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125233201 day.[View]
12523845>he still buys Shitcoin[View]
12521524You're not going to miss out on the next coinbase, right?[View]
12523575BitTorrent & TRON AirDrop: BTT is now listed in TRON. For this occasion we have accumulated 300…[View]
12523410Is crypto still a viable method to reach eternal NEETdom?[View]
12523596req destroyed my life[View]
12523740Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/ I’m actually more qualified to talk about this tha…[View]
12520764How much do you need in your country to live comfortably without wagecucking?[View]
12523665I'm about to Link-mogg this entire board: .[View]
12522904I rarely ever leave my computer chair and I get these pimples on my ass that occasionally bleed and …[View]
12522866I feel sorry for faggots still in crypto. Getting excited over 20% pumps and 1x in a month.. Not ev…[View]
12523710Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12520377i'm feeling pretty optimistic about this shit[View]
12523447A P O L O G I Z E[View]
12523672Link $1000 EOY on TradingView: Ok, which one of you did this?[View]
12520498What are ETH main competitors?: I am almost all in ETH - rest in LINK and RLC - which projects shou…[View]
12521144Gems <2m market cap: discuss[View]
12523629This baby is about to blow I can feeeel it Mr. Krabs[View]
12522501https://z.cash/blog/people-behind-zcash-technology-daira-hopwood-engineer-and-protocol-designer/ htt…[View]
12521494Is it too late to invest in TempleOS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCgoxQCf5Jg[View]
12518933Simple question: Will or will not BTC ever surpass gold in market cap? This would require BTC price …[View]
12523354There two kinds of people...[View]
125235531 BTCP = $1000[View]
12522453How do you spot a Spoof wall?: How do you know which walls are legit and which are spoofed?[View]
12523371Jesus I can't believe how good iExec RLC is and how other people aren't getting on this ST…[View]
12522536who here is actually /terrified/ of all this nu-communism? Like just knowing that all those extremis…[View]
12523089>Anon, honey, me and dad want to talk to you. Come down stairs now.[View]
12522001BILLIONS OF REQUESTS: So, what does Request look like in 5 years? Two weeks ago we’ve introduced our…[View]
12523445New here: Can you clarify what it means when you put t. Something at the end of a message? Thanks i…[View]
12523452$10 million BTC: When Bitcoin asserts its toxic masculinity and man-spreads all over the crypto mark…[View]
12522518Xbros what did he mean?: Is xbank actually real and not a scam??[View]
12522685What did she mean by this: > Be me > At work > Taking organization car > Car next to my …[View]
12518254folio r8 thread[View]
12523046Its happening tonight Strap in[View]
12523134Craig may be a jerk, but so are many other masters of their craft.: I think that Craig shitting all …[View]
12523374Rif: >buying oversold Holo bags >Buying oversold link bags >Buying oversold turtle bags Thi…[View]
1252322630 fucking bucks: Nobody knows when the ark singularity will happen, but what I do know is that it W…[View]
12522687Are we pumping anymore or is that it?[View]
12523265>please explain your experience with REST and REST API's >give examples of using REST to …[View]
12522831mainnet when? discuss[View]
12523313So i just nned a little advice. I know this work is shit but: I got paid 270 yuros/month for doing t…[View]
12523302GODcoin Pre-ICO End Date Announcement: On January 28, 2019, at 11:59 PM PDT we will be discontinuing…[View]
12522494AXIE INFINITY IS SCAMMING: I don’t know if you idiots have heard about this but AXIE devs are scammi…[View]
12522600meeting jew father: >be me >hopeless khv with no future job prospects >single mother >me…[View]
12523261Is Bitcoin Private the best investment?[View]
12522452What went wrong?: It’s dumping right now.[View]
12523187Playing both sides and creating your own 'game' ideas thread: The problem I see on here is that ever…[View]
12523155>thanks for your resume, we're also going to need you to write a minimum of 1-2 pages explai…[View]
12522601>tfw gf I made it bros[View]
12523153Alchemint - SDS General: Quick Rundown - Maker-DAO for NEO - Supports the Collateralization of NEO t…[View]
12523029So what will the next 24 hours bring to the stinky linkies? Heaven or hell?[View]
12522140REQ Rebrand: Guys are you still busy with buying link? It is a good project but you will not make it…[View]
12522895Iexec deepfakes big value: Version 3 will bring gpu processing online as well as tensorflow Why’s is…[View]
12523082Rate: Link and ZIL will i ever make it (1 Million +)[View]
12522727RIP Linkies: > this time it’s different[View]
12519750Serious Ambrosus discussion.[View]
12521226Why are there always 10-20 Link threads here?: What the absolute fuck[View]
12522127>HR girl touched my shoulder when wanting to ask something: >Start imagine us being together :…[View]
12522880>The average swingLinker vs. the Chad-Link DCA'er[View]
12522923>woke up at about 10 am, I think >watch a bit of a boring tennis match and drink coffee while …[View]
12522830How to make money online?: Willing to do anything. Please advice anon.[View]
12522734Feta is to cheese...: ...what Fleta is to dApp platforms. (aka, The Best) Prove me wrong. (pro hint:…[View]
12521749>https://www.pcgamesn.com/pewdiepie-subscriber-war-ukip Is politics a good investment?…[View]
12520839Grant Cardone appreciation thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHxbw5feCdc[View]
12522898should the market care about the hash rates of these two coins more? or is this priced in correctly?[View]
12521782BitTorrent & TRON Airdrop: BTT is now listed in TRON. For this occasion we have accumulated 300…[View]
12522856Next Bull Season[View]
12520145Sergey is Satoshi: >Sergey has been in the space a VERY long time >both have mercurial backsto…[View]
12522592Sell all your links RIGHT FUCKING NOW[View]
12521940So I visited my boomer parents last weekend. And they were certain btc is going 0, and It was really…[View]
12522776This is an outright scam right frens?[View]
12522193Won 33 Eth off ethercrash, what do i do?: Started today with 2 eth and made some decent profit over …[View]
12521796Is masters degree actually worth it?[View]
12522076Now that LINK rally is finished, what's the next pump to ride anons?[View]
12521840diamondReapr: fun jackpot game, just got listed on dappradar! check it out, funny sound fx! eosdiamo…[View]
12522671LINK: >illiquid shitcoin There is a thicker order book on fucking Trade Ogre to dump some complet…[View]
12522533Will this 2x before mainnet launch on Jan 31?[View]
12522695Are the Blockstream rats starting to jump the sinking ship? They now promote an altcoin called …[View]
12517145Just bear with me a second. IF XBY really did end up with a patent and a tech that beats every other…[View]
12522241Its a self fulfilling prophecy[View]
12522674Minister you Satoshi.[View]
12522467if you're selling link now you're never gonna make it just a reminder[View]
12522641Connecting Binance & Metatrader 5 for robotic trading anyone figured it out yet?[View]
12521624Website for coin market list info/search: Hi all, Looking for website similar to coinmarketcap or co…[View]
12520962>be talentless video game streamer >get $200k in donations in a few hours How do wagies even c…[View]
12521497McAfee 2020: McAfee is running for president in exile, from his boat https://decryptmedia.com/4611/a…[View]
12521287when moon sirs?[View]
12521139DASH : Let's discuss a real coin for once: - stable network hasn't been out or 51%ed ever.…[View]
12520807Tfw rode both the Chainlink pump and the ZIL pump (LINK pumped 7 hours ago, ZIL pumped 3 hours ago) …[View]
12521733Admit it. We were wrong.[View]
12522340Cryto: where to start?: Let me preface this by saying i have absolutely 0 experience in trading cryp…[View]
12522349Will the crypto market ever make a recovery?[View]
12521621Hello. There will be two unexpected (in a good way) announcements for the project update on January …[View]
12520977REQ?: i dont follow REQ but a friend found this in a magazine computer arts. is this REQ or a new co…[View]
12522372REQ IS BACK! New ATH incoming!: The REQ team hosted an event in Singapore, showing off their progres…[View]
12521392Request Network CTO: Apologize.[View]
12522389*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *…[View]
12522157the future you chose: >4am >awakened by your iAlarm >get out of your McMattressXL™ w/ spine…[View]
12522362Who else made it once and has or had to make it again from scratch. It's almost not even worth …[View]
12521958tZERO launches this week!: Patrick Byne speech at Bitcoin Conference in Miami Jan 2019 https://youtu…[View]
12520621You have to be absolutely braindead to not have atleast a small bag of NKN[View]
12522064Insider here: MASSIVE PARTNERSHIP to be announced soon. Hint: it's an exchange. A big one.…[View]
12522043College: So right now im 18 years old and i'm going to start my second semester of college tomo…[View]
12521856>didnt get the job[View]
12519859/smg/ - sticky milk general: The elite want the market to go up and down >I'm new to the sto…[View]
12515971How can people still claim LINK is a scam when it's the best performing coin in the bear market…[View]
12499765Why aren't millennials buying houses?[View]
12522233Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/ I’m actually more qualified to talk about this tha…[View]
12521575There are only 28 coins in the entirety of crypto worth more than Chainlink.[View]
12522257is this the peak of the thot bubble? https://www.twitch.tv/amouranth[View]
12522204The SWINGY LINKY left behind: >he swing traded >he felt smart >He didn't know the patt…[View]
12522103Is the Shekel the next big coin?[View]
12520543How can a guy with low/shitty credit-score and no income get a big loan? My score is fucked due to i…[View]
12519846/smg/ - Stock Market General: Because you lack... hatred... >I'm new to the stock market, wh…[View]
12521988But Capitalism isn't broken though...: Try to prove me wrong /biz/ Protip: You can't.…[View]
12519915>no experience with trading or the stock market or anything at all >fat NEET or wagecuck with …[View]
12522121What's your opinion on DigiByte? I keep reading that it is a good crypto, the fastest and most …[View]
12522118Dapp: What do you think about Dapp ?[View]
12522047How do I earn money online?: Willing to be a slave[View]
12518191Except it's literally dumping right now. Target 9000 sats[View]
12521533Dear /biz/, it was exactly one year ago, that I posted my first thread about Skycoin on /biz/. At th…[View]
12521214made 2.5k here anybody else sell Link and take profit?[View]
12520656>TMZ reporter that was invited to a listening session for Kanye's upcoming album Yandhi repo…[View]
12521979You're still going to get left behind, aren't you? You still don't want to admit you …[View]
12520804Where is signalsanon?: did the kikes kill him for helping us? are we now bullo mode or bearo mode? h…[View]
12520555Dumpening tomorrow. Last chance to sell or you'll forever be a pink wojack.[View]
12521857I'm tired of memes. How much is this shit actually going to be worth? Reasonable estimates any…[View]
12521941Just got my Bitcoin Private moon bag (1 thousand), how about you anon?[View]
12521614Please stop interrelating Chainlink and God. I’m a christcuck and I’m worried all this idolatry will…[View]
12521718made 6 linkies swing trading: easiest $6,000 i ever made[View]
12521355You haven't bought the biggest crypto on voting and democracy? And think about making it...[View]
12521866Do you feel in charge???[View]
12521682Safest 10x you'll have this year.[View]
12521382there is actually people on this board who think that global FIAT is dead kek and it will eventually…[View]
12521045>you have a WHOLE bitcoin? How did you..where did you? >say anon...how about you take me out t…[View]
12519688Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12520400Just be ready[View]
12520706>Ok gang I’m glad you could find some time to meet today >Now I realize that we failed to meet…[View]
12520740>11k LINK >1 mil HOT >27k REQ >44k VET am I gonna make it bros, pls be honest…[View]
12520671>be me >21 >want credit card but can’t cause senpai used my name when I was younger and obl…[View]
12521588What would happen if America did this?: >it's generally agreed America is the most desirable…[View]
12516290So all my Monero was on cryptopia. Is it now gone...?[View]
12517097Has anyone here actually managed to become a professional trader?[View]
12519257post your >age >net worth >dick size 23 8500 euros 15 cm…[View]
12521409>Teammate is audibly black.[View]
12521264How to learn trading? I spend 100% of my time at the computer, isn't that the perfect job for m…[View]
125209951 BTCP = $1000[View]
12521529>tfw you know 470 million people lined up ready to buy Bitcoin and the stock market reached level…[View]
12507013Sell your link, your last chance to get out above 13k: Bearish divergence on daily RSI + MACD. Get o…[View]
12520312>tfw billionaire father cut me out of his will because I play too many video games and don't…[View]
12521534How do I short MAID?[View]
12521120Steve Ellis liked pic related KEK[View]
12520869DO NOT SELL LINK: I REPEAT: DO NOT SELL YOUR LINK! There is a psyop going on from nolinkies trying t…[View]
12521604I was just offered a job at a major life insurance company. It's a commission-only sales positi…[View]
12521617>BTC: down 67% last year >ETH: down 88% last year >LINK: down only 35% last year LINK wasn…[View]
12521562W-who the fuck is Jason Par-Ser?: It sounds korean[View]
12518882LINK PUMP MUSIC THREAD: Swing trades, cocaine Stinky linkies make a ho shake Blue cube, plaid shirt,…[View]
12521488Who else keeps timing the top? I've made 30k linkies FOR FREE over the last 2 months just selli…[View]
12521532How to earn some monney in this bear market??: Fellas in a bull market there is seems a lot of monne…[View]
12518336FLOrection. tZERO/Overstock built on FLO: CONGRATS to all of the FLOchan users in here who trusted m…[View]
12521541ITT: abstract/artistic charts Pic related is BSV/USDC on Binance with Bollinger Bands[View]
12520187self employed: Have anyone here tried creating their own company or something similar (instead of in…[View]
12518992BUY MY BAGS[View]
12521360Bear market: Is there any doubt at this point?[View]
12517947REQ MOON https://blog.request.network/the-open-network-for-transaction-requests-by-etienne-tatur-787…[View]
12520327Is retail still viable in 2019? Are there any retailers in /biz/? I think I've found a hole in …[View]
12520859Can this be chainlink ?[View]
12521248I think we're back[View]
12520826I'm a brainlet what do these things mean altogether? 1. Smart contracts 2. Tokenisation 3. The …[View]
12521462earning crypto by selling junk: do you guys know about Listia.com ? Basically its like ebay but you …[View]
12509853Rip sweet Prince: Alright Listen up Marines We all knew this was going to happen. The old grounds ha…[View]
12517917This is too easy BIZ: Give me all your fucking Nerva coins! Sell em low as fuck you, retarded mother…[View]
12512226How can we get incels to be better with their money?[View]
12521188Guys, I'm worried: Looked up the address for the Chainlink Docusign Fireside Chat tomorrow... p…[View]
12520779Hey anon, im bored. Want to catch a movie and tell me all about your crypto coins?[View]
12521377what do you consider your failed state[View]
12519716Linkpool general thread: Lets talk about mainnet. For the supreme leader and his team to release mai…[View]
12520753yfw you are all in on LINK[View]
12521224what a baller[View]
12521290>Triggers your stop loss on everything[View]
12521181>The 33 yo boomer who watches Bloomberg TV at his second screen in the office: And think that mak…[View]
12518266Is this shit ever going to pump again? Fuck me, should have dumped this shit the moment they started…[View]
12521157What do you do?: What do you do for work? Also, what are some good jobs that pay well and come with …[View]
12518155NKN based and repilled: 1st comment in this thread related. Bibox vote[View]
12519963The Skyminer is actually an OK deal: I've been looking at the Skyscam miner and it's actua…[View]
12521141>Hi Anon,Firstly, we would like to thank you for coming in to meet us. It was a pleasure meeting …[View]
12521137>LINK up 14 percent Its a PND isnt it[View]
12520084Deflation: Serious question here if i were to become a politician in power of a country's econo…[View]
12519307accumulate retards[View]
12521000How many LINKPOOL do I need to generate the LINK worth of a full node per day?: My calculations is t…[View]
12520898It's working[View]
12515755GET TO WORK SLACKERS: http://pixelzone.io/?p=-1422,-3100[View]
12514509I don't care what bullshit the trolls invent or how much it dumped I guarantee this ends up wit…[View]
12520599How much h'hain WinKL to make it?: 10000k?[View]
12519871NoFap: This is a man who never had sex for 120 years. What's your reason for having sex if you …[View]
12520115Chainlink $1k eoy[View]
12520919Did anyone else invest in this?: they just launched their exchange. there's like nothing there…[View]
12520862SRN on Binance?: I heard that SRN is being listed on Binance sometime in Feb. Can someone 'in the kn…[View]
12520849Are we bullish[View]
12520821Hold steady Marines Just painting the handle as we go slightly down Nothing to fear, we bounce tonig…[View]
12520039Are crypto memes better in a bear or bull market?[View]
12520364some of you are alright don't sell link in the next 273 days.[View]
12519733CHAINLINK: Daily reminder that there are people in this board that haven't sold LINK yet.…[View]
12520227ITS HAPPENING XFAM: Xbank launch soon[View]
12520737Invested $25,000 in this and it's worth $1,300.38 now... so sad[View]
12519137Is being a gradecuck worth it?: I know it easily pays off financially, but is it worth throwing away…[View]
12520738Is anybody an online tutor here?: How did you get into online tutoring, and how much do you make? I…[View]
12520453Judaism is one pic[View]
12520657Come home[View]
12518353Is there anything more pathetic than a man who is near 30 and has >no wife and kids >no house …[View]
12519399>linkies orgasming >still 60% down from ATH fucking lmao…[View]
12516813sub 80k QNT left on IDEX: Are you going to miss this? It was 120k a month ago and price barelly move…[View]
12520443https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1087772979730239490 LOL[View]
12520584First they swing on the chart: Then they swing on the rope Hope your ducks are in a row boys[View]
12518638Fucking XLM why are you dumping you absolute piece of shit pajeet coin ????[View]
12517852Tom gonser + sergey nazarov Fireside chat: what's different this time? well think for a second,…[View]
12520596>tfw too stupid to understand crypto or invest my money wisely >tfw no young, androgynous guy …[View]
12520277>Feelreal simulates hundreds of smells to immerse you into virtual world. https://feelreal.com/ S…[View]
12520273sold at 47 cent on other day: hold it since 2017 nov. sold it two days back, thinking to buy back lo…[View]
12520071Trading courses mega links: I'm looking for Trader Dantes course if anyone has it. I have Phila…[View]
12520415/biz/ friendly reminder that this shit is profitable to snipe in the following days. But check the c…[View]
12520401tZERO launches next week. on FLO blockchain: PB speech at Bitcoin Conference in Miami Jan 2019 https…[View]
12520064these guys had some very accurate predictions in past but how does this make any sense is beyond me[View]
12520286LINK will continue to moon tomorrow even after the fire side chat. Ignore the dozens of posts tellin…[View]
12520265BitTorrent TRON AirDrop: BTT is now listed in TRON. For this occasion we have accumulated 300 000 0…[View]
12518787We're all gonna be gazillionaires: https://toshitimes.com/bitcoin-could-replace-gold-reach-10m-…[View]
12520301>wired money to Cuckbase so I can buy some LINK >forgot the reference# Fuck. my money's g…[View]
12519204Hi, /biz. Say you wanted to download this. Where would you look? Googling and trackers didn't r…[View]
12519078So when you take a photo of a wi-fi router: you absolutely need to take off your watch and put it on…[View]
12519171How do I short incels/volcels? MAGA movement included I guess.[View]
12519720It's often better in the long run, to lose and learn, than to win and not learn. What have you …[View]
12520001I cant separate the memes from the reality. Is link a fucking joke or not. Should i buy?[View]
12519123I had a nightmare where I had lost all my private keys. What is God trying to tell me?[View]
12519987Enterprise or no: /biz/ i''m an absolute cum bucket and would like to serve fries with tha…[View]
12519681Money: Just sign up and referd some friends, for each reference you will get 12 dollars and if you j…[View]
12520220bogs predicted schlopping 30 years ago[View]
12518998NEW ATH: ATH 15486 SATs[View]
12519991>double top on low volume yikes. how low will we dump?[View]
12519266Would his scams have gotten far if he wasn’t 6’3?[View]
1251960030$ eoy[View]
12519975wtf biz was right LINK really is going to change smart contracts. why did you assholes keep fudding …[View]
12520162Will she take all my Stanky Linkies?[View]
12520034>be a farmer >get my farm insured from intense rainfall >pee on the weather station that is…[View]
12519847SELL: SELL now & buy back at 12k, it WILL dump[View]
12519317Do you invest in BTT ICO on Binance?[View]
12519971Why haven't you started a youtube channel yet? A common misconception is that you need to be e…[View]
12517059>watched THOUSANDS of hours of videos on business, finance, economics, trading, investing and Pyt…[View]
12519646I told you 10 months ago to buy Ambrosus: There are a lot more partnerships behind the scenes[View]
12519823Guess my fav project.: If you understood that it connects all chains together and connects to legacy…[View]
12519424can anyone read chinese?: my asia hustle meme I made seems to have gone viral in China...i'm cu…[View]
12516358Y..You told me it was a scam...: https://twitter.com/vechainitalia/status/1087431252469264386 ...Guy…[View]
12517861NKN 1st in bibox vote: Team doesn't give a flying fuck about the vote because it requires essen…[View]
12518394Are you guys getting a feeling for this? I'm getting a feeling.[View]
12519898All hail Global CEO and IMF board member: Ambrosus chadsetti now controls the banks, and now the lar…[View]
12519500When there is blood on the streets, thats when you buy. I can tell you right now there is no blood. …[View]
12519554I only have 100k LINK will I be okay?[View]
12519027$link: just borke ATH[View]
12519818*grunt grunt grunt*: Grunt[View]
12518549What the fuck happened to blockfolio? It literally has been dead for the oast couple of months by cr…[View]
12515089/smg/ - Stalker Market General: Bobo Strikes Back Edition >I'm new to the stock market, what…[View]
12519480Why is Monero failing?[View]
12519702Free money by sharing: Hey guys check this out free money! All you have to do is sign up and have yo…[View]
12519408Is working in software sales a meme or not a meme?[View]
12519129Oracle 'akbaru, oracle 'akbar 'Oracle 'an la 'iilah 'iilaa allah …[View]
12519662Why is it dumping?[View]
12517976ResDEX: look out for the big announcement this week. This is gonna explode in 2019[View]
12519525LINK: Sold. I will reload a fuckton of these meme tokens at 1500 sats. See you there, frens.[View]
12519670Hey, biz. What do we do with the unemployed masses? They seem queasy[View]
12519248Help me understand...: Flo (Decentralized internet...and more) = 10m MC Tron (Decentralized internet…[View]
12519402I sold 100 k link at 10 k sats: If it doesn’t dip after fireside. I will fucking kms, i am serious.…[View]
12519547There are people on this board who aren't holding LINK[View]
12519455how do i make a sustainable income by myself: just quit my 9 to 5 i cant work it anymore but have li…[View]
12519492How many bitcoins do I need to raise a blasian baby?[View]
12519239Other projects are just boring now. They're all some combination of >erc20 shit tokens >l…[View]
12519566*quack* *quack* *quack* *quack* *quack* Can he be /biz/'s mascot?[View]
12519169Imagine having an army of autistic basement dwelling researchers find you the next 1000x+ investment…[View]
12519530NoLinkers BTFO: We Made It. Check ‘m.[View]
12518496Moonshot gem: literally I went all in[View]
12517280Hello Marines, ive told you guys before I belong to an Indian family worth $20 million USD. Yesterda…[View]
12519406>tfw no future in sight ( career wise)[View]
12517739>Neoliberals will defend this[View]
12518993How to make it in 2030?: Is it a good time to buy ETH and altcoins ? It's still better than buy…[View]
12517318FUN-chads are back[View]
12518764How rich is the richest /biz/ user? What do you think? Post your networth, the amount of money in yo…[View]
12519223Are we actually going to be rich? I can't believe it.[View]
12519091Chainlink: Why was my ico price only 1000 sats and I am up 15.6x now in sats?[View]
12519251> Brady was selected with pick #199, a compensatory pick, in the sixth round of the2000 NFL Draft…[View]
12519003Okay faggots, answer to this, what is going to happen when public key cryptography is broken in 40 y…[View]
12519340Shit gonna dump hard tomorrow. Sell now or be a pink wojack.[View]
12519225>bit.tube and xxx.bit.tube earn while you watch or have your content watched >bittubeapp.com e…[View]
12518190If someone can trade profitably, why would he/she sell you courses on trading?[View]
12518261This scammer is talking about link https://twitter.com/OTC_Bitcoin/status/1087692142560956416 https:…[View]
12518678btc 5000 eth 300: i'm a bear but we aren't going to bear all the way down without bull run…[View]
12519056Is there any particular reason this state is so rich/advanced compared to the rest?[View]
12519290Next Bull Season[View]
12518196SF Fireside chat: Alright you cock eyed pajeets who is all going to the SF meetup and which one of y…[View]
12516727What’s a good miner/crypto to start mining with a average pc?[View]
12516792do bugmen deserve to be enslaved? they LOVE giving their money to other people, maybe they should be…[View]
12519165NR 27 I REPEAT NR 27[View]
12518798Is it wise to invest in COSS and AION? Like 100$ each maybe a little more >inb4 with that amount…[View]
12519145Paypals being cunty: Hey /biz/ so paypal is being pretty shitty right now and Im not sure why, my ac…[View]
12517399The SWINGY LINKY: How does it feel to be a swingy Linky and left behind?[View]
12518269First coin behind the stable ones to be closer to ATH.[View]
12519097Lost $62 Million on bad investments: Athlete made $62 Million and broke at 37. Says lambos, hoes and…[View]
12518291At the root of nearly every piece of Link FUD is one base sentiment: 'You loser NEETs and your NEET …[View]
12519109Thank you, Sirgay. My portfolio is once again in the green.[View]
12518021I SOLD AT 15K[View]
12517548WARNING: this is just another PnP: Whales are planning to pump on you tomorrow. You think this recen…[View]
12514032He deleted all his videos again[View]
12518535Guys, was Sergery once a Russian prize fighter with a perfect record?[View]
12519004Sell target #1 - 475 sats Sell target #2 - 540 sats[View]
12518427<3500 rejected: Are you ready to admit we found bottom?[View]
12518988HEY CRYPTOPIA: where the fuck is my xcash[View]
12518903WE ARE PAMPING GET IN HERE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOoo…[View]
12518693Should we all just give up on the West and make big margins on trading and investment in Asia, sound…[View]
12517826Ideas to start business: Honestly all I need is an idea. Do you coinfaggots have any ideas on produc…[View]
12518543Team Tronvestites report in! How much are you accumulating for the BTT airdrop?: How big is your bag…[View]
12518201LOOPRING: why is it mooning this hard? anyone know anything[View]
12518950Chainlink magic: Chainlink at 1k end of year[View]
12518133Based zil https://youtu.be/uqBArcmBQaA[View]
12515211Convince me I'm wrong.: I'm pretty convinced we've hit the bottom for BTC, barring so…[View]
12517770Big update incoming[View]
12515510how do I short America? >inb4 China no thanks. where else can I go?[View]
12518692I'm getting antshares vibes[View]
12517138DEGO: DeroGold's 10 Billion coin airdrop details: Where? - At our discord http://derogold.gq W…[View]
12516335>Have 20k, banks give you a 250k mortgage at 3-4%: Wait a few years, do a refinancing of the hous…[View]
12518391I need some serious help right now. I have $150,000 that I need to turn into 1 million within the ye…[View]
12518834Guess who passed bcash?[View]
12518783>He risks his entire LINK stack and a legitimate chance at financial independence to gain a few m…[View]
12518799I am financially ruined: What do I tell my kids?[View]
12518647I noticed BAT has a lot of FUD: Is BAT a shitcoin or a moonshot?[View]
12517396There are only 4 coins with 4 fiat pairs on Binance: Why Chain Link is one of them?[View]
12518395Should I sell[View]
12517015I sold my losses what I bought: Holochain link BSV iexec RLC CHX own GRIN buggyra coin lmao XCASH (c…[View]
12511630The first woman under 25 to make a billion dollars on her own[View]
12517284Hey /biz/, I'm stressed out. I'm currently in a field that I don't really enjoy. I…[View]
12517533I heard securitized assets are going to be the next big thing. Thoughts on Polymath? Any other goo…[View]
12518588Financial Advisor Future: So I am about to take the SIE exam for an entry level position with a fina…[View]
12518499LINK double top confirmed[View]
12518562How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
12513373any of you anons made money from a mobile app?[View]
12517407When did the internet become worth it?: I remember a few years ago that being a small time youtuber(…[View]
12517931Bitmex wicks: >be long on Ethereum >Have stoploss under recent low >le happening happens …[View]
12517608Ahem sirs: Greetings frens. I come to you with simple request. I have been locked out of Binance for…[View]
12517298How to accumulate Securitize / tZero / Dusk: What are your plans for these 3 STO plays ?[View]
12514848Thinking of starting up my own 4chan competitor. How long until this place is completely destroyed a…[View]
12518197Prepare for influx of newlinkers: REMEMBER: DO NOT FEED THE NEWFAGS Fucking disgusting newfags, newl…[View]
12513493RLC: just bought 3k rlc I genuinely believe that decentralised computing will be big in the future. …[View]
12518115Is $3k the new $6k?[View]
12517648I found a guy who will buy eth from me and another who will sell me at a lower rate, both through pa…[View]
12516975we pumpin bois[View]
12518438We mooning bois!![View]
12517448When applying for part time job, what's the best answer to question: >What is the reason you…[View]
12518376Where did you go, Holo virgins?[View]
12518303Imagine being a nolinker[View]
12518184Nice pump. Who's in?[View]
12516270nkn: i want to be euphoric but i can't. team always says the are focusing on listing but it…[View]
12517903ONE CHAMPIONSHIP & VECHAIN: Is this a good thing?[View]
12518228I MISS ALL THE BOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
12518182CHOWNS: >Image holding the next 10,000x coin. AND SELLING[View]
12512610xlm is going to die?? what the fudk?? www.twitter.com/PeterLBrandt/status/1087483757357985792[View]
12518127Insolar test net reaching 10k tps: https://medium.com/insolar/development-update-jan-14-19-2019-939b…[View]
12517775How do we make a profit of the nigger invasion in europe? >inb4 renting Not a house-boomer yet…[View]
12516759>be a farmer >get my farm insured from rain >pee on the weather station that is connected t…[View]
12517295How to /biz, newfags& oldfags assemble: this kills the scammers and shills[View]
12517828>Buy some alts in 2017 >make a shit load of money >'Hey this Link seems pretty promising' …[View]
12518131Was going to invest in this. Dodged a bullet[View]
12518095BTCP - The Bcash of the next bull run[View]
12518122LITERALLY the chad new paradigm chart[View]
12518108Breadcrumbs?: https://www.coindesk.com/ing-bank-r3-ink-deal-for-unlimited-corda-blockchain-deploymen…[View]
12517989This coin had over ** 1 billion dollars ** in volume Verge XVG. Can you imagine this coin STILL has…[View]
12517517cryptopia: CZ freezed the hackers' coins from cryptopia excuse the ravioli https://it.cointeleg…[View]
12518063It’s over...isn’t it...cryptoes are dead...[View]
12518014What is the best book about bitcoin?: and why is it “There’s a bitcoin in my butt and he is handsome…[View]
12517238You know what happens, when VIX touches the 200SMA on Daily?[View]
12516978Chainlink General Homapage: https://www.smartcontract.com/ , https://chain.link/ Chainlink news: htt…[View]
12518034I am like the master of crypto[View]
12516293\o/: \o/[View]
12517338Wow, BTT AirDrop: BTT is now listed in TRON. For this occasion we have accumulated 300 000 000 TRX …[View]
12516088Last project update before the launch of mainnet what do you guys think? are they on track? do they …[View]
12517558How do people still believe there is gonna be an alt that can go to 100$? Isn't that era alrea…[View]
12512624why is this allowed?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corporation established pursua…[View]
12516580Teach a guy how to make some money: Been thinking about my financial future lately. Currently work r…[View]
12513825AMA to a venezuelan that hasn't taken a shower in 48 hours because there's no water. My on…[View]
12516439What businesses have you started? How much do u make?[View]
12517428TRX BTT no selling: So looks like people aren’t gonna sell then news on fork and people really want …[View]
12517285I like cash but i don't like carrying coins. Every time i get given coins in change, i take the…[View]
12517418So, how you feel now that we are heading for sub $3k? >muh moon >muh chinese new year…[View]
12516844Only ta that matters.: >his ta looks nothing like Lord of The Rings >he thinks he's gonna…[View]
12517698We're pumpin boys[View]
125144272 days.[View]
12517834Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12517561why can't I just buy more money?[View]
12517195Help biz. Who is this? Where is it from?[View]
12516365January 24/25 Altcoins (everything except BTC): -50%, -80%, -90%, RED RED RED RED RED RED RED RED RE…[View]
12516941genius here. i'm here to tell you your future, based on the coin you're primarily investe…[View]
12516252Mainnet isn't releasing in the next few months: Check the pivotal tracker yourself https://www.…[View]
12517741The whole market is about break down. Capitulation is here get ready[View]
12517614BZZZZZZT BZZZZZZT BZZZZZZT BZZZZZZT BZZZZZZT BZZZZZZT: Wakey wakey wagie you long weekend is over!…[View]
12517732Anybody here work in venture capital?[View]
12517162redpill me on mtgox coins: how hard is everything going to crash?[View]
12517047How many gas coins for a girl like this?[View]
12517705What did they mean by this?[View]
12517387Activate the bull.[View]
12514798what is your rate to accept this position? I am interested to hear[View]
12517604If tether is a scam, the insecurity it would cause could also damage chainlink?[View]
12516753LINK sephirot 2.0 is here: friendship ended with REQ docusign is new best friend meme version maybe …[View]
12517667It's gonna happen tomorrow.[View]
12516443mad gains from crypto are impossible: The only scenario where you could have “made it” from crypto w…[View]
12517637Who here has been doing this for a week? Sold 10k linkies a week ago, 1000-3000 per day since. Hopin…[View]
12517412Pick one: >world famous university for very prestigious masters course, drop 20k on btc >good …[View]
12517573my story: on the 3rd of december I was invited to Ziheng Zhou to visit the headquarters of vechain. …[View]
12517492WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???[View]
12515992/biz/ did you fall for the poo in loo meme and not investing in India. Banned on /pol/, this is what…[View]
12516602What does the next bear stock market mean for crypto?[View]
12516575>right in the feels remember when you were convinced you invested early in the new financial revo…[View]
12517520Apollo: While you autismos were sperging out about link you could have been making money[View]
12516407Genuine crypto brainlet here. I thought this would be the best place to ask since this board is 90% …[View]
125174791 BTCP = $1000[View]
12517003BTC halving just over a year away: The only fucking chart that matters. All you get rich quick trade…[View]
12516463How many link for for this qt azn brapper in 2022?: Plz sirs[View]
12517422Heard you were looking for the 'next Ethereum' anon...: just gonna leave this here...[View]
12517262>I'll ever only be a moonboi[View]
12515893>The market is being manipulated by whales/jews/wallstreet/chinks[View]
12516931When does the crypto bear market begin? Protip, it hasnt even started.[View]
12516730Now that crypto is dead, which stocks should I invest in?[View]
12517201if you buy this coin you will lose everything piece of shit french chink scamcoin[View]
12516039No announcement from Cryptopia since the hack one week ago. Just found out that their chief securit…[View]
12517230Are you idiots 2 stupid to properly daytrade is this why your forced to HODL stickies. I've mad…[View]
12516814I'm done accumulating. Enjoy. https://medium.com/renproject/ren-the-evolution-of-a-protocol-ac2…[View]
12516991Are the Blockstream rats starting to jump the sinking ship? They now promote an altcoin called …[View]
12517197Just bought 1MM HOT at 20 sat. Did I do good?[View]
12515657I have $1200 cash, $5100 in a mutual fund, and $700 in savings. What should I do (not crypto) to mak…[View]
12516521Pivotal Tracker - goal reached: Even if mainnet isn't releasing in the next few months, the Piv…[View]
12516846$700,000+ What Do?: >signed a non disclosure contract With that said, an insurance company has p…[View]
12517136So you were the highly racist shill in the other thread. You speak the same, I assume English isn…[View]
12516205Ambrosus green lights new marketing in 4channel: As the newly minted community manager I welcome you…[View]
12517083AMBROSUS EXIT SCAM IN PROGRESS: Evidence enclosed.[View]
12517002Axie Infinity Land Presale!: In just about 4 hours Axie Infinity Land presale is starting. Axie Infi…[View]
12517029why arent you longing /biz/? this is the easiest money u can make right now. screencap this[View]
12516948Moons silently: 3 million mc yall be crazy[View]
12516999Wow Ambrosus is pumping: Look at that pump! Tomorrow Amb will be 3000 sats. This is breakout[View]
12512709has anyone had any success with walking into a business and giving them your resume? its getting to…[View]
12514584software engineers, is work life balance a meme?: Or are there really companies out there where you …[View]
12516253THIS IS THE BOTTOM[View]
12515386what did they mean by this?[View]
12510969Holochad Ramadan Gathering: By Allah I hope my brothers have been fasting in preparation for the com…[View]
12516517>mfw the great golden cryoto bullrun begins with the Chainlink fireside chat Tastes good bros…[View]
12515791What's gonna trigger bitcoin to rise?[View]
12514402>he's a NEET >he has no valuable skill and nothing to contribute to society >he thinks…[View]
12515925PROOF AMBROSUS SHILLS ON 4CHANNEL: 3:25 “We have relaunched community in 4channel” https://www.youtu…[View]
12516614This is the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum prices charted against their average price: BTC hasn…[View]
12516626you guys ready for some humongous red dildos? BTC won't be above 3k for YEARS[View]
12515156When bakkt[View]
12516735Predict the next 51% attack.[View]
12516353Damn Sergey looks like THAT?[View]
12514692Is this true or is pure BS from the liberals?[View]
12516574Do you think crypto will go up, sideways, or plummet in the next two weeks[View]
12516780Willy we summon you: is the big btc dump on 24th still on the table?[View]
12510151If you're rich its so easy to get richer Literally if you come from wealth you can immediately …[View]
12516720https://youtu.be/8w8FxWtDKJA >create a conspiracy YT channel >make up random theories without…[View]
12516652Why Own is ahed of it's competition.: Platform release at the end of the month... This is how i…[View]
12514606Holochad UFC Partnership Thread: Even based Dana knows whats up. Imagine not smoking cigarettes and …[View]
12516465TA/ MEME LINES/ TEA LEAVES/ ASTROLOGY/: Let's get those pre-diddely-ictions out there[View]
12513997What's the best way to short millenials?[View]
12516466Reminder if you sell now, you’re selling into the hands of very large players who want cheap LINK[View]
12516588Dhe Signal Corps: Alles für Wall$treet[View]
12516556what are some jobs that pay a lot for pretty much as little work as possible?[View]
12514398Flowerpatch Cryptogame: MLK Edition: General discussion of the upcoming cryptocurrency cannabis farm…[View]
12515106>BAT has hands down, far and away the hottest team member in the entire Crypto space >she’s li…[View]
12504751Oil rigs: Hey fellow biz/men. Do any of you have experience of working on an oil rig? Would I be abl…[View]
12514445AMBROSUS PUMPING !!!!!!: ROAD TO 5000 SATS STARTS NOW!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVnbBMea…[View]
12512329Discuss biz/tards what do you think ?: Here’s what I got from reading this book, Google is going to …[View]
12513124Chainlink ducks: Are your ducks in a row biz? >Docusign Payments >It’s happening >Tonight! …[View]
12515756Alright marines, this thread is for predicting fireside chat news/announcements. Get in here and cas…[View]
12515910Crypto dump December 2017 was the biggest scam of the decade, we all got played[View]
12516355Thought this shitcoin was meant to do something, wasn’t yesterday a special date for AMB?[View]
12516340This or a XPS 13 with a 10x better display?[View]
12515200Ethereum to $2.80 / Bitcoin to $280 in March-May 2019[View]
12513281>“I’m not so worried about crytocurrencies,” Van Steenis tells Bloomberg (video below). “They fai…[View]
12516259>you've been unemployed for how long!? >when are you going to start working again? >wh…[View]
12516319Tomoon Soon: Tomochain is going to break the cup and handle pattern. Cheers Tomo Bros.[View]
12516019Are you ready?[View]
12514997Is it still possible to make it with crypto?[View]
12516004What should i study to give the most pay with least work effort? Finance or cyber security? Brainlet…[View]
12516085Ok, so here is an important question: Everyone seems to believe that crypto is going to go up in the…[View]
12516155Just a friendly reminder that BTC is in a bear market and is not mooning for a minimum of 8 Months. …[View]
125143232 kinds of people in this world[View]
12516002HERE WE GO[View]
12514589Am I the only one on biz who buys Bitcoin?: The rest of you all buy shitcoins and ethereum? You do r…[View]
12515903Wagie BTFO: How does it feel to be a wage slave when this independent black women who don’t need no …[View]
12516251FOMO FIVE: Anyone wants to manup to snap those ~150ETH in the pot? I saw movement from big wallets …[View]
12515470Why is it that 'Sharding' sounds like the asshole of the blockchain? >Network Sharding >Transa…[View]
12516204>market looks bearish af >still I refuse to sell…[View]
12510333>interviewer asks you to draw parallels between your first job and your first sexual experience…[View]
12510585>be a believer >perfect money >buy some >never actually took if off the exchange >get…[View]
12515541Should I invest in exalts?[View]
12514179If Bakkt goes through, will that counteract CME and CBOE futures and allow us to finally moon? I…[View]
12515892How do I buy Bitcoin?[View]
12516109>tfw had to build Legos in my group interview[View]
12516050Russia buying Bitcoin: Russia Putin kremlin going all in on bitcoin 470 billion btc moon buying up u…[View]
12516126So how long until the global economy implodes?[View]
12514971BTC dump imminent. Get out while it's still above 3500.[View]
12515764>muh holder of all truth and rational discussion >COULDNT EVEN SEE THAT BTC WAS IN A BUBBLE…[View]
12515753LINK / WAGE CUCK: I'm so confused, how can I make it if I literally have $500 in my checking ac…[View]
12515974I've been sent back in time...: ... to give you glad tidings anons. >eoy 2019 bitcoin surpas…[View]
12514716ICON Aircraft: How is Icon Aircraft still a company?[View]
12513993My 0 APR is ending soon so I need a new credit card, any recommendations?[View]
12515011The revolution has begun and can’t be stopped.[View]
12515722Bitcoin ETF approved: Bitcoin bull run now, buy now for lambo. BTC 50k go long. ETF approved we…[View]
12515730Remember 2017?: We had those daily threads like >The Chinks are waking up! Then Bitcoin would pum…[View]
12511369How do i turn 100k into 7k?[View]
12515754What did Trump mean by this?[View]
12514839to Whom it May Concern: SDS bottoming out. Good buying opportunity. Basically the Maker-DAO of NEO. …[View]
12515901Imagine not buying: Neo right before 2/16 Neo conference /biz not going to make it Da hongfei gots s…[View]
12515970will crypto save us y/n[View]
12515838Sirs, I need Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision to go up: Got a Chindian baby on the way.[View]
12512468>early adopters[View]
12515284I know you're here, Graham[View]
12515841wtf: how do you sell and buy 0 link and why would you do that wtf[View]
12510746/smg/ - Stock Market General: Everyone favorite Fan edition >I'm new to the stock market, wh…[View]
12515822>bitcoin >the most volatile asset in the world…[View]
12514591Im so happy so happy to finally make some money: Ambrosus will lead they way. Ambrosus guide those w…[View]
12515476XLM: jed mccaleb is scamming you with this coin[View]
12512635Get LINK off of Binance: Ive been iron handed for months now, it's been over 18 months but the …[View]
12513397>Be me >Grandfather passes away >Leaves all of his money to charity >Grandfather viewed …[View]
12515415ETH: Is 40 ETH enough to retire in 5 years?[View]
12515319How many AMB for an hour with Tiphaine?: She is cute. New progress report: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
12515078NEO and GAS: Which one to accumulate now?Always foun that GAS pumps much harder in a bull market. No…[View]
12514854Give me one good reason why you're not investing in the future of AI. SingularityNET gonna be h…[View]
12515592Anyone know about this dude? I do not. are his events really free like said advertisement, how good …[View]
12515561I shilled this to you at 700sats, it's sitting at 1ksats now /biz/. why don't you ever lis…[View]
12513320Was 3200 the capitulation Bottom? We rebounded pretty strongly after that, is the bear marker pretty…[View]
125156331 year later, still holding and accumulating[View]
12512146Reminder that AMBROSUS: Not chainlink. Not vechain. Not waltonchain. Not OriginTrail. Not Te-FOOD...…[View]
12515425>that realization that crypto is literally the zoomers only chance to make it. >zoomers and b…[View]
12515556/swinglinker general/: who here comfy knowing they unironically sold the top? look, i love link, in …[View]
12515240How can we colonize this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDZpsjtfYuY[View]
12513806I'm not creative/smart enough to come up with a unique business idea, what is something basic I…[View]
12514863>wearing pants: What the fuck went wrong with /biz/ that day?[View]
12515278The next person to say golden bull run is impossible: And the pepe gets it![View]
12514251Let’s go boys[View]
12515417I just realised I have been backpacking through europe for 9 months. When I started I didnt even hav…[View]
12514698I dont know anons i feel like this year we will be unironically rich i just feel it screencap this w…[View]
12514705no longer will the rich get richer and poor get poorer. chx will level the playing field.[View]
12515300$2k in cash: Been wagecuking after the bear market and have $2k in cash. Should I go in ETH or altco…[View]
12515375>monday night[View]
12514558Investing Abroad: I found this very interesting video from Davos 2018 https://youtu.be/alwwZwIo8-U S…[View]
12513591>still under ICO price >low marketcap >up 6% today >will be up 100% very soon >is the…[View]
12514166I just want 1000 of these.[View]
12514747Who else is bullish for AMB? we didn't see a dump when we were at 1800 sats, and AMB stayed str…[View]
12514592I told you to buy fun at 111. What's your excuse?[View]
12514127>had nearly $70k in crypto in December 2017 >notice the crash coming, but decide to HODL every…[View]
12513822how profitable is paid membership of some respectable trading group? Or is it just a way to steal fr…[View]
12514383Reminder, if you hold a fat stack of quality coins you’re gonna fucking make it. Don’t listen to the…[View]
12515247Where'd the Doge whales go? My reliable waves have flatlined & gone completely sideways.[View]
12513164At what point would you consider Chainlink to be a failure? Time? Price point?[View]
12513080Tzero. Overstock. FLO. RAVEN. FACTOM. Hidden Connection.: CONGRATS to all of the FLOchan users in he…[View]
12514761i miss him so much[View]
12514113major brainlet here will chainlink destroy central banking?[View]
12513976Noob Quarentine: Is robinhood fine for trading cryptos as a beginner? As far as I can tell there…[View]
12513359/biz/ how do I get a loan without paying it back Need them bucks to fill them bags Any advice would…[View]
12514949How to define 'Basis': Need to understand the concept of 'basis.' As in: Our S-Corp, Monk…[View]
12511867What diversity do you bring to our organization Anon?[View]
12515096Tomorrow: Frens please tell me someone will stream the chat tomorrow[View]
12513926Crypto currency regulations?: What would regulations do to crypto What does it mean to regulate Can …[View]
12514946How does this compare to other current minable coin rewards? > NOTE: The emission rate for minin…[View]
12515057>interviewer asks you to draw a picture of your penis with a MAGA hat on…[View]
12514984>you're saying anon has no crypto AT ALL? >NONE, he's a total nocoiner!…[View]
12511513>poorfag makes it to the top and starts being an immense douchebag about it…[View]
12507307>PhD in molecular biology >5 publications >still no postdoc or job after 5-6 months of appl…[View]
12514906Is this the new moon coin? I wanted to mine it on my new gpu but not sure if it's worh it.[View]
12514348ZIL VS LINK: I am all in Link. I have this feeling that ZIL will become the new Ethereum. I am dont …[View]
12511105Ting Ting: It will make all current holders with 10k+ bankrupt Don’t fall for it, chainlink its a me…[View]
12513291>hates people so much be became an oil tycoon so he can retire early and drink by himself in his …[View]
12514837How strong are your hands, bros?[View]
12514816Looks like shit posting on Plebbit isn't so dumb after all.: https://mobile.twitter.com/Uniswap…[View]
12514790Why aren’t you invested?: Whales are accumulating quietly, don’t you want to get in on the ground fl…[View]
12514782I'm gonna be wage cucking tomorrow. Im gonna save and invest in your shit coins and you will fr…[View]
12514780Ichimoku Clouds: Is this some kind of jap propaganda? The japs literally got everyone to use it. It …[View]
12514746we are all so fucked bros who else tomber here?[View]
12512090Project Management Cert or MBA?: All I have currently is a BA in Poli Sci (yes I know I am a dumbass…[View]
12513988TRON is guaranteed to at least: retest 1000 sat before BTT airdrop on 2/11/19 i'd say it's…[View]
12514696Canadian Economy Collapse: Almost 50% of Canadians only have $200 to spare before becoming insolvent…[View]
12514448Why doesn't Jihan just shoot Craig Wright? Like, with a gun? LIKEwise, why doesn't Craig …[View]
12513169i'm a generous god: so i'll show you where we at white boi[View]
12514627I really don't get your belief in the British Pound. If it was a legitimate, valuable currency,…[View]
12512202Why does the average lower class person hate landlords by default?: Never had a conversation where t…[View]
12514468AION: What will you do when this moons to $100?[View]
12513210Exactly one year ago shit was starting to hit the fan. Why didn't you sell Anon?[View]
12509276LINK token has 0 intrinsic value: Ok I’m convinced you can’t use a stable coin but don’t see why nod…[View]
12512906Who else is bullish for LINK? we didn't see a dump when we were at 13100 sats, and LINK stayed …[View]
12513049Nerva is your best chance for big gains in the next 2 weeks: Nerva. I keep telling you all but you d…[View]
12514259>he doesn't know he can buy dividend stocks to receive passive income >he doesn't re…[View]
12514524WOW LOOK AT THAT GREEN CANDLE: Ambrosus secures new clients and partnerships in its latest video!!!!…[View]
12512992Daily reminder to filter filth: For a better biz experience.[View]
12514492>tfw too fat to file a tax return[View]
12511160>/biz/ isn't making absolute BANK off the 5G boom how are your cryptos going? K E K E K…[View]
12514477newfag brainlet question what prevents some guy from buying 90% of a shitcoin and then selling it at…[View]
12513312well, well, well, wagies. it would appear your holiday has come to an end. i hope you all are going…[View]
12514472Always remember. Mainnet is judgement day of this token.[View]
12514351One day, .04 LinkPool Shares will be considered a stack[View]
12514412Imagine being someone that refuses to step outside of their grudge and anger towards a company, even…[View]
12509911*steals all user funds* *teleports* nice doing business[View]
12513808So I've just hit 1 year at a pretty shitty job. Its my 3rd job out of college, and my first two…[View]
12513989hey hey hey wasa wasa wasa XHVVVVVV[View]
12511667Isn't the main reason why people want to become rich not to be more comfortable but to look and…[View]
12511116Is it worth getting a hardware wallet? If so, which ones do you guys use? I've been looking at …[View]
12514317stop selling faggot[View]
12513535How hard will it dump?[View]
12513817Bear market is over.[View]
12512301Will this portfolio be enough to make it within 10 years?: 5 BTC + 50 ETH[View]
12513322>he doesn’t meditate >he thinks he’s going to make it…[View]
12512362GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT: are we going to see new lows soon or are we ranging before the giga bart upw…[View]
12513886Skinnamarinky Linky LinkSkinnamarinky do,I love you! Skinnamarinky Linky Link Skinnamarinky do,I lov…[View]
12512981r8 my portfolio: >BTC >ETH >EOS >ADA >IOTA >OMG what other projects are likely to …[View]
12511042I’m not gonna do well am I.[View]
12513517Why are most landlords shitbags? I've rented multiple properties in many different cities and o…[View]
12514050One day Chainlink cryptocurrency will be worth $10,000 a coin[View]
12513722Tron is a scam. Prove me wrong.: How the fuck is this shitcoin still a top 10 coin? It has a fucking…[View]
12513963Buy walls growing like a weed: Are you ready for the first round of market dumps that's coming?…[View]
12512298Early retirement portfolio and strategy: No BS link memes or suck 10k dixks etc. Buy selective alts …[View]
12513867give me one good reason why you haven’t made a Roth IRA account yet. Pro tip: you can’t https://yout…[View]
12512704F2M: 851/5000 I think, 2019 will be a trend of Dapp, the ICO is almost obsolete with the whitepaper.…[View]
12513813Look at the money tennis players make in two weeks. I am a pathetic worm compared to these gods. The…[View]
12513448My GF bought me this shirt for my birthday /biz/? Am I gonna make it?[View]
12513846Link price suppression: Price has remained consistent all day. Check the book. Someone is keeping th…[View]
12513812I just discovered you get paid +0.025% for limit trading on bitmex, how do I get rich form this?[View]
12513840Wur mah tronvestites at!!??: We moonin bois[View]
12513811One Week Left to Invest in GODcoin's Pre-ICO Phase!: Even though in the news we have been heari…[View]
12512200It's interesting and sad how passionate people are about turtlecoin. People get so passionate a…[View]
12512276Hi /biz/, I’ve been trading forex for 3 years now and I believe I have recently found an edge. The l…[View]
12513646Holy shit: I knew that chainlink would make many jobs obselete. But think about what kind of people …[View]
12513764Its happening tonight Strap in[View]
12513643War: We wage it for the right reasons, right guys?[View]
12512199His age?: Wait this autist fucker is as old as my dad. I literally took financial advice from a boom…[View]
12513149Wow, this was a really pointless day, even by the standards of my previous wasted days >woke up a…[View]
12512073Tai Lopez: Is this guy for real? Can anyone attest to his business plan or how he manages to appear …[View]
12513679>I feel more productive on days were I don't have to work. Does anyone else feel like this? …[View]
12513420Need help deciding loan options for credit card and toll debt consolidation: Sup /biz/ I know this p…[View]
12513334Based joos are all in.[View]
12513141Are online certifications better than degrees for jobs? Not counting jobs that can't be done wi…[View]
12509212When did you realize taking a mortgage is the common mans way of using leverage?[View]
12513641New Ivory General -- Legal Research Edition: >I'm new to Ivory >What Kind of Ivorys are …[View]
12513629So I added to my stack at 13k: When is the next entry point to go in anons? I have been DCA but this…[View]
12513626Craig Faketoshi Wright: if anyone is still on the fence about CSW / BSV; just read any one of these …[View]
12513130>can't get my refund because if the shut down[View]
12513456It's as if you guys hate money.[View]
12513531I don't even feel like a human anymore: please give back my money[View]
12511840TAfags BTFO[View]
12511471ITT: Business Ethics[View]
12512668Why doesn't the government just give out loans at a 0% interest rate?[View]
12513490Find me a more slick scammer[View]
12512405i sold 250k link at 8k sats and then went all in on ethereum at 157 dollars. then sold for a loss at…[View]
12513451stop selling faggot[View]
12513023/ourcoin/ is now ark[View]
12512840Unironically, how much $ do you think this portfolio will be worth within 5 years?: >50 BTC >5…[View]
12513383Population Bubble: How is this not a bubble? How do I profit from this? Is climate change unironical…[View]
12510011Crypto exchange ID verification documents leaked: Are you ready to have your identity stolen? Will y…[View]
12512211Crypto: Is there any more efficient way to destroy wealth? Asking for a friend[View]
12511238Oh shit get in here asap, the rumours are true: Oh wait, nevermind[View]
12509972Own will be Owning the Equity market soon: Platform releases within 10 days. I'm taking bets fr…[View]
12512795HOT is done cooling down, get ready for 30 شراء حقائبي.[View]
12508489In 2018, the world’s richest became 12% richer. The poorest half became 11% poorer.: >The wealth …[View]
12513133free money: Get in here feb 11 bittorrent airdrop about the break the yearly high[View]
12493186Name a more suppressed coin.: >Protip: you can't. 200$ EOY[View]
12512842>I'm a 'growth hacker'[View]
12511552>Chase a check, never chase a bitch What did he mean by this?[View]
12511486Is a coin laundry a good investment?[View]
12501849Scams: Yes. Share scam tactics that made you money. Currently thinking of a romance/pedo scam.…[View]
12513050>tfw realizing link is actually now my biggest holding even more than btc because of its recent p…[View]
12512551What are some good ways to get a job in crypto?[View]
12512896Is anyone else buying or am I dumb[View]
12511324trips predict LINK price eo2020 my guess is $3[View]
12512524brainlet here Why if 1oz silver = £12 does 1oz silver britan ia coin cost £19? Buying a britainia co…[View]
12512457Debt is $2,500. Anyone ever receive a letter like this? What are my chances of being sued?[View]
12512904Nobody knows when the ark singularity will happen, but what I do know is that it WILL happen. The wo…[View]
12512109anons I need your honest advice: I am looking for a crypto portfolio to hold. This is what I have co…[View]
12511904When did Berlin prices go up so much?: I remember a few years ago , you could find a 60 m2 for like …[View]
12512841Millenials are too entitled: they should just shut up and wageslave hard for nothing like any other …[View]
12509192*ᵇᶻᶻᵗ* *ᵇᶻᶻᵗ*[View]
12512798/biz is full of losers: Why are there so many bitter losers on /biz? Where have all the smart succes…[View]
12512060did i get scammed?[View]
12512796On Binance why is LINK trading higher against USDT than BTC? Can i just sell into USDT and buy BTC w…[View]
12510876Tomoon: Hi brainlets, Today you have the opportunity to discover a real project that will be a futur…[View]
12509770LINK GENERAL THREAD /LGT/: Homapage: https://www.smartcontract.com/ , https://chain.link/ Chainlink …[View]
12508052TA prediction on chainlink Thoughts?: this would put chainlink to 15k sats between tonight and tommo…[View]
12511239Umbrella DAO for a world without filthy dirty janitors giveaway slices of DAO to anyone who wants on…[View]
12511249Ambrosus partners with IMF: Angel Versetti is in talks with Christine Lagarde (check tg). This is bu…[View]
12511404>chainlink dies in 2019 press S to smirk[View]
12511434Ambrosus CEO presenting with GSK CEO!!!: GlaxoSmithKline ceo Emma Walmsley introduces by Ambrosus ce…[View]
12510485Chad doing /biz/: Better than crypto. Just fuck some random woman and make her give you six figures …[View]
12512335By 2025, crypto will be dead. You're money will be in boring index funds.[View]
12511495You guys weren't dumb enough to take out a loan to buy this crypto shit, were you?: https://www…[View]
12511287How do i turn 100k into 7 million?[View]
12511485Has the Apple bubble burst? >sold 14 million less phones than 3 years ago >2/3rds of income is…[View]
12510828LINK MARINES REPORT IN: General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov - General: 500001+ LINK - Lieut…[View]
12512589Next Bull Season[View]
12510567OMG AMBROSUS JUST DROPPED BULLISH BOMBS!: They are manufacturing 1 million sensors with 3 million mo…[View]
12512581I hate you faggots so fucking much >end of my shift >play monster hunter to relax >get pair…[View]
12510765So I was browsing that PUA thread and remembered I had an account at ThePlace from when I was 15 and…[View]
12505719COSS What the hell?: What the hell, I logged onto my Coss account for the first time in like 6 month…[View]
12511418LINKLET GENERAL: 19k reporting in When it moons, how are y'all planning to make the most of you…[View]
12512119Price Prediction. Any takers?[View]
12511587I can’t wait to make $90K/year: With Ambrosus masternode[View]
12512483I swear to fucking kek I'm about to walk out of my retailcuck job Been here 7 years haven'…[View]
12512229Can't wait for STOs on Ethereum: They've got everything in place boys. RVN, CHX, SALT pack…[View]
12511166initial $3.5k ATH $65k current $2k who got JUSTed harder? I didn't even bitmex[View]
12512354BitTorrent Airdrop: BTT is now listed in TRON. For this occasion we have accumulated 300 000 000 TRX…[View]
12512095would you buy souljacoin?[View]
12512386It's -13 degrees here, but I've never been comfier in my life watching BTC slowly burn kno…[View]
12512453Is there a list of CPU/GPU crypto miners that support idle mining + a way to start and pause mining …[View]
12511447Skycoin is the worst type of exit scam: I've been doing some research on SkyCoin after seeing i…[View]
12512408I bought this at 2.8 cents on biz recommendation: How JUST'd will I get? it was supposed to pum…[View]
12512397is it even worth it to pursue an accounting or finance degree at a non target but somewhat competiti…[View]
12512118I GOT A FEELING /BIZ/[View]
12512332>that zoomer who is down 95% on his $300 investment who asks obvious LARPers for advice…[View]
12512272best masternodes to get cheap now?: what are the most promising masternodes to get now, to gain a go…[View]
12510856Blocknet: Blocknet BLOCK is one of the most underrated projects in all of crypto. It is a truly dece…[View]
12508332> Anyone else tired of holo pajeets trying to piggyback on Link.'s aura in here? Why do they…[View]
12512028After doing some research, I decided I would speculate 10K some cryptocurrencies. Until I got to coi…[View]
12511918Passive income with crypto?: Hey anons, how do I earn passive income with BTC?[View]
12512155>>12512056 >literally deletes thread because the fud is too potent…[View]
12512180Mobile portfolio?: Does anyone have any suggestions for a good mobile crypto exchange/portfolio? I’m…[View]
12510957LINKMARINES are literally the driving force behind the enslavement of humanity: All this shit is lit…[View]
12511539Credit cards?: What are the best credit cards for rewards in 2019? I'm looking to switch. I do …[View]
12511146BTCP - The Bcash of the next bull run[View]
12510033diamondReapr: futuristic dapp pvp lottery with bonuses eosdiamonds dot org[View]
12512129Why is Monero failing?[View]
12511649Decred - DCR: >PoW/PoS currency >no premine, on chain governance and voting, can't fork, …[View]
12512098If you guys would have posted your shit on ethtrader in reddit, you'd have a lot of donuts now …[View]
12511747'The bitcoin bubble has not formed until every neighbor on your block has bought BTC.'[View]
12511848What's a good Index Tracker Fund for the UK?: Have £5K lump sum and £100-250 monthly into a S…[View]
12511976redpill me on jahcoin[View]
12511636Should I sell[View]
12511833biz is selling on amazon really that good? https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-make-2-000-per-week-with…[View]
12510459Chainlink 1k eoy: The matrix will deliver![View]
12510382Iv be playing WoW for a long time now and my favorite thing to do is making gold. Recently a guildy …[View]
12511057Be grateful Gaurd friendship Do not use an oath Be overcome by justice Respect your parents Practice…[View]
12510812I have about $2000 CAD in cash and i want to dip my toes into crypto, what should i start with? How …[View]
12511586Is this the most chad job in the world?[View]
12510838How do I avoid paying a penalty for not having health insurance lads[View]
12511141anyone notice that most crypto teams are Jew's/Slav's/Chinks or Pajeets? Are low tier huma…[View]
12511498blockfolio thread: post your blockfolios[View]
12511830Perma-Just'd: Who here Perma-JUST'ed? I am getting JUSTd in all aspects of life >JUSTd …[View]
12511818Beware of the shill[View]
125117691 BTCP = $1000[View]
12511190Is your coin tangible? Like it has a tangible connection to the real world like Skycoin has? Why not…[View]
12507394/cmg/ Crystal Manufacturing General: Anyone on here doing crystal manufacturing? You can buy one kil…[View]
12510219H.R made me fill out a questionaire about the company I work at and I got this question >Imagine …[View]
12511206NPCs hate Skycoin: NPCs hate Skycoin. But to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand …[View]
12508621RSK PRIVATE ICO SCAM: https://twitter.com/ercwl/status/1087319252204486656 Yikes.[View]
12511339>65% of tokens held by devs What did they mean by this?[View]
12511595Have you ever made any wagie mistakes?[View]
12511058Biz, I'm ready to buy alts. They have bottomed out right?[View]
12510763Imagine being a newfag and not realizing mainnet will be announced during the fireside chat. Imagine…[View]
12511033Rules of Aquisition: >he doesn't know at least five Rules of Aquisition off top of his head …[View]
12511481Shilling/advertising: Other than adwords and pixel whats the best way to advertise and shill my onli…[View]
12511147What biz thinks about erc721?: Picture related[View]
12509115How was your day wagies[View]
12511075>entry level job >minimum 10 years experience in 5 programming languages >salary: competiti…[View]
12511081>mom and dad are making fun of my investments again[View]
12511115Devery EVE - avoid this shitcoin: >cant get listed on any exchange one year from ICO end - only I…[View]
12509888Halfway through the Netflix documentary of this business disaster: And can’t help but imagine which …[View]
12511278All in kids[View]
12510992This project is brilliant. Same tokenomics that make Bitcoin valuable, but it will scale with Ethere…[View]
12508844Daily reminder BITCOIN is Tul1p Man1a 2.0 and you just lost all your money[View]
12511405Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12512409any honest advice for a nihilist zoomer? >21 >dropped out of college >got in 7k+ debt >…[View]
12511226>2.1 btc >63 bsv How fucked am i?[View]
12510903Marines!: SAVE THIS POST. Visualization is a good and important thing for us link marines spirituall…[View]
12506824Assume perfect distribution of a token. What proof protocol is the fastest? Tron is taking off becau…[View]
12511198It's Monday.... Where is the fucking dump????: I was told there would be an epic dump today, an…[View]
12511213How do people lose money on the stock market?: Like literally just wait until your stocks cost more …[View]
12510043I know the name of a shitcoin that's going to moon violently in the next few weeks. Roll trips …[View]
12510781Hey frens, value investor here. How do I value Bitcoin? Are there any earnings statements or filings…[View]
12511174When does everything start crashing again[View]
12510067100xs ITT only[View]
12510716is it time: to buy more?[View]
12492601Chainlink 24/7 info: Homapage: https://www.smartcontract.com/ , https://chain.link/ Chainlink news: …[View]
12510952fudders BTFO: https://twitter.com/vechainitalia/status/1087431252469264386?s=21[View]
12510231FUD Survey: (1) Do you deliberately create FUD, in order to accumulate coins? or (2) do you, activ…[View]
12508980Stop supporting shitfork btc and all the blockstream goons !! https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top…[View]
12511002It's dumping upwards[View]
12508782When will the stock market bubble pop?[View]
1251097510 days[View]
12507527RLC REQ: Which one is better investment? REQ is looking better in terms of volume, but RLC is lookin…[View]
12510446>interviewer asks you to draw parallel penises at your first job and measures yours.…[View]
12510636Who here holds Link but can't refrain from fudding it? I don't why, I'm addicted to i…[View]
12510823Price stable at +50% ICO: APOLOGIZE[View]
12510652Cryptocurrency based lotterygames - our future?: BOOOYS and GIIRLLS Friends of mine released a new e…[View]
12510797cancer anon: where are you my asian QT? Im still waiting in bed[View]
12510126We're pumpin boys[View]
12510842How to profit from this?[View]
12510832Didn't their head guy literally exit scam Crypto is such a fucking shit show fuck this[View]
12509918fucking hell: every thread on /biz/ is bait. literally every single one. why?[View]
12510572Is this nerd shit any good? It used to pump a lot in the olden days but it seems to have died[View]
12510799Will we finally be rewarded?: For our years of service[View]
12510396127k purchase: Popped straight up to 14700 sats lol.[View]
12510804Thinking of tinkering with the Geth client. How hard would it be to substitute the backend from leve…[View]
12510775>linktards expecting sergey to drop some deets during the firechat with muh gonser Sold my stack,…[View]
12509867Rate3 - $RTE -, most undervalued coin on Huobi (<- REALLY GOOD liquidity) & Bibox & Bitfi…[View]
12510149How are you today biz?[View]
12510087Now that you can buy LINK with USDC and you can buy USDC from normiebase - what is the actual point …[View]
12505955How do we know $3k isn’t the bottom? We’ve been in bear market for a year now, this area is solid su…[View]
12502837/smg/ - Stock Market General: not all boxes are cages edition >I'm new to the stock market, …[View]
12510709Is pizza coin the next big thing? 1¢ eoy?[View]
12510665Why doesn't he ever update his PowerPoint presentation?[View]
12509170Would you unironically kill yourself, if you lost your billionaire status?[View]
12510694performance enhancement/motivation general: Doing strict no-porn since start of year. NoFap becomes …[View]
12510620>Let's post another video of a female coder to bring out the incel trolls[View]
12510511the minimum wage: hey anons, quick question. Do you guys support the minimum wage? Why or why not? S…[View]
12507496give me one reason why ChainLink wont be worth more than BTC ath[View]
12510402>invents bitcoin[View]
12510378>work retail for company that is very image-conscious, currently being sued by former employees w…[View]
12510492Rate my portfolio: 1BTC 124 ETH 32K LINK Will I make it Anons?[View]
12510174Omisego: https://www.reddit.com/r/omise_go/comments/aicztq/ewallet_update_january_21_2019_the_you_ei…[View]
12510579Which coins should I invest in if I care more about dabbing on the globalists than getting rich?: I…[View]
125100813 coins account for 73% of total market cap. Let that sink in.[View]
12509094Homeless neeting: I am working on 2 different project and would like to escape wage slavery asap, so…[View]
12509775Last chance to make it >twitter shilling is starting >xhv exit scamming makes people want a tr…[View]
12507370Push chainlink sideways for 5 days: Push chainlink sideways for 5 days[View]
12509533What are you guys going to do with bittorent's BTT on Jan 28 binance hosted token sale? Should …[View]
12507435would you investing in CRISPR?: Yes / no? Why not?[View]
12510347I'm going to start an adult images business. Should I use discord/telegram, Tumblr, or make a b…[View]
12509558We're pumpin boys[View]
12510261Is 'LINK is a scam' meme an actual meme now?: Did we all accumulate enough to FUD that shit ?[View]
12508496LUN/BTC Lunyr breakout targets 6.5k[View]
12510445I think kek is trying to tell us something.[View]
12503472Who the fuck is selling me they're link right now? Don't they know what's going to ha…[View]
12509764Money is not an issue for me: But I experience extreme anxiety and considerable 'depression' about w…[View]
12508045>Monday morning[View]
12510354>sorry what’s an admitted policy?[View]
12510351Order: 2 mah main man, u kno who u r nigguh[View]
12508907Update this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y4n2qWomiBf4QTVjoza3GqK-mrfFN3Rhe_D6nBswuQo/edi…[View]
12510284If you are still holding crypto right now you are a brave and foolish soul.[View]
12510298I just came here to say that you can finally buy in, I just sold the last of my 100k AION. Cheers /b…[View]
12509053Rate3 - $RTE -, most undervalued coin on Huobi (<- REALLY GOOD liquidity) & Bibox & Bitfi…[View]
125096661 hour 26 minutes: Ambrosus global ceo to speak with Fortune 500 Executives[View]
12509685https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/austintown-students-sing-about-their-love-for-gm/1713521341 …[View]
12510276Howdy. Gotta get me some new shoes for my horse here.[View]
12509881When is the crypto market going up? I need to feed my blasian baby.[View]
125078884 hours 55 minutes: Amb moon[View]
12510190Where did all the link larpers go[View]
12500439Ivory Trading General: >He thinks he is going to make it with out selling Ivory You will never m…[View]
12501815CHAINLINK WALLPAPER/BACKGROUND THREAD: Anyone else use ChainLink as a wallpaper? Post your ChainLink…[View]
12510014where do i find people like my biz bros irl?[View]
12509535Moon red, what do?[View]
12507702What is the best paid, easy career choice in the UK?[View]
12509827Chainlink Oracle: Make your CL predictions ITT 1. Mainnet release date 2. Price EOY 2019 3. Sergey…[View]
12506833Ok when now crypto and dropshipping is done, where to make money in internet?: Hey anons no larp. Wh…[View]
12509616Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?: Do you love me?[View]
12509835I own 1 BTC and 100 EOS Am I going to make it?[View]
125097673500 is the new 6000, prove me wrong?[View]
12510044Wat do?: >A'ight wh*te boi, don't none of dat trixs hand over yo keez witta zeldas and …[View]
12509877>he’s a bitcoin maximalist >he’s a mEthhead >he’s white >he hasn’t had sex for 6 months…[View]
12509821>Crypto's are down anywhere between 70-99% of their ATH >He actually believes that after …[View]
12509574*schlop* *schlop* 20000 *schlop* *schlop* 10000*schlop* *schlop* 8000*schlop* *schlop* 6000*schlop* …[View]
12509975Why you not in on the next best thing?[View]
12507679what went wrong?[View]
12509036Are you ready?[View]
12508073Even though its risen a lot...fuck me but that looks like a bull flag to me. Those things are the on…[View]
12509940rat poison squared: why didn’t you listen?[View]
12509247How fucked am I biz?: I used to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door. We would sell them for over…[View]
12506359are we deluded or geniuses?[View]
12509903What's this chart pattern called?: Seems interesting, looks like someone tried to start a dump …[View]
12509854BTCP - The Bcash of the next bull run[View]
12509585BNB BINANCE COIN: Anyone know why Binance coin has been killing it lately? This has by far been my b…[View]
12509837Escrow surplus?: So I've got a mortgage. I just got a huge ($10k) check from my escrow paying b…[View]
12509848Any big boys holding ACCO? Looks like it might go past its previous spike back in late october of 10…[View]
12502276FLOrection. tZERO/Overstock built on FLO: I have severe FLOMO. This condition has lasted longer than…[View]
1250941025 years old 100k+ net worth who else here /made it/?[View]
12503632Should I accumulate WAVES?[View]
12508625>99% of shitcoiners will end up poor and eventually suicide let that sink in…[View]
12509471How to ask for a raise: > Work a lowly government job > Under the impression we can only get t…[View]
12509781Dartboard Monket Investing: I got a class project where I play against classmates in Investopedia. I…[View]
12508690You're missing out: >1 click masternodes >60% ROI >Weekly lottery >Marketing hasn…[View]
12509725Buying Link is cancer: The intricacies of the mind which decides to buy link because there are 24h/7…[View]
12509655Is 3100 the bottom? Is 2700 btc a meme?[View]
12509163>be Martin Luther King day >still had to come into work today If crypto doesn't moon i…[View]
12509437Is 6k sats too cocky to aim for?[View]
12508576Who remembers?[View]
12509647>2 thai manlets with a history of fraud >almost goes bankrupt in 2016 >surviving on private…[View]
12509575I NEED YOUR HELP BIZ: How do I get that nofap spinal orgasm? I'm desperate to orgasm, but don…[View]
12508634OFF TRACK. IMMINENT COLLAPSE: At what point did you realize your business / life was going completel…[View]
12509657Hello darkness my old friend[View]
12490449Why did the PUA industry collapse in recent years?[View]
12509650Does this have any potential for gains? Not interested in long-term, just wanna flip the token when …[View]
12509625>bought 1k link at 88 cents more than a year ago >could have had many more linkies if I bought…[View]
12506193how do i gain the motivation to do literally anything? i know how to make money, i have the skills, …[View]
12509351tfw you notice you only own 0,11% of all currently available link[View]
12508491TRX *quietly moons*: Normies fomoing in for BTT airdrop[View]
12509487taxes reduction: I'm not an Alpha male. I never was. I never will have been. I'm a provide…[View]
12509361We're launching in 9 days boys. Go big or go home.[View]
12509376OMG Token? More like OMG I Lost all my money![View]
125092422 hours 23 minutes: Ambrosus updates new business developments (partnerships)[View]
12509524How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
125093061 BTCP = $1000 ?[View]
12507979Nobody knows when the ark singularity will happen, but what I do know is that it WILL happen. The wo…[View]
12509465How are people not making bank off of just trading link and taking profits, seriously it goes up a c…[View]
12502525Why arent you living in a van yet /biz/? >Can live in the most expensive cities in the world for …[View]
12509412One of the few cryptos that have a legitimate product and future, and you're not in? Come on an…[View]
12507599No one wants to buy our imaginary internet money.[View]
12508906I'll be homeless soon.: Any ways to making money online? Please help me anons.[View]
12508216How to earn money online?: Post your ideas here anons. I'm desperate.[View]
12506141Micro farms and small ranches: Anyone here actually put together a successful micro farm that produc…[View]
12509246> he went all in on a useless ERC-20 called LINK because of a transfer and call function lmaooooo…[View]
12508941how come that almost every free strategy on tradingview I run claims to be profitable on almost ever…[View]
12508975Huge Chainlink news in the next 3 days.: You have been fed .[View]
12509320BCARD Gift Card Store Opening Soon[View]
125082334 hours 0 minutes: AMB-NET live/ patented sensor update[View]
12508776PySkycoin: https://www.skycoin.net/blog/development-updates/announcing-pyskycoin/ What does this mea…[View]
12509087THE LOTTERY: I think I'm gonna start playing, it's kind of my only hope at this point.…[View]
12509221Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12508779Anyone else became too smart for this place?: >start browsing at 12 >what cool and crazy chara…[View]
12502718HOT VS LINK: HOT and LINK did both very well satoshi wise in this bear market. I am ready to dump al…[View]
12506687Shill me your altcoin wisdom: What would you buy with 1 BTC?[View]
12508596Gonna start a telemarketing job in 1 week My day will be 7:00 to 13:00 working then study 13:30 to 1…[View]
12509066>the Chad Link investor knowing it'll be $1000 eoy so buys enough to guarantee making it Is…[View]
12508786How to sucessfully scale business frens?[View]
12508140so what now? resistance getting tested for the 4th time now[View]
12506455NEO.Girl: https://themerkle.com/neo-price-reaches-8-following-dating-dapp-beta-release/ >The big …[View]
12509033press f to pay respects to bob hes the one painting the chainlink chart as we speak right now[View]
12507768this shit dead ???: how many neo, untill start earning gas ?[View]
12503715>tfw google, amazon, and every large cloud provider is going to use iExec RLC on the backend to m…[View]
12509024The ol' ball-and-chain, am I right?[View]
12508186>2017 >stickers on a skateboard >posing with thumbs up at google >;) tweets >3 bn ma…[View]
12505293Take responsibility for your life.[View]
12508553TA anon here, AMA biz: long time no chat, /biz/...do your worst[View]
12506493How many gas coin for her?[View]
12496823Anyone else seeing home for sale signs everywhere?[View]
12507857I noticed that tofurkey, a s o i based product, has an anthropomorphic cartoon onion on its packagin…[View]
12507700We're delusional. Aren't we? The bubble popped and we better sell before we have nothing l…[View]
12507421Why biz hates coss?: I don’t get the hate seriously. Last week dividend was about 25% in a yearly ra…[View]
12508884anyone else remember that trans-pacific trade agreement thing where all the world leaders met at a s…[View]
12508589What's it gonna take for this shit to rise?[View]
12507337TWU: TWU is a good person, good willed and friendly. don't ever hate twu. he shilled good coins…[View]
12508429Binary Options Bot: Hey guys what about binary option I bought a bot on this website www.binaryoptio…[View]
12508672Just a random thought here, what if BTC never goes back up again? What if crypto failed? If it would…[View]
12508601I don't care if I get banned. THIS IS YOUR AVERAGE SHILLER. Meet Dan Lotridge, oilrig paramedic…[View]
12508840>not getting in to pic related stay poor /biz/[View]
12508498Redpill me on payment gateways: I want to make a profitable business that produces tools for ordinar…[View]
12508714Is this bottom?: There are no more bear/bull threads because everybody just accepted that we bear. S…[View]
12508764X-xfam??: One xcash is worth 5 sats now[View]
12508614>TFW debt collectors wanting money you lost on shitcoins started showing up…[View]
12508208Janny Appreciation Thread(JAT): ITT, Show your love and appreciation for the unsung heroes of /biz/,…[View]
12507396Ideas on creating a startup business based in New York from someone who is fresh out of college in T…[View]
12508047Guess I'll start >20 >Wagecuck, software engineer so it could be worse >70k/yr >Por…[View]
12508416Teaching English Online?: Looking to teach English online. I'm a white male, native English spe…[View]
12507456ok its time to discuss why or why not BAT is a coin to buy: Seems they have a working platform and a…[View]
12508094DBC - is it time to go back in?: Currently at 32 fucking satoshi on Kucoin, pretty huge uptick in vo…[View]
12506524BTC will soon be deader than dead: http://fortune.com/2019/01/17/unit-e-cryptocurrency-news-bitcoin/…[View]
12508321Aight niggers thoughts on this shit?[View]
12506386who is the poorest adult here? >me, 29 >literally $0 in my bank account, literally >$4000 i…[View]
12507339stinkers what are you waiting for: roryry asking your questions for faq. instead of shitposting 24x7…[View]
12507038Why or why not is cindicator a good buy right now?: is this thing worth investing in or not ? how th…[View]
12508529KYC sheeiit: anon da fuck is happening? Everything’s getting hacked. www . cryptolinenews . com/2019…[View]
12508524*silently moons for the past week*[View]
12508419Business Help: I have to make money fast for my mom because she works too much and getting sick. I l…[View]
12501681Chad NETWORTH: post ur NETWORTH age[View]
12508292When will the bear market end?: Post your prediction of when the bear market will end? Q1 2019…[View]
12508110>gentlemen, take a business card >*pop* >”Pretty slick son, you’re hired!”…[View]
12508247x-cash: Can we have a serious thread about x-cash ? I was diving into it some weeks ago and i think …[View]
12507204>monthly expenses how shit is my life, I'm 19, IT Support apprentice ?…[View]
12506087How can I make money on the next great internet migration?[View]
12507287what was you single biggest loss in a trade and how much?[View]
12507297IPSXbros, what went wrong?[View]
12507036Poker: Biz why did you not tell me about poker? I just won $500 playing 2/3 for 2 hours. I want this…[View]
12507100Where are 'TAanon' and other faggots like that during a red day?[View]
12507411Tron is blockchain 3.0. And oh look its mooning again.[View]
12503339Been shilling HOT since it was at 140 on CMC and it has now outperformed 100 projects. Literally a o…[View]
12505492Is being a 4channel janny something good to put on a resume? Can it help to get you a job?[View]
12508324would you let jeff bezos smell your brappers for 68.5 billion dollars?[View]
12507762Fucking XKCD just made fun of us wtf. Does this mean we have long reached peak normie attention and …[View]
12507800/FAG/ Financial Advice General: This is a thread where you ask me, a real financial adviser, some ab…[View]
12508182>be me[View]
12506197How do I unironically escape stereotypes as an Indian?: Given the climate of the country, and from w…[View]
12508165just got off the phone with one of my contacts its happening tonight strap in[View]
12508066>that 31-year-old corporate boomer that uses an excessive amount of hand gestures/body language d…[View]
12508158boggy woggy: tfw you burn $100 million just to fuck with people[View]
12508166>Be you. There is a high probability that you will sell too early or too late. A bull-run won…[View]
12507613Worst biz achievers?: Am I the most fucked person here? >No qualifications, literally nothing …[View]
12507995Your best ROI biz?: A few years ago I invested $50 into bolt cutters to help start my new business a…[View]
12507925Why can’t I find people irl with a based sense of humor like my biz frens[View]
12506658>go on normiegram >suggested accounts pop up >model-tier women & men with millions on p…[View]
12505235Is a 219 inch TV a good investment?[View]
12507140Help for choose my investment: I am 20, I have 1000$ and I want buy some crypto, what do you recomme…[View]
12506460I’m doing coke and playing PUBG. Ask me anything. I love you, /biz/. I really do love you. /biz/ ha…[View]
12507757Tomochain at least 3-4% per year in return: Stacking is great Even better when nobody knows about To…[View]
12502034In the future, you will wish for a wage cage Jump to 11:41 https://youtu.be/gUc5oN_ffRo?t=701[View]
12507618itt garbage projects that bagholders are still convinced are good[View]
12507950Stablecoin thread[View]
12506280>24 >-$40k net worth >about to be -$50k because my car just broke down >$62k a year sala…[View]
12507079when theo tells you buy buggyra BCZERO at 400 satoshi perhaps the next time you will listen. we goin…[View]
12505756YOYO- Binance: Coin-YOYO Exchange-Binance Marketcap-$4,306,852 Circulating supply-299,999,990 Curren…[View]
12506773Blockchain As A Service (BaaS): Blockchain technology is becoming an enterprise-level tool for cutti…[View]
12507239Anybody bullish about rebrand?[View]
12507737NO ONE want to but your magical internet coins![View]
12506170whats ur ip address?[View]
12505948why would anyone buy a house? You're literally gambling with your money and hoping the value wi…[View]
12507772>the gold standard[View]
12507773How is it Monday morning again?[View]
12507788what the fuck is dex and why is it up 200% https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dex/#markets[View]
12507029superannuation more like bullshit: So let me get this straight: every time I get paid my employer is…[View]
12501313I just want to get filthy rich and retire from society, away from everybody: Anybody feels the same …[View]
125076585 hours 42 minutes[View]
12507135Why are you still holding, anon? What gives you hope?[View]
12504876What will it be /biz/[View]
12507655Why can i NOT deposit funds into Poloniex??: wtf is their problem! anyone else have this problem ???…[View]
12507646Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that any Coin or Crypto is a pump and dump scheme. Few will get rich …[View]
12507639>Fell for the gambling jew again I WANT MY 50 BUCKS BACK[View]
12506853So basically we're not gonna breakout until the halvening? Maybe not even then?[View]
12507545Can someone recommend a coin that will go 50% so I can afford to take this 8/10 tinder sloot who cho…[View]
12506979Give me .5 eth or the pepe gets it. 0xcCef123243BFa9A655734fc4eA486d53cf5C0123[View]
12507492ITS OGRE LINKIES[View]
12505751Are there any trends associated with stablecoins going above $1.00? Because most stable coins went t…[View]
12507547flip: gonna buy that crypto chip that lets you buy with a little coin at stores[View]
12506676I met a homeless man on my way home from work today. He was convinced he was Steve Jobs and that the…[View]
12507308What’s the deal with Bitcoin Cash: It’s not bitcoin and it’s not cash[View]
12506995The largest blockchain application, powered by BitTorrent (BTT).[View]
12505956Automation Investments: What Automation Company do you HODL? How to short humans?[View]
12507386Why is this board so pathetic?: >be me, born in the ghetto, neither parent went to college >wo…[View]
12506858Is this gonna do something this week?[View]
12505466guys I just bought my first bag of LINK of Binance. Something...feels different. Am I going to make …[View]
12506962Guys jihan hasn’t tweeted in over a month Someone call his mother and check if he’s ok[View]
12506912RLC whale here, done accumulating.: It's the Ethereum of dApps. It also has the most use cases …[View]
12506918PARTY'S OVER: Guys it's over. It's literally done. There is no sense in salvaging .L…[View]
12507143So, is this guy worth listening to, /biz/? Give me the red/blue pill on Tone Vays[View]
12507156XHV Haven Protocol exit scam confirmed: Get in here faggots XHV is exit scamming >https://coinmar…[View]
12506626Can someone link me to the gay sex tape?[View]
12505379What do you guys use to trade cryptocurrencies? I use Robinhood and it is super limiting on what cry…[View]
12506393$20,000: If you were getting $20k in 2 days and trading with Binance w/ Appropriate STOP Loss/Limit …[View]
12506999DCA into ETH right now.[View]
12507081Buy or don't. An honest shill. (Yes this is a shill, but an honest one.)[View]
12506070What do you think his portfolio would have looked like?[View]
12505507Is this guy a red blooded, patriotic, American that clawed his way up through intelligence and hard …[View]
12506857CHX: Why do you hate money?[View]
12507065It's Monday. Post them hard, rage choking pics.[View]
12506795Hey /biz/. In the concept stage of trying to start a small online wholesale business with my father.…[View]
12506094Developer anon here. Been posting my progress occasionally. I just want to say that the platform Con…[View]
12506536When did software engineering turn into girls eating in front of a camera?: and how can a video like…[View]
12505287Signals for ETH: /biz/ i got a sell signal at 122.5 but i was a sleep...[View]
12506412>24 >-$40k net worth >about to be -$50k because my car just broke down >$62k a year sala…[View]
12505755Shill me out of my alts - [portfolio recomp]: Have to get rid of some of them.[View]
12505734need money now: i dont give a fuck how predatory a loan is, if i take 1k out and owe 30k back i dont…[View]
12506706Exit Scam: I mean er uh Scheduled maintenance. Funny how they didnt advertise this at all. Kevins ba…[View]
12505431>crypto isnt dying[View]
12506564Bitcoin is just digital fidget spinner.: Bitcoin won't recover to ATH in fact right now it…[View]
12505177Why those vertical movements in the BTC curve?: It's obviously manipulated, but they doesn…[View]
12504112It's interesting and sad how passionate people are about turtlecoin. People get so passionate a…[View]
12506638I’m a total brain let and idk how to store my crypto in wallets either hardware or software or cold …[View]
12505382I live 25 minutes outside Atlanta. How can I profit off the upcoming Superbowl? Thinking about putti…[View]
12505106All hope is lost for our original zone and it is time to move. The Brazilian flag to the east alread…[View]
12506685how to profit: Ciao /biz/ My job is shit There's always nothing to do I just waste my time watc…[View]
12506092how much u wanna bet BTC pumps 1000$ within the next few weeks?[View]
12502746PUUMMPP ITT: Ahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahah[View]
12506349Should I buy or should I sell[View]
12506003W O R L D P E A C E[View]
12505721Does anybody know what is a legitimate, honest way to make hundreds of Trillions of dollars in a qui…[View]
12505912Reminder that anybody who has ever scammed anyone will be fucked by the goodfriend AI by 2020.[View]
12505195the government mindlessly heaps higher marginal rates on you, suppresses interest rates, destroys re…[View]
12506032What are some major red flags when investing in a coin?[View]
12506421who here /rekt/? >initial: $2k >ATH: $1.3 million >current: $312k fucking hell i think abou…[View]
12503254pls rember happy day: Solly for missing on daily happy thread. I said this will be my year and now f…[View]
12505525Forward PE: 82.51. Total debt/equity: 19776.: Fast losing the licensed shows and movies that people …[View]
12506152Blue Collar General: Can't wait to blast classic rock in the morning through the burbs and wake…[View]
12505969How many ripple for a girl like this?[View]
12505510oh no no NO[View]
12504333Taxes: Anyone else having trouble getting their Coinbase CSV files to validate with TurboTax?[View]
12504772There won't be a new mega bullrun because mainstream already happened in 2017. Normal people t…[View]
12505158The Ultimate Crypto Blackpill: The ultimate crypto blackball is when you realize that 'muh 2017 bull…[View]
12502569holy fucking shit the posters on r/cryptocurrency reddit hate crypto now: they saying btc is scam an…[View]
12505500Is there any money in cow rustling?[View]
12501732#Jewelrybro back again to chat with you guys about my projects and hopefully get some solid insights…[View]
12505282Ignore the FUD bros. It's literally physically impossible for BTC to go below $3500[View]
12506312Fooka foola[View]
12506290what coin should i now buy[View]
12506295start my own online business: or take that money an invest in affiliate marrketing[View]
125044911930 usa bankruptcy: /pol/ schizo meme or legit shit? source me brotendos[View]
12501018GET IN HERE MARINES: can you even comprehend what an absolute chad you must be to get your face draw…[View]
12502107She's just touchy, right: > Be me > Mid 20s > Female coworker > Divorced and early …[View]
12506169Hey guys! Let's say i have 1000 dollars, and I would like to invest it. What do you think is th…[View]
12505875So why would nobody open a stock of penile enlargement research and development company? It will exp…[View]
12505033How many nashies do you have, anon?[View]
12498836What methods do you use to make a bit of easy money on the side of your main thing? >be me >li…[View]
12505435Blood moon: This is bullish for LINK. God speed anons[View]
12505964My ID contains a hidden gem.[View]
12503600Is this true?: Chainlink team created external adapters for Zilliqa and Aion? This is unironically b…[View]
12506139Binance autologout issues?: Pic unrelated. Keep getting signed out every time I change the coin I’m …[View]
12506143>he spends his time astroturfing, running pump and dump schemes, and spreading FUD on coins he ow…[View]
12506115>harvest trash >lemonade[View]
1250541730YO Boomer JAMS thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M4FG1UXH5w[View]
12504642Damn, I thought Holochain was a joke.: Is this Andre Cronje guy legit? https://cryptobriefing.com/ho…[View]
12505478Social media shitstorms are incredibly dangerous for a company's stock (short term at least), a…[View]
12502610What is your Patreon budget? I'm at $1250 a month, $200 a month for pic related.[View]
12502733You have 12 hours...: Is your anus prepared little anon?[View]
12505905anons if you dont have vibe stocks rn, you aint vibing... seriously catch up *mic drop*[View]
12505476This is Allah’s will: 1000 satoshi’s by Ramadan. 100 satoshi’s by the end of Feb.[View]
12506024Truck driver general: Yesterday, someone posted a thread bashing on truckers. But the content of the…[View]
12505260Alright, which one of you zoomer faggots did this?[View]
12503777Its happening tonight Strap in[View]
12503647/biz Books Thread: shill me some /biz approved books. Any out there that have changed your life fina…[View]
125058199 9 Chainlink 9 9: 9 9 Chainlink 9 9[View]
12505598is longing this man the easiest way to make it?[View]
12504851Oh wagie: Get to bed wagie mr shekelstein needs you in the office well rested first thing in the mor…[View]
12504948>sunday night[View]
12505527D-did you see that anon? WE ARE BACK OOOOoooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO Cryptonium bitconium chainlinkium s…[View]
12505844Lunar Eclipse: >next total lunar eclipse link $379[View]
12505464What if your G-mail/google account got shut down: And it's the email you use for binance. Does …[View]
12505327/biz/ meetup in SF? Just got 2 free tickets to docusign + chainlink fireside chat in SF.[View]
12505699SUBMIT U B M I T[View]
12505013Daily reminder: Segwit has a critical flaw and you’re gonna lose all your money.[View]
12505101Which one of you have quit their day job to trade full-time? Is it sustainable? What word of advice …[View]
12505427what's this grin shit? can i mine it on a laptop? how do i flip it?[View]
12505662First I lost with Obsidian Then I lost with TRON Then I lost with ELEC Then I lost with SUMO and the…[View]
12505455YESSSSS: 'Margin beta will be released end of this month. Official version one week after beta' fina…[View]
12505632Attention pajeets: We are moving sergey and the chainlink cube. We are invading the favela fags. Any…[View]
12505337I want to start a biotech/bioweapon/biodefense company. The whole purpose of my company is for R…[View]
12504271>One pair of underwear, that will be 35 AUD sir Hm[View]
12504925imagine a universe: where bitcoin never stopped at 20k, where ETF got approved last year, and you go…[View]
12505625When upbit?: It’s usually same day as bittrex/bittrex international listing, which would have been F…[View]
12505267Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo O…[View]
12505589Just market bought 100 EOS[View]
12505259Scam water?: How do I run a scam like this? I have a test coming up and no adderall so I gave this w…[View]
12503813can mofap make you rich?: twice a day (sometimes 3x) daily for years now, what are the benefits of g…[View]
12501450Own (CHX): The floodgates will open as I have learned. CHX holders who ignore the FUD are going to b…[View]
12500929I'm going to fucking kill mysef[View]
12505099What's causing this Bart Market? Are currency exchanges illiquid and being pushed around by a f…[View]
12504777brainlet here do engineers actually use thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, dynamics, etc on the job or…[View]
12504662How are people not making bank off of just trading link and taking profits, seriously it goes up a c…[View]
12504401Bitmesh wrongly credited funds: I sent 0.3 BTC to Bitmesh from Binance, the transaction went thrugh,…[View]
12505418Halvening in under 200 days. This halvening will dictate what happens with BTC. Either way, you know…[View]
12505401what the fuck[View]
12505374State of the poorfag nation.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7KH0Q5_1fI[View]
12501321ITT we write a letter one word at a time to the Jannies: DEAR[View]
12505348Coinfag has to pay 300% tax: eternally BTFO bitfag has to pay 300% taxes on his cyrptolarp. >http…[View]
12504987No more texting coworkers bois.: https://news.efinancialcareers.com/au-en/3000073/harassment-accusat…[View]
12503316I need serious advice /biz. What would you do ?: Before my grandpa died, he told me that when he was…[View]
12505316I’m a boomer and I never understood the malice the youngsters on this board harbor against us. Did w…[View]
12504395TFW: you are not only a late adopter but no one you know is comfortable investing in crypto feels ba…[View]
12501879What's in your wallet, /biz/?[View]
12505143How Many Bags You Buying Biz?: Easiest pump ever. As soon as something approaches oversold territory…[View]
12504877hey fellow boomers, how much do you have left on your mortgage? are you trying to pay it off early?[View]
12505290no pajeets, is nvax a good buy right now?[View]
12505280Real Life Kneepads: >When the kneepads meme gets real >Natalie works in Liverpool, one of the …[View]
12503541Lads !! I made my first dollar juggling!! I made 1.75 at the store juggling!! I wasn't even ask…[View]
12505069Bros pls help me my gf started working for a nigger company full.of niggers and she is so scared she…[View]
12499396Activision Blizzard stock: Is it time to start investing in Blizzard, with them pushing out WoW Clas…[View]
12505170It's over isn't it?[View]
12504784Ambrosus beats Waltonchain and Vechain: This is military grade sensors, not rfid bullshit or sticker…[View]
12505168One day, .04 LinkPool shares will be considered a stack[View]
12505089is 100m2 penthouse apartment enough to get a big tits gf?[View]
12504708Ok which one of you autists did this: http://pixelzone.io/?p=-2957,-3147,1[View]
12503263>born just in time to witness the holo singularity smells like...victory…[View]
12502848What will this coin BAT price be by 2022?What will this coin BAT price be by 2022?: What will this c…[View]
12505064Be honest with me guys, Bitcoin going below 1k is much more likely than people want to admit.[View]
12502674I bought btc today: >anon said btc is 3500 >paid .20 >life >easy mode…[View]
12504999I hope all you wagies are getting perfect 10's on Monday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzch8…[View]
12504035Anyone have experience renting out these mobile homes in these 55+ age communities? Been seeing them…[View]
12504983*whispers in your ear* prasma world exchange[View]
12504283Hope you are still paying attention anon: 144,000 - 112,222 = 31778 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
12504994i squirting my cum for you baby.[View]
12505009Is Master of Statistics worthy ?: Planning to go to Credit Risk or Quantitative Algo Research. Not i…[View]
12504220Wait, why aren't millennials buying homes?[View]
12504995Mark your calendar people: Ambrosus will demo their newest military grade sensors and gatways and wi…[View]
12504010Link Marines Report For Duty!!: + Officer Ranks - General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov - Gen…[View]
12504756OmiseGO Fraud Employees: https://www.reddit.com/r/OMGTrade/comments/ai5fuj/another_potential_employe…[View]
12503068Skycoin consensus algo: Does it exist? Where is it?[View]
12500843>tfw spend 70% of my takehome pay on a luxury apartment downtown Anyone else getting motherfuckin…[View]
12504427>tfw got REKT and ARKT post coins you hate because they betrayed you[View]
12504945you guys are so fucking annoiying muh link >meme coin destined to a fluctuation of 3 cents per de…[View]
12504940I believe in the straightforward and blunt nature of this project. It just makes sense to buy and se…[View]
12503595Omise employee here. I was told that this would be a good place to spread this anonymously. I wont r…[View]
12502659currently have 5000. what shitcoins should i invest in to make it?[View]
12504872semi auto trading: subject : semi autotrading style : swing or position execution bots used : autovi…[View]
12503247Who's hodling this? Easy 10x[View]
12503030>he doesn't know yet[View]
12504814any of you anons made money from a mobile app?[View]
12503850I will drink one beer for every $3,600 that BTC drops. Who's with me?[View]
12504423How can make money from fuck Brexit?[View]
12503635ON-CHAIN BITCOIN CHAT: @unwriter made a FREE onchain bitcoin chat running on SV https://bitchat.bitd…[View]
12503784Who Is Selling Their NTS Right Now?: Why would you sell NTS when it has strong support/buy action th…[View]
12504759>be a namefag >thinks new coins are gonna make it. pic related…[View]
12502729Why are millennials making the decision to live in cucksheds? http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20190…[View]
12504679I just came across a little known cryptocurrency that looks promising. Thoughts? https://www.youtube…[View]
12503971I thought this was going to be a good token? What happend?[View]
12504539How do I short the NFL?[View]
12504533Just started an etsy shop /biz/ Any tips? What's in with the zoomers these days?[View]
12502316fuck pol for ruining our link pictures. get them back while they are weak. pixelzone.io[View]
12504681Frens please help fix Sergey pol is trying to destroy it[View]
12504655Side Business Thread: I want to hear your guys stories on what side businesses you have or small hus…[View]
12504636i am a brainlet: Redpill me on property price control/rent control. Does it just drive up prices of …[View]
12503077anons, enough with the trolling and memeing and larping: lets be serious for this thread. are you or…[View]
12504440Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: What the fuck was that? We’re going sub 3k at this rate[View]
12504267I miss the pump and dump groups biz. Why did they leave ?[View]
12504608the per unit value of cryptographically secured decentralized currencies that I am currently in poss…[View]
12504607I DREAM: I dream with the day /biz/ will be full of green wojacks. I mis shilling shit to each other…[View]
12504072Should I keep accumulating? The price keeps falling and Miners are complaining about the payouts[View]
12504300I need to write about a major business incident for my class, with particular attention to how to co…[View]
12504479What happens when burgers abandon BTC for BSV?[View]
12504393Guys should i enroll in the cfa program or is it a meme?[View]
12503331I hope that one day I will be able to fully embrace the NEET as this man has. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
12503074Being transgender is a mental illness. How can you possibly trust a team that relies on mentally ill…[View]
12503186Anyone looking forward to mainnet EOM?: What do people think about the miners? Launch? Haven't …[View]
12502505The next generation infrastructural equity dividend DAO. Umbrella https://discord dot gg/fQrZ48[View]
12504390We bull now...: >Stack accordingly[View]
12504216MAIN: >the blockchain for mars >some shit about latency so mars needs its own blockchain for q…[View]
12495858Working with Roasties: > New job > 14 women > 3 men including manager > Very demanding …[View]
12504130>bisexual finance[View]
12504076Map cryptocurrencies to irl places >BTC - USA, big and clunky but powerful >XRP - Israel >E…[View]
12503332AI will rule the world.: >Loading iExec task 132497525. . . >Target acquired. >*beep boop* …[View]
12502915You are all idiots. All of you. Can't you see that CZ is coordinating fake pumps? Can't yo…[View]
12502650Sigourney Anon response: >>12501102 Previous thread was archived before I could respond. I ne…[View]
1250383528 year old boomer here. Engineering degree (graduated in 2012) $10k in bank, $20k in crypto Unempl…[View]
12503967When will alts decouple ?[View]
12499853LINK token was for fundraising purposes only: There’s no use for it. MKR can implement the transfer …[View]
12503864XFAM GET IN: What’s the plan to take down these walls?[View]
12504113Pumping? Dumping? What's your best guess[View]
12499923What does the 'millenialls' actually work with?: The only thing they do is staring at their macbook …[View]
12504157>Post your profession >Other anons ask you questions…[View]
12503695Best stock to buy when America is run by these people?[View]
12503937Is he happy? He has all of the money he needs for life but I never see him doing anything out of fla…[View]
12500432He still thinks in 2019 he will get rich off ERC tokens: >Missed the golden bullrun >Thinks a …[View]
12504043Why won't BTC drop below 3500?[View]
12502730How to invest $30 ?[View]
12503097Coss: 24% ROI, volume picking up, new fiat gateway confirmed and fully complied in Singapore Yet bi…[View]
12503665Last night to buy in under $.50. Ever[View]
12502561How are my HoloBosses doing?[View]
12503086What would it be like if companies didn't have to adhere to any sort of minimum wage law and th…[View]
12501193>do an ico >get paid upfront >promise a bunch of shit >sell it all to fiat >convince …[View]
12501540Is this shit a scam? Is it pumping? Shill me this coin[View]
12501579Would you fuck a coworker? Almost everyone in my office is fucking eachother and I'm feeling a …[View]
12501025Copywriter thread: Anyone here a successful copywriter? I am an aspiring freelance copywriter trying…[View]
12502327Do algo bots work together to move the market or are they all competing against each other?[View]
12502506The biz guide to guaranteed replies: You know you’re here too long when you’re sick of the following…[View]
12501105Grow Weed ???? Profit[View]
12492066/smg/ - Stock Market General: When bears fly edition >I'm new to the stock market, what stoc…[View]
12502970What's one of them fomo thkngs: I'm looking for one of them fomo things to put my one and …[View]
12503666Are pre-exchange listing forks dead? Are pre-fork (chainsplit or not) pumps dead?[View]
12495701Lost $900k last year, ask me anything: Hey biz, last year my net worth went from $1.1 Million USD to…[View]
12502626Am I the only one?: That is bullsh?[View]
12503106> 3 more days[View]
12502953Volunteering: Sorry, but I need the three digits on the back of your credit card. 4channel is in dee…[View]
12503494>he doesn't have a custom built shill index[View]
12503528I want to start local small candle making business: any ideas or suggestions? where should i adverti…[View]
12502380You can buy a million gallons of gas in Venezuela right now for $1. I’m not even fucking around, how…[View]
12503501First time a biz/antian helps a fellow biz/antian: I made a frank and honest post about quan at sub …[View]
12502997Online broker: What broker should I use? Ameritrade? Etrade? Also is there a beginner guide?[View]
12501411Financial and personal New Year goals: Anons, how are your New Year's goals, financial and othe…[View]
12503070Why are US companies paying pajeets to eat 24/7 in the office?: and provide free food for them? http…[View]
12503046GS9 chad gathering: Where are all my HOT niggas at? #freebobby[View]
12499249When did software engineering become an SJW industry?: I remember before, only white or asian guys l…[View]
12503458Is being a girl with a Macbook Air and expensive coffee the new scam: To get NEETs and incels to pay…[View]
12503443How is my turtle gang doing?[View]
12498318ITT: Altcoins with working products: >inb4 0 replies[View]
12503436Ready for work tomorrow wagies?[View]
1250215135yo inherited 350 k: Should i buy an apartment/house or rent, invest the money for 20-30 years?…[View]
12503391How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
12503036Name ONE token that isn't Maker or Augur that actually adds to their respective projects. No n…[View]
12503361Greets Frens: I've been out of the loop a while. Haven't looked at autism tokens or charts…[View]
12503349Real Ambrosus technology: Made by crayonic. https://www.linkedin.com/company/crayonic/about/…[View]
12503188What coin should I buy?[View]
12501831> no money left > bears are sociopaths > life is leaving him > is this an angel…[View]
12503274Solar Stocks: Are solar energy stocks finally about to take off? I go to electrical school, and this…[View]
12500627i got scammed, didn't i? i can't even cash out into not being able to cash out[View]
12502657WOW: TRON[View]
12503255Omise the parent company of the omisego token is being called out as fraud on linkedin. which one of…[View]
12502940Tokens that will get forked out: ITT useless tokens that introduce 'negligible friction' and will ge…[View]
12499963BITCOIN HEX: RIchard Heart's project, thoughts?[View]
12502827I have $10k to invest on sex tourism (4-6 months): Where do I go?[View]
12503264Is there still money making satire/commentary videos on YouTube? Been seeing how much shit has been …[View]
12502546What are the biggest meme coins other than Dogecoin, Chainlink, and Nano?[View]
12502288tick tock wagie https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NHg8jTH7Bqk[View]
12502489Buy Bitcoin you retards[View]
12503148There's honestly no excuse not to get in on this.[View]
12503123Are there still any 30 year old boomers still in internet coins? I feel this feeling, like something…[View]
12503100Coworker giving manager cringy praise: > Be me > Hard worker and fix screw ups that other empl…[View]
12500973Where do I find rich men? Even sugar daddies I just want to be financial stability, call me all you…[View]
12500580Where will the next bart be?: up or down?[View]
12501448Folio thread: I swore I would only put in $1k. 20+ /biz/ shitcoins and $9k later and this is what I’…[View]
12503054Name a single coin with better ROI potential from here than this: Protip: you can't.[View]
12503052Next Bull Season[View]
12502194CRYPTO CONCLUSION: Important conclusion to Crypto from a 240 IQ genius (Serious Video) https://www.y…[View]
12502760Nobody knows when the ark singularity will happen, but what I do know is that it WILL happen. The wo…[View]
12503035Is there anything worth mining on an 2009 mac mini? 2ghz Intel core 2 duo, geforce 9400. Or is it wa…[View]
12502673I lost everything.[View]
12502587million dollar business idea: I want /biz/ to find a flaw in my new business I'm about to start…[View]
12502875are ameri-thots a good investment?[View]
12502955Why is Monero failing?[View]
12500950Can someone seriously debunk the whole Link token volatility making smart contracts suddenly being b…[View]
12501461New to investing: How stable is investing in Muni-bonds. Or are there better options in the tax exem…[View]
12501791Nerva is not about creating yet another digital currency. It is the mindset and concepts that repres…[View]
12502797Power and money my friends.[View]
12499210In what country can i open a bank account that has no tax and doesn't ask questions/freezes you…[View]
12502736Random autistic lurker coming through.: Following this board for three years now. I can count the u…[View]
12502667Good afternoon batties. I hope your Sunday has been refreshing and productive. Talk you to later fri…[View]
12502713sirs: do the needful[View]
12502690Is this a buy signal? No way a global brand with little debt can be worth less than it's financ…[View]
12502670AHEM: Reminder https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/1411[View]
12500649How much silber?: I started stacking (In addition to stocks bonds crypto etc, not an end of times KE…[View]
12500851BTC will soon be deader than dead: http://fortune.com/2019/01/17/unit-e-cryptocurrency-news-bitcoin/…[View]
12502206Show me your FLO face: FLO FLO FLO...You know what I'm talking about....FLO.[View]
12502071can you feel it?[View]
12502541*clears throat* GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN *ahem* *hrrrrrrr* *spits down*[View]
12501524ITT biggest JUSTs of /biz/: Let's start with a classic[View]
12501887Elec: Im financially ruined.[View]
12498515Signals for ETH: Got stopped out. Re-opened long just now. See you in half a day.[View]
12501455buy_LINK: There is something hidden within this image. Let's see how long it will take you.…[View]
12502524Krios ICO Exit Scam: Krios ICO is an exit scam. Paul Holland from AussieDriverSearch in a cryptocurr…[View]
12502033What's in pic related's portfolio?[View]
12502167Is it better to take a shit position with a big coin like ethereum, or take a prominent role with a …[View]
12502191How do I start investing smartly? I want extra security. I also want to buy an airplane.[View]
12502422Why are you not buying Ruby XIP?[View]
12502201BULLLLLLLLLLLLIIIISH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv2xvoE6S0E[View]
12497846When did corporate jobs in America turned into entitled kids playgrounds: With free food, toys and 2…[View]
12500824To the creator of this thread >>12482160 Came across this article + comment section about peop…[View]
12499704>The more expensive your car the funnier your jokes Why the hell does this even work? I've b…[View]
12502459Bitcoin greed[View]
12502455hahahaha: >hahahhahahaha >hahahahaaaahahhaha >mmm? >hahahhahahahahhaaaaaaaaa…[View]
12501572Have you got your ducks in a row?[View]
12501033Stackers: Are you watching the 4 horsemen?: Adjust your position and stack accordingly.[View]
12502411ETNXP GET IN GUYS.: Few orders left on 1 liteoshis, get in before it's too late, this might be …[View]
12498844Linkies, start strapping yourselves in again: >rock solid support at 13k sats >volume tapering…[View]
12502338>Just sold my ledger nano s Its over guys. Time to carry on.[View]
12501239What is /biz/'s favorite pizza?[View]
12502346Omisego: >world exchange >no dex >no scalability >startup in business for 7 years and no…[View]
12494890Do I get neo gas even if my wallet is offline?[View]
12501939NKN Marines - post your stacks[View]
12502073ETH dipped to 117 and went to 116 where were you when an opportunity to make millions just opened it…[View]
12500778Why is Biz not talking about this?: >Sub 6m MC >Token has use > Real life company > Tok…[View]
12501365Hahahahahaha: *Inhales deeply*[View]
12501819Ok, autists of biz. Show me what you got: I read about a clever solution to this, will you nail it?…[View]
12502146anyone here has some experience with shorting crypto? i found some discord servers with 'pump and du…[View]
125008562019 early retirement club right here folks.[View]
12502109YOYO on Binance: YOYO could be next 100 percent mover. Binance gl[View]
12502102>buy when their's blood in the streets[View]
12501758Ridiculous job requirements: > Years of experience required > Pays low > Better paying job …[View]
12501487What coin should I buy?[View]
12501649EOS Winwheel Gambling: Who wants to gamble with me. Found a new game and i'm looking for compet…[View]
12501661What's next?: Breakout or crash?[View]
12500538Oh look, we are under $3,600. Your little 'Golden Bull Run' has stopped. Big surprise. Maybe this ti…[View]
12500718req destroyed my life should i sell? how high can it go?[View]
12497421Do you wear glasses? Do they help?[View]
12501929At what time in your relationship do you tell your Tinder dates or GFs aboout LINK: and your relatio…[View]
12500885Is it just me or: Bitcoin White Paper is kinda messy and was almost certainly written by more than o…[View]
12500646What do you guys think about pic related? It says real unemployment is at 21%. This seems way more r…[View]
12501415I keep them on the exchange, too: BNB should be in the top 5 prove me wrong[View]
12501877How do I find a sweet girl like this to marry? She can take half if it comes to it. I am fortunate t…[View]
12500701It’s Time: Trips - their words are to be heeded Dubs - they are absolutely 50/50 either being true o…[View]
12501872Shill me your bags[View]
12499727HOT 41 sats LINK 0.72 cents you are welcome[View]
12499900This board in a nutshell[View]
12501059ITT my 4 last digits are the LINK price in December 2020[View]
12500324Hedera Hashgraph is giving you $100 worth of Hbar to test the mainnet, which will easily be $10,000 …[View]
12501776NERVA not just a currency, but a way of life: Nerva is not about creating yet another digital curren…[View]
12501339Prepare bois[View]
12501712Reminder youre a retarded cuck if you give exchanges your KYC information: >Hacked Customer Data …[View]
12501655*ting ting* sigh. What am I doing here lads?: I don't want to say it today.[View]
12500246crypto if fucking dead man: alts going to zero[View]
12497444>math PhD at 21yo >teaching math at uni at 21yo >looks like a fucking greek god >makes $…[View]
12499333Ambrosus to produce patented hardware!!: 1 million sensors will start creating 1 million bundles or …[View]
12501547this board is full of bait: why is every thread on this board baiting you and why do you fall for it…[View]
12498709>built a bot to apply to over 15000 jobs on indeed and linkedin over the span of 1 month >gran…[View]
12499788You may only enter if you can prove you're worth $500k or more.[View]
12500500Bitcoin Will Not See $500: Idk how you pajeets can sit here and spread FUD about BTC hitting $500. W…[View]
12501502Anyone else feel an indescribable rumble. A deep feeling of imminent crypto explosion. it just feels…[View]
12500386what do i buy on here just for the lulz[View]
12501534ITT: scumbags you've encountered: >guy puts up stamps for sale (valid special stamps for pos…[View]
12499354This is why you're all broke incels: You never, ever act like a man and take responsibility. Ex…[View]
12500329Dan Pena business model: What's exactly the business model this guy teaches? I've been wat…[View]
12501501>I been in this game a long time son. You eitha buyin or dyin.[View]
12499295LINK + COINBASE: how much will it pump once it's announced on twitter?[View]
12501474>he didn't went 100x allin short @21k Don't you want to be rich? Like wtf?…[View]
12501398I'm depressed af so I assume we are at the 'depression' phase.[View]
12501117Would you rathere be a boss that makes 70k or a worker bee that makes 150k?[View]
12501343Love the fact that L*I*N*K got more stable: and represents its true value since Binance opened for U…[View]
12499639link broke out: OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo next target: 18k…[View]
12501317>I wonder what Sergey is doing right now[View]
12499665I have to take a psych test for a job, how do I pass it?: Taking a psych test for a easy state job. …[View]
12501388Opposite of branding: This might seem like a strange question, but suppose I've got a domain th…[View]
12498757Anyone buying here is dumb: 2k incoming[View]
125010121 BitTorrent for each Tron you hold! I am moist!: Get in now or stay poor forever.[View]
12501300>I'm just a moonboi[View]
12497172Am onboarded on Ambrosus masternode: Ask me anything[View]
12497974Not investing in the future of blockchain: and decentralized transmission, third pillar. No competit…[View]
12501342Mimblewimble: https://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizardry/mimblewimble.txt Imagine holding anyt…[View]
12500784>got obliterated drunk on friday >woke up saturday afternoon and check my facebook messages an…[View]
12501330Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12499228TFW I will never have a girlfriend/wife or family: -be me -good job and in shape but facially unaest…[View]
12500617chat.turtlecoin.lol Better get in when its cheap so you still aren't here in two years hoping y…[View]
12501292So $3200 is the new $6k?[View]
12499480I have a 140k in the bank, what do I need to do in order to be a millionaire?[View]
12498069Blockstream = Satoshi's Vision = Tether = USA government At least they're working for the …[View]
12498950BTCP - The Bcash of the next bull run[View]
12499706NKN primed? what does he mean by this?: bruce tweeted this yesterday. what's comig next? any id…[View]
12501202should I use $1700 to buy chainlink[View]
12499028Is there a single way to actually make money consistently by trading? After so much time spent chart…[View]
12500719Things are heating up in Bitcoin Cash. Posted by Roger Ver: https://old.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/ah…[View]
12501080do de opposit of wat biz tell u to do[View]
12497621Alright you roody-poo candy-asses, when the fuck is mainnet coming out? What can we expect during th…[View]
12500783Exit Scammer: He's exit scammed prior projects. Why do you idiots trust a known exit scammer?…[View]
125007370 to $2000 in 2 months or I'm homeless. Please HELP.: How do I do it?[View]
12499979What was /biz/ like before the internet?[View]
12501046Greetings, i want to introduce you today's domain auction: 1. chainlink.army 2. chainlink.syste…[View]
12497159DEGO: DeroGold is 1 month old today, thanks for being a part of making DEGO so special /biz/![View]
12498566How prepared are you for a market crash?[View]
12501031Once again Ambrosus AMBlets too hyped: The maker of the sensors, crayonics, is also a startup founde…[View]
12500689guys I got a job and now I can finally start accumulating crypto. what should my portfolio look like…[View]
12500832ITT we talk about business ideas: Should I start a stem cell farming operation for humans? Consideri…[View]
12499188I'm All in Safex: Moon or doom?[View]
12500678How do i profit from meth heads?: How do i profit from meth heads?[View]
12496378How do i profit from the climate change hoax?: How do i profit from the climate change hoax?[View]
12498434Whats your capitulation price? > ;price where you market sell all your shit…[View]
12500698Oh look, we are over 13.000 Sats Your little 'Golden Bear Run' has stopped. Big surprise. Maybe this…[View]
12499787rate pls[View]
12500397Any of you ever successfully made money buying cheap trending crap in bulk from China and then resel…[View]
12500674the future we will see:: 1. Tesla bankruptcy 2. Drop in shares of mircosoft and amd 3. Partial sale …[View]
12500299Congrats FLOchan: Price just reached 2050 satoshi. CONGRATS to all of the FLOchan users in here who …[View]
12500294Buying a home: Are there shady ass mortgage brokers who give loans away to anybody like back in the …[View]
12500624Do any of you have any advice for someone who wants to make money via unconventional means, like onl…[View]
12499892What coins have the best branding?: I will start. Bitcoin Private - Because all the normies know abo…[View]
12499881I can't get a job and I put Hispanic White. I am white but have a Spanish last name. Should I j…[View]
12500217You thought this was the bottom? We will reach $3000 next week if this thread has 150+ replies[View]
12498572>2019 was supposed to be the year of dApps and bull runs: Yet we are drilling down even further I…[View]
12500219Why is HOT dumping[View]
12500557Next Bull Season[View]
12500546Coss fags and forehead metro mutts should be cowering in their boots.[View]
12499313Telegram/Discord legit channels: Ok lets share legit groups/channels about crypto, forex and stock m…[View]
12499054there you go[View]
12500259holy fuck req frens we are going to make it https://www.bilan.ch/entreprises/we-can-fund-realise-une…[View]
12499753Is anyone swing-trading in this market? How are things going for you?[View]
12497998No one even looks at the price here anymore?: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
12500085>woke up at around 10 am or something >watch Federer lose and feel sad >browse internet, dr…[View]
12500426Whats the best way to distribute my product? Is there any service like amazon that will handle the d…[View]
12500020How do i profit off PUA: I notice me and fellow boomers miss our PUA days. >I remember fondly ge…[View]
12499305I am an environmentally-minded anon. My financial advisor has me invested in potash. Do I need to ge…[View]
12498763FLOrectile Dysfunction: I have severe FLOMO. This condition has lasted longer than 4 hours. Should I…[View]
12499743Success in business and prayer/intention: Has anyone dived into this subject? How setting a strong i…[View]
12498221AMB makes real science you niggers: Real white Swiss innovation not you pajeet shitters fudding here…[View]
12497291Ambrosus + Tron collaboration!’[View]
12497709How often do you buy something you don't wanna? I bought a pepsi can today. When I was in the s…[View]
12500363What went wrong? I always thought asian manlets were bad for business but then I remember jack ma wa…[View]
12499811Daily reminder: That Segwit has a critical flaw and bitcoin is going to $0[View]
12499239Guys heads up. The sell walls of Pundi-X on Binance are getting thinner and thinner. Huge buy orders…[View]
12499443daily reminder: this has got a long way to go down anons[View]
1250024325 million dollars for a wallet sdk. Team admits in ama they have no partners for their fiat gateway…[View]
12498262>btc dumped? >pump link lets see if this is true in a couple of hours. keep this thread alive.…[View]
12500255>HOW COULD YOU BE SO HOTLESS https://youtu.be/TPcYQ8oRzQA[View]
12500227Biz. I trust that at least some of you are alphas (kek). Since the Red Pill on Reddit got shut down,…[View]
12499883Could I make money making apps if I was really creative?[View]
12500181Boom with me, Boom for the year. Boom for the laughter boom for the tear. Boom with me just for toda…[View]
12498893That's why they call me RenkoBro: I'm back I'm back They call me RenkoBro I'm ba…[View]
12500148How often do you draw TA graphs on your own wall with your own poo? I found a bull trend and I might…[View]
12500143are you also surprise you made it to 2019[View]
12499619You're going to love this, trust What you're seeing right now is my normal state >Drops…[View]
12498471So in 2008, the Fed printed around one trillion extra dollars to bail out the entire financial secto…[View]
12498762Aside from buying internet money and looking at charts, do you bizlets workout and take care of your…[View]
12498623I'm financially ruined: I'm financially ruined[View]
12500013How do you sit at work? Do you work in the kind of bootlicker office where you can't recline or…[View]
12498662I have this fantasy where Sergey cums inside my mouth and a baby starts growing in my belly. Don…[View]
12499325I love him so much[View]
12499679How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
12499469Ambrosus team slays the competition: RiP vechain and waltonchain[View]
12498040It's over for me isn't it? Looking to wage cuck, but by the beard of zeus I can't eve…[View]
12499771OK ... I apologize for being poor.: My humblest apologies.[View]
12499276Are there any cities in the US where you can open a sex doll brother without any red tape? Prefearbl…[View]
12499677In this thread biz decides which is the most non-bydlo drug. My vote goes for weed[View]
12499667My Piano Teacher: I you feel bad about losing a few dollars on crypto read this story. Back in 2016 …[View]
12499615GREAT NEWS BIZ!: I'm getting less fat every day. I lost 10 kg in 6 months. I'm still a bit…[View]
124984534 days left to BAKKT launch but market keeps dumping ? HOW DID GOVERNMENT LET THIS HAPPEN ?[View]
12499242>He doesn't unpack groceries directly at the supermarket >Never gonna make it…[View]
12498292Is the goverment going to bail us out?[View]
12499705how have they ruined your lives?[View]
12498393Last Chance Now: This is your last chance to buy if you want to get rich. I won't be warning yo…[View]
12496832low cap gems: Rate3 -$RTE -, listed on Huobi (good liquidity) & Bibox & Bitfinex) Marketcap …[View]
12498501Remember to split up your LINK: Remember, LINK is the last golden ticket out of poverty and you shou…[View]
12499626.. what the fuck was that?[View]
12499498MERV.TECH: did it die?[View]
12498204where do I hire indians to spam my links for cheap?[View]
12499590the turing complete problem: Are there any smart contract platforms that aren't seriously flawe…[View]
12498690>check LINK prices >$1000 >meet up with /biz/ frens >go cruising in the Swiss country si…[View]
12499585Ambrosus manufacturing hardware: 1 sensor = 1bundle/day 1 million sensors = 1 million bundles a day …[View]
12497882Who else filter this shitty ERC20 token from the catalog? Some are still leaking through but better …[View]
12499336I think holochain sucks but I fomoed in just now good luck to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee REEEEEEEEE…[View]
12498166Wtf: Is happening? Why is EVERYTHING crashing again?[View]
12499501Reminder to deluded linkies who think that coinbase will pump their shitcoin Current price: $0.18[View]
12497869When does AMB-net go live?[View]
12497056Rate3 -$RTE -, listed on Huobi (good liquidity) & Bibox & Bitfinex) Marketcap under 500k$ Th…[View]
12499415We still on track boys?[View]
12499380Meme magic thread: What are the odds that gonser has a vc company that is named seven peaks and is i…[View]
12498965LOOM is ready to pop: LOOM has been laying dormant and now setting up getting ready to pop. Just bou…[View]
12498022What to do?[View]
12498044LINKY BUY WALL[View]
12497323100k cash 0.27 btc for idea: title[View]
12492868>t. the average holochad[View]
12498246hey goy-non. look at this ''flight route'' LMAO do you enjoy your daily chemtra…[View]
12499307Gentlemen, ladies, may I have your attention please? I'm formally announcing a project that wil…[View]
12498280$10,000,000 long liquidated lmaooo[View]
12498853/btc/ - Bitcorn General: Dont worry guise, everything is going according to the plan.[View]
12499203explain this fucking shit: volume much higher then at the big alt season price barely moves WHAT THE…[View]
12498017>wagecucking 10 hours every day >can still barely afford anything…[View]
12499153mfw.....: bear trap.[View]
12498826>tfw 100k AGI Am I gonna make it lads?[View]
12499172Fomofive, do you remember?: When is it profitable to scoop up the pot anon?[View]
12497748I have a choice between buying 500k NKN or 80k AION: Which is the better buy biz?[View]
12499138Bitcoin To $2800 Is Possible, NTS Eyes .$12: Bitcoin will most likely test $2800 or retest yearly lo…[View]
12498779Photo Studio Rental Buisness: Does anyone have any experience related to this. Here's the rough…[View]
12498215Let’s say you’re already working for zuck: He comes to you and offers $200k/year base salary plus al…[View]
12498991So anon Where is your McMansion, Porsche 911 and 6 figures director/manager job?[View]
12498877>he's not buying[View]
12497302Medicalchain - moonshot: This is why i believe that Medicalchain is a moonshot: 1 mil mcap. UK proje…[View]
12498152Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12498593Do you have car insurance?[View]
12486123We Are Halfway Through The Bearmarket: don't get jewed[View]
12498606LINK marines, hold the line! The battle for hearts and minds is happening now![View]
12498169A.I posted a few hours ago telling to sell was accurate: You guys should’ve listened Anyway here’s …[View]
12498213Selling t-shirt designs as a source of passive income?: So, I was wondering about combining some of …[View]
12498863short position: GREEN af: not covering until 2800[View]
12498694How does it feel to get fucked by a chink ?: Go in BTC now[View]
12498538muh late adpoters[View]
12498846I was wrong and biased. It appears, that even though dotcom bubble changed this world for the better…[View]
12498795Next Bull Season[View]
12498683what ever happened to this token?[View]
12498727BUY BCHSV NOW: BUY FOR 20% GAINS[View]
12497207BTC will soon be deader than dead: http://fortune.com/2019/01/17/unit-e-cryptocurrency-news-bitcoin/…[View]
12498760Decentralized Reputation + Paypal: 1 Million Marketcap, do the Math.[View]
12498382Satoshi: You didn't want to listen.[View]
12497917Volume over 6m and rising: Price has dropped, volume increasing 20% ROI with the current volume It’…[View]
12498398Hey boys, know what: no 8k btc price in 2019[View]
12498334How do you invest in anime feet?[View]
12498680REGULATION IS COMING, BUY COINMETRO TODAY or in a decade when its released[View]
12498304This is my weight since July 20th 2014. What's this patter called? What's gonna happen nex…[View]
12497972putting together a team: are you in anon?[View]
12497879McAfee for president: The dude published a how to for drug dealing in central america. http://www.w…[View]
12496429A.I says to sell BTC now: Curious to see how this post ages so here you go[View]
12498649Uncage ze bear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW19xASnqw8[View]
12498178Call for a new 4chan on Holochain: 4chan is an archaic style internet forum and has a very outdated …[View]
12498629Wtf was that[View]
12497804*TING TING TING* AHEM[View]
12498602Why is Monero failing?[View]
12498485Serious question for no linkers: Let’s assume that you are wrong and Link continues to rise. At what…[View]
12497722How to make $7k in 3 days?[View]
12498525He keep coming but i don't learn[View]
12497394Where my HoloChads?: Get in here guys. We are comfy boys now. We've only just begun.[View]
12498321Thats my yacht party arrival, Whats yours ?[View]
12498419So let me get this straight: You get a random math formula You call it different things based off t…[View]
12491462The Gym-Chad Fitness Trainer Lifestyle is Superior: Is the gym-chad ultra alpha fitness trainer life…[View]
12498154hey! FUCK NIGGERS! LITECOIN price predictions 2019 2020 2021? I lost so much money last year. I was …[View]
12498199why arent you buying anon?[View]
12498387why do i suck dicks why do i not learn why do i become overconfident after 2 weeks of alts growth ju…[View]
12497577Consider this:: Why don't all of you fags just be bloggers since you like to blog so much…[View]
124983591 BTCP = $1000[View]
12497122Rate3 -$RTE -, listed on Huobi (good liquidity) & Bibox & Bitfinex) Marketcap under 500k$ Th…[View]
12498361fuck grandpa shitcoin. will there ever be a reality in which btc no longer exists?[View]
12498356Bittorent BTT token sale: Whats up with this? Project on binance. Whos gonna buy? Is it worth it?…[View]
12498248Are you ready for 2k?[View]
12496162>he doesnt know[View]
124982741,000$ INCOMING !!![View]
12498084newfag: >make money after being on /biz for a few months >tfw i could have been rich if i foun…[View]
12493343Gold/silver investing: You are investing in gold & silver right? Used by civilizations for thous…[View]
12498272It's over crypto tards[View]
12497545is journalism a good career /biz/?[View]
12497758When will this board have meaningful discussions again?[View]
12498184which coin has best dividends?[View]
12498160He didn't sell: MUH GOLDEN BULL RUN[View]
12498156How will HOLO chain verify that the data it will get from external sources is valid?: If there only …[View]
12497986Where’d that guy go: Looking for the doxxing if maga hat student ,,, HMU[View]
12497874All loaded up on HOLO, FLO, LINK: >tfw I know I'm going to make it…[View]
12498140How do I profit from dumbass communists/socialists?: since the main problem is none of them have any…[View]
12497800Actual whale here. I hold over 2.3 million BTC and 57.3 million ETH. AMA[View]
12494851What are some hidden gem cryptocurrencies which are destined to be unicorns?[View]
12498112Who else wishes you could go to sleep for two years?: Monday getting closer and I'm so tired.. …[View]
12497546So is this a meme, or can someone redpill me on this? I'm looking for reasons behind the claims…[View]
12491608What are you going to do when chainlink gets you rich? I’m going to get penis extension surgery and …[View]
12496522Chainlink inevitable dump to .20: Bitcoin hasn't found a bottom... we're still on target f…[View]
12497794Pls explain: Nocoiner here[View]
12497940If females is equally skilled as males and make 10-20% less,why...: ...Can't they create their …[View]
12492714You made it but a manlet: That feeling when I made it but I’m slightly below 6’ and the best girls m…[View]
12496268Is trading some sort of video game or something? What benefit to people does this money making proce…[View]
12497960>what's your 5-year plan, anon? 'Er u-um, uh...' >u ok anon? u are sweating a lot If cryp…[View]
12497233Hi my dogs cousin was at D1conf as well as >Barclays >Banque de France >JCDecaux >Ether…[View]
124959772019 is /ouryear/[View]
12497581One of my friends from university wanted to know how I made so much money. So I hooked her up with c…[View]
12495777>t. your average iExec holder[View]
12497770Are black men and white women overbought?[View]
12497756>you should set aside six-months of expenses worth of cash in an emergency fund This is horrible …[View]
12497168I made this, what do you think?[View]
12497843Chadfolio: >tfw your biggest holdings went up 41% and 8% today. Post em…[View]
12497022Why is Biz always right?: ANT/NEO ETH LINK HOLO what's the next coin that's been merciless…[View]
12497785How do I turn 10k into 10 million?[View]
12492267THERE IS NO RESISTANCE: just went all in, is 45k enough to make it?[View]
12494029#Jewelrybro back again to chat with you guys about my projects and hopefully get some solid insights…[View]
12497736>russia will not be buying Bitcoin NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
12491914NEVER forget the following kids : 'Women should only ever be a compliment to a man’s life, never the…[View]
12497034guys, i JUST realized that we are all idiots. why is bitcoin tanking? because we're selling! if…[View]
12496654how does biz feel about a 70% tax on income above $10 million?: well?[View]
12496962Will you miss out on the very last moon mission?: >What is Chainlink? Chainlink is a decentralize…[View]
12497481who the fuck keeps pumping all these garbage scamcoins? seriously, i cannot picture anyone doing th…[View]
12497665So this place is just useless? A waste of time? Full of kids and retards? Difficult to accept, anon.[View]
12497651Is a loan of a million dollars really that much money as democrats try make it appear? I'm pret…[View]
12497586>initial: $2k >ATH: $1.3 mill >current: $323k there is literally no one on this board more …[View]
12497382how many to make it one day?[View]
12497144Became bored from researching on CL and went down the rabbit hole after some anon posted the rofschi…[View]
12497478WE. ARE. BACK.[View]
12496557>Anon, what kind of work do you do?[View]
12496194700 VITALIKS HOLOGODS[View]
12496436tick tock wagie[View]
12497556How do I profit from zoomers have thin skins and a tendency to kill themselves at a drop of a pin?[View]
12496881SKYMINER BUSINESS PLAN: Alright fags listen up I'm gonna talk shop. Skycoin released their new …[View]
12497058I'm so tired of being poor, /biz/. I live in a third world shithole and here you simply can…[View]
12497637>TFW Sergey is just a expensive JSON parser[View]
12493486The real redpill is that /biz/ is full of futureless neets: These are the people you're taking …[View]
12497643join, its only 24 hours old.[View]
12497116BUY WTC NOW. ENTRY POINT OPEN.: RSI up v's the price downtrend = kickass entry point.[View]
12496317why are we still letting them get away with this? i guarantee you she pulls 6 figures a year doing …[View]
12497317SERIOUS DISCUSSION: guys, what do you honestly think of nkn? is it going to be the next big thing an…[View]
12495691wtf: I sold yeasterday right before pump at 16sat. what to do now? fomo'in or how high it can g…[View]
12497566I honestly can't tell if its ganna go up or down.. is now a good time to buy?[View]
12497555Ink Protocol + Paypal = 1 Million Marketcap?: 'Consumers Will Soon be Able to Safely Buy and Sell wi…[View]
12495812We laugh at them, another PaD: kek..while every coin in green. this shitcoin doing nothing and dumpi…[View]
12496725Cloak: Is about to pump like oax,wings,bqx did.[View]
12497287Why do so many anons on here take their diets way too seriously? Kek even the idea of having a cheat…[View]
12497415Ambrosus breaking news. Chink scams BTFO: These are no RFID tags of Walton and not just seals and se…[View]
12497419How does one make pre-authorized payments into a new account without using your income source in ord…[View]
12497349I want to quit my job: I work as a security guard. I am 21 years old with no degree or real strong s…[View]
12497352Ambrosus WINS GG: They have PATENTS on this new hardware[View]
12497369Is it safe to sleep holding shitcoins tonight[View]
12497355>tfw lost everything betting on logan paul to win by ko[View]
12496294Everything pumps except for this piece of chink garbage. >muh mainnet CHINKED H I N K E D…[View]
12497327Why is Augur growing so rapidly lately?[View]
12497030Willy said that EOS will have an ethereum like run and then drop to <0.5$ do you have any predict…[View]
12495456LINK pixel thread: lets not give up now marines. Lets make this something beautiful. http://pixelzon…[View]
12495354Just took out a $60k loan, ready to buy: Best three coins to invest in?[View]
12497195thoughts ?: I was wondering during my sleep. What can prevent, let's say google or any big comp…[View]
12496668XLM - Stellar -: 20$ next year[View]
12496768Ambrosus advisors exiting on January 22[View]
12495220What went wrong?[View]
12496683In the future there will be 2 classes of people, those who bought holo chain and those who didnt Soc…[View]
12497186Ceo is French: Did everyone forget about req? French people are next to jews in terms of scamming…[View]
12496886You Me Monday morning Let's do this[View]
12495387ITT we shill our hidden gems: I'll start.[View]
12495060Was ETH shilled back then on biz as much as LINK is shilled now? Is LINK going to pull a run like th…[View]
12497194>the whales have bought in X GANNGGG[View]
12497145So am I late to the alt party?[View]
12496913HOLOFAGS explain this: how does the HOT token have value?[View]
12497113the NEET has time to cure cancer and study everything and get enlightened the wagecuck has no time f…[View]
12497008Why did the PUA industry collapse in recent years? >i can still do magic tricks and palm reading …[View]
12491255chicken shop owner ama[View]
12497107Imagine the smell: Imagine not being all in HYDRO right now.[View]
12497101insider here. chadcoin buggyra coin zero BCZERO will go to 0.2$ EOQ1.[View]
12495715>centralised shitcoin >100 bil supply >60% kept by the team >/biz/: pajeet scammmmm …[View]
12494996Trucker hate thread. FUCK these low IQ, inbred, ultimate wagecucks ruining my commute every day. It…[View]
12496385I have this fantasy where Sergey cums inside my mouth and a baby starts growing in my belly.[View]
12496782Who is your EPL team and why?[View]
12492637Slowly, but steadily rising up the ranks. By the time you realize, it will be too late; Request Netw…[View]
12497000The next ETH level gainscoin has only a 15 to 19 million dollar marketcap right now. I'm not te…[View]
12495423How to /biz, newfags& oldfags assemble: this kills the scammer and cultist[View]
12495535Are coding bootcamps a scam?: I fell for the premed meme and I don’t want to go to medical school. I…[View]
12496685Post your flowerfolio[View]
12496909Amazon made a vest to keep robots from pummeling humans: https://www.engadget.com/2019/01/18/amazon-…[View]
12496714The silent moon ninja: Who else here is excited they are invested in one of the most misunderstood c…[View]
12496827This coin is going to completely out perform chainlink and leave many sour Watch this space[View]
12496873bizonacci do the needful and make a holo video: do the needful sir[View]
12496464So what are you guys doing while we’re waiting for our golden eggs to hatch? I’ve been selling shit …[View]
12495604Time to buy Bitcoin?: Do any of you idiots have interesting opinions about Bitcoin right now? I…[View]
12496826is this the silence before the storm[View]
12496259When will Binance get hacked? is there a strong possibility in the future that funds wont be safu?[View]
12496802To think there are actual Nofeeters who've been on this board since April: They don't even…[View]
12496614I think Holochain just broke ATH[View]
12496778Xcash thread pajeets forbidden: How many coins to make 100k?[View]
12496734between this and coinstar adopting bitcoin atms >0 mentions on /biz/ kek at least there's th…[View]
12494395Biz how much cash you walk around with? Always have around 1k in cash on me[View]
12496099Has anyone ever sued their boss for contract violation?: > Work for LLC in PNW state > Contrac…[View]
12495425Should I buy $1000 of eth or $1000 of bitcoin?[View]
12496060are you also surprise you made it to 2019[View]
12494565How do I pay taxes on my stack? I don't wanna get fucked by the IRS, I have been 100% honest fo…[View]
12495616goodbye frens[View]
12489565am I fucked up?: hi /biz/ I am high school graduate, I am 23yo and I am from southeast asia. get a j…[View]
12496359Hi I am Indian and am thinking about starting my own dairy on the corner, how much do you think I…[View]
12496555why this shit doesnt have any resistence: if single whale want..he can take this shit to 100 sat. it…[View]
12496521SCAMBROSUS will exit scam January 22: See the next image comment[View]
12495413When did you realize that living in a trailer park is the ultimate red pill?: - Leaves you way more …[View]
12496596These levels of comfy should not be possible. >tfw top 250 holder[View]
12489151Bitcoin maximalists only: Lets discuss why bitcoin is the only blockchain that matters I'll st…[View]
12496014>$3,700 Did we just get higherlow'd ?[View]
12496476>facebookcoin, built on EOS™ >feels good man…[View]
12495949bomp et[View]
12492578Should I FOMO in?[View]
12496420/comfy/ general: money is the comfiest thing in the world. what are your plans for getting comfier a…[View]
12495661The Iraqi Dinar will revalue. It's time to buy, lads. I just bought $10,000. When it devalues I…[View]
12496248XRP. 100 billion supply. At over 30 cents: XCASH. 100 billion supply. 0.0001 currently.. HMMM.…[View]
12495137Are you a COSSplayer?: Or are you going to miss out on the 100x[View]
12493832which one of you is this?[View]
12494058We ready for some price discovery, boyos?[View]
12494977we have already seen the bottom: Your buy orders at 2k will never get filled. You will have one last…[View]
12494842E-dinar: This hidden poo will take over the world. Screen cap this. I, I am done.[View]
12494985Cryptos are speculation, not investments, because crytos do not yield any returns. They do not produ…[View]
12495537i have just started to amazon fba shit. it is not bad right anons?[View]
12495986Tron: Who here thinks Tron will moon in the next few weeks?[View]
12489272WEOWN: This project seems so good, why are people fudding this There are also shills, so it's g…[View]
12495768What are you gonna do when EOS hits $100,000 per coin and MCAP is 95% EOS and 10% chainlink? I know …[View]
12495848How do I buy bitcoin: How do I buy bitcoin. I just want to buy some to gamble online. Which site has…[View]
12495954Started Business 3 months Ago: Started a new business in local wedding/ event industry 3 months ago …[View]
12496051How much is this shit going to pump?: ZIL Mainnet is launching Jan 31. Augur is is pumping hard sinc…[View]
12495946>tfw Amazon begins accepting dogecoin >tfw dogecoin shoots to $.10 >tfw when I currently ha…[View]
12496007Sell me this VET[View]
12494794how is the oracle problem solved? what is the oracle problem? is it really just proof of stake.[View]
12492301FLOrectile Dysfunction: I have severe FLOMO. This condition has lasted longer than 4 hours. Should I…[View]
12495072Link price // rank projections (updated): Update graphic of link/rank projections. Climbing the ran…[View]
12494384Why doesn't bitcoin just go up[View]
12494021Why haven't you started a youtube channel yet? A common misconception is that you need to be e…[View]
12495935X-CASH?? more like X-GAINS!!! \o/ xfam report in![View]
12495339Small cap gems: NKN / CHX / BABB / GRID+ / BCPT / SCL / SDS What are your picks ?[View]
12495865X GAAANNGGGG[View]
12495856lambo when[View]
12495422just fuck my board up f am[View]
12495566In/direct costs and salary: /biz/, Likely getting hired at a small business into a busywork admin po…[View]
12495274Could I fuck any girl I wanted if this was my house?: If yes, how can I get $19 million in the US in…[View]
12495391>bisexual finance[View]
12495021>work for contractor >one of the owners is a boomer >refuses top retire because he took ou…[View]
12492689Saving for house downpayment: How should I allocate my portfolio if my goal is to save up for a hous…[View]
12494481Signals for ETH: Buy signal at 123. Use tight stops, god speed.[View]
12495004daily reminder that people never learn and will buy bitcoin once it's $1m per only to use it as…[View]
12495246Why there's not a single bnb thread?: This shit has been pumping for two months straight[View]
12495685Justed Amazon Wojak: Fellow Anons, can you morph wojaks face onto this meme. Also anon (Why aren…[View]
12495301Should I FOMO?: I saw the XCASH shilling in Binance's replies. Sell me your shame, pajeets.…[View]
12494914MAKE MONEY OFF OF THE INCELS: Why has nobody done this yet? THIS is what proves to me that you are a…[View]
12495392This is not quite business or finance, but you all seem like the right kind of people to ask anyhow …[View]
12495436Fk you /biz/: I’m gonna trust you anons got my best interest and I’m not gonna miss another 10x…[View]
12495256ITT - only Ivory Chads can post: Making it means dealing with Ivory if you want to be a cold hearted…[View]
12495222When did you figure out where all the monero FUD stems from?: It's obvious that governments the…[View]
12491815You: You! What's your side hustle? If you don't have a side hustle why aren't you wor…[View]
12495592XFAM REFUTE THIS: >privacy coin based on the CryptoNote protocol >'Regulatory compliant and li…[View]
12491763How exactly did Teeka arrive at his $780 omg valuation?[View]
12495103zilliqa has left me financially DEVASTATED when coinbase? when mainnet? when sharding? fuck[View]
12495364HOLY SHIT THIS IS ACTUALLY FUCKING AWESOME ITS HAPPENING!: https://twitter.com/BR_Robin/status/10866…[View]
12494895Unironically, what will be the highest BTC price within the next 10 years?[View]
12495108IEXEC WILL GO TO 2000$ IN 5 DAYS[View]
12494767>tfw 27 >tfw kissless virgin >tfw still don't even a drivers license >tfw never be…[View]
12491453Any other contractors here? I'd love to swap stories.[View]
12495338Ambrosus will go $500 mc in 4 days: AMB-NET live. Replace ETH for ico and dapps[View]
12494265ETH up or down?: Alright, now that ETH and BTC seem to have invalidated the memeline, ETH is about t…[View]
12495015Mobius is going to 100x in the next two months[View]
12495188What are some businesses that can be started with 10k?[View]
12495035Mods delete the fucking rabbit threads please: Thank you.[View]
12490506Sup biz So I've been doing some research on Chainlink and have a few questions that hopefully I…[View]
12495202rolled $500 into the crypto market today lads, I'm going to singlehandedly save Bitcoin thank m…[View]
12495228Look at those big beautiful buys[View]
12494942Iexec and deepfakes: Version 3 will bring gpu processing online as well as tensorflow Why’s is this …[View]
12492545ethereum is a computer without oracles. It is the same as a computer with out internet access. Think…[View]
12494680durr: why isnt the price dumping if the volume is drying up quickly?[View]
12494219Buy or sell it, biz?[View]
12494087Where an I download HULU's FYRE FRAUD doco?[View]
12495148when a millionaire gets liquidated in the usa do they have to start living on the streets?[View]
12494355biz I need your honest opinion. I've been working for 4 years and got up to a modest $50k in sa…[View]
12494037You invest in things like Chainlink and expect to afford a BMW M4 and a penthouse. With this lack of…[View]
12495080You did remember to fill your Coss bags while it was still under 10 cents, Before Coss 2.0 is releas…[View]
12493551/Biz/realis Rise up: Where where you when a bunch of Autistic politically incorrect crypto investor …[View]
12488792What's this kind of business model called and how do I make money off it?[View]
12495054Would anyone like to form a very large business that makes lots of money. I’ll tell you how we can d…[View]
12493103It's a matter of hours[View]
12491730Last chance for you to dump your alts and buy the bottom.[View]
12494745Ahhhhhhhhh Zilliqa: My forecast is ez 2x in 30 days, maybe 10x when Token swap, red pill me on 1$ by…[View]
12494967altcoins are FUCKED[View]
124947896.2 million volume and rising: FSA distributions getting re-enabled in a few days according to lates…[View]
12494434what is this?[View]
12494781stop FUCKING using credit cards[View]
12494928> early bitcoin 'investor'[View]
12493340Accumulate: This project is brilliant. Same tokenomics that make Bitcoin valuable, but it will scale…[View]
12494909Look at the TA on Ambrosus: About to breakout of resistance. Once it breaks it’s moon mission we go …[View]
12494854AI will rule the world.: >Loading iExec task 132497525. . . >Target acquired. >*beep boop* …[View]
12494505Please advise. What do with my coims? Sell them?[View]
12492897Why?: Why the fuck is Holo pumping? Was there news or is this a pump and dump?[View]
12492776Ambrosus discussion thread: Lets keep this thread serious. That means no seething and obsessed pajee…[View]
12492204Big Ambrosus news!: Read this!!![View]
12493961NTS: 2 Easy: - People sold their bags at half the ICO price - Coin pumps for a solid week, now up 50…[View]
12493855How to survive the bearmarket?[View]
12493834>picrel >coin you're currently holding be absolutely honest with yourself…[View]
12493805why do I have a feeling we are going down instead of up?[View]
12493895If you are still here after 12 months of bear, you deserve another 12 bear months of bear[View]
12493257Hyperinflation in Murrica (and rippling to other places): What would cause this? Why hasn't it …[View]
12492944Anyone against LINK should join POEC coin. Fuck LINK and the faggots that follow it. Sergei is a fag…[View]
12493717it's 2019, why don't you have a side hustle to compensate for declining wages? why aren…[View]
12494711Do my fellow bizraelis have existential crysis sometimes?: And how do you cope with them?[View]
12494644What is /Biz/ song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRDgihVDEko[View]
12493678>tfw spent another saturday night trying to get a rise out of minor celebrities on twitter how do…[View]
12494674check these collectors pieces out, dank shit only https://youtu.be/OzbEXMNzlF4[View]
12494633NEXT RECESSION WHEN???[View]
12494636How do you track your expenses?: I don’t track them. I still end up saving quite a bit usually but t…[View]
12493107Upcoming Fiverr IPO: If it were widely known what Fiverr did to VoiceoverPete, do you believe it wou…[View]
12493136>bitcoin >The most volatile asset in the world…[View]
12494562Anyone waiting at OAK international for a flight rn? I'll buy you a beer.[View]
12492011I landed a job yesterday gents. We’re all gonna make it.[View]
12494386Why is Allah so based bros? 100 sats by Ramadan is not a meme.[View]
12494379>be wagecuck in America >boss can legally fire you for taking a lunch break or piss break with…[View]
12494218Are LINKers just a group of chads that are going to make it?[View]
12494488there has to be a better forum out there for business and memes than this pozzed pajeet trainwreck o…[View]
12493974Candle heating: Hi guys, I would like to know more about candle heating and more about daytrade...i’…[View]
12492527kek: 170 000 tonnes gold on earth atm 17 000 000 bitcoin mined 1 bitcoin = 10 kilos of gold 1 bitcoi…[View]
12493655One day, 1 LinkPool share will be considered a stack[View]

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