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/fa/ - Fashion

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14105656Topknot thread: What's the best way to maintain a topknot? I'm not sure if I should untie …[View]
14105608Whats the general consensus on the greaser look?[View]
14104941Do people wear Birkenstocks unironically?[View]
14102518Are these any different to a standard pair of converse?[View]
14099912Inspo thread Hair, fits, shoes, whatever post it[View]
14105023Australian thread: ASColour is having a sale. Who are your favourite retailers?[View]
14103941Instagram Thread: Share and critique other effay anon’s Instagrum pages. Have fun.[View]
14105168what do you guys think about printed shirts like these? Some of them look kind of cool[View]
14105388Air Flip Flops: Cop or not? I'm not a flip flop kind of guy, but air flip flops… Should i?…[View]
14104670Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Keith is one of the greatest Musicians of the 2…[View]
14104593where the fuck is that picture of the hot girl looking down at her phone and back up in a bus, proba…[View]
14104334Why do i feel guilty for buying new clothes? Im not even that much of a poorfag, last half year ive …[View]
14104523beard grooming: How do I purchase beard grooming products without feeling like a tool?[View]
14102571Could i get an honest rating of my fit and facial aesthetics? Thanks[View]
14103623Whats the best song in the medley?: For me? It's 'She Came in Through the Bathroom Window'…[View]
14082452Cars that are: /fa/ approved.[View]
14100330Please direct me to other places except /fa/ where decent inspo is posted and maybe where there is e…[View]
14104603Is this the peak of male aesthetics?[View]
14105101prep/trad/ivy is the only real thread on here everything else is unintelligible[View]
14101079Is it true? The last of the independent designers?[View]
14105215How can I get cool hair like my anime?[View]
14105135What is this haircut called?[View]
14101443Hey guys, remember Supras? I fucking miss the mid-2000s.[View]
14102552Late 90s-Early 00s Inspo[View]
14098421Why does smoking feel so damn good and why does it look so damn cool? I wanna start smoking again bu…[View]
14103497Best acne bomber alternatives?: Would like a similar bomber at a lower price point but can't fi…[View]
14103579I buy all my clothes even panties in second hand stores[View]
14103240Male earrings: Is it /fa/ or faggotry?[View]
14105068So how would you describe this core? So I could find some more inspo to make more outfits with the s…[View]
14104209Just copped one on sale. What goes well with a Synchilla Snap T Pullover?[View]
14102461Faggot hate thread: Post fags you hate with the entirety of your being. I hate this little fuck so g…[View]
14104946God level hair products?[View]
14100107Is wearing tights effay? I want to incorporate it into my fits without appearing like a basedboy[View]
14104683Emo Nite inspo help me get girls[View]
14104726anything similar like this? this one is from uniqlo but it's 100 percent cotton and i don'…[View]
14104189Am I pulling off the anime cursed protagonist eye who I can't show cuzz then I will kill my fri…[View]
14104945can young ray cappo be /fa/?[View]
14104607How do I get this hair? Most hairstylists don’t do it properly.[View]
14095383Vintage/archive piece thread: Post personal grails that you actually own[View]
14103504Long Hair thread: Does anyone have any inspo for long hair with bangs on males?[View]
14101636/wt/ Watch Thread - [Dual Oscillator Edition]: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as …[View]
14091648Swimwear thread: Hi guys, I'm about to start swimming properly what is everyone wearing in the …[View]
14104785Why do people care about these meme scents? Flash of metal? Who wants to smell like that? Why would …[View]
14104419why is this basic ass shirt almost 500 USD? what does /fa/ think of Dolce and Gabanna?[View]
14104089how do i wear a tshirt over a sweatshirt? i know its basic but when everyone else does it they look …[View]
14102206Ex Fat /fa/: I know this isn't /fit/,but fuck it. My entire life I had to shop in the big and t…[View]
14104474What are some outdated fashion items?[View]
14096137w2c thread: shirt pls[View]
14102789>be me >7/10 doomer/zoomer >dresses nice >isnt all about hype >still got some hype th…[View]
14101826What are some other good plus-size fashion experts to follow?[View]
14102283general /fa/ advice: I'm a soon-to-graduate high school senior and my dad said I need to find f…[View]
14104413Is this considered thinning? I have bald temples and thin hair in general. It has been slso shot und…[View]
14104497Height: Height is just an excuse[View]
14101271>don't like going to the barber >over time hair looks awful, my head resembles a mushroom…[View]
14104082Can dyed hair ever be considered /fa/?[View]
14104432are traps effay?[View]
14102014Can poorfags be /fa/?[View]
14103265Why do girls dress like this? They look like trashy whores[View]
14104204men shouldn't care about fashion, is for faggots. Only /fit/ matters[View]
14102493How to get hair like this?[View]
14102998>check reddit female fashion inspo album >half the women are fat meanwhile >check reddit ma…[View]
14104313can anyone identify these shoes?[View]
14103539Can somebody explain this?: Is this an off white restaurant?[View]
14103141is A$AP rocky aka pretty flacko aka fashion killa really effay? personally i see him as a fashion i…[View]
14104000Here's what the rich/affluent are buying.: I worked for USPS during the holidays in one of Amer…[View]
14102220>tartan can it be done aside from flannel shirts?[View]
14103774Could i get an honest rating of my fit and facial aesthetics please? Thanks.[View]
14102334Where can I find shoes like these? >wtc thread[View]
14099953Streetwear brand names. Any ideas bois?[View]
14103812ID these adidas and ill venmo you 5$[View]
14103506Could i get some feedback on my fit? Thanks[View]
14103997ITT: Post /fa/shion disasters from other boards. I'll start.[View]
14103550Got any effay tips for Araby looking dudes? I’m not really Arabic just spic but I look very Muslim.[View]
14103475If Woman is wearing really Cool outfit it would fit better on a Men. All the girly outfits are max d…[View]
14103440How to protect my hair and skin from salta water and wind: I'm gonna start work as a tour guide…[View]
14103616Drunk as fuck in crazy jeans![View]
14102548Which looks better left or right[View]
14103455the SLP lifestyle was made for me.[View]
14103398Girls like me because I have give out bad boy rockstar vibes.[View]
14102091w2c this hat?[View]
14103316is theunder tuck shirteffay[View]
14103631thoughts on the guy in the middle? is his style /fa/? where can i get a big coat like that?[View]
14101113Convince me not to buy these[View]
14102437How do you cut your hair like this? What is the name of this haircut? I usually cut my own hair in a…[View]
14103546Can anyone ID these Adidas ? thing I bought them around early 2000.[View]
14103523Does anyone have that pic of a young DiCaprio or Pitt walking with some girl? Photo was black and wh…[View]
14098915/priestcore general/: Post your priest inspo itt[View]
14101656Where can I get good basic T-shirts in Europe? Preferably something cheap. t. fashion illiterate man…[View]
14102915What's the most effay fast food uniform?[View]
14102784Where to get similar sunglasses for cheaper[View]
14102822outfit inspo: got bored thought id show /fa how i dress[View]
14103372What is the best jacket to look fancy?: Types of jacket that are /fa[View]
14102048>created by white incel father and asian mother >both hate ethnic men >son happen to look l…[View]
14099802Can eyebags be /fa/?[View]
14093051Grid: Post yours, rate others[View]
14098870>He or She wears White sneakers (with white soles) or white Shoes on a rainy day.…[View]
14103272>he doesn't own at least 3 suits[View]
14097778Initial D/90’s Japanese street car racer core but for girls?[View]
14103117Is team rocket effay?: big fan of the jackets and the boots with the straps, it all looks utilitaria…[View]
14103157What shoes do you wear when you're fuckin', /fa/?[View]
14100329How the hell do you guys afford all those clothes?[View]
14102948I'm interested in developing the Chinese tourist style. Any Chinese tourist aesthetic inspo?[View]
14102567What sneakers would go good with this jacket? I know it’s a pretty basic one but I was thinking abou…[View]
14103170I want a pair of boots like this, suggestions?[View]
14102586Ramones or da con fo today /fa/?[View]
14099026How do I get hair like this? I'm serious[View]
14102084Cop or not?: Didn't see any other thread for it so I started my own[View]
14102954Advice for profile picture on social media? I heard that my ex Gf still check out my account, how do…[View]
14101399Am I effay?[View]
14103003Manlet: Hahahaha, is this guy trying to roast himself or something?[View]
14095980What makes the french so naturally /fa/?[View]
14098754please tell me you guys are boycotting gucci.[View]
14102724help with belt sizing: i'm trying to buy a belt online, but the only sizing is only listed as S…[View]
14102587Does anyone know where I can buy this sweatshirt?[View]
14099483>27 years old >Firefighter/Paramedic >/fit/ >Middle class income >Young looking face …[View]
14091129Be useful for once and post art hoes aesthetic please[View]
14102861>Try to get /fa/ >Just end up looking homosexual I'm doing it right, right?…[View]
14102730What's the shittest look you've seen pulled off: For me it's Jack Nicholson's se…[View]
14102680Hey guys, I’m headed to McDonald’s. You want anything? Me? I’m getting a delicious Big Mac with cris…[View]
14102255is the merchant marine /fa/?[View]
14100150Can we get a thread about bracelets? What brands do you guys cop from? Thinking about copping this…[View]
14090749So I (may) be getting implants soon, currently a B cup. Which cup size is most effay?[View]
14100531what kind of haircut should i get? i just want a gf >inb4 attention whore…[View]
14100868DAMNN YOUU IVAAANN!!!: It's been 5 months wtf...[View]
14099143What would this hairstyle be called?[View]
14101073Most effay instrument: We all know musicians are /fa/, but what is the most effay instrument?[View]
14102337Insoles to fill boot: Bought a boot for a massive steal in the Mr. Porter sale. It's a tad too…[View]
14102095So this is what instagram 'influencers' are doing for likes and validation these days, doe…[View]
14098360slay bitch slay >people will defend this fit[View]
14102191What colour would go best with solid burgendy, navy, and olive green?[View]
14099361Nowadays every black dude has this hairstyle with slightly different variations (high top with fade,…[View]
14097952i have a worn out helmut lang denim jacket, some of the button rivets backed out would you guys buy …[View]
14102616How far can you go with plastic surgery? No half assed mechanically improved shit I want art on skin…[View]
14102098Anyone know where to get arm rings like pic related? Is there a good retailer for this sort of celti…[View]
14102151Should I cop this for $30 or nah?[View]
14100255Ay lads, grab your coat, we goin on patrol[View]
14099069so whens the next meetup guys? been a while hasnt it[View]
14102029How do I get young women to eyefuck me?[View]
14102319Based or cringe?[View]
14101680are blue jeans fashionable? or are black jeans the bees knees nowadays?[View]
14096258What makes a woman beautiful, /fa/?[View]
14102027Please new and old 4chan users: Please DO NOT take any actual fashion advice from /fa/ because most …[View]
14101733Where to cop a quality college jacket?[View]
14100673How do I dress like a Puritan in modern times?[View]
14101463>the absolute state of /fa/[View]
14096593https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmqbyfLaZEw , what is asap rocky wearing here?[View]
14099783Affordable Vintage Watches: hey I was wondering if you guys had suggestions for affordable yet nice …[View]
14101979is this bottle of Sauvage fake? notice the purple-ish cap.[View]
14101665What year was most fashionable?[View]
14098830Running-core is this a thing?: I like that always ready running look anyone else? Is there a name fo…[View]
14100101Do you guys have any alternatives to Doc Martens? They're expensive af and aren't made as …[View]
14101970Is Peter Parker /fa/?[View]
14099548girls wearing docs[View]
14098258How do i get into book author core?[View]
14097819How are you holding up, /fa/?[View]
141006661960's fashion was based af[View]
14101510What kind of gold ring should i get?[View]
14100036>'Fragrance '''ONE'''' >'Office for men' >400 bucks and moe Kek…[View]
14099399Why can't you guys pull off a basic fit like this?[View]
14099153How hard is it for me to get a GF in your country?[View]
14100590How does one become appealing to goth/ metal chicks? Also why are they so rare these days?[View]
14101724helmut lang is for /fa/fa/ggots[View]
14099610/wt/ Watch Thread - [Sub-Seconds Edition]: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well…[View]
14098682What is this style / core called?[View]
14101156Air Jordan: In an era of dad shoes and technical runners, the Jordan brand is dead, but not gone. Th…[View]
14098849Any thoughts on tucking in t-shirts? When is it effay to and not?[View]
14098363Please honesty rate my outfit out of 10: If you think it’s shit, don’t just tell me it’s shit. Tell …[View]
14101165Minimalist core: is this minimal enough? hair included what would be a good alternative for those sh…[View]
14101339Hiking Gear: What is the most effay hiking gear out there? How can I achieve a rugged aesthetic with…[View]
14098753How can I achieve mid 90s street racer core?[View]
14099904Quality is a meme: Be me: >go to Converse store and try a bunch of different sizes of chucks …[View]
14099730Is Johhny Cash effay?[View]
14098778w2c a 40s-ish leather jacket like this one? I think tight leather jackets are ugly as shit, especial…[View]
14098409The ultimate way to get rid of the norwood reaper?: Pic related. >$10k hair transplant taken fro…[View]
14100946Is there anything wrong with wearing mostly uniqlo basics like Tshirts, sweaters, sweatpants and jog…[View]
14088486so you're telling me these are the best pair of boots money can buy?[View]
14099201Is it possible to still pull this off today?[View]
14100991Frilling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN6dR3CNrE[View]
14099971is it just me or do these types of washer/dryers put holes in clothes.[View]
14100403Should I cop this or nah? It connects to your phone and can receive and make calls and connect to ra…[View]
14100103Hey you! Let's skip the small talk and cum over for sex.[View]
14100830Balenciaga Summer 19 Campaign: What do you think about it ?[View]
14100766Heritage Soccer shoes brands: What are some obscure soccer shoes brands that you never see making ev…[View]
14100358inspo thread[View]
14092627>tfw rosacea[View]
14100696If you don't dress for your age, income, and your career, and if you don't follow color/co…[View]
14100508Is it autistic that I use anime for fashion inspiration irl?[View]
14100088Has anyone read this? If so, is it worth checking out?[View]
14100355>dem shoes yay or nay?[View]
14085453/thinspo/ - thìnspīråtíön génêrãl: Black coffee is all you need to live editione Rules: >post thi…[View]
14100502Makeup obvi: what blush suits this look?? soft pink eye shadow w/ norm white glitter etc cannot seem…[View]
14100170How should someone reaching 30y dress like? I wear way too much hoodies[View]
14100227Barbour Classic Bedale vs. Ashby: I want to get a Barbour wax jacket but I don't know which one…[View]
14097858Why do people wear leather dress shoes? 1. They’re uncomfortable as shit 2. They have no support an…[View]
14100468What are top tier button down brands?: Looking for ones I can wear on fancy nights out to flex on ot…[View]
14100058I need pants for this look, can you recommend anything? > tfw you take mother's cigarette fo…[View]
14097066I got told i dress awfully bad: Pic related is me, is it so bad? im rly tall, 6'1 (182cm) and i…[View]
14099203Are Thor hammer pendants effay or fedora tier? How to pull them off?[View]
14097803S.T.A.L.K.E.R-core: How can I obtain S.T.A.L.K.E.R core? I feel like its the same as terrorwave but …[View]
14098343Any other charts like this?[View]
14091602Is he /fa/?[View]
14097181/wt/ Watch Thread - [Rubber Straps Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as wel…[View]
14099476Recommend me a fashion book: I'm a 22yo male and i want to learn fashion, both basic and comple…[View]
14096936What does one wear for footwear with sleazecore? Hardest part of the fit IMO is the shoes. Crusty CP…[View]
14094462is it possible for lesbian couples to be effay or is it always cringe?[View]
14098546Where is this jumper from?[View]
14100147Sunglasses Thread: ITT: effay sunglasses and sunglasses that best fit your face.[View]
14098647when will mustaches become popular again?[View]
14095896Plus Size Inspo: want to buy my plus size partner some new clothes, can y'all post some size 16…[View]
14098864is techwear effay?: I ask since I like the look and I can pull it off, but I get this feeling that t…[View]
14097470imagine thinking this dude looks good you'd have to be asian right? I get the feeling /fa/ has …[View]
14097967Is this the most BASED and redpilled dress of all time? The only thing that could possibly make it m…[View]
14099184Could i get some feedback on my fit? Thanks[View]
14099678tote bags: does anyone know where I could get some patchwork tote bags? similar to these asspizza o…[View]
14099939What is the exact sunglasses they're wearing?: Or at least a similar brand/type that looks like…[View]
14099877Clothes while daytripping: Generally find wifebeaters and a pair of briefs good for shooting up in t…[View]
14099746sandals inspo: post ur best inspo + the sandals you have in rotation atm[View]
14099417So /fa/, i need your help. I am a metalhead (mostly black metal and death metal). And i am tired of …[View]
14098195W2C milsurp that isn't from a large western country? I'm not interested in flecktarn or wo…[View]
14099654What is this hairstyle called? Where can I find more pictures? I like it a lot and want to take it t…[View]
14097136don't forget to take care of your skin anon <3[View]
14099612fuck with a real one sometime. i needed to show off just albums and songs like this in my above pos…[View]
14091731Is it possible to pull these glasses off in the modern day?[View]
14098548Shoes for the rain: What are some options for shoes to wear in the rain? Are rain boots /effay/? Is …[View]
14099349Where can I get glasses like these?[View]
14098169>people who sell vintage Carhartt and other workwear for <$100[View]
14098280Are 3sixteen ST-100x/Slim Tapered still the best mid-tier raw denim? I'm starting a working cla…[View]
14097657I'm a brazilian favela guy known on biz Need /fa/ advice and would like to ask if you guys coul…[View]
14097407Ever since you started taking care of your appearence/being a metrosexual/pretty mothafucka, do you …[View]
14098339>sneakers >athleisure >hoodies >hats >joggers >versace >gucci…[View]
14096130Anons I need your advice. I'm a well enough dressed man, though not a particularly fashionable …[View]
14096426SERIOUS QUESTION GUYS: WHAT boot is ol timmy wearing here?? His whole outfit is Louis Vuitton/Virgil…[View]
14099250which fucking part of a burger is junk food? is the bread, the meat, the cheese, or the vegetables? …[View]
14098971I cringe when I see internet clothes IRL hbu saw a normie wearing this today[View]
14099001Is my side profile effay??[View]
14091236ITT: Pictures of Martin Margiela: gonna dump my folder, which is not a lot at all. If anyone has oth…[View]
14096784look at this dude[View]
14095115Tfw everyone on /fa/ dresses like this: numales run this site lmao[View]
14098005Raw selvedge denim Workwear Leather patina Heddels Buy it for life[View]
14097417What's your most complimented item of clothing?: for me, its Doc Martens 1490. whether you like…[View]
14094600Rocked up to a work party tonight dressed like this. Females: >I love your outfit >you dress s…[View]
14098869>y'all >bruh >lowkey…[View]
14093757What the fuck happened to /fa/?: Just revisited this site after maybe 2-3 years of inactivity and ho…[View]
14098704Any idea for 6 feet 3 inches 180 lbs male(19 yr)? I'm a normie.[View]
14098586New releases/discussion thread: This is the thread to post about new releases ree Thoughts on this? …[View]
14092036I currently have the same straight hair texture like young cole sprouse How do I get the hair textu…[View]
14098573Happy Valentine’s Day[View]
14098019Delet this: Please help me find this set she’s wearing[View]
14093144effay films: bost fits from films you like[View]
14095866>tfw you'll never have a gf as aesthetic as her[View]
14095858Going to give myself a grade 1 buzzcut. How should I go about it? Should I be worried about growing …[View]
14096194Cop or not?[View]
14097915I need your opinions, /fa/ggots. I received The Dude's cardigan as a gift. Although I love the …[View]
14091002Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14079810 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14098296I recently bought extensions. Should I wash them so that they appear more natural before I wear them…[View]
14094594How do you pull off proper 90s/Seinfeld core? What are some good places to shop?[View]
14098228rings: that ring is effay af, and I need it. where to cop?[View]
14098351alright last one for now[View]
14098309Which are you?: Some people wear military inspired wear (chinos, shirts, blazers, ankle boots, naval…[View]
14097089What's the most /fa/ way to scape your pubes? I've gone bald eagle before but I don't…[View]
14093356Who's your favorite fashion idol and the pinnacle of your inspiration? Whether fictional or non…[View]
14098289>'buy it for life' >heritage brands >raw denim >waxed canvas >mock toe boots >veg …[View]
14096184Hey!: Oh shit it’s anon! Quick strike a pose for us![View]
14092664What's up with all the edginess in fashion these past couple years? I mean why is it that every…[View]
14098077He got a hair transplant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVaPpQENo0M[View]
14095475what is this mode called?[View]
14094705What type of men does this aesthetic attract?[View]
14096236Is it possible to dress in cool boomer fashion without looking like cosplay?[View]
14097697Is this Nike huarache is real or fake[View]
14097963>3sixteen >selvedge denim Is fashion/style a bugman hobby? My interests are buying/wearing clo…[View]
14096132Why are models so fucking hottt??? Hnggggg. I get fucking boners trying to watch fashion shows.[View]
14098026What core is this?: Help me out here guys, will ya[View]
14097995Fashion can be a powerful tool when used for good[View]
14097954Sorry for shitting up your board but: I want to cut my hair short but I don't want to look like…[View]
14095231How do I dress like an arms dealer: I'm gonna be spending a couple month in India and am lookin…[View]
14092964How can you get the tucked in t-shirt look without looking like a retard[View]
14097667Can fat people be /fa/?[View]
14097777/GRAILS/: post your grails. fuck it post non /fa/ related grails too if you want to[View]
14097003>almost 29 years old >hairline's intact like i'm in my early 20s, rich full hair Am …[View]
14096468where can I buy these shorts[View]
14094605medieval core: how would we go about modernizing medieval attire in the contemporary society?[View]

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