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7675004>tfw you will never live in a society where everyone is high on cocaine-cola…[View]
7672908Why did the Moors even bother civilizing Europeans?[View]
7675526/apophenia/: Don't tell me I am the only one here who sees two dodo birds?[View]
7674792>First human according to the bible: Adam >First human according to Egyptian myths: Atum >F…[View]
7674221Post high definition photos from the 19th century[View]
7674422Belgium... sucks?: Belgium has always been the weak link when considering every major European war/ …[View]
7675469Middle Ages psychology: Who can help me to find the material about the psychology of people in Middl…[View]
7672686Why this region, historically very important in ancient and medieval times, eventually faded into ob…[View]
7674381Did he unironically shape modern Germany more than anyone else?[View]
7662506Battle of France: It's amazing how a single campaign can ruin your nation's military reput…[View]
7674385Books about Islamic History: Here are the best-sellers about Islamic history on amazon. Which of the…[View]
7663472Los Angeles Chinese Massacre of 1871 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_massacre_of_1871 >Chin…[View]
7674570Allergies in History: I can't seem to find any resources on this, but I want to know how people…[View]
7675451>Come here you cheeky boy, you.[View]
7674249What caused Greeks to abandon their ancestral religion so quickly for Christianity? They had a rich …[View]
7674688>The response from the southern press and politicians was immediate, sustained and vicious. For e…[View]
7674599Can someone give me a quick rundown on the differences between the various Protestant sects? I under…[View]
7671954Scandinavia: The first people to present farming in Scandinavia were Arab migrants. The name Scandin…[View]
7675311Good Biographies to read about him?: that is not written by a leftist.[View]
7674575Why and how did France lose its population edge over its other European rivals which let it dominate…[View]
7675123i don't suppose homework help is allowed here? today is the last day before I fail finals &…[View]
7666732Do you think Himmler watched the strong and handsome SS men he selected while they impregnated young…[View]
7674177What head of state in history could do the most pushups?[View]
7675294how did jesus know that the second temple would be destroyed? think im unironically becoming a chris…[View]
7670432The brits (a.k.a the roman rapebabies) won WW2 prove me wrong[View]
7673882>overhear others talking about history/anthropology >they say something objectively wrong …[View]
7673105Was there a way Papen and friends could have conceivably 'boxed in' Hitler? Or was it a stupid strat…[View]
7673495>why yes, Jefferson, Jackson, and Truman are my favorite presidents of all time how could you tel…[View]
7671283Was the Buddha a blue eyed Scythian?[View]
7674231>Jesus was a created being[View]
7675337in hoc signo vinces: 'In this sign thou shalt conquer' So /his/, any books about Roman-Catholic hist…[View]
7674458What sort of melee weapons did sailors/marines/soldiers use before gunpowder while fighting at sea? …[View]
7673729Is 'science' as important as we think it is? Or is anti fragility more important for innovation?[View]
7672202>weenee >weedee >weekee…[View]
7674033>tfw anyone of historical significance is autistic >tfw not autistic so I'll never be his…[View]
7662245Was the invasion of Klendathu justified?[View]
7675299I think chaperon hats were cool anyone agree?[View]
7673432Have humans always masturbated?: Or is it really a modern incention?[View]
7673062Hamilton-Burr, who the fuck was in the wrong here[View]
7670833This Austria (pronounced 'ooh-ster-ike') Her rightful borders include Bavaria and Bohemia.…[View]
7652709Is there a single architectural style as based as Baroque? Literally all the best parts of renaissan…[View]
7669332why did NIPPON have so much trouble in China? It's pretty easy to conquer it in HOI4[View]
7666096When will you anons finally acknowledge that the tigers were better that the other tanks of the WW 2…[View]
7670669Is this how Roman BVLLS treated their conquered people's women?[View]
7673788Here is the haplogroup K2b anccestor[View]
7674130>Basically just be Jewish lol What was his fucking problem?[View]
7674180>Oral torah[View]
7669863Pan-European Union: >Among its notable members were Albert Einstein, Fridtjof Nansen, Johan Ludwi…[View]
7674026What was the justification for Vatican II and the adoption of the 'Charismatic Catholic Renewal'. Di…[View]
7673304why the fuck did early humans migrate 24/7?[View]
7673273Why did the nazis want features like light blond hair and blue eyes?.the hair and eyes darkens in ch…[View]
7675169let my übervolk go[View]
7670779Tell me about the Turks What made them so much stronger than Europeans?[View]
7671506has always bothered me immensely: The confederates always talked about 'southern pride' an…[View]
7674348How did Western society reach levels of degeneration so early on? It's pretty crazy that they w…[View]
7674882There is no haplogroup that is actually native to Europe?: Looking at a quick list of some of the mo…[View]
7674344Who's the prettiest boy in history?[View]
7675080Gunpowder vs archery: Consider the janissary! Qt balkan boi but also elite soldier trained from earl…[View]
7673626What's the point of a UNESCO site? I've been to thousand year temples in Southeast Asia wi…[View]
7673542What does /his/ think of the 'Great Man Theory'?[View]
7636026/bg/ books general: Let’s try having another thread focused on literature related to the history and…[View]
7672787Why do communists hate religion so much when common themes across most religions strongly espouse ma…[View]
7673831How did Divine Right become a meme? Literally, where does it say in the bible that kings are divinel…[View]
7673765How the FUCK did anyone choose to remain supporting communism in the West after they saw the Moscow …[View]
7666583Rate his presidency from a scale of 1-10.[View]
7671967Rank your top 5 and bottom 5[View]
7673718The UN: Sup historybois, im doing an essay on the UN and i would really appreciate it if you guys co…[View]
7673184Opinions on Hamas ?[View]
7672135Why was it that everything he did seemed so contradictory? >advocates for stronger central govern…[View]
7648839Why did the Mali Empire's military compare to other civilizations at the time?[View]
7672024What crashed the economy in 1929? Too much wheat? Speculation panic? Too many investors? And how did…[View]
7671540History as science: Can history be scientific though?[View]
7670853How far left were the Nazis?[View]
7672318>he didn't join the cool kids club Why don't you want to be part of a nice and rich fra…[View]
7671439Post underrated kings[View]
7670784>the Goths and all of their sub-tribes were Swedish Is this true or we wuzery? How similar were t…[View]
7673669>>7665462 anon that wanted to know what legion was stationed in sinope: it's likely that …[View]
7673408How did the word Goth become associated with Victorian fashion and literature? Actual Germanic Gothi…[View]
7670890Is there even any archaeological evidence to support alleged Jewish slavery in Egypt?[View]
7672267>Writes a book in which every character says how right he is. Was he the Chris-chan of ancient Gr…[View]
7672586Why did Greece failed to westernize itself ?: Why did Greece failed to integrate into modern western…[View]
7670574When comparing fascism and communism, people often excuse the latter for being 'well-intentioned', w…[View]
7667889Russia's recovery from food shortages: Hi I know about the situation with the oligarchs in Russ…[View]
7668803The most and probably only competent monarch in Spanish history[View]
7673479God: Childhood is idealizing and following God Teenagehood is disavowing God Adulthood is realizing …[View]
7664772Is there any philosophical or logical justification for nationalism?[View]
7673270why did they betray hannibal[View]
7670768oh look another alt history thread lol: >1936 >Edward VIII gives Stanley Baldwin the finger an…[View]
7673170Damn, the Elsa Jean meme really goes back far, huh?[View]
7673303Daily reminder that the Bible, KJV, OT, predicted the future in The Book of Daniel.[View]
7672496Are there any books or sources about early Colonial America? I'm interested on this part of Ame…[View]
7671868How did Latin America reach a population almost as high as Europe?[View]
7673106I was ruthless killer with a ruthless killer's heart![View]
7671808Was Philip II of Spain a good ruler?[View]
7672642redpill me on alexander the great[View]
7673098Messiah Thread: That time I stopped updating my first website occatl.net and it turned into the stor…[View]
7672987Is there anything that we can do to save this board? I feel like I've filtered half of /his/ at…[View]
7669066Stops your barbarian invasion, Greekling!: Say something nice about the man who ended Belisarcucks c…[View]
7670642History iceberg tier list: Post a country's history in a tier list like /x/ does with conspirac…[View]
7668226Did this retard honestly think he could just fly to Britain to some random fucking duke and get peac…[View]
7671715Post ancient/medieval/exotic modern age palaces: The palace of the popes at Avignon, 14th century…[View]
7671440Thoughtful Quote from Augustus Caesar Octavian Egypticus Filius Divi Julius Caesar: “Because Antinou…[View]
7672769Hey /his/ If I'm a pretty good learner but I don't know anything about history, what kind …[View]
7672795History Documentaries/Channels/Podcasts: Past few days I been watching dozens of high quality docume…[View]
7672074I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7637432Did medieval city dwellers live outside of the feudal system?[View]
7670338So, of course we all agree that the 'We Shall Fight on The Beaches' speech is the best speech in the…[View]
7668638I have to write a 5 page history paper on anything about the late Roman Empire, dubs decides my topi…[View]
7672183What do the Chinese think of him? Is he their version of Rommel?[View]
7671675Any american law students here? How are you guys holding up this finals season?[View]
7672266What was life in Austria-Hungary like? Was it well developed and stable to live in?[View]
7671737Byzantine History: Were the Iconoclasts right? The more I read about it the more it seems like they …[View]
7671871If Adam and Eve were banished from Eden for eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, that implie…[View]
7672236>this made 9th-century Vikings piss and shit themselves[View]
7669371Real talk, futurism is ugly and degen. The Germans were right on this one and it's a disgrace t…[View]
7672191What do guys think about PragerU’s video about the dark ages? I thought it was pretty decent but the…[View]
7670195what's the most fucked up torture method used in history?[View]
7671963Why did they have to do him like that?[View]
7670243Military speaking, how would you rate him? Compared to Napoleon, Cesar, Hannibal, The Great Condé, …[View]
7671568Scharnhorst has been found you guys!: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50670743 Excited?…[View]
7672170>Byzantium is my fave bro[View]
7670885There is more evidence for reincarnation than there is for heaven and hell.[View]
7669503ugh... what could've been...[View]
7670357How accurate are the illustrations from Osprey books which depict weapons, armour and uniforms parti…[View]
7671965Please give me comfy reading recommendations that are a bit like pic related. General history, I…[View]
7667997What did people use for toilet paper in the ice age?[View]
7670178Post biggest failures in history: >1000 Year Reich lasted only 12 years…[View]
7669534Will Koreans ever get over it? How can they cry about this still to this day?[View]
7671274Why does the devil hates humans?[View]
7671093Uhm guys we need space travel ASAP, or we need degrowth. AKA we are FUGGED. Who is going to save is,…[View]
7665694How Germany could've won: if Germany ignored it's alliance with Turkey and went through th…[View]
7670640Early qing >Decisions must be based on practical facts and experience. Superstition is frowned up…[View]
7671342Why do the Japanese people not trust organized religion?[View]
7671471>Date: 395-1453AD >Belligerents: Byzantine Empire and Rashiduns/Umayyads/Abbasids/Sassanids/Av…[View]
7671505While I agree the nazis were meenie weenies, they were right on the jewish question.[View]
7669844Inca economy: So, how the fuck did the Inca economy work? From what I can gather they had some compl…[View]
7669157British Taxes on Colonial America: So barring the arguments on taxation without representation, vari…[View]
7660826Meanwhile on Roman /his/...: *Heus!* barbari irrumabo Carthaginienses irrumabo moderatores irrumabo …[View]
7671219What is the historical precedent of heads of state starring in commercials?[View]
7670966Why do we study or care about non-white 'history' exactly /his/?[View]
7668478>be me >be staying in a hotel during Thanksgiving >see this on the wall Wouldn’t most of t…[View]
76682482018 16:22:27 No.4684537 View TELL ME ABOUT UNCLE WALTER! WHY IS HE NOT NORMAL?! A lot of loyalty fo…[View]
7669710Are mysterious sea peoples of no known origin sailing around and BTFOing everybody a plausible expla…[View]
7671181First we beat the liceniggas, then those gray-blues: Literally the biggest chads on the eastern fron…[View]
7671114The right to armed struggle: Do colonized people have the right to use violence against their coloni…[View]
7670750Can somebody explain this fucking vril shit to me?[View]
7670408So why did the Swiss never have a King? Isn't a democratic federation in medieval feudal Europe…[View]
7669971In a way, I think this image says more about our society than a thousand modern art sculptures.[View]
7669351I have a 3 sentence essay due tomorrow and I haven't even started it yet. What is an overlooked…[View]
7670936If countries need children to ensure future taxpaying and pensions, why don't governments seize…[View]
7671104Nature shapes you (your IQ, mental/physical advantages and deficiencies); nurture shapes you (whethe…[View]
7665462Which legions garrisoned Sinope, Pontus during the time of Augusts (around 9 BC)? I can't seem …[View]
7671066Nazis were good. Anyone blaming them for their actions ignore socio-economic factors.[View]
7663072How the fuck did Hitler get away with having a sidekick named Himmler, that's like Luigi and Wa…[View]
7670321How common was for kings and similar rulers to not speak the same language as the common people?[View]
7669222any Constitutional scholars here?: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4835586/user-clip-turley-condemns-…[View]
7667272Why was ancient Mesopotamia (and beyond) always portrayed as decadent and depraved in Greek and Bibl…[View]
7667835Why didn't the British partition Nigeria into three separate countries designated for the Igbo,…[View]
7670896So, /his/, what do you know about each of Babylon's successive tribes of people?[View]
7670083Catholic order jokes: I recently came across a video after doing some research into the Orthodox chu…[View]
7668778What did people do before glasses? Specifically I am taking about children born with poor eyesight, …[View]
7658720Northern Ireland: I will answer any questions to the best of my ability regarding the history of Nor…[View]
7668207>taking History of Design and Digital Media class >”oh boy, I can’t wait to learn about the Ar…[View]
7669352>At the Nuremberg Trials, German military commander Alfred Jodl said that 'if we did not collapse…[View]
7670631Who was the greatest incel in history?[View]
7661789We Wuzery/Pseudohistory Thread: Starting with a classic[View]
7672169Reactionary is the ultimate redpill: The decay and death of western civilization is the result of ab…[View]
7668439>France had also been more physically damaged than any other nation (the so-called zone rouge (Re…[View]
7670040What is your opinion of him? Could he have done anything different? Has he been perceived fairly his…[View]
7670411>okay southern russian farm owner aristocrats, we aren't going to tax away your high wages, …[View]
7670717Why did William III fail to unite England & Dutch Republic?[View]
7667533Let my people go[View]
7670435How do we turn china christian?[View]
7669597Egyptians were not just kangz but also SJWs: Ancient Egypt was one of the most progressive civilizat…[View]
7667899Was Haile Selassie black?[View]
7670508Hi guys. I had a funny question that could not be answered in the Russian segment of the Internet. A…[View]
7670324Logic: the mother of civilization: Aristotle invented logic as we know it which led to the developme…[View]
7670531>Herodian commented that Elagabalus enhanced his natural good looks by the regular application of…[View]
7669760>Before the archeological discoveries that revealed the Hittite civilization, the only source of …[View]
7670579Who is /his/ historical equivalent?[View]
7670322>be always on the right side of history, no matter what they do What is their secret?…[View]
7668455Did the Nazis really have a machine that would masturbate camp inmates to death?[View]
7669300puzzle history: did i find something here, was that how the words vine and moss has definitions deci…[View]
7668826What is the early history of Jewish? Where they come from? Hittite tribe?[View]
7670509Abraham is the most BADASS historical figure He rescued his nephew Lot by BTFO the armies of Hammura…[View]
7667782Throughout all of history who achieved the greatest rise to power from the lowest, most unlikely of …[View]
7670335Recent studies have shown that the ancient Chinese had traces of both the R1bz and P3n15 haplogroups…[View]
7670125Try telling that to someone in India. Hell, try telling that to someone in China. Try telling that t…[View]
7666059Was the Cathar genocide justified?[View]
7667523Why was sudan and somalia arabized but not the rest of islamic africa?: Why was sudan and somalia ar…[View]
7668268Napoleon’s biggest mistake thread: I’ll start. Trying to install an imperial monarchy family system …[View]
7668239I read somewhere that when Europeans landed in the New World, most of the New World was essentially …[View]
7669794Oooooh, so that's why history is so eurocentric...[View]
7669042Tunisia during the Cold War: I don’t know why but for some reason I want to know what happened in Tu…[View]
7670334Mein Fuhrer...: Steiner...[View]
7669707>born to landed gentry >fight against soviets >get gulaged to siberia >suffer permanent …[View]
7667088Former communists are way more religious than the free world. How comes?[View]
7670180Should artefacts be kept in countries where they wont he bombed or destroyed out of religious fervor…[View]
7668154Jews: Why the fuck are they so successful and resilient? They survived many of the most powerful emp…[View]
7670175Let's Discuss... Etymology: The subject of Etymology came up the other day, two positions: 1) W…[View]
7668921they hanged him for a traitor, themselves the traitor crew...[View]
7666371Why do people think the Greeks are closer to Scandinavians than Lebanese and call them fellow Europe…[View]
7668770>current year >still worshipping a 2,000 year old fairy tale book explain yourselves…[View]
7668760Relax guys, I've got this[View]
7669917If Jews run the world, why did John Demjanjuk get away with mass murder?[View]
7669099Your thoughts on based Howard Zinn.[View]
7667914The Sengoku Era: I wish the Imagawa didn't suffer that epic defeat at Okehazama. Wouldn't …[View]
7659600Seriously how did they do this: How did they managed to preserve their language families? >surviv…[View]
7668874What are the most fun failure empires besides the Confederacy, Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany, Imper…[View]
7666845That was something dude[View]
7668749Do you support book burning?[View]
7664227Why didn't they use weapons and armor made out of diamond in ancient sword battles if it is the…[View]
7669612>ywn see democratic-republican vs federalist debate about constitutional interpretation >you w…[View]
7657068Hun and Arab conquest of Sogdiana in Central Asia: How were the Sogdians of Sogdia or Sogdiana in th…[View]
7664560I've heard people on /his/ say that Cortes was actually a military genius because of how he man…[View]
7658029why are modern people so obsessed with sex? Why aren't there any chad austere asexual BVLLs any…[View]
7669350Why are huge chunks of Tatary/Siberia/Caucasus considered European? Because most people are dumb as …[View]
7667765Why is Göring pronounced Gerring? Even though it has the accent on the O? How did this seemingly re…[View]
7667196Who was in the right here?[View]
7669229WTF, nobody told me he only freed slaves in the Confederate states and none of the Union ones. Was i…[View]
7669370R1b-DF27: How might it have found its way to England during Medieval times or before? Can trace my l…[View]
7669252A perfect flag.: What are some books on life in Yugoslavia? What do you think of this country?…[View]
7669197Imagine how many amazing wooden structures have been lost through time... I bet you there were 10,00…[View]
7667959I had I dream I was bowing down Muslim style and babbling about Allah. Wtf. I'm so creeped out.…[View]
7669007Is this the most JUST irrelevant town in history?: >ravaged by the Poles >Conquered by the Swe…[View]
7668925Whats his problem?[View]
7669194Chateaubriand: What was his deal? I don't know if I'm just dealing with bad translations b…[View]
7668587Was Lebensraum just an excuse for Germany to get free land from the Soviets?[View]
7669064Post the main characters of history[View]
7666825Why was Germany so obsessed with building up a powerful blue water navy before both world wars when …[View]
7668200Tell me the /his/ take on Thomas Cromwell: If you have memes I'll take those too[View]
7664006itt soldiers that looked like straight sci-fi/fantasy troops or horror villains: Pic related, French…[View]
7665622DOOMSDAY: hey /his/ so I'm making a zine titled 'doomsday'. I want to showcase pictures and exc…[View]
7668718Why do you like history?: Well why do you? It's not exactly a popular hobby. Most people think…[View]
7668947Based neo-Allies just blatantly copy pasting world war 1 propaganda https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
7667409I'm trying to understand why a people who suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis would turn…[View]
7668391Looking for Caesar big brain image talking about how people prefer pets over children: thanks folks …[View]
7663710Choose Your Fighter[View]
7668786His smile and optimism: gone[View]
7662869Why are nukes such a big deal when every major and minor nation in the world has access to enough ch…[View]
7668277On Thanksgiving I talked to my dad and apparently he'd taken an interest to history because of …[View]
7666132the truth is closer than you think[View]
7666909Misinformation: What were some of the worst examples of misinformation you've seen or experienc…[View]
7665306This is the historical extend of India[View]
7668285>If a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses for no reason and he spends the night angry with …[View]
7668290Can anyone name all the well documented revoloutions: What are the most significant revoloutions in …[View]
7668609Fuck...there are so many World War 2 threads. In fact, there are TOO many of them. It makes me upset…[View]
7666982Why don't we make our own neobuddhist sect, /his/? Maybe something focused on gardening and coo…[View]
7664440Was so great about Sparta other than their Military?[View]
7668679I wasn't sure which board would be best for this question/discussion but can we have a talk abo…[View]
7666530https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perin%C3%A7ek_v._Switzerland As a Jew who's firmly against Holoca…[View]
7667929How the fuck did the French manage to invade Germany in 19 days while only losing 15000 men?[View]
7665720Is this the biggest 4D chess move in history ?[View]
7667743The day that sealed America's fate[View]
7663423Do you agree?: >A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the…[View]
7665047Was Mussolini the best Italian leader? How come Rome had so many great emperor but Italy only has D…[View]
7668335Who was the biggest Nazi?[View]
7667465Why have white men been so exceptional at all art forms?: Virtually all of the greatest artists and …[View]
7668321philosophy of moral psychology: moral profiling vs variation of morality: I have an essay to prepare…[View]
7667894I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7666986one of the most based generals in history?[View]
7667874Fabric armor: Why did anyone ever wear this shit? Might as well just wear a blanket to battle What …[View]
7667401Current American and Western Tension: It seems the current Pax Ramana we're experiencing in the…[View]
7668169Does someone have good resources about the Reformation in Eastern Europe, more especially on countri…[View]
7666260Can we talk about behavior of women in occupied countries: >Although no precise estimates exist, …[View]
7668137War and Peace Resources: I plan on livestreaming a reading of War and Peace but I would like to have…[View]
7661996a snake in all religions: why in all religions people and gods fought with gigant snake?[View]
7667881Mussolini was NOT Italian: I'm just gonna let you know right now that Mussolini was NOT Italian…[View]
7665353Why were the Nazis so bizarre when the Italians were so normal?[View]
7664525* blocks arrogantly your path *[View]
7664727>they were so terrified of him they had to exile him to a tiny island in the middle of the ocean …[View]
7666612Man in the High Castle: How do you think things would have been different if we followed the timelin…[View]
7667227>Truth is (insert random country from history) the game was rigged from the start...…[View]
7667964Did he really do anything wrong during the 90s?[View]
7666082Suez Crisis: Honestly one of my favorite events of the Cold War. It perfectly shows the shifting par…[View]
7664940Why was Riom trial not taken seriously while Nuremberg is accepted?: I don’t get it.[View]
7667221Why are Westerners so shocked by Militant Buddhists? Buddhism has a long history of armed monastics.…[View]
7664420Was the Holocaust the worst genocide in human history?[View]
7666014Is it even possible to be classical liberal and atheist? It seems like classical liberal ideology is…[View]
7667690How would Europe and the world have developed if the leaders of the European countries had been more…[View]
7664974What were the opinions of the Romans regarding the Celts of the British Isles?[View]
7666915Thoughts On Intermarium?: Was it ill-conceived, and can it work today?[View]
7664925Are WASPs are the greatest civilization builders in history?[View]
7667657auto-didactism thread: what's your method for learning about history? do you take notes and wha…[View]
7665700Based: >Charles de Gaulle is on record as stating his opinion that 'For me, the history of France…[View]
7666666Are Hui (Chinese Muslims) the master race?: >high IQ >Like all Chinese, they're almost so…[View]
7667573What other notable assassination attempts were made on Hitler's life?[View]
7665869I know that in Classical Antiquity there was sexual interests in the delicate male/cute males archet…[View]
7666898What was the international reaction to the challenger disaster? I know around 17% of all burgers wer…[View]
7665137>Sack of Jerusalem Was it justified? Whole modern jewish identity seems to be revolving around t…[View]
7667133Do poles claim old german castles in the territories gifted to them after ww2 as their own?[View]
7667503Hitler was a Chiwawa: Hitler has a histrionic personality and was afraid of being emasculated. Every…[View]
7667498Turkification of Islamic Anatolia: The legendary Danişmend Gazi and the Danishmendids, conqueror of …[View]
7664859Is Santorini Atlantis?: Was Plato referencing this place when he was talking about Atlantis? It seem…[View]
7666418Be honest: Could Nicholas Taleb pass as a local in ancient Greece and Rome?[View]
7667205Power ranking: ITT we rate the dominant powers throughout the ages Here's mine for early 17th c…[View]
7667423Why is this kind of art so shitty? That di3snt even look good, why would you put that out, erase it …[View]
7667418What's the history of Christmas shopping season?[View]
7663989Is it ethical to have a free press? They do nothing but sow discord and rouse anger. They destabiliz…[View]
7667288BBC Trending: Anti-natalists: Dhe people who want you to stop having babies 'TIS BETTER TO HAVE…[View]
7662655>while I do believe the Holocaust happened, six million is a vastly overestimated figure.…[View]
7663071What region in the world has historically produced the most beautiful women?[View]
7665422The bloodiest battle in Europe's history: Today it has been 343 years since the bloodiest battl…[View]
7665365Why didn’t more knights use guns in battle? Gunpowder and early firearms were around in Europe by th…[View]
7666688What did they mean with the 'work will make you free'?[View]
7654470Is atheism a mental illness?[View]
7666230the legendary warrior Mamluk the hero of Egypt how was he ethnically? Mongoloid? Arab? White? Black?[View]
7665659it really do be like that[View]
7665859Mfw I realize we've manufactured way more cars than we ever needed to and could have easily sto…[View]
7665554How would history change with supernatural powers?[View]
7665161Aftermath of FINAL BATTLE OF TENOCHTITLAN: So after the aztec-spanish war, what exactly happened? We…[View]
7662971Who should be the Roman Emperor?[View]
7666959Why can’t Egypt have Turkish princesses anymore?[View]
7666853Naga Sadhus: >In the 16th century naked Hindu aesthetics organized in military fashion to repel t…[View]
7666475Is the six day war the most important event in the modern history of the Middle east?[View]
7664094Let's Discuss.... the Humanities of Hedonism vs. Incelery: Convince me, once and for all, that …[View]
7665276Was he right?[View]
7665586>Operation Condor (Spanish: Operación Cóndor, also known as Plan Cóndor; Portuguese: Operação Con…[View]
7666639>normal history thread Gets 3 replies an hour >thread about Jews, WWII, nordicism, or race and…[View]
7664398Are there any accounts of slaves passing down the knowledge of their original languages? At which po…[View]
7666456How do I find people willing to discuss philosophy, culture, how psychology plays into both, etc, at…[View]
7655089Who here Christpilled? Fuck Odin. For me, it’s Jesus.[View]
7666322How Slavic exactly are modern day East Germans? How long did the Obotrites and Velti last and what t…[View]
7665967>It is not a nation we inhabit, but a language. How true is this? >Americans historically ali…[View]
7666580Himmler & Separate Peace with Allies (1945): Heinrich Himmler was the leader of the SS, a leadin…[View]
7664356What are your thoughts on Churchill /his/? Personally I don't think he was the GREATEST leader …[View]
7659180How did they build it?[View]
7666005Does the western esoteric tradition hold any value, is it the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
7666492>Rapes your daughters: >burns your huts >takes Island…[View]
7666501*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup that's me, you're probably wondering why I'm doin…[View]
7663931Salvadoran Civil War: Is there literally any reason why the FMLN rebels were not obviously the good …[View]
7650278*triggers this board*[View]
7658867Was Scipio actually a better general than Hannibal or did he just luck out at Zama? I never really s…[View]
7661231Christian Persecution Complex: Why are people in this religion so convinced that they are a persecut…[View]
7664695Who actually saw Akimov arguing with Dyatlov about the test being unsafe? Why is it implied that Aki…[View]
7665633Is he right here, /his/?: >When I look back, I have only one feeling. This feeling is a huge regr…[View]
7662897Were Etrustcan elites Nordic?: What did the Etruscans mean by this? Were they...dare I say it...Nord…[View]
7666047Why did nobody domesticate the deer, not for riding but for meat? Shits are mad good, better than be…[View]
7663813Post War Japanese Economy: Redpill me on the post war Japanese economy >why and how did they utt…[View]
7655122Wait, so Ottomans looked like Iranians instead of Mongoloids by the time they reached Byzantine Anat…[View]
7664488Why did the institution of the harem develop in every part of the world except Europe?[View]
7663427Why are LARPagans so desperately trying to steal Christian culture? Is it because LARPaganism is a m…[View]
7661270>Favourite royal dynasty? The Merovingians of course![View]
7663440>wake up tmrw >you’re Louis XV What do you do?…[View]
7666013Historically speaking, was Australia really the first National Bolshevik country, as some claim?[View]
7662190I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7664195Is there a more cucked historical position someone can have than 'anticlericalism'?[View]
7658850Why do humans historicallly mystify sex and relationships so much,It's not special it's me…[View]
7664919Answer honestly: Group A prefers hierarchy Group B promotes equality Group A offers great safety in …[View]
7660579How Germany could've won ww2: Ryan Faulk just released a video detailing how Germany could…[View]
7665301What the hell was Spain doing during WWII?: I know they just had a civil war right before the war bu…[View]
7661419Why Chadic people have Indo-European haplogroup ?[View]
7665879Political ideologies and the cobra effect(Philosophy thread): Retards need not apply >The term co…[View]
7662964Is forcing needed medical care on the mentally unstable ethical?[View]
7662901Turkey allies with the Third Reich not long after the surrender of France and after German pressures…[View]
7663556Is the Baha'i Faith the patrician Abrahamic religion?[View]
7665750>The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women…[View]
7643106What was superior? Gothic or Milanese armour?[View]
7665262History of white people: Japheth is the ancestor of white people. At first he and his descendants al…[View]
7664870The Justinianic Plague: An Inconsequential Pandemic?: Entire article at: https://www.pnas.org/conten…[View]
7665685How were families of deceased soldiers and sailors notified of their passing in times past? Nowadays…[View]
7664648What tactics did the Malians use?[View]
7656965How old were you when you realized the British Empire was tiny as shit during the American Revolutio…[View]
7665397>So that in the first place, I put for a general inclination of all mankind a perpetual and restl…[View]
7665104Was John the Fearless justified in having Duke Louis murederd? Who was in the right here, Armagnacs …[View]
7664535Why did Aramaic disappear despite being such a prominent language while Persian survived[View]
7663803Sodom and Gomorrah: I think this whole story is a bunch of bollocks. >Lot responding to the men …[View]
7661957Apparently, Russians and Germans were not the only one to have fun with Poles, even Ukrainians had a…[View]
7662654If Mark Antony had prevailed over Octavian we would have colonies in other galaxies as of now.[View]
7657248Did Frank really kill Hoffa? It's such a good story, I just hope it's all true.[View]
7662482Saw a lot of woke posting over the holiday weekend about how Thanksgiving is bad cause Native Americ…[View]
7664982What did the Nazis think of the Middle Ages?: Obviously Nazi pseudo-historical canon varied widely f…[View]
7664346Is it worth reading, /his/? Yeah, I know it's a classic, but this shit is like 500 pages long, …[View]
7661899>going from a serf to a landed noble >going from a poor wageworker to a wealthy capitalist …[View]
7664341How were athetists treated in the Middle Ages?[View]
7664511/World war 2/ home guard image thread: If your country had white guard, home guard etc. whatever it …[View]
7664890Someone explain Australia to me: How did it go from prisoner colony to actual functioning society?…[View]
7660460Did Ulster Loyalists get any help from conservative Protestants in the United States?[View]
7661390Why do a large number of blacks in America have Arab first names (like Jamal, Aisha, Hakeem, Malik, …[View]
7664975Redpill me on the Scythians. What was their culture like, was their military the most kino of their …[View]
7664995Cood guy[View]
7661011no history no culture: .[View]
7664388>ywn lynch noblemen with the boys it hurts bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9sVcRxopJU…[View]
7660572The Holocaust is real because there's lots of documentation and there were court cases about it…[View]
7664845The Justinian plague was small and inconsequential. It was exaggerated by writers. https://www.pnas.…[View]
7664730What are some /his approved historical books?[View]
7664709>Holy >Crap >Lois…[View]
7658149Why does Nero look like 4chan?[View]
7660700>that huge dip in GDP >GDP doesn't seem to rise any faster after the recovery >many Ru…[View]
7662700Can somebody explain the History of the Baltics?[View]
7661928HMMM, I wonder what could have done that.[View]
7664460/M O B I L I S E D/: Who else had their parents mobilised in the German army during WW2?[View]
7658879Why didn't the Catholics just outright say that Mary is a goddess, instead of going in half coc…[View]
7663839Were the Irish white, according to Franklin? I feel like whereas the English are white and red in co…[View]
7664418Argument Forms and Fallacies: I'm having trouble determining the argument form on this equation…[View]
7664331Why do a large number of blacks in America have French names (like LeBron, Andre, Monique, Chantal a…[View]
7662547who is the greatest man to have ever lived and why?[View]
7662990'So you say you hate communists, Slavs and Jews and want to invade Eastern Europe for colonization a…[View]
7660672Did white men invent the mechanical clock?: As far as I know, medieval Europeans invented the mechan…[View]
7659117History in Education: Survey time. I want to know: >In what country/state were you raised? >Wh…[View]
7664313Were they really Gnostic heretics?[View]
7664253https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyf9qLAUKsE We from the burnt villages We from the starving towns Fo…[View]
7663150YUGOSLAVIA: What was life like in Yugoslavia? I hear Tito did well to keep the country running. Was …[View]
7664023If the Russian empire had completely collapsed following WWI and surrendered unconditionally to Germ…[View]
7658992The Crimes of Sherman: >Sherman's campaign of total war extended to Georgian civilians. In J…[View]
7660690Rome: Where they the most advanced out of all the ancient civilisations?[View]
7662490Name important scientific and technological innovations of medieval Europe: I'll start, univers…[View]
7663231Why is this picture so well taken?[View]
7663527How the hell did the peasants ever manage to overthrow the monarchy? They didn't have the suppo…[View]
7662763First Battle of the Marne: >73,285 casualties per day for 7 straight days How?…[View]
7655050Is /his/, dare I ask, based enough to be a /Robespierrist/ board? What do you think of his achieveme…[View]
7663909Historical & Mythological Failures: Hello, /his/! Maybe you guys can help me out with some resea…[View]
7663149What am I in for?[View]
7662900I’ve never understood where the idea comes from that the Aryans were somehow a “Superior Race”. The …[View]
7663182Regardless of his nerdy persona, is Shadiversity a good source of information about castle design?[View]
7663136>Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he tha…[View]
7662768>have you heard of this place called slash-hiss-slash? it's so weird. it's like they ha…[View]
7663784Who's the most based person in all of history? For me, it's pic related.[View]
7663483Was it justified?[View]
7659430Imagine being conscripted to die for a larper[View]
7663574Maxim Gorky claimed 'exterminate all homosexuals and fascism will vanish.'[View]
7662600The German Empire: Why doesn't anyone talk about Imperial Germany and only about Nazi Germany? …[View]
7663644King Peter II on Triglav.[View]
7663495How do you go from this ...[View]
7663617Ancient Egyptians practiced circumcision because of the time when Joseph became admin of Egypt (circ…[View]
7662106Feminism hurts closeted transwomen?[View]
7661880What manuscript of the New Testament does the Greek Orthodox Church use?[View]
7663520are there any germanic languages inflected enough to have a free word order without considerable amb…[View]
7662033Why the fuck was he always smiling?[View]
7662858ITT: Historical men with cute heights (<5'4) There's something about turbomanlets that …[View]
7662819So why is this retard revered in Chile again? He lost every battle he commanded directly[View]
7657645Tell me more about the Imperial Japanese Army/Navy[View]
7663341Bros. The Napoleonic Wars was World War 0. Think about it logically.[View]
7662336Why are Catholic Gregorian chants, Orthodox hymns and Islamic nasheeds so beautiful? I'm an ath…[View]
7663343demographic replacement: >'Our thought is that the colonization of Palestine has to go in two dir…[View]
7662510>Almost 6000 years has passed since the beginning of creation Are we at the culmination of histor…[View]
765686730 years war: Why is 1600-1700 warfare so strange? It's this weird mix between: >Late mediev…[View]
7663249WHO DID THTIS?[View]
7662691Did sexual liberation turn conservative women into liberals?: Academics only[View]
7663119Call me a fool, but how do we know any of this, for the earlier stuff? It seems plausible to me, but…[View]
7660134white homeland[View]
7661797New Spain Mexico 1521-1821: What happened for these 300 years, before the independence war? Are all …[View]
7663046Name one cultural tradition anywhere in the world, other than the revelation at sinai, where the ent…[View]
7654103How would the Union army of the 1870's have fared against a European army of the same era?[View]
7659551Tell me about Morocco. How did they go from being a regional power to the rump state that they are?[View]
7660041Does China have any legitimate claim over Xinjiang?[View]
7662848The defeat of the Spanish Armada on summer 1588 was the result of God's providence because He f…[View]
7658176Etruscans were Thracians from Anatolia that mixed with the native Pelasgians[View]
7662780What should I read?: I know nothing about history and humanities. Should I start with the Greeks? Or…[View]
7660547>he hasn't taken the T.O.J.O pill[View]
7659721Who invented Crucifixion?[View]
7660299roman marble statuette of a black man doing acrobatics ontop of a crocodile .: This statuette depict…[View]
7659872Fun Fact About Native and African Americans!: Many Native Americans welcomed African Americans into …[View]
7658168>Clean Wehrmacht >Generalplan ost is Jewish propaganda >Ugh, if only hitler didn't...…[View]
7662694How different would American history be if Joseph Smith was never murdered?[View]
7662634How did the professional soldiers of the BEF feel about the fact that a bunch of French conscripts w…[View]
7658865What would it have been like being married to the average roman woman?[View]
7661094Reminder that they were more independent than most if not all of Sub-Saharan Africa.[View]
7658162Do all Indo-European pagan traditions share common roots and beliefs?[View]
7661264Guanyin Worship: Does it have Christian influence? The original Avaloketesvara was a male Bodhisattv…[View]
7661908Let my people go :([View]
7662342Lenin’s Red Army was turning the tide against the White Russians in the post-revolution civil war. M…[View]
7659800Colorised Alexander the Great: These carved ivory heads were found in Tomb II at the Royal Macedonia…[View]
7662380>A robot is deciding whether we’re human enough to post[View]
7660688Genuinely curious, when were some times when media was oppressed by via mob violence and lynching ra…[View]
7655196China: What made them so powerful? Up until America's post-Great War ascension there was not a …[View]
7662229The Picts where so much more then just savages! They had great bronze works!A fundamented society wh…[View]
7662302Hitler Youth and old men on bicycles did THAT?[View]
7661608'C is for Communism': Continuing from >>7622975 what would an animated series based …[View]
7660230The original inhabitants of Iberia were Celts, n'est ce pas? How did they get so swarthy?[View]
7662272what doth life: is the meaning of life to experience more and more, possibly in a homogeneous and ha…[View]
7661548Comedy: >Read Divine Comedy >Never laugh once, just a bunch of torture and suffering Wtf kind …[View]
7662148Guess what falls within the 25-year-rule, /his/...: Yup - December 1994 was the month that Russian p…[View]
7661376Why was Göring so fucking fat?[View]
7661841History of Paleontology+Pre/his/ bread: They recently closed pic related at the Peabody museum for r…[View]
7662000About life, reason and expression: 'good' as what is good, for the individual and the society. freed…[View]
7662073What factors determined whether a culture would accept polygamy or monogamy as their main model of m…[View]
7655061Who here Paganpilled? Fuck JHWH. For me, it's Wotan.[View]
7657948British colonisation of Australia: Why did the British take convicts halfway across the world to fuc…[View]
7660285Where did European classical music come from? Was it derived from ancient modes and styles, or was i…[View]
7657325What’s up with Gentrification?: I was getting a history tour of NYC and the tour guide told us that …[View]
7661879is being a vikingr sea raider warchief the ultimate comfiness ?[View]
7661551Explain without memes why France almost immediately surrendered in WW2, when they fought Germany as …[View]
7661410What do you reckon to Polish /his/tory? For being such a big nation at a time, I am surprised they n…[View]
7660419So is Corded Ware Yamnaya-derived or no?[View]
7661838Why do neo nazis claim that Germany only wanted to protect European culture when shit like the Pabst…[View]
7660358What made nobility a big deal? I hear sometimes a wealthy merchant could buy a title but he would st…[View]
7659746So basically the life cycle of a greek man was >be young and dependent and get fucked by adult me…[View]
7660429The Not So Great: >saved only by a hag dying Lol[View]
7660215What are some similar books?[View]
7661578>Holy >Crap >Lois…[View]
7660384Was the T-34 as decisive in the east front as we were led to believe?[View]
7654945How do finnazis #cope being always on the wrong side of history ?[View]
7658699I miss him so much lads, like you couldnt imagine[View]
7661369What did the Soviet Union coming down actually mean? What happened on a concrete day to day level?[View]
7661471*Blocks your Path*[View]
7658775What would realistically be the best way to enrich and industrialize the post-USSR shitholes of East…[View]
7658997dystopian future, you say?: *ding ding ding* look around, little buddy. we already live in a dystopi…[View]
7661250Kleptocracy: >https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kleptocracy Has there been any places throughout hi…[View]
7659940was goring just a child trapped inside of an adult?[View]
7661201Why did Alexander admire them so much?[View]
7660079/his/ classroom in 2450: >okay kids now we get to the 2010's so take notes >clash of trad…[View]
7658904>germany plans for war against poland in 1939 >CLEAR EVIDENCE GERMANY WANTED WAR >britain p…[View]
7659126apart from mongols what people in history have not being hitted by the karma[View]
7660821*ahem*: The Holocaust does not matter. Human genocides do not matter.[View]
7657287china: Was the Republic Of China or the Re - Organized National Republic Of China the legitimate gov…[View]
7660193is china's claim over xinjiang/tibet/hong kong/taiwan legitimate?[View]
7659595What the actual fuck was the 7 Years War about? Pic related.[View]
7660294Why do the Hugenots are portrayed as victims when they were clearly a subversive group plotting and …[View]
7661111Why do Americans call this guy Santa (saint) Claus, instead of a variation of Father Christmas? Is i…[View]
7660247Angloids missed out: Lol[View]
7660693why does everyone say the cold war started during 1945-49 when it actually started 1917-18?[View]
7649031Tell me about Dzudzuana: The only thing I know about them is that they made ~65% of CHG genes and th…[View]
7649707Book Recommendation: Does anybody know of good books (hopefully less biased) about Liberian and Zimb…[View]
7660012Usage of masks in combat: Where there any cultures that used masks or half masks as armor?[View]
7660658'what is your religion?': not your worship of monstrosities I'll tell you that. how can I follo…[View]
7660802Can someone explain the difference between soviets and Factory Committees? Are factory committee…[View]
7659572How did America end up passing Europe - even in the 19th century?[View]
7660521Chad edgar hoover: He was based and redpilled, he BTFO'd communists, faggots, nonwhites (even t…[View]
7659380How much better would the 20th century have been without the existence of the University of Chicago?[View]
7660682Martial, 11:29, 11:99: 29) XXIX. TO PHYLLIS, WHO IS TOO OLD FOR THIS SORT OF THING. Phyllis, when yo…[View]
7659253Who here Gnosticpilled? Fuck gods that exist in a literal sense. For me, it’s a highly esoteric (Not…[View]
7660053I hate this little weasel fuck like you won't believe[View]
7658689Medieval Europe is the absolute peak for comfiness and is the most interesting era in European histo…[View]
7652487> one of the most influential philosophers in history > revolutionized social sciences > …[View]
7660430>Black Friday, SAVAK, Khomeini put it all behind us. The Pahlavi dynasty, whatever happened there…[View]
7659182debate between former holocaust revisionist and holocaust denier moderated by ryan dawson: its betwe…[View]
7658995Based: >John Adams, 2nd President of the United States, stated why he relied on the laws of Moses…[View]
7622301Is it true that boys were expected to be naked in public even with girls present in Victorian Englan…[View]
7655195Black Hawk of Nazi Germany: Focke-Achgelis Fa 223: The Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache (Dragon) was a h…[View]
7658042Three kingdoms: I know thats just a tv series but damn i thought that Cao Cao was suppose to be smar…[View]
7660045Estado Novo Portugal good or bad place to be? redpills please.[View]
7659861>tfw no qt 3.14 centurian waifu to subdue filthy gauls with Why even live?…[View]
7660030I wish I could save him in a time machine. RIP[View]
7659692Why did ancient Europeans always depict black people in their art ?: This is a Thracian gold plate c…[View]
7658049How did yahweh help christian converts: If yahweh is on the side of christians and makes their kingd…[View]
7659774All in all, have the last two centries under anglo hegemony been a good or bad thing?[View]
7657975Who won the war on drugs?[View]
7659479What is the historical significance of the Balearic islands?[View]
7659566>german INVASION of Czechoslovakia huh[View]
7659974So is there any progress regarding the search for Alexander the Great's tomb? When I look it up…[View]
7659889somebody who can draw please do this meme with a catholic and orthodox priest in 1054 and then 2019[View]
7660129so this is the power of the albanian bvll... woah...[View]
7660044how would history change if I went back to the year let's say 1100 and gave some king an AR-15 …[View]
7656911>The Nazi's were only attempting to preserve Europe's cultural legacy and civilization …[View]
7658459How do you debate against 'if God exists why do kids have cancer' question? Are there good arguments…[View]
7659801If you kill your enemies, they win[View]
7659500is being a viking sea raider the ultimate comfiness in history ? you can go everywhere you want, tra…[View]
7659894>General de Gaulle, on his own testimony, has never said that he wanted to see Britain enter into…[View]
7658948What do you see on the left side of the picture? I see 60 dots and 1 circle. But here is the problem…[View]
7657046What does it mean to express this haplogroup? Asking any anons who can explain better than a wiki pa…[View]
7659860Wrong about Hong-Kong Right about muslims[View]
7655246If IQ is genetic, why does its average never fall when the stupidest people reproduce the most?[View]
7649580Oh noo noooooooo[View]
7659552This is not canon, right?: >Historically, in the Eastern Orthodox Church, aerial toll houses are …[View]
7657123Let my people go[View]
7657901Were they worst thing that happened to the world order ? Or it was meant to happen anyways ?[View]
7657873What is the second most horrific tragedy in human history after the holocaust?[View]
7658238>By instinct, he was a romantic barbarian who abhorred Western civilization. He had the soul of G…[View]
7657848>one of the largest militaries at the time fight a bunch or ricefarmers >ricefarmers are suppl…[View]
7659346what exactly does the holy spirit do?[View]
7659235Moros: Why is there so little documentation on these? I know they have alot of written documents, as…[View]
7655320I made a map to show where did Noah's descendants settled Top is some time after the confusion …[View]
7658927how would the mali empire fare against the 14th century south east asian kingdoms?[View]
7659515Attention Please: Fuck jannies[View]
7659511Let it go, let it go Can't hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Turn away and slam the doo…[View]
7659077Russian history: You are familiar with the terms 'Stavka' and 'Okhrana' right anon?[View]
7656014Pol Pot: What the fuck was this dude thinking when he murdered 1/3 of his own population?[View]
7658169B O D Y D O U B L E[View]
7659374Is this how Japan viewed the world?[View]
7655000What happened to Adolf Hitler's paintings?[View]
7657464Why do LARPagans try to steal Christian culture? Is it maybe because they have no culture of their o…[View]
7658368How do i become the next alexander,caesar or napoleon ?[View]
7658376Who here Shamanpilled? Fuck gods. For me, it’s animism.[View]
7653156Why doesn’t this board ever talk about law?[View]
7657334Please suggest books on the nature of western values and their superiority to Islam. No Sharpiro or …[View]
7658243Chad Zhukov vs Virgin Monty[View]
7657620What do you visit /his/ for / which are the best topics to talk about in here?[View]
7656386Why are Germans so autistic?[View]
7645568Extremely rare: 1938 Nazi fitness manual: Some anon from /pol found a nazi fitness manual from 1938,…[View]
7658337Damn it fells good being the good guys of history.[View]
7658777I found the best Wikipedia history entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Bingham,_7th_Earl_of_Luc…[View]
7658941So what was it about the 9th-12th centuries that we had so many more popes than the periods before a…[View]
7658015Mein Kampf: I'd like to know what is the best English translation of Mein Kampf to purchase for…[View]
7658462What are your thoughts on Martin Heidegger, Anons? I'm somewhat intrigued by him (somewhat).[View]
7658643>get ready Asia... we're going on tour![View]
7657780Today I will remind the Americans that Britain and Canada did all the work in Normandy.[View]
7655015What happened to the Southern Native Europeans of Iberia? I cannot recall correctly but I read the c…[View]
7656827Might this nigga have actually survived Hastings and wandered off to live the rest of his days as a …[View]
7657291Spain has Charles V's era France has the Napoleonic Wars Germany has WW2 ...and Britain? When d…[View]
7658749How do you even begin to quantify wealth, wealth distribution, and other economic factors for a pre-…[View]
7658245Chad Luftwaffe vs Virgin Home Guard[View]
7658003Why have there been no more Hitler penis threads...?: Since I got banned and quit 4chan?[View]
7658353look how they massacred my boy[View]
7653594What was life like in Roman Hispania?[View]
7656879>In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.…[View]
7656594Dunkirk Evacuation: >Although Churchill had promised the French that the British would cover thei…[View]
7652370Nordic regions divided by DNA[View]
7620464It's time for BURGUNDY THREAD[View]
7656866Korean kangs: On Chinese and Japanese Wikipedia there are articles documenting instances of fringe/c…[View]
7658202History of the alphabet: The first man, Adam, was endowed with the ability to speak a language. Init…[View]
7655260Why do muslims care so little about their history?[View]
7657747Learning hieroglyphics: Would anyone want to study Egyptian hieroglyphics together? I've got a …[View]
7658133how was Japan able to have such a rapid cultural change without a total occupation / rehabilitation …[View]
7657328How did the morals of the medieval peasantry differ from those of the elite? I've been reading …[View]

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