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6170595六藝: Scholarly men of /his/, how many of the 6 classical arts have you mastered? >Rites (禮) >Mu…[View]
6172770simple facts: 1. setting aside (unfounded imho) dualism, consciousness ceases at death 2a. nearly ev…[View]
6173359>Apion to his father and lord Epimachos: Many good wishes! >First of all I hope you are in goo…[View]
6173023What?? Huh?? WHY??[View]
6173137redpill me on El Cid[View]
6173244>In the second account, he was watching a donkey eat some figs and cried out: 'Now give the donke…[View]
6167986Things protestants think are in the bible: >For you are Peter, and upon this rock I shall build s…[View]
6169991How would his republic have worked in practice?[View]
6171428Antifa were the bravest movements in 1920s .. to face the most dangerous governements at that time ,…[View]
6171056I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6173096who is the western equivalent of Miyamoto Musashi[View]
6173107History of shaving?: Any good academic sources about the history of human facial hair removal? Can b…[View]
6156878Why is Christianity so beautiful bros: I still don't understand how people can disagree with it…[View]
6172788What was the public opinion about same-sex marriage in 1940s-1950s?[View]
6172951Are human rights 'a good thing'?[View]
6172310What was the most individualistic society to ever exist?[View]
6172192So help me think here /his/. I can't decide which group of radicals is more damaging to history…[View]
6170189Could monotheism or something equivalent have developed from Roman and Germanic paganism as it did i…[View]
6172877alternate cold war: Why can't I find a lot of content on the theory of a NATO-Axis cold war? Le…[View]
6169522/his/ wall of shame[View]
6172991Why did he love facism so much[View]
6171436Turks are white/European Muslims[View]
6172816From the Chronicle of Dalimil, the earliest Czech document: >V srbském jazyku jest země >jiežt…[View]
6172935I heard one theory that the reason Zhuge Liang was so butthurt about Wei was because he was a former…[View]
6171647>dude just walk into the government with a firm handshake and ask for the entire state, worked fo…[View]
6172871>'man i wish arabs conquered europe and colonized it with berbera and arabs and created a mixed r…[View]
6172405Modernity is really starting to get to me bros.[View]
6172479Would WWII still happen if Hitler got accepted to his art school and scored some art hoe putang?[View]
6172666What is esotericism/gnosticism? Is it just a catch all term for all popularly-rejected knowledge in …[View]
6172712>stalin was an asiatic judeo-bolshevik who wanted to genocide the german peop- 'The foreign Press…[View]
6170624Was 'goodness,' as we understand it today (as in kindness, fairness), always the highest value? I ca…[View]
6172317Anyone actually properly looked into Islam?: Been looking into Islam and this religion makes a weird…[View]
6137269Massive Cock Presence: Big Dick Energy and Massive Cock Presence moments of history Pic related, se…[View]
6171902Why did the UK government defend the man who killed Aidan McAnespie, going even as far as providing …[View]
6136363Barbary Wars: Why did Algerians and Turks get BTFO so hard?[View]
6137093You're welcome.[View]
6170784Is it kino? Also what does /his/ think of Walter Isaacson in general?[View]
6171670Is prehistory worth reading about his? >Pic unrelated[View]
6172556Am I right in thinking pic related was the most important event in West Slavic history?[View]
6172406Why is his so eurocentric?[View]
6168288What is the most likely historical explanation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Did his followe…[View]
6171814Aborigines were Nordic aryans: >It shows ancient contact and gene flow between the ancestors of t…[View]
6171201Why does God want most people to never have the slightest inkling of who he actually is?[View]
6171461post all sorts of single edged swords[View]
6170298Is atheism a religious belief like theism is, or is it simply a lack of faith in god(s)? Note: I am…[View]
6172151Am I right in thinking pic related was the most important event in Western European history?[View]
6168749Would Benito be proud of her granddaughter? Do you like her song? I unironically do. https://www.you…[View]
6135848Why did medieval Europeans believe Muslims were polytheist?: Medieval Europeans believed Muslims wor…[View]
6171714How did President Lyndon Johnson reach the decision to more formally go to war in Vietnam in 1965 an…[View]
6167466Eerie and strange historical facts: 'they slew those appointed to the work—a dreadful pay for their …[View]
6170803Whats a good comprehensive history of the Holy Roman Empire? I've become very interested in it …[View]
6169570Britian and Ireland may have become LESS northern genetically due to Celtic migrations.: >Little …[View]
6170854>Christians can speak in Elizabethan English and talk unironically about rocking up to Jerusalem …[View]
6172341It is the natural conclusion and frankly the only honest conclusion one could derive from life. Life…[View]
6167883>got help from Hitler and Mussolini to win a civil war >years later, flirt with them to join W…[View]
6169357*fixes the Roman Empire*[View]
6171268>Ottoman empire >Turkish Why do retards say this?…[View]
6172259Why didn't Ceasar just build a wall around the senate like in Alesia ?[View]
6172255How can we be free of desire if the desire not to desire is a desire in itself?[View]
6171746>According to the Book of Invasions after being defeated by the Fomorians, the son of Fergus Reds…[View]
6171810Why is the Columbus lie still taught in schools? There's irrefutable evidence that vikings disc…[View]
6170117>woah, so this is Earth today if King Charles won the Civil War?[View]
6170951Name a more iconic duo.[View]
6172146Did he ever give any political or theological opinions? We know he came from a Lutheran background, …[View]
6168594Leaders that basically cleaned the mess their predecessors left them[View]
6172110>Home policy? I wage war! Foreign policy? I wage war![View]
6172106this kills the Empire[View]
6172099What do gommunists mean when they say there is no such thing as human nature? Are there not certain …[View]
6170022If Hitler had not invaded Russia in winter he could have won WW2[View]
6171761Please define what fascism actually stands for as an economic and political ideology. It's easy…[View]
6171241thoughts on this mad lad?[View]
6171269If cahokia was a civilization, why didn't it spawn empires and writing like mesoamericans or an…[View]
6170308There will never be another Leonardo da Vinci. Since the 19th century per capita progress in science…[View]
6171131What do people mean when imperialist powers “extracted all the resources” from their colonies?[View]
6166364https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrvhFA3hPWA Peterson vs Zizec. Thoughts?[View]
6171257Is it worth it? Any recommendations on the history of Christianity, you can narrow it down to Cathol…[View]
6171903post steppeniggers[View]
6171842itt: people who seemed really cool until you actually took time to read about them[View]
6141795Do Assyrians deserve our sympathy?[View]
6171351Grover Furr: why hasn't any historians debunked him yet?[View]
6171275How do Germany always master to be the dominant power in europe even after they got beaten and split…[View]
6171687What historical figure does he most resemble?[View]
6168925Feudalism: What was the best political organization ever and why was it feudalism? Nation-statistes …[View]
6166196When did you realize that Caesar was a filthy tyrant that needed to be assassinated?[View]
6170929what if the allies won WW2?[View]
6171621'On Saturday morning, my servant informed me that a French hussar stood near our ship. I looked out …[View]
6171560why did Germany declare war on the US after Pearl Harbour but Japan didn´t bother to do the same wit…[View]
6166880Tell me about The Troubles, who was in the wrong?[View]
6171597You know... WW2 in algeria...: Simplified WW2 in algeria: France : *comes* Algeria: *surrender and b…[View]
6171578Why people talk a lot about Germanic invasions of Rome but never talk about Roman invasions of Germa…[View]
6171541post huge swords[View]
6157458Italy 1920-1945 thread: Thread for discussing Italy during 1920-1945, specifically the kingdom of it…[View]
6166026Where do bulgarians come from and how did they managed to be such a problem to the byzantines?[View]
6136013Did Al-Andalus and the Balkans have a Golden Age under Islamic rule?[View]
6170294Why did Roman busts get worse over time?: Seriously? Like what the fuck happened? I googled this que…[View]
6166934Paintings: What is your favourite historical painting and why is it this one?[View]
6164455Why didn't shoguns try to declare themselves emperor like chinese warlords did?[View]
6166875Why are the Romans credited for defeating the Huns when it was mostly the Gremanic people who destro…[View]
6171178Sargon of akkad: Why do we know so little about him and his kingdom?[View]
6171286what was his ACTUAL powerlevel?[View]
6169688Did societies with capital punishment have less crime compared to societies that didn't?[View]
6169174>leave jordan peterson to me[View]
6171307What was their problem?[View]
6164541>study history >become a nationalist wtf /his/ this wasn't supposed to happen…[View]
6169883Was he based?[View]
6171034Post only the most kino political cartoons and propaganda[View]
6169071Roman Empire did not fall 476: After the successful coup Odoacer toppled Romolus Augustulus as an em…[View]
6170792After the Spanish Conquest the Spaniards respected and honoured Aztec nobility. Aztec nobility used …[View]
6169181Sorry r these refugees or identitarians[View]
6169774>All major religions are Asian religions. Why is European/African/Native American religion so fuc…[View]
6170210Why were French pre-dreadnought designs so funky?[View]
6169412Why did places like Naples, Westphalia and the Netherlands not rise in bloody rebellion when Napoleo…[View]
6170689some bunch of african tribes defeated the best european army in history with arrows and B.C arms ima…[View]
6161779Was churchill as bad as Hitler if not worse?: This article published today certainty suggests so. …[View]
6164276Would this have stabilized the empire and helped the Habsburgs consolidate their power?[View]
6169531>Very impressive invasion Hitler-kun, you made me use 50% of my power.[View]
6167192Why aren't they tougher on pedophiles?[View]
6166834How come there is no Asian equivalent of the EU?[View]
6165285Is this meme legit?[View]
6167092Is western civilization a hybrid between germanic and latin civilizations ?: Are the Franks the true…[View]
6170428Whats the meaning of this comic?[View]
6170805>French put better defenses at the Ardennes, don't send the 7th Army into the Netherlands …[View]
6169832feeling like pure shit just want her back[View]
6170760Henry Ford Dies in 1904 Car Crash: I’ll also post this over in /o/ just to see what they think of it…[View]
6170637How was it that propaganda used to be much more obvious and people fell for it more, whereas in rece…[View]
6170722>tfw no Yeomen gf[View]
6170646Why was there so little buzz among Christians after WW1 that the Holy Land was formally back under C…[View]
6170041Why did white people cause the Rwandan Genocide?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul0iwsMWKdM…[View]
6169495Which is best? Common Law or Napoleonic Law[View]
6169139Who were the first nations to properly form and establish? As in, national identity, sense of a peop…[View]
6170430All there any contemporary planned-economists? Academics who defend planned economies in public deba…[View]
6167720The Resurrection of Christ is a historical event Period.[View]
6168928Hello lads I have a presentation about the state of Burgundy (1400s to 1500s) as an assignment but c…[View]
6160389Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened[View]
6167932Would he have been able to save the British empire from collapsing?[View]
6170017Which historical figures and events made you realize that absolute monarchy is the greatest form of …[View]
6166422Were Sahelian armies cavalry heavy? What were their strategies?[View]
6169514I want it back, bros. I miss it so much.[View]
6167771Is it morally wrong to have sex with a potato?[View]
6166129>At 17, he was already visiting brothels in Forli, a fact omitted from his 1928 English language …[View]
6165397What can /his/ tell me about this ideology?[View]
6168020Why have the germans been expelled from so many countries?[View]
6170251>rates Heraclius above Aurelian Pshhh, nothin' personnel Romaboos[View]
6167923What would a war between the PRC and USSR have looked like?[View]
6170204I don't eat I don't sleep I do nothing But think of youuuuu[View]
6170055ITT the 'I'm not stuck in here with you' moments of history[View]
6158640How does Emperor Maximilian establish a lasting Mexican Empire?[View]
6169703Reasons for believing in God: Anon, why are/aren’t you an aethiest[View]
6169384Post war criminals[View]
6168843All medieval dynasties were founded by Nordic warriors who conquered and descendants continued to ru…[View]
6168555For me it's Marcus Antonius[View]
6167869Is it ethical to use human embryos and fetal tissue for biomedical research? IMO it is ethical becau…[View]
6168813How is the contemporary retelling of history, distorted due to contemporary political issues?: So we…[View]
6169838At what point does historical knowledge stop becoming useful for everyday life and start becoming si…[View]
6169682Any good history books about Western America?[View]
6169374Interesting criminology books? I found this one in the net. https://www.hrstud.unizg.hr/_download/re…[View]
6169655which historical impact did they have?[View]
6167191Can anyone debunk relativism? There is no truth, anon, only truths.[View]
6169661What were the consequences of both World wars for the european spirit?[View]
6167732>For several years I struggled to come to terms with this new knowledge. Often when I woke in the…[View]
6169631Why were the Soviets such cunts to their Chinese comrades? If they had not insisted on such extortio…[View]
6169446Were the Mongolians veritable pioneers in religious tolerance or is that just mongolophile nonsense …[View]
6169651When will people finally return to the original name and not the fake revised jjokbari version?[View]
6167623What are the metaphysics behind Paganism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJFtYaVhYNQ[View]
6169527/kondo/ general: Reaction is oriented towards order; creating order requires virtue; virtue is a hab…[View]
6168731*is the most evil man that ever lived*[View]
6169504Where does he rank among Roman emperors?[View]
6169427smartest woman in history?[View]
6169093How did Hannibal lose?[View]
6158433the trinity: >1 + 1 + 1 = 1 how does this make sense to christians? Obviously there are either th…[View]
6168229Why exactly did Rome fall? Is it true that constant war - loss of soldiers - replaced with Barbaria…[View]
6167324is the Hitler-Mannerheim recording real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8raDPASvq0 it's weird…[View]
6169132What was his fucking problem?[View]
6164834Why did pan somali nationalism failed: Why can't somalis get their shit together[View]
6169122Any of you gents teach history? I might be out of a job, because the university found the webcams I …[View]
6169120Any other /his/torians who study their own nations history? I'm currently working on writing a …[View]
6168737Egyptian global trade: My boyfriend is convinced that the ancient Egyptians had the maritime capabil…[View]
6168116>ywn get to slaughter red atheist filth in defense of dios y patria[View]
6167819lmao what a fucking pervert. this dude wasn't right in the head at all.[View]
6148476What's the most deadly combat role in history?[View]
6168112Redbull me on dispensationalism and C.I. Scofield: Was he right?[View]
6168705>study history >become nihilist Why did this have to happen, how can i break free from this!…[View]
6164892Why people keep believing Environmental determinism? Is just plain stupid and easily refutable.[View]
6132160Why is Nobunaga always seen as some sort of standard villain in Japanese culture?[View]
6166865>Around A.D 300, one Alexandros of Lykopolis wrote a treatise 'Against the Manicheans', which beg…[View]
6167339>Christians try to be good not because it's what normal humans do, but because they expect a…[View]
613203010th century Arap BTFO by Pagan Turk: >Turks do not clear of excrements and from urine, and do no…[View]
6154972His name was Jack Johnson. >Just a poor Afro American. >Learns how to box. >Gets quite good…[View]
6168511why isn't cinco de mayo talked about more? the poorer mexican army was able to beat and kick ou…[View]
6166697who was most correct, Jesus or Siddhārtha?[View]
6168221Nihilism unironically saved my life.: Ever since I realized how trivial life is and how it being des…[View]
6168664Soren Kierkegaard: An interesting individual, he was neither a theologian nor an apologist yet he em…[View]
6168614>be me >young faggotling in my rich grandad's house with mommy >daddy died in the midd…[View]
6167857How was their military conquest policy any different from other kingdoms or sultanates at the time? …[View]
6168435>bro just suffer for your entire life it's that simple you have to obey what fairy tale book…[View]
6164631If mild authoritarianism is so bad, then why was life in the Roman Empire so good compared to the mo…[View]
6168003Evil people who use white guilt to their own advantage.: He is Papa Doc.[View]
6168512Wow, and I thought Mers El Kébir was douchey. The Bristish have a history of this shit.[View]
6167679What can /his/ tell me about the Teutonic Knights? What were their major achievements and failures?[View]
6168423Sino-Vietnamese War: How did China fail so badly?[View]
6168410Russo-Japanese War Thread: Let us discuss the Russo-Japanese War: share photos, stories, facts, and …[View]
6165428I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6168126Cynings of the Anglo Saxons: http://bosworth.ff.cuni.cz/007147 In the Anglo Saxon system the king wa…[View]
6160901How historically accurate is it?[View]
6168230>Yes, I often come up with theoretical scenarios in which Germany wins World War II and share the…[View]
6166032Childhood is viewing Washington as a great man and an American hero Adolescents is realizing Washing…[View]
6168250Don't smile because it's over, cry because it happened[View]
6166867got an exam on ancient greek history i hadnt found time to study for previously tomorrow morning and…[View]
6165559Is gavelkind the most retarded thing ever ? What in the world made the germanic tribes think that th…[View]
6168136Books about Georgia, Armenia and/or Caucasus in general?: Has the Nart saga been translated yet? Is …[View]
6166673Who are some historical incels?[View]
6166985Could a horde of MONGOL BVLLS defeat Dirlegang?[View]
6167556Did the events in this series actually happen?: I'm not one to know much about Italian families…[View]
6167992He’s weak with multiplication, the part of basic math that involves the most rote memorization (see …[View]
6167911How did Nazi/Germans treat people with physical disabilities: Did the Nazis provide social programs …[View]
6166565Why didn't Mexico use their chemical weapons in the war against America?[View]
6167748He overrules his generals and completely rewrites Barbarossa FROM THE START to focus entirely on tak…[View]
6164831Why are berbers so blonde compared to surrounding populations? Something like 10%[View]
6167754Why was he such a nigger[View]
6166195How is it possible for an imperial state to be so shit that 90% of former subjects outright hate it …[View]
6166250how much of a demographic impact did this guy have in the middle eastern? he massacred millions and …[View]
6167016T.E Lawrence: Enlighten me about this man, /his/. He seems to be a fairly fascinating individual acc…[View]
6167455Was urban renewal necessary to save cities in the 1950s and 1960s? Could anything else have been don…[View]
6167671Is it true that only confession can purge sin?: What about willpower? If one stops sinning through b…[View]
6163459My enemies are many My talents are none[View]
6159408Celts in Galicia, Spain: What does /his/ know about Celts in Galicia? All I know is they left a bunc…[View]
6166786Ancient egypt is propably the most overrated ancient civilization ever. >no great philosophy or …[View]
6167388> Liberal: Technological advancement has always enhanced the cause of human liberty! > Cotton …[View]
6130121Chinese and Malay eunuchs castrated in Vietnam: The Lê dynasty of Vietnam had Chinese and Malay eunu…[View]
6129743This man was legit a White King in Malaysia, beloved by his people.: Why have you never heard of Jam…[View]
6131144Were the Japanese internment camps justified?[View]
6159714If you were born into a prominent Patrician family in the late Roman Republic, what would you do to …[View]
6166720Nothing exists.: It just came to me. A notion hit me like a sledgehammer. Everything that we take fo…[View]
6165965Honestly? How does Germany still exist today after their crimes?[View]
6167052New information about origins of the IE Study claims a near east origin Thoughts?[View]
6156037/His/ Meme Dump: Post history memes. Bonus points if you poached them from here.[View]
6166735Quick rundown on Napoleonic nobility? How did it differ from traditional European nobles?[View]
6166197Why didn’t the Muslims have a counter reconquista?[View]
6162434American History: Why is American History so biased towards the left? Isn't history supposed to…[View]
6164721I drive (the Jews into the sea)[View]
6166569Why was Stalin such a dumbass?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysenkoism[View]
6166903Why does everything (well, Europeans and Americans at least) suck the (tiny) dicks of Ancient Gayree…[View]
6166994How do you think he'd feel about the current state of India?[View]
6165286why they portrayed his skin as dark and not white ? how they did know ?[View]
6166354are germans genetically related to the huns: out of curiosity?[View]
6163072Ancient egyptians werent white or black: They were brown , in fact africans admixture only came much…[View]
6163138Why was WW2 so tame compare to WW1[View]
6166847How is anyone supposed to keep all the names straight when reading about or listening to lectures on…[View]
6165607Movie in babylonian: What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxYoFlnJLoE https://www…[View]
6166835Red and Brown vs Blue: Is it true that European Fascist in the 1980s were hoping that reforms of the…[View]
6161961What's your favourite historical house styles? I love Balinese house style with a wall surround…[View]
6164366Tell me the history of northern Cyprus[View]
6166494How the FUCK did they develop nuclear weapons AND test them without a single intelligence agency fin…[View]
6166770What are some cool quips of history? >According to Snorri Sturluson, before the battle a single …[View]
6166680>ywn lead your own social engineering program[View]
6166707>There were strong suspicions that Jones' murder was engineered by the Soviet NKVD, as reven…[View]
6166728Huns and Avars: Which was better the Hunnic or the Avar Empire?[View]
6166669UN during the Cold War: /k/ here, just watched some documentaries on Katanga and I don’t understand …[View]
6166631Why does he always look so smug?[View]
6164152Does Russia(Muscovy) have anything to do with Kyivan Rus'?[View]
6166183nietzche or schopenhauer?[View]
6164406Hypothetical question, /his How would Czechoslovak Army faired against the Wehrmacht if the Munich A…[View]
6157161King Leopold II was kind of a dick: When you colonized the Congo, killed 10 million people, enslave …[View]
6163538Why America lets left 'ideas' infiltrated deeply into its academy and universities through 60s to 90…[View]
6166525is McDonald's the land of philosopher-kings that plato described?[View]
6154637Çengiz Han was Türk[View]
6166474So why people bitch so much about Luther, when it was Zwingli, Bullinger and later Calvin who founde…[View]
6166204Plebian: Internationalist Every country should erase their own culture and merge into one world gove…[View]
6163682kfc manager: kfc manager[View]
6165929>Mussolini denounced the Catholic Church for 'its authoritarianism and refusal to allow freedom o…[View]
6166077Given that the nature of entering a contract is for both parties to uphold their end of the bargain …[View]
6164420Why jews claimed their lineage through maternal branch?[View]
6164371How does /his/ explain this historical event?[View]
6165934He was honestly super overrated: For one thing, he tried to invade Russia during the winter like a d…[View]
6164375Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time: >Feb 15, 2019 >The government approv…[View]
6163770>reads up on philosophical literature to prove the christian god >ends up leading to some sort…[View]
6160235If everyone drank beer during the middle ages as to avoid dirty water, how come more children weren…[View]
6163760>Jesus and Budda were both enlightened beings in the same way >Greco/Semite interpretation of …[View]
6165324Why were the Celts so much cooler than Germanics and the Slavic tribes? General Celts thread[View]
6165645And here we can see Battle of Vienna.[View]
6164632/kondo/ general: Reaction is oriented towards order; creating order requires virtue; virtue is a hab…[View]
6164873Basically rape.[View]
6165765the human history is a trip.: https://youtu.be/FlIzR_3yeww isn't it? hello guys. If you are tra…[View]
6161248I'm reading Sowell's basic economics and he says there are many African countries that use…[View]
6165476Damn he didn't deserve a death like that[View]
6165614What is the name for the artstyle that, while depicting real scenes more or less, photorealistically…[View]
6161374Christian Byzantines helped Arabs Islamify Iran: The Christian Byzantines betrayed Iran after the in…[View]
6165107Is it true that Turks piss in their pants when they hear the name LAWRENCE OF ARABIA ?[View]
6165588Podcasts: Have you ever started or taken part in a Historical Podcast? Do you listen to any? What do…[View]
6165039Chart Thread: Is there a chart out there for WW2?[View]
6164920WW2 Germany was a racist stat... Oh sheeit[View]
6164941Is /his/ interested in film history? What are your favourite classics from the 20th Century?[View]
6164891This will finally destroy anti-nordicists: >Not all of the burials had preserved head and body ha…[View]
6165387Why did they kill 6 million Jews?[View]
6164344Was the genocide of Turks living in Greece by revolutianaries justified or was it like annudah shoah…[View]
6164536304 BC: How accurate are these religion descriptions for 304 BC /his/: weren't druid hermits? c…[View]
6164878What are the most interesting Indian empires?: Mention both Dharmic and Islamic.[View]
6163705How'd it collapse so fast[View]
6164313Were Greeks Christianized Turks?[View]
6163581Joseph Smith: So was he just a scam artist cult leader or did he legitimately believe in what he was…[View]
6162571>As the years progressed, Amin's behaviour became more erratic, unpredictable, and outspoken…[View]
6162785Could Alexander have conquered Gaul?[View]
6163286What was it like to be a pilot during something like the Battle of Midway? To see the core of the US…[View]
6164794Is the human being divine?[View]
6161229/his/ opinion on this[View]
6164724Would he have gone down as a lackluster king without Bismarck's help?[View]
6159495Who is the most evil white man in history?[View]
6163264ITT: Historical accuracy[View]
6164041How much of an impact the did the Turks have on Greek genetics, culture, customs, traditions, etc?[View]
6164970Was it love or the highest form of gold diggery ever seen until that time?[View]
6164986Historic Greentexts: >Be me >Be Major General George Pickett >Be commanding at the largest …[View]
6164688Which nation will lead the next islamic caliphate revival?: Turkey Saudi Arabia Iran Pakistan Indone…[View]
6164890>causes nazis to piss their pants[View]
6160118The absolute madman did it, the Ultimate 2019 Ethno-Racial Map of the World : https://www.youtube.co…[View]
6164435What made the steppe people so formidable? They made gigantic superpowers of empires all throughout …[View]
6164096On Ancien Greek clothing: Did these guys actually walk around like this all the time or are these de…[View]
6164363>History >>6164344 >>6164313 >>6164041 >>6160901 >>6164077 >>…[View]
6164677Who was in the wrong here?[View]
6163261Could somebody explain what the fuck was going on regarding Marc Detroux in Belgium in the 90s? I ju…[View]
6162976What is the purpose of philosophy? How the hell does determining the meaning of meaning, or whatever…[View]
6161005Who was the historically most relevant blonde?[View]
6163972Why did Panarabism fail?[View]
6126560Alfonso de Albuquerque: Tell me about this guy. How did he earn the name “the Portuguese Mars”?…[View]
6127617At what point did mountainniggers stop being a threat to civilization?[View]
6164499Why would the Germanics always ally with the Huns ?: Are the Germans truly the Huns in disguise ? T…[View]
6164365Okay, /his/ - here's my general impression of how ancient South Asian genetics developed, based…[View]
6164425Did people who lived next to volcanows in ancient times know thet were dangerous? In many places, th…[View]
6162433Hey guys, can we talk about the Paleolithic in Central Asia? I've been browsing papers about fi…[View]
6158952In the 1930s, you had Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia, Mussolini in Italy and Hirohito in Japan.…[View]
6164351Natural life is not a controlled process, egro it is inherently unequal Thus all existing life must …[View]
6163996Its said that forming group biases, tribalism, and me good they bad is natural right? Why is it seen…[View]
6163881What gave precious metals value over paper rectangles?[View]
6160615Why did Southern Italy enthusiastically support unification when once they were unified they got scr…[View]
6163855>'' William Harvey (1578-1657), the english physician who discovered the principles of the circul…[View]
6161656Was this the political entity with the highest geopolitical potential in history? >Control the tw…[View]
6164195There is a US history and civics test for people to get naturalized as citizens. I always heard that…[View]
6162160Why America didn't topple Saddam during the Desert Storm? And why it later changed its mind?[View]
6161023Why did the Crusaders do it?[View]
6164171*wipes out Europe's population*[View]
6161577Wtf was his problem?[View]
6160938Germanics/ Germans control the world - The Teutonic Conspiracy: > <<<Trump>>> …[View]
6162865Is being a third worlder comparable to peasants in the middle ages social status wise?[View]
6159923Do men have more individuality and creativity than women? Is this along with the sexual repression o…[View]
6159460Why isn't Scipio talked about in regards to be the greatest of all time, like Hannibal is? Not …[View]
6163824are american prisons homosexual torture dungeons?: Video cameras are now a few dollars and can netwo…[View]
6164100If plants are living beings why are there no plants rights activists? Prolifers always say it's…[View]
6161662Oversimplification is bullshit: The Vatican as a whole did not help Nazi war criminals escape! Clerg…[View]
6161621Anything interesting happen here except, good art, getting ruled by the Spanish and dude weed lmao?[View]
6164001>wielding immense legal power through using odd words C h a d[View]
6161690The world could end any day: You know what scares me? The financial crisis of 2008. The world could…[View]
6160738Should Chris Chan be seriously studied in the future by psychology/psychiatry? How would Freud, if h…[View]
6163431What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?[View]
6163844What did he mean by this?: I want to hear your interpretation.[View]
6163410What would Dirlewanger Brigade do to her?[View]
6163265Is there any truth to this? The page doesn’t expand on it[View]
6163665What's the name of the military march at the end of every Lindybeige video? Serious answers onl…[View]
6162505Why does he look so weird?: He looks like a Sicilian. Was he ever bullied for his looks?[View]
6161371How long did it take for general populace of European pagans to embrace christianity after the rulin…[View]
6163628How far left were the Nazis?[View]
6160997What are the objective mistakes in Marx's critique of capitalism?[View]
6162862What were some legit autistic people in history? 'He was illiterate and showed no interest in his st…[View]
6163696The New Library of Alexandria: https://youtu.be/3d9XQx8iLw4 It's like a dream come true. Will y…[View]
6163251did a black woman invent mathematics?: Seshat https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=304845 George Carr talk…[View]
6163137>'To have faith is precisely to lose one's mind so as to win God' Was he a genius or was he …[View]
6163429jews act exactly like nordicist claiming every advancement is done by them: and bumping to infinitum…[View]
6162890Was bomber harris based?[View]
6160762Is the altaic language family a thing or not?: Why are korea and japan only semi-marked??[View]
6160411CSA Nationalism: I have quite a few confederate officers in my family (from Tennessee) but I cannot …[View]
6163383We literally can’t create a scientific version of phrenology with the wealth of skull information pr…[View]
6163154You know how old people traditionally held powerful positions of wisdom and spirituality? Like the P…[View]
6162891Imagine, if you will, an alternate world where Zoroastrianism became the dominant religion in MENA i…[View]
6161757How exactly did military logistics work prior to the 19th century? Nowadays I get it, trains and the…[View]
6161561Rudolf Hess: What exactly did he do to get locked up for life?[View]
6163174What did he mean by this?: We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few peop…[View]
6163151>causes nazis to piss themselves[View]
6158165What are some things that were once considered valuable historically and/or culturally but have sinc…[View]
6162647British Empire: Be British Empire Spread enlightenment to the globe Civilize and develop African and…[View]
6162922do animals have souls?[View]
6162962Its just a good. Solid. Tank (T-34 model 1943)[View]
6162280Native Americans: Hello /his/ I've been taking a class on the American Frontier and I thought …[View]
6158979Why do Europeans look so different to white Americans?: Europeans just seem to have more character a…[View]
6157055does anyone actually watch this stuttering mongoloid's videos?[View]
616280915th century French erotic stories: from a book called Cent Nouvelle Nouvelles which recorded the st…[View]
6162756Historically, why have Europeans been so fascinated with the exotic?[View]
6162700What if the 1990s peace process worked?: What if Israel and Syria signed a peace treaty thus normali…[View]
6153345Why was New York City so violent from the 1960s-1980s? What made urban blight so much more pronounc…[View]
6159833How did Hezbollah defeated Israel ?: One of the most modernize and powerful army on earth lose a war…[View]
6160852The eternal Anglo.Is this true?: The total is somewhere around 900 mil.[View]
6162672Wii/DS werid shit thread: What shit on the clam shell and grandma's first console you remember …[View]
6162645Is there any organization more important for History than the Church?: It was responsible for freein…[View]
6159060>reinstates absolute monarchy and reconciles with the Catholic Church How can one man be so based…[View]
6161906There are 3 things this board is obsessed with. And that's borders, cucking and memes. No, you …[View]
6162608Tell me about PRG Grenada[View]
6162604I know they were overhyped and stormtards made mocking them cool, but really, they were pretty fucki…[View]
6162347The Spanish-American war was justified[View]
6159709>Jewish man sincretises some ideas already floating around, creates a revolution in thought >h…[View]
6161274Why do the Japanese like McArthur so much, besides being really cool looking what did he do to gain …[View]
6159639How did equestrianism turn from the most manly thing possible into something dominated by roasties a…[View]
6161938Legal Plunder: How is taxation is not theft?[View]
6124495Why did Southern Han fail to reunite China and was defeated by the Song?: Why did Southern Han fail …[View]
6123932Was there much rape during the Vietnam War[View]
6160306>'I would like to express my candid opinion about Stalin's views on whether the Red Army and…[View]
6158576So who was Jack the Ripper?[View]
6162310Why did he destroy Thebes?[View]
6162333Watch: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oGl-iePQGWk[View]
6162225If Muslims take the New Testament as part of their canon, how can they possibly reconcile that with …[View]
6160839How do I raise my daughter into someone like pic released?[View]
6161361Why were they so obsessed with expanding into Asia, if their goal was to 'unite all Rus''? Did …[View]
6157225Most retarded thing you've seen on /his/: For me it's either >Roosevelt was a Communis…[View]
6160953How would he be remembered today, if he hadn't allied with Hitler in WW2? Like Franco/Salazar, …[View]
6159021Swedish '''Empire''': >innocent Poles YEAH KILLEM >innocent Germans YEAH KILLEM >innocent R…[View]
6159373How did the 'Women were more powerful and respected under paganism' meme start?[View]
6162019the social contract is theft: prove me wrong[View]
6161040Anything interesting happen here besides being Spain and France's bitch?[View]
6161817Could the WarPac have knocked NATO out of Europe?[View]
6161394Where along the way did they go wrong to the point of no return. Was it just because colonialism/imp…[View]
6160568Mexican-American War: What went right[View]
6161850Just found out about this guy: Was he retarded or something?[View]
6161646>August the strong >Cousin to Karl XII of Sweden >Takes over John III Sobieski who tried to…[View]
6161392Insane Dictators/Rulers: Jean-Bédel Bokassa >decorated war hero of the free french forces >sel…[View]
6160626I want to convert to Judaism!: I have opportunity and a desire to ascend to the realm of god's …[View]
6161539Why do Nobel winners often stop giving a shit what people think of them? Kary Mullis, James Watson, …[View]
6160669What does /his/ think of this book? I like to read it. It inspires me to self-improvement and become…[View]
6159636What is alchemy about? inb4 /x/ On /x/ they just make shit up. I'm asking here as the subjects…[View]
6160886What are they hiding here ?[View]
6161536Book suggestions: I need a nonfiction-non-novel book for my western civ class. It needs to be about …[View]
6160453He killed millions[View]
6159778Why do anti nordicists propagate the lie that nordics can't cope with the Mediterranean sun. No…[View]
6159756History vs Bible: Why is there no historical records from what is said in the bible? for instance, i…[View]
6152011What even was the bronze age lmao[View]
6161341James R. Wasson and Douglas R. Cassel - Imperial Japanese Commanders: I want to inform those who hav…[View]
6155103Stalingrad: >Fighting house to house/room to room with k98 >Only certain teams are outfitted w…[View]
6160897Was it the truly the biggest empire in terms of population, economy, and land mass?[View]
6161107Besides...wait this guy literally did nothing wrong![View]
6159472Who is the true heir to the Mongol Empire? According to Wikipedia, Alim Khan was the last descended …[View]
6160440Anyone expert on Greek mythos?: I need to make a speech as a greek character (Crito) that tries to p…[View]
6161134This is kind of weird question, /his/, but here goes. I need some literature concerning the role an…[View]
6161118Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba will return and they will make whites pay for their sins.[View]
6157774I maintain that this man was responsible for the complete loss of American air parity in the Philipp…[View]
6158734Whites and Asians can't into religion.: Ever notice how all of the world's top religions c…[View]
6160260The goths: What does /his/ thinks about the principality of Theodoro and the goths of Crimea?[View]
6159716Why those countries still use the cross flag when they are the less-christian countries in the world…[View]
6158524Was he framed for the serial murdering of children?[View]
6159358There's no way any of you Christcuck LARPers would actually wait until marriage to have sex if …[View]
6160588can someone redpill me on Franklin D. Roosevelt term limit extension? he was into his 4th term, is i…[View]
6150940ITT: Your primary ethnic makeup and favorite areas of history. German / Irish, HRE and Kaiserreich h…[View]
6156865was he the most chad Roman emperor?[View]
6157381How was history distorted to minimize the Greco-Roman heritage of Palestinians? It's sick seein…[View]
6158002Who would win in a direct battle between Caesar and Alexander?[View]
6160294English Difficultly: Good day, chaps. I've been tossing around the idea of trying to come up wi…[View]
6159946On the 1918-1919 German Revolution: Did it have any chance of succeeding at bringing Communism to Ge…[View]
6159975Most of /his/, believe that the American Civil War was a historically more significant event which h…[View]
6159071So /his/, who was the most evil person to ever live before the twentieth century?[View]
6156934This thread is dedicated to the biggest guys in history.[View]
6157277Hitler is technology: Hitler is technology. Why was Germany so much more technically advanced than o…[View]
6159114>Can't understand that capitalism being bad doesn't prove that socialism is good or bet…[View]
6159746Who's your favorite Christian in history?[View]
6160437Is Turkey just a Muslim Byzantium?[View]
6159136What is the most horrifying method of torture in history? Pic not related.[View]
6155245ALL EMBRACE ME![View]
6160178What are some key differences between the 'command economies' of ancient empires, and planned econom…[View]
6159582Do you think fedoras genuinely don't believe in God or are they just rebeling against their par…[View]
6157318Who are gypsies and where do they come from?[View]
6160087monarcho-communism doesn't wo--[View]
6157780ITT: Good men who made terrible mistakes[View]
6160070> The Renaissance n-never happened! > Japan only capitulated because of the Soviets Why is he …[View]
6160215https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jo%C3%A3o_Fernandes_Lavrador Why didn't Portuguese colonize Lab…[View]
6159776Is it true a Hungarian shepard once became king of Prussia?: according to this Hungarian folk tale, …[View]
6158827Life in the middle ages: Sometimes, I wonder if the harshness of life in the middle ages is a bit ex…[View]
6158410Why is it so hard to write a good female character?[View]
6159181How did the Jews do it? This has to be the most spectacular military victory in modern history.[View]
6155341What was West Germany politics like?[View]
6160082Is it true that he never gave a shit about communism and instead was an autistic /his/fag? He taught…[View]
6160040Did he out-jew the jews?[View]
6159567'At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses[b] and was about to kill him. 25 But Zipporah too…[View]
6157473How does China keep control of so much people and land?[View]
6159866Why were the central powers unable to exploit the resources of the newly founded countries in easter…[View]
6157563What did Caesar do to earn his first Triumph which he turned down?[View]
6157881What are some lesser-known weird historical incidents?: Take for example when a bunch of angry towns…[View]
6157487Hello /his/, few questions: 1. I understand the ideological underpinnings of lebensraum preceded the…[View]
6158690When I perceive a slice of pizza I am struck only with ideas of a pizza-like fashion. For instance, …[View]
6159396Name a bigger thot.[View]
6154415Is Third World immigration into Western countries a direct consequence of the Nazis losing WW2?[View]
6158788>btfo by Lysimachus >btfo by Rome >btfo by Carthage >btfo by Sparta Ah yes, truly deserv…[View]
6120658How come they speak an Indo-European language?[View]
6154746Why did the 14-16th century AD have the most aesthetic clothing? E.g. Great Ming, Byzantine era Roma…[View]
6157093are white americans the most similar looking to ancient romans ?: Think about it , white americans a…[View]
6156693>tfw Shitler ruined Fascism It's not fair bros. Oswald and Mussolini didn't have any of…[View]
6152108After thousands of years Greeks are still the most red pilled Europeans.[View]
6159429>causes nazis to piss themselves[View]
6159045Who is in the wrong here?[View]
6159507Bolshie Ethos: 1 Man, 1 Problem 0 Man, 0 Problem[View]
6158265>hitler knocks out france >do nothing >hitler almost knocks out GB >send them some blank…[View]
6159445>reading about anglo bomber command >some gunners bodies were so badly minced and mangled they…[View]
6153354The ancient Macedonians were a distinct European people, conscious and proud of their nationality, t…[View]
6159428oy earthling remember the 22 trillion of crap people butchered[View]
6158798/his/ mom: Hey guys my mom got recently interested in /his/tory and asked me to give her something t…[View]
6158628How did all the people in history come to peace with their own mediocrity? All the great generals, g…[View]
6159032Would Sweden have become the main player in Scandinavia if it didnt have a huge extension in Finland…[View]
6159107why do we have human right? was it written in the fabric of spacetime? no exactly so fuck off[View]
6159005Do you think Caesar always intended to seize power in Rome, or was his hand forced when he knew he’d…[View]
6157555In Confucianism, if your parent died, you would have to remain abstinent and mourn their death for t…[View]
6159135What non-HEP physics field should I specialize in?: I gave up on HEP. It's too competitive and …[View]
6158378What was his name again?[View]
6158972How many times in history were the opressed minorities unambiguously victorious? How many times in h…[View]
6153117Why were the Irish treated so poorly in the US for such a long while?[View]
6159011Do you know people that speak Occitan ? Is there Occitan yellow vest against French government ??[View]
6159017JUST moments in history: >be henry v, king of england >born in the era of the hundred years…[View]
6155558Japs find the burger carriers first, send out their famous full-deck strikes, two against Enterprise…[View]
6154519Who are some underrated Romanians?[View]
6158656Why is Marx buried in London?[View]
6153561How were Yugoslav partisans so successful, while they fought Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Bulgaria…[View]
6157679Instead of asking how Hitler could've won WW2, why don't we ask how Tojo could've won…[View]
6158280Why have Muslims been unable to get their shit together for the past 300 years?[View]
6158868Seeing this thread >>6156353 , I now understand that this board has no clue about history what…[View]
6157049>Brutally massacres and gulags every anarchist and Bakuninfag in the entire country Heh. Nothing …[View]
6158840Could Greece have taken over Italy after Italy tried to invade Greece if the Germans wouldn't c…[View]
6158782This civilisation is finished: Someone should make a doomsday countdown when humanity is finished T…[View]
6158783ontological argument: do you believe Anselms argument? if not what counter do you have for it?…[View]
6156869Historically, what has happened here? Why has this sea been so irrelevant to Eurasian history compar…[View]
6157810What era had the best aesthetics?[View]
6158619Jewish confederates: How much influence did the Jews have in the confederacy[View]
6157514>be early Christian >worship Jesus >remember you’re only supposed to worship God >okay…[View]
6158063He summons you.: 'Hello anon I've heard you have been withholding strong criticisms of my leade…[View]
6154658Nile civiliaztions: In honor of black history month. Has the nile been the most influential river in…[View]
6148688Who would win in a fight?[View]
6158266Do you believe in an afterlife?[View]
6158515'The Hebrew race are my most inveterate enemies at home and abroad; they remain what they are and al…[View]
6157685huh, the fuck this about?[View]
6156810The myth of the Islamic Golden Age in Science: I think most here can agree there were indeed develop…[View]
6157877& humanities: ok so in the video where chris chan wins the contest for sonic giveaway. you can c…[View]
6157222China: Hey guys, armature history buff here. I wanna know more about ancient China. It always fascin…[View]
6154832Book thread: What are you reading /his/? Pic related.[View]
6155578Is a history degree worth it?[View]
6156545Considering that god is meant to be omnipotent, why did he create Satan?[View]
6155033Will history repeat itself?[View]
6158007Role of Women in the Development of Christianity: Women seem to have an impressive role in the devel…[View]
6156686Does anyone know if capitalism has an equal symbol of communism? If yes, do you have a walkpaper?[View]
6158052The Fall of the Republic: So let me see if I got this right - Rome was had a strong view on agrarian…[View]
6157794Why is judaism a matrilineal religion? What are its benefits?[View]
6157371Besides enslaving negroes, forcing them to work in mines under terrible conditions and chopping off …[View]
6154454>literally surrenders rule of his country voluntarily to his wife's bull Name a bigger cuck.…[View]
6158087Can someone please explain to me Russell's irrational hatred of Leibniz? You would think one of…[View]
6157576>tfw no Vedic gf who fucks horses[View]
6157726What are some other lesser-known historical atrocities? I've known about Unit 731 for a several…[View]
6156856you wake up in belle epoque Sarajevo[View]
6157931Who is your favorite late Roman Republic character?[View]
6156893I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6157951Are muttniks just as bad as tankies and Nazis in denying/covering up/sugarcoating their crimes?[View]
6157248Churchill? Here are reasons why he was the worst person ever! Hitler? Ehhh... he wasn't that ba…[View]
6157844what the fuck was his problem?[View]
6154970Communist can't make flags for shit: Why do communist and many socialist put complicated emblem…[View]

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