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12473714>It was supposed to be better this year: >I just wanted to complete the project at my job then…[View]
12473496Why is Monero failing?[View]
12473718substratum: substratum trap or flood gate ?[View]
12470458LINK flaw node value: If a node operator wants to have$50,000 of collateral and puts up 100k link at…[View]
12470459Why the FUCK is RLC collapsing?: Have I been pajeeted by rlcbro? Unironically bought 10k yesterday a…[View]
12473674How can you still be holding this shit when it's clear that it's going back to where it ga…[View]
12473640Get our money off binance. Binance will soon begin KYC. Now they are operating in America their KYC…[View]
12473591How does one achieve this level of delusion?[View]
12473258Ok so I was thinking about the BCH chicken feeding gimmick and I was thinking there MUST be some coo…[View]
12473541Devery EVE - avoid this shitcoin: >cant get listed on any exchange one year from ICO end - only I…[View]
12473118Bullshit corporate phrases: Recently they've all started using 'Engage' and 'Engagement' for ev…[View]
12473254What does he hold, /biz/?[View]
12472147ITT: Green IDs will make it[View]
12473473If Amazon accepts Dogecoin, how far will it jump?[View]
12471547Ambrosus pump incoming: You didn’t listen to me before and you are still poor. I have news that pump…[View]
12472293Advice to /biz/: Daily reminder that this is a very likely scenario. Market makers will attempt a la…[View]
12472975I hope your Chainlink oracles are set up. PSD2 is here: https://decryptmedia.com/4523/blockchain-gov…[View]
12470471Serious conversation about CHX: Can we, please for once, have a serious conversation about CHX (Own)…[View]
12471242So what happens when Israel is destroyed?: Will LINK plummet in value? I mean Trump is pulling out o…[View]
12473443Ads go live in a few weeks...[View]
12472729Does any of you have a job?[View]
12471465Ari Juels blog post about Chainlinks acquisition of towncrier on Chainlink’s blog page. https://blog…[View]
12471146what's the best way to stop tooth ache /biz/? any home remedies?[View]
12472779>yfw you can finally ditch Jewbase thanks to Binance Jersey Feels good - direct withdrawals - in …[View]
12471206REQ: REQ marine's post your stack and price prediction for next bullrun 150k here - $3.50…[View]
12472571Cheryl Vu. New team member?: Found on the ChainLink blog https://blog.chain.link/tag/development/ Cl…[View]
12470781he was a broke ass janitor 2012: why aren´t you succeeding in life , al it needs it effort, motivati…[View]
12472949LINK: I tried to warn you, 4channel.[View]
12473332Just a reminder that no matter how much this board sucks now, it was 1000x worse in 2015 when pic re…[View]
12472713>Historical Income Tables: Households, August 2018, from the U.S. Census Bureau >The average a…[View]
12473078LINKBTC - Binance: I expect LINKBTC to continue with downward pressure to at least the 0.00011385 pr…[View]
12472914Why are credit card companies so unreliable? I just got a phone call from Cardholder Services asking…[View]
12472759i no longer see any way to become rich all paths are closed i feel like im walking in the dark strai…[View]
12471330>He isn't building a dividend portfolio[View]
12472796IS my Xcash gone from cryptopia?: Unironically x-cash is my favorite coin has the best community and…[View]
12471997Coss: I love COSS but hate pajeets. What now?[View]
12472934help: What the fuck do I do with my life? All I do is sit in my bed and live in my parents house, I …[View]
12471326>invents bitcoin[View]
12472841Cash out crypto in New York: I'm not a citizen of the US, but I'll be going to NY next mon…[View]
12473020Why was the subprime crisis called the collapse of capitalism? I see capitalism going stronger than …[View]
12471987Signals for ETH: New buy signal. at 120.25[View]
12469534How to profit from this[View]
12471375Who else is the good wagie ?[View]
12471834>go to sleep >$3600 >wakeup >$3600…[View]
12472163if STINK bounces off this line, we are likely going to see another pump coming¨ Strap in and strap o…[View]
12472752We could be close to the bottom but: You shouldn't forget about Mt.Gox. Act accordingly. Thank…[View]
12472294Well, well, well...: Told you guys so. The last fudder stopped his accusations yesterday evening. Th…[View]
12472409Chinese Ethereum with passive income and too big to exit scam. It's now antshares price and you…[View]
12471985Will Ambrosus beat waltonchain?: We know that vechain is chink scam but waltonchain is actually a le…[View]
12472833BTCP - The Bcash of the next bull run[View]
12472880SGX unfit for multi-million contracts: SGX was supposed to be genius and solve privacy and scalabili…[View]
12472675Let me catch my breath I make sure I make my threats truly heartfelt I'm an underground king an…[View]
12471637Im to dumb / lazy for college wtf first semester exams coming up pls help[View]
12469025Looking for suggestions: Now that the New Zealand pajeet from cryptopia exit scammed, what are the b…[View]
12472083Am I going to make it?[View]
12470102milfag here Active Duty W-2's come out on the 22nd and I am curious as to any benefits I'm…[View]
12472673>TFW 1 linkpool is considered a fat stack very soon[View]
12472158Do you remember, the 21st night of December? Pumps was changin' the minds of pretenders While c…[View]
12470983>2019 >hasn’t invested in nintendo it’s like walking past money lying on the street…[View]
12472206Can I be a brainlet but still be smart? I was horrible at school, especially math. I don't real…[View]
12472379Imagine being this retarded to miss this epic incoming pump[View]
12466410Tfw no matter How much money you make you will never walk out of bio lab with Stacy, skip school for…[View]
12470358>up 200% in last 7 days: What the fuck? What is going on with that shitcoin? It went nearly parab…[View]
12472341Is this the bottom?[View]
124693823rd spot on google trends, what does that fags of that little shithole of a country know that we don…[View]
12471542/phg/-Panhandling General: >He's not skimming off the labor of wagecucks >He's payin…[View]
12470374>be me >making 180, 000 after tax >still can't get QT waifu >still can't date …[View]
12472561When moon[View]
12472532>TFW CryptoTakeoff sold the literal fucking bottom of LINK: Press F to pay respects[View]
12472554>it's gonna be yuge this bitcoin thing >terrific terrific bitcoin technology really terri…[View]
12471861Is it worth investing in btc mining at this point or is 3rd gen PoS a better investment? Long term.[View]
12471683I'm fucked /biz/ I started internet biz back when i was doing bachelors. Made website and shits…[View]
12472427Ever thought about all the trades you could have taken that would have resulted in disaster? Maybe y…[View]
12472438Stable vs Crypto: Stable is eating crypto marketcap or the two things are unrelated?[View]
12472283would investing in gold be a good move before brexit happens?[View]
12472393LINK is another coin killed by chinese scammers: How long could this illegal market manipulation con…[View]
12471041Ethereum Chain Splits,: https://www.trustnodes.com/2019/01/17/ethereum-chain-splits-an-estimated-10-…[View]
12472352You faggots can't see a good thing. Low supply Mineable Meme-y https://bitcointalk.org/index.p…[View]
12472349Seriously biz whats your excuse: im all in[View]
12471772Anyone remember this? The token that went from $0.05 to $2.45... What happened? Seems to have died c…[View]
12471293TurtleCoin will be a top 50 coin eoy.[View]
12471697Is Ambrosus the only coin with actual use case?: All other projects just look good on paper, like ch…[View]
12467708/smg/ - Solemn Market General: John Bogle died RIP he was a Hero in the industry that gave the avera…[View]
12465953LINK stack thread: Post your stacks.[View]
12472277This sideways shit is unbearable I would prefer it dump[View]
12468776Nerva is the future: There are so many people and teams worried that they are going to get 51% attac…[View]
12469137So, Jeff Bezos is getting a divorce, which is going to cost him possibly $69,000,000,000 (billion) d…[View]
12470860Stellar dream: I had a dream last night, XLM was 20$. Felt fucking great, felt free, felt at ease, f…[View]
12471818Holochad AMA 1PM EST: https://youtu.be/JaezXj8fKFA[View]
12471572ETH: No fud, seriously if more people gonna start using it, it will be exposed for the slow piece of…[View]
12471751How many of you anons larping as linktards? I refuse to believe such retarded morons exist[View]
12472155Next Bull Season[View]
12471156Why is Monero failing?[View]
12471955idea: Why can't youtube celebs/indie musicians/celebrities sell shares of themselves for their …[View]
12470280I am a future whale. AMA.[View]
12471089How do I deal with Fomo3D earnings on my taxes? Especially if I used those earnings to buy other cry…[View]
12471421hey cryptofags: jealous?[View]
12470401Why has there been so much 'link literally can't exceed $1 in value, it would make it unusable,…[View]
12468836Do not buy COSS. Do not research COSS. Thank me later.[View]
12471483Eurolinkers Assemble: Vote for Chainlink to be added to ICONOMI[View]
12470961Chainlink: You voted and we listened! @chainlink is now available to trade on the Bitpanda platform!…[View]
12471316According to this old fart and his hyperwaves theory, BTC is going to below 1000$ before it moves up…[View]
12471437What's the best way to make yourself known in your business sector? Business cards come to mind…[View]
12470312When will we stop talking about Link?[View]
12471953Unit-e, a Globally Scalable Decentralized Payments Network: Anyone want to explain this to a brainle…[View]
12471534Who is MrBearWolf?: Before I share my telegram link to all my fans, just thought I would share an ex…[View]
12471883Daily reminder: Before you buy literally anything, always make sure to ask “Do you accept grin?” If …[View]
12471171So basically tomorrow I am giving presentation about work I should have done, but I've only mad…[View]
12468701will 2019 really be the rock year jun intended it to be? >plasma >1 million TPS >sidechains…[View]
12471876Moeda Loyalty Points: This shitcoin looks like it’s about to pump hard if bitcoin doesnt shit the be…[View]
12456068WARNING: DON'T go into the field of pharmacy: >be in my 3rd year of pharmacy school >supe…[View]
12471535Meanwhile the link selloff continues as weary chainlink bagholders trudge through the land of empty …[View]
12471025telegram bitcoin mining bot???: t.me/BitcoinMiner_robot?start=427558121 anyone tried this bot??? fre…[View]
12471282FEDERAL FUND RATES: >No thread about the next economy collapse Buying gold/silver won't save…[View]
12471231MINE GRIN NOW: Biz, I recommend that you start mining this goldmine RIGHT NOW We might be looking at…[View]
12470245Government Shutdown Jobs: With the 'shutdown' of the American government I keep hearing how less and…[View]
12471670massive pump incoming: >whale here[View]
12470834This is a fucking dead cat bounce[View]
12469713What are the chances this guy is just some regular computer nerd who started a good business and gre…[View]
12471646Bitcoin Private is the new wave[View]
12471066Can fame and wealth overcome genetics?[View]
12471621AMA: Come my little bear cubs. AMA NO-AMBLET ZONE[View]
12469695How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
12471221Ambrosus working with Kosher and Halal tracking: Ambrosus bring together jews and Muslims that no po…[View]
12471279Buy Ripple: >only 73,000 XRP to be the 1% hodler of the world in coinmarketcap top3 coin Whats yo…[View]
12469481>bought 15.5k sats Link Give my money back scammers[View]
12467295Gilbert vs Sergey: >This is exciting for us. We’re integrating Overledger with Zapier. This will …[View]
12470172Every once in awhile you see a coin that makes you salivate uncontrollably[View]
12471255F2M: Faggots were shilling fomo2moon for 2 days, and I was skeptical. So I looked at the fomo2moon g…[View]
12471346H-have we reached even the 9gag comments on instagram?[View]
12471520Flo is the only crypto apart from btc I feel like I can just hold and I don't need to worry abo…[View]
12470628Guys I need some cryptomotivation, how will the bullrun look when it arrives?: 2018 has been so depr…[View]
12470127School Choice: Should I do a 4 year computer science (software engineering) degree with a minor in e…[View]
12467331This is rebrand-chan.: Please say something nice about her.[View]
12470621The Dow Jones is on its last leg. Pic related.: >Every single day 500 million people in India poo…[View]
12469419Age Occupation Location How much did you lose[View]
12469246AMB makes more government connections: AMB: 1/30 of Vechain marketcap. No chinkscam Swiss team, real…[View]
12471099It's been a while so time for discussion: When mainnet. https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projec…[View]
12463148Is this coin worth buying? I just want a honest opinion[View]
12471108How much would you pay for something that produces 9$ a week without any upkeeping or costs involved…[View]
12471328Chainlink and bitpanda: We keep winning[View]
12468581Don't forget to GAIN elsewhere in life: We are grinding away in the cryptomarket to gain those …[View]
12471123Is this a meme?: Does this partnership mean anything or is this coin still dead? https://medium.com/…[View]
12470607*TINK* *TINK* *TINK* *AHEM* This is now a kek thread. Once we've gathered an audience I will co…[View]
12469668Crypto bluepills thread[View]
12471088XLM 'etf': https://grayscale.co/stellar-lumens-trust/[View]
12464173Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard Group and creator of the index fund, dead at age 89: PRESS F[View]
12470970>chainlink uses consensus and reputation >reddit uses consensus and reputation Really makes yo…[View]
12471074When you find out Chainl1nk is just an ERC20 token[View]
12470967Want to try day trading in the stock market. Where do I start? Do I need a margin account on questtr…[View]
12471192Justin Sun is a disgrace: to humanity and blockchain[View]
12470601Anyone know anything about the Salesforce numerical assesments? its for a compensation specialist ro…[View]
12471198What’s the deal with ANTE? How can I make passive income without betting?: Can’t you freeze it and m…[View]
12469236TRON: I’m calling a big day for TRON after the 18th Tron Marines get in or btfo this shit is going …[View]
12467613>he isn't earning money via walking: what are you fat fucks doing? get off your fucking ass …[View]
12471172>I recommend you invest in the quartering brand[View]
12468548DEGO: DeroGold general discussion thread, community feedback, and overall feelings about the coin go…[View]
12469312feed nolinker: Fucking disgusting newfags, newlinkers, and nolinkers finally starting to question th…[View]
12471112Mark: >caused both the 2014 ATL and the upcoming 2019 ATL. Is he the most based guy in crypto?…[View]
12470118This is a very cool project desu. However, is there any demand for decentralized cloud computing?[View]
12471080How did bitcoin turn into 3rd party lightning segshit .. stop supporting globalists ! It didn'…[View]
12469815DASH: best crypto to actually use as money? Stable value, fast, popular, etc. No other crypto can c…[View]
12470279decentralization soon. I hope you understand how massive of a pump this is going to be[View]
12470138Relex scam exposed: Relex scam exposed : Reddit link : https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comme…[View]
12466518Insider here. Coinmetro will go x6 on launch. Prepare your anuses if you are already in. First sell …[View]
12471013Brainmab (brn): A new crypto that just came out a week ago its only on idex a small decentrilazied e…[View]
12468941/entg/ Entrepreneur General | 'BBC' Edition: Please check previous threads for inspiration. Ask any…[View]
12468821>be living in a 'house-duplex' with my wife >we live on the top floor >our living room floo…[View]
12470653Tried to start a trading company, failed miserably.: Dear /biz/ionaries, After making crazy gains in…[View]
12470723REQ IS BACK: The REQ team hosted an event in Singapore, showing off their progress to the greatest m…[View]
12470990Next Bull Season[View]
12470968Omg: There are people on biz that think this guy will make a ubiqitious open market on the blockchai…[View]
12470740Did this guy just quote 4chan LINK pasta in his article?: https://captainaltcoin.com/chainlink-link-…[View]
12470364Lil Baby: What do you guys think he keeps in his portfolio?[View]
12469574I live quite healthily and have excellent gut bacteria. I eat vegetables, fruit and high quality mea…[View]
12470233>Crypto is dead and all I have to sell are these stupid wojack masks[View]
12470931https://www.hkex.com.hk/Market-Data/Securities-Prices/Equities?sc_lang=en WEW[View]
12469050Welp, ANOTHER phone interview FAILED. Started the interview well at the start but when they started …[View]
12470875We’re not going to moon any time soo because BTC will drop under $3000 and there’s not going to be d…[View]
12470853I’m putting together a team. Need hard headed hard working people to start a project that will need …[View]
12469873Is it possible to make a little money off of a single vending machine? What kind of deals do you str…[View]
12470570It’s over...isn’t it?[View]
12470882ayy lmao: How do I makes money from ayys?[View]
12468707Tron TRX: Give it to me straight, biz. This thing looks like it's going to kill it in 2019. Th…[View]
12470859Who the fuck PUMPS these coins like DLT?[View]
12470848Index Funds. Bogle's gift to humanity: >95% of /biz/ doesn't know what an index fund is…[View]
12470796Crypto dreams: Have you ever had a dream about concurrency? I had a prophetic dream last night wh…[View]
12469834Seems like the only dApp that is not crap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USp8eCLFE6Q I downloaded …[View]
12470684black pill me on casper[View]
1247075860 cents EOD[View]
12470591he was a broke ass plumber 2012: why aren´t you succeeding in life , al it needs it effort, motivati…[View]
12469542Magyar gecik: Magyar gecik mit hodloltok?[View]
12465976discussion about feeless coins? it's pretty obvious that if a coin wants to REALLY take off it …[View]
12470553how much will 100k EOS be worth eoy?[View]
12468019What are my frens thoughts on Siacoin? Never seen it discussed here. Top 50 in market cap, developme…[View]
12470326Post your FICO's scores /biz/ 752 here. What can i buy?[View]
12470632NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT!!! I'm trying to start an online drop shipping business and I've ran …[View]
12469899They call it Sinky Linky because the price sinks like a weighty turd in the toilet[View]
12470657But Ambrosus masternode now: Higher rewards than vechain or waltonchain. No chinkscam. Swiss cheese.…[View]
12469893>bought a bunch of bch >sent it to a btc adress How fucked am I?…[View]
12467486People from /biz/ follow me for a sec:: How much can we put all together? 100k? 1mil? 10mil? We know…[View]
12470580Did I fuck up?: I had 11 pre-fork BCH and I mixed 1 post-fork in before splitting into BCHABC and BC…[View]
12470564Ink Protocol: what do you think? https://medium.com/ink-protocol/coming-soon-a-global-decentralized…[View]
12468798I have link insider info roll trips and I reveal[View]
12468259So I need a job that pays decent. I have knowledge in my field, i have the certifications, but they…[View]
12470516What's your fondest Crypto nostalgia?[View]
12469459Reinvesting: At the current prices I am making about 1.50$ each day with staking. Wich project do yo…[View]
12470482>he bought 15.5k sat Drain Stink[View]
12469848is 100k req enough to make it? if not im going to off myself[View]
12468833deluded: >bulls why arent you shorting?[View]
12470352>my wife put me in a cuck shed in the backyard >bull pays for everything now so I can just sit…[View]
12465711it's like having two satoshis in your team[View]
12470055> Beep boop > Transfer 3 RLC or get destroyed by Gillesama3000…[View]
12470167hey guys, I just got a new job that will be a complete upgrade from my current one which I've w…[View]
12470092Link is like a smelly old man trying to eyaculate like a 15 year old: Since june: >barely 10x in …[View]
12470146follow me here. Serghey is 100% sure about his shit. Mass adoption, God protocol, whatever. This is …[View]
12470156The 'going to make it' portfolio: XRP BCH DASH ADA EOS You're welcome[View]
12467504Did the internet ruin the job market? >40 years ago employers had to pay money to advertise jobs …[View]
12468633AION: What is the first thing you will do when AION hits $100?[View]
12469543Hello frens. I bought at 600 sats, when do i get my money back? Thx bye[View]
12465522Real Estate Bubble General - Cuck Shed Edition: Post your over priced Cuck Sheds shilled to Millenni…[View]
12470058Apollo McAfee: Why is Apollo Currency pumping? It's basically an NXT copycat with smoke and mir…[View]
12469011DOA: This exchange is dead on arrival, isn't it lads? Is anyone using this for anything? A-anyo…[View]
12470054https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usu9z0feHug&t=4s someone pls explain this to a brainlet[View]
12466262Anyone else seeing a lot of empty commercial real estate. See many of these signs where I live. Is i…[View]
12470035Stop shilling Rate3 faggot. I just deleted all your threads. Biz doesn't deserve it.[View]
12470015WHERES THE WHALES AT: /biz/ where’s the whale telegram then? Surely there’s a nice group creating FU…[View]
12458202first id with btc in it decides the price of bitcoin at the end of 2019.[View]
12470011Beep boop: You do know we have just been battling bots for the last 18 months right? You didnt thin…[View]
12469649JUST A FRIENDLY ADVICE TO ALL LINKIES I really don't care about link as I prefer to invest in g…[View]
12469173Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12469078OMISEGOYS ASSEMBLE: https://www.ccn.com/thailands-official-stock-exchange-is-applying-for-a-cryptocu…[View]
12468596Hello millennials. I'm an old woman that browses 4chan /biz/ and I frequent at stores every day…[View]
12463109GRIN IS PIRATE MONEY: Bitcoin is a great transparency coin. Auditable/traceable.[View]
12469590The safest short of my life 50x AMA before I receive my money[View]
12469559>wage cuck outside >Forecast is calling for freezing rain You cucks will never know this grea…[View]
12469323MicroBitcoin | MBC: I’m in MBC right now, MicroBitcoin - it’s volume has been increasing and I’ve go…[View]
12468321reminder to all the newfags that pic related is literally all a 51% attack can accomplish. is it bad…[View]
12469111Will STOs be big in 2019?: Yes or No? And why[View]
12469707ALL EYEZ ON ME[View]
12468185Honest question. Do you really think crypto will get rid of banks and why are they a problem?[View]
12469305dump?: will bitcoin dump more to ~2k levels and drag the alts with it? im not sure if i should inves…[View]
12469614Hey swinglinkers, is this the new low or should I wait a bit?[View]
12467415If Cardano is the best hope for crypto we are completely fucked[View]
12469334Move everything from here by the weekend.[View]
12469539Gooked all year by this shitcoin. Even know when all coins seem to have found a bottom and are pumpi…[View]
12469130What is good risk management in trading? How do you do it?[View]
12469595I have 2 job offers. Both it support. One is on site for a medium sized business, the other for a ce…[View]
12469008Why is Monero failing?[View]
12468322is there a way to profit from footstamps running out?[View]
12469409BTCP - The Bcash of the next bull run[View]
12469406Daily reminder that ETHA (Partnered with CHAINLINK) airdrop is now live. Let us change the world wi…[View]
12468165I-is this true?[View]
12469294Fuck off Ameritards: Which one of you cunts won? Which coin are you going to pump with the winnings…[View]
12469203Land of the free: Burgers not allowed :3[View]
12468991Arise Picolinks!: Picolo Research report on Chainlink: https://picoloresearch.com/27/chainlink-link …[View]
12468674Prepares for the moon later this year...: https://github.com/snowblossomcoin/snowblossom/commits/mas…[View]
12469383Bought the top again: Bought link at 14500 how fucked am i?[View]
12468584I never thought my life could be Anything but catastrophe But suddenly I begin to see A bit of good …[View]
12469389Are there any attempts to split up the ethereum client into microservices for extreme scalability? S…[View]
12467283Q's about LINK: fairly new to crypto could /biz/ please answer a few questions I have about LIN…[View]
12469361>eth major fork that was hyped for months gets delayed indefinitely >go to github eth/pm issue…[View]
12467138>completely closed supply >getting rarer by the year >absolutely zero chance that machine …[View]
12469259DO NOT SPOONFEED THE NEWLINKERS.: Fucking disgusting newfags, newlinkers, and nolinkers finally star…[View]
12468028Who else would instantly cashout their parents 409k and eat the 50% tax penalty and immediately shov…[View]
12468824Funds not safu on the 34th safest exchange: https://icorating.com/report/exchange-security-report-v-…[View]
12465686>$1000 EOY they can literally cut the price in HALF or in a THIRD anytime they want…[View]
12466252Is this enough to make it?: Is this enough to make it? 15.96ETH 11 LTC 10 NEO 25.54 GAS 10.134 ZIL 1…[View]
12467805SCAM WARNING: recently heavily shilled chainum/own is a scam. The point of the tokens is to use as a…[View]
12469300ahem fuck spoon feeding newlinkers: Fucking disgusting newfags, newlinkers, and nolinkers finally st…[View]
12467649when LINK moons..: where is the whitest place I can move to in the US?[View]
12467102Don't you guys realize it? >BTC stagnant at bottom not dropping even though extreme FUD >…[View]
12469142I think it's over.: Not a Pajeet, just a poorfag failure who wasted a year of paychecks on this…[View]
12468261>he believes low effort fud There will be a day Zil investors come here to laugh at you poor fuck…[View]
12468785Oh look still no sight of mainnet; Not even a fucking date. When will Sergey exit scam? Is the real …[View]
12469049Everyc coin/token: that depends on eth will shit it self cause eth is a shit project on a downward s…[View]
12468611Let me help you out /biz/: Anons, great and small, poor and bond, shitty and not as shitty as they t…[View]
12469004>mfw I sold my stack literally 5 min before the dump[View]
12468911BITCOIN 80k END OF MARCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqKHa9OOMc0 Iconic[View]
12468723This absolute mad man: Just said we’re going to $80,000 in his YouTube channel, long now goys!!!!…[View]
12468422I thought we were going to 17k. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
12468961What do I tell the IRS about my coins on Cryptopia?[View]
12468338I fell for it.: Fuck. Currently holding 12k linkies, bought @5 cents. Gonna have to wait for the sam…[View]
12468487Hello Friends, so this is my first time browsing this board and i want to buy some LINK. But i have …[View]
12468664Anyone else here drive uber? Just started and making an easy $150-$200 by driving 2 hours in the mor…[View]
12468681dear sirs: please do the needful and research this very fine project[View]
12468307Who’s ready?[View]
12468651what businesses do you see go x10 in the next 5 years?[View]
12468542I have an opportunity to get a gopd 3d printer. How can i make beer money or regular money off of it…[View]
12468892I'm kara zor el: Buy tezos![View]
12468733what if humanity is also another bubble? How do we ensure our respective bloodlines sell the top and…[View]
12467945HELP PLEASE XBY: Uhh... Guys... Cryptopia is shut down... How do I sell my bags??[View]
12468208im scared of margin trading but im poor and need more capital. i only wanna do it a few times someon…[View]
12467628ADA: Anyone else loading up on Cardano or have it on their watchlist?[View]
12468763consensus divided among countries cringe and bluepilled or based and redpilled?[View]
12467667there are homo sapiens, so-called 'intelligent creatures', browsing this board RIGHT NOW that looked…[View]
12468232>stupid >irresponsible >overflowing with money, flashing it off with expensive things >a…[View]
12468086I just fell for a shipping scam is there anything I am able to do? I have the website and all the sh…[View]
12468672/biz/? Tell me if I should be buying now so I do the opposite.[View]
12467349You're Welcome: We got a LINK/USDT pair and many more on Binance. Thanks again Gary. https://wa…[View]
12468518LINK is another coin killed by chinese scammers: How long could this illegal market manipulation con…[View]
12468385Who else C O M F Y[View]
12468565Nolinkies on suicide watch >LINK has the highest BTC value it has ever had…[View]
12468434where'd all my bobo posters go? y'all ready for the next leg down? BTC to 3200 very very…[View]
12468276Cryptopia, now Bittrex?[View]
12468352i was just pooping and my peepee was hanging off the toilet seat because i thought i didnt have to p…[View]
12468517CALLING ALL SHILLS: JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1[View]
12461376What the FUCK is wrong with millennials?: Why do they have no respect for work?[View]
12465922When is Chainlink going to moon? How high can it unironically go?[View]
12468433This crash is taking longer than expected. What are you bros doing to occupy your time?[View]
12468084I lost 100lbs last year. Today is the first day of my 10-day fast. I've never gone farther than…[View]
12466032What will it be /biz/[View]
12466828HOLOCHADS REPORT IN!: Look at this succulent entry point. We are about to face fuck our way into a n…[View]
12467480how much you invested in LINK?: i think i invested around $1300 for 2000 LINK. i want to get to 5000…[View]
12465533MY LINKY STAYS SUPER STINKY $1,000,000 EOY[View]
12467777Comfy crypto stake thread. What are the odds within 3 years we can actually live the ultimate neet l…[View]
12468153Cryptopia: Hey anons, I recently transferred 8 BTC to Craptopia to buy shitcoins...how screwed am I?…[View]
12467236Tell me /biz, I'm back into crypto now, does AGI hold any value as a mid/short term investment?[View]
12466706Is 35k linkies enough to make it? Say it makes me 1mil I still feel like that isn’t shit when all t…[View]
12468312what did amazon mean by this?[View]
12461503>Why do young people hate capitalism[View]
12467560Is crypto trying to solve a problem that doesn't exit or that (((they))) don't want you to…[View]
12468123If you want money why not just rob a bank?[View]
12468245Jan: Many ducks can be in rows But I'm not a smart one Many lucks can be overgrown By whom the…[View]
12464235Alt season: It appears we are possibly entering into an altcoin phase. What are you buying?[View]
12468211For the love of god /biz/: Just get a 10k bag of flo. You guys gave me link, I want to give back…[View]
12468090I miss her, bros.[View]
12467859How to start a business?[View]
12466738what's the point of keeping your money in a bank now that we have decentralised stable coins? m…[View]
12468062Flo: Ran Neuner joined the Flo Telegram chat. He said he is gonna sell all his stack and go all in o…[View]
12468129Will Bitcoin go sideways all year?[View]
12467912Maybe??: Is it really about to exit pricelock? It keeps smashing that peak. I hopefully it’ll break …[View]
12464524How do I turn 100k into 10 million?[View]
12465714Should I marry her: Thinking about proposing but I don't know if it is a good business decision…[View]
12468039Wheres this dude at? I know hes hurtin right now. Hope youre DCA'ing in more and on your hustle[View]
12468053*psst* *crack* Ahh, yep. The day the stock market died. Heh.[View]
12465106Should I get a wallet or collect gas on cuckcoin?[View]
12467962can someone make him turn pink instead of green?[View]
12466631NERVA Textbook ascending flag forming: Anyone that knows anything about trading knows that a breakou…[View]
12466986Anybody here fall for the Iraqi Dinar meme? I dumped $10,000 into it 8 years ago. I'm just goin…[View]
12468003REQUEST NETWORK: Hello. There will be a HUGE announcement for the project update on February 7. I am…[View]
12467997Holochains revolutionary vision: Freedom, happiness, security, satisfaction; they are all merely sta…[View]
12467005Did i get it right brothers?[View]
12467961How much CHAINLINK will it COST you to TWEET a couple times at ELON about CHAINLINK?? If anyone coul…[View]
12466520/biz/-bros, how the fuck do you fix depression?: cant stand this anymore[View]
12467586ITT we post failed & cringey TA[View]
12465643CHX OWN: You owe it to yourself to watch the AMAs and the interviews while CHX is still ~ 7-8 millio…[View]
12467624Link ducks: >quack fucking quack Surely they’re just fucking with us now?…[View]
12458975Sergey nazarov, chainlink Anthony Pompliano interview: https://overcast.fm/+OWGx5WE48[View]
12467885you will never: you will never know the feel of a big titty MAGA gf flex-jiggle her milkers in your …[View]
12467819So which one of you hired a killer on Sergey?[View]
12462707MUH RETIREMENT: friendly reminder that if you're saving for your 'retirement' you're a fuc…[View]
12467754Are you ready /biz/?: NEETS will never recover after this[View]
12465732BAT/Brave release trial ads: >price does nothing besides follow btc What did they mean by this? I…[View]
12464759What went wrong?: >Chinese Ethereum[View]
12467312Who else got fucked by this shitcoin?[View]
12462608/smg/ - Stock Market General: SPY reverse double back opposite inverteed short squeezed edition >…[View]
12467605what kind of retards throw so much money out of the window?[View]
12467673I want another Sergey body-pillow so I snuggle between them like slab of McDonald's Beef Patty …[View]
12467352how are those New Years Resolutions coming along, wagies? you promised yourself this year would be d…[View]
12467664Mobius will win. Linkies are too dumb to hedge. You have been warned.[View]
12467648The year of governance[View]
12467609BCH is dead: I've been waiting over 45 minutes for a transaction to confirm. Wtf? Digital cash …[View]
12467332How many link do I need for a milf like this?[View]
12467425I literally told you guys: I told you it would pump at the end of the month and it already pumped 30…[View]
12467247you millennials just don't have any skills, that's why you can't get a good job https…[View]
12466731>boss is a boomer >can't open a pdf file >can't copy the pdf from flash drive to …[View]
12467244Ethereum of Japan[View]
12467309Met Sergey on the court: So I just met Sergey at my local gym, he said he is trying to be the next B…[View]
12467468>he hasnt invested in antshares: u wanna miss out on the ethereum of china? alibaba partnership s…[View]
12467473really makes you think when you think about it[View]
12467359ITT: biz delusion from 1 year ago: Ill start: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/7778077 Omisego: they wi…[View]
12467447Hi /biz/: My name is Anon and I didn’t sell LINK at ATH[View]
12467414How hard will we dump when the news that the 165,000 Gox coins are starting to be distributed? Will …[View]
12467262Mining Exploit: I just figured out a way to scam mining pools. I can now mine more profitably than E…[View]
12467432Next exchange to exitscam??[View]
12467412I'm a dual citizen of the US and Panama. My girlfriend is from a wealthy factory owning family …[View]
12464356>tfw applied to 12 jobs today >got insta rejected from 5 of them already…[View]
12467208Why aren’t you getting in?: If you know you know[View]
12467384Where is the bull run?: We were the early adopters! All we had to do was hodl! The bull run was supp…[View]
12466564just talked to sergey yesterday and he told me an interesting tidbit. he said: 'the reason we call s…[View]
12466459How did this pump 10 mins before binance announcement???: So binance just announced new trading pair…[View]
12467252How has nobody figured out how to hack bitcoin yet[View]
12467299>come back after ~two months of absenteeism >retarded pajeet shills who have no grasp on the e…[View]
12466462what's this formation called? (and what happens next)[View]
12466891When my link takes of (40,000 link) I want to open an anime studio and have them build anime movies …[View]
12466565Chainlink Wallpapers: Let's get a comfy Chainlink wallpaper thread going.[View]
12463200Was anyone here ever a pathetic loser in all facets of life, moreso financially, and managed to comp…[View]
12466368Why aren’t you in yet?: >doesn’t own 20k Not gonna make it[View]
12465584Friendly reminder that while /biz/ decides whether or not to FOMO in to LINK at an ATH in sats or a …[View]
12467250anyone interested in daytrading stocks/crypto ? discord url > discord dot gg slash tvFmEP[View]
12462268ITT: The absolute state of my bear market crypto diet[View]
12466757LINK is RACIST: >2019 >buying the literal Reichsmark of crypto coins from a literal Russian…[View]
12464518/sales/ : Commission cuck edition: What sales jobs does /biz/ do? Death care industry checking in.…[View]
12465801I just invested $1,000 in dogecoin. How long until I'm rich?[View]
12467178FLO. A CNBC feature coming...: OIP on FLO is the answer. The developers of FLO were original OG bitc…[View]
12467099Hit or miss, I guess we always miss huh?[View]
12463975I have access to all of this: tell me what you need to make money with it. i would like to work toge…[View]
12466945You're only buying silver because you're too poor for gold.[View]
12467101DERO SCAM: Just a daily reminder that dero is a pure scam coin, uses the retarded form of BASIC. Dev…[View]
12467087>3600 >>12460512[View]
12460314Fomo2moon. Dapp is inspired by mega millions and fomo3d games: F2M was initially inspired by the Meg…[View]
12465063Where's that HOLOfaggit: That didn't get his 11 SAT buy order on the BTC/HOT pairing fille…[View]
12466419Why shouldn't I buy this?: It has a very low supply and is backed by an actual working product.…[View]
12467036anybody want this shit?: >mined last year with a single 1060 >poor fag earns a few dollars …[View]
12466192Red pill me on this book: Is it worth a read for the average investor?[View]
12466418I'm going into selling life insurance, lads: The fuck kind of ride am I in for?[View]
12465201i suck at trading frens[View]
12464798>if I worked at minimum wage for 6 hours, my bank balance would increase by over 2 % Is the humil…[View]
12466510I remember when this was shilled here 24 7 now you rarely see it[View]
12465598easy money: I have a question about a business that has been running since 2017 in my 3rd world coun…[View]
12466973Coins we are not watching: And are performing very well (REP anyone?)[View]
12464766>own a dropship business that pays 20k a month >good at playing the stock market AMA…[View]
12466998Last chance for you to dump your alts and buy the bottom.[View]
12466372You have 30 min link marines. No larp. Do not try swinging.[View]
12465868I have 50 ETH, 370 ETC, and 30k Chainlink. What will my networth by by EOY? I really need to get a h…[View]
12465845I'm Tom Lowenthal, Privacy & Security Product Manager at Brave. Ask me anything!: Hey every…[View]
12466939g-guys... the shadowfork is catching up[View]
12466875> He didn’t sell his LINK above .0043 ETH[View]
12466255How Much Gold You Got?: We’re talking about real money here. Not this incel crypto basement bull shi…[View]
12466225This guy was buying pinball machines and operating paper routes when he was a teenager, why are you …[View]
12466913What's the most effective online business to set up that doesn't take too long in terms of…[View]
12465907How bad did I fuck you?[View]
12466854>chartclimbs from rank 250 to 122 on CMC >new hermes wallet update gives it 2 second transacti…[View]
12463984XRP BTFO: literally the biggest scam in crypto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_OvynfY0f8 The secon…[View]
12464899What went wrong?: I am financially DESTROYED[View]
12465708>imagine being almost 30 > no McMansion wife and kids > no 6 figure salary and a director/…[View]
12457719Imagine not buying the next ETH level gains for under ICO price. RLC + LINK for biggest gains in 201…[View]
12466384What’s unironically your fav fast food?: Did you change your eating habits since the bear market…[View]
12465880Who's in?[View]
12465684NEO Sent by GOD: Hello friends it GOD ordained. NEO IS THE CHOSEN ONE!!![View]
12466723This board could really benefit from a sticky in the vain of /g/ where it has a getting started guid…[View]
12466724is dis a good investment right now[View]
12466435John Bogle died today If you weren't deeply saddened by this immediately upon reading it, get t…[View]
12466703do you think this recent pump was sergey trying to force a bullrun? is this augur trying to do the s…[View]
12466686>170 million mcap for a fucking JASON PARSER lmao we're a long way from the bottom, a LONG f…[View]
12466037I'm a 20 year old NEET and today I have decided to make some money. Where do I get started? Wha…[View]
12466562Subsat gem repme (RPM). Will make a run in the sat market. I know the whales. Combined with a good p…[View]
12466062bitcoin price: do you people think bitcoin will go back to 10k+? personally i think thats gonna last…[View]
12465959Who's holding strong no matter what?: 'Pay with Request' button coming.. Only the patient will …[View]
12465145Are women a good investment?[View]
12459405Satoshi: Daily reminder: You are fooled into believing Craig S. Wright is not Satoshi. That is, you …[View]
12466442LONG IT BRAHS[View]
12465799Biz I just sold a bunch of boomer shares and have some cash that I want a return on. Is there an NYS…[View]
12464208if dubs then chainlink marketcap will exceed $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 by Q2[View]
12466428Muh decentralized blockchain: How the fock kd it decentralized if there's a team deciding what …[View]
12464728Nearly 2k BTC volume gone: Wat is HAPENING[View]
12466408Ethereum Vs Altcoins returns: What is better to hold at the moment if slow bull run will arrive. All…[View]
12466223I am in talks with a factory: I am discussing with a factory about producing an order of /biz/ relat…[View]
12466153Crypto virgin here, Is BTC worth buying now?[View]
12466353What went wrong?: 'Casino's always make money'[View]
12463713Chainlink: If we make it, I'll buy a pepe plush for everyone that replies to this thread. Make …[View]
12466322Update on link Marine pool In my previous thread some of you pointed out that antminers might not be…[View]
12466319>supposed to be doing job apps >end up watching The Bachelor and eating ice cream instead I’m…[View]
12466327Have you corrected over the phone for calling you sir when you're in fact a Ma'am? It…[View]
12466356If you are still bullish on crypto, then that proves we have not had capitulation yet.[View]
12464302No matter how rich you are, you will never get your foreskin back.[View]
12465577WHICH IS NEXT?: Bart UP or Bart Down?[View]
12466162anyone still into The Billion Coin? where my kringle bros at?[View]
12460854I'm going to let you retards in on a big secret coming soon. Where do you think all the ethereu…[View]
12466268Kevin Ejaculates on Virgins In Namibia[View]
12465986mfw: my order at 13k sats got filled[View]
12466190TurtleCoin. The coin to get you laid. The coin where you make friends. The coin where you make money…[View]
12466067>company decides it's hiring too many men >they decide to take names off resumes before r…[View]
12465419Come be my fren at TurtleCoin. Plz b fren I liek fren plz sir. I lonely need new Turtle fren plz res…[View]
12465124NKN, G-GUYS? Again ahead of the schedule?: Full performance implementation of NKN in 48 hours with m…[View]
12464968What are some things that you guys do to make money that aren't crypto or stocks?[View]
12465902There was a hair on my tongue and when I went to remove it with my fingers, I think I ripped off a t…[View]
12462288Finland will be the wealthiest country on earth, what's your thoughts on that? Screencap from f…[View]
12464636Just bought 200k of these am I going to make it frens[View]
12466077is it true that bitmex does not have any fees if you use 1x leverage? Is it possible to try algorith…[View]
12464885NKN just released BCC conference talk! And Meerkat release ahead of the schedule in 48 hours!: Full …[View]
12465006Just passed the 500 ETH mark: I now have 500 ETH in quite liquid shitcoins (I reckon I could pull th…[View]
12465620Ripple: >He isn't going all in on Ripple Only the finest dairy substitute. Get in here.…[View]
12465706>TFW holding Augur: Surprised nobody has posted a thread shilling this shit yet. Does /biz/ even …[View]
12465947I work in the crypto space for a year now and what I find curios is that virtually every project lea…[View]
12465482What small business types require the least amount of management or day-to-day oversight?[View]
12464851>buy at 600-800 >sell at 1200-1400[View]
12464987im financially: Ruined[View]
12464951chain link is worthless the digits dont lie[View]
12465179>Let's circle back to that item later, it seems out of scope >I added Josh's team to…[View]
12464864Shouldn't you be going to bed soon wagie?[View]
12464490You guys are clever, shilling Chainlink to death so you can get newbies to buy your bags. Very cleve…[View]
12465871ummm. what happend to sergey?[View]
12465762Our lord and master just did a podcast https://open.spotify.com/episode/6ZQydjnH6iVIE2FplBjvuM?si=v5…[View]
12463969Scambrosus thread: why masternode is a scam: Why is everyone so excited about getting a node? It doe…[View]
12465011Lets make some fucking money boys: Hello again /biz/ I posted a few days ago buy in 2900's sto…[View]
12464561is 3,700 enough? should I even bother or buy a shitcoin with actual room to grow?[View]
12465160Partnership with Intel[View]
12465100Chainlink BTFO again: Link is crashing while Augur is pumping. Daily reminder that the majority of p…[View]
12465685Ambrosus releases partnerships with muslims: Ambrosus will now track Hala food for 2 billion Muslims…[View]
12464571>look up HR department of any company >10/10 blonde thots EVERYTIME Explain /biz/…[View]
12465135Buy Ambrosus now: Big pump groups and palm beach is shilling big time! They know something[View]
12465352In less than 3 years: Everyone will know the holy triangle - BTC, ETH and NKN. NKN will be the reaso…[View]
12464964Ambrosus Partnership with Nongshim expands to Halal markets - AMB: https://www.modernrestaurantmanag…[View]
12465069What went wrong?: <the people's (bit)coin[View]
12463654I'm almost finished writing a novel, how do I make money off that?: Should I try to go the trad…[View]
12465587QASHy: Got a 4K stashy QASH. Should I hold it, or should I dump it to some STO plays or promising al…[View]
12460503Sometimes I feel bad about how financially irresponsible I am, and then I realize that there are peo…[View]
12463582>we are an equal opportunity employer >women, minorities and the disabled will be shortlisted …[View]
12465571Who working in a warehouse here? Why do you do this to yourself?[View]
12463927>falling for the child jew: Imagine tying down your life just to raise another person's life…[View]
12465071hi everyone who fucking hates xby. here is a picture of one of the guys who founded and ran the scam…[View]
12463705I need a job that I can do from home: PhD in electrical engineering, 4 years work experience, curren…[View]
12464721Minting 31st Jan CONFIRMED. To be announced Friday along with additional pairings! Did you pack your…[View]
12465291What went wrong?[View]
12463619This is true?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corporation established pursuant to t…[View]
12462973AMA Own ($CHX): Okay shameless shills and fudding fudboys,let me give you my completely unbiased kno…[View]
12464720OMG hodlers how do you feel about this video?: Amid the darkness of the crypto bear market this vide…[View]
12465498>alt season is here and I wasn't done accumulating[View]
12464610ITT IRRESPONSIBLE PREDICTIONS: BTC 50%+ in the next month ETH 20-30% in the same time 0xBTC, REQ, an…[View]
12465280>Day 365 of the Bear Market[View]
12464983NKN: Meerkat release in next 48 hours. NKN is yet again way ahead of their roadmap and schedule! the…[View]
12464456where's assblaster?: give us an update please? throw us a bone please? you're all we got L…[View]
12465083Is real estate guaranteed to be a good investment if you buy and hold for 30 - 40 years? Is it corre…[View]
12458673/Entg/ - Entrepreneurship General: that time of year edition Please check previous threads for inspi…[View]
12462202Quant Network is providing the interoperability solution for MyHealthMyDaata: Team is in italy: http…[View]
12465281Real life bullshit job titles: >Happiness Engineer[View]
12463170pee pee poo poo: this is the only picture on the internet that matters >> short the spx…[View]
12464980Fair x announcement within 7 days: Don’t act like you weren’t warned.[View]
12465290sup /biz: just woke up feeling a little emotional today just want to say love you fren hope we rule …[View]
12464920>The review of qualifications for the position of Assistant Professor Tenure Track has been compl…[View]
12455581Anyone else have a stupid easy job that pays way more than they deserve Literally all I did today w…[View]
12464447HOLY SHIT IT JUST GOT HACED!!!!!!![View]
12463275BRAZIL: That's unironically the new brazilian far right president. Time to long Brazil?[View]
12465242Self-Identification of Disability?: I haven't worked in over an year, and was with the same com…[View]
1246201625x short?: Is this too much risk? It sounds like we are due for a downwards crash.[View]
12464568I'm all in.[View]
12465196any true /biz/tard would realise that pumping LINK over $1 would single handidly start up the 2019 f…[View]
12465013Moneytary early testing: Hello biz, CEO's right hand from a german crypto start up here.. I was…[View]
12463280Which should I buy?: Should I go with Beam since its down currently or fomo into Grin? I am a tard w…[View]
12464277The service Chainlink provides can be implemented into Ethereum in a day. It's a scam and overs…[View]
12465107FSA is getting unlocked in a few days: https://medium.com/@coss.io/coss-io-january-16th-2019-updates…[View]
12465085Which one will make it?[View]
12464420Trade: What products could you sell to chinks. Would it even be possible to get a loan in EU to star…[View]
12460868I...is Arthur actually the good guy? http://archive.vn/rkEV9#selection-263.0-263.67[View]
12463914LINK sucks, a new challenger appears.[View]
12464764How high will it go in 2019?: And are you in it for the FSA or selling at next ATH[View]
12465009get rich with Ambrosus masternode: Guaranteed income and new partnerships[View]
12464675First shilled at 27 Now 38 >LOL PREMINE which goes into the airdrops only 5% of the premine goes …[View]
12464017How do I long Christianity and short sell Judaism? http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/199996452/#20…[View]
12464733Name the two most important crypto related terms for 2019: For me the most important term will be R…[View]
12464629>>12462443 >>12462480 >>12462520 >>12462555 >>12462605 >>1246263…[View]
12464985GoFindXR anyone? Just discovered this ICO. Seems like a combination of PRL/OPQ and BAT with its own …[View]
12460874Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin: *ahem* Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skyc…[View]
12464703DUMP EET[View]
12464560OmiseGO: Manami Hasegawa Junes wife I found her and I will find plasma dog too. my name is james ed…[View]
12463810>TFW 1 Linkpool is worth more than 1 ETH ever was[View]
12464663Best Entrepreneur Resources: Hey /biz/, I'm trying to start a business while I'm still emp…[View]
12464917How to use free time at work: My days at work occasionally get slow and I find myself with some time…[View]
12460334Anyone else in disbelief that they'll be able to retire in one or two years? Like it can'…[View]
12463417No one? Any leads or anything?[View]
12462773Let's say you know someone who has a symptoms of a potentially fatal health problem and they ar…[View]
12464617AHEMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! **ting ting ting**** FUCK SWINGIES!!![View]
12464745Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12461525>applied to 983 jobs over the past 7 months >still no job >'its a numbers game bro' >'th…[View]
12463967Goodnight sweet prince[View]
12464182PRESS F: Vanguard Founder Jack Bogle dead at age 89 https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/14/jack-bogle-found…[View]
12464705dont fall for it: new tether pairings for link is to tempt you to swing trade, dont do it. dont let …[View]
12464323Job Recruiter Thread: How many people here work as a Job Recruiter? How much does it suck, wagie? Ho…[View]
12464662Should I just give in and but bitcoin and alts? Because it looks like they aren't going to drop…[View]
12464228NTS Emulates Similar Characteristics Of BNB: Nauticus Exchange Token (NTS) - Oversold (bounty dumper…[View]
12464240Binance hack: Just a friendly reminder that on binance you're allowed to cancel your order as l…[View]
12464623anyone else here the office hero? i'm constantly being asked to help out with various tasks. it…[View]
12463754What's Constantinople gonna do to the ETH price? LINK?[View]
12463077Buy this shitcoin and don't fucking sell until June. You're welcome biz.[View]
12464391If I transfer funds from a worse-performing fund to a better-performing one, am I 'losing' money? To…[View]
12460071Hello anon, it's me again i told you so[View]
12461534Signals for ETH: New buy signal at 122.60 Enter with tight stops. b/c we can go sideways. Forgot the…[View]
12464425Huge dump soon: Sideways for too long. A lot of people think we are going to high 2,000s or lower. J…[View]
12461136COSS THREAD: Do you remember when coss was at 500k$ a day in volume ? This shit is going to be insa…[View]
12462495Are LINKies retarded?[View]
12463658Does crypto even have any 'real value' at this point? Or is it the same as when it first g…[View]
12464216Is ADA worth it? I am new to crypto and i got a feeling that I am going to end giving my money to ch…[View]
12463801What price does Bitcoin need to fall to for you to just go 'Yep fuck this, I'm out' and sell al…[View]
12464181help, i'm supposed to be studying: to find a dev job but here i am binge watching Breaking Bad,…[View]
12461295NPC: Tfw you mention Chainlink to your best friend every once in a while. You know he’s intelligent …[View]
12462838Why aren't you selling crack in 2019? With inflation literal crumbs are enough for a good meal …[View]
12464016LINKtards: You are not going to get rich. You absolute and utter failures at life. You really think …[View]
12464174Why is nobody on biz shilling this project? A project with an actual usecase and clients, no big VCs…[View]
12463293Why is Monero failing?[View]
12463850What did they mean by this[View]
12463333>be me >apply for 20 different jobs at multiple walmarts in my area >call a few >hiring …[View]
12463580how many IOTA's do I need to marry this fucking gorgeous beast[View]
12464186When do the Gox coins get distributed[View]
12462298whoever has that huge buy wall up: thank you mister linkwhale for putting up that wall[View]
12463559high functioning autism: somehow these kids are autistic. can someone explain it to me? they seem li…[View]
12463437Is it possible for this to reach $100[View]
12463467>chainlink back down to 14k sats/51 cents/rank 31 lmao, just give up you fags. Linkies, more like…[View]
12462273>Tracking US$24 billion Of Tokens ICO Makers Allocated To Themselves Should we be talking about t…[View]
12464150Any fearless marines swing trading the top right now? What’s the correction going to look like?[View]
12463937BEHOLD. THE STINKIEST OF LINKS. Reply with a good sniiiiiffff to bless your LINK bags.: Trips on a s…[View]
12459116Post your BEST link memes[View]
12463375attention please fuck niggers, jannies, women, nolinkers, swinglinkers, niggers again, discord and …[View]
12463117Stock Market - 'big picture ta'[View]
12464056How do I go 10x long s o y?[View]
12461605Is investing in V-bucks the next big thing?[View]
12463364How can I short Chainlink?[View]
12463994what happened to chainlink?: I've been out of the loop for a while and just checked my portfoli…[View]
12463953> sold at 15k sats so comfy, who is feeling like me?[View]
12463204i dont/ cant afford to pay some faggot to teach me business a small business with the potential to b…[View]
12463297Dance for me wagie!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7F-xI2aisUo Can we get a thread of humiliated wag…[View]
12461619Where were you when Holo was siding16 sat This shit is easily $1 in the next 3 years[View]
12463600Why aren’t you sucking dick for money?: why dont you just suck dick for money man? Dick is 24 hours…[View]
12463289Border Wall... doesn't that keep Niggers in?[View]
12462363ReddID is launching in less than two weeks. Got your bag yet?[View]
12463868Biz hates money, daily reminderreminder tha: STO hype, they got that too. https://medium.com/@garry.…[View]
12461922Just a heads up: The volume of this exchange coin is ridiculously low because sentiment doesn't…[View]
12463331Request Network: I LOVE CHEESE!!!! $5 EOY[View]
12462469roll trips itt and i all in market buy LINK[View]
12463194Decentralized node: brainlet here. could a node be run in a decentralized manner so that thugs cant…[View]
12461957feel like ive made it in my own stupid way: started algo trading some old good setups i had from the…[View]
12463585DO you see what I see?[View]
12460485background checks: Biz i lied about my work experience, about to get a job offer. worried about back…[View]
12462447>tfw you sell into pumps[View]
12463310ETH777 Komodo’s jl777 new exit scam: Far too coincidental if you ask me anons... yet another one of …[View]
12463676jun here - ama: now that I scammed you for millions I can skate for rest of my jungle live[View]
12463596*replaces every third party on the planet*[View]
12463392https://www.binance.je/? ref=35020239 Do what its right boys. Supported jurisdiction: support.binan…[View]
12462792Roll trips and I buy 10 ETH worth of LOOT.[View]
12460244/smg/ - Stock Market General: riskyboot adjusted portfolio edition >I'm new to the stock ma…[View]
12462423Bullflags everywhere: Something is brewing, all the OG’s from the 2017 run is back. I can tell becau…[View]
12462229What's your favorite Third Eye Blind song biz?: My fave is the one where he's telling his …[View]
12462244This may be some of the coins that were stolen. Over 11 million dollars worth from cryptopia[View]
12460273Every once in awhile you see a coin that makes you salivate uncontrollably[View]
12462643I can't figure out which way crypto is going to go. Are there any clues?[View]
12460884How will this affect crypto?: How can we fight THAT?[View]
12461497Biz approved books: You read the title, biz approved books that are biz related.[View]
12459294Do I buy here?[View]
12462290Four Chinese Tycoons Just Transferred $17 Billion to Trusts: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles…[View]
12463203If he was alive today, would he buy Bitcoin?[View]
12463190hey all, today is the day i make it. no more excuse, no more waiting game. i finally got a job at a…[View]
12461011Will this fucking piece of shitcoin bat ever go up: This shitcoin bat is a piece of shit it always g…[View]
12462350What is the shittiest crypto out there and why is it chainlink?[View]
12463323please show your bags sirs[View]
12463206what is more important: height or money?[View]
12462443> I hurt myself today to see If I still feel I focus on the dump[View]
12455584It's mind-blowing: this token wasn't the first ERC ever created. Do you realize how lucky …[View]
12462950Can you win at crypto?: Did any of you faggots actually get rich off crypto? I only make like a 3x i…[View]
12462852Why do some home sellers constantly relist their property? What is the point?[View]
12463151Request Network: Hello. There will be two unexpected (in a good way) announcements for the project u…[View]
12463054Just bought back into crypto: Also got a call today that my investment people are putting all client…[View]
12463000If you don't live in a country on the right: you're not going to make it[View]
12461482Revolut: Is there a downside to using this? Friends keep pushing it on me.[View]
12461086Bitcoin is dead. Long live Bitcoin.[View]
12461179FLO. The Res-ERECT-ion. 5-10x this week.: Bottom is in for $FLO. Tiny dip to recooperate and prepar…[View]
12463093It's been a long road frens, but we're nearing the end of the path. From this point on, we…[View]
12460771I hate my job. It makes me want to die every day[View]
12457855WARNING: Linkmarines, someone is trying to leverage YOUR dedication: https://medium.com/clc-group/un…[View]
12463022Transponering help: Need help setting up some type of transportation lime from germany to sweden usi…[View]
12462111How do I accept losing 20k in crypto margin trading? I have 10k left I can put back in, should I or …[View]
12462767Beermoney niggers get in here!! Who's making fuckola in this shitty sideways market?[View]
12461471Have I made it?: Ive just reached my life goal of being paid £515 ($675) a day for a Javascript job.…[View]
12447777don’t retire in bangkok: when you guys get rich from your shitcoins, do not settle in that god forsa…[View]
12461349What are you investing in?: So, long story short, both parents died awhile ago and left me a quarter…[View]
12462675How to profit in the blockchain token business model?: I get it, the worth of a token is directly pr…[View]
12462178im new to this business shit & i reach a point where i have very high demand but low supply i w…[View]
12458799ok. let's say that the autists are right and the link is the missing piece. that will lead to t…[View]
12461428Moving to another country: What is the best country to live in with an income of $1000 - $1500 a mon…[View]
12448384CHX vs DUSK vs SLT: Which one is going to win and why?[View]
12462613anyone investing in Jahcoin? I think it'll really pick up in the near future[View]
12462249Ok faggots, shill/ FUD me CHX. give me your opinion. Why does the CHX token have to appreciate?[View]
12461804The market cycle of a linky[View]
12456458Found this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mRFJTDx5MACuxtMD3WTFnZDOGe4Jq5NPK-LNqRdg4pc Can …[View]
12462500link burnout: Does anyone else get real lethargic the day after a good chainlink day? It's been…[View]
12461446Why doesnt someone do network analysis to figure out who links biggest holders are?: Why has no one …[View]
12462414https://twitter.com/SCMPNews/status/1085513246013116416 Wojack-Chang didn't meet his wagecage p…[View]
12460621which one of you did this?[View]
12461146PRESS S to spit in the mouth of chainlink SWINGY SWINE[View]
12461798Have you guys heard about the cool new life hack called shirt bibbing?[View]
12461982Is this a meme and should I ignore the shilling? Being serious[View]
12461005I sincerely hope linkies get brain cancer or any kind of cancer or die from a car accident. You fagg…[View]
12459613As expected... >Yesterday: 15.5k sats and $0.55 >Now: 13k sats ad $0.48 and sinking Not a NoLi…[View]
12459054Does Sergey have a gf?[View]
12458836How do we kill kevin /coinmetro/ this is absolutely enough, where does he live[View]
1246055030 fucking bucks[View]
12461931>4 hours until I get to go home, idle my evening away and go to sleep so I can wake up for work i…[View]
12461414Can I use the Blockchain wallet to claim my shit for the ETH fork?[View]
12461916X-cash?: I just want my Fucking x cash from crytopia I have been accumulating about 50m a day and no…[View]
12459192Friendly reminder that the pump just started, let alone finished: Sure you can swing link on the (mi…[View]
12461029'Ultimate Blackpill': https://captainaltcoin.com/chainlink-link-surging-dont-rush-into-buying-the-pu…[View]
12462118So what ever happened to fidelity going into crypto Are these kike Boomer faggots just going to hon…[View]
12461549bitpatron.io: They released a demo platform today, should i buy....[View]
12460830Unironically, what are your predictions for BTC and ETH prices at end of year 2020?[View]
12461455Accounting or Finance: Which degree would make more money[View]
12461612my grandma died today frens I just want to vent the only thing I have going in my life is Chainlink …[View]
12462046>dumping as we go into cboe futures closing You know what that means right?…[View]
12461897ENIGMA: I'm so comfy with the jew fucks, it hurts.. These kikes will make me rich one day, and …[View]
12461270thank me later[View]
12458660eth: What the hell is wrong with this shitcoin? Are they going to postopne for forever?[View]
1246139460 BTC buy order at 13940[View]
12462029CHINK GOD: inb4 this chink god sinks the ship... Normies and newbies love TRX.. buy my bags at ATH p…[View]
12461977Absolute rock solid diamond plated zinc bicarbonate of soda drizzled with olive oil and baked at 200…[View]
124612484 hours down only 93,000 to go till retirement[View]
12461817https://youtu.be/koPmuEyP3a0 How do I short toxic masculinity?[View]
12460664Who got scammed by substratum: https://coinrivet.com/discrepancies-and-missing-money-from-substratum…[View]
12461968> instead of improving Bitcoin we are creating some useless APIs which are served from the orbit …[View]
12461259>Crypto powered Patreon alternative alt-right faggots and #thotaudit thots will flock on this lik…[View]
12461819He was circumsized as an infant: >no matter how rich he is, he is still only half a man…[View]
12459475Are you all retarded?: The link-pump is over. All this ‘spread fud to keep the redditfags out’ is ju…[View]
12461727Why are 4chan dewellers so poor and unsuccessful?[View]
12461912HXRO: why isnt biz talking about this? site seems interesting. similar to bitmex,available to US, yo…[View]
12461910>bottom was called at 5k by financial experts >Dead cat bounce can't even break 4k I wis…[View]
12461756What did he mean by this ?[View]
12459699We are all early adopters: Now the distintion will be, who knows the shit (grin, mimblewimble, dero,…[View]
12461807Now that the Stock Market is back, what are ya buying? I was going to go all into apple[View]
12461153Is there a pattern here or am I deluded?[View]
12461201Imagine buying LINK right now instead of 1.5 months from now when it's sub $0.30 again, because…[View]
12461700The world in 5 years - BELIEVE: Chainlink is the standard oracle service for creating blockchains an…[View]
12461320New buy signal at 122.60 Enter with tight stops. b/c we can go sideways.[View]
12457958NERVA The flag has formed: Just as I called last time (check next comment) Nerva exploded, the bull …[View]
12461719LINKPOOL GENERAL: so seems like theres no more shares selling. looks like some huge whale took over …[View]
12461523Will I make I if I do this?: >DCA $100k into BTC and ETH over the next 12 months…[View]
12461381Is this a shitcoin?: Their telegram shills keep saying this is going to be the ETH equivalent of the…[View]
12460930Quant Network involved in HSBC Forex transactions: https://twitter.com/Neoshappy/status/108543449152…[View]
12461284BAT price EOY 2020?: BAT price EOY 2020?[View]
12461574How to get regular folk from feeling sheepish around crypto?: As for prices, the lack of mass adopti…[View]
12461544how come entrepreneur is able to bank $1k daily cleaning greasy restaurants floors? Or power cleanin…[View]
12458622Who else/made it/?: >be 6'6' multimillionaire Oxford graduate >'Retire' second I graduate…[View]
12461458Why is Monero failing?[View]
12461401Chainlink Update: https://youtu.be/ZuRSBpcmYjo[View]
12461339>apply for job >get sent this What the fuck…[View]
12461330Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12460422We Are All In This Together: You have seen the power of what shared group purpose can do. We have ou…[View]
12461247LINK Couple: Chainlink is still coupled to BTC. It will go to mars after BTC picks back up. It will …[View]
12460223How do I buy any coin without having to verify ID. This is really annoying, I'm only trying to …[View]
124544771 ZEC = 7 BTC: non brainlets GET THE FUCK IN HERE >Development of the protocol started in the 80…[View]
12461303Why don't you invest in THIS man?[View]
12461317TIL Norwegians invented Salmon Sushi not the Japanese: oh and I like hot chocolate and Ethereum.…[View]
12461280GODcoin: Got Gold? Gold to Soar in 2019!: Cryptocurrency market shed nearly $17B on its value in one…[View]
12461207Crypto: How do I turn £500 into £5000[View]
12461250what did he mean by this?[View]
12460797Have you been stacking up for the next bull run anons?[View]
12461072Dump before pump[View]
12461145Literally the chad fad: Chainlink is never ever going down again[View]
12461156I am actually an insider believe it or not.: My dad is involved with the project and he told me that…[View]
12461001The new floor has been set: Weak hands have been broken. Next stop .0022[View]
12460915Would you rather?: Would you rather have a job making 73k USD on EZ mode with little travel or make …[View]
12461083>He did not buy apollo cheap when he had the chance APL 1 dollar eoy 2020…[View]
12460448At the end of the interview with Sergey, our Lord poses a question. >where do you think geographi…[View]
12460225Is it even worth getting into investing without bots that do it for you these days?[View]
12461003aaaaaand we're back[View]
12459545SMASH MY LIFE INTO PIECES. You fucking niggers promised me a new ATH today now I'm stuck holdi…[View]
12459350Recently youtube has been heavily adding this fucking pommy boomer into my recommendations anyone kn…[View]
12459522Is this for real?: > https://qntchat.com/forums/topic/if-you-want-to-tell-ppl-about-qnt-maybe-sha…[View]
12460710What does biz think about this early retired chink?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppnDyUMqdzw…[View]
12460403unironically, were going down. it is what it is, do what you want with the information you have.[View]
12460793Sergey podcast is live!: https://overcast.fm/+OWGx5WE48[View]
12460284Has anyone had any experience making money of sites like red bubble and threadless? I made $6 last w…[View]
12459695Ask someone who went to school with Sergey anything[View]
12457345They will know soon: Guys I am shaking how the fuck do we stop the normies. Yesterday I have been fu…[View]
12460941How Da Fuq did you pull this off /biz/?: What have you guy's done? Now more bitcoiners will loo…[View]
12460932Chainlink Swingers: >is retarded >sees this >starts swing tarding You're retarded…[View]
12458305The Global Elite Cryptocurrency Masterplan: THEY are scared of Bitcoin now. They created it, but the…[View]
12460392How do I make money without associating with people? I feel as if I have to get into crime just to a…[View]
12459799>he hasn't ditched Coinbase for Binance Jersey Literally easiest way to buy shitcoins using …[View]
12460276Good tokens: Shill me some tokens that actually have a use within their respective systems and aren…[View]
12460892Hello Sir Good Morning Sir ,i have created a token on 11 Jan 2019 for my project called DEP ( Token …[View]
12456877Sorry, I only fuck guys with real money.: Sure those internet tokens are cute, sweetie, but I need a…[View]
12460784Devery EVE - avoid this shitcoin: >cant get listed on any exchange one year from ICO end - only I…[View]
12460848As an Euro poorfag, how do I take advantage of what's going on in the UK?[View]
12460718Cboe futures close in 4 hours. Which way will they push?[View]
12458903Link About to Dump: USD listing just went live. Enjoy the chaos and huge btc sell wall. The price wi…[View]
12460823should you care about relationships in business: im new to this business shit & i reach a point …[View]
12460820ITT we post coins that will moon next bullrun: BTCP[View]
12458919Feetpill me on holochain please. I read something about UN connections once?[View]
12460478'Retire early' books?: 200k seems a bit too much for Asia. I would expect it in Europe or North Amer…[View]
12456325The rebrand is coming sometime in the next 1-3 biweekly updates, assuming the team meets their revis…[View]
12459290ABSOLUTELY BASED: >Cryptopia notified funds are being moved out of their hot wallet >Too busy …[View]
12460512>go to sleep >$3600 Wakeup >$3600 >go to sleep >$3600 >wake up >$3600…[View]
12458405How do i get rich?[View]
12458178What are some risky ways to make money? I'm so fucking tired of this existence. Either way, I c…[View]
12460637Hey biz, if I tell a potential employer I'm 6 years younger than I am, will they find out? I al…[View]
12460658will federal income taxes this year be pro-rated for partial service like my phone bill would be due…[View]
12460519CZ FRAUD: So whale buys shitload of link right before the stable coin paring on Binance. Then dumps …[View]
12460286Is capitalism just a decentralized form of eugenics when it is not interfered with by the state on m…[View]
12460667Ahem ahem: Imagine investing in link now and having it go to 20k sats by friday. How crazy would tha…[View]
12459783Was this guy right yesterday? Are people taking profits? Is this it? Are we going back to 0.3? https…[View]
12460530So, who fomo'd into buying linkies yesterday? Be honest, anons. Also, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
12460623Wagie wagiee, where’s your cagiee?[View]
12460085SCAM GENERAL: Guys, share some online scam ideas for a person with no morals. Is ewhoring still a th…[View]
12459777Say my name[View]
12460548smart enough not to fomo not smart enough to sell the top how do i achieve the next level of investo…[View]
12457456Coinbase is a piece of shit: >be newfag >learn to into crypto >create coinbase acct >cre…[View]
12457820METAL DETECTOR: ever find any gold or silver with a metal detector, /biz/?[View]
12460541He allowed his parents to circumsized him as an infant.: >Never gonna make it. >No matter how …[View]
12460423'You split, we bankrupt you.'[View]
12460502How to add LINK on a ledger nano s? Newb here, please help brahs![View]
12458942daytrading is a SCAM[View]
12460144DIM Announcement: pleased to announce that this year will bring some of the most innovative developm…[View]
12459929Is giving two weeks notice nessecary at a company i’ve been at for a year or should i just leave a n…[View]
12459441Utility Tokens = Not Securities: Are you guys aware of bullish Ethereum laws being passed in the US?…[View]
12460061Realistic LINK price and adoption: The big corporation will be slow to take up smart contracts beyon…[View]
12460086How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
12459056>2019 >a wallet delivered >plasma is literally hot air Anyone else get unrecoverably gooke…[View]
12459004WTF is the deal with this shit?[View]
12460290>he fell for the grin hype >he switched his GPUs to mine an inflationary coin >he isnt mini…[View]
12454571What stage are we in?[View]
12455511/smg/ - Soup Market General: cycle of life edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uraG-z0grkc >I…[View]
12459851how many LINK did it cost the POTUS to get the big macs from sergey?[View]
12458584Binance launches new exchange: 'Fellow Binancians, Binance is excited to announce that Binance’s EUR…[View]
12458930Coinmetro: Reminder that if you bought this, you're an idiot and you're never getting your…[View]
12459726Ethereum chain split incoming: it's fucking over[View]
12459568Free time developing myself instead of watching shitcoins die.: Developing a clothing/art brand, cri…[View]
12459637New ICO scam Innovaminex.com emerges: Too many ICO scams these days but more and more scams coming. …[View]
12459788crypto winner in 2019: dubs and I will name the next winner of 2019 and provide arguments why it wil…[View]
12459124High IQ only: Who else sold at 15000+? When are you rebuying? I'm shooting forn 10000[View]
12460045Edge networking/5G is the future[View]
12460005BuzzBee, dont![View]
124592690.50€ EOY: '...a federation of exchangeable asset-backed currencies using the Holo/Holochain pattern…[View]
12459996Mfw biz isn’t baking on the ground floor[View]
12459941$1M 24H Trading Vol: AERGO hits $1M Trading Vol. Higher than ICON in their own proud nation of South…[View]
12459903What is a possible Wave 5 target if true?: https://youtu.be/rmd8pfPT__E[View]
12457847Signals for ETH: >>12454554 No sell signal as of yet. Congrats on the long frens. Take profit …[View]
12459223https://youtu.be/vGSJk_F_dYs New interview video of Jun. Breathes in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit this…[View]
12459458link marines : you can only answer by a number from 0 to 100: what's the probability of chainli…[View]
12459765What a pleasant way to start the morning[View]
12458566at what point should i sell my eth[View]
12459655Who here is swing trading this chad coin chainlink?[View]
12459587>muh Aliens >muh Plato Dialogues for pseud-cred Holy shit this guy is an embarrassment to whol…[View]
12459575What exchange do you use for buying LINK?[View]
12455488Who's still holding and proud?: I bought at $10, waiting for a recovery[View]
12453826WOULD bitcoin still be important to YOU if ethereum SMASHed bitcoin's ath?[View]
12459616I didn't swingtrade LINK: AGAIN ITS SO FUCKING EASY AAAAAAAAA[View]
12459760FLO. The Res-ERECT-ion. 5-10x this week.: Bottom is in for $FLO. Tiny dip to recooperate and prepar…[View]
12459756Need accountant for my LTD: Can someone please recommend a UK based accountant to setup my new LTD I…[View]
12458962how is this formation called?[View]
12459431smart contracts and storing value on the blockchain will shift society into a cashless one, creating…[View]
12459446How much longer until the next bull run? I can't take much more wageslaving[View]
12459488WHY IS IT DUMPING?!?![View]
12459383this is the closest some of you neck bears will get to flotus.[View]
12458022BITCONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT: Today marks the 1 year aniversary of Bitconnect's shutd…[View]
12459669I've been obsessed with computer since 12 (Got in touch with Ubuntu when Cannonical was sending…[View]
12459562REPORT IN FRENS: CBOE Bitcorners future are closing today. BTC is expected to undergo a little pump.…[View]
12459288Why is Monero failing?[View]
12459577Next Bull Season[View]
12459511Hybrid PoS is silently coming to ethereum https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-specs/pull/448 This pro…[View]
12459015>apply for entry level job after spending several hours tailoring resume and cover letter >get…[View]
12459343Hey my fellow link swingtrading chads, what do you reckon the bottom of the downswing will be this t…[View]
12459487and like the dying dog that scrapes its nose against the chainlink fence[View]
12458850Just wrote an email to Arthur Hayes asking him to list Chainlink on BitMex.[View]
12458957How do I get sony to make a Peni parker spin off film?[View]
12458423LINK/USD now trading on Binance as of 15 minutes ago...[View]
12459392Burnt: What come first? -First contact by alien life -Humans races depletes all fossil fuels -Reques…[View]
12459027Money: How do I guaranteed to make money?[View]
12455529https://hackernoon.com/consensuspedia-an-encyclopedia-of-29-consensus-algorithms-e9c4b4b7d08f >Pr…[View]
12457915Ive been on biz every single day since 2016 and i own no link[View]
12459361ctrl + f link: >67 results Holy crap imagine buying this shitcoin right now…[View]
12458764We're mooning boys: Get the fuck in now for pre-mainnet pump[View]
12458469>29 y/o resident physician in eastern europe >10k$ a year link is the only hope I have in my l…[View]
12455165Money doesn't matter: Death comes for us all one day. Even this billionaire couldn't live …[View]
12458782/entrepreneur/ thread: Need help lads. Ive designed a unique small product that should make me milli…[View]
12459164>up in sats; down in dollars Fuck this feel - you keep telling me this is a good thing, but I am …[View]
12459065How true is this?[View]
12458747Oh linkies, it’s dumping[View]
12459266>dumping without bottom in sight What went wrong?[View]
12457193Is this best way to save money on shaving?[View]
12459203Bitpatron just released a demo: >what it is Bitpatron is a Patreon clone (content membership plat…[View]
12451885>just b urself bro, money doesn't really matter ;)[View]
12458875Who sold the link top?: And feeling comfy now[View]
12459139Why isn't BNB mooning. EUR and GBP pairs = a lot of new volume. Also RIP conbase and kraken[View]
12456679EOS usage is dominating real world blockchain usage. Why haven't you gone all in yet?[View]
12458231Good news, we can learn more about nChain's technical director: https://youtu.be/WDuvYp77tJU[View]
12456820GRIN: Is this the most successful launch of a coin since the bull run? Hashrate is crazy high alread…[View]
12459039GRID+reverse-shilling: Boys, lets reverse-shill GRID+ (GRID) to the simpletons at CC while LINK is r…[View]
12457250what iq is necessary to become an independent derivatives trader?[View]
12456500Wtf is wrong with this kid? Is he addicted to meth?[View]
12457903>be me >want to buy LINK since a few weeks ago >getting the run around about confirming var…[View]
12454471Join conference call >Hello who just joined? >Hi, its Karl from Business Transformation & …[View]
12457455If dubs then chainlink $1,000,000 EOY[View]
12458086I'm all in.[View]
12458961The great Toxic Short?: TA fag here... Would you buy this chart? How about sell it? I just saw the G…[View]
12458945What is this pattern called biz[View]
12458765Every single...: Mainnet launch and usdt listing has dumped hard so far >but this time it’s diffe…[View]
12458917Kek linkies BTFO your scamtoken is dumping[View]
12458855Sergey podcast: https://overcast.fm/+OWGx5WE48[View]
12458902Is Bitcoin Private the next Monero?[View]
12458792How Fucked is Bismuth?[View]
12458761daily reminder that the bear market is not over: testing 2K within 1 week[View]
12458851am i gay if i want to fuck my coworker? its not even a sexual thing. i just want to have the power o…[View]
12458210what did they mean by this?[View]
12457807What’s the best crypto to have at EOY?[View]
12458392I just went all in on nano lads. all my 1.2 bitcoin... down from 55 bitcoin. fuck me. i hope this pu…[View]
12456865So let me get it straight: google appstore approves malware and then rediscovers it over time. But i…[View]
12457352so am i fucked? all my COLX and DNA was on my cryptopia account. my computers memory is completely f…[View]
12458329Who else is buying pic related??[View]
12458783I unironically havnt felt happiness in 10 years this year[View]
12458740Does anyone on this board actually make money or is it just a bunch of poor people telling other poo…[View]
12458232That Ship will sink and i will collect your stinky linki Tears: 30% of the 500.000 Linkbuywall is al…[View]
12456162>bought the shills How fucked am I[View]
12458711>binance announces LINK/stablecoin trading pairs >cryptopia hacked, funds not safu >binance…[View]
12458664Bought all in link at 30 cents: Just sold it all thanks for the easy money linkers[View]
12458343What went wrong?[View]
12458558Where my Ivory Bugs at?: Let's face it. You're never going to gave officially made it unti…[View]
12454898>crypto and porn ruined my life[View]
12455298Cryptopia Exit Scam: >we are unable to update anyone at the moment as it's now a police matt…[View]
12458097Are there any altcoins that are profitable to mine right now?[View]
12457669swing linkies: >based whale creates a wall >destroys all hopes and dreams of filthy swing link…[View]
12458576Ink Protocol: What do they mean by: 'Paypal for Partners' https://medium.com/ink-protocol/coming-soo…[View]
12458549>Tracking US$24 billion Of Tokens ICO Makers Allocated To Themselves http://archive.vn/rkEV9#sele…[View]
12457980up 30% in a day. wow. Next? QTUM, ZIL, ADA, ONT, ICX, HOT, DCR, NEO? Already seen a couple of crypto…[View]
12458367Skycoin Lore: For many centuries, the desolate crypt lay forgotten. Then, one moonless night, you ar…[View]
12458463https://twitter.com/CryptoHayes/status/1085492741784559616 POO POO PEE PEE[View]
12458436How to mine habbo credits????: need some help[View]
12458209Thank god for no linkers: Im glad a lot of you morons doubted LINK and gave me a shit ton of time to…[View]
12456440>he doesn’t swing link He will never make it[View]
12457038THE GREAT WALL OF LINK: sergey's belly[View]
12456383Career in Supply chain management and logistics: Please give any of your insights, views, opinions a…[View]
12458317is crypto over?: I sold all my coins in december and the bogs havent even dumped on me. i-i-is it al…[View]
12458206is it safe to buy yet[View]
12458377whats with these fucking walls holy shit trump is a linky?[View]
12458111Why is AMB pumping? Who is Paradigm Fund?: I thought it scam? Please explain. Did initial research t…[View]
12457866Do you think their revenue is higher than other porn companies?[View]
12457478>miss one paycheck >resort to gibs I have never known what it's like to live paycheck to…[View]
12458309Zilliqa: Buy or not?: Shill or FUD this coin.[View]
12445806This week will be your last week to buy link under $1. Link is unironically going to be $100 a year …[View]
12454365Listen poorfag LINKMARINES with 2,500-9k stacks DO NOT LADDER YOUR SELLS: You can't fucking lad…[View]
12458280Whales cashing out stinkie linkies[View]
12457950I’m 20 and I don’t know anything about crypto currency or how to trade. I’m definition of a pleb fag…[View]
12458110>6 mins until binance opens link/USD trading pairs[View]
12453102Stellar and its satellite projects (Mobius, etc.) are in radio-silence mode. Why?[View]
12450310We still have the coinbase pump the docusign pump the mainnet pump the reddit pump the pump when the…[View]
12458189WE. ARE. BACK.[View]
12456300Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Named to House Finanial Services Committee: Gentlemen... It's been an …[View]
12455819/biz/ board discussion: According to gook moot we are allowed one thread per board to discuss daily …[View]
12457367https://www.coindesk.com/chinese-mining-giant-bitmain-is-closing-another-overseas-office What did Bi…[View]
12456710Alright Linkies, I will concede this one. That's damn impressive to have your BTC price double …[View]
12457355>24 >autistic >bust my ass to get an IT help desk position >40k a year >2k LINK stac…[View]
12458149Biz rewind thread.: Post your rises and falls of the last crypto year.[View]
12458127The delusion of LINKtards: Linkies are so fucking stupid! You realize you could've just bought…[View]
12454288Lying conniving versetti lured Ambrosus investors in with list of NDAs with huge companies Lying con…[View]
12457798MAXIMUN GAIN CHANCE WITH 2K?: as of topic, what might be the best chance to invest 2k and gain in a …[View]
12458039>Three Outside Up on 15 and 30 minute chart >Bullish Engulfing on on 15 and 30 and 60 minute c…[View]
12453946Govt workers: Who else here is LITERALLY being forced to >do it for free? IRS accounting monkey h…[View]
12458063DSTRA Airdrop General #18: Too poor to invest real money in crypto? REKT by the bears? Then you…[View]
12457342Proof that TA DOES work.: Strong support at 0.00014359 satoshi. Mic drop. Pic related, get rekt fagg…[View]
12456777Bearchads rise up[View]
12457936binance jersey fiat gateway: first 2k ppl get 20 euro apparently my ref id for those kind people out…[View]
12456534I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BUY ANOTHER 2K LINK: You can't just fucking go up by 300 sats in two minute…[View]
12456460Now that the bitcoin bubble already popped in 2018: when will the ch*nlink bubble pop?[View]
12457724Advice: What are some ethical/unethical way to make money fast as a college student with alot of spa…[View]
12457400>gets new GPU(GTX1070) >wants to give mining a go on some random altcoin >OCs my i5-2500k t…[View]
12457646Half a million buy wall in binance: And I swung at 12k... fucking kill me[View]
12456433Leaving this here: 15xZvLJLAgxh8cxEmAbpx1H35oibHo5cLA S 5900BTC @ 3940,00 B 5330BTC @ 3645,00 S 1450…[View]
12456764>be patient investor for 12+ months >nothing but pain and loss W-why…[View]
12457862Virtual Machines: Hey Biz, Pic related. Learn something new from Black Girl Magic team. You will mak…[View]
12457858DID YOU SEE THAT: ETH bouncing back from FUD like its nothing WE BULL NOW[View]
12454966Xmr fork that has a finite supply without tail emissions. Maintaining all the current privacy featur…[View]
12457836Don't ever say u weren't told..[View]
12457703>winter >-10 >uses altcoin mining to generate heat in my room >one day noticed the CPU f…[View]
12455566>work hr >everyone hates you What did we do to you Anon?…[View]
12456476What is the best coin to: >hold? >long? >short? >buy? >sell? >trade? >mine? …[View]
12457645GokuCoin: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/gokucoin/ Will this rise with the release of the Brol…[View]
12457348I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just did the needful rebought all of my positions. I figu…[View]
12456471No matter if I make it or not... all the fun I had here made it worth it. Thabk you biz frens[View]
12451794/smg/ - Stock Market General: Europe is dead and gone, it's a globalist super state now run by …[View]
12457123Memory lane: Remember this piece of shit? I lost atleast 20 BTC due to this exit scam.[View]
12457476what are some other buisness/finance related resources that you frequently visit? i need to get off …[View]
12453709what the fuck?: I thought NKN & LINK were bros.[View]
12456064You teleport back in the beginning of 2017: What do?[View]
12455138I have 13k link and .04 linkpool shares am I going to make it anons[View]
12457635>open /biz/ >open cmc >Oh my! Would you look at that! >We're still at (the artif…[View]
12455536The world has gone to shit: My friend just told me she's gonna pay $100K to marry some guy in t…[View]
12455892Newest Idex Gem NKN: There’s lots of NKN sitting on idex waiting for you on idex anon. Join the NKNa…[View]
12456670>Target acquired. >You! Hand over those RLC. >Payment required: 250 RLC >Pay up! (Y/N)?…[View]
12455474Nice scam you got there orange man[View]
12453598why don't wagies respect themselves.[View]
12457449When should we expect the next ATH?[View]
12457532Here cousin you can have my old phone Maybe one day when link moons you can upgrade to a premium ph…[View]
12457360MSR: discuss![View]
12457583this shit is about to 100x get the fuck in here boys alibaba! intel! IBM! ubisoft! chinese cloud com…[View]
12457181Why is so much fruit sold in the US grown in Chile? Can't America produce fruit competitively a…[View]
12457480Hop in boys. Sell order book thin as fuck. We are gonna go to fucking mars today.[View]
12456794This is typical of so many Flo accounts and is why its gonna moon to fuck. Most coins are lost...lol[View]
12456570>ted cruz wins 100% of states in 2020 >chainlink is THE GOLDEN BULL RUN we've dreampt of …[View]
12456237Now that ETH is dead: How long until eos takes that number 2 spot?[View]
12457474Somewhat retarded question time: Let's say a company has a market cap of 200 Billion, and 97% o…[View]
12457432If dubs then chainlink will go to 0 within 48 hours[View]
12452759RLCbro here.: Reminder that I've been shilling RLC consistently over the past few days and you …[View]
12457322LINK buy wall: Thicc Chungus[View]
12456933While many people have been either drained of blood and hoping for a bullrun, or getting liquidated …[View]
12457017back on the road to $2k[View]
12456880Should I apply to this job /biz/?[View]
12456008>turns your centralized app into a decentralized one monetized by the iExec marketplace RLC is th…[View]
12456782>he can't get a job because he doesn't have fraternity connections fucking kek, its too…[View]
12456715> this will dump so hard lmao[View]
12456478Great propaganda ad campaign Gillette you faggots[View]
12455811Nerva will be $10 each in a bear market this year: $100 in a bull market , which would put it around…[View]
12457277hello sirs pls send eth 2 this adress 2 get free TATAghini[View]
12455842Accounting Advice?: yo /biz/ i don't have a job right now I am thinking about going to college …[View]
12456521Reminder:Coinbase was top of the appstore in december 2017: If you dont think we hit peak hype when …[View]
12457177I'm sad bros: Back at the start of last year my 1000 AION stack was worth almost $13,000. Today…[View]
12456361How would /biz/ invest ~$85k? About to sell my house and move to a much lower cost of living area. W…[View]
12456505Why am I only able to use my full margin with limit trades on Forex, while market selling is limited…[View]
12456354Dash Girl???: Why is this beautiful latina sex angel shilling Dash? That butt ugly Monero girl can…[View]
12454023Now that Eth is confirmed fucked nothing standing in Zils way.[View]
12457172Buy ADA[View]
12456077Cryptopia Hacked & ETH bug found: Exchange gets hacked and ETH finds a major bug a few days befo…[View]
12456915i can stop buying this shitcoin: its the cheapest infrastructure coin out there at the moment. marke…[View]
12457104Bros: Why can’t I short sell link anywhere???[View]
12456249any ausfag here having trouble withdrawing eth from btcmarket? Been two hours now.[View]
12456934BitMex is getting ready to list Chainlink. Shhhh[View]
12457052>GF cheated on me again >Didn't even have the decency to take pictures of it Another day …[View]
12456234Is chainlink a meme? Or is chainlink is a meme, a meme? Or is chainlink is a meme is a meme, a meme?[View]
12456229Bought today’s bottom: How long do I have to wait before I’m not fucked anymore?[View]
12455948How the hell do I buy this shit?[View]
12456911https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pID03RrmKow > the bubble is finally starting inflate even in 2013…[View]
12455270when did r/cryptocurrency become a b-grade biz?: is this bullish news for crypto? have the normies f…[View]
12455986Rent Free: 1K EOY[View]
12456874>2019 >be roughly 30 years old >not having millions upon millions of dollars from taking ad…[View]
12456747You got 10 minutes to sell or short or close your longs white boi. T. Insider[View]
12456699My Lord, it's time.[View]
12456654I’ve hidden a private key here with 50 ETH in it: Good luck Pee pee poo poo Argent Sergey moist pluc…[View]
12456514Why are these price movements so slow on btc[View]
12455902Is this the bottom[View]
12456177Look I know you guys are entrepreneurs and all but trust me my bones are brittle and weak, you don’t…[View]
12456545HELP I need to make 100% before the 1st: Landlord told me that he is gonna kick me out if I pay my r…[View]
12455162What should I invest in more? Gold or silver?[View]
12456713GET IN HERE NOW MARINES: Its jabening tonight![View]
12456574OMISEGO NEW VIDEO OUT FEAT. VITALIK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGSJk_F_dYs Holy shit this proje…[View]
12456661'-HAHAHAHAHA...wait wait....HAHAHAHAHAH you're telling m-HAHAHAHA...you're telling me ther…[View]
12456700Imagine buying LINK right now instead of 1.5 months from now when it's sub $0.30 again, because…[View]
12456468All npcs are probably wagies, right? Are all wagies npc's?[View]
12455740Soulja Boy: Why can’t y’all be smart like Soulja Boy? He created an illegal millionaire dollar idea,…[View]
12451947Ah another good Gains day. Feels good man[View]
12455604Can American lawyers redpill me on the prospects of this career path?[View]
12456379Link price is way off: 1,5 Link supply = Bat supply. If we consider Link hasn't even dumped th…[View]
12456370What coin is this?[View]
12456452just lol @ this chart.[View]
12456136What are the chances this guy is just some regular computer nerd who started a good business and gre…[View]
12455829Should I sell[View]
12455692ETH is dead: the rushed Constantinople fork the reentrancy attack It's just the beginning of …[View]
12451890All Online Gambling now illegal in US: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-15/u-s-now-sa…[View]
12452335Anyone else who struggled to find a job post graduation have any advice for a young zoomer?[View]
12455777who here /minimal/ ?: gents, trying to declutter and reduce to the max. anyone done this successfull…[View]
12455889Hold my beer Eth.[View]
12455101How can I make $10 an hour 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Advertising billboards?[View]
12454777So biz...: lets talk Accord Project.[View]
12456066Received my wagecuck stamps today (salary) and literally within 3 min, after paying all my duties (r…[View]
12456139Will team Barbados save AION?[View]
12454554Signals for ETH: >>12451855 >>12432264 >>12429301 Buy signal at 19.60 enter with t…[View]
12455392I'm all in.[View]
12451913ETH FORK POSTPONED: EXIT ALL MARKETS HAHAHAHHAHAHA https://gitter.im/ethereum/AllCoreDevs…[View]
12455935How to become a trader!?: How can I finesse my way into as a stock/commodities trader at a large fir…[View]
12455847>that giddy feeling you get when you buy another wagecheques stack of chainlink…[View]
12454995IOTA can't even do the one thing it claims to do well. Proposed solution: technology that MIGHT…[View]
12453092>TFW 1 Linkpool is worth more than 1 ETH ever was[View]
12455106LINK bagholders (50k+) how the fuck do you cope with day to day activities when your porfolio is cha…[View]
12453908Reason for the pumps: CL's blog is now LIVE https://blog.chain.link/ Looks pretty.[View]
12455780Bitcoin & XRP Are The Future...Everything Else Is Noise: Everyone hates XRP, because XRP is not …[View]
12455925Merry LINKSgiving bros.[View]
12454859who else here /beta_link_HODLER/ too scared to sell even the most obvious tops like 15k sats. I…[View]
12455181>cryptocurrency is a scam[View]
12455462give it to me straight /biz/, is living in this a good investment if you are a poorfag?[View]
12455515How do I short LINK with leverage?[View]
12455764So I just FOMOed into LINK: I sold my little XMR stack to FOMO in and buy 400 LINKies. How fucked am…[View]
12455562Confession: I only want this to succeed just to see Reddit implode[View]
12455810How do I short shorting link with leverage with leverage?[View]
12454247AHEM: You have 2 hours to finish you’re accumulation. No larp. Dont swing trade.[View]
12455762why do you need utility tokens for anything: lets say a application that uses DLT is actually useful…[View]
12455599Who do true biz fag what mors: What kind of people do you want more >redit niggas >pol Jihads…[View]
12455207BTC going down again most likely: BTC has formed a textbook bear flag on the one hour chart on Binan…[View]
12455766??????????: >what did they mean by this[View]
12444322Nerva is controlled by less than 10 people: 90% of all Nerva is in the wallets of less than 10 ppl. …[View]
12455565is iExec a $100 coin?[View]
12455012Stupid CD Stacking Idea for NEATS Hear me out /biz/ this idea is so crazy it just might work. There …[View]
12455102Why is it so hard to start a business in modern times: Starting a success business is like winning t…[View]
12452337How do I make money as a scientist?[View]
12455698How can I monetise stinging nonces? https://youtu.be/2DTSj44BXOw[View]
12455516How do i short chainlink?[View]
12455466Scam? (DADI): What if something you thought was a scam dumped, then turned out NOT to be a scam, and…[View]
12455467Is it morally right to make money off pump and dumps? I dont mean running PnD but realizing a coin m…[View]
12449188All LINK marines report in with your rank and status!: This is an order. HODL strong! - Lieutenant C…[View]
12455580I thought this guy was supposed to be the crypto genius developer. Why can't ethereum do anythi…[View]
12455129Forex: what do you guys thinks about forex trading? Easier or harder than crypto trading? I have tr…[View]
12455315Don’t worry, you’re getting your shitcoins back right after they take care of this traffic accident.…[View]
12455259>wearing pants[View]
12455294What do you call that?: When prices stop going down on FUD?[View]
12455229Hey Anons. It seems like it's been forever since we've had the chance to speak. But due to…[View]
12455064if ETH doesn't get adopted...: Is my link stack fucked?[View]
12454213Making it with minimalism: Cut all my spending and threw away 30% of my things. Started saving 2k a …[View]
12452622It's important biz confronts it's prejudices before it misses out on 2019's greatest …[View]
12455441Trading Time: Except money, most valuable things are health and time. It would be cool if time was t…[View]
12454720There won't be a new mega bullrun because mainstream already happened in 2017. Normal people t…[View]
12454191how do i make $100 a day so i can quit my job? For background i am a fullstack dev (know mobile, dev…[View]
12454971Can u get crypto with paypal?: title says it all.[View]
12454639Hey faggots. What is your side hustle & how did you start it? Cryptofags need not apply.[View]
12454857I'm in 4k debt ama but I have 20k in internet money.[View]
12455305bwokchane middle wear bwahhhh bweeaaaagh hum pum dum[View]
12455224how can one nigger be so based?[View]
12455124Constantinople Buy the Postponement Dip Chad Megathread[View]
12455272What do you think is better a) High quality content, but low quantity of content produced b) Low qua…[View]
12452905non crypto thread: Do you guys think that an urban agriculture/permaculture start up might be a good…[View]
12455331REMINDER: The crypto well has been thoroughly poisoned All it's good for now is scamming money …[View]
12455122Should i get some Quant to compliment my Link? Or just get more Link?[View]
12453889I'm an ugly beta autist loser 28 year old with no friends, acquaintances or social experiences …[View]
12454169Gen x here...: Hi. Im a smart person not a teenager. Ive known crypto from the beginning. I am telli…[View]
12455239Hey faggots: Yall think 13k is a good entry to add to my stack or should i just say fuck it and get …[View]
12455283Redpill me on the amount of cryptocurrencies on cmc during the next bull. 3k, 5k, 10k? Redpill me on…[View]
12453038I lied on my resume and said I have a college degree, and I got the job. Will they ever found out an…[View]
12453483Hello fellow anons, in a bit of a pickle here you see I proposed to my gf earlier this week because …[View]
12454450Huge BTC pump tomorrow: Giant green candle for Bitcoin incoming at January 16th. Expect some alts (i…[View]
12452343>mfw I didn't fall for the crypto pyramid scheme[View]
12452882It takes this many LINK to make it.: heres a treat for all you frens. For those needing to know how …[View]
12455208Good taste: LARPing or faking it till you make it?: Is there any point in developing good taste, or …[View]
12450279>be roastie >make 5 minute video answering a noob question that can be googled in 2 seconds …[View]
124542261 Million Marketcap + PayPal: https://twitter.com/PayWithInk/status/1085250434158063616?s=19…[View]
12453911>he doesn't hold NEX but hold shit like OWN or smartlands While receiving approval from the …[View]
12455191>WE WANT YOU[View]
12453884Wall St AMA: I work at in investment bank in manhattan. AMA[View]
12454908Pro tip: Go short this[View]
12455075>gf won't let me invest in crypto >all my biz bros getting rich af in the me time Is ther…[View]
12455177Only a matter of time.[View]
12454434you sold, right brah? lets short it[View]
12455108flowerpatch: >ctrl+f 'flowerpatch' >no results where are my flowerbros at? what did you submi…[View]
12449181This actually speaks volumes about the crypto market as a whole. When an alt-right scam project can …[View]
12452881i have the domain PepeFrog.com . any anon interested to buy? im willing to give it cheap i need to b…[View]
12455063Question for you /biz/ folk. I'm tired of being a wage-slave for the profit of others. How woul…[View]
12451359When is /biz/ going to take the rental-pill?[View]
12453284>spend hours writing my cover letter for a job researching about the firm and why my skills are r…[View]
12454335We are gonna make it bros[View]
124538212 down, 3 to go - right, wagie? until you have to do it all over again next week[View]
12454978as a dual australia/nz citizen but never having lived in nz (only born there), what taxes do i pay i…[View]
12454101what is this? fake or real? can some ruskie anon confirm? https://twitter.com/SilentWhstlBlwr/status…[View]
12454528Forget Link go into Zilliqa: Hi guys buy Zilliqa now. Sell on 31. January wait for the dump and buy …[View]
12454756Ahem: Done with biz and going to live a real life. this site is counter-productive and will transfor…[View]
124549121000$ EOY[View]
12454572From the recent HR5759 bill in congress, to trumps FINTECH push this year, to CHESS being replaced b…[View]
12454865How much BTC is enough to make it in 2021?: Make it as in own a house, lambo, never need to wage, ha…[View]
12454893>apply for job and notice the applications go to HR: >not hearing anything back >email HR …[View]
12453070o no: Constantinople postponed![View]
12447871Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like? How do you deal with your parents? Do you have…[View]
12454437How do I grow my 130k? I hate having it sit in my checking account[View]
12454770You got to know when to HODL 'em. Know when to FODL 'em. Know when to WAKL away. And know …[View]
12454597Wasted 2018 because of Crypto addiction: Anyone else? Wasted the whole year on /biz/ looking for the…[View]
12454037Am I fucked?: So I quit my job recently and started a business with my brother. Anyways I quit my jo…[View]
12454748NAS / BTC: NAS / BTC Buy : Around 1470 Sell :1620 and moon this shit will moon why ? Oh... you will …[View]
12454546Long the GBP: Second referendum is inevitable now[View]
12451644What are some emerging markets that you believe will.be incredibly profitable to invest in? My ideas…[View]
12453331ting, ting,ting...*AHEM*[View]
12453389This is the topic for CHANGE! Got some fucking balls, cleaned this fucking room. Went to the shoppin…[View]
12454508btfo Ann[View]
12454694>he bought the top twice in the same hour[View]
1245132530 bucks eoy[View]
12454642Imagine the absolute idiots who are FOMO'ing into Iink right now. Can we say dumb money? >f…[View]
12452632Should I tranfer my mom's mortgage to my name? I inherited her house and her mortgage when she…[View]
12452937Biz was right about everything[View]
12454160FLO. 5x this month. The dream.: Bottom is in for $FLO. Tiny dip to recooperate and prepare for the …[View]
12454052*ahem*: fuck jannies nigga[View]
12453942ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu protocol living in the blockchain. Sanjeev …[View]
12453629how much would it cost to buy plush pepes in bulk direct from manufacturer?: i want to sell plush pe…[View]
12454517Can I still make a living being a clown/juggler/stand up comedian?????[View]
12454249I will remember this past year for the rest of my life: As cheesy as this sounds, this past year hol…[View]
124501282042 software personalized pricing: >year is 2042 and you as a software developer have detailed i…[View]
12453630former Link hater... mercy!!!: Holy fuck. I have left crypto for two weeks and Link is 15000 sat!? I…[View]
12442813Hey fudder faggots: Ready to apologize?[View]
12453133RESDEX: >ResDEX, where users can trade any cryptocurrency privately, securely and directly using …[View]
12452619>entry level job >minimum 5 years experience required >mfw some people ACTUALLY HAVE 5 year…[View]
12453850>the market is bullish[View]
12454432Coinmetro: I saw some folks shilling on telegram about Coinmetro adding a LINK x EUR pair... Sounds …[View]
12454431Rich Baby: Hey /biz/ I'm here to flex on you and tell you how I'll be making Millions and …[View]
12451830>Only 9k LINK >Was planning to put my final paycheck all in and most of the money I get for gr…[View]
12454379NEW THEME SONG, to commemorate the 100th LINK PUMP TODAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoQ4GidQP-k…[View]
12454353The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam. Price has…[View]
12454358he still doesnt have 1k suicide insurance stack: last chance to have that 1k link[View]
12454182Now that the linkmarines are about to make it. What’s the next Chainlink[View]
12453503How many ownies to make it? I want to accumulate 100,000, but think I'll run out of time. Fuuuu…[View]
12454254https://medium.com/witnet/a-conversation-with-makerdaos-head-of-oracles-mariano-conti-9e5ea454a9b9 …[View]
12453724Is this bullish? Tiles on the wall of my air bnb[View]
12454126Is 6000 LINK enough?: I could buy another 4000 but is it needed? Is 6000 enough?[View]
12453359I've lost about 4 hours on this shit website and when I finally found some supposed Ethereum, t…[View]
12454090should we be worried that all of the alts look like this? Even Bitcoin is apparently going to zero t…[View]
12450840GRIN genesis block has been mined![View]
12454159Im the only NoLinker in this board, everyone else is a whales nolinker larp or pajeets[View]
12454143Best stablecoin?: So I've been tethered since a while, but now that I see Binance offers severa…[View]
12454009I’m a boomer and I never understood the malice the youngsters on this board harbor against us. Did w…[View]
12453782Are you in or out of the 2021 retirement fund?[View]
12453362shill me your bags: I've stuck to the 'one Bitcoin rule' pretty strictly, but now as …[View]
12452713>BTC shits itself again >bots immediately attempt to dump their LINK for btc >the dip is bo…[View]
12454021what are some jobs i can get paid a lot for by doing close to no actual work?[View]
12453695HEARTBEAT OF THE SINGULARITY: >link pumps to new sat ATH >BTC barts down >link pump halted …[View]
12452847New Kind Of Africa: Nkn thread. Post ideas how to connect the unconnected. Hope Airdrops follow soon…[View]
12453158Passive assets thread: What passive assets do you have and how did you build them up? How can a wagi…[View]
12452870my shitcoins for the next bullrun: HOT, NKN, COLX (maybe), NIM, 0xBTC (maybe), RTE, FOXT what do you…[View]
12448101/LPG/ - LinkPool General: Discussion thread about shares price, future of this platform, potential r…[View]
12452833What is it about this product that makes it cost so much?[View]
12454015Landlord rents $1,500 studio to two cats, hits ‘peak Silicon Valley’: >Looking to make some extra…[View]
12452644https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGSJk_F_dYs Scum Scamagawa first public appearance in months. Paid …[View]
12453785WTF I bought Link at $0.55, literally 15.4k sats, now I am down in sats and dollars WTF I thought Li…[View]
12453340Blue Origin or SpaceX? Which company would you invest in and why? Is space going to become profitab…[View]
12453379What are your thoughts on starting a smart home business? I'm thinking my target market could b…[View]
12449878Accumulate. Quietly...[View]
12452441How is Tax Evasion hard?: >open foreign bank account >deposit money there >don't repor…[View]
12453822Get out: This week will be your last week to sell link over 50 cents . Link is unironically going to…[View]
12453373Mobile App: I’m wondering what would be a good app to use for investing. I want something that’s saf…[View]
12453861> stay poor[View]
12453813strap in boys: it's happening tonight.[View]
12452154This fucker literally sacrificed $68 billion to date a random 49 year old retard. Oh and the bitch …[View]
12453421> Chainlink? Oh yes, I sold at 15.5k[View]
12451350How did this autist become so chad? https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/paw5jz/a-programmer-a…[View]
12453818Oceanex is wash trading. Vechink = scam Get em' boys, release ze fud.[View]
12453305I haven't been on biz for about a year. I wanted to drop in and say thank you for shilling me L…[View]
12453481why are you sleeping on this >2 second transaction time beating XRP >decentralized exchange to…[View]
12453298is ETH a good buy right now[View]
12453704would you sell something for cheaper than it should go for in order to buy bitcoin? if you believe b…[View]
12452832I know you all are ecstatic about link and want that 1000 eoy but lets be realistic for a moment. Pe…[View]
12453718Cryptopia - Holding More Bags Than A Cashier...: This community is getting ridiculous with security.…[View]
12453712Huh that time again already[View]
12452483Shorts at the ready?: Feel this fucker has far further to dump tonight![View]
12450240LINK marines infiltrating worldwide: Reddit mods confirmed as LINK marines. Just how deep have shado…[View]
12453275This time i'm truly done: >browsing through reddit >See Zilliqa mainnet thread >0 upvo…[View]
12453680Social Media: https://hotmedia.site/ All you have to do to earn $ 1 for each of your #subscribers! …[View]
12452577I signed up for accounting at college, tomorrow my first day. Any advice or thoughts? I have no idea…[View]
12453505Sold half of my link stack at 10k sats trying to swing trade. I'm praying for the bearfags to d…[View]
12453540>mfw Jorge and Talib don't think I'm good enough to pick order in their warehouse for $…[View]
12453440Anyone got the post that made a comparison of Chain Link and I think it was Hobbs? It was beautiful[View]
12452878How is he not banned yet?[View]
12452709The NASA is the creator of a prototype space currency called bitcoin, (NA)kamoto (SA)toshi is just a…[View]
12453570Why didn't I sell the top of this pump and dump scam...[View]
12453372they're are people out their who think that link will dump[View]
12450272Tfw you just sold the top[View]
12453246Canadian College Student looking to pay tuition: So my current situation is; >$3600 saved up in t…[View]
12453059What the FUCK was that[View]
12453453So heres the rundown, basically, a bunch of 4channellers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the …[View]
12453291is bitcoin making a higher low[View]
12452530piece of shit coin: but right now there's so much hatred between binance and elastos that the c…[View]
12453460Charles 'Formally verified alpha' Hoskinson would not have let this happen. Buy Cardano. ADA will pu…[View]
12451066Tax avoidance: Year is 2023. LINK is $1,000 I'm in the UK. Tax on crypto is bullshit. crypto to…[View]
12453402AHEM: Attention PAJEETS I will NEVER, ever buy that scam shitcoin. LINK at 15k sats? Didnt buy. LIN…[View]
12453286Honest question: How much would you pay for a Plush Apu? I'm thinking of opening up an online s…[View]
12453356BLAZE IT FAGGOTS[View]
12453344Except it's literally dumping right now[View]
12452656Some whale transferred 60000+ BTC from 2013 today and nobody has noticed while the number continues …[View]
12453301How do I 'sell' bitcoin? I've been daytrading my mining gains so I've never once…[View]
12451855Signals for ETH: >>12443360 Still in sell mode. If you open a short use tight stops. If you ha…[View]
12452192what should he say[View]
12453023Seriously: Do any actual important people lurk biz? Does this place really have any influence beside…[View]
12453267Constantinople failure: if Constantinople fail I see a TRX moon[View]
12453265Why does link have value as an ERC 20 token?: Many people in the industry think ERC 20 tokens will a…[View]
12453009Through all the pain and suffering Through all the hardships Through all the loss and the JUST I hav…[View]
12450336>Had 30k linkies >Put 20k into SV when link was 0.3$ >Link moons like a motherfucker AAAAA…[View]
12452511It's because of you guys.: He's coming because of (you) who shill you know what coin. The…[View]
12453144I never know what to think about LINK. LINK's javascript has been hacked and now all the nodes …[View]
12452960Shill me your best exonomics/business/finance books. Pic related isn't the best economics book …[View]
12453117there are people here right now: that have lost 80-99% of their investments and still hold a grudge …[View]
12452449prove me wrong[View]
12453056Imagine not having a measly 200k suicide stack[View]
12452929Absolute solid diamond titanium steel infused zinc cladded with a 1000 kilometers thick coating usin…[View]
12452742GET IN!!! $1 imminent!: >www.binance.com/en/trade/LINK_USDT…[View]
12451086Satoshi: Daily reminder: You are fooled into believing Craig S. Wright is not Satoshi. That is, you …[View]
12453014Hey goys, can someone contact the Internet historian so he prepares a video about kek and chainlink?…[View]
12453049Whales are accumulatin[View]
12452629Any other link swingtrader chad sold the top?[View]
12452798The true price of LINK: linkies BTFO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA[View]
12452952it is over: everything keeps tanking into dust majority are now waiting for opportunity to buy for r…[View]
12452915What did Chainlink mean by this?: Is it true? Is Chainlink the coin of the alt-right!? I'm from…[View]
12452666Hello. There will be two unexpected (in a good way) announcements for the project update on January …[View]
12452468Not buying KIN brainlet thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/KinFoundation/comments/ag9k57/the_second_ki…[View]
12452525So biz, in 1 simple word, are you selling or buying right now?[View]
12452493Aussi corporate culture: Corporations are pathetic everywhere. But compared to US and some other dev…[View]
12452445Link: What's the point of gaining so many sats if king shitcoin is going to just perpetually sh…[View]
12452274Why does LinkedIn use WeChat as the only chat application? I'm very pro-China, but why does a W…[View]
12452829ETH Devs - 'world computer' worth billions - can't even code: Dr Crag would never mak…[View]
12452502get out today, tomorrow won't be nice[View]
12452787>retards buy BTC thinking it'll go to moon >they realize it won't and start dumping …[View]
12452584Any moment now, straight green dildo to $5.[View]
12452141is bitcoin finally dumping[View]
12452275Alts have finally bottomed no matter how much more BTC dumps it won't matter[View]
12449777Crypto is dead now....: So are we back to investing in stocks /buz/inessmen ? https://share.robinhoo…[View]
12452682Do I take out a 50k loan and try to catch this link pump or just dump my portfolio (~10k) into it[View]
12452719any coin that is still profitable to mine on high end gaming rigs?[View]
12451898How do you even trade on straight lines?[View]
12452740lol biz and eth: A week ago I posted my portfolio with mostly alts and a ton of you retards were lik…[View]
12452065republic protocol: good time to buy ?[View]
12452143Brace yourselves, next LINK pump incoming[View]
12452314BTC can't even hold 3500: That's pretty pathetic imo.[View]
12452653>that dump beautiful have you picked your lambo color yet bears?[View]
12451490>get a loan for $1bn dollars >buy Tether when it's .99 cents >convert back to cash whe…[View]
12452507Financial opportunity?: Working in a fortune 500 company for several years. Hears rumours about chan…[View]
12449487link/binance: why would binance suddenly list link/usd stable coin pairs? the only other coins with …[View]
12452598Ragie wagie thread: How do you deal with people who make you want to do extra work for very little o…[View]
12452590Who else bout to say fug it and go all into one alt coin[View]
12450514To all the marines who know, and the ones yet to understand, since we will be drowning with newfags …[View]
12451377One day, 0.04 LinkPool will be considered a big stack.[View]
12450170ITS FUCKING HAPPENING: https://brave.com/brave-previews-opt-in-ads-in-desktop-browser-developer-chan…[View]
12440532Corporate suicide: https://youtu.be/koPmuEyP3a0 Major rash on this advert campaign in dislikes and r…[View]
12452110LINK: Prove me wrong.[View]
12452172When we hitting $1 Link marines?[View]
12452443Prove me wrong >pro tip: you can't[View]
12452085Cryptocurrency: I just got a full time job and im going to invest 1000$ a month into cryptocurrency …[View]
12451336Why I Only Use Two Exchanges (Cryptopia Incident): Obviously if you're going to store your cryp…[View]
12449257Chinese Ethereum with passive income. Safe 5x EOY[View]
12450408What's the best way to monetize the rpg that I'm coding? It isn't an MMO, and it…[View]
12450684Attention No Linkers Are you guys going to fomo in and buy LINK now? Didn't we fall for the lin…[View]
12451308ctrl + f link: >50 results We are near peak delusion again. This is what happens when no one wit…[View]
12452360Listen I genuinely care about about Anons financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in lif…[View]
12452372did vitalik delay the ETH fork just as a way to try to fight off the singularity longer?[View]
12451105>Tfw make 15.25 an hour Not bad[View]
12449465Chain the Link: Hi people of 4chan, I just stumbled upon a coin called Link from the project 'C…[View]
12452357What went wrong?: It's dumping right now[View]
12452356LINK: Dont be greedy[View]
12450887John Mclaughlin: Hey guys, wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about John Mclaughlin, he's a…[View]
12452347D7 Lead Finder: is this any good?[View]
12451083I'm having more fun now than I ever did in the 2017 bullrun[View]
12451750>imagine not selling LINK now[View]
12452166>that 30 year old boomer that only holds LTC[View]
12449013HOW DID THEY KNOW?[View]
12452171GBP: Don't forget, you're here forever[View]
12449550What's this pattern called, /biz/?[View]
12451305who: is the mongoloid posting CL on b / ?[View]
12451685Daily Reminder: Let the game come to you. No market buys, ever![View]
12451999>tfw already maxed out Rorth IRA for the year how are your internet tokens doing kids?…[View]
12452181how do you liked this game: rigged?[View]
12452138Time to pop the LINK bubble, oopsies![View]
12450983LINK newfag here: Give me the rundown on LINK. Is it worth it to buy in now? What is LINK? It is obv…[View]
12445803post shitcoins that have been hit hard, but are theoretically good buys active team, working product…[View]
12451970Money skelly vs Money belly: Does LINK have a chance to flip ETH?[View]
12450630>be me >been applying to jobs recently >apply to work at some place >I'm in the no…[View]
12451093goys please help: why shitcoin mooning. i dropped my bags long back when it is 20 cent as biz told m…[View]
12451255Hey guys, so I got married last month, been away on our honey moon fucking my wife's brains out…[View]
12451832https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGXY-g6OJq0 >retired,13 years >best digital asset ever seen…[View]
12451805Devery EVE - avoid this shitcoin: >cant get listed on any exchange one year from ICO end - only I…[View]
12451331Wait a second: Was the ''chainlink is a meme' meme' meme really just a meme after all?[View]
12452005Is ChainLINK and /biz/ the same as Trump and /pol/?: Unironically, yes and I will tell you why. The …[View]
12448914Assuming this will work as expected and not flop.. Won't it just turn into a safe haven for ped…[View]
12451860he ruined my life /biz/. I always knew /biz/ was right all along about chainlink, but I wanted to in…[View]
12449452Ambrosus is SCAMBROSUS: I’ve had it with this shit. masternode onboarding is a mess. Disorganized an…[View]
12450485OLDFAGS: So I bought litecoin and XRP in January of last year at a high. Yep. Pretty retarded I know…[View]
12450073Hmmm: From what I've seen link is rising very quickly. I highly suggest you sell before it cras…[View]
12451399>reddit makes a coin >names it after a dead meme >raised a million dollars to advertise the…[View]
12451127I am a sophisticated man with sophisticated taste: And just realized I've never owned a robe. W…[View]
12451871>hi, I'm a highly paid television personality >now take this job that pays like shit and …[View]
12451531AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: >not realizing crypto is rip I hate yuppies.[View]
12451841This IS the exit scam my fellow linkies[View]
12451351Is a finance degree worth it? Is there a better degree to work toward?[View]
12450349>go to sleep >price $3600 >wakeup >$3600 Is btc finally ready for mass adoption now that…[View]
12451160Nice mainnet...[View]
12451786Question about TA: Hi, I'm pretty new to when it comes to investing and I was wondering: what a…[View]
12449988/smg/ - Stock Market General: HAMBERAAAA TIMMEEEEEEEE >I'm new to the stock market, what st…[View]
12451070Can someone update this? Linkies need to get a reality check[View]
12450275Meat crumbs: The biggest threat that banks currently perceive (for the average non-technical wealth …[View]
12449538did you sell?[View]
12451612https://mobius.network/ what happened to their oracle solution?[View]
12450396I WISH YOU WOULD BUY NKN MY FRIEND: You could cut ties with all those scams That you've been ba…[View]
12451008Daily reminder that this was once around the same price as LINK[View]
12451297Check me out /biz: I was thinking about it if you have to buy bitcoin to get blockchainisn't it…[View]
12450382Who’s still on top of my haircut? Fools[View]
12451329is the link logo mean't to be flat side on top or pointed at the top....It's important for…[View]
12449410Normies will find out about Chainlink under $10: Using current market caps: Price: $0.50 Position: 3…[View]
12450536Reddit Doesn't Want You Rich. Think About that.: Exhibit A: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurr…[View]
12451202>Link pumps out of the blue >no good news at all >crypto in general in shambles >suddenl…[View]
12450277From the creators of Mozilla: Presenting MuhZilla Your next gen scamcoin, with new and improved scam…[View]
12450899I'm getting antshares vibes[View]
12451406hey frens: whats up frens?[View]
12450260Live TA on Link soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ULT6vRS4oI This guy does live TA, and he…[View]
12447754It's been fun bros, but its time to say goobye: So, I dont typically hold too much on an exchan…[View]
12449216As an XRP holder, I am this comfy.[View]
12450957coincidence? Big boys accumulating the cryptos destined to be majorly impactful.[View]
12450939>mfw I will retire in 5 years I will be 32 years old. Gonna travel the world for a year then i…[View]
12449310>tfw realising i will have to wagie again if i want more than a frugal neet life Anyone else have…[View]
12451015Hey /biz/. There's this nanocap stock. I saw the exact same whale pattern every day at lunchtim…[View]
12444190Monotone voice and job interviews: > Be me > Think I speak normal enough > On a personal bu…[View]
12451266*Ahem* *tink tink tink* Attention KIKES I will NEVER, ever sell my linkies. LINK at 15k sats? Didnt …[View]
12450860if you are long BTC right now you are seriously retarded: https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-futures-n…[View]
12451210hey stinkie linkies Link is dumping get out get out get out get out get out[View]
12450470Divorce preparation: I am getting married soon, no prenup. I want to start protecting my assets now.…[View]
12451142We need to ramp it up. They don't deserve to know yet[View]
12451166rebbit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/agbq7p/why_i_think_chainlink_link_is_a_good…[View]
12447367Where do you keep your linkies bros? I feel a bit unsafe having it on binance, at the same time, I w…[View]
12450232>netflix raises prices >stock rises 6% and it’s barely lunch time…[View]
12451162tfw - Filtered threads: 36 >still 30% link posts[View]
12450143Why is Monero failing?[View]
12450617What the fuck.: Welp, this fucking shit is on reddit now, good game boyos. It was a fun run. Reddit …[View]
12451148Does this picture piss of Reqies? It pisses me off and I don't even own req. Imagine investing …[View]
12450915>bought Link in January 2018 >literally after I buy market crashes >held all year despite t…[View]
12450299I haven't seen a chart like this since 2017[View]
12451081I sold 90% of my stack at $0,22. Its over for me. Go on without me, I'm still rooting for you f…[View]
12450947holy shit. no larp. how powerful are memes?[View]
12451082200 IQ Vechainers: Selling Link to buy Vechain.[View]
12449646How do I short the west?[View]
12451071Have you ever been treated like human waste when you visited a bank but when they see your balance t…[View]
12450499>this triggers the eth bagholder >this makes the eos 'blockchain' investor absolutely furious …[View]
12451067GTO BUY BUY BUY: 26% and counting on binance we're hitting +50% 24 hour change minimum mark my …[View]
1244944115k: WE DID IT[View]
12450685Some of you pajeets tried eToro?: muh?[View]
12450706Chainlink: All memes aside the CEO literally tried to trademark the word smartcontract. I’d be very …[View]
12449769The exchange hacks currently total more than $1.1 billion.: > the future of money…[View]
12446960B R E X I T: What’s the real reason they’ll leave the EU?[View]
12450504CHAINSTINKERS PUMP AND DUMPED FOR THE 13924TH TIME: who could have seen it coming, right? LMAO 1000 …[View]
12448623Get the fuck in here link marines: https://mobile.twitter.com/chainlinkmarket/status/108518443062744…[View]
12450398OmiseGooked Scamesghawa: >Makerdao cancels their dex plans due to legal issues >Plasma researc…[View]
12450875Brexit: Let's discuss the impending brexit and its repercussions. The Euro will crumble and cry…[View]
12450854>we work hard and we play hard[View]
12450859Dump starts 8:00 AM IST. You have been warned.[View]
12450689Altseason is here: What´s up pussys. Pic rel is link on a daily. Doesn´t take a genius to understand…[View]
12449779Only four other coins on @binance have 4 #stablecoin pairs and they are all in the top 10... you gue…[View]
12450132TA from a linklet: Hey biz, whatsup. Now that link broke ATH, looks like a solid buy if a bullrun sc…[View]
12444444Flowerpatch Cryptogame: General discussion of the upcoming cryptocurrency cannabis farming MMORPG ca…[View]
12450671Anons that made it in a short amount of time.: I want to have a passive income of at least 2k a mont…[View]
12450620Petition for Hiro to add the a live Ch@inLink price ticker to board header. Voice your support. Mak…[View]
12450647Shitcoin invest suggest?: What shitcoin are you keeping under SAFU? This is mine.[View]
12450642Rate my portfolio /biz/. Anything you would change? Garbage you would sell? I’m trying to get 10,00…[View]
12450039I'm either buying 500k NKN or 100k AION, what do I do biz: Both dumped hard price. Which is a b…[View]
12449197You can only post ITT if you're an alpha swing linker, with superior fomo resistant genetics WH…[View]
12449583Buying a house today is piss easy. Prove me wrong.: >Median us house price = $200k >average st…[View]
12450066I am literally crying right now. We are unironically going to make it. Each and every one of us. Eve…[View]
12450522Cold calling and Cold emailing.: I will cold call, i just don´t like it. Anyone built a business bas…[View]
12449526'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.'[View]
12450517Show yourself. It's finally time.[View]
12449543Is REQ a dead project?: Haven't followed my shit coin investments for like a year. Checked em o…[View]
12449417DEX.: Welp another centralized system got completely pwned ( cryptopia ). what are some decent DEX p…[View]
12450429one of you neet fudders got your reddit spam quoted on a legit website. the absolute state of 'crypt…[View]
12450306Brave ads: https://brave.com/brave-previews-opt-in-ads-in-desktop-browser-developer-channel/…[View]
12450044biz, I'm almost getting tired of winning: I have both accumulated LINK and LINKPOOL This was al…[View]
1244650635 billion market cap?: In order for chainlink to hit even $100 it would have a market cap of 35 bil…[View]
12450437OSA: Why is no one talking about this? Seems like solid tech, and claims to have partnerships with m…[View]
12450428>he hasn't seen every possible memeline Not gonna make it.[View]
12449556I saw a golden train coming in and now is your time to get an easy 5x. I already bought a golden tic…[View]
12450360Why are we dumping AAAAA[View]
12450212Why is Tether still a thing if USDC is now trading most places, namely Binance? USDC seems infinitel…[View]
12444667It’s coming: Who here swinglinker and btfoed? I swinglinked from a 50 k stack to 68 k in a period of…[View]
12449658How are you preparing for the next crypto bull run?[View]
12450294Alright listen here fellow Biznessmen. Who here have seen the movie The Wolf of Wall Street? *Every…[View]
12450116>Ethereum founder >IOHK CEO >billionaire >at just 30 years old Why are you not investing…[View]
12450027dumb: I'm a swing linker about to fomo in , wish me luck[View]
12450247Venezuelan here, I managed to accumulate 500 LINK. Will I make it?[View]
12450245Sometimes the truth hurts: www.alternet.org/2019/01/american-capitalism-has-failed-us-were-overworke…[View]
12450104LINK FUD Copy Pasta Thread: The normie brigades are coming and we are going to need as much ammo as …[View]
12450133will they ever learn ?[View]
12449917Imagine being a NoLinker[View]
12450138Nobody knows the time of the price singularity. But when it happens, everyone will know. All across …[View]
12450125RANK 28 >RANK 28 RANK 28 >RANK 28 RANK 28 >RANK 28 RANK 28 >RANK 28…[View]
12444665BINANCE: https://twitter.com/binance/status/1085024423378247680[View]
12450134Look at the daily chart. First sell off in November. We're going parabolic.[View]
12450126Scambrosus TG is falling apart!: Now their channel is invite only so one exposes their SCAM. Only cu…[View]
12450115any updates about the centra 'tech' scam?: I hope they will rot in jail[View]
12449100Next Bull Season[View]
12449762warning to swinglinkers: It was the day after Thanksgiving 2017. I saw that BTC had passed $9000 …[View]
12450068TFW you market bought 1.1 btc worth of RLC yesterday at 520 sats. how much further will this go?[View]
12450041about to go pick up some catered food from this high-end gourmet restaurant for me and my friends, c…[View]
12450052Is there any way for a bong who knows little about finance to take advantage of brexit? I have a few…[View]
12449618what the fuck...[View]
12449938Actually cool: Don't be mad for link but this shit is actually most coolest way of making money…[View]
12450020Chainlink Shills: Just to let you newfags know, Chainlink will be copied and pasted code that privat…[View]
12450030QNTCHAT now has a Chinese forum: https://qntchat.com/forums/topic/iso-tc-307主席:区块链国际标准案例与推进路径/ Aweso…[View]
12446584Crytopia was hacked. I lost my money[View]
12450022NoLinkers BTFO: rank 29 now. Top 10 EO Q1 Top 5 EO Q2 Top 3 EOY[View]
12449928NoLinker general /NLG/: >He fell for the LINK is a meme meme[View]
12449649I never know what to think about LINK. LINK's javascript has been hacked and now all the nodes …[View]
12449014LINK: Post what your going to buy when link reaches 1000$ per!!! Pic related is the first of mine.…[View]
12447087Link accumulation: Goys, will I have till the 1st of February to accumulate more linkies or will it …[View]
12449154What's the best aggregate for analyst predictions on when to buy, sell, and hold?[View]
12444402/smg/ - Succulent McDonalds General: mcdonalds mcdonalds mcdonalds ! we eating mcdonalds for lunch t…[View]
12449940> They did not know Sergey Nazarov is a leprechaun[View]
12449933damn: feels good to be a linksta[View]
12442496EoY Price Predictions?: inb4 pajeet scam coin response Planning to hold for the FSA or cashing out a…[View]
12449910We're pumping again boys: Nothing to see here, like every day now Move along NOLINKER[View]
12449513Will the Godwin bubble burst in 2045?[View]
12446604REN - Republic Protocol: So, whats the deal with this? Is there anyone here running a darknode? Quit…[View]
12449668Three white soldiers on the weekly !!!: By the f'ing book ! I am literally shaking !!![View]
12449552LINK CHAINLINK: Incase anyone here is too retarded to understand why this sell order is here, I…[View]
12449787>thank you anons for your support for our startup project.[View]
12449823Next major target is peak Plebbit: Dogecoin[View]
12449596I've got a golden ticket[View]
12449802I’m unironically integrating DocuSign into our organization while watching my linkies break ATHs. Is…[View]
12449156>down 90% >move funds to cryptopia to try to swing trade some shitcoins >wake up >now do…[View]
12449691Who else selling LINK right now?[View]
12449394Ethereum: Ethereum is going proof of stake. That means if I hold the minimum amount of Ethereum (32 …[View]
12449681Hey no need to fear REQQIES, at the current token burn rate it will only take 65 years to burn your …[View]
12448596>Gets fucked by a group of Chinese basket weavers[View]
12448035Daily reminder if you make less than 58.5k you are low income. Work harder, wagies[View]
12449700Fuck stinky linkies i hope u fucking cucks get dumped on[View]
12449654I fucking hate myself biz I keeping losing everything I don't know how much longer so can go on…[View]
12449640Breaking free: We actually just broke out of this upwards channel we've been in for the past 10…[View]
12449598its really: happening[View]
12448937*Teleports in your sell order*: Nothing personal kid[View]
12449560Fuck this, I’m selling this piece of shit[View]
12448492Maker dao, A killer dapp!: Why no one here is talking about MakerDao ?? The creator of stablecoin Da…[View]
12449264DigixDAO (DGD) double bottom: Bullish?[View]
12449446/NGTOW/ General: Now that chainlink is heading to 1k eoy I’m quiting my job to pursue music, reading…[View]
12446467Fast forward, you're 36yo. What do you want to have achieved by then? Will you have children? W…[View]
12449517NUMBER 29 WE DID IT MARINES: we are all gonna make it frens[View]
12446550How to /biz, newfags& oldfags assemble: This kills the scammer and shill[View]
12449470bros please help me i’m stuck at a hellish job where shit is constantly piling up on my plate. i put…[View]
12448758>woke up >drank coffee and ate food while browsing the internet >now sitting under a blanke…[View]
12447300Could it be that crypto's are actually recovering![View]
12449456LETS GO BOYS[View]
12449207Warning!: If you have any procter and gamble stocks sell immediately while they're up! They wil…[View]
12446466Are you ready?[View]
12449429COULD IT BE YOU: Reminder only 35'000 people can own up to 10k , which is decreased due to peop…[View]
12444058Short Sell the Left: Is there a correlation between publicly adopting cultural marxism and reduced b…[View]
12448953Adoption will be the DOWNFALL of Chainlink. Once the amount of collateral needed in USD value exceed…[View]
12449193Link was 60 cents in November: Nice moon mission linkys Inb4 muh sats[View]
12447346Cryptopia RIP: the exchange interface has been hacked - they have withdrawn all of BTC and ETH not o…[View]
12449292Is it worth chatting up a sjw on linkedin?: I used to know her in secondary/high school and she…[View]
12449251You don’t deserve this hidden gem: Do you hate money /biz? Great team Amazing progress on roadmap P…[View]
12449003Why wouldn't you swing LINK? Its a never-ending series of double tops within double tops that a…[View]
12447949NKN - Every first node in any Africa country gets 100 NKN[View]
12449254Imagine being actually retarded enough to buy famous slav scam chainlink at all time high 51 cent af…[View]
12448716Alright /biz/, I've been somewhat pessimistic about prospects of crypto in general but here…[View]
12442826Food you'll eat every day when you make it[View]
12449316TNT: any1 know why pump? should I sell? lolz[View]
12448621Its that time again. Put on your headphones and go on a ride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcev7y…[View]
12448392>NoLinker. >Human. Pick one.[View]
12449237>not owning link >deserving to live Pick one.…[View]
12448859I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and fuck my he…[View]
12449173Can someone give me the wojak that looks like this but its all rainbow and he has a crazy looking fa…[View]
12448944The reality is link will see tremendous price action this year, however it will not rocket like that…[View]
12448780UTN: Can you tell me /biz/ why no one pays attention to this ?[View]
12449007Cryptopia Hack: >F https://mobile.twitter.com/cryptopia_nz/status/1085084168852291586…[View]
12449084it's only a couple of months ago we were excited cos we broke the top 100. this is insane.[View]
12448579I only have 1500 link. will I make it?[View]
12447191100x coin: Rate3 ($RTE - listed on huobi, bibox, bitfinex) marketcap is under 1 million, only 500k$ …[View]
12443270Does anyone else get a weird feeling that chainlink is part of (((their))) agenda? What if the …[View]
12448633LINKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK: This will be $1 end of week marines[View]
12446739Bitcoin is all that matters.[View]
12448868Omgeeeee: We top 30 now[View]
12449024feelin comfy right now: 1000 eoy here we come[View]
12449001I sold all my link to buy BSV at $100 AMA[View]
12448980LINK houses must join: press K to kiss the LINK bride or the singularity is canceled[View]
12448009What will you do after the singlularity Marines? I am thinking of investing my gains in commodities …[View]
12448988Do you feel it my based anons? Are you ready to laugh at linktards and their dumping shitcoin? It h…[View]
12448824You motherfuckers were right again, weren't you?[View]
12448830Stinky: https://www.fin.gc.ca/activty/consult/2019/ob-bo/pdf/obbo-report-rapport-eng.pdf https://twi…[View]
12447628How Would You Become Financially Independent?: We're going to play a hypothetical game. Your go…[View]
12448942Mpnicauil mmlaadrae mkaes Msfauta Mad[View]
12448796OmiseGOys rekt[View]
12448827Every single coin dumped on mainnet launch: >but this time it’s different…[View]
12448680what do i need to do to get grin mining on this thing within the next 10 minutes?[View]
12448902Link: URGENT pic related what will our coin be worth when even the biggest of the big uses their own…[View]
12448274>$1999 Lmao, fking scam[View]
12445988Void Contracts: I just financed a used car from a large dealership in BC, Canada. It's a 2018 A…[View]
12448804LINK CHAINLINK: Third paycheck in a row that I have put directly into link. I'll be honest, I d…[View]
12448048Fucking nerds always getting rich Always saving money because they don't have a social life and…[View]
12448701One of the worst token use case I've seen so far: 'The ChainLink network utilizes the LINK toke…[View]
12448661No, we can't moon yet. I'm still accumulating.[View]
12448761Genie Energy: I just want to thank the /biz/ anon who suggested this company about a year ago. I too…[View]
12447545Are there any good swinglinker stories from the past week? I need something to fap to.[View]
12448112Attention linkies: Shout out to all the marines that held through pre sibos dump. We watched our inv…[View]
12448751Bullish slanted double top formed on LINK, THIS BABY AINT FINISHED YET LADS[View]
12447506Pk no joke the rise of chainlomk has piqued my interest, how do I get into crypto while still having…[View]
12448349HELP. Bought FLO. Lost everything.: I tink it’s time to break this one back out. Can we say r.i.p. t…[View]
12446011How well am I doing compared to everyone else? I’m 21, zero debt. At the rate I’m making and saving,…[View]
12448660Baste Frens: As we now round this latest bend in our course to financial freedom, as the memes danke…[View]
12448655OH OH BTC UP UP UP: Bitcoin price is going up simply because - China's Uber Wealthy Are Prepari…[View]
12448559making a bitcoin transaction consists of signing with a unique key only known to the holder. does th…[View]
12448604Mars: From Colony to War.: When 2050's 3D-printed Martians revolution starts, will anon sell t…[View]
12447119>Boomer parents telling you how to run your life Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
12443035Are STOs the next big thing?: I am in 5 private telegram groups (thanks to my dad who is a credit in…[View]
12448582The great time is now dawning, Chainlink has now awakened. We have won power in /biz/, now it is up …[View]
12448357Why no love for this project at all?[View]
12447958I remember seeing people being able to mine BTC worth 1-3$ a day on a single GTX 1070 back in Januar…[View]
12448158cryptopia is ded: Another reason to use decentralized exchanges ONLY. Use IDEX for now, when ResDEX…[View]
12448552Why is Monero sh1t?[View]
12447688GAS GAS GAS: Neo and Gas looking very bullish, wouldn't be surprised if it hit the top of 24 ho…[View]
12448500Skycoin miners now on sale: In case you needed a new scam to lose all your shekels[View]
12448540WAX - $10 2020: Leading Esports Organization to Create Digital Collectibles Using WAX’s Blockchain. …[View]
12447645dApps are a meme: >Many blockchain projects that pitched a future of decentralization just a year…[View]
12443737Did I fall for Skycoin biz scam?: Save me biz! Will I be OK?[View]
12445734HOLY SHIT I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING: >buy a shit ton of silver, water, and preparedness food that…[View]
12447402I’m a boomer and I never understood the malice the youngsters on this board harbor against us. Did w…[View]
12448114Rate3 ($RTE - listed on huobi, bibox, bitfinex) marketcap is under 1 million, only 500k$ >they…[View]
12448336is death of bitcoin good for chainlink?[View]
12448426Hasn't anyone ever told you guys about long term conservative gains? Why is everyone here riski…[View]
12446292are cigarettes unironically one of the best investments you can make? the $5 you spent on cigarettes…[View]
12447603It keeps rising... Fuck the link scammers, buy Ethereum while it's still cheap.[View]
12448429Short The Company Associate with this!: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
12448098How much profit will Chainlink make for stakers: ... per year In 2019 (mainnet imminent), 2020, 2021…[View]
12447054i need halp and i can't talk to anyone, please frens >75000 link, 3btc, 35eth portfolio >…[View]
12448409I know everyone is just so tired of bullshit hype. But seriously this little shitcoin honestly might…[View]
12448239I don't know what any of this shit means: Quant[View]
12447907The Brainlet problem: There is to many brainlets on this board, it's okay that there are some, …[View]
12446813How can I make money with a philosophy degree?: It is my passion but no one hires a 'philosopher.' I…[View]
12441689iExec doing big things: Lei Zhang of iExec meeting with the blockchain team with Alibaba fintech gia…[View]
12447938In dire need of an advice: My mother and i've been living in the same city all of our lives. We…[View]
12446652I'm so bullish on LINKS situation that my targets seem very unrealistic. I'm a former Ethe…[View]
12447947If you want to accumolate BTC, why don't you accumulate BTC instead of trying to accomulate BTC…[View]
12448038Coinbase listing imminent. Positive price divergence the last few days with the last chance to buy t…[View]
12447985Should I sell[View]
12445535Press S to spit on Jihan's grave[View]
12447847If he was alive today, would he have bought BTC?[View]
12446498Trips decide what I advertise on the last 9 ad-blocks.[View]
12448201Check out Ginsberg over here: Pic related https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5097416.0…[View]
12448189unironically im believe that there is a low supply of LINK being traded on binance. everything i tri…[View]
12446901poorfag general: who else /starving/ here? no begging[View]
12448145Boys, Gals, heres to you: Now get the fuck back on reddit and start downvoting and fuding. We dont …[View]
12448139GOOKED: GOOKED O O K E D[View]
12439741***LARGE LINK TRANSFERS/WHALE BOUGHT 1 MILLION LINK*** It looks like this guy has bought 1.3 million…[View]
12448008/Biz/ Poker table thread: https://www.pokernow.club/games/HFUYHPeAMN7fKWv3lJLnfZXsG No sign-up or Em…[View]
12445894I'm a seasoned redditor and just came on this site to say fuck you 4chan you made chainlink loo…[View]
12445207>what're problems we have now that aren't gonna be around in 2070?…[View]
12442659President of the United States to have dinner with Sergey Nazarov!!!!!!: holy shit, sergey got invit…[View]
12448061What's your favorite exchange with leverage? My first exchange was Binance, but as I get better…[View]
12446383NKN - Is this the last chance to buy sub 3c?[View]
12447493If you, hypothetically, had virtually unlimited funding and free reign to develop a blockchain-relat…[View]
12445543https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/ag5796/binance_to_add_linkusd_pairs/ It's too …[View]
12447980> What did the mods mean by this?[View]
12447917stupid 4channers: youll never get me to buy chainlink you think youre smart with your memes everyone…[View]
12447940Waltonchain are a walkie talkie company now: https://mobile.twitter.com/Ethtrader63041/status/108481…[View]
12447501Node operatorrrrrr: Stinkies thinking of becoming node operators, remember you need eth to run your …[View]
12447245Why is society so reluctant on adopting crypto as viable currency? Seriously, the only downside i se…[View]
12447908So will this ETH fork generate a new coin or not Feels like fucking work to try and find a goddam a…[View]
12447017The meme comes from one of the times someone tried to figure out who the real Satoshi Nakamoto was. …[View]
12446611why are we dumping?[View]
12447789what went wrong?[View]
1244785212 bars of soap is roughly $6. $6 right now buys you 12 LINK. So the question becomes: how stinky ar…[View]
12447848The next few hours will be CRITICAL for Bitcoin.[View]
12446737How big is his link stack[View]
12447454(not so) stupid question: Hold me frens, I was wondering about the fact that, yes, link is fucking t…[View]
12447805Stinky Linkies unite: Its gotten to the point where I can't tell whether our intentional FUD or…[View]
12446179BOUGHT AT 14000. WHY WON'T THIS POS GO UP?[View]
12447540Notes on how to DOMINATE a room. >1. Make your audience sit below you >2. Hand on hip >3. F…[View]
12447726live a little: live a little[View]
12447762>mfw you'll never make it[View]
12447566Fucking based. I love this man. BTFOing e gold bitcoin standard faggots on Twitter Can someone pleas…[View]
12447694XLM: Here take it, A diamond in the gutter, hold it long term, With LINk, go and live a life now…[View]
12447602Tomochain Stuck: I have been sick, and just figured out my tomochain is stuck on IDEX exchange, caus…[View]
12446806which one of these retards are you?[View]
12446094Do I go long on Mac Donald’s stock?[View]
12447634Why is it impossible to change BTC's confirmation time from 10 minutes to 1? There are many shi…[View]
124465052.4k Link left in order to get to 10k. Thats 1.2k usd. I got 300 i can put in right now. Roughly 500…[View]
12447328Rate3 ($RTE - listed on huobi, bibox, bitfinex) marketcap is under 1 million, only 500k$ they'…[View]
1244747765 New Addresses in 4 days: Organic growth, same tokenomics as Bitcoin, microcap, FIRST mineable ERC…[View]
12442421Biz meetup when?[View]
12446835>buy into crypto when Bitcoin is $10,000+ >buy Link using Bitcoin when Link was $1.00+ >fas…[View]
12447433Do not sell your Nerva...: There is less than 10btc worth for sale. The market is thin as fuck and i…[View]
12446101How the fuck do normalfags run out of money?: I'm in the uk, living fully alone for 5k a year. …[View]
12447499Rootstock RIF gamechanger: buy now...Huobi tomorrow/Binance next week[View]
12447414HODL LINK: >tfw 57 link and still gonna make it[View]
12446547short! short! short![View]
12447048If you're not a link marine do you even want to make it?[View]
12446831Altcoin Pickup Season: Who's picking up when the market's full of FUD? >pic related…[View]
12447320DOWNVOTE ASAP: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/ag74wd/chainlink_has_entered_the_top…[View]
12447013>shilled non-stop everyday for almost 2 years >still $0.50 >no mainnet >barely any dev…[View]
12446981Nice prominent spot for this popup store in Davos for the upcoming WEF meeting.[View]
12445320Dai: So I've locked in my ETH and got some Dai. What now?[View]
12446988one chain to rule them all one chain to rule them all one chain to rule them all[View]
12446936How are we all going now that crypto is officially dead? Me personally I sucked so much dick last ni…[View]
12446876Why is fudding link so much fun? I've kept a small stack for I think over a year and have been …[View]
12443408I'M GONNA SAY IT![View]
12446769nothing personal, kid[View]
12446362This crypto winter is very cold frens. I'm fraid I might not make it[View]
12446590Assemble Marines: as lof of retards in this board had filters applied for s t i ky l n key... so wor…[View]
12446106Does he do it just to piss is off?: It’s well known he browses here so he’s aware of the onions meme…[View]
12445856hey fellas, /fit/izen checking in, I'm relatively new to crypto and /biz/ in particular so I wa…[View]
12446932$15 LINK: WE DID IT!![View]
12445605How will we know when it's a confirmed bull market[View]
12446605show me how many RLC you got nigga >b-but I didn't buy under ICO... nigga u retarded *bang b…[View]
12446991I think I lost all my money: I entered Crypto at the height of the frenzy, managed to 'cash out' at …[View]
12446164I have link in my retirement fund but....: I’m a boomer and I never understood the malice the youngs…[View]
12446894TITANIUM SUPPORT We will unironically NEVER go down ever again[View]
12446906question for old fags who were around before the eth bullrun. I'm just trying to compare people…[View]
12444815The dollar is unironically a shitcoin with no intrinsic value and an infinite supply. The lead devs …[View]
12446097LINK they're not selling: i'm putting bids above current top bids and they're not sel…[View]
12446394I bought Ethereum at almost $500 because I thought that was the bottom. AMA[View]
12446782An exchange gets hacked and there's no dump. Why not?[View]
12446165>my internet money is going to overtake FIAT >'oh yeah how do you buy this internet money?' …[View]
12446055Quant has big things comming: Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dw6wcEzW0AAkZPn.jpg Q1: What are th…[View]
12445877Loans with poor credit: Sup Biz! Has anyone ever successfully lied on loan/credit card applications …[View]
12446861DSTRA Airdrop General #17: Too poor to invest real money in crypto? REKT by the bears? Then you…[View]
12446724Whats your excuse? Nano 200$ eoy[View]
12446772Quant listed on IDAX: Is IDAX a good exchange. I know its gonna get more exchnages but Im wondering …[View]
12446514CRYPTOPIACONNECCCTTTTT: Hacked and rekt. RIP Craptopia.[View]
12446780>go to vet >doc tells me my cat.might have a tumour in his foot and will have to get the toe a…[View]
12444033Some of you guys are alright don’t be in crypto next week[View]
12446748Achtung!: The Cryptopia exchange has been hacked. All funds gone. More exchanges to follow.[View]
12446578How strong is your hand anon? I haven't made a trade since jan -18 and am still comfy as shit. …[View]
12446692'yeah bro, I'm going to just be self-employed, I don't want to work 8 hours a day. What…[View]
12446543Are you enjoying your time in crypto hell[View]
12446026>Be poorfag with 4k LINK stack >1K EOY Happens >Now have a decent amount of capital >Cas…[View]
12446537FUDsetsr, how does it feel?: Can we have an honest discussion about all your FUD attempts? Basically…[View]
12445961So... when’s the next dump? If and when it occurs, what method do you plan to use to end your life?[View]
12446610Imagine selling the absolute literal fucking BOTTOM after LINK last year: Girls should not trade…[View]
12446331i sold at 8k sats: fucking kill me[View]
12446639Where my icon niggas at. Run the numbers[View]
12446453LINK: All the gays have sold.[View]
12445326What does it mean???: What does it mean anons?[View]
12445833HELP ME MOVE MY LINK: Newfag here, technical question. With the USD pair coming, will i be able to m…[View]
12446490I assume that everyone here wants to stake their links once mainnet goes live. Would there be a comp…[View]
12446532OH NO NO NO[View]
12444349chx: this is what i like about biz. most of the shit posted here is utterly useless. day after day y…[View]
12446508WHEEEEEEN CB listing: now bnb done...when cb listing goys[View]
12446119Who here getting JUSTed right now?[View]
12444628How can one start to make money (even very small money) legally online with $1,000 starting cash?[View]
12446064what did kek mean by this?[View]
12446382When this came out I sold all my LINK.: Do some of you actually still hold from last year? Is it too…[View]
12445934makes you think[View]
12446133Who fell for the Putin pump?[View]
12445676Bithumb to open deposits/withdrawals: Stratis currently 50k says on bithumb, 26k everywhere else Wha…[View]
12446373crypto is ded: > Change My Mind[View]
12446366DeroGold is now listed: FirstCryptoBank has added DEGO https://fcbaccount.com/account/exchange/DOGE/…[View]
12446347May I have your attention please[View]
12446354Chainstink: WHAT THE FUCK enough of this sideways movement, I want to pump more already. I'm un…[View]
12445056Swing Linkers BTFO[View]
12445616How do I short science?[View]
12446350which one of you fuckers are suppressing the price on bittrex stahp it[View]
12446279Why is money so pervasive from me? Why does the universe insist that I get JUST'd?[View]
12446204Im Shorting this anti testosterone company: Guys tomorrow short this stock for fucking ruining the p…[View]
12444415SELL LINK NOW: >green candles go up forever![View]
12446246Reqed: I am financially devestated.[View]
12443983what do you think his portfolio looks like?[View]
12446149why did he do it[View]
12446158Is it OOOOOO or AAAAAA?[View]
12446190Can somebody plz poast that gif or video of vitalik walking on stage like a spaz? Thanks in advance …[View]
12445921Is this thing gonna pump and are the rumors of a Coinbase listing true? Give it to me straight anons…[View]
12446032CHINKCOIN BTFO[View]
12445990Im a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizing abou…[View]
12444081Unironocally all in. Chinese Ethereum with passive income. Think about that.[View]
12445928Guys we fucking hot 50c got damn it!!!![View]
12445937NoLinkers BTFO: Ahhh, sweet sweet vindication.[View]
12445547Vechain Daily /VG/: Vechin Daily /VG/ 15/01/2019 - VeChain mentioned as Winner at World Blockchain F…[View]
12445670About fucking time...[View]
12445315Should I quit my job: I have been a pharmacy technician for over 2 years now and I have noticed not …[View]
12445684WHEN SHOULD I BUY: FOMO grips me hard anons, as I only have 12k LINKies and I unironically think we …[View]
12444523Flo...and STO: I think everyone believes tokenized security trading is the next big thing. One of th…[View]
12444995>boss made fun of me in front of cutie customer.[View]
12445720>black people are stupi-[View]
12444528Links about to do it again. Strong resistance. Volume drying up. Another moon incoming[View]
12445718Report this thot: I’m probably late on this whole thot audit thing, and this probably isn’t the righ…[View]
12445192The pump was caused by whales buying to sell the news now it's listed on binance against USDC. …[View]
12445818trailer parks: kind of want to buy one but I havent got any friends to live in the other trailers. I…[View]
12445665is 72.3 million dollars enough to retire? i tried my best but couldn't get gain more. i'm …[View]
12445257I am a neet that is about to capitulate into getting a job for the first time in my life. Fuck i nev…[View]
12445721what went wrong? its literally dumping as we speak[View]
12444563OTC trading causes Bart: The estimated volume of OTC crypto trades is $12 billion+ a day. Whales loa…[View]
12443393Russian Stratis: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/impleum/ Essentially a Stratis clone. They nea…[View]
12445561>imagine being almost 30 >no real accomplishments in life >not even house wife and kids …[View]
12445779Pic related will pump like dlt&vibe[View]
12445361Take profits from LINK: and put them in RLC You are welcome.[View]
12444692Are you blind or do you just hate: Link and Trump are intrinsically connected. Deny this means you d…[View]
12445582Is there any hope?: https://mobile.twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1084981652365795328?s=19…[View]
12444148Free-for-all FUD thread: >FUD anything thread Legitimate or made up does not matter as long as it…[View]
12443581are all non kyc exchanges scams?: Anyone got a non KYC exchange that dosen't steal your money? …[View]
12443435>no HOT thread in the catalogue How comfy are you right now, lads? 18 sats, we have the momentum.…[View]
12445288How about a comfy story anon?[View]
12444329Agrello. What is going on?: What did they shake on?[View]
12445660The absolute state of NoLinkers. Are you seriously going to let the next 2011 bitcoin tier gains jus…[View]
12445195>sideways >sideways >sideways >sideways Why can't it just go steadily up and down…[View]
12445094Wanna become chad for cheap? Here's how: invest in stuff women need like tampons, tissues, etc …[View]
12445597This, ETH and BTC are the only tokens that matter, prove me wrong. >BTC proof of concept, digita…[View]
12445367Top 30: It’s been such an honor, fellow marines.[View]
12444207>if he signed the satoshi keys today There would be fags that would say shit like “satoshi doesn…[View]
12443950when will plebbit fomo in?[View]
12445567We're going to pump again all day tomorrow when normies wake up to the news of the USD pairing.…[View]
12445575Im a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizing abou…[View]
12445566Hey I've been away for a while due to family issues. How's Confido doing? Can't find …[View]
12445551I bought Bitcoin at $20k. I can only afford McDonalds meals now.: Make Bitcoin Great Again.[View]
12445182OooooooooOoooooooooOoooooo: OooooooooooooooooOooooooooooooooooooOooooooooooooooOoooooo[View]
12444580Ripple XRP Cultist: Just to give a heads up to anyone running a Link-related account. XRP Cultists …[View]
12442048is 10k LINK enough to solve the lambo problem?[View]
12445435lol. wtf did this coin even do again?[View]
12445513Post your ranks: + ͟S͘CHL͠OP̕ Ranks - *SCHLOP* *SCHLOP* *SCHLǪ͙̓̃P*̻̈́̿ ̙̯̤̐*DAB*: General Sergey Na…[View]
12438700Listen to this while Link pumps and feel as euphoric as I do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcev7yE…[View]
12445423Is it too late to buy in Fuck[View]
12445419Should I just buy in or what? This shit isn't going down no matter how long I wait[View]
12443892AHEM: You have 30min. Last warning.[View]
12445244are you?[View]
12441536Singularity and the search for happiness: What are you going to do if (once) Chainlink hits an absur…[View]
12445156Heh, nothing personal kid.[View]
12445417>he thinks the bear market is over[View]
12445296>Finally became a Millionaire today >Dick stops working What the fuck is the point.…[View]
12445375350k LINK enough to make it?: Should I have accumulated more at 2.2k sats bros?[View]
124453311link=1link: i took profits from link gains. is it supposed to hurt?[View]
12445342A year ago this has a 2.7bn market cap. A year ago link had a 500mn market cap. Today link is above …[View]
12445370T O P O P T H I R T Y H I R T Y[View]
12445268what did LINK mean by this?[View]
12445203LINK Reality: So how far is LINK going to plummet once the chimps chasing the heat with this flavour…[View]
12444770AMB Masternode onboarding: I've finally made it, I've been chosen to run a masternode on t…[View]
12444999I sold my LINK back at 3900 sats. I have sinned[View]
12445310Skateboard Jungle Gook BTFO![View]
12445303Dawn of a new era for mankind?[View]
12443957Self managed superannuation fund: Any anons have one of these. I'm gonna use e super fund and g…[View]
12445231swingies iffy uh linkers being thrifty uh linky stays stinky uh back at .50 uh[View]
12443517Battles of the DEXs: Which of these will eventually emerge the winner of the DEX wars: Binance DEX R…[View]
12445206It's not much but I joined the double digit btc club. Fell for the hodl and DCA memes. I hope a…[View]
12445197What would happen if you went 100x long on bitmex with a 100$ and it happened to bart upwards right …[View]
12444905Binance: Who else here going to open a TUSD sell order of $1000 per link?[View]
12445184Why does no one on /biz/ talk about DIG? Seems like the perfect shitcoin for this group.[View]
12443884How Much?: How much LINK do you need to own to be considered a whale, dolphin, fish?[View]
12445173Thank u, Binance: Now I can dump my millions of stikylinkies for USDC and retire.[View]
12445063LINK is the real Bitcoin: Prove me wrong. (Hint: You can't.)[View]
12438395>decide to get married >start bleeding money just planning a simple wedding DON'T FALL FO…[View]
1244513714K Breached: This is not a drill[View]
12445016WTF NIGGERS: Are yall faggots really going to make me pay 50 cents to add to my stack?[View]
12444887Coinbase listing this week. See you soon.[View]
12444993>just casually open /biz/ >top 4 threads are all linkshilling i bought 29k link only for this …[View]
12445055This ones' for KB Toys..[View]
12445051Chainlink's volume is 2x as high as IOTAs and 4x as high as VETs. This is extremely bullish. Ge…[View]
12444300why can't i win: I studied the numbers and came up with what i think is a good system, im in th…[View]
12444837Bros I thought we were gonna dump to 1k?[View]
12442040>pay taxes when i get money >Pay taxes when I spend money >Pay taxes on things that I'…[View]
12444924Every day we are getting closer and closer to knocking out the gook scam once and for all. 10M marke…[View]
12444007>tfw my main income is from slot machines[View]
12444758*beep boop*: >Transfer 1 RLC or be executed. Non-RLC holder: b-b-but I didn't buy any under …[View]
12444948Hollywoods cheap labor: With all the diversity crap they been selling. We know L.A. is infested with…[View]
12443360Signals for ETH: No sell signal still. Might reopen a long if we break 132. So if you have a positio…[View]
12444653WTF WAS THAT[View]
12444874Ambrosus masternode is live!: I just onboarded on wave 1 and started making money! Get your AMB now …[View]
12444843> tfw our secret coin is being infiltrated by normies[View]
12443716Messed up my back and was thinking of using my money to get a massage. Should I go to some 5 star pl…[View]
12444504Should l become an electrician, a plumber, or a carpenter?[View]
12444773Guys I need the S&P500 to take a major dump tomorrow or else I'm going to lose my shit. How…[View]
12444793What will you do with your inheritance biz? Assuming you get it in 2019.[View]
12442597Cant believe you all made me fall for the CS major meme >Go to decent size college >First day …[View]
12444354Mainnet t-1: I mean, you are going to do your part make Satoshi's second cryptocurrency project…[View]
12443535I love this board so much: never change you fucking autists, the schlop threads, the tink threads, t…[View]
12442757Do you even TRX[View]
12444196Important thread: Let's say your portfolio goes up to $10,000,000. What is the safest and most …[View]
12444203> Terrified of being audited Am I the only one? How likely is an audit and how much does it suck?…[View]
12443130>we're the early adopte...[View]
12442291CSW: This fucking guy > one of us[View]
12444649WOWZAAAAA: WITNESS!!!![View]
12444313Chainlink breadcrumb - I come from POL: Adam Greene BTFOing Owen Shroyer on how INFOwars never had a…[View]
12444685>http://fortune.com/2019/01/14/russia-considering-shift-bitcoin-limit-impact-us-sanctions/ hard t…[View]
12443046No love for LINK on Reddit: They really think we are Satan’s spawn over on r/Cryptocurrency https:/…[View]
12442404What is a man to a king?[View]
12443758is it possibble to use machine learning to create a profitable algo bot?[View]
12443782HE DOES IT FOR FREE: Is there any redemption for 4chan (nel) jannies? He's a glorified autistic…[View]
12444539what music is playing when you /makeit/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otna9Pe3jWg[View]
12442493Libertarians and conservatives in my country are campaigning for removing all taxes on inheritance s…[View]
12439225Coss: Be me Bought 200k Coss Wait for 6 months Be millionaire.[View]
12443526No1 2020 - the new 401k: ETH will overtake bitcoin and will become the most widely adopted. Stop you…[View]
12442177why would you hold junglegook scam over the god protocol: who is still holding omise here?[View]
12444557What's the best way to have people make affiliate accounts on my website? Should I give them v…[View]
12444448Pacific Gas & Electric: yikes[View]
12444264Why aren’t you using Binance?: This guy has been giving out crypto, in other words no investment for…[View]
12444254444444 get ITT: don't be a pic related[View]
12443869What is it about this symbol that CoinMetro pajeets love/hate so much?[View]
12444419Why is Skycoin still not censored/banned on biz?: CEO is a confirmed autistic coke addict who lies a…[View]
12440550/smg/ - Stock Market General: Circuit breakers this week edition >I'm new to the stock marke…[View]
12444323Be your own boss: Why can’t I just have my own business. I can’t concentrate at work because my mind…[View]
12442576>Satoshi Vision[View]
12444445$1000 End of Fiscal Year.[View]
12443645why is this allowed?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corporation established pursua…[View]
12444317Fuck fuck fuck: 8btc portfolio anons 2btc in LINK 6btc in HOT Should I just go 50/50 or what?[View]
12442161*tink tink tink* *ahem* I have an announcement to make... poopoo and finally... peepee PS: fuck you …[View]
12444411So biz: There won't be a new mega bullrun because mainstream already happened in 2017. Normal …[View]
12443304>wake up >eat and drink coffee while browsing internet and watching tennis >do some chores …[View]
12441627So If you bought Square Inc in late 2016 or early 2017 and sold at the top, you would have made a 10…[View]
12444336In 23 AD Roman economist Sminem Bull theorised the existence of a economic-ecosystem that had reache…[View]
12431426Is NKN the only chink project that isnt a joke?: They have been making some herculean moves behind t…[View]
12444049>tfw reddit buys your $100 stinky linkies: >tfw reddit buys your $100 stinky linkies…[View]
12442680Best Action Figure Investment?: I’m looking to retire at 32.[View]
12443100Is 6k stinkies enough to make it?[View]
12442937HAPPENING: Holy shit it's unironically happening. Are you hyped biz?[View]
12444200Pension question: My private non-Government company, when I first started working there, offered a c…[View]
12442526It has dawned upon me that i knew specifically who Satoshi Nakamoto is. No larp, Satoshi is unironi…[View]
12441393Why. Talk: Why. Does. He talk. Like this. >parents. > No. > wrong. > core.…[View]
12443732I live in SA and will soon open a crypto cafe (Andes region). AMA[View]
12444146It's been 3 months since the last Alt Season[View]
12444128moon: did you buy before the pump?[View]
12444114iExec RLC: >turns your centralized app into a decentralized app[View]
12443728HOW MANY LINK[View]
12427530Explain to me, an admitted brainlet, why this and the other current STO cryptos won't end up li…[View]
12444026Cup and Handle fully formed on TRON: get in here boys[View]
12443866wagecuck general /wage/: hello fellow wagies, discuss your currently wagecuckery situation here >…[View]
12442739Is their any chance starting up a comic book shop in a small town could succeed? I've always wa…[View]
12444024Hey Steve how's it going? Hope you are doing well. Keep up the good work! We are all rooting fo…[View]
12443817How can I profit from Ivory sales ?: The truth is Crytpo - Gold - Stocks - Bonds are all for faggots…[View]
12441795mimble wimble: Grin launches tomorrow. Im still researching but possibly a way to add privacy+scalab…[View]
12442163Assblaster: 'I'd be surprised if it isn't $3 by May' did he mean May 2019?[View]
12443882> Can't get along with any of his peers. > Fired from all previous crypto jobs. > Drop…[View]
12443762I'm a newfag, can someone explain what the fuck happened in the market this morning? So at arou…[View]
12443380Why is the UK such a fucking ghost town outside of London? Every single good job is in London. Every…[View]
12443590top 3 biatches: kek[View]
12442942I got JUSTed pretty hard on coins, /biz/. I want to do the good old fashioned wagie thing and buy so…[View]
12443397memes are converging[View]
12443883I hate wagecucking SO DAMN MUCH[View]
12438032>roastie gets famous for being roastie 'software engineer', then quits job and live on youtube bu…[View]
12442870How to fuck my boss over: >be me, have great boss >boss has stroke a while ago >now he slip…[View]
12443255Capital losses: What crypto tax service are good? I've heard of bitcoin.tax and bear.tax Bear s…[View]
12439048Does your gf/wife know about your crypto stacks?: My wife knows I have some 'crypto' but nothing abo…[View]
1244313330min: No larp. Dont swing marines. You’ve been warned.[View]
12443803Porn Company Collaboration: Alright guys. I don't have a lot of time and can't keep this b…[View]
12443694I hurt myself today: To see if I still feel[View]
12442560aye nibbas come here t.me/extremecryptoautism only 150+ iq allowed dumbo niggas dont even try[View]
12443745>erc tokens[View]
12441808Who else here proudly in the cult of Craig? honestly I love pretty much everything about the guy. It…[View]
124432860x: Should I get a big fat bag of this?[View]
12443222>biz fudded TRTL back when it was 0.00002 it 10x-ed >biz fudded TRX back when it was 0.002 it …[View]
12443713We are the Chainlink Marines.[View]
12443613riddle me this: If we truly believe in meme magic, then isn't this extremely bullish for Chainl…[View]
12441441HALP: So how do you guys flip crypto without the feds busting your ass? Like how do I get on About f…[View]
12442168Biz help me settung up an zoomer-milking business: Hey biz, I need some advice Short backstory - I’m…[View]
12443629It's okay, right?: I am trapped in erc20 cage. The jew made me do this.[View]
12443377That 30 year old boomer who thinks Crypto is the future[View]
12442459Linkpool: If you want a reason to invest in LP, think how the Reddit and co FOMO will be, once they …[View]
12443626>External job ad >Salary: Pay Grade G920 >No scale or legend to match the arbitrarily assig…[View]
12442788>He didn't sell all of his Link above 13K Bagholders BTFO swinglinkers are the true chads, s…[View]
12443617Crypto Hedge Fund (CHF): Why isn't there a service which would allow normies easy access to inv…[View]
12443187Platinum: Any /biz/realites hold any physical platinum? Is it easy to sell?[View]
12442540In need of advice: I came to the realisation the other day that I actually hate my job (engineer). A…[View]
12440756>1456+563 >Not being a bureaucrat >Cushy upper middle class income >Great benefits >…[View]
12442941Am I stupid?: Original thread >>12439598 >I stayed at home >passed on the milf >kille…[View]
12442460>down $10,000+ >/biz/ tells me it's fine because I'm up in sats This doesn't fe…[View]
12443366*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into t…[View]
12441324WTF DON'T LET NORMIES GET LINK THIS CHEAP: this pajeet is shilling chainlink. 1200 views in 2 h…[View]
12443444>be me >invest in bitcoin on my rpi see you layter poosers im buying wallstreet and selling it…[View]
12441942What are some easy things to do to save money? I'm talking useless products, consumer scams, an…[View]
12441642fut: Fast forward, you're 36yo. What do you want to have achieved by then? Will you have child…[View]
12442253Collectibles: What collectibles do you own? Have you invested in collectibles or other items that ar…[View]
12443283get in here!: White house partnership confirmed! We're making it boys![View]
12443335I'm tired /biz/ been getting drunk and taking sleeping pills daily for almost one whole year no…[View]
12441882Who made this? This makes me laugh and cry knowing that I am stuck in the rat race. At least I’m get…[View]
12443033Coins i have on the watch list: Tell me what to keep and what to unwatch . Also please give me at le…[View]
12443188Honey it’s a boy![View]
12443261based and brownpilled: https://whatsonchain.com/tx/4776e00eb9ee87b46f8824728f6674ac71e9e72dd6fcc2906…[View]
12442902am i allowed to participate in the memes even though i dont have any LINK, /biz/? i dont have any mo…[View]
12442217CGC and the new american hemp revolution.: Cgc just got its liscensing from the state of new york to…[View]
12443167>there are people on this board that still deny that Craig is satoshi and will miss out on the BS…[View]
12443120Compensation discussions: Post those raises >mfw jeffe goes on for 5 minutes about how im a top p…[View]
124426504chan's Greatest Triumph--Chainlink, Unironically: The greatest lie 4chan and, more specificall…[View]
12442995Who's ready for the weekly 8pm est Monday dump[View]
12443022Crypto Early 2017 VS. Now: While we all know markets aren't entirely efficient (why else would …[View]
12443148I think that has bottomed at a comfortable place for me. What projects do you know of that have cash…[View]
12443011ITT: Next gen cryptocurrencies[View]
12442287BSV vs BCH: Discuss[View]
12442982>Dear Anon, >Thank you for your interest in the Wagecuck Analyst position at Steinberg and Gol…[View]
12442389How do I buy link: Do i have to buy Bitcoin first???[View]
12443090My brithday is the 25th, aka right after the bakkt supposed launch Will I get a nice dump to short o…[View]
12442923WHEN MAINNET???[View]
12442863CHX: Vapor wave or the genuine deal? Where are people expecting the price to go in 6 months/EOY? …[View]
12442646NKN - new bi-weekly report just released: Highlights R&D highlights (GitHub progress, go & j…[View]
12442901Prasma soon! 2019 ROCK year![View]
12440774what non-tech factors to take into account when picking a coin? besides what McCoffee is shilling[View]
12441608Daily reminder: if you're not a NEET, but in an industry that could utilize smart contracts, do…[View]
12442314Whole market pumps, this shitcoin dumps: NKN fags BTFO binance never cucks[View]
12441359fuck yes. now all the onions boys will begin to purchase the switch ironically and i get paid get in…[View]
12440590Why does the price stay perfectly stable between Barts?: Is that because noone at all is buying and …[View]
12442071Have you ever thought about what would happen if a cryptocurrency become a world-wide accepted curre…[View]
12441428What kind of firearm and dog should I get to protect my cold storage?[View]
12442583SELL LINK: >be me >Started crypto trading spring 2017 >invested in 0x, ICX ico's. (LTC…[View]
12442580my brain is literally so fucking impressive yet everytime i tell you retards what coins to buy i get…[View]
12440572UK Thread: how are you going to hedge against a possible no deal Brexit? how is work going? tell us …[View]
12442031i don't know about you snowflakes but, I see a blizzard coming[View]
12442018i only have 1700 LINK: if and when LINK hits singularity at $1000, i will have only around $1M becau…[View]
12442323LINK has to backtest 10K sat: what say you?[View]
12442495Hi frens: me beening have idea for great new super blochain coin that will be very good and do great…[View]
12441076X-ChadFamily Gathering: >he’s white >he still lives with mom & pop >he’s in his 20s …[View]
12440876Worst financial decision in history: This fucker literally sacrificed $68 billion to date a random 4…[View]
12442679Why aren't you a turtle?[View]
12442552Truck, truck, Lambo Guns, guns, ammo Me and Apu Apustaja, back to back cause that's my fammo He…[View]
12441806These are the new crypto's that will make us make it again: So, here are some of the most antic…[View]
12439318Own CHX: Alright, you should spend 2 minutes to read this so you don't feel like killing yourse…[View]
12442587So the Gox coins are coming out as soon as April but won't be market sold this time. Does this …[View]
12442350>its January 2021 >LINK: $0.75 / 15,000 sats >still daily larp threads >still anon shill…[View]
12441764Is crypto a scam?[View]
12436567153 Companies 14 Countries $438 Million USD Tokenized 1% of this needs to be purchased in CHX token…[View]
12440546>Ethereum founder >IOHK CEO >billionaire >at just 30 years old Why are you not investing…[View]
12442514DAT VOLUME DOE[View]
12441736Niggas be complaining about LINK being 48 cents I bought my first LINK at a fucking DOLLAR EACH. God…[View]
12442267Say you have a 50k link stack. Say link reaches $20 You have 1 mil. How do you not cash out and run…[View]
12442162Why isn't there a movie production bubble?: When a movie makes it to cinema, it will almost nev…[View]
12440972I saved hundreds on this thing. Bought a box of 300 high end razors blades for like 13 dollars and …[View]
12442336>tfw got rated 5/5 and got a promotion today everyone else doing good? i hope so! you'll all…[View]
12441254I'm an independent contractor and I need a macbook. How do I deduct this from my income? My tax…[View]
12441758Do we need to say «thank you China» for the next Bull run ? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-1…[View]
12442238I'm a retard with a stable job and low expenses, I spend all day at work then go home, cook din…[View]
12442466>decentralized oracles[View]
12436201Thinking of dumping 150k Nerva on TO: I’ve been hearing ramblings of this being a scam, I’ve accumul…[View]
12442252What coin should I invest in for the next bull run?[View]
12440165Share your red[View]
12441572I only have 2k link, which is no where near enough to make it. I'll live somewhat comfortably b…[View]
12442354What Coin Will Take Over The USD as the Standard?: M O O N O O N[View]
124422572070 paradigm shift: do you feel it? we've moved beyond the 'should link be shilled or fudded' …[View]
12442381529 Plan?: I’m not really sure if this is the right place to ask. I have a 529 plan and withdrew som…[View]
12442374why do retarded shit like trade stocks and crypto when you could use that big boy brain for crime? p…[View]
12442050buy link: buy link[View]
12440798Aion fucking rekt: Okay im seriously pissed. This coin is getting worse by the day. The community ha…[View]
12442228>be me, poor 23 year old neet uneducated as fuck >decide to apply for mcdonalds job >become…[View]
12441535ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
12441429Here's an NPC BTC maximalist and BCH hater getting completely fucked. (Nathan_D, 7UP) https://t…[View]
12441125Your thoughts on this? I want to buy a shit ton of these, but need a second opinion. Tokenization of…[View]
12441967Will I make it: 1 BTC 33 ETH 20k AION 1000 GAS 200NEO 1000OMG[View]
12439368Should I sell?: Should I sell?[View]
12441949Do not buy this coin. They are working with alibaba we all know alibaba is pajeet shit[View]
12442075New shitcoin https://bitcointalk. org/index.php?topic=5096546.0 88 000 total coins, mineable, meme …[View]
12440997>TFW 1 Linkpool is worth more than 1 ETH ever was: And this during the biggest bear market ever…[View]
12441959It begins.[View]
12442175It's dead isn't it. Even the telegram shills are giving up[View]
12440374Feels good to have made it[View]
12441285>tfw got fired today[View]
12440086https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-14/russia-prepares-buy-10-billion-bitcoin-evade-us-sanctions …[View]
12442148Fuck Ripple!: VIN IS MY BEST FRIEND[View]
12442017two in the pink, the rest in the stink[View]
12442072Who here just got TOPIAD and for how much?: About 0.045 Myself[View]
12439014Relex - What happened to this shit?: This shit was shilled so hard in here a few months ago, and res…[View]
12437552What the fuck are smart contracts and oracles? Why do we need them? What is the acutal use case for …[View]
12442069Meme Exchange: Well, if you're poor, there's always Meme Exchange.[View]
12442036Reminder that bakkt will save Bitcoin[View]
12440753T-minus —: How many days until the majority of TA experts start making 'every indicator shows the cr…[View]
12441728/Biz/: There were incels and goyims on this board buying coins like request network, Iexec, Omisego,…[View]
12438132ITT: We post the portfolio we're aiming for during bear market. Other anons rate/hate and post …[View]
12441922The dream I had last year actually came true. >move into new mansion with family >get told by …[View]
12440543worse by the minute[View]
12441439I'm planning on investing big time in link, but I'm afraid it'll crash soon. Surely, …[View]
12441811Is he ourguy /biz/? If so, how big is his link stack?[View]
12433531Is ADA a good buy?[View]
12441601How to long aliens and short humanity? https://futurism.com/alien-probe-harvard-astronomer-oumuamua…[View]
12441856another day: another pump[View]
12441473>Does one thing >Does it well Why are you purposefully missing out on the investment of a life…[View]
12440723What a sweet looking cat[View]
12440189You know what time it is? Time for Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin Skycoin S…[View]
12441844Are privacy coins the future?[View]
12441851Pyramid Scheme: Here in Canada there's nothing stopping me from starting my own MLM (given that…[View]
12437064Unironically making a Documentary about chainlink/biz lexicon and the exploration of memetic theory.…[View]
12441548Cardano is banking on black women in a third world country by teaching them the defunct Haskell lang…[View]
12440134how did you lose/gain 2018[View]
12439075question regarding economic policy: ok, so im a bit new here, but wanted to know something regarding…[View]
12441058Hey biz, professional money manager here again. I was the one the leaked the article from IBD about…[View]
12440270Can you see the checkered flag? Everything is lining up. Get your ducks in a row.[View]
12441725I shilled LINK to a few friends and family: >be me >bought link on EtherDelta for 25c >told…[View]
12441719NBA Legend Kobe Bryant to Speak at Tron’s Crypto Conference[View]
12440698This guy's gf is hotter than any girl you'll ever be with.: While you all are chasing your…[View]
12440179>there are people buying that sold the bottom at 3500 yesterday[View]
12441672want to start using Bitmex: Can I declare Bitmex income on my taxes in the US? Are there other platf…[View]
12441432Press P to praise Bob, the whale who is painting the LINK chart.[View]
12440819what happened here? is it all over? it seemed so promising.[View]
12441600/v/ here. Thanks for the graphics cards, fags.[View]
12439372Bros I haven't had sex in years because I was trying to make it in crypto. You have to help me …[View]
12441327I don't even want any specific thing or luxury. I just don't want to have to think about h…[View]
12434375Ok guys, what are we a doing when this meme really does reach $1000 per link? How do we avoid being …[View]
12441216Every day pumps: Seriously, I see at least 10 alts going around 15% up everyday, always different. T…[View]
12440869in a world of overly complicated menus, thousands of choices of microbrewery beers, and ingredients …[View]
12440257Neets Going Their Own Way: It is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern Anon preserves and …[View]
12441373dark web money stores: so like the average joe, iwanna make a shit ton of money. you know, weed is e…[View]
12441308wagiee wagiee, wheres your cagiee??[View]
12440690Why is this mooning so hard right now red pill me faggots.[View]
12441479My high school economics teacher can't into teaching without delving into politics. He's a…[View]
12441443IT'S HAPPENING: Ayyyyyy[View]
12440964swing traded LlNK: >10 free LlNKS >made $10,000 in one trade…[View]
12439640I unironically believe fiat is facing its greatest danger today when the market is super inflated wh…[View]
12440832How do I buy more than 50k worth of gold anonymously?[View]
12440466When do we switch to from FUD to shilling Reddit? Has everyone accumulated enough?[View]
12441407The number of losers on here who pump crypto as an inevitable replacement to fiat post-crash are hil…[View]
12440962I have these cripling anxiety attacks from time to time. Lasting week or two. Yesterday it started a…[View]
12438111I still hold on to a couple grand worth of VET from back when cc was shilling it 100 times a day. B…[View]
12441297Guys, we need to talk about Monero.[View]
12441097dis is it bois: >https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-14/russia-prepares-buy-10-billion-bitcoin…[View]
12440006GRIN / BEAM: Can someone redpill me on these? Which is a better investment? Or should I invest 50:50…[View]
124401913700: >3700 3700 >3700 3700 >3700 3700 >3700 3700…[View]
12440618What factors could trigger a new bull market in crypto?[View]
12440507How do I short Gillette? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0[View]
12439917Digital Asset Management Summit 2019: https://twitter.com/jason_yano/status/1083854924222472192 Serg…[View]
12440044last warning before singularity[View]
12439612BOYS >1 ETH on Binance >8000 LINK Boys how do I swing trade this 1 ETH? I NEED 10k. What basi…[View]
12441181>wagies cant even have long hair or a beard. Lol. So much 'freedom' you have there Mr wagie. You…[View]
12440289SWIFT and ISO TC 307: https://qntchat.com/forums/topic/swift-poc-one-of-the-industrys-largest-ever-b…[View]
12441103GUESS WHO JUST GOT BACK TODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY: Guess who just got back today Them wild-eyed LINK M…[View]
12439681Elders of Zion, please help me with this very important Business question. Do you get to keep your W…[View]
12440954Nobody knows the time of the price singularity. But when it happens, everyone will know. All across …[View]
12441090Mining.: > mommy, why can hashrate grow by 20% in a day Impossible cryptanalysis attack. Every mi…[View]
12440668Can someone pls wake me up before you gogo?[View]
12441078I have a big link stack and made it from crypto in 2017 I sold off everything else except a few majo…[View]
12441066*beep boop*: >Transfer 1 RLC or be executed. Non-RLC holder: b-b-but I didn't buy any under …[View]
12441036$1000 EOY?: $1000 EOY?[View]
12440354LINK consistently pumping outside the fucking Bollinger Bands: is this it lads? are we truly witness…[View]
12439960Entitled roastie sister: I have a sister who has been in college for 6 years, lives on her own with …[View]
12440150do you hate your job?: why yes I do hate my job[View]
12439966There are retards on here right now who are still holding their link stacks. Time and time again we …[View]
12439328Why do rich people have such bad taste in art and aesthetics?[View]

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