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/qa/ - Question & Answer

Displaying 232 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2751489We need to fix /c/ so Waifufags can stay there for good. Waifufags ruined the other boards, goddammi…[View]
2751640>>>/r9k/52551523 please sticky this thread[View]
2751260Can someone please ban this spammer from /asean/?: Over at /asean/ on /int/, for so long, there has …[View]
2751395Sample Post[View]
2750241What's the actual difference between a girl's pussy that's been penetrated 2 times an…[View]
2751274quick /qa/ give me an anime girl to jerk off to[View]
2741278RIP YTMND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-DMIf-WZYU[View]
2750867ban all nonvirgins and normalfags[View]
2751327don't mind me: i'm just on my way to /pol/[View]
2751673me browsing /jp/ spinoffs[View]
2750657Why are there foreigners browsing an American spinoff of a Japanese imageboard? Don't they hav…[View]
2751057This toad just had sex with your favorite Anime character.[View]
2749839Why are 95% of le ebin clown world pepe posts made by edgy teens with violent fantasies and delusion…[View]
2751491I'm 20 year old. My crush is 16. Is it ok if I approach her?: I asked the same question on Redd…[View]
2751382>They're at it again[View]
2751442Daily reminder: /qa/ is the customer support and complaint board[View]
2751206Delete /pol/.[View]
2751451What happened to the Risk of Rain generals on >>>/vg/? Did they get nuked or is the game ju…[View]
2751457Sometimes I feel quite ecstatic[View]
2748969Mods should rename /qa/ to 2D/Random and make it official. It's pretty much apparent what peopl…[View]
2751544Picture a number of men in chains, and all condemned to death; each day some are strangled in the si…[View]
2750949What do you see?[View]
2750862Alright, /qa/, humor me for a moment. In the time this thread is active, if you bump a meta thread, …[View]
2751255/r9k/ is a dying board: In the past year it has slowed down severely. Anyone else here notice this?…[View]
2751404/qa/ - watermelons[View]
2751276Do you ever pretend to believe in magic?[View]
2748600What is /qa/'s favorite way to quit the visual editor?[View]
2750117Back when I played animal crossing I discovered by accident that skirts and dresses weren't lim…[View]
2751380representation of average /qa/ poster's iq: do black peple realy exist? i was wundring cause i …[View]
2751399Do you have a frog folder?[View]
2751340how do i make poste??? lol@![View]
2751263Why won't the /tv/ jannies do their fucking job and clean this up?[View]
2751306delete /pol/[View]
2751299If demihumans were real, do you think it would be legal to own one?[View]
2751125Hey, >>>/qa/ , you like my tripcode?…[View]
2751241I just want to say take it easy[View]
2750668Do you know what anime and frogs have in common? Neither has prominent noses.[View]
2750512Why do anons always use male pronouns to refer to one another?[View]
2734247What is your favourite board?: And what are some lingo exclusive to your board?[View]
2742622what he heck are complex numbers anyways? its used in physics but you cant use them in an answer bec…[View]
2751095delete /pol/[View]
2751092I wish /a/ had a broader arena of discussion. I feel like too much stuff gets shunted to /c/ that co…[View]
2750997I hate the jannies.[View]
2735383Since this season seems to be pretty empty in terms of things to watch, have you taken this opportun…[View]
2750534>>2750503 you don't like her bubble pauldrons?[View]
2750996Am I retarded?: >Be me >Browsing /qa/ >Decide to go check /b/ >Since I'm too lazy t…[View]
2748984going to the store you homos want something?[View]
2750980*blocks your path* nice threads gaijin did you get them at walmart?[View]
2750798What does Sony have against beautiful girl thighs?[View]
2750970get rid of the kremlin shill janny from /int/ /int/ has plenty of anti-american and other anti-x-cou…[View]
2749655ITT your favorite Touhou characters and why you hate kikes. My favorite Touhou character is Patchoul…[View]
2742386Fuck frogs, trannies, and /jp/, this is the Wario board now.[View]
2750068Is 4Chan dead? This place has turned into a shithole, I think people make shitty stuff because they …[View]
2750919I have 2 questions Some background first- I have Tor browser already 1- How do i access the dark dar…[View]
2750916>It's a 'Rogue mod deletes video games he personally doesn't like' episode: …[View]
2750645>'lol, I'm not from [insert normalfag board/site]' >*posts reaction image from [insert no…[View]
2750843delete /pol/[View]
2749386VP9 webm support when?[View]
2750787when people suspect you're an incel >have sex when you confirm you're an incel >dila…[View]
2749546wordfilter have sex to watch hentai[View]
2749630Why haven't you taken the theocracy-pill yet?[View]
2748012>1.4 centuries welp[View]
2750681What are some questions?[View]
2750745I want to protect his smile.[View]
2748746Spooky/scary girls: girls that are scary but pretty in their own way[View]
2750676lol what's with this sperg[View]
2750727should the words based and redpilled be filtered?: what's r/qa stance on this?[View]
2750302Weabs セックスして[View]
2750596Is there a way to save high resolution images from deviantART when there's no download button o…[View]
2750071how does he get out without breaking the eggs?[View]
2750397it's been year since yuru camp finished airing: Have you kept your promise to Rin-chan and gone…[View]
2748705>frog posters will defend this[View]
2749405can we word filter 'have sex'?[View]
2750569Frogs/Wojak Inquiry: When can Frogs and Wojaks be contained to /pol/ and /r9k/ just like pastel hors…[View]
2748903Does /qa/ have a favourite statue?: Pic related is mine. >Laocoön and His Sons, created c. 180-16…[View]
27505604channel is exceptionally boring today. It's as if you aren't even trying to entertain me.[View]
2750268Delete discord.[View]
2750598hello, /qa/ I'm getting tired of being the way live my life. my negativity pulls down people wh…[View]
2749991the /qa/ weeb mafia discord tranny: word filter: delete /pol/ frog posting weeb mods and hiro and mo…[View]
2750604Do you take care of your hygiene /qa/? How often do you bathe? How often do brush your teeth? no I…[View]
2750600How can I use 4chanX to assign a thread theme for every thread in my Thread Watcher which plays when…[View]
2750053Why is Hiro absent?[View]
2750312todays breakfast is gummy worms ala bag, with a side of orange soda (canned)[View]
2750025delete /pol/[View]
2749967what do you guys want to talk about[View]
2750506Delete /pol/.[View]
2750325When will jannies of /v/ cleanse the board from smashniggers? Fucking tired of every fucking smash p…[View]
2750490Delete /jp/[View]
2749722What is THE 2hu game I should play if I want to l learn about the lore and girls' personalities…[View]
2749199Daily reminder: /qa/ is the customer support and complaint board[View]
2749692What are these things sometimes found in salad bars? I used to eat them when I went to chuckecheese …[View]
2749989>janny's deleting all the sneed posting again[View]
2749556Can mods read people's post history or not...[View]
2748222How is possible that this post have no number?[View]
2750399Does anyone know what this symbol/emblem means?: A friend of mine sent me a brooch with this print o…[View]
2749119why do americans (and brits) stigmatize going to walmart and generally cheap-stores so much? I keep …[View]
2750328cute smelly feet[View]
2745855Who are some of your main board's resident schizo's or otherwise recognizable horrible pos…[View]
2750225Please help me finding nice manga that has a bit of length btw this is Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai…[View]
2750303A thought about moderation and its effect on /qa/: I've been dwelling on this for some time now…[View]
2750125I keep on getting the 'captcha service not available' error like half the time I try to post, but yo…[View]
2750198When is dropping discord links allowed and not allowed? It seems arbitrary.[View]
2749775What's the weab's end goal?[View]
2749998Why does /jp/ have a rule that ALL images have to be jaypee related? There is literally not ONE othe…[View]
2750139Something... wonderful... is happening on /ck/ right now.: Their jannies do deserve to suffer tho 4 …[View]
2748779what would you do if you had her cards /qa/?[View]
2750097A friendly reminder[View]
2747869ITT: Guaranteed replies[View]
2749628Why does 4chan(nel) hates Ryona?[View]
2749409are people who participate in casual sex psychopaths? think about it they are doing the most intimat…[View]
2750050Defend this.[View]
2749603What do you see?[View]
2750057anyone super nervous right now? just in general. like something bad's going to happen and you c…[View]
2749929>puts the male g-spot inside the ass pssst.. nothing personnel kid[View]
2750047The /qa/ snack.[View]
2749157>Developed on /pol/ >Based in /pol/ culture >Spammed everywhere like the horses >Everyo…[View]
2749740What kind of people, do you think, a person who owns a minion phone case would consider stupid?[View]
2748559What about 4chan attracts kiddies in their late teens more? Pretty much any other imageboard has an …[View]
2747601Animemes thread: LOL[View]
2749932My boyfriend is white and I black(female), why are people so surprised that we are dating?[View]
2749310Why did pedo/lolicon jokes fall out of style?[View]
2750005can someone check this for me, i don't want to get a birus or redirected to a gay ad popup site[View]
2749365Which board would improve the most if its users finally had sex?[View]
2747750Did you know magnetic forces do no work? It's true, just read Griffith's 'Introduction to …[View]
2749856This site has nothing to offer anybody. There is no quality content here you cannot get more quickly…[View]
2749885Wow I didn't even post in it but ok.[View]
2748692Do you sleep in a good bed /qa/?[View]
2749430How do we fix this board: /tv/ has become /b/-lite and it's only getting worse. This board desp…[View]
2749786delete /pol/[View]
2748509the /qa/ selfie[View]
2748550Did you know that no one was ever racist or discussed politics on 4chan before moot made /pol/?[View]
2749614Can /vp/ have some actual fucking mods? Someone keeps posting black dicks all over the place and the…[View]
2747948How you organize your Internet arguments?[View]
2748895delete /pol/[View]
2749591Mental health isn't allowed on /fit/. Why?[View]
2749265We have all kinds of frogs on /qa/. This is me in my favorite hat.[View]
2749551>two ticke- I mean... erm, one ticket for john wick 3 please[View]
2749337What gets deleted faster? Borderline loli or furry?[View]
2749534>tfw not part of any discord tranny cabal so my threads always die with no replies…[View]
2748974Head spins, eyes red and filled with tears, arms and legs hurt, mind very foggy, but I must press on…[View]
2749384will weebs ever recover?[View]
2749381Good fookin christ Hiro, could you please block every free auto-updated proxy list from pages like h…[View]
2749392Who will you choose?[View]
2749390Delete /pol/.[View]
2748516when the hell does chest hair start growing? t. not underageb&[View]
2748834So my friend got a ridiculously long ban without doing anything wrong, and he asked me to make a thr…[View]
2749291Old internet - Pretended to be serious. Was really not serious about anything. New internet - Preten…[View]
2749125>>>/vp/38619951 i miss when people just called eachother cucks[View]
2746573Recommend Anime: Believe it or not, I'm just now actually getting into anime. Could I get some …[View]
2748639>tfw you insult a weeb's 'waifu' and he gets legitimately angry[View]
2748723Is there any way to get a janitor's contact info? Or at least their paypal? I came into a lot o…[View]
2748913I fucking farted on my doctor. It was long and wet. When he pulled his finger out, it was covered in…[View]
2748254the FUCK happened to this board????: it's ALL blacked, tranny and cuck shit now[View]
2749169Frog thread status: created[View]
2745448What's a discord tranny?[View]
2747902What's your favorite thing to lick?[View]
2748812nice board you got here[View]
2749146Can /vp/ have some actual fucking mods? Someone keeps posting black dicks all over the place and the…[View]
2747873you may pick one and only one[View]
2747702/qa/, this is of the utmost importance. I am the president of space and I am in desperate need of a …[View]
2749053>post fap >mind is clear >come up with a brilliant shitpost what is wrong with me…[View]
2749033>making some oatmeal before bed >get the cinnamon and brown sugar out of the cupboard while it…[View]
2748993>anime >an ime >an IME wtf did I just discover?…[View]
2748977delete /pol/[View]
2747755All hail our lord and savior, alcohol[View]
2748967Does anyone know why host for pictures changes from 1.4cdn to is.4chan? I browse at work and 4chan i…[View]
2748522Why is it that without fail /cgl/ are always such prudish bitches when it comes to the topic of disc…[View]
2748791I'm a Christcuck. I'm waiting to have sex until I meet the girl who I'll get married …[View]
2748941/qa/ - The Weebdom[View]
2748675Bring back /z/[View]
2745832What animal makes the most useful pet?[View]
2746277>why yes I do watch anime, how can you tell?[View]
2746615What can be done about the redditfags?[View]
2748871>My favorite anime of this season? It's gotta be Miru Tights.[View]
2744018Do you have any real life friends, /qa/?[View]
2748517delete /pol/[View]
2747751How does she do it? How can a mother look so young?[View]
2748643What do you do in your last days? (LOW money): What would you do if you knew you were going to die i…[View]
2748515Is it normal for one of your testicles to hang lower than the other one?[View]
2748722Why do we think of God as a separate unique entity and not as part of everything in the universe?[View]
2748134What would you do with X-ray vision?[View]
2748079Why is it that when I post risky things like trolling or lewds Im expecting to get banned but I dont…[View]
2748626Delete /o/[View]
2747788What will Tatsuki's next masterpiece be?[View]
2748130What would happen if I tried to cuddle a panda bear?[View]
2748489I buy swishers and backwoods to roll them with weed but sometimes i feel like i shouldn't be wa…[View]
2748670/film/ when?[View]
2748451Gun Background Checks: I read that somehow the checks know if you use drugs? How does the FBI have a…[View]
2748562How smug can you get?[View]
2747991She probably rarely showers and smells really bad.[View]
2748353What the 'hidden rules'? Like recommendation threads belong to wsr and not /a/? Most people who know…[View]
2748506Can I be totally banned? I do really need. It's a nice site with lots of nice people, but I h…[View]
2748251Reminder: /qa/ is the board for having fun with your friends![View]
27478241/0=9 And mathematicians thought this problem was hard.[View]
2747974i dont get it[View]
2748424Hey, /qa/, is it possible to be born with Tinnitus? I was just browsing /k/ and I saw a thread talki…[View]
2748138would saying 'there's a 50% chance I'm underaged and 50% chance I'm not underage…[View]
2747847What happened to Vaderposting?[View]
2748501/tv/ needs to be split but how? >/tv/ and /movies/ >/???/ and /???/…[View]
2748485I wonder if I could get something setup to watch the archives and notify me whenever a specific MD5 …[View]
2748469This is fucking ridiculous 85 (EIGHTY FIVE) threads up AT THE SAME TIME on /tv/ ALL about Game of Th…[View]
2748142Behold, the board with the worst moderation of all.[View]
2747748Ban porn from /b/. JUST DO IT[View]
2744088Why is Hidamari Sketch only popular on /a/? It's so hard to find English-speakers who are even …[View]
2748249delete /pol/[View]
2748253delete /pol/[View]
2748223Delete /pol/.[View]
2748218What recourse do you have when a retard deletes a thread that's 100% on the topic of the board …[View]
2748010>tfw sitting in a 15 cubic meter container office getting high on damp, stale air with a hint of …[View]
2745639delete /pol/[View]
2748054Why do the mods have such a hard time deleting the most obvious pornography on blue boards? I didn…[View]
2748085are you here to complain about /pol/?: you've come to the right place, just line up over there …[View]

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