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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 243 expired threads from the past 3 days

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14829982fa music? currently got kanye, draingang / sadboys, freddie dredd, frank ocean and a couple others …[View]
14840470Tattoo thread How bad did i fuck up? its under my foot so i figured it wouldnt be that bad. Its obvi…[View]
14840846Just want to confirm, suspenders are fucking cringe and should never be worn outside of genuinely ru…[View]
14837718Which are the best Yeezy ever made? In which color?[View]
14842073Post pet Clothing and rate fits[View]
14838421Post bright colorful aesthetic outfits[View]
14840148I'm kinda tired of being ugly: I'm feminine but I'm not good looking enough to pull o…[View]
14841932Where to cop bvll hoodie[View]
14841022What is the best plain t shirt brand?[View]
14837723Is this type of fit really played out and outdated now?[View]
14838333What’s with the rise of Vaquero fashion?[View]
14839429Thoughts on scoop neck tees? I like the general look but every one I see is unnecessarily long[View]
14836474what are some lesser known british traditional brands?[View]
14839082Sockgen: Who makes good socks? All of my socks consist of those basic white socks and darn tough so…[View]
14839407Where can I find androgynous menswear for a decent price?[View]
14841343What clothing style best expresses a general disdain for capitalism and humanity in general? I wanna…[View]
14835508/wt/ - Watch Thread: Cheesy Milanesey Edition: This thread is dedicated to the appreciation of Milan…[View]
14835017Hat Thread: Post hats, caps, etc. Anyone have any baseball cap recommendations?[View]
14841337I really want to grow my hair long but every time I try it just poofs up like a balloon and looks mo…[View]
14819099Boots General - /boots/: Jodhpur Edition All boots are welcome, just don't be a prick. All boot…[View]
14841376fuck normies they've ruined the norm-core normies ruin everything any /core/ for this feel[View]
14836874itt next lvl shit: late 90s/00s niggaboowave[View]
14841382ID on sneakers pls[View]
14840451Pleated Formal Shirts: What do you think of pleated shirts, or tuxedo shirts? Do you own any? How of…[View]
14840728KNITWEAR GENERAL: Questions and advices needed[View]
14836642Is this effay? https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/04/here-is-some-edgy-fashion-inspired-by-4chan-culture…[View]
14839496EXIT cuck skinnyfit ENTER Chad widefit[View]
14840301Latest Dior show: basically looks like re-hashed 90s retro garbage. Jeezuz. Why. https://www.youtube…[View]
14841173Need ID on these shoes if anyone can help[View]
14841162Puma x Balmain: What do you think about this ? Is it ok to wear this stuff in wiinter when its snowi…[View]
14840408Will it never end: This is so gross. And YouTube 'trends' it every day.[View]
14833113Is Scorsese effay?: effay directors thread[View]
14841113is there a difference between number 0 haircut all over and totally shaved bald?[View]
14838622you all manlets are trying Soooo hard to do Scandi-chic but ofc you get it all wrong(Scared of colou…[View]
14838900>start dressing like an e-boy >girlfriend dumps me ok…[View]
14837565need ID on shirt: bruce lee OG SEXcore[View]
14837571Howdy fellas. I'm moving out of my dorm into a new apt. next month. Not gonna have the funds f…[View]
14840660this guys incredible: >your silhouette will never be this /fa/[View]
14840633Electroconductive fabric: HI! Just by looking at the pictures, can anyone help me identify what kind…[View]
14835431Trad/Pep/Ivy Thread: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13 https://www.styl…[View]
14840824Is he effay?[View]
14840424Why do boomers love Cons?[View]
1484067870s Style: Fa I come to you for help. I want to incorporate some hippie sensibilities to my smart ca…[View]
14839956fanciest/most unique weaves in the world today?: pic related royal oxford[View]
14840199Are Toms /fa/?[View]
14840414Can figure what to wear with these[View]
14840556Looking to buy a longline hoodie. I quite like this, not sure if it'll look like a dress on me …[View]
14839690Am I looking fresh today bros?[View]
14840312Hats: How to wear a snapback without looking like a fuccboi /fa/ ?[View]
14836397What is this called: Looking for dresses or sexy things for the wife. I love this style where its ba…[View]
14827446What fashion style gets a lot of admiration and stares from women?: I heard sexcore and that e-boy/s…[View]
14837683Shoes similar to these?[View]
14835072Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14830323 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14840272I bought a similar item of the same colour for 5900 yen in a GU store in Japan. I usually wear all b…[View]
14839314Why won't anyone reintroduce the classic buckle shoe? These things look serious sweet.[View]
14831830can facial scars be /fa/?[View]
14840055How did this get past quality control? Also, gore thread? Post your best[View]
14840179Why is it so hard to find ankle length pants?: So few brands seem to have them. One time I saw a win…[View]
14839912What core is this?: Yes I know it’s anime but what vibes do you get from her outfit?[View]
14840214>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
14839700/sacg/: Barely go on /fa/ but I need a new sac so I'm just gonna make a gen. Someone rec me som…[View]
14840096Camping fa: What does the Alex Honnold /free solo fit look like? (Patagonia, camper backpack, cozy w…[View]
14838412I don't like fascism but I love the look of nazi uniforms, got any recommendations?[View]
14840008thoughts on heritage denim workwear style?[View]
14836156>listen to fa and stop wearing skinny jeans and get high waisted jeans and start tucking my shirt…[View]
14837842Legit looking bomber jacket?: So /fa/ we’re do I get a legit looking bomber jacket like pic related?…[View]
14835126Remember how people dressed in the 2010s LMFAO wtf were people thinking lol.[View]
14840073when did you realize: this board is just full of retarded wetbacks in plastic parkas[View]
14839673>I'll be baaaack >ooooOOOOOOooooOOOoooOO…[View]
14832312What are some essential nu-male boots/shoes? >red wing moc toe >red wing iron ranger >Alden…[View]
14837450Decades coming to an end let's make a list of the worst trends of the decade then I will make a…[View]
14838609What shoes you wearing today: For those of us too lazy to take fit pics[View]
14839600What do you guys think of my 1920's costume?[View]
14837230reminder to let your parents and family know you love them this holiday season. love is effay.[View]
14816736Feels Thread: Shed your fashion related feels[View]
14834809Effay Careers: What are some effay careers?[View]
14839735what does /fa/ think of Very Warm jackets[View]
14837326What does /fa/ think about the upcoming Dior x Jordan 1's?[View]
14839696/Piercing/ General: Are hoops like pic related okay for an averge male?, got myself a pair.[View]
14838847JHEEEZZZEEEEEE Copping for the winter because I have money.[View]
14838504Can men really wear fuzzy sweaters without looking like that faggot, Ed Wood?[View]
14839562Are the Doc Martens 1460 Pascal worth it ? Im looking into getting them as opposed to the normal one…[View]
14839584Business Casual: Affordable Presentable for an interview (job's at an ad agency) Can buy online…[View]
14838053When is this style making a comeback? Should I start wearing baggy clothes now to be ahead of everyo…[View]
14839073Rate his fit.[View]
14838036is this dark academia?[View]
14839075I'm an asian guy living in the west. I'm kind of sick of seeing 'Korean' or 'Japanese' str…[View]
14835213YO. For the love of science and the benefit of us all. Balding boys, tell us your age, norwood level…[View]
14835484Are tightie whities the patrician underwear choice?[View]
14838884Are goatees effay?[View]
14830584Sailor core: How do i achieve the Style of this Film without looking like a total faggot?[View]
14838001>tfw judge me for buying XS tshirt Im a 5'10 skeleton. I don't see a problem. It was on…[View]
14837997How to take out perfume smell from down jacket ? I bought one in triftshop and I gave it proper wash…[View]
14839100What are some high-quality, durable brands which make mostly casual clothing? Most searches for dur…[View]
14838556Bitcoin Citadel v1.0: Will cities like this be the most fa in the future? >As expected, this stru…[View]
14836757Get in here if you wear your collar, or your scarf, like this. What is this style called?[View]
14835486Questions that don't deserve a new thread.: This board is lacking a thread like this, so here y…[View]
14839056Why do all the t-shirts that I own have this seam on the collar. It's always on the backside le…[View]
14839024Stunnaboy getem real star you what it is loc. Im number one on top loc. I'm a real hollywood st…[View]
14835489/fa/ pubic hairstyles: Which pube styles are effay? What style do you keep? Personally I try to keep…[View]
14839166*shrinks all your clothes* heh, nothin personnel kid.[View]
14838665Is it fa to go with water proof hiking boots on a rainy / heavy downpour day? I pair them with a gre…[View]
14835994Big Black Boots: What other boots can I wear? I have a pair of made in England docs Pic related. I l…[View]
14836842I am going to dinner with a cute Japanese girl. How do I look?[View]
14835799wool pants inspo: I wanna buy my first pair of wool pants so post all your wool pants related pics. …[View]
14838973W2C thread: Looking for this or something with a similar texture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv…[View]
14837424Winter Sleazecore: Is there such a thing? Is winter sleazecore dark academia? I’m dropping some pote…[View]
14838488help a retard dress for a date: I'm going on a date tomorrow, what the fuck should i wear? >…[View]
14838708I have an abstract challenge for the most effay among you. I want my aesthetic to look how this vide…[View]
14838057What is this core? ........... I am a zoomer and I am against the system, so I dont want to wear exp…[View]
14837073How can I wear square glasses without looking like a s o i boi or an incel?[View]
14837879How to rock patterned sweater? Just copped a bunch at goodwill[View]
14818517ideal /fa/ gf thread: let's post em[View]
14837487What's up with East Europeans and their tracksuits, leather jackets, sweaters and shaved heads?…[View]
14838301What is the absolute coolest hat you can wear without making people cringe?[View]
14833491/mu/tant here. is this the most /fa/ album?[View]
14838304What glasses are these?[View]
14836833Birkinstock Boston choices: Thinking of going wool / felt (cocoa) but I'm wondering if I should…[View]
14833714/Terrorwave General/: Post all your terrorwave goodies boiz[View]
14836902>tfw just shaved and put on my AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution with With 30% Alpha Hydroxy Acid…[View]
14837093Help me decide brehs, left or right?[View]
14835408Are long puffers trending in the USA yet or are you guys still behind?[View]
14836774hello this is Jeremy here my friends from minceraft told me you know a lot about clothing what shoes…[View]
14838233What core is this?[View]
14836544how do i get new lenses fitted into my current frames for cheap I went to a local optometrist place …[View]
14835782YOOOO have you guys been to this website?[View]
14837922Effay 2 wheelers: cute baikus are the best accessory[View]
14835867vintage fashion general: post fashion inspo from the 60s trough the 80s, all styles welcome[View]
14836896What clothes can make up for being a faggot and instead bring success with girls?: What sort (specif…[View]
14834845What core is this?[View]
14835156Just cop'd. Thoughts?[View]
14826877/thinspo/: Since there hasn't been a thread for the day. Dont know how to do the links and shit…[View]
14837937Is construction-core effay?[View]
14837810It's my last day in Japan right now and I still haven't found any men's high rise pan…[View]
14837831What is your opinion on Martina Hingis's fashion sense on court?: The swissmiss was just 16 and…[View]
14836274what are /fa/ glasses? i bought pic related 7 and a half years ago and no place will change the lens…[View]
14837258(chuckles) Workwear Americana heritage real man style ree welcome to the house of fun now I’ve come …[View]
14836553how do I dress like I'm from the future? I'm going to buy the cybertruck when its availabl…[View]
14836711Where can I get this jacket?[View]
14836655Hair Care General: What type of hair is this? What should be done with this type of hair? Cuts? Care…[View]
14837547Inspo Thread: post your inspos[View]
14837468he deleted all his fits: im gonna fucking kill myself[View]
14835549How do I grow my hair faster without the risk of getting skin cancer? Pic isn’t of me, for the few t…[View]
14833732what's up with Nike and their shitty rapper 'collaboration'? why hasn't there an…[View]
14836439What aessthetic is this? Really like the look but I can't find the word to describe it, the clo…[View]
14834619Is Dave 'El Presidente' Portnoy /fa/?[View]
14834771Are Louboutins effay?: What does /fa/ think? Are redbottoms effay?[View]
14835402Reminder that you look like shit regardless of what you wear if you don't hit the gym and have …[View]
14837693Why are hipsters so unoriginal?[View]
14833641What core is this?: From “Married...with Children“[View]
14837524Best linen dress pants for men?[View]
14835528Milsurp: Post your fav milsurp items now, especially smaller carry bags[View]
14837492what do i wear[View]
14837511How long is his bandana?[View]
14835788kino glasses. Were 2 cop?[View]
14834691Fashion Design: There’s gotta be some anons here who wanna go into fashion design right? Not just ho…[View]
14827986anyone else wear higher brands of underwear? Not talking about calvin klein or Tommy but those under…[View]
14837508Haven't shopped for clothes online in a while, used to use Jackthreads buts it's shit now.…[View]
14835582How could you pull of some nazi like aesthetics without looking like a cringy retard?[View]
14836210Are these /fa/?[View]
14813942Interiors General: Post em. I'll dump what I have, starting with Bond's apartment.[View]
14837390R8 this chink customize jordan[View]
14832754Post military inspo.[View]
14835186Is he /fa/?[View]
14837219Should I get a buzz cut?[View]
14836245What do I do with my hair bros?[View]
14835055It's the year 2040: What does fashion look like, /fa/?[View]
14837180Who's your style icon?[View]
14835883Can't decide, Parfum, EdP or EdT?[View]
14834969ID on this hoodie?[View]
14834795Carhartt is normie tier at this point: All the white girls in my college campus wear carhartt beanie…[View]
14835446>not printing your own shirts with rare logos you find on google images and then telling people t…[View]
14836968What's the todays Elvis fashion? I wanna be as cool as him but whenever I see men wearing this…[View]
14835043Anyone else browse our sister site?[View]
14834126Year change thread: Post your fashion changes through the years >Age 10 Dressed pretty normally. …[View]
14835554Is my gf /fa/?[View]
14834886>Hypebeast niggers are now ruining FTP and PALACE[View]
14835449growing out my hair from a pixie rn, pic related is the goal but the length isn't there yet. ha…[View]
14816363Cop or not ?: Can I pull of this uniqlo hoodie without looking like a virgin.[View]
14832937casual lolita: I'm looking for stores that'd sell casual lolita fashion. Which casual enou…[View]
14836571are there any decent european bigcartel-type venders selling basic graphic tees and hoodies and junk…[View]
14835459What does /fa/ think of iron-on patches?[View]
14835898Peacoat advice: I keep seeing recommendations for 'military surplus' peacoats but I don't reall…[View]
14834893Am I gonna dead? Wadis this shit? Isn't all clothing burnable? Will I light up if I put on a ca…[View]
14836092What is the cloth called that looks like a shirt but goes on the legs? I don't mean pants! Pic …[View]
14835920where can i find similar jumper[View]
14836371Y'all got any ideas to get rid of genetic dark circles (well mostly..)[View]
14834991Shower curtain: any /fa/ approved curtains?[View]
14836173why does fashion perpetually cycle through the 60s/70s/80s/early 90s? when will people realize its j…[View]
14835007What are some haircuts to cover up a big forehead?: I usually wear a baseball cap, because it makes …[View]
14835810How bad is it fellow kings? Do i have any hope? Should I hop on fin for the rest of my life? Im 24[View]
14836197Has the hype on these teddys died down? Can I wear them now or do chinks still flock to them like ol…[View]
14832566well /fa/?[View]
14835876how high should track tops ride? i just picked up a black Addidas SST track top. The arm length is p…[View]
14835383Is cuffing jeans still acceptable nowadays? I do it but I hardly notice anyone else do it anymore...[View]
14833529More examples of male art-hoes?[View]
14836079parquet courts shirt search help: Im trying to find this shirt one of the members is wearing, so if …[View]
14835966This party sucks meme/preppy: So I decided to read the book as the movie wasnt that good. to summari…[View]
14835991this years new fashion black christmas tree!: i found this on web black christmas tree and it takes …[View]
14835908orange-red sweater, based and redpilled, or cringe and bluepilled?[View]
14832388What is this aesthetic called?[View]
14834503Are wool overcoats supposed to be thin? I never had one before, and the one I saw at Massimo Dutti (…[View]
14835557Can you tell which brand it is?: hey guys. I saw it in a snapshot. Can you tell which brand of puffe…[View]
14835650Antique Pullover Shirt: What would you wear this kind of a shirt with? What kinds of trousers, jacke…[View]
14834508what’s the deal with these?[View]
14832295hey zoomer. i see you're still wearing supreme... nike... yeezy boost... etc... maybe one day y…[View]
14832415rate my sense of style[View]
14835093Should i cop?[View]
14835370How do I fix this moustache?[View]
14835627Are kangol caps effay?[View]
14835243Are roots sweatpants /fa/?: Also sundried tomato red (left) or crimson red (right)?[View]
14831557I got some leather boots, and holy fuck my fret freeze in them. I’m wearing merino wool socks and my…[View]
14835598I need a new pair of black jeans, where can I buy a good pair between $100-$20? Preferably none of t…[View]
14834041>these are the guys giving you fashion advice[View]
14835442Just pulled out some old high school skate shoes. Forgot I had em tbqh. Are they still effay? Can I …[View]
14835498black cashmere crewneck: trying to cop a deal on a black cashmere crewneck. anyone see any decent on…[View]
14822122I'm fking 20[View]
14832660Cringe Thread: Post the cringiest fits[View]
14834937CHAD-Master 2 edition: Industrial society and its consequences have been a disaster for the human ra…[View]
14835085Daily reminder you can wear any color footwear with blue jeans except black. It looks horrendous. An…[View]
14834372always wear this style in school (black\navy coat; black\navy\white shirts and black\navy\grey pants…[View]
14835294Where can I get this jacket?[View]
14834843Shoe polish: if I use this shit to polish my shoes is there any chance of the wax rubbing off and st…[View]
14834765Anyone know where I could get a hold of patchwork stuff like this? > The only places I can ever f…[View]
14831602Trad/Ivy/Prep Thread: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13 https://www.sty…[View]
14835344What are some /fa/ signs to hold with your fit?[View]
14835239I defy you to show me a legwear superior to jorts.[View]
14835161It’s happened I’ve outgrown multiple phases and realized how shit most of my wardrobe is I’m now st…[View]
14830323Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14824916 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14830084People still wear air max 90s? They are just af1s for kids who are too white to wear af1s.[View]
14833845Should I cop, or is it dumb stupid autistic workwear larp cringe?[View]
14832351is supreme effay? pic is todays cop[View]
14833729opinion on green bomber jackets?: I am going to buy one for 50% off 30 dollars from old navy. looks …[View]
14834468/fa/ is sad and unimaginative: This is really dumb. It's really dumb, it's all of the same…[View]
14832516Hey /fa/. What am I supposed to wear as a top for the fall and winter? In the summer, it's t-sh…[View]
14835022>start working 60 hours a week to pay bills and rent >slowly stop giving a fuck about fashion …[View]
14832356What is the most /fa/ BMI for a woman?[View]
14834948Terrorwave: Terrorwave thread?[View]
14834649How to into the trucker aesthetic?[View]
14834947So when are we having another meetup?[View]

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