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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 52 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1738104What happens here aside from Tasmanian Devils?[View]
1743743Got a two-week trip to LA in a couple of months, and I realise I don't know jack about the plac…[View]
1739259Yellowstone in March - Alternatives: So anons, I'll be staying in Denver from March 18th to 25t…[View]
1738341are women/girls being topless a normal thing in Europe??: i was on vacation in southern France and d…[View]
1743037what western european city has the most beautiful architecture?[View]
1740258Staying in Rome for 4 months: Alright anons I'm studying abroad in Rome till May and I'd l…[View]
1740539I really want to go to Hong Kong in a few months, but I'm getting worried. Is the pneumonia out…[View]
1742720What to do in Boston? Visiting for 5 days.[View]
1742453Denver worth moving to?: I visited Denver a few weeks ago and loved it. However most of where I spen…[View]
1743022Turkey Dump: I'm thinking of going to Izmir and the surrounding area for about 9 days. Is this …[View]
1743766Cau treo border crossing, Vietnam: Has anyone crossed from Vietnam to Laos at the cau treo border in…[View]
1733541Algeria thread: Haven't seen one of these on here. I'm going for two weeks next month, and…[View]
1736984European Transit: Whats the best way to travel around europe nowadays? I feel like interrail is most…[View]
1733463Currency Exchange? In *MY* /trv/!?: Semi-frequent poster in /trv/, but I don't think that curre…[View]
1740319Short Egypt trip: So I'm going diving in Sharm el sheikh but flying out of Cairo. I have about …[View]
1743079European Islands: Hey guys, what are some cool islands to visit in Europe (and close to Europe as we…[View]
1740087Traveling solo: Traveling solo and want to eat out at nice restaurants but don't want to look l…[View]
1741377Barcelona places to be: So this spring I'll be in Barcelona for two months. Any tips on how to …[View]
1741294Bahrain or Qatar: I have holidays in April, and want to visit the Middle-East, but am doubting betwe…[View]
1737324Istanbul: Hey /trv/ My friend and I are going to Istanbul next weekend for 3 days. We would love to …[View]
1743347Buenos Aires (and the rest of Argentina): What can anyone tell me about Buenos Aires? What is intere…[View]
1742880Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia trip: My buddy and I are going there in May, landing in Bali and going…[View]
1742189Unironically thinking about going to Australia when it quits burning. Any advice for road tripping a…[View]
1743341My first solo vlog thingie: A few months back I tried my first solo walking trip and although I fail…[View]
1739821Stirling Scotland: I will be spending four days in Edinburgh, Is it worth cutting one of those days …[View]
1742446Cat thread: Post your best cats around the world, /trv/ A square in Buenos Aires where military used…[View]
1743035what happened to the belgian anon who did a bike tour of africa? did he ever do a trip report?[View]
1742913How often do your travels go as planned?: It was said that no plan survives contact with the enemy. …[View]
1742335Afghanistan: Hey guys landing in Kabul in a week and going to stay for about a month I just want to …[View]
1738915Another One: >hurrr durr flying is totally safe go to school anon everyone should travel Planes a…[View]
1743042How much would one need to save up in US dollars in order to go to japan for a week? i live in texas…[View]
1741874What is an exotic place where you can propose your gf and she will never forget it? I have limited b…[View]
1737912Realistically speaking is travel in North Africa ''dangerous'' I.e. Am I actually going to turn into…[View]
1743013I'm looking to camp in the middle of nowhere or at least at a very roomy state park. I live in …[View]
1741681What's there to do in Las Vegas? What would you recommend for a first timer?[View]
1743077wanna do one of these long train rides. just wondering what country it would be best to find one in[View]
1737906/trv/lit/: Anyone know of any good books about travelling? I just finished pic related and thought i…[View]
1742988Sri Lanka + Bangladesh: Thinking about taking a two-month trip to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh this summ…[View]
1731833Israel: Or occupied palestine, if you prefer. I will be in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for 3 days each, t…[View]
1735873Getting a medical certificate for foreign university: I'm applying to a university in Russia an…[View]
1742235*blocks your path in thailand*[View]
1742941Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia trip: My buddy and I are going there in May, landing in Bali and going…[View]
1741463Air china?: How is flying 'air china'? Its the cheapest flight I can manage to Tokyo? Not sure if th…[View]
1731005Airbnb Hate Thread: Can we take a moment to analyze how bad Airbnb's review system is? I get th…[View]
1742609Looking for a nice place to die: Hey /trv/ Looking to off myself after I blow all my money (48k usd)…[View]
1742739Hello there..uh.. '/trv/lers' first time posting here. I'd thought I try my luck getting a few …[View]
1742384Bus Companies in the USA: Whats the best bus company in the USA, particularly in the Southeast. Flix…[View]
1742645Fat American Here: H /trv/ pretty new here and new to traveling >gf broke up with me >got laid…[View]
1741436Souvenir shopping: Hi, guys. How do you shop for souvenirs? Do you research the best shops beforehan…[View]
1742684Looking for roommate advise: Hey /trv/, I have to move places to live and I was hoping I could get s…[View]
1740934US island territories: Has anyone here been to a US territory in the Pacific ocean besides mainland,…[View]
1739289Cheapest way to travel: What is the absolute cheapest way to travel to/live in another country? Is W…[View]

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