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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 50 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1706298I got 2K euros to spend, where should I go?: 2000 euro is my budget.... I want to see some cool hist…[View]
1701791QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Question…[View]
1717125Work Visa: Was just wondering what /trv/s consensus on working abroad is. Which country would allow …[View]
1717793I just went and saw a talk by rick steves and he claims he’s apparently the only person making good …[View]
1718112best hostels in north america?: I absolutely adore hostels. I love meeting other people and experien…[View]
1717897So im 100% dead serious on this. Im planning to go to Germany before new years and stay there til Fe…[View]
1716875Is it worth going to Israel on a birthright ticket? I want a free holiday but I’m afraid the holiday…[View]
1716728>when the old man staying at your party hostel tries to start a conversation with you…[View]
1715928I'm going with family on a trip to Vegas but I'll be staying for maybe 2 weeks afterwards …[View]
1714600Are dildos allowed in carry-on bags?[View]
1717912Los Angeles is a garbage city. Say something good about it[View]
1712335>tfw American >tfw want to travel to Asia but terrified of airoplanes why cant they just build…[View]
1709069Love whilst traveling: Share your stories >traveling Canada as we speak >end up in Toronto …[View]
1713403If you are traveling for the first time, is it a bad idea to go solo?[View]
1710425How do you cure post-travel depression?[View]
1710429Second day of solo traveling. I feel so fucking lonely I can't take it. I feel like going back …[View]
1711999I just got off a 16 hour flight and I still feel like I'm on the plane with a swaying feeling i…[View]
1709900how can I pay for hotel reservations in airbnb / booking via paypal?[View]
1709844Where do you go to see interesting flora and fauna?: I am interested in nature.[View]
1715839Questions about costs to fly to south africa: I want to go to south africa and gain insight on their…[View]
1713215Eastern Europe In the Winter: Looking to get cozy in a cheap, pretty, snowy place for a couple month…[View]
1713762Solo World Tour: As of next June, I'll be departing on my own world tour of sorts. The main goa…[View]
1715848How do you do it?: I went traveling for about a month between jobs to TH and PH and loved it, I wish…[View]
1716970:(: how do you plan a hiking holiday? how does one find accomodation in the middle of nature? i want…[View]
1717067not dying in poland: for cheap holidays in nature I was suggested 'taking a 9 Euro flight to krakow,…[View]
1710206Australia: Which city in Australia is the best to live in?[View]
1712169what are the best places in new zealand to meet backpackers and nice hippies?[View]
1714762Which area of the US (EXCLUDING coastal states except for maybe North Carolina) has the highest popu…[View]
1712774Corse: I'll go in Corse next spring and I'm looking at the reviews for rental car agencies…[View]
1717208Are British Indians or Pakistanis treated well abroad feel like travelling is a white mans game and …[View]
1717401New York: Okay so I’m going to New York in February with my family (we’re from the UK). My Question …[View]
1716242Colombia: Can i go alone as a single huwhite male in his mid 20s to colombia, specifically medellin …[View]
1716365In Los Angeles for the weekend: What’s there to do here? I’ve heard a lot of nasty things about the …[View]
1717330I'm planning on visiting AMS in June, where is a good place to find cheap flights?[View]
1714794Going to Dubai for a week around Christmas. Any tips/recommendations?[View]
1713338Why do Europeans seem more refined than Americans?[View]
1708456what are hostels like?[View]
1712222Ever see something you shouldn't have while travelling?[View]
1716493Japan General: Pirates of Hakone Edition *FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)* >Where should I …[View]
1712624I will never forget this day...[View]
1714614Teaching English Online: Has anyone here taught online to live abroad? Make your own hours, no class…[View]
1716788Kuala Lumpur Feelz: Me and one other will be going to KL for 10 days and with roughly $500 spending …[View]
1715185Just got my scuba certification What are some places I need to dive before my lungs fail from my smo…[View]
1716649Vermont: Gonna spend holidays on Vermont, where should I go[View]
1716807Hey /trv/, two days in Prague, what should i do ?[View]
1716295Travelling with animals: Can I bring a couple baby lizards with me when I come back from Europe to A…[View]
1710863Iceland Road Biking: I've been looking into doing some cycling in Iceland. Only for 3-4 days, s…[View]
1714119I´m going to Iceland next year any recommendations from Icelandics? (food, prices, etc...)[View]
1710572Final frontiers: What happens when SEA becomes developed due to all the travel? Seems like its the o…[View]
1713181Do you try to blend in with the locals when you travel abroad?[View]

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