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94364188Ask a Real Madrid AND Tottenham supporter anything No, I don't follow muh local teams because …[View]
94364204Is he the black Neymar?[View]
94343006>fighting game commentators >actually know the fuck they're talking about >real sports…[View]
94337696/nba/ - WE: Offseason edition MIL: WE did gon get Carl Corver prev >>94310192[View]
94358290/bundes/: *queck edition*[View]
94361445ROCKIES V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Marquez V Paxton[View]
94351897>his sport's playing surface has ads on it[View]
94359848Did you see that ludicrous display last night?[View]
94359306The battle of the right backs: Well, /sp/?[View]
94363808Is he ever actually gonna reach his potential and become world class? Or is he just another overrate…[View]
94363797ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
94360843>the destroyer of de ligt[View]
94363513Is the Italian Mafia, dare I say? BASED https://youtu.be/u0DSUa6LuFU[View]
94360552Gareth Bale To United 1 Year Loan Confirmed[View]
94336860/mlb/: Angels Designate Matt Harvey For Assignment Astros Designate Tyler White Red Sox Activate Nat…[View]
94362036Name a more JUST team[View]
94361902Why was 2002 the best world cup in terms of beautiful goals? Why did they rig games for Korea and no…[View]
94362357Did you know that Alexis Sanchez was bullied by Messi during their time together at Barca? Sanchez w…[View]
94361978Euros really name their sports teams shit like “Wednesday”[View]
94353077GOAT: .[View]
94143878Motor/sp/ort General: Indycar back on the menu edition THIS WEEK >Indy on the streets of Toronto…[View]
94335065>not rating Ben-Hur[View]
94357674Will he be good next season ?[View]
94352138Would a car-based sport where the only rules are standard safe cockpit and that the car must fit ins…[View]
94346488when did athletes start covering themselves in tattoos and why don't they realize how retarded …[View]
94359374>he buys into the Nike marketing that Federeddit is GOAT >he uses 'but he won 20 grand slams' …[View]
94343155post sports stars with good family relationships[View]
94357816Based Raheem paying tribute to this momentous occasion[View]
94355204Will there ever be a player as good as him?[View]
94362509https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlCQ2pBob5Q medival mma is a /sp/ort?[View]
94361848368 days to go. Are you excited?[View]
94362164Come to Besiktas[View]
94354931>Chad _____ vs Virgin _____[View]
94354749/trans/: thirty five million pounds later edition >Newcastle boss Steve Bruce is weighing up a mo…[View]
94359017What is the worst kit brand in your opinion? For me, it's Joma.[View]
94360646SKI JUMPING SUMMER GP IN WISLA: Yesterday Poland won the first team competition of the summer grand …[View]
94355944European Athletics U20 Championships Boras 2019 Day 4: https://www.european-athletics.org/competitio…[View]
94360738*Teleports behind you* *evolves into homo erectus* >'heh, yabba dabba doo'…[View]
94329169>I mean, in the USA they say the regular season is not important and I have to play my best and d…[View]
94361496>sport >played with a ball Pick one[View]
94333740/seriea/ & /calciomercato/ - The Smell of fresh Crisi Inda in the morning edition: >Roma sign…[View]
94357963Was Pacquiao being merciful?: PAC seriosuly hurt Thurman one round where PAC did a body shot. PAC co…[View]
94338101/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Cunt Cage Edition: >Countdown to German GP: www.formula1.co…[View]
94359022How fucking doped and roided up was this team? Seriously, what is it with spics and cheating, i shou…[View]
94344879Has more world cups than Scotland.[View]
94338397/cric/: 99.9th percentile cricket IQ edition[View]
94360628Back to Back ICC Champions: Who can stop us?[View]
94360517And I thought being an Arsenal fan would be a disgrace.[View]
94360562For me, it's Sporting Cheese Pizza[View]
94358208The most stacked squad since...[View]
94353230/heem/ Box won the story edition: intactamerica.org[View]
94359599What a beautiful definition! Undoubtedly the best that was seen in the sport! Wait ... What is anon …[View]
94337626Daily reminder to everybody on this board that if America's best athletes chose to play soccer …[View]
94359394Help me /sp/: I told my dad (football fan for 45 years) that I think Ronaldo is better than Messi to…[View]
94359201If americans invented Football: >commercial break every three minutes…[View]
94356682juve v totnum: 25 bings Juventus XI: Buffon, De Sciglio, Bonucci, Rugani, Cancelo, Pjanic, Matuidi,…[View]
94328466Who is the greatest female athlete of all time, and why is it Ingrid Engen?[View]
94345265Ramos is fined 250k euros for cutting 90 trees https://www.diariosur.es/gente-estilo/sergio-ramos-mu…[View]
94358714ITT: frauds[View]
94356797Spurs Juve stream?: Any streams for Spurs Juve pre season fixture?[View]
94357886>Pacman >Daniel cormier >Tiger woods >Federer Why are boomers so strong? Why can't …[View]
94356041How do you integrate TWO 'le dribble drobble to the corner flag man''s in your starting 11?[View]
94356072what the fuck[View]
94354293keith bois btfo pacman: /ourguy/ how much did you bet and won? #promote_diversity[View]
94357292On which site are you watching this match?[View]
94356116Are we finally winning the treble again this season?[View]
94354980/cyc/ /TdF/ stage 15 Limoux - Prat d'Albis: Pyrenees Interesting stuff is happening Now is the …[View]
94357201GwangJu 2019 World Aquatics Championships: Anyone watching? Ledecky just lost a race, wew.[View]
94355796Explain this fatness[View]
94342864who were the most exposed teams in this VAR era?[View]
94355977jajajaja portero perro jajajaja[View]
94334392/Net/ball World Cup semis: England 9/11 New Zealand (after 1st quarter)[View]
94356544Manny lost this fight. He got a knockdown but Thurman was outlanding him for the rest of the fight. …[View]
94355082Misc: >be me >meet girl >says my bad ass always had a thing for sweets >says she wants…[View]
94346441You now remember Mikel Arteta[View]
94355762So... this is the power of a 300M+ window.[View]
94329489/afl/ Saturday Games: /afl/ Saturday Games >RESULTS SO FAR: Essendon (96) def. Adelel (75) >L…[View]
94355536is he too smart for the premier league?[View]
94355934Why thank you racist fan, you gave me some needed potassium for the match[View]
94334414So this will be our Superbowl LIV matchup. Say something nice about it.[View]
94322640Hundred year old club Only post here if your team is over a hundred years old[View]
94355522ITT teams you have developed Stockholm syndrome for[View]
94334331The Open Championship [golf]: Day 3[View]
94331151>The chad American Liverpool fan[View]
94354979Is this what Barcelona meany by 'mes que un club'[View]
94353392APOLOGIZE /sp/ NOW[View]
94347722What went wrong ?[View]
94353919/indy/ Iowa race thread 2: newgy edition[View]
94330268>This is China’s possible national team for 2020 Are they going to be the next Qatar?…[View]
94254853/cfb/ General - Big 12 Media Days edition[View]
94343687>Americans have turned around on soc-[View]
94342509/indy/- Official Indycar Iowa Race Thread: NBCSN at 6:30 Eastern Starting Grid >Row 1 1 Pagenaud …[View]
94318283Ready to get atropelated by us, /spee/?[View]
94353404Manny is the Jose Mendoza of Boxing.[View]
94353461>Keef lost to THIS[View]
94353444Pacquiao will become PAKIao[View]
94353122Pacquiao, Manny: Pay your respects to the NEW WBA Super Welsterweight Champion of the world.[View]
94351681/box/ - FIGHT NIGHT: PREVIOUS >>94350013 >>94350013 >>94350013[View]
94353118Most powerful race reporting in[View]
94351467/box/ FLATTENED FLOP edition: Saturday July 20 FOX PPV Keith Thurman vs. Manny Pacquiao Yordenis Uga…[View]
94337616/rug/: THE RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP >Sun 21 July South Africa 35-17 Australia Johannesburg 6:05 am Arge…[View]
94346253Marlins @ Dodgers Thread: MIA Miguel Rojas(R) SS Martin Prado(R) 3B Garrett Cooper(R) 1B Brian Ander…[View]
94337861/heem/: fights on tonight, casuals not welcome >>94325524 news- https://youtu.be/qX7COLiGo0s…[View]
94352227/hoc/: tomorrow is monday -edition[View]
94349590/rug/: RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP Rd1 South Africa 35-17 Australia Argentina 16-20 New Zealand Other Test Se…[View]
94340654/hoc/: late edition[View]
94351721>watching UFC >retarded banshees screaming WOOOOO every time a fighter moves an inch >atoms…[View]
94350013/box/ - Pacquakino edition: >Saturday July 20 FOX PPV Keith Thurman vs. Manny Pacquiao Yordenis U…[View]
94349856/HEEM/ No, I'm not biased why do you ask EDITION: Main card (ESPN live now) Rafael dos Anjos vs…[View]
94351138I present to you, Ngubery[View]
94300417Do you take this football thing too far aswell /sp/?[View]
94345256Pacquiao vs Thurman: Where are the streaming links? I wanna see Thurman getting BTFO. Thurman never …[View]
94333311/trans/: >nerman edition >actual rumours edition Everton are ready to challenge Arsenal for 26…[View]
94346916/box/ - wake up Queef edition: previous >>94343549 >Saturday July 20 FOX PPV Keith Thurman …[View]
94302718Is Zidane one of the top 10 players of all time?[View]
94348532HEEM TWO BAD CARDS IN A ROW GENERAL: Main card (ESPN live now) Rafael dos Anjos vs. Leon Edwards Ale…[View]
94349454Pacquiao-Thurman Fight: Where can i stream it live for free?[View]
94332021Just how strong would this guy be if he started MMA and who would be able to take him down?[View]
94344776Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles game thread: Best fans in baseball edition[View]
94343165LONZO BALL THREAD: Lonzo averaged 5.4 assists on a team with zero shooters. He now has JJ and Jrue t…[View]
94277406Eternal Arsenal Thread: /signings/ edition[View]
94324917Airpotraits: Sports related only - cont. from >>94311148[View]
94347362HEEM DECISION EDITION #2: Main card (ESPN at 9 p.m. ET) Rafael dos Anjos vs. Leon Edwards Aleksei Ol…[View]
94330751/bundes/: Champions League Sieger Besieger *Edition. Echte Liebe *SubEdition[View]
94342442Bayern - Real Madrid International Champions Cup Game 2 hours left Stream (Real Madrid website) >…[View]
94346193Today, i will remind them.[View]
94341778/box/ - Shyte about to get exposed edition: previous >>94340255 >Saturday July 20 Sky Sport…[View]
94341139>is irrelevant and makes own team worse how does he do it?[View]
94346099HEEM DECISION EDITION: Main card (ESPN at 9 p.m. ET) Rafael dos Anjos vs. Leon Edwards Aleksei Olein…[View]
94337179Haha xd[View]
94346997Who are some players that you 'stan'?[View]
94343549/box/ - sweethands edition: Previous: >>94341745 >Saturday July 20 FOX Caleb 'Sweethands' P…[View]
94344602/chess/ general: >memefish edition[View]
94343474>Brazil vs anyone else, VAR every 5 minutes >Brazil vs Argentina, VAR doesn't exist…[View]
94345377Fellow /sp/ers from multicultural countries, which sports the asian community from your country took…[View]
94344506OFFICIAL UFC ON ESPN 4: DOS ANJOS VS EDWARDS GAMETHREAD #2: >Main card (ESPN at 9 p.m. ET) Rafael…[View]
94343785selling baseball cards: My dad gave me his old card collection of 716 tops baseball cards from 1977-…[View]
94338469TOUR DE FRANCE: It's our Year la[View]
94321092Celtic and Rangers: So Anons, did we ever conclude which one is based, and which is cringe?[View]
94330549>one Argentina league title >a couple of cups with Barcelona >gives Napoli two Serie A titl…[View]
94343321For me, it's Deyverson[View]
94344789Russian sports Youtuber blessing players and it works.: Russian Youtuber Evgeny Savin (KraSava) bles…[View]
94329247For me it's Antoine Griezmann[View]
94253030/nrl/ Based Blonde Female Ref (formally known as touchie) edition: I know it's late but I feel …[View]
94344574Modaferri is the female Elias Theodorou[View]
94342372OFFICIAL UFC ON ESPN 4: DOS ANJOS VS EDWARDS GAMETHREAD #1: >Main card (ESPN at 9 p.m. ET) Rafael…[View]
94344438Gareth bale[View]
94339595Xfinity: Xfinity @ Knew Hamp-shire[View]
94304621Messi 2012 - Lost to a weak aging Chelsea Messi 2013 - BAYERN 7-0 (BODYBAG OF THE DECADE) Messi 2014…[View]
94343077why is Patetico de Madrid so shit?: >greaseman finally leaves pateti >first thing he does is c…[View]
94341730do you have any leagues that 'only you' follow? (not /wol/)[View]
94343488Skateboard Deck: I need an illegal civilization skateboard deck, but they are no longer made. Where …[View]
94332707What are some intelligent atlethes that can see beyond hoaxes and realize the hidden truth?[View]
94341745/box/ - Are Pricey edition: Previous >>94340255 >Saturday July 20 Sky Sport PPV Dillian Why…[View]
94336899/180/: BETFRED WORLD MATCHPLAY DAY 1: Nine days of quality darting action begins tonight with the 20…[View]
94341766/box/: Previous: >>94340255 >Saturday July 20 Sky Sport PPV Dillian Whyte vs. Oscar Rivas D…[View]
94328682Why aren’t there any good white boxers?[View]
94331777For me, it's Louise McDaniel, Linfield FC winger and scorer of Northern Ireland's first ev…[View]
94342707the day soccer died[View]
94334228>supporting any team other than wolves next season[View]
94337367>Wh*te 'people'[View]
94312089which one is /our/ game lads[View]
94333282Sports should be segregated by performance, not sex. Case in point, why should I, as a man, have to …[View]
94323156can he do it?[View]
94337823San Diego Padres @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >San Diego Padre 1. Fernando Tatis Jr. (R) S…[View]
94339210Apologize to the Apollos: One and only AAF champs[View]
94337323Euro qualifying points: Northern Ireland: 12 England: 6 Scotland: 6 Wales: 3 NI wins again[View]
94337369What is the greatest derby in your country? Here it's basically Norf Budapest vs Souf Budapest.[View]
94339743*Becomes the best DM in the world*[View]
94304558/nfl/ General - Elite Game Manager Edition: ATL: Falcons do 4-year, $57M deal with Deion Jones DEN: …[View]
94340255/box/ - CAM ON DAVE edition: Previous: >>94337046 >Saturday July 20 Sky Sport PPV Dillian W…[View]
94336547ROCKIES V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Senzatela V Tanaka[View]
94339143For me it's del Bosque[View]
94337496>USWNT ask for equal pay >USMNT has their wages reduced to that of women…[View]
94331829Top 4 Predictions: 1. Liverpool 2. Man City 3. Spurs 4. Wolves[View]
94303281/copalib/ + /platense/: bye palmeme and flamerda libertadores next week platense signed delantero ja…[View]
94334961Kill me.[View]
94330432/hoc/: emergency thread edition[View]
94332112ICC - Man Utd vs Inter Milan Gamethread: Manchester United: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Tuanzebe, Lindelof,…[View]
94340378*beats kid*[View]
94337046/box/ - Rivas vs Whyte Edition: Previous: >>94326182 Saturday July 20 Sky Sport PPV Dillian Wh…[View]
94339333>The Lord of Leeds Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong? I thought he was good at Juven…[View]
94340185Fraud Brady This evil pos knows football is terrible for kids yet he promotes the hell out of it. Is…[View]
94339977African cup of Nations more like North African Arab/Berber cup of Nations[View]
94339700hue hue[View]
94339684*sacked by Christmas*[View]
94337933SKI JUMPING SUMMER GP IN WISLA: We are officially back! The team competition in Wisla just started. …[View]
94337027IFSC Climbing World Cup Briançon 2019 - Lead Finals: here we go again, lads. LIVE in 20 minutes! htt…[View]
94337584>AFA responded to the Ethics Committee of Conmebol this morning. He did it with a document that h…[View]
94337703Yeah, I'm thinking we're back[View]
94337493ITT post your club and their rival. My team: Sampaio Corrêa rival: Moto Club de São Luís[View]
94337489Croatian league: Croatian league just started. Will you be watching it?[View]
94337210Post teams that have fans made up purely of levas, chavalas, y putos: >pic related Green light on…[View]
94337999How would /sp/ react if Trump joined in for a pic with the united statian female team?[View]
94338015Is Ingebrigtsen or Warholm the biggest name in Norwegian sports right now? If you say a different na…[View]
94330085/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Just Turn Left Edition: >Countdown to German GP: www.formul…[View]
94337796itt: future baloon door winners starting with an obvious one.[View]
94325524/heem/ Chrissy Blair edition: Chrissy Blair's scumptious cameltoe bless. Previous: >>…[View]
94329936/rug/: INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY >Sat 20 July 7:35 pm Maori All Blacks vs Fiji Rotorua THE RUGBY CHA…[View]
94310192/nba/ General - Stop oppressing my rapties Edition: News: beal on the way[View]
94318514Pulisic's Chelsea debut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWvqlhr0pUY&[View]
94314495Whats your trademark celebration /sp/?[View]
94337347EA Sports are sexist pigs: This should be the cover of FIFA 20.[View]
94337426based Zidane[View]
94322264/cric/: shivnarine chanderGOAT edition[View]
94312654>Dinamo Zagreb vs Red Star Belgrade in 1990 who was in the wrong here?[View]
94336250>tfw we're gonna win at least 5 games this season[View]
94336604For me, it's Al-Ahli.[View]
94334112RING RING[View]
94337006for me it's otamendi[View]
94336146Stadio delle alpi: What went wrong /sp/ ?[View]
94334406The Atropelators of UCL.[View]
94309838Michael Jordan: How well-known is this guy in countries other than America? What do people think of …[View]
94326182/box/ Find Enlightenment edition: Previous: >>94307575 >Saturday July 20 Sky Sport PPV Dill…[View]
94327205Based kits[View]
94332785>Ms. Dhoni >is a man[View]
94327996Why do Japanese people like baseball?[View]
94313160/mlb/: MIN:Rosario whacks pinch-hit three-run dinger MLW: Davies battles to limit D'backs to o…[View]
94336524>American journalists ask Klopp for a hug after the press conference https://twitter.com/markskol…[View]
94335338You now remember Gianluca Zambrotta.[View]
94329926/rug/ - I serve the /rug/ edition: O CAMPEONATO DE RÚGBI Semana 1 >20/07 12:05 África do Sul x Au…[View]
94314454The Open Championship [golf]: Day 2[View]
94336062Lads, the Tour de France is ours Sorry britcucks[View]
94336396Are the Knicks completely fucked at this point?[View]
94336214Takefusa Kubo: Future GOAT?[View]
94332899This is a woman's Game !!: Men aren't even going to be relevant in football anymore in a f…[View]
94328544why is /sp/ handling her decline so poorly?[View]
94336125I am traveling the old Trafford: Yeah hoo~ I am so excited[View]
94331222which one is best coach? which one is best player?[View]
94335614>wins milan san remo >wins Fleche Wallonne >wins Strade Bianche >wins a sprint in Tirren…[View]
94333150Peak Ngubu[View]
94326017Find a picture with more talent[View]
94334508/TdF/ TOURMALET AND FUCK BOOMER EDITION: Cycling is for zoomer now, fuck boomer. Here we make multip…[View]
94326855Lil niggas you miss like we wouldn't believe thread[View]
94335190OH NO NO NO[View]
94335184Are you ready for the most important competition of the year?[View]
94333936bros can you let us in, just once?[View]
94331995Islam makes you stronger, I guess[View]
94315757is anybody else losing interest in football (soccer)?: it's like the sport is becoming full oni…[View]
94334056Watch our league: New season edition[View]
94327537>the atropelaters of africa[View]
94324498ROCKIES V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Freeland V Happ[View]
94331880AT final: ManCity vs Wolves match thread: now[View]
94333070This is Lyon's new signing, France's own 16 year old wonderkid, Eli Wissa. Say something n…[View]
94326155>Bayern Munchen >plays in neither Bayern nor Munchen…[View]
94314949/seriea/ & /calciomercato/ - ADL is crying again edition: >Roma interested in Fernando Quinte…[View]
94329780Why runner up in the world cup is prestigious but runner up in the CL is bad?[View]
94284761>le 70-year old prospect[View]
94332323Thank SCOTland thread. Whatever your favourite sport is, we probably invented it, and have a world c…[View]
94332814For me, it's American soccer player A. Guido.[View]
94329939/cyc/ /TdF/ stage 14 Tarbes - Tourmalet: Without Wout van Aert (and Schachmann, but who cares) the p…[View]
94317992Tick tock Germany and Holland tick tock[View]
94318621/trans/: Crouchy edition.[View]
94319283Based sports: Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball Cringe sports: NFL, hockey, baseball[View]
94332415Are autistic players usually pecho frios? Or is it just Messi?[View]
94329800Honestly, pretty based that Algerians can freely celebrate the AFCON victory in the streets of Franc…[View]
94308776AFCON 2019 FINAL: Reminder that tomorrow this time Paris will be ours , cairo will be ours and we…[View]
94330797>its ok bro, it's only an ABL, I've got this[View]
94331454so THIS is the power of the mighty champions league winners..wow..[View]
94311148sports related only: aiportraits.com[View]
94326497The fucking STATE of this match lads[View]
94331506*Carries Wolves to 4th place*[View]
94329147Basketball Sucks: Why do people pretend to like basketball? It's the least athletic physical sp…[View]
94324848The great debate[View]
94330622Yeah, I'm thinking he's a Ferrari among Fiats.[View]
94320217>I rate Messoy >International trophies are useless…[View]
94327804I miss biathlon >tfw 4 months until biathlon season starts again and comfy biathlon threads on /s…[View]
94325104Why there's no mixed Football matches?: I mean in Tennis for example, there was some Female …[View]
94327922Based and Redpilled sports: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB Cringe and Bluepilled sports: Soccer, cricket, rugby[View]
94329874ITT: athletes that died in their prime: There are bigger names than Brandon Burlsworth, but his coll…[View]
94328405>dabs on your dying league[View]
94329375Laugh at Netherlands thread: Losing to Northern Ireland and not qualifying for the Euros. Sad!…[View]
94328616Today I will remind them[View]
94324864This is 2019 European Youth League winner Fábio Silva. Today he played at FC Porto's victory ag…[View]
94313611/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Giminghis Edition: >Countdown to German GP: www.whenisf1on.…[View]
94325116/SoCal/ Sports General: Lets talk about our winning sports teams, SoCal bros![View]
94322517AFCON Final #2: Paris on suicide watch[View]
94189910/rug/: Big Unit Edition. Rugby Championship kicks off 21 July. Mitre 10 Cup kick off 8 August. Join …[View]
94327527>be company related >Their two most valuable assets in the football market will play for the s…[View]
94329900Why: Why[View]
94329601It's our time.[View]
94329773>tdf starts in a couple hours >still awake and drunk as fuck Should I just stay up or what…[View]
94329550>At least 76 players have come from the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, …[View]
94319777Wtf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub9fLkc-wLg I may have found the only board game that can be co…[View]
94320760Just a quick reminder that....: See the comments[View]
94327353Will they win it for Juve?[View]
94324259AFCON Champ: Say my name[View]
94310064>black goalkeeper[View]
94327992Where the fuck is my Diamondbacks thread you dick holes. They're a kick ass team with the coole…[View]
94329256/Net/ball World Cup: It's the semi finals today and England are close to securing yet another W…[View]
94312128/afl/ Round 18: Friday 7:50pm - Adelaide Crows vs Essendon Bombers, Adelaide Oval Saturday 1:45pm - …[View]
94327179Marlins @ Dodgers Thread: >fish Miguel Rojas(R) SS Curtis Granderson(L) LF Garrett Cooper(R) 1B B…[View]
94325681Rough N' Rowdy Thread: The best white trash sport in the U.S! What's Rough N' Rowdy? …[View]
94324628/hoc/: /hoc/ edition[View]
94320539Why is /sp/ handling her decline so poorly?[View]
94309557Africa Cup of Nation 2019: What's wrong anon ? Not rooting for the best team ? Are you gay an…[View]
94317822So see Ngubus eventually going to completely dominate the NBA? There are a billion Africans with the…[View]
94321838>devout Christian >serial winner >humble Is he /our guy/?…[View]
94312188>best record in the ENTIRE fucking sport WHO CAN STOP US?![View]
94322858>1-0: The Tournamet[View]
94325288Please Put it down son[View]
94325544liverpool vs dortmund game thread: klopp derby[View]
94317895Will he have his redemption arc?[View]
94317265*loses to Kawaski Frontale*[View]
94323054>the man who could have saved Paris what went wrong?[View]
94323381What type of /fit/ am I ? >Gymnastics >Swimming >Yoga…[View]
94309640Is this the best football WC rivalry?: 3 WC finals. Several clashes in WC groups and knockout stage.…[View]
94307575/box/ AND STILL edition: Previous: >>94272762 >Saturday July 20 Sky Sport PPV Dillian Whyte…[View]
94287900>outside of the 'big 3' clubs, most teams actually don't have many supporters at all >tea…[View]
94326714For me, it's Koepka. Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of humor.[View]
94326643Can someone explain me why the fuck friendly games go to penalties?[View]
94320233San Diego Padres @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >San Diego Padres 1. Fernando Tatis Jr. (R)…[View]
94325107Reminder that you will never see the winners of the three continental tournaments we saw this summer…[View]
94326099Dortmund is gonna win the CL, aren't they?[View]
94325495What's the deal with the Greek league and Greek teams?[View]
94298249/heem/ - Conor 'The Fraud' McGregor: >turns auschwitz-mode to make a weight class he has no busin…[View]
94308712Here are the birthplaces of the 11 players that will probably win the Africa Cup of Nations tomorrow[View]
94326063Was he right?[View]
94313519Now knight to g4 looks like an idea, but after rook captures, pawn captures, pawn captures, bishop c…[View]
94314139/bundes/ granate soon©: Muh Bayern posting edition >Besonders mit dem deutschen Rekordmeister aus…[View]
94316895>the slasher of st. patrick's athletic[View]
94322160Is Tiger Woods' comeback victory at the Masters 2019 one of the greatest stories in the history…[View]
94324585This is the peak of fashion: https://youtu.be/hxHebBz7lUQ[View]
94324956official baltimore orioles at boston red sox game thread: best fans in baseball edition[View]
94325304Dallas cowboys win the Super Bowl!: It’s our year, if we can’t get it done this year than we never w…[View]
94316975For me it's Nathalie Moellhausen[View]
94321298Messi 2012 - Lost to a weak aging Chelsea Messi 2013 - BAYERN 7-0 (BODYBAG OF THE DECADE) Messi 2014…[View]
94314937>you now remember that klopp said this 4 years ago this october[View]
94323157>Pep coaches Bernardo; carries his team to nations league win >Pep coaches Mahrez; carries his…[View]
94305674Will we see one day Transexual people in Football Teams one day?[View]
94323499She just lost the cup, say something nice to cheer her up[View]
94324082What's your favorite sport? For me it's fetch.[View]
94323069>honking in the streets >fire >police cars everywhere >won't be able to sleep JUST …[View]
94323293>Win World Cup >Colony wins AFCAN >mfw…[View]
94323269You can only post itt if a player from your team (in 2018/19) has won the CAN tonight >FC Porto r…[View]
94313262Why is he a cunt?[View]
94323013Rate this match[View]
94316919/hoc/: late general edition[View]
94321570>Surpass Messi[View]
94323090Has your club bought a young Croatian talent yet? Hurry now before the best ones leave elsewhere! Ma…[View]
94324228>2018 WC >2019 Africa Cup is this their golden era?…[View]
94323961why dont they just ride around it?[View]
94324042Salah who?[View]
94322989Press F[View]
94322234friendly reminder neither ronaldo or messi have ever won a world cup or made a note worthy contribut…[View]
94323044Algeria win RIP Paris[View]
94323579Go here and make some art https://aiportraits.com/#[View]
94322973Is there a more /fa/ /sp/orts? I think not.[View]
94322524/afcon/ - Final - Senegal vs Algeria #2: Ribery edition 0-1[View]
94312329It's *our* year[View]
94318510Lets Go Buffalo: How we feeling today mafia[View]
94311379Now that Manny, Floyd, and Klistchkos are nearing retirement/close to retirement, who are the next g…[View]
94319471>Going somewhere, Nafri fucking shits?[View]
94321055can he save France from complete destruction?[View]
94320535/afcon/ - Final - Senegal Vs Algeria - Thread #1: Starts at 20:00 GMT Ngubus: Gomis; Gassama, Sane, …[View]
94321953>Sweet and Tender Hooligan[View]
94322031HES BACK AT BARCA[View]
94320491For me, it's Sepp Blatter.[View]
94318569ITT: Failures Post your favorites[View]
94308002Who’s the best goalkeeper in the world right now, /sp/?[View]
94314375Welcome to Real Betis Balompie Sevilla[View]
94310786What sports do you play yourself? I seriously hope you're not just a spectator anon... For me, …[View]
94315143Oh hey spee[View]
94303810There is a swimming pool in your town?: If not, where do you swim[View]
94305383I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
94308083No way Paulo Costa isn't using roids[View]
94314471ITT: Based Football Clubs: I'll start, Nottingham Forest Football Club[View]
94320772>'England beat India and New Zealand because they batted first', England then win the semis and f…[View]
94304554/nfl/: formerly a good general: ATL: Falcons do 4-year, $57M deal with Deion Jones DEN: Broncos get …[View]
94310437>be female '''''athlete''''' >after your sport forced to do semi-lewd photos for money Do wome…[View]
943142109 hours until he destroys the nafris[View]
94317230Why the fuck does nobody talk about golf here Golf general.[View]
94316216Is what a conversation between chads is like?[View]
94316896who is the best player to wear their socks low?[View]
94320408nice shirt: good shirt[View]
94293559When will they get a second star?[View]
94320393Lets all laugh at the Jocks Edition: Time for another game of guess that Tivo, lads. I don’t get it.…[View]
94311529/heem/ - Big Heems from small places edition[View]
94320223I hope to see USA RUSSIA IRAN NORTH KOREA as a group in the worldcup[View]
94318850ITT: peak performances in every sport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Dz3kShwrQ[View]
94319973Tyreek Hill cleared of disciplinary action: His bat shit crazy gf was lying the whole time. What a s…[View]
94319779For me, it's Alan Brazil.[View]
94320075For me, it's Güerrin.[View]
94318751Will the NFL still be #1 in America in 2060?[View]
94320028Even though im going: Underrated[View]
94310956imagine watching a sport other than the big 4 lol[View]
94302731For me it's Griezmann[View]
94312234>wahhh the patwiots keep winning the supew bowl[View]
94313288Which kits from the past are you nostalgic about lads?[View]
94314019Actually absolutely based from Paddy Power[View]
94314127Is Crokinole a sport? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub9fLkc-wLg For me it's either the GOAT J…[View]
94317278The great debate[View]
94319535Anyone know where I can watch Rough N' Rowdy 9 tonight for free?[View]
94311384The Cricket: I've been watching it for a year now. I've learned the rules. It's prett…[View]
943178852017... I am forgotten[View]
94306779What did Zlatan mean by this?[View]
94318663>loses every single trophy I'm thinking he's back.[View]
94318780Realistically who can stop the smartest men in the league?[View]
94317266Why do West eurocucks hate him so much? Is it just salt that he's gonna end his career with mor…[View]
94309843This guy just got signed for your football team. Assuming he has to be in the starting 11 and has gr…[View]
94308583/trans/ - No old memes allowed: >Real Madrid are planning to launch their 'Operation 200' as they…[View]
94318427Harry Kane: Is he elite or is he a five season wonder?[View]
94290699You now remember Rose Lavelle[View]
94317478SCOT FC >Obliterates European mainstays week in week out[View]
94318221Is a polonium a athlete?[View]
94311339What are some big units in sports?[View]
94299529What (if anything) did he do wrong?[View]
94317657>american/canadian posts about soccer[View]
94316277You see this beggar at the bus stop: What do.[View]
943152240 titles[View]
94314010Meeting of the chokers. Will /sp/ be watching?[View]
94316768I am no warrior and I will never fight again against Messi[View]
94315262/coys/: Spurs 2019-20 lineup, who can stop us?[View]
94313415/cyc/ /TdF/ stage 12 Pau - Pau (TT): Only 29 km, remember the days when there were multiple 60 km ti…[View]
94309298/hoc/: fat chicks are terrible edition[View]
94307418>tfw I unironically miss the sudaca CA shitposting[View]
94316187Leave the title to us[View]
94314169Kawasaki v Chelsea match thread: Starts in 15 minitues[View]
94316125TSUUUU- *cough cough cough* *dry heaves*[View]
94305322/cric/ - waifu Ashes ++ county champs edition: Women's Ashes only Test Day 1 : Aus : 265/3 in t…[View]
94316076they still have their job[View]
94312804what did you think of american gladiator back in the day? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYGSNLuvGE…[View]
94306872Rate this Footballer[View]
94298808The Open Championship: Day 1[View]
94313105i hate being a sports autist i follow 7 or 8 sports to the point where i can comfortably discuss pla…[View]
94313649For me it's David Luiz[View]
94312078>'Goru goru goru goru goru goru goru goru goru goru GORU GORU GOOORU! MIRAKKURU GORU!' >'Koko …[View]
94311641ITT We post the Biggest Charisma Vacuums in Sports: ill start[View]
94284988/seriea/ & /calciomercato/ - Matthijs de Ligt is MISSINGedition: >Montella 'happy' …[View]
94314118the great debate[View]
94303186Why do they hate indoor sports? Seriously, they don't have any successful indoor sports teams.[View]
94310914I'm trying to get into watching soccer. since it is such a low scoring game, wtf am I supposed …[View]
94313152Steroids are necessary for sports. Without steroids the level of sport ability would instantly drop …[View]
94313717>doesn't have the most goals >doesn't have the most assists >doesn't have th…[View]
94312165WNBA ALL STAR draft coming up on Tuesday: >i also have no idea what a wnba is…[View]
94314203kawasaki-frontale vs Chelsea: Kick off 11am[View]
94313835ITT: Athletes that could have been one of the GOAT if they never got injured[View]
94314005> #1 in shots attempted all time > #1 in bricked shots all time > top 5 in turnovers …[View]
94313558Let's be honest, soccer has become a women's sport, and until diving is eradicated from th…[View]
94300131/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - 'Hop in loser' Edition: Countdown to German GP: www.whenisf1on…[View]
94313496>cristiano is top 10 all-time[View]
94307446Why has nobody taken a punt on him yet? He's still only 29 and can be a top tier finisher in th…[View]
94312661After 1 week, Ronaldo and Juventus come to my count: Do you envy me ?[View]
94298628Will he surpass messi if he wins today?[View]
94299845/mlb/: HOU: Gerrit Cole records 11 strikeouts vs. Angels BAL: Mancini swats two dingers in win over …[View]
94313064>Man U[View]
94292024>surpasses both Messi and Ronaldo if he wins the world cup >/sp/ logic…[View]
94307739Is Kurt Zouma a Top defender?: He used to be a great prospect but he's been struggling to proov…[View]
94311289They wouldn't have made it back to Serie A with minus 17: They would've rot in Serie B for…[View]
94312595Leonela Messi.[View]
94312558baiser les haters[View]
94312519American commentators be like: >he's got great size, gets some nice penetration on that play…[View]
94308631Is Nadia Comaneci still a perfect 10 to you?[View]
94310865Colin Cowherd compares QB's to movie stars: >Tom Brady = Tom Hanks >Aaron Rodgers = Georg…[View]
94306305what did he mean by this[View]
94309380The best continental competition ends tomorrow: You're rooting for the good guys tomorrow aren…[View]
94309763never forget[View]
94307331UEFA Qualifiers hype thread: This is my German Shepherd, his name is Hans. I taught him to do this h…[View]
94312005>want to go watch a game live but don't have any frens to go with wake me up…[View]
94294812How will he get on in the Premier League?[View]
94302893Is there a more powerful woman in football?[View]
94311524/heem/ psycho mode edition: intactamerica.org[View]
94307757So this is the power of the SPL[View]
94283772Qatar 2022 World War 3 Bowl: >North and South korea in same group >Saudi arabia and Yemen >…[View]
94309887very disrespectful[View]
94302402You now remember Carles Puyol.[View]
94310838NEW MEXICO UNITED x CARDIFF CITY FC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO9rKExBnkA Sit back and get co…[View]
94309381Which part of Connah's Quay are you from? >Kilmarnock 0 - 2 Connah's Quay Nomads…[View]
94308518why does every soccer player ends their career here[View]
94294515How come not evven zoomers like Ronaldo? isn't this supposed to be his target demographic? http…[View]
94306590This is not good business[View]
94301996How do I swim faster in a pool?[View]
94308497/trans/: The Most Important United Transfer Since Fergie Left[View]
94294896official toronto blue jays at boston red sox game thread: LATEST fans in baseball edition...[View]
94304855heem: bjpenn.com[View]
9431229426 January 1986 the greatest day in American sports history[View]
94309945Does soccer have any people who give accurate reports on transfers and signings before they break? F…[View]
94310100>Champions League >Second tier teams such as Liverpool who never win the league are allowed Wh…[View]
94308751Webm thread: Hajduk Slip edition[View]
94307950Well hello /sp/ what is the movie with the green ogre? Help, I think his name was Aaron or Michael, …[View]
94309941the tour de france should only be individual time trials. prove me wrong[View]
94294977/nba/: nba edition[View]
94288029Explain this club to me as someone who just started watching sawker in 2014. Why did they sell all t…[View]
94306863Liverpool fans have been voted the sexiest football fans: Mad?[View]
94303040is finishing 3rd deserving of a trophy? do you believe in bronze medals?[View]
94306431Based or Cringe?[View]
94309858For me, it's the brazilian GOAT playmaker, Didi Maravilha.[View]
94283735what are their objectives for next season?[View]
94299481/bundes/ granate soon©: >Literally who edition Dortmund - Seattle full game if you dont want spoi…[View]
94309618Is an rabbit an athlete?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8svMm6Q1_k[View]
94296146Post a more alpha sports picture than this Pro tip: you can’t[View]
94309393>mfw it reached /hoc/key how do we euthanize the epidemic of full kit wankers?…[View]
94303932Dodgers @ Phillies Game Thread - On Youtube for FREE: dodgers Joc Pederson (L) LF Alex Verdugo (L) C…[View]
94308848Absolute fucking shitters: So lucky that Hajcuck took the spotlight away from their embarassment…[View]
94304459What are the best football boots ever made?[View]
94308872>Schuerrle to Goetze....[View]
94299113For me it's Divock Origi[View]
94303923/EL/ - Europa Legaue thread: Funland owns Scotland edition..[View]
94302964what do you think about the new face of Bayern?[View]
94303536/trans/: The number of times Liverpool have won the PL edition.[View]
94308122Name my band[View]
94303432What is /sp/‘s opinion on Rob Parker? I see Skip, Colin, and Shannon getting memed to death on here,…[View]
94299787Literally who can stop us?: The CL is ours[View]
94302711ITT: cringe social media accounts from customers.[View]

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