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474905579How do you pronounce it?: >Super Nintendo >S. N. E. S. >Snes…[View]
474910838Do lesbians even play enough games to justify all the pandering they get?[View]
474912393>Astral Chain (NSW) – 9/10/9/9 let the SEETHING commence (resume?)[View]
474911493>decide to buy MK8 DX >still 60 bucks[View]
474909801So I beat this and Minervas den. Really enjoyed it. My question is about the other little bits of dl…[View]
474911690Nier Automata is like so deep you know? I never thought about robots/ai developing consciousness/emo…[View]
474912061>get 1 shotted by a little girl Even in hard mode this game is fucking stupid easy. What the hel…[View]
474880341MK11 DLC Kombat pack leaked.: The datamines were real. https://gonintendo.com/stories/342615-mortal-…[View]
474911845so this game let me be a whore or what? asking for a friend btw im not into that.[View]
474909706Is it shit?[View]
474904958Fire Emblem: Three Houses sold 800,000 in 6 Days!: >F-FIRE EMBLEM: THREE POOPS IS GONNA FAIL! HAH…[View]
474908268Nvidia FTW: Sorry, /v/[View]
474908654SMB BBHD OG Music is gone: Super Monkey Ball banana blitz kickass music by the sonic rush/jet set ra…[View]
474911513Evoland - Legendary Edition: Should I grab this? Is it any good?[View]
474911106What mouses do you guys use for gaming? Pic related, it's my mouse, it keeps getting a double …[View]
474893161Games where the villain is actually right?[View]
474911443how many do we have left? 2?[View]
474905785>He mains Lloyd Banks[View]
474905061https://youtu.be/yCk6Jk7DvrA Happening[View]
474910810Just buy Skyrim bro, it worked for me[View]
474910929>Class A isn't really my playstyle, but has the highest potential damage output >Class B …[View]
474909783Under Night in Birth Thread: There wasn't one, so yeah.[View]
474904695Video Game Companies with the most Billion dollar franchises: > 1. Nintendo (16) > 2. Electron…[View]
474907480The superior fish waifu[View]
474909502Doomguy in MK11: Why do so many of you fucks want him in Smash Bros instead of Mortal Kombat? He fit…[View]
474906708Warcraft III: I don't play RTS games, but I'm finishing Warcraft 3 before Classic WoW come…[View]
474906214I'm planning on a Ocarina of Time playthrough. Any suggestions on fun ways to play the game bec…[View]
474867661why is league the more popular of the two?[View]
474899259Here's your roster, bro.[View]
474910539PC Game Pass: I been browsing the windows store and here are some games I found on game pass.[View]
474908442Why aren't you playing Trials of Mana right now?[View]
474886498Best Switch games (in the eshop) for less than $30 dollars. GO[View]
474903631What games are a wild ride?[View]
474902620There is a huge hole in the racing game market: The obsession with realism and simulation has gone t…[View]
474909027>support me on Patreon[View]
474907347I unironically think non-story focus game is a waste of time.[View]
474908062For me, it's Momiji.[View]
474903789How long ago was it?[View]
474909796need for speed heat new gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au-euRlg5_k&t=255s so what did …[View]
474901885Why does this trigger zoomers so much?[View]
474906932ITT forgotten/obscure Steam games you own.[View]
474909173Can anyone help a guy out? Dolphin runs games smooth, but has a constant screen flicker. Can't …[View]
474908440Is this good? I've never played any .hack games, but I'm interested in them since the char…[View]
474812493GCCX thread post some Arino images newfags, redditers, tourists don't be allowed to post here[View]
474906356hey /v/ I need a game where I can make friends. Vermintide 2 maybe? Or something else?[View]
474909442NIS/NISA: I just heard the news. What was your favorite NISA published game and what could NIS do to…[View]
474906735im a bad fren. i got my buddy who has been really in the dumps lately into the idea of playing drag…[View]
474902398When will we get another Shadowrun game[View]
474895569This is on sale for 2$. Worth it?[View]
474907538Which game had the best song list?[View]
474905247Who did this?[View]
474902789Running an airbnb with an xbox: I'm going to run an airbnb and am debating putting my xbox insi…[View]
474903442>12 years later >still no PC capable of running Crysis…[View]
474909141Too many faggots love the Witcher 3. It’s like the marketing went overboard and the plebs loved a go…[View]
474906402Outer Fucking Wilds: Outer Wilds is the best experience I've ever had the pleasure of witnessin…[View]
474882569You now love Yagyu.[View]
474908683What do you thnik of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDummyqX0Dw[View]
474903196I've been playing on the dlc beta build of smash with some buds >DLC 4 is Papyrus >Incomp…[View]
474896780Blizzard is censoring player corpses in Classic WoW: Blunder of the fucking year https://archive.is/…[View]
474906217The absolute state of GBW right now.[View]
474905867Why can't Western devs make attractive women in their games anymore?[View]
474900889Admit it faggots, you loved this game before literal who E-Celebs like EgoRaptor made videos about i…[View]
474900674Is there a greater example of a franchise that sunk so low but came back so great? Not even Sonic we…[View]
474906213Say hello to your new Playstation mascot.[View]
474905913>postal has a pissing gimmick >everyone loves it >some game made by some asian has a pissin…[View]
474905781This is a thread to compliment the one about censoring corpses in WoW, only I have a question: how t…[View]
474905221Why don't more games let you play as a plant?[View]
474907683OH NO NO NO NO NO *wheeze*[View]
474899178Best DQXI, liked it and decided to put pic related on my Hard Drive to play on my PS2. What am I in …[View]
474907869Worth playing?[View]
474907857What are some games where you start off as an important or powerful person rather than a random scru…[View]
474830692You will buy the definitive edition of her game on the Nintendo Switch, right?[View]
474898452ITT: Video game moments that literally made you shout 'KINO!' https://streamable.com/ort1h[View]
474889796Matrix Kino back on the menu boys. Possible new game?[View]
474907519how come there were only 3 devil may cry games that were actually good?[View]
474899559>create new genre >people start to panic People are always afraid of new stuff, just wait for …[View]
474907175>You know I'm not ashamed of the way I dress, Corrin. And I feel I should show that confiden…[View]
474901901>game has user-submitted content >submit my own stuff thinking at least someone will like it …[View]
474906008Will we ever get another?[View]
474875096Remnant From the Ashes: What do you guys think of it? It's getting nice positive reviews[View]
474904798What was this character's endgame?[View]
474907105Leak this fucking game already. Or at least, the OST.[View]
474905905>Spent literally days here while Hyrule was stuck in the shadow realm What's your worst off…[View]
474900086Marvel vs Capcom is fucking dead[View]
474904829What are some video game character redesigns that are better than the original?[View]
474858746>ruins your game[View]
474896163Arabic Games: Looking for games that have the option of putting in Arabic sub-titles or interface. I…[View]
474902085What is a game that (most of) /v/ never played but pretend to like and praise?[View]
474889606Jordan Peterson posts his opinion on gaming.: >Go on https://notjordanpeterson.com >Type a gam…[View]
474906884Let's classify ResetEra as a Terrorist Organization: >Does online harassment against game de…[View]
474889045Why aren’t you playing Girls Frontline? It has actual gameplay[View]
474898203Be honest: What were your favorite games growing up?[View]
474902963Smush DLC: this is the only correct opinion for a rhythm heaven character https://youtu.be/k5SnNpZ4R…[View]
474903957DEN-NIS DEN-NIS[View]
474906510Fallout 1 and 2 has the most kino animations[View]
474901704DK with a gun: He has no shame. He has no fame. This Kong is gonna shoot up a place.[View]
474901663What do you think of final fantasy's job system? should they bring back ff 16?[View]
474883025The last non-vidya media you consumed gets a video game adaption. If it already has one, the next th…[View]
474906406I've been pretty burnt out on modern games so I figured I'd go through the backlog of shit…[View]
474856069Bannerlord thread: >Bannerlord release date announced over 12 hours ago >multiple threads thro…[View]
474901143Best controller for fighting games?: What do you use regularly for games like SF, Tekken or dead or …[View]
474902036>be me >playing game >controller vibrates >put it on my peepee >mfw…[View]
474904729Serial Experiments Lain for PS1: AND YOU DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND![View]
474899356Greedfall: Is it gonna be good?[View]
474906108ITT: games you wont play because the music sucks.: i'll start. I like rhythm games but bit trip…[View]
474905745In light of this news. Lets talk about Matrix games.[View]
474902729I'm all prepped for Classic WoW! >:3[View]
474905949Beatrix is literally a more interesting character and better party member than anyone not named Vivi…[View]
474905985How does it feel to know that this little faggot literally killed Bioware?[View]
474851374What went so right and what do you think is the future of the series?[View]
474905448what the fuck was nintendo thinking with this?[View]
474905876>Ganondorf doesn't carry bad playe-[View]
474899291>Here's your spiritual sequel to Battle Network, bruhs! I got rid of the unnecessary jarpig …[View]
474903230How did he achieve that?[View]
474903205Thoughts on Ezio?[View]
474901604Ion Fury: Can we actually talk about the game or is that not allowed anymore by the outrage brigade?…[View]
474899821Husky Soycraft: So look, I game a lot but this isn't my board so excuse me for stepping on boar…[View]
474905194You get to be any video game villain for 10 years in the real world but then you meet the same downf…[View]
474904265Why aren’t there any good multiplayer openworld survival games? All I wanted was just having fun...[View]
474903194Post your toon[View]
474903919Frostpunk: Should we send the children to the mines?[View]
474904818>female guards >no ambient music >not about stealing >main quest is about framing, eave…[View]
474893183what is the undergrads of vidya?[View]
474904756>'At first, Huey is bewildered because Snake's face is different (player avatar), but he sen…[View]
474903705>God Tier: Edwin, Jan, Sarevok >High Tier: Imoen, Minsc, Keldorn, Yoshimo >Mid Tier: Aerie,…[View]
474902882I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to the hope in the possibility that E3 will be video…[View]
474904670Bideo games + asmr can it work? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j1iDsFIHrR0[View]
474857445Cartoon Network flash games[View]
474901971Warcraft III... home Will /v/ be playing the best RTS of all time?[View]
474903530What did they fucking mean by this?[View]
474902028Is it possible to learn this power?[View]
474897154Coming to PC next week, Bloodborne Feb 2020[View]
474904356any good horror games out there?[View]
474880331Smash: Here's your next fighter /v/. Say something nice.[View]
474904335Tfw no re-release of 3rd game[View]
474878963Xenoblade Thread: Fuck it Let's have a Xeno Thread Favorite game? Favorite OST and track? Favor…[View]
474903770it's time to admit this was a good mod/game quakecucks.[View]
474900446What's the Inti Illimani of video games?[View]
474899637What if Chun-Li was a horse[View]
474903883ITT: games you gave up on halfway through[View]
474891562Any good christian video games?[View]
474902084GameStop: How many of you have in-store credit at GameStop? What did you trade-in? Why would you tru…[View]
474904015Forted and crimsoncapsuled[View]
474903971What games have the best/coolest looking architecture?[View]
474896609You guys like speedruns, yeah? You go apeshit over GDQ every six months; did you know they do more t…[View]
474903926I want a Little Nightmares thread. The trailer has me hyped and I'm disappointed none of you a…[View]
474903084What do you think about Marina?[View]
474903182'Death to all niggers!'-samantha the teenage hedghork[View]
474903820Ugh hl2 beta what could have been....[View]
474894942So with the hype of PW4 and Three Houses doing so well, it is pretty much a lock that Koei will get …[View]
474897925>Extra effort for 3rd party characters to be represented faithfully >Bowser, Donkey Kong, and …[View]
474895280no more jokes /v/. I need a good mouse recommendation and I need it now (current is G502)[View]
474899046>want to buy gaming laptop >everything looks fine to me except the storage space >256gb I o…[View]
474901801Whats the bet after 3 months this gets ported due to low sales?[View]
474855169There will be a Smash Bros. 5.0 Update video on the 23rd featuring Banjo and Kazooie as the text nar…[View]
474903303Print Gaming Magazines: For those that still check out print magz....What print gaming magazines do …[View]
474899024Video game crossovers that should be made. >Gravity Rush >Ape Escape…[View]
474903220What are some games where I can run a mercenary group? Games where you can actually make money and b…[View]
474895674You’re getting game pass now, right /v/?[View]
474897491I'm afraid[View]
4749018973H=shitfag: >Mediocre missions at best >Plot makes no goddamm sense if you pair with Edelgard …[View]
474903010Why is everyone in the new Mario and Sonic game half naked?[View]
474892932Is there enough time to get the mounts before the event ends in a month? I have 0 wolf marks and I…[View]
474897896Funny how a bottle with ogay on it is somehow 'bad', (why? who ever said that 'gay' is a bad word in…[View]
474893880https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZlYGN5W2Yg >1991 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq1jknZp0ic …[View]
4748778423x3 thread: post em. dont forget to r8[View]
474902573Shall we?[View]
474902915https://vocaroo.com/i/s1o5zCed3NE2 games for this feel?[View]
474896301Who here /retard meme spec/ >For me, it's melee off-tank hunter with reflects…[View]
474901306Has anyone here played this? Is it any good?[View]
474879885Monster Hunter Thread. We still got one more trailer coming. Probably for the 3 subspecies we knew b…[View]
474899817this game is fucking DEAD, no one gives a shit about it besides being mad about the roster or trying…[View]
474897397>Japan is saving video games[View]
474862975Nier Automata: How can Square Enix surpass this Masterpiece?[View]
474902447So, I'm in the place you go to right after you beat Vins in the temple. I didn't know beat…[View]
474901174You just know.[View]
474900659Your thoughts on Ghostrunner ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2zgVn_ECkU[View]
474898487It's official[View]
474900679Hey Lucas, wanna go join the Pigmasks?[View]
474901804Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 https://www.bloodlines2.com >COMING Q1 2020 https://www.youtu…[View]
474899824?: WoW classic.[View]
474901969What level summoning do i need to be to create 1d6 demiboys? I need to defeat the lich king transmas…[View]
474895772Play far cry 3[View]
474901917Post em'. You know what.[View]
474845603/v/ humor[View]
474901756Anybody else miss this game? Only just started playing before the multiplayer was removed..[View]
474895052Jesus fucking christ where are the good video games. I thought I just grew out of them since I'…[View]
474901580just two more months bros[View]
474901590Here's your alt costumes bro.[View]
474897630This is a good game.[View]
474900939immediate access to all games, world-wide no access to games that are not made how to fix it[View]
474901309Golden Deer: A bunch of legit annoying people that are somehow still enjoyable than majority of the …[View]
474897575Rip oddworld[View]
474898542Do you love Aigis /v/?[View]
474897776Opinions on Susie Deltarune?[View]
474899297do you think you'll still be playing games in your old age?[View]
474899165When does 'hard' become 'unfair'?[View]
474895252Rave thread.: Go to https://rave.dj/ and mix two video game songs together.[View]
474847671/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>474771754 >Post character name/franchise and referen…[View]
474900367Wahoo!: I think we all know where this is going.[View]
474888641What vydia does this ?[View]
474898083Can it run Crysis?[View]
474900662i need games wtih this aesthetic[View]
474898946Post them TF2 loadouts.[View]
474900519ITT characters who are literally you[View]
474890257Well its safe to say battlefront 2 redemed itself[View]
474900332Here's reposting for anons being in their best possible physiology for scheduled games. >…[View]
474823178Heroforge thread: >Go to heroforge.com >Create a vidya character >Other guess what characte…[View]
474900294Why yes, I have played all the Harry Potter games and think anything past Prisoner of Azkaban is shi…[View]
474832001Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBLvlK3eJPE…[View]
474899227*makes millions of capeshitfags seethe*[View]
474899035Which is the superior mechanic? Jump with fall attack or Jump and shoot?[View]
474899683yoshinori ono here what do you want in Street Fighter 6[View]
474899681Why do I feel that every classic WoW realm will be full of tryhards and it will not be fun at all. M…[View]
474898301Hi I just woke up from a comma since 1992 any good games come out? And whos president[View]
474882241Things you can say about your game but not your girlfriend[View]
474899560Just picked this up on sale for Switch. What am I in for?[View]
474896669No anon, your breathtaking![View]
474898278Ugh what team fortress 2 could have been.....fuck gabe[View]
474899516Is this like Tag Force?[View]
474897708Really makes one think[View]
474898335Anyone play “The two Colonels” dlc?: Just finished and it’s yet another reason Metro: Exodus is my g…[View]
474896531How the FUCK did this shitty 2D Dark Souls rip-off with cringey tumblr tier art get so popular? Is i…[View]
474897565Remember when CartoonNetwork tried appealing to weeaboos?[View]
474896608Choose your class.[View]
474899158>The Protagonist gets the girl in the end Post Games with comfy/wholesome/cute endings…[View]
474861518Death Stranding '''gameplay''': Behold, your Game of the Year™ featuring absolutely thrilling and un…[View]
474892595Assuming that Disney doesn't buy Sony & Insomniac cannot make Spider-Man games anymore. Wha…[View]
474896710Super Mario Maker 2 Shill and Chill: >Forest of Spiciness Mario travels to Mexico just to find a …[View]
474894634How did they manage to fuck up soo bad?[View]
474897367ITT Games you have a lot of hours in but are still terrible at[View]
474834996DMC: I loved DMC5, but if this is Itsuno's last DMC and a new director takes over the franchise…[View]
474882130Let's fix TF2 Here are my suggestions >Remove the Sniper >Remove the Spy…[View]
474898790This is a Finnish tranny. Would you still hate ReseTrannies if they looked like this?[View]
474886071BE ANGRY ABOUT SMASH BROS THREAD: Fuck Pikachu >Braindead spammable projectile >Braindead comb…[View]
474898672where is Super Mario 65?[View]
474892913Clone Commandos coming to battlefront 2. Will you forgive EA now? https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/…[View]
474845750Personally I think Lightning-san is underappreciated.[View]
474816331We are never getting more Star Fox games, right? Did Zero actually kill the franchise?[View]
474887126>Green Goblin never ever >Venom never ever FUUUUUUUCK…[View]
474897228Why did they make this race so crapy[/spoiler] and fatty?[View]
474898490Video games with good sniping mechanics?[View]
474898250Which one is more likely to get a rep in the fighters pass?[View]
474870804Fuck you, /v/, post the best video game song you can think of RIGHT NOW. And no, I didn't say '…[View]
474885728>every game at my immediate access >can't decide so I don't end up playing anything …[View]
474871474Are you getting this game or not?[View]
474847056Best racing game: Just saw some gameplay from the new nfs, and it got me wondering, what is the best…[View]
474870247ITT: Games ONLY you played[View]
474894094>joke character was the strongest character all along What games follow this trope?…[View]
474897903have sex[View]
474880382What's your gaming mouse of choice, /v/?[View]
474868254>start playing DQ3 >get psychoanalyzed >it's spot on >a fucking game knows me bette…[View]
474812926Today is the 5th anniversary of the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. Say something nice about it.[View]
474886363Why do fighting game characters like to show off their body so much?[View]
474894395What are /v/'s thoughts on nu-games?[View]
474896098We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature, and movies... what w…[View]
474896063What generals need to get the fuck off /v/? >Your turn to die >Final Fantasy XIV >Danganron…[View]
474808754I have never seen a blander looking motherfucker in my entire life; it is actually kinda impressive.…[View]
474897801Bros... :([View]
474897756What the fuck was his problem?[View]
474897740Horizon Zero Dawn: How would you improve a hypothetical sequel? I would focus on the pacing of gamep…[View]
474896571Redpill me on this series /v/. Which game is the best one? Which one is the worst? Obviously excludi…[View]
474897232>you will never wake up on a cold saturday morning and check the latest Chad Warden video on game…[View]
474895049what is the best Mass Effect game and why is it Mass Effect 2?[View]
474889479What are some iconic video game quotes? Pic related.[View]
474896041>tfw no snake in tekken[View]
474891692Is PC gaming dead?: Honestly, when games exclusive to consoles look this good what even is the point…[View]
474897417when are you gonna buy his game anon?[View]
474890763Without question, the most overrated 'classic' PC game I've ever played, more so because of how…[View]
474897081>he does'nt dual wield[View]
474871347Smash Fighters Pass: Yep, they're in.[View]
474870832S4 League with /v/ - SHOW ME YOUR S4!: IT'S TIME FOR THE S4 LEAGUE! GET IN HERE ESPERFAGS! Play…[View]
474893165New Bark Town... home...[View]
474892351Fuck of Steve-posters: Steve gets in, what all does he have and bring. Give all your best ideas…[View]
474883960Annual reminder that no matter how bad things are for you right now, at least you're still not …[View]
474880626Ghostbusters Remaster trailer on Switch https://youtu.be/zW13WAt3vds I'm pretty fucking hyped a…[View]
474895214Pick one. A) You can now play games watch streamers play games or lets plays and post on /v/ (but on…[View]
474896936>character comes back 20 years later What are some games that do this?[View]
474893910great game[View]
474884034Play sims 4[View]
474894037games only you played[View]
474886961top or bottom.[View]
474885216>stating the obvious is now hatespeech thoughts?[View]
474896321>teammate doesn't help because he's too distracted playing medic…[View]
474896562what are some games that look like total shit, but there was so much hype behind it people were afra…[View]
474738418Lobotomy Corporation[View]
474891827>character betrays you >eventually reach a boss fight against them >find out it was for the…[View]
474885582Is this the Dark Souls of gaming?[View]
474896104>2019... I Am Forgotten...[View]
474896275Pick your poison, gentlemen[View]
474896241ITT: Bad party members thread.: Leander from Ni No Kuni 2 must be the most useless and irrelevant pa…[View]
474889882Trucy is for?[View]
474893239AYO HOL UP >(adjusts tie) IS YOU SAYIN >(panics and aggros zombies) AYO HOL UP >(gets stuck…[View]
474894630Posted this to r/sonicthehedgehog and got no response. Hope some of you could help me with this.[View]
474892571I feel like I can't progress. I try to do well, but I feel like I can't stand a chance aga…[View]
474878915The cyclops is the coolest vehicle in all of video games. You can not deny it.[View]
474888449Best tattoo ever[View]
474857582No more bullshit Post your Classics mains Class and Race NOW![View]
474881494Hi /v/. How important is music to you in a video game? What's your favourite video game OST of …[View]
474893135I've only played DoA once in the 90s but Marie is my wife and cute! CUTE![View]
474892820So why didn't he just become a cop or something? He doesn't even seem to like crime[View]
474894538*makes quaketrannies upset 20 years later*[View]
474894879Why do people act like he was the bad guy? Los Santos needed someone like him to stop all of the gan…[View]
474893945>Please save me bro...[View]
474862303you heard him guys magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0a9933724186f644994a52775d55bd55902cff54[View]
474893926Sir, I hear something![View]
474890064Anyone has the video where snake is escorting hideo Kojima but he keeps crashing the car and dying? …[View]
474891332Nippon ichi grindathron: Anyone else here likes N1 sRPGs? I've been enjoying phantom brave rece…[View]
474873842When was the last time booth babes were a thing?[View]
474895578Go on rave.dj and mash up some songs. A pretty fire example: https://rave.dj/WtHM9kBRt_1lYQ[View]
474891172>got a job to buy my own shit >still have time to play all of it…[View]
474878213ITT: Games that let you urinate[View]
474888464Why do we hate raytracing again?[View]
474880661The absolute STATE of the PS5: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Imagine unironically spending $600 on THIS mo…[View]
474893237Considering buying this after sleeping on it for awhile. Is it good?[View]
4748952062015 best game contest with 160k voters: In retrospect, do you agree /v/?[View]
474892050Now that Insomniac is now with Sony, who is the 'Big Dog' of SIE Worldwide Studios at the moment? …[View]
474894075Away! Away![View]
474890761>he doesn't pirate every single game he wants to play because it's 'morally wrong'…[View]
474872837NICKELODEON SMASH BROS: So who would you guys main ?[View]
474890626can someone tell me how it looked like to make real money in d3 when the auction house existed[View]
474894696But no one else can see The preservation of the martyr in ME[View]
474893547So, when these finally come, is that it for video games? I mean nothing will ever top them, guarante…[View]
474893793arcade stick thread: Post your arcade stick /v/.[View]
474893819ITT reddit games[View]
474882602Pic related.[View]
474893131Quake Hampions[View]
474894283Aww Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOT_OxGEv0c&feature=youtu.be[View]
474889961Pokemon Masters: Do we have any confirmation they will nake the game compatible with 32bits phones?…[View]
474880802>csgo requires ski-[View]
474892293What happens when you put this on?[View]
474894092Operating Systems / distros as pets?: If a pet had to represent an OS or distro, what kind of pairin…[View]
474892589/v/ I come to you to ask for some vidya music But not any vidya music, music that builds up in layer…[View]
474893843Any other deep quotes from game developers like this one?[View]
474885127Song: https://youtu.be/DCkJ5lGPqFs?t=25 (starts at 0:25) Lyrics: https://pastebin.com/NJ0iLgVZ (I tr…[View]
474889805Do you use Linux for gaming? If so, what has your experience with Linux been like? If not, is there …[View]
474887886How come nobody is talking about all the religious overtones in this series?: >Asriel is based on…[View]
474892826So apparently this genre is for turbo autists? That's one of my friend told me today[View]
474891186Pikmin 3 Remake trailer: This is the guy who made the thread about the September direct coming in th…[View]
474866109Why is she so hated?[View]
474893005What makes a RPG good? What makes a RPG bad?[View]
474893464How’s your playthrough of Persona 5 going?[View]
474892612What do you do when all you want to do is lay in bed and cry?[View]
474887117Nintendo be like: HEY GUUUYS! Remember when MARIO looked like THIS?! Yeah, we just went there. Here…[View]
474892687Wtf is her problem?[View]
474884017COD: Modern Warfare (reboot): Will this finally be the Call of Duty we have been waiting years for?…[View]
474875220The 60 fps bloodborne dream lives on.[View]
474885603Velen, home...[View]
474893008Simply a masterpiece. http://viewsync.net/watch?v=oxnlTt2BEiM&t=304&v=hwZCiBSUN4A&t=96.3…[View]
474888039hey ervyone whats up gamboy[View]
474873483Discussions between Disney & Sony for acquiring Spider-Man are ongoing: It has begun /v/, say go…[View]
474881576Fuck, marry, kill?[View]
474892848nuBattlefront II is saved[View]
474890350>out tomorrow >no threads It's dead Jim…[View]
474888252What patch did you start vanilla WoW? Also when did you quit and what was your fav patch/expantion? …[View]
474881664Games where the protagonist is too old for this shit?[View]
474884167What really grinds your gears, /v/ ?[View]
474882186prove me wrong: people only hate the second half of DaS because it's actually difficult[View]
474891547for me, its good video games[View]
474890709Terraria: >Simplest method of wiring multiple inlet pumps to an outlet.…[View]
474882992We're going back bros[View]
474891740I just wanna play gungrave on my computer. Where are the fucking roms /v[View]
474887135September Direct Leak continued: If you remember the Direct leak from last night, I'll be dropp…[View]
474892020Anyone going to watch it instead of playing the game?[View]
474891985What are some good japanese games to plug in an OCR dictionary and learn japanese? looking for porn …[View]
474870808>spider boss >'I'M GOING TO SQUASH YOU LIKE A BUG!'…[View]
474883879>No mic system >No way to talk to teammates >Random crashes in the middle of fights >Bo…[View]
474891469what did Marlene mean by this[View]
474890972What went so right[View]
474880216Whats his favorite game?[View]
474885578Why didn't you people tell me about this?[View]
474889462>annoying, droning soundtrack that you just mute after 10 minutes of playing >boring turn bas…[View]
474890525Hey /v/. Just wanted to say you're alright.[View]
474891478Any construction vidya?[View]
474851684I hope you're not thinking about worshipping Talos anon. Everyone in the empire recognizes that…[View]
4748907697 days until release...I am forgotten.[View]
474882104Will Camilla ever appear again in another game?: I guess a potential FE Warriors 2 is the best bet?…[View]
474865426cyberpunk2077: we're going home bros...[View]
474880535Nintendo has been named the 9th best company in North America: /v/ absolutely BTFO'd[View]
474890194Xbox One vs Wii U: I have a PS4 and half-decent PC, with the current gen coming to a close I want to…[View]
474884327Exodus > 2033 > Last light[View]
474889176Did Reddit leak out and made an arcade company or are these quality?[View]
474826408Underrail: Expedition: I'm still waiting for that rare anime picture unsullied by jpg artifacts…[View]
474891072>tfw gf: the game Are you excited for it?[View]
474860124This is going to suck and let me tell you why. First of all you’re all probably fortnite playing zoo…[View]
474867379.: .[View]
474862962One month after launch..... I am forgotten.[View]
474856805One month remaining: Who’s excited?[View]
474884649MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
474890340What's the Beyblade of videogames?[View]
474882562Post an image, anons post a game that reminds them of that image.[View]
474889017Dragon ball kakarot: Here’s your big tittied Jeice bro[View]
474890314Itt: companies and developers that just wasted good ideas due to incompetence, greed or both. Northw…[View]
474889868Shadow of Chernobyl: Can we have a STALKER thread? I'm playing this game for the first time af…[View]
474885779*kills Unreal Engine, Unity and Cryengine*: nothing personal, kid[View]
474888994games with similar plot twist?[View]
474885440>'I prefer to remain neutral.'[View]
474890136https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMBY3iDh4so >No Mizuki >No Garou JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP…[View]
474831771Bottled Talking Points: What the fuck do you even say to these kinds of posts? I've been so tir…[View]
474889923Anita was right.[View]
4748852022019... i am... forgotten.....[View]
4748852905.0.0: >Release Date: Oct. 8 [Includes Challenger Pack 3 contents, mii costumes round 3, New cont…[View]
474876406Y'all ready for true fighting game kino?[View]
474889596How does one enjoy this game?[View]
474886238Which side of the civil war is best equipped to combat the Thalmor should they win? Which side is be…[View]
474869917Two Of Steam's Top Games Last Month Were Anime Sex Games(Kotaku): >It’s no great secret that…[View]
474885623Scammers: what do you do when you are contacted by scammers? ignore and report, or yank em around fi…[View]
474886793>he bought[View]
474887229Hope you like the direction Fire Emblem is going. Almost a million through digital alone not countin…[View]
474884484>play Odyssey >14 'worlds' >at least 2 are completely barren Why is this allowed?…[View]
474888491Favorite Game? Why yes, COD of duty. Bang bang, COD of duty favorite game indeed, hehe. COD of duty?…[View]
474886957>Sony Entertainment bought Insomniac because Spiderman moved 14 million copies on the PS4 >Ins…[View]
474883653Archeage Unchained: Will it be shit? http://comingsoon.trionworlds.com/[View]
474887343Hey guys looking to play a Rouge-like in bed on my phone (Android) while I contemplate my own mortal…[View]
474883818I am being sued by Twitch for streaming porn on the Artifact category a couple months ago. What the …[View]
474889005Ion Tranny: Even the Brutal Doom dev is left speechless by the recent events. What's next? Will…[View]
474888963Preorder Pokemon Sword.[View]
474888584Home... Home sweet home.[View]
474888429No Path of Exile: Blight thread? Let's fix that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzkWGiW-usQ…[View]
474885621I've been playing this for the first time since I was a kid and holy shit, it's still real…[View]
474887998What went right?[View]
474868560>loading screen goes black >see your own ugly mug in the reflection…[View]
474881758/v/ help I want to this rabbit[View]
474888603SIGNING RONALDO & MESSI IN FIFA 20 CAREER MODE!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0jMnX53HNM…[View]
474886621He's in Tekken season 3[View]
474880305Press F.[View]
474888190Give me some /v/ images, I'm running low- in fact, I'm almost completely out of them.[View]
474884207>tfw xbox culture is dead 360 had the most fun in game chats and that's been ruined thanks t…[View]
474886929What is the best Matrix video game?[View]
474882287Why are they still on the market?[View]
474885821Indie games: So what are the red HOT indie games and indie devs I might have missed in the last coup…[View]
474888069homecoming edition: https://youtu.be/42y2vO-7-5U are you playing?[View]
474885695What does /v/ think of the new Lara Croft?[View]
474849551Why aren't you playing Azur Lane? It has real gameplay.[View]
474881367so now that Disney is going to buy Sony what will happen to the PS5? will Death Standing be ported t…[View]
474881813For fuck’s sake, now we’ll have to buy a PS4 just to see Spider-Man MOVIES!?! It really ruffles my j…[View]
474887160New Vegas Mod Recommendations: So I'm a big fan of New Vegas. I did all my playthroughs on cons…[View]
474887069How long until people stop falling for their tricks?[View]
474860751What are games that allows me to exterminate vampires?[View]
474884881Is it actually good now?[View]
474822157OH NO NONONO NO![View]
474882505Lucina is best girl[View]
474886178Why can't Roll be in Smash? Why does everyone want Shantae?[View]
474883710ITT: Characters you want in smash but will never happen[View]
474886778Easter egg thread?[View]
474882441Nier: Why did you kill him, /v/? He just wanted his daughter/sister back.[View]
474884934What is the deal with this relationship? Geoff acts like a teenager trying to fit in with the cool k…[View]
474886636If you were an NPC in your favorite RPG and the main character walked up to you and initiated conver…[View]
474886413I had no idea this game had so many expansions. I also don't remember it being this difficult, …[View]
474886289Silent Hill games: Hey /v/! I've been feeling in the mood to replay all the Silent Hills, but I…[View]
474883894Nooooo Help me![View]
474884241Sonic The Hedgehog: How is Silver still alive in the Mainline Sonic Games if his timeline was erased…[View]
474882718Can you name a better minigame[View]
474882585That's a nice run you got there.....[View]
474863687was this comfy?: also did this ruin a whole generation of gamer girls?[View]
474880941Rest in Peace Mordhau: >Peaks at 60,000 players >Drops to 30,000 players immediately >Start…[View]
474875714Official zone ranking >1 > 3 > 6 > 5 > 2 > 4 > 7[View]
474885221How did Black Isle get away with this one?[View]
474873753>tfw they will never make a game as perfect as this one ever again[View]
474885058>Go through a door >Get ganked by an offscreen enemy hiding behind it or hit by a random trap…[View]
474883210Recomend me a comfy Jrpg with lots of greenery and party likeable party members i can grow fond of.[View]
474884819EP II WHEN YOU HACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1NuN_bCXjk[View]
474883243post yfw you fell for the Demon Edition ruse[View]
474885056Damn! Demon's Souls looks like THAT?[View]
474881361>fundamentally creates Stylish Action with Devil May Cry >future Devil May Cry sequels just us…[View]
474878020Why isn't it more popular? Bad marketing? Minecraft taking up too much space in the market? It …[View]
474877843Is Wind Waker the best Zelda game post the holy grail(OoT,MM)?[View]
474883549Game goddess neptune: Who is worthy the true goddess of the world /v/? What will change the world? W…[View]
474882357For me it's the Sangheili, the coolest alien race.[View]
474884805Fire Emblem Three Houses: >Seperating Unit management from regular gameplay I actually found an F…[View]
474866857Why is this allowed?[View]
474876903Do you buy games on uPlay, Origin, Xbox and Epic game store, or will you only buy on Steam?[View]
474881257You're going to buy her game, right /v/? You wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?[View]
474868508can we get a vidya wallpaper thread going?[View]
474882425Has /v/ tried this game? I know it's relatively new but it says its a souls-like and its co-op.…[View]
474884489ITT: Characters you hate with a burning passion and wish they would die.[View]
474884063Will this simple issue ever be fixed? Fuck RTX, I hate clipping.[View]
474830954Have we reached peak soul? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFeNoTybjF8[View]
474866421Post your age, first expansion, favorite expansion, least favorite, when you quit, main, /played and…[View]
4748842571. Devils Never Cry 2. Devil Trigger 3. Shall Never Surrender[View]
474878238The story in this game is amazing! >climbs mountain >throws ashes off a cliff >rolls credit…[View]
474854821>raytracing is a me-[View]
474872081>oh, this guy is selling the item I need >'hey, price on [item]?' >'offer' >[offer] >…[View]
474880387If you got sucked into a gaming world and had to go on an epic quest with one severed yet animate he…[View]
474856221Yakuza Remaster Collection Announced: Lets celebrate the good news with a God-tier combat thread. Wi…[View]
474843074>that one multiplayer game you loved is dead forever What's her name, /v/?…[View]
474883963Just got this, is it supposed to be a reboot of the series? Also the controls are fine, Jesus Christ…[View]
474881000So was he Left or Right?[View]
474875315loli jolyne[View]
474883802Cool singleplayer Shooters: Alright /v/, i just bought a new pc and i'm having the itch for goo…[View]
474883790Rareware second or first party: Is rareware ltd currently second or first party to microsoft. Micros…[View]
474882819Games where you can play as a russian?[View]
474854342TvC > CvS2 = SFxT > UMvC3 > MvC2 > Everything Else >>>>>>>> SvC …[View]
474883724Polybius VIVE Support: For anyone like myself who is interested in playing Polybius in VR with your …[View]
474875316>its a good game but its not a good ___ game[View]
474848776The Outer Worlds: Thoughts?[View]
474879825Should I buy Gears 5 on steam or should I avoid it? I haven’t played since 2 and I have great memori…[View]
474883024ITT: games better with mods Minecraft now is fucking trash. The pillagers are shit and each update (…[View]
474878719h-hey, anon, I, em, I made you this detective badge... y-you know, since you're gonna be my ass…[View]
474881162This game is currently $15 is it good? never seen anyone talking about it[View]
474882375I spent the day busy, give me your best trailers released for Gamescom so far so i can catch up[View]
474868276Which of these losers was objectively the BIGGEST failure and why?[View]
474880441What noise does he make again?[View]
474882670It's Rika's birthday! What does /v/ think of the horror murder mystery visual novel (video…[View]
474882350Yep, that's totally possible.[View]
474882397The absolute megachad will play wow classic.[View]
474876076Remember me?[View]
474882461Gamers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoQMPNH-Eag[View]
474882438i get the big daddies and all, but was the overt racism necessary?[View]
474878764>Sukas game is out >No thread Eeeeh?[View]
474880246bitches don't know bout my FLIGHT SIMULATOR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReDDgFfWlS4…[View]
474878953Any other game with good performance and responsive control like let's say MGSV on PS4?[View]
474881923Can't believe Wasteland 3 is happening. I dig the Colorado setting, hope they don't use th…[View]
474866275does /v/ like kasumi-chan?[View]
474875374I really want to go back to AMD GPUs(especially Sapphire's) but I don't want a GPU that dr…[View]
474879167>website says preorder now >preorder coming soon Which one is it, Sega!?…[View]
474882095what are some games where the villain and the protagonist become friends at the end[View]
474879049Lisuethea or whatever that hags name is flavor of the month. Now delthea?she is flavor of the centur…[View]
474852802Remember that time Big Boss managed to lift a 500-ton war machine trying to squish him?[View]
474881638'we'll make dildos from their asses' what did he mean by this?[View]
474878726Yikes, what other games do this?[View]
474877909Why is this allowed?[View]
474880421Nintendo is quite anticonsumer: >Tried to monopolize the market with the NES https://youtu.be/nwd…[View]
474866650>western translators just bullshit all the translations and make up their own dialogue because th…[View]
474881812What's a good coop game that isn't expensive?[View]
474877030>All 12 remaining third party costumes from 4 >Shovel Knight, Bomberman, Gray Fox, Rodin, Guil…[View]
474880054I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you, plant your roots i…[View]
474829570The patrician waifu: >Beautiful face >Beautiful body >Tails on the side are godlike >Bes…[View]
474878212you may not like the game but this ost is something else, fucking amazing.[View]
474868654Do I need an RTX2080 just to play this in VR above 50fps?[View]
474869805post the darksouls of your favorite series[View]
474879063Starbound: I already have it but is it worth playing at all? Is it just unfavorable to Terraria and …[View]
474880015Myeh! Give us all your swingin' vidya tunes, and nobody gets hurt, see?[View]
474864457Post your 6 most played: Yesterday's thread was fun, lets do another. I regret every second I p…[View]
474875723Don't be like me. Gachafags. MMOfags. Nobody be like me.[View]
474877734CALLING TO THE NIGHT!![View]
474879424>he chose the BE route[View]
474880927Monster Hunter!: How do you do, fellow Fivers?[View]
474879582>Who lives on a egg over the sea?[View]
474867460Are you still interested in the Ueda series, or did Last Guardian finish it off for you?[View]
474880810How 2 build?[View]
474880781RTS THREAD: Here is your Dinossaur campaign Confirmed brah >https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandco…[View]
474880375>forget this came out >reminded when seeing /v/ cry about something being censored or whatever…[View]
474880763So tell me, /v/ Which was the better game?[View]
474851393vidya funnies: lol so true[View]
474874128Kingdom Hearts: When did you realize that it was kino?[View]
474880729Now THIS is a cover[View]
474852062Gravity Rush: >Gravity Rush 3 announced for PS5 >main character is now Layben Would you be ok…[View]
474879262>moves game to a platform with reviews and population tracking hoping to draw a bigger playerbase…[View]
474875537What am I in for?[View]
474866474Wait... where does Ash's mom sleep? There is only 1 bed...[View]
474868925my first thread: test, ignore[View]
474868847Bonafide Monafide[View]
474862224Yaya in CTR: Discuss why Yaya Panda should be in CTR and why you want her in Speed class.[View]
474867547ITT: Worst girls of their respective games.[View]
474878562Why has there never been a decent NGE game? So much wasted potential![View]
474876225How should this series go open world?[View]
474879739>Now, gentlemen, I do the right thing! Stand back you imbeciles! You want mein blood?! TAKE MEIN …[View]
474879634Post the worst game in its respective series[View]
474879675OH NO NO NO NO[View]
474879219If you can go inside any game whenever you want, which game would you pick first? I would pick Pokém…[View]
474877684I'm only here to say that... Reimu is already in smash![View]
474875212This shit was legit garbage. Who enjoyed this?[View]
474875638Could anyone defeat her?[View]
474878545Post vidya songs that fill you with an indescribable sense of melancholy https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
474872192Post moments in gaming that women would never understand.[View]
474879192What are some interesting final dungeon themes that aren't just underground, evil castle, cryst…[View]
474879046Make a controller better than mine. (You can't) https://moddedzone.eu/ps4-controller-creator.ht…[View]
474854871Monster Hunter Thread. Two more presentations left from Capcom. Stay seated folks[View]
474876861that new watch dogs game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVP1xQqE0Ik It looks pretty neat, you gott…[View]
474863107Gearbox narrative lead calls FL4K male (new canon): https://youtu.be/raKNgx3jM4E?t=2679 MAKE FL4K MA…[View]
474878334Remember me?[View]
474874673He killed millions...[View]
474877702In a fantasy setting, would he be a paladin or a monk/cleric/whatever the fuck you call it?[View]
474876013We've done most of the hard work by bringing back 1.12 so progressing to Burning Crusade would …[View]
474878472RDR2: why does the mission replay suck so bad?: The mission replay is absolutely garbage. How was th…[View]
474878618Rhea didn't do anything wrong.[View]
474878603Anyone know how to set the color of the space outside of the games screen to block in desmume.[View]
474878548Kerbal Space Program 2 announced: >/kspg/ will happen again your lifetime…[View]
474878505Night in the Woods: What does /v/ think of Night in the Woods?[View]
474878380My motives are.................complex[View]
474870915which weapon is better? what is the most superior pole weapon?[View]
474876037Is now a good time to get into destiny 2 woth all the new stuff they're going to add?[View]
474877334I'm comin home bros[View]
474876940Dr Regal is gonna turn /v/ into his own land of darkness unless you reply with 'based Nebula'[View]
474872317Play Honkai Impact.[View]
474876323Now that all the Zoomers have moved on to Fortnite, can we agree that Minecraft is a good game?[View]
474862630Why arent there more vidya with elf protagonists??[View]
474878179If we had better tech in the 70s, what kind of games would the people from those times have produced…[View]
474872236*ruins the lore of Warcraft forever*[View]
474873043DEAR HUMANITY,[View]
474866069ITT: Shadow Warrior is released in the year of our current era 2019[View]
474876470GDQ - Frame Fatales: Welcome to the new GDQ, be sure to check your pronouns at the door! twitch / ga…[View]
474877941How's it going on the R/V/?[View]
474877886why dont we make one of these but only with videogame characters[View]
474876063Pronoun Warnings: Why the fuck are there pronoun warnings on the front of the stream. This is the st…[View]
474874729looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
474876487what other games will make you forget about life this year?[View]
474875243hey /v/ my switch cases keep fucking creasing/tearing at the bind part. It bugs me so god damn much …[View]
474876031>Female rep >The most popular character from the best SNES RPG which is currently being remade…[View]
474875626>horror game >tries to rationalize how humans are just as bad/worse than the monsters…[View]
474877385>Tfw i see a neat game i just play it. How my fellow idorts doing?[View]
474863842What went wrong?[View]
474874708Reminder to not buy Borderlands 3[View]
474853612>GTA clone is better than actual GTA what went so right?[View]
474861318NOSTALGIA: You Nostalgia You Lose[View]
474876356 [View]
474875219This is Doom Slayer from Doom Eternal. Say something nice about him[View]
474877032Play SquadZ[View]
474877010Sailor Moon Another Story: What do you think of the game bros?[View]
474876954Best Asscreed character.[View]
474876870yall mf's lackin: Why hasn't anyone made the sneak suit MK.II from new vegas in fallout 4 …[View]
474874923We’re finally coming home Plantbros. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dYw8rVMa-kA&t=29s[View]
474873981Why is gathering food and cooking it so much more satisfying to do in Runescape than other games?[View]
474870005> I can't wait for Classic![View]
474873001Ready Or Not Alpha Footage: Reuploding a thread from yesterday in case some people missed it.[View]
474876728THQ: Is this the only company left that’s not willing to bow down to the trannies?[View]
474876656Ace Attorney: What would have happened if he wasn't such a dick?[View]
474876419I want to level a rogue and its my first time. I eventually want to go engineering but i want to lev…[View]
474874410Megaman battle royal: https://megamanroyale.com/ Man why are the good games ignored. Idk anons I rea…[View]
474833179Death Stranding - “Exclusive for PlayStation 4” label returns and is everywhere at Gamescom: OHFUCK …[View]
474867397Super Mario Maker: Shill, Chill, etc. etc. Try to play a few in the thread that interest you and r8 …[View]
474871221What were your favorite games from the early 2000s?[View]
474876413Exclusive for PS4!!!!!!!!!!![View]
474867654Who can beat him?[View]
474874156Who likes Tropico[View]
474875827>2014 >/v/ wants to be the little girl >2019 >/v/ hates girls Where did it go wrong?…[View]
474826380PS5 Devkit: >Its a literal fucking car engine kek[View]
474857796Would you name your kid after a game developer?[View]
474873618Who's your favorite FGO girl?[View]
474876000DBFZ: What's your team, /v/?[View]
474849635Say something nice about Black Widow's ass[View]
474871491Smash DLC: Reminder that we're getting the next reveal in september, and the last one at the VG…[View]
474873269Paid to Play: So why do streamers get away with being paid to play a game for money, but when a jour…[View]
474872293>jRPG >main character is a young male that has daddy issues…[View]
474871762Mortal Kombat 12 & Beyond: can we a discussion about the future of mortal kombat story-wise? tho…[View]
474871726>actual arena shooter with no gimmicks/abilities, no performance issues, no price tag and general…[View]
4748731932019 I am forgotten[View]
474874791TITANFALL 2: It's $5 right now on PC. How alive is the community? Do you need a high end rig to…[View]
474875171make a controller nicer than mine https://moddedzone.eu/ps4-controller-creator.html[View]
474874569Honestly /v/, shit on this game all you want and I don’t care. I still played RR-HGH and I still lik…[View]
474864573Inazuma Eleven is a serie of Soccer Jrpg games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3ds made by Level-5[View]
474875393ITT: “Oh yeah, that happened”[View]
474875357>dead game gets mountains of new content Whoa[View]
474870735Hey: Does anyone know when the hell we're getting this thing??[View]
474863249I'M GARRUS VAKARIAN AND THIS IS MY Mass Effect thread[View]
474875127>he doesn't play as a true neutral CHAD[View]
474866218So do we hate the game now, or...?[View]
474866554What was your reaction to this?[View]
474866850Princess Prog is in trouble, Anonavi! Use your Battle Network skills to save her and defeat the viru…[View]
474873537Comfy Switch Thread: What are you enjoying on your Switch? What Gamescom announcements have you exci…[View]
474861201One will protect you The other will try to kill you pick[View]
474874054FIFA 20 UNBOXING: Check out the FIRST EVER FIFA 20 UNBOXING https://youtu.be/_YoX341s7s4[View]
474873551What is the Scion of videogame bosses?[View]
474869307Nintendo Direct Leak: I'm a Nintendo Worker, and I'm one of the editors of the Nintendo Di…[View]
474868223Thoughts on this game?[View]
474874527>a nonpolitical video game discusson on v? False. An urban legend that never happened.…[View]
474873945Do you like Sakura?[View]
474874483Is there any other reason to play this game?[View]
474871237What does /v/ think of X-antibody Digimon? I think they need to be localized already, they debuted i…[View]
474868897Good MMOs?: Are there any good MMOs /v/ros? I'm on an MMO kick and want to get into one, but th…[View]
474874381Kojima everyone: >press circle to wake up >character refuses to wake up >press circle to wa…[View]
474872562>Game makes jokes about character's height >Look up his height >It's my height ex…[View]
474874259Reimu: Are you ready for Hakurei?[View]
474871615>Want to build a new gaming PC >5700 XT is the best value card for my price range but the good…[View]
474870691Do you think Joker belongs in Smash Bros?[View]
474868416>Q: Will the Skeletons that appear when someone dies be the same as it was originally? Right now …[View]
474841797Ah... Home.[View]
474873397>complete quest >talk to the NPC for the reward >he tells me to comeback later for it >d…[View]
474871718>3D Realms bends the knee >we'll make our own shit this time >no knee bending…[View]
474872352What's your earliest memory of /v/? I remember that Japan Time or some shit like that being spa…[View]
474865564Be honest, you're only interested in that Megaman X mobile game because of her.[View]
474869845Nier Automata: Okay, this game is pretty nice. But what gives with all those endings? Seriously! …[View]
474857424>'Moving forward, Voidpoint will institute a zero-tolerance policy for this type of language and …[View]
474872928So now that the dust has settled, how do you think the Sonic movie is going to perform?[View]
474872243I just have one question about this. So in KH2 why is the xemnas battles so fucking easy? It is a jo…[View]
474864919>yfw someone invites you to play Smash[View]
474870859Games for this feel?[View]
474873170Anime games stopped being good after the PS2 era with very few exceptions, back then even movie vide…[View]
474826538>Party member that is clearly the final boss or is going to betray you later…[View]
4748709403x3 thread Remember to r8 and h8[View]
474849239Janky Slavic Masterpieces: >I thought the presentation was great, very atmospheric and creative. …[View]
474866916CrossCode: >4chan hypes game up as pretty fucking good >play it >it's actually pretty …[View]
474868835Literally everything I want in a game WHERE'S THE PC PORT ROCKSTAR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
474870174>game tries to copy Dark Souls >it allows you to teleport between bonfires >the devs don…[View]
474864038Chie-chan! Naoto-kun![View]
474871628In a few years AI will undermine the entire MMO genre by enabling bots that can't be differenti…[View]
474872392Name your favorite industry rag/developer.: It's about to fold. Say your good-byes.[View]
474866139>tutorial introduces a character you want to learn more about >they get killed, become irrever…[View]
474870385this thread again but come up with a design for a weapon[View]
474862050DS characters are making the game looks SOULLESS compared to Kojima's previous games: I can…[View]
474870473>I go it from a collector in Japan >one of the most revolutionary consoles of its time, it nev…[View]
474860081>That's The Way It Is starts playing[View]
474868829Is Link unironically the GOAT fictional character?[View]
474867742Starfield is gonna take place in the Fallout universe and be about Enclave remanents hiding out in s…[View]
474870492PS4 modding?: is this a thing yet? i.e. flash my harddrive like i did with my ps3 and run iso's…[View]
474871538Why do you prefer fighting games over fps, when you can play chad RTS[View]
474859897>tfw spent 1500$ on a PC >PC has zero worthwile games to play Should've bought a playsta…[View]
474774085Remnant from the ashes: Is Dark Souls with guns any good?[View]
474871025>'artificial difficulty' is there a bigger shitter indicator than this?…[View]
474871004>'Jago sucks big time.' How do you respond?[View]
474868546Solo is the More Based of the Four[View]
474865138Why do video games always have terrible writing?[View]
474869313path of exile rip: >tower defense[View]
474862023What does this mean for the video game Spider-Man?[View]
474865932What is the most well know video game glitch and why is it Missingno?[View]
474864363For me it's Selphie[View]
474868807>favorite /vg/ general can't stay alive I'm crying. Recommend me some Nintendo Switch g…[View]
474870218>accidentally join BR server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIavVXO_3lk…[View]
474869235>We're building a team[View]
474870040What is the meanest thing you did in an online game?: >Play Payday 2 >be newbie >Just hang …[View]
474857723One day I will own this board[View]
4748542736 days until every other game becomes irrelevant.[View]
474868994Post your idle animation.[View]
474869903*ruins your game*[View]
474869753Should Rockstar make a GTA set in the '70s? It could be blaxploitation-style and you play as a …[View]
474869676>What do you think a Cherry Popper tastes like?[View]
474865418*THWACKS you*[View]
474868832>now there won't ever be a sequel Snoy's just hit rock bottom HAHAHAHAHA OHNONONONONONO…[View]
474853620It's been like over 30 years since FE was born and the AI design hasn't changed. The bosse…[View]
474868676If you disconnect mid-fall from a multiplayer online server, do you survive the fall if you join bac…[View]
474869250>sony buys insomniac for spiderman games >pull spiderman from MCU and told Disney to fuck off …[View]
474863664Which are you?[View]
474855036just bought this after playing, and loving, Caesar III what am I in for?[View]
474869284What am I in for?[View]
474867107Orcs Must Die 3: How did we go from this[View]
474834127>he STILL hasn't played the game of the generation It's even going to be on Switch, wha…[View]
474865121So uhhhh, where was it?[View]
474867517What the fuck happened?[View]
474863915Should I bother with side activities? Just finished first chapter and story seems kinda ok, at least…[View]
474865494How do you get your parasocial fix /v/? This and 'Castle Superbeast' are the only good gaming podcas…[View]
474840083Ignoring the echoes/clone, it's not a bad representation, really[View]
474836887>Drink from me if you want to live How the fuck does Kojima get away with such dialog?…[View]
474863750play SquadZ[View]
474867830Where can I find a cute bear gaymer bf?[View]
474864198>Silly name >Unergonomic button sizes >glossy finish on launch model: >3G model which lo…[View]
474861994I would fucking kill for Uncharted 4 multiplayer on PC.[View]
474863127Astral Chain/Controls?: Does anyone know the control scheme to this game? I'd like to know befo…[View]
474862796Hey fags, give me a good game to play/emulate on my android phone for my transatlantic flight. I…[View]
474866220Welcome my AMS friends.[View]
474867735i can't afford the sequel. so install the 1st on and play me.[View]
474865645Redpill me on Destiny 2.[View]
474868074Video game music has a 'metal cover' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBVrbOzQpEw[View]
474865181Final Fantasy XIV: Can someone convince me to start the trial right now and possibly spend hundreds …[View]
474858827New info when?[View]
474868113For me, it's King of Fighters 96 the best the king of fighters game.[View]
474863128Meanwhile on 2000s /v/...: New leaks from a source working on Tokyo Spaceworld here: >New Mario g…[View]
474863923Considering the Mana remake on the Switch, would you be surprised to see Chrono Trigger get the same…[View]
474867083>Ace Combat is a must play-[View]
474866771So will the MCU costumes be patched out?[View]
474867192Was this ever realized? If so, what was your experience like contacting Nintendo about it? My Joy-co…[View]
474863993Do you have any hope for the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC?[View]
474867715>Gamestop just laid off 120 employees >stock is plummeting >new Battletoads is probably get…[View]
474856005You all looking forward to Genshin Impact bros? Gotta say its looking awesome https://youtu.be/S1Wmm…[View]
474802106one piece pirate warriors 4 gameplay: oh shit, there is the first gameplay trailer https://youtu.be/…[View]
474866412This game is going to be a better version of the Legacy of Goku games https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
474835073Fighters pass DLC prediction thread: MYSTERY NIGGOS[View]
474860483Why are Necromancers one of the few things that we can universally agree on? Everyone loves them, th…[View]
474867510What are some games to play for when the anxiety and panic attacks hit?[View]
474865993Metro 2033: >replay metro 2033 a few times >love the music, mod it in most of my games >sam…[View]
474865971Marvel's Avengers: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idyTuocGe3w Is this the most soulless ga…[View]
474867298https://youtu.be/Lg8Z7LJ1LY4 Thoughts?[View]
474867251PiX on the first page![View]
474864286A Hat in Time is coming to Switch physically: Thoughts?[View]
474864607What was his problem?[View]
474856762Name a more SOUL gacha than FGO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8JwKw3NzY1Y Pro tip: You can’t.…[View]
474863786Her? She's Rosalina. Where she is from, is Super Maryo Brothers.[View]
474866108JRPG are making a comeback: >Persona 5 sold over 2.5 million >Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold 1.8 …[View]
474865080YTTD/Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine thread Joe Jumpscare Free Edition[View]
474850081Red Dead Redemption 2 Expansion will be announced in the next month: >new Story expansion practic…[View]
474866323What's your favourite poser art based game?[View]
474865329why are so many games tainted with femininity I want more games like doom. I dont want to deal with …[View]
474861542EDF5: Why are aaays so satisfying to kill? Earth defense force thread[View]
474859609>adding forced co-op and a redundant leveling system in your game Why would you do that?…[View]
474866118Who the FUCK owns the Xeno meta series?[View]
474865292Post characters you'd pin down and rape into submission[View]
474844305Why do people hate the best WoW expansion, again?[View]
474866371>august 20, 2019 >not a single good game yet this year on any platform Why?…[View]
474861808VA-11 HALL-A: What was her problem?[View]
474864960Additions to games that borderline ruin them Say goodbye to fun vanilla MP[View]
474861058How does /v/ feel about Hylia creating the Hero reincarnation cycle just to ensure her future incarn…[View]
474859045NOW AND FOREVER[View]
474865941Surely it'll be his turn one day, right?[View]
474864714Older games: You ever run older games with new more powerful hardware just to see the games ramps up…[View]
474865902ITT: Characters who did NOTHING wrong[View]
474770969Dead or Alive: When did DoA became the Family friendly fighting game ?[View]
474857278You may not like this, but this is what the average Classic WoW player looks like.[View]
474864584roblox: o o o o f f f f f[View]
474863063Gaming Studies: •Consoles are only negative for the industry. (Their conveniences being available be…[View]
474864316Demon Edition leaks >O'doyle from Billy Madison reprises his role of Snake >its 5 not v t…[View]
474865256>game has a codex it expects you to read[View]
474864974Death Stranding. What else?: Thanks Kojima for this game So I can walk and pee whole day Clinb ladde…[View]
474840095Death Stranding thread: So /v/, how bad will it be?[View]
474865071Xenoblade X: My anticipation of playing DaemonXMachina has made me jump back into Xenoblade X. So Xe…[View]
474860117>start game >fps drops literally in the 10 seconds >laugh and uninstall why do devs release…[View]
474862017MNK or SAM as my main? Using some old school hip hop as my playlist and don't know which job fi…[View]
474862653He killed thousands[View]
474863426Creating more viscous insults online: Anyone else realizing that typical stuff like 'fuck you' or 'e…[View]
474864073make Luigi from super mario vidya related[View]
474860783It has a crank: Who’s excited?[View]
474859809Hi /v/irgins. What's the best way to play the Metal Gear Solid series in 2019? I have a PC and …[View]
474864576Gods Unchained: so has anyone here started playing it yet? seems to be a knock off of hearthstone bu…[View]
474853969>amazon Germany confirmed that the listing for the switch banjo game was not a mistake >smash …[View]
474855130ITT: Autistic shit you do in video games. >playing dragons dogma >pretend my arisen got isekai…[View]
474862725Mario Lore Thread[View]
474860505Oh, who could this be?: It's Meet n Fuck thread[View]
474863256What Are You Playing Right Now: Lads, Post Games Post Recommendations[View]
474863668Okay so what's up with this dude? I watched him for a while, pretty in depth vids, but now I fi…[View]
474864412Is Nomura schizophrenic? That is the only explanation for the story in Kingdom Hearts.[View]
474864297ITT: you enter developer's magical realm[View]
474852234I want a gundam simulator for pc, why we should suffer with those generic 3rd person hack and slash …[View]
474864183How do I have fun in this game, it seems to be >do menial missions to earn money >buy freight…[View]
474859863Who is Steve?[View]
474817647S _ _ L S _ _ _ _ S _[View]
474862752>FNAF >Slenderman >Bendy and the Ink Machine >Hello Neighbor (was this game even finishe…[View]
474860891DIE JUNKER[View]
474859678Game reviewer list >Elder Tier -NakeyJakey -SsethTzeentach >Great tier -Dunkey -Yahtzee -Ro…[View]
474859275What do you think of the Switch exclusives so far?: Switch exclusives: >Mario Odyssey >Smash U…[View]
474862246Now that Disney is going to buy Sony, how do you feel about the Disney Playstation /v/?[View]
474863414What were they thinking?[View]
474860171Was the game downgraded?[View]
474859148games to play when you don't feel like playing games: I often have a bit of spare time but feel…[View]
474861687Is 2019 the year of the gamer?: >Kingdom Hearts 3 >RE2:make >Sekiro >Devil May Cry 5 …[View]
474861641Say fellas, did somebody mention the Door to Darkness?[View]
474857235ITT: Our favorite video game intros. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N39KO_3gB4 Pi…[View]
474861078With the Spyro remake coming to PC, can we expect a reshade mod? It's in Unreal Engine 4 so the…[View]
474858372Face my Fears > Sanctuary > Simple and Clean[View]
474863660Why do jannies hate ES threads?[View]
474863341Crazy how under two years ago this game was public enemy #1 and now it's a great game that live…[View]
474863586What faction should I join?[View]
474842872Post games that had too much SOUL for their own good. This game's map design in particular suff…[View]
474863582Wii Party > Mario Party.[View]
474856643>JP antagonists is an evil government/religious organization every time >western antagonists i…[View]
474859840WHERE THE FUCK IS IT???[View]
474855784Why has everyone been ridiculing this question?: More in-depth romance scenes in big budget wrpgs wo…[View]
474859365This is the game that redpilled me on never trusting a demo again: What is yours[View]
474862348Wow, dude[View]
474863243Objectively, Sonic Adventure 2 is the best Sonic game[View]
474858954Rest in peace[View]
474860686I can't believe they fucked it up: videogames are dead https://youtu.be/teEfoVWQcAA[View]
474858096>2019 >still no good Bionicles game Why is this?…[View]
474859006I fixed Uncharted[View]
474861894>mfw FPS games peaked in 2004[View]
474862334>'Stop loafing around and get some BACTA soldier!' >'Yes sir! Thank you, sir!'…[View]
474857349>tfw no good games launched this year[View]
474840739>Battlefront 2 will be the closest thing we get to Republic Commando 2 Are you happy yet /v/?…[View]
474858375Why aren't you playing a fun RPG right now?[View]
474862805CK2: Should I get the conclave or holy fury dlc. I’m leaning more towards holy fury[View]
474859395Holy shit, Nintendo finally added Pikmin Porn Movies HD to the switch eshop. Only $4.99.[View]
474862775>Games with endless tutorials, patronizing handholding, braindead combat, tons of padding, and un…[View]
474862321wtf this shit is ridiculously hard, i mean it's impossible, seriously[View]
474862370>he doesn't densetsu no AC mochi Just how pleb are you?[View]
474862117horror sections in a non-horror game?[View]
474852950>'gg ez' >it wasn't actually easy…[View]
474861231Wake up Anon: Rise and shine, Anon. Rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply you have been sleeping …[View]
474858150What went wrong? They got Toriyama, they got Sakaguchi, they got Ian Gillian. Why did Blue Dragon fa…[View]
474848483Ugh... what could have been a good grand strategy thread.[View]
474861346/v/ is always ri...[View]
474857065if you HAD to watch e-sports what would you watch?[View]
474824649Fucking basado.[View]
474854032Can we get a nice comfy Minecraft thread going?[View]
474855618>supposed to be a shooter for the smart and sophisticated crowd >not even an Immersive Sim lik…[View]
474852887Simple Pleasures: What game(s) never fails to bring you joy and why? I'll replay the original S…[View]
474861683>Watch a let's play before playing a game for yourself >Know every shitty surprise and tr…[View]
474848256My COC character just died.[View]
474859986Aside from Link, Samus, Zelda & Pikachu, is there any character that /v/ actually likes?[View]
474857492I guess from that shaking I can assume you followed my orders. Yes, even though I only met you minut…[View]
474861528Throw another Skyrim on the barbie[View]
474861456Wealth beyond measure, Outlander[View]
474855000Deciding when to stop the backlog: Recently went through my Steam wishlist and realized I will proba…[View]
474857825>Team member mistakes me for a girl and starts defending my honor in the chat before I can even s…[View]
474860903Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4 Launch Trailer: Feeling the hype yet, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
474857556Looking back, was it really that bad?[View]
474856001Just 1 week to go home guys Are you ready to give Blizz those shekels?[View]
474829680Yakuza Remaster Collection: Kino is back on the menu[View]
474828930What are your thoughts on this game, /v/?[View]
474852657What is the most bullshit enemy in the Souls franchise? Doesn't have to be a boss.[View]
4748489902019 ........I am Forgotten (and for good reason)[View]
474840231>everyone must complete a specific video game to be allowed to post on /v/ Which game do you choo…[View]
474858775So to the five people on /v/ that bought this game, are you enjoying it? What class did you pick? An…[View]
474822345Astral Chain: 8 days remaining hype[View]
474855373is the 390001 ps2 good[View]
474860807Daemon X Machina: You do like mechs, right /v/? >b-b-but muh framerate They fixed it. September 1…[View]
474842250Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen: Since it's on a sale, should I get it? I've heard about …[View]
474856746BASED BLIZZARD: Alright fellas I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. Fucking BASED BLIZZARD!!!!!!…[View]
474860435Fortnite Thanos[View]
474857579Help me finish this list by giving suggestions[View]
474856802Why does /v/ seethe so much at Female MC’s: > There are almost exactly the same number of men …[View]
474823486Is he the most reddit character in gaming?[View]
474846964So when is it going to come out that this fucking weirdo, Lawrence Sonntag, has done something that …[View]
474860176Isn't Gamescom still happening today? I haven't seen any threads about it all day. Capcom …[View]
474858998I want a comfy NDS rpg about just day to day life[View]
474860285>General Heaquarter was too afraid of this power, so they sealed it.[View]
474859157NEW ITEM AQUIRED!: You found:[View]
474855837Find a flaw other than 'muh ambush reinforcements' The only bullshit examples of those imo are in Ch…[View]
474850995 DAY AFTER DAY [View]
474835962Well Panootsbros, it's been about six months since our boy stopped streaming. Will he ever com…[View]
474858014so what is the /v/erdict?[View]
474855089>Character in the sequel looks totally different compared to original game…[View]
474858694>videogames were $40 in the PS2 era >they're $60 now Why are we accepting this bullshit w…[View]
474845525>game has a choice that deviates the storyline >you have to replay the game multiple times to …[View]
474858109Why are kojima fans such pretentious faggots? Like I can understand why you’re excited for this game…[View]
474852978BioShock Remastered: >difficulty severely increased >after a certain point in the game, only t…[View]
474854492 [View]
474859284glub glub glub are yoouu ready for theee DLC, /v/??? glub glub[View]
474858345>Assume you'll hate a character before you play a game >Play it >They turn out to be b…[View]
474858286I'm Gabe Newell[View]
474858918Someday the world will no longer need us, no need for the gun, or the hand to pull the trigger. It…[View]
474857119Classic Fortnite when?[View]
474858065BALDUR'S GATE? more like BLUNDER'S GAY LMAO[View]
474856260So uh... the chains from the Firelink elevator are visible on the sky before its activated...[View]
474849423>Strolling through the town with your buds >All of a sudden this guy is in your general vicini…[View]
474858515Your age and what did you play as a child, pre-teen, teen and as an adult? Child: Crash and Spyro Pr…[View]
474849353What do you think of final fantasy's job system? should they bring back ff 16?[View]
474841360Videogame sites are videogame culture.[View]
474858246What's your favorite games to protect and serve in?[View]
474820413DQB2 thread ver 1.7.0 is out guys I'm gonna start making new IoA.[View]
474856520>happens during ww2 >you are fighting aliens that can turn people into zombies >aliens use …[View]
474855120What do you want to see in GOW5?[View]
474858132>overwrite the only save: Omae wa mo[View]
474811905What was the tipping point where politics became so intertwined with video games? I can't just …[View]
474856924*still doesn't exist in the year 2019* why are EA being such jews about this?[View]
474857919Okay /v/ I need to know if there's a good wedding simulator or management game. One where you n…[View]
474856504ITT:: We post different kind of bosses, what other bosses have you fought that kind of have a unique…[View]
474857850Thoughts on Anodyne 2?[View]
474857662Over it yet, /v/?[View]
474857689Is it good yet?[View]
474838697Does loosing a pinkie have an impact in gaming ?: g-guys..[View]
474847529any family friendly games?[View]
474848501Games where I can assert my dominance over nature?[View]
474854560Banjo Game on switch: Hi everyone, we gonna have a new banjo game, but first we gonna have a RARE re…[View]
474856780Are there any games where you actually have to deal with normal bodily functions like pooping and pe…[View]
474857641HOW WE DOING DEMON EDITION BROS!? I missed the stream yesterday, fuck it must've been so great …[View]
474856728*makes /v/ upset*[View]
474852531Who's the best and the worst?[View]
474845774>Late teens-early 20s zoomers who grew up on COD, Bieber, iCrappy, Pewdiepie, Chowder, Adventure …[View]
474852818>half a second input lag >artifacting >only available in first world countries wow I'm…[View]
474826080Comfy Switch thread? >What games have you been playing? >Anyone get Hotline Miami bundle? >…[View]
474855473Winning against streamers: Anybody else find it super fucking satisfying when they win against strea…[View]
474847240You know all those video game artbooks, instruction manuals, and guidebooks on ehentai? yeah, they p…[View]
474853431If you're not playing this then you're literally missing out on one of the best vidya expe…[View]
474857071Why yes I game on both the Epic Games Store and Google Stadia, how could you tell?[View]
474855948Should I pick Corvo or Emily?[View]
474855809WebM: Don't you not post me those WebMs![View]
474853542I unironically enjoy story focus game.[View]
474853532Does it have as many good games as people say, or is it just the usual dumping ground?[View]
474852586So this game can't fail now, right?: The amount of hype and media attention it's getting p…[View]
474856768>GameStop >Not a rehab clinic for video game addicts…[View]
474856509What happened to it?[View]
474854535Do you play as a girl if you have the option?[View]
474856734Darkest Dungeon 2: predictions and wants? new class ideas? new areas ideas? general darkest dungeon …[View]
474854170Have video games gone too far?[View]
474855918For me, it’s Makoto.[View]
474819295New Ginyu Force: OH NO NO NO actually yes yes yes, I'm okay with this[View]
474856586Day one purchase or wait for a couple of months?[View]
474855753>daughter enemies >'Fuck you, dad! You weren't even fucking there. You weren't even …[View]
4748458512019... I am forgotten...[View]
474854232Kappa thread. Post kappas in video games.[View]
474852239wtf FGCbros you said we were right[View]
474856372Guys I really want to 'let it rip!' Whats the best gaem that allows me to do so? Also post your fav…[View]
474782024wait. why do people hate skyrim again?[View]
474856079Post the absolute fucking comfiest video game music you have ever heard. That's it. Go. Related…[View]
474853732The sequel to The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is closer than many think ...[View]
474856080Silent Hills getting cancelled still hurts. All this Death Stranding bullshit just shows that Kojima…[View]
474856241Wait, is that true? Girls don't play as cute girls in online games?[View]
474854323Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: Reminder this comes out September 3. Here are 8 minutes of gameplay. …[View]
474832856Games For Girls: Lads I'm getting myself a girlfriend in few days. What are some vidya that wom…[View]
474856108So is anyone playing this? I'm waiting for the game to finish installing but I've already …[View]
474848818Based Mike Pondsmith gets interviewed over at CDPR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZZVj7OaymI[View]
474855971We are putting together a team[View]
474850920Uh oh, what's going to happen here?[View]
474856013Hatemail Thread[View]
474854361What made it so good?[View]
474854668Did you want Lagiacrus? Too bad[View]
474854818Smash amiibo leak!!: Managed to get my hands on one of these - nintendo shipped early to stores in l…[View]
474844447How come there aren't that many Stealth 3D Platformers out there outside the Sly Cooper games? …[View]
474855842Vidya Kino Thread: Was this the most kino Persona moment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6g9m6_ftU…[View]
474855823>preordering >playing gacha >buying MTX in non f2p games So fucking many people in here tha…[View]
474855769WHERE IS IT[View]
474853587>in launch EA says canon is very important to them so they won’t release pink darth Vader and stu…[View]
474855412Prove me wrong.[View]
474855628Did you rike it?[View]
474820676>he doesn't play old games on a CRT The only thing worse is being an emulater.…[View]
474790602Why is spy not allowed to have a good gun?[View]
474855437Post the OBJECTIVELY best weapon in the last game you played.[View]
474853918Does Akuma sound as cringeworthy to Japanese speakers as he does when he's dubbed over in Engli…[View]
474855274>e for everyone[View]
474854517Who wins?[View]
474826870>Put guy who gives GOTY awards in game >Win GOTY award >Heh heh, nothing personnel, other G…[View]
474853171Any good? Buying right now. A bit pricy tho.[View]
474833790Post games with soul because soul really matters to me[View]
474852830No Man's Sky: what's the verdict on 2.0?[View]
474852527So then it's 3am, I'm on the corner wearing my leather. This guy comes up to me and he…[View]
474844132Nicktoons Unite!: Why were Dib and Zim the best characters? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shpS4PTv…[View]
474855073>The joke character is actually the strongest party member Name games that do this.…[View]
474850368When will Rouge get her own game?[View]
474854563Why no Lego Last Jedi?[View]
474855027>You are now consciously thinking about how good Rockstar Games is at preventing leaks…[View]
474853508Thoughts on him?[View]
474854994What the fuck was his problem?[View]
474854980>Dad is in the room when Micheal says this and looks at you and you have to pretend you're t…[View]
474853329>*runs you at 10fps* thanks sean[View]
474853541Switch too many games: How are you working switchbros coping with all the games? I just got fire emb…[View]
4746644097th Stand User: Left or right bros or are they both bad[View]
474789325What makes a good western female design?[View]
474854389ITT: Vaporware[View]
474854625ITT: games that should've been the last one[View]
474854145>small game gains popularity >dev immediately sell out Why are western devs like this?…[View]
474845798Vidya succubus thread[View]
474849949>he isn't a idort[View]
474854446Us Westchads have to wait till next year for Persona 5 The Royal. What are you looking forward to an…[View]
474853582Too kino for its own good[View]
474848740will it suck?[View]
474843424What do you think of the Super Mario RPGs? Which one is your favorite? Why do you think they are so…[View]
474847535>Kerbal space program 2 announced yay >Still made in unity oh ffs why…[View]
474854315Xyz summon.... home[View]
474845898Stadia Twitter uses stale memes: Why does anyone still have hope for it?[View]
474852975Why does everyone in the series treat him like some kind of celebrity? He kind of sucks at actually …[View]
474829123Fire Emblem Three Houses has sold 800k digitally: Probably over a total of 1 million by now[View]
474852006Hey anon, are you gonna finish those donuts?[View]
474797719BANNERLORD EA MARCH 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCk6Jk7DvrA&feature=youtu.be&fbcli…[View]
474849372Mass Effect: Sequel fucking when? It's been almost 12 years.[View]
474843895Well that explains a lot the fuck would hire this dick?[View]
474853976What went wrong with Archeage?[View]
474852636So... I just woke up but had a thought. DSlayer is also the original Doomguy, right? How did he beco…[View]
474853913So /v/ how ya holdin' up?[View]
474843469h-hey anon, I was thinking, and m-maybe we could study some things we don't have experience in …[View]
474852339Just pirated pic related. What am I in for? The only other DS game I ever played was III.[View]
474852616>want to pick up the Switch/PC version of a game >doesn't support trophies is anybody els…[View]
474851268The Leak Crusader: Its almost 9:00 PM here but screw it, here it goes. I'm an insider for Games…[View]
474833557>Everwyrm is connected to seismic activity Dare I say, is he back? Monster Hunter thread.…[View]
474849938This is Pixie[View]
474853245do we have a full autopsy yet?: or do we need to wait for the pc version did they even use the satur…[View]
474848552Best stealth game change my mind>[View]
474849727Evil Within l o r e[View]
474853230Ahh spaghetti... ahh ravioli...[View]
474853291Len and Rin are ready for school! What are the best school themed video games?[View]
474853276>tfw sad cuck not even my birthday nonone loves meee father i have commited incest pull yourself …[View]
474850991Death stranding is a metaphor for Christianism: Sam (Jesus) is trying to connect the broken world by…[View]
474853112Admit it, it's kino.[View]
474815156GET HYPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=159&v=P_nj6wW6Gsc[View]
474847331Super Mario in real life[View]
474846793Is everyone ready for the only Final Fantasy anyone actually wanted?[View]
474848218PICK YOUR MAIN FOR 3V3 BOYS https://youtu.be/FTNgd4ji-wg[View]
474830451Vidya sins: Confess[View]
474836862Here's your boxart, bro.[View]
474840668daily reminder: that if your PC doesn't cost at least $2500/$3000 dollars, you've paid a p…[View]
474845316>OMG YES A GAME I REMEMBER IS GETTING A REMAKE I CAN'T WAIT >Why don't you just repl…[View]
474848852Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that she fucks krogans?[View]
474852141Medieval Total War: Why does this ancient game keep updating on Steam? Is anyone else experiencing …[View]
474838680What is your opinion on Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven?[View]
474846737Yo it's Gamescom. Why's these cowards still hiding the gameplay?[View]
474852735What are some games where I can go on a Dirlewanger style rampage?[View]
474849358>4K >Silent Protagonist[View]
474851834Hey /v/ here’s a fun game: Let’s see how high we can count I’ll start are you ready? 1...[View]
474848164I heard them say we've reached Morrowind thread, I'm sure they'll let us go.[View]
474850304What the fuck happened to /v/ archives?[View]
474852491Imagine the smell[View]
474798710What happens after the fall?: If I buy a game on the EGS now, what will happen to my games in 1-2 ye…[View]
474850280Wanna get into Total War. Should I start with Warhammer 1 or 2?[View]
474848807>Draw a loli >Give it a butterface[View]
474851294What games have a MC with this hairline? I can't get invested if they don't look like me.[View]
474851753Is this game good? Should I buy It? It's on sale right now[View]
474848918Is this any good?[View]
474848925Are you ready?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3dC_rgruwE[View]
474801846WoW Classic: Tauren Hunter... Home...[View]
474852035I need help finding this game: I played this iPhone game in around 2015-2016. It was really fun and …[View]
474852013After this generation ends I'm retiring from video games. I'm a grown man with integrity a…[View]
474851959Cortana, what are you doing?[View]
474850847lars Alexandersson: Lars Alexandersson[View]
474846610>Love JRPG worlds and plots >Hate the fucking random encounter, get transported into a battle …[View]
474817663Death Stranding Thread: Trailers are now up in 4K Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvwLr1p…[View]
474848570Post characters that are liter.ally you.[View]
474850665LobosJR: Since e-celebs threads are allowed, let's talk about this guy. His content is great an…[View]
474851595Bus Simulator: Well PC players, is it good?[View]
474847261>God Edelgard is so dumb and evil and her fans are even worse, they just played BE first and now …[View]
474842641He's alive![View]
474851331What's up with the jaggies?[View]
474849694Just beat kh2. Now what game does /v/ recommend?[View]
474851405Rate the games of 2019. You did play games released in 2019, right?[View]
474851372Ff zodiac age is peak final fantasy combat[View]
474850824So did this furry transformation game come out yet?[View]
474849242>RPG game has character customization options >it's just a couple of hairstyles and hairc…[View]
474851349Here's your alt costumes bro[View]
474851282What are some good games to play while masturbating?[View]
474850815Looking for some new vidya, which one would you get?[View]
474846835IT'S TIME FOR JACK[View]
474848736What is exactly the audience of Gacha games?[View]
474849202What happened with Frostbite engine? Isn't it supposed to be high-tech engine? Remember how go…[View]
474849726>Game looks like shit >Soul >Game looks good >Soulless…[View]
474850915vidya technology: vidya technology[View]
474849819gamescom: who /gamescom/ tomorrow? what should i know before i go? is there a map with all publisher…[View]
474849089>Nooooooooo you cant charge for cosmetics in a free to play game EAAAAAA BAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD…[View]
474848408>search 'midna' on google images >by the 8th result she is already spreading her asscheeks…[View]
474850528Why is Link so fucking popular?: > Has won every best character contest since 2002 except that on…[View]
474848854/super mario world/ general: Get in here SMW bros >How many times have you defeated SMW? >How …[View]
474845730Play Hunt: Showdown, it has actual graphics.[View]
474848598Ah, thank you for coming anon-kun. Please I need your help. I need all the 2B pictures you have for …[View]
474850319Umineko gold edition: What ever happened to this?[View]
474849236what's up /v/? I have a shitty pc that I use for school and some games (I play skyrim a lot). I…[View]
474825632Just a reminder to all US Canadian and Latin America bros: If any of your Switch games have this log…[View]
474842404Chances of BioShock 4 on Gamescom?[View]
474846698Does /v/ regret spending so much money on a gaming pc?[View]
474805224>Game asks you for your birthday >Game wishes you a happy birthday if you play it on your bir…[View]
474850062Control impressions: Someone got game early and posted impressions on reddit[View]
474839204What happened?[View]
474850048Filename thread[View]
474845902>What did Kojima mean by this?[View]
474840846Humble bundle: Attention, attention! Danganronpa bundle dropping shortly! *Puhuhuu*[View]
474849809>Journalist Mode is way easy >Normal Mode is too easy >Hard Mode is still easy >Expert M…[View]
474848943Fire Emblem: I relate to this art in some way. I relate to how he's fighting on with a grin de…[View]
474848253This shit is $2 on the PS4 store right now. Is it worth it?[View]
474849531I want to fuck Vivian so hard even though she doesn't have a pussy[View]
474849352September Nintendo Direct?: New SKU's found on GameStop system for September all priced at $59.…[View]
474842792Can we talk about the best RTS ever?[View]
474846291Is there a game series more plagued with plot holes and inconsistencies? (Probably not)[View]
474849385How can we make black people slaves again?[View]
474845068We make PC Gaming great again: Hop in[View]
474844954Hey /v/. I am looking to buy a console next week. What should I get? I was thinking switch or playst…[View]
474845863>/v/s face when a game isn't a jrpg reading sim[View]
474848721> Most Evil Character in the entire universe is a cute lesbian What did they mean by this /v/?…[View]
474847968First they came for the ROMs, and I did not speak out-- Because I already had the ROMs I needed. The…[View]
474849097Virtual piano: Let other Anons guess your songs. Keep it vidya. https://virtualpiano.net/ [TIP] [TI…[View]
474848543Squad: Play Squad[View]
474847490CS:GO or CS:Source or CS1.6? Which one is the best?[View]
474848642It's happening![View]
474847660>boss studies the meta of how to fight him and develops countermeasures…[View]
474823875Why do people like this whore who destroyed Rome[View]
474843753why hath thou summoned me human?[View]
4748479791080/144Hz vs 1440/60Hz[View]
474843292So : do people only like Edelgard cause she'll slam clams?[View]
474848902Tomato Way 3: https://gab.com/VladCastillo[View]
474848892Are you going to buy the next contra?[View]
474848750>Game makes you believe that Protagonist is a asshole and the main Antagonist is a good boi. >…[View]
474844613Yo, Cyberdemon. Nice ass[View]
474848748BBQ: Have you joined the Burger King Kids Club yet?[View]
474749936>hoes mad hoes mad hoes mad >BANNED Is there a bigger moment of justice in vidya?…[View]
474848152It's depressing how /v/ defends physical ferociously against the advent of digital for the wron…[View]
474822996Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why is everyone talking about Tifa's new design but not about the gam…[View]
474848584Mount and Blade cucks BTFO: >Byzantineboos waited for this game for literally 7 years. >This …[View]
474836167>not offended >report them anyways[View]
474845127I've played like 20 minutes of Assassin's Creed 1. What games are worth playing? From what…[View]
474848491Super Mario Maker 2 Shill and Chill: When is Nintendo gonna add new stuff for this game? When are we…[View]
474842628>Game has a lot of waifus >The best girl is a boy…[View]
474771754/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>474721520 >Post character name/franchise and referen…[View]
474847785It looks like a PS3 game[View]
474816589This is what the average PC gamer looks like (he played WoW and will play Classic when it comes out)…[View]
474839086are weeb games mainstream now?[View]
474846001What is going to happen with retail in 6 days? I'm kinda worried.[View]
474837893CYBERPUNK 2077: This game... this game is going to be something else.[View]
474832804Why does /v/ want to hate this game so much?[View]
474825557What was the point of acquiring Insomniac?: 95% of their games are PS exclusive and the other 5% are…[View]
474845458>realistic games look like shit eventually is this a meme? plenty of games from the 6th gen that …[View]
474838294Was it a mistake to make these action games in MGS4 and MGSV?[View]
474847435lets just settle it /v/: to define soul we must define what a game without soul is, therefore we sho…[View]
474847694>*Emerges from a time portal.* >Yer thought ya wer' fightin' a bunch of child soldje…[View]
474847241 [View]
474846576Megaman Royale: https://megamanroyale.com/ Two days later... I am forgotten[View]
474847762*deletes you with one ability* *uses essentially the same ability to escape 1 second later* *repeat…[View]
474774801Why did they bother occupying Earth? What did they have to gain? It's not like the water they w…[View]
474845987Nintendo Direct - September 18th: Roughly 30 minutes of info. Focused on Luigis Mansion 3. -Pikmin 4…[View]
474847764Climb that mountain[View]
474843386ITT: we debate why GBA fe was more soulful than ds/3dsFE[View]
474837090why is this game so long? wtf[View]
474845307What's a new game coming out that isn't afflicted by you-know-what?[View]
474847504who /gamecom/ tommorrow? what should i know before i know? is there a map with all publisher locatio…[View]
474839289Do you collect vidya figures/statues?[View]
474844243How fucking life-changing will Ryuukishi's new masterpiece be when it comes out in October? htt…[View]
474844840its to hot to play vidya[View]
474843761So this game is the size of the USA right? Daggerfall 2.0 Kojima edition.[View]
474846381ID RATHER-[View]
474841335post dishonest game design[View]
474826623If you believe video games are art than you believe video games are in any way comparable to this ar…[View]
474840162Say it with me GET WOKE....[View]
474840904TICK TOCK: TICK TOCK[View]
474842973>All fur coat and no niggers! How did they get away with it?[View]
474846810>Why yes, I do main Lili in TEKKEN 7. >How could you tell?…[View]
474793327why aren't you playing Fate anon? Mama Raikou is lonely[View]
474845073>cyberpunk >bannerlord >ps5 >xbox scarlett >halo infinite Yeah I am thinking 2020 is …[View]
474810597Do you hate octolings?[View]
474846558Best theme park games besides Roller Coaster Tycoon?[View]
474846273GameFreak Hate Thread: Explain why you despise this shitty ass excuse for a developer.[View]
474845815From my point of view, classic fags only think they do, but they dont.[View]
474843552>villains are based on the 7 deadly sins[View]
474842645It's okay /v/: just apologize[View]
474846125What kind of starter car do you choose in racing games? For me it's always an old Japanese RWD…[View]
474825510Why do most games have such a hard time depicting moral choices?[View]
474846080>very soon >every game is rated E for everyone >zombies, gore, guns, etc become terrorism…[View]
474845639Cobblestone - home.[View]
474846014how to fix CTR: So how are you enjoying those increased Warp Orbs and Clocks anon? Are they fun? No?…[View]
474838436remember me?[View]
474845443steam profile thread https://steamcommunity.com/id/Midaki[View]
474845809Death Stranding - A Hackeo Kojimbo 'Game': Stranding on the edge of the crater Like kojima once said…[View]
474845728Tell me /v/, what are some games with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-n8YW1rrxI[View]
474845632Did xbox pay ninja to stream on mixer to lure fortnite players to halo infinite? pokimane is morroca…[View]
474841248>character thought to be a hero turns out to be a fraud making it up as he goes…[View]
474843215WoW Classic: Why yes, I will play a Human Warrior.[View]
474843835Banjo Kazooie: Can’t wait for their new game to be announced before the end of this year[View]
474844017Are there any games that explore a colonial puritan society setting? I feel like this is a completel…[View]
474845369For me, its fermi[View]
474806545does this game have a magic skill tree? is it even good?[View]
474836549Reminder that there are people that unironically think that a fucking side character from a spin off…[View]
474840790Ctrnf: >locking content behind having to buy disgusting sugary shit >double locking it to a si…[View]
474845398AVENGERS..... assemble[View]
474841639So you can actually emulate Gamecube games on mid-range phones these days? Why didn't you tell …[View]
474843554Should I play Nier: Automata?[View]
474841049Play Dragon Quest 3[View]
474844056What could they add that mods haven't?[View]
474845140>Boss becomes invincible if you don't defeat him earlier in the game…[View]
474844720battle for bikini bottom remake: THEY FUCKED IT UP. Looks like a soulless Unity field. https://www.y…[View]
47484000210/10 games: Objective 10/10 games. Seriously make it count this time. Shadow of the Colossus is de…[View]
474842695B-But guys? I-I thought there was supposed to be... n-no.. no changes? G-Guys? Please... D-Don'…[View]
474841423Is this game good?[View]
474832850BOARD GAME ONLINE: BOARD GAME ONLINE NIGGAS WHERE YOU AT https://s1.boardgame-online.com/g/game.php?…[View]
474844815MUA3 DLC: >September 30 >New costumes for Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain Marvel >Endurance Mo…[View]
474819057IT'S BACK https://youtu.be/04KPiGmC7Lc[View]
474842165I've got an old PS3 lying around. Would I get anything nice out of hacking it? Could I atleast …[View]
474843821Has anyone played meteorfall? I would like some card game to play on my phone, possibly no p2w. It d…[View]
474844427bob omb battlefield... home...[View]
474844268>mfw they sing, oooooh ain't you glad you're single?[View]
474839571DS games for Switch when?[View]
474841507did you let him live don't you?[View]
474841098Where the hell is it?[View]
474837108Why did Dimps stop making original Sonic games? Why did they focus on shitty handheld versions of th…[View]
474842916The DMZ...Home[View]
474841395Why do you hate MMOs /v/ ?: I-I.. curse you.. /v/..[View]
474839824Today I was doing some qa testing on the final levels of doom eternal while while at my job and it …[View]
474840674He's so obviously Gordon Freeman from the future[View]
474843828>28 year old >idort >no real friends >no enjoyment in any games because of loneliness …[View]
474840281Noo Henry, you are supposed to work on The Witcher TV show not playing some 15 year old video game!![View]
474843741What are some games with good walking/running animations[View]
474843710Bannerlord Beta 2019: https://beta.taleworlds.com/ Why haven't you signed up yet /v/?[View]
474843604Wow, the new Kojima game looks great![View]
474843551Battlestation thread[View]
474841678>buy puzzle game >get stuck Why would you waste money on these shitty “games”?…[View]
474841267>Sunshine is the worst Mario[View]
474840546Is this game kino?[View]
474829331Nier: Automata was only as successful as it is because of 2B is a girl and has nice ass. Did anyone …[View]
474841713why is she so popular: she is the anime girl version of hitler.....[View]
474838016What was his problem ?[View]
474843184I guess you could say they fell flat in the animation department.[View]
474817985Misgendering Borderlands 3 Character FL4K May Get You Banned: https://www.gamepressure.com/newsroom/…[View]
474826569>character that people thought was a villain was actually right the whole time…[View]
474840964>Supposedly one of the worst >is actually one of the best…[View]
474834013Running an airbnb with an xbox: I'm going to run an airbnb and am debating putting my xbox insi…[View]
474842874What are some games with this aesthetic?[View]
474842869Kerbal Space Program 2: NOW AND FOREVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_nj6wW6Gsc https://store.st…[View]
474842843What are some games that i can play on a 12 hour long flight?[View]
474842616Here's your controller bro[View]
474842652is it TGS yet?[View]
474835052Death Stranding is PS4 exclusive: source: https://twitter.com/Kojima_Hideo/status/116382901845963980…[View]
474842604If the latency for stadia was truely low enough for games, then they would be streaming VR content. …[View]
474837175How do you beat this fucker >Inb4 git gud[View]
474842172Is there a any potential smash candidate which would cause more chaos than pic related?[View]
474841270SWBF2: Is this worth getting yet?[View]
474842537ITT - fav game from each Gen: NES - Super Mario 3 SNES - Super Mario World N64 - Mario 64 XBOX - Jet…[View]
474842505didju rike It?: MGS 5: Homo Semens Edition ™[View]
474842485Bring Kek to Smite. I am going to make a petition. Hi-Rez (Dev of Smite) shell put as the next God '…[View]
474842163is this the future?[View]
474842354The Witcher 3 Fishers Price Version: What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
474826690It looks like shit but I wanna play it[View]
474839041>misgender a character in a video game >money stolen…[View]
474821364What was the first game you ever played and how old were you?[View]
474840891Have you ever played a video game while having sex? One of my best middle school memories is getting…[View]
474839517Is he a faggot?[View]
474833473>trying to catch butterflies in Animal Crossing (fuck Astral Chain, hope it bombs) >accidental…[View]
474841974What are some games that help combat severe depression[View]
474837930reminder this literally happened[View]
474825831>wake up >see this What do?[View]
474841936https://urbanthesaurus.org/synonyms/cum pick your favorite one[View]
474840197Do you think we'll ever see a TES game where we don't play a holy savior endorsed by god?[View]
474841849Will we ever get another Dawn of War game that isn't shit?[View]
474839407HILDA! HILDA![View]
474753801FFVIII September 3: Same features as VII and IX remasters. https://youtu.be/VovHI0JKxlg[View]
474841584>anime game >logo pops up[View]
474835013Damn, CDPR couldn't even do a white man holding a gun art properly.[View]
474816250Where is the Demon Edition?[View]
474841702Is there any gaming laptop out there that isn't loud and hot at the same time?[View]
474841605>have a wrong mood >money stolen[View]
474838257Castlevania: What is the future of Castlevania? -Netflix show -recent Collection -the Belmonts in Sm…[View]
474837913>record scratch >freeze frame Isn't weird to feel bad for the rendering of a crying baby?…[View]
474800708Square Enix's Avengers prologue gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqGZwz3GUII Why does …[View]
474836247Was he the best Joker ever made?[View]
474790856XIV is my first MMO. I'm having a lot of fun. This may be one of my favorite FF titles ever. I…[View]
474839263How do you deal with getting trolled in online games?[View]
474841286oi cunt, it's time to play an underappreciated classic: Deathmatch Classic! server name: /v/ se…[View]
474832498We all know how important having empowered females in your media is, so who is your favorite female …[View]
474835843Would Hearthstone be better if it wasn't pay to win?[View]
474836390Which game do you prefer and why?[View]
474841118I need someone to photoshop this into Venom Snake. Or at the very least a Naked Snake. Can’t say why…[View]
474831653https://nl.letsgodigital.org/uploads/2019/08/sony-interactive-entertainment.pdf >PS5 Dev Kit leak…[View]
474839009You come at the king, you best not miss[View]
474840819IT'S REAL: HOLY SHIT[View]
474840926Good Ghost Rider game when?[View]
474839451Still the most epic and cinematic video game quest to date[View]
474832462Got this from someone for $5. What am i in for lads?[View]
474831297Persona 4: Should I try it out ? I only played SMT IV on my 3DS and I find this game really amazing.…[View]
474812937Starcraft remastered: >Highest skill ceiling ever >Extremely deep gameplay >Runs on a potat…[View]
474839181/v/ nostalgia thread: HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN[View]
474838285What happened to fireden? Why isn't it archiving /v/ anymore?[View]
474840514ITS HERE: i lived to see this day....[View]
474834264how the fuck did we get such a piece of shit game after how good Tricky was?[View]
474838393Blocks your path[View]
474837960Sam Porter: What a thrill With BTs and Demens through the way What a thrill I'm walking and I…[View]
474830593which one is comfier, bros[View]
474818169this was actually pretty good[View]
474835635Will Digimon Survive be good?[View]
474834038How would /v/ feel about this?[View]
474839653Which Mario game has the most soul?[View]
474840165Will we ever get a decent longboarding game?[View]
474838512alright /v/, post those start menus, surely you have VIDEOGAMES on them?[View]
474837573It's time to discuss the best Soccer-JRPG ever made[View]
474836903Risk of Rain 2: What went wrong?[View]
474839545Minecraft: Who still plays minecraft? Xbox one[View]
474839938FUCKING VIDYA MUSIC: FUCKING BLAST IT BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnLAC5AJPuM https://www.y…[View]
474742094Pathologic: The performance continues.[View]
474839623Do they do this shit on purpose?[View]
474839721Thoughts on Shuten-Douji?[View]
474835539If there is no MGS 'Demon Edition' by the time the day ends there will be consequences.[View]
474839793>western game[View]
474837859Hey guys it's me, Bob Boward. I was doing some epic gaming on Fallout 76 and I was feeling lone…[View]
474839063Who is /v/'s favorite Corruption of Champions character?[View]
474839716How come no one makes him wear pants?[View]
474838028Mass Effect: Did Rannoch belong to the Quarians or the Geth?[View]
4748391142 last dlc? Smash: Ok i made this post using others rumors etc Crash would be the 4th dlc Because i…[View]
474838190OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: 'The Content and Services are licensed, not sold. Your license confers no titl…[View]
474837264Why are 90s anime games so aesthetic?[View]
474834590GTA 7 is looking pretty cool[View]
474821154No time for videogames: >Be me >Be an engineer working in a private uni >Work from 11 a.m t…[View]
474837919Oh yeah /v/? Well name one game tha[View]
474839180>tfw the only game I beat this year was sekiro How do you motivate yourself to finish games?…[View]
474839354Since Flash is going to die real soon let's have a Flash kino thread to comemorate the good ol…[View]
474835604I want to explore an abandoned mansion but I don't want to play a horror game because they are …[View]
474838925>best girl is only the best because all the other options fucking suck[View]
474818285Is there even a single good western game released this year so far?[View]
474839168https://www.twitch.tv/piranhabyteslive björn pankratz from gothic singing rn get in faaaast[View]
474838643The Simpsons Hit and Run: One of best and most underrated videos games of all time Godly gameplay Go…[View]
474838478Official Mama™ Thread: >just me and my mommy, hanging out I got pretty hungry so I started to pou…[View]
474783198My teacher, did I ever tell you about my uncle, Volkhard von Arundel? When I was 9, he led an insurr…[View]
474832504What area, theme, or character does each color remind you of?[View]
474837676Why do people say that Atlus hate gays when there's literally a gay romance option in 4?[View]
474829050Please be Excited https://youtu.be/FNE9jhOgYc4[View]
474838528HE'S IN![View]
474838373Dorito Pope must have sucked those japanese balls real good[View]
474827542Put this picture on your Hypnospace page if you stand with Gumshoe Gooper! W.E. Briggs we salute you…[View]
474833732>the toughest looking boss is the most non threatening[View]
474831012What went so right?[View]
474833189Who are gaming's biggest traitors?[View]
474835884Smash leak: Porky Frisk League of Legends character 27th October Smash Boss Home run smash[View]
474838153So, what's your thoughts on it, /v/? I think it lacks a bit in gameplay, but the atmosphere, lo…[View]
474836265 [View]
474838041Grandia II audio: Grandia 2 anniversary edition from gog. What the fuck is going on with the music, …[View]
474819396MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: Are you excited for the first DLC?[View]
474832073GW2: What's the current OP buff class? Not even talking about raids or 5-mans, I just want to c…[View]
474826334O boi, my Omega Labyrinth Life LE arrived[View]
474837856You hate to see it happen. Console cucks btfo[View]
474827435Death Stranding - A Hackeo Kojimbo 'Game': Stranding on the edge of the crater Like kojima once said…[View]
474837817How is this game? I never hear it talked about on here or any other website. Looking for stuff to pl…[View]
474836929>racing game >drifting is a button >racing game >drifting spins you out >racing game …[View]
474821696I find myself hiding and ignoring twitch chat now. Am I finally becoming an adult?[View]
474833386SEGA: Sega has so many good IPs, they really needs to get their shit together and develop new entrie…[View]
474820783Literally what the fuck is this?[View]
474836314To bad this didn't end up being her final design.[View]
474837234kerbal space program 2: >Take-Two published >not an epic store exclusive >no lootboxes or c…[View]
474833390Kris deltarune[View]
474828635Hey homos. I've got a 14 hour flight, an android phone and a controller. What game do I play? …[View]
474834138>description states this class favors mobility over defense >has heavy armor as a minor skill …[View]
474798654Morrowind > Skyrim > Daggerfall > Oblivion > Arena prove me wrong pro tip: you can'…[View]
474835412>enter boss room >you can clearly see the boss is a vampire >there's a chest just befo…[View]
474803759Soon now bros. Soon. We are going home.[View]
474835157This is the next DLC fighter for ssbu[View]
474834102Just got passed roxas in the world that never was. Xigbar is annoying to deal with. What is the reco…[View]
474834924>2019 >own a gaming PC >play only Underrail and Starsector anyway What went wrong? Are game…[View]
474834685it's going to be trash, isn't it?[View]
474834926Best Video Game of the 20th Century: Hello![View]
474811321Doom Eternal: >He complains about the exposed arms[View]
474784464>Going through the motions, really helps with the soreness though. say it with me now MOMMY MOMMY…[View]
474828882So is it any good?[View]
474835814Page 5 and falling. Retro FPS games were a mistake.[View]
474830336How much time have you spent modding video games?[View]
474833797Are people actually excited for this walking simulator?[View]
474829625Why didn't they keep him as a Mr. T impersonation?[View]
474836615Bros, this Normoid Reedus game... It scares me.[View]
474836558How did Fallout lose its aesthetic? I wanted to find a picture of a holotape and boy did Google spit…[View]
474836023Super Monkey Paw Thread: Post your vidya desires, but be careful, or things will go horribly wrong.…[View]
474836510Why does /v/ want to like this game so much?[View]
474828003I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
4748352915 more to go. 4 if you say. Hero isn't the end. Perfect square, no. Pony, yes.[View]
474828535What's the best Godzilla game and why?[View]
474836024fuck you /v/[View]
474828275post a better mechanic than doublejump: thats right, you cant[View]
474835671wtf but you told me this game looks bad /v/[View]
474831070>'Wind Waker? I love it, much better than the overrated Ocarina's Time.'…[View]
474830680Wait, faggots actually prefer buying physical over digital games? >“Oh I’m just gonna sell it whe…[View]
474823316Hey there B-Banjo buddy! That sure was f-funny when I made all discussion about Super Smash Bros. co…[View]
474833430>*sexily ooh ohh aah aah's in your path*[View]
474831354how do you shit the bed this badly?[View]
474821807>No DLC What the fuck From?[View]
474835762Anyone remember the Midtown Madness games?[View]
474835325•Consoles are only negative for the industry (their conveniences being available better elsewhere is…[View]
474830616Ghostbusters kino is back on the menu boys[View]
474833726Good-Feel are not a good developer.[View]
474832301>Indie games cant be goo-[View]
474835603C&C: If Command & Conquer and Red Alert 1 remasters do well do you think we'll finally …[View]
474834197Simpsons games: Hit & Run remaster when?[View]
474829449Do y'all still read magazines for gaming news?[View]
474835409For me, it's David Wise, the best vidya composer[View]
474832740This happens when you sell your soul to china Gaben[View]
474815660What are your red flags /v/?[View]
474830638>game requires a fucking huge amount of time to learn how to play it correctly >once you start…[View]
474835203>buy puzzle game >get stuck >dont want to cheat What a waste of 60 dollars, thanks puzzle g…[View]
474834317Pay-to-Play Archeage: Now that it is confirmed that there'll be an official buy to play archeag…[View]
474828159You're walking around City 17 and this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do?[View]
474833605Look at this fluffy boi[View]
474816316SEVEN RINGS IN HAND[View]
474829278https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L09ld07hEVc Looks cool, don't bully me I like The Sims 4[View]
474832147Jinjo: Jinjo[View]
474834419how to deal with annoying cavalry?[View]
474788747Defend this shit. >j-just use a laggy ranged option that he can react to bro..…[View]
474832420nanika o tabeyou to shite imASSu[View]
474834574Every time i get in-game with my dualshock 4 the right stick gives the message that its moving to th…[View]
474834248Just finished kino related. Let me get this right: God checks out the species he created. Humans hav…[View]
474834596>We will never have another moment as woke as this.[View]
474833805>game has classes >it's just generic shit like warrior mage archer why the fuck do so few…[View]
474832362'One thing we are looking at doing is developing a video game based on the world of the film, which …[View]
474821035Virtual On: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd0Db0O5bg8&t=6s[View]
474802980>this enrages and confuses the zoomer[View]
474833212>getting to the boss is harder than the actual boss[View]
474829539Why is this game dead?[View]
474833776I am going to KILL MYSELF if Geoff doesn't voice himself in the final version! I don't car…[View]
474827324>Best cast since 4 >Fantastic encounter balance >Characters are designed perfectly and ever…[View]
474833126Cat hat: GOTY, period luv[View]
474812587Leaking what I know about Death Stranding. >There have been major cuts with the multiplayer compo…[View]
474832235Reserved Names: This is my black human paladin Dredolph. Say something nice about him.[View]
474808407>franchise comes back from the dead >isn't only a comeback but also the best in the serie…[View]
474829357Which Visual Novels have you been playing/reading?[View]
474831617Ion fury: >these boots are made for jumping[View]
474826686How did they get away with this?[View]
474832995A while back this game came out (it isn't Evolve I mean) it was horror, I think it was 5v1, you…[View]
474831475The best Final Fantasy protagonist is finally back.[View]
474819939MonHun thread: Upcoming changes >https://www.monsterhunter.com/update/mhw/us/ver10_10.html Dev Di…[View]
474832920Does /v/ like Shigeru Miyamoto?[View]
474828816It's better than classic in almost every way. The only thing that makes BFA bad is the end game…[View]
474832331Has there ever been a game that did traveling between different timelines right? I can't think …[View]
474831881What's next for this series?[View]
474829541WHERE IS MY FUCKING R3MAKE?????[View]
474832823Only for Playstation: no no no no nN O NON ONO NONONONONO NO PCBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY[View]
474830212Will you still be playing video games when you're old as fuck, /v/?[View]
474832665what are some cute and funny games?[View]
474827362How do my buddies handle gaming with poor vision? I'm finding multiplayer to be harder and hard…[View]
474832170Post stuff that zoomers will never understand[View]
474827446I've plugged over 1500 times, and that's only been since season 2. My rank is Fujin, earne…[View]
474829413How the fuck do I know what class I should pick in a DRPG? Their skills make no fucking sense to me[View]
474832405I recently upgraded my PC and now I want to see some graphically impressive games. What are some rec…[View]
474832304Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Payne in the butt.[View]
474831949ITT: post game mechanics that you love >game has player housing[View]
474829632Name a better Mario game. pro tip: You can't.[View]
474830857what the FUCK[View]
474778718Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Here's your overhyped breast milk girl, bros.[View]
474832096The worst classic class: What is objectively the worst class in classic and why is it druid…[View]
474832101Decent games you played recently and say a little bit about them: Observer, got the feels because of…[View]
474829248DaS=BB>DeS>DaS3>DaS2 Sekiro is not a Souls game so I won’t count it.[View]
474829779Rebellion & Monolith - AVP: Rebellion and Monolith suck dick at making games. The only thing Reb…[View]
474830602look at the top right corner PS4 WINS AGAIN BABY[View]
474798880New Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots: NEETs get in here while wagecuckolds wakie for slavery[View]
474830673GD: Hilda > Marianne > Lysithea > Leonie. BL: Annette > Ingrid > Mercedes. BE: Petra …[View]
474824218Guild Wars 1: This is one of those games I just find myself missing so much. It was rather unique in…[View]
474828239/v/ becomes text only How does it change?[View]
474831264Linux gaming thread: Why are you not using Linux to play video games? Hard mode: no outdated argumen…[View]
474830982Underrated masterpieces.[View]
474830392Was this really better than Metal Gear Solid, or is that just a boomer meme?[View]
474830264>make villagers better >add pillagers that spawn withing villages and start a raid if killed …[View]
474803952Pack it up everyone It's over I'm sorry, but it's over. https://www.gamespot.com/arti…[View]
474826138She should be in Death Stranding instead of that mama whore. I'm fucking mad you Kojima fuck[View]
474825735Now that Ace Combat was salvaged after a disasterous early 10s reboot, can Bamco do the same with Ri…[View]
474830214Pls be my remnant gf[View]
474825362if any of you stupid faggots play this game in english I swear to god I'll fucking find where y…[View]
474830824>that one game you always go back to and never gets old What is yours?[View]
474831059How will they use his power to shrink objects and himself in the next Naruto game?[View]
474831045Cast 'em: For me? It's Cherry Torn as Imoen from Baldur's Gate 2[View]
474825332Im 25 years old, ive played vidya all my life and yet there isnt a single genre or even game i can c…[View]
474830910'We're gonna release all content for free' That was it? The big news, the countdown, just for t…[View]
474781298dude lady rhea[View]
474830882*Guitar riff* DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO[View]
474830863Post your Pokemon Masters main.[View]
474830679>rolling Alliance in Classic[View]
474826383Here's some pre-alpha footage of Spongebob Rehydrated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1foj67v…[View]
474827773I missed Gamescom yesterday. Can anyone give me a quick rundown?[View]
474830609I know a lot of people supposedly hated the way MGS1, 2, and 3 played but I'm revisiting MGS2 r…[View]
4748240801.Galaxy 2.64 3.3d World 3.Galaxy 2 4.Sunshine 5.Odyssey[View]
474806412This expac single handedly killed WoW when you think about it.[View]
474829149Kerbal Space Program 2 announced: >Near future tech liked pulsed-nuclear rockets >New solar sy…[View]
474812042Death Stranding celeb cameos: >Geoff Doritos confirmed cameo as npc >probably all the celebs p…[View]
474827601There was a guild way back in 2012 called <The Vidya> we played on a private server are any of…[View]
474827897Is it just me or does this game feel really directionless? In shadow of Chernobyl, the game started …[View]
474829857>Boss can be killed while it's in a weaker form- NO YOU MUST FIGHT HIM AT FULL POWER DOING O…[View]
474830167The Long Dark: Any tips for this? I get the basics, but it feels like there's a fuck-tonne of u…[View]
474821990Borderlands 3: Which one are you maining?[View]
474826082>pirate game >game scans your hard drive and threatens to send it to the FBI unless you purcha…[View]
474826553ITT: Characters who have canonically drank piss[View]
474819929*60 dollars have been taken from your account*[View]
474829512Women want the CCC (Classic Chad Cock)[View]
474829642>Equipment changes are not physically reflected on your character[View]
474828502Roll is _____[View]
474829734https://youtu.be/P9uJegwiQa8 There are people here who think this is cool.[View]
474825528Are inklings racist?[View]
474819814MEH MEH MEH[View]
474829639Suikoden IV originally released on this date in 2004. Say something nice about it.[View]
474826917Collectors Editions: Have you ever purchased an expensive collector's edition of a game? What d…[View]
474823820Dungeon Defenders Awakened Remake: They tiny again.[View]
474828752In my cycle, there was no DRM.[View]
474827792>Movie games are shi-[View]
474820646Are games so uninspired this decade that people have to remaster and remake everything?[View]
474829058I'M KICKING YER ASS[View]
474827905I'm getting an up-to-date pc soon. Please inform me about games which came out since 2014 what …[View]
474825809Ace Attorney: SPIN-OFF GAME WHEN?[View]
474828987Are there any games that don't have any violence at all? Prefer multiplayer online games. I can…[View]
474816517Metroid Prime 4: Screencap this post. I'm 100% SURE the fans who cried for a new Metroid game w…[View]
474828958I still think about what could have been. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiIx9VJWSl8[View]
474828949hoes mad[View]
474821097In turn based strategy games 1) There is hit change and terrain modifies the % 2) You always hit and…[View]
474826828Please make it playable online[View]
474828179>The Way Home starts playing[View]
474828774Hmm, yes Mr. Anon! I believe I have gotten my feelings in order![View]
474818260This game costs 70€ for the base edition. Do you think that cost is justified?[View]
474828380My dumb ass killed every one of my students. Should I start over ?[View]
474827842Super Mario Maker 2 Shill and Chill: Just uploaded this level 2YL-076-VTF[View]
474806583Did anyone ever actually find Resident Evil scary? I mean I love Resident Evil and probably always w…[View]
474822219Are you good at Tetris?[View]
474752729>le quirky depressed lesbian Name a more transparently pandering character.…[View]
474827127Why is so much of this game's progress reliant on using guides?: don't get me wrong, I thi…[View]
474828369>level up in RPG >health bar doesn't recover with new level.…[View]
474827058Finally a release date.. September 3rd. Anyone else hyped to replay this classic? Probably my favour…[View]
474820291Auschwitz game scrapped: But the devs vow to re-release it in a 'less offensive version' How can the…[View]
474828180“Final Fantasy? Whatever”’s IX Review: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&…[View]
474828172/v/ only hates lootboxes because Nintendo doesn't have any lootbox games.[View]
474828096>Have comfy Minecraft realm with friend >one friend asks me to let his friend join >don…[View]
474828078>chavs, heroin addicts, and pikies trying to fence stolen goods Does anyone actually use this for…[View]
474826986>zoomers these days actually dream of becoming an esports player and winning it big in stuff like…[View]
474816083Ivy Valentine: Ivy Valentine[View]
474827437Mama Strand: If we can pee, can we also caress Mama's breasts? Asking for a friend[View]
474825936Was it bloodborne of zelda games?[View]
474822887Vode An motherfuckers: THEY'RE BACK[View]
474827801Str levels?[View]
474821841Anyone else just sad that we are getting Half Genie Hero 2 with less fanservice?[View]
474825842Is it okay for video game reviews to be about things not pertaining to the video game itself?[View]
474814778Is there even any hope that this game isn't going to suck?[View]
474826837I live in PAL region and just bought this new for 15 euros from Amazon, but in USA the price is in h…[View]
474827630>Trailer for the sequel is based on a fanmade trailer for the original >They even thank the or…[View]
474827603>Venom Snake is 100% a proxy for the player (This means that you, yes, YOU are Venom Snake) >V…[View]
474827434>wake up >russia has not annexed ukraine yet…[View]
474827319'Death to all journalist!'-mangick the hedgog[View]
474810736Hide kojima is only loved by people that don't actually give a shot about games[View]
474825634I love me some console war thread.[View]
474818725what's the best version of final fantasy 7? is it really the best final fantasy?[View]
474826114>Kojima spoiled all of MGSV before release! It is happening again.[View]
474826263Which one?[View]
474817326Seriously WHY IS THIS GAME SO FUCKING LONG im 28 hours in and have only reached Mel Senshir, it feel…[View]
474825904This is Rosalina. She's from the game Super Maryo Brothers.[View]
474824652this game is fucking hard, and not in a good way[View]
474824996Does anyone else remember this?: >happened during E3 I think >announcing new game in a series …[View]
474826157Where and when should it take place and what should it be about?[View]
474827236What are some good online coop games: Me and my friend are currently out of games to play, we strong…[View]
474819831I decided that I want to get good in fighting games. I have Streetfighter V already installed but no…[View]
474818040Monika is thot: She is an absolute moron, why did she kill everyone, literally solved nothing, on to…[View]
474825247Find a flaw[View]
474826319Why is Switch getting just ports and no original ip’s?[View]
474812471Who is your favorite video game male? For me its Gumshoe. I think he is really cute.[View]
474802584Best girls wasted in their series.[View]
474826897which is better for turn based RPGs? left or right?[View]
474817312BANNERLORD release: March 2020: LORDS AND LADIES, butter your blades and buckle up! It's about …[View]
474824864Witcher 3 on Switch: So wow this is the power of a $300 gaming 'console' in 2019[View]
474814582SHE'S IN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Co6-oryLFY >saitama oneshots everyone…[View]
474817946Imagine you love your daughter and care for her for years and want her to be decent, cautious and th…[View]
474824683Only one of them can get a remake. Which one do you choose?[View]
474824168>indie game >Shovel Knight cameo[View]
474826426What the fuck was his problem?[View]
474826365*waggle waggle* >BING BING *waggle waggle accidentally throws joycon into TV* >LET'SA GO …[View]
474814260Sega Gamescom schedule: Yakuza announcement tomorrow. Keep in mind that leaker said Shin Sakura Tais…[View]
474825408It's a flawed masterpiece.[View]
474825540Lmao wtf is this cover[View]
474819919Anything revealed at Gamescom that interest you so far? I'm mildly hype for that Paradox not!Ci…[View]
474815536>AHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY CLASSIC, WE'RE GOING HOME!!! Imagine wanting to willingly …[View]
474824265In a few days I'm going to host a LAN party. I know that games that lan modes, dedicated server…[View]
474821789Respawn Entertainment: We're a group of people who will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end …[View]
474824194>when you are 25 years old and notice the only games you played in particular are world of warcra…[View]
474817659Thoughts on the best action game of this gen?[View]
474823939ITT we observe evolving cars https://rednuht.org/genetic_cars_2/[View]
474825668I can get a $50 PSN card but I have no idea what to fuck to get. It's likely one of the followi…[View]
474825621which one, /v/[View]
474820145>How much? >'Offer'[View]
474825474QUICK POST VIDYA JAMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxvfieTkARI&list=RDmxvfieTkARI&start_r…[View]
474825550>KSP2 announced We're coming home snekebros.[View]
474825296And i'll pee standing ~: did kojimaru finally lose his mind? or will this game shock all of us …[View]
474822851Hello, I'm the best controller.[View]
474825371How do you feel about Amy's new personality?[View]
474825373I'm getting an up-to-date pc soon. Please inform me about games which came out since 2014 what…[View]
474821101cyberpunk 2077: >game comes out >install mod to make night time permanent >install mod to m…[View]
474813482I desperately need a Power Stone thread Post your main And post your ideas for a Power Stone 3[View]
474822101Who was in the wrong?[View]
474784231Boomercore Shooters: Can we have a thread for the shooters of the early-mid 90s? I've been on a…[View]
474824975>forced and out of nowhere >they affect the game depending on the result…[View]
474824670WOW CLASSIC: Not long now!!![View]
474823534Why all pretentious japs look the same?[View]
474811163Silksong thread: I love the loli bug.[View]
474823334> it's a Urination Simulation Sasuga, Kojambo. Sasuga, indeed.[View]
474818965In Fallout New Vegas if I have 8 intelligence but wear gear that lowers my intelligence will it nega…[View]
474794259How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
474817792Play Dragon Quest VI, it’s the best one.[View]
474823938What is the weirdest place you've found vidya?[View]
474751283Is there a reason people don't like this game so much? I'm playing it for the first time, …[View]
474823921What games does ResetEra hate? I want to buy them all.[View]
474823627Looking for videos games that don't suck and I won't put down after 5 minutes playing[View]
474819080>people actually expected the next A21 waifu AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *inhales* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA…[View]
474797739Heroes of Might and Magic 4: >Supposedly one of the worst >is actually one of the best…[View]
474809005FIREDEN ARCHIVE WHY GOD WHY: Hey somebody save these 2 threads before they die off completely. Just …[View]
474823415YOU BACTA NOW[View]
474816737Persona 5: Kawakami wins[View]
474820141Switch September Lineup: Torchlight 2 Spyro: Reignited Trilogy Blasphemous Daemon X Machina Lege…[View]
474801339Woooow, it's late AGAIN who could've predicted this...[View]
474821858What are pixels/cycle and texels/cycle? PS2 has the most of them[View]
474823212/v/ sing-along: Post music that you always end up singing when it starts playing. I'll begin wi…[View]
474822717Xenoblade 2: So, since the game is actually on our Earth thousands of years in the future, how would…[View]
474816107What am i in for?[View]
474821634JRPG systems: So while stories and characters are certainly very important in JRPGs, what are the gr…[View]
474812361RTS games[View]
474799153LOOK HOW THE MASSACRED MY BOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTVKMcWu_CE[View]
474822931You. Bacta. Now[View]
474819465please help me find a game that captures the feeling conveyed in this image.[View]
474814209Just finished GOTY 2019 What did I think of it?[View]
474816867What are some /v/ approved gaming shoes? For me it's Crocs.[View]
474822858>He waits till level 20 to promote units when the long term gain is minimal Why do autists do thi…[View]
474818812Which Ness do you feel like today?[View]
474815039Survival horror is dead[View]
474822773Is there really a sentiment among some feminists that sexualization is bad? I mean, I've got lo…[View]
474812086JESUS FUCK HOW ARE THESE GAMES EVEN CONSIDERED PLAYABLE MGS4, PW, and 5 are the only playable ones, …[View]
474760135UnderRail: UnderRail thread 'No one actually likes the game everyone just pretends to like it!!'…[View]
474820835What hast thou...built..., Garrett? When the time comes to review thy life, with The Master Builder …[View]
474820845>Name a vidya theme that rymthms perfectly for his dance[View]
474818613Orcs Must Die 3 announced to be Stadia exclusive: How dead on arrival it will be? Like Age of Empire…[View]
474822204How to get into GTA V roleplay? The scenario and skits are funny. One guy acts like a camp gay snipe…[View]
474813309YOU CAN PEE IN DEATH STRANDING: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1f9iQhdYjP4[View]
474820028KNIGHTS OF HONOR 2 GUYS IT'S HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhpIhtEYkGE https://www.…[View]
474822154>devs apologize to trannyera >devs apologize to reddit >literally no one ever apologizes to…[View]
474819139who is ready for a new homeworld game?[View]
474819992>4chan 'leaks'[View]
474819583>people bitching about why an adventure game just have Db Z content Are you people retarted? All …[View]
474817073why does everyone love lucina again: she is literally marth with tits[View]
474781308Are western devs even trying anymore?[View]
474821768Your Chakras are not in proper alignment /v/ breathe in and let out your frustrations[View]
474821761time for the weekly cuck. 59mins till i get something useless. run my key then log out. what a world[View]
474821752Why are you not playing the best platformer out there at the moment? It is free on Steam.[View]
474821431Why is bullying so prevalent in online video games? No wonder people stick to single player.[View]
474819064What if I... put my minecraft bed next to yours... Haha, just kidding... unless?[View]
474803582thoughts on cherry hunter aka the new SoR character? https://youtu.be/LTZajRoULlQ[View]
474821590>People talking about making a new character/build in an RPG or something casually like that does…[View]
474821548>you know, professor, you truly are the fire emblem: really[View]
474819784How would you fix KH3?[View]
474816547This is your Lightning for tonight.[View]
474816691>Teach, you didn't choose Golden Deer? That's pretty cringe bro…[View]
474775291Has a more kino game ever existed ?[View]
474821228I beat this yesterday. What does /v/ make of this game?[View]
474821225>'So... Wanna go drive cars?' >'Bitching' >*highway to hell plays*…[View]
474820839>Objective: Run[View]
474820172>protagonist already has a gf at the beginning of the game[View]
474819982To those that played the beta, how bad is the entire censoring situation? Do you get insta-perma ban…[View]
474814729P.T.'s Hidden Meaning: https://youtu.be/yr4RvdREwl8 What are your thoughts on this theory? I t…[View]
474819928>Better than SBF ever were >No threat of business splitting them up >All have varies intere…[View]
474820760High score thread. What's yuor high scores, /v/?[View]
474820889>Completely revamp the core combat that everyone loved even after two betas of universal hate for…[View]
474817986>wait years for a game >games comes out >don't even bother buying it or playing it…[View]
474820879What are some games a bonobo would enjoy?[View]
474820856What are your honest thoughts on this creature?[View]
474817253NG+: Is there any game where this isn't just a pointless romp? And I don't mean like, 'wew…[View]
474817869Misunderstood genius or talentless hack?[View]
474813474What a boring ass game. Guild Wars thread. THE Magic The Gathering IDEA AND THESE ASSETS ARE WASTED …[View]
474819473You ... I've seen you ... Let me see your face... You are the one from my dreams... Then the st…[View]
474820681>Triangle Triangle Square Circle X L1 L1 Down Up >Triangle >X >L3 >Right Stick Forwar…[View]
474817878*cough* after all these *wheeze* years Bannerlord is getting *fart* a release date *hnngg* can…[View]
474820563So, I got my friend to post a pic of Francisca on here...: Great, now I love her and want her to be …[View]
474820543Why does Gamecube graphics have more 'meat' to them compared PS2[View]
474820082Why do people keep giving them chances?[View]
474816765Still not translated[View]
474804628Meanwhile, on Ker/v/in...[View]
474801707korea time: it's korea time boys and girls the semi finals are upon us once again >SNOW(P) V…[View]
474810426Trails: Estelle Bright is female protagonists done right.[View]
474803793 [View]
474814512Rockstar Games New DLC/Game: What's these bastards up to? Australia just banned whatever this i…[View]
474818536The saviors of video games[View]
474811178Toon Link is older than Young Link, yet he’s shorter than Young Link[View]
474817702Killer7: What the fuck happened?[View]
474818821games women will NEVER understand[View]
474796989Wow Kojima is such a sad old man. Why do you idolize him so much /v/?[View]
474819627Why hasn't anyone made a video game where you can play as monster/killer hunting other player/p…[View]
474819617Super Mario Maker 2 Shill and Chill: Just uploaded this level 2YL-076-VTF[View]
474819408Is he just western Kojima? Both love movie ‘games’ and dedicated urination commands.[View]
47481277311 years ago he used to be the shit: what happened to him?[View]
474818065Reminder that all Bannerlord clay is objectively Battania clay and you're playing on easy mode …[View]
474815535What's your favourite character and why? The witch is pretty fun but hitting the jackpot with t…[View]
474815903Best games to buy for the 2ds/ 3ds? Already planning on buying Pokémon x or y. Got like a 100 dollar…[View]
474818250One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Gamescom trailer dropped: https://youtu.be/04hH7lRdoUY >Saitam…[View]
474812295Play Adventure Quest 3D they have Korn https://www.artix.com/Korn[View]
474819239>Bring back Brachydios for World >Exchange his Slime effect for Gog's Tar Way to complete…[View]
474818890Bros... we were supposed to get MGSV Demon Edition... WTF happened?[View]
474815167Sniper Ellite 5 when?[View]
474819093>Want to git gud at Smash >Realize I gotta spend days if not weeks in training mode autistical…[View]
474815841will this game be good or underwhelming? do you think the marketing will just kill the game?[View]
474817968So, which one takes the trophy in videogames ?: dogs vs cats in vidya [View]
474784217Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
474817387Am I the only one looking forward to this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ozFP-Wl4OZg First game was…[View]
474816687Name a better vidya villain from the current gen[View]
474818807YOU'RE A POOPY HEAD[View]
474817682>already dead >No threads[View]
474818638why play anything else but pokemon? You idiots are wasting your time[View]
474817192Anyone get this kind of email recently? I have never touched my battlenet account in 3-4.years. Are …[View]
474811994The PS5 will destroy the Switch: Crash, Spyro and Wipeout have been brought back and Sony will give …[View]
474802219BORDERLANDS 3: I'm supposed to hate this but so far it does genuinely look fun and the music is…[View]
474818592Wow keeps losing money year on year, it's now at the point of almost falling off the top 10 mos…[View]
474817426Are lewd Visual Novels supposed to be video games?[View]
474807212Monster Hunter Thread: >Gamescom Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTEddvzKku0 >Develope…[View]
474807684How do you deal with roleplayers in online games?[View]
474818332You are stranded on an island with internet. You can have and play only one video game for the rest …[View]
474806249I am forgotten...: >august 20th 2019 I am forgotten...[View]
474815375SHATTERED No, seriously, where’s the gameplay?[View]
474817931Was it red red green or red green red?[View]
474807447Anyone wanna play mario 1 with me? I'm open to double dragons or whatever.. I'm just lonel…[View]
474817243No Time For Caution: What moment in vidya would you say is the closest equivalent of the 'no time fo…[View]
474817635Clone Commandos: Ready to jump back into BF2? Well we have clone commandos and Felucia coming in the…[View]
474817623Graphics in these games were unacceptable. We got Half-Life 2 the same year for fucks sake[View]
474817327First offscreen pictures of Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: Looking good so far[View]
474786482Wait so if Ellie is technically infected, wouldn't that mean she'd infect this broad by ki…[View]
474811164Any hope that Hotline Miami 2 will actually be rated by Australia after it was pulled from the AUS s…[View]
474775470You ARE part of the 9.9 percent who beat him, right? You would never out yourself as a permavirgin b…[View]
474808768Post a video game quote, the anon below you has to voice it. https://vocaroo.com/[View]
474782417Is the 'no kill rule' the most retarded trope in all of media? Killing is necessary when you're…[View]
474790971ITT: Vidya characters who are literally you[View]
474804716what went wrong?[View]
474815738Moi deduction skills as a detective tell me that this anon has quite pohssibly NEVAH had sex.[View]
474795782>hasn't made a good game since MGS3 >his every entrance on stage is celebrated as if jesu…[View]
474813009Mods: Hello my fellow anons! I'm seeking some nice,well made mods for Skyrim (Nexus and Steam).…[View]
474801358>Mount & Blade 2 >Kerbal Space Program 2 >Animal Crossing New Horizons >No more Hero…[View]
474816292>12 Kojima threads up right now The fuck? Where did all these people come from that hate Kojima l…[View]
474813812*THUD* *SLAM*[View]
474794271This game was made by Swedish developers. It's almost unbelievable to think that not that long …[View]
474816408>DLC's are becoming a normal thing for BMW cars now You console fags are to blame.…[View]
474816096When I first played this game on release, I thought it was pretty obvious he was indoctrinated. Ther…[View]
474798252Yeah, I'm thinking NFS is back[View]
474816257How do I into GTA Online? It's all so overwhelming when I start it up, I don't even know w…[View]
474799768I never played MGS in my life. Is pic related really that bad?[View]
474813254What the fuck was HIS problem?[View]
474812586>alcohol gives charisma[View]
474814397>no good haunted house style vidya with a bunch of classic monsters anymore like Castlevania Shit…[View]
474812334Demifiend is a 10/10 character design brought down to a 5/10 because of his dumbfuck shoes[View]
474814906Games only you've played[View]
474811385naoto is for bi-curtious, chie is for pansexuals[View]
474804970Should I: Get this? Is it good?[View]
474810360How does /v/ like rhythm games? Which ones are your favorites? I don't play video games super o…[View]
474815692Novigrad... home.[View]
474813787So as I was browsing I saw this banner. Suddenly, it hit me. THIS is the kind of atmosphere and feel…[View]
474811420Why does everyone talk like they have asthma?: I love the English voice acting but goddamn take a de…[View]
474810693>comp randoly shuts down >no error message, nada >pop open tower and try running >GPU sp…[View]
474814524Super Mario World vs Yoshis Island: I think we can all agree that these 2 together with ATTP are the…[View]
474766528Vidya clothes that are subtle: Y'all own some subtle \v\idya clothing? Pic related for some of …[View]
474815549My body is ready.[View]
474796224Who is your fighter-fu and why?[View]
474812706Who would win?[View]
474815325>alright bro yeah, now once you get to that point take 10 steps east and then press select while …[View]
474813220Hey so the regular price of nintendo vidya doesn't go down much but they go on sale for those w…[View]
474806362Just Fuck My Species Up: Why is it almost common to see people get upset when humans aren't por…[View]
474773796Why is this game divisive?: > Normalfags universally consider FF7 shit now > Creator of Final …[View]
474814820FF Fanart: Post quality and/or comfy FF fanarts.[View]
474814998did kojima put geoff knightley in death stranding?[View]
474814958ITT: best Switch games[View]
474795210DRAGON BALL KINO IS HERE https://youtu.be/Ze9NjpTpJKE[View]
474814757Stop liking what I don't like! Why are you even playing ___________ when a streamer is playing …[View]
474803715decent MMORPGs: Are there any MMOs these days that aren't shit? Preferably with good character …[View]
474814094ITT: biggest hacks ever.[View]
474806738>need to pause during a cutscene >it skips the cutscene…[View]
474760645Why did he have to do it?[View]
474810156ITT: Brainlet repellent[View]
474798250>Ayo, teacher bitch. Ingrid won't stop reading off crime statistics…[View]
474802364not gonna lie, this looks phenomenal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td4IgDulFgM[View]
474804354Nintendo has done it again. A beautiful port and you can play it on the go.[View]
474810371Leave Sorceress to me[View]
474814013Anyone wanna be no mans sky frends? I'm on ps4[View]
474813856What are some of /v/'s favourite vidya mashups? https://soundcloud.com/madvillaindylan/net-tris…[View]
474812043Gaming Studies - Nutrition, Fitness, Drugs, and Joy: Classic is scheduled for so soon; now is perfec…[View]
474809161ITT: characters that are canon virgins at 30+ years old[View]
474812143Can we have a slay the spire thread? I'm liking this shit more and more, I just finally managed…[View]
474813139How did she get so rich, bros?[View]
474813206>been playing rocket league with friend forever >I dont want to play today because Im a bit bu…[View]
474812242Can't you play this shit offline? It says I must either join or create an online session. What …[View]
474800980I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a really fun time with Mutant Zero. It's …[View]
474810917Classic 1-60 pvp: Is druid the best class for wpvp while leveling? I can't think of any class t…[View]
474812369Is Freddy the most pathetic and worthless killer in history of gaming?[View]
474785998Persona 5 English Version coming Spring 2020: >7 months of waiting at best Why do they do this, i…[View]
474782245Ready Or Not Alpha Footage: Compiled a few clips from the alpha to show you guys how it currently lo…[View]
474809291Is this game any good? I fucking love killer7 and the first no more heroes but not really a big fan…[View]
474812821Is it me, or are survivors in dbd the most entitled people ever? They always bitch about perks the k…[View]
474809498Is wow classic unironically the true wow killer?[View]
474808765Have a good day /v/, whether it's through shitposting, playing some good Vidya, or whatever mak…[View]
474811050They didn't reveal the Demon Edition at the Gamescom stream due to Kojima being present; we sho…[View]
474812839This is Chat. She is the granddaughter of Aifread and the captain of the Van Eltia. Say something ni…[View]
474803895https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQbGvsTX7cc HOW CAN LOST IN THOUGHTS ALL ALONE EVEN COMPETE?[View]
474812612O KURWA![View]
474812807What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
474723367MISSION FAILED[View]
474806212What is this vidya woman's expression trying to convey?[View]
474812734Now that Persona 5 teh Royals is out, can we finally have some SMT5 news?[View]
474812724TIE Defender, Standing By.[View]
474800561>the perfect VN doesn't exis-[View]
474812527So how long until Google and Amazon start buying up studios for their streaming services?[View]
474809118Post underrated games[View]
474783115Metroid: >ctrl+f >no Metroid thread Modern problems require modern solutions…[View]
474774370Post your walk cycle[View]
474808861>western games[View]
474795057*buys her game*[View]
474812307Classic will come out, you'll play it for a few hours, then realise MMO's are still shit a…[View]
474812210Why aren't you playing her game?[View]
474810617Wolf: Wolf[View]
474811315GTA V modding: new casino update If you have this game and you have modded it you know that the casi…[View]
474812112So has no one seriously recorded themselves playing the gamescom demo yet? I just want raw gameplay…[View]
474808851Max Payne 3:: What was the point of adding this guy to the game? My only guess is that he just serve…[View]
474801389Kain is deified. The clans tell tales of him. Few knew the truth.[View]
474811946ITT we post our towers and big things[View]
474798929https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/gamescom-2019-game-ready-driver/ THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA…[View]
474810784>Mash X the game[View]
474805951His mom must have really loved birds.[View]
474811740>not even Snoy wants it as exclusive Kek[View]
474807369Why does this game look so shit?[View]
474811513>has less classes >has less races >has less maps >has less dungeons >has less raids …[View]
474810359ITT: Games you love, but have never finished. I've played Arcanum on and off for almost two dec…[View]
474806748Welcome to another two hours long gameplay analisys video of Death Stranding, in this video I'l…[View]
474800748>no Ion Fury thread Ion Fury thread[View]
474793471Seeing as none of us will live that long, what's the best game of the century? https://www.stra…[View]
474810436In our struggle to survive the present we push the future further away. Will I see it in my lifetime…[View]
474811151what are some games where you can play as a naked loli? either as a feature or with nude mods, it al…[View]
474811053Why is Jasper Kyd Soundtrack so grand in every given time? Also, post games with amazing OST[View]
474787707Post pipe dream characters that you legitimately want in Smash[View]
474807131>buy and play game for the 15th time >it's still as good Ah shit, here we go again…[View]
474809050What is the OK Computer of video games?[View]
474809715xenoblade: >alien refugees good[View]
474802602What do you think of Danganronpa?[View]
474807436Will rhythm games ever come back into fashion?[View]
4748015101080TI ftw: does this card die easily? I already had to rma 2 times because of the 'rendering device…[View]
474810503We’ve got an xbox veteran here[View]
474808131HUMANITY FIRST[View]
474808237Erica: So is this a decent game? More importantly, can it be considered a game?[View]
474807534Why do so few games have in depth weight gain/loss mechanics?[View]
474808335wow classic china farm: Looking for chinese (or any cheap) wow classic gold farmers. Does anyone kno…[View]
474802613**Grabs your dick **[View]
474793460explain this /v/[View]
474803538>not at gamescom this event can be canceled now[View]
474808674Why yes, I play vanilla Oblivion, how could you tell?[View]
474804231vidya reaction thread[View]
474809881why didn't they make a reverse switch lite? wouldn't it have been cheaper to just include …[View]
474785147Henry Cavill and Vin Diesel literally played WoW and will likely be playing when Classic comes out. …[View]
474754873>fuck all men. Im literally the only intelligent character in the vampire's side Was she lik…[View]
474808269What's your favorite Sniper Elite, /v/?[View]
474808376>Solo mode finally drops >People are actually using tactics and crafty bullshit >When I die…[View]
474804559Is it a revolutionary next step in gaming or will it die like steam OS?[View]
474809564Goodmorning gamers[View]
474808684It's not coming out this year is it?[View]
474809157/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Post em[View]
474789962Baby shaking mechanics: Genius kojimbo using other people's ideas like a true genius.[View]
474809412HP ProBook 4535s: What are some games I can play?[View]
474801857Should I do it boys?[View]
474801379wtf BfAbros, it was supposed to fail![View]
474809003WHEN THE FUCK IS IT GOING TO BE CRACKED?¿: title my reddit amigos. Please upvote for visibility. ALS…[View]
474809019>press x to wake up 10/10 goty woooow kojima did it again[View]
474808816My wish to be born as a woman to experience pure and genuine yuri instead of modern degeneracy is on…[View]
474808096I will post this picture everyday until metal gear rising 2 is announced DAY 60[View]
474805170New r6 report system: >1 option for reporting a cheater >3 options for reporting ToXiC bEhAvIo…[View]
474808685What are the best single player FPS games?[View]
474808414When will jrpgs return to form?[View]
474798717Absolute: OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
474806093Adachi's rant only makes sense when applied to the real world but not the game's world so …[View]
474802062I remember I used to play Tibia online back in the day. Tibia has no level limit. I remember my frie…[View]
474796541Already forgotten[View]
474805390Bannerlord release date announced: /v/... apologise...[View]
474795170GTAVI expectations/desires: What do you guys wanna see in the next GTA? Where do you think it'l…[View]
474805516Based FreeLoaders[View]
474799763Mouse thread? Mouse thread.[View]
474779028Why is the RTS genre essentially dead? I spended years of my life playing Starcraft and Warcraft alo…[View]
474801689It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
474778130First MMO: What was the first MMO you were able to ever play? My computer was a shitbox and couldn…[View]
474800556Really though, did Google think people would be interested in stadia, or was this some kind of 4D ch…[View]
474795564>Sony's Shawn Layden says Sony's first party multiplayer titles might come to other pla…[View]
474807916>channel reaches mainstream popularity >loses passion and churns out PC build videos instead o…[View]
474781458ANGRY SMASH BROS VENT THREAD: Cloud is such a braindead character, no wonder his best player is a ch…[View]
474801417fake voice actor?: https://youtu.be/dAomOQDMoPg?t=73 Why is it that when Sam is shouting 'Over here,…[View]
474782194So, whats the verdict?[View]
474730859Doom Eternal will take 22 hours to finish.: Will this be one of the biggest Doom games yet?[View]
474806756It appears as though there is some confusion amongst the populace in regard to the lore of Doom 2016…[View]
474800745Want to refund? Here's how to do it.: You can refund even if you're played more than 2 hou…[View]
474803114So... What are you guys doing against the PS4 games drought? There was literally no game released fo…[View]
474807329What are some games where you can flood the levels and replay the same location except it's vas…[View]
474807394What are the most kino vidya intros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zno0zbLQnio[View]
474760130/v/ humor thread[View]
474802424> Most evil video game character ever is a lesbian loli Explain this /v/…[View]
474799714Why was Capcom's PS2 era so kino?[View]
474801047quake hampions[View]
474800426Ristar: >forgotten gem Sega platformer >unique mechanic >god tier level design >every si…[View]
474805918Best skating game on ps4?[View]
474788289>There will never be an adventure that even comes close to matching the one you experience when y…[View]
474795869Do the new generation of gamers lack patience? They seem to have trouble getting through games like …[View]
474801031Is it time for a Bloodstained thread?[View]
474802973fixed the d-pad[View]
474784532Is there any chance of this being good?[View]
474802819>look at galaxy >accidentally click land on…[View]
474798035Master! We're in a tight spot![View]
474805909>no RDR2 >no Death Stranding >no Bloodborne >but a shitty MtG game fucking lol where are…[View]
474806062>and that's me right now >but better let me start from the beginning…[View]
474803938I have a really bad fever right now, everything's silent but my brain can't stop hearing t…[View]
474702705Kerbal Space Program: Look you bunch of faggots, an actual video game.[View]
474799781What is a multiplayer game that will allow me to become an extremely powerful magic wielder with vir…[View]
474793008FUUUUUUUUCK I KNEW IT I KNEW EVIE IS GONNA GET CURRYD from the moment where the game gave me the fir…[View]
474804901>/v/ complain gacha >play because tits[View]
474805587I TRIED SO HARD AND DIDN'T GET TOO FAR Still best house and route[View]
474805467>toon stats increase firearm damage[View]
474802936Yesterday I finished played Dishonored. I didn't kill everyone, I only killed bad boyz. Soundtr…[View]
474801000is this game good[View]
474805004hhheh nottin personnal, wow classic, but a new KING is in town...[View]
474804180Best games for the psx?[View]
474804967*erases your memory card*[View]
474801086You think you do, but you dont.[View]
474800859what a loser[View]
474777426FF7re Thread: https://twitter.com/ff7_update/status/1163627308789489664?s=21 New cloud pics…[View]
474799594Is Rule of Rose actually a good game, or is it just an interesting historical piece?[View]
474759552BATTLE NETWORK THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pvGYo7s2bU[View]
474800495the absolute state of pc gaming[View]
474803593BASED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdI7j-PYBP8[View]
474804423I broke my leg and have the next 2 weeks to spend on the couch playing vidya. Can anyone recommend m…[View]
474797721Why is it so underrated on Metacritic?[View]
474804279HP ProBook 4535s: What are some games I can play?[View]
474790308We fucking made it boys https://youtu.be/yCk6Jk7DvrA[View]
474798490Dance with me /v/: Get up on the floor Dancin' all night long Get up on the floor Dancin' …[View]
474802502how can one play this game unironically?[View]
474797146what do you even want out of the next game?[View]
474802723What recent or upcoming games are leading the field in terms of dynamic physics based environmental …[View]
474797039No matter how you look at it, These are the only likely candidates. No Genos, No Shantaes, No doomgu…[View]
474803061>xbox has never had a good dpad This dpad is underrated as hell. The only gripe you could possibl…[View]
474796351Post a game without posting The Game.[View]
474800841Don't mind me, just the best console ever created coming through, blocking paths; I'm peak…[View]
474797216Cyberpunk 2077: Gameplay soon. Will /v/ be BTFO?[View]
474796419Monster Hunter!: Namielle chibi when?[View]
474786597Which fighting games have the best/worst hitboxes?[View]
474802532ITT: Video Game Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBCN88B56jo[View]
474803207I had a dream about a video game that doesn't exist and woke up mad that I don't get to pl…[View]
474785891Is it ever okay to cheat in a video game?: Under any circumstance? If so, when? If not, why?[View]
474801189GOT A SCIENTIST, HERE[View]
474801104>copy mechanics from less popular game >get called a genius…[View]
474794121Bloodborne is coming soon to PC and Xbox One.[View]
474802876they need to make a mortal kombat vs dc universe 2 but with the rebooted mortal kombat vs the injust…[View]
474796160Fuck, why can't they just leave it alone? It's been so good until now. Leave the shitty SP…[View]
474801571Lets have a Speccy/Build thread Ryzen is fucking HOT edition[View]
474795070Have you bought Riesz's game yet, /v/?[View]
474799635>Game where the main loop is something other than killing WHAT THE FUCK, THIS ISN'T EVEN A G…[View]
474802215Don't let him paddle away to page 10.[View]
474792423The Ace Combat threadknows where it is at all times. It knows this because it knows where it isn…[View]
474554217Splatoon thread?: How do I save the sanitized veemo?[View]
474796534Been playing Dragon Quest V (DS remake) and realized that this Hero's life is pretty damn sad. …[View]
474798793Grafix: This came out in 2007.[View]
474800029>character, usually the main heroine get killed during or after the final battle because they ove…[View]
474801498>Games that pleasantly surprised you This game is so underappreciated right now on /v/. AA game w…[View]
474797453what games do you go back to for nostalgia? which games were a huge part of your childhoods?[View]
474799190So do I have to read all the books and play the previous games or can I just hop straight into this …[View]
474798963>horror game review >”a bone-burning slow chill”…[View]
474793409What's the point of having various girls in dating sims when the imouto is always the best by d…[View]
474784956what needs to happen so that it lives up to last year's TI? 100% /ourguys/ TNC needs to win in …[View]
474789284ITT: Parts in vidya where you roared 'KINO!!'[View]
474798668i thought he wasnt supposed to be in the game??[View]
474801107I don't have any people to talk to about vidya so I'm not motivated to play anything pleas…[View]
474791769Hydrocity zone... home[View]
474799745Lets talk about the best Fallout game[View]
474780925I'll climb upon the Dragon's Dogma thread and post from above Arisen![View]
474728082Why don’t you play Gachas anon?[View]
474772636Death Stranding Gameplay: Reminder that Kojima said that he wanted o wait until the Tokyo Game Show …[View]
474793714Mama: What's our opinion on Mama?[View]
474800032Just got Kingdom Come: Deliverance recently and I'm fucking blown away. Jesus Christ be praised…[View]
474794489Erica: An Interactive Thriller: >Sony is now literally making games that are live-action movies i…[View]
474800260Dynamic artwork of video game ocs threadly[View]
474798280We had a nice rimworld thread yesterday. Lets have one again. Post your top 3 mods.[View]
474800197ITT Subtle vidya clothing: Post them subtle clothes[View]
474798224gamecube disc[View]
474760647>looks at secret ending in KH3 what the fuck are we supposed to go from there?…[View]
474794603Who was in the wrong here?[View]
474799985Late night filename thread? Late night filename thread.[View]
474735678Starsector: Don't talk to me or my wifes son ever again[View]
474792485I'm replaying it right now and it's so bad[View]
474799607ITT: Dollar store versions of popular games.[View]
474771750Select your character[View]
474799501lon lon ranch... home...[View]
474799643/v/ should be split into three /nu-v/ for nu-males to talk about how much they like sucking up to bi…[View]
474799629https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd3QgpLLJf0 >That terrible framerate >The #RTXOn retards in t…[View]
474797392Switch when?[View]
474777830Super Mario Maker 2 Shill and Chill: Just uploaded this level 2YL-076-VTF[View]
474795389Can this be fixed?: A friend of mine told me that if I could fix his old 2DS, I could keep it, but i…[View]
474796087/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Post Em[View]
474799435>redditsette fags calling frogposters trannies Do they even realise the absurd amount of irony?…[View]
474786138what are your thoughts on DMCV? did it live up to your expectations?[View]
474791415>people are actually excited about Death Stranding Have you all already forgotten pic related?…[View]
474796336How do you follow Gamescom? Where do I watch each day?[View]
474776257You're in.[View]
474767046>City of heroes client gets leaked after some fag kept it secret for years >/vg/, reddit and a…[View]
474798761Why does in game blur exist?[View]
474760997Yet another comfy Switch thread: >what are you playing >what do you want on the console >mi…[View]
474763934Got any tokens, anon?[View]
474797108Smash Bros Fighters Pass DLC: >kills spirited fags[View]
474798642> << This is AWACS SkyEye, Anon be advised, our SIGINT reports no gfs in your vicinity. Be …[View]
474786747What kind of new features do you want in the new Animal Crossing game? I would love being able to bu…[View]
474794786Calling all /v/ mice enthusiasts!: WoW Classic is just around the corner. Who is using “MMO mice” an…[View]
474778101Early September Direct Leak: There is a September Direct coming in the first half of the month. Here…[View]
474793686I've started a business of selling hacked Switches on eBay, I earn 100$ for each one. I buy a n…[View]
474795746SMT DeSu 2 Thread: >Daichi's way >Yamato's way >Ronaldo's way >a new worl…[View]
474792796Should we discuss this on /v/ or on /tv/? this is a legit question no disrespect, but this is a lite…[View]
474798378I would like to apologies to all tranny jannies for the way people are treating you guys[View]
474778874It's ok, /v/. You can like it now.[View]
474790897who's the heckin bestest epic snootin pupper in vidya?[View]
474798251Why aren't you playing the most intriguing game reserved for high-level intellectuals that is C…[View]
474798189This is the first game I've ever seen with an actual sense of scale. Mountains look like they s…[View]
474796279>your favourite game is ruined by one glaring flaw[View]
474797050give kirby a copy ability bonus: how would it work in-game[View]
474797208PSO Thread: PSO Thread[View]
474797604Who's your favorite video game demon?[View]
474794675>tfw no ninja Shantae gf FUCK[View]
474773456Leveling > Raiding[View]
474796305New Iceborne trailer with a new mysterious monster showing up https://youtu.be/yTEddvzKku0 What is i…[View]
474789824>fe game gives you multiple units >too fucking many where even if some die there are still som…[View]
474797595ZSX: Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Zombie Smashers X that has everything unlocked, or a…[View]
474794916>I DON'T EAT, I DON'T SLEEP, I DON'T WASH AND I DON'T CARE was he /ourguy/?…[View]
474722356Reminder: Two Days.[View]
474796654The only gacha I'll play.[View]
474795486Why is team death match more popular than free for all in COD? Isn’t it more fun to win on your own …[View]
474796957>tfw you go from Tarantino's foot fetish to kojima's mommy fetish…[View]
474792368What are some good post apocalyptic games?[View]
474787525We almost made it home, lads. Almost made it. Just hold on tight, we will make it.[View]
474762258Megaman: >Sweatingman.exe[View]
474787993What can change the nature of a man?[View]
474786220>enemy can steal items from you[View]
474795169Cool Vidya art thread. Anything goes edition.[View]
474795108Is there games about WW2 in Asia but only in Chinese and Japanese perspective?[View]
474795208Are they even at Gamescom? Are we gonna get a Release date?[View]
474796575City of X: so i heard there are private servers up for this now, anyone play on one they'd reco…[View]
474782000I want to get into collecting for this big guy. Is it even worth getting physical games or is OPL be…[View]
474788607>Be a studio with a niche but loyal fanbase >Piss off some retards that aren't your custo…[View]
474792628BANNERLORD: >tfw you lived to see Bannerlord be playable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCk6Jk7D…[View]
474796091Hope my Mom doesn't find out I bought this.[View]
474794863>Kerbal Space Program 2 will be launching on the Epic Game Store in 2020. >'We want to give pl…[View]
474746669ITT: only the MOST KINO of vidya music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGaneyDfyls[View]
474775252Monster Hunter Thread. Brachy trailer tomorrow morning https://twitter.com/MH_official_JP/status/116…[View]
474774975/v/ absolutely BTFO once again by madman Kojima[View]
474779343Happy Gamer Thread: There's so much cynicism these days. What games are you EXCITED about, anon…[View]
474796173OH LOOK AT THE TIME ITS BOARDGAME-ONLINE TIME Join the game for free and enjoy /v/idya music and the…[View]
474796061Wasn't this supposed to be released on PC? What the hell happened?[View]
474784529>girl looks like a boy Hot. >boy looks like a girl Gay.…[View]
474795401amazing animations only a god like kojima could give us[View]
474790262Mount & Blade: IT'S HAPPENING[View]
474791834>Hello and welcome to Game Sack, this time we're taking a look at the Colecovision >That…[View]
474795883If Kojima had just sucked it up and used Unreal Engine 4 instead of wasting $100,000,000 on an engin…[View]
474791143Alright /v/ bear with me for just a moment. I'm gonna put my conspiracy hat on. Does anybody ge…[View]
474793942I forgive Turkey for Armenian Genocide https://youtu.be/yCk6Jk7DvrA[View]
474789394A game lets you pick between 4 elements: >Fire >Water >Earth >Air Which do you pick and …[View]
474794696I can't believe it.[View]
474786131Select your fighterz[View]
474734718>Even though she can't drink it, my body keeps making it. What did Kojima mean by this?…[View]
474795471What are some games that had potential but ended up dying a month after release?[View]
474795254You're nobody![View]
474794691ITT: Describe the last game you played using only booru tags >Tags: Urination Sole_Male…[View]
474694928TWEWY THREAD[View]
474793367Who could possibly defeat her?[View]
474795148Kojima's new movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORhyofGno70 >majority of time '…[View]
474795143any one wanna star a game on xbox360[View]
474792480XXL9AHNB4 is the code: Sup faggots, actual leaker here with some info regarding the next direct. I k…[View]
474794830Butterlord: https://youtu.be/yCk6Jk7DvrA Noooooo i dont want to wait another fuckin year for a fucki…[View]
474794410Is Kiryu a virgin?[View]
474795009Honestly /v/, I am beyond the disappointment. I genuinely feel sorry for zoomers and anyone younger.…[View]
474788297someone play tf2 with me on ps4[View]
474793117>make a game >hate gamers Why do people do this?…[View]
474794625What a colossal disappointment.[View]
474794537Why is it only bad when the West does it?[View]
474793186What is the source of soul?[View]
474794426Even Google knows, anons. It's too obvious at this point.[View]
474793958Stop shitposting and go to sleep[View]
474781997Vidya waifu thread: Post waifus from video games[View]
474794323Pooch doesn't look too friendly.[View]
474792748>he actually pays real money for cosmetics[View]
474775901In retrospect did TLOU deserve to be named one of the most overrated games ever?[View]
474792341What class should I play bros? Tossing up between huntard, rogue or enhance shammy[View]
474784456Underrated Games Thread: Feel like gaming's down the shitter? Recommend some underrated games t…[View]
474794000Name a better custom campaign pro tip: you cant IT HAS ITS OWN FUCKING EASTER EGG LEVELS BROS[View]
474791686Sup faggots, actual leaker here with some info regarding the next direct. I know you all wont believ…[View]
474756984/v/ sings - Rouge of Love AND Judgement: Yakuza Rouge of Love and Judgement, game size. Here are the…[View]
474789612Vidya file name thread: webms preferably[View]
474789771can we finally settle the lore of this game?[View]
474771575Alright, why do you faggots want her in smash[View]
474793873What are some games that let me completely vanish off the face of the earth?[View]
474779725UNIST Thread: How do I Perfect[View]
474792643>Game is nigh unportable[View]
474793840Say hi to Hideki Hayakawa, the reason Konami doesnt make videogames anymore. >We will pursue mobi…[View]
474790026buy raging loop[View]
474793058Vidya torrent general: Someone give me the basics on what website is the best to get some free vidya…[View]
474783112DBZ: Kakarot: DAMN[View]
474792327>The existing PvP realms all now have either a Full or High population tag. With the potential fo…[View]
474782532What did Yoko Taro mean by this? No, seriously, what is the censored word supposed to be? It came ou…[View]
474790452>a swede makes minecraft popular again >Nostalgic memories of old alpha and beta minecraft com…[View]
474790329Let's talk seriously here without resorting to memes. Why is Kojima considered a genius? Even i…[View]
474792454hello / v / I buy this thing in a goodwill at 3 dollars worth it or throw it in the trash?[View]
474782504What games besides Destroy All Humans let me play as an alien invader[View]
474791723Even though Shenmue was started developing in 1995, it was Mizzurna Falls which came out first. Mizz…[View]
474787297It's going to suck.[View]
474790727Ps1 Classic help needed: I've been playing Suikoden II on my Ps1 Classic through the Flash Driv…[View]
474776113Humankind: New game from the devs behind the Endless Space and Legend series, looks a lot like Civ h…[View]
474784710*makes /v/intendo seethe*[View]
474792120Are these people capable of doing anything that isn't nostalgiabait?[View]
474784784Play Hunt: Showdown: >Beautiful game >Rewarding and satisfying gunplay >Solos, Duos, and Tr…[View]
474768950bruh moment[View]
474792935MH Thread: New Trailer is up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTEddvzKku0 That monster at the end...a…[View]
474760767>mash click on torrent magnet >cost the publisher hundreds of lost sales…[View]
474788198>He doesn't play Alliance >He doesn't want all the cuties in his group Care to expla…[View]
474791396>Dota crowd doesnt cheer unless its China winning cool game dotards, hail weenie the pooh and gab…[View]
474790378he has truly ascended[View]
474789915Do you have a VAC ban?[View]
474788031Muffetwave: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KGqLIm_iyP4[View]
474791009After a decade of never ever, it's almost harvesting season https://youtu.be/yCk6Jk7DvrA[View]
474792071>oh yeah! Mimi Chen...[View]
474785442Why does Skyrim have so much SOUL?[View]
474792130>watch youtubers play game >hey, that seems fun >buy game >try to invite anyone i know o…[View]
474792124>Mexicans Asian mutts silence superior Chinese crowd This can't be happening!!!…[View]
474778012 [View]
474790839A Notice Regarding the Sonic Adventure Remakes: >Morning, people of 4Chan, and fellow STH fans. …[View]
474782650Kah'banda vs kil'jaden: Speed equalised who would win in a fight?[View]
474791986Hey /v/. Long time no see I've got back into Minecraft and want to recreate a mod I made that r…[View]
474779196Will your gaming rig make it through the next gen?[View]
474785568Newfag/game dev here What kinda game would /v/ wanna play?[View]
474788262Reminder: >Venom Snake is 100% a proxy for the player (This means that you, yes, YOU are Venom Sn…[View]
474787424alright, real talk: how the fuck do we stop them? [View]
474766249/v/ plays Secret Hitler: Let's play some Secret Hitler. https://secrethitler.io/game/#/table/Ab…[View]
474791260Is gamescom over...? Is there any hope...[View]
474791314>none of my friends can beat me when I play as K. Rool >they elect to ban him >tfw my only …[View]
474791258Why did they think this spirit battle was a good idea?[View]
474782873Play Hatred Now[View]
474781226>want to make a game by myself >need to learn to draw >can't think of anything to draw…[View]
474789702What do you think about Panel de Pon 4P vs mode?[View]
474785639I have never seen a trailer for Death Stranding and haven't played any of the Metal Gear games.…[View]
474790085Let's look at DS objectively for a moment. >always online >'Strand' gameplay is asynchron…[View]
474787465>romance female characters in a western game >she starts talking about her sexual experience…[View]
474790581The DLC was such a let down for BOTW, would much rather have not had any DLC at all and had the team…[View]
474788948What's the worst JRPG armor?[View]
474787898What does your pet do when you play videogames ?[View]
474787052Here's your Smash newcomer.[View]
474783825>Warfork was just released a few days ago Why aren't you talking about this? This game is co…[View]
474787850Anyone here over the age of 25 never play a Pokemon game?[View]
474787416I'm having trouble deciding /v/ which one should I play next?[View]
474789245You did beat it without Kuro's charm and with Bell Demon, right anon?[View]
474780896What is the best vidya spaceship of all time and why is it the Pillar of Autumn?[View]
474783972I need some games to play on the plane on my shitty laptop. What games have you played while flying …[View]
474788596>continues to get away with it say it with me[View]
474789063This game has improved a lot since launch. I remember it was slowly dying but instead of just saying…[View]
474789032Was it kino?[View]
474782063will we ever get another decent skating game?[View]
474789589SNOY HEE OY HEE OY[View]
474786993What games have goth girls in them or let me create a convincing looking goth girl in them to play a…[View]
474787193ITT: your dancing animation[View]
474778776Fuck everyone who wants a Superman game, controlling a flying character always makes for shit gamepl…[View]
474749127Epic Games: Why does it seem like nobody cares about this company trying to siphon users from Steam?…[View]
474781216Suggest me games that will supply me with plentiful boners. Bonus points if on PS2.[View]
474783275Are we not allowed to like this game anymore?[View]
474733595Shadowbringers: Not sure which tank class to roll with. Which one's the most fun? Still split …[View]
474766920>tfw too retarded for puzzle games so i have to play fighties and shooties instead…[View]
474789141Girl's got a head full of marbles. I HAVE to yell or she'd don't hear me.[View]
474787819>2019... I Am forgotten.[View]
474789056How the hell can Konami redeem itself after the eighth generation?[View]
474789121Smash ultimate: What i want The next Smash ultimate DLC fighters to be This is the first one[View]
474787245What are your thoughts on this? I think it looks pretty interesting. However, it does look very roug…[View]
474789078What was the last game that absolutely blew you away, from start to finish?[View]
474788756What do you think of her /v/[View]
474789035Now that the dust has been settled, Monika was a huge mistake in living >She fucked the girls …[View]
474783723What are some essential mods for Hat in Time?[View]
474788509*wins next gen before it even starts*[View]
474788717Despite everything, it's still an Undertale thread.[View]
474782946/v/ should be split into 3 boards: /v/ needs to be split up into 3 boards /pcv/ - pc games /nv/ - ni…[View]
474777314Why don't developers make games in their own in-house engine anymore? Are developers just getti…[View]
474779756Final Fantasy VII: Why is this considered The Best Game Evar™? I decided to watch a walkthrough and …[View]
474786381>you’re Favorite genre is dying infront of you and theres nothing you can do about it What genre …[View]
474784628Why isn't there a TPB game yet? It would be awesome.[View]
474784820Not much know this but Toon Link is older than Young Link.[View]
474787928Half Life 3 will not happen in the next 4 years at least. When it comes out it will be extremely dis…[View]
474787974>That game announcement your waiting for and shouldve been announced yesterday…[View]
474784728ITT: Online games you miss every day[View]
474786518Why does this company get a lot of hate? They publish many cool games.[View]
474787758so how long after the snoygroids beta test it will the PChads get it? 3-6 months?[View]
474742991>343 ruined Halo And Halo ruined the FPS genre. Justice has been served.…[View]
474781629Has anyone besides me tryed this game? it has some cute waifus but some dialogues are kinda shit[View]
474783483>game gets an update >it completely ruins your experience with the game which one was it /v/?…[View]
474787535>play game at 2am at night >creepy music starts playing out of nowhere…[View]
474774415Risk of Rain 2: What happened to 10 man host anon?[View]
474783643Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Claude is the best lord and the Golden Deer rou…[View]
474774160Why aren't you playing Hatred?: >great graphics >nightmarish/twisted color scheme or you …[View]
474671629why is this allowed??[View]
474783774What are the best games in the AC series, /v/?[View]
474771098There's a zombie on your lawn~[View]
474785223its literally just a reskinned mgsv...[View]
474783135I lost all 111 warehouse crates because some assholes used oppressor mk 2's. Why the fuck does …[View]
474778357What are some good games for that Punisher feel?[View]
474783587Are video game events worth going to?[View]
474781153>sony was advertising death stranding as early as the PS3 launch is there a more intellectual com…[View]
474772964Rare Dev: Working on a follow up to Banjo tooie, any ideas[View]
474784275what happened to all the good cooking games? am i the only one that enjoys cooking games?[View]
474781815Daily reminder: /v is always wrong about everything[View]
474786407The plating was about to fail, there's viscosity throughout the gel layer. Optics, totally frie…[View]
474785627The only zoomer test you'll ever need is asking them the name of this game. Boomers will say 'C…[View]
474772218>piss mechanics[View]
474780502When do get to marry best girl in dq11?: I love this game but come on man, give me my QT waifu desu.…[View]
474776341Dragon quest monsters > Pokémon Fite me[View]
474774650Is it worth buying a Wii U for these two games? Or is there still a chance Nintendo will release the…[View]
474783778>binge buying all Ass creed games >realize original ac3 deluxe can't be bought since 2018…[View]
474784626I'm about to start this, what will I think?[View]
474785170Friendly reminder that the lunar capital is shit[View]
474776596Do ya'll buy keys from G2A?[View]
474780419RTS genre is saved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmK5g0bljQE[View]
474781662Bought a bunch of Rockstar games on sale: What in the FUCK were they thinking with this? Have any of…[View]
474786075Thy words have struck like spears....deep through bloodied darkened thoughts. Thou must sweep thy fl…[View]
474785850What are some essential zoomer games?[View]
474778769What will save this game? ICBM nuclear war? Customizable land vehicles? Espionage system? Proposable…[View]
474755070I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
474783693ITT: Games worthy of a remake[View]
474771245Now that the dust has settled, is it as good as it’s hyped up to be?[View]
474785570>be me >born with soul of a dragon and adventuring in Skyrim >recently join thieves guild …[View]
474755653Favorite RPG class?[View]
474779634NO MORE BERNIE BEAR[View]
474785078Why does every human enemy in this game look like a triggered and/or autistic minority? Even the non…[View]
474778770yokai watch> pokemon[View]
474785306Any good game set in Peru?[View]
474767020Been playing a lot of boomer games (like Fallout for example) lately. I heard about this game. It an…[View]
474756721Vita/PSP Thread: Post your Vita. Also, what have you been playing lately?[View]
474783414How do we stop him?[View]
474783085>you will never have a threesome with Catherine and Shamir[View]
474780315You have to protect your baby from the homo demons, Anon![View]
474781817>80GB Are you fucking serious?[View]
474770454You hear it you lose[View]
474781470How do I get out of my love/hate relationship with this fucking game. Every month or two I redownloa…[View]
474783768Who are some devs that unethically got away with all the money.[View]
474783015>Yeah, I'm going to buy Kerbal Space Program 2. Why ask?[View]
474777904Post fan-made vidya kino https://youtu.be/L1nGBIGKnuU[View]
474773876There was a Silent Hill Thread here. It's gone now.[View]
474779168Do you guys know any games similar to Dusk?: I've played Doom2016 and Amid Evil. They were good…[View]
474783598Here's how to make people go wtf at a smash tournament[View]
474783248Why is there no good X-Men game?[View]
474783750>never had sex >childhood's bullies made me develop social anxiety,crippling depression a…[View]
474770318Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Launches September 3 on PS4[View]
474783591Joel confirmed to be a Villain in TLOU2: It's over /v/, Resetera won[View]
474780643I'm here with the next leak bros (last one was marvel alliance). Astral Chain will be available…[View]
474779436Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
474782715How do I cheer him up lads?[View]
474773891At what point should we, as fans and Switch owners, say stop to companies porting games to Switch? D…[View]
474782794What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh game and is it pic related?[View]
474783178What are the chances that Kojima actually have a private, more detailed body and face scan of Qualle…[View]
474780174Did you like Mankind Divided more than Human Revolution?[View]
474783012DOM-I-NATED YA[View]
4747754602019: How did you feel about this year's releases, and what was your favorite game so far?…[View]
474781641>heard anno 1800 is f2p for a while >never gave much thought about the anno series >anno 20…[View]
474781714FPS, JRPG, and narrative 'games' have done so much damage to the gaming industry.[View]
474781796Does anybody have a thread saved that was posted on this site not to long ago, about Bernadetta In t…[View]
474782390Did they ever say anything more about this Project X Zone Switch bit?[View]
474779790Talk about inFamous.[View]
474778876This game any good?[View]
4747762192DS: Is this comfortable to hold? Any real issues with it in general compared with the 3DS XL or 2DS…[View]
474782574>tfw you watch your favorite community server slowly die[View]
474781894Just scored a very fair deal on Craigslist , picked up soul blazer. FF3, secret of mana, castlevania…[View]
474769205Is there something about CRTs that inherently triggers /v/'s 2011+ userbase?[View]
474777589bob bomb fortress: bob bomb fortress[View]
474777470You have 10 seconds to name a worse video game publisher than Trion Worlds. Hint: You can't.[View]
474782095Is 1.200 hours enough play time to know that you're hopeless in a game if you have the rank of …[View]
474779107mmo hypothetical: Will we ever see a WASD controlled, action bar pve progression, world pvp and inst…[View]
474766976Honest question, why does the west love Banjo Kazooie's Great Adventure so much? Seems preety g…[View]
474773814AOE:DE: What's the verdict, /v/?[View]
474746129>'Why yes I believe the Bionicle universe is still full of untapped potential for video games. Ho…[View]
474777620Where the fuck are the hypetrain games? Do they even exist anymore? So boring without them[View]
474760685Why did people like him, but have issues with other diverse characters in games?[View]
474777858>game is just a touch too long/has a shitty endgame whats her name /v/?…[View]
474769984Best DS games that flew under the radar[View]
474781702>early in midgame suck >lategame is godlike whats her name /v/?…[View]
474780023Why does 4chan get all the news/leaks first?: From a ps5 article: 'The 'PlayStation Meeting 2020' wi…[View]
474781765The DbD team wants to add an SCP as a killer for the game, and comes to YOU to decide on which one. …[View]
474773737Why does /v/ never talk about this game?[View]
474780454>haven't played wipeout in years >beating people online by 15+ seconds on phantom why is …[View]
474750623Here's your 4th & 5th dlc, bro.[View]
474778716>Teabagging on accidental footstool[View]
474780045What do you think of final fantasy's job system? should they bring back ff 16?[View]
474778612What is /v/'s opinion on the Asura?[View]
474779529Unpopular Opinion: This game isn't worth it any more.[View]
474761338Death Stranding: The mystique and intrigue is dead. He teased us for years and we all waited in hope…[View]
474773510For me, it's Sonic 1[View]
474774907Thoughts on Fizz?[View]
474773452If you main any of these characters, know that you are being carried and none of your wins count. Yo…[View]
474779601People often complain if a game isn't hard enough but can you name a game that would be better …[View]
474779781Why hasn't this design been replicated?[View]
474780492>game is a fucking masterpiece >it flops What it's name, /v/?…[View]
474747956Would Shantae's chances to be in the Fighter Pass be higher or lower to you if she didn't …[View]
474777849>still having fun with pavlov VR and HHH, robo recall when i want some robot shooting fun >Rec…[View]
474778610How good is Amid Evil?[View]
474780473Smash Bros: This is THE most slept on character in the game. He's an absolute joke offstage, bu…[View]
474733498So..... which house did you choose and who did you marry in your first playthough?[View]
474777359>cool this game i wanted is in discount >play it like half hour >never touch it again…[View]
474772078Are you happy SEGA won't ruin him anymore OR Sad he's never coming back?[View]
474760815>style over substance[View]
474734870Special move inputs are made to balance the moves power, if you could do a Shoryuken in SFV at the t…[View]
474778725>hero uses the villain's power against them[View]
474778128Soylent Heel Amazement Pork[View]
474778646Why is there no Berserk video game? >But Muh Dark Souls[View]
474761331FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT GENESIS IS SUPERIOR TO SNES: >Sonic is better than Mario >Streets of Ra…[View]
474776712ITT MMORPGs /v/ never talks about.[View]
474773997man the story of this game is like a walking cliche. Good thing the boot kicking is so fun[View]
474770615Post your TF2 loadouts, unless you're too PUSSY to show your /fa/ taste.[View]
474769153With Classic scheduled, lots of debates on 'nostalgia', etc. – being aware of the best physiological…[View]
474736476>Sony's Shawn Layden says Sony's first party multiplayer titles might come to other pla…[View]
474778931Xbox = microsoft Microsoft = windows Windows = pc PC = master race Master Race = Xbox[View]
474779519Play shadow tower While youre at it play kingsfield.[View]
474767808>Start game off with recaps of games thus far, with music from DMC3 and 4 >Rest of the game ha…[View]
474769446It's after dark, lil /v/. All these threads posting lewds and streetfights. But you know me... …[View]
474779356Why do people like Sega?: They're not even a true Nippon company, they're filthy cuckwaiia…[View]
474776376Best TI in the history of Dota: >Chink crowd only cheers for chink teams >Chink audio sounds …[View]
474777468Is Fire Emblem attempting to steal away fans of the SMT franchise? Please hear me out, I'm not …[View]
474778802YOU'VE KILLED ME[View]
474779020Banjo comes september 24, tracks are Main Theme Spiral Mountain Witch's Lair Treasure Trove Cov…[View]
474778824Out of the Trinity of Retro boomer shooters to come out this year, which one is the best?[View]
474774015Unironically hyped for Gears 5 just because of this. They are also practically giving away the game …[View]
474776984Imagine being part of the DMC5 team and actually thinking anyone would enjoy engaging with this fuck…[View]
474778452name a better RTS in the history of games[View]
474773376Fighting game execution difficulty chart. Discuss[View]
474778625Fuck you: Imagine spending 4 years of your life slaving away on a passion project. Every passing day…[View]
474778568Welcome to Cybertron.[View]
474774489why does no one talk about this mmo?[View]
474768435Money where I walk Money where I talk Flex and I skrrt off Welcome to New Sheoth Ayy, I'm looki…[View]
474775172>tasked by an immortal god tyrant to invade a neutral world and kill it's protector so he ca…[View]
474777976Why aren't you playing [SKINNERBOX MOBAGE] right now?[View]
474773461what truely makes a game a video game? imagine a game where you just press the A button multiple tim…[View]
474776469Recommend me some short rpgs[View]
474774808ITT amazing games that newfags (the majority of neo /v/) never heard of and definitely never played.…[View]
474771908Is this game good?[View]
474777681Post your name reservations[View]
474778061What games let me fuck with AI? Spooking people as an entity in pic related was fun[View]
474777267Why is this game so easy? Finished the main story. Story was decent, I like the characters. But the…[View]
474777891ion fury blows just play with your main man duke until it's 5 dollars[View]
474777998>game let's you combine[View]
474776589Banjo's 'gimmick' will be where items specific to his move set appear on the stage. Red feather…[View]
474776338>that UI[View]
474777580Would you hire a girl to act as your daughteru for a day /v/?[View]
474706080What Went Wrong?[View]
474773416>building your own PC is totally cheaper than cons- I can't believe I fell for the PC meme. …[View]
474766406>anon, dinner's ready[View]
474759315I'm a bit disappointed so far Does it gets any better?[View]
474770743Thoughts on this lad and his games?[View]
474772957ITT: things that never work[View]
474776347Halo Infinte: Will it be kino?[View]
474775469does your country have an overwatch hero? if it does, how do you feel about it?[View]
474776732Are there any decent places left to actually discuss video games? I've been here since 2008 and…[View]
474765225I just beat Deus Ex for like the fifth time. Is DX: Invisible War worth a shirt? Does it have comfy …[View]
474775161Games you Wish had Mod Support[View]
474776548Is he the luckiest vidya character of all time?[View]
474761002Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong?[View]
474757680>not a huge fucking bitch for no reason >not a manipulative cunt >doesn't force you i…[View]
474760990Darkwood General: Guys I'm not gana lie. I'm having a really good time with this. Great at…[View]
474742761how do I properly play as a mage in this old sack of shit[View]
474746893*ruins your casual match*[View]
474775506/greeneyes/: This is the best controller.[View]
474773065KSP is getting a sequel. Discuss.[View]
474760992Who else other than Kirby should have been able to escape the Beams of Light?[View]
474775918Everyone loves games with gunporn and nice weapon animations. But what are some games with good, sat…[View]
474775902what are some games with zero reading or cutscenes and just pure gameplay? Just finished Planescape …[View]
474762567What's the best FPS out right now?[View]
474745981Death Stranding 'Gameplay': LOL NICE ''''GAMEPLAY'''[View]
474773349Switch Is A Port Machine, And I Love It: I’ve been playing a ton of old games on my Switch. If you o…[View]
474773428How are the .hack ps2 games? There's surprisingly very little futuristic JRPG's.[View]
474766196What’s the best version of resident evil 4: What’s the best version and why? Pic unrelated[View]
474771541How much more real can games get?[View]
474722758Imagine if in the 90s 3D Realms had apologised to a christian group, sent their entire staff to a bi…[View]
474772971What is your favorite Spongebob game, /v/? Mine is pic related[View]
474765909The International 2019 has started: https://steam.tv/dota2 Come watch Gaben. Come watch Chinese get …[View]
474769751Sniper Elite 3: IQ462-IETRG-NEV20 Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition : LWAII-ZZJ6A-8…[View]
474774043>game has clowns in them[View]
474755819Crestfallen Warrior: What ultimately made him give up?[View]
474771416Delicious Chocolate in Vidya: Post your preferred flavors.[View]
474749149Monster Hunter Thread. No shitposting please[View]
474773751Stadia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziwOP6WZLA4 How would you feel if Google purchased THQ and U…[View]
474763489Sony buys Insomniac Games: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/19/20812656/sony-insomniac-games-acquisit…[View]
474773072What video game has your favorite music? I always like listening to this song every once in a while.…[View]
474774060Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to enter to the PC market and will test the waters with three s…[View]
474773842When the fuck are they showing proper campaign gameplay of this?[View]
474764214Your Turn to Die/Kimi ga Shine: Only candidates can be discussed about and posted in this thread. Fl…[View]
474773290How did they make a crap that realistic on nintendo?[View]
474772110>Poor people 10 years ago ALL CONTENT THAT YOU PAY FOR SHOULD BE COSMETIC ONLY, NOT PAY TO WIN: …[View]
474773689>state objective medical fact >get sent to training and shamed publicly >hobby fan-project …[View]
474771720 [View]
474772289holy fuck I can't hold back the laughter[View]
474715613Holy fucking cringe what the fuck is this cult like worship of this guy. He makes decent games with …[View]
474763601>he didn't support the based Rayman reboot series What's your excuse?…[View]
474772091You DID play the best game, Tiger! Tiger!, right /v/?[View]
474772440what's the name of that browser game where you're dating a woman on a red dress and you ha…[View]
474773060SOUL: https://youtu.be/5Lmnir3Vc2s[View]
474761854Metroid Thread:: SAMUS IS UNDER FIRE edition[View]
474737082I got to admit, I'm a little hyped for this one since OG Most Wanted is one of my favorite game…[View]
474769705>makes billions off of marketplace of flash-tier games that used to be free in browser explain th…[View]
474772324Unironically what's the point of using this? I can understand someone using it if they have han…[View]
474770163Top 10 best games of each console generation chosen by over 100,000 Americans: Do you agree?[View]
474771635Something need doing?[View]
474763196This is dry baby. He is a follower able to block projectiles and has a chance to activate the necron…[View]
474770408>why yes twisted metal is my favorite car combat game how could you tell?…[View]
474770236You didn't forget about it, right Anon?[View]
474772734What did Kojima mean by this /pol/?[View]
474760395Which style do you prefer?[View]
474771817Why Stefanie is sad?[View]
474772619Has anyone else almost given up on MP games? My eyes are getting worse. I can't see shit with g…[View]
474767514>Why yes I do need to use the bathroom. How could you tell?[View]
474742039Kill La Kill: IF: Is there any reason why I should buy this?[View]
474770860Open MSPaint Draw an enemy from a video game Post results, others guess who it is[View]
474721520/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>474637010 >Post character name/franchise and referen…[View]
474771610What's he drinking, /v/?[View]
474768384Does perjury not exist in whatever world Ace Attorney takes place in?[View]
474770578the psp sucks: I bought a hacked PSP a while ago and I should have bought a Vita instead. There are …[View]
474768017o yea[View]
474766762which games have the best difficulty systems?[View]
474766795How many games do you buy per month?[View]
474771790anons I just left the gold saucer in ff7 and I didn't do anything because I thought it was all …[View]
474770253ITT: *those* moments in games This pic should tip you off Spoilers for MGS3[View]
474764040Battlestation thread Rate my new set up[View]
474753435No Man's Sky Thread: We should make a /v/ base.[View]
474771004Why arent you playing Tekken 7 right now?[View]
474770991Excuse me. Have you seen my son? His name is Jason.[View]
474771426ITT: dead multiplayer games that you loved[View]
474771095'It says here you have 1 VAC ban on record. Care to explain anon?'[View]
474771274Christ, the Game Pass version of this is fucking AIDS. Startup crashes if you have any overlay softw…[View]
474771262What's your favorite isekai MMORPG?[View]
474755996Pure fucking trash. It was trash back then and it is trash now. Now, why is it trash? The game begin…[View]
474771208How to properly use an R4 card?: I just recieved a 2019 R4 card. I installed the kernel, and everyth…[View]
474765143Why is /v/ shilling so hard against him? Death Stranding honestly looks like a masterpiece, infinite…[View]
474771072Shitfall: So how many are ready for this game to flop hard? Even with customization I doubt the stor…[View]
474762676Did he deserve to have as big of a fall from grace as he did?[View]
474770923Are there any games with co-op similar to Dark Souls? I fucking love making fun builds and helping o…[View]
474752216Rhythm Games: Any fun rhythm games on PC anyone can recommend? Muse Dash is alright and it's cu…[View]
474770693Should they make a GTA that takes place in the 1970s?: It could honestly save the franchise, as long…[View]
474765717what is the best platform for video games[View]
474766685It's been almost 20 years and Diablo 2 still hasn't been topped. How is that possible?[View]
474767064>Shigurui, the gameplay Certified GOTY. Nothing else can define what I feel right now.…[View]
474767016>large, empty open world Where have I seen this before?[View]
474769338>protect baby from homo demons >get tech support from mommy milkers: the character >pee whe…[View]
474770626Gods Unchained: This game is like hearthstone or magic arena but with crypto its legit and needs mor…[View]
474770493How much will it break your immersion when she shows up?[View]
474767573>be Druid >can command the elements better than a mage can, shapeshift into animal form and me…[View]
474767616Is this the comfiest game of the year[View]
474764440Ranking Atlus 3ds Games: Atlus released a ton of games on the 3DS, mostly SMT spin-offs and Etrian O…[View]
474718179The removal of the national dex: Discuss[View]
474769393Sorry, but i'm the right Bowser for this Board.[View]
474768192Many darkest dungeon threads fall in the face of chaos. But not this one, not today[View]
474766448They bowed to the yellow people[View]
474769375Lmao american elf XD[View]
474766594Is there ANY video game character that could beat Cliff Booth?[View]
474769176RPG?: Any RPG recommendations, Anon?[View]
474765268Which is the better game Hyrule Warriors or Fire Emblem Warriors?[View]
474769478Man.............. these games suck. Talk about overhyped[View]
474758339Who was in the wrong here?[View]
474768573He literally spend BILLIONS[View]
474767110I DONT SLEEP[View]
474768896Don't mind me, I'm just posting the best rpg ever made.[View]
474762515DOTA 2 TI9 main stage: it has begun[View]
474769869Her father is Tomas/Solon[View]
474767419How is this game from a story perspective?[View]
4747670921.7 or latest?[View]
474757779Find a single game design flaw, pro tip: You cannot because it's the GOAT[View]
474667706Rimworld: What are some good mods that ad more shit to build and research for this game, without com…[View]
474769096DEMON EDITION[View]
474768084*saves the games*[View]
474756183These are the final two Smash DLC characters.[View]
474768878Sonic Mania: So Does People Play Sonic Mania Anymore, Or What?[View]
474760753>be the best WoW expansion >be universally reviled because your dungeons are 'too hard', and b…[View]
474768394goodu naito /v/~ It was fun talking about... vidya! With you all today! :)[View]
474763565Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year Door[View]
474763838Daily reminder that if /v/ says it sucks, it's actually fun Fuck you contrarian ass bitches, ha…[View]
474761108Is he the best character in the game?[View]
474766510What were they thinking when they made him?[View]
474768569>*turns on microphone* >*claps*[View]
474761429How the fuck do you get past Vega Central Processing? It feels like the enemies just never end and y…[View]
4747690351.14.4 dedicated vanilla Minecraft /v/ Server: I setup a dedicated vanilla 1.14.4 survival FFA serve…[View]
474769030what are some games with zero reading or cutscenes and just pure gameplay? Just finished Planescape …[View]
474765923Why do grognards overhype this game so much? It's even more brainless than 5 and 6. Your invent…[View]
474759397Board Game Online BGO: Come play some Board Game Online with /v/. You know you want to. https://s2.b…[View]
474750419What do they even do all day? You don't need that many employees just to run a digital store an…[View]
474764775Does refunding a game from steam cost the devs money, or does it just hurt their feelings?[View]
474759025>tough on the outside soft on the inside CUTE![View]
474761930There are two types of men[View]
474767252>hero seems to have won >villain starts laughing and says 'just as planned!'…[View]
474763103What are some fun classes? >Inb4 barrelmancy[View]
474765862>Get team killed >Oh sorry anon. Forgive pls How do you handle TKs?…[View]
474761458How to pronounce Lady Blaumeux: https://soundcloud.com/kurnmogh/lady-blaumeux The correction pronunc…[View]
474759509Buy Death Stranding[View]
474767467Imagine being Beenox and making a kart racing game where the sole purpose of items is to utterly fuc…[View]
474765412>dumb fucks from this board actually believed the demon shit HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA…[View]
474768259What the FUCK was his problem ?[View]
474768096How can we fix the Star Fox franchise? Keeping Miyamoto away is not an option.[View]
474766842I'm bored first post decides what game I play[View]
474762751Why did only 1 zone not have water?[View]
474763541Ready or Not - Alpha Test Gameplay Leaks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGmasjjP1YBi5awutM2Wuw…[View]
474764595Why was it so comfy bros?[View]
474761945>game makes fun of its target demographic[View]
474763292>2019 >Sailor Moon gets a new movie >Still no Sailor Moon video game…[View]
474763118Why is this game so long? I swear to god I finally made it to what seems to be the final month, and …[View]
474745772Remember when some people were convinced that Pharah was an amputee? Funny times.[View]
474767146>there are immigrants who desperately want DS to be the next TORtanic they'd heard so much a…[View]
474767098Holy shit, this guy was fucking horrifying[View]
474761730/v/ I figured out what death stranding gameplay is. Screen cap this if you want to, but I think the …[View]
474766649Now that the dust has settled, is it safe to say Ann got the least hideous redesign out of all the b…[View]
474764058Fighting game stories:: First game: >Tournament featuring fighters from all over the world >en…[View]
474754176Traded in my garbo Switch for X1X. What a breath of fresh air - any recommendations? Thinking of pon…[View]
474764194Yea, this character's cool, but Street Fighter V is still trash.[View]
474762749>game where you play an alien >it's always about your leaders sending you to invade earth…[View]
474755643Get in, idiot.[View]
474757991This is Trish. Say something nice about her.[View]
474727756RPCS3 and emulation in general: Why yes I play Demon's Souls on PC, how could you tell? What ar…[View]
474765381In celebration of the new Death Stranding news, what are some other games where the characters pee?[View]
474762336Is there any game that /v/ likes? Seems like this board just hates the thing its about[View]
474765504Fire Emblem battle royale[View]
474763287Why do people say that this game has great gameplay and bitch about lack of story? I played through …[View]
474761017ITT: Games you've spent more than 200 hours on[View]
474763231>Being one of the greatest figthing games and the best of his franchise in videogames >Unlocal…[View]
474763473SciAdv Thread 'Zero' ga kako de 'ichi' ga mirai 'ima' wa dokonimo nai Somuku koto no dekinu logic …[View]
474761803This board’s finished...[View]
474764446*teleports behind u*[View]
474756680What went wrong?[View]
474765731>play a japanese game >God is good mfw[View]
474762593When did Kirby villains start getting weird?[View]
474765017ITT: Games /v/ actually likes.[View]
474764308I really look back fondly on old flash animations and videos made about games during the 2000s. They…[View]
474759804BREAKING: Sony to release first party games ON PC. (Wipeout, Bloodborne, Dreams, Uncharted)[View]
474761015This will be Kojima's magnum opus[View]
474757848HAHAHAHAH based kojima another call of duty[View]
474749740Meanwhile, in Black Mesa /v/.....[View]
474759613Daily reminder that this game will be a commercial sucess and a critical failure. It's going to…[View]
474733357What made it so good?[View]
474765413What are some games where I can send bees after my enemies?[View]
474748735GBA GAMES: Post only the best GBA Games >Lady Sia[View]
474757305Hogging all the action, I see.[View]
474765045winsgamestore: WHICH ONE IS IT YOU FUCKS[View]
474760420So what's the deal with these two? Why does Sega keep pairing them up if they're not suppo…[View]
474765190>IZZITWORFABIIII?: >letsread letsread letsread thewords thewords thewords.....................…[View]
474760763>party member can die randomly[View]
474764485Pretty good for 20$. Wish it bad an english dub though.[View]
474764756>What would you do, if you saw the people who stole everything from you? If you saw them right be…[View]
474761603This is the best FO3 had to offer? Did anyone even hesitate?[View]
474763947NiGHTS thread[View]
474764694So what the fuck was his problem and who was actually telling the truth about who he really is? Also…[View]
474764626What are some games that you dropped after only a few 'updates?'[View]
474722018Now that's the demon edition bullshit is out of the way. Let's talk about the future of MG…[View]
474748596> In the year 2019, video game journalists will star in the games they review. This seems like a …[View]
474752079>at the bottom of blighttown >my weapon fucking breaks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…[View]
474764148Doomguy vs Chief? The real fans know their bond[View]
474761549Is it fair to rate a product on anything other than its own merit or is it okay to rate products bas…[View]
474666101Why don't you try ouy Last Origin, Anon?[View]
474760084Post kino moments[View]
474762184Doomguy is the Doom Slayer.[View]
474763003>game isn't even launched yet and Blizzard has already had to open multiple new servers b-b-…[View]
474763451>character has fire abilities >they get stronger the more on fire he is…[View]
474744331Bioware CRUMBLING as Dragon Age and Anthem leaders leave the company.: https://www.denofgeek.com/us/…[View]
474752364Thoughts on this game?[View]
474763020>being a <12 yo kid >playing at a fucking world championship >playing at your favorite g…[View]
474760845wasteland thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54Ty-Y0L48Q why pre-order wasteland 3 when you can…[View]
474689532Who won? >inb4 'I'm a zoomer and never owned either'[View]
474749000Death Stranding: >You go on a journey across North America Yep, it's kino.…[View]
474761312Un forastero![View]
474761560hyrule warriors, cadence of hyrule or dragon ball fighter z: help me out /v/ hyrule warriors, caden…[View]
474759281>Melee fags call this game shit when it comes out >People deny it >Ultimate comes out >…[View]
474762486Should wrestlers have hadoukens in their movesets?[View]
474762496The Tragedy of Duscur is used to refer to two related events: a massacre, and the pogrom that follow…[View]
474757648>three DLCs on the way >one is almost certainly the Jurassic Park 1993 DLC which will give us …[View]
474762337THAT level thread pic fucking related[View]
474762296Darksiders Genesis: >Strifes game is finally coming out >It's a diablo clone loving every…[View]
474748484why aren’t laptops more popular for gayming?[View]
474756538Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming September 3: https://youtu.be/VovHI0JKxlg[View]
474760232How did not only NieR, but also Automata become the best video game soundtracks?: how did they do it…[View]
474762006>tfw never had a buddy to co op with[View]
474750654What is the greatest post-apocalyptic game ever made?[View]
474760808Is there any open source fighting game engine?[View]
474750509>The sheer amount of people who complain about Joycon drift >Clearly implies that there are pe…[View]
474755636Ace Combat thread before I fucking scream[View]
474753296What the fuck do I need to take a piss in video games for?[View]
474761606What happened?[View]
474761384Mech Thread: What mech games are you into? Personally I'm trying to play Last Raven but it…[View]
474757213The Steam 'community' features are a mistake.[View]
474754464Borderlands 3: Here are your playable characters bro[View]
474758357What's the stupidest thing you've ever done in a multiplayer game?[View]
474759371OJ thread?[View]
474759208Have Japanese developers forgotten how to make a good combat system, or am I just playing the wrong …[View]
474758059I want to have a classic Sonic the Hedgehog thread. Original games + Mania.[View]
474760405Cute autistic borb[View]
474761210I got the Phantom Pain recently, and MGO 3 is unplayable. Theres only one dude who it queues me up w…[View]
474718709Your Turn to Die/Kimi ga Shine: What is your favorite track?[View]
474760735Why don't more developers just tell Epic Games to fuck off?[View]
474756661>Initial love interest betrays you[View]
474717336New banjo in smash thread: Have fun fags still feels good to have him in can’t wait till he gets rel…[View]
474732385>Teach, you didn't choose Golden Deer? That's pretty cringe bro…[View]
474752452 [View]
474753302what's the most fappable rpg maker game?[View]
474760691im sam, sam porter bridges[View]
474760747Play Overwatch[View]
474760706You did side with the vampires right /v/?[View]
474760396>RDR2 is going to be remembered as one of the most overrated vidya of all tim-…[View]
474753118What went wrong?[View]
474749467WOAH STOP SCROLING!! >< kirby has just absorbed you! :D what power did he get?[View]
474753954>Smash Ultimate has every character and almost every stage from the franchise's history >…[View]
474759983>find one mimic >now scared to open a chest for the rest of the game Stop doing this shit holy…[View]
474760318La caca apestosa es la mierda. El pene es largo pero ¿por qué? No puedo obtener este nivel de pene m…[View]
474756876The games are on sale on Steam is it worth a bite? How's Betrayal?[View]
474755781Happening: Prepare for a trailer in one hour. Screenshot this.[View]
474757569Is it possible to have some vidya posters on your wall without looking like a total manchild?[View]
474756953gascogine: award to worst vidya dad goes too this faggot[View]
474753082/v/ guns that make no sense: Post gun designs from games that suck/dont make sense[View]
474753597Japanese Games Report: What Japonese games are you waiting anon?[View]
474756310So was he Left or Right?[View]
474757349Wow so this is the power of a $300 game 'console' in 2019[View]
4747586602019...i am forgotten by everyone[View]
474756825You ever realize you're 'done' with a game mentally or emotionally despite only being halfway t…[View]
474757314>i play competitive pokemon[View]
474759270Revolver Ocelot was a fun antagonist.[View]
474757352LAST NIGHT[View]
474755156Ion fury: There's literally love in every stitch[View]
474757775Is towny any good: I was thinking about starting a server and was wondering if towny was a good idea…[View]
474754539Now that the dust is settled, was she a good addition to the Animal Crossing series?[View]
474758898KSP2 Announced: Imagine my surprise when I got online today and saw a trailer for Kerbal Space Progr…[View]
474759098What games let me become a hitman for an underground revolution?[View]
474754663Playing on a PVP server for an MMO is peak gaming. Playing on a PVE server makes you a weak carebear[View]
474758931Dota 2 will last forever, prove me wrong fags.[View]
474752873>B-BotW isn’t empty shut up, it’s emptiness is important >HAHA DEATH STRANDING IS EMPTY FAGS …[View]
474758624The Chief: >Ori release on Switch >Microsoft says the Switch support train is continuing >…[View]
474745791what happened with omori: remember omori is an indie that was announced in 2014 based on mother and …[View]
474758709Mass Effect thread.[View]
474751906im not hyped about classic at all[View]
474753491What the fuck was her problem?[View]
474744257Smash etiquette: Always remember! Taunting will get you in a situation where everyone is ganging up …[View]
474744920What big game will be the next Epic exclusive?: Now that Oddworlds Soulstorm will be an Epic exclusi…[View]
474757953Just bought a wii and a copy of NMH. What am I in for?[View]
474755213what went so wrong??[View]
474750508We will never get a modern detailed chao game similar to stardew valley. It hurts bros, I want to pl…[View]
474758390Just a reminder, don't buy this game. It's outdated for pro players and the forced use of …[View]
474751328/v/ BTFO: >teleports behind you, nothing personal WOW >saves MMO gaming face it retards, you a…[View]
474758359time for hw kino[View]
474758208Should wrestlers have hadoukens in their movesets?[View]
474748461WHERE WAS S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2!?!?!?!?!? CYKA BLYAT[View]
474754310>You will never play vidya and watch anime with the truest bro of all[View]
474756626Just some LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Fanart[View]
474757490Who the fuck designed those controls[View]
474757994CHALLENGE: fix Call of Duty in 5 words or less: no vag on cover[View]
474752460Devilish things you've done to people in online games?: This is a thread to talk about devilish…[View]
474752962How do you top this... How the FUCK do you top this!?[View]
474745795What is your favorite DS game? Hard mode: No Chrono trigger[View]
474755160>video titled '3 Reasons Why Half-Life 3 WILL Release, Here's Why' >video was uploaded 5 …[View]
474738781Wtf bros, I'm 6 hours into my first playthrough of Breath of the Wild on pc. Why didn't yo…[View]
474756007Don't mind me, just pirating a few dollars.[View]
474755679Remnant : From The Ashes: Remnant: From The Ashes thread Rate my meme build[View]
474753867Hang on... there's no bathroom in Misty's gym. Does she pee in the pool?[View]
474757260Post Your digimon partner line.[View]
474747286Touhou Thread: So, are you finally a Wily Beast? Or still a Weakest Creature? I almost 1CC'd wi…[View]
474757057Remaster when?[View]
474755994Games with this feeling[View]
474751602Unpopular opinions thread: JRPGs are the best genre[View]
474731781What's the deal with ryonafags?[View]
474756397So, how about that reveal eh?[View]
474754861We're going home. http://comingsoon.trionworlds.com/[View]
474721614Aaaaand dropped.[View]
474755245Name a better 'alternative' version of a character in fighting games than Holy Order Sol.[View]
474755630the khans got exactly what they deserved![View]
474754756Has there ever been a video game where the main villain wins?[View]
474738903>beat the living shit out of everyone in 4-man smash >faggot kirby who's been jerking off…[View]
474756527>mission is timed[View]
474756068Does anything from the past 20 years hold a candle to this?[View]
474756085Post human-faced boss characters with closed eyes that open up when attacking. I just like the creep…[View]
474756368what's the verdict on the closed alpha?[View]
474642784Marie Rose: Talk about Marie Rose here[View]
474750241Look who got into the frosting![View]
474756193Play girls frontline[View]
474754685What went wrong[View]
474734767>Digital Foundry Hands On: 'Witcher 3 on Switch runs and looks great' https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
474686237*saves Metroid*[View]
474756076Press any button to begin: What is the purpose of a “press start” screen? of course I want to start …[View]
474749802He and Snake had the exact same goal. Why didn't they just team up against the Patriots?[View]
474718384>the gameplay is just your character peeing[View]
474747583any other sonybros excited for this game?[View]
474756010Flower Sun and Rain: Best way to play this game ? Should I emulate the DS version ? Heard that there…[View]
474755981When will all the console war faggotry end? This board is ruined by underage faggots spamming consol…[View]
474756003MGS5: ... Demon Edition. No, really guys, its coming. >muh Albatross. No more Quiet. Im serious.…[View]
474745185Shitty overrated garbage. Gunplay is boring as fuck, story is some pseudo-intellectual uninteresting…[View]
474755861I keep baiting myself into playing 2 again because I listen to the majula music. Favorites from soul…[View]
474755104The savescumming question: Do you savescum, PC gamers of /v/? Do you feel it degrades the experience…[View]
474751767Buy the game faggot[View]
474754473Okay thanks Kojima and Konami i will just keep playing MGSV until i die.[View]
474737010ITT: IRL enemy encounters[View]
474755408I'd rather replay BotW(a 3 year old game) than playing anything showcased at Gamescom save for …[View]
474755531>2am >hmm I'm at the door to Monaca's boss room, might as well wrap this up quick …[View]
474727867Oh, look a few big insects! This should be easy to take out, afterall its only a bug. How bad could …[View]
474753903>game requires 'cooperation' and 'teamwork' >it's fucking awful because other human being…[View]
474727292Now that you are reading my post: Disaster Report 4 is coming out in English for PC, PS4 and Switch …[View]
474733493Kojima is trying too hard but I am fucking excited for this game. Who else /dayonebuy/ here?[View]
474753003Was he really wrong?[View]
474754086Explain this shit yurocucks.[View]
474750764WTF I thought Miyamoto HATED the music[View]
474753398How did they get away with it?[View]
474738963why is he just letting epic take over the pc gaming market without a fight?[View]
474754820NFS Heat: >there's only one white person in this entire trailer and its the one getting arre…[View]
474749484Why does this game make Reddit so angry?[View]
474746954What game has the best boss fights, /v/?[View]
474752743Does anyone like this guy?[View]
474754635How do I get on this hacks payroll?[View]
474745341JOOOOOOOSUKE when are they going to make a new jojo game and why did you read this with my voice?[View]
474745140ITT /v/ IMAGE RECOVER THREAD POST /v/ IMAGES: The new fucking archive doesn't even have images …[View]
474752791What is the Gurren Lagann of video games?[View]
474749004the absolute state of PC fats[View]
474745647what are some good short games on PC. I want to play something but I don't want to start anythi…[View]
474750224Can Cyberpunk 2077 Save Google Stadia?: Well?[View]
474745423This is Don-chan. Say something nice about him.[View]
474753676What about a warhammer fantasy warriors?[View]
474754538How do I make gaming friends online without relying on fucking discord?[View]
474725739Lord Lonato[View]
474694961Character Hate Thread: This easy ass character kills way too fucking early, the fact that Sakurai bu…[View]
474753282Give her oint balm![View]
474754434Why's your favorite Pokemon your favorite?[View]
474751896What game has the worst writing of all time?[View]
474751031Which song is the best in DMC5 and why is it silver bullet?[View]
474752458Games Women Will NEVER Understand: I'll start with an obvious one.[View]
474746308>play Deus Ex >game made in 1999 >the bombing of the Statue of Liberty happened in-game in …[View]
474753808KH2FM Camping Story: >go camping with friends >one of them has invited another person I don…[View]
474753951Terraria / Exploration Crafting Sandboxes: Any here really proficient at Meleeing vs. Skeletron ……[View]
474753935Was this a good game? Is there any chance of car combat games making a comeback?[View]
474697159You become a permanent resident of a video game town of your choosing. You may venture out into the …[View]
474753853Is she, dare I say, our 4th DLC fighter?[View]
474748345defend grinding in single player games[View]
474752742>comfy What does this word mean for /v/edditors?[View]
474749129Are Heartless considered demons?[View]
474748952Monster Hunter XX/GU thread: Hopes and expectations for the new Monster Hunter S(witch)?[View]
4747515792019... I am forgotten.[View]
474743260With Classic scheduled, lots of debates on nostalgia, etc. – being aware of the best physiological a…[View]
4747525472019.... I am forgotten[View]
474749289How did he survive for hundreds of years or whatever?[View]
474751936there will never be a new black hawk down type game[View]
474748356Magic the gathering: What is the best ratio?: How many creatures, instants, artifacts, lands, bullsh…[View]
474751924>japanese games feature sexy girls only >western games feature ugly girls only Where can i fin…[View]
474743957Prospero: Would it have been good? Maybe better than Half-Life?[View]
474745442'I feel no responsibility to comrades who've lost lives under my command. Because they chose to…[View]
474752658What in the hell was Kenji Inafune thinking?![View]
474752476Posting wojacks/pepe: Posting wojacks/pepe and their respective edits is now banned[View]
474746034Secret Hitler thread https://secrethitler.io/game/#/table/DomineeringEmptyFunnyCaribou Password is t…[View]
474733708Steam review bombing has begun: >anger literally everyone What's their endgame here?…[View]
474750849what partner do you choose[View]
474745923>1 week[View]
474730054What went so wrong with hearthstone?[View]
474733303Which game do I buy? Persona 5 or The Witcher 3? Also, how is the polish dubs for the Witcher 3?[View]
474751240What's it going to be /v/?[View]
474752076Is anyone else beginning to think that Death Stranding will be the E.T. of this generation?[View]
474751862This is Liu Kang for the new MK movie[View]
474749160Why dont minecraft servers upload the world save?: I was thinking about one day starting a minecraft…[View]
474738854Insomniac Aquired by Sony: Sticky this. It's why you're paid the big bucks, remember?…[View]
474747678>party member betrays you[View]
474746653>You will lose your souls >All of them >Over and over and over and over and over again >…[View]
474750770Where is it?[View]
474752015We lost: It’s over rusebros. I admit defeat. Death Stranding is not silent hills. Maybe Konami will …[View]
474695975Underrail: Expedition[View]
474746587>There are people that honestly want epic to overtake steam How do you get that fucked in the hea…[View]
474735136Why are action game fanbases so divisive when they're so niche?[View]
474749741Show penitence for what you've done, /v/.[View]
474751826Beauclair. home...[View]
474751285>and this is my son's room![View]
474751689This is probably going to be game of the decade. Have you already pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
474750835What are some video games[View]
474749510Quite forted and crimsoncapsuled[View]
474739512Ion Fury Devs Donate 10k to a Charity: But wasn't that their whole development budget? How coul…[View]
474750286BotW 2 will blow expectations away once we get a sneak peek. Bigger challenges and fat loot, content…[View]
474748193Why the fuck are these things so shoddy and why aren't Nintendo doing anything about these?[View]
474751174>TSR did well enough to ensure that any future Sonic Racing games will follow it's formula a…[View]
474739446Why do gamers have a stigma against sexually active female characters?[View]
474734212>the year is 200X >you don't have to go work or school today and you have the house to yo…[View]
474751127Is it worth buying physical games on PS4 with how much they rely on patches and DLC?[View]
474741824Why couldn't Ultimate kill Melee? Despite being a new game it barely tops Melee numbers which w…[View]
474748681ok this is epic[View]
474748679Why are silent protagonists in voiced games still a thing? It's a contrivance that doesn't…[View]
474750481How do I get good?[View]
474739965This game is great[View]
474749952RAD: There's no mention of it on the yurop eshop even though it's supposed to release toda…[View]
474750782Luigi thread? Luigi thread.[View]
474750712What are some games that never feel like they end, but you don't want them to end either? I nee…[View]
474735325You get to have >one meal >one drink >one game >one movie before your execution…[View]
474719278Death Stranding: How are people hyped for this game? It’s literally a walking simulator.[View]
474741004>men who do STR,VIT,CHA builds are boring[View]
474750594ITT: /v/ but it's 2006. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KDM9B2vETY[View]
474748913ksp2: Why is no one talking about this?[View]
474750519Why did they ruin it and turn it into Fuse?[View]
474749864Shitty overrated garbage. Gameplay is boring as fuck, story is some pseudo-intellectual uninterestin…[View]
474748698What are the best RPGs of all time?[View]
474750231Why yes I DO save scum in souls games via cloud save downloading[View]
474740216Who else did he scan? Who else is in the game!?!? Fuck AM I IN THE GAME!?!?[View]
474749853>can’t even poop Immersion ruined[View]
474745426Can somebody explain how this game works? I couldn't find any explanation on google.[View]
474747248>you're at a tournament and this guy thwacks your girlfriend's ass What do?…[View]
474741401Piratechads win again[View]
474748035Does the gameplay still hold up?[View]
474749372rpg maker thread: you see this bitch? you will be able to fuck her soon. :D[View]
474748242Megaman thread: >3 phone games, two confirmed(X Dive, Ability) and one rumored (BN) >game mad…[View]
474742293>only game universally recommended by /v/ >grotesquely uncomfy what did /v/ mean by this?…[View]
474749825Why are there barely any games that take place at a camp?[View]
474729287For me it's Camilla>[View]
474737684>there are people on this board who played the nu-tomb raider games but not the classics by CORE …[View]
474749660Why the fuck did they release a system with NO games, and then never drop a good game for it?[View]
474715074what are some good summer games?[View]
474747878Is he really unbalanced? Of you try and be as objective as you can, can you take say he's more …[View]
474745741>player.additem f 999999[View]
474748686*ruins your channel*[View]
474722314Have you ever manually quit an online race? Be honest. Are you digiTropy-fag tier?[View]
474739610>step on invisible trap Whoops. Pixel Dungeon thread. Any tips?[View]
474678124>get a few bad rolls >lose a party you put hours into Why do people like this game again?…[View]
474742071>blonde father >blonde mother >ginger daughter >son with jet black hair >mother has l…[View]
474748604City builders general: Post city builders: Anno Settlers Sim City Stronghold Tropico etc[View]
474745391You're going to buy Modern Warfare, right?[View]
474743064Remember how angry this made everyone and now everyone is okay with it? I remember[View]
474742815What happened with this game? Nintendo stealthily deleted it from the upcoming switch games?[View]
474748994>stillmother YFW this game's story has turned all women into mere narrative objects How is t…[View]
474747221Ace of Spades: What the FUCK went so horribly wrong?[View]
474747245MGS1-3 were flukes[View]
474748801ITT: We post actual video game auteurs unlike that fraud Kojima. Daisuke Ishiwatari makes some of t…[View]
474744401Did Nintendo announce anything neat in their Indie conference today?[View]
474748813OH LORD HE COMING[View]
474745638>hello,i am the worstest girl ever[View]
474741338Why is Konami not making games anymore?: Discuss.[View]
474732380Why do people like this series again besides nostalgia? It just seems like an ubisoft (do busy work)…[View]
474718370literally nothing[View]
474748586Are any of these Adventure Card Games any good? The Lord of the Rings one has me interested.[View]
474731738SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 THREADDO post your levels, play others', give advices Mine: 8L3-2J4-T6G[View]
474747816So any leaks on Gamescom? Honestly, I don't want to waste my time with pointless and lame annou…[View]
474722881Ion Fury Devs Confirmed for Sellout Cowards: >Moving forward, Voidpoint will institute a zero-tol…[View]
474721418Monster Hunter Thread: Here's what we know so far from the trailer >X sets are in (Teo and K…[View]
474714081>watch comfy vidya channel for years >suddenly forces cringy humor into everything…[View]
474748303What are some games where the conflict could have been avoided entirely if the villain just asked to…[View]
474744478>Sleep time >PISSING LOL >LOOK ITS GEOFF >rock the baby kojima has lost his marbles. GOT…[View]
474748235youtube is a video game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6jFEbhdCkQ this level is called cycling: In…[View]
474736310What's your honest opinion on Bowser?[View]
474738401>mommy milkies[View]
474743506Is Heroes of Might and Magic 3 any good? Never played a HoMM game but I'm intrigued by the fran…[View]
474744951The plot for GOW 5 >the game has predicted Kratos to somehow die in front of Atreus/Loki. I belie…[View]
474747828>486 days until avatar 2: the video game[View]
474746720Archeage B2P: Time to make a new home,bros. Game will be 20 euros by the way,confirmed by CM. Will y…[View]
474727267Remnant From The Ashes: Is it any good?[View]
474672513Smash DLC: These are LITERALLY your last 2 DLC. What's your reaction?[View]
474745945What games don't try hard to make you feel like a bad ass deathbringer and are a little more gr…[View]
474746791Why do people get SO incredibly furious that Switch gets third party games? It's like every tim…[View]
474746748ITT: We post characters only shitters complain about[View]
474747385TF2 Loadout Thread: Rate and hate, eggheads.[View]
474732335What went wrong?[View]
474746914seems good to me[View]
474747215where are the fucking SWITCH GAMES NINTENDO WHERE ARE THEY[View]
474740878Best joystick covers?: What do you bros use? I am looking for something that fits many controllers, …[View]
474740459Reminder RTX is a fucking scam. On an xbox 360 for fucks sake[View]
474720305>game so bad it became non canon[View]
4747460752019... I am forgotten...[View]
474746841here's your masterpiece /v/ros[View]
474742384Now that Microsoft has become Nintendo's Bitch, will you be playing Ori and Cuphead /v/?[View]
474736329Thoughts on Gamescom 2019?[View]
474741893CONFLICT OF INTEREST - CONFLICT OF INTEREST - CONFLICT OF INTEREST: What the serious fuck was Geoff …[View]
474744094Biggest map in video game history?[View]
474738231OH NO NO NO[View]
474745978Hey anon if you oppose me people will die because of you. You don't want to be a killer, do you…[View]
474744773>Fan makes a better remaster than official developers yikes[View]
474730446>Physical skill costs MP[View]
474731257xenoblade 2: How can anyone play this? How is this acceptable. >b-but docked mode! Tell that to t…[View]
474726180D.K... DONKEY KONG[View]
4747361362019, I am forgotten...[View]
474735098Thoughts on this character?[View]
474745640Imagine buying a whole game + DLC just because a girl is hot haha that's so weird right.[View]
474745125>mfw wasted 4000 bucks on a pc but still prefer being a console idort.[View]
474746152MHWib Leaked all new monsters list[View]
474745319Are you the one that boat dropped off? Odd to see a boat arrive at that time of the day. Hope the Im…[View]
474745963crpgs thread: Don't mind me just posting the best RPG in the PC's library https://www.yout…[View]
474745087Good work Ubi[View]
474745160Why yes, I do think Windwaker is the best Zelda game, how could you tell?[View]
474738519Is it really the worst GTA?[View]
474742234gamer: what do i buy gamers[View]
474744790Here's that Halo 2 game you wanted, son. This was the last copy they had at Wal-Mart.[View]
4747217521 week[View]
474738026Why its okay when Japan makes a racist character?[View]
474745695It hurts every day.[View]
474737169>emulating a ps2 game >upgrade nvidia drivers to fix some glitches >for some reason now I l…[View]
474738340ITT: Remakes that completely overshadow the base game[View]
474745602Will there ever be a bullet hell (danmaku) shmup (shoot em' up) video game like FRAXY ever agai…[View]
474739675This looks so fucking bad, it's laughable. Holy shit they are really sucking Nintendo's di…[View]
474721201PRESS 'P' TO PEE ON ITS GRAVE[View]
474745349what a gay character[View]
474745343>he pre-orders >anything >ever >for any reason…[View]
474734445For me, it's ___________. Post her, anon.[View]
474742479MTG ARENA GENERAL - rotation soon What's everyone playing? >Rakdos roping artifacts lmao…[View]
474745293Why has gaming the past year been so fucking cucked?[View]
474743520>Why yes... I bought Ion Furry to ‘own the libs’ how could you tell?[View]
474744237You did your worst You tried your best[View]
474745106Are you all ready for RPG kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swcFuuwHKFE[View]
474744001Ninja Gaiden trilogy: Are these the hardest NES games?[View]
474729346>Kojima puts GEOFF in his game >doesn't put her in OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO *wheeze* HA…[View]
474726029The great debate.[View]
474744861what's the hardest video game achievement/thropy you've ever seen?[View]
474744645Why yes, I did skip the No Russian mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign.[View]
474740224>game takes more than 30 hours to complete[View]
474729581A Hat In Time: What am I in for?[View]
474744223Apocalypse begins: group announces return of Jesus and posts shocking video: Apocalypse begins: grou…[View]
474739672Games that make you feel worried/anxious?[View]
474730874Vidya aliens: What's your favorite alien faction in video games? Which ones could defeat the Ir…[View]
474743390is there any market for rpg maker games with original sprites (pic related)?[View]
474737870How do you go from this...[View]
474744202Oh boy I can't wait to watch the latest interactive movie Erika on my Sony Playstation 4 pffft…[View]
474743926weekly RTS thread.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmK5g0bljQE Looks like RTS is back on the menu b…[View]
474743916>You go on a journey across America and into space FUCKING KINO[View]
474735331Why are Sony first-party games so fucking shit? They're all gritty cinematic action-adventures …[View]
474739484Undertale Thread[View]
474740668September 13 2019: >reee epic i dont wanna play on the same platform as fortnite…[View]
474739579I sent you a picture of me, why are you not responding?[View]
474722365First AAA game trying to be original and taking risks in more than a decade You gotta respect it for…[View]
474742370So, where’s that big MGS announcement?[View]
474741657I love stealth games like Dishonored that have a lot of verticality in the levels and let you do all…[View]
474741270Silent Hill 2: Anon, you've tried and played the enhanced edition of Silent Hill 2 right ? You …[View]
474739440Games you enjoy but suck at: How did I lose with brimstone...TWICE IN A ROW[View]
474730972Talk about inFamous.[View]
474743307*unzip dick*: >psssssss Aaah, now the mushrooms will grow! >pssssss >pss-ps-psss-ps-ps >…[View]
474734424>there are people who still defend modern sega[View]
474741143Only real gamers are left handed: Facts.[View]
474743025There is literally nothing wrong with Epic Games, Tencent, or China[View]
474733945That's Horrorfying: Post things that horrified you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9q7cN90Tw4…[View]
474739725Greedfall General: I dont know about you all, but I'm unironically gonna join the religious fac…[View]
474741714So which streams will have announcements or interesting games to check out tomorrow?[View]
474742762played expected got thread.[View]
474740281What are you looking forward to in Xenoverse 3?[View]
4747426647th Stand User: How am I supposed to defeat this whore? She recovers almost any damage I do to her a…[View]
474742674>hehe, you know sonny I played some of the very first zelda's back in the 64 days…[View]
474740716Bomberman board game coming. With again a partnership of Konami with IDW games. Made by those who di…[View]
474742640Does MD still run like shit on PC?[View]
474741923they're so fuckin mad bros[View]
474742347Zelda: Is Yuga a Gerudo?[View]
474742175>0 good games on PC released this year[View]
474739551Honestly just wanting a warriors style kingdom hearts game.[View]
474734568>Imperial >Stormcloaks >Empire >Skyrim >Hammerfell >Ulfric >High King >Jarl…[View]
474723598Gears 5: Ready for the game of the generation anons? >Runs 4k 60 fps on xbox one x and 1080p 60 o…[View]
474722849Oddworld: Soulstorm goes Epic exclusive: This kills the game https://twitter.com/OddworldInc/status/…[View]
474741107Ok so we know that a knew Fire Emblem character is coming to Smash in some way or the other, whether…[View]
474742029>no thread for KSP2 Let's fix that, okay? https://youtu.be/P_nj6wW6Gsc…[View]
474733586Um... can I help you, Professor?[View]
474717997>We'll never get this concept art version of Joker uhgmm... bros... uhwhbn broos...…[View]
474741745An old woman getting stabbed.[View]
474727342Fire Emblem Fates bulslhit: >finished Awakening yesterday. Really liked it. >people warn me no…[View]
474741636Vidya mass shootings: How are we going to stop them? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NF0j_FUZQ_w…[View]
474738749Recommend me mid 2000s PC junk games[View]
474729569Castlevania (Castlemania): It was okay. Enjoyed it more than SotN I suppose. Didn't like how mu…[View]
474741527Christie: My favorite DOA's girl.[View]
474736634>Why yes, I am the best JRPG of the decade. How did you guess?[View]
474738714Why is no one making a new matrix game?[View]
474727536It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
474723418What went wrong?[View]
474667935Archeage: Will you give it another chance? comingsoon.trionworlds.com/[View]
474738459Risk of rain 2 now in nintendo switch: I'ts time[View]
474739024What unites all men, argonians, khajiit, orcs, altmer & bosmer? They're all more relevant …[View]
474736794Where's the DLC?[View]
474739867Luigi’s Mansion 3 thread, Diaper fags who get triggers at watermelons and baguettes need not apply[View]
474728658Cyberpunk 2077: So where's the new trailer or a demo?[View]
474738428Gamer moment: >be me >xboxfag >get minecraft >kill brother with pickaxe >epic gamer m…[View]
474735734I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and gotten to the timeskip. I’m pretty sad because of i…[View]
474738825Nooo... Please come back.... I don't want to be homeless...[View]
474740708Has there ever been a cooler jrpg villain than bangamnan[View]
474741012ITT: Games you were skeptical of that turned out to be hidden gems: I'll start[View]
474728050Do you play games on 'normal' or 'hard?[View]
474740920>He is not a WoW classic gigachad[View]
474718340Why hasn't Gave ever adressed the growing Epic presence in the market?[View]
474689847What went wrong?[View]
474736538>> beats your Koreans what did he mean by this?[View]
474740780Any news on Yuke's new wrestling game yet?[View]
474737000Japanese view on Western games: Well, /v/? Are they right?[View]
474738084is this everything they had? are there any more announcements coming?[View]
474737998>2019 > I am forgotten[View]
474740693Today, a co-worker was telling me about the good ol' days of Star Wars: The Old Republic, about…[View]
474734575What makes a grown ass man play a slut mog?[View]
474739016Why didn't you guys tell me that this game was so good?[View]
474738918Soon. Very soon.[View]
474740351>look up remaster/remake of an old video game song >only one is a metal cover…[View]
474740462Fact: this is the only good japanese game in existance[View]
474739490It's OK when Nintendo does it[View]
474728982ITT: canon sluts.[View]
474740372oh fuck the boss wanted that fighting game mascot done by noon anons help a brother out and design t…[View]
474710436Humankind: Finally a fucking historical 4X that's not Civ, hope it's at least on par with …[View]
474740189It kicks so much ass that these dipshit chuds are going to have to sit through 'sensitivity training…[View]
474732519lemme shuffle your deck for you bro[View]
474733003When are we gonna get another video game with Felicia in it?[View]
474735232Wealth beyond measure, Outlander[View]
474739212This game is like the Japanese gacha version of dragon age inquisition. It is filled with things tha…[View]
474738080Games were the last limiter to an infernal power dies, unleashing a ungodly plague upon the world?[View]
474739442He's in right?[View]
474726201Konami was right. And for the same reason he was forced to finish the game by konami, he was again f…[View]
474727109Is it worthy in the year of our Lord 2018+1? It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just a comfy,…[View]
474738780Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul sure is something to give extra oomph to Oblivion. Never have I felt…[View]
474717806Alright, so, to give you some industry analysis because none of you people seem to understand how bu…[View]
474736604Monster Madness: Does anyone else remember this game? I recently bought it for my gaming pc and ran …[View]
474729885Are you guys playing[View]
474726652>'Hey anon, you came just in time! We were about to order this mega awesome deal! Come on in! We …[View]
474739321Gameplay looks lackluster. Puts in a peeing segment to distract the normies.[View]
474739262Accidentally let my thread die. Here I go again Does anyone remember an older game that I just can…[View]
474732797*invades ur village*[View]
474739186Male characters you wish were your girlfriend.[View]
474701915Now that the dust has settled, how much has adding gay options improved FE?[View]
474734952Nobody can be as excited for Smash Bros as I am![View]
474739068Coping with fighting game loss: I wonder why so many people are so quick to want to ban/''rework'' c…[View]
474724072Best Sly Cooper game?: For me it's 2.[View]
474720792Hello, yeah. I've got your fucking package right here. Would you please sign the form and take …[View]
474738808What's the best game of all time and why is it Hollow Knight?[View]
474737452... David DeBergerac?[View]
474738485>Get off work and come home >Check out /v/ >Latest spurgout is some indie dev taking back s…[View]
474738707MGS6 will be better than Death Stranding.[View]
474738689Deltarune Thread: Can't wait for the rest of the game bros.[View]
474738145Zero Time Dilemma: My optimism is gone and my smile is ruined.[View]
474734696what if doomguy was a girl?[View]
474727069Should games keep pushing for more realistic graphics?[View]
474734920Fuck em and chuck em[View]
474731531Vidya games in 2019: We're finally headed in the right direction, don'tcha think? *glug g…[View]
474737278Is /v/ getting the witcher on the switch?[View]
474722309>yakuza 6 introduces forced baby mechanics >everybody hates it and becomes widely regarded as…[View]
474738294WTS names[View]
474738214okay heres how u get the ultimate secet ending: allright first things first…i got 9 of 10 stars on h…[View]
474738209Dragon Quest XI: this game is perfect[View]
474728597He killed thousands... >b-but he was d-defending himself!! No he was stealing someone else's…[View]
474700516The ultimate Bioshock redpill is realizing that Infinite is more aware of it's drastic changes …[View]
474735595Kojima stealing game mechanics that nobody liked 20 years ago[View]
474738097When is supes gonna get a good game?[View]
474720347JUST... WHY?[View]
474725883wait.... Louis Braille, French inventor, existed during the age of fire?[View]
474728602Meanwhile at the /v/illage...[View]
474730704Recommend me some short rpgs. Nothing that takes more than 10 hours[View]
474733051ITT: Warhammer Fantasy game ideas: GoW-style Beat'em up set during the End Times.[View]
474735367Linux gaming thread: What would have to happen in order for you to switch to Linux in order to play …[View]
474735319Zelda: Who is best Link?[View]
474737682Yes, the Binding Blade is my favorite Fire Emblem game, how could you tell?[View]
474735313zoomer here, at the beginning of the year i made a resolution to try out more games in the most boom…[View]
474726297Reminder that this happened[View]
474736793What’s her name, /v/?: >game feels literally fucking perfect to play and you love it >but ther…[View]
474736585Thoughts on GYLT?[View]
474730718was it kino?[View]
474734659Tell me about Turok 4 being developed by Retro Studios.[View]
474734015Fuck you guys. You told me this was a bad game. It easily has one of the best turn-based battle syst…[View]
474737254Is Death Standing a movie or a game?[View]
474709318Insomniac bought by Sony[View]
474737007Post Kino video game maps.[View]
474736975This tape’s so called Damage Censor Tape uses for Sam’s case in DEATH STRANDING. The censor is in t…[View]
474736945I'm so tired of my bad eyes. Trying to play MP games and I can't fucking see the enemy eve…[View]
474735296DO IT[View]
474731059Witcher 3 Switch Trailer: So this is the power of the Nintendo Switch[View]
474718872Are you going to buy Mary Skelter 2?[View]
474733181Desu Strandin': GOTY[View]
474736684If you bought Ion Fury, a portion of your proceeds went to fund trannies.[View]
474723850elden ring: uhm, b-bros? wh-where is it?[View]
474736598SMT: Nocturne: So did Pixie have the hots for demi-fiend or what?[View]
474734936Death Stranding: Tactical Fatherhood Operations[View]
474736539What are some games[View]
474731326I'm gonna say it bros... Frog/Wojakposting needs to be banned[View]
474735802Post good box art[View]
474736076>Eastern ero-game >untranslated or machine translated RPGmaker tripe with samey corruption ele…[View]
474735746>People complain when games ban you and try to silence you for insulting and general banter when …[View]
474735868What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
474735867Predator Hunting Grounds: Seems cool, hope they add more variety like >Skins >Weapons >Armo…[View]
474734473Did you play her game? It’s on PSN right now![View]
474733006>Slowly morphing into Wings of Redemption[View]
474727081Press F to pay respect: Went from making somewhat decent games to being forced to make movie games f…[View]
474697145Convince me not to sell my Switch, /v/.[View]
474732485Just don't feel like playing anymore lads.[View]
474734148how long before /34/?: https://nichegamer.com/2019/08/19/streets-of-rage-4-launches-in-2020-new-char…[View]
474735326So is Classic gunna retcon retail?[View]
474721517How does one go from making one of gaming's greatest masterpieces to a game where you piss and …[View]
474732785Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods: I played Grim Dawn for a while over a year ago and had a good'ish ti…[View]
474729915summer 2019 my ass: I am pretty sure summer is over on the first of September or since when is Septe…[View]
474734101What do you think of Tales of Vesperia?: I'm bored as shit and this looks interesting. So whats…[View]
474734747>/v/ face when a game isn't a boring gayss jrpg reading sim[View]
474733831>dev does something shitty >people start complaining >rightwingers get into the bandwagon a…[View]
474735207GORK N MORK AR COMIN![View]
474728612>discussing a game's story >some sperg comes into the thread >'hurr durr if you want a…[View]
474733674Is it true that some dude literally lost his sanity because Doom 3 was too pathologically terrifying…[View]
474733934fuck, it really does look fantastic[View]
474734846What's a game that doesn't exist but should? Ever had a game idea that you'd never se…[View]
474727978PS4 Scene: >Muh private hack lel git gut[View]
474734362Nerf the sniper, buff the heavy and give him an item to counter the sniper, Nerf the soldier, nerf t…[View]
474652063Pirate Warriors 4: The game will be playable at Gamescom. Any hopes for new characters?[View]
474733543ITT: games that literally no one dislikes[View]
474726475So this...is the power of the leonardo davinci of our time....kojima....[View]
474731897>he uses stock instead of the superior iron bomber don't tell me you do this right?…[View]
474731402>that monologue out of nowhere surely he was just fucking with you. the fuck was itoi thinking?…[View]
474734415I just wasted a good nights sleep to watch Kojima's peeing simulator. What are some games for t…[View]
474731398Tales of Vesperia DE: I'm about to start my new game+ now. I have 20k grade so I'm going t…[View]
474734356End credit start playing: post them https://youtu.be/gMiVeLTwQeo[View]
474733574Why do consoles even exist?[View]
474725487OH NO NO NO[View]
474734093Alright, so I've got a weird question here. I was watching old Simpsons, and during one of the …[View]
474730349this is where video games started[View]
474728868Civ6 never had that addictive quality to me, every game felt kind of same-y and boring. the feature …[View]
474730548It's been five years since SSB4's roster leaked: Never forget[View]
474726432>make a trailer for a game that's coming out in 2020 >show gameplay footage that looks li…[View]
474727847Rhythm Games Thread: Groove Coaster is free on steam for a week. It has 58 songs and you can get mor…[View]
474732248>Only the switch port of doom eternal will have gyro[View]
474722832Who else is excited for Borderlands 3?[View]
474648928Starsector: Maximum Comfy Edition[View]
474733851Monday Vidya Thread: So what are you guys playing? Is it any good? What's the next game you…[View]
474733849https://youtu.be/wyAnYp4GbWM I CLAPPED I CLAPPED WHEN HE DID THE PEEPEE[View]
474626586Pathologic: Perhaps all three hundred years of this wretched town's history happened just so th…[View]
474729678>crickets chirping[View]
474730876Fire Emblem Three Houses: Now that the dust is settled, how did you like FE3H? Where would you rank …[View]
474733201>Sexy video game girl that's stuck on a shitty game Post em /v/[View]
474733021I was like, I got to stop playing video games and work more on real life.: Then I saw people in real…[View]
474733215So where was it lol? Literally vaporwave[View]
474731873You know what Pac stands for? PAC. Program and Control. He’s Program and Control Man. The whole thin…[View]
474732629Are us xbros gonna die now that sony acquired insomniac? Why didnt we buy them man?[View]
474717016are you ready it comes out in 8 hours[View]
474730095Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit and cum?[View]
474732774Is /v/ still playing Kill la Kill IF?[View]
474731965Did you guys know that in Game & Wario, Jimmy T. is implied to be a childhood friend of Wario…[View]
474733214Vanilla WoW would be 1000 times better without Raids and Battlegrounds Prove me wrong >Can gear u…[View]
474733230So this...is...the....power of......EA Sports Whoa...[View]
474733070Meanwhile, at Black /v/esa...[View]
4747182572019, I am forgotten...[View]
474670432Who do you want?[View]
474732934https://youtu.be/J9n-4khwctI >here's your 70 dollar movie, bro[View]
474732913Did it do well enough for Capcom to continue making Mega Man games?[View]
474732689God I am so bored. When are we getting Ace Combat 8?[View]
474718446https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlmz0krSbpM Start spriting your furry OCs, boys[View]
474729603Oh no[View]
474732776IT'S FUCKING KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi-r-hBnCp4 I'm not even a fan of Gears…[View]
474710619>What is board game online? Compete against other /v/irgins in a free-for-all to reach the finish…[View]
474732736In this danganronpa thread we laugh at Kazuichi: Danganronpa has cute couples[View]
474729671Rate it.[View]
474562361>King of Greed has breached >Nameless Fetus has breached >Snow White's Apple has breac…[View]
474731214Does anyone remember an older game that I just can't remember? In the game, you or one of the c…[View]
474732606I don't like the fact that they run so many physicals these days. I just want a fucking physica…[View]
474722093EA: 'switch is too underpowered to run the full version of Fifa' CDPR: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
474732352>*loses* WHY WONT DEVS LISTEN TO US?[View]
474732285PLAYSTATION 5 HAS THE POTENTIAL TO KILL THE PC GAMING INDUSTRY: https://www.ccn.com/playstation-5-ha…[View]
474665134how do we fix horror games?[View]
474730000What were your thoughts when The Way Home started playing at this moment?[View]
474732398Are there any turn based tactics games that come close to this?[View]
474731375Why is let it die dead now only a few months after leaving the beta test stage? Also is going past …[View]
474732208borderlands the handsome collection is just 15 bucks on the PS store. Should I buy it bros? Should I…[View]
474729536>he isn't hyped for lizardludo all other games are deprecated now https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
474731293Ferham: This is your playable character for tonight. She came back from the dead so you can play her…[View]
474731036Red Dead Redemption 2: >Presenting to you STILL the undefeated and world heavy weight champion op…[View]
474727391What do they have in common, /v/?[View]
474728280Hideo Kojima: within the next 10 years is going to become a bigger name than names like Elvis, the B…[View]
474728997nintendo will save gamescom[View]
474730139Wealth beyond measure, outlander.[View]
474728193>Miis were instabanned in Smash 4 because people didn't want to deal with them pulling out u…[View]
474727471What's your favorite use of a classical music piece utilized within a video game? https://www.y…[View]
474728061Do your friends take your videogame recommendations seriously?[View]
474723093>'Do you want your face in the game?' >*unzips dick* >'Start sucking'…[View]
474731250ITT: Only the most kino games are allowed.[View]
474728534Can't wait to Romance Anne for the third time.[View]
474731153I don't get it, do I buy the game to support the devs for making a good shooter and being based…[View]
474725992Megaman thread: I get the 'blue' part of blue bomber but where does the 'bomber' even come from? I p…[View]
474730871How would you make a Delta Green game ?[View]
474730393This is amazing video game.[View]
474724951Why haven't you pre ordered it yet?[View]
474730691vidya related autism thread[View]
474724335Persona 4 is truly the best Persona game and the best SMT game[View]
474711365Gunvolt: What do you think about killing, rather than saving, cute girls?[View]
474600612Skyblivion Teaser Trailer: Excited for Skyblivion, bros?[View]
474730410Dab on them koopas[View]
474729735Are there any good programs that will actively display your controller and the buttons you press whi…[View]
474729853zelda-pokemon crossover images[View]
474712390Sony acquires insomniac: https://twitter.com/insomniacgames/status/1163526894051921920?s=20 It begin…[View]
474730098will they ever make a new operation for csgo? I doubt it, last ended in Nov 2017[View]
474725687Name a single game dev who never gave in to social pressure about how their games should be made. Yo…[View]
474729974MAMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-wvIT5D1xk[View]
474722174Postal 4 looks weird[View]
474728532Why didn't it catch on, bros?[View]
474726089This means that all the playstation exsclusives will be just timed and soon they will be out on PC?[View]
474728845what kind of illiterate retard made this[View]
474728631I don't play gachas but when I do[View]
474727318>episodic aand dropped[View]
474656630Have you played his games yet?[View]
474727814DEATH STRANDING - Sam Figure Porter: >reminder that Sam was transporting Character Figures to Geo…[View]
474716686So you have played the true best Doom game right?[View]
474727032Ubisoft BLOCKS OFFICIAL GAME AWARDS Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs >Ubisoft…[View]
474727457ITT: Nonary games: >Heh, sorry kid I'm done playing the action hero...…[View]
474726719Did you help fund our daughter's game, /v/?[View]
474724657Doom Eternal is next. There's still plenty of time to join the winning side.[View]
474723552Death Stranding: when will the game release on pc?[View]
474729189FAKIN KINO!![View]
474728706Hi /v/. How are you? I am fine. Ummm I was just wondering if you guys had some co op games you’d rec…[View]
474727813Kiml kiml[View]
474728594>franchises next game is sci-fi >its shit Why is this always the case?…[View]
474694670What. Do. They. Eat.[View]
474723632I'VE LOST SHIELDS[View]
474726784Why aren't you playing Paladins right now?[View]
474721216Hold me /v/ its getting dark...[View]
474728545>He's My Dad starts playing[View]
474728774>nintendofags hate it >pcfags hate it >reddit hates it >resetera hates it >konami shi…[View]
474716160what is the Kung Pow of videogames?[View]
474728593What's your rating anon Its Ah! my goddess[View]
4747194038 bit do: thoughts on this controller vs the switch pro controller?[View]
474727351>spend $2000 on PC and 144hz monitor >still can't run this game 144fps consistently pc ga…[View]
474706301So this is the power... of the switch[View]
474726828What's his endgame[View]
474728564Who was in the wrong here?[View]
474727116>Whoever came up with this is an ass****![View]
474724973Switch when?[View]
474719320RIDERS ON THE STORM[View]
474728316Hey Kojima drones! Piss off[View]
474725402*pauses DS gamescom trailer* So if you zoom in closely, you can see that there is a PISSING mechani…[View]
474728265What are some games about motherhood?[View]
474725352>games are all fucking shit What do we do now?[View]
474727559I've got two heart pieces left to find in my save file for this game and I cannot find them for…[View]
474726668 [View]
474727638The power of cloud gaming[View]
4747262702 boards 2 events 1 takes money from you in exchange for shitty low quality rehashes so you end up …[View]
474724101What Defines Standards and Fun: A). Skillfulness, personality, social interest and investment, energ…[View]
474726124Praetorian HD Remaster: Coming for PC, PS4 and XboxOne in Q4 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time…[View]
474725120>no more Ratchet and Clank games ever again >no more Spyro games ever again >just infinite …[View]
474726996ITT: 'What were they thinking?'[View]
474707614Why do these guys give off such greasy used car salesman vibes?[View]
474697761Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter…[View]
474706507Ready or Not Alpha Leaks #2: SWAT FPS game released their supporter alpha last night. There are some…[View]
474724261I've died from this boss more than i've died from all other bosses so far combined[View]
474693445They're taking down the RDR2 poster at Rockstar North. What's next, vros?[View]
474724805Is Death Stranding like Super Smash Bros for real people?[View]
474541928Ok /v/ I have waited 2 weeks for this thread, and i'm finally ready to release it, i won't…[View]
474726310Are you excited for creativity to be restored to the games industry?[View]
474726776even superman is coming home girls[View]
474725594Does /v/ use The Bucket technique?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pSnztwMsyQ[View]
474720840Now THIS is why I bought a Switch![View]
474687973What has gaming come to?[View]
474724725You know, there can be gameplay besides shooting but that’s not in here either. There’s no gameplay …[View]
474725958Guys, I think we might have a spiritual successor to Recettear on our hands. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
474726286Here's your 4th dlc, bros.[View]
474726254I seriously can't finish Prey: Why does this game stop giving directions in the near the end? N…[View]
474725735BLYAT: Where the fuck was S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, comrades? Are the devs there just to shop it to publisher…[View]
474724201Nintendo Gamescom Leak: You probably have heard about nitnendo being at gamescom on august 22nd i sn…[View]
474722589This actually looks really good.: I wanted a traversal game since BotW. One with a system world and …[View]
474724572>Kojima has confirmed more cameos that he can't talk about. So is this where all the money w…[View]
474725045How bad is it to play PS2 games off a USB stick with FreeMCBoot? Framerate, load times, etc.? I can…[View]
474724661Any Little Nightmares bros on this board?[View]
474725214He will have an accurate SFM model in the near future. Let that sink in.[View]
474725745>Got something to show me Snake?[View]
474724486You Can only post in this thread if you have every console and a PC with a modern graphics card and …[View]
474725868'Hoo man I sure am glad Mr. Sakurai gave me this get out of jail free card for my opponent's en…[View]
474725810Sea of thieves: Any good sot players up for arena[View]
474722291Postal 2 did it first.[View]
474725789Desu Stranding: C-can we pee on Mama?[View]
474721840Why is nobody talking about her new game?[View]
474714557What happened to game variety? There's a lot of indie games, and big budget stuff, but there…[View]
474684515Yo, /v/. up for an adventure? http://stardust-rider.com/hero/ find out what your class does with goo…[View]
474725683Fuck Konami: and buy Death Stranding[View]
474725623what are some good VR games/experiences for someone who doesn't have the room for roomscale? Lo…[View]
474722001which entries in this franchise are worth playing and which should I skip?[View]
474723281Bethesda are literally going to go over a decade between TES V and TES VI: Hammerfell and there…[View]
474725086imagine paying money to have content taken away from what is basically the same game haha[View]
474725457ITT: IRL vidya companions[View]
474725398>PM'd you the fix[View]
474722882Can you eat the mushroom?[View]
474725394Fact: This coming to Swtich is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when[View]
474725345Can they make anything good? I've only seen garbage.[View]
474725317For me? It's the Normandy SR-1.[View]
474724712Admit it /v/, the trailer made you cry, didn't it?[View]
474716981I missed out on Final Fantasy when i was a kid, because i thought the characters looked super fuckin…[View]
474724705Do Pulp Science Fiction games exist?[View]
474724660>Want to play caster >Legs clip through robes Fuck this fucking piece of shit.…[View]
474721921Retards: >Takes a piss >Thunderous applause Is there anything Kojimadrones won't clap for…[View]
474721224Death Stranding: M O M M Y M I L K I E S AHHHHHHHHHHHHH >goty[View]
474716464https://twitter.com/HomeworldGame/status/1163496294566047745?s=19 IT'S HAPPENING. I REPEAT, IT…[View]
474712454>Un par de ojitos negros cielito lindo de contrabando.[View]
474713028What are your thoughts on best girl at gamescom: In my opinion she is perfect in every way.[View]
474724798Felicia Day has a cameo in Death Stranding! She's finally back in video games. any ideas who he…[View]
474723382This was unironically the most interesting game of the show[View]
474722969He’s in.[View]
474724590>game is made for multiplayer fuck this shit i hate it. it makes playing it alone suck ass, and …[View]
474711469What the fuck man, why did they ruin a game about cute witches with this disgusting yuri bait?[View]
474724480How are there so many devs and video games? Like the market has to be comically over saturated at th…[View]
474724476why are the jannies constantly deleting on-topic vidya related threads rn? is it because there isn…[View]
474723843>Drink with me if you want to live[View]
474724425Is there any franchise in history that has squandered its potential any harder than Mass Effect? Thi…[View]
474722943What are some good tennis games?[View]
474723259It's okay: you can apologize now[View]
474722351i just preordered[View]
474721434I am so excited, it looks like a lot of fun[View]
474719568Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to Fort Joy tomorrow[View]
474708401Niche Gaming: Do you like games that most people don't even know exist? Are you willing to play…[View]
474719215Wow this looks absolute fucking dogshit[View]
474722768Reminder this was peak MMORPG experience.[View]
474723189So Kojima is totally a piss fetishist, right?[View]
474722492You're going to buy your baby caretaking game, aren't you, anon?[View]
474720781Apologize right now.[View]
474713490Remnant: From the Ashes: This comes out tomorrow but it's been available for pre-order for some…[View]
474723638>One of the best trailers in gamescom was a CG trailer >And it was for fucking Kerbal Space Pr…[View]
474723603>co-owner of a world famous franchise >dilf >good with kids >loves bunnies >will alwa…[View]
474723175Anthem Woes: besides the game looking pretty, theres nothing much to do in anthem except running the…[View]
474720184Death stranding collectors edition[View]
474715961Why is yuri relegated to mobile games now?[View]
474723334Did you rike it?[View]
474723123FACT: Konami did nothing wrong.[View]
474720903Elden Ring: >no trailer IT BUUUUUURNS[View]
474722896/v/ sings 'Out of Touch': Song: https://youtu.be/DCkJ5lGPqFs?t=25 (starts at 0:25) Lyrics: https://p…[View]
474722827How did Nintendo got away with this?[View]
4747207762 questions for the Kojima fans: NUMBER ONE (1) What did you think of that Kojima montage pic relate…[View]
474676358Risk of Rain 2 coming to Nintendo Switch!: OH FUCK! Get in here! https://youtu.be/QahvRar7G-E[View]
474637010/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>474590361 >Post character name/franchise and referen…[View]
474673809Let's be honest:: I've seen a lot of mixed opinions about Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Is it wo…[View]
474720454Wtf is his problem?[View]
474721735>just got here >announcer was already closing the stream redpill everything about this gamesco…[View]
474715414will you watch her game, /v/?[View]
474721802STANDING: > NO RUSE > NO SILENT HILLS > NO METAL GEAR My life lost meaning bros…[View]
474721993Im not a believer in the Demon Edition, but we still have a week left of gamescom. Why is everybody …[View]
474704860>This is what modern pokemon has been reduced to How did this happen?[View]
474722274What are some games that let you aim for the top?[View]
474720796>The '''''leaks''''' weren't real. What a shocker.[View]
474722178Monster Hunter Thread: Kaiser X confirmed!!! Thanks Teostra[View]
474722124>no conference: > still beats all competitors how do they do it?…[View]
474682971The Binding of Isaac > Enter the Gungeon > Crypt of the Necrodancer > Dead Cells also, rogu…[View]
474722061>Best concept artist in the industry >Forced to work on a walking sim Save this man, /v/…[View]
474693683Assassin's Creed: Redbull me on this series. Which games should I play? Is the story finished?…[View]
474721920>The Beebee's[View]
474721765i-it will be shown later r-right..? bros?[View]
474717563Need for speed: I'm unironically hyped for it. If ea doesn't fuck up I might even consider…[View]
474719392All these years of sucking Kojima d*ick payed off[View]
474714282'Henry'fags will STILL defend this[View]
474701350GAMESCOM THREAD STREAM HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs STILL NO STICKY EDITION…[View]
474721242 [View]
474721704Only on Kojima's mind: So if you are Kojima you cant talk about a pissing mecanic for 4 minutes…[View]
474720865HE'S IN[View]
474711815Post a single console with a library as good as this[View]
474716168cursed/neglected setup thread[View]
474719351Alright anon's I am looking for fun 8 bit games to play. Please leave your suggestions below[View]
474716921Stranger things in DBD: Thoughts? First time we are getting two survivors in one update, and we fina…[View]
474721351are you excited for mama milkies simulator?[View]
474715085There are more bad sonic games than good sonic games Sonic 1 was meh Sonic 2 was better Sonic 3 is o…[View]
474699756ITT: We laugh at PC Gaming: >barely any exclusives >way too expensive hardware that becomes ob…[View]
474720318Kojimbo: Is this comic more relevant today than before?[View]
474720958SECRET DEATH STRANDING GAMEPLAY REVEALED GET IN HERE BROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVxnjcAamP…[View]
474719748TIME TO TAKE A PISS[View]
474721160>It's a Stadia exclusive[View]
474711061spidey whispers *you'll never see me on an xbox or a pc in your life, faggot'*[View]
474720754Miyazaki >makes kino CG trailers >games are actually games >doesn't make everything ab…[View]
474719683How are you coping?[View]
474710289>new gameplay video is released >nobody cares…[View]
474720673Did you rike it?[View]
474720930Tetris 99 Machine[View]
474720087why is tacked-on multiplayer almost always more fun than games that focus on multiplayer?[View]
474720708>Death Stranding I'M RUINED![View]
474709471Remember when Sony claimed PS2 graphics would look like this?[View]
474720847*saves 2019 in your passageway*[View]
474708318FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE: So when we getting more news/trailers? I need more.[View]
474681887New game never? At this point, I'd take an HD remaster of Chaos Theory[View]
474657340EDF! EDF!: Oh~ we are the valiant infantry! We are the alpha team with passion and camaraderie!…[View]
474714468Vidya Mashups: Mix video game music with anything you want, post here and rate others. I’ll start: h…[View]
474720403KSP 2: https://youtu.be/P_nj6wW6Gsc Uhh, Guys?[View]
474717078August 22, Nintendo will give a talk at the Gamescom about Super Smash Ultimate: Fighter 4? Or just …[View]
474698704Do you have any other hobbies outside of, uh, gaming?[View]
474697178Monster Hunter Thread: Brachy Trailer is TODAY. Stream link here so stop asking https://www.youtube…[View]
474718640he's in[View]
474717380this is my hiding thread, and I'm not moving until the situation is drastically improved[View]
474720382>Sonyanderthal's current status [X] Seething [ ] Not Seething[View]
474697171Play touhou[View]
474674169Is this game dead or what? I thought this was going to be a comeback for this series. What happened?…[View]
474720175Death Stranding (2019)[View]
474714038>worst character is also the most fun[View]
474718083>Invest in melee >Invest in modding weps >Melee weps have 3 options total >Every area is…[View]
474713642Why are all successful people Nintendo gamers? Smosh, AVGN, Jontron, that violin girl etc.[View]
474705869How do you personally define a game scaring you? What's your favorite kind of scary? What do ot…[View]
474645421*Whores in your general dircections*[View]
474648157Why did you choose Black Eagles?[View]
474719360Death Stranding thread[View]
474719352>Kojima ditched Joosten for this[View]
474718042How is babby formed?[View]
474719526>This Death Stranding gameplay Kojima has gone off the deep end for real this time. It looks like…[View]
474719481>years of waiting for this[View]
474690351Reminder this is how you look when you bring out a Nintendo switch at the neighborhood Function[View]
474716493How does Fagnite manage to be less fun than TF2 given that TF2 is older than most of the people who …[View]
474707926wtf she's only in the game for like 3 missions? You faggots made such a big deal of it, I don…[View]
474719071subject: >game has multiple love interests >one of them is your sister…[View]
474715762Why did Kojimbots hate Metal Gear Survive? It's a love letter to Metal Gear created by most of …[View]
474713210Where can they go with this franchise at this point? You can't just change the geographical set…[View]
474718409>Death Stranding[View]
474718685GAME OF THE YEAR[View]
474710249*wins next gen with spiderman 2*[View]
474712067DESTINY 2 LEAK TRUE: YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!! >Trailer leak from 2017 FEB https://www.yo…[View]
474715676How are you coping?[View]
474697494Do we know if this is going past the Cell Saga? Do they really expect us to buy a fluffed up DBZ Bud…[View]
474718513Dota 2: Reminder there are people actually invested in the 'dota cinematic universe' of valve and wa…[View]
47471004530s-50s hardboiled private detective film noir-esque R game when? Just think of the possibilities.[View]
474673357RIP Baldur's Gate 3: The lead writer of #baldursgate3 is ex #rockpapershotgun, he joined @lari…[View]
474684156Death Stranding Gamesom 2019: 1 hour and 50 minutes until stream, post your hopes, fear and dreams b…[View]
474694612LET IT CRASH AND BURN: >apex fags going apeshit on players >burdulands 3 shitting on players …[View]
474703327What was his endgame?[View]
474710704Thoughts?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t-N2oBNU6P8[View]
474713864Iron Harvest: Epic BTFO! based devs, you fucks better buy their game now[View]
474713295What's with Megaman and 'he's dead but not really' moments? It completely devalues games l…[View]
474716240>make a mobile game >put it on switch >portendo how far will they keep doing this?…[View]
474714601ITT: Post games with SOUL[View]
474714983Age of empires fail: >be AoE dev team >TUNE IN TO STREAM FOR HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS >Wait for h…[View]
474717698>he didn't play the game of the generation eh, i guess some people just have zero taste…[View]
474707130JRPG thread, a thread for discussing JRPGs: >What is your favorite JRPG? >What have you been …[View]
474717451>FF 13 was a clusterfuck >FFXV was an even bigger clusterfuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
474706908Here we go again.[View]
474705138Post a game you played because of /v/ and if you liked it or not.[View]
474674426Ikumi thread: https://twitter.com/nakamura193[View]
474716934Aaaaaaaannd dropped[View]
474684868Playstation - exclusives - platform costs >200$ - good Xbox - exclusives - costs >200$ - good…[View]
474711506I don't care what anyone says, I like Duck. I always buy into his fantasy of being a detective …[View]
474701251>/v/ doesn't think Classic WoW is one of the greatest games of all time…[View]
474710346>friend calls you over to his house to play some Nintendo >he brings out pic related and asks …[View]
474691176Last time I played this was in 2004 what am I in for?[View]
474715628>All that kojimafapping >Konami BANNED Kojima from being here, well here HE IS OH NO NO NO NO …[View]
474707275Guess who just got announced for Smash Brothers: https://www.polygon.com/e3/2019/6/11/39966/sans-sma…[View]
474715287A few years ago, a new indie retro-inspired turn based dungeon crawler was popular here. Does anyone…[View]
474710725Dark Souls 3: What went wrong?[View]
474715215Will any of you gentlemen attend Gamescom this year?[View]
474682618>skyrim budget >$80 million >witcher 3 budget >$80 million oof. That's a yikes from…[View]
474713024>This pass as a videogame for sony OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
474713328Post vidya memes[View]
474714662Will we see gameplay today?[View]
474707061>Take Two removes mod support How likely is this to occur?[View]
474714775https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDivjMzbLWg Reminder that Amplitude is the best current 4x strategy …[View]
474701512I SAID RIGHT NOW!: Are (You) getting NFS Heat?[View]
474713835BLACK LUNG[View]
474714552*stops time*[View]
474714318Gears 5 looks okay but the marketting/cover is trash. Hopefully horde is pretty fun again. Gears of…[View]
474707213Ok so we can all agree that this is the absolute worst gaming live event ever right? Germans confirm…[View]
474702472Sinking City: Thinking of buying the Sinking City. Give me your honest thoughts and opinions on the …[View]
474691007>Here's your BASED POLISH developer bro OH NOONONONONONONONONO[View]
474714210*gets in as Smash DLC*[View]
474714212>be indie dev >EGS offers you exclusivity deal >Turn them down because you promised your cu…[View]
474714185I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
474713914>*saves the year of 2019 in the passageway of yours* What do?[View]
474713809this shit looks so dope[View]
474710160Sony buys Insomniac Games[View]
474708827>nightclub level >music is muffled when you’re outside…[View]
474699778Have you played Custom Order Maid 3D2 yet /v/?[View]
474710256Is /v/ excited for the new civ game?[View]
474689597Any real reason to play this and not civ 5? inb4 >waifus let's be honest models are disgusti…[View]
474688020Should i play the other two?[View]
474713440Ion Fury studio apologises for comments by staff: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-19-ion-…[View]
474652760Your Turn To Die: Is the ending guaranteed to be shit or at least underwhelming, given that we'…[View]
474700873What made Delsin such a likable protagonist?[View]
474706014So my laptop shit out on me the other day and I'm looking to get a new gaming rig. I dont know…[View]
474700965Whats the best 4X/grand strategy whatever a man can play?[View]
474711239We Always Fucking Win Bay Bay[View]
474712425>Stadia Exclusives Is this going to be the next joke in gaming?[View]
474711868Post enemies that can go fuck themselves.[View]
474694356It appears as though there is some confusion amongst the populace in regard to the lore of Doom 2016…[View]
474712006This is supposed to be Alexander the great according to Japs.[View]
474709920>Creates KSP >It becomes the best selling Latin American game ever >It's so successful…[View]
474695446What are some good games with emergent gameplay?[View]
474711824LOOK MOM IM ACTING[View]
474710549>spending activity points during Academy Phase Alright I'll harvest some plants, catch a few…[View]
474712632>Guys fans have been waiting for a sequel for a very long time >But we need to add something t…[View]
474709184I tried to not get hyped, but it's really not happening, is it?[View]
474712001Days Gone: Im gonna say it, the V word...[View]
474703251CTR: Imagine buffing the speed class with the new u-turning and blue fire and leaving the rest of th…[View]
474702803>Minigame is more fun than the actual game[View]
474699919Don't tell me you're going to preorder this trash game.[View]
474701827ITT: Future cult classics that journalists and gamer alike failed to see at release[View]
474703174What does /v/ think of mobile games? Hate them? Love them? They're continuing to grow in popula…[View]
474712054>literally a fucking movie on PS4 wow[View]
474698439What are the chances that we might get a tomodachi game for the switch? Call me a beta, nu or onions…[View]
474710504Who would win this fight?[View]
474711037Rimworld thread Just like in the movies![View]
474711736What are games that actually get harder the smarter you are?[View]
474682884>critically acclaimed WoW killer >already forgotten one month after launch What went wrong?…[View]
474695145Where should Elder Scrolls VI take place?[View]
474711401Ion Fury studio apologises for sexist and transphobic comments by staff: https://www.eurogamer.net/a…[View]
474694098Velvet is cute ! CUTE![View]
474655924BANJO KAZOOIE IN SMASH: Just a few more months bros.[View]
474707626I need a Recommendation: Hello internet. Please help me find a good video game that I can play. My m…[View]
474711319>intentionally misrepresenting someones conversation to paint them as a raging transphobe >th…[View]
474665121Why aren’t you playing the best FPS out right know anon?[View]
474698884What's the best way to deal with stoners when playing online games?[View]
474705945STALKER thread: ITT: we wait for the inevitable[View]
474710046>sidekick constantly breaks the fourth wall, makes jokes, and can't be removed from the part…[View]
474706801>short hair female enemies >'FUCK ME! Just FUCK me! Alright? What, you thought i'd be som…[View]
474706686>new amplitude 4x game is literally a civilization clone Don't know how to feel about this. …[View]
474707059It is over, bros. Google won.[View]
474706242Will you buy Death Stranding? I think I will. It shouldn't be a bad game.[View]
474684525This is Rosalina from Super Maryo Brothers.[View]
474693249>cross examines animals >bluffs a lot >presents illegal evidence What's so Ace about t…[View]
474696564Can she be stopped?[View]
474657415Imagine missing out on the greatest game of the century just to sound special and anti culture[View]
474700973PS2 wasn't that great of a console[View]
474707797What does /v/ think of Braid?[View]
474710043Does /v/ still play MUGEN?[View]
474709981ok /v/ trying to get back into Minecraft, did a fresh install and I get this shit. I tried googling,…[View]
474696942>has never made a good game[View]
474708442So pic related is on gamepass starting today. Worth a download? I’ve only played 3 and it was fun bu…[View]
474705285Castlevania: I'm always missing either the secret room with the turkey/Jewel Knuckles in Outer …[View]
474698432Is it possible to be a gamer and a chad?[View]
474637229*locks down an entire control point by himself*[View]
474682068Should video games be reviewed based on their own merits or external factors?[View]
474709656What are some games that combine totally different themes/settings?[View]
474709640Have you done your part to spread benevolence yet?[View]
474708717Buy Skyrim[View]
474707980Lesbians can make better video games Change my mind /v/?[View]
474709506Ion Fury studio apologises for sexist and transphobic comments by staff: https://www.eurogamer.net/a…[View]
474709501EVERSPACE 2 coming out 2021: >2021 2021 >2021 2021 >2021 2021 >2021 2021 >2021 2021…[View]
474704874>meanwhile at /v/ixxxxxen[View]
474702151Will esports get bigger than real sports in the future?[View]
474634240>Capcom has new announcements at Gamescom >Also having an RE engine press conference were they…[View]
474705621>Every character in Smash has 8 alts >There are 11 Dragon Quest Protagonists >Sakurai only …[View]
474708954When is Modern Warfare popping up at gamescom? Was it at the very start? Did I miss it?[View]
474675276How do you find new games to play?[View]
474708286Why don't you pirate your games, anon?[View]
474706107Let's be real: if any class was actually that unbalanced in TF2, the game would have stopped be…[View]
474708576There is a Nintendo Direct in October, only game I know that is confirmed is a Bonk revival and it u…[View]
474695557Should expensive cosmetic items be allowed in video games?[View]
474705582How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
474708462P.T.'s Hidden Meaning: Anyone check out the youtube video P.T.'s Hidden Meaning, sort of c…[View]
474701857overrated shit[View]
474707225Do you believe them?[View]
474704849OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK wanted to check on this game thinking it was dead only to get FUCK OFF WE…[View]
474704652preoder cyber sleuth[View]
474708171Building a PC: So everything sounds good about this list. 16GB of ram, I5 processor, and a motherboa…[View]
474705351>randy not on stage bros... did they get rid of /ourbadass/ ?[View]
474691881>I was the only one to make it out alive[View]
474707864>thread about videogames >deleted lmao Go fuck yourself you worthless nigger janitor.…[View]
474707852Ion Fury officially cucked: >'Moving forward, Voidpoint will institute a zero-tolerance policy fo…[View]
474707719Lets be honest boys what went so right? Why is it still a fun game?[View]
474707697R6 Siege: Rainbow Six Siege New Season Discussion[View]
474703243Why is this popular? >Shit gunplay >*Pin Drops* Every player within a square mile shits out a …[View]
474701952Fullmetal Alchemist, why isn’t there a game yet? The alchemy abilities would work so well in video g…[View]
474706364SERVERS ARE UP A WEEK EARLY! LETS GO BOYS! THREAD THEME: https://youtu.be/7wvlCSTOQNk[View]
474697865BERNIE: Bernie is cute CUTE![View]
474706917>that game you play on your cellphone when the game you actually want to play is in the loading s…[View]
474701901Yes it's over[View]
474706349>Story forces you to kill likeable NPC in order to progress[View]
474663532Yugioh: Give me 1 (ONE) good reason why you aren't playing directly into Konami's hands by…[View]
474701327gamer food: nothing like a cold jar of milk while playing vidya[View]
474683648Whats the best gaming mousepad on the market, /v/?[View]
474706772What would Edelgard think of the other female lords in the Fire Emblem series?[View]
474702859SONY NEEDS TO STOP FUCKING WINNING: >thanks sony during Microsoft event >sony character wins s…[View]
474704352KSP 2: KSP 2 KSP 2 ITS HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_nj6wW6Gsc[View]
474659132Minecraft with RTX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91kxRGeg9wQ Minecraft is saved[View]
474706491>series gets worse with every new title[View]
474696795Games that should bang: Name two or more games that should bang and explain its gameplay[View]
474698182Intellivision Amico just released some game footage from Gamescom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz…[View]
474703952better for /vp/ but they're a bunch of autists, /v/, if you could have any pokemon as a compani…[View]
474682356I didn't mean to hurt anybody...[View]
474705671What did /v/ think of Battle Network back in the day? How does it fare today?[View]
474700870*ting ting ting* AHEM[View]
474689245We’re doing it /v/, we are moving into a mansion. Together. What would it be like?[View]
474695368From a purely artistic and non-sexual standpoint, I find 2B to be beautiful.[View]
474705952What did they mean by this?: pic related[View]
474705226>I just realized I have 2 week left before college What games can I start and complete before the…[View]
474698960Why is /v/ like this?[View]
474681423What a genuinely awful game.[View]
474704994>gamescom With each new conference, each new event, I get more and more disappointed with the Wes…[View]
474656451Daily Astral Chain Hype/Shill Thread: Stuff you are hyped for Stuff you hope to see Stuff you like S…[View]
474693478Mass Effect Andromeda: What are your thoughts on this game after patch 1.09? Is it worth picking up …[View]
474685341Inside Xbox @ Gamescom: Please be the last thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raKNgx3jM4E…[View]
474702131Kerbal Space Program 2: Will you play it anon?[View]
474703525It's over.... PC won.... https://youtu.be/91kxRGeg9wQ[View]
474704845what the...[View]
474703973is the greatest thing to ever come to Minecraft*[View]
474704803>Owned a Genesis and a Super Nintendo Who here were Idorts as kids? Feels good to have a brother …[View]
474685774How would you make an Aggretsuko game, /v/?[View]
474701862What went so wrong? how did they drop the ball so hard that the game completely died? Wasnt this sup…[View]
474701469>cute female co-worker says 'anon you look like you play a lot of videogames. Do you have an xbox…[View]
474702571Game launchers: >every single one is buggy/broken >uplay simply froze my pc last night downloa…[View]
474703831>Elden Ring not at gamescom literally no point in watching[View]
474701468Why yes, i main Donkey Kong. How did you know?[View]
474688378Smash: Who's gonna make it?[View]
474696386Post your 6 most played games cont.[View]
474688136When does it get good?[View]
474689154>What is board game online? Compete against other /v/irgins in a free-for-all to reach the finish…[View]
474648010When will there be a Jackie Chan videogame? A mix of Yakuza, Sleeping dogs, and Sekiro would be awes…[View]
474702352Why is he such a scummy lying sack of shit?[View]
474702923Nu God of War is the worst game in the series[View]
474701249>we pretend to be epic gamers in retirement homes[View]
474700092>Was the 12th best selling game in Japan for the entirety of 2018 >Beat out even Monster Hunte…[View]
474702706Ladies and gentlemen, its the Payne in the butt! Payne to the Max![View]
474691745The absolute state of CDPR[View]
474701573Christiancore on September https://youtu.be/Nfe3vN6MGj4[View]
474683721Play Monster Hunter World: [View]
474701052Why aren't rape and sexual assault allowed in video games? You can literally get away with mass…[View]
474658379Ion Fury Thread (Formerly Maiden)[View]
474701845Watch the Gamescom stream if you want to see what the future of FPS looks like. You won't be d…[View]
474694484*Spawns under your escape pod* Nothin personal dwarf[View]
474698645Someone better sneak in there and record.[View]
474702004Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels: >it's coming out tomorrow >you play as Miller >it actu…[View]
474693318What's the best fighting game ever and why is it this?[View]
474689564who the fuck do I take with me to the gold saucer?[View]
474700971I've got a relative with a birthday coming up. What are some good strategy games on the Switch?…[View]
474685778Blazing Strike: >Third Strike is the best fighting game! All the new games are bad, we need an ol…[View]
474699394GAMESCOM THREAD STREAM HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs STICKY THIS THREAD MODS…[View]
474690863okay so i know about fitgirl and igg, but what are some other torrent sites where i can find decent …[View]
474697981August 2019 - I am forgotten.[View]
474696923Colonials > Wardens This is a fact[View]
474690035What is this game and how is it? I keep seeing ads for it plastered everywhere[View]
474617373wow is this game already a failure?!![View]
474699832What did they mean by this?[View]
474690154Commander LeShaniqua here WE FINNA B SUM O DAT HMMMM HMMM YA TELL EM SISTA[View]
474694447rape day game: was it ever released and available for download/buy? i read that it was possible to s…[View]
4746136753x3 bread[View]
474701784GAMESCOM THREAD STREAM HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs [Embed] STILL NO STICKY EDI…[View]
474701358Official Gamescom Thread: Links to stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs https://www.t…[View]
474683454How does it feel that Megaman X is back in the form of gacha and so will Battle Network later on?…[View]
474685908There must always be a Lich King[View]
474697689Why there're no games set in australia?[View]
474694613Inspiring, proud, strong[View]
474674701Classic WoW: Just a week to go, breh...[View]
474704345GAMESCOM THREAD STREAM HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs [Embed] IT'S FUCKING N…[View]
474697825Why does current generation suck so much ass? The only masterpiece i can name is Bloodborne, but fro…[View]
474699485ok lads, where I can find idea guys to (((scam))) by making their shitty idea game in 48 hours and c…[View]
474698838Observe, as I attempt to make the only good thread on /v/: First, you start with a vague prompt that…[View]
474690919The new enemies in Doom Eternal are overdesigned.: Change my mind.[View]
474694258So when did it become cool to pretend to hate Revan and his game? Star wars is a franchise filled to…[View]
474699223Grand Strategy Games: Ugh... what could have been[View]
474691552https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs https://www.twitch.tv/thegameawards Opening night live i…[View]
474692807So DMCV is deadweight and finished, like the devs said months ago, despite /v/ being in denial... ri…[View]
474687124post your favorite games (most played) and recommend anon above you a game >Guild 2 Renaissance …[View]
474697434It's time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VucAVd7gNs[View]
474690589Nice of the Primarina to invite us over a picnic, gay Decidueye?[View]
474698514Objective best to worst: Alright fuckers let's get this shit straight: >Mario > Peach …[View]
474692914Didn't you guys say these games would never come to the switch? Nintendo wins again baby[View]
474695273animal crossing: why was new leaf so homogenized? why does it feel so sterile and lifeless? besides …[View]
474695210ruin has come to this board[View]
474694094how do you deal with video game burn out? i have nothing to do and vidya has gotten boring[View]
474695725>Valve updates Half life 2 to support VR and it’s instantly the coolest best game VR has >Then…[View]
474670531https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPU-JkJOpqk I dare you to find me a crossover weirder than this[View]
474689709say something nice about him.[View]
474697408Times you fell in love with a videogame character[View]
474612573Ready or Not Alpha Chad Force: IT'S OUT Who playan[View]
474689085Why does this exist?[View]
474680457Buckle up bros its our week stalkerbros[View]
474695459Name one (1) game with more SOUL[View]
474692425Why is there so much killing in games and not rape?[View]
474689164That's gay.[View]
474693985What is the appeal of Smash Bros? I played and found no fun[View]
474684068Is it overrated ?[View]
474697276>Shooting at moving pixels in the distance >Dying in one shot instead of having nailbiter exch…[View]
474696092Purification in progress...[View]
474694039CS:S: Do people feel the same level of nostalgia for CS:S as some do for 1.6? My experience on commu…[View]
474697458Why does /v/ think it has the right to make fun of Reddit or Resetera when it did this?[View]
474695085Cancelled Superman game concept art[View]
474681806Would you be able to defeat a dark version of yourself?[View]
474697260Imagine being a nintendo baby[View]
474695591https://youtu.be/iX_uE5Si3IA?t=2m42s So, now that even Gearbox recognize that FL4K is, indeed, a mal…[View]
474684038Is this the best 3D sonic?[View]
474694827Is Xbox game pass the best value in gaming out there?[View]
474687816I have nobody to play this with[View]
474663327Monster Hunter!: Just hang in there, Gamescom is not far now![View]
474696584Video game degeneracy: So we already got the racemixing, homosexual, and transgender propaganda down…[View]
474696145lon lon ranch... home...[View]
474691764Brand new PS4 exclusive announced[View]
474696493what are some games with great character creation?[View]
474696396switch firmware 9.0.0: i have some info on the next switch firmware update 9.0.0 which will be relea…[View]
474692556Name a more iconic duo[View]
474693371High-speed internet ruined gaming. Think about it. Things like DLC, Microtransactions, day 1 patches…[View]
474658876It's going to suck isn't it?[View]
474694245'Halo is Fascist': Is he right, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS7eeGbDIz4[View]
474695003You really want to be in a server full of these people?: >'Warrior dps LFG!' >*ignores other p…[View]
474689142Why has the RPG genre been such a blight unto the game industry? It's found a way to infest oth…[View]
474695957MGS5 Demolition Edition: Hey guys. I'm a janitor at that place that has the thing happening, bu…[View]
474690183Games you can play with your left hand: Fucked up my right hand a bit, and I struggle to think of an…[View]
474686172Very cute and very wholesome Veronica eating a very delicious and healthy hamburger.[View]
474695843Is there any real reason why I shouldn't draw my characters at 250x250 resolution and do some e…[View]
474694425Age of Empires II: >it's out any reason to buy it when I already own HD?…[View]
4746891321 month to go[View]
474695737Is it worth going /grobmob/ if you're on the east coast? Will the ping be noticeably different?…[View]
474692917>I can't give you my dinomite because my dinomite is only for the strongest beings and you a…[View]
474695563Games you wish weren't dead[View]
474686485Grand Strategy Games: Great power by 1600[View]
474695383ITT: Best party members in RPGs[View]
474693109>thank you so much for to playing my game![View]
474690557August 2019... I am forgotten[View]
474693158Story Of A Gamer: >play new survival/crafting game >put in 50-100 hours exploring the world, l…[View]
474680183You did hack your switch, right /v/?[View]
474675460No Man's Sky Thread: Anyone wanna play multiplayer and do some missions together?[View]
474693282Stadia Gamescom Edition: Orcs Must Die 3 is EXCLUSIVE, Cyberpunk 2077 confirmed to be available at l…[View]
474691261HOW THE FUCK DO I PLAY THE ITALIAN VERSION OF FF9 ON EMULATOR, PORCO DIO??? I tried every single emu…[View]
474694802forgotten games[View]
474694383Why nobody talks about the AAA movie games of some years ago?[View]
474693986what was his endgame?[View]
474693375>You're at a funeral >Suddenly pic related jumps out of the coffin >His God-Shattering…[View]
474687269Destiny 2: So I got it for free. is it worth my time?[View]
474694457Here's your Minecraft ray-tracing bros[View]
474693838Sport Blue Edition[View]
474677436How can Personakeks ever recover now that their GOAT has been so thoroughly and utterly dismantled u…[View]
474689542大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ: モノクマ 博麗 霊夢[View]
474692619Was it autism?[View]
474665294>Night Crawler Yeah, fuck this game. Dropped. I don't even know why I bothered wasting my ti…[View]
474692516This is on the Ps store[View]
474685703>OH MY GOD QUAKE LIVE[View]
474691275Now that he has a game on Switch, what are his chances?[View]
474692242Yall just freeloaders.[View]
474692414Some examples of atmospheric slow burn horror games with minimal jumpscares?[View]
474690537fuck fishing minigames: fuck fishing minigames[View]
474693818>He's My Dad starts playing[View]
474693760Play Azur Lane[View]
474675326STADIA CONNECT GAMESCOM IN 2 HOURS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVYW5KWLk0w+ GET IN HERE STADIAC…[View]
474693730What does /v/ think of Starcraft?[View]
474687110ITT: We write the plot of Kingdom Hearts 4 one post at a time but there is a rule, you have to end y…[View]
474686309Gentlemen, I know it's been a while, but I have something very important to say.[View]
474693181>all these new games >but i don't have money to buy them It's not fair bros, last ga…[View]
474690432What the fuck is this sjw bullshit?[View]
474688767The best kirby game[View]
474693143Did any of the Belmont clan ever sleep, or even marry, creatures of the night? Like a sexy vampire o…[View]
474684612Will it ever be surpassed?: > 100 Critic Score > 99 User Score…[View]
474620743Post your 6 most played games and be judged for your shit taste.[View]
474693326What are some games that allow you to go into permanent slavery because of your dumb decisions[View]
474681628This game honestly isn't very good. Sure, it had some cool ideas for its time and it has a few …[View]
474692569Are voice actors shown the context of a line/scene when recording? How do they nail the exact emotio…[View]
474689257are online game rules too strict?[View]
474662841Hi, I'm the overlooked savior of the eighth gen that you all crucified so that you could go ton…[View]
474689478Well /v/, dare you to enter the town and face your manifested fears/traumas/nightmares?[View]
474692987The Tribunal invade the game you last played. How fucked are you?[View]
474692932What are some games that send quivers down your spine?[View]
474691602Was Snoy ruined after they moved their headquarters to California?[View]
474692771>the greatest game of all time[View]
474692745>dating sim >character has had more than 0 sexual partners Umm, yeah, no thanks, I ain’t falli…[View]
474692727>kof players usually destroy SF players at SF tournaments >SF players get raped by kof players…[View]
474692065PC when[View]
474686230Package is secured.[View]
474679420MGSV Demon Edition: Post yfw it's announced[View]
474691313*Ruins your game*[View]
474678981I've never really played any RPG in my life, but this is 75% off. Should I get this it? Or is t…[View]
474687058For me, it's Hitman 2 (2018). The purest representation of Agent 47 with the tightest gameplay …[View]
474691985here is your game anon[View]
474691861Is it possible to get a refund on a game on steam that you played past the maximum amount of hours? …[View]
4746807492 > 1 > Minerva's Den > Infinite > Burial 1 > Burial 2[View]
474653018>Paladins are a meme cla-[View]
474681501This was the point of no return. The point where the series went to shit forever.[View]
474686036The Indie Machine: This piece of shit now has every single great indie game released this past decad…[View]
474690676>HOW TO RUN THE GAME!!!!!!![View]
474676768Why does Hitler makes such an UwU Chinese cartoon.[View]
474690402>I'm sorry but she's mine now[View]
4746916472019, I am forgotten.[View]
474689452Is it worth 18 britbongs?[View]
474659815I'm in need of some recommendations, /v/. What would you consider to be the best games for this…[View]
474686130Is undertale a overrated game ?: is deltarune also overrated ?[View]
474682308Redpill me on koikatsu Is it basically just artificial academy?[View]
474690872https://m.twitch.tv/clottycola/profile: Guys, we really ned to talk. Why arenÄt you subbed to Clotty…[View]
474690054Why is it that people will burn you at the stake for not liking/disliking a certain video game? Why …[View]
474687031Almost there... Can u feel it too?[View]
474686464hey hey[View]
474669912>the pyramids have been built in a far off land[View]
474688357Why no Ninja Gaiden on PC?[View]
474655028Borderlands 3: >8 more hours until they reveal endgame content for GOTY I'm hyped as fuck. Y…[View]
474689650Oh gosh hold me /v/... I can only get so hyped for a game and i've long past this point where i…[View]
474688240Utawarerumono: Thoughts on the series?[View]
474634173DLC when? Also Sekiro thread, if you want.[View]
474688067Gears 5 Coming to Steam: https://twitter.com/xboxuk/status/1163489435520049152[View]
474644231>Ludonarrative dissonance[View]
474690530My awful shop of a WWE 2K20 Originals idea...: WWE 2K20 Originals #2: What If... WCW. Here's my…[View]
474669407What would you do if you were immortal?[View]
474678998>Post-apocalyptic world where humanity is nearing extinction >Women are sent out as soldiers i…[View]
474621992Underrail: >finish Gray Army base >have shit loads of loot >can't find a way out of up…[View]
474688168Halo moder, or microsfts slave: Its war tactics, everyone that learnd to mod from a xox is now Micro…[View]
474689050Why are all the normalfags playing this game now? Game is literally soulless since 1.5 maybe even 1.…[View]
474655271>mfw someone says Banjo-Kazooie is not Nintendo[View]
474654945How did THIS spark a decade long franchise?[View]
474684598yup, i'm thinking it's over[View]
474689015Is this game a lot harder than xcom 1? Or am I just bad? >Research some stuff and do a mission he…[View]
474689908Stadia Connect: 10 minutes until it starts. What's it gonna be? https://youtu.be/uVYW5KWLk0w…[View]
474688064>Person buys Switch for Zelda and Smash >Plays them for a few months, lets Switch collect dust…[View]
474689790Path of Exile: HELP I CAN'T STOP[View]
474677719Help me decide Horde or Alliance?[View]
474689210Why does /v/ care so much about Borderlands 3? It's literally been the same game and art style …[View]
474689374Myrmidon or Mercenary, /v/? [GBA Emblem thread. Jugdral and Tellius are welcome too[/spoiler][View]
474687756And you will still keep playing those games?[View]
474688343i have 20 bucks and a week off to spare. what do i get?[View]
474689396Hidden gems on Switch: ITT: Hidden gems on the Switch. Post your own, but I'm starting out wit…[View]
474648778Epic Games to announce Store exclusives in 10 hours~: What games laddies? Death Stranding? Red Dead …[View]
474689291At which point did /v/ become anonymous reddit?[View]
474687964/v/'s Official Ranking of Xbox One Console Exclusives: Ori and the Blind Forest has been remove…[View]
474686896Cool. This and Cuphead were of the few things I wanted to get on Xbox.[View]
474689241Good game. *licks fingers*. Very good game! Can't wait for the second one![View]
474660241Why has this game sold 13millions?[View]
474688705> he expects good videogames to be revealed on gamescom > on the year of the lord two thousand…[View]
474689034What if the creators of Vietcong had worked on the Aliens Vs Predator series instead of Rebellion an…[View]
474684778>tfw you max up your pixel art skills points[View]
474687052>game focuses on graphics instead of physics[View]
474687013They put Kat in Gears 5: AND SHE'S STILL GOT ASSSSS![View]
474688764AH AH AH AHHHHHHH[View]
474686274You have played one of the greatest indie games ever, right? Too bad LM2 wasn't quite as good.[View]
474688660>No one on this board will ever know the utter despair and torment of their enemies when your und…[View]
474686887Who /ryanmain/ here?[View]
4746865593D Fallout>2D Fallout[View]
474684421>he ACTUALLY picked Triss Merigold over Yennefer of Vengerberg LMAO[View]
474684238should i get this if i enjoyed re?[View]
474687968Anyone ever try using the wii remote condom as a real condom? I've got a chick from Tinder on h…[View]
474669525I have created another Smash 6 mockup with more DLC.: I really enjoyed making this massive roster an…[View]
474687384Who is this semen demon?[View]
474677854ITT /v/ in 1988: COME ON FEEL THE NOISE NES HAS NO GAMES[View]
474680929Who's winning the Gamescom?[View]
474665989RE2:make: Now that the dust has settled Was it good? Did it do justice to the franchise and the orig…[View]
474687661ITT: character design: We post the best design of all of designs that a character ever got For me, i…[View]
474681741fucking gaming. fucking normies. fuck casuals. games should be hard. you should be forced to put 10-…[View]
474688148What are some games?[View]
474673876How can we make Metroid's UI more modern?[View]
474670558Support this game you fucks!: Go buy this game! Go play this game! Go write a raving review about th…[View]
474682906Would you ever get a video game tattoo?[View]
474685287Wasteland 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJmfgaJKs4I What did we think about it? >inb4 fallou…[View]
474683368New Arkham Reveal happening later today What do you want from it?[View]
474684675OHH ELDEN RING: Are we getting a game play reveal?[View]
474687685Free code: Anyone got a spare code for Nintendo switch live thing I’m poor msg me on kik: charlie_96…[View]
474683524It's time to discuss[View]
474670748>mfw didn't go to work because i wanna watch the gamescon and play Dragon Quest V. What are …[View]
474687484Ninja Warriors Once Again: Taito flexing their sprite work https://www.natsumeatari.co.jp/tnwoa/repo…[View]
474680810so record of Lodoss war has no less than seven associated games, are any of them good? And recommend…[View]
474686674Carby: Carby[View]
474685067Why nobody talks about Serious Sam?[View]
474687239Your Turn To Die: Who did you save? Sou or Kanna? Reko or Alice?[View]
474686573What will video games be like in the future?: Will video games still exist in hundreds of years like…[View]
474684695154.16.168.111:25634 join my minecraft server fags[View]
474682169Why are good action RPGs so rare?[View]
474649306RTX ON: OH NO NO NO NO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F77dhX-YtDE NVIDIA SHILLS ON SUICIDE WATCH…[View]
474681393>you will never play a GTA game set in Rio de Janeiro in the 70's with a slick cartel boss a…[View]
474677598It's back[View]
474686705https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o47N-aYd08 sorry pal, only the best video game BGM itt[View]
474680043Scavengers: How the fuck do I get on good terms with these fuckers? Everytime I encounter them they …[View]
474686510I can't believe that, in this era of developers putting dating sim elements in EVERYTHING, Symp…[View]
474682601Nintendo Direct Leak - September 2019: >Super Mario Maker 2 >WarioWare: Switched!! >Luigi…[View]
474685508Devil May Cry V is free with Xbox game pass, bois[View]
474686156Where the FUCK is my new zoids game?[View]
474683485I don't usually buy games, but when I do, I purchase them exclusively off of g2a. And yes, I am…[View]
474679639I love lesbian love interests in my video games![View]
474671375What do you still want in CTR: So with a lot of fan favorites officially confirmed (Brio, Nina, Moe)…[View]
474685350Sometimes I feel like I play games not for fun, but because I want to impress other people with my s…[View]
474686046>game starts on ground, ends in space[View]
474657815do you play switch on the toilet?[View]
474634030>Persona 5 sold over 2.5 million >Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold 1.8 million >Fire Emblem Thre…[View]
474677168Gamescom thread: Discuss shit, I dunno[View]
474685919Good arcade-y games for this shit?[View]
474672903Gaming mice: Pic related just broke on me. Was I unlucky, or is it as bad as the meme? Any good reco…[View]
474682726Lost Planet: Soon bros, we're going home[View]
474672494Monster Rancher is coming to Switch and maybe other platforms: Is it gonna be a remaster? How are yo…[View]
474675808RTX Minecraft W*ndows 10: sounds nice, looks not nice. It really looks fucking ugly, like something …[View]
474669234RTX Gamescom Edition: Dying Light 2 & cawadooty show off the pseudofeature[View]
474685609Apex legends: Anyone super op at apex wanna play on Xbox and me: tinksdeath4469[View]
474649361Anon-kun what are you doing browsing this image board? It's time to awaken the crystals! Trust …[View]
474684763>Both of the protagonist are considered delinquents/rebels in society. >Both wear a black tren…[View]
474653952ITT: softcore horror in e rated games[View]
474685145Muffet Synthwave: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KGqLIm_iyP4[View]
474682170What are some good games you can play on a low-end system?[View]
474682535MEGAMAN ROYALE THREAD!: https://megamanroyale.com/[View]
474685284Think of your two, all time favorite games/franchises. Got it? Good? They are now in a crossover fig…[View]
474680517Inside Xbox @ Gamescom: Continued. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raKNgx3jM4E[View]
474674241Why are we still hear?[View]
474685181Age of Empires: Definitive Edition: OH SHIT, IT'S UP.[View]
474679060Would it be possible for Nintendo to make a 'Pro dock' for the Switch? Not change anything on the ac…[View]
474685156Bootleg vidya in anime/cartoon[View]
474680232Times where waiting for the game was better than playing it.[View]
474683020are we ready to celebrate that Sans is newcomer #4? It said that Superhot and Northgard would be con…[View]
474683214Age of Empires Definitive Edition: Did anyone play it? Don't see any reviews[View]
474673887So why exactly do people think an ffxi classic would be LITERALLY exactly like it was back then? I w…[View]
474679648Nintendo x Microsoft: NES Games are coming to Xbox Gamepass is coming to Switch Rare Replay is comin…[View]
474652682Condemned - Criminal Origins: So, after days digging this site searching for some forgotten valuable…[View]
474670234Persona 5: The Royal coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 spring 2020[View]
474676894Aruruw or Eruruw?[View]
474681247Indie Games: doesn't stuff like this gross you out? independent developers trying their hardest…[View]
474683761Why aren't there more mashup games? I mean, sure, there's a billion '[retro character] in …[View]
474672054How are you console kiddies holding up? >But muh ps5 You know damn well a ps5 couldnt handle thi…[View]
474683694Inquisitor of Atom or Crusader of Atom: Which one /v/?[View]
474683620The glow, the wonderful glow, can you not see it general ?[View]
474683601So true bahahaha[View]
474683545jews: Has anyone realized that the Xbox One literally only has 11 exclusives now that MCC is on PC? …[View]
474680414Why does he hate new wolfensten so much?[View]
474654515Are you ready for Bioshock 4?[View]
474683002Mario Royale: No Mario Royale thread? Come on, join us! http://marioroyale.cyuubi.gq/#main[View]
474683318What are some games that i can play on my laptop during a 12 hour flight?[View]
474679757Boogie: Found this in my old childhood house's basement, I thought it was some weird fever drea…[View]
474683160>achievment earned >the bigger they are...…[View]
474680367Lethal League: I'M WAKING UP TO ASH AND DUST[View]
474666560Streets of Rage 4 new character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTZajRoULlQ >this tumblr oc donu…[View]
474674637Was it good?[View]
474673367played the first game, it was ok is the sequel good?[View]
474678103what am i in for?[View]
474678735say hello to your next fighter[View]
474682794Bitches Sup Bitches[View]
474663575What are some wholesome post-apocaliptic games?[View]
474676684new Shin'en game - The Touryst: >Action/Adventure/PuzzleStar Tropics >60fps 1080p >Nov…[View]
474669596Will they come back in the future? I really liked them.[View]
474680787Desu Sutrandingu: Is Hijema going to deliver in his presentation on gamescom™ '19? Do you still…[View]
474682315Should I buy this if I liked Symphonia and Berseria? It's currently on sale for $25. Thanks in …[View]
474675454I love this boy, but I don't know who to pair him with. What woman is truly worthy of Felix?[View]
474682371Can a Metroidvania where the upgrades are weapons ala Mega Man X work?[View]
474672830What am i in for?[View]
474674172Work is a pain so here's something so I can vent. >Red White Winter >Spring is something …[View]
474626015Why does such good music have to be tethered to such a mediocre series[View]
474677117PlayStation/Nintendo got btfo[View]
474669961Why don't you own an RTX yet, /v/?[View]
474681762Why is this being made? Who asked for a video game based on a 26 year old movie?[View]
474679590Anyone getting this next week?[View]
474679451>Game introduces the Mastermind antagonist in a cutscene and then never shows up for the rest of …[View]
474681703Thoughts on gender swapped cosplays?[View]
474666629Marianne is going to say it![View]
474680756>try to play this game cause I never played it >got too spoiled by newer entries the gameplay …[View]
474678636Name a bigger waste of potential[View]
474678164show me a pic of your current inventory or your soul is mine[View]
474675319What was with the headphone jack in his chest?[View]
474679323Does anyone else here only play exclusive games? There's just a, I don't know... premium f…[View]
474676097ITT: Ports that you would like to see happen: Wind Waker for Switch[View]
474679156How do you deal with having to choose only a few amazing games to have on your hard drive at a time?[View]
474649586ITT: Unpopular opinions: Metroid Fusion is a 2D Other M[View]
474675965When did you start playing Runescape? What are some of your earlier memories in the game? I started …[View]
474676275*ruins you're game* who the FUCK thought this was a good idea?[View]
474680305>2019 >S T I L L no new game with Chao. >Not even a mobile game. What THE FUCK is going o…[View]
474675757Inside Xbox Presentation: Starts in a few minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raKNgx3jM4E…[View]
474679438Is Dragon's Dogma 2 ever coming out?[View]
474669646regression of technology: >this is what a game looks like on Nintendo's latest platform in t…[View]
474636428Play bombergirl[View]
474673172Does anyone on this board even play this game? 37d2923c[View]
474679223ITT: Video game ads: https://youtu.be/nAvMLI1AsSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEuKoeTGVjg https:…[View]
474671259What went wrong?[View]
474668520The Switch is the greatest video game console of all time.[View]
474674761APE ESCAPE 4 WHEN?[View]
474665732Is this the most overhyped game ever?[View]
474672929Dead by Daylight Chapter 13: Stranger Things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nLahrUTxuQ Already 5 …[View]
474674853This game was so fucking good[View]
474674450Competitive Smash: How do I get into competitive Smash Bros Ultimate? Where can I read/watch some in…[View]
474679224Death stranding reveal: Are you ready to get kojimba'd?[View]
474679284fuck crimeboss his overheads are way too fast. he can just throw them out in the middle of a string …[View]
474678789Aliens Vs Predator AVP2: The bosses in this game were fucked up and shit. It turned into a 'shoot fi…[View]
474677276BOARD GAME ONLINE: Let's do this shit /v/ https://www.boardgame-online.com/?page=joingame&g…[View]
474593368Where have all the good dinosaur games gone?[View]
474665490Classic WoW: Can you 'complete' the game going at a casual/slow pace?: I'm a collector at heart…[View]
474666452Games like this ?[View]
474658775/v/'s Official Ranking of Significant PS4 Exclusives: There's so much wrong with this list…[View]
474677338DEAD ON ARRIVAL: Well that was a waste of time. I feel sorry for anyone who held their breath for th…[View]
474678267A week until classic comes out? Just enough time to have some fun on the d2 ladder[View]
474677181Was it good?[View]
474656121>where should the game be installed? >C:\games…[View]
474673002What's worse; A game becoming forgotten or a game getting a sequel/follow-up that ruins all the…[View]
474655467Mia Fey: Mia Fey[View]
474674501Ready for Gamescom! Flying to Germany.[View]
474677805Ready or Not alpha gameplay?: Anyone got the sauce? Seems like every link posted ends up dead pretty…[View]
474676009Prequels: What is the fucking point of prequels? They always end up being >Here’s a storyline tha…[View]
474671143just finished mass effect trilogy. name a game i should play next[View]
474676891Play more text-based rogue-likes you stupid zoomer.[View]
474671260>https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/45269-wow-classic-glossary/ Make sure to familiarize your…[View]
474677164How do I go about shorting the video game industry?[View]
474674610How's your dungeon crawl going? >finished mapping B5F of Wizardry 1…[View]
474668761Well /v/?[View]
474670775ITT Game studios that have never made a bad game[View]
474676818Would you play a video game about Johnathon Hills and his Buddhism Hotline?[View]
474671354Atelier Ryza: late 2019,im completely fogotten...[View]
474676751GAMESCOM STICKY: https://www.twitch.tv/xbox[View]
474674343>that piece of shit loser who brought his fucking cannon everywhere possible…[View]
474673241Post you're favourite enemy sound effects https://youtu.be/diHQ0qPIYuA[View]
474675646Are there any good first person shooter/tower defense hybrids out there?[View]
474672475this is the Empire Strikes Back of video games[View]
474657783So, anon, which is better: open-world or linear?[View]
474676106Installing this now. Never played it. Is it good? Does it have pve/pvp servers?[View]
474662551Cyberpunk 2077 is fucking finished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdwr3oTTpvk[View]
474673291Is this actually a good game on its own right, Touhou faggotry aside?[View]
474675092Dead by Daylight: Does this game still have an active player base?[View]
474654750>make a game about playing as cute girls >put playable guys in it too Why?…[View]
474673574Guess who may return in vanilla you allycucks.[View]
474675480Is there ANY video game character that could beat Cliff Booth?[View]
474669706So I got invited to a guild in wow part 2: and this was their guild bank[View]
474671380What's the worst game with a 97 on Metacritic?[View]
474668684>Gets kidnapped in SOR2 and is replaced by his kid brother, Skate. >Hangs out in a helicopter …[View]
474674415Does this game have the most underrated soundtrack ever? Everything is a banger but under everyone…[View]
474674552>Friend wants to play a game on steam >It looks fun, gift it to them and we play co-op togethe…[View]
474621136Anything you want to see on it?[View]
474675270Post your favorite obscure vidya characters[View]
474675241NJPW video games If they make New Japan dating sim, who would you choose?[View]
474671957>indie game announced for Switch >it's a 4 person party game with pixel graphics…[View]
474671280ITT: games only (you) played[View]
474674943She rapes But she also saves But she still rapes Buts she saves more than she rapes[View]
474673825why did I never hear about this game ? is /v/ too casual for fps roguelites?[View]
474604160How did boomers pretend to like games that old?[View]
474655020What do you want in the inevitable RE3 remake?[View]
474655018Majora's mask any% is dead! They found a new glitch that lets you open the debug menu and give …[View]
474671134Only got love for this game: Never thought i'd see actually a good indie game but man this game…[View]
474668409Why games still dont render with bidirectional pathtracing?[View]
474669758Is it going to be any good?[View]
474666756What the fuck was his problem?[View]
474674492NUZ AAN SUL FENT ALOK[View]
474670035Is this ok for a mage build? Any stat recommendations? Is too much INT?[View]
474672183ITT we say things that are true despise sounding like lies >Undertale was loved by /v/ on its fir…[View]
474674134TWEWY THREAD[View]
474674252Dying in full-dive VR: Anyone think that this is going to be the most fun aspect of future VR games?…[View]
474666184Post a screenshot of what you're currently playing /v/[View]
474671758They fucked it up: >Zoya wears leggings now I guess some fatass cunt complained about her bare le…[View]
474672895Pick one.[View]
474674094https://comingsoon.trionworlds.com/ ARE YOU READY?[View]
474668621What does /v/ think of Super Mario Run?[View]
474671419>let's make every boss hyper aggressive, give them massive amount of hp and multiple phases …[View]
474671840new chapter[View]
474673420news soon lads[View]
474651281Less than a week left bros. Can't wait to pay that retail subscription so Asmongoloid can take …[View]
474671674Really makes you think..[View]
474654618ITT 2012 /v/[View]
474668365Hotline miami collection on switch https://youtu.be/bo4s1GWpRZI[View]
474670227Why are there so many characters that should be playable but not in Three Houses?: Why aren't R…[View]
474671079Freddy Fazbear is very kino[View]
474671403Did valve do the biggest brain move by staying out of the Epic debacle?[View]
474672118>They say you need a $1000 gpu to do ray tracing Meanwhile on an xbox 360…[View]
474659812Dragon Age 4 Lead Producer Exits: https://screenrant.com/bioware-major-blow-dragon-age-4-producer-ex…[View]
474665387Imagine if indie games looked like this rather than being pixel shit.[View]
474662930Just played this for about an hour, already I'd say the atmosphere feels even stronger than soc…[View]
474672758Hope you guys are having a good Monday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY_FvYFc9y4[View]
474672735Best Final Fantasy brawler?[View]
474632865>he doesn't play City of Heroes in 2019 Why not? The Chan server literally just released wat…[View]
474667785>definitive edition >releasing on switch[View]
474670836Is Okami as good as people say?[View]
474672613Hail to the King, Fistful of Boomstick or Regeneration?[View]
474672537>draw an arrow to the enemy's capital >win wow, 10/10 gameplay right here…[View]
474667886ITT post bullshit bosses.[View]
474668652https://youtu.be/7zp8Sg7Kv8Q Well life in Warcraft ain’t what it used to be. I quit the game at Cata…[View]
474670917Quake 1 RTX when[View]
474558708any of you guys playing this right now? i played it for an hour and it feels decent.[View]
474670976Strategy games with its time parallel to reality?[View]
474671384What’s that game you can go back and play as many times as you want and it’s ALWAYS fun and comfy, /…[View]
474670606Why do console players do this?[View]
474670592get frosty[View]
474657001I'm not sure if this was already posted, but there's been some new footage of the medievil…[View]
474667830>But it's comfy![View]
474667556thanks 4 betatesting shadercuxx https://youtu.be/UCfuZSEFzIg[View]
474659903Compile Heart launches Moero Crystal H countdown website: https://gematsu.com/2019/08/compile-heart-…[View]
474665045>3 hours to go What will it be, anons? Total reboot? Removal of p2w? Fresh start 'vanilla' serve…[View]
474671470I'm back to (Rise!) I'm back to (Glow!) I'm back to (Fly!) I'm back to (Soar!) I…[View]
474664118So what's really the point of rtx? Older games like Fear still have fantastic lighting so it ju…[View]
474669831>QTE sub boss fight Why was Resident Evil 4 so reliant on cheap QTEs?[View]
474671289New AAA game from Sega is being made by Amplitude studios. So we're getting endless space 3? ht…[View]
474671245Starcraft 2: Why did it fail and why was it so bad? What really ruined for me was how they fucked up…[View]
474664479stop shitposting and go to sleep[View]
474670059Post games only you played[View]
474669378Did you buy one at launch?[View]
474670104https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqMb8N2LqTw Wrestling fag here. Joshi promotions specifically. I lik…[View]
474625585Why aren't you playing Final Fantasy 14, anon?[View]
474668750ITT: parody games: non pic related[View]
474665605Nintendo Indie World Showcase: 5 minutes, get in here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaFrSNsO1Mk…[View]
474670157>September 10th 2019 Get hype, lads.[View]
474663361So when's the revival?[View]
474650174They insulted gamers....[View]
474667237>Nu /v/ hates first farcry >Loves second I can accept not loving first far cry, but how the fu…[View]
474568063Hollywood > Santa Monica = Downtown > Chinatown[View]
474670141Why is this game so addictive?[View]
474670075The Touryst: New Shin'en game (FAST RMX). Looks like a fun adventure/puzzle game with a 16 bit …[View]
474670004>Daily login bonus[View]
474662321>ywn play Skyrim for the first time again[View]
474652367As evident by the distinct shape of this Nuka-Cola bottle, it is plainly obviously that Fallout 4 is…[View]
474666486How would you rescue the Battle Royale genre from stagnation and dead?[View]
474666275AvP2 Aliens Vs Predator: The bosses in this game were fucked up and shit. It turned into a 'shoot fi…[View]
474666693Street of Rage 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTZajRoULlQ&t=0s New character, Adam's si…[View]
474669501Jinjo: Jinjo[View]
474665854Do you need a high IQ to be good at video games?[View]
474668807OH NO NO NO[View]
474669439Thanks for beta testing, xbox and PC cucks[View]
474665996> circa 6th Frostfall 4e 201 > be me avoiding debt collection in Raven Rock > hide behind a…[View]
474660626>game has vampire in it seriously, why is it so rare in games?[View]
474669269VTMB 2 That Music!: https://youtu.be/hGbEKNV6UxU[View]
474664852Monster Hunter World: >Preorder now to get access to the exclusive Monster Hunter theme! >It…[View]
474669175>Just gameplay>story is avoidable>anything ''emotional'' Why do they love forcing us to ''g…[View]
474667019>game has terrible optimization >hmmm what should we do about that, ah yes, I know >*releas…[View]
474667106Recommend some truly underrated games[View]
474668841How come Sony never embraced the low or even medium scale game? Microsoft and Nintendo have both giv…[View]
474666519A game with item weight and bulk including currency?[View]
474669017ITT: cursed vidya images[View]
474645113>get monitor >the ghosting it has feels like is giving me legitimate eye cancer >still have…[View]
474665723>Nintendo Switch is uni-[View]
474668608>be me >GNB >do duty roulette to farm tomestones >get susano trial >should be pretty …[View]
474647910Name a more inspirational Japanese game director. Other than autists like yoko taro, nobody even co…[View]
474668206So /v/ whats the best dating sim?[View]
474656971why does /v/ love jap games so much again[View]
474668312This timeline is fucking weird.[View]
474657963What's your favorite portrayal of Orcs in vidya?[View]
474668263>go to any game's subreddit >it's full of Ryzenfags complaining about how the game r…[View]
474646490Now that the year/decade is almost over, is it safe to say that The Witcher 3 is the greatest game o…[View]
474651503If the last of us was made in japan, featured an anime art style, and showed a lot of t&a, it wo…[View]
474638483how does this compare to the other Yakuza games? is 0 still the best?[View]
474668012Japan-only games?: So I just moved to Japan with my PS4 and Nintendo Switch (my PC is coming in a mo…[View]
474662445>western design[View]
474667370Hudson Soft[View]
474667392What's the appeal of indie games? Most of them look like trash.[View]
474667094Help bros: I've fallen in love with FF14[View]
474667693A FLEA...HAS BITTEN A LION[View]
474667619What's the best MMO on this[View]
474648921Once again, /v/ has deceived me. This game is fun as hell.[View]
474661585This is Death Stranding.[View]
474667404Games like this?[View]
474665428RCT Thread: Loved this game as a kid and want to get back into it. Any tips, discussion etc[View]
474634096Waifu thread vidya edition: Post waifus from video games[View]
474659873Do you prefer JRPG or WRPG?[View]
474647635When will the Yakuza 3,4, and 5 remasters be released in the west?[View]
474655793Pee Sea Mustard Pleb can not defend this.[View]
474665770>Japanese game >epic story about morality and philosophy with character development, heartwarm…[View]
474666617You have beaten and 100%'d every single SNES JRPG, right anon-kun? https://nintendo.fandom.com/…[View]
474665203David Vonderhaar ousted: >In a wild turn of events, David Vonderhaar said on Twitter late tonight…[View]
474666716Three more days, Spongebros[View]
474665581Why do you hate it so much?[View]
474666459>the absolute state of Western g*mers[View]
474665990Which game currently has the best graphics[View]
474664606/lit/ here. Are there any games where you start as a weak, scrawny character with personal issues bu…[View]
474658769I fucking LOVE this game. It's everything I have been waiting for in the past 15 years. This se…[View]
474607556What do you think of Stacraft 2 now that the trilogy has concluded?[View]
474666343I miss first Guild Wars[View]
474661126>play game >is good thanks game![View]
474665979Guys looking for a game I played years ago, you start as a basic nations, build up infrastructure, s…[View]
474664825ITT: perfect casting for vidya characters[View]
474642665Are they the good guys?[View]
474649678so I got invited to a guild today in wow[View]
474630879CUTE! pls post in this retards threads[View]
474662624Motheload: How far can you reach without the cheats enabled?[View]
474645301If game gives you option to play as nonhuman race, how often are you play game as them?[View]
474652727>Persona 3 >A group of young people with genuine trauma in their short lives are brought toget…[View]
474662810Zelda: Why couldn't he hold sticks, use a slingshot or throw a boomerang?[View]
474665405The Servers Are Open Get Levelling! I Repeat THE SERVERS ARE OPEN[View]
474665334>killing off the only cute and funny character ten minutes into the game What did Naughty Dog mea…[View]
474665326>come in to work >something's wrong, more than usual >department heads are having a 5 …[View]
474664843Which side would you choose, /v/?[View]
474662616Who else is excited for classic?: I can't wait for Classic to be released. The few months after…[View]
474660538I'm having a strong craving for RPGs Any titles/series you lads may recommend?[View]
474661697>that friend that brags about his high spec PC but plays shit like fortnite…[View]
474660376What happened to the Yugioh franchise, bros? The Tag Force and World Championship games where fun as…[View]
474654456>dog crap[View]
474664268>open crack of pirated game >kawaii loli moe moshi moshi desu music starts playing…[View]
474664030Lesbo magnet.[View]
474664859>400 hours in the game >haven't even reach expedition yet Fuck it's hopeless isn…[View]
474651375HiTMAN 3 just leaked.: Gamescom announcement.[View]
474664246Play danganronpa[View]
474594060Holy fuck, what did they do to this class. These 'buffs' are literal gutting nerfs to Dark…[View]
474658068We're going home Startopiabros https://store.steampowered.com/app/840390/Spacebase_Startopia/…[View]
474662545Big News with Age of Empires: Less than 3 hours until we go home, bros![View]
474664416Yeah this is a boring board so let's talk about 東方 games and it's fan games.[View]
474664629Russin anon here. Why is western video games full of stupid SJW trash and why is a Asian games full …[View]
474664590>paying for online >playing games in big big 2019 at sub 30 fps and 1080p…[View]
474656271redpill me on this game why does everyone speak of it like its the messiah[View]
474664471I-i-i did it bros... Have you preordered your Nintendo Switch (tm)? What are some games I should get…[View]
474664351Will you be buying it /v/? Im not too sure even if ill get it, I just feel so burnt out of hype. Im …[View]
474622613is she really the strongest touhou?[View]
474659472Are you looking forward to DAEMON X MACHINA? A Nintendo published mech game seems good to me.[View]
474664167gamescom leak thread: blastcorps remake confirmed for xbox show[View]
474664253What did she mean by this?[View]
474638701Just beat this game for the first time. Is it normal to feel slightly disappointed by it overall? It…[View]
474633109>be good MMO >die anyways No wonder game devs avoid the MMORPG genre like the plague.…[View]
474662296Where is Prototype 3 bros[View]
474656915vidya webm thread[View]
474653597Kino or cringe?[View]
474663645>mfw 2019 games peaked at march Been nothing but backlogs since[View]
474663992>bloodborne is still not ported to PC how did we lose this generation so hard bros?…[View]
474650592>build factory >realise it's an inefficient mess >restart game I've played 40 hou…[View]
474643601How would you improve this game?[View]
474663908gothicfag here finally enjoying morrowind after like 4 attempt, any tips for a newbie?[View]
474660120is Skyrim still the best nature wandering simulator?[View]
474663724This game is too hard.[View]
474662294You know what this game lacks? More satire....[View]
474660430What is the best Sonic spinoff and why is it Battle?[View]
474663625>Unlock super ultra mega power form >It is not just some single-use set piece thing, but a tot…[View]
474637751Looks like all those companies Gamescom listed will be showing gameplay with no CG trailers at the e…[View]
474659317>4 million people fapped to the ass: best ass in vidja?[View]
474607638>BTFOs preorder fags with disgustingly bad launch >Proceeds to rapidly become an expansive and…[View]
474653016I bought Islanders on sale yesterday and played 6 hours. I have to say this game is really fun. Post…[View]
474659119/SG/ - Seteth General: You may only post Seteth in this thread.[View]
474655830Raytracing comparison in new Modern Warfare: Raytraced version looks soulless desu. https://www.nvid…[View]
474663103So this is the face of Apex Legends hahahahaha no wonder it's dying[View]
474663078>'can I join your group, anon'[View]
474662464jesus christ almighty this game is a shit[View]
474662934Will we get a new Nier Automata with the new gen?[View]
474647558>no Nintendogs on Switch >no Petz on Steam what happened to doggo games?…[View]
474661978ITT: Games that /v/ seems to actually like/don't have a lot of hate for.[View]
474654828Anyone else gonna play this?[View]
474637965What mouse is /v/ using? G502 LS here, max comfy.[View]
474662394skyrim nostalgia thread[View]
474652490Vidya tropes that you hate: Ill start. >Backtracking through all starting areas before you can un…[View]
474661902Why is this allowed?[View]
474646904Games with this much soul?[View]
474628914Halo CMT SPV3 Leaked Source: SPV3 leak is back up and its staying up forever this time, as a reminde…[View]
474649145Look what Blizzard banned me for haha[View]
474648003>want to make game >cant do art NOBODH TOLD ME TO FOCUS ON ART GROWING UP VIDYA IS MOSTLY ART!…[View]
474661962What went wrong?[View]
474660158what video game forums do you browse outside /v/? i want to actually talk about video games[View]
474658731What does /v/ think the changes of p5r letting you shag shio is? Kamoshida shouldn't be alowed …[View]
474639787Naoto is a cute boy (girl)[View]
474659487Good game discussion only ITT: Make an insightful post about one of your favorite games and why peop…[View]
474653854Which is better?[View]
474655985Why doesn't Dragon Quest have any modern/sci-fi setting games like Final Fantasy does?[View]
474639916T I T A N F A L L II: On sale for $5. Is it still alive online? I don't care about single playe…[View]
474654526I miss you. I miss all the good times we had together.[View]
474654295>Server maintenance >2 hours left, hopefully I jerked off, showered and made lunch. What the f…[View]
474661491Save states are the solution to the bad design that is traditional fighting game inputs.[View]
474659034Bully 2 - where does the BS about this game come from?: Friendly reminder that Bully sold merely 2,5…[View]
474655085Meanwhile, at the DM/v/...[View]
474660493does /v/ like the lego games?[View]
474661423>Game changes the rules on you at the very end[View]
474651527Why did Sucker Punch end inFamous on a tech demo? Couldn't they have at least given us one more…[View]
474660646Where the hell are Bachelor and Cringeling, khatangar....: Why the fuck can't people buy kino v…[View]
4746569102019, I am forgotten..[View]
474658698How to spot your gay friend[View]
474661018>protagonist has a scar in the face that looks like a cat scratch[View]
474639516play eve online please[View]
474660905Reccomend me a good game /v/ The only genres I generally don't like are RPG's, rts, city b…[View]
474636449Yeah, I'm thinking Ax Battler and Battler Ushiromiya.[View]
474652582SNK in Smash: What if an SNK rep not only got in, but the rep is actually a group of three popular c…[View]
474653184COME ON, LEGEND[View]
47466057011 (eleven) more days until mad of medan[View]
474651424Tekken 7 Season 3: >Pay for a feature bro That's some good ass tekken right there…[View]
474660313Play Conan Exiles[View]
474659667>see Nelf >easy as fuck pvp target even if they are druid Classic. Home.…[View]
474660213Was he autistic?[View]
474648505What went right?[View]
474632590is it any good?[View]
474658281Thoughts on my Profile?: Hey guys, could you rate my Steam profile? would be very kek. https://steam…[View]
474656437Reminder that there's absolutely no good reason to roll that elf character, anon.[View]
474637957>PC always wins, baby[View]
474652776Would you play a ghetto assassin game?[View]
474647736Hey /v/, quick question- Why the FUCK did I decide to fall in love with a series that's dead an…[View]
474644078>elves are the barbarians >humans are sophisticated >dwarves are sagelike >orcs are just…[View]
474639043Is there a single game with a more unified and satisfying aesthetic both graphically and musically t…[View]
474658901Snatcher: Just finished pic related. A pretty good game and was wondering if theres any more games j…[View]
474645473What was the last game that made you cry?[View]
474583016Five Night's at Freddy's: >FNAF 9 in the works. >Movie still under development by th…[View]
474654947are you good at video games /v/?[View]
474658537You freeloader asshats better pay $200 for our skins. Where were you when Respawn became the baddies…[View]
474641936Why has playstation been so fucking bad lately? The PS4 is literally their worst console ever.[View]
474657224Will it be good?[View]
474656146>Dad was such a drag. Every day he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front…[View]
474651829>The raven on my head thirsts for his blood[View]
474657595Sup /v/, poor pcfag here. Question: Currently i'm using a gtx 970, i7 6700k and 16gb ram ddr4 (…[View]
474640723why hasn't there been a lord of the rings game that's actually good?[View]
474656375>play multiplayer games on multiple platforms for years >empty friends list How the fuck do yo…[View]
474644753So did they finally scrapped that lesbian shit?[View]
474651296This motherfucker is the john wick of fallout what an absolute chad.[View]
474650532Fixed Cameras: I had watched a video about fixed cameras in gaming recently and I was curious as to …[View]
474652927No Man's Sky is just the best, they really delivered with some updates, I'm playing it rig…[View]
474647953 [View]
474654754Finally some good fucking cyberpunk https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=20&v=HAmB9Lhppx4…[View]
474656991avp: Why can't they just get this game right? It should not be that difficult. Is it really imp…[View]
474591334Is this the most pathetic roster in a fighting game ever?[View]
474655103Which videogames warm your heart?[View]
474656657Mario Kart: Did anyone else have no freinds to play mario kart wii with. I know I sure did, I still …[View]
474656656>Imagine a race through a giant maze that constantly changes, imagines a race on giant vines, ima…[View]
474653898Make it happen CDPR. I would berry my dick so far inside her ass, whoever can pull it out, would be …[View]
474633819TF2 depression thread: >we're never getting another update that isnt some crate with a bunch…[View]
474553132Mexican Ada Wong. Thoughts?[View]
474653182any good bear simulators?[View]
474653713so uhh.. who's hyped for RAD?: Roguelight from Double Fine and published by BANDAI NAMCO. Seems…[View]
474653734what went wrong?[View]
474650591>Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 >Norman Reedus in Death Stranding >Aidan Gillen and Shawn A…[View]
474654812.◙. ◢◤ ◢◤ ー ◥◤ This is Pequod, arriving shortly at LZ[View]
474643563>titan quest >age of mythology What other good games feature classical mythology?…[View]
474652581This is suprisingly boring and stupid, why is it so heavily shilled?[View]
474653386Why the fuck most modern games force mouse smoothing? It's turned on by default in pretty much …[View]
474652341I might have a bit of a Terraria thread[View]
474653390Why do Thieves and Knights fucking hate each other in video games, /v/?[View]
474615519what would her game be like?[View]
474561116Yeah, I'm thinking she's based.[View]
474650303Yeah, I'm thinking it's his turn https://youtu.be/iKTrgXV7iBM[View]
474651526Choose your character.[View]
474647276I'm sorry but what in the fuck is this bullshit. Gearbox and 2k have really gone to shit[View]
474654410I fixed the Switch[View]
474651946What did he mean by this?[View]
474653785Bethesda's Fallout and west coast Fallout do not take place in the same universe, exhibit A.[View]
474646970I present you with the ONE and ONLY worthwhile exclusive on Switch.[View]
474640517What is the best Fallout game?[View]
474653063No games left to play...[View]
474653951>when the girls in a videogame aren't cute[View]
474652696Will they censor this scene in Final Fantasy 7 Remake ?: I mean, it's 2019, this scene is way t…[View]
474631078>game becomes too complicated for its own good[View]
474653473Mario Maker shill and chill thread: Post those levels anons[View]
474643027So /v/, who’s your vidya waifu?[View]
474649484holy shit this is boring when does it get good?[View]
474652128Is this person a guy or a girl? I can't fucking tell.[View]
474648530>devs keep updating game >end up ruining it…[View]
474644726>game has no invert axis[View]
474638442>I'm Alyx Vance, my father worked with you, back in Black Mesa?[View]
474651726Hey /v/ answer this poll, who should be the better rep for Smash Bros, Morrigan or Hsien-Ko?: https:…[View]
474648852When's this cunt going to fuck off?[View]
474653118i'm putting together a team[View]
474641608Most chad jobs of each role in XIV: DRG, BLM, MCH, GNB, WHM (somehow)[View]
474651748i hate video games, and i never play them[View]
474652856/v/ for video games? More like /v/ for ONIONS[View]
474650757Why are fighting game kombos so hard to do? How is pushing 20 buttons fun? Once i go online and they…[View]
474634189Credit music: Post the best vidya credits music https://youtube.com/watch?v=QhdiYWCQVqg[View]
474644179What went wrong?[View]
474652110Only perfect pure ladies are allowed ITT[View]
474644152What's the creepiest thing you've seen in a videogame? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck-…[View]
474649863Why did Square abandon Ogre franchise? Why won't they remaster Tactics Ogre? Would sell like ho…[View]
474649817What went wrong? I want another Leisure suit larry game IN 3D with trash humor, not those 2d point n…[View]
474648263What is the optimal time for a best-selling game dev to release a sequel?[View]
474644303Any games that simulate the feel of being a space bounty hunter?[View]
474649752Anyone got a guide to lewd this bad boy up?[View]
474637417What color is your controller? I recently broke my Spiderman PS4 edition's controller and got a…[View]
474649590I like video games,and i play them too. Stay mad.[View]
474636969So after DMC5 what's the current power level? >dante has sin dt and devil sword dante >ve…[View]
474649020im in possession of this divine ps3: but it has a pattern of scratches on it. i was wondering as to …[View]
474637180If only we knew how good we had it.[View]
474638456I want to hear your stupid headcanons. Give them to me.[View]
474634757I have never played this game and all I really know is people talking about it. Is it worth playing …[View]
474649526Imagine the smell.[View]
474649498Jill Valentine: My favorite RE's girl.[View]
474649592Goodnight, /v/. Wake me up when Metal Gear Solid 5 Demon Edition for the PS4 is revealed[View]
474641874Alright /v/ your 5 favorite games of all time. I'll start. >Metroid Prime >Halo 3 >Hal…[View]
474648319DEAD BY DAYLIGHT: >trying to play as The Hag >Survivors keep sprinting into my traps to go un-…[View]
474615972WOW CLASSIC ALMOST HOME: /v/ros... we're almost.... home....[View]
474643691>game has shotguns >they don't penetrate multiple enemies by default, encouraging you to …[View]
474633047It's $10 on steam and can run on a potato. you literally have no excuse not to play it[View]
474645453>He still thinks Doomguy is getting in Smash >He hasn't taken the Contrapill…[View]
474647257TWEWY thread[View]
474650715what are some games where you play as a loli that also either have the ability to be nude or have a …[View]
474649059post some underrated attractive women[View]
474647853Play Depth[View]
474644364Player was a young old boy. He received the name because of his fascination with video games. But hi…[View]
474619075Why are Chinese bootleggers suddenly pumping out thousands of these King Koopa plushies, a toy based…[View]
474648268>tank character >literally just a fatty/meathead that is bulky…[View]
474648380Anybody know any good autonomous RPGs? I've been trying to play something as freeing and fun as…[View]
474649851Any games for this feel?[View]
474650271 [View]
474630184Name a more based man than Miyamoto an absolute madman https://twitter.com/devolverdigital/status/81…[View]
474648329anyway to play halo 3 campaign on pc at 30fps or above?[View]
474641738Is there any counter to this?[View]
474650025can i please have the banjo kazooie of boog and margaret[View]
474649385Does anyone have a mega link for splatoon music? With Nintendo taking down every /v/ related music c…[View]
474638118are you good at any games /v/?[View]
474641804____ _________________[View]
474639273>most popular FPS right now is a casual RNG-fest What happened? What went wrong bros? Remember Qu…[View]
474646141I hate to say it but video games are a fucking waste of time I spent thousands of hours on video gam…[View]
474649652never ever[View]
474641924>check the archives for the fix :) >mfw firedan…[View]
474641831Back in early 2018 I was in the mood to buy some new games. Two games caught my eye: AC Origins and …[View]
474640905What is it about this character that makes people so angry? His specials aren't that busted are…[View]
474649082Rayman thread[View]
474635983>bloodstained looks like shi-[View]
474647064Sometimes when I'm depressed I replay Witcher 3 so I can experience a storybook romance. I feel…[View]
474642187In 2006, I was masturbating to Kairi while playing KH2 when my dad bust door open and started scream…[View]
474645896I just want to talk about the Dreamcast.[View]
474621554300 million celebration Dokkan: So we are all in agreement then Global shall get Hercule and japs wi…[View]
474647143Where are all the good horror games /v/?[View]
474648748'no one plays my campaign story'[View]
474649038What's your fastest 100% completion time?: Mine's just under 6 hours; could stand to impro…[View]
474643681>unarmed build >slays entire legion/NCR How can kung fu mad max do so much damage in the waste…[View]
474647902https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCfuZSEFzIg >only for windows 10 Bedrock>Java…[View]
474645841Is this a good place to start with with the tales series?[View]
474625910I put hundreds of hours into the Wii U version. Should I buy this one?[View]
474648693When will it get a western release?[View]
474633395UNIST Thread: In-Births in the dark[View]
474642975Oh god, this first game is brutal. >unskippable controls tutorial, at least for me. >no team e…[View]
474588103Starsector: >last thread 404'd what the fuck?[View]
474637648Why didn't he get to be a Dream Friend?[View]
474647767David Vonderhaar asked to step down from Call of Duty franchise: TWEET HAS BEEN DELETED https://mob…[View]
474610858Magilou ![View]
474612619Promotion tings: usually I always wait to promote until 20, but after hitting her speed cap i'm…[View]
474642330>Everyone else has cute heartwarming pics for S rank >Hilda has this There's no way that …[View]
474642787Do you think Mona would make a fine girl?[View]
474645296Like 90% of these games originated on Nintendo consoles. Why not just remove the few Xbox-only games…[View]
474631329emulation thread rpcs3 n shit what you playin?[View]
474647949I hope you are ready for Epic Games store exclusivity. You heard it here first.[View]
474647473>ArcSys has already made pretty much every Final Fantasy class throughout their various games …[View]
474647882Can we all agree on this?: Real men play tibia. WoW is for little girls[View]
474633312lol: https://youtu.be/Li4HoTr0KeA[View]
474645912>fingerless gloves[View]
474643370For me, it female humans.[View]
474645285ruin has come to this board DD thread, bois [View]
474647307Here you are, you son of a bitch![View]
474645375HE'S IN[View]
474640976Do you decorate your gaming setup?[View]
474640091Risk of Rain 2 thread: Host and discuss[View]
474643839>game developer's servers down for maintenance >cant access singleplayer…[View]
474639667What's her endgame?[View]
474647434pussy must have been insane or something[View]
474647272Are you able to replay a game, or do you feel compelled to replay the entire series?[View]
474623441>she's now meta OVERTHICC IS BACK[View]
474643126Lads how do I repair weapons and armor in shadow of chernobyl[View]
474647162The Space Pirates are now the main villains of the last game you played. What happens?[View]
474645571Post ludonarrative kino games that makes incel zoomers seethe and make them have a desire to have se…[View]
474643252What does /v/ think of The Void? Would you like to see a remake/semi-sequel like Pathologic 2?[View]
474643938>filename thread[View]
474637332/v/idya reaction image thread: post some of your best shit, i'll start[View]
474640251>no comfy Sunday night BGO thread Let's fix that shit. https://s2.boardgame-online.com/g/gam…[View]
474639182>enemy binds you and gets a free attack Fuck any game that allows this[View]
474645679For me it's jack[View]
474637102I've been playing Xenoblade 2 on an off for about a year and a half now. I have literally ever…[View]
474646445Femanons, did any of you really love Chrom?[View]
474645161y u not: y u not playing tetris effect[View]
474644924Does the PS4 have any hyped titles left this year? The only thing I can remember is Monster Hunter’s…[View]
474644831Is there any way to fix this utterly abysmal draw distance?[View]
474640561>holds back in your path[View]
474646091What are some games that really change from a different perspective?[View]
474633897Makoto Niijima is not as conventionally attractive as Ann nor does she have the same amount of awkwa…[View]
474616537So I see that /v/ is pretty divided about Edelgard, so the question I have is, how would you improve…[View]
474644638Name the game.[View]
474634775I want to be a professional Dota 2 player. Roast me so I get the fantasies out of my mind, or encour…[View]
474641536Press F for all the great FromSoftware series that are never getting another game because all anyone…[View]
474640518GOOGLE EARTH VR. what are some cool places i can visit and walk through. can be creepy/interesting/s…[View]
474643639are anime games mainstream now?[View]
474644826Apex Legends: How are you enjoying your game, you freeloading asshats? Did you make sure to buy my …[View]
474640403Well, which sort of vidya music do you prefer?[View]
474643227Thoughts on Gnomes?[View]
474643181>Just reset 1000 times until everything work fine for you anon! >it takes skill! Don't sa…[View]
474611390Monster Hunter Thread[View]
474643868Is it the best Mario since 64?[View]
474642725Why is this a thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEUOOgNzOv4[View]
474641539Fire Emblem Three Houses: It's way too fucking easy. What is the point of bothering with the mo…[View]
474640670Why did Apex die?[View]
474628368Sorry sir, only people that post absolute kino towns/cities from RPG games can enter this stablishme…[View]
474644162Metal Gear Solid 5: Demon Edition: Are you ready folks?[View]
474638506I really look back fondly on old flash animations and videos made about games during the 2000s. They…[View]
474645132>Wow! That 90s game I used to love is on Steam sale! >Haha cool I haven't played this in …[View]
474641628Which one was more powerful, PS2 or Gamecube? I remember reading that Burnout 3 wasn't possible…[View]
474638517Why do Smashtrannies get triggered by pic-related so much?[View]
474643053This is Lysithea. Say something nice about her.[View]
474642567The fact that we know everything about vanilla WoW, especially through the rigorous private server t…[View]
474627523minecraft: >be me >be 18 >listening the minecraft full soundtrack on youtube because it kee…[View]
474627035>They tell you that you can only do Ray Tracing on a 2019 GPU[View]
474641516>Available in both main and online games Why the special treatment of this particular class?…[View]
474636738ITT: fuck you I like it[View]
474634556What are some video games where the multiplayer is better than the singleplayer?[View]
474587759What went right?[View]
474642564The PSP/PS3 UI was the best among the playstation UIs, why did they change it?[View]
474640557>he doesn't play a tank in every game he can >he doesn't absorb the punishment so hi…[View]
474643062Just in case you were getting your hopes up, it will be another year until the nihilanth chapter com…[View]
474643386>join a game >Run around for 5 minutes trying to find a decent gun >Run around for another …[View]
474639394>ywn experience the Club Penguin race wars again FUCK PURPLE PENGUINS https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
474627607Which side did you pick?[View]
474643242I haven't done anything meaningful in months. Any games that touch upon this feeling?[View]
474643520What's the gaming equivalent of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb13ynu3Iac[View]
474628198Does this game deserve a full remaster?[View]
474642594What would a shadow feel like?[View]
474641542What was your first RPG?[View]
474586587Me? I'm just a passing assassin, on my way to Page 10.[View]
474642016screen csgo inventories[View]
474620530Post muscular vidya girls[View]
474640809Realistic speaking: fucking when[View]
47464067312 hours until Kojima-san dabs on the rest of the gaming industry. Yall ready?[View]
474636168BB>DeS=DS1>Sekiro>DS2>DS3 Contrarians will seethe[View]
474638742ITT: God tier menu music https://youtu.be/WQYN2P3E06s[View]
474643551I want to play a game with playable undead, or tons of occultism.[View]
474643051What vidya best encapsulates feelings of nihilism the best?[View]
474631067>kills Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing[View]
474638916What the fuck was his problem? 40k thread[View]