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14917146I'm taking a break from crypto and you guys should too.: Finish accumulating whatever project y…[View]
14917328Just got $60 in shitcoins from coinbase. Where do I get more free crypto? Any other businesses that …[View]
14917412Got in at 3k sats. Hopefully it can retrace to atleast 6k sats short term[View]
14915140What do people think about this shitcoin? I have never seen it mentioned..it seems like a cool conce…[View]
14915093THIS BOARD IS NOW NULINKER PROPERTY: Hahahahahaha how does it feel you stinking fucking oldfags? HAH…[View]
14917401You didn't believe me[View]
14916603Do you use crypto for making dark net purchases? I honestly never have, but I've been exploring…[View]
14917103solid 2-5x in the next couple months?: at the moment im a NEET with no money except for a tiny amoun…[View]
14916698Chainlink's market cap dilemma is very interesting and I have no idea what to make of it. >i…[View]
14915443150K users in 1.5 months. Mining set to end at 10M users to cap supply. Pi Network Thread https://hc…[View]
14917240hey anon's I've got 0.3btc to my name. I need to make $62k to clear all of my debt. Any su…[View]
14917104My landlord wants a bank statement?: I am finally moving out from parents and have paid a deposit on…[View]
14916314Explain to a brainlet: Why VET hasnt pumped to the moon yet? The dividend rate is too damn high…[View]
14916386NOIA: Just 30 minutes before it starts trading on Kucoin. Just a reminder - this will be a second C…[View]
149171101 hour of sleep last night: With each tick of the clock I could hear it slowly getting louder: wage.…[View]
14916197Enjoy your two days of freedom wagie. Monday will come sooner than you realize and it will be back t…[View]
14917221somebody post the screencaps of the anon talking about making money pentesting: with all the certifi…[View]
14916290Digibyte thread[View]
14916529Where are the Harmony hodlers at? How much do you have? What are the reasons you bought in?[View]
14916484IDEX GEM!!: Low supply, very low cap (under 600k), -99% ICO price!! ENK https://idex.market/eth/enk…[View]
14917203Jappepe hele. Gib me gut projtects to buay[View]
14914725Theif: I own a thrift store in a small town and have this employee who works cash. Yesterday, I walk…[View]
14916530Imagine holding a slavemoney: Just sold[View]
14911072Looks like we're actually going to 105 sats boys...[View]
14916811>people talking about shitcoins the only valid investments currently are: o) Harmony o) Link…[View]
14917187Anybody good at getting crypto without any actual investment? 1) Airdrops 2) Coinbase - free videos …[View]
14916422Hey! remember that bitmex 85mil pull out?: Well, we know where the whales gonna surface, join and le…[View]
14916940Is this any good?[View]
14917125Outsider here: OpenLaw announcement this week, don’t forget to buy back in or get left to the statio…[View]
14913750Time to go gemhunting /biz/bros!: Time to go gemhunting /biz/bros! no bullshit shill, only hard, co…[View]
14917098Should I divest from China now?[View]
14916991> Strange is the night where black stars rise, > And strange moons circle through the skies, …[View]
14917019India launches its second Moon Mission: How do I long India? >https://www.indiatoday.in/science/s…[View]
14915777Hi. I'm a 27yo wagie. But, I actually got myself a decent education in science a few years ago,…[View]
14916559It's nearly time.: Don't be late once again.[View]
14916323REN APOLOGY THREAD: >have been shilling REN to you dipshits for several weeks >today posted ne…[View]
14914591>larger telegram than bomb and nuke >5 million supply, super cheap >not run by stupid trann…[View]
14913471So what's the next chainlink ?: Aside from Libra..[View]
14916505You will make it if you start mining PI right now! It's still early (google minepi and install …[View]
14916349Throwback breadcrumb Monday: >https://www.coindesk.com/digital-asset-goes-open-source-as-firm-eye…[View]
14916725One of the biggest ETH ICO dump times was literally during the bottom. Imagine those scam companies …[View]
14916675Let's Get the facts straight: None of you really care about adoption or technical aspects. All …[View]
14916659I bet Sergey has a special place in his heart for us: He loves us. He would be delighted to help us …[View]
14916765$0.8 waiting room[View]
14916767why not BAM: what you guys think about BAM ? since kyberswap added them i keep thinking to buy... bu…[View]
14916647Coinfess my sons[View]
14916733What will be (((their))) next attack vector?[View]
14916113Copper penny worth haording?[View]
14916655Would you want to work for a company that coordinates their outfits for photo day?[View]
14916628$1.99 Waiting room: Get in lads, it's happening tonight ![View]
14916325how can I profit from making memes? I know how to build a website and integrate API, JavaScript and …[View]
14913978Imagine not being all in on Zuckbucks.: In the world of meme-coins, this one stands alone. Let'…[View]
14916598Layer Awesome: >LAYER AWESOME I can vividly imagine some basedfaced reddit cuck gaping his mouth …[View]
14916585daily reminder[View]
14915408XRP - $8.00 EOY: If you aren't long on XRP, you will never make it. Never![View]
14916564SWIG Crypto: /Biz/ please help me https://buildskyway.com/swig-crypto My Finance illiterate mother k…[View]
14915061Of all the coins on the crypto market: Nothing makes the onions boy and Jew boy seethe harder than B…[View]
14916279Harmony Order Book: What's up with the 116 sat position in the ONE/BTC order book? For the past…[View]
14916140Marine thread: Post your LINK stack. Maybe your address too if you feel the need to prove it. I have…[View]
14916093I feel like a neglected child. I just want bitcoin to do something, ANYTHING! I don't care if i…[View]
14916446How do we get craig to livestream himself all drunk and stupid and get him to talk about his court c…[View]
14916330I just read up on some Ethereum research ideas and also went over the Bitcoin Cash proposal. Holy sh…[View]
14914915BTC maximalist fudding silver: Holy shit boys I hope your bags are fawking packed. https://www.googl…[View]
14916417here we fucking go[View]
14916164Pssst hey kid, want to buy some bags?[View]
14914216BITMEX and US customers: Why nobody is speaking about this? Bitmex is under investigation by Commodi…[View]
14916397>Oh, there's a coin that's being shilled on /biz/? Guess that means it's already t…[View]
14916372How do I cope with the fact that I didn't long more btc[View]
14915898ok, so real talk all i fucking want is something part time, with a schedule that doesn't change…[View]
14914277does anyone here buy for parts/not working consoles on ebay and fix them up to resell? There are swi…[View]
14916097Chainlink x eToro confirmed: Chainlink will be listed on eToro today. Buy now before it's too l…[View]
14916287Hello /biz/. I come seeking your eternal wisdom. I am applying for a job at a start up. A part of th…[View]
14916233which one are you /biz/: youre not memeing for free like a disgusting jannie are you? you ARE moneti…[View]
14916268Oldfags don't want you nulinkers to know this but there's a consensus amongst us that we…[View]
14916266whos paying to FUD link on plebbit?[View]
14916030H&S on the hourly: WE ABOUT TO DUMP, BOYS.[View]
14914766Larpers should be hanged.: Confirmed larp thanks for ruining my day.[View]
14916178July 31th[View]
14912413>haven't smoked cannabis or vaporized nicotine for 24 hours >feels like I'm having …[View]
14914312frens report in![View]
14916149Fantom: how can you not be all in?[View]
14911727A big problem with crypto debit cards is fees and percentage cut. What would it take to create a cry…[View]
14915720>girl doesn't date someone cause he's poor, doesn't have a degree or works a shitt…[View]
14915040My mother came home and found me dressed in her panties and bra. I was sniffing her used undies and …[View]
14916159Whos up at night: Why arent you asleep Im browsing /b/ looking at gay trap shit[View]
14915323I can’t concentrate for shit: I can’t stand my racing thoughts and depression. I’m unable to focus o…[View]
14916143There;s a beautiful bullflag on the 6 hour BTC chart: Really makes you think[View]
14915108>tfw unironically full time day trader Have a good work week wagie your contribution is vital to …[View]
14916120Why would anyone want to go all in on Monero over Beam? “Beam is providing better privacy and much b…[View]
14915730Dusk Binance: Dusk network will list on bianance bastards[View]
14915949Litecoin: https://www.litecoinblockhalf.com ARE YOU READY[View]
14915774Yeah I'm moot, the one who founded 4chan, what about it?[View]
14916022are you ready for the darkness to return?[View]
14915434Which announcements do you expect in August?[View]
14915951Is chainlink better than bitcoin? If so how do I get started in chainlink[View]
14910796>So Anon, what did you do this weekend?[View]
14915983This is /biz/[View]
14915617How do I get into stock/crypto/currency market, anon? What are good international resources for that…[View]
14915897Creg is satoj: Anons plis relpy in this tread, every post is $0.01 in bsv. Buy bsv sirs.[View]
14915493Annnnnd that's it. You missed it. Don't say we didn't warn you.[View]
1491575614 Days: current price 0.00938346 BTC[View]
14915426HARMONY - ONE: ONEbros .. this is not a drill .. we are about to make it[View]
14915764Financially ruined: I invested all my savings to buy this Shitcoin, will ever go back to 300 sat and…[View]
14915851OH NO NO NO: /biz/ you told me aussie man bad but this man says aussie man good. Im so confused righ…[View]
14914067what happens next?[View]
14910861MY FAMILY IS LAUGHING AT ME AGAIN: >invested every penny I have in crypto >boomer dad laughed …[View]
14911613Let's try again: You must choose only one to hold for the next 5 years: >1 BTC >100 XMR W…[View]
14915841How can I make 1K today?[View]
14915828Hey /biz/, are you ready for the next crash? Post the red wojak you plan on posting when you become …[View]
14915596I want to take the 42 pill. Did any based anon create a compilation of 42 anon posts in a chronologi…[View]
14915716is ONE finally about to poo a pump?[View]
14915268Passive income: Should I buy KCS for passive income with crypto? Or dividend stocks?[View]
14911409CSW is Satoshi - George Gilder (with proof): https://www.youtube.com/embed/DvX191cYin0?start=840 (14…[View]
14915632So, Corekeks, explain me the bright future that you are seeing. I am really trying to understand. BT…[View]
14915525Does anyone know a legit way to get cash from a Visa gift card? Doing a survey and want cash instead…[View]
14911450What if crypto actually dies after all and we become laughing stocks?[View]
14914087What’s your good goy score?[View]
14908710How many LINK whales are left on biz? (100k+): I know for sure there's one anon with 600k LINK …[View]
14915731Even if btc goes to 87k 97% of people wont be profitable and it will correct 90% down to less than 1…[View]
14901081Quickest way/path to a good salary?: I’m a 24 year old guy. Dropped out of college. Still live with …[View]
14914526Are Tai Lopez's methods for making money online for real? Is Clickbank University for real? Any…[View]
14915314Alcoholism must really be taking it's toll on craig wright. Just look at him[View]
14915133Why are there so many fake comments in NRG's YouTube videos and Reddit posts?: Do all cryptos d…[View]
14910125Holo (HOT): I've never felt so comfy.[View]
14915708SNIB SNIB[View]
14915650what did he mean by this: https://twitter.com/CollusiveCrypto/status/1057528153353211904[View]
14914917One of the greatest advantages of 'making it' is being able to buy and make your own whole, natural,…[View]
14915595>have background in AI and predictive algorithms >have basic understanding of trading and mark…[View]
14914024anyone here have 85% or more of their assets in crypto? if so, WHY????[View]
14915095Spoon feed me on leverage trading[View]
14914785Your intelligence over the years: Did it get worse or better, /biz/? I remember hearing about bitcoi…[View]
14914666The only reason I bought Chainlink in December and got a top 1000 wallet was because of the name of …[View]
14914075Anyone know where I can find the thread from the other day discussing OceanEx / OCE? Looking to lear…[View]
14912067WEEKLY LINK PREDICTIONS 7/21/2019: lets all guess what Sergey has in store for us this week >4 ne…[View]
14913271/linklet general/: 3k stack reporting in. How are my fellow linklets doing?[View]
14898362Reserve: Most bullish quality: Never mentioned once on reddit. Ever.[View]
14915412Aergo Listing on Binance Community: What the fuck did i see this correctly? Aergo listing on Binanc…[View]
14913737Why is biz the only board discussing the hack?: Why are we always the first to discuss relevant info…[View]
14915300Nooooo you shouldnt be allowed to transact a digital coin for Free[View]
14915521Amazon FBA: Is this shit still worth it or is it saturated like Shopify, thinking about getting into…[View]
14912167Pump It?: It's going to pamp isn't it? We can surely double this little fuckers market ca…[View]
14915022White women are an overvalued asset class: All the rich boomers are getting with asian women. You wa…[View]
14915492Rvn fgts: Have >500k rvn How fucked am I?[View]
14914374Who else here comfy AF?[View]
14913954BSV is a Prince: Please tell me someone else noticed this.[View]
14907585Accounting General - /ag/: General thread for Accountants and those studying to be accountants. Only…[View]
14913017PiTards $1 waiting room: It’s going to be much harder to accumulate Pi once the next halving happens…[View]
14913088Anyone here has his own business? or everyone is just a crypto delusional?[View]
14915354How will this moon with so much dumb money in it?[View]
14915389ETC ready for liftoff![View]
14915200Up 50% in the last hour. No SHOCKers get btfo[View]
14914727FUCK THOTPOSTERS this is a SFW board. Semen retention is an important part of being a well balanced …[View]
14905290Silver Buyers Come: I have a question about silver investments. A lot, and I mean A LOT of people sa…[View]
14914936HELP! Crypto retirement?: Guys, what to do? I am a pajeet who lost a lot of money in crypto in the l…[View]
14915214If you know you know[View]
14915192What's a good side buissness?[View]
14904337We're really going to be rich huh?[View]
14915185Its nearly LIFTOFF!: Who else jumping NOIA pump? Listing in 4 hours, minuscule initial supply of 1.4…[View]
14914416RSR Marines... SUPPORT: Support the shill... https://twitter.com/jarzoombek/status/11529688035480903…[View]
14914568Buckle up, boys. We're about to visit the 9ks again. Hope you didn't leave anything import…[View]
14914356Question: Hey guys, I remember /biz/ used to be where I first lurked when I first started using 4cha…[View]
14915096How will you be celebrating EOY? Personally I will be home posting euphoric memes with my fellow lin…[View]
14915065>anon, when are you going back to work? >anon, what are you doing for money? >anon, will yo…[View]
14914873>larp as a normie at work >larp as a crypto genius on biz >larp as bluepilled in front of o…[View]
14913430Submit: Bend the knee.[View]
14914997Faces of /biz/, tell me I'm going to make it, the bread[View]
14913529Underrated and underground jobs that pay cash >inb4 kneepads[View]
14914478only ONE slot left for EOS get in quick: https://coinbase.com/ earn/eos /invite/4tqfxmgr[View]
14914969FOREX.: Live signals with fundamentals and opinions.[View]
14914948Is link going to moon frens: :( i want to make ittttt t. 3k linklet[View]
14914484tfw waiting for btc to reach 15k to break even[View]
14913163SHALOM: >Gives Jewish banks helicopter money >CEOs proceed to pay themselves bonuses for rapi…[View]
14914616*clears throat* *ahem* Gentleman I have an important announcement to make...[View]
14913595Will this coinbase account ever see $50,000 with what it holds: Asking for a friend[View]
14914276whats the best crypto gambling sites out there?[View]
14913850who /want to die/ here?[View]
14911315Why do students constantly complain about debt and being poor? I work, go to school and have an acti…[View]
14912313NOIA Listing: NOIA Network will be listed on Kucoin today, July 22. Trading starts at 10 AM UTC. Ju…[View]
14909618The economy is so bad here it's literally impossible to get out of this state. I can't aff…[View]
14914368just filled out an application for a credit card and it was successful apparently. $4000 for free, w…[View]
14900495/smg/ stonk market generally: Smile that must be protected (edition) Popular brokers: https://pasteb…[View]
14914680How do I check to see if I guessed the right combo for a bitcoin block? And then how do I get the re…[View]
14914698worlds gayest coin[View]
14912987Another silk road arrest with more to come https://www.google.com/amp/s/cointelegraph.com/news/alleg…[View]
14914538are you going to miss this?: chart looking bullish af for ENJ, don't miss this /biz/[View]
14914629>He hasn't heard of the next 1000x >Hes still trying to get rich off of total shitcoins B…[View]
14914106SKY: >decentralized internet (Skywire) - mesh network with over 10000 nodes (twice as many as TOR…[View]
14914574It has shifted. The story continues.[View]
14913089Gold and Silver: Opinions of gold and silver? that stuff is going up :/[View]
14914261Advertising innovation: Have an idea to cheapen the costs of ads while still retaining top ad real e…[View]
14914417LINK can go sub 1$: Any newfag waiting to get in should buy a suicide stack and wait. Link has plent…[View]
14909766The next 10X[View]
14912455RVN Ravencoin: possibly +500% in august[View]
14906261Thoughts on the recent gold pump? Smart to short?[View]
14914321bitch i got dat harmony[View]
14914295Is it smart to buy a house to rent it out[View]
14914391>Says not to trade crypto because it has no intrinsic value >Trades currency what did he mean …[View]
14912498Hurry: Don't know how much longer I can hang on. can't take much more. the wageslaving, it…[View]
14913841will i make it with 5 Linkies?[View]
14912454REN is the new LINK: >Yes it's the new easy-mode summerfag 5x >Yes we fucking warned you …[View]
14914369Gas for mew: How much eth do I need in each wallet with my linkies to send them? Does the gas fee c…[View]
14909435I made these. AMA. Going viral. Hypebeast, Vogue, news around the world. Also, what do next?[View]
14914294https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcqkozRfx_Q which one of you is this?[View]
14914262Vanta/VNT just came out with there app on IOS: First real-time P2P dApp built using VANTA SDK - Ciao…[View]
14913980Bot Volume: aaaaand we're about to go back down again.[View]
14912959tfw making it made you an alcoholic: I never have to work again and now all I do is sit around at th…[View]
14914045Investing: I got $200 to invest how can I turn that into 400 soon. Once I hit 400 ima make a post sa…[View]
14911573This is the final shakeoff before launch. Don't sell and you'll be okay, anon.[View]
14913312150sat waitingroom: harmony 150sat waitingroom[View]
14911716What yacht will you be getting when we reach singularity? I'm a humble guy so I'd be cont…[View]
14912154What's in her portfolio?[View]
14909362i am ruined: i bought this shit at 25 sats today i lost half my money and am down to 5 grand fuck yo…[View]
14911245I bought a new car with my crypto gains. U guys jealous?[View]
14912595Tell me about furniture sales[View]
14913567Does anyone remember this token? It was promising and still is. They're still developing, doing…[View]
14908616How do normies deal with being in debt for 30 years?[View]
14913945>sunday night >practice smiling in the mirror for work tomorrow…[View]
14913439So let’s say I were to “hack” 4chan: 1. What info would I get 2. Under what fucking scenario would t…[View]
14911434$VET DELUSION: Imagine listening to these delusional bagholders >57 sats >new ATL every month …[View]
14912292Literally free money, only a 2 invite spaces left in each so join while you can: also nobody else sh…[View]
14912486Question: Binance stops serving US customers in September will they go to Bittrex?[View]
14910333Guys what's the best dividend stocks? Ford seems legit but what successful dividend experience …[View]
14913690Just a fair warning from an insider whale to all you little plankton out there. You may think we are…[View]
14910595When and where can I buy Harmony?: and what do you think of its future? (As a service).[View]
14913992Are you a NEET because boomers screwed you over?[View]
14913944This board is getting less active, what is going on[View]
14913790fuck you faggots. my life was normal before i found biz and heard of ethereum in 2017. all i got out…[View]
14912362Coinbase Earn Free Shit: Earn $100 with this Coinbase shit. 2 spots left. coinbase.com/ earn/eos/in…[View]
14912466so what happens to crypto when you die? It's just gone forever? I started thinking about that e…[View]
14910966I have 1000 QNT (~$8700). Is this enough to hit six figures?[View]
14913395Hum guys, please plz link the original post: Was it $1000EOY or S1000EOY? S meaning sats. Serious re…[View]
14913179The weekend is already over bros[View]
14912751Scalping: Been out of the game for a while and want to get back into crypto. Used to scalp altcoins …[View]
14913025Litecoin is exactly $100.00: what does /biz/ think about LTC?[View]
14908749/RPG/ Remote Pentester General - Sunday Edition: This thread is for the discussion and support of th…[View]
14913822>just tryna invest in gold >sign up for recommend trading platform >see this >wtf Help, …[View]
14913391Do something you piece of shit[View]
14913335Was it just 4chan that got hacked or also 4channel?: Is biz effected?[View]
14913823Who wants to off themselves, even if they make it?[View]
14913800reddit is laughing at us again[View]
14913274Why is life so fucking terrible bros[View]
14912895Why do we deserve this?: I have more money than anyone else my age and if my predictions are in the …[View]
14913770TFW: >too shy to market buy link[View]
14908431I just asked women if they go for rich guys: They said no. They said they actually are not attracted…[View]
14913086Yes 4chan really did get hacked.: 4channel as well. Lots of private LINK info was obtained.[View]
14913670buying wholesale real estate: is wholesale real estate a meme?[View]
14912963CHAlNLlNK $1000 EOY: CHAlNLlNK $1000 EOY[View]
14912993Simplegreen: I'm in a weird spot and don't have shampoo. Can I use pic related to wash my …[View]
14913203Wow so the 4chan hack was not a meme: Just heard the news. Supposedly an intern accidentally left a …[View]
14910033who wins: Say you are forced to live in either environments with 20k cash starting for the next 30 y…[View]
14911778I’m gay and I bought 50k COTI: Will the Jews be ok with a gay person holding their coins? On a scale…[View]
14913332>he invests in anything but bitcoin LOL[View]
14908538Probably not: Is this the next bitcoin?[View]
14911893COTI listed on 3 big exchanges in less than 2 months: Still at $4.8m market cap >DAG technology …[View]
14910674get paid on wednesday for the first time: should have 400cuckbucks spare after paying for things. wh…[View]
14913267>Trezor >Nano Does it really matter? Any actual incentive to upgrade your hardware wallets?…[View]
14913145Cbt, autistic edition: Sneep snorp.[View]
14912301Will we ever see $4.50 chainlink again?[View]
14913242First day on the job tomorrow: I have an actual job tomorrow - after spending most of my days being …[View]
14906610Ok so what's up with this one: Ok anons lets have a honest conversation about this one. It…[View]
149116824chan operates sort of like a chainlink network. Except no staking. Think about it.[View]
14907236The next coin to pull a quick 10x is CHZ: That chart tells us it's going on a long and casual r…[View]
14911687Am I retarded?: Guys I don't know whats wrong with me but please help me. I have a grandmother …[View]
14912994When will link hit 10k[View]
14911592Aaaaaand the Weekly Close is GREEN!: bobos on suicide watch[View]
14909512Apologise in 3 days[View]
14908119biz is worse than crack: i swear to god i took a 2 week vacation off biz and internet as a whole and…[View]
14912145All you had to do was buy ____: What coin will we be saying this about a year from now?[View]
14912676Maths needed for economics ?: So I’m going to start uni soon - BSc in economics my maths is pretty r…[View]
14910860/biz/, how do i stop picking my nose? everyday i feel it filling up with boogers and i have to clean…[View]
14913022>Sunday night[View]
14912219why is usd/jpy mooning?[View]
14912666What pattern is this?: This seems extremely bullish to me.[View]
14895817A story of hyperinflation in the Weimar republic, AKA we're all gonna make it: A more telling c…[View]
14908351Sign up for Pi network using my code (stegomez) to get a cute asian gf with a nice brapper >Liter…[View]
14912487*makes you seethe uncontrollably* lol[View]
14907377HOLY FUCKING SHIT: This is some deep rabbit hole stuff for all link marines. It is fucking insane. W…[View]
14912589Why are you not invested in Kucoin? Do you hate money??: >buy Kucoin >Kucoin pays out daily in…[View]
14912701Educate me on GRIN biz: Looking to diversify my bags biz! What do you think of GRIN? I don't ge…[View]
14910517hello: haha how are U all doing today[View]
14911376>His wife/gf has previous sexual partners >Thinks he has made it…[View]
14909709Dance for me wagie https://youtu.be/x-fyLCM_0Y4[View]
14912572Have a happy Monday: This time tomorrow Bitcoin will be over 13k. We're going to smash through …[View]
14910569Only 35k people can hold 10k.[View]
1491245275% of my net worth in chink scam from sub top 100. its either do or die. i dont care at this point[View]
14912302MITX: Daily reminder this is eventually going to pop when the NDA partnerships are announced and you…[View]
14912471Why biz hate NANO?: Do you hate money or have some type of personal issues with the Redditors?…[View]
14910243July 31th[View]
14912467I will never buy Shitcoins again, Coinbase only now.: >Almost made me a wagie, never again.…[View]
14910789Nano has flipped btc on r/cryptocurrency See pic[View]
14912461Proposal for biz: Dash should really be in the conversation for /ourcoin/ I will lay out my proposal…[View]
14912002Bitch i got that bsv!!![View]
14912367Daily reminder, craig is gay and will most likely go to prison[View]
14911704ATTENTION ALL PI FAGGOTS This is some fake ass shit. If you just set the time on your phone to later…[View]
14911806Stockie McGee Thanks brother man! I found myself in a coincidence spiral of hexagons. It started las…[View]
14912323Do you guys think bitcoin is gonna break 9k or 11k first[View]
14912005The only thing that's keeping me back is the fact that the total supply is 2 bil, and the circu…[View]
14911393Nika: Hey guys, we're blowing up. Come join in on the fun. Day 2 is not over and we have over a…[View]
14912269Couldn't the Bitcoin blockchain be destroyed by filling every block with enough high-fee transa…[View]
14912117a life preserver in a sea of red[View]
14911641>2019: >Not owning at least 10k Link[View]
14909397You guys didn't answer my question: You only talked about how good waves is. That was not my qu…[View]
14910762Nerva. 200 to 300: I told yall to get into Nerva. It's on a low and rising. Great opportunity f…[View]
14912060Do you even realize[View]
14910313Coinbase earn: Time to fire up those referrals, anyone using one of my codes to test let me know and…[View]
14910928We will be at $9500 tomorrow and $8500 on Tuesday.[View]
14911890ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. Creg sanjay right…[View]
14911603Blockfolio: Post your 1 year graphs[View]
14912065We go to the moon?: Señor, when is the next moon?[View]
14910613I own 10,000 chainlink tokens, the minimum required to 'make it'. I am comfy, and you are not.[View]
14911960Do you see it Anon[View]
14911917Crypto gives me PTSD: >Kek[View]
14911013Why yes, I invested all my money in LINK. How did you guess?[View]
14910231How many NASH do you own?: this exchange is gonna revolutionize crypto. the token will give you a sh…[View]
14908540If you wanna make it this year: Pi network just hit 150k engaged miners after only 4 months. No othe…[View]
14911295Insider whale here. There’s no stopping what’s next.[View]
14909300my grandpa died: he left me his ledger nano s in his will. it has 11462.8936 XRP on it, and insignif…[View]
149115611 MINUTE[View]
14911779This is a scam, right?: >mine on your phone without using up battery >asks for fb/email/phone …[View]
14910935Who else fell for the whale LARP on this shitcoin?[View]
14909319COTI: Don't be pissed when this moons violently, with Binance listing on the horizon, and you d…[View]
14905144Realistically, how long until deutsche bank collapses?[View]
14911812MOON INCOMING: It's only a matter of time before MITX is finished on the testnet & listed o…[View]
14911345How Much Money Have You Lost In Crypto?: Don’t lie to me...this is a safe space anon[View]
14911724>epically longing btc like a boss[View]
14911240Shill me the next moon mission and I'll go all in: The current eth in my wallet idgaf about and…[View]
14910396So what's happening with the 700k daily dumpings? Everyone is claiming that they are selling 70…[View]
14907045No social interactions the whole weekend: i didn't have any social interactions the entire week…[View]
149113078 days until Tether crashes[View]
14906428Why didnt Roubini just call arthur a nigger during the debate? He was thinking it, we were thinking …[View]
14911146>he still isn't on the VEIL train: LMAOOOO This is unironically the next big thing on the pr…[View]
14910509>help a guy make 3k >didn't even know what was happening >>14906838 so apparently y…[View]
14910096Is there any way you can lose money with an index fund, other than the underlying asset losing value…[View]
14911170$FTM finna break UP: >Low volatility in price and low volume indicates a strong break up or down …[View]
14911441Makerdao for noob: Should I collateralize my eth to buy more link?[View]
14911389Bought a bag at 5c - seemed like the bottom: What am I in for?[View]
14911509I think Bitcoin wasn't supposed to be created until the 2030s or later: I think a renegade time…[View]
14911181Insider whale here. There’s no stopping what’s next.[View]
14910496What’s up with negative portrayal of people with lots of money in children’s films? When I was 6 I t…[View]
14908586Insider here: I'm an insider and looking for some outsider information. If any of you is an out…[View]
14911448190 IQ AMA[View]
14910798biz i need your help: is there a cure to adhd and ocd perfectionism, being neurotic. im struggling w…[View]
14909023>mfw i realize that link fudders are just holders who are unsure if the project will be successfu…[View]
14911309>'So, What did you think of British Open anon? Pretty cool huh?[View]
14911316Insider whale here. There's no stopping what's next.[View]
14910137Is this the biggest Ponzi scheme ever created?[View]
14909053Harmony ONE: let the fuckboys stay poor[View]
14907833Chainlink: Look me in my eyes and tell me what you see[View]
14910714/Our/ Boomer: George Gilder recognizes that CRAIG IS SATOSHI George Franklin Gilder (/ˈɡJldər/; born…[View]
14910827Black Monday: Monday will not be pretty if you're a bull. Screencap this.[View]
14898980i want to do /biz/ a solid, you guys were the reason i caught the link, vid and qnt pump and made a …[View]
14893708Who on the harmony train?: Post your portfolio. (Only for people who hold if you dont gtfo)[View]
14910612Could we make bitcoin higher in value by making it a hype again?[View]
14910621wow i thought you guys were joking about the pajeets. They're all over the airdrop telegram. …[View]
14909821Find me a bigger scammer in crypto[View]
14909459>when you finally realize bitcoin is the only crypto that matters I lost so much money on alts, h…[View]
14911130anybody else convert some or a lot of ether for bitcoin?[View]
14910158Im from future. Next step 8 k Than 7k Than panic sell to 5.5-6k Screen cap, thank me in 2 weeks[View]
14906736LITION: It's not even alt-season yet and $LIT already looks this fucking bullish? This shit is …[View]
14908859> buy 0NE 1 week ago > check price now > shit still going wideways > barely keeping vol…[View]
14907880so it seems like I wasted 7 years of my life for a master degree in politics. there are no decent jo…[View]
14908801/biz/ went to absolute dogshit. shill me some other good boards. /fit/ is neat but kind of useless w…[View]
14910984do NEETs hate working because they've had shit tier retail/food service jobs?: Or maybe their f…[View]
14910531What the FUG the damn ripple team KEEP DUMPING ON ME FUUUGGGGG t. Bag Holder[View]
14911045tl;dw WE ARE FUCKED: IT'S OVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMCu9GWpgzg[View]
14909562Hell o /BIZ/ i have bitcoin but i do not know how to get it into real money? help please![View]
14907906what does this mean?: https://www.asiacryptotoday.com/iran-announces-gold-backed-national-cryptocurr…[View]
14910995i'm retarded: how do i get into crypto? i know i need a wallet or something but i don't kn…[View]
14908688Imagine creating the most elaborate scam in human history: >Promise the solution to an non-existi…[View]
14909320hi /biz/, my gf broke up with me because I got too invested (time, emotionally, and financially) wit…[View]
14909544dont be retarded: Listen fags. Plebbit is shilling NANO like no tomorrow. If we work with those fags…[View]
14910910Poor fags support this: They don't have any money anyway so why not just blow up the system. Am…[View]
14910523WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?!?[View]
14910618will fetch do anything any time soon or is it dead[View]
14910864I am sending this message from the year 2025. Things are looking bleak here, and some of you will ca…[View]
14909302The average holochad vs the virgin linklet[View]
14910869Everything including /biz/'s precious link has just been coyly mirroring BTC's movements a…[View]
14908384anyone else feel guilty for dumping their bags on people?: I make about $10,000 - $15,000 per month …[View]
14910329All the personal finance ledditors tell you to learn programming. But once you've become a prof…[View]
14907616I'm from central EU where average pay is 1k€/month and am taking a loan of 5k€ tomorrow to thro…[View]
14909277>girls are only fuckable if they're 18-30 >I'm 25 >mfw in 5 more years I'll …[View]
14907127Poll: Wells Fargo refused my ATM fraud claim.: Had $300 ATM and $53.23 purchase by my WF debit card …[View]
14909175We're gonna be so fucking rich[View]
14908830I'm loaded with welfare money. The problem is I have to spend it or they cut me. What should I …[View]
14906659Linkpool General /LPG/: Priced out edition. >Linkpool shares are way too expensive, no way I…[View]
14909638I want to fucking kill myself.[View]
14910553Vechain: Is Vechain dead? I hold about 300K of these... should I keep holding??[View]
14909833VTHO at ATH. Buy VET?: I saw a post the other day that VTHO/BTC is trading at ATH Ironically VET has…[View]
14908973I did SEO and social media marketing. What should I do next to promote a blog?[View]
14909334What coin/token with 300 Euros? No link[View]
14907268how much SKY do i need for this top of the line asian brapper[View]
14910585Bitch, I got that Coti[View]
14910270>on Thursday I was thinking to myself '2 of the next 3 days have no work' >spent most of Frida…[View]
14909437All this cube talk but the new link logo is a hexagon...[View]
14910563*Turns around*: Am I broke yet? No, will wait another 15 minutes Anons how much does it take to get …[View]
14910559WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?!?[View]
14909882Volatility: If more people keep buying bitcoin then more bitcoin go off exchanges decreasing the mar…[View]
14910384How do I convince my boomer brother to invest in crypto? He is an engineer and does pretty well for …[View]
14910056Can we make plans for the /biz/ citadel? Its clear this board is full of the only people ruthless en…[View]
14909878will this be known as the greatest con in history? They literally have their investors thinking they…[View]
14910419How do you short link?[View]
14909063I've been holding one BTC for 5 years. Nothing else. I will hold it for another 5 years.[View]
14906481If you came across an unexpected windfall of $300,000 USD...: Hypothetically, say you are a 26-year-…[View]
14908193Is now a good time to buy REN?[View]
14910315>Day 549 of the Altcoin Bear Market[View]
14909269Is there a way to find the individual addresses of the founders from the ICO? They did KYC and submi…[View]
14908983This is going up on Binance soon BTW. CZ owns a stack.[View]
14907019RSR : One of best investment?: Read below and you will figure out why RSR will succeed in long-term.…[View]
14908510Guaranteed returns: Thank me later https://youtu.be/Qy5EbEvftY8[View]
14909086What kind of jobs can I do locally or online where I can show up only when I need the hours? So basi…[View]
14908089BitForex/GRIN GIVEAWAY: 1 Sign up to the exchange https://lnkd.in/g8r4hfm 2 Enable Google 2FA on Sec…[View]
14908501Harmony : ONE: What is this pattern called?[View]
14910203ex are pee[View]
14910082Sigh... I feel sorry for all the redditors and 'nulinkers' falling for all the shilling of Link, thi…[View]
14909713Looks like we're back on track[View]
14908073Vidiots, read this: Bullish af https://medium.com/@pim_vee/our-answer-to-mr-zaitsev-9534d8ad3753…[View]
14909886Is this what neet life truly feels like, and how to become neet? https://youtu.be/ADvJ8p8yY-c[View]
14910140We're warning you.[View]
14909819Red pill me on this shit. I've read a few posts lately on here and I've been doing some d…[View]
14908759Bitcoin. Isn't it a guarantee that the price will at least be higher than now in 1 to 4 years(h…[View]
14909892Why haven't you stated using Pi Network yet? Free mobile app, easy mining, get in early before …[View]
14907525/csg/ - Credit Score General: Post them good goy points[View]
14908241Nika: This is promising to be the largest crypto project ever. Wants over 10 million unique addresse…[View]
14907356OH NO NO NO HE DOESNT LIKE FREE PI COINS HAHAHA: Use your (((free))) resources and start earning Pi …[View]
14908045This time it's different.[View]
14909832What is the best ICO at the moment? And why?[View]
14909038This will be the largest gainer in the alt market Beta v2 will be released soon.... Its in the githu…[View]
14909974We broke out of the descending wedge, retested support. On our way back up, bears won’t get the 7k t…[View]
14909303Fantom - FTM: What is this pattern called?[View]
14909475/mining/ general: What are you mining /biz/? >2x Vega 56 and 2x Vega 64 9000 H of CNr on XMR >…[View]
14909692Coinbase Dapp Store Investing: As someone that believes Altseason will start soon, I had to make the…[View]
14907962What happens in this channel?[View]
14908579A Store of Value on ETH (non-custodial, immutable): Sound Money Coin (SOV) is a sound money and a se…[View]
14909749trends.google.com: >bitcoin I use this as a market indicator, not posting as a BTC maximalist or …[View]
14909854>weekly close coming up[View]
14906189Listen up goys: Q2 revenue report is out. Recap: BOLT Global. This revenue generating business aspir…[View]
14907478How can make money from fuck prostitute?[View]
14904618Went on a date with a Stronk Independent Career Womyn last night: TFW a night around normies makes m…[View]
14908349how the fuck do i buy crypto if coinbase takes 2 weeks to verify pending deposits[View]
14909795Do you know what you want to do for a living yet? Is where you are right now where you want to be fo…[View]
14907357>Be dual citizen >when LINK moons I can just renounce my US citizenship, move and pay 0 taxes …[View]
14909418What are bobos plan B now that theyve been irrevocably BTFO?[View]
14909433Security Token Platform ‘Dusk Network’ Begins Trading Its Token: https://thetokenist.io/security-tok…[View]
14909496what if: The 3k-5k is suppose to be visited. Now it might never come... But that is the alternative …[View]
14909279bitch i got dat harmony[View]
14907282How is no one talking about this?!?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlZukhN_C6c bitMEX BLOWN THE FU…[View]
14908660COTI is pumping on Binance DEX: Is it worth it? I'm afraid it will fall by the time i figure ou…[View]
14907093I was in a coffee shop earlier this morning to meet a contact about a potential business idea. We wa…[View]
14906991I am black, poor and study art... my family always told me to do what I like.. and i choose to study…[View]
14909338Do you have to put your 2 weeks in before you quit? Have you every just straight up quit? Bad idea t…[View]
14908794Sweet passive income: >KCS bonus Is it worth it to buy a lot of KCS for that sweet passive income…[View]
14909376Lets crash Facebookie, Twitter, etc with Open Sores version!: And WTF happened to that crazy zombie …[View]
14909364>Zey bought ze F.U.D., Voss bruh? >Wot about 0xBeetcone? >My bags is ready cuh, PAMP EET!…[View]
14908715MFW quantfags fell for the >overledger meme >interoperability meme > 570 banks are actuall…[View]
14909350Make sure you give me your bank account and your social security number goy. Libra is a safe and eas…[View]
14909244IMAGINE not holding at least 10 BTC: COPE[View]
14906711How much debt do you have due to college? What would you do if you could go back to freshman year ri…[View]
14908392Netcomlearning.com/certifications Are these certifications legit ? Which one would pay me the most? …[View]
14908812Time to go gemhunting /biz/bros!: Time to go gemhunting /biz/bros! no bullshit shill, only hard, co…[View]
14909163MINISTER: y o u SaToShI[View]
14909156join us: t.me/biznessboys[View]
14908954What do YOU want from a cryptocurrency: I wanted to know what new things people want from cryptos.…[View]
1490639850k daily volume. Is it unironically over for this?[View]
14908724OP reporting in. Did you buy the dip anon? Prepare for one final dip and then there is going to be …[View]
14908647pink wojaks: We're way below 3. Way below 2.7. Yet no pink wojaks in the horizon. Does this mea…[View]
1490525233 years old never had a job mom died 6 months ago left me with 380k moved into aunts rental apartme…[View]
14908821How many monitors do I need to maximize productivity? Will I make it with a dual monitor setup?[View]
14908348Post your memecoin portfolio: I have hopes for Shock, Moab and Zbux. Couldn't get the drops for…[View]
14907281Is this shit a scam or not?[View]
14908197We're fucked. Why can't /biz/ see that yet? This deadcat is done, it'll soon be under…[View]
14908358RLC Psychic Confirms HUGE GAINZ: >https://youtu.be/dLOCOsA2Qlc Why didn't you buy yet?…[View]
14908811>come up with an elaborate scheme >buy laptop online >ask for a refund >put a brick in …[View]
14906886Harmony ONE Whales trying to break through that 12M 121sats wall like[View]
14903474Will I make it to 7 figures?: Hello frens, When can I confidently say fuck off to my manager and sta…[View]
14908667How is your Crypto going anon?[View]
14908292SPX has gone 34d without a -1% day and is up +8.16% over that time. Here's a chart showing ever…[View]
14898742these bags are heavy[View]
149077672 GB: I like big blocks and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a block gets …[View]
14908532What pattern is this?: The ready to explode pattern?[View]
14907120Passing on crypto before you die: If you were going to be dead soon and wanted to pass give your coi…[View]
14908648i love goooooooooold: digital gold that is. unless something dramatic happens to bitcoin, smart mone…[View]
14906652So how low are we going?: What are your buy prices fellas? BTC and LINK[View]
14908585Press S to DAB ON BEAR FAGS: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzjck7woMwU[View]
14908537Made $2000 reselling comic Con tickets to marvel fags[View]
14908425How is that job search going? I hope your resume is current and all polished up[View]
14908324Reminder: Reminder your shitcoin peaked at $5 Reminder you fell for a exit scam if you still hold ba…[View]
14906486invoke king lucifige rofocale for success in trading[View]
14907717I saw Marnix (Founder of V-IDT) at a grocery store in Amsterdam yesterday. I told him how cool it wa…[View]
14907164Pi has been predicted to go to $25, and you can mine it on your phone: Minepi is THE new social coin…[View]
14907242Why haven't you taken out a loan on your LINK to buy more LINK yet /biz/? https://youtu.be/IM1…[View]
14907753DAILY REMINDER: The crypto market is a simplified spoof of whats going on in wallstreet. The underto…[View]
14908737How is it to study here (Amsterdam) as a non Dutch Speaker? Are dutch girls hot and outgoing?[View]
14907051So yeah I agree seeing your investments go up is pretty neat, but how can it even compete with the s…[View]
14907976SKY: /biz/ be honest, should i ever stop putting 50% of my salary on SKY, when is it enough, it…[View]
14908408What will be the new resistance? 8K? Are we going all the way back down to $5300?[View]
14908393Why didn't anyone tell me Libra was the real driving force behind this bull/bear cycle?[View]
14908375LINK 2.0: >Why Lition Matters? >Many people are confused by our strong tendency towards the En…[View]
14908135Are linkies actually practicing magick in order to make the price go up? What the fuck?[View]
14904534>KYC on dex is it over?[View]
14904823>this kills the roastie How can we profit from this?[View]
14908334UUU: UUU will be listing Binance, Bittrex, will be adding USDT pair on Huobi, already has 3 function…[View]
14908318>tfw you realize that house prices aren't going to crash for another 5-10 years Why did I ha…[View]
14906271Massage therapist: Hello frens, What is best way to market as a male massage therapist? I'm sti…[View]
14908237Why did Elon back down from this guy in court?[View]
14907108How many ETH for a gf like this?[View]
14907547Social security: So i checked my benefits today on social security. If i went straight up gimp mode …[View]
14907052There's No Gold in Ft. Knox: Proof me wrong >never seen a US Gold bar for sale >Canada …[View]
14906274Next Best US Exchange? Beaxy?: Where is everyone going after Binance shuts us down in September?!…[View]
14907882Why is ravencoin pumping[View]
14908062>He believed he could get rid of banks[View]
14907632SO FUCKING RICH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UChJiCstXfA[View]
14908044Why do cryptocurrency traders get so married to their investments? When was the last time you heard …[View]
14907335Why isn't crypto trading a respected profession?[View]
14906724Why does everyone here pretend they don't browse reddit?: You aren't fooling anyone, this …[View]
14908043What happened to AdolfHitlerCoin?: I have 900 or so NAZI, just went to look in the telegram and the …[View]
14908057$10 when[View]
14906570link is a scam[View]
14903540What are your favorite future possible use cases link marines?[View]
14907788IT'S GETTING CLOSER: >Bakkt launches bitcoin futures at the exact same time that DeutscheBan…[View]
14908066How do you get in on an IPO?: There were a few IPOs yesterday, and I tried to track them on Yahoo ar…[View]
14905349The anon a few days back was right! This thing starts mooning.[View]
14906864People here need to stop pretending that 4chan shiling Link in 2017 was good advice It was fucking a…[View]
14902140Best european city for /biz/: >>14889295 Continuing the topic that seemed to interest quite a …[View]
14906838Got 5$, max bet 1k$, tell me high or low[View]
14907415TRTL: It's been hovering in the same sat range for weeks. This is looking like a bottom to me s…[View]
14906582Feels like stealing at these prices[View]
14907990My working contract is going to be reduced to 35h per week. I earn around 3k€ per month on my hand. …[View]
14903847The ''Chad making it'' portfolio: 1 btc 32 eth 100 ltc 10k link 69m brapper[View]
14906057Coti: Coti will filled up my bag before this end of summer. Hail coti.[View]
14907693I just have to hold it right?: I should be in the green in a week or so right?[View]
14900789Anyone else notice that Elon Musk literally came out of nowhere a few years ago?: He's now got …[View]
14906541*blocks your path*: not this time, bobo[View]
14904716House: How old are you and why haven't you bought a house yet?[View]
14907345Looks who just got some BRAAAAP[View]
14907773Dump 22k link?: Should I dump or hold?[View]
14903481aaaand we’re back at our deserved #1 spot on idex[View]
14907114$1 waiting room[View]
14907208when is nano going back up?: i didn't lose my money, did i?[View]
14905572well: now what[View]
14907706Sirs, please no bully, RLC best coin, it has best partnership. Volume very low sirs, but Vishnu told…[View]
14906388free shit: Free $15 worth of Qtum. Udemy course by Invictus. Check it out: https://twitter.com/ic_in…[View]
14906259so when the elite going to pull the plug on bitcoin?[View]
14907461Can someone give me a rundown on what’s going on with Deutsche Bank? They have $49T in derivatives e…[View]
14907462Itt we talk about ridiculous job interviews and positions we left cus shit was wack. >be me …[View]
14907458Do people still hold AMB?: At current USD value AMB needs to 10x to reach their ICO price. Doesn…[View]
14907657BRAP is about to pump and blindside fudders. Last warning.[View]
14904294What does this shit do?: What purpose does the token have when mainnet is out?[View]
1490563414 days to halving: Priced in, or booming?[View]
14907639Does /biz/ utilize the power of color?: How do my fellow bizboys use color to influence their peers,…[View]
14903935My cousin who got into btc in 2014 is visiting soon. How do I cope knowing he made it while I lost e…[View]
14907347>70 hour week starts tomorrow[View]
14907526Hate to break it to you bobos. It's not dumping. Price is ironclad at these levels.[View]
14907504Can i just pretend on I'm on a podcast when I go to job interviews?[View]
14906693So what kind of job does /biz/ have?[View]
14905506Spent the last 2 years on Reddit: I spent the last fucking 2 years of my life on reddit. Getting shi…[View]
14906833Why are so many Linkies clinically insane? I want to buy myself a suicide stack but I'm afraid …[View]
14906105please tell me its going to be fine: im regretting not selling at $4 so much lately because i feel l…[View]
14906198My dad is a big wig in the trucking industry and told me the economy is about to crash. Probably 9-1…[View]
14895309/Technical Analysis/ General - Make /biz/ Profitable Again: >Last attempt at posting information,…[View]
14907314How can I tell if the price will go up or go down?: That would make it easier for me to make some mo…[View]
14905710My iphone is broken, i need a new one. /g felt like it is overrun by chink saleman. Give me you reco…[View]
14905761you dont guys just dont want to get a job so you can spend all day looking at 4chan.[View]
14905429>mom wants me to pay rent although I'm studying the hardest school in the country…[View]
14907329Step aside stinkies: Its harmonys time now[View]
14906495Buying lots of estate sale silver:: I'm watching a few listings on eBay that are selling estate…[View]
14902961Reminder than money will NEVER make you more sexually attractive to women and biz is one of the only…[View]
14906934Chainlink 1k when?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrGw_cOgwa8[View]
14907135what the fuck is this? I convince this guy to go all-in on ONE and I get this? How much did he throw…[View]
14906913Should we all run?: What if we all started converting our assets into the USD? And i mean every last…[View]
14906745When are we going to snap out of it and admit that LINK isn't what we all thought it would be..…[View]
14904187Let's say you have 20k in cash. How would you launder it? All I can think of is spending it slo…[View]
14906917Restrictions by Country for Cryptocurrency?: Hey, so I was doing some cryptocurrency research the ot…[View]
14906935I should have never 'invested' in cryptocurrency.[View]
14906533How do I become a prince?[View]
14902411LIT Chad General /lcg/: Where my goys at? Please report in.[View]
14905963Millionaire Mindstate: Ok so it looks like there's a good chance link is unironically going to …[View]
14907084biz anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3TzVgGyBFs[View]
14906046HELP: Ever since i bought this shitcoin, my skin is turning brown and i'm having uncontrollable…[View]
14907042linkies are not that impressive really. Most of them bought a suicide stack. Which at its lowest poi…[View]
14906874alt season will come back... r-right guys?? crypto isn't dead[View]
14906083>woke up >browsed internet, drank coffee >went jogging >went in to central London to wal…[View]
14906993aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
14904506CZ MUST be drunk?: Fuck me, CZ must be sipping on some damn fine asian whiskey. this drunk fuck just…[View]
14905251Notice something?: Are the link shills not being paid to shill their shit on weekends?[View]
14905895What health insurance company is the least scammy?[View]
14906938VANGUARD: Are index funds like Vanguard going to exist forever? Is there anyway you can get REKT by …[View]
14905443BrapperToken (BRAP) GENERAL THE THOTS ARE COMING EDITION: Captain reporting in Post your Rank faggot…[View]
14906897Secure The Bag First: Rate this cash out plan: 10% at $45 10% at $95 10% at $200 10% at $500 10% at …[View]
14906823Help: I need to come up with 300 in a until september What can i do? inb4 nothing illegal[View]
14906018Income Tax: Taxation question: I was under the impression that the income tax originally only effect…[View]
14906039Best /biz/ city, Asia Edition: What's the best city for living, networking and overall having g…[View]
14904994We're gonna be so rich[View]
14906201Dilbert Fan Club: Thoughts on this long-running /biz/ manga? >1990's Office Space TIME-SKIP…[View]
14899633Who here getting one?: BTC at 100k and im getting one lads Maybe even less who knows lel mid engine…[View]
14906350You have money anon... but do you have love?[View]
14904705It’s over...[View]
14904912/hhg/ harmony holders general: Harmony ONE and metric partnership “Harmony and Matic team up—to set…[View]
14905986here are my open orders for today. wish me luck, /biz/!![View]
14905741chainlink: going to jail for six months, need help: how do I set up a stop limit order to sell my li…[View]
14904954Hi I'm new to /biz/ anything I should know about this board before I start?[View]
14904524We entered another Bear Market: >Proof me wrong.[View]
14903615bitch: tell me why i shouldnt be shitting on the streets right now[View]
14906522Important link usecase: We needs oracles imagine u gonna fuk som ho and she lik u payin up front and…[View]
14906438Invest: Hai i have money around 2k which altcoin will filled up may bag.[View]
14904725Yo I got my buy order at $160. Should I move it down to sub 100 instead? Just how low we going bobos…[View]
14906266>decentralized internet (Skywire) - mesh network with over 10000 nodes (twice as many as TOR) alr…[View]
14906466Linkies are delusional[View]
14905064Lition (LIT): Ok anons, I need you to be honest with us for once. Lition is sitting at 4-5 million d…[View]
14906147Stellar: What do you think about xlm? Will it ever go back to atleast 1$?[View]
14882591serious: how many of you actually believe silver and gold is a rational investment? Having a hard ti…[View]
14906181t. top 50 VIDT holder: I haven't even looked in to the tokenomics yet. How fucked am I?[View]
14904843Time to shill yourselves, friends. Get the quizzes done and get some crypto. EOS: https://coinbase. …[View]
14906209Nano with private payments: Germany (good) Dag (good) Team (good) Private (good).[View]
14906019ahem: crabs your market[View]
14906369I like big blocks and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a block gets mined …[View]
14901736imagine not being balls deep in BSV[View]
14906327>pumps a little >dumps HARD who else is glad they didnt put their money on this shitcoin?…[View]
14906328What is PTSD2 and why is it relevant?: I keep seeong anons mentionning this is going “live” (?) in s…[View]
14906244When will BTC reach new ATH (>$20k)?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18353805[View]
14902306VNT aka VANTA is a steal right now: Proven real-time P2P tech, real enterprises/clients, Oracle+Micr…[View]
14906142Aaaaaand we are BACK![View]
14903676Tezos: Tezos will be bigger than Ethereum within 3 years from now. 1 billion dollars worth of secur…[View]
14906064So how are your bitcoins doing?[View]
14905798Is Bitmex doomed?[View]
14906032UBT: What went right?[View]
14906096You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us…[View]
14906094https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1WpbXo2O_8 kek[View]
14905984Executive Order 6814: >Requiring the Delivery of All Silver to the United States for Coinage.…[View]
14902235Real question: why didn't they just put bitconnect coin on waves and other decentralized platfo…[View]
14905576A month ago I took a hundred bucks and started trading against this retard. I listened to everything…[View]
14904988I wish I could turn back time: And buy LINK for cheap Sigh... at least I will be part of history Jus…[View]
14905285When will the final shakeout happen?: The cat is out of the fucking bag. Will we see one last major …[View]
14905189I told you that I controlled the market but you didn't believe me. Every time I sell it becomes…[View]
14905558this man is so beautiful (no homo) i think it's his eyes[View]
14905998/Crypto Research/ Institutional money in crypto: Here is some evidence of institutional money coming…[View]
14904343Retirement is a Meme: You have to understand that the idea of an aged pension is a recent one that w…[View]
14905609Welcome guys, Nicholas Merten here. I'm so fucking wrecked after being all in on alts for the p…[View]
14905691What are assets that generate cash flow?[View]
14905940shorting your hodls: how do you do it? if you have a position in something that you're long in …[View]
14905480Pi network just hit 150k engaged miners after only 4 months. No other crypto in history has grown th…[View]
14905501> BTC goes up > LINK goes down > BTC goes down > LINK goes down more what went wrong?…[View]
14905657Ever???: Can anyone tell me the name of anyone who actually got rich off btc ltc or eth??? Someone w…[View]
14905760It's Bart time![View]
14905047Doosh bank is going down.: Deutsche Bank is going down. How do I profit from this?[View]
14903917Who else comfy?[View]
14905539OOOOH LIIINKIIIEEES! Where are you stinkies? Stinkers have been getting AWFULLY quiet as of late! Pl…[View]
14905854Are you a hodltard too: don't be left hodl'ing the shit bag[View]
14900497you wake up tomorrow and your portfolio is worth $50 million dollars what do you do in the short ter…[View]
14904032This guy got my life in his hands. If he delivers I can get my medical treatment and every project I…[View]
14903083Anybody get paid to do what you love?[View]
14905695Why is bitcoìn crabbing downwards???[View]
14904709Miss me?: Miss me?[View]
14901100DUBS DECIDES BTC PRICE EOY: $100k[View]
14905323There’s a reason why bulls are in the worst hell on earth: No bull hasnt looked to the 20k high and …[View]
14903856ONE vs FTM: What are the selling points on these? Both are supposed ETH killers, but which will come…[View]
14903224XMR Future: Whats your honest opinion about the future of XMR? Price prediction for 2020/2021? It’s…[View]
14905377Once upon a time in a village a man appeared who announced to the villagers that he would buy monkey…[View]
14904729We get it already bobo[View]
14903427So, does this project have a future? Seems like it has some solid principles, but I said the same ab…[View]
14902421are we seriously going back to $1?[View]
14905550hey could someone pump LINK pls?: thanks in advance[View]
14902937BINANCE LAUNCHPAD CLUE!: The secret is out (well partially) Next Binance lottery is a 4 letter word.…[View]
14903206VIDT: what will happen when it gets on binance dex a dump? a pump? nothing? what happened to the oth…[View]
14905522Do I buy this or what? It was being shilled a while ago. Just bought some more btc and don't kn…[View]
14905210>tfw only scams on dis board are pajeet tokens now wtf happened /biz/ ? where are the MAPS boys, …[View]
14903097X100: Which coins are pulling a x100 next bullrun[View]
14905145Folding Doors Internal Soundproof Types Wooden Room Dividers Wall: AcousticPartitionWall founded in …[View]
14905374Pi network just hit 150k engaged miners after only 4 months. No other crypto in history has grown th…[View]
14905406Imagine there are really retards buying into btc at the moment hahaha[View]
14905458/biz/ we did it. good job.: With our combined efforts we were able to counter the daily shilling of …[View]
14905413> tfw sometimes it hits you that you're bored and lonely and what's the point of crypto…[View]
14904315Is rent a moral obligation?: >My wife and I found a beautiful house, $1800/mo, but filthy from la…[View]
14905384How can one man be so oblivious?[View]
14899352Guys I'm getting real nervous. I installed a video camera in my office woman's washroom so…[View]
14904363Signs of Altseason: Btc holding the 10k good. Here and there ups and down but these seen to be the s…[View]
1490410115% of the traditional financial markets currently use Dark Pools (anonymous OTC liquidity for whale…[View]
14904856Confess your sins[View]
149052431 mill RSR: 3500 LINK This is it, I'm done trading. How rich will I be 2021?[View]
14905075You guys never learn do you?[View]
14905267Im not selling, fuck it, what I have is what I have...[View]
14904066Reseller General #3 /RG/ Tail Stall Edition: Previous Threads: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S147669…[View]
14904689Tether your shit boys, huge BTC dump incoming. Sell now, buy back on Thursday.[View]
14904789Any Comp Sci majors that can provide some valuable insight?: Next year I'll be starting my juni…[View]
14902393Chainlink Events: August 3 • 2:10pm - 2:45pm TruffleCon: Thomas Hodges August 19(-21?) • Web3 Summit…[View]
14903380AION: Is 30k enough to make it?[View]
14905053bitch, I got dat BSV[View]
14904361Aion daily remainder: Bounced of the bottom 7%. Next leg and break through 100 sat should confirm be…[View]
14902204Harmony: So let me get this straight: >It's essentially Ethereum, but faster. >The team i…[View]
14905011I'm not selling my ETH, so kiss my ass faggots.[View]
14904146Fucking crab market short it[View]
14905091Low volume alts: Anyone else notice the incredibly low volume on alts currently? What does this mean…[View]
14905108CZ is bankrupting Americans before they leave his exchange. You should buy Altcoins elsewhere.[View]
14905003How do I short the Australian property market?[View]
14904403Alpha: >Entered market with $175k end of 2018 MC 400bn >MC currently <300bn >Cashed out …[View]
14893891Bitcoin maximalists: What do you think about them?[View]
14903662>de-decentralization i-is the future, for sure >i mean, i hope so, for sure r-right?…[View]
14904584My children: The bitfinex exit to USD is nigh.[View]
14904478I'll be on the blockchain on the regular With my linkies busting at the oracle, on the regular …[View]
14904599Did seriously none of you learn a thing from 2018?[View]
14904571any webdesigners/seo/sem here that has experience taking a local website to a national level?[View]
14904115Just found out my sister is going back to a wagecage she thought she'd escaped. How do we get o…[View]
14903950>just start a blog and lift weights[View]
14904456Harmony Crew: Harmony crew checking in, post your bag size, average buy price and expected ROI.…[View]
14903026So why haven't you bought brapper yet biz?[View]
14903446NY State Plans to Rewrite Laws to Allow It to Seize ‘Abandoned’ Bitcoin: State representatives are b…[View]
14903423Do something you motherfucker[View]
14904734You told me MFT was finna pump six weeks ago and now I'm down 78%[View]
14899390Privacy Coin Season On Trade Ogre: You missed XWP You missed CCX Don’t miss the next 2x[View]
14904800DEX's, down to Bizn'ass: Hey /biz/, what are the most reliable and cheapest Decentralized …[View]
14904018Is it possible to sue him?[View]
14902967Do you drink? How much do you spend on alcohol? What about drugs? I'm currently one month sober…[View]
14903355/linklet general/: How are my linklet marines holding up? We might have to wait a little longer but …[View]
14902173Shhh... I'm accumulating: New exchange coming from the founders of the NEON wallet. -Legally co…[View]
14902179Do women really go for rich guys?: Or is it just a myth?[View]
14904319How to get laid with a Stacy?: Will ChainLink help me to get laid with a Staciessssss?[View]
14903821Is anyone else as excited about staking as I am? Everyone mentions MSFT and Swift, but I think the r…[View]
14904125Wageslavery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrRfjmv-5cQ&t=4s How does this video make you feel?…[View]
14904437Is diversification a meme if you're investing $2000?[View]
14904557Who's ready for the Sunday dump? Set your buys at $9000, we'll be back to $1100 by Wednesd…[View]
14902680Good Old Personal finance thread: Hello anons can you give me some simple advice on managing my mone…[View]
14904248>Linkies thought they priced out retail >$1 per link is practically a guarantee >bubble pop…[View]
14904205Where did all the OG Link Marines go?[View]
14902578lol: lol[View]
14902167if only you knew[View]
14904252Why do crypto traders like to pretend to be that they can predict the future?[View]
14904479>reverse head and shoulders: >bitcoin will go to 15k today >ahaha bobo btfo…[View]
14903906What crypto does your bae have?[View]
14904389FRIENDLY WARNING: We failed to reach the top of descending channel. Something very bad will happen t…[View]
14904382Thoughts? Any predictions?[View]
14904433>he bought?[View]
14903403I am Chinese, poor and study art. Why did I get adopted by white people.. my ‘family’ always told me…[View]
14904140>coin has over 1 billion in circulation >'$1000 EOY, goy. Hop on for moon mission' >1 trill…[View]
14903922cryptocurrency noob: what crypto should i invest in, and why?[View]
14903852Lower highs. Lower lows.[View]
14904320HaRoN: HARON[View]
14902906IOU’s: Bgogo Apollo will offer allocations of Algorand token. What happened there? I’ve been looking…[View]
14902620Is the Harmony coin you guys are talking about the only viable Ethereum killer?[View]
14900732Daily reminder that Stakenet is a SCAM !: -They will never release the Lighting Swap Wallet -They wi…[View]
14901857I have a question: Let me get this straight...Chainlink is based in the Cayman Islands while operati…[View]
14902230this is a reminder https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/360026666152 >Withdrawals of these…[View]
14899539World economic slowdown: Has anyone looked at the data?I am checking at lot's of countries gdp …[View]
14902869Gooni gooli: Buy HARMONY ONE, very good sirs Moonin is comin, gib moneys.[View]
14904224the rise and rise of bitcoin: I don't really partake in normie media any longer although I wond…[View]
14904201tfw you realize link is being propped up by tether, not bitcoin[View]
14903912Why are jannies so incredibly based?[View]
14903810Why or how are people still selling Altcoins? They've been getting sold off for now, 3 months s…[View]
14903542When is the next financial apocalypse biz? I’ve heard many say its coming soon. Also, what are the t…[View]
14904015I just want to be comfy with my 14 BTC[View]
14903386Could someone explain to me in simpleton terms what all this means?[View]
14903352I think Bitcoin wasn't supposed to be created until 2030s or later: I think a renegade time tra…[View]
14903626You have no idea how easy you have it AMA[View]
14882298What are REAL ways to make a passive income of $1000 a month?[View]
14902893Couch magnetism: How do i fully stop it? I have a business to run and shit to do but every time i ge…[View]
14902765ANKER, NEET COIN: How much ANK do I need in nodes to get a GF like this? www.ankerid.com[View]
14903987Alts are about to get slaughtered again: you have 2 hours[View]
14903612Tether exit scam?: Tether has been increased their circulating supply in the last months but if you …[View]
14902396...: ...[View]
14903978Fucking shitcoin: Dump to 50 cents already[View]
149037305 Steps To Becoming a Millionaire @13:20 >don't buy bitcoin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
14903927i just shorted on leverage, expect a flash pump to 14k eod[View]
14898874I DIDN'T SELL ANY @ 1 LINK>$4: This hold is getting unironically hard my fellow marines.…[View]
14899883Are you spending your time wisely? /Pi/ron Men General: With America getting cucked every step of th…[View]
14897696my friend has his coinbase account hacked and all his linkies were stolen and sent to some eth addre…[View]
14902553Huobi invitation code: Hey Pajeets I have fallen for the RSR shilling and am signing up for Huobi. W…[View]
14902407>Fiat isn't based on anyth-[View]
14903712pls creg dont do this: sir my familie pls dont kill the market I beg you[View]
14903745How to get rich fast Step 1 Invest in a bunch of companies that are in debt, if their stock is worth…[View]
14903722>28 year old brainlet virgin >switched from comp sci to accounting because brainlet >switch…[View]
14903432Mining on phone. Pi / Electroneum: Are you mining crypto on your phone? Check out the Pi Network and…[View]
14902953NANO in the real world >have a shop >accepting nano without a payment gateway because its feel…[View]
1490372190% of the shitcoin alts are going to $0 First I didn't believe it, now I am fucking convinced.…[View]
14902175So, Corekeks, explain me the bright future that you are seeing. I am really trying to understand. BT…[View]
14903592when will this shitcoin make its move?[View]
14897861How do i explain how cryptocurrency works to normies?: How??[View]
14903644UHive a new future...: Do you think UHive will overtake facebook and instagram and maybe much more ?…[View]
14903411Almost ready to retake volume #1: For those of us that rebought around the 75K dip, get ready for ma…[View]
14903562>2k to 100k HOW do I do it again, 5M would be nice[View]
14902897Crypto made men. Still not fucking women. What are we?[View]
149034103 days. Get in now.: milkertoken.com[View]
14903464> Songs that the Hyades shall sing, > Where flap the tatters of the King, > Must die unhear…[View]
14903489/biz/ is the most based and redpilled board there is. Try and refute this. >Protip: you can…[View]
14903544VIDT: has reclaimed its rightful place on the Voluminous Throne. Bow to your King. Apologize.[View]
14893318/RSR/ - Reserve General: >Wtf is RSR/RSV? RSR = Reserve Rights - Used as collateral to keep RSV s…[View]
14902965I have 40 ETH and I fucking keep buying more with every pay check. am I retarded or genius?[View]
14903514Do not underestimate the power of negative thoughts. Bitcoin will never be above 11K again[View]
14900446Stakenet is a SCAM: Do not fucking buy this fucking Stakenet !!! Fucking coin with fucking developin…[View]
14899099Okay anon if you're so smart with your imaginary internet money, answer me this: Why da feds be…[View]
14902804You have to realize that if you are on this board, it doesn't even matter if you invest or what…[View]
14897815Pi network just hit 150k engaged miners after only 4 months. No other crypto in history has grown th…[View]
14902566Guess who's back[View]
14899610It's happening tonight: Strap in boys, Tonight is THE night[View]
14902757What's the point of being rich if you are ugly?[View]
14902832Completely new to crypto, what should i spend my €100 on?[View]
14903361TIXL Presale: TIXL is a DAG-based currency that promises private by default, instant, zero-fees tran…[View]
14903314We didn't have one of these for some days: A.suka Marines, report in Hail A.suka[View]
14903342Does anyone have this or a link to it? I watched it a long time ago and now I can't find it any…[View]
14901171even though it's getting delisted for burgers(I'm a burger) I literally cannot stop buying…[View]
14899915I just moved from an all-white town to a majority mexican city (Tucson). The experience is so much d…[View]
14897093What should i do with 200k? Is it enough to get passive income or not?[View]
14903192SIBOS 2019 is going to be a nothingburger again isnt it: Just like 2017 and 2018[View]
14902252Will this shit ever pump?[View]
1490198915 Days: current price 0.00933077 BTC[View]
14902494My alt has been green for 24 hours now (+5%). Is this the start of alt season uptrend?[View]
14903109the herd is coming: he would not dump on us again, r-right[View]
14903126BTMX next MATIC: Guy who called Matic bottom is now calling BTMX Will it pump or is it a pnd? https:…[View]
14902250Serious question. how come R*ddit is STILL obsessed with IOTA, NEO, XRP and NANO? What are they thin…[View]
14900319Any blockchain devs here?: I have an idea for a privacy coin that might work better than XMR or ZEC.…[View]
14903088>Day 548 of the Alt Coin Bear Market[View]
14897370Linkpool Thread: >Linkpool shares are way too expensive, no way I'm paying this much JUST to…[View]
14901317you need at least 50k link to make it LINK will peak at $100 this next bullrun, im sick of all the …[View]
14903042Best side hustles?: What are some jobs I can do to make $$$[View]
14903014Chain Link will be x2 within 48 hours: Check them[View]
14903013are we going up or down: the crab market is killing me[View]
14902927Where my linkmarines at: Where are my fellow linkmarines from? And your stack value in local currenc…[View]
14898349Life Plans: your coin reaches your target price, what next? For me, i'm selling my 130k LINK st…[View]
14902682Good night onebros Order books looking juicy as fuck[View]
14902846Alt coins: No volume.. No action.. Alt coins are going to tank right? It feels suspiciously dead and…[View]
14902886Vaporware (VAP): Electric Boogaloo Pt. 2: Check out our ethos, It has no ICO. No advertisements. No …[View]
14902041Mine this coin for free which will be worth 10 usd soon: Pi network just hit 150k engaged miners aft…[View]
14896234If BTC reaches $11,600 I will blow my brains out and stream it for /biz/ to witness But it's ok…[View]
14902193Sergeey. Seeergeeey. I love you. I love you more than anything on earth. You wont disappoint Sergey …[View]
14902547you do realize if ethereum dies then every other alt in existence does too right?[View]
14902725Why link doesn't move. I mean it's staying afloat. Got 100k at 25k sat but still got also …[View]
14902562i don't get it: i am born 1986 boomer, zoomer, doomer[View]
14900316I'm balls deep in pic related. No lie, it's taught me how to have hands of steel. But I ke…[View]
14901138Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I'm getting expelled. >Be junior at state college >See thread on /b…[View]
14902583the long HODL: I've been HODLing 2 BTC for literal years... I've seen shit you wouldn…[View]
14902148Trying to wank, does anyone have the pregnant Sergey pic?[View]
14902287Is it wise to go all in on LINK right now?: I have about $7k in LINK for a 2700 stack. I can fork ou…[View]
14902585Crab market: CRAB MARKET CRAB MARKET[View]
14898973How's your net-worth allocated /biz/?[View]
14901885who else /wagekek/?[View]
14902517>Hello, woman. 'I must establish eye contact with her.'[View]
14902313guys ive been thinking. the fact that somebody got windows xp running on bitcoin sv blockchain is pr…[View]
14902444BNB: I'm sharing because this faggot delisted my SV, here's some perspective on what this …[View]
14901636Join the cause. Magic money is here whether you like it or not.[View]
14902299cash money: Is Harmony 2017 chainlink? might put in a G[View]
14899587Is it true that any coin that's mentioned on /biz/ is bad.[View]
14902395what the fuck is a futures?[View]
14902410Do you belive in Gravity?[View]
14902037So if we actually make it and get to something like $1mil, how do we safely withdraw this and put it…[View]
14898235Just bought 2000 XRP: I don’t even know why I did it but I impulse bought 2000 XRP, is this good or …[View]
14901553I currently have a low paid but fairly prestigious job in London. If I do well I will make around £5…[View]
14899745Why aren't you earning 13.94% on your dollars, anon?[View]
14901832Where do i buy COTI?: It's not on Binance, it's not on Coinbase… Where is this thing liste…[View]
14902201does coinbase accept deposits from paypal for US customers?[View]
14902104It's Over[View]
14901948What is the odds BTC will ever reach $50k price?: Its <1% chance right?[View]
14901749BTC will never ever be under $10,600 again[View]
14902000XLM quietly climbs up: pic related may be why? >1 year worth of staking rewards…[View]
14900193You've almost missed it. This is the last call.[View]
14899881Unironically if you make it from crypto what is the best car to buy to attract a hot gf?[View]
14902181Someone end this crab market please[View]
14901918He did it again, another crypto tweet: This time he went small market cap and tweeted about the smar…[View]
148996871110 LINK: Is 1110 ENOUGH TO MAKE IT[View]
14902177why arent you investing in money?[View]
14902130Get ready[View]
14900145OOOOH LIIINKIIIEEES! Where are you stinkies? Stinkers have been getting AWFULLY quiet as of late! Pl…[View]
14900931KUCOIN EXPOSED!: So I was talking to a guy in a whale group on Friday and he said he heard some snea…[View]
14902106Sunday surprise: >Today's the day the linkies have their picnic.…[View]
14902095Think I fucked up: Bought some Truechain from forkdelta then transferred it to shortex. It’s been 2 …[View]
14902066Explain it to brainlet: How much tax do you have to pay if you are a single white American male who …[View]
14902077Can someone do macro TA on XMR/BTC for me?[View]
149005802k whale here AMA[View]
14901272on the phone with fraud services to but a bag of HOT what are the rest of you biztards doing tonight…[View]
14900044aftershock: Been seeing this deflationary staking coin getting shilled a ton on /biz/. Can anyone gi…[View]
14901993Post your Wage-Cuck Battlestation[View]
14901951Please redpill on this[View]
14900664LINK EOY PRICE PREDICTION THREAD: So boys, whats it going to be?[View]
14900027Does anyone have a link to an archive of the rothanon thread? I hear it referenced a lot but google …[View]
14901848Trading Apps: First time posting on /biz/. Retard here. Are trading apps a scam? He says if I guess …[View]
14901168https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VCxkMvKUnA This video hits too close home to me, I need to make it …[View]
14901222Will 700 links enough to make it?[View]
14900601Just sold my shitcoin EDN for 1 ETH: Should I keep it in ETH or put it in LINK >Linklet with 7k…[View]
14901794Its not going to pass through congress is it...[View]
14900508How am I just realizing this now? Nuke, VOID, Ethplode, Fire, Moab, burn are all just copies of BOMB…[View]
14900722How'd he do it?[View]
14891872dude talking about wagecucking: give it a chance, a good video about how life pass you by when you w…[View]
14901805WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT !!??[View]
14901644data is the new oil: narrative will take LINK to $100 in next bullrun easy to understand normies wil…[View]
14901343How big is the moon mission going to be?[View]
14901478Does anyone know this whale was doing? It looks like he paid $20k in fees for nothing.[View]
14900317Best whitepaper?: For me, it's DeroGold https://github.com/derogold/whitepaper/raw/master/Dero…[View]
14901692Hail FUTURE!: I thought the heat was prolonged Apparently the drizzle .. its drizzle is inviting In …[View]
14901465Opinions: Good morning Biz, I am a Travel Nurse who makes about 110-120k post tax each year. At the …[View]
14900073Harmony ONE: What is this pattern called?[View]
14901621it looks like a monolith.[View]
14901638OH NO NO NO NO[View]
14901008Why Aren't You Tipping The POTUS?: He's going to need that crypto monies to secure his 2nd…[View]
14901639I'm actually more qualified to talk about this than most anons: I'm employed with a cyber-…[View]
14900791I keep adding to my VIDT wallet: Yet it keeps going down in the wallet rankings. Bullish.[View]
14901183Here's your next mission BIZ[View]
14901597how can i trust crypto? how can i trust gold? how can i trust paper money? it's all just number…[View]
14900490Who else accumulating before this goes past $1?[View]
14901500It’s going to happen fast: This will be a top 100 coin before September. Load up now while it’s unde…[View]
14898701ITT: Life Goals: Pic related[View]
14900668Got .1 btc what should I invest in?: Please give me good alternatives to bitcoin. 20 years old in th…[View]
14901236kek: Lot's of posts on here are people crying about what are actually blessings in disguise. Yo…[View]
14898197Sunday Slaughter: Just tethered now. Not taking any chances after last week. I'll rebuy Monday…[View]
14899886LITION: >94% of tokens in top 100 wallets >81% of tokens in top 2 wallets >he thinks he…[View]
14901010best options for money?: i'm a drawfag and a neet how can i get some money? also i'm 20…[View]
14900279Coti vs Iota[View]
14900382Say something nice about ampleforth: Say something nice about this coin[View]
14901374Someone knew something[View]
14900030Tendie Tiers. Post yours.: S Tier - RSR A Tier - VIDT, LINK B Tier - LTO, QNT C Tier - QNT, SHX D Ti…[View]
14901244Is 5 btc enough to “make it” by 2030?[View]
14900094Job uncertainty: How do you feel about your job security if there was a significant financial collap…[View]
14900667how much revenue can a youtube channel with 30k views consistently make? I have an idea to stir up s…[View]
14901108IS 2000 STINKS ENOUGH TO MAKE IT??[View]
14901241COTI (Currency of the Internet): mfw Coti is the future of financial transactions. You just don’t ne…[View]
14899094can i not use idex anymore in a few days?[View]
14900348Online bank offering 8.12% APR on TUSD, GUSD, PAX, USDC: Interest is paid out weekly. $1M deposited …[View]
14900763Whos been buying?: Raise your hand if youre a weak handed feg and gave away your RSR[View]
14900738Just imagine being over the age of 21 and working a retail/customer service job. Whenever I see adu…[View]
14901002If your coin didn't raise atleast 16 million during its ico it is a shitcoin and its not worth …[View]
14900250When will this pile of shit move?: This was a huge mistake. Fuck Nevin he doesn't believe in ma…[View]
14898802Time to go gemhunting /biz/bros!: Time to go gemhunting /biz/bros! no sullshit chill, only hard, co…[View]
14900950Whos on the Link forum?: Is it any good[View]
14895992Next Alt Coin Investment: Shill me your favorite alt coin right now and why I should invest $5500 in…[View]
14900854401K - Which rollover option is best?: I gave my two weeks notice and now I need to rollover my 401k…[View]
14900692XIRPLE thread: Secret's out..where can i buy XIRPLES of the trans persuasion?[View]
14900078Just came back from my business trip ask me anything.[View]
1490044142 did it[View]
14900153Chainlink the 2.60 stable coin?[View]
14900703Jews can make money out of thin air: How can you even compete?[View]
14900747RIP Belle Delphine's IG: How do THOTs make money from Instagram anyway?[View]
14900470So tell me anons, how many of you are unironically going to kill yourself once LIT hits $1 end of Ju…[View]
14900120Why are nulinkers made fun of: Man I bought at $4 and $3 and $2.6 you always making fun of me why? I…[View]
14900271How is your commute, wagieAnons: this looks hellish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dklIPZwCt3A…[View]
14899930Insider here, BTC will not go over $15,000 again[View]
14900253*increases the market supply by 18 million in your path*[View]
14899201I simply choose not to take part in an unfair system.[View]
14899261Our coin.: RSR is the next coin of /Biz/.[View]
14900439BitMEX going Mainstream: Arthur the Actor Go long on XBT[View]
14900156How do you start a hedge fund?[View]
14898759luxury watches and designer clothes: question to /madeit/ anons, is this an instagram normie meme or…[View]
14885212/smg/ sticky mucus general: YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SOLVE THIS edition aka basic review of calculus I,…[View]
14898988This damn Lition bag is getting heavy. Should’ve just went all in Veil instead.[View]
14899941Escaping the cage: Link eoy What will it be? Make EDUCATED predictions. Tell me WHY you think what …[View]
14899020How do I long my nofap headaches?[View]
14900438Can't go wrong with this?: >Tether up January - March. >Buy btc March. >look at crypto…[View]
14899757Hey wagie...: Enjoy your day tomorrow[View]
14898783How the fuck do I avoid the IRS?: I don't want to get buttfucked by Uncle Sam[View]
14899055Collecting coins: I spent $145 CAD on this.[View]
14900010I need more time.: Zuckbucks is going to take off without me, isn't it.[View]
14899359it's over: >Ripple payments as with any disruptive technology face resistance in adoption of…[View]
14898368Shill me something that is radically different from the average crypto token[View]
14899349$20 dollars an hour wagecucking is turned into 14.50 an hour after (((taxes))): JUST[View]
14900243xd: Someone love me...[View]
14900146bitch i got dat harmony[View]
14899878Soak it all in, wagie. Monday is closer than you think.[View]
14899152What does /biz/ think of Interactive Brokers?[View]
14899310>he isn't buying RLC at ICO price before the ((((delisting))))[View]
14897948we moon now[View]
14900074a-any chance i make it bros ?: mommy i don’t feel so well[View]
14899748I groped a woman today on the bus and put my hands down her panties and felt a vagina for the first …[View]
14900119*clenches asshole*: *ahem* *ppffffffrrrrrttttttt* PEE PEE POO POO[View]
14900095TRV insider here.: This is a shakeout. Buy the range over the next 2 weeks and then wait a month. Do…[View]
14899703Can Chainlink cure depression?[View]
14900071Chainlink poll: Let's see how many nu-linkers are on this board https://www.strawpoll.me/183519…[View]
14890639Please Help: >made 600 bucks in two weeks on new job working full time >So tired of being curs…[View]
14899741$1 waiting room[View]
14899259is it actually possible to make a living day trading crypto? > read pic related > recently los…[View]
14900023Chain link thread: Golden temple edition. In this thread we discuss, speculate and shitpost about ch…[View]
14898632ETH normies will flock to ETHPlode.: Under the radar, under-shilled, and ripe for Ethereum user-base…[View]
14897941Yeah, I’m thinking we’re back.[View]
14894241You have $7000, what shitcoin do you throw it at? NO LINK, I already have 15k of those.[View]
14899933How do I short the anime industry?[View]
14899126My dog is my office manager: So can I deduct dog food I buy as a business expense since my corgi is …[View]
14898413It's saturday night, what the fuck are you eating? I'm probably going make eggs for the 3r…[View]
14898746I hate jobs: I'm scheduled to work 4 days a week. If the manager wants me to work more than I a…[View]
14897478COTI listed on 3 big exchanges in less than 2 months: Still at $4M market cap >DAG technology be…[View]
14899614Is wallet fatigue real? Are consumers being nickel and dimed out of all facets of life?[View]
14899756What did CMC mean by this?[View]
14899766So why the fuck does this guy wear the same shirt every day? What the fuck is his problem? He looks …[View]
14896397>risking life and limb every single day racing down highways to your office job with thousands of…[View]
14899788Who's ready for sub-10k?: We will NEVER see 11k again. Hell, we probably won't even see 10…[View]
14898939you know you wanna: Mine with me sirs, we can help each other. Its a moonshot growing bigger and big…[View]
14893714Pi network general: 150k edition: Pi network just hit 150k engaged miners after only 4 months. No ot…[View]
14898530ALL JOKING ASIDE....IS THIS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY?: Pi Network? Developed by Stanford MBA and PhDs?…[View]
14898621minepi: >go to minepi.com >download their app >mine pi for free with no downside to your de…[View]
14898944>buy and it dumps >sell and it pumps every time…[View]
14899699$2 waiting room[View]
14898529you can only post in this thread if you are going to make it[View]
14899494>bitch i got that buttcoon catch[View]
14899674>there are people opening longs RIGHT NOW Thanks for the liquidity, you stupid fucks. See you at …[View]
14898483Where do you store your precious coins anon?[View]
14899334There isnt any reason for LINK to pump anytime soon: Idk why you retarded bagholders cant accept tha…[View]
14898365Im tempted to dump all my rsr for uuu on huobi, considering 1 coin is talked about more than the oth…[View]
14899619Mr. Whale: Here he comes[View]
14899613How can one man be that oblivious[View]
14898910What's the most useful thing you learned as a salesman?[View]
14899604Sunny here: The rumor is true... Not the partnerships those were all bull shit. We cashed out and du…[View]
14898513Please sell LINK at 100$: Please dump your stack at 100$ Thanks.[View]
14899354How you're holding up, /biz/?[View]
14898568did the man lost biz approval due to 700k stack dumps?[View]
14899559potential .50 waiting room: or just a fucking scam? Conceal Network (CCX)[View]
14897332Wage up: I’m a regular wagie who makes $16.27 I have no car and have about 6K saved, where do I star…[View]
14899402So, I'll preface this with this: I know I'm a dumbass. I haven't filed my federal ta…[View]
14896207SAY HI TO THE SEC STINKIES: Kek some mongoloid jannies deleted my previous thread but you won't…[View]
14898839can we hit 1 dollar plz so i can actually make something? if we spent the amt of money going to nigg…[View]
14899281WHY GOD WHY!??!?![View]
14898245You ARE listening to the best crypto podcast, aren’t you biz?: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast…[View]
14898907LINK is going sub 1$: Unironically HAHAHAHAHA[View]
14899103Fuck niggers: Fuck pajeets[View]
14898991>it's a reverse head and shoulders[View]
14897202/biz/, what percentage of your crypto portfolio is or should be in altcoins?[View]
14899278Insider whale anon here: This is the uptrend, we will be at $18k end of day. Good time to buy!…[View]
14899131Whats up with the retarded LINK moonboys?[View]
14896846Daily reminder only bitcoin holders will make it.: >imagine being a filthy no-coiner as bitcoin m…[View]
14898086Pizza or Bitcoin?[View]
14895320EVE is OURCoin: *AHEM* tap tap.. Without Devery Ethereum will not succeed. Devery is Ethereums best …[View]
14898524Bedtime story plz[View]
14899109psst kid you wanna be rich?[View]
14899007To ₿, or not to ₿, that is the question[View]
14898216Everyone at work has an intact healthy hairline but my hairline and wrecked and my forehead looks to…[View]
14898171Just a friendly reminder of ETH's utility: ETH is currently processing more than 2X as many tra…[View]
14898247Hey biz i am an autistic broke neet how do i make money with minimal brain and interaction with peop…[View]
14899063>doubles your money[View]
14898104>being delisted from every exchange forever do not buy anons you will lose all of your money…[View]
14897233is economics the equivalent of astrology for men?[View]
14895739Harmony : ONE: Onebros this is not a drill. One of the sell walls has been lifted and a huge buy wal…[View]
14898850What makes more money?: Selling coffee products or selling sugar products and is there a better more…[View]
14898212When money can be printed and Crypto is bought via Fiat, how is Crypto decentralized when they can j…[View]
14898437>1 corn costs $11,000 in actual money Let's be serious here. How can any thinking person loo…[View]
14898271Imagine not being all in on Zuckbucks.: Highest low-cap gains of 2019 incoming. You will soon be pri…[View]
14895646Time to load up the bags: We’re reaching despair boys, 500+ sats soon[View]
14898398just tried reading its technical whitepaper: what the fuck sirs? do you all understand dem whitepape…[View]
14896148How much does a porn actress earn for a high end scene?: How much would a porn actress earn for one …[View]
14898924Im all in on ChainLink, BUT....: I have 30,000 Chainlink. Im interested in buying some coins we neve…[View]
14897855Who did this?: im ruined[View]
14898809Predict bitcoin price and earn $: Play this game and earn tokens and some BTC, get in early :) IOS/A…[View]
14897984**ATTENTION ANTI-BSV BRAINLETS**: I have just one question for you...[View]
14898761>clicked sell instead of buy[View]
14897735BTC is being shilled a lot lately. Did a lot of people see the bullish price action and FOMO in? Eve…[View]
14896391PLS HELP ANONS one question: what will determine the unit value of chainlink. i bought into link bec…[View]
14898745Boomer Rock General /BRG/: GIVE SILVER CHAN ALL YOUR HIGH ENERGY[View]
14897205what's his name?[View]
14898520Your opinion?[View]
14897197Say good bye to 11k, bulltards. Resistance is ironclad at these levels, we will never spend more tha…[View]
14897820How is your Internet money going?[View]
14898370>he's not all in Segwit2x It's literally Segwit1x but better.…[View]
14898616Buy the dip: Next weekly is going to be a big green one[View]
14897954What the fuck is going on?: Why moon? Biz told me this was a meme project.[View]
14898404Why arent you buying FIRE TOKEN biz? 10% of the supply already been burned forever DIscord: / QWm9XV…[View]
14897558How do I short normies?[View]
14898383i wonder whats gonna happen: ????[View]
14898421W-what happened to the trifecta bros?[View]
14897997You know whats different from 2017?: Unironicaly, where the fuck are the summerfags? This shit cant …[View]
14896526If this doesn't reach 1k in the next 5 years: I'll be okay[View]
14895031*MOONS VIOLENTLY*[View]
14898374How obvious can it fucking be, and yet he still doesn't know. lmao[View]
14898400/Office/ general: Since an Office is the place where you get down to /biz/ness and make that cheddar…[View]
14897742which altcoin will win this season and why is it ONE?[View]
14895271so what does biz thinks of nofap? Ill start. I tried max 3 weeks last year and it got amazing result…[View]
14898348We are going make it /biz/?[View]
14897114Bitcoin maximalists are so imbeciles...[View]
14898312free money: Fluidstack lets you earn $50/month passively by letting FluidStack use your bandwidth ev…[View]
14895206should i lie on a loan application?[View]
14896239Easy Money: If you're not buying BTC right now for an easy +13% minimum over the next week, the…[View]
14897697LIGHTNING IS THE FUTURE: >instant transactions >minimal fees >unmatched privacy Give me one…[View]
14894966Is this dead?: Calling all Qash shills, I'm planning on taking the loss and trading for a shitc…[View]
14898126Has any crypto project accomplished anything?: Bitcoin seems the only one that can make a rightful c…[View]
14897877Alt-right & LINK: I've been doing extensive research on this board and I've come to th…[View]
14894196COTI: COTI marines report in[View]
14897395I know the purpose about LONGS BTGUSD: And i will never tell you[View]
14893695Some OGs are confident we wont see below 10k ever again.[View]
14898062Yeah I’m thinking we’re back[View]
14898052Can any /biz/nessman here recommend some top-tier books on running your own small scale business?[View]
14898099Bobos, Snibby would like a word with you....[View]
14897058If link doesn't moon soon I'm gonna die of boredom[View]
14897192Free Stinky Linkies - Coinbase: Hey Bizbros did you know you could earn free crypto on coin base by …[View]
14893846A lot of people are about to get rekt: we're well above the descending channel on the last leg …[View]
14897662Imagine waking up one day and ETH is worth $2000/token[View]
14897594>BTC dumps >Alts dump >BTC pumps >Alts don't move >BTC dumps again >Alts dump…[View]
14898005SNIBS YOUR PATH: such a harmless creature capable of reducing beasts of burden and fierce strength t…[View]
14896262Insider here...: LINK will begin pumping in exactly 33 hours. The price of LINK will sit at approxim…[View]
14895617All hail the new king of shitcoin exchanges. Tradeogre is where the next generation of altcoin whale…[View]
14893804I cant stand this anymore: Im fucking leaving biz for ever, I love the chaos meme magic and legendar…[View]
14896311Anyone else in on vidt? What made you invest in it?[View]
14897879Spreadsheets: Where would the business world be without spreadsheets? Do you know Excel?[View]
14897687What is happening with chain-link in September?: What is happening with chain-link in September?…[View]
14897449This nigga LIT: Lition gang squad up.[View]
14895479how does this make you feel?[View]
14897786All you had to do was listen.[View]
14897379it was an elaborate bull trap[View]
14897484Is Rocksteady STILL Satoshi?: https://cryptobellum.com/2019/07/18/is-rocksteady-still-satoshi-nakamo…[View]
14897798Skycoin and Lition General: These coins are the next 1000x. When should we go from accumulation into…[View]
14896911need some kex link me the worst whitepaper you've seen[View]
14894302Outlaws your gold: Did average people keep and trade gold coins and bullion in secret during those d…[View]
14897574Stiffmarines get in here, we mooning[View]
14897613business idea on improving a persons one-on-one conversation skills[View]
1489760330: Nobody knows when the ark singularity will happen, but what I do know is that it WILL happen. Th…[View]
14897455>>14893984 >beetcone haz more value cuz its useless[View]
14893113Ryzen 3900x for 600$ thanks to EU taxes Or Ryzen 3700x for 420$ thanks to EU taxes for Monero Rando…[View]
14897701How much % increase @end-customer price should I consider if I provide cereal bars 4 convenience sto…[View]
14896675100 X Neet bucks, Buy ANKER: www.ankerid.com[View]
14897606What's his name?[View]
14896220let's play a game: same coin 2 different time frame, would you long or short this ?[View]
14897095REN: so this motherfucker shills REN constantly, looked at the charts, shit looks manipulated with b…[View]
14897577MY PORTFOLIOOOOOOO!!!!!!![View]
14896638G20 about to rule on bitcoins that are used for illicit transactions. They will be seized - Two opti…[View]
14896723MFW 11k[View]
14896862Fuck: Sakes[View]
14896654Did Self-key actually had potential or was it doomed from the start to fail by services like yoti? A…[View]
14897514Explain velocity of money and how it makes the tokens without staking or burning have a ''theoritica…[View]
14897400BOOMERS: What is the quintessential boomer job? Who on /biz/ has the most boomer job/lifestyle?…[View]
14896613Why are they trying to take him down? Why can't they just let a black man succeed?[View]
14892599There are people here STILL holding ETH. Reasons why you'll never make it.: Reason #1: Premine.…[View]
14897311Arthur Hayes of bitmex has been arrested by Interpol and the fbi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh[View]
14895482Best MBA Programs for Crypto Career: I'm in the Summer before my last year in undergrad. I…[View]
14887815/SENT/ - Sentinel dVPN general: /biz why you aren't in SENT yet ? Sentinel is the first blockah…[View]
14897423>saturday already almost over[View]
14896403This thing still alive?[View]
14897429/BMG/ - Bear Music General Thread: Post some crunchy tunes to listen to was we watch the market run …[View]
14897017OH NO NO NO NO[View]
14897150Give me one good non-meme piece of advice[View]
14897399It seems the birds did indeed go down.: >Mr Bobo[View]
14897383When and to the moon?: Is it a great opportunity or will it be another crap?[View]
14897212*ahem*: BTC target $7,600[View]
14897149just found out about bitcoin... sucks man[View]
14897326selling scrap gold: gold is like $1,425 right now is an offer like $25 a pennyweight terrible? this …[View]
14896726Just tank this shit to 2k already, it's clear we cannot maintain above 11k for more than a few …[View]
14895343How does Hong Kong realistically solve their housing crisis?[View]
14895716Unironically AION: Is 20k enough to make it? Anybody loading now? It's stupid easy at these lev…[View]
14896964I'm noticing a lot of bizlets on /trv/ Makes me wonder, if you had to guess, what top 5 boards…[View]
14896850What are the chances this thing hits $45 in the next 12 months?[View]
14895687HARMONY ONE is radioactive: 24 Hour Volume is now at $3 981 122 USD It was at $5M two days ago, at …[View]
14897162stop trying to make BTC over $11000 happen It's NOT going to happen[View]
14895792Lets hear it out, perhaps we can pursue it together.[View]
14895809I could really use some advice and help thank you: I've been holding coins since the middle of …[View]
14891519Pi Network Thread Developed by Stanford PhDs and instructors and is on track to be the world's …[View]
14897092It's just the final trade: >>14895119 Remember this guy who spams[View]
14896893What is going to happen to Deutsche Bank?: surely it is too big to fail, right?[View]
14895924I'm a fraud: >made six figures flipping shitcoins >tfw friends ask me about blockchains a…[View]
14896970Someone somewhere just spent $11100 for a single number on a digital online ledger[View]
14897053Hello fellow neets and biznessmen: I will be departing for a week long journey to the nazi capital o…[View]
14895983I feel really sorry for Sergey. All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Lin…[View]
14896941COTI AVENGERS...: ...ASSEMBLE[View]
14896815Anon we told you the bottom was in for Holo: Why didn't you listen anon?[View]
14896871I knew about Bitcoin since december 2012,redpill me about How many obvious chances of getting rich i…[View]
14896551When are you going to get in anon?: I told you to get in at $16 at the start of the month anon Still…[View]
14894126Guys I'm really worried since last link conference. Sergey just wasnt the same, it's like …[View]
14894635Szabo says XMR > BTC: https://twitter.com/NickSzabo4/status/1152648193823219712?s=20[View]
14896752Is $2.60 truly LINK's rock solid bottom[View]
14895778Chainlink will continue the dump as btc continue the pumps isn't it?[View]
14886778StakeNet (XSN)--Livecoin exange: Give me a good reaon why you are not buying this. Only one[View]
14895874Is Bitcoin gonna get to 11k? Lets hope this is not a bubble..[View]
14895705Laugh at bobos thread: Come and enjoy their yesterday's cope: >>14877929[View]
14896056Why bitcoin is more an investment than actual usable currency: Bitcoin fronts as the currency of the…[View]
14896428Need 5-10x in 2 months, what you've got.: I'm in a fucked up situation, need 30k in 2 mont…[View]
14896666COTI: LOL >MC under $5mil >2Bil Total ONLY 71Mil cirrculating >Binance soon >$0.05... Ne…[View]
14894819Manny Pacquiao is gonna get knocked the fuk out by Keith Thurman tonight Easy money to be made who y…[View]
14895694Why don’t Millenials eat at chain restaurants?[View]
14896775AAANDDD: WE'RE BACK![View]
14889295Best european city for /biz/: Im about to become a father. What's a good european city with goo…[View]
14896772The community is gradually expanding[View]
14895997Angel Wings on my Link Goons. $1000 EOY dubs confirm this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTot-0POPC…[View]
14891638It looks that Sergey has settled on a dumping schedule - 700k link per about 45 hours = 15.555k link…[View]
14894590XMR THREAD - GET INNNN: How isnt this totally bullish? Top 3 coin. If BTC had to be something else, …[View]
14896594Still no idea what to do with my life and I need advice: I currently have a low paid but fairly pres…[View]
14895636Coinbase: I got 100 dollar on coinbase. Shill me which of the mainstream coins i shouls buy to hodl…[View]
14893643is it worth selling crypto gains on robinhood if its just a few bucks profit? after much searching i…[View]
14896465ITS DUMPING SUB $2 EOD[View]
14893108>broke nofap >broke nosugar >didn't exercise today >haven't taken a shower yet…[View]
14893376Net worth: Why do I have anxiety that my net worth is just $75,000 at age 26, when it turns out I…[View]
14896496Resources for learning: Can any /biz/nessman here recommend some top-tier books on running your own …[View]
14896413Who here has reached the endgame?: I'm talking about anyone who has >made it/retired/no long…[View]
14894899New big scam??: What is the trend with futures exchanges? Are they scams? Xfuture and Coinex sold Ak…[View]
14895499Podcast Money: I want to start a podcast and try to monetize it. Even if it's a side gig do peo…[View]
14888058edge.network > up to 10x cheaper and faster than centralized clouds > large number of clients …[View]
14896372SENT new 4chan lowcap: anyone else bought SENT cause of the constant shilling in the last days ?…[View]
14896401Swing-Trading: I know, I know HODLing is the wisest... But which is the best option out of these: sw…[View]
14894895Do you swingers prefer to do so on USDT or BTC?[View]
14896080I’ll be visiting NYC soon. Help me not get ripped off.: I’m from outside the US, visiting NYC for th…[View]
14895301J U S T[View]
14893552hey guys should I eat this today and then go practice soccer and then stare at the charts and watch …[View]
14896356so who of you autists did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrCmIeCPRCg[View]
14895382Do we deserve it?: I'm in it for almost 2 years, my memory is starting to fade. How was it disc…[View]
14896290Ok i'm convinced this project is a good investment. >not to many threads posting about in c…[View]
14896232It has begun.[View]
14896275When do you realize /Biz/ is a draingang board?[View]
14896160*ahem* The more a coin is shilled, the higher the chance it is a shitcoin scam.[View]
14895991Ah shit: Looks like we’re about to pump again bros[View]
14895566Thoughts? Any predictions?[View]
14896009How do I short Kyoani?[View]
14896217Still waiting for a crypto coin that promises: 1. 10%apy on balances up to $120k (max earnings of $1…[View]
14896206For me, its butter chicken + butter naan.[View]
14896139Restaurant lifehack?: Can I make the waitress pay for my meal if I write a negative value in the tip…[View]
14893952From the pinned message you can correctly guess a lot is going on back door[View]
14896193What went wrong with XBY /biz/?[View]
14895846ONE: Can anyone make a case that this is anything but obvious accumulation? Honestly. I'd like …[View]
14895683Biz missing out as usual[View]
14896050It’s coming[View]
14894462So my dad is dying. He's got a couple months left. Life is hell and I am beyond crushed, but me…[View]
14896101Why yes, I do hold harmony ONE, how can you tell??[View]
14895564So this is still a chink scam or a hidden gem? Did Sergey got fooled by chink bucks back in feb? Wha…[View]
14894562Who else living alone and staying inside every weekend by yourself browsing internet and basically d…[View]
14896058can we just stop pretend our shitty scams matters and give all our money to bezos or musk let them t…[View]
14894013Insider whale here. We are going to 12,600 to complete the bull trap and dumping down to 3k by Augus…[View]
14894141ONE pump incoming. You have 2 hours to accumulate before its too late. Target for tomorrow is 187sat…[View]
14894622Stole my meme lines: A crypto influencer with 82,000 followers took my meme line chart from my tradi…[View]
14895984How does a retail cuck like me escape poverty? I live with my parents and I want to move but I can…[View]
14895692MAKE BIZ GREAT AGAIN: we need more gore on this board or redditors will flood this place.[View]
14894568XRP: Genuine insider here. We are going to see major news regarding Ripple, XRP, SWIFT and Disney. T…[View]
14895971DUMP DUMP DUMP DUMP: I should've let you know, that you're my only one I know you're …[View]
14895668FLAGS NOW![View]
14895913harmoney 105 sats[View]
14895695LINKS ABOUT TO FUCKING BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
14894678Why aren't you holding NEO?: -Chinese ethereum -0 transaction fees for NEO/GAS -Claim passive …[View]
14895267$DAG delisted?: Why is $DAG dropping so hard? Are the rumors Kucoin is going to delist them true?…[View]
14894839Blockchain limitations that must be fixed: Gather around fellow anons, I do say that it is imperativ…[View]
14895119The fireworks BTG (USDLONGS): Bitfinex little game Squeeze or moon,no matter. This is the fireworks …[View]
14895215HOLY SHIT THAT GREEN CANDLE IS A SIGHT TO BEHOLD, glad I didn't swing that[View]
14894020To those who have 'made it' ...: why the fuck do you still live in the big cities and blow your mone…[View]
14895766ok: so is coinbase a bank now? it seems they are in the middle of filling out paper work. what is th…[View]
14894299Since crypto is a asset/property does a 1031 apply like real estate where I can just keep reinvestin…[View]
14893956MAXUM KING: The only deflationary token worth buying >cool ticket MUM >top 25 Exchange >m…[View]
14895074Fantom is a partner of Hong kong: First, I don't have any idea when this is going public, might…[View]
14892311>when my manager at work is a fucking 40 something woman who won't shut the fuck up about he…[View]
14895610Anyone else think this is a fakeout and we are heading down.[View]
14895539Chainlink iPhone Case: Hi. I am Sergey Nazarov. I just sold 5.6 million linkies from my company…[View]
14895552BUY MY HATS GOY[View]
14895516JANNIES DELETE THE DAMN GORE THREADS NOW FUCK ppl post azn qts to fight the gore[View]
14895579Will he ever come back?[View]
14894425Getting rich wasn't enough for them they also wanted us to be poor. Now I don't care so mu…[View]
14895025Hey hey hey: Isn't that a wonderful day. I think we see the birds fly low, wonder what comes ne…[View]
14893249so Coti is going to binance dex. rumours saying the MM is trying to supress the price for a while m…[View]
14892746BTC already had a 300,000x RoI from the initial price to the parabolic peak. Do people unironically…[View]
14893836Reminder: Fiat Money isn't backed by any...[View]
14892735UFC betting Thread: Okay ladies and Gents it's time to double, triple your BTC trading stack by…[View]
14895080>crypto trading is unregulated >crypto trading uses massive amounts of bots >trading bots u…[View]
14895446What is your Apollo 11?: I thought it would be fun to mention each one of our moon mission tokens in…[View]
14895334harmony: can someone tell me what all this harmony one shit is about?[View]
14895186This pajeetass dubai thing was bearish as fuck. Why did they even lower themselves like this.[View]
14894390Coinbase Earn working in NZ?: Have tried a couple of links, always says that I will get an email whe…[View]
14891839ETFs: Can somebody explain ETFs in a way that even a blue-pilled pleb such as myself can understand?…[View]
14895357BURNT: Is a deflationary 'Gambling Token' worth investing in?[View]
14895356WHAT WAS THAT?: PUMP IT[View]
14893641Fantom is partner of New York: First, I don't have any idea when this is going public, might be…[View]
14892160i did it again: I gambled all my money away. Is there a cure?[View]
14894629CZ's masterplan: So, to me it got very obvious that CZ is planning something very big. With bin…[View]
14892587Im finna be rich[View]
14894995Moon Mission[View]
14893183WOW it was right after all, hit around $9200 this month and then bounced up hard[View]
1489522595 sats[View]
14894897Coinbase Earn: Anyone wanna trade XLM and EOS coinbase Earn links? I have another 2 quizzes left tha…[View]
14895257Honk kong >>14895074 Singapore >>14894134 New York >>14893641 new low for fantom s…[View]
14892244WeWork Co-Founder Has Cashed Out at Least $700 Million Via Sales, Loans: https://www.wsj.com/article…[View]
14893785War with Iran: Likelihood of war? Which PMC will increase their market cap most.[View]
14893428Verify: with eyes[View]
14894301why is bitcorn pumping? I dont want to buy back in I want to leave this clown market[View]
14894762kills your bull market.: breaks into your house, fucks your wife, what do you do?[View]
14892317RIP chainlink: It’s unironically over[View]
14894983Is this bitch gonna fail?: Or what?[View]
14894550Reverse H&S: you won't make it anon[View]
14894078Bizbros unite. Earn free money on Coinbase: Have 3/4 XLM and 1/4 EOS >4 slots left https://coinba…[View]
14891939DOWN.: The bull trap is almost over, time for the simpsonian reversal to be fulfilled.[View]
14894957Winning in downtrend: Just FYI, not everyone is losing in a downtrend. And I’m not talking about sho…[View]
14894444Verify with EYE. You'll know in time.[View]
14894134Fantom is a partner of Singapur: First, I don't have any idea when this is going public, might …[View]
14894924Wagie thread >age >job >salary or how much you make hourly…[View]
14894223What is the purpose of the chainlink token?[View]
14893868Is this misogynist company a good investment[View]
14894971What did they mean by this?[View]
14895011Pls CZ pump my bags[View]
14894680Reverse HS on the hourly: We are rocketing to 12k today lads[View]
14894807FUCK CAPITALISM >cousins always had more money than me growing up and looked down and excluded my…[View]
14894123Can you please shill me RSR?: I have accumulated 200k so far and still debating should I convert all…[View]
14893238I JUST WENT ALL IN[View]
14893139Free $10 EOS on coinbase: Just answer a couple questions, use this link boys https://coinbase.com/ e…[View]
14894737wwhat is an ethereum[View]
14894767The world reserve: https://youtu.be/5serQV6Xml4 https://youtu.be/By1vzBtjViI Lets do this.[View]
14894728What was tha-: Oh. Topkek. >mfw moving on 1 $LINK volume[View]
14894312Hard truth for /biz/: Crypto is an actual meme, smart contracts are en even bigger meme. Any company…[View]
14887221Here's the current oracles on testnet preparing to move to mainnet: >https://docs.chain.link…[View]
14893824Insider whale here. Ask me what the price will be in August.[View]
14892740>11k LINK >0.28 BTC >10 ETH how much will this portfolio be worth EOY? No meme answers pls…[View]
14893929ONNE: *tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tchop tch…[View]
14894466What if /biz/ bought all ONE tokens?: ...and never sold. Would 2500 sats be attainable?[View]
14894457All you need to know about this market: Dogecoin, a literal meme coin and a bare Litecoin fork, perf…[View]
14894354lol get ready guys: drumpffffffff is banning bitcoin. psych![View]
14894564seems like a lot of you nerds on here never heard of Republic Protocol REN … the next big thing 100x…[View]
14894415LINK is /biz/ crack, plain and simple. >Plausible but overly technical use case that makes people…[View]
14892724If you don't live here, you will NEVER make it.[View]
14893486I haven't had sex in two years: I've made out with a few girls in clubs and stuff but they…[View]
14893351$3 please[View]
14892909>based af Trump statement on BTC tomorrow[View]
14891982Imagine...: Imagine if instead of bitching about boomers having money, you followed the same strateg…[View]
14894073A parable about a foolish man: A man recently got homeless. After weeks of bad luck he breaks down c…[View]
14892993If You Can't Beat Them...: How The Fuck Do I Join (((Them)))?[View]
14893443I miss the LIT fud.: Why don't you cunts fud my investment anymore? It's making me nervous…[View]
14893732Selling everything, screencap this.: Wasted 1 1/2 years of my youth and lots of fun. It is not worth…[View]
14894225The next 12 months are CRITICAL for ChainLink[View]
14894193>he doesnt automatically filter out any thread with a white/asian/male female in OP post.…[View]
14893753Why is the ceo of the Chainlink selling his coins? What's is happening right now I thought this…[View]
14894234G-guys..?: Why isn't anybody buying chainlink?[View]
14890049Crash resistant coins: Sick of seeing nothing but seas of red. What are your HODL coins?[View]
14894152Can imitating this picture in a job interview get me a job even if I'm unqualified and have a 6…[View]
14893617hey frens, what will be the BTC price by 2021?[View]
14893729Tell ya what, everyone and I mean everyone: is probably bullish again and this is why: Even people w…[View]
14894192What does /biz/ predict? Will the ETH FUD get higher as the ratio pumps or will everyone suddenly be…[View]
14894142What does it feel like Biz[View]
14889375bitch i got dat harmony[View]
14894072Insider whale here: 11k will not be breached. This it it. Dump to 1k begins within 48 hours before b…[View]
14893563i'm actually going to be so fucking rich soon. finally i've made it. went from 23 BTC to 8…[View]
14892586Coinbase Urn for ashes from getting burned by whales: https://coinbase.com /earn/eos /invite/ 93p56t…[View]
14894090Who else accumulating before $1 and beyond?[View]
14893119Have y'all ever tried to start your own cyrpto currency? What were the highs and lows of your e…[View]
14894066join this server for free money 5gnWwt[View]
14893029Can anyone shill me RVN? I am thinking of putting a sizable amount into it. Thanks[View]
1489343211k unbreakable: Who else ready for the dump?[View]
14892479whale insider anon here. we will maybe reach 11k but we will go back to 9k in the next day. SELL SEL…[View]
14893203I'm balding.[View]
14892594If you had a position in Chainlink before May 2019, congratulations you know what you're doing.[View]
14879206RSR: Where my boys at?[View]
14891428BSV is the real imaginary internet coins.[View]
14892392You've been warned[View]
14893555Pay respects to Satoshi: Let's take a moment and pay respect to the man who started it all. The…[View]
14893480Let's go!: If you own less than 1 BTC your peepee is very small[View]
14893702Link is going down[View]
14892435Anyone in KCS?: Seems like a hidden gem. 50% ROI annualy[View]
14892268105: >You're a schizo, this is never going below 130 again! It went below 130. >You'…[View]
14892893any tough on hedera hashgraph ? is it the next bitcoin ?[View]
14893822hi my name hermezsk i think altcoin will mostly go up soon because if you think about it yeh everyon…[View]
14893782>There are people on this board right now who didn't buy the VIDT dip Lol @ ur ''''lives''''…[View]
14892704How much does a loyal wife cost?[View]
14893442Rich ass mofo: >be me >broke as fuk last month >sold my bike >sold my phone n buy cheape…[View]
14893733been adding more to my collection of Cardano. Silly not to at these prices. looking forward to more…[View]
14892903hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds up spork* my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!…[View]
14892641MITX: STILL not in? I'm going to laugh my ass off when this shit moons and you guys are left be…[View]
14893044Don't forget, 1000x or bust. Are you willing to take the risk?[View]
14892910I've been working my first real career type job for a year and a half now and I'm sick of …[View]
14892489Wtf is th-that thing in the mid right square...[View]
14893453is it true that sergey is at least 350 years old?[View]
14893398WTF are bulls problem. Never seen such a group of shits in my life.[View]
14893603VIDT Art Gallery: Please post your exhibits[View]
14893506RSR or stakenet for short term?[View]
1489189311k waiting room: get in fast[View]
14892521Please explain why you're not cooking your salmon in the dishwasher /biz.[View]
14892540PIECE: >Amazon ad spotted on Brave Will the erstwhile unpumpable BAT finally take flight, or does…[View]
14893483>I'm going to be rich[View]
14892478Is plastic surgery worth it? I literally get stared at and even laughed at how ugly I am. I'm v…[View]
14893265>been on /biz/ for over a year now >haven't bought any coins Am I gonna make it?…[View]
1489174912K Waiting room: we did it lads[View]
14893364>wearing pants[View]
14893359Has this Market any future?: Serious question, most Projects I followed failed. To much fud to let n…[View]
14893303thank god for crypto: Thank god for Internet, crypto, and /biz. Don't know what i would do with…[View]
14893333You should be going all in on ADA right now biz[View]
14892794TRX pamp: Will we hit 400sats before stupid ass lunch?[View]
14892167COTI (Currency of the Internet): While you dumb cunts have been buying IDEX scamcoins Ive been accum…[View]
14893144cant believe I still come here OK ETHCC will have Link be the designated oracle for polkadot In Apri…[View]
14893107Would you be okay with your kid being a NEET?[View]
14892959What will the price of Chainlink be 5 minutes from now?[View]
14887178>tfw get rejected for interviews by the same thots that rejected me on Tinder…[View]
14893013>he's not pursuing a career because he thinks he will 'make it' from investing <100k in c…[View]
14892782Alright lads, what is your total portfolio size? No lying https://www.strawpoll.me/18349523[View]
14893112missed me?[View]
14893126APOLOGIZE now![View]
14893120bullish: https://cointelegraph.com/news/virgin-bitcoin-most-in-demand-crypto-that-is-regulated-diffe…[View]
14892854Daily reminder only bitcoin holders will make it.: >imagine missing out on the golden Bitcoin bul…[View]
14893075>haha isn't that that weird dude that tried selling us his sketchy e-money? >yeah i heard…[View]
14892058Stacking Gold: For me, it doesn't make much sense. A single 1/10 Oz (the absolute cheapest) is …[View]
14893008Is this bullish?: Can some TA faggot confirm?[View]
14892443just tell me if this will hit $5 one day[View]
14892678I bought 6000 VIDT for .00002 BTC about a week ago. How the hell do I figure out my cost basis in US…[View]
14892795Anon, werde einfach Teil der wirtschaftlichen Elite[View]
14891601>Not having at least half of the funds in Cardano Do you really hate money that much? This is you…[View]
14893016You know how much you're worth, right anon?[View]
14892277Pewdiepie owns LINK: https://youtu.be/dJg1ptpqN2g?t=309 5:05 confirms it[View]
14892657Do you guys hate your current jobs/careers?: Seems like the focus of most/many here is to stop worki…[View]
14889988Devery!!!!! WTF was that!????!??: Apologize now jeets[View]
14891974It was a bear trap after all.[View]
14891455I hope you shorted: If you aren't shorting right now then you're LITERALLY RETARDED and ha…[View]
14892286It is time VIDT: I am officially entering VIDT. Sold 10% of LINK stack today, 2 year holder. If Ser…[View]
14891048Please, mods.: Just give us some fucking flags already, we're all sick of these Pajeets.[View]
14892158At what price should i set my BTC buy order?: At 3k some fagot on biz told me to wait until 1.8k. Fu…[View]
14892294Alt season is starting: You have one chance One opportunity Will you take it Or let it slip[View]
14892894SAFEX is a SCAM?: Holding this Shitcoin since McAfee tweet that the majority of his holding was SAFE…[View]
14892783mfw when you're an old linkie and you made out like a bandit: Mfw when you bought this shit at …[View]
14891909Is it true chainlink is an erc-20 token which only took 15 minutes to make?[View]
14892583uh guys..? *nervous laughter*[View]
14890512Where will you retire once you make it? >For me it's Carmel by the Sea with an addition high…[View]
14892834FREE TIP: Put your money on Manny Pacquiao.[View]
14891753Is there any way to sue him?[View]
14892481If you truly believe he's going to win, why aren't you buying a house RIGHT NOW with a fix…[View]
14892702I am going to buy more LINK and Bitcoin, will I make it?[View]
14889029I want to get into flipping on sites like Ebay, anyone got good starting points for that? What are t…[View]
14892432Last night at 3am I woke to the crystal clear realisation that when Shelley releases by the end of t…[View]
14890061makes you think[View]
14890835Reserve: >2.5m reserve >Captain >was rank 125 >then rank 150 >knocked out of the top …[View]
14892600Fantom make it stack: Bitch I got dat 100k FTM[View]
14891513Oooooh anon..: Oh, you lost money anon? Oh you keep trading yourself? Like a complete noob? You thin…[View]
14892563These are the guys from 2017 who are still fudding to this day, stay poor discordcucks[View]
14890628Imagine not buying $FTM right now: Just Imagine[View]
14887247Link soft exit scam: >Sergey just sold another 700k...softly exit scamming to not raise alarms …[View]
14889927Now link is done is it time to invest in something else?: Link is over fellow marines. I am moving o…[View]
14892501Since everything except devery is wash traded, does that make it the only non-scam going?: I need to…[View]
14891967Short Term Sentiment Thread: //STST// Short term price predictions and sentiment thread, post em up.…[View]
14892507Unironically how many BTC will it take to be a millionaire by 2022?[View]
14891076COTI Marketmaker: Friendly reminder that COTI is going to go up at least 300% by EOM in July >DAG…[View]
14892500This picture is you when you're not holding ADA once shelley is released. Do you like what you…[View]
14892495>banned for replying to a shitpost What the fuck is wrong with the dickless incel mods on this he…[View]
14891207Everything is so fucking cheap, what does /biz/ have it’s eyes on? Me personally have been buying t…[View]
14892471Is Binance kill?[View]
14889770XRP: SENTBE[View]
14890464So is it harmony, devery or vidt?[View]
14891226>And how's my little wolf of wall street doing today? Are you winning??…[View]
14892456What is Pi Network? It is a cool concurrency project from Stanford university professors. Get rewar…[View]
14892232I’m stupid. Can someone shill me on Harmony?[View]
14891651Monero vs Zcash: Can somebody redpill me on the these two coins and which is technologically better.…[View]
14889895Devery? A meme worth the risk?: How many times have biz memes gone 100x . Is devery the next one?…[View]
14891567Tell me one good reason why you don't own SKY /biz/[View]
14891782>sold all my trx for harmony[View]
14889865Predict your own bank balance/net worht 5 years from now.[View]
14892072>convinces biz to bag hold his erc20 token Apologise lmao[View]
14888376Redditors coming here for financial advice despite not liking the way people talk here should just g…[View]
14891474One: When move?[View]
14891025Hard Truths for Biz: >Partnerships that enable adoption aren't adoption >Businesses won…[View]
14892295Its another lower highs bulltrap ahahahahahahaha bulls are so gd pathetic[View]
14891973>buy 14 link >spend $40 >know link $1000 EoY >know that's $14,000 >that's $…[View]
14892259Buy ada right now[View]
14892123There goes another 700k, unbelieveable[View]
14892086why are (((they))) so good with money lads? and why arent we siding with (((them))) so we can get ri…[View]
1489221812k waiting room: did you brought new top anon? it's just 250 higher but moon soon keep scaling…[View]
14891886Memetic / PepeCoin 148888888[View]
14890175Btmx or BNB vybes: Did you miss BNB pump ? In the shadow BTMX is mooning. The rally started for 5$.…[View]
1489165050k times ten = $500 000 which is the same price as a property. Why is it so hard for people to buy…[View]
14892153Devery Brings Real Utility to ETH: Daily reminder that without Devery Ethereum cannot succeed agains…[View]
14891785He's really doing it, isn't he? Good fortune will come to you, but only if you post, 'Eat…[View]
14892109how many posts have you made on biz ?[View]
14890346I hope you finished accumulating[View]
14891438> gf > 'how's the crypto investing going?' > 'um alright, market's kinda going si…[View]
14891897RSRmy: We have us a waifu.[View]
14892097Thanks for FUDing this for the last few weeks. We are ready.[View]
14890544What freelance services are in high demand now? Websites? Mobile apps? Something else entirely?[View]
14890570Not financial advice: but you all are aware that this is yet another chance to get in before another…[View]
14891198The great final in August: I'm ready for this coin If you know, you know[View]
14892068Did Bakkt exit scam us? Where did those fucks go?[View]
14888991I'm getting antshare vibes from VIDT: Only holding 8K here. How much VIDT to make it? i'm …[View]
14892040Literally the textbook definition of a deadcat bounce[View]
14891874VIDT Roll Call: VIDIOTS roll call where you at, how comfy are you. Pic related[View]
14891995Legitimately though when comparing the technical papers as to the issues raised by the growing.. wha…[View]
14891977Remember: this is the state of biz at all times[View]
14891556Literally stealing: at these prices[View]
14891735get in faggots we're about to pump HARD[View]
14891887>Steady grow >70K+ volume >300x since feb >Webpage looks like shit >shitty exchanges…[View]
14891403Buy ETH? Target 263?[View]
14891900BUYING QNT? YOU ARE THAT DUMB?: LIKE IQ OF ONLY 100... ahahahah go get cancer insert VPN based Deve…[View]
14891856Quick, what are some promising ICOs or promising tiny market cap coins? I'm in town to flip som…[View]
14891657Insider here: Listen up everybody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vyj1C8ogtE[View]
14891149ITT: Chinese Crypto: Looking to buy bags of legitimate home-grown chinese crypto and blockchain proj…[View]
14890427Why did no one here shill REN?: WTF WTF WTF WHY DID NOBODY SHILL REN TO ME?????[View]
14891196Reserve (RSR): Libra is not a threat to Reserve. Its free publicity when reserve launches in Q3. htt…[View]
14887354QNT are telling people Banks are already using Overledger: 570 banks are not using quant. Quant got …[View]
14890969Bulls, are you ready?: Our time is coming.[View]
14891768Bakkt: 2 days... Will this be the moonshot we have all been waiting for?[View]
14891814Sir PLEASE stop selling. I have familiy sir. I buyed your coin for much profit now i loose money[View]
14887997Where did all this technology come from? By that I mean everything, the last 100 years to now, how t…[View]
14891468Scotty doesn't know WHAT?[View]
14890789when is this shitcoin going to binance dex? need some pumping to happen[View]
14890657PA here /biz/ is mine now[View]
14889485Where will they go now?: Pic related: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-19/u-s-regulat…[View]
14891611Rate my Bags Pajeets: Looking for potential moonshots and will be throwing in an additional 1k next …[View]
14891677WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??????????????[View]
14891732Binance chain: Just a reminder that any project that migrates or integrates this to this is pretty m…[View]
1489159642: Is this guy relevant in the grand scheme of things?[View]
14891679>work at a grocery store >get 10% discount >buy loads of products and sell them for a 5% di…[View]
14891630>promising projects that you haven't seen shilled in ages[View]
14891648WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?! + 370 replies and 77 images omitted. Click here to view.[View]
14890787Thanks sergey: Ordering the new 2020 c8 corvette this Monday > 60k base mrsp > 500 hp v8 > …[View]
14887015I just moved £50k fromy my bank account to coinbase you fuckers finally got me. You guys are getting…[View]
14891087600LB Bear in the room: Is no one going to discuss the fact that the largest Bearish liquidity pool …[View]
14890877>your networth >do you wash your hands after showering…[View]
14891304Why did you forsake me? Why did you sell?[View]
14891156You know the drill[View]
14890617what's our target bros? 9k or lower?[View]
14891312>be me >go to interview >it's going okay >the high level manager has this bitchy to…[View]
14891098Summoning 42: What's the word? Any good news for us?[View]
14891364Iranian here. I want to bring incels to Iran for plastic surgery. As you might know Iran is the seco…[View]
14891401see file name[View]
14890574So is there enough speculation behind TruffleCon that we can hope to see a hype pump leading up to A…[View]
14891344Black elephant.[View]
14891358smart money has started rotating into large caps like LTC TRX ....probs follow up with some others..…[View]
14891353How do you get in on an IPO?: There were a few IPOs yesterday, and I tried to track them on Yahoo ar…[View]
14891249>Bought in at 11,400 >Dip, now at 10,600 I just want to get away clean now. I really should…[View]
14891284So I done goofed and transferred like 20k worth of eth to coinbase before realizing im not selling a…[View]
14891038Why is he the only person in crypto who's not literally trying to steal your money and always t…[View]
14890915Good Time to Load up on Link?: Is $2.6 a good price to load up on link before it moons? Or will we s…[View]
14891246Gotta be honest: a 10x isn't going to do it for me. even if bcone or bcorn goes to 200k next AT…[View]
14891311My moms told me to get a job, fuck that Ayo, picture me getting a job Taking orders from Bob, sellin…[View]
14889377When does this moon?[View]
14890060Can Harmoney do literally anything I'm so bored I'd rather it go to 105(which it's ne…[View]
14891241/biz I found a hidden gem and its called Republic Protocol REN. It will go 100x and be the next big …[View]
14891208'breadcrumbs': Or a fucking bakery pic related[View]
14891154>mfw they are waiting for alt season why do so little people knows on this board?…[View]
14888270How do I became an insurance broker?: Anyone maes this job? Do I need college?[View]
14890412Sideways Action: Alt season when?[View]
14891063This is what Sergey is doing with your money: And you trust him. Fucking pathetic pornhub. com/view_…[View]
14891136What are the basics to getting your ducks in a row?: My idea of ducks being in row consist of having…[View]
14889939Devery? Pajeet scam or gayfag autist shill job?[View]
14888390Why isn’t this talked about anymore?: I don’t even recognize this board filling up the token tracker…[View]
14889799Reminder: The higher in price bsv goes and the more unstoppable it becomes the more and more the BTC…[View]
14889225ZUCKBUCKS cash (ZBUX) Youtube meme contest: Are you good in memes and video editing? This migh be fo…[View]
14891043>you will never go back to early 2018 to post fresh memes about link and Sergey while breadcrumb …[View]
14890923How can one man be so unaware?[View]
14891091Will the alt market ever recover?[View]
14889943>being delisted from every exchange forever do not buy anons you will lose all of your money…[View]
14891006Looks at this: Bitcoin dominance niggers. Soon.[View]
14891088Bitcloud going down: Brace yourself. Get ready to shill your bags when it hit rock bottom.[View]
14889205Sell me the pen, /biz/.[View]
14891013I had a dream just now where chain link soared in value, while a nameless shitty crypto killed all o…[View]
14890985Investing: Hai. Currently i investing on coti is it the right decision for me? Will coti can filled …[View]
14889612OH NO NO NO[View]
14891017I’m going to lose everything: I’m a broke boi with no money outside of crypto. Just sold some for we…[View]
14890214>Print more Tether >Market pumps >Sell off Bitcoin >Market dumps >Print more Tether …[View]
14890745MITX: STILL not in? I'm going to laugh my ass off when this shit moons and you guys are left be…[View]
14888725Redpill me on Cardano Will this make me a millionaire?[View]
14890665Swap: Buy a small bag of this, it's about to chuck a turtle coin[View]
14888744IT AINT JUST SAM NOW JIM JUST MENTIONED LINK https://youtu.be/hmTpZvikh6k at 4:30[View]
14890928ADA is launching at Coinbase.com and in the iOS and Android apps within the next week. You may need …[View]
14890821What has anyone built on btc? All crypto twitter says is hodl and price go up thats it. No technolog…[View]
14890764Ban That Faggot: >the Sōytoshi's Vision shill retard spammer is back kill yourself…[View]
14890844Bitcoin Question: This video says support, resistance, and trend lines help you trade better, but I…[View]
14889936Redpill me on trading bots: Have you any experience with trading bots? How did they work for you? Ar…[View]
14888130Scam or not?: BlockFi - supposedly you can loan your BTC and ETH there (without selling) for like 6%…[View]
14890538I am so fucking depressed. I've been using a sybian for prostate orgasms to cure my depression …[View]
14890714FAir x WTF: https://mobile.twitter.com/fairxio/status/1152310678528462849 YOU BLEW IT[View]
14890746Remember, people only bought altcoins because margin trading wasn't a thing. There will NEVER b…[View]
14890340Notice how bsv shills disappear when the price crashes, and after it pumps again they reappear. Make…[View]
14890048Sub 1mil mcap coins: Looking for good projects with under 1mil mcaps.[View]
14890759What will happen with the price of POW coins in the following scenarios? 1) Electricity becomes ext…[View]
14890153Eve babes??: I swear that Latina is the only thing keeping this project going.[View]
14890676For PoW coins: What is the correlation within nethash and price? + Nethash = + Price ??[View]
148906750xbtc: it's brewing[View]
14890710Pill me on devery: Redpill me on devery[View]
14889768do the needful sir[View]
14890431has anyone seen Willy?: Wondering if he still thinks bsv is likely to flip btc following a crash end…[View]
14890631holy shit: I hate crab market[View]
14887325Who are you?: What an odd bunch you LINKies are. You meme constantly. Consistently hold some of the …[View]
14890124>makes you seethe uncontrollably wat do[View]
14889893Apologise :3[View]
14890474I'm the oldest link person[View]
14888943Holy shit, plebbit is delusional. Imagine Brave using the BTC network for micro transactions.[View]
14887725Yikes people here are still buying alts! Most of us at /r/cc have sold all out shitcoins for Bitcoin…[View]
14890429Making it strategy: Someone let me know if this is retarded or not. inb4 buy link (already have 10k,…[View]
14890487Daily reminder[View]
14889713should I join the chain link hype ?: should I join the chain link hype?, if so how much do you think…[View]
14890172Why did he lie?: Who is the most crypto friendly candidate in 2020?[View]
14889873Is it time to look at Devery?: Looking at the volume it’s shit. But based on the quality of dev, it’…[View]
14890446Let's say i created a blockchain with a solid project, working wallet, working mining pool and …[View]
14889105It’s over....[View]
14890054devery btts nodes?: How do gas-lass transactions work?[View]
14890530VIDT x ChinkZ: Do we know if VIDT will also be listed on the normal exchange, not just DEX as BEP2?…[View]
14890506Cryto Echo Bubble: Crypto apocalyse cometh: crypto will have a significant cool off period after whi…[View]
14888026Those feet pictures make me stay away from this and clearly im not alone. Why dont they wear socks b…[View]
14890277Tone Vays does TA on Chainlink: Master autist does technical analysis of Chainlink at 40:30, fucks i…[View]
14887138Growing your Pi stack - 150k engaged users!: Use your (((free))) resources and start earning Pi Coin…[View]
14889605biz btfo by boomer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eizNjXL-Iv0[View]
14890046Ehem, so what's the deal with this coin? Volume below 200 BTC, zero hype about London meetup, n…[View]
14890437Coinbase earn: I know that you hate free money anon. Are you a coinbase cuck? Earn[View]
14890309when the prophecy is fullfilled, what are you going to do end of 2020?[View]
14889566Can you feel it, /biz/?[View]
14887783There are literal retards on this board that shorted bsv under $140 yesterday Enjoy poverty kikes[View]
14890072If DOGE doesn't go up atleast 20% in the coming week, I'm fucking poisoning my city's…[View]
14890079Attn: do not reply to devery threads. They are supporting terrorist[View]
14890160Sergey has 43 million left to sell. They put 50 million into that wallet to sell it. You should not…[View]
14890288I feel like we will reach new lows before going much higher.[View]
14886395Are you still holding your shitclone deflationary tokens? SHOCK is the only non copypasta deflationa…[View]
14875804So how much are you paying per oz /biz/? be honest[View]
14890101Why is this shitcoin so popular here?: Lots of eve threads? Is it really just a bunch of autists on …[View]
14889830The weekend is here. Time to look at your dreams and be honest with yourself. Pic related is simil…[View]
14889922What would be the coolest things to do if you make it while staying a covert poorfag?[View]
14890031i need to make $10k in 2 weeks to pay off my credit card. I've got 0.3btc on bitmex....I need a…[View]
14890272No bsvers BTFO you missed the bottom again faggots[View]
14889574Why does Biz stay poor?: Why do bizraelis keep on preventing other fellow members from acquiring wea…[View]
14889826Americhad home owners check in: No eurocucks or commies plz[View]
14890034I believed in him bros[View]
14889949i'm unbanned faggots. bitcoin will be at $11k tonight/tomorrow. bullish divergence on 4hr RSI a…[View]
14888145We will be at $9000 by the end of today.[View]
14890123DEVERY IS THIS DOG SHIT NOW LEGIT AF OR AM I DREAMING? MMMM NONONNO: More I do my research the more …[View]
14889652white racists btfo hahaha??: hahahahaha you laughed at me for losing seven five thousand now i make …[View]
14890183Being Scotty: >not knowing[View]
14890002WTF was that!????!??: Devery going parabolic hahaha fuckers keep waiting ??? Haha already 100% since…[View]
14889965Devery? Is biz ready to go all in?[View]
14889734WOab wish Woah WoAaaaaah *WOOoOSH* *crack* *sssssip* Yup, I’m thinking we’re back bois[View]
14887782>no ZIL threads >project is literally dead…[View]
14888295COTI LISTED ON DEX[View]
14889322>work at small company, 15 employees maybe >this thursday, overhear two managers talking about…[View]
14889818Now that link has already mooned, this is likely the only promising project in crypto right now.[View]
14889969Now what?[View]
14889880Make sure you drink pleanty of water today and get a little bit of direct sunlight! Let’s make it g…[View]
14889267Shill me your 1000x alts for 2020: This is mine: >Decentralized cloud storage at 1/800th the cost…[View]
14887926How to make money from lightning network?[View]
14889928If bitmex got (((shut down))): How bad would it be for the market it’s one of the leaders in volume?…[View]
14889964WTF WAS THAT???[View]
14889297__----__--- ((((How do we profit from?)))) Who here /no GF/ ***** (((((What will the BTC EOY price b…[View]
14888831while you're all selling dips and buying tops I have my own python bot doing TA and daytrading …[View]
14887721Chainlink philosophy: Let's have a different thread for a change. For this thread we will assum…[View]
14888690hey im not sure if this message goes to 4chan admin but it is craig wright here and i was hoping to …[View]
14886632Still no career: Tried everything. Society is wholly to blame at this point. If no one wants to empl…[View]
14889861>tfw when starring at burgers while they get kicked out of crypto yeah, justice is done for once.…[View]
14889766>i run a full non mining node >i am securing the network…[View]
14887841meet the leader of this alt season: pic related[View]
14889177>Business & Finance This is not a Business & Finance board. This is basically a crypto ga…[View]
14888825Are you ready for 2 months of green candles?[View]
14889157how many x will Aergo pump this month?[View]
14889800*tink tink tink* AHEM GOOD MORNING!!!! It’s been a while! I’m not one to jump the gun but I guess I …[View]
14888824ALL IN ALTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPnzeQFSDeA[View]
14889779No price discussion here. If the team has something to announce they will. Please treat everything e…[View]
14889354Right buys: Guys the market is sideways. We had a big distribution phase at around 13k$ Btc. Now we …[View]
14888493>get flight delay insurance >flight gets delayed >insurance says that if you get the EU del…[View]
14889436how do I turn $200 into $2000[View]
14889549L-lads you had your fun. Lets all come down a bit now.[View]
14888564Aergo will be listed on Binance CEX soon: Aergo will 10x over the next couple of months[View]
14888458Silver bear market starting when?[View]
14888569Is it true chainlink token only took 15 minutes to make?[View]
1488886416 Days: current price 0.00938393 BTC[View]
14889528Is this a shit coin?: Is Japan Content Token a shit coin?[View]
14889308Oh no the BSV shills are back: I wonder why. Calvin Ayre and CSW must be paying them again hurr durr…[View]
14889610stop crabbing please[View]
14888215YOUR FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IS OVER, MR. NAZAROV! Condolences. The NEETs lost. My advice to yo…[View]
14885839Quick money idea: I'm studying CS but I realize I can just get freelance jobs then outsource th…[View]
14889491Im finna be rich[View]
14885131'Making it': Is not when you 100x off a lucky shitcoin gamble or coming up on a fast in a …[View]
14888323Yes, this is my node. No, I am not giving you my sats. Go away.[View]
14887481$10 when[View]
14887470>withdraw on Kraken >transaction success >no money in my account ..uuh.. guys?…[View]
14886983Why isn’t this talked about anymore?: I don’t even recognize the shitcoins filling up this board I b…[View]
14889350how do i short shorts *dabs*[View]
14888203what i'm doing with my life: I have 3,000,000 more brappies, 300 SHOCK on DEX Will i make it?…[View]
14887961So /biz/ here's the deal; I'll be working as a telemarketer at a callcenter where I'l…[View]
14889425> Women dont care about personali... WTF[View]
14889128WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT?[View]
14889317Bitcoin is going to drop hard.: And how do I know? I just bought some more, that's why. I'…[View]
14879836Only the best portfolios: 'No shit coins allowed' edition, post 'em![View]
14887837Sooo,... 10600 Up or down? Post your TA[View]
14884735IT'S HAPPENING, buy BTC asap.: We are on the brink of WW3[View]
14887278OK, Anon, let's hear it - what's the honest truth about VidT? Their Reddit has its own inv…[View]
14887912Shill me on harmony and I’ll consider trading my eth for it[View]
14888566Isn't he a sjw? Can we just forget he is an ex-redditor? He posted those 'muh george washington…[View]
14888411any other burgers tried using a vpn on binance yet?[View]
14888990Trading crypto in NY: Live in NY. It's hard to trade crypto. Soon Binance will be gone. Only ex…[View]
14888616How did you learn solidity?[View]
14888678AERGO will 10x over the next couple of months[View]
14887583DARK LIQUIDITY POOLS: pix related we're accumulating you're welcome[View]
14888081Insider here: Unfortunately bsv is a big threat to bitcoin atm so we are going to have to dump BTC b…[View]
14888166thank me later[View]
14888926shill me Harmony: Why would it moon? Who would use it?[View]
14889115Insider here. Short all crypto now!!!: Big crash incoming!!! Get out with those gains!![View]
14888700Damn, there isn't a single good thread here.[View]
14888835Link is a scam[View]
14889039Can someone check on Mr Greg? I'm very worried about him. He's gone silent and hasn't…[View]
14889022Hey /biz/! How much do you have in your portfolio for day trading? What is the appropriate amount to…[View]
14888889BSV 1200 eoy LINK 1000 eoy[View]
14888938Finding micro caps: Hi all, whats the best place to find micro cap coins not currently listed on cmc…[View]
14888887VIDT 35$ EOY: Imagine being NOT all in into this moon mission.[View]
14876862How hard is it to fake 'coding' knowledge? I'm thinking about just going to github, stealing o…[View]
14888924Would it be possible to mine shitcoins with ZCN's free cloud computing resources? https://mediu…[View]
14888839What kind of services do normies usually need from programmers and IT specialists? Websites? Mobile …[View]
14888498October 2019 16k pump How exactly are we going to do it Get in here[View]
14888416How do you pass the time when crypto is crabbing?[View]
14887832Making it without crypto: Me and the wife have a few years of medical schoo leftl before we become m…[View]
14888796real talk: This board is depressing af, if you want to make it swerve chasing moonshots and just acc…[View]
14888380bulls getting too cocky. one single drop will crush all their hopes and dreams[View]
14888797its coming[View]
14887853Stop resisting. The longer we stay sideways the harder we drop[View]
14878569How can you all obsesses about making money when their is starving children in Africa, trash in the …[View]
14888737Silent XSN buyer - Insider ??? Maybe...: Hmmm...someone was slowly buying Stakenet all day...[View]
14887673Im just waiting for link to moon: I've given up everything else. I just want it to moon quick s…[View]
14888060Any of you using a a gekko trading bot? If so then how are your gains. Also share scripts/strategies…[View]
14888024ultra.io: >$2.7m mcap >doesn't have a suicide bag Wouldn't you hate to miss an easy…[View]
14888286Why do Bulgarians still live in this shithole? You are in EU idiots, just get out.[View]
14888375Are there any decent, free 'games'/programs that you can practice math with?[View]
14888113So $1000 eoy isnt happening?: Wtf guys whats with all the price predictions. I genuinely thought we …[View]
14888600CHAINLINK BTFO HOLY SHIT LMAO >only took 30 seconds to create chainlink LMAO REKT…[View]
14888586just found an old screeshot: would you long or short this ?[View]
14888298Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
14888292How come you guys shill ONE which is literally a layer 1 solution and that tries to compete against …[View]
14887737Pi now has >150k active users: Remember me anon? Pi network grew from 100k to 150k faster than a …[View]
14888444Bobo btfo[View]
14888464how much do you think cripple will pump to? $ or sats[View]
14888470beginner: hello, retard here, how do I make money with crypto?[View]
14888197redpill me on binance dex: have been reading a little about lition and came upon this line, can you …[View]
14885238Kleros / PNK - floor is in, lads.: If you aren't accumulating Kleros, a decentralized court sys…[View]
14888394bitch i got that bsv![View]
14887454I hate crab market[View]
14887337Harmony ONE: What is the meaning of these small constant buy orders? Wtf is this no life doing?…[View]
14888378Have you seen that brisk rebound? We did it, Reddit![View]
14884195coinbase earn with answers thread: If any of you anons haven't claimed your free money yet. htt…[View]
14888301with liquidity gone from mex the crypto markets are now being pumped by pajeet whales...just choppin…[View]
14887998Is there a market for female bikini waxing?[View]
148880535 hours of work[View]
14887435Questions about link 1. Why is the company based in the Cayman Islands? 2. How does the coin manage …[View]
14887431Literally no one on this board can compete with the IG King. Say something nice about someone who is…[View]
14887874Mike Hearn supports bsv: https://youtu.be/mD4L7xDNCmA[View]
14884942>make two accounts on BitMEX >open up a short and a long >x100 leverage >just close the …[View]
14888255Just waiting for this slimy faggot to buy in[View]
14888247Delta Exchange: Redpill me on this exchange, is it a scam or any good?[View]
14888240...zip... ahhhhhhh..... sluurpppp....ahhhhh Who else zip? This meme is still alive right guys?? T. F…[View]
14887957>So Anon, what's your super power?[View]
14888123What if we built a data market ? Like, where you could sell and buy any data you want from anyone on…[View]
14888204I love it when you call me señorita![View]
14887086Luna fuerit verificatur: In oculis meis[View]
14883130https://youtu.be/FhnwPMx8wuQ How do I short Amazon?[View]
14885373ITT we make a new shitcoin[View]
14887911ERC 20: I am one error in the code away from having my own ERC-20 token. I'm too poor to invest…[View]
14888090XRP samsung conection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm28L7oLbUQ&t=0m33s[View]
14888076Is it safe to keep your link here?[View]
14885060Who is behind the BSV community on 4channel?: 1. Pajeets 2. Altruistic whites that truly believe bsv…[View]
14885303NKN will be the blockchain we use while colonizing the rest of the solar system. 2018: $0.015 2019: …[View]
14886850I'm thinking about starting a 'pod' rental where everyone gets their own room, but there is com…[View]
14887903Does anybody here knows a service where you have to pay with btc or eth to unlock a content?[View]
1488651814K: Buckle up, buttercup.[View]
14887942I'll come back for you, I swear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxoEpVDGvPE[View]
14887857Imagine Sergey not dumping his LINK stacks 777,777 at a time. It's like he doesn't wanna h…[View]
14887845>b-biz is fudding me blease help https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/cfkdnk/iohk_charles_ho…[View]
14884714This is the man that will make you a millionaire.: Remember him when you make it. I will have this p…[View]
14881508Paging 42: I’m tired of these doomsday faggots I want to time travel. Where are you?[View]
14887166Imagine not being all in on Zuckbucks.: Highest low-cap gains of 2019 incoming. You will soon be pri…[View]
14886474Money can't buy happiness.[View]
14885868>He bought ze tulip? >Dump eet.[View]
14886600Guess what bro's...: The other day I started my quest in crypto. I discovered that I could get …[View]
14887747This is it chief.: Ftx exchange will take over literally every single one exchange out there Binance…[View]
14887707*collects your ugly children and puts them to work in the bean factory* hahaha! ah yes and they say …[View]
14887723Ok: Very nice, thanks a lot Mr.Wright.[View]
14887558>oh no no no >Here we go again[View]
14887666So I thought to myself, harmony launched their mainnet cool I'll look up how to make a token. …[View]
14887580How do we profit from the Iran Invasion?[View]
14887533miss me?[View]
14887652>August 11th 2019 >Third Jewish Temple + Earthquake in San Francisco how do I make money off o…[View]
14884393Answer The Phone[View]
14887627>He actually believes bitcoin is a currency and not a NEET ticket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
14887609Awake at 6 am what's my quickest gains today[View]
14885308Harmony ONE: What is my rank ? I’m going to make it ?[View]
14887525*quietly moons in the background*[View]
14887179How would someone make a profit from war?: first of all war is inevitable anyway so why not make mon…[View]
14884858>Accumulate ETH and LINK >Stake on normiebase when staking services are live >Get coinbase …[View]
14887516Is Monero a shitcoin?: Pic related.[View]
14886563FIX IT, WAGIE, FIX IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP30okjpCko[View]
14887502Why is the volume for this shitcoin so high? 9th highest volume on idex, and seems like a complete p…[View]
14887501SHX dumped today and Coinmarket cap says it just 3x'd about 20 minutes ago. There's a ton …[View]
14887497Imagine the newfags who believe /biz/ will guide them to the best coins.[View]
14886623Why aren't you all in on NANO right now?[View]
14876613Pi Network Thread Developed by Stanford PhDs and instructors and is on track to be the world's …[View]
14887285I have 10k to invest. Whuch one is better coti or other altcoin? Pleased advised.[View]
14886258What do you think this is like?[View]
14885737People have such easy lives: If being naked on camera and masturbating for 15 hours a week made you …[View]
14885211ETH: When $10k?[View]
14885878ITT: we post chainLINK OC: Just made this. Whatchu guys think?[View]
14887358Get in here faggots!: LIT will soon moon.[View]
14886146legit coins: no more bullshit/scam/chink coins next bull run will be only for legit fundamental coin…[View]
14881704Will fuck up all of cryptocurrencies with his one simple move.. libra. notheing yu can do kiddo. not…[View]
14887210NANO: Nano is now sending fully confirmed transactions at 0.27 second METRICS The node version was r…[View]
14887206how do people fall for this shit?[View]
14887384What are the odds the oracle problem will ever be solved? It makes no sense you could input data to …[View]
14887234Not like this. >Token Analyst reports that BitMEX saw $85 million in withdrawals compared to $54 …[View]
14886204Can you enjoy a neet lifestyle on $250k?: You can live in a lot of places for less than $900 a month…[View]
14887229Libra: Bullish or bearish in short-mid term?[View]
14886170I just want fucking (you)'s, man.[View]
14886568Shh.. I'm accumulating: Why aren't you in NASH yet? -First registered security in Europe …[View]
14887273XRP is headed for Pluto.: Reserve your first class seat today! The longer you wait the more it will …[View]
14887262good avertising platforms: Since you guys are all successful entrepreneurs. Besides Google and Faceb…[View]
14886035>tfw you a fat hippo >Make as much as a median wage worker because of zoomer trolls who call y…[View]
14886176ENG or REN: Help this smooth brain anons. Which is better, ENG or REN? I need to find something to b…[View]
14887078Sergey we love you! You are the messiah. Thank you. That is all.[View]
14885796I'm a college student that was just laid off from my server job. While I'm looking for a n…[View]
14885677on what market do americans trade crypto?[View]
14887061Sweetie, your little mcdonalds mess isn't market dumping on you. They are selling link OTC...ND…[View]
14886693Someone could 2x this coin with like 5 BTC LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL[View]
14887153When will bizlets get in, I wonder.. ?[View]
14884742LITCHADS where you at?: Lition is the real deal. Don’t let any fucking idiots tell you otherwise. Th…[View]
14886924Nothing changed: prove me wrong[View]
14884361What's the best way to get fired (legal), /biz/? Was thinking about just not going to work anym…[View]
14879949>welcome to 4channel biz where everyone makes six figures, has a net worth of 1mil+ and is 6’4 wi…[View]
14885787SKY Coinhours IEO on LBank next week: >imagine not stacking sky coin hours for the past year for …[View]
14886782>market sell 1LINK per second on binance for weeks >nothing personel kid…[View]
14886755Echo Bubble: Crypto apocalyse is coming: TICK TOCK[View]
14886973Will the Market continue to bleed?[View]
14886947so did you get your airdrop ? supply down to 190 already https://etherscan.io/token/0xe5d3cbee3c4dac…[View]
14884054Good Technical books on Macroeconomic Theory: What are some good technical books on modern macroecon…[View]
14884699Checkmate /biz/[View]
14886945Binance Community Listing Program: > buy 10 BNB worth each > wait 5 days > ??? > profit…[View]
14884451Is there a way to make minimum wage from home? I don't even care about being rich, just some mo…[View]
14886580Mega ultra big dick whale here: Pump to 25k coming up this week long now!!!!!!![View]
14886089> Song of my soul, my voice is dead > Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed > Shall dry and did…[View]
14886497WOW what a rejection. Bulls are a fucking joke, can't even get over $10,700 anymore without bei…[View]
14886884The best ways to make money in crypto are scams, but it's too late to profit from XRP and ICO…[View]
14886839> posting in the rock trading section of a peruvian cloth weaving forum…[View]
14886259Thank you Sergey for dumping and giving us more time to accumulate: If he could dump it back down to…[View]
14885714What do you guys think about living in your van? I keep seeing a bunch of yt videos recently about p…[View]
14885382BlockStack: How do you guys feel about BlockStack? The first ICO to get approved by the SEC with Reg…[View]
14886659How do I long this?[View]
14884874B I T M E X P R O B E: TF you waiting for moving your corn out of the bitmex before getting your ass…[View]
14886720scamscamscamscam: worldtrader.org coinbascet.com do virgins actually fall for this shit???[View]
14886671Link 10k eoy[View]
14886621Im tired of waiting guys: When will $1000 happen?[View]
14883538McAfee wont eat his dick afterall...: BTC 1 mil confirmed.[View]
14883828Who is afraid to use a tradingbot because of taxes?: Because that thing will keeps selling and buyin…[View]
14882887When did it finally click for you?: I used to be someone that thought Bitcoin was dead and never car…[View]
14884559The big one is coming tonight[View]
14886439Verified with eyes[View]
14886482>Crypto brainlet here What wallet should I use to hold ETH? I read that Exodus is the most beginn…[View]
14884486IRS might come knocking: Now that crypto is being discussed by the president of the US, along with a…[View]
14886164NO FAP: Tell me /biz does this Plebbit shit works?[View]
14886158I lived with my grandparents 20-22 with my brother. Before that, 18-20 I was in and out of my parent…[View]
14885481Single most underrated coin at 4m market cap. DYOR or dont.[View]
14885178ETH going to zero: Is there any reason why ETH would ever go to zero? I mean am I just fucking crazy…[View]
14886461>My friends... >You default to no one.[View]
14886448>slowly regaining volume what di they mean by tis[View]
14886420does anyone else like to just wake up every morning and check egretias price not bitcoin[View]
14884866how do i withdraw my 15k link into my bank account? i wanna buy a house[View]
14883621You can only post in this thread if you are 100% all in Chainlink: You can only post in this thread …[View]
14885869BECOME A WOMAN = EASY MONEY: #MeToo has always been bullshit, they want all the power without having…[View]
14883376I am a time traveler from 2030. I am here to tell you what happens to Bitcoin/BTC. First off, the As…[View]
14883346ITT: we make a trading bot: Get in here you faggots https://codebunk.com/b/8061100001887/…[View]
14885656sergey just dumped another 700k: bros...[View]
14886306>I do save $325 each month as a full-time student, what gave that away?…[View]
14885917Dont miss Triton: buy XTRI on tradeogre, huge announcements along with total rebrand coming next few…[View]
14885140RLC is a Franco-Pajeet-Chinko coin with a tranny loving CEO please DO NOT buy RLC. (I am not fudding…[View]
14885916What happens when link goes full parabolic: In september? Will link be the catalyst for the next bul…[View]
14885858Come on you weak hand fags. Sell me your SHOCK! You don't deserve to make it.[View]
14885438These dumb fuckin Yakuza guys think I owe them money...: The funny thing is with their tactics, you …[View]
14884770What about Q?[View]
14885197>had a final round interview today >they seemed happy >told me they are finishing up interv…[View]
14882919how do I invest in BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY and not some shitcoin?[View]
14886094Intuition tells me that rsr is a scam: Intuition tells me that rsr is a scam Just selling tokens, th…[View]
14886000>be american >work wageslave service job >have to rely on charity from strangers to survive…[View]
14883666So why the fuck does this guy wear the same shirt every day? What the fuck is his problem? He looks …[View]
14886026DEEP IEO now trading: > only 1.9% circulating supply for the first month > good chance this wi…[View]
14885834How does my tax situation work?: I escort and receive lots of regular monetary gifts from different …[View]
14885110>tfw mosquitoes in your ears[View]
14884809Why is it legal for a business to charge white people twice as much as 'people of color' for the sam…[View]
14882439BRAP: SNIFFERS GET IN HERE AND LIST OFF YOUR RANK - General of BRAP: McAss The Prophet - General: 1…[View]
14884278Please help me diversify my alts: Gentlemen, may I have your attention? I'm currently holding 0…[View]
14884273CAN'T STOP. WON'T STOP.[View]
14883966Do you hate free shit? Yeah me too. That's why I'm not claiming my free Airdrop of SHOCK. …[View]
14883076Literally just buy real estate: >save up 20k from waging (doable in 1 year tops if you make at le…[View]
14885305LINK: $1000 EOY. Mark your calendars. $LINK marines, report for duty.[View]
14883947>Fiat isn't based on anyth-[View]
14885785Satoshis vision? I haven’t heard that name since the copyright lawsuits were won.[View]
14885657Share your business ideas[View]
14885736We're not going to dump are we.[View]
14883814ONE/ETH exchange?: Where can I buy this with ETH? I'm in Canada and would prefer not to upload …[View]
14884771So I've been living in Asia and I'm running out of funds. The thing is that the only job …[View]
14885725Do not underestimate the power of negative thoughts bitcoin will never be above 11k again[View]
14885405We all know your bench, dead lift and squat personal bests. What I want to know is your other stats.…[View]
14885639HOLY SHIT: BITCOIN JUST WENT FROM 10590 TO 10610[View]
14885429the fuck was that !!!![View]
14884907Stop trying to take the easy way and be a productive member of society. You won't (and don…[View]
14885638Incredible. NULS adds passive dual coin mining.[View]
14885605What is this pattern called?[View]
14885574WE BULL !!![View]
14885403Why isnt ChainLink at least $200 yet? At this rate we are not gonna reach $1000 eoy[View]
14884471Dad keeps calling and telling me he misses me.[View]
14883833bitch i got dat harmony[View]
14884651Linkpool is worthless: Explain this then idiots! Linkpool constantly states that staked link never l…[View]
14881705Dick Measuring Time: Alright /biz/, how many you got. I hope you're geared for the moon shot o…[View]
14885147>he doesn't make his own sex toys to save and conserve money >he doesn't wait for e…[View]
14885370Does anyone know the literal definition of bitcoin? Bit - smallest unit of information Coin - money …[View]
14884224UUU Targets: Hi, UUU nuts I'm back to UUU again. I did a research about U coin both in Chinese …[View]
14885094GUYS: GUYS it's fucking HAPPENING the pump to ten milly mcap[View]
14885162WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?[View]
14885271I think we’re about to make it >pic never been so related[View]
14884642$20,000 by 2021: 100 ETH to make it.[View]
14883364why didnt I fucking sell I bought this shit at 20c in 2017 and now its 30c. fucking dan jew ceo dump…[View]
14885252BEARS BTFO: no bart for you BOBO[View]
14883989ANY NULINKERS ALL IN ON LINK????: Is it just me g-gguys??[View]
14884499What is a good government job to work until I make it?[View]
14885177WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!![View]
14880959what would you do /biz/?[View]
14885042who else had a >good day[View]
14883248Dad keeps calling and telling me he misses me. To keep this thread /biz/. Ket's discuss ways o…[View]
14885101anon why havent you started selling handbags yet?: easy $$$[View]
14879862/smg/ - Stock Market General: Stock Market General THE RIDE NEVER ENDS edition Fun day today, eh lad…[View]
14884783Europeasants waking up, prepare for fud and red candles[View]
14885024Man that vacation at my mom's house was just what I needed! Now let's see, whos gonna get …[View]
14884368Tell me why you're broke, unlike me: Just tell me. I want to know why.[View]
14884987WTF WAS THAT[View]
14882997LP risk/reward: >Should I buy a share or get more LINKs and stake them on LP instead? Current pri…[View]
14879593ODIN Blockchain. Moon Soon Confirmed!: In their latest Weekly Update they said Official Team Member …[View]
14884614what the fuck was that?[View]
14883196What’s the best passive income coin?[View]
14884840can you stupid fucks stop it with the EVE posts. No one is interested in your campaign to pump a dea…[View]
14884885100% Real Life Chad tokens is the most chad portfolio possible. Anything else and you are deluding …[View]
14883003Should naked call selling be banned? >One investor from Fort Myers, Florida lost $1.8 million and…[View]
14883571>I believe in blockchain not bitcoin[View]
14884810Namecoin the original altcoin: Namecoin how ling till the coinbase listing?[View]
14884375Harmony ONE: Get in ONEbros.. Can you guys give me a list of good single player PC games to play whi…[View]
14884790Old but gold[View]
14883636>I only work this job so I can afford 1000 chainlink![View]
14883696GENTLEMEN https://medium.com/stakenet/stakenet-light-paper-56552f8c07a2 A non-techy whitepaper for X…[View]
14884311Reminder that technical analysis does work in crypto. It's just you have to use CHINESE technic…[View]
14883852YOU ARE HOLDING XRP, RIGHT ANON?: because I'd hate for you to miss out on this moon ride.…[View]
14884520We're gonna be so fucking rich[View]
14882556Yes or no is devery a pajeet based scam.: I can’t decided if it’s juat a bunch of autist with 8000iq…[View]
14884546Finally decided to take your advice and went all in on LINK Hope I make it[View]
14882959Imagine not buying 100k$ worth of this at ICO price before it gets relisted on US exchanges.[View]
14884645How to hack poker sites?: Anyone figure out how to hack poker sites yet?[View]
14883982How to invest 200 dollars?: How would you invest 200 USD? Im not looking to turn yarn into gold here…[View]
14884272Can someone send me some funny chain link videos. I'm looking for one in particular. Pic relate…[View]
14884249How come you guys don't post your blockfolios like you used to?[View]
14880561devery: the meme that has potential ?: Has anyone actually looked at the devery github??? Rumour abo…[View]
14882886>tfw I'm unattractive physically and have a boring beta personality so I have to rely on mak…[View]
14882365Dick Heart: What does /biz/ think of this man? He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and I l…[View]
14884488I want a binance hoodie: >I awkwardly approach CZ hoping my blockchain project will get listed an…[View]
14883470Coinbase Custody: I’m too dumb to understand big brain stuff. Is Coinbase officially a bank now??…[View]
14884263kek, he doesnt know[View]
14884502What is this pattern called[View]
14884490Making a killing with derishit. AMA. also general twatterwhorin'[View]
14884430Is he based for making everyone miserable which in turn created cryptocurrency? P.S. The U.S never …[View]
14884464FrenLink: >Wholesome >Will never leave you >Always cheers you up when u r down Buy today…[View]
14883718Saw this in \x\ do you think this relates to chainlink and Sergey saying something about next month?[View]
14884385let that be a lesson to Quantards that a moon is not sustainable on idex. Whales pumped and cashed o…[View]
14882787What's the best way to get a big raise/bonus as a software developer? My peers all like me and …[View]
14883874Fuck it is painful buying LINK rn. $750 only got me 290 stinkies. Tell me it's going to be okay…[View]
14884384Jesus bitcoin hss been fucking boring last 2 days fucking move already. Prefferably down[View]
14884134Lol at all the retards buying link right now: This shit will inevitably bleed to $1 in the coming we…[View]
14880498beliEVErs?: Roll call[View]
14883175WTF WAS THAT???: Oh nm lol[View]
14883097Vindaloooohoo: Devery maybe a jeet based scam. But the punjabi thots aren’t to bad[View]
14880615How big of a fucking idiot do you have to be to buy this shit?[View]
14883120Summer coin : BTG: Are you ready for the great fireworks ?[View]
14876695Chainlink delusion: Bitcoin - Circulating Supply 17 825 925 Ethereum - Circulating Supply 106 965 2…[View]
14884201Can someone accept these bloody invites so i can get £40 and you can get £10?: https://coinbase.com …[View]
14884196>iExecute dApplication [Consolidate.iexe] >Beginning [Consolidate.iexe]. . . >1 month later…[View]
14880645Next 100x biz pnd?: We did chainlink, qnt, vidt, rsr, ftm. Is eve next?[View]
14878010John McAfee: How do I short McAfee?[View]
148841581000 eoy: buy link[View]
14884099How do you live off of dividends and what happens if the stock market crashes?[View]
14883244Link marines... is it time to sell?: Did we get zuccked?[View]
14883189You stooooooopid zoomed you will Nevr make it: Hahahahaha find the top somewhere fuckboi[View]
14880715Soy boy never wins: Hahahahaha . He will wait until this goes 50x before buying. Then get fucked up …[View]
14882367Did I get scammed?: I bought this shitcoin and now I cant feed my family of ten sandbabies.... whudd…[View]
14880200>pay $156.00 >get a coin that’s worth literally ONE DOLLAR Why the fuck do people do this? Wha…[View]
14882979Am I a fucking retard or is LEO token a great buy?: Bitfinex is the second largest exchange in the w…[View]
14884130So its libra going to pass through congress or what?[View]
14878294GET THE FUCK IN HERE PAJEETS: The books are thin as fuck and the rocket is set to launch[View]
14872149BeliEVE: Let me explain your future: You fight it as the memes become worse and worse. For some reas…[View]
14884061whales aren't real[View]
14882971Bitch I got that BSV[View]
14881547Is it ok to hold BTC only and no alts?[View]
14882872ITT things you'll do when you make it. pic related: fuck black women.[View]
14883060Whales are playing ping pong with the price again. We may see another rise to 13k. Will the alts fol…[View]
14883701if you avoid this thread you are literally retarded: Link surpasses bitcoin by 2021, change my mind…[View]
14883124Anyone have a good pdf dump?: Looking specifically for Macro to Micro Volatility Trading by Mark Whi…[View]
14882301BTC or ETH?: Pic related is my DIversity portfolio. I'm able to DCA $150 a week into either BTC…[View]
14883872HEREAWE GOOO: Fuck BTC.[View]
14882895How big is your monthly paycheck? After taxes? After all the bills and food and stuff is paid? 5.5k…[View]
14883450Three words[View]
14883765What is a good Investment ?: Looking for actual advice. What is worth it ? Link , Harmony or Fantom…[View]
14880250Can someone please give me a good answer: Other than saying “they are the biggest counter betters” i…[View]
14882699Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
14882252AERGO will do a Fantom: remember fantom was 4m then got on binance dex and binance and was 60+m? wat…[View]
14882515Devery main page is under ddos attack: hahahahahahahahahahaha get rekted basedboy evecucks[View]
1488371910 000% Waiting room!: Only 900% left to go. We are smashing 10K today. Get in or get out of my way …[View]
14883711AXE, XCASH is the King of the Future, The rising market is about to start[View]
14883527tfw no qt link marine gf[View]
14883480The World Will Run On Chainlink: All Will Bend The Knee, Sooner Or Later[View]
14883645thank u creg[View]
14882954Do any of you volunteer to pump up your resume? What do you do? What are some good places to volunte…[View]
14883355How do I short the career market?[View]
14882810Scotty here...: wtf is going on?[View]
14883478Oracles are such a retarded concept why would I trust my data source being audited by 500 lines of j…[View]
14883063Bitch I got that XRP, VET, and IOTA[View]
14883203How will history remember Sergey's legacy?[View]
14883371How much bitcoin can i spend before the tax man comes knocking?: If i start spending my bags on jm b…[View]
14881361VIDT: pic related[View]
14883474>bitcoinwisdom.io >365 days Change % Notice anything unusual?…[View]
14883406LINK at 20 cents? Didn't sell. LINK at 30 cents? Didn't sell. LINK at 40 cents? Didn'…[View]
14882542Rags to riches and bitches: I collect ssi , thats 728 a month. This coming month i will invest a hun…[View]
14882074Chainlink: owning the fintech crossroad: Fundamentally, only two things matter in this market: specu…[View]
14882982why does this broken record boomer have a following in the first place? all his advice is impractica…[View]
14883107Just opened my first “ long” position: Ask me anything[View]
14882519NKN will be the blockchain we use while colonizing the rest of the solar system. 2018: $0.015 2019: …[View]
14883225Devery just makes sense: How can you brainlets not see the big picture here???[View]
14872665cars that go up in value? What car can I buy that I can use on daily basis and I can resell for more…[View]
14883315LINK $10,000 EOY[View]
14883149Hello biz I love this board you have all made me very extremely wealthy from the 2017 shills to the …[View]
14882690VIDT - EU: https://medium.com/@pim_vee/our-answer-to-mr-zaitsev-9534d8ad3753 I told you weeks ago. T…[View]
14880583How do people play computer games when they're over 18 years old? I can't spend time on an…[View]
14872736Money can't buy happiness.[View]
14883128Real Indian men are holding strong still. BSV moon time incoming. Thank you and come again my brow…[View]
14882364link: Our boy gave a 10 minute talk at buildeth moments ago Did anyone catch it?[View]
14881962Why this shit is pumping. I sold few hours ago, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk[View]
14879627Ripple: Is Ripple a failure? It sure looks like one.[View]
14881888IDEX KYC: Apparently IDEX (a 'decentralized' exchange) is introducing a compulsory KYC policy. Not j…[View]
14881174When the final countdown ? (BTG USD LONGS): Wtf[View]
14883022I wanna get out of bart market[View]
14882258The faucet: get a faucet role in discord and get meth to play[View]
14879657The 2xhr question: I have been following the development of this new exchange from it's first t…[View]
14881652Why can't I get a woman even though I'm a millionaire please biz help me my life is misera…[View]
14881078i bought at 27000 why am i getting justed by this fucking shitcoin when is it going back up[View]
14883047FLETA update[View]
14882042How profitable is a mowing/plowing/epoxy business? If you’re not retarded can you make 6 figures?[View]
14882841HUGE BTC MOVE INCOMING BITCHES: I will tell you RETARDS how to profit: 1. Low leverage short btc (3x…[View]
14882456SKY coinhours ieo next week: >imagine not stacking sky coin hours for the past year for when it g…[View]
14882660its 1974 in the crypto market: hello frens, teeka tiwari from palm beachh confidential here. it is 1…[View]
14878169Linkpool Info Thread: Recently a ton of people got into Link, and many probably wonder how they can …[View]
14881747Skycoin next: >decentralized internet (Skywire) - mesh network with over 10000 nodes (twice as ma…[View]
14882780He didn't buy that insane dip @ 0.18: How do any of you expect to make it[View]
14882525Credits: Is this exit scamming?[View]
14881570next gold: insider here since you guys were so generous to give me LINK at 20c, gonna drop some info…[View]
14881533I have an idea for blockchain killer app but it’s contingent on camwhores understanding and acceptin…[View]
14882679'My son Tommy is a very successful trader and just went all in with my life savings at the dip aroun…[View]
14881630Looking to add $400 of VIDT next week and some LIT then increase holdings in all my coins from there…[View]
14881047/biz/ how do i stop being an incel?[View]
14880933>be me >go to a panel interview >one of the women has this compassionate/sympathizing/pity …[View]
14881696AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: Im 18 and going into college and I am going to get FUCKED with student lo…[View]
14881707how am i so good at finding the absolute worst times to buy[View]
14882260how many psychopaths are on /biz/?[View]
14882436Is Deutschebank linked to the Euro or whatever ridiculous German currencies they use? What will be t…[View]
14881872Is a mobile home a good first house? They can be had for under 20k Lot rent is around $500[View]
14880554Insider here. Next week it will come down. If you have ANY MONEY in Deutsche Bank or any of its subs…[View]
14882389THAT WAS WTF[View]
1488215616,000 worth of cameras and lenses for 800 dollars How do you feel about missing this biz?[View]
14881996>Boss called me this morning in a complete panic begging me to come in and help because there was…[View]
14880772/pigen/ - Pi Network General: Welcome to /pigen/ where we discuss Pi, try and get referrals and gene…[View]
14882356Sell right now for an 80% retrace. Also buy Bsv for a 10x of your investment after we flippen bitcoi…[View]
14882300Staking: Anybody already doing it? What are the best coins?[View]
14881742We're unironically still early. First time ever spoke to a sibling about crypto as they'd …[View]
14882121BTC $0 or $100k?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18346701[View]
14878406How can something lose over 99% and still be in top 50?: Help me understand this. This market, holy …[View]
14880905BREAKING NEWS: Ripple partners with Sentbe, Sentbe are money operators of Samsung Pay. Sentbe just u…[View]
14881232CHAINGH N'GLING[View]
14880063How many Linkies for a waifu like this ?[View]
14882170Do I dare say it?[View]
14882178S-Soon, right?[View]
14881324do I need ETH for any real reason?[View]
14880375>'Yes, Anon, please come in and take a seat...' >'So as you know, Anon, it's company poli…[View]
14881569Do I suck up my pride and put the last $5,000 of my savings into LINK even though I feel like I…[View]
14881428big question: Why are most successful people bald? Does it have something to do with the stress exer…[View]
14880605Hello? Yes i have a question. What is the 'needful' and why do you need me to do it?[View]
14879922Stop using public transportation: I calculated the cost to own a car after insurance and fuel for a …[View]
14880253Reverse Bart incoming, but you have to figure out for what coin.[View]
14880597Burnt out looking for advice: Getting tired of the grind with little to nothing to show for it. I…[View]
14880644New Kind of JUST[View]
14876632RSR: I'm down 15% currently. Will I still make it or will it be a slow bleed to 80%?[View]
14880681/biz/ what is a turbo thot?[View]
14880099Pi has been predicted to go to $25, and you can mine it on your phone: Minepi is THE new social coin…[View]
14881326Discuss this quote from a business/life perspective: If you're not a hell yes you're a no.…[View]
14881572*AHEM*: Remember to SHORT DAX or ger30 against bitcoin next week. This is a final warning. DB is goi…[View]
14881871What does /biz/ think of Dogecoin? Currently own 30k Dogecoins.[View]
14881680TAO up next on god: I've been researching moonshots for a little bit, TAO's my favourite, …[View]
14881822Are you ready for the Singularity?: Nothing else matters in life. Your family, women, nice cars, com…[View]
14880055So fucking comfy: Who else here is comfy af atm?[View]
14881917Interactive Brokers: Redpill and base me on Interactive Brokers. Should I sign up?[View]
14878500Sanity Check.: Hello frenns! Today we have something special. >Take a look at the picture and tel…[View]
14881665This is currently trading for 1cent. Imagine missing out on the easiest 100x ever[View]
1488186914/88: Is Novogratz /ourguy/?[View]
14881388Get in here anons: Soon to be listed in Binance CEX from DEX. 6M market cap, great project, this is …[View]
14879758Please share any financial advice for an 18 year old headed off to college.[View]
14874916The True Cost of Buying New Luxury Cars: How does one reconcile the fact that buying new cars is fin…[View]
14881825It's impossible to get a job in Phoenix, Arizona. I've lived here for 2 years and still un…[View]
14881807PHFubtt: PHFubtt What coins are we investing in guys HUhh Huhh[View]
14881463$VET DELUSION: Then: 95 sats Me: Fudding VET >we are going stright up now, bye >goodbye poorfa…[View]
14880731ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT FOR EOS AND XLM, JOIN INVITE LINK WHILE YOU CAN: https://coinbase.com/ earn/ eos/…[View]
14881674There are literal brainlets here that shorted the real bitcoin under $140, enjoy poverty faggot kike…[View]
14881639>braindead nulinkers that thought it was a meme lost all their money from buying the top >stil…[View]
14881561fairx.io: Remember this crap? It's officially dead https://twitter.com/fairxio/status/115231067…[View]
14880256was there ever a more based person?[View]
14881650chevereto: How do you make money from this?[View]
14880239>chainlink in positive territory these recent days Cracked open a bottle of red to celebrate. Jub…[View]
14881646TRX and many other scamcoins are mooning[View]
14880091Does he ever lurk?[View]
14881294how do I profit off this[View]
14880825so the situation in the persian gulf escalated. a war is inevitable now. how do we profit from this?[View]
14880685??: Is this worth having in my portfolio biz?[View]
14881538Clean the pee pee wagie[View]
14881000When $150 ????: When will coin ase list the first altcoin?????? Namecoin. NMC[View]
14879659>Rich mofo >4chan are plebs >Shill me your coin >I buy a bag to pump your coin >Don…[View]
14881535I'm pretty sure my Dutch cryptobroker browses 4chan because they add the tokens that are shille…[View]
14881544Why aint you brapping bro?[View]
14881260Frens seriously what are the best vpns outside 14 eyes? Greta thinks crypto trading is bad for our f…[View]
14880962Would any of you kind souls do me a favour and use my links for some free crypto? EOS: https://coinb…[View]
14881455Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
14881390kikestink: kikestink[View]
1488105710x over the next month[View]
14880934Never selling: I am never selling.[View]
14881274The Market really gets boring.[View]
14880548>he bought the Tulip?[View]
14880963??: Who has been accumulating[View]
14881065free coinbase money: https://coinbase.com/ earn/eos/ invite/406523w7[View]
14878345Vidt Roll Call: Top 20 Vidiot here Vidt up 25 percent after initial 25 percent rebound (4.6M Market …[View]
14877929Are you ready bobos: MUMU ARE YOU OK MUMU ARE YOU OK OK THE TOP IS IN, WE GO TO 9.5 IN 24 HOURS 7.5 …[View]
14881355I'm assembling a team. The fight is the 4 trans vs the 4 chans. Who will win. Trips decide.[View]
14877829Help a nigga out, earn £10 worth of stellar and EOS: https://coinbase.com/ earn/ eos/invite/ 4tqfxmg…[View]
14880323Tone Vays fucking exposed our gem ...It's starting /biz/[View]
14880876>try aiportraits.com >no face detected Makes me sad. How can make money from it?…[View]
14877964coinbase earn: Anyone wanna trade XLM coinbase Earn links? I have another 2 quizzes left that I can …[View]
14878993What would happen if your boss found all your 4chan posts?[View]
14881254What ever happened to the dividends snek?[View]
14876731henlo how do i turn 100k into 5 million?[View]
14880984CALLING ALL LINK MARINES PART 2: I've been working on this project for awhile, but I finally ha…[View]
14880765HELP: Link (not pictured) is my Main holding I’ve been doing well but I want advice as far as conso…[View]
14880785I literally have all my money in bitcoin by now. I don't have that much so I don't give a …[View]
14878824Harmony : ONE: It's pretty obvious that (((they))) market sold a large amount and then set up h…[View]
14881114>>14881933 >>14881944 >>14881984 >>14882000 what will be meant by these post…[View]
14879749Is this plebbitor based or coping?[View]
14879283Harmonians assemble!: I just bought my first million of ONE, plan to accumulate as much as possible,…[View]
14879440Rate my portofolio guys, i bought these stuff all on 4chan from last days. I got Link Coti One Ftm V…[View]
14880693curious if anyone here ever plays to experiment with overstock.com stock? Personally I have somewher…[View]
14880858Ur jerb?: What do you do for work /biz? How satisfied are you with it on a scale of 0 to 10? What…[View]
14880311TIME TRAVEL: look into my eyes, anon. not around the eyes, look straight into the eyes. good. you a…[View]
14880990>not buying ACB before the moon you will never eat ass as fine as hers[View]
14880931FTM bags - status: Gize, I have 660k FTM. Will I make it? Don't lie to me. It's all I have…[View]
14880881>yes, I did buy Link at $2.50 in 2019, how could you tell? This could be you in 50 years time…[View]
14879689thinking about suicide is the only thing that calms me down at night.[View]
14878953Plis will link go back up?!?![View]
14880479CryptoHybrid / Real World Adoption: There is this Project 'Ink Protocol' they basically store the Fe…[View]
14879389hell is repetition: >until BTC reaches 15k, every day will just feel like boring sideways movemen…[View]
14879233I'm smarter than all of you so you should listen good. Shitcoins like ETH, XRP, BTC, BCH, LINK,…[View]
14879407Happening! China going Lehman brothers: Something Just Broke In China As Repo Rate Soars To 1,000% O…[View]
14880356Ethereum: I believe in the current market, ETH is priced irrationally low versus Bitcoin and present…[View]
14879674XMR has no threat of being delisted: check out the FATF guidelines: >Section 4.5.3 states that ex…[View]
14880539What happens in two weeks?[View]
14875849Friendly reminder: Imagine what staking is going to do? Imagine making 1% of your stack a month.. …[View]
14879793This will be the first /biz twetch Metalens is welcome to join[View]
14880670Bitch i got that bsv!!![View]
14880709https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJQWpc06QQ8 Coinbase AMA[View]
14879961Harmony ONE will never pump[View]
14878847Has anybody here tried making money on the side with youtube? I recently started a channel where I u…[View]
14880572Aaaahahahahahahaha: Fuck you always miss the bottom[View]
14879192How serious is the Tether FUD for the 29th?: Should I pull half my money out of crypto for ten days?…[View]
14880347Crypto Daily: What do you guys think about him? Is he just a poor shill?[View]
14880622>he didnt buy the dip[View]
14879969How can the federal government encourage companies to make their products more durable by making it …[View]
14877937Ownmarket $CHX: The interview with Blockchain Brad made me buy.. This looks exactly the same as QNT,…[View]
14880145>wake up >go to work >get to work relatively early >spent every weekday wasting all my e…[View]
14880428New world and colonial paper currency like the USD and the Euro has always been and always will be a…[View]
14880562should i buy bnb right now?[View]
14880555Scam or legit?: So i have a job opportunity to do Stock Loans and i am not sure how i legit this com…[View]
14879924why does sirgay look so dead-eyed?: is he a low iq npc?[View]
14879714How profitable are recycling centers?[View]
14880481Get your free $10 worth of XLM. Answers to quiz in post: https://coinbase.com/ earn/xlm/ invite/nqz8…[View]
14879748XRP: Scotty lacks the knowledge[View]
14880462holy fucking shit: i am financially ruined[View]
14880313Piπ pre test net: Ticker of Piπ will be accredited, and wallet at test net and further updates main …[View]
14877498Finally it's ALT season!!![View]
14880487Are whales accumulating alts or did they exit scam us?[View]
14880088Ether at $800-$900 soon: $997 per ETH on Oct 22, 2019. Sit back and relax in cruise control.[View]
14879165What do I do with my inherited wealth?: So basically I own some real estate and my parents will give…[View]
14878921Your favorite exchange and why: I'll start: Binance: easy to use, funds are safe Coinbase: good…[View]
14879223Only asset is house will I make it: Split with ex, managed to keep the house but nothing else. Now t…[View]
14880318Why yes I do have a small bag of 32,000 Tron how did you know?[View]
14879691So I heard you guys had some lucrative options tips?..[View]
14880011BTC is going to 0. It is rat poison squared.[View]
14879784Fuck this shit: Get the fuck out!! we go down now... watch this next hourly candle... riiiiiiiip to …[View]
14879142If there is war with Iran will the canadian economy recover?[View]
14878481you read at least one trading book, right?[View]
14880058/tmug/ trading music general what do you listen to while watching your wealth violently fluctuate? …[View]
14856757RSR : PayPal 2?: Do you anons thinks RSR will be true decentralized stable global currency?[View]
14879990Take Tael’s one-minute survey.: One of the frontrunners in mainstream adoption check the survey at: …[View]
14880206How much did Sergey pay coinbase to get listed and how much of it has they already dumped?[View]
14880179so wait i will be able to stake link just by holding on binance?[View]
14878388Is this show an opiate for the wagey masses? Is wagecucking really like this? Do clueless idiots rea…[View]
14878787>Alts go up 20% >Sell and buy a new coin >New coin goes down 20% and old coin goes up anoth…[View]
14879427Failure Friday: It's Friday /biz/. Time to reflect on the week and your biggest mistakes in bus…[View]
14879447Where can I get cheap silver if I’m an Amerilard[View]
14880137NEETS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvJ8p8yY-c[View]
14879915Chain the very very bad The Link Coin very bad sell: Chalink going to under $1 sell now my sources t…[View]
14877468Explain what these terms mean: Justed Anon Newfag Bart Bull Pajeet Bobo Pepe Bear Btfo Kek Desu Dubs…[View]
14874721XCM: Genuinely a slavshit scam. New platform is even worse, and somehow buggier. Can't trade at…[View]
14880074I sold for PAX at $9,300 before I got bogged by that massive green dildo, When do I buy back in?[View]
14879724>copium running low >curtains closed >vitamin d depleted >feeling the depression coming …[View]
14879904Crypto a failure?: The last time Bitcoin aka Bigcoin was big is when it was $16,134.83, then it all …[View]
14880000>he didnt buy the dip[View]
14875399Harmony ONE: Official discussion thread. Price talk & project: /Official discussion thread/ Here…[View]
14878865MICRO CAPS: Looking for micro cap coins not yet listed on cmc. GO[View]
14874886/smg/ - Stock Market General: keynesian economics edition Popular brokers: https://pastebin.com/mrSc…[View]
14878710Get in here /biz/ plays in a few minutes!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH https://youtu.be/psN5yHRZWR0[View]
14879302ETH: Hello frens, Is 120 ETH enough to make it to 7 figs? How long should I wait ? Been living a ver…[View]
14879121Please stop hodling link. Make it easier for your fellow anons to still buy them cheap for now[View]
14878476Any interesting ICO's / IEO's coming up?: Let me hear your shills on new tokens plz. Tell …[View]
14879747>I'm super bullish >we're gonna make it >like, next month…[View]
14879745anyone else love pic related? i'm so glad most of this country is financially illiterate so tha…[View]
14879742How many linkpool to be able to stake?: How much linkpool do I need to own to be allowed into round …[View]
14877026How the fuck is Kmart still in business?: So I got hired at this place and I asked my manager why I …[View]
14871339I'm Sergey Nazarov. I think you marines deserve to ask me something directly. Ask me anything. …[View]
14877847Anyone else sad that the fucking normies found about Chainlink before we were able to hit top 5 I do…[View]
14879690Binance to airdrop 9 million Stellar, now offers staking rewards: >He hasnt bought into Stellar o…[View]
14878816Be in control of your own data: Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange Protocol in which th…[View]
14879403this can easily reach 18 million this is the next x10 why aren't you in it?[View]
14879133Harmony bros, we need better meme content ...[View]
14879238Foreign crypto boards: Do you know of any foreign (non-English) chans with crypto boards? I know of …[View]
14878436>work really hard goy and maybe if youre lucky youll get a 4% pay rise! >works really hard and…[View]
14879251What will happen to Harmony (ONE) once Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) is done?[View]
14878961>hey anon, we need you to come in 9:00am tomorrow, ok? Thanks. Why did I even go to college is I …[View]
14879560Are you going to make it?: What do you guys consider actually making it? If you could see 5% ROI (wh…[View]
14879453How is it possible to have a gf *&* be on /biz/? I barely have time to keep up with you loosers …[View]
14875306whats the worst advice you've gotten from /biz/ that you followed?[View]
14879528When does this moon?[View]
14877454Anyone running a parking lot? Care to share some stories? Sounds like biz dream business[View]
14878790Bitcoin and crypto currencies fundamental analysis: This might be a boring read for a lot of you but…[View]
14879248Is coin mining profitable for newcomers anymore or has that ship totally sailed? I live somewhere wi…[View]
14877265Hey jannies: >flips lighter >Lites cigar >Blows smoke on jannies face How'bout you ban…[View]
14879156Only 3 spaces left for EOS and 4 still available for XLM.: https://coinbase.com/ earn/ eos/invite/ 4…[View]
14879346Is it true crypto traders get fucked every day?[View]
14877746Free shitcoin on coinbutt gogogogog EOS free money is live. xlm too if you're late to the party…[View]
14879311Just out of curiosity how much did each of you pay in crypto taxes last year?[View]
14879073Attention nulinkers and newfags! I would like to bring something to your attention. Link is no longe…[View]
14878384JASON PARSLERS[View]
14877571Quadruples gets low cap gem no script kiddies pl0x[View]
14877977Has RLC found a bottom?: Serious discussion only. Inb4 ad hominem arguments, quintessential shitcoin…[View]
14879324>scratches underneath his balls, now he has black dead skin under his fingernails smelling like s…[View]
14878311Hello /biz/, /x/ here. I'm the 7th son, of the 7th son. If you don't know what that means,…[View]
14878528Is it still a good idea to get into IT Support/IT Analyst field (especially on the west coast USA)? …[View]
14879125Let's get that fucking paper.: https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/360031074191…[View]
14875374Constellation - partnerless with a financial runway of maximum 3 years?: They raised a shitload of m…[View]
14878914friday STO chill: chill best blockchain for securities[View]
14879059HAHAHAA fucking quanters in absolute fucking ruins HAHAHA you will never replace ripple because quan…[View]
14878930Get 10 free dollars on coinbase and put them into a less shitty shitcoin!: Link: coinbase.com/ earn …[View]
14879077IT'S A ME...: TRUST THE PROCESS[View]
14876771RLC Emergency Meeting Thread: Bros, what happened? Why we dumping and shit? It's such a good pr…[View]
14876605moar LINK breadcrumb please: moar moar moar faster faster puddycat[View]
14876562Long China and short the western world: What's the best way to long China and short the western…[View]
14879011Craig Satoshi Wright: What is this around his neck? A mobile hologram device to hide the alien face?…[View]
14875805Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos BTFO: >Trump looking at Pentagon contract said to be worth $10 billion …[View]
14874288Christ this board is complete shit today.: You're all trash.[View]
14878928When does this moon[View]
14878951Whenever I see a coin being FUD'd with this much intent, it always pumps[View]
14871831Fulfilled by Amazon?: I've been looking into ways to make a real passive income and have come a…[View]
14878366*TING TING TING*: Gentlemen, I have an extremely important announcement to make. Please take a seat …[View]
14878766WTF WAS THAT?[View]
14878380Where is this piece of shit going?: Is Mumu still on the cards? Or is Bobo going to be the winner?…[View]
14878789>For security reasons, BitMEX processes withdrawals with manual review once a day. For more infor…[View]
14877559>0.006 per ripple when i entered crypto in early 2017 >3 dollars at the peak >didn't b…[View]
14878810WHAT WAS THAT[View]
14878881BTC - you beautiful angel: https://youtu.be/aiyY6DfgvjU Imagine not having BTC in your portfolio - t…[View]
14878423At what point did you realize /r/cc is smarter than /biz/?[View]
14878267What shitcoin is this... It might surprise you[View]
14876998Rate my noobfolio.: I'm wondering, if I should consolidate into 3, max 4 coins (ENG, QNT, LTO, …[View]
14878801>Heyyy sweethee Haven't seen you since Highschool, that was like 7 years ago!! >I have re…[View]
14878778oculis verificatur[View]
14877897whos ready?: We are about to go off the rails... remember two weeks ago children? 800% gains[View]
14878542I'm trying to start my own business selling indoor plant cultivation accessories such as grow l…[View]
14878716Exchange 9$ / month: Tired of getting fucked by exchanges with their insane fees? LVL is approved by…[View]
14877037AS Roma fan token: OMFG AS Roma gonna issue official fan tokens on Chiliz $CHZ[View]
14878684Exodus is coming soon: Prepare my fellow stans 60/60/24/7--14[View]
14868812Aergo Hodlers & Traders: Listen to me. The price is fucking pristine and if you aren't an i…[View]
14877685help: why did you scam me biz im still holding[View]
14876943Libra Discussion: So I assume this is common knowledge on here because generally you all are deep in…[View]
14878051link, erc20 token, takes 15 minutes to make >he thinks hes gonna get rich from an erc20 token lit…[View]
14878606How do you short link?[View]
14878106Where is the best place to raise a family?: After I make it I want to move to the best place to rais…[View]
14876969Altcoin investment: My mom are nice enough for giving me allowance 8k this year. Don't know wha…[View]
14875808Lads is this enough to quite wage cucking for 1-2 years?: >3 BTC >3k LINK >18 ETH >12k V…[View]
14878276Did chainlink really only take 15 minutes to make?[View]
14877524What will happen when I move to Germany? Will I have to pay taxes to cash out from what price? From …[View]
14877956Are vending machine businesses legit?[View]
14878387Why aren't you all in Solar Coin? >coins created using the sun's energy >sub $1 Mill…[View]
14878353secret hint: Shawty, hol mir noch 'n Shot Shawty, hol mir noch 'n Shot Shawty, hol mir noc…[View]
14878060It would be so based to work for these companies.[View]
14876400TGIF moon3d!: time to burn crypto and win big[View]
14877695lol thanks losers: why is it morally wrong for us to invest crypto, but then CEO nogs can do this?…[View]
14873030My parents are really rich (US$100 million liquid assets + tier) and I'm 20. Give me some boome…[View]
14878201Is it even possible to not become a bagholder in Crypto right now?[View]
14878213New CMC feature!: New CMC feature! If your coin has an asterisk (*) it has been determined to be a s…[View]
14878269Do you hold any DOGE?[View]
14878101Don't go chasing waterfalls - QNT or VIDT: VIDT up 28%+ QNT down 5% Which one should I chuck .5…[View]
14877856So you lost all your money trading? Why not collect some coins for free.: Step 1) Install Electroneu…[View]
14878180Go fuck yourselves: Fuck goddamnit[View]
14878131I can't believe your friend Sergey bought you this choppa! He must be a really cool guy![View]
14873902Keep waiting anon. You are going to miss this one AGAIN: Two weeks ago we did 700%.[View]
14877872We are fundamentally going to make it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8tGqiGj7wc[View]
14877674U.S. to run out of money by September: >muh debt ceiling Why have debt ceilings when all you do i…[View]
14877121WAIT FOR IT[View]
14876088Realistic projections for ETH: ETH is at its lowest ratio against BTC that I've ever personally…[View]
14878093Thoughts on Decred (DCR)?[View]
14876685>be me >be yesterday >playing with face app >started to think of my old age >probably…[View]
14877418Margin trading link on Binance: Holy shit this is based.. Can now accumulate 10x faster when it goe…[View]
14876372what would you tell to your own 18 yrs old self? no crypto or stocks advice, i would have invest in …[View]
14878099Fantom: how hard is your dick fantomies? After 3 month i still havent heared any real fud i honestly…[View]
14869693Ich hab keine Lust mehr. Wie soll man in diesem Land reich werden? Ich sehe nur Mohammeds und Achmed…[View]
14878036Stick with tried and true[View]
14877985>women are better investors than men if they invest >trannies get in here https://www.youtube.…[View]
14877895I need link to be $500 to make it: Is it possible? When do you think it’ll be that price? Also $1000…[View]
14873870$1 waiting room[View]
14878003EARN FREE CRYPTO ON COINBASE: earn free crypto at coinbase .com /earn you can currently earn $10 BA…[View]
14876736WHAT WAS THAT[View]
14877951Sup /biz/, I've accumulated a steady 3 BTC over the last few years, but I'm beginning to f…[View]
14877609Can i at least get a pitty pump?[View]
14877362Waging: The truth; Waging makes you spongebob Neet makes you squidward[View]
14877891Anyone use the coinbase wallet? Primarily use enjin and trust but it seems very fast just sucks abo…[View]
14877649Still didn't learn: Why didn't I sell some linkies after a 70% pump on a cb listing with t…[View]
14877326I want to invest 40k: Any suggestions on where I should allocate funds?[View]
14877798Get ready.[View]
14876949>makes you a millionaire[View]
14877558The Messiah: How will you personally worship and thank him?[View]
1487775050x short from 10.7k. This is fucking easy. How do people not make money? Another 5 of these winners…[View]
14876307What do you predict BTC price by 2022?[View]
14876259Nostalgia thread. Good times.[View]
14877421Your favorite exchange and why: I'll start: Binance: easy to use, funds are safe Coinbase: good…[View]
14876933You only had to listen /biz/: We going to 8.5k, then 7.5k, but you are still in time to listen, buy …[View]
14874284!!!666 giveaway: Trading away !!!666 tokens. 666 666 666 666 for one TRON token. Send to the founder…[View]
14874422XSN Non-technical white paper: https://medium.com/stakenet/stakenet-light-paper-56552f8c07a2…[View]
14877628Thoughts about buying this shit coin in hopes one day koreaboos flock to it because it's abbriv…[View]
14877131bitch i got that btc[View]
14872961You MUST post ITT if you're waging right now: wage[View]
14875342A L T S E A S O N[View]
14877495Letting a Million Channels Bloom: arguments? https://medium.com/blockstream/letting-a-million-chann…[View]
14875252What is barting.[View]
14859804Silver Chads rise up.: Train is leaving the station. I repeat the train is leaving the station. Our …[View]
14877363Facebook as a money handler: Fucking Zuckerberg wants to convert your money into facebucks online fo…[View]
14877281The majority of tokens are scams, vaporware or simply will never be used in practice because nobody …[View]
14876803bitch i got dat harmony[View]
14877325Parabola broken. 80 % correction incoming.[View]
14876786whats a chainlink?[View]
14876081https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S14859153 I literally warned you it was about to pump again...[View]
14873324Childhood is being an ancap Being an adult is realizing minarchism makes more sense[View]
14876072How become rich?[View]
14877141Work is literally making me lose my mind and memory and I’m going insane: I cannot think clearly any…[View]
14876553chainlink coinbase: why can't i buy LINK with funds from my fiat wallet? wtf is this?! do i hav…[View]
14877212Why arent you all in on this shitcoin?[View]
14875718I keep getting fatter: Wageslave here, I keep getting fatter for some reason. I try to eat less but …[View]
14876522Pi Network: Join early and build your Pi holding before it hits exchanges. It is literally free mone…[View]
14872085Where the 105 faggots at: Rocket about to take off, hope you have fun buying my bags at 300 sats…[View]
14877246should i invest in cuddling and warmth music and good drink good moment in motel? Fuck no prostituti…[View]
14877116Thot status: Patroled How do I short ethots?[View]
14875999Get FUCKING TECHNOLOGY!!!: Fucking living in shitholistan (germany). no internet every few days for …[View]
14874116AI has now beat the highest level professionals at: >chess >go >poker >starcraft ii Each…[View]
14876491>you spend all day scanning forums and threads in the hopes of some info that will give you +1% i…[View]
14876854NXT: Sergey's original scam project. Will ChainLink make it matter again? It seems like it was …[View]
14875041/based/fantabros hoping the price will stay like this EOM so I can accumulate more[View]
14876952For REAL??: Britney spears just sold BOTH OF HER KIDNEY to buy a crypto coin called BITCLOUD.[View]
14877087how do the (((market makers))) manipulate the price in the short term? how do you spot it which way …[View]
14877096Coinbase thread: You guys know the drill, Watch a few seconds of each video answer the questions and…[View]
14876360Bitch i got that bsv!!![View]
14876907i want my money back[View]
14876946Money in the bag: Just as i fukin thought. Bitcloud rising today. Thank god i fuking shilled up yest…[View]
14876759Ze Crypto must go up.[View]
14876735Blockfolio bread: >age >school/job >networth >goal networth I'll go: >20 (birthd…[View]
14876412Anyone else feel like the market is dying a slow death?: Since jan 2018 it just feels like its slowl…[View]
14876914Can someone create a hyper-inflationary-deflationary-stablecoin? Like... whoever sends 3 coins, gets…[View]
14870604>I only have 4k LINK >there will be no more moon missions after LINK >LINK is fundamentally…[View]
14875610Investing: It is right or wrong if i invest in coti? Can u guys suggest it?[View]
14872121How autistic are you to own this shit coin?[View]
14875907corecucks will say craig edited this email too[View]
14876290idiots on idex are spending a stupid amount of money on this[View]
14875145/Technical Analysis/ General - Make /biz/ Profitable Again: A continuation of the thread from yester…[View]
14876809NEET Citadel’s: ITT we discuss NEET communes and Citadels after Link hits 1k and slowly makes its cl…[View]
14876018What is the official cut off for stacklet stack?: At what point does ones stack the nulinker/stackle…[View]
14876652Eat My Shorts[View]
14874879Rothschild forum posts: Was he just a larp, or a drunken rothschild dropping breadcrumbs? The next b…[View]
14873376Here's what happens when you call out the faggot link army on Twitter Call out a catfish, get m…[View]
14875510Explain it to brainlet: Unironicly what’s the 1 coin a new fag brainlet should buy?[View]
14873730ATTN: Devery = Support for terrorism: Buying this token supports the terrorists.[View]
14874552Yo how realistic is it we get sub $1 link again? My dick got hard when another Anon said that.[View]
14873754Where are the eve babes??: Why the fuck haven’t I seen any eve babes??[View]
14870438Devery????? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT: What the fuckkkkk??????????????????[View]
14876574>day 546 of the alt coin bear market[View]
14875996Any millinares on biz?[View]
14872151DEVERYS FRONT END FOR UN - WFP PROGRAM: You have to be a complete fucking moron not to give this a s…[View]
14875223TA anon here. AERGO will 2-10x over the next month: aergo. good project with vc backing. we are at t…[View]
14875623I found this can someone tell me what it does?: Does it help fund ISIS?[View]
14875897We’re going to bounce soon right?[View]
14876631He is coming.[View]
14876626Leverage trading: i just opened my first long. what am in for?[View]
14876428Another liquidation pump incoming: Bobros as a fellow bobo be fucking careful with the leverage…[View]
14876340BTT: well this was a big fucking disappointment what the fuck went wrong?[View]
14875994hopium from the lord himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPKG0nYP82s 1keoy easy bois…[View]
14876362>Literally just a hot water tracker >Worth almost $1bn How much longer until deranged LINKies …[View]
14876178HAMONY ONE is fucking dying: 24h volume: $5 702 151 USD It was $10M on monday, $20M two weeks ago… …[View]
14874796Oh gee, I wonder what happens next...[View]
14874881Investing in animation studios while low??: The anime industry just had the biggest tragedy ever to …[View]
14876230Aergo is going to make so many anons on biz millionaires[View]
14874866How big is your link stack?[View]
14876401Scam?: Reviews were positive but seems like it's dying.[View]
14876197Are we about the pull the trigger on bart?[View]
14875058LMAO that gold/silver dump. bogged[View]
14876242I got 5 eth biz. should I go all in vidt?[View]
14876319How can one man be so based? https://youtu.be/TkMT3BHZhAM[View]
14873925Nerva up 50 percent since yesterday: Dont say we didnt warn you. We've been saying to get on th…[View]
14874708I bought a truck load of pic related in the 14s. Should I exchange for LINK?[View]
14875838WHY THE FUCK DID I SELL MY AERGO AT $0.09????!!!![View]
14876311While you're posting ass pics and memes someone just donated $5K in Plebbit.[View]
14876113>have an okay job lined up >negotiated a slightly higher wage >seems strict and may have of…[View]
14874209I only need a 20x in crypto to make it. How likely is that to happen? Currently holding LINK, LTC, E…[View]
14873680CRYPTO is OVER: We have had a bart movement after many months. These movements are designed to maxim…[View]
14874654You fools![View]
14876085Next Binance Listings Tomorrow: On 20th July Binance.com will list AT LEAST 1 project from Binance D…[View]
14875561Bobos are awfully quiet. Getting scared are they?[View]
14874411Are we about to take off guys? Can't wait.[View]
14876059Binance DEX doesn't matter because a coin has never been declined after registering to be liste…[View]
14876037Why are people still talking about Fantom. It seems like a very average project that doesn't de…[View]
14873964Thoughts on this shitcoin?[View]
14875618ONE: We're on our way, 105 inbound.[View]
14875888Do not underestimate the power of negative thoughts bitcoin will never be above 11k again[View]
14874196The dump that is incoming will be one of the greatest in crypto history. I'm talking $5000/btc …[View]
14875819SHX Stronghold: When can we see SHX go up? Libra ain't gon stop anytime soon. Pump my bags, Zuc…[View]
14874468We are going to be so fucking rich[View]
14872887How are you preparing for the Indian Century?[View]
14875846What is the best time of the day for you to do it?[View]
14875294Aergo Listing on Binance: https://explorer.binance.org/tx/ACB44E9F3535F84688F707F8257AF5B16D4576DA6B…[View]
14875955KEK: >tfw suckers rally >tfw bulls got duped by market manipulation AGAIN (lol) While bulls pl…[View]
14875596Launch countdown: You have less than 6 weeks left to accumulate.[View]
14875539AERGO: Aergo is joining the Binance chain!!!! CEX SOON[View]
14875448Break up fuck: My gf giving me fucking hard day. Now i have 10k cash don't know what to do.…[View]
14873954VIDT listing on Binance Dex!: Get in before the move and the volume increases 3-5x. Liquidity is peo…[View]
14872653who /NEOnazi/ here?[View]
14875853What a shitcoin[View]
14875798FUNDS ARE NOT SAFU[View]
14872044Get 10 free dollars in EOS on coinbase then put it into a less shitty shitcoin!: Link: coinbase.com/…[View]
14874968Coti: Can i invest in coti? Did coti will filled up my bag?[View]
14872414*sniff* Smells like... mmm... money.[View]
14873338Business ideas: I'm mostly interested in creating an ecommerce business. What's your busin…[View]
14872913House Servent is being disobedient: Sirs my house servant is refusing to give me sex while my wife i…[View]
14875679Net Worth/Lays: Saw a thread the other day asking anons what their net worth was vs how many women t…[View]
14875683Prepp your shorts: MUMU ARE YOU OK? MUMU ARE YOU OK OK?[View]
14873000you see the future from here? invest in plastics to petrol conversion. seriously its not even that e…[View]
14871476RSR is a huge scam beware.: Stablecoin muh backed by USD can't be converted for usd 3B circulat…[View]
14875419How to make money from raspberry pi?[View]
14874597Is 800 linkies enough to make it? I also have about 25 ETH and .4 BTC[View]
14875315LYM: if you dont see the B2B and normie potential in this you hate money[View]
14875168AERGO ON BINANCE???: IS IT HABBENING? FUCKING FINALLY? https://explorer.binance.org/tx/ACB44E9F3535…[View]
14860065/SENT/ - Sentinel dVPN general: Sentinel is the first blockahin project with actual users that is no…[View]
14874576Link Libra?: Is this proof that Link and Libra are partnering, or is it just sirgay using it as an e…[View]
14875402How much does circulating token supply: really affect price when taking in to account the fact that …[View]
14871304When did you realize that the skill of sifting through 4chan to find actual advice is the most valua…[View]
14872613What's the /biz/ approved programming language ?[View]
14875228free chink money. get in now.[View]
14872970Time to buy XRP ?: what is this[View]
14875406AERGO: If you're not in AERGO today...you literally hate money.[View]
14875400AERGO + Binance DEX: Aergo is a good project with VC backing. Should get listed on Binance CEX on Au…[View]
14874981TAO me curious: After being shilled for the past little bit and joosted with the recent btc/chainlin…[View]
14874611AION double down: PBC released monthly report yesterday . AION a a double down at these prices and m…[View]
14875321Flush with monopoly money: Are you kids winning yet?[View]
14875317>'why yes, i will buy the new bottom at 8750, how could you tell?'[View]
14874917Good morning! Candle-Chan wants you to have a goo day today! Let’s make predictions here for today’s…[View]
14872393WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT?[View]
148752403rd green day in a row: Wasnt it a shitcoin, anons?? But why does its volume keeps growing and growi…[View]
14874018bearwolf was right[View]
14874129i am just gonna leave this here[View]
14874734>tfw spend all my time in this pajeet infested cesspool >missed the greatest camera sale in am…[View]
14874882What should I grab with 500 today? More Xmr or grab ren or fantom[View]
14874769Anon, where are you? TIME TO PAY! I want my ETH back!!! 0xbB671D7F8256361e8ae3912cB0356a2bEAFA8135…[View]
14874203Aergo Exchange Listing Imminent: I repeat. AERGO Exchange Listing Imminent. Buckle up and put on yo…[View]
14872222Aergo announcement incoming: My paid signal group just said that there is going to be a big announce…[View]
14874989I love the new LINK fud: The discord trannies have now moved on to making shitty price assumptions. …[View]
14865327I'm 29 years of age and I have never touched a woman or ever been on a date. I am suicidal most…[View]
1487117377 gets to decide what kind of escort I hire tomorrow: Surprise me bros, no gay shit pls[View]
14875040WE'RE PUMPING BOYS![View]
14875075this is it: This picture from coinbase should be proof enough of the strongest buy signal in crypto.…[View]
14873408Staking timeline: Can we combine our knowledge and crumbs on when we speculate that staking will be …[View]
14865081/smg/ - Stock Market General: Stock Market General - WE RICH NIGGA EDITION In honor of >>14860…[View]
14873847VIDT +25%: C O M F Y Binance dex accepted. T1 still confirmed for this quarter. Don't miss the …[View]
14873643He bought Chainlink[View]
14874808MITX: Volume drying up, a few good news (that are 100% coming) will pump this bad boy[View]
14874733It's impossible to profit - its just a JSON parser and im not even larping, you can ask tom gon…[View]
14873442Oh look...our little 'Bullrun' is running: out of steam. Would be sad if something happened to it..…[View]
14873716It's literally free money: https://coinbase.com /earn /xlm /invite/68gz0qd5 Free 20$ for about …[View]
14874757Buying gold in the EU: Hi anons, question, where do you guys buy your gold? Also do you prefer to ha…[View]
14873908Kleros / PNK - floor is in, lads.: If you aren't accumulating Kleros, a decentralized court sys…[View]
14874712who here JUSTed?[View]
14873414PiTards $1 waiting room: whats everyone’s mining rate? Currently at 2.3 Pi/hour. If your not already…[View]
14874250Do you want to say something before I start cutting your throat, Bubu?[View]
14874739https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vyj1C8ogtE SCOTTY DOESNT KNOW SCOTTY DOESNT KNOW DONT TELL SCOTTY!!…[View]
14873311If I invest 32k in LINK will I make it?: If I invest $32k in LINK will I make it? Just found about l…[View]
14873196mfw these two boomers will make me filthy rich: feels pretty comfy desu. maybe I'll even find i…[View]
14872497Good afternoon /biz/ Feels good to be independently financially independently. *pours cognac in a g…[View]
14873739My last stand: Missed all the moon missions and fell for the hodl gang fag meme (fuck you putos). We…[View]
14874413Is no one going to talk about this ?[View]
14874634Is it worth a read?[View]
14874387It says here that you could have bought at Bitcoin at $3200 and you didn't. Care to explain?[View]
14872514Shill me the next x1000 coin[View]
14869863It is starting today: Today something very interesting will happen.A very low key company,working fo…[View]
14870687All exchanges with fiat are forced to delist it All stores that accept it as payment are forced to r…[View]
14873553Who here accumulating LIT: Feeling comfy[View]
14873849how much money can you make off of Minecraft servers?[View]
14874452Why aren't you SELLING half-assed opinions?: Gone are the times when peer to peer and internet …[View]
14874360Guys I want to help boost LINK but I don't know where to go. I need to throw my dollars at some…[View]
14872455DUMB MONEY: Imagine shorting or longing this stupid market, at this point it's natural selectio…[View]
14872905next big play after middleware and decentralized oracles?: what is going to be the next big play in …[View]
14871969libertarians on /biz/ >”taxation is theft! No state should ever be allowed to force its citizens …[View]
14872019Link is FUCKED!: Guys, this guy named Joey Krug, who is a blockchain and oracle expert has been warn…[View]
14874286kek I told you so[View]
14872721Here’s your tip, wagey.[View]
14874279>start ignoring friends and family for a while >suddenly they start respecting me more based a…[View]
14872031How to make it 101: Wait for ethereum to drop below 200, 4x long on dydx, wait, made it[View]
14874264Goodnight sweet prince[View]
14873719LSK: What about Lisk? it's a good investment at this point?[View]
14874251So, what is this coins deal? Is it just a meme? How does it compare to ADA or LINK?[View]
14873603ANONS!!!! CASHING OUT IS ACTUALLY NOT A MEME!!!! I used bitomat today and got real money[View]
14874210We’re safe, r-right deribit brahs?: US only investigating bitmexico not a legitimate exchange run by…[View]
14872511Halp pl0x: I'm a fairly intelligent individual in need of some tips on getting into the market …[View]
14874109new chainlink node today: KNEE STATUS: BENT[View]
14873798Now that bitmex and bitfinex are being investigated and soon to be shutdown. At what price will you …[View]
14872742Is Tesla a good investment?[View]
14874050Open your longs: Not a single time in history has bitcoin dumped on such strong buy volume[View]
14873671WTF WAS THAT[View]
14874051AND WE'RE OFF![View]
14874107>crypto is classified as property So why do all Americans have to get a money transmitter license…[View]
14872174Im not even racist but the fact the first black CEO in crypto is goin to jail is som funny shit[View]
14872744Trumpcoin: Buddy of mine who works in local news let me know they're about to do a story on Tru…[View]
14873540Yeaaa....: I'm not playing this silly game faggots. Will wait for chart correction until Bobo l…[View]
14873267I am not the CEO of biz's favorite utility token: And I'm not telling you I'm 'a…[View]
14873839Fuck us up on telegram is you want: @DeveryTrade Tell us how shitty this project is[View]
14872088THE BEAST: Open the gates! I REPEAT: OPEN THE GATES! The beast wants to go out! It is accumulating s…[View]
1487395211.4k waiting room: >Rig for dive >Dive, dive, dive…[View]
14873590Daytraders and TA connoisseurs of /biz/: What tools do you use when deciding whether to enter (and a…[View]
14873885From this point onwards, 2 things can happen: either butcoin moons or bitcoin tanks. Either way alts…[View]
14873792Why haven’t I seen this shitcoin until today? Is it really dog shit[View]
14870813Crypto and Gambling: Okay. Let's be serious. Is crypto just gambling or can you actually make e…[View]
14873320WAKE UP ANONS: Rise and shine faggots...did anyone see Sergey's demeanour at yesterday's t…[View]
14872181Devery website has been compromised it links to pornhub h: Hahaha nice one guyesss[View]
14873837Has anyone read his book? Does it worth?[View]
14872106Devery? Is it time to take another look?: Has this shit coin been actually secretly developing some …[View]
14872226Who’s ready to see this pile of dogs it get lit on fire??[View]
14867848XRP is officially KILLED: https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/swift-records-13-second-cross-bor…[View]
14873551Financially rapes nu/biz/: hurrrrr it's the ethereum killer goys[View]
14857775Extreme Frugal Minimalists Plan to Retire by Age 35: >tfw no uggo minimalist gf to live frugally …[View]
14873654What platform do you use to trade crypto?: I'm new to trading and I need to know whats the best…[View]
14873626Swapping from Nano to CL: You white men have come to my land of losses. You have shilled and shilled…[View]
14870828NEET business & finance thread: Fellow NEETs, as we are the last remnant of humanity left--us be…[View]
14872439Do you like Bart market[View]
14873092Is reserve a guaranteed win? Seems to me it is if you hold for a few years. Am I missing something?[View]
14873511>Call me a sinner, call me a saint >Tell me its over, I'll still love you the same >Ca…[View]
14873189Glybdo gurrensy![View]
14872596WTF Lit bros... Vidt gets Binance Dex listing in a week, but ours is ignored... Wtf I bought the wro…[View]
14873490>spent six thousand on a bitcoin where were you when soulja boy had better 1 year performance tha…[View]
14872169How fucked am I?: I bought this at 2c and now it’s worth half.[View]
14873454ETHEREUM MOONING: toward south[View]
14870395>'I'll use my credit card'[View]
14869980CALLING TRUST VERSE INSIDER ANON: Ok anon that leaked that Samsung information prepump. I beckon you…[View]
14872243Try and FUD: Why is devery about to explode? - Partnership with UN has concluded (Details are limite…[View]
14873089BTC: Bitcoin will reach 10M within 5 years.[View]
14872670FILTERS: share your filters, also how do I filter based on image because these pajeet faggots keep b…[View]
14872416ANON YOU ALWAYS LOSE: ahaha missed another bottom ahaha you suck[View]
14871890Is chainlink a meme or should I buy in: To late to buy chainlink? I'm thinking of fasting and u…[View]
14872892>imagine the smell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ILu-R-Nz8&t=451s…[View]
14873370Mummy: >Bizrael, I heard about the new Bitcoin thingie and it sounds like a good investment plan,…[View]
14872926Inside Vid: Insider here, Binance listing in around 3 weeks + Big Announcment of a new Customer but …[View]
14873182Seriously, its like 200$ move. go back[View]
14873216This whole crypto thing is easy I don't know what you pink/burgundy/rose/blush/currant/hibiscus…[View]
14870462*dethrones the dollar*: nothing personal kid[View]
14873156Unlimited blocksize Instant transactions Anti crime Dapp compatible Decentralised immuteable ledg…[View]
14871818VIDT APPROVED FOR BINANCE DEX: https://medium.com/@pim_vee/we-did-it-f1eed26b989d Litiots on suicide…[View]
14870644do you believe me now, /biz/?[View]
14869994Unironically post your reddit username[View]
14873208Natgas dead?: >>12650937 i hear all this talk about freedomgas and new pipelines but what happ…[View]
14872010Buy OTO.: Major movement coming. Deep-web call. 16-60 was no fluke, and the others won't be as …[View]
14871993Buying a house: Is it financially a good idea to buy a house in Europe this year? Every time I'…[View]
14872865imagine not buying the silver of crypto below $100[View]
14873021So much fud saying we won't reach 1k, is the discordcucks getting extremely desperate or what i…[View]
14872234Bobos gonna get rekt: Up $1000 from 24 hours ago and bobos are still gloating. The next bart up is g…[View]
14872271See you at $1: VIDT just announced Binance DEX listing.. see you fags at $1[View]
14873125i don't feel too good[View]
14872091V-IDT will be listed on Binance DEX: Next exchange announced boys.. strap in. V-IDT to be listed on …[View]
14871823Vidt Binance: !!![View]
14872374Kind sirs please explain difference between ERC20 and BEP2[View]
14870190When link goes to $1000s people here will unironically say 'how could we have known it would go to _…[View]
14870944Capitalism is ass: >Inb4 the indoctrinated rednecks start screeching. Well, the shitty economy as…[View]
14870538regulator bitmex probe: https://twitter.com/HASHCIB/status/1152136689558675456[View]
14868853Pi Network mobile mining: Pi Network mobile mining Join early and build you Pi holding before it hit…[View]
14865798>make youtube channel for shits, it gathers 2411 active subs and gets monetized in 1 month. dont …[View]
14872296STOP right there >Shoots you in the head >Handcuffs you DON'T FUCKING MOVE…[View]
14869893I hate crab market[View]
14872951https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/conceal/ Did you guys buy this when I shilled it 2 weeks ago?…[View]
14871191Buying land on Mars: http://www.buymars.com/mars-land Explain to me why I shouldn't long Mars…[View]
14872419Nothing to see here, goy.[View]
14872341There are people who listened to a senile old man named clif high and thought theyd get 30,000% gain…[View]
14872741$6k in IRA: I have $6k in my IRA. What should I invest it in? I don't want to just leave it in …[View]
14872869>Vidt's team has no ethnic minorities This is an outrage... It's 2019! Boycott Vidt…[View]
14864398Shill me Harmony please: I have about 5k to throw at this if anyone can convince me why I should buy…[View]
14872431Bobo reks again, specially that 105 guy of harmony, take that fag.[View]
14872795Out of the seven deadly sins which is your favourite? Mines gluttony[View]
14872782Praise Serhei: Time goes by, but serhyei still get lots of fun with schoolong kikes.[View]
14871095tell me about your failed business /biz/: there's a lot of widsom that can be gleaned from fail…[View]
14872706Toilet paper vs. napkins vs. paper towels vs. kleenex: If you were to use only one type of paper pro…[View]
14872171Who else extremely comfy here?[View]
14872692Bitmax getting rekt and we are comfy over here. When will you learn anon. Designed to easy 10x your …[View]

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