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442414658>plays vidya >die[View]
442413532Call me biased, Unless you agree. Not everyone does, Not everyone cares. You decide.[View]
442413484What video games are you getting for Christmas? What are you gifting? I am buying myself God of War …[View]
442407042IT’S GREAT TO BE A KING[View]
442412476Death Stranding: Yo wtf http://archillect.com/204863 redirects to Kojima Productions website??…[View]
442409847Mutant Year Zero: It's good[View]
442412681LEAKED OPENING TO NEW SONIC FILM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7al41LVYog BASED A S E D…[View]
442412675>'20 million this fiscal year will never happen!'[View]
442412823Have you bought your Soulja game console yet, peasants? It's only the greatest console of all t…[View]
442414229sugoi & poipilled[View]
442410025>It’s a stealth mission[View]
442414134Claim your waifu Unpopular edition[View]
442407670Is Metroid the Star Wars of vidya? Sakamoto is basically George Lucas. >Initial installments (Me…[View]
442407210How do you think DOA6 will end up ?: Just asking out of curiosity.[View]
442410597>can't clear entire encounters of enemies with a single spell >can't drop the big he…[View]
442414030Thoughts on pic related[View]
442409356This is the greatest RPG ever made. The story is groundbreaking, the setting is incredible. Dialogue…[View]
442411873what would you do to this huntress?[View]
442399227Reminder to get the plant for free while you still can[View]
442408780Is this game still a trainwreck?[View]
442413776Todd plz: It can't possibly be real.[View]
442412278so how bad is this game?[View]
442413695Uh, what's this ? Oh well, probably nothing important[View]
442412991Smash bros? Why don't you zoomers play a real fighting game like Yie Ar Kung Fu? Yep, those wer…[View]
442408269>Enemies can open doors[View]
442400187ITT: The most disappointing games of 2018.[View]
442413374Mark my words /v/. When Skyrim 2 comes out, it will only be on Bethesda's client. Which means n…[View]
442408141Buy Shadow of the Tomb Raider[View]
442411295play puchiguru love live[View]
442412781ITT post 10/10s only: I'll start.[View]
442413158Mortal Kombat 11 Guest Character Wishlist: Pic related for me. Nobody fits the bill better than Plan…[View]
442413121im bad and cant beat this guy[View]
442400235is Steam going to die? All the doom and gloom lately makes me thing it's demise may be coming s…[View]
442411795>Both Robin and Joker are in Smash now Its only a matter if time before we get Batman. He's …[View]
442413000> why is it so good??[View]
442408868Why do companies hate PC gaming?[View]
442409107Name ONE thing he did right.[View]
442401718E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy: Heard a lot of good things about this game on /v/, finally decided to try …[View]
442412804Nefaria on the front page![View]
442406929LOL ?[View]
442412234Two?: look what I found /v/ros[View]
442407153Why aren't you playing Path Of Exile? Do you hate fun?[View]
442394654Is your EDF body ready, /v/? 10 hours left.[View]
442408061>it's another 'streamer thinks playing video games for randos on the internet is work' episo…[View]
442402470How could Fallout 4 have been good?[View]
442411970When did you notice Capcom turned the ship around and became the best game company in the world agai…[View]
442411450ITT God-Tier Character Concepts/Designs[View]
442412282Are any of these things actually good? I don't want to use my phone. In specific I'd want …[View]
442386020>Relaxing in the bayou cooking venison while in the middle of a torrential fucking downpour. >…[View]
442410870Explain why you aren’t playing this masterpiece anon[View]
442404689Monster Hunter BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: *ting* *ting* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdPuxxzoGcs IN 30 MIN…[View]
442403802State of Xbox's First-party: Let's talk about the state of Xbox's first-party and stu…[View]
442407118Are video games better than they were 10 years ago?[View]
442408814Would you rather fight 100 chicken sized zombies or 10 zombie sized chickens?[View]
442406898Destiny 2 is fun wtf i thought it was supposed to be horrible[View]
442410152Anyone else get a chance to play anthem closed alpha yet? I got 2 sessions yesterday and only experi…[View]
442411424>game has only one save slot and it's autosave only[View]
442411396What are the best games that offer you multiple choices?[View]
442399038For me, it's Hinako.[View]
442410548>Reggie said DLC characters are unexpected and haven't been represented in any Smash game. T…[View]
442409852> Difficult tasks that requires skilled professionals to be completed. > People spend years to…[View]
442367494Just finisheded Mass Effect. Why did /v/ told me to nuke her? She clearly is the best girl and way m…[View]
442408349I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
442411203New Service Better than Steam: Ok guys, we will be created a new platform called ONLINEONLYGAME4U It…[View]
442411109Dante in Smash: He's in. There's no denying it anymore.[View]
442409272SNES can play Playstation games better than Playstation: It keeps getting better and better. https:/…[View]
442411253Make it happen, Todd[View]
442409910post ironically good games[View]
442408392Can we have a comfy P5 thread[View]
442410957>video game has rap ost[View]
442411106I dont get ehat do peopleblike abiut the OST its just random noises and weird voices[View]
442410334For me, its the Quadra V-Tech[View]
442397380Mortal Kombat 11: How's he gonna fuck up this time around?[View]
442410835Itt:claim your obscure waifus[View]
442409842IT KEEPS HAPPENING: Whose mothers did Just Cause 4 kick in the nuts?[View]
442404317Got banned for 30 minutes because I disconnected. Fine Nintendo, I'll pay extra to play through…[View]
442405464She's in.[View]
442406434>'Don't worry guys, I'll sacrifice my life for my friends so you can all live!' >Pro…[View]
442394147What's the /v/erdict? I'm mildly enjoying it thus far[View]
442408916No Unreal Tournament No Gears of War No Bulletstorm This used to be the names I associate Epic with.…[View]
442407360>sell games for $60 even after being released for a year >doesn’t provide you a good online se…[View]
442403786>game gives you yes or no question >hit no >'HAHA UR BEING DISHONEST' >game gives you s…[View]
442408901Road rash: Suddenly got an urge to play this classic, which part should I play ( I only have a PC )…[View]
442410008SHUT UP ERIC[View]
442402587>dark souls clone >one of the main selling points of the game was the coop gameplay >game l…[View]
442409089It's another Kenshi thread Thiccfags edition If I want to train Dex am I basically forced to us…[View]
442403873First Teaser for the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/12/10/sonic-the-hed…[View]
442400219https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/1071815105418022912 >fortnite players…[View]
442408205Remember when autists were outraged over this design? Good times.[View]
442409739How come Nintendo never developed a better Smash game than Super Smash Flash?[View]
442407394Miiverse: But why did it have to die?[View]
442408594Anyone know an easy way to see each iteration of user agreements of wc3 and maybe other games?[View]
442375267choose one[View]
442409539Smash: Just 100% pic related on hard, all it really needed was some more mission variety like break …[View]
442407421Will 2019 be the year of the Linux Desktop?[View]
442409592>from the producer of the Fast and the Furious You can't make this shit up…[View]
442406912>FALLOUT 76 Failed At Launch Loved Only (by) Unintelligent Teenagers 76 dollars more than it sho…[View]
442408148POST YOUR 2019 GAMER FACE[View]
442409359what are some kino vida with this fell?[View]
442408247MUSIC: Superior quality vidya music thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcRHBgGHtwo&t=1147s …[View]
442386254RTS Games about WW2 conflict ?[View]
442409385Hostile fleet detected[View]
442406564Monster Hunter World Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdPuxxzoGcs in 10 minutes…[View]
442409209Rate my first Rainbow Six Siege match: >pick up Gold or whatever bundle during a Steam sale for $…[View]
442408339Death Stranding: is this shit gonna be a fucking walking simulator? The gameplay reveal at E3 this y…[View]
442408974Why are video game consoles so satisfying to collect for?: I think since most only do one thing when…[View]
442406182Should I get Smash if I don't have any acquaintances or friends?[View]
442403326Haven't been keeping up with videogames recently. Is this game worth getting? Steam reviews loo…[View]
442408807Oh no mechbros it looks like Microsoft might be acquiring Piranha Games[View]
442405716Who slav in here?[View]
442402890When's Crysis 4[View]
442406797Holy shit they're still working on this?[View]
442408567Trying to find the name of a game: Found this screeenshot from a weird Russian video game review sit…[View]
442406278Smash Bros Ultimate: Darkhon, one of the two final boss, represents the toxic fan base of Smash bros…[View]
442408452PVZ: how did a mobile game by EA with a seemingly thin premise is able to last so long as supported …[View]
442396680is dante the first character in gaming with an oedipus complex?[View]
442407336Never in my life have I played a more soulless unstylized game in my life. Even CoD at least has the…[View]
442406639Does gaming helps you build confidence?: Personally playing role playing games and picking bold chio…[View]
442406307Its about that time of the year to walk and drive around in mafia 2 when its snowing because muh com…[View]
442406437What Metacritic scores would this game get if it was released today?[View]
442399921I CAN DO ANYTHING[View]
442403015Why are there still Sonic fans in 2018? What is the appeal?[View]
442406439>1v1 match, my K. Rool against Marth >obvious from the start that this dude is a tryhard faggo…[View]
442406281Dead game?: Is it worth getting? I need a 'mindless' game to pass time.[View]
442407492He's in[View]
442403483Well /v/ it's time to pick a side[View]
442401923You just know she’s in...: Say hello to your Square Enix DLC[View]
442379463Is Carl of Duty: Black Cops IIII worth it for $30?[View]
442406647leave Epic Games to me![View]
442378863He's right you know[View]
442399402Do you consider big tits a selling point for a game?[View]
442407094Is he in?: Nintendo is very self aware of their fanbase, what they want and all their memes. So to s…[View]
442400621What will be the main 'color' persona 6[View]
442405298Who else is hyped to play the first african-american centered game since GTA:San Andreas?[View]
442405035Did this game end up getting better in terms of story? I played it a little after release and god da…[View]
442407116Next DLCs for smash: Here's your DLCs for today[View]
442395892>More easter eggs and secrets than any other smash game Yeah, I'm thinking this one has the …[View]
442397204I'm not hyped about kh3, anyone feel the same. >All disney world revealed and its underwhelm…[View]
442404630What's the best way to play this and the predecessor on Dolphin? Mouse and keyboard or controll…[View]
442406837Have any good 3DS games come out in the last few months? I haven't bought any new games in a wh…[View]
442405770>it wasn't the first hint of an ARG >it was just an easter egg referencing portal to tie …[View]
442400712Where did they get so much milk from?[View]
442399416EPIC GAMES STORE REFUND: hilarious (and illegal) the chinks are collecting as much data as possible,…[View]
442403103Are there realy people out there that cant tell the difference between 30 and 60 fops. Or is it just…[View]
442405008How do I into Smash?[View]
442403573>ports and remasters >movie games >smallest library by far >zero notable new franchises …[View]
442405275*down smashes you through everything* *grabs you and sets up a free smash* *sucks you and stocks you…[View]
442405727Buyer's remorse thread.: pic very related.[View]
442393521Monster Hunter World Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdPuxxzoGcs In 3:30 hour. STICKY …[View]
442404614What are the best games for verbally abusing others?[View]
442405643Who was the green reploid?[View]
442406042HUH-HUH-HUH https://youtu.be/DrbH2ilr-Kg[View]
442393760Are you enjoying the beta?[View]
442403147Battlefield V: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Battlefield V. The societal criti…[View]
442405657Today I am going down to Gamestop and trading in my hacked Switch for another brand new Switch, with…[View]
442405173Why does Mickey have Sonic eyes?[View]
442405915Despite that this game is technically better in every way, How did they manage to make this game fee…[View]
442398717to what extent would you go to play smash? >the craigslist urge to play smash…[View]
442405432>remember me /v/? >remember the fun times we had on teamspeak with clanmates? >remember eag…[View]
442405342League of legends pros: >50 minute long game >all turrets down >both teams keep getting ace…[View]
442403029Wow what[View]
442404716Where would you like to see the next Fallout take place? Hawaii? Seattle? Miami? Guam? Alaska?[View]
442400958is todd the western kojima?[View]
442405527What do you think about La-Mulana's music /v/?[View]
442401819I've had enough of this shit game, you literally can lose to RNG, fuck this faggot shit t. has …[View]
442375968Screencaps thread: Post screencaps Lets laugh together[View]
442388097Why does everyone have a boner for her? There's nothing overtly sexual about her and she's…[View]
442392923Choose your fighter.[View]
442405061When and why did people suddenly start giving a shit about the bland world and lore of Dragon Age? I…[View]
442404978Recommend me some games on the Switch. I just bought my first Nintendo console yesterday together wi…[View]
442402282To this day. not a single Pokemon spinoff has gotten representation in Smash and that's good be…[View]
442401109https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQwH2Dd1Zm4 How are we supposed to confirm he isn't using a tra…[View]
442404769>the game has a way of silently killing foes >press the right button/combination of buttons …[View]
442402825Comfy thread: >NO MOM I don’t wanna go to work I’m too comfy What’s the best games to play while…[View]
442404690Can't even think of anything witty to say[View]
442386126Dragon Age 4: It should be a vn at this point. Bioware can't into gameplay. Period. Prove me wr…[View]
442402783Super Smash Bros DLC characters leak: I'm a graphic designer and a couple of weeks ago I was co…[View]
442387350>game goes f2p >they dont give absolutely fucking anything not even a unique cosmetic/skin/wha…[View]
442404502Fucking noobs! noobs gamers! i hope your mom buys you a xbox. because all noobs play xbox hahaha. I …[View]
442394542/v/ play Game Dev Tycoon: previously >>442381453 Fagasstraps Ltd. is seeing moderate success n…[View]
442404471Why do smashfags always feel the need to make so many fucking fake leaks? These fags really need to …[View]
442401147This is objectively the best game of the year, prove me wrong.[View]
442380406Doom Eternal and Rage 2 skipping Steam: Ugh, I don't want to miss out on Doom, but I don't…[View]
442400032Vidya TECHNOLOGY thread: post some cool and innovative tech from games old and new[View]
442393664How come nobody ever talks about GOTY 2019 around here?[View]
442388364IT KEEPS HAPPENING: Whose mothers did Just Cause 4 kick in the nuts?[View]
442403858Faces of evil: When are we getting a faces of evil remake?[View]
442395396What does it feel like to finish playing a really good video game?[View]
442400529> game is not fast-paced 90's shooter[View]
442404124Why aren't you playing one of the best vaporwave themed puzzle/exploration games to have come o…[View]
442401724>fallout 76 was intentionally bad so that todd could announce their new engine next year and crac…[View]
442396489Can we have a comfy gta 4 thread?[View]
442402021how the fuck do you play this guy in ultimate?[View]
442400189wop ahah[View]
442401228> hold ESC to interact[View]
442401705Digimon World: Digimon World next game where!?[View]
442403236*blocks your path*[View]
442354895>Reggie confirmed that all of the fighter pass characters will be from brand new universes to the…[View]
442401948Oh boy look at the time Is time for another MK 11 thread[View]
442403683Let's see you survive this one! *power up noise* BIG BANG KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA![View]
442403662I Love Zelda ![View]
442395630How the FUCK do I get good at smash?: My gf just bought smash and I expected to easily wipe her sinc…[View]
442402785Don't mind me, just heading to page 10[View]
442403548He didn’t deserved it[View]
442390928Nintendo have already won Christmas 2018. https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/12/08/super-smash-bros-u…[View]
442396738I want to take advantage of this drunk girl.[View]
442385098>Only female fighter to put on weight from 4 What happened?[View]
442403092Has there been any progress on the unsolved Easter eggs left in the game? The developers said there …[View]
442400824mario is muslim mario is muslim[View]
442403047Play Squad[View]
442402883Why does Ninja have such little viewer retention when he's not playing Fortnite?[View]
442402924Tr4.5h Thread? Tr4.5h Thread.[View]
442375815Etrian Odyssey: About to start this game up. Anything I should know before diving in? Etrian Odyssey…[View]
442402829https://gbatemp.net/threads/ni-no-kuni-translation-eng.373770/ The original Ni no Kuni on DS just go…[View]
442402675Smash Ultimate: >have to wait in line for upwards of ten minutes for one match in arenas >if y…[View]
442387780Why do people hate her?[View]
442401086What does /v/ think about Miitopia?[View]
442399767>Least favourite character from one of your favourite games What's her name, /v/?…[View]
442387165Fact: No one would care about this game if it wasn't a PS4 exclusive.[View]
442336535>EVERYONE IS HERE >CNK karts in >Oxide now playable >costumes/skins confirmed >webs…[View]
442386934ITT: Overrated shit[View]
442402360>b-lines to you across the map >pops you in the head with his no-recoil perfectly accurate var…[View]
442401675Now that we got our hands on the game, how do my fellow Ridley fans feel about the character? Is his…[View]
442386480Games with this feel?[View]
442402063What other medium rewards people with fame and fortune for being a comeplete and utter faggots?[View]
442400183What a thrill[View]
442399801>oh wow, they give conan exiles for free on epic games! >great, lets install the ga…[View]
442384005What fighter has the worst fans? Hard Mode: No characters that aren't in already, Steve is too …[View]
442401854You guys think the gampleya reveal will have persona Q2’s release date announced or the switch relea…[View]
442401383Smash Ultimate mains: Show us those play times so far. Did you end up maiming who you planned to?…[View]
442399703Look here look listen. How do I deal with people trolling me on Rainbow Six Siege? Appearing offline…[View]
442401815Modified Santa hat thread I need an image or 2 to have santa hats if any kind anons could be of help…[View]
442396497Play Doom[View]
442399814>Mass Effect 3 >bad guy blows up and there are colors >HURR DURR WHAT A SHIT ENDING >Sma…[View]
442399886Okay, I just saw Ninja play Smash and it looks fun as heck. But I don't want to waste money on …[View]
442374649What happened? Everyone looks better than their DMC4 counterparts, yet Trish...[View]
442400975HADES THREAD: Why is no one talking about this amazing game? This is a must play for anyone that rem…[View]
442401465Tekken Thread: Wow there's a lot of stupid bullshit on /v/ at 5:38 am lets fix that with a tekk…[View]
442378992Can't spell 4channel without Chen[View]
442401429When will they make him good?[View]
442400913How do you beat Mommy Bossy in World of light, this is complete bullshit[View]
442401374battle of the lying cucks: so who is the bigger failure and who shot his company stronger in the foo…[View]
442389345Personally RDR2 is my undisputed GOTY and game of the generation for me. But I'm still fine wit…[View]
442400668>game has 3 different versions What games do this?[View]
442400224>skeleton boss >I've got a bone to pick with you!…[View]
442396228He's about to unveil his new game and make you his bitch all over again Get the fuck in here, b…[View]
442400302SMASH ULTIMATE INPUT LAG: no fucking wonder the game feels like complete ass to play it's actua…[View]
442359772Post Good gameover Screens[View]
442395661Nintendo should do a remake of the Gameboy Camera and Printer for the Switch.[View]
442400630Just played Ice Climber for the first time: And it sucks Holy fuck the controls are bad[View]
442384879Whose the best video game character ever?[View]
442400260Do you have that game, Mineycrafta?[View]
442400447Just played this game for first time. Holy fuck it's bad. Doesn't even live up to skyrim. …[View]
442389289>highly pixalated low-res sprites >portraits are 1080p hand-drawn paintings What the FUCK is t…[View]
442398354>buy this console >flimsy chinese packaging >open it up >plug it in >turn it on >i…[View]
442400013Vidya speeches: post top tier vidya speeches >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h67JpMyrOVE…[View]
442398415*wins every tournament*[View]
442394748>Nintendo charging for using you phone for voice chat and hanging yourself with all the cables lm…[View]
442398817Cartoon Network Bros. Ultimate: Who would you main?[View]
442398670Humble Bundle: Are they desperate at this point? More than half the year's games were kinda tra…[View]
442398698Super Meat Boy Forever not on Steam: >No Steam release OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
442397330How does a man manage to scam 200 million by selling jpegs?[View]
442397936Utwarerumono: I just bought this game. What am I in for?[View]
442400031https://youtu.be/ToYnNzamHJA They should've made Raiden sound like this from here on out. The d…[View]
442386384Worst Smash game yet.[View]
442399930ITT games telling it like it is.[View]
442399541How were the controls for this game so weird yet so functional and satisfying? Why is platforming wh…[View]
442384465Xbone X or PS4 Pro? Considering X but PS is where Resi belongs[View]
442398342So is she a manipulative cunt and the villain or actually good and really cares about Junpei?[View]
442396718Im fucking starving for a vr gundam game. Why don't they make it?[View]
442397418I'm going to marry Makoto and make lots of little squirrel kids with her![View]
442397653WELL V/ HOW BOUT KH3 OP VID?: Dunno about you guys, I dont know If I am a classyman or something but…[View]
442399762With the exception of FLOW, their games are all overrated.[View]
442362173Fire Emblem thread There's your level up Anon.[View]
442399094post your idle animation[View]
442394363You think the last of us 2 will have new game mechanics or it will just be the same thing as the fir…[View]
442394150Games with this feel?[View]
442396231How's that S-rank coming along anon? Also why do Brazilians suck at this game?[View]
442398810Hypothetical Is it morally wrong to call up a Gamestop and lie to the store clerk saying 'The other …[View]
442386507Still better than Shodaw of the Tomb Raider.[View]
442397425so... is it retarded to set tilt attacks to c-stick?[View]
442397876NBA Jam arcade at your local PH in the 90's was the best basketball vidya[View]
442394552Unbelievable that a franchise can be one of the most profitable in the world, withstand all sorts of…[View]
442399007How does Tr4.5h compare to Brawl or Trash 4?[View]
442391696 [View]
442397169*ahem': Post yfw you realized you could catch K.rool's crown[View]
442397829Why aren't you playing Xmas Jam 2018? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrbH2ilr-Kg[View]
442398829>Nintendo >Let's port a game >Ports smash wiiu >Knew they couldn't simply port…[View]
442393528>thanks to Bethesda and #EveryonesBattlefield people forgot about biggest fuckup of the year…[View]
442395494I just started playing Prey(2017) and I'm having a blast. Anything I should know? Preferred ski…[View]
442398771I want to fuck her in this form and ONLY in this form.[View]
442390230just got my iphone 8 plus on a contract, what are some great mobile games for it?[View]
442398198>tfw playing a short game after beating a 80+ hours game[View]
442392779What are the odds of this good girl getting added to mario party as dlc or something?[View]
442398487I haven't bought any 3DS games in a while. Has anything good been released in the last year or …[View]
442396636Technically can he still make it? While its most know for its appareance in SMB2, his first debut wa…[View]
442398434I am excited for Zheng Jiang.: Yes I know she a small note of a small note of history.I know the sta…[View]
442395117Is there any lore behind Dead Eye in RDR series? So far I noticed that the other characters (beside…[View]
442394446how the fuck has this not gotten a sequel yet?[View]
442391979Smash Ultimate has over 6 fucking frames of input lag. That is Brawl levels. Why the fuck are people…[View]
442361295What are your expectations?[View]
442396373New year event: Shawn Layden just tweeted about something big coming in 2 weeks, what is it?[View]
442398020Recommend me some viking games: I need some video games about vikings. Preferably realistic depictio…[View]
442394638This is the World of Light MVP Say something nice about him and his Fsmash[View]
442397810>only yooou~[View]
442398114wtf sakurai[View]
442395479Yo wtf Sakurai ?[View]
442398113What are some good books about video game development stories or history? Preferably one focusing on…[View]
442396761>Rimworld >Solo nude hardcore >Start combat >Shooting slow as fuck even with 16 shooting…[View]
442393235It unironically is good[View]
442391464Why didn't Nintendo keep the 'Jelly bean' design when it's honestly far more ergonomic tha…[View]
442393491Remember when the majority of /v/ thought these were our DLC characters?[View]
442397176>Valkyrie_Chronicles_4.crack.cpy FUCKING FINALLY[View]
442394021What's your favorite christmas themed map?[View]
442395069RE2 Microtransactions: Resident Evil 2 Remake Rating Confirms Microtransactions https://gamerant.com…[View]
442396304how do we fix the horror genre?[View]
442397498Incoming trainwreck https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1072083793614319616[View]
442395425>One copy of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate with a complimentary assault rifle-15…[View]
442397098I want to go back: /v/ That feel when we will never be able to be 10 and collect UB Funkeys ever aga…[View]
442397378SHE'S IN[View]
442360179Give me ONE good video game that sends me on a unforgettable journey with a satisfying ending and so…[View]
442395185In 2018, who has the time and patience to stand this soap opera of a clunky ass game? Watching meani…[View]
442396009This Is Why Fallout 76 Isn't As Bad As They Say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of6UiUihe6I Ba…[View]
442396096I've never seen a game series with a fanbase so large in the mentality of ''if you di…[View]
442397073Post your unpopular Smash opinions World of Light is the best story mode of any Smash game[View]
442390729>So there's this game, right... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E1jVWUMQiA…[View]
442397172What do you think about gameplay-contextual soundtracks in games? What games pull it off better or w…[View]
442387842'I'm just an innocent, inexperienced college girl who flinches at the idea of having to kill a …[View]
442395648>playing western games[View]
442369474Is BioWare done?: I almost want to be mad at how unpolished and unenjoyable this game is after 7 (SE…[View]
442394843What went so, so right?[View]
442396079The most powerful card in Artifact is[View]
442395352Are people still buying/playing with Labo? No one even talks about it.[View]
442395747describe a game in one sentence. others have to guess what game. >CMON CMON FOLLOW- CMON FOLLOW M…[View]
442391909Are you ready for Doom's fifth episode?[View]
442392567Smash Ultimate Cut Characters: Which characters do you believe were planned to be playable, but was …[View]
4423945822 QUESTIONS I just want a Switch for smash will I regret it? Are there any switch+smash+pro controll…[View]
442395649Every time we see KH3 it looks worse and worse and keeps getting downgraded, the combat is evidently…[View]
442396219Smash DLC: Discuss potential newcomers https://www.strawpoll.me/17015449[View]
442391904WHOS FUCKING HYPED: the music was so fucking good i know its 21 savage but anyone has the song name?…[View]
442361451Did Smash Ultimate turn out to be a huge disappointment or what?[View]
442395192Tell me why a mesoamerican Lovecraftian horror game with bloodbonre's gameplay isn't the b…[View]
442390815>Just you left, is it? >Yeah... Just me.[View]
442393442Any idea where this could be from? It literally starts right here, there is no water behind the stai…[View]
442392793x > x4 > x2 > x3 > x5 > x6 > x8 > x7[View]
442384259Why do you get negative karma for killing him?[View]
442394503The Covenant believe that what they call the late night Halo thread is hidden somewhere under this i…[View]
442384954Give me ONE good reason why this deserved GOTY? And don't you dare claim it's because of t…[View]
442394379I was murdered: In Luigi's Mansion[View]
442392228Gothic Thread?: Anyone even playin?[View]
442379376Mortal Kombat 11: It's obvious its going to have guest characters, so post guest characters you…[View]
442394472I can live with the more photorealistic take, but why does this game look so monochromatic? In some …[View]
442393887this shit is annoying. why do you have to wait ten minutes for one match sometimes, rinse and repeat…[View]
442394767https://youtu.be/gR6OTD21w4g Please be good even though I know it wont.[View]
442395210Killing Floor: You found the device that transforms the frustration from being Rick rolled into ener…[View]
442389958What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence…[View]
442395079How well does Ultimate stand up against Legacy/Project M?[View]
442394946What went so, so wrong?[View]
442392974Will it be good?[View]
442394853>watch trailer for mid-to-late 2000s game >AHA >HEEEEEE EEEEEEY…[View]
442389198She's a spirit: Pretend this is a picture of Undyne, I didn't feel like finding one.…[View]
442394281what did Max Payne 3 do right that no other Rockstar game (or TPS in general) has failed to replicat…[View]
442390672smash dlc leak.: JOKER STEALS THE SPOTLIGHT!: >nothing but his stock icon is finished as of me wr…[View]
442392830Ultimate destruction: Did anyone else love this game?[View]
442394210Where we dropin bois?[View]
442394182Best dragon age 2 waifu comming through chooo chooo all shit teir love interest get out[View]
442391621>have unusual tf2 hat in steam inventory >people with massive backpacks and tons of links on t…[View]
442381453/v/ plays: Game Dev Tycoon: continuing from >>442263025 So far Fagasstraps Ltd. has managed to…[View]
442379853Anyone else bored of Smash Ultimate already?[View]
442385490Western Reps: Which western characters actually have a chance to get in, if at all? No weebs allowed…[View]
442391623You can only post in this thread if your favorite RPG studio isn't owned by Microsoft: Behold t…[View]
442392306Hello everyone im gonna say the N-word[View]
442392635Hello /v, YOU HAVE BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED. Pic related, this how Masahiro Sakurai represents you in is fi…[View]
442389854>11/10 sountrack >3/10 combat >7/10 story >Still god tier How the fuck does this happe, …[View]
442393523RIP GoG: Steam will be fine, but nobody will use GoG or GoG Galaxy ironicaly or unironically. You tr…[View]
442391791>they didn't even bother to give her underwear Never would've guessed Nintendo is THAT …[View]
442387261the mode that killed SSBU This game is the most barebones Smash since 64. Having everything revolve …[View]
442392003What's his final smash /v/?[View]
442384974>playing Arma 3 >cool new mode out, having fun time >team killer arrives >no safe zone i…[View]
442391160>this is how the average Ganondorf main looks like Pathetic.[View]
442390636Can we have a Dishonored thread? What did you think of 2? Worth the praise heaped on it? How about D…[View]
442392575Have you ever played a game that was staunchly on one side of history over another?[View]
442392589Joy Con sticks: Does anyone else have a problem where when you flick the sticks it inputs the opposi…[View]
442391297Shame on you sweet N-[View]
442387879Was Conan McBrien wrong about Final Fantasy?[View]
442353983*Kills Steam*[View]
44238949710/10 Games: ITT: Gaming Perfection[View]
442392115Benchmark Thread: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/ Post you're benchmarks and laugh at poor anons…[View]
442387631Why did they cut these Smash assist trophies?: > Saki > Infantry and Tanks > Tingle > La…[View]
442392028She's in.[View]
442336971Only 4 DLC slots left, who are the final 4 going to be?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17013020[View]
442391851Anon Anonson! What in the hell are you reading?! That is FILTHY, young Anon! For shame.[View]
442390178haha look at him go![View]
442388441GRAETER GAMING: reposting the /his/ gaming list for u guys ;) Classical Period: Sapiens (Early human…[View]
442384356This is fucking trash. Should I even bother with the rest of the DLCs?[View]
442389545>buy a game digitally >have extreme buyers remorse GOD FUCKING DAMMIT…[View]
442391327ITT games you want to be real[View]
442385248Psychonauts 2 new trailer: This came out 3 days ago, why have I not seen any thread on this? https:/…[View]
442382151Least likely characters to be put into smash brothers[View]
442391090Dragon Age 4: Will the Inquisitor repeat as main char in Dragon Age 4?[View]
442391025Post kino vidya moments.[View]
442385087scumbags: >makes the demo for a highly anticipated multiplatform game timed exclusive Microsoft h…[View]
442390886>Hear lots about rainbow 6 >Hear it's pretty good >Decide to buy it on sale >Fuckin…[View]
442386664Smash Results: Alright /v/, time to prove if you're a shitter or not in Smash. The first weeken…[View]
442390650Listen b/itches >Ill be out soon >Pls stop >Ill be out soon >Just fuck off >*slap* …[View]
442387004What Metacritic scores would this game get if it was released today?[View]
442383267UH YUH 21 NIGGA YUH UH YUH YUH[View]
442390352Smash: >Three (3) world maps Jesus[View]
442383774Can you name 3 Switch games worth playing that weren't on the WiiU?[View]
442389175>uses old designs of characters >characters use moves from previous games >II is Roman nume…[View]
442374692Is this the worst ending in the history of fiction?[View]
442385090Let's play Oregon Trail alons, zeroes and fives decide how we go.[View]
442390106>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play when it had a really fun battle royale mode ad…[View]
442385769>Shit input lag >Taunts are sped up and shorted Pikachus line literally cuts off because the a…[View]
442390078where my fellow elite smashers at how’s it feel to be the best[View]
442390062should I get The Surge or the latest Tomb Raider game? are the boss fights in Shadow of the Tomb Rai…[View]
442383095Confess: Confess goyim.[View]
442387607Katamari Damacy Reroll: Had a pretty bad day today and decided to play this. Have never played a Kat…[View]
442389720Do you get mad when someone interrupts your gaming sessions?[View]
442386326Ouendan, Oendan Cheerleaders, Elite beat agents, AND the divas are ALL spirits that's some craz…[View]
442377945ITT Smash characters who could be cut without anyone caring[View]
442389798Unpupular gaming opinions: I'll start. I honestly don't give a shit about the normal level…[View]
442389783Are there any games about chasing clowns? I mean how hard is it to catch a clown? https://youtu.be/U…[View]
442381383When was the last time you played a game for at least 20 hours straight? What game?[View]
442383692Valve can do no wrong.[View]
442373492Is there any villain in any game ever that's dumber than this piece of shit?[View]
442389495https://tof.tales-ch.jp/ Next Tales game will be announced June 15-16[View]
442389496>that ending Who the fuck started chopping onions[View]
442387487Anyone else looking forward to it? Less than a month to go.[View]
442388672Gentlemen, I have come to say the N word[View]
442389282*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442387552Smash Ultimate: Damn.[View]
442384313Can we get a chart thread?[View]
442367560OK, I'm just gonna say it: Resident Evil 2 is the awkward middle ground between RE1 and RE3. It…[View]
442389028Look upon my work ye mighty and despair[View]
442388849You have 10 seconds to tell me why aren't you playing sZone Online, the true stalker online exp…[View]
442385324Why does /v/ always shit on Witcher 3 for its 'bad gameplay' but suck the dick of New Vegas, which h…[View]
442381540>black rap music[View]
442383645Ridley boy: Any other Ridley mains been playing quick play or arenas? How do you feel about him? I…[View]
442386243>Metro: Exodus >Far Cry: New Dawn >Rage II Is it me, or are all these Apocalypse games bein…[View]
442386965Anthem: Unironically looks like a good game. Fight me.[View]
442388641>launch steam game >launcher requires admin permission…[View]
442388595What went so right? Also the animations in the pit fights piss me off.[View]
442384952>Play the game I never heard about >Expect nothing >It's actually pretty great What ga…[View]
442388328What did we think of it?[View]
442352413Post your Smash main, and let others judge you.[View]
442385642i just got to act 2 of story 2 and is the whole game just going back to areas you've already be…[View]
442387348Today was okay, I played SSBU with my Brother, I had won 7 times, Now /v/ let me tell you something …[View]
442386738Minecraft in Smash confirmed.[View]
442385936>Can't decided who to main[View]
442384805Hat Woman![View]
442385910Thanks, Japan![View]
442383024which tracks do you wanna hear in smash?[View]
442386042Best order to play these in?[View]
442387457>3 years on >still causes immense butthurt in shítendo in xbone…[View]
442387035A seal has been opened... My Faith... My Faith... She was not the first to carry that name. But she …[View]
442378009Kingdom Hearts 3: Full ending theme is now out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPcu0oj-ZdA…[View]
442386345What are his chances of being one of the Smash DLC newcomers?[View]
442384715FUCK YOU TODD: >I read on the internet that our games have a few bugs >I did, I read it on the…[View]
442386572>The ineffective sidekick/comic relief character was the bad guy all along…[View]
442387097Daily WiiU reminder: Just a daily reminder for you non WiiU and switch owners out there. Look out fo…[View]
442386101What are some words or things you've learned from games growing up WoW raiding back in Vanilla …[View]
442386258Microsoft. Always. Wins.[View]
442384530https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWqSODoookc&t=205s Well let's hope they fix this shit. Capc…[View]
442386985Ha ha video games right guys[View]
442367784>that fag with a vidya text alert a and/or ringtone Yeah you heard me. Rec me some good ones…[View]
442353241Are you still playing FGO senpai?[View]
442384535Sooo.. anyone else playing this? It's actually pretty good and comfy. blows Shantae games out o…[View]
442385836Wow, look at all these characters! I wonder if there's some worthwhile content to play with th…[View]
442329032Smash Ultimate Tier List: How is your main holding up? I hope you're not unironically maining R…[View]
442381956A true GOAT: This is still one of the most legendary games of all time. Anyone who thinks otherwise …[View]
442381376MK11 Thread: Let's keep predicting how Raiden will blunder everything once again[View]
442384024AHH LE NOT MAINING MEMe :) le charlie epic random wildcard fake vidya xd tv/ editon ;^^^) gentleman …[View]
442385726What the fuck is going on with /v/ right now? What fucking broke? What the fuck did Hiro do that mad…[View]
442385739Jeremy 'Jerma958' Elbertson Why did Ster_ Poop his pants and quit tf2 to play a dying game? (overwat…[View]
442381974Holy shit the writing. Why is it so melodramatic? Just compare the ending the ending of rdr1. What t…[View]
442385635He's in[View]
442386309Now that the dust has settled, how is he?[View]
442386080Dayum this game BTFO Sekiro and red dead redemption at the same time,absolutely based https://www.yo…[View]
442384646What are some games?[View]
442384710Which EarthBound characters would be good for Smash? Will we ever see a fourth game?[View]
442386186Will it be good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2tZyh4pwM0[View]
442378070Nintendo - Mario Sega - Sonic Xbox - Master Chief Sony - Cras..., Spyr..., ........?[View]
442386070Why are the controls so fucking horrible? Literally the worst controls in any Stealth game, Chaos Th…[View]
442385268Anyone here have any custom keycaps? was thinking of getting these[View]
442370941LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS PIECE OF SHIT SOULS CLONE: This game is basically indie dark souls, excep…[View]
442383096what are some good modern jrpgs where i dont have to play like 30 hours for it to get good?[View]
442384905Does /v/ miss miiverse?[View]
442378881>when petey falls asleep, the sleeping piranha plant music from sm64 plays bravo sakurai…[View]
442385653Stay away from my waifu! also Hollow Knight thread [View]
442385645what if nintendo rolled out a new mode for online where you can create and share event matches with …[View]
442385616Which vidya character is he?[View]
442384006post steam avatar[View]
442385536>enemy has stealth mechanics[View]
442372791Chun-Li thread: Canonically the strongest fighter in the world. What's your opinion on Chun-Li?…[View]
442381319The ENTIRE game, literally the WHOLE THING was made by just one single guy (Matt) And you fags still…[View]
442385363>yfw god of war won goty instead of red dead redemption 2[View]
442382643>We're having a smash tourney. Wanna join?[View]
442372454UNIST Thread: Quick and easy tonight[View]
442380127Hello my name is cancer and I will ruin the meta[View]
442383912Dlc will be someone least suspected[View]
442385120Did you guys try it? and are you buying it? UE4 is kind of cucking me so I'm on the fence[View]
442378051DAMN!: Obsidian looks like THAAAT?[View]
442379938Awkwars Zombie: Finally.[View]
442379854>be eggman >Shadow the hedgehog just pissed on your wife What do you do?…[View]
442383832>Look Morty! *buuurrrrpp* I turned myself into a game Morty! >I'm a Obsidian Riicckk!…[View]
442383861Anyone else creeped out by the overly expressive faces in Outer Worlds?[View]
442383896It's out https://youtu.be/DrbH2ilr-Kg[View]
442384842Whats his moveset?[View]
442384707>playing gannon online >fucking EVERYBODY has move priority over THE KING OF FUCKING DARKNESS …[View]
442384864>Well now Dutch, no need to lose your head. We can't win em all, you know. God of War was a …[View]
442382303Hello Peter gryphon it's I Sam's undertail[View]
442383635Sega will never bring back the Chao Garden.[View]
442383892This is now a Video Game thread, thanks to your friendly neighbourhood good-guy vegan![View]
442384549ITT: Underutilised vidya characters[View]
442383176 [View]
442382684Is hotline miami 2 good to play on it's own or should I get 1 first?[View]
442383452>most alpha male by miles >Can't fuck any of the camp's girls or all of them and mak…[View]
442382076Name a cooler looking character, Pro tip: You cannot[View]
442383652>fanmade maps are better than vanilla maps[View]
442384548Simon is just boneless Kilik.[View]
442383940What were they thinking??[View]
442363180Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC list: Here are characters from non-Nintendo franchises that I think a…[View]
442362368Now that the dust has settled...: Did it really flop? While selling pitifully compared to Battlefiel…[View]
442384239XBox One X: So if i dont wanna build a pc and prefer getting all my games from one store, i should j…[View]
442338351You see this? This is why heavies have historically not been allowed to be good. It's another f…[View]
442368693Doom turns 25 in a few hours Say something nice about it[View]
442383953>main weapon in Uprising is a staff >even has the staff in his smash render >in game uses …[View]
442380064vidya villains who did nothing wrong[View]
442379214For me? It's mouse and keyboard.[View]
442384187>No stage builder >No 2Player World of Light >No custom moves >No smash run >No smash…[View]
442383057Some infos about the smash fighter pass roster: I have decades long friend that I known since the do…[View]
442382031That's fucking it /v/. I've had enough of this shit. I've been coddled and held by th…[View]
442344992Where the hell is the Three Houses marketing?: Is this game supposed to be big? It hasn't gotte…[View]
442384121Is /ck/ raiding us[View]
442384114IT KEEPS HAPPENING: Whose mothers did Just Cause 4 kick in the nuts?[View]
442365638Jeremiah Compson: >work as a slave catcher >a respected job back when sensibilities were diffe…[View]
442384087SMASH ULTIMATE DLC THREAD: So, I came up with a few rules that apply to all current Smash characters…[View]
442374809Snake, remember the basics of CQC.[View]
442380392The worst part about the Persona games are the dungeons[View]
442367810Is there a point in buying switch if i have a wii u?: Mario Odyssey, xenoblade 2 and maybe octopath …[View]
442382504Smash Ultimate: Fellas I found some characters that I like and find interesting but I need one more …[View]
442380612What do you prefer, /v/? Spyro games or Crash games?[View]
442382692What are the differences between them and their counterparts? Are any of them better?[View]
442379843Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.[View]
442382158please someone confirm to me this is coming to steam or Im literally gonna kills myself irl pls Lord…[View]
442382419>Reggie says all DLC characters will be unexpected and likely have never been featured in smash b…[View]
442382993Is anyone even bothering with the dojos in WOL?[View]
442364135 [View]
442383868>Listen to the monorail in monaural[View]
442381481>21 fucking threads about Smash Can you mongoloids keep it to a handful of threads or better yet,…[View]
442383738Mods, please, this has to stop.[View]
442379998>not even a spirit in Ultimate Nintendo is sprinting without looking back, aren't they?…[View]
442383362ITT: Games that completely fell off during the 2nd Act & never recovered[View]
442376170Most Kino part of any Smash game: >Get to fucking play as master hand and kill 50 dudes Ever sinc…[View]
442383661It's amamzing how Political Correctness has progressed in 10 years: >Be 2008 >Be Game Rel…[View]
442380509It's gonna suck isn't it?[View]
442354430why does nintendo hate mother: >has a model >has a very easy moveset to apply, could even be a…[View]
442383567Noice, Arthur, Noice.[View]
442381816>Americans eat their 'cheese' slices straight out of individual plastic bags…[View]
442382991>Can't use back air in a 1v1 fight[View]
442369342How do you deal with losing in vidya without absolutely raging?[View]
442383007>characters in Smash Bros. have to have originated in a video game![View]
442383049What's the best gaming genre right now?[View]
442381180Is Arthur unironically the best vidya character ever?[View]
442381620What are some games with funny girls?[View]
442382891yo scorpion what up nigga yuh[View]
442381728>Marth >Girl Marth >Fire Marth >Gorilla Marth >Magic Marth >Hobo Marth >Wind Ma…[View]
442381668>He's a shoo-in >Pretty much confirmed >No doubt will get in as DLC S to spit on Goo…[View]
442375692Who's the next newcomer, /v/?[View]
442382780What are some games where the main character is killed by the best girl at the end?[View]
442352346Recommend me some good space games for somebody who hasn't played many. Age is no object since …[View]
442379090This is Zera, say something nice about her![View]
442382193Time for a filename thread.[View]
442381114Soulcalibur VI: So now that the dust has settled, is this a good game? I hate the reversal edge mech…[View]
442382472>'Master Willem, I came to bid you a farewell..'[View]
442382629INCINEROAR, WINS![View]
442348559Comfy Switch Thread: How are you enjoying your Switch bros? What are you looking forward to next yea…[View]
442379908What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
442380368Ralsei thread[View]
442380282>Final HuniePop 2 girl getting revealed this month BETTER BE FUCKING AUDREY https://twitter.com/H…[View]
442381653>game punishes you for not being monogamous It's 2019, why is this archaic belief still bei…[View]
442382374Wait, help me out here /v/. I argued with my friends about this and I'm stuck. In Smash, is Luc…[View]
442381982Would the PSP had been sucessful if it didn't had homebrew?[View]
442381525Do you ever play a game for a long time and realize you hate it: I've played this piece of shit…[View]
442379817I can unlock every character except for this stupid fucking thing, right? I won't need it to ge…[View]
442361586>outdated engine >unskippable cutscenes (but dude you can move around so it isn't really …[View]
442380334ITT: Beautiful video games that zoomer scum can't ruin with their foul existence.[View]
442377137What did we think of it?[View]
442380316Gavin? GAVIN! Has anyone seen my friend Gavin?[View]
442381976https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/1071221300146790400 https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/107149…[View]
442373192>doing Classic mode >run into this motherfucker >know jackshit about Kirby since the only g…[View]
442381813>They got rid of the waluigi hat for Mii costumes OH NONONONO[View]
442380426Doom: Happy 25th, big guy.[View]
442381718Friends?: Add me on discord, I haven't got a single fucking friend since I got this god damn pc…[View]
442379523What's his stage gonna be?[View]
442380679How do I get the orgy ending?[View]
442322295>indie game about anxiety and depression[View]
442381037Have you made your peace with it yet, Red Deadlets?[View]
442379445>I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question. >Is a man not entitled to the swea…[View]
442375523Do you miss the good old days of the gaming community?[View]
442380423what games did you play today?[View]
442378680>multiplayer game is fun as hell during the early tiers >becomes a complete piece of shit chor…[View]
442378424Now that the dust has settled,: apologize.[View]
442381092Objective: Make /v/ feel good with video game sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnR3TSgu_pU…[View]
442377318Anyone playing this? I picked it up a few days ago and have been having a lot of fun with it. I neve…[View]
442375439Holy shit... Now that I think of it ... He's right[View]
442378082Why the fuck do brainlet autists want this fucking monkey in Smash? He'd just be a shitty Ryu c…[View]
442377754Do not bully people.[View]
442345381Kenshi Thread: After 12 fucking years, it's finally a full release. Reminder that the Holy Nati…[View]
442372658Steam profile pics: Share your spicy steam profile pics, i need some new ones[View]
442381190D-dmc on Switch r-right?[View]
442367282How would she know?[View]
442378841It’s actually pretty fun[View]
442380789Just found out that the whole CS:GO ARG Situation was Nothing but a Shit Easter Egg. Why Bother Drea…[View]
442365039How did a joke character in Melee become so fucking based in Ultimate?[View]
442380272>In Smash Ultimate the DLC is now called Challenger Pack 1 When will denialfags realize that they…[View]
442376582Which one of these games had the worst ending?[View]
442364823What will it be? Expectations? Hopes? Are you enjoying the game in its current state?[View]
442376193>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the biggest crossover in entertainment history is he right?…[View]
442378640So which Assist feels closest to an actual playable character?[View]
442371669It's disgusting that these absolutely brilliant and joyous characters haven't been playabl…[View]
442379149How are my tastes for somebody born in 2000?[View]
442373773What are some good games like Deus Ex?[View]
442376404Is the master chief a virgin?[View]
442379918is 2019 going to be one of the better years for gaming cyberpunk 2077 metro exodus [sp]classic wow[/…[View]
442377215Smash screenshots thread[View]
442377267Persona 5 part 2 when?[View]
442376938Will Sony release more games in these things or what? Are we supposed to be stuck with only 20 games…[View]
442360848RDR2 outfit thread: Post Arthurs and Johns[View]
442376160Whose ready for the Square rep to be 2B? 'No it's Geno' Nintendo and Square don't give a s…[View]
442376662Has anyone else played this hidden gem?[View]
442379489What game did you wait for a price drop to buy and end up not liking[View]
442346206Isabelle with a sword: Isabelle with a sword[View]
442379356>*randomly kills you* or >*summons shotel skeletons* i know its nothing personal but im taking…[View]
442377370Snake, that's not Master Miller!: Snake, you've been talking to...[View]
442379323New Service Better than Steam: Ok guys, we will be created a new platform called ONLINEONLYGAME4U It…[View]
442377336When is Humble Bundles going to get good again?[View]
442376398Are we ever going to get a sequel? I'd settle for a port.[View]
442379169can we have this thread now? http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5be9d82166756-super-smash-memento-mori…[View]
442367264does /v/ get his problem when wearing headphones? I feel as if it's ruining my hair, what can I…[View]
442333745Mortal Kombat Thread 11 is coming boys[View]
442379062Where will Shovel Knight go next[View]
442377518How do I tell if I broke the connector on a joycon or the Switch itself? I got a bit heated while pl…[View]
442379025>Patch 8.3 >The horde invades Kul Tiras as revenge for the siege on Dazar'Alor, but is pu…[View]
442359254Meanwhile, in Underrail /v/...[View]
442377872Haha remember this game and how it was a complete failure? What if we say every game is like that, w…[View]
442377949This is the official PhazonSlut thread. >that increased hitstun on grab and fair >that increas…[View]
442375117I'm about nine hours in and I'm still not really feeling invested in this game. Does it ev…[View]
442371736Has a video game ever touched your soul? Do you feel like you've had transcendental or moving e…[View]
442376060Please spoonfeed my retarded, impulsive ass, which of these do I buy? >Nioh >Bloodborne >Sp…[View]
442371887What song would you'd have chosen /v/?[View]
442377331whats with game companies shilling for multiculturalism[View]
442377324>played Skyrim over 300 hours >Never bought it Get fucked…[View]
442376886You think we'll get a proper single player action-adventure where the main threats are dinosaur…[View]
442356893Which is the best?[View]
442378625https://instaud.io/2VSR 10/10 OST[View]
442311235How much fun have you had for playing Skyrim /v/?[View]
442376162New MMO will have 100-player batte royales and 200-player castle sieges this month.[View]
442378564>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play and with a really fun battle royale mode added…[View]
442377384>Be /v/irgin >Lose Japanese games to Sony >Lose all other games too because fuck giving mon…[View]
442378487only real gamer hours[View]
442378353>Oh Grand Champion! I will do anything for you! >You don't understand, I will do ANYTHING…[View]
442376614How does he keep getting away with it, /v/ ?[View]
442378195Hey Kingdom Hearts fans. I hope you like his music.[View]
442378146Someone knows who is the face model of Joe Baker?[View]
442378276Are these controllers any good.[View]
442375241ITT Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
442377942>MC is also the worst character in the main cast[View]
442377982Would you kiss V, /v/?[View]
442377708*ruins your WoL enjoyment*[View]
442374410how does /v/ feel about the style switching mod for DMC3? Does it make the game perfect or does it n…[View]
442377048As cool as the whole save deletion gimmick was I always felt that ending B concluded the story in a …[View]
442369789Celeste, MM11, or Valkyria Chronicles 4?: I asked between Celeste and MM11 last time and bought the …[View]
442362469KINGDOM HEARTS 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI So is Kingdom Hearts 3 too big to fail…[View]
442377352What kind of a retard would be afraid of a semi-retired swedish actor?[View]
442377685*deeply inhales and exhausts cloud of strong san'shyuum plant* *ahem* FUCK HUMANS AND FUCK HERE…[View]
442377662>Capcom announces DMC5 >Everyone's hype, even people who've never played DMC before,…[View]
442377639Hotline Miami: Who had the best chance to stop 50 Blessings?[View]
442375037this is the best atelier game anyone who disagrees can fuck off all the new atelier games are moe …[View]
442374097Imagine being such a brainlet that you think Persona 5 is deep and not on-the-nose trash or that it …[View]
442371238Who is objectively the worst vidya character ever?[View]
442374510What rpg should I emulate on my phone? I want turn based shit because fuck having to actually react …[View]
442374862Will they ever put N64/GameCube ports on here?[View]
442344596yo why the fuck is my cpu so hot[View]
442376301Red Dead 2: Is Sadie an example of a female character done right?[View]
442377178how do I disable online battles with more than two fighters? for the love of god, please tell me I c…[View]
442377239Gaming Communities all suci: Gaming community as a whole sucks dick. it's a bunch of faggot who…[View]
442374557ONLY 4 DAYS: Ok who is ready for the most hype survival semi MMO to ever EXIST!!![View]
442372020Starfy time?[View]
442348075Who is the best Smash girl and why is is Palutena?[View]
442377060when the fuck did this happen? Why do good things have to end so soon?[View]
442376136What Your Smash Main Says About You: Psychoanalyze a Smash Main - What would a Mario player look lik…[View]
442376924Is this the Hiroshima of 2019?[View]
442371601>Banjo too irrelevant >Steve is never gonna fucking happen, mostly because people use skins in…[View]
442371938Resident Evil: Original character designs: Soul Remake designs: Soulless[View]
442376681Why is he so fucking trash bros? I just wanted a good heavyweight for once...[View]
442375632This is the first Pokémon I’ve played since Platinum, before that I played most of the Pokémon games…[View]
442376286ITT: Characters that single-handedly manage to ruin the entire game just by existing: I'll star…[View]
4423513052018 Vidya Gaem Awards - Nominations Open: Nominations are open for the 2018 Vidya Gaem Awards. [You…[View]
442365596This game sucks. I'm just trying to get mushrooms for the science fair and I keep getting raped…[View]
442375749>game has somber violin music[View]
442375045Will Ultimate Alliance 3 be the MvCI of its series? Or will they actually have fun with the roster? …[View]
442373468>if you want to play this game don't use the controller that comes shipped with the system …[View]
442376152101010: 1101[View]
442376192What did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
442376163What are some of the best PC co-op experiences of all time?[View]
442371824Same VA Thread: FALCON PUNCH SHOW ME YOUR MOVES[View]
442376003Earthbound/Mother: What are some shows/movies that give you a earthbound feel?[View]
442364920What a bitch.[View]
442372762Is there a SINGLE quest in either of these games that can compare to even the worst quests in New Ve…[View]
442365972What do people eat in pokemon?[View]
442375370am i crazy, or are characters getting harder to unlock the further i get into the roster? first one …[View]
442374428>nu-Lara now says bad words like 'shit' and 'fuck' that the real Lara would n…[View]
442373904Like a flower that blooms in the soil of our carnal corrupt society, I shall administer retribution …[View]
442372046Now that God of War won GOTY and the recent Assassin Creed games have done well, can we expect more …[View]
442375601>be me, Sönyboy >shitpost about Crapténdo all day >IRL my friends have switches and I secre…[View]
442375528>game takes place in fantasy world >the continents are similar to earth's…[View]
442375576Are there any good stealthy hide and seek PC games that are fun with only two players? games like Pr…[View]
442375070How did your mains from previous games do? Are you maining someone new? Anyone you were looking forw…[View]
442375461Have you tried DOMINATING mode yet /v/?[View]
442375453I propose that everyone self-destructs on free for all online battles, just to make the point for Sa…[View]
442375373Opinion on online cheating/HvH?: I think it's worse to do it secretly/be a closet cheater than …[View]
442372694Survival Horror Haters: To those of you that hate the old school style of classic RE, SH and similar…[View]
442371527Why haven't you bought the SouljaBoy Game Console yet? It's $100 and can run Switch, Plays…[View]
442370337Let's share our best pictures of Isabelle getting punched: Let's ring the bell[View]
442368140>tfw there will never be a game with a story as good as the movie “boyhood”…[View]
442368632/v/ sings - What's next?: Still looking for suggestions for the next /v/ sings. https://www.str…[View]
442374720Is Path of Exile a skinner box?: Well /v/, is it? >clear speed meta to get more drops to get the …[View]
442370980What game lets me play as a hot girl that can use a huge sword?[View]
442372157Video Games: Can anyone come up with a comprehensive list of games with German campaigns from WWII…[View]
442373458Who else 100%?[View]
442366238>party member enjoys the forced pressure of adventure[View]
442374758Seriously, fuck them. Like, who the fuck though that would be a good idea?[View]
442368242Do you ever feel like you're forcing yourself to play videogames and aren't getting any re…[View]
442374643What the fuck was his problem?[View]
442372445Any other moments where epic gamers rose up?[View]
442372707Server up: GAMERS, RISE UP![View]
442374482What are the nocturnal neets of the board playing right now?[View]
442373958GOTY 2019?GOTY 2019[View]
442374078Are there any singleplayer games where you play as a support, buffing and healing some NPC that take…[View]
442372475What is he looking at, /v/?[View]
442373639What the fuck is up with his recovery being so shit?[View]
442371828Man, fuck Majoras Mask, and I wanna fuck midna. [View]
442373087Can we talk about how a console that came out in 2016 doesn't have a fucking Ethernet port buil…[View]
442368597why isnt this a thing yet?[View]
442372820Is scarflard gonna kill himself when he starts losing all future tournaments? The new smash doesn…[View]
442363140My thumbs are fucked from playing so much Smash. How do you git gud without the sore thumbs?[View]
442366552rank the smash newcomer reveals by surprise and quality of the newcomer revealed: >surprise: Plan…[View]
442368000Far Cry New Dawn: Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPwD0_ZUmAA[View]
442357436>It gets good after 20 hours[View]
442366082Is the shitposting genuine or are they just seething falseflaggers again? I got to play the game tod…[View]
442366710Poorfag here, dunno if anyone remembers the thread I made 4 or 5 days ago. Finally figured out a way…[View]
442373821Play Forza Horizon 4.[View]
442371958CTR is BACK: Fucking can’t wait[View]
442364663Which one do you think is the best?[View]
442371181I thought that spaceship you were in exploded in space.[View]
442368503Is this the best, most well thought out and well written romance in video game history? Literally mo…[View]
442370784This is the face of a man who got canonically shot with a .50 AE point blank in the forehead and sur…[View]
442366967StaryKrow: Thoughts on StaryKrow? I know about the Mr.Palladin drama but alot of people call Stary a…[View]
442372216Resetting the game to unlock characters faster has stopped working: How do I fix this?[View]
442373586>series more profitable than fucking starwars >barely reachs 1 million in nipland kek…[View]
442373584https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A287C0jZxZs What video has the saltiest LTG moment ever in a fightin…[View]
442372384>feel like geimus are a waste of time >stop playing for two years >trying to get back into …[View]
442361481UH FUCK SHIT NIGGA 21 UH[View]
442372672RDR2 Thread: Post horses. Pic related.[View]
442372609Smash Ultimate is a sales flop (UK): It couldn't even come close to Spiderman and got absolutel…[View]
442370398So what's his deal?: We know he is the creator of the Smash world, but why is he always the bos…[View]
442346789How are you preparing for Surtr Season?[View]
442373467>Cleared out all spirits in the area >Only things left in the area are some fighters that I ca…[View]
442373387>game updates >patch notes 'haha fixed and changed some things lol' Is it really that fucking …[View]
442373293Why are adjustable breast sizes considered sexist?[View]
442363780>*changes video games forever and still remains the best game ever made* REmake boomers on suicid…[View]
442372259Smash Bros /v/eekend: Room name '/v/' Pass: '1234'[View]
442370705Looking back, 4 had a pretty weak newcomer list. I mean it had the most newcomers overall but I can …[View]
442372994What are Mike Tyson's chances for Smash?[View]
442369519Discuss this game[View]
44236911620 Years of Sonic Adventure: In 2 weeks Sonic Adventure is 20 years old. After all these years, how …[View]
442371289That esse put dust in my weed[View]
442371459has there been a game you wanted to die more?[View]
442372429>/v/ loses to CPU And you fags cry about losing 1v1s.[View]
442372412Great Sci-Fi Text based RPG things: I've been in a weird text based RPG kick (In that I played …[View]
442372562Remember the first time you saw this. Plus your disc[View]
442368424What did you guys think of Binary Domain? I love my big friend Bo but he's a bit too much of an…[View]
442372328I'm in elite smash, but I can only play Isabelle. Wtf am I supposed to do? Can I revert this?[View]
442371394ITT: the most underrated game of a series. I think people forget this gem even exists despite being …[View]
442372078How do we save the horror genre /v/?[View]
442370028What anime character was Ann referencing here?[View]
442372167me lik gm wit menat[View]
442369609Hat kid has a possibility to be in Smash unlike Goku and Steve who are already referred alot[View]
442367049what did sakurai mean by this?[View]
442371931Oddworld thread: >yfw still no Oddworld Soulstorm news after more than a year I figured the game …[View]
442368581Why do people still play or hold on to the diablo franchise when this exists? Third day in a row tha…[View]
442368527How can we help the FPS genre evolve, /v/?[View]
442369074>it sucked >feels rushed despite 10+ years >cut content out the ass >SEASON PASS GUYS …[View]
442354065So, Sora is without a doubt, a lock for Smash right? The Kingdom Hearts hype is at an all time high …[View]
442368549/v/ why didn't you tell me how fun this game was before? Like once you learn the mechanics of h…[View]
442359976Where were you when Sakurai dropped a hot load on the heads of Genofags?[View]
442366987So when are console gamers gonna stand up against having to pay to play online? How many of them eve…[View]
442371579Has anybody played this? Thinking about picking it up, but I'm always nervous about early acces…[View]
442364036>that game that is just plain fucking better than the rest and you'll never stop going back …[View]
442369730I sure do love these shitty challenges in adventure mode.[View]
442371415Is it the best metroidvania of all time?[View]
442369561Hmmmmmmm: How was this and mm rated e for everyone?[View]
442351178Rank them.[View]
442370009No More Heroes thread: Feel like playing these games again since TSA is coming out pretty soon. Favo…[View]
442370726>he doesn't play the best dog in smash give me one good reason.[View]
442370304What happened to this game /v/? It disappeared from the PlayStore misteriously, it was hella good![View]
442370601Trying to play Metroid Prime Hunters on my N3DS. I'm having trouble finding the video that fixe…[View]
442362518https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/1071221300146790400 Is Marvel 4 gonna be announced at Capcom Cu…[View]
442371024Join up for a Sunday night /v/kend! password is RAGE[View]
442370852heyo guys. i need some help. i'm trying 2 use a gift card my momma got me to get some twitch su…[View]
442370801Why (((they))) do it bros. He was /ourguy/ yet he didnt win anything[View]
442366176ITT: Games that were ruined by a single person[View]
442350303/v/, why don't you tell me everything about this DMC Thread?[View]
442363326How would you fix him[View]
442370358You wouldn't smash this Charizard would you?[View]
442369436Which one has the worst recovery, /v/?[View]
442369523watching MK11 trailer got me in the mood to play MK. should i get XL or 9?[View]
442370034Which alternate versions could we see?[View]
442369779POE is literally just a cookie clicker for autists.[View]
442363764X4 Foundations: Paranid bridges confirmed comfy. Someone posted Argon bridges, they looked OK. Any p…[View]
442370123What's with their obsession with heists?[View]
442353975How can such a mediocre game be so comfy[View]
442368720what's a good cheap 2-player arcade joystick to play robotron with[View]
442368656Doom 25th Anniversary: he's getting old /v/ on this day December 10th 1993, he went out on his …[View]
442352978Why does /v/ hate TLOU2 lesbian kiss?: Why does /v/ hate The Last Of Us 2 lesbian kiss scene? It…[View]
442369620Is there ANY reason to do this dlc without high Speech?[View]
442370087DOOM is dead; Jimmy and his cuck goons have ruined it yet again.: Sorry you can't handle the tr…[View]
442339369[Morrigan disapproves][View]
442369794Hell: This is literally what hell supposed to be when it is in form of a game , no wait, wtf was tha…[View]
442369580Barotrauma: Are there any other games like Barotrauma that aren't SS13 or Lifeweb? MP or SP…[View]
442368501>holding my cat by the scruff (the soft loose skin on the nape of his neck) >suddenly the rabb…[View]
442369464DOO JU WANT TO FEEL THAT THUNDA?? (worst attempts at video game marketing itt)[View]
442368284how to learn clickteam fusion: what is the quickest and fastest way to learn how to make full comple…[View]
442350647Is it weird to be in your 30s and play pornographic games revolving around high school girls?[View]
442364315Megaman network transmission: Did anyone else love this game?[View]
442363528Will you be purchasing this cute boy's game next month, /v/?[View]
442366317What were the major 2019 Switch releases again? Animal Crossing, Luigi Mansion 3, and Metroid Prime…[View]
442369248How will you feel when DMC5 will not sell more than DmC?[View]
442359782Why do people get so angry at the prospect of Persona having a female protagonist? Can you really no…[View]
442310208Smash Ultimate Headcanon Thread: Come and post your autistic headcanons here.[View]
442363256>Left HAL to stop doing sequels >Gets wrapped up doing nothing but Smash Bros for the most par…[View]
442366256What would a Senran Spirit battle in Smash Ultimate be like?[View]
442368165He's in[View]
442367553Are pixel rpgs the only way indie developers can fully express their ideas: >Graphics don't …[View]
442368850Who will the next newcomer be, /v/ There's another shit poll on here, here's a better one …[View]
442366918What are some good Christmas games?[View]
442365418ITT: Picks for Smash DLC that you haven't seen suggested yet. pic related[View]
442366732Which one is truely the best game company ever?[View]
442366235How do you react when you get angry at vidya?[View]
442360998Own psp since 2006 works fine no problems ever, own ps vita for a year and the joystick is already f…[View]
442353193>No Ashen Thread: Why aren't you playing it?[View]
442365335https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXNNrN8rVPk&t Any other games which have similar secrets in them…[View]
442364629Games for this feel?[View]
442366504If you think Tekken 7 is boring because the game is so well balanced you aren't a real fan of t…[View]
442352012Which one is the better game?[View]
442361572Trackswap Thread: Let's have one of these threads. Trade good music with other anons and rememb…[View]
442368085Smashing a brother? Rather lewd don't you think?[View]
442367285Dishonored 2 First Playthrough: super genocide run or kill no one? corvo or Emily?[View]
442365313Next to Nintendo, do they have the largest library of classic games and iconic IPs and characters?[View]
442360965Are these games any good?[View]
442362415Meanwhile, on Irish /v/..[View]
442367794Lars is standing by to gather storm intel, Commander. Let's launch that van.[View]
442364602I will post this everyday until E3 2019 I will cling to the hope in possibility that this E3 will be…[View]
442365378Play Fallout 3[View]
442367131You wont see it coming[View]
442367039Comfy thread. What are you playing /v/?[View]
442359750Rank them: Let’s settle this once and for all[View]
442367449She's in[View]
442364725How well does the nintendo switch pro controller work with a pc[View]
442331159Sitting in the train at midnight, listening to P5 OST the best OST ever Comfy as fuck tbqh[View]
442359601I've never played csgo, but this is actually a good time so far.[View]
442357080Post your dream game I'll start >Fantasy world with diffrent regions kingdoms and ruins >…[View]
442366289Say thank you to this man for making the best Kingdom Hearts opening ever.[View]
442365832>beach party dlc[View]
442367316Anybody know how to get rid of this ice in WOL?[View]
442365497ITT: we post some scenery and people have to guess which game it's from[View]
442362414>and this is our son's room. he happens to be quite the gamer...[View]
442366687Do you miss him? Also, if you faggots delete this thread, then delete >>442345073 while you…[View]
442366862>/v/ last year after TGA >ZELDA WINS BAYBEE HAHA SUCK IT GAME OF THE YEAR >/v/ this year af…[View]
442363647Video Game Awards: What are your honest opinions on award shows and their impact on the industry/peo…[View]
442366771>tfw no comfy poker sessions in red dead online also why the fuck did the last thread get deleted…[View]
442366084Is Earthworm Jim the only worthy third party rep left? >Was on a Nintendo console in four of his …[View]
442325302ITS PAYNE GET HIM[View]
442363884Only shit, the Best TRACKS in Smash Bros Ultimate: unionircicallly are the N64 SSB tracks.[View]
442366137That guy, with the mustache...[View]
442363373One more of Genna shitty attempts at snark and autistic “Gamer rants” on some shit that’s not a big …[View]
442360809Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
442363715why is it objectively more fun to watch streamers play video games than playing the games yourself?[View]
442365857New KH song aside: I just wanted to mention this one weird frame in the opening song where you see S…[View]
442363642So are we just not going to talk about this game at all?[View]
442365410Oh I'm laughin'[View]
442365624>Tfw Tf2 has lasted for more than a decade and is still going strong >Tfw Overwatch has been o…[View]
442365273KotOR companions: >stuck-up princess >furry >alien loli Who would you rather bring with you…[View]
442363962is there a name for the style of game/minigame where you have three lanes and you shift between them…[View]
442365485Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
442364773What other good mobile gachas are there?[View]
442364975Will there ever be a “gaming journalist” as obnoxious as this man ever again? I know Hernandez is up…[View]
442357085Why don't more games have funny animal boobs?[View]
442363194>Want to be excited for new game >All I can find is pre-rendered parts and iffy 2 second long…[View]
442365120This is the worst match up in the game, I swear to god.[View]
442349332Deltarune is a good game.[View]
442360140Meanwhile on /v/ island[View]
442362687What went wrong?[View]
442364679This is art.[View]
442363556>There are people on this board that unironically think that the gamecube controller is better th…[View]
442363927What did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
442363890HE'S BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7LoJcutYv4[View]
442362062Sonic: Can Sonic just not work in 3D or is Sonic Team the most incompetent group of devs in the indu…[View]
442364656it's amazingly good[View]
442359118Do you think there will ever be a time where console wars will be a thing of the past? where we all …[View]
442362167HE'S IN[View]
442364596What's the most addicting game you've ever played?[View]
442358782What smash ultimate fighters are uniroically some of the shittiest in the game >pic very very rel…[View]
442363484>You'll never see him cumming[View]
442361835In the final boss fight why didn't Raiden let Solidus kill him once he figured out the truth ab…[View]
442361057>came out 2 weeks ago >still not cracked Are crackers asleep? Or have they been bribed by Valv…[View]
442362596Say hello to your next newcomer[View]
442347982Be honest: do you trust modern game journalists?[View]
442364458rank the smash newcomer reveals by surprise and quality of the newcomer revealed: >surprise: Plan…[View]
442362421I think he needs a nap Also WoL has the greatest ending in a Nintendo game brainlets just didn’t get…[View]
442362123The fuck happened to this series?: Used to be a celebration of Nintendo and Nintendo characters. Use…[View]
442362503Newfag here. Is fortnite better than overwatch?[View]
442364260>Final boss splits himself into 2 people >This is never explained…[View]
442358629Pick 3 for your party.[View]
442298518Smash Ultimate[View]
442363994Really makes you think[View]
442363595>leader of a gang of 20+ criminals wanted dead or alive >is losing his friends rapidly >so…[View]
442363758How is he such a fucking chad[View]
442361207>ITT Possible Smash reps that you havent heard suggested a billion times Bonus points if game is …[View]
442339206Is it possible for a video game character to be too fucking cool?[View]
442352987The Game Awards 2018: So what's the /v/erdict?[View]
442363564Is anyone else regretting their purchase? I'm not memeing or anything, I honestly have buyers r…[View]
442363224>game mocks you for playing[View]
442363358Is Ryu w/ SF inputs in Smash overpowered?: I'm really good with Ryu in Street Fighter and I jus…[View]
442363343vidya things that make you go “heh..”: heh..[View]
442362624This is now a Heroes of Might & Magic thread. Why aren't you playing Heroes of Might &…[View]
442347423KINGDOM HEARTS 3 HYPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI I can not wait for the full openi…[View]
442358243/v/ is agumon realy a character for smash? He's a anime character i think.[View]
442361097You are group 1. Circle formation! Guard me![View]
442362829*AHEM* unf[View]
442362949They're pretty much certain to get in at this point right?[View]
442361949What happened to kids mmo's?[View]
442362532>think to play a game >go look around on piracy sites and it's nowhere to be found >re…[View]
442362879Slayer of Demons? Nah. Chosen Undead? Heh. Bearer of the Curse? Hmph. Unkidled Ash? Pfft. They never…[View]
442362732Here's your new Smash main, bro.[View]
442361064https://youtu.be/FWqSODoookc >Smash Ultimate is less responsive than Brawl I dare anyone to defen…[View]
442343861redpill me on SFV[View]
442350986How come Bethesda Fallout games are represented by nothing but shots of power armor on the cover?[View]
442330097Not even anime is safe from snoy anymore[View]
442361562Why does PUBG not only blatanly COPY this game, but also become more successful than it? What gives?…[View]
442359841What was going through Kawakamis head when she saw Jokers sweaty body on the ground, /v/?[View]
442361734Thoughts? Looks very ambitious[View]
442360442Are there any good isometric, turn based, rpgs that are just solo? I hate having to manage 4+ other …[View]
442362336Is tap jump set to being on automatically in this what the fuck? Smash online thread too I guess[View]
442362470>ending makes no fucking sense 30 hours of a slow burn Dutch heel turn for him to kill Micah and …[View]
442356594>mfw the rest of 4 DLC picks are going to be no-name JRPG shill picks Everyday where I can't…[View]
442362374Melee is shit?: So why do people shill Melee so much when it doesn't even have the best charact…[View]
442362373updated versions of racing sims are worth trying? or they stayed the same for ages and just gfx?: ha…[View]
442354527Who's /in/?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17010953[View]
442358689What are her chances of being Smash DLC?[View]
442357640Where does Big Clucker go when he falls?[View]
442358824im kinda glad obshitian exists because bethesda will hit a home run with fallout 5 since they have s…[View]
442362040Oh you'll walk...[View]
442343352Capcom fanboys will defend this. How long till the cancer spreads?[View]
442361976Guess who wishes he was in Smash![View]
442361975Reminder that Villager is not a nigger. He's a Pajeet[View]
442355334Uma Musume: Will /v/ play Uma Musume when it finally comes out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTEM…[View]
442358974DMC?: Am I alone or does the Devil May Cry series suck? I just played through 1-4 in preparation for…[View]
442352607Can this really change all that much? I feel like most matches I play with people of my region the c…[View]
442327734The only reason why anyone is looking forward to this is because of the Obsidian name. Prove me wron…[View]
442361516Random Video Game Idea... Maybe?: I have a question? Everyone knows what Petscop is and how you can…[View]
442361789Describe a video game with a Spongebob quote.[View]
442357967Any recommendations for an affordable gaming headset?[View]
442361525Tfw there will never be a video game with a coming of age story as good as “boyhood”[View]
442358964Let's get us a good old stealth games thread.[View]
442351676There will never be another game like dragon dog-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skLN6SKpQk8…[View]
442357254Nintendo's first half of 2019 is stacked with highly desirable ports. >Metal Gear Ultimate c…[View]
442361564>be me >wanna train for SM4SH, SMA5H and Melee >tourtnaments >wanna buy some GC controll…[View]
442360421Do you think the biggest downfall of gaming is the community itself? I'm not just talking about…[View]
442361385>Casual side of things >The main story is nothing but sticker shit >No trophies, no you get…[View]
442355625What's the best tropico game?[View]
442358930>true ending is only obtainable on NG+ Why is this allowed?[View]
442358804>Joker for smash >OHHH YAAAY PERSONAAAA *slurp onions milk* I DONT PLAY ANY OF THE SAGA BUT IM…[View]
442359660What a lovely place. The Mayor is going to just love this location as an official park!.. what'…[View]
442361073>med-evil game >crossbows arn't banned…[View]
442358968Canyons: What are your favorite video game canyons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28iAz9y1dWw…[View]
442351916Don't mind me, just posting one of the best games ever made.[View]
442360036Can someone help me remember a game? It was an arcade game which you can choose one of four charact…[View]
442359831Lately I've been enjoying watching people play games more than actually playing them myself. Ho…[View]
442360719Kingdom Hearts 3 is too big to fail at this point isn't it?[View]
442356987What would Sonichu's final smash be?[View]
442358108>video game translations/video games in general incorporating memes into their game…[View]
442360018Post comfy games[View]
442353627Far Cry 5 map reskined give me $60 +$20 for DLC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9piDqeRKyA[View]
442359650How does food and health regeneration work in video games? How much HP should a rare steak recover? …[View]
442357924jesus how did Nintendo fuck up this badly?[View]
442360303Fate grand order: They just keep making more breeding waifus are they trying to break a trillion?…[View]
442360297>rage is a shitty and unbalance mechanic >sparking/x factor is a fair and balance mechanic Ima…[View]
442359595What are some games about being a castaway stranded on an island?[View]
442359090How can Smash even compete?[View]
442356810>Calling ISOs ROMs[View]
442360139The king is dead. Long live the king.[View]
442357798>1 damage every 0.1 seconds >10 damage every second Which of these DoT styles do you prefer? P…[View]
442352912Mario Party: Mario Retardy with party 2, fake betting too if that's your thing [View]
442351627what is the kill bill of video games?[View]
442330974Gentlemen, I have come to make a tf2 thread[View]
442359852How does square even compete?[View]
442358678What are the chances of her being in Smash?[View]
442359797GUYS GUYS Hitagi wasn't actually lying. He just got misinformed. It wasn't a Granblue CHAR…[View]
442359340What do we think of pr0n video games?[View]
442266440/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread: >>442229082 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
442358767>player falls in water >die instantly[View]
442358664/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread: >>442266440 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
442358810I have a top of the line gaming laptop but the xbox one Z and the PS5 just came out convince me to s…[View]
442353818mods are asleep post ridley[View]
442336741Serial Experiments Lain: What do you think of the Lain PSX game, /v/? Is it a success?[View]
442359303How are you enjoying the new Stellaris expansion /v/?[View]
442352339Why were old RTS games so kino? And where did it all go wrong?[View]
442359580Tahiti dlc for RDR2 fucking when?[View]
442359547How could this have happened[View]
442356301TF2 4chan Party Van: You know the password, anon Get the fuck in here[View]
442354841Movies that could be a cool ass game (if its not some fucking gay shit like those telltale games)[View]
442358880HE IS FUCKING IN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKYOf7DvYVk[View]
442358139>make a character easy for beginners >give them no weaknesses so they're viable at any le…[View]
442359230Kingdom Hearts Sora is Not In SMASH Confirmed by Official Tweet: > Kingdom Hearts Sora Is Not In …[View]
442359083what do[View]
442358982I keep seeing Krool threads but where are my Ridleybros at? >Recovery is still shit HOWEVER >S…[View]
442353160>forced 'cover fire' mission >primary weapon is automatically replaced with a shitty Rolling B…[View]
442357393ITT: Unpopular vidya opinions: I hated Deltarune's demo. The characters are much more generic p…[View]
442357148>take a picture of yourself playing Diablo >so that you can win a copy of Diablo why this? why…[View]
442357008how does /v/ feel about /ourlord/ being strong as fuck in smash?[View]
442357458>cowboy character >has a concentrate and instantly headshot a group of enemies ability…[View]
442358684This is Galleom Say something nice to him[View]
442358671>He thinks Wonder red still won't make it in[View]
442356829if they stopped making games for an entire decade i probably wouldn't care[View]
442351174>DUDE WHAT IF A BUNCH OF RANDOM SHIT WAS JUST FLOATING IN THE SKY Who the fuck allowed this to be…[View]
442357453PS1 and PS2: What went so right?[View]
442357979Thoughts on World in Conflict?[View]
442358167What am I in for?[View]
442358157Games that don't have niggers in them?: What games are coming out in 2019 that are made for fun…[View]
442352721Just picked up this bad boy. Kind of a belated but early Christmas present to myself, if that makes …[View]
442356693what does /v/ think about these games?[View]
442349917What exactly did this anon mean by this?[View]
442358036ITT: Obscure childhood waifus[View]
442357990Any Smash characters you'd like to see as DLC?[View]
442357963Has any company made a spiritual successor to Goemon that's at least half-decent?[View]
442357958https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbetJKOQB7k new smash bros trailer dropped. wtf bros, it's just…[View]
442350008Hitman Thread: >pull off silent assassin while wearing ninja outfit and using only katana >the…[View]
442357304>theres... >there's another...![View]
442348916Why is it so good when japan does it and so shit when the west does it?[View]
442357850If you want banjo, geno, or Isaac you’re blue pilled[View]
442356694>Have Skrillex in the Opening song[View]
442357820so after Soulja climbs the charts to take 1st place in the console wars, what will s(n)oy and jewten…[View]
442353943>tfw gaming is not for me anymore[View]
442354502Why do you like Yume Nikki?[View]
442357779Who's that girl next door who will never be in smash bros?[View]
442353789why the fuck does no one go after the guy spamming projectiles and running the entire game thread fo…[View]
442355036What were they thinking?[View]
442357643I-I'm g-gona say it. STAY BACK JANIES. All I wanted to talk about about video games... If I can…[View]
442347908Can someone explain ds plot to me[View]
442357682Huh, so this is Outer worlds lead writer... So why obsidianfags were so hyped, again?[View]
442357162Kingdom Hearts Sora DECONFIRMED for Smash! Official LEAK: Sora is not coming to Super Smash Bros Ult…[View]
442357401Why did capcom think having this garbage monster appear and fuck up the pace of every quest a good i…[View]
442357618Do you think there will ever be a time where console wars will be a thing of the past? where we all …[View]
442357486Where are my Mario chads at?[View]
442356716>game comes out >almost immediately forgotten >gets GOTY award >almost immediately forgo…[View]
442351203is smash really great as they said?[View]
442357087Do you still buy physical media games? Japan still does.[View]
442356272is gta vice city cyberpunk?[View]
442327404This is the worst fucking controller ever made.[View]
442356830Wubba dubba dub is that true?[View]
442357456wha'ts the hardest game youv'e cleared or 1c'cd[View]
442356687you ever game so hard you beat your wife in front of your children? maybe only in australia or off s…[View]
442357378Before Joker: >a notable amount of people beg Nintendo to include Geno in Smash After Joker: >…[View]
442345682Do you Like Hatsune Miku? What about her games?[View]
442357317Peach & Daisy: Princesses Thread! How is everyone enjoying their newfound appearance in the late…[View]
44235617411 hours until the Monster Hunter: World special announcement for real this time :) What are you exp…[View]
442348425I hurt myself today... https://twitter.com/csgo_dev/status/1071929052963852288[View]
442341508>Banjo-Kazooie is boomer furbait >Steve is cringe zoomerbait Anyone who wants either of those …[View]
442357140those with ultimate and this piece of shit: does it make any difference in terms of lag? i might fal…[View]
442355521This scene, this scene right here is the reason why Super Mario 64 is superior to other 3D platforme…[View]
442357102https://youtu.be/9FPBBx4XRwk?t=51 >TFW Modders can make a better Ganondorf moveset than the offic…[View]
442356851So now that killing Sylvanas has been confirmed, can we expect Saurfang as the next Warchief?[View]
442357075What are some VR games that are comfy and let me forget my worries for a while?[View]
442357071Worst character in Smash Bros history?: >slowest character in the game >worst recovery in the …[View]
442343610So I was playing Oblivion again today when I came across pic related for the first time. Weird, I ne…[View]
442349379what's the best ring /v/[View]
442355754>The nintendo fanbase spills over into the persona fanbase by 1 DROP[View]
442355773>KH 3 Opening trailer is literally the #1 trending video on Youtube >There are people who legi…[View]
442356953https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRvNrMk-n6o was he right?[View]
442341614Sensei, how do I get good at fighting games?[View]
442352801Smash character unlock question: Hey if I did the stock matches for a character unlock, failed and t…[View]
442354618I don't think I've ever disliked a character more than this.[View]
442348718You Groove, You Lose. Vidya edition https://youtu.be/mqzBv3FYpr0[View]
442356486I honestly dont get whats so triggering about this. Shit looks fun. Plus it continues the best story…[View]
442352967itt: old vidya memes: <(0_0)< <(0_0)> >(0_0)> KIRBY DANCE[View]
442356024Filename thread[View]
442355779How are you gentlemen!![View]
442353815What video game would you say contains, in its dialogue as well as in its overall gameplay, the most…[View]
442355751HE'S GONNA DO IT[View]
442356616What are some games with dope forests/woodlands?[View]
442356539>tfw 20 years from now you'll be able to talk about games these days and how they were infin…[View]
442356275So this is what it feels like to see your #1 never ever rep make it into smash It feels fucking good…[View]
442332267>2018 >He still plays on a desktop Why do people do this?…[View]
442356417>game is based on or has themes from 1984 >is set in england…[View]
442347363lets be real here, this game is the best fighting game this generation.[View]
442330152What user features could Steam improve to help justify their 20-30% cut compared to 12% for the Unre…[View]
442354086Fortnite Coming to Nintendo 3DS: Fortnite will be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS in mid 2019.This wil…[View]
442349842Am I a tard for thinking that absolution was better than blood money?[View]
442356028What is the Lionel Richie of video games?[View]
442340930https://gematsu.com/2018/12/yiik-a-postmodern-rpg-launches-january-17-2019 YIKES![View]
442351369With Joker being in Smash now, who would his confidants be?[View]
442356010This game is really fast...[View]
442355112Now that the dust has settled, what happened?[View]
442355381About to play pic related. >is it really that good?[View]
442354764You can now add any ps1 game to the classic: http://wololo.net/2018/12/09/playstation-classic-hackin…[View]
442312297CS:GO ARG Thread. Lets get disappointed.[View]
442353898>Jungle/DnB starts playing[View]
442351785https://youtu.be/HJMg2Dg-51A A new video from our favorite racist Persian immigrant![View]
442355770grok no like wide world! grok want tiny land with wait screen![View]
442347163I'm playing Eve online while drinking wine and I just wanted to tell everybody.[View]
442355736this is me whenever somebody insults half-life 2[View]
442312082What the fuck was his problem?[View]
442354170Resident Evil 2 Remake: The new designs actually look great. Why are people crying about this?…[View]
442353424This is your character for Challenger Pack 2.[View]
442349795What went wrong?[View]
442354801How many hours to get 1000 cheevo points in MHW?: My cheevo buddy wants to start Monster Hunter Worl…[View]
442355482Katamari Thread[View]
442350041What do you think about Azur Lane?[View]
442348021Guess being a jew doesn't pay off after all.[View]
442355358Why dont they all just agree to convert the entire industry to digital so that physicalcucks are for…[View]
442355339Why is he so cute, bros?[View]
442352584Are you going to buy them /v/?[View]
442346302>Banjo has little chance >Steve's a fucking dream >Master Chief almost never gets in c…[View]
442355224What series became worse with every installment?[View]
442352742If one of their characters got in who would it be[View]
442353015>popular game plagiarizes obscure one[View]
442349530>game has 2 wikis >they both have wrong information and/or incomplete pages…[View]
442354959Paying for online: how can you defend this[View]
442354942https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c70CzFMbv6M The game controls like shit. Ultimate fans BTFO.[View]
442343789I have a disposable income and I'm about to go on a 20 hour flight. Convince me not to buy a Ni…[View]
442354412>playan smash online >beat dude with waluigi avatar and japanese emoji for nametag >check h…[View]
442354026>See something you like, anon?[View]
442349425What's his stage and music gonna be?[View]
442351914Elder Scrolls lore fighting game when?[View]
442345357>Face of one of the decade's most iconic games >Recognizable >Blizzard and Nintendo ar…[View]
442354739delta halo. home.[View]
442354665> complains about amazon delaying there smash preorder > got the chance to preorder it > mo…[View]
442353243Which one was better?: Alright, lets settle this /v/. MKX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNH2k5fwm…[View]
442354314WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS COMING OUT: I just want to relive the chivalry days[View]
442352618Post your weaponfu[View]
442353205Reminder that Cortex's skin color isn't yellow[View]
442353948Meanwhile, on Bizarro /v/...: >9.5/10 Way to go IGN, Sony Allstars Ultimate is an easy 10.…[View]
442353559Filename thread: you know the deal, vidya-related only[View]
442351248THE NEXT BIG UPDATE COMING TOMORROW: >We’re still on track to release the features and improvemen…[View]
442353732what's the best Atelier game available on steam for a newfag to the series?[View]
442353315>Not a single new Mother 3 remix >No porky in world of light or classic even though he's …[View]
442353881this is fine.[View]
442352854smash direct late dec-early jan yoshi's crafted world fire emblem: three houses animal crossing…[View]
442352941>Listen here, Incineroar, I won't go back. I don't care how cute I am and how strong yo…[View]
442353784>wavedashing is back in smash So why would anyone keep playing melee at this point? Ultimate is a…[View]
442352898It's going to happen lads. I can feel it.[View]
442349679Why is it so hard to understand that Fixed Camera RE games are dead and that OTS won?[View]
442350450Atlas MMO: Who's pumped? Comes out Thursday. The features read like a fantasy list from someone…[View]
442353454>tfw I just finished setting up a 2TB HDD with retroarch with almost complete collections of the …[View]
442346771Post your favourite video game songs: Hey /v/, let's listen to some music together. Post your f…[View]
442353518Dying Light Bad Blood: >most unique Battle Royale game in the genre >is relegated to being an …[View]
442350835IT'S FUCKING NOTHING: >haha aren't we so funny guys >it's not like we have thre…[View]
442352282Which shopkeepers have the smoothest dialogue, and the most cunning sales tactics? Not even a hair o…[View]
442353443>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn2F-1WHg28 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI Whic…[View]
442352394Are there more examples of modern, mediocre games that sold well because of controversy?[View]
442352150so is UPS just fucking with me at this point because I still don't have ultimate and I preorder…[View]
442351938>decide to try and get some spirits >see pick related >Cool a legendary Spirit >'Floor i…[View]
442352638Who else misses the good old days of MW2 online?[View]
442353150What did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
442353078Cuckoldry: >Hi, I like to pay to use my own Internet. How can you defend this…[View]
442353064>Arthur, we just need one big score and we'll be eating mangos in tahiti >shoah Dutch, wh…[View]
442352745ARE YOU READY TO RAGE /V/?[View]
442352490How is he? I'm guessing he's boring until higher percents?[View]
442305140Challenger Approaching: Don’t tell me you’ve actually LOST one of these, Anon. They’re not even on t…[View]
442352051The ending to this game is FUCKING KINO[View]
442347378STEP IT UP GAMERS: https://venturebeat.com/2018/12/07/how-esports-gamers-are-using-cbd-to-increase-c…[View]
442351830Playstation Vita: Give me 3 reasons as to why I should buy a Vita[View]
442352782Forget it Kindred, it's Chinatown.[View]
442352554>villain was right all along[View]
442325537What are the most Ludo spirit battles?[View]
442346064>Ni No Kuni DS was finally translated >no threads At least it has no shitty AI https://gbatemp…[View]
442352471LEGENDARY DARK NUT SPARDA AWOKE TO CBT (cock and ball torture)[View]
442342113Pls Pls Pls Play Artifact. I don't want Valve to abandon this game. I've spent $600 on pac…[View]
442352445damn Tidus looks like THAT!?!?!??[View]
442352435What would you answer?[View]
442351708ITT: best villians/antagonist in vidya[View]
442337370Are you ready for the real launch of Battle for Azeroth /v/?[View]
442340582I've kept you still for a long time, haven't I now?[View]
442351910Buy the fucking game[View]
442351956Why has no other game surpassed it?[View]
442332878I finaly found you! You can't run away from a good fight now! PIKACHU![View]
442351125Take me home, Country Roads~[View]
442309443If she's a magypsie, then theoretically she should be able to at least grow sideburns, right? S…[View]
442282602Do you like Mai's outfit?[View]
442338241How is it? I literally don't know anything about it except I saw the trailer and it looks comfy[View]
442321745ITT: Try to Come Up With Realistic DLC Characters: As Reggie said, Joker's inclusion is 'emblem…[View]
442349038>buy smash >this game is boring >go online >this game makes me smile…[View]
442322931Were RE fans too hard on these games? They're far from perfect and they aren't even the be…[View]
442343523I'm gonna say it[View]
442351981Reminder that only white people are allowed in Smash Bros.[View]
44234877100s vidya: I long for a more comfortable time[View]
442351971>15 frame input lag[View]
442351915Who was in the wrong?[View]
442351858What are some other games where devs sneak in lewd things like this?[View]
442349693ITT: games zoomers will never understand[View]
442351760Something need doing?[View]
442348043What does 4channel think about WITCHER 3?: Is it a fun game, or is it shit?[View]
442351602>Red Moon Inn >Home What other games let you slay hordes of enemies in a fantasy setting?…[View]
442347603TO THE LAB[View]
442351570https://youtu.be/wC05R_4fNoY >/v/ will agree with literally everything in this video…[View]
442330150>literally the biggest disappointment of the year It hurts so much bros…[View]
442350843>Solaire amiibo >all the newcomers are supposedly 'very surprising' He's getting in…[View]
442351315>*teleports behind you* >*saves world of light*…[View]
442351403Wii U General: What are some underrated gems on this? I'm thinking of getting Xenoblade X and S…[View]
442350189The Last Campfire: so here begin the Sean Murray redemption arc will you trust?[View]
442344132John Romero's Comeback: Are you ready for 5?[View]
442350886This is easily one of the games of all time.[View]
442351103What's the #1 site for gamers?[View]
442351108would you play this game[View]
442351046Who here /TeamXehanort/? HE CUTE[View]
4423435692B is the next dlc character, what would your reaction be?[View]
442349958What are some good vampire games?[View]
442348704FINAL FANTASY: So um this is FF these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpMCpjB34Ug[View]
442350980ITT: Studios that haven't released a single good game this decade[View]
442350895whoever made the change, i know you brows here. Apologize.[View]
442350871Is earthbound the best example of an epic journey in a video game done right? Everything just ‘feels…[View]
442350842For me, it's Abyssals[View]
442346459Play Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia[View]
442347985Any fans of the first Nier disapointde in Automata? I liked it but it felt like something was missin…[View]
442347757Any xbros try the demo yet? Its pretty good. Just wish the breakers were mapped to a trigger but I g…[View]
442350569Cringe steam profiles GO! https://steamcommunity.com/id/WolfLyonheart[View]
442350690Skribbl.io: Hosting a game of 'Pictionary' with a super hero/villain theme. Join us for a couple of …[View]
442350463So exactly why isn't this a costume for Toon Link when the model already exists?[View]
442346008>/feg/ and /v/ tell me it's horrible >plays game >it's good and is better than t…[View]
442350509/ssbg/ - Super Smash Brothers General: >How to improve your online connection: https://www.reddit…[View]
442344305What Nintendo franchises would you want to make a comeback?[View]
442334030Find a flaw. No really, find a reason why this game isn't fun as fuck.[View]
442350251DMC Thread: Remember that part in DmC wheree Vergil kills a demonic entity pregnant with the most po…[View]
442350375So how do you play with friends online on here? I have 9 friends online playing smash right now but …[View]
442350067>game has near instant stamina regen[View]
442344887make up some alt colors/costumes for either newcomers or characters already in Pic Related: Koopa Tr…[View]
442349525Undead: Who pulled this off better?[View]
442289162>Look Mort- *BURP* I turned myself into a game Morty!![View]
442347194Hey can someone help me figure out why my RAM is so performing so poorly? thanks - OP https://www.us…[View]
442350013*the world begins to shake, a portal is opened and out comes the severed head of Duke Nukem* It…[View]
442349973So why get rid of this guy?: why did gruden trade the dude? i know he is rebuilding but you should h…[View]
442348969I'm so sorry, /v/. It's over. She's not in. Damn you, Reggie.[View]
442349248Oof Yikes[View]
442347583do you still play it sometimes /v/?[View]
442344208If Crysis was released in 1992 how far ahead in technology would we be today?[View]
442348032how zoomer am i if this was one of my favorite games when i was a kid[View]
442348138I’m actually really enjoying No Man’s Sky. I didn’t really follow the development hype and got it fo…[View]
442345613Why do you fucking faggots have such horrible taste in Video Games? Like NV is such a piece of shit[View]
442339131“No Pantsu On Our Platform”: Haruoto Alice Gram: Snow Drop Censored By Sony: Haruoto Alice Gram: Sno…[View]
442347209Yo I heard you missed your main, so I added ALL the past characters you love but changed their moves…[View]
442346976It's time to admit this is the best smash game ever made[View]
442349313Twisted Metal thread?[View]
442346710Is there seriously no modern equivalent/substitute for F-Zero GX? I have an arcade racing itch and n…[View]
442349361>fishes you in That's another body for the list[View]
442323714KINGDOM HEARTS 3 OPENING TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI >#1 Trending on Yout…[View]
442349221Is there a fast way to get all the music and mii costumes?[View]
442349151>only console with backwards compatibility >console best known for the most worthwhile paid o…[View]
442348767Is Unown a legendary Pokemon?[View]
442331164DMC Thread: Remember that time Dante beat up a pregnant elderly prostitute, kidnaped her, livestream…[View]
442349091nerf bastion[View]
442344427CS:GO Portal ARG was confirmed just an easter egg. Feelsbadman[View]
442348968Games you loved as a kid but forgot why: I remember playing Phantasy Star Universe, both the story a…[View]
442344550YR: Sakurai chooses these as the final newcomers[View]
442331668>super smash bros is not a fighting ga-[View]
442348007The new Kingdom Hearts opening song is good, and the people hating it wouldn't have been happy …[View]
442335057so what happens now?: >no vga trailer >no e3 2019 >no ps experience are we literally waitin…[View]
442348826Do you think she's kicking herself right now for refusing to voice Kairi in the side games?[View]
442348784Why was it so good?[View]
442337975What are some good tracks to train myself to? https://youtu.be/uGkJ4xOAz2M[View]
442348713What would your reaction be if Dovahkiin actually got into Smash as DLC?[View]
442345583>join a csgo match after it went f2p >never played it before >2 hackers unironicly top of …[View]
442343685Fuck this character.[View]
442344393Nintendo Switch Q: I just ordered a Switch since I'll be traveling a lot soon. Someone give me …[View]
442348416Girls Frontline: Who is best girl?[View]
442340801Mario Party: Time for some retardy! OG mario party is some harsh stuff.[View]
442348452>that encounter in Wonderful 101 where all of the enemies intentionally spawn too far away to all…[View]
442345065>tfw when you realize Shiek is just Samus spelled backwards.[View]
442340225I've never played a Castlevania before, but Simon and Richter are so much fun that I want to pl…[View]
442347103Where is Jesper Kyd?[View]
442348108Who's the best bimbo in video games[View]
442340978*joystick is invented* *becomes irrelevent and useless*[View]
442348232ITT: Post songs that are better suited for the Kingdom Hearts 3 intro cinematic https://tubedubber.c…[View]
442346132Does anyone think /v/ is being too hard on Fire Emblem characters? I know I for one certainly think …[View]
442306853Reloads you like thread?[View]
442347645Fuck this spirit battle[View]
442342482PSVR Thread: >moss >Astrobot >superhot >beat saber >knockout leauge >holoball do i…[View]
442347293Well that was autsiticly fun, now what?[View]
442345282Who is more likely to be DLC in Smash? Genobros vs Agubros[View]
442345707How can one Pokemon be this Christlike? Is he the true GOAT?[View]
442347642Raid Now: YemHRhz[View]
442344134Why are people such graphics whores?: >Graphics don't make a game >Gameplay over graphics…[View]
442345973Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Sans Undertale?[View]
442345814favorite soulsborne bosses thread? mine is pic related. harder fight than orphan IMO, second phase …[View]
442345510Lady, from Devil May Cry 5.[View]
442343283Lisa: your thoughts? Is it one of the most under rated indie games ever?[View]
442333259Is Baldur's Gate as good as people make it out to be?[View]
442343290What went so absolutely right in every aspect?[View]
442347502Why the hell haven't we gotten a second kinetica yet?[View]
442344118Input reading: The fighting game.[View]
442347061Who has the most perfect abdominals in gaming?[View]
442319584Redpill me on this guy /v/. I've heard of the Persona games before but I don't know anythi…[View]
442346760Is this the future of gaming?[View]
442338204This woudn't have happened at a tournament for naything else. There is something sick about esp…[View]
442346637With the Wii having so many games, I know most are shovelware crap. Are there any gems hidden I sho…[View]
442347193Nintendo Switch VR and New Punch-Out!! Game in Development: Hi everyone, I have some inside informat…[View]
442347014So I just found out my PC is not only an ancient toaster but the CPU also bottlenecks What are some …[View]
442347137Is there any hope for this game left or has that boat already sailed long ago?[View]
442347023What the hell, that whole ending. Game was dull at times but the story and the characters were great…[View]
442344356Does Nintendo try to promote Furry?[View]
442344849What does /v/ think of the Epic Battle Fantasy series?[View]
442346972Who the fuck greenlit this characters toolkit? He is far and away the best character in the game[View]
442346497Has any company been exposed harder? Even “normies” don't pretend their games are fun anymore[View]
442346885Cuck FPS admin stories: Has anyone here ever been banned from a counter strike (or any fps) server f…[View]
442338948What happened to it?: ?[View]
442321427Hades-Athena: What do you think this game's gonna turn out like?[View]
442307516you guys memed me into buying risk of rain, but this game is a slow ass and janky shooter, does it g…[View]
442340072Why aren't you helping me get laid, anon? Don't ya care about your old pal Larry no more?[View]
442342590Should I just buy it if I don't have any friends to play it with? Kinda burned of Mario Odyssey…[View]
442346605I really want a switch for the new smash bros game but I'm convinced that if I buy this then it…[View]
442345948Post kino moments in games[View]
442335318post ultimate zelda pics[View]
442346357Just finished the game, it was fun even if i though the plot had too much holes and bullshit in it. …[View]
442320683/v/ermin /v/eekend: make a monster and watch em fucking kill eachother[View]
442326484Insurgency 2 comes out in 2-3 days, have you tried the free weekend yet? Am I the only one having hi…[View]
442346197STALKER appreciation thread: >when stalker 2 either gonna be terrible, or just not come out at al…[View]
442337516Do you take reviews seriously anon?[View]
442319542Steam is finished[View]
442345568I just failed my driving test, I used GTA to practice but it didn't work, what other game can I…[View]
442341654A pretty good boomer/zoomer litmus test: If you unironically liked this game, you're a zoomer. …[View]
442342972What game will help me understand recursion?[View]
442346019red dead thread: Reminder that Dutch did nothing wrong[View]
442346003Smash ultimate online: >want to play online >pick 2 stock stamina >get put into a FFA 4 pl…[View]
442340596Atelier thread?[View]
442344408What is the best map projection for a game that uses a flat map (read:not a globe) of the Earth?[View]
442344308Name a bigger time vampire[View]
442241856Hitman Thread: What did IO mean by this?[View]
442345801Can someone explain to me why /v/ likes this game so much? It's a pretty poor game truth be tol…[View]
442345717ORA ORA ORA CLADIAR[View]
442345201You know what they say about gamers...[View]
442345750YOUTUBE THREAD: Who does /v/ watch? Post your favorite channels[View]
442345683>Set 1v1, stock, battlefield since hazards off kept giving me the stage with the ladders >Get …[View]
442345435>'The game gives you pieces of lore throughout. It doesn't spoonfeed you information in cuts…[View]
442338979the fuck?[View]
442332415These are objectively the best games ever made[View]
442344671Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that DS2 is the best Souls game? Let's be hones…[View]
442344261This is Kyle, your next Smash character. Say something nice about him.[View]
442344120What is the video game equivalent of this song? https://youtu.be/eddN4Jey88M[View]
442345373*halts your spirits progress*[View]
442345367Hey guys, my dad works at Nintendo and he told me there will be a game called Super Smash Bros that …[View]
442344843What are some games with fun and playable skeletons? Asking for a friend.[View]
442331185This is the biggest gaming icon of 2018 and for many years to come, wether you like it or not, he re…[View]
442344935Have you ever had to use the N word in a video game?[View]
442343026Why won't Nintendo bring back Golden Sun?[View]
442342470Which one are you using, /v/? I've been a GameCubefag my whole life but the Pro Controller actu…[View]
442342795Name a company worse than EA.[View]
442341398>main is only good in a mod and will never be more than mediocre in an official game >try to p…[View]
442345059Anthem: Anyone played closed Alpha? How do you like it so far? Gotta say i was positively surprised …[View]
442345016He's the next DLC challenger and there's nothing you weebshits can do about in[View]
442301825What the fuck happened?[View]
442344159This is it /v/: This is officially the cutest video game girl as of now, maybe even of all time. I…[View]
442343840Anon chooses one row to make it into Smash. No columns[View]
442339576These are objectively the best games ever made[View]
442337003Holy shit poison in this game is the most powerful thing ever, this is the only game I know where st…[View]
442341537Name ONE (1) game with good sieges[View]
442343361buy the game faggot[View]
442344746Wow, Smash sure has a lot of big lizards[View]
442344697Did he ever do anything that was actually wrong?[View]
442343746Final Fantasy XIV SHADOWBRINGERS: There will be Viera dancers next year.[View]
442344331Gimme vidya reaction pics[View]
442343135So what's the best console to get now?: What is the recommended system at the moment, PC, Xbox …[View]
442344154look at me: I am the Far Cry® now[View]
442322174I wish this was a thing.[View]
442344094>game crushes your dreams right when you start to get hyped[View]
442344054Stop talking shit about games I like or I'll kick all your asses.[View]
442344053Any plans to have free aim online games?: I've heard bad things about RDR2 online. It's al…[View]
442341378Great game but it felt like it needed to be about 3 times longer.[View]
442341251Call me a retard for asking this or whatever, but I simply dont understand it. Why do people call th…[View]
442327648*ruins your KH3 experience* heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
442342380Who are potential mecha/robot for Smash DLC slots? I'd like Kos-Mos, can't think of anyone…[View]
442342654What happened?[View]
442340213which racing sims are worth trying these days? hmm: haven't played any since about 2012 but hav…[View]
442343183Tell me how to get good at this game /v/.[View]
442343605So, do you guys think we're getting a Fighters Pass 2?[View]
442342639*dabs on the haters*[View]
442342638WoW Classic: What class will you play /v/? What profession?[View]
442343131Out of all of these series, who do you think will get representation in Smash?: >ARMS >Assass…[View]
442342741is this list, dare I say, correct?[View]
442269410Kenshi: What race/start did you pick?[View]
442343015They really need to do something about Chaos teaming with SCPs. As it is right now, the only way MTF…[View]
442341926*Throws fishing hook*[View]
442343092Asphalt 9 thread.: >be me >playing Asphalt 9 Legends >on multiplayer because daily goals …[View]
442343072It's too bad no one is gonna play Splatoon anymore.[View]
442343032>trademarks the use of mini-games during loading screens >never uses again after the PS1 era…[View]
442341693I cant imagine how braindead someone has to be to think Monster Hunter the literal least likey DLC p…[View]
442342963Good Old Downloads shut down last week: RIP F[View]
442341229How he/she manages to pack those games in such a small size?[View]
442342850*destroys your entire company for years to come* The damage this project caused is massive.[View]
442339096First reminder this is Zelda from A Link Between Worlds not ALTTP: Also, reminder that all Switch ca…[View]
442334646Why does /v/ hate them?[View]
442340793Guys! Kirby has something to say...[View]
442340426Remakes BETTER than the original: Pic related[View]
442341913What the FUCK were they thinking? Can somebody explain to me how a game this excrutiatingly awful wa…[View]
442339831>losing over two-thirds of your playerbase in a single week What went wrong?…[View]
442336413Too bad they picked Ken over Chun-Li.[View]
442341391>Engage the Enemy starts playing Is this, dare I say it, one of the best fight songs in any RPG?…[View]
442342574Survived By: i love DE and all but this is just Realm of the Mad God with prettier lights.[View]
442341625>be mid-20s doomer >have nearly-boomer college friend >we wanted to make a game together …[View]
442342491Change me wrong. Protip: You cannot.[View]
442341769Why were the quests in Skyrim worse than the quests in Oblivion?[View]
442339638Unstable hatred for a Waddle Dee: I usually don't hate video game characters but recently I…[View]
442338990Where the fuck is #3? Left 4 Dead thread Also, I'm looking for a music video of L4D sync'…[View]
442341057>Not maining a CHR build in patch 2.018 It is like you dont wanna win or something…[View]
442325226ITT: We discuss games with amazing soundtracks: Pic very related. Far Cry 5 may have been a very med…[View]
442341738have you preordered Starfield and TES6 yet anon? i lost my toddfolder, help me rebuild it[View]
442341925Hey there guys, hope you are all hyped for patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance.[View]
442341920What the fuck was her problem?[View]
442341906Only a week before Virtua Fighter™ is announced.[View]
442341871>two decade old shooter is better, more fun, and has a way higher skill ceiling than literally an…[View]
442338214Post what you think is the best girl from a game you haven't actually played.[View]
442340887*teleports behind you* Not paying attention, Anon?[View]
442341648>'leon, pick up' >'what is it hunnigan' >'you're being sent on a new assignment' >'…[View]
442333238Good god, will the Digimon games ever lower their price? I've been waiting for years to buy Cyb…[View]
442341217>discover npc with fully detailed genital in vanilla unmodded game >post about it on game…[View]
442334547There's a really shitty Smash DLC poll right now on here that doesn't have a good half of …[View]
442341153These are the most likely newcomers according to /v/, say something nice about them[View]
442331894Disgagea and related games: I don't get it, whenever you see fan content from NIS games, or wha…[View]
442341382Portable Gaming Devices: >restricted hardware >tiny screen >non-ergonomic 'controller' Why …[View]
442341358Currently downloading this. Does /v/ recommend playing with a guide or are there any things I must …[View]
442340094Why did the aliens in Majora's mask want cows?[View]
442339490He's in[View]
442340889Name a comfier area in the Souls games. You can't.[View]
442323748Who are uniroically some of the shittiest characters in the new smash >pic very related…[View]
442341006>Red Dead II isn't on P-[View]
442341120>game has instant-death spells[View]
442341037super shrek slam thread: any tips for sss? specifically for luna, shes qt and moveset looks interest…[View]
442338287Opinons? What are some games like this? I've been playing it today and I'm in the mood for…[View]
442338931Who the fuck is this?[View]
442340987What games give you frustration?[View]
442340959>Final boss is a wizard[View]
442340909>sexy character has a sexy theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x7RhymPXLM https://www.you…[View]
442340819Elder Scrolls VI.[View]
442340850Cute vidya fanart thread.: Keep it cute.[View]
442338001Hearing this in English feels weird. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPqh8mD33fE[View]
442339658QuiET PLeaSE MAke iT sTOP[View]
442340612We aren't getting anymore disney worlds are we?[View]
442340410Nintendo dislikes western franchises so damn much, they ignore it in Smash even when it's THEIR…[View]
442338834Why are Us Gamers so worried about God of war?[View]
442338346Streaming as a job: This video pretty much sum up everything I picture a video game streamers life t…[View]
442340425What's your favourite RPG /v/? I've been told I'm pretty based, I hear it often enoug…[View]
442340467Super Smash x Fortnite: LET'S GO[View]
442339160He loves Zelda too /v/ :)[View]
442340379Is it cheating?: How does /v/ feel about using strategy guides and walkthroughs? Does it cheapen the…[View]
442335221Why cant we get another one?[View]
442340324Does he still have a chance? It feels like the more time that passes, the smaller his chances become…[View]
442322773left or right?[View]
442330253>PC has better graph-[View]
442336254why is this game so fun. Like I legit rekt kids all the time, and this is the first time i've h…[View]
442339951Can we have a Smash Bros 'leaker' cringe thread? >Grinch leak >Very obviously fake >Faggots…[View]
442330007Post your vidya family, /v/.[View]
442338704Was pic related even that good to begin with?[View]
442333215what did he mean by this?[View]
442339070Katy Perry joins Final Fantasy BE: First Ariana now this.[View]
442339187You did get that Rayman spirit, right?[View]
442336073What is this game called?[View]
442338749Why are you faggots so Triggered by 'Weeb Characters' when the entire Smash Roster is made up of Jap…[View]
442310648ITT: Vidya PTSD[View]
442339763>celebrate game has many characters >only play as one because 'muh main'…[View]
442338886what did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
442339710>he sided with the weeaboos[View]
442337958>buying games you don't actually care about just because you own one console and want to fee…[View]
442339152>he didn't get in Smash Let's all laugh at this loser.[View]
442338875will draw whatever for v: >keep it vidya related >will draw whatever vidya related https://www…[View]
442334843Tell me /v/. Why do you forsake that which you must hold most precious? >Final Fantasy thread…[View]
442339367Battleborn: >Absolutely superior to OW >Poorly marketed and released >A dead gem >Even t…[View]
442337026>Names are for friends, so I don't need one what did he mean by this?…[View]
442339061Let's have an old fashioned 3x3/mosaic thread. Post your 3x3, other anons recommend games based…[View]
442339261https://gematsu.com/2018/12/yiik-a-postmodern-rpg-launches-january-17-2019 YIKES![View]
442338559Does /v/ like Quake Champions?[View]
442325892Gamer's Choice Awards starts in 15 minutes on CBS: mODS GIVE STICKY[View]
442337098How can she have so many husbands?[View]
442338828>gg ez[View]
442331379Metroid thread: no Putrid, disgusting sex fanservice allowed: Anyone here play Super Metroid Arcade?…[View]
442338229Saves PC gaming[View]
442338717>Give a starving child food >Rick disliked that >'Wow Captain, heh you know cause and effec…[View]
442316961Have you ever been so invested in game you actually injured yourself?[View]
442338628Who /TeamXehanort/ here?[View]
442338623>Playing Smash online with a friend >Get disconnected 2 minutes in Why is this allowed?…[View]
442334853How can one man be so based[View]
442338192Who's ready for the next reveal in February[View]
442338412Porky Pig confirmed by Nintendo España: Yep, he's in[View]
442337786>tfw black bi furry and I'm everything /vpol/ hates FUCK REPUBLICANS…[View]
442337209Small things in games that makes it better: >grenade lands near you >character panics >sni…[View]
442332069Smash tier list thread[View]
442338449hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have too much to say[View]
442336392Is Fire Emblem actually worthwhile or is it all just smashfags memeing[View]
442337598what a gamer what a god of a gamer seriously[View]
442338347Who was in the wrong here?[View]
442332926It just keeps getting better and better! Anymore of you fags want to defend your delusional shit pic…[View]
442338052Are you enjoying your smashing v/ ?[View]
442338217> be minding your own business trying to rekindle the first flame > suddenly sees this qt aski…[View]
442337543Epic idea for max LULZ (thread only for old skool anons who like FUN): Neat idea!! Hey /v/bros! I wa…[View]
442310235She's in.[View]
442333883>squid >takes damage by water Japanese education…[View]
442336379Which alternate incarnations of characters do you want?[View]
442300219>armor on mages[View]
442336582does /v/ play rs3 and osrs?[View]
442337520Ignoring new characters, which series would you like to just see more representation and to what deg…[View]
442337931Miis: Hope do I get the Ashley and Skull Kid Mii costumes?[View]
442337908Press S[View]
442336127What are some /v/ approved tattoos?[View]
442337868>post yfw when this happens[View]
442337760what racing sims are worth trying these days?: have played any since about 2012 but have played GT5/…[View]
442319045Is it cannon?[View]
442336247The last 3 videogame characters you played as have to protect you from Dark Excellent Donald and fig…[View]
442337685He loves Zelda :)[View]
442337240This controller broke after I threw it at the wall just two times, what a cheap piece of shit! How d…[View]
442334374When did you realize that you suck at video games?[View]
442328853Ok guys, we will be created a new platform called ONLINEONLYGAME4U Its bonuses >20% cut from deve…[View]
442337403*opens door* *shows corridor path on the map* *dot blinks* *opens new door* *door closes* *opens ano…[View]
442334702um.. you DO have a cute gf to play smash with, right?[View]
442336110Is there any way to play Smashdown or 3v3/5v5 online?[View]
442332931Why are 90% of videogame moderators corrupt powertrippers?[View]
442336625So where did all this shitposting about Obsidian come from? Bethesdrones invading? People having iss…[View]
442335584How is it? Is it better than Elite? I'm tired of Elite....[View]
442335621Excuse me: Wasnt this supposed to be announced at TGA? The whole 'Worlds will change' and stuff?…[View]
442334826you know how, whenever anyone brings up all those H-games that Steam banned, there's always tho…[View]
442336849>Feminazi whine about Nintendo not making a game where Peach saves Mario >Nintendo makes a gam…[View]
442332590Has a game ever made you cry?[View]
442316517>Sakurai has said that the new DLC characters will be from unrepresented franchises >Smash ha…[View]
442324670>empire is evil[View]
442332321Smash: >blocks you're path[View]
442335321Comfy /v/idya stories thread? >be me >around 10 >smash bros brawl just came out >no idea…[View]
442334836How do I get into JRPG's? What's a good starting point?[View]
442336461>play online >get put into four player match >one stock >seven minutes >horrible inp…[View]
442336257>this man declares that *game you are anticipating* is cancelled what do?…[View]
442333239anyone knows this feel?[View]
442336286Hey it's me Jerma and you're watching the Disney channel![View]
442336282When Anthem was properly introduced to us gamers in the E3 gameplay trailer a-lot of people were hes…[View]
442312364pic related: I finally played FFXV and I have mixed feelings about it. It started off ok, the pacin…[View]
442335476>screen shakes when you strike an enemy[View]
442335768>Baka mitai![View]
442319790Who is in the wrong here: the gamer or the company?[View]
442335640Reggie never said that all the DLC characters will be from new series.: >'This gives you a flavor…[View]
442333418Sorry Furvert, we're going to have to take your award back due to claims of sexual misconduct a…[View]
442328680Why is this game so poorly optimized? I don't have the sickest PC (OC'd i5 4690k and GTX97…[View]
442335758Why is this board so full of contrarian faggots that shit on every critically acclaimed game while w…[View]
442332849I wish I could discover this game for the first time again[View]
442334254How much Smash Power or whatever the fuck it's called do you guys have online? I have no idea h…[View]
442335632How did they manage to make her so damn cute![View]
442326163mary sue: >suddenly becomes a weapons expert out of nowhere[View]
442335631ITT: /v/idya characters that were to good for this world: I'll start.[View]
442335629>Gain incredible power >Give up humanity[View]
442334052I AM A PASSENGER[View]
442334005How long do you guys think it will be before AAA games become explicitly marketed toward Chinks inst…[View]
442333278Am I really the only one who hated it: ?[View]
442333978Why doesn't he use magic or summons[View]
442333842>download 12 GB on Steam >it just installs the installer for the 16 GB 'update' Why do compani…[View]
442335193ITT: Games 'series' that will never be concluded.[View]
442334535Who's your favorite SMT demon, /v/? Mine's Jack Frost, heeho.[View]
442335084PSA: Just want to alert you /v/ros, don't fall for it.[View]
442334712as the representative of the black delegation we reject these 2 faggots https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
442331693They actually did it the fucking madmen[View]
442332765>snipes you from across the map How can Sylux fags possibly compete?[View]
442327286What will her Classic Mode be?[View]
442334721Whenever I change colours at beginning of character select, this happens for a moment before finally…[View]
442334938Do you think Microsoft will let them make a sequel?[View]
442329793/v/'s TOP 6 VIDYA OF ALL TIME[View]
442334356Old Pokemon designs are better than new designs. This is a fact.[View]
442328847Why aren't you playing her?[View]
442291982'Epic has actually listened to developers': https://archive.fo/FWNTH#selection-515.69-515.406 Imagin…[View]
442329790What are some good video games for smart people?[View]
442334056>she's trapped in this 14-year-old flat body forever Truly fate worse than death.…[View]
442326212Can we talk about how fucking abysmal Smash Ultimate's online mode is?: >Set preferred rules…[View]
442334140FC NEW DAWN: So how does Seed fit into the post apocalypse? Are we supposed to help him rebuild? Or …[View]
442334109Don’t mind me just breaking World of Light.[View]
442316664Who are the final Newcomers going to be /v/? https://www.strawpoll.me/17013020[View]
442299546KINGDOM HEARTS 3 OPENING: LET ME FACE LET ME FACE LET ME FACE MY FEARS Holy shit I though this song …[View]
442331089http://archillect.com/204863 redirects to Kojima Productions website... Can anyone red pill me on th…[View]
442329532I WANT TO BE TRACER[View]
442330825>9mm pistol does 6 damage per shot >revolver does 8 damage per shot >smg does 3 damage per …[View]
442330481Hey Rockstar! Come here and I'll give you a knuckle sandwich![View]
442333748HE CUTE AND I support him[View]
442329518>Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep[View]
442333604>necromancer is also the healer[View]
442333647Should schools ban video game symbols?[View]
442333658now....what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
442333413>final level is first level[View]
442331418It wasn't suppose to end like this! You incels have destroyed the battlefield franchise![View]
442333501Another /v/ plays Game Dev Tycoon: Since the last anon, hasn't came back, we're doing anot…[View]
442333369Meanwhile at the ta/v/ern...[View]
442330193Name one thing he lied about.[View]
442318892DLC speculation: REMINDER: Reggie did NOT say that only new 'series' would be getting into smash, bu…[View]
442328031Are there any true sword and planet video games? I want swords and magic and shit with aliens. Don…[View]
442323910>R-Rikku-chan, we can't...... >Come on Yunie, it'll feel real good I promise. The ta…[View]
442333134*comes out of your Pokeball*[View]
442333109>ITT: games that triggered everyone[View]
442329883What the fuck it looks identical to the first gamne and that's not a good thing https://www.you…[View]
442331717Ok, I just bought these two beauties. Which one should I play first?[View]
442332997Was pic related even that good to begin with?[View]
442332971I just killed my parents. Post ending in 000 and I reveal the bodies[View]
442331805Kingdom Hearts III: >50 days left Fuck I can't believe it[View]
442306203Looks bland.: Gonna pass, probably wait for sale, most likely watch it on Twitch. Looks boring. Just…[View]
442332867What is this game called?[View]
442332857>Jrpg >A second boss appears after you defeat the first one >You can't save nor heal y…[View]
442331827DEVIL MAY CRY 5: >Fights with Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare. >Physically weak, yet somehow als…[View]
442328750Ask someone who holds a speedrun world record anything.[View]
442330804>futuristic setting >bolt action guns >bows and arrows…[View]
442331260Can we have an actual tier list thread? Not that I don't love the fun ones.[View]
442328851Replaying the whole series this Holiday. Fem Shep or Male Shep?[View]
442332123What are some rapekino video games?[View]
442311569Are you hype?[View]
442332564What did he mean by this?[View]
442332494Rate the bosses[View]
442326262>playing as a fire emblem character Is there any quicker way to ruin your reputation as a player?…[View]
442332448Why is World Of Light so fucking long??? [Spoiler]i beat Galeem and now this shit goes on and on[/Sp…[View]
442329462The tears overflowed The tears overflowed And I didn't say that I loved you I'm sorry The …[View]
442332278Why does Sakurai hate the Donkey Kong franchise?: > 3 stages > K. Rool only in because of ball…[View]
442332163It's actually not horrible The bad >Everything is level locked >600 pound maximum for you…[View]
442329562He's in.[View]
442331719>tfw no 4chan friend to play games with >have constantly offtopic discusion in all chat with h…[View]
442327650Why does Atlus hate Shin Megami Tensei so much?[View]
442325298I'm using PCGamingWiki to get Fallout set up on my computer. So far I've: >installed th…[View]
442329301Good / Bad Collectors Editions Thread?[View]
442327324What does this need to be the next Morrowind?: Other then a new engine, what does it need? I think …[View]
442331883>sequel never ever EVER[View]
442331503So is there buffer and delay or not? Does it depend on the controller and display? I've been he…[View]
442331853Why did Henry care so much about that stupid ass sword? It wasn't even that good.[View]
442331810hey guys did you forget PUBG exist and if you play PS4 you can get back packs from TLOU & unchar…[View]
442328424Why the fuck does /v/ love this game so much?[View]
442330195dark souls 1 is shit: so fucking clunky movement. feels its lacking some directions. i literally swu…[View]
442331585*bloque ton chemin*[View]
442330907What are your favorites RPGs from the PS1?[View]
442325730>Japanese game >starts with an anime opening…[View]
442331424Screencap this post. Sonicfox is being used by the Illuminati in order to humiliate this community. …[View]
442331327Can someone post that pic with android 16 but its smash brothers themed?[View]
442320553Dark souls 2 is the perfect example of game devs not knowing what made the first game special. Dark …[View]
442316147Bethesda is bad. Fallout 4 and 76 sucks. NV is best game. Gave the rights to Obsidian.[View]
442330902Do you still play your PS3 /v/? Have you installed cfw yet? What are you playing? PS3 thread.[View]
442331195I Dont get why people like smash so much: theres literally nothing fun on those games[View]
442331000Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.[View]
442330935Why haven't you played one of the best indie games yet?[View]
442330906what the fuck was his problem?[View]
442330839*is a better Resident Evil than any Capcom RE*[View]
442330760Dept. Heaven when: When are we getting more Dept. Heaven vidya games? If Sting were to give the IP t…[View]
442330469>geopolitical tension between the US and USSR >original Vietnam snake eater special forces …[View]
4423240852P: Every day until she's out.[View]
442330690Am I really the only one disappointed by this?[View]
442309430DMC Thread: hey remember that part in DmC when Mundus kidnaps Kat and pretends he's going to to…[View]
442328804hey guys I'm going AFK BRB[View]
442326129Here's your Smash DLC. Enjoy![View]
442330521FFXIV: Is there any chance they remove MCH and Lalas from the game in 5.0? The game would improve ma…[View]
442329427should weebshit even be considered video games? i think it should have a separate autism containment…[View]
442330492VS Battles thread: http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/VS_Battles_Wiki What's the most retarded thi…[View]
442322341Choose your combatant. Hard Mode: No fucking One Shot Johnny, asshole.[View]
442325194Mythra: Mythra[View]
442327819Post 10/10 character designs.[View]
442323954Look what came in the mail /v/: I don't have any games besides the original Mario Kart and Mari…[View]
442329538>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play and with a really fun battle royale mode added…[View]
442317847Nintendo will never make anything this breathtaking: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XWnUe4W_P0w…[View]
442330224Is that really all of the challenges in Ultimate?: The game has 120ish whereas the Wii U version had…[View]
442330194Worth buying?: Thinking of getting the Battle edition cuz I don't care about zombies anyway. Is…[View]
442327485>monsters and undead fucking everywhere >in a constant state of war >other worlds keep coll…[View]
442330027>anime avatar[View]
442329621How did they get away with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b3P9ZOsPl0[View]
442321898When did he get into speedrunning?[View]
442322598We need to get her ass in Smash.[View]
442327831Do you guys think Twitch as a platform has negatively impacted gaming as a whole or helped it?[View]
442329862Any games like mgs2?: Idk how to explain it, but I enjoy the level design of games like this. Where …[View]
442329837How does Mr. Game and Watch in the new Smash?[View]
442317741Get it off your chest, what's wrong with the game.[View]
442328129he's in[View]
442325119ITT: vidya characters who are undoubtedly freaks in the bedroom[View]
442326215>that kid who kept making dirty jokes in a clear attempt to flirt with you when you invited them …[View]
442329307Sup /V/? How do you like my toon? FFXIV thread. I'm back from a year-long break trying to catch…[View]
442329403One of these characters is going to be playable in Smash Bros. Ultimate say something nice about the…[View]
442326724post 'em lads[View]
442329423Galeem did nothing wrong.[View]
442326875I saw NL liked wizard of legend, and just cause 4 seems like garbage. Is this bundle worth it?[View]
442329628David Cage games would genuinely be entertaining and engaging if they were made as musicals. Prove m…[View]
442328591saturn > dreamcast[View]
442320326Is RPG Maker MV a good start to learn how to make games? I want to make one of those RPG Maker horro…[View]
442316086Why has this country never made a good game?[View]
442328420Would you buy digital games if they were cheaper than physical?[View]
442327319>Inkling can act offensively and/or keep away at the drop of a hat Inkling mains should fuck off…[View]
442329278What's a good, comfy coop game for the holidays? Did a bunch of DST and Terraria last year and …[View]
442327361Can we have an actual tier list thread? Not that I don't love the fun ones.[View]
442328963I'm going out real quick. Whatever you do, PLEASE do not feed the plant.[View]
442328939Night of Revenge: Anyone got around to playing this game? The spider enemies scare me haha![View]
442328781>Playing games at 30 FPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VYLZ_ZnvH0 LMAOING @ UR LIFE…[View]
442328708Smash DLC: Is anyone else really excited? The Joker reveal was one of the first times in a long time…[View]
442325942What did he mean by this?[View]
442326154I like lori, she's cute and an idol.[View]
442325306what videogame should I play? any platform[View]
442316521Can we just have a wholesome thread about what our favourite game is?[View]
442325682SORA 4 SMASH: So has everyone accepted that Sora is the next DLC character announced for Smash?…[View]
442328731Any melee-focused doom-like games you'd recommend? Or .wads or mods or whatever.[View]
442324520sonichu is going to be your next DLC fighter. its locked in at this point.[View]
442321424What are some more modern fantasy rpgs with a heavy emphasis on the RPG? I've been playing thro…[View]
442325660Remember when people complained about this?[View]
442327801Sonic Mania 2: >2018 >still no Slayers action-RPG…[View]
442325470ITT: older games that still hold up well today[View]
442325179Why is it so hard to find patch notes when a game updates in Steam?[View]
442327274Check this out!: https://gamejolt.com/games/oliverandme/381124[View]
442319538youtuber MAXMOEFOE PHYSICALLY DISMEMBERS liberal FEMINIST LIVE on camera[View]
442328350Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: This is the DLC you pre-ordered. Enjoy.[View]
442328315>game doesn't have remappable controls[View]
442326906What are some games that sold poorly for bad reasons and deserved better reception? Mad World and Ra…[View]
442328258What are the best Dreamcast games?[View]
442320258this game is good and nobody talks about it why?[View]
442322720Ask a twitch streamer who is personal friends with ICE Poseidon anything. Pic related how it feels …[View]
442328110*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442324669What are you getting Rom and Ram for Christmas?[View]
442327337have you ever made your opponent rage quit?[View]
442326789You may not like it, but this is the best girl in Smash.[View]
442314812this is the outer worlds dev team: say something nice about them[View]
442313563>tfw still no remake of this horror kino.[View]
442322717ITT we post games that /v/ said were bad but are actually very fun. I'll start.[View]
442326571*Blocks your path*[View]
442327826What is this bullshit?[View]
442324953>No one talking about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3154ZBFTreE…[View]
442324892Nintendo saved the video game industry from the apocalyptic crash of the early 1980's. But now …[View]
442327802*kills you on csgo while playing loud bunda music* nothing personal, gringo[View]
442327796Where can I buy a PS3 for cheap ?[View]
442310534Trying new things: Anyone else gonna buy both and give them a fair chance? I'll admit that, des…[View]
442324041What is your favorite genre of vidya ? for me its gotta be platform fighters.[View]
442319941Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: so I played Smash for 9 fucking hours today the fuck happened why is thi…[View]
442327320what's /v/'s opinion on metadoom?[View]
442323860>That final boss Can we just say Sakurai made the most epic final boss sequence in existence here…[View]
442322039>they had to add 'from Persona 5!' so people would know who he was lmao…[View]
442326929I was beginning to regret buying smash, but just then when playing online, I managed to play 20 cons…[View]
442325526Grenade! Tommy Gun! METAL GEAR THREAD![View]
442320827Any good games based on Ranma 1/2 I started reading the manga, and I think it has a lot of potential…[View]
442324393Are you happy with how they changed your main? I know I am. Its fun as hell to just bomb the hell ou…[View]
442323508King K Rool: Am I good or is he just broken?[View]
442322245Reminder that Susie used to be young.[View]
442319069Why are old games so much more comfy? Is it the lack of high definition graphics? The difficulty? No…[View]
442326596>Floor of Stage stuns you >Equip Spirit immune to said Stun >Match becomes a basic CPU figh…[View]
442298207Some Epic Store games are pushing back or scrapping Steam releases: Will we soon have different stor…[View]
442326340Here is your fighting game for tonight[View]
442324447Now that the dust has settled, what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
442326181>Like this voice actress' work >Check her twitter >She's a fucking hardcore femin…[View]
442326445By default, the Epic Games Launcher lets publishers send you spam. How is this acceptable? This is a…[View]
442325694ITT: Weapons that are literally you[View]
442326002Your favourite vidya is now a childrens book: Tell me a bedtime story /v/[View]
442325734She should have been part of the main story.[View]
442325668Smash Bros. Tournament: Heading to one tonight. Any advice? Any characters to watch out for?[View]
442324881>Was almost unanimously considered one of the worst characters in the game because of 'muh recove…[View]
442326115Can't find a dump of smash ultimate's alternate costume stock icons anywhere, anyone got s…[View]
442325331>15 second Limit Break makes him unplayable now >only 2 songs…[View]
442325719howd i do[View]
442323963What is truely the best game ever made?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17013582[View]
442325395Choose your Character[View]
442325816>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx3spVqF-FM Name a game with better soundtrack. Actually don…[View]
442322837Do you think sumo digital is going to have another character poll for TSR like what they did for Tra…[View]
442324806Well /v/... what's your favorite video game?[View]
442323167Draw picture from a game, others guess what the fuck[View]
442320814Why is it so hard to matchmake for 1v1? I can't stand 4 player free for all, the maps are way t…[View]
442323891Come play 100% oranje juice with me. >Server Private servers are for cunts No password.…[View]
442322950Why aren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
442324886>a different studio takes over the franchise >kills it…[View]
442321267Is the new model of the Xbox One controller good? (6CL-00005) I heard that the first models were tra…[View]
442325305Why is Melee the only one whose cover isn't just the characters bursting out of some generic bl…[View]
442314315How is it /v/? I missed it initially but the recent rerelease has me interested again.[View]
442325274Stop buying games.[View]
442324595 [View]
442324747What are some games that give the fanbase Stockholm syndrome. Starting with Fallout 76.[View]
442321016Oh no... Oh no... Oh...no... OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
442324915WoW classic: We're nearly home lads[View]
442325084>Blush __unf__[View]
442322991ITT: Smiles you wanna protect[View]
442324069Never played Smash before. This doesn't seem like the fighting games I'm used to and I…[View]
442325061fact: if your waifu was real, she'd think you were a creepy weirdo[View]
442319469This game keeps tugging at my nostalgia boner. Is it worth it /v/ ?[View]
442324579What metacritic rating would this game get if it was released today(both official and user based sco…[View]
442317064Can someone explain how is it possible for a company to create such an atrocity? I used to defend th…[View]
442324752Super Smash Bros ultimate DLC: All 'ANTICIPATED' characters are deconfirmed which means: >No firs…[View]
442324023>the main villain makes you question your sexuality any other games that do this?…[View]
442324348Imagine actually working Sundays.[View]
442323638Just one serious thread about pre-ordering games: Even though I don't pre-order games, I want t…[View]
442323221What vidya do you think you could beat Justin Wong in? It doesnt exist[View]
442315414What do you think of the new Overwatch Christmas skins?[View]
442324230What are some good PS2-era horror games? I want something I can sit around a tv with my pals and som…[View]
442317858It's inferior to The Painful but how exactly does it retroactively ruin its predecessor? Also L…[View]
442324025What perfect confluence of events led to this game being so fucking good that it defined an entire s…[View]
442321504which one would you pick[View]
442321457How do I shag Jeanette and save her and Therese at the same time? I'm playing with the Unoffici…[View]
442323448>watching end credits sequence >'production babies' Why would that be necessary? I don't …[View]
442323129What does new game + in word of light change? Is there any point in doing it?[View]
442323742>Sup anon, just bought my new full AMD PC. Very excited for Zen2 next year!…[View]
442317195If you count Echoes as fighters, there will be 80 playable characters after the Fighter Pass. Do you…[View]
442270036X4: Foundations Thread: I wonder what do they have in mind for this experimental game start?[View]
442309545The Destiny killer.[View]
442322370Need more help in CoH2: So I bought the DLC bundle because it’s $7 on sale and I’m finding the OKW r…[View]
442320421Is there another case where the westerner changes improved a game?[View]
442323315>peach's fighter statue was put near bowser's in world of light what did Galeem mean by…[View]
442323573>Abe’s Odysee >Abe’s Exoddus >Final Fantasy VII >Resident Evil 2 >Medievil >Crash …[View]
442308057>100% a game and makes a review every wednesday and saturday Can this guy stop time or something?…[View]
442309883Do it faggot.[View]
442314113Bioware dumbing down their plots: How exactly did we go from >Disgruntled general crosses moral b…[View]
442313447Should Lucina be made the main FE character in smash and Marth be demoted to the echo? Since Lucina …[View]
442323264Can someone explain to me the appeal of MOBAs?: Besides pic related? Surely, if they're so popu…[View]
442321397Bioshock Infinite: is it safe to say that this game wasn't good yet?[View]
442312984Left or right?[View]
442323271>However if we are simply talking the game mechanics then I think its not even a question that me…[View]
442323253This is our board now.[View]
442296298> <Person> is a fully grown adult *Watches trailer for a hyped game (usually smash brothers…[View]
442323050Kingdom Hearts Ending Theme: what do we think about the english version? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
442322980What version of Saints Row 2 do you prefer? PC version with Gentleman of the Row or Console version.…[View]
442320874Favorite ways to KO in Ultimate: >shooting someone at point blank range with this stupid looking …[View]
442317854How are EA and Bioware so incompetent? They had a literal gold mine with Mass Effect, and they squan…[View]
442322953Games for this feel?[View]
442321327Wired controllers: When it comes to the time to store your wired controller on a shelf, drawer or in…[View]
442266139what are his chances this time they seem to be going all out with ridiculousness now[View]
442322595What a thrill...[View]
442304426>get shilled to go amd here >these temps[View]
442322785What do you really think of Arc System Works and their attempt at a world tour?[View]
442312590How does /v/ feel about Lollipop Chainsaw?[View]
442322754Post games with perfect soundtracks (regardless of overall game quality) Also What's the best w…[View]
442321823So, when's Joker getting released?[View]
442322284Give me some games where I can play as jew.[View]
442322628Is the multiplayer even working for this game on PC? I've been playing for a while and I haven…[View]
442322090>gg ez[View]
442322072Hey, bro, let me see your deck[View]
442254659What was so bad about DaS3? It seems to get a lot of hate around here.[View]
442284060How tall is Todd?[View]
442320125Considering Obsidian is doing their own Fallout-esque thing now, who should Bethesda give the next 3…[View]
442321851Why does this game exist?[View]
442322404WTF do i do?[View]
442318304Bruh, look at this dude.[View]
442320514I need some single player vidya for Android[View]
442318935Yeah nigga. Get out my face, 'ho! Dumb BITCH![View]
442322167>The game's plot is told through emails[View]
442322146any games where you can encounter familiar characters from earlier installments of the series as ran…[View]
442318567Soulja Game Console: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo on suicide watch[View]
442321407You ever hear tell of a game called 'The Force: Unleashed'? I played it. It couldn't be more le…[View]
442321369You DID beat the maze, right anon?[View]
442321473Hey anon, wanna play some OSRS?[View]
442321645BORN DIFFERENT[View]
442320305What is the mark /v/?[View]
442318117best remastered videogames.: Pic Unrelated[View]
442321819>sakurai got his inspiration to gaming by playing the gall force msx video game back in the day o…[View]
442321816Kingdom Hearts 3: Full Opening theme English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPcu0oj-ZdA…[View]
442321757*learn to wield keyblades in your path*[View]
442321626Post Mobile games. My butt hurts.[View]
442291752Fire Emblem should be purged from the roster. If you disagree you need to eat a large, sharp rock.[View]
442273049World of light is great shit, but fuck me, when it feels like kicking your ass it doesn't hold …[View]
442321160Silly old bear.[View]
442319269He's in[View]
442321513itt: describe a game you played but can't remember the name of and others try to help you find …[View]
442318760Name A Perfect Game: We all know that /v/ loves to be contrarian, so can anyone name a game that…[View]
442319223Got this game on sale as a blind buy, heard about it when it came out, was interested, but never got…[View]
442318343All right /v/ I'm starting to get into old-school PS1 RPGs. What should I get? Pic-related, gon…[View]
442318576Soul died with 3D.[View]
442320331Why does Sakurai hate Zelda reps?[View]
442320503why the fuck do i want to play this game third time?: i dont have time for this[View]
442320921Do you guys ever get excited for video games anymore? Do you still have that childlike sense of wond…[View]
442320892Pathfinder: Kingmaker: What i am in for?[View]
442320961ACE COMBAT: Still the best one to date anon, you know it.[View]
442312974Dragon Age 4: Will Bioware manage to take the best parts of every game and save the series? Will we …[View]
442314764why do people hate partners in time so much are they just casuals?[View]
442318773where the FUCK is prime 4? it's been a few years and literally all we saw was a .png[View]
442317303Who remembers this.: Anyone remember these games? I sure do.[View]
442318357WHAT IS LOVE?[View]
442320675He's in.[View]
442311898Defend this.[View]
442308761DEATH STRANDING: Archillect hit 203400 just now http://archillect.com/203400 Only 1463 images left b…[View]
442320526This is undoubtedly the superior controller.[View]
442320686Let's try to make a better opening for Kingdom Hearts 3. http://youtubedoubler.com/?video1=htt…[View]
442315861>get Switch >excited to use a GameCube controller for Smash >buy one of the new Smash Ultim…[View]
442316328ahahahahahahahahaha thanks college wifi[View]
442320278This is a Hearthstone killer. Say something nice to him[View]
442320520Why is blocking so much more laggy in Smash than any other fighting game? Also who thought it was a …[View]
442311629Just a friendly reminder that video games will NEVER EVER be considered art like movies, music and l…[View]
442320473https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmICY9E-k7w Why aren't you playing LSD trip simulator? https:/…[View]
442317823These guys are literal artificial difficulty in Dark Souls.[View]
442320372>holy grail of bikes vidya comes out >it uses chromatic aberration >no options to turn it o…[View]
442318529>Quistis: '[...] Even after becoming an instructor, I couldn't stop thinking about Squall. I…[View]
442318481Hello class, my name is Gabe Newel, and I own a video game company. Do you have any questions for me…[View]
442320279He's Smash DLC.[View]
442309947Was this the very last AAA 360 game? Outside of Fifa.[View]
442319889This game, man. I barely thought it would live up to 64, let alone exceed it. I've been playing…[View]
442320248I miss the old Hearthstone where Legendaries were powerful and impactful cards, instead of the shitt…[View]
442319650Anthem thread Did you get in? How bad is it[View]
442318542How in the ever living fuck are you supposed to beat this spirit?: >no stun >huge K. Rool >…[View]
442285307KINGDOM HEARTS III – Opening Movie Trailer: https://youtu.be/2VawSnaxtSI Dubstep Heart 3. this is th…[View]
442320123Why is Silent Hill 1 the best horror videogame ever made bar none?[View]
442319116post your wishes for the Smash Ultimate DLC >ARMS rep (Sprigman, Min Min or Twintelle) >ARMS s…[View]
442310494So this is the power of Parappa the Rapper 2 modding... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbanYtMUPdA …[View]
442287521Just played this game and I really don't trust this character, I feel like he's going to h…[View]
442315943>Ride of The Valkyries starts playing[View]
442246161Less than 8 hours remaining until the major Monster Hunter: World announcement. What are you expecti…[View]
442312939What's the best game of all time /v/?[View]
442319412Publishers should be able to petition to have reviews that do nothing but shit on their products rem…[View]
442313402I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that Face My Fears is actually top-tier.[View]
442318140How do Miis fit into Smash Bros. lore? Are they mindless husks that do whatever they're told?[View]
442319636Miss me yet[View]
442319478Sunday: Today is Sunday /v/ Why haven't you gone to church?[View]
442312023QUICK POST YOUR MAINS https://apps.warchamp7.com/smash/rosterUlt/ Ganon and Mewtwo feel really fucki…[View]
442318404Reminder that if Michael Kirkbride never created an interesting lore while high on LSD then Bethesda…[View]
442319324what games have the best crossovers? bonus for non fightnan'[View]
442319504First one to send me a screenshot of Mankrik's wife with proof that it was taken after this thr…[View]
442319161Post some of your favorite vidya characters[View]
442318606Welcome to the elder scrolls series, where dwarves are elves and dragons are wyvern![View]
442318914>enjoy playing duck hunt and ridley >never win when playing online who do I need to play to wi…[View]
442316438What if Joker was a Dyke?[View]
442283579What went wrong?[View]
442319175>yfw street fighter zone in world of light[View]
442309318>at sleepover with friends >'So anon, you like Playstation right? Games like Bloodborne?' 'oh …[View]
442318261>The game offers multiple choices[View]
442312726>Isabelle and Chrom have unique moves while Dark Samus has none Tell me how this is fair.…[View]
442314984[babbles gook lyrics at you in a laundromat][View]
442318769How bad is the netplay in northern EU? Bad netplay is only for mutts right? >tfw 100mbs net is 0€…[View]
442312446>GOW is superior to RDR2 because the story is too slow and there is too much to do So basically S…[View]
442318506>r(n)pg >roll a 1 >game suddenly changes genre Really caught me off guard.…[View]
442318580what is it like to work on team sonic? wouldn't that be the most depressing thing ever to work …[View]
442318394>pick a tank guys cmon wtf >proceeds to pick glass cannon dps i dont understand these guys…[View]
442313369How the FUCK do YOU keep up with video gameing, /v/? >at least 30-50 new games a month >Quest…[View]
442312720Guys I'm about to start pic related for the first time. Any tips, is hard difficulty fun and mo…[View]
442314827How do we deal with the fact that full fledged home single player games are going to be a niche part…[View]
442311079>final boss battle takes place in the hub world[View]
442318097Why don't the new games have soul?[View]
442318457Next gen xbox starting at $99 for the streaming console while the x drops to $349 and the nuXbox is …[View]
442315336Is death stranding vaporwave?[View]
442314752>the boundary of Gondor is a fucking river gee thats awfully convenient. how fucking stupid…[View]
442316753You're pissing on the bear.[View]
442318137what went right?[View]
442318080>first snoy loses SMT >now is gonna be persona TICK TOCK…[View]
442316636WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!?![View]
442317714>he didn't vote with his wallet[View]
442317490Dont mind me, I am just breaking world of light.[View]
442317601Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict?[View]
442317926He's just as shit as he's been since Brawl[View]
442314824Isabella Valentine: The kind of woman that knows what she wants, and always gets it.[View]
442311314Can we all agree on this?[View]
442315936There’s more people complaining about /pol/ than there is actual anti-semitism on /v/[View]
442289886Who's it gonna be?: These are the only options left https://www.strawpoll.me/17010953[View]
442317804poopy person: @SpaceDoctorPhD[View]
442317781ITT: Games that were hard to control: Because they run so damn fast[View]
442317371You lied to me /v/! Ultimate has the best single player content ever.[View]
442313090Elin: They're such charming creatures.[View]
442306560What's the point of even getting good at this game? Those autists got me beat, they live smash.[View]
442316827List 5 games that aren’t Jackie Chan[View]
442313072Wayne for smash![View]
442316231How many sales do you think this game has gotten so far?: How many sales do you think this game will…[View]
442317556Extreme-G Thread[View]
442317531monki smonk[View]
442314272Do you like his design? I think he's too yellow and his eyes are too round[View]
442316881ITT, who you mainin and why? DDD is too fun to pass up, and he has such a great personality.[View]
442317351Will id do a single player Quake reboot after they finish Doom Eternal? I like Quake Champions ok, a…[View]
442314180what went wrong ?[View]
442317309https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRvNrMk-n6o tl;dw Sakurai hates Nintendo and Rosterfags. BUT HEY…[View]
442316035Daily Reminder, if your Auto-Aim Settings don't match this screenshot, you are a pleb.[View]
442315534How do I get good at fighting games? I just keep getting my ass handed to every single time.[View]
442310512greatest game of all time[View]
442317149Smash Ultimate DLC: 2B - Nier Automata Scorpion, Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat Banjo and Kazooie - Banjo-…[View]
442310264Metal Gear is the best video game series of all time. You cant even argue with that. Its fact. >p…[View]
442317094Pathfinder: So how is this game? Would I enjoy it if I liked Divinity 2?[View]
442317037JRPGS: Recently discovered these are the only games worth playing. Recommend some good ones. Prefera…[View]
442316992Nintendo should port this game to their next console instead of creating a new game from scratch. Th…[View]
442313142>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play and with a really fun battle royale mode added…[View]
442316645were you ever 'popular' in a multiplayer game? amongst your server/guild/clan?[View]
442316772How's the PC Port of JC3? I think I remember hearing about a memory leak or something related t…[View]
442306985How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
442316362VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET: Do not buy Nintendo Online. If you already have it, do not play Smash online.…[View]
442316701That monster's name is Claus!?[View]
442310540Is this dead? I never see anyone on it[View]
442316289Civilization thread Post your favorite songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgvksB59bHs https://www…[View]
442314008Man, i wasn't ready for that last ride with 'That's the way it is' in the background. I do…[View]
442315019Any tier lists yet?[View]
442314504Just played trough most of this game and so far i'd say it is one of the best survival horror g…[View]
442311482Why the hell did they make his spirit so strong? It's like they're making fun people want…[View]
442300439>Steam Machines were DOA >Steam Link was discountinued >No one is talking about the Vive …[View]
442314965>constant lag >no for glory >no taunting >have to exit out of online just to switch char…[View]
442309471*AHEM* FUCK DARKNESS[View]
442308213I just started playing Astro Boy this morning and I was wondering what other great GBA games are out…[View]
442314835ITT we predict next gen console prices Bonus mode: monthly subscription fee[View]
442313907>hundreds of years from now, nobody will be able to play video games that are stuck on consoles t…[View]
442315971Finally played this, pretty damn good game honestly Never played the other games in the series. I h…[View]
442314550>he thinks KH3 will be better than 2FM[View]
442290969*puts you into ffa* heh nottinn personnell 1v1 fans...[View]
442315767What does /v/ think of Code Vein?[View]
442315920redgear me on factorio mods[View]
442315609Cloud: Didn't you fuckers tell me that he wasn't in World of Light?[View]
442308154Fallout General: hey /v/ I'm starting a playthrough of Fallout 3. What should I build. Thinking…[View]
442314335>talking to NPCs in an RPG can give you a bad score What the H*CK, Square?…[View]
442315091Tropico 6: First thoughts? How will it stand up to 5 on full release?[View]
442299450SCP:Secret Lab: Hello /v/, we are playing SCP Secret Lab (prison break simulator) with fellow anons …[View]
442315659Dragon Ball FighterZ: Lets post characters we want in Season 2 of DBFZ and discuss Dokkan also.…[View]
442315578We'll bang, okay?[View]
442315310Let's have a comfy 'Smash Ultimate newcomer wishlist' thread Who do you want in and d…[View]
442310953What will people remember the 2010s for? Open world shooters?[View]
442306468The dream agubros It's almost here[View]
442315375They went a little crazy with the amount of characters you have to unlock.[View]
442315208*clears throat* I'd like to say FUCK STARFY, AND FUCK PUFFTOP[View]
442301978/v/ is around in 1997. What are we talking about?[View]
442312916When's the next one?: I want Metroid/Zelda news.[View]
442314886What would you upgrade for christmas?[View]
442312348So my wife finally capitulated and let me buy the switch, what else should I get beside pic related …[View]
442305243Insomniac Spider-Man: According to the PlayStation store, there’s going to be more DLC for March 201…[View]
442313492 [View]
442311418WOOO! YAAAAAAAY![View]
442277995WoW death: >Blizzard releases info on Patch 8.1 >Patch is 2 new Island Expeditions and another…[View]
442315045>RE2 and KH3 on the same day[View]
442315026Don't ask me how i know this, but i know for a FACT that HL3, TF3 and P3 will all release in 20…[View]
442302786kenshi: So this... is the power of one man's autism over 12 years... Whoa[View]
442312550She's in[View]
442314802>started playing indie trash >enjoying it more than AAA games…[View]
442311401Hold your fire, I'm human![View]
442309015It was fucking Waluigi's right?[View]
442296601Is Smash worth the $460?: $300.00 Nintendo Switch $ 20.00 Nintendo Online $ 60.00 Super Smash Bros …[View]
442314561How do I get Elite Rank in Smash?: is the requirement really 450.000 GSP?[View]
442314243Well?: Where is it?[View]
442294497Neckbeards from distand boards, friends of old. You've been summoned her to answer the threat o…[View]
442311119Anyone here play Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Ougon no Kaze?[View]
442307631NO FR*CKING WAY[View]
442309367Daily reminder that Persona 5 is indeed the best Persona game. Don't let them change the narrat…[View]
442286204NEW TRAILER HOLY SHIT BROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI&t=0s[View]
442289472SCREENSHOTS: Post your good screenshots, /v/.[View]
442311196Holly shit. Counter strike GO is such a shit game. Finally got a gaming PC and I'm just disappo…[View]
442313479Alright /v/, which one of you epic gamers started a YouTube channel?[View]
442314316What are the best video games of all time?[View]
442309714Winter music thread: im sick of all the nonsense flooding /v/, let's just take it easy and just…[View]
442313987it sucks[View]
442310881why did they have to make 100%ing this game an outrageous chore? collecting the exotics and all the …[View]
442312515Pearl and Marina are LGBT characters done right.[View]
442314075Anything in videogames that always makes you smile?[View]
442313195So Kingdom Hearts 3 is a lock for Game of the Year 2019 right?[View]
442314174Has any survival crafting game topped this masterpiece ?[View]
442314152>The game offers multiple choices[View]
442309585http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/13/ valve has hidden blog posts that are images with food w…[View]
442311501did he deserve to die?[View]
442309798ricky just wanted you to play etrian odyssey[View]
442313032subnautica is coming to PS4 is it worth playing?[View]
442313470Where is he? What do you think he is doing right now? When will he start tweeting again?[View]
442313807Are you cold, An-An?: Here! Have some coffee to warm you up![View]
442313668Why does Japan make the best male characters?[View]
442307129What if Rosalina turned into a giant and ate the other smash girls for a laugh? I wonder what would …[View]
442312647Jingle Jam 2018: Anyone get this? On the fence, but it also seems like alot of fluff for $35...…[View]
442310624https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI BASED SKRILLEX SAVING KH3[View]
442312015Nani? Sumasshuburazāzu?[View]
442310105Realistically, is it ever possible that we will ever see a rebirth of the CRPG genre? Or has the mar…[View]
442302986Why do people pretend he's hard?[View]
442311802>>442311025 >time travel HE MUST CHIM[View]
442312935so i just finished this, and im wondering which castlevnia to play next, i played through the origin…[View]
442312596fuckin gaben: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=3154ZBFTreE i've been burned…[View]
442312283Epic Battle Fantasy 5: Name a better RPG series[View]
442311532More like....Breath of the Mild! HaHa![View]
442312325>all my friends are playing smash instead of red dead online[View]
442312564Barkley 2: Imagine jerking off for 670 days in a row.[View]
442311135Sony in panic over overabundance of ps4 stock: Sales have flatlined and major restructuring is in th…[View]
442309616guzma and her gf[View]
442308509Do you like Botw Zelda?[View]
442312316>we are as far from the release of Metroid Fusion as Metroid Fusion was from the release of the o…[View]
442310786>Smash hype for weeks >Everybody overreacting to reveals, were confused as to who Simon Belmon…[View]
442312776Should Crash '4' finally have Uka Uka (or Cortex possessed by Uka) as the final boss? I was always d…[View]
442311772Satisfactory will only be available on Epic Store, no Steam. How hard is it going to flop?[View]
442269370Was the trailer drop for this the single greatest pleb exposure in /v/'s history? So many brain…[View]
442308528Artifact: Is it still possible to buy this for $20, and then sell your cards for more than $20?…[View]
442310823'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
442309573Video Game Thread: Talk about video games here[View]
442291373We were so close. Press F.[View]
442305690UK Charts: Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the fastest-selling Smash Bros of all time: >Couldn'…[View]
442309717Post the Mortal Kombat 11 guest character(s)[View]
442307635Why is there absolutely no hype for this game? It looks really cool[View]
442300786I just bought a Switch because of piracy. I managed to find one with the affected serial numbers and…[View]
442311882>Y-y-you a-a-arent gonna buy outer worlds right anon.........?[View]
442270983Half Life 3 ARG in CSGO BR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=3154ZBFTreE >3rd room has it…[View]
442311873>your favorite movie >your favorite videogame pic related XCOM: Ufo Defense…[View]
442307395>Smash couldn't even beat Spider-Man's first 3 days in the UK Y I K E S I K E S This wh…[View]
442309084what was the last game that had the feeling of being a real 'game' to you?[View]
442311571>catch a 14lb sturgeon >lose connection to server, game crashes >catch 18lb sturgeon >s…[View]
442311672When is he getting into Smash[View]
442311428I would actually love Monokuma for smash he would be a perfect pic and it would fit with what reggie…[View]
442311460>Assassin's Creed? >I'd rather have my asshole BLEED!…[View]
442311625Episode 3 came out recently, how are you guys liking it? I'm only in Level 3 but so far I'…[View]
442311503Have you solved the new Portal ARG?[View]
442311245Halo: Infinite will be current gen: Halo: Infinite is most likely releasing fall 2020 but I believe …[View]
442304756Was Ms. Tron's game kino?[View]
442311076Fuck you Hiro and your advertising bullshit. You banned the fucking n word from 4channel. With that …[View]
442311390Who would win in a poker game between these three?[View]
442309515what is the best video game of all time?[View]
442311229They’re gonna bang in the sequel, right?[View]
442300183Your first thoughts when you see this logo?[View]
442304235>adults unironically excited for Kingdom 'we totally owned you lame-os' Hearts 3…[View]
442279138Dragon Age 4: Enjoying your last moments in this world before it is remade, shems?[View]
442311146Great Licensed games thread?[View]
442309005SSBU online: This is a fucking shitshow. Quickplay >Matchmaking is a disaster, you select 1v1 no …[View]
442304773Who was in the wrong here?[View]
442308825Is there any country that doesn't idolize games like Fortnite, call of duty, and MOBAs? I…[View]
442309509It's not fair, why does a game made in Japan have so many anime fighters[View]
442310351all toasters toast toast[View]
442311057*shifts head*NUH-UH HONEY!![View]
442307125You have enough gold to buy a wand and two (2) rings, /v/[View]
442310825niggers: What's your favorite videogame OST /v/?[View]
442310846Anyone remember this game?[View]
442310680Where the fuck is he?[View]
442310837>game encourages you to murder and rob people constantly >allows you to be evil >generally …[View]
442309152Any games for this feel?[View]
442310352Gamers will pay $60 on short lasting poisons like alcohol and weed but the second a 15 hour game cos…[View]
442289024lets talk about fornite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB30A2cHMQM[View]
442309062They fucking did it. They made the best league yet.[View]
442310358Meme about the 'God' in Silent Hill. Because why not?[View]
442308780This is Emil Pagliarulo, lead writer for Bethesda game studios. Say something nice about him.[View]
442305670Based Vergeben here with the new leaks. DMC5 is gonna be shit[View]
442307257This is Joker. I've infiltrated /v/.[View]
442310187>Ultimate is actually fun to watch Smash being fun to watch? After Melee? What happened? https:/…[View]
442309734>Awww shiet...here we go again[View]
442303518XONOTIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaB3Vq_AJa4 >Performs 60fps on core2 laptop toasters …[View]
442309905do you get mad when people insult your fav game?[View]
442309702SOME FOLKS ARE BORN[View]
442303590I think the general public opinion on Anthem is shifting: When Anthem was properly introduced to us …[View]
442309201Is Shulk actually any good? His monado arts seem worthless in this game because of how quickly they …[View]
442306221Favourite vidya companies headquarters: For me it's gotta be Square Enix such a nice looking bu…[View]
442309901What kind of a retard would be afraid of a semi-retired swedish actor?[View]
442309881COME ON, FUCKER[View]
442308673Alright, who's fucking hyped?[View]
442309149Can someone just spoil World of Light for me? Never gonna touch it again.[View]
442307192Fuck you.[View]
442309703Why does Japan think it's okay for AI to cheat without any ability for the user to disable thei…[View]
442307184Which Link is the most succulent?[View]
442306783Any good videogame comics?[View]
442307991I'M GOINK TO CIRCUMCISE YOU, MEGA GOY!!! how did they get away with this?[View]
442309397Detroit: Become Human: It's been months since it came out, what's the verdict on the game,…[View]
442309553I miss them bros.[View]
442309508>You know if i was ever to see you again >Do you know what i would say ? >I'd say im s…[View]
442309507>CSGO became free to play i'm worried[View]
442304219Why is she so perfect?[View]
442304025Can we have a comfy Batman Arkham Games thread? It's winter and i re-installed the Batman games…[View]
442309470Live Streaming: I'm live steaming we happy few come and chat and watch me fail https://www.twit…[View]
442307664top picks for smash dlc?[View]
442306169antisemitic french meme found in RDR2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45f8NVqr1yY&feature=youtu.…[View]
442309383Oh that's great cant wait until the sequel that will be all about Miles. If you wanted to do a …[View]
442281919What are you playing now, /v/? Is it fun?[View]
442292263y do ppl think twilit princes is boring[View]
442305805this annoys the /v/ smash playerbase[View]
442302605 [View]
442308070Why has it made /v/ go insane? You can't go an hour without having a thread about it (not sayin…[View]
442308703Think I found our girl[View]
442307952i still can't believe they put the personaman in smash why him over anyone else?[View]
442309112So, how is it gameplay wise? First one was boring as hell and missed everything good about bg combat[View]
442309000Multiplayerfags BTFO >paying for the online Imagine being such a cuckold that you'd pay for …[View]
442307504So what was cut from original Danganronpa V3 concept?: On the first trailer we saw gameplay from the…[View]
442308998The Gamers Are Rising Up: Did Ubisoft France lowkey meme a civil war into existence?[View]
442304545That's okay, I didn't want to be able to move my character anyway.[View]
442308394>mature women (over 1000 years old) >minority women (dragon races) >women of a different se…[View]
442217636Post Release Smash Ultimate Headcanon Thread: (>>442201792) last thread didn't go as plan…[View]
442306357Ashen: Alright, what's the /v/erdict?[View]
442307075Super Smash Bros Ultimate Drowning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNWQ-Bxrng8 Interesting facts: B…[View]
442308707He's in. What? You thought Ridley would get to be the only big guy?[View]
442308670But why? Why PS3 users?[View]
442275331should we defend him against EPIC ?: >EA is out ; Battlefield,FIFA,Madden,Anthem,NFS,SIMS etc is …[View]
442308650hey dewdz: fuck gookmoot, jannies, trannies, faggots, libtards, poltards, conservatards, christcucks…[View]
442308627itt we post games that need to be made open world i will start[View]
442305921How do I get this to work on my PC ? I have the PS3 model but my PC recognizes it except no input wo…[View]
442308575shitlord has joined shitlord: gogogo op: wait for lobby to fill, we'll die quickly without more…[View]
442301995So is she a villain or a good guy?[View]
442305663Where were you when you witnessed the end of Steam?[View]
442308503Battlefield 4: Is it just me or are the TBGclan servers some of the most overpoliced shit ever? pic …[View]
442308481Remember when /v/ tried to troll DSP and he completely BTFO them? https://youtube.com/watch?v=Qyfi_…[View]
442308465A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A …[View]
442303357The horses feel like shit in RDR2, and I dont get why no one else seems to think so: How the horses …[View]
442308421Why didn't Shepard just wait until the Reapers entered the system, THEN blow up the Relay, thus…[View]
442308420Peak moments in related vidya.: Post em.[View]
442308089How do we make nintendo games popular among kids again, /v/?[View]
442306423I just can't remember his name. Help me out here.[View]
442307714>/v/ tells me it sounds like WUBWUB garbage >its actually fucking amazing Listen to it again a…[View]
442306843TIME'S UP, TODD[View]
442303184this is all you need for pc vidya. prove me wrong[View]
442302468How's Stellaris and it's DLC?[View]
442305804When a developer says something like this, how can you even consider buying a game from them?[View]
442306515Oh nonono....[View]
442294813Literally japanese Bethesda[View]
442246570Anthem Closed Alpha: Hi.[View]
442280524NEW DEUS EX leaks: Hi there guys, so let's get to it: there is a new deus ex game in developmen…[View]
442307585You'll walk...[View]
442289260Mass Effect Andromeda: Now that the dust has settled, is it worth playing andromeda now or is it a c…[View]
442304842Is this guy the prime example of a good protagonist in vidya?[View]
442307776Any of you fags have experience with making custom maps in warcraft 3? With reforged coming out I re…[View]
442295257/v/'s Official Ranking of Significant Nintendo Switch Platform/Console Exclusives: Ok /v/ I…[View]
442293775Is Fallout 76 as bad as people say it is?[View]
4422944722019: Are you prepared /v/? >The Outer Worlds >Noita >REmake 2 >Kingdom Hearts 3 >Met…[View]
442297998Can someone defend this? >Paid online >Shitty online anyway >9/10 online matches are free f…[View]
442287174>'At least I fucking tried.' This line is becoming my motto.[View]
442307209Here is your next Smash newcomer. Say something nice about him[View]
442302674>'Sony and MS are tech companies that just hustle video games on the side, while Nintendo is a tr…[View]
442306234>It says they want us in Smash...[View]
442307404>You’ll never hear the elevator smash theme again. Why live[View]
442305771>give my absolute best >first time on zed >the fuckin jews only give me an S- why is this a…[View]
442307364No compensation Based bethesda[View]
442307261How do I motivate myself to finish this?[View]
442305950Did you cry, /v/? >Feel the story winding up >Starting to get a bit emotional, know what is so…[View]
442307224Fallout RP Forums: Does anyone know of any good Fallout RP forums all the ones I’ve found are shit.…[View]
442303152>Game lets you step into the grand tour[View]
442306176Spore worth a buy?: Hey, /v/, should I get Spore? I know EA is made out of greedy jews but I want to…[View]
442304459TF2, CSGO, Valve games: Why there is no medieval mode in CSGO?[View]
442305262So what game are we waiting to come out now?[View]
442276752>/v/ will defend this[View]
442300215is she going to bite anyone's face off in the full game?[View]
442305313>female characters get +10 to charisma[View]
442303427>there's a lighting glitch where Daisy hits someone the void disappears…[View]
442306092Its been ten years and still no game has had destruction as good as this[View]
442304283Baldur's Gate: >get the original Baldur's Gate + Tales of the Sword Coast expansion few…[View]
442266063The Outer Worlds: Are you ready for the GOTY of 2019? It's out in 2019 It's an Unreal Engi…[View]
442305202Just got a new PC and now I want some good wallpapers to spice things up. Can we get a /v/idya wallp…[View]
442306546smash tier list thread[View]
442306440Street Fighter 5 to advertise mid-game in this game you paid money for and penalize you if you skip.…[View]
442306436>tfw FOMO'd into nintendo switch[View]
442305759Well now that the game was released, do you miss the days of Nintendo directs? Which character were …[View]
442305112name a more onions game[View]
442303180Wolfenstein Youngblood: So /v/, do you believe this game will be Battlefield V all over again? Or wi…[View]
442298315Is Arena FPS the hardest genre to get into? Bunny hopping is basically impossible if you haven'…[View]
442305251What's the best DBZ Budokai game?[View]
442305925Don't forget about Kat and Gravity Rush...[View]
442304307Did anybody play Deltarune than once? Is there more to be gained by playing it again?[View]
442301348What are some games that remained the same over the years?[View]
442301873>can easily beat all single player content in Tekken 7, SC6, Dragonball FighterZ >get consiste…[View]
442305850What went wrong? Why couldn't it compete with smash? Sony literally outclassed nintento in ever…[View]
442295847Can they use their knife ears to express emotions?[View]
442290032le gayming monitor meme: 32 inch 4K monitor at 60Hz or 34 inch Ultrawide 1080p monitor at 144Hz? Cho…[View]
442305480What did Nintendo mean by this guys?[View]
442304521I don't understand all the negative hub bub around pricing. Essentially you are renting b4 you …[View]
442304106>implying Ridley and K. Rool aren't the only selling points of Smash Ultimate Prove me wrong…[View]
442305536What the hell is with his Up Special? Will it be patched?[View]
442303725>kys faggot You guys don't say that to strangers in online games, do you? You know it's…[View]
442302997Whats the differences between mage, sorcerer and wizard?[View]
442304195Who else wants rhythm characters in Smash Bros DLC?[View]
442295658>Ironically, I’ve never dated a man who plays video games. As much as I love the medium, “the gam…[View]
442301773Here are the most likely DLC picks for Smash Ultimate, pick 4 to join Joker & Piranha Plant[View]
442303851Started playing Persona 5 because...yeah And I started out liking this guy I want to like this guy B…[View]
442303217So now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that it was garbage. Right?[View]
442289681>play video game >company deletes your entire library https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tLaf-Sj…[View]
442299814How do you not get bored from online games? Which ones have you played a lot and how do you motivate…[View]
442295193Is it worth purchasing an SSD for gaming? What models/brands do you recommend?[View]
442303741Name one (1) pure RPG with as deep and depressing characterization and narrative as max payne 3[View]
442304994Inform me on Atlas MMO: Why haven't i heard anything about untill now? Ark is objectively a dec…[View]
442304019>*I don't support paid online* >Still buys it EVERY YEAR Tell me why, Anon…[View]
442302191why does a switch have a touchscreen? i have seen no game use it and not even usable for menus it wo…[View]
442300260Is Bioshock Infinite still the best narrative-based first person shooter to ever be released? I stil…[View]
442304365Based Ness[View]
442304171https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=510rs3DH1j0&feature=youtu.be why are nintendo fans like this?…[View]
442303071It's time to settle this once and for all! http://www.strawpoll.me/6506493[View]
442303910Dark Cloud 2: Im playing through this at the moment, about halfway through, Its alright, not exactl…[View]
442304593Nobody posting Battle Arena codes to counter the shitty matchmaking? Make some bois CODE: LOCATION:…[View]
442304298tfw I'm addidcted to the singleplayer in a multiplayer game[View]
442274658it's bad, it's real fucking bad >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWqSODoookc…[View]
442304323Will /ourguy/ be a spirit?[View]
442300180*Kills Steam*[View]
442304308Daily 'SF5 gameplay design is garbage' thread.[View]
442304452>only lasts 15 seconds now I get he had to be nerfed becuase he was so OP but this nerf makes no …[View]
442300938ITT post games that are considered the worst in their series by the majority.[View]
442303689I bet if we turned flags on all the shilling for Epic's (Tencent's) new store would stop[View]
442278536Ness is Ecchi![View]
442302469Isabros were you at?[View]
442304191Friendly reminder if you defend a women beater your most definitely a bitter incel and you should he…[View]
442300608ITT: Good moble games: I know it's a shit topic but there are some gems in the rough. No emulat…[View]
442298861Gaming gift suggestions: Can you guys suggest games similar to Stardew valley, but that aren't …[View]
442304063Should you buy/pre-order Kingdom Hearts III ? What do you think of all the footage and news you…[View]
442302807When will this be playable on PC ? I'm not buying a switch...[View]
442302781How would you rank the nu-lara games?[View]
442277698resident evil 4 hd project: 2 guys are putting most remasters to shame with a mod[View]
442303558even if you keep talking shit about it, 15 years of PC gaming monopoly wont be washed away just beca…[View]
442302198He's in.[View]
442303464FFXIV: Since Alisaie became a red mage in 4.0, does this mean Alphinaud will become a dancer in 5.0?…[View]
442296392HYPEEEEEEEEE: >made by original creators of fallout >made by obsidian (new Vegas creators) …[View]
442301748games that never came out and broke your hearth[View]
442302792*ruins magic and weapon variety*[View]
442302680Thoughts on the original 6? Your favorite?[View]
442303020The Nintendo difference strikes again.[View]
442300510Are you ready for blood dragon 2: fury road?[View]
442303261>According to Reggie, Nintendo wants characters that may not necessarily associate with Nintendo,…[View]
442290365It doesn't matter what you think anon. Persona 5 was literally a perfect game.[View]
442296096The GOTY is coming out tomorrow, are you going to get it?[View]
442289550Why did it sell so well?[View]
442298146Is Rumble Roses XX any good /v/ros?[View]
442299047Finally unlocked incineroar in Smash Ultimate[View]
442302569'Tis the season, /v/ https://youtu.be/PiD3vmhVh0I[View]
442296939Ultimate > Melee > Brawl > WiiU > 64 > 3ds[View]
442302775What do you actually do in this game, besides staring at 3dpg ass?[View]
442280302Katamari thread? Katamari thread.[View]
442302673>still cannot find patch 51 to pirate Why? I just want to blast some orbs.…[View]
442302154Smash Ultimate: Blaziken was robbed.[View]
442300401Retarded /v/ myths: >input lag[View]
442302885*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442288808I miss it already...[View]
442302172>asks you to kill him in an act of mercy >doing it is a bad thing for what purpose?…[View]
442296768>killing best boy I SERIOUSLY hope none of you guys did this.[View]
442301252Why does /v/ care so much about Metacritic?[View]
442295702is Valve: 1. Diminished 2. In decline 3. Finished ?[View]
442293878speed running: Is speed running dying?[View]
442302524Did anyone else get the urge to fuck Fuuka silly? She's kind of hot in a way.[View]
442302236I REALLY think this image is funny lol Does anyone else laugh when they see this particular image ha…[View]
442298960>Filters look ba-[View]
442300614He's back: He's bigger, he's badder, too much for youtube to handle.[View]
442302578Spell Break Key: Im selling a Spell Break Pre Alpha Key for 10$. I have en extra one cause my friend…[View]
442296895Post characters that survived the taunt purge[View]
442301262So over this weekend I dug out my joystick cause I was in the mood to play something with it. What a…[View]
442301993What am I in for?[View]
442293768>Tifa >beautiful >sincere >compassionate >loyalty spanning years >strong >dedic…[View]
442302348Which of these characters can i abuse with a turbo controller? >in b4 cheating at a childrens gam…[View]
442301192Fuck that shit: >There is no '1v1-Only Online' Mode Why did I trust Nintendo with Online after AR…[View]
442277138Are you feeling it?[View]
442301295Battlefield V: >Fortnite's over the top cartoony characters appeals towards the main demogra…[View]
442295569Hey /v/,God here. With patch 2.019 coming up,it would help a lot if you can give change requests bef…[View]
442301767Why did MGS3/Hideo Kojima rip off my favorite anime?[View]
442297608Outer Worlds is dead: >ALLOWING RESPEC AT ANY TIME OH NO NO NO NO NO https://www.gamespot.com/amp…[View]
442294158Why did they go with Sonic's black costume for this Spirit battle? How does that fit for Rayman…[View]
442301586>MP1: Character grounded in reality, with his inner thoughts narrating his every move and being j…[View]
442300316what /v/ thinks of Skywind?[View]
442301853(@_-) お前は弱い。 何故弱いか? 足りないからだ.. 憎しみが。 (-_@) *Mangekyou!*[View]
442298273Why are boomers so upset over the 3rd person gameplay?[View]
442296906>31mb >Still the greatest game of all time And now the gaming industry is crashing and burning…[View]
442301560So battlefield is dead Is this game good?[View]
442301626KH3+SW: ayyy we dual force wieldin lightsabers now[View]
442301651I don't even know what's real or ironic in terms of posts on /v/. It was kinda obvious 3 y…[View]
442301557This game was honestly better than Smash Ultimate[View]
442299782Predict the Metacritic score. I predict a solid 92.[View]
442301409>he doesn't exclusively listen to medieval music while playing video games…[View]
442294231Is she canonically a virgin?[View]
442298929>Play melee online on a third party emulator with a few friends >Feels exactly as if we were a…[View]
442299772Name a better sports game: I dare you[View]
442301314Now that the dust has settled, post your squad strike teams. Share some surprise mains or tell us ho…[View]
442301283Kingdom Hearts: Now that the dust has settled which KH opening is the most kino? https://www.youtube…[View]
442301240Smash Ultimate DLC thread: He's in[View]
442291454>Here's your Special Edition bro TOOOOOOOOODD[View]
442301230Bomberman 64: The Second Attack: This game is great and criminally underrated.[View]
442295161Here's a webm of a fairy eating fruit.[View]
442297210Does /v/ play World of Warships?[View]
442290783ITT: We post our top 3 mains and then two characters that we’re considering using. Maining >Wolf …[View]
442300948>Xehanort was norted Did Luxu dab on him?[View]
442300945Why are you morons actually playing FFAs when you can just put the system into sleep mode as soon as…[View]
442300882ITT: Anons post vague game descriptions and other try to guess them. I'll start off easy 1. Fin…[View]
442299961Damn, it's actually happening[View]
442297780>indie game uses a 'pixel art' style.[View]
442300621I've just played Halo 5 and must to say, never was a big Halo fan myself but I feel really bad …[View]
442300597>Guns are super powerful railguns that fire tiny grains of sand with power equal to modern anti-t…[View]
442300506Why won't Sony embrace its heritage and make the platform's mascot a cute anime girl? PS-c…[View]
442279063KINGDOM HEARTS III: We are one hour away from new KHIII footage lads, get in here[View]
442295680ITT: things that happened[View]
442300351Remember when /v/ was trolled hardcore for days about a TWEWY sequel? I think there were constant th…[View]
442299327Epic idea for max LULZ (thread only for people who like FUN): Neat idea!! Hey /v/bros! I wanted to t…[View]
442300418<ALIEN TURN>[View]
442300350>alpha 17 coming out >'finally, they'll fix the mess of a code and optimize the shit out…[View]
442299754https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpb92yNZpcQ where can I get an Chloe[View]
442298240After playing Subnautica, I think somebody should take another crack at No Man’s Sky, but set it in …[View]
442300013Name ONE decent video game in 2018, released recently that /v/ too agrees that it's decent.[View]
442299309What's your favorite co-op game?[View]
442300126I don't give a shit if this visually like a mobile game, I'm legitimately hyped as fuck th…[View]
442280757I feel like shit[View]
442299296what do we think of Abby?[View]
442294572Is Earthworm Jim the only worthy 3rd party rep left? >was on a Nintendo console in 4 of his games…[View]
442299557Yo, where we droppin bois?[View]
442299017>Decide to try out TF2 competitive >Not placed because, you know, trying out. >Allied team …[View]
442297541What did we think if monster hunter world[View]
442299567What is your favorite robot master, /v/?[View]
442274762So can we admit CRTs are STILL better for vidya?[View]
442282130The gaming industry in 2018.[View]
442298664What did duckduckgo mean by this?[View]
442299038ITT: Gameplay demerits and what the FUCK was Delight Works thinking[View]
442297729How the fuck does Super Smash Bros. have an infinitely worse matchmaking system than Splatoon which …[View]
442295743New DOOM from the original devs is being announced tomorrow. Are you hype ?[View]
442296382Now that the game has been out for a bit, post your favorite characters so far Ganondorf and Mewtwo …[View]
442292574I didn't realize Smash had an Uchiha.[View]
442299260Here's your controller, bro[View]
442297794After finally experiencing it myself, I've learned that everyone on the internet are crazy jade…[View]
442299178Psst, hey, you should kill your friends[View]
442299094Wait, Dante’s pre-order alternate color scheme is DmC color Dante, like we got in DMC4 and Marvel v …[View]
442295375>Game kills off the one character you actually like What's her name /v/?…[View]
442297137KH3 Dubstep Edition: Worst trailer in human history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI…[View]
442292718rule34 when?[View]
442297658Im not even a huge kingdom hearts head and this was uploaded 2 hours ago and i still havent seen a t…[View]
442297923What do we think of cammy from street fighter[View]
442294410INTP thread: You must have an IQ above 125 to post in this thread.[View]
442298507It's no masterpiece[View]
442296662Agubros, we need to Unite and put our boi in smash to kick some Pokéass[View]
442294887I've seen you people shitting on this game non-stop since its release. Im not a pokemon fag, so…[View]
442289935You need to solve the riddle[View]
442296275Hotline Miami: Who had the best chance to stop 50 Blessings?[View]
442266850Where were you 25 years ago?[View]
442295539Why does Squenix keep trying to sabotage the job system?[View]
442297775Have you ever been attracted to other races in vidya?[View]
442298437>that one boomer that is unable to comprehend that games made after he was a kid are good or bett…[View]
442295575Why is it that nobody hates Kirby?[View]
442297283Has a trailer ever made you want a game so bad?[View]
442298148APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI[View]
442298084Nefaria on the front page![View]
442297441>Dataminers checked all spirits and found hunters from the Metroid Prime Hunters, but not Sylux. …[View]
442296128From the creators of original Fallout: How did obsidian get the rights for doctor Who? Also looks li…[View]
442290105Lego games: There's a ton of LEGO video games based on various sorts of IPs. Which ones are wor…[View]
442297834>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1zhhd-JrqA Are 'lives' systems artificial difficulty?…[View]
442297823why there is no good dinosour game?[View]
442293578Comfy switch thread: While there are very valid arguments as to how the switch is a supplemental con…[View]
442251415Can a female video game character be TOO good looking? Or too busty/curvy for their own good?[View]
442297409Are there any gameplay mods that makes this game good and challenging? Nudie mods excluded.[View]
442297594What kind of a retard would be afraid of a semi-retired swedish actor?[View]
442289595What visual novel are you playing today /v/?[View]
442296307Are there any Western games that do a good job of emulating the anime style? It always looks so off …[View]
442291271>the role you were assigned >the role So MGS2 is a simulation confirmed?…[View]
442287936Scientific research manages to prove that we are all in a game. You realize that the bus driver can …[View]
442293153>Truman Burbank is the unsuspecting star of The Truman Show, a reality television program which i…[View]
442295726>lol you don't own your steam games, because as soon as steam shuts down you lose your libra…[View]
442295548What's the last game you speed-funded, /v/?[View]
442296220I don't get this game, what do you do in it?[View]
442296129 HE IS IN[View]
442269430Fuck you[View]
442296126Fuck O'Driscolls and fuck the pinkertons[View]
442290407>modernfags will defend this[View]
442296143>team loses good members after new vegas >team loses avellone >their last game were sjw tra…[View]
442294165 [View]
442289051Amiibo: All the talk about smash kinda makes me want to get a complete smash amiibo collection but i…[View]
442280556Was Smash Ultimate rushed?[View]
442294608Do you keep the Smash Stick or do you change it to Tilt Stick?[View]
442291091Has anyone here even played the 'first' trilogy?: If you have, how can you not see the new…[View]
442292053Why do all male final fantasy protagonists look like traps?[View]
442295779We'll get her in Smash one day, bros.[View]
442293261My mom is addicted to rdr2. She is 50 years old and hasnt touched videogames since final fantasy vii…[View]
442296132trouble with halo 3 disc: Ok, so, on the day after black friday i went to gamestop and turned in a b…[View]
442291521It's coming out next year and its gonna be fucking good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsjJmv…[View]
442294875Guys, what did Hideo mean by this?[View]
442295938What kind of a retard would be afraid of a semi-retired swedish actor?[View]
442295926Merriy: T'is languorous? A plain disaster? Morrigan wants to celebrate Givingday with /v/ ,but …[View]
442295792>autistically try to complete all challenges in my inventory >most of them are pvp >end up …[View]
442294853He's in.[View]
442294246Games that have aged like fine Milk.: .[View]
442295305can we get /v/ - Video Games turned back into /v/ - The Vidya[View]
442294563Friends, I just bought this and it says I need to make an online Id that I can't change. Any ti…[View]
442295337Trackswap: It's that time again! http://trackswap.com Share vidya tunes with anons! No memes, p…[View]
442295335*Blocks your World of Light progress*[View]
442295086THEY ARE IN[View]
442293542Can people stop oppressing independent developers, artists and anime characters?[View]
442295151he’s in[View]
442292480soul vs souless[View]
442294932Lemme ask you a question, where da fuck are ya donuts?[View]
442291763WE HAVE TO GO BACK[View]
442292634Are there really just a ton of pointless filler throwaway spirits that aren't worth using under…[View]
442286275*blushes* Anon-kun... You wouldn't leave me for that horrible Obsidian game would you? I... I l…[View]
442294385The best smash game[View]
442286189Smash Ultimate: Are you feeling it?[View]
442288182What are some good dungeon crawler games?: Preferably from 90s and early 2000s. Also, haven't …[View]
442292009Why is Sega incapable of making a good 3D Sonic game? Even when they take steps forward with Colors …[View]
442294098>want a wide variety of shitty porn VNs? Download Steam >want to play old games without DRM? D…[View]
442293030Smash help thread: How do you spike/meteor smash? I’ve tried doing it with pikachu and roy but i onl…[View]
442291545Well.. uhm... fidgets nervously ... hell.. hello.. m’lady. goes red you look absolutely gorgeous chu…[View]
442293441>Steam introduces refunds to their store >Everyone bails and tries to join / make another game…[View]
442292230Which get?[View]
442292124Smash Tags: Forget who you main, tell me what you've got on your tag.[View]
442282610Cheers, love!: What is this?? an invitation....? I'm in Super Smash Bros...no way![View]
442293579Will the BR mode in CS:GO save it or is it a death sentence? also RIP shartifact[View]
442291654gamers choice awards: who's ready for the gamers choice awards tonight at 5-6 PM est on CBS? Ba…[View]
442293281I feel like you have to unlock too many characters. You can't play for as long a time at first …[View]
442288654Who 9.9 here? Who'd you get it with? Pic related, Pit seems easiest to do it with.[View]
442292918>Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store This kills the steam…[View]
442293445ITT: Video game characters that are LITERALLY you.[View]
442291189CTR Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: >EVERYONE IS HERE >CNK karts in >Oxide now playable …[View]
442293496ITT:good looking vidya developers[View]
442291732Dark Souls Remastered: I feel like replaying Dark Souls. Haven't touched it in some years now, …[View]
442293456Kino design in bad games[View]
442293073Why don't big developers release games for PC anymore?[View]
442282598You know you didn't have to choose Obsidian or Bethesda right? But it's fine! You just kee…[View]
442282457Mortal Kombat: What's your favorite Mortal Kombat /v/? My personal favorites are UMK3 and MK:D …[View]
442293024What am I in for?[View]
442291330which part of the “do not buttfuck the miraluka” you didn’t understand?[View]
442293097remember when they were in[View]
442280623Is this the beginning of the end of Steam's dominance? * Artifact bombs * Activision and Bethe…[View]
442286325Stellaris Megacorp: Did anyone else hate this update? >makes the game tedious micro managing >…[View]
442287543GOW is not better than RDR2. It simply isn't.[View]
442278939King K. Rool: Are you getting good with the Kaptain of the Kremling Krew bros? I'm fucking lovi…[View]
442292572What does FGC mean?[View]
442292750Games that have aged like fine wine.[View]
442290591I want to get out of this world and enter a different one, one that feels real but not too real, can…[View]
442290816Who's the best mom in video games?[View]
442286871How is it these days?[View]
442286582Post /v/ things you hate: >post an opinion about a game >some retard immediately posts their o…[View]
442258428Post your ring tones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j22E7YnJgc[View]
442291253> Pre order smash in September > It's going to be here a week late why…[View]
442275596>born too soon to explore the Galaxy with your wife[View]
442292550Nia is good cat[View]
442292461You main Inkling, right anon?[View]
442290218What went wrong?[View]
442292354Listen: So I've been thinking about this. I know it will never happen but just imagine it. A hu…[View]
442292252What game allows me to play as birds defeating a nation descended from prisoners who had an army and…[View]
442290443new favourite game[View]
442290042Reminder that Puyo Puyo became a official esport game before Smash, and their fanbase aren't kn…[View]
442290948ITT: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
442291163It's that time of the year /v/ What games will you be playing this season?[View]
442285285Comfy Smash DLC Thread: So now we know DLC can be a bit more surprising! But let's just have a …[View]
442219586Whose your favorite Resident Evil character?[View]
442291498>mfw rick and Morty cameo[View]
442287882What the fuck: was i right to pirate it?[View]
442291237How long it would take for someone to fix this?[View]
442291327>Every spirit battle is a brainless buttonmashing/f-smash spamming quest >out of nowhere, intr…[View]
442290224DAILY REMINDER IF YOU'VE *Pre ordered a game in the last 6 years *ever bought a microtransactio…[View]
442288785Incineroar backbreaking Zero Suit Samus: Incineroar backbreaking Zero Suit Samus[View]
442289623>tfw you will never hear Wake up, Get up Get out there for the first time in your life ever why …[View]
442289887Yes or no[View]
442287465Okay, /v/, fine. I'll give it another try. But which class should I play? Controller or MKB?[View]
442285257Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
442290939>mental health: deteriorating >shadow: my only way to escape…[View]
442290280Anyone have opinions on Edge of Eternity?[View]
442290923>Trying to get back on the stage Don't even bother[View]
442287981You don't always have to be playing a video game! It's okay to take a break for a week or …[View]
442289093post Chad weapons only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY55T11AG4s[View]
442289243Why are there so few vidya with height sliders? Even if there are different height options, it has h…[View]
442290167My brother is a cancer. >bought mass effect andromeda >bought fallout 76 >bought battlefiel…[View]
442282725>literally just villager 1.5 The most boring newcomer by a country mile…[View]
442289104ROCK AND STONE, TO THE Deep Rock Galactic Thread[View]
442290561itt: post yfw cucks are seething on steam because cs: go went f2p[View]
442290445>steals your crown >steals your fireball >steals your life >steals your wife…[View]
442289739What a tedious piece of shit, how could I play this as a child? And the worst. How can there be adul…[View]
442286968>tfw no real fallouts thread how are your playthroughs going, anons? are you going to eliminate m…[View]
442290075>been playing game since beta days >supported it with too much cash to be confortably disclose…[View]
442289038Why is this allowed?[View]
442288064>realize I don't have any friends Why did I buy this again?[View]
442287763They look like monsters to you?[View]
442285850Reminder that if you remove the returning characters like Lucas and Mewtwo from the Sm4sh DLC, all t…[View]
442286570this happa man made 1% of doom.[View]
442268310Wow, Witcher 3 map is huge! It's just full of content and there's so much to do! I LOVE EX…[View]
442290025I said come in, don't S.T.A.L.K.E.R. thread![View]
442289892Is Falco good again? I haven't bought Ultimate yet.[View]
442277382>Weight: 82[View]
442289676If you don't exclusively listen to medieval church music while you play video games you are poi…[View]
442285625Would you still like Bayonetta if she was a fat ugly hag?[View]
442289784Why pick these characters as extra icon options for online? Was it just fan service because Sakurai …[View]
442289783The Ultimate Challenge: Not making a promise, I don't know if I have enough drive space to do i…[View]
442287683>prevents you from completing your character roster[View]
442284476Here are your Smash Ultimate DLC characters. Say something nice about them?[View]
442285640https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJkeDiEVybw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB30A2cHMQM What makes f…[View]
4422857693rd world here I just bought a Switch and it's pretty much my first Nintendo home console after…[View]
442289234why is mother 3 generally more liked than earthbound? the battle system in 3 is better, but the stor…[View]
442288190>Space dragon >Terrible in the air What was Sakurai thinking?…[View]
442289673Which girl is the biggest whore in the entire Final Fantasy series? My vote goes to Rikku[View]
442288249Is there a videogame character that brings peace and tranquility to your heart every single time you…[View]
442289598Just watched this kino. Thought it was gonna be a shitty feminist propaganda, but it was pretty good…[View]
442283168Joker took my spot...its not fucking fair bros P4 put Persona on the spotlight, i was in two great a…[View]
442279529Why did the devs forget about her late in the game?[View]
442256376I completed the ASHEN: Ask me anything.[View]
442279521Minecraft nostalgia thread Can we have one? i remember when minecraft for xbox 360 came out i used t…[View]
442283196How is it /v/?[View]
442281639God has allowed you to re-spec your character: >Race >Class >Age >Sex >Gender >Sec…[View]
442284504Porky didn't deserve this fate[View]
442288426wtf the combat in this game is so flimsy and inaccurate like half of the time it doesnt even do what…[View]
442289165Who is your fav game developer? Mine is Elysian Shadows. The kickstarted game that is 3 years late a…[View]
442287181YOU'll NEVER SEE IT COMING![View]
442287742ITT post OG Xbox games[View]
442286457Look at this faggot and his buddy pal Ridley at F Tier Dissapointing to see that people wanted these…[View]
442286310What vidya boss are you sure you could beat on a fight?[View]
442277254random questions about RDR2: >is there actually a point in taking down your camp? why not just ab…[View]
442289027what are some games where i can basically play as one of these guys[View]
442288987Day of the Veil when you filthy shems[View]
442287738I don't get it, how come a DC character can get in Smash but Goku can't?[View]
442273391you ARE going to buy her next game, right anons?[View]
442288881Hows your hard dificulty 100% adventure run going so far? Which spirits gave you the most trouble? O…[View]
442287132You know what, /v/ is right, this is a party game. Not a fighting game.[View]
442264819I know now, without a doubt. Kingdom Hearts is[View]
442276092Joker is more Iconic than Banjo and Kazooie.[View]
4422563742019 already better than 2018: CTR is back baby!!!![View]
442288648*grows a tree on you*[View]
442288086Is she naked?[View]
442288324>be mentally unstable >can't afford therapy >have oppressive feelings all day long …[View]
442288447Is double jump canceling in Ultimate?[View]
442266254>game has hidden stats or the numbers are so obscure no one knows how they work exactly…[View]
442286732I got my Piranha plant code for Smash Bros in 2 days Apparently it could have taken up to 10 days f…[View]
442252805Insurgency: Sandstorm: Its in open beta until monday, and I'm having lots of fun with it. I…[View]
442283761What’s Jade up to these days? There’s a TV appearance she did on a Canadian talk show that has almos…[View]
442286702Why are there people who insist that Smash Bros. isn't a fighting game series? Who are they try…[View]
442287068>Heavy update drops after ten years of no updates >Siberian Winter update or something >Hea…[View]
442287969So since a puyo puyo character is confirmed in smash, who do you think it is? I'm hoping for si…[View]
442276060This is honestly amazing[View]
442287876>mfw he pulls out his Switch in public[View]
442286371STR vs DEX[View]
442285031>Looks at Western Games. >Looks at Eastern Games. >Finds Eastern Games to be better than We…[View]
442270395China will grow larger[View]
442286668How to force another videogame crash?: How do we make it happen again? Everything went to hell this …[View]
442287369>has a game appearing on a Nintendo console >iconic in both the East and West >enough atta…[View]
442287735*Timegates the only real content on your patch*[View]
442287720>games where you feel guilty for going off the rails and being an asshole…[View]
442278140It's better than Melee[View]
442287649Post a picture get a recommendation[View]
442264179DMC THREAD: SAVIOR BLOODSTAIN HELLFIRE SHADOW fug bros im so hyped for more V gameplay[View]
442287058Challenger pics are fucking hilarious.[View]
442285167Are ARPGs the most masculine game genre?[View]
442281215vtmb: Playing this game for the first time and loving most of it, but just had to experience the Nos…[View]
442287110Dear /v/, I fucking hate all of you. Sincerely, a person who genuinely enjoys playing video games.[View]
442276000So unless CTR:NF is a complete flop it looks like kart racers are back on the menu. In which case, w…[View]
442283561Kingdom Hearts: New footage in like 8 minutes get the FUCK in here[View]
442286937What could it be?[View]
442275909What videogames make you want to beat your wife? >https://twitter.com/KEEMSTAR/status/10717348477…[View]
442275886Zelda Thread: The Best[View]
442286897>tfw Kojima-sama will never love you[View]
442286860Master of Orion 2 has still not been surpassed? What is the closest modern one? Turn based is a must…[View]
442277850Far Cry: New Dawn - 4K Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9piDqeRKyA HOLY FUCK! That looks a…[View]
442263472The Outer Worlds Will Flop Like Pillars of Eternity: >It's a '/v/ will act principled and wi…[View]
442285023>last tweet was in november[View]
442281312>one of the best zombie games ever made >no one ever talks about it Why?…[View]
442281561You sure you gonna buy that Fallout rip off?[View]
442275794Science-fantasy: What does /v/ think of science-fantasy as a genre in gaming? I think it has, a a ge…[View]
442286245This is a good game. Not even joking around. The actual game is a good game. It's just fun to …[View]
442285575Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather.[View]
442251294Okay so Sakurai (through Reggie) said that there's no DLC from franchises already in smash If w…[View]
442286090So, can we all agree that Smah Ultimate was really Ultimate Smash game?[View]
442286228Kingdom Hearts 3 opening trailer: It's here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI…[View]
442284140>Don't have a Switch, but have over 600h in Smash 3DS and am looking forward to play Ultimat…[View]
442286046Smash has always been a ad for shit desu. There have been characters put in just to advertise. Jiggl…[View]
442286059Skies of Arcadia thread......FIRE![View]
44228250820 year old boomer here. Just won an Xbox One S. What are some must play games for it? I've bee…[View]
442285961I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion, steal another fat noblem…[View]
442280654Do they deserve all of the hate? Yall will buy their next game in a heartbeat[View]
442276696Our thoughts?[View]
442285810The First Island. Home.[View]
442285660What’s /v/‘s favourite dead game genre?: >extreme arcade sports like SSX tricky and vehicular com…[View]
442282715>doesn't even know how to code >still made one of the most profittable games in history w…[View]
442283751If nothing else, I would have liked a PS4 demo to compare how well it performs on a Pro compared to …[View]
442285534Fixed: http://youtubedoubler.com/r3ik[View]
442279830ITT: anti-fun games[View]
442285214haven't played CSGO in years worth checking this shit out?[View]
442277769Are variable refresh monitors a meme?[View]
442284210>In stage select >wants to play a stage with no hazards >has to reset stage select order a…[View]
442273193Squid Sisters[View]
442280443So, I bought a Switch. What now?[View]
442282796>one of the best battle themes in RPG history >add electric guitar because why not…[View]
442284792>See Japanese Let's Play in YouTube recommendation >*click* >it's 24 hours long W…[View]
442281328>runs fast >jumps high >obnoxiously loud >swears a lot >comes from Boston >carries…[View]
442284356SMASH DLC, MATES: SMASH DLC THREAD Who do you want in? Mine are >Phoenix Wright >Liquid >So…[View]
442279728Remember when Keiji Inafune shit talked Japanese gaming, outsourced all of Capcom's franchises,…[View]
442282616*builds your gaming pc*[View]
442284943Smash replays: Post 'em if you got 'em https://twitter.com/titusmalvolio/status/1071778872…[View]
442284914Who here /duckmain/?[View]
442283417Anonymous: Here Comes a New Challenger for DLC!!!!![View]
442282668north east TN, w virgins, w North Carolina anons are you enjoying snowy smash?[View]
442281812How do you choose the next game to play from your backlog? i have literally a shit ton of new and ol…[View]
442284394HE IS IN![View]
442284668Leak: The decisions were made to support upcoming games on switch. Sora as a deal with square to hyp…[View]
442284637What are some games which let me have loving family?[View]
442284630I hope you get that Pauline spirit soon, anon.[View]
442278621>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play and with a really fun battle royale mode added…[View]
442284390Games that suffered from bad development planning?[View]
4422842572 DAYS[View]
442283708He is in , and his DLC in smash will come together with Digimon Survive[View]
442279563What did Sakurai mean by this[View]
442254614Why do games have to keep updating after launch now? We pay for unfinished shit[View]
442283920ITT: Comfy vidya pic related[View]
442283916>matchmaking >500ms delay on every input >low as fuck framerate >game slows down to a cr…[View]
442283821Why is Square so autistic?[View]
442238550Explain the hate for the Dead Or Alive series of fighting games to me. I don't get it.[View]
442280525Nintendo january 2019 direct leak: Hi people i'm here to share with you the latest infos on the…[View]
442281574>playing bioshock 2 for the first time >get this weird glitch near the beginning of the game w…[View]
442278170>j-just admit you don't want women in WW2 games you bigot! >casually drops one of the bes…[View]
442278163>there will never be another ff12 i miss Yasumi Matsuno bros[View]
442268691This is America’s most influention Video-Game figurehead. Say something nice about him.[View]
442283276Why do NIS fans only focus on 'cute things': I don't get it, whenever you see fan content from …[View]
442280245I'm really happy this won GOTY. Full-package AAA games that don't ask for microtransaction…[View]
442270736What's the comfiest Final Fantasy from 7 to 15? I mean taking it all as a whole, the game setti…[View]
442275161post yfw the SMT and persona series will finally on the same platform again based sony killing their…[View]
442278815what is going on?[View]
442282425>get traumatized by fire >take 'fear of fire' debuff >can invest in a new perk >take 'p…[View]
442277686Final Fantasy XV: So /v/ after buying the game the day it came out, and never actually playing it fo…[View]
442266265When was the last time you felt excited to play a game?[View]
442277971*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance by being the best game mode* Nothin' personell You really r…[View]
442282212MMO recommendation: What i'm looking for, meet as much as possible (+ means mandatory): + Open …[View]
442277269why did he shoot the robot[View]
442238637How has your online experience been so far?[View]
442274407>gets on stage >lies for an hour straight >fo76 turns out to be shit, exposing all his lies…[View]
442280041Notice how from 12:09 onwards, he's clearly realised the key to earning money. No genuine react…[View]
442236550/v/ oc thread. I've keeping track of these ms paint comics recently and they're really goo…[View]
442281793Would you poke abby?[View]
442281045Judge Eyes: 4 days until Kimutaku's going on a war thrope. Have you preordered his game?[View]
442281941why are nostalgia faggots even hyped for this game? >broken shortcuts in every single map that wi…[View]
442276667Is this the worst implementation of an online mode in modern gaming history?[View]
442278753Are you guys ready for the Fallout of the Dark Souls genre?[View]
442281875Why is Nintendo so Fucking Retarded?!!!!!![View]
442281780What was the last time you got sad over a video game?[View]
442280407Is there a better way to make money pre-CEO than VIP work?[View]
442281663why do they only have specials in the move lists? i want to see the smashes and regular attacks, gra…[View]
442279927ok so this is avery cool game made by french develoeprs you are basically a caveman and[View]
442277765What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
442281395>45 frame input lag Is there a chance this could be fixed in a patch?[View]
442276051>Game only lets you romance the ugly chicks and monsters[View]
442277508>/v/ will defend this[View]
442278124Just posting the most iconic song in video game soundtrack history! https://youtu.be/Xcz-Oho0tlU[View]
442279937>game has achievement: 'play one single match online' >game is so dead that you can't fin…[View]
442278004You know you only still play to farm old content. It's time to quit, just admit it.[View]
442274926Why do you hate women, /v/? Why don't you want your video game hobby to be inclusive?[View]
442280571Why is /v/ defending this guy? Ffs we started gamer gate to stop this degeneracy. If you support thi…[View]
442280553help me v im indecisivefag as fuck should i buy smash instead of feeding my kids? i have only about …[View]
442274303>the promised feature of dragging bodies has now been cancelled and won't be in the game Can…[View]
442279294ITT we pretend that Fallout 76 is a good game[View]
442275508>sequel takes place after long timeskip >lets you visit areas from the older game…[View]
442277717So it's practically confirmed that Sans is going to be DLC #2, right?[View]
442279604I fucking hate this game...[View]
442280217He's in[View]
442280118Never forget the most wholesome pairing in Smash Bros' history. Snakeabelle fags need not apply…[View]
442276439what are some games similar to Dark Souls?[View]
442280016How many games are there besides RDR where the protagonist actually fucking dies at the end?[View]
442279960*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442270831>game has trauma stat >it's impossible to lower it…[View]
442275696Why won't you love her?[View]
442269542Smash Ultimate DLC: Characters who i'm 100% sure are in: >2B from Nier Automata >Banjo-Ka…[View]
442278921Reminder that obsidian has never made a good, original game. Ever.[View]
442254954>I prefer Bethesda's Fallout to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. because ___________.…[View]
442279607Why is there no good games with a political message? Why do they all end up like this shit? https:/…[View]
442278747Your DLC Characters as followed: A hero who fights for justice without a sword but with his words An…[View]
442271120https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZIFSfdUjW4 I'm glad they finally dropped the shitty Yakuza sto…[View]
442273791This is Agumon. A rookie-level vaccine Digimon of the Nature Spirits family. He’s going to be in Sma…[View]
442275993what the fuck was the deal with the (((them))) ?[View]
442279414Hey Nyate, do you think I have a chance in Smash Bros nyow?[View]
442279052Best Sonic the Hedgehog song: What is everyone's favorite Sonic the Hedgehog song? For me it…[View]
442275654Is Joker a basedboy?[View]
442278085StarGate SG1: Anyone else wish there was a proper full game for SG-1? Or maybe your own SG# team? …[View]
442277940When is this going to get a Project M mod? This game sucks dick, a PM mod would make it literally pe…[View]
442278086Journalist accuses Rockstar of some dumb shit: https://youtu.be/4yZQHONpyZ4 >be Rockstar >mak…[View]
442262761Soul Calibur 6: Already 30% off, does the game suck or is the community dead?[View]
442277374Why aren't you playing quake champions? The latest update nerfed all ability damage and CTF is …[View]
442273610>still no game where you play as exotic animals[View]
442278230What is a game like Pandorum? Creatures hunting you their nest in the reactor and broken machinery a…[View]
442254368You walk into the arcade and this guy slaps your dog on the ass then challenges you to set of mortal…[View]
442278938This is a forbidden Smash pic. Do not repost it.[View]
442276617I want to play pic related, but my PC can't run it and I dont want to Upgrade my PC until the n…[View]
442274761>still no grand strategy 40k game with total war battles[View]
442278505>in cover invulnerable >out cover dead cover based is the worst thing…[View]
442278719Breath of the Wild: This is my favourit game of all time. What can you tell me about myself /v/?…[View]
442276882Khajiit has wares if you have coin.[View]
442275637Do you still play your PS2 /v/?[View]
442263821How do we fix Persona 5?[View]
442277503What criteria do you have to fill for a game to be considered 'post-modern'?[View]
442278592Deus Ex is better with GMDX[View]
442274007is eu4 the best wizard game?[View]
442278476Shitlast 2: was blake the most beta cuck to ever exist in gaming?[View]
442276984>AAA game has crafting system[View]
442277359>Buy artifact >Open all 10 booster packs >Sell every card via steam marketplace >Refund …[View]
442275525Mini Console Thread: What will be the next Mini Console to shit out of a company? Sega? Atari? Micro…[View]
442274385wheres my X4 niggas at? I got a 6 day workweek so I cant check out X4 yet any /v/ros know if its goo…[View]
442273496Thank you for contacting Epic Games Player Support! This is an automated response to your selected i…[View]
442278196Anyone that doesn't shoot wild horses for the fuck of it is a stupid cuck.[View]
442274937>Only a fool trusts his life with a weapon >Proceeds to then use a high energy sword to fight …[View]
442277894Darkest skyrim mod you know. Pls refrain from big tiddy sex mods.[View]
442277957Is this the MTV of our generation? >started out completely based >made hit after hit >defin…[View]
442276818what games did you play today?[View]
442271259So we all agree this thing is worse than Sonic 06, right?[View]
442278002SMASH IT or you're a cuck[View]
442270239>World of Light >vs Heavyweight >Has super armor >Is giant >Stamina battle…[View]
442263025/v/ plays Game Dev Tycoon 2: Electric Boogaloo: previous thread: >>442247427 We're curren…[View]
442276294Netflix should get the license for Uncharted and publish an animated series. You wouldn't watch…[View]
442263820Dragon Age 4: Bioware is truly dead if she won't be in it.[View]
442277518There is no country on earth where people like women and minorities. Western countries simply tolera…[View]
442275831Sea of thieves: Anyone here playing this motherfucker? If so let's discuss current and incoming…[View]
442277545Some of these World of Light Campaign fights are absolute aids, Funky Kongs Spirit fight is literall…[View]
442277517He's in[View]
442277443Will this kill off the fanbase?[View]
442274935Oh, shit https://twitter.com/NintendoPNGs/status/1071477808235450370[View]
442277025Why are modern gamers such absolute plebs?[View]
442277190Alright, which is it? Scarfy or Whispy Woods? I'm no big Kirby fan but from what I remember, ne…[View]
442277270>Have the best fighting game roster of all time >Doom it with Fisher-Price tier online Sasuga …[View]
442273850Wow, Witcher 3 map is huge! It's just full of content and there's so much to do! I LOVE EX…[View]
442269049The Outer Worlds: Why the fuck are people so opposed to this?[View]
442277184Is this a stealth game? I don't like stealth games[View]
442276293Hello, heretics. Look at your leader, now back to me. Now back at your leader. Now back to me. Sadly…[View]
442277110Dear filthy capitalist pig, please use our launcher and purchase our collection of easily pirateable…[View]
442275163Tell me, if men posses strength so vast, why have they never created a good Lord of the Rings game?[View]
442277145Moody fade in to what is clearly Shao Khan's arena, now in ruins... Slow swelling of music and.…[View]
442276228Are Asians better gamers?[View]
442252440I usually love metroidvania titles but I have to ask.. When does this game get good? I'm 3 hour…[View]
442275748it looks like my graphics card is fucked but it only seems to be affecting hitman, any seen this bef…[View]
442252162kerbal space program ksp: Gather here and let us speak of the game that may not be named.[View]
442276953Granblue Fantasy Fighting Game There are rumors of this game happening. Which characters should be i…[View]
442276954Would you have played gothic horror Epic Mickey 3?[View]
442261516Commander Boreale, enemy forces in our perimeter![View]
442276791>gives you free for all with items instead of what you asked for heh, nothing personnel, kid…[View]
442275726ITT: worst single player modes in vidya[View]
442269864People who obsess over muh realism in games are the cancer killing the medium.[View]
442272337Why does Japan love Detroit: Become Human so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zdmEOHvJjs https…[View]
442268073>sci-fi game doesn't have alcohol or drugs Hate this shit, intoxicating substances won'…[View]
442261317I hate twitter activists so goddamn much[View]
442273259Retrogame RS-97: Does anyone have it or something similar ? It's basically a 50$ clone of the r…[View]
442276592Was the marketing for fallout 76 good?[View]
442269715Games that lived up.to the hype[View]
442275140>game says please and thank you[View]
442275570Ys: Downloaded Ys Origin demo from Steam. I keep dying to the boss when it has like 10% health left.…[View]
442271060Right out of hell I saw it[View]
442260926>'Wow, this game has so much [weapon/armor/outfit/etc] customization! Very deep! So cool!' >Se…[View]
442271614Anyone else getting the piss whipped out of them by the challengers? King DDD and Snake were beating…[View]
442268162opinions on the new PUBG map?[View]
442269706this comes out in two days. any one give a shit? just me?[View]
442261371>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play and with a really fun battle royale mode added…[View]
442276151You might dislike the plot, but this was the most kino moment in the entire series.[View]
442275690>intern starts talking about videogames[View]
442274053You did buy our queen's latest game, didn't you, /v/? It's pretty good. NuRaider is s…[View]
442272662so ive been playing cs1.6 lately, and yesterday i started getting this popup every time i try to sta…[View]
442262887Has anyone here completed a full long campaign in MTW2? I recall a long time ago I got sort of close…[View]
442261559>FFVII being ported to Switch >Persona 5 being ported to Switch >Nier Automata will probabl…[View]
442269281Cut one, the rest will stay.[View]
442275782Mobile Gaming: What are you playing? What are you looking forward to?[View]
442268338This dudes are whipping my ass non stop online. I'm a jigglypuff and lucas main, who should I …[View]
442271978ITT: we post games with wasted potential: Pic related could have been one of the most interesting an…[View]
442262139>vampire game >can't bite enemies to drink their blood…[View]
442275856Steve in SSBU: HOLY SHIT I've thought we were memeing that Steve from Minecraft would be in Sup…[View]
442261176WE POST BETTER MUSIC FOR THE MK11 TRAILER: Ironic posting is allowed. I'll start https://www.yo…[View]
442274312Face it, the only reason you want 2B in Smash is so runkachunk can come full circle from voicing and…[View]
442275621he was based and hendrikpilled[View]
442274743I have 99.67% on World of Light for smash and I can't fucking figure out where the last fight i…[View]
442273842Are video games merely toys or can they be art?[View]
442274183What VR headset should I get, /v/?[View]
442252978How did a minimum effort rehash with unplayable online achieve this score?[View]
442273808>current smash community >ultimate is amazing smash 4 was awful! >4 years later >smash u…[View]
442268451Is it possible for an introvert to learn how to get out and converse regularly? If so, how? I'm…[View]
442275398https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Elza_Walker SUPERIOR WAIFU TO INFERIOR CLAIRE[View]
442275387Super Smash Splat: They should allow your main weapon in splat to come over to Smash, or in the very…[View]
442275021oniichan buy geimu[View]
442275039Did he make the online bad on purpose?[View]
442272165>tfw after finishing an amazing game which one is it, /v/?[View]
442272238Do we like it?[View]
442275119>played almost all of the saga >only Suvivor and Dead Eye left >both famed for being dogshi…[View]
442272918>anon doesn't like game >ask her why >'its boring' This is not okay.…[View]
442267264Give Me A Main /v/: hey /v/ give me a main! The first response with 7 will be the one I main[View]
442274293Why didn't Wreck it Ralph 2 get a video game adaptation like the First? :([View]
442261954the cancer of retrogaming[View]
442274717>Character calls her Butterfree a 'she' >They used the male butterfree model…[View]
442266839What the fuck were the Belmonts and Mathias Cronqvist doing from 1094 to 1476? How is that they neve…[View]
442271176We've gone mainstream boys[View]
442268039>90's garbage remakes by the dozen >Microtransaction-ridden cookie cutter sequels >Se…[View]
442270941>Install vidya >It doesn't ask me for a directory >Oh no no no >Finished installin…[View]
442273809Should I ever pay for single player games on PC?[View]
442274861I already don't like this character.: He did it. He beat the game. Now what's the next ste…[View]
442274251It's a pretty solid game /g/: If zoom zooms and normies didn't play it my guess is it woul…[View]
442274559Gothic 2: It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made that's much better than The Witcher …[View]
442272856Smash wishlist thread: Smash wishlist thread since you asked for this[View]
442272945What would have been his reaction to the Game Awards this year and the goty winner?[View]
442269218>first DLC character for Smash announced >it's another fucking anime swordsman Is Nintend…[View]
442272251>true ending is only obtainable in NG+ Why is this allowed?[View]
442271984Why does the page on Steam for this shit still exist? They are not gonna make the game available for…[View]
442272965Huh, I guess he was too big.[View]
442274125Whenever I play on the stages PAC-LAND and WarioWare, Inc., after a short while, my TV screen will g…[View]
442274002What are you even supposed to do in here? Competitive modes are fun but it gets boring after a while…[View]
442271370YOUR FATE IS SEALED[View]
442201313What does /v/ think of Ace Combat?[View]
442272669Big Boss for Smash: >only Snake that has no spirit in-game, even though other MGSV spirits are in…[View]
442265629Does anyone remember playing this shit? It was a shit MMO but god WAS THE OST PHENOMENAL.[View]
442257291What's wrong with the Epic Games Store? I work for Epic Games and I think it's pretty good…[View]
442265504>Let's go- WHEE! WHEE! WHEE! WHEE![View]
442273559peaked boss fight[View]
442273728BOMB IN BAGINA :DD[View]
442256979>tfw slow internet Who here a thirdie as well?[View]
442273585>'We made a great game because our company had a good work- life balance!' -no one ever Fact: You…[View]
442273570Software/Videogames: Searching for a game like rocksmith but focused on learn and get better at sing…[View]
442273506Do you think we'll finally get a sequel or will they cancel it since Final Remix flopped?[View]
442234506>Game you like gets ruined by future updates/patches Whats her name /v/?…[View]
442273304>Best gun in the game stops dropping if you're above lvl 20 nice game design there Todd…[View]
442246639Mortal Kombat: Post your main 3 bros >Noob >Baraka >Johnny Chad…[View]
4422734138bitdo luetooth GC adapter: Does anyone have one of those? How is it faring, lag-wise?[View]
442272029Why do they call her Jugga?[View]
442273334Our thoughts?[View]
442266978What are some essential Wii U must-have games?[View]
442269756WE MISS YOU ZELDA !!![View]
442260923What's some games where suicide is the core mechanic?[View]
442268845Elder Scrolls: What would you like to be changed in TESVI? I personally would love to see classes ag…[View]
442267843Losing my internet service for a week. What are the essential single player vidya games to download …[View]
442264261What did Gabe mean by this?[View]
442267424TimeSplitters: You want it? Come get it.[View]
442251121Battle station thread[View]
442272891how mad have videogames ever made you[View]
442272145Morrowind worth playing in 2018?: I've played and modded Skyrim to hell. I played Oblivion back…[View]
442272740Persona 5witch port may possibly happen: https://youtu.be/HBE0NfNA3Uw UNF N F[View]
442269086FFXIV: is this really the best mmo on the market? what's the community like?[View]
442272515Ys: Just downloaded Ys Origin demo from Steam. I keep dying to the boss when it has like 10% health …[View]
442272506You have prepared miis for Smash, haven't you /v/?[View]
442270624*saves CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442269325Why is this so fucking bad? My friend got it for free with his new PC. >8700K + RTX2070 >Runs …[View]
442269508Queen’s Blade White Triangle: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BBheKhqeKlc[View]
442258997I swear man, Jimmy I knew you liked your Starcraft threads but I never knew you were the type to rea…[View]
442270975dz_blacksite... home.[View]
442264529why did dad of boy win goty?[View]
442271283wtf even is mario?[View]
442259701This game doesn't make any fucking sense.[View]
442271904Glad i played this on PC. PC lets me use speed hacks so i can speed up time. I dont think i could ha…[View]
442268098Witcher: Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Yen is the only sane choice?[View]
442271615Anyone else dropping Splatoon 2 like a hot potato now when Smash is out? Way too many noobs in rank …[View]
442226736How is your main fairing this time? Is this the most balanced Smash to date? Too bad it isn't a…[View]
442270731>cannot romance inquisition Morrigan WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WHY[View]
442255554This is Menat, say something nice about her![View]
442266327Are you looking forward to seeing Granblue's new fighting game announced next weekend?[View]
442270952Squad: Is it worth playing yet?[View]
442268421>look at EA's stock! >nobody wants lootboxes! >most downvoted post in the history of r…[View]
442259237Is this the end?: >32 years old >have time and money to play literally any vidya I could want …[View]
442270839Smash Ultimate has no combo-[View]
442267420Name me one character that could possibly defeat him[View]
442270043Are you embarrassed to play video games in public?[View]
442269852Anybody else grow up with this? Im only now starting to realize it was strange to have this in the 2…[View]
442269505Old vidya memes: This is almost a decade old.[View]
442270416ultima: what up?! 1998 mmo veteran[View]
442269091What button do you press for skill #6?[View]
442267206Say old timer,[View]
442270436Do you bother doing a run as the opposite sex in a video game if you have the option to? Do you inte…[View]
442253471This is absolutely the greatest game of all time. How could someone even argue that its not?[View]
442260941*saves the FPS genre*[View]
442270312The more someone tries to sell you something, less you need it. If you actually needed it, you would…[View]
442270150HE'S IN!: CAN ANYONE STOP HIM FROM BEING IN SMASH? >Main character of one of the most profit…[View]
442267704What a fucking eyesore of a character select screen: Seriously, what were they thinking? Same for th…[View]
442262280>RE2 with RE4 gameplay in the RE7 engine. Perfection.[View]
442269339>*hacks your pp*[View]
442269678How long before we get peter in smash?[View]
442268190Dare I say... SHES IN ![View]
442263162The great debate: mayo or ranch?[View]
442269793You will regret killing all those people... Piranha Plant![View]
442267049Why the fuck do so many of you idiots think this literal who even has a sliver of a chance to get in…[View]
442265190Say something nice about the only good newcomer.[View]
442265009the fucking Joker is in smash? wtf[View]
442267591Splatoon is the darkest post apocalyptic shooter: What other franchise involves the extinction of th…[View]
442268360Its time to stop shitposting and play some actual video games. See you later, nerds[View]
442269451beedr gribn 4 smosh: hurr, dere r famly gah bideo gam an smosh brahs ultmat iz bideo gam, beedr grib…[View]
442262551What was his name again?[View]
442268893Gamer books: Do you 'gamers' read books for 'gamers'? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38892618-t…[View]
442266463smash tier list thread?[View]
442269293Kenshi: This game is fucking amazing. Post stories, discuss strategies, complain about savescummers,…[View]
442263170Why are video games so bloody expensive in Australia?[View]
442268735Let's have a vr thread, about to buy this. Any weird indie shit for suggestions?[View]
442269160Did this game age poorly or did people just give it a pass at the time because of its cool new syste…[View]
442267165>Three hours wasted fucking with my clothes and appearance. Video Games.…[View]
442267115I stopped getting my random encounters from all modes... is this a bug? Do I really have to complete…[View]
442268562ITT: Coolest spirit battles[View]
442262031If I cant find a game exactly like King Field IV im going to lose my shit. Are there any othe optio…[View]
442268872DUSK: So now that episode three's out, what the /v/erdict?[View]
442268821ISABELLE MAINS: Isabro's report in! How are your online matches going so far? Fuck the Zelda ma…[View]
442268471When the fuck is age of empires 4 coming out?[View]
442263358This is Artifact, Valve's newest game. Say something nice about it.[View]
442268749>Enemy avoids conflict[View]
442266638Isabelle is the most cancerous, broken, piece of shit character in smash. Hands down, there is no ot…[View]
442268650It's that time of year lads, where we break out the christmas decorations, snack on (your choic…[View]
442266819ITT: post a image and others guess what kind of game it would be[View]
442268697The first game you ever played[View]
442266930Now that the dust has settled, /v/ can all agree that this is better than Melee right?[View]
442268668>'Ivan shoots as bad as he smells!'[View]
442267572U mad?[View]
442266613>sega has 3 reps >capcom has 3 reps >konami has 3 reps >bandai namco still has 2 >Sak…[View]
442268385*ruins your Smash*[View]
442263857>indie games have fluid animation >popular western and Japanese games are stiff as a board wit…[View]
442267982angy video game nerd[View]
442266245Bethesda makes Fallout 76 more grindy without any official statement: https://www.destructoid.com/he…[View]
442266903What am I in for? Also Forza Horizon thread I guess[View]
442266298Seems like Todd is pretty based.[View]
442262983>he chooses to play as a female character[View]
442268120ITT: Games with new, brave and unique game design choice/mechanics. The RNG techtree was a mixed bag…[View]
442267252Well, what is it?: Well, what is it?[View]
442268087ITT: FromSoft's Best Game: ONLY post if you played FromSoft's best game. >Your Squad …[View]
442268075What are some games where the main character is a complete fuckup?[View]
442266679You load into a game. These are the players you see. Choose 5 players as teammates, and 5 players as…[View]
442262174Well, is it /v/?[View]
442267838RTS Thread: Are the DLC factions worth ~6 EUR?[View]
442266806dog=gamer man=publisher shovel=piracy[View]
442264441Did M$ won?: Two great indies in a row and ONLY on xbox one and microsofts pcs.[View]
442261446>he didn't remove the springs from his GameCube controller trigger buttons…[View]
442267512Did you post your high scores yet, /v/? Hitman thread[View]
442266456what should I play from my backlog[View]
442267410What is the best movesets for the mii fighters. Not that I will main them or anything I just want a …[View]
442267361Why do SJWs want Multiplayer Streaming Services that will drain their wallets instead of games ?[View]
442255997PC gamer vent thread: let it all out bros >STOP PORTING CONSOLE TRASH TO THE PC THAT CAN'T …[View]
442261959I have a fat ps2, how hard is it to mod it so I can play pirated games? I literally know nothing abo…[View]
442267150Choose your fighter.[View]
442259638if they fuck sounds and musics its dead: one of the reason why levels are so memorable was great des…[View]
442264962Not that I mind, but I thought if Persona ever got a character in Smash it'd be Yu. Isn't …[View]
442262891We can all agree that this is what we're getting, right?[View]
442267056>mw3 >worth playing[View]
442257381come home white man[View]
442260456ITT: Never ever pics for smash ultimate dlc[View]
442262916Everything I do, I do for my wifesister[View]
442266523Is the industry dead?[View]
442262956What did /v/ think of Digital Devil Saga 2?[View]
442263161Who are some chad gaming youtubers?[View]
442243656>CSGO is goo-[View]
442264851To whom it may concern, Summer is here and I just wanted to share my favorite video game related act…[View]
442266318>watching outer worlds trailer >country road starts playing >record scratch after a couple …[View]
442262925Why did nobody talk about this?[View]
442263838Well, /v/?[View]
442262125Where did it all go wrong bros[View]
442257780He's in: He's in smash bro nintendo google good game.[View]
442262528What is the most terrifying enemy in vidya?[View]
442265491Bruh: Olimar is fucking busted in World of Light. He KO's everything almost instantly. Pikmin a…[View]
442261880What are some Japanese exclusive games I should pick up while in Nippon this month? So far I just bo…[View]
442260562Mutant Year Zero: Actually a good X-Com like game. Getting smashed on the Investigate Crash Mission …[View]
442263467He's in[View]
442265242He's in.[View]
442265734Translation fails: What are some localization and translation fails in videogames? >you used us l…[View]
442208427Kenshi thread No filthy, dumb, Hiver scum allowed[View]
442264463>No Dreamcast mini Why? There's a Nintendo mini, and a Playstation mini. How come the Dreamc…[View]
442260692This is a PC game from 1999.[View]
442262421Is this the holy trinity of space multiplayer trash that's killing gaming?[View]
442260546Why wont Nintendo release a 4k, 60 FPS monster console next gen, like everyone else?[View]
442265329What's the best Assassin's Creed game? Pic related[View]
442260034ITT: Chad mains.[View]
442265259>zoomers upset about having every character locked >zoomers conditioned in having to pay for e…[View]
442265204*kills video game communities*[View]
442264064Reminder that video games were popular in the mainstream through the 80s and 90s: with people from a…[View]
442254760I will buy a Switch if, and only if, Reimu is in Smash.[View]
442265101>Strategy game has useless options in the Technology tree[View]
442265084Leave Waluigi to me.[View]
442263763Just beat his game, /v/. What are his chances of being in Smash?[View]
442263858Is this some kind of bad timeline or what?[View]
442264330They're just going to make him a Trump expy aren't they?[View]
442264994ITT: The best girl of every FF[View]
442257751Soooo, jump tap on or off ?[View]
442262840SSBU: >Everybody was saying they were gonna main Young Link. >not a single Young Link thread o…[View]
442261956Friendly reminder to keep your expectations low until release to avoid dissapointment[View]
442258182Pay $80 for the shitiest online experience of the year! It’s not the most hyped game of the year or …[View]
442257087Donkey Kong Country HD remake: Yo, the DKC remake is looking pretty great. I can't wait for thi…[View]
442264637Hey /v/. Ally with me and together we will beat the game.[View]
442233803Literally impossible. I beat Dr wiley on my third try, but this is fucking nuts. ZSS + The broken AI…[View]
442247716Why isn't there a single other piece of Japanese media as smart as MGS2?[View]
442264572wtf I love Spirit mode now[View]
442248618>I-IT'S OKAY WHEN PC DOES IT: How come /v/ isn't whining about htis like they did to so…[View]
442262930This triggers /v/.[View]
442261091Do you prefer wacky and hype setting of DR1 and 2 (and Hope's Peak arc in general) or more nost…[View]
442253260What are some must play GBA games /v/?[View]
442264125Well well well, look who made it in[View]
442262664What's this superpower everyone I know seems to have where they can just fall the fuck to sleep…[View]
442262502Link to old thread??: I think last thread 404d. Please repost the lewd images.[View]
442238176Is emulation a good thing?[View]
442263229I actually think westernization of monster hunter is great. Any game that could benefit from this to…[View]
442262598>Don't you guys have phones? Square Enix is dead, fuck mobage![View]
442255274What do you think the people who made this game are up to now?[View]
442262547So what games will we even remember ten years from now thanks to this great generation in gaming[View]
442258176How the fuck do people defend this type of behavior from developers? Got the game a month ago, been …[View]
442263148is it possible to be good with a game without spending 12+ hours daily on it ??[View]
442263349The demo was bad.[View]
442263168Any body keen to help me make Ashley Graham's panties HD? I have the DirectDrawSurface file [….…[View]
442263461>smash ball shows up in 1v1 on omega[View]
442261830/v/ i think im goin into game depression. Smash Bros didnt excite me and felt like a waste of money.…[View]
442263064What is this?: Fun fact: Is this Destiny or Anthem? Wrong, this is shit [View]
442258501This Triggers the Boomer[View]
442259006k. rool's down tilt and down throw are fucking broken. what the fuck were they thinking? I…[View]
442248343MW2 thread: Fuck CS:GO; let's talk about a REAL FPS game. Post your favorite loadouts.[View]
442254724Should Bethesda sue?: The Outer Worlds is basically a Fallout New Vegas clone. It even has VATS. Thi…[View]
442262836>Sakurai said he liked Persona 5 >Joker is in >Sakurai said he liked Minecraft >Steve is…[View]
442262076Most kino third party rep. Most fun to play as. How could anyone hate him or that moveset?[View]
442261745Did Viridi do anything wrong?[View]
442244303Dragon Age 4: Will you remove the Veil, /v/? *chuckles* Of course you will. You have no choice after…[View]
442244085was it good[View]
442262892Anyone else remember growing up with this?[View]
442247427/v/ plays Game Dev Tycoon: Alright boys, you know the rules, 3 and 5 gets it.[View]
442262740Post your squad /v/[View]
442260020This is Okatsu.[View]
442262326If you hate it so much, why dont you fix it yourself using mods?[View]
442262156>no sticky bombs >no dual wielding >focus isn't on destruction anymore >map is disa…[View]
442250483The mods deleted my thread ago before god fucking knows what, but imma gonna post this again. I work…[View]
442259943I'll start- It was made in Japan[View]
442261826Shittiest fighters in SSBU >pic very related[View]
442261661I like Nanako. Do you like Nanako?[View]
442245376Can we get a nice cheeki breeki thread going?[View]
442262256post that one boss[View]
442262138>Designed to fuck the person in first place >Fucks literally every other player on the way up …[View]
442254097Unfortunately I only have 16 bucks left on my paypal account so I can only one of these. Which one d…[View]
442256425Is early 2019 the most STACKED MONTH IN GAMING HISTORY?: What's /v/ buying? or pirating? >Ja…[View]
442258756*saves CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442261557Rondo of Blood: What do we think of Richter's game? Favorite stage? Favorite song?[View]
442259343Conan Exiles Review: Is this review accurate https://youtu.be/grAVtNs14OM[View]
442261298So, what do you think of the Epic Store so far?[View]
442261924>Skyrim isn't worth moddi-[View]
442256750What are some stealth games where I can slowly incapacitate enemies, hide their bodies someone and l…[View]
442261861In the midst of all this Smash discussion, it's kind of funny that nobody has mentioned a certa…[View]
442259036What side are you on /v/ ? I was on the right side until i started buying steam games at age 18 or s…[View]
442260267>He bought Tr4.5h[View]
442257913wow,how did Obsidian get away with this?[View]
442256537Real leaked list of all DLC characters planned for smash: Banjo Doomguy Meatboy Reimu Heavy Weapons …[View]
442251916>THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF GAMING Jesus christ I want to quit gaming just so I don't have to ass…[View]
442261650Arcade machine thread[View]
442256328Rorona was 17, so was she a virgin?[View]
442261625>IT JUST WORKS[View]
442199213Shill me a lesser known indie game you fucks. I'm bored out of my mind. No mainstream shit like…[View]
442261109November 2001: All of these games released in the same month.[View]
442260312Is this really a Langrisser game or is it just piggybacking off the series title? I hear it's p…[View]
442259414So what happened to this game?[View]
442257709What criteria does a 3rd party character need to pass to be considered for Smash Bros?[View]
442257694Is this the best handheld emulation device on the market? It doesn't have the raw power of the …[View]
442261110He’s in guys: This tweets starting to not seem so ridiculous.[View]
44225702610ft tall 2B gf made for love[View]
442261354I miss pannenkoek2012 memes[View]
442261291What does all these stores splitting off from Steam mean? That Steam features are meaningless Cards,…[View]
442261287ITT post games no one on /v/ but you plays.[View]
442261194>clear tediously long dungeon >there's an exit that leads straight outside which you coul…[View]
442260329I decided to priate Ys lacrimosa of dana before buying it because it seemed a little expensive and I…[View]
442244992:D: :D[View]
442258395Are there any good immersive games for PC besides the Witcher and TES series?[View]
442246817When will Tifa in the ff7 remake be revealed?[View]
442260083>*carries you to master* Nothing personnel, kid[View]
442261102Why do all the Divinity Original Sin 2 companions act so annoying and retarded? Why is the writing …[View]
442259242i really want a Switch for smash bros and also I want red dead redemption 2! but I got no money tha…[View]
442256957Besides the original 12 and the current newcomers, what characters would you have cut from the roste…[View]
442237642DMC is back baby! DMC5 threadL twink vs chad edition[View]
442259393I just bought the GOTY of this for the holidays not having played a Hitman game since Blood Money, a…[View]
442250992Unpopular opinion: The trailer music fits perfectly, grimy rap sets the perfect mood[View]
442259306>Obnoxious girl gamer slut on my team >Team-kill her repeatedly until she's seething in v…[View]
442229082Previous thread: >>442228068 >Post character name/franchises and references and keep them i…[View]
442253780I love Pearl.[View]
442257595Unreleased PC games: Show me unreleased PC titles that you are looking forward to playing https://st…[View]
442249562well /v/?[View]
442258509 [View]
442255361Why are other FPS games so inferior to the Quake?[View]
442257638I'm not gonna say the online is perfect but you can circumvent almost all of the matchmaking is…[View]
442257827Hey /v/, could Wii U + Vita be the true patrician choice of the previous gen? >Wii U can be hacke…[View]
442260249which version should i play?[View]
442257660Worst scene group?: >monster hunter does not even start for most users (apparently the crack only…[View]
442260098All right, let me see your D2 toons. Also, D2 thread.[View]
442254295Feels weird as shit we're supposedly 8 months away from Shenmue 3 releasing.[View]
442253979>just you? Yeah.. just me[View]
442232994Why such lewdness is allowed?[View]
442260191Is this a good horror game? Looks a lot like RE4(same guy behind ot etc), but I have heard the 1st o…[View]
442260118Do you think the High Elves are gonna grow closer to their roots now that the Horde will be half the…[View]
442259221>only about 3 inches taller than Mary Is Arthur a manlet?[View]
442260094Deep within a bleak, and dismal swamp, hidden beneath it's murky water, lies the headquarters o…[View]
442250794I don’t get it, if you hate them so much try to play better.[View]
442258376Fortnite: Hey /v/ I've been thinking about buying the Hime skin in Fortnite but this Nog Ops sk…[View]
442255489Are you going to pre-order this?[View]
442254567How the fuck did RDR2 not win GOTY? It was objectively the best game of 2018[View]
442255498*blows the fuck out of Red Dead Redemption 2* Do not be sorry, be better.[View]
442229270Multiplayer games you desperately want to play but can't because they're dead: CAN'T …[View]
442258553You implore me? You implore me? You always were one for fancy words. Well, things are different now,…[View]
442258782>first smash was brawl >get used to playing sideways wiimote and in turn analog d-pad for move…[View]
442259543>I'm afraid... wow[View]
442251024Krystal in Smash[View]
442253271YIIK releases January 17th, 2019!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwR_aBerxDA[View]
442258513Why did we stop getting Transformers Cybertron games? They were some of my favorite games from last …[View]
442255037>he thinks Fallout 1 isn't the best Fallout[View]
442222492Localization when? Yakuza thread[View]
442258647Conan Review: Is this review accurate?[View]
442247293Sekiro: How hard is this game going to bomb? Looks kind of bland, no multiplayer, not much hype arou…[View]
442259076Does anyone rlse experience misinputs all the time? I didn't have this problem in 4 I heard the…[View]
442214310King K. Rool thread: Lets have a thread celebrating the best addition to Smash since melee.[View]
442259020Why are their no high-budget educational games designed to teach you social skills?[View]
442257535>american level >Hava Nagila starts playing…[View]
442257392RISE UP, GAMERS! Gamers, we have good news for ya'! On January 17 of 2019, the FurCon will star…[View]
442257405Where were you when Nintendo turned out to be the Anime tiddie machine?[View]
442252939Worst Spirit Battle: >Timed >Enemy runs away from your on massive map >Mario spawns with a …[View]
442254842GTA: I know that i'm late but i just finished GTA5 story, chose the C ending. While i admit it…[View]
442253284>decide to try to play all of the games in the final fantasy series >get to this hunk of shit …[View]
442248227How can fallout even compete?[View]
442257926>$500 >Drive fails >Lose 14TB of data What's the point exactly?…[View]
442258215>mfw spherelets try to rebel >mfw they can't even travel to the money dimension…[View]
442258435shut up im in karnage lol Hulk's dick tastes like raspberry mmmmmm: >be me >virgin >am…[View]
442252482At last, a tier list we can all agree on.[View]
442244852We are talking here about Epic Games, the company that quickly jumped out of PC market back in 2008 …[View]
442251578Was this a good ending?[View]
442258275>Current year of the Lord >Still no Biker Mice from Mars current gen game >Still no snes ra…[View]
442256609>*hacks your PC*[View]
442256173Anyone have any tips for playing as ridley? He's super fun but i can't quite get the hang …[View]
442232314/v/ will defend this[View]
442233467RTS Support group: obligatory reminder that >Battle Fleet Gothic 2 beta is out for preorders >…[View]
442257673The netcode is fucking terrible. The input buffer is also shit so together you have a shit sandwich.…[View]
442257302Being a Gamer: Many different gamers around the world. Which one are you?[View]
442186210Starting this game, seeing I can pick one of two experience types, classic or oddity, which one is t…[View]
442257680Could this work?: Konami, reboot the Slent Hill series with a remake of Silent Hill 2, and a new tea…[View]
442256860This is literally me wtf[View]
442251904I'm in love bros[View]
442257645this is so comfy[View]
442257596Can we get a Smash Ultimate screenshot thread?[View]
442257581Name a better final boss[View]
442257573What are some games that allow me to play as a bird?[View]
442256373is there a way to turn off the preview of where your blocks are going to land?[View]
442257498As much as I would like to see Dante, the more obvious Nintendo pick would be Leon. >Gamecube exc…[View]
442254084What is the most shameful thing you have ever done that is related to video games?[View]
442253327>give the shittiest, most boring character in the game the most playtime bravo…[View]
442254928people still playing this or did I miss the train? been having fun with it lately the constant bounc…[View]
442256259Will we ever see this beautiful man, or his sons, ever again? What the hell is Konami even doing wit…[View]
442257197Dragon Ball FighterZ: If you don't play A. Gohan in DBFZ don't play it at all. Dokkan thre…[View]
442257256Second DLC character got revealed. even more sword users[View]
442256751Did he get in?[View]
442256193>Oh shit the vidya awards came out >I wonder what game will be GOTY >Sony wins yet again Wo…[View]
442256881Reminder: if you didn't play the versus mode you didn't actually play this game same with …[View]
442256971Where the fuck did this boomer come from and what has he lost in my DMC game?[View]
442256994let's get a comfy fallout thread going[View]
442256975I believe Halo: Infinite will be current gen: Halo: Infinite is most likely releasing fall 2020 but …[View]
442254543How long until the PC version[View]
442254096Nominations are open for the 2018 Vidya Gaem Awards. Now is your chance to make things right. https:…[View]
442252995These are you demon hunters for the night. Say something nice to Trish's chin[View]
442236506Just Cause 4 ruined by consoles: https://youtu.be/dJ2Ge2UA3gg >720p 30 FPS on PS4/Xbox One Daily …[View]
442209582FEH: Who have you been spending your grails on?[View]
442253420>here's your DLC bro[View]
442213315For me, it's the P90. The best video game firearm.[View]
442254118are you the boy from the forest...? I-I-I have something to t-t-tell you... Ganondorf, the Gerudo Ki…[View]
442256630DNF2001: post yer leaks[View]
442256114>get punished for approaching because the opponent can just shield into anything >or mash A to…[View]
442252409>heavy >invincible projectile >another projectile, because fuck you >Kirby's suck-i…[View]
442254220Step one, you make your console cost the most, You beat your chest and proudly boast, Despite no goo…[View]
442255028*hits you with his invisible tail hitbox*[View]
442256164I was almost done too...[View]
442254669Due to the outrage over requested characters being assist trophies, Sakurai decides that the Smash 6…[View]
442248263The world could always use more stylish JRPG protags.[View]
442241680So, what's the general consensus on him?[View]
442251350>implying that we pretend it's 2012 >implying you even remember that year I seriously hop…[View]
442246329Name a more iconic duo.[View]
442252684The laziest studio, even Todd can't match this[View]
442253368What the FUCK was his problem????[View]
442255132Now that Casey Hudson is back at Bioware, do you trust DA4 not to be dogshit?[View]
442250772Leave the RTS genre to me.[View]
442253637>these two were unironically the entire reason I kept watching TGA[View]
442255716>game lets you voice chat with the enemy[View]
442252950>Avellone is a ha-[View]
442253089 [View]
442253493>pay full price for smash >quit spirit mode after 5 hours >played classic twice >tried t…[View]
442225449Remember, the Soulsborne fanbase is literally unable to like and/or enjoy games that aren't Dem…[View]
442255525it's like a compilation of anti-fun features >open world >shit controls/autoaim >conse…[View]
442196828WELL, IS HE RIGHT /v/?: Are fighting games easier than FPS? https://twitter.com/s1mpleO/status/10710…[View]
442255461>blockades your system[View]
442253834If this game is so good then how come it didn't win GOTY?[View]
442251548Stealth or Non-Stealth?[View]
442253084So now that we know that spirits officially deconfirm characters and that Nintendo is only going to …[View]
442254858You've made your last game, Todd.: Sorry you got twisted up in this scene. From where you'…[View]
442253938... Reminder that Necrons will be the best faction in Battlefleet Gothic 2.[View]
442253659*looks over catalog* Hmph.[View]
442252772Why do I constantly see people calling this a movie? Doesn't it have a high metacritic score an…[View]
442253415I've just played Halo 5 and must to say, never was a big Halo fan myself but I feel really bad …[View]
442253786Finally picked up JC3 from the humble bundle. First thing I tried after the intro mission was steali…[View]
442244274What are some characters we can safely say are never going to be playable in Smash Bros?[View]
442249748>first couple stages vs speed characters >Live and Learn when vs doppelganger >Seven Rings …[View]
442253432REMINDER: Sakurai does not care for western video game characters. If you are hoping for a western D…[View]
442251550When does it get good?[View]
442254371ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
442252936POWER OF THE CELL[View]
442248491Is your mom into any videogame characters?[View]
442251992So now that we had some time to play her, how are fellow Daisybros feeling about her in Smash? >S…[View]
442251865Why is this still not a smash skin???[View]
442253974That directional air dodge lag.: It can't just be me. The amount of times I've accidentall…[View]
442252059 [View]
442250871What the fuck should I buy anon?: >Almost Christmas >haven't bought myself a game from 20…[View]
442243989>you'll never experience Yda & Papalymo for the first time ever again…[View]
442252021mfw when niggas still care about graphics in games[View]
442253495Fun fact: Mario and Dr. Mario are two completely different people[View]
442244828Why is he so shit brehs?[View]
442253540is pokemon trainer still fun?[View]
442252269OH GOD HE’S IN MY ROOM[View]
442252789>thank you nig-[View]
442245615give us your predictions NOW[View]
442253309Remember the good old days? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlWv3L8DZts[View]
442252601Reminder that RockStar has made a good third person before but for some reason rather make two shit …[View]
442251547I unironically want this.[View]
442246669>1 character >1 stage >2 songs >1 spirit (Geno) >Cloud's spirit uses his Smash a…[View]
4422465381440P why? 1080 is most common and looks good enough with aliasing I don't really notice a diff…[View]
442248270>as you get more powerful minions fear you and run away instead of trying to fight you…[View]
442252702>Game begins with a 2 hour unskippable intro[View]
442252859But the kid is not my son[View]
442252709What did we tink of it?[View]
442252295>neutralfag starts going on about muh humanity and muh technology Um, no sweaty…[View]
442251519What's the first thing that comes to mind.[View]
442251220can we get a music thread? this ones from a dead game, rest in pepperonis https://youtu.be/HOJlAATKf…[View]
442252879He's in[View]
442249840Having to unlock 70+ characters is just retarded, just let us play the fucking game.[View]
442191195How do we improve her?[View]
442249614*ahem*: I’m gonna say it[View]
442251694>in line two days ago at GameStop about to buy Smash >look at the back of the box, realize tha…[View]
442252692Sub zero is in smash!: Mortal Kombat is making a return to a nintendo console in over a decade. Do …[View]
442240976REROLLLLL: Smash is cool, but let's talk about yesterday's only 100% OG Real Nigga release…[View]
442251502How many sales do you think this will get in its first month?[View]
442250548Your daily reminder that >pic related won GOTY in 2018, and there's nothing you seething fag…[View]
442252503This is officially the most annoying move in the game: Broken? No. Irritating? Absolutely.[View]
442252306how in the FUCK do you play ultimate in handheld mode with the shitty joycons seriously they fucking…[View]
4422521852B is so cute[View]
442247206What the fuck is her problem?[View]
442223192The Outer Worlds: Gameplay footage is out, for those who haven't seen it. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
442250960Artifact: What were they thinking?[View]
442247181Fallen on hard time bros. Someone buy me Fallout 76 on PC please?[View]
442247948Can we get a thread about Bioshock? I'm playing through the first game again, and though the na…[View]
442243818If you didn't like the MK11 trailer, this guy redid the sound effects from scratch and took out…[View]
442251864Post game time: Am my autistic /v/?[View]
442252014>it will never be real >and even if it were, it would be made by square-enix and not squaresof…[View]
442250612Why are console games so much more successful then PC Games?[View]
442250097How do I get into 40K?[View]
442206984Post games that were announced sometime ago and then vanished or were never released.[View]
442251678Is there any game I'm missing? I already have all the indie games on my PC. Not buying Bethesda…[View]
442242658NEW PRINCE OF PERSIA GAME POSSIBLY HINTED AT IN AC ODYSSEY: You get the Dagger of Time at the end of…[View]
442252068Why doesn't Smash remember your pick after Smash battles? You gotta select your character and c…[View]
442221895I've finally unlocked everyone.[View]
442250230Waluigi got fucked over[View]
442249685Do these games need a guide to follow to unlock all the characters? This is my first fire emblem. I …[View]
442242643Should I spend time with Ryuji or Ann?[View]
442247617What game let's me outlaw the enemies? https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5c0b4c42e4b0ab8cf6937…[View]
442249297ITT: Serious video games turned CUTE![View]
442251135Finished it for the first time. Anor Londo and everything leading up to it is phenominal and then it…[View]
442249086Who is your favorite villain in video games[View]
442251740Fallout: Just finished playing a bit of New Vegas and I ran into Vault 11 and, holy fucking shit. Yo…[View]
442251704HES IN https://youtu.be/WUWQFnC2zqU[View]
442239405Smash Ultimate DLC: https://m.ign.com/articles/2018/12/07/nintendo-persona-5s-joker-is-emblematic-of…[View]
442250793You know, I just realized that almost every non-Nintendo big name character is a human. The exceptio…[View]
442251359*rises in your path, for that is their curse*[View]
442250774I used to hate this stage but now it's my absolute favorite It's full of soul and good mus…[View]
442250507Why do the colors look so washed out compared to smash 4's vibrant colors?[View]
442250032The Outer Worlds: You can't holster your weap-[View]
442239904https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1070535979805470722 What was this anyway? what was DoritoMa…[View]
442245000Reminder to turn the volume off when you're gaming. You don't want to get tinnitus, do you…[View]
442247064This guy walks up to your girl in the club and digs up your ancestor's bones, grinds them down,…[View]
442251447>that idiot who spends more time modding the game than playing it[View]
442251417So how are you guys enjoying the new kirby game?[View]
442250125Remember the good old days? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlWv3L8DZts[View]
442251268Where are the Daisy upskirts? You slackin smashers.[View]
442250189Do you get anything if you beat classic with 10.0 intensity?[View]
442242442Why are they called 'content creators'? What the fuck have they created?[View]
442236036>boring and generic dragon with an equally boring and generic moveset >useless fire projectile…[View]
442226145TWO SONGS[View]
442248194>Now I know that the Triforce... is LIGHT![View]
442215534post your main[View]
442244128ITT Fix the unlock chart: None of this makes any sense, join with fellow anons and make it more sens…[View]
442250948*ting ting ting* May I have everyone's attention, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge …[View]
442250827FUCK DARK TYPES[View]
442250761Give me Demon's Souls and Bloodborne at 60fps and I will buy PS5. Are you listening, Sony?[View]
442243983He’s in[View]
442248597 [View]
442248208What happened?: >game will be open world >explore and interact with columbia >songbird enco…[View]
442248201Sonic Thread: What noise did he make again, /v/?[View]
442250317Bulborb happy to help smashing brothers Very nice[View]
442240289Is there any chance for Pokemon games to unfuck themselves? Everything since 2013 has been dogshit y…[View]
442247104You can only have 25 games for the PlayStation2 classic, what's your pick My list: >Resident…[View]
442245525Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
442234102Do you regularly replay a game you already beat? What's the most amount of times you replayed a…[View]
442248813Post the single-player game you're currently playing but haven't finished.[View]
442249316Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: What are your thoughts on Nitro Kart representation and potential CN…[View]
442246610What does /v/ think of Final Fantasy X-2?[View]
442217517Reimu for Smash![View]
442249967I'm a big Persona fan, and also a rhythm game fan. But still don't understand what the app…[View]
442243493give me one good reason as to why CJ shouldn't be in smash bros?[View]
442245308Come a bit closer, dear. Mothers eyesight has been getting worse and I want to see my sons face.[View]
442249787>be in forest area specifically made for picking up fruit >still needs help getting apples Why…[View]
442245906Nani? Kono tegami ni wa nani ga arimasu ka?[View]
442249737Its awesome to have him. His side b is atrociously cool. But I find myself spamming it sometimes bec…[View]
442246975Isn't it just gross that Capcom is going to have a scene where Irons rapes Claire? Like isn…[View]
442249550BFG Armada 2: Does it have potential? Together with WH40K mechanicum, we might have a chance of gett…[View]
442241740Fallout 76: It's alright.[View]
442249475Say hi to your new AT, bro[View]
442249529Do you bother doing a run as the opposite sex in a video game if you have the option to? Do you inte…[View]
442248687what are some games with epic finales?[View]
442249190>Finally gets his sword >Plays so much better all of a sudden Why is he so good now bros? I ca…[View]
442249313To those who’ve played Smash: Did they finally nerf Bayonetta or is she still broken beyond repair?…[View]
442249275Do you think video games today have less soul compared to 20 years ago?[View]
442247825*chimps out about literally anything John does*[View]
442246239This is Iwata. Please pay respect to him.[View]
442234621how playable is this kino without a joystick? Can I get by with kb+m?[View]
442249061How does an absolutely no experience average Joe who loves computer games learn to make them?[View]
442247774Mommy said i can buy 1 full priced game that came out recently. What should i get my dudettes???[View]
442248732Is it worth it?[View]
442245623F2P MMOs: Wildstar is dead. Which is the best mmorpg to check out now? Any good sci-fi options out t…[View]
442238271Find a flaw, pro tip: You cannot this is the GOAT[View]
442248823She’s in.[View]
442246363Ohh snap! HE's REALLY IN[View]
442241949This is Kat from Gravity Rush Say something nice about her!![View]
442247346Do you still play left 4 dead, /v/?[View]
442244312Suggest me some RPG's similar to Dragon Age Origins. Comfy caravan doing d&d shit. Currentl…[View]
442235197DEATH STRANDING: >Archillect reaches the 204863 mark (note the P.T reference) at around 25th-31st…[View]
442248519*triggers your OCD*[View]
442247469 [View]
442247409Cain Vs Boy: Who is the better developer? I've heard Tim didn't do much for Vtm:B and it …[View]
442219647>He actually plays as an elf[View]
442242000Bullshit Enemies: ITT: Post the shittiest enemies a game has to offer I'll start with this assh…[View]
442244972>Lose game >Google 'Is [enemy character/faction] OP?'…[View]
442248207What am I supposed to be doing? I've just wandered around for 4 hours killing random enemies an…[View]
442244103*Cough cough wheeze*[View]
442236825I literally lol'ed when I saw this image.[View]
442246056Dishonored 2 is on sale for $20. Should I get it? Main thing that's holding me back are the fra…[View]
442248128are there rts games with angels faction? if u were like making an rts with angels faction how would …[View]
442232170Will this game ever have a worthy successor?[View]
442245108What are some games that give you an idea of what to talk to a girl about when meeting her on a date…[View]
442247659Powerful Stunning Breath taking https://youtu.be/pP-gRykSOkc https://youtu.be/2QnfDmeCNPw[View]
442243382Gaming routines: I play and finish at least 1 game every week. New and old. Big and small. Do you ha…[View]
442245717The dream will come true Agubros Keep fighting[View]
442246190 [View]
442174829this fucking hoe[View]
442247629Which Magic the Gathering character would you want in dlc1 of Smash Ultimate?[View]
442247467Remake when?[View]
442247069Keep telling yourself it wasn't your fault, /v/. Maybe you'll even start to believe it…[View]
442246640why is this allowed? when the fuck are we gonna get a game where there is some incentive to being a …[View]
442247198Will this cause /v/ to go on endless shitposting for weeks like they did with sony or is it okay whe…[View]
442244925This character was 1000% better of a choice than any of the literal who’s on the grinch leak poster.…[View]
442245518Show me a game on PC running on 2013 hardware at 1080p that looks better than this You literally can…[View]
442221920Roster limiter has been broken again. Who are the last 4?[View]
442232363Post Game Music ruined by the Internet. I'll start https://youtu.be/2RKnfOAI1A0[View]
442246623[spoiler[could Dark Souls get a smash rep? it's on the switch, and it even has an amiibo.[/spoi…[View]
442231427Be honest /v/. Did all of these games really deserve to win GOTY?[View]
442246826Why don't vidya companies just sell or make their assets public when they're finished with…[View]
442246854Absolute DOG SHIT I don't own the game[View]
442238065You do WHAT when you think about me?![View]
442246039how tall is our man? is he a manlet?[View]
442246648Arma 3: Arma Thread. Have you played before? Have you played recently? What did you like about the …[View]
442246502I JUST BAGGED THE WORLD'S FATTEST tf2 thread[View]
442245857Are we just going to ignore that it a commercial and critically acclaimed flop? Maybe nintendo shoul…[View]
4422445291 Santa hat please[View]
442242076whats the best shooter on consoles currently? I'm bored.[View]
442241368Still the best Ryu after all these years.[View]
442226597MGSV: WHAT HAPPENED TO >MG Sahelanthropus ? >Eli? >Child Soldiers? >Battle Gear ? >XO…[View]
442243760Badly made Smash Ultimate /v/ arena image Join up bros, we teams ID: B8773 Pass: 111[View]
442244885This is your next Smash rep. Say something nice about him[View]
442242661Lazy members of the merchants' guild or grossly incompetent?[View]
442243781Skull kid will be in smash ultimate I just found him in the spirit board. Listed as 'mii brawle…[View]
442239536>does his own shady shit like the rest of the gang to make money >by bad luck, Arthur gets TB …[View]
442245689https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/will-not-play-new-smash-bros-unless-includes/ All these character…[View]
442245676*blocks your path*[View]
442231526Are all furry gamers this fucking spastic? What's the furry gaming community like?[View]
442236254Favorite NES games, /v/?: Mine is pic related[View]
442245474Why were there so many gullible people that believed a blurry photoshopped image on a cardboard box?[View]
442245441>play game >boss can't be stunned >boss can't be poisoned >boss can't be …[View]
442240531risk of rain: its rainin HOST: 11100[View]
442243946Why isn't he an Echo Fighter?[View]
442244260Zero Suit Samus looks the best she’s ever looked in Ultimate >those abs UNF…[View]
442193453they took this from you...[View]
442243887Wait, so the goal of some of Org 13 was to get their hearts back. Some of them did in DDD and then w…[View]
442240293Name your most hated faction in Red Dead Redemption 2 >The O'Driscolls >Lemoyne Raiders …[View]
442245083Literally. Unpunishable[View]
442245078MOLLUCK IS PISSED: Wanna know why this guy is so FUCKING PLATINUM MAD? I'll tell you why It…[View]
442241495How do I convince my mom to let me be a NEET again /v/? I want to have more time playing video games…[View]
442244701Does anyone else play the yellow vest inkling in smash just to make jokes about the French Riots? Be…[View]
442245038how can someone possibly be this autistic?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIdRKX0G2S8&t=63s…[View]
442239589Wait. Why isn't he in? >Classic character >Ninja Gaiden >Ninja Gaiden II >Ninja Gai…[View]
442243756What's next for Todd and Vault Boy after Fallout 76?[View]
442234190Pic related is a disappointing game with a shit tier ending.[View]
442244257I'm feeling mischievous right now what are some online games where I can easily grief?[View]
442244756I don't know who almost half the roster of Smash Brother are. Getting old sucks[View]
442242684She's in.[View]
442241289ITS HAPPENING AGAIN. DEATH STRANDING: http://archillect.com/204863 GO HERE, This is the number from …[View]
442243484>leave artifact to me[View]
442242784So are you hyped for /ournewgame/?[View]
442236569I work 50-80 hour weeks, does nintendo really fucking expect me to find the time to unlock 70+ chara…[View]
442244050Characters that actually deserve to be in Smash.[View]
442243765>post yfw when at least one of these two get announced for Smash[View]
442243453Is josh sawyer working on outer worlds?[View]
442241183Why do you guys hate everything? Pic unrelated.[View]
442244235meta: I see more people complaining about /pol/ than actual anti-semitism on /v/. Are we being raide…[View]
442244034Pubg or mw4: Want to play battle royale again, but I suck at building. Which game should I get v?…[View]
442244220Games you just can't bring yourself to finish.[View]
442240668Stop hating Ann.[View]
442243259What went wrong?[View]
442196297Could they have made it more obvious that Arthur was gonna die?[View]
442240056How do we fix horror genre?[View]
442236057https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxa6FM9E1jI Why do the gremlins enjoy causing hurt?[View]
442242227Emergency Hitman 2 thread Smash shitposters keep ruining them[View]
442239426What's the best sub-weapon is why is it the axe? Holy water fags need not apply[View]
442216303Say It Isn't So: Is it really just coincidence Bethesda arbitrarily decided to do their open wo…[View]
442241056so uhh...what the fuck just happened?[View]
442243745>most competitively viable entry since Melee >loads of single player content and game modes …[View]
442241715/v/ will defend this.[View]
442193552>vidya opinions that legit make you mad What's her name /v/?[View]
442231745EPIC, Valve, and Pirating: Now that Chinese money is luring new releases into being exclusives on th…[View]
442240437What would be your reaction to this today?[View]
442243497what are some good games i can play on my iphone? preferably no microtransaction bullshit as hard as…[View]
442243476Can someone explain how attacking works in this game? Sometimes when I press a my dude attacks in th…[View]
442240325>walk into room >see this >'Eh heh heh, sure was kind of ya' grandkid to let us play S…[View]
442185813Games with this feel?[View]
442242039what are some games with some good seasonal events?[View]
442236520SSBU Input Lag: >2 frames more input lag than Melee >even worse lag than Brawl This game is fu…[View]
442242898Is it worse to watch your favorite game series/developer completely die, or watch your favorite game…[View]
442240836How do we convince Nintendo to put her in Smash?[View]
442243197Wort Wort Wort![View]
442242597Is PMD an isekai?[View]
442236989is fortnite worth playing?[View]
442225840WOAH, MY SOUL![View]
442242270Right as he dies. You know it's going to happen. let's cope now.[View]
442242834He's in.[View]
442242461Anyone been able to find a dump of all the alternate color stock icons in Smash Ultimate?[View]
442242640https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpd85y_iTxY >tfw you will never get to play on early minecraft /v…[View]
442237159Do you buy game guides, /v/?[View]
442242559What are some games where I can play as the Confederacy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNq1IDwImPs…[View]
442240642I need your help /v/: I bought Half-Life 2 from a thrift store and downloaded all the discs but I ca…[View]
442232954What games have the best romance?[View]
442236294Why the fuck does /v/ hate this game so much, was it really THAT bad?[View]
442239432Lets discuss one of the greatest games ever made.[View]
442242413this is the best gun ever[View]
442239610Is this game as good as people say it is? All the videos I've seen make it look like a pain in …[View]
442242115Super Smash Bros Leak: I know people hates leakers but Just hear me, and if you dont believe me that…[View]
442170153They made her too cute.[View]
442238943SONIC, I'M ABOUT TO SAY THE 'P' WORD![View]
442239848Starsector: So wait you're telling me theres ZERO downside to buying from the black market as l…[View]
442230614You lived long enough to see Crash compete with Sonic the Fucking Hedgehog!!![View]
442238606Okay, let's take a moment to talk about... not the roster. Now, is it me, or is it much harder …[View]
442229307Was Minish Cap the patrician's Zelda title?[View]
442241731ITT: things that happened[View]
442241726Cloudfags UNITE![View]
442239381>GET OVER HERE >*unfitting nigger music starts playing*…[View]
442241132Magic in Video Games: What rpg has the best magic system/ magic combat? I want to be a Wizard[View]
442241454when the fuck is this coming out[View]
442240370For me it's Junko[View]
442241545Yuna: MY god.... why is she so perfect? >Beautiful >Sweet >Caring >Willing to sacrifice …[View]
442241506Time crunch: What are the best games to come out with tight, rushed development schedules? >Oddwo…[View]
442241190Can a video game give you ptsd? My losses and hits taken keep playing over and over in my head, them…[View]
442239702ITT: things forgotten by time[View]
442236228Make this vidya.[View]
442238303Theres zero reason to collect this gay shit, AI cheats and can one hit you on veteran mode[View]
442239326Is Panchea really that bad?[View]
442240758Battle Royal: What's the best Battle royal games in your honest opinions? Personally, I like pl…[View]
442239580It's a masterpiece in game design[View]
442237675DEVIL MAY CRY: Demo OST rips are out. https://youtu.be/XYbMEMrh69A https://youtu.be/U9KalQyP7D0 http…[View]
442239128Guess who got a new toy /v/ U mad poorfags?[View]
442240603Controller bread?: What is a good cheapo controller? also will flight sticks ever come back into the…[View]
442239578Dusk: what did you guys think of episode 3?[View]
442226842Soul vs Soulless[View]
442239971Help: I went to the eShop the buy Smash but I accidentally bought Katamari Damacy Reroll![View]
442239218is this worth getting for $30 on pc ?[View]
442240179Shay the word.[View]
442215863https://nichegamer.com/2018/12/08/yiik-a-postmodern-rpg-finally-launches-on-january-17-2019/ Yikes!…[View]
442237054Whats your thoughts on Minecraft 1.14 so far[View]
442236874YOU SEE BETHESDA[View]
442223494Just Cause 4?: More like JUST Cause 4get I Ever Existed![View]
442235174>Nintendofags bitch about anime characters in Smash >Want scalebait bara reptiles from 20 year…[View]
442224743Good aim?: How do people achieve it? Any good guides? I feel like 'just practice' is such bullshit. …[View]
442232993Are there any 'good' developers anymore?[View]
442240052There will be official tourney rules preventing people from switching pokemon with pokemon trainer, …[View]
442239853I am fucking tired of AAA Game Publishers, the Idiots and Spics who prop them up have no sense in sp…[View]
442239763What are his chances?[View]
442235403*ahem* FUCK MICAH[View]
442239749what are some games where i can kill things[View]
442220060Why do you play as females for/in games?[View]
442239632What are the 'Stardust- music sounds better with you' and 'modjo- Lady (hear me tonight)' of video g…[View]
442238594What are his chances?[View]
442237174Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
442239564>Lose an online match >Google 'Is [enemy faction/hero/deck] OP?…[View]
442227281Leave Deltarune to us[View]
442239504Who is your favourite development team? Mine is elysian shadows. They are live now on twitch elysian…[View]
442232420Tuesday. Will you do your part?[View]
442238315>final boss was a good guy[View]
442221571With Joker confirmed I think it's fair to say that he has a real shot. We know that Toby Fox fl…[View]
442239112Why does this shithole exist[View]
442239283Post the best western turn based RPGs: CRPG/DnD-style preferred.[View]
442237234Best PC games to play on a toaster? My gaming desktop crapped out on me so I've got my shitty l…[View]
442239191Are you ready for winter, lads?[View]
442237085Clipping: Why is clipping considered a negative for video games? i can understand going through wall…[View]
442238453*steals your DLC spot*[View]
442238246Deep down in my heart, I know that a Kingdom Hearts parody of the song X Gonna Give to Ya can be don…[View]
442237098Bloodborne: How active is the playerbase in this game? I want to do some invasions but not if there’…[View]
442238974Civilization Thread: *hakas in your path*[View]
442238690The Outer Worlds: I really hope that we can mod this game. I want nude and sex orgy mods for every c…[View]
442238870webm thread: >engaging in PvP without someone 20 levels above you…[View]
442236639So I can play doom in my phone with gyro aiming what more do I need?[View]
442233824Man I can’t wait to kill these two faggots: This game is gonna be fun. Mad Max mixed in with fallout…[View]
442237586How you enjoying Babylonia so far? I thought Camelot was long but damn this is something else. Seein…[View]
442236532I wish they had good exclusives, the Xbox One X is easily the best console out now but unfortunately…[View]
442200125>2018... I am forgotten[View]
442238496>Upgraded computer >Everything except the GPU because crypto made prices absurd >Can't…[View]
442238653What type of electronic games do Liberal gamers play?[View]
442237479ITT: Dumb vidya-related things you did/believed in when you were a kid. >believed every enemy NPC…[View]
442216887What did we do to deserve this future?[View]
442238416Show me your roster[View]
442205825Oh shit! SCP 682 just google it, newest of fags is determined to wipe your ass out, only the last …[View]
442237778Strange symbol on Fortnite: This symbol appeared on Fortnite after installing the last update, what …[View]
442232403Why did Liquid dress up as Miller if he's just talking over a radio? It's not like Snake c…[View]
442232775We write Sakurai a letter one word at a time Dear Sakurai,[View]
442237474Did anyone else find this game to get very repetitive. I like the game but sometimes i force myself …[View]
442234708God I fucking love video games so much. New games. Old games. I fucking love video games so fucking …[View]
442235995kenshi: kenshi thread, post tips, stories, whatever >start as a hive wanderer >finally grind u…[View]
442206957What would Atlus need to change in the base game to make the Enhanced Edition port on Switch worth a…[View]
442231450> Epic has literally all the zoomers eating from their palm > Announces a Steam competitor tha…[View]
442237809Autistic Genocide needs to happen[View]
442237747NEETs shouldnt be allowed to play video games. If you dont work and contribute in the real world why…[View]
442237818>accept terms of use >accept privacy policy >accept GDPR >link email with publisher Why …[View]
442237796Breaking news! /v/'s favorite video game composer didn't actually an hero! https://www.you…[View]
442236841>convince gf to tell me what she got me for Christmas >got me smash ultimate deluxe edition f…[View]
442235867Super Smash Bros?: more like Subpar Trash Hoes[View]
442237465One will protect you The others will try to kill you Choose wisely[View]
442233201Awkward Red Dead Online encounter. Need advice.: I need some advice. >I am a YouTuber with about …[View]
442236094Visual Novel thread: What are you playing /v/?Also what do you think of 428 Shibuya Scramble?[View]
442237565Hyped for his impending reveal?[View]
442220356Are there any Fire Emblem games without random stat growth? I tried getting into the series but was …[View]
442237317Leaked Titanfall 3 Promo image: >Gee bill, Three main characters?…[View]
442237276Can you holster your weapon?: Every gameplay/trailer I see is with the weapon out, even when walking…[View]
442236510She's wonderful to play as[View]
442233048thoughts on her on ultimate? how is she compared to smash 4[View]
442237051New Nintendo Switch from Best Buy I bought that Supa Smash Brothers I play that Playstation 4 games …[View]
442228410Since there are a bunch of secondaries shitting up persona threads now let them not decieve you, thi…[View]
442234858What do you lonely fellas play on their weekends?[View]
442232242any of your family members also play video games? Dad got me into FPS he's still waiting for HL…[View]
442236962Know any games that required having the instruction manual to play in any capacity?[View]
442236945How many sales do you think this will this get in its first month?[View]
442235590What were the best Skyrim mods of 2018?[View]
442236419>friends play Fortnite >my sister plays Fortnite >my coworkers play Fortnite >my fucking…[View]
442234975Play Paladins.[View]
442236695help: Somebody is giving me a free PS4 game, between these 3: - Mortal Kombat XL - Batman: Arkham Kn…[View]
442233963A list celebrities voice unfitting video game characters: The resident Hollywood koshers have gotten…[View]
442232054ITT: Cursed Spirit Battles[View]
442235684Any hopes for the next game?[View]
442233507Post enemies that don't fuck around.[View]
442231619Which do you prefer?[View]
442233102When it comes to survival action, why there are so few titles to play?[View]
442234396>yfw hes announced as the next dlc smash character[View]
442235116Beat 3 level 9s on a team in Smash Ultimate in stock without friendly fire, record and upload, and I…[View]
442233478Anonymous: What If Sonic Turned into Felicia[View]
442233946Cube World: Does it have hope still?: I still have hope anon's, he still emails the Discord ser…[View]
442236303>Play Melee on netplay with 3 friends >Feels like we're in the same room pretty much >…[View]
442229782>here's that metroid remaster you wanted bro[View]
442236073Reminder that Puyo Puyo became a official esport game before Smash, and their fanbase aren't kn…[View]
442230795You can only pick one.[View]
442235910What's his endgame?[View]
442226717Is this game any good?[View]
442235159Industry insiders forecasting huge sales on Smash Ultimate: Holy shit bros, is this going to be the …[View]
442235040I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to a hope in possibility that this E3 will be videog…[View]
442235825Where the hell is the option to keep the fighter selected after the battle is over? Why do I have to…[View]
442229502skribbl.io: https://skribbl.io/?wVb94mpLl1 vidya custom word list[View]
442232290They are gonna fix the online, right guys? Please don't tell me they have never done that befor…[View]
442235414Is this game really as bad as people say it is? Would it be a decent buy if I want a grindy game whe…[View]
442233829MORTAL 11 KOMBAT: Pic related litreally is where I kame. >entreated NRS for Kahn's inclusion…[View]
442232395>Smash Fags: Why is Kirby considered so powerful? He is just a Pink Puff ball who beats up King D…[View]
442229691so i finished playing this piece of shit why do literal children praise this earthbound rip off?? ha…[View]
442217975When evil lurks, I mustDMC Thread[View]
442213753Are you enjoying the new Soulja Boy console, /v/?[View]
442228865Why does everyone like him so much? He's shit gameplay wise. What's the appeal?[View]
442232565Joker in smash: i think there will be like a palutinia guidelines but with persona 5 confidants…[View]
442233892Banjo vs. Steve: we're not done boys[View]
442230731So we all agree that BOTW is the greatest open world game of all time, right? RDRII is amazing and b…[View]
442222567Yeah, I'll just be taking that GOTY award.[View]
442233147Oculus Referral: Anybody got a Rift and want to hook a brother up with a referral code? 10% off for …[View]
442213305What's the appeal of this game?[View]
442232831It's Saturday night and we're playing skribbl io https://skribbl.io/?fQHuNEaqS3 using the …[View]
442226246Do you think we'll get a sequel to TWEWY this time? I'm sick of being baited. We've b…[View]
442233879Hello again, the last time I brought a picture of Ken, but this time are some information about the …[View]
442234081Please play girls frontline /v/, I know you are all gun loving christian americans[View]
442233748Is this the ideal male body?[View]
442234331How many normalfags know about the Amiga 500?: Amiga 500 was a true legend in gaming. It beats socia…[View]
442234042Old school or new school?[View]
442227889Why is /v/ so triggered about RDR2 losing GOTY to God of War?[View]
442233720He's in[View]
442234176tfw runescape account might be getting hacked because twitch are cunts[View]
442234132How big are your hands /v/?[View]
442223736Original Halo Trilogy:: Which one's the best and why?[View]
442221779Dragon Age 4 - Dread Wolf Edition: Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/Nw3lrXlti-8 …[View]
442230052Steam is Dead: Epic![View]
442230082How in the absolute fuck do i get good at this game? Every boss encounter is a pain in the ass and i…[View]
442233809Why the fuck does no one play vehicle building games? am I the only one who likes these?[View]
442233140Anyone else find it odd that a game with no story and faceless, personality-less characters like For…[View]
442233678Who is your favourite development team? Mine is elysian shadows. They are live now on twitch elysian…[View]
442230506The best Metal Gear[View]
442229661What sort of vidya will help me find friends? I just want to talk to people.[View]
442227386Why do we have console wars?: What I mean is why do you guys insist on only one system wouldn't…[View]
442226019Which one do you attack first?[View]
442231204So what does /v/ think of Sora?[View]
442233313can someone explain why his upsmash sends you flying[View]
442231406Foreign Whips is objectively the best track young scrolls has ever produced and you cant prove me wr…[View]
442229876HE'S FUCKING IN[View]
442229630>This is 2018, and grotesque caricatures like Kirby have no place in video games. Some will certa…[View]
442232889>yfw they mixed the english and japanese versions of Ring! Dong! Dang! into one track in Smash Br…[View]
442230821The first notable Smash Ultimate tournament is happening right now, currently in top 48 singles. Let…[View]
442230793Is it okay to like games that everyone hates?[View]
442231817If games were not sold for a lump-sum price or subscription fee, but instead just charged you $1 for…[View]
442232918>General Ultra setting >Doesn't max all graphic options…[View]
442232331>As a reminder, after March 8, 2019, the Monthly Games provided to PlayStation Plus members will …[View]
442231565Up special = WarGreymon Side special = MetalGreymon Neutral special = Greymon[View]
442231087Give me one reason why i shouldnt buy kingdom hearts 3 and DMC5 for xbone x. You cant.[View]
442227449>character appears >can't stop masturbating Who is YOUR demon?…[View]
442232638/v/ always wins baby[View]
442232424ITT: Unpopular opinions. Bob Hoskins is a better Mario than Charles Martinet[View]
442231772Can we allagree that Richter is the hottest character in smash history[View]
442232625what the fuck do I set the stick sensitivity to in ultimate[View]
442232613god tier box art thread[View]
442230879Does anybody remember this piece of crap and how it failed miserably to be anything more than a dump…[View]
442232582>Hahahaha! Now I have the cube, Zeus!!1[View]
442232295Name better /v/-kino: I´ll wait...[View]
442232486its snowing where i am >post your favourite snow level i honestly dont have many distinct memorie…[View]
442231896Poison has the best and fattest ass, along with a nice puffy genitalia[View]
442228302Has anyone noticed just how well Bethesda games age? Even today I can still play Morrowind, Oblivion…[View]
442232071What's your opinion on pic related?[View]
442232252>Mods delete an ACTUAL VIDEO GAME THREAD about an ACTUAL VIDEO GAME that I've seen discussed…[View]
442230414Planetscape Torment: This shit is installing at the moment, what am I in for? Share tricks and tips.…[View]
442230272aren't you going to buy her game, /v/?[View]
442231328anon has an old xbox: I want to get everything I can out of it. What can I do with it, /v/? More imp…[View]
442232323With activision being really successful with all the 'HD remakes remaster reignated reinsanes nitras…[View]
442231927Would you a fish?[View]
442232270I liked it Not as much as the new order but i enjoyed the escalation of the story with B.J. and stuf…[View]
442232221Music from dead and or niche vidia thread! lets see the gems you got https://youtu.be/HOJlAATKfOg[View]
442232154These are objectively the best bosses in soulsborne.[View]
442231786Post your weapons /v/[View]
442232061I want to celebrate the Eucharist with Simon[View]
442230883we haven't had a pikmin thread in like a year where my fellow chads at. send your prayers to ni…[View]
442231105>Tfw your country doesn't make good games >Tfw only Suda51 loved Patobox…[View]
442228857You can only post in this thread if you genuinely enjoy video games and your at the point that all o…[View]
442227981well that was quick the game must have been a big flop[View]
442231692Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that this is better than Melee right /v/?[View]
442231691Can we have a Smash bros thread for just the music? How do you feel about the tracklist? What's…[View]
442231671Is there any better feeling in gaming than learning the ins and outs of a action game and finally ma…[View]
442231636Disappointing game with a shit-tier ending.[View]
442231405Your Reaction: We get Shiori Fujisaki as a newcomer for the next SSB installment. What would your th…[View]
442214493/v/ can Kingdom Hearts 3 live up to the hype? This is one of the most anticipated games of all time.…[View]
442223984>Smash is not a real fighting ga- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/altlabcontrollers/smash-st…[View]
442229846Silent Hill 2: Will it ever be topped?[View]
442231345Why is no one flipping shit over the awful live version of Devil Trigger? That was absolutely painfu…[View]
442228091Who's the best Belmont /v/?[View]
442225754can we get a banjo thread? not necessarily one about smash, but just a thread about the bear and bir…[View]
442224409Vidya Webms: Rev up those folders boys, post your best vidya webms[View]
442229453Anyone have a dump or a link to a dump of the alternate costume stock icons in Smash Ultimate?[View]
442228549Is there a single Japanese video game with romance options that allows for a male/male pairing?[View]
442228219How the fuck do I do combos? I'm so fucking bad.[View]
442210483All chat removed for a better future?: Should all chat be removed from all pvp like games /v/? As it…[View]
442230618FUCK OFF[View]
442227732It's just true.[View]
442230001Monster Hunter Steve Solaire Sora Waluigi[View]
442222362>6 insane boards >8 lovable chars >duel mode Why the FUCK did Mario Retardy go downhill wit…[View]
442178326Psychonauts 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RClJ_DAotaA Trailer is out. What did you think of it?…[View]
442229578What if I were to tell you the next 4 dlc characters are Banjo, Steve, Phoenix Wright, and Sylux?[View]
442230062What the fuck wrong with modern PC gaming?[View]
442230119It's a pretty solid game /v/: If normies and zoom zooms didn't play it you would be playin…[View]
442230221This was one of the most aggressively, shamelessly and sickeningly right wing video games I have eve…[View]
442230368Game of the generation.[View]
442226720>pure >loyal >feminine >determined Why the hell did people hate Haru? She's basical…[View]
442230271>Hitman 2 >6 levels >1 of them is very small >Hitman 1 >8 levels >2 of them are ve…[View]
442230178Actual Discussion: when you remove the gayness of the fanbase and retardardation the skins cause, ho…[View]
442226362Now that the dust has settled, Was the AC:Revolutions Trailer the best game trailer of all time???[View]
442226623What a piece of shit... still a good game overall though. Seriously, fuck World Of Light[View]
442229859>Decide to play through Starcraft 2's campaign again, remember it being fun >The entirety…[View]
442228516Arma 3: Why aren't you playing Arma 3 right now? >new game mode - Warlords >fight for con…[View]
442224678Thinking about getting into this series, is the Lost Planet trilogy worth playing? What does /v/ thi…[View]
442222424whose death was more kino?[View]
442229653DMC Thread: >V's theme is 'Crimson Cloud' >Mundus can appear as 3 glowing red orbs surrou…[View]
442228552TF2 PARTY VAN: GET IN THE VAN Old thread is dead password is a four letter word for anger 173.247.28…[View]
442229071ITT: write a mini-review: Review the last game you played by describing one thing you like and one t…[View]
442227059>Haven't played smash since I was 12 (melee) >Constant threads on /v/ due to grinchleak p…[View]
442229545i come bearing news from nintendo! Here is ONE of your DLC characters for smash![View]
442227231This is your second dlc for smash ultimate.[View]
442229407>everyone suddenly hates Dr. Wily what happened?[View]
442229135>2018 >smash bros still has lag online WHAT THE FUCK…[View]
442226310So, should I watch a longplay of this? I just have no desire to buy a PS4 just to learn the origins …[View]
442226374Now that its been a full day, are there still any retards left that think Ultimate is just a port?[View]
442223564Prediction: You guys think these characters will be in Smash Ultimate?[View]
442229097CHAOS CHAOS: This guy slaps you're waifu on the ass and basically, he can do anything. How fuck…[View]
442228207It's a travesty the last Nintendo all-star has missed 5 Smash games: What the hell is wrong wit…[View]
442229014Holy FUCK Is Ganondorf actually good now? I feel it[View]
442228165>has an old design Its just an mk2 port guys cmon[View]
442227091but... Its ok when Sony does it: >xbox one console is larger than ps4 hur dur xboners >ps4 pro…[View]
442228957The Shining Force series (particularly 2) is one of my favorite tactics-style RPGs. I want to play s…[View]
442228005Anonymous: My 4 Choices for Smash Bros. Ultimate for DLC are: 1. Terra (Final Fantasy) 2. Klonoa (Na…[View]
442228870What is the best escort mission in the history of vidya?[View]
442228397Smash Ultimate 'Update 1' Is Coming: The first major Smash Ultimate update is on its way. Here is wh…[View]
442228653Is there some kind of rebalancing patch for this? Conquest and Birthright both feel kind of incomple…[View]
442227475>a game where good soundtrack was shadowed by shit gameplay pic related…[View]
442224815The results of your physical examination are in now. This chart tells me right here that your sodium…[View]
442224068Do you play with RTX on or off?[View]
442227263Are JRPGs even games? There's no gameplay...[View]
442227994>anime games are kill in your lifetime based valve[View]
442219050I'm interested in this.[View]
442228183Spirits you want but haven't gotten yet. Which ones are they /v/?[View]
442228062Some water got inside my Xbone and now it won't turn on. The power box thing still works though…[View]
442207419only played bloodborne before, what am i before?: if you could give me one advice,hint, or a clue be…[View]
442225083So what are we calling this one? Tra5h?[View]
442228373>name is fenix >comes back from the dead I just got this…[View]
442119475/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread: >>442023619 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
442228109>literally paying for unplayable lag[View]
442227041>Game has a moral system >do good things you get the good ending >do bad things you get the…[View]
442228138When will they nerf this fucking feature?[View]
442228210Reminder that this guy and Pirahna Plant BTFO Vergeben and Hitagi.[View]
442226540Thank him.[View]
442226549Can somebody just tell me if this is good or not? I'm still happy with smash 4 and my Wii U. Sh…[View]
442224179What are some fun games that can be finished in an hour or two?[View]
442228040What is the best Easter Egg song and why is it Pareidolia?[View]
442227995Smash Ultimate help: I need to find Slippy for the 'The Star Fox team's mechanic could probably…[View]
442226803I missed it. Anyone have a link or list of the games announced?[View]
442227186outer worlds gameplay: >release new gameplay >only video are faggot video uploaders who are sc…[View]
442212253Boobs are just lumps of fat[View]
442201878Is it safe to say Ultimate is the worst game of the series?[View]
442227792ITT: Characters that would make good Assist Trophies: I think if TF2 were to get even the teensiest …[View]
442227049This isn't fun: What a complete waste of development time.[View]
442225412Are you the kind of person that makes sporadic jerks and twitches when you play games? I was at thi…[View]
442214494>synthwave OST >Game is instantly 10/10 WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?…[View]
442227651If Red Dead had dinosaurs it would have won GOTY. Dinosaurs always make things better.[View]
442227587People don't really use up tilts do they? Fuck me how are you meant to repeatedly and effective…[View]
442226535Share clever spirit references you've seen: I'll start[View]
442225168/v/ plays SSBU: Lets see where this goes. Arena ID is M11D8 Password is 4444[View]
442219903What are your hopes and expectations for SMTV?[View]
442220605Find a flaw[View]
442224696*Blocks your World of Light progress*[View]
442221070>Own PS4, Switch and PC >Wonder why grown ass adults care about games being ported to differen…[View]
442223115>preferred settings are 1v1 FD no items >constantly get put in 4 player dumb stages with all i…[View]
442227114Super Smash Bros Leaks: DLC Pack #1 >Joker >Sans from Undertale >2B >Josef Fritzl DLC P…[View]
442222536I'm vegan.[View]
442226780>Have preferred rules set to 1v1 stock with no items >The last ten matches have all been 4-pla…[View]
442208575The trial is just about done downloading. I was told that the forest city is the best one to start i…[View]
442223479Quick! Use your vidya skills to save the princess from the Miniature Knight![View]
442222798What video game character has the highest kill count?[View]
442226339Don Bongo: Don Bongo[View]
442223851the cia already leaked literally no excuse[View]
442224368So my girlfriend happened to see some smash gameplay and she instantly asked me if this game was mea…[View]
442219164This is the only acceptable fe dlc[View]
442226252Battlestation: Post your battlestations /v/ I'll start[View]
442224768Anyone else laughing their ass off at all the smashfags getting absolutely BTFO? >dumbasses hypin…[View]
442222373Not only would it print money but it would be epic... just like the good old days[View]
442218508Call VR dead if you want, but it's the most fun I've had in years. I just got mine a few w…[View]
442225690so /v/ i just started playing dmc3 and feel im comfortable now with how the movement is and when to …[View]
442216460Was it really that bad?[View]
442226001>god of war? yikes! that game celebrates oppressive european mythology. i'll stick with a ga…[View]
442224513Post a single picture from a game that is GUARANTEED to get someone to buy it[View]
4422205922018 vs 2008 Gaming: 2018 was one of the best years for gaming, 10 years ago, while 2018 might be th…[View]
442219128TF2 PARTY VAN: LETS GET THE PARTY VAN ROLLING BOYS password is a four letter word for anger 173.247.…[View]
442226021>Still a clone after 17 years >Took nearly 2 decades for Cuckurai to add fucking swords to his…[View]
442225914Getting some progress done on a grindy game that requires input every 40s or so, what's a good …[View]
442225603Is this what peak immersion is looks like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgPruTnmU7w[View]
442225693What's the best Run and Gun game?[View]
442223442Wholesome vidya thread >Be me >sad and alone >cousin I haven't seen in a while drops …[View]
442225735Which spirit are you maining? pic related, usually with Victini plus situational immunity spirits.[View]
442225731EH REH[View]
442223964Input Lag in Smash: If you have input Lag Turn the controller sensitivity to high you dumbo[View]
442224553Has a game ever really given you a hard choice? It doens't happen very often for me, I'm u…[View]
442225556>Heres your Call Of duty soldier bro[View]
442225516I have taken the person you like for my plans of world domination. What are you going to do /v/?[View]
442221227Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ada looks beautifu-[View]
442225367>tfw you want to play Incineroar but all of his moves are shit[View]
442223406Resident Evil Thread: Are there any major differences between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X verisons of…[View]
442222939Who else completely lost track of upcoming games and got frozen in time?[View]
442182385Post your main >are they better? >are they worse?…[View]
442224442>see's god of war's game award >steals it immediately https://comicbook.com/gaming/…[View]
442219725Biggest money grab I ever seen. Crazy amounts of fucking input lag no matter controller and online i…[View]
442220530ITT games that aged like milk[View]
442225024Wipeout Appreciation Thread: What is the best team and why is it Auricom?[View]
442222285Does anyone else remember your dad driving you home from GAME with the newest game, you read through…[View]
442224107[Micheal] has been a good boy this year. What about you?[View]
442214371What are games that came with cool shit inside the case?[View]
442222597Has anyone played this? I feel like they fucked up by releasing it during TGA, no one is talking abo…[View]
442224774Why is noone hyped for DMC5?[View]
442224727GAMERS RISE UP[View]
442223424What the fuck is your problem man?[View]
442224634Where's that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?[View]
442224396Literally impossible[View]
442221204Why does Nintendo decide to have dog shit online multiplayer experiences? The online in ultimate mak…[View]
442212908Merry Christmas /v/: Well, I was planning on waiting until closer to Christmas until I did this, but…[View]
442188221THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
442223101Taking a look at the eShop there's only three characters who could be in Smash Bros. for Ninten…[View]
442224474Reptile is the coolest ninja. Smoke is a pussy.[View]
442213456I remember when /v/ used to love Steam, Valve and Gabe Newell. When did Valve become the bad guys?[View]
442222235>only want to play online games >my internet is awful and I've the best plan I can get in…[View]
442222667For me, its Ame no Uzume[View]
442224141Started playing world of light today >Having a grand old time >Hit bayonetta with juri spirit …[View]
442222194When Earthbound-style games became a thing in the west? When this one was released I don't reca…[View]
442220954After this disaster there are still people who trust sony?: Ps5 will be a disaster of epic proportio…[View]
442223336overwatch: can anyone buy me overwatch?[View]
442180001Why are people so excited for The Outer Worlds? Is it just because muh Obsidian?[View]
442223331WOW, NOT COOL[View]
442223746Yes; if only there was some way to talk about my favorite Vidya![View]
442221840Could they get into Smash?[View]
442223578A 'grown' man complains about children's toys for 5 minutes[View]
442216932Wich one is worse? This, Bayonetta, Corrin or Piranha Plant?[View]
442221098Frostpunk is fucking great. Might be my personal GOTY. What do you think about it, /v/?[View]
442221838Heh, faggot anon wasted thousands in a 2080 when a 750 performs just the same[View]
442222023>We finally get an anime character that isn't a sword user >It's a shitty pick Why d…[View]
442191873>Epic Games Store exclusive: OH NO NO NO[View]
442217135Vr is good for porn only Change my mind[View]
442220820OH NO NO NO NO[View]
442214410The GOG community manager fired for making 'transphobic' tweets was doxxed by Resetera and forced to…[View]
442223113Fuck O'Driscoll and fuck balloon people.[View]
442223475Post vidya music that gets you hype and the blood flowing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0N2_ElJxR…[View]
442189031Halo 2[View]
442215423Why are people so scared to say the Yakuza series is shit? The story is great but it's GAME not…[View]
442222897CRISIS CORE: Final Fantasy VII: Such a good game.[View]
442223348How many times has this saved you in a Spirit Battle?[View]
442223313So /v/, who are your elite fighters ?: I'm not a furry fag i promise[View]
442215493>published by Nintendo >developed by Team Ninja How?…[View]
442223270for me, it's the villager.[View]
442223246poo poo pee pee[View]
442223196Raytracing: There's no way this stupidly expensive feature (both dollar and performance wise) i…[View]
442220275Is it fun?[View]
442222208Opinions about this list? I think every spot is deserved 10. Dynasty Warriors 9 9. Jurassic World Ev…[View]
442223060DLC speculation: Since Joker's reveal there's been a lot of speculation over potential sma…[View]
442222686Is it worth doing the inverted castle? Seems like the same thing[View]
442221972ITT: biggest autists in gaming[View]
442222636>1st playthrough >think character is ugly and annoying >2nd playthrough >realize she…[View]
442221108> I've heard multiple names regarding who it could be, but I don't want to say anything…[View]
442216245>switch exclusive >on the go action rpg >at home 4 player splitscreen >loads of playable…[View]
442219487A hat in time: just bought it, should I play with controller or keyboard & mouse?[View]
442222374I'm still coming[View]
442222069>2 weeks before GoW's release >xbox and nintenkiddies all furiously f5ing metacritic afte…[View]
442222074Mario=Fleischer cartoons Sonic=Warner Brothers Rubberhose cartoons Crash Bandicoot=Tex Avery Is that…[View]
442215740>DS Lite's charger was a mini USB with a slightly different shaped head in order to make it …[View]
442222312>it's too videogamey[View]
442222301Is there any site with browsergames or so where I can play 2D games against others? Billard, minigol…[View]
442215091Chore Mode: No thank you[View]
442217305Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer has been fixed: youtube.com/watch?v=TtGDluGvn7I Fixed the trailer. >nusc…[View]
442208109Is Nintendo aware of its fan service[View]
442211498Videogame journalists now say that 'lives' are a bad choice of videogame design https://youtu.be/r1z…[View]
442222085ITT: Games Only You Played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HiUwtcLi4c[View]
442219606What are some other clever spirit abilities?[View]
442221525ITT Characters that will be cut from Smash 6: Bonus points if you give a fair justification[View]
442217229They suck.[View]
442221345Frolic in the flowers with me, /v/![View]
442220848What did Skrillex mean by this[View]
442218937So class, what have we learned about Fallout 76?[View]
442221905hurrhurr silly jumping men ultimate ultra power blast[View]
442221672What are some games about getting old and irrelevant?[View]
442220097Favorite Video Game of All Time: Hi 4Channel, this is my first post. So far I'm liking the boar…[View]
442220502The xbox one controller is pretty fair for most games I play, but what would you say are good contro…[View]
442211591>Game goes F2P >Hackers too poor to buy counter-strike after a VAC immediately migrate to TF2 …[View]
442221116>tfw never getting T smash bros again We will never see Peach's or any nintendo female'…[View]
442220435>shitting the bed with Street Fighter V at launch >lose any credibility because of this >so…[View]
442221150>push button >... >... >... >thing happens Good game…[View]
442219423Is this entire game a casual filter? I feel like the game is constantly pushing my shit in after lit…[View]
442221137Bow down bitch[View]
442221503>garbage in smash 4 >feels amazing in ultimate what went so right?…[View]
442215972What went wrong?[View]
442211883I don't get the hype, it just looks like regular Tetris but with way too many obnoxious particl…[View]
442218857Do you guys like it?[View]
442218871Improvement or Ruination?[View]
442218903the multiplayer lag is downright absurd, cant believe nintendo is making people pay extra for this s…[View]
442218132Literal autism[View]
442209627>pirates are now uploading games as single-link google drive downloads. No seeding, uncapped spee…[View]
442220524Thoughts on their new voice clips?[View]
442220783Team Fortress 2: Any speculation for the Heavy Update /v/?[View]
442216656Charizard in Smash: >When everyone else is having fun with their tried-and-true mains Separate Po…[View]
442220792DO MY FTE![View]
442221020If Ultimate gets things other than characters, stages, or music as DLC, what are you hoping for? For…[View]
442215284Top-Loader NES Power Issues: My top-loader NES just came down with a new issue that I’ve never heard…[View]
442219337what game are they planning next? gta 6? bully 2? new ip?[View]
442220971I love smash for bringing ballotfags to this world only to suffer the fanbase that made me the happi…[View]
442217512SquareEnix Rep: >Slime Appears >Slime Join in Smash Any question? SquareEnix neeed a rep for b…[View]
442210072What do I think about it?[View]
442203802/v/bros i want good reasons for Agumon to join Smash as a DLC. Not that 'hes cute' shit , i want leg…[View]
442220809Smash DLC: post and discuss 'em boys[View]
442220778They're FUN[View]
442220372Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Is The Best-Selling Video Game of 2018 On Amazon: https://comicbook…[View]
442219886HE'S FUCKING IN[View]
442219198he's broken[View]
442220121/v/ ETERNALLY BTFO https://twitter.com/skyboundgames/status/1071482376910450688[View]
442220295V A L V E D R O N E S BTFO[View]
442218690Never mind me, just posting the Smash Ultimate DLC.[View]
442219306>Your day is done. The time has come. >You better hold the world as one. >You did the worst…[View]
442220581I've got something for the boss. Lupino around?[View]
442216806Don't lie to me /v/. Is this one of the most intellectual games like I have been told?[View]
442220307Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA: Why is this like this? It's more than the ps4 price even before the…[View]
442217856>'''ultimate''' >It doesn't have the best item…[View]
442210912The one true list right here.[View]
442219457In terms of video games, what makes someone a normie? For me it’s: Only plays popular Western AAA ga…[View]
442212863>play the new smash with some friends >'we need to turn off items' >'no not that stage, it…[View]
442220317Disappointing game with a shit-tier ending.[View]
442215438B-based Obsidian...[View]
442218437What are your thoughts on people who main him?[View]
442220243Was this a good ending?[View]
442218283Almost heaven Crash Virginia Clipping mountains No textures in the river Life is glitchy there 2D pa…[View]
442213503New Smash Bros Amiibo Announced: In recognition of the Melee community's dedication to Smash, N…[View]
442218913How does Kirby manage to become everyones friend?[View]
442219263This game is too boring, i haven't played it in a week and i'm only at chapter 2[View]
442219601Was it ludo?[View]
442218732who /runkittyrun/ here?[View]
442201435Streamer loses entire Origins library after breaking Anthem NDA: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp…[View]
442219551SURF THE WEB! SURF THE WEB![View]
442219434Is smash ultimate better than smash 4?[View]
442218419If Gordon Freeman was created today you fucks would call him a jew male due to his design[View]
442215019Make a judgement about a character from a game you've never played: Other anons tell you if you…[View]
442217350No ingame text chat: JUST[View]
442213862So, in preparation to DMCV, i want to play the series. Should i play the PC HD collection, or should…[View]
442202993Epic Games Store exclusivity is 1 year: So, if you wanna play Ashen on Steam, wait 1 year.[View]
442217124But in all seriousness, why not design the games so you can play as female?[View]
442219217ITT: Games that are novel adaptations.[View]
442196113Alright boys, post your favorite, hardest, and coolest Spirit Battles >Fucking Rayman…[View]
442212807What are some fun games to kill my brain cells?[View]
442217560Why is he not in ultimate Fucking Piranha plant. Wii fit trainer. and no Shy Guy I don’t understan…[View]
442218814I understandshe's the ghost of the cult and shit, but why wasn't there an option to fuck h…[View]
442215991SonicFox is such a powerful voice for the hobby we love as an artform. I don't know what you gu…[View]
442213321*wins tournaments in your path*[View]
442209309Who even makes these?[View]
442218651Smash Roster: Hey guys it's me Mashahiro and i'v edecided to leak the rest of the smash ro…[View]
442217985How do we fix the Scout? Only retards and tryhards play has him, and he's worthless otherwise. …[View]
442217895its a fucking book it sucks[View]
442214263Lmao, haru is so fucking weak haha[View]
442218572Where were you when you realized that ___Bowser is fucking amazing in Ultimate?[View]
442213179Im not getting this game till january due to not having enough money. Hows the game so far?[View]
44221833610 months ago >Hahaha DmC is fucking dogshit based Itsuno will create DMC5 his magnum opus now …[View]
442215068lets get a red dead online thread going post your characters rate n hate heres my boy. I did the re…[View]
442218267post rare Sakurai's[View]
442218253In Memorium: The Games You Loved That Died Too Soon. >Gigantic >Battlerite >Dawngate…[View]
442214064*chompu~*: What Christmas related games are you planning on playing cooped up in your room this year…[View]
442218171this got to be the hardest castlevania ever. I legit completed the first one, the snes port of rondo…[View]
442218164smas brus[View]
442217147So not only this game won RPG of the Year, it consider an RPG. What is your thought on Monster Hunte…[View]
442218140People looking for a game to do dev work on, report in >tfw just want something easy to work on w…[View]
442174603best AVGN episode?[View]
442218012This is a bucket.[View]
442213882*Gets Killed by Smash*[View]
442217929If i play this for the first time on the PC version will the easier aim controls ruin the experience…[View]
442217843batteries on gameboy color: Do only really shitty batteries work in gameboy colors? i have one of th…[View]
442217551The Median XL: Sigma trailer is out! https://youtu.be/tmPdJCLd_Z8 DISCORD CHANNEL: http://chat.media…[View]
442179318So Project Judge is coming West in 2019 and now has an official Western title: 'Judgement.' It also …[View]
442214362'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Is The Best-Selling Video Game of 2018 On Amazon: https://com…[View]
442215468What is /v/'s opinion on people getting video game tatoos?[View]
442217387Remember when they used to make good games before EA bought them, all of the original developers lef…[View]
442214570>sword fighters are op as fuck Why even play this shit game?[View]
442217052i don't like that looks too much like a reskin of new vegas why obsidian can't make anyth…[View]
442213865>They leveled up[View]
442217546>LucasArts hires Obsidian to make KOTOR 2 at Bioware's recommendation >LucasArts forces t…[View]
442217341Describe the last video game you played with a paraphrased AVGN quote[View]
442216297>Fortnite now has a huge patch of snow >PUBG is making a new snow map JUST…[View]
442215280>be me >playing red dead redemption 2 >babysitting 4 year old cousin >look at her and se…[View]
442213839t-there's gonna be PS4 demo too r-right lads? ;_;[View]
442216338https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ObI3AWabGM oh god please be good[View]
442217209So, why am I only allowed to queue up with one character in Elite Battles? I don't get this sys…[View]
442217176>All movie video games are ba- Seriously, how can someone not enjoy the Matrix games? They are bo…[View]
442193117Comfy X4 thread 1.3 is shit.[View]
442215815Fire Emblem, Smash, and Xenoblade are literally the only good Nintendo franchises. Mario , Zelda, an…[View]
442216509Here's your weapon, bro.[View]
442187932Why is Nintendo incapable of making a game with good online? Do they not use the internet in Japan? …[View]
442216423This triggers rosterfag.[View]
442216889Who /epic/ here?[View]
442216589Holy shit Nintendo: They can't keep getting away with it https://twitter.com/kani_tm_bb/status/…[View]
442215295>freezes you >dead[View]
442216834Just beat this, I don't get the story. Why is everyone so scared of fighting superman, when th…[View]
442216795>Joker is the first DLC >Followed by Mii Sorcerer and Mii Idol as a dual release >Lloyd Irv…[View]
442216250care to share some comfy vidya memories?: >last year december >gets invited to a new year…[View]
442216424>No sex minigames with Abigail No wonder this shit lost to God of War[View]
442199680Say that to my DMC thread next time you bitch[View]
442214390Source code: I am looking for the avp2 source code as well as the original iso of the lithtech engin…[View]
442202535Dying Light 2: Do you think this game will be fantastic like the first game and its expansion were o…[View]
442212039Hey /v/ just wanted to let you guys know that Sora will be the next DLC character revealed for Smash…[View]
442209326What did the nips think about ジョーカー inclusion?[View]
442206401With only having 4 actual new characters Isabelle was a big fucking waste of a slot holy shit[View]
442216043Why does his voice sound so low quality. What was nintendo thinking with this rushed garbage of a ga…[View]
442214479It dropped below 10K players. OH NO NO NO NO[View]
442215575I think most people need to admit that they’ll never be truly happy with games not because they suck…[View]
442196501>over a year since its been out >still not enough games to buy it I dont get it. There’s liter…[View]
442215817Oh their's a lot to unpack here.: What did they mean by this?[View]
442215184What happened to dance vidya? My favorite one has to be Bust a Groove on ps1, what else have you guy…[View]
442214813ITT: non-mainstream games that deserve more attention Transformers: Fall of cybertron[View]
442213047>you will never rescue your daughter from an evil conglomerate hooking her up to a Matrix-style n…[View]
442214303Ho Ho Ho! And what do you want for Christmas young man?[View]
442215058remember when fight night was a thing?[View]
442207782>'Who is this girl, lady Palutena?'[View]
442215425Krystal for Smash[View]
442214816How do I not suck as him?[View]
442206129Does Origins or Inquisition have better combat and gameplay? I have both on EA Access . I'm lea…[View]
442215373>they snuck a snuke in her sneed[View]
442205347>there are people on this board that legit think that Joker is an actual swordsman…[View]
4422150702 free Steam keys: 9FKFX-9T7J2-47QQ8 | Satellite Reign DYN3B-3ETV2-4WF8J | Mini Ninjas[View]
442213660What are some influential games that are mostly unknown by the general public?[View]
442212393Give him stats[View]
442190908Currently playing Anthem, AMA.[View]
442215081What are the games where you can commit war crimes?[View]
442213923What does /v/ think of lizards in videogames?[View]
442205386what are the chances it'll be bethesda launcher exclusive?[View]
442213849What visual novel are you playing tonight /v/?[View]
442213397What did Daddy Sakurai mean by this, /v/?[View]
442212727why is she so perfect lads?[View]
442213343Imagine if these races were reversed.[View]
442212906Can you guys tell me if this is worth it or do i just pass.[View]
442210659>Game has 10/10 art style and aesthetic, even people that hate how it looks would begrudgingly ad…[View]
442214520post good video game doctors[View]
442209578They are so fucking fun to play. How did Sakurai do it?[View]
442207976God of War Creator condems SJW censorship: That's the creator of the original game and not the …[View]
442211138Daisy Appreciation Thread: Have you seen how Daisy shakes her hips for her idle animation? I nutted …[View]
442214402Why do devs think they can put out a game full of bugs and expect it to do well?[View]
442208004>mostly play handheld >buy switch >throw away dock >get smash >4player looks small …[View]
442212819Can you replay Spirit battles you already won?: Some had me smiling like an imbecile and I'd lo…[View]
442212450Good Horror games: What is your all time hands down favorite horror game. Asking for a friend I swea…[View]
442214246I feel like shit[View]
442213563So I just bought this today as an early xmas present and I’m regretting it so badly I bought smash M…[View]
442177164Is this a nintendo game?[View]
442214023What did Hideo Kojima mean by this?[View]
442211420The Forest: Why is it so good bros? This might be the most fun I've had with a game all year. W…[View]
442213917Racism strikes again in the game industry! >work at game studio on an action game like dmc or nin…[View]
442212036Ashen: Thoughts on Ashen, /v/?[View]
442207724Its your fault Emuparadise died, not Nintendo.: >Nintendo releases a mini retro console >liter…[View]
442214013What are the most popular games ever /v/?[View]
442213687ITT: Smash spirits that can go fuck themselfs[View]
442213732How is it /v/?[View]
442210836So is it any good now or is it still a boring mess of a fighter?[View]
442213182Who was the most based, and why?[View]
442212894Why is 3DS emulation slower than PS3 emulation? It doesn't make any sense.[View]
442209124What is the most popular vidya franchise?[View]
442213604>*blocks your path*[View]
442212583173.247.28.61:27015 password:r***[View]
442209165Is it good? What do I think of it?[View]
442213704What have you been playing lately, /v/?[View]
442210531>boss is best boy's corpse being used like a puppet[View]
442205776You went ALONE to the GAME AWARDS?[View]
442212446Is Rimworld any good? I want to play dwarf fortress but I can't suffer through it anymore[View]
442213240Is Zelda the best choice in botw?[View]
442212956So I hate to be the one to bring up the elephant in the room, but why wasnt Gabe Newell there?[View]
442213412>wait decades for him to finally be in smash >hes absolute shit CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES…[View]
442212991Krystal is my favorite E10+ Smash character[View]
442212850Have you played games with your friends recently /v/?[View]
4422112833x3 thread?[View]
442213223Stellaris: >AI rebels from itself. >Forms a spiritualist, fanatic egalitarian machine empire. …[View]
442213201Does this ever get fun? Or did I get memed into buying a slow orb-collector[View]
442212314What games really offer the best space fighter experience, with a joystick and everything? I know th…[View]
442211697Why haven't you created your own game yet time is wasting[View]
442213164How big is your TF2 backpack, /v/?[View]
442192093Do Not Play Warframe The game is controlled by SJW tumblrina moderators.[View]
442176151What do you think about Nyotengu's toy?[View]
442212889Best redemption arcs? in vidya of course[View]
442213032What the hell do you mean I cant name CPUs in Smash Ultimate? Why not, Nintendo!?[View]
442203484>Epic launcher convincing game devs to switch over like Ashen and Satisfactory https://www.youtub…[View]
442211301There you are, extracted from the earth like a geyser from its earthly mantle![View]
442212558Post spooky easter eggs[View]
442212585Okay but how ?: How can I listen a playlist during a battle ?[View]
442208948are you hyped for next year's GOTY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwR_aBerxDA[View]
442160028Remember me?[View]
442212838Now that smash ultimate is done will we get kid icarus uprising hd or some sort of sequel?[View]
442205321>Mr. X isn't scripted >He constantly wanders around the police station and is attracted t…[View]
442212716Did Kroger stop carrying Steam gift cards? If so, why? I can't find them in-store or online any…[View]
442212089this game sucks: just finished this game, it was not good. much worse than the gba and gcn games. sh…[View]
442184840Dragon Ball FighterZ: Guys I'm playing Dragon Ball FighterZ for the first time, who synergy wit…[View]
442212653What tier is he?[View]
442212029>More generic FPS RPG games set in a Post apocalyptic future in ruins Grrrr…[View]
442209040Just got this and wow, so the whole >D-pad is terrible! Was just a meme, gotta admit you get me …[View]
442211539>As a game publisher, you should be doubling down on e-cele-[View]
442210613What are some boss battles that actually feel intense and apocalyptic?[View]
442206753What game disappointed you the most?[View]
442184493>dude it's now cool to hate isometric RPG's[View]
442201706>Wake up >Persona 5 still a shitstation exclusive…[View]
442201701Trigger /v/ in 5 words or less: Deathball Acquired[View]
442210719The ideal smash roster.[View]
442212162what went right?[View]
442208425Sorry rosterfags, but Porky is still happening. >but muh absolutely safe capsule Yeah, the capsul…[View]
442212351thoughts on this? seems like sea of thieves but maybe fully realized[View]
442212317Long shot to revive my favorite game.: I know it's a long shot, but if I could have a minute of…[View]
442196453Is there any videogame character you would consider yourself 'in love' with?[View]
442206812give me a reason why this is a bad game and why doesn't deserve a second chance on switch lunat…[View]
442207453What game will be remembered in 100 years?[View]
442189951>7EVEN already censored without being out I hope they at least also improve the gameplay while st…[View]
442208579Get hyped lads[View]
442211982pic-related is a copy of NieR: Automata currently lacking a patch for Denuvo.[View]
442211959Picross 3D: Hold the fuck up Do people actually factually complain about guesswork in this game? Are…[View]
442211915Warcraft should go back to the days of humans vs orcs. Everything else is unnecessary bloat.[View]
442211898If he was still here with us today, what would he think of Nintendo's current state?[View]
442185602Cyberpunk 2077: What happened to the hype?[View]
442210830Is kiting the only viable tactic vs bosses on nightmare?Even my tank specced warrior gets killed in …[View]
442208321>we did it you guys, all 72 characters are fully unlocked... >I can't believe it's a…[View]
442201908The only controller who got no remake, why Nintendo[View]
442185184I finally beat this bitch today with a claymore and grass shield combo. When I beat her my heart was…[View]
442211587MK 11 Smoke![View]
442201656I bought a Switch with Smash Bros yesterday, unlocked everyone using the fast method and now I regre…[View]
442211652https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeBngSJOr_A >Playing any game on an LCD screen I really hope you …[View]
442209787So I lost a few matches against characters I'm trying to unlock but they haven't come back…[View]
442211565Are video games art?: https://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/video-games-can-never-be-art Do you …[View]
442210937If your post ends in 76 you have to buy Fallout 76.[View]
442211378ITT: underrated boss/final boss themes: https://youtube.com/watch?v=aKFjNmDZQBg >1:08 kicks in…[View]
442209282Nintendo 2018..: Wow... So this is the power... Of the Nintendo Switch™...[View]
442207989I'm playing through Max Payne for the first time. I've got a few questions. 1. How common …[View]
442210084Any new games like this?[View]
442210838He's in[View]
442196282Buy Fallout 76.[View]
442209782>Elite Smash with 1v1 no items preferred rules >Suddenly 4 players show up in the waiting room…[View]
442210869What went wrong?[View]
442205889when i play a game theres this fucking voice in my head that tells me im wasting my life so i cant e…[View]
442209006Play Neopets[View]
442210858What are some games which are censored for their Western release?[View]
442210773HE'S IN: >inb4 oh great ANOTHER swordsman[View]
442206223Boom, Day 1: Who else made it into the club? You ARE in Elite Smash, right /v/?[View]
442210352what went wrong?[View]
442210704Trannies and Gentlemen, we interrupt your hourly Smash Threads for the following: it's time.[View]
442206725'oh yeah, that weapon exists'[View]
442204253all bets are off, post the remaining 4 guest fighter predictions asuka from senran kagura cu, saber,…[View]
442205562The Outer Worlds: Do you think they were waiting for Bethesda to make utter fools of themselves befo…[View]
442206195I feel so let down now that I know Fitzthistlewits was actually hbomberguy..[View]
442209848jesus this game is hot fucking garbage I hope none of you unironically paid REAL MONEY for this tras…[View]
442205763I'm already tracer.[View]
442208934ITT Post video game related comics[View]
442174248WebM Thread: Post Em[View]
442210148>tfw we will never know just who G-man was or what the fuck he was up to…[View]
442206615*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance*[View]
442209607Tonight, i would like to propose a toast. To us gamers. We did it. Blizzard, EA, Activision, the Bat…[View]
442210285Any suggestions? Demon's Souls runs great on Vulkan @ 1440P[View]
442210281>ashen >super meat boy forever >journey >satisfactory >free subnautica Yup, I'm …[View]
442196456Holy shit this game is sick[View]
442210231China forms video game ethics committee as part of crackdown: https://www.engadget.com/2018/12/08/ch…[View]
442207558>you bought a switch[View]
442148984Crash Team Racing Thread[View]
442208923SSB:U Online: Here's a quick fix for those having some lag while playing online. Go to your Nin…[View]
442207943God dammit, James.[View]
442207540Walking Simulators and Immersive Narrative Games: So, I hope this doesn't cause too much of a s…[View]
442209775Post game enders.: Parts in games you can't beat. This fucker.[View]
442206636Post your childhood games and stories: Post your childhood games and stories[View]
442203872ITT: post hypothetical domination lines in case a TF2 character gets in Smash I'll start with S…[View]
442209356He's fucking in[View]
442206146Explain the outrage to me for somone who didn’t watch the awards. What exactly did he say![View]
442209427Can we have an actual tier prediction thread? I think King K Rool has A Tier all over him. He's…[View]
442209293Why do all those fucking developers hate steam now?[View]
442209284>her spirit fight is with her and data >the items that drop are space rockets why did they rem…[View]
442209261GTASA > GTA5 in length (And quality): Using speedrunner statistics, GTAV is shorter than GTASA by…[View]
442204769>H-he's gonna be good this time around anyone else fall for this meme…[View]
442183725Post your face when you saw this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QezEPuTkQfw[View]
442209080>improve literally everything about the gameplay >make online borderline unusable why?…[View]
442204553Do people like Fallout 4 now?: Was 76 so bad that people are starting to appreciate 4? You people ke…[View]
442208847 [View]
442203052RIP VITA 2012-2019 You were a terrible 3DS competitor.[View]
442206813Thoughts on Sable?[View]
442208969Where do you want the series to go next? What do want from future games? Have you lost any faith or …[View]
442206487These two guys are responsible for 99% of the content of this very board say something nice about th…[View]
442208961So is this year's Smash based or not?[View]
442208941*gives you a thumbs up*[View]
442208893Fucking hitmarkers: Why does this exist? It has to be the laziest cop out for conveying to the playe…[View]
442208518Pls Pls Pls Play Artifact. I don't want Valve to abandon this game. I spent $500 on packs alrea…[View]
442208152So how likely is Leon or someone from Resident Evil for Smash since it seems like anyone can get in?[View]
442207098Imagine not being able to taunt[View]
442206470AAA games are dy-: 2019 >The Outer Worlds >Superman: World's Finest >Watchdogs 3 >S…[View]
442208660What is /v/‘s favourite dead game genre?[View]
442206848They got the son of a bitch.[View]
442195475Ok guys, now THIS is epic.[View]
442207339ITT: out of context rage[View]
442201463Any modder whilling to fix this[View]
442180006Streamer Breaks Anthem NDA, Loses Entire Library: What do you think /v/? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
442204468Birds are very important[View]
442206572should the protagonist have left to call the cops? should the cops have brought more than 4 guys?: I…[View]
442208369he's right you know.[View]
442207505>/v/ will defend this[View]
442200859Look I'm just gonna say it, aim assist is a fucking joke. Why would anyone play a game that has…[View]
442208256>no black gf to beat you up with a motorcycle helmet Life's unfair boys…[View]
442208131New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Tomorrow: >New Footage, Dec 9th 10:00 AM EST >Final Trailer, Dec …[View]
442205983What's the best Spider-Man costume and why is it 2099?[View]
442207021when is nintendo going to remove this filth?[View]
442205384This game was pretty great, how did it all go downhill from there?[View]
442207789ITT: Worthless vidya weapons: Same goes for the .32 Pistol.[View]
442206097WATCH OUT.....FOR THE RYDERZ[View]
442206816Are there any non fighting games that let me play as a sexy Kung Fu bitch[View]
442207217Why couldn't Ralph make the cut for Smash? Especially considering his boost in popularity from …[View]
442207902Playing through Dynasty Warriors 7 for the first time since it just came out on Steam. It's pre…[View]
442169097Salty Porky thread: Is there really no hope left ? If so, why the fuck is there no spirit of him ? …[View]
442207383Favorite Batman game? NES[View]
442207806>you character dont let footprints in the ground[View]
442207767baka at these third world shitters and their McDonald's ass internet.[View]
442206460Oh yeah that happened.[View]
442207671DMC3 is a good gam-: Holy shit, i had forgotten the absolute fucking cancer that is DMC3 DMD. I was …[View]
442207613What mods should I get to make sims 3 a total abomination: I’ve come to ask you probably not so beau…[View]
442203662Like it or not, this is the peak smash roster.[View]
442203401Breath of the Wild > Ocarina of Time: Breath of the Wild > Ocarina of Time[View]
442207336who's your smash waifu, \v\?[View]
442207158Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discuss the matter w…[View]
442206710>sat down and unlocked all the characters for 3 hours >don't actually want to play the ga…[View]
442207258/v/ can Kingdom Hearts 3 live up to the hype? This is one of the most anticipated games of all time.…[View]
442205183Only eight more years.[View]
442203881ITT: Games Zoomers will never understand or grasp[View]
442203715Favorite line after steamrolling enemy team?[View]
442203545Here are the new DLC fighters /v/. Hope you enjoy.[View]
442207118How do you organize your /v/ folder?[View]
442203367Shi oh.[View]
442206192>Ultimate is too floaty! There’s an option to turn on metal physics and make the game “heavy” …[View]
442206898Will he be playable in the Crash Team Racing remake?[View]
442206924Far Cry 6: Looks good to me.[View]
442206918definitely the CUTEST souls girl say something nice about her![View]
442199880What's the most unsettling/scary/messed up thing you've heard over someones mic?[View]
442205706For other low skill plebs, which character gave you the most trouble to get?[View]
442206730>The point of the game is to gather a bunch of scrap, bulk it and sell it to vendors in tiny amou…[View]
442167094>risk of rain >rain is not a mechanic why people defend this?…[View]
442205419>Releases the same week as CS:GO going free 2 play and with a really fun battle royale mode added…[View]
442206601He's in.[View]
442204869>'It has begun. I will show you your worst nightmares, I will give you despair and death' What ha…[View]
442205852FUCK THE KNICKS[View]
442199539What game has the best level design?[View]
442206519Does anyone have pictures of what Arthur looks like with sickness? I just started Chapter 5 and I wa…[View]
442197657We can all agree the Guarma side-plot was kino, right?[View]
442205995Is he jewish? Like the only thing that can make him worse.[View]
442205860Would you a hardened Spartan super soldier even knowing they could hospitalize you effortlessly?[View]
442204805WTF This game is way too short! I guess all I can do now is try an iron mutant run on the hardest di…[View]
442178262What was gaming and PC gaming like back in the day?[View]
442206332Why does Obsidian always have to steal from other companies to make their games? >Bioware holds h…[View]
442206294CLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANG: What are some other video game characters that do this?[View]
442196685Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Beta Screenshots: I did some digging on the wayback machine recently a…[View]
442201604Japanese game developer inventing American names.[View]
442206194Has anybody gotten 100% yet? I'm at 99,54% and I don't know what I'm missing. Did all…[View]
442199918Just bought all the DLCs on sale and played this for this first time since launch. Wtf they made it …[View]
442205572He's going to be DLC right guys?[View]
442201990Would you play an HD remaster of pic related? no jumping obviously[View]
442175217Why do the Western audience dislike anime artstyle in general?[View]
442205902What the fuck is Galeem's and Dharkon's problem?[View]
442189043Never Ever: Post your character that you would love to see make an appearance in smash. There are n…[View]
442197643'there are fates worse than death': what did he mean by this?[View]
442201907guys what game is that? did crusader get some modern ramake?[View]
442205714What does /v/ think of my r6s style csgo map? Any recommendations? >https://steamcommunity.com/…[View]
442205703PSA: You can report and block people at Records > Past Opponents. Use this to avoid being matche…[View]
442205515here's your meta[View]
442203093Controversial thread: So imagine that, /v/. You are a lead game developer working in the AA vidya st…[View]
442202871why is this so f***ing hard?[View]
442204043Path of Exile: How are you enjoying the new league?[View]
442204832/v/erasmuuuus! Can we have new TF2 Thread, please? ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉˀ[View]
442205527Gift suggestions: Can any of you guys suggest some pc games similar in feel to stardew valley? Or ri…[View]
442203759I LIVE AGAAAAAAIN[View]
442204848What are some comfy games you enjoy returning to? For me it's pic related. I'm gonna play …[View]
442203519Any you guys got the chart that shows which play through unlocks which character?[View]
442205350Pauline is a bitch: Her smash spirit stage is the most bullshit thing ever. I want to murder whoever…[View]
442205257getting 100%: how the hell do you get all those egrets if they rarely and randomly spawn? does rocks…[View]
442188535What is objectively the worst game on this list?[View]
442202353>All attacks are faster and deal more damage (minus up tilt) and have less endlag >up throw is…[View]
442205085Shiori Fujisaki swimsuit thread: Doesn't Shiori Fujisaki look nice in a swimsuit?[View]
442205153It's so bad it almost seems like satire aimed @ The Culling.[View]
442203696The Outer Worlds: Is anyone else hyped for FALLOUT IN SPACE aka The Outer Worlds? I know I am. The T…[View]
442202476I only liked RE4 because I get to admire Ada's beautiful head.[View]
442174118what game gives this feel[View]
442204758How good are his odds getting back in.[View]
442204734Are you burnt out anon? You find games no longer enjoyable or fun like they used to be? Do the follo…[View]
442199326So you are this times version of me?: You have failed, you have not advanced Soviet Union. Shall I a…[View]
442204427>16 years old gamecube controller dies the day I finally get Smash Ultimate This might be the fi…[View]
442204302games that never fail to entertain you[View]
442175716Beloved Xbox IP played in the last 4 years returning next gen: https://twitter.com/klobrille/status/…[View]
442204321So why the fuck isn't /v/ talking about the PC release of Katamari Damacy?[View]
442199132Rastacunts get in here! what decks are you playing? I only play wild and I'm trying out the dra…[View]
442204239*saves your CS:GO from irrelevance by being the best game mode* Nothin' personell[View]
442200659>this is a reptile what the fuck capcom[View]
442134557RTS thread: Prostagma?[View]
442203669This game is boring as fuck. The online is bad too. No poker? Seriously? there's nothing to do.…[View]
442202308Do you think Marvel/Dc Characters are out of the question for Smash? All rules are highly suggested …[View]
442200306Hi ya friendo![View]
442202545'Action Game': What the actual fuck is this genre? I used to think it was the general category for m…[View]
442203898>Game is called 'Pizza' tycoon >End up sellings tons of icecream This game doesn't make a…[View]
442201994It's still happening right?[View]
442194817Is there any Japanese character Nintendo could announce that would be more surprising & notewort…[View]
442197492why are nostalgia faggots even hyped for this game? >broken shortcuts in every single map that wi…[View]
442203731PC WINS GOTY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icw2yyb4M4I[View]
442200794This is the list of main 4channel video games that we play around here. Which one is your favorite?[View]
442203653I miss you so much[View]
442201148it still hurts banjo bros it was his turn[View]
442201654name a more aesthetic art direction[View]
442200882What's the appeal of battle royale games?[View]
442200217Who was Harder?[View]
442203437Who was in the wrong here?[View]
442194962PC MASTER RACE: I want to buy a pc game. Lemme hear your shills. Right now I am thinking about Drago…[View]
442199601Hellsign: >Stock up on traps and baits >Sign up for another hunting job >Pull up in front o…[View]
442203245>Main is the last one you unlock without shortcuts. How are you doing with your roster? Have you …[View]
442198218What do you think of these games, /v/?[View]
442201521If Dinosaur Planet was released at the time, and never became Star Fox adventures.... would it be a …[View]
442179960JAK AND DAXTER COLLECTION COMING TO SWITCH: >https://twitter.com/AllGamesDelta_/status/1071482694…[View]
442200109What will 2B's Final Smash be? What songs will she come with?[View]
442202419Join me for a fun time fellas, i need views and followers! https://www.twitch.tv/skynetcloud[View]
442200000>Trailer Starts Playing Shitty old timey Rock Guaranteed to be a try hard 'cinematic' g…[View]
442190508Why do zoomers like this game so much?[View]
442203008What ar ethe best games featuring realistic firearm magazines? Meaning you need both ammunition and …[View]
442200058Hey guys hows it goin?[View]
442202653Remember BotW? Now that was the game...[View]
442195117Is there a more based man in existence? >kills criminals, mercs, soldiers and cops like it's…[View]
442201416what the fuck happened to this?[View]
442191237What is the best SMT game?[View]
442192586Do I have to buy a console now to deal with less bullshit?[View]
442201010>Game is broken >Everyone still buys it Why?…[View]
442202005Who's hyped?[View]
442201658We are going to build a fade and make Thedas great again![View]
442202387Now that everyone jumped ship to Smash ultimate, should I play the 3DS version online or is it dead?[View]
442198538What is the worst port you have played? Someone thought it was a good idea to port the PS2 version …[View]
442196249Thoughts on the FF7 Remake?: I personally think it's gonna be one of my favorites, if not my fa…[View]
442198991Just how do they manage to detect bots?[View]
442200147Who was the better character?[View]
442200825https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92LCIfAOpuQ Does modern style music have place in video games?[View]
442199762Has Warframe become the best free-to-play game in the history of gaming?[View]
442201857The real reason as to why Sims 4 gets so freaking boring besides lack of things to do is how they ma…[View]
442199584Duke Nukem thread? Duke Nukem thread.[View]
442201792Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Headcanons: now that Ultimate is out, I think it's time for another …[View]
442201769Can you reacquire spirts that you set free, or are they gone for good? Is the trade off worth it. Al…[View]
442188571Kingdom Hearts Thread. Lore and Theories Welcome: Will anti-form come back in KH3?[View]
442198887I have too many games to play. What should I play next? >Replay Persona 5 since I lost my 100% mu…[View]
442201134fuck off already[View]
442200175How did they get the formula right on the first try and then completely ignore it?[View]
442197805OH SHI-[View]
442200447wait........do you guys not have gfs?[View]
442200527this game is easy as shit, what am i doing wrong?[View]
442201271what are some RPGs where you actually have a job? None of this 'adventurer' bullshit giving you free…[View]
442201425Don't they fucking get it already? All we ever wanted is to play video games. Not have dumbass …[View]
442200071What do you guys think about MTGA esports? Will it be the premier digital card game? I for one am gl…[View]
442201375You may not like it, but this is what kino looks like[View]
442198374Smash 'Update 1' is coming: The first major Smash Ultimate update is on its way. Here is what I know…[View]
442200048>The game allows you to shoot through walls[View]
442196714Casual Smash: Who else is having fun but isn't very good at it? I did win a couple of 1v1s thi…[View]
442146718Reimu for Smash thread: Ehhh? What’s this stinky letter doing in my donation box? Uwaaaa~ It reeks! …[View]
442196265I'm looking for a game with a thief class, so I can go around stealing from enemies. Games I kn…[View]
442200564splatoon thread: do you prefer Smash heroes or villains ?[View]
442200906Starcraft Mobile: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-fm1rBpO2c What is the point of this? You ca…[View]
442192484God of War: does this have any replay value? i've heard that the cutscenes can get annoying the…[View]
442200689What are some games where you KILL MUDSLIMES AND MUDHAMMADS?[View]
442198629Holy shit this game is fucking BRILLIANT[View]
442199365Why do games suck? Why is /v/ the /mu/ of 4chan.[View]
442198891Just got myself a full party of lv30 skells and am starting to do upwards of 30k damage in single hi…[View]
442197813Be honest, you paid for Nintendo's online when you said you wouldn't didn't you?[View]
442196410I still can't believe hes in.[View]
442196951It's gonna be weird seeing him jump around so much[View]
442200178fuck Dr. Willy Penile Cancer: Fuck this spirit, I give up[View]
442197815>Pick him >win[View]
442198702Do you get to the cloud district very often?[View]
442200198Final fantasy 14 shadowbringers: What is like to pull back curtain and realize every wrong is right?…[View]
442199609I just played smash ultimate for 30 hours straight. Holy fuck welcome to your new addiction[View]
442199051What do you see in the mirror /v/?[View]
442198038I've been staring at my pc for a fucking hour, so /v/ decides what I play today because I just …[View]
442194780Does anyone else miss the days where you unlocked additional content by completing challenges in gam…[View]
442198115why does super robot games never work?[View]
442195964CSGO Danger Zone: Thoughts on this?[View]
442199712ITT: video game enemies that genuinely unnerve you: Seeing these guys in Morrowind always creeps me …[View]
442198556Everyone's complaining about h-game gameplay. What should it be like?[View]
442199652Don’t mind