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/his/ - History & Humanities

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7119941Did the Persians (or Iranians at large) have any major contributions or achievements pre-Islamic con…[View]
7119036Why would Paul say the authorities are divinely appointed by God and are just when Christians were a…[View]
7115277Why were pagans so much more intolerant against paganism than Christians? Plato wanted to ban Homer …[View]
7120176In my country (Finland), the traditional school of philosophy is analytic and lots of professors see…[View]
7119577What if the French won the Battle of Aboukir Bay? How much would this shift the timeline? Would Napo…[View]
7113974THE MOORS: Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical…[View]
7111667So the Balearic islands with all its people gets transported to the same geographic place and replac…[View]
7118346From a historical perspective, have caste systems been shown to be more stable and effective than sy…[View]
7117706Why are we so subhuman, bros?[View]
7116693Was Augustus right? Is not having children a crime worse than murder?[View]
7118166Why does Germany allow these abominations to exist? Ein Volk, Ein Reich![View]
7119314crassus: crassus[View]
7118264why is a child slave the most expensive kind of slave you can get[View]
7120013Is there any period and place with superior aesthethics than the West during the late 1800s and earl…[View]
7119715Can we get a thread on the U.S. military before the Great War? Post anything photos, artifacts, etc.…[View]
711820649ER'S THREAD: There's the original 1800's gold rush miner, and then the much later 1…[View]
7116458Germany and Japan should get punished more for their atrocities Instead we are seeing rise of new fa…[View]
7117101I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7118210Why does this board have so many autistic anti-Africa threads?[View]
7118319Barbershop Quartet: They have such nice harmony, can anyone post some good old recordings? https://y…[View]
7116235Did it ever really end?[View]
7117753Herodotus: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/mar/17/nile-shipwreck-herodotus-archaeologists-t…[View]
7117534Democracy without capitalism: Can you have a true Democratic or Republican form of government withou…[View]
7118941Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan for being 'fake 90s kids', the B…[View]
7110065Why do whites think they descend from Romans? Are they ashamed to acknowledge their backwards, Germa…[View]
7102148Why were Christian Norsemen so much more impressive than pagan ones?: >Leif Erikson >Harald Ha…[View]
7118225How and when did North African/Iberian women get to Sweden?[View]
7119491is there any cases of autistic people having power history and how they fucked up[View]
7119475ITT: Historical figures who certainly had austism[View]
7115709What makes the Celts such a compelling people?[View]
7114095Why were the British so navally dominate for so long?[View]
7118571Christians and Muslims are Stalking the Messiah, Jesus Muhammad Christ. (a confederate). Evangelists…[View]
7119413Have any of you read this? What are your thoughts?[View]
7109434Did Hitler have Asperger's syndrome? His personality and worldview seem to fit.[View]
7116785Was he peer pressured into his job? I hear he was a sensitive guy[View]
71188962100 AD: Screenshot this.[View]
7119323Can Moroccans still trace their lineage to their Teutonic ancestors?[View]
7116191How come a lot of culture thought of the eclipse as a monster eating the moon/sun?[View]
7118646>tfw you will never love you country as much as an Athenian citizen who literally buys his own ar…[View]
7119257Was the Krag Jorgensen rifle ever used in the Vietnam war?[View]
7119190What the FUCK was their problem?[View]
7118848I am gonna read 12 thousand page history books within a year(one a month) in an attempt to increase …[View]
7114549Was his paranoia justified?[View]
7118168Did North Korea have any real opportunities to invade the South after 1953 or did they lose their on…[View]
7116135name a bigger shit show[View]
7119027Did they deserve it?[View]
7106211Are gingers the most genocidal of all peoples?: Suleiman, Genghis, the Cordoban caliphs etc. What is…[View]
7118819what is your favorite school of swordsmanship?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4GoQlvc_H3s…[View]
7114675Best founding father, prove me wrong.[View]
7117459This statement is false.[View]
7118284Daily reminder that Socrates never existed and Plato just invented him to give the impression of sol…[View]
7113300You are placed naked in the center of Rome, 0 A.D. How do the inhabitants view you? Which group woul…[View]
7114631Why were English longbowmen so overpowered?[View]
7111601Which language would you learn?: French or German? Pic related[View]
7116588Was he right?[View]
7117833Was it autism?: >As a Bulgarian entry into the war on the side of the Central Powers loomed, the …[View]
7118439What are the best available books to learn about Germanic paganism and particularly the myths?[View]
7116864David the Celt Crusher: God bless him, the Kingdom of Scotland's first and greatest king.…[View]
7115508>google vikings >only get screencaps of this stupid series…[View]
7116643Luis II: Who killed him and why did they do it?[View]
7114850Redpill me on the Last Spanish Habsburg, /his/.[View]
7116841>Artan is a fictional continent set in the Atlantic. Players can either join as indigenous people…[View]
7118340no: Why the fuck Nazi germany forced Romania to join to their fuking forces?[View]
7110200>N-no Johnny, that's treason! J-Johnny don't fart on him, or else I'll ban you! J-…[View]
7115738How were the Scotti tribe of Ireland able to take over Pictland?[View]
7117351Why the hell weren't they properly protected and evacuated before the Reds got to them?[View]
7117916How common was this phenotype among PIE: https://www.google.com/search?q=Кaвкacиoнcкий+aнтpoпoлoгичe…[View]
7116507Is MBTI a pseudoscience, and what's the point of it anyway?[View]
7116527Why should I stick to a principle?[View]
7117886How did Facism rose so quickly after WW1?: How so much European countries decided to embrace the fac…[View]
7118029Any pictures of the B-52? If you can find any please post![View]
7117836Whats up bros was directed here what the hell is this character and meaning??? Possibly chinese and …[View]
7115733Was WW2 inevitable?[View]
7116498Generation X: My dad turns 50 this year and has always been very proudly a member of generation X. T…[View]
7114532>Historical Asian clothes were LITERAL SQUARES. Is it autism?[View]
7116880name a worse army in history[View]
7117503Post your favourite saint. Mine is St Christopher (the furry version)[View]
7117722El long nosdo[View]
7114311Did the british empire start ww1? If so, why is it not taught[View]
7113816greeks=persians romans=arabs celts=berbers germanics=turkics huns=mongols[View]
7117100hero or traitor?[View]
7116678What were the most stupid decisions made by Hitler? Why didn't he listen to his advisors?[View]
7117574>I earned my living in Ma'arra by opening a bathhouse. >One day a Frankish knight came i…[View]
7116055What would a society look like if it integrated Marxism, anarchism, liberalism and fascism?[View]
7112324How common was farming in pre-colonial Africa?[View]
7114340*ahem*: Daily reminder the french got BTFO'D by fuckin mexicans[View]
7116249What makes a certain point of a civilisation 'Classical'? Why is the Tang dynasty of China classical…[View]
7112159who does Kashmir belong to?[View]
7117396What the fuck was wrong with Adolf Shitler? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mew0tJTViKk[View]
7111589Europeans yamnaya admixture updated: It seem that the first models were wrong by a little margin…[View]
7116811So fast. How?[View]
7115689Should I make a history YouTube channel? I'm bored and have nothing to do. Is this something pe…[View]
7114476What is your opinion on the Trivium? Does it make for a good foundation in liberal arts and critical…[View]
7113701iam extremly affraid of the death bros: While your brain decompose all your memories will slowly van…[View]
7116946It fucking sucks that goose stepping fell out of fashion. It looks so fucking good. https://www.yout…[View]
7117290What caused nordic people to be so autistic?[View]
7114188I will become Hindu soon, what am I in for /his/?[View]
7116326Did Nero actually look like this? why didn't he force the coin making people to make him look b…[View]
7115573Nobility is often characterized as being excessively smug and pompous, but obviously this is hardly …[View]
7116753>watching history youtuber >talking about hoplite warfare >says anything about a 'pushing m…[View]
7115400How did Spain purge all its muslims?: They were ruled by muslims for 700 years. North India was unde…[View]
7112812Remember, remember the 6th of August, remember what they took from you.[View]
7116669Is it Possible to Convert the Boeing 747 into a Bomber?: https://hubpages.com/education/Is-it-Possib…[View]
7115907What is the reason behind the prevalence of crossdressing in Nazi Germany? /pol/ites will claim that…[View]
7116098How come some people have a hard time having sex? Women's nature and behaviour is pretty straig…[View]
7116327>take my first my first class of Arabic >teacher goes to my mosque (I converted) >pulls up …[View]
7115559Empirephobia: ¿What are your thoughts on negative propaganda that has ocurred throughout history tow…[View]
7116086What is the single worst generation of people that has ever existed in human history, the Generation…[View]
7116386Who was in the wrong here?[View]
7116352Explain to me why a nation should be held accountable for what a disease did to an entire group of p…[View]
7114742prehistory, anthropology: tell me about prehistoric times /his/ any good books, sources?[View]
7113779Whiter than you since 1776[View]
7116205>implying monotheism: >it's okay to eat pork >it's okay to not circumcise >it…[View]
7113433Was the Stock market crash of 1929 and Great depression avoidable?[View]
7114083Just found out that Sargon of Akkad has a youtube channel. Pretty neat.[View]
7114274>be servant to some noble >do nothing but clean the mansion, cook the food, and tend to the ga…[View]
7116094>Leaf Eriksen[View]
7114764What do you remember /his/?[View]
7114914/an/ + /his/: A techichi dog (chihuahua) carrying corn. Mesoamerican pottery. Post interesting histo…[View]
7115806While watching wuxia on youtube i noticed pic related. This is Song dynasty, shortly before Yuan. Is…[View]
7115267Why people say germanics originate from scandinavia ? I think they originate from germany, then move…[View]
7099704According to Islamic belief the Jews were among God's favourite nations throughout history. He …[View]
7111108Did dictators consider themselves dictators ?[View]
7113956Ottoman Population Transfers from 1356-1635: > 'Ottomans seemed to be interested rather in using …[View]
7115684He killed millions...[View]
7115521Why did it take so long for guns to reach africa?: What took so long? Even North African states were…[View]
7115286Have there been any cults that worshipped Titans? If so what did they do exactly and how were they t…[View]
7115882Why did the urbanisation rate across the Middle East plummet after the Arab takeover?[View]
7112946>Oh, so you kids like history, eh? What do you think about E.P. Thompson's views on the Engl…[View]
7108920Thirty Years War: Was it the dawn of the modern age? Also any recommended reading?[View]
7115025Don't you feel that the role of Britain in WW2 is sometimes downplayed? Most people think that …[View]
7114468Modern Name to Cuneiform Translation: I'm a high school teacher and I thought it might be fun t…[View]
7115731Cataphracts and Stirrups: How did cataphracts not fall off their steeds when charging with the konto…[View]
7115704Gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make *sips water* FUCK the Cimbri FUCK the Teutons FU…[View]
7114356Considering recent events, i think it's time to admit it. He was right[View]
7112529How good was the IJN during WW2? On paper they had the third largest navy in the world in 1941 with …[View]
7113929Why were they so based?[View]
7115290>Prior to the Enlightenment and Victorian eras, when a wave of prudishness settled over the Weste…[View]
7115428From what I've heard it apparently wasn't uncommon for kings and nobles to out to town and…[View]
7109252The Trinity: >A = D >B = D >C = D But, A != B How can you believe in something that's …[View]
7115579Dios mio... el americano...[View]
7115316Semi-Conventional Warfare: There's a certain kind of strange semi-conventional war that shows u…[View]
7114553Why was Michelangelo such a chad?[View]
7109685>Red army goes around massacring 500,000-2,000,000 afghani civilians proceeds to lose >U.S arm…[View]
7114147>*crunch* Why yes, I do believe the Mongol invasions were beneficial for the world. They may have…[View]
7100100Why is it fair that Hungary lost all of its land after ww1?: As a Turk I am upset that my Turanid br…[View]
7114030greatest historian of the 20th century: if not all time[View]
7115225What was the Nazi view towards: >Indians >Iranians Both are of Indo-European descent, which is…[View]
7115318Romans be like: > Damn these elephants too spicy![View]
7115369All demagoguery aside, why DID Chomsky support the Khmer Rouge in the 1970's? What about the mo…[View]
7115208>calls itself the United STATES of America >five 'states' are commonwealths >huge swaths ar…[View]
7112973Remember that time the US was so afraid of the Soviet MiG-25 that they overreacted and developed a f…[View]
7114800How were south East Asians so conquered so hard? They had acess to artillery. Swivel guns Aquabustes…[View]
7115079Was Jesus born before, after or during the Jewish revolts?[View]
7112816who was the most competent military mind in 20th-century Imperial japan, and why?[View]
7110733Is Varg right? Have Europeans never founded a single civilization?: Is what we call 'European civili…[View]
7111234Why is it so hard to find info on how pagan Romans, Celts, Greeks and Norse people worshiped their g…[View]
7114970What caused the transition from government officials living in splendorous palaces and wearing fanci…[View]
7113310People always bring up the author of Alice in Wonderland as being creepy, but why does no one talk a…[View]
7109746>Civil Servants > Farmers > Artisans > Merchants Why did the Chinese invert the typical …[View]
7111759Imagine being some poor persian peasant conscripted in the army and you're facing this[View]
7115172Technically speaking aren't New Mexico, Arizona, and Hawaii all Southern states?[View]
7115135There was an anon , on /int/ who called Phoenicians as invaders (I don't remember the name of h…[View]
7115051someone give me funny stories about the navies of the world[View]
7115082>Artan is a fictional continent set in the Atlantic. Players can either join as indigenous people…[View]
7115066George Santayana on the Englishman: 'Never since the heroic days of Greece has the world had such a …[View]
7113843So what's the actual story behind how this got on the US dollar? I don't mean to be a cons…[View]
7113464Overrated hacks: >let's homogenize everything >let's liberalize commerce but impose …[View]
711182025 years have passed since the murders and I still don't understand how could the jury have tho…[View]
7112537Military of South East Asia: Tell me about the armies of South East Asia From the Medieval to Modern…[View]
7113981post same history version of these memes bois[View]
7113240Stop pretending: Why do people pretend that black moors didnt exist when they obviously did?[View]
7101843>400 Spaniards was enough to defeat the Aztec Empire >180 were enough to defeat the Inca Empir…[View]
7098467Populations of Cities during the Middle ages: And by Middle I mean from 3rd to 16th centuries How la…[View]
7113925How did an irrelevant band of raiders numbering in hundreds at the Eastern Roman border reach this s…[View]
7112854In the past, we didn't characterize childhood in a series of stages of development as we do now…[View]
7114050All this shit surrounding Hong Kong recently has got me wondering: what would HK be like today if it…[View]
7113362I see Diogenes getting posted a lot and I know nothing about him. What were his actual values and b…[View]
7109330is Native American history more interesting or history of the Middle East? I'm trying to decide…[View]
7113584>'Germany started WW1'[View]
7111785>Classical period >Latin countries >sophisticated, clean, intelligent, world powers >ger…[View]
7113544How come there's not one single church anywhere on Earth that believes in 'faith not works' tha…[View]
7114255https://www.instagram.com/p/B1FtnXjgebU/ Is this some sort of religion? What religion is this becaus…[View]
7110623Which kingdoms/empires/tribal alliances of the time were - Declining -Meh - Vigorus on the rise[View]
7112547Shouldn't the 2 world wars just be called the 2nd 30 years war?[View]
7112764> Wins several battles in the 1897 War > Grand Vizier says that the army should capture the ca…[View]
7078964Anne: So /his/, why was she so based?[View]
7113731Economic Warfare: What are some good examples of two rival states using currency exchange rates, inf…[View]
7113255BUT YOU DREAM /his/[View]
7112440Why's the Philippines an Anglosphere country? I thought the Spanish colonized them.[View]
7113673Epicurea Paradox help: Helf a psychology major that knows nothing about philosophy here. I feel lik…[View]
7114062What is comparative advantage, really?: In economics, comparative advantage is always cited as the r…[View]
7113548Has there been any country in war (being attacked) by two or more different countries at the same ti…[View]
7112090Explain to me why there is other forms of Protestantism besides Lutheranism.[View]
7113232'ate Vi*tnamese 'ate (((cities))) 'ate glasses luv me machetes luv me Khmer Empire lu…[View]
7113858What did we have before police? Who arrested the criminals? How well did it work? Got into this rea…[View]
7108794>Germany >USSR >Japan Why didn’t any of these three nations use chemical weapons during WW2…[View]
7110597and humanities: What are the chances that we are alone in the universe? If we aren't, how would…[View]
71125631. Your country 2. Is God real[View]
7113944AREA 51: Non siete curiosi di sapere cosa si cela dietro la grande difesa dell area 51 se e cosi dif…[View]
7108994How do crazies like this get promoted to such high military ranks? Like who was the guy that made pi…[View]
7113891Your favorite battle?: For me, it's the Forty-Sixth Battle of The Isonzo River.[View]
7113815Did Americans during WW2 think that Nips were subhuman?[View]
7113222ITT: Wars where the good guys lost[View]
7112697>Want to go to heaven >Don't have any good works…[View]
7108630Naval Logisitics and State Formation: Are their any sources that point to the establishment of stand…[View]
7108849Did the Mamluks save civilization at Ain Jalut?[View]
7111058>OH NO NO NO NO[View]
7111646Nika: >Justinian and Theodora weren't brutally killed during the Nika Riots What a shitty ti…[View]
7113493Anglo-French 'rivalry': is this the worst meme in euro history?[View]
7113561>HYW >be god tier country with legendary military >somehow gets utterly destroyed by litera…[View]
7110585Are Koreans the best archers in East Asia?[View]
7113632Stop knowing things, you know nothing, stop searching, stop trying be something other than what you …[View]
7106218best technological revolutions in war/history[View]
7113158Should power in Nigeria shift to local powers?: Should power just shift into the hands of the far le…[View]
7108716What actually was 'the KKK'? Putting aside MODERN politics and demagoguery and so on. Are there good…[View]
7113210I know nothing but the very basics about haplogroups, but I want to start reading the respective /hi…[View]
7108634why do they keep saying that the soviet union had a plan to invade europe and if it weren't for…[View]
7112703Have there been any cults that worshipped Titans? If so what did they do exactly and how were they t…[View]
7113390Is it too late now to say sorry?[View]
7113229>yeah, but what if we make the spears longer? why did this works so well?…[View]
7110556>Sophie, Sophie! Don't die! Live for our children![View]
71130281914-1953: ok so im a europoor, and it strikes me as odd that the whole entire period, from 1914 to …[View]
7111623What is the biggest, most successful and PROVEN conspiracy in history? Proven as in a conspiracy whe…[View]
7112629>Mr. Anon? I would like to ask you about your parents.[View]
7112883Is belief in God natural?[View]
7107629I'm going to post this today because the usual anon has forgotten.[View]
7112787>town is virtually all white >a black family moves in >the town loses it shit, and riots un…[View]
7107771Any good books on the Aryan invasion? Seems interesting.[View]
7104746Are you Christians going to apologize for genociding Europe's native pagan population?: All we …[View]
7105574I propose in this thread to share the drawings and photography of national and traditional clothing …[View]
7112978Does anyone know where Julius Evola is buried?[View]
7113010How effective was heavy cavalry or just cavalry overall against formations historically? Any timeper…[View]
7111889How did Tocharians look like? Pic unrelated[View]
7108226Did Muslim Spaniards/Visigoths look like this?[View]
7112913Was Zhuge Liang the most overrated tactician of all time? >red cliff was pretty much all Zhou Yu…[View]
7108314can someone post that mega folder with a bajillion /his/ books pls[View]
7112810Hear the words I sing, War's a horrid thing, So I sing sing sing...ding-a-ling-a-ling.[View]
7110864Yahyel: Can somebody tell me about this[View]
7112134redpill me on the Gagauz?: > Enver was born in Constantinople (Istanbul) on 22 November 1881. Env…[View]
7106146Years: >536[View]
7112480>Death Note huh?[View]
7106354When did the Nordic countries become associated with progressiveness?[View]
7110051Germans were never pure aryans: How would Nazi Germany have reacted if it had been around to witness…[View]
7112649War Characters: ITT: Choosing a war and filling out this template The main character: The helpful si…[View]
7102069Were the Mesopotamians more advanced conceptually and practically than their contemporaries?[View]
7108557Duel tip lance/Spear: I've seen so many images of African horsemen using these types of weapons…[View]
7112511>laughs Hoxhabros no... how could this happen?[View]
7110423What are the chances of us terraforming a planet, or atleast making space travel and exploration eas…[View]
7110658Only practical philosophy books are useful, the rest (like pic related) is just mental masturbation …[View]
7106585Should we design society around Dunbar's number?[View]
7111299Assuming climate change is a hoax, does it have any precedent in history?[View]
7111158Can /his/ confirm this?[View]
7107895*chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *chop* *c…[View]
7112096Post a book that has helped define your personal philosophy. Pic related convinced me to drop out of…[View]
7111856was it autism?[View]
7106198>Cool building is demolished for no good reason Name some.[View]
7111173Monotheism or Polytheism, which is better?: Pic unrelated.[View]
7111386>Accuse basically the entire american society of having fascist tendencies >Students accuse h…[View]
7102434Greek Philosophy + Roman Law + Catholic Morality = The West[View]
7111598Is this statement true?[View]
7110983Hypothetical question: In a hypothetical communist revolution/takeover, what would happen to the edu…[View]
7105631Is it true that scholars were forced to be Roman Catholic in mid-20th century Britain?[View]
7109341What did Hitler plan to do with Africa?: pic related[View]
7105033Did Ottoman Turk slavery specifically targeted white females?[View]
7111832Afshars: Why do they hate the Ottomans?[View]
7111032There were only like four Spanish Viceroyalties, why are there like twenty Latin countries?[View]
7109867Ever been vindicated by newly-declassified files, /his/?[View]
7109296How did a race that looks like this create the largest modern empire and usher in the English lingua…[View]
7083798Native american thread: Why are native americans such a polemic topic on this board? Is there someth…[View]
7098858Pagans of Nigeria: I find groups like the Yoruba, Edo, and Igbo intresting Any good books on their h…[View]
7111450Problem of universals: What is it that makes two things members of the same kind, /his/?[View]
7101296/his/ demythification: Post your most recent findings and things learnt that went against your belie…[View]
7110671World war 1 was the final blow to monarchism and traditionalism. World war 2 was the final blow to n…[View]
7111279Bit ridiculous innit? Stealing the good name of the sea people, thus laying claim to the rich past o…[View]
7103471what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
7094344Ethics of artificial wombs: I want to be father of two children. Preferably a boy and a girl. They s…[View]
7109465When and how will humanity end? Academics must have some estimates.[View]
7109466Why did Atatürk just stop here? He would be hailed as the Napoléon of Turkey today and the Turkish p…[View]
7105023What can /his/ tell me about the Picts?[View]
7109871Irish history thread: post anything Irish history related.[View]
7105493Why didn't the greeks want their princesses to marry Germanic men? Racism or what?[View]
7111056Works on political theology like Carl Schmitt, Joseph de Maistre, Abul A'la Maududi, etc.? I ju…[View]
7109656What are some historical examples of gerontocracy, where a society had a significant number of polit…[View]
7110631Literally none of the catholic beliefs and practices are even remotely biblical (eg trinity, tithes,…[View]
7110761What would history looked like if England won?[View]
7110543Tell me about the Syrian religion I know that they worshipped the same gods as the Canaanites (eg Ba…[View]
7108394Why did England and France feel the need to keep involving themselves with minor Teuton-Slav territo…[View]
7106740>Christfags will defend this[View]
7110532IRL Stannis the Mannis: >was senior Byzantine Emperor for almost 50 years >The early years of …[View]
7110912Who had the biggest cock in history?[View]
7110518Who are the Kurds ethnically speaking, where did they come from?[View]
7110329Parenthood & humanities: Throughout human history people have described beta males as the ones w…[View]
7110948Kingdom of Sicily in Middle Ages: Could you recommend me an interesting topic to write about? It sho…[View]
7110868If North Korea had the same amount of money South Korea and Japan got for being America's bitch…[View]
7108581Why do rightoids complain about Judeo-Bolshevism as if it came out of nowhere and as if 'innocent Ea…[View]
7109208At what point did Spain really give up on the idea of regaining its Latin American colonies? I recal…[View]
7110606>What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make …[View]
7110857ANTI-FATE: ITT: People so devoutedly stubborn they stood in thenselves against any linear reading of…[View]
7109372Anyone read Joseph de Maistre? When I read his work I realize a lot of the criticism levelled at Isl…[View]
7109947When did the idea of equality really take off? From what I've heard the Enlightenment played a …[View]
7108550Since most of the threads here are shitty bait threads, how about we talk about the time when Somali…[View]
7107746Why was this made-up artficial buffer state allowed to have colonies?[View]
7110511itt: historical Chads[View]
7106121Why didn't Hitler just stop here? He would be hailed as the Ataturk of Germany today and the Ge…[View]
7105899Is this the greatest monarch rivalry?[View]
7110230Is 1970s the most boring decade of the last century? Literally nothing of note happened.[View]
7103665>have absolute for 14 years >no giant purges >not even a good public speaker How the FUCK d…[View]
7110353Why did American indians never figure out how to use their steppes?: >they didn't have horse…[View]
7108127Why do claims about Hitler's supposed Jewish ancestry remain so prevalent?: I am sure you all a…[View]
7109952In the old WASP parts of America like Boston, the Anglo ruling class discriminated against recent ca…[View]
7097502Have you learned the history of your ancestors?[View]
7104358Is he the greatest commander in history?[View]
7110245>why yes i do acknowledge that karl der große was a german, how did you know?…[View]
7109267A british roblox player claims hes a descendant of William the Conqueror: my fucking sides.[View]
7107242WTF bros?: I thought hungarians were based kebab removers, but they fight with ottomans against cath…[View]
7110251Mary Queen of Scots: Was the Babington Plot was stage managed and controlled by Walsingham? Elizabet…[View]
7110047What's the point of liturgical languages in religions? Isn't it just like meaningless spel…[View]
7108793so what happened in this region?[View]
7102320Historically speaking, why is this side of the planet so useless? Nothing even happened here until O…[View]
7110155Requesting that gif/ series if images of Enrico Dandolo firing lasers at Constantinople[View]
7106160How come very culture had a status symbol sword?[View]
7109506Were there actually three World Wars in the 20th century?[View]
7109756Why did they do it bros?[View]
7106289America's Big Mistake: America's biggest mistake in history is not invading Russia right a…[View]
7110017In the middle ages, what percentage of the clergy came from peasants, and what percentage came from …[View]
7110048>>7106516 1. Determine the ideal measure of man. 2. Invent an instrument for measuring it. 3. …[View]
7108288Why is 'facism' so hard to define when it's been around for a long time?[View]
7099192Georgians: Who are they?Whats their origin? CHG?EEF? What is their language?[View]
7108031Lets talk Tirpitz. I think I have heard somewhere that the Tirpitz fired her main armament during th…[View]
7109872Non-christfag here, how do right-wing/anti-immigrant christians square their beliefs with the variou…[View]
7109580The Anglo FEARS the Spanish BVLL.[View]
7107311The English language is amazing, it has virile masculinity thanks to its Germanic grammatical basis …[View]
7103464Islamic Golden Age: How great was it? How much of the modern world do we owe to Islamic inventors an…[View]
7108574Have slavs always been seen as 'nonwhite' or is this a recent phenomenon? pic unrelated[View]
7109681Japan-USA: For the Oldfags here; When did the USA start to like Japan again? Obviously some American…[View]
7109784Blood of so called Tyrants and Kings.: What point is there in heritage? We know the old men of renow…[View]
7109501Nian Rebellion: Was the Nian Rebellion the first incel uprising? >the rebellion was fueled, at l…[View]
7106935What did females do for killing time a back in the 90s when they didn't know how to use a compu…[View]
7107733Daily reminder Carthage must be destroyed.[View]
7108551Salutations, friends. I know you folks are well read, so I ask of you if you guys could point me the…[View]
7107545Dump photos of British Empire in colour please[View]
7109473Why didn't Ataturk just stop here? He would be hailed as the Ataturk of Turkey today and the Tu…[View]
7109495How would Europe be if Napoleon had been a Russian general instead?[View]
7107263World History: What would you recommend as a single good overview of world history? I want to start …[View]
7109356Did he ever had his mustache tickled?[View]
7109402Chosroes wants to avenge Maurice and place the rightful dynasty back on the throne but Heraclius won…[View]
7109461Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936 to 1938: >Mary Rey…[View]
7105709how the fuck did Austria-Hungary work?[View]
7107656Why didn't Napoléon just stop here? He would be hailed as the Ataturk of France today and the F…[View]
7106592>Mark 10:18 “Why do you call Me good?” Jesus replied. “No one is good except God alone. What did …[View]
7109319What is a man?[View]
7109311What would have happened if France was elected as emperor of the HRE?[View]
7109215Lol wut? Do I need snown*igger brain to understand this fuckery?[View]
7108097Has there ever been a more based belief than iconoclasm?[View]
7107270Gulf War: The only reason why US didn't lose any abrams was because they had better tank crews …[View]
7109072Keitel's claims of the Waffen-SS taking all the good young recruits and crippling the Wehrmacht…[View]
7107831Effects of studying history on personal character: Does anyone ever feel that studying history has t…[View]
7107779What religion is the ice to Islam's fire?[View]
7107039If you were forced to spend a year fighting in either the WW1 Western front, the Pacific war or the …[View]
7108520Reading thecniques (serious): When I was a child I fucking loved to read, but with the time I starte…[View]
7105401What prevented French from becoming THE world language like English?[View]
7108593Why didn't the monarchies of Europe ally with each other before WW1? When your political ideolo…[View]
7108785>Mongolian belt is virtually identical to the Tang dynasty Chinese belts Wtf is going on?…[View]
7108141I fucking hate this G*rman like you can't believe[View]
7108334What you think of Kings and Generals channel? Anything alike you can suggest?[View]
7101608Yeshua told you he was not God, yet you refuse to listen to him because you think your knowledge is …[View]
7106716The state of Israel.: History brainlet here. Please help. How exactly did the state of Israel come t…[View]
7108626Making a game based on mythological Greece. What are your favourite bits of Greek Mythology?[View]
7108611How do you think history would've played out had Aurelian lived to invade the Sassanid Empire, …[View]
7107605I want to learn more about Anglo-Saxons, and especially about pre-Danelaw period. Do you have any su…[View]
7102654What is your unironic learned conclusion/opinion on this guy? would the USSR have been better with h…[View]
7107409>Taiwan has joined the channel[View]
7108298Has anyone else ever in history taken over a proud and great country, with a rich history, literally…[View]
7108153When did the safeguarding of the Irish language as a stepping stone to the national discardment of t…[View]
7083622Post nice mud architecture[View]
7104231Why are mountain peoples so violent? Gurkhas, Chechens, Afghans, Yugoslavians, even Swiss in their d…[View]
7107964We are so close to Jesus’s return. Please have oil in your lamps brothers and sisters, please! Dobt …[View]
7104661Why the lamb so important in Christianity?: A meek and weak animal. Man no wonder people call it a r…[View]
7105031Aryans: Is there any truth to Hitler's alleged 'Aryan masterrace' existing? Is it all just a cr…[View]
7108121So...Cringe?...Based?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q88AkN1hNYM&app=desktop[View]
7108059Can Neoplatonism coexist with the Demiurge and Jesus?[View]
7107354I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe...[View]
7107797Feeling kind of down. Who has the most inspiring life in history?[View]
7108073Why didn't the tank driver just continue here? He would be hailed as the Ataturk of China today…[View]
7107449Apologise now ! It's funny isn't it how Europe are all now cucks and my people are everyw…[View]
7107615Moments from Chinese history: >And for those who weren’t immediately captured, the government set…[View]
7105160If Socrates was a alive today, would he be Alex Jones?[View]
7104629Is there a scientific terms for cultures or civilizations that are unable to advance due to lack of …[View]
7105210Why did the Germans want to LARP as Romans so much? Weren't they proud of their own Germanic cu…[View]
7107510Geology of Ancient Africa: I’m pretty fascinated by the alleged fresh water seas of Ancient Africa, …[View]
7107880The Quest for St.Olavs Sword: Alright my fellow /his/torians I am part of what you could call a holy…[View]
7105728The Destruction is Clear.[View]
7107624In what way are Kantian ethics superior to Utilitarian arguments? How does Kant justify his ethics i…[View]
7107795why did ancient romans consider greeks degenerate? https://youtu.be/qDJBXxTCkz0[View]
7091768other than ernst röhm and a few fags in the SA when has fags fought on the side that didnt like them[View]
7106319How were soldiers before the Gulf War not all invariably completely deaf after their tours, or were …[View]
7106559Today is his birthday. Say something nice about uncle franz.[View]
7106253>tfw 99% of ancient works will forever remain lost How to cope with this feel? I just want to rea…[View]
7106556Why does all history content on Youtube need to be made by either soules corporations, basedcuck rev…[View]
7106421What does the jews word Amalek really mean?: No neo-Nazis if possible.[View]
7107754To what extent was the Norman Yoke real? How would england look if Harold Godwinson had won in 1066?[View]
7106991Is it true that Americans were responsible for the collapse of Japanese economy in the 90-s? [spoile…[View]
7105907Who were they?[View]
7105559Year of the Four Emperors: What the fuck happened here?[View]
7107634'Voltaire himself was more favorably inclined to the [Holy Roman] Empire than is often assumed.…[View]
7105686Europeans never cross the Sahara, ever. How do things play out for sub saharan Africa?[View]
7107581>ITT famous historical figures almost as based as people think they are Post people basically any…[View]
7091979ITT: Moments in history that make you cum[View]
7107057what do primitive people do all day ? Don't they get bored ? They don't have the internet,…[View]
7103857Have you accepted the Bordigapill yet?[View]
7102813So are Ukrainians and Byelorusians just Russians who were, respectively, Polonified and Lithuanified…[View]
7099505Did Arabs settle in significant numbers in the areas they conquered, or were they always more like t…[View]
7107320name a bigger shit show[View]
7106898Is this what the Soviets found when they invaded Berlin?[View]
7106899You are going to travel in time. Problem is; the time machine is not well adjusted. Click in the ran…[View]
7106285For me? It's Garbo. The greatest spy to ever live.[View]
7103663Are feral humans proof that humanity is a taught thing?[View]
7105773Just how great was Vijayanagara really, compared to other pre-modern cities?[View]
7101064How did western communists justify the Berlin Wall?[View]
7106516What is the most objective way live?: I'm sure that 99% of this board can't answer or even…[View]
7107159Rape of Nanking did not happen to the extent claimed by dumb Ch*nks. In fact they lied about most of…[View]
7107070Was it autism? mental illness? neurological damage?[View]
7106380What animals have gone extinct due to human interference?: >Genetic study suggests humans, not Ic…[View]
7106948As the darkness falls and Arabia calls One man spreads his wings, as the battle begins May the land …[View]
7099868Name a more wholesome ideology than Liberalism.[View]
7100667What went so wrong? It used to be a beacon of freedom and justice.. now, an aberration of that: corr…[View]
7106943The absolute chad unit[View]
7098317SLAV'D: >King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, belongs to haplogroup R1a-Z280 (north-wes…[View]
7104699Why are people so dishonest?: Why can't they admit that greatest and most humane civilizations …[View]
7106474>pirates capture him >as they await for Caesar's men to pay ransom, he tells them that af…[View]
7104076NOOO you cant just give credit to the western allies for helping to stop hitler!!! dont you know it …[View]
7101171Is this whitewashing?: Considering that the first homo sapiens where negroid looking[View]
7104857where should i start with this?[View]
7103221Boxer rebellion: Were they based?[View]
7102528America was not founded by fundamentalist Christians as most modern fundies claim. Granted there was…[View]
7106055ITT: Characters who tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it didn't even matter[View]
7105252What happened to the Boii tribe?: Please discuss the Boii here in this thread. G-go easy on me and d…[View]
7105059Zhukov: Was he a good general hampered by tech inferiority and bureaucracy or was he just a developi…[View]
7105156I don’t know if this is the right board for this but can anybody help me identify this medal my gran…[View]
7102094If communism devolved into promoting transsexuality and capitalism by the late XX-century what would…[View]
7106471What did they think of each other?[View]
7105308Alsalce&Lorraine // Elsass&Lothringen: What do you think would happen if Germany don't …[View]
7106669https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/07/fisherman-lost-at-sea-436-days-book-extract someone we…[View]
7105549Why do sailors historically seem to be more prone to radical leftist politics than other branches of…[View]
7105123How did people deal with fleas and other parasites? How and when did it stopped from being a widespr…[View]
7106436Allergies: Are there any writings from ancient and medieval times about allergic reactions? Were the…[View]
7105068Ethics of having kids in a post climate changed world: Climate change is going to start destroying t…[View]
7100597Hippies and the CIA: Is there a connection between the two or was it a movement that started on its …[View]
7106014Why were proto-Indo-Europeans swarthy?: >The genetic basis of a number of features of the Yamnaya…[View]
7105622>destroy the Japanese religion by making their king renounce his status as god emperor Was this r…[View]
7100855>The skeletons reveal another difference between us and the Vikings: men’s and women’s faces were…[View]
7103102Why did Austria give 'Belgium' to Holland instead of integrating it in the German Confederation?[View]
7106186>yfw you realise that the idea of 'Britishness' was just a ploy to push English nationalism…[View]
7101667Big noses = High IQ and high test[View]
7104484are we in a post capitalism world after 2008? like in the begginings of a new economic model? I mean…[View]
7099723the Africans were the second to create a civilization, after the Sumerians, but why? is it because h…[View]
7105400>anti-semitic >yet worships a jew did the crusaders not see the irony in this?…[View]
7105322>I dislike Nixon Is there a more boomer tier opinion? Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an ad…[View]
7101315How is East Asian history different from Europe?[View]
7103022Do you guys think Cavemen argued over whether they wanted their steaks Rare or well done? whats the…[View]
7105268Worth listening to?[View]
7105704He's got a point, y'know. Any one who was old enough to watch the Moon landing right as it…[View]
7104303Is our timeline an exceptionally violent timeline?[View]
7103108Why were ancient fantasy heroes so much more powerful than today's? Hercules would beat Harry P…[View]
7105937Can we get a thread on interesting veteran and other historical interviews? https://youtu.be/tixOyiR…[View]
7105625Childhood is thinking that Capitalism will eventually turn into Socialism because of the failure of …[View]
7101044What's the importance of the Rhine in Europe's history?[View]
7102834How Catholic where these areas pre-US annexation and after?[View]
7102112Jezus pbuh was never crucified.: And [for] their saying, 'Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus,…[View]
7104188Did the American navy attack the German navy first in WWII? Was Hitler thus justified in declaring w…[View]
7102812The Flag of the Democratic Republic of Georgia: Can anyone tell me what the flag of Georgia from 191…[View]
7102020Why do people get so asshurt about him?: Even though Genghis Khan killed millions of people and he…[View]
7104218>read about pic related childhood >litterally me Which historical figure had similar to yours …[View]
7105680Is this thing real or just made up? The science checks out, microwave and even particle acceleration…[View]
7090167Are these the true Turkish borders?[View]
7104287*ahem* Technocracy is the best form of government, prove me wrong[View]
7105180Why was meritocracy so rare outside of China? I mean the Imperial civil service exam system was hard…[View]
7105140Who was the most insane and psychopathic of them all?[View]
7104731>throttles trade across europe just to stick it to the anglo >makes his literal who brothers k…[View]
7105436>referring to members of the Roman Equestrian class as 'Knights'…[View]
7103784Can someone give a summary of the Russian expansion to the East? We all know about US and Manifest D…[View]
7102858I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7104624You know nothing[View]
7105338>Unit 731 Fucking awful man. Are Japs even human?[View]
7100857Does he get unnecessarily beaten up on?: To be fair, he did quite well commanding smaller bodies of …[View]
7104444Is it still a sin to become wealthy if you're only doing it to give nice things to the people y…[View]
7101046When were whites at their highest comparative peak?: What point in history were whites at their comp…[View]
7105396the yamnaya theory is retarded and doesn't explain the indo european languages of south europe …[View]
7104532What is the point of short spears like what the Zulus had?[View]
7102933>be Spanish >have a better equipped army with bigger numbers >lose…[View]
7103195Why didn't the Spanish Empire/Mexico end up controlling the 'China trade' across the Pacific Oc…[View]
7105351What have I done: Never tried to make something like this, but this setup was too perfect.[View]
7102781Anyone read this? How reliable is this as a source?[View]
7094151What has been your country's rightful historical borders? Pic related is mine.[View]
7100958Book Thread: New thread since the old one died. What have you been reading and are you enjoying it? …[View]
7101737What is the nature of religion?[View]
7103603What's the rundown on Amalek? I saw on /his/ that Amalek in the bible, or the eyes of thr Jews/…[View]
7102778Hegelian dialectics: >Fight communist to save the white race. >communist regime does more for…[View]
7104291Taoism/Stoicism: What are your guys' thoughts on taoism and stoicism as philosophies? Do you th…[View]
7102705South East Asians were civilized by pajeets: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Indianized_kin…[View]
7104144>btfo anglos >btfo gayreeks >btfo frogs >btfo armenians >btfo ottomans >btfo islam…[View]
7101365What is the reason for this?: Why China, which is country inhabited by the most people in the world.…[View]
7097937Will Jesus damn anyone because of their choice of denomination?[View]
7101690Why doesn't the Gospel of Mark contain any reference to Jesus' divinity?[View]
7100815Is it sinful to save up money for retirement?[View]
7096471*blocks your path* What have you done to obey the law and serve your country today, /his/.[View]
7099841Highest GDPs (PPP) per capita by era, 1--1995 AD: Using https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_region…[View]
7103533>the warsaw pact states were white traditionalist anti-globalist ethnostates >the warsaw pact…[View]
7097934SACRUM IMPERIUM ROMANUM: Remember the glory, till the last of your days.[View]
7102830>Carthago Delende Est What did he mean by this?[View]
7101425Women used to look like that, wtf?: They looked like male bodybuilders? Gross. https://www.nationalg…[View]
7102877>ITT biggest historical bruh moments[View]
7100099>Taiwan contains the true Chinese identity while China doesn't Non troll question but can so…[View]
7104577Why don't you take a moment to thank Clair Patterson? >During an experiment to determine the…[View]

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