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Displaying 48 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1502805So I’m waiting to board a flight from Frankfurt to Chicago. A security agent went around to everyon…[View]
1505261Most beautiful place: What's the most beautiful place you've ever visited /trv/? Personal…[View]
1504704difference between premium and unleaded gasoline?: So I was recommended to use Chevron gasoline to m…[View]
1504913Malta around Christmas: I will be visiting Malta for the first time for a couple of days around Chri…[View]
1497198Stereotypes that turned out to be kinda true: I'll start >Israeli backpackers are scummy …[View]
1503512What's the most beautiful place within an approximate ~1000 mile drive from New York City? In C…[View]
1503832I'll immigrate to Poland, Warsaw next month. What do I expect? Are the locals friendly?[View]
1503508Europe: Whats the best city in Europe for a cheap party weekend with good food, nice clubs and scam …[View]
1505112Trying to decide on my first solo trip abroad and flights to Copenhagen are mega cheap for the dates…[View]
1503657>flight to Japan takes off in 2 hours >immense fear of death and flying >not gonna board…[View]
1496478Sri Lanka: Alright /trv/ I am going to Sri Lanka probably next March for a little short of 3 weeks. …[View]
1504560Why is rent listed as 'per week' in Australia?[View]
1504764My wife has spent over $4500 on travel expenses for upcoming trips. I think she's having a mani…[View]
1504935When traveling to Japan: If you are planning a trip to Japan, what do you look for in terms of touri…[View]
1500224Is this idea of mine feasible, or am I insane? >going to China this summer >Will be there the …[View]
1504019> 10 hour-long layover in Miami what do?[View]
1503783Only 10 days in Thailand and Cambodia: There’s a Thailand thread out there already, but it seems to …[View]
1504095I'm interested in traveling with my, starting with NYC for maybe 2-3 days since its closeby. Th…[View]
1504668Dubai Help: Hello I wanted to ask Has anyone used the metro Red line ? How much does it cost for A…[View]
1501890About to go to Singapore, recommend me some autistic things to do[View]
1504425What to do in Tokyo when it rains all day?[View]
1499651Lisbon, Portugal: Just got back from here and this is by far the worst place I have ever been. Why i…[View]
1498896Is there anything worse in travel than economy seating on a long haul flight? It’s literally hell on…[View]
1504101Where to Travel for a first timer: Hi, I am 21 years old and i live in Melbourne Australia Wanting t…[View]
1504620Planning a trip to Portland, Oregon in the next few months. What are the best things to do around th…[View]
1504092Going Train Hopping / Need Schedule: Thinking about going train hopping during winter break from uni…[View]
1504070Shanghai/Hong Kong w/out visa: Hey fellas. Currently traveling around SE Asia with some friends. Our…[View]
1503693How many time zones have you been in? In flight doesn't count[View]
1504183How do i organise a 4 week vacation in january in Southamerica for me alone ?[View]
1504190Teaching: outside China tier 1: Want to go teaching in China (have a decade in SE Asia under my belt…[View]
1503101Mauritania: There was a thread on here that must have died about a week ago where a certain anon was…[View]
1504320So I'm thinking of going to Pakistan with my mum over the January break for a family friend…[View]
1480871Philippines thread: No unneeded politics please, keep it clean.[View]
1497725Japan General: Matsumoto edition Post about >Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate …[View]
1501852Need help deciding where to go in January! > USA southern roadtrip > Morocco/Spain > Hong …[View]
1503562Travelling via Motorcycle: Anybody do this, or have stories to share? Seems like a liberating way to…[View]
1501486Recommend European Ski Resorts: First time skiing in europe. >Don't want to spend a fortune…[View]
1503678What are some decent, cheap starter trips to take? Preferably international. Ideally places with fav…[View]
1503220Dude sick of his life and wants out: I've got $3k AUD to travel around Europe. Only need to be …[View]
1500631Driving from Texas to Mexico City? Too Dangerous?: Hi, I've been traveling in Mexico recently, …[View]
1479261TEFL General: KYSDM: Kill Yourselves Dancing Monkeys Edition Now with that out of the way, let'…[View]
1499073Want to emigrate to Netherlands: Is it possible for a shitslav like me?[View]
1504135Tibet Tour: Tibet is regarded as the roof of the world. It is also a holy land in someone's hea…[View]
1502754What non-english speaking culture would be easiest for an American to adapt to?[View]
1502324Can you move to Japan if you have anon recorded criminal conviction from queensland courts?[View]
1503859I want to get laid and drink away my sorrow. What is the best destination in Thailand? Is it Pattaya…[View]
1502286Goa, India: Hi fellow travelers, I'm going to Goa in a few days to spend Christmas and NYE, any…[View]

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