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/fa/ - Fashion

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14422529Been wearing these black framed wayfarers for over 8 years now and I'm sick of them. I need a f…[View]
14417348Will circular sunglasses enhance my creepy hitman vibe?[View]
14419955i bought this when i was 17 and i haven't used it in 4 years is it a sin to wear it in the curr…[View]
14420234Y'all know the drill[View]
14415475Patches: Haven't seen a patch thread in a while, lets get one going. How many is too many? I…[View]
14421630Can anyone name this kind of belt?[View]
14414002describe your fashion in one word.[View]
14418452How often do you wash your clothes? My stats: >underwear (including t-shirts): 1/use >pants, …[View]
14421860Jacket ID: Anyone know who makes this jacket?[View]
14421060Black Fashion Discord: https://discord.gg/F38q38d Welcome to a Black discord server where you can di…[View]
14415452We rename clothing brands based on their reputation or demographic: Robert Graham > Date Rape Out…[View]
14421993Windbreakers are based[View]
14419654Anyone Know Where To Find This Watch?: hey, so this is kind of a retarded thread to make, but someon…[View]
14421159What stores should I hit up during my trip to New York? Favorite spots?[View]
14421731Jeans: Good advice on how to beat the fuck outta jeans?[View]
14421809How do I ask for this cut of suit?[View]
14420751Ariel Pink: Can we get an inspo thread going for the greatest musical artist of our generation? He’s…[View]
14421765>tfw you'll never be a /fa/ squid kid[View]
14419935When will Chanel drop this ugly dyke's ass already?[View]
14418580Prom suit boys: I've been following my fathers advice on suits. Took a leap, went to an Asian l…[View]
14420453you straight haired people are so lucky I wish i had naturally straight hair.[View]
14418173Rude boy general and inspo[View]
14416203*sniff sniff* i smell a rockstar[View]
14417639what are the best psychedelic clothing brands?[View]
14421606Give me the huaraches pill/ rundown[View]
14421360ID on these pants?[View]
14421475Is it too bad? Inb4 bad camera quality hurr durr durr[View]
14421254Can someone id this vintage adidas?[View]
14421419Adidas Chile 62: I recently found pic rel on my old brother's wardrobe. What do you think about…[View]
14421497What this aesthetic called?[View]
14421135What are your full thoughts and opinions on the flat cap?[View]
14420398I need help finding the sweatpants/shirt + the backback this Russian Zashlon SVR(?) dude has on[View]
14420485Jonas hill: Would you call him a Fashion icon?[View]
14421371>this 70 year old man looks better than you ever will[View]
14420791Outfit general: Rate my exam outfit[View]
14420024is this a good outfit[View]
14421308These just been released by ray-ban RX5377 thinking of getting them. Thoughts?[View]
14420997how do i get my curls similar to this? im Arab so my curls are larger and generally more dry and fri…[View]
14414487Thoughts on my skincare routine? I do this every day >shower after gym >go into the sauna >…[View]
14395759Skin Thread: Wiki: Skin care basics:http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics Acn…[View]
14420442rich Chinese are destroying fashion or at least certain designers discuss thanx[View]
14421101SEXcore instagrams are now being posted as unironic advice[View]
14419624whats this type of shirt[View]
14417895Can someone educate me on Business Casual? I'm currently rocking white shirt/navy pants every d…[View]
14412054Age: Job: Earning: How much you spend on fashion: >19 >college student >0 > $50~$80 a mo…[View]
14419714I just took the buzzpill, is it ok? I had long hair before that (i won't post it)[View]
14420955Anyone know where I can find a sweater similar to this one found in Hangin’ With Leo!! Leonardo Dica…[View]
14414853I need to get a bike. /fa/ bike thread ?[View]
14420879Is Jenny /fa/? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56Olvxf2FznHWOHIcfxq_g[View]
14421018is using self tanners a good idea? ive been using this one but it dosent make a huge difference. any…[View]
14420605can we all agree that straight hair is superior to curly hair?[View]
14388032Fashion Feelings: How are you /fa/? Tell us[View]
14415121/grid/ thread: upcoming autumn fit[View]
14415360What are these vest?: What are these vest called I have been seeing them everywhere lately.[View]
14420082this is not an average day on /fa/ anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3tYhBMLgdk when did /fa…[View]
14419445What would go well with this velvet blouse without making it look too much like a vampire? A skirt, …[View]
14417856What's the deal with ASKET? Scandinavian 'minimalism' meme clothes or actually decent basics?[View]
14418997nobody warned me birkenstocks smell like literal death after a few weeks of wear[View]
14419657are toothpicks effay?[View]
14416545Summer Terrorwave: Hello /fa/ I have a question for y'all: how do I keep my Terrorwave style in…[View]
14420247What are some good hairstyles for men with curly hair?[View]
14414719What core is this?[View]
14416432Suggest me a new hairstyle and hair color[View]
14419603Im assembling a team[View]
14418431I used to think this guy was a complete hack, but hes got the hypekids triggered with this statement…[View]
14419587When will mountain-core come back?[View]
14416515How do i improve my picture game? i can get a decent photo here and there but i have to tense my jaw…[View]
14414568Ann Demeulemeester 2020 collection: New collection is looking good, so I am dumping it[View]
14419082Inspo Thread: How do I achieve this aesthetic?[View]
14416283>one chance at life >patchy beard im 23, is there still hope that it can fill in a bit more?…[View]
14414566Who are these kids?[View]
14420069Does anyone know where I can get shirts similar to these that I purchased and then lost in vietnam? …[View]
14419846I am ashamed of you all: >2010/11 Asap Rocky mixtape is dropped with key Clams Casino produced so…[View]
14417749Ryan gosling inspo?[View]
14410882How do I SEXcore unironically? How do I dress to attract females?[View]
14415976what is the most effay way to apologize to a girl that u miss[View]
14418941haircut: What haircut should i get?[View]
14418265In Harajuku for the last time for a Year tomorrow: I'm a 24 Year Old guy, Where do I go and wha…[View]
14414218is there a such thing as a masculine sneaker? or do all high test guys just wear loafers or somethin…[View]
14416397if you wear sneakers you a bitch[View]
14419686What style of glasses frame work best with pic related?[View]
14417840WATWT: on your feet edition: I'll start[View]
14416697/fa/ I don't know if it's just me but why does it seem as though in order to be 'fashionab…[View]
14419797effay or no?[View]
14412115How the heck are people wearing these things? I got a pair of 1460s in the right size, length-wise, …[View]
14419023What are your favorite retros and colorway?[View]
14417748Haircut thread.: Okay /fa/, I have some hair and I want it to look neat. Throw me some haircuts that…[View]
14417791BACKPACKS: RARE BACKPACK THREAD what makes a good backpack? backpacks that are good for your spine …[View]
14419411Fo these colors go well together? >white undershirt with a big red spot in the middle for japan …[View]
14419524>paying more than $50 for anything made in China, Bangladesh, or Vietnam…[View]
14417927These real or fake?[View]
14419322(chuckles) Blackpilled fashion? High quality? Cost per wear? WHAT?!? Me? I’d say it’s the Dehen Heav…[View]
14419329I don’t wear jeans, I wear denim...[View]
14417464POST CRINGE on a side note- I can't believe some women find this genuinely attractive. Pants ar…[View]
14417453How do I start dressing nice?: Hi /fa/. /o/ here. Long story short. My significant other and I got i…[View]
14416450model-fu thread[View]
14419239Maybe you /fa/ggots can help me, I have very fine hair (I'm a guy), and in order to look good w…[View]
14411144Glasses thread. Also ID on these please.[View]
14417072Your girl wants me because I'm a rockstar[View]
14418345I like N.Peal but I am not wealthy enough to pay for their classy sweaters and turtle necks. What ar…[View]
14414781/facial aesthetics general/: At what ~% bodyfat does your face look like pic related?[View]
14417136Copping vintage brands: European in the States here. Where can I find vintage brand piece like Nauti…[View]
14419059I saw Igor at a clothing store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in p…[View]
14418906Fashion is cope for people that don't look like the Vitruvian Man. Lets face it, if you looked …[View]
14401960ideal gf thread?[View]
14417968I’m a white guy and I want to cut my hair and paint it like black guys do.: How does this look on wh…[View]
14415205Rugby shirt: What should I wear with rugby shirts like this?[View]
14416298Is women's football fa?[View]
14418978ID on these nikes?[View]
14416939/techwear/ nomex/kevlar interest probe: hey yall, i personally want some clothes made with nomex and…[View]
14418063Where's the best place to find kino techwear jackets[View]
14417928I know nothing about fashion. What clothes/ hair cut would improve my appearance?[View]
14418508What's the most /fa/ wallet?[View]
14416480what are the most obnoxious /fa/ memes?[View]
14418377I was made fun of by two chad alpha male tradie butt buddies for wearing this outfit while I was jus…[View]
14417620late 90s/early 00s, circa 1998-2003 emo template[View]
14416601How do I get rid of these?: How do I get rid of these lines between my nose and mouth[View]
14418010This guy is a big SLP fan, does he pull it off?[View]
14418296Is it safe to store clothing (mainly vintage t-shirts) in an air-tight plastic bin like this? I don…[View]
14417655Graphic tee: Hey, I need you to help your bro out. I'm looking for a t-shirt with design simila…[View]
14417430Is Polyamory /fa/?: Anyone else here have more than one partner? I got two girlfriends and I think i…[View]
14418397At the movies looks: What are these looks trying to say? Left, middle, right[View]
14416815How and where can I get a jacket like these? I'm ready to give up to 500 for one[View]
14415179SALE THREAD: Post your cops![View]
14409247>brown hair You already lost. You were born with default hair color. You will always hear from gi…[View]
14418116any suggestions on a haircut? i was thinking of getting it a little shorter, on top and fading the s…[View]
14415801whats the thinkpad of clothing lines?[View]
14416052When and where do i need to use sunscreen? Inside with in front of a window with blinds? When going …[View]
144146735´6 19yo 132lb mexican male how should i dress?[View]
14415921What's the most /fa/ drug and why is it ketamine?[View]
14417309>Try out Mionxidil for beard growth >end up with hair shedding on head >chest pains >nau…[View]
14417896Business Bag: I wear a three piece to work and need a small bag I can use for EDC stuff. I already h…[View]
14416962Slides: yay/nay in general? what are your slides or choice for comfort & aesthetic?[View]
14415383Graphic tee inspo[View]
14414784Bully ryan[View]
14417657Best place to buy shoes for big feet? UK 15 and I get pissed looking at all these good kicks I can…[View]
14408705Why can't zoomers come up with their own original clothing styles?[View]
14415966Bully ryan[View]
14417462ID on jacket[View]
14417562Fashion is my hobby. Who are you to say what i can and cant do in my free time. Hehe some of us may …[View]
14413808any advice for a girl with long legs, short torso, and small head?[View]
14417592Fashion is my hobby. Who are you to say what i can and cant do in my free time. Hehe some of us may …[View]
14417589prehistoric emo inspo: prehistoric emo inspo thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGSd0cao9-A…[View]
14415303Using lemons to naturally lighten your hair: yay or nah?[View]
14415354Should I cop?[View]
14416048What do Levi's shoes on a male signal to others?[View]
14411204NICE OUTFIT NERD![View]
14416727Would I be able to pull this off and what length do you think it is on top?[View]
14415726I need a haircut, any ideas for this shape of face?[View]
14417455How would I go about getting this haircut? Im letting my hair grow out but it's getting longer …[View]
14416641What hairstlyle should I go for going to party? My face is oval shaped, im tall,slim and im a man.[View]
14395002Trad/Ivy/Prep Thread: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13 https://www.red…[View]
14417216w2c very thick high quality solid t-shirts that aren't slim fit Pic unrelated[View]
14417129Wedding/engagement rings: Hey /fa/, I'm looking to get my boyfriend an engagement ring (And bef…[View]
14416363where do i buy mens trousers? i wanna dress a bit nicer day to day instead of my crusty ass jeans[View]
14417225w2c some pimp ass high heel leather boots of good quality and for cheap?[View]
14417115Was he fa? Id on boots[View]
14416783jordan ID: can someone ID these Jordan's? Got these at a thrift store today for 5 bucks, wonder…[View]
14415900starting a new job in a garage this summer post inspo[View]
14406765/techwear/: general /techwear/, maybe slight lounge edition.[View]
14417240Press [Esc] to go back[View]
14412432Do people really buy into this shit?[View]
14397215Drain inspo: 2015 onwards only[View]
14415974JOGGERS FUCKING SUCK: they fucking suck so much[View]
14404257Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14392932 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14416537Coats or Umbrellas for mediumish rainy days?[View]
14417036/fa/ Trekking: What are some good /fa/ yet functional clothing to use in hiking? Is there a way to g…[View]
14415464What core is this?[View]
14413415What bodywash does /fa/ use? I use old spice body wash but all these commercial bodywashes smell lik…[View]
14416785i know this is posted a lot, but I've lost it. /fa/ documentaries or movies? also maybe effay a…[View]
14411538/sleazecore/ thread watch edition[View]
14416661best brands/places to get quality 5-panel caps?[View]
14415998What's the best way for a man to signal their power using fashion? Watches? Shoes? What kind of…[View]
14416565What is he wearing? What would you call this aesthetic? And how can i achieve it?[View]
14414344Heyo /fa! peep my new versace kicks: Dey is over $1500, and fly as fuck. Dey shiny too.[View]
14416650Any Rickfags here? What do you think about these dunks? The stitching seems wonky and Ive never seen…[View]
14415343Do you have any good haircut examples for receding hairline?[View]
14415429How do I steal his look?[View]
14413840Beards: What do you do with beards? Trim to match lengths? Where do you make a neckline? I have a go…[View]
14413631what do you guys think of the CDG brand?[View]
14413105How do I pull off ponchos as a man? I'm relatively lean, 6'1', European Argentine, so ponc…[View]
14416509Color of the now: I am going out, quick, what's today's trending color?[View]
14413841First time on /fa/ came over here from /fit/ looking to improve my style. I have a decent v-taper an…[View]
14414061What would you assume about a person that wore this? Is there anything inherently wrong with it? I o…[View]
14412976April 77 is dead. Are there any brands that still do black skinny jeans decently? I'm not big o…[View]
14414932What are some cheaper lookalikes to these?[View]
14412526Tattoos General Stick and Poke Edition: Military fag station in Germany I'm sick of the outrage…[View]
14416427Someone say anal sex?[View]
14414934Should I Just Stay Inside? Or Am I Fine ?[View]
14416035what is the most effay smokes?[View]
14413370BUZZPILL: Should I take the buzz pill, might be risky seeing as I will be exposing my scalp and any …[View]
14416342Is this the most aesthetic image in existence? The answer is yes[View]
14413244What's the most /fa/ height for men?[View]
14415864Cop or not?[View]
14414234Which one for a black phone[View]
14415673Interesting watches: Image attached is a real carved bronze version of a Panerai homage. What are yo…[View]
14415223Summer aVAnt GArdE sandals: Y’all I’m looking for some sandals like these leather guidi sandals with…[View]
14393574post your /fa/ relatives (without doxxing yourself) this is my grandpa who suicided[View]
14416021S L I M F I T L I M F I T[View]
14412270How can I wear nothing but a T-shirt and shorts without looking like a dork?: I don't want to l…[View]
14414128Would tailoring an H&M suit be a worthwhile endeavor?: I want a great fitting suit. Something mo…[View]
14415401Simple black boots or oxfords with decent grip.[View]
14407668/DIY/ - Do It Yourself General: No DIY in the catalog? Guess I'll try get us going Lets get cre…[View]
14415117>he pays over $50/€50 for elastane infused 'jeans' Why would you do that? The reason th…[View]
14413820eyeglass for small-skulled male: What brand/style eyeglasses look best on a man with a small skull/f…[View]
14415742Jose's sunglasses: I need those sunglesses so bad[View]
14415544I have a shirt very similar to this. What can you wear it with in a non-reddit cuck way?[View]
14415015Identify this piece of clothing please: Hello /fa/. This is my first time on this board. I need help…[View]
14415598w2c errythang in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryvHj2z-0BM[View]
14411782Chernobyl fashion: Post the sickest fits from HBO's Chernobyl miniseries.[View]
14415342Most effay way to take a shit?[View]
14415397> be me > pic related To what extent can you 'casualize' a formal shirt? I've been doing …[View]
14408782Do small feet look bad on men? I'm a manlet (5'7) and idk I've been cursed like this …[View]
14414300How long should a pair of trousers be, I have a pair with no break and they just touch the top of my…[View]
14415125redpill me on lacoste[View]
14414346How do i incorporate a scarf like this into a daily outfit without looking like a hipster faggot.[View]
14411666/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
14412840Best boots of all-time?[View]
14414658Non sown clothing: Should we bring back Grecco-Roman apparel?[View]
14413022Borderline midget athletic woman seeking fashion advice: 117lbs. 5ft tall. I have pale but slightly …[View]
14412384Shoe Thread: Who here /boomer/? My newbees are so comfy. I always throw on a pair of wool socks with…[View]
14414829>the barber asks who's the lucky gal[View]
14412183Grunge inspo. Bonus points for outfits that you can Wear at summer[View]
14409275w2c thread:: Are these still a thing? Also w2c these cargos[View]
14412590i dont cop clothes i cop pieces: post your fav pieces[View]
14413627I want to get more training clothes, ASRV has been all over with their advertisements but what are o…[View]
14412589I always wanted to dress gothic, what do you think?: 15th century full steel plate gothic.[View]
14413812Do you belong to a fashion squad ?[View]
14397639/fa/ movies bonus points if its not hollywood[View]
14413312What was the main cause that people would dress like this in the past? Will it ever come back?[View]
14414796Wallets General /wallet/: Discuss wallets here, >Wallet preference: Trifold, Bifold, Trucker, Bik…[View]
14414194What are my options for olive green pants as a guy? I cant find any that I like online, they all hav…[View]
14414980The people of Grailed are cancer: Wtf is wrong with these people, honestly? I swear there are so man…[View]
14414298How do I steal this look?[View]
14398061/comfy/ - Comfy Core General: What are comfy summer essentials? How do you stay comfy in the least c…[View]
14409458>everyone likes the Casio F-91W >unpretentious design, fits most fits, /terrorwave/, etc. >…[View]
14406930are these cheeks /fa/?[View]
14411591/fa/ for /k/ aka don't stick out like a faggot you only grey wearing /k/unt: So /k/ommando here…[View]
14412438Where to cop?[View]
14413853Can we have a graphic t shirt thread? What is the best place to get tasteful, non-autistic graphic t…[View]
14413871Rothco 5057: Are these the perfect boots?[View]
14409821Just shaved my head and i really regret it. any hats or anything to cover up the mess? i got a party…[View]
14396706Boots General /boots/: -Discuss boots here. —-Review, rate, ask advice on brands -Show your boots…[View]
14414705Hi /fa/, fa/tg/uy here. I decided this thread would be more appropriate here, and I also beleive the…[View]
14413380Are high waisted pants effay?[View]

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