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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 298 expired threads from the past 3 days

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14569290lets have a comfy urban rain wear thread[View]
14570510share whats on your to-cop list[View]
14566728What is the Most /fa/ Sport?: My vote is Golf.[View]
14572541I'm from a western country and I got a Kilt as a present from a relative who went to Scotland. …[View]
14572276So, I just started actually getting into fashion and i'm fascinated by Adam Katz Sinding's…[View]
14572626infinite perception: can i wear this to uni and not get completely strange looks. i definitely want …[View]
14573338my new shoes[View]
14572282Bikini dude face[View]
14570670You can only wear one style of sweatshirt forever, which one do you fags pick[View]
14572327how to dye clothes dark black: not tryna use that RIT shit that turns it purple instead of black, an…[View]
14569142Kurt's sweater: Please describe its features in technical terms or comment on them, so I could …[View]
14573102Could I make it as a fashion designer? I recently moved out to LA, so the scene here is big. Looking…[View]
14573232Which European Wrangler models have a button fly?[View]
14572934Hey, /fa/. It's Gore-Tex™[View]
14571847Thoughts on this brand?[View]
14569929How do you guys go about finding knock offs for things you have no chance of affording? Stuff like t…[View]
14573122I would like to rock this hairstyle but I have straight hair, how to achieve curly hair?[View]
14572138Mullet Thread: I'm growing my hair just to get this style. Big 80's fan.[View]
14566949Whats the point of being /fa/ when most people dont even care about how you dress?[View]
14572959do you brush your hair?[View]
14554704Trad/Prep/Ivy Thread: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13 https://www.red…[View]
14572932Chain?: What kind of chain is this?[View]
14572068SOCKS & UNDERWEAR: What are the absolute best? You can include 'fashionable,' but more important…[View]
14572146Carl fit.: Give me the complete Carl fit must be perfect.[View]
14568182Post grunge inspo[View]
14572906Help me find these sunglasses: I bought these from a random vintage shop that sold a bunch of mass p…[View]
14572767Yohji thread: or cdg[View]
14570112what do you think of non-english script on clothings? Whats you're favorite writing system on c…[View]
14571993Kurt Cobain Eye glasses: Kurt Cobain obviously had a cool sense of style. I have been trying to find…[View]
14571412Thoughts? Tried their chinos for the first time and they seem pretty nice, but idk if there are bett…[View]
14568981i see a lot of black people with coconut 'cream' or hair 'oil' why do they like it so much and what …[View]
14568796Since their creation, waistcoats have been hailed through the decades as sexy as fuck. Name me a bet…[View]
14568315it's out https://www.supremenewyork.com/previews/fallwinter2019 thoughts?[View]
14571370How does he get his hair so straight and to stay in place? If you blow dry and/or flat-iron you hair…[View]
14572079Onions on my shoe fit: Down boot liners and beat to shit teva sandals composed primarily of super gl…[View]
14569009Winter Jackets: I'm about to go to freshman year of college in the north and I don't have …[View]
14570911Skiing while being /fa/: Is it achievable ? Post /fa/ shit to wear while high up on mountains.…[View]
14571820Face coverings: Is there a non retarded item of clothing to cover your face?[View]
14572406Helpful advice.: Just know; that when you want to try a bold outfit, freddie mercurcy will look up a…[View]
14569063Where do i go to get a haircut? male. my mom always cut it but shes not here anymore. Wtf do i do or…[View]
14568398This is the most effay album and yu are wrong if yu disagree[View]
14568722Water resistent backpack recommendations? Doesn’t need to be waterproof. Preferable under 200 eurod…[View]
14571549If you were broke and could only wear like 3 different outfits what would you wear?[View]
14572535Autumn Wear: Whats some FA/ approved FITS?[View]
14572439>Free shipping for orders $150 or over[View]
14572430How do I wear an olive army shirt elegantly and not larp style?[View]
1457134480s looked pretty cool if you asked me. Also 80s fashion thread.[View]
14569497W2C this coat?[View]
14569038Your opinion on grey jeans: and what to combine them best with?[View]
14572026Tony Soprano Appreciation Thread: Arguably the biggest pioneer of 20th century greasecore.[View]
14572275What are some /fa/ approved hair/beard combos[View]
14561857/fa/ fags in a nutshell[View]
14571564hi (:: Thoughts on these?[View]
14560551Hair thread: What would be a good haircut for the shape of this head? Also hair thread, post your ha…[View]
14572043You don't wear sneakers do you, /fa/? They make you look like a child, you know.[View]
14570519Blue Jeans: What’s the best style of jean for a male. pic related[View]
14570348My dick grew 5 inches after looking at this picture...[View]
14571023thoughts on bershka x billie eilish: inb4 u call me fag or something, have in mind i’m young and a p…[View]
14572017W2C the items Lain is wearing?: I know this is silly but her outfit is just too darn cute. Some insp…[View]
14571834Hairstyles for guys with long hair, what do you like? what do you hate?[View]
14571894w2c affordable jewelry?: Good places to buy things like rings/bracelets etc. (similar to Vitaly Desi…[View]
14571943any guide on how to stop dressing like a grown up and more like a child[View]
14569988so i stupidly bought these shoes and I just realized that i have nothing to wear them with. help me …[View]
14569726How about this outfit for dudes?[View]
14571071Ohhh yes! I sport a long hair, 6' tall, a feminine fag, and I wear shorts like pic related. They…[View]
14568744Hi /fa/, femanon here. Is it alright for a woman to buy and wear men’s clothing[View]
14570063>hello I'm here to inquire about the sex. As you can see I'm dressed for SEX.…[View]
14568452When did you realize that prep is permavirgin style? Which style did you move on to?[View]
14564763Why aren't you guys talking about the latest Tarantino installment and its copious ammounts of …[View]
14571789Recommend: link new kicks you think I should buy attached are my current ones[View]
14571742Anybody know where I could get a suit like on the left? I've heard thrift shops might have them…[View]
14571267what does /fa/ think of pewdiepies suit?[View]
14571748whats this fjällräven comfy mountain man style called? also what other brands have a similar style?[View]
14571473•Classic Female Grunge Thread•: ⟨oldschool female grunge, punk and other related inspo⟩[View]
14566927Ring General: What are your thoughts on men wearing pinky rings? Effay or cringy gangster LARP? Also…[View]
14570932Skincare: > be me > Hit puberty > Finally get rid of acne > Left with hyperpigmentation …[View]
14565763Thoughts on Gap?[View]
14571640Going to try and find some decent clothes at the Goodwill for church. Any tips? So far I found these…[View]
14570907is this look achievable by a white man or can only Asians pull off this look[View]
14571568Nike air max bella: Are they any good?[View]
14567013/fa/ musicians[View]
14563540What kind of people post on /fa/ these days?[View]
14571315How would you outfit a Haori jacket out in the normal world? I got a really nice blue one at an anim…[View]
14569418Post cool graphic T-shirts. Thinking of getting this one[View]
14570189Cop or not? RRL, $400. I think it can be very versatile in fall/winter. The price just kind of sucks…[View]
14570253I'm short and have giant shoulders, how the fuck am I suppose to dress and not look absolutely …[View]
14570330is this true /fa/ core?[View]
14570275Are piercings /fa/?[View]
14570912Where did grunge style originate from?: Most of the grunge pics depict imho very practical everyday …[View]
14567849how do i dress and act to get a girl like this ?[View]
14563364would you?[View]
14569432copped this at the boardwalk. is it /fa/?[View]
14570278I have a 1 mile commute to my job and to my school. What is an /fa/ mode of transportation? What abo…[View]
14570221What does RYV mean?[View]
14570842w2c cheap pants that look like pic related?[View]
14569720Opinions on ear piercings on men[View]
14570878Can colored leather ever be effay?[View]
14570675Is it a sin to tuck in sweaters/jumpers etc.? Can it be effay?[View]
14569727Everywhere except my sides curl up like this, what’s my hair type in this pic?[View]
14566357Patagonia core.. but not: I am way too hard on clothing to invest in what many on this board would c…[View]
14570951What do I wear: to attract these women?[View]
14569537Are there any warm coats that actually look good? Pic related. Probably the best I've seen brow…[View]
14569781Is it possible to wear cropped trousers as a white guy without looking gay as fuck?[View]
14570821Can anyone help me find the model/type of Nike Air this is? I really like them but they're star…[View]
14569890What kind of haircut is this?[View]
14570784w2c a nice loose overshirt/jacket with heaps of give like this, every one I see is super stiff or su…[View]
14569621What's your opinion on green jeans?: your opinion and styling tips[View]
14570311w2c this north face bag: Was watching this dope movie called made in hong kong and the main characte…[View]
14569876What’s your favorite clothing brand: Just anything doesn’t matter what it is just want to know what …[View]
14569939Is Barron Trump effay?[View]
14570857is this /crimesyndicate/ core?[View]
14569747Okay, everyone I go on here people tell me I dress badly. So show me what dressing well looks like.[View]
14569938I got caught in the streetwear phase and realized that I'm paying a premium for the brand more …[View]
14570623Thoughts? Does the 100 dollar hoodie live up to the name?[View]
14570036What kind of product do I need to use to achieve this hair style?[View]
14570533What's the best stores to visit if someone were visiting Seattle/Vancouver? I'm going to b…[View]
14568204china shops: Where do china find those westerns to put on their ads?[View]
14568975High Rise Jeans/Pants: w2c for men? I just want to have some pants that sit over my waist not on it.…[View]
14570564Would you guys recommend eyelid tape? One eyelid is droopier than the other, so I'm hoping this…[View]
14569350Do you think a buzzcut with glasses can look nice?[View]
14569599How do I become Spike Spiegel irl?[View]
14570310Can you recommend me some /fa/shy sunglasses, /fa/?[View]
14568008What core is this?: What core is this?[View]
14568601What could you wear with black army pants?[View]
14554223/dwc/: Fall is around the corner. Post some spooky, depweeby, cursed inspo.[View]
14570281Redpill me on clout[View]
14570413Vice City Hawaiian shirt and aesthetic t shirts: Looking for a similar Hawaiian shirt to Tommy Verce…[View]
14569208How do I achieve this hair style?[View]
14570212w2c the shirt that Sams wearing in the new Happy World Daddy?[View]
14547046Sleazecore will be the next big thing: After all these tik tok loving zoomer twinks get tired of ebo…[View]
14570142Is there any way to repair old sneakers?: I have a 4 year old pair of Sambas sorta like pic related …[View]
14569435How do I dress as an older man who wants to look fa?[View]
14567905Anyone able to help me find the middle guys pants. I'm tryna cop[View]
14568690fa magazines: https://www.blurb.com/books/9598638-doing-blow-giving-blow I made this one if you guys…[View]
14567506Id on similar sneakers?[View]
14569932made a fashion discord: Old thread >>>14566770 same deal I just was working on the server a…[View]
14565408What direction should I take my hair?: What should I do? Slickback, or cut it shorter and go for col…[View]
14569377What's your opinion on buzzcuts?[View]
14568521/dwc/: Autumn is almost here. 600 inspo pics you said? 150 down, 450 to go.[View]
14569501>new Ezra look will be dropping tomorrow Holy fucking shit get hype[View]
14569000w2c good heavyweight pocket tees besides camber and carhartt? ben davis and dickies are shit ree[View]
14569795Gloves: Can effay help me? Yesterday I bought these gloves in a garage sale. They're made from …[View]
14568238I think I look too nice. How can I dress, style etc. myself more like a bad dude? Not necessarily li…[View]
14569830Why do you pay for price inflated garbage that's no different than buying from a ticket scalper…[View]
14569466Bootcut bandit: Bought these from Grailed without checking the measurements first. They came in like…[View]
14569062I got this olive tshirt, what do you wear it with without coming off like larp?[View]
14569765Someone got id on these shirt?[View]
14566658QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread So are Birkenstocks worth it or should I…[View]
14564538white low tops thread: post the most effay white low tops[View]
14559478rate my fit[View]
14566275Does peach fuzz in my bald spots mean that i’m going to regrow my hair?[View]
14569642What types of things should I wear to get laid at my liberal arts college this upcoming fall semeste…[View]
14566565Alright /fa/, I've followed your advice. Rate my haircut[View]
14568900How to deal with wind when you have short hair (5-6 inches, shaved back & sides)? I'm usual…[View]
14564803/wt/ - Watch Thread: Black Gold Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of exceptional timepi…[View]
14569485Thoughts on this? https://www.instagram.com/dedware/[View]
14563335Thoughts on bladee?[View]
14557055Puttees: Is it possible for someone to wear puttees in modern fashion without looking like a total d…[View]
14566318Imagine if someone random posted himself in waywt dressed identically.[View]
14568841Why do all models have an arrogant bitchy face?[View]
14569240>Slimane stated that he was brought up in the church: 'My mother also raised me as a Christian, a…[View]
14568229norm/npc core: does anyone have inspo ? bonus points for female inspo, thanks /fa/ggets[View]
14568444/fa/cels: old /fa/cels server got banned, no idea why made 2.0 join this shit https://discord.gg/Ekj…[View]
14569303WHY ARE ALL MENS JEANS LOW RISE just below the belly button is the ideal rise[View]
14565233Ok long story short, my hair is thinning to the point where im gonna no guard buzz it off. Problem i…[View]
14569273Who are some lithe, shorter-haired (non-dyke) models that showcase a natural virtue and purity?[View]
14567479Alright, you sodomite /fa/ggots. Let's have a thread about boilersuits/jumpsuits. Why? Because…[View]
14568417Dear /fa/, would these be good as daily beaters and to basically wear them constantly with jeans, or…[View]
14566763Reverse Inspo: Can we get some ideas of what to avoid? Not simply cringe, but poor execution[View]
14564425Opinion on guys side nose peircing?[View]
14568566Trendless: What’s more classic than desert boots for a timeless look? Need something versatile…[View]
14568012anyone know where i can find a short sleeve version of this OR what style it is?[View]
14567536Why would you do this[View]
14568845Are they Effay?: IMO they are all trying way too hard to be /UNIQUE/ I like the music, just not the …[View]
14563350Comfycore: Post comfy fits.[View]
14565291Is buttoning the top button a thing now? I keep seeing guys with their shit buttoned all the way up.…[View]
14568218How to get this hair? Is it impossible for a non south Indian ?[View]
14566598Give me one legitimate argument against SEXcore[View]
14566134Are bushy eyebrows effay?[View]
14568868Is there a name for this style of jacket? Like a blazer but with no lapels?[View]
14568359>clean shaven >white long sleeve polo >ecru high waisted pants with pleats and side adjuste…[View]
14568750I look better in person, I also have a little bit of proof, I met a girl irl and she told me that I …[View]
14566337Telnyashkabro: Is Maxwell still interested in fashion? Does he still post? What will he do next?…[View]
14568743/fa/ rain jackets post em[View]
14568648air force one black suede cleaning: How do I clean them? I admit I've been neglecting my shoes …[View]
14567223Im tempted bros.... i wanna shave it bros[View]
14568679What does R.Y.V. stand for?[View]
14568022Can Kimonos be effay?[View]
14568634School Backpack: Need a new backpack for school cuz my last one was not wide enough to fit my lunch,…[View]
14566878Are these /fa/?[View]
14566366Asos model: Hallo, there is a model in asos i don't know his name, you can help me please?…[View]
14567253Fishing: What's the white person equivalent to this? How can I look this comfy and chill while …[View]
14567615back to school thread[View]
14562246Fashion is a cope...no one cares what your wearing as long as you have: >broad shoulders and thic…[View]
14568371nike shoes: what is your opinion on nike air max sneakers, do they fit in well with casual style for…[View]
14568535>why yes, I am worn by fat chicks only, how could you tell?[View]
14557591What body type is the most attractive /fa/?[View]
14568509You can opt for muh carhartt logo on a trash quality beanie, or you could opt for the Rothco 100% wo…[View]
14568498No Poo: Anon posted this in the last thread but is this peak no poo? Does it only get worse from the…[View]
14566156COP OR NOT thread: I'd seam rip the ugly branding if I did. If not, any good cargo backpack sug…[View]
14566739How do I wear boots casually without looking like an edgelord post some boot inspo as well[View]
14568457are digi watches more effay fresh or worn and scuffed?[View]
14564792Why haven't you taken the carrot pill anons? >There was a significant effect of Treatment on…[View]
14567051How to go bald gracefully?[View]
14566694rate this ancient sailor bag i found on second hand.[View]
14566274>size 7.5 feet how fucked am i[View]
14568266Buzz pill advice: Any buzz pill advice for a rat faced jew looking guy like me I can only grow a mus…[View]
14561270What’s more aesthetic?: Short hair or long hair?[View]
14566532ID on this dress?: Also, thread for any clothing you can lustfully rip off of a girl. Sauce would be…[View]
14568242/bg/ bags general: Post good looking bags[View]
14565586Are Dr. Martens really this bad?: I bought a pair of 1460's almost 4 years ago but they've…[View]
14562232[BUST]wave Thread[View]
14564830ask a red wing shoes employee anything: yes, the beckmans are getting the axe no, I don't know …[View]
14561212I'm putting together a quest[View]
14565916How tall is Barron gonna grow? He is already like 6'1 at 12yo lol[View]
14568031Can someone help me with this hoodie?[View]
14567896Alright /fa/, I know you guys will help me. I need this set, down to gloves. Similar products are al…[View]
14544788name one (1) supreme piece you actually like[View]
14566023damn stumpy got y’all beat[View]
14566947Effay videos: Post the most effay videos u know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ejJhr8UjMU…[View]
14568072I'm about to get a haircut after 3 years. How do I do it? >inb4 just go to a barber retard Y…[View]
14567398Dylan Rieder: How the FUCK did this dude have the absolute perfect style. Where does he shop. This i…[View]
14566564The perfect tee: I’m looking for the perfect tee. A tee that’s soft, relaxed, has a worn in feel, an…[View]
14566930Is the full dress uniform of an Admiral of Her Majesty's Royal Navy effay?[View]
14566475High quality black leather belts? And belt thread: Who makes a high quality minimum black leather be…[View]
14567336can i be effay without looking like i’m putting in effort «dressing «««up»»»» and/or basic? examples…[View]
14567907Grey is the most boring color for clothes. Prove me wrong.[View]
14567166Is it possible to pull off a white or yellow gold chain without looking like a n*gger?[View]
14567679>'men' wearing shorts past the age of 8[View]
14567737Does anyone have that e-boy starter pack image?[View]
14565452>when you see some incel manchild wearing a backpack[View]
14565180are these pants effay[View]
14566808/fa/ caps: Guys what are some /fa/ caps, the suns been scorching my eyes recently. And I need a cap.…[View]
14564818Style: Do you guys have a stlye? A general pattern, them or color palette whith wich you try to conv…[View]
14558243all black inspo thread: under no circumstances do i want to see any colour in this thread. BLACK ONL…[View]
14566945wtc this Helly Hansen?[View]
14566233How can I get rid of puffy, bloated cheeks? I'm 6'1 and 160lbs a bit skinnyfat guy[View]
14566893Help please: Someone know what his name and last name? And if you know what his name on instegram? T…[View]
14567067Stress is causing lines: I've been so stressed and depressed lately so I suppose my face is ten…[View]
14567348Most effay big brother contestant?: There’s some great early 2000’s trashy fits.[View]
14567071What's the difference between cotton duck, canvas, twill, and denim?[View]
14566549When should I stop wearing sneakers and grow up?[View]
14565766Where can I find a jacket just like this in real life plz?: So my bitmoji avatar wears this jacket a…[View]
14554432Waywt: Old one is at 275[View]
14560386Solovairs: Why does everyone hate on Solovairs in this board? I'm genuinely asking. From what I…[View]
14565695cool, just tried this[View]
14566522How the fuck do you shave the neck I can shave my fave perfectly but my neck always ends up with bum…[View]
14566807/fa/ looking for these type of shorts. They look like cargo shorts from Nike but I cannot find them …[View]
14559598Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14553423 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14564540Today's outfit, what do you think?[View]
14564395How gay is it for a guy to wear a decorative ring?[View]
14566769what's the best perfume/cologne on the market right now that i can from any typical department …[View]
14563818Should I buy: Ok so I really want a hoodie and I'm willing to spend under 100$ for it >settl…[View]
14566609Where can I acquire good wall art? Also, interior design thread I guess.[View]
14566757Do you know good haircuts with that kind of hairline ?[View]
14565149Why haven’t you taken the blonde pill yet /fa/?[View]
14563275made a server for /fa/: Tired of nogs spamming this board with cringe fits asking for ID's on s…[View]
14566744Ngl I kind of got a boner when I saw this picture[View]
14565377is this glow in the dark hat too edgy ?[View]
14565527>dO YoU EvEn sKaTe, BrAh!?! No, I don't. I'm not a fucking child. What's wrong wit…[View]
14565769>tfw too ugly to have deep emotional connection with an e-girl e-goth e-thot e-tiktok zoomer fash…[View]
14565190Unironically the best pants you can buy for under $100[View]
14565494>Mom bought me new boots as a gift >I didn't want to mess them up so I didn't wear t…[View]
14565848I’m back...ready for my crown[View]
14557033What jewelery do you wear?: Show off your jewelry[View]
14565349/fa/nny packs: Björk is into fanny packs[View]
14564449I saw a group of /fa/ users today: Walking south on Fairview avenue in Saint Paul. You all looked li…[View]
14566491Watch Question Thread: What is this and it's purpose? I have no idea what this is. It's al…[View]
14561483Is it over for me[View]
14564771Backpack Thread: Post Below[View]
14565860What are t-shirts called where the collar sits high on the neck? They work well with my frame and hi…[View]
14565703Is Stormzy effay?[View]
14564770Can anyone translate this patch?: Got it at a surplus store and the guy claimed it was a 1950’s Japa…[View]
14555175Uniqlo: Is this a good place to buy basics for cheap in the EU? How do they fit? Im a bit /fit/ I ne…[View]
14566084is this how you do it?[View]
14563509I don't want to wear backpacks anymore, what good bags are there for a man?[View]
14566124Can anyone ID this jacket? pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfxcJH_OWgE[View]
14565169Grail watch?: Does this constitute as a grail watch?[View]
14565719Reminder that Short Hair > Long Hair[View]
14564790Can you wear pants and boots in the summer August weather?[View]
14565502when will late 90s and early 2000s post-hardcore/skramz/mathcore fashion come back[View]
14564294Aloha /fa/: trying to figure out my wardrobe. Got this dress recently thought it looked qt. I'm…[View]
14564595what the fuck can i wear with severe gyno? >cant wear polos >cant wear anything tight >its …[View]
14557913/fag/: How do I dress when I look like this? Me and my big fucking head.[View]
14564413Thoughts on Zara?[View]
14563317where do you buy your clothes on the internet?[View]
14562577Is the boomer aesthetic still fa?[View]
14564783Defeat the Poor Fags: Take away every excuse for not being stylish because money. Share your wardrob…[View]
14565350I feel bad for DC. I was gonna use him as an excuse to become based builtfat.[View]
14565729What are these shoes called?: I can’t seem to find what these shoes are called but I need them in th…[View]
14554580what is the only logical option to go forward with my hairline[View]
14563750Diamonds (jewellery in general thread): Is it FA for people to wear jewellery? especially men can m…[View]
14565676Y’all think Jeremy Wade is effay: does the boomber x comfort core work though[View]
14565519Post a song/album, reply with fit: I start: The Offspring - Conspiracy Of One[View]

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