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16218705winter is cooming: we might be in a recession already according to goldbug and hedera hashgraph shil…[View]
16217112This man is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Describe what you feel about this fact[View]
16218589There won't be a crash, but if it did humanity would essentially have to start over on a global…[View]
16217335Oh no no no silver chads: Niggers are buying silver, it’s time to sell. Silver bullrun ended by Trey…[View]
16218509Bitch, I got that BSV[View]
16216653Where is algo anon?: His algo is 96% correct, BS. He though he knew about risk management but put a …[View]
16214244Imagine not holding Kleros under 1 cent.: It seems Kleros shit-talkers are an angry bunch. Maybe the…[View]
16217995> I know anon it's been another day > I saw you charting in paint > Remembering Jason …[View]
16218503BEHOLD THE AUTONOMOUS ECONOMIC MARKETMAKING AGENT: Wake up, Neo... FET has you Follow the Market Mak…[View]
16217450tfw you got into defi early[View]
16217897why are u so scared to take risks anon? https://thehustle.co/how-i-made-13-million-cryptocurrency-et…[View]
16214537New website: https://0xbitcoin.org/ Looks really good[View]
16216548Building 4-plex & 8-plex Apartments: Are building small multifamily investment real estate a dea…[View]
16216979Are they gonna ban all privacy coins?[View]
16218298With recently china apparently going in the opposite direction by not outright banning cryptos(or at…[View]
16212723/smg/ - Stock Market and Anime General: Nuuuuuuuu edition List of popular brokers: https://pastebin.…[View]
16218512WTF WAS THAT?!?!?![View]
16217524When was the last time it was possible to become a millionaire from a small investment in crypto (le…[View]
16218234>'Bu...but they were inefficient' >'You've been good, anon. Pick whatever you want.' …[View]
16218345Stiffmarines: Can someone post the stiffmarines ranking chart?[View]
16217308Linker plan of attack: Get xrp army to bail for stellar lumens. Swift wants to use chainlinks. Xrp…[View]
16217962Should I buy link: Frens i need some help. Should I margin buy 2000 more Link. BSV shills and nolink…[View]
16217488People here shill rsr, tnt, nkn, bsv, bat, ftm and link. I have only 8K link and 6k USD WHAT DO I BU…[View]
16218430I just killed a link thread with this[View]
16213334RLC: Is /biz/ going to keep pretending and copeing this is a scam and it's alright they lost po…[View]
16218367NLP based shilling increased markedly lately. Any good book recommendations on NLP?[View]
16217098How do i look?[View]
16218321Are you redpilled on the tax adjustment bubble yet /biz/? You realize all corporate earnings are fak…[View]
16218054BSV is Bitcoin, btc is not: BTC is a Crime Coin that no longer follows the whitepaper Craig Wright i…[View]
16216998when did you realize most of it is luck[View]
16218174>tfw I thrive off of biz’s scammy energy[View]
16218185So when is it going to crash? People who actually know how financial shit works made it in the last…[View]
16216276Howdoo you kys: >bought at 4 cents >mooning.jpg >PnD >all is lost >less than a cent …[View]
16215347Hypothetically speaking, how would you react if Craig actually gets the satoshi coins and BSV flips …[View]
16215403Universa: UTNP, the Russian SWIFT/Ripple. First CBDC issued.[View]
16216710>decentralized internet (Skywire) - mesh network with over 10000 nodes (twice as many as TOR) alr…[View]
16217107Should i make my own ice rink and charge kids to skate on it?[View]
16216672What would he fomo into?[View]
16214015Bithumb is coming with an own chain can it be a competitor of other chains like Binance Chain? Bithu…[View]
16217319Where would one have to go to recieve insiders info honestly it can't be that hard a lot of stu…[View]
16216321u mad poorfags (cryptocucks)[View]
16217264What's going to happen to Google and Facebook after people are using Metanet? The data they har…[View]
16217760>I mistimed alt season by a year[View]
16217439BUY LINK: srs[View]
16217766LINK Rabbi’s report in[View]
16213773Ultra getting listed on COINONE, a well known Korean Exchange. I already accumulated my bag, let…[View]
16217763Why are you not buying link?: 4th industrial revolution. Automated everything.[View]
16216543Binance coin, im very bullish on this coin and here's why: There team according to the white pa…[View]
16217753The current starte of Brapper[View]
16217273>look i posted another LINK thread Into the trash it goes[View]
16213705Bow down to our Future president: Bow down to our Future president[View]
16217704Name at least three reasons why this exists.[View]
16217604What should I sell my BTC for?: henlo frembs wat shood i buy???? Bobo scared me :([View]
16217471olive oil wrestling tournament: >entry ticket is 5 dollars Do you do it?…[View]
16215765Imagine not investing in RSR[View]
16217635Oh my god I just LOVE small blocks[View]
16217276Is having 32 ethereum a stupid thing?[View]
16217223I can't take it anymore /biz/. He refuse to move out and doesn't even pay rent. wat do?[View]
16217514Can one of you bros help me identify this silver?: Bought a tray while looking around at goodwill fo…[View]
16217540NKN Prophecy: So /biz i want to discuss this post i made in a NKN thread. I posted a meme that I ori…[View]
16215623How to make extra cash: How does one make money in say, 6 months. Need about $10K Other than prostit…[View]
16214571Tulip trust: How many of you are secretly holding BSV while fudding it here in biz? In case of a fli…[View]
16216316What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other. It does not even use E…[View]
16217067Look at this. My penis is so big it has its own legs[View]
16217422>mfw was able to slash my hours by three and transfer to another department. I'm on part tim…[View]
16217248Honk Kong is bad for the global economy. Will this trigger the next global recession ? Pic definitel…[View]
16217224https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC_rEQIber0 >it was foretold 1:26[View]
16217347SAFEX: I am a SAFEX whale - AMA[View]
16217117The other boards are laughing at us again![View]
16217299bout to fomo in[View]
16217032why my tether stack never pump? been waiting months and no moon wtf?[View]
16215457Boomers are getting rich on buy and hold stocks while you wasted time chasing coins. Imagine buying …[View]
16217194You can just about smell the fires and see the glow of the torches. Who all cant wait for the curren…[View]
16215432Defswap: The news you've all been waiting for /biz/, Defswap has just gone live! Defswap is an …[View]
16217164NEW ZORRO WILL BE FEMALE: Can I short somehow studio that making this movie? How can I short shitty …[View]
16216813Please shill me coins for 2020 Ftm? Hot? Xrp? I listened y’all to buy link in 2017 and it’s the best…[View]
16217052LINK is going to 0 fpbp /thread[View]
16216496Digitalbits: Are you seriously going to watch the next 10x fly by you anons? XDB is just getting sta…[View]
16214073Link is going to drop to $2,03: Screencap this. Apologize after the fact link marines.[View]
16216843What went wrong bros?[View]
16216515https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=69121 Lets find who is the best poker player here.[View]
16216901I always have Chainlink in the far reaches of my mind.. hoping, praying that one day, it'll mak…[View]
16216839LINK: For how long will you still deny the fact that LINK is at 'complacency'/'return to normal' pha…[View]
16216658you have no idea whats coming in 3 days: just wait[View]
16216972Please sirs, will you buy some iExec RLC tokens? Many moons soon. Do the needful. The rest of you ca…[View]
16216572so, basically what will happen next is BTC crashing even further completely wiping ICO holders? is t…[View]
16215478Chainlinks circleci is failing. Its unironically over.[View]
16217062Will chainlink enable lightning payments?[View]
16216052B O R I N G I'm about to get a job ffs Jk[View]
16214792Buy NEO[View]
16216465Enter all alts[View]
16216981hmmmm remind you of any other ONE[View]
16216044How to lose 100 million overnight?[View]
16215773biz really sucks at this time of the day: buy gold and bitcoin 50/50. thank me december 2020[View]
16216916if i sell it goes up if i buy it dumps. what the fuck. if you ware wondering i sold the literal bott…[View]
16216800When volume goes up this next year, this will be rising in 4-5 sat increments at a time, that is whe…[View]
16216311insider here. trips and i reveal super secret chainlink information[View]
16215847Job Applications: What's the weirdest thing you've done for a job application or as part o…[View]
16216449Insiders report in.[View]
16216805How many BSV do I need to add a wife like this into my Harem?[View]
16215998$50 million in longs liquidated[View]
16207821FANTOM: Imagine not being all in the next moon mission[View]
16215842What are you buying for altszn?[View]
16216040Rheinmetall AG[View]
16216838Hey biz how much can I see this for ?[View]
16216249UBER + LINK ?: CTRL F'd didn't see any thread about this yet.[View]
16216783Is this altszn?[View]
16216622Chainlink outsider here. Get trips and I'll tell you nothing.[View]
16214064I'm muslim but I've been selling my body to pay for the rent. My entire life I worked mini…[View]
16216567Last night's tips: I had a shift at my bar last night, there was a private party as well and I …[View]
16212872/VID-T GENERAL/: Brace urself[View]
16216374How much do you spend a month on “entertainment”? Ie non essentials[View]
16216239anyone with a clue about banking and fees..: I want to know if I'm being fucked I put 750,000 U…[View]
16214831today is my birthday frens[View]
16215263Is this a good buy right now?[View]
16216508I asked Sergey Nazarov what he will do once Chainlink is fully functional. He simply showed me this …[View]
16216624should i quit my job?: i seek your wisdom /biz/ i have a collab contract with this company, cozy wor…[View]
16213764Just imagine: /biz/ without pajeets shilling sanjay vision or chainstink 24/7[View]
16216553It’s happening tonight, strap in boys!: It’s happening tonight, strap in boys![View]
16213668My dad just gave me a story about the good old days: Spoke to me about his pension scheme he bought …[View]
16215324Whats the future for weedstocks? Currently ive been eyeing Aurora and canopy, is it a good time to b…[View]
16216054Where does the /biz/ wardrobe consist of ?[View]
16216502I told you, yet again, and yet again you did not listen[View]
16214636UOS: Keep denying the inevitable but there is nothing stopping ULTRA to be 0.20 BEOTY.[View]
16216124Why dont you work a govt job in CA?: Its like you want to be poor. https://transparentcalifornia.com…[View]
16216082What's his secret?[View]
16216455Experiment giving away $10: Im wanting to try increasing traffic to my site by offering incentives t…[View]
16216440What if he really is Satoshi?[View]
16215966Do you lose money in Crypto? Stop that shit now.: I see so many people crying here about losing mone…[View]
16210984I have $200k to invest, which index funds?: ETF's or mutual funds, passive or active? Which gen…[View]
16216398I remember this was shilled here a while back, but I didn't pay much attention. What's the…[View]
16215239What if he is right?[View]
16216366XRP: Confy.[View]
16216354Operation Switcheo Moon Mission: SWTH General #2: Gweilo Edition Q.) What is Switcheo Token? A.) Swi…[View]
16211943SinguLottery ($SLY) has launched.: Hello 4chan. This is SinguLottery, and this is zero hour. We were…[View]
16216215Crypto made me find humor exclusively in shit like this. Am I a psychopath now?[View]
16215922Link 0.1 USD in 2020: See pic related. BTW a thread died for this.[View]
16216313Please buy our VeChain coin thank you[View]
16215770>PhD in Physics >rejected from 200+ jobs over 13 months >can’t even unironically get a tea…[View]
16214624I love being the underdog: All or nothing or nothing else Cut me out or cut me in They will never se…[View]
16214936How to sell drugs when your country is under war on drugs?[View]
16216078BTC/Crypto valuation: Lets pretend that crypto becomes mainstream in the future and fiat is gone, wh…[View]
16214047X: R P[View]
16215906I'm studying a masters in a degree which seems to me like it has no real value. Should I just b…[View]
16216147Online payment: hey biz, what kind of card do you use to transfer monies online? I'm looking fo…[View]
16215807Cities are becoming corporate dystopias. Companies in big cities like London, New York, Tokyo etc. a…[View]
16211912will it ever be this easy again? Are there any coins now with legit faucets?[View]
16214812/RSR/ General: Morning There is a pump inbound either Today or tomorrow Look at the chart and patte…[View]
16216031Lol, someone made a copy pasta on /ourjeet/ and instead of getting angry he pinned the screenshot on…[View]
16214572Found my 2017 USB: these gems must be worth millions! WTF is a Loopring?[View]
16216016A thread died for this.[View]
16215218What do you think miners will switch their rigs to once Ethereum goes Proof of Stake??[View]
16215646My story: Hello friends. I want to download my despair with you. You see, my life is not on the righ…[View]
16214062How's Asuka prophecy? I was told 16k in November?[View]
16216029Prepare to be ass blasted boomer stackers.[View]
16214747Meet Alex Kang, the COO of Veron: Throughout Alex's career, he has successfully negotiated with…[View]
16215698If you are not all in then you will be a /bizlet forever: I can't make it any clearer for you…[View]
16215016Deutsche bank: Why haven’t you bought stocks in the Deutsche bank yet? It’s almost a guaranteed doub…[View]
16213799Chainlink, Smart Contracts, and Unlimited Derivatives: Chainlink and smart contracts will allow a ne…[View]
16215647Stop destroying the environment.[View]
16214558Why do everyone suddenly hate Satoshi? Is the hate organic or is it something sinister pulling the s…[View]
16215536Who's ready for the interoperability revolution?[View]
16213902gimme your top 5 altcoin that are the best to invest in.[View]
16213991So, how do we short USA females for profit? >spend almost one year traveling through the America…[View]
16215731>browsing biz before the halving[View]
16214018will this ever pump without dumping again the next day[View]
16215514>Let me penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's your maste…[View]
16213262How and where to learn to code ? Hey guys im trying to find out a way how and where to learn to cod…[View]
16213650Happy day thread: pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy…[View]
16215374Metanet ICU: >step right up >come one come all >meet the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto >…[View]
16214748Tunisia just launched its first cryptocurrency becoming the first country to issue it's own cen…[View]
16213346$4.5 really was the top wasn't it?[View]
16215285>He missed out on BTC >He missed out on ETH >He missed out on Link Want to be reading the s…[View]
16215708any time you mention sergey nazarov playing online games, you get swarmed with people saying “it was…[View]
16215381I work as a Canadian plumber. Today i made more money than any of you cucks will ever make day tradi…[View]
16214589>need btc for my meds >go full dumb dumb and didn't bother to check the price index >b…[View]
16215027When $0.10? When $1?[View]
16213723I'm tired marines, we all know that we already made it, but this waiting game is tiresome, it c…[View]
16215598DID YOU KNOW?: By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of #data will be created every second, for every person on ear…[View]
16215594The pump has started... Target is 600[View]
16215068FANTOM GENERAL: >He doesn't know what's coming LMAO[View]
16213940>Monday morning[View]
16214882while bitcoin stagnates alts are about to have their own december 2018-june 2019 run, aren't th…[View]
16215487Why aren't you mining yet, anon?: The project’s mission is bold – to build the world’s most inc…[View]
16211534Ferrum is only about gains. It is strictly a gains coin. It does not alter your perception; it will …[View]
16214651NEO is about the explode: We're back[View]
16215414So you’re telling me people with 195,000 LINK will have $195mm?[View]
16212787Be honest. How many of you still hold XRP? 2.5 year old bag here. I already accepted I got scammed …[View]
16215512Substratum: Download the Aloha Wifi Android app and earn crypto by sharing your wifi. Help create a …[View]
16214550they're going to say some dumb shit today like 'we're proud to announce our partnership wi…[View]
16214869Multi Collateral Dai: November 18th[View]
16212555Who's Excited?[View]
16215111how to get into bitcoin: How do get some without providing ID and SSN[View]
16214881I work at one of the big mining operations in China. Since September 1st we have begun slowly increa…[View]
16215122Why are there no 40+ year old NEETs here?: OK so this is weird, there are loads of NEETS here, but t…[View]
16213831Really think about wagecucking for a second: Think hard about it. Think about how bad it is for you …[View]
16214263>He bet his family's entire life savings and mortgaged his home for a shot at millions: >…[View]
16215397WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?[View]
16214379Sup /biz/, How much can I make by selling goldendoodle puppies? Does it matter if it's a male p…[View]
16214926You MUST post ITT if you're waging right now: wage[View]
16211749how much for a girl like this?[View]
16215120Here's my current crypto spread. I only started investing on Coinbase last week. I plan on putt…[View]
16215338>be browsing wallstreetbets >notice all the loophole autists bought big into AMD is tech hot r…[View]
16215154Instead of using bearish and bullish, use cuckish and bullish.[View]
16213561Tell me about KNC, anon: Should i buy it?[View]
16213806Ah, anon... Come in, I was meaning to talk to you.: >Raise eh?, yes we'll get to that in a b…[View]
16213931Who else got JUICED?[View]
16214384Easy 10 bucks eoy[View]
16205089Is FTM the ETH of 2019-2020?[View]
16214800I got a hundred million reasons to dump this shit...[View]
16214301Sex discrimination in porn: I was about to embark on a career as a male pornstar, but when the agenc…[View]
16215144NEET God here. BTC is gonna start free falling now until mid December. Sell now or have regrets late…[View]
16214769>I store all my linkies on binance[View]
16215209How much price volatility do s&p day traders cause in its underlying assets?[View]
16211570how do i turn 50k into 15 million?[View]
16213132i'm 23, what should i do with my life?: just got a software engineering contracting job at face…[View]
16215188did AMH have the best crypto signals?[View]
16215155What's up with this thing?: The fact that a microcap coin is getting shilled so much without ma…[View]
16215143IT'S HAPPENING. College debt buble is about to pop. Economic collpase immient. https://finance.…[View]
16213704How can one man be so fucking based and redpilled?[View]
16214994Dusk: Dusk and RVO international in Singapore with big News coming[View]
16213930Just think about it for a second. It's actually the only thing that makes sense[View]
16213467>SegWit altcoin about to literally dump to $3.5k >ETH2.0 launch will be a complete fail, doubl…[View]
16211241protip to tourists & newfags: owns both smartcontract.com smartcontracts.com, top tier SEO most …[View]
16214346J U S T[View]
16214249Craig Wright lives rent free in my head: I hate this fucking scammer, I hate his shitcoin BSV and I …[View]
16214304BTC blocksize: What are the odds we'll see 2mb blocks by 2024?[View]
16214782wen steayking?[View]
16214102from what video is this pic taken? I need a similar pic with satoshi in a red shirt but zoomed out[View]
16214743So let me get this straight biz. BTC removed signatures from transactions which was the most fundame…[View]
16213287reddit shilled AMD Roku and Tencent: one year ago. And both made good profits. You guys are sill sur…[View]
16213587Defi is a trap: It's a snowballing future disaster. Change my mind. Literally tons of risk that…[View]
16214657DEUTSCHE BANK INFO: You all know that DB has some huge financial problems and that their stock is go…[View]
16213524>what do you mean BSV is the original bitcoin?[View]
16214180I did it /biz/. I finally did it. I sucked a guy's dick for money. It wasn't as hard I tho…[View]
16213686/fdg/- Forex Daily General: Classy women edition[View]
16214068Now that central banks are making their own cryptocurrencies, are they likely to build them on top o…[View]
16214638INNOVA COIN: This coin is going to moon when the markets turn around. Why? - Less max supply than la…[View]
16213385We dumpin boys[View]
16214551anyone with a clue about banking and fees: I want to know if I'm being fucked I put 750,000 USD…[View]
16209658Is warehouse really the only job I can get where I get paid decent money? All the other places give …[View]
16214509Thank you RLC: I sold all my link for rlc in september, feels good man[View]
16214253Vechain pumping while everything else is dumping[View]
16214362Conceal (CCX) Community AMA: Conceal (CCX) has won the poll for a community AMA on The Daily Chain a…[View]
16214489>i-it's behind me...isn't it? >please Satoshi, no more >aaaaAAAAAAA…[View]
16214488BAT: What is your excuse for not buying this gem?[View]
16214321>have $30 in credit card What do?[View]
16214479itt: coom and shill feel free to shill and redpill your fellow anons on your holdings in your portfo…[View]
16214354What crypto to buy?: Hey, crypto newfag here, I would like to know what cryptocurrencys are good to …[View]
16214257btc is dead. tokens with the highest utility is a future.[View]
16210642Is farming profitable? Let's say I buy 12 acres of land for $70,000 cash. What would I be able …[View]
16212902Here's some interesting facts you didn't already know /biz/. Hope you all have a swell day[View]
16213332BREAKING: Binance just announced fiat deposits and withdrawals for Ukraine. Who's laughing now?…[View]
16214356The sewer from the BitCoin citadel will be diverted to the Blockstream Tranny Club (BTC) shack. You …[View]
16213720I'm the worst trader in history. I literally long the tops of bear flags, and short the bottoms…[View]
16213596ETH you gave it your best shot, you tired and no one take that away from you. But come on, time to l…[View]
16213732WHAT WAS THAT? Are we pumpkin?[View]
16213403Ich bin der retard: Best bank to start a kid's bank account with? My bank is fucking garbage an…[View]
16212922Which is the next China for the 2020-2030s: I'm gonna go with 1) India 2) Indonesia 3) Brazil 4…[View]
16212891Are you, the beings from the future still around?: I mean, I somewhat understand the concept about t…[View]
16212338I have an announcement: FUCK BITCOIN[View]
16213409You dense fucks don't comprehend it yet do you? This bullshit with longs and shorts, you are al…[View]
16213848RENT FREE[View]
16213623There won't be a crash, but if it did humanity would essentially have to start over on a global…[View]
16214007I just want to say a BIG thanks to all the NoLinkers who are the most based and most frenpilled on t…[View]
16211000Will we really make it?: How are we going to mitigate the effects of PTSD that all marines get? We…[View]
16213153Permissioned blockchains: https://www.mas.gov.sg/schemes-and-initiatives/Project-Ubin We see a lot o…[View]
16210447How to cure addiction to buying shiny rocks?[View]
16213448get out of ETH: https://www.coindesk.com/beacon-chain-contracts-a-new-way-to-deploy-dapps-on-ethereu…[View]
16213457iq has literally nothing to do with wealth why does this board go on and on about it?[View]
16212874Holy fucking BASED: Cope harder bulltards.[View]
16213821>We work hard and we play hard[View]
1621170380% of the transactions on this fucking shit blockchain are bots. When is the crypto revolution goin…[View]
16213880Tomorrow will be a great day: You have no idea what's in store for you. All the waiting and ago…[View]
16211402How to become a billionaire?[View]
16211591college drop out: hey faggots. Have a 2 yr degree in the electrical trade yadda yadda. I live in ca…[View]
16212221Ethereum has killed bitcoin. The market hasn't come to its senses yet[View]
16213731Redpill me on Haircomb, /biz/. What the fuck is it? Can one of you smartfags read the whitepaper and…[View]
16211239Did I do good???: I purchased a AUG A3 through buds gunshop with a APR of 76.91% the loan is for $20…[View]
16213789i like the smell of my balls: they smell musky, earthy and just nice to me. how can I profit off thi…[View]
16212760Guys what the fuck do I do now, are we going to drop any lower?[View]
16213598What is left? Isn't it all over? When should you buy BTC for the halvening?[View]
16213744Sorry, BTC not above 10k til end of q1 2020[View]
16193046/smg/ - Stock Market General: pizza edition List of popular brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq L…[View]
16213678Why does it go to 2.5-2.6 € for 2-3 days, then head back to 2.3-2.4 € for 2-3 weeks? What is the eco…[View]
16213506What's happening on December 1st or is it just a larp?[View]
16213495if you know, you know[View]
16213531Next time a guy with 40 years of experience tells you a dump is coming, idk, maybe listen to him?[View]
16213008Crypto is dying by the way, everything is going to $0, 2017 is never going to happen again. It'…[View]
16213628All in.: BNB is getting ready for take off.[View]
16213527April 2020 will be 4/20 month. How do we profit from this?[View]
16213053Abbreviation Meaning for A.F.R.O: Hello anons. I have recently received a project and I have to come…[View]
16212420Back to $2,70 USD = $4.00 AUD price of coffee stable coin we go[View]
16212797Where's the likely bottom for LINK?[View]
16213574>tfw too shy to set a limit order[View]
16210759Don't mind me, I'm just your nightmare.[View]
16213299WE BROKE $5: WTF IS HAPPENING!!??[View]
16210847McDonalds and Coca were banned products under his rule. Russia and China LOST THIS BATTLE Corporati…[View]
16212526Dude at my uni buys and sells shoes with 2.66 profit margin. How does he do it?[View]
16211151Redpill me on VET, /biz/ Is this coin the chinese BTC?[View]
16213458Is Bitcoin going up or down?[View]
16212916What are the cons of running a security firm in the States?: Other than possible shootouts[View]
16212939>bulls: buy the dip >nobody buys the dip Why do people keep falling for this?…[View]
16211644I am going to be sleeping on the floor tonight. I have read that after an adjustment period of 1-2 w…[View]
16212648I had to sell all of my link today: It was only 274, but it was all I had. I've officially run …[View]
16210449There are actually people on this board RIGHT NOW that UNIRONICALLY believe they will become rich fr…[View]
16213351>the first coin with a dilationary supply[View]
16212203>mfw I fell for the EMT meme I hate my job so fucking much. I hate dealing with the sick, the eld…[View]
16212532silver: wtf was that[View]
16212279why is barting so common[View]
16212728A thread died for this[View]
16212306Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Satoshi?[View]
16212814Buy the dip.[View]
16211622Fuck: How do we even compete if there are people that work as 'TikTokers'[View]
16213279buying properties: Is buying properties the secret to get rich? How do I do it in the most profitabl…[View]
16213275why cant I stop: buying fuckinf shitcoins. >vidt can suck my dick. not selling >inb4 satsgan…[View]
16212789Chainlink: When staking? 何時放樣?[View]
16213142Hi everyone[View]
16213023Why are there so many depressing threads? Anyone here happy as fuck and absolutely killing it? Fuck …[View]
16211770How does the average American family get by? A family of 4 has about $50,000-70,000 in expenses. The…[View]
16212480Imagine how much RLC would be worth if it had shitlink's mcap...[View]
16211452Fleta mainnet have launched!: I have slowly been filling up my bags over the last few months, I am g…[View]
16211592He was cornered and dropped the ball. This loser just told 60 minutes how and when the economy will …[View]
16211699Invest now. You can call this shit a ‘scam coin’ or whatever you Link fags use in your dictionary, b…[View]
16211302Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa: 1. I am a billionaire. 2. I am a billionaire. 3. I am a billionaire. 4. I…[View]
16211964What should I buy with 50k usdt?[View]
16211039just made it to 1,000 links. whens the yacht party[View]
16213018Who ready to stake their ETH? I got 200 ready to go.[View]
16212994Is this finally altszn?[View]
16212826Here come dat boi[View]
16209782Am I a NEET and or Loser: >33 and live in nice mountain home with 80 yr old Dad in Bay Area I hel…[View]
16210951im better than every here[View]
16210907RISE UP MARINES: hmm... I wonder what the price will be before staking, TEE, Mixicles, TS, ect.. if …[View]
16211932Vomit company is going downhill from here they are plagued with issues already with Telluwhat and Pa…[View]
16212933Tonight: It's happening tonight , strap in boys![View]
16212315OOOOO LINKIIIIEEESSSS: This is a PSA: Nico has been replaced by CryptoJuice[View]
16212817Buy it[View]
16199722Nothing will ever top the 90s: I remember growing up in the 90s. It was just after the fall of the B…[View]
16212484A thread died for this[View]
16211853Check out my new ligher biz I spent 500 on this bad boy.[View]
16212059I DID MY TIME[View]
16212678vanguard: how do I make 1,00,000 from how? with vanguard?[View]
16212821are you above 25? do you have a gf? no? a family? you don't have a job? do you expect ME to b…[View]
16210667LINK mega moon tomorrow: Hey there guys, I wish I could tell you everything I know but I can’t becau…[View]
16211440Where will /biz/ become real estate moguls?: For me its Wisconsin, primarily focusing on the white n…[View]
16212609The death of /biz/: I fucking hate all the retards here, I wish all you newlinkers faggots would jus…[View]
16212384I'm going to do 20 sit-ups every time I check my portfolio[View]
16212738When did you realize people who 'made it' wear 50$ watches?: And all the biz dreamiy about Pateks an…[View]
16212637This is how society will collapse Arsenal 51 (I don’t know either), introducing 90 Swiss francs ($9…[View]
16211609Amazon free money exploit max stonks: biz I come baring gifts. I found a way to keep getting free mo…[View]
16212672Yep, mesa thinking we're back[View]
16212099Hey uh question...: Was this edited or did he actually achieve getting Peter to sit quiet while he t…[View]
16212356Yep, its monday morning again my little wagies: Have fun waging while I keep shitposting in my bed w…[View]
16205242Is biz really this fucking retarded?[View]
16210571What crypto currency to put $100,000 in rn and end up with $10 million dollars?[View]
16212621Just put a bunch of my crypto into BlockFi to earn interest. How fucked am I?[View]
16212601Trigger the altszn[View]
16212554How the fuck do they keep getting away with this: The amount of times in past 2 months this has happ…[View]
16212129What they mean by this? Chainlink down 2029-11-20 @16:00 Bitcoin up 2029-11-20 @16:00[View]
16212550Hello faggots, it’s the real Uncle Oldfag here. Gave my trip to a friend after I left it on and acci…[View]
16212426what are examples of LLP and LP (LImited (Liability) Partnership): I know an example of LP is a movi…[View]
16210730I have a theory that we are currently living in hell, in a universe of death and decay. And we canno…[View]
16211345>Mixicles Gematria = 466 what did they mean by this?[View]
16211176Hey there guys, I wish I could tell you everything I know but I can’t because you would never believ…[View]
16212312I just got fired. I'm literally willing to rob a bank but live in a country with no guns. What …[View]
16212188who else here /retarded/[View]
16209404How many link to prevent this from EVER happening?[View]
16210803Hello. There will be two unexpected (in a good way) announcements for the project update on November…[View]
16212154What will your job be after the revolution comes?: me? I will be an anime appraiser[View]
16212423> 'It didn’t stop there. In January 2020, Chainlink topped $1,000, and the memes were flying acro…[View]
16210127Any zero experience jobs that pay really well in the US? I remember people used to talk about workin…[View]
16212410insider here stellar lumens is gonna become the next bitcoin[View]
16212396BLOGPOST /BIZ/NATCH: >break down and watch (free) porn >fap >feel relaxed but also disguste…[View]
16212381what happened to: https://chainlink.space/? is this the new chainlink forum? https://www.thechainlin…[View]
16210002These asian girls are LAUGHING at you because you still aren't using Streamr's new Swash a…[View]
162117663: TOP SECRET FOR SALE[View]
16212290First you get the money Then you get the power Then you get the women[View]
16209902I sold some Link to buy 1mill VET this thing is about to pull a Ripple[View]
16209233Quantum computers. How do we profit??: Hey Biz The quantum computer is coming/here already. I believ…[View]
16212018What do you think of making rap music? Is it the quickest and easiest way to earn money?[View]
16212243I'm leaving this site forever. Goodbye /biz/[View]
16211696BLAH: How does it feel to do stuff with complete anonymity?[View]
16211870Do you want to become rich sirs[View]
16212241Futures killed the BTC star: We can't rewind it's gone too far[View]
16211316Who also owns a bag of this[View]
16210168RLC up 20% and won't stop: Btfo linkies Inb4 >Hi satsgang / cryptowolf / iexecmonopoly / cry…[View]
16211247Worth a gamble?: It's only 0.02c a share, would u put money on it? VUL: CA[View]
16212223Fuck Reddit. Godamn mongloids. I hope that shitty echo chamber chokes to death on its own tranny coc…[View]
16212076based or cringe?[View]
16212189How much should I invest?: Hey, I am new to crypto and would like to know what a good starting point…[View]
16211817Chainlink on the way down to $2,50: AYE YO MA BASED JUICE GANG GTFO IN THIS THREAD TO BTFO LINKOIDS…[View]
16212088Going to get my coworker fired: I see him on various crypto exchanges all day. It's really star…[View]
16210534how do nolinkers cope with the fact that 2500$ in Link in 2017 is now worth $25,000? 50k invested is…[View]
16212174These are the people willing to spend crypto: Link to the article below. I'm thinking if this i…[View]
16211970Are you guys decided on how you're gonna do it at the top meaning convert your alts at ATH to B…[View]
1620891030 years old 10k net worth: Should I just kms?[View]
16211296It's not creg you morons, it's Paul Leroux: Paul Leroux is by far the most likely candidat…[View]
16210949Is it gay to make a fake account of chicks to sell nudes? I don’t flirt or sext with dudes But I ha…[View]
16212085Geomining?: What does biz think of XYO, it seems like it could be very useful in the future, therefo…[View]
16211438Save my future bros: I'm sticking my neck out here for you fuckers so don't cut it off Am …[View]
16210774Last chance to go all in VIDT: 30K VIDT to make it[View]
16211976should I buy Chainlink?: price is very low right now[View]
16209845None of you will ever make it: because you are not a chad like me. How does that feel?[View]
16211994Link is finished. Juice is your new master: Now get on your knees linkers and bow down before based …[View]
16211905Anyone wanna give me their referral code? Also what are some good places to buy crypto? I've al…[View]
16210280Dumb money will be forced to reckon with the power of Tezos[View]
16206854Saudi Aramco: Saudi Aramco - Something to invest ?[View]
16211931>fake out >dump >fake out >dump >fake out >dump >fake out >dump >fake out…[View]
16211915Ay caramba![View]
16211083bought 14 million Fantom.: How rich am I gonna be at the peak of the next bullrun?[View]
16211847why is creepto so boring these days? when do we get back to face melting pumps or cliff jumping dump…[View]
16209630So let me get this straight. Bakkt opens and the entire market collapses. Bakkt had its highest volu…[View]
16210536Harmony ONE will moon because of her: Look at her, so v and her feet probably smell so good. Once Gi…[View]
16211338hi frens I brought pissa[View]
16211555Is this the current state of /biz/?[View]
16209181This is who you're investing in. What a joke.[View]
16211767...: Who else feels absolutely bull trapped in every single cell of his body right now?[View]
16211735Serbian space program: Why are you not into SAFEX? They are sponsoring the Serbian space program. …[View]
16211091who else here /deluded/?[View]
16210958FANTOM GENERAL: >He still doesn't have a bag >Expects to make it…[View]
16211654Deutsche: Oh yeah, this happened[View]
16211613Can you feel it mr Krabs[View]
16211553What will they do when we control the interest rate?[View]
16210694Did Bitmex intentionally leak customer email addresses? They included every users email in the To: f…[View]
16210993Trading groups besides /biz/ ?: Hey all, Canadian here seeking a better life for his wife and pup, a…[View]
16210815Do all of these fucking car insurance companies share information and data with each other? I was pa…[View]
16211469Crypto was a mistake: /biz/ was mistake[View]
16211451>9k wont break This gifts keep on giving Bobros.[View]
16211218Hold the fuck on, is this true!?! Can you just get a Cisco certification and get a job that pays $50…[View]
16211038>tfw veteran and still have to work tomorrow. this is some bullshit.[View]
16210708>he doesn't know about the next link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PNwIqXaSgo…[View]
16211103you have to watch the entire video and learn how smart contracts will be used for plants........if y…[View]
16211294IM NOT GOING[View]
16211252Here's the redpill no one on biz has the balls to even look at much less swallow: This man does…[View]
16210960huge chainlink pump: Hey there guys, I wish I could tell you everything I know but I can’t because y…[View]
16211234I've got a new thread game for you bizoyos: I will buy $1,000 of the coin the dubs gods determi…[View]
16203364Not Ripple, not Stellar, it's Universa: The world's first Central Bank Digital Currency (C…[View]
16211037Being a wageslave and 26 turning 27 soon is it a good idea to just pump extra funds into btc other t…[View]
16211164Blockchain Art Market GENERAL: When everyone here was losing on shitcoin after shitcoin, the smart o…[View]
16208555Easy money opportunity?: Are there still some ways of doing some easy money like it was with casinos…[View]
16210871Will I make it?: 600 Link .2 BTC 1,000 BAT 1 ETH[View]
16211036It's that time again /biz/... OOOOOOOOOOH WAAAAAAAAAGIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
16210653I just bought $1179 of silver.: I panic bought 68 ounces of silver in the past 24 hours (a 10 oz bar…[View]
16210262Tunisia's central bank just launched their own digital national currency on this blockchain: Wh…[View]
16207375Still not buying rlc, anon?: 8000 sats. Meanwhile the pajeet's keep screaming 'the pump is over…[View]
16211093AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! WHY????????: It's over isn't it?[View]
16210976What coins are you anticipating to pump during Q4 2019 anon?[View]
16211072Wen lambo?[View]
16210059Am I going to lose all my money?[View]
16209495This is undervalued by about $200. The fair price of Ethereum is actually $350-$400 as of this momen…[View]
16210813How will you ever cope not having at least 10k RLC as it moons to $100 a coin?[View]
16210836Where do you guys go for financial info and what are good resources? I've been watching this Mo…[View]
16210820Attention Coomers! Download Pi app for some free neetbux,minimal effort.: Pi is a crypto network tha…[View]
16210589Chainlink Discord: Come on in folks and enjoy some high quality LINK discussion, memes, TA and more!…[View]
16210943https://basicblockradio.com/e092/ >The podcast comes with support from Waves . Waves breadcrumbs …[View]
16209846Do you ever help people /biz/? What would you do if coming across this. Should I go give them a pack…[View]
16207486Likelihood of reaching 30 USD: Marines, how likely is it that we'll reach 30 USD within two yea…[View]
16209593This is Satoshi: No, he doesn't need to sign. He doesn't have to prove anything to you. He…[View]
16210191The sewer from the BSV citadel will be diverted to the Blockstream Tranny Club (BTC) shack. You will…[View]
16210822fuck boomers[View]
16210758>hold 50k link >not selling >dream of being rich >think being rich will finally get me …[View]
16209558We are about to blast the fuck off Real Life Chads. WHO HERE IS HOLDING?[View]
16210378Litecoin at $64? don't mind if i do.[View]
16210768>random $200 pump followed crabbing between 9040 and 9050 for like 10 hours straight lol this shi…[View]
16209454Target Is Asking Employees To Do Something No Employee Should Ever Have To Do: http://flip.it/pS-Uzr…[View]
16207223Please pump bitcoin bro I want one of these bro I need some bitches on my dick[View]
16207012ITT: Coins that will moonshot within the next year: I'll start BAT, LTC, BNB, ADA Share yours. …[View]
16210723Boomers have been getting rich on their stocks while /biz/ has been playing their pathetic coinchasi…[View]
16210722when coinbase?[View]
16209650who's here smart money?[View]
16210425Business owners of /biz/. Share your stories of your business. >What do you do? >How did you g…[View]
1621071216k by November possible?[View]
16207680Chainlink TOTAL TOKEN QUESTION: Right now the price is crabbing around 2.70-2.80~ The total in circu…[View]
16210691>Sunday night[View]
16210668>always trying to save money >make note of some basic hygiene things i need to buy >finally…[View]
16210673Side Hustle: I'm needing to make $5k in the next 6 months while working a full time job. What d…[View]
16209664Any of you rent out your cars on Turo? What’s the experience like?[View]
16210442Explain to me what the oracle problem is[View]
16209512/RSR/ fuck cold: Come on guys. Buy the damn coin and hold[View]
16210490So fucking tired of newfags: Is there a board where old /biz/raelis are going to rn ? >t. 2017 No…[View]
16210648Coinmarketcap Load Issues: Why does coinmarketcap keep freezing? The past week, I haven't been …[View]
16210368>Chase Bank wipes out all Canadian credit card debt >won't reset American credit card deb…[View]
16207346chad portfolio for the next bull: aside from the usual BTC, ETH, and LTC these coins will do very we…[View]
16209322>Talking to coworkers during lunch break >Topic of pitbulls come up >I mention that I think…[View]
16210348BAT & MakerDAO: So MakerDAO is supposed to be adding BAT as an option for collateral use for CDP…[View]
16207066He really is Satoshi. Isn't he? https://twitter.com/BitcoinSVsydney/status/1193461922307301377?…[View]
16210196Do you still buy stuff on Amazon?: I'm thinking of buying LEAP puts on Amazon. Here's my r…[View]
16204890The bullrun is just around the corner: It was a tough 2 years. Crypto bear markets are 10x more unfo…[View]
16206605How do we exploit Africa for profit?: Alright /biz/nessmen, how do we become the Jews and exploit th…[View]
16210460Hello I'm Cramer and I'm here to make you money. Okay, let's start with Monday. I bel…[View]
16208241This is Satoshi: This is Satoshi. No, he doesn't need to sign. He doesn't have to prove an…[View]
16210514Silently Mooning[View]
16209279why is this jeet coin pumping? are the coinbase rumors true?[View]
16210464Nu/biz/ or post 2017 /biz: What's the point of this bullshit board now? It's just a vector…[View]
16210487>/biz/ tries to portray itself in being the HQ for neo nazi business and finance discussion >i…[View]
16210484Who's into Crowdfunding?: https://youtu.be/2pepv_roW64[View]
16210347Universa vs Fantom: UNIVERSA vs FTM How do they stack up against each other? Which is better? Why?…[View]
16209499This scam: >google 'pump and dump' scam >first result How embarrassed must you linktards be th…[View]
16209696Reminder: The top was $5. You had 2 years to accumulate a make it stack. All you needed was 300k lin…[View]
16210276>Sunday night[View]
16209313This is Satoshi.: No, he doesn't need to sign. He doesn't have to prove anything to you. H…[View]
16210450>The golden bull run is over and you missed your chance to make it[View]
1620687549% stocks 20% crypto 20% real estate 10% cash 1% PMs What am I missing?[View]
16208756ITT I Throw Newlinkers a Bone: Normally I'd sit here and spoonfeed but I have family coming ove…[View]
16210407Plot to increase link value.: Swift is gonna use link. Swift I the old system banks use to move mo…[View]
16204909/biz/ I’m a complete loser. I’m 32 years old, still live with parents, have only $65 saved, never ha…[View]
16209568wealth goals: What are your plans once link hits $1k eoy and you're set for life? I plan to buy…[View]
16210412EtherRush - Free 0.08 ETH per month: High paying Faucet, you can get 0.08 eth Free per month , more …[View]
16210405>Let me penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's your maste…[View]
16210349We are all going to make it anons, remember we are premature before the next halving pump as well co…[View]
16209239EXIT ALL MARKETS: You have 1 hour and 20 mins[View]
16210357Sunday night: NEET General, what’s the plan for this week my fellow neets?[View]
16208418This is the real Satoshi: This is Satoshi. No, he doesn't need to sign. He doesn't have to…[View]
16208907>$1.00 stable coin >$1.70 stable coin >$2.70 stable coin >$2.80 stable coin Why is the …[View]
16208916post your most based /biz/ public figures here[View]
16210132>Maharaja Ranjit Satoj (13 November 1780 – 27 June 1839)[4][5] was the leader of the BSV (Brahma …[View]
16205508Comfy holding 3+ years: Pure mined, hard capped, Bitcoin implemented as an ERC token. Based and Redp…[View]
16206828Post your best link photos to get our collective positive thought activated.[View]
16208256Were millennials always in a bad situation economically (job market, ect), or was it in the aftermat…[View]
16209992Printing T-shirts: Yo king's I want to do some side hustle and sell tank's and tshirts. Wh…[View]
16210290we are building the army[View]
16210261The New Stablecoin: Prove to me this isn't just crabbing, but it's just a stable coin with…[View]
16209342Whats the deal with the feet thing? You realize this is radioactive waste to potential investors[View]
16210167>forget to pay off credit card to 1% utilization because payment date changed for some reason …[View]
16209861'why yes I hold litecoin, how could you tell?'[View]
16208022Why Is No One Using It?: Why is no one using it? 'We work with SWIFT and other other banks which wil…[View]
16208917I will never work again.[View]
16208431Chainlink alternative: What's the next chainlink? I dont want to risk it all for one thing…[View]
16205579imagine not investing in the biggest future tech company[View]
16210100Universa: How many to make it? I'm thinking 1m[View]
16208112What does /biz/ think of Dave Ramsey?: Newfag here, curious what you guys make of Dave. I've be…[View]
16203767Redpill me on this exchange anons Prices are good and it seems legit[View]
16210122Hey anons holding BTC: Have you BTC(blockstream trannys club) anons been doing your daily dilation? …[View]
16209304What did they mean by this?: Is this a bad tick or does this mean something?[View]
16208703Anyone else involved in Video Production Biz?: So i'm just getting started with our video produ…[View]
16210105brick by brick!!!: SING ALONG /biz/!!!! I KNOW YOU WANT TO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0vHpOUO…[View]
16209949how's trading going ? >you gonna join us in the plantation soon so get out while you are ahe…[View]
16209875I honestly look up to this man. He's my #1 idol. He's smart, handsome, and created fucking…[View]
16208476XRM Chads: Monero chads get the FUCK in here Monero is the only cryptocurrency other than bitcoin th…[View]
16209837what was that? oh nothing, carry on /biz/[View]
16209367How much LINK guarantees lambo land?[View]
16208583It's over for BAT shills: This kills the BAT shill. Bottle Pay is a browser extension wallet to…[View]
16209307POWR or not POWR: Like BLZ... Your choice[View]
16208997> he doesn't know about zynecoin > chainlink of africa > he didn't participate in…[View]
16207679>be hospitalized with blood virus earlier this year >doctors run a fuck ton of tests to figure…[View]
16209049I want to get on the chainlink train: what's the best way to buy chainlink currency? sites etc.…[View]
16209740>'It's over Gilles' >pumps 15% >'No Gilles, it's over now' >pumps 30% >'Gil…[View]
16209047help me out fellow wagies: how do i tell a client that their rate is going to go up? i have a web de…[View]
16207595Anyone here notice a BAT shill presence lately?: Or is real interest?[View]
16209377insidious: Will I find a better buy-in price in the next week or 2 or better to start filling bags n…[View]
16209609>>>/v/484859183 What does /biz/ think of thius?[View]
16209374So ok I shill you my 2 Gems.: BLZ: Solid development, 7 Million Market cap, Swarm Computation. Targe…[View]
1620867011K IMMINENT[View]
16209591ETH Lottery Game: Current Pot: 2.45435 Game: https://happypsyduck.github.io/simple-fomo/…[View]
16209577Rate my ta biz[View]
16209570MEW changes: any one have a video on how to use the new version of mew[View]
16208928where is the divide: between an investor and a degenerate gambler? I knew KSI would win with 27/1 o…[View]
16209138eBay Alternative -> Replin.com: >No Fees >Is actually a Crypto Project >PayPal Partnersh…[View]
16209530The time is here.... ...buy link early this week. A spike is coming lasting through November before …[View]
16208987F.N.G.: New fag here, trying to get started, this page has been a help. Downloaded Robinhood, they h…[View]
16206944Happy Sunday Biz Frens!! How was church? If you didn’t don’t worry here is a 10 min vid for you abou…[View]
16206892Go to college...: ...They said. You'll get a higher paying job, they said. It's an investm…[View]
16207304OP Here from >>16201039 Brass tacks - the algo is legit, the bot is well tested and has shown …[View]
16207229NEO #1 BLOCKCHAIN 2020: Looks like Biz is gonna get left behind AGAIN!!! China coming back in Januar…[View]
16206675hey biz im new to this bitcoin thing and i dont really see a guide on how to invest... truth be told…[View]
16206689So if $1 is guaranteed by at the very most 2021, why isn't everyone buying? Its literally free …[View]
16207312When did you realize that UBI is inevitable?[View]
16207747We still cant break the 200 MA. Bulls do not start celebrating yet, the bears are still in control u…[View]
16208817You have ten seconds to tell me what specific investment in this man would give the highest return 1…[View]
16209172Gosh, I hate this life. I am having a panic attack. And the mother fucking breathing exercises don…[View]
16207032>be me >27 years old >making $90,000 >skinny chinese gf >doesnt want kids >says sh…[View]
16208786>link holders[View]
16207496Sup biz. Not new to crypto and blockchain in general, but new to coding, programming, the technical…[View]
16207966Yeah, I'm thinking we're gonna make it.[View]
16208785Is this based?[View]
16205945There is literally no reason to hate Satoshi. Say something nice to him for a change in this thread[View]
16205791Realistically: Could the dream ever become reality?[View]
16209165Bull flag for NEO?[View]
16209033PayPal + 250k Marketcap: Time to pump this one: https://replin.com/ https://coinmarketcap.com/curren…[View]
16209204online transactions: hey biz, what kind of card do you use to transfer monies online? I'm looki…[View]
16208715Let the products sell themselves Fuck advertising, commercial psychology Psychological methods to se…[View]
16202362FANTOM GENERAL: >Imagine not having 300k+ FTM in 2019 before the moon mission in 2020 LMAO…[View]
16207820Holochain: How many to make it brothers?[View]
16209119>sowlve da owagle pwobbum[View]
16209084D E F I[View]
16205798Time and goal management: How do you track how do you spend your time and the status of your goals? …[View]
16208893this will be $1.70 before 2020 . screenshot this . dont say i didn't warn you /biz/tards .[View]
16207998Reminder that RSRcucks unironically think the market cap for their erc20 shitcoin will be greater th…[View]
16208158What the fuck happened to compound.finance Everything fucking COLLAPSED DAI use to be 11%[View]
16205157will this shit ever go to $25,000 and how can it[View]
16209039Starting a GoFundMe to get a SBA. Anyone have any experience in advertising locales, pitfalls, or ot…[View]
16206570LINK: what is this pattern called[View]
16208903>Let's circle back to that item later, it seems out of scope >I added Jonathan's tea…[View]
16206987Tellor is the real oracle...discuss[View]
16207874Russia releasing digital currency: China now releasing digital currency, which they kept under wraps…[View]
16196168/BSVG/ BSV General How we doing today stiffmarines? I can feel the fire rising[View]
16208875How many linkies are seething rn that bought the top? It's like a way overpriced stablecoin for…[View]
16208835whale bag abbout to get sold: this market is so dum[View]
16205919How many times a day do you check the price?[View]
16208837SWTH Moon Mission General: Strike Hard Strike First Edition SWTH Moon Mission General Q.) What is Sw…[View]
16208447Well: How long until they're shut down, /biz/? Isn't this very illegal?[View]
16205828work at pawnshop: ask me anything business-related I'm just bored and some of the answers might…[View]
16208446Be happy with your stacks: Reminder that the consensus during 2018 was that the average /biz stack i…[View]
16208113What if the bitcoin price drops to a level where it will not be profitable anymore for miners to min…[View]
16207967The market is finally ready for a project like Veron: Crypto debit card and asset management service…[View]
16208378Coinbase Earn: Why haven't you claimed some free crypto on coinbase yet? All you have to do is …[View]
16208141Cryptocucks: Alright, I'm tired of watching this crypto shit just gaining lower highs and lower…[View]
16207689Come Frens: Let's talk about the speed and a gift from me to you.[View]
16207701How to fix captcha bullshit, i clock the fucking busses like 5x and still its fucking 'try again'. T…[View]
16206546You're missing out on this super gem. > LoL worlds just finished today and there are huge mo…[View]
162086112 days[View]
16205250Are stocks worth it if I'm a poorfag and only have $800k to invest?[View]
16203652You can still come with us[View]
16205198VeChain on Coinbase. It's gonna happen this year.[View]
16208380How do we make /biz/ great again?[View]
16207745what if: /biz breadcrumbs was just a major psyop to help prevention neet suicides or at least keep t…[View]
16206361I know I’m late to the party but how does this sound?: I’m a long time lurker, a boomer and filthy n…[View]
16206788>go to interview for wagecuck job >interviewee gives me the NPC soi fluoride stare, fluoride s…[View]
16208003Nasdaq gang 2020: Give me one reason why NASDAQ isnt better than SP500 and Dow Jones[View]
16207880https://cointelegraph.com/news/tunisia-to-launch-e-dinar-national-currency-using-blockchain https://…[View]
16204695What bitcoin noobs THINK they bought[View]
16206711Ethereum price predictions?[View]
16207952Don't miss the last moon mission.: >he missed BTC >he missed ETH >he missed LINK Are y…[View]
16207768how based would it be to sell 100 vidt for a fast food meal: really want some fast food anons[View]
16208315A civil debate over Bitcoin.: Here faggots, enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEYQD_IXMpc&…[View]
16208323chainlink: chainlink[View]
16206884Who's here smart money?[View]
16208242>>16207225 Bizbros, before you get scammed by this pajeet for 0.1 BTC. Know this. He is using …[View]
16208214It's time, gentlemen: So are we going to see 9000 or 10.000 sats this week? Place your bets Bar…[View]
16207191Honest Request for Advice: So /biz/ I fell for the travel meme, and I'm backpacking around Sout…[View]
16208231Did they know? Is it bullish?[View]
16207622https://boxmining.com/dcep/ >'Huang Qifan (Chairman of the China International Economic Exchange …[View]
16207152GrounderCoin: Small gem project that haz potential[View]
16206622This will be 100 sat by the eoty.[View]
16208110why is there is no link/btc pairing listed on coinmarketcap? is this bullish?[View]
16204903Holy shit I thought the patents was just a meme. Well it turns out it is for real. pic rel[View]
16208091B O R I N G[View]
16206948PUMP IT[View]
16207281Seriously: How Much LINK for Her?[View]
16205848Your most hated and your most respected person in crypto: Most hated isCharlie Lee >total exit sc…[View]
16207980Guys, what is this chart called?: Why aren't you all in?[View]
16205670Who ever knew Satoshi was such a exquisite guy[View]
16207791daily reminder: RAPID and IMMENSE wealth is a god given right for options traders: 401k boomers, wag…[View]
16207614Tezos: >up 43% this week >not one thread…[View]
16207073cup has been completed. RLC mars time.: image from 2 weeks ago is self explanatory. current RLC pric…[View]
16207750Everyone in the top 15 is up except for Link, which is dumping >what did they mean by this?…[View]
16207305So, why is almost one third of the BTC market paying a premium greater than $100 above the mid-marke…[View]
16206906>There are nocoiners browsing /biz/ right now Why are we mixed with that filth?…[View]
16203725How Millionaires Become Millionaires: Boomer Tier info Meme here can someone fix this to reflect the…[View]
16207705https://drive.google.com/file/d/12OIPICRfwzH_RAaWltxZN5lWVjxheV2H/view >the project added algorit…[View]
16207726Are indexed universal life insurance policies - pay fees - gains are capped - but they're also …[View]
16206097What are my fellow marines eating on this nice Sunday evening? > for me, it's the steak…[View]
16207647This will never be under $1 ever again.[View]
16205841It’s over linkies[View]
16207573Chainlink is tanking get on your knees[View]
16207428Remember /biz/, the halvening is coming. Bitcoin will regain its ultra instinct powers and defeat Bo…[View]
16206592Things that didn't age well.[View]
16207188Rat. Poison. Squared.[View]
16207302>Gib me all your efferiums white boi What do?[View]
16207150Tonight: It's happening tonight![View]
16207544>Stardate 30147, 2point 89 AFP >Just finished colonisation of 25th iExec-powered exoplanet …[View]
16206938Nano is the future of cryptocurrency! AND look at the pump[View]
16200904/VID-T GENERAL/: Really tempted to FOMO in, give me your reasoning on why I should or should NOT inv…[View]
16207002bcash will shock the world[View]
16207468don't mind me: i'll just keep on growing[View]
16205844/rpg/ Remote Pentester General - abandonment issues edition: OSCPAnon may be gone, but his legacy li…[View]
16203498ETH: Is ETH risky investment? Sound I keep buying 15 every month at these prices?[View]
16207326the thing i look forward to the most when i make it is fast food: literally the only reason i eat he…[View]
16206148Bought 1k LINK. Did I do good?[View]
16206604FUCK YOU DELUSIONAL BASEMENT DWELLERS: Cryptocurrency is 420% a scam. I mean wtf? Where is the use? …[View]
16206284>specifically ask for a whopper with cheese >no cheese >check receipt >cheese All I fee…[View]
16206634Are You Still Snoozing on Aergo?: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/blocko-gcc_blocko-aergo-partnership…[View]
16206044Satoshi is not going anyway soon no matter how much you hate him. tock tock, tiny core cocks[View]
16206384I have 19 etherems I got from selling LINK at 144k gwei. Should I buy back? Its a low single digit p…[View]
16206597I have 5000 link and 32 eth What do I do?[View]
16207179you call that a 'dump' bobo? heh.... let me show you how things are done around here[View]
16198707Which board on 4chan affected you the most in terms of leaving a lasting perspective on self develop…[View]
16206487I'm a bartender in NYC: I get my basic wage, which is alright. But it's the tips that coun…[View]
16206507Bros... holding Link has truly been a curse. I have lost all my motivation and focus of doing anythi…[View]
16205975How many to make it?: BTC, BNB, BAT The holy trinity[View]
16206891Who buys these expensive stationary bikes?[View]
16207102Fuck niggers Fuck poor people And fuck TRANNIES[View]
16205997>be me >24 years old >no college >long hair >work at a music store >it pays my bil…[View]
16205526The sewer from the BSV citadel will be diverted to the Blockstream Tranny Club (BTC) shack. You will…[View]
16206687>Know Your Customer[View]
16205512Chad Bear Here: Good news for those who wants to buy cheap corn, we still going down. :^)[View]
16206437So where on the scale look wise is Satoshi? I'm giving him 8/10 Post your rating and we can fin…[View]
16207050Guys what does love feel like with a woman? I have never had a woman love me and I'm still a Vi…[View]
16206102> econ major > math minor > know python and javascript am I gonna make it?…[View]
16206578https://twitter.com/GreenSockMonkey/status/1188862777735241731?s=20 Can someone explain what they ar…[View]
16206721How do you feel about the fact that Satoshi turned out to be a total chad? Does it make you happy? A…[View]
16206491What will 2x within the next 6 months?[View]
16206648>he still hasnt bought[View]
16205539WTF: Staking is coming next weekend. Why is there no fucking volume on Coinbase anymore?[View]
16206541I remember a time when Bitcoin was about Micropayments: BTC & it's SegWit upgrade can'…[View]
16206665Holy shit, holy shit: I just realized that BSV is just a testnet for BTC and Blockstream. Since Crai…[View]
16206104He’s really satoshi isn’t he?[View]
16206865Blockfolio thread, feels like 2017 November a little bit[View]
16205598AION OAN: So no interoperability anymore ? They have rebranded to OAN from AION. Is this a good or …[View]
16206658Silently Mooning[View]
16206811digital oil moon![View]
16205004EOS brought to its fucking knees by a shitcoin aidrop https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/11/coi…[View]
16206656Hair system: I am an incel in my mid 20-s making around net 1.7k USD equivalent a month in Eastern E…[View]
16206771Fuckers missed the dip again.[View]
16205461GIVE ME A 'C' ![View]
16206360BULLISH? NO.[View]
16200827https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/blockchain-tokens/ >enterprise ethereum alliance >…[View]
16205762Does anyone here hold Matic, or does anyone have strong opinions on it? Guy I think really had good …[View]
16204840CHILIZ GONNA PUMP $CHZ: Chiliz $CHZ gonna pump $40M $JUV tokens on sale in 2 weeks time Mobile App …[View]
16204775Prepare your anuses boys!: >CME Bitcoin Futures Drops by 300% in the Past Week as Institutional O…[View]
16206525Unpopular opinion: no bullrun til end of 2020[View]
16204709>Wake up >Check LINK price Another day without being rich...…[View]
16205694How can he be so smug? I have tried mimicking his facial expression in front of a mirror, but I…[View]
16206392This is the kind of essential talent Chainlink hired with their 700k sell-offs. Dan Forbes, '''devel…[View]
16205378Those who have made it: For those that have made it and went from working full time to not working, …[View]
16206483is there potential for sugar to go up in the next years? how much worse can it get honestly[View]
16206434Oh no no no![View]
16205546SOON: Strap in, Marines.[View]
16206055>I’m here for the job interview[View]
16206402> Why Yes, I do Stake Decred. Didn't you know they are being added to Coinbase in 2020, and …[View]
16206380Stoshi is Craig wright, Crag wright is Michael Scott, Michael Scott is Stoshi: >Any questions ?…[View]
16206376There won't be a crash, but if it did humanity would essentially have to start over on a global…[View]
16206040BULLISH? NO.[View]
16206214So I took 100 mg of modafinil yesterday, long story short it works but I freaked out when I read tha…[View]
16205950Friendly reminder, bears: you promised us cheap bitcorns in december[View]
16204833Does /biz/ bet on sports to make money?[View]
16206295Any tips?: Did anyone tried and have any tips how to get funding through Kickstarter? Help would be …[View]
16202764My Nannis are Stinky!: Bitcoin 2.0 Fast Green Feless Most enthusiastic community in crypto Magnifice…[View]
16203901Best (near)Legal Scams?: Which're some of the Best (near)Legal Scams you can think of?[View]
16206211will chainlink go below 2 bucks again? i wanna buy more [:>3[View]
16206169A tip for job seekers: My general rule of thumb is if management is hiring as opposed to HR, then th…[View]
16200848After staking, what's the next thing to look forward to?[View]
16204225>patents your shitcoin[View]
16204303Why is this so comfy?: First time since 2017 that I feel comfy with a holding, kek.[View]
16205740green > cyan > blue = bull blue > cyan > green = bear[View]
16205785bizfolio update: I put in 'buys' on a fake blockfolio on October 30th for all of the majorly shilled…[View]
16205853>had a McDonald's binge last night >went back to flat >went to sleep, woke up at 8 am …[View]
16206091this has been mostly accurate for 2019: we are going to see a end of the year rally - then crab and …[View]
16206095Someone watch this documentary and TELL ME in the second half they are not describing credits as ICO…[View]
16205443POE PSA - Tokenswap happening: Just in case you have a POE bag. Info & Instructions @ https://bl…[View]
16205874you CANT make this shit up LOL fucking linkies will defend this: Uh oh, adelyn is still posting job …[View]
16205504Why yes. I am all in on BSV, how could you tell?[View]
16205022/biz/ is cancer: This is the worst I've ever seen it. Nothing but scams, discord trannies and d…[View]
16205647How long before we have laser tag in bad neighborhoods for security? could anyone think of going a…[View]
16205178Crypto's Dark Past: What are the ethics of holding someone captive against their will for not j…[View]
16204231FTM positioned to dominate DeFi: “Fantom DeFi Chain Modules” by Michael Chen https://link.medium.com…[View]
16205932just bought another 134 Link. That's 134 Link out of circulation until the end of time.[View]
16205318Year was 2011. I had 700 Bitcoin to my account. I still remember sitting in a cafeteria in my city c…[View]
16205376Say it with me now[View]
16204655Confess.: Confess.[View]
16205896How many here are on Twetch? How many dollarinos have you made? 2.2$ here[View]
16205276How can make money from fuck prostitute?[View]
16205638crypto is hiptho: Install the crypto app pi network on mobile and use the code lilrubytuesday or els…[View]
1620577516k in November[View]
16204913Really activates the almonds...[View]
16201549giving flowers to shills: sup /boys/ you know the rules. reply with your eth addy and i'll hoo…[View]
16205040Time is relative: dID yOu fiNd whAt I deSiRed? DId You soLVe wHat yOu reQIUred? dId you bRINg what y…[View]
16205345>halvening a few months away >not buying bitcorn at current prices >thinking to much into …[View]
16205595The only annoying part of holding Chainlink is that I can't do anything with my linkies. I can…[View]
16203819FANTOM: Multi Asset Staking: FANTOM is bringing multi-asset staking and stable staking. You will be…[View]
16205263Is there seriously some anons still not all-in?: Tick tock, fren. https://youtu.be/XE2OECZa804&t…[View]
16205681how to monetize jeets?[View]
16205403wtf why is there nearly 5000 cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap[View]
16205641KickToken ready to 10000X bullrun.: Next week - they launch closed alpha testing Kick Exchange. It i…[View]
16205685Signalchan: Waugh who talks about biz trends I wasn’t able to upload any progress this week due to w…[View]
16205684THE HOTTEST ASSET OF 2020!!!: I've never been as bullish on Chainlink as I'm now. Chainlin…[View]
16205507itt: laugh at[View]
16205501Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
16205582Imagine still being a bear in 2019[View]
16205615Hey, excuse me. Whatcha doing? Cleaning out your meme folder? That's nice, so you had some extr…[View]
16205585even chimps are getting tired of niggers[View]
16205284AXA shuts down its smart contract Fizzy division: Still waiting for smart contract adoption, linkies…[View]
16205570How is this even allowed?[View]
16203092SERIOUS ANALYSIS ONLY: what are the REALISTIC chances that ChainLink will reach and settle at +$50.0…[View]
16203666Buy Digitalbits Faggots: >Sub 2mil mcap >Team members include CMO of Walmart and top guy at He…[View]
16203755Apocalypse: Northern England flooding, Australia & California on fire, is this unironically the …[View]
16205353heh.... dumped to 8600 huh? 6k by next week bulltards w-what...? it just pumped back to 9k? h-heh..…[View]
16199964ITT: We laugh at trade workers: ITT: We laugh at trade workers >literal criminal tier alcoholic s…[View]
16205394What coin to buy: What coin to buy in order to pay for my future Tesla?[View]
16203838It’s like I’m torrenting my new life and I’m stuck at 0.2%[View]
16204210Someone explain the 2008 collapse to a brainlet.[View]
16205132are dividend stocks worth buying if you only have 150k?[View]
16204415Who else is going long?[View]
16205432Pi Network is a cool crypto app, use the invitation code SexGod4this4, become an 'Ambassador' on the…[View]
16205423Crypto: yo I found a mobile crypto app use my code lilrubytuesday for free clout on the app[View]
16205422Why do scams like to be called ONE[View]
16205036CRYPTO PUMP MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raYVMFgYlNQ[View]
16205409>BTC pumps >link dumps The biggest players are holding both, that’s for sure…[View]
16205398>Let me penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's your maste…[View]
16204836VIDT SHIT WITH FAKE NUMBERS: Show proof that all 32 clients V-ID has are paying customers and the te…[View]
16204383Wtf is Haircomb?: Is that real or joke? Should I invest??[View]
16203669New to crypto. What's this pattern called?[View]
16202189Been delivery driver for 2 years and ongoing AMA: >Work 5 hour or 10 hour shift daily >Used ma…[View]
16193685Anon, you do love me right? Why do we need a prenup?: What will you do?[View]
16204852Fuck it. Sold holochain for ethereum. I’m tired of Jews and faggots[View]
16201842Dropped out: Dropped out but did a 2yr degree. I lost all motivation and just didnt take a test. Don…[View]
16205000that was the last bobo bitcoin is breaking free tonight[View]
16205223Looks like the bitcoin pump is over. Be ready for the dump.[View]
16204796Technical analysis doesn't work.[View]
16205156>some whale pumps bitchcorn $200 >bullrun…[View]
16203569BlackRock: What do you guys think about BlackRock? Would be interested in hearing your opinions abou…[View]
16204649>is called SMART phone >you literally do ZERO smart or productive things with it Really makes …[View]
16204603Pump it[View]
16204780what do you think about polkadot, anon?[View]
16204948WHAT WAS THAT?: Yeah, I'm thinking we're back![View]
16204552I have no clue what I want to do to with my life.[View]
16204310Dusk Network: An official endorsement by the Dutch government for $dusk.[View]
16204605How to earn some money by just using of phone? Im a poorfag from manila.[View]
16205083>they don't know[View]
16202576Post yfw you realize the only thing SegWit Coin has going for it is the BTC ticker[View]
16199943FRM - Staking: Site is live. Going live in 'a few days' Ferrum will be the biggest DeFi bubble of Q1…[View]
16204820heh, nothing personal LINKies[View]
16202520Some people on this board have less than 10k LINK[View]
16204069What are the best options of altcoins that have potential to moon in next bullrun and can be staked/…[View]
16204560Get ready for takeoff[View]
16204991How trustworthy/reliable is information from Hackernoon?[View]
16202190Nkn or ftm? What's looking better for next hype?[View]
16185724CREG IN SHAMBLES: https://twitter.com/beincrypto/status/1192855638377938946 OH NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAH…[View]
16204979Rise and shine boy,: >Sooo, are you signing or what?[View]
16202428I know something you don't know. Roll trips and I'll talk.[View]
16204626So what if staking is priced in already? What if this is the fucking top? I mean we can’t even break…[View]
16204902How long till this is top 30?[View]
16202776New exchange coming up soon. It’s a confirmed rumor! That’s why you see the accumulation lately.[View]
16204193Guess the coin: Guess the coin faggots. 20 replies and I reveal.[View]
16204029To be against money is stupid. Money is a beautiful means - a means of exchange. Without money there…[View]
16204853Get in before the moon: comfy as fuck[View]
16204860Holy fuck i jsut wasted two hours of my time going through those goddamn 42 threads he is probably t…[View]
16204684Looks like NKN's getting it's Sunday-afternoon pump, just like clockwork.[View]
16204821Even corekeks have to admit this is pretty damn impressive.[View]
16202378RSR: How much to make it?[View]
16204764You did sell your Link at 2.83...right?[View]
16204661I have to go back[View]
16204633this looks like it's about to moon, goys[View]
16204766$2,500 EOY[View]
16204680#MBGA: Why not move all the shilling to a /crypto/ containment chamber[View]
16204621WADAFAK WADAT[View]
16202895never forget /biz: this kills the scammer and shill[View]
16203373If a coin is only supported by one exchange and the exchange goes down, aside from dodgy converters …[View]
16204018Sergey Nazarov Satoshi Nakamoto Let that sink in[View]
16204033You will be able to redeem your BAT for non-expensive Amazon products next year. Steam and and other…[View]
16204534Prepared your anus for the massive dump linkie?[View]
16204601Bitch, I got that HIV[View]
16203668How to make money online: I know you guys might get a ton of these thread. but I would seriously suc…[View]
16204559Here is a chart, presented without comment. Good luck.[View]
16202833It was a rollercoaster with Udoo, up and down up and down. It can’t go lower then this. Bought a nic…[View]
16202328How can a poorfag NEET start earning money from home? Could really use some advice[View]
16204343>moons violently and gets completely ignored by /biz/[View]
16204592This is a single coin in top 10 that have only 200% past year. All others over 1000%. Is this a sig…[View]
16203858Why is LINK crabbing so much? It's been between $2.50 and $3.00 for almost a full month now. I…[View]
16204493I wouldn’t want to miss out on it[View]
16204550Keep your chin up guys. 2020 is coming and Satoshi will make your BitCoins very stiff[View]
16199409what is the /biz/nessman's drink of choice?[View]
16204491>100s of threads every week >not one anon can figure out how to day trade in this market…[View]
16203403What did you guys talk about before cryptocurrency blew up?[View]
16203682BSV $1200 Waiting Room: >10.11.2019 >smart contract patent is activated >bye bye erc20 toke…[View]
16203281Poorfag here. I'm about to be given 30k in a settlement. Never had even close to this much mone…[View]
16199600>it says on your application you've spent the last two years investing in internet coins, ho…[View]
16203346I was all in this shit, 3.5 btc gone. AMA[View]
16202908Bithumb one of the biggest Asia exchange want to conquer India. Were are my Indian anons? https://ww…[View]
16204258>dopamine running low >curtains closed >vitamin d depleted >feeling the depression comin…[View]
16203750Why most tokens dump after staking is implemented?: I'm worried about my ETH and LINK bags…[View]
16203308Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
16204332price change: Price will increase to 5 bis![View]
16203456WHY?: Is it dead?[View]
16204045What happend to that one yellow nigger that sold link at 2.6 and was sure 2.5 will come?[View]
16203735>Be me >start surfing biz in June and discover link >buy a small stack at about $1.5 >m…[View]
16196856>Do not have the will nor the brains to create an empire like Elon Musk there >Born with a pla…[View]
16204226I just love how Satoshi turned out to be something completely different from what most people made h…[View]
16202414Epstein Didn't Kill Himself (WHACKD): Epstein Didn't Kill Himself (WHACKD) is a deflationa…[View]
16204212Post Your oldest Link Memes: I'll start[View]
16204206I have over 500k pundix This is a third world coin and somehow im optimistic[View]
16202997Introducing the Craig Curse: All those who oppose satoshi will be behead(in minecraft). Inshallah BS…[View]
16201410/rvpill/: Why haven't you taken the /rvpill/ yet? >don't owe the jews money, easily buy…[View]
16203654Will fractional property ownership be possible with blockchain?: will that drive up property price?…[View]
16204103How do I prevent having my energy stolen by women?[View]
16203982>keep it below $3 for as long as possible[View]
16203792WHATS NEXT BIG THING?: Ok so if dropshipping is dead already what is potentially next big thing in o…[View]
16203347This is Gregory Maxwell: He, and his fellow conspirators hijacked the BTC community and then BTC its…[View]
16203378i want to become an alpha male, should i buy this course ? https://www.cobratate.com/product/war-roo…[View]
16203594who's here smart money?: Coinbase pro listing. Only smart money is holding this[View]
16204000How far has Bitcoin come in a decade..: ...and how does Pi Network looks in comparison? Let's s…[View]
16204052What about BitCoin and Satoshi makes people have a mental breakdown?[View]
16202464Tock tock core fags 2020 is cooming[View]
16202645Shitcoin shills on biz: Are they paid or what? It doesn't make any sense to buy shitcoins at th…[View]
16203634Will 99% of all Crypto outside of Coinbase die?: Seems like it for me while watching the charts for …[View]
16201858>Hi, my name is CryptoJuice, and I like getting fucked[View]
16204021Any bank accepting BTC ?[View]
16203411Have you secured your citadel residency yet?[View]
16201234D E F I: D E F I E F I[View]
16203655IMAGINE BEING JUICED !!!!![View]
16203939Yep, mesa thinking we're back[View]
16202282BCH : where my OG Bitcoiners at?`: Follow me on memo! Also the first 5 people that sign up on memo a…[View]
16203861Bros: I lost my BSV collection with all my rare Craig’s I’ve been collecting for a year from a dead …[View]
16202106'Workplace Bonding': >tfw my workplace is having a 'staff party' for the whol…[View]
16203391/poor/: Anyone else here poor? I worked as a package handler at amazon and then as a cook at Whole F…[View]
16203816Can someone explain to me why the bsv meme powers are so strong? I haven't seen this level of m…[View]
16203455INNOVA COIN: This coin is going to moon when the markets turn around. Why? - Less max supply than la…[View]
16202186Hey Guys its me again: Let link do its thing I hope u guys all make a killing , but at this rate id …[View]
16203584The sewer from the BSV citadel will be diverted to the Blockstream Tranny Club (BTC) shack. You will…[View]
16202274Coinbase Earn: Why haven't you made some $ with coinbase? They are literally handing out free m…[View]
16203787Rise you hand if you wanna know ![View]
16203430are demons/angles real?: just remembered an old memory as a kid where I 'prayed' intensely…[View]
16202642BSV: can you guys drop this fucking scam already? holy shit if it got de-listed on binance a couple…[View]
16203646nChain just secured the patent for all blockchain-enforced smart contracts: Any other shitcoin now e…[View]
16203551So are you learning Solidity? Or learning to program Chainlink adaptors? Or sketching out a rough id…[View]
16202788IOTA or RLC?: I have €2000 to throw and forget for 3-5 years. What is my best bet? Don't say LI…[View]
16203706Armament: How/where can i invest in armament? It seems like the best field other than renewable ener…[View]
16203703If you're new money and want to learn what the crypto hoopla is about...: CMIIW according to vi…[View]
16203093can we please have a apu thread pls frens i lost all my apus post apus i leik wen they use computers…[View]
16202832Why is BSV a scam?[View]
16203639NEO chart looks like a chart of very DEAD shitcoin, yet they are working hard on neo 3.0 and other s…[View]
16202386OH: there is no volume so why don’t you dump you piece of shit ???[View]
16203492This video convinced me that CSW is Satoshi https://youtu.be/gYskRI0ynAM This was shot in 2014, befo…[View]
16202554>tfw sold 10k link of my 31k stack to buy 209.7 BSV[View]
16202839DXCHAIN: Wtf is this shit and why is it up so much?[View]
16201735Tell me one thing you can do with bitcoin that you couldn't do without it[View]
16202780TFD: Why is this shit so low? I accept the fact that i'm full on retard but seriously #685 on C…[View]
16201917Daily reminder: Imagine not buying the real bitcoin under $140.[View]
16203490the writing is on the wall Chainlink is next[View]
16203511Guys, I figured it out~![View]
16202736not so cocky now huh nico posters[View]
16203216Juice was right about ChainLink: He knew it was a scam which is why he tried to warn you, why didn’t…[View]
16201942What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other! It does not even use E…[View]
16202869Bsv marines: What will be your first luxury purchase when BSV is $1,000,000? For me it’s the Lambo S…[View]
16180692DB Failing?: Hi guis, newfag here I have a question which boils down to this: When will Deutsche go …[View]
161997462019: Not sure that you guys realize how crazy 2019 has been for BTC. Basically 2017 level, only alt…[View]
16202547So it's true...: nChain confirmed they will appropriate the old coins by a hardfork. How does t…[View]
16203261$2.68 Monday. Suppression bots[View]
16201990Pi Network: Pi project is starting Install Pi Network from playstore Use invitation code 'thisisnotd…[View]
16202777Buy INS: Freebie for you guys since I'm done accumulating. >6m market cap >mainnet Jan …[View]
16200853frens report in![View]
16199412Fkn retards: Token not needed Validation of files already exists without vidt No proof of any partne…[View]
16203259I don't know if you heard yet, but it turns out the guy who created bitcoin is a complete Chad[View]
16201864Ranjeep! Dupinder! Pajeet!: Post the hottest redhead, and I will allow you to shill me your Shitcoin…[View]
16202722Why do we still put up with shills? Its been almost 3 years now, can we move on already and just ban…[View]
16203275You have no idea I told you last week[View]
16200439Why did Bitcoin fail to become the future of currency?[View]
16202249Oh god, the bull pump failed. We really are in a bear market aren't we.[View]
16202336What if he was right?[View]
16203169Are any wagefrens here working Thanksgiving or Black Friday? How much are they paying you? >work …[View]
16201700>he didn’t start using Benford’s law early >still thinks he’s going to make it…[View]
16199525Youtube view buyer: My Crypto channel is struggling; my partners left and all I have is sponsored co…[View]
16203023What the heck was that[View]
16203048nice try LINKIES[View]
16201796We need a discussion of Holochain. Price prediction for EOY? What do you think its ATH in sats gonna…[View]
16203003How do I profit from the raise in post-wall women finally realizing that Chad stung them along?[View]
16202956Is BSV going up or down?[View]
16200986Based Asuka holds BSV[View]
16200990another literal who: https://twitter.com/_Chainlink_/status/1193286582968737793?s=20[View]
16202003>tfw when corecucks will start to fomo in around 900$ >tfw when avaloq news coming out >tfw…[View]
16202748BTC = Blockstream Tranny Club Prove me wrong[View]
16199116What does this mean for bitcoin?[View]
16202933Shudder The Thread: > doing business with all colors and creeds[View]
16202367Next crash?: Will the economy crash at some point? Have the central bankers finally smoothed everyt…[View]
16202815So we all agree gold is going to get down to 1420 tomorrow right?[View]
16201841We will be the new jews kek: Its so fucking comfy guys[View]
16202296We know he has a PT that comes home to him for a session in his in house gym equipped with all kind …[View]
16202758Serious question: Is Craig wright basing his persona off of Michael Scott from the Office US ?…[View]
16202730If you can dream, you can do it![View]
16202543Redpill me on dropshipping lads. Is there any point?[View]
16201510A sneak peek of the trade mission to SFF x SWITCH Singapore.[View]
16202405Remember, he sold? https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/81ysyn/im_out_guys_i_am_out_out_…[View]
16202716Do you have a 4chan pass? How much have you invested in crypto?[View]
16202031I hope you bought some Nerva when i told you so. It's going uuuuuuuup![View]
16201696SENT is way bigger than any of us thought. I did some research and anyone staking SENT on the Sentin…[View]
16202377Gold kills people.[View]
16201008What is this formation called?: >impending dead cat bounce?[View]
16202524KSI vs LOGAN Fight Stream url: I will send $10 in Bitcoin to whoever can provide with a link to the …[View]
16202364Do you think of crypto as your escape goat ?: If so , why do you lay off all that responsibillity in…[View]
16202638Liquidity Based Metric: CoinMarketCap is about to change the way it ranks coins based on liquidity. …[View]
16202508Will you be joining us in the BitCoin citadel?[View]
16199971>Let me penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's your maste…[View]
16201205>he thinks the prison planet theory is a meme[View]
16202509making life changing money from alt coins is never happening again bros. How do we cope.[View]
16202353Bitcoin Isn't a Currency, It's a Video Game: i can't believe how accurate this you ca…[View]
16202483What is rune: Why does it keep pumping[View]
16202361BIG ONE NOV 12th: Coinmarketcap Capital Conference. Another nothingburger?[View]
16202307>SIBOS 2017 >SIBOS 2019 >PSD2 >Devcon >Oracle >positive thought >mainet >m…[View]
16202306I just dropped out: dropped out of college with just a 2 yr degree under my belt. AMA[View]
16202305go MGTOW save MONEY: admit it biz You do all this because of stupid women. Rethink your life choices…[View]
16201815Stellar lumens is about to double it's value.: If you wanna make it come be my little wolf of W…[View]
16202176What is the point of these shit coin shillis: There are like 100 people here[View]
16199740Imagine using DAI. Thanks to the retards at MAKERDAO! https://twitter.com/CryptoCatVC/status/1193301…[View]
16202097What is the next overhyped recent IPO/tech unicorn to take a beating after the Wework implosion? Som…[View]
16194342Shrooms: Whats /biz/´s take on starting to grow Psilocybe Cubensis, i guess its a big investment in …[View]
16198489> he still hasn’t gone all in on ChainLink lmao, this next run will be one for the books. Just lo…[View]
16201242Where is Sergay going guys?[View]
16200647How do i get passive income with 175k?[View]
16199501FTM or Link? Going all in on one, which and why.[View]
16201804SUBMIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLG1ys2CGcI[View]
16199438Oracles aren't real.: Oracles aren't real. Any project that tells you they provide oracle …[View]
16201886Comfy Portfolio Thread: What do you think of my portfolios guise I’m finally comfy after acquiring …[View]
16199893Crypto Trading: enough of your schemes and pump and dump scams. Gimme the best way to intraday trade…[View]
16199621I bought a car for 8,000 dollars 6 years ago that I'm selling now for 500 dollars. I also paid …[View]
16201113Suicide: 24. Shit job. Shit pay. Never hugged a girl let alone kiss or stick my peepee into one. Als…[View]
16201872Fucking do something[View]
16202008When are you dingleberries going to learn that BitCoin was created by those who you think it was mad…[View]
16201501Can you guys stop trading and just buy and hold for 6 months or so? If you close your long you are p…[View]
16196643Why so many BSV shills?: Past week or so there's been WAY more BSV shills than before, and mont…[View]
16201833I love you all /biz/ frens, but please don't forget that 2020 is coming soon[View]
16202033How do I short my life /biz/ ?[View]
16201304>day 689 of the bear market[View]
16201947>a suicide stack now costs $28.5 normalfags forever priced out[View]
16199161Money making strategy for a neet Filipino?[View]
16201906What does a sub $20m marketcap and a $3-4m average daily volume over the past month mean?[View]
16200683I'm going to start my DCA Anon's hope I'm not too late to get back in![View]
16201789All you had to do for making it was buying ETH 4 years ago. What were you doing exactly?[View]
16201324Imagine: Imagine investing in this fucking shitcoin scam. Can somebody verify the clients (AmSpec, …[View]
16201901This is blueish for chainlink[View]
16201797I will bet in a lottery.Give any number from 1 to 58.[View]
16201730digital asset literally tags the Federal Reserve and Chainlink: https://twitter.com/digitalassetcom/…[View]
16196631Hypothetically, how will you react if BSV wins?[View]
16201811700k dumps mystery solved: link price is literally capped. The dumps from sergey were actually to be…[View]
16196800If I told you this man has a stack of 100k+ LINK, would you trade places with him?[View]
16201584Based CryptoJuice putting linkers in their place: A reminder that no one needs oracles: Any project …[View]
16200618So memes aside, which of these two countries is better for a /biz/nesman?[View]
16201172Insider here. Link dumping imminent.: This is not a drill. This is not a larp. Link is going to dump…[View]
16198770>its over the economy is going to crash >all women are whores >jews run the world >wagin…[View]
16198497YouTube new TOS: Will ban accounts if you use Adblock. Brave browser BTFO. Time to short sell BAT to…[View]
16198659*takes your job* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6fMV1UPzkg&feature=emb_title[View]
16201693> econ major > math minor > cs minor am I gonna make it? I started off in computer engineer…[View]
16200690Death and Taxes: Death is unavoidable, taxes are not. How do the rich avoid paying as much taxes as …[View]
16196862What’s one trend besides Crypto you feel will take off way more than what people currently give it c…[View]
16197548you have no idea whats coming in the next week: ill throw you a bone if someone gets cool digits/ID …[View]
16200002/BSVG/: BTC broke the bitcoin network, splintering it off into 10,000 shitcoins, who all compete aga…[View]
16195885Don't mind me, just posting my 5% ROI gains..[View]
16201487Secretive firm Jane Street jumps on crypto![View]
16201533Veron eating up Asia's Financial Ecosystem: https://medium.com/@veronplatform/veron-signs-partn…[View]
16201599This is my daily affirmation thread that I will hopefully be posting every night as a way to have co…[View]
16199996Will this make me rich?[View]
16201050so my life feels over and i can't stop thinking about ending it. every day is a nagging thought…[View]
16200109Why weren't normies more pissed at the government after 2008? They complain about the bailouts …[View]
16200152>imagine not owning over 100,000 PundiX at $0.000182 rn[View]
16200405Is this normal for a /biz/nessman?: >I only shower every 2-3 weeks >Dont brush my teeth >li…[View]
16197314credit cards: So there's a cucked rule apparently where you can only take out 30% of your credi…[View]
16199874ACC 100 - Introductory Financial Accounting: Easy chance to make some quick money.. who wants to hel…[View]
16201435Total crypto market cap when it's matured?: I'm guessing it could go up to 10 trillion in …[View]
16201361Stop fucking around and stack XLM: Link works for them[View]
16196401>buy silver today, sell silver 30 years from now >retains its value because is not destroyed b…[View]
16200997If mufasa is chad: Then what’s scar? Which would you rather be and which is better to be rich? mufas…[View]
16201152Wealthfront and other auto-investors: What's your experience with auto-investors?[View]
16201274smart economy rouneye, you wouldn’t understand[View]
16201261Looks like we're going past $3.[View]
16200004>FBI is working on a “cryptocurrency solution” https://cryptorolling.com/fbi-is-working-on-a-cryp…[View]
16199607Mining bread: >Mining is fun (says the increasingly nervous man for the 5h time). Any other miner…[View]
16201116I hold 160000 dogecoin: Will my autism pay off?[View]
16201154LINK will never ever be over $3 again[View]
16199738Be happy with your stacks: Reminder that the consensus during 2018 was that the average /biz stack i…[View]
16201045Wtf was that[View]
16201080Sell xrp, buy xlm: It will double by Feb. Sell at .127[View]
16200670How do you feel knowing that associating chainlink's online brand identity with white supremacy…[View]
16201066You told me it's a SCAM!![View]
16198705Is taxation theft?: How efficient is taxation? Does the government ever waste your money on stupid s…[View]
16200510demoralized: >One full year of bull market wtf, i thought it was a bear market all along.…[View]
16200941Is Bitcoin going back to 9000?[View]
16198393Ok, biz, no stalling How do i become a millionaire[View]
16199842Why aren't you going to community college, /biz/? You get a lot more of your money's worth[View]
16194778are they changing grocery stores over to cashless self checkout machines in an effort to stop people…[View]
16200637Bros I sill couldn't find the scorpion[View]
16200555You could live a rich and comfortable life with absolutely nothing, even starting from the stone age…[View]
16198291Komodo: Can someone tell me why komodo is going crazy?[View]
16200878Allahu ADbar: Which one of you was that?[View]
16200221hpb soft exit scam: kek i lost $300[View]
16198021WHAT WAS THAT?!?![View]
16200492Chainlink partnered with this chink scam HPB. I bet the other 98% of companies working with Link tha…[View]
16200781/biz/, would you support a 'blue board random'? A blueboard /b/, no rules except no porn and nothing…[View]
16200813GOD DAMNIT WTF: so I go to buy some bitcoin like a boss everything works out like a boss fucking go …[View]
16200688W-What if Sergey leaves LINK “up to the community” g-guys...[View]
16200467BSV is the real bitcoin It is the only bitcoin that follows the original whitepaper and Satoshi…[View]
16200760Quit bitchin' nigga, run it up Run it up, run it up Quit complainin' nigga, run it up Run …[View]
16200520What kind of emotions do you nulinkers feel when you realize the actual suicide stack was and still …[View]
16200009I've been on /biz/ since its inception.: >be me an old fag >lurk on biz everyday > I g…[View]
16200075Oh no, surprise surprise, another so called chainlink partner just exit scammed... Get used to it li…[View]
16200174STRATIS 1000EOY - me 2017[View]
16191752How the fuck do you cure anxiety and depression? I'm not gonna make it bros[View]
16199469So the whole thing with Bitcoin Cash pushed by Roger Ver is its bitcoin to be used as currency. Now …[View]
16200577How would you make it?: Buying weekly for long term. Keep adding to my all-in LINK stack or buy unde…[View]
16199695FUD this Gematria[View]
16200567>Let me tell you something. I haven't even begun to peak.[View]
16197069>Anon, you mean to say that your money is inside this thing called a computer? You mean it's…[View]
16200348*KNOCK KNOCK*: >BOOM! That's all it takes for the FBI to raid your house and buy Chainlink u…[View]
16200445CHAINLINK NO CAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6CcORHqzsw Sergey dabbed on everyone at the world…[View]
16200524What do you think of the pi network crypto currency?[View]
16198869SILVER/GOLD MINER MEGA THREAD: Alright faggots, we all know a huge bull run in metals is right aroun…[View]
16200300Will ETH reach 10k a coin in 2020?[View]
16200403How can I set up a trading station where I am notified of some change/parameters of my choosing so I…[View]
16196205FANTOM GENERAL: >Imagine not having 300k+ FTM before the moon mission in 2020 LMAO…[View]
16200324Being one of the most powerful race in the world is really great, especially we're going to dom…[View]
16198894Insider here. I have some information that may get me in trouble if someone on the team reads it bec…[View]
16200103I fucked a playmate: Money gets you super chicks, I'm talking I fucked a Playmate. Isn't t…[View]
16199920what went wrong /biz?[View]
16198551Get in here fags: Pi is gonna be next big crypto, getting od stage 2 in like a month. Already have m…[View]
16198533Hellooo: >CRYPTO go up![View]
16200033I think Chainlink sucks![View]
16199753Post proof of clients and partnerships. Don’t send etherscan links, as posted above, team can easil…[View]
16197462USA - Too big to fail or: Why are you still living in that 3rd world country fren? Do you trust your…[View]
16199641I need help understanding these this quant: 1 situation- what’s up with that? Explain like I’m retar…[View]
16200020Tellor: Defi[View]
16199082>he still hasn't suicide stacked Maker before MCD on Nov.18th[View]
16196423Craig plagiarized an oracle system: Get in here, this is funny. He stole the description of an oracl…[View]
16199926only 5k to make it[View]
16199985>link below 2.80 again Ohhh linkieeessss[View]
16199065How do we profit off this /biz/?[View]
16199974Looking for a website developer for our start up: looking for an experienced website developer, free…[View]
16198828Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV?: I need unbiased objective opinions which one to go all in and why.…[View]
16199236Dump incoming[View]
16199933>221% Profit >221% Profit >221% Profit >221% Profit >221% Profit >221% Profit THAN…[View]
16199811When (if) Fantom hits $1, I'm cashing it all out, giving it all to my son (my ex-wife can suck …[View]
16198650>Woke up late to restaurant job. >Show up one hour late. >Boss says where the fuck were yo…[View]
16199661Is social media unironically a good investment for making /biz/ness connections? >Linkedin >I…[View]
16198231Cryptocurrencies as a safe haven: What do you think of cryptocurrencies as a safe haven in case of a…[View]
16198129Why don't we?: Just make our own shitcoin?We can just call it clover and we can invest in somet…[View]
16193774>10k stack >not a larp Pick one[View]
16199797Leverage undermines crypto.: Buyers are discouraged by the significant losses since it was introduce…[View]
16199202I have some insider information that may get me in trouble if someone on the team reads it because I…[View]
16199721I would like to volunteer to take part in an extreme isolation experiment. It is said that if a pers…[View]
16197386When this board finally comes around to stocks, that will be the market top: From crypto to precious…[View]
16199725>Let me penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's your maste…[View]
16198057XDB is bigger than anyone could have possibly imagined: >Sitting at sub 2mil mcap >Numerous pu…[View]
16191970Here in Norway there is alot of talk about how our currency is really weak and still falling and the…[View]
16195000ITT: /biz/ explains why they didn't buy more of the top vol IDEX coins: >IDEX only >Volum…[View]
16199708So... somebody is selling https://anal.eth/[View]
16199150I work very closely with the chainlink team and we are about to reveal a new enterprise partnership …[View]
16199364What do we know about Vitalik's life? Is he single? Does he have a girlfriend? Does he like neo…[View]
16197545LINK: This is big, if you know you know[View]
16199663Post proof of clients and partnerships. Don’t send etherscan links, as posted above, team can easil…[View]
16198577Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
16199444Why doesn’t America just blockade China and make them our slaves?[View]
16199558we are all in this together as one[View]
16197211>parents force me to work >only qualified for minimum wage as a support worker (not extroverte…[View]
16199406Alexa, whats the price of a current sucide stack of Chainlink? >A suicide stack now costs $27900.…[View]
16199619you really finna believe that ChainLink wasna PnD scam HAHHAHEHHEE[View]
16199461>only $4 billion Tether in circulation How did people cash out of their gains at the peak of 2017…[View]
16197790What are some cool altcoins to research besides link...I've researched it and own some. General…[View]
1619811038k: imagine only making 38k after graduating with a 4 ye degree in stem https://www.governmentjobs…[View]
16197070Best way to get instant loan?: Is it still possible to get a student loan and spend it on something …[View]
16199231I have absolutely no information regarding Chainlink. Dubs get.[View]
16199544Woho Crypto![View]
16199508Insider from the Chainlink team here. Since im not a faggot larper like the rest of them im just gon…[View]
16199524Alexa, how much link does Anon need to give his bitch mom for $500 rent? >He needs to give her 17…[View]
16199523Insider here. Sergey is so fat he literally cant move. I tried to show him this thing I wrote in sol…[View]
16199226chainIink insider: ama[View]
16199127This shit does nothing: Why is it valued so high?[View]
16198090oh nonono: The coin XRP does not need to be used by the Ripple Network for settling transactions. Va…[View]
16198793Well silver bros I bought some silver a couple days ago and it immediately dipped hard. Let’s see wh…[View]
16199272/money-making music/: What is your favorite song about making money or being rich? For me, it's…[View]
16198365COINBASE CEO ARRESTED: SAN FRANSISCO (Reuters) -- Federal law enforcement officials arrested Brian A…[View]
16199212Had a dream: i was in a crowded bus with a link logo shirt that i was getting bullied for , i stood …[View]
16199026When will he finally step the fuck out?: He did his part, now it's time to get the fuck out.…[View]
16198088So, with NEXO. I get that it's a good idea, but if it has stocks then what raises the value of …[View]
16199113A short tale for those who will never sell...: 'The one having ears, let him hear.' Before the still…[View]
16196255Time is running out. Deutsche bank is failing. The world depression is coming. When it comes all of …[View]
16199177Fantom: Fantom.[View]
16199162How much money you will pay dor kidney?: Just hypothetical :)[View]
16198112>tfw another lonely Saturday night watching charts[View]
16198696Seems as it is about to go parabolic[View]
16199128Hey there guys, Just wanted to drop by to throw you a bone. God knows you deserve it. Your patience …[View]
16197161It keeps crashing when I buy, and goes up when I wait: What do I do[View]
16198035Wite boi giv me ur birtcon[View]
16199099Suppose, hypothetically, Amazon began offering a brokerage service allowing you to purchase from a n…[View]
16198572my body is ready[View]
16198754This feeling[View]
16198964AUGUR - smart money?: I'm getting a feeling Augur is in bed with kike exchanges like Coinbase. …[View]
16198996Who /finna HODL forever/ here? Get rich quick plebs need not respond.[View]
16199014DAG: Thats all I have to say. Its gonna be top 50.[View]
16198717How long until he gets arrested?[View]
16198841Hey sir I'm here for the interview.[View]
16197879Bcash (((influencer))) pushing for layer 2 scaling: OH NO NO NO LOOKS LIKE BCH WAS JUST ANOTHER BLO…[View]
16197502Question for early biz miners: Do we have any OG bitcoin miners in here?? I need to know if the mine…[View]
16198108How Much NEO: Whats your stack size Anon?[View]
16197133Lending and credit in a cryptocurrency-centric future: How would lending / credit / loans work in a …[View]
16198246ICO: When is the next crypto ico? Anyone know of anything worthwhile? And I don’t mean somethings la…[View]
16198753Buy LINK, NKN and RLC. Wait for 2 years. Retire.: Could it really be that simple biz?[View]
16198746Before you buy, let me tell you a story. I was visiting San Francisco to see one of my friends. We …[View]
16197469>Germany, one of the world’s main maritime players, saw its commercial fleet shrink by a third ov…[View]
161982542019... I am forgotten..[View]
16197384BTC: Is there any remote possibility to avoid this?[View]
16198468Boomer post: I have 10 BTC which I'm trying to turn into 14BTC which is my comfyboy boomer drea…[View]
16198092mine pi: time to mine some pi frens, use code tkone for bonus to mining[View]
16196285VeChain is going to be listed on Coinbase this year: VeChain employee with insider information here.…[View]
16198713XTZ: >why are you not staking tezos anon? >because I'm buying it to sell for a profit dur…[View]
16198722Imagine not buying this[View]
16198455BSV: 'Satoshi Nakamoto has died, yet long may Satoshi live. Yet, a warning to all. Satoshi was …[View]
16197150> Tell me about Jason > Why does he Parse?…[View]
16196749Building An Portfolio: I’m a wagie working on a portfolio, been putting what I can in every week and…[View]
16198101Time for 'Top Buy in: Hunger Games!' HOW TO PLAY: make a post below with ONLY an IMAGE/AVATAR for yo…[View]
16198579It's about that time again: Here we are with another session of lower volume and increased bear…[View]
16198326I threw alot of money into LINK to try and get out of my wage cuckery. YOU FUCKERS BETTER NOT LET ME…[View]
16197299my bitch mom is kicking me out of the house! Should I just give her 178.57 Link?: She wants 500$ a m…[View]
16197712Where can a US trader trade bitcoin on margin legally? No vpn, no bullshit, just trading Thanks[View]
1619851460 Minutes Tomorrow: Featuring Jamie Dimon. Blockchain and Smart Contracts will be shilled including…[View]
16198199Donal etramp is meets with sirgay navaroz[View]
16198495Here we go sir, your medal for being the best larper![View]
16197337https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biPuZq354T4 What would your reaction to a girl like this IRL be? Bul…[View]
16198373Tellor: should i buy it?[View]
16197896How are you guys preparing for the greatest crash in modern times?[View]
16198402there is no spoon: If you still don’t know what’s going to happen at $BIS block 1,450,000. Stiff!…[View]
16194827Satoshi thread: Reading through some Satoshi posts and thought I'd make a thread to discuss. I…[View]
16197733reminder, 99% of crypto is garbage or too complicated for people to use: seed recovery phase 2FA syn…[View]
16197932>Let me penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's your maste…[View]
16197403Question to over 40 year old /biz/nessmen: So I'm 35 now. Locked all my twenties to one relatio…[View]
16198152My dudes. Please gather round and explain this to me. >The word Oracle in Hebrew is DBYR (Dalet…[View]
16197696summoning OATMEAL BRO.: steadily but swiftly approaching the event horizon, replaying the rollercoas…[View]
16193719There's nothing wrong with inflation, it stimulates people to spend, generating cash flow for b…[View]
16197078>working >saving >investing >buying/selling >opening a business What are you all, fuc…[View]
16193455Tik tok motherfuckers: Tik fucking tok[View]
16194676>tfw bought at 9.5k[View]
16197655Reminder that only traders are longing this range.: >>16186299 This anon was right. Alts are g…[View]
16198167Fantom in Seoul Blockchain Week: OOOOOOOO IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
16198091How do I create a successful IPO scam?[View]
16198095I am Satoshi.: Get over it incels. The internet will host on BSV, as will oracles and smart contract…[View]
16195529/biz/ cup thread: Current match is /c/ vs /f/, we play in a few more games at 3:00-4:00ish eastern b…[View]
16196470UBI through Crypto: Has anybody Looked into WolfpackBot's Evolve? Its all on the Ethereum plat…[View]
16197930When is the BULLMARKET MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!![View]
16197187UH BROS: what does this mean[View]
16198005>anon posts some nonsense thread >image is some big tits or ass >shift + click 'hide thread…[View]
16197313I'm here from reddit: Hey friend, I was told that this place would be a good place to get advic…[View]
16195727BSV marines report in what is your rank?: BitCoin hierarchy: 2.1 is Citadel Jannie 21 is Citadel Res…[View]
16197996Did somebody order advertisement on 4chan? Is it expensive ? Works correctly ? Any advices or someth…[View]
16197581How the hell are there people out there still not all in BSV?[View]
16195343Every single person on this board is my fren. I love you, frens![View]
16196839What are some hacks to increase your Net worth fast?[View]
16198009Bitcoin QR code tool I discovered. Thought biz might find it handy as well. https://www.bitcoinqrcod…[View]
16197866>lightning fast transaction speeds[View]
16197741Have you booked your ticket to the Citadel anon?: You wouldn't want to end up not getting in, o…[View]
16197964Hi. Does anyone know what this low cap is ? Ferrum Network[View]
16197782Why is he such a Chad?[View]
16196870Either Chainlink goes above 10$ by the end of this month or I am going to kill myself. I cant take i…[View]
16197682Ok i bought 10k fantom FTM[View]
16196383Will this ever drop now? Need to buy more. Or are we going straight up...[View]
16197895Blockstack https://blockstack.org/[View]
16196807What?????? Just???????? Happened?????????[View]
16197121Multi Collateral Dai - Nov.18[View]
16197516>unironically made 20k off investing in a 4chan meme so rich basically a millionaire frens…[View]
16197388DIGITAL OIL: D I G I T A L O I L I G I T A L O I L[View]
16194216>cashflow business with 1.8m annual revenue >3m marketcap how many to make it?…[View]
16196332Why link?: Out all the cryptos out there, why link?[View]
16196084i hope you bought your ticket[View]
16197357Harmony One: are y’all motherfuckers still here?[View]
16196249▲ ▲▲ ▲▲▲ ▲▲▲▲[View]
16195782Most undervaluted right now?[View]
16197703What if told you there was a way to reduce spam.[View]
16197416$5 Waiting Room: Hey there guys, Just wanted to drop by to throw you a bone. God knows you deserve i…[View]
16197551Neets unite![View]
16194680Just went x100 short on link with my full stack, no stop loss. This pump is undeniably unsustainable…[View]
16197587He's right though: https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-btc-price-usd-1-million-after-two-more-bubble…[View]
16197624Listen to Dollie goy: DO IT[View]
16197327You linkies looking for ways to make more LINK?: Simple, if you want more LINK all you have to do is…[View]
16197602Let's just say, for hypothetical reasons of course - that I've just gone from a non-teleco…[View]
16197594Howe are YOU preparing for the 2020's commodity bullmarket? For example right now if you buy sm…[View]
16197467Kaleido+Amazon=RLC: Just gonna leave this here folks[View]
16197236New crypto!!!: Hye guys, insider here. Get it while it's fresh. Monocoin is the new thing. Here…[View]
16195600Next two weeks: >Never short a cult >Never short a dull market Anyone who has gone short on Ch…[View]
16197515I’m earning real cash by simply reading news in BuzzBreak! Join me using my referral To earn extra b…[View]
16197029The Vishnu is real: I found the Vishnu on the blockchain[View]
16197398Brad garlinghouse steal YT channel from BLACK MARKET: Fuck Ripple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C…[View]
16196018Should I trust meme triangles?[View]
16196496Bakkt has record high volume when bitcoin crashes. How is this not a coincidence?[View]
16196121cryptos about to drop to 6k isnt it.: be honest with me are all us faggot bulls about to get fucked…[View]
161960630xbtc: who here have a shrinking bag but not sure should get more or not?[View]
16196782>> he has no Komodories.: >> he holds the stinkie ponzi ERC20s where the leader has 65% …[View]
16197315High Performance Blockchain (HPB), partnered with Chainlink is exit scamming Why is Sergey working w…[View]
16196854How is it possible?: High IQ (180) Good looking /fit/ Big dick Created Bitcoin He don't seem to…[View]
16196318chinese endorsing blockchain: pretty much guarantees we will have another crypto bubble, much bigger…[View]
16196711What kind of gains did people who invested in gold/silver before/during the great depression make? I…[View]
16197214bitch, I got dat BSV[View]
16196908oh my god it's like you guys don't know ANYTHING about technical analysis LOL bye bye bear…[View]
16197275IOTEX IOTX moon[View]
161972742025: Hello your Chainlink Amazon Uber is here...[View]
16196111So should I kill myself now that I've lost everything?[View]
16197171Andre from Fantom: He looks sick, alcoholism, opioids, jaundice, or you think he’s just been up late…[View]
16197201MY LIFE DEPENDS ON FANTOM: If fantom fails to reach at least 1 dollar I will not be able to survive …[View]
16197096DUSK: Simply the best edition: Fundamentally the best STO project out there. Debate me...[View]
16196945Its full of silver paid shills. Be aware.[View]
16196421Take the BSV doomer pill before it is late /biz/. It is still time, but it is running out fast[View]
16194623Hey Anon!: Why don't u eat lunch with us Saturday. We're all working together on a Saturda…[View]
16194959why dont you believe him?[View]
16195209I'm independently financially independently ruined[View]
16196954Craig used to work as a human pregnancy tester. Women would piss in his mouth and based on the taste…[View]
16195706FTM general 3$ eoq1 2020 Bank mainnets + other soon[View]
16194667SOON: But how soon?[View]
16196229Gentlemen I have an announcement to make: Please be seated[View]
16196929Is it really as simple as[View]
16196027Souvenir souvenir: Just went down memory lane and found this in my biz folder. Remembered selling th…[View]
16196973How much bsv for her?[View]
16196047In 2017 this board gave ETH In 2018 this board gave LINK In 2019 this board has given nothing[View]
16196884Meet Veron. A full on crypto project[View]
16196508My net worth is 6500 link What should I do? I have no money and live without any need to pay things.…[View]
16195295What can I get into both as hobby and investment?: I'm thinking about painting and trading card…[View]
16192102BAT MAKES ME MAD[View]
16195574This board is full of poor people: Im tired of these homeless people here posting thread after threa…[View]
16196076Just a bit more money, th-then my real life can begin![View]
16196665Imagine ignoring all the signs to buy FET?: Seriously, how much more obvious can it get? Huge DeepMi…[View]
16195865What is your current total crypto net worth in USD? $75k here[View]
16196197Do you really have to read anything other than tax info and do KYC/other basic things and just buy N…[View]
16196770What to buy after chainlink?: I already have a decanode stack , what comes next? We have spent the p…[View]
16196201Will you get chubby once you make it?[View]
16194915>*completely replaces the need for (((adderall))) based mother nature[View]
16196471Very STIFF: BSV is all you need in 2020[View]
16187331Last chance to go all in VIDT[View]
16196727Chainlink Chad. I want to buy some of the remaining dice you have. You had said you were going to s…[View]
16196743Satoshi is Here. https://youtu.be/Wv-SYWqstl0[View]
16193741>the Craig Wright community will defend this[View]
16196482NOLINKER here AMA[View]
16196600WTF is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEnHNbcvEqY[View]
16195445MCD Nov. 18th[View]
16196654OK Biz, We are doing the Buisness and Finance hunger games today! Jannies, this is related to busine…[View]
16196691What did he mean by this?[View]
16191277Is this shit really true? Is Bitcoin SV the only one still on the original legacy chain? I thought i…[View]
16196489Crypto brainless looking for RL business advice.: Simple question here, how do i get my business lis…[View]
16194822>Calls himself 'God' on his 'Yeezus' album >Starts his own church centered around ma…[View]
16194688LINK is going to pull off a fake breakout. All the linklets will jump in on it then it will crash an…[View]
16196619clown world: it's so obvious. LINK/BTC pumped now it's time for BTC/USD to pump while LINK…[View]
16196606its over[View]
16195265The key to happiness is to realise not that you won't make it, but you never had.[View]
16196589talk me out of longing 2x BTC on Bitmex or deribit. Also, What are the advantages of both platforms …[View]
16196532Beginnerfag: So let’s suppose I buy btc with margin on btc eth market and btc/usd goes up but eth go…[View]
16195221Imagine thinking SegWit Coin (BTC) is Bitcoin just because 'they' managed to nab a three l…[View]
16196500How do I monetize a non-monteziable YouTube channel?: I have one of those music YouTube channels and…[View]
16196517Why is a brand with such a poorly drawn cat able to make money?[View]
16194794White incels are not allowed to hold Chainlink.[View]
16196435ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ~[enjoy the dump link faggots][View]
16196287I’m all in chainlink since mistakes made in 2018 Now I’m worth 100 ethereum Poorfag with almost 7K l…[View]
16196486Heartbroken, but at least I have a pre-nulink LINK bag.[View]
16194802It’s been dormant for way too long... big heavy bags itching at my feet... is this the time the beas…[View]
16195647what are the best avenues for freelancing and making money through skills and services? staking hasn…[View]
16196390work stories thread? >be me >bartender >working day shift on weekend >husband and wife c…[View]
16195539My net worth is 5k Link. What am I in for ? Shill me some onions cope fellow linklets[View]
16195918>double top rejected and now already back to sub 2.80 $1 by eoy stinkies :^)…[View]
16196330LOOKING GOOOD: Link needs to close above 2.78[View]
16192638Is it microdosing LSD a meme?: I have a severe Obsessive compulsive disorder I am currently using 5h…[View]
16196376MFW reading about all the suicide or make it stakes of chainlink: They want to make the me feel comf…[View]
16195840WTF WADAT[View]
16196039Gentlemen, lets settle it once and for all..: Which is the next mooning shitcoin? Place your bets a…[View]
16194964If you look at the etherscans of the nodes on https://eth-usd-aggregator.chain.link/ most have aroun…[View]
16195327Fantastic business plan.: 1) Expect fantastic to reach the peak of $ 0.50 at the price of your bank …[View]
16196169Is going bankrupt after maxing my credit card a good idea?[View]
16196328Swth megamoon: Jeet it[View]
16195820mfw when i leave the supermarket awith stolen stuff. why do those sweet little money gainz feel so …[View]
16196324Hot hot hot[View]
16195957How much BSV does she hold?[View]
16195353Aside from my 1k stack of LINK, I have $20 to my name and $2000 in credit card debt. My student loan…[View]
16196122Reading silicon valley Twitter is crushing. I'm a subhuman for not making $40k a month from a s…[View]
16195986tick tock linkies better sell[View]
16196174This shits about to pop: LOOK[View]
16196148I want to make it. when the fuck are we all just going to make it please, please I just want £2.5 mi…[View]
16196170>second highest BTC-paired volume in Binance what is happening?[View]
16187133Serious question: How could BTC fuck up so badly? They put an artificial limit on the block size and…[View]
16194177>I'm a day trader >AKA I'm a failure and gamble on shitcoins using technical analysi…[View]
16196028Here's the real crypto redpill: Craig Wright is unironically Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockstream - ow…[View]
16192511KEK: Exit scammed[View]
16195429RIP Lınk: Tellor Angel[View]
16196067Took 50 mg of modafinil 2 hours ago. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PIECE OF SHIT. It just made me sleepy, ev…[View]
16195501What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other. It does not even use E…[View]
16195105*ting* *ting* Good afternoon, Gentlemen! It's good to see everyone enjoying their shitcoins tod…[View]
16187822Congratulations to LinkPal.io[View]
16194482>checking $451 Fuck I hate having to sell link at such a low price but I can't find a fuckin…[View]
16195952Rare Creg Thread: Post 'em![View]
16195559what happened to this shit[View]
16195892Chromia Is The Next Great Gem: - The team behind Chromia was responsible for Colored Coins the foreb…[View]
16195894Satoshi thread: Reading through some Satoshi posts and thought I'd make a thread to discuss. I…[View]
16195884How do I get welfare without being a poorfag: I have a shitty job that pays $17 an hour. I hate it a…[View]
16195465>4 instagram followers: how the fuck does everyone effortlessly have thousands of followers and g…[View]
16195851oh no no no no back to 2.60 linkies you didn't think this pump was organic and you would break …[View]
16195869Pajeet carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This board is afraid of me. I…[View]
16195862Daily reminder[View]
16194266R8 my new tattoo[View]
16194655>tfw you can sense that impending upshoot to $11k ITS COMING. CAN YOU FEEL THE RUMBLE?…[View]
16195806Um guys, why didn't anyone tell me iso20022 is just a standardized XML formatting? We're s…[View]
16193459LINK vs. XRP: Okay brainlets, shill it to me. Which shitcoin should I buy? LINK or XRP[View]
16195698If the goal is to retire early and become a NEET for the rest of your life, why not just save up a b…[View]
16194974Hex billionaires wanted: The man that smashed Creck is willing to make a lot of us rich. Gentleman, …[View]
16195752wait, are there really people on /biz/ who believe craig wright is satoshi? it's just satire ri…[View]
16194374So the memes got to me and I finally bought a stack of 300 link, I sent them to my btc address becau…[View]
16194291My belly is bubblin like i gotta take a crap: How do i profit from this[View]
16194662Buy BSV, the real Bitcoin, the real Asuka Prophecy.[View]
16195577buy LION[View]
16194516>He owns 21 BSV Good work anon, you defeated the final boss of /biz/: realizing he's Satoshi…[View]
16195492is this board?[View]
16195006Hello /biz/ I was reading lately some Clavell's books from Asian Saga (Tai-pan, Noble house), a…[View]
16194969Anon, You are missing the boat. KMD's Atomic Dex is on it's way out of live beta and will …[View]
16194456Buy BSV, the real Bitcoin, the real Asuka Prophecy.[View]
16194991>be me after work last night: have mini binge, do chores, waste time online, read pseudy novel, s…[View]
16195573I see lot of sites ranking for tons of low competition keywords that nobody advertises on. Will such…[View]
16195361$2.80 stable coin[View]
16195241What does biz think of index funds?[View]
16195380IMAGINE: imagine just holding your linkies and they grow, imagine staking, imagine being paid to hod…[View]
16195540Bitcoin Sanjesh Vision: > Owns a lot of BSV > Thought it's the real Bitcoin > No one w…[View]
16193686Tether Enters War Against Creg: Oh fugg...poor creg is fucked now. How will cregettes cashout now? S…[View]
16194820one of the people i work with in my department tried calling me today. I didn't pick up and the…[View]
16193515BUSINESS IDEAS NO CRYPTO: OK fags lets talk here about some business online ideas (no crypto). So is…[View]
16195498Zenon Network $znn will blow up very soon[View]
16194674Literally dumping right now. ニコニコにいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい[View]
16193791Tether will implode right when the stock market crashes: Boomers and crypto cucks both rekt simultan…[View]
16195474RSR: Obvious bleed out is obvious.[View]
16194602my god... he actually is, isn't he? I can feel my defenses starting to wear down. I'm unir…[View]
16194599How many bsv do I need for a ginger gf like this?[View]
16195176Online banking: If I have access to my ex’s online banking, how can I fuck with it without breaking …[View]
16193070>invents bitcoin[View]
16194230Blockstream trannies MUST dilate more! Why don't you dilate more, Blockstream trannies? D I L A…[View]
16195018I only have 247 LINK and now that I think about it...I'm unironically comfier than anons who ha…[View]
16193557Is BSV going up or down?[View]
16195422Kleros timeline: This shit is NEEDED for smart contracts to see adoption. I can't see any arbit…[View]
16195392ARPA: For those who can see[View]
16193927It's been fun[View]
16193713Should I fomo into bsv? Is it going to replace btc in the future?[View]
16194707When did you figure out he really is satoshi? For me it was about August 2018 pre B S V fork.[View]
16194691Which coin is a scam: and why is it quant?[View]
16195068Wait, do you idiots really believe fake internet 'money' will make you rich? BWAWAWAWAWAWA…[View]
16195315Big Howdoo announcement!: Congratulations to Howdoo on their big decision to rebrand! This is absolu…[View]
16195300About to have 1k in dai, what cryptocurrency will I buy next?[View]
16194904I spy with my little eye....: Something curious oh my oh my Do you see it anon? Has the delusion rea…[View]
16194833Why did Chiliz flop?: I was told it was going to moon on Nov. 6, and it dumped hard. Does no one car…[View]
16195215fuck bros, It'll be 3 years before i am completely out of debt and repaid 50k...i'll be 36…[View]
16194722W-why isn't allowed to have a coin with 5 999 999 in circulation[View]
16195228jeets have ruined imdb[View]
16195156In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law...? Is it l…[View]
16194122Do you feel it, boys?[View]
16193422>2019 >still not holding LINK 1 yikes[View]
16194229link pumping makes zero sense[View]
16194000FUCK THIS CRAB MARKET: >Market crabs all week long >Weekend comes >BTC and alts pump maybe …[View]
16195125WHO KEEPS ON SELLING LMAO?!?!?!?[View]
16194261Literally the only ones you should ever put your money in. This tip is free[View]
16194607new Iink rules: 100 link = suicide stack 1,000 link = make it stack 10,000 link = fuck you money…[View]
16192543/RSR/ Buy The Pump Edition: >Something Something FUD. >Something Something more FUD. >FUD F…[View]
16194571What would he buy?[View]
16195076where is this going? Gut says going to test 6k support again but whales might have other plans[View]
16194911I'm not here to get rich, just have fun.: I like to gamble the little bit of my pay left over o…[View]
16195065I’m thinking $3 EOD[View]
16194406I don't deserve this Thank you anons[View]
16193590KAVA: I've you're not all into this, you hate money.[View]
16194786How are my fellow marines doing? We're going to the moon, right?[View]
16194799IT'S HAPPENING TONIGHT: $3 waiting room[View]
16193603IRS help: Guys, I could use some help with the IRS. I'm from Germany and I've earned some …[View]
16194829Buy BSV, the real Bitcoin, the real Asuka Prophecy.[View]
16194758Advertisement: Did somebody order advertisement on 4chan? Is it expensive ? Works correctly ? Any ad…[View]
16194756>he doesnt coom before every trade NGMI[View]
16194743This will be worth $100 in 2020.: exist execute catch episode apart bid observe talk forest pitch si…[View]
16194573This is what I have in USD Should I just keep it that way? 3000 LINK 198 RLC 122 of TRX 25 of AGI[View]
16193430How can i profit from this[View]
16194531Just as link is about to break out.... they dump BTC again.[View]
16194365Chainlink is the standard. Watch this youtube channel and prove me wrong. https://www.youtube.com/c…[View]
16193360How to Make $100,000 Farming 1/2 Acre You Don't Own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP5bOr0aC5…[View]
16194493Hey /biz/, STOP BEING POOR![View]
16194464Moon mission when?[View]
16194610How many REPs do you[View]
16193926Answers for $62 worth of crypto to be earned at the Coinbase Earn quiz !: >tezos $6 >xlm $40 …[View]
16194574Missed the Edgeware Lockdrop? You have a new opportunity for free shitcoins with Supernova: Commonwe…[View]
16194539ITT: Tell the flow direction of your smart money. Pic related.[View]
16191753Making any amount of money trading crypto or whatever: Is is even possible? I wish I could make any…[View]
16193992I have 7000 chainlink tokens and 0,33 btc What should I do?[View]
16194415This is Tish. She's the hard-nosed NYAG who is taking down Bitfinex. Say something nice about h…[View]
16194507Bitcoin tools: QR code maker for your bitcoin sending and receiving addresses. https://www.bitcoinqr…[View]
16194465Yo, Seriously: Who da fuk is dis? >0.3333333333333333 LINK transferred twenty times in a row just…[View]
16193478When did you realize Sergey also fell into the WMAF incel california trap?[View]
16194403What do I buy today with 1200 usd? Helping me is like the opposite of homicide and you helping me ar…[View]
161942572019 is almost over bros The hard part is past us 2020 is when the fun begins[View]
16192384Lition general - was the blockchain fixed?: 3 weeks passed. Was it fixed? How can their real life pr…[View]
16194466He’s starting to panic[View]
16194220How many people have more than 6000 link?[View]
16194313How is this not tom and jerry for incels, biz?[View]
16193954Reminder if LINK successfully captures 1% of the derivatives market, one LINK token will be worth mo…[View]
16194326So. What did you accomplish this week?[View]
16194421.25 Acre: >live in Austin, TX >wake up and check /biz/ >now planning my microgreens farm…[View]
16194265It's happening![View]
16193894My portfolio is worth 2.24 btc Link, eth, holochain What do I buy with another 1000€?[View]
16194322>buy 1000000 btcz >wait 1 usd per coin >leave wage cuckery…[View]
16191492Redpill me on Warren Buffet: Why do I want to beat the shit out of him everytime I see his face?…[View]
16193616You in?[View]
16192398We are not gonna make it[View]
16194103What is the next mooncoin like ant shares, eth and link?[View]
16191959When are the jannies and mods going to do something about the BSV shill campaign spamming? It's…[View]
16193438Is this chart bullish? Is it happening tonight?[View]
16193870It's happening. Wtf was that. $1000 eoy. We're all gonna make it.[View]
16192006LIGHTNING WALLET MISSING: Guys I sent 0.1btc using Lightning Network wallet but its not showing up o…[View]
16193488Lition general: Massive dump of HODL highway tokens in 3, 2, 1...[View]
16192094Richard Heart is an asshole: >https://twitter.com/beincrypto/status/1192855638377938946 He claims…[View]
16193376Haven't been on this board in a couple years. How is everyone's shrimp farm going?: For me…[View]
16192564BTC Level Gains 2022[View]
16194223If Craig is Satoshi, it’s a good idea to increase exposure to BSV around November or December. Expec…[View]
16193325we pumpin boys[View]
16192191If he isn't Satoshi why does he have limitless funds? If he isn't Satoshi why is he spendi…[View]
16192237tick tock corecucks[View]
16193718How do I profit from a losing candidate ?[View]
16193409Meanwhile, on /biz/: >fuck Craig he's not Satoshi!!! >BSV is a scam, never buy it, instea…[View]
16194178What do you guys think of Oil Stonks?: Since the average Joe still needs Diesel or regular Gasoline …[View]
16193405how do i turn 150k to 5 million?[View]
16194200Did you fall for Bobo's tricks, /biz/?[View]
16192226So this is a BitCoin board now? Makes me happy to see desu. Hope you're all having a STIFF Satu…[View]
16194187What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other. It does not even use E…[View]
16193238The word Oracle in Hebrew is DBYR (Daleth, Beth, Yod, Resh) and its gematria value is exactly 216. D…[View]
16193271Holy fuck[View]
16193417While we wait for link to moon why dont we use our collective autism and find this man. The reward i…[View]
16193966Buy $FRM ! don't miss this opportunity if you want to retire. You have no choice..[View]
16194068wtf why did it just pump like 15%?? Did some news drop or some shit?[View]
16191974>b-b-but I thought chainlink is the standard oracle service[View]
16193680how do I turn 150k into 1 milly?[View]
16193256Fantom accurate price prediction: Right now 151 sats After Statheros+mainnet: 200 sats A few weeks d…[View]
16193273Change my mind: BSV appeals to the low iq conspiracy theorists tards that think there is some big an…[View]
16193350Look at this retarded coomer. I mean, just look at him. lmao. He looks so weak and dumb with his stu…[View]
16193485$3.00 waiting room[View]
16193307Stay positive. Don't underrsatme the power of collective positive thoughts. -mumu[View]
16192485Fantom: Fantom[View]
16192695MLN - Best Low hanging DeFi cap Fruit: https://monitoring.melon.network/ Looking for the next DeFi m…[View]
16194011any anon here that can give me some good resources to learn daytrading[View]
16194082Buy the dip: Or get the stocks. 2020 is Kleros' year.[View]
16193651/comfy/ thread: you are only allowed to post ITT if you're comfy in your position[View]
16194047I hope you are all in anon, the ride is about to start.[View]
16191562Dusk network in Singapore to expand relations with several Singapore based Security Token Offering (…[View]
16193089price discovery on link/btc bout to happen - chad who called chz pump - pink flamingo gets it right …[View]
16193947Crypto Debit Cards - WTF happened to them?: Saw a Twitter shill about the upcoming Veron platform fr…[View]
16194009B O R I N G[View]
16193821This is your average link hodler...prove me wrong, pro tip: you literally cannot.[View]
16192702READ IT[View]
16193978How many times have you been liquified[View]
16192617Wagecucked myself to fifty-thousand dollars that's just sitting in the bank. Where do I put it …[View]
16193949mine pi: who here is not accumulating pi coin? just download the app, put in code TKONE get 25% bonu…[View]
16193663LINK 2 year bull run is coming to an end. This is longer than ETH and many other ultra pumped coins …[View]
16193921$800 link will happen[View]
16193906Don't worry. Just let it happen. It'll be OK. Just buy the dip.[View]
16193426How do I turn 10 million into 10 dollars?[View]
16193209It's happening.[View]
16193787CRITICAL Reminder: LINK hard top lies between 15-20 USD: Proof: >Bytom - Supply: 1,4B BTM - ATH: …[View]
16192787I need your help: I have a plan for a really dumb but kinda smart way to make a lot of money. I won…[View]
16193768He didn't buy the bottom: Why even live?[View]
16192410Never forget[View]
16193265What was your worst Investment? I once spent 2000 Euro on gifts for a long distance relationship and…[View]
16192521I really don't understand why half of you incels arent living in South Korea teaching English l…[View]
16192318Does this look like a scam to you?: https://www.green-forestry.co.uk/[View]
16193725GUYS ITS SO COMFY PLS HELP: The comfy levels have never been so high, we have literally won at life …[View]
16193689What degree of vetting and review is going on with the Chainlink APIs code? Forget about the smart c…[View]
16192122I am /ourjeet/ Ama[View]
16193701Fantom: Fuck Asuka fuck bitcoin Big tiddy goth is out new prophecy 5 dollars end of 2020![View]
16193649Should I FOMO into Link?[View]
16193667WTF WAS THAT![View]
16193655We are the Fantoms my friend! And we will keep on rising till the end. No time for ethereum cause we…[View]
16193650i hate trannies and femboys and i hold CHAINLINK.[View]
16193519Less known fact - both Trump and CSW are born under the Chinese sign of the “determined Dog”. Righte…[View]
16193614I have 10k saved up, but it's sitting in a bank rotting away. How do I make my cash make baby c…[View]
16193268>I FUD my own coins so actual people with knowledge answer my doubts and reafirm my investment…[View]
16193567INNOVA COIN: This coin is going to moon when the markets turn around. Why? - Less max supply than la…[View]
16193119Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
16192198>Giant ascending triangle on Chainlink >decoupled from Bitcoin price. Imagine not being all in…[View]
16193167>mfw I will never feel the 2017 bullrun euphoria ever in my life again wtf guys its like I took a…[View]
16193383Let's play a game: Guess the Market Maker target for $FET (pro tip: it's higher from here)…[View]
16192922I have finally found it. The Holy Grail of trading crypto..[View]
16193464this link dump is going to ruin your whole week[View]
16192427Thoughts? Some successful businesses make this mandatory reading[View]
16193448yea. we pumpin.[View]
16193174I'm getting island vibes mon[View]
16189705My mom took out a $100K loan in my name. Without my permission.[View]
16193337>it's another 'LINK fails to break $3 episode' yaaawwn[View]
16193397Thoughts on the Saudi Aramco IPO?[View]
16192945Is Bitcoin going up or down?[View]
16192549i created the weirdest crypto ad ever and im going to publish it, if you have idea how to improve i …[View]
16192579There are people on here with 0 BAT[View]
16193358>So glad I sold all my LINK for [pump and dump scam #34] (1 month later, pnd crashes to 0, LINK h…[View]
16192979This kills the BSV shill: Look we've all 'shilled' BSV for a LARP. A smart Anon poste…[View]
16193277People on /g/ says that Craig is really Satoshi. Craig even presented the private keys of his wallet…[View]
16193341we pumpin[View]
16193330RLC: What kind of pajeet scam is this? 25 BTC volume, shitcoins on third world exchanges have higher…[View]
16193056this is going past 0.50$ next week , you have time[View]
16193186AYYYYY WHAT UP GUYS I know the pump and dump has concluded, but can we get a SENT MEME GENERAL going…[View]
16191060How do I turn 40k into 1 milliy[View]
16193156Who remembers when antshares was at $0.15? Noone would have guessed that some shitcoin with a shit n…[View]
16189624research NKN.[View]
16192577Biz in 2019: It's not even mildly entertaining anymore, biz has become total reddit tier shitfe…[View]
16193219where them nico posters at?[View]
16183876OPINIONS?: it was shilled, it was fudded but what is really going on with nkn? people are praising t…[View]
161928311. JUST HODL (2017) 2. BITCOIN NEVER BREAK 6K AGAIN (2018) 3. BITCOIN IS DIGITAL GOLD (2019) 4. ????…[View]
16193126this kills the paypal fud https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/2959952-paypal-faq…[View]
16192978How do I profit off of low IQ africans that will work for 100$ a month fulltime? inb4:dyor[View]
16193215PI at 1million: why are you not mining pi on your phone? ive been shilling this since under 100k. US…[View]
16192100Should Small Business Use Social Media?[View]
16192340good attempt on that pump LINKIES, keep it up ![View]
16191928How to generate boomer investor leads?: whats the most efficient way?[View]
16192938Opinion on FOAM?[View]
16191538As a lurker and first post noob...: What do I need to post in order to get the most sarcastic and ru…[View]
16192296Quant Network: Is this a solid long term investment? What's your opinion on it?[View]
16191893LINK pumping again[View]
1619068950k by end of 2020: STIFF[View]
16188396Why haven't the Jews tried to silence Dave Ramsey yet ?: Being out of Debt is very bad for the …[View]
16193038>tfw only 0.04 LP How do you cope with regret bros? It's eating me from the inside…[View]
16185793/smg/ - Stock Market General: fuck off edition List of popular brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtV…[View]
16193045Zanbontcu: Hello /biz/ I was reading lately some Clavell's books from Asian Saga (Tai-pan, Nobl…[View]
16193017is this viable?[View]
16192037>69 on coinbase What did RLC mean by this?[View]
16189501REMINDER. Craig has the patent for smart contracts on blockchain. https://patents.google.com/patent/…[View]
16192830Stop being a coomer /biz/, it's bad for bizness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUsEgHbPi0o Jac…[View]
16192650BSV is unironically the most interesting coin in crypto: ok here's my take on all this BSV stuf…[View]
16192127>Did you really think you'd get away with illegal money laundering and bucket shop gambling?…[View]
16192733R I P LINK: Defi İdex Low cap Woman ceo[View]
16192600The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit, part 1: Allegation #1: The 2017 Bitcoin Bubble was market manipulation,…[View]
16192935How do I find out about stuff earlier than biz?[View]
16187098I see the psychotic schizo trolls Raphael and That Martini Guy have stopped FUDing DAG. Whats the ma…[View]
16192884Is there a reason why as to why Samson Mow and Bitcoin Core developers are buying Bitcoin SV? Is thi…[View]
16192929This autistic CHAD invented Bitcoin.[View]
16192718Imagine being Satoshi and being able to prove it. Would you do it just because some fools demand it,…[View]
16192918I am a ~2 years experience Software engineer and looking for a new job. Are multinational behemoth c…[View]
161929170chain ZCN listed on 2 markets: How is this project going to evolve ? I can see them got listed on O…[View]
16192889tfw youre fudding/shilling BSV at the same time: who else here /dualshitposting/? Im a top 1% wallet…[View]
16192194>five times fewer coins than LINK >less than one third the price of LINK >zcash anonymity …[View]
16189800Ultimate Red Pill: The term Satoshi is not a name. It is a title. The original Satoshi is dead and C…[View]
16191901How accurate is the buy/sell/neutral indicator on tradingview?[View]
16192783>solves the fiat to crypto problem what's next?[View]
16187410Is programming/web dev the most redpilled career path? >Extremely high demand >Good money >…[View]
16192866What will happen to this in the next 6 months?[View]
16192826Why is he so STIFF and cool /biz/. How does he do it? >The pizzas arrived, and were as popular as…[View]
16192828Forbes proves that chainlink is a scam: >https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2019/03/01/i…[View]
16192291Do you know what this Ferrum token is ? The rumors are turning and it looks green on bitmax ?[View]
16190432how much money did he spend on pajeets?: nobody remotely sane believes his shit. there are at least …[View]
16192797How do I turn 44k into 440k?[View]
16192463Crypto borrowing. >borrow btc >borrow more with the borrowed ones as collateral >repeat few…[View]
16191365Ethereum thread[View]
16183481/BSVG/ - Bitcoin SV General As per the ABC thread last night, I'm continuing the general. If yo…[View]
16191229Who else /waiting/: >stoned >buzzed on beer and some bourbon >finishing up 4 hour session o…[View]
16192773/biz/ books of the decade to read: Zero To One Millionaires fast lane Unscripted.[View]
16192107Someone please make a Chad satoshi vs Virgin Greg meme. It would be awesome. I'm sure you could…[View]
16192176why is everybody so mean to craig wright: I mean I have no idea if hes satoshi but if hes really a s…[View]
16191872How do i get out of my lease?: I signed a year long lease in July with a buddy of mine but he had to…[View]
16190978Have you ever actually made a substantial amount of money from trading crypto or is it all a dream?[View]
16191804You may not like it but Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto[View]
16191516I want to leave this country (USA). I’m tired of all the perversions and every day faggotry. I spent…[View]
16190340There's a scorpion somewhere in my room. I ran to grab a shoe to crush it and it ran off by the…[View]
16192602How to earn money parallely to working?: I earn 2000 gross (IT web-development). I want more and don…[View]
16192368I took a 100k loan out in my sons name without his permission. Get fucked, kiddo.[View]
16192551>they hated jesus because he told them the truth how do I profit off /biz/' heavy bags?…[View]
16192421How you're hanging in there, /biz/?[View]
16191098red pill me biz. im about to drop 6 figs and stake. am I making the right move? be real.[View]
16192346What's better foe next couple of days? Nkn or ftm? Looking for a small %[View]
16190870MakerDao is a historical achievement: Think of the past and how decentralized financing would have c…[View]
16192527Whats so special about $2.75? Why can't link break it? This number seems to concentrate a lot o…[View]
16192307I don’t feel bad for people who lose money here: I see so many people crying here about losing money…[View]
16192084Credit / lending in a cryptocurrency-centric future: How would lending / credit / loans work in a wo…[View]
16190641Why is LINK dumping?[View]
16190527To cut a long story short, I need to make $400,000 in the next 3 weeks or I'm a dead man. How d…[View]
16192431socios.com is rolling the android app, ios will follow soon. Reviews are positive. Whay aren't …[View]
16192428Changes coming to MKR / DAI: From latest blog-post: Further, the current system requires Stability F…[View]
16192290How do we profit from this?: Is it a good idea to start a mushroom farm?[View]
16192417Ok /biz/ who wins this[View]
16192200It’s officially begun[View]
16191172I messed up and bought around 240 euros of lite coin when lite coin was around 270 eur. Granted its …[View]
16190318Ferrum (FRM): Ferrum will spike hard in the next week as FOMO increases, and continue to run as stak…[View]
16192228Why are they allowed to keep hostage of my money?[View]
16192095Is fourswords.io affiliated to chainlink?[View]
16192227>Hi, I'm here for the job interview.[View]
16191279never forget /biz: this kills the scammer and shill[View]
16192129>I believe the asuka prophecy[View]
16192177>wake up >linktards are green again this is not fair, this is not right. how do they keep gett…[View]
16192179Now that Satoshi turned out to be a big balled aussie shitposter I'm kind of glad it's him…[View]
16189376Does anybody here do investigative work? I want to work for a private investigation firm. I want to …[View]
16190921Did any of you guys make it? How much did you guys start of with and how much have you made. I just …[View]
16192134I had to restore my ledger from seedphrase today.[View]
16188454It's kinda obvious they're gonna ban crypto lads[View]
16191067>And just like that >I took over the board >And they couldn't do a thing to stop it…[View]
16192106Why you dont know anything about 2key? Are you from stone ages? Lol. Kys boomer This is the futureco…[View]
16192064I am really REALLY good at sucking dicks, I am not even gay but at my universities parties everyone …[View]
16192099go long[View]
16191945why yes, I do hold the real bitcoin. How could you tell?[View]
16191121Will ETH reach 10k a coin next year?[View]
16192036>I'm going to penetrate you with my thumb, linkie! >No, please don't! >Who's…[View]
16191888Should I split up my 5000 links into multiple wallets?[View]
16189783Stock Market is in an all time high while at the same time consumer debt is higher than gdp and glob…[View]
16191890You've been warned frens: Between November 11-Dec 4, a large pump will commence, leading to coi…[View]
16190076I've lost 50% of my net worth with Eth and I'm wagecucking and putting all my money in eth…[View]
16190437Nice try LINKies[View]
16191956doge btc: which is better size?[View]
16191943it is not going up anymore it was a trap and now I am paying the price[View]
16191680What is the catch? Are we being set up? inb4 700k, no dapps, rlc etc[View]
16190951Why is this faggot Nevin Freeman always latch onto /biz/'s meme project?: What is he trying to …[View]
16190725What's the last thing you bought with cyptocurrency?[View]
16191333Can Maker become worth more than Ethereum?[View]
16190403Be happy with your stacks: Reminder that the consensus during 2018 was that the average /biz stack i…[View]
16191873KAVA: If you're not accumulating this $7M marketcap gem right now you might as well be consider…[View]
16190065VIDT and LINK pumping ooooh myyyyyyyyyy[View]
16191878Satoshi did nothing wrong. Prove me wrong[View]
16191654Investing in Startups: Say I have $100k saved if I put them in 100 startups, each startup getting $1…[View]
16191026Morpheus Network: Is this a /legit/ project? Rumors of Coca-Cola and L'Oreal? DHS pilot?[View]
16191766When will alt season 2.0 begin?[View]
16191297Proof of stake: Are you ready to be making passive income, forever?[View]
16190283The janitor cries out in pain as he bans you[View]
16190862This board is the slowest ive seen it in a while. Where has everyone gone? I thought you were all fr…[View]
16190994nice 'pump' linkies, RLC and DAG green dildos felt so much better HAHA[View]
16189541Imagine not seeing the potential.[View]
16191806How do I turn 1 million into 2k[View]
16191389Crypto: I've just realized that crypto is a massive waste of time. There's no value in it.…[View]
16191802Was it all a scam?[View]
16191130How can I profit from tinder thots and instagram influencers?[View]
16191543Is Estonia a good place to start IT business?: Where else is good?[View]
16191446\'Make a million $$ in a few minutes of work each day\'...good idea???: So, I've recently been …[View]
16190468Imagine having over 200,000 LINK[View]
16184218Cashed out my suicide stack on Tuesday into this badass rig. I know link will hit $10 some day but I…[View]
16189994much wow: sim2h has finally matched GO parity in terms of features. https://blog.holochain.org/sim2h…[View]
16191634tick tock[View]
16191762GET IN[View]
16190055Hacks: Anyone found any vulnerabilities in the blockchain app?[View]
16191715how do i turn 100 link into a loving family?[View]
16191505Looks like Bitcoin wasn't all it was cracked up to be... why don't you short it.[View]
16189110So how much do you consider “Fuck you money” to be? I think that’s 20 million plus in my country (Ja…[View]
16191246wtf happened to this shitcoin?[View]
16191167What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other. It does not even use E…[View]
16189053>the absolute state of Harmony[View]
16191018kill me: im tired as fuck of college. Need about 1.5 years to finish a BA in bus admin econ. Hate st…[View]
16189729How much BSV do I need to be part of the next global elite?[View]
16191652Imagine thinking SegWit Coin (BTC) is Bitcoin just because 'they' managed to nab a three l…[View]
16186648Tezos thread[View]
16191204Reminder if LINK successfully captures 1% of the derivatives market, one LINK token will be worth mo…[View]
16191379>$2.70 stable coin[View]
161899231.) I am a billionaire. 2.) I am a billionaire. 3.) I am a billionaire. 4.) I am a billionaire. …[View]
16191607Are we going up or down? I have 6.7k and I want to buy buy I have a feeling we’re gonna test 6k agai…[View]
16191310How do I get invited into CIA?[View]
16191476>tfw my libido will be shit by the time link takes off[View]
16191355Who's accumulating?: >2017 coin forgotten by the market, never mooned >microcap >Union…[View]
16191552Developer Entrepreneur Thread: The current developer market has either a bunch of Uni grads who go t…[View]
16191537iExec time!How many barrels of digital oil do you have? Do you think it'll moon? Have you told …[View]
16190669>It's behind me... isn't it?[View]
16190622Hey Asuka and BTC 'time travelers'...: WHEN ARE YOU FROM? WHEN ARE YOU FROM? WHEN ARE YOU FROM?…[View]
16190456loans: good places for loans? Just want a 2k loan with low interest and preferably I wont have to pa…[View]
16191500BUY SNTR NOW: Thank me later[View]
16188996Has the universe been speaking to anyone else here? Shits cash but also making me question my sanity…[View]
16191468How do you feel about the world's first decentralized computing marketplace? Could it potential…[View]
16191193Sergey and Ari are playing on Gematria and the power of numerology. This was the 7th and last move t…[View]
16182229ITT digits confirm price eoy: He who rolls trips will guide the way to financial freedom. Dubs will…[View]
16191398How low are we going, bobo?[View]
16189825Hey mumu: Are you okay? Can I get you something?[View]
16190717Shorted NQ right before the close. How JUSTED am i going to be on monday?[View]
16191253>day 779 of checking ChainLink price chart every hour[View]
16190563I am trapped in a long: what do[View]
16189863/Halvening/ general - Cruising to $50,000: One Way Ticket Edition ~ 05.08.20[View]
16191217People want Crypto Asset Management: I've gathered that people want crypto asset management bec…[View]
16191039>he's home alone on a Friday night hoping his shit coin moons[View]
16190742>90% of all BSV transactions are a weather app Cope harder[View]
16191116I just love how Satoshi turned out to be something completely different from what most people made h…[View]
16190649I bought 15 of them, will I make it?[View]
16190849/BAT/ general: >'Scuse me, BAT gentlemen? *tips Bowler* >Shall we buy le dip? edition htt…[View]
16190688How many times have you been liquified since you started margin trading[View]
16191041How do I get started investing[View]
16191064God just imagine putting your dick in her... Also should I sell my bitcoin for BitCoin?[View]
16189753I'm getting about $4000 in the next 2 to 3 weeks, I already have a 10k Link stack, and was hopi…[View]
16190031>Hello Mr. Fun and Games What the FUCK did Greg mean by this?[View]
16189128The alchemic fire grows stronger my friends. Can you hear the crackling in the distance? Soon all li…[View]
16189763Ampleforth scam or high IQ play?: just found this project listed on kucoin. under 1M mc and the char…[View]
16190868The volume on this thing since binance listing has been insane: Is it going on coinbase soon?[View]
16190956i really need link to be 1k eoy, im so tired of university. The constant assignments and test wreak …[View]
16190944>dump This is exactly what I said I didn't want to happen. Infaft I said >anything but du…[View]
1619038654 days left little stinkers: A new year starts in 54 days. Where is your $10? $100? $1000? If your …[View]
16190705Imagine not being in the ETH killer.[View]
16190814I tried to warn you: You have 12 hours to go all in before I market buy again and send it to 2000 sa…[View]
16190262ChainLink: What is the best exchange to buy LINK?[View]
16190522where can i stream the new joker and zombieland movies broskies[View]
16190376Do you think you just stumbled upon LINK? It was a gift. Have you taken the LINK pill yet? Soon you…[View]
16190212Since then the fuck is 10k the make it stack: 10k was always the suicide stack nufag retards. It was…[View]
16190292I can't stop cooming: can we make posting all forms of scantily clad women on /biz/ a bannable …[View]
16190568Anti BSV General: Shabat Shalom as you may have noticed the last week our beloved board became the t…[View]
16186871This is going to be the christmas miracle of crypto. All Holo holders will become very very rich.[View]
16190483PredictIt: I just invested $1000 in this. How fucked am I?[View]
16190322Brainlet /mu/tant here. The only thing I understand when it comes to data is MIDI data. Could someon…[View]
16189735Is /biz/ this fucking stupid? The average debt for med school is 150-200k , considering that doctors…[View]
16190525How much money did you lose, Pedro?[View]
16189506Where my 2017 visionaries at?[View]
16190504Where: Where is a site that shows you 7 day high alerts and 7 day low alerts? I want more like the '…[View]
16190371HAHAHAHAHAHA CRAIG IS SO UNIRONICALLY FUCKING BASED: Best bits from today's speech https://twit…[View]
161893712019 > invested in bat > got 13k bat 2025 The year that I'm going to say 'ahh back I st…[View]
16190474Attention NICO POSTERS When Link MOONS I will hire the best of the best to hunt you down and forcibl…[View]
16183745Have you ever thought about the amount of money you should’ve received from social media selling you…[View]
16190447Any internal auditors here?: What’s the biggest challenge you face when auditing? For me it’s the ba…[View]
16189838Please tell me someone else is paying attention to nkn now I can’t be the only non pajeet looking at…[View]
16190320All your crypto gains are 100% because of luck and not because you're smart. You are all retard…[View]
16190417How to unlock them?: Why tinder is acting like EA? I want to jerk my dick but i can't see their…[View]
16189780No one's talking about it here. Thots on NEO?[View]
16189473BATman: How good is it, anons?[View]
16190229>the parabolic phase of the bullrun began 2 years ago[View]
16190027Bruh look at this duude[View]
16188680Silver general: Just getting into stacking precious metals. Why is the acceptable over-spot price on…[View]
16190296I see it now: The data highway. I blaze along it on the wings of Saturn. To my right and to my left …[View]
16187663BTC will be $5500 soon: Get rekt you hodling faggots, real traders sold the TOP. And by the way link…[View]
16190005I am gay and I hold CHAINLINK[View]
16188643The bsv shill is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a pajeet , a shill, a retard. But p…[View]
16189741How ironic - you must use cryptocurrency to get a 4chan pass[View]
16188192He tried to warn you[View]
16190158I wanna create a board game that simulates the 2017 bitcoin bubble and the alt-szn. It would be like…[View]
16189795fun game: lets see who has lost the most money the most on this board, no larps. ill start: ~650k…[View]
16190125Corporate Tax: How much do you know about corporate tax?[View]
16190111>Entry Level Data Analyst: >PhD or Masters + 3 years >Bay Area Start-Up environment >$50…[View]
16189875C h a i n l i n k is like a 787 and we are just starting to take off on the runway.[View]
16189443Saturday Evening Philosophy: Are there actually three hundred million people in the USA? Joe Rohan w…[View]
16189943How do I create a dApp?[View]
16190088What does defi mean?[View]
16188025>no RLC threads Is Mumbai's internet out?[View]
16189869Digital Oil.: Coinbase soon[View]
16190043Discussion on crypto and bitcoin's future: I'm pretty new to crypto but I think this is th…[View]
16188952100 link has always been the suicide stack: prove me wrong pro tip: you can't[View]
16188619What is wrong with vitalik?: Is he an extraterrstriol? Is he retarded? Has he ever showered? Just wa…[View]
16182550I spend over 2000 dollars a year eating blueberries: How do i stop eating them? I can't stop my…[View]
16190016How does this work and if it does work like how I think it does, is this the best fucking thing ever…[View]
16189491By how much will one of these appreciate within the next couple of decades?[View]
16184679Why Chainlink?: Lots of Chainlink support here, but it seems like the boom already happened and its …[View]
16189989can some fucking editing fuck replace or add a chainlink memecube to the swazi? k thanks. fuck. also…[View]
16189879GET IN[View]
16189867The official biz bitcoin QR code maker tool: https://www.bitcoinqrcodemaker.com[View]
16188893chainlink Fudders, we don't are if you sold or not: pic related is your future.[View]
16188733WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??!!?!?[View]
16186716For me, it's snacking on these[View]
16189627Where do you fall on the table, /biz/?[View]
16188799>imagine buying BOOMER ROCKS fucking losers[View]
16189721Coinbase will be adding MATIC and two other coins on December 12.[View]
16186702WHY ARE WE PUMPING?!?!?![View]
16188729>remember random kikes name from highschool >check his linked in Turns out he created some re…[View]
16188919INNOVA COIN: This coin is going to moon when the markets turn around. Why? - Less max supply than la…[View]
16189718I feel STIFF.[View]
16189711V E R T I C A L: >F U N D A M E N T A L L Y V E R T I C A L[View]
16187164It's obvious that platforms like FB are unironically using you like a condom using you for your…[View]
16189444500 link is the real suicide stack[View]
16180783Coinbase adding 3 new coins on December 12. Trips I reveal 1 Quints I reveal them all 888888 I revea…[View]
16187695The biggest scam from China[View]
16189558Leb-anon Maronite here: ITS FUCKING OVER LADS, the jews got us. They’ve cut off the financial system…[View]
16188634I’m earning real cash by simply reading news in BuzzBreak! Join, To earn extra bonus, enter my refer…[View]
16189563Am i gonna make it?[View]
16189570>be female >be CEO ($OXY) >act like a female (retarded) >have no experience >screw s…[View]
16188601Don't you get it. Chainlink is literally the return of Jesus Christ. This is the second coming.…[View]
16185103Holochads report in! 1-10 million to make it 'we have now scaled to multiple pools of hundreds of no…[View]
16189560Why aren't you buying shares in the crypto central bank?: >XRP still has a bigger market cap…[View]
16189583Is BTC ever going to recover?[View]
16184173Guys...: Wtf is going on[View]
16189426Hey there biz. Just got a $5,000 bonus from work, I'm drunk as fuck and basically hikki so I ha…[View]
16184490Crypto tax: Hi so when i make it thanks to FANTOM how to avoid taxes? My fucking country (Slovakia) …[View]
16186190Suppose Fantom pumps at $ 20 in a single day (Christmas): What would you do if I fulfilled your drea…[View]
161884262020 Craig is gonna fuck you all so hard: Hope you blockstream trannys have been dilating and gettin…[View]
16188659Come this time tomorrow night: The market will be up between 15-20%. Cap it.[View]
16183655$20 eoy possible still?[View]
16189234wtf biz: @NASASolarSystem mission is… #Dragonfly – a rotorcraft lander mission to Saturn’s largest m…[View]
16188843becoming an electrician: hello /biz/, i'm 19 and thinking of becoming an electrician, i'm …[View]
16189437If he isn't Satoshi why does he have limitless funds? If he isn't Satoshi why is he spendi…[View]
16181947>ITT: financial sins I buy a lottery ticket every week for $5.[View]
16189211https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2018/05/16/cryptocurrency-compound-interest/amp/ anyone …[View]
16189095You laughed and mocked my Ichi Moku Clouds yesterday. Who's laughing now.[View]
16188854>hey Anon how's the Bit Coins doing?[View]
16189194Is it wise to stay liquid and wait for the market downturn? I keep hearing that there will be a cras…[View]
16189335Hope you sold the top. Back down to $2.70 we go.[View]
16189396pizza index: hey guys wouldnt it be a good measurement tool to compare bitcoins to the cost of one p…[View]
16189003BTC is about to dump to 6k AMA: >BTC is about to dump to 6k AMA BTC is about to dump to 6k AMA…[View]
16189251I want to open the first cabaret club in my area and I have a few questions: >How much money will…[View]
16189379How do you protect yourself?: How do you protect yourself from liabilities like thots and opportunis…[View]
16189089I’m gay and I hold chainlink.[View]
16188846Most profitable dog breeds: I'm thinking about starting a puppy mill, what are the most profita…[View]
16188836Is VIDT the best project in crypto right now? They seem to be making all the right moves. Surely it’…[View]
16189267How are you guys accumulating more linkies? For me I am cleaning yachts at my local dock. And someti…[View]
16189278Pumping again huh?: https://youtu.be/c9rUrnk--VE[View]
16189175Oblig: WHAT WAS THAT??: CAN'T STINK THE LINK[View]
16187203All right /biz/, I made a thread on /o/ whining about wanting a nice car and one of you told me to c…[View]
16189178Here's the real Redpill. Your only chance to make it was 2017. The banks weren't putting s…[View]
16189200Mods are asleep. Post brainlets.[View]
16189065I...I'm gay and I hold Chainlink[View]
16189027Can someone please explain how chainlink is in anyway related to a standard XML markup schema implem…[View]
16189067The biggest problem now is that capitalism steals our money and waste it in the casinos. Why mean p…[View]
16187343How much Holochain to make it? Is 2.2 million enough?[View]
16189162Capitalism: If capitalism were a drink, would it taste like eggnog?[View]
16189094Defi is the next stage of crypto[View]
16189140>tfw link will probably end the year under $5[View]
16188896I fell for another scam didn't I[View]
16189062>Fear of rejection[View]
16188943/biz/ is quality of job more important than pay? I feel like I’ve made it with my job in the sense i…[View]
16188542Is it possible to start your own business as a biologist?: if you have a degree in Natural Sciences,…[View]
16184363If i handed you $3,000 RIGHT THIS INSTANT. What would you do?[View]
16188995Should I trust meme triangles?[View]
16186384What do I do with 41k USD? I can also take out student loans to get more money. I have 4 years of un…[View]
16189034Hi guys, boomer here. I have some of that Chainlink money: and I want to use it to buy things with. …[View]
16188219>wagecucking in almost 2020[View]
16187919Now that Asukafags have all an hero'd, do you think the fourm will finally not be shit?[View]
16187590/BIZ/ INFINITE MONEY CHEAT CODE 1. Obtain a personal loan in meatspace, you don't need a lot a…[View]
16188597In 2 days: I will come back here and tell you that something big will happen in 2 days again[View]
16188890Are 99% of Crypto below 100 Million MC a scam?[View]
16188950So. It's Friday. Time to relax and cut loose.[View]
16188490>BTC dumping >RLC not dumping What did they mean by this?…[View]
16188270>get done wageslaving for the day >it's already pitch black outside The seasonal depressi…[View]
16188105Anyone betting on this shitshow? I lost a couple hundred bucks the first time around betting on Loga…[View]
16188702This is an actual excerpt from Richard Heart's book.[View]
16188829Crypto go up![View]
16188820btc bump overlapped with etherum: overlapped etherum and bitcoin waht caused this?[View]
16187224Look at this fucking retard[View]
16188605How many bsv do I need for a girl like this ?[View]
16188351if you shill any crypto: except wau you didnt win[View]
16188709BLACK GOLD,TEXAS T,OIL THAT IS: Do you think that oil will ever spike again and do these chart show …[View]
16188470What are some good Crypto wallets. Is a cold wallet better or worse? I've been reading up abou…[View]
16187504Dawgs: I heard you like privacy coins. It's not trading, it's not marketed yet, most likel…[View]
16184928Insider here. Blackberry will be announcing a partnership with FTM by Q1 2020.[View]
16188614Skynet to partner with Fetch.ai: Beware the Autonomous Agents are coming for your ass... SOON:tm: do…[View]
16188636Has anyone used this exchange before? Seems like it could be an actual contender to coinbase, and it…[View]
16187260>tfw this dump is not failing like the others[View]
16187747>its not a descending triangle >its not a descending triangle >its not a descending triangl…[View]
16184993>'HE WANTED CHILD PORN COIN' >'FULL FUCKING STOP!' LOL Satoshi at it again. So based!…[View]
16185701I unironically want to give myself a permanent disability so I can claim neetbux and never have to w…[View]
16187079you have no idea whats coming in 2 days: we made it[View]
16188356chainlink! chainlink chainlink? chainlink.[View]
16186894Congrats on holding marines. Sergey 'Big Mac' Nazarov or simply 'The Oracle' will now show his appre…[View]
16187461>2 up stairs apartments currently rented >2 downstairs business currently rented >building …[View]
16188372Does anyone know when I can pick up a bag on an exchange? Liquid doesnt seem to be trading it yet[View]
16187318RIP Chainlink[View]
16186898Am I going to make it?: Also plan on accumulating 1 btc by the halving[View]
16182275>the team talked about wanting to peg their tokens to actual assets after transferring from ETH t…[View]
16187656>she doesn’t know[View]
16188442>Not buying up every dip along the way to $100k You absolute fools[View]
16187320Platforms/programs used to trade: nufag here. what platform/programs are favored by you all for 1) s…[View]
16187707Ok, time for a scribd thread. What is scribd? It scrapes and has users upload random PDF's from…[View]
16188273Tezos & BMW: BMW is literally shilling Tezos now. Time to fill your bags for the easiest x100 of…[View]
16188312Friendly reminder: Bitcoin is beenie baby mania 2.0[View]
16188355LIT - gem or scam??[View]
16188298>not sure exactly how to go about sharing this information.. I have evidence which, I believe, sh…[View]
16188279Can you believe that there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that bought a coin that literally just…[View]
16188189A thread died for this[View]
16187985Bear chad here, 50x shorted 8885 Look at the 4hr EMA Perfect bounce off it. See you at 8200 silly bu…[View]
16188238rang rang......rang rang......rang rang......rang rang......RANG RANG RANG......RANG RANG RANG......…[View]
16188108If you knew high and low of every crypto tomorrow. But you didn't know which one would come fir…[View]
16187156halp: Hi biz im looking to put money into crypto with around 2k but am a brainlet. what kinds of thi…[View]
16186725WHY SUCH AN INVERSE CORRELATION?: I've been all in link for around a year, on biz for 3. I have…[View]
16188203I felt nothing, not one emotion, since December 2017.[View]
16186359Daily reminder: there will never be no trade deal between usa and china - no matter what you will re…[View]
16187563LINK mega moon tomorrow: Hey there guys, I wish I could tell you everything I know but I can’t becau…[View]
16187751Linkies will shit the bed soon: It’s over for link, Sergay lies to you all over Twitter he sold you …[View]
16186754Questions about the stock market: So, I am currently a university student studying CS. I work part-t…[View]
16186144NKN Advisor: Some of the Advisors of NKN is Whitfield Diffie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitfield…[View]
16186963What the FUCK was that?![View]
16188095I can't stop farting: Since the crypto market is red I'm farting every 10/15s... I almost …[View]
16185004The chosen one: Will flip eth in 2020[View]
16187813i am trying to find a way to survive on very little income, so i don't have to wage cuck what d…[View]
16187279Actual free Crypto Plebs !: $6 of Tezos on Coinbase , i've already taken the liberty of chewing…[View]
16187676What are you going to buy with your gains on Nov.18th?[View]
16187597The Veron Network Debit Card will be global ;): The Veron Network Debit Card will be accepted everyw…[View]
16185617How do I convert having a good sex life into money? I assume that since /biz/ is full of coomers tha…[View]
16187040DUSK: Singapore Visit ed.: DUSK to go on a networking trip to Singapore from Nov. 10-15. The trip is…[View]
16184399Buy the dip[View]
16187908I am crying bros i put a million dollars into Req at 1.2 and now its not even 2 cents AHHHH[View]
16187928Oh that's your girl? That's your world, I'm with her tonight A rich Bobo smilin'…[View]
16188006Streamr Swash > Basic Asswipe Token (BAT) First off, read this: https://medium.com/streamrblog/jo…[View]
16187350How do I turn 40k into 1.6 million[View]
16187631Imagine a crypto calked “makerdao” being used by the general populace as a world reserve currency. N…[View]
16187918i made some power forms to get you out of chexsystems: this is free info i am giving all of you thes…[View]
16185178XRP: I always read about how awesome Ripple is and how all of these large banks, financial instituti…[View]
16187871What sports organization makes the most money? And why is it the Patriots?[View]
16187761Our Sergey, which art in blockchain, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in ear…[View]
16186059Could we expect anything from this event? https://www.meetup.com/Chainlink-New-York/events/26626758…[View]
16186616Tellor: >Defi > tellor.io[View]
16187817This is it the crypto that is going to change the world 5 USD end of 2020 Screencap this[View]
16186902Look at this drugged up retard. I mean, just look at him. He looks so weak and dumb with his stupid …[View]
16187639LINK making it stack: it's gotta be 10K, am i right? 10K * $1000 = $10M, which is making it. b…[View]
16187651Why don't you set up a brokerage account like a real adult?[View]
16187726Which cunt is doing this?: Someone put 250k order on the sell side. Who that fuck has 250k of these …[View]
16187629If I buy BAT and just hold it, do people that watch ads make me literally richer?[View]
16187017New phone: who dis[View]
16187398This board is dead as fuck[View]
16187523What went wrong?: 500 Gwei. All time satoshi lows as well. Imagine not realising you're just a…[View]
16187643UDOOOOOOOOO: Are you here anon, how are you doing with your investment?[View]
16187536Yes, is it going up again?: -Mumu[View]
16187511Sales: Iv been offered a sales position for a company my friend works for. base pay is $400 a week …[View]
16187506If we compare LINK to ETH where do you think LINK currently is relative to ETH's price history/…[View]
16186299Alts are going to moon -NOVEMBER 2019: Every newfag normie fuck is expecting Bitcoin to moon before …[View]
16186461ITT we laugh at BNTY: Name a more dead shitcoin PROTIP: You can't[View]
16186768Sold @ $2.64[View]
16186924/MWG/ MimbleWimble General: Hello MW fans and welcome all those interested in the MimbleWimble Proto…[View]
16185592I could swear you boys told me something along the lines of: BTC pumps-Link dumps BTC dumps-Link pum…[View]
16185797never forget /biz: this kills the scammer and shill[View]
16183766/RSR/ Buy The Pump Edition: >Something Something FUD. >Something Something more FUD. >FUD F…[View]
16186582Silently rising today[View]
161859341. I will be a billionaire. 2. I will be a billionaire. 3. I will be a billionaire. 4. I will be …[View]
16187373Vittorio Terreni: found the jews... in this discord: wwK8qc[View]
16186778The Ethereum Network lacks a store of value for it. Enter 0xBitcoin. The What, the Why, and the How …[View]
16186798Biz, give me business ideas: My godfather is a bigshot real estate builder in my city (eastern europ…[View]
16187256>hurrr durr when is steaking?? >PFFFRRTTTT stacking wen???? >hey guiSe StAykInG Tomorrow!!!…[View]
16187289Assuming I'm 99% in on Link already is it also worthwhile to get 32 Eth? Should I just go for 1…[View]
16186220BTC or BSV: Which Bitcoin will be around in 20 years time and why?[View]
16187280Once I make it my true life will begin[View]
16184098Satoshi and Jimmy ready to speak at Malta AIBCsummit: Are you ready to listen /biz/? I bet it'l…[View]
16182956The prophecy is still well and alive: Listen, Btc WAS trading at 16k last month in some countries, …[View]
16185002https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaMJi1_1tkA So? Bitcoin or Cash?[View]
16186971IT IS TIME[View]
16185886Do you realize zer was mentioned in blockfloilo ? You realize that privacy is the future ? Zero is a…[View]
16186480Moon mission when?[View]
16187196QUESTION FOR CANADA BROS: Is it possible to buy a market linked GIC with a 1 year maturity? Everyone…[View]
16185470Does biz know any big companies that went bankrupt from trying to save money by hiring street shitte…[View]
16187111non-lotioners BTFO https://medium.com/lition-blog/lition-network-status-update-2500a76a9a2[View]
16187085How do I profitably manuever bankruptcy law?: How much can I take out and not pay back. I want my ow…[View]
16186748Huge moonshot coming: The spring is getting coiled up to be unleashed in 2020.[View]
16184968THEY FOUND THE USB: FTM BROS WE FUCKING MADE IT!!! https://twitter.com/CryptoMHchn/status/119284488…[View]
16183660Feels fucking good to be a BSV chad. Just look at that fucking logo.[View]
16183894D E F I[View]
16186942WAS IST DAS[View]
16187041why are you so jealous of me?[View]
16186937>Friday afternoon[View]
16186964>Poojeet credit card scammers on my ass again For real, how much could they possibly make for thi…[View]
16186946>lmao >people actually trusted worst girl…[View]
16184886The book of revelation is based around the theory that the universe repeats itself due to a singular…[View]
16184070ITT: the best looking founders indicate a better coin: I’ll start: Rune Christensen of Maker[View]
16185106gambled away 10k today[View]
16186879Is General Electric a good buy at this point?[View]
161857342 year plan - Fantom: Accumulate FTM under ICO price 4 cents Stake FTM on whatever XAR network bank…[View]
16182922sup /biz/, do any of you faggots actually use your crypto in the real world? pic related - shit is…[View]
16185441What is this pattern called?[View]
16186106BUY BTC![View]
16185205What is this formation called?[View]
16186853This KILLS the Founding Father: Daily reminder that the Federal Reserve is literally a tumblr girl o…[View]
16184738I'm financially illiterate[View]
16185852Can I sue pic related for not having all the alphabet letters in their soup? I can’t spell what I wa…[View]
16184828Throw every single $ you can muster into BAT. You have a shot at life changing opportunity, don…[View]
16186506$5 waiting room[View]
16185599I am financially scammed.[View]
16186213Drug dealers love Bitcoin: https://youtu.be/zAsHM1JoYDc[View]
16184394Btc starts dumping again, you know what this means[View]
16186639Oh my god, these niggers are all piling on longs. What the fuck I'm about to have my long get b…[View]

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