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493099747do i kill these or not? some demos ive seen have people letting them live and some killing them? wha…[View]
493094274You like building your own gaming PCs, but do you build your own gaming handhelds? Portable/handheld…[View]
493089946>TFW your game is shit but people spent 90 dollars on it anyways[View]
493078780Even if Bleh or whatever it's called isn't worthy of begin in Smash, at least is a 100% ne…[View]
493099935>Rainbow six Vegas 2 tier customisation will never come back[View]
493095024Does the Xbox 360 still have real exclusives in 2020? PS3 still has MGS3, Infamous 1 & 2, Demon…[View]
493098162what went wrong?[View]
493098025Dream Games: ITT: Post/Pitch your dream game.[View]
493094238What am I in for?[View]
493089717Xbox One will go down as an underrated console in the next ten years. It'll be talked about as …[View]
493095851Eminem has a Pokemon reference in one of his new tracks. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfMOEW…[View]
493094039Thoughts on Charizard?[View]
493097983What the FUCK happened to this game and why did everyone stop talking about it?[View]
493099979Toram Online: Picked this up recently when looking for mobile games to play on my new phone. Kinda f…[View]
493099574ITT: brainlet games disguised as high IQ games[View]
493099957I just played trough Life Is Strange and LIS Before the Storm and fuck it was so good. The first gam…[View]
493098748Why does Square never make full length anime series adaptations of each Final Fantasy instalment the…[View]
493093217Ys bros and RPG fags I seek your council! Is this game any good? I've only played (and fucking …[View]
493099334D U S S Y hope you're having a good day autism-kun :)[View]
493097920Now that the dust has settled, was it a faithful remake?[View]
493093942Why elves always the strongest race in fantasy Vidya /v/?[View]
493091697>You will lose if you hesitate, brah[View]
493099358How can we beat it bros?[View]
493096675All hail Tiki: Tiki is our queen[View]
493099329Never ever.[View]
493099269>Xbox gets halo infinite at launch >ps5 heavily rumored to get horizon 2 and demons souls rema…[View]
493099242objectively the best of the decade[View]
493099193Dungeon Crawler: Any good 'non lewd' dungeon crawler out there?[View]
493099163Leave Paul Phoenix to me[View]
493087093>times where you cheesed a game and didnt even care For me, it was manus with the bow trick. Fuck…[View]
493092008It's a long way down.[View]
493098306Smash players final boss leaked. Pic related. To be announced in next fighter pass.[View]
493096851Sonic: Could a sonic game in the style of Mario 64 work?[View]
493094326i just finished replaying FF7 to get ready for the remake and i didnt remember Sephiroth was so bori…[View]
493092842Where's the party van?[View]
493096982Stop right there! You have 5 seconds to post your top 3 2d platformers and top 3 3d platformers or I…[View]
493097829GUYS, IT'S UP! https://youtu.be/OwSVSrIwKIw[View]
493097316>Smash reveal >AYU STEALS THE SHOW[View]
493097641Splatoon 2: So is this game dead already? Chances of a sequel anytime soon? (with better multiplayer…[View]
493095974ITT: Cancelled games/cut content/early alphas/vaporware: Starting with one we only found about somew…[View]
493070327OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
493091658Doom 3 is a great game. It's not a Doom game, but it's a good game with the wrong name.[View]
493094073Thoughts on him?[View]
493098689>Benchmark is just a section of the game >It runs much better when you actually play that sect…[View]
493095898Will it happen this year?[View]
493063552ITT: The game character with a physique closest to your own.[View]
493093575I started playing this for the first time and it's pretty fun, especially once you get the abil…[View]
493094743How would you do a modern reboot? One that's actually good.[View]
493098387post your favorite gamer girl.[View]
493091420ITT: relaxing games best played on snowy days[View]
493095485ITT: Characters too pure to die[View]
493097245Is this a glitch or something that comes up later in the game? I'm only 10 minutes in and inste…[View]
493095465The man who single-handedly destroyed Capcom[View]
493086087Nemesis height: Since childhood I thought that RE Nemesis is giant tall - because he is huge mutant …[View]
493097839will a remake happen?[View]
493098284Anyone played Terminator Resistance? It's surprisingly good, considering it came from a studio …[View]
493089768BRING ME THAT ASS[View]
493094760it was good?[View]
493087787S-rank only Kakarot thread: Quite bold of you to assume that you could beat all three in a battle of…[View]
493097471Unpopular opinions: ITT we >say< unpopular opinions https://voca.ro/n5A9R9YfqV9[View]
493098172What went so right?[View]
493095846Godot > Edgeworth > von Karma > Franziska > Payne[View]
493097041Eternal Senia: what is its secret? it's so simple and clunky, but feels so good to play it. I a…[View]
493096125Fire Emblem bro here, just picked up Ultimate. First smash game I played since Melee. Gonna main Byl…[View]
493094026Remind me what type stuff this guy says again?[View]
493096680Why don't more games have leotards? Post games with leotards.[View]
493093318Wind Waker: never played before should I play the original Gamecube or Wii U HD release? does the or…[View]
493089249Just when you thought it couldn't get any better: In five years every Nintendo Switch and Wii U…[View]
493092821I spend almost all my time in death stranding building highways kek. it's actually a fun game f…[View]
493008650So is she canon?[View]
493094971My year is completely ruined. Fuck you CDPR.[View]
493097186>E-Celeb/Streamer/Youtuber thread pops up >Goes on for dozens to hundreds of replies >Anon …[View]
493097085Filename thread[View]
493096975RULES OF NATURE[View]
493096724https://twitter.com/PlayHDTF/status/1218610633220009984 >Literally NOTHING on /v/ about this Hope…[View]
493096339This is where they test genetically modified crops.[View]
493091173/v/ Least Controversial Newcomers Poll: http://allourideas.org/smashudlc[View]
493096850>blank slate >only autistic people love them >would add another character in a over represe…[View]
493095985>/v/ hates it It must be fucking great then[View]
493096913Any predictions on who will win singles in Melee and/or Ultimate next week at Genesis 7?[View]
493093220If you play the original game on its original hardware, congratulations, you've experienced the…[View]
493095589I was thinking earlier, I want to play a game where I can be a big tiddy THICC barbarian woman with …[View]
493096418>Xbox One >Xbox Series X What's up with these stupid ass names? Remember when it was supp…[View]
493096674Is Vinny Vinesauce ever gonna stream GOOD GAMES ?: Like Yakuza: Judgment ? Or Hitman 2 ? I'm so…[View]
493094470So now that we've got the Smssh faggotry out of the way, when are we getting the first actual N…[View]
493095219Are third person games better with controllers? Controllers feel nice and have Vibrations but trying…[View]
493091028>ruins your day[View]
493092761What do you think about Kingdom Hearts 3, and what are your thoughts on Remind?[View]
493096460ITT: Post games brimming with SOUL™[View]
493093623Best Vidya Music: We shall post only the best vidya music or music featured in vidya https://m.youtu…[View]
493095575What is the best 'first game'?: Subject says it all; what is the best game to begin with f…[View]
493079783Why haven't you built a gaming PC yet?[View]
493094464What is the Drive of Video Games?[View]
493095613So their only skill is piggybacking off the work of others, right?[View]
493094607hey guys look what i found.[View]
493094664https://archive.is/Wry8R >'I'm often asked, 'What is the under the helmet of Pyramid He…[View]
493095913ITT: Straight up Vidya gaem FACTS! The reason you lose money in GTA:SA after dying, is because you h…[View]
493093896This is Jubei. One of the Six Heroes. Any questions?[View]
493084351Well /v/?[View]
493036739Sub or dub?[View]
493092745Is there any real reason to buy into VR in 2020? All I see are shitty games that would get boring af…[View]
493090969Is there a fighting/rpg game where your character starts out with harnessing a blank slate of energy…[View]
493089879I'll leave this here. Have a good day[View]
493091095>NINTENDO'S NEXT REVOLUTION ....woah....bros....[View]
493095568>Cucks Xenoblade[View]
493091698Quake 5 when?[View]
493068260Persona 5 vs Tokyo Mirage Sessions: I think we can all agree TMS is infinitely better than P5, right…[View]
493095449what could had he been thinking during this?[View]
493095405If Sega has never quit the console market and had kept releasing new consoles to this very day, what…[View]
493085949I prefer older women in my games[View]
493094298/v/ makes its own console: If a company can come up with something like this and approve it, anyone …[View]
493094005So guys, latelly i've been really into Escape from tarkov content and stuff and i really want t…[View]
493095319ITT: Post your NEVER EVER picks from Smash[View]
493094131How do you lure people into playing your game?[View]
493092675Since Custom Moves were removed in Ultimate why didn't Sakurai use some of them to build clone …[View]
493095213So what was the story with the slowdown bug on the PSP version? Was 2007 Squeenix really that incomp…[View]
493095178Let's have a tapestry thread. Make a vidya scene using https://htck.github.io/bayeux/#!/ and h…[View]
493095179Anyone remember those threads with cute pics showing various age-gap yuri with the younger girl chas…[View]
493092309Anyone playing Phoenix Point?: I’m enjoying it so far but it could be better. >no behemoths >p…[View]
493092120>/v/ bitches all day long about shilling >Fighter Pass is filled with shill characters only pu…[View]
493094868They changed the ending. NTR bros. They ruined it.[View]
4930933352020's gonna be a great year, prove me wrong[View]
493094950Any similar games on Switch?[View]
493093309Is it still the best video game of all time?[View]
493091035How do i get good at fighting games?: I can't do it, the combos are too difficult to do on a ke…[View]
493092857Any games about true love?[View]
493035594>knocks up some poor fortuna girl, then leaves immediately >summons temen-ni-gru in the middle…[View]
493039181>Officially announced 7 fucking years ago >Had no solid baseline for what kind of game it woul…[View]
493092885/v/ humor[View]
493077014>”Sekiro is good, it supposed to be that hard!”[View]
493094530lazy levels thread? golden eye 007 surface 2 not only is it a retread of an already terrible level …[View]
493093135IT'S REAL[View]
493079724how can other death stranding critiques even compete?[View]
493093582Who would win?[View]
493094572Granblue Fantasy Versus: >XSEED isn't even streaming the GBFVS side tourney FUCK OFF…[View]
493052251Guild Wars 1 was one of the best games ever made: I miss it so much bros https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
493094479Poison admiration thread[View]
493094474MELEE: PPMD is attending Genesis, only as a spectator though[View]
493083073What do you think about the current state of competitive Ultimate?[View]
493094310They're in.[View]
493092332Zin krif horvut se suleyk. What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through…[View]
493091843I wanna fuck her and love her so god damn much[View]
493092893How will it do?[View]
493089548>hey bro pass the controller[View]
493091685I can't think of the name of an old pc game probably around 2002ish. It was a tom clancy type g…[View]
493093871So, I just finished this (it was decent if not a little too minimal in design) and out of curiosity,…[View]
493093158Aaaa yes, super sharp right angled corners: Fall head first and you'll split your fucking skull…[View]
493091190No Mans Sky: Should I buy this game now? Do the updates make it worth my time? Coming from a guy who…[View]
493081237why people dodge when they can block?[View]
493092593I only play games with cute girls.[View]
493091702>All his videos now are real life history lessons, game journalism or being a disabled gamer Is t…[View]
493093347Ground War and Battlefield fucking suck[View]
493092737>shit frame data on all moves It's pretty obvious that Sakurai wasn't excited about in…[View]
493093634If it's not fun, why bother?: What's the point of playing vidya if it's not fun anymo…[View]
493092149So we know Smash is against non-video game characters, but something I never see brought up has me w…[View]
493086280>we already picked the characters, can't tell you who they are though please consoom in adva…[View]
493082458Is the Fire Emblem fanbase the most toxic fanbase out there? All I see are posts shoving their 'win'…[View]
493090279>Hey bro, how come you always pick the female Byleth skin? >O-Oh, uh, n-no reason, haha...…[View]
493093559Getting over it: For those who've beaten it: was it worth it? last thread had zero replies and …[View]
493090545I'm tired of replaying New Vegas. Dont get me wrong, I love playing it but there has to be some…[View]
493093279/v/ approved youtubers[View]
493088418fun fact: Sonic is the one (1) series that'd greatly benefit from an open world 3d design[View]
493089543ITT: truly comfy experiences[View]
493092219The absolute state of /v/, i thought you faggots hated normie games[View]
493093192Name a deader genre[View]
493093141Overcooked General: Game of the decade.[View]
4930930924Pac feat. Hitler and Miyazaki: vidya now is like a twitch nigger think he learned to claw but YOU D…[View]
493091275*ruins your experience*[View]
493093002When I look at this picture it just fills me with emptiness. Fire Emblem has been cucking me for a d…[View]
493078164Play Touhou EoSD[View]
493091252For me, it's the Scythe of Want.[View]
493091614games with epic crossovers?[View]
493088818Our wife Ryza is so cute.[View]
493085864Reminder thanks to this game we are getting Metroid 5: Apologize right fucking now[View]
493089294Has any other game ever caused as much damage to gaming as this one. The amount of derivative nonsen…[View]
493076550ITT: We pretend that Bloodborne was just announced for PC:[View]
493092743wizardry: >see a new old-school rpg released on steam, wizardry: labyrinth of lost souls released…[View]
493082928It pains me that Silent Hill is a series of the past, literally no one has plated the first four[View]
493087267He said he want some good ol' fashioned cola[View]
493086641What games have the best exploration and sense of discovery?[View]
493092307*walks up to intercom* *licks lips* *inhales* COMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
493083885So I decided to play Knights Of the Old Republic and I love it. I can see how this game is so loved …[View]
493084459Why are shooters so slow these days?[View]
493092194Old Tifa or new Tifa, who would win in a fight?[View]
493088397why was Musashi: Samurai Legend bad[View]
493084375FACT: Argonians are the most powerful race in Tamriel.[View]
493092536wtf I thought I was playing a medieval fantasy game. Not a spooky one[View]
493091374>female love interest ditches the salesman with a critical attitude on romance for the musclehead…[View]
493088083>Hmm... a board dedicated to video games. Yet no one actually plays or discusses them. >Inhabi…[View]
493092458>last decisive round >be the last team member alive >fuck up the 1v1 and make my team lose …[View]
493090678HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?????[View]
493091729>Not the most hated Fire Emblem character anymore. Professor, I... Thank You.…[View]
493091062Could Bombergirl be a big hit if it comes to west? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyFpa5nnfeI[View]
493090402Can we start a class action lawsuit, /v/? The Fighter's Pass was sold to us with blatantly fals…[View]
493092202Add 4 echoes to Smash: >15 fighter slots in Ultimate beyond base roster >11 confirmed so far A…[View]
493088627Is there even a sligth chance that a game even just sligthy like pic related will be made ever again…[View]
493090546How long would it take for a /v/irgin to learn the moon speak and would he be able to learn it befor…[View]
493092053>Game is absolute garbage >Is the only thing my friends will play…[View]
493088465Are the torchlight games good? Straight up diablo clones or do they add more to the genre? Is 1 or 2…[View]
493091604Game where you did it: Is there any murder mystery case where *you* committed the murder, and have t…[View]
493088591There is no reason this girl can't get in Smash now. Thoughts?[View]
493091659Where is it /v/?[View]
493068289Witcher: Just finished pic related. The ending is fanfic and not canon, right? It's just some w…[View]
493090264yakuza: reminder[View]
493090947give me ONE good reason why you aren't speed running RIGHT NOW[View]
493083537So what characters could they reveal in Smash to be even more disappointing than Byleth's revea…[View]
493090569How come these dudes are so cute as girls? Or UNF-level sexy in the case of Byleth [View]
493091364i love the fact riddler uses based in arkham knight[View]
493089880Why aren't you emulating Wii U games, anon? You can find tutorials and downloads within seconds…[View]
493091414What the fuck was its problem?[View]
493090945>Do we Really need ANOTHER clean Shaven JRPG Pretty boy? Why can't they put more game Charac…[View]
493089047Does /v/ have one of these but for video games?[View]
493091240How are they gonna fuck it up[View]
493089071Quick marine! Take out the gore nest before anymore of these foul creatures can invade Mars![View]
493075956https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEjogl0Z6Yg >39:00 >1:05:00 What's the most fucking autis…[View]
493080237Anybody playing Halo Master Chief collection on Steam? Let's all gather here. Also post usern…[View]
493083946name a better game: i'll wait[View]
493083715>Dev, wife and pets are suicided for this game Ayyy[View]
493090228ITT: The funniest episodes ever.[View]
493090845/v/ will defend this[View]
493090815WoW Classic plugin: Are there any WoW Classic plugins that highlight all the quests for a specific f…[View]
493082009Will we ever get another F-Zero?[View]
493057007Why doesnt it get the same respect as the others?[View]
493088319.: [View]
493089158Final Fantasy 13: What went wrong?[View]
493087420How do you uncensor this?[View]
493090237Xbox E3 leaked info >a whole segment for Halo Infinite, exact release date will be revealed and a…[View]
493089993Have you read the greatest love story ever told yet?[View]
493087538DMC6: What are your predictions about DMC6?[View]
493090664holy shit could this game be any more convoluted[View]
493081019>no pesky night >no electronic music >no neon lights >no rain >dumb robotic implants …[View]
493084363If you could add anything to Minecraft, what would you add?[View]
493076947>Pick up this game because of all the shitposting surrounding the franchise >It's boring …[View]
493084581Fight Against Microtransactions: Regulations is not the way to fight DLC and microtransactions. At t…[View]
493090012Nintendo has managed to convince us to pay 25 dollars for advertisements. Bravo.[View]
493088137Will you buy the Fairy Tail game?[View]
493088679inhale or ingest: What do you smoke/do when you wake up after a nights rest to start gaming in the m…[View]
493078917Redrum me on this game[View]
493081348Can someone recomend me some good castle sims/builders?: I've played the Stronghold games and w…[View]
493088992>Nearly 5 years ago to the day, this was /v/'s short-lived flavour of the month. Many anons …[View]
493082631was this good character design?[View]
493090016>SUPER Daryl Deluxe >SUPER Smash Brothers Ultimate >Deluxe is a synonym for Ultimate Face i…[View]
493086550>game gets a soulless netflix adaption why was it so shit?[View]
493086598Half Life 1 Scientists: What makes them so iconic, lovable and memeable? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
493089929>preface your presentation with, 'i've already beaten this before' >crowd still gets mad …[View]
493089914What are some games where the MC has visible changes?[View]
493087215What is the last game that actually made you happy/got you in the zone, /v/?[View]
493083173>large chunk of the darkest dungeon characters are female >no one complains…[View]
493089860>tfw no one to play rocket league with[View]
493088057One pre-order for Baldur's Gate 3 please, and put it on my bill[View]
493086003Just beat Dragon Quest II on a SNES emulator. Hargon's my bitch, Malroth's also my bitch. …[View]
493087765What's happens if the streaming service for the stupid TV show part is shut down?[View]
493087726Is there anyway to change a steam banner? I havent masturbated in a while and gt Tomb raider recentl…[View]
493089702Is it a meme, or is it actually worth using?[View]
493089642Gamers rise up[View]
493084745What does /v/ think of Oblivion? Gothic II?[View]
493084768ITT: Vidya Music: What the subject says, avoid easy targets i.e. mansion basement, central city and …[View]
493089412Glitch 8: Day 1 of Ultimate major Streams: /vgbootcamp & /vgbootcamp2 Bracket: smash.gg/tourname…[View]
493083780Fromsoft games are the Rick and Morty of video games: Fromsoft games are the Rick and Morty of video…[View]
493089376>Sonic Adventure 2? Yeah, it's a masterpiece. Why do you ask?[View]
493083098>Main a character that i really like >Train with him a bunch, learning combos >Go look up t…[View]
493089457>blocks your path[View]
493086845I'm gonna nep you all up![View]
493086857What’s your favorite Final Fantasy anons?[View]
493089001>Crash Bandicoot Remake >Spyro Remake >Shadow of the Colossus Remake >RE2 Remake >RE3…[View]
493055381I want to SMASH Professor Byleth.[View]
493067795What is your gamer pet /v/?[View]
493088413Is John Marshton actually autistic?[View]
493084613Why aren't you buying my geemu right now?[View]
493088962>same developers as Street Fighter and Marvel VS Capcom >same aesthetics as Street Fighter and…[View]
493088084>Enemy lowers sanity meter.[View]
493088272Now that Capcom is acknowledging Mega Man again, what would you want from a proper Mega Man Battle N…[View]
493084952Are you guys ready for the triumphant return of the hero of the dreams ?[View]
493086430>r-remember me?[View]
493087491Who was this for? >3 Houses fans would have taken any of the lords instead of the generic mute se…[View]
493088082the holy trinity[View]
493088910so where is it?[View]
493088878ITT: vidya characters that never got the love they deserve >tfw you're pretty much forced to…[View]
493085801What are the best burgerpunk games according to /v/?[View]
493083818Sakurai tells pokemon shills to fuck off[View]
493085906Realistically, who can stop him?[View]
493078137Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character? Did you ever want to protect her, cuddle h…[View]
493083971what are some /g/ approved youtube channels?[View]
493087896Post good boys worth saving.[View]
493088378JRPG thread: What JRPGs are you playing, /v/? And on that note, why is every character I've met…[View]
493086275Not Puchiko. Broccoli nyu[View]
493086657What are you supposed to do after Klammath if you have to use healing for everything other than rats…[View]
493088212What's your favorite Digimon?[View]
493087157how come there are so few games that center around children or toddlers? even amongst japanese games…[View]
493084620How about posting those top 5's of yours?[View]
493086981>Fire emblem fags when someone tells them the truth about it being a shit series…[View]
493083893Why is Dimitri so popular compared to others fire emblem three houses lords?[View]
493077828This is your PS4 for tonight[View]
493083106Is there anything about her that ISN'T perfect?[View]
493087927How 'bout them zombies, ey?[View]
493086861>want to start game >remember THAT mission…[View]
493077894Duelist of the Roses: What's /v/'s opinion on this?[View]
493067971>o-ok mommy[View]
493084461>only a few tiny areas to explore >takes like 15 hours to complete >easy as fuck even on h…[View]
493009908So what’s the point of owning a console anymore if exclusives are going to stop being exclusive?: Ma…[View]
493087423Oh shit son! You just walked into the boss room! Big ass letters spell out WARNING for your doom! Wh…[View]
493085729CS:GO: Won 15 games in a row. Getting 30 kills in over half and carrying my goyim team. Still no ran…[View]
493081159A reminder that Spongebob Robbing a Bank is as old or older than a good amount of people playing For…[View]
493079719>Took my seeing eye dog to the arcade >Get told to leave >Complain to corporate >Free …[View]
493080898Jesus Christ almighty this game is shit[View]
493077221/v/ is playing in the Winter cup today, come watch[View]
493084779Should I emulate these? Do they hold up?[View]
493087146Hey there, have you heard of a game called League of Legends?[View]
493087058im on blog tv with my fucking hands up: im not starting this shit[View]
493068060Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Why's it is shit, bros?[View]
493084948this is your average CP2077 hater[View]
493085416Please boycott this piece of trash due to CDPR employing crunch[View]
493085359Jill. Jill Valentine.[View]
493078742>come for the coom >stay for the gameplay Have you found porn games like this /v/?…[View]
493077461Who will the SWSH rep be?: .[View]
493084237So much to unpack here...[View]
493085570What does /v/ think of Splinter Cell Double Agent? Thinking about giving it a playthrough as I bough…[View]
493081528post your top 5 games of all time!!!: also rate each other[View]
493080454is it really over for our guy?[View]
493086660Baldr Sky: Any VNbros playing this game? Is there even a point in playing Dive 2 when picrelated is …[View]
493085713I'm Alexander The Great![View]
493079142The last boss of the game you just played is now Bartleby Montclair of Dresdin. Can you still finish…[View]
493085313post yfw TONIGHTS THE NIGHT! Also TF2 Bread[View]
493085589/DEVIL MAY CRY 5/: Now that the dust has settled. Did it live up to your expectations /v/? DMC threa…[View]
493085231BFV is awesome: BFV is awesome[View]
493081549Why yes, I love the switch. How could you tell?[View]
493073687Holy shit check Steam[View]
493081908Have you preordered the Fighters Pass volume 2 yet?[View]
493070480>Friend buys the game and wants to play >I've got ~700 autistic hours in game, agree to p…[View]
493085367Laugh out loud?[View]
493086102> Fighting games don't need to have a good single player/story mode these days > The only…[View]
493078531MGS: Favourite Metal Gear Solid? Mine’s 4[View]
493086071objectively the best of the decade[View]
493064856Name a more shilled game than this piece of shit >ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OF THE DECADE >Forgott…[View]
493079008wow, its garbage[View]
493083491Why don't they put console hardware inside TV's?[View]
493085795>Only one button. >Only one control stick. >No immersive cinematics. >No moving music…[View]
493085056this isn't working[View]
493085793Some of you Smashfags are alright. Don't come to the Garreg Mach Monastery tomorrow if you…[View]
493079083Exclusives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Do exclusive games really matter at all now day's? Ever single pe…[View]
493083240Play Dragon Age Inquisition[View]
493053079GOG: Why aren't you using GOG?[View]
493071048*destroys Bioshock 1's lore* Pshhht, nothing personnel, kid[View]
4930856123rd person mode SUCKS[View]
493071152Aabigail Williams from FGO would appreciate if you played her game.[View]
493084126In your opinion, do you think that games that are mindless fun are less worthwhile than games that t…[View]
493082264WoW: >'Let me show you my kung fu grip.'[View]
493085294Where we droppin' boys?[View]
493084454What are some video game adaptations that actually improve upon their source material?[View]
493080672if nintendo didn't make games for a cheap fisher price tablets then they could look like this …[View]
493079520Friendly reminder that piracy is illegal and you can report any friends you know pirate to the autho…[View]
493080698If you count all the exclusives, remasters, remakes, ports, indies, and nes/snes online games, the s…[View]
493084415Do you like my playlist for MGSV:TPP? 1/11[View]
493082503Why did /v/ get so buttblasted about this?[View]
493078110>game has a sex scene[View]
493082881Ever17: How did /v/ feel about it? Also how do you feel about Uchikoshi in general? https://www.yout…[View]
493083348Not in a million years[View]
493077454Goat?: Goat.[View]
493076063>You make a valid point, Mr. Shapiro. However, you managed to overlook one specific piece of evid…[View]
493082903Daily BoTW thread: What do you want to see in the sequel?[View]
493069112it was weird as fuck to have an actual romance arc in pokemon[View]
493067265Cities Skylines Roundabouts: Roundabouts are fucking gay. I don't know what it is about them, b…[View]
493071176Admit it! If it was one of the female students that was announced for smash you would have loved it.[View]
493067589For all the non native English speakers of /v/ : How much did games influence you and help you when …[View]
493079951Stop treating me like I'm some sort of child![View]
493078352Girls’ Frontline: GFL threads always reach a few hundred replies. So does FGO but it’s mostly people…[View]
493081245Why does XC2 make /v/ seethe so much? It's probably one of the best JRPG's to drop in the …[View]
493082337Why this game flopped, actually? I mean, I loved AoW3, had tons of fun with it and all, played every…[View]
493083623GTAVI WHEN???[View]
493074217The Witcher games don't have 'bad combat'. Stop perpetuating this plebeian meme opinion. Do you…[View]
493078623You think Byleth getting in smash is funny?[View]
493083503Cursed vidya images[View]
493082767>that kid who reverse bunny-hopped across the PE field and noclipped out the map w-where is he no…[View]
493083460Only comfy games allowed in this thread[View]
493083017Sony's the bomb, nigga[View]
493083379>>493083037 well fuck you for watching it. Webm thread.[View]
493070072:/: It could have been worse.[View]
493083309Do you think if Gatekeeper was playable instead of Byleth, would people end up loving it despite bei…[View]
493083312ITT: games you consider to be masterpieces[View]
493083296What are some games with undefeatable enemies ?[View]
493079125Why can't Capcom made good games anymore?[View]
493072617Fire Emblem on the up and up: Fire Emblem stocks are going up boys![View]
493058954So, who you're gonna pick?[View]
493083132Metroid 5 Speculation thread: Good chance Metroid 5 is happening this year. A bunch of people have b…[View]
493082389Why does he have such a hardon for FE?[View]
493082941Something wrong[View]
493081806Why won't Zelda use her magic while in her ninja outfit?[View]
493075382will they ever release an HD version on steam or what[View]
493082835A friend of mine told me that the Nintendo 64 was released in Japan in the 1970s but came to the US …[View]
493078727>game recycles the same animations over and over[View]
493081870>Sonic Movie franchise rumored >Paramount's most popular series of live action adaptions …[View]
493076017wtf? this game is actually fun[View]
493082514Jesus Christ almighty these games are shit[View]
493077414Hey /v/, I wanna get a tomb raider game but I've never played one before, which one do I get[View]
493082273bad/disappointing sequels thread: Thread for posting bad/middling sequels. >there are idiots on t…[View]
493058550What are some dead games you wish you could revive /v/?: I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn'…[View]
493080389Gamer Anthem: Gamer Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MHhLDCJ57E[View]
493082441I want new remake OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiStvfDKXH8[View]
493079378>wrpg >characters try to kill a god, or at least try to put an end to his divine injustice …[View]
49308098761 days left.[View]
4930824083rd person mode SUCKS[View]
493081709This is your smash bros DLC for character pack 2[View]
493082263What if...[View]
493074462Why did they do it? WHY DID THEY DO IT?[View]
493075587Our wife Ryza is so cute.[View]
493082225What are some games where you can backstab your friends?[View]
493082176It doesn't matter anymore if the Mii Hat Leak is real or not: Yeah, we got a bunch of stupid ne…[View]
493072431I just want him back and for Fez 2 to come out[View]
493082137For those who've beaten it: Was it worth it?[View]
493075480What is your opinion of the Kingdom Hearts series?[View]
493081774>game gets an update >check the patch notes >'For full patch notes, join our Discord!'…[View]
493081836he is in: tony hawk, from the beloved tony hawk franchise[View]
493073929Hrm. An odd curse. A love for posting a bald man on a white background? Sounds like the curse of th…[View]
493081917Blood elf peasant[View]
493081895What are the best tracking shots in gaming?[View]
493079873>the average Noita player[View]
493068157>tfw this finally clicked after multiple false starts holy shit what a great game, easily better …[View]
493080764I think Metroid is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aliens and doesnt afraid of anything.[View]
493081343I don't feel like playing any games today[View]
493081039Can we agree on this?[View]
493068384What the fuck is wrong with PlayStation gamers?[View]
493076294>Heavy rumors about Halo ports for the Switch (by an actual good source that already got things r…[View]
493015573What's the /V/erdict?[View]
493080356I'm tired of seeing the Handler vs. Serious Handler virgins mindlessly banter between their two…[View]
493069374Xbox still hasn't recovered from this burn lmao: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWSIFh8ICaA…[View]
493057461HEY FAGLORD Get the FUCK in here and tell us about the vidya you are currently playing and what you …[View]
493080695Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
493080993Are there any other action adventure series with gameplay similar to pic related? Looking for both 2…[View]
493078632Ahh Assassin's Creed™... now THAT was a good videogame[View]
493078916>WHERE'S CHARLES LEE??!![View]
493080019Is Zero stronger than X?[View]
493081015It’s snowing outside and raining hell in the netherrealm. Let’s have a Quan-chi thread[View]
493072614>He’s playable, but everyone forgets he exists. Making him an echo could have been so ridiculousl…[View]
493079573ITT: Subtle gaming clothes[View]
493078650What's the first ever vidya music you can remember that completely wowed you? You probably play…[View]
493080802What's the hardest you ever tried to push someone into the corner?[View]
493074023name a more iconic map area[View]
493068162Nioh: >shamelessly rip off his gameplay >shamelessly rip off his characters Do you think Miyaz…[View]
493077913Help me remember a game, /v/. It's a puzzle game which IIRC received a switch port. What's…[View]
493080703Are any of the Live Wires worth watching?[View]
493033265Are you hyped for R3make?[View]
493000257why don't you play fighting games?[View]
493070139>Game has both English and JP voiceover >The dub is terrible, but battle quotes and other smal…[View]
4930276963DS Thread: Are you still playing it /v/?[View]
493072089Are you allowed to play video games at a PodShare? I'm thinking about renting one[View]
493079826OH SHIT[View]
493079270What did Cook-Cook from Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas mean by this?[View]
493074379PICTURE IT[View]
493069081I see you haven't preordered my game's DLC yet anon.: You have 5 seconds to explain before…[View]
493080341Goddamn Superhero wallpaper: Does anyone have the Goddamn Superhero wallpaper saved? A kind anon mad…[View]
493077596OH SHIT[View]
493080256JP-only Herrenvolk here, I just came across this on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZgND4ga…[View]
493080217FUCK FIRE EMBLEM[View]
493073623Is he based?[View]
493078383Signed up to psnow to finally play pic related, it still runs at a terrible framerate but that will …[View]
493079586i want to kill myself. im close to giving up bros..[View]
493079961why aren't you playing the FTL SUPREMACY mod? https://www.moddb.com/mods/ftlsupremacy/downloads…[View]
493079821ITT: your favorite love story ever told in vidya. I'll start.[View]
493079816Does /v/ play game together? What about MK8?[View]
493076275Cope and seething aside, why is it so popular? Is it the games? Portability? Or is it the marketing?[View]
493070152Not bringing him back was one of the stupidest decisions Sonic Team ever made.[View]
493075015Is Trevor Christian?[View]
493079428>going for non-lethal run >mission summary says Hostiles Killed: 1 and you don't remember…[View]
493058290Is KH worth getting into? Is the first game on ps2 a good start?[View]
493079364Gazillionaire: anyone else remember this game?[View]
493063651Why? Not 'How dare they?' or 'Who wanted this?', just why?[View]
493073583What're you buyin'?[View]
493079223I am...the will of the emperor![View]
493078839Cooking with Seiba[View]
493078802TemTem: Daily remind that in TemTem you can play as a topless little girl and Steam is just letting …[View]
493073431Sekiro Mysteries: Riding off the momentum of the other thread. Just beat the game and wanted to figu…[View]
493078519Recent games with SOUL: What are some modern games with soul? I'll start with pic related…[View]
493008418I tried the FFXIV Trial: And it was't fun. Don't think I'll continue.... Thanks /v/ f…[View]
493078108What is the origin of this picture?: I saw this picture a lot of times and i'd like to know who…[View]
493074925What happened to this game and its creator?[View]
493078950><> lvls?[View]
493078934Do you ever just scroll through the comments in porn videos and read the cringy shit that's pos…[View]
493078667Wheres the best place to sell a PS3 and PS3 games?[View]
493077150>Game doesn't support cockpit view Is there anything more plebian?…[View]
493077716Are they more reddit or more 4chan? Because they seem kind of reddit but I've never played them…[View]
493049029I present to you, the most overrated piece in video game history[View]
493077335Prove doge wrong Pro tip: you can’t[View]
493078579Didn’t Chris seavor said that he was working on a Conker spiritual successor?[View]
493052694Just checked classic servers while taking break from visions farm And holy shit, it's dead as f…[View]
493077405What are some of the most disturbing games ever made?[View]
493076463the most KINO menu theme in vidya history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxcYSEcH8Fk[View]
493074382Has there ever been a video game character who didn't look cool while smoking?[View]
493062047Do you like your games to be fun?[View]
493078487Metroid 5 Speculation thread: Good chance Metroid 5 is happening this year. A bunch of people have b…[View]
493074796How would you make a goblin slayer game?[View]
493078425'FPS' probably stands for Fucking Piece of SHIT![View]
493071015Gimme your lunch money, nerd.[View]
493075824How much time is too much to commit to a video game analysis?[View]
493063489what are some good Lovecraftian games?[View]
493076909I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as of today Starfield is effectively cancelled. The project…[View]
493062292FACT: You can't say Dark Souls is not hard if you >Played with a shield >Used magic >C…[View]
493074235>still no fucking game set in super >Z saga for the #567890 time again I'm mad…[View]
493072256TAKE ME HOOOOOOME[View]
493078182Reminder that the institute ending is the canon ending Fallout thread[View]
493071605>That one dude you always played with even though you guys were continents apart >Last online …[View]
493070786Why have developers still not learned their lesson? You can't fucking have servers that include…[View]
493078009Ace Combat 7: Why didn't it win any goty award?[View]
493074342ITT: excuses we make >want to play an old game I never got the chance to play on release >keep…[View]
493077862>Played college ball, ya know. >Coulda gone pro if I hadn't joined Smash Brothers.…[View]
493076989I only play this game: because nothing else is as satisfying and fun[View]
493075402Kindgom hearts: Why did so many people hate her world?[View]
493071913PS4 back buttons: Worth a consoom?[View]
493077750Oh fuck, I'm gonna...I'm gonnnaaaaa ASSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM[View]
493075769This game has the best gameplay, maps, and music in the franchise. You can disagree subjectively. Li…[View]
493045018Monster Hunter Iceborne: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
493063275I’m glad this shitty FE character got added purely out of how much it’s pissing you people off. You …[View]
493077217What is the Morrissey of vidya?[View]
493075910Name the best vidya dragons.[View]
493072475>SETTRA DOES NOT SERVE name 1 cooler faction, I fucking dare you[View]
493003059Posted without comment.[View]
493074578>current year >still no single good SCI FI VIDYA What went so wrong, /v/?…[View]
493063043How can we fix the Tifa problem?[View]
493077287Now that Fire Emblem is mainstream, do you think Sega will roll out this old franchise?[View]
493071127Unlikely, but what if the Alienware UFO is capable of running the Yuzo emulator? A Switch-inspired P…[View]
493076871He's in.[View]
493075342games for this feel[View]
493073663rain world region mods are absolute kino makes me feel like Im playing the game for the first time a…[View]
493076771fast fps: I'm looking for a recommendation, if possible. fast, gory fps, something like doom, b…[View]
493072082Let's listen to the recording one more time[View]
493076487L.A Noire: Can anyone help me out with launching L.A. Noire from steam, I have already tried running…[View]
493076872Have you ever pre-ordered games, /v/?[View]
493074825Yes but why did the skate genre have to die?[View]
493076301Why would anyone create bad video games? They're not financially succesful neither they're…[View]
493076674What happened to fun indie multiplayer games? There used to always be at least a few threads on /v/ …[View]
493076029>Ok, I will play with your dragon balls now Kakarot wtf even regular enemies in this game are tra…[View]
493075008What games would you describe as yummy?[View]
493072547>paper Mario game rumored to be coming by credible leaker zippo Is he in bros?…[View]
493074761Best Main Menus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLLE_PvJ5mY[View]
493076075Can I win this?I have a camp.[View]
493067854Can we have a Arena thread? New set came out. What are you: -brewing -playing -having success with[View]
493075902I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
493073608Wakey wakey paper Mario fags[View]
493075669DS is a shallow gam...[View]
493060526>C'mon man, just let Fire Emblem fans be happy![View]
493076216Why is TemTem allowed on Steam when it literally has child pornography in it? Why are so many people…[View]
493073041is fire emblem mainstream now[View]
493073087>there are people who actually bought this on switch[View]
493075526PS2, PSX/PS1 piracy thread: tell me /v/, in what speed are you supposed to burn PS2 games in? I have…[View]
493075240Steam Profile Pic thread.[View]
493072754DNF 2001: link, NOW.[View]
493073716Vidya gayms where the villain did nothing wrong[View]
493074214Now look at this Sig[View]
493074339Is there any such thing as a good F2P game?[View]
493033429WRPGs SUCK[View]
493075517Fem Byleth....My waifu...[View]
493070595How do we fix the vidya horror genre?[View]
493075309Should Sony and Nintendo stop caring about muh 13rd , 14th, 15th Generation and more confusing numbe…[View]
493074192>ludonarrative dissonance[View]
492984783Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: Is it any good /v/?[View]
493073004https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvef7waXCxY 1:20 >extraordinary things will happen if you believe…[View]
493071382ITT /v/ images you haven't posted in awhile or haven't had a chance to: LEATHA PLEATHA…[View]
493069720F2p games you've been enjoying a lot: Maps are kinda hit or miss but the feeling of guns are re…[View]
493065457Haruka is a FAT PIG[View]
493045250give me the gameplay trailer you fucking chink niggers[View]
493068317I am gaining an appreciation for 2d sonic, are the rush and rush adventures as good as they're …[View]
493075331Your daily reminder that >pic related is getting real sick of all these vidya delays happening la…[View]
493073350Choose any Reps for Bandai Namco for Fighter Pass Vol. 2.[View]
493073408YOU THERE!: Post your Fallout/Skyrim waifu![View]
493073913By order No. 227 NOT ONE STEP BACK![View]
493068705>Golden Sun was unironically a more popular series worldwide than Fire Emblem before Awakening. …[View]
493074907>mod medieval fantasy game to have modern clothing and futuristic weapons that doesn't fit i…[View]
493069413This is the first Smash game I've picked up and I'm trying to learn it. I do it decent in …[View]
493074742what are the best (non meme) examples of soul vs soulless in video games?[View]
493071496Everquest project 1999: Any chad boomers playing project 1999? I played everquest from 2000-2003 whe…[View]
493065779Remember PS4's only 2019 exclusive? Yeah me neither[View]
493066664*knots your waifu in front of you*[View]
493071661ITT cool setting ideas: How about post-apocalyptic Venice, Amsterdam, or St Petersburg? Something fa…[View]
493055765Ok, enough rosterfaggotry: who will the next indie Mii fighter be?[View]
493074464Anyone here like Granblue Fantasy? If so who is your fav character?[View]
493073095Keyboard Recommendations: I've been using a fairly loud and cheap keyboard for a while now, muc…[View]
493065390Who exactly is the target audience for visual novels?[View]
493071741Hoes mad: Fuck you faggots for stealing our thing. The DQchads had an amazing trailer that had a sur…[View]
493073648Heres your portal 3 bro[View]
493071363ITT: moments that games jumped the shark[View]
493071549So we're all in agreement, this frog thing from pikmin would have been MUCH better than ANOTHER…[View]
493073365How close are we getting to a Graphics Plateau? BF2 -> Bad Company 2/BF3 were the biggest example…[View]
493067294Hey guys, 343i insider here and here's the Infinite Leak thread. >The E3 2019 for Halo infin…[View]
493073156g-games...do you have any new... games to play? where are the..games[View]
493050226why is she a loli isn't she rhea's mommy[View]
493072463So who's the super boss?[View]
493073889holy shit a flying frog![View]
493071961Do you like me?[View]
493073798Hey /v/, I've been thinking about getting one of the tomb raider games for the ps4 since I…[View]
493073137What is your most replayed Videogame?[View]
493069849Nintendo Direct 2.13.2020 Before you start reading, this direct will be considered a disappointment …[View]
493069152What does /v/ think of metroidvania? a blessing or a disease to vidya?[View]
493068097Fuck Belyth and everyone else who has been selected to join Smash. All I want to see in Smash is Sor…[View]
493073142I hate all you faggots who don't even fucking play games. I try to talk about a video game and …[View]
493054585What was the last game you emulated?: For me it's Resident Evil Director's Cut, using heav…[View]
493066869How can pc peasants cope?[View]
493072816Byleth may of been a shitty pick, but I will say that I do want to rape the female one to death. Any…[View]
493070537Jesus Christ almighty this game is shit[View]
493068704Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on the new Slay the Spire character?[View]
493071361Is it finished ? Are there any DLC still coming out in the future ? If the game is actually finished…[View]
493072409Jesus Christ almighty this game is shit[View]
493072963Where the fuck are my PC VR missions Bamco?[View]
493071815Is there a way to get steam on PS4? I want to play steam games on it[View]
493071734This board is garbage.[View]
493072348>He got another shitty generic anime swordsman over Sora I fucking hate Sakurai so much.…[View]
493072849https://brickadia.com/: Why is nobody talking about this game? I just found out about it after check…[View]
493052516Do you like Amiibos?[View]
493072545Ryu, Ken and Terry Bogard. Is Jin next?: 6 chances, right?[View]
493072251Is it gonna be trash?[View]
493072791What is/are the first vidya you plan to hand down to your child, and why? I'm planning to start…[View]
493069754ITT: First to 5 is the next fighter in the pass. And the rest of react like its real.: Representativ…[View]
493072741itt:: classic games that /v/ used to hate back in the day[View]
493072686Bowser is afraid of clowns[View]
493069721Gaymers: Why are so many gaming personalities gay and transexual now? Is it just because they want a…[View]
493069890ITT: we discuss a fictional game that doesn't exist: >Villain was good all along Everysingle…[View]
493070226holy crap... we missed out the whole hot spring dlc and bikinis parts in Western release![View]
493072586Mobile Suit Gundam: Whats the best Gundam games out there? Preferably something i can emulate, or pi…[View]
493060519Imperiuls? propa poofters, dun like'm dun need'm skyrim belong to da norf[View]
493062475Playing half life 2 for the first time and it holds up really well considering how old it is. Only t…[View]
493064738The people have spoken...again[View]
493072458>tfw to old to play anime games All them seem gay to me now, how do you guys still do it?…[View]
493049696You can fill an entire building with well written books with interesting stories. You can fill an e…[View]
493056340don't mind me, just being based disagreers will be stabbed[View]
493071007Got RTX 2070 Super. Any good beefy games to play? I also got XBOX Store Game Pass for 3 months. Mig…[View]
493064329Is zelda not the first open-world electronic game ever crafted?[View]
493057250what are some /v/ approved game engines?[View]
493062193Start the morning right with a little bit of Ryza[View]
493066135Why does uninstalling Steam games restore less hard drive space than what they originally took up? …[View]
493070539Worst series ever. What the fuck even is it? Nobody would give a shit if not for Smash[View]
493071607Apologize right now[View]
493071941Why do smashfags stink so much?[View]
493070282why did bomberman fail to succeed after some point?[View]
493069562What were they thinking when they designed this shitty map?[View]
493069976>Crysis >Halo 3 >CoD 4 >Bioshock >Portal >Mass effect >TF2 >STALKER SOC >…[View]
493071592The biggest problem with the online is not the netcode, it's Diamond+ level assholes creating m…[View]
493065449FPS Smash Bros: Rate my billion-dollar idea, anons. An 'FPS Smash Bros' with all-stars of FPS games …[View]
493066917Admit it, /v/. You enjoy the ride of roster shitstorms and discussions so having pre-Smash release d…[View]
493069740Anyone use these joy cons? They’re from hori. I’m trying to find some new joycons as my current ones…[View]
493071564Comfy Skyrim Bread: What mods does /v/ recommend for this snowy season? Have any good stories and ad…[View]
493065917do you forgive him?[View]
493063183's shit[View]
493069120Now that the dust has settled, what did we decide about this? Did we ever figure out how the gentlem…[View]
493071224>'It's just coop bro. It's okay if I cheat. You only benefit from it so why are you com…[View]
493068791>2019+1 >still there is no good boat game…[View]
493070835How would you do a remake of Final Fantasy IX?[View]
493064863*turns all switch games multplat* PChads won again[View]
493071473Hexen: Beyond Heretic: Is this really the 'Dark Souls of FPS'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l9d0…[View]
493071389The absolute state of yurop. Why do they love their playstations and fifas so much?[View]
493069719What was that ending[View]
493068303First Halo CE beta in Feb: https://www.windowscentral.com/first-halo-combat-evolved-anniversary-pc-t…[View]
493069123Is this game worth my $12?[View]
493069080Alan Dean Foster wrote a novel based on The Dig. I'm gonna have to assume it's terrible, s…[View]
493071027Is MGSR:R 2 possible?: Kojima wasn’t as involved in the first game as he is with his main games. I j…[View]
493069705ITT: Games only you played[View]
493069649WOTLK: Has a better theme song ever been created? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dh_IOIkRUw…[View]
493070484>reports rumors as fact and has a shitfit when proven wrong[View]
493071047The fuck does Wow mean by this?[View]
493068918Y'all need to quit bitching over which route is best. Every route is intentionally designed to …[View]
493071029Frosty Faustings Day 2: Xrd Rev2 then UNIST finals then a Cosplay Contest then more Xrd Rev2 to fina…[View]
493069618Filename thread. Keep it vidya.[View]
493047267Action Taimanin: Rinko Akiyama confirmed. https://twitter.com/ActionTaimanin/status/1218435268799152…[View]
493070880Why is this the greatest game ever made? How did you come to that conclusion?[View]
493061476Is Dante not just the anime sword fighter version of Bayonetta? Why'd everyone want him so bad?[View]
493068985>boomer lara games weren't wo-[View]
493066892Which game has the worst modding community?[View]
493067792>*launches your whole party* >*sets your ass on fire* >*dodges all of your attacks* >*hi…[View]
493064713https://youtu.be/3m5BAIA2-4Q 2b2t Renaissance pt 2 when?[View]
492953354Dead or Alive: Any thoughts on who might be coming to DOA 6 next? What should KT do to make DOA 7 a …[View]
493069581Why do any of you care? Smash is gonna go on for eternity, every single one of your fan characters w…[View]
493032675What is it? Are they finally getting shut down?[View]
493068340What game has the coolest economy you ever played?[View]
493061131>finally get the urge to play vidya >on pc >game hangs up on loading screen 95% done . …[View]
493062643I mean, it could have been far worse. It could have been Edelgard. Besides she might be pretty uniqu…[View]
493070232>ITT we post music we think would be perfect to put in a trailer for a theoretical video game I…[View]
493067302I love games that involve the theme of man/nature vs. machine, e.g. Mother 3, Nier Automata, Hob, an…[View]
493060041Why aren't you replaying TW3 with mods? Why aren't you playing gwent online also?[View]
493069140What games are set during WW1?[View]
493050468>kojima was right[View]
493068148Remember when everyone made vidya webcomics?[View]
493069973Pirating RDR2: Why havent you purchased a $2 offline activation? >I wanna ask ; is game saved dat…[View]
493065667Someone explain to me why fishing is in so many games as a minigame. I mean I can understand it when…[View]
493069040Two down, one to go. How long until Nintendo embraces the power of the PC master race? If they don…[View]
493062612>he never got to see Sans in Smash[View]
493067542What are some good VNs?[View]
493062923Hollis Brown He lived on the outside of town[View]
493007758This is the current state of Ocarina of Time speedruns LMAO[View]
493068729Why is she (he) allowed to have TWO cute wives, a cute autistic daughter, and now a cute HORSE?[View]
493069341Is this the most ambitious crossover in history?[View]
493068408Is Sabi credible enough to believe this bros? https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/rumor-2d-metroid-tr…[View]
493066372FUCK SOTHIS! Post the superior manakete![View]
493069402>rent game from Gamestop >it still has the game manual in it >the pages are sticky…[View]
493064415Glitch 8 - Smash Ultimate Major: Day 1 Feat. Tweek, Maister, Dabuz, Light, MVD, ESAM, Cosmos, and mo…[View]
493067550Finally... Home....[View]
493069486Why did Ganondorf look so weird and gross in Melee?[View]
493063608What's the first game you remember playing: For me, it was when Minecraft came out on Xbox 360,…[View]
493067959What are some korny games?[View]
493069293>'best game ever, definitely worth buying!' >5 hours on record…[View]
493069047suka: byleth[View]
493066890>this is a 23 year old Do you think the ages of video game characters are realistic?…[View]
493052620>game shows a rape scene[View]
493069085NO MAN CAN MURDER ME![View]
493055501>Gaming on a mac Do people seriously do this?[View]
493068730>sonic fox is the best fighting game pla-[View]
493059608This is the dark souls of first person shooters.[View]
493053932We leave greed for others, RIGHT FELLOW GAMERS ?[View]
493067627Woah, who are these two guys? They're pretty fucking cool. I wish Smash Bros had more character…[View]
493065648Vidya games characters who look like you[View]
493068698POKEMON SKRIBBLIO! Get in here and argue over whether that was a squirtle or just a badly drawn turt…[View]
493068354filename thread[View]
493061071WoW patch 8.3: how y'all enjoying the new content?[View]
493059919mfw i keep getting D ranks[View]
493039420This flash game was incredible[View]
493068580Okay /v/: What ending to a game had made you felt nothing but emptiness?[View]
493067474ITT: post vidya devices you wish were real[View]
493067292So is this a demon doomguy? It sort of looks like doomguy armor[View]
493066262Ready for traditional vidya to die bros?[View]
493067058>game has multiple playable races >he picks elf…[View]
493067282Is Tekken the hardest popular FG to learn?[View]
493068379Aside from Yakuza and Devil May Cry, which series has the most chads?[View]
493068217'He picks the top tier character every match, instead of who he has the most fun with.'[View]
493064035Can it save Arena FPS?: >Well optimized >A lot of game modes for both casual and hardcore play…[View]
493068298Why isn't there a video game about Philip II of Macedon? There's all these games about his…[View]
493063210The great debate.[View]
493062093Do you think wesker or chris gave jill better foot massages?[View]
493065683Whats the point of a silent protagonist? Are you supposed to self-insert your responses in your head…[View]
493067360When are we getting a new DK game bros?[View]
493062489vidya comis[View]
493067881Tekken 7: >main Leo >can do KBD on my Hori gamepad as smooth as whipped butter >go back to…[View]
493061707Why are video game covers so boring now? When did the industry stop caring? Pic unrelated.[View]
493067926you let Sweden touch your franchise for 10 minutes[View]
493067121Uguu, stop being mean to each other![View]
493066398Call of Duty Modern Warfare thread[View]
493067874Offline activation: So you can play it offline BUT is game saved data shared? And can multiple peopl…[View]
493042131Vagrant Story: Aby tips for this game? Played the first few hours and heard it becomes quite hard an…[View]
493067601I still have hope[View]
493067837Which one?[View]
493050713Anyone have the /v/ Word list and wants to play some rounds? Im bored and Skribbl sounds like a goo…[View]
493067349i want to kill myself[View]
493067778Why such things happens?[View]
493064857Here's your fighter pass 2 bro[View]
493061467>Gyro and haptics several years before Switch controllers came out >Back buttons for half the …[View]
493064410Man all the people who put stock in Reggie's words look pretty silly right now lol[View]
493048680This is one of the lamest characters of the modern video game world because of extensive flanderizat…[View]
493067269Games like Hotline Miami?: These games are fun as fuck. What would you suggest that is similar?…[View]
493049606>character is an obvious Little Sister self insert >is romanceable What the fuck Atlus…[View]
493050786fighters pass Vol 2 thread: Hard mode >Choose one or two fighters that do not have a spirit at al…[View]
493066540Why is this game so shit on a replay? I loved it the first time I played it, but even after not havi…[View]
493067318Videogame rivalries like this?[View]
493067430Games to help get over a break up?[View]
493067382What are some Blackwoodian games?[View]
493067390Is he the Deadpool of vidya?[View]
493065476ROBLOX Thread: Post avatar and only based games! https://www.roblox.com/games/1434759625/Strife-Alph…[View]
493059735What the FUCK is this?[View]
493066014it's bad[View]
493067079Watch out /v/! Enemy Sniper! How do you proceed?[View]
493065218Modding was a mistake: >install mod >to use the mod you need to install 55 other mods from 20 …[View]
493044730OH NO NO NO[View]
493064923Interplay™:By gamers, for gamers.[View]
493065304It's finally happening Metroid bros...we won...[View]
493065882Where's the best place to buy one of these for cheap? I don't care if it's used or do…[View]
493028104well, look on the bright side we've hit rock bottom and it can't get worse[View]
493066887>Pokemon ASMR is a thing now >Made by the actual Pokemon company https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
493066721What are some 2D games for PC that don't suck[View]
493064474dont ask questions just consume product and then get excited for next products[View]
493066396Bros, what are some good PC horror games that take place in mansions? There's something cozy ab…[View]
493065769Any other good games with strong sense of masculinity without SJW trash?[View]
493063718Pizza Tower: Why does it have so much soul? Why have I spent over 50 hours on three demos for a game…[View]
492957928who’s your favorite male vidya character /v/?[View]
493058636shin megami tensei : The breakfast club: If atlus made a game that is the official sequel to the bre…[View]
493057426What is even the appeal of this series? The 'strategic' element is so poorly done in comparison to 9…[View]
493066426A New Legacy is Born![View]
493063487Is there any good game with some 90s vibe?[View]
493066310Ruin has come to our family.[View]
493062527Can video games teach you practical things?[View]
493065852Is it good?[View]
493063318>took a break from /v/ for 2 years >come back >the exact same threads with the exact same r…[View]
493065890literally none cares about smash take a shower you fucking losers[View]
493064417>being a full grown man that's only 5'7 Haha wow! These silly kiddie Nintendo games wit…[View]
493032478>that game that will never get a sequel, even though it totally deserves it What's her name.…[View]
493066069Stalin says trans rights!![View]
493065740>heavy gear affects your movement speed only after you equip it[View]
493063546>game delivers a powerful and brave message[View]
493065073>you can join the evil faction >they don't fuck you over >they do well by you Are the…[View]
493056985Who thought it's a good idea to copy paste the map from botw into botw2?[View]
493065915>S...quare Enix >M...icrosoft >A...tlus >S...nk >fire emblem: three... H...ouses…[View]
493065402SOUL SOULLESS[View]
493064164Dead within 2 months.[View]
492999857What are your favorite stylish games? Games that stuck with you based on their styles alone and make…[View]
493065496marianne is the best girl[View]
493065570I've heard a lot of people talk shit about this game. Is it really bad or it's just shitpo…[View]
493065615>game is called Earthbound >you fight other earthly creatures…[View]
493065490If you dont like Fire Emblem, fuck you[View]
493061470Thief: Why was there an egyptian city sitting beneath The City[View]
493056826Gonna go grab a coffee. Watch my button, will ya?[View]
493064086Based Vidya OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-r0mN-twIU&list=PLlMxgChygpeiTX8cqcLzFRc_uLe2d…[View]
493057623What am I in for?[View]
493064887what's her problem,/v/[View]
493065186Join Super Smash Brothers? What the hell does that mean?[View]
493064759If I like Doom, what kind of other games would I like? ----------- Will 'Billiard Ball' William Will…[View]
493059528The depressing/oppressive atmosphere of RE3: Am I the only one who feels almost uncomfortable playin…[View]
493063749**MPF-SeC.C17.234 flicks his stun stick on[View]
493061306Star Wars Video Game Bidding War: Back in November I made a post about the current bidding war for t…[View]
493057148Never Ever, PS4 faggots.[View]
493063518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGLMi9kXTRI I cannot believe how utterly annihilated the losers who …[View]
493065052Why do so many indie devs make action games without hit stop?[View]
493065023Welcome to Darklands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tusHBMM0MPs[View]
493063780ffxiv: How do sun catgirls cope knowing their character was canonically tossed around used goods as …[View]
493064476Which games with customizable characters will let me play as a femboy?[View]
493064930>Upgraded translator software for all human languages >Installed suit application, EngineMaste…[View]
493063679hey fellow DBZ fan! having fun arent you? it would be a shame if not all enemies would have superarm…[View]
493062125Are there any games where I can be a Muscle Wizard?[View]
492998051Which pair of hunies are you going to pop first?[View]
493063536So who is pretty much guaranteed to get a spot in the next wave of smash dlc? >Travis Touchdown a…[View]
493064565What are some games with good PvP?[View]
493063903He's gone, bros...: I just finished the game yesterday. Hard to believe he's gone. Don…[View]
493063584Alright, admit it. You played as femshep just so you could romance Garrus, didn't you?[View]
493049265Multiplayer is Dead: Wow. Halo Reach PC multi-player is dead. For years, you PC maggots begged and p…[View]
493060156why can't Ubi fix the damn sound in this game[View]
493063441This has been bugging me more months now. Why do people bridge these retarded serves-no-purpose-at-a…[View]
493060767PS4 2019 Wrap-up: Post yours Crazy that I spent so much time with Ni No Kuni considering I don'…[View]
493063924remember me?[View]
493061903What a king must do[View]
493059865Why don't they make a game adapting the Original Trilogy? Other than Lego games, it hasn't…[View]
493056003Deus ex[View]
493064214Trails of Cold Steel III Localization Team Admit to Censoring Dialogue: NISA on a livestream openly …[View]
493063596count in binary with me /v/ 00[View]
493049417It is time to answer the age old question /v/ STR, DEX or INT?[View]
493062391in the german version of BotW, you get Korok Semen when you locate a Korok[View]
493062279why are they removing minecart with furnace its the best block[View]
493063437Post conterversal vidya character's.[View]
493054385What RPG do you think has the best combat ever? I feel pretty partial to CRPGs or SRPGs because of h…[View]
493059389For me? it's the intervention[View]
493056130In your opinion, what are some themes that horror genre hasn't tackled well yet?[View]
493063898For the past six years I’ve been playing nothing but shit games like Madden, Destiny, 3D Pokemon, an…[View]
4930569352-4 > 3-5 > 1-4 > 1-5 > 3-4 > 1-2 = 2-2 = 3-1 > 1-3 > 3-2 > 1-1 > 3-3 …[View]
493056821Did you remember to worship Mommy Rhea today, anon?[View]
493051165How do these even work?[View]
493061527>2020 >/v/ will now defend games being shilled with celebrity actors vidya is dead…[View]
493062646I think it's time to see Heather remade in HD.[View]
493059905At what time did Call of Duty go to far trying to reinvent itself?[View]
493063285Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
493063535Another big factor on the backlash: both Corrin and Byleth were paid DLC: Had they been base game in…[View]
493063526Time am CIA.[View]
493063115>Hardly anyone at Nintendo even knows about this fighter we've been working on. Which means …[View]
493058049>2020 >Still no Alexander RPG Why /v/?[View]
493058653>Dragon Ball game >Made by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Instant 10/10…[View]
493061694Will this come to PC?[View]
493057832on a scale of 10, how cursed is my setup?[View]
493062424Behold your next console for the next generation[View]
493052013Starsector Thread: Anyone else playing Starsector? Space trucking across the sector is comfy as fuck…[View]
493063298WHAT A THRILL[View]
493055397Me and a friend are working on a game, its basicly tekken but with characters from other games and w…[View]
493056282How would you have fixed the campaign?[View]
493043973The Flame Emperor may be more based than you realize, Professor.[View]
493056773I have no interest in online. Is GTAV worth getting just for singleplayer?[View]
493061860Only the thirstiest vidya girls are posted here. This is masoMindy from Spirit Caller. She enjoys lo…[View]
493061246>named Yuri >is actually Yaoi[View]
493056541Post one game that has but a single flaw[View]
493057549>receive steam friend request from talkative loser >accept >send mixture of gay furry porn …[View]
493063160Dad comforts you.[View]
493060659>game has a completion % >it goes over 100%…[View]
493048685It's going to be shit. It must be shit. I want it to be shit.[View]
493061886Thoughts on Shot One?[View]
493054614Bloodborne 2 i need Bloodborne 2[View]
493062906why there is no good pirate games??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGyPuey-1Jw[View]
493062630Hee cute[View]
493059642i wish i was dead[View]
493062363Take a look[View]
493062881>ayo teach, Anon's got a Switch in his Jansport[View]
493051215Are Smashfags still seething?[View]
493060979Why don't we just befriend some of the monsters in monster hunter if they're the balance t…[View]
493062613>game has cute kemono[View]
493062617What now CDPR shills?: *actually release a game in 4 years*[View]
493061703ITT: Chad Vidya factions[View]
493060457I'm an equal-opportunity ass-kisser[View]
493053561What game have the best boob physics?[View]
493047801>Invented first person shooters >Invented deathmatch multiplayer >Invented modding >Inve…[View]
493060560what will super mario’s graphics look like on the PlayStation 5?[View]
493061719Where the fuck is God Shattering Star? Where is it, Nintendo?[View]
493060351>download an old game through a Steam sale >open it up >it has a nice hiss to it…[View]
493060956it seems like even ninetenfags hate fire emblem three houses: how did it got the player's vote …[View]
493052316Can you type the sound he makes?[View]
493058697Smash Thread for filters: The worst part about this reveal is it leaves no reason to get excited for…[View]
493061029>He didn't main Evil Cole[View]
493040308You have to choose between Heaven, Elysium and Nirvana, what do[View]
493058284>5 year old starts talking on the mic[View]
493062132Smashies are you OK? Are you OK? Are you OK, Smashies?[View]
493057983>PS3:Agent >Vita: Bioshock >PS4: Deep Down What's going to be their big fake announcem…[View]
493061541>tried to market a horror game to the mass market[View]
493037729What went wrong?[View]
493052591THE NUMBERS MASON[View]
493061874Ocarina of Time: looking back on it, its very much unplayable by today's standards because of t…[View]
493046868You did get your Subverse Calendar right?[View]
493049036>I think that video game companies should keep their servers open free for me because I bought th…[View]
493061725Post your gaming stance.[View]
493061235Reisen stands with the NCR.[View]
493059929I was planning on rewatching Z soon anyway, should I just play this instead? I haven't really f…[View]
493029250>WAR IS BAD AND YOU, THE PLAYER, ARE A BAD PERSON FOR PLAYING THIS GAME how is this game complex …[View]
493057975Why is the Oculus Quest such trash?: >No games worth getting aside from beat saber >Unable to …[View]
493042247Bannerlord - 6 weeks Edition: >6 weeks until harvesting season >Supports 1000 troops on screen…[View]
493052304Will they make a TV only Switch?[View]
493061431Was this the last good Beat'em Up game?[View]
493059459>Battle Network in the title >shows off Rockman.EXE >plays Star Force music How can you fuc…[View]
493061345How long before System Shock becomes real?[View]
493061297Toxtricity in Smash: Say hello to your obligatory SWSH Smash Ultimate dlc rep.[View]
493059948Final Fantasy 11: What am I in for later in the game ? I'm already a 30 DNC/30 WAR leveling cur…[View]
493060734I love games that involve the theme of man/nature vs. machine, e.g. Mother 3, Nier Automata, Hob, an…[View]
493057443Unusual question but - what games let you satisfy your pantyhose/bodysuit fetishism AND have good ga…[View]
493060992is this game worth buying? or is it dead as fuck on pc[View]
493057062Fuck Marry Kill Eat Cheat on Mistress Kiss Have a baby with Submit to Torture Rape Beat up Fist Suck…[View]
493058087Fuck Gene: The purist of choices[View]
493061079going home lads[View]
493054857What went so wrong?[View]
493061016This game has had the same rating and 13 reviews since before it released 2 days ago, what gives? Wh…[View]
493060264You gachachads out there get any good loot lately?[View]
493057823The best RTS games in no order Red alert 2 Total annihilation Tiberium sun Company of heroes Age of …[View]
493057989>I AM ROCK![View]
493060461Vidya Cringe/Rage/Anger thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt3WUtq9kIs[View]
493056926Ok, is it possible that the main characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE are the new Smash Newcome…[View]
493059975>Here's your controller, bro[View]
493060665>it was all just a dream, bro Into trash it goes.[View]
493060627Frosty Faustings Day 2: Xrd Rev2 then UNIST finals then a Cosplay Contest then more Xrd Rev2 to fina…[View]
493059625What's the count?[View]
493058606Was it murder, or manslaughter?[View]
493060331About to play this game for the first time. What should I expect?[View]
493060423Neverhood Love: >In a miracle of creation >Plagued by an abhorration >Not much was there …[View]
493050560The Intellivision Amico[View]
493060339Imagine wanting to make a game.[View]
493040893Gaming Goals 2020: What are your gaming goals for 2020? I heard shmups are the hardest genre, so I …[View]
493057984Vidya tracks that make you feel things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsrbs_1hzjc[View]
493060069So what's the verdict on RE2?[View]
493060175Why aren't more games like RE2make made? When was the last time we've even had a third per…[View]
493058703ITT: romhacks/mods that objectively improve the original experience[View]
493060045Super Smash Bros DLC Fighter 6 Leak?: My friend sent me this image, not sure if this is real. I alre…[View]
493051961Why did mecha have to die?[View]
493057097'Reaper, reaper,' that's what people call me.[View]
493056418Game trivia thread[View]
493027042I’ve never seen a bigger collection of useless items.[View]
493057846My mom just finished watching The Witcher Netflix show and now she wants to play it. Based Netflix![View]
493036468Why aren't video games 'scary' anymore?[View]
493058919multiplayer or singleplayer?[View]
493055209I've been loving revisiting Halo Reach since they released MCC on Steam but why the FUCK do the…[View]
493056489Such a memrable character and villian...[View]
493059443>'They're waiting for you Gordon. In the test chamberrrrrrr.'[View]
493057796Why does everyone love to hate Sonic CD?[View]
493051484okay, you gotta be fucking kidding me...[View]
493058863When will we get a JRPG with soul again?[View]
493055961You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The …[View]
493050436ITT: your 9 favorite JRPGs[View]
493058563Your thoughts on Borderlands 3 characters?[View]
493058058Whoa, thought it was a nightmare, low, it's all so true They told me, don't go walking slo…[View]
493052996>being a chaosfag I sure hope you anons don't do this[View]
493058025can i run it on a dual core cpu 4gb ram 1050 gtx ???[View]
493056171>it's not real cyberpu-[View]
493050470Is /v/ finally ready to admit that The Evil Within (1) is a masterpiece?[View]
493048667How does an entire game genre go extinct?[View]
493057102Reminder that you are too stupid to play these games.[View]
493058410what are some games about Courtly love??[View]
493005921Why did I care more about Arthur than I ever did for John?[View]
493030629Remember when Witcher was a cult classic?[View]
493051334>Make game people might buy >For the first time there isn't shills in smash yet, making p…[View]
493054018Daily Ashley thread plz.[View]
493057232horrorvale: how do you kill this fucking thing[View]
493058136>isn't yet another blue haired sword fighter >has an actual personality >is a major ch…[View]
493056783/VidyaFriends/: How does one make vidya friends?[View]
493051310Assassin's Creed Thread: All games past Rogue/Unity are garbage Edition[View]
493054525Can this character still be redeemed? I've only used the axe till now and have upgraded it up t…[View]
493018723name god tier western female character.[View]
493056546>4 v 1 Asymmetric game >battle royale-sized map >4 hunters play on FPS perspective >1 du…[View]
493057432why anime games still doesnt look as good as this?[View]
493030769It's garbage.[View]
493057635Whats the greatest example of video game cope and damage control? An example would be the TORtanic a…[View]
493056889I love games that involve the theme of man/nature vs. machine, e.g. Mother 3, Nier Automata, Hob, an…[View]
493055910>Go into gamestop/ebgames/GAME >Looking for video game >First thing i literally see is a ra…[View]
493057345Pandemic thread[View]
493057419Where have you been?[View]
493055736Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment thread.[View]
493057506What games allow me to play as a 100% human faction fighting against vicious non-humans?[View]
493052384FOR SOME FUCKING REASON POSTING THIS IS OFF TOPIC? hey guys this shits like 15$ should I get it cons…[View]
493056021Fuck laws and borders and shit.[View]
493054992What makes the Half-Life 2 OST so fucking good?: I'm almost sure the new installment's OST…[View]
493057197Why is he weak as fuck in SMT but overpowered in Persona[View]
493054349Name a platforming game with better multiplayer You can’t[View]
493046275God of War: It was pretty good but I wish it had more unique bosses[View]
493056952What is the best game where you can be a catgirl?[View]
493056229What's your favorite Ubisoft game?[View]
493056970Is the Captain America movie tie in game any fun?[View]
493029315>seething so much you have to make an entire video about it the absolute state of nintendies lmao…[View]
493055794I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
493055395What would his opinion about the Epic store and buying exclusivity rights be?[View]
493056791Am I the only Nintendo fan sad about Sony losing its exclusives? Now the shitters at resetera that h…[View]
493052698I think we all grew up with the N64, it's one of those systems that everyone I knew had but we …[View]
493055530but why din' they just pop a phoenix down on 'er?[View]
493054494You know it to be true.[View]
493055746I'm too much of a coward to play RE2.: Call me pathetic, call me a pussy, call me an idiot, but…[View]
493054458So I just started playing this for the first time, just made it out of White Orchard, and I have a q…[View]
493056072Zelda Spirit Tracks: Well, that was pretty good. You lied to me guys, why do you always shit on game…[View]
493037013What MMO are ya playing in 2020?[View]
493056378Couple of questions for PC players. I built myself a new PC after about 8 years no upgrade neeting i…[View]
493053359dammit /v/......... you said DNF was a bad game, why'd you have to lie to me? This looks pretty…[View]
493048982What is the best Mario rpg?[View]
493056223Please Nintendo: Redeem yourself[View]
493055609Reminder that Plants vs Zombies will always be the greater ''tactician'' game than any stupid weeabo…[View]
493056198100% Orange Juice: who is the most based character in the game and why is it Kai? https://www.youtub…[View]
493055656Will Sony sucking the cock of PC chads, will Nintendo games ever come to PC officially?[View]
493023828The Great Debate: Was it rape?[View]
493056043Elder Scrolls Khajit: Did you know Khajit have barbed penises. BARBED. PENISES. https://en.uesp.net/…[View]
493055027Nothing this legend provides remotely assists in winning or even surviving. The gates are 1-2 shots …[View]
493023873Tomboys: What are /v/'s thoughts regarding tomboys? Do you think we need more of tomboys in vid…[View]
493055980i want to kill myself[View]
493054946Will there ever be a bioshock as good as the first 2 ones?[View]
493055881He's in[View]
493043653Your amulet was stolen again! Use your vidya skills to get it back![View]
493048415Wake up, drank.[View]
493044838Never heard much about this game ever but it has been sitting in my library since forever. Finally g…[View]
493051635Spent over 200 bucks on cs:go cases and didn't get a single knife[View]
493040173What does /v/ think? Is it even shittier than the game?[View]
493053395>best dbz game >still no proper sequel >in the year 2020 what gives?…[View]
493055587My Xbox[View]
493055481TROPHY'S MINE![View]
493024828MK8D and CTRNF: You can only compare them fairly if you've played them both, don't be a re…[View]
493053968What are your thoughts about china entering the western PC market? Is it bad news?[View]
493047353And this is my son's room, he is quite the gamer[View]
493050083Hocus Pocus: Didst thee defeat the 7 mad monks of Melanwha, /v/? DIDST THEE?! https://www.youtube.co…[View]
493038960I think it's about time to pick up League of Legends again. Don't you agree?[View]
493036152DunkGOD just destroyed Hackurai and FE fags https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGLMi9kXTRI[View]
493053724How does he know exactly how long it'll take?[View]
493051758are clones bad in fighting games, or is it good to have extra options for relatively low cost/time o…[View]
493030865Freedom Fighters was fun[View]
493055051resident evil: Real tawk. When I was 10 or so I watched a Resident Evil hentai compilation on Newgro…[View]
493055114Fnaf Cringe thread The Twerk of '87 edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJfRmTI7Dx4[View]
493049937Which characters come to mind when someone says 'wi-fi warrior'? Talk of a certain party game is als…[View]
493054489So I beat persona 5. It only has 4 good palaces and the rest are either mediocre or awful. Romanced …[View]
493051247Has anyone played this? I kinda want to buy it but wondering if there are any glaring flaws.[View]
493049089/v/'s Official Ranking of Significant PS4 Exclusives: Do we remove Horizon Zero Dawn from the l…[View]
493054937>CDPR is known for downgrades >Cyberpunk 2077 already looks like shit in multiple videos Wtf, …[View]
493051889Xbox Game Pass: I got the Xbox game pass for pc. What are some good games that will distract me from…[View]
493054196>The Outer Worlds Should SCARE Bethesda >Bethesda is Officially Obsolete >The Outer Worlds …[View]
493054670What am I in for?[View]
493052794>game has a happy ending[View]
493045573So why are female soldiers in Battlefield V were such a big problem for you?[View]
493053508what went right?[View]
493053020>About to start my full time grad job in a few weeks >Will have a shitload of money to buy all…[View]
493054485What the fuck?[View]
493029283Tomb Raider: Leave Sony Playstation Presents - Drakes Uncharted 5 - The Lost Legacy® to me.[View]
493048843>go to gym >do some reps >cardio time >mount switch on treadmill with gooseneck mount …[View]
493054373A tomato: Finally finished all endings after dropping it like i do with all games and i’m left feeli…[View]
493038906Victory is mine.[View]
493054294ITT: great games that didn't get the sequels they deserved magicka 2 was very mediocre and didn…[View]
493051612He killed millions.[View]
493049045Any of you played Outward? How did you like it?[View]
493053495i miss these little niggas like you wouldnt believe[View]
493047427cyberfart 2077 gonna be a failure. Mark my words.[View]
493048405This thread is for Superstar Cops only.[View]
493038648Why are most video game characters celibate/asexual? They're humans too you know, the idea that…[View]
493045416>you will never go back in time and prevent every retarded decision made regarding Valkyria Chron…[View]
493053831consider Samus Aran[View]
493053808Bloodborne 2 (2021}[View]
493033805Do we like Piper?[View]
493050109Ys: Memories of Celceta - Timeless Adventurer: >NISA presentation >They are going on and on ab…[View]
492985847TRAILS OF COLD STEEL III COMING TO PC: haha... PC wins again! >https://store.steampowered.com/app…[View]
493046260Choose your character[View]
493049487Who is your Smash waifu?[View]
493051782Soul Soulless[View]
493049710What is the color of Mario's hat? Are video games fun?[View]
493048393Would you be more content with FE characters in Smash if they were side characters?[View]
493053241Bowser's Inside Story sucks and is soulless[View]
493050657Have games become more anti-social or am i just getting older? I remember back when i played WoW, i …[View]
493052528Why do the female characters in Japanese look uncanny lifelike dolls for most of the time while the …[View]
493052927Did you know?: Argonians are the most POWERFUL race in Tamriel?[View]
493051864We need to destroy the wall.[View]
493051945What games let me do cool thief stuff optionally to an international Cold War backdrop[View]
493039314Lets talk about 6DOF fps: Why is this a dead subgenre? We got overload, we got sublevel zero and tha…[View]
493049232Any games where the protagonist's father doesn't have a good reason for abandoning them?[View]
493048074Dreams about videogames: Did you ever dream about a videogame? post your videogame dreams Yesterday …[View]
493052782This is a Suzie thread. Post your best Susies. Talk about what direction you think the character wil…[View]
49305210578.87.201.104 SMP 1.15.1 Communist minecraft server: SMP 1.15.1 Communist minecraft se…[View]
493051094There has been some rumors about the PS5 being retrocompatible with every Playstation device before …[View]
493014850>pc fan suddenly speeds up[View]
493052179Do you act like a scumbag in video games /v/?[View]
493050745Who is your favorite unimportant NPC character in video games? This is mine.[View]
493048504yebbies splat twice[View]
493050415Been playing pic related and so far I am NOT happy >gunplay is fun, fighting dynamics are fun (me…[View]
493050362>Japan can't make a good open world ga- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpCjWY24R_c Sex Open…[View]
493042436Which MMO has the best gameplay?[View]
493049281You are not going to sroll past the next DLC fighter, are you anon?[View]
493051937The State of NISA: NISA on a livestream openly admitted they willingly alter dialogue they personall…[View]
493051869Any similar games on Switch?[View]
493051379Fallout 3 is a complete product. The only unused content in the game are miscellaneous objects and s…[View]
493046824Vidya villain: Why is it that there's not even one memorable vidya villain in recent years? Nam…[View]
493035279Time to talk about video games: https://www.omegle.com/ Go here, put down 'vidya' as interests, put …[View]
493044474Crossover DLC when?[View]
493045506Normie Friends: >have friend over >he asks to put on youtube to play something >he plays th…[View]
493045537We shine ever brighter[View]
493046254I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
493048416If you were required by state law to choose a video game character you would want to see crossdress …[View]
493041554What do you think is going through jokers head in that scene?[View]
493048629>still being butthurt over a character[View]
493043606Has anything ever captured what it was like to be a gamer in the early 2000's quite like this s…[View]
493042821>love triple triad >hate gwent[View]
493050582last remnant: can i fight vespalia before aquaducts mission? what other missions should i complete b…[View]
493050573What a cute couple.[View]
493043408a brand new 60GB PS3, a brand new Sony Full HD LCD television, a brand new DTS 5.1 set and THIS game…[View]
493050274Why couldn't they make this game to be like the first three?[View]
493046456Is there any reason to own these if you know how to use emulators?[View]
493049420Ho ho ho! look what i found! A little tiny ps4 on the road? completely unwanted and discarded? Ha ha…[View]
493046118Frame rate problems: I bought an Xbox One S digital edition specifically to play modern warfare. The…[View]
493044525What is 'gameplay'?: How do you measure it? What makes you say 'gameplay' is better or worse in one …[View]
493038290>really like brown girl threads on /v/ >get the idea to give honkers a tan so she looks as bro…[View]
493050121ResetERA trannies losing their shit over HZD PC port: WE DIT IT /v/ ! Sony ponies are forever BTFO! …[View]
493047851What went wrong?[View]
493035996Headset general: What headset do you use, /v/? You got open back, right?[View]
493044467Fuck Elden Ring, I just want Dark Souls IIII[View]
493040672Where were you when Smash lost all soul?[View]
493036652>tfw no sequel ;-;[View]
493049295Is Shantae a shia or sunni muslim?[View]
493043736Drakengard: What's the better experience. Playing through Drakengard 1 & 3 or just watching…[View]
493041582SMASH DLC 6 LEAK[View]
493042564Why the fuck haven't Sony made any more Motorstorm games?[View]
493039694>at least six more slots HE COULD STILL BE IN WAHOO[View]
493046075>Keep dying >Someone just tells me to spam L1 >Yeah sure thing retard lmao >Actually try…[View]
493034350tell me about her.[View]
493042917Escape from Tarkov: is it any good?[View]
493051705Why is Bowser so overly sexualized?[View]
493048646Which Vidya has the cutest feet?: Why is it fightan gaems? Namely Tekken 7? Post cute feet pls... Vi…[View]
493048590>game is supposedly about Nintendo all-stars >3 DK reps after 20 years >5 Zelda reps with 3…[View]
493015402So was the wait worth it?[View]
493044913>literally ruins your game[View]
493045904Ayu on the first page![View]
493049210Did Alduin purposefully save the Dragonborn at Helgen?[View]
493021208Spare the others. I am ready.[View]
493042798Tricks: Time to learn some tricks in Smash. Bump so others can learn too.[View]
493045303the male version is the default[View]
493041165Is it bad that I secretly wish DMC would get the Yakuza treatment were new games have lots of reused…[View]
493042618Do you actually love gaming?: Who else wants to do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, for a PS5?…[View]
493048790I have never been able to play RTS games because I just suck at micromanaging. However, I recently t…[View]
493047787How is the FF7 Remake going to conceal the reveal of Cloud not being an Ex-Soldier? Shouldn't t…[View]
493048571WoW servers are dying[View]
493048210Any decent game sets in Ancient Rome?[View]
493048245>thief steals your money using the season pass >tricked thousands into buying Byleth YOU'…[View]
493035173Cyberpunk 2077: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQxL9p0SS84 OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
493045905What did valve mean by this?: >Valve during literally anything, rumor or whatever *absolutely sil…[View]
493048153Which video game characters have big dicks? inb4 poison[View]
493048191Now that the dust has been settled, can we all agree that she's fucking right? Your childhood '…[View]
493046714MCs You'll Never See In Western Games: Kamui Outlaw. A youth who wanders the world together wit…[View]
493040357Did the pure pwnage guys do anything after the movie? Also what does everyone think of the series lo…[View]
493045220PC Builds > PS5/XSX: Currently running an FX8350 + GTX 1070 Haven't upgraded cause I have no…[View]
493047394umm....did someone say pvp?[View]
493046020She's in And Seregios[View]
493041735Is linux gaming viable yet?[View]
493045185Who are some filmmakers or authors you would like to see direct or be involved with making a game? A…[View]
493045725Remilia is dead.[View]
493033330Why does /v/ hate it now?[View]
493045006I want to play new video games but they all keep getting delayed!!![View]
493044530Thanks for betatesting[View]
493040601I'm posting this image and I want you to tell me whether or not it is based or cringe.[View]
493044541ITT: SOUL[View]
493047004they should've saved this gimmick for a monster hunter character, not FE faggot number 8[View]
493037803Mission begins in sixty seconds[View]
493042262Gwent online standalone: Why aren't you currently playing the witcher card game, gwent online? …[View]
493046649Rate My Fem Qunari.[View]
493044663>'I am happy to have worked with you, but you are really to much for me to handle!…[View]
493037664wow what a terrible industry[View]
493042304just downloaded this: am I in for some good fun?[View]
493031032>yfw you enter The Zone[View]
493045317>30 second story expanded to a 20 minute video[View]
493032002Is anyone else bothered by BOTW letting you cross everything in the map? Without borders impedinging…[View]
493045704So, what kind of story will this have? Is it a sequel for Shadow of the Colossus or something comple…[View]
493045667>It's an expression of pain[View]
493045517>catches you the ONE time you have no blue herbs or self defense item Also https://youtu.be/7gwIU…[View]
493042835Any games that give you ASMR? Any games about ASMR?[View]
493040053Reminder thar with Byleth now in Smash there is nothing stopping Euden, the guy from Dragalia Lost, …[View]
493040109Give me a good game to play /v/: I seriously can't take it easy, nothing has scratched the itch…[View]
493039915So this character is Sekiro from the future, right?[View]
493041712Weren't we supposed to get a current-gen Futurama game? Whatever happened to that?[View]
493045269There is something wrong with modern day gaming, There is something extremely WRONG with modern day…[View]
493041915How do I hack my PS3? (pic related)[View]
493039403Meanwhile while scouting for balls..: >Ok it's actually fuckin good. Having played most of t…[View]
493042720Games where the bad guy wins[View]
493042037Will the Sly Cooper franchise ever make a comeback?[View]
493036391So who was in the wrong here? It was LTG[View]
493041832How do you beat this motherfucker? His first stage is literally impossible[View]
493040264how is yakuza 7, /v/?: how is it with the new protag and rpg system? thank[View]
493044931They had to do the same thing with RE2[View]
493044874>'We just want a female character I swear we're not pedophiles we just like Shantae, Lip, Ad…[View]
493032814ARURF is back and awesome!!!![View]
493038156Why is Dota 2 so fucking dead, /v/alvebros?[View]
493044779The sun is rising... Another day in Hyrule with Asian Gorl! Today will be goode...[View]
493043971I am sorry: Geno fags Shantae Fags and yes even you Shovel Knight fags. The Waluigi fags, the fuckin…[View]
493040782>Sonic used to be the single most iconic video game back in the 90's >now it's a nea…[View]
493044685>PLEEEAAASE LET ME BE YOUR NEW SENPAI I'll be really gentle with you and I'll buy you l…[View]
493041742What's their fucking problems?[View]
493032997Warhammer 40k Games: Just picked up Martyr Inquisitor cause it was 15 bux for basically everything o…[View]
493044369so why are timed exclusives a bad thing again?[View]
493041535What does the Todd button do?[View]
493042636Can Asians tell me the appeal of jap games?[View]
493038853Big Maring: .[View]
493005930Atelier Ryza: This game almost seemed good. Until I realized it’s japanese VA only. How can you guy…[View]
493044169Byleth's reveal reaction compared to other DLC characters https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/co…[View]
493042830i'm still pissed off about it[View]
493044119damn dbz kakarot. a game like this in JoJo's world would be way better[View]
493043859Do we like autismoe and autismoe characters?[View]
493043762Geno better be next Sakurai. If he doesn't get in while another FE character does I'm goin…[View]
493044565Theories on why so many runners are trannies?: Seriously the amount of trannies in the speed run com…[View]
493043586my favourite videogame genre? the one that makes me cooooom the most the one that give me waifu the …[View]
493035337DS4 touchpad: Is there literally anything more useless than this?[View]
492979958Friday night comfy switch thread: Well switchbros, watcha: >playan >buying next >looking fo…[View]
493041269Be honest. would you?[View]
493035682>Loses interest in the game when it implies its protaganist has gf/wife…[View]
493025125iceborne: did the update help for you? also mhwi thread[View]
493039665>• The ending following the secret boss encounter now has altered dialogue. They gave these thots…[View]
493039198Is your setup better than this?[View]
493038040>stock up on all kinds of ammo, kitted out guns, combat augs >only ever use stealth stun gun, …[View]
493041693OSRS: ANy1 here who nows a good osrs account generator?[View]
493034648These fists know no equal[View]
493020028> 25th in 2018 > 20th in 2019 > 5th in 2020 Why does /v/ love NieR Autometa so much?…[View]
493039762filename thread: keep it vidya[View]
493037631SKRIBBLIO: GET IN https://skribbl.io/?9WMTt88lwU Word list is the continuously growing list of vidya…[View]
493038043Reminder that pic related is better than Fire Emblem 3H, and anyone who defending shitty this dating…[View]
493035231why does everyone hate her again[View]
493033070OUR KING FOR SMASHHHHH!!![View]
493042741Zoo Game Thread: Discuss zoo games like Zoo Tycoon and Planet Zoo. Dino games like JPOG and JWE are …[View]
493042419what game features cats as playable characters?[View]
493041686/vr/ stubbornness.: So what’s the point of having a /vr/ forum if you can’t even discuss about 6th g…[View]
493042463Tactics Ogre LUCT: Well /v/, my female Amazon called Media died during the wild encounter, then she …[View]
493017989>hands are freezing >can't play vidya with gloves on How do you guys deal with it? Do fin…[View]
493042340Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be game of the decade: Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be the best game of 2020, wil…[View]
493014949Oh fuck: pleaseberealpleaseberealpleasebereal[View]
492988230Why was the reception for both bought-in characters so vastly different? Why did people love Muffet …[View]
493037959Japanese games - Usually very suggestive/ sexual in nature. Japanese birth rate at an all-time low. …[View]
493025809Smash Bros Ultimate: Are any of you going to make a template out of this?[View]
493042223The Elder Scrolls: >So Vivec, who had a grain of Ayem's mercy, set about to teach Molag Bal …[View]
493041072What is the CORE VALUE of fighting games, again?[View]
493033743A company of the people: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/creative-spotlight/w…[View]
493042134What 3rd world country nintendo eshops do you use for good deals? I just got pic related for $8 on t…[View]
493035725So now that Yakuza 7 is a confirmed let down, what are you all hoping for from Yakuza 8? Personally …[View]
493038289Please post your art and how you learned to draw, how am i gonna make a video game if i can't i…[View]
493041572>could've given him a egyptian accent >could've given him a coptic accent >could…[View]
493035665>Still no game about Schizophrenia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lljz4d2gNKE https://www.youtub…[View]
493041539Persona 6 leaked cover[View]
493041609Is Deus Ex the ultimate conspiracy game?[View]
493041061hey /v/, any idea what's the name of the first song in this video? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
493035316>Enjoying Sonic Mania for the first time, having a blast >Game puts a fucking mandatory fuckin…[View]
493029364This is all the manpower Whiterun could come up with to fight a dragon about a quarter mile away fro…[View]
493041265Snake, Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese curd product with a mild flavor. In the past, it was known a…[View]
493041376Did you have one?[View]
493039565Will we ever get a game like classic X-COM again?[View]
493040454«What do you do for a living?» «Me?.» «Oh i play video games»[View]
493031092>'Heh nothin personell... zombots. I am the ultimate' >'AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE I'M…[View]
493034417Can somebody explain the Persona games to me? Are they Pokemon mixed with a dating simulator?[View]
493040075>finally got my friends to try out osrs >he has been playing for week >'So when does the ga…[View]
493038634RE3 remake might have the crows back again. https://twitter.com/rioluibro/status/1217831585224880128…[View]
493040542>Game never had an official OST release fuck[View]
493007482*ruins emulation*[View]
493040301Half-life: >Be me. >Hear Triage at Dawn. >Get an anxiety attack. Why does this happen every…[View]
493025796Guess what game this character is from and I will draw you a lewd if correct[View]
493038741Pige: Pige[View]
493040817Are japanese horror films actually keno or do people just say overrate them just because the film is…[View]
493040815Rate My Fem Qunari[View]
493040395Why are video game devs so focused on improving graphics rather than gameplay and content? I just wa…[View]
493035819Yakuza Thread: First time playing Yakuza game. People said its ok to start with this prequel. Tips?…[View]
493032860>worst game in the series >has the best OST How? https://youtu.be/895wU4jtEdY…[View]
493038662Does anyone have a model sheet of terry from kof?[View]
493038487>you can exercise ingame[View]
493037350Hey /v/, how’s it going? Let’s talk about videogames. What are you playing? What are you excited for…[View]
493033909Old games have such good ambient. Like almost all of them. I have only been playing old classics lat…[View]
493037691Which retarded dev was responsible for '''revamping''' this monster for World/Iceborne? Seriously …[View]
493039172if Game Grumps with their legions of autistic fans cant get more than 15 people to play their free g…[View]
493040372ITT post goat cuties.[View]
493039916Every 2000s FPS[View]
493038236Eventually we'll see pronouns as apart of role playing games, So what is yours? I'd say my…[View]
493032140>to get to the fun content you first need to repeat the same 4 reskinned quests for 200 hours How…[View]
493037706Best Versions of Policenauts and Snatcher?[View]
493035940What's the best mod?[View]
493036302Dragonball Fighterz new character is ultra instinct goku: OH NO NO NO NO ITS ANOTHER GOKU![View]
493039251>Will be ported to Switch within the year >Is a FE clone >Is by a Chinese company Will Paul…[View]
493039150How to sell Steam account: What is the best way to sell a Steam account? I have over $600 of games…[View]
493039636Post weapons, realistic or fictional, then anons recommend you a game based off of that or a game th…[View]
493031451Do you browse any other vidya related forum? Any place where i can just relax, talk about whatever i…[View]
493032005This expansion unironically looks cool, especially with Arthas back Can't wait[View]
493036068I use the female skins on Modern Warfare[View]
493038427Honest thoughts on the elites?[View]
493019114So you guys are really trying to tell me Byleth triggered all of you so much because it's the 8…[View]
493039591>Japanese game subtitles >'...!'[View]
493038959How do we create a good gaming channel?[View]
493037703Is there any hidden MMO Gem, which is not Pay2Play, P2W or a 4 button game like GW or TESO? > FF1…[View]
493035184games length nowadays: Am I the only one who feels like games are too short nowadays? I've been…[View]
493031607What is the Best Ninja game ?[View]
493033598Literally the only game that does romance right, prove me wrong.[View]
493029442Honest opinions about worgen heritage armor? Does it fit their race?[View]
493038909Gacha Game Complexity: Why are they so confusing? I've just started Girls' Frontline (on r…[View]
493038765Nintendo: These next 5 characters can’t be from Fire Emblem. Sakurai: What if I add 6 more character…[View]
493038078The PS5 is going to be the best console ever![View]
493030231Was it just flavor of the month?[View]
493037336I bought my PlayStation in France, made a French account and bought 12 months of ps plus while I was…[View]
493036895Remember the Grinch 'leak'?[View]
493036747Post healing items that help you to continue pushing on.[View]
492988929MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
4930314313D and FP Platformers: While, probably thanks to Indie Games, we have seen a resurgence of classical…[View]
493037984>younger character is all grown up by the end of the game What games do this?…[View]
493020715literally impossible[View]
493037593*walks up to intercom* *licks lips* *inhales* COMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
493017895WoW: >'Hey stranger. Buy a lady a drink? ... What? Just one? Seriously?'…[View]
493024198Rune Factory: >Can't marry best girl[View]
493034735What happened to proper handheld game console?[View]
493038398*ruins your childhood*[View]
493036125Do you think the Pope used MatPat's Steam key of Undertale?[View]
493031948Defense is a useless stat in any game unless it represents a minimum threshold of damage one must cr…[View]
493035835Sakurai made the right choice.[View]
492959930Risk of Rain: Anyone EUbros up for some vanilla rain? 109775241077667070[View]
493038060Sakurai is such a troll he revealed this character twice just to rub it in.[View]
493037957KS Thread!: Would you go to Yamaku if you had the chance? Who do you think had the worst disability,…[View]
493011948/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Thracia 776: LAST TIME >after being sold out by some shitty brigand, Leif …[View]
493037039>I'll punch you in the throat, retard. Who was in the wrong here? https://streamable.com/7fp…[View]
493035648Trespasser: >tfw your game is so shit that even the AI tries tunneling itself out of the map to e…[View]
493028059What am I in for?[View]
493037768When the light is running low, and the shadows start to grow, and the places that you know seem like…[View]
493036104Is this how girls talk to each other?[View]
493001824Literally what the FUCK games are there to look forward to in 2020?[View]
493030516When will they revive this[View]
4930338152D METROID AND CLASSIC PAPER MARIO ARE BACK: Sabi-chan said they're happening and I trust her…[View]
493037598Wouldn't it have been cool if numbers in the Souls series got smaller each game to signify the …[View]
493034153This one game BTFOs everything else Atlus has ever made.[View]
493037586Not long now bros![View]
493036353>find anal Disgusting as fuck >literally pop hole >play this game >you can dick her lik…[View]
493034603Rate My Fem Qunari .[View]
493034367Just posting my wife Tenko.[View]
493037375ITT: Game items you'd want to eat IRL // Resident Evil Thrread[View]
493031323Ok, /v/, you win. I’ll play this game.[View]
493026245What's a good game to just get lost in for a while so you forget how shitty and unavoidable the…[View]
493035198Days Gone: Why is there no people of color in this game? Is Sony racist?[View]
493037190wtf it's actually good[View]
493029161>'shine' >'tech' >'parry' >'wavedash'…[View]
493035104>Fight recooom >a bit challenging. Gets me to yellow-red HP because muh animation lock at end …[View]
493022798>this planet was designed by an no-life autismo Why can't neurotypicals do the same?…[View]
493034910Fatherhood has such massive thematic potential in videogames and might be one of the most relatable …[View]
493036951Why is the porn of this game mostly gay?[View]
493033254Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord: >there are STILL people who doubt that this game will be good…[View]
493036956so this person ive been really into in my college friend group and i finally hooked up at a gatherin…[View]
493034505Tell me something, /v/. Why did none of the '''insiders'''' leak Byleth? Not Vergenben. Not Sab…[View]
493036759This is... curious[View]
493034373Russion education and dota2: I'am russian and we ,russians, have to pass the exam coled 'EГЭ' t…[View]
493036552What's your favorite Psikyo game?[View]
493036028What are the best christian or pro-christian videogames have you ever played? Mine is Dragon Quest …[View]
493032646How accurate is this list?[View]
493036456It was supposed to be her turn.[View]
493036013*Filters out zoomers, furfags and normalfags from Smash* You're welcome, /v/[View]
493028260On chapter 3 currently: When does it get fun?[View]
492998504POWER BOMBERMAN: Download the game: https://mega.nz/#!rXJFxKIK!i_zi0jPSWou1BxP3NwRJyNb2eJsKC659ckXdK…[View]
493036183lets have a thread dedicated to all those characters that was mistakenly considered black[View]
493034356Excuse me but what the fuck is Dark Souls about? I've beaten it twice but have no fuckin clue w…[View]
493034057>End of the Line update was 5 years ago[View]
493035968>projared gets cucked and accused of being a pedophile >makes a come back >spoony can'…[View]
493033553the real reason why smashturds hate byleth[View]
493030526consoles btfo pc‘s btfo[View]
493035905FUCK Mazdas FUCK Nissans And most of all FUCK Jaguars[View]
493034201Do you buy special editions /v/? I mean it’s proven gold coloured spray paint is more valuable than …[View]
493009932I think this is his last chance, bros. If Sakurai does six more characters and Geno somehow manages …[View]
493035403Friendly reminder that Geno will NEVER be in Smash[View]
493035728Accept no substitutes[View]
493035575BG3: Happening https://twitter.com/i/status/1217964674156810240[View]
493033445Should we gather for Whiskey and Cigars tonight?[View]
493029136How did we go from this:[View]
493033587anyone else really looking forward to this? I haven't played a musou game since hyrule warriors…[View]
492996109Party Van: It's Friday! Time to get cozy, slip off that nice tuxedo after a long day of being a…[View]
493035542Remaster or original?[View]
493032137How were you supposed to figure this out on your own?[View]
493026472Your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate list: Alright, time to see what are your choices.[View]
493035473You know, you zoomers have good taste. You understand the kino of MGSV.[View]
493035257>2010s video games>2000s video games It's just a fact[View]
493033476Post only the worst character designs. Pic completely related.[View]
492990774I do believe it's time for a Terraria thread, and for a Terraria server. Who's game?[View]
493028336Is the Arisen chosen by the dragon or he is destined to follow his fate?[View]
493022156Metroid Dread is coming, START DREADING!!!!: METROID 5!!!! METROID 5!!! METROID 5!!!! IT'S HAPP…[View]
493032565Is Mario + Rabbids good?[View]
493021023KNOCK KNOCK BOOM BOOM CRASH! A robber has broken into your house and won't kill you as long as …[View]
493035008Next week, in gaming magazines...[View]
493032576Time to Split /v/: The majority of the posters here are those that grew up on Fortnite, played Angry…[View]
493003720Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
493012904Top 20 Best Selling Games of 2019: THE U.S. NPD GROUP REVEALS TOP GAMES OF 2019, WHILE THE GAMES IND…[View]
493024974You cannot name a funnier videogame than Kingdom Hearts.[View]
493018334So what did they censor? Your translator and editor don't just come out and admit to changing t…[View]
493034185Reminder that consoles are only holding gaming back and have no reason to exist anymore. >Compute…[View]
493034705Typical slavshits: We all know the subhuman polacks at CDPR of needed more time due to their incompe…[View]
493031295I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 82[View]
493032495i want to kill myself[View]
493034249stop crying over your dead father, prof[View]
493025912I'm playing this on stream right now and having a blast. Why was it so hated?[View]
493033107add war to this & this could be the new single player warcraft[View]
493000040Reminder that Reimu is not an anime 'girl'. She is a beautiful video game girl![View]
493030716ITT - Vidya PTSD[View]
493030748Is it any good? Currently on sale for psn and I’m thinking about buying.[View]
493032728Hugo Martin talking about designing DOOM Eternal: https://youtu.be/qBHIalb01ew[View]
493033357>10 more days until we get to play as the hot prof with a swordwhip How are you bros coping with …[View]
493017587Why did the 2000s Fire Emblem games have so much soul?[View]
493030547BYLETH? What the fuck kind of name is Byleth? Sounds like bile which makes sense since this trailer …[View]
493034114Smash Bros × Fallout: Incredible moveset possibilities[View]
492980585Can we have a nice Kakarot thread?[View]
493032745Now we know why they didn’t reveal the 5th fighter pass character at the Game Awards. There would ha…[View]
493031289What makes a fighting game and why smash isn't one?[View]
493023437Durante fixes the PC port of Ys VIII: https://steamcommunity.com/games/579180/announcements/detail/1…[View]
493002000>comes out >flops[View]
493021541Why do we hate her again?[View]
493033842I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
493033801You are my professor. My greatest ally. The Sword of the Creator. Arise, Professor.[View]
493032331This is a cacodemon, you need to destroy her in order to save mars and humanity, can you pull the tr…[View]
493033594Where the fuck is Geno?[View]
493029739Hey /v/! Put a spin on this![View]
493031401>adjust brightness until the dragon is visible >dragon is always visible even at 0 What the fu…[View]
493028854I'm fine with it. We already have so many characters. Everything else is a bonus.[View]
493023597I'm gonna pirate her game and mod her ugly face![View]
493031772are you ready for her bullshit blazing reveal trailer tonight? i already know the smell of the game[View]
493032890thoughts on the original playstation?[View]
493028748It's dangerous to go alone! Take this[View]
493024513Why are Euro games so comfy?[View]
493029178Adventure Gaaames: Have you been playing any adventure/point and click games recently?[View]
493032863Dude, isn't he the reason Smash Balls are banned at our tournament?[View]
493030590More like Tokyo Cringe sessions: I'm on chapter 3 and it's not even power of friendship. I…[View]
493025384late night Kirby bread: Can any Kirby experts/autists help me understand the lore of this series? do…[View]
493031809>AAA game with guns >preorder/paid DLC adds gold-plated/overly engraved/garishly colorful weap…[View]
493029963Feel Bad for Main Antagonist, what are some other games that give this feel?[View]
493029003As part of The Fighters Pass Vol 2: Sakurai was recently given the approval of working on the Minecr…[View]
493030790Anyone here play in the alpha for TemTem? Keep seeing YT vid recommendations popping up for this gam…[View]
493032685if Dragon Ball FighterZ was in charge of making the roster[View]
493025742Play Dragon Age Inquisition[View]
493030089My gf(female) wants to get a Truck Simulator game problem is there are so many of them with DLCs and…[View]
493031980Better than Bloodborne.[View]
493032334i'm a squid please fuck my ass[View]
493027592Do you like vanillaware games, /v/? The actual games, not your consoles.[View]
492994426How do you feel about the fact that most videogames with pure lovecraftian themes are all from indie…[View]
493032459requesting the MHW iceborne dlc unlocker for legit copies (an anon was kind enough to upload it when…[View]
493032448>he pays for singleplayer games >he pays full price for multiplayer games…[View]
493032428Waketh up, you slob. Why aren't you playing Mikus games?[View]
493007107Here are your Mii Costumes tonight[View]
493028941Lucina is so cute! I made this post of my own volition, under no duress![View]
493032214>6 gacha characters in smash in a row Wow[View]
493029149Did anyone else think this was a fakeout at first?: Like it was showing Byleth because they knew how…[View]
493025865is it a gril or a boi?[View]
493023225Post games with 10/10 OSTs[View]
492997386why does sonic work so much better in 2D?[View]
493023072>Curse of the Blind >pick up item >its tiny planet…[View]
493029778It's gonna happen: we all know why they added a 6th slot to fighter pass 2...[View]
493028446ITT: videogame characters with sub 10 INT I'll start.[View]
493031523Fleet Bacon[View]
493010406>there's a universe out there where Nintendo shills F-Zero into relevancy like it does with …[View]
493031342Couple of free steam keys: Yo, does anybody want a free steam key for any of the following games? Te…[View]
493031730rocky and bullwinkle? More like rocky bullshit! This game is a tiger taking a diarrhea up my ass. Th…[View]
493030013this console is so goddamn garbage my dock just stopped working out of fucking nowhere. fuck this co…[View]
493031298>non rebindable keys[View]
493017543Yume Shikki: We're still around and still looking for more feedback and help if people are inte…[View]
493024947what are the chances of this game being just average?[View]
493031353What are we Gaming on?: gtx980 (purchased for 100 euros 2 months ago 2nd hand) sold my 750ti for 60 …[View]
493024565Is the game any good? How much is cut?[View]
493027596>people posting 'play my game', 'play her game' threads on /v/…[View]
493022696Human Flesh +5 Did anyone ever use this?[View]
493029585Mmmm, yes. The heavy and snake from the awesome games total fall 2 and medal tear had sex with angel…[View]
492998874>Game has God tier OST >It's short as fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SQDml2YS4g…[View]
493030736Why couldn't he just be a girl? Why is this gay propaganda an anime trope in the first place?[View]
493021164Playing Etrian odyssey 2 Ultimate fafnir whatever right now, it's my first EO and i'm play…[View]
493029650What flavors of Ice Cream did they sell?[View]
493030819Why not make a Fire Emblem fighting game and get these shitters off of my roster.[View]
493026646Games you wish you could forget so you could play again for the first time.[View]
493028432ITT: Games you cant go back to Every time I remember those quality Japanese levels and interesting p…[View]
493029671What would you say ... you do here, /v/?[View]
493006040Just beat this game and enjoyed it a lot. Not as good as some entries in the series but it was the m…[View]
493027436ハイ ハイ ハロー 調子はどう?[View]
493028483What mods do you recommend? I played vanilla 3 years ago, just about to start a new playthrough.[View]
493030610Geno: I don't care what you hateful bastards say, he's in. -and hes fucking coming. Usin…[View]
493027090>LOL, U L0SE Your MEME-FIRE AND You L0se The RaCE! :DDDDD Why does anyone like this game?…[View]
493030512The Steam recommender is bad and the storefront is bloated and filled to the brim with shovelware. H…[View]
493021897Nintendo said it themselves....: So why isn't Crash in Smash yet?[View]
493030352I have QUESTION I want to play Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Despite that, I'm slogging through …[View]
493030417/v/ should make a rogue lineage house[View]
493024027Build or Doom: choose[View]
492925948/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>492826979 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
493030297THIS A SPIRITS: Redips Spirits is a Terry Bogard![View]
493029369what games let me play as a cute anime girl?[View]
493030163holy fucking shit you are garbage you cant do anything right everyone hates you all the pain is dese…[View]
493022563What is the hardest video game boss you ever faced?[View]
493028247Is he the most iconic character with the lowest quality games?[View]
493028480Platform Master: There is a Platform Master documentary on YT that came out on 1st of Jan. Why didn…[View]
493027976why is everyone blaming sakurai for another fire emblem character when they made it explicitly clear…[View]
492973192Voting for the 2019 VIDYA GAEM AWARDS is closing. You have LESS THAN 8 HOURS to vote. How to vote: V…[View]
493021816The Perfect MMO: I think I found the perfect formula for the MMO genre. >Hard & Grindy >Ev…[View]
492998937You can only pick one[View]
493021083Japanese 7th gen games thread: I know people call this the 'dark ages' But there still was a few gre…[View]
493028837Lost Soul Aside: Where the fuck is it, Bing Yang?[View]
493027551>Sabi, Vergeben, and Hitagi ONCE again blown the fuck out. >KOSMOS nowhere in sight. >No Mi…[View]
493023643It was her turn.[View]
493029659Half the fun in gaming is in interacting with complex systems to make an impact on a virtual world a…[View]
493026697What kind of people play video games for the story/plot?[View]
493029358Hardest bosses in the Dark Souls series: 1. Blue Smelter Demon 2. Smelter Demon [] power gap [] 3. F…[View]
493025412Pokemon Gen 8 Smash Rep: So now that the assmad over the inevitable Three Houses rep has mostly blow…[View]
493029405>game requires at least two high levels degrees to play[View]
493027891Bromance: How do you feel about bromance in video games? Ever come across the scenes where you'…[View]
493020353How would you improve persona? I'd add more events like a track team meet up, birthdays etc. Ad…[View]
493029417What are some games one can play to symbolically dab on America-centic white male kyriarchy we live …[View]
493027271based or cringe?[View]
493029079GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to the Protagonist …[View]
493029351Will there ever be another online shooter with so much soul as Modern Warfare 2?[View]
492997318>Play Three Houses >Don't like Rhea at all >After countless playthroughs and threads o…[View]
493018581343i HaloCE: Taking their fucking time, aren't they? Sick of playing Zoomer: Reach and the gear…[View]
493029032After these legends, What dream will be fulfilled next?: Let me start by saying I am just so glad th…[View]
493028698How would a game featuring these characters be like?[View]
493026151yo hear me out: >can throw his small sword Fusion to impale an enemy and copy their ability >u…[View]
493028020What's your favorite H game?[View]
493024812When I buy a video game online - I buy all assets I download, including soundtrack. Isn’t it’s weird…[View]
493028830The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III coming to PC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/9912…[View]
493016576So what's the deal with Human Revolution? Eidos looked at a bunch of problems from the first tw…[View]
493028405So these guys were homos right or was I misinterpreting their broship?[View]
493017442Games where you can pet dogs?[View]
493028636BFN is the worst in the franchise, and it could have been prevented had EA/PopCap hired actual playt…[View]
493027112Emulation essentials: What are some essential games to be emulated anons? I'm particularly feel…[View]
493026878what are games that you won't last 5 minutes?[View]
493024730CENSORED TITS[View]
493026713Demon's crest and Gargyole's quest is based. Is there another game that i can play as a da…[View]
493028275Your favorite stage: >rainy Tokyo city[View]
493009840>'You must fight Smash Brothers!' What was your initial reaction?[View]
493024172Nintendo Direct: It's coming this week right?[View]
493002372ITT: Casualfilters[View]
493003136It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeefDm4vDQI[View]
493027472Just buy it, you stupid goy.[View]
493022958>gg ez >'thanks, you too!' >faggot Why are people so rude to me?…[View]
493027591No fair: Why does everyone bash this game? I like it :([View]
493023394Why are android phones so much more powerful and affordable than any handheld device ever made, yet …[View]
493023982what was blizzard's best game[View]
493017337Halo Reach and Star Wars Rouge One, are the same thing, prove me wrong.[View]
493027997he's in[View]
493027948Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017): Does anyone have an older version of Ortho's Imperial Units on …[View]
493018530Is Wakfu actually a good MMO or is it just some worthless French shovelware game?[View]
493024301Is this the most reddit game ever?[View]
493026954In all our smash shitposting, why has nobody ever suggested him as a newcomer? I know he’s just an a…[View]
493021867what's the last game you bought, /v/?[View]
493012567What do you guys think of ULED XD ? Will it be the best kind of TV for gaming since you don't h…[View]
493015742Post Your Fave Vidya Character Designs: Looking for fun character designs - Anything goes but 90…[View]
492978460>adventure getting a remake >Digimon survive coming this year >story games no longer kidnap…[View]
4930276181 Asuka 468 200 6.04 101 66 33 2 King 399 176 5.32 88 47 41 3 Akuma 378 182 5.50 71 54 57 4 Jin 349 …[View]
493020786What's the best chair for gaming? I went over to my parent's place for the holiday, and th…[View]
493025510the future is bright bros[View]
493027431Based Byleth btfoing Smash trannies lmao.[View]
493022416are these worth playing in the current year[View]
493023078Is seven really the perfect number, /v/?[View]
493024376TOMORROW I'LL[View]
493027091Wait a minute, that Japanese board game...[View]
493015567i love puyo puyo! talk about puyo in this thread[View]
493022026>'THIS IS THE POLICE! OPEN UP, AND SHOW US THE LAST GOOD GAME YOU PLAYED' What game do you show?…[View]
493015720Comfy based smash timeeline thread: Say all your based characters you want[View]
493024458>first game has the best story while the gameplay is shit >second game has shit story but game…[View]
493025673is gordon freeman /fit/ or does the suit do all the work? why did valve make their FPS hero look lik…[View]
493017346>start a game to show a friend a section of it >you start playing even worse than usual and ma…[View]
493026178Between something normalfag tier like hiking to something like model trains, how autistic do you ran…[View]
493024290How did they have thermal clips after being stranded 10 years?[View]
493026917Megapatch for YSVIII, it will include coop: Need to supply two Xinput controllers You must have 2 or…[View]
493026513>MFW pleb filtered by Raditz: Hello difficulty spike Literally the same difficulty as Xenoverse e…[View]
493025638Do you use one hand or two when playing games?[View]
493022458Dokkan Battle: You guys did get your big titty Kai right?[View]
493015374>hey bro want to play some OOT >yeah that's my favorite game when I was a kid I know wher…[View]
493026507Does battlefront 1&2 have online bots?[View]
493022118Thith ith Aerith. Thay thomthing nithe to her.[View]
493026515WHY NINTENDO: WHY WAS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Radiant Dawn was the last fire emblem game. This is ju…[View]
493026516What if he joins Smash once SMT V comes out? please for the love of god atlus[View]
493024375YOUR FUTURE HINGES UPON THIS Resident Evil thread.[View]
493007894For me, it's Terrydactyland.[View]
493024956Challenger Pack #5: >See Byleth released >Another FE character, but move set looks cool so not…[View]
493025014Games with this feel?[View]
493008768I bought into the meme: Hey faggs , so I bought into the VR meme and bought myself a setup. It'…[View]
493018934lmao I bet the delayment is because project red didn't want to spend big $$$ on localisation te…[View]
493025460Edgy the hedgehog:: >the ultimate lifeform >just like sonic but black colored >lost waifu t…[View]
493020950If the purpose of Smash DLC is to shill games, why did they shill for a game that needs no shilling?…[View]
493021772>expansion for one of the best mmos on the market just got announced >0 threads >meanwhile …[View]
493025684Backwards Name: Eldoon is Noodle Backwards Arbok is Kobra Backwards Draug is Guard Backwards Alucard…[View]
492993572>SHUT THE FUCK UP[View]
493023781>choose random province >split it in two good days work lads…[View]
493024654Witcher 3 has two distinct endings, whether Ciri wants to be an empress or be an Witcher. This is de…[View]
493024191I've been wanting to buy it for a while now, but I must ask; is it still worth the money? Is th…[View]
493019812It's so good[View]
493023282When is this Wave of Anger gonna blow over already???? Geez.[View]
493021663What was her problem?[View]
493007227Did you guys really buy these in the 90s? Why were they in business that long lol.[View]
492961185Frosty Faustings Day 1: Xrd Rev2 then BB:CF then XX AC+R: https://www.twitch.tv/BGcallisto FighterZ …[View]
493021551post a texture get a vidya recommendation[View]
493025106What's the /v/erdict?[View]
493023926This game is fucking bad but kinda fun to turn your brain off and play.[View]
493023289Aah! My goddamn ears!: Alright /v/ this literally happened minutes ago, so here goes nothing. Also, …[View]
493024384Bros... I can't believe he's gone...[View]
493021215Let's try this again you stupid faggots.[View]
492976780Ys VIII got a pretty substantial update today on Steam[View]
493023376He’s in[View]
493019942How would you make a new Castlevania game?[View]
492995116>the development team has been working on this fighter with the utmost secrecy…[View]
493020521>TFW /v/ is so fucking casual that we have daily Battlefront 2 generals now Where did it all go w…[View]
493024416Dragons are going to overtake your living quarters![View]
493023924All my Artifact cards just sold at once on the community market Is it happening?![View]
493018251fuck you ninja dad[View]
493015512what will mario's graphics look like on the PS5?[View]
493020082>Miniclip >Newgrounds >Stickpage >ArmorGames…[View]
493021032how the fuck does the age of dark even work[View]
493018435Why do lazy zoomers bitch about crunch time in video games? Cyberpunk is already being bashed becaus…[View]
493023680You’re awful Sakurai[View]
493021689Play Heroes Of The Storm.[View]
493022306>one off games that were 10/10[View]
493023735Am I going crazy or is there some kinda tiny camera or something on the bottom left side of the swit…[View]
493023471PC games suck now they're all predictable and forumlatic. Where has the excitement gone? The wo…[View]
493023853That one game you really love playing but can't find any porn of[View]
4930141738 REPS: 8 GODDAMN REPS AAAAAAAAAAAAA fuck fe i don't even care if he's unique compared to …[View]
493006683Play Magic Arena[View]
493023450The biggest problem with the online is not the netcode, it's Diamond+ level assholes creating m…[View]
493023117*steals 1000 gold*[View]
493020552The Mistery of the Ghost Fart: It's just another day on /v/ when someone farts on the board. Wh…[View]
4930198852020! ?[View]
493021221Eve Online thread: >An awe-inspiring fleet of gold, silver, green and red gleaming hulls gathered…[View]
493023362Mordhau: 2020... I am forgotten...[View]
493023356DO YOU HEAR THE dawn of war thread TOO?[View]
493018072Does this shit actually work?: Or do I still need to shell out $100+ for a PS Vita? What's the …[View]
493023301Post franchises only boomers play[View]
493014532>Game Default >Game Second >Game Default II…[View]
493023191>GGn GLOBAL FREELEECH PIRATE CHADS ASSEMBLE, what are you lads downloading tonight?…[View]
493021046Post your dream 40k Game: >Imperial Assassin game >Multiple characters, each in a different as…[View]
493015667name good love interests in video game[View]
493019128This game has shit mechanics. I agree to a consensual duel and i become wanted for assault. i try to…[View]
493019235I love this game so much[View]
493022868Dragon age shitquisition: Is there any mod that can change your companion's look to morrigan ?…[View]
493021762>2020 >Still maining Raj[View]
493020662Worms: Why do I never see Game of the Year: All Years, Worms Armageddon on here?[View]
493018537What the fuck, who blew up my board?[View]
493019857name 5(five) games c'mon just five surely /v/ideogame board can do it right[View]
493022017>dresses like a whore >complains about being called a whore…[View]
493019941Byleth has a pretty cute tummy.[View]
493019309Shitty games that flopped really hard despite being shilled a lot. Pic related, Control.[View]
492981389For me it' ms. Lawson.[View]
493018080>game has a bestiary feature that has info about its enemies Other than Pokémon, what games have …[View]
493019923Why aren’t you playing the only mobile game based on a vidya that’s actually good?[View]
493022247>10 hours into a torrented vn >cmd windows opens for a few seconds then closes What are some …[View]
493020987How's your graveyard coming, anon?[View]
493019505Why yes, I am a Mahjong master; how could you tell?[View]
492987426>the loreless, soulless virgin Mario Kart >the fanservicing, fan-respecting, soulful Crash Tea…[View]
493020017>play game that has different female characters >choose to romance one girl >spend a lot of…[View]
493008703you winning son?[View]
493018137>Dante isn't in smash >DMC5 failed to get in the top 20 best selling games of 2019 >Dm…[View]
493021374>x shape u niggas ready for the playstation series x?[View]
493018873How come theres no more hidden content in games[View]
493020920007 GOLDENEYE 64....BUT WITH DICKS!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzLI3F1KLKo[View]
493020931>Union for game programmers Lmao, no thanks[View]
493021775Dude, what the HELL? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151500/fight_wisdom/[View]
493018164CHA LA[View]
493019417>party member betrays you[View]
493017154Best Rapier In Video Games?: I'm in a thrust centric swordplay mood What game has the best rapi…[View]
493009772What does /v/ think of Ratchet and Clank? Where do they rank in terms of video game status?[View]
493021670Why was he playing in English?[View]
493019082pls help: My friend made portal like this what do?[View]
493020630Which game will get delayed next?[View]
493019913>Dark, dirty, dangerous... I'm beginning to like this Jak and Daxter thread…[View]
492998615Post best girl in any game[View]
493018120Are you ready? THE PAIN WILL ONLY LAST for a Tales thread{/spoiler][View]
493017660she's ugly[View]
493020903>Chromatic abberation : On >Bloom: On >Anti Aliasing: TAA >Lensflares: On >Motion blu…[View]
493018134Name a more based company than Riot: >Riot 'We realize our Lunar New Year skins are only popular …[View]
493018025why doesnt pokemon have gender diversity like temtem?[View]
493018907BYLETH YOU FOOL![View]
4930210342-4 > 3-5 > 1-4 > 1-5 > 3-4 > 1-2 = 2-2 = 3-1 > 1-3 > 3-2 > 1-1 > 3-3 …[View]
493019963Why aren't you making 10K a month playing Fallout 76?[View]
493012336Games with this feel?[View]
493020670War is hell...[View]
493020029what are some good games to play while falling asleep? goodnight /v/[View]
493015240Did he die a virgin?[View]
493020897Holy shit STAR WARS confirmed for smash??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FOw31jqBsU[View]
493016305New Vegas: How come it's so popular and well acclaimed? I mean like every time someone asks on …[View]
493015036Enclave here. Why isn't your video feed working?[View]
492997653The battles in Monster Hunter World take way too long.[View]
493020554What went wrong for galvin?[View]
493020439>Laser weapons have recoil[View]
493019528redpill me on this game[View]
493007790what's the verdict?[View]
493020063Man, I really fucking hate Nintendo. Their consoles ever since the Wii have all just been overpriced…[View]
492993191Laugh at this game: >No PC system requirements >No new gameplay video since 2018, only a flash…[View]
493020210>gwyn cuck >gwyndolin edgy discord tranny >gwynevere tits or gtfo >solaire autistic fagg…[View]
493016389Team Fortress 2: Convince me that the matchmaking system isn't in every way inferior to just ha…[View]
493020071RoN: turns out it wasnt vaporware.[View]
493019754ITT: Obscure flash games forever lost in the void: Anybody play this game?[View]
492974937Was literally just picked to shill Three Houses. Why are we getting excited over advertisements, aga…[View]
493011340I want Lucina to abuse me[View]
493017332>i think this video game had a great gay character in it >UHHH WHY DO GAMES EVEN NEED GAY CHAR…[View]
493019704How does DeSu Overclocked emulate?[View]
493007946show me ya moves keep it vidya[View]
493012287https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmACAj67J0Y >GTA SA still gets countless mods and knockoffs today…[View]
493013292I want to say something to piss off /v/[View]
493018854He's in.[View]
493018523will we ever see an end to always-online games?[View]
493019430Play RE4[View]
493019575>No Fire Emblem characters for 4 years since Fates was the best selling game in the series. >T…[View]
493019448does she have a penis?[View]
493017612why couldn't we get mario odyssey 2 instead bros?[View]
493018295>DBZ Kakarot runs at 30 FPS on consoles >Runs at 45-60 FPS on max settings on a 750 Ti Did we …[View]
493019398What are some games that let you be a necromancer? What are some games that have fun magic systems i…[View]
493019298>knoife tha wotermeloh[View]
493012003My Proof that the Professor Byleth is the best character in Smahs: Hey everyone. Byleth main here. I…[View]
493019104>Company/Dev team's last title before closing is also a kind of love letter to their previou…[View]
493017894How do we fix the Gary Stu problem in games?[View]
493016916At what point did you realize EDF5 is literally the perfect video game?[View]
493019092RTS Game: /v/ Im dying for a good RTS fix. My gotos are AoE3 or SCBW. I also enjoy the C&C games…[View]
493012080*destroys Bioshock 1's lore* Pshhht, nothing personnel, kid[View]
493017453>C'myon, Dutch. Ahm jes' sayin', maybe we ought to give the monarchy another try.…[View]
4930187842.5D Metroid and Paper Mario returning to its roots: Thoughts?[View]
492989269It's almost as if...[View]
493018913Who PANICKING here? I'm afraid this shit is going to come out a bugged out broken mess and be l…[View]
493011994What happens after a console shuts off its servers?: So i remember Nintendo shutting down the Wii…[View]
493017348Kirov reporting[View]
493014496IN THE NIGHT...[View]
493013663What was his name again?[View]
493018654How many of you fuckers were around for Camp Hyrule?[View]
493011664Do I HAVE to get a PS3?: I'd really like to play Persona 4. I like P5 and I've heard nothi…[View]
493016198>play game that has different female characters >choose to romance one girl >spend a lot of…[View]
493018510Hey anons. I'm pretty used to play on PC and play most of my shit in mine. Thing is that it onl…[View]
493014345How do you feel about this game, /v/? In a vacuum I think it's pretty good, the new operation t…[View]
493012956What's your favorite game engine? Bonus points for explaining why. This shit just feels amazing…[View]
493014967Why yes, these are the Sakurai picks nobody ever fucking wanted, How could you tell?[View]
493017493You did preorder GOTY right? FF7R isn't coming out until April now, anon.[View]
493012624Slay The Spire: This game is too luck based and there's no variety in builds. You just have to …[View]
493015798Just bought this a week ago. Does it get better? Why is Dante such a beta?[View]
493018168>get a bad rank on devil may cry or ninja gaiden >restart the entire level…[View]
493018129Is it me or are older games more expansive and have more depth than newer ones? Only games in 2019 a…[View]
493018110Is Gaming better in 2020 than it was in 2010? What changed in the past 10 years?[View]
493014279Trusted gaming insider says that Paper Mario will go back to its roots in 2020: This will make or br…[View]
493016618Will the Pro be another handheld or a Dock with actual specs?[View]
493017668Why aren’t there any villains that compare in greatness to Dr. Robotnik/Eggman?[View]
493013421Do you think we'll get a new Deus Ex game if Cyberpunk 2077 sells well? MD was kinda disappoint…[View]
493017649favorite mario party?[View]
493012560Why didn't anybody tell me this was kino?[View]
493013881Any good?[View]
493010358What indie game will be the disco Elysium of 2020 ?? Good writing, tops everyone's list, breako…[View]
493017903do we get all of the paid dlcs from wii u version of the game?(except those censored contents)[View]
493017070How can Zelda even compete? They should just scrap the BoTW sequel.[View]
493015217Just bought this bad boy.[View]
493017652>Protagonist teaming up with Antagonist to fight again the final boss[View]
493012595There’s shit all coming out until March. What should I wipe off my PS4 backlog? Alien Isolation Ni…[View]
492986876Hello there. Have a seat.[View]
493017131It hurts to love Kaede this much.[View]
493006897the one game that should have gotten delayed wasn't[View]
492995609What would an airsoft game look like? There are loads of paintball games, how come there's neve…[View]
493013256Oh! Here comes your new secretary, say hi![View]
493015634ITT: Songs that make you think of the good times with the boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsrbs…[View]
493015014post those top 10 played games of yours on steam[View]
493012772What went wrong?[View]
493017251I don't know if you remember this uhh, particular opening.[View]
493017013Now that the final DLC character has been revealed (Blue Mask Imitation Jason), what do you think of…[View]
492988663Be honest /v/, would you still have been mad at another FE character being announced if it was Tharj…[View]
493016995Some of you Smashfags are alright. Don't go to the Garreg Mach Monastery tomorrow if you'r…[View]
493017038https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcNSbyhgytg lmao[View]
493016245all the other kongs with their pumped up dongs better run better run from my coconut gun[View]
493009767>He didn't main Evil Cole[View]
493015210any unity devs here? if I want to have a game with a character select screen as well as stage select…[View]
493014076I have one more day to get the Xenoblade 2 expansion pass for $20. Do I want it? I’m only on chapter…[View]
493009249What Fire Emblem character do you think will be in Fighter Pass 2?[View]
493014916The perfect VN does exist.[View]
493015624Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow[View]
492999838>Watching xQc, Pokimane, Moxy, Reckful, and Zoil play Monopoly >None of them know how the game…[View]
493011239I'm in Smash now. Isn't that great?[View]
493013514>YAIT >YAIT >THAW…[View]
493016101It’s been 37 years and still no JRPG has topped the customization of the materia system.[View]
493011582What characters do you want to see return for Ace attorney 7 for the Switch?[View]
493011791Should she have returned after the credits /v/? I personally think it would have been better if she …[View]
493011258thoughts on street fighter v?[View]
492981230How do you choose what morality you go with in vidya?[View]
493014604TO THIS DAY, I WANT NERFS FOR THIS FAGGOT: Played the episode 3 game at my friends house today to re…[View]
493015392Why didn't you toss him a coin? There's a reason you haven't seen any monsters around[View]
493011847... When is it her turn?[View]
493008187/CYBERPUNK 2077/: Be honest, you're gonna buy this game when it releases aren't you?…[View]
493016094This is seriously the worst indie horror game I've ever seen. You have to pay money for every s…[View]
493016206https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0qbvmgh23k >YAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WAAIIII WOOOOO JAI CHING CHANG WANG …[View]
492999382How do we make a good bigfoot game?[View]
493016154NINTENDO: natalie mares> current Bailey jay[View]
493015232GMod Cinema: Come join /v/ for a movie night! IP: Password: the usual Recommen…[View]
493014993>think about replaying RDR2 >remember how much I loved it >then remember how shit Guarma is…[View]
493016046>Vidya sequel >Good guys get remembered as the bad guys…[View]
493014545>go to ald'ruhn >join house redoran because elf >stroll down to mages guild >join …[View]
493014948Character Renders: What are some of the most soulful/best character renders in video games?[View]
493006830Make it vidya[View]
493014575What did he mean by this[View]
493011456what's the /v/erdict?[View]
493015864Just imagine if valve actually does this don’t make so much money[View]
493010834Why is /v/ so damaged by this character?[View]
493012742It's shit[View]
493012760What should I expect? ‘ve been looking for a game I can pour hours into, everything else is boring[View]
493013035What went wrong?[View]
493008861Leonie: Discuss.[View]
493001324When does it get difficult?[View]
493015259>Aloha! It is I the Great Clement![View]
493014904about to 100% this what i'm in for?[View]
493014525What are some overpowered items/classes/vehicles/characters in multiplayer games so I can seal club?[View]
493012859Would you play a San Andreas remaster?[View]
493013848>Almost a year since DMCV's release >Still no Vergil DLC I'm starting to lose hope b…[View]
493012687What's the most difficult decision you've ever made in a video game?[View]
493014709What is the greatest fighting game of all time?[View]
493010642How was she going to fit into Jim's Super Suit?[View]
493014678Can edgy be good?: Have there been any games where edginess was done well and actually enhanced the …[View]
493014920>Achievement: Finish Chapter 1 >25% of players have this achievement >Achievement: Finish C…[View]
493013210NINJA CONFIRMED FOR SMASH: He's in.[View]
493009671What's her name, /v/?[View]
493012016What's the COMFYest fantasy games?[View]
493013898>every time I turn on my console I feel stupid for not playing on my pc >turn off console …[View]
493013574Persona: P5R P5S what's the fucking difference between these[View]
493011225What's his name again?[View]
492994176Video game characters you share your name with[View]
493007073Chespin Eating for 8 Minutes Straight ASMR: Gamefreak, everyone. https://youtube.com/watch?v=_dDtqwX…[View]
493014570Wc3 reforged: Soulless cash grab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef14Pr0tjUU&t=[View]
492956330real or fantasy armor? smelly brits aren't allowed to participate in this thread[View]
493012628Why are you so mad? Are you just assblasted that your preferred character didn't get in or do y…[View]
493012936The face of the Fighters Pass[View]
492981629In light of all the controversy revolving around Byleth's inclusion in Smash's roster, is …[View]
493013330What the fuck happened to this board in 2018?[View]
493010262So I beat the dragon and everything is shit now. I don't think I should've did that. Also …[View]
493011620The new doom and wolfenstein games are cancerous abominations that pale even in comparison to bargai…[View]
493012945Jet Set Radio Future Thread: ITT we discuss JSRF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NPyqxHxpKU…[View]
493013550Was Diablo 2 better before or after the 1.10 patch? 1.10 made a lot of builds viable like the summon…[View]
493013730i'm with the Arizona rangers and i'm looking for a youth of twenty four by the name of Tex…[View]
493009470>Game has joinable factions >'Actually you are special so our normal rules don't apply t…[View]
493013874Guys should I look at porn rn?[View]
493013423'8.5/10 -IGN' is this true /v/?[View]
493009873>yet another fire emblem rep https://vocaroo.com/cT4l0L8qZjc[View]
493010348If I really enjoyed the game, Why should I feel bad to buy the dlc to get more content?[View]
492918091Why can't I stop playing this? It's not extremely entertaining, but nothing else interests…[View]
492988329has anyone tried to make a mod to fix dmc2[View]
493000409Name a better crossover[View]
493013275What is the most bizarre puzzle or situation you have encountered in a game?[View]
493012659Now that the dust has settled, is the protag canonically female or male? Leaning towards male but my…[View]
493009224Is paper mario gonna stay dead while M&L stays souless as its handed off to another company to c…[View]
493000950Would you consider CJ evil? There's no doubt that he commits countless atrocities throughout hi…[View]
493010430Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - thoughts?: It’s a fun mobile game but very, very time consuming. All …[View]
493012703>auuughhhhhhhhhhhhh >auugghhh >auugghhhhhhhhh why didnt you help him /v/?…[View]
493012965I will post this every day until new news for SMT V day 5[View]
493013093Game's not even out yet and Amazon already blew it. Amazon's PvP focused MMO made the clas…[View]
493012440'Sidequests that don't effect the main storyline are bad': Holy fuck this is the most retarded …[View]
493004247What is the definitive way to play Isaac? Should I go vanilla or full mods? What are the dlcs that a…[View]
493007303Why don't devs show early versions of games anymore?[View]
493012237ITT: Discuss why Western games sucks: We all know it sucks. It hires paid public relations shills to…[View]
493012650Actually being good at video games are truly the hardest thing in life, prove me wrong.[View]
493012018Why don't professionals parry more often?: I know there are a lot of smash threads up right now…[View]
492964692Pokémon Silver is my favourite.: Look at these two dickwads blocking the road.[View]
493010290how do we save video games from japs[View]
493009747Did anyone else pick up on the subtle anti child abuse subplot?[View]
493011973ASHEN WOLVES RULE![View]
493011646whats so great about this game you nerds[View]
493011343Why is this the greatest horror game ever?[View]
493011507The butt that destroyed Smash Bros.[View]
493001281Why do Japanese have such a strong level of nepotism? Is it because they're backwards and unawa…[View]
493011864>typing out a long diatribe to explain why Byleth doesn't belong in my children's party…[View]
493004246sup dude[View]
493010607HE'S IN[View]
493012431Game for this feel? Xenogears?[View]
492999147Be honest FEfags, you were as disappointed with the reveal of Byleth as anyone else, but chose to pr…[View]
493009639>game has Jesus in it[View]
493011925Strong Bad (Brawler) Comes with a custom music track.[View]
493010667is it worth $30?[View]
493010679Deep down, you know you like Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s just that Sonic Team makes it so hard to do so…[View]
493012104an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age...[View]
493010240She would have been better. Hell, even Eirika would have been better.[View]
493011680Favorite pixel art game?[View]
493009527What went wrong? I was so hyped that Bethesda was making Rage 2 and Wolfenstein Youngblood but both …[View]
492993093I just started playing Monster Hunter 4U. Always wanted to get into Monster Hunter but somehow neve…[View]
493010962Tempest of Seasons and God Shattering Star didn’t make it into Smash[View]
493008983Forget about her?[View]
493006408Back when Brawl was being released I-I think I made a deal with God that Geno will never be put in S…[View]
492997321Are you addicted to video games?[View]
493010338Male Byleth thread because Every thread I see is either Tummy fags or thing fags[View]
493011408DBZ: KA KAROT CAKE: Pathetic.[View]
493009850Is Fire Emblem Three Houses worth buying a Switch for?[View]
493010689Do u remember how liberals and extra credits were all triggered over a mediocre edgy game nobody rem…[View]
493010807songs that should be vidya related: CAUSE IIIIIIIIIII FOUND A WAY TO STEAL THE SUN FROM THE SKYYYYYY…[View]
493008564>Why yes my gamertag/username has no numbers, Underscores or dashes My username/gamertag is Origi…[View]
492983415>/v/ shitposts about banjo kazooie getting into smash for years >he is announced >literally…[View]
493007559You never see discussions about this game gameplay, it's always about the story. Why?[View]
493010964Did Ratchet and Angela ever do it?[View]
493002868Winds howling.[View]
493009351>I have no demons and I must DOOM[View]
493010896Will dating sims improve my social skills?[View]
493008006Kojimbo was right all along.[View]
493009915Was it rape?[View]
493009818Why the FUCK didn't it start at the ACTUAL beginning of Dragon Ball instead of DBZ? Y'know…[View]
493007427>secret society of assassins wears bright red uniform with identifiable insignia everywhere Bravo…[View]
493010203I cry everytime /v/ I remember going to my friend's house a whole lot and playing this game wit…[View]
493007995Did he know?[View]
493009125Is this the greatest swan song in the entire history of video games?[View]
493009270What's your favorite weapon and playstyle in Monster Hunter /v/?[View]
493008962Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report![View]
493007658Worst combat in the franchise[View]
493006972What are some good games with fun sniper missions?[View]
493008517>What we could have had[View]
493006295What's your favorite FPS of all-time?[View]
49300938910 years dead: cant go back[View]
493003576The only FE character people don't go apeshit about[View]
493008869Y’all niggas really thought this was gonna be the lineup[View]
493008589>Shopping mall level[View]
493009965DUSK: Are you worthy /v/?[View]
493009934Fixed it.[View]
493009791>anti-war game >'here's a bunch of cool weapons anyway bro!'…[View]
493009609I fucking detest videogames, music, television and film[View]
493006714'Lifelight' is a terrible song and it's lyrics are stupid.[View]
493004714solid snake was blond[View]
493008624>ruins your game[View]
493009395>tactics >its actually just an rng simulator…[View]
493004736Fire Emblem: Why does this series get so much hate? Is it just a vocal minority?[View]
493004275zelda a-holes: fuck you it's a zelda thread. fill the chart if you want. green means you beat i…[View]
493004770What went wrong?[View]
493003429-Pay up -Fight him -Run away[View]
493009576Buy my geimu.[View]
493009572>Its the hero of Kavatch! By Azura by azura by azura![View]
492977687Sony files patent for microphone in controller: Get ready to have all your conversations recorded an…[View]
493009526Hey /v/. I’m on my first playthrough of FF7 and realized I missed the Enemy Skill materia in Junon. …[View]
493008715BIG devil over there[View]
492996796FFVIIR - What You are Hoping for: Instead of saying what you imagine to be bad, how about saying wha…[View]
493007106Have you ever gotten in on that sweet Amiibo action?[View]
493003416Sly 2 is one of the greatest games of all time.[View]
492998089What is the best anime crossover fighter I can pick up? Is it J-stars or Jump Force?[View]
493004326>almost fell for the gayman laptop meme >built a more powerful pc for half the cost instead w…[View]
493005087Heather Mason[View]
493008536>tfw /v/ doesn't even know what the GOTD is because they are too stupid to play it games for…[View]
493003032if you are so good: post your top 5 games of all time[View]
492993837>kill CIA and NSB agents >NOOO YOU CAN’T KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE >-1 Opinion With Mina…[View]
493004810Does /v/ have good taste in video games?[View]
492983937ITT: Oh, yeah, that happened.[View]
493008376Who would've thought that someone could go senile at 49?[View]
493007146Have you pre-purchased fighter pass 2? Sakurai would be very grateful if you did.[View]
492999570>I play grand strategy games[View]
493006268Good games I missed out on: So after years are being a poorfag I finally reached a stable enough inc…[View]
493008847Dbz kakarot: Is it fun and how long is it?[View]
493008501Why is the Smash community so bratty?: >T-that's not the swordsman I wanted! How dare you ad…[View]
493008806Professor Byleth is the most exciting newcomer for Smash. I know who I will be maining. The Black E…[View]
493007869during your epic adventures you stumble upon these two, what would you do /v/?[View]
493008783Games for this feel?[View]
493001668Let's do this. I'm ready like- BETTY SPAGHETTI[View]
493007876>newer games are ba-[View]
492998384Mwuhahaha! You foolish anonymous! Your vidya knowledge cannot help you save the Robotic Princess fro…[View]
493007986>You stupid bitch. Don't you know how long it took me to reach that part of the game? And yo…[View]
493008513play halo spv3[View]
492984821Was it a bad decision to make soldier 76 gay? Why does homosexual inclusion upset /v/?[View]
493007984>there are people who pre-purchased vaporware 2077 in June last year LMAO…[View]
493007314The call that saved the Redfield bloodline[View]
493008334Trails of Cold Steel III: NISA on a livestream openly admitted they willingly alter dialogue they pe…[View]
493006315Which one of you virgins is going to make this game?[View]
493005824So, apparently this is coming next month. I cant really find a lot of info about it though. Will it …[View]
493007037>acknowledge the fact that the Pokemon formula is pretty stale >weebs and autists throw sales …[View]
493004679This is the greatest joke in all of video games.[View]
493006929Why did JRPG become part of the Japanese culture but western games are still considered toys? They …[View]
492998502Ni No Kuni II is on sale for 70% right now just in case you missed it.[View]
493005514Talk about playing Switch in public: I brought mine with me to taco bell but was too shy to use it…[View]
493004151im looking for a game with an outstanding storyline, and breathtaking visuals. i'm not talking …[View]
493007992I love fire emblem![View]
493007563Didn't see one in the catalogue, so Smash thread I guess.[View]
493007467When is she getting her own game?[View]
493007918The Intellivision Amico: >Console made to promote couch co-op >Library of games only $10 or le…[View]
493007612>pic related is literally the Smash community right now butthurt over Byleth.…[View]
493005331Games where you can use a helicopter.[View]
492958281>Sorry, we couldn't add Rex because Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was released after planning has f…[View]
493007718I have a really obscure request for the 1 anon that might be able to answer this for me. I remember …[View]
492981781When I give a gift to one ally, do the allies that dislike them lower their opinion of the MC?[View]
493006320God, Persona 5 had the most COMFY and relaxing OST out of ANY Persona game. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
493007656Here is your SMASH community, /v/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmau-gRMr_U[View]
492997158what am i in for?[View]
493007595This desu[View]
493006961What exclusives do you think Stadia will get? Will they get big AAA exclusives like Epic games store…[View]
493007259Sub to our game FAGGOT[View]
493002793It annoys me a bit how people like Saints Row: The Third but not Saints Row IV. At the end of the da…[View]
493006886Smash bros: Hes in[View]
493002958Is the any good? I'm in the mood for some 6th gen jank.[View]
493005184We are the masters of a power driven to the far reaches of the universe, and we have but one desire!…[View]
493007306What games/sims do you use a HOTAS on? Realistic or fictional, new or old, aerial or ground or other…[View]
493001783Watcha' pirating this week, Anons?[View]
493003736Ok, seriously now. Who do you think they are, considering the following >1 slot for Mario/Zelda j…[View]
493000092What are some good anime fighters? Are the Kill La Kill or Little Witch Academia games any good?[View]
493007006What are some games that make you feel like pic related?[View]
493006607I genuinely looked forward to each cutscene because the characters were all so likable. Why was GTA …[View]
492982495Tank Vidya: For me, it's the Panther. What about you?[View]
493006575Patreon/Podcasts: Is there any paywall content worth paying for in the video game industry? Minnmax …[View]
493006518viewitful joe: can we get this nigga in smash like no cap please bruh[View]
492998483Legend of zelda: Post your hopes for the new game.[View]
493006748>Cyberpunk 2077 has a protagonist named 'V.' >Real life name starts with a 'V' and people ofte…[View]
493006376Is it just me or is this game really fucking hard compared to the sequel?[View]
492997557The depressing/oppressive atmosphere of RE3: Am I the only one who feels almost uncomfortable playin…[View]
493006267You DID buy the only good arena fighter, right?[View]
493005271I am forgotten...[View]
493006495Boomer/Zoomer thread! Doomers also welcome.[View]
493006457I voted the second one[View]
492991413La La La~: La La Laaaaa~[View]
493006368>tfw it's a video game and you play it[View]
493006330rawr: i am a shark![View]
492936346>came out 2 days ago >no one is talking about it…[View]
492999915>game is said to be shit with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever >try it for myself …[View]
492998141Gamecube: We didn't know how good we had it, bros. 3 of the best games in their respective seri…[View]
493004547What is the best Cyberpunk game?: Is it Snatcher?[View]
493001714What video game world has the best tax rate?[View]
493004625I made it to the island and cant be bothered to explore the 200+ locations there are. Should I just …[View]
492985217Game that ruined your favorite franchise[View]
493006028And then there is this faggot[View]
493004507*treats non-humans better than the northern kingdoms*[View]
493000773bros i noticed a few light scratches on my switch how do i fix it[View]
492997082Who is the best character in this picture?[View]
493005042Literally no games out until April: FF7 Remake and RE3 REmake.[View]
493004194Asian Gorl has awakened the biggest blade...[View]
492994482Oh damn it. I did not know we were getting a free character so soon. Will there still be another one…[View]
493003480Who's the best raiden in gaming?[View]
492959881ffxiv: >this is the largest tit size possible Why?[View]
493004237what game have the best elves?[View]
493002471You are reading this in his heavy accent now[View]
492998240Did you fall for it?[View]
492981752>that guy who played as a mage in Dark Souls[View]
493005626I kinda have faith. Much more than the Atari VCS anyway.[View]
492977380What is the deal with the Draenei?[View]
492988136What's the worst opinion you ever heard on this godforsaken board?[View]
492998159>Your a bad person Sakurai What how am I a bad person, what cause you don't like FE? >H…[View]
493005404Is F-Zero GX the greatest video game of all time?[View]
493005393What games let me swap underwear with friends?[View]
493005047post final bosses that never apologized for what they did natural forces / beasts that can't ev…[View]
492995664How's that Swoshi playthrought coming up?[View]
493005231Fuck Nintendo, I'm playing Arcsys Smash Bros.[View]
493005021Howdy partner[View]
493002929Im particularly angry more than usual because I used to be able to start frequent games with /v/ on …[View]
492992351Thoughts on the nu-hunter?[View]
4930048602020... I am forgotten...[View]
492983317Smash Bros Fighter Wishlist/Predictions: honorary mentions: >crash bandicoot >monster hunter g…[View]
493003086Of course you know... This means [spoiler] skullgirls thread [/spoiler][View]
492998032KIngdom Hearts 3 ReMind: New Rating Adds Blood: What the fuck https://twitter.com/braiglove/status/1…[View]
493004781You now remember the Warcraft movie[View]
492999762Witcher 3: Reused Faces: Why are there so many characters with this exact face? As soon as I see thi…[View]
493004697What is the video game equivalent to this scene?[View]
493004556What if: >FP2 it’s all just shill picks and picks from sakurai’s shit taste and maybe 1 character…[View]
493004279Is this game unreasonably frustrating for anyone else[View]
493004536>Yeah, ff7 was lit[View]
492993015Who is your favorite GTA protagonist? For me it's Niko Bellic for his genetically superior stor…[View]
493004496>Best games in the franchise get skipped in localization EVERY.SINGLE.TIME…[View]
492998393ITT: vidya showerthoughts: Your eyes are basically a built-in VR headset[View]
492916226Is the 'Interior Ministry' meant to mean the Tokugawa Shogunate?[View]
493001246This is my dream /v/. Please make it come true.[View]
493003767Dark Souls 3 or Code Vein?[View]
492999964who is your favorite vidya girl?[View]
493004269>thanks for playing my game, anon[View]
492999378Choose 6 characters from this picture to be DLC[View]
493004217How do we stop the EA and other AAA shills from ruining /v/? Right now they are spamming their shitt…[View]
493004036I'm so fucking tired of looting junk. It's like Fallout 4 all over again. If I see another…[View]
492994140Name a worthwhile PC exclusive that requires at least PS4/Xbone level specs to play.[View]
493003732>no more cheating >no more long ass downloads/installs >no more performances issues >no …[View]
492998310Got $15 to spend on my switch gimme your best suggestions[View]
493003517Here's your new Pokemons bro[View]
493004026Why isn't anyone talking about KH3 ReMind? Who do ya'll think Yozora is?[View]
492993161>Uncensored all the genitals >Cut all the /ss/ content Was this a fair compromise /v/?…[View]
493000525I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
493003748Chris Chan Adult Chronicles: What kind of game would this be? I imagine some open world game where y…[View]
492994142Finally hit 60 now what: The fuck do I do now?[View]
493003701Imagine if we got DB: Super content in the Kakarot game. I'd shit my pants. I'd like to fi…[View]
493001776Any vidya character more powerful than CHADhan Blanco?[View]
493002607One day...?[View]
493001823/v/ Morrowind Multiplayer server when?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzaXPodK-C0 https://www.yout…[View]
492998396How would you make a good sumo video game?[View]
493001589Now that pretty much all the big games around it have been delayed, does it have a chance of selling…[View]
493003421mario is tired[View]
492985030Which fell from grace harder? Zelda, or Smash?[View]
492984421monhun: Best weapon in the game and most fun to play.[View]
493002630>More DLC instead of KI Uprising 2: Imagine wanting dlc instead of a new game. I hope we get 6 mo…[View]
492985396One of these *objectively* looks better than the other. It should be easy to tell which one.[View]
492952610ONLY THE BEST BATTLE THEMES ITT: GO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhXbFiDGHhk[View]
493003251what is the best ww2 themed game? yes grand strategy and fictional too[View]
493002209Anyone else think I was better than III?[View]
492973765FF6 is the best game of all time.[View]
493000930Tick tock Genofags. Your day of reckoning is near. Hope you're ready for your crappy mii costum…[View]
492986849Do you like the character of Shuichi Saihara?[View]
492999043>Travis Touchdown >Porky >Crash Bandicoot >Dante >Cinderace >Sora You all know I’m…[View]
493000081Just 7 years now...[View]
493000684>Red.Dead.Redemption.2-CODEX >Red.Dead.Redemption.2-CODEX >Red.Dead.Redemption.2-CODEX ITS …[View]
492995084>still 1050ti >scared looking for a job again because AvPD…[View]
492999665Put your faitth in the light and all is possible[View]
493002846JRE 6??: Trying to get on the worlds.com bullshit after the jootube vid blew it up again, downloaded…[View]
492993870Does anyone else feel the whole 'VERGIL IS YOUR FATHER!' thing was kinda forced? We knew Nero was co…[View]
492999551Have any of you played lol? Who's your favourite champ? Pic related for me.[View]
493002283I need some games that can help me relax and step back into nature. Got any ideas /v/?[View]
493001670game idea: ok /v/ here me out. it would be a heist game like payday 2 but with heavy influence on th…[View]
493002713>game has a good character creator Instant +3 points on an 'out-of-10' scale.…[View]
493002036how do we make a good horror game?[View]
493002432Say something that would trigger a Sonic fan (AKA me)[View]
492971549What's the difference between JRPGs and WRPGs?[View]
493000427What did Konami mean by this?[View]
493001715Was it kino?[View]
492995854what happened to stadia?[View]
492960239viyda buyfag[View]
492999667What does he have planned for E3[View]
492999320Why did so many people insist the fighters pass was third party only with no proof or evidence?[View]
493001717Reminder that gaming Journalism is the lowest form of Journalism: Even lower than the tabloid press.…[View]
492992135What's your favorite kind of gun to use in a game? For me, it's the AK-47. >Hits like …[View]
492998715Ryza is a wholesome, traditional girl who occasionally does anal[View]
493000380Is this the mythical killer app we've heard so much about over the years that's going to l…[View]
493000991Stop playing japanese games, goyim[View]
493001545If you think your most wanted isn’t even getting a mii costume, can you at least make a mii that loo…[View]
492996837every fucking pair of headphones makes me feel like pic related, my fucking head caving in & my …[View]
493000797cant even talk cant even talk[View]
493001126>really james? you lasted barely a year with your current project and now its dead? that's k…[View]
493001045game development really be like that[View]
492999796'Western' porn games.: Game is called Lust Epidemic. Looks like they caught the roastie di…[View]
492996898Since Microsoft is giving away all of its exclusives and Sony is going for the same road, it is clea…[View]
492999585What went wrong?[View]
492993518who the fuck is going to spend $2000 for a half-life game?[View]
492999601ITT: vaporware[View]
492996571What's the best game based on Tolkein? Now that Christopher is gone will we get games that rape…[View]
492999474Motorcycles: One of the funnest forms of transportation, yet has some of the least representation in…[View]
492921625Can Letho's actions be justified? Or is he just an irredeemable villain?[View]
492998373Too bad their game isn't very good. Shroobs are cute![View]
493000459Post superior video game characters here![View]
493000446BOMBERMAN THREAD NIGGAS tags: bombergirl[View]
493000197Gaming Headsets mics: Why have Gaming Headset mics quality not gone up, You'd think by now a $1…[View]
492999462What went wrong[View]
493000180>the greatest love story ever played[View]
492998573>ITT: Kino Trailers https://youtu.be/tuRvqbNWwz4[View]
492999226The next updates for every Paradox game has been set for 2020. Are you ready to pay 20 dollars for a…[View]
493000137Switch VS 3ds: after hacking both systems and playing a good majority of eaches library I can safely…[View]
492998420SHINGO KIIIIICK[View]
492999953game of the gen until cyberpunk[View]
492999859SMASH BROS FIGHTER PASS 2 LEAKED: hey guys me funny leaker and here i post because mr.doggo says wor…[View]
492999835What are some games that humor you or make you laugh?[View]
492999767I NEED MY MA HEE HEE HOO[View]
492999658Has there ever been a game where the alpha or beta of it seems more promising or interesting then wh…[View]
492999639ITT: Every game is localized by XSEED: The main character of Metal Gear Rising is now called Thor.…[View]
492998163Give it to me straight, /v/ How far are we from the real deal? How much longer until I can hook my …[View]
492996916>smashies are STILL piddling their nappies over the Byleth reveal[View]
492970031>Easy is too easy >Normal is too hard[View]
492998318Simpsons Guess-the-Game: >Re-create a game's plot with a 4-panel of Simpsons frames >Othe…[View]
492982107Is this game relatively accessible to a new JRPG player? It seems to be well regarded by people outs…[View]
492997590soundtrack: Me listening to game soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq4F25PMnTA[View]
492990618What a piece of shit and yet he's still alive.[View]
492998681Steam Recommendations: Gonna buy these, have another 20 bucks, anyone recommend anything else? I…[View]
492999278>try to discuss new game coming out >literally all anyone can say about it is DUHHH TRANNIES w…[View]
492997119Why doesn't anyone care that you're obviously an assassin?[View]
492987339does he stalk me the entire game? why do RE games always fucking do this?[View]
4929891512020. This is the year of Metroid 5, I can feel it[View]
492960329The story of the game is a bit more complex than the second-person narrative that many brainlet anon…[View]
492996454also, Fuck You.: What now?... the 6th DLC character is months away from the reveal. What are we supp…[View]
492980609Favorite Assassin's Creed game?[View]
492991421I agree. Sakurai is a fucking hack who's ruining the Smash. It's Star Wars and Avatar the …[View]
492997490Doom: Let’s see how hard E4M1 on Ultraviolence REALLY is https://mixer.com/Slice_Of_Bryce[View]
492976624Just started this for the first time, picked Malkavian. Not all speech options are altered, some of …[View]
4929973701998 to early 2000s 3d aesthetics: What's a good source for super lowpoly models (/textures) if…[View]
492985121So now that the dust has settled, can /v/ finally perform an autopsy? What was it that caused Classi…[View]
492997186What is that mod that makes it so those without the mods can join your server and enjoy them too??[View]
492989337>female armor[View]
492998652CYBERPUNK 2077: I've been hyped for this game literally for years. Tell me, why do you hate thi…[View]
492967546This game is really mediocre, why does it get so much praise?[View]
492996929Best X-men game.[View]
492998515What are some PC games with >character 'builds' >stat allocation >replayability like Dark …[View]
492993224>Nintendies already seething at the UFO >1080 resolution >Access to Steam library and Epic …[View]
492988994Is this still happening? How long does it take to port an old game over?[View]
492998341>Played Dota a fair amount, never very good at it though >Friends get me to play LoL >It…[View]
492996182We'll eventually get the final part of the Nu Ex trilogy, r-right?[View]
492998257Spec Ops Remaster: of all the remakes and remasters of games these days, even games like fucking Baj…[View]
492996402Was he more hype than another Marthoid?[View]
492995731name one good love interests in video game[View]
492996323Will his game be any good?[View]
492998152I finished the main game and I started NG+. When do you guys suggest I change my play style? or shou…[View]
492992028What's it like to watch something you used to love become a soulless husk of its former self?[View]
492998000Game Dev Tycoon: Friday Night Edition: It's that time again /v/! We're going to make our o…[View]
492992715/v/ Least Controversial Smash Newcomers Poll: http://allourideas.org/smashudlc[View]
492948667Now that you've had a day to think over it, who do you think are the best and worst Newcomers i…[View]
492980489Which murderer had the dumbest motive in the entire series?[View]
492996847>Turns out, last DLC was a li'l anime fella. >Weird, innit?…[View]
492991461With remakes having major success as of recent, what do you think the chances of a MGS1 remake in th…[View]
492984187>Byleth is just a shill pick for nintendo to promote their newest game. AND THIS FAGGOT WASN…[View]
492987189Why did /v/ tell me this was good?[View]
492992301>'that's not the whole map bro the other side will also be more city just wai-'…[View]
492971802Rate the fighterpass[View]
492994932Do you own anything vidya in good condition?[View]
492997095>kill tough boss >victory fanfare plays somewhat distorted >door doesn't open >ches…[View]
492997371Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are for retarded piano players: >Smash = children's party g…[View]
492996958So I've been looking for this game called 2237-beta ever since I saw screenshots of it on 4Taba…[View]
492992459How long and often do you play vidya in the week, /v/?[View]
492994020Why are Slavic games ALWAYS about surviving in post-apocalyptic wastelands?[View]
492994264I don't think I can finish this game anymore. I was already struggling to play for more than 10…[View]
492997241I clapped[View]
492996549Who is the greatest video game villain of all time and why is it Rorke[View]
492996319Does Death Stranding really warrant an epic like this?[View]
492972840ITT: games with genuinely interesting settings and good writing[View]
492996470A Crackpot Smash Bros. Fighter Pass Theory: I have a theory as to why Byleth is the fifth fighter fo…[View]
492996452Jack, listen to what your ma tells you, and hold down the fort. I have some unfinished business with…[View]
492996884Female Byleth: CUTE TUMMY.[View]
492990874Is he the last real nigga in a he games industry?[View]
492994532Melodramatic Games/Character focused: Has a game ever resonated something with you on an intimate le…[View]
492967414Byleth: >Oh boy another Marth Clone but its copying Link's moveset... At least its not Minec…[View]
492996246People just say CVX is bad because is one of the hardest in the series.[View]
492991386Lets talk about 6DOF: Why is this a dead subgenre? We got overload, we got sublevel zero and thats a…[View]
492990528When creating a custom character in rpgs, are there any certain categories you always fall back to?[View]
492996802What is your favorite item in Isaac that is not OP, for me it's spidermod[View]
492963743Here is your next Fighters Pass bro.[View]
492996190What is your opinion on No One Lives Forever?[View]
492983756Let me get this straight, they took a gaming platform that was already incredibly niche due to the c…[View]
492996481if /v/ opened its mind, maybe with brain age or something, what kind of weird ass gremmlin creature …[View]
492991686These are the best character designs in gaming history[View]
492996337Good morning, I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to talk to you for a minutes about diabeetu…[View]
492996118DEVIL MAY CRY: How are those S-Ranks coming along /v/ros?[View]
492987597What is the point with anime style video games?[View]
492996223Do you still trust him?[View]
492991059Left or right?[View]
492992460>TMS is out >Almost no other Wii U games left to save aside from XCX and Pikmin >Nintendo…[View]
492988139>Mainly does punches and kicks >Rarely does anything unique with his lack of limbs >Only ot…[View]
492981928when you think of GTA 3 what is the first car and first song you think of?: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
492993630What games/sims do you use a HOTAS on? Realistic or fictional, new or old, aerial or ground or other…[View]
492985645the time hasn't come, and neither did i[View]
492995220I WANT UBISOFT TO MAKE DYNASTY WARRIORS: I know im not the only one who knows how awesome this would…[View]
492995405Is there a vidya character who could defeat him?[View]
492990102SEKIRO DLC ANNOUNCED HOLY SHIT https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321904000093/ nah just kidding it…[View]
492995650>Ori and the Blind Forest on Switch >Cuphead on Switch >Super Lucky's Tale on Switch …[View]
492987308Starbound: Is this game still bad? Terraria update isn't coming out anytime soon.[View]
492959657TemTem: Day 2 Thread 2-4 PM EST Saves reset >>>>$34.99[View]
492993207'Why was Byleth on Fighter Pass?': People seem to be confused why Byleth was last character on the F…[View]
492995718Watching smashfags get eternally cucked and BTFO by Fire Emblem never gets old.[View]
492989879>HP doesn't replenish between back to back battles >If you get multiple S ranks in a cha…[View]
492992435>Please donate to our translation group, we translate games as our passion!…[View]
492983698What would you do with one, /v/?[View]
492995606main in smash: https://www.strawpoll.me/19257270 really big fan of byleth joker is the best lucina …[View]
492962194Xbone game pass: This is such a disgustingly good deal im surprised it didnt instantly win the conso…[View]
492995437Valve pretty much invented PC gaming If they could kickstart gaming as a whole, I believe they can k…[View]
492993340>'who cares if it makes sense, just coom bro': the character[View]
492995426could of gotten raiden from metal gear rising and gotten a superior sword character from a superior …[View]
492993035What are some of /v/'s favourite TRPG's?[View]
492994581Mobile games you play while shitting.[View]
492994238Um when is Phoenix and their mother planning on telling Apollo and Trucy the truth[View]
492991107Silent Hills 2: PC or PCSX2?[View]
492995260So how is DBZ Kakarot? Fun enough to play? Pic unrelated.[View]
492992759Do you bring your video games with you in the kitchen?[View]
492994987Why are there so few cute and funny games?[View]
492952089DID THIS GUY JUST LEAK LEFT FOR DEAD 3?: LOL https://mobile.twitter.com/AGraylin/status/121814477525…[View]
492976962This shit is 15 bucks on the psn store right now. Is it worth it?[View]
492994906I feel like I could... like I could... like I could... TAKE ON THE WORLD!![View]
492984197RELAUNCH NEXT WEEK BOYOS What are your hopes? Fears? What decks we running in the meantime? GET FUCK…[View]
492990783/v/ is going to have weeks and months of 'now that the dust has settled, what did you think of the B…[View]
492993283worst WoW patch in history: >loot not dropping >some items are so insanely unbalanced, one spe…[View]
492991750Final Fantasy VII: Good game.[View]
492990962what is the Excalibur of videogames?[View]
492989385If a game has bad and too easy combat, can it still be enjoyable?[View]
492993232no games[View]
492994245Go to sleep and join Smash anon[View]
492990893serious question: what is the future for this franchise?[View]
492956346NISA PAX STREAM THREAD: 2 hours until the Stream starts Pax stream: https://www.twitch.tv/pax after …[View]
492987324Could you even imagine FF1 getting a remake instead?[View]
492993874Days Gone: What was the general /v/ consensus on Days Gone? I just started it, and I'll be damn…[View]
492992830Are 2D video games, just like cartoons and waifus, considered the creme of the crop?[View]
492978270why don't you play fighting games?[View]
492986754draw a scene from a game and other anons try to guess which game it is[View]
492988959I did not care for NVIDIA HairWorks in The Witcher 3.[View]
492990383Best weapons? Best armors? Best bosses? Best locations?[View]
492988362I for one, am glad for tummy representation in smash.[View]
492970378>'THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE'[View]
492993313>game tries to be funny >it isn't[View]
492989829This is how you can tell a game is on a last stand. Catering to fucking degenerates. Worgen were oka…[View]
492991951I need to go to the store, can you guys watch my crystal lizard while I'm gone?[View]
492992936>Dark Ages Donkey Kong, Wrecking Crew, Mario Bros >Archaic Period Super Mario Bros, Lost Level…[View]
492993396Asian Gorl makes my sword spicy![View]
492991790Have you ever played a premade character or do you always go custom?[View]
492990904>Drops so many truth bombs the government kills him Nothin personal kid…[View]
492987678Can Google Stadia Compete With Video Game Consoles?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfztqqgvJRM g-g…[View]
492989969Do you play vidogames with youre waifu?[View]
492993083Budokai kino is back in the menu boys.[View]
492986398Are you going to buy it?[View]
492975296>story is told through audiologs >'i don't understand why this is happening, oh god it…[View]
492992801Should I get squad? I dont like modern setting for a shooter but this is like the only autism shoote…[View]
492989759What am i in for v/rothers never played one[View]
492990352Why it was forgotten?[View]
492990627>walk straight >walk straight >shoot bad guy >walk straight >shoot bad guy >NPC ap…[View]
492987173Kakarot village, home... Or at least it was before I fucked everything up...[View]
492981520Here's that 'must have for DBZ fans' game you wanted..[View]
492992298Do you like driving sims?[View]
492992490Is there a game that shits the bed in the final chapter as hard as this one does? Chapter 7 is a com…[View]
492989379are there any good star wars games?[View]
492985541I'm really frustrated with Smash Bros recent roster announcements. What are some other crossove…[View]
492991906FALLOUT: New Vegas: ITT: >mod suggestions >roleplay fags >waifu discussions >defending s…[View]
492977972>/v/ says a game is shit >It's actually great Whats her name?…[View]
492989790How do you get this to run on windows 10?[View]
492992183Clinical depression over moonbase alpha...: taking xanax because only 5 people online in moonbase al…[View]
492988031What causes someone to become a console warrior?[View]
492991123Casual Mode: With the implementation of Mila's turnwheel/divine pulse does casual mode even nee…[View]
492991821Why do zoomers love remakes so much? It's like they're interested in old games but they do…[View]
492991879I started this again. Tell me why I'm wasting my time.[View]
492990604Lothric did nothing wrong[View]
492991808what did the update add?[View]
492990359Was this the peak of shoot-em-ups?[View]
492991159Why are Japanese games so much better than western games?[View]
492991606>dual wield pistols[View]
492991441>Hoy, stop right there! Have you sworn your allegiance to the forces of chaos yet?…[View]
492976831Post yfw the moment you saw Byleth[View]
492988683>Yes, I'll have one JRPG please.[View]
492984968Is this the best game ever made?[View]
492991489Did you sign up for the beta yet?[View]
492991387>Representatives from Nintendo Switch titles Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and ARMS - In an interview wi…[View]
492981516Now that Camilla has been usurped as the most hated Fire Emblem character, is it finally acceptable …[View]
492982408100% certain that one of these will be, unfortunately, the next new smash fighter. Which one will it…[View]
492991273Reminder that bro Smash Sakurai fighter planned holy based DLC how will they ever recover he's …[View]
492991271>Get the mount with a purchase of a 6-Month Subscription! Oh no... OH NONONONONONO…[View]
492983139Yeah I'm thinkin' they're back. https://youtube.com/watch?v=bIZncEjZoig[View]
492990157>Sequel never It hurts, bros.[View]
492991183cyberpunk 2077 delayed until 9/17? I saw on fucking gamestop that they changed the date on some of t…[View]
492990375Scrooge McDuck is out for your blood after you stole his first dime and the last vidya character you…[View]
492985386Did you buy Mamori's game today?[View]
492990753She's so cute bros... why does /v/ hate her again?[View]
492991098Best vidya Dystopias. For me its rapture.[View]
4929908547R: pick one[View]
492981558Has playing video games ever negatively effected your mental or physical health?[View]
492990152my favourite videogame genre? the one that makes me cooooom the most the one that give me waifu the…[View]
492986418Was he a chad or an incel?[View]
492981674Japan can never make a bad design for a female cha-[View]
492951824Post your Waifu[View]
492928903What the hell happened to CRPGs?[View]
492986705Are there any games with similar tone to this manga?[View]
492988490>cringiest vidya thing you ever did Oh man, I found some old IMVU videos I made like 12 years ago…[View]
492989535Are we ever going to get a new FZero game? The first one is still so fun to play.[View]
492985862So you want to play a gaaame huh?[View]
492987464name 1 game[View]
492975126I just got this. What should I expect[View]
492986980Here's your mousepad bro[View]
492987945How did we go from this...[View]
492988765Did you ever thought this was going to be something?[View]
492987901OH NO NO FE BROS: https://youtu.be/mGLMi9kXTRI How will Fire Emblies recover?[View]
492988450>sci-fi game >everyp lanet has one biome[View]
492974685Non violent/dark games: Im looking games with none of the following- *People dying *death *allusions…[View]
492978128Trails of Cold Steel 3 announced for PC: OH NO NO NO NO WE GOT TO COCKY SONYBROS https://www.gematsu…[View]
492985910ITT: weird vidya trends that died quickly[View]
492987442This is Kazuma Kiryu, confirmed protagonist of Yakuza 8. Say something nice about him.[View]
492988702>fix the design >his arms are still blue BOYCOTTED…[View]
492989548Pyramid Head: What is it about him that makes him so attractive?[View]
492988510>Smash is essentially /v/'s version of identity politics[View]
492987228What superhero deserves their own video game that hasn't been done yet?[View]
492966680Should I bother? I heard that item management was not good in this one. I play on PC, is there a use…[View]
492988302HOLY BASED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdiKEaAG8QY[View]
492983498What are you playing for Friday night?[View]
492989051>Year of our Lord 2020 >no good MMOs to play…[View]
492989053>final boss music is a remix of the main theme[View]
492986045Power to stage one emitters...[View]
492987028Why can't you kill raiders armed with spears across open desert if you have a pipe rifle in thi…[View]
492964846Other than some fairly clunky controls, this game holds up remarkably well. How are the first two ga…[View]
492989167Why are they so insistent on not being seen as insiders when they clearly are? Literally no one else…[View]
492983413Man of Medan: Did I miss out on all the fun by having Conrad escape early? The ending was shitty and…[View]
492989131can you imagine shep shitting his pants like they did when S.A.M. stops communicating with them? sho…[View]
492988392Another older game that i wanted to replay but doesnt work even with fixes. do you guys play such ga…[View]
492979783Which side are you on?[View]
492981228Just how fucking huge is Grima's real form? I don't know if this could be considered a spo…[View]
492988841wii u thread: wii u thread[View]
492988559Nintendo CEO (anon's uncle) here, post your best and most well thought out ideas for smash: So …[View]
492986847Why are people acting like Smash is ruined when in a few months those same people will be slobbering…[View]
492985707smash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCHi8B-kvc4 Why are people so angry? For once a character com…[View]
492986393>Huge open world with tons of attention to detail >Large amount of quests and side content tha…[View]
492988594ITT: guess the character with real pic + quote: my hotels as clean as an elven arse![View]
492987852Ace Attorney thread?[View]
492981987What the FUCK was Sakurai thinking? Yes Byleth is shit but WHY did he not pick the (objectively) bes…[View]
492987116>When our Lord entered the temple and found it polluted with money-changers and beasts, did he as…[View]
492985450Why did it bomb so hard?: Motion capture. Celebrity appearances. Heavily marketed. Barely sold a mi…[View]
492985278It would be cool if sex appeal and objectification weren't so important in fighting games becau…[View]
492918405Will you play his game?[View]
492985741what went wrong?[View]
492978592Fuck it. I can't do it. Go ahead and tell me 'lol get good' and 'I beat it on my second try' al…[View]
492980581is it just me or does mia shift from being ungodly beautiful to ugly in a matter of seconds and i me…[View]
492983152>finish game >start pacing around my room daydreaming about living the game's universe Wh…[View]
492983174SOMEBODY SCREAM[View]
4929880792019 GOTY: Raid Shadow Legends[View]
492987053What's the best shooter with 'it ain't me' feeling? RS2: Vietnam?[View]
492988059> /v/ has awful taste in g... Apologize[View]
492986029>friend's been playing star citizen for a while, tells me to come play with him >'isn…[View]
492986140>four third party choices in a row >okay let's take a break from that and choose anyone f…[View]
492987972First it was La Mulana and then this: Im about ready to give up, on a scale from 1 to 10, how retard…[View]
492977990>women don't want sexy girls in games because it makes them jealous >any time I play a ga…[View]
492968103CYBERPUNK 2077: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIcTM8WXFjk&t=2s >Announced all the way back …[View]
492987215>That'll be $5.99+tax for another fire emblem DLC[View]
492976651HE'S IN[View]
492983434How is Pokemon Revolution Online these days? Been thinking about trying it out.[View]
492977347do you think elden ring will feature combat closer to souls or sekiro, or perhaps something complete…[View]
492983464thoughts on stoney adventure: thoughts[View]
492980207What does /v/ think about Octopath Traveler?[View]
492973062Why aren't you playing the new season of ranked League of Legends? You may as well start invest…[View]
492987194Why does no-one talk about this game?[View]
492981317What went wrong?[View]
492984672Wow, amazing milestones for all companies. In the US, according to NPD, Nintendo had the best sellin…[View]
492987214Baldur's Gate 3: What went so wrong? Are the consoomers to blame?[View]
492964993what do you think about shot one /v/?[View]
492983490>Lip, Arle, and Layton should be in Smash since there isn't a puzzle re-…[View]
492986435You will be buying Bayo 1 again in February right?[View]
492985701Selling cheap jannies, right here and right now only. They work for free (that means 0 ISK/hr), don…[View]
492986168Hey: i wont play Stoney[View]
492986534Ayu-chan is on her way to page 10 don't try to stop her![View]
492987768Would you like to have more bunny girls in your videogames?[View]
492986429I fixed Fire Emblem representation in Smash for you, /v/.[View]
492981579>no Ys IX announcement at PAX South panel Fucking suffering[View]
492986836Is there anything that tops this in Esports? This was like fate.[View]
492929938Detroit: Become Human could have been a good game[View]
492982808this game is actually pretty fun and it runs fine too, why did everyone shit on it?[View]
492982069So we all agree on this, right /v/?[View]
4929747243 hours into this and i dont see the appeal, does it get better?[View]
492986614Bomber Girl Video Game Thread: Here we discuss the Japanese video game, Bombergirl Arcade. Which mos…[View]
492986523I play console because its more streamlined and easy for retards and children doesn't mean it…[View]
49298614110/10 handheld games[View]
492986267alright /v/ it's time for a PTSD attack. time to make a thread of nothing but the worst (best/f…[View]
492983775Gomenasai, my name is Edelgard-Sama. I'm a 17-year-old Adrestian Otaku (Anime fan for you gaiji…[View]
492984782Dark souls evolved the gaming industry for the better when it came out.[View]
492985435hows the new Animal Crossing going to be? I haven't following any news, will it be worth buying…[View]
492975476*is the only good AC game*[View]
492986090Which should I play first? Only other dungeon crawler I've ever played was Stranger of Sword Ci…[View]
492878332Its time to choose your favorite Resident Evil Character[View]
492942420So doom e4 is meant to be only beatable with save scumming right? There’s no possible way somebody c…[View]
492984410Collect wood[View]
492985841So I didn't buy this shit, cause I heard it was better just to watch this. https://youtu.be/PuI…[View]
492979001What do you expect of 9th generation consoles?[View]
492985518Hard mode is a meme right?[View]
492984118Now everything will change... My fate, the fate of my son, and your fate too, Frieza...[View]
492966478smash ultimate - fighters pass 2 predictions/wants: Go wild, don't let any 'rules' hold you bac…[View]
492985439Is PC game piracy dying /v/? It seems like most people can be bothered pirating due to having to pat…[View]
492985436See you guys in February![View]
492971219>Smash community getting this mad[View]
492984667How do we fix DarkRP?[View]
492983736what is the video game equivalent of The Holy Mountain?[View]
492984594*saves your Direct*[View]
492985060/v/ be honest with me. If your job was to design Xbox Series X™ it would look pic related, right?[View]
492939134this game is a very esoteric kind of disappointment[View]
492981975Is Thief 2014 worth buying for just 4 bucks? I've heard a lot of mixed things. Also general Thi…[View]
492984804THEY'RE OUT, BROS! THEY'RE OUT, BAIL!: also digimon thread[View]
492984234they censored 'monkey' from the DBZ trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw40u02Ks60[View]
492982853Anyone down for a Hitman thread? I recently bought Hitman 2 and I've really been enjoying it. I…[View]
492984195Does /v/ think Indivisble is worth getting?[View]
492972709/comfy/ video games? Snuggled up in a blanket and want to play something cozy, what do you think?[View]
492971794God damn it not again...[View]
492979379here's your protagonist bro[View]
492984110Whenever I visit any Borderlands community I see people mentioning that they play with their wives o…[View]
492967731Tekken 7: so now that the dust has settled how does it stack up against 3, TTT and 5? did all that P…[View]
492984318>Bullet girl phantasia out of nowhere came out on pc WEEB call of duty is finally away from cuck …[View]
492951304Jesus Christ almighty this game is shit[View]
492984045Underrail: Is the Underrail expansion worth picking up? Was thinking about doing a second playthroug…[View]
492981845>geno is half owned by disney Oh no. I was not aware of this.[View]
492980580Gamers are the most disgusting entitled smelly group of virgins and losers to walk this earth.[View]
492981663Why are Indie games so much more Kino and original than AAA?: They also look and feel like games.…[View]
492983945Casual, rear of seat games I can play while drunk: I like to be able to play slow paced, point-and-c…[View]
492983629Well, is it soul?[View]
492983909Valkyria Chronicles wouldn't be dead if Selvaria was still alive.[View]
492983247hows port[View]
492983604>Jrpg >want to leave bar/resting area to actually play the game >'Hey anon, you can't …[View]
492983426*geuh* *geuh* *geuh*[View]
492983509>Huge open world with tons of attention to detail >Large amount of quests and side content tha…[View]
492983368What game will this be? Place your bets: >monhun clone >dauntless clone >sea of thieves wit…[View]
492970652Nintendo lied: You don't have to like Dante or support him, but he was clearly being hinted at …[View]
492980768About to start this, what am i in for?[View]
492982898what game do i start with bros? does it even matter? are these games even worth playing? i want to d…[View]
492982153Creating a CS GO focused video sharing website. What do you think of it so far? http://www.SherpaS…[View]
492982832How come nothing topped this? Every other game either felt mediocre or is just okayish.[View]
492980829>/v/ constantly shits on Nintendo and pretends they don’t care about their games >Nintendo rel…[View]
492982749>2020 >Still browsing /v/ I seriously hope you guys don’t do this…[View]
492980929TWISTED METAL: It's time to bring it back.[View]
492982978Why are there so many trannies in the FGC?[View]
492981883What does one have to use to have a shot at divison 2 pvp?[View]
492980431How did they get away with it?[View]
492981618hey you there, YES YOU, why're you acting like zelda botw is perfect and posting a meme image l…[View]
492954545Toaster General: It's that time of the week again /v/ show of your shitboxes and poerty machine…[View]
492981817You're walking outside your spawn and you see this. What do you do?[View]
492965872Very few videos can be classed as ‘art’. Personally I’d only say the Bloodborne, Persona 5, and Cath…[View]
492957472Shadowland 9.1 allied races were leaked Alliance won again[View]
492974765Well well well well well what do we have here[View]
492982616Anyone played Horrorvale? I just beat the Act 1 demo thing and had a lot of fun. If the full game is…[View]
492982598I think we all know who really won this generation.[View]
492981057All this shilling is making me want to buy this game. As someone who has never played a 'tactics RPG…[View]
492982364>heightened sense of smell >can pick up the subtle scent of juniper berries how strong is his …[View]
492958997Will there EVER be another feeling like playing an MMO for the first time? The information age has p…[View]
492976646Last of Us 2 Remaster: There is no remaster currently in development. We are continually working to …[View]
492980574Hey everybody. It's me. The REAL Masahiro Sakurai. I'm open for discussion. Feel free to a…[View]
492975505Crash Racing!: WEEKEND BONUS has begun Bitches! get to playing![View]
492982275Another year means another best game ever contest. Vote now faggots! http://www.allourideas.org/2020…[View]
492982290What is the best MMO to get into in 2020?[View]
492977667for me it's Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate[View]
492982138In hindsight, they should've covered the head completely[View]
492977391This hot girl wants to be my friend, what do?[View]
492981573now that the dust has settled, can we agree that this game has too much content that's too easy…[View]
492980825>*plays a few piano keys in your direction*[View]
492970537Music that makes vidya 200% better: SABATON + ROBOCRAFT = THE ZONE[View]
492938358What am I in for?[View]
492979621>Think you're fast? Just try and catch me before I reach page ten!…[View]
492972353Based Dunkey shitting on Smash Bros and anime swordsmen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGLMi9kXTRI…[View]
492977761>Persona 5 is a relatively recent game >Dragon Quest is only really popular in the >Banjo …[View]
492981740I've been frustrated with the recent roster announcements for Smash Bros. What are some other c…[View]
492981724'DEMONS could be here' he thought, 'I've never been in hell before. There could be DEMONS anywh…[View]
492958113>2d will never ever bully and dominate you >2d will never ever give you a footjob >2d will …[View]
492980420Impossible. Literally fucking impossible. I've died 70 fucking times to this fucker and he…[View]
492981465Glad I didn't pay for this and 'won' the game.[View]
492981550resident evil 5 chris was peak chris[View]
492980443Name ONE vidya character more charismatic than the Golden King. Yeah, that's right. You can…[View]
492981483>holds your hand through the entire game Holy shit what were they thinking? I can’t even press ev…[View]
492977345>Call it DBZ Kakarot >Can play with different characters They really fucked up. This should ha…[View]
492981356>open up Task Manager >look at Epic Games Launcher >77.2 MB/s What the hell did they put i…[View]
492979981look at him go[View]
492981336>Huge open world with tons of attention to detail >Large amount of quests and side content tha…[View]
492973531So, joining Smash consumes even the darkness itself[View]
492978065Have you ever double dipped on a game, /v/?[View]
492981092why is there not a single games in existence that is worthy of being called 'Ludo'? a game…[View]
492979146Why do they call it an Xbox 360? Because when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away[View]
492981259Durante working on between 1-3 unannounced ports.: JRPG kino is back on the menu, PCbros.[View]
492952189Goodbye my love[View]
492981191Non-/v/irgins of /v/: Do they exist? What's your laycount /v/? I've had sex with 17 girls …[View]
492980717Is /v/ finally mad again? Can rage finally exist on this board once more instead of that retarded, s…[View]
492944037>finally got an S rank on mission 10 dmd feelsgoodman also dmc thread…[View]
492980934What are some good horror games?[View]
492976872Who would win?[View]
492978293Why doesnt Nintendo want to catchup to their hardware?[View]
492974660>Still not in Smash when we have an entire roster of FE characters I guess Majora isn't rele…[View]
492980939Post god tier level OSTs. https://youtu.be/MWQfvnLyvxU[View]
492980915>gets spawn gibbed by helicopter >gets sapwn gibbe by XM-1 >gets spawn gibbed by planes No…[View]
492979257'At first, we will destroy your armies'[View]
492980747You did unlock it, right /v/?: https://youtu.be/wEo5ZAy1R6w[View]
492980728*ruins your game*[View]
49298064278.87.201.104:25565 Communism Anarchy minecraft server 1.15.1 SMP: Communism Ana…[View]
492979813>Ubisoft and Nintendo have a great relationship >they even have crossover games >Rayman has…[View]
492968504>mfw talking about video games with my friends on /v/[View]
492951543Non-shit Iceborne thread: How are you enjoying the game brehs? Did you finish the story yet?[View]
492974662post Zelda music covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CWxBlQWumc[View]
492973749Any suggestions or hints for a first time playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII on PS2?[View]
492980290Smash thread: Post your most wanted's moveset[View]
492943628>be in development for over 7 years >devs are now required to crunch during another 5 month de…[View]
492978519Fact: Madden should have gotten in Smash Brothers over Byleth[View]
492980145>steam chat >have to configure shit on both ends for like 30 minutes for it to work >playst…[View]
492980050Gwent online standalone: What faction are you maining? How are you dealing with lowskill lock card p…[View]
492979752I want to start playing Shin Megami Tensei, should I start with 1? Or one of the spin offs? I played…[View]
492976854Recommend a lightweight, small, wired mouse, with a simple design with a scroll wheel that can be pu…[View]
492979615Trolling in video games: Has anyone ever sabotaged other players in game? Would it be possible to le…[View]
492979889Can you Claudecucks, Rheafags and Dimitrifags reach for my hand? Smashfags are the true enemy of Fó…[View]
492978503>Do you have an unshakable spirit that won’t be moved, no matter how you are attacked? I think I’…[View]
492979802Did Soccer guy have to be so smug during the direct?[View]
492974653What have you been emulating lately, /v/?[View]
492977404Games for this feel?[View]
492978517crash bandicoot? more like TRASH bandicoot[View]
492978315Linux Gaming Thread: Linux is good for playing video games No amount of raging and shilling can chan…[View]
492968414It's time we settle this once and for all.: Is short hair hot or not?[View]
492978497Post your favorite game!!: My current favorite game is Xenosaga, a pretty underrated rpg :D[View]
492978035ITT: Game protagonists who you could beat up.[View]
492971767I hope no-one expects ME to start up the Half-Life thread. Smithers went on /v/ and... never came ba…[View]
492977137Sup, bitches[View]
492979401Do you think Capcom will ban people who used the netcode mod? I'm tempted to get it but don…[View]
492978785I’m still confused as to why he’s in. He’s not historic, he's not especially popular, his chara…[View]
492971593how was it so good?[View]
492956673O M F G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KINGPIN IS GETTING REMASTERED!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b…[View]
492976069Fightin games: So were there any good fightin games in the last decade that ... were also fun for si…[View]
492979307Cyberpunk disaster incoming: Developers will crunch 'to some degree' despite delay[View]
492976729You're all pretending to like Byleth because you're all giant contrarians. Don't pret…[View]
492978794Ah, what is this? Are you a dream? A fantasy? A recollection, spawned of my own dead mind? Yes, yo…[View]
492978618What happened to the TPS shooter genre?[View]
492979190>DUDE THERE ARE OVER SIX GIZILLION GUNS >turns out it's literally just 10 guns with rando…[View]
492978296Ike is the only good FE character in Smash Bros.[View]
492959515Was his rage justified? It was only a rabbit.[View]
492979109What games are you looking forward to in 2020? Only Avengers for me.[View]
492975883I've been thinking about picking up Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which route should I pick first?[View]
492978993LET'S-A GO[View]
492966232General ES lore thread: I have lore questions about the ethics of soul trapping. What happens to the…[View]
492971983How much gaming is too much gaming?[View]
492978887>Huge open world with tons of attention to detail >Large amount of quests and side content tha…[View]
492978859Smash Thread: I'll just leave it here[View]
492977920Drakengard: After playing Nier and then Nier: Automata I thought I'd give Drakengard a try. I c…[View]
492978775*makes basedboys and furfags seethe eternally*[View]
492973805>3 years old bro how do I make time stop moving so fast[View]
492978694He's in![View]
492976429What's your favorite video game plushie to cuddle while playing video games?[View]
492976539YS VIII: LACRIMOSA OF DATA update and fixes: Guess it was about fucking time they updated this >h…[View]
492978653what game let me get the cunny[View]
492947179REMINDER that if you defended Incineroar/Piranha Plant you have no right to bitch about Byleth.[View]
492973746So what's the best website to buy Windows Mixed Reality with shipping to Europe? Prices in Amer…[View]
492973313Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines: Just beat the first game and liked it except for the last few co…[View]
492969784HOW do you go from THIS...[View]
492975656Remake when[View]
492976827>dark souls 2 is a good ga-[View]
492975714ITT: Movie licensed games: What were some of your favorites? Whatever happened to them? Do you think…[View]
492975154It wasn't THAT bad.[View]
492975741A reminder that King K. Rool will never be in Smash.[View]
492977486>Byleth more gayleth[View]
492958371That Kirby... H-he’s too strong...[View]
492974509Buy my game on PC[View]
492977040Is this the best murder mystery in video games[View]
492960948favorite vidya podcast?[View]
492978143Your daily reminder that >pic related is better than Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon.…[View]
492978015Remember Echo Fighters: characters that shared similar move sets, but didn’t really take up a slot. …[View]
492974729when are we gonna get motion control snoy?[View]
492977821Anything to check out this year? Any anons out right now/Saturday/Sunday? Will you be at the AVGN pa…[View]
492977484Does /v/ actually hate sex appeal in games?: Or is it just that everyone is a titfag? Or has everyon…[View]
492977378God why cant we get a game where we play as a mobile task force member like F.E.A.R[View]
492977314Is this game easy for a WoW veteran and is there alot of weeb shit in it? I want to try it out, only…[View]
492974668I did it: It took 50 attempts I got..... Good[View]
492972356cute :3[View]
492975158>boss has many different forms[View]
492974960Who the fuck are the next 6 DLC characters for smash going to be? Looking back at the first 6 it cou…[View]
492938590Did it deserve GOTY?[View]
492977052>Fantasy vidya characters > Human vidya characters Every time without fail…[View]
492976921These are just coomer threads Ive noticed, didnt even look for them How do we stop this? Hiro allows…[View]
492970959Can we consider these little indie porn games as videogames[View]
492976606why did Americans have to brainwash and MKultra me through the internet? I'm not even American.…[View]
492972926Time to settle this once and for all... https://www.strawpoll.me/19255956 Also, include a brief post…[View]
492976807/v/ Favorite game of all time Survey: Removed the top 3 from the last ballot in December https://www…[View]
492972309Pekepekepeke, desu ka?[View]
492970954>3+ years later >still $399 MSRP my wallet is going feeling good about PS5, bros…[View]
492888379Huniepop II got announced And I think I found me a Waifu[View]
492975536>Big war between the humans and the 'good' precursor race of aliens vs the 'bad' precursor aliens…[View]
492976514Never forget, lads... ...never forget.[View]
492966789Doom (2016) has replaced Doom (1993) on search engines: I find now when you search anything online a…[View]
492975589Protect his smile![View]
492974631I don't get it.[View]
492967003>*dad walks in*[View]
492974431>dude lmao you just got filtered dealt with it game is shit, it's boring. the only people wh…[View]
492966334free giveaway: ask for any of these game and you will get key for Steam. all the keys from humble bu…[View]
492975409>Woman >Plays games Wow![View]
492974356What game lets me go FAST?: Hard Mode: you have wheels[View]
492965862Mortal Kombat 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa368LamNow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCfZMs…[View]
492971974what games can give me this feels?[View]
492969534Based Dunkey shitting on hackurai https://youtu.be/mGLMi9kXTRI[View]
492968462Japan responsible for movie games: We used to be on the right track with with western games like Pla…[View]
492969968How would you make the perfect sonic game?[View]
492975830Would you be Ashley's friend?: She's very lonely because she's annoying and dumb!…[View]
492975902Does anyone remember an old computer game where you were controlling a car and the objective was to …[View]
492973365How y'all enjoying 8.3 so far?[View]
492971224OG XBOX: >He didnt have the most based console ever. Any bros here that owned this console? Was y…[View]
492974794>there are desperate losers on here that pretend she isn't gorgeous…[View]
4929757903x3 / 4x4 / 5x5 Thread: Post em, rate em, hate em, rec em, guess personalities/sexualities, etc. htt…[View]
492975713>Clicking fast on a gun set to semi auto outputs faster RPM than setting it to full auto…[View]
492965906'Hey, Anon, I heard you like video games. I love [popular game you hate]. Do you?' What is your typi…[View]
492973190Time for your pill[View]
492975425Based Ending[View]
492975507>see some O'Driscols mugging a guy >approach them and tell them to pick on someone bigger…[View]
492954427>Silent Hill >Resident Evil >Prey >DreadOut >Alan Wake >Alien Isolation >SCP …[View]
492974679Why is it that when an anticipated game gets good reviews, people here write them off, but when a ga…[View]
492975125>beat game >title screen changes forever >it's actually worse than the normal one…[View]
492975171Why is /v/ full of faggots?: >thread with titty thumbnail: over 100 replies >thread with anime…[View]
492975215*is better than Disco Elysium, Age of Decadence, Wasteland 2, and Tides of Numenera*[View]
492975192Castlevenia Bread: What's your guys' favorite one? Any good romhacks? What is a man?…[View]
492971108Is there a single game developer with more asskissers and corporate shills than Masahiro Sakurai? …[View]
492973169>pass boss' speech check >forced to recognise his hypocrisy and admits he's wrong …[View]
492940552Predictions for the next fighters[View]
492971717I AM A REAL AMERICAN[View]
492971732>hardest difficulty is locked until you beat the game[View]
492973349How does it stack up compared to previous entries in the series?[View]
492963104Whats the latest visual novel youve played?[View]
492974596>FFVIIR and REmake3 are at the tail end of a console generation >will comparatively look like …[View]
492974042d*scord tr*nny[View]
492974697Nords are a highly respectable race, stop with the NordFC memes[View]
492974658Join an amazing 1.15.1 communist minecraft server: Join if u want.[View]
492974123Is he right? is Sakurai a Retard?[View]
492974135what's his name again?[View]
492972973Anyone here old enough to remember Killer Instinct 2?[View]
492973116Any good love interests in video game ?[View]
492965262I've nearly completed Atelier Totori >DUDE THE GAME IS TIME SENSITIVE HOLY SHIT THE TIME LIM…[View]
492974073Why does everyone hate this game: Why does everyone hate this game tho[View]
492974362tfw u finally get over your autism and learn to talk to girls normally but now youre old and tired a…[View]
492971935Dark souls 3: >want to create offensive faith build >don't want to play at meta level Lif…[View]
492968078It keeps getting worse. https://uk.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-multiplayer-wont-likely-be-playab…[View]
492974157what vidya ending made you audibly say 'what the fuck!?'[View]
492945413How come France just stopped putting out good games?[View]
492973401>3 threads about a newly released smash youtube reaction video okay this has gone too far now…[View]
492960684Is Facade the most advanced AI seen in a video game so far?[View]
492973403>Your magical mcguffin gets stolen at the end of the game[View]
492969994Alright /v/, let's cut straight to the chase. I'm not gonna bother typing up some shitty b…[View]
492972534Phoenix Wright vs. Cole Phelps: Who was the better detective?[View]
492973198You know it is pretty likely to happen now[View]
492960138Really makes you think.[View]
492971456Assassins Creed Unity bottle opener[View]
492973737eso dlc is literally skyrim: >be todd >TES sales declining >need to think of a new way to r…[View]
492971028This is a Digimon[View]
492966473Smash: >Who cares if nobody wanted this new DLC character? I don't care who gets in as long …[View]
492958620How are they in bed?[View]
492971908It's time to reinstall[View]
492970605When's the last time we had a disgaea thread dood?[View]
492973184plant gang[View]
492966780This is your SMT for tonight bro[View]
492972002Some standard SSBU leaking for you people, mild tabasco level shit, no full leak faggotry. Nintendo …[View]
492967617Top 3 females in KoF are as follow in no particular order: >Shermie >Leona >Angel And I can…[View]
492919139Why was Death Stranding such a massive flop?[View]
492972881Holdfast: Nations at War discuss[View]
492969502Why haven't you hacked your switch yet anon?[View]
492966503Why am I playing a literal children's game?[View]
492972962How did people who crash landed 10 years ago have weapons that use thermal clips?[View]
492962119So is every character in a Japanese game that is animated supposed to be Japanese? This has always c…[View]
492966416If you camp on MW, go fuck your self.: The most ironic part of people camping and saying “adapt” is …[View]
492971674Honest opinion on Magic the Gathering: Arena?[View]
492948576>game series produces more fan made content than actual content from their developers What'…[View]
492972072What a disaster this was.[View]
492958087I really hope Atlus doesn't fall prey to nostalgiacucks and decide to make SMT V Nocturne 2[View]
492972779Link Between Worlds is the best Zelda (yes even better than LttP). Fight me.[View]
492876819Want to talk about FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, /v/?[View]
492892727Give me the key, Fledgling.[View]
492968472River city girls cutscene problems: So I got river city girls on steam and its cool and fun to play …[View]
492972331>It's just an illusory ocean bro[View]
492972563Devil May Cry Thread: Why the ever living fuck did Dante not make it into smash even with all our ev…[View]
492971292If we got an SMT rep in Smash, who would it be and how would they play?[View]
492972365>no RTS game released in the past 3 years >no good RTS game released in over 10 years…[View]
492971863JOIN 4chan MINECRAFT SERVER[View]
492964920>all white cast What did Corey Balrog mean but this?[View]
492968934He would have unorinically loved byleth in smash[View]
492969003>I posted an epic reddit face again![View]
492971604>game has a cute girl >it forces me to play the entire series I fucking hate this shit. It…[View]
492953985Continuity Connection?: I absolutely love Doom, but why in the fuck did id try and connect all of th…[View]
492970951Games where I can play as jew?[View]
492953856Why is it $90 ?[View]
492968713Would you buy it?[View]
492967756yen is the most beautiful woman in any vidya[View]
492966270Who is right /v/?[View]
492969851Very bored and in need of a new video game to sink my teeth into and waste a couple hundred hours in…[View]
492971808What are some games that have kino moments like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMYJ1CMg7PE…[View]
492966249>we want the gamer girl audience[View]
492970956Nintendo of America's favorite 3rd parties ever: Thoughts /v/?[View]
492967219What does it do?[View]
492971696Absolute state of modern gaming I lost connection during my game, and i was forced to quit to deskto…[View]
492968301>2020 >i am forgotten[View]
492971080>yeah I’m a blizzdrone, how did you know that?[View]
492970925Shit /v/ get into the Van Eltia, we're heading to Logress right fucking now. Hurry up, the abbe…[View]
492963321>Game is titled Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot >Entire game features only ONE Kararot (Goku) >Drago…[View]
492970436Why does no one talk about how shit the colours are for RGB, Trying for Yellow and I get lime green,…[View]
492960441Not a fan of turn based RPGs but from the hate, what is Fire Emblem? Is Three Houses that good? What…[View]
492971465>Sequel set in china and Alaska never[View]
492970794So now that the dust has settled, do you think they've done well with the dlc so far?[View]
492969691now that we got California Mirage Sessions out of the way, is it finally their turn?[View]
492949901>That many swordsmen...Do we really need 'em?[View]
492968827Why is space horror so patrician?[View]
492969272He was right[View]
492969504Why is she so cute? I love her, and her game is pretty fucking cool too.[View]
492947262why did smashfags want this piece of shit so bad again? his game is fucking terrible in this day and…[View]
492966134when will we get substantial info? The game is supposed to release this year.[View]
492961710Reminder if you defend Byleth you are letting everyone know you're still a virgin[View]
492969229Rogan: Yo Jamie pull up that thread on /v/. Jamie: Eh which one? Rogan: That one about smash brothe…[View]
492961106>game has a neutral path >it results in the worst ending…[View]
492970886KINGPIN: RELOADED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIZncEjZoig YES YES YES YES YEEESSSSS!!!!!!…[View]
492970926Is he really a villain? Had he really done anything wrong?[View]
492955982Blooms thread: Play Bloons But Muh-muh microtransactions! >black bordering gives more than enough…[View]
492970625>Evil empire ran by cult dedicated to the destruction of everything I ever held dear >Secretly…[View]
492969719Defend this. Also Zelda, Kirby, and DK need newcomers.[View]
492969706>he didnt use the goat weapon[View]
492942117Pitch your ideas for Team Fortress 3[View]
492961207>Next-gen consoles this year. >Raytracing is the new launch fad. Are you lads ready for three …[View]
492876139Megaman Thread: Just how much stronger is X than Megaman?[View]
492970438what are some games with monster girls?: Also, 2>3>5>4>1 Discuss[View]
492970417Brainlet LP'ers: >watch someone's let's play of an rpg >after 6+ hours, he stil…[View]
492970356*never made a good game*[View]
492968470>The game that killed a franchise We'll never get another.[View]
492970218>SOUL STATUS: NONE[View]
492944131What are /v/'s thoughts on the Legend of Heroes series?[View]
492969915>Join Twitch stream with little to no viewers. >Immediately act passively hostile and rude. …[View]
492962637What are some pseudo-intellectual games?[View]
492953310Imagine if they were 11 plumbers. Imagine if they were 11 fire pokemon. Imagine if they were 11 race…[View]
492959692>NOOOOOOO you cant just remove reactionary dialogue and objectifying character designs from my gl…[View]
492964813>73 days what went wrong, pirate bros?[View]
492966561what are some open-world games where the map feels specially big and unforgiving?[View]
492969169I can't be the only Nintendofag that's fucking sick of Smash and Pokemon talked about all …[View]
492966647In my cycle, wojakposters were dismembered and given a choice - eat their own limbs, or starve[View]
492933816It's time to talk about my favorite game again[View]
492969358Indisputably the best game of 2019[View]
492962765What went right?[View]
492967415ITT: Worst bosses of all time[View]
492962491What should the female protagonist of Matsuno’s FF16 look like?[View]
492964878I'm playing this as my first Resident Evil game but why does it feel like a dollar store Dead S…[View]
492969398Why do Melee videos still get so many views on YouTube if the game's dead, /v/?[View]
492962892>we will finally be able to play this masterpiece at 4k, 60fps Why would any bbfag be upset abou…[View]
492966896>you get to fight along side luke Pretty based ngl[View]
492961024What are your hopes and expectations for Breath of the Wild 2? I expect more elaborate dungeons to b…[View]
492967627>tfw no good handheld without shitty gimmicks[View]
492967312It should have been them.[View]
492968965How do we save it?[View]
492965797Why are big Japanese releases get shit on and nit picked so much here? Sekiro, DMCV, REmake 2 and DS…[View]
492967339Never played one of of these what am i in for v/rothers[View]
492968173Super Nintendo World: https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2020/01/17/universal-studios-japans-super-ninte…[View]
492968227Entity following me: Hey /x/, ever since I was a child I could feel this presence flowing me and wat…[View]
492964905Reminder you have to pay for this character whose only purpose is to shill for another game they wan…[View]
492968793Toxtricity in Smash: Say hello to your gen 8 Smash rep.[View]
492968798>main character has yellow fever[View]
492966610Redpill me on this shitheel series[View]
492944610/DOOM/: Let's have another Doom thread, for those who just like all things Doom. Which are you …[View]
4929679281/21/2020: Are you ready for the pokemon killer?[View]
492968874Does anyone play this? Seems like it's alive but hard to tell. Holds about 3k players at once o…[View]
492964443another smash thread: Who do you think is the most toxic of the DLC fighters? Pic related[View]
492968790Meanwhile, at /v/DC[View]
492967183What went wrong?[View]
492966606stadia: haha[View]
492967632>Horror game >It's actually scary[View]
492963112Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone![View]
492967903>game has crabs[View]
492967209what language is this ?[View]
492936960Here's your shotgun, bro!: >The absolute state of Nu Resident Evil…[View]
492965461Do Fodlan men actually wear makeup?[View]
492959607The Thalmor did nothing wrong, anyone who disagrees is a racist[View]
492963638So what franchises are getting Spirit Boarded next? 2 more years of rosterfaggotry means 2 more yea…[View]
492968178Is it true what they say about Mother 3 being better than earthbound? I finished Earthbound a few mo…[View]
492968196Demake 2[View]
492967515>draw a girl >call it a boy[View]
492966404What is the best race in TES?[View]
492966585Y'all are playing Tsubasa's game, right?[View]
492966897most iconic 'grey and green' looking game, also *AHEM* fuck albanians[View]
492966654Fortnite: What weapons do you guys like? Personally, I always just go for a sniper rifle and let my …[View]
492962537*kills giant transdimensional space tentacle alien god*[View]
492967832I need a weapon[View]
492965078>two minutes in the video the guy stops abruptly to talk about Raid Shadow Legends >his adver…[View]
492967763Looking for Asian Gorl in the base of the volcano![View]
492960772Explorationchads, what are you playing? What are you look forward to?[View]
492967264Games were Japs get bleached by crackas, I’ll start >Rogue Galaxy[View]
492964752Everybody knows that PS3 make the best games! Y'know what I mean, nigga?[View]
492963741Underappreciated masterpiece or just shit?[View]
492963342Fuck this faggot[View]
492965221Boring FE Characters in Smash: Why does nintendo always pick the most fucking boring characters to r…[View]
492967357Post the songs and soundtracks that just get you fucking amped https://youtu.be/3OCvvL65xgY[View]
492967279Does anybody have a copy to this guidebook? There was a complete scan uploaded but it cannot be foun…[View]
492964472Has a video game ever made you cry? It doesn't have to be out of sadness, it can be happiness o…[View]
492967261>annoying powerful enemies >game let's you push them off a cliff for insta-kill…[View]
492915492League of Legends ranked season 10 is the best season yet. There's zero reason you for you to n…[View]
492966951What about Liu Chong as a Dynasty Warriors playable character?[View]
492967107girls frontline: for a gacha this isn't bad[View]
492965370Grandblue fantasy versus: Post mains[View]
492966339Hmmm...maybe Gavin is on the the 9th page. GAVIIIIIN!!![View]
492964152>Excuse me sir. >That's actually not a Roguelike. But a RogueLITE.…[View]
492962149Name a better studio: >let's you mod their games >let's you mod in multiplayer >…[View]
492945341Why does Japan make the best LGBT characters in video games?[View]
4929667672020... I Am Forgotten[View]
492966725Reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr89Nyt0H-o[View]
492966170This game is fucking boring.[View]
492949864i don't get rosterfaggotry: Why do you faggots seemingly get so offended, as if your most wante…[View]
492962497Games with this kind of atmosphere: I remember that alot of japanese media from the late 90's a…[View]
492965072I've seen your kind, time and time again. Every fleeing man must be caught. Every secret must b…[View]
492966237>beat game with ease as a kid >struggle to finish it as an adult…[View]
492966563CRUNCH: >Say developer crunch is overblown and even retail workers have it physically and mentall…[View]
492961176People will defend zoomesis[View]
492966535>it's a rosterfag-leaks-into-my-MMO episode[View]
492965089Since he's not around anymore.: Byleth.[View]
492964912New Smash Thread: Hahaha[View]
492946429City of Heroes: Fuck these Smash Brothers threads, why aren't you playing City of Heroes? Shits…[View]
492965040What are some other games like these, except good looking and co-op capable? They really scratch my …[View]
492963952Why did Sony just give up and go 3rd party?[View]
492957124Post IRL vidya locations.[View]
492962067Why did Bowser put bombs all over his arenas when he's completely invincible otherwise?[View]
492965153This is bullshit, I thought we were going to shake hands after I press O.[View]
492951445Are there any mobile games that aren't absolute shit?[View]
492966189Uhh... bros? https://twitter.com/AGraylin/status/1218144775255183360[View]
492966174What are some sci-fi games that can give me that immersive cockpit experience on PC? That put you in…[View]
492965237Try thinking of a woman in video games whose appearance screams 'power' more than this one. >you …[View]
492966128The Future of Gaming: I've seen the future of gaming, and the future is fucking stupid.[View]
492955902When did you realize that Terry and Byleth were the characters Sakurai wanted?[View]
492955391How do you find new games, /v/? I have nothing to play and I'm bored as hell[View]
492963740what are some good mods tired of vanilla[View]
492965726play Morrowind multiplayer[View]
492964143Redpill me on this[View]
492966010>'Only on Playstation' Worthless Where were you when PC Bros Won? We've never lost. Xbox i…[View]
492962984>close game >game.exe still runs[View]
492961297Remedy: What went wrong ?[View]
492905729Official Byleth Celebration Thread: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMPlPJP2brw We fin…[View]
492964252Fact: Symphony of the Night is objectively a top 5 game of all time[View]
492963714Best video game villains?[View]
492956198What are the best video game related youtube channels?[View]
492961051>game lets you murder >game lets you steal >game doesn't let you rape Why is this? Why…[View]
492965750What games have the best crafting system?[View]
492965674which graphics card are you rocking? I say 'rocking' because I want to sound like a cool dad saying …[View]
492961470reminder that 1998-2004 was the golden age of PC gaming Deus Ex Max Payne Postal 2 Half Life Thief G…[View]
492952379How come Nintendo is obsessed with Mexico?: >Mexican Mario in Odyssey >Mexican costumes in Ani…[View]
492955867Why crunchtain it?[View]
492965312What did they mean by this[View]
492954979>final boss' name is the title of the game[View]
492957510Who is the strongest and the most beautiful /v/?[View]
492964115>just barely beat the boss >this wasn't even his final form…[View]
492962445I got this for $1.50, is it good?[View]
492965042>unskippable cutscene with dialogue >skip because side quest >mfw dialogue option >can…[View]
492965060send help...can't stop playing...[View]
492965294>tink tink tink* >*AHEM* >FUCK ALTMER >FUCK DUNMER >FUCK BOSMER >FUCK ORSIMER >…[View]
492963392Will you be pre ordering fighter pass 2 /v/? Daddy Sakurai would be very grateful if you did. He isn…[View]
492964949to die leaving no corpse that is the way of us Garo[View]
492949264when are they going to officially reveal RedXIII[View]
492933118>continues to mindlessly serve the dictatorship that kidnapped him as a child and turned him into…[View]
492961823noko: https://twitter.com/AGraylin/status/1218144775255183360 Left For Dead 3 Leaked by HTC Ceo? VR …[View]
492964572Does following your passions means to be overworked and underpaid? RIP CD Project Red.[View]
492960387Assassin's Creed: Is AC Unity still considered the worst in the series after all these years?…[View]
492964854THEY’RE IN[View]
492964815Smash dlc wishlist: WHO do YOU want in FP vol. 2?[View]
492960846>one of my favourite videogames is Battle for Middle Earth 2 and its expansion, sank 200-300 hour…[View]
492948998KINGDOM HEARTS 3 RE:MIND: what happens in Re:Mind to turn sora into a chad?[View]
492962517Consoomers vs Doomers: All of you brain-damaged retards taking part in this moronic feud around FF7R…[View]
492947526Let's be real for a moment /v/: you don't actually use AMD like a bitch do you? https://fo…[View]
492963548*still mad*[View]
492957991'One Nintendo Switch Please'[View]
492958181What are your favorite video essays? Or ones that you disagree with. Bring on all that pseudo-intell…[View]
492962574princess=resident evil 2 remake knight=me crowd=nostalgic boomers[View]
492963917Just beat this recently and its easily an 8/10 what the fuck was /v/'s problem when this game c…[View]
492963816the ultimate shit test in gaming if someone gets their opinions from a youtube video or comes to rel…[View]
492950707Got your copy yet /v/?[View]
492963584>card based battle system[View]
492962708Female protagonists suc-[View]
492959779Miss me?[View]
492963504>Director Fumihiko Yasuda announced in a message published by the Japanese Nioh 2 Twitter account…[View]
492963680Ace Combat 7: The thread 404’d before I had a chance to ask. How does the game run on a base PS4 and…[View]
492961647>that one online game you hate but are addicted to and it's preventing you from playing your…[View]
492962097What’s the most desperate you’ve ever been to play vidya?[View]
492960576holy fuck what a boring washed out generic piece of trash this is.. i lost all hope for GTA VI being…[View]
492962216Worms Armageddon thread: Worms Armageddon thread[View]
492962725What the fuck was his problem?[View]
492962821How to make your own game: And why is coding so shit?[View]
492950497Is she right? Do games need to do better in terms of writing before it's taken seriously as a m…[View]
492962195>We want the incel audience[View]
492963443Yo B I swear to god you gon get raped kid that's real shit homie Word to your mother kid this i…[View]
492962720>minimap >quest markers >sparkling path, footprints, sixth sense why every rpg since over a…[View]
492959956Is Deus Ex still /v/‘s Favourite game of all time?[View]
492959286Game Recommendations. (Open world / Fantasy)[View]
4929630352020... I am forgotten...[View]
492959958Will you buy her game?[View]
492959627What games out there are about parental abuse? Where I can beat the ever living shit out of my child…[View]
492944035Can CDPR just cancel this garbage already[View]
492959639OOOOOOOOOOOOH: Now that the gameplay trailer is coming in three weeks, what do you fags expect to se…[View]
492962945What the fuck is wrong with touhou fags? Are they really all trannies?[View]
492962713How do I become a high-level arena FPS duel/TDM player? Are these games even alive enough to be able…[View]
492960814>Western vidya main character[View]
492962860>This should be fun >This should be fun >This should be fun What the FUCK were they thinkin…[View]
492959915Sugoi: Sugoi[View]
492962840>game allows you to be racist >calls you out for it what are some other games that do this?…[View]
492962771Is it safe to come out yet? Are the Smashfags gone?[View]
492962676Muffet wave: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KGqLIm_iyP4[View]
492960692Wtf did I just play?[View]
492961880ARK: Small Tribes edition. 'Memo: Playing 'friendly' / together is the most efficient and fun -- sha…[View]
492962620>No new fractal >No new legendary >No new raid >No new mount >New masteries that are …[View]
492959203>He plays games for the lore[View]
492961380Is it fun?[View]
492933970fucking how anons? I'm literally shaking right now[View]
492962431>Achievement Unlocked: Shut Up, Wyzen![View]
492962104What was the exact moment he stopped being /ourguy/?[View]
492962389>go to merchant >he will buy all my junk including actual trash >go from 300 pounds of stuf…[View]
492943958Ashley thread time now.[View]
492962339/co/‘s most hated hero: https://www.strawpoll.me/19255442 Let’s settle this.[View]
492872842Hentai Games Are The Last Bastion Of Pure Videogaming: When did you realize hentai games are the las…[View]
492962191Play Dragon Age II[View]
492962189I feel like shit.[View]
492917228Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord: Pay attention zoomers, this is what a game of the generation looks li…[View]
492959884>Capcom tears the 30 dollar DMC Collection into pieces to sell for 20 a piece on Switch >DMC1 …[View]
492952783>discord raiders try willing arlefags into existence >every attempt get taken over by actual p…[View]
492956882For me, it's the Flak Cannon. The best video game shotgun.[View]
492961885All they had to do is release this cunt as a non-Fighter Pass DLC, same as the Piranha Plant. They g…[View]
492961663I have both a 360 and PS3 andwant to sell both soon. Which exclusives are a 'must play' before I do?…[View]
492959578What's the appeal of HoI4?[View]
49295813162 days to go[View]
492959520>hzd >david cage shit >death stranding >nioh tick tock...…[View]
492960047When you were a kid during long car rides did you ever imagine sonic running alongside and jumping o…[View]
492956524What is the appeal of this character?[View]
492952242>someone places me in front of a box deeper than its depth which shows images of impossibility …[View]
492955957Will there be an option to turn off style switching?: I want to playthough the game how it was origi…[View]
492958914Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment thread.[View]
492958130I THINK HUNK SUCKS[View]
492932474>he makes dex builds[View]
492958216One of these threads?[View]
492961026Why do you faggots hate BOTW so much, when Zelda is your favourite franchise?[View]
492959459Is GOG version immediately ready to play or should I install some fixes?[View]
492958085>My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined[View]
492961163So for all the bitching people did about the whole FE weapon triangle not being represented, It turn…[View]
492954905Is this the best depiction of India in vidya?[View]
492957515Why do people suddenly hate Fire Emblem, /v/?[View]
492958767Have you played any psx games recently?[View]
492960639>video game >gets animated web show that ties into the game Is this the future of game? Actual…[View]
492960859Have you ever consumed a non-videogame product or service just because it was 'aimed at gamers'?[View]
492959919>If /v/ hates it, its good.[View]
492956536JAR BROS GET TF IN HERE, NEW BANLIST DROPPED https://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/detail.php?id=1…[View]
492960653Most Tragic Plays: What were your most tragic plays in a game /v/?[View]
492956473Just finished beating the bog brothers What did they mean there are no post-game legendaries to catc…[View]
492960721Discord tranny - 1 /v/ - 0[View]
492959335Help me decide which Xbox One X game pass game I should play. GTA 5 just got released. Is this game …[View]
492954091I got a PS3 at the thrift store for 12 bucks. Reccomend me games. Hard mode: No Demon's Souls, …[View]
492959160Are Troopas really Koopas?: If Koopa Troopas are just King Koopa's Troopas, then what are the K…[View]
492956026What's /v/'s opinion on Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth?[View]
492955559Admit it Cybercucks, you pushed back because you had no choice.[View]
492959865I finished this for the first time recently and it is great but i heard that someone that worked in …[View]
492960339You'll pre-order the smash dlc for Sakurai right? Come on /v/, he asked nicely and you know he…[View]
492945523Ultimate Game Character Navel: Abs, smooth, or tummy?[View]
492959413Whats the /v/erdict so far compared to the other games?[View]
492959903Games where you are a kidder?[View]
492959454>This makes the gringo seethe[View]
492960207Alright, kind of botched the previous thread so lets start a Funbag Friday right. Post and discuss y…[View]
492958995SUPER NINTENDO WORLD JAPAN music video: https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2020/01/17/universal-studios-…[View]
492956089>2/3 left tick tock tick tock[View]
492942087Enjoying G rank PC bros? I feel like these fights are some of the best in the series so far.[View]
492951226Who is the best Fire Emblem rep? For me it's Robin >Sword >Magic >STRATEGY What more c…[View]
492958856Vidya Pet Peeves: >boot up game >half a dozen unskippable graphics/animations that are ear-rap…[View]
492959868>make a Nintendo game >make it PS exclusive and send it out to die why do companies do this sh…[View]
492957432Video Game Delays Cause More Crunch: Unionization when?[View]
492932285How do we save/revive JRPGs? They used to be good you know.[View]
492957964JOIN MY GAME ON XBOX![View]
492959643ITT: draw a scene from a game and other anons try to guess which game it is[View]
492959613>Chinese fighter. >Can only win by poisoning his opponent. What did Capcom mean by this?…[View]
492959596...Railjack: How did we get here? >TSD nostalgia engaged[View]
492958964Thoughts on Misako and Kyokos game?[View]
492959580Should Sakurai himself be the final DLC fighter?[View]
492955597Why would anyone play as a vampire? Thinly veiled modded Skyrim thread[View]
492958660BALDURS GATE 3: SOMETHING IS BREWING! What could it be, /v/? (also a tiny video with some fightan w…[View]
492959179Touhou fangames: ITT post Touhou fangames Even the obscure and shit ones https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
492959296this fucking better be Ys IX in the west[View]
4929589171 hour in.... Plz tell me it will get better[View]
492959223I'm going to turn 40 this decade My reaction time is worsening, I can't stay up late witho…[View]
492954269it's no masterpiece[View]
492956970>haha, you thought you were killing monsters but you were actually killing children the whole gam…[View]
492956738bros.....im cooming to this picture right now[View]
492939185Remember him? me neither what's this new scam strategy of selling ads as dlc and getting stuck …[View]
492953058Once again the critics are retarded. The game is phenomenal and I'm having a blast. Been playin…[View]
492958891how does the vidya industry fix this? multiplayer with friends > single player >>>>…[View]
492958804>Not Backwards Compatible[View]
492956565>*steam notification* >1 new comment on your profile >*open* >'A most sincere Happy Hall…[View]
492955118Did you play it?[View]
492954149>playstation meeting 2020 will be announced within 2 weeks BASED[View]
492957281>steals men's souls and makes them his slaves defend this, /v/[View]
492955958Coolest pokemon of all time[View]
492945295>Refuses to make female playable MC's Based honestly.[View]
492958286Show me a Megaman game[View]
492957682Hard choice. I still think that it has a better soundtrack than 2.[View]
492958167>boss taunts you after you beat them[View]
492957375No it's just me Gabe Newell[View]
492957147LFD3: President of HTC VIVE mentioning Left 4 dead 3 in one of his slides. https://twitter.com/AGray…[View]
492956681Ok real talk THIS is the king of 'NEVER EVERS' How has Tabuu NOT been a playable character yet? The …[View]
492957001I love this toaster[View]
492945319loli bathtime on Switch: CENSORED How do you feel about this?[View]
492955250Games to play while listening to asmr or similar: I like to unwind after a long day at work by liste…[View]
492956236This is an Ace Pilot with over 70 confirmed kills. Say something nice to her[View]
492957903Litchi Faye Ling. Thoughts?[View]
492855542Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Are the new additions enough to make this game worth a buy if I already playe…[View]
492957850Seriously, how is anyone taken by surprise by this shit? Only 3 months to go and we still had no ac…[View]
492953564>1 game >1 snack >1 drink What do you get?…[View]
492949286This is a highly upvoted image on r*ddit right now. These subhumans want to purge every single cute …[View]
492954830What is the eminem of video games?[View]
492957740Ori 2: is this the next game to be delayed?[View]
492954970>God tier music wasted on a crappy game[View]
492955027Anyone up for a funbag friday, anyone?[View]
492956363Are there any good anime games?[View]
492954470>manage to pull off a clutch kill on boss >it revives with full health also, my damage output …[View]
492957604What are some of the most morbid and perturberest games you have ever played?[View]
492956640You’ll main me right anon? :3[View]
492957460These were /v/'s favorite games at the start of the 2010s[View]
492955468>Hmm.. I guess we really can’t have Breath of the Wild’s Princess Zelda as a fighter Why not? Wha…[View]
492957392Dog Video Games: What are good video games with dogs in them?[View]
492957370Which bending discipline did you choose in ATLA: Online, bro?[View]
492954478Unpopular opinion: Save states aren't cheating. If you make a mistake in a game, you're j…[View]
492936634You can buy two (2) rings /v/.[View]
492953708You should be able to solve this[View]
492957171Here's an actual genius that's not a fraud[View]
492956863Why is this game so hard ? its really easy to not be able to find something.[View]
492956705I SAID I need about tree FIDDY![View]
492953189Golden Sun thread?[View]
492955986[ + ] a c g k Video Games vg vr ck co fit jp mu sp tv vp [FAQ] 4chan /v/ - Video Games Start a Threa…[View]
492952446NEVER EVER[View]
492955081>Gta 3, vice city, san andreas and 4 were all released in a five year period. >But the gap bet…[View]
492956713I thought delays were for improving games not downgrading them?[View]
492955332>quest updated: jump the chasm[View]
492950771in terms of gameplay, minecraft has more depth than any game ever created[View]
492955994Sekiro thread: Was this a giant dad reference? >giant stature >big sword >is a “dad” >…[View]
492956313You want a piece of meat boy?[View]
492946741PS4 won this generation. This is an indisputable fact.[View]
492956036>Paying for a switch pro controller when you have controllers laying around everywhere…[View]
492940493Now that the dust has settled, just what went wrong?[View]
492953713>there will never ever be a video game where you get to date and fuck 2D im not gonna make it bro…[View]
492954121Looking for a new game to get into.[View]
492918862Damn, Super Mario looks like THAT?[View]
492948246Jesus Christ almighty this game is shit[View]
492930027Alright /v/, choose two (2) magical companions to aid you on your epic quest![View]
492935546This is a stupid character. The definition of flanderized unfunny bullshit. Imagine actually liking …[View]
492953613What were the best horror games of the decade?[View]
492956170For me, it's Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. The best beat'em up of all time.[View]
492952454Best RPGs ever made: I give to you an objective list of the best rpgs ever made: Top 10 wrpgs: 1. Pl…[View]
492952671Thoughts on this Snes kino?[View]
492955023Compared size using blu-ray drive[View]
492944249I've got cash to spare, and I'm on my way out. Should I get this? Is it worth it? There mu…[View]
492950980Random /v/ dump. Dump whatever, as long as its /v/ related.[View]
492955751It had a lower budget yet was far superior in every way.[View]
492955685what is the best Spider-Man game?[View]
492950902Indie Games: What indies are you playing /v/? Any games you're looking forward to playing this …[View]
492942534Sonic thread: Can someone explain me why is this game considered so bad? (Not talking about the plot…[View]
492953280>a mod kills cross-play on the PC so 5 autists can pretend they see a difference in the netcode …[View]
492949991Do you prefer to play as Mario or Luigi?[View]
492948996Let's go Pikachu/Eevee is so much better than Sword/Shield - Better graphics, everything is pol…[View]
492934304ITT: Post the best images from the day's events[View]
492944716What did Sakurai mean by this?[View]
492954254games then >you're sent to save boss of DARPA, Donald Anderson from terrorist's hands, …[View]
492922838Happy anniversary to the most kino game of 2019[View]
492955097Who would win?[View]
492910979Rune Factory 4 Switch: Aaaaaany day now[View]
492954828/v/ I’m afraid[View]
492948567These are the two highest rated games ever, which one is better?[View]
492955613Why do normies love this shit so much? Its boring as fuck and the controls are dogshit[View]
492954969Jesus christ almighty this game is shit[View]
492951165When it comes to JRPG outfit designs what is /v/ favorite?[View]
492950845DAILY POSTURE CHECK: Make sure your keeping that back straight! Don't become a hunchback! Happy…[View]
492952602>... >PLAY RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS[View]
492951882/v/'s Japan Defense Force is about to disparage vidya landmarks such as the Arkham and Witcher …[View]
492954980one thing thats always bothered me with online gaming is that each region is typically isolated from…[View]
492954648>First person platforming >Platforming with no air control…[View]
492951571Seriously what the fuck was his problem?[View]
492955094How does this rank with the Grinch and Rayman leak?[View]
492952315I'm tired of playing all of this mainstream stuff. Recc me better games for ps4. Is Odin Sphere…[View]
492955057>mfw a game features Italians[View]
492954906You still have your burned CDs right?[View]
492953543who else hyped?[View]
4929432982019 /v/GAs - VOTING IS CLOSING: Voting for the 2019 VIDYA GAEM AWARDS is closing. You have LESS THA…[View]
492954918Can someone test this out on Java for me? I was XP grinding in the Nether when I hit a lava pocket a…[View]
492954945Behold...the master class/race combination.[View]
492954340Do you understand why there's no bigger red flag to women than videogames?: Because 'men' who p…[View]
492953243Come on Ninty, I just wanted my Stevebros to be happy :([View]
492954910Outbreak remake when[View]
492951431Thoughts on the switcher 3. I think it's a pretty fucking good port, just don't ever play …[View]
492949717Do you still play minecraft?[View]
492953643I need about tree fiddy.[View]
492954117Signal Simulator: Is this game worth playing?[View]
492950198Are the Middle Earth games any good?[View]
492940486Where are the fucking GAMES!?[View]
492952307the bastard's curse[View]
492947623The Epic Games Store is the best choice for buying games in the developing world: Thank you Epic for…[View]
492944898Wolves hunt in packs Wolves hunt in packs Wolves hunt in packs Wolves hunt in packs That's a la…[View]
4929471692nd best game of the decade: /v/ btfo[View]
492954534Sneeded in chuck's fuck and suck[View]
492946941https://steamcommunity.com/app/582010/announcements/ >The patch should improve (lower) CPU utiliz…[View]
492944978*ssssiiiiiiiiiipppppp* ahhhhhh.... now this is true cyberpunk[View]
492954464Linux Gaming Thread: thread about playing video games on Linux[View]
492953631Sonic says Trans Rights[View]
492939614action taimanin: https://twitter.com/ActionTaimanin/status/1218173687016255489 new character coming…[View]
492945114You did enjoy death stranding, right?[View]
492951002It's going to be shit isn't it?[View]
492950829>Square was so afraid of Animal Crossing, they had to delay FF7R >Poland was so afraid of FF7R…[View]
492950885https://twitter.com/AGraylin/status/1218144775255183360?s=20 Left 4 Dead 3 leaked by HTC[View]
492948924Were you anyone important on this thing back in the day /v/?[View]
492948182One copy of Cyberpunk 2077, p1eas3[View]
492953956Uncharted appreciation thread. This series is the peak of cinematic adventure gaming. > inb4 “too…[View]
492941645Nintendo lied: >Lead people on to think that Dante is fighter number 5 >Get the official DMC T…[View]
492953926Your Game Boy is about to become a game Man.[View]
492953891Any suggestions or hints for a first time playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII on PS2?[View]
492953887New Vegas Soundtrack?: Does anyone know the Fallout OST that plays in Victor's Shack in Goodspr…[View]
492953874>What are you doing my son?[View]
492943980>2020... I'm forgotten....[View]
492950662Are you gonna play Guilty Gear Strive at Frosty Faustings?[View]
492953754>With darkness, and silence, through the niiiight >What a thrill…[View]
492953441>the SJWs are ruining video games[View]
492953469Byleth salt mining thread: Look at all these manbaby fake Smash fans. This is November 2016 all over…[View]
492953615uhh bros, I think we got scammed[View]
492952835Thoughts on her?[View]
492953536So how much do they get paid for their services?[View]
492949559Byleth defeating Dante? This seems like a challenge worthy of my power[View]
492940089How would you make a game about history's best girl?[View]
492952428NINTENDO HIRE THIS MA-- Oh wait[View]
492952097Jesus Christ almighty this game is shit[View]
492951806>David Cageshit >Death Stranding >now Horizon is Sony making their own PC launcher?…[View]
492952330>I'll just go to the safe house and sa- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDeThz30JtQ…[View]
492935534>no Sora >no Dante >no Geno >no Bandana Dee >no Doomguy >no Steve >more crappy …[View]
49295018710.00 credit to spend on a steam game. what the fuck do i buy: its like theres no fucking good games…[View]
492953057Why has there not been a Galar Pokèmon spirit event in Smash?[View]
492945780OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH: Elden Ring available for pre-order https://www.gamespot.com/articles/elden…[View]
492949407Who's the best character in Arnold Fighter?[View]
492953190The first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is better than the second[View]
492949025>You struggle to escape the web. Muffet covers her mouth and giggles at you. >You struggle to …[View]
492952817>die in video game >tab out and look at 4chan for a few seconds >go back to video who else …[View]
492953094Your Turn To Die: where the fuck is part 3[View]
492951337Was it kino?[View]
492953035Smashtral Chain: Has anyone else noticed that they gave the player character spirits and not Akira?…[View]
492951458subtle vidya attire[View]
492950725What were your thoughts on the last smash direct?[View]
492952810We're going home lads[View]
492921234Mass Effect 2 is in every conceivable way an upgrade over Mass Effect 1.[View]
492952609you're a queer fellow![View]
492949823Smash Ultimate Fighter pass 2: Don't ask me how I know this shit, I just know about Nintendo…[View]
492950559Uh oh, stinky[View]
492931551Blizzard posts this: Literally zero 'Free Hong Kong' comments. The fuck happened to people? Why do …[View]
492946495The deaf princess dropped her ear horn in the lava, she can't hear the creature behind her. Use…[View]
492943860>removes the Californian censorship policies >fired the blue haired american SJW's starti…[View]
492926870Think of the last game you played. you now have one week to help you mother complete it How fucked a…[View]
492948718Smash Bros: Has he chances?[View]
492950462ITT the best games /v/ never played[View]
49295093815 years later..has it been surpassed?[View]
492950485>diehard banjo main >still would have preferred Steve over another anime swordsman…[View]
492950619Note to future writers and libtards, THIS is how you write a gay character.[View]
492951894Play MGS4.[View]
492946843I just had an epiphany: Every time I made a thread about a game, defended a game or posted anything …[View]
492950869What went right?[View]
492932957>DQXI gets a ported with worse graphics, QoL changes and a few hours of new/ported 3DS content …[View]
492951765Can he just go back to making kirby games[View]
492950834Here's your Dante announcement, bro https://twitter.com/DevilMayCry/status/1217839174860058626…[View]
492949495What games have the best earth magic?[View]
492950357Wealth beyond measure outlander.[View]
492946987/v/ recommends me a game >it's good[View]
492951636Unpopular opinion: Save states aren't cheating. If you make a mistake in a game, you're ju…[View]
492951616Remember when this was supposed to get a sequel?[View]
492950264>even a dirt has its stats Im very excided for nu-rune factory game.[View]
492950876ITT: post a shitpost image and others guess what vidya ending it replicates[View]
492947585Say hello to the future winner of the next generation[View]
492951292what are some good non-open-world games of the recent years? are there even still AAA games that don…[View]
492928479This game sure has pretty good animations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrFrHtW6fc8 https://www.yo…[View]
492946165These games really have the worst fucking fanbase: >cringy fanmade rap >praising mods that cha…[View]
492949149Apex Strats: I love this game and exclusively play with randoms. Which means, I will get dumb teamma…[View]
492951347Come to me, through fire and war. I welcome you.[View]
492951270>Party member betrays you[View]
492947839I'm bored, gimmie vidya: Gimmie vidya to play, i'm so BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED[View]
492949765Danger Gazers: >sales increased 400% after devs decided to release the game free and without drm …[View]
492950745Fucking admit it, BOTW is in your top 10 games[View]
492951153Why the fuck are horror games so creatively bankrupt: >scary/horror game >walking around a pla…[View]
492951085Don't make me say it again. I'm a Killer7 thread.[View]
492930208Was Ragnarok Online good, or do people look at it through rose tinted glasses?[View]
492951018Why do structures and owners suddenly change? Do the servers migrate or something?[View]
492945494>Character with flashiest moves in old school fighters >Cool ass design >Charming English …[View]
492950709path of radiance... soul...[View]
492947141>Game uses the C word[View]
492946840It'll be up https://twitter.com/AdamDeats/status/1218211788476600322[View]
492944512I love her[View]
492941848Kingpin Reloaded: WE DID IT /V/!!! https://youtu.be/bIZncEjZoig[View]
492950698Any game where speaking facts lowers your reputation?[View]
492925826People are pissed at the 5th reveal but what would've been an even more disappointing announcem…[View]
492947056When will smashfaggots stop ravaging the board?[View]
492944030How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
492948673Do good vidya adaptations exist?: Name one Hardmode: No Gungrave[View]
492950603What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
492919050almost 24 hours since Haaaave you gotten over it?[View]
492947925Was it really that bad?[View]
492939501'Cyberpunk 2077 Genders' BTFO: *Sips drink* >it doesn't have to be at night >it doesn…[View]
492950459so is this game worth buying or not?: what do you think anon?[View]
492949878Yakuza 0 was deliciously kino: Any RPG's like this set in South Korea?[View]
492949710Hey Skinwalker here Can you humans recommend me some vidya?[View]
492944423Ayu on the first page![View]
492878178CYBERPUNK 2077: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIcTM8WXFjk Why the fuck did it have to be delay…[View]
492948059>new adventure reboot >Digimon survive coming this year >story games no longer locked to pl…[View]
492945192Games where I can give my character a hime cut?[View]
492947076Suicidal, Need New Game!: /v/, Looking for a new fantasy / RPG game on steam. HELP![View]
492949839>Gamers: exclusives are bad, we don’t want to spend hundreds just to play a game >Phil Spencer…[View]
492944814How come there aren't any interesting western games coming up? I'm only looking forward to…[View]
492944260>VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE! >so lets make a video game about socializing! If video games tell…[View]
492948479Reminder my wive(‘s) got in and your most wanted didn’t![View]
492947686What are some major bullshit 'achievements'?[View]
492946914'Eastern character design is much more versatile' >actually being above the age of 12 and thinkin…[View]
492947619this game is amazing, even surpassing alan wake[View]
492920338iceborne: gonna beat final boss today, what am i in for for grinding lands? i cant wait pic of the b…[View]
492947826He's right you know.[View]
492947507When was the last time you went to a lan anon? You had fun right? What games did you play?[View]
492946343Kill The Past: Help me /v/ So I'm a bit of a Suda51 noob. I started with Killer7 and progressed…[View]
492927236How trannie ridden is this game? Where does this reputation come from[View]
492949591Are these yellow turb fags just?[View]
492949571Cindered Shadows: This is Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd's wife. Say something nice about her.…[View]
492948410NO GAMES O A M E S[View]
492923594GTA 2 Thread: And remember... Funami FM is the best radio station https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yy…[View]
492945669Which game have you bought the most copies of?[View]
492949369Mindustry: thoughts on this? i bought it cause it looked like it might scratch the factorio itch but…[View]
492931981Nintendo and the console agnostic future: With Sony now putting their top tier exclusive games on PC…[View]
492940634Remember when Capcom characters used to look this good!?[View]
492948642What the fuck?[View]
492949291>Xbox Series X First Party Games To Run On Xbox One now consoles can be held back by consoles too…[View]
492947916why are gamers like this?[View]
492946373>xbros and pcuqqs still stuck in 3D >PS5 going 4D oh no no no.…[View]
492945941What were the best releases of 2019 that restored your faith in video games?[View]
492948669Who are you?: Games like ESV: Skyrim. Not the obvious though.[View]
492924636Why is PlayStation plus/paid online hated so much?: You are paying for the 'free' games as much as t…[View]
492946139>even yurofifasonyland is caving What went right?[View]
492947718>Loading screen has lore text / tips / info >Loading finishes long before you have a chance to…[View]
492940060Noita Thread: noita thread have you beaten nightmare mode yet, anons?[View]
492937606STR, DEX or INT ?[View]
492940641Best couch Multiplayer for 2 players. PC. Any recommendations?[View]
492946904What the fuck was his problem?[View]
492942235ITT: games that will flop this year[View]
492925454Byleth looks like they'll be pretty fun. I think it was a good pick[View]
492948202>open Cities: Skylines >don't know how to design and plan my city…[View]
492945365Here's your indie rep, bro.[View]
492942434*blocks your release date*[View]
492937109>15 years old >gunplay hasn't been surpassed yet…[View]
492933637*also available on wiiu and pc*[View]
492947392Guys I think I liked DQXI. And not just because of the art style for once.[View]
492948119Webm Thread: This is the thread where you post and steal webms to post in the next webm thread…[View]
492948104RePlay New Vegas[View]
492945174Is this worth it if I already own the game on PC?[View]
492948086What did he mean by this?[View]
492943036Personally, I’m excited for Byleth and Cuphead being in smash. We needed more characters I want to d…[View]
492944017Can we get some Wholesome Memes about Video Games?: (Please no Pornographic memes, children might be…[View]
492947904Fuck him.[View]
492945821What the fuck was his problem?[View]
492944235Wake the fuck up, schizo.[View]
492946589Why is this application the best gaming application ever?[View]
492937682I have nothing planned for tonight and I want a game I can sink my teeth into. What have you played …[View]
492946126Has Grand Theft Auto III's original release aged badly? The shooting is completely fucked as yo…[View]
492942687Why does Owl look like a white guy? Isn’t this game set in feudal Japan? He looks like an old Wester…[View]
492942496Byleth? More like a pile of shit.[View]
492942048>What's the matter, /v/? Not gonna talk shit about my game?[View]
492947401The world needs Superstar cops, and by God I will be it. Post about your favorite Communist/Fascist/…[View]
492946234Okay /v/, who do you think will win next gen?[View]
492936403Someone please give me a hint on how to reach the Quantum Moon? I know that I have to keep looking a…[View]
492930353>/mu/ >often discusses outsider music, really nische genres >/tv/ >threads about films n…[View]
492943369Second playtrough in pic related and i just lost 10000 geo that i really needed because all of the s…[View]
492940887>Difficult yet fun games post em[View]
492947041Final Fantasy 11: Valkrum Dunes Home[View]
492947154Which of the three is the most difficult? I'd say 3 because a lot of the enemies are extremely …[View]
492942656Real talk. Can I really improve my gaming performance with this?[View]
492946527Why yes, I didn't buy the fighter's pass bundle and purchased each of the characters I wan…[View]
492946663>open world >graphically intensive When has this ever paid off? Reviewers will lap it up but i…[View]
492945585Megaten thread?: Megaten thread.[View]
492946986Your next anime sword-wielder for the fighter pass has been decided[View]
492946584ITT: kino game music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-0G_FI61a8[View]
492938787Here's fighter pass 2 my dear friends[View]
492946071Why do I feel so nostalgic about Souls games? I didn't even enjoy them as much since I'd a…[View]
492944165>getting your girlfriend a video game for her birthday Why do goons do this?…[View]
492939046Only FEchads and Bylethchads can post ITT.[View]
492944590I just finished the original Phoenix Wright trilogy. I want to play the later games, but they aren…[View]
492943358Is it worth one last try at making a Marvel vs Capcom game, or do we just accept that UMvC3 is the p…[View]
492945749why do gamers have shit taste?[View]
492939296Nu-Jill Valentine: Anyone else not a fan of Jill's new voice? The way she says things makes me …[View]
492934932Can someone tell me a summary of each route's story and subsequently who was in the right?[View]
492940856What am I in for? I am already aware that this is a very polarizing game.[View]
492944880BYLETH YOU FOOL[View]
492944168rumours you fell for[View]
492944039games for this feel?[View]
492944053Any hope for this to be any good? What do you want to see to make you be willing to buy it?[View]
492944112whats the point[View]
492944750bloodborne: how the fuck does this shit work I've been waiting for like 10 minutes with my bud …[View]
492946131ill come back[View]
492942962comfy let’s play channels: post ‘em[View]
492946067Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore: How cringe is this? Bearable?[View]
492945160Would you take a fortnite fighter over a fire emblem fighter?[View]
492912773Okay, that 'twist' was retarded[View]
492944405Hades: What's the best weapon and why is it Varatha?[View]
492945206If Nintendo rebooted Ice Climbers as a 3D platformer would be interested in playing it? http://www.s…[View]
492941905Who do you pick?[View]
492922637Christopher Tolkien dead at 95.: Christopher Tolkien dead at 95. Let the rape of middle earth commen…[View]
492945191Let's write a letter to nintendo. You can use as many words as you like. I'll start: Dear …[View]
492925580Have there been any recent news on Alice's new game? ...she IS getting a new game, right?…[View]
492945573Who do you main /v/? >Vladimir - Machinegun: +200% maximum ammo, can move while revved up. >Yu…[View]
492940909>game ends on a cliffhanger >sequel is cancelled what's their names /v/?…[View]
492945486Attention all console cucks: Xbox 360 and the PS3 were the last consoles sold at a lower price than …[View]
492944150What kind of fan are you?[View]
492940398Here's your PC port bro[View]
492944793>Stay be me, Anon. Please. >I'm so scared. Help me... >Save me from them. >Please..…[View]
492945164So, when are we gonna get a Playstation/Sony rep? Cloud, Snake and Joker doesn’t count, they are own…[View]
492941459>first music genre that comes to mind when i hear word 'Cyberpunk'? Mumble rap.…[View]
492926364Based nuObsidian[View]
492943442Play skyrim.[View]
492944754Ok we have seen the 'can /v/ survive horror game' but what about windwaker?[View]
492927115Dragon's Dogma: One last update/adjustment >provisional name is Project Bella >next-gen a…[View]
492943051What Mii Costumes would we get?[View]
492938794What's your stance on PS 5 being an X-Box, /v/? This is official, BTW.[View]
492943286Do you think they are adding more sun?[View]
492944000Granblue Versus possibly releasing on 18/02 in the west.[View]
492938253RO3 when?[View]
492940138Why was Cry engine not as popular as Unreal? I remember this engine had the best graphics and was op…[View]
492939623Smash: They were robbed[View]
492944435Favorite Voice Thread: Idk man, I just really like the way Mengsk says “HUMANITEH” in his awesome sp…[View]
492933453why do you millenials eat shit up? don't you have some self respect?[View]
492940586ITT: Autistic details in games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwMwiawXv1o[View]
492944175So wait, did we just win?[View]
492944146Digimon games: Everything about Digimon is 5 times better than pokemon.The shows , the designs , the…[View]
492943898Is this the greatest crossover in vidya history?[View]
492944034What is the best MMO to get into in 2020?[View]
492940441Gaming crisis: >Microsoft Xbox Series X possibly having Steam, putting all its exclusives on PC p…[View]
492942760MK wins for once, Smash loses: MK get based Joker (+Batman themed skins) SB gets Byleth... lol…[View]
492944170Slay the Spire: What can the watcher do that's strong? So far I've only played a bit but w…[View]
492944126>beat first 2/3 of the game >enjoy it thoroughly >lose patience for some reason >rush th…[View]
492944116>Miles, I beat the shit out of an anime swordsman for this >Please, just take this and neutral…[View]
492943601You did get a VR headset for Christmas, right?[View]
492944057Cool gamer fren: Hey /v/, i want to tell the story of one of my best friends... I was playing ark an…[View]
492943131What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this video game track? https://you…[View]
492939590i liked persona 3/4/5 smt nocturne and three houses will i like this?[View]
492881631>post image >anons recommend vidya based on it…[View]
492941275What are some 'fucked up' games?[View]
492943909I think that characters that have never been in a crossover game should be considered for Smash befo…[View]
492941854Just smash me already! What in the world are you waiting for?[View]
492936256>Runs towards you AWAY! AWAY![View]
492943762Recommend me good vidya osts. Pic related.[View]
492943508Tell me about this nigga. How good is remote play? Thinking of getting it just for that but I'd…[View]
492936360i want a game where new game plus has the character sent back in time with all their knowledge and p…[View]
492936137just played the first two Timesplitters games and I didn't quite love them, what with the archa…[View]
492943583>jap game >MC has amnesia[View]
492943534You may only post in this thread if one of your 5 made it in the pass Feel free to post your new 5 t…[View]
492942849More alive than ever: >just released the most based and fun champ in 3 years, resembling the simp…[View]
492935220We'll never get an All Stars Racing Transformed 2[View]
492935421Why yes, I am white. How did you know?: Btw, just bought this and wondering why it has 6 disks inste…[View]
492924010Life is Strange: >her father died when she was 14 >her best and only friend moves out at the s…[View]
492938742Some of these questlines are so goddamn boring in this game. How do you power through them? Jesus ch…[View]
492943241Well, /v/?[View]
492943076PRRÖÖÖÖÖÖÖH :D :D :D[View]
492942824ITT: A: Games where bears are actually serious threats B: Games with extremely sudden and random gam…[View]
492938645Smash Bros Epic Theory: Epic Smash DLC Theory Time What if they took like 130+ days to give us smash…[View]
492943169Darkest dungeon.[View]
492943112Which one is better and why? My vote goes to both have different characters and both are equally fun…[View]
492943105Smash: >MFW didn’t bought the fighter pass, only Banjo and didn’t waste 20 other dollars on sakur…[View]
492941180ITT:This game isn’t that bad, so fuck you if you say “it doesn’t play like the original”.[View]
492943057Byleth's moveset would've worked perfectly on a Dark Souls character[View]
492943030>your friends are really enemies >your enemies are also your enemies >that one girl is an u…[View]
492938969Are you ready for ReMind?[View]
492942810>game is set in Japan >actually it's set in Tokyo…[View]
492933593I couldn't have been happier, I love FE and I for one can't believe how far the series has…[View]
492941048Old turn based is outdated shit. Adding environment and/or position is the natural evolution of turn…[View]
492933889New Konami Ip: Solomon Program: here's some screen of it and arts[View]
492942923Outside /v/ where do you go to discuss video games?[View]
492927754I bought Tsubasa's game.[View]
492936536We write a letter to Nintendo with one word at a time starting with Dear[View]
492934784>What is the greatest joy in life?[View]
492941476I seriously hope you saw reason and let him go /v/[View]
492911198Is anyone else bothered by BOTW letting you cross everything in the map? Without borders impedinging…[View]
492942647Hirata Estate was the best location in Sekiro I loved sneaking over houses and on walls taking ever…[View]
492935567>excited for this shit since everyone talks about it here >finally buy it >play for a cou…[View]
492942553Play The Simpsons Hit & Run: Donut Mod 4: Public Beta pic unrelated[View]
492941614>open world Last of Us but without SJW pandering Discuss this masterpiece.…[View]
492935960Atelier: Why havent you bought her game yet /v/? Its on sale[View]
492940569>like Silent Hill Shattered Memories >there is no way to play it on PC >PS2 emulation of it…[View]
492934805Here's your Dante in Smash, bro :)[View]
492938094Is gaming saved?[View]
492942391https://youtu.be/rzLIUgnKY40 SOUL[View]
492941076Why do Smashfags complain about “muh anime swordsmen” but also constantly push for characters like D…[View]
492940409What are some good gaming headsets/headphones?[View]
492942328>Another order? Great! Better get going now the client is waiting after me…[View]
492917876How something like this happens? It's impossible to be on purpose.[View]
492940101Drakkon, the Green and White Ranger. At your service.[View]
492942091Imagine creating an entire twitter account to whine about muh cheaters in a shitty dead game.[View]
492940901She killed billions...[View]
492934924>I'm not sure smash is just a fighting game Lmao sakurai dabbing on the entire FGC by saying…[View]
492940336I’m a time traveler and i just got here from the past. Did he get in /v/?[View]
492939756This is the only JRPG I've finished more than once. Why is that /v/?[View]
492938928What games should I play in 2020 (17/1). I'm open to all genres.[View]
492941701It would be nice if sex appeal and objectification weren't so important in fighting games becau…[View]
492941714Hotline Miami debate: Does anyone here still play the Hotline Miami series? Told the PC manbabies at…[View]
492940341They have been showing the same features and gameplay for months... Why are there seemingly no shops…[View]
492941691Paper Mario: Fuck bros it hurts so much, 15 years and no proper sequel.[View]
492940564ITT: the worst twists in vidya. I'll start[View]
492939136A little over 6 years ago, Sony 'won' E3 by announcing that physical games would still be actual tra…[View]
492940543Alright greatest game of all time now.[View]
492939958Oooooh smash kiddys laughted at my opinion that Dante and Doomslayer are to mature for this childish…[View]
492941002Shitty Vidya Fanbase: I hate Smashfags so fucking much, back when it was hillairious with Stevefag, …[View]
492939725Are Kat's games worth playing in 2020?[View]
492941159Is it true that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC? Please don't get my hopes up, I almost bough…[View]
492939986I miss it bros: Promod was the shit[View]
492936036>During Skyrim, we were playing on top of an ancient vampire civilisation https://www.youtube.co…[View]
492914186>soul >soul >soulless >jewish…[View]
492925891Left or right?[View]
492940325Everything released between Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Mania was an absolute trainwreck and Sega…[View]
492933308watcha playing today boys?[View]
492938468Your Favourite Dead Game Series: Miss these fucking games like you wouldn't believe /v/ros…[View]
492929763>we made the protagonist mute so you can connect to them! When will this shit meme end? I connect…[View]
4929383492020 I am forgotten[View]
492940794>Mal d’Africa refers to the feeling of nostalgia of those who have visited Africa and want to go …[View]
492937046Games where I can kill demons?[View]
492940068To all No Man's Sky haters.: You. Yes, you. The one screaming, 'There's no multiplayer!' a…[View]
492927865PS4: UNCENSORED SWITCH: CENSORED where is your god now niggers?[View]
492940730What's the matter lads? You don't like Fire Emblem?[View]
492940578The Real Reason Western Vidya sucks: >the SJWs dont like sexy lady! This is a symptom, not a caus…[View]
492940689Games with this feel?[View]
492939447Why do people suddenly care about the live of developers? do people not know that shit like crunch t…[View]
492907541So, how are you enjoying 8.3, world of warcraft players?[View]
492902332Mario Kart VS CTR: What the fuck is wrong with Nintendo?[View]
492898713Dragon Ball Kakarot thread. How fun is it?[View]
492940351left or right?[View]
492935251*kicks feet*[View]
492922167>2 Ubi reps as costume >rayman is still a spirit what did they mean by that?…[View]
492937252What would he think of vidya?[View]
492928861she's ugly[View]
492840972Risk O' Rain: Dying thread edition[View]
492940039What the fuck? I just wanted to play a kiddy platform game...[View]
492938364Turn based gameplay is ba-[View]
492939816>oh it's real son, it's real[View]
492925429>zoomers get tired of zombies >capcom literally makes a 1:1 remake of a 1998 game to pander to…[View]
492939393alright bros give me one (1) good reason not to give the middle finger to you and other social media…[View]
492936783>Game still uses pre-rendered cutscenes[View]
492939579Post your favourite YouTube vidyagameplayer Mine one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iEabugeweC4&…[View]
492928598Here's your second wave of Smash DLC. I hope you like it.[View]
492936779Can you have a game about dry topic such as financial management and still have enthralling story ar…[View]
492932008Is being high ranked/mmr something to be proud of?: in any games[View]
492937156Name a girl in games that both adorable, and terrifying.[View]
492938827>$400 console >$900 five years of gamepass ultimate >$150 elite gamepad >$200 gamer head…[View]
492936512CONGA: CONGA LADS[View]
492939131What's his problem?[View]
492938396So it's this game ever getting localized?: It has been out in Japan since 2017 and no words, ki…[View]
492904938>play subnautica for the first time >see all those cool fish and alien shit for the first time…[View]
492939126I don't like Nu-Super Smash Brothers[View]
492939040REmake 3 crows confirmed. Leakerbro never said anything about crows.[View]
492939059ITT: Games with Lost potential[View]
492938580What games/sims do you use a HOTAS on? Realistic or fictional, new or old, aerial or ground or other…[View]
492939013Nintendo ruins every great franchise they own by shaving down style and difficulty (pikmin, paper ma…[View]
492937170When did you realize Kanon was a masterpiece?[View]
492931409>can no longer remember why I was excited for VR in the first place[View]
492934931Run for your lives! Touhou Lunarians are taking over the world![View]
492936813I need more pylons.: All this beer I'm holding is not enough so I figured pylons would be a goo…[View]
492932057>Be disappointed by literally anything >Twitter: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TOXIC HARRASSER…[View]
492938748https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcYpGDkruxc NINTENDO[View]
492934471Post your top 3 favorite shooters (FPS or TPS).[View]
492919036>Still no burning crusade or cata servers announcement from blizzard[View]
492928092This really is the worst generation of consoles None of the gaming trends that were established duri…[View]
492938524>Why yes, I have the best Battlefield theme of the franchise, how could you tell? https://www.you…[View]
492938514>Joker in his school uniform is a dead ringer for Harry Potter >new stage is Literally Hogwart…[View]
492917298What do you think of taunting, /v/?[View]
492935801ENTER CHADNER[View]
492932405Post a 3x3 of your favourite games from the 2010's[View]
492938151What are your expectations?[View]
492938373what are some games that give you truly impossible moral choices?[View]
492938314After pokemon fail creation of sword and shield . I enjoy sonic forces a lot more[View]
492936119Is anybody looking forward to Total War: Troy? Thrones of Brittania wasn't great, but the setti…[View]
492937267What games do you have installed on your most played platform?[View]
492932040>stuck in puzzle for hours >give up >look it up on the internet >solution was some obvio…[View]
492937826Smash is turning into the closest thing to an official MUGEN[View]
492937692So were there any fucking games?[View]
492935316Hey guys thanks for letting me in smash I swear I'm not like the other blue haired sword fighte…[View]
492936898Ranked roles essentially removed: So they essentially destroyed RR with the introduction of 'Ranked …[View]
492935569ITT: INFP characters[View]
492936471rip 2077: >imagine releasing your 9-years-in-the-making game in the same month as the most succes…[View]
492937863Smash bros? I’m too busy fighting the covenant to worry about some silly party game[View]
492934234Mii costume speculation thread: We have Cuphead and Sans but what about this bug? When's he get…[View]
492936292>dozens of posts about how good The Witcher 3 is >dozens of posts about how overrated The Witc…[View]
492937765Post your Switch catalog listed by last played. Let's see what you guys are playing.[View]
492935918Why atlus gamers are getting standards now?[View]
492923517have you played bug fables yet?[View]
492937804Inezh vs Voth: Lets just imagine today 4chan /v/ but set in 2002 - full of threads like 'not my Jill…[View]
492937239Here's your PS 5, niggers. It's an X-shaped box.[View]
492937574Remember last year when Call of Duty was so desperate for relevance it tried to follow the Battle Ro…[View]
492935865Rogan: Yo Jamie pull up that thread on /v/. Jamie: Eh which one? Rogan: That one about smash brothe…[View]
492937118Archery in Skyrim: I never got the appeal of archery. With destruction you can stunlock literally ev…[View]
492934330>your favorite game has aged like shit What's her name?[View]
492937413>oh yeah, that was a thing and now in 2020 we are back to shitty buttons again, thanks for going …[View]
492934758TLoU: what's Joel's problem, wtf[View]
492937257SOUL VS SOULLESS: Soul Vs. Soulless thread[View]
492936959Yeah, I'm thinki'n she's in.[View]
492935409games series that acknowledge how much of an unstoppable badass you are. the UFE evacuated the entir…[View]
492935953You did preorder tokyo mirage session, right /v/?[View]
492936976>choosing Kanzaki when Kanna exist and is more superior to her[View]
492935929You liked the new voice acting in Silent Hill HD Collection, right anon?[View]
492899624Okay, so I've been pretty much a lifelong gamer. I have a lot of thoughts about this. The thing…[View]
492934001Witcher: help[View]
492936651Uh oh! Byleths in! Not my stupid made up pick! Uh oh. Yeah he's in. Another FE rep guess I…[View]
492936690>game has a merchant that sells for lower to the MC[View]
492914681>first music genre that comes to mind when i hear the word 'Cyberpunk'? Mumble rap.…[View]
492927172ITT: Games people have completely forgotten about. Bonus points if they're decent.[View]
492917994What keyboard does /v/ use?[View]
492935746Tell me about the lab assistant. Why does she wear belts on her arms?[View]
492932867What games feature both grid-based movement and real-time action gameplay?[View]
492935487>Revealing armor has more defense than full steel plates >Revealing armor has more enchantment…[View]
492936571Xeno Presence: The planet of your favorite video game is next on Hive Fleet Leviathan’s chopping blo…[View]
492936484Games for this feel?[View]
492935654Ready for round 2 bros??[View]
492935262was this treehouse fuckery or is Elise really a midge?[View]
492935362Literally impossible.[View]
492933913Dragon ball mmo when[View]
492935708Why are the controls so shit?[View]
492935931>it's a WHERE DO I FUCKING GO game[View]
492934559Can a 3rd person horror game be good nowadays?[View]
492934830Victory is mine.[View]
492929189*Obliterates Death Stranding in sales in your path* Luigichads rise up[View]
492931561He's in[View]
492935153>sets off almost every 'shitty indie cash-in' alarm >looks good Is it actually a safe buy?…[View]
492933810What went wrong?[View]
492934479Can we just post some good videogame OST covers/remixes in this topic? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
492934675why would japan do this?[View]
492928364https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxpr_ZoEm0w Does the new game also have your Anris, Rios, Yua Mikami…[View]
492934082>Enter a server >Rekt the admin >Get banned…[View]
492931493Rockstar's best game. Gary is Rockstar's best villain also.[View]
492935329Liberty prime says no to shitty Coomer threads[View]
492935353>boss defeats you in gameplay >loses in cutscene…[View]
492911740>play RPG that allows you to customize your character >create a female girl that matches my ta…[View]
492932962Take your time CDPR: >be polish game dev >always try to be good to my costumers, even if it…[View]
492935330I have the leaks, bois[View]
492925904Why no one told me about this game? I played a little of old CS, but long ago. And if I ever hear ab…[View]
492935204Remember when games had SOUL?[View]
492933023Which of those games should I play now?: Full Throttle, Blood, Jagged Alliance 2, American McGee…[View]
492931021You know what the best part is? You fags will get over this salt in a couple weeks and then by the t…[View]
492918817Dokkan Battle Thread: >Step Up Banner (Guranteed LR) x3 >SDBH Banner (Goku is a top 10 TUR, ot…[View]
492934975raka raka thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_XmGdW3s10[View]
492934920ITT: what's the best super mario game on switch in your opinion? For me, it's super mario…[View]
492930872Gta IV had such great music http://youtu.be/McacauDBSKA https://youtu.be/WZZueK__Zsw >NOCHJUUUU…[View]
492930929Hey guys, maybe if we make our maps really big then no one will notice that we can't write, can…[View]
492927659Why do zoomers and manchildren love these so much?[View]
492934410Why are there so few games about Park Rangers? And no, Canadian Mounties do not fucking count.[View]
492934491Right-wing games: What are some games with rightist agenda?[View]
492928314Would you go to school everyday if Baeleth is your teacher?[View]
492934396>Boss fucks off just before you finish them[View]
492930816Sans? dead Cuphead? dead It's my slot. I AM THE INDIE REP.[View]
492897209Sakurai reduces a grown man to angry, bitter, seething tears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA-vmI…[View]
492926284>Blizzard always silent as a dead fucking fish, never speaks to anyone, never comments on anythin…[View]
492929841Play League of Legends[View]
492933437She's so happy, /v/. Are you really going to bully her because she's in a crossover game?[View]
492919813Updated my journal[View]
492927876Treat Yourself: Do you ever give yourself a reward for doing something particularly difficult in a v…[View]
492918672sony won again[View]
492928553>the games main conflict literally started because the jedi council refused to help the people ge…[View]
492929097Why is this dumb fuck character in smash over someone people actually wanted, like Geno or Master Ch…[View]
492931657Will Larian Studios do Baldurs Gate 3 justice?[View]
492933846Can we discuss how there is a more likely chance that geralt will be in smash than dante or 2B will …[View]
492930808I know who I will be maining in Smash Bros.[View]
492931725we can all agree right[View]
492933387>Gus, as described by the game, is a 'baby faced man child', and has a fish tail. He is…[View]
492928325Was he right?[View]
492933730Hey /v/, what are your expectations for Sims 5? I hope it's open world again like the Sims 3.[View]
492925761Blue: ITT: post dem purple characters[View]
492826979/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>492708096 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
492920759ITT: post dem red characters[View]
492914398AHEM Uncharted is better than you faggots give it credit for[View]
492932294so is the side story DLC a new house storyline or do I recruit them to any of the 3 houses like shou…[View]
492925026Its over[View]
492932572The persona community went to full shit after this[View]
492933386How many rosterfagging cucks have even BEEN to a local tournament, let alone regularly participate? …[View]
492933246>Smash Bros.[View]
492932137Lord of the Rings: The Third Age: This game is underrated. It offered an original Middle Earth story…[View]
492932236SCP Secret Lab: SCP Secret Lab is pretty fun multiplayer on Steam and most importantly it's FRE…[View]
492931558Why do people use 'you're entitled!' as an insult when it comes to video games? Publishers are …[View]
492932887What are some games about angry manlets?[View]
4929318043x3 thread: Let's make it megathread[View]
492932757Lord Chapu Chapu.[View]
492924547>game gets a ui update[View]
492888978Do you play your shmups on easy modo?[View]
492930896what are some crossover games?[View]
492923616>People think the game looks good >Especially after that 15 minute 'deep dive' demo >Even …[View]
492927774PC wins 2020: Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Half Life Alyx Wasteland 3 Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righ…[View]
492932316the greatest boss fight of the decade[View]
492925921Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Team Will Work Extra Long Hours After Latest Delay: What is your opinion on slave…[View]
492927183Post Smash images and memes that trigger third party fags[View]
492931651>be sony >make a literal xbox What did they mean by this?…[View]
492931754PS5: The Playstation PC: Hello everyone. I have recently gotten a look at the PS5 and some of its fe…[View]
492911793>2 more years of rosterfaggotry what the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
492916795>'You're awful, Sakurai'[View]
492931856who else still plays TF2 using a $20 cheat breathe a new life into the game it's like I bought …[View]
492929759Tell us your grösse game idea /v/: Qvickly anon! Wir sind waiting![View]
492928992Why doesn't REmake 3 Jill look like Revelations Jill?[View]
492893963ITT: post a game that contains one of your fetishes and other anons try to guess what it is.[View]
492912752the greatest boss fight of the decade[View]
492918584>Crashes the hype train for FP2 what was Nintendo thinking?[View]
492925034Why do Sony fans get so enraged everytime people not on playstation get to play games they called GO…[View]
492928868When you finally appear in a good game[View]
492918462Danganronpa: About to play Danganronpa. What am I in for?[View]
492922697Ayu-chan in Smash Bros![View]
492928362get em![View]
492931360Get in the slow lane, buddy.[View]
492928225Why is 343 so incompetent?: Head to Head is a perfect example of just how incompetent 343 is. Instea…[View]
492923802Play Coropata: https://youtu.be/NXY5iKm_eH0[View]
492927608This is the most popular character really? Mercedes is superior[View]
492931036>Walk up >See this guy slap your gfs ass What do?…[View]
492930963Are you ready for byleth to join smash brothers ultimate[View]
492927325THAT’S IT[View]
492930137That old game you could never find: Post memories of old games you've tried to find but failed …[View]
492929362/v/ saves Warhammer: How does it feel that the popularity of Vermintide 2 and Total War Warhammer is…[View]
492925050>draw a girl >call it a boy[View]
492877410So what's the best Etrian odyssey on the 3DS? i know this series has several games but i'd…[View]
492922216We rant about games we loved: ITT: Rant about games you actually put a lot of hours into >CSGO (8…[View]
492925889I miss it so much, bros[View]
492916970>TF2 - Male Healer - no gay roleplayers >modern hero shooters - Female Healer - covered in hom…[View]
492929057Who was the better leader of Mishima Zaibatsu?[View]
492928198What's her disability?[View]
492928263buy FE3H[View]
492930079post em[View]
492929559What's next for the Overwatch universe?: Surely they're not just going to leave it at the …[View]
492928675I'm going to buy the PS5 day one so you guys don't have to.[View]
492930504Anyone have a download link to the patreon build?[View]
492930481I miss true handhelds with plenty of quirky games you couldn't find on home consoles. The switc…[View]
492924132Danganronpa 2 sucks[View]
492926609Are you excited for crusader kings 3?[View]
492927732Blaze the flat[View]
492927221So the leak WAS true after all...[View]
492919181>the worst game in the series is the most popular one[View]
492929196This is another smash leak thread[View]
492927196Welcome, welcome to City 17[View]
492926138Hello /v/, I bought Ace Combat 7 recently and I love it. Is the season pass worth it? Also wasn…[View]
492915136He looks really fun[View]
492928937>fighting game tutorials[View]
492930095>Roblox jews take almost 72% fee from devs and no one gives shit about it…[View]
492925183We shall go together.[View]
492929043Here's your next anime swordsman for pass 2[View]
492914789>still mad at a video game DLC trailer? Goodness, Anon, that's so pathetic for a man of your…[View]
492929013Why don't we have a The Book of The New Sun game yet?[View]
492925938Steam release?[View]
492928614>delay game FIVE months >still have absurd crunch lol…[View]
492929504Sound the retreat[View]
492929170lets do a setup thread: rate mine :)[View]
492927474HYDRO STORM![View]
492926975One copy of Horizon Zero Down for PC, please.[View]
492928801Do you think they are upset with the negative reaction to Byleth ?[View]
492921135now that the dust has settled, was it the greatest JRPG of all time?[View]
492924543If I were to start with the Ass Creed franchise, which game should I get first? Pic kinda related wa…[View]
492927459Dark Souls has so much goddamn WALKING[View]
492913691Write the scenario for a new Splinter Cell game: Now that Michael Ironside is back since Ghost Recon…[View]
492916825What are some good PC games coming soon....I can't think of any[View]
492929184Anyone else really sick of Sakurai’s favoritism? There’s so many third parties, and there are so man…[View]
492925119Tsukihime is better than Fate.[View]
492925334Personally, i think banning someone for using naughty words/having opinions you dont agree with just…[View]
492927723Best selling games of the past two decades.[View]
492925331Who do you think the next fire emblem character should be in smash brothers?: I choose Takumi. He wo…[View]
492928851Top 20 US sales from 1995 - 2019: Rate the tastes of our american brothers Starting with 15-19…[View]
492927593Would you?[View]
492928808>here's your indie rep bro[View]
492928703are there any decent multiplayer browser games that don't require much time commitment and aren…[View]
492913273Get a Final Fantasy XIV subscription: https://twitter.com/KalebPrime/status/1217910467990970369…[View]
492924509How do you know if you're addicted to video games?[View]
492927946>she wants to build up a combo[View]
492927839There are still people on this board RIGHT NOW that think WoTLK wasn't the greatest version of …[View]
492914632'i would of added in Rex into smash if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came out before we finalized the Roste…[View]
492921794ITT: post a game without actually posting it[View]
492927041>PvP MMO >Private Server >'players of one faction are scum' >t. lead developer…[View]
492926373Wait a minute... is this game just an Energizer ad?[View]
492924986What are some of the most botched pc ports in existence?[View]
492918769>game in a particular genre features a mechanic that has potential for other future titles >no…[View]
492927682He cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flAUFbbOV78[View]
492926154>You can waddle around while taking a sippy. OH NO NO NO NO PLEASE GOD DON'T NO PLEASE DON…[View]
492923914Why can't smashfags just get over themselves and play one of these games?[View]
492923576Look at her and laugh, /v/. Hahah![View]
492921815What's in those places?[View]
492918728smash hate thread: i hate smash and the cancer fanbase so damn much[View]
492885536NISA TRANSLATORS ADMIT TO ALTERING CONTENT FOR TRAILS OF COLD STEEL 3: https://www.oneangrygamer.net…[View]
492912726>plays in Japan in the 80s >no city pop How could Sega just fail so badly?…[View]
492922681>make a friend in a game >ask him constantly to do stuff together because its extraordinary ha…[View]
492922973How can a single developer have so much soul?[View]
492923392Who was in the wrong here?[View]
492920048I beat Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest XI. Which one should I play next? Note: I …[View]
492895442>Final boss has a hidden second phase that takes twice as long to kill[View]
492920980Name a more iconic duo.[View]
492926495Why aren't Smash threads moved to /vg/?[View]
492926607Where have you been? what made persona 3 so good bros[View]
492926784what are some games with a unique dystopian setting?[View]
492912381People who choose to romance Tali, rather than other women in the game are wrong and make a horrible…[View]
492920229How do you decide on what weapon to pick /v/?[View]
492919398Is the Humble Australia Charity Bundle worth it? Only game I recognize is Hollow Knight.[View]
492892975>2020 >Still unable to emulate proper shotgun spread WHAT THE FUCK, CAPCOM.…[View]
492922594WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'IT ALRIGHT'?![View]
492924921Just finished Kotor and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Combat took awhile to get used to and I had some pr…[View]
492921619Post vidya characters, the first 5 posts ending in 1 get added in the next fighters pass[View]
492910969ITT: Games that take place where you live or have lived[View]
492923454>Started game for the porn >stay for the story bros... I love my wife Momoyo So much... MAJIK…[View]
492920189Every breathe you take[View]
492923732Are thrre games where you play as stereotypical monsters such as kobolds, goblins and skeletons and …[View]
492926141Sakurai sure did subvert my expectations![View]
492920973Is there any RPG or a survival game that has cooking which is actually useful and not a chore?[View]
492916757unironically one of the best stories ever written.[View]
492924854Did we kill Loghain bros?: You didn't kill the best party member, did you?[View]
492924785SCP Secret Lab: SCP Secret Lab is pretty fun multiplayer on Steam and most importantly it's FRE…[View]
492924315REEEEEEEEEEEE: Why doesn’t anybody play Battlefield 4![View]
492905448Monster hunter generations ultimate: I have left than 2 hours to pull the trigger on this game and g…[View]
492924606Is this what it would really be like? https://youtu.be/OEiiJMcbBcg[View]
492924737>You don't get 120 level boost if you buy shadowlands >You don't get 120 level boost…[View]
492925734What went so right?[View]
492921345DO U NO DE WAE?![View]
492912412Byleth is a cute: Post byleth's to celebrate our king/queen's addition to the game[View]
492887032Why are so󠛡yboys so upset over a unique and fun character?[View]
492925812Now that the dust has settled, just what went wrong?[View]
492918471Does healthy gamer fuel exist?[View]
492922480Resident evil 7 was kino I want more games like this[View]
492925328Shadow >>>> Sonybro[View]
492925424It's my birthday tomorrow, /v/. What games have you bought for me?[View]
492922175How does this company still exist?[View]
492897637Don't mind me, I'm just saving Smash.[View]
492916489What platinums are you most proud of /v/?: Pic related, Save the Light was like the Dark Souls of SU…[View]
492925227>He believed the Cacodemon leak[View]
492924853Why does the Switch make people so angry?[View]
492896087What does /v/ think of Palutena?[View]
492924110Never forget that you chose this path. You chose death and defeat. You chose doom.[View]
492922605ITT: god tier vidya music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSiy1QghsOQ[View]
492924650ITT: childhood games you look back to fondly i'll start[View]
492923028Would you buy it: Nintendo E3 2020 In an on stage presentation Nintendo reveals the Nintendo Famicom…[View]
492924865*ruins your trailers*[View]
492922212https://youtu.be/RVv8LOb96Mc Tell me how I can go back, I have to go back[View]
492918481Merwin Tumblebrook[View]
492923787How much harder does Nintendo have to fuck up until it starts damaging them? On the Switch alone we …[View]
492923751Run this series down for me, /v/ Is it good?[View]
492888995>Plays a laugh track in your face >Tells you you aren't going to like the next character …[View]
492922807it's time to realize who the real villain in the rosterwars is: samurai Apologize[View]
492924610>tfw finally bought smash so I can finally join in on the shitposting and even went as far as buy…[View]
492924476this is the reason why we cant have the good stuffs[View]
492910094>You have the means to kill your enemy this turn. >You also have them poisoned enough that the…[View]
492922406Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
492920823mechwarrior 5: Why the fuck does the stupid epic game store want me to download mechwarrior 5 dlc. W…[View]
492924515Installed star wars fallen order on pc today, holy shit this is probably the best graphics i have ev…[View]
492924496TIME TO FUCKING PANIC: This is not normal, the numbers are declining in a stupud fast pace, you can…[View]
492921863He'll never make it, will he bros?[View]
492922297darkstalkers: >walk into a arcade in the 90s >see a new capcom cabinet >has monsters and st…[View]
492924387Press F to dab on Genofags[View]
492914575You got a Fidget for christmas! What do you do with it?[View]
492923291Hey guys, anyone know what pic related is from?[View]
492914336You don't engage in online trash talk, do you?[View]
492917680Best vidya of all time?[View]
492920878Ruins your game[View]
492920190give me a quick rundown of this game. also, why is it not on steam?[View]
492918398Is it okay for developers to exploit memes for profit?[View]
492921394What's the scariest Silent Hill game?[View]
492923907Can we all stop and take moment to appreciate how beautiful Jill is in this game[View]
492923031>company has power to make amazing games >they don't does this make you angry?…[View]
492916515Genius video game marketing strategies: What is the most successful video game marketing strategy ev…[View]
492895717Who are the greatest video game villains in your opinion?[View]
492919128ITT: top tier character designs[View]
492923358is it good now? thinking of getting it[View]
492923572ONLY ON PLAYSTATION can't you read you retard >b-b-but some random at cucktaku say its comin…[View]
492915398Why do the Japanese always use medieval imagery? Here’s two jap characters sat on a throne with thei…[View]
492923158hideo kojima dead at 56: the famous video game developer died from overdose while travelling to miam…[View]
492922126The case for a dungeons and dragons rep in smash bros: >One of the most influential franchises of…[View]
492918352What's with fairies in video games?[View]
492920943Is it good?[View]
492914479Now that 6 is confirmed to be good, why was this one such a dud? The only bad games since 2 can all …[View]
492921824is there anything more tragic than having one of your favorite characters added to smash and any dis…[View]
492875501Shining force was better than FE[View]
492912825Have you heard of the high elves?[View]
492922816You wake up in Ulduar.[View]
492921738>no rosterfaggotry >no waifufaggotry >no DLC/microtransaction bullshit >no input lag …[View]
492898432>it's okay when Japan does it Care to explain, /v/?[View]
492919679vidya humor thread: lol, but unironically[View]
492908863Name one reason why Vice City 2 would suck[View]
492921601>Pokémon swsh, Daemon X Machina and Astral Chain got spirit events >FE3H didn’t It was obviou…[View]
492917520https://twitter.com/nzeropants/status/1217768567082340352?s=19: Why aren't you playing tekken 7…[View]
492918330Nintendo direct leak: > new Mario Kart > animal crossing > zelda no densetsu > Marios St…[View]
492915234MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
492922334https://www.gamespot.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-dev-team-will-work-extra-long-hours/1100-6472839/ N…[View]
492881714How are people enjoying the new slay the spire character? The new tungsten rod relic completely null…[View]
492922000>haha i was wrong but anyways let's wait and pretend i have sources xD…[View]
492918425How do we solve the Rouge problem?[View]
492882627I genuinely feel sorry for people like me who bought the pass immediately when Joker was revealed, e…[View]
492904726>Sequel makes the previous game(s) obsolete and not worth playing[View]
492921360It doesnt matter who gets in smash because all you chucklefucks only care about getting yous and btf…[View]
492921809Anyone else want to torch the studio that keeps working on the Seth MacFarlane cartoons? The only ti…[View]
492917914>takes a 35 minute long shit on the entire smash community >cherry on top is the confirmation …[View]
492915720At least it's better than Fallout 4.[View]
492911636ODST Praise: Why is ODST getting so much praise lately? From what I remember years ago people hated …[View]
4928949293x3 Thread: Let's get a cozy mosaic thread going, lads. Rate each other and give one another re…[View]
492900363>'Bro just be grateful lol' Why are Nintendo fanboys so fucking braindead? Every time something d…[View]
492916430Prediction > New Horizons is going to be New Leaf HD with the interesting stuff being added month…[View]
492918896Any games with good robot companions?: No androids or cyborgs pls.[View]
492918379Is Fire Emblem Three Houses even good, anyway? I only played Awakening and Birthright, I enjoyed Awa…[View]
492920214>make REmake GC exclusive >make RE0 GC exclusive >put no new games on the PS2 other than sp…[View]
492921243become a tranny and just do it faggots![View]
492894845The alliance alive: this came out today on steam for $35 pretty underrated game IMO[View]
492902057Death Stranding sold extremely well out of the gate but plummeted off a cliff almost straight after:…[View]
492919938>Everyone is a drugged up gimp who takes their government-issued brainwashing medication and foll…[View]
492918771If you could, would you refund your fighter pass, now that you know how it pans out? http://www.stra…[View]
492920261Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character Goku (Ultra Instinct) announced: OHSHIT ANOTHER GLOWING GOKU!!!!!…[View]
492917978I've been itching to play a survival game of some sort. Preferably singleplayer, but I can live…[View]
492920314I like how all 5 DLC characters are based around a mechanic that Smash players irrationally hate: Jo…[View]
492908896I see, too many swordsmen are there. What will you do, about that?[View]
492914263Now that we got our obligatory Fire Emblem rep, how long until we get the first character from fight…[View]
492914560Kill them. Kill them all.[View]
492920316I hate being alone but i know i am a bad person and don't deserve friends. If i did,i wouod hav…[View]
492920341clean it up janny and remember, you're doing this for free[View]
492920184So what was that bout Smash DLC only being from new franchises again? mfw byleth[View]
492919467When does this little faggot shut up and let me play the game?[View]
492920023Big Dick Raditz[View]
492882715Whats your expectations for the dragons dogma anime after how netflix handled the witcher?[View]
492920026say hello to the PS6[View]
492917760>play tekken 3 as the first fighting game at the age of 10 >love it >buy a lot of other fig…[View]
492916195meanwhile in Liberty City /v/[View]
492906950>you can literally run and gun in mafia 3 This game is CRIMINALLY underrated…[View]
492918858wtf bros...i want a daughter now[View]
492915038Bought these 2 games a while ago and I am installing them now. Never played a resident evil game bef…[View]
492918930he destroyed me like 4 times before i killed him, ridiculous fight[View]
492917608Will you finally switch over to the Epic store if this happens? HZD is already coming to epic so its…[View]
492919391'Dante, it's 4 in the morning. You already made pizza at this time last night.' 'I didn't …[View]
492914008Bullet Girls Phantasia: >Bullet.Girls.Phantasia-CODEX This just released a few hours ago. Seems l…[View]
492915190New characters thread: Smash new characters discussion thread discuss the 6 new upcoming characters…[View]
492913875Best Metal Gear game. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.[View]
492918780How is it?[View]
492916998When does this get good? >Weapons and equipment keep breaking >Attacks are slow and janky >…[View]
492918403Suggest me some good horror games on the original xbox. Or some hidden gems.[View]
492909662Classic Lara Croft: Why is nu Lara such fucking trash?[View]
492918998Reminder that because of this series- >Advance Wars is dead >Metroid is dead >Pikmin is dea…[View]
492912883A message to every single /v/ denizen who lacks a Playstation: This game will never be yours. You wi…[View]
492918937Why did Sony just give up and go 3rd party?[View]
492906526what does /v/ use these buttons for?[View]
492898056*Saves an entire direct* >https://twitter.com/P5Luca/status/1217829751672516608…[View]
492918410So what the fuck did it mean? Absolutely nothing.[View]
492910636Well /v/, have you?[View]
492910437Any day now, Arisen[View]
492918659Resistance Trilogy: Do these games deserve a PS5 remaster?[View]
492918653Frustation’s getting bigger...[View]
492918094No new game in years not even a smash costume[View]
492913030How many times you niggas gonna play the same game before you get tired of buying it?[View]
492916662Ryza for President![View]
492911540>your favorite vidya game torrent site is kill When do you draw the line at torrenting? You have …[View]
492918268FINISH HIM[View]
492903162Harman, the size of this imageboard has changed.[View]
492918349What happened with Sim and Tycoon games?[View]
492913486Game with the best Metaphysics?[View]
492916582>No good games where you can split wigs or bust cheeks in prison JUST. Please tell me there…[View]
492916480>If we kill him we'll be just like him[View]
492912690How long will the seething last? When will the anger turn into acceptance?[View]
492913318PC: >DUUUUDEEE I just spent $1,500 on the newest graphics card. >It can run games at Ultra se…[View]
492917671Wait, that’s against the rules isn’t it?[View]
492913480Remove 3 from each row, everything else stays forever[View]
492910478>start playing Yakuza >try mahjong for the 100% and look up just enough on how to play to get …[View]
492917825The graphics on DBZ Kakarot look mint my bros: Look at how realistic they made Trunks[View]
492917484Did you buy their game yet?[View]
492914778What you think about upcoming Guild Wars 2 update? trailer https://youtu.be/_evef7js3bQ[View]
492914119Is this feature worth $60 price tag?[View]
492913258post dead video game genres[View]
492911019Watched Red vs Blue today, it wasn’t funny as I remember it[View]
492917526>tease us with 4 DLCs leading up to good end >announce all but first DLC cancelled >DLC rel…[View]
492852778just an image of arcueid: quite literally just an image of arcueid[View]
492910739Half Life >I’m just a scientist trained for hazardous situations, whose caught in a whacky situat…[View]
492916039How could this happen? Was the production THAT troubled?[View]
492901998Who the fuck was asking for this godawful pokemon artstyle?[View]
492917337What the FUCK does Matt have in store for us bros? He said 'one more game', so we're either get…[View]
492913573>30 years of Legend of Zelda >Dozens of games >Not a single Zelda game where you play as Ze…[View]
492913942What the fuck did I just play?[View]
492916337Next Pass shouldn’t be full of Third Parties. There’s still some Nintendo franchises that deserve th…[View]
492889571Complete bullshit[View]
492916627Looks like mods are asleep, post YTPs https://youtu.be/Yv3SeQez3Ac https://youtu.be/C1X6W_a1pE4 http…[View]
492914009ITT: Buyer's remorse[View]
492908274What were their names again?[View]
492917043Annon have you purchased the latest fire emblem game yet?[View]
492916553For thunder and lightning. Are you team yellow or purple.[View]
492913643>Most wholesome man in the Smash community >Holds off on believing any one specific theory …[View]
492888191Could a remodel have saved it?[View]
492896981I think I’m gonna buy it bros. Pray for me.[View]
492907991You DID marry her, right?[View]
492914338ITT: It’s 2022 & /pol/ runs the world. Are games better or worse?[View]
492912407Okay gang, we better find out who the next newcomers are![View]
492916186On the bright side,with byleth out of the way there wont be any new fire emblem newcomers for the ne…[View]
492908946Historical Moment: Hey faggots, take a moment to pay respect to the first Level 3 Firecape on Old Sc…[View]
492916165How do I know which games I own are compatible with remote play together? Is there a way to see a li…[View]
492884973What went wrong /v/bros ?[View]
492908371>Silly bear, you haven't forgotten, have you?[View]
492894868Is this going to kill Pokémon?[View]
492911457the new fighters pass[View]
492871709>*cuts off your arm* >*leaves you for dead* >*steals your shota and tries to win his love*…[View]
492907964Why does this game come with 6 disk's?: The ps4 version only has one disk...[View]
492910897Genre you're legitimately good at.: No bragging and lies (lol) and try to be as honest with you…[View]
492915420Why didn’t y’all tell me how good this is?[View]
492910380Alright, with all this talk about Fire Emblem I pulled the trigger and am downloading it from the e-…[View]
492912875Defend this: If a woman designed zero suit samus instead, she would still be a respectable character…[View]
492906192OSTs that make you weep? https://youtu.be/0cCIiE3oUkw[View]
492915943would a raw hero type of persona game be to controversial?[View]
492885516Favorite stage from Splatoon?[View]
492911838Remember - ___________________[View]
492915342Rain World is my favorite game[View]
492908657Does /v/ like YgoPro or do you guys stick to Ygo vidya exclusively?[View]
492915464Most underrated soulsborne OST: Holy shit darkbeast Paarl ost is actually fucking god tier https://y…[View]
492914415I want a new final fantasy already, /v/ Not a remake or an mmo, or a sequel, i'm tired of waiti…[View]
492915323Byleth? Smileth: Why is she so happy /v/ros?[View]
492900817Reminder that this still happened and we have 6 new characters coming. It seems unfair to dismiss al…[View]
492913092Narokath Pargon Redgormor Pargon Pargon Mantorok Pargon[View]
492914628Is a single DA:O dev involved in making Dragon Age 4?[View]
492905231Would you be okay with this?[View]
492907985>sub 720p >sub 30 fps in most games >games are overpriced as fuck >display isn't e…[View]
492914406>2020, I am forgotten..[View]
492914602Scars: >Playing rs3 >Remember mate told me ages ago about W3 Lumbridge degenerate shit >Do…[View]
492914146No more heroes, it's kill or be killed Look after nobody but yourself - nothin' else to do…[View]
492909363What went right?[View]
492911321>Too many third party characters! Give us more Nintendo characters! >N-not like that!…[View]
492906286About to start this, any tips?[View]
492909035What is your favorite gaming podcast and why isn't it Sacred Symbols[View]
492914319I'm tired of sm/v/sh.Can we post cute Pokemon?[View]
492912941The MP is honestly not bad. Its up there with h2.[View]
492914304>gameplay loop[View]
492912862what's your favorite flavor of smash thread, /v/? Mine is Salty Tears.[View]
492913750Cool mmo usernames?[View]
492914243>finally buy a 3ds because I found a dirt cheap one for 30 bucks >comes included with various …[View]
492912942because people think this crap is a fighting game.[View]
492883803Are you guys ready for consumer 480Hz monitors? >still gaming at 1080p/60…[View]
492907187Why no one told me about this game? I played a little of old CS, but long ago. And if I ever hear ab…[View]
492913548Loading up a bunch of GBC/GBA ROMs. I'm burnt out as all hell, took a break from playing but I…[View]
492913961Smash bros: Would you rather have skin packs for dlc or roster fags?[View]
492913846PlayStation 4 2019 YTD: 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 2. NBA 2K20 3. Madden NFL 20 4. Mortal …[View]
492907206I have some good news. I put all my skill points into shredding.[View]
492911669How are the controls for this on Switch? A CRPG seems like a nightmare on a controller but I want an…[View]
492910027Cleric Beast[View]
492912983SMASHOES MAD[View]
492911024Why is it that when I play a multiplayer game, I have to listen to what sounds like men in their mid…[View]
492912337Is he /ourguy/[View]
492912557For me, it's the Automatgevar 4[View]
492910318FUCK 1:12 BABY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYmqJl4MoNI[View]
492911968SSBM Samus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh2mmgdjoWY&t=1s For me? It's Samus. How about …[View]
492890727>playing turn-based game >enemy gets 2 turns for no reason…[View]
492907026You’re in[View]
492902675I beat Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest XI. Which one should I play next? Note: I …[View]
492905857GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Steve (yes, THE …[View]
492913147Games where I can stare at water: Games suck, I want to stare at water, running water or showers it …[View]
492906610First few minutes in What the fuck is this game? It's like Protag knows what the fuck is happen…[View]
492904029Shibito Magire: They've met their kickstarter goals and now the sequel to Death Mark and NG is …[View]
492908754I just bought a Nintendo 64 and some games from amazon. I have noticed some games look new. I mean b…[View]
492912914I'm a big fan of the Microsoft Flight simulator games, but I've always found them a bit la…[View]
492913038ONE: Nothing wrong with me[View]
492908978Fellas, does picrelated get any better? I just beat a flower thingy and finished a retarded sphere p…[View]
492912906Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
492912081Would you play a FF7 themed dating game?[View]
492901467UNIST Thread: Touchdown[View]
492910148I enjoy playing video games[View]
492910959Any good love interests in video gaming ???[View]
492886567Halo: 2>CE>3>>ODST>>>Reach>>>>4>>>>>>>>>…[View]
492909671Rate My Fem Qunari .[View]
492912740Wtf Culture/Country is this armour supposed to be from?[View]
492909392In which games you should protect little girls?[View]
492911127Noble Savage: Hi /v/irgins. Are there any real life philosophers that has the same philosophy as Dut…[View]
492868312DBZ: Kakarot: You're gonna love this game, trust me[View]
492895452OH NO NO NO SONYBROS[View]
492867227Post Smash Bros crossover art.[View]
492895235Fuck you[View]
492903424What did Kamiya mean by this?[View]
492912242Whichever thread dies, good riddance.: AERIAL FOOTAGE SHOWS TERRIFIED PEOPLE AVOIDING EYE CONTACT, S…[View]
492909260What are your honest thoughts on this creature?[View]
492909635FUCKING WHEN NINTENDO?!: The month is already halfway over.[View]
4929082417TH GEN GAMES: Post games that are stuck in the past gen (exclusives, didn't have ports, etc)…[View]
492895358/v/ YLYL thread GO: /v/ humor ITT[View]
492905897Heh, kind of true though...[View]
492903806What kind of body does Mai have?: Is she skinny? Is she muscular? Is she fit? Is she flabby? What ki…[View]
492911806Dorothea and Petra are the best[View]
492906568>we want the incel audience[View]
492907508Am I the only one who finds the overstuffing of this game 'problematic?' We're approa…[View]
492911381What happened with Senran Kagura 7even?: https://www.strawpoll.me/19252564[View]
492907932what is the edgiest game you've ever play?[View]
492852421Sakurai has officially gone insane.: There's no excusing this.[View]
492911684Unironically a pleb filter[View]
492901208Give me a JRPG to play.: Fuck it, I haven't played a JRPG in a while and I've been craving…[View]
492911618Just found out that res box is selling off it's Vidya library for garage sale tier prices. Fuck…[View]
492910727IM NUMBA ONE[View]
492908216>install and uninstall another game today[View]
492851393Whats the rarest cheevo you got /v/?[View]
492900778Please fromsoft I beg of you, bestow upon us this blessing from the great ones[View]
492899291It's almost time.[View]
492908919Hello /v/. Back from the Smash tournament.: This was my nametag. I'll be posting the results in…[View]
492911175ITT: Cut content/changed development in videogames[View]
492907807Gruppa Krovi[View]
492911171RIP CDPR[View]
492910286/spg/-Smash Purge General: I'm sure you anons have noticed the excessive smash related threads …[View]
492911092What games have Eargasm Japanese fusion OST: Pics related[View]
492910242So don’t get me wrong this game is good but they really couldn’t be fucked to put some actual stealt…[View]
492908847Thoughts on the nu-hunter?[View]
492909776What job did you get after failing to become a video game developer?[View]
492905514'byleth' sounds like one of the sounds that would come out of your mouth if you were puking >oh m…[View]
492907204Let's talk about things only boomers would remember. I'll start. >calling the help line…[View]
492903859How many Playstation exclusives are now on the PC? Would you say- -WOOSH- -ten million?[View]
492909908*Sip* Aah... I love the taste of the tears from salty players in the first morning.[View]
492909539The world would be a better place if everyone shared /v/‘s opinions, prove me wrong[View]
492910413I actually dont give a fucking SHIT about smash. I hope this kills a smash thread. Like, I get it, b…[View]
492908819Reminder that if you decide to give in and buy Three Houses, go Blue Lions. You get the best FE stor…[View]
492904013Games Thread: post games[View]
492908942Why are Smashfags fine with Banjo being godawful to play while shitting on new characters that legit…[View]
492908387So I'm replaying Alan Wake, and is is it just me, or does the pump action shotgun suck ass. It …[View]
492910161Have you ever speedrun a video game? I used to a little bit but it got old quick.[View]
492909170Is it 60fps on PS4?[View]
492899562the best initial d game: initial d special stage was undeniably best initial d game, i'll tell …[View]
492908716Been playing some of this game, pretty fun What are some better/more in depth games where you can pu…[View]
492903364Gentlemen; we have reached peak souless. This is not a drill. I repeat; THIS IS NOT A DRILL! https:/…[View]
492905665Hey, everybody, it's me. The REAL Masahiro Sakurai. Now I know what you're all thinking a…[View]
492905828Unknown and hype video game soundtracks.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igUnrSaOSbE[View]
492908663Greetings from /fit/. I've been playing Fable TLC since 2004, what do?[View]
492909486hoes mad[View]
492902718What is the Hitchhiker's Guide of Videogames?: What is the Hitchhiker's Guide of Videogame…[View]
492907297>Look up vidya parody on the internet. >'DUUUDE WHAT IF MARIO WAS VIOLENT AND ALSO DID SHROOOO…[View]
492908826Which one do you pick?: Be honest.[View]
492906145What difficulty should I play this game on? I hear Critical is kinda boring horseshit. Is Proud much…[View]
492906210Do you guys think he fantasizes about being Sakurai? When was the last time he was posted on here? …[View]
492905178Is Battlefront 2 good now?[View]
492909060ANON SMELLS[View]
492908798Gaming laptops/pc on a budget? I’m alittle lost in all the options , can anyone help me in finding t…[View]
492908740So first party DLC can still happen, huh?[View]
492909084>this game is in early access[View]
492909078How are you enjoying new Ninja stream?[View]
492909016What are some games one can play to symbolically dab on white male-centered kyriarchy we live in? Ex…[View]
492878813Xbox eager to explroe the Nintendo Switch: Microsoft is looking to expand their titles and brand on …[View]
492898981Just beat this Gotta be honest wasn't ready for that werid shoot em' em stage mundus had…[View]
492900984Nintendo Direct: We're getting one next week, right?[View]
492907263good alive fast paced/arena fps games?: Hey /v/ I'm a boomer who likes playing arena/fast paced…[View]
492908687We live in a reality where this is in smash[View]
492902678>Want to make game >Don't know how to draw or 3D model How do I cope with this hurt?…[View]
492908101Name a game with more soul. You can’t.[View]
492907518>blackmails witnesses in front of the judge and the defense Why was this allowed? Ace Attorney th…[View]
492906725I hate Bayleth for Smah... but her design has made me want to get Three Houses. Do I pull the trigge…[View]
492902084*destroys all hype in your path*[View]
492908390the fuck was his problem[View]
4929078793 > 6 > 1 > 2 > 4 > 5[View]
492906175Buy Skullgirls and support your local scene[View]
492903595.....: >try to come back after 8 year break >love playing terran its the only race i played si…[View]
492908132For me, it's adult Claire: https://www.strawpoll.me/19252453[View]
492904697Why only Byleth?: People say edelgard and dimitri are better and they don't like byleth because…[View]
492841262Assassin's Creed: Should I bother with this game? The combat looks meh but the parkour looks th…[View]
492900058Fucking faggots I ain't pre-ordering shit now stupid cunts what a let down of a company.[View]
492905604They Won: Piracy is DEAD![View]
492901178>Bigby, burn the tree.[View]
492906032What went wrong with this game was literally everything about the pure combat compared to the first …[View]
492897717ITT: Underrated games[View]
492905475Piracy Morality: Reminder if you've ever illegally pirated a meme with out the creators consent…[View]
492903870Post Mii Costumes you want to see get added into Smash with music.[View]
492906670GTA IV is better than GTA V[View]
492904395Been thinking about picking up skyrim SE. What are the essential mods?[View]
492901619Alright you fucks It’s not a fucking RPG RPG’s let you customize and create your character, from the…[View]
492904368Is it getting delayed just like cybercrunk? Poles are so lazy, goddamn.[View]
492899584Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: What are you hunting bros?[View]
492905063When the fuck is Sakurai putting him in? Ive been waiting for like 7 years.[View]
492906989So I had an idea for potential future smash content. Not like, paid DLC or anything, maybe a free up…[View]
492906887If you use the term 'grateful' or go 'the develepor worked hard!' in regards to a game or game corpo…[View]
492901385What are some of the worst redesigns in vidya history?[View]
492901473Atari 2600: Did it have any good games? Or was it a complete failure top to bottom?[View]
492906794Final Fantasy should have a spin-off series like SMT has with Persona that revolves around high scho…[View]
492906221>Japanese dev introduces japanese character WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…[View]
492902491Name a single game Pro-tip: you can’t [View]
492905101Smash: I've got some information on the next challenger pack. What are your thoughts?[View]
492906689>time when Witcher 3 is almost out >promotion images of Ciri everywhere >friend insists tha…[View]
492906739>Side character has a more interesting story than the main game[View]
492904042Thoughts on Bastion? Are there any games like it?[View]
492886286What's another character with no real chance to get in Smash but who'd do great as a costu…[View]
492901695Your favourite character is not in.[View]
492906556So we can now safely assume she's in, correct?[View]
492900050Are /v/tards ready to get enlighten?[View]
492901741Sans and Cuphead are cool and all, but imagine this[View]
492906004Is this the pinnacle of video games? I just finished playing this for near 6 hours straight and I on…[View]
492895902What went wrong?[View]
492899906Is anyone else still mad about the mandatory Steam UI change? >STILL can't hide 'what's…[View]
492901980Hikaru kumo o tsukinuke fly away![View]
492883176Damn /v/, stop being mean man.[View]
492906065Enough with the Byleth talk. When's my Ex-Aid Mii Fighter costumes?[View]
492900961*blocks your path*[View]
492902069martin over here, get in the car[View]
492902281Disregard Smash. Acquire PSASBR.[View]
492901554Dragon Ball: Kakarot The game no one asked for Seriously, if I wanted to eat to recover health and e…[View]
492905662Can we all agree the zero suit was a mistake and ruined Metroid?: >makes people take Samus less s…[View]
492898684Post a better game[View]
492905840Looks like today is Stinky Day.[View]
492905624>He’s in[View]
492903401You like my hat, /v/?[View]
492886937What video games have a suicide button?[View]
492905682What are some good Raidens in video games?[View]
492903874Whatever happened to NSMB's Blue Shell?[View]
492897484Is Myst a must in 2020?: I have played my fair share of retro games like Half Life 1, Fallout, and S…[View]
492902530Activision: So they always release 1 kid friendly game per year, we got Skylanders for a bit (9 year…[View]
492902321BROS https://youtu.be/pIIu_kcWXpA[View]
492904267>wait a minute that card...[View]
492903524>when you realize Regigigas' eyes are the black dots and not the colored gems…[View]
492902782r8 me m80s[View]
492902630Videogame butt thread: For all ass men on /v/. Keep it vidya. Post all your favourite butts, from re…[View]
492904206>mobile game has an auto button What the fuck is the point? https://youtu.be/mtBVldLtvD0…[View]
492878451>it's actually amazing[View]
492904904it hurts so much bros[View]
492903824STANDING ON THE EDGE...[View]
492892658What does /v/ think about Battle Chef Brigade? Wondering if I should get it.[View]
492901058Who is she and why is she so smug: I’ve never played fire emblem games But now I’m interested Is t…[View]
492897485When will Sony stop winning?[View]
492904798>tfw bought fighter pass 2 even though i didn't care for most of fighter pass 1 Must suck be…[View]
492896123>God-Shattering Star didn't get added to Smash ALL THOSE WHO STAND IN MY WAY WILL BE DESTROY…[View]
492898574>the graphics are shit Name an RPG with better graphics. >the combat is shit Name an RPG with …[View]
492904665Project diva f2nd: Is there any way to get the additional songs without paying for an additional 30 …[View]
492897576Hi, ace detective, are you here for more books?[View]
492903490>dungeon theme is rearranged to fit 12 different styles of dungeon Are there any other games with…[View]
492900860What’s your honest opinion on this /v/? Is it just ninja storm with a my hero paint?[View]
492902158>Buy console to add to collection >Install custom firmware or purchase a flash cart or optical…[View]
492904375>it's a rosterfag-leaks-into-my-MMO episode[View]
492904041master roshi is a filipino.[View]
492903178Genius video game marketing strategies: What is the most successful video game marketing strategy ev…[View]
492904174WTF? I love my blue collar job now[View]
492891409How the fuck do I get good at XCOM 2?[View]
492904096Did you ever imagine this was the direction the series would go?[View]
492903594>ask friend if he's played x game >every time he responds 'no, is it souls-like?'…[View]
492902358Name a bigger normie bandwagon[View]
492899976What am I in for?[View]
492894359>Six slots for Fighters Pass 2 There's no way he's not in, right? How can he not be? He…[View]
492902103They're in[View]
492900515Are these actually satisfying to play or is it just all cinematic QTE trash?[View]
492903352If it had to be a 3 houses character, why not her?[View]
492899485So when will Sakurai fix their nonsense inputs? https://youtu.be/XzMSHDlDUfc?t=229[View]
492903694Take me back: https://youtu.be/fOEjSgAiluk[View]
492884383Kino snow levels?[View]
492900217What do you think?: What do you think /v/?[View]
492903236here's your controller bro[View]
492890951I’d like to go back please.[View]
492903031>leather armor >cloth armor[View]
492900618gothic 1 is better than 2 change my mind[View]
492900719>Rejected Triss >Magic's gone'd Yen >Became the greatest father and daughter witc…[View]
492899775Riviera discussion thread: Just for fun! If Riviera gets a full-blown remake, what improvements do y…[View]
492899145Is this a good cRPG for someone unfamiliar with the genre? Is the first one better to start with, or…[View]
492903183Yea its pretty much over now its been two years since this game has released and we havent heard any…[View]
492901228ASIAN PUSSY[View]
492901515oh god oh fuck[View]
492890459Warioware Facts: Since this board is pretty salty, I think it’s time for some Warioware facts -5-Vol…[View]
492889187So is this going to be a regular thing now?[View]
492902560God, I want to fuck the Fortnite banana so fucking bad. Imagine him in bed; his lustful eyes gazing …[View]
492895541>Death Stranding coming to PC >Horizon: Zero Dawn likely coming to PC >Dreams too >After…[View]
492902008Why yes, I introduced the most boring but most practical fighters in Smash Bros.' history, how …[View]
492901867Just think, if those 2 never showed up in the Melee localization and stayed Japan only we wouldn…[View]
492899002Post only the best boss fights in videogames.[View]
492902712>Game that's fun as fuck to watch a Youtuber play but when you play it is boring and shit Wh…[View]
492881782Is FFVII Remake going to be the greatest game ever made?[View]
492897065This character is a villain[View]
492901807Hermen Hulst, the man that killed the PlayStation: >Head of Guerrilla Games >Gives Kojima his …[View]
492896159I'm never going to see Earthworm Jim in Smash, will I?[View]
492901771Reminder that a Bamco character is guaranteed[View]
492902223BIG APPLE, 3 AM[View]
492898212what games have a similar setting and atmosphere to Amnesia the Dark Descent?[View]
492892268Hey you get in here and talk about a game you've been playing this is the anti-smash bunker…[View]
492900782Guys listen. My dad works at Nintendo and he says John Wick will be in Smash. Can you believe it?[View]
492902013Byleth: Not gonna lie. I had no idea who it was. Then I saw this, and I didn’t care. I welcome it.…[View]
492876731Are mods souless?[View]
492882290GTA San Andreas SOULFUL MEMORIES: been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to b…[View]
492901876Is this based bugger back in with the inclusion of Byleth and 1st party Nintendo characters?: Will h…[View]
492901798I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 81[View]
492901286S-S-S-S-S-S-Sumimasen!: P-please don't hate me anon! I didn't mean to drop all your tendie…[View]
492901601>Ragdolls physics are the deadliest enemies[View]
492901506Heh... well played, Sakurai... HOWEVER[View]
492898991Koei Tecmo helped develop Byleth's reveal trailer: >Ryu Hayabusa could still happen…[View]
492901505*beats you in a market gardening duel*[View]
492901474>Here to save the day is an effeminate looking Asian twink and his foul mouthed giga nigga best f…[View]
492896723Soul vs Soul[View]
492901391Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[View]
492898492What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
492890194Downwell Switch codes: have a good one nintenbros B16412KH486JPVX2 B16412KX2QC3CWHT B16412KJ3BJ70T4…[View]
492881487Play Dota2: >Highest skill ceiling >Constant updates >Huge esport scene >Massive playerb…[View]
492901261Did your dailies rotations, /v/?[View]
492898156Here's your controller bro[View]
492866660>All of these bitches delayed to make way for the king of 2020[View]
492900953It should've been her! Its her time! THE PASS SHOULD'VE BEEN HERS![View]
492896095Byleth was an intentional fuck you from Sakurai to the fans of Smash Bros. It's clear as day, f…[View]
492900653are we gonna talk about bulgleth today or ...[View]
492900589>itt: co-op/multiplayer games I'll be reuniting with an internet firend I haven't spoke…[View]
492897220>game is more about puzzle solving thn actual dungeon crawling past my refun period too, wasted 2…[View]
492900235So worth 60 dollars[View]
492894678I want to fuck his little boy hole. And no, it’s not gay.[View]
492900564I love smash![View]
492885198>me? a legendary smash bro? Oh my![View]
492895572Wow, its garbage[View]
492900590How long until the post-patch Switches have an exploit and I can stop paying Nintendo for their shit…[View]
492900543>Grabs mic >Leans in Hadir Karim and Raul Menendez did nothing wrong…[View]
492899593BAYONETTA 3: This game is never going to come out is it?[View]
492894515>before today SICK CAKE GIRL IS THE BEST, SHE NEEDS TO GET INTO SMASH! >after today HOLY GUACA…[View]
492900312So what are the chances this will be successful, sales wise (not compared to on the WiiU, obviously …[View]
492900142Viewtiful Joe will be a Smash character: Look at the gamecube covers of Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 and lo…[View]
492894121who was in the wrong here?[View]
492898301Just make a fucking Fire Emblem fighting game spin-off already: Byleth moveset should have been used…[View]
4928907716th DLC: /v/ this is it. Brothers, let's start discussing the 6th DLC character. Also, today wa…[View]
492897096Zoomers officially name TLOU the 4th best game ever: It's over, we lost[View]
492895528what's the most cringe game you can think of??[View]
492900182Oh? You wanted a fucking loli from a puzzle game?[View]
492897379Vidya Marketing: What is the most successful video game marketing strategy ever?[View]
492900137/v/ house: >game lets you pick genders https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-gZIwtSfizM&t=1223s htt…[View]
492897583Should I play TMS?: Well /v/, should I play it? Im a big fan of SMT, the Persona games, and JRPGS in…[View]
492891813Gohans new voice actor sucks[View]
492888215Which persona cast is your favorite and why?[View]
492898567Post your favorite game of all time so people can try it out if they haven't. pic related[View]
492897645What games do you feel made the most creative use of their controllers?[View]
492849482I don't usually go for this type of game but the sale is about to die on psn and I have some cr…[View]
492898495How do you feel about the Power Glove?[View]
492899257We know that they're going to enter the videogame market before long, but question is how will …[View]
492897481ITT: games only you remember[View]
492897434>Game has a synthwave soundtrack[View]
492894858HEY WHERES OUR PC PORT?: We get other boring PS4 stuff, but when is the real port coming?[View]
492897432What went right?[View]
492897734>I'm the only person alive to have ever played this: What's yours?[View]
492880248OMP OMP OMP[View]
492897298stop being entitled and accept this gift from mr sakurai /v/[View]
492896457What are some other games with characters like this?[View]
492888510>greatest pistol ever designed >is always shit in games…[View]
492891520Okay, which one of you faggots have it? Post the link[View]
492892130I've been playing San Andreas for the first time and really been enjoying it. How does Vice Cit…[View]
492899323I think byleth sucks![View]
492897373co-op is full with leveling bots and riot probably even sells them under the table, there are no dou…[View]
492895083will they add tony hawk to smash: will they[View]
492884412I just platinum'd Resident evil 2 Say something nice about it[View]
492882225Decided to try it on game pass and cause of the show. What am I in for?[View]
492895194>Official Pokemon ASMR is now a thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOWBxliSGgI&feature=you…[View]
492874673/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Thracia 776: >The year is 776 >Leif, a young noble from the kingdom of …[View]
492895732thoughts on this game?[View]
492898881Is it true that you can get a response from bongo phones when using 4chan? Or, is that service no lo…[View]
492898378Name a single game with a romance that isn't just >le dude was nice to me/saved me once so n…[View]
492898595Those cargo pods full of harvested organs and heroin worth 20 million credits aren't yours, rig…[View]
492881870How is it possible that the biggest internet company in the world releases a product THIS bad? They …[View]
492894412>Elder Scrolls Online will have a Skyrim region DLC >no dragons >instead you get vampires S…[View]
492896573>yfw smash roster autism will never end[View]
49289875620 years and still the king.[View]
492894827Wizard Of Legend: How's the new update treating you? Any new arcana or relics you like?[View]
492865134Let us for a moment suspend our individual feelings on Byleth's inclusion. It appears there is …[View]
492898426I don't know why people are disappointed after this long. Posting a template next.[View]
492898093These last 2 weeks of watching AGDQ with you guys, speculating smash, it was all really fun. I’m gla…[View]
492896312>western game >can't skip developer/publisher logos…[View]
492898074Humble Bundle doing an Australia Charity Bundo Has Hollow Knight, Hand of Fate 2, Euro Truk 2, and a…[View]
492834823Fighter pass 2: Now I understand the gloom and doom of today but fuck all of that. Post your most ge…[View]
492895536>Game has official soundtrack >Soundtrack doesn't have all the music…[View]
492895763If only they gave Banjo the terry treatment, all those mii costumes and awesome music tracks from ot…[View]
492897774>its bad >why >its overrated…[View]
492875914Enough about Smash, Let's talk CRASH: What happened to them? Why don't they exist anymore …[View]
492896616I am forgotten.[View]
492892180Dont spoil it pls[View]
492896267Name one or several games with a busty 6ft tall female protagonist[View]
492865327Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind: Releases in a few days. What are you expecting?[View]
492896638So is this how it's gonna be? RWhiteGoose was revealed to be a transphobic Nazi and all the pun…[View]
492896101what are some video games?[View]
492893242I will post this every day until new news for SMT V day 4[View]
492896726What does /v/ think of my lab assistant?[View]
492884456Now that Byleth got in I dont think there's any doubt one of these shit stains is in smash figh…[View]
492897579Does anyone actually like this smug weirdo?[View]
492878510ITT: combine 3 games to create the perfect video game.[View]
492897613Nobody who's sane even plays Fire Emblem, except fags who care more about two virtual people ki…[View]
492897309You better be working on your game /v/ or else I'm coming at your house.[View]
492897581It took 2000 years for him to be redeemed. The truth always prevails in the end[View]
492875659Femleth Thread: screw Smash post sensei[View]
492897520You are under arrest for violating Moderators Direct orders The Penalty is 3 days of exile https://y…[View]
492890040This is a LOT gayer than the bath scene in the original. In the original Cloud gets into an awkward …[View]
492896284What are the odds of John Wick being added to Smash?[View]
492894884Official Travis Touchdown thread: There's no reason to be asshurt by Byleth because everyone kn…[View]
492896678>Has 0 Fire Emblem characters We got cocky smash bros. Where were you when this retroactively bec…[View]
492897157Don't mind me, I'm just saving Smash.[View]
492897269The trannies win this one[View]
492897085>$60 game >DLC is gonna be $55 in total (excluding Mii costumes) for not even 10% extra conten…[View]
492896832The last good DBZ game: Legacy of Goku/Buu's Fury games were good, Budokai games were good, the…[View]
492893872Haven’t been on /v/ all day, how did they react to the Smash direct? Lemmie guess, they lost their s…[View]
492897058Color theory was right: I told you, I fucking told you. Who else could represent green but Byleth?…[View]
492896918Not working again, eh?[View]
492896997He's next and you know it.[View]
492893893stop playing gachashit you fucking retard[View]
492892056>Cyberpunk delayed till 2077[View]
492892804Why do time limits make brainlets seethe so much?[View]
492892782Geno: I bet you if anything he'll get a premium Mii Gunner Outfit with a song from SMRPG and th…[View]
492896639What are some games where he's frozen in there and that we're out here, and that he's…[View]
492896628https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXtNYTJBX2E i'm thinking he's in[View]
492896519Monster Hunter Iceborne: Is Velkhana the Griffith of monsters?[View]
492895151some folks are born, made to raise the flag. oooh that red white and blue...[View]
492896172Let's keep our focus on Grace.[View]
492879325>tfw literally nothing to play I feel like I have played every single game that could interest me…[View]
492894751Does water expire, /ck/?[View]
492890426who taught these dogs how to parry[View]
492894859Nintendo Switch? Of course![View]
492894136D-Don't mind me /v/, just squeezing my way to page 10[View]
492887805What the hell is with every online game and being constantly updated and rebalanced these days? I do…[View]
492891697How do you handle having a lot of games to play and no time to play them? I'm a man with a full…[View]
492895076Granblue Versus: NA release date is February 18, two weeks after the JP release per amazon[View]
492895909was it autism?[View]
492894705(Pic Related, Art Assets I've Photoshopped): I'm a smalltime indie game developer and a st…[View]
492895662/v/ is a great example of the duality of man[View]
492892908What a fucking hack >90 characters >0 are original…[View]
492891223Vidya Butt Thread: Funbag threads can hit bump limit; why not let us have our fun?[View]
492878694Do you feel bad when you kill canine enemies in video games?: inb4doggerino copypasta, we all know t…[View]
492895148How are FF7 & OOT still considered the best games after 20+ years?[View]
492895428HE IS IN: HE IS IN[View]
492895481Reminder that there's literally a Big Rigs sequel. It's the same game but reskinned and wi…[View]
4928720512020: And no good Dragon Ball games until this day.[View]
492889671>beat the Souls games >getting filtered by Furi Anyone beat this game? 11/10 music and gamepla…[View]
492895468>put in NPCs that insult you or are otherwise annoying >You can't harm them in any way sh…[View]
492894950Just finished this a few days ago. Is the second game worth playing? Does it relate or retcon to the…[View]
492891571Leakfags ETERNALLY BTFO: so let's do a recap on why leakfags should literally NEVER be trusted …[View]
492894896Monster Hunter World: >add shitty CPU hog feature to fight cheaters >cheaters finds a way arou…[View]
492894639Will this trailer ever be topped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw47_q9wbBE[View]
492895327How do you feel: Realizing that this guy just sat and saw all the saltness about exclusives to be ca…[View]
492860651>shitty soulless shill pick >half his moves are recycled animations with extremely minimal cha…[View]
492893480Smash is the ultimate cancer: Smash is literally a child's game for birthday parties. The subhu…[View]
492895229I hate Twitter[View]
492892945This game should change its name for: Fire Emblem Arena There is more Fire Emblem characters than Ma…[View]
492893215what are your must play ps2 games, /v/ ? Couple of mine off the top of my head are >All GTA…[View]
492895153So when is Smash bros going to fix their button inputs?[View]
492883441Stealth Games General: This worked well before. What is everyone playing? Looking forward to anythin…[View]
492893772Guys, how the fuck do I beat March Of The Pigs? >inb4 you faggots spam MARCH! like always.…[View]
492880270PuyoPuyo thread anyone?[View]
492886408Was he right?: >The people never have the power, only the illusion of it. And here is the real se…[View]
492893536KINGDOM HEARTS 3 ReMind: Well look like KH 3 Remind got more darker and edgy. Who’s going bleed? Who…[View]
492891904was it kino[View]
492891794Do us FEchads ever lose?[View]
492848094>byleth and her wife are IN feels good, bros[View]
492890980They finally announced the release and its almost here /v/ Who else hyped for Valentine’s Day this y…[View]
492892645Why aren’t you playing the surprise mobile hit, Raid: Shadow Legends?[View]
492894461ITT: post that are now outdated[View]
492894496What the FUCK was her problem? Why and WHAT was she vomiting every two seconds?[View]
492878218What went wrong?[View]
492893570I will post this everyday until Monokuma's Smash announcement I am clinging to hope in possibil…[View]
492861230Would this have been a better reveal than Byleth?[View]
492823924Hoy, wake up! It's morning[View]
492836005>I will be called Dagger from now on!. How autistic is she? That name fucking sucks…[View]
492894371Where were you when this was proven fake[View]
492891948I want to Punch this Individual so Fucking Much.[View]
492893945When did he become good?[View]
492893904We’re only halfway there /v/. 2 years, 6 fighters.[View]
492894092theme for SSBUSeason 2 DLC: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Qia-rrf0pYg[View]
492893245Why did they stop making Simpsons games?[View]
492894183Trafficworlds thread? It’s been awhile. https://thetagames.itch.io/trafficworlds[View]
492892476She's in[View]
492894146If it wss one of the female students you people would be lapping it up.[View]
492891494Now that the dust has settled: What did /v/ think of Smash Ultimate's first Wave of DLC Fighter…[View]
492892521Literally impossible[View]
492893414>this whole time thought resting at idols refilled my spirit emblems >didn't understand …[View]
492892165I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that this will be the E3 that…[View]
492858779So who did it worse?[View]
492886137You're all forgetting about something really fucking important. Altair is a Mii costume. This s…[View]
492892471Friendly Backlog thread: Let's post some of our backlogs and help each other pick out what to p…[View]
492808880Thoughts on code vein?[View]
492890485Bad Vidja Music: I'll start https://youtu.be/Wcvu9cyhz4s https://youtu.be/GfqWIvGEjq0 pretty mu…[View]
492891431Literally the best game I ever played[View]
492893810So are North American games basically dead now? The only things I've liked in the past 5 years …[View]
492893768World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: What went wrong?[View]
492893750LISA: Play her game.[View]
492824984>THREE LEFT, JUMP... MAYBE >MAYBE What the fuck is this shit in a game where one wrong move se…[View]
492888964What are games where you can play as Creamy Sheevy? and once that question is answered, can this bec…[View]
492891281what's the appeal of this game?[View]
492892414>HIS NAME IS REN[View]
492886678How is this allowed?: >Defeat someone on vidya >say 'gg ez' >They report me for being 'toxi…[View]
492884572Did the sequel have any bosses that come close to the greatness of Murai 1 and Doku 2?[View]
492892409dark souls 2 is fuck you all 3 souls games are great[View]
4928874306 stay 6 go pick /v/[View]
492892590These were objectively the best soundtracks of 2019. Discuss.[View]
492889996I want Max as a gf[View]
492891829>dragon element who come with that shit? why there's not elf, vampire or mechanic element?…[View]
492892451>Here's your Fighter Pack 2, bro.[View]
492891454>Streamer doesn't speak English[View]
492893286We warned you Smashbros Now the same will happen to you and your roster[View]
492892808In the current state of journalism, do you think we will ever get another 98 or 99 rated game?[View]
492892943>game has a hug meter Why are the Japanese the most innovative game developers in the world?…[View]
492892672Does Fallout take place in an alternate timeline that's exactly the same to ours but diverges f…[View]
492893121>to die leaving no corpse >that is the way of us Garo…[View]
492892778so, what will happen to Silent Hill now that Konami doesn't give a fuck and are probably workin…[View]
492892969Want to have a star fox adventures thread anon[View]
492892813she's in[View]
492889579Ar Nosurge: Picked this up for 2 dollars. I know nothing about it. What can I expect.[View]
492891050This was the best and worst moment of Smash Bros.[View]
492888871The DLC is completely separated from the main save. Once you finish it, you can carry the new charac…[View]
492870762So after Sans and Cuphead does anybody else expect other 'never ever' indies to get mii'd? I ho…[View]
492889709Did the OSSC team ever solve the Silent Hill/Chrono Cross problem of switching between 240p gameplay…[View]
492892524Dutch, I sit alone in four cornered rooms staring at candles just to find a way to contain the pain …[View]
492890678>Final boss has a bullshit attack that can 1 shot you[View]
492892575>10-20 smash threads going at once Any other games you guys are playing recently that doesn'…[View]
492892641What set up is she using?[View]
492892502>NOOOOO big breasts are too sexual! >No woman actually looks like that! >Oh my goodness her…[View]
492891953I can’t fucking wait bros[View]
492891797Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC port.: Sony twitter is burning, electric boogaloo edition. previous t…[View]
492884804Do you have a girl that is your world?[View]
492887835>Be me >Have a bunch of games on Steam and PSN >Most of which I haven't even played …[View]
492892370>JC Denton. 23 years old. No residence. No ancestors. No employer.[View]
492892361Now that he’s been accused of rape, who’s gonna do the soundtrack for the Elder Scrolls 6?[View]
492891295I miss him so much bros...[View]
492890985How do I achieve CHIM?[View]
492892210>The Switch has been out for 3 years >The shitty byleth direct was made in November and they w…[View]
492890214Does anyone else make up their own stories when playing vidya?: It’s easiest with open world games, …[View]
492892081>10Kb download of DLC includes 40 more hours of play time and new music tracks >crazy compress…[View]
492891318Smash Challenger Pack 1: >”These are going to be characters that are new to the series, just like…[View]
492890504Defend these[View]
4928863423DS Thread: Do you still enjoy your 3DS? What was the last game your bought for it?[View]
492888362>sv_gravity 100[View]
492839059>Even less content than WoD, with 8.3 being massive disappointment >let's release store m…[View]
492886496Get in loser, we're saving Final Fantasy[View]
492858375fightstick thread: Post them[View]
492871039Valkyria Chronicles: Tell me your thoughts on this game.[View]
4928896123 Houses/Ladies of FE thread: They dropped so many fucking hints I'm embarrassed I didn't …[View]
492891379Any space games where I can live out Legend of Galactic Heroes fantasies? Or maybe a good space game…[View]
492890359opinions on the new nippon ichi game coming out this spring?[View]
492888184Well, that SmashDirect was pretty good, don't you think /v/bros ?[View]
492890320ITT: Post vidya-related images you never get to post anymore[View]
492883102>Every previous character returning >Amazing roster, he even gave us the fucking bear and bird…[View]
492889549PS4 has no ga-[View]
492887660Was it ever pushed to its limits?[View]
492891301Ittv vidya mice/rats[View]
492891228>save you twice, now[View]