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/fa/ - Fashion

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14254157ITT: We organize college meetups. Is your college effay?[View]
14277482What shoes/trousers goes with a jean jacket? Finally got some 501s and was reminded how steez a jean…[View]
14272512Why do mobsters always dress so good?[View]
14277421Hey fashionistas, why are minorities so effay? White people < Black people White people < Nati…[View]
14277188haircut suggestions: hej /fa/, I'm desesperate for some haircut suggestions. Please, help…[View]
14262732Montreal Meetup: warm weather and spring fits are here boys, its time for the montreal meetup. 4:30 …[View]
14277304What are some cheap all black leather sneakers. Im asking <$StanSmiths. Im ok with used[View]
14276931Are dad hats still fa?[View]
14276225what core is this: What core is this? is this effay?[View]
14264751Comfycore: Unapologetic comfycore only please.[View]
14276741Shaving: What is your shaving routine like? What products do you use?[View]
14273093Everyone knows how the r/mfa uniform looks like. How does the /fa/ uniform look like?[View]
14274965What's the best wallet so that my pocket doesn't bulge out a thousand miles?[View]
14268474Comfy only: Last thread reached max comfort. Is pic related comfy? Also need more comfy vest inspo…[View]
14267918In the unlikely case you have a date, what would you wear?[View]
14274707Barber or hair stylist?: What do you guys go to when you get a haircut? I'd like to get a hairc…[View]
14274974Are the colorful Casio f91w watches /fa/?[View]
14277082w2c this shirt ?[View]
14275129girls i know[View]
14277009Does anyone have a source on this outfit or something like it? My gf wants it[View]
14276796Post Tfw you dream of a dope fit wake up realise it ain't real and go on to remember this at va…[View]
14275684As a 194cm (6 3) muscular male, it's really hard to find well fitting clothes. Does anyone kno…[View]
14273520Is King Krule effay?[View]
14275692white sneakers general: >Discuss about white sneakers here. Apart from design, what convince you…[View]
14276637>tshirt weather >fat lady tells me nice tattoos >unlumps her massive bicep to show me a vin…[View]
14276950My phone, wallet, and spagetti are always falling out of my pockets when I wear normal shorts. What …[View]
14275600whats the type of hat star is wearing? i like the things that dangle from it. also novelty hat threa…[View]
14272648Boxers or Briefs, /fa/?[View]
14275858Are these shades effay?[View]
14275770How do I into Rhodesia core without looking like a larper?[View]
14276769So how does a European seconday school teacher dress?[View]
14272829cop or not? 100 euros[View]
14276793give me a timeline on how long it is before zoomers start bullying people wearing slim fit, i'm…[View]
14276773How it s called this dress?: It´s some kind of night-suit for summer time, do you know it specific n…[View]
14273635Lights out: Good bye /fa/ I haven’t been here in years but as I’m thinking about the times in my lif…[View]
14270023I need a haircut... Any suggestion or thoughts on what I should get?[View]
14275908Yes, i really think sexcore is the best possible fashion style for moden male. It's cheap and e…[View]
14273937Should I get a bowl cut bros? I'm starting to date this arthoish gril[View]
14274138Any short, skinny guys on here have any luck with some well-fitting affordable pants? I tried the Un…[View]
14275110I paid $52 for a t-shirt from virtue signaling streetwear brand Noah, only to find it’s actually a $…[View]
14274626How do i achieve this look?[View]
14276452>'Oh, there's a /fa/ board, I'm going to ask for some opinions' >realize 95% of the …[View]
14276298Where do you guys buy underwear? Im graduating from Hanes value pack boxer briefs and dont know wher…[View]
14276121Billie eyelash h8 thread: Or retarded zoomer core in general Yesterday I saw a video of Billie at o…[View]
14274936Music for the gym: What are y'all spinning? I mostly just trip and hike in the woods to this. P…[View]
14275799What's /fa/ best skincare tips: My skin gets red quickly and i get alot of breakouts, its also …[View]
14275417I really like the silhouette of the Adidas Dragon. Does this type of shoe have a name? Or do you kno…[View]
14276335What should i be searching for if i want a jacket similar to picrelated?[View]
14274144Stop wearing retro styles. Start thinking for yourself zoomers.[View]
14275401/wt/ - Watch Thread [no tudorfag edition]: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well…[View]
14275892sunglasses thread: Where does one buy decent cheap sunglasses, like $90-$100 at the most? Currently …[View]
14271892Would dressing like Peaky Blinders be /fa/?[View]
14276166My foot size is 8-9 What size should I order vans?[View]
14276144What's this type of collar called?[View]
14275663We should rangeban all americans from /fa/, they are killing this board with their 'flannel over tsh…[View]
14273705How to dress like I listen to post-hardcore music?[View]
14274283Why do zoomers dress like fucking faggots? I see them with big poofy high hair these days LMAO[View]
14271512can fashion help me? or is too late[View]
14276005>Manlet >Fat thighs even at normal caloric intake >Fat thighs don't go away unless I a…[View]
14272586is ecco /effay/?[View]
14269148how do you dress like a gentlemen without people beating you up? going out at night dressed in a twe…[View]
14273604Its so fucking hard to find loose cargo shorts nowadays because faggots like everything bodyfit. I d…[View]
14275909Yea I buy replicas. What're you gonna do about it? Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit…[View]
14270302ITT: I am not like the other girls core[View]
14272937>he-dee slee-main[View]
14275883WWYT: Went to a small concert near my house. What about you /fa/?[View]
14275672is sleazecore dead?[View]
14275463Can I please have ideas on how to wear this coat? I like avant garde style if that helps[View]
14275835Tricky Dick Ovens Memes: take me back to 2012?[View]
14275046/fa/ bags: Can’t stop looking at bags although I just bought one. I keep thinking that I might need …[View]
14275552Thoughts on Number (n)ine?[View]
14275606/broke/: What are you favourite cheap things to wear?[View]
14259908Movies: What are some /fa/ movies?[View]
14275655This is how you look with /fa/ without /fit/[View]
14273147End of Line: Where is the line that marks the inbetween of boring, more practical fits and more dist…[View]
14275613Air Jordan Blue with White Outline: What Air Jordans are these? I cant find out what the exact model…[View]
14272419Neo-80s/SynthCore: So I’m an ugly cunt and all a I have going for me is that’s I’m not short or fat …[View]
14271958What's the most /fa/ vape? inb4 smoking. Smoking causes hair loss and kills your aesthetics if …[View]
14273195>This board[View]
14273954daily reminder this is who the board chose as it's best member to represent us at the meetup[View]
14275345How do I make this, aslo late eighties heroin chic/grunge bread[View]
14275534Thoughts on just wearing a single earing? also, thoughts on wearing religious symbols of religions y…[View]
14273405This was the German /fa/ meetup in Munich: Say something nice about it.[View]
14275286Which color should I get? I'm thinking red.[View]
14272436Why do women hate cargo shorts?[View]
14273150Can sunken/hollow temples be effay?: I’ve had sunken temples since I was a little kid. Never paid mu…[View]
14275226Sydney Meetup?: >April 14th, 6pm, QVB next to the queen's statue. Did it actually happen?…[View]
14273238ID this jacket?: Israeli clothing company called Castro and that's as much as I know. Someone …[View]
14274755It's /fa/ führer's birthday What will you gift him?[View]
14274474So /fa/ what’s a good shoe ? I want a new pair and cant decide. I have no preference. Right now it’s…[View]
14274466post black male inspo[View]
14273551cop or not? $236[View]
14274772How do i achieve this look?[View]
14273720How the fuck am I suposed to protect my skin from the sun without looking like a retard?[View]
14275196Normie here asking about Uniqlo: Their designs look cool enough and I have heard it is generally bet…[View]
14274483where can I find a good drug rug: hey /fa/, just came to ask where i can get a good baja hoodie that…[View]
14272399Redpill me on /fa/: I guess it's not only 'dressing well' and 'matching the right colours'. Wha…[View]
14273934How can I acquire the fit of the man on the right?[View]
14274710What $400 fashion item do girlfriends want nowadays?[View]
14274312Is Super Sus peak slavcore?[View]
14273038Perfect sleeping attire for women?: What would you like your partner to wear for bedtime? something …[View]
14274893Going to work for a mid market PE Firm is allen edmonds a good shoe if I wanna be /effay/ in the off…[View]
14275085How do I acquire the procreation? Will wearing slimfit make me get laid??[View]
14274775Can guys pull of neon hair?[View]
14274790Why is wavy hair so hard to do anything with.[View]
14268832Which Polaroid should I cop?[View]
14272095Take the longhair pill 100% looks better than getting it buzzed you freaking square[View]
14265254want to start rocking a stache and looking like an actual sex pervert Is just for men a good way to …[View]
14274838>tfw you realize that if all men started wearing makeup, we would become so good looking that wom…[View]
14272213small rant and probably wont reach the intended people but if you dress like an art hoe/soft boy and…[View]
14274807Sneakers: Are there any sneakers that actually look decent and suitable for respectable members of s…[View]
14274806Re/injun/core: For those asking, jacket is this company (if anyone can find it, greatly appreciated)…[View]
14274014What is the most /fa/ sneaker and why is it Samba[View]
14267479Is military surplus effay?: What surps are acceptable? There's a shop near me selling cheap Col…[View]
14269317Cop? I am white with long red hair like this guy's[View]
14274506URBAN TURBAN: Aight I have a challenge for the gods among you: How do I rock the turban? Not a muzzi…[View]
14268919Cringe Thread: Post fashion cringe There are so many other hobbies. They should rather be into knitt…[View]
14274548Is $100 too much for a backpack?[View]
14272332How do I achieve Zappa core?[View]
14273418wears hot wheels shirt, old, wrecked jeans and shoes. Still looks cool af. How is that possible? Is …[View]
14272476Is Everlane good? I don’t want Uniqlo/MUJI quality here[View]
14269125how does /fa/ feel about summer dresses?[View]
14257996SAINT LAURENT PARIS thread: Is there anyone here unironically aspiring for this aesthetic? Lets disc…[View]
14272031Have these replaced air force 1s as the normie shoe of the season?[View]
14273731basics thread: who makes the best tees that meet the intersection between quality and affordable? my…[View]
14267371Surgery: Am I a good candidate for jaw surgery?[View]
14273182w2c leggings like this?: What brand, w2c?[View]
14273992/effay/ piercings: Let's have a piercings thread[View]
14272297Why shouldn't I wear a black t-shirt every day? There simply isn't a more effay item of cl…[View]
14271228What are some stores?[View]
14273832I buy replicas, what're you gonna do? Cry about it? Maybe shit and piss? Cum perhaps?[View]
14274206Am i fa?[View]
14274161yeezy: should i sell my black 500s and buy some fresh 700s instead?[View]
14266367Common Projects: Are they worth the price tag? Are they the essential spring/summer sneaker? Also wh…[View]
14274191What's happening with my outfit? Is this too much?[View]
14271368Facial Hair Grooming: Soup /fa/. How the fuck do I properly groom my beard so it doesn't look l…[View]
14273233The best designer ever. And the most exciting. Prove me wrong[View]
14274069anyone else have Philips Hue? My life became so much less depressing for $150[View]
14274137Advice for how to correctly blowdry hair?[View]
14274100which core is this?[View]
14273888What core is this?[View]
14273899Am I effay?: My dad just gave me these glasses noticed they matched my outfit. Thoughts? Inb4 'Jacke…[View]
14273166This was one of the best looks I've seen in recent times.[View]
14269687I live in detroit, can I get away with following his advice and dressing like this? don't want …[View]
14272911binoculars will be the new wave in fashion, myark my workds - Bladee[View]
14272616I want to look like both a respectable intellectual but also a trendy zoomer what should I go for?[View]
14273752Converse Lucky Star: Opinions on this? What's the difference between this and Chucks?[View]
14272639Scam or real brand ?: What the absolut fuck is this brand? Their name is Bottega Veneta. Keeps on po…[View]
14269689What color dress shirt should I wear with a charcoal suit and a white tie? Girlfriend is wearing a w…[View]
14254674Sunglasses general - /SGG/: Summer is coming up, post, discuss, and recommend your choice of eye pro…[View]
14273688Thoughts? I thought the song with Lil Ugly Mane and Wikl was tight.[View]
14270688Friendly reminder that when you have a body like this you will look good in literally anything.[View]
14272242/fa/ discord?!?!: Join, we're gonna do a fit battle pretty soon :^) https://discord.gg/d8Mn6Bj…[View]
14273219BEST EDC / Every Day Carry WALLETS - WATCHES: What are the best wallets? /fa/ or on the long term I …[View]
14271683How do fraternity bros dress in your region of the United States? I've noticed there's reg…[View]
14271611Bieber: is his hairline receding?[View]
14272361I have a friend who lives in London, therefore has the ability to actually go to the Supreme, Palace…[View]
14273349Glasses thread: Post inspo Subtly mobsterish shit appreciated[View]
14273243What kind of shorts are effay?[View]
14273245Model GG 3827: Model GG 3827[View]
14271741You can only buy from a single fashion brand for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose?[View]
14267985Reflective Clothing: is reflective clothing /effay/? i’ve been trying to find a jacket or a shirt li…[View]
14273109Id on these sneakers?[View]
14269793hi effay is this a good picture for my portfolio? im collecting pictures for my fb![View]
14271595Why can't programmers and IT ever dress decently? Is it some kind of curse?[View]
14273099Hair Help: Should i let my hair grow or make it shorter? General advice on taking care of it would b…[View]
14271252/injun/core: Post ur Navajo blankets I wanna see Budweiser spilling from the Dakota access pipeline …[View]
14273073Hey kali, post the new nudes she sent to you[View]
14273081Sleazecore movies thread[View]
14271036What’s an /fa/ multitool for my cringy EDC setup? I’m a larper, I’ll admit it...[View]
14272925Is shaggy /fa/?[View]
14268552High heel thread[View]
14263484instagram general: post your instagram with a screenshot of feed, critique others', recommend o…[View]
14272784whats the most effay color?[View]
14271358Manlet /fa/ General: I'm new to the game and i'm sure there are a lot of us who need a cou…[View]
14271744Terrible at telling if sunglasses match my face. Is there a recommended shop perhaps that generally …[View]
14272877Anyone tried this? Is it a scam or any good[View]
14270957shave mustache[View]
14272858Are buzzcuts effay approved?[View]
14270624Where is a great place for emo-ish/punkish clothing for men? Need some good dark clothing, I like lo…[View]
14270523- R E M I N D E R -: [࿏W] [࿏W][࿏࿏E] [࿏W][࿏࿏E] [࿏W][࿏࿏E] [࿏࿏࿏࿏A] [࿏W][࿏࿏E] [࿏࿏࿏࿏A][࿏࿏࿏࿏࿏R] [࿏W][࿏࿏E] …[View]
14272502More depressedcore[View]
14270979Are ironic ties still good?[View]
14263105Japanese women are fa as fuck. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2HlUYDDDZn4[View]
14270872Is wearing the same outfit every day /fa/?: I’ve found the outfit that looks absolutely best on me a…[View]
14267834uniform: Do any of you guys have an 'uniform' that you wear every day? Picking clothes every day see…[View]
14271792bleaching hair: thoughts?[View]
14272688dude weed: is it effay[View]
14272709most effay musicians?: i will start with one of the last good, young singers who sadly died[View]
14270285Were the 90s fashion models better than ones we have now?[View]
14269642where can i cop these frames/that gf[View]
14271390what does he wear?[View]
14256042Where do I shop to achieve hobbitcore? 'Vintage' only brings up chinese cancer fabrics.[View]
14272210Thoughts? It's on sale.[View]
14260991Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14248930 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14269836/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
14269914Is there any hope for a short guy anons?[View]
14269896Owning a piece of Junya changes you. I love it. I love how Junya's creative vision enlivens wor…[View]
14269437What are the least /fa/ places in the world?: I would say the American South. I don't think I…[View]
14272101I’m going to NYC real quick. I go to New York a lot. I gotta go to NYC. What are some NYC stores?[View]
14271350'simple style': inspo for this? and do you think this can be revived in a modern way?[View]
14271860Does westbrook dress /fa/ or is he just flexing.[View]
14271593The beard.. should i shave it off bros?[View]
14268719is it possible to be effay while /out/? specifically looking for good hiking boots[View]
14269537Post effay houses[View]
14272212how to achieve Zion core?: what are the basics?[View]
14271518Am i /fa/ ?: How can i be more emo like?[View]
14265777bags: Is this the uggs of bags? post fa bags[View]
14272196Lightweight scarf thread[View]
14272147What core is this and what is needed to achieve it?[View]
14272135Skate: Which colorway? give tips on good skate shoes that arent vans[View]
14269827Minimalism: Have any /fa/scists dabbled in minimalism? I would just wear three different colored pi…[View]
14269703How can i repair or sew on new leather for my docs? A bit of the leather ripped off so you can see t…[View]
14271042Levi's Vintage Clothing The Real McCoys Loopwheeler JP National Athletic Goods Buzz Rickson I…[View]
14271750Are piercings /effay/?[View]
14270762Daily reminder that varsity/bomber jackets are the only effay item worth irl usage[View]
14270427Traditional Japanese aesthetic: How do you pull it off in the West without looking like a LARPer?…[View]
14270354Going for a slp cowboy aesthetic. Which should i get? This...[View]
14267814presented without comment[View]
14247066/fa/shy general: Fashcore thread? Fashcore thread.[View]
14269606I sort of look like Peter Greene (the guy who plays Zed in Pulp Fiction). I need to get sum new glas…[View]
14271482Prep/Trad/Ivy General: L.L. Bean Edition FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id…[View]
14271327rate me and my friends fits /fa/[View]
14269985Fa please help me I’m retarded and forgot the name of the jeans that are japanese and were popping m…[View]
14269946Youtube guru: Is there any worthy /fa/ youtube channel? If you search for anything fahsion related o…[View]
14271642Recent Cops: show us those goods[View]
14271614Study Abroad: I’ll be studying abroad in Russia next year, how should I dress without looking like a…[View]
142711173sixteen Rogue Territory[View]
14269695Newmans underrated[View]
14271124Can you look /fa/ while riding a mountain bike?[View]
14268875people keep laughing at me when i wear these in public and i genuinely felt like the embodiment of f…[View]
14266731/Vampire Aesthetics/: Post 'em.[View]
14271008i think call me by your name is one of the most effay movies I’ve seen. Any suggestions on achievin…[View]
14270824What core is this?[View]
14264250Starting a job in finance soon. What shoes can I wear that aren't gay but still work appropriat…[View]
14270794The sooner you start dressing like this, the sooner will the female laughter behind your back turn i…[View]
14263065Shaving general: Convince me not to buy a straight razor. I've been using a DE razor for three…[View]
14270922is it effay to wear satirical graphic tees from redbubble?[View]
14258663why does a manlet trying to help other manlets get so much hate? do you want them all to just kill t…[View]
14266052How many years until men are all getting plastic surgery and wearing make up? Many jawlets are alrea…[View]
14270276Why do teachers love autism shoes?[View]
14270851Do you guys carry a day bag when traveling? I want a bad to carry the stuff I don't want to lea…[View]
142711133sixteen Rogue Territory[View]
14270712If this jacket is 26.25 inches across, how does it fit a model with a 34 inch chest? How am I suppos…[View]
14268969>Weekday is becoming increasingly more like H&M >Uniqlo is going full Marvel/Nintendo what…[View]
14271044Brap inspo?[View]
14270989Do kids really dress like this these days?[View]
14269124There's no point to being alive if you're an ugly or average looking man I tried to cope w…[View]
14269505How do i keep people from seeing my nipples wearing white shirts? Wearing undershirts is not effay s…[View]
14270860What core am I?: Are Hawaiian shirts /fa/?[View]
14269453what do you guys think of this t-shirt? it's really cute imo and it's on sale!! https://ww…[View]
14264931Choose wisely[View]
14270764Subtle Monkcore: Subtle in that it doesn't raise eyebrows, but just enough monk to elicit rever…[View]
14242799Ideal gf/bf thread: Post em[View]
14266148Is it possible to wear a m36 field cap without looking like that ugly mutt?[View]
14267538I fucked up my hair, pls post /fa/ approved hats[View]
14267581Name this cut: /fa/ I’m sick of my current haircut and want to try something new. Thinking about get…[View]
14269594Does this product work? I’m super pale and I’m trying to look tan for the summer.[View]
14266528Greetings from /tv/. Any info on this guy?[View]
14263952can black people be effay? Why are we seen as unattractive by most people? I don't understand i…[View]
14268670Shaving: Should men shave there hair legs. i do it. Pic unrelated[View]
14268898fucking EBAY chink sellers: wtf is this bullshit - seriously? this has happened too many times. NEVE…[View]
14270408I’ve had this polo jacket for 5 years now, I bought it in China so I have no clue whether it’s genui…[View]
14270381I don't want to support fast fashion but I'm poor, what are some affordable non-fast fashi…[View]
14260730Looks to attract women?[View]
14265113Will people assume Im gay if Im doing anything other than running 10 miles in these?[View]
14269648Post KINO clothes[View]
14268585CULT LEADER: How can I pull off an everyday cult leader look /fa/? gimmie inspo.[View]
14270283what's the best wallet with ID window ITT?: something that pops so not black preferably[View]
14268252What shoes are these?: Hey, /fa/ A photo came up in facebook memories of me and it reminded me of my…[View]
14265005/accessories/: Post some effay accesories[View]
14269854>tfw moved on from the slim fit meme have you ascended yet effay?[View]
14270159Hi /fa/, how do I achieve this look?[View]
14266693What is this style called?[View]
14269998I like my fit here but I'm not entirely sure on the necklace. I think it's eye catching bu…[View]
14263173There's still hope, child ... Confess[View]
14270157Cope or nope?[View]
14268845where to buy this necklace ? its from the fight Vasyl Lomachenko vs Anthony Crolla thanks[View]
14268722Should I cop?[View]
14270142Look closely incel cesspool, you’ll never be /biz flexing Chad like this >you’re a skinny virgin…[View]
14260075If you were randomly given $2,000 what would you cop?[View]
14244330QTDDTOT: Questions[View]
14269774/fa/ help: Going shopping in a couple of hours. What would you recommend the colour of my blazer/sui…[View]
14269988Anyone else here photoshop their head onto photos of stuff they're planning to buy?[View]
14266678What are some clothes Chad wears often?: - Black leather jacket - Branded belts with huge buckles …[View]
14265256/wt/ - Watch Thread: Rolex Sub Marine Er Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, …[View]
14269917>tfw too poor to afford new balances Is there any acceptable alternative?…[View]

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