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6480827>excess leads to societal collapse >t. plato well how exactly is a society that is advanced en…[View]
6481687>Regardless of their cause, Charles suffered ill-health throughout his life and has been describe…[View]
6481625Why has complacency and obedience won over America? What could change this?[View]
6481703What are the principal differences between NKJV and KJV?: Besides exclusion of the Alexandrian Manus…[View]
6480891Boomers and Super Boomers: what was San Francisco like in the early 60s?[View]
6479853Ten Commandments: How was pic related founded in America? They are the only true Christians as they …[View]
6479757Happy Maundy Thursday: Remember that tomorrow is Good Friday. Reminder that Christ died for mankind…[View]
6480020who was in the right?[View]
6481276Greatest King: there has never been a better king than alfred the great. prove me wrong[View]
6481258What are your favorite architectural style guys ?[View]
6479306How come not one leftist or reactionary right winger has been able to disprove her rock solid and ir…[View]
6476909> friendship with Stalin ended What was his fucking problem?[View]
6480473I have a bachelors degree in philosophy, so I have some authority around here[View]
6476373Why do Catholics worship Mary?[View]
6476899Imagine what would the greatest moral authorities think about each other. I can see quite a few disa…[View]
6478042>Canadians literally just politely asked for independence[View]
6477800What was the reasoning behind the east/west split of the Roman Empire? It doesn't really makes …[View]
6481300Humanity is much older than we think.[View]
6480331Ah can someone explain how this possible?: >In pre-European colonial times, the islands were cent…[View]
6464862Post your favorite historical ships: I still miss her bros[View]
6476117>Most kino battle for action: Battle of Normandy >Most kino battle for visuals: Battle of Midw…[View]
6479952Is learning classical latin worth it?[View]
6481312WASPs vs Catholics in America?: What are some good books, documentaries, articles etc about the veri…[View]
6481305Opinions on Michel Onfray?[View]
6479533How did Australian aboriginal people survive for 50,000 years in essentially a Barren desert[View]
6479752What were his opinions on the Scottish?[View]
6481029>be me nintendo loving weeaboo >like japan more than china >study history >like china mo…[View]
6481072Can we finally agree that futurism was the superior art movement? Everything else looks awful in com…[View]
6481042>tfw most of the interesting stuff has already been researched and historians have written shitlo…[View]
6479809>The Siberian tiger was once common in the Korean Peninsula. However, the tigers in Korea were hu…[View]
6478669I've been hearing lefties argue that big communist regimes like the USSR and Red China wouldn…[View]
6475666>Earth is 6000 years ol---[View]
6480677Who was crazy enough to want/accept to be a Roman emperor? You've the life span of a cat on a …[View]
6479562To which century's version should the Notre Dame cathedral be restored? I'm from Nagoya, J…[View]
6480689how did he get so much pussy[View]
6478840'Weimar-tier degeneracy': I've heard this expression a lot before but just what the fuck does i…[View]
6480290is this true[View]
6480611Wikipedia Talk Pages About Historical Figures/Events: Let's play a game >Go to a historical …[View]
6480215Islam says Paul, not Jesus, introduced his theoery of atonement and the abrogation of the law. Do yo…[View]
6444044Is there anything more unimpressive in history than colonial 'empires'?[View]
6478935>some ancient nigga named Adam ate a fruit and sinned >he and his descendants are automaticall…[View]
6478970Is this true?[View]
6479715What was the [nospoilerson/his/]comfiest[/nospoilerson/his/] historical period and location?[View]
6479985Is the myth of Haepheastus being cucked by Mars an allegory for the industrious minoan population be…[View]
6478216archaeogenetics: Are Amerindians honorary middle-easterners?[View]
6479666was ancient rome really like pic related or is it a meme? also how did poeple do their business thro…[View]
6476365Was Zeus the giga chad of Western mythology?[View]
6469547Buddhism and morality: What is the buddhist teaching on protecting others by using violence? Let…[View]
6452311Is the middle east a shitfest today because the anglos and french dismantled de Ottoman empire after…[View]
6479082What did the soviets thought of the lend lease equipment (tanks, planes), that the allies gave them?…[View]
6477641Can we have a thread about Italian fascism? Why are Italians so fucking good when it comes to aesthe…[View]
6479147no civilization has ever been 'authentic' and history has all been one big LARP[View]
6478622How did Hitler do it? Germany was ravaged by ww1, economic crisis, occupation of Ruhr and war repera…[View]
6479822>YEAH NUKE 'EM[View]
6479892Was leo Frobenius right about blacks?: Was he?[View]
6478704Theoretically, how could degeneracy end an empire?[View]
6475043Circus Maximus collapse: >Some repairs were unforeseen and extensive, such as those carried out i…[View]
6479673i assume this question has probably been posed here before, apologies, but if Hitler had stopped aft…[View]
6479771>dude the sherman was freaking awesome, check out yakov smirnovs war diary and this youtube video…[View]
6477978Charlemagne: How accurate is pic related? Also. >Barbero, Alessandro (2004). Charlemagne: Father …[View]
6479433Why was the flag of Nazi Germany off centre?[View]
6479125St, Agustine & St. Thomas of Aquino: What we can say about them? They were right?[View]
6479612If Operation Sea Lion was never possible, and I believe that's a fair assessment, then what was…[View]
6479563You want to hear a joke, what does Ukraine and a construction crane have in common, they both broke …[View]
6477643Why are americans so obsessed with their presidents? They make such a big deal of that as if they we…[View]
6476334ITT: super depressing historical events.: >ywn see Mount Saint Helens like this in person. this i…[View]
6476888Civilization is overrated. Hunter-gatherer life style s more natural for humanity and would lead to …[View]
6478902How does history change?: Central Asia is the most irrelevant part of Eurasia so I removed it and re…[View]
6478771WWII, a Feat of the French Revolution Family: One overarching theme of WWI was that it was a fratern…[View]
6476344what did they mean by this[View]
6478924Buddhism is icchantika.[View]
6479272Give me the quick rundown on the Suebi[View]
6478861Was it autism?[View]
6478806Could it be said that historically, the Soviet Union has proven that only conservative socialism is …[View]
6479021Everything outside the circled area is not worth studying.[View]
6475657What European descendant demographic is larger in the US, Germans or the English? I've heard mo…[View]
6478838>Protestants believe there is indeed something amiss about ascribing a mother to God, but still s…[View]
6475556reposting this thread i made on /lit/ because it fell flat there: i want to read the bible, but whic…[View]
6478647Holy Roman Empire Books: I happen to find this the most interesting place in human history but I can…[View]
6479045Adams destroys feminist: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/adams-unbound/ Read as…[View]
6478676Were white people really in South Africa before the Bantus?: That's what's claimed on /pol…[View]
6478321What is this symbol? I keep seeing it in connection to knights.[View]
6477124what's his appeal?: He looks like your average communist despot that was just killed too soon t…[View]
6476873What role did the Holy Roman Empire play at the end? What kind of ceremonies and traditions did it u…[View]
6472404/his/ meme thread perhaps[View]
6476088Why? They feared white warriors?[View]
6478723What would it take for an indie gamedeveloper 1MA to be considered as great as renaissance geniuses?…[View]
6473742humanity actually began in America. ice caps and glaciers scraped away all the evidence like giant e…[View]
6478307feel like pure shit just want her back x[View]
6478587What the fuck was his problem?[View]
6478617In-dept resources on thinking.: What are some less known and actually comprehensive resources on thi…[View]
6478524NEED HELP!: I'm sick and injured and need some Documentaries to get me through the recovery pro…[View]
6476440Why haven't allies peaced with Germany in the late 1944/early 1945 to prevent Stalin's pla…[View]
6456171Andalusia V Jerusalem: Which one was most based and redpilled?[View]
6477844Masculinity: I hear lot of people talk about Masculinity these days, usually about lack of it, so wh…[View]
6455063Not sure why my previous thread was deleted, maybe i didnt explain it well enough so here i'll …[View]
6449927Was the area in green ever 'Aryan'/Indo-European?[View]
6478523The question of questions: Does civilization progress when the people embrace better ideas OR when t…[View]
6477969I hate this fucking asshole[View]
6478395Why were they so pathetic and could only hold an 'empire' for like 10 years lol[View]
6477686>be named “Augustus the Strong” >Poland gets weaker in your reign No but seriously why was Pol…[View]
6478372The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha sound better Than House of Windsor.[View]
6477404what did orthodox Muslims who were under Japanese rule think of the Japanese I imagine being ruled b…[View]
6478165Do humans actually create things or do they only discover?[View]
6476672>there's people who unironically hail the Dirlewanger Brigade Can someone like this even rem…[View]
6478070is this true was aristotle a bigot[View]
6476196Why isn't bullying and ostracism analysed as a form of censorship and control? It stops people …[View]
6477605Bhuddist religion and exclusivity?: What the hell is an icchantika? Or whatever that shitposter call…[View]
6477165How much of an impact did the Gothic peoples have on western Europe?: Excluding the fact that they w…[View]
6477867>Be Presidential Democracy. >Hold election. >Everyone's platform: 'PREVIOUS LEADERSHIP…[View]
6469545What did these men have that nobody else had? Were they possessed by god(s)? Or were they simply fre…[View]
6476547>A virgin mary sticker? No, thanks, Im not an idolatrous c*tholic[View]
6455358What exactly happened to cities/settlements in ancient times when they were invaded/sacked? How did …[View]
6467715Is Franco’s Spain proof that paleoconservativism works?[View]
6468784Was there any contact between pre–European Native Americans and Africans?: This is Luciana Barreto, …[View]
6478074>That Heidegger can help us with is to understand the way of thinking that has become predominant…[View]
6477071Say something nice about him.[View]
6477357Is it true that people were shitting themselves about Japan taking over the world in the 80s? Is tha…[View]
6477085F*cking BASED[View]
6477716Battle of Annual: How the fuck did this happen in the 1920's?[View]
6477927If...: If not even God could avoid being cucked by his qt-gf, what hope is there for the rest of us?…[View]
6477415Thoughts on the people who destroyed Rome?[View]
6461190Is it true that medieval feudal lords could rape any peasant girls they want?[View]
6477494What went wrong?[View]
6472479>some guy dropped a really fat guy of a bridge to stop a tram from killing five workers >your …[View]
6477609Did medieval archers really wear full armour like in pic related?[View]
6477688Modern warfare (18th century onwards) is completely ridiculous. We can observe that even chimpanzees…[View]
6477432When did poetry stop being seen as manly? I know ancient Irish and Welsh for example were obsessed w…[View]
6476410What were the differences in how European states practiced colonialism?[View]
6477336Ancient humour: Let's have a thread dedicated to jokes that our forefathers told (bonus points …[View]
6477484The Doolittle Raid - 77th Anniversary: Today is the 77th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. This vid…[View]
6472799Who was the WORST British monarch?[View]
6449577Post people you hope survived the war they fought in.[View]
6475444DEUS VULT[View]
6477267ITT:post historical pictures that make you HAPPY[View]
6476496Did anyone other than Romans and Chinese try to wall off entire regions?[View]
6476495Would the American Founding Fathers, especially the key seven (Alexander Hamilton, George Washington…[View]
6476828What did they think of each other?[View]
6474106“Great man theory”: What makes a civilization, the leaders and other influential people or the avera…[View]
6475317>You will never fight and die for a badass, godlike king >You will never salute him as he ride…[View]
6475948Was parkour developed at any other time in history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaswswfwaWo Did …[View]
6476922If Marie Antoinette never said 'Let them eat cake', who actually said it? Is it just part of the man…[View]
6476556What did everyone give up for lent? How'd it go? I just finished lent. I gave up 4chan, masturb…[View]
6476896what is the secret ww2 program called Spinning Squirrel?: I think it refers to Operation Spinning Sq…[View]
6475470Battle of Berlin: Did the Germans stand any chance ?[View]
6473418I found Rome a city of wood, and left it a city of marble.[View]
6476432>extra ecclesiam nulla salus[View]
6476876Is he /ourguy?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayyid_Qutb >In the early 1940s, he encountered the…[View]
6476857Are we living in a computer simulation?[View]
6474486When and why did he become radicalized?[View]
6457687People who got btfo hard: >invades france with 3 million soldiers, the largest invasion in the hi…[View]
6470014>largest battle of the 19th century >870,000 combatants >largest battle of the 20th centur…[View]
6476719Hinduism: In Hinduism, is there such a thing as bad parana?[View]
6473298A time traveller comes to you offers you an opportunity to go to five different periods and places a…[View]
6476692>Ubicumque regnat lutheranesimus, ibi literarum est interitus checkmate, lutherfags. how could pr…[View]
6475971Were any of the Viet Cong tunnels extremely swagged out like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c…[View]
6441513The Catholic Church has done more to combat racism than any institution in history[View]
6473173>the executioner of Ethiopia[View]
6476638How much money did it cost to raise a regiment and how much money did you need pay for get an office…[View]
6475983Notice that Dixieboos' romanticization of the CSA as far as I can tell is limited exclusively t…[View]
6475964>marxists call their theory materialism >'dialectical materialists' do not even consider the p…[View]
6468891WW2 Air Warfare thread: alright, where are my plane autists at? Also, to start a discussion, was Zer…[View]
6476506Destroy things with too much meaning is an act of liberation this civilization is doomed[View]
6475956The Sea Peoples: What is your headcanon for these motherfuckers? Who were they? What did they want, …[View]
6476171He was born two days ago. He would have been 107 if he was alive.: Say something nice about him. I j…[View]
6474892What did he mean by this?[View]
6473915Are there any structures in Africa similar to the Notre Dame cathedral?[View]
6476058Has there ever been a genuinely autistic person to rule a country?[View]
6476259How have people in the past coped with unrequited love?: >Tis an hour since I saw thee, >And i…[View]
6476404Why did this place become muslim?[View]
6476299>all great historical characters were manlets[View]
6476395>study history >become polish drunkard hanging out at the street corner all day, drinking '95%…[View]
6476086So what actually is the historical consensus among historians about how the Holocaust was coordinate…[View]
6475841Was it the most based event of the 18th century?'[View]
6472042Fact: Deism is the only sensible religious position in the modern world. Nothing else makes sense.[View]
6475649Was the Ming the peak of æsthetics? Post your favourite fashion from any world dynasty[View]
6472859what can you tell me about the cathapracts? Did they shit with their ass?[View]
6476091I hate it how the elemental force fire keeps destroying ancient sites Fucking fire, at it again htt…[View]
6476141Why did ancient Romans have light skin, blue eyes, and brown hair?[View]
6475084/his/ is now a nice board Rude posters will be banned[View]
6476099>have the Irish build the titanic >it sinks gee i wonder why…[View]
6475348Was Abraham Lincoln a tyrant? The constitution never said states had to remain in the United States.…[View]
6470580admit embarrassing facts about your historical/geographical knowledge or lack thereof >didn'…[View]
6476003>study history >convert to Judaism[View]
6474540>Shaka's enemies described him as ugly in some respects. He had a big nose, according to Bal…[View]
6473944>Vaccination programs in the 19th Century Authorities made it a health program, in some cases man…[View]
6476046Definitive English-Scottish dynasty ranking: >Plantagenet >Dunkeld >Hannover >Wessex …[View]
6476034>Buying Wikipedia veteran accounts Wouldn’t it be easy to take over the website with a few?…[View]
6476012Urbanization: Let's have a thread about urbanization.[View]
6472442>Women and children ONLY Was it autism?[View]
6475967Birds and the eventual extiincton of mankind.: HARK! Part 1 of 2 I have had visions of the historica…[View]
6475728Ive heard that Western Sahara is legally still owned by Spain. Is that true?[View]
6475452Fascism is based off of gay culture. I mean, think of it. You have a sugar daddy who gives you uncon…[View]
6474656>Guys guys my grandpa who i forget his name worked to death in factories >Therefore slavery i…[View]
6475337>was a complete wildcard during the Cuban middle crises >actually pushed Nikita to start WW3 …[View]
6474779Explain to me the strategy behind infinigger tacticool. How did this not affect morale to the point …[View]
6473062History of bangin': When were blow jobs invented? Serious answers only.[View]
6473108>Daddy, what was life like before the internet?[View]
6474837Why do atheist think that the law of physics created the universe?,The law of physics can for exampl…[View]
6475640Why do Bantu-descended people try to appropriate all of African history while simultaneously complai…[View]
6475456What are some lesser-discussed dictatorships on /his/ (and in general)? I notice the Samoza dynasty …[View]
6475417Why does he trigger you?[View]
6469317WWI Stalemate: Was it ever a real possibility that the USA wouldn't enter WWI? who would miss …[View]
6475406You’re not denying the holocaust, right anon?[View]
6475370>w-we defeated japan where does this retarded meme even come from? the USA was as irrelevant in t…[View]
6474460how did this half-am*rican lunatic have the country's balls in a vice?[View]
6474274Homosexuality and Prison Environments: Why do institutions like prisons (and prison like institution…[View]
6475374Why did he name himself after an Albanian who ruled Arabized Levantines?[View]
6474416I want to study the pre-Greeks. Where can i go?[View]
6475040Why do socialists claim 'not real socialism' every time yet they ignore Cuba, which by their own pri…[View]
6475344Hitler's brother: What do you know about Hitler's brother? What do you think it tells us a…[View]
6475298Why did atheists sprout like mushrooms after the agricultural revolution?[View]
6475285Was Ramesses II a chink? His mummy looks like one[View]
6475164When the first tribes of man were starting to form civilisations, why did they think borders were a …[View]
6475147Africa without colonialism: What would Africa look like today, if our based white brethren had been …[View]
6472635what's the first documented instance of organized crime? Were there gangs in ancient Egypt or m…[View]
6472230why russians didn't use plate armor? I've heard it's because they were too poor but t…[View]
6474703How where relations betwen NVA and soviet soldires and civilians in general: i can imagine the conve…[View]
6473466Hello, da dis iz da /hiz/ helpline. Vat do you need?[View]
6474039The Frankish tower: Was it right or wrong to destroy it?[View]
6472714Why do people nowadays tend to view 'imperialism' as an inherently evil concept when historically pe…[View]
6474054>When the Algerian War began in 1954, Camus was confronted with a moral dilemma. He identified wi…[View]
6473854How hard is it to learn ancient or ionic greek or latin? Should i iust give up I can speak english a…[View]
6473300The House of Wessex should replace the foreign House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. Fo…[View]
6474730Who are some people you admire who most people dislike[View]
6474797How does one go about becoming the foremost expert in something?[View]
6473897Is the title of Caliph supposed to be a hereditary dynasty? Can it be elected in the same way as Cat…[View]
6472390Why took it so long to conquer Frisia?[View]
6472577the great depression: i don't get the great depression, couldn't the government force stor…[View]
6471655Lingua Franca 2019: If you ware given a choice (aka, gigantic strategic & cultural domination) w…[View]
6468619My father says Germany should have started the war in 1945 after building up their navy to take out …[View]
6474836Would've been a better outcome for Rome. Octavian can go fuck himself[View]
6473270Adams: /his/ pilled?[View]
6473968How was education in the huminites and history in the Warsaw Pact?[View]
6473244I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6474204Need help finding out what this is: Was clearing out my grandfather's stuff and found this. Cle…[View]
6474606Excluding the literal shit-show that has been the last 100 years for the country, do you think India…[View]
6470738German Blitzkrieg: How did the world react to this? From most peoples point of view at the time some…[View]
6472438>be T*otoyomi H*deyoshi >ban Christianity, kill and persecute Christians >Adopted daughter …[View]
6472873Images of Jesus Christ[View]
6474212>Korea has unironic Confucianists https://youtu.be/3ow4MlEzf0Y Based AF…[View]
6471578B.I.B.L.E.: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Holy shit this is amazing[View]
6474184Can German occupation of France be considered an exemple of slavery in modern western Europe? >Th…[View]
6467404What three or four religions do you think will be the main ones in a thousand years?[View]
6469558What was the worst decade in human history? Hard mode: no 20th century[View]
6467898I wanna study Rome. Where do I start?[View]
6472748What drug, legal or illegal, causes the most financial harm to American society? I've been tol…[View]
6470305Free France more like flee France lol[View]
6472432>most of the crusades were failures >dude deus vult lmao XD…[View]
6474462What was the best way in the history of humanity to make citizens patriotic?[View]
6473290Is it ever okay to say the word 'retard'?[View]
6474432Describe an historical event with a random quote[View]
6474335why do people care so much about Haplogroups and steppe people? if I put >r1a >r1b >bmac …[View]
6474360>People keep asking me if I’m back, and I haven’t really had an answer. But now yeah, I’M THINKIN…[View]
6474380Them germanics: Why are languages like Burgundian and vandalic are considered to be related to gothi…[View]
6474344What is humanity's best case scenario given the situation we're in?[View]
6472175Succession of Rome: If the Ottomans and Turkey were not Muslim there is no doubt that they would hav…[View]
6472516Will /his/ be watching the upcoming enthronement ceremony of the next Japanese Emperor on April 30 a…[View]
6470774Do you have anything to say to me anon?[View]
6473610Go back in time: I know this is a hypothetical question. And I know this is probably asked before. L…[View]
6469844Indo-Europeans: Looking at this map, it's hard not to feel a profound sense of both astonishmen…[View]
6472540The legacy of slavery lasted 2 generations (between black individuals): https://www.jstor.org/stable…[View]
6473350Any cases of gorillas being mistaken for very hairy humans?[View]
6466168/his/ library: Looks like somebody forgot to bump the thread! General collection - https://mega.nz/#…[View]
6474162How close are Sardinians in appearance compared to the farmers in the Linear Pottery Culture in what…[View]
6473806Biggest /his/torical morons?[View]
6473831He killed millions...[View]
6473739What historical and cultural factors have managed to make the Japanese one of the most xenophobic an…[View]
6472941Would it have been smarter for Hitler, instead of targeting Western Europe, to invade thr Soviet Uni…[View]
6472170Is this legit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClR9tcpKZec[View]
6474049>Timeline where world wars didn't happen. Ugh...[View]
6474026Remember Kiki: I’m going to post this every day until you remember him.[View]
6469058Do you think 'Cultural Appropriation' exists? Is culture something that can be stolen?[View]
6473936how did America nuke Japan twice, overthrow their government, and then, in less than 30 years, turn …[View]
6472710ITT we prove Bible is the truth: Post proofs that Bible is correct >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
6473553YOUVE GOT MAIL: A weekly subscription service started by a college student sends you actual mail of …[View]
6473678How good will this class be?[View]
6470731Where can i get a very rough overview of all of written history? I've been browsing /his/ for a…[View]
6473406What defines a Frenchman, German, etc? How far back do you have to go to see what group being a desc…[View]
6469312What are some historical bromances?[View]
6473367How exactly did pre-modern philosophers come up with atomism?[View]
6472462Was Christianity the Marxism/Communism of its day? Obsessions with iconoclasm mirror modern day cult…[View]
6471119*Releases a Rothschild Banker*: *proceeds to murder hundreds of thousands Jewish peasants* What did …[View]
6473423Here's forty shillings on the drum To those who volunteer to come, To 'list and fight the …[View]
6469149There is no reason we should preserve old buildings.Yes, it is sad to see them go away, but after tw…[View]
6473253CIA in veitnam: I know what Vietnam was about, it was about opium. The CIA was also active in Laos …[View]
6472405>Laser scanning of the Angkor region found it to be a large Megalopolis WOAH…[View]
6462635What were the absolute worst presidential candidates in US history?[View]
6471506Architecture: Do you like architecture as it is famously known nowadays?[View]
6472332>Sir Samuel Romilly, speaking to the House of Commons on capital punishment in 1810, declared tha…[View]
6472247Thoughts? Critics fucking hated it at the time. But audiences still loved it.[View]
6471914History of the Hamdanians[View]
6471052Haplogroups K and G?: With as little autism as possible, can anybody explain to me the significance …[View]
6472105Hahahaha. Did Chinese '''people''' really cry so much? Lmao what a bunch of sissies.[View]
6469656When you’re playing Assassin’s Creed and the French Tricolor is flying, but it’s only 1789.[View]
6472627>babylon >persia >greeks >rome >france >anglos >america Who is the next Babylon…[View]
6436039Female warriors/soldiers in history?[View]
6471562ramblings: Free Will cannot be chosen if you are doing what you are told or compelled to do. If you …[View]
6470848Sankara thread: Was he the only based communist other than Tito?[View]
6471478How did liberal identitarianism completely displace leftist politics in the USA? >https://www.mar…[View]
6469051Why was this the way HBO's Rome chose to portray Cato, an energetic man who was five years youn…[View]
6471114Imagine having your whole religion started by a guy who just wanted to fuck more[View]
6462110post 20th century art you respect: also what would this art style be called[View]
6471324Why does everyone hate the British here?[View]
6472085Can someone give me a quick rundown on the history of Chad?[View]
6471855PIE Urheimat candidates: >most of the names for trees and animals common to the Indo-European lan…[View]
6468722'Hello my name is Yahweh and this is my wife, Asherah. I am a war god in my pantheon'[View]
6472177After the Roman Empire fell, how long did it take for Europeans to reach the same quality of life it…[View]
6472447>All men are created equal Do you agree with this statement?[View]
6469986What can we do about the marginalization of history and humanities, bros? Now don’t get me wrong, S…[View]
6471219Past Apocalyptic Events: Can we have a thread to discuss apocalyptic or semi-apocalyptic events? By …[View]
6470821>european countries make authoritarian oppression, xenophobia, and thought control the foundation…[View]
6470841Were the Kurds ever close to having their own nationstate?[View]
6472182How did debt slavery as seen today come about? We live in the first world, we have more things than…[View]
6471224>Peter Donaldson, the navigator who had flown with Bill Staton on the night of the Sylt raid, too…[View]
6472289>set up international law and legal precedent in favor of human rights and war crimes >immedia…[View]
6471485>19 And (unto man): O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden and eat from whence ye will, bu…[View]
6466266>without religion there would be no morals[View]
6468843How will history remember the EZLN? Another communist group that would have killed millions of thei…[View]
6471936>ywn have a wife that deeply loves you and mourn you until her death[View]
6472237Patriotism/Nationalism that is rational: How common historically has rational patriotism been? I.e. …[View]
6470932Mods are asleep. Quick, post about the Sengoku era of Japan.[View]
6472226This mad lad has died Press F to pay respects 4chan[View]
6471961why was it so hard to beat a few guys on horses?[View]
6469878What exactly do the Falun Gong believe in? Are they a legitimate religion? Or are they just generic …[View]
6472116The Antillean Confederation: >The Confederación Antillana or Antillean Confederation was the vehe…[View]
6471260Please give me constructive criticism on this map I made of Indo-European language /his/[View]
6472100The Giza Mass-Autism array was a memetic weapon used by the hwan empire against the finns in the fin…[View]
6472065Has /his/ seen this documentary? Any thoughts?[View]
6471900I need to do 3 page essay on an historical event of my choosing First dubs decide what i write about…[View]
6468152Map of Japan: How accurate is this for a map of Japan during the Sengoku Jidai?[View]
6442979The Huns, what he fuck happened to them?[View]
6461474I love old photographs that have been colorized, does anyone have any interesting ones?[View]
6471734For Tsar and the Soviets https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mladorossi[View]
6471700An alive pianoman appears on Athen's Akropolis in 300 Bc and claims in fluent greek that he is …[View]
6464679Why didn’t the Mali empire grow bigger than this ? It seems like they could’ve expanded further east…[View]
6471237>don't attack Russia during the Winter XDDDD When did this meme start?…[View]
6471684What was /his/ like under the /pol/tard occupation?[View]
6471635What kind of economic incentive the North had for abolishing slavery? I doubt that they only did out…[View]
6470620ITT: One-liners and jokes that make you giggle >The Germans are so efficient and hard-working tha…[View]
6471665Reminder that South Asia was originally Austro-Asiatic. Dravidian invaded from the west closely foll…[View]
6470674Is it possible that dragons actually have some basis in reality as a historical animal that was driv…[View]
6470464Name leaders you think deserve more respect. A choice is pic related.[View]
6468370Australian aboriginals were all stone age hunter gather: >Australian aboriginals were all stone a…[View]
6471122Why do we treat Hinduism as an 'Indian' religion? Hinduism reached Southeast Asia around the same ti…[View]
6466061Name a historical event more boring than this shit Pro tip: can't[View]
6471573Uploaded my AncestryDNA data to Morley Haplogroup predictor. How accurate is this? Can they really …[View]
6465972What if reconstruction had been fully implemented?[View]
6470483what is this aesthetic based off of?[View]
6467664ITT: Historical figures you used to admire but now hate[View]
6470523Is Uncle Claudius the greatest Boomer of Antiquity?[View]
6468903How was time perceived before we made clocks or even sun dials? Do humans have a primal feeling of w…[View]
6443301Refusenik: Why did the Soviets refuse to let the Jews emigrate while also holding an anti-Semitic st…[View]
6470658Why is Rhodesia so revered? It was politically irrelevant in its heyday[View]
6469040Nixon and the Antiwar Movement: How did the Nixon administration react to the antiwar movement? Woul…[View]
6470167In a hypothetical race war, which side would you take? Greens or Blues?[View]
6470354Did Russian nobility really use French for their daily communication up until the (((Bolshevik Revol…[View]
6467429He was a great man. Name one thing wrong he did.[View]
6458515What was the biggest ''oh shit'' moment in history?[View]
6467353Dresden: >act only according to that maxim by which at the same time will that it should become a…[View]
6470304Serious question here. Why's this dude venerated as one of history's greatest generals? …[View]
6468499What do you think would have happened if Caeser caught Pompey alive?[View]
6470913how did this half-am*rican lunatic have the country's balls in a vice?[View]
6467237Why isn't christianity considered a pagan religion when it's just neo-platonism repackaged…[View]
6469406What race were the ancient Egyptian ruling class?[View]
6470672>be a brazilian soldier from São Paulo in the paraguayan war >tired of marching all day while …[View]
6470667Why does this make people so mad?[View]
6466930Why does France get such a bad reputation: In WW2, Demark surrendered basically without a fight in 6…[View]
6470574Spanish Civil War: Why did the Republicans lose?[View]
6470488Everyday I become more and more hatefilled: https://twitter.com/LibraryJournal/status/11182326158473…[View]
6470624The 1860s. >The Taiping Rebellion in Full Swing in China:1850-1864 >American Civil War: 1861-1…[View]
6469633Why did anti-chinese immigration views in the US decline so sharply in the early 20th century?[View]
6470551Good books about pirates and the golden age of piracy?[View]
6466830I miss them: What Warsaw pact country was best to live in? In 60s / 70s / 80s?[View]
6468060ITT: spicy historical theories you actually believe >India was never truly colonised by the Briti…[View]
6469709What really happens when you die?[View]
6463774>Ancient DNA Paper on Euro Megaliths (also all around Ancient DNA thread): https://www.pnas.org/c…[View]
6464581titanic: April 15th, 1912, 2:20 am. The Titanic sinks, around 3 hours after having struck an iceberg…[View]
6470012how could the soviet union have won the cold war?: was it even possible?[View]
6470219In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the …[View]
6458763Does the existence of Jewish slave-ship captains and the Arab slave-trade absolve western nations of…[View]
6466817What are some examples of artistic works ceated by children?[View]
6469884Absolute mad lads of /his/tory: >An African despot, Idi Amin Dada laid claim to the Scottish thro…[View]
6470103>that time when BIG BALTIC BVLLs were a colonial empire, too[View]
6468998Rand wants you not to abandon reason That's not too much to ask for, is it?[View]
6466553I was a fedora tipper growing up (with a Protestant upbringing) but now I'm an agnostic and inc…[View]
6469208Thoughts on John Green's new European Crash Course series? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNCw…[View]
6468441Why black Americans are leaderless ?[View]
6464238The Tiananmen Square Massacre: Press f to pay respects[View]
6465591>implying notre dame is even half as important to christianity as pic related Lets be honest notr…[View]
6468842Any good books or documentations on the Jacobite Risings?[View]
6469774Shivaji: Was Shivaji the greatest national revivalist? Or is it the Hongwu Emperor?[View]
6469354What was his name again?[View]
6469776Imperialism: Is imperialism memetic?[View]
6467629Theologically what prevents a robot from being a preist?[View]
6469343Did he have any mental demons?[View]
6468416Why did Solomon have 700 wives and 300 concubines?[View]
6467716tell me about this place[View]
6469702How did this idiot become so massively influential?[View]
6469559i wonder what the western world would be like today had Carthage (theoretically) defeated Rome in th…[View]
6467921Why is the medieval era so romanticized?[View]
6466233how far would the mongols have gotten without their chinese siege engineers?[View]
6469572Historically speaking, has there been less or more outlash towards relationships/marriages between w…[View]
6467293Why are people downplaying iranian and berber muslim scholars and scientist like ibn khaldun and ave…[View]
6469503Is Prosperity Gospel basically the Christian equivalent of Talmudism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
6469458Christian morality has been the cornerstone of European culture for nearly 2,000 years. Our technolo…[View]
6465688England got absolutely fucking destroyed in the Anglo-French war of 1213-14 and almost totally kicke…[View]
6467009Are there any recorded cases where the actual quality of troops themselves - not of training, arms, …[View]
6468868Are there any real movements to revive the indigenous religions of Europe or is it all just larping?[View]
6469095So /pol/ thinks they've invented something novel with the honkpill. Does anyone want to tell th…[View]
6463652Why does everyone hate on the great helm?[View]
6468603>read history >suddenly want to genocide Anglos and Franks Anyone else?…[View]
6469002Roman rumors and legands about Britain: I remember hearing a few Roman legends about the island in a…[View]
6469155Thoughts on absurdism? I thought it was just a niche field in comedy. Turns out it's also a phi…[View]
6469140Interesting account from an Albanian of Shkoder preceding Ottoman conquest, 2 years after Skanderbeg…[View]
6466986How are the civil war, cultural revolution and Tiananmen Square remembered in contemporary chinese c…[View]
6468322There are people alive RIGHT NOW who will still be around in the 23rd century: Do you believe, as I …[View]
6468282Did blacks independently develope agriculture or did the white do that for them too?[View]
6469048If remembrance laws are so amazingly pervasive that no true free speech can be done about the holoca…[View]
6465493Alright, give me the straight dirt: on Britain's genetic history. What are the relative contrib…[View]
6450902Should the U.S be considered a meme because of Vietnam?[View]
6467475In the last year of the American Civil War, were Southern soldiers more over concerned with fighting…[View]
6435017islam & slavery: is it even possible to abolish slavery in islam? mohammad (who should be follow…[View]
6468864Imagine unironically buying the dredsen hoax in 2019 lol,The krauts lied to gain power and sympathy …[View]
6468575How much was European chivalry influenced by Islamic culture? Some old history books say it was basi…[View]
6468642Prior to the Protestant Reformation, how 'unified' was the Catholic Church or Orthodox Church or wha…[View]
6463899Why is it that East Asian cities were so sprawled out despite being so dense? Why didn't they b…[View]
6468023Was Hannibal Barca a black man?: That's what it said on the History Channel.[View]
6468605What is World War II had happened in the 1920s or 1930s? How different would it have been?[View]
6468561Did colonization fuck up Africa or improve it,I'd say both bad in the sense that the western po…[View]
6464675Alright! /his/ I'm buying a plane ticket and going to Europe for a Holiday. I'd like to kn…[View]
6468200>guys, how can you seriously like Muhammed? He might have unified a bunch of feuding tribes into …[View]
6468488History doesn't exist.[View]
6467032America's Secret Foreign Legion: What can you tell me about this? I know a bit about mercenarie…[View]
6468047In honor of Notre Dame's vaulted ceilings doing exactly what they were designed to do, let…[View]
6468041Herero and Namaqua Genocides: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
6467348Give me the quick rundown on this country? Did they actually have a legitimate claim to nationhood?[View]
6467734What was the relationship between Flanders and France like?[View]
6468328Can you be both a nihilist and a hedonist or does one preclude the other?[View]
6466934What makes a good leader/politician?: >Truth >Strategy >Power >Intelligence >Assertiv…[View]
6467605What the fuck was his problem?[View]
6468006Would martin Luther King Jr actually say this? https://youtu.be/M5FR1LGsT7E[View]
6433170How Manchu Islamophobia caused the Panthay rebellion in Qing dynasty China: In 1856, the Governor-ge…[View]
6467165Is /his/ a fan of the Sanfedists? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xid2_oEP5ho[View]
6468190Jewish routine sacrifice: I assent as fake and gay. Despite, how can numerous independent reports co…[View]
6467863American Class: I've watched a number of British documentaries and one of the biggest things th…[View]
6464931Gnostics: Redpill me on these guys and their philosophy. They really crazy, but interest af[View]
6468043was churchill the orange man of 1940's?[View]
6466254How did slaves cope with their shitty life?[View]
6467591Why weren't their any Big communist in South Asia movements then compared to other former Europ…[View]
6466589Was Vlad Dracula really that bad or are all the stories about him just turkish lies and propaganda?[View]
6458835Religion will be gone by 2100, and thats a good thing[View]
6467510Islam doesn't subscribe to slave morality, that is why Nietzsche and Evola loved it. http://isl…[View]
6467849Anyone fantasize about being some highborn heir and betrothed to qt noble girl? I'm so lonely[View]
6465301Is South America in fact the only continent that was basically untouched by World War II? I know th…[View]
6467447How come France still holds so much land overseas? Why didn't they have to let go of it like Br…[View]
6467890Any good books and other sources on human prehistory, archaeology and culture?[View]
6465670Best president of your country: Ironically, the best president of Venezuela was a 'dictator'.[View]
6467640what are some historical examples of great leaders that died before they could secure the future?[View]
6467848Who would win in a boxing fight?[View]
6455468Look how they massacred my boy[View]
6467285I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6448903Post your favorite figures in African history. Pic related.[View]
6467209Why are Yanks so quick to jump on pseudoarchaeology? >muh Soultrean >muh vikings in Minnesota …[View]
6465090Any historical examples of lost heritage? Not by modern people, but by cultures of the past, who los…[View]
6467752Ugh.....what could've been.[View]
6465563>EVERY religion just cherry picks their holy tex--[View]
6467590Which ancient city had the best urban planning? I like the Chinese cosmological city layout of Chang…[View]
6465275Which one was the coolest? Who would win if they all fought each other? Suppose armies can teleport …[View]
6467623>Renaissance was pagan[View]
6467509Remember Kiki: I’m going to post this every day until you remember him.[View]
6463429>4600 years old. >Still in great condition. I think he'll be fine.…[View]
6458493was jesus just another jewish rebel whose movement happened to gain popularity?[View]
6467494ITT post peculiar geopolitical situations.[View]
6467312He was the only president capable of defeating the Soviets. Every other president was always losing,…[View]
6467031>almost fully reunite Alexander's empire >get assassinated by a retard piece of trash inb…[View]
6467070Objective: Survive: Your are put in charge of any Sub-Saharan kingdom/tribe in 1827 (pic related) an…[View]
6467451Redpill me on al andulas[View]
6466580What do you think about the fact that many of the men who founded modern statistics--Galton, Pearson…[View]
6466794So are there any records of the Black Sun being used in German pagan religion or is it basically som…[View]
6460325/his/ Games: Give me some first person games that emphasize historical accuracy, no matter if shoote…[View]
6465098The humble shield: This is the most underrated weapon in the world. With this, even the mightiest po…[View]
6467250Is it morally correct to acquiesce to a democratic decision contrary to your beliefs if it's ma…[View]
6465154Is the /pol/ meme that Hitler was only antisemitic and not generally racist at all supported by the …[View]
6467111What was the most /fa/ pre-modern nation?[View]
6467171>His parents were cousins. Now think about this. It's WW2. He's the most famous/infamo…[View]
6467146Buddha gestures (not mandras): I am looking for th events that took place that made people refer to …[View]
6465445Do we own our bodies?: So, do we actually own our bodies/ourselves or not? Is it cucked to think of …[View]
6467062Masculinity: Are there any ancient texts talking about what it means to be masculine? I'm sure …[View]
6465951what will be the philosophy of the future? modern neoliberalism can't exist until the end of m…[View]
6466685What is the great filter /his/?[View]
6466619>Churchill Bad! WHY attack germany we dindu nuffin >The eternal anglo left poland that we dest…[View]
6463656Was there ever a point in human history where crossdressing was acceptable? Any historical expamples…[View]
6466832Is modern liberal society really irreligious, or is the underlying biological substrate of religious…[View]
6466654Hey /his/ this is my waifu Titanic-chan She loves: >The Atlantic >United Kingdom >Her siste…[View]
6465365Isolated groups of cities/towns?: Are there any historical examples of isolated groups of small popu…[View]
6466801The great famine of 1315: Was cannibalism really rampant? Or was this just legend?[View]
6466535Was there a nation that took part in WW2 that didn't commit war crimes? Serious question as it…[View]
6465521Why were glassbowers and other glass crafters so valuable? Is it true that they were not allowed to …[View]
6466174what were the living situation for samurais during the sengoku era? Did they live in rural estates l…[View]
6453658What are some good books on the Iraq-Iran war and the Chechen wars?[View]
6451612Why didn't people in the past have more compassion for the infirm?[View]
6466276Damn Diaochan looked like THAT?!?[View]
6465277What is better, a republic or a monarchy?[View]
6465836How will History remember him?[View]
6459115So the bad guy won?[View]
6466065netherlands: Tell me about the Netherlands, /his/. I'm curious as to how a shitty backwater in …[View]
6466413Tell me about Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth: How powerful was Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth histor…[View]
6466358Why is it called Vinland? Grape doesn't even grow at that latitude. Could it be that whole nord…[View]
6466220>tfw you're currently living in history[View]
6459009American here. Are we the baddies?[View]
6463741Have you had a Hegel phase?[View]
6465235I have a humanities related question.: If you know for a fact that your religion is 100% true. Why s…[View]
6466240I like this hat very nice hat[View]
6461574Can we conclusively saw how much Southeast Asian culture is Indian compared to Sino? (Excluding Viet…[View]
6452088Life in the GDR: What was it actually like to live in East Germany?[View]
6464821Little known facts: Idolatry wasn't the reason the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statues of Bamy…[View]
6465474Islam and Western Civilization: 1/2Often it is asked--no, rather it is stated that Islam is antithet…[View]
6465338Why do the Chinese constantly fuck each other over in history? It seems like they are more prone to …[View]
6465245Isn't this world just merciful? Everywhere I look I only see minimal suffering that is utterly …[View]
6461799What’s the history of Notre Dame cathedral?[View]
6457981>6'4' Not once did he think maybe the fact that he won so many battles is because he's …[View]
6465230Historical people who you sympathize with.[View]
6465895was he based or just a pseud that cheated people out of their money?[View]
6461389How did people in South Asia and Southeast Asia become such sexual puritans? Thier traditional cult…[View]
6465887Why has no one ever tried syndicalism?[View]
6463984Quick! Name one (1) book on grand strategy, maritime strategy, or statecraft.[View]
6464464What the fuck was Silphium and why it was regarded so high by Ancient Egyptians and Romans? They lik…[View]
6465047Society: 'civilization' >can only consist of rulers and subjects >subjects cucked to a life of…[View]
6464681Why are there so many pseudo-Christians here?[View]
6464361Vlad Dracula: Lets say you were a supporter of Vlad. Maybe a commoner or a nobleman who liked his ru…[View]
6458994'Absolute mad men' of history I'll start >pic related[View]
6465438Historically, what's been the value of the northwestern Balkan region? It doesn't seem to …[View]
6465186>Brezhnev's main passion was driving foreign cars given to him by leaders of state from acro…[View]
6464356Historically, how and why did drugs become a major problem for modern society when they were traditi…[View]
6465209What factors caused the decline of the Cosa Nostra?[View]
6465041Studying History: After 2 years of studying CS I've realised that I'm going to die in fron…[View]
6464105>Gang of Four >Ten Marshals >Five Man Group >Eight Elders >Hundred Flowers Campaign …[View]
6465538Which Treaty of Paris is the best?: For me, it's the Treaty of Paris (1323)[View]
6465532>In reference to the education of black children, he remarked, 'The only effect of Negro educatio…[View]
6464156Thanks to Ney we were denied the next Alexander.[View]
6464923https://youtu.be/VG9evHIafx4 Turkish is related to Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese through similar …[View]
6465160how comfy was medieval furniture and textiles?[View]
6463982Who instigated the 1st crusade? What were the cause of the subsequent ones? My history professor exp…[View]

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