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Displaying 15 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
644294I want to make hentai animations so I can make a patreon. How do I rig a vagina? bls help.[View]
651127How do i get faces looking amazing, like in promos? What is your process for this?[View]
651862i've almost completed this sword ive ben making and looked up a tutorial for the wrapping you s…[View]
651825Suppose I have a custom map of a world. I have some roads and locations. Question: 1. How do I gener…[View]
651354how do I achieve this?: I'm trying to render the bounding box in the final render, or something…[View]
651738Hey lads, can you help a fellow out? I need to convert a .dgn file into .fbx or .obj, to use in Unre…[View]
6517243d Robots: From Transformers to the Terminator, robots are cool, post your favourates[View]
651012Rate my mug. Powered by Intel celeron CPU N2840. this is cycles render:[View]
651630I'd like to create an indoor map of an office space. However, I don't know if I should mak…[View]
600052/UE4/ - Unreal Engine 4 General: Let's start with a New Year's gift from the God itself: h…[View]
643266What was your end goal?: You decided to 3D, What was your goal? me >Make a bunch of animated vide…[View]
651619Blendlet here. I want to torrent other software but I haven't torrented anything for a few year…[View]
651664Tolerance/clearance 3d printing: Anyone who has a CR-10 test their print tolerances with a tolerance…[View]
650454How much time (~approximately) i need to spend learning 3d to be able to make rigged/animated charac…[View]
651305HEY HEY LETS PUT A DILDO IN HER ASS The real donut challenge[View]

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