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1685304Anyone here ever been to Tibet? How hard would it be to visit for a foreigner? Is it worth going?[View]
1683573Traveling with 2 passports and staying in schengen zone perpetually: Does this work, I have a US and…[View]
1686851Interesting places for first time travels: Im thinking of setting up a week long get away the only t…[View]
1684083I just bought tickets to Malaga for 5 days in January. Question is: should I spend my time entirely …[View]
1685592Mongolia General: Hey /trv/ Have you been to Mongolia? I'm going to be passing thru the countr…[View]
1684706Kind of regretting getting addicted to travel: How do you deal with the post travel blues, /trv/? Ev…[View]
1686846Refund or compensation for my holiday. Hey all /sp/ here for the rugby world cup and a typhoon is ru…[View]
1682365Nurburg/ring: Anyone here went to the Nurburgring? I obviously want there to hoot my shitbox on the …[View]
1686745Never took an Amtrak train, any particular routes that are scenic? I live in SoCal and I heard the P…[View]
1686696My fiance and I had a vacation planned for this weekend to Japan. Typhoon showed up and ruined it. W…[View]
1685890Crazy Hungarian train company: I bought my ticket from Budapest to prague paid for 60 euros, then i …[View]
1674931The most Creative City for Artists: Obviously it's gotta be cheap Preferably in Europe since I…[View]
16865413 month bike and camping trip in Japan, anyone done something similar? Tips&Tricks?[View]
1686227New places vs favorite places: Over the past few years, what percent of your trips are new places an…[View]
1685375Travelling to Canada for a first time: Greetings everyone. I am planning to go to Canada very soon(f…[View]
1684955Is Global Entry worth the hassle?: My visa card will give me full credit on TSA pre-check or Global …[View]
1679427fat, balding, porn addicted coomer: where to go go get my life back on track? i just want to eat, hi…[View]
1686092Flights: Cheapest way to go to Japan from central Europe?[View]
1686133I got a problem. Im currently in toronto and I rented a car for 3 days (friday till monday) bc i wan…[View]
1684733How do you make your living and have it suit traveling? I'm trying to get my blog to a decent i…[View]
1679649Istanbul renovations: Istanbul is one the most beautiful cities in the world. However, the number of…[View]
1684302Proposing on the Empire State Building, yes or no?[View]
1684202Travel Clothes: Do you dress it up or down and comfortable when taking that 8 hour flight?[View]
1685477I'm beyond 30 and have a crooked back and pain is permanent. Is it worth to travel executive cl…[View]
1679222Visiting Mexico City in January: How scared should I be? I speak little eurospanish, but that’s pro…[View]
1685104Japan General: Folded a billion times edition *FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)* >Where shou…[View]
1683214Life as a white woman is life on easy mode: Can I rant about china for a sec? >be me, hispanic te…[View]
1685229Looking to travel to an European city in december, with a femanon friend, we were looking either int…[View]
1683512How do I make the most of studying abroad in Europe as a burger? People say that immersion is really…[View]
1685415Road Trip Thoughts: I just went on my first road trip with two friends after becoming an adult. Want…[View]
1682112Visit to London: Hi all, I'm visiting London from 24-11 to 28-11, any tips&tricks on what t…[View]
1679546I spent $2k in 13 days in thailand...[View]
1684877What do you do on the last day of your holiday? Do you sit in your room? Do you book an early flight…[View]
1671661wechat for travel: I'm going to be going to China and some other asian countries for several we…[View]
1681652Would it be a bad idea to wear this abroad? I feel like as long as I'm not an asshole to people…[View]
1683545Why do Taiwan hotels do this?: I'm looking for good hotels in Taiwan and most of them seem to h…[View]
1675434Need advice on Japan. Going in a week and don't speak any japanese. Need to watch the rugby wor…[View]
1681589Paris France: Anything unique to do there? I'm thinking of traveling on Christmas break for 2 w…[View]
1684093Tyrol: Hi again, I posted about living in Innsbruck a while ago and you guys gave me some great sugg…[View]
1685639Ive been given the offer to take a trip to Japan for a month, three weeks with friends and one week …[View]
1678382Floating Torii Renovation Megathread: Is Miyajima worth it edition Why visit Miyajima? >>The f…[View]
1684068helmets for chopper type bike: Hello i want to buy some sort of helnet fir my new upcoming chopper, …[View]
1679328Long story short, through a combination of inheritance and cryptocurrency I became a multi-millionai…[View]
1683509I got a lot of girls contact info and stuff using kik and I know girls in a few states and shit Som…[View]
1681411hi /trv/, I'm planning a trip on the U.S. I have about 3/3.5k worth of money and three weeks of…[View]
1682996>hey anon we're going to the nearby waterfall to meditate and find our inner selves...d…[View]
1684523>horrible violence >progressive lunatics running rampant >absolutely zero consumer protec…[View]
1683263Visiting India: Has anyone been to India? I kind of want to visit but it also kind of horrifies me.…[View]
1684587Japan Thread: I want to visit places in Japan before i commit suicide what places should i visit /tr…[View]
1680875HI all, I'm planning to go to Brazil next year for 3 weeks. One of the thins I absolutely want …[View]
1681950slovenia: Hello, i am going to be in Slovenia for a bit, living in Ljubljana. Any recommendations? W…[View]
1682309exit stamps: If you exit a country without getting an exit stamp, how would you go about getting an …[View]
1682435Guide to Hookers in Bulgaria ( and other stuff) Pic not related.[View]

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