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97401180Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
97411645The protagonist of the NFL.[View]
97406789Truly /ourguy/[View]
97410085Somehow I think I'll be okay[View]
97397320sports: what a terrible fucking country[View]
97403966/nfl/: IND: Marlon Mack (hand) cleared for full practice MIN: MIN expects Cook to be 'close to …[View]
97394360Why Japan is shit at Sports?: We have the smaller size of population than Japan But we are better at…[View]
97395125...and STILL YOUR FIFA WORLD CUP CHAMPION UNTIL 2022: FRANCE: Can you say the same?[View]
97376909XFL Unveils New Uniforms: Thoughts?[View]
97411182ITS HAPPENING[View]
97408205/ecb/ - Emergency Cowboys Bunker: Come back to this thread after the loss[View]
97410553Is it time for the NFL to step in and do something about this division?[View]
97409929>runs off multi super bowl winning coach >team proceeds to suck for 20 years >team still th…[View]
97411055You can only post in this thread if your division has a team over .500 Not so fast, Cowboys[View]
97404880Cowgoys @ Bears: >14 mins to the game >no game thread get the f*ck in here my bros…[View]
97408098Imagine leaving a game because of anxiety. What a fucking fag.[View]
97411008Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping…[View]
97408294/DCG/ - Dallas Cowboys General: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, …[View]
97410018>Cowboys score a touchdown >still down 10 points with 4 minutes left >but also still leadin…[View]
97408495one of these two teams WILL make the playoffs. is it time the NFL steps in and does something about …[View]
97410816Your new Dallas Cowboys headcoach.[View]
97402154/heem/ - What time is it?: >>97392495[View]
97404629/nba/ general: SAC: Marvin Bagley (thumb) cleared for contact PHO: Aron Baynes (calf) won't pla…[View]
97410419Hey Chicago, how's that trophy case?[View]
97409303remember when people thought he was gay?[View]
97409758Oh, so furpuck is totally cucked now too?[View]
97410523You guys back here AGAIN?? Boy you must really be lovin' dem L's.[View]
97408288>play better with steve bruce than rafa WTFFF[View]
97404498Bruh, look at dis dude...wait 'till you see the...[View]
97410599That'll be 40 million a year, plus tip.[View]
97410424>tfw only three more games until Jason Garrett gets fired[View]
97409945Why are athletes allowed to wear different colored shoes/cleats/boots/etc from their teams? This sho…[View]
97410344>yfw da burrs win da superb owl[View]
97410477>da owl is coming home to chicago BY OUR POWERS COMBINED[View]
97379301All premier league clubs have the LGBT flag as a profile picture. What is going on?[View]
97410250200 MILLION KEKS[View]
97409406cowsoys @ /ourguys/: Mods this one is wholesome and yeedpilled plz leave it alone[View]
97409981Why are non-white leading at QBR?[View]
97405017is she right?[View]
97409403Who or what cursed the Cowboys?[View]
97408783Its about time for the league to step in[View]
97393429Why is this picture so iconic and recognizable ???[View]
97408844ITT: based athletes 0:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC8Elk1LRjs[View]
97406033He's so tiny[View]
97409373>cut from the Patriots to this team[View]
97404643/hoc/: happy birthday, Finland :DDDD[View]
97408003BREAKING: Jason Garrett to be fired after Bears game[View]
97408784>PASS IS...[View]
97401913Can he fix Arsenal?[View]
97397218/sp/ seethe-core moments[View]
97407820How many home games does your team have?: Cowboys have 16[View]
97407344Boys @ Bears Gamethread #2: Bears lead 17-7. Halftime.[View]
97408106ABLOO ABLOO BLOO[View]
97400375>Die Meister >Die Besten >Les grandes équipes >THE CHAAAAAAAAAAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
97403529How can one person be so based?[View]
97398473Why do boomers need sex in womens sports just to watch them? Why cant we have womens sports where th…[View]
97394613Now that all's tumbling down and he got exposed hard, where will he end up next?[View]
97406020Boys @ Bears Gamethread: Cowboys lead 7-0, end of first quarter.[View]
97403570Official Chicago Blackhawks @ Boston Bruins Game Thread: 6 PM start >Moms trip edition…[View]
97402276Eternal /FIFA/: Christmas is coming lads[View]
97399460>messi on his kids >thiago is phenomenal >but mateo is a SOB Okay memes aside, what did he …[View]
97404660>kick the ball into your opponent's arm >get a free penalty shot Why do europoors do this…[View]
97401307How popular is lacrosse in Canada?[View]
97400914What part of Newcastle are you from lads?[View]
97405412/FLAMENGO/: >be Flamengo >be champion 19 points ahead…[View]
97403691Burrs Boys Pre-Game Thread: Get in here! Coverage begins at 8/7 central on Fox The game can also be …[View]
97398565>Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 'The real Ronaldo is Brazilian!' kek, why is everyone shitting on Cristiano …[View]
97345509/biathlon/ - Winter Sports General: Old thread: >>97283090 4.12 16:15 Biathlon: Men's 20k…[View]
97405896For me, it's Estefano Nicolas - legendary defender of Club de Fútbol Hígado-Piscina in the 1980…[View]
97405385We got too cocky, city customers..[View]
97404946who will be exposed as pretend contenders??[View]
97403200Is it really a sport if you can compete while wearing a suit?[View]
97398494Just imagine if our best athletes chose soccer over football or basketball. You scrawny europoors wo…[View]
97400442perro caca[View]
97401841Only one man can save Arsenal[View]
97404586VGK: Let's fucking wreck NY, why no thread?[View]
97401096Anyone else so tired of Christian athletes shoving their religion down our throats? It's really…[View]
97394617/147/ - UK Championship 2019: GWAN edition >1pm (UK time) Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Ding Junhui G…[View]
97398219Marco Silva sacked: >Everton have sacked manager Marco Silva after 18 months, with the club in th…[View]
97390230/nba/ general - greek freak edition: BKN:Spencer Dinwiddie scores 24 pts w/ six dimes ATL:Damian Jon…[View]
97404303Anyone got that webm/gif of Tony warming up in his suit before the fight against Pettis?[View]
97400175/prime/ Premier League Thread 2: Sheffield United 0-2 Newcastle United Arsenal 0-1 Brighton & Ho…[View]
97382328*has the richest owner in the NFL*[View]
97403281#respect #mashallah #kualalumpur #messiballondor: هذه الصورة تجعل الكفار سيث[View]
97393350/NFL/ Best WR General[View]
97397625Who was in the wrong?[View]
97403686Time: 7pm EST Habs: Primeau's NHL debut as well as Leskinen's Avs: Landeskog's return…[View]
97400396>92% Ball Possession[View]
97403454he actually did it... F[View]
97304684/tugão/ - Captain Strabismus edition: 12th round: Santa Clara 1 - 2 Boavista Moreirense 3 - 2 Aves B…[View]
97400236>defender kicks ball out of play after dangerous break-through attack >turns around and starts…[View]
97403056>Leave fixing Arsenal to me[View]
97402121*makes Arsenal great again*[View]
97395846What makes Atlanta so special? They are slowly becoming a major force in (real) football....[View]
97401809Who here /lifelong/[View]
97402999Replacements, replacements, replacements: As the Freddster is probably not long for this world, who …[View]
97400461Are they destined to go down forever as punishment for sacking wonga?[View]
97395807What did he mean by this?[View]
97395304>Argentinean parenting[View]
97398285/hoc/: hey[View]
97402070I'm going back to video games and movies. All this club to is embarrass themselves year after y…[View]
97401546what's he thinking?[View]
97395788In European football, France probably has the most talented players out of any country. So why is th…[View]
97270201I want /tennis/ back :'([View]
97392903/LIVERPOOL/ General: there will be NO slip this year. its LITERALLY coming home. Get in here lads. …[View]
97402163/heem/: drinking to pass the time edition previous: >>97392495[View]
97399851What’s his philosophy?[View]
97392495heem: >>97386460 Skleb bless[View]
97401892GUD EBENING SPEE: Please I am wanting to know if you are feeling to apologise to me in this moment…[View]
97397072Yeah I’m thinking he’s the next GOAT[View]
97401979>rapes both young boys and pedophiles in one week time How can one club be so based!?…[View]
97401957yes raul you want me in tomorrow morning?[View]
97401849How do you fix it?![View]
97401854>'Alright clones, next on the line, coming from his mothers basement, zero time smack off champio…[View]
97398715Double initial footballers: Hey fags! Compiling a list of double initial footballers past & pres…[View]
97398415>he hasn't left since >maybe his last year >city has given up on the league already s…[View]
97393558THIS DOES NOT SLIP: Gerrard's The Rangers side drops points and allows Celtic to open up a gap …[View]
97372262/box/ - wake up, aj edition: Previous >>97335630 >Thursday Dec 5 Yves Ulysse Jr. vs Ismael …[View]
97398645Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
97401154Give Uncle Shaq a kiss on the lips![View]
97400979una vela[View]
97395308nothin personnel, kid[View]
97401097>Big team vs small team match >Big team plays like actual dogshit for most of it and goes a go…[View]
97384718Give this man a lifelong contract already.[View]
97366248/rug/ - there is no rugby anyone cares about in this thread that will last 3 weeks edition: /rug/ No…[View]
97397405>bayern has more goals in 5 CL games than arsenal in the premier league so far…[View]
97396187>tfw all of them could be in Euro 2020 Why are they all rising up so suddenly? Who has the best c…[View]
97400403Is it time to have a serious conversation about relegating the Browns to the CFL or something?[View]
97399599Spaghettis are at it again: Why do Italian people hate black people so much?[View]
97397531/prime/ Premier League: Who /prime/ Premier League here? Games today: >Sheffield United v Newcast…[View]
97381432The Five Most Fireable NFL Coaches: Entire article at: https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/12/4/209924…[View]
97396551ABL GENERAL: How do we stop Leicester and Liverpool fellow Manchester and London customers?[View]
97397480watching this guy for 10 years was like being blessed by god[View]
97398691lmao holy shit hahahahaha get fucked you black irish pussy[View]
97153050/fs/ Figure Skating General: Next: Grand Prix Final Dec. 5, 2019 - Dec. 8, 2019 Torino, Italy Natha…[View]
97396076So I heard you needed an important goal /sp/[View]
97398325Crystal Palace have condemned the 'disgraceful' incident in which a club doctor was racially abused …[View]
97390666How did he not win the ballon dor?[View]
97311018Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
97396650/f1/ - Monegasque Cuties edition: >Countdown to Australian GP www.formula1.com (Scroll down for a…[View]
97396115This strong black BVLL is revolutionizing the NFL.[View]
97377679Will we ever see something like this again?[View]
97398004OH NO NO NO[View]
97396603I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
97375652/bundes/: explosive excitement and fast running edition[View]
97397633/cric/: the four horsemen edition[View]
97397820HAVE SIX[View]
97393369Good morning, /sp/[View]
97397266Which club will my dad will go to after Barcelona?[View]
97397383You now remember Lens Jehmann[View]
97397554who are your top 5 pakis /sp/?[View]
97386554How did he decline so fast? His CB partner (Matip or Lovren) has outshined him in pretty much every …[View]
97394118>England would have won the World Cup if Kane didn't miss that 2-0…[View]
97392472What went through Levy's mind when deciding the only way to solve a major changing room issue w…[View]
97261401/FIFA/: Black Friday edition[View]
97396205OFFICIAL CASA PIA VS FC PORTO THREAD - LEAGUE CUP EDITION: FC Porto goes down to Lisbon to face Piou…[View]
97386281Rashford >>>Mbappe[View]
97396277Who should be on the list sp[View]
97385890>perro is the new mascot of Copa America[View]
97390584>He’s really good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when you consider his dark skin color with a d…[View]
97396590Guitar celebration is best celebration.[View]
97396157Hot on ESPN Radio right now: Are all colored Fruit Loops the same flavor?[View]
97395096How can one country be so based: Reminder that >we Exposed Real Madrid before it was cool[View]
97395159ITT: good but boring to watch athletes[View]
97394039Are they that good or just lucky to live in a garbage generation without any other world class playe…[View]
97395774Why is this Uruguayan fan crying?[View]
97396064His smile and optimism, gone.[View]
97396106I just bet $20,000 on the Lakers winning it all this season Why aren’t you collecting your free mone…[View]
97394273How come clubs don't make their players learn the local language properly?[View]
97385218>should we check this on var? >nah is cool…[View]
97379681/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Agents J&K Edition: >Countdown to Australian GP www.for…[View]
97396283will joshua even MAKE it to the 7th round on saturday? orale![View]
97395514How many points would MJ average in todays NBA?[View]
97395795What's like to support Sporting these days?[View]
97395254was this the best national team ever?[View]
97395769What went wrong? The team? The manager? Shit owner?[View]
97394768>team buy high value player >pays him over a hundred million dollars to kick or throw a ball …[View]
97395759>As an X fan...[View]
97393316Is it over?[View]
97385914I wanted to apologize to Americans, I was a dumb ignorant frog, then I wanted to be objective and in…[View]
97395420>America's Team[View]
97395642What did you say about Croatian football talents?[View]
97395590Ready to get raped, Pedophiles?[View]
97394698>the only one that can beat me is me What did he mean by this?[View]
97393389All time Olympic ranking: We are 15th And you?[View]
97395272Have you taken the McSauce pill yet?[View]
97395020Who watches handball in your county /sp/ ?[View]
97394367Obviously the Pats are not going anywhere this year and doing their usual shit show after a Super Bo…[View]
97394035*ahem* Goooooooood mooorniiiing /sp/, HOLD STILL!. *punches you in the face* *dabs*[View]
97394378Have you ever actually played any sports? Or do you just watch them? What are your experiences?[View]
97392773The GOAT?[View]
97394062yeah yeah yeah it's that old story again: Algerians taking over france so what's new ?…[View]
97387112>joins a sinking ship Kinda feel sorry for him, he's still 19 so can go elsewhere to develo…[View]
97393797>Messi - Ronaldo (individually): 1.15 - 0.94 (career G+A ratio) 6-4 (Golden Shoe) 6-5 (FIFA the B…[View]
97393611Please don't take this away from us, Liverpool.[View]
97389812What the FUCK Italy[View]
97392434This club is either cursed or the backroom staff is incredibly incompetent They keep ruining their p…[View]
97393735Maybe we're being too cynical about sacking managers after a run of bad results. I mean look at…[View]
97393312Only fans of bad teams can post in this thread.[View]
97394148542 days until we win the Champions League[View]
97379986/cric/: >Thursday 5 Dec 04:30 PM AEDT Kenya v Uganda 5th Match, Uganda tour of Oman at Al Amerat …[View]
97379154/NFL/ General: Meet the new Ryan Fitzpatrick: CLE: Mayfield (hand) practicing fully for Week 14 NYG:…[View]
97388379What the fuck is up with Italy? https://twitter.com/AP_Sports/status/1198975144322117632?s=20[View]
97393449he's not even the best ronaldo lmao[View]
97389567mfw the steelers will never win another superbowl[View]
97381421Together, as one[View]
97386460/heem/: previous>>97377135 poofc this weekend[View]
97390758How much of a chance do you give clemson to defeat lsu or ohio state?[View]
97385395Do you think he realised now that Messi is the true G.O.A.T and not Penaldo?[View]
97388163/chels/ - Chelsea General: Good win today lads. Glad to see Based Mase proving the foreign zoomers w…[View]
97376333This is objectively correct.[View]
97387482Is Liverpool the best club for poofters[View]
97388807happy holidays frends. enjoy sports[View]
97392356Tell me /bundes/, could he have been the GOAT (German Of All Time) if he actually went to Bayern ins…[View]
97392743He’s coming home lads.[View]
97387815Name my band, /sp/.[View]
97384002Post tortured NFL fanbases: >pic related We went from the #1 seed to the #5 seed, and now are fac…[View]
97391927>Neymar: 'I can't win the Ballon d'Or behind Messi's shadow' >Neymar 2019: isn…[View]
97374252/mlb/: LA: Blue Jays interested in Ryu, Keuchel, others MLW: Josh Hader likely to remain with the Br…[View]
97392558which one of these is the white man ?[View]
97385248It's a Manchester United thing[View]
97391672>Hotel? Trivago.[View]
97387399>takes dortmunds best wingers[View]
97392320Americans: Will jabber on incessantly about football, baseball and basketball. Brits: Will jabber on…[View]
97388788There's a chance that Everton might get relegated the season Liverpool win the league. How will…[View]
97384209MANCHESTER UNITED vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - Official Game Thread #4: 2-1 Rashford (x2) Alli The final 1…[View]
97386762Messhit BTFO[View]
97351232/copalib/-/vasco/ edition: Arerê, o cruzeiro vai jogar a série B!!!![View]
97374932leave argentina to me[View]
97388948Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Game Thread.[View]
97390965Ladies and gentlemen your UNC Tarheel player of the game![View]
97384828Anyone else started dressing like Gareth Southgate?[View]
97388394/hoc/: MY Nuckies :) edition[View]
97387837These are the best players of their respective decades.[View]
97352419/cfb/ It's not longer a rivalry edition: >News Chris Petersen steps down at Washington. Sout…[View]
97390408Do you think his dark skin color gives him an advantage with the play fake?[View]
97377655*ruins boxing*[View]
97390189LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >jazz[View]
97389445ITT: Teams that won’t make the College Football playoffs[View]
97385429Imagine following a sportsball team NOT endorsed by god lol[View]
97388393Miami Heat @ Bawston Celtics Game thread: 2 minutes left in the first BUTLER AND1 puts heat up 8 Spo…[View]
97375294/nba/ general - Harden Edition: >https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1202056289250996224 …[View]
97388962What's your greatest athletic/sports accomplishment? It's no secret we have some current/f…[View]
97380007/prime/ general: Midweek games edition get in here lads coverage starts SOON Chelsea vs Aston Villa …[View]
97380264Literally who can stop Lamar Jackson ?[View]
97383335why does he hate clean sheets so much?[View]
97387097Would penalty boxes work in other sports such as American football?[View]
97386058>slipping in december JUST[View]
97388445Who actually buys these DVD's?[View]
97382836/hoc/: pleb filter edition[View]
97383696What are you doing with your life /sp/?[View]
97385839>Neverton: Kek Everton are so fucked.[View]
97388118Rashford vs. the rest of the top 6: 32 games 15 goals 10 games vs Chelsea 7 games vs Liverpool 4 gam…[View]
97388253The Minnesota North Stars were a /hoc/key team. >>97382836[View]
97382876Thoughts on watching sports at the pub?[View]
97385750MATCH OF THE DAY THREAD: Your midweek MOTD starts in 30 minutes on BBC One. Running order: Liv/Eve, …[View]
97387787For me, it's Anti Drugs Strikers FC[View]
97386849Joe Hart'd himself[View]
97384923Identify your teams problems in one picture[View]
97378789Redpil me frenchies, is he elite?[View]
97385713how embarrassing[View]
97376735/147/ - UK Championship 2019: >1pm (UK time) John Higgins v Stuart Bingham Mark Allen v Kurt Mafl…[View]
97387412No clean sheet again: Don’t forget to thank Hwang for ending the myth of Van Dijk.[View]
97386569What did he mean by this?[View]
97386896Holy Shit It's Happening: Mets are getting sold. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28226455/…[View]
97376406Now that the dust has settled, was the model a success? Would you want more games on Prime next seas…[View]
97382097>not the friggin spurserrino!!![View]
97386564Do Americans and Europeans even know who this athlete is?[View]
97385160My boy JLingz really showed his potential tonight[View]
97383218Joy, what do you mean saying 'lit' isn't cool anymore?? I said 'lit' like 30 times at the store…[View]
97386661Deal with it[View]
97386516How do ABLs live with themselves seriously? It's like they have schizophrenia. Match after matc…[View]
97377135/heem/: Barbozas bitches edition[View]
97385330>Everton currently in the bottom three What went wrong and could they realistically get relegated…[View]
97385971Demoralizes the opposition[View]
97383122yet again, /sp/, seethes.[View]
97385945*record scratch' *freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up i…[View]
97385883will klopp leave after he wins a league title?[View]
97382147Liverpool - Everton - Merseyside Derby - Match Thread #1: Starts in less than 10 bings[View]
97385252CAF > CONMEBOL: Can they even recover from this ?[View]
97366119How badly is The Special One™ going to dick him tomorrow? Will it finally be enough to get Baby Face…[View]
97382128/comfyrama/ Paris Saint-Germain vs Nantes + L1/L2 discussion: PSG : Navas – Meunier, Thiago Silva (c…[View]
97368512Debate over! Messi - Ronaldo (individually): 1.15 - 0.94 (career G+A ratio) 6-4 (Golden Shoe) 6-5 (F…[View]
97380537Chelsea vs Aston Villa match thread[View]
97359929Lets see your teams https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50563863[View]
97384365What did GOOGLE mean by this ?[View]
97384512*does nothing*[View]
97384862>NOOOOOOOOO mr.levy i need 300m right now to fix the squad >what do you mean there is no money…[View]
97380187Step back threes are for homosexuals[View]
97384610oh no NO NO IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN[View]
97379818France, Germany, Portugal In that order[View]
97384715w-why can’t we play West Ham every week[View]
97384597>ruins every play[View]
97384611Spursfantv, disappointing results today. Thoughts?[View]
97377595>scrolling /sp/ early in the morning >see a (You) >scroll back to admire my work >it…[View]
97384176How do we fix this fucking shit team bros[View]
97382647MANCHESTER UNITED vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - Official Game Thread #3: 1-1 Rashford Alli[View]
97379669Luka is getting more and more fat everyday, he's gonna be washed before Lebron lol[View]
97381801Guess I'm making this[View]
97376181Press F: These poor dudes are essentially competing to get gangbanged.[View]
97384025>both benched >Liverpool plays 3x better really makes you think…[View]
97377319Amazon officially the GOAT sports broadcaster: Purely for this one option they've left everyone…[View]
97378820Yeah, I’m thinking we’re back. https://twitter.com/utdreport/status/1202244427584069633[View]
97368318>comfy footy in the morning >comfy footy in the evening Who else can't wait til 2020?…[View]
97380389>best RBs are white >best QBs are black Haha what's next?…[View]
97382847Which athletes should be in SI’s Swimsuit Issue or ESPN’s Body Issue if they still existed?[View]
97379826JUST GOT BACK FROM THE FUTURE. Everton won 3-2. Scenes erupting all across Liverpool. Riots in the s…[View]
97377592What did she mean by this?[View]
97374304If MLB ever decides to expand again where do you think it should go? Personally i'm down for ba…[View]
97376062HAVE SIX[View]
97377116Holy shit, the Premier League trophy is going to stay in Liverpool for years.[View]
97374784/hoc/ - general hockey[View]
97381654MANCHESTER UNITED vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - Official Game Thread #2: 1-0 Rashford[View]
97380670Ronaldo has lost it He’s lost it over a joke Virgil made and wrote all this on his sisters Instagra…[View]
97381972Rashford scores in literally every big game yet you still won't call him world class. The guy h…[View]
97378085Are you smart, /sp/?: then explain this[View]
97372802So what the hell happened to this dude?[View]
97376619Yeah I'm thinking we're back[View]
97379998MANCHESTER UNITED vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - Official Game Thread #1: The Re-Mou-nion kicks off at 19:30…[View]
97380931Algeria Belgium incoming in March: Ready to get exposed UEFA ?[View]
97381276J U S T[View]
97378494F: F[View]
97380589>R-R-Ronaldo is better than Messi because he watched Eder win the Euro final from the bench! I gu…[View]
97379228You think Houdini was the greatest trickster in history but you got to give it to this fraud's …[View]
97370335ITT:Your gfs favourite player For mine, its Romeu Lukaku[View]
97378615What does this say about football in the world?[View]
97380369ITT: Kino results[View]
97379475Press F to pay respects[View]
97380767EFL Trophy Thread.: EFL Trophy Thread. Second Round >Exeter City 19:00 Oxford United >Peterbor…[View]
97370898How do the English people feel about the world bandwagoning their teams?[View]
97380606Honestly they need to replay the game, if not just outright give the rockets the win. I’d like to he…[View]
97376025So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we can praise Everton's eff…[View]
97378078Beware the most chad sport: No wrestling thread? Heres a wrestling thread. omw to practice soon…[View]
97379921Is this meme finally over?[View]
97380340The future is here. And just as the white free kick spray lines beneath the feet of our heroes, just…[View]
97378150>slipping to neverton ONCE AGAIN KEK, never change cuckpool[View]
97369482name a non-boring sport (hint: it will not be a ''team'' sport)[View]
97373053who's gonna win the 2020 /sp/erg on d'or?[View]
97377306this is the world acclaimed pakistani pace bowling battery say something nice about them[View]
97351467>There are people in this board right now that actually think Penaldo can even compare to God Pat…[View]
97379249daily reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJsBk5LSGsw[View]
97379302Alright Esspee Lets see 'em https://tiermaker.com/create/rank-the-nfl-commentators-219518[View]
97379727>the yuropoor fears this[View]
97362417If your children ever ask you who was the greatest soccer of your time, how will you answer?[View]
97379464was he autistic?[View]
97375833>Out of my way, Ronnie[View]
97379073Should Arsenal give them a shot as their new managers? I mean, couldn't do a much worse job tha…[View]
97379429Was this moment important in the life of TSU?[View]
97369034overrated: when France Football gave retroactive Ballon d'Ors to non-europeans, they only gave …[View]
97361698/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Disabled People Awareness Day Edition: >Countdown to Austra…[View]
97379537For me, it's Anti Drugs Strikers[View]
97370327COPA AMERICA 2020: >australia >qatar…[View]
97377202What happens when the league clears him in a little over a week?[View]
97377480Are you aware that KHL tickets are only $7.00 for good seats?: KHL regular season single game ticket…[View]
97376964Is this man a bit retarded? He’s got a Forrest Gump vibe about him.[View]
97376171Post your Ngubu[View]
97372366/NFL/ General - RIP Ron Edition: KC: Damien Williams 'has a chance to play' Sunday MIA: Ba…[View]
97376249Man Mountain BTFO[View]
97375963How come /sp/ hate blacks and muslims but love black muslim players like Mane and Kante?[View]
97376984who will win today?[View]
97376640*be's champions of three (3) continents* literally who can stop us?[View]
97377453>scores late winner >runs across the field >dabs in mourinho's face…[View]
97367580How based is your state?[View]
97376501For me It's Joe cole[View]
97377030Oh no...[View]
97378217Watch your back NFL, NCAA[View]
97378392what's all this commotion about a balloon dior?[View]
97378397How true is this?[View]
97368667Remember when he told a bunch of 3rd grade girls they'll never be as great as the boys[View]
97374594what a game...what a talent[View]
97377571For me, it's Rangers FC[View]
97332836/LigaMX/: God hate faggots Edition >PUTO exploit is real, FMF cucked all mover again >Morelia …[View]
97377584zoomer here, mum just bought me some of his deodorant after saying my room smells like cummies how e…[View]
97377982I’m gonna miss this nigga Press F, panther bro’s[View]
97377388How many Ballon d'Ors would she have won in her prime?[View]
97377109How many goals will they put past Tottenham ?[View]
97377429Is >Poop finished or can he beat Liverpool again with another billion spent?[View]
97377278>succeeds in 4 different systems and all of them fail when he leaves or gets injured >Brady ha…[View]
97377268Who was in the wrong here?[View]
97362393This is the best sports city in the US: Apologize[View]
97347573what's you guys sports tier list? for me its good .Football(american) .Basketball( could be mad…[View]
97364529Well /sp/, what's the best way to stimulate my prostate? I've tried massaging it with my t…[View]
97368514>m-missi doesn't score in big games >'9-man Huesca' >w-well look at b3naldo7's ba…[View]
97360518van Dijk would have won if Aruba and Surinam put him on top and removed Messoy from their list They …[View]
97375848He's going to lose for the third time in a row, what went wrong?[View]
97376921EXCEL FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS: share if have a good excel that prediction football results[View]
97372998Lamar Jackson is trash on his run game, all he clearly signals where he is going with his hips after…[View]
97376759>bama thought they were a shoo-in to the playoffs fuck all of you bandwagoning rednecks…[View]
97376431https://archive.4plebs.org/sp/search/country/RO/ Why is he handling Ronaldo's decline so specta…[View]
97376454Players that won 5 champions leagues threads only[View]
97375623man united vs tottenham: >Mourinho is back at Old Trafford tonight - will the @ManUtd fans boo or…[View]
97375884for me it's Allah's goal against senegal: some of them still seething out there[View]
97357633Is this the most based celebration of all time?[View]
97375748this guy leaves a huge impact wherever he goes: >coaches barcelona >they dominate >influenc…[View]
97365110Bane ?[View]
97369424Post a picture with more talent: You literally can't[View]
97372212Euro 2020 simulation: using : >http://www.footysimulator.co.uk be ready for memes , lets start wi…[View]
97369933Is he elite?[View]
97366053>here's your 6 ballon dors winner bro[View]
97376447Someone bless this man and give him a testosterone shot[View]
97368551/heem/ - Gold Standard Edition: previous: >>97358422[View]
97376414DEAD MAN FROSTING You done it now, you've gone and baked a lovely cake and I can't allow y…[View]
97364760What the fuck is this millennial shit to support players instead of teams?[View]
97362304What answer will you give when your children ask: 'Daddy, how come Messi never did win a title for h…[View]
97366970France is actually 200 IQ: >tfw >FFF can both mean >French Football Federation in English …[View]
97358592Van Dijk is a bit arrogant isn't he?[View]
97354256Which are BASED? Which are JUST? Any other leagues I should add? >Mexico and Argentina are banned…[View]
97372025I shall be posting this image every fucking day until the next time these teams play again. If you b…[View]
97376046Sliping to lelverpoo: kek never change cuckverton[View]
97373960>aaaaaaaaeeeeeeehh Cruzeiro vai jogar a serie B eeeeeh éeeeeeeeeeeeehh[View]
97372533What did CONMEBOL mean by this? >two groups[View]
97366441A thread for the discussion of the sport of Indian Premier League Cricket[View]
97374061au/sp/: AFL: Hurn steps down as West Coast captain NRL: Concussion experts want rugby league banned …[View]
97375852your kanes, your sons, your mouras[View]
97372532Buuuut I thought basketball was going to take over the NFL soon? Have I been misled??[View]
97374843Nickname team names or Club team names?: https://strawpoll.com/z3ar13z1 https://strawpoll.com/z3ar13…[View]
97373355Holy shit these unis are so plain jaina and uncreative. It's not even simple enough to like, li…[View]
97370210Post Big 4 teams you forget exist.[View]
97367652Where's he off to next?[View]
97369407>42 years old >from ages 27-29 he dated and impregnated actress and model Bridget Moynihan who…[View]
97375514For me, it's Anti Drugs Strikers[View]
97376873J U S T U S T[View]
97372570Blessed sports images[View]
97352329/cfb/ - 'Homo For Joe' Edition: >Friday December 6 Utah vs. Oregon >Saturday December 7 Baylor…[View]
97360049It's not fair bros[View]
97371730/hoc/: Generational Bulju edition[View]
97365647Daily Reminder GOATnaldo >>> MesSHIT: Major accomplishments: >5 UCLs (Manchester, Madrid…[View]
97374643I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe...[View]
97359101Ruiz/Joshua: I really hope Andy wins this, but I just found out the first thing he did after he won …[View]
97367519the day of slippage[View]
97368601Is it about time the NFL does something about this?[View]
97372074>tríes to say lads, it’s Tottenham >gets the wheel taken away after losing 1-5…[View]
97370916/nba/ general - lakers beat the nuggets tonight edition: LAK:Anthony Davis (illness, shoulder) is st…[View]
97369292Kopa Trophy voting: by former Ballon d'Or winners[View]
97369012ITT:Your dads favourite player For mine, its Rui Costa[View]
97373887What's your favorite thing about Deontay Wilder? What's your favorite of his special moves…[View]
97374186Hey 'sports' ''Fans'': Who is the current toughest man on Earth?[View]
97374154We all agree he's elite right?[View]
97371481OTT @ VAN: Senators @ Canucks gamethread[View]
97370627>Franchise leader in tackles >4 Time All-Pro >Saavy investor >Eloquent as fuck >Got a…[View]
97340353/mlb/: MLW: Rosenthal: Brewers making Hader available BOS: Chris Sale clear after visit with Dr. And…[View]
97363731Messi may have won the Ballon D’or butane the end of the day, Tsu got the girl[View]
97368176What are the chances my Brownies hite Ron Rivera?[View]
97370541LAL @ DEN - Lakers vs Nuggets Game Thread.[View]
97371159They're coming back hard next year right guys?[View]
97370825/usf/ alumni general: was he elite?[View]
97372045Who else here supports sports doping? I really just want to see super humans go at it. Sports could …[View]
97362662ITT: Moral winners[View]
97368023/nfl/ general -idiot.: :^) MIA: Ballage — 1.8 YPC on 74 carries — sent to IR MIA: RB-desperate Dolph…[View]
97372317LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >nuggets[View]
97335630/box/ Lil femi can't sleep edition: Previous>>97242501 >Thursday Dec 5 Yves Ulysse Jr.…[View]
97369815Miami Heat @ Toronto Raptors Game thread: Should be a good game Tied at 17 with 5 minutes left in th…[View]
97371969gaysas city kek: >patrick mutthomes >shitty baseball team >shitty BBQ >midwestern retard…[View]
97360627What the fuck happened to him? Did he just decline massively or was he always shite?[View]
97371630Was Ronaldo the fastest human ever in his peak?[View]
97369821/hoc/: kissing a qt tomboy's sweaty abs edition[View]
97371501What did he mean by this?[View]
97364496You can only post in this thread if your team is currently the 5 seed in the NFC.[View]
97369286Panthers HC Ron Rivera Fired: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28219337/ron-…[View]
97364371>dropped 13 points in 14 weeks >haven't even played manu, arsenal, layster yet what went …[View]
97354518/NBA/ General - Yo I'm a Knick Edition[View]
97370604MFW the dodgers get fucked over again[View]
97370636/heem/: >>97369276[View]
97365615>give the ball to zaha and hopes he does something[View]
97368878Thoughts on Ron Coomer?[View]
97369498Name a better mixed race duo[View]
97360044Fixing Club World Cup: Currently, the CWC is fairly pointless for non UEFA/CONMEBOL teams so why not…[View]
97367538/hoc/ - Vegas Golden Showers[View]
97363229Lads I hope you’ve renewed your amazon prime subscriptions in order to watch this week’s premier lea…[View]
97367699name this tag team[View]
97369431>conceding to Burnley: This is it. Nice slip City. I would suggest for you to focus on the CL we …[View]
97369276/Heem/ >Does Jorge have the best build for cutting to WW? >Who has the best build for each wei…[View]
97359471>Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: I have never played in a side with Liverpool's winning mentality b…[View]
97368795Loses to 10-man Crystal Palace: What did he mean by this?[View]
97366504The full blood violently pinches the mulatto's face to remind him not to get 'uppity'…[View]
97366915wait hold on. does the epl require gays to identify themselves now? is this based brexit?[View]
97361243Why won't Liverpool just buy him?[View]
97361151/147/ Snooker: Let’s go Ron :D[View]
97358422/heem/ - El Grande Tony edition: Have you thanked /ourguy/ Tony for saving mma today? News: www.bjpe…[View]
97364623>shitposting IRL for the Ballon d'Or votes Is he /our guy/?[View]
97366419What did the football fans: mean by this?[View]
97368160do muslims even watch the sport?[View]
97365193#damn... it do be like that some times.....[View]
97367297*Leave Frank Lampard to me (next season)*[View]
97368274so how do we feel now that Liverpool lost to Everton[View]
97365822Ronaldo Euro 2020: This will be his redemption arc right?? It cant end like this for TSU. Please te…[View]
97364868>implying we won't win the cup[View]
97360535https://twitter.com/FonsiLoaiza/status/1201615652081078273 BASED[View]
97364611You now remember Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 2001 6-month loan spell at Lazio.[View]
97368057You now remember: The last good nike kits the CHAD NIKE TOTAL 90 any kit made by nike post 2005 is s…[View]
97367979If he pulls off a shock win against Liverpool tomorrow will it save him his job for the immediate fu…[View]
97366961NOOOOOOO STOP IT[View]
97364805/nfl/ general: PIT: 'No clarity' on Conner and JuJu's statuses TB: Ronald Jones bench…[View]
97365335BURNLEY vs MANCHESTER CITY MATCH THREAD: 20:15 >Pope, Pieters, Bardsley, Tarkowski, Mee, Cork, H…[View]
97206270/fpl/ - Fantasy Premier League: Aston Villa assets ESSENTIAL Edition[View]
97365414pls watch, it took me time[View]
97367019Check out this video guys and dont forget to subscribe https://youtu.be/Q-tEeDPsCbg[View]
97364381Favourite fan cams: For me, its based Saeed from united stand https://youtu.be/VfmCuzWfq9g[View]
97363575/hoc/: ba ba ba baba bababa ba ba baba baba baaaaaaa[View]
97365709RIVERBOAT RON OUT: F Welcome to Dallas.[View]
97364501PR7: Messi doesn't have a marketing team and no publicist[View]
97361676*ahem* Good morning /sp/ *dabs*[View]
97350742Imagine winning ballon d'or for statpadding against 8-man Huesca and other spaniard farmers on …[View]
97360867Guess the player.[View]
97359058oles at the wheel: https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/03/ole-gunnar-solskjaer-tells-manchester-united-playe…[View]
97359903IT'S OVER: The Browns need the Steelers and Titans to both lose 3 games EACH then they need the…[View]
97360279/bundes/: no bundes and no /bundes/ makes OP a sad chicken edition[View]
97358380Do you think the Expos will ever return to Montreal?[View]
97366399Unironically the Wayne Gretzky of Basketball[View]
97366534what went wrong?: >loses his wrc champion streak to titanac >gets btfo by neuville >wont be…[View]
97357097Now that the dust has settled, how the FUCK did Barcelona get away with this?[View]
97360954Arnault BUY ACMilan: https://www.dagospia.com/rubrica-30/sport/milan-rsquo-rsquo-chi-dice-arnault-co…[View]
97366334La Liga president Javier Tebas resigns: uh oh did he make Papa Flo upset?[View]
97366303van Basedten[View]
97361500How the FUCK did he get more points than Mane and Salah?[View]
97077098/rug/ - Connacht edition: >20/11 19:30 Brasil x Bárbaros FC, São Paulo *jogo em fuso horário GMT …[View]
97366112Have six.[View]
97366130HAVE SIX[View]
97364998How many super bowls must he win before he finally comes out of the closet?[View]
97365679>Mexican intellectuals[View]
97365568The great debate[View]
97365514Ahahahaha fuck the giants[View]
97348800He deserved it.[View]
97364498the goat debate: Time to settle[View]
97363386Falcao vibes.[View]
97362051Texas football calendar: There are 40 premium HS Football playoff games between 10 different classif…[View]
97365093Australian footballer Gol-Gol Mebrahtu[View]
97364974Imagine wanting to fire this[View]
97361015How do we fix ronalco[View]
97364806America 11: This is the site to vote for the best players in the continent---> http://servicios.e…[View]
97359399NFL General: Browns edition: MIN: Mattison totals 73 yards with Cook sidelined SEA: Milk carton…[View]
97362215we lost him...[View]
97360663Why does Italian football always seems so... sleazy?[View]
97364728I cant believe Ronaldo is acting so gay he is actually making me like a fucking doped up midget.[View]
97364056Welcome to Japan national team![View]
973481132019 calendar year: Most goals: Lewandowski Most assists: Muller Most NT/UEFA goals: Ronaldo Most cl…[View]
97363251How do you call this in your country?[View]
97360196Last season, Son was better than Ronaldo: How can't I say this is racism?[View]
97362319>AFTV here, thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?[View]
97362850If he wins Serie A and the Champions league this season with Juventus, and then an MLS title next ye…[View]
97349058Where were you when whites saved the NBA?[View]
97360578>Inter and Juve are fighting for the title and could need some help >decides to save Milan bas…[View]
97359670Is this the prove that Ronaldo fanboys are retarded? Should have voted Van Dijk first (and needs a …[View]
97363129What happened, /sp/?[View]
97363972Bike seat: Anybody know what these are? I pull these off the bottoms of rental bike saddles/seats. T…[View]
97363962What’s he commemorating?[View]
97358806club world cup[View]
97361975Literally who can stop us?[View]
97360964This 18 year old European just crushed USA's King Nigga 'LeGOAT'. Is he proof that Eu…[View]
97357967/hoc/: the illusive /beav/ eludes me edition[View]
97363137Why aren't snow games in handegg their own thing? Pure kino. You could have a smaller field pla…[View]
97363367After watching Twin Town, I'm convinced they will win the Euros 2020.[View]
97363217Based Gabi: Based Gabi[View]
97361090200 IQ balloon door votes[View]
97362278Special Hillsborough episode is up lads https://www.theguardian.com/football/audio/2019/dec/03/hills…[View]
97359657manure: After which of these games is Ole getting sacked in the morning? If not, will he even get a …[View]
97362649Muh Big3: Don't mind us, just quietly flying under the radar and biding our time.[View]
97361629Marco van Basten removed from FIFA 20 over offensive comment: >Dutch legend no longer available i…[View]
97352529Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019 Balon d’Or winner.[View]
97362820If Mark Antony prevailed over Octavian we would be playing football in Jupiter today[View]
97356161Black people are the Liverpool F.C. of races. Always the victims, it’s never their fault.[View]
97358738Ballon d'Or voting breakdown: Only 7 points difference between Messi and van Dijk[View]
97362648The exact moment the NFL was forever saved[View]
97361101Juventus are desperate to get rid of him, what team will be dumb enough to buy him?[View]
973608882100: What will the world of sport look like in 2100? Which leagues/organisations will still be goin…[View]
97348681whats next for him[View]
97355468MNF Announcing Crew: What did we do to deserve this monstrosity of an announce team /sp/? Is there a…[View]
97353159Would Iverson be considered the GOAT in today's NBA?: > Scored 55 Points in the Playoffs wit…[View]
97362038What the deal with this guy's obsession what Ajax?[View]
97357469Iconic. Your 2019 Ballon dor winner, and more notable that Messoy. Regular, well adjusted non mental…[View]
97350256How does /sp/ feel about THE Ohio State University?[View]
97361762What are /sp/ thoughts on Ajax?[View]
97359103What did he mean by this?[View]
97359753How many future Ballon d’Or winners do you see in this pic ?[View]
97359519THIS IS THE WAY[View]
97359954You now remember Bojan. What went so horribly wrong?[View]
97361770>No Ronaldo >Aging Modric, Ramos >Navas gone >Rising players still too green Can he repe…[View]
97361184Who are your Gods?: and what do they do?[View]
97361858>Dude Barcelona - Ajax final would have been so epic!! GRACIAS JOHAN!!!…[View]
97361291Should of won the Balon d'Or![View]
97359861Holy based[View]
97360588Ronaldo got so butt hurt he used his sisters Instagram to rage at VVD Look how many times he refers …[View]
97339835/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - >W(omeme)Series Edition: >Countdown to Australian GP www…[View]
97358043>still a month until /trans/ I cant take it anymore generate some football news with an AI >ht…[View]
97348368>really fires up your neuronal network[View]
97361159Well well well: That sure is a nice defense you got there would be such a shame if someone DRIBBLED…[View]
97361153/147/ Snooker: GWAN[View]
97358999Timely reminder that this is the peak of Messoys international 'success': Pretty sure Tsu is still t…[View]
97360523How did Ronaldo come 3rd in the world again? Let alone Seria MVP[View]
97360529Why is the English Premier League such a boring one-team league, while all the other European top le…[View]
97347517HAVE SIX[View]
97360534>Europe put Van Dijk first >Third world countries gave Messi an undeserved ballon d'or wo…[View]
97357043how in the fuck does this make sense?[View]
97360781>Balloon door top 3 since 2011 so this is the power of instagram. seethe and cope asspee.…[View]
97360749>X player is class >that was class[View]
97351517what is the greatest sport city? and why is it St. Louis?[View]
97359288Based Seahawks[View]
97354592A thread for the discussion of the sport of cricket[View]
97357133So, we are going to ignore that Ronaldo has more champions league titles, and more titles with his n…[View]
97358632Van Basten: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50551888 Was this a fair punishment or should jokes n…[View]

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