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/fa/ - Fashion

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13925624I love scarfs but I have no idea how to style them or what to keep in mind so they don't look w…[View]
13928162Anybody able to ID the jacket and pants Danny Brown is wearing?[View]
13926637Sup nigs Back when I was in middle school I got bad acne but didn't give a shit because I had n…[View]
13911739RECENT COPS: Post your recent purchases.[View]
13924543Are knitted sweaters warm enough to be worn outdoors in the winter or is he wearing something else?[View]
13927629Is this /fa/ approved?: S-sauce?[View]
13926687do you guys like belt loops or side adjusters on your cords and wool trousers?[View]
13925349WAYFWT: What's on your feet right now?[View]
13925915What -core is this?[View]
13924730Cringe: Toast em![View]
13926347Are you an outcast?: What makes for good outcast-core?[View]
13925336Prada accused of blackface: WE[View]
13926241>black tie optional >wear tux >everyone also has casual suits on WTF…[View]
13927772What do you call a robe like that?[View]
13927346ATTENTION: GOLF IS EFFAY NOW: HE DID IT SOMEHOW: (youtube) /watch?v=ph2yCQxDk7w only ones i hated we…[View]
13926809why is white shirt tucked into jeans such a chad fit?[View]
13926814Skin /fa/shion thread. Why aren't you on differin edition.[View]
13922199is there anything more chad than just tucking in your shirt? literally can't think of any other…[View]
13926010Are turtlenecks /fa/?[View]
13927283skin color: is there a way to brighten your skin color without some chemical stuff? i used to be whi…[View]
13927288How do I pull off the SLP look in winter?[View]
13927367ITT: post your fit and i'll tell u if it's /fa/ or not and why[View]
13926303is Ezra Miller /fa/?[View]
13922664Uniqlo U SS19: Another boring seasonal rehash, discuss amigos. What pisses me off is the last FW col…[View]
13913479What kind of music does /fa/ listen to?[View]
13909596Boot Thread: Boot thread. It's winter which means it's boot season. Post inspo and shit.…[View]
13927254What core is this, /fa/?[View]
13925366Why is this board nowadays full of koreans or people who think they look good in korean $oyboy fits …[View]
13927044Worst Outfits To Grace /fa/: post the worst outfits you've ever seen posted on /fa/, I'll …[View]
13913323Grid Thread: Old one died- post grids and rate others, like to see some winter/autumn fits[View]
13926695ID on these?: Alright you fucks, I haven't been here in probably 5 years but you know your shit…[View]
13923432We predict 2019 trends.[View]
13925193https://youtu.be/OkoYvigvxC4 How will the /fa/ streetfags ever recover?[View]
13925765What the fuck is wrong with him?: What kind of crack do you think he's smoking? https://www.you…[View]
13925042should I even into /fa/ if i'm fucking ugly?[View]
13925875B Is it worth tailoring cheap clothes? >5'7 >28 waist >big chest small arms slightly w…[View]
13925469Where is this from?: Any info on this hoodie? Looked at both of their instagrams and nothing. Mainly…[View]
13926515so.. is this cool right?[View]
13926730i have natural hair like pic related, what should i do to fix it, any of you ex or current curl bros…[View]
13926505rate my hair for my date tonight (transgender womyn with caramel skin, blonde hair, and brown eyes)[View]
13926067What do I do with my hair? I don't want to look trendy just good and tidy. I've never got …[View]
13925685I want to find a cozy hoodie with greek or roman aesthetics on it. European renaissance style paint…[View]
13925715What core is this?[View]
13925269Can anyone ID who makes these glasses?[View]
13924207Combat boots for lean tall build: Im lean and tall and really like the combat boots look. I'm l…[View]
13925408Rate my gang[View]
13926594hello /fa/gs, what shoes would you wear casually outside the gym? i have nothing but work shoes, run…[View]
13926034What do you wear to a baptism? Suit and tie or just a button up shirt with jeans?[View]
13925850What core is this?[View]
13923417Looking for a watch along these lines but automatic & better value as apparently RW is quite ove…[View]
13924491Where do you meet beautiful people?[View]
13926385looking for a black leather jacket. I have broad shoulders. been eyeing Allsaints like pic. Any thou…[View]
13926437-ologycore: Fits for field work?[View]
13925947Hat Thread: Mostly just looking for this hat in pic related that I spent five gorillian years in pai…[View]
13923205If I need some overalls for work should I go action back or bib and brace? I'd get a boiler sui…[View]
13923890>/tv/ is making fun of us again[View]
13924134Let me see your youtube recommendation[View]
13926255Onesies are the best clothing ever, prove me wrong. >protip: you can't…[View]
13926195*Blocks your path[View]
13925051Tropical Clothing: What should I wear in the heat? also, here's some pics from Gambian Fashion …[View]
13926185What's the most ridiculous looking pair of sneakers? Something more ridiculous than pic related…[View]
13926184looking for a brand of jacket I saw. It was black , might have been denim. On the back was sewn or i…[View]
13925179Do I look too feminine with long hair? I grew it out because my good hair stylist moved away and the…[View]
13921642Fake Supreme will be opening 70+ stores worldwide.[View]
13926057Can you rent a suit/tux in one day on short notice? I live in big city.[View]
13926059Why do women dress like 14 year old boys?[View]
13923517Is fashion good for you mental health? I dont think i care about what others think but ever since iv…[View]
13926084recs for aviator hats: whaddya fellas recommend for pic related style of hat. christmas is coming up…[View]
13923521>born with ratty limp hair >try all kinds of beauty products, shit still looks bad after washi…[View]
13926081what the fuck is this sweatshirt, i need it b a d[View]
13926005philosophical question: should you suit your look to your personality or to your physical appearance…[View]
13925066Deco/Art thread!: Post /fa/ room decoration and paintings, prints and other shit you hang on the wal…[View]
13925671i dont know whats the point of this whole board anymore, all you faggots do is talk shit about every…[View]
13923902Saint Laurent: Paris[View]
13925985That post punk/shoegaze/new wave aesthetic: Post inspo[View]
13923466I just purchased pic related. At $150 (discounted from $250), it is the most expensive clothing item…[View]
13923657Are hijabs /fa/?[View]
13925923Rate my outfit[View]
13922062Japanese online stores: Please recommend some cool japanese online clothing stores. I found this one…[View]
13924318>my interests? Oh well you know, memes, soundcloud hiphop music and fashion!…[View]
13922176Are Timmys effay? Ironically or unironically[View]
13925764are timbz /fa/ or where can i get similar?[View]
13925789Girls who wear belts with jeans: Thoughts? I find it attractive.[View]
13925713Getting some serious rockstar vibes from my outfit today.[View]
13925743I bought a pair of those new public rec sweatpants, but then they came in the mail and I realized I …[View]
13914612Instagram Shillz: Post it I'll post mine in a bit Anons who lurk absolutely post yours these t…[View]
13920589buy/sell/trade: post your grailed or depop accounts[View]
13925693what boots are these[View]
13920142So, I've bought some basics from uniqlo and muji. What's the next step?[View]
13925633I fucking love fashion and following trends bro[View]
13925637Where can I get this kind of overalls? I love the colour and the combination with high cut boots, th…[View]
13913935Best Suits in the World: Which brand, designer or person make the best quality suits in the world? I…[View]
13890753Should the modern man have a moustache?[View]
13921141how different will a women's jacket fit? will it run a size smaller/bigger? pic not related[View]
13925519/fa/ against Anti-fashion?: Why the dislike of designers like Rick Owens and no discussion about cre…[View]
13921916controversial opinion:: /fa/ has no idea what it is doing anymore now that streetwear has become and…[View]
13924927What boots for this aesthetic? Also, is Jason Mamoa fa?[View]
13921746Going for a greaser look[View]
13925011Where can I buy these in us11? Are they /fa/?[View]
13925180Trendsetters: Sosa wearing The North Face six years ago Got anymore?[View]
13923844good value oxford shirts: i am searching a good brand to get oxford shirts from. quality is a high p…[View]
13921577What's /fa/'s stance on cultural appropriation?[View]
13921361what pieces can I start to incorporate in my wardrobe to start dressing like this dude. start of wit…[View]
13924579i think wrangler make good jeans: ive own a pair of spencers in dark blue and wear them everyday sin…[View]
13921283Effay sounding words: Pic related imo Throw up some words that would look good on clothing >inb4 …[View]
13925204Should people who buy rick owens be shot?[View]
13923303Office Christmas Party is coming up. What is something ideal to wear? We're all going to a 'fan…[View]
13923166What do I wear to a club? I got invited by a few female coworkers to go to a few bars and then a nig…[View]
13924923hey I'm Christmas shopping for my mother and got her this scarf, but I'm concerned it coul…[View]
13923565Whats an alternative to these in the same price range? High top is fine too https://www2.hm.com/en_…[View]
13923172Any haircut or other tips for a round face shape? I'm not fat.[View]
13925006I need some new glasses and I have no idea what frames are /fa/ and which ones I shouldn't touc…[View]
13922592Photoshop guys, can you put tattoos on my thighs, I'd like to see how it would look like, also …[View]
13924976Vidya inspired fits you wear[View]
139244932010-2020 worst decade for fashion in the past 150 years desu senpai[View]
13922189Mr.Menswear here.... I need /fa/ for one last job..[View]
13921896is there a dedication name for these thin kind of jackets without a hood? pic related[View]
13919171don't bother with fashion if you aren't this tall and your physique isn't like this[View]
13924876Where the fuck did this come from[View]
13924944W2C similar jacket/ID??: pic related is Wicca Phase Springs Eternal for those wondering[View]
13924878RECENT COPS: Recent cops[View]
13910879WAYWT: last one hit cap[View]
13924771What is type of shirt called?: Been trying to find out for ages to no avail[View]
13924299Soyboys Onions general: This thread is for the discussion of Levi's, Patagonia, Casio, blundsto…[View]
13924823adidas yung 1: anyone have inspo on these? are they actually nice in person?[View]
13924367How would you describe the way I dress?: I kinda just dress in things that I like, I've never r…[View]
13922452Streetwear: The idea of 'streetwear' doesn't make any sense. A street is just an element of inf…[View]
13922351Rate my fit!: (me on the right)[View]
13924678Mens fashion thread The state of modern '''fashion''' >skinny fit >tapered fit >slim fit …[View]
13922027I am awesome. Just me at home[View]
13923004Do moms give good fashion advice?: My mom told me I looked good with this flannel. I don't know…[View]
13922030What to wear to attract a qt3.14 like pic related. I'm so lonely[View]
13924582Hat: /pol/ack here What is the hat that is being used in the pic? It is a fedora, but what kind of f…[View]
13924324Hey /fa/ I'm starting my own fashion line and I wanted to know what you guys think about my fir…[View]
13924031bigdog68: Hello Does anyone know what is the brand and the thing that Mike is wearing? Even if you…[View]
13920334Are fleece jackets effay[View]
13908821Has anyone succesfully unjusted themselves? >Post progress pics[View]
13924362Post your fa feels. >tfw big thighs as a guy You will never understand my pain.…[View]
13924458It seem's I've been doing winter wrong all my life. Tips on how to stay warm please.[View]
13920911Need recommendations for shoes to wear with this sweater[View]
13921269air jordan 1 mid: question to owners, why are these so fucking hard to put on? I copped one pair and…[View]
13923731what would you call this style /fa/?[View]
13924249How to wear a biker Leather Jacket /fa/shionistas? I'm been thinking in getting one but I want …[View]
13922393What kind of shoes would you wear to their auditions? Hardmode: no white Nike AF1s[View]
13923628Rate my fit[View]
13923984why are they so popular in europe: overnight nearly everyone is see is wearing either a hoodie, jack…[View]
13920733wallet thread: post em[View]
13923424Work/Nonslip Shoes: Any effay work/nonslip shoes? All of the ones I have seen are ugly as shit, and …[View]
13924158Character in fashion[View]
13921461>first pair of new AE Would this be enough to ask for an exchange?[View]
13921609/wt/ - Watch Thread [Royal Oak Edition]: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well a…[View]
13924064Can someone give me id on the thor jacket/hoodie?[View]
13924095What does /fa/ think of longline cardigans I like them but am not brave enough to wear one atm[View]
13923588Should I cut/bleach my hair: Dunno what to do with my hair, have this big ass forehead and I’ve been…[View]
13924045/tv/ is laughing at us again[View]
13924000How do I achieve this aesthetic?[View]
13923314Nike Air Vapormax Plus: General consensus on this shoe?[View]
13923834need some white shoe recs. but would prefer them to have higher platform inches like docs (5'5 …[View]
13916938Cop or not?: The pants. Cop or not?[View]
13923892Unfitting peaces of clothes: What do you guys do when you have a lot of different peaces of clothing…[View]
13923851Help me boyos: Foundation on men ? I have fairly clear, slightly olive pale skin. I have a few vague…[View]
13919685PewDiePie shows his closet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTzmUKEPerA >visits r/streetwear once…[View]
13923639Can I get an ID?[View]
13913778Why shouldn’t I wear SLP?: I’m a slim/athletic build (i lift 6 days a week doing PPL), I have a mode…[View]
13922642How should i dress if i am into digital art and drawing anime full time?[View]
13922947Jerseys: I want to cop an hockey jersey but I don't know how the sizing works. XL's are st…[View]
13923634Sup my dudes. This is probably a longshot but does anyone recognise this bomber jacket on this dude?…[View]
13923700BUY MVMT WATCHES[View]
13919821Asian inspired clothes are actually really qt. Why don't more Asian girls do this? I actually s…[View]
13922848WTC: Does anyone know the brand of this sweat shirt plz?[View]
13918232You are driving the most fa vehicle possible right fa?[View]
13919257Do i look fa[View]
13921659RICK OWENS[View]
13918158Do you think suits will ever become fuller-cut again like pic related?[View]
13923267ID on this coat?[View]
13921038I agree with this article https://amp-theguardian-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.theguardian.com/ar…[View]
13922888WTC New Balance 574 or 564 in Australia? Grey for most versatility, but there are also heaps of othe…[View]
13923482Fa images thread[View]
13921809How do I dress to get a GF like this?[View]
13922685What would u wear w this that’s not too basic (allsaints btw)[View]
13921755w2c: Legit where the fuck can i cop this[View]
13922926'80s-'90s Windbreakers: Why do I find these garish windbreakers so attractive? Do you own …[View]
13916529Saw this posted on another board, can’t find the onesie anywhere (yes I know it says PINK). Want to …[View]
13921883Brands: brands that arent too expensive?[View]
13904293/THINSPO/- general: no bully edition Rules: >post thinspo >stay hydrated >read the FAQ FAQ:…[View]
13923089Feel like my legs dont fit so well in slimmer jeans, and a lot of jeans in my waist size are extreme…[View]
13922479is it normal when you haven't washed your hair in some days it looks like you're balding a…[View]
13918723why does the sticky + /fa/ population never recommend Dr Martens? Whats wrong with them?[View]
13918021Most effay car?[View]
13922069anyone have this jacket or something similar for sale?[View]
13919839>having 2 denim jackets Blacks and blue, is it too much?[View]
13922710Is Beverly hills Polo club any good?[View]
13920085advice pls :^|[View]
13919016W2C a western style winter coat that doesn't make me look like an autistic faggot?[View]
13922998gf gift inspo thread?: What should I buy my GF for her Christmas/Birthday (they're less than a …[View]
13920639Best Hat Style?: Which is the best hat style and why is it the snapback?[View]
13921822Streetwear Brands: Any good streetwear brands I should know about?[View]
13918340How does /fa/ feel about le coq?[View]
13916680/fa/ approved gym wear: what does /fa/ wear to the gym (you DO lift, right, anon???) >inb4 “no on…[View]
13921117Advice Thread: which do i buy left or right. they are the same price[View]
13921259Why almost every trend in fashion is some faux nostalgia bullshit?: People say we're living in …[View]
13921488Should I get a haircut?[View]
13921066id those crewnecks: please[View]
13922805Winter jacket: Strong winter is coming and my old parka is on its end of life. Thinking about getti…[View]
13920788ID on shirt?[View]
13922391mismatched eyelids don't look effay, any tips on making them look better?[View]
13922058w2c wool trousers?: Where the fuck do I cop some nice wool trousers which are kinda thick in UK? God…[View]
13922643What core is this?[View]
13922025Shoes: Should I cop Jordan 1s or 4s?[View]
13921307Name the last 10 brands you bought clothing, shoes or accessories from: And others will judge you or…[View]
13922255Rate my outfit: I'm the guy in the middle, it's from a blockchain conference. Anything to …[View]
13922462Is this, dare I say it... the perfect ironic t-shirt?[View]
13921514Are terrorists effay ?[View]
13921980Dressing Like an Idiot: How do I dress in a way that makes people perceive me as unintelligent? Not …[View]
13921304My hairline is getting weird and i have no idea what to do with anymore. For the last few months i …[View]
13919691>pajeets can't be alph-[View]
13921588I thrifted a really nice beige turtleneck, but muh mom says it looks terroble with my pale skin. Is …[View]
13922223What are some /fa/ approved wageslave footwear? Starting a new job soon and would like to be atleast…[View]
13921742What kind of outfits scream 'PLEASE FUCK MY WIFE'[View]
13920734Please help me find sauce on this shoe. My girlfriend said she always wanted them as a kid growing u…[View]
13921149Faggots boots: i want some combat boot inspo, i need a rough idea how to style them with stuff. post…[View]
13917826What brand of clothing would you wear if you could only wear that brand for the rest of your life? …[View]
13920708Should I buy pic related? What're the general thoughts on Louis Vuitton?[View]
13920414How do I make my hair cute and fluffy like 90’s Bjork?[View]
13921922pretty new to /fa/ don't really know where to start there's just so much Help?[View]
13921335Possible ID on this coat? I know it has some sort of circular logo on the upper part of the left arm…[View]
13920607Any tips on achieving a better bone structure?[View]
13921669>waiting all my life >Turn thirty and can finally grow a beard >Beards are onions now Mfw…[View]
13921145>stocky manlet can't dress: How does a 5'7 dumb fuck with a fat, woman ass be effay whe…[View]
13917879HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE SHAVE EVERYDAY? It makes no sense. My skin keeps getting irritated and bumpy.…[View]
13920610Why does this board shill Uniqlo so hard? What makes it different from shit like Old Navy and H&…[View]
13913293how do i achieve this physique? diet/routine ideally. I'm 6'2' and thin right now and want…[View]
13920803cop or not: cop or not?[View]
13921636Less shit pick?[View]
13920518Glasses General:: Thoughts on this pair?, Moscot's JARED.[View]
13918887What do I wear when I am old in my 20s?[View]
13919372Name this core[View]
13918631*weights 150+ kilos* *is dressed in all-black* *wears Anti-Social Social Club hoodie* *5 panel on hi…[View]
13913041Tall woman here. What do you think of tall women? Are they fashionable? 5'10 +[View]
13916868What are some red flags that indicates someone is a pleb or underage? I'll start with an easy o…[View]
13914082Best Oxford Shoes Brand?: When money doesn't matter, which brand make the best quality oxford s…[View]
13919566So i went to 5 different shops today(H&m, Primark, equivalent shops like Walmart etc. ) only to …[View]
13920446Most /fa/ body: How would I go about getting a physique like Iggy Pop? Not a ton of muscle but reall…[View]
13918064/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
13921524Never really gave a shit about my hair till recently. I've been trying to go for a look like pi…[View]
13920763Rate my fit[View]
13917755w2c thread: w2c thread w2c these shoes?[View]
13920083Is your style classic and timeless?[View]
13921348Best cologne in the game rn?: Currently using pic, I like it but want to try new stuff[View]
13919939Coping AF1's: probably gonna cop some AF1'S (mid) but i dont wanna go all white/all black …[View]
13920006Big pores, blackheads, tiny acne scars (ice picks whatever the name).: So after fighting acne since …[View]
13921070w2c a long puffer jacket without dropping a stack? only finding moncler and any other ones are women…[View]
13921119SSSS.GRIDMAN, accessories: Would Cyber Planet Keys make a good hair pin? Could you even go out in pu…[View]
13919890w2c jacket[View]
13919392What are these for?[View]
13920889Is Viktor Drago effay?[View]
13921029if you were restricted to either black or white trainers for the rest of your life which would you c…[View]
13921148Where can i cop clothes like this suited for hotter, humid tropical temperatures? (I ride a motorcyc…[View]
13921152Shoes: Sorry for the low quality picture. but I was curious what kind of shoe this is. I cant tell t…[View]
13919018Kino living accommodations.[View]
13920707<$450 Parka: North Face McMurdo III; LLBean Baxter; or other?: gf getting me new Parka for xmas, …[View]
13920794What is the best watch for men?[View]
13918489How is called these glasses frames?[View]
13920300Could i get some feedback on my fit? Thanks[View]
13920880/fa/ lets start a trend: New Balance is based as fuck & these could meme so well.[View]
13919987So I haven't cut my hair (in a barbershop) for the last 2 years and I'm kinda anxious abou…[View]
13897837Can we have a tattoo general? It's been a while since I saw one here.[View]
13918820Post em: how much do you get me guys inb4 'no template'[View]
13919631How should I dress as a thicc woman in order to attract other thicc women? Absolutely not interested…[View]
13920809Why are Amish people always so effay?[View]
13920489What happened to this based qt, makes me wanna cry[View]
13920606I ordered some jeans that said 30x32 'Student Fit'. What the fuck does Student Fit mean? Did I just …[View]
13920381Are haircut buzzer numbers universal in length? I.e, if I get a #4 at one barbershop will it be the …[View]
13919522Can anyone ID this jacket or recommend me something similar to it.[View]
13920792What do I wear when I am old in my 40s?[View]
13920312What are the heels that women like the most?: Which designer or which brand?[View]
13919378GRAIL THREAD: What's your grail /fa/?[View]
13917735Is Pagan fashion making a comeback?[View]
13917768Is there such a thing as an /fa/ career?[View]
13920720is this effay?[View]
13920069What kind of hat is this? Looks hella comfy[View]
13920523What is this haircut, where can I get one, does it have a name and do you have more pix? >Short h…[View]
13920499Will he be America's next top model? Protip: your answer is yes and you can't deny it.[View]
13919961Why do winter hats look universally trashy? What's something nice I could wear without going fu…[View]
13917282What does /fa/ think about Style God Jonah Hill?[View]
13919419Is this /fa/ or am I too normie?[View]
13915040I dont know where else I could ask this so here it goes do you guys think a tailor could slim down t…[View]
13917585hat style id: I need to know what's the name of this type of hat[View]
13919489curly hair inspo thread: anyone got a less gay picture that i could actually show to a hairdresser o…[View]
13918934Being jobless, no friends, broke up with GF, playing videogames all day and browsing 4Chan for one y…[View]
13920382What makes something effay?[View]
13918509What is the cringiest brand out there? I'll start with Fear of God. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
13920346Jeff Goldblum Glasses: Can anyone identify the brand or the model of the glasses Ian Malcolm wears i…[View]
13920293/fa/ approved glasses for men: I’m 25 and I’ve gotta buy a pair of glasses for driving. What can I b…[View]
13907210What jordans are /fa/ approved?[View]
13920199SinisterCore: post villainous attire/inspo[View]
13920168▼ Settings Home /fit/ - Fitness No new posts ...Anonymous 12/12/18(Wed)22:56:28 No.48712419 114 …[View]
13920173Hey lads: I have never really came here before but I need some new clothes and was wondering where w…[View]
13919783Rate me and my fit. All my friends said i looked like a sharp dresser[View]
13911441Fragrance General: Previous thread >>13901197 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://w…[View]
13918555w2c jacket?[View]
13918515Are wet shaves effay?[View]
13919563What do you guys think about my fit?[View]
1392000190s inspo thread.: The 90s are cool now because the 80s were cool in the late 2000s and I guess thes…[View]
13919285Name this core[View]

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