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92886364Post em!: History Of Tom Brady Fails.[View]
92886386>warriors win lol Nice “””””sport””””” you have there[View]
92885633The flight carrying 19 members of a rugby team, family, supporters, and friends originated in Montev…[View]
92766117/mls/ - The Age of DOOP edition - with special guest star /ayy/: /canpl/ can come too but y'all…[View]
92886031Since that other tier list thread is garbage, let’s have one where the Giants stay where they belong[View]
92857613NFL 2019 tiermaker: Thoughts?[View]
92881608>b-but you don't support the same team as your father! >b-but you shouldn't support …[View]
92884175/blg/ /beer league general/: Who the fuck beer league here? I'm 7 of my last 9 hitting in beer …[View]
92882564YANKEES V ORIOLES GAMETHREAD: Happ V Cashner[View]
92884210How do you say “First in the MLB” in your language?[View]
92883428Official Mariners @ Rangers Gamethread: Minor vs Leake[View]
92855395/LigaMX/: Chichis Edition #3 >Liguilla: Tigres waiting León or America in the Grand Final >Pel…[View]
92883971Warriors at Blazers game 4 thread 1: Reverse sweep edition. Dame time is love Dame time is life.…[View]
92883410OFFICIAL CHICAGO WHITE SOX @ HOUSTON ASTROS GAMETHREAD: Ha Ha, time or a Bullpen Game for the White …[View]
92882836Anyone ever played in a fat football league?[View]
92884930>2019 >I am forgotten no one gives a shit that they just lost 2-0 to real betis lol…[View]
92880760British Ice Hockey: How long until Ice Hockey overtakes Rugby Union/League and Cricket to officially…[View]
92883213What did he mean by this?: “Pogba? I mean he could be anything in life in terms of athletics but I t…[View]
92877730/heem/: www.brendanschaub.com previous: >>92870305[View]
92882201why does he want to keep playing on the 9? he's shit at it.[View]
92881239What exactly is the point of this league?: Everyone knows the Warriors will win it every year.…[View]
92882855Official Mets VS Nationals Gamethread 5/20/2019: >nast 1. Trea Turner (R) SS 2. Adam Eaton (L) RF…[View]
92884928/heem/: HOLLOGOAT WAS ROBBED EDITION: UFC.com Fuck Michael Bisping[View]
92857390Official Celtic - Hearts Thread: Celtic - Hearts Trophy day KO 1500 Dembele could be unleashed…[View]
92883118TSU the kind of guy to do a handstand walk while his son takes his first steps[View]
92882385Kino squads that weren't from the elite football clubs: Parma is an obvious one. So many big na…[View]
92874377>league went to shit >national team went to shit >stopped producing any good players after …[View]
92877264/nba/ - What's his fucking problem? Edition: TOR: Kawhi Leonard's 36 points lead Raps to w…[View]
92874991>the World Cup was a year ago[View]
92883894>escapes Messi's shadow >ends up in Mbappe's shadow JUST…[View]
92880658Twitter has suspended the Houston Rockets Twitter account[View]
92884107I like the player Eden Michael Hazard. Anyone else like him ?[View]
92881294At last, I have gathered all six infinity stones. With them I gain the ultimate powers: >'at…[View]
92882072Für mich ist es Wolfsburg, und du?[View]
92881902I hope you're ready /sp/ because we're going to rape la liga and the champions league and …[View]
92877440>The ravagers of Rotherham >The butchers of Burnley >The notorious of Newport >The slaye…[View]
92883859Post athletes actually enjoying their life and their current situation[View]
92883808>singlehandedly turned an entire program from losers to one of the best teams of that season >…[View]
92878588Scottish all time league champions: 1st. Rangers: 54 titles 2nd. Celtic: 50 titles 3rd. Aberdeen: FO…[View]
92879686BOMBSKWAAAAAAAADDDDDD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaa6nwQMqhM[View]
92878504He's the best under 21 right back in the world; why aren't more clubs going after him?[View]
92861858Why can’t he win a relevant award besides the golden statpad?[View]
92876161FIRST EVER DOMESTIC TREBLE: I warned you guys, I warned you about Pep[View]
92874141How come zoomers that never saw this guy play are the biggest proponents of calling him the best pla…[View]
92882149*steals ball off Vertonghen and assists Salah for the CL-winning goal*[View]
92873847Great Britain v France matchday thread: This afternoon it's a 'relegation 6 pointer' …[View]
92875540Post one pic that described your sport team.[View]
92882417Ole has said he will ship off players who become overweight. Is this #chipgate all over again, lads?[View]
92882435How did this little niglip get away with traveling every game for his entire career without being pu…[View]
92874591/trans/ Wholesome Edition: Kylian Mbappe has suggested he is considering his Paris Saint-Germain fut…[View]
92881180FINA Womens Super Final 2019: The 8 best womens water polo teams have qualified for the Super Finals…[View]
92878218BOS @ TOR: Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays >the real battle edition…[View]
92876123Admit it, these two teams winning their respective finals is the best possible timeline. >Arsenal…[View]
92882547Just get rid of this jabroni.[View]
92869601Who should win the Balon d'Or?[View]
92881241No matter what happens, this man will get paid by Manchester United for the rest of his career. How …[View]
92881741If the Wayne Huizenga fiasco doesn't happen, do the Florida Marlins become a dynasty from the l…[View]
92881973This is what happens when your team is composed fully of Instagramming, dabbing negroes. Weak menta…[View]
92868920How will he do in the Premier League? Will he even get any minutes?[View]
92880894Was Mikaël Silvestre a high iq defender?[View]
92763507Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
92881817i've seen grafite on the ground[View]
92881576f: f[View]
92880907Goals this season: 50 - Lionel Messi 49 - are 48 - you 47 - even 46 - trying 45 - at 44 - this 4…[View]
92877361Have we decided wether he's based or cringe yet?[View]
92881414You know, like I said before, at the end of the day, it's a process, and I dedicated myself to …[View]
92879609Thank You Portugal: I just want to say a massive thank you to Portugal and in particular the people …[View]
92880948It's OK, they'll just buy another one.[View]
92868335Who should we buy in the summer? Manolas? Griezmann? Icardi?[View]
92880305What’s his fucking problem?[View]
92875699>overachieves in your way[View]
92880497Child abuse[View]
92876518>divegrass is fu-[View]
92847171/bundes/: Fc Bayern have gewinned the league Mein song edition https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v-bZtxK…[View]
92859765>Gareth Bale was an unused substitute as his fall-out with Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane hit …[View]
92822387/nfl/ General - Dougie P Edition: FA: Texans release TE Ryan Griffin, save $2.7M CAR: Lord Aldrick: …[View]
92880000I wonder what he's going to say when he meets Grealish's dead brother.[View]
92880153Your daily reminder that Pique has scored more goals than Suarez in the last two CL's[View]
92878482What make them so successful?: And should other nations follow their method?[View]
92879850Will he save the club?[View]
92880091Please tell me someone picked up on sterlings hate for the man city reporter[View]
92879820>the other team just 'wanted iz more'[View]
92879618Hahahahaha what the fuck[View]
92879649Guess who is coming back to the octagon boys.[View]
92879746>'invincibles' >beaten by Man Utd, Chelsea, Inter, Kiev, Middlesbrough x2 Really makes you thi…[View]
92877052Reminder customers and plastics are the true fans of football: Unlike loyal '''''''fans'''''''''' we…[View]
92879709European Football: so this is the power of winslol? >super league will destroy football OH NO NO …[View]
92877656Defend this.[View]
92879676>player's agent is a family member[View]
92879474WTF I thought we were bad at Ice Hockey?: How will the French recover?[View]
92875663Woah he's just like me![View]
92875876/cyc/ - /giro/: Giro d'Italia (cycling tour of Italy) stage 9.5: Rest day 0.0km flat official w…[View]
92879271Unwanted: He should take the Celtic job and start from scratch.[View]
92879195Mino Raiola: >Banned from doing any agent work until August >still stops De Ligt from going to…[View]
92854026/box/ No rest for the wicked edition: Previous:>>92851488 >Saturday May 25 - DAZN US Sky Sp…[View]
92878216Where will they up next season?[View]
92861903Motor/sp/ort General - Official week of Indy edition: Speeds up to 238 mph in the straights going in…[View]
92875327For me, it's Jeff Stelling[View]
92876459/iihf/: >now GBR - FRA SWE - EAS >later Only shit games no one cares…[View]
92877844You now remember the MAZACAR[View]
92870863>player scores >proceeds to bow down[View]
92877586Is this the most mutted team in world cup history?[View]
92870305/heem/ - Paulo Borrachinha Edition: Previous: >>92860284 bjpenn.com Meegan loses the rematch…[View]
92877316Lads for me it’s Tondela FC[View]
92874678*gets a contract extension to 2023*[View]
92875619What is your favorite Sport? Depending on the season for me it’s either hockey or American football[View]
92862872Name 5 better strikers from his era[View]
92877534Hold still, Premier League. This will only hurt a lot.[View]
92875599What else could happen?: >McLaren has announced it will enter the 103rd Indianapolis 500 in 2019 …[View]
92866466*Dabs on liverpoop*[View]
92877271>collects St. George's Cross[View]
92876012/oatwg/ - Ole's at the wheel general: >Ole's at the wheel…[View]
92876526what the fuck was his problem?[View]
92876329>''They might be through again here... >''Khedira..'' >'…[View]
92864951/nba/ Leafs about to get DADDY DICKED again edition: CLE: Cavs hire Bickerstaff as associate head co…[View]
92876506>mfw Mexicos best player is a meme(chicha)[View]
92875990Yeah I beat my dog[View]
92874669If the Warriors 3peat this year, would it redeem them from the >3-1 curse?[View]
92875003Post a pic with more talent.[View]
92876828>One short sleeve - one long sleeve What did he mean by this?[View]
92868918Messi has more goals than Ronaldo in 118 less games: Thoughts?[View]
92876792What did she mean by this?[View]
92876778The Godfather: Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin talks Ceferin.Champions League reforms, FFP and wha…[View]
92876575What did he mean by this?[View]
92875519Sammy Sosa[View]
92874195Ajax' latest signing, Lisandro Martinez, will arrive today in Amsterdam. A Dutch scout, with go…[View]
92862265/iihf/: FINLAND (zero olympic gold medals) - GREAT BRITAIN (one olympic gold medal) Russian Athletes…[View]
92869565>Warriors win 3 of the 4 nba finals >hurr durr they blew a 3-1 lead in 2017…[View]
92874290https://mobile.twitter.com/fedeju93/status/1130219447665475584/video/1 >This is just a warning CR…[View]
92876292Here's your kit bro[View]
92875002*makes sure to statpad in a meaningless game*[View]
92874240>I woke up from my nap to watch Messi play[View]
92875062For me, it's women's wheelchair tennis.[View]
92870512https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZqyEHErXMc Why are Serbs so tall? Is it something in the water or i…[View]
92859235/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - I Eat Max Edition: >Countdown to Monaco GP: https://www.for…[View]
92855555Why was it so terrible?[View]
92852881What's he thinking right now?[View]
92875955*saves football from the bald menace*[View]
92875867Why do Dortmund fans hate us so much?[View]
92867633KYLIAN MBAPPE: Upon accepting tonight's Ligue 1 Player of the Year Award: 'I feel that it is ti…[View]
92854319/cyc/ - /giro/: Giro d'Italia (cycling tour of Italy) stage 9: Riccione-San Marino 34.8 Km ITT …[View]
92874574'ate Slipperpool 'ate Manchester Poonited 'ate Cuckenham 'ate Paris St. Vermin …[View]
92868516>Only team to win both Barça, Madrid and Atleti this season Are we, dare I say, based?…[View]
92875597>spend billions >somehow choke the quadruple despite having the easiest draw in the history of…[View]
92874830/B@dminton/: Why /sp/ doesn't watch Badminton? >fastest sport in the world >non-stop acti…[View]
92866270Alexa, play Exposito.[View]
92874563Why are manlets always the best at football?[View]
92874013The great BOSS debate[View]
92875497Your favorite player born in the 90's: >ignore the flag[View]
92860660Recently I realized that I have never heard Messi talk. I literally never knew what he sounded like …[View]
92866938Pour moi, c’est Marseille. Et toi?[View]
92875297Are you proud of your local team?[View]
92873865what are the chances of these ever being considered a sport?[View]
92875232>Messi and Ronaldo will retire in the next few years >all that's left are pace niggers an…[View]
92874826Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
92858511>your age, name >how many 90 minutes you watch this season >how many games you see in perso…[View]
92874635Jürgen Klopp (Kloppo) tells a jewish reporter about his faith in Christ: Einfach basierter Kult Klop…[View]
92874999DOMESTIC LEAGUE CHAMPIONS THREAD: You can post in this thread if your team won the domestic league.…[View]
92868854Was he rated outside of Mexico or is he a literal who?[View]
92860203Based or cringe?[View]
92861738Today is RB Leipzig's 10th Birthday, say something nice about them[View]
92874430Shibasaki, his name means 'you motherfucker' in Korean: Shibasaki = 'Mother fucker' in Korean[View]
92857638The baldest and the fraudest. This is too cruel, he is your club legend ffs.[View]
92869544>u17 euro champions >eurovision champions Who can stop them in the Nations League? Shame about…[View]
92868816Elite tier athletes and why thread: I'll start: Nick Diaz Insane cardio: (swam from Alcatraz an…[View]
92868583What is it about spanish teams playing in Liverpool?[View]
92861342ITT: athletes who likely shitpost on /sp/[View]
92857828Venga Boys edition >England striker Marcus Rashford, 21, wants assurances about Manchester United…[View]
92872438i shaved my head for the first time yesterday and this shit is the bomb why do insecure faggots try …[View]
92858523/FIFA/: Anyone still playing?[View]
92872813Official laughing thread: Let's laugh at América. I'll start HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
92866480What did he mean by this?[View]
92874217Season finale ending with the good guys winning.[View]
92871260Official Raptors Celebration Thread: >APOLOGIZE[View]
92869320Just in case you forgot, one of two team is going to be crowned champions of European football in 12…[View]
92874089*sips* Redondo...Now THAT was a player[View]
92874118so where is he going after all?: since we only watch his leagues i need to start reading up[View]
92867117SJS @ STL game thread: >laugh at the sharks edition[View]
92871420>ITT: WHY.jpg and derivatives thereof[View]
92873963your 2019 world series champions[View]
92872138OFFICIAL RAPTORS WIN THREAD: We did it bros[View]
92873575/golf/: Brooks Koepka does it again, in a manner that puts himself in the record books in various ex…[View]
92873850Was he based or cringe?[View]
92861145Spring Babby Cup: Get in here sp! https://youtu.be/NHeOqj9_6ro[View]
92870636So what the fuck is wrong with normalfags these days prioritizing fiction over sports?[View]
92861429Piast Gliwice: THIS DOES NOT FUCKING SLIP!!! Polish Leicester mode on !!!!!!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/…[View]
92873196/hoc/: >WCF: Blues crush Sharks 5-0 in Game 5to improve on the road to 7-2 this playoffs behind T…[View]
92873003/hoc/: No retard frogposters allowed edition[View]
92824124/mlb/ /fit/ edition ARZ: Taijuan Walker (shoulder) shut down six weeks HOU: Altuve (hamstring) nears…[View]
92867976/hoc/: sharks got rumproasted next game is Tuesday[View]
92868028Remember when everyone thought that these two monkeys would be Messi and Ronaldo's successors?[View]
92860218>domestic treble[View]
92868506Chicago Cubs @ Washington Nationals Official Gamethread: >Chicago Cubs 1. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF 2…[View]
92861093Based and redpilled.[View]
92872157>that's right, foul Giannis out, we need this series to have at least 5 games…[View]
92862826Who is the most marketable player atm beside TSU?: For me it's JLINGZ[View]
92872152the next time i fly over your shitty little state i will be eating mexican food every meal for the e…[View]
92859618When will Pep take over a non-elite team and lead them to glory and prove he’s a great manager?[View]
92872087>needing 2 OTs to win on your homecourt >having a chance at winning the series OH NON ONNON O…[View]
92861102Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros game thread: best fans in baseball edition[View]
92870837OFFICIAL BUCKS @ RAPTORS GAME 3 THREAD #3: fuck game of thrones[View]
92869788>Juventus won last 8 league titles in Italy >Bavaria won last 7 league titles in Germany >P…[View]
92866345>are favorites to win >convince everyone that they’re the underdogs How do they keep getting…[View]
92864359Daily reminder that they choked harder than any team in the Championship has ever choked[View]
92827117>Greatest player currently in the NBA is European. WTF? I thought Basketball was an African Ameri…[View]
92860284heem: >>92853051 bloodyelbow.com https://youtu.be/ZcPLhTq97mU[View]
92869882This man has won more trophies this year than Liverpool, say something nice about him.[View]
92868391Bucks vs Raptors: Bucks vs Raptors Game 3 Fuck Canada edition[View]
92869536>rest day[View]
92861541SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY @ PGA CHAMPIONSHIP: Where's Tiger edition?[View]
92867519This is what he gets for being a low test beta who is attracted to a grotesque STICC with hips of a …[View]
92868189CUCKS VS BABY DINOSAURS GAME 3: Any chance the Raptors win this game? If Kyle Lowry can play like he…[View]
92861058mfw the dodgers win the world series[View]
92868077El expuesto[View]
92725532/sumo/ general: This thread is for the discussion of all things Sumo Today marks day 1 of the May to…[View]
92867458Kylian Mbappé7 - Welcome to Real Madrid - 2019/20 - Sonic rushes, tap ins & skills - DESPACITO P…[View]
92859684*Blocks ur path*: >*Runs up the wing* >*Crosses* >*Benteke leaps 50 feet into the air and h…[View]
92867197ahem... mic check mic check[View]
92867984should he be banned?[View]
92867991Hockey: Hoc Hahaha SHORKS[View]
92859489Ahem... FUCK Whites FUCK Sprite and FUCK Van Dijk![View]
92852354/hoc/: Offseason is near[View]
92861063what will happened after this season? will they stay together?[View]
92867668lads... imagine a league... for the whole world... a world league.. if you can imagine it... you can…[View]
92861479/EuroLeague/: Final game starts in an hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcRcVrNjTuE #F4GGLORY #GA…[View]
92867739Press S[View]
92861908Say my name.[View]
92862244/horse/: Who here enjoys HORSE RACING? Who watches horse racing and likes to cheer on the horses, bo…[View]
92858775Why didn't he just stop eating?[View]
92863912Is he right[View]
92866847OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
92867225This is an archetypical Barcelona fan[View]
92866347They’re coming back... right?[View]
92855844You may only pick one[View]
92866726Lads for me it's Semen FC[View]
92864093Do you watch the Iceland Premier League?: For me, it's Stjarnan.[View]
92864785Dominic Brazil lies face first on the canvas in the centre of the ring. He isn't moving. Ranal…[View]
92866299Why yes I beat my wife when my team loses, how could you tell?[View]
92863905rugby players RISE UP[View]
92866364Pelon pelo rico soccer ball: how old is this I cant find any info on it.[View]
92845465/nba/ general - The final nights edition: news: >2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans BTFO fr…[View]
92861256Who’s the best keeper in PL history?[View]
92863309I made an infinitely better Man Utd kit with only 3 minutes in photoshop. Also, kit autism thread, p…[View]
92863605Can we do it lads?[View]
92862356>why yes, NT break is my favorite time of the year[View]
92859644Cos Scousers rule the country like they've always done before.[View]
92861366>April >stop saying Messi only statpads against Eibar, he will win the treble >May >so …[View]
92860735RAYS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Morton V Green[View]
92862415ITT: Guess a footballer player by their arse: An easy starter to get things going[View]
92858761Is he Welsh Alexis Sanchez???[View]
92865697Goat sporting nation: Are you even trying rest of the world?[View]
92864949*loses 3 times in 10 games* *draws another 3*[View]
92860391Does it matters how you score your goals? Do you prefer tap ins or 30 yard free kicks or beating wit…[View]
92863840Is he GOAT or just a clay meme?[View]
92858682Barcelona vs Eibar: Literally a friendly at this point for both teams[View]
92857896/seriea/ - Corsa Champions edition: previous: >>92816785 MATCHDAY 37: >Saturday 18th of May…[View]
92798328ITT: Kino sports photos: Any sports welcome.[View]
92862493what does /sp/ think of sailing as a sport?[View]
928600192 questions Is he Muslim? What team should he join this summer?[View]
92864149*buys 100*[View]
92863695Thoughts about this penalty? Is it more bad shot or amazing goalkeeping?[View]
92860508FIFA's International Football protagonists: Literally the Main, most relevant, and the good guy…[View]
92864341IIT: players underused by their national teams For me, Alejandro Gomez[View]
92859954I’m about to go bowl: Do you guys go bowling?[View]
92863227His career is on declive[View]
92860152You think he regrets it already?[View]
92861117ITT athletes and their pets post your favourite athlete and his animals[View]
92859043Who could even stop them?[View]
92852653MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP[View]
92858776Bouldering World Cup 2019 FINALS in Munich: LIVE in 36 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz7-t…[View]
92862626The Strangler of Strasbourg[View]
92862770>Worst season of his career >Gets award as best midfielder of the Serie A Are these new awards…[View]
92858520Keano: is he right?[View]
92856768Reminder that this man has scored 2 (two) goals in his last 20 (twenty) Champions League games[View]
92861652He is top 5 and you cant seriously argue against that[View]
92862949It's time to apologize to Solari, /sp/.[View]
92859938Is it still too early to admit he's been exposed?[View]
92862319>The aimer of Augsburg >The giant of Gladbach >The destroyer of Dortmund >The punisher o…[View]
92857838/trans/: 'Was there ever any doubt?' edition Don Balon claimed a few hours ago that Keylor Navas wil…[View]
92860352Can we agree that Zidane is currently the biggest fraud in football management?[View]
92860986realistically speaking. whats his next stop ?[View]
92858460Wtf. Kompany to become Anderlecht player-manager.[View]
92861840Who was in the wrong here?[View]
92855190Turkish Süper Lig, penultimate matchday: Basaksehir and Galatasaray tied at 66 points, play each oth…[View]
92841373iihf: new thread[View]
92859902Oh it shows Aaron, it shows[View]
92862196OFFICAL STL BLUES PRE GAME THREAD: Whos ready to Shit in the Shart tank? Get in here BluesBros >L…[View]
92859728What’s your excuse for not supporting /ourguy/?[View]
92836987Motor/sp/ort General - Indy is Hell Edition: currently >Indy 500 Qualifiying Day 1 also this week…[View]
92857907>it was the rest of his teams fault, they won La Liga but they’re terrible! Messi can’t do miracl…[View]
92861571ITT: Cursed Images: Food Edition[View]
92860354scotland has a new world champion press S to pay respects to the scottish race[View]
92861126/sp/ game day thread: /sp/ plays /co/ up next[View]
92861036What does /sp/ think of hurling and the other gaelic sports? Is it known outside ireland?[View]
92860668Why Japanese mascots do this?[View]
92861128Hey guys, the 2019 Spring babby cup is just kicking off its day 3! Unfortunately /sp/ is one of the …[View]
92861266Look, im german. I watch the Bundesliga every week and as much from the Matches as i can see. Im no1…[View]
92853879He's still the face of the Warriors: Eat shit Curryfags. The Warriors are KD's team[View]
92838805*spends 2 billion pounds* *bores you to death* truly the greatest manager of our time[View]
92838543You now remember >emile heskey >harry kewell >john arne riise >dirk kuyt…[View]
92860741Say what you want about these slippers. But if all the top 6 clubs were forcefully sent to the VNL, …[View]
92860732So tell me /sp/ how are you going to COPE when liverpool win the CL this year.[View]
92859740>LeBron must already be in Wakanda Is Skip the most based man in television?…[View]
92860928>Greatest Tennis player of all time >Youngest Indy winner wow Federer is a BEAST…[View]
92859936you ARE watching the u-17 euro final between italy and netherlands RIGHT? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
92860494still no titles[View]
92856267FA Vase Final Chertsey Town vs Cray Valley 12:15pm Bong Time.[View]
92859369Would you rather have been borned Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, or GSP?[View]
92853051/heem/ - Redemption Arc Edition: Previous: >>92850895 Meegan wins the rematch[View]
92856073Real Madrid vs Betis: Real Madrid vs Betis Zidane is a heartless bastard edition[View]
92860308Barnie: Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/?[View]
92859221>did someone say EIBAR ??[View]
92858118How the fuck does Portland go up by 15 every game just to lose?[View]
92860240Heem: Bjpenn.com https://youtu.be/ZcPLhTq97mU[View]
92855861>Irish flag >Says 'we' when talking about Liverpool…[View]
92840024>Undefeated in Camp Nou since 2009 >All his team has to do is not go away and eat 4 goals a ga…[View]
92857931So who will face Man City in the super prestigious Community Shield cup?[View]
92856939How high is his IQ?[View]
92858132You now remember this game[View]
92859952>le pass it to Messi club[View]
92855278bundes aka /bunda/: fuck American made threads 2. bunda today (HSV won't get promoted), cup fin…[View]
92859826ITT: Best refs: Post best referees of any sport[View]
92858556If this guy isn’t a fraud, then I don’t know who is.[View]
92857655/gaa/: The Sunday Game Live Tipperary vs Waterford 1300 utc Limerick vs Cork 1500 utc first throw-in…[View]
92855981Will he cuck Messoy out of the only relevant award he can win (Golden boot) after scoring a hattrick…[View]
92855984Pep has 17 major titles at age 48 Jose Mourinho had 15 at the same age Alex Ferguson had 7[View]
92840059Congratulations to all my Benfica friends for winning the Hex- >oh, wait...…[View]
92855788*wins copa america*[View]
92859088*chokes the golden statpad award*[View]
92858995>Dude Barca won again lmao Why would anyone ever watch this league or think this is exciting 'com…[View]
92855707Why are we so shit?[View]
92859475at least he scores against Eibar, amiright Messi bros?[View]
92857716Get up at 6AM, Go to univ: Get home at 5 PM Do the tons of Assignments In the weekend Also do the t…[View]
92859278>I rate Zidane[View]
92859291>the executioner of Eibar[View]
92858590>parents made me play baseball >sucked at it >parents made my play soccer >sucked at i…[View]
92847364Just a casual reminder that Leeds United, a team that were at one point 6 points clear of the playof…[View]
92836990/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Marshalling Edition: >Countdown to Monaco GP: https://www.f…[View]
92859028Is /sp/ into oil wrestling? You now there is a big oil wrestling competition going on in Turkey. We …[View]
92856395Why does the Premier League have so much more managerial talent than everyone else?[View]
92858698Eibar vs Barcelona: Eibar line up Barcelona 10 shits + Messi[View]
92857955Will he be exposed or will he expose others next season?[View]
92855642Why did he take over City??[View]
92856165Going to Munich for 80m to become a starter in the national team and the next flayer of Freiburg aft…[View]
92856293Do you go to watch games in the stadium? Share your stories[View]
92858341Don't mind me, I'm just solving football.[View]
92858257*saves Chelsea* https://twitter.com/SundaySupp/status/1130034123115044864[View]
92854874If Croats are so racist how come they didn't mind this guy on their team? In England we are tau…[View]
92855216MotoGP general: Light drizzling in the warmup Moto3 starting in 35 minutes Streams: The live stream …[View]
92855128The moment that saved football[View]
9279555619/20 kits: J U S T U S T[View]
92855726Press F[View]
92830497Saturday /afl/: Satruday night /afl/ Democracy Edition >RESULTS SO FAR Collingwood (112) def. St.…[View]
92856894I've added Vidal to our dream team. Any more additions?[View]
92857297have we become bolivian league tier?[View]
92816785/seriea/ - ALLEGRI OUT edition: previous: >>92782265 Coppa Italia final: >Wednesday, 15th o…[View]
92857799Imagine losing a Champions League final to fucking Tottenham.[View]
92811936/cric/: take the Fin Pill edition[View]
92838961>Domestic '''''treble''''' Enjoy your tinpot '''''cups''''' $hitty, in two weeks we are going to …[View]
92857543Mountainbike world cup Albstadt XCO: Livestream: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/tv/video/rrn:content…[View]
92857724>i rate Zidane[View]
92857385>change one player >worst season ever in 2 decades Even Zidane can't vamos his way out…[View]
92855829Based Wenger dabbing on English Football Fans[View]
92854896/ayy/ - A-League Grand Final Thread: Perth Glory vs Sydney FC Kickoff: 4:30pm AWST / 6:30pm AEST Opt…[View]
92853985Goodnight /sp/[View]
92853364Should Reus move to Buyern?: At least he will win a league title there[View]
92827595/trans/: Wolves could realistically win the league edition This isn't a thread for trannies sub…[View]
92843516TREBLE: >they still won't rate Pep /sp/ in denial[View]
92857139GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /sp/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Boavista FC (ye…[View]
92851513no es penalty[View]
92837564Should Manure sack Ole and go for Alegri?: Does /sp/ think Alegri is a great coach?[View]
92838673They have ruined English football >inb4 seethe We used to point and laugh at Spain, Germany, Fran…[View]
92857143'yes ? one Tottenham CL win ? sure thing mr Bogdanoff'[View]
92857052Yo de espana,retardo[View]
92795114/tennis/: Rome Masters edition - approaching the weekend[View]
92856800ITT: Clubs which will no longer exist by this time next year[View]
92856721Volley on /sp/: CEV has been taken Over by Italian teams. Road to Japan 2020 to get the Gold.[View]
92856617Name a better DM[View]
92851792Based and redpilled.[View]
92856457Non-League Finals Day 2019: There are still two cups up for grabs at Wembley today, the FA Trophy an…[View]
92856044>he doesn't rate Vinny[View]
92856336Giants have a better roster than people admit...I think the Giants compete for the top of the NFC ea…[View]
92854300Is Draymond Green the best player on the warriors?: Elite defense, vocal leader of the team, extreme…[View]
92855540>put money on warriors when they're the underdogs >they win bookies absolutely clueless…[View]
92818616What would your all time NBA Dream team be?[View]
92840791Based or cringe?[View]
92856006For me, it's Jorge Sammir Cruz Campos[View]
92847538Soccer jerseys thread: i want to buy a soccer jersey /sp/, what do you recommend?[View]
92846997Will the African immigrants coming into Greece, Spain and Italy turn these countries into basketball…[View]
92839498*wins copa america*[View]
92842760Did they win this season, or was there someone else?[View]
92826954The latest result of your count against Germany[View]
92855122>Golden State Warriors on track to win it all again this year >Pats win If this shit continues…[View]
92855431>The 2020 summer games in Japan is already next year[View]
92824093/LigaMX/: Milf Edition >Liguilla: Leg 2 of Semifinals this weekend >(((Mafia del Poder))) BTFO…[View]
92854779Why does he make everyone seethe so much?[View]
92852367NBA West Finals: >Hope you have been enjoying the Western Conference Sweeps err Finals TM sponsor…[View]
92855032>American >bad opinion about football player Why is this always the case?…[View]
92827680Which sport is more predictable? NBA or MLB? Warriors have it in the bag and so do the Yankees[View]
92855018Is he the legend of Manchester City?[View]
928542361-0. Cap this.[View]
92852546Kek what a bitch[View]
92845946What do you do when not watching sports ? I study football[View]
92852701Would they have done any better than the Blazers?[View]
92854735Leave man city to us[View]
92852347Will he kill himself when the Warriors sweep their way through the rest of the playoffs and win anot…[View]
92840809now that the dust has settled..were they elite or shit??[View]
92854296Is he the chaddest golfer actually? Or long drivers are the pacey niggers of Golf?[View]
92854415Warriors win, Patriots win, Red Sox win, Liverpool win[View]
92845296People complain about big market teams: How has a small market team dominated the NBA then? >pic …[View]
92854326sorry guys but this is the best oreos logo[View]
92838503>tfw you’ve solved English football[View]
92852149OFFICIAL MINNESOTA TWINS VS SEATLE MARINERS GAME THREAD: why am I tuning into this game edition…[View]
92850175>Your team may have one, but at least my fanbase isn't classless Anyone else take pride in h…[View]
92839290Preakness Game thread: athlete addition[View]
92851989Warriors at Blazers game 3 thread 2: Choke edition[View]
92853453Kevin Harvicks car: Kyle Larson won the nascar all star race, the image is of the second place car…[View]
92854103>it's a warriors sweeps in the finals season[View]
92837335Why aren't there more teams with snake mascots? There's only a few I can think of like the…[View]
92851488/box/ - fight night edition: Previous: >>92844781 >Saturday May 18 - Showtime US Sky Sports…[View]
92852805Reminder On Black Coaches: Never forget that GS under Jackson was DEAD LAST in the league in passing…[View]
92844696Why do they watch handegg, apehoop and tacoball instead of real sports?[View]
92840184>Bayern wins >Juventus wins >PSG wins >Barça wins >Man City wins Everything is right …[View]
92852078Why do basketball players always need to be helped picked up off the floor?[View]
92853168It's time we come together and ask ourselves Could they pull of 3 game comeback?[View]
92847087why are they so dominant?[View]
92845432Name a more aesthetic sport: Protip you can't[View]
92851984How are they so good in the third quarter? Just outscored Portland by 16.[View]
92847656Why are they celebrating their unprecedented treble win in an empty stadium? Why do their achievemen…[View]
92850895UFC Rochester 2019 on ESPN+ [LIVE] Gamethread #6: Pace edition >Now Rafael dos Anjos vs. Kevin Le…[View]
92852857>I won’t allow both conference finals to be sweeps. Have the magnets ready and make sure all of t…[View]
92846519Pep's cracking up!: look at his body language after Rob Harris asks him a question at 10:00. Th…[View]
92852657/CR7/: who will be his choice for manager? which players will he ask juve to sign to win next CL?…[View]
92852447Failblazers submit to your beautiful god[View]
92852187OH NO NO NO[View]
92841972Why do people say liverpool have never won the league when they’ve won it 18 times?[View]
92852257> gsw celebration thread Get in here bruddah[View]
92852018/box/ - Bombzquad Edition: Previous: >>92844781 >Saturday May 18 - Showtime US Sky Sports U…[View]
92848739ITT post players you didn't even remember that played in certain teams pic related: ibra in ba…[View]
92845042Astros @ Red Sox 7:15pm: Corbin Martin vs Hector Velazquez[View]
92830596/hoc/: skoda cup edition[View]
92851648*tries to dunk*[View]
92843980Is it time to ban him from football? He ruins ever league he enters.[View]
92843685Hey guys whats up! I keep seing this logo here on this thread. Is this the 4chan club?[View]
92844781/box/-Bombs thrown in NYC edition: Previous: >>92842636 >Saturday May 18 - Showtime US Sky …[View]
92847699Warriors vs. Blazers Game 3[View]
92846742>I guess that's why they call it the blues[View]
92849953is he a goner: is he done with bayern? should he be?[View]
92839495>tfw liverpool has too much soul so everyone hate them[View]
92849525UFC Rochester 2019 on ESPN+ [LIVE] Gamethread #5: Heinisch has a sort of similar face to Stipe editi…[View]
92849765If not there...: then, where?[View]
92845459Chicago Cubs @ Washington Nationals Official Gamethread: >Chicago Cubs 1. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF 2…[View]
92831594OFFICIAL FC PORTO VS SPORTING THREAD: So the bitter day has finally come... that is right, /sp/, ano…[View]
92850112Name a more elite striker. I'll wait..[View]
92841334Who was in the wrong here?[View]
92849752waas this the moment pep realised his team had pushed their massive money advantage too far and lost…[View]
92843433Turn Left official thread: Monster Energy Open/Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race Post streams if y…[View]
92849304which team choked the most?[View]
92848372UFC Rochester 2019 on ESPN Live gamethread #4: >Next Rafael dos Anjos vs. Kevin Lee Antonio Carlo…[View]
92842637How do we fix this shit?[View]
92848892WATFORD IFFY UH[View]
92846695If he studies so much how come he always end up failing ? What's wrong with him ?[View]
92839588wolves are in europe >https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48303846 AWOOOOOOOOO…[View]
92840721Ladies and gentlemen, your Liga Nos winners[View]
928407542 weeks[View]
92846923Ufc low key lee vs rafi dos nachos: Bjpenn.com[View]
92846627This is more embarrassing than anything Liverpool fans have done this season https://twitter.com/Rob…[View]
92848155>monaco >liverpool >tottenham Whos next? Chelsea?…[View]
92846356Based or cringe?[View]
92842187Why are zoomers so afraid of Michael?[View]
92847153Why is there no world cup for Basketball?[View]
92824191/nba/ - I need a white girl Edition: IND: Tyreke Evans disqualified from the NBA GS: Stephen Curry s…[View]
92844443mfw the dodgers win the world series[View]
92846498>Yes, I rather Europa League than Champions League, how did you know?[View]
92845381UFC FIGHT NIGHT GAME THREAD RAWCHESTA: >>92843139 card (ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET) Rafael dos Anjos v…[View]
92839057How seething are Barca not getting hold of him?[View]
92806243/copalib/ - Tutuba plushie edition: Tulpa when?[View]
92842241Now that he's solved English football, where is he going?[View]
92846138Me? I only watch baseball and cricket.[View]
92844887Greek apehoop dominance?: How come Greeks are all the sudden so good at basketball?[View]
92840787Ladies and gentleman, your Primeira Liga champions. Goodnight.[View]
92845123How do I get into Ronaldo mode? I mean his winning mentality. Is there anyone in sport more strong m…[View]
92845709im assembling a team[View]
92815400PGA Championship - Day 2: >Koepka leading >DJ making a run >Tiger tees off at 1:49 Stream: …[View]
92830951Thoughts on these objective facts?[View]
92845944Aaaaaaaaaaaaah: pls save us, Torino and Inter[View]
92838521Oil money: City fans celebrating the win.[View]
92843185>wins the Champions league with Tripper, Wanyama and Llorente Is he, dare I say it, elite?…[View]
92811556Post the best player who is the same age as you[View]
92837432Spring Babby Cup General Discussion Day 2: Just talk about the spring babby cup here. youtube channe…[View]
92840366so whos going to win this thing? hearing good things about the netherlands act[View]
92840822If he plays shit football and shit tactics how come his first Chelsea side was so good?[View]
92841399Dodgers @ Reds Thread: In case anyone wants to use it I guess >doyers Joc Pederson(L) LF Max Munc…[View]
92843139/heem/ - UFC Rochester Gamethread Edition: Previous: >>92833094 Main card (ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET)…[View]
92845008Joke club. Joke manager.[View]
92841633Phillies vs. Rockies game-thread: Nola vs. Sentzatela Let's go, bottom 1st[View]
92842636/box/ BOMBZQUAD ASSEMBLE edition: Previous: >>92831096 >Saturday May 18 - Sky Sports UK DAZ…[View]
92841443>Porto é merda: >bottles 7 point lead[View]
92843319Did any team have a more JUST end to the season than them?[View]
92843842Alternative Table: Opinions on this table? It pretty much proves City and Peps team can’t score actu…[View]
92844440based af, vincent is now a black community leader[View]
92844214Who will win the Golden Boot?[View]
92844018You can only post ITT if your team is #1 in the division Not so fast, Skankees[View]
92843538You mad, whitey?[View]
92842918>tfw no football[View]
92834821*slurps semen* mmmhhhhh yeah this sport is good same winner every year again oh yes *gulps* shame ab…[View]
92838310Say my name.[View]
92843293/box/: Just saw this man interviewed in the crowd at the Billy Joe Saunders fight, and he was clearl…[View]
92839765Reminder that there is one man to thank for why the bald fraud has capped off yet another disappoint…[View]
92841132Mets @ Marlins Game Thread: Matz vs. who cares lol Cano 'hustle' edition[View]
928281332020 is the year the NBA dies[View]
92836597RAYS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Snell V Tanaka[View]
92842186>'ayoo beckham, leave being the next English football sex symbol to me'…[View]
92831096/box/ BOMBZQUAD II edition: Previous: >>92801453 >Saturday May 18 - Sky Sports UK DAZN US I…[View]
92834277>Gone from having a CL place in the league and being in the EL semis to being knocked out and out…[View]
92833094heem: >>92822811 fights tonight https://vimeo.com/336762206[View]
92842720League winners come here: Long time no see, lads[View]
92839773Not so regular reminder: >Steven Gerrard lost 6-1 against STOKE CITY in his final ever game for L…[View]
92831269/cyc/ - Giro d'Italia Stage 8: Tortoreto Lido - Pesaro 239 km, flat Streams: https://tiz-cyclin…[View]
92842206UEFA badge of honour: Reminder if your club doesn't have a UEFA badge of honour, it isn't …[View]
92834647/bundes/: *buyernwinslol edition* >TODAY: /bundes/ 15:30 Bayern München - Eintracht Frankfurt 15:…[View]
92840672You now remember Paulo Ferreira[View]
92841213Ladies and Gentleman, your portuguese runner ups. Good night.[View]
92842040S.L. BENFICA 2018/2019: It's ogre. GG[View]
92839819Yep, im thinking hes back[View]
92840519Join us for the annual 4chan Eurovision livechat lads: http://chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.rizon.net…[View]
92840242BRING ON THE SUPER LEAGUE ALLREADY: Sick of those semen slurping farmers leagues were the winner is …[View]
92833368What do these clubs have in commom ?[View]
92833412How come he didn't win more champions leagues? He seems to be universally regarded as the great…[View]
92841027Stats 103 goals scored 31 goals conceded goal difference 72. 87 points. top scorer (also the league …[View]
92841469I figured out Twain identity[View]
92839900BIG: .[View]
92840464Man City's draw in the FA Cup >Rotherham >Burnley >Newport County >Swansea >Brig…[View]
92837156>still dabbing on the zoomers at 40 years old Based[View]
92839689What's a bigger achievement? Winning the Europa League or making it to the Champions League Fin…[View]
92835139>Bayern >PSG >Juventus >Celtic Literally what is the point of supporting these teams whe…[View]
92838231*builds the most boring good team of all time* zzzzzzz[View]
92839136ITT Soulless teams[View]
92839898>domestic treble[View]
92835469Forgotten players: Why was he famous again?[View]
92840101Today was LCIM's final home game at Bayern F[View]
92840671*fighst a relegation battle in J-league two seasons in a row* what went wrong?[View]
92840335>blocks your Ballon d`Dor path Fuck you all, Kai will be THE player of the 30's.…[View]
92839501Watch out NBA: The age of European dominance is about to begin[View]
92832320/iihf/: Today's matches >12:15 Denmark 1-7 USA Easyland 1-3 Russia >16:15 Canada - German…[View]
92745878/tugão/ formerly /LigaNOS/: Previous: >>92684981[View]
92840309/yfmoc/: Evening chaps, some good European matches tonight[View]
92840136ITT: Frauds[View]
92835881The absolute state.[View]
92839857Wrastling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB4eWOTquCQ WWF thread. The hardy brothers suck dick. Man…[View]
92839573Athletes you wish to die in a car crash[View]
92839387SEETHING: >invaded the press box https://twitter.com/RobHarris/status/1129812241040248837…[View]
92839122Time flies[View]
92839146>navas is straight up documenting his last game at Madrid on Instagram Feelsbadman…[View]
92839054Why can't any other team beat City in the FA Cup? '>we' have done it 3 times since 2013, it…[View]
92839370One Dybala and De Ligt, please.[View]
92839298*SOLVES YOUR LEAGUE*[View]
92838175>that awkward moment when this boomer even gets to score in his last match just kill me already…[View]
92835020How do we fix this shit?[View]
92839077this is my team say something nice about it: :)[View]
92831863It’s happening bros...[View]
92838982>takes over your country >takes over your women >takes over your sport مهلا ، لا شيء كيدو ا…[View]
92839070If the EPL is ruined and shit how comes every other top 5 English team is in a European final? Are w…[View]
92834910WE'RE BACK LADS[View]
92836501Die hard arsenal supporter: Good souf lad Die hard spurs supporter: Good souf lad Die hard united s…[View]
92838710>Tfw Man City /lifelong/ >Tfw saw my team be dogshit through my childhood only to live to expe…[View]
92837069*steals your fa cup final goal*[View]
92838661Man City's draw in the FA Cup >Rotherham >Burnley >Newport County >Swansea >Brig…[View]
92838781give it to me straight /sp/ how the FUCK is Boston so good at sports[View]
92837356OFFICIAL 2019 FA CUP FINAL: MANCHESTER CITY v WATFORD MATCH THREAD: 2-0, 2nd half has just started. …[View]
92837065tfw norf FC[View]
92838649state of watford[View]
92837447Treble Thread: You can only post ITT if your team has done the treble. NOT SO FAST City.[View]
92838571I guess the Poundland AJ didn't have the cojones after all[View]
92835046>barcawinslol >juvewinslol >psgwinslol >citywinslol >bayernwinslol…[View]
92838511Anyone got that mp4 or link to that parody video where's different choke techniques? The voiceo…[View]
92816747why do sudacas do this unironically?[View]
92838305*clomp clomp* >ok listen >ate barca >ate epl >ate messoy >ate atletico >luv me twa…[View]
92835946How do we fix the fixed oligopoly?[View]
92835544hi guys, I just woke up from a five year coma, can you tell me witch teams are the champions of the …[View]
92816965/MG/ - Mourinho General: Occasional Mou thread. Where is /ourguy/ going to next?[View]
92837786Who was a better striker, him or Mark Viduka?[View]
92837758amerilards will never ever know this feel https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1129786532058025994/…[View]
92833867He sings the songs that remind him of the good times He sings the songs that remind him of the best …[View]
92837238>the UEFA Nations League isn't a worthless cash grab[View]
92837693Based Boomer Pizzaro Wished he could have dabbed on Zoomers in Europe >Werder Bremen have confi…[View]
92832227/chess/ FIDE Grand Prix: Why no thread? Love Naka Love Grischuk[View]
92834329FA Cup Final - Watford v Man City: 5pm KO From Wembley Stadium Live On BBC ONE EurotrashVision On Af…[View]
92837395FA Cup Final - Man City 2 v 0 Watford: Second half.[View]
92833823Who is the best under 20 player in the world right now? Pro tip: It's not de Ligt.[View]
92833116klopp exposed: >this is the man /sp/ worships dirty druggie degenerate klopp. fuck klopp and fuck…[View]
92835392Back to Champions League. Psche, nothing personal, Getafe[View]
92836794Get fucking cucked, England[View]
92837088Celebrate all you want you PIEC3 OF SHIT club. All 3 english titles are worth less than my poop. Cel…[View]
92831878Has the money in football gone out of control?[View]
92813602Who you backing?: Your team Who you're supporting in the CL final Why You norf or souf m8?…[View]
92821096/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - The Prince Is Back Edition: >Countdown to Monaco GP: https:…[View]
92817086Kek what a bitch[View]
92760631Motor/sp/ort General - Indy 500 Practice Edition: Indy 500 Practice starts today Also this week: …[View]
92799875Go raspberry racers!!![View]
92836110FA Cup Final - Manchester City v Watford: 0-0.[View]
92835135>absolute STATE of Dortmund OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
92831146What is the best game of all time?[View]
92834473Official Manchester City vs Watford FA Cup final match thread 1: >City Ederson, Walker, Kompany …[View]
92831110FA CUP FINAL: It's Manchester City versus Watford in today's Football Association Challeng…[View]
92836106watchu want /sp/[View]
92822664ITT: sports-related curses[View]
92834769Why are soccer players so cringeworthy?[View]
92827154Why is England even allowed when they voted for Brexit?[View]
92811118Are you excited?[View]
92832609Best sports for betting? I have had some very good and consistent luck in betting. Want to expand in…[View]
92833839What race is he?[View]
92835624So do bayern get promoted to the premier league now?[View]
92835509>seventh successive titles Kek , nice ''''''''''''sport'''''''''''' you got there…[View]
92820533Pep is the superior manager[View]
92835136You guys happen to have a link for a college softball livestream? Tryin to find one for my mom but t…[View]
92835243bundesliga..just wow.[View]
92828902for me, it's Wheaton Jackoboice[View]
92833273Based boomers[View]
92835128>lead 2-1 after 80 minutes >lose 2-4 >don't play EL next season lmfao what a fucking j…[View]
92835028How do you say exposed in your language?[View]
92832239we need your strength /sp/! lend us your energy to defeat the evil buyern monster![View]
92827437WHATS HIS NAME[View]
92834935>mfw Dortcucks thought they'll win the league after the 1:1[View]
92829415>25 years old >soon to be 26 Is he finished?…[View]
92833111>Mate slurping Lingard[View]
92833796Clearly inside![View]
92830626OH NO NO NO[View]
92834652What's his endgame ?[View]
92830041>have team full of lazy over-paid mercenaries >decide to spend 300 million to replace the enti…[View]
92834621>The annihilators of Augsburg >The Manhunt of Monchengladbach >The destroyers of Dortmund …[View]
92833890>nooooooooooo!!! you're not allowed to win, we played more attractive football!!…[View]
92832899/bundes/: *LAST MÄTCHDAY edition* >upcoming: SATURDAY 18/05 /bundes/ 15:30 Bayern München - Eintr…[View]
92834472OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
92823608Early Bayern München Celebration Thread: Get in here[View]
92834432this is the top us female athlete[View]
92834383*wins the title*[View]
92833719ETERNAL BLUE MOON THREAD: Live from Wembley edition[View]
92832981Have you taken the balopill /sp/ ????[View]
92833194pukki :D[View]
92832021Will he make your team better?: Earlier this year, Brit pundits compared him to Mbappe[View]
92831076the white zidane[View]
92831719what is this faggots problem?[View]
92828340You can only post ITT if your team is number 1 in the league. Not so fast, New Dork and Losston[View]
92833528At this point should I just stop caring? The ownership doesn’t give a crap about the quality of the …[View]
92830699Welcome back to Manchester United ● stepovers and dives ● HD 1080p ● #OlesAtTheWheel ● IR IR[View]
92822396This is why they're the biggest club in the world.[View]
92829501Name a better CB pairing[View]
92819900ITT celebrity fans of your team[View]
92832555Did /sp/ watch Badminton ?[View]
92825682Marcelo: I think there’s a strong arguement for Marcelo being the best LB ever in his prime. What d…[View]
92832941*gets Allegri sacked* *ruins Dybala*[View]
92822811heem: >>92816542 https://youtu.be/awe17wZLP8c[View]
92832538Idk why Juve is interested in this cunt. Hes just an older shittier dybala.[View]
92832601What do these clubs have >Manchester City >Leicester City >FC Barcelona >Olympique Lyonn…[View]
92832638Who can stop us?[View]
92833075*saved from regionalliga*[View]
92822001>3 countries to host a single tournament Cringe[View]
92829250>muh dunks[View]
92816189Why have Arsenal been shit ever since they moved to the Emirates?[View]
92805971/bundes/: *almoft laft mätfday edifion* >upcoming: SATURDAY 18/05 /bundes/ 15:30 Bayern München -…[View]
92821373/nrl/ - Premiership Contenders Edition: Titans v Bulldogs Cowboys v Eels Raiders v Rabbitohs[View]
92832582How do you pronounce his name?: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0e2okzyxa2x[View]
92828413Where were you when a man's life was destroyed because he quoted the bible on his private insta…[View]
92832367Wtf how does Atletico keep getting all the cute boipussy?[View]
92830615UEFA Market Research: Hello 4channel, I have been tasked with getting general feedback from the most…[View]
92818676The guilt weighs heavy: How does this bald fraud look at himself in the mirror?[View]
92830395>Paco >Digne >Deulofeu Why does Barcelona keep selling elite players?…[View]
92829194Was he exposed as a small baller?[View]
92801453/box/ BOMBZQUAD edition: Previous: >>92763199 >Saturday May 18 - Sky Sports UK DAZN US Ivan…[View]
92832000Why are Continental clubs so reluctant to rebrands compared to Brits?[View]
92817499For me, it's the Manchester Chevrolet's[View]
92824153this boomer should serve as a warning for Ajax zoomers[View]
92831173Give me 1(one) reason Larry Bird isnt the GOAT. >inb4 muh broken back[View]
92831208Can't be football[View]
92831961Which sport takes the most skill? Australian football, American football or soccer?[View]
92831735https://mobile.twitter.com/SuperfanMicky/status/1129313625028550656/video/1 Soulless vs SOUL…[View]
92826921>Me on the right[View]
92825170Marblelympics 2019: News: >The streaker is in custody and has been identified as a drunken Galact…[View]
92825265what's with zoomer players asking for a guaranteed starter spot rather than earning it?[View]
92818678/iihf/ Perro Kakko: FIN VS. GBR CZE VS. ITA[View]
92826881Statements that didn't age well[View]
92830785>Leave the bald fraud to me[View]
92829786Was this the greatest sporting event of 2018?[View]
92811748/cyc/ - /giro/: Giro d'Italia (cycling tour of Italy) stage 7: Vasto-L'Aquila 185 Km (**) …[View]
92830538Did Messi's arrogance lead to his downfall?[View]
92829973What position(football) did you take at the PE classes in your school days?: I was always thr goalke…[View]
92819709/wol/ - Watch our League: Watch our league is back on. This is the thread for all the small leagues…[View]
92830852Why couldn't he score at Anfield?[View]
92824216*very accurately passes the ball 5 meters to the side* *final whistle* >uhhhhhhhh and that does i…[View]
92823895Yeah, I’m thinkin’ we’re back.[View]
92830721Why can't he lead when he is so talented? I have never seen him shouting at his teammates or an…[View]
92828740How the fuck did not only one, but TWO MVPs wind up in this flyover backwater shithole? Somebody ple…[View]
92810076*solves your bill*[View]
92830931What went wrong?[View]
92825670>HE STAY HE STAY >MUH RAPTIES The Craptors are eternally shit and the only reason they got thi…[View]
92822802RAYS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Stanek V Sabathia[View]
92825621kek lol wheeze oh no[View]
92830783Ready to get raped, Spurs?[View]
92829478>implying this won't be the best soccer tournament this summer Less than month away now. I b…[View]
92815712*wins copa*[View]
92824577/hoc/: formerly /nhl/[View]
92810654/afl/: /afl/[View]
92830388UEFA Market Research: Hello 4channel, I have been tasked with getting general feedback from the most…[View]
92830290The best sports: What are the best and worst sports and how is it quantified? Top tier Football (the…[View]
92830254Big congrats to Watford for winning the FA Cup! Man City to throw this match because they will not w…[View]
92828479Does your pet like sports?[View]
92829488For me, it's Rock em Sock em 7[View]
92827193/nba/ - Raptors BTFO edition: Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong, /sp/?[View]
92824914Official Raptors Celebration Thread: I know it's still early but this thread is the official vi…[View]
92805725*blocks tottenham's CL title*[View]
92815753*ahem* FUCK TITE[View]
92824158>le throw 10 yard passes and gets carried by his team and coaching man why is this fraud consider…[View]
92829394what went wrong?[View]
92823144It seems like this nigger has never left his comfort zone and proven himself in another team. Why do…[View]
92829230*blocks Brazil’s Copa title*[View]
92828093What point does this team serve?[View]
92829218tfw you realize KD and Kyrie made up kn*cks rumor to fuck with the media: players are now waging ful…[View]
92829093LIU athletics has a new mascot, and their Wrestling Team is also competing in NCAA Division One for …[View]
92827454OH NO NO NO NO[View]
92827096Is this the most Browns play ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz8y_SU3CPE[View]
92826388Official Twins @ Mariners Gamethread: Gonzales vs Perez[View]
92822878/heem/ ESPN era edition: Silva is done Aldo is done Rose is done tyrone is done khabib is a cutbaby …[View]
92827194>NBA >all first seed teams make finals >golden state wins by default >predictable as shi…[View]
92827039Sharks at Blues thread #2[View]
92822828Chicago Cubs @ Washington Nationals Official Gamethread: >Chicago Cubs 1. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF 2…[View]
92819869How do we fix this shit?[View]
92823883TOR @ CWS: Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago White Sox >kms edition[View]
92823788>GANDER OUTDOORS TRUCK SERIES >North Carolina Education Lottery 200 Racehub 8pm 8:30 p.m. ET …[View]
92818154Marble runs: WHAT HAPPEND TO EL POLLO LOCO?[View]
92826984St. Louis vs. Refs featuring San Jose game thread 4: thOTs Edition[View]
92824615/hoc/: No sunbelters No weebs[View]
92815702*loses another competition in home soil*[View]
92822929Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astro game thread: best fans in baseball edition[View]
92822987Mets @ Marlins Game Thread: deGrom vs. no one cares van wagenen sucks edition mickey is not a great …[View]

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