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488067335SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488060386online vidya to play with future gf: I need help My future girlfriend really likes games and she is …[View]
488066724Spoil me a game /v/, and do it hard[View]
488065120hes right you know https://youtu.be/HT39Ji_J_RE[View]
488067094Why did this piece of shit flop so hard?[View]
488066687Which games allow to me express my inner architect?[View]
488064253>series is effectively ruined because the creators would rather focus on pandering to yaoi/yuri s…[View]
488055248What does no one talk about this[View]
488002487Elden Ring will be the greatest open world game of this gen.[View]
488066009>Bought a PS4 + Fortnite Bundle because it was cheap on Black Friday >'Fuck it, let's use…[View]
488062702When is the Switch re-release coming[View]
488016248https://store.steampowered.com/app/1198970/I_Am_Jesus_Christ/ I will now buy your game[View]
488065481https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6TYPpRIobM you know it to be true. seethe and cope, stevefags[View]
488066668What texture pack do you lads use?[View]
488050281does /v/ use ips[View]
488064195Anyone else waiting for the PC version of this so modders can make a complete game out of this episo…[View]
488063552Calibrate your fucking display: Users and shitposters of /v/. This is a public service announcement …[View]
488062996What games do you play on your phone?[View]
488066340Will there ever be a game that matches the nostalgia feel of CS? I want to go back, anons[View]
488065694>he gets mad at who gets in a video game series[View]
488066542>>488066030 lmao[View]
488066289Why the fuck is this game played with only one gun? So boring.[View]
488057551KOJIMBO ON SUICIDE WATCH. Paid METACRITIC TO REMOVE BAD REVIEWS LINK: https://www.playstationlifesty…[View]
488064650*blocks your path*[View]
488045067Just got a PC what shooters is everyone playing?: pc shooters thread[View]
488032879I just finished this game on Deadly Obsession difficulty with an Xbox One controller on a 65' OLED H…[View]
488066202Why are they like this? (the game is ea swbf 2)[View]
488065736When was the last time a game made you feel they way ................... made you feel the first tim…[View]
488061046brb, gonna play some Castlevania Rondo of Blood™ with my gf[View]
488061694Will Eggman ever have a game starring him?[View]
488059967God why does the PC optimization SUCK?[View]
488065493Halo Reach works fine, fuck you faggots: Hey you faggots that are complaining about Halo, get the fu…[View]
488060731Game of the decade: I've brought it down to the two real choices. Which one?[View]
488064259>1996-2006 is never coming back[View]
488053541low poly vidya is peak SOUL, you can't prove me wrong[View]
488060721Is this correct, /v/? I know I can avoid DaS2, but DaS3 as well? When do I turn off DaS1, after Anor…[View]
488062968ITT: properties that deserve a video game adaptation[View]
488058457Why are Mercy mains consistently the most entitled and whiny overwatch players?[View]
488060685Everything, huh? Is that God you're talking about -- or just a bunch of New Age crap?[View]
488063129Crash Thread: Are you excited for a new game? What do you think it’ll be called? Personally I hope t…[View]
488048183According to veteran Call of Duty player Wingsofredemption this game is a piece of shit and not wort…[View]
488064807Objective: abort fetus[View]
488059043Which is the better indie game icon?[View]
488064904Has anyone checked this game out yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv-yXlqsbJc[View]
488061936Are there any other cases where a DLC manages to be better than the entire main game?[View]
488064529So how is it? im only interested in the campaigns[View]
488062453>want to replay game >remember THAT part what's her name, /v/?…[View]
488062847What are the most METAL games?[View]
488062598the moment when kojima was exposed as a hack[View]
488046538redpill me on Zone of the Enders: found this song on yt and i fucking love it didnt realise its from…[View]
488061745Why does everyone who plays this game suck dick and only play for frags when its a teamwork game?[View]
488052106What game songs you wish you could play on the piano?[View]
488064230Just received this game, what i'm in for?[View]
488061717Now that discord, the best platform for chatting on the internet is down, what are you going to do?[View]
487976478/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487924816 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
488061349Videogames suck[View]
488056073Darklands has been removed from GOG PD: also Slave Zero[View]
488059406Smash Ultimate DLC 5 Leak: So many are doing something unique with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, specif…[View]
488062724Is Mega Man The Wily Wars any good or should I just stick to the NES originals?[View]
488064491>kill jaws >enemies start spawning infinitely at a bullshit rapid rate…[View]
488058623So why is it RE2 has gotten so many nominations but not this last year? Fucking retarded gamers and …[View]
488038452Springtrap STILL isn't deconfirmed: After Vergeben's snap this morning, indie reps are STI…[View]
488049606Metroid thread[View]
488063659What's the best arcadey racer on ps4?[View]
488047949Best girl: This is the best girl in gaming history. She’s both cute and caring.[View]
488064150SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488064043Lobotomy Corporation: Finally got this game. Wish I could forget any spoiler stuff and discovered it…[View]
488062286HOW CAN I HELP YOU, KING /v/v/v/?[View]
488063912This any good?[View]
488061807let's play some SCP SL with /v/ games's on steam, it's free and relatively small size…[View]
488062437Gaming rigs: What do you game on? I'll start.[View]
488050474Sorry sir, only god teir enemy designs are allowed in[View]
488059909Upcoming games: What upcoming games are you waiting for the most?[View]
488012978>Don't play this for a literal year >Decide to do one last game, Legendary/Ironman w/out …[View]
488061601play Civilization VI[View]
488063491How would you make a hacking game that's actually fun?[View]
488063339Can we have a subtle video game tattoo thread?[View]
488058438Modded Minecraft: modded mc thread? modded mc thread[View]
488062681Things you miss.[View]
488061121why is turn based such a filter[View]
488063070thinking about buying a headset and preordering half life alyx which will be 130 (cheapest headset I…[View]
488062195Why is this game so hard and cryptic? I have to look up a guide every 10 minutes just to know what s…[View]
488058597WHAT HAPPENNED?![View]
488061458I am the best hand cannon.[View]
488063116Right when I thought I was out of kino on the DS, I find this. What a fucking console holy shit[View]
488055296Anon, are you getting stadia?[View]
488063061Ever LSDream this man?[View]
488059754>game lets you romance female characters[View]
488061539Is it too late to buy Overwatch at this point? Should I wait for the second game?[View]
488062862>Resident Evil 3 rumored >Elden Ring rumored >Crash Bandicoot rumored How does it feel to g…[View]
488062696>may 2020 i hate this gay earth so damn much hold me bros..[View]
488062758Reminder that even though villainiggers made up less than 13% of the player base they were responsib…[View]
488062273Funny image macro[View]
488049963What's the best Arkham game, /v/?[View]
488062329The first three quarters of Bioshock 1 > Minervas den > Bioshock 2 > Infinite > the last…[View]
488043953Fun fact: If you play zoners you're a bitch nigger faggot who's too scared to fight fair.[View]
488060887>dude what if we made SotN but instead of making it fun we made it 'le epic punishing Soulslike X…[View]
488057730>Smash players are so stinky that the venue had to do this[View]
488056389>You just don't get it bro. It's meant to be tedious. i fucking hate video games…[View]
488058985smash leak: hello, I am from the future and I thought it would be fun to leak the entire ultimate ro…[View]
488052947What class do I pick AAAAAAAAAAAAA: Also, more tips that won't spoil my first playthrough…[View]
488062125What an absolute SJW shitshow. What happened to the Rockstar that used to pride themselves in challe…[View]
488061752yeah, im thinking this is based and redpilled[View]
488061761AlIen wife: This is your new wife, be sure to love her[View]
488058408ITT: 7/10 games[View]
488061941>Banned for stream sniping >Some whiney bitch streamer reported you Why is this allowed?…[View]
488059609ITT: Kino murder mysteries.[View]
488050751>The year is 2050 What state is gaming in?[View]
488061326what went wrong[View]
488061690Have you already made your sacrifices to Hircine daedric prince of the hunt? >benefits include …[View]
488026382How long before Japanese games go the way of western games and go full woke? I'm talking going …[View]
488055847Will they keep Pluton on the remake?[View]
488055148IT MUST BE SAID: >50% of the game is clicking dialogue lines in a small box >40% of the game i…[View]
488048194Admit it.: 2017 and 2019 really were great years for video.[View]
4880614297.62 AK or 5.45 AK? Leaning 5.45 for that ROF.[View]
488056480Did they update the PS4 version to be like the Switch version, where you can change up your boards o…[View]
488059197>no new games similar to CoF or dead space yet when will horror games make a comeback /v/…[View]
488061360guess he wasn't invincible after all[View]
488058171My Mom bought me all these for Christmas. I'm 30 years old. I didn't ask for them. What do…[View]
488050736Any comments on if this is a good snes controller? If not, what do you use for emulation/2d/whatever…[View]
488061140MMO: Why are your unrealistic hopes and dreams for the MMO genre?[View]
488060035So he was able to get Snake an advanced prosthetic arm in the year 1984, which already doesn't …[View]
488060870Smash is mostly white males like Little Mac and Mario, and I think the DLC is the perfect way to int…[View]
488041935Who is your favorite gay video game character? Would you like to see more gay representation in game…[View]
488058239Vidya leaks and 'leakers': Why do people consider empty words from a faceless leech as anything of s…[View]
488055402You're walking down the street when this handsome man offers your girlfriend the opportunity to…[View]
488058703SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488058490Normal video game community >Talking about game mechanics, buffs and nerfs, strategies, and recen…[View]
488060464What's your favorite videogame? pic related is mine[View]
488039452Why did the UNSC forgive Split jaws for what they did?[View]
488054743I have information from a friend at atlas that they are developing a persona spinoff game. I don…[View]
488058915Anyone else playing this trash heap? I haven't touched a CoD since MW3 and holy shit, what a fu…[View]
488057828>map has advertisements[View]
488058534What's the verdict on this? I have no interest in SW, but I'm itching to play a single pla…[View]
488039937WOULD >Still hasn’t been deconfimed by Sabi or Verge YOU >japans highest grossing and tweeted …[View]
488060497Ahem, FUCK TRANNIES AND FUCK JANNIES Modern Warfare[View]
488059680>Anon, I got you a gaming mouse for Christmas[View]
488056467Sora can work as an echo to Erdrick.: Change my mind.[View]
488045698ITT: We come up ideas for horrible vidya games that absolutely nobody, not even the most toxic onion…[View]
488060027>Game isn't a board or card game simulator >Still uses rng…[View]
488058194When will Microsoft shills learn their place?[View]
488059856Nigger penis nigger penis: Alright I just got a perfect 20.000, then a 20.006, then a 20.002. How th…[View]
488021342Who else here hype? I'm rooting for them, for the sheer audacity of it[View]
488059142Unreleased Wii U VC Games: I don't know if this is documented anywhere else, but I was looking …[View]
488037165MAX PAIN!!!: I am going to pirate max payne try to get it to work with controller lean back and play…[View]
488047257Rank them/v/[View]
488056094What PC settings are equivalent to PS4 Pro version of rdr2?[View]
488059761>oh cool, finally a Battle of France gam- >Post Scriptum wew nevermind https://www.youtube.com…[View]
488059548All of you are dancing babies![View]
488053953Guys need help adding MAME ROms to my modded Xbox... WHats the best emulator and can i use the same …[View]
488051539Is the Persona 3 protagonist ever going to come back to life? Elizabeth left the Velvet room in Per…[View]
488059109ITS ALL I WANT[View]
488058379I have the first game but never finished it, is Deadfire better? Is it worth getting at -70%?[View]
488059051I just can't believe how Gollop messed Phoenix Point. It's not just the console pandering,…[View]
488058992>Star destroyer reporting in[View]
488058969for the LAST time we did NOT order a giant trampoline![View]
488057232Kind of new botw 2 images[View]
488048930looking for some cyberpunk games, just recently beat ruiner but it was too short to scratch the itch…[View]
488057028Shulk: How do I get good with monado boi?[View]
488058404What's the best non-emulator JRPG on PC?[View]
487994292How's your game development project coming along?[View]
488055052You wouldn't put a literal female hitler in your room, wouldn't you /v/?[View]
488058385its this game any good? should i try it?[View]
488054168post a picture of you closest video game and closest pet[View]
488058374>itt: the funniest game you can think of[View]
488008607What video game world would you choose to live in?[View]
488055743Smash Ultimate FP5--Who's Left!?: Vergeben has deconfirmed a crap ton of characters recently. C…[View]
488057962Post Doom: Post doom kino, and redpill me on Doomguy supposedly getting deconfirmed for smash[View]
488057746Name one ONE scary horror game[View]
487973127High Quality Rips thread: Were L&D rigged?[View]
488057650yeah uh how did Bungie get away with this? this is a perfectly sound interpretation mr. janitor…[View]
488057549Here's the representative for your community bro.[View]
488056379>Fortnite x Star Wars event Who's willing to bet that the Sequel Trilogy skins will barely s…[View]
488053339>Play modern western game >Notice that all the characters speak in this overly casual and witt…[View]
488056865Name a fighting game character more badass than Big Band protip: YOU FUCKING CAN'T https://www.…[View]
488056001Fellow Soulschads, how do you plan on celebrating our Game of the Decade win? I'm gonna play th…[View]
488057350HEAVY WANT NEW HAT.[View]
488057325>I'll slice you up![View]
488050872What do?[View]
488054476Chances of switch release?[View]
488046217>here's your new rep bro[View]
488055489Have you ever forced yourself to play or finish something you weren't that interested in becaus…[View]
488055647I'm trying to find a game i played years ago. Can anyone help me please?: I think i found it on…[View]
488057176IT IS I, CHUDWIG![View]
488052507Discuss video games[View]
488057086Here's your next Mario RPG.[View]
488050027I was making this in response to this thread https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/488041843/#488041843 but i…[View]
488056420Am i getting filtered?[View]
488054127I'm getting filtered[View]
488053781Was it good game?: >inb4 no cowtits[View]
488037956*runs your games*[View]
488055484Johnny: What is the best game in the Johnny series?[View]
488054290What should I play today?[View]
488051694What went horribly wrong?[View]
488043506Just bought an Xbox controller for the first time. Am I seeing it correctly that I constantly have t…[View]
488056456Holy macaroni how do I fix the mouse lag in this game?[View]
488051675WHY AREN'T WE KILLING YET!!![View]
4880565762019 I am forgotten...[View]
488027069Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: FUCK FEMALE ELVES[View]
488055992Reminder: The elite virgin<The Brute Chad[View]
488056259What class does /v/ play in games?[View]
488052950oh no[View]
488053503What if we release a standalone expansion for a 10 year old mediocre game? Surely that will sell we…[View]
488054440Splinter cell chaos theory is the only game that has done lockpicking right[View]
488049919ITT: Cool merchandise. VTMB did a preorder bonus deal with 3 stores where you'd get a different…[View]
488050464The AVGN isn't what it used to be, don't you think?[View]
488050729First Person Turn-Based Dungeon Crawlers: Are there any other games like this one, preferably Japane…[View]
488053345*stops your attack*[View]
488055549Rosebud me on Sly Cooper: Rosebud me on Sly Cooper. I played the sequel way back when, but never tou…[View]
488049091redpill me on terraria: what do people find so amazing about it? I could never get into it[View]
488055708What are some games that let you play as the Axis during WW2 and let you fight Americans?[View]
488055294This just released on switch. Opinions of the game?[View]
487987245Cyberpunk 2077's bland as fuck 'artstyle': Why is Cyberpunk 2077's artstyle so generic and…[View]
488034563Why do you care more about a launcher than you care about actually playing videogames? I have over 1…[View]
488054340I bought a switch just to play mario odyssey. Game is nice but why do I waste my money like this?[View]
488052172SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488055169>Doesn't really encourage you to get good since some of her attacks require certain skills t…[View]
488051115Would this make for a good video game character?[View]
488053596what the fuck do play with this controller? everything is better on mouse and keyboard, am I just su…[View]
488050863What did Game Freak mean by this?[View]
488052217/v/ros...: What is the verdict?[View]
488046240I'm in a dire need of a new game to grind. I need something long term I can sink my time into, …[View]
488051961Death Stranding and Town of Salem in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hello, I have acquired information …[View]
488054329How bad will the Sims 5 be if the Sims 4 has had nothing good besides the sex mods for a quick fap?[View]
488049197Are they officially now the worst fanbase of all the Nintendo franchises?[View]
488053527Why does this mediocre company need a separate con? What could they possibly offer that a random ind…[View]
488053570Oasis. Home.[View]
488054223And the Best Audio Design award goes to...[View]
488050551New Civvie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxXe0JZJuMU[View]
488052313This boss is fucking stupid, I cheesed him with the stairs and I'm proud[View]
488050827Games with fertile women?[View]
488052281>Literally any game gets casualized, even baby shit like Pokemon >/v/ seethes endlessly about …[View]
488021232>Raids in real mmos >Huge thematic lorefilled dungeons >Traverse a huge map with your raid …[View]
488053063Fuck. Check the news. He's dead.[View]
488053602Hello /v/, I have insider information regarding the video game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Lorenz…[View]
488049395I'm playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.[View]
488040487Death Stranding 2 confirmed. https://twitter.com/NicolasWR/status/1203255861478592512[View]
488053981Is Master Chief a virgin? Are Spartans allowed to pursue physical relationships with their comrades …[View]
488046931How do you justify having to spend $1000 for one game?[View]
488053316a) Game with regular swords b) Game with magic swords c) Game with sci-fi swords Pick one[View]
488051762Welp! xbox wins for me[View]
488016261>consistently get everything wrong >be praised by everyone I don't get it dude.…[View]
488053771>steer to turn >left/right pedals to walk forward/backward >middle pedal to throw grenade …[View]
488052693Mirror, mirror on the wall,: What is the comfiest portable system, of them all?[View]
488053562amiibo: the physical DLC: Which amiibo compatible games absolutely require these glorified happy mea…[View]
488052676>finished this game because people were raving over the new game. >You don't even get a k…[View]
488048470Any day now.[View]
488053516What are some other games like the Anno series? It's essentially a city builder but not in the …[View]
488051710What's a better game for a casual player, PoE or D3?[View]
488051247Was it a downgrade for his character?[View]
488052828Post YRW the final boss is using its Ultimate Attack.[View]
488053118Was this the last good game from EA?[View]
488042337WHO'S IT GONNA BE?![View]
488051684Daily reminder that these are the type of people who will tell you that Dark Souls II isn't wor…[View]
488010859Smash Bros Thread: Who do YOU think will be the 5th fighter?[View]
488024898Please don't tell me you suck the cocks of translators who work for peanuts. >Japanese 「国民は溶…[View]
488051450Epic deleted lootboxes...now Reddit is suing Tim... EPIC BROS WHAT WENT WRONG ?[View]
488040956Magical girl character action game when?[View]
488052016>pirating indie games[View]
488050390Bloodborne Lore: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
488050960which one of you fags did this[View]
488052807>this game is quite lynchian[View]
488052227Will MMORPG as a genre ever make a comeback? Such an underutilized genre[View]
488049212Should I buy this?[View]
488010056>Find a flaw Okay, why are the guns so fucking huge in halo? Jesus christ they take up almost 50%…[View]
488050354>game has companions[View]
488038605Why is Deus Ex so great and why does it have no real competition for almost two decades? https://www…[View]
488052101>games you like but suck at i SUCK at total war games, but i really enjoy them…[View]
488028650Give me a list of your favorite VR games RIGHT NOW[View]
488050457You know what time it is folks... Get your favorite Ace Combat songs and post 'em! https://www.…[View]
488050952uhh dawg i think that pizza got some bugs on it or some shit[View]
488043889Let's have some fun, anons. Here is Anon, he is an open-world shooter generic protag. Make his …[View]
488050692Why are void elf women so pure and blood elf women so whorish?[View]
488051848https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2m-08cOAbc You ready for ready player one 2?[View]
488049419>You said it yourself, bitch, we're Team Fortress too! I'm not really feeling this one,…[View]
488049676My friends.[View]
488039126Why is she so beautiful?[View]
488052243God tier vidya music thread. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFLJX-T7LPk https://www…[View]
488017815>not a single good upcoming JRPG. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
488044673which one is your favorite in video games?[View]
488052220Make your own and judge others https://tiermaker.com/create/persona-serie-main-cast-4588[View]
488052209High Quality Rips Thread: Featuring a new Adam rip https://youtu.be/1AWwx66ShPY[View]
488038364>*Inflates its own price by 200% in 5 years* >*Makes online sellers refuse reasonable offers* …[View]
488049780ITT: Guess the game via it's soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opU1urLhw50[View]
488052135Why does her character change entirely the moment I enter the Groundbreaker? She went from caring ab…[View]
488052050Is Starpoint Gemini 2 any good?[View]
488034101if you did not play every single one of these games, you need to go back[View]
488046618>HoP Is tHe wOrSt pOkEmOn rIvAl eVeR! Um, sweaty he is NOT the worst rival. Do y'all serious…[View]
488050564Say something nice about the Master of masters. You did figure it out already right?[View]
488049338Super Luigi in real: Life[View]
488040840KH3 REMIND DLC SPECULATION MEGATHREAD: New thread. Clock him, hoes![View]
488051403I wish K. Rool would use his Donkey Kong Country sounds when hit[View]
488050335what are some comfy timesink games that I can play casually at my own pace like pic related?[View]
488049967>this is Fire Emblem now[View]
488032202This is some silent hill 2 tier spooky[View]
488051549Why did Microsoft force them to attach their games to Halo? I hated Halo 4 with a passion, but Halo …[View]
488051527Most favourite manufacturer Least favourite manufacturer 3 best characters 3 worst characters Best g…[View]
488050316karma sure is a bitch haha[View]
488050862[Tournament] Mango's Birthday Bash: (ft. Mango, Zain, Plup, hbox and more!) https://www.twitch.…[View]
488048978Alcatraz.....destiny's a bitch, huh? It'll be on you now son! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOO…[View]
488045543What's the best option for using DS4 on PC? Is everyone shilling these things really using thos…[View]
488050670Can we just acknowledge how much of a chad DMC3 Dante is compared to every other character who had t…[View]
488050452Men who play female characters are much less gay than men who play male characters. Do you agree[View]
488047356This is a sniper in 1935.[View]
488046563best game[View]
488042685i got pic related for black friday why it is so hard compared to mario kart, how do i get good[View]
48803807115 NEW GAMES at the: GAME AWARDS! 15! HOW PUMPED ARE WE BROS? What will they show us? https://twitt…[View]
488050659>game has mage class >it's useless[View]
488041636What went so very right?[View]
488032436Monster Hunter: Look at this Grigori looking motherfucker[View]
488046591Factorio: factorio is so comfy, bros... just started mining uranium. still using solar panels for po…[View]
488039872>it’s another game where the Russians are the bad guys[View]
488047821Has any game provoked more autism and rage on /v/ without even being released?[View]
488050272Things that happened..........: absolutely based and sonypilled.[View]
488047784>bored yet again >200+ sweet games ready to be played on my steam library >install Warframe…[View]
488050320this is how you share games on playstation >hands game 'thanks!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
488042256MY SIMS THREAD: whats your favorite My Sims girl anon? mines is Violet Nightshade[View]
488050229HALO IS BACK ON PC BROS i still cant believe it bros[View]
488050218wicked quizzzz: lolololo never seen such quiz lol[View]
488049754what the fuck bros? sony recently allowing pantsus again? https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2019/12/07/…[View]
488050028GOD GRIEF[View]
488048356I just finished this and apart from technical problems it was good, what are your thoughts? also is …[View]
488050136What are some games that literally HURT you trying to play it? >inb4 popular AAA game I mean actu…[View]
488049361Post your backlogs, anons, and other anons will suggest which game you should play next. >Danganr…[View]
488050070not yet[View]
488049293Labyrinth of Refrain: do I really need to give this motherfucker 300,000 silver[View]
488037260Was one of the major mistakes of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 to make the Reapers primary antagon…[View]
488029387You have played the GOTD, right?[View]
488040747>Nessa is introduced >Every forgets instantly Mao This is so wrong in every way possible.…[View]
488007360Henry Chadvill defends gamers: truly /ourguy/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flFOf1y204w…[View]
488045507OG GAMES: I thought you were a good community /v/. You are all pathetic losers who only play games t…[View]
488047406Another visitor. Stay awhile... staaaay FOREVER![View]
488044028>DMC5 is good[View]
488018006Yeah, but if wasn't your meat: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LDB9y6IT3v4[View]
488036714>modern gaming[View]
488049682IT'S PAYNE[View]
488049175Any word if they plan to port to the Stadia bros?[View]
488048674Looking back, MvCI had way better gameplay than FighterZ.[View]
488048710Here's your controller bro[View]
488048962The perfect girl doesn't exis-[View]
488046557I fucking love playing Yoshimitsu. He is fun, and has enough moves to experiment, and keep every mat…[View]
488048280>tfw bored of my usual video games[View]
488040923post a screenshot of this achievement or else you're bad at video games and belong in some twit…[View]
488048616KH3 has ruined video games for me. No other game can even compete or come close to this. >best gr…[View]
488049104Dubs and ill reveal Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare Animated Calling Card code. Support veterans this …[View]
488044103ITT: characters who WILL NEVER and SHOULD NEVER get into Smash[View]
488049181I'm gonna fucking go to your house. And I'm gonna fucking fart ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING WIFE[View]
488044659Dark Souls: How the FUCK do I beat him? My only +10 weapons are Broadsword and Zweihander. I'm …[View]
487997001Is graphical fidelity or art direction more important?[View]
488046247What the fuck was her problem?[View]
488034919What went wrong?[View]
488048929ITT: forgotten kino features: >sequel allows you to transfer save data from the previous game…[View]
488045938Where is the third game? And after King K. Rool's popularity from Smash, you think he and the k…[View]
488046209Why is the catalog full of children's games, console shooters, and porn threads? Can we at leas…[View]
488046818>finally set up a PS1 emulator for the first time >go to download Front Mission as the first g…[View]
488043719Haven’t seen a gamer fuel thread in a while. It’s Saturday night so what you /v/iggers fuelling on[View]
488040301why is she so cute, bros?[View]
488047848Why aren't you playing FGO?[View]
488046279>friend brings GF over to play Vidya What do in that situation?[View]
488033268Smash Ultimate DLC: >Vergeben said that fighter #5 might be a spirit promoted to a playable chara…[View]
488048274Best challenge runs in gaming?[View]
488047312Vave Guy Game: There will never be a Half-Life game with Mr. Valve as a villain. His gimmick should …[View]
488047932classic >great world >great leveling experience >high attachment to server and character …[View]
488048130Republic in Videogame: I am thinking about poletics in videogames. More specific democracy in minecr…[View]
488047274Is streaming good for videogames?[View]
488048065every game needs to be more elaborate and complicated than the previous, they can't pay homage …[View]
488007226the real /v/ GOTY 2019: https://www.strawpoll.me/19015775/ almost 1000 votes![View]
488046085>play Scout >get kicked for 'being a scunt' >play Soldier >get kicked because 'soldier i…[View]
488040280We’re coming home /v/ In three days[View]
488037363Atlus: Now that everyone hates them again, what games similar to SMT are available to play?[View]
488046415AI dungeon part 3: >AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B p…[View]
488045019What the fuck was the UNSC thinking? Taking on a highly sophisticated alien invasion force with a bu…[View]
488040024SMASH ULTIMATE DLC THREAD: https://twitter.com/JonComms/status/1203347625396854794 https://www.reddi…[View]
488047827Any kino Kinect games for the Xbone or the 360? Should the Xbox Scarlett have Kinect? Discuss.[View]
488047794Only 3 More Days Sony Chads[View]
488043778What's the hardest game you've played? For me it's pic related, I lost count of how m…[View]
488014113Is it a bad thing I never got into the Fate franchise? It feels like something I would enjoy, but i…[View]
488045885Who are the best companions? About to start this[View]
488045072HE SPEAKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXaFARzFG3c[View]
488045329Team Fortress 3 leaked: Some idiot accidentally leaked files from team fortress 3. It is confirmed t…[View]
488043083Today I played botw for the first time and found out it runs at 20-30 fps. Why is getting such high …[View]
488046072Are all FF7 Remake threads shitposts?[View]
488042846>video game about monkeys >collectible items are bananas…[View]
488047021What is the Poor Man's Rose of video games?[View]
488047205SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488047375>yeah, I had a favorite character while playing this.... >once…[View]
488047030who /ready for xmas sale/ here[View]
488026252Are you ready to say sorry to Sean now?[View]
488046571O-oh! is this a human greeting?[View]
488047217Are you enjoying my sister’s company? Huh? She’s gonna make a warrior out of you? You are so fucked,…[View]
488046249Half Life 2 on Source 2: Since Source 2 is officially going to be released with Half Life: Alyx, wil…[View]
488029027>Emulate an RPG >Set the game speed at 4x-8x speed while grinding >Go up 20 levels in an ho…[View]
488041573>he doesn't main the Bruce Lee expy in every fighting game[View]
488046114You mechs may have copper wiring to re-route your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel.[View]
488045754Colette ToS: Anybody else find Colette to be absolutely insufferable? Easily my least favourite Symp…[View]
488046964>game has dozens of playable classes[View]
488035769*ahem* S.T.A.R.S. Nemmy thread Kept you waiting, huh? [View]
488021949Sigismund Dijkstra: What was his fucking problem?[View]
488030995TRUE How much did you spent on gaming in the last year? What were the best two things you bought?[View]
488045726Well Gwonam, I made it, despite your stupid map.[View]
488046787Is Dota 2 doomed?[View]
488046832Shantae: For me, it's Shantae.[View]
488046735Are there any games that have TPP exploration/dialogue, but switch to FPP upon drawing a weapon or e…[View]
488038885I don't fuckin get it... in mission Red Dead Redemption Dutch chases Arthur and John tryin to g…[View]
488048178/v/ META THREAD: Discuss the board. Hiro allows it, go do clean up somewhere else, Janitors. Is this…[View]
488038423There's nothing stylish about Trish or Lady being naked. There's nothing nothing stylish, …[View]
488046616hit me with good action games, please[View]
488042819Why was it so kino?[View]
488046519Who is your favorite Vidya content creator /v/?[View]
488043812How should Nintendo follow up the Switch? Should they continue doing handheld hybrids, go full on tr…[View]
488045339vidya sprite thread[View]
488045727she's in[View]
488046147See the sunset, the day is ending Let that yawn out, there's no pretending[View]
4880462522GG: Kongo Saga: This is the last supermajor of the year. Right now it's currently doubles. Bra…[View]
488037531>Vergeben said 'possibly Nintendo' unlike other deconfirms, emphasis on 'possibly' >Astral Cha…[View]
488045723You are going to Las Vegas and want to beat the house inside the glorious Golden Paradise Hotel and …[View]
488043276This game is too good damn easy. Is it supposed to be like this.[View]
488039921He’s back with a challenge[View]
488040564Rate the velvet room attendants?[View]
488039767Maximum replayability: ITT: Post the best games with the most replayability. Examples: Spelunky Dead…[View]
488046019why do they keep calling her girl???[View]
488045987Name a more kino summon.[View]
488042471Ho Ho Ho! What video games do you want for Christmas this year, Anon?[View]
488043857These are the characters missing that would make smash brothers truly 'ultimate', whether they be a …[View]
488045247ITT: CHRISTKINO https://youtu.be/N3XY1R7ydTA[View]
488045652>game hasn't updated in a month >still 13 rosterfag threads The game is fun, but why do y…[View]
488014434>KH3 did FF7 characters better than the actual FF7 remake What went so right?…[View]
488044403Most games are like obstacle courses. You have a set of objectives to complete more in a certain ord…[View]
488037349This game has more soul than P5 >Better story >Better characters >Better Boss fights and ch…[View]
488040219>normal difficulty is too easy and you get too much of everything >hard difficulty is bullshit…[View]
488042598Of all the money that e'er I spent, I've spent it in good company..[View]
488045641What went right?[View]
488045479Well /v/?[View]
488042930>soulful artstyle and design >competitive gameplay >great community I don't get it. Wh…[View]
488034178ITT: THAT part[View]
488043192Warframe Female thread[View]
488045460WTF is their problem? Can they shut the fuck up already?[View]
488023271Disco Elysium: >85% chance to succeed dialogue option >fail >game over >have to redo 20 …[View]
488044898Why did 343 hate playable elites?[View]
488043767How are your runs going these days, anon?[View]
488042131Preserving Freedom[View]
488037743>character action game >all their signature moves locked into different build routes…[View]
488044297This is an A.I.[View]
488044124I loved Ever17 and 999 Liked VLR fucking despised ZTD Would you recommend this based on the above?[View]
488037930is this game fun?: for reference, I despised dark souls at the time it came out and disliked god of …[View]
488044421Out of the way peasants, the TRUE fifth fighter is here!: Famed for my red scales and divine ascensi…[View]
488039393Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 5th Fighter: Hi, this is the Game Series Icon of the last fighter, I got …[View]
488042903Thus would be better if it wasnt so childish[View]
488042198What are the coolest speedrunning glitches and skips[View]
488044616>You're not real and you can't save me.[View]
488038945Overwatch 2, huh? Guess they never learn. Leave this to me.[View]
488042295The main protagonist of your favorite game is replaced with Funky Kong[View]
488044408>low fps = bad game ok /v/[View]
488044093None talks about it....: To this day (12-7-2019), there are many threads talking about Vergeben deco…[View]
488043364WHAT!? I'M IN SMASH!? I MEAN GOOD GOD![View]
488042626Comfy Maximum Action Thread: Posting webms recommended.[View]
488043396Field of Glory: Empires just added a free update for 2 nations, including Armenia. I love this game.…[View]
488044396Chad opinions thread. I'll start. >All three Dark Souls games are masterpieces.…[View]
488038886Why do so few people play Zombies now? What happened?[View]
488043327SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488043983switch: what are some good switch games[View]
488041769Death Stranding: Was it good?[View]
488037391PSX Games Thread: What happened to the stylish UI and the grounded but cyberpunk like story in games…[View]
488044286It says here that your favorite Final fantasy game isn't FF Tactics. Care to explain yourself?…[View]
488044010Where's Metal Slug 8[View]
488042137How the fuck do I get good??? I've sucked ass at fighting games my whole life. Like REAL bad. I…[View]
488044131Is it vaporware? It was listed on steam recently but we're already into december and still no w…[View]
488044151What are some games where you can get an allen wife/gf?[View]
488042340>closed circle serial murder mystery >each murder is committed by a different suspect >as e…[View]
488043568Pannen is back: Are you up for his $1000 challenge /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXaFARzFG3c…[View]
488040974how mad are voth fags from 1 to 10?[View]
488044000ITT: Need for speed Heat Is it any good? I just want to play some comfy night races and mod my subar…[View]
488032180Games that can be played with one hand: I broke my hand I swear I'm not looking for pron games.…[View]
488038340Hey /v/, I'm Arusu and I'm the protagonist of Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation and…[View]
488039762>this is the average animal crossing fan on /v/ really makes me think[View]
488043178HOLY SHIT! Is that what happens when you fucking don't fart? you explode? That guy's assho…[View]
488043515Post games you want ported to switch[View]
488043480I have a wand of woh with 240 dmg and all my othr wands do 2000 or 3000 but it has great skills shou…[View]
488036926So he was basically right about everything?[View]
488038910MELEE BAD[View]
488041728The single worst game I ever played, The game fooled me into niche stuff I enjoy (base management, p…[View]
488040784>Final Famtasy - Fantástico Remate >Joker - Balada triste de trompeta >Dark side of the moo…[View]
488043240>not playing Hard Mode + Hard Hits with only BP as level up bonus on your first play through Are …[View]
488040823This ship fuckin sucks.[View]
488038123Geist: >that one time Nintendo did something different.[View]
488039608someone else is playing Nostos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltva2Elwd5Y https://store.steampower…[View]
488043106ITT: Video game bugs you want to catch and put in a jar before moving them to a larger enclosure whe…[View]
488043097Did this bitch just tell me to 'get good'?[View]
488035390I actually really like the new Humble system: >$12 for 10 games for grandfathered kings like myse…[View]
488043035I think games look good enough, we don't need more power. That will only make games harder and …[View]
488041913HE'S BACK https://youtu.be/zXaFARzFG3c[View]
488039418Halo Reach: >One of the best fps of all time >devs fuck up the re:release beyond comprehension…[View]
488039856Vergeben mass deconfirms characters: 'I went back and forth many times on whether or not I should sh…[View]
488042872Do you have any condition preventing you from fully enjoying video games?[View]
488039812What a fucking disappointment[View]
488038320You guys looking foward to the KH RE:MIND DLC?[View]
488042647>game forces you into a straight relationship And dropped.[View]
488041364Solitude.... home[View]
488041990Play Titanfall 2 on PS4: Due to PS+, the playerbase is revived to be at 70k+ Play this wonderful gam…[View]
488042459Enough about the DLC, post characters getting Smash invitations. Bonus points for non-vidya[View]
488041804bullshit that almost ruins great games[View]
488036294what's up with all the literal shit games on steam?[View]
488029379AI dungeon part 2: >AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B p…[View]
488032248Alleged Leak from Source at Buena Vista Entertainment: Following trailer is expected to drop next we…[View]
488042356Will we ever get to see Bang Dream/Bandori as a real console game?[View]
488042143Good morning /v/! Have you played some classic pinball today?[View]
488041192Key I bought on G2A doesn't work. Did I get scammed? My money is gone, right?[View]
488032761Humble Monthly is now Humble Choice: $15 for 3 games $20 for 9 games $12 if you're part of the …[View]
488036474Where were you when he was confirmed?[View]
488031510Who RISEN master race here? Fug yeah.[View]
488030426>forget about the epic games store for a week >miss a free game Son of a FUCKING bitch. My aut…[View]
488040519DATA CORRUPTION DETECTED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ3JEnymeAI PLEASE RECONSTRUCT PROFILE[View]
4880372692004: ITT: Post the best game from 2004[View]
488032116>No game in the style of old medieval tapestry and book adornments[View]
488026695Shenmue 3 = Shitmue 3: Beat it just right now. Whats this absolute fucking garbage? Compared to anot…[View]
488037873Don't worry, Skywardbros, internet used to hate Wind Waker and Twilight Princess too until they…[View]
488029948What was his problem?: No seriously, who was he? What were his motivations? Why the cosmic-horror ap…[View]
488039065>what’s the most boring game you’ve ever forced yourself to beat?[View]
488041561Are gaming headsets worth it for the headphones but using a stand alone mic? I'm really just lo…[View]
488039603Wolf from Star Wolf[View]
488036556Play my game[View]
488041465Do any newer even FPS hold a candle to this game?[View]
488033137Am I stupid or is this game just petty as fuck[View]
48801859415(FIFTEEN!) BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE REVEALED GAMES TO BE SHOWN AT TGA: https://twitter.com/thegameaw…[View]
488036957i liked this stage it was fun and comfy[View]
488040134>Smash fighter is announced on the TGA. Many smash threads are made because of that. Snoyggers be…[View]
488037031December 12[View]
488036258What are the best games for PSP?: From the ones I've played: >Silent Hill: Origins (the best…[View]
488033982Humble Monthly @ $12 ending: >You're on the Classic plan >Thank you for being a loyal sub…[View]
488037607Okay normally I'm a fucking autist chad when it comes to KH but what the fuck happened in this …[View]
488035809I predict that a few years from now, a third title in the Mario Maker franchise will be called Mario…[View]
488022484Why did the N64 fail? Before that point Nintendo consoles were massive hits with tons of games worth…[View]
488039239>that German-only guild who has the best chars in the Server[View]
488039161What are some non-ero games where you engage in coitus?[View]
488033086ITT: Entering 'The Zone' moments: https://youtu.be/hD6R6r5sS1U[View]
488008481I love how nuDoom no longer has traditional styled demons like the old games, but now is full of the…[View]
488040316howdy...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcUR1sNuvOA[View]
488020903This is a major city in skyrim.[View]
488038595GOTY Smash announcement: It's Maxwell boys. Cope and seethe. I'm not a leaker btw, just sp…[View]
488040796What games will be announced? >RE3 >Kojima's new horror game…[View]
488040234Why do they make you fight him before Isshin. This is so fucking disappointing. I just wanna fight I…[View]
488040716This is your witcher movie for tonight /v/! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GLtk2cLRu4[View]
488029203You have 10 seconds to justify owning a gaming PC in 2019 without using terms like 'graphics', 'free…[View]
488031696250 million: Star Citizen will release in 2016. t. Chris Roberts[View]
488040492Does /v/ own any vidya related clothing/jewelry? My wife and I's wedding rings feature the Witc…[View]
488036327Is it true that /v/ used to hated this series just because it's a few good exclusive titles on …[View]
488031713The debate that broke /v/[View]
488026773shit games with kino soundtracks: https://youtu.be/vDrlRFteJAI post em /v/[View]
487993848>company killed retail >players killed classic ying and yang, i hope you faggots hang…[View]
488039398>Game is a piece of shit. >Gets remade under a new title. >The remake is amazing. Mighty No…[View]
488034421>walk in on son playing RPG >he's playing as a female…[View]
488039328>silenty becomes goty what went right?[View]
488030303Post male demon characters.[View]
488040147How could they fuck up this so hard, god dammit[View]
488039662Gaymexplain: >Gruntilda lower than trashley and shitae >Fucking Pauline is the number 1 pick F…[View]
488039392Are you ready for the next Zelda remake? It's easy to see that Nintendo is using Link in Mario …[View]
488036443Game of the Year[View]
488025528ITT: game cover regional differences: One of times the west actually got better cover than the Japan…[View]
487986552Fighting games: How do I into fighting games? What are some good games to pick up right now with an …[View]
488037480>new items already removed in Dota 2 Why is this game so fucking dead, bros?…[View]
488036775IT'S UP![View]
488037319Name the best game of the decade or I'll eat your soul[View]
488039539>your favourite vidya artist >did they or did they not make loli scat porn Toru Nakayama. Yes.…[View]
488031694Bros what the fuck should I choice. I fucking hate modern games. Back then it used to be: easy, norm…[View]
488039484Am I the only fucking Halo player who knows how capture points work?[View]
488039179Games are fucking 100 GB on the PS4. It means they will be even bigger on the PS5, and the storage c…[View]
488036426>We want the ADD afflicted zoomer audience[View]
488039210FUCK BLACK MESA: Don't play Black Mesa. https://sites.google.com/site/avpclassic2000/non-avp-ra…[View]
488035984>decide to try mgs for the first >go with the 3ds version at glorious 15 fps and crouch walk …[View]
488039140post your GOTY 2019[View]
488035417This is it /v/. This is the perfect video game OST. Nothing will ever have music as good as this.[View]
488038127>he calls 0451 games 'immersive sims'[View]
488038282D-pads are obsolete.[View]
488039092What are your thoughts on Kratos?[View]
488016246What are you emulating today?[View]
488014865Baba is You: Just started playing this and finished all the jelly world puzzles. If I was so much of…[View]
488038139it's too long and too hard[View]
488015093This has to be the WORST SHOOTER: singleplayer ever. First of all, how THE FUCK are you supposed to …[View]
488038347Darksiders Genesis: I really wish I had bros to play this with.[View]
488034938How important are trophies/achievements to you? Do you see them as a means to explore and do parts …[View]
488038125I forgot about this game but I noticed that it has multiple dlcs now Does it worth a playthrough (pi…[View]
488035091What is the most popular game of the world right now? LoL or Fornite?[View]
488038442>Game >Game II >Game 3 >GAME >GAME: Subtitle…[View]
488038343What's next for the saviours of the horror genre? Another game set in the amnesia world? A new …[View]
488038346ITT: Kino Vidya moments[View]
488038323Vidya music for this feel? I'll start https://youtu.be/wP-hLA3XpNQ[View]
488021720Kingdom Hearts 3: Just finished Kingdom Hearts 3 without seeing any of the spoilers since it release…[View]
488033724WARCRAFT 4 WHEN?[View]
488036317I'm getting a Nintendo Switch to go with my PS4 and PC you fucking faggots. What games should I…[View]
488035716ITT: Video game character that is literally you and why[View]
488034943>keep making Rouge archers in every game I can How do I stop this addiction?…[View]
488031324Why Square barely supported the Xbox One?: Every other big japanese developer supported it fully wit…[View]
488038057He’s in[View]
488035578Putting memes aside, who in the absolute fuck is running EA. They are just now showing small signs o…[View]
488011427What's an actually fun multiplayer FPS?[View]
488036886>Launch in 3 days >No one cares[View]
488036649GANRYU: HE'S IN HE'S IN HE'S IN[View]
488004374Sonic the Hedgehog thread[View]
488035812You need to pick a character who once had a game exclusive for Nintendo consoles, who do you pick?[View]
488029764Mana: Did this game really needed a remake?[View]
488034221What went so unequivocally right?[View]
488037539Are there any model-rips from this game yet? I'm surprised there's no porn yet. [View]
488035218>FDR, Churchill, Hitler, and Stalin were all Templars and conspired to start ww2 together >Al …[View]
488023280Well /v/?[View]
487972960Did they bang?[View]
488035498Would they make good friends?[View]
488037321https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZf2E_wBvng When is this ludo coming out?[View]
488035674Knack 3 Leak: >Coming Summer 2020 for PS4 >4 Player Co-Op >Customize Your Knack (Colors, Ha…[View]
488033270ITT: comfy games[View]
488027651HE'S IN[View]
488037198He's in.[View]
488034264It really isn't that bad if you just run it once. 100%ing BN games is for autists anyway[View]
488036163He's in[View]
488026965What the actual fuck is happening with TF2 lately? For well over a week now cheaters have been going…[View]
488036656Ben Judd is a cancer to gaming and an ugly ginger to boot.[View]
488034383Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/i1OGexjaP1U[View]
488028720>ring ring ring >answer your phone >its masahiro sakurai >'okay stinky american, we…[View]
488036891Krystal from Star Fox[View]
488034846Reminder that this 3'3 15 year old has killed multiple god like beings[View]
488033110You think Baldrus gate 3 will still be mostly set in the set lore of the time when Baldrus gate 2 an…[View]
488036249>the only person getting NTR is you for thinking this will ever be released True to their name i …[View]
488022498who was in the wrong here ?[View]
488035130Xenoblade Chronicles 2: So Pneuma is one of three cores of the Trinity Processor, right? And Mythra/…[View]
488035073Merry christmas, /v/![View]
488035102In about a year from now, the both of these consoles will be on the market. Which one will you buy?[View]
488036414Games where Santa is the enemy.[View]
488034761Why didn't the Empire breed the shit out of Selvaria and create an army of valkyria?[View]
488033775Persona fucking sucks[View]
488029586>Two developers recently tried to launch games inspired by the pro-democracy protests (also known…[View]
488036189Postal 2: This game is clunky piece of trash with shitty gameplay and no redeemable factor. The only…[View]
488034194Which games allow to me express my inner architect?[View]
488031232He was a real human bean! AND A REAL HERO! Arthur was literally a pussy and far inferior protagonist…[View]
488035881Just admit he's stronger,faster and cooler than Sonic.[View]
488036052>matchmaking takes 2+ minutes >Kicks you if you don't move your mouse on the matchmaking …[View]
488034010So when are we getting an update on the remake?[View]
488026717Best selling videogames in Amazon Mexico[View]
488032982What's your favourite game to play when you don't want to be in a hurry? For me it's …[View]
488030626How can one man be so based?[View]
488029404What are your top 3 most played video games of all-time? Post em', even if they're embarra…[View]
488012467Smash DLC: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/78218788?page=5#51 …[View]
488035328Gamer fuel winter edition: Post your gamer fuel. For me, it's Clementines, peantus and water/te…[View]
488032693>You can't actually survive[View]
488035620Recently finished Dishonored 1+DLC's and loved it. It felt smooth to play, there was always a l…[View]
488029728this is funny because girl has no boobs haha itt post more examples of japanese humour haha[View]
488028927Reminder that Saber is getting in the fighters pass: https://youtu.be/G_XQ8_SE2Pc She is gonna be Ri…[View]
488027213What is it about people that drives them to defend companies so rabidly?[View]
488029985>''bwah, I'm a faggot who can't deal with what life deals to me, bwahhh *turn…[View]
488035276>I'm just a splatter, splatter, splatter on the windshield of life >just a splatter, spla…[View]
488035258What are some games set in California?[View]
488035115Are you guys excited for the 2022 Osana update?[View]
488034192How many bits do modern consoles have? It sucks they stopped telling us this information.[View]
488030169>This is a shiny in 2019 How did Gamefreak get away with this?[View]
488029752Why are you locked in the bathroom?[View]
488035026Day 739[View]
488034929Still the best platform to play games on pc.[View]
487971762Play World of Warships. It's like WoT but with ships. Better balance and less grindy.[View]
488034940Smiles we could not protect: goobye asuka your series was too good for this autistic sjw world…[View]
488033607Is he the George Lucas of gaming? The only thing he actually has some talent is visual design[View]
488020591>all outer worlds women are ug-[View]
488024309So what games do you have on this thing? mines is just a glorified zelda/FE machine[View]
488020428>the true AI renaissance for videogames is upon us How does that make you feel /v/?…[View]
488027705MMORPG: Hello, /v/, I am Bogdanoff-tier rich and want to make a brand new MMORPG. I cannot name mys…[View]
488029035What games do you like to play in December for that comfy Christmas mood?[View]
488007695KOJIMA ROASTED >'I think he's very bad at character, and I think he's extremely convent…[View]
488030556I've never actually played a racing game on PC before. How do they play with kb+m controls?[View]
488034552>almost 2020 >still no gender bender game All I want is a game that incorporates magic/sci-fi …[View]
488034114Why do people call this game OoT 2.0? It feels like a downgrade in game design despite the fact that…[View]
488029353>ITT vidya images you can hear.[View]
488030446How long did you last with metal gear survive? I was pleasantly surprised for the first couple of ho…[View]
488033689why are PC players fleeing so quick?[View]
488034083Is Karin broken?[View]
488030930Who was in the right here?[View]
488032090what went wrong?[View]
488034073Games with this feel?[View]
488032647Thoughts on dota 2 patch 7.23?[View]
488033884About to drop the greatest album in history.[View]
488027873hmmm which games should I get? Oh wait nevermind, I get all of them because I'm a classic chad …[View]
488029981>About to kill some nigga >LOL FUCK YOU *ARMOUR LOCK* >Wait around for a few seconds scoped…[View]
488032597He’s coming.[View]
487999359Will it ever be topped?[View]
488030668give me one (1) reason why you do not play this?[View]
488029110Good morning Justin! Are you ready to go?[View]
488002793What is 'soul' in video games and why are people saying 'soulless'?[View]
488029085Some of you guys are ok. Don't go to Sector 5 later.[View]
488033684The next fighter is Adeleine: >B-But Vergeben said no Nintendo characters Wrong. HAL Laboratory i…[View]
488029565>you can literally just spam companion abilities back to back and clear out all enemies without d…[View]
488028304Why aren't you playing one of the best turn-based tactical games released this decade?[View]
488033083How are those 1ccs coming along?[View]
488026432>final boss is you but black[View]
488033223Why did they add one of the best characters so far into the game?[View]
488030815I have a kind of specific question about Disgaea 4 Switch. Hopefully someone here can answer it. Is …[View]
488030749Why does this game make /v/ seethe ?[View]
488028118Oh shit /v/ you're in charge of a raider gang what's it called?[View]
488015819Steam Profiles Thread: You know the drill, post and rate[View]
488030372Battlefield V Wake Island: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71Kthe0xmmA Thoughts?[View]
488028000What the actual fuck Kojimbo...[View]
488030525>Geoff confirms 15 new games will be revealed at the Game Awards Do we have any idea what they ar…[View]
488032005It's up[View]
488032226>great gameplay >legitimately the very worst characters, writing and quests of all time how a…[View]
488026263How the fuck was this stuff allowed to be cut from the base game? It was in development for like 10 …[View]
488032418What's your favorite turn based combat system: Whether it be RPG or Strategy[View]
488032408come in here, builder bros[View]
488032228Games with this feel[View]
488031738>/v/ tells me CoD, Borderlands, Mortal Kombat, Division, and Anthem flopped >they're actu…[View]
488017998>Made in unity[View]
488032002Anyone who bought fallout 76 should have a mold filled plastic helmet super-glued to their head and …[View]
488030923I'm thinking of doing the unthinkable and buying a Playstation console next generation... Is it…[View]
488030121Has /v/, in your opinion, become the worst board on 4chan?[View]
488029193Lloydfags are dead, so im coming for you Nightmareniggers next[View]
488031723Oh no no no, we got too cocky AMD bros[View]
488028881ITT: subtle gamer moments[View]
488030813What are games where you can kill every single living being of the world and roam around an empty ma…[View]
488000758Favorite video game waifu/husbando?[View]
488031463Have you seen what it's like out there, /v/? Do you ever actually leave firelink? Everybody jus…[View]
488031028me and my friends really enjoyed heists and pve content in gta online. would we enjoy red dead onlin…[View]
488028574>character is voiced by Grey Delisle >you can romance her…[View]
488013390Resident Evil 1 2 3: All screenshots are in-game graphics using RE engine Which character has the wo…[View]
488021771December 2019... I am forgotten[View]
488025190>grew up playing and liking Japanese >calling someone a weeb if he/she likes Japanese games Ex…[View]
488027563>game has different builds >so linear that it's not worth trying them all >difficulty…[View]
488030837MCC Halo 1 launch details will be shown at TGA alongside news of a switch port (soon™) Last fighter …[View]
488021815Bros, how do I actually get good at fighting games? I look watching people play but I can never real…[View]
488029345Xbox Game Pass Ultimate = $0.05/day: Yeah I'm thinkin' Xbox is back... Comes out to $18.25…[View]
488028546Fortnite risky event: Found this in lazy lake. I have not seen this any where.[View]
488029865Has there been a single good game made during this decade?[View]
488028812>I pirate, emulate, keygen, crack, steal, and beat little children if necessary to get my games f…[View]
488025612>2 months later...I'm forgotten[View]
488021019This is called a Regular Nintendo[View]
488030798mario royale BTFO Are you looking forward to the next game by Game Grumps INC LLC CO?[View]
488024497STAND. ON. THE. Medic![View]
488029190based nuwars[View]
488030747FFVII remake thread: ZOINKS[View]
488027951Cheating thread: Anything related to cheating in online vidya[View]
488027846What video games explore sub/dom relationships in an interesting way?[View]
488030520Is there a reason why pretty much all of Sonys first party games are 3rd person action/adventure gam…[View]
488032887What is your opinion on the dangerously low amount of bunny representation in the videogames industr…[View]
488025670give me one negative thing about a main line Nintendo game . ohh wait you can't.[View]
488030435https://www.metacritic.com/feature/best-videogames-of-the-decade-2010s nintendo wins this decade…[View]
488027723My boyfriend is constantly reminding me to stop spending money on gacha games. I have fun with them,…[View]
488030356Dunmer genocide when?[View]
488022503You guys seriously can't be this retarded and believe Daisy is teasing anything, right?[View]
488012932This is Playstation 3, in 2009, 3 years into its lifecycle, it caused Sony a $4.7 billion loss in pr…[View]
487982927Just finished Burial at Sea 1 and 2: What was her entire end goal here? travel to every dimension po…[View]
488026541What should I play with a gamepad on my PC?[View]
488024143What can we expect from BOTW 2?[View]
488029936So I have a question about EvaXephon that I’ve been trying to ask /v/ He has a pretty big fandom of …[View]
488028864What kind of house will you make in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, /v/?[View]
488027445Kino: I'm not even a Silent Hill: Shattered Memories thread[View]
488029884Video games and art: can be art video games?[View]
488029880is there any way to run my DK1 and avoid all the oculus software? possibly directly through steam[View]
488028123>he did'nt buy the games[View]
488028704What's your favourite song from each respective game? >Prince Fleaswallow >I am a Master …[View]
488029721The shills don't even try to hide it anymore do they.[View]
488026629Now that the dust as settled, did you love it, hate it, or just think it was ok? I gotta go with lov…[View]
488026741What did jannies mean by this?[View]
488029472>the virgin pokemon[View]
488024952Moga village...[View]
488027678Game of the Decade[View]
488024617Contra thread: Post your favorite Contra This is my favorite one and my first videogame. I fell in l…[View]
488029474It still hurts[View]
488029467It´s almost here Inabros!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_8bSmXsZ2o&feature=emb_title[View]
488029340Images you can hear?[View]
488028780Somebody name a good game this man has ever made. Because I can't think of any for the life of …[View]
488028969Adrian Shephard: I’m my opinion, Adrian Shephard is one of the best characters in the half life univ…[View]
488020037Lets have a comfy XBOX thread.: What are you playing recently, /v/?[View]
487980906She's in[View]
488028661Who is the knight Why the fuck does he get away with this shit. Combined with the gaster shit from U…[View]
488028603Post a game without posting it[View]
488029045Maybe I'll take Sasha out for a TF2 thread tonight. Whadda ya think about that huh?[View]
488006037what speech impediment does xqcOW suffer from? is he from the netherlands?[View]
488024445The original movie game[View]
488027815The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut: It's 90% off on Steam. Is it worth it? htt…[View]
488028745>snoyfags will defend this[View]
488027302Good morning![View]
488028527MINECRAFT THREAD: Join this server: Macrochasm.net Version: 1.4.7 release >why on old version? b…[View]
488027301Getting 1070 for $150 from my friend. What games should I pirate for preparation? Already got AC odd…[View]
487977356what do you want to see in the next god of war?[View]
488028501>Game girl on girl romance option[View]
487997089Kos-Mos is in Smash: Proof: New Trailer for Kingdom Hearts Remind was set to private and taken down …[View]
488028431*ruins your game*: The changes to the movement feel horrible. I agree that dodge was too good, but d…[View]
488022516Dragon Quest XI difficulty: Is there even a point to use the 'harder enemies' draconion qu…[View]
488027905How did you know you could warp here, /v/?[View]
488028102In Planetary Annihilation it's like any other RTS but instead of a boring flat map, you have sp…[View]
488016338New Mouse: My mouse died on me and I need a new one help me out /v/, which mouse is the best right n…[View]
488022413>only 34000 people playing game of the decade EPIC WON[View]
488025867Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHLu9T347aE As a Mexican, almost everyone cri…[View]
488022076>NOO TIM YOU CANT SAVE PC GAMING AND KILL STEAM >Why not I have the money ? >https://www.yo…[View]
488025049I never played a Halo game in its entirety: just some bits and pieces of the first or the second one…[View]
488028179What makes good loli character design in video games?[View]
488008516>Go through hell and back to install Windows 7 on my 9600K computer >Half my games won't …[View]
488002905Progressive game done right: You cant deny that[View]
488026974>gameplay loop[View]
488018141I am so bored! Ii just want one (1) good game to play.[View]
488022871WW2 Shooter autism: Post Scriptum or Hell Let Loose?[View]
488012471HOT TOPIC / CONTROVERSY: ((CONT. THREAD FROM)) >>487984524 can girls play videogames and strea…[View]
488022221now that the dust has settled, who did it better[View]
488020267G-go on lad. ...This one's on me... lads?[View]
488027668Cheeto Man just found out you fucked Hello Kitty, and now he's coming for you. The last charact…[View]
488027480Do you remember 2019?: >Metro Exodus >Sekiro >Code Vein >Surge 2 >Greedfall >RE2re…[View]
488023638Our guys at Key announced an updated rerelease of Summer Pockets. How fucking hyped are you? Details…[View]
488025675She killed hundreds.[View]
488021945Does the remake make it obsolete?[View]
488024459Daily reminder this game is a joke in the patrician scene[View]
488024151why does pokemon always have two versions instead of just one game with all the pokemon?[View]
487993962>3 people made this in just 3 years HOW[View]
488026176FS 2020: Is this the final level in realism? Will I finally buy a joystick? Just release it Microsof…[View]
487994069>that rare instance in which a turn based rpg actually has a character creation system Literally …[View]
488024976MIGHTY ACTION X[View]
488026663Can anyone explain to me how to win this siege? The siege itself is ez as hell, but then you get to …[View]
488021338What's the point of buying a console again?[View]
488024967Which one would you form a lasting connection with, /v/?[View]
488010991KH3 Re Buy Trailer: https://youtu.be/bIehnOox7t0 Post yfw you bought KH3 at launch[View]
488026465So how the fuck ebonheart is even a thing?[View]
487995617DQB2: >15hr demo for what purpose?[View]
488024969What are the arguments for or against piracy?[View]
488022150We need to talk about Sans survival: It's become an increasingly popular theory that Sans didn…[View]
487997990Humble Monthly is now Humble Choice: $15 for 3 games $20 for 9 games $12 if you're part of the …[View]
488023498Great launch, 343[View]
488023543Damn, she's hot[View]
488023193Are we ever getting this well deserved remake or Capcom only want to keep destroying Resident Evil w…[View]
488026362>Sam Porter Bridges delivers the smash![View]
488023385Why is rockstar running egs ads and WHY THE FUCK GOT THIS POST MORE LIKES THAN EVERY OTHER ROCKSTAR …[View]
488025609>Give me some Jet ya cunt[View]
488024057>now even Vergeben said no promoted assist trophies When will we ever stop being everyone’s punch…[View]
487998693Did you guys bought the entire collection or just reach?[View]
488025918Remember that time in Final Fantasy 7 when Cloud shined Aerith's shoes?[View]
488021856Where do I go to talk about vidya and kpop? >reddit filled with too many annoying shills and norm…[View]
488021348Story was fucked anyway right?: I've been avoiding playing as not to ruin the feel of discoveri…[View]
488014428Tekken: You guys watching the TWT Finals this weekend?[View]
488025136Android games that are good, engaging, not-gacha and not on emulator? Bonus points for story.[View]
488022490Why was dead rising so good?[View]
488016628Do Game Overs and 1-ups serve a purpose anymore?: Do you think these systems provide genuine difficu…[View]
488025743Gonna try Brawlhalla for the SU stuff.: Anything I should know about the game? Tips? Is the game goo…[View]
488025832Fallout 4 Loading Times: I remember using a mod that does something to your CPU that makes the game …[View]
488020402I dont get it, why does Cirilla being the grand daughter of some elven woman make her the only perso…[View]
488025179>hard level >die 30+ times but finally beat it once and move on This is not an accomplishment.…[View]
488025709What are some games i can play with my upgraded computor? >inb4 poverty YES and i wont get a new …[View]
488019262Cute. Cute![View]
488017554DualShockers - The 50 Best Video Games of the Decade: 50. Inside 49. Titanfall 2 48. Marvel’s Spider…[View]
488025579Attention ground units: Mission failure will result in permanent offworld assignment. Code reminder:…[View]
488014389What's your style /v/ ?[View]
488011294AI Dungeon Thread: >AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B p…[View]
488012394>Halo >Fortnite >Call of Duty >Counter-Strike >Apex Legends >Overwatch >PLAYERU…[View]
488021445Your opinion on GameXplain?[View]
488025232What are some games that aren't overrated OR underrated? They get exactly the amount of praise …[View]
488023235Did you like how Xenoblade Chronicles 2 connected to 1?[View]
488019801How is this acceptable?[View]
488024639Is Yozora gonna be a Sora or a Xehanort?[View]
488004558A year in, the Epic Games Store's fight against Steam has made PC gaming better for everyone: H…[View]
488024536Don't stop turn that up take it higher[View]
488020156Siiiiip. Yep, they don't make games like this anymore.[View]
488023903Is he the angriest main character in vidya?[View]
488022809Judging by the way Duke's piss sounds, he is canonically uncircumcised.[View]
488017031Nostos VR: This is VR's biggest launch this year. Say something nice about it. Did you know dev…[View]
488014530>back to work already What's it going to be?[View]
488024398Games?: Games?[View]
488024394>Final Fantasy XII is the highest-rated singleplayer FF since the original FFXII 13 years ago …[View]
488024360RTS Thread: >You're booming back at base and these guys start raiding your woodline. >Wha…[View]
488017713>video game review >They only talk about the story >10/10…[View]
488013002Post games that improved over time and are very fun now. Pic very much related[View]
487995910Humble Monthly @ $12 ending: >You're on the Classic plan >Thank you for being a loyal sub…[View]
488018385>Game forces you to grind 20+ hours to advance to the next zone[View]
488018787Bushido Blade: What does /v/ think of Bushido Blade?[View]
488019937<< 6 MILLION LIVES TO CREATE ONE SOVEREIGN STATE! >> Don't you think this last Ace …[View]
488023156I'm playing this for the first time Am I supposed to use this weapon til the end? Since this is…[View]
488014931> Heroine is Tomboy[View]
488012931What am I in for? Coom*rs need not reply[View]
488008042These games are shit, genuinely awful[View]
488021359So, did anyone else NOT think this was going to involve Neanderthal rape?: You’d think by now, I wou…[View]
488019659Ah yes, we’ve been expecting you. You’ll have to be recorded before you’re officially released. Ther…[View]
488020659I can't believe that anyone was actually hyped for Stadia, i don't understand how stupid y…[View]
488021963Best Sidekick in Vidya: /v/, please put forward your nominations for best sidekick in vidya. English…[View]
488013825What's with these stupid faggots that refuse to play more than 60% of FE3H because their dumb h…[View]
488022275>characters nobody remembers also I don’t even like smash but I think he’d make a pretty cool add…[View]
488022661So what was the mistery?[View]
488018983EVERYONE IS DEAD: Now that everyone is dead, how'll be our PlayStation Rep? https://gamefaqs.ga…[View]
487973969Please remember to save some healing, anon. I hate seeing you hurt.[View]
488015008New Crash Bandicoot game coming in 2022: That Dingodile draw by Nicola Saviori is the new render for…[View]
488022123this guy being a faggot aside, how can a game in the current year have this clunky of controls?[View]
488021582It's actually wild how similar these are. >Controller with a screen, neat idea that rarely g…[View]
488017958SKYRIM COMFY MODS Come on, enjoy some coffee in this cold night at my Inn[View]
488022359Halo is the only reason the Xbox brand exists today. They have done literally nothing of note beside…[View]
488021680ITS HERE! 2.2 IS HERE! SLOPES! https://youtu.be/Ia097A0pKNM[View]
488022538Any of you play hunt showdown? Whaddya think of the game and the recent update?[View]
488020139What was his fucking problem?![View]
488003915Remember the old days when there were a shit load of WW2 games?[View]
488020192ITT: pleb filters[View]
488017474Star Wars: The Phantom Menace saga and Jedi Academy PS4 release dates announced: HD remasters of Jed…[View]
488022639So, what's the deal with this place?[View]
488016009>Mention gears of war to co-worker >'Oh yeah I remember that game' >Hey you remember cool m…[View]
488018073Sea of Thieves: How can they have gotten a game so right? This shit is pure crack to me, truly an in…[View]
488019790Get ready for a half baked Switch clone gimmick!! https://bgr.com/2019/12/06/ps5-controller-new-leak…[View]
488019702About to start playing Astral Chain, do I go with male MC or female? Usually I'd just pick fema…[View]
488013565Worth wasting my time for this if I can get it free ? And 5 ?[View]
488019894What other game has you flying through RINGS?[View]
488005827Have you seen lord Sakuza?[View]
488021990Share video game based onrments you have. This is one my sister made[View]
488019316any JRPG that will benefit greatly from ''westernization''?[View]
488017518ITT: Video game characters you literally fucking HATE[View]
488012842Does /v/ agree with IGN's Top 10 Games of the Year list?[View]
488021240KIRYU *hack* *cough* -CHAN![View]
488021368>boss literally gives itself 500 quintillion HP I like Crosscode, but that's crossing a line…[View]
488012663Yeh...I'm thinking he's back.[View]
488020075Upcoming WW2 Shooter End of War 1945: >Final months of WW2 >Play as Commies/Nazi SS/Americans …[View]
487998202>near the end of the decade >still no Dinotopia videogame…[View]
488020224Sony + KP: Should Sony still consider getting Kojima's studio as a first party studio after Dea…[View]
488018784ITT: games that unironically qualify as art[View]
488016983Let's face it - Yukareimu is the dream team[View]
488018612What are the best games that make you feel like you're going on a grand adventure?[View]
488021184What are some games about becoming a sociable person and fitting well into society?[View]
488019156Commiserating operation![View]
488020957She killed herself[View]
488016687>He's in Is it the best launcher?[View]
488018452It deserved a better life...[View]
488015790Are you a THIEF, /v/?[View]
488019386Doom Eternal worth it?: I love the graphics in the last remake but everything else was shit... Shoul…[View]
488020169The Lost Child: Has anyone played this before? Is it any good?[View]
488020560Rate my taste: Superior: Nier Earthbound Evolve Darkwood Skate Fantastic: Everquest El Matador Disho…[View]
488007508If it went for the gimmick stages, can anyone explain to me how this isn't the best one?[View]
488019709SCREENSHOT THREAD: screenshot thread?[View]
488018336What if Okami was made by Kojima?[View]
488020379Post/show off your setups and give advice to those wanting to build a PC[View]
4880113562builders2tools (2b2t.org): 2b2t Thread, December 2019 What do you guys think of 2b2t in its current…[View]
488018069Filename thread[View]
488019952this is your terrifying jumpscare monster for today[View]
488016894The fuck is up with these prices? Jesus Christ, Nintendo, you greedy fucks,[View]
488017881I just found a GBA while dumpster diving. what are the best games for this handheld? i ordered a che…[View]
488015587Does anyone else here feel only constant nonstop disgust?[View]
488019972Final Fantasy VIII: /v/ we will decide once and for all: the true meaning of this games fucking endi…[View]
488019941Yeah, 2020 will be their comeback[View]
488019885Why did /v/ forget our literal atavistic anthropomorphisation? The dictionary definition of Our Guy.…[View]
488016335Think carefully[View]
487921151Donkey Kong Kremlings: *Jumps on head *AUUUUUGH! *Splash of falling in the ocean.[View]
488012323lets be real here, Bioshock 2 > Bioshock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV9kg-M1RJw&t[View]
488012095Anyone here think SS is the best 3D installment? I disagree, but I’m curious to know what your reaso…[View]
488014123/v/ it’s on sale for $26.79 Should I buy it?[View]
487980285Are you still mad/sad?[View]
488016158Don't want to talk about the story and I currently don't care about the game mechanics, fi…[View]
488006228What weapons did Pelinal definitely use? I remember >a mace encrusted with the guts of elves/kha…[View]
488018027Wait a minute, what? How?[View]
488007412Where can i download her?[View]
487960884IT'S OUT: >BLACK MESA IS FINISHED It's been so long, bros…[View]
488012795Remember to never trust fangames: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6acvaLPmp-c Video starts at 0:08…[View]
488014108(o^^o)Nyanpasu〜Everynyan! That is an patata macaroni cake appuri for Tokyo Games Show exhibition uni…[View]
488009093>bought a PC for 1200€ >only play MTG Arena, which runs on a toaster…[View]
488014920Radiant Garden... home[View]
487988769Bug Fables: So this is just paper mario, but gay?[View]
488016889What went so wrong?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-sYYHkWwjUI[View]
488016578God tier Vidja game music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LB7LZZGpkw[View]
488018693>how could you tell I exclusively use a 360 controller and the DMR?[View]
487979981Why was she so obsessed with Yu?[View]
488016820What are some comfy driving games to play while it snows?[View]
487992454This is a LOCKCHAD thread. SPRINTFAGS and JETBABBIES not allowed. Hologramscholars are honorary.[View]
488017310When did Shiggy start losing his touch?[View]
488008889>game gets completely written off because of it’s weird premise >it’s actually pretty good Wha…[View]
487998782do you like my fagmobile[View]
488012763You see... I've come to understand the TRUTH of the Death Stranding.[View]
488008464Is there a vidya character can defeat her?[View]
488009947>SEE YOU IN RAYMAN 4[View]
488015734Male Warframe thread[View]
488006731>gf goes to work >it's driving simulation time! what games you play when your gf is out o…[View]
488007305Is Dark Souls just Zelda for adults?[View]
488016880Am I just missing something about how to play these games? I always start off alright but then on la…[View]
487949605are 20-hour games the future?[View]
488016465What's your favorite game, /v/? Also, how are you?[View]
488017351were you a good boy this year for mommy?[View]
488013479So are the most recent games actually bricking Switches, or was it all just some rumor? I've he…[View]
488018124Gee thanks google I needed this![View]
488010049do you collect trophies/achievements /v/?[View]
488011186>2019 i am forgotten[View]
487981064>shits all over FFXV[View]
487960924Final Fantasy 14: Does /v/ like FFXIV Shadowbringers?[View]
48800819415 bucks. Should i get it?[View]
488017121>/v/ said Halo sucks >/v/ said Reach is worst Halo >give Reach a try >it's fucking …[View]
487990261>tekken world tour finals >microsoft leaks characters ahead of time >its fucking ganryu and…[View]
488017318These are the games that have release scheduled for 2019 but no set release day yet. How many do you…[View]
488012132GTA myths and spooks: Is there a single substantiated myth on this entire wiki? I will admit it…[View]
488006201what game is this?[View]
488016612>Enemies can cancel attacks into different attacks[View]
488009724What’s your favorite level including the legacy missions? For me, it’s Bangkok.[View]
488002391>enter room >turn on lights >room becomes actually darker as auto dim sets in Who the fuck …[View]
488002474When is the fucking update?[View]
488003493Battlestation Thread: Please rate[View]
488001664Pathfinder: For all your sequel talk, tiefling waifus and shit-flinging autists.[View]
488015905Who's getting DBZ: Kakarot?[View]
488008952what makes Tifa the best girl?[View]
488016292Do you have vidya merch, /v/?[View]
488019152how are my anons doing this morning what's on the agenda[View]
488015181what the fuck is her problem?[View]
488013461>concept art for ARMS https://www.nintendo.co.jp/jobs/introduction/index.html…[View]
4880148673rd person camera: /v/ tell me which game has the best 3rd person camera?[View]
488015324>game has more than one ending[View]
488010571So how is the game? I haven't played the original.[View]
488014795Damn, Seifer was a fucking chad.[View]
487995204CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUnVeAd4DAg[View]
488016140>at least 3 more years till Kojima’s new masterpiece game How are you holding up, Kojimabros?…[View]
488014782It's actually wild how similar these are. >Controller with a screen, neat idea that rarely g…[View]
488007486>muh drumpf is literally hitler >muh dreamers are living legends you didn't fall for this…[View]
488008156what is MY opinion on this?: >I play it 6 hours a day Is this peak kino bass based Ubisoft in act…[View]
487996587Exclusives are inherently anti-consumer practice that fosters meaningless brand loyalty and allows c…[View]
488013119>remember old game from childhood >get nostalgia about it >install it >play for 10 minut…[View]
488008623Post classic vidya music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2q0aIql0Qw[View]
488015616one cheeseburger please[View]
488013787What is the best pokemon fan game on pc /v/ ?: I didn't play pokemon for ages. But searching on…[View]
488014903what are some fun 3-4 player coop games for pc?[View]
488010648Play modded Half Life 1[View]
488005849>tfw /v/ memed you into buying another '10/10 legendary' brown and gray linear corridor shooter H…[View]
488011932rage: Any other anons rage here? I'm thinking I need to stop playing competitive mp stuff becau…[View]
488012339Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will have an exclusive scene premiere in Fortnite at December 14th:…[View]
487985720rave.dj: Create vidya-related mashups using this. https://rave.dj Post new creations and post old on…[View]
488006985Red Dead Redemption 2: >One month[View]
488013345Please contact me thread creator form The Game Awards: Please contact me thread creator, from your p…[View]
488011503Battlestation thread?[View]
488005934I need a multiplayer game to sink myself into. How's Overwatch?[View]
488014916Oh, dear, another dogged contender.[View]
488006367IT ALSO PLAYS GAMES[View]
488011717post your GOTY[View]
488008326Pretty comfy game desu: How do people here find it so boring?[View]
488014643*pop pop pop pop pop pop*[View]
488008679So when do you think this masterpiece will finally release on PS4? Saw a Reddit post Aug 2018 that i…[View]
488010995>I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe What's the modern day equivalent?…[View]
488012728Grim Dawn: Why do I keep dying to this cunt?[View]
488011929Why doesn't she get more of her own games?[View]
487996203When does it get good?[View]
488012896>graphics card is acting up >uninstall updates >default driver runs better…[View]
487976448Smash Bros Ultimate: I just want to say Doomguy should be in Smash because both him and his games ar…[View]
488011034u guys hype for my main boy's game droppin in a couple of days? its a shame showdown won't…[View]
488011215ArthuRPG thread: Hey /v/, I'm at my wits end here. How the hell do I get past the Fern battle i…[View]
488013127What version of windows are you on? Just built a new computer and wondering if I should use 7, 8.1, …[View]
487980987so who the fuck is he[View]
488007267So I recently decided that I was going to play games that the general public has labeled as 'the bes…[View]
488010126do i buy it[View]
488013929Baccoon City is overrun...[View]
488007181Are fighting games even worth playing/getting into? >most die within 2 years or less >low play…[View]
488002825>Wearing her same Advent Children outfit this is so fucking lazy[View]
488003784Is emulation a good or a bad thing for gamers and gaming in general?[View]
488011716China owns steam: Steam won't allow games with Hong Kong being supported, lmao[View]
488008462Why was it so unpopular? Why did it flop?[View]
488013206Name the game: >Can't have one thread about [game] because [game] happens to have a cute/sex…[View]
488009013People afraid what they don't understand[View]
488009215Why is nobody answering my halo questions? Do you guys just not know anything? I am very confused. W…[View]
488006882NEW APE ESCAPE RIGHT?[View]
488011460Seven Peso Sanchez: Why did she bring the up the British Broadcasting Channel?[View]
488009881You may not like it but this is what peak RPG party and love triangle performance looks like[View]
488011397does anyone know what game this is from?[View]
488012553Temba, his arms wide Dukat posted on /v/ Vladimir and Estragon waiting for Godot[View]
488012525What are some games with bartending in them?[View]
488012395Valve Index Christmas Gifting Problem: Hey fellas, I'm thinking about getting the full Valve In…[View]
488011098sort them based on rarity[View]
488006636Stadia: Will it fix input lag?[View]
488011145DayZ: Are there any other games that offer the same comfy multiplayer innawoods operator feel as Day…[View]
488011931>still nothing about their new p&c i don't wanna wait anymore[View]
487942542DOAXVV: Nurse in job[View]
488011314got my first PC a fortnight ago, got a gtx 970 & an i5-3470 CPU. i have played on laptop for pas…[View]
488011523http://www.aidungeon.io/ New Thread! Text-based dungeon crawler powered by AI, where you can basical…[View]
488009814Señor Freeman, supongo?? Jejejejejeje[View]
488003761Any vidya villain with similar vibe?[View]
488007162Important message from the Unggoy.: Fuck San'Shyuum, Fuck Sangheili, fuck Jiralhanae, fuck Engi…[View]
487995572Which Final Fantasy game has the best females?[View]
487999302Hello bros. What NWN modules do you recommend? And yes, I already got the sex one (A Dance with Rogu…[View]
488011021Pig games: What are some games where you can play as pigs/boars/etc. heroic villainous or otherwise.…[View]
488006642I'm so ashamed of myself for wasting time on this social link[View]
487997404AIDungeon thread: >AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B pa…[View]
488008676I've neglected my PS4 for too long. What should I play? Here are the choices.[View]
488004998Krystal from Star Fox[View]
488009391Apparently pic related was released last week. how come /v/ is dead silent about this? Is this game …[View]
488010651>2 poor to afford switch >hack my old 3ds to play smash 4 >Jotstick breaks…[View]
488008395Here's your collaboration characters bro[View]
488010525>game makes you use a flashlight in a dark area >go to options turn off shadows and up the bri…[View]
488003954Anyone have one of these? How is it? I'm more interested in it as a stick than a rom collection…[View]
488007830>1 year >still feels like yesterday[View]
488007339ITT: POST GOOD FUCKIN GAMES: >Be fat retard >Get power up >Become fatter retard…[View]
488009508Brainlets BTFO[View]
488008121How do I get Xbox user interface on my living room pc?[View]
487974448What does the rest of the Kirby cast think of Marx? from what i can tell Magolor views him as a frie…[View]
488007176mike bison[View]
488007247What's with that unlock system in the Halo collection? It says 'season 1' does that mean it…[View]
488009530Give ekko a roguelike,you cowards![View]
487992420Deus ex>>>>>>>Mankind Divided>Human Revolution>Invisible War[View]
488002207I just started playing this. I've only played the first Halo game I think on PC. The others tha…[View]
487942852>Kill One >Fuck One >Marry One >Befriend One…[View]
488008831Best Steam Games For Under $5?: Here are a few suggestions, based on how much I liked hem and what t…[View]
488008941>get the power cable I need for my monitor >spend 25 minutes trying to figure out why 'signal …[View]
488001590This week I bought >Spiderman PS4 >Monster Hunter world PC >FF15 PC all because /v/ told me…[View]
488003641Why is it so much easier than any other souls game?[View]
488008892HOLY SHIT HES IN[View]
488004094Y'all ARE going to support your favourite Pokemon artist, right?[View]
487981325Is it really the best jrpg ever?[View]
488007039Do you guys think the new RE2 DLC will relate to RE3?[View]
488003930Why has no 3D Mario surpassed this? https://youtu.be/YKtFsLyz6Zo[View]
487977820name a flaw. You can't.[View]
488008793There weren't enough 2D games on the N64. It could have been better.[View]
487998019What does /v/ think of EYE?[View]
488004740I can't do it bros. I can't even get to green rank with this guy. Everybody's doing u…[View]
488007552why does everyone love pokemon girls so much[View]
488008318>the west >realistic >Japan >idealistic why?…[View]
487999335Do you know why we stopped the car?[View]
488007691>MMO boss is so OP it makes you physically ill to the point of fainting IRL requiring it to be ne…[View]
488001178How do i get past this spot? It's fucking bugged[View]
487931718In all seriousness: What is your favorite videogame podcast? Mine was Epic Battle Cry they are dead …[View]
487970891>hurr durrr 5/10 iz avurige cuz itz in da middul[View]
487992201Kid Icarus Uprising: >main character is illiterate and gets bullied everytime What did he do to d…[View]
487994816Overlooked soundtracks: Post some overlooked soundtracks https://youtu.be/HyrXq5ixHkM[View]
488008280kiln kasabad dashtik Makra ko TAR![View]
487996227No Man's Sky: So is the game actually good now or is it still shitty despite the updates?…[View]
487995556The fairy is misleading you. Here's my evidence.[View]
487997561why is this allowed?[View]
487994013>THE CYBERPUNK 2077 MAP IS SMA-: .[View]
488002197I am forgotten...[View]
488004897Is there any online multi-player game that's worth it? I just want to fuck around, hit others p…[View]
488000132I don't get it, who is this nigger suppose to be?[View]
488003961Should I buy the whole collection for $49 or just reach for $11?[View]
488004461This is a good game.[View]
488005754>https://youtu.be/flFOf1y204w?t=293 Chadvill just confirmed the PC master race meme. He truly is …[View]
488007719Kingdom hearts 3: Cutscenes without soul. Kingdom hearts 2 > Kingdom hearts 3 https://www.youtube…[View]
487971689HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3XY1R7ydTA[View]
487996963What would their friendship be like?: Not a ship, only friendship[View]
488003869The events of doom 64 turned the OG Doomguy into this[View]
488002385The only time a game should have a silent protagonist is if the protagonist is a player created char…[View]
488007262Get your Valve hateboner ready! Get ready to outrage!! Controversy is on the menu! https://gizmodo.c…[View]
487989813Did you come back for the revival of this masterpiece this week?[View]
487962612We want the coomer audience[View]
488001048ITT: Only the most ambitious crossovers in gaming history[View]
488002237Age of Empire II: >he felt for the DE meme lmao[View]
487999963What are the best games on this God-tier console?[View]
488002349Anyone excited for the ELDEN RING trailer coming out in 3 hours?[View]
488003040What's the best vidya to play while eating chocomint ice cream?[View]
488003529what your smash main says about you[View]
488006040fooking chad: How based was he? I want to put my hdmi in him[View]
487991920>pokemon thread >is never about the mons[View]
488006540I like what I see[View]
487978634Resident Evil 3 remake thread: Talk about the Resident Evil 3 remake[View]
488006393>Occidere te, hostiarios Yep, the Bachelor was always based saying things we were all thinking.…[View]
488005217Why the fuck did these idiots make this game isometric and play like a Moba or Diablo? Why does it u…[View]
487999870Here's your smash dlc bro[View]
488006230More PC games like this? One Finger Death Punch doesn't quite scratch the itch.[View]
488001296New Idea for a Video Game: You play as a soldier in Liberia, slowly crawling up the ranks to become …[View]
488002479so how many fat neck beards will we see wearing these?[View]
488005562If Tetris is the perfect game, this is at least a masterpiece.[View]
488004654games that you won't last 5 minutes?[View]
487996754game of the decade[View]
487983013Daisy: You have 30 seconds to come up with a game that involves her. Hard more: Miyamoto has to appr…[View]
488006048Anyone else think it would be epic if they put Chief in Smash?[View]
488004887Calling All Chads: Which PS2 games are based?[View]
4880015182019..: I've... been... FORGOTTEN![View]
488005647The people using the panda one were never innocent https://tiermaker.com/create/360-gamerpics-ranked…[View]
488001157Who was in the wrong here?[View]
488001792Um Jammer Lammy: What is your opinion of this rhythm game?[View]
488002684>forest ''''maze'''' is just the same screen with multipl…[View]
487999374>After 3 months of trial and error I finally managed to install Windows 7 on my newly built PC…[View]
488000938If New Vegas was so good then how come it never got a sequel like Fallout 3?[View]
488001954Character-Action RPG Perfection[View]
487915364>tiny little girl character >negative muscle definition >handling gigantic heavy machinery …[View]
488004484AI Dungeon 2 thread? AI Dungeon 2 thread. http://www.aidungeon.io/ Post those stories bros[View]
487994576>games in your backlog that you will never complete[View]
488001278Keep on keeping on. Zip Lines are the best thing ever omg[View]
488002370Funny how she crushes on Megaman and always got wet around him. Would we have seen this had Megaman …[View]
488003796How is this game? I have finished origins and dragon age 2 but how does the third one compare if I l…[View]
488003324So Nomura really cannot let it go.[View]
488001394*quits your team slayer lobby before it starts*[View]
487964706It's afraid[View]
487997448Is it too late to get into MTG arena or do you have to pay to really get started?[View]
487969372*is the best Metroid game in your path*[View]
487967780Party Van: It's friday! Time to play some TF2 with /v/! IP: game.ss13.moe:27015 Password: the u…[View]
487997224Uh oh /v/, Waddle See took you out on a date! How do you liven up the mood?[View]
488001679Steam is not dead anymore[View]
487997129Conker is objectively the best choice for the next dlc fighter[View]
488002031Why does everyone hate him so much?[View]
487993685Death Stranding Review : 10/10: Even though this game might be divisive, it has been created with in…[View]
488001913>tfw all the games you want to play only exist in your mind[View]
487984849Is it worth it??[View]
488002739I'm Fragile...but I'm not fragile.[View]
488003232So what were these things?[View]
488003520If Quake 1 was so good then how come it never got a sequel like Quake 2?[View]
487997794Is it me or does smash ultimate feel soulless compared to brawl and melee and maybe even 4[View]
488001878>be detective fiction >destroys all conventional rules of detective fiction…[View]
488003426What are the best spin-off games of the Final BRAAAPtasy series? I remember this gem from the 90…[View]
488001086Half-Life 2 is barely playable right now, VtMB on the other hand...: both games were released at the…[View]
488002757CS:GO: ESL Season 10 Finals are underway. You're supporting our guys Fnatic, right? You saw ou…[View]
487919861Whenever you are reminded of Battle for the Grid, which Power Rangers theme comes to your head?[View]
487996790This is my bf Revolver Ocelot, say something nice about him.[View]
487987065Mario Maker 2: Shill & Chill[View]
488001697SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
488001131It’s stupid fucking Byleth Standard Fire Emblem Forward and down tilt. Uptilt is Ike’s but quicker, …[View]
487990258Why are people excited for the Spongebob remaster?: I mean look at it: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
488001585I need that diagram that explains if a game can be considered an Immersive Sim: or else if it's…[View]
487993410Any of Noctis's friends would have been a more entertaining protagonist.[View]
488003116>objective: wipe them out[View]
487994193I am currently number 1 in halo reach mcc pc competitive. Ask me anything.[View]
487960087COLOR THEORY CONFIRMED: >People have been speculating that FP5 will have an orange background to …[View]
487997656Autistic question but does anyone remember which Elite armor was the one that came in the Halo Reach…[View]
488002918Are you ready to be a woman?[View]
487984127How did they go from the super nintendo to the utter piece of shit that was the N64? You don't …[View]
487996643So she's confirmed for the last spot in the Fighter's pass right?[View]
488000545Game Center CX: Tell me about him and his show[View]
487993834Meet me at Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.[View]
488001372Alright /v/, who do YOU personally want in smash brothers ultimate. Also what is with the faggot cry…[View]
487998452Sabrina is the best gym leader[View]
488001730>tfw coping,seething and dilating all day every day[View]
488000290What the hell, bros? Our guys Tinkle Position are kill. The director left them. http://tinkle-positi…[View]
487986394Halo: Reach: >Noble Two >a Spartan with advanced armor and active shields >can tank literal…[View]
487999950Literally the same hack journalists saying Death Stranding is 'not fun' are the same ones who said t…[View]
487991843ITT: Only the best GBA games.[View]
487996574What can we do to improve representation of women in gaming? It's time to start showing women a…[View]
487999358Would they make good friends?: Yeah I know >”Something about that hedgehog rubs me the wrong way…[View]
488001553Part 2 of yesterday's thread. This guy slaps your girlfriend's ass at Gamestop, post your …[View]
487998116>REALISM BAD[View]
487996932New Crash game being announced for State of Play[View]
487994331>Play 7th gen multiplats on the PS3 at 720p 26fps over 4k 60fps on PC because the console version…[View]
488001218>He's not in[View]
487998704For me it’s the 1997-2005 era polygon graphics, they’re one of the main reasons I played WoW long af…[View]
487995402I'm so unbelievably bad at this game! holy shit I literally CAN'T GIT GUD no matter how ha…[View]
488000878King Boo is inevitable. His chances are probably pretty low this time, but sooner or later he'l…[View]
487993852Would you work at Valve? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR0WN55p_zI[View]
487975254What is this logo supposed to be?[View]
487987972This was the best Sonic game in the entire fucking franchise. >Ballin ost >Team up mechanic th…[View]
4879986091. Pick your favorite game. 2. Pick your favorite character from that game. 3.You now possess their …[View]
487984980Granblue Fantasy Versus: I will now buy your game.[View]
487996501It was supposed to be released some weeks ago: And the previews looked awesome! What happened???…[View]
488000995Neptunia: >/v/ memes become official Also nep thread[View]
488000869Cute Jill: Cute Jill[View]
488000863what are some games with THAT in it hahaha you know what I mean I mean THAT you know that hahaha ple…[View]
487994202This is literally the only fucking weapon in the game. I have played whole matches where no one used…[View]
487999591What can i do to spice it up?: Loved BOTW at first but idk, it's getting kinda soul draining. A…[View]
487992737Was it kino?[View]
487994939Negative, I have the gun[View]
487994731Somehow i missed this game and ive barely seen it talked about, is it good? I'm not a metroidva…[View]
487998421>Denuvo doesn't affect game performance[View]
488000421Why would they release the game meanwhile the audio is this fucked? The Sabre portion of the campaig…[View]
487993220I’m about to start this for the first time- what am I in for? Is it worth turning off the minimap? S…[View]
487967434Red Dead Redemption is the best game on PC right now and you can't deny it. The base game is gr…[View]
487999321Just got one of these bad boys. What games should I run with it? I would play Paragon but you worthl…[View]
487993092Rumble Roses: I HAVE YOU What would you want to see in a Rumble Roses 3? How likely is it that a 3rd…[View]
487919970Sonic: Post your most unpopular opinions about the hedgehog's franchise.[View]
487998398what am i in for?[View]
487994872Who is your fortnitefu? why did season 2 get delayed? [View]
487999813Which ones do you prefer /v/?[View]
487992883>he died to Desert Pyromancer Zoey What's that anon, you can't even beat a woman up?…[View]
487990657Look into the Neuralyzer, /v/ How would you make a 'Men In Black' game?[View]
487999213When will she make her comeback?[View]
487985841KINGDOM HEARTS 3 REMIND: >I've been having these weird thoughts lately >Like is any of th…[View]
487999790Important Opinions/Facts: Genres / combinations / features are of specific quality, basing on the fo…[View]
487999778Why is it so many on /v/ now are, I'd like to play this game but it hasn't been cracked ye…[View]
487996126Was switching over to LCD a mistake? I miss the smoothness of a CRT and not having to worry about up…[View]
487995453Quake 3 Arena: 20 years have come and gone and there still hasn't been a competitive shooter th…[View]
487998525Ways IRL events have poisoned games you love >Playing RDR2, having a pretty good time >Basical…[View]
487999709After decoding the anniversary image, I have found the fifth character in the fighter pass[View]
487997415What did she mean by this?[View]
487982876Is it actually the best Half-Life?[View]
487999642I know, it's early but, fuck it. Arle in Smash celebration thread. We did it Puyo bros.[View]
487999640Chad Dominance: >at school campus going through the warehouse, I'm a 30 year old janitor …[View]
487995273What is the most comfy system to play in bed?[View]
487999058>list of games worth playing this entire generation >Bloodborne >Death Stranding That'…[View]
487994630holy shit guy i just found out /v/ the musical exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=durjAu5P9Lc…[View]
487994943How does the fucking shit of the PS4 even run Death Stranding? The system is like, 7 years old, but …[View]
487997018Just got up to Act 2. How many more hours have I got to go?[View]
487993116watcha emulating, /v/?[View]
487996438Did I Play Too Much: >played Tina point of depression basically. >Couldn't feel my body…[View]
487997186>on the final boss >remember you forgot to snus…[View]
487943127Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Pathfinder shill thread. Get in the new bread[View]
487992808Baldr Sky out soon: >no threads on /v/ pathetic....[View]
487993636Why is this not out yet? Also, why the fuck is Activision/Blizzard letting players preorder games 1+…[View]
487989117Literally Babbys first RPG It's literally just Skyrim for millennials Nothing about this is or…[View]
487998416World of Warcraft IV[View]
487996693SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487995684Do you guys let spoilers ruin games for you or do you keep playing?[View]
487997567>why yes, my favorite game of all time is Klaymen Gun Hockey. How could you tell?…[View]
487997981>Aeris will have her Kingdom Hearts 'innocence personified' personality >Tifa won't call …[View]
487996770He's in.[View]
487997992Just started playing BioShock Infinite. When do I get to the part where they bang?[View]
487989518Aside from being able to date villagers, what feature do you most want in the new Animal Crossing ga…[View]
487993287>t-the cyberpunk 2077 map is small !!! sma-[View]
487996925>Playing Smash online with Ganon >Run into some sissyboy FE, Joker, Terry bullshit >Open up…[View]
487996269>Geoff Keighley and Kojima are friends >Kojima gave Keighley a cameo in Death Stranding >Ke…[View]
487984294>this game on PC >mc's ugly face will be modded Finally!…[View]
487996128Political compass of consoles: So the other day I posted on /vr/ a mock up of what I think the polit…[View]
487994429>Majima fight at the batting center is filtering me FUUUUCKKK how do you stop playing like a game…[View]
487993973What exactly is the cutoff point for retro games in general? 6tth gen or 5th gen? If you're a z…[View]
487989773Why don't graphics leap anymore? I'm pretty sure all PS4 games could easily run in the PS3…[View]
487995376>im mario and youre princess beach What did Kojima mean by this?[View]
487995709FFXIV Blue Mage Spell <GET>: Anyone on the Crystal Data Centre free to help me get my MIND BLA…[View]
487994620Find a flaw, and a complement.[View]
487993372When does it get good?[View]
487986947AIDungeon thread: >AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B pa…[View]
487996591Cleveland Show Speedrun Tips and Strategies: Bout to dust off my old PS2 copy of The Cleveland Show …[View]
487995578Are you ready for your fifth dlc character[View]
487994495Who is Barry and why does he hate FF7 remake?[View]
487996553This is basically dark souls when set to hard difficulty.[View]
487984220What elements do you think make a good horror game?[View]
487996546Oh, they're going to have to glue you back together... in hell![View]
487985256Are there any videogame series that you think are complete pieces of shit that you wish would fuckin…[View]
487959952TGA next week, 6000+ negative reviews removed from metacritic.: We all know who's winning game …[View]
487995461>people say to 'vote with your wallet' >hate DLC and paid online >refuse to support either …[View]
487983623Anyone has nostalgia over Smash 3ds? >those desperate fuckers looking for the special demo codes …[View]
487995168I wonder how Barry will look on RE3 Remake[View]
487995192>up for an hour >no threads Was KH3 that big of a flop?…[View]
487943713>Dude werewolves lmao! >Wait actually dude church evil lmao! >Wait actually dude alienz lma…[View]
487977946On this week's episode of /v/:: Retards do absolutely no research for a 9+ year old game that…[View]
487993385What does she see in him? it's pretty obvious she is hardcore wet for him.[View]
487993606Invisible Quake Ranger[View]
487995447Terentatek: Terentatek[View]
487990042hey, it's Silver. I came from the future to stop Frieza and King Cold to destroy the Earth!!! y…[View]
487993543Was he a chad or an incel?[View]
487900778Friday Night/Morning Motherfuckers: What are ya >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >E…[View]
487993001Reach is growing on me now that I can 2v1 two okay players and 1v1 good players How do I get even be…[View]
487987801Post things that happened in video games.[View]
487989918The Golden Age of Video Games[View]
487960213Daisy Hinting at a Smash newcomer: https://twitter.com/PushDustIn/status/1203094958434996224 discuss…[View]
487975672Fate/GO: Shinjuku>Salem>Agartha>Shimosa[View]
487994089Is this game any good? It's $2.40 on the xbox store but not sure if its for me[View]
487984357Do you like UNIST?[View]
487988247>they brought μ's back for the new game >now μ's is making new music again Love live…[View]
487990460>Fuck >Marry >Kill Choose wisely…[View]
487988664*ahem* *ting* *ting* *ting* Ladies and gentlemen, I just would like to remind you that Trails of Col…[View]
487989717'Me children are starving! Please help.'[View]
487994134If you did not play Death Stranding,do not comment about it. If you watched another review,that does…[View]
487993516Just picked this up bros, what am I in for?[View]
487991705Video game religions: >Full of action, emersive storytelling >People know it's fiction an…[View]
487989664Dream Smash Reveals thread: I'll Start >Intro clip plays (pic related) >very slow fade in…[View]
487923230Monster Hunter: Ready for more relic grinding?[View]
487990520What's the hardest game of all time?[View]
487988947ITT: Companies that have never made a good video game[View]
487992141My dig war the war foll: ajd os I am the cosen by the,,unholy dog... they are the my fucking tanks,,…[View]
487984942When did you realize that Dark Souls 2 was the peak of Fromsoft games?[View]
487991804This game is jank piece of shit i'm never listening to you cunts again.[View]
487994102SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487961168Do you use inverted controls or are you fucking retarded?[View]
487994061Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection: >Doesn't mention anywhere on the box that you n…[View]
487982720Hey, you, take-a look at this![View]
487987887>Game punishes you for accepting handjob from nurse >Not only that but screen fades to black s…[View]
487976356Nintendo's Greatest Mystery: Who was Bowser's father? Is he still alive, or is he a distan…[View]
487988728Why I'm not playable in Smash? Well, at least I'm gonna appear in the first Sonic Movie li…[View]
487992747Hey guys, leaker here lol no. As an ESL I want to ask all you guys here, when you're talking, h…[View]
487992581It's me again, Mr. New Vegas, reminding you that you're nobody 'til somebody loves yo…[View]
487977283FighterZ: Why do you hate her?[View]
487991319Do you ever get depressed that graphics will never be impressive again? I experienced 'holy shit I…[View]
487993478Battle for the Grid: You're at the Juice Bar when this guy morphs in and quantum powers your gi…[View]
487983551What are you gonna play in 2020 /v/?[View]
487991452Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released 1 year ago today.[View]
487993139Cannot salvage[View]
487965862Friday night /v/ cinema: It is time. IP: PASSWORD: rage[View]
487989045Was it a port?: Now that its been a full year and the dust has finally settled, was it a port?…[View]
487985063https://twitter.com/tomqe/status/1202958082059300864 >stealthily shows off the Vergil statues 'as…[View]
487986851Ridley: Careful there. You're looking at a top 15 character.[View]
487992423Code Vein: Well /v/einbros, it's been a long time since release and I'm disappointed. Wher…[View]
487990238Is this cultural appropriation?[View]
487990130RIP The Elder Scrolls Legends. Did anyone else play this game?[View]
487990560It's fucking trash[View]
487978736I fell for the Star Citizen meme and got a mustang starter pack... I like it :) I'm glad I fell…[View]
487992993How is Jeremy so good at games when he's so stupid[View]
487982961GOTD - ROUND 1: T-MINUS FIFTEEN MINUTES - GET OVER HERE BRACKETS A - https://challonge.com/c46tr3vj …[View]
487990205Electronic Arts? More like ELECTRONIC FARTS!!![View]
487991249Blacksad: Under The Skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEsdUojik4A Kino is upon us[View]
487986442Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen vs...who?[View]
487989459Has literally anyone here ever played this?[View]
487991356>Final Famtasy - Remate final >Joker - Balada triste de trompeta >Dark side of the moon - R…[View]
487992595The best passive in enter the gungeon[View]
487956225Halo Reach: My Halo Reach review 2019[View]
487991052Why are brown girls massive popular on /v/?[View]
487982151YOU'RE NEXT[View]
487987719>tetraminos >they're made up by four blocks and not three…[View]
487992628Go away now, we don't like you The fires are high, and you've left us to die[View]
487989370help me: hate to do this /v/ but i started playing league of legends recently something iv never see…[View]
487974080What made Skyrim's combat so shitty? How would you fix it?[View]
487983297>is a teacher >wears glasses >fights with a whip >is a master of children's card ga…[View]
487990227WHO ELSE SEEKS DEATH?[View]
487989202March 2020 isn't far away. Are you ready?[View]
487992331What's gonna be in it?[View]
487991098Play HyperFight with me, nerds. It's 59MBs but it's dead as shit[View]
487981887name the last GOOD game you played[View]
487991945Dau: Hey /v/, /tv/ here. If you liked the high school parts of Outlast 2, you'll proabably like…[View]
487991862why did relic fuck it up so bad ffs WHY all i fucking want is a Apocalypse with good graphics, a sta…[View]
487987128Is this worth playing if I played the original 3 to death?[View]
487897806Just started playing this and WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE 500 WOLVES HOLY SHIT THEY DONT EVER STOP AND NO…[View]
487979264>game has a god tier setting and lore >it underperforms and fades into obscurity What's …[View]
487990940So I been lurking the DOA threads and want to start playing her game, when is she coming to Steam or…[View]
487939346Watching the Mandalorian has given me a hankering for star wars. Will pic related scratch that itch?[View]
487989509Do you know the dark truth about the symbolism in Destiny2?[View]
487983893Where is my new Queen's Gate game?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJuS2vUqTrM[View]
487978298*blocks your path*[View]
487969752Do you still remember her, /v/?[View]
487983994What is the point of Stalkers? Why does the Combine make them?[View]
487989593Redpill me on Far Cry, specifically 4 because it's $9[View]
487990449Any good mods for this game, once I finish the campaign?[View]
487988380All I want is this game on PC. Is that too much to ask?[View]
487991280What games have peeved you with pre-rendered cutscenes?[View]
487991106comfy, cute and funny thread, cute vydia girl appreciation thread: title[View]
487987341Worst redesign of the century: What were they thinking?[View]
487986683Who/ what is she?[View]
487991025>sun is going down >12 minutes left in the round >half-map lengths away from your exfil poi…[View]
487989959GANRYU AND NEW CHARACTER LEAKED: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/tekken-7-season-pass-3/9ppbfq2scb…[View]
487988546What games give the best feeling of adventure?[View]
487988767Holy. Shit.[View]
487990450Lily Alter[View]
487990602gordon freeman smash leak?: wasn't there a leak talking about how the guy who correctly gave in…[View]
487985294Do people actually like this shit? It's a Metroidvania with all of the charm and atmosphere suc…[View]
487983204I really really like this Bandicoot. Do y'all like him?[View]
487981040Which greaser gang is the coolest: Tunnel Snakes, The Kings or The Atom Cats? Keep in mind, we'…[View]
487990354Doki Doki Literature Club: I'm a bad person[View]
487987217Why don't the English ever make good games?[View]
487990170Dark Souls 4: Where is it?[View]
487989950If Death Stranding doesn't win a single award at the VGAs I'm going to stop playing video …[View]
487990132Every time I come back to Sanctuary I see this fucking faggot standing in the river. >ayy I know …[View]
487983673why is this allowed?[View]
487985968Is there such a thing as an absolute timeless KINO? There is no such thing and never has been[View]
487987071>game tries to have a cute moment where you rassure a girl who's worried about her age >m…[View]
487989798https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10575360/ >Expected March 13, 2020 >Seems to be a re-release of t…[View]
487988710that uniform... *PZZZZZZZZZZZZZT*[View]
487987993Sorry Geoff: I am a leaker coming forward from The Game Awards, AMA[View]
487989783Card Gone Wild - Joker One hard Gangsta - Diamond You can find me at the - Club Have your pet neuter…[View]
487982790Wolf from Star Wolf[View]
487966137If you had to be a video game object what would you be /v/?[View]
487989574Hyrule Conquest: Is it good? Played hyrule total war, but have no idea if this one actually changes …[View]
487988223In hindsight, was The Evil Within underrated?[View]
487978027The Outer Worlds: It's absolutely awful[View]
487987312which yakuza game should i play first ?[View]
487982651Why do people review bomb games?[View]
487989324>unskippable cutscenses[View]
487985997Who is the sexiest female in gaming?[View]
487956309Why aren't you playing modded STALKER?[View]
487973943Why does everything this man touch turn to gold what the fu[View]
487986706do i play 7 8 9 10 or 12 again?[View]
487982414>hardcore search and destroy match begins >rocket launchers the ground…[View]
487982026Just pirate it if doesn't have GGPO: You wouldn't be able to play online anyway. The crac…[View]
487988386I refuse to stand by and watch as these two games get mentioned on every single “Game/ of the Decade…[View]
487989050Temtem: Would unironically make for a good water type starter. Shame most of the designs are garbage…[View]
487970914Is your PC ready for VR, /v/?[View]
487988930come join: come join my lobby and kick my freinds off for fun:)[View]
487988030>have the night off from work and no plans >got tons of vidya I've been wanting to play …[View]
487988565>keep buying games that /v/ tells me to buy >Each game quit after ten minutes from boredom Wtf…[View]
487975347Vidya charts: Post 'em[View]
487985816What were they thinking?![View]
487988814Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
487965268Bloodstained: What happened with all the free updates and extra content?[View]
487988713Good games on the browser?[View]
487986220You HAVE played their game, right anon? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1114650/HorrorVale/[View]
487986443Does she have a mental disorder or something?[View]
487988281Let's talk about FFXII. I'll start: >Vaan is an unfortunate concession that devs did th…[View]
487982104Is there any way to bypass a ban on the Nintendo Switch? Ive been doing some homebrew for a while no…[View]
487988260What game would you want to get the Re-Mind treatment?[View]
487988413'God made all men, the DMR made all men equal' -Albert Einstein[View]
487987347>yu wanta kickstarter goals? >fack yu[View]
487974349First 13 words that come to mind?[View]
487988269>being a DEXfag Never again for me.[View]
487987358why are their games so popular: how do we stop them[View]
487975874COLOR THEORY CONFIRMED: >People have been speculating that FP5 will have an orange background to …[View]
487987976Was it kino?[View]
487987970Old man General /omg/: Took approx 10hrs to beat Jump King. Low-ball estimate because the save file …[View]
487986194Do you expect anything 'Batman: Arkham' related at the game awards? If so, what are you hoping for?[View]
487987419>'why yes, i do exclusively play fighting games. how could you tell?'[View]
487980459>he doesn't mod 2B into everything[View]
487984508Rockstar? More like COCKstar!![View]
487977958Oh fuck I finally figured out the theme connecting the three Galar starters, they're all Britis…[View]
487977387So story aside, if I’m looking for a good fun stealth gameplay experience, does this game at least d…[View]
487980732Evo is a Smash tournament. Deal with it.[View]
487987253>poor >want a gamecube controller >mom buys it >generic >starts failing >can'…[View]
487987729>make kart racer >do not give a single thought about how bad item balance would translate to a…[View]
487985308Which game gives you the biggest nostalgia boner?[View]
487952110Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially Danganronpa thr…[View]
487984546So /v/ what are your thoughts on this game?[View]
487981975God Eater Thread: >shoots you when the enemy is down >miss your opportunity to devour >'Did…[View]
487984126I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that this'll be the E3 t…[View]
487986015ITT:characters that are literally you[View]
487983167Vidya stuff that scared the living shit out of you as a little kid? For me it's the Lurker Shar…[View]
487984518Death Stranding: Are they really gonna leave all the Playstation consoles and Playstation game refer…[View]
487967035I hope you’re buying Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore for the Nintendo Switch next month, /v/.[View]
487987139Reminder that you can get a near-perfect VR experience (as of the time of writing this) for only $15…[View]
487984351ITT: VGM that gives you this feeling: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J0H5ah1G7A…[View]
487987173>polymorphine flask nerfed >death balls appear after the third tablet NOOOOOO Noita thread…[View]
487987165Halo: Rise of the DMR: I never played Halo back in the day but is this seriously all it has to offer…[View]
487980552Reminder that Arthas did nothing wrong, until after Stratholme where he losed it because of Jaina an…[View]
487986663>enter room >door locks behind you[View]
487985416Here you go, /v/. I hope you don't like humans.[View]
487980742Attentionwhoring: Guys, why do we keep listening to this retard? Just piggybacks on Vergeben and mak…[View]
487970442SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487986698Is it better than XCOM 2?[View]
487970840Let's play some Secret Hitler. The game is unlisted, so there's no need for a password. …[View]
487985003SMW Teamhack: Last Thread >>487959464 Repost for the night/Europe audience. > What is this?…[View]
487986728KINO TRAILER THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWIOMZNfg_M[View]
487985960Reminder that gaming Journalism is the lowest form of Journalism: Even lower than the tabloid press.…[View]
487986556F*ghterZ: YOU WILL BUY MY GAME[View]
487977308KINGDOM HEARTS 3 ReMind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_OKqdMr1iU All the complaints. All of them…[View]
487985907>this is what $60 buys you in creative digital content in 2019[View]
487984265What's the video game equivalent of this? Post your edits.[View]
487986382Who is the best vidya Dragon in your opinion /v/?[View]
487942467Whats the /v/eredict?[View]
487980110Shadow could beat the shit out of Sonic without even breaking a sweat.[View]
487976847the dust has settled long ago which one is better?[View]
487980319RRRRRRRARRRGH I make people crazy Now I'm making myself crazy Guess I'll disappear now[View]
487983718Phil confirms scarlett is on the way: Fake news peddlers tried to push a narrative. Phil ripped them…[View]
487982613She killed millions...[View]
487979705Who is your favorite video game character?[View]
487981127Why doesn't Mario use a gun anymore?[View]
487986104HE WAS FUCKING RIGHT!!!![View]
487978578Your Turn to Die: Will Chapter 3 Part 1 release before the end of the year?[View]
487983542The Game Awards Announcement: Have been able to gather information about the World Premier's th…[View]
487985540imagine being mad at a video game character.[View]
487964601Out of all the potential characters for Smash, regardless of their current status, even if they are …[View]
487985809What's his endgame?[View]
487984634Games only you played: I'll start[View]
487981793Is Nintendo switch lite drift a common problem right now? Thinking about getting one.[View]
487981301Why do you play video games?[View]
487980720Vidya Gaem Awards 2019: The /v/GAs are starting up again this year, and we've opened our site t…[View]
487985254mvp thread for mvps: you may only post in this thread if you beat halo reach on legendary today…[View]
487985649Will we literally EVER get to play PT again?[View]
487985590>game has German dub Give me your best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpC2avsGZGY…[View]
487978684Racing vidya: Tell me honestly what was the last favorite racing game that you've enjoyed?…[View]
487938653Humble Monthly @ $12 ending: >You're on the Classic plan >Thank you for being a loyal sub…[View]
487983771Did Death Stranding pretty much steal the plot of this game?[View]
487983114is it worth learning Japanese to play more vidya . what am i missing out on using English translatio…[View]
487985465Why is this game being shilled so much it literally pop up everywhere in search’s of diff games in n…[View]
487948669rate my battlestation[View]
487985016Imagine if the following two events were removed from the timeline: >Microsoft never enters the c…[View]
487984428What is your HONEST opinion on this creature?[View]
487984565ITT: Games only you played[View]
487984957Smash Bros. Mugen: Anybody down for some Smash Mugen netplay?[View]
487981526December 12th hurry up[View]
487978131God I could just fucking CUM by looking into those eyes[View]
487976551>You were the villain all along[View]
487982750Have you bought Escape From Tarkov yet?[View]
487977124>Prime 4 comes out >phazon has been eradicated >no more PED >no more hypermode Sadness. …[View]
487982175>Not a single good upcoming JRPG just kill me[View]
487984541>hey guys, remember when I was jill? G-guys?[View]
487981871Here is your witcher 4 bro.[View]
487984475Post and rate[View]
487973334>AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B parameter machine le…[View]
487954279>game tries to be serious >ends up being hilarious What's their name /v/?…[View]
487984105*Creates high art that low IQ gamer gamers can't understand in your path*[View]
487982292hey guys,american here,i need help,is this dialogue cringy and dumb or am i just a stupid american w…[View]
487980580Anon! It's been a while, so good to see you!![View]
487983261Which JRPG will benefit greatly from '''westernization'''?[View]
487983824It's up. https://youtu.be/rTvpKAP6LWE[View]
487983813Sephiroth: Hello Bedips from Mega Man X Command Mission Redips: Hello Bephiroth from Final Fantasy S…[View]
487976103scorbunny is the cutest and bestest start ever[View]
487982538So, do /v/ like Halo now?[View]
487981141Is a switch lite worth buying or go with the original model?[View]
487975374You have 10 seconds to post the best minigame in vidya No fishing allowed.[View]
487982305who's hyped for the vanquish remaster?[View]
487980407So it's unanimous that this is the game of the decade right?[View]
487983604Monster Boy: Just %100'd it. I had a lot of fun. It deserves more attention than it currently h…[View]
487942974video game tatas: post 'em. the bigger the better[View]
487961468The most patrician Souls game, Demon's Souls...[View]
487983429What anons think of Hircine daedric prince of the hunt? I know I would worship him if I could only h…[View]
487983331Games for this feel?[View]
487983417This looks like Sonic is in a bad situation... He is in a worse game than any Sonic game [View]
487967424Would Queen Ashe make a good mother?[View]
487975505Is this the JRPG of the decade?[View]
487981640What are some good Christmas games?[View]
487981475FUCKING FINALLY Who notcanceled here?[View]
487977498lisa the painful appreciation thread[View]
487983098Crafting: What are some games with crafting systems that don’t feel like tedious fetch tasks? I’ve y…[View]
487980519Why aren't you playing Titanfall 2? You DO know it's free on PS4 right now?[View]
487955452>start match >HAHH HAHH HAHH HAHH HAHH[View]
487982964Rank leaders, reminder: 100 sterilized credits qualifies non-mechanical reproduction simulation.[View]
487980860wtf bros! after wasting 5 hours trying to get this music kit you cant even sell it[View]
487915980What's the best fighting game out right now?[View]
487982802>Finish this >Read plot summary for Youngblood because fuck playing that garbage. >BJ kills…[View]
487982771Meteorstrike!: Fiery star from Heaven, crushing hammer blow of the gods, visit this earth and set af…[View]
487978669The reason we hate T&A in games is because it is practically all there is now. You wanna play an…[View]
487980752How do I enable controller on pc? All my other games recognize my controller[View]
487982634Associated things in games not many remember/know about: ITT we post things that are not immediately…[View]
487897909What did you feel the first time you looked up that ring?[View]
487979236Thoughts on Hearthstone Battlegrounds? https://youtu.be/6cF45Fl-uA4[View]
487981604Me and my friend are trying to play RICO co op on switch and it isn’t working at all no matter what …[View]
487975178So both of the PC South Park games are on sale. I'd like to know which of these is a better pur…[View]
487982028Why are people obsessed with using controllers for games originally designed with keyboard and mouse…[View]
487982121There's literally nothing wrong with this game. The only thing it did 'wrong' is be different. …[View]
487978523How would you react if Waluigi was revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the Game Awards?[View]
487975770Who is best girl?[View]
487979216Is this the most soulful piece of vidya music ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIDShT8cb4g[View]
487977560/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487924816 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487978173>We will never see her again Post obscure Vidya characters you miss[View]
487981940In Memoriam: Characters who have been sacrificed on the alter to feminism, I'll start: >Jil…[View]
487981382>junpei ace detective? >more like stupid cock sucking faggot boy woah woah woah what the fuck…[View]
487981319What is your favorite way to play through the MGS games?[View]
487981482Favorite indie game? Pic related is mine Also, hi nomnomcat :3[View]
487981501Is this better than Grim Yawn?[View]
487981637Why should I buy games at full price and play them at launch when I can wait a bit and play updated …[View]
487917029Izuna drop: the game[View]
487977863So do you really need a fightstick to be good at fighting games, or are they a meme controller? What…[View]
487981442What is your favorite Senran Kagura game & Character?[View]
487980173You ready for the great game of all time? https://youtu.be/N3XY1R7ydTA[View]
487981359Good evening cucks 4DI3Q-YXGXG-RY5B8 4KG9E-CK354-PJKW5[View]
487979427So this is the power of pol and agdg.[View]
487973745Momma mia[View]
487975941Find. A. Single. Flaw.[View]
487912607How do i get good at this game?[View]
487975738What the FUCK is this guy’s problem?[View]
487952735What does /v/ think of Five Nights at Freddy's?[View]
487951629Love Lightning![View]
487979365Shut the fuck up: >smash “leakers”[View]
487979884/v/, home...[View]
487970698Blazblue: Post only best boys[View]
487968354Was this game even designed for 1 player? It seems like none of this mofos would be a problem with a…[View]
487977931Absolutely, undeniably, a timeless game. Kino of the highest order. Fuck triple aaa trash, fuck anim…[View]
487980673Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind: APOLOGIZE[View]
487978576>biggest server NA >only a 34 minute wait on a weekend day What the fuck went wrong bitch?…[View]
487975745Vidya Thieves: Bragg v Linden Research, Inc. sets a precedent that 'take it or leave it' contracts l…[View]
487980623how cucked was xbox this generation?[View]
487980498Shit thread of the day: Man, GTA 5 is really a good game, I'm playing it for 2 hours and I bare…[View]
487969278When entertainment turns into a surreal reflection of your life, you're a lucky man if you can …[View]
487979986>the picture that destroyed /v/[View]
487959310What's wrong with sexy women in games?: When and why did /v/ turn against sexualization in vide…[View]
487978849It's the 4chan show, with our very special guests, the roster of Super Smash Bros! YAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
487964184>current GPU? >how do you feel about it so far? 1060 6gb idk, seems okay but it's beginni…[View]
487980432Dark Matter: Going through the dark matter grind, currently on Swordfish then I'm done with tac…[View]
487979648For me, it's Kayopolice[View]
487977845Ah yes '/v/' the supposed board on the extranet that harbors anti Volus, human supremacists...we hav…[View]
487934891Post kino bosses[View]
487976991What the hell was his problem? Was he retarded?[View]
487980217Vidya Tapes & Game Commercials: What's /v/'s favorite game tape? https://youtu.be/1ggD…[View]
487977284He's in[View]
487979101Why is my wife so short?[View]
487978937>that kid who would close the blinds and cover his window in a blanket when playing vidya becuase…[View]
487979298you are playing forge with your buddies, right anon?[View]
487977109>Join game >Guy low quality micspamming and screaming about shit >British guy trying to act…[View]
487977651Characters likely for Smash that no one talks about: I'll Start[View]
487935657God dammit fuck this shit[View]
487979680Ah, the number one game of the year in 2020.[View]
487979678i thought this was going to be shit but its actually a lot better than i initially thought. story is…[View]
487970995Fuck all of you and your dogshit opinions.[View]
487976158What games let me play as the good guys?[View]
487979635>yo bro, you gotta play Drayano's romhacks they are better than nuGamefreak games >you ca…[View]
487964682Why'd he kill the kids?[View]
487972038Final Fantasy X: why was this game a big deal?[View]
487964410ITT we post series that didn't start out as video games series but found more success as video …[View]
487955932When did you unsub?[View]
487955412What does /v/ think of pic related? I don't know much about it other than the Tidus laugh so I …[View]
487971336Name a franchise with better marketing, trailers and hype. I'll wait. Of course I only mean Bug…[View]
487924816/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487869986 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487977547WAIT A MINUTE did you get a haircut?[View]
487963481What games await you behind the pearly gates? >HL3 (non meme VR) >STALKER 2 >A good sequel …[View]
487979191Good move on Valve's part. For as long as they don't approve or disapprove these games, an…[View]
487976572Fire Emblem Three Houses: > Edelgard imprisons his own father > Strips him of his titles > …[View]
487970921>2019 >still no Sid Meier's Pirates sequel…[View]
487976254Is there any aspect to this game that's actually original? >Frisk is literally Madotsuki fro…[View]
487973557I'll be Bastion![View]
487955871>Sekiro has got to be the most overrated vidya of the yea-[View]
487978931Nintendo Direct: Hello I work for Nintendo and on January 15 there will be a 30 min Nintendo direct …[View]
487978897I don't appreciate /v/'s opinion towards Death Stranding[View]
487957614How the fuck does this game manage to be so kino and have so much soul?[View]
487976185I hate Internet trolls. I think Internet trolls are the worst people in the world. Absolutely irrede…[View]
487976686Demon's Souls is technically better than DaS but DaS actually has a cohesive meaning. That bein…[View]
487978405In the instance a triple A fighting game was made with horror IP characters, who would you like to s…[View]
487975317gachashit is the weeb equivalent of farmville[View]
487977972All Trash[View]
487976483>... and then our popular multiplayer game with millions of players will all mine bitcoins for us…[View]
487973285*Ruins your no death run*[View]
487978134Here it is, boom! big reveal!!! Turned myself into a video game, /v/, I'M VIDEO GAME JUSTIN ROI…[View]
487962923I know Im late to the party but I spent the last two days marathoning this game and had a great time…[View]
487976561Post your LoL main(s) and people say an assumption about you[View]
487968302KINGDOM HEARTS 3 REMIND: NEW TRAILER LEAKED but holy shit they actually fixed Kingdom Hearts 3. Base…[View]
487977607>Halo 3 gets all original custom games >tfw get to experience the beauty of Smear the Queer ag…[View]
487975457Super Smash Bros Ultimate Freedom: All The DLC Characters coming to smash Joker from persona 5 Hero…[View]
487943775For me, it's Kolin[View]
487966373Which one, /v/?[View]
487976124Any games like Dr. Stone? Please don't say Minecraft[View]
487976552Xenoblade chronicles 2: Please. Please. Please someone. Anyone. Help me. I'm doing blade sharp …[View]
487974596I'm going to use pixel shit graphics for my game.[View]
487964162I just reinstalled Nightmare Creatures (PC version, obviously). It works out of the box, but there i…[View]
487977306Sans Deltarune slept with my mother[View]
487964391>remakes >remasters >franchise revivals Nostalgia never works. It's never as good as t…[View]
487973268/v/ Playing Together – Best Games edition: >Of the following picks. >Critiqued; inquired on; s…[View]
487968438I'm going to save Nintendo and Pokemon.[View]
487970054This game is REALLY fun. If you haven't played the original I highly recommend it. The only big…[View]
487896252Why is 9S such a screeching autist?[View]
487973816Are there any good card-based single player games? Anything with a decent amount of variety and comp…[View]
487968319Post your concept for the perfect game >elder scrolls with souls combat…[View]
487930467I was planning on holding out on getting a newer version of Windows until 10 was replaced with somet…[View]
487971430>New Smash thing features Daisy with the rest of the DLC fighters (and special guest Mario) >D…[View]
487970924This is a joke, right /v/? What are the fucking requirements for this shithole mission?[View]
487975065>nillkiggers has joined the server[View]
487974560>took out a 20K student loan and spent 5 years of my life pursuing a Computer Science degree so I…[View]
487975678SCP Secret Lab Discord: PSA these autists have been raiding /v/ for two years straight now and creat…[View]
487975974>consolebabbies fighting day after day over which is the best >I'm just over here being a…[View]
487975827>video game editorial / montage >uses a 'breh'-sound clip…[View]
487976069Happy Holi-games, from our family, to yours! May all your Wii U wishes come true![View]
487975818Temtem: If it weren't an mmo it would be a good pokemon clone[View]
487974308>Yuffie for KH3 >RedXIII for 7R best Xmas…[View]
487975197Videogames...bah humbug![View]
487975084>tfw games are unplayable now without an ssd what the fuck? do i really have to buy a 4tb ssd?…[View]
487970880Oh my God, I love the map Dust, I can pwn so many noobs on it.[View]
487968057How come so few zombie games have infection be a gameplay mechanic? >Left 4 Dead >The Last of …[View]
487944678Why are Japanese tactical games such a complete joke compared to Western ones? Is it because America…[View]
487971318FAT SPARTAN ASSES[View]
487962978>not owning a $36000 mouse made of pure solid gold what are you, poor?[View]
487963923What is your opinion on ass jiggle in games?: Like, actual jiggle. Not just hips swaying. Is it sexy…[View]
487972731Where the fuck is this.[View]
487972558Co-op Vidya Thread: What co-op kino have you been enjoying lately? I've been playing Remnant: F…[View]
487975224>MTX >Small Map >Futa Dicks >Non-Binary Gender Choices >Motion Capped Sex Scenes Oh y…[View]
487972146duck tales: duck tales[View]
487969906This is the greatest stealth game of all times[View]
487975176/SS13/ Space station 13 General #?: Since a thread on /tg/ doesnt exist and i dont see one here lets…[View]
487926480I'm so glad Jill will wear pants in the remake, the skirt was so dumb[View]
487961336Then Gordon Freeman looked up and said ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh Ah ah ah Ah ah Ah ah ah Ah Ah ah Ah Ah …[View]
487962254One of the best games I've ever played.[View]
487973450Why was she so thirsty for Yu's cock?[View]
487974946My own ideal 'vidya': Guys, guys, I had my own idea for my own vidya, with blackjack and hookers. …[View]
487974641Red Dead Redemption 2: Will you EVER replay this game willingly? What changes could be made to make …[View]
487973569>this part when doing a no death/hardcore playthrough I was panting afterwards, this is the best …[View]
487974472So he's a ghost in 3?[View]
487973767Is mid-rolling viable for pve?[View]
487969901>great game that stands the test of time >stuck on a dead platform Why don't nips care ab…[View]
487971151ITT /v/ helps me fill a to-play list for the emulators in pic related so I can eventually die with a…[View]
487928730Are Greeks really look like this (like arabs)?[View]
487958950/aos/ ace of spades: where are the threads faggots aos://1980421209:32887 0.75, smg disabled >hel…[View]
487973880well i finally caved in and bought one of these and pokemon sword hope you're happy /v/[View]
487972160Name one game that has both gameplay AND graphics HARD MODE: it also has to have audio[View]
487974129Tell 'em to make it count.[View]
487973736I'm looking for an mmo with fun quests, some grinding in it to satiate boredom, and a game with…[View]
487932363OH NONONONONONO[View]
487974006The next DLC fighter for Smash is Rash.[View]
487972124Christ, I hate Sonic 2 fags. You people are the reason Sonic Mania's Sonic sprite clashes so ha…[View]
487972131And thus receiving the Lordvessel, our hero's journey ends, and the cycle begins anew.[View]
487970098Played it since 2 but never got good. How do you get good at Soul Calibur? It's so much differe…[View]
487970426It's out. The whole thing, including the final boss. https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/an…[View]
487973684The color theory was right. Here's your orange character. See'ya at the Game Awards[View]
487971910Comfy games: What makes game comfy? What games do you consider comfy? Do certain themes, mechanics o…[View]
487971981I want to play this. What’re the chances of it coming to PC?[View]
487964830Yakuza thread: >A tier Yakuza 0 Yakuza 2 Yakuza Kiwami 2 >B tier Yakuza 5 >C tier Yakuza 4 …[View]
487973252>Recurring characters that are just punching bags or used for death gags…[View]
487969451How did AAA game budgets get to this point?: The budget to make a game these days have skyrocketed. …[View]
487972978>Sonic is the best game on Sega Gene-[View]
487972057How can you guys play games like this without getting depressed by comparing it to your lonely reali…[View]
487973598so we all agree this is the best JRPG of this gen, right?[View]
487973186Games with this feel?[View]
487972428Let's write a letter to the best vidya 'antagonist' Dear[View]
487973443Jill Valentine The real one[View]
487972376Is this character supposed to be this fucking hard to get a good run going? I feel like 80% of his c…[View]
487971462DEATH STRANDING REVIEW MANIPULATION: The net is closing in on Kojima as there has been a massive pur…[View]
487961321Smash Bros Ultimate: Say hello to the rest of the DLC.[View]
487960663Game Awards Leaks: Alright, enough of the fake leaks here's the real shit >Vicarious Visions…[View]
487968384Do you have any vidya merch, /v/?[View]
487971028It was Game of the Decade in terms of how good it was and influence on other games. No amount of shi…[View]
487972315This year was trash. Are there any new games you excited for next year?[View]
487972235>The true citizen knows buying Half Life: Alyx before it is out is a bad idea.…[View]
487966000Ladder restarts in 20 minutes, you gonna play /v/?[View]
487933193Risk of Rain 2: What went wrong?[View]
487972132No More Super Smash Brothers Thread!!!!: This is the cancer of /v/. Scrooge McDuck will team up with…[View]
487968532Smash Ultimate DLC: Hello world I shouldn't be saying this but I have inside info about the fut…[View]
487944745Why do Sony blatantly copy Nintendo constantly?[View]
487963146Is this garbage worth even worth playing? Can't help but feel bored at the gameplay and its atr…[View]
487965876Now that the 2010s are coming to a close, what was your favorite game this decade? Pic related for m…[View]
487968862Mickey is Fighters Pass 5: GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day…[View]
487946302Post an old game. You must play the game below your post[View]
487970456Why aren't you playing titfanfall 2 /v/? Did you think it was dead?[View]
487968915its up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO2O426zL7Q[View]
487962101What am i getting into?[View]
487947345>alright this time I'm gonna play Dark Souls differently! >invariably makes the same vari…[View]
487949568This just came in the mail, what's the best setup for it?[View]
487968904Everyone Hit the Traitors: Defeat the renegades and criminal anarchists in Hong Kong http://www.dala…[View]
487970165>Wiped out whole cities twice just to get a weapon to beat one guy >Still gets his shit pushed…[View]
487970102I still believe[View]
487970818Never played any of their games. Where should I start?[View]
487971107>fully nude in a war zone What was his problem?[View]
487950832It's up.[View]
487952851If MS releases a less powerful Xbox Lockhart alongside Scarlett then it will likely fail, cause a to…[View]
487968520Here's to 25 years of Playstation https://youtu.be/B1ndXw0vD6g[View]
487935069XCOM 2: Are those fuckers supposed to be a joke ?[View]
487971269Assassins creed Brotherhood multiplayer was unironically good and you were a faggot if you played an…[View]
487964453Vidya Music Thread: ITT: Post only your favorite vidya tunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2C8Xvx…[View]
487961919KH3 RE:Mind New Trailer: new kingdom hearts 3 remind trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMb1QY…[View]
487956168GOTY released yesterday Post your adventures here >aidungeon.io[View]
487970950This year was trash. Are there any new games you excited for next year?[View]
487969948Smash DLC Fighter #5: This will sound like bullshit so fuck me, but the final DLC fighter for smash …[View]
487952824Splinter Cell: Fifth Freedom @ Game Awards: Heres some juice 2 Playstyles (Offensive & Stealth) …[View]
487932379What went wrong? Why is this Rockstar DRM so hard to crack?[View]
487962948Beavis and Butthead wake up in the last game you played. Or your favorite, if you like. They are now…[View]
487957346Fuck this stupid bitch and her teleport reflector phantom spam. If you play this whore please die.[View]
487966690HI IM DAISY: >Two Smash threads with the exact same photo >Both of whom discussing the possibi…[View]
487968497What went wrong?[View]
487950226I don't get it[View]
487913578BFV Wake Island: We're going home battlefieldbros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71Kthe0xmmA…[View]
487969116Post games where you are ridiculously overpowered.[View]
487970279why do east europe makes the best games?[View]
487970313WALLELUJAH!: He’s getting revealed at the Game Awards! Rejoice![View]
487970641MGS2: Ever made a secret handshake with any of your bros?[View]
487934067This game is shit[View]
487969171hhe's coming whether you like it or nnot[View]
487954258What went so right?[View]
487964617'I could make Halo': do you think this Miyamoto quote still holds up today?[View]
487969681Does he ever age?[View]
487967681>it's been over 10 years >still no talk of a sequel Why?…[View]
487959750How is this still the most immersive fps ever?[View]
487967368Games of the Decade[View]
487913697High Quality Rips thread: Voting is up[View]
487967474SPT: Post 'em Rate 'em[View]
487967687Just bought this Any tips for a new player? I havent played since freedom unite[View]
487968985Contra thread: This was my first videogame. I fell in love with it when I played it for the first ti…[View]
487968454When they came for my guns I let 'em have the ammo instead[View]
487968869Where do you stand on preorder bonuses?[View]
487889509The 'Everyone Loves Street Fighter 3 and SF3 is Mega Popular' narrative gets destroyed: https://yout…[View]
487969552>saves gaming[View]
487965353>tfw there will never be another period piece GTA because zoomers need modern supercars and smart…[View]
487963193>this is the current state of Fire Emblem[View]
487968051SHE'S IN[View]
487959134Does anyone really enjoy games anymore? When I was a kid people would go crazy marathoning games and…[View]
487968987What did he want us to understand?[View]
487967921How many electrics in a row can you pull off?[View]
487969568World War 2 games: Which one has the best campaign in your opinion?[View]
487959464SMW Teamhack: Ok, listen up /V/irgins. It's Christmas holiday now, and many Anons are done with…[View]
487966737Is it me or is it bullshit that 'Rock is Keke' activates before 'Text on Rock is Keke' and thus fuck…[View]
487966106Child of Light: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
487933202Bug Fables: Keep shitposting at the minimum.[View]
487967257Have you guys ever said something racist in an online game >tfw have said tons of shit and never …[View]
487968023/v/'s OFFICIAL GOTY 2019[View]
487963419>tutorials keep popping up 50 hours in I'm convinced there's going to be a tutorial in …[View]
487963981Good f2p gps ?: I'm looking for a good military or even a bit of a tactical fps games free to p…[View]
487967431The Banner Saga: I haven't played this series yet. I'm imagining it's a series that o…[View]
487968676How mad?[View]
487966945Are getting yourself anything for christmas? Games perhaps?[View]
487966767Give me one good reason why this guy isn't the coolest Fallout villain Protip: you can't[View]
487965904Another day goes by bros[View]
487960481Speak, fool.[View]
487964319How do I hack my 3ds? pic related, it's my 3ds ft. my giant gross sausage hands[View]
487966036ITT Post a Christmas Movie/Episode, Get a game: Post a Christmas Movie/Episode and others recommend …[View]
487967010What did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
487952032Does Sonic Heroes Really Deserve all the shit it gets?[View]
487962892Have a free, printable Gooigi mask for you to do whatever you want with.[View]
487968360now that the dlc is out and finished what's next for ace combat 7? will it go crazy like infini…[View]
487964905Is there any fun to be had with RDR Online if I have no friends? Can you group with randoms to do th…[View]
487967185Face it. It WILL be in Smash.[View]
487964178>turn off subtitles for immersion >next cutscene https://youtu.be/AXGP4Sez_Us Games that do th…[View]
487967974hold on, wait a minute...[View]
487967307>REmake 3 confirmed for state of play!! Do multiplats ever get shown at state of play? Im genuine…[View]
487966353I keep getting my shit kicked in halo reach, I don't really play fps games but holy shit am I b…[View]
487956979Rockman by Ken Ishikawa: Gonna dump this funny parody manga I just found, enjoy.[View]
4879620062D: >Your definitive '2D gameplay' experiences. >Your recent interest in the archetype.…[View]
487965109King of fighters thread: Who do you want back in XV?[View]
487949835>go to /v/ for advice on video games >get relentlessly shitposted >finally get advice …[View]
487965184What's the best place/way to buy N3ds faceplates? Is there one that's just plain black? Al…[View]
487963409dokkan bros what are you up to these days? also add me on global to friends id: 627683037[View]
4879624684:3 is the best resolution for games, anything else is a meme.[View]
487966792Di.... did the furries leve /v/: Thier not alot of furries thread here anymore ? Did the seaman demo…[View]
487960263Longer, flashier combos than Guilty Gear Strive!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQrCSMYACfQ…[View]
487966327ITT: Video game characters you'd hug[View]
487966379which is the best GTA game? In my opinion, I liked San Andreas best out of the ones I've played…[View]
487962987>born in 92 >grow up with the absolute best gaming had to offer (PC and consoles) and don…[View]
487959507What is your favorite random, non important NPC in gaming?[View]
487946248When is Capcom going to ACTUALLY REmake Resident Evil 2 in a way that makes sense? I'm still wa…[View]
487966031>tfw you go beyond 'THE ZONE'[View]
487965832hahahahaha yes[View]
487927843Next Smash Pass fighter won't overlap with previous ones: >Joker: Modern RPG >Hero: Old f…[View]
487961145Webm thread[View]
487953763>he listens to video game music outside of games don't tell me you guys don't do this…[View]
487965421Phoenix Point: How does it compare to XCOM?[View]
487965405Warioware Switch: I want John Nintendo to give me Warioware on Switch. Give the game to me, John.…[View]
487964561what the fuck e-102 gamma was a woman?![View]
487963050Dark Souls singlehandedly saved combat in AAA gaming, if it wasn't for Souls we'd still be…[View]
487965256ITT: You hear it, you lose.[View]
487965106>shitpost about a game I never played >still get a billion (You)s because I'm just that g…[View]
487965210'Darmok on the ocean, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, Darmok and Jalad on the ocean': favorite star tre…[View]
487955006Springtrap is your fighter number five: Consider this; >FNAF extremely popular during the smash b…[View]
487964996PLAY SEGA SATURN[View]
487961938Recommend me games with hot female protagonists[View]
487959326what was the point of this scene[View]
487962579video game podcasts: We're finally back to Or Wars Boiz[View]
487962674are we ever getting mexico?[View]
487963849Was the Saturn a good console? I never hear anyone talk about this fucking thing unless it's to…[View]
487943674PSP. It's like a nut you can take outside.[View]
487945719SCP:SL friday funday: it's time my dudes Game : SCP : Secret Laboratory on Steam server : twoco…[View]
487964375Is there any reason to lvl up amiibo fighters do they do anything[View]
487963893What vidya stuffs you want for christmas this year /v/?[View]
487961849Will Klaus Störtebeker ever be in Smash?[View]
487964272>Game gets censored by SJW discord trannies everytime[View]
487956215oh no no no no no no no[View]
487961095>31 March 2020[View]
487962575ITT: Characters you associate with words: >haha[View]
487961583what the FUCK went wrong?[View]
487960405Which of there games is actually good? Im sold on Blasphemous and already have Desert Child on Switc…[View]
487963740What game has the best romance options?[View]
487960031>50$ on Amazon, $40+ on ebay >not in any Michigan pawn shops >the only Gamestop that still …[View]
487963332What do you think of Evil Within, /v/?[View]
487963259>Now, I'm playing with power![View]
487963656Nostalgia: Post nostalgia, re-live nostalgia, share your childhood or pre-teen vidya experiences!…[View]
487961687Which one?[View]
487962994>Your journey begins here...[View]
487963523Any games with this feel?[View]
487963395yep. she's in[View]
487963493>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMb1QY64sIY KH kino is back on the menu, boys.…[View]
487963445Is there anywhere I can hide from the seventh wave?[View]
487927075Why aren't you playing the Game of the Year?[View]
487962160Darksiders Genesis: its good? should i buy it? thread?[View]
487956814*irreparably ruins your game*[View]
487961292I'm at point k12. Need info on my extraction.[View]
487962742sincerely fuck micah for getting me a 300 dollar bounty in this place that took me 3 hours to raise …[View]
487961324How come this never gets mentioned? It might have the best campaign of any WW2 game[View]
487963042Tank Vidya: Look! Jagdtiger! JAGDTIGER! Our enemies hide in METAL BOX, the cowards! THE FOOLS!…[View]
487962972It's out[View]
487959684What type of game I can make in two months that will let me make 2k dollars for a new non garbage PC…[View]
487947408>1st time playing RE:5 >hardest difficulty >breddy gud, really enjoying it >get to secon…[View]
487962929Is there a more kino final level in gaming than this?[View]
487955390Why is persona so ... GAY?[View]
487961221The strongest[View]
487961259Did you like how Xenoblade Chronicles 2 connected to 1?[View]
487956827Can somebody please fucking help me?: I just started playing Rebirth. For some reason, after I play …[View]
487948282The great debate[View]
487954035Profiles!: Post and rate any profiles! Steam, Xbox, Playstation, Origin, EGS, Uplay, whatever vidya …[View]
487962703Rose Guns Days: Was it kino?[View]
487956265Well back to the store it goes! It was fun nintendo but can't put homebrew on this piece of shi…[View]
487949269After you've scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule...[View]
487956234So.... predictions? >Final Smash DLC pack 1 character reveal. >FFVII Remake Red XIII gameplay …[View]
487960765Why are skin tight pants considered less sexual than bare skin?: By videogame rating boards. You can…[View]
487959381What are the obstacles to making a modern gaming CRT for a niche market?[View]
487962551Sekiro DLC leak: Isshin of the Rebellion: Elden Ring isn't being shown at the TGA's, but F…[View]
487962312Hey Morgan can I leave my cup here?[View]
487954554Is pic related better than GTA Online and is it worth getting into?[View]
487960648I dunno why, but it's a lot of fun.[View]
487962379anyone else excited?[View]
487961434Bros... Wtf....[View]
487961186Any game for that 90's investment banker feel?[View]
487957129why is there a switch in megas xlr? WTF???[View]
487955972You can't top the king.[View]
487957958>'Anyone who threatens my home or my family will soon have a place in my dreams.' >Last missio…[View]
487954129For me, it is Female Protagonist (Persona 3)[View]
487959678Never ever[View]
487961619Interesting inspirations/namesakes/histories of characters. Discuss.[View]
487942583Dragon Age Inquisition: Should my mage go Rift Mage, Necromancer or Knight Enchanter?[View]
487941992That's it. Sony is finished.[View]
487958517What changed would you make to your favorite game?[View]
487961174Underrated Games Thread[View]
487960776You do have a switch... right Anon?![View]
487960847>2021 >PS5 and Xbox Scarlett >Fromsoftware games are still running at 30fps…[View]
487952740ITT vidya characters that are literally you[View]
487960684What happened to physics? You don't really see it in games anymore.[View]
487953263Modern Classics: What have been the modern classics of this decade? Games we might still suggest peo…[View]
487959276What is the Kingdom of Heaven of video games?[View]
487952301We can all agree the first game looked and ran better, but which of the two had the best set of miss…[View]
487948119>boot up AOE2 >realize I'll have to play for 6 months just to be able to play the game on…[View]
487941351What was Kubo thinking with these designs?[View]
487938342Well /v/?[View]
487961274SCP Secret lab: >be me >D-Class >Gay ass nerd shutting doors on fellow D-Class and taking e…[View]
487960824The horror genre doesn't need fixing. It just needs to be handled better.[View]
487960881Jazz student here: What are some videogames that elevate the medium to art level? Impress me[View]
487957680Can we expect a 2.5d Metroid title for the Switch?[View]
487960826The black carp swims towards the harmony, and the white carp swims towards the chaos What will happe…[View]
487960094so after max payne this country has done notrhing but stinking pile of shit indie pixel shit games? …[View]
487960408I'm literally too demotivated to make a Steam account and install games. I don't even real…[View]
487959570secret hitler: secret hitler https://secrethitler.io/game/#/table/AnxiousComplexDearKoala get in her…[View]
487947404Gamer fuel thread: Hardcore gamers only.[View]
487958219MODS FOR OBLIVION: Brainlet here.How do I install mods on a cracked game copy and what mods do you r…[View]
487959079Sometimes when I'm playing video games, I imagine I'm a twitch streamer. I would imagine h…[View]
487959559Linux gaming thread: How can we improve gaming on Linux?[View]
487916002>Jade in story: Stoic badass with a strong sense of justice, takes no shit, >Jade in gameplay:…[View]
487953506Who's That Vidya?: Try to guess the video game character based on their silhouette. I will give…[View]
487957193>/v/ hate Spec Ops for the lack of choice and the guilt tripping >Praise Nier who lack choice…[View]
487960360Ok guys, these eggs have given us alot of trouble in the past. Does anybody need anything of this gu…[View]
4879523651 week till new league. What you going to play?[View]
487957562Garbage puzzle game for retards. The laughing stock of puzzle games. Baba is You is better than this…[View]
487956338>'Press [Enter] to Continue' >I click on the mouse >it continues Funnay…[View]
487956047Best RPG of all time?: Does /v/ have good taste?[View]
487954116Why didnt the player have an option to join the scarlet crusade?[View]
487959989SOUL VS. SOULLESS[View]
487952207*sigh* Bapanada...[View]
487959804MGS V is a pleb filter and you're a faggot if you don't like it.[View]
487959851>silenty wins goty what went right[View]
487959809>character's design gets worse and worse with each new game[View]
487959065Final Fantasy VII Remake: Soon.. very soon.[View]
487957636Only Serena and Gemma are acceptable choices if you aren't gay.[View]
487955037tick tock blizzard[View]
487959393Is it the logical conclusion to the puzzle genre?[View]
487958731>Using the western localization as the base game for all regions Does japan really not give a fuc…[View]
487952446Pyra and Mythra[View]
487956254ITT:Games you like that /v/ hates: For me it's The Force Unleashed. Flawed to the core but I lo…[View]
487957746What's with that unlock system in the Halo collection? It says 'season 1' does that mean it…[View]
487959510Is this any good? I want a fishing game for switch[View]
487959378Completely mogs the rest of your franchise.[View]
487954558want to get a flightstick to play star wars tie fighter. what are the recommended flight sticks to g…[View]
487949405yeah they're in.[View]
487957758Games with late 90s/early 00s pop punk aesthetic?[View]
487958274What was his tax policy?[View]
487954517LBP: Restitched: Development teasers of the PC LBP fangame, LittleBigPlanet: Restitched will be show…[View]
4879546153x3 Thread but one of the games on there is a game that you hate edition. Make yours here: www.befun…[View]
487951230Why do people get to the point that they hit the desk etc while playing games?: I don't underst…[View]
487947697ITT: shit that scared you as a child[View]
487959008What are some games that still have a fair amount of people playing online for xbox I need more im …[View]
487959002The WoW Diary: A Journal of Computer Game Development: Hey dudes. I'm a poor neet but I'm …[View]
487958960This game is oddly cultural. Very wholesome![View]
487954370Splinter Cell nostalgia: I love Chaos Theory. The music, gameplay and the dialogue from the guard in…[View]
487958945December 6, 2019 I am forgotten[View]
487958919This nigga is the next smash character Not gonna be revealed at TGA's Mii hats are fake Fuck tr…[View]
487954190The more things change, the more they stay the e[View]
487957498What was Microsoft thinking[View]
487934732>Player count dropping at high rates day by day What went wrong?[View]
487952801why she is so perfect, bros??[View]
487956615/v/'s Minecraft server is hosting a 4 day pvp war. Team black vs team white. it just started li…[View]
487958614Resident Evil 3 remake LEAKS: Anyone has any leaks?[View]
487947167I will now buy your game.[View]
487955974Who /letsplays/ here? >mfw getting all the fun while peasants press the buttons for me…[View]
487956474What’s the best Dragon Quest game?[View]
487949194Ring FIt Adventure: Have you done your squats today?[View]
487942173I'm still fucking mad.[View]
487958373do i have to buy RF4S so rune factory 5 doesn't get cancelled[View]
487944964I moo, you moo, we all moo for Reimu!![View]
487956230Metacritic removes 6400 negative Death Stranding scores and raises the user score. https://www.en24.…[View]
487958189For the pc players playing Halo for the first time. I know Reach is shit, but the rest of the halo g…[View]
487952083Name my band /v/[View]
487952696Every day's great at your Junes~[View]
487955242Cyberpunk 2077 PC is Windows 10 only: Guess it's stadia version for me[View]
487956108>*that one spanish song starts playing*[View]
487953051What was his name again?[View]
487953645You had ONE job guys ONE JOB[View]
487940602New AI text game - AIDungeon2: >AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Us…[View]
487951932>accidentally kills civilian 'GOOD LORD FISHER HAVE YA GONE MAD?' 'I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.…[View]
487957448How the fuck did Microsoft think Halo: Reach's audio mix was acceptable? Holy shit, this is leg…[View]
487916719Damn, she's hot[View]
487956384> Game lets you customise magazine capacity[View]
487944568Is Dark Souls one of the worst things that happened to gaming in this decade?[View]
487954060But it is BETHESDA[View]
487937484What am I in for v/rothers[View]
487948336>ywn play Farcry 3 for the first time ever again[View]
487952145Why the fuck am I so bad at nu COD? I regularly do well in older CODS and in FPS games in general bu…[View]
487957176>Better then banjo-kazooie[View]
487956950>2019 >still using WASD >not using ESDF…[View]
487955179Game Awards: Batman Arkham Legacy is announced, Damian Wayne is the main character. Crash Bandacoot…[View]
487954194Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite games of all time. With Deadly Premonition 2 having a black…[View]
487956110What are some online games that revolve around doing mindless chores in a comfy setting in order to …[View]
487956190How is Deponia? It is currently dirt cheap for the entire anthology. Also when did point and click g…[View]
487951481'Hmph. Guess I have no choice. It's time... to save the world.'[View]
487954018>2019.... I am forgotten....[View]
487955296Food Girls got an English translation you fucks, why isn't anyone talking about it? https://sto…[View]
487951603>Republic Commando 2 is announced >these guys are the new Delta team…[View]
487955819Why doesn't /v/ bitch about PC quick time events?[View]
487953343So what exactly is the tactical rationale for producing an impervious suit of metal armor but then l…[View]
487956527Based and Redpilled games: give me some anons[View]
487956341What are some modern classics?[View]
487956378What are the hallmarks of a great RPG combat system? And what games exemplify them the most? Small-b…[View]
487956351This game has some good tracks.[View]
487951346I refuse to stand by and watch as these two games get mentioned on every single “Game/ of the Decade…[View]
487951945>tfw just left the 'gamer life' behind me Good bye ultra light meme mouse Good bye 60% meme keybo…[View]
487955782The WoW Diary: A Journal of Computer Game Development: Hey dudes. I'm a poor neet but I'm …[View]
487954383https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvRyVZWuvQ4 Well?[View]
487950702'Fuck you, I like it' thread[View]
487955049how the FUCK: do I balance realism with fun gameplay in a medieval fighter? in real life armor is in…[View]
487936456Cheap CRT thread[View]
487955451Hey /vp/ Christmas is less than 20 days away. What are some good Vidya themed presents for all sorts…[View]
487953005>What do you say amigo? Do you want another battery? God damn this game is based lmao.…[View]
487954884Where were you when Insurgency: Sandstorm became Insurgency: Snowflakestorm?[View]
487952748Has a video game ever made you cry?[View]
487951407Just bought this game what should I expect? Is online filled with cheaters and hackers?[View]
487942472which one of those games is the most overrated one? please have a civilized discussion[View]
487954713Why do americans love edgy games like Far Cry and Meme of War?[View]
487954981Are you ready to go back bros?[View]
487952626Anyone else really fucking bored of this weapon?[View]
487936357oh nononononono steambros, it was suppose to be our time[View]
487953637What's this enemy archetype called?[View]
487952996Have you learned your lesson yet /v/? Never buy the launch console, wait for the hardware revision a…[View]
487900631Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Struggling On Steam As Well: https://respawnfirst.com/red-dead-redemption-2…[View]
487946452>postgame is longer than the main game and has 'true' and 'secret' endings…[View]
487952798thinking about returning this to gamestop since i dont really play it anymore. my switch is too new …[View]
487946738Video game characters that makes you feel weird for finding them attractive: I'd fuck the arche…[View]
487950928What games are you going to play around Christmas? I like to play Nintendo stuff because they make m…[View]
487954719Hey guys, I just bought this game after leaving work. Gonna play it all night while my wife cooks d…[View]
487944406>Anon, do you have a PSP? >Uh, yeah... >Oh, so you have a pretty small penis! Wow! Anon has…[View]
487954061The scrapped moblin from twilight princess is such a kino enemy design and I am obsessed with it. Ar…[View]
487950321What are some aesthetic health bars in video games?[View]
487954648Rouge the bat stealth game when?: With boobs.[View]
487870362Smash speculation thread: Who will be fighter #5?[View]
487950836ITT: Boring Vidya subplots that added nothing of value to the overall story[View]
487953459what am i in for just downloaded[View]
487953448Games for this feel?[View]
487919191the real /v/ GOTY 2019: https://www.strawpoll.me/19015775/[View]
487940640Will you subscribe to my newspaper?[View]
487941450Reminder that the Persona 3 protagonist is the true chad >Has a cool hairstyle unlike the Persona…[View]
487951426Tis the season: Time to break out this gem anyone else have any holiday games they play around this …[View]
487954196Do any of you hack in multi-player games? what exactly is the appeal? If you want an easy win and yo…[View]
487951416>american counter-strike[View]
487949406Sabi says not to expect a Smash announcement at the VGAs (from PapaGenos' Discord)[View]
487953061Hey, /v/[View]
487953994Why do people keep entertaining leakers: And the leak culture as a whole? I legitimately don't …[View]
487943337Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ok, serious talking. Memes aside, Re4 is so good that it doesn't really…[View]
487950081Super Mario Movie: Discuss.[View]
487950232How would you fix Heavy in TF3?[View]
487948683TemTem: >first game from indie company already better than largest selling franchise on the plane…[View]
487924050/GOTD/ - ROUND 1: Probably-Last-Thread-Before-The-Deadline-Edition BRACKETS A - https://challonge.co…[View]
487939001sup bitches[View]
487950596Can't find an answer anywhere: In GE2:RB, do characters actually level, or is it 100% gear base…[View]
487948067Smash Ultimate Leaks: - DLC 5 is Solaires from Dark Souls - He will be revealed at the Game Awards -…[View]
487952416LET'S GO RIOT[View]
487950471Play boomer shooters.[View]
487953439Unironically best Assassins creed >MC kills the assassins for protecting people and not for Muh v…[View]
487953003Half Life 2 Thread: >yfw SECTOR SWEEP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s22XqGkuIFw…[View]
487953412OH NO NO NO SABI: >Infamous 'smash leaker' Sabi backtracks after Jon from GameExplain has to make…[View]
487951037anyone else went back to play rdr 1 after finishing 2?[View]
487945076What are the best horror games?[View]
487832016Simple Draw Thread: Doesn't matter what game you play if you main something give it a whirl…[View]
487953032Anyone else really want a dark souls 2 REMAKE?: Dark souls 2 scholar of the first cunny when?[View]
487949774ITT: we post ””””””””””Bad”””””””””” Guys[View]
487945048Bomba alert: >make Witcher 3 and fill the game with sexy women in sexy outfits >instant succes…[View]
487935230No new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC announcement or no new Crash Bandicoot announcement?[View]
487951563>https://vocaroo.com/gO9VyfyY5eE OH NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHA[View]
487952708he's in: https://vocaroo.com/gO9VyfyY5eE >whats his stage? >what music tracks does he hav…[View]
487946075Who did you roll with in FFVII? For me, it's Cloud/Tifa/Yuffie.[View]
487944717Do I need friends to play this online?[View]
487952573Holy shit this game is a fucking masterpiece, it's unironically the best stealth game I have ev…[View]
487952506How can a game be this shit Every level segment is repeated a thousand times to make sure you get th…[View]
487944619>Lloyd deconfirmed >Sora Deconfirmed >Geno deconfirmed >Phoenix Wright deconfirmed >D…[View]
487951431So, I just got this for the Black Friday sale, and so far, I’m really liking this. Does anyone else …[View]
487947794the thread got deleted while i was typing out the response so here it goes: >>487918161 she…[View]
487951292How do we stop the Epic Games Store?[View]
487949016When will based Pac get the revival he truly deserves?[View]
487952265What are some games that you find fun?: I like Puyo Puyo[View]
487950089Death Stranding is a critic about USA[View]
487952140What's his name again?[View]
487948763It´s time to discuss the best Soccer-JRPG ever made https://youtu.be/k1gOYkKHyw8[View]
487946163Anyone else getting tired of competitive multiplayer games? It's always easy to beat the braind…[View]
487951437Who the hell thinks this is good design?[View]
487916753Why doesn't /v/ like Final Fantasy XIV Shadowylands?[View]
487949682MGS: Name someone who was fucked over more than him.[View]
487949309AI Dungeon 2 thread[View]
487951712Post your favorite boss themes: >violence breeds violence but in thE END IT HAS TO BE THIS WAAY!…[View]
487951473>everyones here >waluigi isnt >internet is angry and begs for him to be in >sakurai actu…[View]
487949317Why do all their games have so much SOUL?[View]
487947602Alright I am sorry to have to post this, but these games are VERIFIED SHIT TIER If you like these …[View]
487913270What's the best game in the 'Diablo-like' genre? Just Diablo 2? I've tried Torchlight 2 an…[View]
487928210When does it get good?[View]
487948771Play Mass Effect[View]
487948148Gonna be writing an article on the top ten best games to play when drunk, so I’m brainstorming rn. W…[View]
487916979Shmups: Morning Edition: Last thread was made at some ungodly hour. Trying to build a backlog of “mu…[View]
487949951Does China like Mario?[View]
487946634What went wrong?[View]
487951449>side characters are the best characters in the game >the main character is the one that takes…[View]
487951439Profiles: Post and rate any profiles! Steam, Xbox, Playstation, Origin, EGS, Uplay, whatever vidya r…[View]
487925680say something nice about the best suppport character in any moba, based insideout man[View]
487948863What are some good crime games for pc? >inb4 pcfag[View]
487951278Why Jians are so great?: *Teleports inside you* Nothing personal, culter kid[View]
487920737Fix TF2 in 7 words or less.[View]
487951228went to my parents house and my dad was playing deus ex what games is your family playing[View]
487930238>tfw been playing for hours and can't even get past measurehead I dont think my IQ is high e…[View]
487949898Am I the only one not having issues? Game runs like a dream.[View]
487950846*high level strand type gameplay*[View]
487946967Is violence in video games causing a negative effect on society?[View]
487923336>Open modern warfare >do this https://youtu.be/le9FP0TFsnE Pic unrelated…[View]
487942098Did you enjoy Miriam's game? If not, what went wrong? Hard mode: without mentioning the shitty …[View]
487947425what happened to our Cold Steel thread?[View]
487941242Daily Dose of Ready Or Not Leaks: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cbedeX31Hb4aGwcb6ccsOsnQwT…[View]
487940015Why did they give controllers aimbot?[View]
487936203I miss a good ol Mercenaries bros, stop given us shitty extra modes and make a proper Mercenaries ff…[View]
487950390Damage control or telling the truth? https://twitter.com/joncomms/status/1203057078069272578?s=21…[View]
487945705>racing game >has no cars everyone wants[View]
487942621A man is made by the roads he walks, and the posts he makes. You made a post once, maybe even called…[View]
487946386Does /v/ remember sonic robo blast 2?[View]
487948837>is the most obnoxious character in the history of anything ever[View]
487950478>almost been a year since smash ultimate came out >Boss battle hasn't returned >Still …[View]
487944701Kojimabros... No...[View]
487946720Halo CE MCC PC Question: will it be actual halo ce multiplayer like the original PC port (with timbe…[View]
487912067How come it literally wasn't a problem until the game came to PC? Do PC players always cry this…[View]
487943976cod zombies thread[View]
487943107Oh no, WERE DOOMED[View]
487949110Soul vs Soulless: Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn't have character. It's a soulless cash grab…[View]
487947854Why don't you take a seat /v/? It's time to have a serious discussion about the long term …[View]
487942468>'We nerfed it' >Still hits like a truck and is the best sniper in the game AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
487947171Is TV latency really this bad or is this like a netcode issue? My TV is some 720p relic I got when M…[View]
487944979Garbage puzzle game for retards. The laughing stock of puzzle games. Baba is You is better than this…[View]
487947147How accurate is this ?[View]
487948004leaker here umaru will be the next dlc fighter[View]
487944957>why yes I always turn v-sync off, how could you tell?[View]
487943639What is the best game in the Donkey Kong series?[View]
487949175>almost 2020 >we still don't have a magical girl themed survival mmo…[View]
487949242Are there any Sleeper Hit switch games that came out this year? pic not related[View]
487942667Reach on PC: >Terrible UI >No Forge >No custom games >DMR starts in every mode >Ext…[View]
487943508ITT: It's 2101[View]
487944565>silencer reduces damage[View]
487949207Fighter #5 is Khameleon from Mortal Kombat: This is the rumored female fighting game character that …[View]
487901121this is the comfy game share comfy experiences[View]
487927231>fired from Konami >got no one and nothing >Sony gives him a blank check to do whatever he …[View]
487937415So, was he literally just Peri 2.0? Piece of shit human being being pushed as a 'good guy'? At least…[View]
487945093we shall take back the crusader kings thread for the pope[View]
487934371This stuff is tight. Like the lovechild of DQ for gbc and gen 1 pokemon. >good gameplay >some …[View]
487947892Someone actually made yogurt guy emote on Steam: What were they thinking? https://steamcommunity.com…[View]
487945204What do you think of the new Jill Valentine?[View]
487945059> Lost the hype > Bought for $10 in African American Friday > Pretty good actually.exe http…[View]
487941164https://twitter.com/New_WabiSabi/status/1203001016762822656?s=19 OHNONONONONONONO SORABROS WE GOT TO…[View]
487909635Will half life alyx be woke?: Campo santo are notoriously far left and have been the main driving fo…[View]
4878783081060bros, how you holding up with gaming?[View]
487941586Bannerlord: Is this a meme game or is it something I should genuinely be looking forward to?[View]
487947798What did he mean by this?[View]
487947751What is the vidya equivalent of garand thumb?[View]
487945690I love discussing video games with my friends in /v/!! Whatcha guys playing today?[View]
487938112Damn... The professor looks like THAT?[View]
487947889COD MW CODE: you if any of you didnt know or havent gotten a code yet there you got 5566-RLP44-HV75…[View]
487945389Mobile clicking games gave me CTS. Thanks.[View]
487942090Tell me about it.[View]
487947514What's the best weapon in Splatoon 2?[View]
487947434Solitude.... home....[View]
487946540Ok this is EPIC![View]
487947418>2001 + 18 >Still no good FMA game How would you make it? If you don't like FMA, how woul…[View]
487942804yo what the fuck i thought he'd come with us[View]
487947349ITT: dab on EOPs: post some amazing untranslated gems[View]
487946703Super Smash Sisters: The Top 100 Women Who Should Be In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! (100-51): So /v/…[View]
487945223Game Awards LEAKS: >Banjo Redooie Remake of the first two Banjo games >Resident Evil 3 remake …[View]
487928658Admit it. You liked it.[View]
487944859Kanna thread new art should come soon[View]
487946996Does /v/ like Mana series?[View]
487946992>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
487913770Comfy Boom-like Genre Thread[View]
487940409I just bought PF-Kingmaker after playing Div 2 and Underrail. Which Fate Stay Night character should…[View]
487945264Waluigi is the weirdest fucking character. I remember when he debuted in Mario Tennis all those year…[View]
487943920>the nintendo bonus doesn't exist ok. go look at the user ratings for DMC2 on switch and tel…[View]
487944784Is it a bad remake or is it just the hardcore fans whining? as a newcomer would this feel bad to me …[View]
487916159I don't think you guys understand how important having cute anime girls in my video games is to…[View]
487937809Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Infinite Combate: Don't worry, Sony already…[View]
487938817RIDERS ON THE STORM[View]
487942631Why did you stop playing Guild Wars 2?[View]
487946076Game cartography[View]
487940396People always say that Kojima has some of the most ravenous fans in the video game industry, but eve…[View]
487946190What do you think of Square Enix's last good game?[View]
487944018Why does she need Sonic's help if she has a hammer? Amy thread.[View]
487945648*dabs on /v/ for 149 coins*[View]
487942774so when will this be out on PC and how will 343 ruin it? already tired of DMR-only matches[View]
487939946Will we ever get a new game? Are they just gonna leave the story unfinished forever?[View]
487945908Is there actually any puzzle games that plays like these dumb ads?[View]
487945162Why does /v/ always hate popular things?[View]
487945020>You're just mad cuz I'll be able to do something with my fuckin guitar and hands that …[View]
487912828Who do you want in?[View]
487939210SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487945345This is Ganondorf[View]
487944282I think cafe lattes are good and I only like penis a little bit.[View]
487939549use your vidya knowledge blah blah blah[View]
487945079Why out of all the video games I play, why is PUBG the one I've dreamed the most consistently a…[View]
487945001Gay Tendencies On /v/: I'm making a thread to express my dislike at the website I am making the…[View]
487943343>go to /v/ for advice on video games >get relentlessly shitposted >finally get advice …[View]
487931973Battlestation Thread?[View]
487942946Hi, looking for some advice- which Call of Duty is the best for couch multiplayer on PS4? I'm t…[View]
487944371Is this the end for the Strand Game genre?[View]
487937604surf's up /v/![View]
487942723I've been stuck in bronze for TWO FUCKING YEARS. >watch every video on how to improve >'…[View]
487912328Fuck this racist piece of shit[View]
487923637You shoud use CRT screens: >Not playing games on zero input lag and motion blur CRT monitor >N…[View]
487942362Games you regret buying[View]
487937093Alright, let's try to have a Chihaya thread without devolving into retarded Dub vs Sub territor…[View]
487941668S4 League: Consider the following : if you're not using CS (Counter Sword), you're draggin…[View]
487940891>Wake up in the middle of the night >See this >What do?…[View]
487941309Neverland... home...[View]
487895210Granblue Fantasy Versus: You ARE going to buy her game, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6J3j…[View]
487943272Dragons Crown is lit, however Dragons Dogma is a slow paced bore.[View]
487943431Reminder that Quake and Doom chads btfo Halo, Half Life, CS, Serious Sam, Timesplitters. https://arc…[View]
487909973Are you ready for Temtem: the Pokemon Killer?[View]
487937938>Series has a fantasic first game with dogshit sequels[View]
487942556Top: soulful Middle: soul Bottom: soulless[View]
487943603ITT: characters that want to speak to your manager[View]
487943362It's Friday night, what are eating and what are you playing??? I'll strat. Dinner is pic r…[View]
487884578Find. A. Single. Flaw.[View]
487942598Moments in non-horror vidya that scared the shit out of you as a kid? Mine is probably getting eaten…[View]
487940453Killer7: Can we just discuss this game Share your interpretations, theories anything that tries to m…[View]
487940350Resident Evil 2 - Wew: I played RE2 once back on the N64, but was too much of a pussy to play throug…[View]
487942307How do I get to the level cap in this game? I keep trying to level but I don't think my build i…[View]
487943338Villains thread: Why are the best villains the ones who are crazy? >Morbidly obese manchild who b…[View]
487943237>the only good turn-based tactical games that released this decade are Battle Brothers and Field …[View]
487928297This game created a mass cope even bigger than Death Stranding.[View]
487928260Vidya music: Let's have a comfy vidya music thread. What are your favourite hype, emotional or …[View]
487941530Why does UI suck nowadays? Pic related.[View]
487939008what am i in for?[View]
487942830Anyone else getting tired of competitive multiplayer games? It's always easy to beat the braind…[View]
487918716play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.[View]
487939748>If sabi’s tweet means no character reveal at the game awards, it means that the fifth character …[View]
487941491>Random encounter enemy can summon additional mobs.[View]
487932776Why are the majority of games so anti-police? Why are the police always portrayed as the bad guys?[View]
487942434MAFIA 1&2: Dudes... the storytelling is some of the absolute best in video games[View]
487939553>his order got cancelled L M A O[View]
487941859I love my aidoru Riko-chan[View]
487938773So What's with this character all of the sudden getting so much attention to be the 5th charact…[View]
487941054post yfw[View]
487939205>Why yes I did in fact buy the special edition Double Pack of Pokemon Sword & Shield! Me and …[View]
487940840>DELUSIONAL Ultimate-babies and their game will NEVER have as much soul as Melee L M A MOTHERFUC…[View]
487942278i showed you my silverballers Diana please respond[View]
487925734http://www.aidungeon.io/ New thread! Text-based dungeon crawler powered by AI, where you can basical…[View]
487940341SPRINGCHAD IN SMASH THREAD: Consider this; >FNAF extremely popular during the ballot's timin…[View]
487938478Bros I want to recruit her before the timeskip but I have to get this fucking C rank in riding and 1…[View]
487922865>I've beaten like 4/5 games this whole year What about you lads?[View]
487942261What are some games with literally no flaws?[View]
487939309Yakuza 7 is looking like kino so far I wouldn't care much if it was just another beat 'em …[View]
487942168I heard you play tekken[View]
487936818Villa Scaletta, home. At least it was until those moulies burned everything up.[View]
487941905An unused version of the dk rap was just found https://youtu.be/ED2wziaUr4Q[View]
487909684>boring open world traversal >god awful combat Witcher 3 is such overrated garbage. Why is i…[View]
487930438so how is the reach pc port? did they fix it yet?[View]
487911340The Absolute State of Play: What do you expect? >Resident Evil 3 Remake >PS5 teaser >Ghost …[View]
487941943Did we talk about this? Whats the consensus? >The very first person you talk to calls you a cuck…[View]
487940879Wii U Emulation: Redpill me on Wii U emulation, /v/. Is it decent? Can any ol' toaster run it? …[View]
487941531phoenix point: >3 days later >I am forgotten........…[View]
487927436Positive thread: Post games that you like and why you like them I like Baldur's Gate 2 the Shad…[View]
487935407Hey, you, take-a look at this![View]
487939694is this worth 30 bucks?[View]
487941470Any games where I can choose to play as a traitor?[View]
487917118Kingdom hearts 3: Why Aqua and Olette pussies so big?[View]
487937350This game sucks BFE is the only good Serious Sam game[View]
487941298ah yes TU DMR slayer on hang em high classic reach[View]
487941191THE NUMBERS MASON[View]
487919796Why is it that Eastern Europe has been putting out so many killer RPGs lately while the West is just…[View]
487939603last update: hello once again, if you don't remember me I am the guy who said pack 5 was waluig…[View]
487937781Hey they actually did new not shit art for this. I thought it was just a straight port of the psp ga…[View]
487939973where were you when sorafags got BTFO?[View]
487935082How do you like your fantasy armors in video games?[View]
487937197Whoa hang your horses there buddy, what do you mean I gotta save the Russian science guy that you al…[View]
487935449What has been your experience with pre-ordering games[View]
487940669This board sucks, what are some games that suck too?: >Obvious Furry Porn invasion >wojak spam…[View]
487937956Splinter Cell: Gen 2 > Gen 1 Prove me wrong.[View]
487937595Reminder that Quake and Doom chads btfo Halo, Half Life, CS, Serious Sam, Timesplitters. https://arc…[View]
487940575pass the enemy controller, bro[View]
487923892This is the true comfy game Share comfy experiences[View]
487921076What's the best star wars game and why is it Kotor?[View]
487881623so no one's gonna talk about the new Darksiders game that just dropped?[View]
487937193The weekend is here! What games will you be playing?[View]
487938654>took me 30 minutes Am I braindead?[View]
487937649Downloaded and installed steam version of RDR2. Crashes right at the bullet intro. Tried every advic…[View]
487938818>enjoyed the previous game >try new one >it's a loot shooter why?…[View]
487940265What does the future hold for Sonic the Hedgehog as a video game mascot now that he is set to be a m…[View]
487929894Shuichi 'Bitches Can't Be Protagonists' Saihara[View]
487915678Metacritics Top 50 games of the 2010s: Do you agree with the list? 1 Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii, 2010…[View]
487939841ITT: music videos with under 1000 views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abh5_EhkUjU[View]
487939809What is the equivalent of Bionicle in vydia?[View]
487935385Skyrim Special Edition: I've been playing Skyrim: Legendary for about 5 years now, and I'v…[View]
4879292621080p rock solid 60fps or full fat 4k silky smooth 30fps What is the best way to play video games in…[View]
487917374Today is the one year anniversary of the launch of the Epic Games Store. How do you feel about the f…[View]
487939049Why did they put him in jail?[View]
487920730ITT: Simple game ideas that would print money. Nintendo Kart. Smash Bros with racing.[View]
487939248>I am the Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War. ...really?[View]
487937510December... I am... forgotten...[View]
487922892>videogame tells you to stop playing videogames[View]
487939220Yu-Gi-Oh! Vidya: We are 15 days away for Konami's stage on Jump Festa where they could possibly…[View]
487922178LINK HE COME TO TOWN[View]
487936560https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-x4S1L1yZY Square Enix, Final fantasy 16 any time soon? Agni Philos…[View]
487939126https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RucPtvNNCyI SJW tards want more women in smash. Fucking incel fags.…[View]
487933376It's time to discuss the best survival horror ever made.[View]
487939003What JRPG are you playing this weekend?[View]
487938942Games that does EVERYTHING wrong: Have you ever played a game like this? To me, the best example has…[View]
487929586owo whats this? a handsome package? god i hope its something videogames[View]
487934710Did you like it? If not why?[View]
487934825>no void bastards well fuck you too humble, literally only bought this for tomb raider and desert…[View]
487938120>PC has games from across the history of gaming Not only are you stuck with incompatibility in 64…[View]
487932326Destiny 2: So for whatever reason i decided to download Destiny 2 on steam again. After a laborious …[View]
487938154that last chapter was way better than it had any right to be[View]
487937412What are some video games that are nine years old?[View]
487939824ITT: Perfect character designs[View]
487933981Mickey is FP5 for Smash: GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day c…[View]
487936421Why are they so iconic compared to other Soulsborne bosses?[View]
487931991What games have clown characters, and what games let me be a clown?[View]
487853353DOAXVV Thread: Brehs....[View]
487929938What are some good games to play when you have a cold?[View]
487937660Mod Help: Short version is a song that's an opening/power up theme from this game was removed i…[View]
487933404Why aren't you reading a Visual Novel right now?[View]
487936359Starbreeze Resumes Development on PAYDAY Franchise and Sequel: Payday is back on the menu boys https…[View]
487922214Is this some kind of joke?[View]
487936808Laugh at smashfags thread: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO SMASH FAGS[View]
487935156What game would you consider to be Koizumi's Other M?[View]
487933518>video settings >old graphics >new graphics…[View]
487902415What am I in for?[View]
487935113What is a good videogaem that you will be playing during these holidays frens? For me it will be Tek…[View]
487920176Well, /v/?[View]
487926868>accidentally makes best girl an ugly wyvern >acknowledge she is best girl >can’t romance …[View]
487936409Global release when?[View]
487918309What went wrong dotards ?[View]
487932135Life is Strange 2: now is settled that dust the, is the what verdict?[View]
487908475Humble Monthly @ $12 ending: Anybody else buying in to humble's fear tactics to get people to r…[View]
487934673SSBU: Maxwell is in boys. Mark my words. Next post-pass DLC will definitely be either Namco or Capco…[View]
487934085'Die a Free Man, or life a Half-Life'[View]
487929892FF7: Pic related is canon.[View]
487934946if (protagonist = white) { narrative = 'praise'; } if (protagonist = black) { narrative = 'hate wo…[View]
487925684>2 genres invented >2 genres peaked >5 franchises created >20 games released in 30 year…[View]
487933883Come in here and dump your unwanted games[View]
487909664Soul vs Soulless[View]
487892803She killed millions.....[View]
487934470Playstaton Announcments: Papers Please 2 coming exclusively to PS4 in February.[View]
487929884What are the best Star Wars games aside from KOTOR and KOTOR II?[View]
487929715Elden Ring: Will we see it at the Game Awards?[View]
487922596>B-but Dunkey said it was bad!![View]
487932101Hideo Kojima Parts Ways With Kojima Productions Over Creative Differences: Based Kojima. >https:/…[View]
487936137Who ordered late and still got a controller?[View]
487930478I think I've bought all the games I ever want. My gf (female) asks which game(s) would I like f…[View]
487935934Wow, what a bore.[View]
487918458Halo: >is this some sort of human greeting?[View]
487935937>game has giant spiders in it[View]
487929805Claim your favorite gun in vidya.[View]
487932396what was his name again?[View]
487929108/v/ everyone. Should be the fucking banner[View]
487935687Super Sonic World SNES: https://youtu.be/J5pZmUH_sRc Sonic is..... everywhere[View]
487930593Woah Death Stranding Kojima P.T MGSV Chapter 3 Caramel.[View]
487935620SMASH REVEAL NOT AT TGA: >*Game award end* >'That's it? No Smash?' Your tranny leakfag ju…[View]
487930069Games with this feel?: Games were you explore ancient ruins, left in awe, wondering what might have …[View]
487924542It is time to stand together, /v/.: I refuse to stand by and watch as these two games get mentioned …[View]
487933180>shit game >has good music[View]
487835052If you had to choose, which one? Also Valkyria Chronicles thread[View]
487923651Hey /v/, Pope Francis here!: Just finished playing another run of Undertale and a session of CK2 (gr…[View]
487930502>helps Micah kill a literal town full of innocent people >but muh coughy boy he so handsome he…[View]
487920559Is PC Gaming a meme/losing its charm?[View]
487924154MARIO YOU FOOL[View]
487894586What went so wrong?[View]
487931684Necromorphs vs Xenomorphs vs Flood vs Half Life Zombies vs Prethoryn Scourge Who would win?[View]
487932035What is a game that exudes sheer anger?[View]
487924192No recall or intervention work in this Morrowind thread. [View]
487929885Finally.... Friday night https://youtu.be/3UnK5rw_6hM[View]
487934892Suggest Action RPG's[View]
487933783which game is better?[View]
487930407Mickey Mouse is in: Mickey is in. Sora is not. Cope Kingdom sharts. Your game is bad and will never …[View]
487929263what are your thoughts on wild arms and which of the games are worth playing?[View]
487931221I cried: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6Ft-GR1Qtc[View]
487930105oh no !!! kojimbo what are you doing !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ210zeF-6A[View]
4879343253x3 / 4x4 / 5x5 Thread: Post, rec, rate and hate. https://www.befunky.com/create/[View]
487931782Will you be playing Overwatch during the Holiday season?[View]
487931859Why this game looks so nice bros? How did Sega make Forces look worst than this?[View]
487930293Can this replace triple monitor setup? Like you can have virtual monitors or even an entire cinema i…[View]
487932403Sonic thread[View]
487934207>female fortnite streamer on twitch >Welcome to my crib! I’m teaming up with Rocket Mortgage t…[View]
487931721The Mouse is in Smash: Keep Denying Sora fans. Mickey from Epic Mickey is coming to Smash. I suggest…[View]
487934120Just got a Vortex Race3. Let's play some typeracer /v/ https://play.typeracer.com?rt=258mntqefm…[View]
487932261Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Fighter 5 ''leaks'': Literally who the fuck is even left…[View]
487931312Humble keys Say when you grab one so I know they're gone. 0XDAF-GMKWD-ZT8YN Sword Legacy Omen 0…[View]
487929895>The final boss is a helicopter[View]
487929809Only reason I trained these in COH was to hear the sound[View]
487914945that fake apology actually worked on you didn't it[View]
487871370VR is dead: Not even Half-Life Alyx can save VR (Virtual Reality) Total VR userbase is still less th…[View]
487933258>'Let's coom together.' What did he mean by this?[View]
487933380Sly Cooper: What's your favorite game in the trilogy? For me, its the first one. It feels like …[View]
487927858>Buy Shield off my friend for $30, assume it's worth that at least and know I'm not sup…[View]
487918991This is unironically the best AC game[View]
487902125Old school RuneScape: Is it worth getting into in 2019?like updates and community wise[View]
487916636Why do you prefer PC gaming, /v/?[View]
487929112>'our console is unhackable'[View]
487933150Half life was truly ahead of its time[View]
487918130With every year, this game ages worse and worse. Why did people even like this?[View]
487928779Just started playing this, and so far it has the best story and music of any Final Fantasy game.[View]
487932471What would happen if every video game character/empire in existence went up against each other in a …[View]
487932784grabs microphone* Excuse me... *ting ting* Ahem.....Friends.... *clears throat* ..... Members of the…[View]
487926965Based Sony[View]
487902441So, there is a noticeable difference between 144hz and 60hz. Is there a similair difference between …[View]
487925165> another Smash deconfirmation > Our girl Edelgard still remains in the running Are you ready …[View]
487928173whats the point of this? why would you make your game boring for newcomers on purpose ?[View]
487921335Games with mother and son bonding[View]
487919307And the game of the year award goes to...[View]
487928739https://youtu.be/nHLu9T347aE Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Special Preview: “We are all Son Goku!” >We…[View]
487922559New Oneechanbara game is coming out on the 15th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rExzS104lA0&fea…[View]
487927097Why am I still having fun with this game two years on?[View]
487920786So, what went so wrong?[View]
487931720Is it gonna be good now that the tranny got kicked out as lead: Will Shinji Save us all from this sh…[View]
487929053*wins game of the decade*[View]
487926151outdated games[View]
487926907>Suddenly, /v/ hates Capcom What the fuck is going on[View]
487931421Merry Christmas Eve, /v/! Have you been good boys and girls this year? What gifts do you want from S…[View]
487920702She's cute.[View]
487928796Kill me.[View]
487928562>DMR Yes yes fine, however.... you haven't seen shit yet.[View]
487926501Are console wars official over? At this point everyone that isn't a poortard should have every …[View]
487898872What is the greatest FPS campaign of all time?[View]
4879263572020... I Am Forgotten[View]
487930713name my band[View]
487922624The recent Kanna concept art that surfaced got me wondering, are there any non-eroge vidya character…[View]
487928528my PS3 freezes the second I click on PS Store. Any suggestions on how to remedy?[View]
487930487Are you fucking kidding me? First I get my legs smashed, and then in walks a Fallout New Vegas threa…[View]
487930472this kills the quakeboomer[View]
487929696>ITT: IRL vidya bosses[View]
487894367Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: All hail Russia! The saviours of CRPGs[View]
487929530W-what are we supposed to play now[View]
487926765Name 1 game[View]
487919915What's your favourite boss theme from this series? My vote goes to either the Abyss Watchers tr…[View]
487924084What is the Rhubarb of video games?[View]
487930001>circlejerks so stupid that even r/gamingcirclejerk was right mocking about…[View]
487928145Is there a bad/mediocre game that runs at 30 fps that can be turned good at 60 fps?[View]
487929952>hacks Xbox 360 >installs FSD or Aurora >doesn't even have homebrew internet browser o…[View]
487926049/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>487869986 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
487928776I have an idea! Why don’t we release the worst halo on PC first so that way pc gamers think halo is …[View]
487927735There is literally nothing wrong with Blizzard, Activision, or China[View]
487929529>Hidden gems that you've played Pic related is Dusk Fps that came out 2018 Inspired heavily …[View]
487929541Dorf thread: Let's have a dwarves in vidya thread going. What games are you currently playing t…[View]
487928994HOLY SHIT[View]
487898052>video game has “dragons” >play it >they’re actually wyverns Why is this allowed?…[View]
487922732world of Warcraft's pet battles are unironically better than Pokemon. change my mind[View]
487927536The Elder Scrolls: How do we fix this series? Pitch your ideas to Todd, maybe he's reading.…[View]
487928409SORA DECONFIRMED https://twitter.com/New_WabiSabi/status/1203001016762822656[View]
487929469lads, look at this soul capsule, god damnit we need to go back https://www.docdroid.net/h250/nintend…[View]
487929415Who is the most powerful mainline Final Fantasy protagonist?[View]
487929258>Wake up in the middle of the night >See this >What do?…[View]
487929045Evil is Powerful: But Courage is Solid[View]
487927552is it worth it to switch from EU to US and play on the faerlina server? server streamers seem way mo…[View]
487898752>60 thousand people playing >Only 1 game-mode and only 4 maps…[View]
487918329Where does Star Fox go from here?[View]
48790078115 minutes of TMS FE content https://twitter.com/Nintendo/status/1202863540073185280 https://twitte…[View]
487925154I miss the sapes shitposting[View]
487927040Need to scratch a sci-fi itch. An rpg where I can go to different planets or explore. Already played…[View]
48792737125 days until im a full time student again bros, what are some good short games to play meanwhile?[View]
487928395So wait this is just a glorified tetris with a bunch of pseud r/athiesm sprinkled in?[View]
487920114Why are games like this allowed?[View]
487925619Friends surprised me with a Wii and some games the other day. Which one should I start with?[View]
487928147Can we have a comfy Hitman Thread?[View]
487919704Play Dead Rising![View]
487925651>Half Life 2 is 15 years old >The release date of the movie Total Recall is closer to the rele…[View]
487923923Game companies only for the most intelligent beings(ascended): Please refrain from companies like mi…[View]
487920892Yugioh Duel Links: FUCK KONAMI for wasting the potential of this game. Now this shit is so boring an…[View]
487915056>3 hours till the reveal what if.. something good happens?[View]
487926163What upcoming games are you most excited for /v/?[View]
487927824There is nothing more beautiful than a female fighting. Which female fighter is your favorite? Mine …[View]
487921481Google Stadia is the future of gaming, whether you like it or not: He's right you know.[View]
487924057The Legend of Zelda: Post your favorite >classic game >modern game >spin off >character …[View]
4879273066 > 8 > 1(reboot) > 5 > 7 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1(original)[View]
487927160Videogames are like a dream.: But who is the dreamer?[View]
487919879ITT: Vidya protags you can beat in a fight[View]
487925682Fighting: I know nothing about this series other than that the Soul Calibur 1 is one of my favorite …[View]
487924452Geoff and his little show BTFO Elden Ring and RE3 Remake in 4 days bros[View]
487927456VAaaaalve!!!: You fix those boxes RIGHT NOW! They look the same! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
487921641Post games with good atmosphere[View]
487927384SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487927204>can't breach 30k on launch day >can't breach 30k on the Friday after launch day …[View]
487921965Did the new switch update ruin smashes online? Is anyone else constantly disconnecting?[View]
487926470ITT: Games no one asked for[View]
487923837*distant flute noises*[View]
487925120Laugh at sorafags thread: SORA DECONFIRMED HAHAHHAHAHA who is gonna be fp5 at this point tho[View]
487920002>This game is best played with a controller[View]
487917649Jaded Gamers: >feel like I've seen all there is to see >feel like I've played all th…[View]
487925704Post the best character from their respective video game along with a quote >'Braaaahhhh'…[View]
487925143Victoria Island..... home....[View]
487926570how about another AI Dungeon thread? I didn't know this game had fail states, did any of you ge…[View]
487876182What's the most iconic pistol in video games?[View]
487921071LEAKS Game Awards and State of Play LEAKS: >Sora is the 5th fighter >Phil spencer Walks on st…[View]
487925864>get urge to play >have to play consistently and for hours a day to not fall behind in raiding…[View]
487925561>Kill final boss >Credits start rolling >Final boss gets back up and interrupts the credits…[View]
487925043https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa0TYb40Cqw new dmc game..... for mobile phones. DMC FAGS BTFO AHAHA…[View]
487869986/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487819183 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487926123How's that vidya remix coming along, /v/?: Put 2 songs in, get one song out. rave.dj https://ra…[View]
487923869this game was pretty cool. I played it a bunch despite it never being popular. What video games do …[View]
487924457Castlevania Reawakening: >Will be announced at The Game Awards for PS4, Xbox One and PC. No menti…[View]
487926034The expansion that killed WoW.[View]
487920116LISA thread[View]
487925753>releasing a steam update to fix a RDR2 bug didn't know Valve were such a giant Rockstar boo…[View]
487925492Are these games any good on console?[/code] Which should I play?[View]
487923298Why do people pretend that this game isn't kusoge? Fucking nobody plays this shit online yet ev…[View]
487924614Best Resident Evil male and female character?? for me its Becca and Wesker[View]
487921592Thoughts on my gerald? I know I have some things to improve here and there but honestly I think i…[View]
487922375You are now manually reminded that Red Ash was never officially cancelled. They just stopped talkin…[View]
487920292Rosalina from Super Maryo Brothers wants you to know that if you had Sega instead of Nintendo you we…[View]
487925248What are some /v/ approved torrent sites?: I want to torrent vidya but I've heard on some threa…[View]
487924925/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487869986 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487921916What a horrible night to have a curse[View]
487925441*Battlefield theme starts playing*[View]
487924179>when you kill your game with one single update I don't know anyone who plays this game and …[View]
487921310Is there literally anything, and I mean ANYTHING, she can't defeat?[View]
487924208set up thread: set up thread you like my set up[View]
487839873How goes your SaGas, anons? Currently playing as Leonard, chasing a fiery bird, being chased by a gi…[View]
487920052She killed billions...[View]
487921702>can play whatever class you want and still contribute to winning >doesn't punish you for…[View]
487886635>He's winning? >Lag it[View]
487884175>Kubo art style FUCKING DROPPED[View]
487919239I always play Ashe or Bastion and have hardly touched anyone else. I want to branch out. Which chara…[View]
487921758im so fucking bored, theres no good games[View]
487866298I think I'm at the uncomfortable vidya 'ads' thread![View]
487912659Just got my Master's Degree in an imaginary field (marketing). What good games did I miss out o…[View]
487892886If I gave you 100 millions dollars, no strings attached. Which game would you make and why?: Serious…[View]
487913431>Finally build new PC for 1000 bucks since 2011. >Remember I barely even play video games and …[View]
487924602What are some games with really satisfying archery?[View]
487923292Show some goddamn respect![View]
487904426Why does she wear this? She looks like a hooker.[View]
487924479What do you hope ?[View]
487921798shes so cute bros[View]
487913040childhood is idolizing mario. adulthood is realizing luigi is the superior mario brother.[View]
487921148Here are the top reviewed games of the decade as per Metacritic. What do you think, /v/? Personally,…[View]
487922607runescape!!!1: where dah runescape boyz at ??[View]
487906948when does it get good?[View]
487920141>four days until King of Cards and Showdown Who hyped?[View]
487909682Guesses on what his stage, music, and spirites are going to be?[View]
487912563>parents die in car crash >makes loads of friends and is happy >dies aswell less than a yea…[View]
487922223Who's ready for those shitstains Virginben and Sabi to get BTFO at the Game Awards? I know I am…[View]
487918039ITT: autistic things you do while playing games[View]
487923832thoughts about this game? only one trailer so far (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtcQl41oFQI) whic…[View]
487915143ITT: Opinions that trigger /v/ This was a good game.[View]
487922106I need the fucking game rigth now[View]
487894372Do sex[View]
487922083Which style for Zelda do you prefer? >having to press a button to activate the shield Examples: L…[View]
487903034Biomutant: Will you play it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5sRdvu6o54[View]
487907269Play The Elder Scrolls™ 3: Morrowind.[View]
487921404here's your indie game protagonist bro[View]
487923098>analyzer >moderator stance >sound filter >6 monitors >pedals >drums >gaming gu…[View]
487921196VAaaaalve!!!: You fix those boxes RIGHT NOW! They look the same! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
487921740>Wii Wait, what?[View]
487922157Bob is the best[View]
487921237RDR2 Dutch Vanderlin: Say a genie granted him his every wish. What would Dutch’s America be like? He…[View]
487919676>enemy can steal equipped items >if the enemy flees or if you dont steal it back, the item is …[View]
487871648Did it deserve to fail as bad as it did?[View]
487913843What are your favourite things about /v/?[View]
487896773http://www.aidungeon.io/ Text-based dungeon crawler powered by AI, where you can basically do anythi…[View]
487922683He did nothing wrong: He was just following orders[View]
487922604The Game Awards - the most important event of the year: >>487921071 OH MY GOD, A BUNCH OF FAGG…[View]
487920204>tfw always feel mentally drained and unsatisfied after playing vidya for more than a couple of h…[View]
487919753post them vidya tomboys[View]
487895624Ay, new kid, who do you play in Guilty Gear?[View]
487921510What video games have you played today /v/?[View]
487918679What's the latest vidya figure you bought? I got Neku Sakuraba yesterday[View]
487922296>just want to casually mow fools down with wide selection of guns and tons of bros fighting besid…[View]
487887435It's so fucking addicting. How do they do it?[View]
487916131Why does this game have so many shills here? Imagine liking a game with such god-awful gameplay.[View]
487919994ITT: Anime that deserve a game[View]
487921937IM NOT WEAK[View]
487912102Can someone explain what free sync/g sync does?: I still don't understand[View]
487914748BIG SPARTAN ASSES[View]
487920705He's in[View]
487919150What does a lalafell smell like?[View]
487920251What the fuck was Kojima thinking here?: It’s the corniest scene ever[View]
487919152Please I’m desperate ;( Please just give me non-shit tier video games to buy during the steam winter…[View]
487920472>We were borne of the blood (Bloodborne™ is a trademark of Japan Studio, a subsidiary of Sony Cor…[View]
487918057>Game hypes up a boss >is actually defeated very easily…[View]
487921268so why exactly should I play this instead of playing the adventure path with friends?[View]
487886785>Comes out only 4 months after RE 3 and completely mogs it with it's superior 3D polygonal g…[View]
487856616Monster Hunter Iceborne[View]
487912916A game when first announced looked like a post apocalyptic scifi horror turns out to be a game about…[View]
487919494>Tom Clancy's Rainbow Kino Siege >Watch Kino 2 >FarKino 5 >Assassins Kino Odyssey …[View]
487916154so, what's an example of a GOOD open world map?[View]
487897725>instant lock >mid or feed[View]
487919240Honestly, comparing Switch sales with PS4 sales is so disingenuous. When the PS4 came out we were in…[View]
487917302So is this huge gamble on VR gonna work?[View]
487920798What is the point of this move?[View]
487920857>best game to come out in years >no one ever talks about it…[View]
487917715Why aren't you playing the best medieval dress up game?[View]
487908672>coworker talks about vidya and asks if you play FGO[View]
487921034Bombergirl: Where is the pc version?[View]
487916292what is the point of /vp/? pokebronys post here anyway[View]
487920248OMG VIDEOGAMES!!![View]
487914153Just a reminder in the almost twenty years Microsoft has owned Rare, they only made one Banjo game, …[View]
487918265Solved it![View]
487915112Door in the Woods: Anyone else played this game? So far it feels really repetitive and most death se…[View]
487917702This is my wife Mia! Have you played her game yet?[View]
487920678What are some games that are so bad that they are entertaining?[View]
487904698Who's your favorite Animal Crossing villager?[View]
487915569December... Is she forgotten?[View]
487920541Where is it[View]
487912639Hey tough guy[View]
487920381>Kill Fishron twice pre-plantera >get the same shitty spellbook twice AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
487893987For 25+ boomers only: When and how often do you play vidya? I can never seem to get the balance righ…[View]
487920320Ray Gigant: Anyone played this? How is it?[View]
487909893Why was it forgotten so fast?[View]
487920258TICK TOCK[View]
487919019What are the most autistic games that /v/ plays?[View]
487920060How come I can't self bumb on /v/ if I fix an error or post a comment it auto sage. Who fucked …[View]
487916410If /v/ hates it, it's good[View]
487916148Is this game any good?[View]
487920024holy shit they wordfiltered KEK to kek? KEK C.UCK cuck c.uck[View]
487897591Bros I'm scared. This may actually kill PC gaming. We must stop Sony at all costs.[View]
487919482/v/ dance thread: You're at the club Post your best dance animation and maybe you can attract t…[View]
487912775ABC thinks persona is a bomb threat[View]
487919778so is this worth replaying with /v/ now after the update ?[View]
487914673CEO of star citizen plays his own game: https://youtu.be/ZWq8ynUq7wM >Is, is, is Dennis around he…[View]
487907794>dogshit ''lore'' >mediocre combat(spam r1) >ugly visuals(only the starting zone is interes…[View]
487918396God I wish that was mine.[View]
487905961What is the greatest video game of this decade (2010-2019) ?[View]
487856960The call that saved minecraft: https://twitter.com/kingbdogz/status/1202594919098961925?s…[View]
487914381So basically Riot Games just made League of Legends and their future IPs licenseable franchises so o…[View]
487917734He is coming...[View]
487919107SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487916170>Janky movement/animation >Trash combat >Shit level design >Mediocre story >8/10 Was …[View]
487914485Will OW2 finally redeem Blizzard?[View]
487913414Play a shoot 'em up today[View]
487916348Why is my sealed copy worth nothing? I thought this game was going to be rare as fuck.[View]
487912021So, is it ok to drop RE0 after beating the training facilities? the game becomes more bullshit and f…[View]
487908730Holy fuck. Here comes crapcom shitting up their own games again.[View]
487917002>Consider buying a game >Try the demo >Demo is awful and never buy the game What's her…[View]
487916473Who's your favorite video game waifu/husbando?[View]
487919163HOLY FUCK, BERNIE SAID GAMERS RIGHTS. How do you think will your gamer life improve with this? For m…[View]
487917317Can I get recommendations on video games featuring jiāngshī? The only one I know is Darkstalkers whi…[View]
487894709$50 for a few jpegs[View]
487915964what made Metal Slug such a memorable franchise?[View]
487918545https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-TX95TVHQU 'There's our destination, Six: Pillar of Autumn. Ra…[View]
487918432Rank your top 5 companions in video games. Explain why you like them. Defend them from others with p…[View]
487905128What the FUCK were they THINKING?[View]
487908739ITT franchise killers[View]
487912915Sequels,DLC and expansions that are better than the original game.[View]
487908949When your parents were watching you set your new 360 up Christmas morning, you didn't give 'San…[View]
487842757How long should it take to make a game like Star Citizen?[View]
487918189Which series was better during the NES/Famicom and SNES/Super Famicom days?[View]
487913728Just finished persona4golden: You were right, v/ was right again...I can safely say it's the be…[View]
487914159>enemy can surrender[View]
487917787The VGAs:: Alright /v/, what mindless shit is going to be shown here?[View]
487913892So i played Monster Gril Island: I feel ashamed and at the same time i put similar games on my wishl…[View]
487913532Kamurocho... home...[View]
487913607ITT: Post that one game on your backlog you don't see talked about, anons that played it tells …[View]
487894463Red Dead Redemption II for Steam peaks at 12,000 players on launch day: that's pretty low. how …[View]
487912734What are some good 3d indie games that aren't walking sims.[View]
487917018Are you buying Hestia game?: https://gematsu.com/2019/12/is-it-wrong-to-try-to-pick-up-girls-in-a-du…[View]
487917636Dead Rising: I bought the Dead Rising Triple Pack off PSN sale, since my old 360 has died and I got …[View]
487908485Contra Hard Corps: Contra on the SNES is shit and this is the best Contra game[View]
487911558why did fromsoft release the exact same game twice in a row?[View]
487917375>hate the retarded over the top sexy bullshit in games >just want decent characters, and if th…[View]
487815486Do we still like League of Legends?[View]
487914165Are there any Switch games with sex[View]
487912608Omega labryth on steam Dec 10th: Are you ready to grow a pair?[View]
487911103Any anons try these Switch pro controller knock-offs? They any good?[View]
487891671Is /v/ too nitpicky and overly critical? Sometimes it's okay to play a mediocre game and have …[View]
487915572Glad I could make it, Arthas[View]
487917182They fixed it. Game becomes playable 2 years after release lol.[View]
487886631Is this game any good bros? Jus saw mah boi fextralife playing this but I just can't justify my…[View]
487916887What does the N stand for?[View]
487910910What is your favorite sword in all the vidya? There's no right or wrong answer, I just want to …[View]
487915965>joins your game[View]
487916717>Assassins.Creed.Origins.The.Curse.of.the.Pharaohs.Crack.Only.READNFO-CODEX What the hell, DENUVO…[View]
487908563ITT: post a quote, anons try to guess who it is I'll start >This entire city must be purged.…[View]
487915919Do you like gaming trends, anon?[View]
487916608umm bros?[View]
487915321Playing through the remakes and reliving the old days of playing through the original trilogy as a k…[View]
487914441>Is this blood...the blood of the dark souls: prepare to die edition ™ now available on all platf…[View]
487915476ITT: Games that killed their studios: > Be Gaslamp Games. > Create hit indie Dungeon Crawler D…[View]
487885804I liked her. Why does /v/ sperg out over Sadie so much? Sure, she's annoying as fuck at the beg…[View]
487915679King for Another Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cswRlyJDHKc Robotnik, Robotnik, yeah yeah yeah…[View]
487913596>dotards will defend this[View]
487914008Join in laddies. https://www.boardgame-online.com?page=joingame&g=pfCw&k=jc9[View]
487915565Metacritic deleted user scores (0s) of death stranding, now what /v/?[View]
487915630Why haven’t you blown up company hq yet, /v/?[View]
487907578Happening bros[View]
487915546Crossfire... Home...[View]
487913646ITT: Updates/Patches/Expansions that killed your favorite game.: Talk about those shitty updates tha…[View]
487913573Shenmue 3 flopped hard its over fellas ITS FUCKING OVER[View]
487915134>final boss is one of your party members >barely used him so battle ends in one hit…[View]
487906556Picked this up on sale and it's honestly one of the best platformers I've ever played. Why…[View]
487915272>monoblos starts circling you.[View]
487915224Ylands: The original scammers at Bohemia Interactive have a new game out.[View]
487912462so Visual Novel is pretty much dead right?[View]
487892581For the sake of my sanity that this really is not fake, like not even the slightest 0.01% chance thi…[View]
487906642so he's basically in right[View]
487914882What are some games with really satisfying endings?[View]
487912978First Departure or the translated rom I have on my SNES mini?[View]
487914789Did anyone play Mosaic? Is it good? (I heard it is very depressing)[View]
487914598ITT: JRPG with multiplayer What´s the point of the endless grind if you are not going to be able to …[View]
487914591Crashes like Israel.: 2K is run by a kike.[View]
487910732>Excuse me, will my PS2 play Xbox games?[View]
487909890ITT: Redpilled video game characters[View]
487914374>a singleplayer game from Riot[View]
487905819XBOX NEXT CONFIRMED RETROCOMPATIBLE: Why is he so based?[View]
487902712>yfw you can't go back Nostalgia Thread[View]
487912779ITT: Memorable vidya quotes: What's your favorite quote /v/?[View]
487914026>game has your fetish[View]
487908121So I just played Death Stranding and it [/spoiler]was a 7/10[/spoiler] ask me anything[View]
487911743ima bout ta lay down controversial gaming opinions Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes are my favorite …[View]
487913828>FF7 remake Ayo miss me with that gay shit lmao[View]
487906976Will we ever get a Kirby game that's not just more 'I CLAPPED' bullshit?[View]
487906579Ah shit here we go again[View]
487912926>tfw you get a letter from your dead wife[View]
487913643>This one screen causes shit posting and fighting in the eventhubs comment section Kek. People re…[View]
487904934CS:GO: ESL Season 10 Finals are underway. You're supporting our guys Fnatic, right? You saw ou…[View]
487913507ITT good rpgs[View]
487913493You guys like Touhou? i like touhou what is next for the series now?[View]
487911671>STR builds[View]
487913307Games for this feel?[View]
487911047>a buggy piece of shit that uses an game engine from 2000 is the game of the decade how did they …[View]
487898448When will Square drops Toriyama art style? It's terrible.[View]
487913170Your daily reminder >pic related is getting excited for the upcoming REmake3 announcement, and s…[View]
487913153This is the eternal kingdom of Zeal, where dreams can come true. But at what price? https://www.yout…[View]
487905739He did NOTHING wrong.[View]
487913116FOUR DAYS REMAIN Also reminder that these are the best songs in all the campaigns https://www.youtub…[View]
487909445What is the best game of 2019 in your opinion?[View]
487909608Play fate grand order.[View]
4879121272003... I am remembered[View]
487912903>game doesn't get good until third playtrough[View]
487911629Spaltoon 2: Are your still playing?[View]
487912806>Video game sequel canceled >book series ended on a cliff-hanger and never will be finished JU…[View]
487879901>dodge >attack >dodge >attack >parry >attack >dodge >attack man is this comb…[View]
487911287Smash Ultimate: This is your Smash Bros DLC character for tonight.[View]
487876604What? You don't play SAM in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers? What are you, a CHUMP??[View]
487912572What do you unironically consider to be the greatest final boss of all time? We all know the objecti…[View]
487908519Now that the final episode released, what are your honest opinions on this?[View]
487905206Final Fantasy VII Remake will be 2020's best game. Deal with it.[View]
487912502Favourite pc controller? For Me, it's the hhkb[View]
487912353Man, if you can gather your faith, while everyone else is losing theirs and blaming you, you straigh…[View]
487870451Style over substance: the game[View]
487912202https://youtu.be/UOtY9LlrZ74 >game looks amazing >scroll down >MMO >korean what a shame.…[View]
487910092When are they gonna fix their fighting games so I can call them amazing without the combo clicking a…[View]
487906714Overrated Games[View]
487912136twentysevenhours: Hey /v/ give me some good racing games where I can go fast while avoiding the poli…[View]
487903821It's way better with Japanese voices[View]
487911828ITT: Games you expected to hate but ended up liking[View]
487910697Tekken Thread: Where the hell does the series go now bros? Also: >who are you maining? >who ar…[View]
487904957Boy I sure am glad I spent all that time not investing in a proper gaming chai- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
487858376wtf nobody told me this was actually good[View]
4879114202019. I'm forgotten...[View]
487901301Always brushed this off until it came with this month's humble income hemorrhage, turns out shi…[View]
487907762>Deep Silver seems to have only had distribution rights for the first game. >Inti has made and…[View]
487895173Have you pre-ordered Tifa's game?[View]
487910706Metal Gear Rising: this game is so fucking bullshit. whenever the mg excelsus begins to shoot lasers…[View]
487911691The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is it's last day on Ea…[View]
487897427The GOAT has spoken. Is he right?[View]
487908634What went so right? I remember how ugly the pixel graphics in the remasters of FFV or FFVI were, or …[View]
487899951>130+ games in Steam library >none of them interests me…[View]
487908971China will grow larger[View]
487909642So what its objectively GOTD and why is it Prey?[View]
487911296Is this game worth buying if I have no friends and just want to play online randos?[View]
487902926>I love the grind Games as a job. The mentality that is killing vidya.[View]
487911405>Wake up in the middle of the night >See this >What do?…[View]
487910626Valve: You fix those boxes RIGHT NOW! They look the same! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
487909916Mario Maker thread: 0:19.990 Beat that, losers.[View]
487911246cs_office is better for prophunt than counter strike: try to prove me wrong[View]
487910823>Russian leaker says HZ:D will be announced for PC soon >State of Play announced days after IT…[View]
487906726its going to be Playstation exclusive announced at State of Play[View]
487908045How do you *have fun* in a party, /v/?[View]
487908812*judges you*[View]
487910042>Finish the Reach campaign >Ok time for multiplayer >Try to enter matchmaking >'Contac…[View]
487905107Dragon Quest Builders 2: >release demo >play for 8hrs i still haven't even finished the 3…[View]
487876691Why can't Mario Kart do this? What's so hard about 'just make your roster pure fanservice'…[View]
487910492>we need a protagonist in a game that features gangsta rap music, cops, criminals, and set in ame…[View]
487901619ITT: oh, that happened[View]
487877410Why are all the females so ass ugly in this game?[View]
487904663>mobile game looks better than the series's mainline Also, play Pokemon Masters.…[View]
487903980imagine using something as disgusting as this in 2019 to all zoomers, yes its a computer a very shit…[View]
487905863So how's Star Citizen coming along? Is it the first game to make hundreds of millions of dollar…[View]
487905687Is Atlus running out of ideas already?[View]
487904215Fighter pass 5 is Sora. Reveal is the same joke used for K. Rool/Banjo trailers. This time it’s the …[View]
487903621Warframe thread[View]
487906826So this is coming to PC in a couple days. It's monkey ball. You guys like monkey ball right?[View]
487892085PSVR: Disregarding the barrage of Alyx threads, I'm wondering what PSVR games are worth getting…[View]
487902827Any logical reason you aren't play Temple of Elemental Evil with Temple+ mod? It makes the game…[View]
487890834*money stolen*[View]
487909901What are some cute and funny games?[View]
487907876Smash leak Fp5: FP5 is Sora, gameplay trailer, some desolate castle is the stage. Another character…[View]
487902063ITT: Vidya your Dad played[View]
487906350>buy milsim or other hardcore game w/ dedicated niche player base >jump into match immediatel…[View]
487874412Yes, it is the greatest RPG ever made. Yes, it is a contender for the greatest game of all time. Yes…[View]
487903181When Will She Come Back /v/?[View]
4879009203 > NV[View]
487904703Bethesda sent me a Doom Eternal lithograph. I have no idea why.[View]
487907979How did ya the switch win? How did it pull it off and own the competition?[View]
487908959I have never played World of Warcraft, or any other MMORPG for that matter, except for Perfect World…[View]
487906404Reach is nice but fuck these armor abilities, they're so zoomer shooter ish, this isn't Ov…[View]
487869471*tanks hit*: heh, that tickled[View]
487906442What went so right?[View]
487908295All I got to say is OOF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kONorrfPNzo[View]
487907131>install weapon addon >peashooter deal enough damage to kill a Hunter in 2 hits >install NP…[View]
487907758now that's gonna be 3 copies of resident evil 3 remake, please[View]
487905276America is an irradiated wasteland. Within it lies a city. Outside the boundary walls, a desert. A c…[View]
487902928I prefer mouse and keyboard[View]
487906694So bros will this be her last escape?[View]
487908647Make a game based around a champion from league of legends Any champion[View]
487905774>Occidere te, hostiarios. Wow, the Bachelor was always the most based Pathologic character.…[View]
487908384I just played this, first half was pretty fun but second half kinda sucked. I've heard that thi…[View]
487904015>dwarf party member starts shit-talking elves[View]
487901643Since Fairy Tail is getting made into an RPG, are there any other anime that would make a good RPG?[View]
487902273Say something nice about MGS4.[View]
487894550>FFXII is the highest-rated FF on Switch >FFXII is the third-best JRPG on Switch i thought the…[View]
487904882is this game worth it? i've played it for a bit and i just really can't get into it. shoul…[View]
487906370Hey, where the fuck have you been, ya ginger bastard?[View]
487904738Do you really need those additional pixels and frames that just 1080p @60fps don't suffice? Wh…[View]
487908434Been a while, so Funbag Friday, anyone?[View]
487909676Hentai Games[View]
487908193Multiplayer chads, where we at? FUCK SINGLE PLAYER FUCK CAMPAIGN FUCK THE STORY[View]
487903259I never played anything in this series ever before. Tell me about it. Was the original really all th…[View]
487900125Is talking about games on Youtube even worth starting anymore since it is so crowded? How do you eve…[View]
487903310Working on this hentai game for like a month. What do you think V?[View]
487905584State of Play #4: https://.twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1202936041113604096 Get the fuck in here, …[View]
487906582I don't get it where am I supposed to go? Also why is this saw thing so broken? I just switch t…[View]
487900479God she so fucking cute.[View]
487905895Now that SwSh was a success are you hyped for the next gen gamefreak is working on with a truly open…[View]
487905049Vanquish & Bayonetta Remaster bundle: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/bayonetta-vanquish-10th-…[View]
487849562Are you going to spend Christmas with Liru /v/?[View]
487903982World of Warcraft WOW classic Warcraft 3: Discuss retail WoW, Warcraft 3, Warcraft Classic PVP Ranks…[View]
487907336/V/ WAS RIGHT: Kingdom hearts 3 was soulless. Still the best gameplay and stage of the series. I hop…[View]
487905213is this shit actually good? no one here has said if the gameplay is good or bad they just haha post.[View]
487889816New game when?[View]
487904784>unironically be me >playing halo >team mates gets on wraith >want to ride with my nigga…[View]
487907170God this games feels so much better with a controller[View]
487905091what's the most soulless video game remake of all time?[View]
487903041>I wish Red Dead Redemption 2 would come to PC[View]
487906721What page you on bros? Im stuck on page 6[View]
487905998Stadia commercials are shit. How could one of the most richest companies on the planet launch a prod…[View]
487899459Why is it so hard for triple A studios to come up with interesting combat systems?[View]
487905254Well put me on a wheelchair and call me Mamoru[View]
487903038Ay nigga don't hate me cause I'm beautiful nigga. Maybe if you got rid of that old yee-yee…[View]
487903325What went so wrong?[View]
487905420>Tell me Admiral. If The Legend of the Galactic Heroes is so good why are there no good games?…[View]
487905132She is perfect bro.......[View]
487904638Why are the thugs in this game so obsessed with Alexander the great ?[View]
487906281hey /v/, i've been going through a pretty shitty time recently, have any suggestions for some f…[View]
487896482What's your favorite era of video game graphics?[View]
487906076Steam 'Updates': What the fuck is wrong with Steam? Sometimes it just picks a random game from my li…[View]
487901242ITT: Games with cliffhangers that are never going to get sequels.[View]
487894382Was it really that bad?[View]
487900310>/v/ keeps memeing how great this game is >buy it and play for an hour >literally feels lik…[View]
487893319It's a shame this flopped, I would have liked to see more like it. But the developer focused to…[View]
487902530Keeping it simple. What are you playing? Are you having fun? Playing FF14 now, wondering how some p…[View]
487902479>kb/m users brag for decades they're the best >MCC drops >start getting slaughtered …[View]
487905119holy fucking shit does this game cement my opinion on P4 being shit or what. why the fuck would you …[View]
487893597Is this the greatest fighting game ever created? Can you /v/ even name something that comes close?[View]
487905036Gone and forgotten...[View]
487901421ff7: why is ff7 the best final fantasy game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8075kc0OfmA[View]
487896712His fucking pupils dilate! Has gaming gone too far??[View]
487899618Holy fuck bros, they're finally doing my boy some justice. HE'S FUCKING IN.[View]
487904661What is your arcana /v/[View]
487904578Save the date, Jill-bros Tuesday, December 10th[View]
487880936Why was this so amazing? The sequel to spiderman 2 that we needed[View]
487897659Xenoblade: What went wrong?[View]
487898452Why yes I do put all of my points in STR and ignore the cowardly INT DEX stats, how could you tell?[View]
487904704ARLE IS A NIGGA![View]
487895584I really wish the ai would care less about AE and make coalitions a more common occurrence, big wars…[View]
487904468Dataminers just found this on smash ultimate’s data[View]
487815031GOTD - ROUND 1: POLLS CLOSE TOMORROW - Edition VOTING FORMS: BRACKET A ROUND 1 - https://forms.gle/v…[View]
487904573Woah, idid not see thisone coming for smas[View]
487904323Would an insane compression algorithm help gaming?[View]
487899973God I hope these douchebags have at least one interesting thing up their sleeves next year. I only g…[View]
487900167Why was it so damn soulless? Sawyer's autism?[View]
487904357This is where we will see REmake 3[View]
487904359MH Iceborne flaws (bringing back Kulve): Thoughts?[View]
487898197Slay the Spire: How you coming along /v/?[View]
487892521>dedicated fart button[View]
487904081https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1202936041113604096 oh boy time for another discount direct!…[View]
487890191FPS Thread: Just beat Blood:Fresh Supply and it got me interested in the fps genre again;well it act…[View]
487903795The year is 2053. Basketball is dead.[View]
487903661Will you play Hello Games next masterpiece?[View]
487895518>And the game of the year award goes to...Sekiro: Shadows die twice! your reaction?…[View]
487898360Regret purchase thread Keep it /v/[View]
487899890Who is he talking about?[View]
487902631So on this board, and the rest of the internet, you've got people who are like 26 reminiscing o…[View]
487898875If Blizzard announced Diablo mobile only after Daiblo 4. Do you think people would have acualy liked…[View]
487903326Haven't played a pokemon game since gen 2. I'm having a blast with this one, the pokemon l…[View]
487901743What's the best Mega Man fangame?[View]
487902386Is this an example of PC video game entrepreneurship?[View]
487903248Is it Denuvo ?[View]
487883360PC gaming is starting to show cracks: With console's pushing 4k 60fps in a year, and the Advent…[View]
487896630>Every night I walk around the vidya board and let them jaded /v/irgins know what I think of …[View]
487898004So I heard you were siding with reapers to abduct women.[View]
487903070Dokkan: You guys rainbowed him, right?[View]
487901006>they are mana deposits So shouldn't they decrease in size as she casts spells and her mana …[View]
487897817Is this worth getting[View]
487900641Why haven't you played the best RTS in years?[View]
487902880Literally impossible.[View]
487892382Post dead franchises[View]
487898142use your vidya knowledge blah blah blah[View]
487897029reach is the worst bungie halo, wake me up when CE gets to PC[View]
487873498Bethesda's (((((city)))))[View]
487902520This game is just so bad[View]
487899105Was 6/10 a justified and fair score? Or gamespot just wanted to fuck wiiu over?[View]
487902732what are some popular games?[View]
487901179What's your favorite video game theme song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSsfjHCFosw[View]
487894057Is katana ZERO worth pirating?[View]
487899203All style no substance[View]
487868104>playing some classic D&D in bed. Maximum comfy. Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
487894268He’s in[View]
487898102>female enters server >everyone gets weird why are gaymurs like this…[View]
487894309Guys!!! Aerith is alive!!![View]
487898692Surely you didn't. Think you can take him v?[View]
487895415This guys slaps your gfs ass. Your reaction pic is how you react to his deed. > hardmode: /v/ideo…[View]
487893447Censorship: Holy shit why would they do this. They're basically sending this game out to die. h…[View]
487846158>this is what Fire Emblem has become Why was this allowed?[View]
487898982Cherry mx: So which one is it?: For me its the brown ones. Mainly for them being viable in gaming an…[View]
487897759Here is your trilogy, bro[View]
487897720>Best Playstation games of the year block your path[View]
487896373am I supposed to brute force it?[View]
487896045Ultimate Fishing Simulator: What does /v/ thinks about this game so far? I've played this game …[View]
487869731Let's be real.You can't deny this is the game of the decade[View]
487898691is there a more satisfying feeling the medium of vidya than soloing a tactical shooter/simulator (wi…[View]
487896936the real /v/ GOTY 2019: https://www.strawpoll.me/19015775/ its time[View]
487901331Rockstar? more like COCKstar![View]
487901405>v-sync? heh.. that sounds fun.. let me turn this on.[View]
487885042is it good?[View]
487896078How does this jackass keep failing upwards? he's accumulated more fuckups than Don Mattrick at …[View]
487870089Halo: The Master Chief Collection has sold more than 2 million copies on Steam in just two days: htt…[View]
487819204Final Fantasy VII Remake: Will there be a PSN demo soon?[View]
487898161Resident Evil: Is this the greatest unJUST in gaming history?[View]
487890893Why is the gun on the left so overpowered that it ruins immersion and is basically the same as god m…[View]
487898325retro game products that were ahead of their time[View]
487856026Name your top 5 games of the decade, you don't have shitty taste, do you?[View]
487897779Can we discuss Dragon quest best girl?[View]
487888414Why did TERA die?[View]
487899416G IS MY CREATION REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!![View]
487896348Shovel Knight: less than a week away from the big finale and theres no fucking shovel knight thread.…[View]
487900706>Video games?[View]
487898991HOT HOT RACING CAR[View]
487899584Why is this game considered unfun and bad?[View]
487899289Actually me when I play Binary Domain[View]
487900459>roleplaying in a fucking singleplayer game where your 'roleplaying' is limited to interacting wi…[View]
487898192What should I do before Genichiro? I've played before so I know after I beat him spirit emblems…[View]
487895714I need to learn how to drive stick BY TOMORROW. What arcade racing can help me prepare for this? I’…[View]
487890681>riot has announced a publishing label that will partner with prominent indie studios to create t…[View]
487897976>Want game >No copies in store, cus old >Buy game on PS Store >100 gig >14 hour downl…[View]
487885549Fire Emblem: How am I supposed to go against the church when the church does this?[View]
487899470is this a good game to get if i just want to hang out w my sister and play zombies and multiplayer w…[View]
487899974ITT: vidya cutscene kino Are there any cutscenes strike you as exceptional? Post them. https://youtu…[View]
487899863OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
487897614>Game is a steaming pile of goat shit >The story is kino…[View]
487899770>Sakurai hates Melee and Meleefags. Holy fucking based[View]
487883607>pay more >get less[View]
487877304>dude i play factorio and rimworld, im so autistic and smart! why are normalfags so dumb…[View]
487896932>One of the most prolific game devs of all time >He doesn't get any recognition for it Wh…[View]
487899038>ywn relive Dec. 2017 VRChat It hurts bros.[View]
487899216Why did the stealth genre die? I know it's niche but there should be a large enough consumer ba…[View]
487883809The Running Man game when?: Could easily make a dying light clone outta this[View]
487890932He killed billions.[View]
487896151>60$ + tip sir[View]
487896286Does the story ever get interesting again? It started pretty strong but now that I'm on my way …[View]
487790387How would you make a new Gantz game?[View]
487897347What the fuck is this bullshit https://www.ted.com/talks/cornelia_geppert_a_video_game_that_helps_us…[View]
487890842Is this perhaps the game of the decade?[View]
487892998witcher vibes[View]
487894667You see Akuma out in public one day and then some guy taps your shoulder and offers to pay you $5,00…[View]
487896510meanwhile at /v/ HQ[View]
487898101The smash flash chads thread: Reply with your: - Best character; - Most hated character; - Most want…[View]
487877341UNIST Thread: Lookin all majestic[View]
487892481Metacritic Removes ~6,400 Negative Death Stranding User Ratings Overnight, Bringing The Score From 5…[View]
487898294when I recover my limbs do I lose my retarded sword arms and leg guns?[View]
487897252Just finished this shit game[View]
487894647What’s currently the best online multiplayer experience on the PS4?[View]
487897362Show me what you've got, Anon.[View]
487872661>die >see my character's ass >have to jack off Does this happen in your game?…[View]
487897715>game has artillery pieces that actually work for indirect fire[View]
487881048devs patched in a new ending: hint 1: it involves a black hole hint 2: the one in ash core…[View]
487897607Which one is objectively tougher.: I mean I know Souls requires pattern-reading and timing, but endg…[View]
487894501>youtube video shows advanced physics simulation that probably took hours to simulate >Retarde…[View]
487897353>gaming with your lil bro[View]
487867718WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS[View]
487897329Why didn't he get one of the Marines to activate it? There was one still alive when I finished …[View]
487897373https://www.suparobo.jp/topics/2019/channel_06.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGd8eoHHw4A…[View]
487897292death stranding: Is this game really a cargo simulator?[View]
487897302ITT: good ol' internet games: unironically the most fun monster tamer games i've ever play…[View]
487893661Look At My Art I Made[View]
487880417Anthem: Now that the dust has settled... > Lost all the hype > Black friday $10 > Holy shi…[View]
487897169I hate fighting games, yet I still continue to play them every day.[View]
487829762Oh shit I'm sorry: Is this bad or good for Rockstar or good?[View]
487894795Facial recognition in vidya: How will video games take advantage of facial scanning and recognition …[View]
487895175Around Blacks, never relax.: Most based vidya character of them all. Italy, stronk.[View]
487891214>Press X to fix carriage >Drive these people to the town >Follow this guy >Talk to him …[View]
487896752I liked it[View]
487883250Spilling the beans: Worldwide release date: October 23, 2020 Price: $499 USD Base storage: 2TB SSD N…[View]
487896661Lunarians Vidya: https://www.theonion.com/nasa-issues-formal-apology-for-1969-genocide-of-moon-na-18…[View]
487875637how well does halo reach pc run on an intel uhd 620? thinking about buying this one tomorrow[View]
487893146SD. No there's nothing wrong with it.[View]
487896472Why I should be looking forward to this? I never played the first one.[View]
487895730Fire emblem TH flopped, what went wrong?[View]
487892994How do you like the weapon design so far in Half-Life: Alyx?[View]
487895250What game is the best for making friends? Am autist and have no friends, I can at least seem normal …[View]
487893256>i know what i have[View]
487896495Little monkey fella[View]
487851028This shit Is literally fucking Unplayable[View]
487894984Why do people on this retarded board love RPGs so much? It's fucking boring, and not challengin…[View]
487896345Ciconia When They Cry: Do you guys have a moment? I want to tell you about the walls of peace, the s…[View]
487896212Oh shit.....[View]
487885964Humble Monthly becomes Humble Choice - Dec 6th!: Some of you probably are familiar with Humble Month…[View]
487863775ITT: 10/10 character design[View]
487891548How can people stomach japanese screeching? They are so overacting that everything becomes comedical…[View]
487839705Bug fables thread. No shitpostin' allowed. Making my way through chapter 6 now, just got out of…[View]
487893701Best Girl: who is the best Nintendo™ gal? For me, it's Marnie/Marie/Mary/Roxy[View]
487893491To counteract all the negativity surrounding the industry, say something nice about modern vidya[View]
487877127Shmups: I have finally embraced the holy genre that is shmups, but aside from some of the more popul…[View]
487893998>pistol are now stronger that automatic rifles and mmg come home white boi…[View]
487889994He sold millions.[View]
487895926What kind of video game would he produce music for if he ever did? Either way, it would be certified…[View]
487893294Has there ever been a vidya comic to surpass Concerned?[View]
487891328Games of a franchise that tear the fanbase apart[View]
487888383I think I'm about done with my PS4, so I'm going to sell it off and buy a switch. I want o…[View]
487892094>game keeps crashing and disconnecting from matches >get banned even though I've only bee…[View]
487893081Im trying to learn Warhammer 1 and managed to beat Empire campaign and now trying out orcs. How woul…[View]
487895560What are ya buyin?[View]
487889868I can't believe gamers are fucking dead[View]
487895242Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: Is this game good? https://crackwatch.com/game/sniper-ghost-warrior-…[View]
487895208why am I stuck with such a fucking gay bow for chapter 9 holy shit I hate this game[View]
487851476Resident Evil 3 Remake: Since RE2make cut a massive fuck ton out from the original game Let's g…[View]
487890951gimme a random game to pirate /v/[View]
487883486I thought Japanese games are supposed to be based[View]
487832147Since Darkstalkers is never gonna get a new title, when are they going to include characters into ma…[View]
487882426ITT characters that you want to be in Smash Ultimate... ...as a spirit.[View]
487886908You wake up in Noveria[View]
487893976Why yes!: I scream like a madman, break things and ragequit when I am losing. How did you know?…[View]
487894778Which is the jew civ option? I need a long term enemy for single player as i killed enough ethiopian…[View]
487879946name a more overrated game.[View]
487893023So, 2020 or 2021? What other CRPG's apart from this and W3 are even coming out?[View]
487894037How will Supernova look in Final Fantasy VII remake[View]
487893850Are games on PS Now and Game Pass permanently attached to the service, or are they temporarily added…[View]
487893618Why are you faggots complaining about Pokemon and yet not supporting it's competition? https://…[View]
487880685So tell me, what is the best WWII game of all time? FPS, RTS, it doesn't matter.[View]
487890998Let Death Stranding win IGN’s GOTY: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/12/05/best-games-2019?utm_sour…[View]
487875942Caveman warriors switch: Is caveman warriors for the switch any good? I played the demo and it was h…[View]
487864318Wait, what? It was 5.1 yesterday.[View]
487887101Hey, remember when in February everyone was crying about this guy? Yeah, this guy. Can we just admit…[View]
487891316What in the fuck happened to this thing? I still dont get it.[View]
487889548I will now buy your game.[View]
487891265>Feudal Japan >Character is Japanese >Has blonde hair and blue eyes How does that make sens…[View]
487883867ITT: deepest lore[View]
487877913What more games are you waiting for? For me I want that zombie bike game and Bloodborne.[View]
487893828If the Game Awards doesnt give us a proper release date Im picketing outside of Microsoft's hea…[View]
487886485Why do people obsess over graphics?: >Buy game for graphics >play game >It's shit Peop…[View]
487893946Is Tera worth playing nowadays? I'm looking for a MMO to play. I got into Dragon Nest too late,…[View]
487891063find a Flaw.[View]
487891496Stardew Valley Thread: Getting back into stardew, should I use that moddrop thing?[View]
487893551>Sony have refreshed their Ghost of Tsushima playlist on their youtube channel as though in prepa…[View]
487887017Sonic thread[View]
487887694what the fuck[View]
487890912Thank you for buying our game![View]
487890903Project Brutality is the best Doom mod[View]
487883609Any of you guys use curved monitors? Planning on doing 2 monitors on my set up but I cant decide if …[View]
487881761Dude type advantages lmao[View]
487888479Smash Bros Ultimate: Soul.[View]
487890737I’ve got a real id Software leak here. Doom II is coming, expected to release in 1994. This image is…[View]
487890806>finished 0 yesterday and just started Kiwami How did this guy go from your savvy bro who knew ho…[View]
487886368Wtf I thought this was the same game[View]
487889990Why does the thought of Sora being in Smash make boomers seethe so much?[View]
487891425post old games with soul[View]
487893228Red Dead: What the fuck was his problem[View]
487887190Is it good?[View]
487885357What would Pokemon look like without the perversion of copyright? Continuing with Pokemon as an exam…[View]
487891147FORWARD AERIAL[View]
487890892ccxp 2019: the situation of Brazil right now... https://www.sbt.com.br/variedades/sbt-games/fiquepor…[View]
487891832Why the fuck didn't you play Undying yet?[View]
487892924Look at this fucking retard[View]
487892335Was there a more soulful game?[View]
487880581You got me the Dementoid expansion pack, the expansion pack Andy! I need the game! If I don’t have t…[View]
487892789Name a game with more reckless drivers than this.[View]
487878081Smash Ultimate x Kingdom Hearts III: It's Sora. Kingdom Hearts III design, with alternate costu…[View]
487891135Halo: >come human we shall ride into the night[View]
487890446the music was so fucking good. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nidjCSfIz3w get out of my face if that …[View]
487889282The beginning of this game really confuses me. Why do you and your spouse insist the robotic doll th…[View]
487841203>that kid who mained akamaru[View]
487887764This is such bullshit, every boss was piss easy to this point[View]
487889446Persona series: I just finished playing persona 5. I have now persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden in …[View]
487882578Well /v/?[View]
487877089It's time to admit that Dark Souls 2 was better than Dark Souls 3.[View]
487889734Why did she kill her dad?[View]
487891801BASED >reading a magazine instead of a book[View]
487886420Fortnite in Smash.: We are inevitable. Pack up your bags, Doomfags, Reimufags, Stevies, Soratrannies…[View]
487879185Name a game with better soundtrack[View]
487865923ITT: Post your custom-made game characters.[View]
487890953just beat hell for the first time after 5 years of playing where's my sequel derek[View]
487879142Saints Row: What the fuck happened to this series?[View]
487885387Guys holy fuck. Holy FUCK. Bloodborne Thread.[View]
4878914644ark: Sup /v/ shilling le epic 4chan ark server, 4ark. 3x gather, 3x xp and 5x tame. map is the cent…[View]
487891318You know I was always surprised how many people didn't understand the storyline of the portal g…[View]
487887992NUNS4: Why did no one ever talk about how good this game looked?[View]
487891408He's the best choice for New Vegas and there is nothing you can do about it[View]
487891073Does he still have a doodle or did he lose it?[View]
487887901Yakuza thread: Why hasn't this game got an English translation patch yet?[View]
487891250smash bros: https://vocaroo.com/gO9VyfyY5eE wanted to see if any of you could confirm if this was re…[View]
487890019>he doesn't have video game characters whisper into his ear to lull him to sleep What's…[View]
487891152What are some video games involving cuckolding?[View]
487890370Who would win?[View]
487886801pre order Jill's game[View]
487890782What the fuck is this and why is it in my task manager?[View]
487869513This is Ajna! She is the main character from the game Indivisible, which was a financial bomb and ha…[View]
487885171/v/idya protagonists that are virgins[View]
487888543What are some great moralfag games? I want to punish evildoers[View]
487877280>Scene removes all traces of Denuvo DRM from Assassins Creed Origins. imagine playing the optimi…[View]
487890721We need a new redesign for the Sonic movie[View]
487885207When will Square drops Toriyama art style? It's terrible.[View]
487890653>Optional Karmotrine[View]
487890474An experience never to be forgotten[View]
487890232Name the game: https://youtu.be/NHU06HLJ2dk[View]
487883572>Dreams early access sale ends on the 7th This is actually depressing. Not because the early acce…[View]
487887549>boss is character sized Why are these types of bosses always the best? Huge monsters are stale a…[View]
487884634It's your turn to die, /v/.[View]
487890195We’ve had nothin’ but maggoty bread for three stinking days![View]
487887076I'M GOING TO EAT LUIGI.[View]
487887543Modern Warfare 2019[View]
487888089Is it a pleb filter?[View]
487889914I'm looking for a childhood video game and would appreciate any leads. a DOS point and click ki…[View]
487889262Why did so many people find her annoying?[View]
487889105Will TFT ever get removed from the main client?[View]
487812067Wow! What a Resident Evil thread[View]
487882553Do you agree with 999 scenario writer's opinion on DDLC?: https://twitter.com/Uchikoshi_Eng/sta…[View]
487883413The hype has finally died off and all we're left with is a mediocre gen.Blowout sales numbers t…[View]
487889076We can agree she's the 2nd best Skullgirl after Cerebella right?[View]
487878984So what exactly was he right about?[View]
487887426What do you think of Phoenix Point? Too early to give a proper opinion myself, however it's qui…[View]
487887427Where is it?[View]
487884649DBZ?... oh my... Sonic has nothing in common with DBZ...[View]
487888510>tfw stickied[View]
487887743What games let you play as a muscular warrior (female)?[View]
487888887Queen of /v/[View]
487876124What does it mean?[View]
487887732No damage against Genichiro, with Demon Bell ON? How are people so good at this game?[View]
487864181What was the last H game you played?[View]
487888017Please halp with emulation?: I've thoroughly tried to search this out on the web for hours, but…[View]
487880060Give me only your most immersive, single player first person games. No COD or Battlefield[View]
487880481>Meanwhile on Hyr/v/le[View]
487880513What are some comfy games to play this winter?[View]
487888281I love Rune Factory[View]
487882269Redpill me on Civ VI on consoles, I want to get it for my little brother for christmas.[View]
487887863I want to go back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiVYs-VB55U&list=PLC5420F3011982070&index…[View]
487872052What am I supposed to do? Just stop playing the game? Fuck this pseudo-intellectual shit.[View]
487888673has a release date been announced yet?[View]
487843972FNAF is your Fighter 5: https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/ All the prize packs are them…[View]
487886623RPGs: Looking for a decent RPGs with actual stat distribution[View]
487888642old /v/ tournament brackets: Hey its been a while since the guy used to post these but anyone have a…[View]
487833976FighterZ: You going to be buying him?[View]
487888538DICE: Why did we take some of our most beloved games....Battlefield...Battlefront...and give it to t…[View]
487884758BEHIND THE SOFA![View]
487858780>What if we take Quake but turn it into a slow-paced console shooter so any retard can play it An…[View]
487885034Literally haven't played a single vidya of the 2010's. Now that it's over I'm go…[View]
487883398What magic is best in video games? ICE is the right answer but i want to see how many of you get it …[View]
487884426She's hot[View]
487881335Characters who absolutely deserved to die[View]
487888217Why yes!: I scream like a madman, break things and ragequit when I am losing. How did you know?…[View]
487870481Why are good ninja games so rare? I mean the closest we got in recent years was sekiro. Other than t…[View]
487872394For me, it's Kolin[View]
487888153Pretty Good[View]
487888110What the fuck was his problem?[View]
487888043>What if we take Quake but turn it into a slow-paced, 3rd person RPG so any retard can play it An…[View]
487884267Know any games with fun little references?[View]
487870157Which one was better?[View]
487836392Why are all SNK protags such obnoxious cocky douchebags? How come they don't have honorary kind…[View]
487870598What do?[View]
487884095Will there ever be another handheld as comfortable to hold as the original GBA? I'm mad, /v/. I…[View]
487883918>be me, years ago >addicted to minecraft >played a shit ton on the Mineplex server >had …[View]
487884015Asgard's Wrath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y-Vx_UerT0 How does it feel knowing that GOTY …[View]
487881497Is Heroes of the Storm a fun game?: I started playing League of Legends this summer and I think it…[View]
487885256>2 years >still no dlc or updates outside of costumes Is it, dare i say, happening?…[View]
487887083whats your favorite game about NATURE?[View]
487872171ITT: Characters that didn't deserve to die[View]
487887016What are ya havin', Spartan?: How goes that easteregg hunt? You are finding them, right?[View]
487886310It's delayed[View]
487884279>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZN02zPNirY I went outside to buy a new game and now my eyes sti…[View]
487886759>takes 2 years to release What the fuck is up with modern game companies?…[View]
487855525Miku: Buy my heckin tickets dude.[View]
487885206Downloading Halo 2 from piratebay: >Saw the 'Master Chief Collection' on steam. >'Oh boi!, the…[View]
487885748Why don't they make fun multiplayer games anymore?[View]
487886464Why do Genofags still think he's in?[View]
487886509Get in anon[View]
487884948December 12[View]
487885138D boisssss[View]
487872696What are you guys up to? Casually going through the kino campaign? Legendary Co-OP? pwning some n00b…[View]
487884125Bro, Sekiro is SO easy. You should be able to play this game blindfolded and win and if you can’t yo…[View]
487883864I've come to harvest your farts, /v/.[View]
487880862I played metal gear solid for 3 hours 20 years ago but otherwise have never played a mgs game. Would…[View]
487882234Game Design: This is atypical content for this board, but I think it can be fun and on-topic. Game D…[View]
487884627YTTD: Chapter 3 when?[View]
487872905The Outer Worlds: Was it doomed from the start?[View]
487885312Are you ready to accept the fact that a League of Legends character will be the next Smash fighter? …[View]
487884638Will ghostwire win the vgas next year?: I hope so. Shinji-sama deserves it![View]
487877993ITT: old classic memes[View]
487884025>2019 >I am forgotten...[View]
487882324do you miss game manuals?[View]
487885398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4PkRbyvZ38 Sonic the Hedgehog in today's DRAGON BALL FighterZ …[View]
487884392AOE 2: DE: Glade I didn't felt for the Definitive Edition of Age of Empire II.[View]
487879957HERE COMES, EMIKO![View]
487877714Silent Hills: Konami and Kojima Production are in the middle of negotiations to restart production o…[View]
487875797Mega Man Battle Network: How did you react when this game was released?[View]
487882756She is perfect bro.....[View]
487882568>bad guy tries to blend in and befriend the main characters[View]
487870841are the metro games good /v/? my brother loved them, he died the other day.[View]
487872465skyrim. Stormcloaks or imperials?[View]
487884632>PIC RELATED Hideki Kamija is in negotiations with Kojima Productions to create a new IP financed…[View]
487883417Well I was willing to look past the retarded setup and lack of actual 4k streaming but then they hit…[View]
487883493Things that should have been[View]
487881149Why do you hate me /v/?[View]
487884719story time: >be me, miner and crafter, straight and male >it's early on a sunday and i…[View]
487877949What's the most aesthetic game, /v/?: For me, it's Sonic CD.[View]
487863497>Dood! What did he mean by this?[View]
487882361grimdaw thread whats a good mid tier relic for a lightning cold caster druid? i have the low level o…[View]
487883390Why is she so perfect?[View]
487876674- 'Sonic is the most fearful hedgehog I ever met.' Said Knuckles in this scene. Yep. Knuckles is Veg…[View]
487876656Halo 2 release date?: How long do we need to wait for Halo 2? Reach will be fun for a couple of week…[View]
487882939Skyrim, EPIC EDITION: Looking for gamerstatus epic style game mods for Skyrim, particularly one that…[View]
487884234MMO: Why are your unrealistic hopes and dreams for the MMO genre?[View]
487882740sonicc the hEDGEHOG sonic speed soinc speed going fast 2fast not wait gotta go fast faster faster fa…[View]
487871003>that feel when no competitive starcraft until January or February Korean…[View]
487883212*uses your PC to mine her bitcoin in exchange for vidya* thanks anon![View]
487875350Why do we have to wear these ridiculous ties?[View]
487864127Today, on '/v/ lies about a game being good'...[View]
487880476Why are gamers like this?[View]
487878289ITT games that are good but entirely too long[View]
487880410Imagine not owning a VR headset to play the most influential game of a generation, you ARE a real ga…[View]
487870987What games did you play today, anon? Last thread died way too soon.[View]
487857353>Literal who >Shit stage and music >Retarded comeback mechanic >Gameplay boils down to d…[View]
487883404Is it good after the patch?[View]
487873639Star Wars games: I'm a big fun of the star wars universe, and i mean the actual setting and the…[View]
487876662>'JUST ACTION GAMES, WITH REALLY GOOD COMBAT' Admit it /v/, he was based and you know it.…[View]
487881121So now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
487881878Games only I played[View]
487872853What happened to RTSs: Why did RTS games die?[View]
487859642ITT: Underrated Games: I'll start.[View]
487874102Was he gay?[View]
487858120Viet'Doom: The same dude who made Brutal Doom is making Vietnam game in the same modded DOOM en…[View]
487882572starsector: how do I get good at combat /v/ros? I keep getting blasted into pieces by pirates[View]
487879460https://vocaroo.com/gO9VyfyY5eE Believe...[View]
487845419>only route where the maps are unique and not recycled without changes, best maps in the game …[View]
487864463Are you ready for The Banjo Redooie Collection at TGA?[View]
487878996Super Nintendo Cereal System[View]
487882286So, do I need to buy the whole Master Chief collection just to play Reach? It's listed as DLC.[View]
487877769Don't know if anybody else gives a shit, but Edna and Harvey got a remake which released the ot…[View]
487882202Treasure Town...home.[View]
487875839What’s her endgame?[View]
487882182What are some games that are similar to Nox? it doesn't have to be a Diablo ripoff, but I am cr…[View]
487807234We of Arboria swear to protect you. While we live none shall defeat you.[View]
487879206>chapter 2 for the best WW2 sim shooter just got revealed >no threads on /v/ about it Let…[View]
487878217>try empire earth >plain standard skirmish against a vanilla AI >slow but steady start, the…[View]
487878485Yuna: Did anyone else masturbate furiously to her and her feet when they were kids? Holy shit those …[View]
487879285Post vidya music that changes part way through and gives a totally different feel when it does https…[View]
487872482Any games where I can be a king?[View]
487866587why no one makes threads of Fortnite on /v/?[View]
487881726ITT: Hidden Lore[View]
487881484Obscure video games only you know: What is the most obscure video game you can think of? https://en.…[View]
487881695GREATEST GAME EVER MADE TAKE A SHOWER HATERS @FursuitGamingCommunity @SmashUltimateCrybabies LOOOOOO…[View]
487878297Have you played some classic pinball today?[View]
487881364We live in a world where the real and the unreal live side by side, where substance is disguised as …[View]
487880826>Game has hot female protagonist or prominent sexy girls >Is a huge hit and well beloved by a …[View]
487874170>bone chilling, gut wrenching slow burn >rick and morty tier 'intellectual' fanbase >'deep …[View]
487880663I feel like getting better at pvp games was actually easier in the old days before matchmaking and t…[View]
487880587>anti-consumer corporate tactics are only okay if Valve does it![View]
487881408What am i getting into?[View]
487871181What are /v/'s thoughts on Ryza's game?[View]
487875638>800k kickstarted >2million from epic exclusivity deal >delayed multiple times over the las…[View]
487873408When the fuck are we going to get an OpenMW-like game engine recreation for Oblivion?[View]
487874437>have told people to kill themselves hundreds of times >have told people I hope they die or th…[View]
487665712I want Bandai Namco to release pic related in the west instead of their recent shitty Tales games.[View]
487881213A bunch of Steam keys that I don't want: I accumulated some Steam keys in Humble Bundle for thi…[View]
487868319The eternal debate.[View]
487805847They're in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfuWiK5LIdw[View]
487878758You did finish it, right anon? You're not a pleb are you?[View]
487880359Reach 'unlimited' framerate: So I know this is a plebian way to play, and honestly I never play anyt…[View]
487863638And life is such a wonderful waste of time I wanna spend it with you[View]
487867524>Mario might be super but I'm super duper, with a big tuper[View]
487878629When Bounty Hunters Spawn right in your camp: Da fuq[View]
487869158>that fucking sideway nose on Nemesis lmao what were they thinking?[View]
487872834Which game has the best exclusives and why is it shield?[View]
487875546never forget[View]
487879224I have been playing vidya for over 20 years and I am always complete shit at every game I play. I th…[View]
487837936How's that game going, anon? You have started working on it, right? >>487806235[View]
487844594ITT: we say a vidya name in retard spanish and others try to guess which one it is, i'll start:…[View]
487874190For me, it's the Ascetic helmet.[View]
487875756Post shit that gets you HYPED >Game's main theme starts playing at the final boss…[View]
487879546What are some Kafkaesque games?[View]
487876103Just another night at Id’s headquarters[View]
487876750Yo I heard there was going to be a Elden Ring trailer coming in 3 hours[View]
487784518Are you planning to spark this month? Personally, I want to spark for the rat when she's releas…[View]
487878607Just played this. Did I like it?[View]
487878591It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon... for 12 seconds.[View]
487872137Have you ever hogged your friend's video games, /v/?[View]
487873693Hey buddy[View]
487875591Why the fuck would you make an action game and NOT make it like DMC 5? Look at this shit: >graphi…[View]
487874229Guilty Gear? more like Street Gear fuck daisuke fuck the smell of the gay and fuck arc system shit[View]
487879129Is this really peak journalism?[View]
487878679Should I buy Shadow Keep and Forsaken or Halo Master Chief Collection? What the hell do I do?[View]
487878545smash dlc 5: remnoct from final weapon dlc 5[View]
487875827what were your favorite games to play on windows 98?[View]
487863995I bought one of these and I get shitty performance on rpcs3, did I get scammed?[View]
487879083Metal Solid 1/2/3: I think it was here, a while ago, that someone mentioned that there was a particu…[View]
487878656>MEDIC'S WIFE STATUS: BLACKED How did Valve get away with this?[View]
487876381Why haven't you bought Food Girls? It's a VN about dating food. It just got an English rel…[View]
487875274Ssh. Is sleepy time. Post vidya characters sleeping. Ssshhhh.[View]
487871251Which one had soul[View]
487878430Does this game have a decent playerbase on PC or Ps4? Lobby's actually empty on switch and I fe…[View]
487872319GAYLO REACH:AROUND CUSTOM GAMES: ITT: just like the old days, post your XBOX GT, custom maps you hav…[View]
487874013Dragonball games: Well, /v/, what's your favorite Dragonball game?[View]
487875963What are some modern games with these feel?[View]
487870161Why did Nintendo feel it was a good idea to make their own shitty twink version of the Joker? Where…[View]
487876724ITT: Post forgotten games that deserved a sequel.[View]
487875432ITT: If you hear it, you lose[View]
487875112Favorite Ambiances / Tropes / Archetypes / Characterizations: From games or other media. 'What the B…[View]
487875704>game removes a fun and community loved weapon for server stability sake >server is still unst…[View]
487873425Can't wait to find out what happens next![View]
487876483is conan exiles good now? they added mount and tweaked combat.[View]
487789413King for Another Day thread: Now that we are near the finals, who has a legit chance to stop them ? …[View]
487871490>DRM GOOD: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/12/tron-evolution-becomes-unplayable-due-to-securom…[View]
487877384What are some games that /v/ universally likes?[View]
487869809How does not a single person who works at Rockstar know that a steam locomotive weighs 200+ tons and…[View]
487874073What are some ISFP vidya?[View]
487864985Recently bought this on sale from the eshop. The motion controls suck though. Can one feel justified…[View]
487868790Why is danganronpa 2 the most beloved despite being the worst of the 3? Don’t get me wrong I like it…[View]
487868946The 'Everyone Loves Street Fighter 3 and SF3 is Mega Popular' narrative gets destroyed: https://yout…[View]
487868470So fucking good, yet so fucking unloved.[View]
487860291Cry Kojimadrones, the real king of the delivery simulators is back[View]
487869864What is your plan on Christmas?[View]
487872752Have you upgraded your account yet? Are you excited for the MMORPG coming out?[View]
487860350What's the consensus?: Is this game actually good or is it just for consoomers?[View]
487873462Why do people sexualize ugly video game characters?[View]
487869983how does /v/ recover from video game burnouts?[View]
487871772He did nothing wrong[View]
487875703>play hardcore mode >spawn >goes okay >die once >spawn >die within 2 seconds becau…[View]
487873054Games for this feel?[View]
487876438>You can change the game difficulty at any time[View]
487870117Post some ads for food that promote games https://youtu.be/JlINtxOOxaU[View]
487873675What am I in for?[View]
487870673Why don't you like me /v/?[View]
487873356This is it, Luigi.[View]
4878746102019....I am forgotten...[View]
487870976ITT:post your favorite game,other guess your personality[View]
487847994When given no clues on which is the 'correct' path, do you go left or right first?[View]
487876174POISON!: Daily reminder this woman is a tranny. go on /v/ I know you want you deviants.…[View]
487868819Parapa Palace Mario Maker: Have you made use of the Link power up yet? I just made this one. Good lu…[View]
487867506Path of Exile: Who is this game for? Who is this game definitely NOT for?[View]
487875008What vidya allows me to be justified if I choose the path of Genocide?[View]
487868496For me, it's the glaive[View]
487872170ITT fuck you I like it game series[View]
487875981>mfw prefer console MHW to shitpost during loading screens MonHun thread. How's your Stiggy …[View]
487819183/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487756315 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487868768what games has product placement?[View]
487870684Why are indie horror 'games' such dogshit?: Every recent game is a decent premise wasted on some aut…[View]
487871537Returning to Diablo 2: I haven't played Diablo 2 in a few years, but I've been possessed b…[View]
487873551Best Saber in the game: Especially in terms of AOE coverage, cannot be fucking beat >Busterchad i…[View]
487871512Friendly reminder the Super Mario 64 title screen was more technologically advanced than any ShitSta…[View]
487874891did persona 5 royal transformed morgana into a human?[View]
487871917Do you replay games?: https://www.strawpoll.me/19044922 Curious what people think here. I always see…[View]
487874759What is it with newer games requiring you to 'hold {KEY}' to continue or to do actions? Who the fuck…[View]
487870914How does Halo 3 still look so impressive?[View]
487875198Detaching myself from game for a few months. What do I do with my boredom now bros ?[View]
487846465Reach on PC: >Sound bugged >mouse bugged >no choice in maps >linear progression system …[View]
487863159fightstick thread: What does /v/ use to play fighting games?[View]
487874182ITT: characters that have no chance, but are based as fuck I'll start[View]
487869843Yeaaah, what about them? They're fresh.[View]
487874585>Meow! I'm Felicia from the new Darkstalkers developed by NRS![View]
4878474852 more days boyz[View]
487874897Play Sandbox game[View]
487874837Sonic X End Credits: if you never heard it, you had no childhood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8…[View]
487872979https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EKTw50Uf8M I want to go back.[View]
487867694December 12th. New Smash character reveal. Male character. He's not a demanded character and wi…[View]
487860470How would you fix it for the remake?[View]
487874317>Zelda wanted Link to taste frog >In game frog speeds up Link when you cook it Really suspicio…[View]
487872859What did he mean by this?[View]
487872256is steam down or something? I can't download shit[View]
487864717HALF LIFE BTFO https://julay.world/v/res/327.html#6775 https://julay.world/v/res/327.html#327 https:…[View]
487869354My proposal for Nintendo[View]
487868143SEXY VOICES ONLY THREAD: What are some of the most iconic voices in all of vidya?[View]
487869785I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that next year's E3 will…[View]
487853826>potion seller refuses to sell you potions[View]
487873553He did nothing wrong: He was just following orders[View]
487873456>Play minecraft anarchy for months >Stop playing for a while >Talking to dudes at school ab…[View]
487871515Realistically, how do we stop this bullshit?[View]
487864227>Valve states they have time to make games again >Valve's logo becomes red and black >…[View]
487871294Can someone find the render used here?: Obvious fake Smash leak, I just want to know where the Sora …[View]
487867848What is the greatest FPS of all time?[View]
487872347So a metal gear solid movie is on the way, is it gonna be kino?[View]
487869081Sup, faggots.[View]
487873228What does your dream Bionicles game look like?[View]
487873218>log into steam >immediately get notification…[View]
487865819Is the stealth genre dead or what?[View]
487869545What is your HONEST opinion on this creature?[View]
487845289so i just started this game and HOLY FUCK THAT SOUNDTRACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2QawCtbNv…[View]
487867387Corruption: Metacritic has erased most of the negative user reviews of the game to up the score of t…[View]
487872004SRB2K is really good: Why are you not playing it?[View]
487869934Terraria: >Still not released What the fuck?[View]
487872842he was right, you know.[View]
487871459Life is strange thread: Her game is at 5$ on the psn, go and buy it right the hell now, literally no…[View]
487872412What's your favorite idolm@ster song /v/? for me, it's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
487824257PATHFINDER: WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS: >succubus party member with romance confirmed >main charac…[View]
487856515HOW in the over loving god did this get nominated GOTY over DMC 5? I mean its still a pretty decent …[View]
4878656103x3 thread[View]
487869256does it get better after this ? i cant stand these cringy dialogues anymore[View]
487870907Where do I stop with this series?[View]
487871905Post images that are illegal to post on /v/ now.[View]
487871721>Why yes, i spam auto combo, how could you tell?[View]
487869523For me it was scoutzknivez[View]
487872241Are there any other good sports sim games? Front Office Football isn't in the same league. I kn…[View]
487866054Why did these 2 consoles, including the PS1 and the GBA have such a ridiculous amount of games for t…[View]
487864541Higgs: What was his fucking problem?[View]
487868362Why yes, I am the best rhythm game to ever have come to the PC platform. https://store.steampowered.…[View]
487869119hi :)[View]
487866139Now that P5R has been confirmed shit, what are we expecting Atlus to do for the next Persona game? R…[View]
487870440''''''''niche'''''''' gamer[View]
487871369Mistover: > Pick hard mode > Every enemy can hit you for half your health > Lose three char…[View]
487853840Have you picked up Star Trek: The Anime: The Game?[View]
487870817Describe the ideal Jojo fighting game imo: >2v2 2D fighter >fast marvel style gameplay >tea…[View]
487870158Post emotional vidya sacrifices[View]
487871398>say word >gets rewarded Every game should be like this one desu…[View]
487871117>PSS >better IV/EV system >not shitty sprites pokemon peaked at gen 6…[View]
487870017What is the every genre's best game?[View]
487868084Name a more fun weapon than a ball[View]
487869989Does /v/ forgive the Sangheili for nearing driving humanity to extinction?[View]
487870224Last thing she fucking said.[View]
487870845What are more characters like this? It is really appealing.[View]
487863831>[Early in gaming]. >SimAnt. >SimCity 2000. >RCT. >The Sims. Advancement was a large …[View]
487870521Janny, who is paid by Blizzard to delete FFXIV threads from /v/, despite it being a VIDEO GAME. Appe…[View]
487847790>that one multiplayer game you loved is dead forever What's her name, /v/?…[View]
487869431Games with this feel?[View]
487870126Look at this little shrimp. Who does he think he's kiddin', posin'like that?[View]
487862702>find journal of a character >they write about how they are slowly turning into a monster…[View]
487868628Who's the prettiest Octopath babe?[View]
487869787here's your controller bro[View]
487868675why didn't San Andreas sell as much on the Gamecube? it had superior graphics compared to both …[View]
487869572As of this time i am declaring a state of martial law on /v/, all primary threads will be locked dow…[View]
487868232Reminder, this IS a fake leak, but at the same its actually a real leak. Marina is in.[View]
487868103What am I in for?[View]
487863765Is this worth buying? Just be real with me. Is it a good game?[View]
487865242Where is this game?[View]
487869352It’s time for o admit you was wrong the switch did it despite all of you saying it would fail[View]
487864349SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487868207Now that the dust has cleared, which of the 2 REALLY won 2018 GOTY?[View]
487867545Mass Effect was so amazing ya'll. Just wish it wasn't so linear. OK I get the expance of t…[View]
487865998nes roms: anyone have a torrent for nes ROMs I can't find them anywhere after emuparadise was t…[View]
487868706girl muscles make me coom[View]
487868451can qt mechwarrior waifus and qt mechtechs save it?[View]
487868607SFV: >be familiar with fighting games (footsies, fundamentals, etc) >pick up sfv after hearing…[View]
487861981Heroes of the Storm is a fun game. Why aren't you playing it right now?[View]
487869189Is the Zelda BOTW DLC worth it? It doesn't look very good and while I enjoyed the game I don…[View]
487863593FORWARD AERIAL[View]
487869063Any good new RPGMaker games out there?[View]
487868680Literally the worst game in the entire series[View]
487869021Fighter #5: Yes, Fighter #5 will be at TGA, it's Rollercoaster Tycoon Guest. Yes, I'm seri…[View]
487867891This game was shit. Shit![View]
487868964uhh, why didn't you tell me this shit was so good?[View]
487868936Bee in a boat 4 days left[View]
487868619Are there any games out there that capture the spirit of classical swashbuckling adventure stories?[View]
487865573The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask[View]
487868550+-------+------------+------------+------------+------------+------------+-------------+ |System | T…[View]
487867523'Die a free man...' 'Or live a Half-Life' GAAAAAAABE[View]
487855415>Go into unis normalfag party >Everyone acting like retarded, yelling, dancing for no reason e…[View]
487867964Trolling Good people: Me and my family are being internet trolled by this guy on YouTube, any help w…[View]
487865706Remember to play her game this December 13th[View]
487868065I am wondering, this question is only extended to NOT hardcore Sonic fans, as in people who have onl…[View]
487864152>mfw never bought a console this gen and only missed out on 1 videogame…[View]
487868134>Sequel literally never ever[View]
487863284Western devs can’t make attractive fema-[View]
487865786Thoughts on Apex Legends?[View]
487865461What type of video games do you and your girlfriend play?[View]
487867375New smash reveal. I can't say much, but it will be a pokemon. See you on Dec 12[View]
487868073How's that island coming along fellow builders?[View]
487836275Sonic thread[View]
487866113When the fuck does this piece of shit get good? Already beat the ice dog boss after 10 tries. >in…[View]
487855658>play multiplayer >takes 10 minutes to find a lobby >finally find game >constant disconn…[View]
487867145Why aren't you voting for Jump Force @ the Game Awards 2019?[View]
487861089ITT: /v/ before /v/[View]
487866132What the fuck was his problem?[View]
487864450are vents in video games realistic? can you crawl through a vent in real life without the support ca…[View]
487867837Are there any game designers that just kind of wing it and make the game as they go along? I mean it…[View]
487867779Last 10 games you played: Any platform besides phones[View]
487858370Jill Valentine The real one[View]
487861145How does /v/ feel about Sayuri?[View]
487867007I wonderrrr what that will prove? that is bullshit BLAZING STILL MY HEART IS BLAZING IF THIS WORLD …[View]
487862856>Mighty Gunvolt is made as a cutesy homage and dual advertising for Gunvolt and Mighty No. 9 >…[View]
487802459More likely than you think[View]
487867430Games for coomers: What are the best games for coomers?[View]
487864402When we will have a game like this?: I want a witcher 3 style and quality of game, as a Portuguese e…[View]
487866497PSP. It's like a nut you can play with outside.[View]
487849661use your vidya knowledge blah blah blah[View]
487859879It is a good life we lead brother[View]
487857857Is there any way I can play this game? I have the disc, but no PS2. What the hell do I do?[View]
487865259>three houses >now this what the FUCK happened?…[View]
487864984Is an cow a gamer?[View]
487865160Reminder that Gaming Journalism is the lowest form of Journalism: Even lower than the tabloid press.…[View]
487867269>around new 10 game announcements >NO RE3 >Riot Games announcing a single player game devel…[View]
487867215what are some games 2 idiots would play together?[View]
487865858After playing Halo Reach and finding it too slow I want to get into fast paced arena shooters What…[View]
487866858Play Mass Effect[View]
487857591What Zelda game is most deserving of a remaster?[View]
487850394Darksiders Genesis: BRUHS[View]
487848849/v/ cinema Get in here faggots IP PASSWORD rage [View]
487839154What the fuck is their problem?[View]
487857016>female >from a popular RPG >isn't requested at all >Sakarai praised game >H com…[View]
487820698JAPANESE AVANT GARDE GAMES: mother fucking CHULIP. i have never played a more charming game that hat…[View]
487856726Call of Duty is down: It refuses to connect me to Xbox Live, AFTER putting me in a Server Queue. Wha…[View]
487862242>game crashes/freezes before you saved[View]
487864198How does /v/ list the video games they’ve played?[View]
487858785Do scary games even exist?[View]
487860343Can a good 007 shooter be made anymore?[View]
487814986'Tis cold in my tent.[View]
487865994So Geralt's final enemy is a textbook example of an incel?[View]
4878558172020 is the year of the mouse[View]
487866441Gaming kino?[View]
487837418What the fuck was this ending? Was it supposed to be a joke? It's morbid as fuck.[View]
487864927This game was pretty good but the dungeons felt too easy. What's the next zelda game I should p…[View]
487829568>game is shit >can't stop playing what's her name, /v/?…[View]
487864656what do you think of kazooie?[View]
487866151>enemy charges at you >*dodges* >enemy attack follows your dodge…[View]
487863795Is this worth getting?[View]
487862276Divinity Original Sin 2: Started this recently. I'm about to leave the first island, but I want…[View]
487865056Fuck this cunt and his cunty cunt bombs that cunt you into a cunting stunlock where he just cunts yo…[View]
487855193What was your favorite Regular Nintendo game?[View]
487864302Have you guys played some classic pinball today?[View]
487865829get your preorders ready boys: the next competitive fighting game is here https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
487863746ABSOLUTE KINO[View]
487865243ITT: useful Vidya tips[View]
487865581pardner :)[View]
487862412Whether you like it or not, this is absolutely game of the decade. There's not even that much o…[View]
487863972/sgg/ Whatcha playin whatcha smokin?[View]
487862218What do I do?: I found my old Pokemon white cart in my sock cabinet and decided to play it. But the …[View]
487859364The 'Everyone Loves Street Fighter 3 and SF3 is Mega Popular' narrative gets destroyed: https://yout…[View]
487863167Was this made worse gameplay wise in some way? It's not grabbing me the same way TNO did so I k…[View]
487864810In this thread we debate what the single greatest video game of all time is...[View]
487850992Red Dead Redemption 2: Why are people so desperate to hate RDR2? It's genuinely a good game tha…[View]
487863598>Fighter Pass 5 is boshi[View]
487859324Should I get a switch?: I got a Xbox and pc and I’m thinking about getting the new version of the sw…[View]
487861736>Half life alyx does not fit the half life naming scheme Absolute proof of the downfall of valve.…[View]
4878466722010-2019: Was it a good decade for gaming bro's?[View]
487863070How're you holding up /v/?[View]
487858161The Escapists is going to be free on Epic Store: Jotun Valhalla Edition is the current free game…[View]
487862603what happened[View]
487859353*slaps your ass and tells you to not give up*[View]
487865053This is just mount and blade with the shitty combat cut out and replaced with tactical kino.[View]
487865001>Press Start To Begin >press X instead >same outcome happens…[View]
487864643S,ash thread: Sabi confirmed no Capcom characters She is always right Sorry Dantefags[View]
487859070Where's my kino Detective Obi-Wan videogame?[View]
487831704Who’s your favorite male vidya character /v/?[View]
487855832Missile silos exploded from beneath the ground, cracked the landscape. Sand, ash... the dead... the …[View]
487862560I don't get it[View]
487864696hey yall im looking for a flash file of the original robot unicorn attack game, with ensure song inc…[View]
487859231Can someone please motivate me to play Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain? They've both been si…[View]
487864524DJMax Respect on Steam: It's up[View]
487863770I am going to start asking aquestion now. What did G-man do to have Freeman to be put into a sort of…[View]
487862403The house of cards starts to crumble....[View]
487864123The eternal debate.[View]
487859248You might not like it, but this is what peak aesthetic looks like[View]
487864331How do you feel about games with multiple endings?[View]
487861682What the F*CK was his problem?!?[View]
487864280why does she glorify her enemies?: why did she do this? why would she try to make the ten elites her…[View]
487863954ITT: characters who are literally you[View]
487862698What was his problem?[View]
487858782>game forces you to pick between two factions >can't kill both of them to crown yourself…[View]
487863735what racing games have the best customization?[View]
487864029nothing good coming out until March 2020[View]
487863785Just hand over the cargo and no one gets hurt.[View]
487854817>Final boss is an angel This only happens in japanese games. Why do they hate Christianity so muc…[View]
487860997If I put this in my switch, will it start flashing and hurt me if I touch it?[View]
487863248>press Escape >game closes[View]
487854080Nintendo Direct will be announced tomorrow for Saturday December 7th, celebrating one year anniversa…[View]
487841006Persona 5: Got it during Black Friday. Anything someone should know before starting? All I know is a…[View]
487851412Find a flaw.: You can't.[View]
487861930Red.Dead.Redemptiom.II-CODEX: Red.Dead.Redemptiom.II-CODEX >Red.Dead.Redemptiom.II-CODEX Red.Dead…[View]
487863349What are some games Zoomers don't understand? starting with an obvious one[View]
487857715What did Palutena mean by this?[View]
487860725>Game series has a huge ane complex lore >It's mostly explained in sides contents and bar…[View]
487862136>There is literally no hentai game where you netori people instead of getting netorare >feels …[View]
487857486OH NO NO NO NO REANBROS[View]
487862796>Bloodborne 2 is being developed my Miyazaki and his best team from Demons and Dark. It will be a…[View]
487858510Nintendo doesn't respect their legacy. Where are the sequels to the beloved IPs that fans have …[View]
487860839So this game is on sale right now on the Switch eshop. Is it worth picking up 50% off?[View]
487861989Phantasy Star Online: How about a PSO thread? Some anon had a bunch of webms of all the stages in th…[View]
487861106This is your new Jill Valentine. Say something nice about her.[View]
487863053Alice is a great game! Anybody have the Neco z Alenky google drive? I was gonna watch it but it disa…[View]
487844925Why am I so bad at video games? I've been playing them for 20 years, and sometimes I still stru…[View]
487833375>*is the best non-human fromsoft boss in your path*[View]
487833771With how shit the switch port came out, was it the final nail in the coffin for any interest in the …[View]
487855570Gacha gang ww@ CHOOSE YOUR GACHA[View]
487854329>Master Chief trying to come back, huh? Leave it to me.[View]
487862341Remember when CRPGs were good?[View]
487862881Fire emblem three houses: IMPALED[View]
487860461How do i into bullet hell games /v/? What are some of your favorites?[View]
487852343Let’s settle this, once and for all.: Who’s the best big tiddy goth GF of the 2000s. Because we all …[View]
487859067This any good? Also, better on Wii or PS2?[View]
487861746Are there any other good sci-fi online RPG games similar to PSO?[View]
487862610HA HA HA HA HA: HA HA HA HA HA[View]
487860647Why are Steam reviews so fucking shit? I can never tell if a game is good or not from them, it'…[View]
487854119stupid video game physics: >riding a train in a videogame >jump >land in the same place did…[View]
487859368Fanatics in Video Games: The worse fanbase I experienced is Nintenfags, they always suck Nintendo…[View]
487860574Pokemon Let's Go > Pokemon Sw/Sh Prove me wrong. >inb4 nostalgiafag Not an argument…[View]
487855514What did you play today?[View]
487862034>ITT poor marketing of vidya Seriously was it any wonder this game sold like shit when you have a…[View]
487851468Why don't you join your school's video game club?[View]
487858475Play Rainbow 6: Siege[View]
487862267So.. this game is for pedos, right? How did they get away with this?[View]
487821967Castlevania Reawakening: >Will be announced at The Game Awards for PS4, Xbox One and PC. No menti…[View]
487855189Are there any turn-based tactical games released this decade that equal or exceed Battle Brothers or…[View]
487859638>snes classic systems being sold on ebay >brand new for about the normal price >several of …[View]
487853652Is anybody actually kinda scared about his chances next week? Think about it. Minecraft is probably …[View]
487846992Sup bitches. SUP BITCHES. It’s Chad Warden here. Aight, I’m talking bout that, PS Triple. The PS Tri…[View]
487859005Video games?[View]
487860918What are you guys playing? I'm playing monster hunter world[View]
487861635Marie and Cammy: Marie usually doesn't stick to one woman for this long. Must be something abou…[View]
487860668Was she supposed to be Napoleon? I noticed they share the same height. (5'2) and share similar …[View]
487843157Half Life 1 is an overly long game with repetitive levels/filler throughout and sub-par shooting (no…[View]
487860952underrated gem so much more fun than RE4[View]
487861660Is this how you'd feel if you had this many Neo Geo games? https://youtu.be/vrQ70tGoWMM[View]
487821094post a pic and get a vidya recommendation[View]
487855059PLAY SEGA SATURN[View]
487856514SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487850484Which games really capture the feeling of being in a big city.[View]
487852460What's the most aesthetic set and why is it Papa Gascoigne's???[View]
487858289Desk is too tall for my inferior short people genes: okay baguettes find my short ass a 25-inch or s…[View]
487858790NONE OF THAT[View]
487857553I might be out of the loop but what's with all the furries on TF2? I really hope these freaks a…[View]
487851956Wife and kids are out of town. Game night: adult mode has officially begun.[View]
487860704How are your games going? Climbing? Hardstuck? Are Poison Predators OP? TFT Thread[View]
487860717Half-life: Alyx is VR only... Half-life: Alyx is VR only...Half-life: Alyx is VR only...Half-life: A…[View]
487860847Does anyone know what any of the event dojo’s on fruit ninja do? Google isn’t helping... Since most …[View]
487860630You are to use my wife's preferred pronouns[View]
487858953ITT: Neat ideas in mediocre games >brutal legend is a glorified RTS game with various other mecha…[View]
487859560Let's be honest, final fantasy went to shit the second they ditched the overworld[View]
487855705What was the best generation of video game consoles?[View]
487860523>To celebrate the inclusion of 50 NES games, Nintendo is offering a 50% discount on a set of Nint…[View]
487814915How did everyone at Square go 'yeah, the bottom looks better'?[View]
487852093Hotline Miami: I don't even have a joke, I just wish Evan had more levels because he's fun…[View]
487859875Aw HELL sounds like a freakin' Hunter... >yfw[View]
487860232So, I heard this game has a very interesting plot that's connected to Vangers; however unlike V…[View]
487820109Smash ultimate speculation thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/e6jmix/im_geoff_keighley_p…[View]
487840723VA thread: 'Hello, Corvo. Your life has taken a turn, has it not? The Empress is dead, her precious …[View]
487852297Left: Disgaea 1 Complete Right: Disgaea RPG[View]
4878461136000 players just doesn't make sense when most people can find a much in les than 45 seconds.[View]
487858157So why is the Megaman Legends series so heavily touted by /v? I remember playing Legends 2 a lot whe…[View]
487856437ITT: Game mechanics that tick you off: I'll start. The food mechanic for skaven in Warhammer 2 …[View]
487859606>my favorite class is _________[View]
487856905NO WAY[View]
487847268Yakuza on Xbox... doesn't feel right[View]
487839816>videogames can't be ar-[View]
487858980Are you going to play Overwatch 2?[View]
487849449I love Final Fantasy X. I love it’s story, i love it’s music, i love it’s gameplay, i love it’s arts…[View]
487822081WW2 shooters: Post Scriptum or Hell Let loose?[View]
487858902ITT: Characters you want to see added in the next Mario kart, imagine if the DKR crew got in, but th…[View]
487858684>buy game >say word >money stolen how has society fallen so far that we find this acceptabl…[View]
487859030ITT Characters who got cucked by reality[View]
487858197>Minimal dialogues and exposition, avoid breaking the pace of pure gameplay and player perspectiv…[View]
487858508well, /v/?[View]
487858639Go find a husband.[View]
487852992We all agree?[View]
487852597Truly the dark ages of the Zelda series.[View]
487857892How do I git gud at this?[View]
487804071Why does /v/ hate this game :([View]
487858154Why do Sony keep forcing diversity and politics into everything?[View]
487857747Doom thread Talk about DOOM Post about DOOM Play DOOM[View]
487852841Is it normal to outgrow not only video games but also hobbies?: Have you ever felt like you don…[View]
487857560Imagine not playing on original hardware.[View]
487858063PC RELEASE WHEN[View]
487853445What is the 'Pantera' of video games?[View]
487857451Which Fire Emblem character is the most likely to say the n-word on a daily basis?[View]
487856121Ready for the biggest comeback in gaming history?[View]
487856290Is Death Stranding the best looking game of all time?[View]
487852543>the first game you will buy in 2020[View]
487846961I realized something while taking a shit every single boss fight in every single Sonic game is pathe…[View]
487857746Someone help me with 5 star giga snorlax Reply to this post then I'll post link code[View]
487857102Why do so many people give Vergil shit for being a 'dead beat' dad when the game makes it very clear…[View]
487850095Who is the hottest woman in vidya?[View]
487852871Games with Persistent Worlds and 'Competitive' Worldbuilding.[View]
487857045Are there any games that you played when you were younger that you don't like as much anymore u…[View]
487854850Am I supposed to put both my first AND last name in when I start Metal Gear Survive?[View]
487857414What are some games where you can be bald (and possibly have a pig-like appearance?)[View]
487836353Which game is this?[View]
487857340ITT we discuss: retro games on original consoles vs emulation why are you lying to your peers, anon?…[View]
487854704when was the last time you were sad a game was over?[View]
487855543You DID vote for the GOTY didn't you?[View]
487849637Is Divinity: Original Sin 2 playable on a controller?[View]
487857057Is this a shady deal?: >snes classic systems being sold on ebay >brand new for about the norma…[View]
487856936>I love Ape Escape so much, i ruined the franchise and killed it lol It's okay guys, the ape…[View]
487849812You DID preorder right? Shipments are starting in January[View]
487856910ITT: Ideas for spirit fights if your most wanted got in: The great mighty poo: it’s a legendary spir…[View]
487849172Skyward Sword is a better Zelda game than Breath of the Wild.[View]
487856751Post your favorite trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAuj2ExAMcw[View]
487851692Post the biggest JUST moments.[View]
487856613/v/ halo custom games: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DFtW2XSsA_5GW6d2oy9kd_EcXyyRgojW/view well? …[View]
487853334This plotline... it sounds familiar[View]
487856548>Release 3 of their best games of the decade within a year (Iceborne is pretty much the complete …[View]
487850859Darksiders: Genesis: Well? Did you enjoy it?[View]
487850303Halo Space Fighter game: Now that we have MCC on the PC, how long is it till we have a Halo engine/m…[View]
487847708>Meanwhile, at the /v/illage...[View]
487853986>Watch review for a game >The cunt spoils a lot of important shit…[View]
487855945S O C I E T Y[View]
487854689>dogshit ''lore'' >mediocre combat(spam r1) >ugly visuals(only the starting zone is interes…[View]
487855987I'm scared to play it[View]
487853718Riot wins again![View]
487831065/v/ Plays Secret Hitler: Let's play some Secret Hitler. https://secrethitler.io/game/#/table/In…[View]
487856304Who would buy a skyward sword switch game[View]
487839081How gory is too gory?[View]
487841812Looking for a good metroidvania to play. Suggestions?[View]
487850819OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
487840058Interesting Game Details: Birb from Mario 64[View]
487855424Thoughts on Apex Legends?[View]
487854338>Square Enix >Microsoft >Atlus >SNK >Hudson Yeah I’m thinking he’s in.…[View]
487849158What the fuck were they thinking??[View]
487851443HL2 mods: What are the best single player Half Life 2 mods? The only one I remember playing back in …[View]
487853369>expanding federations >expanding overall diplomacy >now FINALLY working on game performanc…[View]
487845028Whichever column you choose is in >Explain yourself[View]
487854907What switch online classics are you playing anon?[View]
487837851>Batman Arkham Legacy is revealed. Scheduled for Holiday 2020. >Crash Bash remake revealed. Sc…[View]
487855067Is this based or cringe?[View]
487853446Hashire sori yo Kaze no you ni Tsukimihara wo PADORU PADORU[View]
487847495This is Indie GOTY. If you disagree, you either haven't played it or are coping with the fact t…[View]
487852769you lads want to see some real fucked up shit?[View]
487853310Melons: Are the pre reboot Blaster Master game’s worth playing? If so which ones? I was wanting to …[View]
487855349Where my /simulation/ bros at? This worth the buy, or should i just wait for the crack? Any other go…[View]
487853121I am wondering, this question is only extended to NOT hardcore Sonic fans, as in people who have onl…[View]
487852672Warcraft ruined Western Fantasy games forever by popularizing this garbage type of artstyle. Almost …[View]
487849795>Filters your plebs[View]
487852590what happened reach bros?[View]
487855097Which one?[View]
487834365Mario Maker: Have you made any new levels since the update? Have you played any new levels since th…[View]
487849920Just started Three Houses yersterday, should I bother trying to recruit everyone? Is it worth it? Or…[View]
487853240kek ahead of it's time[View]
487836779What's it going to be like?[View]
487841767Does /v/ prefer a flight stick, regular controller or mouse an keyboard for flying in games like Eli…[View]
487834786why this board hates bioshock?[View]
487854537Who would buy a twilight princess and skyward sword switch he release[View]
487854680Ok but when are the good ones coming out?[View]
487851942what are some good hack n slash character action games /v/? something other than dmc, bayonetta, or …[View]
487831529Fromsoftware Freelance Artist: I've noticed lots of discussion about EldenRing making an appear…[View]
487844036You get to pick 13 characters, 2 fighter passes and 3 extras, which ones do you pick?[View]
487853453The 5th character are Adeleine and Ribbon; plain and simple. It should be obvious at this point.[View]
487853213>japan, one of the most xenophobic countries, can make better black characters than the fucking w…[View]
487850238if it was ads and sprint, we riot[View]
487853437>Y-you dont pay for my sub what the red flags that tell you your teammate is a complete scrub ?…[View]
487853836Play Ultimate Apocalypse[View]
487802169>instantly becomes the best boss fight of all 2019 within just 24 hours https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
487847627Outer Wilds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAqXqf0ThJg Listen up /v/, I want to thank the anon who…[View]
487850469why did they make him say bad words in 5[View]
487852781What did you think of it?[View]
487850771>Google >established tech and internet solutions company >rushes video game streaming servi…[View]
487851852Why are they so obsessed with movies?[View]
487852763Something something Diversity.Something something Twitter Screencaps. Something Something Niggers. S…[View]
487853182GTAO sale mission: Life imitates art(Videogames)[View]
487853167Why aren't you playing DEAD OR ALIVE 6, anon?[View]
487853080I can't be the only person hyped for the 1993 DLC for the Jurassic Park game can I?[View]
487851456Daily reminder you're here forever.[View]
487818404>less than 3 months until the reveal How are you holding up /v/?[View]
487820310Was the ending right?[View]
487852852High Quality Rips: https://youtu.be/O_d-Nc_roLY Here’s your daily dose bros[View]
487847989>Resident Evil saved itself from being shitty not just once, but thrice with 4 joining pic relate…[View]
487850251>$250 MILLION Is this coming out this decade?[View]
487825557These cuties stumble towards you What do you do?[View]
487852580Star Sector: >find paragon blueprint >big bucks, sell it on blackmarket >it disappears Star…[View]
487843142This has to be the worst of the le souls-like game[View]
487850075Name one kirby game better than kirby 64, you can't.[View]
487851838>Favorite game >Your type[View]
487839491which is the worst and most dangerous plague of zombies in vidya?[View]
487851508How do you think Sony will treat their legacy franchises going forward now that PlayStation has reac…[View]
487852519most kino moments in military shooters? >fighting until you reach the grain elevator, and ditchin…[View]
487849128Should i play the Puyo series?[View]
4878436302010s Indies vs AAA: As far as this decade goes indies fucking kicked the ass of the AAA vidya indus…[View]
487852391Handsome Jacques[View]
487844098Has yours arrived yet? What can I expect?[View]
487841794Which one was the best? Aigis fags need not apply.[View]
487850764I started playing this game and i couldnt even last 5 minutes before dying[View]
487849826Why did he keep leaving and coming back to Mason? Kind of a shitty friend[View]
487849072Name a better metroidvania. You simply can't[View]
487850846Just got this, what should I expect? is the writing as good as it is in bloodlines?[View]
487820501LS> DM > OWB> HH[View]
487849786Why did yall gas this up so much: its mid af[View]
487849205Kojima and Konami leak: Is this legit?[View]
487844851Hello, 'anons'. I am from the future, and in the future this happens: Cyberpunk 2077 flops Death Str…[View]
487848363There's literally nothing wrong with Death Stranding and you cant convince me otherwise[View]
487844651zoomers first videogame[View]
487851640>filters you ooooh wwooooWWWWWWW[View]
487849591Play Monster Boy[View]
487851276ITT: good games that you played thanks to /v/: I played pic related and just finished it yesterday a…[View]
487845348Jill Valentine[View]
487847974> sad shitty day at work > get home and play tf2 > pl_upward > guy on my team says my ha…[View]
487848608When are they gonna put best girl in a game again?[View]
487822075TIME FOR THE S4 LEAGUE: SHOW ME YOUR S4 League thread Download the game here: http://s4max.com it…[View]
487834086which one should i get bros????[View]
487847905How long until the next minecraft update?[View]
487849243HE'S IN[View]
487813353Do you look down on this period in gaming history?[View]
487851135>watch a video game related video >it has the 'Bruh' sound bite in it…[View]
487851198What are some games where the OST changes depending on how well you're playing? Genuinely askin…[View]
487850129The perfect game doesn't exis-[View]
487850269Carth ruins this game.[View]
487851096What happened to Sony, bros? Why is the PS4 pro so weak? It's really a joke in comparison to t…[View]
487845891You get this for CS:GO after getting 5H of playtime on Halo Reach on Steam. How are you anons enjoyi…[View]
487838370SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487836791What exactly went wrong?[View]
487850801What's the most autistic thing you've ever seen in a game? pic related[View]
487844596Literally fucking impossible[View]
487850478Resident Evil: Illuminate me in a manner comparable to ingesting a world-view changing capsule regar…[View]
487850684So, what did you think of it?[View]
487843951This is Sony's new mascot. Say something nice about him.[View]
487849708halo: >no map voting >not being able to see other players spartans while in lobby wait where i…[View]
487832651I can't play this game. Every time Nia says 'TASTE THE PAIN' I start laughing uncontrollably an…[View]
487849527>/v/ says this is shit >play it >it's fucking great Why did you lie to me,…[View]
487842105whats a good non tabletop warhammer game space marine seems like a fun time killer[View]
487839702Who will be the final DLC in Smash this season, and why it's Dr. Eggman?[View]
487844116Wait so what they found in that device was cortana? if she was made by the forerunners, why did she …[View]
487844465Post your 5 favorite games you played in 2019: >hollow knight >prey >soma >katana zero …[View]
487843771Games that will never have a ending[View]
487847759Playing for hours now. Wtf is the point of this 'game'? Why do console tards and journalists always …[View]
487849541>'Thanks to Stadia, I no longer have to worry about toxic dudebros ruining my online games! I lov…[View]
487844752MgsV wasnt that bad was it /v/[View]
487845083Shadowbringers is a good Final Fantasy game. Does /v/ agree it was one of the best JRPGs of 2019?[View]
487848219>saves your franchise[View]
487834774Why didn't they save them for the end? The fighter pass peaked with them. This big dumb bear an…[View]
487837216How many games are this guys making?: Riot just announced they're making even more games wtf ht…[View]
487835017Can you move like this in Ultimate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zexwVu-kh-I Oh you can't? L…[View]
487848926What would the story have been if bungie continued with halo? What would you have wished for?[View]
4878496513 hours in and it still only feels like a janky souls game with cluttered UI, cringe story/VA, and a…[View]
487840061September 28, daylight...: the monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow....I'm still alive…[View]
487849439Give me back my son[View]
487849494My thoughts on the new Star Wars game: This GAME... i give it a Thumbs DOWNN!!!!!!![View]
487847715*duck dives into your room*[View]
487849342Imagine the shitposting if Aloy was FP5[View]
487844339What do you think of th new mountain dew game fuel? I'm still trying to figure out how to open …[View]
487849265>Team mate peeks corner >No one there >I peel corner >Immediately headshot RRRAAH FUCK …[View]
487842697>Favorite game and why >Least favorite game and why >Scariest animatronic? >Favorite tra…[View]
487780815Here's your new DMC bro: Wait till you see the uh.. ouhouhohuh.... ohnononononono... https://tw…[View]
487848241Who else buys bootleg amiibo 11$ for 23 amiibo why buy the real thing[View]
487849165Can we get a silent hills appreciation thread?: Also /hype thread for Kojima returning to making a h…[View]
487847064oh oh, anon! you're forced to battle to the death with the last video game character you'v…[View]
487849012Megalovania is the most iconic video game song of the decade, nothing else even comes close. https:/…[View]
487847856>play game >game has a church/religon >they are the bad guys…[View]
487845531>Not gaming on a wireless $36000 gold brick mouse.[View]
487842372what went so wrong??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6At_bb1PNU[View]
487843509I wanna go back, bros.[View]
487844162Is VR technology is heading to the direction of porn/sex/waifu simulation? How long until we have th…[View]
487823487/v/gas - Vidya gaem awards: The /v/GAs are starting up again this year, and we've opened our si…[View]
487816001VR chad thread: Just got mine in from amazon, holy shit bros this really is the future[View]
487848645>why yes I do play halo on pc with a controller, how the game was meant to be played; how did you…[View]
487824372You've been offered 100k salary to work anywhere in the industry as long as it directly involve…[View]
487784205New GBFV build at Granbluefes in a week[View]
487846920I don't have a PS4 but I'm going to buy a physical copy of Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves…[View]
487848320daily reminder that most users of this board are reddit refugees from the gamergate controversy and …[View]
487845721What the fuck happened, Obsidian?: In fact, all of the fades in Outer Worlds is either a butch cut o…[View]
487844190Started playing this the other day. What the fuck is going on with the camera controls? Is this norm…[View]
487844419For the record, I am not a butthurt game dev. But why the fuck are non-devs allowed to talk shit ab…[View]
487847826Is Nintendo getting higher review scores then they deserve because journalists feel bad for them? Ki…[View]
487846748I've never played Portal. Is it actually as good as they say? Or is it just a meme?[View]
4878480892019.. I am 󠛡󠛡 forgotten[View]
487848078I strongly believe that Zappa is the greatest fighting game character of all time.[View]
487821002Doctor Freeman, I presume?[View]
487844618Trackmania: I've been interested in this series since it looks like a fun arcade-style racing g…[View]
487845558The main protagonist in your favorite game gets replaced with Donkey Kong.[View]
487845875>silent protagonist >speaks in the final cutscene…[View]
487836889The Subspace Emissary mode would be fucking epic.[View]
487846575>Don't play games >Still browse v Any games with this feel?…[View]
487847684Game Of The Year: And the game award goes to DEATH STRANDING for everything You Americans are too st…[View]
487839009Is there anything more pathetic and sad than a griefer?[View]
487847613>Playing Half Life for the first time >Gameplay feels weird and fast >Getting used to it …[View]
487825749What did longtime Musou fans think of Hyrule Warriors? How does it stack against some of the best Mu…[View]
487844501This game is[View]
487846995What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
487842271OH FUCK I'M STICKIED[View]
487844313GOTY: year is ending post your GOTYs these are mine[View]
487847345>Releases long anticipated game >It’s mediocre >Still sells millions >Releases a defin…[View]
487843367Post massive disappointments.[View]
487844683Video Game Feels Thread: >playing halo reach competitive >capture the flag >actually work a…[View]
487838583What's the best Fire Emblem game?[View]
487788838DOAXVV: Don't fret, Tina/NiCO/Mila/Lisa/Christie fans. Sayuri Momma-san is here to make it all …[View]
487845368Did she see up Link's skirt when he climbed down the ladder at the beginning of the game?[View]
487841809This is Cyberpunk 2077’s (2020) whole map compared to the city portion of GTA V’s (2013) map.[View]
487838673Has anyone found who made this Marina model?[View]
487845548>Western devs can’t make an attractive fem-[View]
487846870You did give Activizion/Blizzard some more money, right? You're not a commie, right? They deser…[View]
487840080What are some bare bones games that are actually quite based?[View]
487845893imagine using something as disgusting as this in 2019 to all zoomers, yes its a computer a very shit…[View]
487843953Are the .hack games worth playing[View]
487843927magic arena is the fucking worst card game ive ever played (~3 hours /played) bullshit happens all t…[View]
487844479GTAV Ending: Would GTAV's ending have been better if you had to pick between killing Trevor or …[View]
487846591safe to say he's in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9P31F3OAsI[View]
487824727Tell me anon, if Phoenix Point is so shit how is we have daily PP threads with 500+ replies?[View]
487842779Baccoon city is overrun...[View]
487844920Why is the Switch getting definitive versions of current gen games?[View]
487845704Scummiest Companies Thread: I'll start: Why is Nintendo a walking fucking contradiction?[View]
487846317>Why yes, I DO buy light-up mechanical keyboards and use color schemes based on various Holidays,…[View]
487844327<< If you wish to live you must let go of your life! >> << My fellow submariners! …[View]
487843284>dogshit ''lore'' >mediocre combat(spam r1) >ugly visuals(only the starting zone is interes…[View]
487843096High Quality Rips thread: It’s not fair...[View]
487840713Which is better,God Of War or Bloodborne? I need to buy one of these eventually.[View]
487846247Let's talk about CPRGs. There's already a new Pathfinder on the horizon. BG3 could, concei…[View]
487842667UR-DRAGON IS NOW IN GRACE PERIOD Dragon's Dogma thread[View]
487845310Would you say that Miazaki is the Christopher Nolan of vidya?[View]
487845954I want a game: Where I can be Chained Prometheus being eaten alive by the eagle, escape without Hera…[View]
487844703i play games just like you guys![View]
487839970This is my wife, Lysithea.[View]
487845486PSP General: Bought a PSP. >w-why would you... Doesn't matter. Followed a YouTube tutorial (…[View]
487845483Hey, /v/! Guess what? BAPANADA[View]
487845615That Vita version will come out ANYDAY now...I can just FEEL IT![View]
487839809>game opens with a pretentious quote[View]
487790643First time Halo player here. >no hitmarkers >nothing on the screen actually indicates you got…[View]
487832669Any chance it'll stop selling next year with the 9th gen systems coming out and all the hype is…[View]
487845074why the fuck this shit game has garnered so much attention? are MMO games dead?[View]
487843273V: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSyIzGfTEBA[View]
487836387Smash Ultimate: >'muh spirits deconfirm' >'s-she's too sexy for smash!!' >'not a chanc…[View]
487845195Are there any bosses that made you go, 'this dude is on some other opinion shit?'[View]
487845174How the fuck do i get past the stage where you slit the first throat of the first boss and fuck the …[View]
487845107HE'S IN[View]
487838898Useless party members: I've played BG2 like thirty times, and I've used him only once.…[View]
487832742What is /v/'s opinion on pixel art?[View]
487840574So what happened to the Earth? What if they cut off contact from the Earth on purpose? Since Halcyon…[View]
487844583Sorry sir, only people with S+ teir custom characters can enter[View]
487844770only 5 more days until the big finale of shovel kino[View]
487840390Name an enemy with a more edgy design than Stygian Zinogre. pt:yc[View]
487842094What are the most deranged video games?[View]
487838546Bethesda Lore: Why is Bethesda so bad at following lore? They can't even follow what they'…[View]
487844250you're a mean one, you really are a heel[View]
487818785Its called Switch because there are only two games to switch between[View]
487844557Any games where you can walk the streets of 18th century london: at peak of industrial revolution as…[View]
487844242what a thrill...[View]
487784773What do you think about Disco Elysium ? Is it worth the 30$?[View]
487829504Smash Bros Ultimate: Say hello to the rest of the DLC characters.[View]
487840471What games are set in Australia?[View]
487844053Enemies you love to bully[View]
487808717Leon or Claire, fellas?[View]
487825696PS3 era was Kino, I wish I could go back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea5kIA7lWYU[View]
487843571DQB2 demo thread post your Furrowfield[View]
487840498>Enemies can rip off your ass[View]
487827604I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.[View]
487839904>elves bad lmao >Skyrim for the nerds lmao N'wah, Skyrim is imperial clay and you dumb sn…[View]
487843657Really underrated for how much it can throw people off.[View]
487836906What JRPG are you currently playing, anons?[View]
487814294What Christmas games will you be playing in December?[View]
487842641ehh here is a smash ultimate leak whatever i don't care: I'm just gonna get right to the p…[View]
487836632Guys, I need a couple games on my phone, what are the better mobile games?[View]
487832735left or right?[View]
487833345Starship Troopers: Terran Command: Daily reminder that a new SST RTT game just got announced. Traile…[View]
487794690Damn, it's already going to be 1 year since it came out...[View]
487843337Does he wear anything under the tunic skirt? Adult Link has tights on but Young Link doesn't.[View]
487839189He’s in[View]
487842598characters that scared you as a kid: the pink thing scared the life out of me[View]
487841152ALAN WAKE 2 BAYBEE[View]
487842704>don't have fun when losing >don't have fun when winning fuck video games seriously…[View]
487842392How do Nintenbro's enjoy this thing? They put a joystick in the middle of your fucking plam, is…[View]
487837420I suck at video games, but I like Mario Kart. Anyone wanna have MK8 tournament on the Switch? Also, …[View]
487842013My Nintendo Holiday Sweepstakes starts today with daily prizes: https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/s…[View]
487841259So Link and Aloy hate one another[View]
487825349She's in[View]
487840893What was the BEST thing about the Streetpass Mii Plaza?[View]
487841668When will he make another million dollar IP?[View]
487813734Does /v/ like Visual Novels?[View]
487842369burning ass: Because of this I was ready to tear my balls, in 2 hours I scored only 7 points, has an…[View]
487841915Is this game actually good? What about the DLC? How does it compare to Dungeons 3?[View]
487796856Fix the horror genre in 5 words or less.[View]
487834803Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Is this a fun game?[View]
487838536I have MH3U and MH4U installed on my 3ds right now, is 3U worth playing through before 4U? Let'…[View]
487811637Who do you think it is?[View]
487841559Why the fuck couldn't they have been bothered to spend a fraction of their time to make a coher…[View]
487839701Based and Red Pilled games >Kingdom Come Deliverance[View]
487841451IT'S NOT MY RUN ANYMORE[View]
487838206UH OH!![View]
487830319Crash Bandicoot thread.[View]
487828362> the last three games you played this week > look up if they're partially owned by Tence…[View]
487828058>only 11k players at launch Oh no no no no we got too cocky Steambros.. looks like most people al…[View]
487832668Heh, I'm thinking he's in.[View]
487839703Stern but fair renegade shepard is canon.[View]
487827863Is this game any good? How about Emperor and Caesar?[View]
487815913Best games with snowy environments?[View]
487840909Are they the most perfect pokemon games yet?[View]
487825443Is it canon, /v/?[View]
487834614Post video game hubs with SOUL[View]
487788448>tech is better than ever >games are more boring than ever What THE FUCK went wrong?…[View]
487837643>Bayonetta 4k remaster coming to PS4 and Xbox One >no threads about it what the fuck…[View]
487840183who or what ruined video games beyond saving?[View]
487835857When does the game get good?[View]
487839225Why arent there more life simulator games like this?[View]
487814785Here's your Jeanne D'Arc bro[View]
487838079>My brother works for Steam so fuck off losers and have a fun time getting banned…[View]
487839948>major selling point of the game are waifus[View]
487810787>succubus in The Witcher 3 have animal-like lower body How do they attract people by looking like…[View]
487837097You're really gonna believe in another shot in the dark rumor, huh? I remember when Bloodborne …[View]
487825953HERE'S YOUR DEVIL MAY CRY GAMEPLAY TRAILER OH NO NO NO https://youtu.be/xa0TYb40Cqw[View]
487839598/v/r bros what u playan?[View]
487817227Name a bigger disapointment in gaming.[View]
487837692ITT: The best of /v/[View]
487838125>japanese version of DxM gets collabs with actual mecha series >rest of the world gets a fucki…[View]
487836761ITT: Games only you have played: Hard mode: You must have finished it[View]
487837673Is it actually fun singleplayer fps: or was it paid marketers shilling it here for past 2 weeks?…[View]
487836206What's the verdict /v/? I know Star Ocean has always been cringe, but is this solid?[View]
487839158https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwBKHkqcHxU This was all I ever wanted out of a Terminator video gam…[View]
487837625>LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE Fuck this game, you said it was good /v/. No matter how hard I try, I can…[View]
487835245DID SJW snowflakes Ruin gaming ?: Seriously No thought in cobsoles monkies or average 5yo mutts can …[View]
487835835Do you play modded first runs, /v/? or is it disrespectful to the authors?[View]
487838781Look at this retard[View]
487835593Happy Birthday to Haru! What are you doing to celebrate best girl’s birthday /v/?[View]
487819182Atelier Dusk Trilogy DX: New trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m589LLz2H70 This will be my fi…[View]
487838663ok so i mainly play on PC and as a pc player things like DLC used to never exist unless they were fu…[View]
487829720Oh look its the best Final Fantasy sword.[View]
487834095I think it's far enough into December to have a vidya chrimbus / winter / snow music thread. ht…[View]
487836270what are some of the best rpgs?: pic related[View]
487837460What is the most /lit/ videogame? I mean actually about books in some way[View]
487828860>search fix for a niche problem >found the only forum thread about it >after OP the only ot…[View]
487833875OHNONONONONONO Imagine getting BTFO by Farming Simulator.[View]
487828775>purchase game >gets a deeper discount one week later >is part of a 5 dollars bundle two we…[View]
487837408What, these glasses? Yeah, I know the stats on them aren't optimal for my build and they are wa…[View]
487838028how are my fellow controllerchads holding up?[View]
487799604There was something disturbingly familiar about the letter before me. The handwriting was all pretty…[View]
487838005Explain yourselves, console cucks and journalists if there are any here: Playing for two hours now. …[View]
487823431I WILL BE YOUR DOOM[View]
487836895How's that game project coming along? old thread >>487806235 (OP) (i'm not the origi…[View]
487836894JOIN THE QUN NOW /v/![View]
487822874What are your thoughts on Fate GO[View]
487835834Carl Johnson Smash?: What if Carl Johnson (CJ) from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a DLC fighter …[View]
487767571Show me your Star Citizen ship, /v/. You *do* own a ship in Star Citizen, right?[View]
487836583>Outlasts insane amounts of hate and seething jealous idiots in your path How DOES he do it lads?…[View]
487834981Riot Games is announcing another new game in a week, but now its developed by an outside company Lea…[View]
487837514ITT: Only the most kino moments in vidya history.[View]
487832893Have you read any game tie-in novels?[View]
487834384Well, I'm late to the party but I just finished up LA. Still a game I love and fun to play. Is…[View]
487832210It had such potential: What went wrong?[View]
487832117What is the cutest video game?[View]
487833464Simpsons roster just leaked. Thoughts?[View]
487830213Why do you look up skirts in video games?[View]
487837054did they fix it? graphics and all?[View]
487829316For me, it's the Battle rifle.[View]
487836931>All new story in an all-new part of the world >After you finish you take a victory lap around…[View]
487835763Control is getting a free update this month thats supposed to be for endgame gears and such with new…[View]
487828434LOOKS LIKE VIDYA KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYCLFGJ46Eo&featu…[View]
487832943I'm going to post this everyday until Umaru is in Smash Ultimate[View]
487836789Aloy in smash leak: First I want to start by saying I leaked Ridley, Snake and Simon before anyone e…[View]
487831595be honest /v/, is there still a chance this game might be good?[View]
487836742VGM the Best: Does anyone have these albums anymore? The links in a pastebin I found are dead. https…[View]
487834046I really like this game. You guys should buy it. It's great.[View]
487836602If you could only buy one game next year: Why would it be Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
487836573>that music >that atmosphere >that fast paced action >them feels Id this the most kino f…[View]
487836246this is what skyrim looks like in 2019[View]
487835901Legitimate question. Why do so many people spend their time autistically searching and following 'le…[View]
487832135The reason why there is two Majin Boo in DBZ:: The reason why there is two Majin Boo in DBZ: Was sai…[View]
487836253Controversial opinions thread: >Fallout 1 and 2 are overrated clunky games with bad gameplay that…[View]
487832520Well lads, I just got hired as a gaming journalist. Have I become what /v/ swore to destroy?[View]
487835878>Old game bad >New game good[View]
487830121do you make your game character pretty or ugly? for what purpose[View]
487831816>get an index >hear about motion sickness >intentionally try to give myself motion sickness…[View]
487836024What are some games like Clive Barkers Undying? I thought the atmosphere and sound design was great,…[View]
487831683>Half-Life >Doom and it's other series titles, and it's engine brothers and sisters …[View]
487833574litteraly S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 fucking GOTY[View]
487834246Why didn't SNK put her in the new Samurai Shodown? Do they not want people to buy it?[View]
487834545Name one tactical turn-based game that released this decade that is better than Field of Glory 2. Th…[View]
487831801Was Yu Gay? Also Hacker's Memory/cute vidyaboi thread[View]
487822976What should I change on my PC to be able to play current games. Everything I try to play on it now h…[View]
487832806Post kino video game intro sequences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S-gOrcscSg[View]
487824086What is the game with the best gameplay?[View]
487833647Not a single. Not a single RPG exists that will give me feels. Why[View]
487829856Do you still have that childlike wonder and joy with newer games even a little bit?[View]
487828683Geralt is in: A book character will get into smash, thus blowing the doors wide open for Goku and co…[View]
487831074No REmake 3 announcement at VGA: Geoff has confirmed there will not be an announcement for Resident …[View]
487829898Post a song get a game recommendation, I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz9jNESJ0DI…[View]
487829517Wait..I thought there weren't going to be any more Metro games??: A SEQUEL?? PC gaming is saved…[View]
487822256Post chad mains[View]
487834749This game is about race and genetics also skin color[View]
487830783Has it been long enough that we can all admit that Okami was a really bad game that only received pr…[View]
487788068ITT: Shitty connectors[View]
487832458Play Outrun 2006: Coast2Coast, Outrun2, Outrun 2 SP, アウトラン2.[View]
487831993Is this game still active and worth learning, or should I just trade it in?[View]
487827427>Remaster out next year >Movie out next year >One of the most requested characters >Cult…[View]
487798708Is he right?[View]
487819235you did play it, right? you're not an automatoddler, right?[View]
487834679I have no job. I live with my mom. this January, I am turning 33 years old. I look like I'm 17.…[View]
487825454>'roguelike' >it's actually a roguelikelike…[View]
487831929>Game has fairies.[View]
487832898Will we ever get a good Godzilla game?[View]
487834492Mario Kart: ZOOM ZOOM[View]
487832685Greatest villains in video games? I'll start off[View]
487833996Stardew Valley: How's the update? Also who should I choose as my waifu this time around?[View]
487831572Sing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oORpDuzjjHU[View]
487832586The FUCK is this mediocre remix of Arashi no Saxophone 2? The sax feels like it doesn't even be…[View]
487830678Why are all the mods for D2 garbage?[View]
487830637>emulator has a speed up function >it also speeds up loading times How does even that work?…[View]
487833431Will you buy the Fairy Tail game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8-t97wuHHk[View]
487829985would you guys frick a creeper?[View]
487832852What did he mean by this?[View]
487833867The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.[View]
487833893What happened to Megaman B-Y?[View]
487833940'Mockery: Oh, Master, I do not trust you! I cannot trust you, or anyone else ever again!'[View]
487831135Why can't Japanese games compete?[View]
487824496When i get my robot and can fly all over the planet?[View]
487826961was Yandere Simulator the con of the decade?[View]
487807665How will it be remembered?[View]
487833618>console players manage to shit up the PC release years before it was even considered…[View]
487828523OH NO NO NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING: >abby censorship confirmed THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF FGO NA…[View]
487830418Now that Microsoft released Halo MCC on Steam will they release Gears 1,2 &3 on steam as well?[View]
487826568Should Capcom remake RE: Survivor?: I personally think they should consider remaking it, they should…[View]
487806235How's that game project coming along?[View]
487825192ITT: the undisputed truth[View]
487833007What are the best games for manipulating NPCs/armies into fighting each other?[View]
487829339These new OCs just keep getting worse and worse holy shit. They really should've stopped ages a…[View]
487833256Admit it Half Life got btfo so hard in that thread. >>487796869 Time to realize that Half Life…[View]
487832748>takes down mario royale >copies and adds it to mario maker 2 Just a reminder to never share y…[View]
487824142If you had the money and knowledge to design a game, what kind of game would it be? I want another g…[View]
487831808Hey guys, do you sometimes feel to that there are stuff that you care about that you should do but y…[View]
487832849Post your Porter Grade: I’m still in episode 3 by the way. Trying to 5 star everyone and rebuilding …[View]
487829493>Red.Dead.Redemption.2-CODEX >Red.Dead.Redemption.2-CODEX >Red.Dead.Redemption.2-CODEX ITS …[View]
487830891Does anybody else feel really tired and especially lazy after gaming for long? It makes me feel like…[View]
487824262steambros.. it was suppose to be our time[View]
487827578Resident Evil 4 is already a perfectly modern game: How will they fuck up the remake?[View]
487831026Why is every Sonic fan like this?[View]
487832064Welcome to GameSpy[View]
487832361Darf Fart: who wants to discuss The Dwarf Fortress[View]
487832347Garry's Mod Thread: for me, it's ttt_67th_way[View]
487817635>dogshit ''lore'' >mediocre combat(spam r1) >ugly visuals(only the starting zone is interes…[View]
487799434They can't keep getting away with this bros!!![View]
487824406It's happening!![View]
487832068WoW Classic: I'm enjoying classic, but I just keep making alts and leveling them to 40. What is…[View]
487830204Is this any good? I keep seeing the reaction image posted, but never heard anyone talk about the gam…[View]
487831418HERE'S YOUR DEVIL MAY CRY GAMEPLAY OH NO YES YES YES https://twitter.com/Billyavrian1/status/1…[View]
487830350>Have 200mbits internet >Every wifi connected device at least manages to get 100mbits even if …[View]
487831530ITT: Images you can hear[View]
487825870How I look experiencing all of the ps4 exclusives by watching the interesting parts on YouTube and n…[View]
487820416DFO: >https://www.dfoneople.com/news/events/1539/Altimate-Power-Leveling?page=1 One of the single…[View]
487817263EVE online: How long does it take on average until I can get a Niddhogur? It's like the only sh…[View]
487821137>that one game you love but will never see the light of day ever again: Whats her name /v/?…[View]
487829039At what point in history did video games truly die?[View]
487820196This game creeps me out deeply still to this day. When I was a kid the complete absence of friendly …[View]
487824997Picked up pic related at BB for $20 last week. Skipped to Secret of Mana. Holy shit I wish I picked …[View]
487827969/v/, I feel like we haven't been hard enough on our pal, our good sweetie Steve. Say something …[View]
487831082I need help here guys: I played a weird ps1 game when I was younger. It was a sort of Arena game whe…[View]
487824970ITT: You hear it you lose[View]
487822847>they put a giant christmas tree on mario circuit soulful[View]
487826409ITT: the best games of their respective series[View]
487825346Hideo and Kojima: So what's gonna be his next big gig? While people might be saying that playin…[View]
487827736Your experiences with this mode, /v/?: Took me around a month to beat it, current best time is 9:48.…[View]
487825125Why is this so good?[View]
487830721What JRPG is this song from?: Does anyone know what JRPG this song is from, all I have to go on is t…[View]
487828379Admit it, you're browsing /v/ right now[View]
487826919What is the modern year was the equivalent of this?[View]
487830594YES, I HAVE NO BANANAS![View]
487829040Don’t post things I don’t approve of: Don’t make me uncomfortable or I’ll get upset[View]
487830567Dreams Early Access ends in 2 days: >game will be unavailable to buy after Dec 7th >owners get…[View]
487806936Darksiders: you gonna buy her new game today?[View]
487818284vidya babe thread[View]
487826503Noita Thread: Post cool plays, wands, encounters, etc.[View]
487821673Death Stranding Biggest issue: The game is comfy but the biggest issue with it is the cutscenes.They…[View]
487826090star wars: JUST[View]
487830245While we may view it as a masterpiece, our children are going to look back on this and go 'really? t…[View]
487796869Recently replayed these games, it broke my nostalgia. HL2 just doesn't hold up at all, while HL…[View]
487724427Why did this game die so fast? The mario maker 2 threads on here were cool, but died in like 2 month…[View]
487818783>steal from bad people >lose karma[View]
487820014CODE VEIN: What are your thoughts at this game? I liked DS1-3, Bloodborne, Nioh, Nier - is this some…[View]
487827267Best Hour coming through[View]
487819198Steam Sale Review: >DOOM Generic fps. Enemy design sucks. Doom3 was a better game. >HITMAN 1/2…[View]
487825924Sir, permission to leave the station.[View]
487825996Santa hat Thread: Post your favorite characters with Santa hats Pick not related[View]
487827062why are you here instead of playing vidya?[View]
487827245Was he the most supportive side character in vidya history ?[View]
487829383He'll go really fast - faster than Mario - in the direction on the screen where the game design…[View]
487828074Was Jack Baker a good character?[View]
487829217ITT: Weird realizations you had: I just realized the bob-omb battlefield song uses the same sound as…[View]
487825615Raid Shadow Legends: >See every YouTuber shilling this >Eh fuck it, I will give it a try >I…[View]
487817937You’re not going to wear a bikini to a fight. You’re not going to be showing so much skin. I think i…[View]
487824223I'm glad that, despite our many arguments and strong disagreements, we can all harmoniously agr…[View]
487781261WoW Classic: First server is OFFICIALLY dead, bros! All the major Alliance guilds have transferred t…[View]
487826829what the fuck is the point of this? why would i want to play with a third of the screen cut off? wh…[View]
487828353rewind 2019: Let's beat 16 mil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lAe1cqCOXo&feature=youtu.be…[View]
487828724DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ: >select Broly >'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' Cracks me up every tim…[View]
487828164Post your ideal Digimon game.[View]
487823408Admit it, you cried like a bitch at the ending?[View]
487829131>go to female prostitute >cold without any feelings or heart >go to brazilian tranny >cu…[View]
487823939Linux gaming thread: Linux has games Try to prove me wrong protip: you can't[View]
487825296SCP Secret Lab: MEGAPATCH 2 has been released two days ago and there's a bunch of new fun stuff…[View]
487826637About how many hours of video games do you think you play each week? How many days each week do you …[View]
487828960The Witcher is in that forgotten mech game The fuck[View]
487827781rate my psn haul /v/[View]
487828821You aren't getting an RE3 announcement at the video game awards and don't you fucking dare…[View]
487826293>tfw every year more kids who were not alive and/or remember the console wars of the 90s are allo…[View]
487812909>deletes Kara's story and add more hours into Markus' and Connor's stories Ahhhh …[View]
487828561THEY'RE IN[View]
487817475Awful games /v/ tricked you to play[View]
487759557is the Ace Combat games worth getting into? Which to start with? I want something fast paced and fil…[View]
487818141There are a lot of theme park management games to choose form but are there any good zoo management …[View]
487828408is this officially vaporware now? he changed the release date to 'coming soon' again[View]
487814586What went so wrong?[View]
487816923Do you have any vidya tattoos?[View]
487775187I don't think I understand this game I can barely play the game between getting stunned, knockb…[View]
487824362What will Nintendo games look like when they inevitably go multiplatform? Will nintendo even know ho…[View]
487819546AoE 4: 'We're doing things that no other RTS game has done before in terms of how units respond…[View]
487826294When will the indie Smash clones implement a complete package over just the competitive format?[View]
487822251Today is Haru Okumura's birthday! Say something nice to her, /v/.[View]
487826528No steam no buy crew sure is big, yikes[View]
487825805Why did the Enclave have different power armor than the BoS?: They're both descendants of the U…[View]
487821509Is anyone here as retarded as Ninja and thinks he's right?[View]
487823091Jak and Daxter remake when?[View]
487824251Post vidya good boys[View]
487802432Do you miss manuals and other physical goodies, /v/?[View]
487827686If you enjoy your Stadia purchase, by all means, continue to enjoy it.[View]
4878228708 fucking megabytes: How did we deal with this back then?[View]
487827285better than shitquisition[View]
487826973Feels that boomers will never understand[View]
487827414in 2019. I am HUNGGGGG!/spoiler][View]
487813519Life is strange: >Take the one based character from the original >Turn him into a fucking hip…[View]
487826931<< Now watch this shot >>[View]
487827250Absolute. Pure. Kino.[View]
487826103Why nobody has ripped the SNK heroines models and made porn off it?[View]
487827210Pripyat: I'm playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. call of Pripyat and I just finished all of my business in Y…[View]
487826574Who is your Fortnitefu?[View]
487821862I just finished Fallout 1, and just about to start playing the sequel. What character build should I…[View]
487818291Who's Heart are they after?[View]
487815183>Spots you[View]
487823004Sonic was never good. https://julay.world/v/res/4363.html#4366 https://julay.world/v/res/4363.html#4…[View]
487826807What are your hopes for Resident Evil 3 2020 remake?[View]
4877747431. Post your 3 favorite games and genres. 2. Post your 3 least favorite games and genres. 3. Post y…[View]
487823271Geoff says next year he's thinking about having a Game of the Decade award. What would you give…[View]
487825892Is it gonna be good /v/?[View]
487825732Are you poor or something?: How much money have you spent on free games /v/ros. This is me[View]
487826682The harder thing a have played: Strange game for iPhone. I scored ONLY 7 POINTS, 7 POINTS FOR ONE HO…[View]
487796275Have you played it yet?[View]
487826223>amazing covert art >not your type of game what's her name /v/?…[View]
487824532What went wrong?[View]
487826443Admit it, He was based.[View]
487818595video games inspired by black and african culture i'll start[View]
487826136Is this game supposed to be good?[View]
487825520How was I supposed to know?[View]
487825506Skarpne is the new protagonist for the last game you played. How does she fend? How does the game wo…[View]
487816586Now I will play your game.[View]
487809876will trade gp for gf: will trade gp for gf[View]
487785921>60fps >1080p >That horrible motion blur is gone >DMR is still pure satisfaction I think…[View]
487813450What are your most played steam games: and how many hours?[View]
487795092Bayonetta coming to PS4: Best Bayonetta game coming home[View]
487769307I hate zoomers so much![View]
487822463>Play Doom in public >'What Minecraft mod is that?'…[View]
487784937fuck RBG zoomer keyboards /v/ what are some proper gaming keyboards for adults?[View]
487823485Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)[View]
487825635Dragon Quest XI: Damn, a lot of care and details have been put into this game. I wish the photomode …[View]
487786650Kojima plagiarizes[View]
487822064Oh, look! A package arrived! I wonder what it could be...[View]
487822637Abby thread[View]
487818458would you fuck Mara?[View]
487825258What was it about this man that made him such a sensation?[View]
487820834What went wrong?: Seriously I never played it, why is it shat upon?[View]
487822775>2019 >STILL no Vita II[View]
487825470Man, I sure love when white French guys tell me what its like to be a minority in America[View]
487820061Things that make gamers FREAKIN cringe hard and then have le epic roflcopter: >shoot security cam…[View]
487825398who else having an absolute blast of a time with this game[View]
487822693Diablo 2 ladder reset tomorrow 5PM Pacific time: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/diablo…[View]
487817161Behold, the holy trinity of vaporware.[View]
487824925cawthon gave up his integrity through the release of this gacha product[View]
487801863Just finished Endless Frontier Exceed after it got an English translation and that shit was dope. It…[View]
487825105>Competitive shooter >Auto-aim has anyone else lost what little respect they had for multiplay…[View]
487821924do you prefer games from last gen or this gen?[View]
487823229give me back my nose anon or else[View]
487824725>he is not a streamer yet what's wrong faggot? working 3 hours a day is too much for you? ht…[View]
487811836>stop playing shooters at 2014 with Halo 4 >implying I'd play Halo 5 after that >Reach…[View]
487824941>steamcucks getting reddit deddit redditemption sloppy seconds >meanwhile I'm playing the…[View]
487824932Team Fortress is a great piece of history for the fps genre and one of the fathers of the modern her…[View]
487824924For what these games were meant to be, I cannot find one major flaw in any of them. Not one. Can you…[View]
487824685What are some games with buff dudes?[View]
487824675>that's right, it was all me Lara! I hope the realization finally settles in as your windpip…[View]
487822027Mega Man ZX 3 when? Ill-fated Mega Man thread go![View]
487799067This game will change everything[View]
487824252Post and rate all star wars games you have played[View]
487821712Alpha Protocol: Is there significant gameplay or narrative repercussions to the way you treat your c…[View]
487816527ITT only the purest of kinos[View]
487824126Why did the Covenant refer to him as Demon?[View]
487823467>he writes epic funny reviews on Steam[View]
487820659Any good hoarding games?[View]
487809460Why the fuck was this game completely erased from history? It wasn't that bad, was it?[View]
487811167Metal Gear Rising: literally HOW do i defeat him? i have no problem to parry his attacks and have no…[View]
487817723What is your preferred horse game?[View]
487816831so this is the power of Steam[View]
487807806Doesn't the fact that Yu is a Chad without even trying prove Adachi right?[View]
487801985Does /v/ like Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowybringers[View]
487819510Never finished the original half life but I want to play through the series. Is Black Mesa superior …[View]
487817208TATS MAK SEN PU KYAK[View]
487821729>RE3 won't be one of the TGA announcements[View]
487774650This game is geniunly a hidden masterpiece imo: >8/10 story, only held back by being a pokemon sp…[View]
487823745legendary is really hard, you're not going to give up though are you? you have more self respec…[View]
487804354Give me your honest opinion of this game[View]
487821605steam controller thread? what settings are youse guys using on this? I put the gyro onto mouse joyst…[View]
487818091>NPC has super powerful weapon that does massive amounts of damage to you >finally kill him by…[View]
487823281Halo Reach non-EAC Armor Unlock Mod: For those who wanna do campaign looking like they did on 360. Y…[View]
487823186>you can play a console inside the game >the music is 8-bit remix of the main theme…[View]
487818559PC gaming is a giant scam to get retards to spend thousands of dollars on incremental upgrades and m…[View]
487819946Your daily reminder that >pic related is still looking forward to Resident Evil 3, with an impen…[View]
487815090Thoughts on Parasite in City? I never see it discussed in /v/[View]
487821886So what's your devil breaker of choice[View]
487797595https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMVo9UgsUIM >English dub YIKES INTO THE TRASH IT GOES…[View]
487819485Other content coming in Smash Ultimate 7.0.0: Mt. Snow Trouble Maker - MISCHIEF MAKERS *Opening Titl…[View]
487819349Are videogames the only medium where remakes can be better than the original?[View]
487808426>Mario and Luigi is dead in the ground >Paper Mario will never be good again Calling it right …[View]
487806804In BTB matches, DMRs and battle-rifles should be pick-ups and only assault rifles and pistols should…[View]
487756315/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487710920 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487820429I got off to a bad start by having to replay the beginning because I had to leave the game before do…[View]
487822897ITT: KINO: 'It didn't take long for Reach to fall. Our enemy was ruthless. Efficient. But they …[View]
487818875gamers are the most powerful race in the world[View]
487822613What are some games you find yourself coming back to around the holiday times? Pic related for me.[View]
487784154Left or right???????????????[View]
487821336Mass Effect: ME1 > ME3 > ME2[View]
487815571This might sound like a paradox or an oxymoron, but what are the best online/multiplayer games to pl…[View]
487813817Have any of you ever read this video book before? Just picked it up for $4 (PS2) and 20 minutes into…[View]
487809352Geoff Keighley is doing a AMA on reddit: What would you ask him bros?[View]
487821919>Microsoft >pls gibs money goym for 10 year old game…[View]
487814760touhou thread now HARRY UP[View]
487819861Goro Akechi did nothing wrong! He got away scott free![View]
487820827Post Scriptum - Chapter 2: whats the verdict /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2v03mizxU4…[View]
487819456>Developed in Hawaii It's a WRPG.[View]
487818578>BRO. DISTRICTS.[View]
487807698Persona 5 Scramble first week sales: PS4: 250k Switch: 30k[View]
487820939Did they even ask or was it the wall?[View]
487791638If you think Kojima ISN'T a genius, how do you suppose he made this? Checkmate.[View]
487789087Phoenix Point: How is it?[View]
487818952I miss him bros[View]
487815106Gotcha Force: Will Capcom ever revisit this IP?[View]
487807238Hey /v/: Remember back when RE5 was announced and journos calling vidya racist was considered shocki…[View]
487820579what tv do you play your vidya gaems on?[View]
487795341Crash Bandicoot thread.: Seven days for next Grand prix.[View]
487817356Why is he so afraid of doing Sonic Adventure 3? Even if it ends up being shit, it seems like he…[View]
487820912my face when i see /v/ white washing nessa from pokemon[View]
487807296the real /v/ GOTY 2019: https://www.strawpoll.me/19015775/ almost 800 votes, lets go[View]
487820495Games to play while drinking two 40s while chain smoking GPC cigarettes?[View]
487796531Sonic thread[View]
487815336You do a 360 and walk away[View]
487819657I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe. Why is fate so cruel?[View]
487820685How can I guess the gameshow questions right every time? They're random and nonsensical >No …[View]
487817145IS THAT.. JILL?!? UUGHH... OHH, I AM GONNA..[View]
487818190This guy namu namus your GF on the ass. What do you do?[View]
487818140Why are gamers like this?[View]
487815986>make The Matrix Online >make FEAR >make condemned >make FEAR 2 >huh what should we m…[View]
487787424>emulation makes the game look 10x better my ps2 is going straight into the trash…[View]
487812290What makes a good character design in you opinion?[View]
487819505/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>487756315 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
487819082Now that I have your attention, should I buy Modern Warfare or Escape From Tarkov? Which is better r…[View]
487820154ITT: Post Dead Games[View]
487820031help how do i beat Megan's second form?[View]
487819935Why does he act like Falco?[View]
487815251>Joanna Dark >Jeanne d'Arc[View]
487813652Which game did you enjoy but its god awful community ruined the game for you?[View]
487818971comfy is back on the menu boys also why would rdr2 chose this date to release it on steam? ets2 will…[View]
487819598>Not in a million year[View]
487813693>enjoy your new TTK, bro[View]
487798073Tell me Quark, if the Ferengi are so great, how come none of the Star Trek games have made a big pro…[View]
487799116And the Game of the Year award goes to _____________.[View]
487703151i feel bad for claire desu, how is she supposed to compete against a giga stacy like jill? i worry t…[View]
487816417What went wrong?[View]
487812285>Nintendo: 119.5 million >Sony: 119.6 million Nintendo is about to surpass Sony for the most n…[View]
487815731What am I in for?[View]
487816661I am so....SICK and TIRED...of all of these EDGY, IMMATURE, and MORALLY BANKRUPT Chaos degenerates. …[View]
487799258Yo, Senpai! You free to hang after school?[View]
487819065Actually excited to play: Last halo game I played was 2 I think it was so long ago. Getting this one…[View]
487814839The only keyboard you'll ever need[View]
487817653>'The handheld market is dead! DS and PSP are FINISHED' >'If iPhone games look THIS GOOD what …[View]
487814348i wanna go back bros.... i can only hope the ps5 is half as good as the ps2[View]
487816554its going to be playstation exclusive.[View]
487818706This game surely filtered many plebs.[View]
487818476Midnight Club still dead soz[View]
487805060Is there a GTA protagonist more dangerous than Trevor? Could any of them kill him solo?[View]
487817702Believe me or don't. Bomberman is being revealed at TGA. Not sure if he is FP#5 or a post pass …[View]
487804906Serious Sam Thread - Non Deleted Edition: Thoughts on Serious Sam 3? Personally I think it's pr…[View]
487815664So what happened to the Earth?[View]
487818542I have a ps4 and I mostly play ports and remakes of ps2 and ps3 titles on it. I don't know why …[View]
487814892We are exactly 7 days away from new game announcements, and potential gameplay trailers from previou…[View]
487818232>100+ games >Nothing good to play[View]
487793503Are you a 'Low Tier Hero' when you play fighting/competitive party games? I love playing Ganondorf, …[View]
487818402How's that game coming along /v/[View]
487818158Glad i belong to the master race and only become the best possible version of a product.[View]
487818256Post the best game over sequnces in vidya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXQHaflMpZw[View]
487817498What will Nintendo games look like when they inevitably go multiplatform? Will nintendo even know ho…[View]
487814123>Not a single video game that you've enjoyed has been released in years This sucks…[View]
487814052>Snatcher is just Terminator+Blade Runner >Policenauts is just Lethal Weapon >Death Strandi…[View]
487816690>takes place in 2022 are we ready? are we ready in 2 years? EDF thread …[View]
487810189Best Games of the Decade (2010-2019): Post your list. >2010 Fallout: New Vegas Red Dead Redemptio…[View]
487816681ITT: Memorable quotes in vidya. I'll start: 'eewo eewo' - Koopa Troopa[View]
487817871I want to play Gunstar Heroes on my cfw 3DS and it does not work. My console crashes when I launch t…[View]
487817819is yakuza 0 most basedjack game ever?[View]
487817874Why are video games incapable of telling a good story? Is it because we value gameplay more?[View]
487811170now that the dust has settled: anyone else feel fucking ripped off for this dog shit delivery simula…[View]
4878141083DS Games: Friends, I am going on a trip for a week and I'm looking for some games I could brin…[View]
487816402Give me some ps4 game recs for the sale bros[View]
487816294Recommend me a good game like HOI2-3[View]
487743612Blaster Master Zero 2: Here it is.[View]
487817431>rival character is better than the MC why do 'games' do this? they must know I'll like the …[View]
487815390>*betrays you* >*robs you* >*betrays everyone* >*gets betrayed and shot* >*becomes a…[View]
487817294Where am i supposed to go when an Ivy thread gets archived?[View]
487816760this is the Jailer, the main antagonist of the next WoW expansion he kinda looks like a dreadlord…[View]
487815335When you break into the video game industry and get your own studio, what's your 10/10 magnum o…[View]
487814051Which do you prefer? AM2R or Metroid: Samus Returns? >AM2R devs are now working on 'Ori and …[View]
487814432hows that video game coming along /v/?[View]
487816542I'm glad that, despite our many arguments and strong disagreements, we can all harmoniously agr…[View]