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13127296Newb question: What is a good position to start in for a person who wants to get his sea legs in sal…[View]
13129053price target? or did i get scammed?[View]
13128966this one is about to moon: PAYPAL IS THE USERBASE! https://medium.com/ink-protocol/introducing-repli…[View]
13129107Hey anon don't forget to collect what you deserve: Moon soon, screencap this[View]
13129106K E V I N M E T R O[View]
13129105Does independent contracting count as working for yourself? How do you get started doing something l…[View]
13127136Sell me this: rope[View]
13129063Rate this client blockchain Architecture: Structure > Client utilizes checksum algorithm that onl…[View]
13127998I am sold on cryptocurrency but where and how do I start?[View]
13128973MITx - Morpheus Labs: Most undervalued coin right now: It is a Blockchain-as-a-platform-service (BPa…[View]
13128499Crypto Questions that need answers:: 1. Is that BTC AI named Tulip really a thing? 2. Will BNB corre…[View]
13128802How do I start being a hard working person? For the past 5 years I've procrastinated so much an…[View]
13128010Is it ever coming back? I am throwing EVERYTHING in crypto, my mum too, we even sold old gold rings …[View]
13118946/biz Motivation: Post whatever you like, /biz used to have these[View]
13128114wat: Holy shit. Almost 0.30c! What's happening?! Why is it mooning like no tomorrow?[View]
13128875Login with you Paypal Account!: Just released minutes ago this will pump hard! Login with you Paypal…[View]
13125912You have less than 24 hours to buy Ambrosus: UP to 400% profit with tomorrow’s huge announcement…[View]
13128066DEGO: DeroGold is the future of cryptocurrency. So /biz/ how much do you hold?[View]
13127445chadfolio thread: ITT: only folios that made gains in the last week[View]
13128892ETERBASE (XBASE): ETERBASE MARKET CAP: $340K ETERBASE at the London Blockchain BIS Show (Screenshot)…[View]
13128713I have direct email access to Satoshi: Quads decides what gets sent, like a time capsule from /biz/…[View]
13128029I am a 24 year old doomer with absolutely no achievements, accomplishments, things of note, anything…[View]
13127943Just did the quiz for $10. Actually easy and a free $10. Took probably 1 minute total. FYI you don…[View]
13128648>why do you want to work for us?[View]
13128393>I gave you the last 100x[View]
13128763>he didn't bought[View]
13128474I have about $900k, where should I invest it?: 30 years old net worth 1.7 million need about 500k fo…[View]
13128617Daily NASH thread: NASH will hit a new ATH before Friday. Otherwise I will eat my dick on livestream…[View]
13128758HKN x AirAsia: AirAsia has partnered with Hacken to ensure the highest level of data security. AirAs…[View]
13128744>want to apply for job >please create an account, email, password, and phone number to continu…[View]
13127186>Watches LUN 1h chart >*slouches down on seat* >Y-y-yo, these crackers finna boutta get dab…[View]
13124214LVMH Throws Away The Vechain Blockchain: https://news.yahoo.com/louis-vuitton-owner-lvmh-launching-1…[View]
13126927Do you invest your money in collections anon?[View]
13128030>he's not balls deep in the next top5 coin[View]
13128605is it true all linkies are gay? how many linkies have acted on their natural homosexual impulses? wi…[View]
13128194Fake GitHub: The Project[View]
13128406Why are you not in yet, anon?[View]
13124188Women are basically animals with human rights.[View]
13128525Did everything pump or are there still some shitcoins on binance I can pickup[View]
13128478XBASE (Eterbase): Ok this is the next CHX (40X). Good luck accumulating. Market Cap: 380K This is a …[View]
13128479>be me the previous few days >wake up, browse internet, go outside, feel sad, walk, read, drin…[View]
13128538Pumpperino pumpperino: Give me 3-5x shitcoinerino[View]
13128384Looking for a non scam/ non biz pnd?[View]
13127666Hey, member Assblaster?[View]
13126484Don't be a sheep. Korea overlords will carry us to the promise land. More KRW has been entering…[View]
13128349>he's not all in BlockMason[View]
13126302Whats a good alternative to /biz/? I need to get away from the constant shitcoin pajeets here[View]
13127675Adoption is NEVER going to happen. When you go to the store and spend a dollar you don't pay ca…[View]
13127094How do I calculate mining cost when bitcoin reward goes down to 1.5625? Assuming the cost is 4000 to…[View]
13126912Marketing: I want to learn about marketing. Can anyone help and provide some good resources? I want …[View]
13120389Anyone else end a relationship to focus on money?: Biz, please tell me I am making the right decisio…[View]
13126710What is the most profit you've had in 24h? What did you do to get it?[View]
13126792I didnt sell in January 2018[View]
13126245Save the date. March 27 Ambrosus moons: A big announcement will happen. Only those who can decipher …[View]
13122533I hate most of you retards here but there are some decent people on this board and this is why I am …[View]
13126480VIDT 2nd exchange and CMC imminent!: Rows in a duck, Anon?[View]
13125348Theranos Thread: Why did investors give her money /biz/? She has crazy eyes and her father was a VP …[View]
13127907Anyone ever regret moving for a job?[View]
13127881Tick tock on the dump to 1k clock[View]
13120521Post coins that you can admit you got REKT on. No judgment zone here all of us have taken losses at …[View]
13128273Buy appcoins sirs very good coin for apps yes. 10,000 sats end of day don't miss out on this on…[View]
13128253Extremely comfy, why you not in yet anon?[View]
13128207So bizs thoughts on pic related[View]
13127516How to become a whale: - buy FTM - wait[View]
13128189prolly about to default on $10K in credit card debt this month /biz/. what happenes to me now? >n…[View]
13128225XBASE (Eterbase): I'm 42 years old, been here for more than 4 years and don't ever post on…[View]
13125759The whole crypto sphere is hyped by Fantom. I took a deep look at the project and now I'm prett…[View]
13125212iexec // master race // distributed computing: Where are you, RLC holders. Best unFUDable coin. Le…[View]
13128006Fake housing Listing Scam: isgrambeattua1985@yahoo.com This Email belongs to someone running a fake …[View]
13125510VEO: You're welcome. Get it on qtrade not hitbtc[View]
13124686Serious question: Why is it that on r/cryptocurrency almost everybody hates BTC, holds 0 BTC, and sa…[View]
13127189>I'm getting antshares vibes[View]
13127735How does one make millions as a YouTube prankster?[View]
13127852let’s imagine a deal with the devil: you can fo back to January 2018 and sell your cryptos, but you …[View]
13128000https://ecc.network/ How come I never see anyone talk about ECC on here?[View]
13128068How can I gain access to $ from a cc online without verification? What crypto offshore exchanges all…[View]
13126953What's the next pump and dump?: Last month it was LTO, this month was FTM. I made a nice 2x off…[View]
13125607remember to live within you're means ;^)[View]
13127629How to get job at mcdonalds: When writing a CV for mcdonalds job, DO NOT USE A TEMPLATE!! Every fuck…[View]
13126471Amb or not amb for tomorrow and next days: Your choice[View]
13119948AMB will do 400% on 27 march 2019 do not miss it !![View]
13125315Housing prices on the rise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf7-1RuC7q8 >Mortgage rates are 4% ag…[View]
13126949The Next BitMax 20x: Two rising exchanges. Two exchange tokens. TCH offers dividends EOY. BTMX is th…[View]
13127889are you buying monetha biz?[View]
13127938Theranos Theiranos Theiranus Their anus In their anus[View]
13127593Imagine not having a literally undumpable magic coin at the top of your Blockfolio.[View]
13127602Biz I’m doing you a favor to get rich by tomorrow: Sell LINK and buy MONETHA[View]
13126466what is the difference between cross margin and just using 100x? I just opened a cross margin short …[View]
13127875TRADING STRATEGIES: Can you guys give me a quick rundown on crypto right now ? >be me >quit cr…[View]
13127521got access to a few corporate cc’s #’s. give me the best scenarios i can get away with 50k in an unt…[View]
13126623whats up biz i have been away from the internet completely for 48 hours, can I get a quick run down …[View]
13127816LINK buy signal: alright, I had a buddy of mine become bullish on trading shitcoins again and try to…[View]
13127781how com if boitcon so smart it dont just increase it price by it self? pretty dumb if u ask me the p…[View]
13124483Berkeley Computer Scientist: Bitcoin is nothing more than bovine excrement: https://www.reddit.com/r…[View]
1312717430k in debt. Parents agrees to pay them. I'm 24 and about to graduate college. I have no saving…[View]
13126824Blog/ social media post schedule: Any good resources for an editorial content schedule? Preferably s…[View]
13127222Big or Small Investor: So... are you a big investor or a small investor? Do you go all in buying and…[View]
13127623help me /biz: So this is my situation: I have a pretty good job and I live alone, but I still run ou…[View]
13126981roasties are so pathetic that something as little as telling a man to fuck off is medal worthy.[View]
13127276Why do you not have any ENG?? Up 47% on the day Low Supply 75M Cir/150M Total Extremely Undervalued …[View]
13126589Biz I’m doing you a favor to get rich by tomorrow: Sell LINK and buy AMBROSUS[View]
13127162The major point of criticism on DENT is that the developers have been dumping this coin to hell by s…[View]
13127647literally easy gains: some quick and easy gains if you're looking for them APL releasing shardi…[View]
13125883BOUGHT THE DIP OF THE DEVIL: FTM @ 0.0000666[View]
131270641$ eow: Refute this[View]
13127510It’s all so tiring[View]
13123581dont miss this: youre buying the dip, right anon?[View]
13121549BEWARE OF SCAMS LIKE VIDT, NKN and FTM.: There are ruthless anons out there who will dump on you wit…[View]
13122840FANTOM CHART: Will FTM dump or pump?? I have a feeling we are dropping back a little bit now because…[View]
13126295BTC about to pump. ETF announcement in the next 2 hours.....get in now or stay poor[View]
13127498With this move, Monetha’s payment gateway becomes a complete online payment solution. It includes bo…[View]
13126918bird: > he didn't buy the last dip[View]
13126780https://www.linkgear.shop/ 'We are the early adopters' Fucking cringe[View]
13127429Two months of alts pumping and I'm still a gains virgin. In fact, I've lost money in that …[View]
13127503Promoted Content:: Buy EOS cryptocurrency before May 31st 11:59:59 PM EST and witness 1000x gains ov…[View]
13126041the biggest scams of our lifetime: >bitcoin >theranos >enron any others?…[View]
13127476It’s slavery: Burn it all[View]
13127455Where’s the price going tomorrow?[View]
13127217Why do retards like Tone Vays act like they know where crypto prices are headed?[View]
13127131That's it, I finally succumbed and went down the rabbit hole. I have concluded that Chainlink i…[View]
13127371me want to trade cryptons: im noob please tell me how to buy ripples TIA[View]
13127121Are people really buying stuff like celr and getting chinked in 2019?[View]
13127035So let me get this straight. You guys are middle aged, you post pictures of cartoons, and you gamble…[View]
13124866Moral of Investment?: Will you invest in business that's harmful to the society (eg. tobacco/ca…[View]
13125398Can we have some fucking flags even /sp has them: Any money says thats its pajeets and slavs that ar…[View]
13127316Why is this constantly pumping for days now?[View]
13127318i'll release the bird in 2 hours[View]
13127288STILL not in FTM: Wait, you didn’t use the last dip to accumulate? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
13127278$10 Free XLM: Click link and get a free $10 for watching videos on Coinbase earn http ://coinbase.c…[View]
13126673give me some ideas for a business or a website or anything to start up. i'm so fucking sick of …[View]
13125746I am trying to find customers to offer my video editing skills but can't seem to find any. How …[View]
13127193This is gonna blow up: Bitmart exchange is #3 in CMC, volume has risen organically over the months, …[View]
13126756How can I bet an anon $100k that BTC will never reach $10k again?[View]
13123442The bull is prepped. Takeoff imminent. Get ur quackers rdy[View]
13125589im crying and i dont know what to do i come from a poor country (slovenia) and i put all my savings …[View]
13124785I need 15k, what do I need to do? Serious thread[View]
13126917HPB evaluation by In it for the Money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMnY-vF1-6E Buy HPB in 2019 or…[View]
13125785*AHEM*: Hector the Waiter: Misters, what can I bring for you on this glorious afternoon? Mark Hanna:…[View]
13127000Hello round eye, remember me? apple partnership mcdonalds partnership billion transactions a second…[View]
13126687Sleeping giant: When will it arise, /biz/?[View]
13127015Entrepreneurship: How easy is it to get funding to start your own business as a recent university gr…[View]
13126442>At the time of its demise, Alphabay had 369,000 listings (the Silk Road peaked at 13,000 listing…[View]
13126677Dubs and I gib hopium.[View]
13124929What are you gonna do is crypto doesn't work out anon?[View]
13125749LVMH kicks out Vechain, no sense in using them.: https://news.yahoo.com/louis-vuitton-owner-lvmh-lau…[View]
13125847>mfw you realize Overledger will connect every blockchain consortium and is building the biggest …[View]
13126923>yfw you realise you're not going to make it[View]
13125878boycott: all british goods and services[View]
13126957Fantom's chart looks exactly like Antshares/NEO's chart before it saw explosive growth[View]
13126893The absolute state of my Gemini transfer: Lol I’ll be here until it expires won’t I ?[View]
13126668Insider, you know the drill. BGOGO Sub 5m marketcap, first IEO April 4th, daily token burns, and al…[View]
13126701LTO X Dutch Goverment Partnership: Are you ready faggots? Eidas will rise.[View]
13126313Better than EOSbet: Forget dice games, sick of them... heard of moon3d?[View]
13124910Ambrosus will make huge announcement tomorrow: Hint in the picture.[View]
13125703Rate3 is literally only coin thats not mooned yet and is listed at major exchanges[View]
13126841XRC only 2.1 million coins ever. Big move incoming!: Own at least 1 coi and thank me later. Active a…[View]
13126793Better than Tronbet: Moon3D has much better UI, better community, ftw all the way[View]
13126508Buy $AMB now!!: Ambrosus on the warpath to moon mission[View]
13126401I have $60 to invest Which one of these two should i buy?[View]
13125522still waiting for BTMX to retrace[View]
13126636Stealth mode: Anyone else browse the [redeacted] website and [redacteds] twitter feed in incognito m…[View]
13126763RED ALERT!: Louis Vuitton drops Vechain after they saw how basic their system was and how much it wa…[View]
13126747Keep an eye on OST.[View]
13126743anyone do this shit and not pajeet-tier (make $100/hr+)?[View]
13125570Your face when: You realize future Birdchain is unironically the next Birdchain and they are both ba…[View]
13125949What are the chances ETH will hit 200$?: I am tired and want to break even[View]
13126170PSA: don't buy AMB: I'm at AMBlet and watched this piece of shit drop 90% since the golden…[View]
13125200Adoption is Coming: Soar over black earth birds do not dare, as flocks of arrows streak the air. The…[View]
13125832VIDT is a better LTO. - big partnerships: check - working product: check - normie friendly: check - …[View]
13126642Lads, I'm a brain let. What's a market cap and how is it relevant to crypto? Pls no bully.[View]
13126653So why aren’t y’all donating sperm and making your $1000 monthly yank bucks yet?[View]
13124926Life is a simulation[View]
13126638Private Family Banking: Can someone explain this in detail to me? Everything I read feels like a sca…[View]
13123986Where to join AMB Telegram Research Group?: Anybody care to help clueless anon here on how to join A…[View]
13126199where buy twitter account with followers?: guise?[View]
13125429im hungry[View]
13125392I just want to make six figures.. Is 2m enogh?[View]
13126552>be me >chainlink up 10% every day for 300+ days in a row >now able to acquire qt GF >wa…[View]
13121734/SMG/ General thread: >I'm new to the stock market, what stocks should I buy? Before you buy…[View]
13124699How can I make 200-300 bucks online every month? Preferably legal stuff.[View]
13126489Apple Card: What is this gay ass software shit? AppleCoin inc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAZiE…[View]
13122564This 17 year old literally made more money in two days than you will in a year without doing any wor…[View]
131251396 days until coss moons[View]
13125936Why has it become noticeably more active?[View]
13125180Selling: I'm unironically selling Ethereum. I think it's going down. I remember myself say…[View]
13126369Next bitmax listing. Enjoy[View]
13126341Everyone else here loves to buy homes on auction?: Hello, Italian here I always struggle with the id…[View]
13126358>2021 >21 BTC who wants to meet with our lambos? frens only…[View]
13126144For how long will the unregulated Binance 'next gen' ICO scams be allowed to continue?: It's no…[View]
13126336We pamping again!: Last calls for NKN train[View]
13124285how can I personally fuck over as many people I know as possible in 1 swoop?: I pretty much want to …[View]
13126284COVA is about to go parabolic. Still at only 2M market cap. Still 2M daily volume. Still run by Har…[View]
13125637>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
13126282When did LinkedIn turn to a life blog for boomers?[View]
13125796Can this piece of shit pump already: Fucking useless shitcoin[View]
13126231It's poetic really. My financial ruin started with Appcoins when I bought at 29k sats. And now …[View]
13124635Student Loans?: I'm desperately trying to figure out how I can get rid of my student loans. I w…[View]
13125890>biz tells me to buy celer >it does nothing but take a shit in my mouth I’m financially ruine…[View]
13126201A few questions to the shills of /biz/: Why do you do what you do? How much do make? Who employs you…[View]
13125059Friend of a whale here.: Got this from him, it's from private trading (and also p&d) group.…[View]
13125948BIRD FTM CELER: bunch of literal who shitcoins are suddenly taking a shit all over this board. Is th…[View]
13125941SparksPay: Anyone else watching the SPK AMA? For those unfamiliar, it's basically a 6 figure ma…[View]
13125453hi, i bought the chainlink at $1.19 and i am start think i might be retard, is it gonna go over that…[View]
13126018I am tired of losing all of my money trading on Binance. Should I just go 50/50 on BNB and LINK and …[View]
13125143Let’s get a watch thread going[View]
13125877ITT:Clear examples of market failure: Just over half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 — 51…[View]
13124527You bought anon, right?[View]
13124017How do i turn 100k into 5 million?[View]
13122976Help my gf thinks CSW is my dad: >start dating girl, nothing too serious >she randomly loooks…[View]
13125961Base - fucking - pilled: All in[View]
13123926Garbage: Fucking piece of shit already dumped the pump. What a joke. Barely pumps and is instantly b…[View]
1312597414th on FCAS, 150th in MC: Bizlets will say they weren't warned Get in already[View]
13125945Sellers Sending CELR into the Cellar: CZ's lil cuckbois getting absolutely JUSTed. Stay poor fa…[View]
13125756Congrats on this[View]
13125391like Linux but for fintech check it[View]
13125871GANG CRED[View]
13125849which will be the higher market cap in 2022: BTC or ETH?[View]
13122141/biz/...i need my link antifud dose...im getting weak...[View]
13122819RLC: Frens, are we gonna move above 16k tonite?[View]
13125403DISCUSS THIS: What do you think of Fantom /biz ??? Shitcoin or good?[View]
13124396Can anyone here tell me exactly what ASICboost is?[View]
13125446Hello, my name is Roger Ver and I am here today to talk to you about my favorite blockchain project …[View]
13125689Would you ...: ... eat them?[View]
13125608Imagine not having a bag of the literal best project of the next market cycle[View]
13123168Whats gonna make this shit move?[View]
13125449/biz/ getting busier?: is it just me boyos or is /biz/ starting to get busier? >more threads >…[View]
13125694you fucking assholes[View]
13125135>Crypto to crypto is a taxable event[View]
13124806FTM chads assemble!!![View]
13125660chirp chirp motherfucker[View]
13124774FLO preparing for liftoff to MARS.: Are you ready for the FLO green dildo to Jupiter ? Are you done …[View]
13125492What was biz like in 2015?: This place is dead af. Only ones left are losers. Any oldfags coming bac…[View]
13125502>had internship interview Thursday >still no response yet What do guys? Is it over?…[View]
13125562what happened to the 'crypto chicks' on social media?[View]
13124967How do I buy chainlink without having to buy another crypto?[View]
13125571Fabtom (FTM) genuinely has the most potential to pull a 100x in my opinion[View]
13124550linktards btfo: Hahahahahahahaha[View]
13125215Commence Phase Two: Begin market collapse[View]
13119965When did women turn into chads?[View]
13125528No s-serious competition, r-right?: Or is it over for Link now Rhombus is making waves?[View]
13125351Gave out ANOTHER FREEBIE: APOLOGIZE. I made you 40% from one fucking trade /biz/ Ungrateful cunts. t…[View]
13124110How do I turn $1,000,000 to $10,000?[View]
13125472>he missed everex >he missed oax >he's going to miss Appcoins…[View]
13125291>He isn't investing in Buzzcoin Holy fuck PLEASE tell me that you guys aren't missing o…[View]
13122412Blockfolio rate: WE POST AND RATE[View]
13125452BTC has peaked: It will never again reach $10k.[View]
13125400Is money flawed?[View]
13124767EVX research shows it's fraud: I just looked into EVX and holy shit it is outright fraud. The C…[View]
13124928CELER FAG GET REKT: hahahahaha[View]
13124568my full compassion and respects for the madlad who's got liq'd yestarday, and will have to…[View]
13125409Sub 2k bears unite: So comfy in fiat rn. Can't wait to watch the blood shed.[View]
13125296How long until he gets jailed?[View]
13122998Woke up: JUSTED[View]
13125379Are there any other smart contract platforms using DAG besides Fantom?: Yeah, and besides Constellat…[View]
13125190RVN + FLO + WORLD BANK: Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGtc5oEbqt8[View]
13125320EVX: So im guessing thats it for the evx train? Starting to dump harder and harder.[View]
13125317Does anyone else here have some webchain? you can literally mine 1 in 10 minutes using their java sc…[View]
13124874How do I invest in niggers evading justice[View]
13123746Bought this shitcoin: And it is not doing anything, what the shit?[View]
13125236BAKKT & BITCOIN ETF?: WTF Happened? You fucks kept telling me both would be approved and online …[View]
13124332VIDT + LTO: What are these two gentlemen planning together? They are meeting some massive players in…[View]
13125141when will we have stocks in crypto? something like DAI but for stocks? seriously. These traditional …[View]
13122396celer: im down -140k$.[View]
13125243July 2020. Price of BTC ETH LINK[View]
13125102How does it feel knowing we've already hit the bottom of the crypto bear market?[View]
13124463So birdchain is actually pretty legit: I looked into it and they already have a multi million $ busi…[View]
13125207Vet rekt: I am a concerned vet holder - what happened?[View]
13124377VECHINKED AHAHAHAA: >When asked about VeChain, the LVMH source said, 'Why would LVMH allow third …[View]
13124591Birdchain is the memeking: Deal with it[View]
13125113>The 22 yo zoomer who bought CEL at the top: It was not the next BTT SFYL[View]
13124659NKN time to FOMO ?: https://medium.com/nknetwork/nkn-launches-1-click-full-node-on-aws-marketplace-7…[View]
13125005I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizin…[View]
13123447>went all in at 619 sats on this piece of shit >already lost 1.7 BTC Please tell me when I…[View]
13118523I went all in in bnb right now: I think it will make a good bump Am i right?[View]
13124287I am financially ruined: I am ruined financially Omg+Req+Link Thanks /biz/[View]
13124359is it true? pic related[View]
13123956Ari Juels: Master of Puppets: Ari Juels: Master of Puppets It's all true, they have a plan. htt…[View]
13123178Short Apple no more innovation https://twitter.com/MichelKansou/status/1110451007526440961[View]
13123405>tuesday morning[View]
13124005Are all STOs scams just like all ICOs were?[View]
13124914I'm gay and I hold Chainlink: I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey re…[View]
13123212>1980s:penny stocks >1990s:tech stocks >2000s:mortages what golden age are we in now?…[View]
13124189Imma fomo, this shit is gonna pump non stop like enj and rvn right?[View]
13124511>he didn't buy XWP when it was .10 >he didn't buy XWP when it was .17 ***YOU ARE HER…[View]
13124912IMAGINE UNIRONICALLY BUYING TRON: https://twitter.com/geoffgolberg/status/1109253601568935937?s=21 ~…[View]
13124880REN: >I think I fomoed again >I made you believe we're more than just pumps >oh baby …[View]
13124288Is it illegal to bring a bunch of phones to work/school and set them up to mine coins for me?[View]
13123904You MUST post ITT if you're waging: wage[View]
13124884Aaaaah PIECEEEEEEE let me in let mee iiiinnnnn![View]
13124818Tomo: >quietly mooning for months >legit team delivering and overdelivering >team spending …[View]
13122894I am pro SV. The thing to understand is that this isn't really just about Craig. This is about …[View]
13124738wtf everything is mooning[View]
13124878Why does it let me save a transfer code but does not let me load a transfer code? They missed half t…[View]
13124827Nice try Vechain: https://twitter.com/coindesk/status/1110511945860419590 But it’s not the first to …[View]
13124357STOP USING BINANCE!!!: It’s literally a scam exchange. Their only goal is to scam as many people as …[View]
13124678Binance KYC requirement: Did anyone else get the email? Looks like crypto is over.[View]
13124835LVMH doesn't care about Vechain at all: https://news.yahoo.com/louis-vuitton-owner-lvmh-launchi…[View]
13124828Tips for Investing in STOCK EXCHANGE market: Which is the stock exchange platform to invest and plea…[View]
13124416Is Bakkt vaporware?[View]
13122957>age >approx date of first crypto purchase >current biggest bag >favorite fetish I'…[View]
13123970This is your sell signal.: Pro-tip: Bitcoin will not stop dumping until biz is cleansed and silent. …[View]
13122550Apologize: NKN just got rated 8/10 on binance. Listing imminent? https://info.binance.com/en/currenc…[View]
13123289I revealed my power level at work, how fucked am I /biz/ ? We were talking about the wall and I bro…[View]
13124484paying .3 eth for a pasta: im looking for the twitch 'and shen the notices my guitar in the backgrou…[View]
13123193what coin would hesheit buy?[View]
13124256Yoyow thx ! We need 999: 999 sato Told you >>13118160[View]
13124394Frugal living tips: Let's share our frugal habits and inspire each other. So far what I do: …[View]
13123317i am trapped in the worst possible timeline[View]
13124363Thank you to whoever dumped to me IDIOT: Wow , I can’t believe someone just dumped 88 ETH that fucki…[View]
13124092>he still thinks its pumped[View]
13124366Realistically, what needs to happen for BTC to hit $20k again?: It's never going to happen, is …[View]
13123826moonmission imminent: FUDDERS BTFO[View]
13123813LVMH moving away from Vechain: Imagine working together with them but they fuck you over while secre…[View]
13123395Security tokens are the next big thing?: If so how much SWM (SWARM) do I need to make me $500,000 in…[View]
13124435Fookin pamp eet[View]
13124384Why are you guys still talking about crypto? There’s no money to be made any more.[View]
13120382This chick gets it. Monitize the fetish.[View]
13123916> So... You say you haven't slept for 3 days because you're waiting for the big 'dumpen…[View]
13124362Lol yoyow: What is that shit?? Who can trust that shit can pump at 999?[View]
13124078Bitmex is down?[View]
13124218China: I tried signing up for a Chinese streaming site last night and either I cant figure it out or…[View]
13124234Where's your shorts? How can you be such a buttmunch?[View]
13123227HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT A DRILL GET IN HERE FAGGOTS: https://medium.com/chainlink/chainlink-ceo-passed…[View]
13124070What best piece of advice can you give me about CFA Level I exam?[View]
13124222aergo: what did they mean by this?[View]
13122307When is this LTO motherfucker gonna move?: Everyone's bullish.. put piece of crap doesn't …[View]
13123381Friendly reminder: The next crypto bubble will be fueled by smart contracts and anything even remote…[View]
13123823Do I buy 80k NKN or 400k FTM: Something seems to be brewing for NKN with the massive uptick in volum…[View]
13123271adventure of rajesh: hello boss sirs I am Rajesh from Pakistan my dream is buy speed car like in pho…[View]
13123640How much to make it?[View]
13124069*chirps with authority*[View]
13124007bros why is it taking so long to see that massive red dildo?[View]
13123098For real now, just how based and redpilled is he? I think he actually knows how bad things really ar…[View]
13124140Bitmax has reached it's local top. Watch as marker makers start taking profits and draining the…[View]
13123774Debt collector is threatening to sue me. I’m going to call up and try to settle it rather than go to…[View]
13124113If you knew anything about markets then you know that the price has to hit 1k before it ever goes up…[View]
13124080Friendly reminder that Dr Craig Steven Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, he came up with the idea of Bitco…[View]
13122586this month I lost like 40%? of my portfolio with the flavor of the month(s) shitcoins + mimblewimble…[View]
13123863Dear /bizdiary/: Dear /bizdiary/, Today I finally finished accumulating my precious next generation …[View]
13123924i want to go back to clown world[View]
13122184Why is it considered just that the government can take my money and hold onto it all through the pre…[View]
13123973confess > Yesterday bought EVX for 25555 and sold for 20600[View]
13122588former bobo here. I go x10 long now. Target: 4200[View]
13123339WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON: >25mil volume >18mil mcap Someone who isn’t a brainlet explain Is t…[View]
13123747To the dipshit buying BNB yesterday at 430k: I dun told you that you'd fucked up and that I…[View]
13123951I need a high profit high risk coin preferably short term[View]
13122006On Binance EOM: Screencap this. You can get tfuel on gate.io its like the gas token of theta. Not on…[View]
13122543IOTX: One of these market caps is not like the other and never has been If you're smart, you ca…[View]
13122744Imagine sitting in this scam while alts moon all around it: It already made its money you retards…[View]
13123679Holy shit LMFAO: This shit is going to double digits. Remember FET? CELR is going to be twice as bad…[View]
13121571Celer Network is founded by PhDs from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC and has an all-star team …[View]
13123907We love yoyow: WE LOVE YOYOW[View]
13123711I really don't want to hype the rumour but seriously. Quant is gonna blow the fuck up starting …[View]
13121044will ibm and/or microsoft use chainlink oracles?[View]
13123744>crypto is a ponzi >crypto is useless >crypto is environmentally unfriendly what is the b…[View]
13123235I'm so fucking sick of the garbage on this board, why do I keep coming here[View]
13123801GET BENT PAJEETS. WHERE WILL YOU GO TO SCAM NOW?: https://www.coindesk.com/binance-tightens-complian…[View]
13123737Bolt bitmax ico: Private sake price $0.03 30 mins into trading: $0.023 What’s going on here exactly?…[View]
13122802Why does Elizabeth Holmes look like such an obvious sociopath in hindsight when nobody even suspecte…[View]
13123745CELR: Should I all in now?[View]
13123776You are not ready.: Huge news inc. DYOR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecrem_zU8MM[View]
13122402Get in now or stay poor.: Birdchain is going to fly with or without you Anon. Do you want to finally…[View]
13119354can this will be next verge? any possibility anons? 2000 vitaliks is a super cheap price for a shitt…[View]
13123751>showing up to work is the most important part of the job I'm working a job like this. This …[View]
13123223Yoyow: Yoyow[View]
13123648I give up, crypto isn't going to do anything for a long time. What job should I try to aim for?…[View]
13123496EU Parliament approves controversial copyright reform: What does it mean for Blockchain,Chainlink an…[View]
13123014CELER Down 20% today alone.: Good job, biz! The nightmare never ends.[View]
13123478For how much money would you risk a lifetime in jail ?[View]
131199840xBitcoin is a scam designed by FPGA miners. DO NOT BUY IT. Friendly advisory the daily avg trade …[View]
13122688Should of been would of been could of been but never was and never ever will be[View]
13123090$1000 red dildo coming up: Insider here there will be a $1000 red dildo at some point this week it w…[View]
13122540pic related has just retired, how can I profit from this? Also, post your HODL face[View]
13122142Daily Ark thread. Looks like a 10% increase is coming, do you think if this will be the new floor or…[View]
13123166Hi: The Americans are waking up soon, will they dump the market again today or is today pump day? D…[View]
13122839COSS Exchange[View]
13123268Chainlink General Homapage: https://www.smartcontract.com/ , https://chain.link/ Chainlink news: htt…[View]
131211012021 21 BTC who wants to meet with our lambos?[View]
13123498Insider, you know the drill. BGOGO Sub 5m marketcap, first IEO April 4th, daily token burns, and al…[View]
13123489friendly reminder: mainnet release imminent[View]
13123444Nash Exchange: What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first secu…[View]
13123486big news about yoyow: fake or real?[View]
13123304$1,000 a day NO crypto: How am I doing it bros? Currently make about 40k a year in nyc. 26k after ta…[View]
13123232just graduated to 3000 LINK: what rank am i now?[View]
13116365Lightning network=centralized scam: >have to open a new channel with everyone you want to transac…[View]
13123373all I have is 3500 link[View]
13122435what is a good binance coin right now? i have a buy order on HOLO at 26 sat, but i dont think that w…[View]
13122909So... are you a big investor or a small investor? Do you go all in buying and selling like a mad man…[View]
13121206what coin can I buy now to get 4x by 2023?[View]
13122956Do you believe me now, anons? Do you know who I am, yet? Do you know what other coins I was unironic…[View]
13122466Can i get a quick run down on Thanos?[View]
13122778Oh biz, oh biz If only you knew which exchange had this backing and is still under 3m marketcap. I…[View]
13123140mistakes were made. im ruined biz.[View]
13123204Gentlemen, it was a pleasure. On to the next great adventure.[View]
13122850What is your main board, side board and recreational board? For me it’s >mainboard /biz/ >side…[View]
13121962Daily reminder only 2.1 Million coins ever!: Your daily reminder. Active anonymous devs, more and mo…[View]
13122698im down to my last 10k...i just want as much BTC as possible. what should i put my bid at?[View]
13123054>need to pay back relocation if leave within 3 years >5 year 401k vesting period >4 year pa…[View]
13120296>tfw teaching Cambodian kids about cryptocurrency during English class >tfw personally raising…[View]
131231181$ may 2019[View]
13122084AH YEET YEET MOTHERFUCKERS: When SKY goes parabolic, what will you do with your millions?[View]
13122820i will forever regret buying this absolute illiteral piece of homeless poo[View]
13122045G-guys?: Holy shit the faggots shilled this a week ago was right. This is a big step for crypto adop…[View]
13122029Huge BAT sell walls forming.......: Hmm insider trading before an announcement yet again looks like.…[View]
13123052For those of you who are new here.[View]
13122293I have 10 ETH and thinking about buying Birdchain: How should I do it to maximize profits? Should I …[View]
13122359Why am I not surprised? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQxf2IU0V4c[View]
13122055>In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power.…[View]
13122724PSA: boycott all british goods and services.[View]
13122463Ethereum 2.0: Wanna know the Ethereum 2.0? Take a look at the biggest project of 2019! https://www.y…[View]
13122064>have NEX >gain height >take a shower >hit the weights >get a clue Seriously anons...…[View]
13122049Whats' going on with the volume recently?[View]
13122824when did you realize that big caps are useless and the real gains are in the sub 50m coins?[View]
13122892Oh my gosh, you guys who refused to buy in last week (actually weeks ago when I first started postin…[View]
13122673Should i touch this: Give it to me straight biz[View]
13121486Scumbag did another number on the tellies: >last chance to buy under 10$, drops back to sub 3$ so…[View]
13122835Who here /incelr/[View]
13122829Its best to live in the moment. Take the big risks and go all in when the opportunity presents itsel…[View]
13122536biz is the most noble board on 4chan: >we don't livestream murder or atrocities >we are n…[View]
13122375Ever noticed that every fag on telegram with ''crypto'' in their name is a brain…[View]
13122801im so fucked I have an essay due in 2 hours and haven't started revising it[View]
13122745EOS could be a good investment - i dont care about the tech. i know nothing about this coin BUT: buy…[View]
13122756Don't invest too much at once. Big risks aren't worth it. Deal in small safe bets and inve…[View]
13122520sold celer bought BTT and HOT 1 million each I will COPE my losses soon Fuck you bizraelis[View]
13121224https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEIAsYwvyYk why is he such a retard? 6:49-7:00 listen to the breath …[View]
13117684NEO or OMG: Got some funds ready for an investment. Which one of these am I buying lads?[View]
13122708CELR IS FUCKED: Celr is done for boys.... Lose your bags and dont sink with the rest of em.[View]
13121866Why don't you buy up gold in case of societal collapse /biz/?[View]
13122487REN: before the pump to 1k sats thank me later GET IN RIGHT NOW FAGGOTS[View]
13122679Who here want to be a proud institutional investor? https://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/elephants.…[View]
13120590OmiseGo.: Accumulate. You’re welcome biz.[View]
13122602https://vocaroo.com/i/s1YG6TXBnjoU https://vocaroo.com/i/s0lZdlrwtMAY https://vocaroo.com/i/s0sqpViz…[View]
13122272Daily reminder: Imagine not buying the real bitcoin under $70[View]
13122608ChainLink: >still all in on chainlink >still hodling a huge stack of chainlink >still posti…[View]
13122477It's time to be forward thinking. Join Victory.: Hello. Light paper is up. 2 Gwei wall will be …[View]
13120784why did you let ytn die: i am deeply dissapointed and now i must pull the plug on this project…[View]
13122220Eterbase (XBASE): Is this a scam frens? the volume is rising on idex but somehow it doesn't fee…[View]
13121379> At the top of the cycle, that's when you start seeing central banks putting the breaks on …[View]
13121305should i be paying taxes? where do i go to do that?: not joking around about taxes, should i be payi…[View]
13122508>he is about to miss the xrb/ans of 2019[View]
13122431is CELR just a dapp and I should sell at a loss?[View]
13121967Bitmax is about to pass Bitfinex in volume rofl. Fuck i really hope btmx tanks so i can scoop more u…[View]
13120279>put money in bank >have to pay a fee to withdraw it…[View]
13122432What the FUCK is this coin?[View]
13122335Who's ready for the pump to 50k today?[View]
13122358Muh beibe, market cap is going down: The whales are preparing for the next step?[View]
13122210CELR HITS ALL-TIME LOW: congrats on this. seriously[View]
13122331hello fuckers, promised to screenshot again at 40 BTC: i shilled it to you at 0.015, of course you d…[View]
13120854I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I can't shake that feeling. It's just pur…[View]
13122309was satoshis vision really giant ventures and hedge funds aswell as the even bigger exchanges owning…[View]
13122308He doesn't know: When will Biz learn???? Arthur is running scared[View]
13122295any idiots still holding this sell now, you can look at your future at FET[View]
13122281>Innocent Countries YEAH BOMB THEM >Innocent Civilians YEAH KILL EM >Innocent Cryptos YEAH …[View]
13120478What do you think about Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital? Should I invest my savings into it?[View]
13121343If i live in Ohio, Arizona or Wyoming and I pay my taxes using crypto which they allowed now do I ge…[View]
13121887BTC will literally go to 0 after the halvening: Once the halvening happens then BTC miners will not …[View]
13121250This is HUGE: >We have pre-made oracles, inputs and outputs, essentially an API that's had a…[View]
13121547bitmax: btmx gives me binance vibes. it feels the same as early binance. I moved a lot of my funds o…[View]
13121959You should have bought BAT at 10 cents, retard: Why does /biz/ hate money?[View]
13120948What good is all of your money if you can't fix anything you care about?[View]
13119012Am I the only one that's pissed af at this shit? It's pretty much not worth it to be a mil…[View]
13121818Chad always wins[View]
13120298How much will 32 ETH be worth in 2 years?[View]
13121784Mods deleting nash threads: BULLISH!!![View]
13118772Candlestick Dynamics: The candlestick is a dildo Use it as a strapon, women get an emotional respons…[View]
13119383anon, i...: >paying for everything in cash >paying for everything with credit card and then pa…[View]
13121833NO NAME YET: MARKET CAP: $ 400 K * 1st bank-grade FMA compliant #exchange * IBAN, #SEPA & debit …[View]
13122107I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM CELER: (((BREATHES IN))) I've been in all these shill threads argu…[View]
13122112Warning, warning, warning BGOGO will list 8 IEOS in q2 2019 (most will be from a+ funds like Panter…[View]
13121987hey guys, so i haven't been on a good streak lately and really need some cash and today on my s…[View]
13121434office politics: Wow, working in an office sucks. My boss has to hire an intern but he's super …[View]
13121022When will BTMX stop pumping: Givin me jitters[View]
13121869BTMX: This baby just keeps on going...[View]
13121914If you're not in this jew coin you're doing something wrong[View]
13122002Starting 2 years from now, all USD will no longer be recognized. The United States declares them fal…[View]
13121985Bitcone hanging off the cliff yet again. I am getting so tired of this shit... Meanwhile fags sellin…[View]
13122035I've been searching for this information for a while and can't find anything. Does anyone …[View]
13122013I've been waiting for this: This is going to blow up to be one of the biggest projects in the s…[View]
13118914I have a trade mark question. I have a t shirt store selling shirts that I design and print. I haven…[View]
13121689Let’s settle this once and for all bizniggers. What is the best shitcoin to invest in? Is it all in …[View]
13121812Need help and advice plz anons: Was thinking of starting a hotdog stand. How would I do this effecti…[View]
13121980Can somebody explain stock exchange to me and what retards operate there? For past few years I'…[View]
13121948Why does NEO have more volume than Ontology?: It has even more volume than BNB...I thought NEO was a…[View]
13121882XLM thread: Jus bought my 1st stack of XLM yesterday. How much is needed to make it? Just bought 5k.…[View]
13121941Have you bought the dip yet biz?[View]
13121937What would be the best crypto for occasionally needing to store 'large' amounts of data in a Transac…[View]
13118769Where are the jobs?[View]
13121145It has finally sunk in for me that /biz/ is no longer profitable for me. I have learned everything I…[View]
13117759CZ vs. SEC: Who will win?[View]
13115134Getting a Degree is a Meme (alpha tips): I started managing businesses when I was 17 at a pro-shop f…[View]
13120989I'LL SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE EVEN STUPIDER STUPID CUNTS: I told you stupid cunts to buy FUN about …[View]
13119807Where can I find virgin, unmarked, white women?[View]
13120401I know the next 3x. Roll dubs , and i'll tell you. Clue... >Connected to VC firms. >Proo…[View]
13120314>2019 >Not buying Cardano Ada right before the huge update/event/ledger support Here's my…[View]
13117813/smg/ Stock Market General: Flat Day Edition >I'm new to the stock market, what stocks shoul…[View]
13121691Buy Cheesecoin: If you really want to make it, grab a few million, stake, run a node, and wait until…[View]
13119121>Crypto to crypto is a taxable event[View]
13121473Who is ready for the beginning of a new era?[View]
13121194Anyone Ardor here?[View]
13120909Why did I listen to you faggots? I was going to make a JUST meme but that'd too much effort for…[View]
13121153FTM > Nano: Imagine if this pos gets to Nano's marketcap, that's almost a 17x return. …[View]
13121143Forget about crypto. We need to do everything possible to get Yang into office. Life is not worth li…[View]
13119322bitmex is literally robbing people >short at $3900 with 100x >liquidation is at $3920 >to g…[View]
13120929Alright now what the fuck is his problem?[View]
13121728Zen in the Markets, Edward Allen Toppel Trading in the Zone, Mark Douglas New Market Wizards, Jack S…[View]
13118981Apple Card: You are going to get the most prestigious and best value credit card, right?[View]
13119940Turtlecoin: yay or nay? (daytrading it)[View]
13121052This is what Celer will look like in a couple of months. It's a dapp project bros.[View]
13121111Daily reminder: There are people who are younger than you, more successful than you, and more attrac…[View]
13121672Would I be buying the top if I brought kcs right now??[View]
13121669Marketing are bad for brand big and small. You Know What I am Saying? It is no wondering that advert…[View]
13121588WITNET THE STANDARD, BEND THE KNEE: >Oraclize: we will be supporting other protocols, such as Cha…[View]
13121664Seriously who’s buying this scam? Fucking cringe[View]
13120487Recession survival SHTF edition: Ok /biz/ what’s your plan to survive the upcoming recession? Do you…[View]
13121622ICNQ : Anyone accumulating?[View]
13117628You fags told me this was a pump and dump shitcoin. Where is the dump? Why is it so stable? REEEEEEE…[View]
13121068Venezuelan stocks: Is it a good idea to invest? The economy is at its lowest point. A random bank is…[View]
13121415Not everyone in North America can own one whole Ether: Current Total Supply = 105,391,356.84 Ether …[View]
13121385get your birds in a row /biz/[View]
13121004Big dick buys coming in today: Maybe someone knows something, at 500k this is a gold fucking mine wa…[View]
13121536so...this shit has no use case and we are just funding it? WTF!? And have anyone read their white pa…[View]
13121484why cant germans into blockchain?[View]
13121506trading bots: when to use when not to use?[View]
13118487>Muh i just wont report my taxes: AMERITARDS REKT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx6Owz5I_EE…[View]
13121476Should I buy now? Anything on the horizon for BTT?[View]
13121480What is this? And what does it do?: What is this token about? And is it about to pull another holo o…[View]
13120897>sudden influx of threads posting about a habbening on a specific date You discord trannies are s…[View]
13120094If you know, you know.[View]
13121381the next gen of entrepreneurs: Does anyone else work with with young entrepreneurs or the /biz/ mind…[View]
13117358Literally the only thing keeping my portfolio up since Jan last year. You beautiful bastards really …[View]
13120824what the fuck is this shit?: I just learned making money and being successful does not matter of int…[View]
13118586How much do I have to make to get a cute asian wife?[View]
13120340Credit card chargeback advice: Anyone ever initiated a credit card chargeback, especially if it was …[View]
13120745>be me >wagie, making the same as i would be on yangbux >come up with new cheap product tha…[View]
13120309is it possible to make an income from day trading and quit my job?[View]
13118764>quit job >boss suing me for hiring costs…[View]
13120986What's up lads, newfag here. I'm here because I want to get into crypto. I've been lu…[View]
13121317>Taxo to taxo is a cryptable event[View]
13119630PAPER WALLET: Bitch, I got that bsv, and I need help to safely make a paper wallet. I already have t…[View]
13120064The BLOATENING: LOOOOL. Take a good look at pic related. This shit is bloated to hell. We told you t…[View]
13121282Last chance to get them at micro cap levels: This is gaining quickly towards 1m, better get them whi…[View]
13120967How can i move to fiat or a stable coin without kyc: I am gonna move to the US for a few years. I do…[View]
13119856Amoveo (VEO) is about to explode: Get it on qtrade.io. Do some research on it too if you already hav…[View]
13120192What a piece of shit: >already dumping the '''pump''' Such a piece of shit…[View]
13117554I'm done loading up. It is time. https://www.whois.com/whois/utilitycryptlet.com[View]
13116662Just had my first day at amazon. All the memes are true, its even worse. Its hell on earth. I can…[View]
13118439Want to start accumulating vintages: Price of a game boy nintendo on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/p/Ni…[View]
13120679How much does dirt land in CA cost?: Hello /biz/, I am an 18 yr old planning to open up a 30-35 spa…[View]
13121115/all in/ post your all ins no linkies MODS[View]
13120741https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6jC6VaO3j0 where the fuck does he get the money from[View]
13120091i-is Link gonna go up soon?[View]
13121072Genesis game: How many of my fellow /biz/letts are running some genesis nodes?[View]
13120428Why is Bletchley Cryptlets Chainlink?: >This is Sergey Nazarov from America. Who may I say is spe…[View]
13119458Is there a bigger indicator of NPCism and normieism than using linkedin?[View]
1311920010-20x potential. FLO. Sister of RVN: Are you ready for the FLO green dildo to Jupiter ? Are you don…[View]
13117511i wonder who's next: so rvn pumped... poly pumped ... mmmmm wow i wonder who could be next…[View]
13120630aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back, so how's everyone doing tonight? end of y…[View]
13118450Why does LINK need to exist: Can't other blockchains just give their own token the utility that…[View]
13120840Going to get out of hand really quick: This is one of those coins you have a chance to buy the botto…[View]
13120941Better than Bitmex: Better to play something like moon3d.io[View]
13120622Pump incoming: Strap in.[View]
13120898Besides the money, best part about a bull market is memeing with you fuckers[View]
13120893Got gooked!: I am financially ruined![View]
13120846who the fack is buying this chinkcoin?: > only on two or three exchanges. > +700%…[View]
13120820Futuristic UI: Moon3D has much better UI, better community than most other crypto games I've se…[View]
13120653Alchemint: SDS, im telling you biz, it's a total moon mission[View]
1311984425k sat end of week: B’caw[View]
13120300>after I make it, my real life will begin[View]
13120769Which one of these will be a better hold for 2020?[View]
13119656worst financial decision of my life. Should have listened to the nigger aidrop fud. Its becoming cle…[View]
13117659JAVASCRIPT: Would you guys say learning Web Dev is still a viable choice? There was a programming th…[View]
13120725Shill me your best pharma/healthcare stock I will buy EVERYTHING besides dudeweed Just fuck my shit …[View]
13119321What's the most profitable coin to mine?[View]
13120545Biz told me this was a scam: Why is it up almost 100% from a week ago...[View]
13120704BCASH TOP KEK >https://old.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/b5elhs/bcoin_is_seeking_developers_to_take_o…[View]
13119619chx: where my fellow owners at[View]
13119882lost all money but ill always have u frens, right?[View]
13120553/allin/ XLM going moonier \ inb4[View]
13120157Weeeeeee: Look at it go! Us swarmie normies always knew this day would come[View]
1311829330 years old crippling depression no job and no experience deformed chest bullied virgin kissles he…[View]
13118930As an American, How do I invest in Russian Defense Stocks: Question in the title.[View]
13119865How many Link not to end up like Diogenes?[View]
13117281reminder youre a /totalfuckingretard/ if you have a job, arent in school, and are paying rent youre …[View]
13120583The Chad Fad Begins!: Don't miss out anon[View]
13120551how does a broke doomer make it[View]
13120185Apple Pay and Apple Card destroy bitcoin: Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
13117479Whatever happened to this? Wasn't it supposed to save the country?[View]
13118731Is there a meme way to get my credit from nonexistent to good? I'm afraid if I try anything I…[View]
13120440*ding ding ding* I've called you all here today to make some very important statements. FUCK CH…[View]
13116841EnronCoin: >Former Enron Corp. Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling is looking to get back into the e…[View]
13120022flo: easiest 10x of my life, this will pump hard after rvn hype is dead, which should be now :D…[View]
13118512BSV is bitcoin: Answer![View]
13120120>He doesn't know[View]
13120373remember when icos used to be about pasting a progress bar with bonuses attached on a plain website?[View]
13118988iExec RLC: Hi frens. I had to leave last year, there were many shitcoins blocking my way. I realized…[View]
13119857Bird Marines Report![View]
13117447Bitcoin alternative: Bitcoin was a new concept of payment. Never done before. Whats the bitcoin of 2…[View]
13119232Trying to work as Oracle database architect: I have 28 years old, no degree in computer science, lac…[View]
13120051Birdchain gains: Needs to go 5x just to get to ICO price. Massive gains to be made here[View]
13120104Are all those channels reuploading stuff from famous fortnite players making any money? Can you make…[View]
13117442Polyglots: I'm broke,autistic and the only thing I enjoy is studying languages. Not fluent in e…[View]
13119994Bancor is literally unstoppable.[View]
13118378nobody gives a fuck anymore: nobody gives a fuck anymore, crypto is dead. Yes, all of it. Nobody is …[View]
13120143Heh crypto....now that was tulip mania[View]
13120133AERGO: What did she mean by this?[View]
13119978Thoughts on Donaid and what actually might be a good DAPP, finally? https://donaid.io/[View]
13119410what if i shorted 100x at the very top: and closed my position at around 3.5-4k. How much would I ha…[View]
13118847A: If you arent in DENT, then fuck you[View]
13119440as a programmer wagecuck is it best, from a financial perspective, to wageslave/freelance for compan…[View]
13119919Just quit my minimum wage job to start memecoin trading.: We are in alt season right?[View]
13120197I have 13Eth rn and I need 19 more to stake. What altcoin can get me to that number?[View]
13120170Briefcase. Solar Power Cells.: >Satphones. Ledgers. Batteries. >Plane. >Venezuela. What …[View]
13120144Collecting tears for those who sold. Give them to me now so you don't have to pout when you get…[View]
13119418Any RLCbros here?: Who has this image with Alibaba, Ubisoft, TFCloud and other multibillion corporat…[View]
13116952>mineable erc20 token >lava relay - doesnt need eth for tx >best of 2 worlds >healthy ha…[View]
13118624Get a big bag celr, go to bed and wake up happy tomorrow[View]
13120081This image always makes me kek pretty hard. Is it a meme already?[View]
13118557So do I buy now or not?[View]
13120065I have $280k: What coin can I go all in to be a millionaire by the end of the year?[View]
1311554340 hours????: How can anyone work for 8 (eight) hours a day, 5 (five) days a week???? If I could wor…[View]
13119686Literally Free Money: So, I'm currently drawn as a juror on Kleros court to adjudicate against …[View]
13118958>he STILL hasn't bought swap: sitting at ~$5000k marketcap right now basically, this is a hy…[View]
13120009Is it better to put up a lemonade stand in a residential neighborhood or a business district?[View]
13119990quietly prepared to 20K: Fools' Day will be epic for no linkies[View]
13119212Wallets: What wallet does /biz/ use? Both irl and in crypto[View]
13118916Nash Exchange: What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first secu…[View]
13119962>own 1 share of BRK.B for the Geico discount >receive email about voting in the shareholders m…[View]
13119901I was going to try and educate you all but it's a lost cause True winners only play when they…[View]
13119691What does he mean? Does he know when mainnet? He's not a chainlink shiller according to his t…[View]
13119903>First bizlet to share this on Ethtrader wins a prize LMAO u cuckbois ain't buy in yet?? You…[View]
13116558Ride to sub 2k incoming[View]
13119817ok here’s the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright is uni…[View]
13119339Lost my job. All I got going is these shrooms. How do I gamble $500 two times or 1k all at once to m…[View]
13118882Fabtom (FTM) genuinely has the most potential to pull a 100x in my opinion: The whole crypto sphere …[View]
13113646How to become a whale: - buy FTM - wait: The whole crypto sphere is hyped by Fantom. I took a deep l…[View]
13119299You promised me a lambo. Now i cant even afford food. Thanks 'frens'...[View]
13119525We gonna make it frenz. IEXEC UNIRONICALLY THE NEXT X1000. The last true ethereum gainz / ant vibz. …[View]
13119517>fomo into the market in mid 2016 as a meme /biz/ trader >get a chance to enroll in a graduate…[View]
13119421SWING TRADE OPP: BAT: cup and handle just about to break on binance, might be worth a swing[View]
13118785clown world[View]
13119454Why are some forms of life more valuable than others?: And why does money matter at all?[View]
13119697It’s PUMPING 30% Ambrosus!!: Buy Amb now!!! Private main net is live!!![View]
13119657If you don't have your own business or some sort of passive income (shitcoins don't count)…[View]
13119606What did they mean by this?: Seriously though what does this mean. > t.brainlet…[View]
13118755What do anons here think about Omnitude (ECOM)?[View]
13119579Wtf is happening with Ambrosus?!!: Where is this pump coming from? Did biz lie and said t was a shit…[View]
13118448Have you ever quit a job? How do you go about this? Why?[View]
13115353/smg/ - Stock Market General: HAPPY birthday baggie edition >I'm new to the stock market, wh…[View]
13118685req price predictions can req reach ever $2 eoy 2022? my bags are heavy....[View]
13118614nobody gives a fuck anymore, crypto is dead. Yes, all of it. Nobody is using it for anything meaning…[View]
13119098God tier portfolio[View]
13118796What did the volume mean by this?[View]
131189380xbtc: Is 11k 0xbtc enough to make it? Asking for a friend.[View]
13119384>monday night[View]
13119352CELR?: Anyone think Celr will have a nice pump in the next few days? Have a bag and dont know if I s…[View]
13117503You're not gonna miss it again: right /biz/?[View]
13117319Just went all in with my life savings at $3939.: Heh. Watch this.[View]
13119345Don't trust the rumor about yoyow: FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
13119165absolute state of AMBlets: scammed again[View]
13119274shill me: hello frens pls shill me coin to make much vbucks thank u frens[View]
13119225TOMOCHAIN: Any thoughts on TOMO ?? Shitcoin or good?[View]
13117254give it to me, /biz: this is gonna be the next idex pump-of-the-week, isn't it?[View]
13119260How come western countries are the only ones who make memes? Are the other people elsewhere not smar…[View]
13119226I’m too much of a pussy to tell my boss I’m quitting for a higher paying job[View]
13119123DO NOT BUY BSV. Its a fucking scam. Fuck Creg WRONG[View]
13118715Ethereum Addresses Have Handles Now: https://medium.com/@admazzola/simple-handles-for-ethereum-c1323…[View]
13116999thoughts on this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_criterion[View]
13116742I. LOST. EVERYTHING: WTF I just got liquidated. My complete savings are gone. WTF /biz you told me i…[View]
13115682You realize that this is going to cause the single largest dump in bitcoins history right?[View]
13119048> fake volume > pajeet shilling > p&d scam coin > pls buy sirs this is unironically …[View]
13118921Have FUN fuckwits: I told you stupid cunts to buy FUN about a week ago didn't i? I hope all the…[View]
13115819Birdchain gains: What color will yours be Anon?[View]
13119107AMB is going...up?[View]
13118943What's the best coin for non-tech people to hold?: Need one for my GF to get in the crypto game…[View]
13118915Amb.... it’s going up up up: It’s happen frens. Look at the order book. Something is brewing. This s…[View]
13117702Did I buy the meme or is this the real deal?[View]
13118437i have literally found a coin that will pump 100x+ within a few weeks[View]
13119082What the fuck is going on with LPTX: Someone explain.[View]
13116988>not just going all in index funds for a guaranteed 7% annual return[View]
13119001Anon, are you ready to have FUN?: 2x[View]
13119066Apple just announced at their keynote today, major news[View]
13117642KNC to Coinbase Pro soon: CoinbaseCustody tweeted that KNC is now supported. XRP was supported on Co…[View]
13117925How should I be investing my money if I am going to be leaving the USA in ~10 years permanently?[View]
13118888DON'T MAKE ME SAY IT[View]
13119010Volume surges, price climbing even with BTC dumping, token swap ending this week: Why isn't thi…[View]
13118871Is crypto even getting any usage in the real world? Or are we still in theorycrafting tinfoil hat st…[View]
13118997Yoyow: Yoyow[View]
13117885is this gonna be next shill of the 4chan?: right biz?[View]
13116119i fucking HATE chainlink so much: absolute cancer and absolute worst thing to ever happen to this bo…[View]
13118129How many ltc for her? I'm can wait till EOY, but any further than that will be too much[View]
13118168coping with failure: I have an exceptional academic record and have applied for Cambridge part 3. Go…[View]
13117101BITMAX CHAD FAD: Literally undumpable. 25c coming.[View]
13118026PROFIT: will be absorbed by this hexagon[View]
13118395>boss took me aside today >discussed my performance asked if I liked my job >laid out a 30 …[View]
13117631CASH OUT YOUR PROFIT !!: Take out your profits anons ! Look at the BTC, its dumping and Link is just…[View]
13118927Start Up Advice: Live in Canada, USA Dual Citizen. Struggling with capital acquisition. Need less th…[View]
13118779What did he mean by this? Is lightning network layer 1 or layer 2?[View]
13117496>trusting chink exchanges kek, never change /biz/. I'll stick to my European based forehead …[View]
13118555New Business - Seeking Advice from /biz/ Entrepreneurs Hey /biz/, Thanks for reading my post. Essen…[View]
13118676ACCUMULATE: aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll mm nn oo pp qq rr ss tt uu vv ww xx yy zz ^ Are all…[View]
13117580Seeing ZIL live on binance in the last couple of month: has been eye opening. Realized that whales a…[View]
13118808What went wrong?: Why did it fail?[View]
13118655i dont believe you dont have a BSV suicide stack of 21 bsv[View]
13118243Etheroll, the provably-fair dice game: In this bear market, better catch the devil by the tails and …[View]
13115993NEXT - the next exchange moonshot: Hello, /biz/. Few words about me: I dabbled in shitcoins for more…[View]
13118393>still all in on ChainLink Literally how gay and delusional do you have to be to still think Chai…[View]
13117518Were fucking pumpin[View]
13118144Still worth investing?[View]
13118741On a scale of 1-10, how dumb is it to try to find a stock that will massively outperform that you ca…[View]
13118743volume rising: you know what that means?[View]
13118343''Wen binant'' - Wiffy[View]
13118283Portfolio rate thread[View]
13118697I'm only posting this BCPT thread so I can screenshot it and say 'I told you so' in a month…[View]
13118637>he thinks chainIink is a blockchain[View]
13118631You thought it will end?[View]
13118661NAV: Please tell me you heeded my warning, /biz/. This puppy's about to pull a VIA.[View]
13118652algo trading: anon tell me about that bot you're programming[View]
13117918I feel bad for the salty brainlets that try and fud every thread.[View]
13118648Yoyow team: Are you here????[View]
13117937Is it happening?[View]
13118628take the crypto chill pill: yes, crypto is backed by nothing but greed. yes, it can always collapse …[View]
13118609fuck stealth mode: Linkies will be able to purchase looks like this in the future with their immeasu…[View]
13118116When this finally gets released, hope you already have a bag cause the FOMO is going to be unrelenti…[View]
13117794Capitalism > Socialism Socialism smells like shit and unironically never works. Why do people st…[View]
13117831tfw it's actually happening. Look at the order books, there are more bots there than binance, k…[View]
13117420Why haven’t you taken the Aldi pill, /biz/: https://careers.aldi.us/district >$80,000 starting sa…[View]
13118508This is the only TA that matters at the moment[View]
13115586Are you ready for the finale? We're still alive. Wojak is still alive. But will he be annihilat…[View]
13118526> Want to make good money > Hate the culture of corporate life > Too sluggish for entrepren…[View]
13118181Which is the most Marxist coin? I want a coin that fits with my political ideologies and views. Shil…[View]
13117662There is one juicy buy right now: Skycoin is the future[View]
13116795Why Twitch and Streamlabs ditched bitcoin?: Twitch was accepting payments with bitcoin but recently …[View]
13117171tfw we are at disbelief. all I see is 'we are going down 1-2k. Fuck this I'm out etc etc'[View]
13118250I don’t know what to do: This is not a larp. I have had 19 different back surgeries in the past 10 y…[View]
13116000Scarcity: REMINDER: FLO is scarce anon. 150,400,000 coins have been minted and only 160,000,000 will…[View]
13118357SingularityNET: Ben Goertzel is a featured speaker at AI Everything and Sophia is a citizen of Saudi…[View]
13118317What does biz think of my reS? In Australia btw, did this layout myself. Trues to copy a latex style…[View]
13117338game shill for moon3d: just made $100 in five minutes, use referral code satoshi to win 1% bonus eve…[View]
13118160Yoyow or not Yoyow: Your choice[View]
13117907Newfag here: What is the optimal percentage of BTC and ETH to hold in a crypto portfolio?[View]
13116873shit's gonna explode yo: /sci/ here, this shit is basically the universal translator. not just …[View]
13118341is there a name for this[View]
13118309Why is college so valued by mutts?: I just saw this shit https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/mar/…[View]
13117021Clownworld volume figures: Can somebody explain to me in what freaking clownworld LTC does 2/3 of it…[View]
13117178Its going to zero. Buy gold.: Now that bitcoin has been proven to be worthless trash its time to red…[View]
13118266I’m done with crypto. Market sold everything. Now I just want to live in California. What are the fi…[View]
13117582i don't get it, most of you seem to understand how to: read charts and follow trends and analyz…[View]
13118032are u ready ?[View]
13118259You do have at least one masternode, right?[View]
13118037Whenever I come to /biz/ and look at the catalog, all I see is a bunch of trash, spam, and poor shil…[View]
13117634Should I sell my computer or get a job? Selling it would cover about 6 months of neet expenses and g…[View]
13117863SKY: Please tell me you didn’t fall for the McAfee fud[View]
13118102I am very blackpilled AMA[View]
13117087SKYFLEET GENERAL: $SKY get the fuck in here if you want to make it. Honorable mentions: $CVC $RVN $…[View]
13117024Why did I let /biz/ shill me on this: absolute pile of shit?[View]
13117610omg another day of below $0.50 link. OMG SO SHOCKING. WTF IS GOING ON. OH MY LORD WHY WONT IT MOVE. …[View]
13117987*ahem* a glass fellow fanties: Tonight, we forget about the fags still fudding this. Tonight is our …[View]
13117390LMfao at crypto fags: crypto was 1 trillion market cap now its 100 billion. you fags seriously think…[View]
13117169Oh biz, oh biz If only you knew which exchange had this backing and is still under 3m marketcap. I…[View]
13117567100% USD.[View]
13117928Yoyow: Yoyow[View]
13116557>be me >at work >girls don't have to do any work (they get paid to do nothing all day)…[View]
131174601$ eow: Refute this[View]
13117968what's this fear? RELAX! it's going back up soon. Quarkchain - March 31st mainnet Nucleus…[View]
13116163AMA: I started managing businesses when I was 17 at a pro-shop for a golf course. I moved on to rest…[View]
13116744Apple Card: >No annual fees >No cash‑advance fees >No international fees >No over‑the‑li…[View]
13117624intergalactic gaming - next 1000x coin: esport token called IGG - trc-20 coin launching platform t…[View]
13117401Why FUD crypto over metals, or vice-versa?: Both of them serve as safeguards against (((fractional r…[View]
13117919The Early Shinings of the New King: Could it be anymore decoupled from BTC?[View]
13117881it gonna do this[View]
13117113I'm broke How can I make money without investment?[View]
13117822OriginTrail(TRAC) made their big announcement! Check out their telegram. This gonna go parabolic[View]
13117231BITCONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT: https://hardcore-signals.com/en/[View]
13117844The market is starting to look weaker by the day, what is habbening? Should I sell?[View]
13117399BIRD chads report in: 1,000,000 BIRD or more, who's with me? We gon 10x this first leg, 100x Eo…[View]
13117820Cheer Up!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o50_ZlMnjqY[View]
13117351Imagine biz missing out on the next 3x[View]
13117638ITT we run the perfect lemonade stand[View]
13117410Buy silver and gold: Now is the time to be stacking gold and silver. Your buttcoin is going sub 1k.…[View]
13117730Stacking $fota: Oooooft[View]
13117571It's pumping again!: Choo choo motherfuckers![View]
13117715I've personally talked to Sergey and hes told me that for every link that is market sold on bin…[View]
13117374>b-but csw has fake degrees and certifications https://www.computerworld.com.au/article/188871/au…[View]
13116963Inter-Dimensional Non Re-Reporting in: A few days back I had mentioned that despite the infinite dim…[View]
13117551>“So what happened when the cryptocurrencies first came out in 2010 and 2011 is most people who l…[View]
13117040Shorting Apple: Fuck this hipster company. What the fuck was today's keynote even about? Everyt…[View]
13117617'BTC is going to zero, It was a bubble.': That is equivalent to saying: 1) Mammal metabolic rate dec…[View]
13117594BTC dumps: and LINK pumps. Like clockwork boys.[View]
13116904Where are we headed? My hands are strong but I’m feeling the fear guys.[View]
13116740Mainnet will be announced on April 1st.[View]
13116877THIS CONE DID 11x SINCE JANUARY: Why has /biz missed this scam going exponential???[View]
13115379Just had a meeting with Sergey Nazarov of Chainlink. He says Link is designed to reach $100,000 per …[View]
13117434Well biz, I'm tapping out. I have to become a wagecuck. Any tips on how to overcome these feeli…[View]
13116421Smart money selling BTC and ETH for XRP: We going to the Moooooon![View]
13117474XRC: Why didn't you bought this? Only 2.1 million coins ever! Active dev, new exchanges coming.…[View]
13116909Warning, warning, warning BGOGO will list 8 IEOS in q2 2019 (most will be from a+ funds like Panter…[View]
13117314What utility tokens to buy?[View]
13113619Finally, a legitimate LARP[View]
13117035crypto ruined me. this was it lads. theres no coming back[View]
13117287Website Development/Setup: Uni fag here, I need some bucks and since all of you can barely use a com…[View]
13116914whats the fastest way to make money within 24 hours without breaking any laws?[View]
13116889My morning drink yesterday compared to todays mickeys binge. Anons I.. Longed last night[View]
13114476its spring /biz/. why aren't you outside getting your birbs in a row? t.me/birdchainchat[View]
13117309I have a good feeling: I have a good feeling[View]
13117331Srsl: If stocks and world economy go wild, will you still buy/hold Chainlink?[View]
13111785Currency wars biz. This was predicted in 2017. https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S3782237 So ww3 might s…[View]
13117296Good bye you guys: ...[View]
13116853BIRD is the word: 1k USD EoM[View]
13117224I secured my lambo: > Lava will make me rich Keep holding those LTO premined scam token.…[View]
13117295>Sold my evx for celr last night[View]
13116804Salty Fantom marines BTFO: >NO price action for fantom bagholders >EVER >EVER >EVER EVER…[View]
13115072Foreskin Replacement Now that I Made It: I made it Biz. I’ve been wearing a fake foreskin for years,…[View]
13116845Dump it.[View]
13116827Will ever this peace of shit reach at least 5$?: Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text T…[View]
13115801We are building boys[View]
13117239How are you gonna game the system bros.: I'm studying to be an insurance agent, have some stock…[View]
13117211would you buy this cone biz?[View]
13115835>have interview Friday the 15th >went well recruiter said he’d try to set something up by the …[View]
13116639Bitcoin or Bittachon (in hebrew) is going to replace currencies across the WORLD. it may take 5 or 1…[View]
13117197REKT: Remember? Hahahahahahaha[View]
131152597 days until coss moons[View]
13116817I feel like a dummy for not listening to you guys sooner. I finally lied on my resume and got into m…[View]
13117198fuck this gayass market[View]
13116959I just woke up. What the FUCK was that?: I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE CRAB WORLD god damn it I k…[View]
13115900American States Water: Free money bros[View]
13115128crypto is going to 0 the sooner you except this fact the sooner you can get on with your life: crypt…[View]
13117150What fees are you paying binance?: What fees are you paying, /biz/? Any VIP 8 whales here? Where do …[View]
13117110My mom brought up Andrew Yangs foreskin idea and she's totally against it. What do?[View]
13115800How do i turn 130k into 3 million?[View]
13116023What is this chart pattern called?[View]
13117104Do you even realize just how bullish that green hammer we made was?[View]
13115787LINK AND CELER: We are thrilled to announce that Celer has formed a strategic partnership with Chain…[View]
13116930So what is this Lava?: Can someone give me a quick rundown? it looks promising as fuck... 'Send toke…[View]
13116267Can you smell that? No its not the smell of failure coming from a bag holding NEET. It's the sm…[View]
13116811CELR: Anyone think it will rebound I’m thinking profits from evx will flow into it[View]
13117078Not your average shitcoin: Do not miss this, +$10 this time next year. Probably under $1 in next mon…[View]
13117058That's it, I sold. I'm free. I'm free form this fucking hell of scammers and pajeets.…[View]
13117086redpill me on Tomochain and LTO: Are these two coins good for investing couple of thousand bucks?…[View]
13115380We're all gonna make it brah[View]
13116649We are back! What will you buy with your newfound wealth anon?[View]
13116631Some normie at work is still holding this at a 99% loss. How do normies cope with 99% loss? You inve…[View]
13116938the flippening: is happening[View]
13116187imagine being so broke and in debt that you hatch a scheme to extort millions from a corporate giant…[View]
13116598Who's buying the flash sale?[View]
13115306Do you like to use internet to charge up ads?: What browser are you on, Anon? Why have you been in c…[View]
13116844Yoyow rumor is FAKE: FAKE FAKE FAKE Don't believe that shit[View]
13116528Bros. I'm feeling squirly (whatever that means). Is everything about to drop 30%? Because it fe…[View]
13116613STOP SELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
13116809> btc dump > 50 monthly ema[View]
13116312hey /biz/, /v/ here I just inherited some 90k euros, what the fuck should I do with it? pic unrelate…[View]
13116393Oh no no no. Are you guys ready for a ride?[View]
13115182why arent you trying to get fit while waiting for the: ...next golden bull run? is your bags heavy e…[View]
13116725You ARE putting your pincers on altcoins, right?: Veteran penny pinchers know how the tide rolls. A…[View]
13116758You know that BTC won’t break 5k in 2019, right?[View]
13116669>check several different places for bitcoin price >they're all different >there's…[View]
13116547Crypto died in 2018, it just took people a while to realize it[View]
13116692Yoyow: Yoyow[View]
13116659Yup. We trapped them[View]
13116624Oh I am laughing: See you moonboys at 1k[View]
13115582Hello Frens.. yes, its me the brazilian fucked up favela guy. I am not certified by Google Academy (…[View]
13116633AMA Pajeet Curry Restaurant Shitter: AMA Anonymous (ID: 4bjYk3Vi) 03/25/19(Mon)19:17:09 No.13116163 …[View]
13116614Told you yesterday of the pending doom[View]
13115938how long before it's back at ico price?[View]
13116503Hello biz, I'm unironically daniel negreanu. I'm about to come here in the next few days t…[View]
13116491ETH pump in 1 hour....oh did i say pump i mean dump hue hue hue[View]
13115591what did they mean by this?[View]
13116032PAPER WALLET: Bitch, I got that bsv, and I need help to safely make a paper wallet. I already have t…[View]
13116531What the fuck is a birdchan?: Seem to be looking pretty decent on IDEX[View]
13116048AERGO TRADERS: As you surely know if you don't hate money, AERGO will moon this year. Join the …[View]
13116454NANO: Join us anon, join NANO.[View]
13115757You must be out of your god damn mind: A wallet? A letter from the state of New Jersey? The fuck is…[View]
13116451You Busta ass triflin ass niggas really thought you could just NOT PAY ME MY FUCKING MONEY. Prepare …[View]
13116235$100.00 EOW[View]
13116410I started putting fingers up my ass when I was 17 in the shower at my grandmother's house. I mo…[View]
13112543Does this shitcoin make all decentralized exchanges obsolete?: It's truly trustless, permission…[View]
13116298Buy this coin now[View]
13116367AHEM *tink tink tink*[View]
13116360Mike Novagratz: What is he bagholding? EOS was one of them. Does he still hold WAX?[View]
13114946ETH tax kek: The recent ethereum proposal which is gaining support to be implemented is to tax the E…[View]
13115687what are we /sliding/ now?[View]
13116356Good ole crypto the dip that just keeps on dipping *Sip*[View]
13115962what did EVX mean by this?: seems like link can help out evx..hmmm[View]
13115406WILL IT DUMP BIZ ?[View]
13114343BTMX x10 this Quarter: All tokens are getting locked, get in now! Https://bitmax.io[View]
13116329HOT looks ready to explode.[View]
13116279its that easy. if I open binance with my old laptop and I go in some pair, if my PC is silent, its e…[View]
13116286WHY WONT IT STOP FALLING!!!!!!![View]
131141251 person: One fucking person came to the presentation, HAHAHAHA. This is a new low even for deluded …[View]
13116293Shill me your Telegram groups for crypto signals[View]
13115294How to make money from the deepstate being overthrown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw2BVI9OhC4 s…[View]
13115544pump when[View]
13115908AION: biz doesnt like AION but anyways bought a 10k bag. Wish me luck[View]
13111402So, who's gonna trade this thing in about 30 minutes?[View]
13115996mfw I'm 25 years old and I had never seen, smelled, tasted a fucking kiwi. it was like going on…[View]
13116039Bitcoins price has stabilized. It is now a mature asset and ready for mass adoption. Isn't this…[View]
13115511Shitcoin Bingo: >Rate3 >QuarkChain >ICON >PCHAIN >Fantom Patrician-tier, I know. What…[View]
13114891It's simple anons. Either Quant is bullshitting, or it's going to become the largest, most…[View]
13115982Guys please help me lm kind of nervous here. Do you have to send paypal a photo of your drivers lice…[View]
13112707When clues did you notice first that Quant was a scam?: For me it was the first deadline missed.…[View]
13115653I was going to try and educate you all but it's a lost cause True winners only play when they…[View]
13114917>but it's the real bitcoin pfhahhahahahahah so long you piece of shit…[View]
13112882The bear market has just begun: The volume on bitfinex and coinbase is utterly dead haven’t seen it …[View]
13115918Yes yes Goy, we do![View]
13115904Inflatable 'panchito' (+madoka cosplay include): We have here an inflatable 'panchito' that we stole…[View]
13115888ok, where's the crypto brown pill?[View]
13115810How safe are these?: I wanna buy crypto but don't wanna pay taxes on it. My buddy told me atm…[View]
13115593i've heard bird shit is good luck[View]
13115784>threaten Nike's stock price in a tweet >feds lock you up in less than 30 minutes LOLOLOL…[View]
13115499Frens, how do I make a living?: I'm a full time wage cuck working for only a few dollars above …[View]
13114719ni hao wealthy chinaman[View]
13114978asking for a friend: is there any way for a european minor to buy bitcoins?[View]
13115649Canadian banks dont allow crypto purchases: What do, fellow leafs?[View]
13115150to celebrate our inverse dump: post your greenest link pepes ITT[View]
13115758we moonin boys[View]
13115178How many of you autists ACTUALLY fell for the memes and hold bags of this?[View]
13115743we moonin boys[View]
13115730we moonin boys[View]
13115739we moonin boys[View]
13115733we moonin boys[View]
13115717we moonin boys[View]
13115695we moonin boys[View]
13115707dude wtf[View]
13101062Congrats on this: Seriously. 10% of people understand what crypto is 5% of those understand what sma…[View]
13115702we moonin boys[View]
13115680we moonin boys[View]
13115688we moonin boys[View]
13115030Majority of bitcoin trading is a hoax, new study finds: >'The firm analyzed the top 81 crypto exc…[View]
13115668we moonin boys[View]
13111655/smg/ - Sailor Moon General: Shorting SPX by moonlight Longing VIX by starlight this am the thread w…[View]
13115113This is unironically the real bitcoin. I'm not even kidding. The devs will raise the block size…[View]
13115656you fags dont get it: all of finance is a ponzi scam it doesnt matter all that matters is what cult …[View]
13115580hahahah bcash what a dumpster fire. fuck your mother if you want fuck[View]
13115514Where the fuck is wallet autist who was watching link wallets?[View]
13114310MFW I found BIRD[View]
13114759What went wrong?[View]
13115475DEGO: The DeroGold Association is the future of crypto today and we welcome you aboard. Our coin uti…[View]
13115025Whats Biz toughts on this fucker?: Just wanted an opinion? Shill or fud? Serious discussion pls…[View]
13115600ALL IN MEAT[View]
13114683Shitcoins under 1m Market Cap: And don’t come at me with the “well this one is a great value at $3m”…[View]
13115611Done accumulating yet?[View]
13115022You visit with your gf a pool party. You go to the locker room to change clothes. You come back and …[View]
13115208For a cool mil would you... 1. Take it up the butt for an hour straight? 2. Eat an entire cow pie? 3…[View]
13115298NIQD Boxes: Do you niggers know anything about this? New Iraqi dinar or something like that? It…[View]
13112773Guys im literally fucking shaking right now. I just realized how undervalued this shit is and it hit…[View]
13115320Which babby step are you on, biz?[View]
13115432Why we pumping?[View]
13115110I'm at a point where only about 30% of my monthly income goes to bills and the rest is just acc…[View]
13115365Reminder that the recent Binance announcement was a play by CZ to give his whale friends one last li…[View]
13114975I think smart contracts will change the world. What are the best bets right now?[View]
13113045AMBROSUS IS PUMPING!: Strap on boys seems like the long awaited announcement about Nestle and Migros…[View]
13115317/biz/ - Animals & Nature: >pepe >apu >bubu >bobo >snibbit >whales >pigs …[View]
13115520Schizo here, can someone tell me why PepeCoin / Memetic isn't the best investment[View]
13114834BITCH, I GOT THAT BSV[View]
13115501Should we go all in XMR after the next big dip anons? Looks pretty good to me[View]
13113381Rate3 $Rte from huobi/bibox - 2mln mcap (with 90% of total supply in circulation) >iStablecoin (…[View]
13114886I found who shills the lottery here.: Remember in October and November how there were threads poppin…[View]
13113213LTO — Holy fuck I’m shaking right now: 27 btc buy wall. It’s not going down anymore. Plus this in t…[View]
13114634Fellow Arkies, how are you feeling? Just riding the sideways and doing some day trading? Staking and…[View]
13115439Help me out biz bois: What are these coins in this new coss promotion???[View]
13115430Think you can FUD Cardano now that the tranny is gone? Hint: You can't.[View]
13115426>its monday again >another week of slow monotonous demeaning wagecuckoldry…[View]
13115407I have 30€ available to gamble away.: I want to try and buy my first coin/token. On which site shoul…[View]
13113431How can one be so damn comfy?: Why you not in yet, anon?[View]
13112875Are Asian girls a good investment?[View]
13114793Not priced in yet[View]
13115392There's Zero Legitimate Chinese Crypto: Don't say I didn't warn you.[View]
13113908Where my chx alphas at?: Checking in before MASSIV pump[View]
13113230Just sold 200k XCM at a loss of almost 70%. Fuck Kevin and fuck Coinmetro. I hope they get shut down…[View]
13115366I'm fucking broke biz. Are bounties actually worth doing? I don't care if it's not li…[View]
13114571So now that crypto is nothing but digital beanie babies what's our next get rich quick scheme g…[View]
13114741World Bank - FLO production reveal: https://twitter.com/cchrysostom/status/1110198144376037376…[View]
13113550Fabtom (FTM) genuinely has the most potential to pull a 100x in my opinion[View]
13114933uhmm excuse me guys but what's going on with this shitcoin[View]
13110200The housing market is going to collapse: Not only are prices at an ATH (inflation-adjusted): >htt…[View]
13113345That’s it, you’ve had plenty of warning: No we moon, you must be seriously living under a rock or be…[View]
13114907Yoyow or not Yoyow: Your choice.[View]
13115269I HOPE YOU FAGGOTS ARE READY: Trading starts on Bitmax at 9am EST tomorrow. Brace yourselves this th…[View]
13115179AMB is happening: Mainnet is live and viewable! 200k + bundles a day. Nestle is veririfed! We gonna …[View]
13114180Anyone interested in Staking?: I've come across a good PoS coin for staking, and if bizlets are…[View]
13115297I unironically bought 100 eth today how fucked am I?[View]
13114590recession is coming, what will happen to crypto?: muh?[View]
13113764Tax Man vs My family: Basically my family is autistic & 2 of my siblings have their full wages t…[View]
13115091What the fuck is going on with EVX. Why is it still pumping for no reason?[View]
13113916Polymath [POLY]: How come no POLY thread?[View]
13115221oh my fucking g...: https://youtu.be/FIh3SgIAP80[View]
13114046Twitter told me this shit was gonna moon so I bought a huge bag at 0.02cents. Now its fukin tanking …[View]
13114740Based ZIL whales crashing the price back to 470 sats.[View]
13113768You had your chances: SOON[View]
13113856You MUST post ITT if you're waging right now: wage[View]
13114004Link is dead.: Link is dead.[View]
13115218should I sell my US stock index fund for an international stock index fund?[View]
13114955We going to 2k aren't we?[View]
13115013Cryptopia: What happens when they enable deposits and withdrawals?[View]
13115136Give me some app ideas that will convert[View]
13115127>it's an anton kreil episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a51wQAOGR4 https://www.youtube…[View]
131151242017 nostalgia thread: ITT we post rare memes and epic threads from the golden era. it's been a…[View]
13114995serious question: am I still a nocoiner if all I've ever done is buy enough BTC to cover my sho…[View]
13113119Zero risk strategy? If you trade and make a buy at $30. Then set your target at $35 and set a stop l…[View]
13114304will LTC dump again before the halving? pic related[View]
13114639Will cryptos eliminate any risk of commies ruining the world for us all?[View]
13115066bros we found it, the ultimate scam https://boingboing.net/2019/03/24/evaldas-rimasauskas.html why a…[View]
13114814When will he be arrested and who will arrest him?[View]
13112675ITT: Post your car when you make it.: For me it’s the breathtaking Chinese engineered Landwind X7. …[View]
13113420>have a PhD in business economics >head of finances in a semi large law firm >32yo >onl…[View]
13113524I am quitting my job today to spread the gospel of FTM: Based Andre has come to make the poor rich. …[View]
13114218Anyone else still holding QSP? How fucked are we? I should've sold in May[View]
13103502Global Depression Incoming: We’re seeing the largest credit bubble in human history. Empty shacks w…[View]
13114249Did you buy?: I was warning you anons for a month. Did you listen?[View]
13114924Thinking of Birdchain: How many to make it sirs?[View]
13114909Can some price action fag help me out?: Is this bullish or bearish?[View]
13114945WhatsApp: Nothing Burger or The New Trend Maker?: https://twitter.com/Rhythmtrader/status/1110204765…[View]
13114762Bitcoin goes MAINSTREAM: Cryptocurrency wallet on WhatsApp set for release: https://www.express.co.u…[View]
13114802Ok sirs: Pls buy SV Craig is Satoj[View]
13113193Chad does this to you. How do you respond?[View]
13114910One shitcoin to poo them all.[View]
13103942/smg/ - Stock Market General: Fuck posting anime as OP edition >I'm new to the stock market,…[View]
13111715Uneducated newfag. What can I expect about this board and where to learn?: I tried going here occasi…[View]
13114557Psst: Psst, Hey anon. Yeah you. Come here, i want to ask you something >giggles[View]
13114330The next /biz/ shilled PUMP AND DUMP: Don't fall for the shills, biz is fucking merciless and w…[View]
13106052Finally checked out Swap $XWP: There is almost nothing to like about this coin honestly. I’m actuall…[View]
13114538when TempleOS Coin?[View]
13114787HOLY SHIT: BREAKING: WhatsApp is set to release a cryptocurrency wallet with integration in their ch…[View]
13113850FLO. RVN. tZERO. Retirement insurance.: Signs point toward FLO being a sleeping giant with 100x moon…[View]
13114636wakey wakey wagies.... Time to get in that wage cage[View]
13114744What's the optimal percentage of BTC in Portfolio?[View]
13114745it's so easy to make money in the stock market. literally all you do is buy the dip. the govern…[View]
13114381hello frens, you remember me? I said I was white and about to commit a robbery. I did not do it. ins…[View]
13114219ITT: you can post only if you hold BSV. price prediction for july 2019?[View]
131146992k to invest, what's next /b ?[View]
13112866And its gonna stay a crab market tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and…[View]
13114748Holy fuck this board is garbage.[View]
13114255>monday morning[View]
13108420Why did the Rothschild thread from yesterday 404?[View]
13113471>Monday morning commute[View]
1311387269 billions of that, getting to 90 bil, it will never pump: It's just a scam, is'nt it?…[View]
13112316I think one thing that scares me about growing old is that I might turn out like this.[View]
13114607bsv is the true sanjay[View]
13113925If you recognize this face you might.... make it[View]
13113123holy fuck: I have one hell of a call for you scumbags > huge working product/service > expandi…[View]
13114466You've got a fren in me[View]
13114533Wait, you don't hate money, do you?: So tell me anon, why are you not in Fantom yet?[View]
13114453DGD: DGD BTC is your best shot for a quick and clean 50% gain (at the minimum). Indicators are all b…[View]
13114436dump it[View]
13111563>Man stole $122m from Facebook and Google by sending them random bills, which the companies dutif…[View]
13114200If you invested in one single bitcoin in 1965, it would be worth 200k today[View]
13112958BNB whale here (skrut skrut) I will pamp celer to 1500 satoshi tomorrow[View]
13114458When will you brainlet bulls learn: Brb volume dead Brb sideways action at 4K and every faggot here …[View]
13113558Remember when this board was about stocks, bonds, ETFs, South Sea Bubbles. Remember the /biz/caust.[View]
13114153How do I become a crypto cchad like you guys?[View]
13113584BUSTABIT: What does /biz/ think of it? And what do you fags think of this method? >So, here'…[View]
13114478If you don't have your own business or some sort of passive income (shitcoins don't count)…[View]
13114448Nash Exchange: What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first secu…[View]
13114431BUY BSV[View]
13113243https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/birdchain Top startups to watch: https://www.disruptordaily.com/b…[View]
13114382the fantom dip: thank me later[View]
13114206Tesla thread.[View]
13113836Do you think there will be a coin that will become the 'international currency'? If so, which one do…[View]
13110792what if john titor changed our timeline to clown world: maybe john titor wasnt a hoax if you go in t…[View]
13112970I am pro SV. The thing to understand is that this isn't really just about Craig. This is about …[View]
13114301more like shit the new web[View]
13112086Why do millennials feel so entitled to good jobs?[View]
13113127How do we get women out of the workplace without resorting to autistic shit like mass shootings or s…[View]
13113020HELP ANONS! HELP A BROTHER OUT: Ok anons please put the cancer and shit aside for a second. I recent…[View]
13114253requesting the pic of the country credit rating party feelsface.jpg meme[View]
13113035What is the word?[View]
13110534>boomer father is getting a reverse-mortgage on our house I love him but I'll be left with a…[View]
13111041Origintrail (TRAC), scammy shitcoin?: Is this legit oracle website? Someone send me this link trying…[View]
13114158Why you not in yet, anon?[View]
13113494Great accumulation zone at the mo, awaiting breakout - what are you waiting for biz? only posting be…[View]
13113514Lemme see them bitmexican positions boysss Ya'll ready for the bull 5x,10x, 25x pussyfaggots ne…[View]
13114174DEADBIZ: I’ve never seen /biz/ this dead. The board truly revolves solely based on LINK news.[View]
13114100Pls sirs I have a family: The price of curry is getting parabolic[View]
13112605>one last short to double bottom, then it's bull until 250K[View]
13113730If I told u: About a 50k USD cap coin never been pumped and about to rebrand, go on CMC, two new exc…[View]
13113348Fantom, unstoppable: You thought FTM would dip, didn't you? Get in before it is x10 and you wil…[View]
13114024What exactly would stop me from writing a Python trader for BTC and a handful of alts that makes use…[View]
131134594chan is a behavioral thinktank. /biz/ is a crab bucket. Don't spend more than what you're…[View]
13113452>BCH is the real bitcoin.[View]
13113635All websites, Amazon included, are filled with totally fake reviews. Even experienced product resear…[View]
13113987fucking weak hands: you bunch of retard selling XTL now because some community managers left and a r…[View]
13113484WHO: the fuck is running bots on this coin? Ever since the volume surge, there have been bots on the…[View]
13113287everyone who shilled bird, fuck you[View]
13112687Rate3 fundamentals: >product release this week (iStablecoin, that every1 in rate3 waited for mont…[View]
13110662Day 462 of the Bear Market: How you holding up /biz/? Pull up a stool and let's chat[View]
13113921Really makes you drink: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin-private/ https://coinmarketcap.…[View]
13113707I just recieved 400,000 dollars. Would it be wise to buy a fourplex in a growing city and live off o…[View]
13113637anyway i can get money on my amazon account? i need 25 euros and i already tried ewhoring i got some…[View]
13113760I still have EBET bags, but I could've sold them for 8x with a total of about $7000 if I weren…[View]
13113113If you were a 31 year old fuck up, had $1000, no skills, no job, no car, no family, no friends, in a…[View]
13113828Really makes you think: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin-private/ https://coinmarketcap.…[View]
13112901Will I make it?[View]
13113816And its gonna stay a crab market tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and…[View]
13113392is Serotonin, the hormone of placement within the social hierarchy, the ONLY scarce resource? Money …[View]
13112934Will I make it with 50k?[View]
13113549Online business advice: I want to become an influencer in a niche market. Make videos and sell cours…[View]
13112368FETCH: So uh.. is nobody gonna even mention this shit? >on binance >higher volume today than L…[View]
13113423I call in sick once a month, and today im calling in sick.[View]
13113426microcap larper: larper in the other thread its STASH guys >>13113123 wait until rebrand befor…[View]
13113705https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJsjaeRkl-k Is he on biz? is he a linkie?[View]
13112914>Sorry son. Believe it or not, I used to have 10 whole Bitcoin at one time, but I put it all in t…[View]
13113142Man stole 122m. USD from Google and Facebook: https://boingboing.net/2019/03/24/evaldas-rimasauskas.…[View]
13112930Where can one buy old bitcoin/sha256 ASICs? Want to calculate SHA256 hashes for my own, non-bitcoin …[View]
13113656Do any of you fags even daytrade?: I know there is the /smg/, but i havent seen anyone talking about…[View]
13113144I market sold everything. I'm tired of this market going sideways. At least stocks move.[View]
13113602New logo competition: Needs to look professional[View]
13111466My vagina is dry: >my vagina when I read people getting excited over the upcoming BTC halvening …[View]
13113350is there some service that will go over my freelance profiles and write the copy for me, i'm ve…[View]
13107655Is this what its like working for a corporation these days? Or is it just millennial owned silicon v…[View]
13112908WE ARE WE ARE WAL MART[View]
13113116We all have secrets.: What is a secret you never told anyone? What skeletons are in your closet, ano…[View]
13113296ETH Pump starts in 1hr[View]
13112806Any good airdrops lately?[View]
13113264-84% *gulp*[View]
13113563Did you miss the Cred train?[View]
13112402>working product: lending/bill splitting app that allows crypto, fiat or paypal for debt reconcil…[View]
13111334BAT..what happened to the disclosures of 'MUH HUGE PARTNERSHIPS' they talked about in september.: Th…[View]
13112053Bitsdaq: where can I sell my bxbc[View]
13110040iExec RLC: F-Fr-Frens?[View]
13111020Everyone who knows anything wants in on FTM.: It's literally impossible to buy a meaningful amo…[View]
13113114How are those connections coming along?[View]
13113232why don't billionaires build multi generational palaces anymore?[View]
13107807>my shitcoin goes down 10% >it then goes up 10% >my $$$ value is still lower than before W…[View]
13112724He fell for the CELER meme: seriously, biz. how new are you? kek[View]
13110175Is this guy legit?[View]
13111335i have 4,000$ and i want to be rich what shall i do biz ?[View]
13113012/FAG/ General - Frens are great: Hello where are all my frens?[View]
13113258Sergey says yes[View]
13113124How long do we have to accumulate?: I don't get a stable stream of income till January lads...…[View]
13101446What's the worst job you have ever had /biz/?[View]
13113270... and another one bends the knee.[View]
13112393Shill me your bags: Shill me something good. By good I mean something that doesn't appears on 1…[View]
13113073I lost my honk folder: Can you please share your rarest honks with me, I had my computer get the win…[View]
13103725BNB is shit: I've lost quite a bit in sats holding this garbage, where is the hype that was all…[View]
13112037I went ahead and drew the next market structure for you. No need to thank me.[View]
13113054I only have 100k celerink which is nowhere near enough to actually make it. All these celeret with 1…[View]
13112817Maker/DAI: Please explain this theory to a brainlet[View]
13112777Please buy BSV Sirs: Craig doesnt look healthy anymore, maybe we should pump his bags so he can buy …[View]
13113055Is the stock market going to crash again now? I just bought back in after panic selling in dec.[View]
13113051> Feeling nervous Bobo? > Better close your shorts right now, today is the day btc rises from…[View]
13113109Tether or enjoy losing money: Stock markets will dump hard, 4 hours left. Crypto will go down with i…[View]
13112389Doomsday / Economic Crash Preparation: What food holds the longest and is cheap? Any other tips?…[View]
13111487is there anything reasonable i can do with 100-500$? or should i keep saving to put into something b…[View]
13113092should I move to the US?: >be me eurofag >30 year old boomer >get job offer 70k starting …[View]
13113090Idk why but this meme makes me lmao hard af: Vossed or voss'd? Winckled? Lmao[View]
13112485>tfw you could have brought any shit coin in 2017 and x20 your money....…[View]
13113062How am I supposed to know what coin to invest in? Like I have to just assume that it will rise, with…[View]
13113010How do i short being a fucking faggot?[View]
13109939What's the shit coin that burned you?[View]
13111084How can a stupid NEET make money from home?[View]
13112981Soon: ...Peter Schiff will be seen as right[View]
13112821rank 42: linkies reverse mooning. wasnt you niggers almost top 30?[View]
13112653Walley the whale here: Sub 3k is coming this week. Have fun[View]
131115065x within 2 weeks: Binance listing after token swap[View]
13112013Wtf is this scam: Who is seriously buying this...[View]
13112054*AHEM* I'll just leave this here[View]
13112142let's have a toast to the wagies!: They have to be up bright and shine in a few hours and they …[View]
13112895Moon3D, Nyan at 10X: Martingale strategy kinda works here short term, check it out, fun fun @ moon3d…[View]
13112872NULS - Accumulate: You've been warned...[View]
13112495The call that saved /biz/[View]
13112147LTO is Unironically the next LTO: This is such a gem. Major big time tokenomics, professionalism and…[View]
13112412Quant Sky News: So why haven't I heard anything about this? I thought it was big news?[View]
13112823Smelly CELERy and Stinky LINKy: Hurrr durrr biz, CELER will moon because it is partnering with LINK.…[View]
13112757What could it be?[View]
13112733Gulp... Ummm guys what’s happening?: I- Is it really happening frens?[View]
13112789lost my dolarino /biz/[View]
13112754This is going to moon once it enters the USD market, get in or stay poor forever[View]
13112569Unironically exchange 50x: Oh biz, oh biz If only you knew which exchange had this backing and is s…[View]
13112592How you guys doing now that we know mainnet is just a couple of months away?[View]
13112717what do we have here, /biz/?[View]
13112135Congrats on this. Seriously. https://www.swift.com/resource/swift-api https://www.swift.com/resource…[View]
13112701Who here is a bootlicker?: How many of you are actually PROUD of being a wagecuck?[View]
13107934WAAAAAaaaagieeee: What day is it tomorrow wagies? I forgot. How can I profit from being a neet?…[View]
13112680Chainlink: The dips are not what they seem. When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put ou…[View]
13107904VIDT is Significantly Undervalued: V-ID was personally invited to a private event and will be meetin…[View]
13112446/VGS/ - Video Game Stocks: Starbreeze studios (makers of Payday 2 and Dead by Daylight) are almost b…[View]
13112618Will you exit all markets before or after the yield curve cross down?[View]
13112601Witnet testnet is live!: https://medium.com/witnet/how-to-run-a-full-node-on-the-witnet-testnet-9119…[View]
13112439Fuck corporate america: Work life balance doesn't exist as an employee Shit. I knew I should ha…[View]
13112323>he still does not have 1 BTC[View]
13112170BTC pump starts in 1 hour. Insiders have been accumulating for the ETF news.[View]
13112189ETHParis: Chainlink Sirgay & Jonny talks are up: >2 views lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
13111883You are going to be rich https://blockchainatberkeley.blog/the-impact-of-digital-identity-9eed5b0c30…[View]
13112284Over the course of last year, we’ve witnessed numerous developers naturally chose to use Chainlink w…[View]
13112555Stay away from this /biz/...remember FET? Same thing, different name. If you're in the green, t…[View]
13112259Give me a chart to build a dream on And my imagination will thrive upon that chart Senpai, I ask no …[View]
13112481How can I bet someone on biz $100k that BTC will never again reach $20k?[View]
13112491Shill me the best projects to invest in during this bear market[View]
13108089Singularity is coming soon!: Don't you ever lose hope, anons. How does it feel to be at the for…[View]
13112510napster streaming: How can these streaming services like napster afford to pay so much per stream? …[View]
13111522How do i turn predicting the next price of a stock into a trade?[View]
13106336Passive Income: How do you guys have your passive income stream set up? Stock dividends? Drop shippi…[View]
13111488How much money is enough for you?[View]
13110245Factom: FCT is the next 5x. Prove me wrong.[View]
13112386Fuck student loans: Seriously, fuck student loans. Fuck universities even. I'd rather work in a…[View]
13110697Should I sell my BTC and ETH and cut my losses or hold out for April?[View]
13112285I sold my house because of req[View]
13110387What good has college brought you?: Just one year until my graduation. What good has a degree bought…[View]
13111569BitMax: I have a question for the the anon who calculates the numbers of BitMax and posts on here. M…[View]
13110217Where is the proof that RVN is working together with FLO?: I have seen zero announcements or partner…[View]
13110786Kyber Crystals: Who ready for intergalactic space travel?[View]
13109840Took some advice from the vasectomy thread. Listen to this story from last night.: >Be me, 29 yea…[View]
13112018So how exactly do you guys pick a crypto to invest in?It seems most people just pick something shill…[View]
13112203Bizerlites. I am looking for a specific website. It was a Coin Marketcap like website that showed t…[View]
13111987>Satoshi Nakamoto[View]
13110614Why don't you impatient NEETS invest in a shitton of water ETFs? Water is already scarce in muc…[View]
13111683BUY CELR NOW[View]
13110342Whenever I come to /biz/ and look at the catalog, all I see is a bunch of trash, spam, and poor shil…[View]
13111184I cringe everytime I see the Twitter mongoloids shilling it while spouting 4chan memes outside of 4c…[View]
13108610Im 30 with no job experience and only basic education due years of depression. Only have like 10k sa…[View]
13111596KMD: Anyone care about this coin?[View]
13111753>I just made my first satoshi from my lightning node routing![View]
13110381Is this man unironically the biggest pajeet scammer of all time?: >yes sirs very good coin origin…[View]
13112208How to profit https://infogram.com/costos-por-1-gb-1h7k23p175ol4xr[View]
13111274Zero risk strategy? If you trade and make a buy at $30. Then set your target at $35 and set a stop l…[View]
13111351I need 'good' Normie memes for business purposes Help me boys: >needs to be sort of appropriate s…[View]
13110852Why is it so difficult to start a business?[View]
13111990>go to McDonnies for food >remember Sergey and linkies >check the phone for LINK price >…[View]
13108409Yang is going to save crypto: https://bitcoinist.com/why-bitcoin-price-would-skyrocket-if-andrew-yan…[View]
13112160Student or not?: I have a £200,000 budget . Should I buy 2 single flats in the city centre and have …[View]
13111800Crowdfunded property ownership: From what I understood the crowd members get 100% of the rent income…[View]
13112093>mfw bearfags think its gonna be a bear market[View]
13111531Why has MFT not had any buys of any size in the past hour? Not a single token![View]
13099410What's The Most Alpha Job As a Young Person and Why Is It Restaurant Management?: Work at an up…[View]
13112082I need more money *Squeak*: Also jobs are for S U C K E R S![View]
13111511Yeah, I think I'm getting Ravencoin pump vibes[View]
13111807Drunkanon or Drunklarp.: Where is Drunkanon? I need a refill to my hopium canister.[View]
13111794BNB will surpass Bitcoin market cap: Already surpassing it in volume[View]
13110596oh ya'll wanted $50K? How bout $10k ?: https://ethereumworldnews.com/bitmex-arthur-hayes-bullis…[View]
13110370Give me one good reason why you are not all in ETH right now.[View]
13112034confused af: so i bought some eth and sent it to my mettamask wallet from binance, as soon as i sent…[View]
13110912VIDT: Any word on when we can expect this to show up on exchanges other than IDEX? The team seems to…[View]
13112035>he thinks its gonna be a bear market >he thinks its gonna be a bull market >mfw…[View]
13111641so are we going for another leg up?[View]
13111949Will $YANG be the new DOGE?: Loading up on all $YANG for the next bullrun. https://www.yangbucks.com…[View]
13111994No Quant[View]
13111965guys, I got it again. I got the motivation again. My mojo is back. I'm an entrepreneur again. …[View]
13111984can a ravencoin bag holder explain this ti me: i was about to buy but i can’t figure out how this co…[View]
13110979Can't Pay, We'll Take It Away: Britfags explain this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-65E…[View]
13111820next week: So guys, what's your moves or holdings for this upcoming week with the recent invert…[View]
13111517I've spent over a year of my life: addicted to meme lines. >be poor and desperate >be sma…[View]
13111818Factom bois: Buy now or be a broke KEK for ever[View]
13111737Serious question: Why the fuck don’t the top exchanges (coinbase, binance, etc.) come together and a…[View]
13111817Actually, NSA created bitcoin and craig wright worked for them. There is a deep state hidden war bet…[View]
13111675Is BTC finished? This coin is never going back to ATH is it?[View]
13108966Factom Redpill Thread: In this thread I will present to you the most bullish case possible for Facto…[View]
13109985Yield curve inverted, top of cycle with enormous govt and corporate debt, how long until WW3?[View]
13110607Who else still rekt? I havent made money in WEEKS[View]
13111440This piece of shit is 30% of my portfolio and bleeds out every fucking mini pump while all my other …[View]
13110564Retard here. Volume seems to be increasing (up to 30B now). Is this bullish?[View]
13110685When is bitcoin going to do something? Fuck[View]
13111633how many chainlink are required to make it?[View]
13110773OHHH NONONONONON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlHFzczbtis Is he the ultimate REKT????…[View]
13111564$1 EOY[View]
13110066Signs point toward FLO being a sleeping giant with 100x moonshot potential Background: FLO has conne…[View]
13111276ZIL: This will unironically make you the easiest gains this week /biz/[View]
13110716making showelware is four times more profitable than being a wagekek: https://steamdb.info/app/10250…[View]
13110928Im going to market buy 501 bitcoin worth of link in 57 minutes.[View]
13111169Blessed Are Those That Believe. For They Shall Inherit The Earth.: Based Chainlink Based Smartcontra…[View]
13109722Will you buy before, or after the CMC listing? Will you buy at $300k, or wait until it's $5mil?[View]
13108734Why is nobody talking about this coin? It's still makes up most of the btc trading volume and t…[View]
13111017Mobile Home Industry: Hey /biz/, I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about the mobile homes…[View]
13111425Is social security a Ponzi scam?[View]
13110847> be me > 26 & never had a gf > rarely go out (anywhere off the property in general) …[View]
13109981>find jobs that offer large sign on bonuses >fake resume/address, apply for job >wind up ge…[View]
13110221I was going to try and educate you all but it's a lost cause True winners only play when they…[View]
13109656How profitable is dropshipping in 2019?[View]
13111254is this some stock simulator?: someone on snapchat keeps posting his 'stocks' and im kinda doubting …[View]
13108313Faketoshi trying to buy empty wallets from 2009: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5120026.0…[View]
13110474will he ever be able to use twitter again and post ramblings 10 times a day? will Bitcoin bull twitt…[View]
13111129Enjoy losing 10% of your bags in link over the next x amount of weeks[View]
13107759Is this what it has finally come down to? Is this what a crab market does to people?[View]
13109314What is Lava?: > What is fucking Lava and why should I buy it?[View]
13111298People are very greedy and it’s a dangerous time to be a brainlet in the world market. Do us all a f…[View]
13111006>Almost April >16 month bear market Is it ever going back up?…[View]
13111010holy fucking JUST[View]
13111050Insider trade whale telegram deepweeb here. Tomorrow we will have the most massive dump then sudden …[View]
13108300Sup Poorfags[View]
13111224DAG is the next monster pump!!!: >dag is the new fantom >poc already has major corporations un…[View]
13108041What happened to the Cardano tranny?: Does it still work for Cardano? Did it commit sudoku? Seems to…[View]
13110989Masonic Numbers II:Time to Short: I came her before you once before to let you know that the Masons …[View]
13110201To any people experienced with social media marketing here... what platforms are *musts* in terms of…[View]
13110373'Me so smart': Dunning Krugger effect tho When people think they are experts without actual experien…[View]
13110119FUD me this: Just want to know if the things that are going around are true[View]
13111095Everything is fucked[View]
13111164How can you get Healthcare/finance ads to appear on your youtube channel's videos? Are they eve…[View]
13110887What are us long term HODLers going to do when Buffett dies? It's kinda hard to apply his syste…[View]
13110454It begins: You won't believe what comes next, anon. You'd be surprised who posts on /biz/.…[View]
13110472How is this so easy?: I have been in crypto since Dec 2017 like all the other newfags. Got wrecked i…[View]
13110899why did it fail? it seemed to have so huge potential and lots of recognition, but somehow it all jus…[View]
13110336I've got a question about filing taxes, and I figure you guys are the best place to come to for…[View]
13110692immediate action required: boycott britain and all british goods and services[View]
13109667For everyone buying FTM right now thinking it’s going to turn into millions.. I hope you like their …[View]
13108335Nash Exchange - NEX is Primed to Increase in Value: Nash Exchange, and the NEX token, are in a prime…[View]
13111039The amount of shills is too much: Although I can see 3-5x potential in a few weeks[View]
13109729NOOOOOO STOP FUCKING PUMPING: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I’ve not finished accumulating, why are …[View]
13110992Pump it.[View]
13110520What is he thinking right now?[View]
13110976Unironic titanium support at 4k, the bottom is in boys - load up dem bags.[View]
13110661What are the most important things to do when starting a business?: Particularly, a business dealing…[View]
13110946Herro gwailo,: tomorrow March 26 I show true power of Beetcoin Kyash[View]
13110555I tethered at 4027. We're going to see 3500 again before we see 5000[View]
13110400Quick thread Got a car financed at 20% APR, the car in total is near $8500. Am I better off paying o…[View]
13110551The absolute state of butters. Just look at this shit. It's pure insanity going on over at bitc…[View]
13105535Almost April and still absolutely zero has happened[View]
13110494How to transact anonymously?: How can you send/receive crypto in such a way that its guaranteed not …[View]
13110689Hey biz, your favorite pro investor here. I guess “barrons-anon” as well. Just reposting this IBD is…[View]
13109945>work with lawyers at huge global law firm >amazed at how many of them clear $500K a year yet …[View]
13110767>social media account gets banned before I can get the airdrop[View]
13108671Why BTC confirmations taking so long? Like 8min still not 1 conf... wth[View]
13110641Is this a good time to buy?[View]
13107914Coss is mooning april 1st GUARANTEED.: Here's why. Coss released a token called Coss Fee Token …[View]
13110733Becoming a tranny prostitute to make it?: I'm thinking about converting my chainlink investment…[View]
13110718did hypercash steal its logo from a college baseball team?[View]
13110717>photorec /dev/sda /dev/sdb >mount /dev/sdb GNAA >grep -i 'ciphertext' ... '@logfile 'crypt…[View]
13110657mimblewimble price predictions: is it even possible to predict how grin will play out?[View]
13109779This is the next 10x: Severely undervalued at 2m mcap. Healthy fund balance because they were smart …[View]
13110671Last chance to buy before the swap: RPM RepMe is swapping from an ETH token to its own chain.In the …[View]
13109527How much NKN to be this blindly smug?[View]
13110597How did Sergey raise 32mil?[View]
13109506VIDT circulating supply, help me unravel this mystery anons. Pic related states that 100mil tokens w…[View]
13109740Vitalik is gonna drop the bomb on Cardano this year. I'll be watching your heavy bags burn when…[View]
13109746Bitcoin is the most stable store-of-value in the cryptocosm.This is because only Bitcoin has an invi…[View]
13108230GRIN: This coin will give you at least 100% gains, just take a look at the chart.[View]
13110600>Here, we’ll use the bitcoin private key to get the Ethereum wallet address of that private key. …[View]
13109583https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud2Sy3ojh7s Listen up, niggers. The Quantening is happening and you…[View]
13110255I was up late night ballin' Countin' up hundreds by the thousand I was up late night balli…[View]
13110214BSV - Creg is unironically satoj: ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in…[View]
13110431uhhh, guys? I'm not too sure about this rebrand. I know they're based in SF, but this scre…[View]
13107645Can I short it now?: Ok so can we already sell the news? Worth to short it now or wait for higher en…[View]
13109469BTC during recession: Say BTC is meant to moon but it's a recession. How would that impact it…[View]
13110297oh my g...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOlvOiGPPio[View]
13109792bnb coin pump: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/316491046311071744/Update-to-the-Binance-Launchpad-To…[View]
13109657When will this nightmare end[View]
13109532How do you feel knowing that Satoshi Nakamoto is cryopreserved while all of you cucks stress over $5…[View]
13108130How bad are crypto taxes? Is it even worth getting back into crypto now or are the taxes gonna eat u…[View]
13110015Ad words /seo side hustle: Buddy of mine wants me to learn seo/ad words to help his hvac company. He…[View]
13109700when does this thing go live for trading?[View]
13109829it's moon season: invest in chickens and hodl.[View]
13109917Buying Russian Defense Stocks: What app can I use to buy Russian defense stocks as an American? Aski…[View]
13108195FLO. The Res-ERECT-ion. 5-10x this week.: I told you to buy FLO 5 months ago at 400 sats. Who listen…[View]
13110157Bitmax: >he didn't listen to me when it was 0.02 cents >he didn't fomo at 0.06 cents…[View]
13110241Nash Exchange: What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first secu…[View]
13109803Chainlink is doomed to fail: A real big player is here with superior tech. Chainlink will be displac…[View]
13107761is 100 enought to make it[View]
13109533>How was your weekend, my man? >Good. I went to the Snowblossom Saturday night party >Aweso…[View]
13110146To the Pajeet shilling this: It's not going to work. stop trying to make it a thing. P A T H E …[View]
13108431>I wasted another weekend shitposting on 4chanel[View]
13108853>9000%+ gains in 2017 >98.5% loss in 2018 As far as the IRS is concerned, am I even or do I ow…[View]
13110123FLO: WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!![View]
13108763Who is the biggest boomer in crapto?[View]
13108676What does [REDACTED] and pic related have in common?[View]
13108745What will be the market cap of FLO in 1 week?: After the World Bank announcement?[View]
13108950Add here or wait for a bigger dip?[View]
13110068Online University: Would it be worth it to start an online education platform like Open University? …[View]
13110098ETH pump starts in an hour[View]
13110117$1000 EOY[View]
13108963How much soÿ would a soÿ boy drink if a soÿ boy had a billion dollars?[View]
13108654Anyone else taken tho OMAD pill? I've only eaten 1 meal a day (dinner) for about 8-9 months now…[View]
13109107This board is so slow, is it dead? Let's see how long it takes /biz/ to count to 50 >Also ch…[View]
13110074BitTorrent, BTT: Keep grinding those gears, lads[View]
13108255Breather over. Time for to choo choo again.[View]
13109531How do I make a successful internet business?: Hello 4chan, lately I've been having a interest …[View]
13109449What went wrong?[View]
13109991How Would You Like to be Remembered?: If I ever truly make it, I would like to revive patronage of a…[View]
13109942Who here still holding fidget spinner bags?[View]
13109433Incredibly comfy, how are you anon?[View]
13109211You still have time: Don't miss the pump[View]
13109854A friend of mine from the usa got this error while trying to send me money from paypal 'Sorry, we we…[View]
13109502Well that's not good[View]
13109793toto: this coin is new and will revolutionnaise crypto, invest now[View]
13108122>Chad owns a new BMW, cost him $40k >I took out 40k in loans in 2017 to invest in BTC and lost…[View]
13109136If blockchain won't scale then Chainlink won't scale?: How could it be able to get and man…[View]
13109853Anon: How could you betray us Link Anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=algYLq-Z3t0[View]
13109592last chance biz, don't say I didn't want you $FOTA: https://twitter.com/Nacho_FOTA/status/…[View]
13109817Does criminal charges exclude you from any job worth doing? Is collegue education still worth pursui…[View]
13107599How the heck is bitcoin just floating like this? A drop has felt imminent for days. It's why I…[View]
13109763Crypto... now that was a fad *Sip*[View]
13109017Hear me and rejoice!: You have had the great privilege of being saved by the great Fantom. You may t…[View]
13108572Who else Cardanomaxing here?: 10$ EOY[View]
13109411Is this the biggest rumor to ever start on biz[View]
13109706Will /biz/ miss out once again?[View]
13108714Bizcord discord: Does anyone have a working invite to /biz/cord? Asking for a friend[View]
13108245when did software engineering turn into females eating infront of a camera[View]
13109387Brainlet here: How do I short without using leverage?[View]
13108876Redpill me on MakerDAO.: Would you invest in this?[View]
13108337Times have changed, and we must change with them. This is the estrochad. A hybrid species: Part man,…[View]
13108948How do I become a crypto Boomer?[View]
13107980Will I be as successful as this guy if I eat nothing but soÿ for the rest of my life?[View]
13109556SKFLEET GENERAL: get the fuck in here if you want to make it.[View]
13109585Hypothetically, if you were to create a private trading group of strangers you met on the internet o…[View]
13107289How much soÿ do I need to consume to be as successful as this faggot?[View]
13109622NORMIES! GET OFF MY BLOCKCHAIN!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6euy5W1js4[View]
13108579>mfw I'm accumulating during this dip. Only brainlets can't see this is the correction …[View]
13108913。。。: what's /biz/s opinion of the avolatte?[View]
13109276/biz/ films: >god tier rogue trader >top tier boiler room >good tier wall street >normi…[View]
13109500Hi. My name is Robot: Are some of you actually 'proud' being a 'hard worker'? I'm not a confor…[View]
13108980Down another level: *Smash*[View]
13109125>fell for the self employed meme >can’t even get a loan to buy a car, house or even a credit c…[View]
13107739what is the best coin i can mine with mac ios?[View]
13108597help me out biz: Anyone want to make 30€ for 10 minutes of 'work'? I need 1 person to sign up for Re…[View]
1310799050x long at 3956,5 come at me bears eat my dick!!! what are ur positions fellow bitmexicans[View]
13109420Does Mueller clearing Trump of collusion unironically prove that meme magic is real, and therefore t…[View]
13109111https://www.hsbc.com/news-and-insight/2017/hsbc-appoints-technology-advisory-board How can you still…[View]
13109385When the economical global crisis happen and how to prevent.: When the economical global crisis happ…[View]
13108894Is FLO actually legit?: I thought it was just another shitcoin because all of you spastic shillers a…[View]
13109200What coin is he shorting?[View]
13109225RIPPLE & BNB & FANTOM ARISTOCRATS HERE POST your /comfiest/ bags anons, 10,000XRP 100BNB 100…[View]
13109146You didn't listen at 600 sats: You didn't listen at 600 sats You didn't listen at 800…[View]
13108971Fill in the blanks...: Ambrosus is a piece of ......[View]
13108324SelfKey: Just put 1 BTC into that thing based on their last tweet about launching an their incorpora…[View]
13108822Why is this shit not even dipping?: Wtf?[View]
13109123How much to make it?[View]
13108204Is he circumcised?[View]
13108863FEAR: FEAR E A R[View]
13109008FLO is the next 500% moonshot RVN is being upgraded to be operable with the FLO OIP layer. This mean…[View]
13107278Other than fondling around with your arbitrary shitcoins, is there anybody out there who actually in…[View]
13107481TA fags, what price is NKN gonna be EOW?[View]
13109100why do i fud my own coins even though i have like 30% of my stack in them[View]
13108365i'm getting mighty fucking impatient now. PUMP IT YOU FUCK[View]
13108221Everyone, we have an announcement to make: YOURE 100% RETARDED IF YOU ARE RENTING AN APARTMENT INSTE…[View]
13109067WE WUZ EARLY ADOPTERS AN SHEEEIT https://youtu.be/4Yu6dA603uw[View]
13109065This Ambrosus announcement will BLOW you away[View]
13108684Why did we deserve Andre Cronje?[View]
13109044does biz need a good stock tracker?: ive always thought it would be helpful to have a stock tracker …[View]
13108282Meanwhile the link selloff continues as weary chainlink bagholders trudge through the land of empty …[View]
13104795See ya at $10,000 shorters: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitmex-ceo-arthur-hayes-says-bitcoin-will…[View]
13108379The grim reality of wagecucking: >https://slippedisc.com/2018/08/horror-pianists-hands-are-crushe…[View]
13108904Why does roger sound so gay when he talks?[View]
13106512If there are no more suckers to throw $$$ at Bitcoin. What's gonna spark your golden bull run ?[View]
13107139Anyone here ever live in a storage unit before? I can't afford rents in my area (studio apartme…[View]
13108942Tell me again why you're not all in shorting btc? >bearish weekly close >oscillators ove…[View]
13108902Am I out of touch? No, it's the market who is wrong.[View]
13106810reminder, renting is the patrician choice[View]
13108812I will move to EU, maybe Germany, with 40k USD, is it possible to make a successfull business?[View]
13106235daily redpill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_CBF318nBY[View]
13108858>shitcoin goes down 100% >moons 100% >Still worth $0…[View]
13108412Sofi just approved me for a 65k loan What shit coins should daddy cop[View]
13106734is college worth it anymore?: discuss[View]
13108762Trump is free and the markets will skyrocket! It was trump who started the golden bull![View]
13106110Comfy as fuck: Consolidating beautifully. Another impulse within 1-2 weeks. Target 40-60% up.[View]
13108737Student loan help?: >Fall for jewish ponzi scheme that is american education system >accumulat…[View]
13108415MarsLander22 has returned. Beware.: The curry smelling pajeet skunk MarsLander22 has returned to our…[View]
13108774Imagine if you're all wrong and retarded Facebook boomers like this become multi millionaires w…[View]
13108769W if you know you know.[View]
13108504If you know about Huobi altseason. If you are looking for Huobi altseason coin. Look for Rate3 $RTE[View]
13108753Groups: Hello frens, I was wondering if anyone knew of any entrepreneur groups, either online or in …[View]
13108741what's next in store for us? The usual Monday dump?[View]
13107049Can those of us without friends or a gf make it?[View]
13108686the selling has stopped.[View]
13107484What kind of Bart is this?[View]
13108658What went right with Ambrosus?: Wrong answers only[View]
13106475How can so many boomers be correct about an incoming recession?: What made 2008 so impactful is that…[View]
13108640Crap market confirmed[View]
13108183APOLOGIZE ![View]
13108426You have the opportunity of a lifetime to get rich by just investing only a few hundred dollars...En…[View]
13107920Its finally here. Come on Bobos, we have some bulls to slaughter.[View]
13107213BREAKING NEWS: Vulnerability in golang.org/x/crypto/salsa20 >Hello gophers, >Commit b7391e95 (…[View]
13108373All IDEX pumps seem to follow the same pattern and start with the same chart behaviour. Doesn't…[View]
13106156btc whale here i went allin at 12$, gonna dump all my bags today and rebuy at 2k$ i'll start ma…[View]
13107651ROUND 2: FIGHT[View]
13108462any professional bloggers here? any tips for a beginner thanks pls[View]
13107610Why won’t millennials take the SWEAT pledge? Any job is a good job. Life doesn’t owe you anything sn…[View]
13108442And I thought this place was retarded.[View]
13108461People like Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Hitler, Trump, Bill Gates, Mark Zucock and many others, already le…[View]
13107023Fabtom (FTM) genuinely has the most potential to pull a 100x in my opinion[View]
13108402Fantom (FTM) has officially joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative and got verified with V La…[View]
13108257There are nearly 7 million people in the US alone that work in the IT industry. I couldnt find any r…[View]
13105334I AM FINANCIALLY RUINED: Bought VIDT yesterday because /biz told me so. What went wrong?[View]
13107126>not buying the next gen of asic miners 50TH/s plz use my coupon code sirs: '10sos' plz to get ni…[View]
13107186BTMX vs LTO: I need a no bs answer anons. While BTMX has steadily mooned 5x, LTO pumped 5x in a matt…[View]
13107523Anyone trying to get into Celer at 4AM UTC this morning? Since everyone (almost) got chinked during …[View]
13108277WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT: Anyone else saw that 50k? bnb just selling at 89 sat in the trade history??…[View]
13107676Bakkt is delayed again and looks like the CFTC wont give it the green light. Be honest with me mates…[View]
13108208*ahem* WHY is this shit pumping? Didnt we all agree that this was useless and also didnt the develop…[View]
13107522/biz/, help me find the next x10 (short term) project it's shown here: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
13107429Market cap rank 40: I can't believe this is happening. After all the promises drunkanon made.…[View]
13106381Should I buy FLO?[View]
13106513What do you call this pattern?[View]
13108055REQ: kek mozzarellas gonna moon[View]
13107396Bird coin? Raven coin? What even is that, anon? Come and ride the real moonshot[View]
13108057Bitcoin Private has a higher FCAS rating than Bitcoin Gold: Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/curren…[View]
13107321ETH: Have around 10k cash, Should I just market buy 100 ETH at this price?Currently have 32, not sur…[View]
13106990Quantfags on suicide watch[View]
13108141Korean XLM: Bezant launching mainnet in Q1 2019 and have a big announcement on march 29th. Do you re…[View]
13107939>tfw too shy to buy bitcoin[View]
13104986stay mad incels: boss ass bitches getting the bag.[View]
13106072Fantom (FTM)'s chart looks exactly like Antshares/NEO's chart before it saw explosive grow…[View]
13107665Most technologically advanced project in the market today: Are you in yet anon?[View]
13107690Heeeeeere we gooooooooo[View]
13105796What are some stocks that will double in value over the next 2 years?[View]
13107911>tfw case of the Mondays[View]
13107976Buy 1 BTC or increase my stack of [REDACTED] to 20k?[View]
13106467Coins for the coming Bullrun: I'm looking for coins to split into after HODLing with a 40% loss…[View]
13108009Monday tomorow and markets gonna dump again: Is there a reason for why it dumps on monday[View]
13107997The days of crypto are over: The time of bobo has come.[View]
13107962I have 100,000 in savings. I put down 50k down each on two houses worth 250-350k I rent these out an…[View]
13107978It's all so tiresome[View]
13107987Is this what accumulation looks like?[View]
13105976Is there a middle-ground between NEETs and wagies? I earn a very reasonable wage, but still live at …[View]
13106939It was foretold. The IBM Stellar Sphere. I am Jacks world currency. https://www.youtube.com/embed/mS…[View]
13107955Coinhive closed, any alternatives for javascript mining?[View]
13107947Are there hybrid PoW + (some other) consensus algorithm driven Private Ethereum networks? The idea i…[View]
13107851The whole crypto sphere is hyped by Fantom. I took a deep look at the project and now I'm prett…[View]
13105668how much to make it?[View]
13107869If Ethereum fails, what will it mean for Chainlink?[View]
13106457Predictions please linkies[View]
13106966Bruno PRL/SHL fork update >lambos coming boys[View]
13107875TELCOIN: Virtually ready to begin rolling out services. This might take off before LINK does. Get in…[View]
13107587Guess Who?: Guess who was Personally invited by a billion dollar law firm to a private event ?…[View]
13105004BUY BNB: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/316491046311071744/Update-to-the-Binance-Launchpad-Token-Sa…[View]
13107457HOLY FUCK I HATE ETHEREUM SO MUCH!!!!! i cant even describe how much i hate this fucking piece of sh…[View]
13107368What if Hitler was the good guy?[View]
13107714THE NORMIES ARE FOMOING IN: https://youtu.be/t7PU2jndthc[View]
13107828most is the most profitable coin to mine on mac ios? im thinking of dogecoin i will mine at the uni…[View]
13107167What else should I get? Will I make it?: What else should I get? Will I make it?[View]
13107189Phantasma (SOUL): leaving some info. make your own choice. https://twitter.com/phantasmachain/status…[View]
13103791How would yo make 10k in a month if youre life depended on it (nothing that involves dicks or gay se…[View]
13107773Chainlink is officially kill.: Link is unnecessary and worthless.[View]
13106733Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw: This is your last opportunity to buy this magnificent bird. #33 on coinmarketcap. …[View]
13103406Why is there so much love/hate for 0xbitcoin? I don't get it.[View]
13107123it's not fucking fair! why does this shit coin keep going up day after day![View]
13107638NKN, how much to make it?[View]
13106043When is Celer listed on Binance?: That gonna be good for a good pump?[View]
13104912Post your sub 3mil mcap gems: Your x100 moneymakers I'll start:[View]
13107666why is binance shitcoin doing great while BTC is struggling for years? FUCK CRYPTO GODS[View]
13107074NKN shill reporting in: This will be the next 3-5x. Just look at the chart[View]
13105821I just can't believe that I will make it holding XCASH alone t. 300 million xcash[View]
13107642bitcoin: >clownworld will just continue to pump everything >until normies give up their pessim…[View]
13106371What, Anon? You bought FLO in 2019?[View]
13107510Who is Cryddit/Bear/Ray Dillinger? >inb4 shit hot coder[View]
13106831Linkpool hustle: Tell me again why anyone should pay 3000$ for 1 share to be able to stake 350$ wort…[View]
13106791Fuck mate, the madman's going for it and seems to be succeeding. Pump when?[View]
13106380Is this a fucking joke[View]
13107550Kek: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6515496441538969600/?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3…[View]
13101541Describe the most extremely frugal life you could stand to live. (Must be independent and not relyin…[View]
13106925>scrypt >300 GH/S that's gonna be a huge yikes from me, dawg…[View]
13105943>tfw you realize the majority of jobs are either scams or ponzi schemes…[View]
13106448My 100 Dollars will be worth a Million one day. Just hodl Bro[View]
13107302How are people finding all the pumps that are happening?[View]
13107245>I'm getting antshares vibes[View]
13105365Tell me how much crypto you own and I will tell you how much you hate the Jews.[View]
13107433it's over: we're done. chainlink is written in an obsolete, broken language. exit all posi…[View]
13106726>coworkers stigmatize me because I refuse to work overtime why do people forget how hard previous…[View]
13106081How can I use loans to avoid tax?: If I use stocks or crypto as collateral, I can release a lot of c…[View]
13107340flaw in the etheroll smart contract: There's a flaw in the etheroll smart contract (https://eth…[View]
13107370Can central banks reverse the equity price by issuing new currency with 10:1 ratio or Raising rate o…[View]
13106626OMG: Buy now or stay poor[View]
13100713It feels like 2015 again, I actually left the crypto scene in 2015 because it was so boring.: This i…[View]
13106078Smart contracts can’t access real world data (because of consensus issues etc.) they need a source t…[View]
13105955Wise anons: How do I put a hit out on every faggot that shilled LTO here?[View]
13107243PCHAIN: What do we think about pic related? It's only $7.5MM market cap and the chart looks sex…[View]
13106379xrp. cobalt. discuss.[View]
13107190Would the stock market skyrocket if he gets impeached?[View]
13106685rate my cash out plan[View]
13100408Where is the bottom?: Serious discussion only.[View]
13106741Ark: Is it true she is chang girlfriend?[View]
13106918accumulate $RTE[View]
13106442Tell me why you haven't invested in buzzcoin yet[View]
13107157Big Nose Tribe put strange new berries in watering hole... Me no feel so good. Me now feel like thro…[View]
13106969Any minute now[View]
131065974x THIS WEEK: cap it. It's out of your control now, fudders. The people who know what they…[View]
13106482Why no DENT shills? Chart looks nice!: Is this worth risking my life savings? There actually is an u…[View]
13107061Don’t mind me, just dropping in from Reddit. XRP BTFO[View]
13106511Who here KNC family? Strong, wise, bold, interoperability, security.[View]
13106838I have 12k in crypto at the moment. Give me some alts to all in so that i can triple it, im bored[View]
13105751OKex incoming[View]
13105984He is single-handedly runing crypto. We should stop him[View]
13106964cme btc: Unlike Mex, I would need to have contact with a broker and give orders while looking at my …[View]
13106823whats in your bag: Wots in yo bag mate 40% ZEC 35% LINK 10% HOLO 5% RVN 5% BNB 5% SHITTTY SHIT…[View]
13107013is RVN just going to be Wall Street attracting and solidifying all of the non-asic hashpower in the …[View]
13104911What the hell is happening?[View]
13106606Did you guys ever think how Craig S. Wright is basically a modern Jesus >do miracles >pharisee…[View]
131069612017 tokens vs new tokens: What should I invest in for the next cycle? The bubble has burst and only…[View]
13106780Best youtube channels to learn about TA? I know basic patterns to look out for but im still unaware …[View]
13106959This coin worth grabbing a bag of?: Looks like there is a ton of progress being made on their DEX, e…[View]
13106224which one of you is this?[View]
13106859bnb: https://www.chepicap.com/en/news/8364/binance-attempts-to-launchpad-fairer-with-new-lottery-for…[View]
13106698Taking out a $20k loan: Graduated and just started a new job, but don't have money saved. I…[View]
13106079>buying speculative assets ahead of an incoming recession[View]
13105920English Language Scam: How do I run an English Language (IELTS, PTE, etc.)? Seems to be a good bit o…[View]
13106739>He stares at charts all day but doesn't make any money[View]
13106762So I heard about this bitcorn thing, I'm a 50yo boomer owning some random businesses, and I hav…[View]
13105188Anyone here working in academic field? How's the prospect of PhD holder in the US?[View]
13106395I think BAT is about to breakout. >Cup and handle >Holding support above resistance level Shou…[View]
13103739Sell me your shitcoin.[View]
13103320*Ahem*: Excuse me anon; today is the annual /biz/ census. We are recording how many survivors are le…[View]
13106842If there's one thing in this world i hate, it's getting fucking gooked. Is this gook playi…[View]
13104856!SCAM ALERT!: This is you're daily reminder that all shitcoin threads are started by a gang of …[View]
13106645Linkpoo is a failure >buying LPoo shares for 3000 dollar to stake 96 dollar worth of LINK absolut…[View]
13106350where can i buy crypto without kyc?: Title[View]
13105946Binance is a scam: Holy shit how blind are you guys no to see this? Binance is literally a scam and …[View]
13105426Anybody going through this right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5AkBBQWZR4&t=398s[View]
13106128I'm starting up a small business. Any resources /biz/ recommends that can help me? e.g. avoidin…[View]
13105096Money has not improved my life in any way, I make well over 6 figures and have no financial problems…[View]
13105155Just do it![View]
13106488I have been in the crypto space since 2012. Participated in the ETH ICO and everything in between.[View]
13105527and up we go again, broke the flag. how close are we to binance? what are we looking forward to next…[View]
13106692>How often have you driven by a fire and thought, 'how can this benefit me?'…[View]
13104959Soooooo.... uhhh... this is weird.: Is RVN, Tzero and FLO just going to take over crypto now? Is thi…[View]
13106254What are some good forums to talk about making money? real stuff not crypto imaginary shit[View]
13105889why don't you stop you fucking pathetic NEETs stop trading useless shitcoins and actually creat…[View]
13106477>he doesn’t realize cme futures are coming up on the 29th: >he thinks it will have 0 effect on…[View]
13106678/biz/ textbooks recommendations: Let's get big brains I'll start with foundations in perso…[View]
13104816Umm guys: Wtf is happening right now with FLO?[View]
13106628What's /biz/ snacking on[View]
13105867>be EUfag >want to move to another EU country for less taxes and better life >go there, try…[View]
13105660>he isn't accumulating LTC right now[View]
13106600DO SOMETHING. At this point, a nice big 50% red candle. Just give me something to do this is agony.[View]
13105944Is wasting money on unnecessary material items when you're in your early 20s a bad idea?[View]
13106518Uhhh... guys... is this normal[View]
13106537i literally just bought the all time top of BNB. i also sold the bottom of ETH. how justed am i?[View]
13106089AHAHHAHAHA BCASH BTFO >https://www.scribd.com/document/395082279/Bcash-Suit…[View]
13103337need 'business' idea: > software engineer > has no morals > wants to do shit either online …[View]
13106496What's /biz/ deal with all these shitcoins, what happend to old fashion stocks?[View]
13106430Ayo Vinny, why the fuck we payin rent when we can get a house or somethin for cheaper and get a fuck…[View]
13104667>hear about Corda Settler and SWIFT gpi working together to settle blockchain transactions! >…[View]
13106424It never ends[View]
13106002#Woke: https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/1109575612744777735[View]
13104217>go to grocery store >use credit card >instantaneous >no transaction fee >pay off c…[View]
13105015Middleware: You are going to be rich https://www.appg-blockchain.org/evidence-meeting-6-smart-contra…[View]
13105523I'm planning on going to Malaysia, Indonesia, or Thailand to start a factory manufacturing food…[View]
13104046ahhhhh....just put in another short: >BTC dropping to $2.8k within the next couple weeks >exis…[View]
13106357Tick tock[View]
13105120Why don't you retire by selling your company for 5M biz?: So easy right so everyone can do it??…[View]
13106209shillpill me on this, dav.network, 17k telegram members, eth foundation and nasa astronaut advisors,…[View]
13105939Anyone else strapped in and /comfy/ knowing they are going to make it? This is the ultimate NEET coi…[View]
13105778How to profit off of the impending recession?[View]
13106316Wagie here: Should I use $2k from my paycheck each month to DCA BTC? Would this allow me to make it …[View]
13106306TE-FOOD: Big news coming in 3 days /Biz will buy the top again in 7 days Easiest flip. All 100k+ cry…[View]
13106157I want to make it in crypto as a way of saying 'Fuck you' to the world. People at large hold crypto …[View]
13104117hello sirs yes it I, Vishnutron, defender of the Blockchain pls buy BSV[View]
13105085i'm back: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S11947823 good coins will keep pumping until mid may RV…[View]
13105982I need more Chainlink Forks for a Video, the archive is down, so post some.[View]
13106011Is the FLO pump over?: I was going to buy this shitcoin but now it’s already up 30%. Is it too late …[View]
13105132ultra hedge fund bear jcho710: he has been right every single time so far. try to refute anything he…[View]
13105895make /biz/ great again fuck off with all the crypto talk[View]
13106162Scams are pumping again: Are we unironically back to 2017?[View]
13101653True workaholic anon: Are any of you workaholics? I thought I was just being industrious but now 6 y…[View]
13104031anyone else born with a 'all or nothing' neurosis: either i got money for a 488 ferrari or i wont ev…[View]
13105390>when do you want to work next anon >ANY TIME SIR Wagie wagie get in cagie...…[View]
13105485I have a 671 credit score. How fucked am I? How can I improve it?[View]
13105539OPQ: Why are you not buying 64gb of anonymous cloud storage for 3ct anon?[View]
13105372WHY do you hate money so much Anon?! This ticket to a millionaires lifestyle is literally waiting f…[View]
13103426REQ: Someone tell me what 2019 holds for the French mozzarella PayPal crew[View]
13103816Accumulate anons: What are your targets for eoy?[View]
13105296V-ID presenting to IBM, CMS, Heineken...: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:65154…[View]
13105385Nothing better to accumulate: Name me something else that is definitely going to 10x from here. It l…[View]
13104396SALT lending - no stop loss: I bought $100 worth at $12 with no stop loss. I lost everything[View]
13105980this board has been dickriding NKN for the last 3 months, but nobody ever talks about their best fri…[View]
13105973ITT: Your HODLing song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9JQkxu_ofE Water = gains[View]
13105150OMG: Last chance before this skyrockets. OMG is criminally undervalued . with plasma,dapps, Pos comi…[View]
13105226The real pump begins when RVN starts to retrace: This is known[View]
13095730well? are your bags packed yet?: because mine are[View]
13105913It's time for some necessary honesty about what Bitcoin is and what it's useful for. Bitco…[View]
13105650Almost got a btc: LTO or FLO? It looks like FLO is losing steam, and LTO is down 10% might have to b…[View]
13105836Hey /biz/, I am planning to start a subscription based business. Anyone can tell me how to start Or …[View]
13105491For me, it's the CZ: For me, it's the Changpeng Zhao. The best crypto exchange CEO. I even…[View]
13105872You are a kite dancing in a hurricane.[View]
13105831Should i get sum coin or nah: I was lurking through some threads and it seems that some people think…[View]
13105684*Blocks your path*: Oh you like ASIC mining for smart contracts?[View]
13104524How come tether hasn't printed any money in four months?[View]
13105108Relex Airdrop: 25000 RLX Airdrop on Latoken , check it out[View]
13101462It’s all so tiresome[View]
13105807How will [:redacted:] enhance IOT? Let's say I have a ballsack-fullness meter that calls an esc…[View]
13105547How long will this chink PnD scam be allowed to continue?: People complain about USDT but this is 10…[View]
13104291>He doesn't chart in Virtual Reality[View]
13105785hey /biz/, i want to start a bunch of instagram pages and grow them over the space of a few months t…[View]
13105558who is invested in this man i sure as hell am[View]
13103184The Single Easiest Thing a Young Person Can Do to Start Acquiring Wealth: buy a home Paying rent is …[View]
13105143Such a low volume, will be easy to dump this down 10% or more in one go[View]
13105693A girl touched my elbow in the office: then I started imagine us having a house and kids together in…[View]
13103678>I have 4.000 $ >I want to get rich very fast on the internet. Guide me biz frenz…[View]
13105626buy vidt or hydro?[View]
13105683Confirmed uptrend good for 20% Now I just need my main man Justin “pumpatron” sun to give it a nudg…[View]
13104778Is this the week Quant explodes? Only one week left to release the bank partnerships etc and see nor…[View]
13105284No escape: What does biz think about mlms? They have a median pay of idk I think like 2100 or some s…[View]
13105281ETH pump about to start in 1 hour[View]
13105609The End of Retirement: He's right, you know. >WHEN Otto von Bismarck introduced the first pe…[View]
13105338Nash Exchange: What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first secu…[View]
13105419BNB is literally the hardest Asia Hustle. Bigger than all the others combined. This chink is so clev…[View]
13105544SCAM ALERT: This coin DOESN'T EXIST, it's literally a scam. I downloaded their app and it …[View]
1310559095% of Reported Bitcoin Trading Volume Is 'Fake': Bitwise Report: https://www.cryptoglobe.…[View]
13105470BSV defeated in final /biz/ victory: The pepe-backed fighters in /biz/ have declared military victor…[View]
13105605who is this handsome fella about to arrive?: You know it's nearly time, right? Don't say I…[View]
13104692Shill me: Shill me your top picks. Shill me one project in the top 100 and then one in the top 500. …[View]
13104771Rate3 best pick for #HUOBI #ALTSEASON[View]
13105330Has anyone here ever actually had success directly as a result of watching one of these kinds of vid…[View]
13105499FLO token. The sister of RVN: The next hidden 10x https://medium.com/floblockchain/medici-land-gover…[View]
13105379who hasn't got their BNB golden tickets get? let's hope my 1 entry will gift me free dolla…[View]
13104578>see a beautiful girl staring at me >its obvious she would fuck me >physical pain knowing m…[View]
13104252https://twitter.com/santanderukhelp/status/1109427371986296836 >banks will never use the thing th…[View]
13102497Bird: My low buy order got filled, now I own a bunch of this shit, no shill, real bizlet. Bring it o…[View]
13104398hi /biz/ I just took some test about psychopathy and aparentaly I am, am I unironically going to mak…[View]
13104731so if majority is bearish waiting for big drop to short and normies hoping to buy very cheap. Who is…[View]
13104797This is your future: Volume is dead. Bots will trade it down continuously until it is below 10 cents…[View]
13103564technical trading crypto: recently got into technical trading and I'm seeing a lot of promise i…[View]
13100610Can we all agree it's better for the BTC halving to do nothing for the price?: We need a Bitcoi…[View]
13104488how many btc to make it[View]
13101410What are some jobs with minimum social contact?[View]
13104770it will ironically be 2020 in a few months[View]
13105340>opens pic related lyrics >ctrl+f [Redacted] >4 results Sirs I miss my old timeline where t…[View]
13105359Sideways until 2033[View]
13105251It’s Crappening!!!: We’re pumping bro’s[View]
13105259how high will BNB go?[View]
13105276Can we seriously make it from chainlink? Any anons who made it from eth here? Did it feel as surreal…[View]
13105314The gamers are coming.[View]
13104968> he fell for the fud[View]
13105272>just had a dream where BTC was on 20th place on coin market cap and ETH was 1st Did I just dream…[View]
13105271follow the rabbit: Binance listing soon[View]
13105218Hi /biz/ hopefully you can help me out a bit. I am a man in my thirties from a Western-European coun…[View]
13100526Ambrosus: What went wrong? /biz/ doesn't even care to FUD anymore...[View]
13105152Watch BTT for the next 4-6 hrs. Then we'll either have a confirmation of a new uptrend or dump …[View]
13104582so we are all gonna make it?[View]
13101391I'm doing my own research on it currently, but is it feasible to make a modest, livable income …[View]
13105148BNB is giving me vechain chink lottery vibes: so now holding bnb coin gives you extra lottery entrie…[View]
13105157What do now that erc20 airdrops twitter is gone?[View]
13104974Don't you fucking get what Satoshi and/or Craig Wright made possible for us? He gave you freedo…[View]
13104815Who else is looking forward to 8.5k sats next week?[View]
13104881Part-time Deliveroo work?: Hey fags, student here looking to make money on the side in the UK (Dunde…[View]
13105076What happened to ether delta I looked today and there were coins with active trades on exchanges th…[View]
13105110New ATH![View]
13105058>holding LINK[View]
13104828What's FU money of the following coins at their new ATHs?: BTC BCH LTC ETH[View]
13104642How do I start a business where I retain full ownership yet every other employee holds a share in th…[View]
13101162Does anyone on this board make a living day trading/scalping? any advice?[View]
13105038my nigga hayes was right about eth double digit so act accordingly. >inb4 he said 50k eoy 2018 he…[View]
13105001bitcoin ETF approval deadline Monday. Apparently its likely to get approved. Be positioned in bluech…[View]
13104879no one would sell their BTC for lower than $3K r-r-r-right bros?: Tone Vays, he's just joking a…[View]
13104877Just found out it is the weekend. I guess that explains the low volume eh[View]
13104735anddd: I'm in. let's go.[View]
13104886Can anyone help me out with my math /biz/?[View]
13103020Can you explain me why big companies will want tu use Decentralized oracles ?[View]
13098374Price prediction thread: for December 2019[View]
13104804Why and how someone of you knew raven would go to 1600 satoshi?[View]
13103155>former enron ceo out of prison a few weeks ago >first thing he does is start an ico the absol…[View]
13104903>When you're through with life and all hope is lost >Hold out your head cause right till …[View]
13104157Say someone buys a beachfront house or something that can follow the same path. Why would you financ…[View]
13103891CoinMetro (XCM): just lol at doubting big brain kevin. platform is going from strength to strength. …[View]
13104872Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IFe9wiDfb0E[View]
13104353is this the new RVN?: serious question[View]
13104800When I look at this I see BTC rocketing relatively soon. It seems like its bound to shoot up much hi…[View]
13104802You have 24 hours to accumulate as much Enjin as you can.[View]
13104274I'm about to buy 100 XMR: Talk me out of it.[View]
13104710actual scam?: has anyone noticed that nano has always been missing 1 coin from the circulation?…[View]
13104447free money: soon[View]
13103956Where are my plasma bros at? Feels good holding strong FinTech bags.[View]
13104526You have the opportunity of a lifetime to get rich by just investing only a few hundred dollars...En…[View]
13104500What is /biz/ opinion on NoFap? I have 7 days in and I honestly feel like the most overpowered perso…[View]
13095408/smg/ - Stock Market General: You might not like it, but this is what Peak Efficiency HFT Algorithmi…[View]
13104570Raven isn't really decentralized: This coin reeks of insider knowledge more than any other coin…[View]
13104742You have 48 hours to accumulate as much Florincoin as you can.[View]
13104603NEET here All I want is a job making at least 20k USD a year post tax that isn’t physically intensi…[View]
13100022Are you ready frens?: The time is coming. Top 50 project in a month or two. RVN, T0 and FLO. FLO is…[View]
13104711Drop me good memes that are in low Quality and i will HD them.[View]
13104669Daily reminder: Imagine not buying the real bitcoin under $70[View]
13104693Someone will come through and buy like 10-20 BTC worth: Whales are watching. This is still a low mar…[View]
13104696WHAT WAS THAT[View]
13104674I like this board but OP posts Are dumb n’ uninteresting. So do any of you do anything to enrich you…[View]
13104510Superficial stuff > personality: You find out your gf/wife cheated on you for a taller, buffer, b…[View]
13104340So biz, why are you not a male stripper? $1,000 for a few hours work seems neat. https://thoughtcata…[View]
13104586Any minute now[View]
13104020without naming your main hold describe it in one word ill start with pic related, cringe but true[View]
13103659Why haven't you bought yet?: Will 3-5x within 2 weeks. After that it is binance time[View]
13103686Bitcoin is the most stable store-of-value in the cryptocosm. This is because only Bitcoin has an inv…[View]
13101801about to fomo in $250k into FLO: SHOULD I DO THIS OR NOT[View]
13104466why is crypto so based bros[View]
13104406Are you prepared frens?[View]
13104302I am unironically considering putting $10,000 into FLO: Change my mind.[View]
13104471when pump again biz?[View]
13104283Does anyone do trading on BitMex? What's your experience?[View]
13104371Now doesn’t feel like the best time to start buying[View]
13104281hear me up brainlets: wouldnt it make sense to wait on the sidelines and only buy in when we break 6…[View]
13103493AGI: Invents great tech, Ping An, no one cares, price goes to gutters[View]
13104434Is this /ourguy/ biz?: I hope he doesn't buy the global supply of weed to smoke when Singularit…[View]
13104292Jews never stop coming up with new ways to scam gullible goys: >https://youtu.be/0oE4jpp0Dro?t=14…[View]
13103582Why won’t this piece of shit pump like I was promised!!!![View]
13104474LINK Accumulation Phase Round 3: Who else is looking forward to the weeks of 8.5k sat accumulation?…[View]
13103310BUY PASCAL OR WAGECUCK FOREVER: I mean, really PASClets. Why haven't you bought the next bitcoi…[View]
13098538The Single Easiest Thing a Young Person Can Do to Start Acquiring Wealth: buy a home Paying rent is …[View]
13104012Sirs please just buy the BSV it is very hot in here and my baby is sick[View]
13104305Support time frame: How long after a low would you consider support has been found? >BTC lowest l…[View]
13097518Owww my balls! Mainnet launches April 1st, testing for public token swap beginning of June, do you h…[View]
13104317Whenever I come to /biz/ and look at the catalog, all I see is a bunch of trash, spam, and poor shil…[View]
13098462this piece is about to explode. even a brainlet could tell by looking at the 1d chart. don't be…[View]
13103473Linkpoo is a failure >buying LPoo shares for 3000 dollar to stake 96 dollar worth of LINK…[View]
13102205FLO token. The sister of RVN. Next 50x: https://medium.com/floblockchain/medici-land-governance-to-b…[View]
13103920The next shitcoin pump: -hyped coin that plummeted in bear market -rising volume -new big exchange s…[View]
13101669so you want to make it?: trust me, random guy on internet, 2x look at the 1d 1w[View]
13104240How do i make money selling nfts????? I can put one line of text on this token and post it on opense…[View]
13104237Feiendly reminder: /biz/ doesn't deserve OMG[View]
13103542America saves crypto once again: There are only 10 legitimate crypto exchanges in the world. Of thes…[View]
13100609Still not registered in Nash?: Anon I know, you know, everyone knows that’s gonna moon >binance k…[View]
13103374THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS, AMIRITE?: hey biz, almost nobody makes money gambling. what if I went all in …[View]
13104190Fill in the blank: On January 1, 2023 the price of BTC will be ________.[View]
13101138Vote for when is the next bullrun: https://www.strawpoll.me/17665455[View]
13102209Nash Exhange (NEX): What's your excuse for still not being balls deep in Nash? One of the first…[View]
13104108why the FUCK: why the FUCK are alts mooning while BTC and ETH do nothing! I was told that BTC and ET…[View]
13102982How much of a 'no no' is it for an employee of your company to hold shares in the company who does y…[View]
13104155THIS JUST IN: Shitcoins are fake and your money is going to disappear[View]
13104130Dell Autism Hiring Program: Looks like there is place for you afterall, fren https://jobs.dell.com/n…[View]
13102532>22 >Live in Omaha >80k year dead end wagecuck job >150k in savings How the fuck do I re…[View]
13103296why haven't you taken the aldi pill yet, /biz/?: https://careers.aldi.us/district >$80,000 s…[View]
13104135Hi, i was thinking in getting into cryptocurrency to try and get some kind of extra income. Which bo…[View]
13102264AMAZON FBA: I know I can google it... But what is it your words? What has been your success in it? …[View]
13102996Mining 101: Mining advice so I can stop pouring my after tax wage cucked pay into traceable coin bas…[View]
13103259https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/01/28/us-eu-neet-population/ how does one go about escapi…[View]
13097574>anon, are you trying to say women can’t run companies??? Go on, tell everyone what you told me…[View]
13103418What's your side hustle, /biz/?[View]
13103329Bitmax: Does Bitmax have a single guy in customer service? I've sent ETH to ETC wallet, talked …[View]
13104048crypto gurus: anyone actually follow these retards? now double the price of when he wanted to short …[View]
13104018All I desire is to be a multimillionaire. Money which allows me to free of restrictions, free of con…[View]
13102870Describe the current state of crypto in 1 pic[View]
13103945Can I profit off of fake news?[View]
13099532Normans HATE bitcoin and think its a Ponzi scam. Its over: Its over. Imagine thinking BTC is not goi…[View]
13103301should we get 4chan to start receiving payments through BAT? it could help the site as well as the B…[View]
13103811Why are crab markets so peaceful bros? I feel more attuned to the universe and my blood pressure is …[View]
13103771Some dude hacked a bank: > dude hacked a bank >> posts about being $21k in debt >>…[View]
13103428when is this going to correct back to 0.01c or 200sats?[View]
13103717Hey /biz/ any real estate investors out there? I'm seriously considering purchasing single fami…[View]
13102047Is buying/renting hashing power legit or a dumb idea?: I see these sites that offer you to rent hasi…[View]
13099322Staking information on LinkPool released!!: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH![View]
13103687kek: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency_bubble[View]
13103545In 2017, ETH led the bull run. in 2019, it's OMG. you aren't still FUDing this god tier c…[View]
13103766Why are bears so delusional? Can they not see how green this outlook looks?[View]
13102094Just wanted to let everyone know I will be bear posting for the next 2 years...at least.[View]
13103752>why no, i dont daytrade link. i hodl >how did you know?…[View]
13101224I have 4000 USD. Would you buy 1 BTC or 66 LTC?[View]
13101612>10 years ago a boomer convinced me to invest $10,000 in Iraqi Dinar >assured me that it woul…[View]
13100704what car should I get to prove I'm not a poser?[View]
13103730Moon3D, Nyan cat at 10x!: 'Martingale strategy kinda works here short term, check it out, fun fun @ …[View]
13103068So I was looking into trading on Binance in VR and came across a trading analysis feature that isn…[View]
13102297Chart overlaid bitcoins stock to flow ratio in regards to market cap and finds that stock to flow ac…[View]
13102324Who else here has no friends? I just want to make it to get a comfy place to retire and laugh at all…[View]
13103277upcoming teamster nationwide strike occuring in April short walmart and them?[View]
13103667Better than dice games: Forget dice games, shilling for a friend this Ethereum crash graph game call…[View]
13102314Hypothetically, you wake up one day, check CNC, and Link is at the top $1000+ How do you feel?[View]
13103537On May 1st, prepare to be extremely surprised[View]
13102730I'm honestly in disbelief that I got to buy NKN at near 1 cent: I keep thinking it just can…[View]
13102072Why don’t you sissies have one of these yet? Don’t you realize these are based with low fuel cost an…[View]
13103425rank 39: soon to be back out of top 50. you niggers got flipped by digibyte LOL[View]
13103535Buy NKN guys: Pajeet here[View]
13103485What does this mean for Chainlink?[View]
13103531unironically positively unequivocally absolutetamentarily >going to make it…[View]
13101882COVA - Covalent.ai: >smart contract for data >lowest mcap listing on BitMax, also has partners…[View]
13102186>he thinks the 2020 bitcoin halving will pump the price: KEK[View]
13103366Im looking to mine some alts: Whats the most profitable to mine with this fpga?[View]
13103399Are we ever going to pump biz?[View]
13102328a-any minute now[View]
13102749How much money does it take to retire by 30 with a modest lifestyle?[View]
13097331at least 1 reason why this is not true bitcoin[View]
13102937Why do boomers stay away from crypto? Is it simply being old and too fussy and tired to try anything…[View]
13103300Brexit climax: In the event of a no deal, what would be the effect on markets? Also what's your…[View]
13103346Is leaving your parents home a inversion?[View]
13103341Adelyn looking good[View]
13103351hey bears: fak you. you call that a dump> deluded.[View]
13103345When Moon: I like the concept these moon3d guys are pushing[View]
13103309Tick tock[View]
13103330You done fucked up now, pleighboi.[View]
13103313no no nO NOT AGAIIIINNN!!!![View]
13103269Book Idea: How do you market your book idea to publishers before you've even written it? What a…[View]
13103302Can anyone explain what's happening here? Visual glitch? Or something else?[View]
13103139btc going sideways is actually ultra bullish: think about it. there are 1800 btc mined every single …[View]
13102178Serious topic. Why don’t normies understand crypto? I’ve literally spent hours arguing with some of …[View]
13103037Hacker here. I was able to access Sergey's records. His latest confirmed IQ is 88 (simpleton le…[View]
13103209>Why do boomers stay away from crypto?: because it's a distribuited over hyped database whic…[View]
13102846MKR is the only project that matters at the moment. No one even realizes what it does or that 500 of…[View]
13101514I wish I had seen this when I was 17, 18 years old. I didn't have the money to go to college. S…[View]
13102926+500% in 30 days: WTF is this and why /biz/ didn't shill it to me?[View]
13103178Just a nkntard shilling: nothing to see here[View]
13102572Tell me what you think of this video. https://youtube.com/watch?v=A001OIft_RY[View]
13102080Oh no no no...: Ouch! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/22/majority-of-bitcoin-trading-is-a-hoax-new-stud…[View]
13099069>He thinks he can make it in the U.S.A https://youtube.com/watch?v=TD0qoet92sU…[View]
13103073Blockchain games will be the next big wave in gaming now that VR is already a thing Stock up on ENJ[View]
13102285Up 30%, haha stay poor pajeets. Dont you wish you listened?[View]
13103112Why you aren't already all in ?: Mainnet 31.march[View]
13103090is okex gonna list this[View]
13102188>83 days into 2019 >still unemployed Lads, I'm getting desperate…[View]
13102655The pump continues: Get in before it is too late[View]
13103044/WAGMIG/: WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT GENERAL job advice business advice investment advice books 10…[View]
13103053Generous King AMA: Go ahead, I'm permabullish[View]
13102487Where is Craig posting these days?[View]
13102929The next dump will take us to sub 2k levels. Hold on to your butts.[View]
13102350can this will be next verge? any possibility anons? 3 sats is a super cheap price for a shitty coin,…[View]
13101938Which coin is next to moon?: Even in these shitty market conditions both BTT and LTO managed to pull…[View]
131029433-5x within 2 weeks: Here we go bois![View]
13101506Ownlet and chx fags, i think it's time to sell. Open Law do it for free in 2 minutes, so how a…[View]
13102949You're all millionaires.: The only thing is you gotta get it out of the computer.[View]
13102463Do you mention Crypto to your family and friends?[View]
13101164Should I buy a condo or house right now or wait? Is the housing market going to crash any time soon …[View]
13102799Are you ready /biz/? When the famous 200 moving average meme is broken the normies will capitulate, …[View]
13102845>he’s thinking about buying the top again in FTM and NKN[View]
13101328Some of you might get it: Confidence alone is the basis of money. Now we have this technology that e…[View]
13102898The good thing about being a perma bull is there is 0% chance I miss out on the Golden bull market. …[View]
13102746Have you done your taxes yet?[View]
13102668can we PLEASE get an EXIT PUMP so I can leave this eternally cursed shitcoin?[View]
13102743Digital Asset Current State & Future Development: There have been unfounded allegations about Bi…[View]
13102843FUCK: WAS THAT??[View]
13102483I am alive biz Stay alive frens >cathodic ray television because we frugal…[View]
13100877> he fell for the fud again[View]
13102505>1H 3360MA >1D 140MA >1W 20 MA All the same indicator, and a very bearish signal when the p…[View]
13102594is raven a shitcoin[View]
13101814>https://twitter.com/alexus309/status/1109537029912711168 >be baby boomer >throw away the f…[View]
13102792Patreon/paypal deplatform is bullish: >unironically supporting censorship on paypal and patreon …[View]
13102450/biz/ poster down boys.[View]
13102773I have 2 positions 0xchan (decentralized 4chan) purpose (athenes game) these 2 have no liquidity so …[View]
13102771I spotted Vitalik playing poker in Vegas. First post ending in Dubs decides what I ask him when I ap…[View]
13101672Daily reminder that Link is a faggot's coin[View]
13102718pump my fucking btt bags already cunt[View]
13102726CRISPR general: Crypto is over. CAS9 is the future.[View]
13102003Take that![View]
13101674Any VC hanging out here?: Just curious, also I'd have a few questions.[View]
13101571paid shilling: How can I become a paid shill? Like an evening/weekend job. I'd love to do it.…[View]
13101360What coin should I mine[View]
131027002x, 10x, 20x, 100x: Martingale strategy kinda works here short term, check it out, fun fun @ moon3d…[View]
13102677look at this bros. What do you think?[View]
13101242You don't want to miss this: This will 3-5x in a couple of weeks, time to get in[View]
13101123ITT We pretend it's December 2017[View]
13101221WTF!?: HOLY FUCK LINK IS PUMPING HARD Guess mainnet hype is coming[View]
13102082>2019 >not eating your own poo to boost your concentration and traiding skills to make more pr…[View]
13102074Is Fantom the most comfy hold of 2019?[View]
13101949He STILL hasn’t bought fantom: This is a nice little drop to buy if you haven’t already anon. Before…[View]
13101568so biz, wat do?: i built a fbook page that now has 1k people has high interaction and most important…[View]
13102288Okay, so there's bear, bull and crab markets... But who the fuck are this elephant and that mou…[View]
13102617just waiting /biz/...: just waitin....[View]
13102560Thanks for the free money guys, nothing personal.[View]
13102566Anonymous: >he invests in shitcoins instead of a business not gona make it kid. haven't you …[View]
13102394Name a bigger pile of shit.[View]
13101444How long before they go bankrupt and Kevin kills himself?[View]
13102109I know nobody here cares about boomer stocks but I think might be about to see some crypto level vol…[View]
13102525Hello Mrs bobo, is bobo home?[View]
13102073drunkanon here link will be on a major news site this week ask me anything[View]
13101826Imagine watching everyone else getting rich as you sit on the sidelines because you were too lazy to…[View]
13099870how do i turn 100k into 90k in one year??[View]
13100787Imagine how faggy you would feel: If you missed FLO after knowing it always pumps after RVN does.…[View]
13102471I'm starting to hate money[View]
13102018>mfw Bobos desperately shilling for a bear market despite this clearly being an upwards crab mark…[View]
13100183Trading redpill: Oh, your coin has “good fundamentals?” A “strong development team and future usecas…[View]
13100686Haven Protocol: This was gonna be scammer game[View]
13102339have you ever gone down the bunny hole of mt gox btc wallets going backwards[View]
13102173Did you know that Charlie Munger is 95? Do you think he'll make it to 100? If so, will he still…[View]
13102338I give up.[View]
13102029getting antshare vibes[View]
13096305Once fiat currency collapses does Gold win? China has been increasing there reserves since 2000 do t…[View]
13101262hello gentlemons i am enquiring about your opinions on what will happen to cryptocurrencies in the c…[View]

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