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1654840anyone here ever interacted with 'traditional' inuits? How do they react to tourists, ? Do they happ…[View]
1654943What bars do I need to go to make quality connections, friends, etc. in inner-city Houston, Texas; w…[View]
1652637is anyone here planning to spend their retirement in a foreign country?[View]
1649408Tranny here, whats a good place for me to travel to?[View]
1653889Seville general: UK anon here - I'm spending 4 months in Seville, leaving in a few weeks. What …[View]
1655173/English/: When I travel through europe, SEA and China I see a lot of people from France and Spain, …[View]
1654778Is the BritRail pass worth it? My partner and I are in London for 10 days, with travel to Salisbury…[View]
1655362Cape Verde in September?: Due to certain circumstances me and my Mrs are looking to go on holiday to…[View]
1654367Kazakhstan: I will be sent to this country in September, business related, my company has a project …[View]
1655257These Before-and-After Photos Paint a Grim Picture of Venice’s Tourism Problem: https://www.insideho…[View]
1653921Nairobi: What’s there to do in Nairobi[View]
165355519yo, 20+ countries, AMA: I'm 19, male, Australian, and have been to 20+ countries incl. North …[View]
1654883Is this possible?: > Boomer at heart > Want to live somewhere near a beach Is it possible with…[View]
1653534I think I caught bed bugs when traveling what can I do to make sure I don't bring them home wit…[View]
1653521North Korea: Hypothetically speaking, can I use my cousins Canadian passport to go to North Korea on…[View]
1654764LISBON - PORTUGAL: Going to Lisbon next monday and spending my week there, any tips about the city? …[View]
1647292Best places to stargaze: Easy enough, beautiful nightskies is what it's about. Share your recs,…[View]
1654150I am going to Cuba soon, I dont have much experience traveling, I am bringing clothes, basic utiliti…[View]
1653983Christmas countries: Hey /trv/ it’s a bit early but what are the best countries to travel to for the…[View]
1653245Traveling to SEA: >be about to turn 31 >Mom offers to buy me a plane ticket for my vacation in…[View]
1653009Made a impulse ticket buy to Seattle with no intenery for tomatrow, give me some cool lowdowns[View]
1652018Any anons living in the Philippines have advice on best way to buy property there without getting ri…[View]
1654544What's the most European like city in the US? I've checked out most of the ones that you g…[View]
1653593scenic drives in your country?[View]
1654514Planning on moving to Nürnberg in November from Canada to be with my girlfriend. I love her but I do…[View]
1649081Recently in an Africa thread, some anon declared himself an expert on Eritrea and said it's dan…[View]
1654873>Traveling around NYC in the summer >sweltering subway >Stuffy and crowded >you don…[View]
1652327Ask An Airline Agent Anything: I made this thread a while back, and it turned out pretty good. Ask a…[View]
1654221Are the alps any good?[View]
1651431I’m a 21 yr old Moroccan man, what is the best place in Europe for a mena mans like me to get white …[View]
1648405Do you prefer visiting Russia or China? Which have you had better experiences in? Which has the best…[View]
1653595what's the situation for Venezuela?has everything slowed down? I know it's always been dan…[View]
1653737How the heck do I meet people to travel with?: Thinking about staying in hostels. Anyone know how to…[View]
1654084Looking to take a day trip to NYC in a couple weeks but don't feel like driving into the city a…[View]
1653945What excuses do you use to get out of work for weeks/months at a time to travel? Currently have a si…[View]
1654462Montana: Im thinking of going on holidays to Montana. Is it a worthwhile trip or is there fuck all t…[View]
1654532>throws /trv/ into autistic hissy fit[View]
1644392USA USA USA: I want to travel to the US with my girlfriend next year in spring or summer. 3 to 4 wee…[View]
1649938Post your map (https://www.amcharts.com/visited_countries/) Total numbers of countries visited Home …[View]
1654062Can I ask a barangay hall to inquire about a business in the philippines?: Hi, for those of you who …[View]
1650640Redpill me on travel: I've lived all over the world. Germany/Japan/Korea/Tons of states, and ev…[View]
1652490Could you recommend me on raincoats? I will be visiting Taiwan in rain season, so I am searching for…[View]
1654384what's a country or city where i don't need a car to get to and from places?[View]
1648913What to do in South East Asia: Hiya, I am heading out to SEA in two weeks time and will be the for a…[View]
1653560Khyber pass from Afghan side: Travelling to Nepal, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan in December-Janua…[View]
1651829Argentinian peso has collapsed 30%. Should I go?: As the title says, some commie is apparently gonna…[View]
1653169Spirit airlines: After flying back from California on spirit airlines, I dicoved that they had mutil…[View]
1654268What's it like living in the Pacific Northwest? I'm thinking about taking a job in Washing…[View]
1654294Vietnam: Anyone know anything about the 1 year vietnam visa? Is it a safe place to spend some time i…[View]
1654061New Orleans: Can I get a quick run down? Any historic sites to visit in particular? Any tours worth …[View]
1644550hey /trv/ if you know this youtube channel (pic related), do you know what app he used for gps? he m…[View]
1651860Travel Buddy: I will be leaving Minnesota when I am out of the military in a few months. Looking for…[View]
1652392why is america such a disgusting shithole?: i'm a Canadian and I was in the US for a week and c…[View]
1654085Is it worth moving somewhere just because it seems like it would be fun? I travel a lot, but I'…[View]
1648524Paki anon here. Ask me anything about travel advise, trip planning etc. Is a great place here, you w…[View]
1653630What do you do while traveling? And have you grown through your exploits overseas? Or do you feel yo…[View]
1653913I am currently planning a trip despite having never travelled in my own or taken a plane before. Cou…[View]
1652544Hi I'm 30 years old from Czech Republic and I decided to apply for working holiday visa to Cana…[View]
1653791>living in china for a year >on the phone with mom to tell her how safe it is and how much I l…[View]
1653407would it be illegal to make deals with Somali pirates[View]
1645957Why are you afraid of Africa?: Everytime a thread is made about visiting a city in Africa, it is ful…[View]
1653596I'm looking to pay for my father to take a motorcycle to the Bonneville salt flats before he ge…[View]

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