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Displaying 20 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
685002Applel discovered the Boolean modifier: now THAT is innovative[View]
683742Is 3D printing just an expensive meme? Pic related.[View]
687308Thanks Adobe[View]
687219/3/ virtual FC, low poly edition: Hello /3/, it’s divegrass season again. Our last run was pretty ex…[View]
687188Okay Bois, redpill me on Lightwave. Is it any good or not?[View]
6863403d cringe[View]
686577Reshaping eyes in zbrush: Enthusiastic amateur here. I'm hoping to make these eyesockets a mo…[View]
685532How to get a job[View]
686388Need CC, working on this for quite some time. Quite happy with the effects, just need to see what to…[View]
686779Tried being productive today, rendered with aiToon + OSL[View]
686926>want to make something for little bro >he likes marvel movies as every kid does >loki and …[View]
686957Adding Facial Morphs to existing mesh: Hey guys. I have an asset from the Unreal Marketplace, and I…[View]
686392Ya'll got any ass-tits I can borrow?: If you would just leave them here in this thread and I…[View]
686744Second model/render I made in Blender. Any advice for a noob?[View]
685394Which software did they use back then?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHfLyMAHrQE This looks damn …[View]
683826Any guide or sample on how to do anime faces?: My main concerns are how to make the eyes without a s…[View]
686792Where can I find a realistic, rigged human 3D model for free?[View]
684282/WIP/: Zero effort edition Last thread: >>681907 THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO ASK FOR HELP. If y…[View]
681912Architect AMA: I've seen a few threads here about Architecture, and a lot of the things in thos…[View]
686256I don’t come to this board much, since I’m a communication designer, but recently at work we’ve been…[View]

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