rinoa?[View]
467724239When will they fix her breasts?[View]
4677340193x3 thread Good taste only[View]
467733981>rpg >game lets you become a king >game becomes a RTS…[View]
467733474Does anyone here use this? I like to keep track of the games I play and the possible connection with…[View]
467724408Did someone say Fortnite thread?[View]
467730182Look at the Facts: >Steve >Minecraft released in 2011 with early betas starting in 2009 > T…[View]
467732085metoothanks: metoothanks.org is a minecraft server that is based around clans. Gold blocks are the c…[View]
467723493>/v/ keeps memeing how great this game is >buy it and play for an hour >literally feels lik…[View]
467730943>b-but it's a real Zelda game >Classic Zelda theme absolutely no where to be found What…[View]
467733674.: .[View]
467725741>Well /v/ since you asked I find BOTW to be both shallow and pedantic[View]
467733630https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph8DoZGzxIQ&t=4462s Why do I never hear this music in game[View]
46772675810/10 Games: I'll start[View]
467732753What's your favorite Pokemon[View]
467733440>game has no fall damage[View]
467733437Reploids, Guitar, and Synth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVf4YVT-hNE&list=RDwVf4YVT-hNE&…[View]
467733408Raccoon City sounds lovely![View]
467723025i just built a $2000 pc: now what[View]
467723353Why is the hype completely gone?[View]
467732346Post that one franchise you would like to see get one new game. Pic related for me, honestly I think…[View]
467731174Will you give it a chance, /v/?[View]
467730109What ever happened to the giant Mumbo statue from E3 1997?[View]
467732142Tell me /v/, why do people keep sleeping on him in almost all the Smash games he's in?[View]
467728760If they went to war against one another, who’d win?[View]
467723132Kirby Thread: >tfw we got nothing from E3 What do you guys think Hallabs will bring us next year?…[View]
467722986>Make a game where there are plenty of fun guns/abilities you want to use >You get the good, p…[View]
467723501Cyberpunk is now Cinematic movie garbage: When did you realise Cyberpunk was going to be shit? For m…[View]
467732585Do you like when characters look different in different games? Or do you prefer a consistent design?[View]
467732097Videogame Merchandise: Where do you personally draw the line? T-shirts, figurines, video game-themed…[View]
467729206>why do you play as a girl? >I want to date a male party member because he's cute >oh …[View]
467732530Oh trust me, there's more than one way to realise the legend.[View]
467723110Yen or Triss[View]
467729056I just finished playing DQ 2. It was a pretty draining experience but I'm glad I did it. Where …[View]
467727520SGDQ 2019: on-topic posters ONLY edition now: dmc next: streets of rage later: final doom links: htt…[View]
467731109Who do you think will end up in the second fighter pass /v/?[View]
467731129>the real protagonist was the villain all along I know Metal Gear does this, but any other kinos?…[View]
467731732>Best Super Smash Bros Ultimate player in the world is Mexican >One of the best Speedrunners w…[View]
467730850ITT: Post ideas for horror games. Pic slightly related. >Eleven player game >Ten people are re…[View]
467732030Sekiro: >immortality, bad[View]
467725528Hey Anon! Don’t Forget to Save!: Stop in quick and save before you keep scrolling. Don’t wanna loss …[View]
467728967Video games have been fun this year. What have you played and enjoyed that came out over the last 6 …[View]
467724005ITT: vidya characters that are literally you[View]
467730676you ARE playing the first entry of the revival of the tactical role-playing genre, aren't you?[View]
467731304>game is full of super secret areas >half of them has essentials that is needed for progress …[View]
467725373Yo, look how perfect this looks.[View]
467726180Don't mind me. Just posting the best 3rd person online shooter ever made.[View]
467726452SSBU Stage Builder: Post your creations and shieeet[View]
467730528Is this the worst kind of combat system one can implement it for a multiplayer game? >encourages …[View]
467731435Say what you want about Blizzards post-activision games but they know how to setup their blizzcon se…[View]
467729889Sooo.... Is it allowed to criticize this game yet?[View]
467725783Quality Game Dump: Why the hell are all these top tier games dropping within 10 days of each other? …[View]
467726620June 2019.... I am forgotten...[View]
467730179>anime avatar[View]
467728086>game just keeps going on and on and on[View]
467719112/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Randomized: LAST TIME >Ike, a cute young myrmidon girl, b…[View]
467728989Next-Gen Xbox: Okay seriously now what are the chances Microsoft calls this the next Xbox[View]
467730228>secondary game mode >filled to the brim with lore >still shrouded in absolute mystery as t…[View]
467729782Criminally underrated/currently-forgotten games/series: i will start[View]
467730562>the last game that made you cry[View]
467730816>zombie game >zombies don’t pilot giant mechas Get that weak ass shit outta here…[View]
467730331How do we make yo-kai watch popular in the west ?[View]
467728353>10/10 gameplay bogged down by pointless sideplots what's her name /v/?…[View]
467728360This was good[View]
467726925>make a DLC about aliens despite it breaking your turborealism lore >ape other games (stalker,…[View]
467729779>sending client info... >sniper shot stutters multiple times followed by a scout screaming …[View]
467727986Offensive terminology in Death Stranding?: >BB >Bridge Baby >It's clearly a fetus insi…[View]
467730176Thoughts on this game? It’s hard and unwieldy as fuck.[View]
467730307I've always played games that made me feel like I wish I could forget it so I could play it aga…[View]
467728846>male NPC tries to seduce my character If I say yes,does that make me gay?…[View]
467729776what are some video games about mental illnesses[View]
467703785What went right?[View]
467728502Morrowind: The first TES I played was Oblivion a decade ago and later I played Skyrim. I tried to pl…[View]
467726973What went wrong?[View]
4677293182000's, memories... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKfS5zVfGBc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
467726348Name a more iconic boss battle from this decade. I will wait.[View]
467729151Let's get a Resetera thread going. Where my era /v/ros at?[View]
467697707This game kinda sucks. There's something off about it. I think it's because it's too …[View]
467728058BOTW 2 Discussion Thread: Let's discuss about possible gameplay changes, improvements, new feat…[View]
467726934I can't believe I waited a decade just to experience this garbage. FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU NOMURA[View]
467729052Anyone in the Southeast USA want to play? I'm on Slippi r18[View]
467724854>dialogue options that change depending on player choices >full dialogue, not shortened >no…[View]
467708334/v/ plays OpenXCOM TFTD: The War of Terrifying Silence: Ayys and other weird shit are rising from th…[View]
467728206Anyone here watch japanese let's plays? I for some reason found myself watching some with youtu…[View]
467720336What was her fucking problem?[View]
467722026ITT: if /v/ existed in 1990[View]
467726306what could've been: FUCK EA AND FUCK DISNEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Neu0aFYqyI…[View]
467726612hitbox thread: Are hitboxes a meme controller? Do they actually make fighting games easier? What do …[View]
467728790>I could kick the asses of 80 percent of people here at Doom deathmatch Feels good…[View]
467725921Goodnight, /v/![View]
467728661What are some of your favorite customizations for this VIDEO GAME? I personally like having the rece…[View]
467726149why don't more games have cute anime girls in them?: when will w*stern trash wake up?[View]
467727979What IF shy guys were female? Could they ever be in a game?[View]
467724606Be sure to boycott Mario Maker 2 and all Nintendo products for pic related. I can't believe you…[View]
467728392This is the best version of the 'dumbass best friend' archetype in all gaming[View]
467684153GAMES ONLY YOU KNOW EXIST: >I'll start[View]
467727838Mario's a nigger[View]
467710435Fun games for Android users.[View]
467723716He's going postal[View]
467721339Swarm! It's a big one team![View]
467713329>NEETs always complain about having time but nothing to play/do >have the exact opposite probl…[View]
467723151Face it, they'll never be able to top it.[View]
467723804>final dungeon forces you to use the entire cast wtf, why can't I just use the same 4 charac…[View]
467696227Which is better?[View]
467727526I'm glad more game companies are realizing how effective butts are for marketing.[View]
467726070What vidya character have the most satisfying sound effects?[View]
467727691>dog enemy >whimpers when you hit it >rattles when it dies…[View]
467726519Games that explore these kinds of dilemmas?[View]
467724123What's that, dawg? You are having the run of your life? Lemme fix that, just a sec[View]
467722276Obscure Games Thread: Where do you stand?[View]
467725323>71% on metacritic[View]
467727416aesthetic games: i wanna wander a rainy future city at night, /v/. what are my options?[View]
467727496yo /v/, what are some games that launched well and managed to fuck it up as hard as humanely possibl…[View]
467724897name 3 characters that can defeat God Kefka barehanded[View]
467721734SGDQ 2019: you know the links now: pretty boring zelda next: DMC later: streets of REEEEEEEE[View]
467727196Why yes, I don't buy games featuring niggers, how did you know?[View]
467725650Thoughts on the Prisma Illya video game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zZ99F00K8I[View]
467727307Are there any video games about cryptids?[View]
467726951Beautiful games thread[View]
467726395Kingdom Hearts: have you beaten the Nort Court on Level 1 Critical Mode yet? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
467715062what happened to weird/edgy vidya and console commercials? Its all so boring and safe I want them b…[View]
467720959*is the worst fight in the game in front of you*[View]
467719043*breathes in*[View]
467722386What is the homemade flan of video games?[View]
467726891>Faster than your entire party >Can break out of your combos whenever he wants >Best attack…[View]
467726802SDGQ 2019: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick Now: Devil May Cry Next: Streets of Rage Later: Fina…[View]
467726795What are some of the best, most fun multiplayer games of all time? Preferably nothing like super com…[View]
467647065Vidya with 10/10 aesthetic.[View]
467726761Is there a mod that lets me disable cosmetic attacks in the original BG2?[View]
467722619Lets be honest, videogames in general have improved, you really cant compared the bit eras (Atari to…[View]
467723356So what is Nintendo going to do when PS5 and Nextbox come out and there is an insurmountable gap bet…[View]
467724627>Yes, I love playing MOBA games. What gave it away?[View]
467726613What would a Nintendo Dev Pokemon game look like? Nintendo never does traditional JRPGs so it’s new …[View]
467723721>there are people who didn't choose to end the epilogue by joining Zoey and the homeless gan…[View]
467714408>Horror game >Hospital level >Sewer level >Orphanage level >School level…[View]
467726126Is the metro series worth getting into ? I was thinking of playing Stalker instead.[View]
467726540Why didn't this game ever get a sequel? It was a little rough sure, but it was going places.[View]
467722862https://twitter.com/piposaru20th/status/1142622320495747073 Is it time to Ape?[View]
467722525Why yes, I only play datings sims that are 18+ or have an 18+ patch. How did you know?[View]
467696869Post your favorite intros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnEzkbdTa0I[View]
467721794Remember that time that Charles Barkley's son got shot full of type 2 Diabetes by Micheal Jorda…[View]
467724038what the fuck were they smoking when they made this game[View]
467726273Why didn't he allow vandalism in his store?[View]
467726263Dark Souls: Since we won't be getting another Souls game for quite a while if ever, what's…[View]
467724069what is a game that will put me on a FBI watch list?[View]
467724059OH MY GOD, IT'S A VAMPIRE[View]
467725540>Gameplay is all that matters but I won't play this game because it's pixels/2D/lowpoly…[View]
467668321Genshin Impact: >actual dungeons >better graphics/artstyle >open world isnt just empty noth…[View]
467724042Finish Agartha.[View]
467720847>legendary weapons >breakeable weapon mechanic…[View]
467716870Miranda is ugl...[View]
467716665SOUL SOULLESS[View]
467724727This is what peak Zelda looks like[View]
467696716What exactly is wrong with this design?[View]
467722013Is it possible to have a comfy Yume Nikki thread here and now?[View]
4676987903DS Thread: I love my 3DS! Forever and ever![View]
467706510Hey /v/, we playing Final Fantasy Shadowbringers?[View]
467723050How did he seriously not see anything wrong with this?[View]
467723862Game of Thrones games: m'lord Bolton, are there any good Game of Thrones games?[View]
467720393>unbeatable tutorial boss can be beaten with precise play and skill >his HP cant go below 1…[View]
467722007Got a favourite Vidya coffee scene? Hardmode: No Deadly premonition >The roost is too damn comfy …[View]
467724426What’s worse a game that’s bad because the devs are shit or a game that’s bad because the publisher …[View]
467717392How 'ninja-y' is Sekiro? Can you do stuff like poison enemies or assassinate mooks in one shot or is…[View]
467723790I bet you can all agree on the best game that runs in this CPU.[View]
467724770How often do you troll in online games? Any favorite trolling stories? I love going on twitch strea…[View]
467724447Bros I got this handy image from an anon a while ago and it has served me well. Is there a version o…[View]
467724215this is the lineup for animevo 2019. Thoughts?[View]
467724027Two more days until it is officially dead. What are your favorite memories from OUYA?[View]
467723150Play her game[View]
467724029Mario Maker 2 Ideas: ITT: your ideas/hopes for the next Mario Maker game style. Odyssey would be sic…[View]
467721636You only pretend to care about it just because it's represented in Smash[View]
467724018>mfw I get decapitated in Mordhau[View]
467722420ITT: we discuss the best Final Fantasy >pic related I'll start: >god tier voice active …[View]
467723521Hey daddy, i've found this retro game from 15 years ago called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of t…[View]
467723848What was objectively the best decade for vidya games? And why was it the 90's?[View]
467723837WHO'S THERE?[View]
467723460Does changing your PSN name still have bugs/issues with games or did they fix that?[View]
467722898MANAGER! MANAGER![View]
467723605What's the /v/erdict on this game? I never see anyone talking about it. I'm playing throug…[View]
467722823I was born in June 2001 and the first console I ever played was the Wii as a 6 year old in 2007. Can…[View]
467721451This is Usalia Do you like Curry ?[View]
467723454Oh boy. I won. I'm so excited. Get lost in the beat.[View]
467723284ITT: Subtle vidya clothes[View]
467719553what are some good Xbox games? Got a new job, and want to splurge on fucking video games. Are the ge…[View]
467721846it’s good[View]
467712650Nintendo direct 8.29.19: Hello! First of all I wanted to make it clear that English is not my first …[View]
467720360Do you miss mid-2000's corridor shooters?[View]
467697919Furries confirmed for Cyberpunk 2077![View]
467710704Should I get this on PS4 or Switch?[View]
467673126Does Dark Souls have the laziest and the least creative armor design in the history of gaming? They…[View]
467715682Best Silent Hill coming through[View]
467722096Been marathoning these games, currently on the witcher 3 and I'm loving it but there's jus…[View]
467722663Imagine playing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth over Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Shadow…[View]
467720639I can understand why some people hate digital itself and digital becoming the only way to buy PC gam…[View]
467721743What went wrong?[View]
467720326SHHH, susie is sleeping[View]
467722550Games with the best stealth mechanics?[View]
467720620https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com/ What's on your wishlist? What are you finally gonna pul…[View]
467721139you look at my balls?[View]
467712819Hey fellas, remember when your gramps would get ya the vidya your parents wouldnt get ya? Dont forge…[View]
467722389I like this game. I play as fafnir because his dragon form is cool. I’m not very good though help is…[View]
467718657what's next for Nier series?[View]
467719498Is this the most iconic ebony and ivory vidya duo of all time?[View]
467720321What is your opinion on Cecil?[View]
467722265twf people make songs because of how inept you are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=300…[View]
467705895Your upcoming Smash picks are contained here. All based on internet hearsay.[View]
467721970>Speaks gibberish in Chinese[View]
467672917Ada may have a better face, but Claire has a much better body.[View]
467714365Tale of Two Wastelands: Should I? I mean, should I really? > complete mod compatibility ambiguity…[View]
467717895Uh, it's probably not a problem. Probably.[View]
467721360>why yes I am the GOTY, how could you tell?[View]
467721737Would they get along ?[View]
467721606Are there any comfy games that are almost perfect for traveling on a laptop? I've had a blast p…[View]
467721583>in the middle of the ZONE >balls start to itch…[View]
467688458>tfw came to the realization consoles have held back video games[View]
467720917ITT: phone games that aren’t terrible[View]
467721470co-op games thread: Now that the Xbox 360 is kinda obsolete, and Halo Infinite is a long wait away, …[View]
467721076what is the cheapest gaming pc I could get that could still run modern games somewhat well, I don’t …[View]
467716602sgdq 2019: lazy op edition now: minish cap next: dmc later: streets of rage[View]
467718923Seriously, fuck this guy. He thinks he can change TF2 to fit what HE sees right? He wants to change …[View]
467709313Why doesn't Bethesda hire Avellone and the key people who worked on New Vegas and create a New …[View]
467720186here's your controller, bro[View]
467720064Excuse me miss, can a nigga get a Monster rancher thread?[View]
467719956Games where I can be a self-aware insect?[View]
467717428Lol @ Epic Store: Apparently Epic's shitty chink store (like all things made in China) breaks a…[View]
467721120>makes a cameo in your game[View]
467711047Yikes...Nintendo needs to step up their game if there's only 4 good games coming out in their l…[View]
467718751Hey /v/tards, recommend me a good and comfy monster collector RPG game that is not Pokemon or Yokai …[View]
467718960ps2 90001 makes a click sound everytime it reads disk is it normal[View]
467720293Stheno thread[View]
467720075I need your help /v/ Should I play Silent Hill 3 or Dead Space?[View]
467720961What are your favorite city building games guys? I'm looking to get something fun for the steam…[View]
467719451Game you've sunk the most time into?[View]
467680449Smash Bros. fan art thread.[View]
467720887Games where the rival is more popular than the main character?[View]
467689187Starfox Adventures wasn't THAT bad, you guys.[View]
467720071If you have more than 50 affection with Tifa, but still have more total Aeris affection than Tifa…[View]
467720325Is there a way to beat a single mission of this game without Aceveda or Claudette busting your balls…[View]
467720613What race are you?[View]
467720602ITT: What are some examples of games dying due to lack of developer competence?[View]
467720585>he made an all-green, all-Mark VI spartan so he could pretend to be Chief in multi…[View]
467703979/v/ plays Maplestory: It's that time again. Time to consume all that nostalgia in pre-Big Bang …[View]
467713560Vidya based on books and literature: What are some other games based on books and literature? What a…[View]
467720341Pleease, no hurt, no kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you.[View]
467720334/v/'s honest opinion of Heroes of Might & Magic 5?[View]
467703142Alright, now that the gates are open, pitch your game idea using a Nintendo IP.[View]
467718232Pokemon: Favorite game?[View]
467720017this will never not not make sense to me a bunch of guys sat around in a studio in formal clothing t…[View]
467719982What's your favorite FNaF character, /v/?[View]
467718004How far could the Switch go in terms of graphics? Has it already peaked with Doom?[View]
467713946>Three of these bad boy's deep and on hour 35 of a JRPG binge I fell for the boomer memes an…[View]
467700071Was this the last time Gamefreak actually gave a shit about the franchise?[View]
467720019>cleanprincegaming >thequartering >jim sterling >IGN >angry joe >more Why do peopl…[View]
467719075Stevefags, robotnik pricks, all the fags will be bfto come the next direct. He's in whether you…[View]
467712323>no originality >basically dark souls 4 great, fuck sekiro and armored core, more ds kino is o…[View]
467712961What games have sections in them where you form multiple parties by selecting from a huge cast of ch…[View]
467718274I think now's the perfect time for a modern sequel of the Siphon Filter series. MGS is dead in …[View]
467715368Who was in the wrong here?[View]
467719848So Yakuza 0 is the best game in the series right? I'm playing through them all and none have ev…[View]
467714108It's 3 degrees Celsius here, I'm in my undies and the GPU is the only thing keeping me war…[View]
467719145ITT: Games that insult you for picking easy mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfFF76c1ER0[View]
467719202is it good? and if so what are the 'must have' dlcs?[View]
467719678Dragon Marked for Death: Jesus Christ, why are the drop rates so low? Couldn't they have made i…[View]
467718383Who was this character made for?[View]
467717484Name one (1) good computer game.[View]
467719062Anyone know what VN this is from? Apparently its older (90s)[View]
467700880Here's your successor to New Vegas bro[View]
467706882/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Geno Duo Escapo: LAST TIME >After being shipwrecked, our heroes started ga…[View]
467719308They can't keep getting away with it.[View]
467714491My best friend of 13 years who I met through xbox live moved to Minnesota with me and now we live to…[View]
467717796They is the cutest mascot[View]
467710384All of /v/ is transported to Goodsprings in the Mohave wasteland, right as the courier steps out of …[View]
467705501Just bought Dragon’s Dogma and currently installing. Anything I should know or tips before I can div…[View]
467702908Vidya gurls you would snu snu with[View]
467716086>when mon gets you 5G so you can play Pokemon Go easier[View]
467717968Better than 64.[View]
467716989Unexplained Mysteries of Gaming[View]
467717609Is it really as bad as everyone says it is?[View]
467718897Arctic Flow: Gameplay > Graphics[View]
467680456Elder Scrolls: Can we have a comfy TES thread where we discuss some lore and our expectations and fe…[View]
467717304>Never seen the movies >Still love the game…[View]
467716892Broke Ultimate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnmWu4YCdrE A lot of this looks like stuff you can…[View]
467718290Where we going /v/?[View]
467718157 [View]
467710302What is your 'must pick' race during character creation in a videogame?[View]
467716985I'm finally going to play Ape Escape lads thanks to Yumi, question is, PS1 or PSP?[View]
467718198Now that the dust has settled, what game had the best licensed soundtrack? for me it's THPS 3[View]
467718551what games have the best dogs and/or dog gameplay?[View]
467718531>nu-grex's roars no longer deal damage dropped this shit game[View]
467710109Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong[View]
467714014>be me, pc fag >6 months until mhw iceborn >12 months until crash nitro racing >no death…[View]
467656018It's the best one[View]
467694020Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: Bandibabes Edition[View]
467705293Post bad game UI[View]
467717972Either get a connection error screen or a infinite scrolling background, what do lads??[View]
467713893I do not like Game[View]
467707648>boss is a duo >kill one, the other goes apeshit…[View]
467715872What the fuck was his problem?[View]
467717331crack when?[View]
467717639So when the fuck did tifa become asian. Wasn't she directly based on a 90's era Jennifer C…[View]
467717625I heard you're ok with retcon-censorship now, /v/!: Let's start retconning whatever we can…[View]
467717046This is my Life is Strange meme, is it epic?[View]
467717160How does it feel knowing that everything you did and felt in this game amounted to nothing? All your…[View]
467717025Post >game you're playing >what you're doing in-game I will start: >Bamham City …[View]
467713917So now that their common enemy won, are Sorafags and Genofags gonna resume hating each other's …[View]
467715829>Barely a few days out >Already forgotten C-Crashbros?…[View]
467705485It's been awhile since Emuparadise went down and nobody's seemed to pick up the slack of b…[View]
467717018'We want to bring games to everyone with internet and a screen' Last time bringing games to the mass…[View]
467717082Games that deserve a sequel: Doesn't have to be a direct sequel either[View]
467715792FFX-2: >game perfectly encapsulates the fun of the early 2000s, and let's you play as a Brit…[View]
467717023Are ACE the GOAT Smash Bros composers?[View]
467716964How does it feel knowing this is objectively the most successful videogame adaptation of all time?[View]
467703408When are we getting XCOM 3, /v/?[View]
467716721games with black characters[View]
467716540what kind of keyboard do you use /v/[View]
467705741Why aren't they're more games with cute mutant girls?[View]
467703987>There will never be another console this cozy, versatile, and generally perfect again It's …[View]
467716503It's no masterpiece.[View]
467704797>byond://BYOND.world.610641633 direct byond link if you have it installed >http://www.byond.co…[View]
467715969Couldn't they at least remove the chains while he was at court?[View]
467714538Sunday Sudaverse Thread: Anyone else here hyped to see Notorious kick ass in No More Heroes 3? How w…[View]
467701730why is 'ownership' becoming a frowned upon concept?[View]
467676932how do i prepare for gaming in the summer? i dont have a fan but my apartment has central air and my…[View]
467714153Meanwhile on Hypnospace /v/...[View]
467716242Events have transpired in a...less than optimal fashion. Benny has fled the strip and you are curren…[View]
467715353You ever get lonely playing video game bros?[View]
467703126Has your country ever inspired the setting/aesthetic of a videogame?[View]
467716135Thinking of going half and half with my sister to get a wii switch. What are the best games to play …[View]
467713967For me, it's the Hilde Knight Set.[View]
467709759Now that layering will ruin your hopes for a nice community in classic for an unknown length of time…[View]
467714221Just finished playing Lobotomy Corporation and really liked it. I was surprised that it was a Korean…[View]
467715149Sonic Team Racing: Hey, hey /v/! My game is out too, you know?! Why aren't you playing me?…[View]
467709012What VN are you reading right now? No Danganfag, umineko fags allowed in the thread[View]
467714527>Been shitposting here for two hours. Jannies, if you will, please ban me.…[View]
467713705>heres your video game website bro[View]
467714461What are your favorite ships in vidya games, /v/?[View]
467715775>game doesn’t have a Japanese dub[View]
467715897JUDGMENT: just 2 more days bros[View]
467701418>This game sucks[View]
467681180pleeease nanny state, protect me: kek lets see neo /v/ defending this[View]
467711156Uzume and Orange Heart DLC now available for Rebirth1-3: Gym Leader Nep has challenged you to a batt…[View]
467709969Why's he licked her[View]
467714910What's your favorite FNaF character, /v/?[View]
467714413Dragon Quest IV: So I have finally beaten this one. Been playing in order and this one had the best …[View]
467709312SGDQ: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Sonic Generations Next: The Legend of Zelda: The Mi…[View]
467715292Those of you who said 'Not until Droidekas' have to put up or shut up now.[View]
467713259Commander Shepard: Which one is the absolute correct way to play? Of course, no custom Shepards allo…[View]
467704590>create one of the greatest online multiplayer shooters ever >do absolutely nothing with it an…[View]
467695961Also first game for said system[View]
467706871>Finish a game >Suddenly get really depressed and have no idea what game to play next (or lose…[View]
467712919>Fire level has the hottest music in the game[View]
467715015>why yes, I will play three houses on lunatic, how could you tell?[View]
467714752>Give you the best orgasm in your life[View]
467708447Why are armpits so hard for developers to model and why is NRS the only ones who really have it down…[View]
467714525>higher levels are just bullet sponge[View]
467714530This is your daily reminder that the Sega Saturn is the greatest console of all time. Experience glo…[View]
467714513Who's your favorite edgylord video game character?[View]
467706423There is NO reason whatsoever that Game Freak can’t put every pokemon in SwSh. The Switch can is mor…[View]
467709530Which Walking dead part did /v/ like the most and why?: Hardmode: No season 1.[View]
467712535Why are videogames even a thing?[View]
467713920Do I have to play the previous games to understand this?[View]
467701684You've been tasked to make a new genre of video game. What do you make? Remember, it has to be …[View]
467699501>mfw children aren't playing the exact same games I did when I was a child…[View]
467711787...Chief ?[View]
467712240What vidya quote do you want on your tombstone?[View]
467711265>The entirety of /v/ is suddenly teleported to N. Sanity Beach Are we just as boneheaded as Crash…[View]
467713532For me, it's the wiimote.[View]
467697913Achievement/trophy thread, what ones are you proud of? Do you enjoy collecting them?[View]
467641053DMCA Royale Thread: >What is this ? Mario Battle Royale that got fucked by Nintendo, now called D…[View]
467712578How do I get this to stop popping up every time I get to this part of the game?[View]
467704976Here's you Switch mini design bro!: .[View]
467709267Do you think Pit considers Palutena a mother figure?[View]
467713192Post images of this cute couple[View]
467712992Now that we got E3 out of the way, can we have an outer wilds thread?[View]
467712984Why do boomers pretend this game is still good? 2016 is so much better. >shitty graphics >anno…[View]
467711838Nitro Fueled Thread. >Main Penta Penguin >Best Track Electronic Avenue This shit is so much fu…[View]
467697807This is the greatest game of all time[View]
467712821Vidya milfs thread: Yo-kai watch mom best mom[View]
467711576>referring to yourself as a 'Retro Junkie'[View]
467707312How is its online compared to ultimates?[View]
467705305Pathologic Thread: F-Fuck you too then.[View]
467711139Garfield for Smash?[View]
467712597>Remembereth me?[View]
467690286Twitch sues Artifact streams: guys?[View]
467711329The Kong’s voice actress just got married![View]
467710968>strawberry=Platinum Trophy >turtle=moi Any trophywhores/cheevowhores in this sub board?…[View]
467705240Linearity is bad! Open world is good!: so, is it true or not?[View]
467712175ITT: the last two video games you played have been fused together into one. >Describe the result…[View]
467712065This is one of your next Smash reps. I'm personally excited for best girl. https://www.youtube.…[View]
467711767If Karnov isn't your number 1 pick for Smash DLC, then you're a dumbass.[View]
467711970how is this shit compared to Cities: Skylines and Anno 1800?[View]
467711594She should have joined smash instead of the boring Hero.[View]
467704659>youtube >[game] walkthrough >>YO WHAT IS UP GUYS MY NAME IS GAMERMAN69 DON'T FORGE…[View]
467688212SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Now: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy…[View]
467710509You're passing through Solitude? Maybe you're looking to make some easy gold, yes?[View]
467711704>When you browse a board and site filled with other people and you shit on everything because its…[View]
467710997Is Battlefield V better now ? Was thinking about playing a shooter but couldn’t think of any other[View]
467709691What is objectively the best game of the generation?[View]
467704426Again, if people were so thirsty for a new Banjo and the series is so popular, then why no one bough…[View]
467711076How the combat of FFVII Remake will be? Did they really dropped turn based? I hope so.[View]
467708475I'm moving to PC on the 25th: Do and don'ts anons?[View]
467703658Fils Français.: Jeux de langue française.[View]
467710856Kirby thread. What are my fellow Kirby fans playing this fine evening? Been trying out Blowout Blast…[View]
467705168If you play anything shorter than a min-height Viera you're a manlet fuccboi.[View]
467711067So how bad is it really? I may be getting a Wii U for cheap soon and considering everything's p…[View]
467707537Rate my custom shepard[View]
467689742Let's have one of these threads[View]
467700230>you'll never play minecraft alpha for the first time again[View]
467708359what game engine /v/ recommend?[View]
467711069Celebrating 10 Respectful Representations Of Blackness In Gaming: http://archive.is/LH2PG >Leonar…[View]
467709653>multiplayer game requires teamwork[View]
467709750>Objective: Destroy Ukip[View]
467710104Hey /v/....i got a portable snes recently Im gonna play Final Fantasy V next....but want the best po…[View]
467711017Forget about Tifa's bossoms, Join /v/'s SCP SL server. ;D The 7th Lay…[View]
467710958How long did it take you to come to terms with the fact that Half-Life 1 will go down as one of the …[View]
467704064SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: Sonic Generations Ne…[View]
467707006will this save the franchise?[View]
467709403Were the PSX Contra games THAT bad?[View]
467710678Can we get a Tom Clancy thread here?[View]
467708510Tomorrow is in your hands Tomorrow is in your hands 2IIYH BREAK BREAK[View]
467701279You bought a ship right /v/? Don't lie, you're HYPED.[View]
467710693>enemy can flank you[View]
467710663There's something about this game. After you clear out an area, just going hiking with the dog …[View]
467709607In 2019, I am... forgotten[View]
467678864Touhou Thread: Let's discuss the Touhou series of VIDEO GAMES. Waifufags need not apply. …[View]
467710124Some game designer who's laughing their ass off decided to put a pizza down there.[View]
467706881If both PS4 and XOne run on the same x86 architecture as PC, then why the FUCK do you need to port t…[View]
467697363APE ESCAPE IS COMING BACK, BAYBEE: https://twitter.com/piposaru20th FUCK NAUGHTY DOG FUCK DAVID CAGE…[View]
467709094Glad you could make it Uther.[View]
467681861Risk of Rain thread. HOST NOW![View]
467692949What and when did things go so horribly wrong bros?[View]
467710075>join server >despite being only 13% of the population…[View]
467705359*RUINS UR GAME*[View]
467709343It's another the main villain is a creepy girl who dies and ends up haunting people because she…[View]
467696365What's the first PC game you played?[View]
467706450About me to play this zelda game for the first time bros. what am I in for?[View]
467708285This is united states: a segregated sewer where everybody is raping and killing each other[View]
467683419Fire Emblem Three Houses: Which house are you picking bros?[View]
467700897What kind of person do you imagine when you see this?[View]
467673284why are all modern games trash?[View]
467709649How the fuck did Fromsoft get away with this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6uyuIQYlfY The entir…[View]
467694160how come a lot of games in the ps3/360 days were all washed out and mostly grey? Why was this a fad…[View]
467705691>that kid who reverse bunnyhopped in the gym and noclipped out of the map into the endless void…[View]
467709013Mira or Hanharr?[View]
467705551Post your favorite UNETHICAL girls. For me, it's Umihara Kawase.[View]
467707916Super Smash Bros Ultimate Venus Lighthouse stage... Home...[View]
467707410>man starts his homicidal revenge against the gods even when he killed his own family >dont pu…[View]
467708330Just got this. What am I in for? Have never played a DQ.[View]
467707921You have 5 seconds to tell me why you aren't in the salt mines trying to get your money back up…[View]
467705624Why does no one talk about this game, I completely ignored it as a kid, but the remake makes it seem…[View]
467709191By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. Remember, O Lord…[View]
467709009>hey faggot you have to destroy a bunch of ground units in some rocks within 15 minutes even thou…[View]
467709168Void cuckholding: >Pichu gets nerfed >gets rekt with every other character in game >decides…[View]
467704719Does anyone here still play this game? I popped on for the first time in about 6 years and my god, t…[View]
467707228It wasn't that bad[View]
467708691Cap this: Pic related is going to be a niggerfest we wuz redguards n shit meme game[View]
467708683Let's play some Secret Hitler https://secrethitler.io/game/#/table/UppityOrangeIbex password: r…[View]
467708215So I've ran into another glitch. Where it breaks the game for me on the mission where I collect…[View]
467705612From now on, all games must be open world. Nobody wants to play linear corridor walking simulators a…[View]
467706971the new face of jrpg[View]
467707407BOTW 2 Fears: >BOTW 2 might be called something really fucking retarded >BOTW 2 will inevitab…[View]
467700595/MUA/ - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Y-you're going to buy her game right?[View]
467683551Breath of the Wild[View]
467707969Here's your Metal Gear Solid, bro.[View]
467704485What gives people the impression that original Link is a death seeking hedonist?[View]
467696476Baldur's Gate Thread: You have a 1 in 8 chance to revive the chicken back into a proper mage ap…[View]
467706948Games only you played[View]
467703206GameFreak doing girls = 10/10 GameFreak bringing pokemon series to home console = 0/10 fact[View]
467701719Help me, /v/. I can't control myself. I keep buying games and not beating them. Then I buy more…[View]
467707507You're a fucking liar if you didn't cry at the ending[View]
467707454>Game has customization that you have to unlock by playing the game instead of paying for them Wh…[View]
467701241>1274 hours played >Not Recommended[View]
467707150Why does Mario has various sucessful spinoff series like Kart, Party, LM and more while every time P…[View]
467706536>2d game has diagonal inputs for combat moves[View]
467705191Miriam is a poor off-brand Shanoa.[View]
467700002>get excited for steam sales >remember that most games I want will be 50% off at most >reme…[View]
467703083Is this getting a sequel?[View]
467705167It's Sonic's birthday![View]
467696996blame nintendo and a bit of gamefreak for this trash: >muh gamefreak lazyyy >multi billion do…[View]
467705314How much more can the RTS genre be mutated and dumbed down? Have we reached Peak Zoomer?[View]
467706449The pit. Could be a way out...[View]
467705105>Vidya has QR Code bullshit this is so annoying holy fuck, whats the point if i can look up the q…[View]
467706456OH NO NO NO NO NO Now that I have your attention, can somebody tell me why the fuck does NV still st…[View]
467702681Why do JRPG fans get so irrationally angry when you say you don't like JRPGs? I don't thin…[View]
467705972Do you miss it?[View]
467706101Have you accepted that this is how Battle for Azeroth is going to end?[View]
467706253ITT good pc video games multiplayer, singleplayer, i don't care, i'm bored and i want some…[View]
467698283You remember me, right 2019?[View]
467703968sims 4: anyone playing the last expansion? here my QUEEN enjoying the rainy beach life[View]
467705130New Tifa looks really good.[View]
467703141We should have been able to behead him.[View]
467705463>he uses meme arrows in game chat[View]
467675084ADS IN A FUCKING 60 DOLLAR GAME: WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20…[View]
467700846This game is pretty good.[View]
467702172damn this whiteboy sexy[View]
467698103F.E.A.R Expansion - Good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrOnf6wdbjg&list=PLCD6E0CE72E7365C2…[View]
467689869Kikeesian is broke: https://archive.is/blXns WOMP WOMP! We did it, /v/![View]
467701021It's 1am here, friend is over here at my house, I haven't eaten and he's not going ho…[View]
467704321Are you ready to admit it wasn't that bad?[View]
467704393ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
467701976Mario Kart Lite™[View]
467694878Koichi Sugiyama: Is it true that he is pretty much the most respected composer in modern Japanese mu…[View]
467644631(YOU) STAND ALONE Amid Evil[View]
467704680Was it kino?[View]
467700304Games only you played[View]
467699985Halloween is just around the corner, what are some spooky games to get me in the mood?[View]
467703036What is objectively the most /fa/ video game?[View]
467651327Honeybee: Censored, Tifa's Tits: Censored: Aren't you glad that SE hasn't stopped und…[View]
467704425Was making Shovel Knight the assist Indie and not Shantae a mistake? Far more people want her in the…[View]
467704309What did you play with your friends when you were a kid?[View]
467700837>Lost nearly all it's japanese exclusives to PC/Switch >Censored japanese third party ga…[View]
467701781add him to Smash[View]
467704239>paid dlc is an arena mode >rewards for achievements are golden weapons >silent protagonist…[View]
467704206Fuck these guys. Curse is bullshit[View]
467698397Fuck, this game is hard.[View]
467703728Just started this. What am I in for? The only other SMT game i've played is Nocturne.[View]
467700098Reject modernity Embrace tradition[View]
467701823anon, why aren't you playing Spacelords?[View]
467699137SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2019: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Marathon Now: POOOOOOOOYOOOOOOOO w…[View]
467703864CTR Thread: Anon you aren't short on wumpa coins right? You aren't a poorfag that can…[View]
467699334CRYPTO! I have stumbled upon a human hive called '4channel' and these humans seem to have the most d…[View]
467701824what are some handheld games with an active fan base like pic related?[View]
467667213post em[View]
467701995Games where I can play as a cat? Hard mode: no anthro shit, I want to play as a quadruped.[View]
467703704not sure if this is the right place to post this I am sorry mods if it is the wrong place any way, a…[View]
467696336Is this game unironically a masterpiece or is it overrated trash?[View]
467700941Happy Birthday, Shadow and Rouge! Sonic Adventure 2 was released on 6/23![View]
467703612You got me a gift for my birthday right /v/?[View]
467703359lady's got a gut fulla dynamite and a booty like pow[View]
467688801Fortnite Thread? Fortnite Thread.[View]
467694739Horizon: Is this game good?[View]
467703291Wizards Unite: Anyone playing Pokemon Go: Harry Potter edition?[View]
467703263exevo gran mas vis[View]
467702717Admit it, if nimoy was in 3 the game could have been pure kino. https://youtu.be/rNyjEqUJE9Q[View]
467698181S4 League with /v/ - SHOW ME YOUR S4!: http://s4max.com/ Room is up get in here you fucking eSper fa…[View]
467703049Cursed games thread.[View]
467702976>at party playing smash >playing ganon against faggot k. rool player >k. rool is down to hi…[View]
467702909How is it?[View]
467698119>no new games until September I'm so bored[View]
467672394What are some mechanics you despise but are a staple in a large number of games.[View]
467701321Animal crossing: how do we save the series bross?[View]
467700883>Ten thousand of your children perished in my palm. Whilst you snored, I would lick your sons of …[View]
467690601He's never coming back.[View]
467695281Does this game have the most disappointing anti-climatic ending ever?[View]
467698069Can we have a thread for best girl ?: also better magician, fuck gundham[View]
467692848>They're gonna make you care more about Jessie so it hurts more \when all of the Avalanche g…[View]
467702260Kojima-san, where's this babies parents? Why's it only the two of us?[View]
467701851Battletoads E3 2019: Gamestop employees still seething and refuse to deliver Battletoads despite Bat…[View]
467698937Which Dante?[View]
467701175Beta/Cut Content Thread: go to tcrf.net and bring back something interesting go here for random game…[View]
467695827Enable proper FSAA in bloodstained: Ok, like many DirectX 11 games driver level FSAA doesn't wo…[View]
467697159>fall damage >inventory cap >item durability…[View]
467694972Any racists here? Who`s up for a race war?[View]
467681596Yet Another Bloodstained Thread: Please remember to donate all unused shards to your local charity f…[View]
467701107tfw we’ll never have graphics this realistic.[View]
467701641I've been playing Bamham City and the building interiors are really reminding me of WAIT A MINU…[View]
467697834Games with this feel?[View]
467698529Any good games for distracting myself from this crushing loneliness?[View]
467701509So /v/ playing together is where a lot of the board's potential is.[View]
467698047RULES OF NATURE[View]
467699828Games for homersexuals: What games let me do disgusting butt stuff with other men?[View]
467699746Do you guys any more pictures like this?: if anyone here has images like this with the order to play…[View]
467693358Sing me a song, lads[View]
467699210Are there any games where you can play as a bard?[View]
467701102>can't enjoy a single video game Why?[View]
467699325The great debate[View]
467696342>All /v/ is teleported to Kokiri Forest to help out Link in Ocarina of Time.…[View]
467701016What's your favorite kind of level environment in games? I'm always fond of the fire/ice l…[View]
467699351Crystal Crisis: Is this game good?[View]
467700553Just finished the first mission underwater. The fanservice is better than ever but what happened to …[View]
467692506ITT Games that would not be allowed to be produced in 2019 due to the social-political climate: I…[View]
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