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Displaying 16 expired threads from the past 3 days

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669084Backlit sign... I'm having trouble with realistic renders in 3DS Max 2016 using MentalRay. I…[View]
668999Is 3d animation hard?[View]
663521https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/allegorithmic-joining-adobe-family Well, it's been fun while…[View]
659541>when you put the animation to render overnight and you go to bed and the pc acts like a room hea…[View]
669011Hello, /3/. I've already read the pinned thread, but I haven't found this. Do I need to be…[View]
668854Where do I find N64 era low poly nudes of anime girls?[View]
667065Drawing vs 3D: Sorry for this generacy. But. im a failed comic artist. Or rather one in training. I…[View]
668942help lost animation: hey guys sorry to be shit but for the last few months i have been trying to fin…[View]
668556Hello there /3/, i am looking to get into the entertainment industry and i would like to learn 3D mo…[View]
663867/fractal general/: anyone on this board know anything about 3d fractals? especially in houdini and m…[View]
668687Um, hello, I would like to make cartoons in adobe flash. Is this the right board to discuss that sor…[View]
666505>be me >making nsfw comic for discord group >send progress pic, image related >forget …[View]
668599What's an easy but profitable porn game idea?[View]
666938BLACK PANTHER WINS BAFTA FOR BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: Easily deserved! I admired the final battle! Next …[View]
666975/wip/ - Works in Progress: not the questions thread edition previous: >>664455 Reminder! This …[View]

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