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5818386Was pic related the last Augustus of the Western Roman Empire?[View]
5815635>It's impossible to win a war on drugs Don't mind me, just destroying your narrative…[View]
5814823ITT: Post a historical event without naming it[View]
5815886So, let's discuss what area/region/country was a peak of humanity in each century starting from…[View]
5816529Books on Arabian mythology?[View]
5810412Why do people still whine over this retard in 2018?[View]
5814221>study history >study philosophy >study theology >convert to Judaism Anyone else?…[View]
5792911Based Turks.[View]
5816209ANE - Ancient North Eurasians: Tell me about ANE /his/ are they really the ancestors of IE? What…[View]
58162814chan Es como familia: 4chan ese lugar donde tú puedes publicar todo lo que tú puedas es el lugar do…[View]
5815022What are some good unbiased books on what happened with Yugoslavia and the whole mess in the Balkans…[View]
5818114>The syphilitic ramblings of Nietzsche have like a totally deep meaning, dude…[View]
5816244Throughout history, which people or country has suffered the most? My vote goes to Russians >be r…[View]
5811813The Seven Kings of Rome. Were they real or not?[View]
5817566How can you be the most powerful ruler in the world but at the same time have more problems to handl…[View]
5817910Is there a connection between the Sami people and the native Americans? They seem to have many cultu…[View]
5814773Can we have a thread about the Boshin War and the Bakumatsu era?[View]
5816461Palingenetic ultranationalism: >fascism is best defined as a revolutionary form of nationalism, o…[View]
5816318Monarchism vs Fascism: Whats the difference?.[View]
5817238Was Churchills mother Jewish?[View]
5817134IS stoicism overrated, /his/?[View]
5815584if epigenetics and biological determinism are a thing(and they are), western style liberalism and in…[View]
5817728>Love is a paradox equal to its opposite. >Jesus is God rearranged in alternate form. >The …[View]
5817633am i rape baby mother and father are turkish, i have no idea where the 12 percent italian comes from[View]
5815931>but people overcourious of the past are often ignorant of the present Was he right?…[View]
5813617Was it justified?[View]
5816020Is there any more overrated miltary group than Ukrainian Cossacks?[View]
5808214Just Germans being Germans before Hitler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herero_and_Namaqua_genocide …[View]
5815587Why is human history a miserable vale of tragedy, bloodshed, and tears?[View]
5817138Soldiers marrying local wenches: How were Japanese and Filipino war trophy wives perceived in the US…[View]
5817347Does anybody know where this is from?[View]
5816425I found this weird cross while gardening the other day (location: Hungary, the part that was previou…[View]
5814220How similar were Cao Cao and Oda Nobunaga?[View]
5814767Is Central Asia the worse region on the landmass for civilization? Think. Cold dry deserts that enco…[View]
5816063Was he good for Chile?[View]
5816691Who was the most powerful woman ruler in history?[View]
5810611Why are turks and tatars so bad at war?: Commonwealth-ottoman worth is literally just poles and thei…[View]
5812641How will America be remembered in the future?[View]
5815605Why do Nordics make the best warriors in history? >Germanic tribes >franks >vikings and var…[View]
5815080This is what the peoples of Russia used to look like before the arrival of the Nordics[View]
5813806Were the Ottomans the prototype Saudis? >backwards islamic empire >complete disregard for huma…[View]
5816930Serfs of /his/, what is your favorite noble, royal, aristocratic, etc family in history? Any era, an…[View]
5816545Why were the missiles on Cuba such a big deal when Soviet could just launch from submarines from any…[View]
5813154Lee Kuan Yew: How influential was he actually in turning Singapore into practically first world nati…[View]
5816601I need all the info I can get on books about economy in medieval and roman times But this shit is ap…[View]
5815521*blocks your path*[View]
5815177>tfw you will never see St. Thomas Aquinas take Shahadah live on Peace TV…[View]
5816333Daily reminder to communists brownsing /his/: Nikita Khrushchev, having served as a military commiss…[View]
5816638>be muhammad mujadin XVIII >be of marriage age >abduct beautiful 13 year old girl and make …[View]
5816538what happens on a windy day[View]
5815026Honestly, who would you vote for?[View]
5807500I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
5816604/hislit/ thread help people out: Does /his/ recommend any good books on Sino Japanese war, Chinese C…[View]
5816565Aye guys is the story of Sawney Bean real ? Happened in history other similar events ?[View]
5811447Why is the eagle the symbol of Empire? Is it just an emulation of Rome, or is it something else? And…[View]
5815593She went to same church[View]
5815992*blocks your atheism* Heh, nothing personel, kid[View]
5816273Are there any works which largely accept the principles of Christian theology while rejecting the in…[View]
5816480>Denounces wealth >One of the wealthiest Romans >Preaches ethics and moral virtue >Advis…[View]
5815957Richard Carrier: So Why nobody, outside of r/atheism, takes this man seriously?[View]
5811728>Baghdad is the first city to have a million people >Cordoba is the most advanced city of Euro…[View]
5815105IstanBULL, home.[View]
5815773ITT: /tv/ approved by /his/[View]
5816286I'm crying bros I just want her back...[View]
5816172Uncovering the African Presence in Medieval Europe: Were sub-Saharan African people present in medie…[View]
5816104American history: Any good documentaries on early American history? The early colonies, independence…[View]
5816256Mi archienemiga: Hoy vengo a publicar Mi historia y como una niña de 6 años puede ser la más querida…[View]
5814453How can be one man so based and redpilled?[View]
5815357So when i was younger my dad told me that the first gun was invented to be a more humane way to put …[View]
5815869Taking into account that we all know enough history to be able to make educated predictions, what do…[View]
5815086Why did the African Americans treat native Liberian's like shit? You'd think being a freed…[View]
5815580A storm is brewing in the East... The Goths were not invading, they were merely running scared from …[View]
5810374looking for a nerd to answer this: How the fuck did the Polynesians find the islands and new Zealand…[View]
5816084Is /his/ the board we go to to discuss antiques? Do any of you collect? What do you collect? Any adv…[View]
5810519How did europeans actually treat abos?: No pc bullshit i want the hard facts[View]
5815347Bruh: Just have a fucking son Jesus Christ What was wrong with these people?[View]
5815784God: Is God real? What is his nature? Do we find him through subjective revelation or through object…[View]
5815847Why is Greece considered the cradle of western civilization if much of it was spawned from Mesopotam…[View]
5814538Well, Theo?[View]
5814927We know when the US and Canada became independent, but when did their 'daddy' - England - gain its O…[View]
5815306Seriously have you fags tried googling 'why wasn't hitler a socialist?' The first 5 links are …[View]
5815319What should be the human philosophy on Adult gene therapy? I am of course talking about the future w…[View]
5814506Isn't God's morality subjective?: Prove this wrong.[View]
5807400How did the people of the past morally justify ownership of other humans?[View]
5810733What was the deal with him and wanting to nuke china?[View]
5811231What is the endgame of capitalism?[View]
5815474>fights commies in the 20's >loses a war 22 years later >a mix of nazis and bolshevik…[View]
5812601can you please recommend videos like these ? I like to be shown events that hapenned around the worl…[View]
5808771>last non-Christian ruler of the Roman Empire >raised by the Gothic slave >btfo the Alamann…[View]
5813512So why did Brits throw out the lords from the House of Lords? Why did they hate their own nobility s…[View]
5810424Redpill me on pre-Islamic Arabia. Were Islamic ideas and traditions always present even before Islam…[View]
5813089Were horses that bad compared to tanks?[View]
5811853Convince me of the merits of absolute free speech.: I'm not American so this idea is not what I…[View]
5814064https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_Chang_(Southern_Han) Can you just imagine being this guy[View]
5815141Donner Party Protestant: >send out a party to find help >had 6 days of rations (meager but not…[View]
5811969When did a European power become more powerful than the Ottomans and which power was it?[View]
5810197Why no native american civ survived :'<[View]
5814307Now that the dust has settle(?) Can we have an honest discussion about whether or not he was in the …[View]
5813778What makes a good historian? What's the best way to extract 'truth' from conflicting historical…[View]
5809133>Hannibal crosses the Alps with these instead of normal elephants How does history change?…[View]
5815103>Oh ffs this autist again[View]
5793327Is there a simple reason why a society wouldn't advance at all in 60,000 years?[View]
5813183If Caesar had control of U.S. forces in Vietnam, what would he have done?[View]
5815165Why is ancient pre-Roman armor so impractical and weird?[View]
5813795There is no such thing as 'Mediterranean race'. North Africans are simply whites who are mutted with…[View]
5815055ok seriously what the FUCK was his problem???[View]
5815089He was actually a top commander. >muh supply lines He understood that British will probably hav…[View]
5807822Over glorified military strategies: Can someone explain to me why people think blitzkreig was some f…[View]
5815058Why is my boy Grover the greatest president of the 1880s-90s?[View]
5814077Were monks medieval neets?[View]
5814712Name one good thing that came from the Protestant Reformation Hard mode: You can't say Chick Fi…[View]
5814146can anyone rec some books about franklin pierce and his presidency?[View]
5815033https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sesostris >Herodotus also relates that when Sesostris defeated an a…[View]
5814587Is it true that the arabs convinced Malians to trade their gold for literal sand to the point of ext…[View]
5811330Which historical document has the best prose or generally just reads well?[View]
5813569What would be of them if Europeans never set foot in the Americas?[View]
5806519>professor puts their book on the course reading list[View]
5812615Have women always been roasties? post historic redpills on women...[View]
5814267was there ever a point in it's history that Mexico was actually stable?[View]
5814242WW1 in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKFZjZPxkys[View]
5813229Islam’s logical inconsistencies: Why does Islam make no sense? I understand the importance of faith …[View]
5814818What can /his/ tell me about Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, etc.…[View]
5807059Muhammad Ali / Ottomans: So this.......is the power.......of the Albanian bull..[View]
5814656Was waiting at the ports to travel by ship as boring and soul crushing as waiting at the airport tod…[View]
5814370How do I go about finding my religion/God?[View]
5814631what was the Islamic equivalent of Divine Rights of Kings[View]
5811350Common law or Civil law?: Which one is objectively the better system?[View]
5814424Great Military Tacticians: Share your favorite tacticians. https://youtu.be/PNqAW9ZRf5Y https://en.w…[View]
5814382Brainlet here, why are wars like WWII are viewed heroicly but wars like vietnam and WWI are viewed a…[View]
5814138Why didn't the Ottoman Turks ever make any actual scientific or philosophical or even industria…[View]
5813752Can we have a discussion on King Sargon of Akkad and his Akkadian Empire?: And his great achievement…[View]
5809516*blocks your river plate*: So what's the verdict? Based and redpilled or just glorified Caudill…[View]
5814561tfw using up all the resources in the west before returning to my homeland: Any examples of Great hi…[View]
5813742What if Greece had defeated Turkey in 1922 and the Megali Idea was achieved? What changes?[View]
5811647What would realistically happen if Australia invaded South East Asis and the South Pacific Islands?:…[View]
5813583Did armed US Communist groups like the SLA and Weathermen Underground achieve anything significant? …[View]
5814347Which historical character killed the most females? In other words, which historical character was …[View]
5811616Why did China change its name after every fucking dynasty? >宋 >元 >明 >清…[View]
5811449It’s shifting now but historically, why has public transportation typically worked better and had be…[View]
5813249NEETs of history: Post people who if they were alive today would have been shitposting on 4chan. My …[View]
5810224Why do people say the Ottoman Empire was a racist genocidal jihadist Islamic fundamentalist state? I…[View]
5810616Is there really a connection between Abraham and Brahma?[View]
5814301Is music actually considered haram in Islam?[View]
5810878Why did the Lowlands rebel against Spain? Where the spanish chads stealing all their women?[View]
5814261>What Great Courses course are you taking? >What courses have you taken? >What courses do y…[View]
5813961Were Asian countries better off economically under Japanese colonial rule than European e.g. was Kor…[View]
5812754itt: Fit lyrics to match histroical figures: He's climbin in your monasteries He's snatch…[View]
5812845Why do the Russians look so grotesquely different to their American counterparts?[View]
5807435Chrisitanity: >Jesus fullfilled none of the prophecies >God sent a human incarnation of himsel…[View]
5811256Abrahamic religions: Which do you choose?[View]
5813669France is the cancer at the heart of Europe, and has been for centuries. The most dangerous thing ab…[View]
5809422Why haven't you converted to Islam yet?[View]
5814153How do we prevent the rich from destroying society just as they had done to other countless civiliza…[View]
5813489overrepeated history tropes: >The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire…[View]
5811327In the West we have Sinologists, scholars who exclusively study Chinese history. Do the Chinese have…[View]
5811189'Class, today we're gonna learn about English liberalism. Anon! Tell me, what do you think of …[View]
5812014How did American evangelicalism come to be? a strange pseudo capitalistic cult that has a strong con…[View]
5814048You're transported into the body of pic related on the morning of 30 November 1718. What do you…[View]
5809670The Roman state, from the founding of the city of Rome in 753 BC, to the Fall of Constantinople in 1…[View]
5813983>Okay, class. Anon's got a presentation where he explains the causes of WWI like it were a L…[View]
5813144Confucianism: Has any society been more influenced by a single figure than Confucius’ influence on C…[View]
5814015Augustus was the best: >During the war, Octavian's soldiers at Perusia used sling bullets in…[View]
5812700Historically speaking, what made the hillmen so powerful? >The Gurkhas were the strongest soldier…[View]
5813484>there are people that consider Caesar the bad guy: Someone told me this and it fucking floored m…[View]
5810790ITT: Leaders who were too good for their country: pic related[View]
5811532>Alexander the Great? More like Alexander the Not-So-Great[View]
5813662>burned any Mayan codex he came across >wrote his own book on the Maya providing modern people…[View]
5811401*tin tin tin* Ahem FUCK ROMANS[View]
5812851If only Greeks had this to put around the Walls of Constantinople. The city would never have been oc…[View]
5807493Why are Serbs seen as the bad guys of Balkans? When you study Balkan history, you realize their nei…[View]
5813467Who was this guy?[View]
5813570What are some of the biggest blackpills in film form?[View]
5808828Why did the French surrender so quickly in WW2?[View]
5812078Why ?[View]
5811676Deng: How did he get away with all the market reforms and reactionary politics when Mao had drilled …[View]
5810153Does God have free will?[View]
5813035>Hey guys let me tell you about Hitler Seriously though who was the one responsible for turning t…[View]
5805731Why imprison convicted criminals when wrecking their family, removing them from jobs, placing them a…[View]
5807753One True Religion: So, what is the one true religion and why?[View]
5812412In 1946, the future Queen Elizabeth II was inducted into the Welsh Gorsedd at the National Eisteddfo…[View]
5812191Questions for Christians: 1.Assuming that the belief held is that God is perfect. Is the Bible the w…[View]
5806941Modern history starts when capital is let loose on civilization and supersedes traditional society. …[View]
5812729Why do certain anonymous posters from a famous imageboard have their heads stuck up the proverbial a…[View]
5812637>detatch yourself from all material possession Lmao no. How can anyone follow such a gloomy belie…[View]
5813030Can anyone here read Aramaic?[View]
5811097Why did nazis let an anti-fascist be their minister of war production?[View]
5812962*invades Prussia in 6 days*[View]
5812798Year is 1990. Germany unified and in Western Block. Create a scenario where USSR doesn't fall, …[View]
5807136Any good books about Bosnian War? I'm interested primariliy in the combat history, not merely p…[View]
5812995grab your homemade cider/ale, it's on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu-MGnmVGTU[View]
5812582Why couldn't France recover from the black death like other European countries? Did the French …[View]
5812934>Norwegians, Greeks and Bulgarians are the least Denisovan in Europe: How did the Denisovan DNA g…[View]
5808751Is a great man theory a meme?[View]
5799677I work in a holocaust museum ask me something[View]
5812680What made a nation eligible for 'The scramble for Africa'?: What criteria does a nation need to fulf…[View]
5810824Was the Russian Empire a proto-Soviet Union?[View]
5812469Was it autism?[View]
5804750Saladin: Was he based?[View]
5812685To all the people wondering why some societies don't advance...: The reason is because they don…[View]
5812692How could a man be so based?[View]
5812690>the most misogynistic ancient greek city were also the most influencal one and iconic Is this a …[View]
5799799Ca we have a serious and civilised Rhodesia Thread?: It's a fascinating bit of history and the …[View]
5792585/his/ humor thread[View]
5812314The Roman Republic General. RRG: The Roman republic was a Latin polity which arose in central Italy …[View]
5811706So everyone here should know how the muslims cut off european trade route to india and china, so spa…[View]
5805131The dust has long settled, so why is FDR's presidency so polarizing? People either idolize him …[View]
5810959How does killing polish children with automatic-cannon fire from a stuka dive bomber support the goa…[View]
5809103>476 AD: Western Roman Empire falls, Eastern Roman Empire remains as heir of Rome >800: Charle…[View]
5808660*goes from homeless nobody to conquering up to Moscow*[View]
5810796I TRIED SO HARD[View]
5808545Good afternoon/his/ My father found this stone 12 years ago at my grandparent’s ranch. I wet it so y…[View]
5812250ITT: What are you reading now, and what will you read next?: Currently reading Diamaid MacCulloch…[View]
5811523How much of an influence did sea power have upon history?[View]
5809106What was the real reasons behind the Paraguayan war, where 90% of the Paraguayan male population was…[View]
5808678What would the historical repercussions have been if Stalin had been born female?[View]
5810633>Study history >Become a neocon Who else?…[View]
5809017What made Normans punch above their weight?[View]
5812095Who follows Machies rules? Is there a leader right now who really is inspired by his work?[View]
5811398What are some top-tier websites or youtube videos/series to learn about ancient greece? I don't…[View]
5810835Matashichiro Yoshioka – The new head of the Yoshioka Clan was a 12 year old named Matashichiro, who …[View]
5811839>tfw you couldn't protect his smile[View]
5811664Why is papism still taken seriously in the year 2018, /his/?[View]
5811143Which one is superior[View]
5811817what went wrong and what would happen if he won?[View]
5811656'LOOK AT THIS DUDE'[View]
5805323Why was ancient and medieval combat so romanticized compared to modern warfare? It seems much more b…[View]
5808668Is Protestantism better for economy and wealthfare than Catholicism?[View]
5808820Why do Spanish people do this shit?[View]
5809944How much blame can justifiably be directed at the US for the state of Latin America over the last 80…[View]
5797234Was homosexuality really accepted in ancient greece and rome? Or is that just a revisionist meme cre…[View]
5808060What would be the future of Rus' principalities if the Mongols didn't invade???[View]
5811675How dose /his/ feel about Imam Hussain?: Islamic History general thread.[View]
5804359How did Caesar conquer Gaul?[View]
5811529Colonialism and imperialism serve the interests of capital, not migrants: This is obviously Marxist …[View]
5810689Why did dividing your army to cover the entire front become the way to go during the late 19th and 2…[View]
5810739Ancient Chinese God: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA-AkJzpKmg Is there anything this guy says…[View]
5811407Julius Caesar > Alexander the 'great' there's a reason we're using the Latin Alphabet …[View]
5804352are they over?[View]
5806303Romans said the Gauls are blond and the Germans are red haired. Why is the opposite the case today?[View]
5811296Writing some lore and i'd like to know who within the nazi war machine was for peace and or the…[View]
5810450Are Human Lives Really Worth It?: There are 7.7 billion people on Earth. Why does it matter if some …[View]
5811393CHRIST OF NATIONS: >Be Polish king >Have to give up land to brother >Fuck that >Have the…[View]
5810278Did the English view the Scots in the same way they viewed the Irish (subhuman)?[View]
5808852What does /his/ think of the beautiful meme and individual Huey Long? >Every >Man >A >…[View]
5811281Could you provide with data on the numbers of women, who voted for Hitler in 1933?[View]
5811166What can /his/ tell me about animism?[View]
5789306Medieval Illuminations: I like Illumination. Post Medieval Illuminations if you do too. Memes are al…[View]
5808829>So I heard that autism is caused by extreme levels of testosterone in the womb, so one can say t…[View]
5791513Why didn’t he embark on great conquests like Napoleon?[View]
5809228Why did they lose, and what would have happened if the Turks were able to capture Vienna? Franco-Ott…[View]
5810890https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropocene Is this real or a meme? If it is then are we living in so…[View]
5794396What is 'White man's burden'?[View]
5811274Critique my hypothesis /his/. In the Bible, technology man's sin: God was a mortal from a techn…[View]
5810614Nuclear Has Ruined Humanity: Social Darwinism worked in the past, when humanity often warred against…[View]
5811148Die Deutsche Wochenschau: I had this idea recently where I would follow WWII along with German and a…[View]
5809908Who was the MC of the pre arab nigger near east? >hint: its Assyria[View]
5803381Knight vs Janissary vs Samurai: Who would win and in what order?[View]
5810980Is it true that All of human history is just a series of Domino effects culminating into a event tha…[View]
5810932>this geek was the emperor of Japan He was angry that his wiafus want gaijin huh?…[View]
5810943Writing: Writing a history of the Nazis in Argentina. Trying to avoid hackneyed phrases. What's…[View]
5803386What factors played a role in making it so awesome?[View]
5809891How did he get away with it?[View]
5796774How did the Basque language survive Romanization? Every other language in Continental Western Europe…[View]
5805817What's the most cringest LARP you have ever come across ? The most cringest LARP i have seen is…[View]
5809454do it again bomber harris: why is Dresden spouted as the most common 'ALLYIED WAR CRIMES!!!11!!' ins…[View]
5806642Just a reminder that if you think that Byzantium stayed roman and was actually the 'Eastern Roman Em…[View]
5810613Is a cannon a musical instrument?[View]
5810377What did pope Leo tell Attila that convinced him to abandon his campaign?[View]
5803643Choose your side[View]
5806315Where does the description that Jesus look like this come from? I dont mean skin color I mean that h…[View]
5810536Help >Money is in cyber security, I'm already into computers and whatnot so I could make it …[View]
5776555Spooky events: ITT Spooky historic events and stories I'll start >The Franklin expedition …[View]
5810191Genesis: Was it allegorical?[View]
5806266Do you think there would be a market for a historical porn studio?[View]
5810473>ywn be in the timeline where Sol Invictus replaced Christianity as the dominant European religio…[View]
5807561Does every country have that one guy who was such a big traitor that his name becomes a synonym for …[View]
5809605ITT: people who were not once happy in their lives[View]
5806982Was there sea trade between sub-Saharan Africa and Morocco? If not why not?[View]
5809395was he a better commander or president?[View]
5808315That time the chinese conquered the world[View]
5809829>Along with the rest of Europe the effects of the French Revolution were felt in Wales. It brough…[View]
5797737What made spices so valuable?[View]
5804738Why do we exist[View]
5807349What are some examples of natural events like avalanches, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, etc. alter…[View]
5810200When was the best Christmas in all history (besides the first one)?[View]
5809849Free Speech: Who you guys with? Plato? Mills? Jingpin? GG Allin? Should some people just shut the fu…[View]
5808999how do holocaust deniers explain this show when they have survivors from it being interviewed and it…[View]
5809907'Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was know…[View]
5807630Greece in WW2: Why did Mussolini attack Greece?[View]
5810117Just interested: Can someone please explain the tumblr and 4-chan war and what events happened so I …[View]
5807794Is christianity the way to escape this existential angst that I've gotten? I'm having a ha…[View]
5808364>massacre millions of whites >plan to genocide white slavs and replace them with germans >w…[View]
5809551Which came first: the noumenal or the phenomenal?[View]
5809685Okay /his/ I'm looking for a certain book, maybe you guys could help me I'm looking for a …[View]
5807698Is there any element of history, as it is generally taught, that you believe to be entirely fabricat…[View]
5809747>Ishtar = Eostre[View]
5807305the concept of rationalization: Maybe it's been written about the concept of rationalization in…[View]
5809449>'damn, I didn't have breakfast' >'me neither' >*immediately resorts to cannibalism* W…[View]
5809592>'Jews, I hope you one day accept Christ in your hearts. You have suffered much under Catholicism…[View]
5808008The greatest musical composer of all time, Beethoven, was German. The greatest poet of all time, Goe…[View]
5805192Is there a solid argument for anything other than atheism?: Doesn't have to be a call to any pa…[View]
5805179>Well guys, it took 22 years of war but we finally achieved independence from England. I'm s…[View]
5809514Was Willie the Bastard the first Bolshevik? >take over a sovereign country with the backing of st…[View]
5805865Rome's Vietnam[View]
5806506ITT:Wars where the bad guys won[View]
5809459Does anyone know any good books or documentaries on ww2? Specifically Rommel/ The North African Camp…[View]
5792100Is Mers El Kebir the biggest dick move in history? There was no chance the french would've give…[View]
5808555Is it safe to say that without the Ming's intervention, Japan would definitely have captured th…[View]
5808002Islamic Renaissance?: You know how Christianity had an early flourishing with the eastern Roman Empi…[View]
5809073Is a republic the greatest form of government?[View]
5808707I don't see any I1 on this map Where were they at this time and what were they doing?[View]
5801115Is this documentary WeWuz or accurate history? Redpill me /his/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg79…[View]
5807679>spoke Frankish >descendents of the Frankish language are the Franconian languages of the Neth…[View]
5808551The great debate[View]
5801682Sizes of african armies: How large were the armies of various african empires and kingdoms? Apparent…[View]
5804164why does he attract so many redditors?[View]
5808022ITT we post historical personalities with very eventful life I will start with Giuseppe Garibaldi: …[View]
5807940War has Changed.[View]
5808644Was there any hope for a polish victory at this point?[View]
5806065>Montague Summers, in his translation of the Malleus Maleficarum,[71] notes that red hair and gre…[View]
5806438How effective was kriegsspiel for training Prussian officers? I always assumed it was just logistics…[View]
5807843How would history be different if Luther never broke his vows as a monk and instead of starting his …[View]
5808679Why was the Lisbon earthquake such a shock for intellectuals of the time? Natural disasters and deat…[View]
5808472did Saracens use crossbows?[View]
5808691/his/ MBTI: ITT: We assign an MBTI classification to a famous historical individual, or you post you…[View]
5803768Tell me about pre-Roman Iberia.[View]
5806016ITT: History's best JUSTs: >Parents die >Potato face >Child alcoholic >Passes out d…[View]
5808587was it Autism?[View]
5808269Can we really consider there to be a 'good guy' and a 'bad guy' in the second world war when British…[View]
5806062> Be Constantine > usurp the throne you had no rights to > start a bunch of civil wars and…[View]
5806620ITT:moments in history that are going into God’s cringe compilation[View]
5797273The Nine Years War (Ireland): Many people know that at some point Ireland went from “Irish” to “conq…[View]
5801479Overrated or based?[View]
5803285Where should I start with my studies of Rome?[View]
5806798>”yeah, I’m a military history buff.” >hasn’t the foggiest idea who this guy is…[View]
5807702In all seriousness, how do we still not know who this guy was? One of the most iconic photos in hist…[View]
5807414EU and Nazi Germany: How much did Nazi Germany influence the creation (and development) of the EU? I…[View]
5807983Reality of WW2: >The german success in early years of the war was based on pure luck. >Britain…[View]
5807687This balding anglo DESTROYS wehraboos and nazi apologists.[View]
5802853>ruled by vikangz >ruled by mongols >ruled by german aristocracy >ruled by a georgian …[View]
5808264How did fascism actually fill positions and decide on succession of leadership? Like I get that you …[View]
5792631Why is Lord Krishna so beautiful?[View]
5801428The problems with this board: We need to address the problem of learning and discussing history and …[View]
5802911State Flags: Who has the coolest state flag and why is it Kentucky?[View]
5806150At what point did you realize history was just a big larp for people with low brain function? Im pre…[View]
5803206Find a more aesthetic medium tank[View]
5805745Reminder that Marx ruined socialism forever and the Pre-Marxist socialists were the actual geniuses.…[View]
5675970What if you could only save one?[View]
5806534Compared to modern english, was classical latin a more advanced/sophisticated language? pic unrelate…[View]
5806655Tell me everything about Constantine the Great[View]
5807652What happened to the socialist movement in America? At the turn of the century there were real socia…[View]
5805918Why do people characterise communism as being about getting rid of the state when the literal defini…[View]
5807220Army vs. Marines in Vietnam[View]
5807470>'X was nicknamed Y by his enemies' Isnt it just a meme? I cant see a reason to give your enemy a…[View]
5805741>Österreich >Is actually to the south Did these guys not have a compass or something?…[View]
5807327Lawful evil[View]
5802899Post Ancient depictions of sexual parts.[View]
5803207Was there anyone more based than Theodora?: http://www.sacred-texts.com/cla/proc/shp/shp19.htm >T…[View]
5806859>'History repeats itself, First as tragedy, then as farce' What are some historical examples of …[View]
5805018What happened to the earliest Europeans (Cro Magnon)? Are modern Europeans descendants of the Cro Ma…[View]
5807225What's your favorite philosophical quote?[View]
5807206What does /his/ think of this guy?[View]
5797360Literally 4chan - the Emperor[View]
5806596Ok /his/, let's assume every civilization was isolationist beginning at some arbitrary point in…[View]
5803839What should I read/look up to better understand female brain, female behavior/psychology/sexuality[View]
5806962What do people think about indeterminant truth values in logic? Specifically for cases like >liar…[View]
5800156>Get me Napoleon >he's unavailable >then get me his non-union Latin American equivalen…[View]
5804488What did Alexander understand about invading Afghanistan that Britain, the Soviets, and the U.S. did…[View]
5806201So who had the best muskets in the Napoleonic wars? As far as I know they were all shit tier in accu…[View]
5806417Just Soviet Thing: >turns every citizen into a civil servant >can't fire them because it…[View]
5804883Is he right? Was Jesus the only one to ever be crucified in history?[View]
5806402Did Russia lost the Russo-japanese war to Japan due to British and American intervention?[View]
58047701871 US-Korean war: >Try to talk about pic related >Everybody always at first thinks I'm …[View]
5800440One of the most contentious subjects in all fields of social sciences and humanities is the question…[View]
5806501>final boss kills himself[View]
5806242What is it that makes british philosophy so fucking based?[View]
5800664shitty places that shouldn't be famous but are thread[View]
5806279Can you guys tell a philosophylet like me how to approach Stirner's work? Can I jump straight i…[View]
5804834Why did philosophy turn into pure garbage from the 1700s onwards?[View]
5806491Let's have one of these threads, slap together some OC if you can. Remember to keep it historic…[View]
5804038why?: >Germany in late 1944-early 1945 >kraut soldiers refuse to just leave the dutch people a…[View]
5805146>Manifest destiny[View]
5805975Why did Ryan Gosling hate Jews and love Hitler?[View]
5802675Edmund Tudor father of Henry the 7th fucked a 12 yo. Woah[View]
5804324Give me the quick rundown.[View]
5803330>Umayyad Caliphate >Defeated by Germano-Celt mongrels LARPing as Visigoths in NorthernWestern …[View]
5806235>'anybody bring snacks?' >'no, sorry' >*immediately resorts to cannibalism* What the fuck w…[View]
5803129Man-made or natural?[View]
5791322I want to understand abstract art: I fail to understand why some people prefer abstract art over rea…[View]
5802261>'Why wasn't Hitler accepted into art school? He was such a talented painter!!1!11!!' When w…[View]
5806156Scholars who you liked in some areas and then got really disappointed by when it came to other thing…[View]
5800573Champa general: Can we have a thread to discuss Champa and Cham history? No DBZ trolling please.…[View]
58060231867 editorial about the causes of the civil war: Apparently this debate has been going on since the…[View]
5805640What's up with these guy's why don't we have more information about them if it's…[View]
5804269>he uses a Bible other than the KJV[View]
5781043Most overrated tank in /his/tory?[View]
5805105WHAT were they THINKING?[View]
5800292What did the average Vietnam conscript do during his term of service?[View]
5801261There were many upsides to Britain’s victory in the first world war – most notably peace, albeit of …[View]
5804606What food gets you back to your medieval roots /his/? For me, it's the grocery store rotisseri…[View]
5805324>Buchanan had a close and intimate relationship with William Rufus King, an Alabama politician wh…[View]
5804179Chad Vikings and Celts vs virgin Saxons and Franks: >bro, I have VIKANGZ ancestors and shiet >…[View]
5802654What happened to the last German soldiers to surrender in WW2 at Berlin? No meme answers or 'nothing…[View]
5805977Where did the Yarsanism religions come from?[View]
5805719Are we born feeling incomplete simply so we'll fight to survive or is there more to it than tha…[View]
5805953So what's the deal? He's making an ebin online-integrated story so instead of having the f…[View]
5800721Who was the most based and best Empress, Queen, or female ruler in history?[View]
5798773>ends the fascist regime of the tsar >emancipates the Russian serfs >ends the disastrous f…[View]
5805356which one is true: -national socialism is a socialism -national socialism is not a socialism[View]
5802907>Literally breaks down every 50 miles >Wehrboos: It was ''''Over Engineered'''' Yikes…[View]
5804367Boy, those trench wars, eh? >Reminisce the trench wars that were[View]
5805132You goyim are at the position of attention![View]
5796178Who was right?[View]
5804908>implying you can stop history repeating itself >implying your personal historical knowledge m…[View]
5804636Best books, docos and sources on the Medici?[View]
5804944Spanish culture: Good stuff, indeed[View]
5804800How do you become a true scholar in philosophy?[View]
5804652The New Testament.: Is the state were in now, increasingly multi ethnic states, going to finally boi…[View]
5805158A routine new vaccine is mandated across the developed world against the flu. There are no adverse s…[View]
5805814Why was such a politically shrewd commander so prone to large-scale civilian massacres?[View]
5805365What was the longest time a society existed without any wars, external or internal, or any major soc…[View]
5804967Countries' GDP and life expectancy from 1800-2018 https://www.gapminder.org/tools/#$state$time$…[View]
5804650Zionist Colaboration with Nazis: Why do anti-semites try and revise history in saying the holocaust …[View]
5804821Post your favorite politicians from history[View]
5801626If the US was completely wiped out by a meteor in 1940 would the Germans have won?[View]
5803513/his/torical persons who look like you: Pic related[View]
5790843Why is individualism frowned upon?[View]
5805206Love him or hate him, he was a very interesting human bean.[View]
5801134What are the differences between fascism, national socialism and reactionary/conservative ditactorsh…[View]
5804627When did you grow out of Chomsky[View]
5802887ITT: Wars or battles that were going to happen and didn't, but you wish they did: >tfw the a…[View]
5804607Why did Romans bully a remote trading city to extinction?[View]
5803304The Myth of the Russian space program: Ive been reading alot recently how most, if not all of the Ru…[View]
5804290Is this any good or reliable?: From what I've read so far its probably the most well sourced co…[View]
5805326Enver Hoxha: Enver Hoxha e mprehi shpatën Edhe njëhërë o për situatën Kjo asht shpata që u rrin tek …[View]
5804185Join a discussion chat: Join the conversation on Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/group/pP0GONg…[View]
5802751In a Zizek talk he spoke about how early capitalists oppossed republican seizures of power believing…[View]
5786371Explain this to me.: >sub-Saharan Africans >only group of ethnicities that never did anything …[View]
5804257Why did the Soviets allow West Berlin to exist? Were there any attempts to 'liberate' it?[View]
5803286Why were they never able to conquer Europe as the Germans and French have?[View]
5804035Is stirner the most based philosopher?[View]
5803951https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loukas_Notaras 'I would rather see a Turkish turban in the midst of t…[View]
58015463rd Millenium BCE Timeline: I have made myself a timeline for the 3rd and 2nd millenium BCE Here is …[View]
5803646Was Bulgaria after 1207 irrelevant? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvPjfhHhQ04&t=445s[View]
5804495Are any of you interested in forming a secret society that works behind the scenes to boost the cath…[View]
5804515Does Russia have anything to do with Kievan Rus'???[View]
5804608>saves capitalism[View]
5803551Is it possible for a state to lose the monopoly on violence and have the naiton NOT become an inhosp…[View]

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