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91569325This is the top half of the EFL Championship, England's second division. The top two teams are…[View]
91577048>international break[View]
91576792Has there ever been a football player as comprehensively BTFO as this burger fraud?[View]
91576912>Sneijder was totally robbed of the Balon d'Or in 2010 bro Is this the most normie opinion i…[View]
91571691>this is the GOAT[View]
91576765what tennis shoes do you mates use for jogging/running? just ordered these fila for $18.5 usd[View]
91574848https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAqctGNTouc Should refs in the Premier League have mics?[View]
91575984Can you rate Pierre van Hooijdonk his son Sydney? He already played a game in the eredivisie[View]
91534285/bundes/: *MUHNDES edition* >upcoming mätches SUNDAY 17/03 /bundes/ 13:30 Bayer Leverkusen - Werd…[View]
91574006England players give political views: England players asked for their views on brexit[View]
91574958>Michels Dutch >Sacchi Sacchi believes in the Dutch concept of Total Football, insisting that…[View]
91571725Fuck these guys[View]
91573762Name my boyband[View]
91567930>You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain…[View]
91560933/mlb/ general - SWIMFAN edition: MIN: Byron Buxton steals two bases vs. Red Sox STL: Hudson fans eig…[View]
91563817post kino sports media[View]
91574176>Flag >Do people hate messi in your cunt? Argentina Yes…[View]
91569904/147/: /147/ time Primo snooks on get comfy Tour Championship Day 1 Drumpf vs Willo Niel Spergerson …[View]
91575835>tfw you remember simpler times hanging out with frens kicking a ball around a field after school…[View]
91570887What players from your cunt do you consider world class? Off the top of my head, for Ireland: - John…[View]
91572773> get the ball >rest of team forms a tortoise shell around the player in possession >all w…[View]
91574557Most Difficult Sports . . .: 1. Big Mountain Skiing (pic related) 2. Hockey (Real, not Field) 3. Yac…[View]
91574833>international break[View]
91563808/nfl/ General - BEWD Edition: FA: Eric Berry set to visit with Cowboys Tuesday WAS: Washington signs…[View]
91575341Daily reminder who dominated for about 20 years in the sport where black athletes should be superior[View]
91573548If you put The Beard on a mediocre Div. 3 college team and they played Duke at Coach K Court in fron…[View]
91569683>international break >half our starters are injured from club play Why do we even let them use…[View]
91575084This is Scaloni, manager of the Argentina's national team Teams managed in his career: 0 Intern…[View]
91569223Forward of Zenit and Russia Alexander Kokorin meets his 28th birthday in prison. Say something nice …[View]
91568046Who are we buying in the summer?[View]
91569163/cyc/ - Tirreno Adriatico Stage 7, Final: Tirreno Adriatico Stage 7, final ITT San Benedetto del Tro…[View]
91571769U N E X P O S E D[View]
91571180Picking a Russian club: What up /sp/ort, I wanna buy a Russian football jersey just cuz and also I w…[View]
91573634This is Thilo Kehrer. He's the future of Germany's backline. Say something nice about him.[View]
91572215Which is more important: The first or the second VAMOS?[View]
91574307Harry 'It it what it is' Kane[View]
91573446Hahhaha soo truuee[View]
91573758He’s right you know.[View]
91571805I DO BELIEVE IT: Everyone, please give all your energy to Liverpool F.C. by writing 'I do believe it…[View]
91573915david luiz[View]
91573668You'll all be tuning into the second episode of Harry's Heroes tonight, right lads?[View]
91531970Thoughts? >I have a negative attitude to the fact that several naturalized foreigners are now pla…[View]
91560845>le 50% of the world's population but produces no notable athletes face what's the deal…[View]
91573183Referee - Live microphone A-League: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAqctGNTouc Why don't w…[View]
91570992Whats next for Chelsea?[View]
915736781919-2019 special kit FRANCE: There's no better one. Prove me wrong.[View]
91567691*solves your sport*: It was literally just about height and reach all along. Yes, it was always a pr…[View]
91573184Ref Mic: When will this come to the Premier League? https://youtu.be/kAqctGNTouc[View]
91573503>Die Mannschaft fixed[View]
91573420>the EFL Trophy final between two thrid-tier clubs sold out Wembley faster than the League Cup di…[View]
91569402Special Olympics is on lads[View]
91570069Has Ronaldinho done commercials in your coutry?[View]
91565603What went wrong?[View]
91573159Oh whoopsie.... can't believe we accidently started investigations into PSG's spending reg…[View]
91572936WE STILL BELIEVE[View]
91569063>he needs to make runs and be aware of his positioning to be a goal threat…[View]
91573122What sport do you watch on your new 42’ TV?[View]
91566719/hoc/: end my life edition[View]
91555221Eternal FIFA Thread: How was your FUT Champs? edition[View]
91568793>Left ManCity's bench to literally disappear in Madrid what did he mean by this?…[View]
91567408Wilshere: Well, /sp/? What went wrong?[View]
91570213We are gonna get docked aren't we? City and PSG get away with all this shit yet Birmingham City…[View]
91572309False narrative of Lebron: Many networks last year were claiming that Lebron has made more career ga…[View]
91572160Eternal barcelona thread: Have we ever had one of these[View]
91570657How hard will be this competition? See all you faggots past group stage. *psst... nothing personnel…[View]
91562059Pep Guardiola confirmed for GOAT manager.[View]
91549625Don’t mind me, just posting Man City’s cup draws this season: Carabao Cup >Oxford United >Fulh…[View]
91571544>his sport plays for a while then takes a six month break[View]
91572018Is this a joke? WHERE'S THE FOOTBALL[View]
91565374/cric/: Muscular De Kock Edition >Wed 19 March South Africa v Sri Lanka 2019, 1st T20I Newlands, …[View]
91570890Guess the match[View]
91571871why didn't he sell out to Bayern? it's not like they mind exploding knees.[View]
91570140126 years. 0 titles.[View]
91571500Name 1 (one) sport >or DIGA 1 (um) DIRETOR DO BENFICA[View]
91533749Why do footballers dress like shit?[View]
91562046Heem: Dana's '7 year plan for UFC that will blow your mind' >Eliminating all other providers…[View]
91571868OK you convinced me.[View]
91571319Where were you when America's past-time was saved?[View]
91571767I look forward to MY country hosting the World Cup in 7 years[View]
91561306Was he a memeplayer?[View]
91571155Why did they give him up?[View]
91557484>americans don't have football cult-[View]
91571029Does it mean it's Liverpool's year?[View]
9156992250 STARS ON THE FLAG[View]
91548480They should ban all Greek teams from UEFA competitions for 5 or 10 years minimum. Hooliganism is a h…[View]
91569216Which team will win?[View]
91570415Croatian squad: Still here, still strong and competitive for the Euro 2020.[View]
91570737Could they do the next Super Bowl halftime?[View]
91570295France Football Greatest Ever Managers: Thoughts /sp/? Personally surprised Del Bosque isn’t higher …[View]
91567672Going to mma: So wanna make a quick question if anyone is experienced in mma. I just wanna go to my …[View]
91569956>Baseball is dyin-[View]
91570637SAY HEY KID[View]
91569658so why did cristiano ronaldo go to juventus? didnt he get payd more in real?[View]
91552200/afl/: Three days to go Reminder to join Supercoach and Herald Sun tipping Supercoach code: 983015 T…[View]
91568940AFL: Aussie Rules Football[View]
91569854In 10 years, Dembele>Mbappe Mock my words[View]
91568871Are foreign leaders invited to your NT players' wedding?[View]
91558438A critique of bias in favor of Messi: In 2012 the argument in favor of Messi vs Ronaldo was that Mes…[View]
91570418Is it true that people who don’t rate nerman never watches psg games?[View]
91561464>Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo has been charged with improper conduct by Uefa for a goal cel…[View]
91557356Mane - 17 goals // Salah - 17 goals // Aguero - 18 goals: Mane will end the season as top scorer in …[View]
91570249He's right you know.[View]
91570239>slips and kills 96 people[View]
91570031Can I get that webm from the 2018 WC where the ball girl tried to kiss one team's captain and h…[View]
91569849Well? Just[View]
91555290Based Soufampton fan https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11700/11659897/fan-dances-to-firestarte…[View]
91569953The Virgin Scotland International >drops out of squad to have his teeth fixed The Chad Republic o…[View]
91560218/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Freedom Of Speech Edition: >Countdown to Bahrain GP: http:/…[View]
91568117Rank em: Ronaldinho>ronaldo>=van basten>rivaldo>baggio[View]
91567243>Porto fc >0-5[View]
91569237What will you say to defend Messi after he chokes against United?[View]
91568186Are they cursed ?[View]
91555393What was the best world cup?[View]
91561895mesi vs relando xD[View]
91550043What the fuck is their problem? >The Premier League, English Football League and Football Associa…[View]
91563149Relegation in American sports: Why in the hell don't American sports have a relegation/promotio…[View]
91561887Reminder the romanian is /ourguy/[View]
91555903Scottish-Irish-Welsh League: Tell me why this couldn't work. 6 Scottish teams: Celtic, Rangers,…[View]
91563719>combines the technicality of messi with the physicality of ronaldo GOAT…[View]
91567205Pour moi? Ce Olivier Giroud![View]
91568324ITT: farmers leagues/sports/competitions: I'll start >mercedeswinslol…[View]
91569013/netball/: Anyone else here watching the netball right now?[View]
91558050Have you taken the Mane pill /sp/?[View]
91567169You now remember chicharito played for Real madrid[View]
91559585> 'hey Ngolo, team meeting is at noon, no rush man' > comes at 6 AM truly >our guy…[View]
91568680This kills le proxyman: Heat map from Messi[View]
91564023>Yeah, I watch the DPR Korea Premier Football League[View]
91561229Why can't he perform in big games like Ronaldo can?[View]
91555888This is the worst commissioner in sports: This is the worst commissioner in sports[View]
91548304*scores a hattrick under immense internal and external pressure, in the knockout phase of the most p…[View]
91567279Does anyone here still read sports sections of newspapers?[View]
91568846>5 (five)[View]
91566464Let's be honest his career is done, Guardiola pulled another Gotze by killing his mentally and …[View]
91562917>international break[View]
91550651what are the most fun sports to play? for me it's water polo or squash[View]
91566965Being a Madrid fan, I used to hate this man, but as I watched him more and more I came to realize: t…[View]
91567079Do you love watching baseball?: If u do why If u don't why[View]
91568380*buy english pace nogs*[View]
91568334Which teams are watching on the international break[View]
91559769>Casillas is a >schalke fan Based or cringe?[View]
91566884Messi is balding :'([View]
91566695Why the fuck did they wear the cursed blue uniform[View]
91565722What do other no lifers do during the international break?[View]
91559885Was this the greatest front three of all time? Will it ever be topped?[View]
91561314ITT: your country's greatest ever player[View]
91556485What was he good at again): Was he only famous because of his PigTiger name? My only memory of him i…[View]
91567992Whon wins a 7games series between this teams?: Team: Tristan Thompson Timofei Mozgow Michael Jordan …[View]
91566295Can he fix Chelsea?[View]
91550953What will you tell your grandchildren, /sp/?[View]
91557866This is the end of the Solskjaer meme.[View]
91564482ITT kino logos[View]
91563949/nba/ general - FEEL THE HEET edition: PHX: Mikal Bridges to start Monday vs. Bulls UTA: Derrick Fav…[View]
91567151The most hated face in college sports.[View]
91561995ITT: Clubs that are difficult to support: It's really hard being a fan of this club. Especially…[View]
91564030Who would you rather have in your team priime Iverson or prime wade[View]
91566906you now remember Guti[View]
91562065WOW how'd he do that???[View]
91558175ITT: 10/10 moments in the history of football[View]
91565839Are gay men the only people who find Ronaldo attractive?[View]
91563945/nba/ - Cutie Ref Edition: PHO: Mikal Bridges to start Monday vs. Bulls UTA: Derrick Favors (hamstri…[View]
91565945>Messi doesn't score against Venezuela see, he can't do it with the national team!! …[View]
91566767So is Jay Williams ever going to finish his rehab and get back into the NBA? Dude is 37, it's n…[View]
91564136/hoc/: Monday night edition[View]
91562467Why don't NFL and NHL use the hawkeye technology to confirm touchdowns and goals?[View]
91522888/LigaMX/: NO FUN ALLOWED Edition >América wins Semana de Clásicos, chivas no longer a GRANDE >…[View]
91563034>'Virgil Van what? 'best centre back in the world??' 'Seems like a lot happened during my absence…[View]
91563693>Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is in no doubt that the club can cope with a potential transf…[View]
91566126khabib is a witch and I'm gonna fuck his ass back to ozz[View]
91563680Has anyone noticed that Isco runs weird?[View]
91566259Not entirely sports related, but I figured this would be the best board for advice about this. Today…[View]
91565088Bulls @ Suns: Phoenix vs Chicago[View]
91562599For me, it's Bellerin.[View]
91566011Who's your marathonfu, /sp/?[View]
91561941>International break[View]
91559598>Milner >Imperious man-mountain defending >Brazilian goalkeeping…[View]
91563592Official Vancouver Canucks @ Chicago Blackhawks Game Thread: 7:30 pm start. Monday game. Oh boy. Can…[View]
91564820who can stop them[View]
91565313You now remember Texas[View]
91562820ITT: Athletes that are actually good people too[View]
91562992YOTES @ BOLTS[View]
91563807/nfl/ - Laundry day: NO: Saints sign ex-Vikes utility OG/C Nick Easton MIA: Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzp…[View]
91562922Lightning vs Coyotes Pres Trophy Celebration/Gamethread: I know the game hasn't started yet, bu…[View]
91564270>Flag >Do people hate messi in your cunt? Argentina Yes…[View]
91562728/cric/ /hoc/ wins edition[View]
91559964/hoc/: Disregard all Swedes. Hockey is absolutely NOT for everyone.[View]
91558059*blocks your path which modern attackers can pass tho?[View]
91550019/nba/ - LelBron OH no no no haha 3-6 mafia ww@ haha oh no no edition: OKC: Russell Westbrook suspend…[View]
91558677>de absolute state of igor casinhas[View]
91561391_______ vs _______[View]
91559278God Bless This Man[View]
91553314/nfl/ general - OFFSEASON MOVES edition: NO: Saints sign ex-Vikes utility OG/C Nick Easton MIA: Dolp…[View]
91562814the second a pro athlete became /yourguy/: for me, when andrew 'elite' luck BTFO dogniggers and said…[View]
91541763LEBRON BTFO: Was Jordan ever owned this badly on a last second shot?[View]
91562764Dressed like their true nature, isis sand nigs[View]
91563432>mfw I got to watch Messi - The GOAT - for a decade[View]
91563092Opinion on this team?[View]
91547503/box - mikey garcia is a BUM edition: Previous: >>91526777 >Sunday March 17 - ESPN+ US Boxn…[View]
91557006Jesus is my coach[View]
91556854/NIT/ general: Say something nice.[View]
91562950BIG JOCK KNEW: .[View]
91555336Today is Valencia's centenary, say something nice about them[View]
91557472>Messi has the most goals and assists on the continent >penaldo can't outscore the great …[View]
91562716When will this meme finally die?[View]
91562525>black centre back[View]
91555229what a fucking joke[View]
91562418You now remember: David Semen[View]
91556519>come here for the first time in 8 years of 4chan >expect to see intelligent discussion about …[View]
91561725Itt players better than messi[View]
91559440For me, it’s Poland’s brave Emmanuel Olisadebe.[View]
91552415HEEM: Logan Paul would beat Askren in a pure boxing match.[View]
91562174In retrospect, was it a foul ball? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_doAocmuNqo[View]
91562165You now remember Danny Shittu[View]
91561636>Yeah bro I love sawker it's totally not a bor......[View]
91561692How can anyone deny he's the best?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2LbyNUfY26k[View]
91562094Fantasy Bracket: my dorm building is doing a bracket challenge for people here and winner gets a pri…[View]
91561955>In 10 years time football hipsters everywhere will pretend he was a better manager than Lampard …[View]
91561361>You now remember Ashley Cole plays for Derby County[View]
91561813is there a league for the whole world?[View]
91561607Messi Fails to Score in Last 11 UCL QF: JUST[View]
91558991Only Real Madrid and AC Milan have more CL titles than Ronaldo. Really makes you a think, huh?[View]
91559157Based or cringe? https://youtu.be/IZQDfvw3Lm8[View]
91561510>14 CL goals in his entire career What a fraud.[View]
91556510>international break[View]
91560945I mean you can go on about Messi now but in 20 years time, Ronaldo will still be relevant as a world…[View]
91560696Betting tips: I am new to sports. I am watching football and I've started with betting on that.…[View]
91561017>she isn't gonna watch the zoomer world cup[View]
91560829I used to enjoy sport, but now all I see are black men who make me angry. What happened?[View]
91547232/cbb/ Selection Sunday Edition: Bonus: TCU got hosed edition. Number 1 seeds: Duke, UNC, Virginia, …[View]
91539866/mlb/: LA: Kershaw (shoulder) to throw live BP next LAA: Upton (knee) set for Cactus debut Tuesday L…[View]
91560818I know fuck all about ruggers. Who are the favourites to win this? New Zealand again?[View]
91560734The future is femme[View]
91559360/messi/: dumping freekicks feel free to contribute[View]
91559084Plebs: Yeah, I post on /sp/ >Ronaldo >Messi >International Football >Liverpool There are…[View]
91560591So now that the dust has settled, who is better?[View]
91556373Sports Betting Thread: Made a betting thread because I think the ones that used to be here are gone.…[View]
91559952fuck the shorks edition BUF @ PHI, 7 pm SJS @ BOS CGY @ NYI OTT @ WSH PIT @ CBJ LAK @ CAR MTL @ DET,…[View]
91554814>mfw we live in the age of absolute GOATS Nadal, Federer, Dokovic Messi, Ronaldo Mang0 Ussain Bol…[View]
91560324*miss-heads the ball right into the marauding strikers path* >WHAT IS HENDERSON DOING! *screams a…[View]
91558225Why can't Messhit fanboys admit both taking penalties and national team are important? 'uh worl…[View]
91556821Who else ready for another legendary Messi performance?: Cant wait for him to score against Venezuel…[View]
91554218/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - 8th Place In A Shitbox Edition: >Countdown to Bahrain GP: h…[View]
91558096ITT: Players who are really good and really shit at the same time[View]
91547191/cbb/ college basketball general - fuck gonzaga edition: >michigan and michigan state are somehow…[View]
91553924> le pass it 5 meters sideways man Can’t wait for him to get exposed by Matic and Pogba next mon…[View]
91559968/hoc/: Retarded refs edition[View]
91558607Exposed: >Lives off that one season Are there any other players like this…[View]
91555940Yes he might have never won anything for his country, yes he might choke when it matters, yes he mig…[View]
91559532So englel have finally embraced the fact they are a set piece team? How else do you explain shitter…[View]
91555683>Based Porto is knocking out Liverpool in the CL >Based City is ahead of them in the league. …[View]
91559378Which of them will finish as the greatest of all times?[View]
91556337ny jets: how long do you think it will be before the NY jets are able to make it to the Superbowl…[View]
91559332For me, it’s Nooit Opgeven Altijd Doorzetten Aangenaam Door Vermaak En Nuttig Door Ontspanning Combi…[View]
91558220>single handedly saves the white race[View]
91553113*rapes barca and messi and dominates la liga for decades* VAMOS[View]
91558982What did he mean by this?[View]
91558943remember when we thought Spurs could potentially end up in top 2 or win the league[View]
91558989Is boxing the most alpha sport?[View]
91547136Real Chads support football teams that are either shit or were shit for most of their history (Man C…[View]
91558738Panathinaikos - Olympiakos is the biggest sports rivalry after River - Boca, if not bigger.[View]
91557395>ja >navijač Dinama >Poljud >utakmica Hajduk - Dinamo >Hajduk zabija gol >”Ovi pur…[View]
91506134/rug/ ENGvSCO doesn't matter edition: New thread[View]
91558559What did they mean by this?[View]
91555811What a cutie.[View]
91554064What is he thinking of /sp/[View]
91545297Have they had customers ever? They have 0(zero) titles so if you're bandwagoning them you must …[View]
91557820I have a few messages… the haters still hate Ronaldo because… Without them, Ronaldo is not what he i…[View]
91558015/AC/: This is an AC Milan board. The only italian team that can actually perform like a big club in …[View]
91557029Are they the only team immune to away games ?[View]
91557428Once Messi retires what do you think of Barcelonas new trio? Dembele - Jovic - Malcolm[View]
91558007ITT: Main Characters[View]
91553752Why is /sp/ handling his decline so poorly?[View]
91556086What a fucking shit take: 'I don't think even Baker with 3 Super Bowls could be bigger than LeB…[View]
91557150/cric/: Bowled him Gone[View]
91555327/cyc/ - Tirreno Adriatico Stage 6: Tirreno Adriatico Stage 6 MAtelica - Jesi 195 km Streams: http://…[View]
91556682Hmm, liverpoop? We need to have a talk.[View]
91555378Lads: it's Liverpool[View]
91545538who had the bigger fall from grace, Messi or Lebron?[View]
91557358Some time ago there was a place. A place called Hope. And in this place, there was a time. A time ca…[View]
91549942Where does Robinho rank as a footballer?[View]
91549992/nba/ - Cutie Ref Edition: SAC: Marvin Bagley scores 21 points in 21 minutes ORL: Vucevic goes for 2…[View]
91554601>Olivier Giroud: Chelsea striker insists there is ‘no chance’ he will accept bit-part role at Sta…[View]
91556184Special Olympics are on, lads[View]
91554805Pls watch our league.: It's great[View]
91555165How did this happen?[View]
91556966>away goals: this is fucking stupid. Milan went through because of 'away' goals, even though they…[View]
91556975Season 4 of 'Unlocking Pogba'[View]
91548243>6-0 vs Wolfsburg >1-3 vs Liverpool >6-0 vs Mainz Lol.…[View]
91554196>Be inconsistent as fuck >Blame your coach…[View]
91556294For me, it's Arjen Robben[View]
91510914name a better striker in world football[View]
91553478How would LeBron fare against the Warriors if he stayed with the Heat until this season? Would the 2…[View]
91556124Uhhhh. Anon from /sp/, what's up Anon?[View]
91556150Mo daijoubu! Naze tte? Watashi ga kita![View]
91555754*makes brainlets seethe*[View]
91556391>soccer cleats[View]
91555431OH NO NO NO[View]
91555394Which one was better?[View]
91554718>combines the physicality of ronaldo with the technicality of messi[View]
91553336Has there ever been an F1 driver as comprehensively BTFO as this smug faggot?[View]
91538931Tfw your team will never win the Champions League[View]
91555922This is the worst commentator in sports: This is the worst commentator in sports[View]
91555164F: F[View]
91554468>real legend >not even top 2 in all time el clasico scoring What went so wrong?…[View]
91554947Why do people think Barcelona can win?[View]
91555897>that was going in if it didn't hit the post[View]
91555079Shouldn't be every football tournament hosted in Brazil because they have the best football fan…[View]
91552763The oligarch of Olympique de Marseille[View]
91554813Who is the best player in the world right now?[View]
91555634What's going on in Greece? They literally have to get referees from another country so they can…[View]
91553360What could a smaller man have done fighting a bigger person? Mikey's game plan was to fight a …[View]
91555252>Ter Stegen is world class but Neuer remains Germany's first choice keeper…[View]
91555661BOSS: BOSS[View]
91547656This kills the ronaldofags[View]
91516235Isnt Messi technically italian? and if so is he the best italian player ever?[View]
91555405Better than Messoy.[View]
91555274Did he just , dare I say it , end the GOAT debate ?[View]
91555342Just a friendly reminder that /sp/ is a Messi board.[View]
91550534/cric/: big brain sport[View]
91550908>friends/family say I look like Messi >I don't think so >grow beard because lazy to sh…[View]
91544167Name a better centre-back partnership in the history of club football. I'll wait.[View]
91555170Hello darkness my old friend[View]
91555146*is based*[View]
91545693>Di Maria carries your ass all game and with 2 goals >dive in the last minute of the game >…[View]
91549971/hoc/: Flames clinch edition Google the schedule lmaoooooo[View]
91554908Is Quagliarella elite?[View]
91552559Am I the only one who unironically rates it?[View]
91555031*is better than fake muslim salah*[View]
91554932>attends all the olympics since 1964 >dies before seeing Tokyo 2020 >'It will be the culmin…[View]
91552860Why does he want to be Gullit so badly?[View]
91554978Looks like these cunts are pushing for a super league again. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2…[View]
91554939How the fuck do I grind coins?[View]
91540925What's next for him?[View]
91554727Cristiano isn't even on the top three scorers of Europe: 1. Leo Messi (FC Barcelona) 29 goles 2…[View]
91554542>unique football channel that you follow dies and their videos get removed because they can never…[View]
91554755OH N-[View]
91554349How will you react when he dies in our lifetimes?[View]
91545752Joe Thomas, ex-NFL lineman: This grossly obese tub of lard that had to keep his 350+ lb weight up wh…[View]
91554374I got Wembley tickets to see Portsmouth I'm going to Wembley[View]
91554247I-I'm still the king right?[View]
915528806-0 bitches[View]
91553545No other athlete can compete with this aesthetic.[View]
91551896Why did she leave undisputed?[View]
91554048Messi and CR7 will end up being the greatest scorers in history. (All goals counted here are in offi…[View]
91553611How's the Poll going ?[View]
91549257>Support a team that isn't from the city you were born and raised in. ISHYGDDT…[View]
91550372Bro, this is it. This hat-trick against Betis Sevile really made this up for me. He truly is the bes…[View]
91553987>el batedor del betis[View]
91553274i feel sorry for him. his hype only lasts a few hours after the game, then everything fades/ and apa…[View]
91537694/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Stop Edition: >Countdown to Bahrein GP: http://whenisf1on.c…[View]
91547146Have they started to realise that the win at PSG was a complete fluke?[View]
91548342*amazes you*[View]
91548705>Kansas City >Actually in Missouri[View]
91553285So where did he go? Was he killed in the shooting or was Messis magical night the last straw and mad…[View]
91552108Who will win the Golden Boot?[View]
91548607OFFICIAL Iron Fleet AAF GAME THREAD: Birmingham (3-2) vs San Diego (3-2)[View]
91553413>top view, multiple angles, slow mo, infinite replays >comfy commentaries >Loyal local 'fan…[View]
91538219/nfl/ general - NO CHARGE edition: FA: Johnny Manziel picked up by Memphis of AAF FA: Raiders releas…[View]
91533704>Manchester United fans call for Jiminez to face a ban after celebrating my imitating a plane swa…[View]
91553321Why can't he do anything in Europe? Or for the national team.[View]
91549152>For me, it's Moron[View]
91551082If i found out this guy was fucking my wife i would break the condom to raise his child. I feel so b…[View]
91550334>you will never be able to say you met the GOAT as a kid[View]
91552211Do Yuros really think fat nfl players don't get skinny after retirement[View]
91553158Where were you when Simon Lizotte threw a putter on a 492' hole and landed in the circle? http…[View]
91552479So the only reason /sp/ likes this faggot is because he’s a Trump supporter right? Tom Brady is unim…[View]
91552966Why can't he score beautiful goals any more?[View]
91547952>misses the most easy and simple shit >scores fucking impossible goals what's his deal?…[View]
91552552What would be your reaction if they actually win the Champions League next season? Would this be the…[View]
91547555>mfw messi is retiring in my lifetime[View]
91549883>mfw messoy and penaldo retire >mfw every customer leaves /sp/ with them…[View]
91549969born just in time to witness Messi[View]
91551861>beta male wh*Toids >fail to qualify for a world cup…[View]
91546646Are we the strongest NT in the world right now? Who can stop us?[View]
91552584I hope you all realize that last year was the zenith and no year will ever match its meme-ness ever …[View]
91546959>Get to the final of any competition >Lose >While the winners celebrate, they play We Are t…[View]
91551947After watching sufficient material I came to the conclussion that Ngubu won't be as good as Mes…[View]
91538288*creates lots of chances without scoring* *draws* fuck this team[View]
91547016why did /sp/ claim he's the best coach right now?[View]
91552424/heem/ we love you Darren: >>91545160[View]
91548349The face of a _________[View]
91524682What are the best meals to enjoy when watching a game?[View]
91551378ITT: shit teams that are still always fun to watch[View]
91545160/heem/: /heem/ previous: >>91535423 schedule: https://mmajunkie.com/events[View]
91541063>have a mediocre season >play your eternal rival at home, want to win to save some face >5 …[View]
91552223Is Flamini the smartest player of all time?[View]
91552040LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >fleet[View]
91549834As a graphic designer, I really don't like the drastic change in the premier league branding/id…[View]
91548798Search your feelings.: You know it to be true[View]
91551532>shaves >goes back to being GOAT will we get old messi back?…[View]
91544931Cristiano Ronaldo's time in Spain ended with 0 trebles in 9 years. Messi has two already.[View]
91499767/mls/ general - ST. PATRICK'S edition (feat. /ayy/ + /wog/): >Saturday, 3/16 Chicago Fire vs…[View]
91549582I'm on tonight You know my hips don't lie And I'm starting to feel it's right[View]
91547226Vancouver Canucks @ Dallas Stars[View]
91545071You have to be unironically retarded, contrarian and gay to think Penaldo is better than this guy.[View]
91548147mfw the roadrunners win the 2020 march madness[View]
91550941Muhammad Ali vs. Jimmy Young: Who won this fight?[View]
91530208/cric/: /hoc/ are bumheads and stink like monkey poo :P[View]
91535897Who can stop us?: Kneel before us![View]
91545718MATCH OF THE DAY 2 THREAD: MOTD2 starts in 30 minutes on BBC One. As with yesterday, it's not a…[View]
91550419who the fuck even needs this donkey: enjoy your cap issues and losing to boston again leafburgers…[View]
91547809Flyers at Penguins: Let’s go boys[View]
91543887/nba/ - Super Mario Edition: OKC: Russell Westbrook suspended for Monday's game MIA: Goran Drag…[View]
91549445>>91540379 You're a sub-100 IQ shill trying to deflect attention from the unlawful arrest…[View]
91549807>Maradona, Ronaldinho quality >Pelé, Ronaldo quantity >Messi quantity & quality, unmatc…[View]
91546130It's not even the slip really. That part is just funny because he literally said 'This does not…[View]
91549935Messi? More like Messy LMAO[View]
91538352Improve MLB: Opening day is in a couple of weeks, but this board is full of divegrass threads. Let…[View]
91544559How can Messi be the GOAT if he isn’t even the best player from his own country? Maradona won the Wo…[View]
91544545/hoc/: remember the last time the Leafs made the ECF? edition >Sunday NJ @ COL, 3 pm (1 pm Mounta…[View]
91547025>Messoy scores against an irrelevant Spanish team while literally choking finals away for Argenti…[View]
91545473Tick tock...[View]
91548024>tfw the sextuple is his this year[View]
91545998Why everyone doesn't want to face the fact that he is the greatest sportman to ever live? (And …[View]
91549393>The Bane of Betis[View]
91548305I was born in the West Midlands but never really cared about it. But I've been paying attention…[View]
91537678>Watford >Wolves >Brighton Just give us the cup already…[View]
91545226>Messi isn’t the greatest to ever do it by a country mile[View]
91549219March Madness Bracket General: Post your brackets here! Make fun of other anon's choices!…[View]
91547515The great debate.[View]
91509189AMERICAN FOOTBALL OF MEXICO GAME DAY THREAD: its on again niggas. kickoff at 3pm central time full b…[View]
91545705Messi in laliga[View]
91548714Would a Panathinaikos - Nantes UCL final be the most kino final of all time?[View]
91548564> *loses to qatar in the copa america 2019 final*[View]
91540542When did you start supporting Chelsea?[View]
91548250>international break[View]
91541160Another Greek derby that did not finish: >Clashes between Panathinaikos fans and police lead to t…[View]
91541892MESSI: MESSI[View]
91546764>gonzaga >#1 seed[View]
91546203Rory McIlroy: Is he a Chad?[View]
91540037Not so fast, Porto.[View]
91548010>the batterer of betis[View]
91547520>Why yes, I follow football. My favorite player is Lionel 'THE GOAT' Messi and my favorite team i…[View]
91544118Daily reminder this actually happened today.[View]
91526777/box/ - The Truth edition: Previous: >>91525027 >Sunday March 17 - ESPN+ US Boxnation UK Lu…[View]
91545869How many goals will he score against Manchester United?[View]
91549638/sss/ - Scorsese General: this is the best goddam movie i've ever seen in my life. I've al…[View]
91547018What’s his ceiling?[View]
91531532Old football vidya: Let's talk about old and/or obscure games. And by old I mean 80s/90s. Bonus…[View]
91539047It took Fergie like 15 years to reach this point, Pep is going to surpass it in just 3.[View]
91538228Is this THE biggest fraud among strikers ?: When did he ever perform in CL before trashing Madrid pl…[View]
91546270When did you take the Giroudpill and realise he's one of the all time greats?[View]
91538629>brighton in the semi finals Double already in the bag.[View]
91536837So,after these two frauds have been found out time and time again, who is the best goalkeeper in the…[View]
91457908/copalib/ - vintage edition: facebook tomorrow[View]
91546425>playoffs >chokes what did he mean by this?…[View]
91543933Barcelona vs Betis thread 2: .[View]
91501684/cbb/ GUESS WHO'S BACK edition: SATURDAY 11 AM ET America East Championship >UMBC @ Vermont …[View]
91546317Butcher of Betis[View]
91543058MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI: Friendly reminder that /sp/ is a Messi …[View]
91538627/pga/ THE PLAYERS Championship 2019 Final Round: Final pairing just teed off. Americans are making s…[View]
91545723Why those countries produce so many legendary players? Any country is at least near?[View]
91544490>International break >No nations league[View]
91532485>slipping to full ham kek, never change cuckpool[View]
91540580unofficial /turnleft/ cup series Fontana thread: Cancerous package edition: Race starts in 30 minute…[View]
91543835Will they slip? Will one of them manage to hold?[View]
91541818ITT: Half season wonders[View]
91545463>Messi is only the top Argentinian if you include friendlies. Without them Gabriel Batistua is th…[View]
91544539/hoc/: Issa party edition[View]
91542467say something nice about her[View]
91469323/tennis/ - Indian Wells[View]
91540722What does he do?[View]
91535423/heem/: >Previous Thread >>91528864 >News Till heard a tap >Theme Descent.…[View]
91541363The batterer of Betis[View]
91543075ITT: Based teams[View]
91540106What went wrong?[View]
91540241Why does this guy sound like he’s choking on a frog?[View]
91539166/hoc/: Google the schedule lmao Playoff picture EAST >Lightning versus Teds >Capitals versus H…[View]
91541822ITT: Players with high sports IQ's: Post any player from their respective sports.[View]
91540272/seriea/ - Derby della Madonnina edition: previous: >>91509194 MATCHDAY 28: >Friday 15th of…[View]
91543990Ratking: Ratking[View]
91484460/FPL/ - Fantasy Premier League[View]
91532872Hello Steve. My name is Demba Ba. I hope you remember me :)[View]
91543951Real Betis vs Barcelona - Match Thread #2: 0-3[View]
91542738>The Banisher of Real Benis[View]
91543005Penaldo on suicide watch[View]
91537909Liverpool are going to sli-[View]
91516541>buys Ngubinho for 3 million Euros >One year passes >Sells Ngubinho to Oil FC or Norf FC f…[View]
91539742/LaLiga/ Barcelona v Real Betis, line up announced[View]
91542922Who's the greatest fighter in history and why is it Frank Dux?[View]
91526208/nba/ General - Living the Dream Edition: IND: Myles Turner's shooting woes continue vs. DEN DE…[View]
91539586OFFICIAL Derby Milan Inter: Kickoff in 60[View]
91536467>americucks literally castrate themselves so they can skip work and watch apehoop…[View]
91538950NWHL Isobel Cup Final game thread: Buffalo Beauts @ Minnesota Whitecaps STREAM: https://twitter.com/…[View]
91542460Giants schedule: I forsee us winning a lot of game next season. We will go 1-1 against the Cowboys …[View]
91540131>le score many goals against farmers team[View]
91543023What the fuck is 'Sarriball'?[View]
91541328For me, it's the Chilean Primera División.[View]
91541514Home field advantage does not exist in European sports. In America, teams are so far away that playi…[View]
91540397>Shit Franshitsco[View]
91533368ETERNAL LITHUANIAN PREMIER LEAGUE THREAD: Can any of your faggot leagues match ours in comfyness? No…[View]
91540617Behold your slavic god. Eat shit lelbrun.[View]
91531678How will you feel when he breaks all of Messis records?[View]
91539355Ladies and Gentlemen the most expensive goalkeeper in the world.[View]
91535278ITT players you confuse with each other >Fabinho >Firmino…[View]
91538787>Boro JUST[View]
91496142/mlb/ general - DERBY edition: CIN: Roark whiffs eight over five shutout innings COL: McMahon has tw…[View]
91538302What should we call Manchester United to make it sound non offensive?[View]
91509573Do you support the same team of your father? My dad supports Flamengo and my mom supports Vasco, but…[View]
91539648Which sport is the closest to being 'solved' like checkers? Have there ever been times in …[View]
91540862>No Coutinho YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH[View]
91540280>5 years later >racists still haven't recovered from this…[View]
91533287>Juventus customers[View]
91540661>March 2019 >still no sticky[View]
91538253/rug/: /rug/: England are second favourites edition[View]
91529317Who is the most /int/elligent athlete of all time?[View]
91539652>there is no ¡¡¡ PASSION !!![View]
91533582What happened to this guy? How did he fade into obscurity so quickly?[View]
91540263>the wreckers of wolfsburg >the manglers of mainz…[View]
91509194/seriea/ Thread - Er Minestraro edition: previous: >>91466775 MATCHDAY 28: >Friday 15th of …[View]
91539576OH NO NO NO[View]
91539668Absolutely exposed by the Premier League.[View]
91540141*Rapes the Bundesliga*[View]
91537859How does one cope with his team losing?[View]
91539971*wins europa and gets 3rd spot*[View]
91539116What's he thinking right now?[View]
91539990>yfw da bears win da superb owl[View]
91539693I am seriously considering supporting Wealdstone instead of having to watch Chelshit again[View]
91538859For me its Trollfootball[View]
91535549OFFICIAL EVERTON v CHELSEA MATCH THREAD: The last PL match before the first international break of 2…[View]
91539298What exactly does this guy do?[View]
91536493>Penalty to Liverpool! GOAL!!![View]
91539240*fucks the apehoop GOAT*[View]
91526140/hoc/: Real >shorks Hours edition[View]
91535827What did I tell you about his mistakes?[View]
91538769This guy was man of the match last night. Is he rightly rated or underrated when compared to midfiel…[View]
91536520Ski Jumping - Vikersund HS240 - Individual Competition: no thread yet so im making one[View]
91536713>Slipping to Everton Kek, never change Chelshit[View]
91539069Hey I'm Adriano also known as '' The Emperor ''. I am the last Brazilian 'M…[View]
91538034Now that he's exposed Van Dijk, is it confirmed that Ryan Babel is a top 20 LW?[View]
91534179How are they not taken down?[View]
91538694>*shot goes wide* >'If anything, he hit that too well geoff'…[View]
91495754/nfl/ General - Carr elite edition: DEN: Broncos add CB Bryce Callahan to secondary FA: Blake Bortle…[View]
91532614/cyc/ - Tirreno Adriatico Stage 5, Paris-Nice Stage 8: Tirreno Adriatico Stage 5 Colli Al Metauro - …[View]
91536909Unlike a certain overrated defender, this man never makes mistakes. Furthermore, he will score today…[View]
91538421Alexander Albon: Was he the product of some dude going to Thailand, getting drunk and fucking some T…[View]
91536260>you just know[View]
91537031Have you been supporting your local team, /sp/?[View]
91537573Yes I am an ABL How did you know?[View]
91537472I'm back[View]
91508220/cg/ Chess General: Seeing as how chess is officially recognized as a sport by the International Oly…[View]
91537902They are gonna beat Barcelona,aren't they?[View]
91537830For me, it's Everton.[View]
91537463OH NO NO NO NO[View]
91537137>dude slip lmao >dude 96 lmao[View]
91536910Do they even need him anymore?[View]
91532795/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Bullying Edition: >Countdown to Bahrein GP: http://whenisf1…[View]
91536550How would /sp/ have reacted to this in 1904? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athletics_at_the_1904_Sum…[View]
91536305Yeah, I'm thinking we're back[View]
91522159Anyone else dislike modern football kits? They've turned into modern rugby jerseys, the baggy …[View]
91536154Lets have a discussion about women playing football. Also imagine the smell.[View]
91533170They are going to win the treble, aren't they? For fuck sake Liverpoo do something[View]
91537370How can whyte Bois even compete?![View]
91530253Is this peak sports stadia?[View]
91536549St. Patrick's Day: Let's have a thread dedicated to all of the great Irish athletes named …[View]
91536532Alpha as fuck[View]
91526495>Slipping to Fulham kek, never change Cuckpool[View]
91535292watch our league - The Chilean Derby: Colo Colo - UC[View]
91537164Will he ever win another major?[View]
91536838>ABLs OH NO NO NO[View]
91536782*wins copa america*[View]
91533437>Gary Oldman >Denzel Washington >Daniel-Day Lewis >Mickey Pearce name a club with a more…[View]
91535955https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Matt_Busby_Player_of_the_Year United fans think Scholes is as good…[View]
91516103*ruins your sport*[View]
91535962> This does not fookin' slip[View]
91536624What does he excel at[View]
91536599For me, it's Bruce Dickinson[View]
91536439SAY MY NAME /SP/[View]
91531609/Liverpool/: >see schedule >liverpool is playing fullham ez, WOOOO HOOOO https://www.youtube.c…[View]
91536106>Hey /sp/[View]
91536451Lets post some 1 season wonders[View]
91516192>this kills the messi fag[View]
91536352>b-but he's a top 20 cb[View]
91536240Hold still Ecuador[View]
91535863slipping against fulham kek stay cucked livershit[View]
91517305*wins the FA cup and finishes top 6 next season*[View]
91533480SUPER SUNDAY / OFFICIAL LIVERPOOL VS FULHAM THREAD 1: Today it will ___ KO 2:15pm[View]
91535999Leave Liverpool FC to me[View]
91513584We'll still knock out Barca[View]
91535591When will FIFA ban this shit? Not only it gives you an unfair advantage over your rivals, you can ge…[View]
91506308I've watched Modric play. Arthur, Jorginho and Kante as well. Fernandinho, Henderson, Busquets.…[View]
91535744david luiz[View]
91535385>you now remember /sp/ claiming it was all mouyes fault and ole would make united challenging for…[View]
91530954The Great Debate[View]
91520912They scummed Swansea out of a chance to going to Wembley. Fucking pathetic.[View]
91525832What do I say brehs?[View]
91534674Another win for the /goodguys/! Fuck Brenny and FUCK PORTO![View]
91535604'ate Copa Libertadores culiao Love Chilean Primera División la wea[View]
91534770IIT: Players with no fans[View]
91533675JUST: JUST[View]
91528864/heem/: Prev: >>91517433 News: Masvidal won[View]
91532965>lelds: Has a set of fans been so thoroughly BTFO since Wednesday fans got dabbed on by Duffy whi…[View]
91531653Ferrari depression started early this year lads.. going to an hero soon[View]
91535024>Liverpool reddit >Liverpool slip >Liverpool club bad…[View]
91534819*does fuck all*[View]
91535133Baseball>Cricket In terms of actually playing[View]
91534256>does nothing[View]
91512836>Zidane still unexposed >Isco unlocked >Bale unlocked >Asensio unlocked >Marcelo un…[View]
91530757I am a football fan. I am a soccer fan. I came to see Lineker, with the rest of the World! I am a fo…[View]
91515031World's most expensive backup dancer[View]
91534396Why are we so fucking shit, lads? Why isn't the silicon valley money helping us?[View]
91530877Can Liverpool win the premiership and the Champions League this season?[View]
91534626>Not rating Courtois[View]
91533546Is Vettel finished?[View]
91534298Forget about VAR taking three minutes to decide whether this is an offside or not, why isn't th…[View]
91533651Europe vs South America: Who would win?[View]
91504087/bundes/: *ich hab 1 kater edition* >upcoming mätches SATURDAY 16/03 /bundes/ 15:30 FC Augsburg -…[View]
91513234Official NRL Sunday Gamethread: Games today: Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Eels Kickoff at 4:05pm …[View]
91530495Whos the dumbest athlete[View]
91533538>at the heart of an Arsenal defence that went the whole Premier League season unbeaten >only E…[View]
91533935What is the Roman Emipre of sports?[View]
91533403>tfw you're now forced to give this man the job full time even though everyone knows in thei…[View]
91533958*w i n s*[View]
91524646Why does everyone hate him?[View]
91502344/biathlon/ aka chicks with guns - winter sports general: IBU World Championship in Östersund: >07…[View]
91533577For me its Tomas Brandão[View]
91533779>Olympics was over 1 year ago[View]
91530539Champions league draw: I pissed myself when my mate told me City were vs Barcelona but then found ou…[View]
91530652British commentator: >Oh and it's a goal! Ngubu with the equaliser. A brilliant strike by t…[View]
91520787Alaves appreciation thread: If they were English there would be 20 threads about them. Based Alaves…[View]
91533531wait, /sp/ told me he's the best manager in the world now what happened????????????????????????…[View]
91530758BLACK PEOPLE BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULvo7__wwBU[View]
91533344heard you were talking shit[View]
91514300His crazy luck ran out[View]
91532720>Manchester City star John Stones has reportedly found love again with a single mum who is six ye…[View]
91531383Tottenham's new stadium could WRECK Man City's Champions League dream - Pundit: OH NO NO N…[View]
91500990She's become my favourite pundit.[View]
91531083Weekly reminder that RPL have started to live stream selected games on Youtube for foreign viewers. …[View]
91530446/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Hu,iliated Grando Edizione: >Countdown to Bahrain GP: http:…[View]
91532322for me it's zazie's panacota in the 2016 eurvosion final[View]
91501187Fookin hell, how can norf fc even compete?[View]
91532408>Arsenal OH NO NO NO[View]
91527449freddy adu was on the cover of fifa[View]
91496662Zion will not do well in the NBA and is only the second best player on duke. Please convince me othe…[View]
91532191Redpill me on Ice Hockey[View]
91531881highest paid coaches: >west ham wtf[View]
91515943>tfw back on top Watch our league to see FC Porto's players on the pitch with their children…[View]
91516104Name : Nuno Espirito Santo Age : 45 Sex : Big Height : 184 cm Job : Wolves manager Hobbies : Anal, a…[View]
91532152Quatrodecima is coming![View]
91521837Granite Xhaka[View]
91516434For me it's: >France national team[View]
91527394MY EMPIRE OF DIRT[View]
91527150where to next for /ourguy/? he's too good for championship[View]
91531918>irate zidane[View]
91531759webm thread[View]
91531181leave slipperpool to me[View]
91518246>le hattrick >two head goals >one penalty lel expected nothing less from fraudnaldo.…[View]
91531081Is he, dare I say it, a bald fraud?[View]
91530929A Hero Denied By His Homeland[View]
91525978>Exposes Pellegrini >Exposes Ferguson >Exposes Mourinho >Exposes Ancelotti >Exposes G…[View]
91531028*Wilfred N'gubu tacitly sponsors terrorism across the globe* > '...' *stabs a late equaliser…[View]
91500700Ozil really needs to fuck off to Besiktas or something, but he will steal a living on £350K/week at …[View]
91524526How much money can I make off making an android app where you can vote between messi and CR7 like pe…[View]
91513963>world football[View]
91524944How can Messi be the GOAT if he isn’t even the best player from his own country? Maradona won the Wo…[View]
91530053My dream top 4 in /cfb/ is Notre Dame, Nebraska, Miami and USC, in no particular order. This would b…[View]
91530388Will this be the year lads?[View]
91518565MAN LIKE OZIL: Do people actually think these guys are funny? >>black English man says Caribbe…[View]
91525448Made a pregame appreciation thread that haters hated now APOLOGIZE[View]
91523805>Westbrick What is the point of this guy?[View]
91530083Race in boxing Is it all tribalism?[View]
91529315/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - AFWA Edition: >Countdown to Australian GP: http://whenisf1o…[View]
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91526037Oh hey[View]
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91521938JUST: https://youtu.be/yW4FafSnhxA[View]
91519812The EPL is fucked when they get promoted this season[View]
91520364was his father really an elephant washer?[View]
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