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1574882So I'm in Japan. What the fuck do I do now?[View]
1575683Is there anything worth seeing in Denmark outside Copenhagen? Thinking about heading there for about…[View]
1577285What would you do?: I have $100,000 saved up for a down payment on a house, but I'm second thin…[View]
1578151Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a helpful guide I found on where to visit in Paris! I know the …[View]
1564296Have you ever been to Korea?: If you have How was it?[View]
1578060Its not just a rock.... its a BOULDER!! Heading to boulder co thursday night till sunday any tips kw…[View]
1574809Language: Have you learnt a 2nd of language? If so how did you do it? What were your best learning m…[View]
1577981Wildlife tourism: I really want to do more wildlife tourism when I get older. Map related. I'd …[View]
1576232Anyone been to Slovakia? Will be going there next month and thinking if anyone has recommendations, …[View]
1577896What are the pros and cons of a solo vacation to somewhere in Asia? I have 5 days left of vacation t…[View]
1577741Travel: I’ve been thinking about visiting another country sometime but it seems like I’d have to sav…[View]
1576502Basic bitch travel sites: Why do travel blogs/vids or most things relating to travel glance over man…[View]
1574803Party Islands solo: Has anyone ever done a trip to the party islands solo? Places like Ibiza, Santor…[View]
1576134Where is nice to go for the summer? I'm not sure where to go, I don't really feel like jus…[View]
1577518Haiti: What are some interesting places and things to do in Haiti? Yes, I know it's poor, dirty…[View]
1575730Japan General: Golden Week is coming edition v2 Post about >Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, …[View]
1570040Chicago First Time Travel: Hello! I am going to be traveling to Chicago for the first time Easter we…[View]
1576606Is it socially acceptable seek out an attractive woman on a dating app, for the sole purpose of obta…[View]
1557891What are the best cities in terms of girls? NOT sex tourism. I genuinely like meeting girls from aro…[View]
1577373US Trip: I'm traveling to the US this summer with my friends and I want to know if there are an…[View]
1577136Anon, I dream of going to Woodstock in the summer and 3 more concerts. US visa I do not have time to…[View]
1576867How safe is Morocco for travel?: I'm planning a trip with some friends to Morocco. One of those…[View]
1575406Choosing what to visit in Japan: I've been to Japan once before. 12 days spent between Tokyo an…[View]
1573048NUDISM: Is anyone here into nude beaches and nudism? I find it interesting but it turns me on which …[View]
15769275 week trip: This place is so fucking dead after weeks of reading the same threads I bought tickets …[View]
1577343Le baguette: Hey guys, im going to France in a few weeks and i want to plan my trip to see interesti…[View]
1577329Budapest gas info: so I'm travelling to Budapest, and I'm a smoker...anyone know a plug?…[View]
1576490Did traveling change you?: Can traveling help with issues like general anxiety? I don't like my…[View]
1577264Pop Up Camper Cross Country: Has anyone done any traveling in a pop-up Camper?[View]
1576732In January I will be going on an exchange program with my university. The two options I've narr…[View]
1577234Any ideas for the Lake Distric chaps? Staying at some barn over the weekend, anyone ever been and kn…[View]
1573485Hey lads, I'm depressed as fuck and think a change of scenery might be good for me. I've n…[View]
1575453Santander, Cantabria, Spain: Gimme tips on Santander lads. I mainly care about food. Is Santander a…[View]
1577058Ram Dass thread[View]
1576907What are your thoughts on family vacations?[View]
1576860Thoughts on Pittsburgh? I'll probably be going there in a week or two and would like to know mo…[View]
1574395Armenia: Hello /trv/. Has anyone had the opportunity to visit this place? I was thinking about booki…[View]
1576538Hi. During the recent years I have visited Estonia, Latvia, Morocco, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, UK, U…[View]
1576959What are our thoughts on bald and bankrupt?[View]
1576881Anywhere in Fira or Oia that I can reasonably pitch a tent and hide from authorities? Seems to be ve…[View]
1574978Visiting stadiums as museums and landmarks: Fellow /trv/llers, let's discuss any decent stadium…[View]
1576880Hi Anons Moving to Tucson to live and work for about 2 years. Where are good places to live? What im…[View]
1576898I want to book a 12-14 day trip to Lima, Peru. Anyone have any tips and recommendations ?[View]
1576890Remember this guy?[View]
1576808Which monument should you visit: while it still exists?[View]
1573572South America - 3 weeks: Any recommended itineraries or individual spot recommendations for a three …[View]
1576784What's the best place to go for 3-4 weeks with a backpack of a few things and just meet fellow …[View]
1573022Moving: Thinking of moving out of Canada into the U.S but the only problem is no money. thoughts?…[View]
1575478Switzerland by car: Planning on car trip because I want to see as much as I can in 5-6 days not havi…[View]
1571071Cyprus: How's Cyprus like? I had a few days off so I booked about 6 days on the Greek side. Ren…[View]
1576015Anyone been on Eurostar? I'm trying to head from London to Paris and back again for a few days …[View]
1576620I've been offered a job in Maastricht in the Netherlands. Has anybody been there? what do you t…[View]
1574860renting scooters/mopeds in europe: will be going greece/italy/france in 2 months, I only have a prov…[View]
1574311Scotland Thread: Booking my flight on Sunday to go in September. What are some worthwhile things to …[View]
1575384What do you use for a /trv/ journal. Rhodia’s alright, pages write super nice but cover/back wears d…[View]
1572413I don't care about being cultured: Not white. Lived abroad and in the US half and half for my w…[View]
1571335Modern North India: This is to all the 'avoid North India' haters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N…[View]
1574491/trv/ I've been working pretty hard, and my mother just died and left my behind a large amount …[View]
1573612Why the fuck do flights make me so gassy? Almost every flight I've ever been on I've been …[View]

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