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Displaying 46 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1543334Why are they so anti-car? So many cities have no 'by car' section under 'Get Around', and those tha…[View]
1542624Advice Needed: Recently one of my friends ended up traveling to Vietnam to try to live there. He end…[View]
1542625Elon musk location Melbourne: Does anyone know the location of this painting in Melbourne ? Impossib…[View]
1543437Traveling to France in June for the Womens' World Cup Never been to France before, any tips/tri…[View]
1543274Have 2 weeks off in May. Want to try weed legally. Where should I go?[View]
1541804>which of these 4 cities deserve 4 whole days I have a trip planned for these 4 cities, and due t…[View]
1538882/Montreal/: Hey friends, going to Montreal and potentially some surrounding areas for a week in Marc…[View]
1543323How to travel: Going to Toronto in a few weeks and It'll be my first time traveling 'alone' alt…[View]
1539329Iran: I am very intrigued by Persian culture. I know some Persians, and they are lovely people with …[View]
1542083Argentina: Traveling to Argentina, need serious advice.[View]
1538301Can travelling make you happy?[View]
1539887Anyone know how to see a cockfight/cricket fight in china (preferably beijing, shanghai, datong, pin…[View]
1542825If you have some travel experience under your belt is South-East Asia even worth it? There are bett…[View]
1539211Bali: How was your experience with Bali? Is it just a tourist trap?[View]
1515845Techno Tourism: What are the best places in the world to go listen to house/techno?[View]
1538835Çabër trip report: Sup /trv/, this summer I went on a pilgrimage to real traveller Mecca, a small v…[View]
1542618US VISA DISCUSSION My girlfriend from South Korea is coming to live with me in the US for 5-6 months…[View]
1540956Cuba or Costa Rica: Which would you choose? Which have you had better experiences in while traveling…[View]
1540821First International Travel: Sup /trv/, I'm getting out of the Navy a bit before the end of Marc…[View]
1540976Hostels - Age Limits?: Hey /trv/ I'm travelling to Europe with my 60 year old boomer dad soon. …[View]
1538892Japan General: Gero edition Post about >Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drink…[View]
1537993Mexico: How safe is it?[View]
154093731 y.o. wanna go backpacking for 3+ months: >be me >30 y.o. dude who loves backpacking >tra…[View]
1541815I'm going to visit New York City for a week and I have a few questions. Maybe this can become a…[View]
1540639>blasting Down Under at full volume from your rental car with the windows down when you go to Aus…[View]
1542039Longest possible continuous road trip: Would you do this? Longest possible road trip (without boat o…[View]
1541375Prague: Going to Prague for three days this weekend. It was unplanned (decided just yesterday) so I …[View]
1537157Real Travelers shit their pants: Don't call yourself a Real Traveler if you've never had t…[View]
1542598México General: General thread about México. I'm a local and me, other locals or foreigners tha…[View]
1541391Cologne Germany: Me and my gf are taking a day trip to Cologne this weekend. Mostly just as a little…[View]
1532437BC Thread: I'm planning on traveling to British Columbia for the whole month of April. Got any …[View]
1539240Fiance Visa: I've known this gal for about a year and a half, we would like to marry in the sta…[View]
1540162What's the best country to find gay escorts?: What's the best country to find gay escorts …[View]
1542609San Jose Del Cabo: Hey fellas, So I'm going to san jose del cabo next week. As far as I've…[View]
1540793I've got an extra thousand bucks coming back to me as a tax refund and I want to take my gf som…[View]
1540749Hello /trv/. I'm planning a Maine trip with my girlfriend for may this year. We live in the Mid…[View]
1539733>be me >going to europe in april >fly into barcelona on the 13th >leave from rome on th…[View]
1542142Do you have a travel health insurance? How much should it cost? What kind of services should it cont…[View]
1540014How does /trv/ deal with fear of flying? I have flown dozens of times, however in the last couple, l…[View]
1540356My girlfriend and I want to travel Greece, Italy or Germany for 14 days in the summer. How much in C…[View]
1541877What are some comfy african cities built by europeans?[View]
1541425Where can I make serious bank teaching English abroad? Saudi Arabia? Can any anons weigh in?[View]
1539425Great Barrier Reef: Is the Great Barrier Reef still worth visiting/diving? A friend visited a while …[View]
1538918Ok boys a bored adventurer here coming at ya with a challenge I will visit the first five locations …[View]
1539879Friend self invited new gf on a roadtrip we've been planning. Hiking in banff and glacier natio…[View]
1537757Alternative to Australia: Hi. I want a visa in an English speaking country. For Australia it is prob…[View]

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