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/fa/ - Fashion

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14110553shoes that aren't sneakers general: Post shoes that aren't sneakers that you can still wea…[View]
14114083is this ok?[View]
14115433>too old for streetwear >too poor for high fashion what do i do /fa/…[View]
14115580What but?: Which is the way to make my hair smell of coconut ? I don’t know much about these sorts o…[View]
14115779Is it wrong to wish for WWIII race war edition so we can have hot uniforms again?[View]
14113601what specifically is the belted coat in pic related called/w2c? ialso post-punk/industrial/alternati…[View]
14115718Which Eastpak backpack is the best one?[View]
14115741Anybody else feel this way?: I like styles that develop by accident as a result of practical needs a…[View]
14115733Ive never cringed so much[View]
14114961Where to find a windbreaker like this?[View]
14115051Tell it to me as straightforward as possible. How do I look attractive?[View]
14115356Are you getting new Adidas Ultra Boost 19?[View]
14111821Supreme spring/summer 19: Proof that Supreme has flatlined[View]
14115137straightening of hair: Hello, good morning / afternoon / evening. I wanted to know if any of you kno…[View]
14114703Is this a good product for exfoliating face 2x week: Will Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleans…[View]
14115504where can i find shorts like he got ?[View]
14114435Karl Lagarfeld is dead...[View]
14115451where can i find pants or shorts like these? to buy, not at the museum ( i know what they are and i …[View]
14115038>move to Singapore >hot weather prevents me from wearing literally anything that looks good I …[View]
14113818I found a blazer kind of like this at a thrift store a while ago but it didn't fit. I really li…[View]
14114139how do I pull this off without looking gay?[View]
14105453BUZZPILL: redpill me on getting a buzzcut, I'm really thinking of getting one for myself.…[View]
14113685/fa/ formal: I need some advice on summer suits. I'm going to a wedding in LA in August and I h…[View]
14058145Trying to find a jacket like this but with pepe the front on it and wojack.[View]
14114661/recent cops/: bought pic related recently did i fuck up ?[View]
14114534FUCK fendi and FUCK chanel[View]
14115131pls f.é. Good Baltimore tailor: Group of groomsmen need to get measured for a suit. Don't want …[View]
14113136What does /fa/ think about axe (lynx)?: >products are competitively priced or just downright chea…[View]
14114504Tis guys comes to you and slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?[View]
14113894Someone please tell me what the fuck is this and where can I buy it?: Jacket, shirt, overcoat, style…[View]
14113052Recommend me some shirts that look good to go to a party >no too formal ie not just plain white s…[View]
14114016can someone please explain to me that dumb looking bit of exposed ankle I'm seeing in a lot of …[View]
14107378Which filter is more effay? >inb4 cancer is never effay[View]
14114972anyone know jacket ID? searched through loads of mountineering/goretex cant find[View]
14114936Shapewear: What is the opinion on shapewear for men on /fa/? I have personally used it to cope with …[View]
14113488is bondage /effay/?[View]
14113681Why don’t you cuff?[View]
14113501Post white beaters: Let me see your white sneakers that you beat the hell out of over time. Pic rela…[View]
14111746Is the game plan for after you buy any item of clothing from this store to only wash it in cold wate…[View]
14114483which of these are actually good?[View]
14114734>There are newfags on this board who deny that heroin-chic is the epitome of /fa/shion…[View]
14113960Is walking your pet bunny on a leash effay?: Also, effay pets thread.[View]
14113636Deodorants you've used: I went from Rexona, Axe, Nivea and now settling for the Arm and Hammer …[View]
14114098Alternative for less than 1.25k this is listed as?[View]
14114272Would these be comfortable for work? I run on concrete for about ten hours a day, been sticking with…[View]
14114361Rip :([View]
14109601/hair bread/: hairthread hop in also longhaired masterrace coming through I put a braid in my hair, …[View]
14108936Can a straight guy wear these?[View]
14112421Eyebrow advice: Do I need to trim my eyebrows? Or they look just fine like this Pic related[View]
14113677If you wear these, I think it's safe to say you are clueless about men's fashion and what …[View]
14113197itt: post effay streamers[View]
14112270Manlet selfie: What are some photography tricks for manlets to look taller?[View]
14114304How do I dress to perfectly blend in with other 20somethings?: I've worn SLP for so long i forg…[View]
14113165what the fuck are lanklets supposed to wear? nothing fits me off the rack. do i need fucking bespoke…[View]
14114225How do I achieve this hairstyle?[View]
14112570>tfw patchy beard[View]
14111040Do I cut my hair /fa/ggots ?[View]
14113817w2c deez sandals[View]
14113415Hi, Can you guys tell me as much about this suit as possible? Is it navy with chalk stripe? I tried …[View]
14114111should i cop this?[View]
14113658are vans with blazers effay/appropriate business casual?[View]
14112614I want to buy these but summers coming. What do?[View]
14113428Is it possible to make a mullet look good?[View]
14110692>tfw size 34/30 jeans[View]
14113336>tfw 5'7' at 20 years old[View]
14112119How do I stop these big red under eye lines?: Also do they have a specific name?[View]
14111340Why is it so fashionable to be black?[View]
14112825Are baja sweaters effay?[View]
14109136Denim jackets: What denim jacket should i buy?[View]
14112111new denim brands?: i'm tired of buying acne and nudie over and over. are there any newer denim …[View]
14112456National People's Eye-wear Thread: Post vintage glasses and frames that make you look like you …[View]
14111496Will it ever be topped?[View]
14113002Black Shoes Matter: I am looking for a pair of black shoes to wear around casually. Nothing too spec…[View]
14108610EDC general: My EDC for school atm[View]
14113272Why do mirrors lie to us?[View]
14106387How long it takes to grow hair like this?[View]
14113678What do you guys think of the knit sweater + turtle neck combo? Is it effay?[View]
14113773what are some of the best looks to get people to give you money for free?[View]
14112502>mfw I see some faggot soiboi with cuffed pants Lmao you have completely lost touch with what it …[View]
14111297anyone here rocking the effay chinese wifebeater look?[View]
14110739effay music videos: post em[View]
14113653name a sexier smelling fragrance: you fucking can't[View]
14113596Best JO MALONE cologne?[View]
14111309Athleisure is fucking cancer, how do we get rid of it?[View]
14111014What does /fa/ think of these shoes cuz i really want some help finding a good pair of slip on shoes[View]
14113568Anyone know what happened to this brand. They had some nice pieces. Looks like their site just went …[View]
14111286What is the most effay thing to smoke and why is it a juul?[View]
14113542>heritage workwear >looks brand new, unworn and unused…[View]
14112118how do i heritage workwear brands?[View]
14110054if rick owens built a farm, what animals would he have in it?: pic related. this is a damascus goat,…[View]
14113175Went to hot topic and got this black ops tshirt, felt confident today. Post your current fit[View]
14113354Okay /fa/, copped this at hot topic how fucking epic do I look?[View]
14109943How do I go into prettyboy core or androgynous core? What do I wear?[View]
14112103Haircuts: Should i get this haircut? (Without the beard). My current hair is overgrown, basic and bo…[View]
14113271do you guys really wear all the stuff posted on this board? You all look like autistic fucks. Why do…[View]
14112335cop or drop????[View]
14112829>wearing heritage gear that’s better than what they wear >nobody gives me any sort of respect …[View]
14107718Challenge Time: All right /fa/, you've had it easy so far with your skinny jeans and monochroma…[View]
14112804This is peek aesthetic now.[View]
14111483da minion or da bob for tonight[View]
14112909Is this outfit wrong for guys?[View]
14107723What brand of black jeans should I get? I want a slim fit or straight leg. I used to get 511s but th…[View]
14112757Could i get some feedback on my fit? Thanks[View]
14112482Thoughts on this bag?[View]
14109418These are the hype shoes for 2019. You saw it here first. Thank me later.[View]
14110886/wt/ - Watch Thread - [Flieger Edition]: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well a…[View]
14109922On Urban Outfitters: The absolute state of fashion. Has irony gone too far?[View]
14112182Mid part inspo[View]
14110285How do you cope with being constantly heightmogged and thus being made to feel like a sissy bottom f…[View]
14112763Can umbrella hats be effay?[View]
14111563Thoughts on this style[View]
14112237Post coloured sunglasses where you can still see peoples eyes[View]
14111695Is this is a coach jacket or harrington?[View]
14108130Accessories Thread: ITT: Empty them pockets[View]
14111732is it okay to use feminine perfume if im a man? i just really liked one but its femenine[View]
14111448What’s the most /fa/ ethnicity and why is it the English?[View]
14112603Music: Wahts the mos effay music taste and why is it techno? Who do you /fa/ggots go see live? htt…[View]
14112539I would love to know the brand name: I cant find the brand name on the jacket, i would love some hel…[View]
14110598thoughts on this fit? post fits you’ve seen in public[View]
14085977prep/trad/ivy: longing for summer edition FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?i…[View]
14112483w2c OD hoodie: where 2 cop Olive Drab / OD / Ranger Green hoodies with out visible branding? need so…[View]
14112086What's the most similar jacket to the one he's wearing you can think of?[View]
14111687Does anyone want to take me under their wing and tell me how I should dress? I look like a fucking h…[View]
14112381my face when I post art hoes[View]
14110310King 810: How do I be King810-core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcLmQDr7GGw[View]
14109873Why is he so aesthetic?[View]
14112372Hey I just need some quick help. Is there supposed to be 2 laces on one shoe? Is that a thing? If so…[View]
14112344>shirt i wanted on ebay got sniped at the last second FUCK WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME…[View]
14112005Let's take a look at fashion from the 2000's. This kino demonstrates a wide variety of bot…[View]
14087697effay presidents[View]
14111681w2c thread: I want a leather jacket of this exact color[View]
14112195Anyone know where I can get some Lee pipes?[View]
14108781Instagram Thread: Share your instagrams, critique other people's Instagrams, don't be a bu…[View]
14108754Who's the most /fa/ drainer/sad boi?[View]
14109722CHANGING MY LOOK: Hey /fa/, What changes should I do to my face(beard,hair,etc.) and overall appeara…[View]
14109826wtf bros how do i fix my rick?[View]
14101797GOD SKIN: How do you get GOD TIER SKIN[View]
14111575Post your Outfite / Rate others I'll start[View]
14111595post your dream /fa/ gf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLGAlIiqxuQ[View]
14111924mustard: I'm looking for long sleeve polos with some arrangement of this combination of colours…[View]
14107437good fitt: fit go hard, or nah?[View]
14111767MNGL: Mongoloid inspo thread. Come come, Asian man.[View]
14109843I miss the old Huck...[View]
14106906Where do i find trashy white girls for racemixing? Kinda into that type of girls...[View]
14104761RAMONES or da con fo today /fa/?[View]
14111341>he doesn't dress like a mobster from 1920s ...yikes. Pic related is my everyday fit.…[View]
14103951Why aren't you wearing the clothing of your ancestors? I[View]
14097498new thread old one almost (already) dead lets see how bland we can get bois[View]
1410995990s house inspo thread[View]
14111545What do you call this schtoyle?[View]
14111707Post brand clothes inspo[View]
14111332Recommend sunglasses[View]
14111227Just lol if you're a guy and don't dress like this everywhere you go[View]
14106340since normies have taken over bombers, what are some other /fa/ types of jacket for spring?[View]
14111001If you don't dress for your age, income, and your career, and if you don't follow color/co…[View]
14111122Hey ugh I don't know where to post this so Yesterday I masturbated in the bathtub and some of …[View]
14108663Is it possible to wear driving gloves and not look like an autist?[View]
14111303Hey /fa/ I'm a pitiful /v/irgin just starting to learn how to dress and I have a stupid questio…[View]
14078819post inspo or fits you just like[View]
14111333help: i just cop this ones, how should i combine it?[View]
14108713How do i dress to let everyone know i am /anarchonazbolgang/?[View]
14108812Found these in a closet, how do I pull these off?[View]
14110973CYBER/Y2K CORE: will 2019 see the Cyberpunk/Hackers 1995 aesthetic becoming mainstream? I got my ho…[View]
14110818So glad Gucci is making this right: They honestly dropped the ball so badly and now it's good s…[View]
14110594Rainbow POP Dress: Where do I go to steal her look?[View]
14096902Bored, let me see your current rotation[View]
14110932If you don't dress for your age, income, and your career, and if you don't follow color/co…[View]
14110081>selvedge denim[View]
14111113What are the whales doing, trading crypto?: do big spenders buy high priced clothing like it's …[View]
14111080I am the anti boomer...: you fagotts![View]
14111035What do you call this kind of shirt?[View]
14110970Where is this sweatshirt from?[View]
14108527I’m trying to change my wardrobe. Literally want to throw everything in my closet away, but I don’t …[View]
14107693Custom T-shirt print: I really liked those Givincy Rottweiler t shirts. I’m thinking about taking a …[View]
14108499Is it possible to cope with clothes and appereance against this reality as a brown dude?[View]
14093915What guitar is the most FA: What guitar is the most FA? I’m in the market for a new guitar and I wan…[View]
14110444shoes: Where can I find these for sale.[View]
14110726can i pull this off? im a pajeet unfortunately, but i program and i want my look to reflect this. wh…[View]
14110722ITT: Post what you're wearing and make fun of others.[View]
14109551can i wear this in public?: i really like it but idk[View]
14108718This is my skinmax plan: 25,000 ui beta carotene daily Retin-A three times weekly at first Sunscree…[View]
14110248How do I achieve this hairstyle? How long do I have to grow my bowlcut, what products do i need, and…[View]
14110048How can I go to my barber and ask for this haircut?[View]
14110778Im /fa/t as fuck![View]
14091996SEX-core general 2: back with a vengeance: >a style focused on the male pursuit of sexual interac…[View]
14109828Thoughts on these jackets?: I'm a male[View]
14110067Is being a socially inept autist effay? How do you maximize off this[View]
14108443Should I butt my hair below the red line on the same level as ext to my ears or would it look bad? T…[View]
14109407Can anyone ID these boots?[View]
14109197Why does Zara make all jeans with default inseam of 34'? Fucking annoying, my inseam is 30' and if I…[View]
14110402Custom tshirts: What are some cool custom shirts to get printed like pic related? Doesn't need …[View]
14110282>dress in hammy downs and wal mart shit since always cause its comfy and i like to blend in >s…[View]
14110260>tucking your pants into your boots I seriously hope you don't do this.…[View]
14109283Can I pull off this hairstyle?[View]
14109951ID on these new balance shoes?[View]
14108758Help me make a nice fit using this thing[View]
14109868Are Jussie's shoes fa?[View]
14106801/wt/ - Watch Thread [Blued Hands Edition]: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well…[View]
14109728>hello I'm here to inquire about the construction job. As you can see I'm dressed for W…[View]
14106756If you're so fashionable, why aren't you modeling?[View]
14109558Thoughts on trannies in the fashion industry. Like Who does this dude think he's fooling? Looks…[View]
14104669What underwear do you wear lads?[View]
14110389am I /effay/?[View]
14110352Which laces fa?[View]
14107320Am I effay?[View]
14109623>2019 >unlimited ressources for dressing /fa/ >relatively free in choices, go work, earn mo…[View]
14109905Should I buy a hat like this[View]
14104652is he /fa/?[View]
14109896Shoe ID?: Can anybody id these shoes? Been bugging me for a long time...[View]
14110010rate?: sorry camera quality is shit[View]
14107724w2c jacket and pants?[View]
14108517Is Lurking Class /fa/?: I dig the artstyle. Are there any outher brands out there that make weird sh…[View]
14110212Quick question: How badly is this clashing?[View]
14107125Going swimming: What would be best. I am in good shape.[View]
14104288SEXcore basics: Anything I'm missing?[View]
14109862colors: Hey guys, quick question. I don't know much about colors. Which colors should I wear as…[View]
14110195You know who you NEVER, EVER see in fashion advertisements? Dravidian Indian men. Is there a bias …[View]
14109146is it effay if a guy can pull off these jeans?[View]
14110088post your dream /fa/ gf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLGAlIiqxuQ[View]
14108250how do these compare to doc martens fag boots?[View]
14093671Sneakers /snkrs/: Make sure to insult others for their opinions old thread quickly nearing 300…[View]
14108585cop thread. post yours, just got this from Bogetta Veneta.[View]
14109268Will wearing this be seen as racist?[View]
14109344>Stop wearing skinny jeans because /fa/ told me so >Start eating more, cuz dude lmao it doesn…[View]
14106888Customizable trousers: I currently own around 6 Eton shirts and i could not be happier with them (wo…[View]
14102909What’s more /fa/? Black or “diamond” earrings? (For men)[View]
14106283Eros or Dylan Blue Witch one would you pick and why?[View]
14108790Does anyone have the picture of the man on the right describing the wise looks? I cant remember wise…[View]
14109577Daily reminder don't be a cuck. Make sure your hat covers your ears or else that makes you a nu…[View]
14109705how can i get a hairstyle like this? i already have the haircut, but the problem is that my fringe …[View]
14109636Is Nicholas Rock Johannesen the god of SEXcore?[View]
14109532how does one lose all sense of aesthetics in the span of 9 years?[View]
14082834One of these as ive not seen one in ages[View]
14108786>dude how do i pull off mosley core/fascist core?[View]
14109557>take a picture of myself >look at the picture >posed like a sissy Send help.…[View]
14106751>My favorite pants feel super tighter than usual Anyone else with this feel?…[View]
14104302This is an image from a meetup a bunch of guys from the sweden general on /int/ is having right now.…[View]
14109305ID these pants or a alternative cos I already know they'll cost too much[View]
14106507w2c more like this in size L?[View]
14109476How effay is Yung Gravy[View]
14108358can I bar lace my boots without people thinking I'm a racist nazi?[View]
14107300since normies have taken over sherpas, what are some other /fa/ types of jacket for spring?[View]
14108835Are Skechers D'lites the newest effay fashion hit?[View]
14108153Can someone help find this jacket[View]
14108993Japanese Fashion Mags: does anyone have that google drive or pdf of the vintage north face patagonia…[View]
14105933Redpill me on NATO watch straps.[View]
14108079Am I effay?[View]
14107580>get a haircut >hairdresser keeps trying to make small talk with me…[View]
14103918What are some ways for a strong independent woman who needs no man to dress without looking like an …[View]
14107398What size is my foot[View]
14109312Is this fashionable rn?: Camo-collared black suit, grey turtleneck[View]
14107652Get fat.[View]
14109254Thoughts on workwear?[View]
14109253How do i dress like a fucking cowboy and get away with it.[View]
14108407Is shaven head effay?: Like this guy should get rid off all hair imo, beard suits him, he's hig…[View]
14108874Where can I buy this aesthetic?[View]
14109219What's the most /fa flower to give to a girl?[View]
14109233I have hair like Jeff Buckley.: It’s kind of thicker but still thin.It also slowly started receeding…[View]
14109220Just bought these, are they /fa/?[View]
14109212Where can I meet raw denim girls?[View]
14109184What is silhouette theory: I'm new and I hear this term a lot[View]
14108930Guys am i balding?: Also am i /fa/ ?[View]
14109122Guys im looking for plain white or black shirts that arent to wide on the arms and look good on a sk…[View]
14108940never forget[View]
14105315Should I take the contact lens pill? I've been wearing glasses my whole life, but I've ne…[View]
14108368Is Bones effay?[View]
14108224Are loafers /fa/?[View]
14108094Why do supermodels get paid such obscene amounts of money? And i understand brand deals but that is …[View]
14109030What do you think about streetwear brands trying to become high fashion?[View]
14107992For removing the inevitable food stains from white clothing, there is no substitute for good old chl…[View]
14103767Fuccboi General: New thread since none in the catalog. If I'm wearing indigo jeans/black checke…[View]
14096603Really digging this whole aesthetic lately, anyone have Hacker-Core or 'Deep Web'-esqe inspo?[View]
14108865what boots are these? from jarhead[View]
14106765>he isn’t thicc[View]
14107867/w2c/ general: /w2c/ general[View]
14105741Boots for summer: Are these effay?[View]
14107862Why does every single Redditor look like this[View]
14098648/Arch/: post effay architecture and related[View]
14108683post bullycore inspo[View]
14106471Where do i get this pullover?[View]
14108691Should I ask for retin-a even though I don't have any blatant acne? My doc is really chill so a…[View]
14108041is 'the 1975' guys cringe?[View]
14108393Hey you! Are you in for a ride?[View]
14104756Any idea where I can find a shirt like this ? Sold out before I could buy one.[View]
14099309ideal thread: i like looking at people's taste[View]
14108736What kind of clothes look good if you have broad shoulders and a slim waist?[View]
14108650Should I buzzcut or nah, my face is young enough that i won’t age like 15 years with a buzz[View]
14108737For me, it is the Kirkland Signature 6-pack of white t-shirts, the best deal in the business[View]
14108735Discord server: Cute server with fashionable people. we post OOTD and all that stuff /Xaq4qmg[View]
14108725fashion for fit guys?: hello /fa/ how do I unleash my SEX without looking obnoxious and gay? Primari…[View]
14108536post /fa/ couples[View]
14106511What´s so great about his hair that its song worthy?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R90br2_MG…[View]
14099159what's the most /fa/ beer?[View]
14108623Is it socially acceptable to wear suits all the time everywhere you go?[View]
14108375Thoughts about dragon jackets and pants?[View]
14108326>someone buys brand new boots >complains about them hurting their feet before they've eve…[View]
14106414What's between sneakers and dress shoes on the formality scale?[View]
14107295Golden Wind similar designs: What are some brands that have a style similar to those in JoJo part 5?…[View]
14107978I might have to get a job.What the hell is smart casual?[View]
14108495>tucking your pants into your boots I seriously hope you don't do this.…[View]
14108324clothes for this feel?[View]
14103959kms?: >tfw when 5'7 manlet with size 11 1/2 feet should i just hang it up /fa/?…[View]
14090485CRINGE Thread: Typical Edition: imagine having this little taste and also thinking /fa/ was once a c…[View]
14105543Air Max > Jordans: Change my mind.[View]
14101513This is why you should never get a girlfriend if you want to remain 'effy'. you start not caring[View]
14107870What kind of /fa/ is this?[View]
14107612Name a more effay flick than Serpico[View]
14106939are martial arts effay? if no, how do i make them effay?[View]
14107859>tfw no thicc bf any others here /high est/[View]
14108180hey /fa/ bros, can someone recommend me intellectual fashion blogs like rosenrot? college debating t…[View]
14103697muhhhh /AESTHETIC/: can we have random things thread since there is car thread? post things you thin…[View]
14107598Best suit for social occasions?: What's the best color suit for more formal social occasions (w…[View]
14108139Cold isolated mountain towns wear general[View]
14106037what core is this?[View]
14108122What Watch is Jim wearing?[View]
14103566FACT: If you don't dress for your age, income, and your career, and if you don't follow co…[View]
14107661absolute lads inspo[View]
14107968Is this outfit sleazcore or SEX it’s getting hard to tell[View]
14106698Is this /fa/?[View]
14105496How can I go to my barber and ask for this haircut?[View]
14104393how to start wearing layers and look good? especially if you want to stay cool[View]
14107713Are faded jeans back in style?[View]
14105676ITT: We trigger /fa/[View]
14107838Are chest rigs and male harnesses effay?[View]
14104176I'm 6'3 and 160~ lb. I'm a skinny guy. Usually I'll wear 30x34 pants because tha…[View]
14107740Hair types and textures thread: Does this suit wavy Asian hair?[View]
14107390What goes with a brown top?[View]
14107403>My girlfriend said she has a fat fetish This is your fault zoomers. I’m staying skinny…[View]
14105919How is this style called? I'm in love with this. Post Inspo if you have pls.[View]
14094839Is walking up the stairs 2 at a time /fa/?[View]
14107601Where can I buy alcohol free facial moisturiser and cleanser?: Literally everything I see has alcoho…[View]
14107655can i be fit and effay at the same time? also which should i do to avoid moonface? >OMAD >calo…[View]
14107632are d ring belts /effay/?[View]
14103226Recent cops: I got this in the other color as well[View]
14105098Are chelsea boots gay or SEXcore?[View]
14105396What are some /fa/ boots you can use for walking in muddy areas but don't look out of place in …[View]
14105585cop or not[View]
14105574coder core?[View]
14106812Yeezy: Yeezy boots are effay. The sneakers he makes are generally dogshit. The boots however..…[View]
14098501Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14091002 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14104365Should I get these or are they too meme?: im just looking for some white, noncanvas shoes that fit w…[View]
14105083Toe rings y/n?[View]
14107124some poets that were efay: ill start with mayakovksy[View]
14103009What are some outdated fashion items?[View]
14107146Take the bald pill: Jude Law Statham (pbuh) Bruce Willis Andre Aggasi Sean Connery It's settled…[View]
14107073/fa/ Rooms (NEW): Previous >>14094974 was literally spammed with Archi Digest shits & inte…[View]
14102333the most /fa/ drink[View]
14107162Help finding this jacket: Need effay's help finding this jacket Really want to buy it and achie…[View]
14107087Is Jussie fa?[View]
14107018Serpentza: Is he effay?[View]
14107031on 1-10 scale, how BASED was he? i hear nothing but good things[View]
14105432Am I effay?[View]
14104085Should I take Finasteride? I’m 20 years old and balding quickly. I don’t look good bald and can’t gr…[View]
14104834/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
14106516What clothing should someone HORNY and LONELY buy?[View]
14091501/Hair_general/: I’ve had short(er) hairstyles all of life until this point and was looking to grow i…[View]
14090456Cringe thread[View]
14106721Billie Eilish: Why does she dress like this? Do you guys find this attractive?[View]
14106715Post anything annoying that happens to you relating to /fa/ >put in 0% effort in my fits >get…[View]
14106525Pencil mustache for a guy with light hair: Hey /fa/, so I really like this style of mustache but the…[View]

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