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90301282Really hyped for this fight! Anyone else excited?[View]
90299164>someone says no one likes the LA Rams >rest of post is in spanish…[View]
90293461do you prefer watching sports with your irl friends over watching with /sp/?[View]
90300939name my band spee[View]
90300999Hey, portuguese-fags, how is Militão playing for Porto? Is he any good? When he was playing in Brazi…[View]
90300856>le get injured every match man[View]
90300740ITT: Our guys[View]
90294753Is it true that the harder it is to score in a sport, the less rules there are? I mean compare Ameri…[View]
90300215Is a camel an athlete? https://www.instagram.com/p/BstUb4pnUBW/?utm_source=ig_embed[View]
90292968/cric/: BBL FIXTURES >Thu 17th Jan 9.15pm HAE v THU >Fri 18th Jan 11.30pm PRS v HOH >Sat 19…[View]
90297746/tennis/: Come on Stan! edition Official Site Links Draws: https://ausopen.com/draws Schedule: https…[View]
90298815Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90285534>over half the games played already >only 10 goals conceded so far >PL winners often finish…[View]
902955761st Place[View]
90287412Turkey Bros is Penis Cancer a Terrorist?[View]
90290902So /sp/, what's the call on the field?[View]
90297329Why did Lukaku's body go from soccer player to NFL player? Is it the Britbong diet?[View]
90299235Illuminati got football's 'assange-snowden'[View]
90215637Eternal Arsenal Thread: Where's Özil Edition[View]
90299117>picked his team from the 4 division >made his team a pl stable and ensured them a mid table p…[View]
90283910/nba/ general - EMBIID INDEED edition: GS: Steph Curry drops 8 triples in blowout win MIL: Giannis A…[View]
90290735Which era of Cartoon network was better?[View]
90296258shorks @ yotes gamethread: >2 goals in two minutes edition[View]
90296121OFFICIAL Edmonton Oilers @ Vancouver Canucks Gamethread: >playoffs >management >drafting …[View]
90297537How do you think your X team would fare against this Y team? I think we would probably win 1-0 Only …[View]
90276666Would you rather watch Boomer bowl or Zoomer bowl?[View]
90298076*triggers sjw*[View]
90297924Remember David Lee? NBA All-Star, had a couple solid years in New York? He's marrying Caroline …[View]
90297954Will this guy be the first ever to win a slam at 40? Is he the greatest athlete in history? Better …[View]
90296329Every time I hop on the bandwagon of the #1 team in a league, they ALWAYS immediately slip First it …[View]
90288795/tennis/ pennis /bundes/: Uae gay lol[View]
90267543/mlb/ general - MID-JANUARY edition: CLE: Three-team trade involving Kluber discussed NYY: Yankees m…[View]
90296964For me, it's the Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers, Agassi, and Manchester United[View]
90297320What's his endgame?[View]
90297310WHO GOT MY BACK? WE GOT YOUR BACK. WHO? WE. WHO? WE: Go 12's.[View]
90290482what the f**k is his problem?[View]
90291404Team of the Season so far: Pick your Team of the Season from the top 5 European leagues (England, Sp…[View]
90278220>le 28 year old prospect[View]
90295525Flames vs Sabres Gamethread[View]
90294166what the FUCK went wrong?: >have god tier managers (guttmann, sebes) >have god tier players (p…[View]
90291519U mad white boys?[View]
90266887Why is winning so hard in the NFL? Remember that loaded Seahawks team with all those rookie contrac…[View]
90296781Based Lissu winning olympic gold for Finland, not for inferior murica. Fuck America and fuck America…[View]
902949532018 Patriots vs 2013 Patriots: Damn...[View]
90295105Will we win the treble this year, las?[View]
90295641Why is this franchise such shit? How does Chris Wallace still have a job?[View]
90290952We've seen Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona etc But what does /sp/ thinks of this guy? He won a ballon d…[View]
90296362Hi rio do u want picking up in the morning pal[View]
90287719was it autism?[View]
90296102LETS GET THIS SHIT STARTED >celtics[View]
90290104/nfl/ general - NEW JAG CITY edition: PHI: Jaguars expected to make a run at Nick Foles ATL: Takk Mc…[View]
90291225OH NO NO NO[View]
90290328So this is power of best defence in the world? >3 shots on target >3 goals…[View]
90293283How do you feel about gymnastics, /sp/?[View]
90295005For me, It's Khazar FK[View]
90283691/nba/ general - Tatum is better on the Lakers Edition: GS:Steph Curry drops 8 triples in blowout win…[View]
90295467Why can't you guys just accept he's better than Ronaldo?[View]
90293766Who will solve football first?[View]
90290776LOOK AT THIS DUDEEEEEEEE: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO https://www.google.com/amp/s/en.…[View]
90293742WHO DAT[View]
90289931childhood was idolizing tom brady. adulthood is realizing that bledsoe was always better[View]
90294839Is it fixed?[View]
90274551/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Fooken Oil Edition: >Countdown to Australian GP: http://whe…[View]
90293880/heem/: this is the thread[View]
90290010*Raping Milan*[View]
90293700/HEEM/: Events: 1/16 - Alaska Fighting Championship 144 1/18 - LFA 57: Zalal vs. Mariscal 1/19 - One…[View]
90287921>Messi sucks at heade- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG__V83Z62Q…[View]
90290034/hoc/: slag edition[View]
90279493was he /elite/?[View]
90292616Don’t mind me: Just scootin’ to another owl superb[View]
90294180Raiders /EastLA/ check in. Fuck the Rams thread: Ramputos no pueden entrar en East LA, güey. Nación …[View]
90294003be honest here, the efl championship will desk him out of the promotion, aren't they?[View]
90292114Mrfix: Been a while since I last posted. If you like free money, bet on there being a red card in th…[View]
90286298/ccg/: Why is he so based? What hot takes will he have for us today?[View]
90289010/HEEM/: Events: 1/16 - Alaska Fighting Championship 144 1/18 - LFA 57: Zalal vs. Mariscal 1/19 - One…[View]
90291550*solves Lampard*[View]
90288242Órale güey, let's fuck up some Rams fans, güey.: Fuck the Rams, puto. LA is still Raider nation…[View]
90291645>spurs player dropping like flies >levy still wont allow transfers Wtf…[View]
90281521ITT Cancer[View]
90272090*dabs on the non-/elites/* heh, nothing personal peasant[View]
90291021*gets dissolved by football*[View]
90289481/CR/ Real Madrid v Leganes, line up announced[View]
90292833I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE: No, I've never felt like this before[View]
90289910The N.F.L.’s Minority Head Coaching Ranks Are Thinning: The number of minority coaches in the N.F.L.…[View]
90288313Serge Aurier was arrested on Sunday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Pic related.[View]
90292840Hire me /sp/[View]
90292362*wins with fair play*[View]
90291415*Scores Blooter*[View]
90292480Which big club will buy Wan-Bissaka after his breakout season? https://www.whoscored.com/Articles/O…[View]
90285121/147/ Masters Snooker 2019: Wednesday, 16 January >13:00 GMT Judd Trump (Eng) v Kyren Wilson (Eng…[View]
90292627>Video starts with a Onefootball ad[View]
90292446*solves comebacks*[View]
90290708>The 1977 FA Cup Final was the final match of the 1976–77 FA Cup, the 96th season of England…[View]
90292330*solves football*[View]
90279822Could LeBron beat this nigga one on one?[View]
90291977*solves football*[View]
90290804*ruins your team's dressing room*[View]
90291922R.I.P Real: Last year they were 3time CL Champions. They still have the best player in the world in …[View]
90291976What's a non-shit website to watch La Liga online for free?[View]
90271024Extraordinary LELiga Junta - /elj/: La liga 1st round wrap up and Copa round of 16/2nd leg edition …[View]
90291295For me, it's Lionel Messi[View]
902903923-3 What a fantastic match , bye bye atletico de madrid[View]
90290950>kick up a fuss over nothing >lad you tried to get in trouble goes through your teams tactics…[View]
90281613>After further review, the ruling on the field stands. The ball was tipped up into the air and in…[View]
90286138/handball/ 2019 World Men's Handball Championship: Day 7 >Group B 15:30 Japan v Iceland 18:0…[View]
90290289We'll be right back.[View]
90286646ITT: Guess the player[View]
90287448/cric/ - Australia vs India third ODI: Comfy/cric/. NO doxxing. NO posting photos of other /cric/ po…[View]
90290327Do you think he said anything about tactic in his entire life, other than 'Pass it about'?[View]
90289826So apparently he now has a youtube channel.: >le 26 year old prospect man https://youtu.be/Kb4umO…[View]
90290219Post NFL teams that have 16 home games a year: >pic related[View]
90281403/NFL/ General - Alternate Timeline Edition: DEN:Ed Donatell follows Fangio to Denver as DC ATL:Takk …[View]
90289941https://twitter.com/gutila5ta/status/1085619569383874567?s=21: So... This is the power of Ronaldo ef…[View]
90287993Juventus vs AC Milan match thread: >Italy Super Cup Refball edition…[View]
90285481Barça is fucked[View]
90287034What if football was invented by the brits? What would change?[View]
90288652*Gives a presentation instructing every team in the league on how to beat Derby* BASED AS FUCK[View]
90288247/Comfyrama/ Match Thread: NOW >Guingamp vs Rennes >Monaco vs Nice >Nimes vs Nantes >T…[View]
90286203Daily reminder that we are the best per capita sporting nation in the world.[View]
90285196Asian Cup: HUGE day today 1:30pm (one hour) China v South Korea Kyrgyzstan v Philippines 4pm Iran v …[View]
90289792Your average West Ham supporter[View]
90289717*Did nothing*[View]
90275433Ramsfaggots got a green light on them if they walk in East Los, HP, or South Gate[View]
90285153> Austin FC Based or cringe?[View]
90289097i cant hear you[View]
90254011/seriea/+/calciomercato/ - Patrick Ibn-La'Ahadtrone edition: >Today (Coppa Italia) 17:30 Cag…[View]
90289132How many trophy-less seasons will arsecucks have to suffer before they realise that Wenger wasn…[View]
90287684Thoughts on Italian footballer Paolo Dybala?[View]
90289452For me, it's Fanny Schmelar >sniffffff[View]
90243929ITT: Footballers at clubs you don't remember them playing for[View]
90286780Do Europeans actually like the system in European football where the same teams win over and over ag…[View]
90289113UMA VEZ FLAMENGO[View]
90286511Post examples of great sports commentary. Starting with this classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
90283239was he elite?[View]
90288728>American sports are masculi- OH NONONO[View]
90277812/HEEM/: Events: 1/16 - Alaska Fighting Championship 144 1/18 - LFA 57: Zalal vs. Mariscal 1/19 - One…[View]
90283534ITT soulless clubs[View]
90288805*gets dissolved by bielsa*[View]
90281154Very cool Chelsea!, Jews rock![View]
90283935Scandinavian League: We need to unite our leagues[View]
90279748/tennis/ Australian Open 2019: Vekic Edition[View]
90287892/nba/ General - Warriors Lakers /WL/ Broship Dynasty Edition: NBA Headlines View All Headlines MEM:R…[View]
90288228Punished Salah ready to dab on Palace[View]
90283917Was he elite?[View]
90288399/CopaDelRey/ Leganes - Real Madrid: >literally who edition[View]
90287194Welcome to Chelsea[View]
90285825Oi ye don get on me plane wit out a loicence[View]
90284693Most Humiliating Skills 2019 • 4K Mega Skills Show 18/19: Ngl the dopamine rush after you do a nice …[View]
90286719How did he go from winning nothing in 3 years and on the verge of getting sacked to being one of the…[View]
90286980Visit Rwanda.[View]
90288120>playing supercup in the middle of the season in some muslim shithole why…[View]
90288112Watch juve vs acmilan now live and free on YouTube serie a channel https://youtu.be/e2zcPKmg3G4[View]
90287927My stats >25 >5’10 >>lost 120/54.4 lbs this past year after being morbidly obese (was 32…[View]
90286487Is she the rose of the norf?[View]
90287813>Comfy NFL season >Burrs, Chargers, Colts, Ravens, Iggles competing >Wind up with the Patri…[View]
90277769Is he already the GOAT?: How can one man be so based?[View]
90280047/nba/ general - WELCOME TO THE JAM edition: MIN: Tyus Jones (ankle) goes to locker room DEN: Gary Ha…[View]
90287721First win in 326 days with a last minute pen. Based[View]
90287469Are we, dare I say it, ELITE?[View]
90279369Give Them Your Energy[View]
90287575Thank you, Mr. Silver[View]
90286989>cucks the worthless manlet out of the CL final and world cup[View]
90287220>162 regular season games Who watches this 'sport'. The games are already so long and boring, and…[View]
90282438/Liverpool/: Top of the table. Everyone seething. Gomez to start training next week probably. TAA ou…[View]
90287315RIP Leeds United Season 2018-2019[View]
90265633What did this braindead fag mean by this?[View]
90285952Help me understand Barça's logic: So Barcelona wants to buy De Jong even though they have 8 pla…[View]
90281832Why did the NFL blacklist this gay chad?: he was a two times defensive mvp.[View]
90287050SKEEEYUUPPP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WmMj4lfpdc[View]
90286305Boycott the Superbowl: Anyone skipping the Superbowl this year if the Patriots are in it again? The …[View]
90285574They made a doc about janni lads https://youtu.be/Oi0zQizh0jM[View]
90280913ITT: post based as fuck athletes[View]
90271038Redpill me on this team, what happened? Dritte Bundesliga, how? I always group them with Nürnberg in…[View]
90286297>American commentator >something exciting happens >”ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!”…[View]
90286352Any updates on the Ngubu transfer situation? I really hope he re-ups his contract at Norf[View]
90254559What was the best /sp/ thread of 2018? My vote is pic related[View]
90286423You are rooting for our based boys Vitória, right anon?[View]
90286196Why's he so shit?[View]
90274247Rank them: Its time to settle this once and for all[View]
90285975bro culture: bro culture[View]
90276306>le 18 year old prospect man[View]
90282673How did Mourinho being the guy who parks the bus even start as a meme? >Chelsea manager Jose Mour…[View]
90271962Spot the difference /sp/[View]
90276565/nrl/ - thats my peem edition[View]
90285376>Real Madrid Are Rubbing Cristiano Ronaldo Out Of Their History If you ain't with us, you an…[View]
90285157I-I...I miss you, Boss..[View]
90278567>make 21 senior appearances in the championship >get called up to the 2006 world cup squad on …[View]
9028316414 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3oVT5CsUY4[View]
90273047Who are the most romantic teams?: You know, the clubs fairytales are made of, your Celtic's, yo…[View]
90273689Was he elite /sp/? I have some friends that don't rate him at all[View]
90276597Are you fucking kidding me?[View]
90284183We'll be right back.[View]
90285343how will /sp/ react when we win the league?[View]
90282199/tv/ here. I'm not really into sports except for Olympics kino. What's /sp/ like?[View]
90285308On 14 August 1981, Lienen suffered a severe injury, as Norbert Siegmann of Werder Bremen slit his th…[View]
90275496Okay, this is epic https://youtu.be/QqFPntaouFk[View]
90281119Giant as fug snowstorm about to slam into Arrowhead Stadium and more this weekend.: https://www.accu…[View]
90257028Why does Donaldo talk so much shit about Messi? >Shortly after making the switch, Ronaldo laid do…[View]
90285025Will he ever get utterly BTFO in ring?[View]
90264188ITT: Post unlikely match results that actually happened[View]
90283339*links up with the queen to deliver checkmate*[View]
90280496What was the greatest game you ever watched?[View]
90281867players who did nothing wrong[View]
90274014/aaf/ general: >25 days[View]
90282448Give /ourteam/ your energy! We need Brady & the gang eating McD's at the White House![View]
90284626Early Gonzalo thread: Ha segnato, con il numero 9 GONZALOO _______[View]
90283971/tennis/: Australian Open Day 3 https://ausopen.com/schedule[View]
90284460Athletes with the biggest hands: Is Tom Brady the athlete with the biggest hands in the world[View]
90281816Who's the Michael's?[View]
90277282Why is he always smiling? What is he thinking about?[View]
90268223Im not gay but...[View]
90284140reminder that henry made more progress and showed more character in monaco then this tool in arse, w…[View]
90284111/nba/ general - BIRD IS THE WORD edition: GS: Steph Curry drops 8 triples in blowout win MIL: Gianni…[View]
90284019/nba/ general - BASED WADE edition: GS: Steph Curry drops 8 triples in blowout win MIL: Giannis Ante…[View]
90276730/tennis/: Australian Open Day 3 https://ausopen.com/schedule[View]
90274924what sports does sp play?: for me its in summer football and winter futsal. im fast and brety skille…[View]
90270293*steals from you*[View]
90269247/147/ Masters Snooker 2019: Tuesday, 15 January >13:00 GMT Mark Williams (Wal) v Neil Robertson (…[View]
90260969You now remember Gareth Southgate as Middlesbrough manager[View]
90283658Pep Guardiola admits he is unfair for many Manchester City stars: Source: https://thefirstnewspaper.…[View]
90276182Why is this guy still with the Steelers? If he were on some other team, he would've been fired …[View]
90276363/cric/: BBL FIXTURES >today 9.15pm SIX v REN >Thu 17th Jan 9.15pm HAE v THU >Fri 18th Jan …[View]
90275022>British boxing match >Sweet Caroline starts playing…[View]
90282677>14 years old >still SHITS on madden how did they do it bros…[View]
90283122Jordan.. Pippen.. Bogues all in the game. NBA Live 2002? Now THAT was a game[View]
90283138virgin korzemba vs Chad Andy Hoops[View]
90281858well /sp/?[View]
90274966In terms of elegance of rules is there any sport that can hold a candle to Rugby? handeggers need no…[View]
90280189Jewish QB's: Can we have a non-racist discussion?: Can we not make fun of (((Josh Rosen's)…[View]
90279896/hoc/: caniacs are ded edition[View]
90260223'Adam Gase eyes new beginning with the Jets'[View]
90281570fuck off warriors[View]
90273410Skip Bayless: ...'but Dak Prescott played with more 'heart' than Jared Goff...'[View]
90280403Early TSUUUUU Thread[View]
90280977Lakers vs Bulls: Los Angeles vs. Chicago[View]
90279422What is the greatest sporting event that you ever attended in person? Pic related. The broadcast did…[View]
90281644Best Goalkeeper[View]
90281663Lmao who did this[View]
90271155This man was greater than Arsenal. Prove me wrong[View]
90281597What is going on here?[View]
90281231That's insane, how did he do it???[View]
90277528/nfl/ general - Passing The Torch Edition: CAR:Panthers unsure if Newton requires surgery NYJ:Jets f…[View]
90281352Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90279202Tampa Bay Lighting@Dallas Stars Official Game Thread: can't wait to get less than 20 posts…[View]
90259999What is your preferred MLS chant?[View]
90262973AFTV: 'I'M SICK OF IT WOBBIE'[View]
90242786Don't lie to me. Was that his last game in an eagles uniform?: Say no please Im gonna fucking c…[View]
90280395Oh, hey, spee[View]
90279659what went wrong?[View]
90268137Make your own god damned thread[View]
90267131/nba/ general - MUH PELLIES edition: NO:Anthony Davis posts stellar 46/16/4/3/1 line POR:Damian Lill…[View]
90277498CAR @ NYR gamethread: Carolina Hurricanes @ New York Rangers >game starts at 7 pm (2 am in Finlan…[View]
90275687>Racing Club de Avellaneda >they don't even race…[View]
90277073/hoc/: This is /hoc/ - Hockey General. All posts related to cricket or other sports are off-topic an…[View]
90279413Could the Moscow Spartans, the best American football team in Russia, beat the Arizona Cardinals, th…[View]
90277017“I don’t even know what that means … I don’t have Twitter. I don’t have Instagram. I don’t look at t…[View]
90258413ITT: Post other nations footballers could have played for: Starting with a well known one, in anothe…[View]
90279213If you are a fan of any of this state's teams, you should have just killed yourself[View]
90057418/cbb/ general - JANUARY JITTERS edition: > no /cfb/ thread > no /cbb/ thread Unacceptable. Als…[View]
90277732/CBB/ general: Who wants to talk college basketball? Got the biggest game in the UVA VT tonight and …[View]
90279072Which duo is it for you? Terry and Carvalho or Vidic and Ferdinand?[View]
90278811For me it's the early 2010s 49ers[View]
90272910>The final was 184 days ago >These tourists are STILL HERE Why hasn't croatia left yet? …[View]
90270404LEGEND nuff said[View]
90277337Skateboarding made simple: Can you please post a link to download Skateboarding made simple vol.1 fo…[View]
90278426Thoughts on Andrew Luck?[View]
90264618Mahomes and Baker: Are they the next generation's Tom Brady and Peyton Manning?[View]
90278447What is the best NFL theme and why is it NFL on CBS[View]
90260332where the FUCK is our nfl team, amerisharts?[View]
90278630Kevin Durant Leaving this Year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsD6fhWGqEY[View]
90276845Hey bros, how can I become a Chad?: How do you be a turbochad like Tom Brady? Wasn't he shit in…[View]
90252380/trans/ - Double-barreled surnames edition: >Bournemouth have decided they’ll happily sell strike…[View]
90277981For me it's Dan Marino[View]
90264696/nfl/ general - Goof and The Goose Edition: GB:Packers bring aboard Nathaniel Hackett as OC MIN:Viki…[View]
90272172Kane out until at least March: >https://twitter.com/SpursOfficial/status/1085220088712695808 Pres…[View]
90254064Penaldo eternally btfoed: He’s right y’know[View]
90269857>one of the biggest soccer consuming countries on the planet >not a single good player Wtf…[View]
90277545For me it's Bongo Christ[View]
90270085He's fucking 25 years old and you still hear pundits and retards refer to him as a youth talent…[View]
90259765/HEEM/: Events: 1/16 - Alaska Fighting Championship 144 1/18 - LFA 57: Zalal vs. Mariscal 1/19 - One…[View]
90277512ITT: gigachad-approved clubs[View]
90269285This is Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy. He plays for Huddersfield Town in the Premier League and w…[View]
90269948/handball/ 2019 World Men's Handball Championship: Day 6 >Group A 15:30 Russia v Brazil 18:0…[View]
90273129Patrick Mahomes? I'm New England.[View]
90276356Wait, what![View]
90273985How fucked are they now[View]
90274277STARTS IN 45 BINGS[View]
90276652I don't want him to go, bros.[View]
90276665*wins super bowl in a 'down' year*[View]
90273870Will Ferdinand ever recover from shilling hard for Ashley?[View]
90270049>cucking yourself of the most talented young midfielder rb becaus you cant let go of old man raki…[View]
90276335For me, it's Kylian Mbappe.[View]
90274711You are watching pic related's first game for FC Porto, right, /sp/?[View]
90276257Press conference kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwM4Ip24PyI[View]
90269742Great Debate, The[View]
90272609How can autistic manlets who choke in big matches and literally lose 3 national team finals in 3 sum…[View]
90270697De Jong is officially Ligue 1 propriety >b-but, farmers league!! /sp/ absolutely BTFO!!…[View]
90276025Is he the white Messi?[View]
90269310Sean McVay: Serious question: Is he always on Adderall?[View]
90269447The Best GKs in the world as of now: 1. Ter Stegen 2. Oblak 3. Alisson 4. De Géa 5. Courtois 6. Eder…[View]
90273331>the other team just wanted it more[View]
90254270How is he always so fucking correct?: Why does this man continue to be so based? everything he says …[View]
90269187Asian Cup 2019 - Australia/Syria and Jordan/Palestine Match Thread: Jordan is first no matter what b…[View]
90273750>english people pretending that the EPL is the best league in the world…[View]
90269100/bundes/: *UNBESIEGT edition*[View]
90258902ITT: Guess a player based on the number of throphies and titles won[View]
90252973/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - The First Call Edition: >Countdown to Australian GP: http:/…[View]
90272819>Top scorers for the MLS 2018 season Jesus christ we're worse than the brits…[View]
90245793/box/ AND THE NEW edition: Previous>>90243255 >Friday January 18 - ESPN+ US Bryant Jennings…[View]
90274070>Mahomes is gonna win![View]
90253154daily reminder that Iverson is the GOAT[View]
90089015/copalib/ - yfw da tigars win da copa edition: - Copa Sao Paulo do funny names u20 started - friend…[View]
90269973>Tfw elite speed and explosive power genetics but horrible skinnyfat physique and muscle building…[View]
90268751So, you gonna watch this, /sp/? >Reminder that Sir Bobby Robson was a much better manager than va…[View]
90271648is their anything more cringe than some washed up old boomer that can't let it go? this will no…[View]
90231072/xnfl/ was right: >7-7 >Suddenly flags are being thrown left and right >'Finally, Chargers …[View]
90272005mourinho to become BEin commentator for premier league matches: https://www.marca.com/en/football/in…[View]
90272092Do you remember him?[View]
90273254> I've always felt like a second daddy to him[View]
90264639/nfl/ NFL EDITION: >NFL[View]
90273104You know remember, Yohan Cabaye.[View]
90257010>le dribbles a lot but has no end product man[View]
90271715So we all agree Koln and Hamburger MUST go up, right?[View]
90270749>he cares about rival teams almost as much, if not more than his own team ishygddt…[View]
90233227This team makes the NFL so fucking boring: Yet another season where the Pats are in the AFC Champ ga…[View]
90271849Every 15 years the Patriots, Red Sox and Lightning will all win their respective titles. Place your …[View]
90272433>gasol refuses to join okc >maaan this man cares about things that arent apehoop >doninc pl…[View]
90272187>Gavin Whyte: Police look into Oxford United & Northern Ireland forward lewd act video https:…[View]
90272130>Leave NFL to me.[View]
90271333now this is epic: why would the GOAT subject himself to be besides these two fraud manlets ?[View]
90271831Are Chelsea's run finished?: People always talk about Arsenal or United but I can see Chelsea g…[View]
90270535footballers with body abnormalities let's start with Zambrotta's feet[View]
90271447*dabs on your team[View]
90259637You know what’s sad? This guy could’ve been the GOAT if his knees weren’t made of glass[View]
90270289Is Messe the best player of Sports??? Sorry for bad english[View]
90270071/Liverpool/: Still on top. More injuries. Man city paying referees.[View]
90258310Romo: So what's the verdict on him? Never really kept up with Dallas while he played. Was he go…[View]
90270825>Korea >dabs on the world cup reigning champions and knocks them out >Japan >bottles a …[View]
90269715> Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold sidelined for around 4 weeks with knee injury. Georgini…[View]
90263747>COME ON CITEH[View]
90270274White Messi[View]
90270718Football rules question.: Is there actually anything stopping your teammates from being able to lift…[View]
90266477Will any other European leagues ever become big? Do you think any country can join the ranks of Engl…[View]
90270432GO ON MABIL MY SAN[View]
90270415*have won only Korean cup*[View]
90269587>Have to pair up for PE to do warmups >Odd one out so you have to pair up with the teacher…[View]
90270088>athletes with the same weight as me are 10 or more cms taller than me[View]
90235619/nrl/: sorry i didn't keep the thread alive Edition lets get this bad boy to 50 posts[View]
90269905Remember when United were unironically playing this cunt almost every match?[View]
90269532>when he listens to music his imaginary pro highlight reel plays in his head…[View]
90269667You now remember Mereiles[View]
90251836Be afraid, shitty, be very afraid[View]
90269575what did the knight of nutella mean by this?[View]
90269551For me, it's Nigerian international Ross Effanga[View]
90267813how long can he keep his 100% win record?[View]
90259795>his country hasn't made a song about the GOAT modern player oof https://youtu.be/uJHVGiUM-T…[View]
90252842AMATEUR SWIMMING: Hey guys! What is the best swimming shorts: the thermal or compression? I saw conf…[View]
90260048Could he have saved Real Madrid?[View]
90259301https://twitter.com/NFLonFOX/status/1084929307548381184 who ya got /sp/? honestly shocked the polls …[View]
90269224Press F[View]
90265346Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7spUSaIgCOY[View]
90257019The Eagles tie multiple teams for the shortest dynasty in NFL history: Congratulations to the Philad…[View]
90260922>Congratulations Clemson on your undefeated season[View]
90268302/cric/: /hoc/[View]
90255525>the whitest team in the NFL is also the best How do they manage this considering that the leagu…[View]
90259923Terry: “Oh yeah Howie hahahahahahahahhaaha” Howie: “hahahahahahahahs” Everyone on set: “hahahahahaha…[View]
90257111Based Jason Whitlock is calling this man the Muhammad Ali of his generation, the absolute GOAT ATHLE…[View]
90247951Is Norway or Sweden better at sports? Who are the best Norwegian and Swedish athletes of all time?[View]
90260261Thoughts on BEWD?[View]
90255403there gonna win again arent they[View]
90262892Remember when we stole Canada's only top-class footballer?[View]
90266330/cric/: Aussie 283/7 at Adelaide.[View]
90262865/wnba/ general - 23 AND ME edition: Back for their 23rd season on May 24th. Are you excited to watch…[View]
90268165Is this cringe or based?[View]
90267248>Patrick Mahomes? I'm New England[View]
90259149What went wrong?[View]
90253872ONE LEFT /SP/[View]
90267187How much PROTEIN do PRO Soccer players eat per day?[View]
90263469Tennis: Australian Open Mugu playing[View]
90267128/mlb/: mlbtraderumours.com but the stove is tepid at best[View]
90267794>yfw da bears win da superb owl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjuszJUbaZI…[View]
90254509When you're waiting for a joke to be over but It's taking forever[View]
90267618It's time for him to save the Lakers, we all know it[View]
90215224/mlb/ general - DADS edition: WAS: Phillies still optimistic on Harper, Machado CWS: Report: Rays ey…[View]
90267498No, seriously, what the fuck was wrong with him? He had to have been legitimately high off something…[View]
90266672Sign da 700k per week contract ngubu.. You deserve it lad.[View]
90261233In Manchester United he got carried by Scholes, Rooney, and Tevez, who all went along to win the lea…[View]
90262272/nba/ general - ROCKETS SPURS /RS/ BROSHIP DYNASTY edition: SA: Rudy Gay (sprained wrist) targeting …[View]
90266849Ping Pong: Are these guys considered decent at ping pong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zryinTAJid…[View]
90263272>tie for the best record in the conference >get rewarded with two away playoff games on the op…[View]
90265307Nostalgia thread? Nostalgia thread![View]
90182400/LigaMX/: 128-bits Edition >Week-2: anon promised to share sauce during CruzAzul vs Chivas >La…[View]
90266113Your supporting /ourteam/ to win the Super Bowl right anon? Don't you want to see Brady & t…[View]
90257732After the snap Icing the kicker Defense Three points will automatically be added to Chicago’s score …[View]
90262496/hoc/: STL @ WSH, 7 pm MIN @ PHI COL @ TOR CHI @ NJ MTL @ BOS, 7:30 BUF @ EDM, 9 pm (7 pm Mountain)…[View]
90264444Who /sad/ here?[View]
90259862>Kane out for a month When did this mong even get injured?[View]
90260608ITT: Overrated as fuck players[View]
90260304/nfl/ General: THINK FAST edition: GB:Packers bring aboard Nathaniel Hackett as OC MIN:Vikings hire …[View]
90261660Daily reminder that the Chicago bears are OUT of the playoffs after losing in the first round. And C…[View]
90259457/heem/: previous: >>90247705[View]
90260299/nfl/ general - Pic Related Is My Bitch edition: IND: GM on Vinatieri's Colts future: 'We…[View]
90263650What is your 'Go-to' move /sp/?[View]
90256849The reason he triggers flyovers so much is simple: he represents the superiority of coastal cities o…[View]
90258292Man City vs Wolves 2[View]
90262783>violent = good[View]
90251741/tennis/: Aus Open Murrie kill Good day ahead[View]
90262388The Virgin sportsball fan >spends most of his free time and money on muh team >buys XXXXL je…[View]
90263145Leave the Saints to me[View]
90261941what did TIGGZ mean by this?[View]
90260325Official Chicago Blackhawks @ New Jersey Devils Game Thread: 6 PM start[View]
90260622/wcbb/ general: It's UConn's world, the rest of us are just living in it.[View]
90252570Who is your team's Tango?[View]
90259702/hoc/: We need a bench update. STL @ WSH, 7 pm MIN @ PHI COL @ TOR CHI @ NJ MTL @ BOS, 7:30 BUF @ E…[View]
90260779/ECW/ General Discussion: Only old fags will remember ECW pre-WWE take over. My favorite is Sabu he…[View]
90247584/nba/ General - Warriors Lakers /WL/ Broship Dynasty Edition: NBA Headlines View All Headlines DEN:N…[View]
90258515Well, I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s t…[View]
90258869Flondola: Flondola[View]
90261629the ultimate question[View]
90261686Well, /sp/? Why doesn't he?[View]
90259351Gentlemen, a toast to the Elite Four.[View]
90261437This guy makes me proud to be a racist biter[View]
90261296Messi 2018/2019 22 apps 23 goals 12 assists 1 goal from penalties Rolando 2018/2019 25 apps 15 goals…[View]
90249566>PSV (2 seasons) averages 1 goal per game wins Netherlands Cup, ending a 6-year drought top score…[View]
90249701/cric/: richo on suicide watch might be a game on as well[View]
90254210For me, its Jan Oblak[View]
90251312Good Morning /elite/bros I hope you have an /elite/ week![View]
90253829>/sp/... I need a cheap striker who assure goals...Immediately. Who would you suggest? Except Mor…[View]
90260716Has there ever been a more based as fuck moment in association football? >When I went there one o…[View]
90251958/handball/ 2019 World Men's Handball Championship: Day 5 >Group A 15:30 Serbia v Brazil 18:0…[View]
90257627Virgil van Dijk: How can one man be this Chad?[View]
90255909/nfl/ general - SUPERB edition: IND: GM on Vinatieri's Colts future: 'We'll see'…[View]
90251750/147/ Snooker Masters Thread: >13:00 GMT: Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) v Stuart Bingham (Eng) htt…[View]
90259374WTF: >Liverpool plays the next 2 (two) games at home >City plays the next 2 (two) games away H…[View]
90260027Who's winning the G.O.A.T atm?[View]
90259908/bundes/: Ulle for Bundesliga mascot edition /bundes/ is officially professional subedition[View]
90254873>400 goals in 435 Liga games Feels good to live in the age of the GOAT.…[View]
90259678Are we all in agreement that the Premier League is reddit and La Liga is 4chan?[View]
90258671Is Alexis injured again? He wasn't even on the bench against Spurs yesterday[View]
90253671Dynasties come out of nowhere. The Patriots. The Warriors. Amazon, too. Jeff Bezos sold books out of…[View]
90258809why is a player with these capabilities playing in this shitty team?[View]
90255840Is he right, lads? Is Incey the true GOAT?[View]
90248965ITT: Athletes you want to see get BLACKED[View]
90250215/hoc/: Bulju edition[View]
90258505Rank this city's sports fans[View]
90258058My daily diet lads. What sport best suits me?[View]
90257739ITT: Guaranteed Busts[View]
90256395What time is it?: *checks time* Yep... it's victory time my Citizens[View]
90259342Really makes you think...[View]
90247705/heem/ prison bitch edition: Events: 1/16 - Alaska Fighting Championship 144 1/18 - LFA 57: Zalal vs…[View]
90252986ITT: Pleb filter footballers https://twitter.com/AwayDaysVideos/status/1084828315406557184[View]
90257589lads... i missed the eagles game last night what time do the eagles olay next sunday?[View]
90259066*dominates combat sports*[View]
90258975Most based mascot of all time?: Youppi was once ejected from a game for trolling too hard https://y…[View]
90256249I think that you probably won't say it again[View]
90246371POWERFUL #love #blessed[View]
90257799Where does the >25yo prospect meme come from?[View]
90258776Is he the most underrated in the history of the sport?[View]
90253875*is a top 5 midfielder*[View]
90256318World's best goalkeeper.[View]
90253860Eagles QB discussion: Serious thread, who is going to be the QB next year bros? Wentz is more talen…[View]
90251664Scotlands shame andy murray: LETS GET THIS SHIT STARTED >SCOTKEKS >SCOTTISH ''MEN…[View]
90257800Americans vs anyone else: >American /sp/ Good discussion of our sports, funny shitposting >Int…[View]
90258425miss him x[View]
90254892>b-but Ronaldo was better than Mbappe at 19 >b-but Ronaldo was a beast at that age fuck off…[View]
90258295*Wins the champions league and dabs on boomers*[View]
90255793Manchester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers: 20:00 Greenwich Mean time Kickoff Lineups forthcoming…[View]
90255645One starts his career at a average club with barely any good player in it proving himself to be good…[View]
90257588Cristiano Ronaldo slammed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic for bull***t move: >'Cristiano is talking about n…[View]
90253102Please, beat man shitty[View]
90257914The Patriots are the good guys Every other NFL team are the bad guys[View]
90257060HE'S WINNING ANOTHER: 'Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same.'[View]
90257882Step aside Aguero! HERE COMES JESUS[View]
90215881/biathlon/ Today's relay edition: Get in lads, its starting in 30 minutes.[View]
90256025Official Manchester City vs Wolves match thread: rape incoming >Champions Ederson, Walker, Stones…[View]
90249032how do we fix the nba?: this sport is destined to become more popular, and potentially more popular …[View]
90254872You now remember Champions League winner Raúl Meireles[View]
90254393Is it morally wrong to be a liverpool fan.[View]
90252812Asian Cup: Two games today, both at 4pm (just over 1 bong) India v Bahrain UAE v Thailand myoplay.ne…[View]
90257058>no flo no balon d'or[View]
90257045>Halftime Show: Re-enactment of the Battle of New Orleans Absolutely based…[View]
90255752/bundes/: This is Bundes[View]
90252169it’s time for /sp to stop being faggots and grow up[View]
90256762Conmebol is the superior league on this planet. You can't prove me wrong.[View]
90256789You may only post in this thread if your country has a chess player rated at least 1473 on the offic…[View]
90256746>the signings, BOSS.[View]
90248305Spurs slipped yesterday. City will slip today.[View]
90252776thoughts ?[View]
90256424Wrf wgy[View]
90254838andre schürrle: >chelsea in eplel >11 goals in 44 games >Volkswagen in bundesliga >10 go…[View]
90254976>using romantic relationship metaphors in sports discussions[View]
90250938Larry motherfucking Bird: Michael Jordan is 0-6 in the playoffs vs Larry bird The greatest ball play…[View]
90254966> Hudson-Odoi to REFUSE any new Chelsea deal and will run down his contract if they refuse to let…[View]
90254476Why does he tolerate Skipp?[View]
90256253*solves the EPLEL in 1 week*[View]
90256238Is this the call that saved Matchroom?[View]
90255678Is he the most overrated player of all time? He burnt out early and literally didn't have any d…[View]
90256116How seething will /sp/ be in a few months?: I think it may kill the board for weeks.[View]
90250601/tennis/ - Australian Open: Andy Murray's career is potentially over. Official Site Links Draws…[View]
90249066>b-but, De gay!! Fuck off already.[View]
90254378Will he leave City if he fails to win a title this season? (League Cup doen't count)[View]
9024922854,194 fans: this is Japanese High School Football Competition[View]
90253610/nfl/ general: Math Edition: LAC:Antonio Gates wants to play in 2019 FA:Jaguars interview John DeFil…[View]
90240854Does a 2nd ring make him better than Aaron Rodgers All Time?[View]
90253178Can he do it again?[View]
90253427Last hope for ASEAN football ?[View]
90247171The Rams are in the NFCCG and we in LA don't give a fuck: We are NOT a Rams city We will NEVER …[View]
90255547Klopp lite BTFO[View]
90249496Realistically, who can stop us form winning the Champion's League?[View]
90255456Bend over.[View]
90253191*collect 350k paycheck* *back to playing fortnite*[View]
90250880Best league right here la[View]
90254373Eli Manning is still a very competent Quarterback. He was not the problem this season, they would be…[View]
90254842Wellcome to Dortmund!: Another Talent that will be worth 50 Million dollar next year ;-)[View]
90252984Let’s be real - we got refballed. We’re it not for that phantom sack call before the half, we would’…[View]
90242995Is he the most overrated in the history of this sport?[View]
9025266812 INCHES: 12 I N C H E S I N C H E S[View]
90251200BBC: Spurs losing could be good for them: You can't make this shit up[View]
90252577ITT: The average footy fan: >Luka no striker >Luka less goals >Luka bad…[View]
90253150You now know that based virgil van dijk actually had a deadbeat white dad. https://www.dreamteamfc.c…[View]
90254566>Garrett extended into 2040 >Linehan getting comfy >Kris Richard taking over for Marinelli …[View]
90254501Are these guys considered decent at ping pong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zryinTAJid0…[View]
90251515AFC Championship game will be an Arcticb owl: >'Early forecast predictions for the Kansas City Ch…[View]
90254434Been thinking of ordering this jersey, should I? https://www.claptoncfc.co.uk/store/CCFC-Away-shirt-…[View]
90254439Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk muito engracado[View]
90249946ITT: good hairstyles[View]
90250966Say something nice about him.[View]
90253147I hope India will win against Bahrain in today's Asian Cup match....[View]
90252290A E S T H E T I C[View]
90252560Slow down. The sidewalk's for regular walking, not for fancy walking.[View]
90249670Is he elite?[View]
90253928OH NO NO NO[View]
90254038>when your Football Manager playerfu's career is derailed by injuries Is there a worse feel …[View]
90224552/bundes/: *bauern win another mickey mouse cup edition[View]
9025351800ITT: Teams who exceeded expectations and have nothing to be ashamed over how their season ended: I…[View]
90253812/aaf/ general: >26 days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDxO_eFKltU…[View]
90251082>Klopp standing next to Virgil ‘big’ van Dijk, who’s known for his immense height Notice anythin…[View]
90252779>Hands down I've got the best hands in the NFL What did he mean by this?…[View]
90247986/nfl/ general - Fuck Tom Brady: CLE:Browns expected to hire Steve Wilks as DC CLE:Browns bring in To…[View]
90253378Who's got the link to the clips? https://apple.news/A4V03VGoaQNeCxyY_3wspxQ[View]
90252766Who is the greatest football player of all time? (Pic unrelated)[View]
90252800not a single player has dribbled past Virgil van Dijk this season(31 games)[View]
90242856>Won the Owl last season >Defense gets riddled with injuries >Barely made the playoffs. …[View]
90253242Post WEAK MIND players[View]
90252426How did he lose the pace?[View]

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