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7390489Why is communist propaganda so kino?[View]
7389168Lets say en masse everyone in the world magically got gills and they had to live underwater to survi…[View]
7390785Very Short Introductions Anyone have a link to MEGA or a similar folder containing hundreds of these…[View]
7391018arrow shower: in many works of fiction it's a common strategy for all the archers to shoot at s…[View]
7390471>'Why yes im fighting a protracted peoples war with my local defrocked priest and un-landed count…[View]
7390683>don't mind me just pirating this book[View]
7383377How would the history turn out if von Ungern managed to kick the Reds out of Mongolia?[View]
7388719>Luther: You think men like Leo X ever think what it’s like to be someone like me? To be somebody…[View]
7389942Why are the gnostic takes considered so evil by the others?: Aside from the 'heretical' part, what e…[View]
7389187>history books feudalism magically ended in France in 1794 and didn’t continue de facto in everyt…[View]
7390784Why is drinking to excess not a virtuous thing to do?[View]
7389030How true is this statement? I'm not denying homosexually/bisexuality was present in ancient soc…[View]
7388775Really activates your almonds[View]
7390851Taosim: How can one know more about/become a based taosit as a resident of the UK?[View]
7389605Is classical antiquity over-romanticized?[View]
7390801Jews and communists took women from home so they could whore and be wageslave Based or not based?[View]
7389502When did you realise that so much of human activity and culture is STEM that you have to study STEM …[View]
7381683You can't argue because is true.[View]
7383341Based retards in history[View]
7388239In the spirit of the season, can we admit Vlad Tepes did nothing wrong?[View]
7390759Victorian Era: How were the Victorians so repressed and so debauched at the same time?[View]
7388475Our boy biographics just made a video about Tiberius. I think this might actually be the first stand…[View]
7388316Religion aside, what did Jesus contribute to humanity? Did he introduce any idea that wasn't th…[View]
7389245'I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.': Was he the most in…[View]
7390745Albanians and E-V13: Albanians depending on the region have between 30-40% E-V13 y-DNA. What is the …[View]
7390550Reminder to pay up[View]
7390582How do Protestants respond?[View]
7388205Does your culture abuse people born from rape? I am born from rape, and when some people eventually …[View]
7390616WW2 thread: discuss the greatest war ever.[View]
7387805Some Dudes Channel: Saw this guys youtube channel, think its worth watching?? Love his hilarious thu…[View]
7390150What is the significance of the individual in the era of globalisation?: I mean that in age of globa…[View]
7390402Personally, I don't think leeches were a bad medical practise. We should've never done awa…[View]
7390452The Atomic Bombs: Was it justified, morally and/or strategically, to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Wo…[View]
7390468Religion in Arabia, pre Islam: This subject is fascinating to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reli…[View]
7388941...: The three dots stand for: Liberty, Unity, Socialism[View]
7389568Why didn'tt the Germans use fallschirmjäger as paratroopers again after Crete?[View]
7383675How great was it to be a prince in the medieval ages? >be 12 year old >old enough to fuck by m…[View]
7389955Give me a rundown on this place.[View]
7390192Istanbul not Constantinople Kibris not Cyprus لندن not London The Anglo, why does he do it?[View]
7383400What race was attila and his hunnic gang?: Where they finnish?[View]
7390105How do I monetize the thousands of hours I have put into history, politics and economics? I don…[View]
7386930Reformed: Cranmer's collects edition: Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity >LORD, we pray thee t…[View]
7388538/gwg/- The Great War General: Great War General Thread.[View]
7388601>the primary sources say that 300,000 men fought on each side of the battle >but I don't …[View]
7385163Germanic Blood: There's something really dark fantasy-esque about the origins and foundation of…[View]
7390008What's the reasoning behind Arminianism?: I was raised Calvinist so it's kind of weird to …[View]
7389795How are you holding up against the evil genius today,anon?[View]
7389676Who was in the right here?[View]
7385037Kingdom of Benin: Did they have temples? Did they have a fleet? Did they have writing?[View]
7388607WACO SIEGE: Who was in the wrong here? Did the ATF set them up? Were the Branch Davidians evil child…[View]
7369306100 years rule. Now.[View]
7388574ITT: Extremely patrician things you do. For me, it's >Do the Greek Duolingo tree in Italian …[View]
7376173I swear to God I would kill baby Jesus if that would save Rome[View]
7389917were there muslims in thirteen colonies? pic not related[View]
7389915I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe...[View]
7389541>You're awful, Muawiya...[View]
7389480Is Suicide the only philosophical problem?[View]
7389876> You will never study humanities in sorbonne Why even live ?[View]
7388954Did /his/ ever have a fight with one of their history teachers? or with one of their classmates abou…[View]
7365236The five most significant battles in world history: 5. Battle of Jutland In terms of tonnage, it was…[View]
7389537Do you think he enjoyed it ?[View]
7389727>muh humanity >muh rules in war cringe[View]
7385633Auto-Castration in Old Greco-Rome: In the cult of Attis and Cybele, men would castrate themselves - …[View]
7381056Art history: What happened to art? Is the devolution from high art (skilled) to abstract Impressioni…[View]
7389677what do you guys think of the law university?[View]
7388927>hurrrrrrr Lincoln should have just let the south leave the union and bulkanize America You reali…[View]
7387268Was Abu Bakr the biggest KEK in history ? He let muhammad marry his 8 year old daughter[View]
7384965Aztecs: Chicano here, redpill me on mu ancestors Did whitoids ruin everything? Why did they destroy …[View]
7389461>loool A-H military is so bad! >wins every ww1 front Why are the posters here so dumb?…[View]
7388492ITT: real life anime characters[View]
7388959if god real how come bad thing[View]
7389149>Be Slavik anon in the 1600s >Have to choose a busty maiden from your local area as your forev…[View]
7389498Did Westerners pursue technology the furthest because we're OK with recursion? Does recursion/i…[View]
7388171This is a 2500 year old mummy called the Ice Princess. She is one of the few mummies to have visible…[View]
7388624(Serious answers only) Which was more fucked up, the holocaust or the Bosnian genocide?[View]
7384032Are you pro the war in Vietnam or against it? What are your reasons for either side? https://strawpo…[View]
7388463How do you deniers refute this video?: How do you deny what happened after watching this literal tap…[View]
7386136Does it belong to ze Kaiser?: Burger here, I went to an American public school so as you can imagin…[View]
7388102Why has suicide been seen as cowardly? It's the bravest thing, defying your biological programm…[View]
7388393Is Kara Bogã legit?: Like at first I thought it was just a joke but after doing some research wouldn…[View]
7388800Why did chariots get used during Antiquity but not the Middle Ages? Nothing about the geography of E…[View]
7389259Is it bad that, because of Nice Guys™ and bullshittery that ensues with them, I've stopped beli…[View]
7386697What is the most prestigious job of the modern era?[View]
7386898Is this a valid medium to learn history?[View]
7388565Was the collapse of the roman empire more beneficial or destructive for Europe in the long run?[View]
7386411I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7389100what is this picture? what does it mean?[View]
7389162existential thoughts: Hello / his / I have a problem, I do not know, let's say philosophical in…[View]
7384887John Henry Newman is officially being declared a saint today, /his/. What do you think of him?[View]
7385790Any other general so great, the only way to win the war is to avoid him at all cost?[View]
7387079stop banking[View]
7388326Who are the stoics and how to read them?[View]
7389142So this is the greekoid Roman '''''Empire'''' for the last 800 years of its existence? Pathetic. I c…[View]
7389047What was government and government positions like in the medieval era? What about in the early moder…[View]
7389113How do you cope with the fact that all the philosophy in the world can't make you feel as elect…[View]
7388749Ali ibn Abu talib: Out of all early Islamic figures why was it this guy who ended up getting a sect …[View]
7389017'ghosts' of historical figures: Let's talk historical figures being said to haunt var…[View]
7387830You literally can't disapprove this , this is why i hate humanities. Fuck History , Fuck philos…[View]
7388968FUKT: /his/, I did something really bad. I had a History of Art exam. It was a take home exam.…[View]
7388321What was the most significant factor in the spread of Christianity: Christians like to believe it wa…[View]
7388960Is the Holocaust really exaggerated?[View]
7386994>dude you're just subject to and of the physical world instead of a part of everything >…[View]
7386126Is he the best alt-historian out there?[View]
7382073Medieval cities: Post cool info about medieval cities across Europe Asia and Africa[View]
7387811Who are your favorite historical incest couples, /his/?[View]
7388928Do you think we should have a moral obligation to, through genetic engineering, bring back the speci…[View]
7387726why do people never take into consideration the societal impact of war?[View]
7388857I miss these niggas like you wouldn't believe: The Cristero wars were the beginning of the end …[View]
7383144Was it just manlet rage ?[View]
7388421Who was in the right here[View]
7380154Why in nearly all cultures do women grow their hair long and men keep it short?[View]
7388373Theory: pastoralists tend to be more matriarchal, not less https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-…[View]
7387300Invest in Africa in 2020 It’s a gold mine[View]
7386674This is a Tradition instituted in Abraham’s 'عليه السلام' time and continues until today. …[View]
7374838Why tf was the Dane axe so common amongst Germanic peoples during the middle ages? Particular in Eng…[View]
7388635>Your favorite historical culture >How did they conduct courtship & weddings? Go…[View]
7388284which type of demon is this ?[View]
7386029*continues Roman paganism under the guise of Christianity*[View]
7387998Who thought this was a good idea?[View]
7388489I know that she turned a large part of the French army into beta orbiting purityfags but how did the…[View]
7387457>atheists are so stupid they believe something came from nothing >well yeah that logic doesnt …[View]
7387318Historically speaking, could the modern day Russian Federation be seen as a continuation of the Roma…[View]
7388398Why didn't the Greeks ever try to kill their gods? They knew they were assholes, they knew whic…[View]
7388010Why do people think that Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus in the 1930s? I've got magazines from t…[View]
7387839warlike people[View]
7386997In both wars, Germany killed way, way more people than it lost, but still lost the war anyway. Why w…[View]
7385462Atheism: What are the earliest examples of athiesm outside of europe /his/?[View]
7386469Why's the Rajneeshee cult in the US seemingly unknown?[View]
7384326Was the Mexican-American War really about the Manifest Destiny? Was it justified?[View]
7385172What are some other historical Renaissances that are on par with these two?[View]
7386413How have modern war operations worked for the last 80 years? WW2 media, as well as Cold War and cont…[View]
7386772Why didn't panslavism succeed? Why do they infight so much?[View]
7382909What's the best counterargument to pascal's wager ?[View]
7384865Who was the greatest king and why was it Gilgamesh?[View]
7387674What's your opinion about Slavs?[View]
7376710>yeah, I love Prussia >and by that I mean the Baltic old Prussians that withstood german chris…[View]
7386424*hands you pistol*: 'Private, I order you to shoot these jews in accordance with the National Intere…[View]
7387848Christianity: So from what I understand, in order to convert most europeans, early christians essent…[View]
7387137What historical country actually was the most perfidious?[View]
7387133What the fuck, man?[View]
7384768Were the charges against the Knights Templar substantiated or not? If they're so innocent why d…[View]
7387286What if we replaced buildings with big fast growing trees?[View]
7386286muh vikangz discovered America: Why do idiots think landing in a frozen wasteland in Canada and not …[View]
7387522Is religion a cult?: Firstly I do think religion must have benefitted societies in the past, or else…[View]
7385070What would the world look like now if all the revolutions of 1917-1923 had succeeded and communists …[View]
7387634Did Egypt really look like this?[View]
7387485the real reason for the pyramids: The pyramids were never tombs. Anybody who believes that is fuckin…[View]
7387615We have a second person perspective of society looking at it Is there a first person perspective of …[View]
7385432Manlets: How the fuck did this manlet became the most powerful man in the world ? Isn't it supp…[View]
7384998What country had the comfiest history?[View]
7387520Why should I care about property rights?: When Im too dumb to create a successful business, isnt it …[View]
7385704I'm looking for a good source on the number of foreign volunteers in the Wehrmacht according to…[View]
7382044Why and when did the West become so dominant? I heard it's happened because of capitalist syste…[View]
7385765Is there anything more terrifying than youth? Youth is trivially brainwashed yet it sincerely believ…[View]
7384939Could he have won if he had been more metered and reasoned and didn't cause the allies to panic…[View]
7385792Isn't it kind of tragic that modern Habsburgs are posting pictures on Instagram and Tweeting ab…[View]
7387290Hey /his/. A few days ago I wrote a green text on /r9k/ about Vietnam. So I thought I'd share i…[View]
7387151The mid-above average IQ trap midgets: Why are they so irritating?[View]
7386130Do you think Liberalism has won the battle for ideology or will we see another battle of ideologies …[View]
7387176U-1105 – Hitler’s stealth submarine (https://youtu.be/annBcLwa-3c ): (https://youtu.be/annBcLwa-3c )…[View]
7385740>Germanic tribe >Not part of Germany when Hitler invaded Please explain…[View]
7383655Has there ever been an attempt at self inflicted genocide >inb4 white genocide…[View]
7385111>You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. >You see that a person …[View]
7385204Reading about Genghis Khans early life, it makes him sound like he was written to have the most bada…[View]
7385190NOOOOOO you can't write poetry[View]
7382436Did Austria-Hungary deserve to dissolve? The Serbs started in, Russia got involved for no good reaso…[View]
7385955>talking to black man >he says i'm rich and smart because i'm white >I say race i…[View]
7386635Samurai armour: Did Oda Nobunaga‘s infantry wear these Nanban gusoku (Japanese-made armours modeled …[View]
7383241Where the Sea Peoples really the cause behind the end of the Late Bronze age civilizations?[View]
7376233people keep saying the swedes werent vikings, but they were? there are tons of buried viking towns a…[View]
7385900What is the chief end of man?: Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. 1 Co…[View]
7386820Tell me about times when your country really fucked up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_Dmitry_I …[View]
7386876History textbooks in 2100: What are the most ridiculous moments of recent history that will be one d…[View]
7386688be me >senior year in college >goes to library >found a book called 'the book of disquiet…[View]
7386615Eagle's Nest: my school is going on a trip to Austria with the German program where we will sto…[View]
7386294Why do so many people hold extremist or edgy contrarian political and philosophical beliefs on the i…[View]
7386590On this pic we've got sudanid, congolid, bantudid and nilotid Tell me the difference between th…[View]
7386035Wtf is this actually even supposed to mean. What is this supposed to serve?[View]
7386280Linear A: Is Linear A language the same as the Pre-Greek substratum?[View]
7385639What's so important about being 'morally' correct/superior when it usually means you …[View]
7386799Just how much do the ancient know about food allergy anyway? Just thinking about if some blood feud …[View]
7385201Any tips for writing history essays in college? How you make a historical argument anyway without ju…[View]
7382509/pol/itical propaganda in /his/tory: >went to Wikipedia for the information about colchis >cit…[View]
7386515How do I learn more about hunter-gatherers? It seems like that was the apex of humanity and it'…[View]
7385536What Made Them So Great? (minus Ireland of course): >There is very close genetic affinity among N…[View]
7385215The American golden age was in the 1920s: Let’s be honest[View]
7386526Democracy and its history: How was democracy able to become the most accepted form of goverment in h…[View]
7381535>Republicanism was born from masonic ideals >Democracy and social-democracy are 100% of masoni…[View]
7386668Are nukes really the most destructive weapons in mankind history or is it just reddit meme?.The fact…[View]
7384661>tfw Sand: >Be me >Be Arab >Have like 5,000 years of irrelevance >No glorious history…[View]
7384609Qur'an reading group: Moved here because /lit/ deleted it Last week was pages 1-25 (Surah 2 and…[View]
7384720How did a monograph on 17th-18th century naval warfare have such a profound effect on world history?[View]
7384721Why do people like this retard so much?[View]
7384564Is this true?[View]
7385593Why is the word 'Christianity' not mentioned in the Bible?[View]
7386379Rurik was a Greek[View]
7385362Thine evil deeds are writ in gore, Nor written thus in vain— Thy triumphs tell of fame no more, …[View]
7386102How integral was/is the Old Testament to the laws and constitutions of western civilization? It came…[View]
7385812Did it really exist?[View]
7386143Ariovistus: How would Europe have developed if Caesar, or Rome for that matter, had not defeated him…[View]
7384896What is the salvation for the West?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQh_cgQNJb0 Can Catholicism be …[View]
7382275why do many say that America is the true heir of Roman Empire? no meme answers[View]
7383286Was it worth it?[View]
7385993Ethnic Divides: So according to genetic clustertards, this is how we should divide the British Isles…[View]
7384584Who's the closest historical equivalent to the Joker?[View]
7386012>They died as heroes >Do you really still believe that?…[View]
7384684>Caril Ann Fugate was released in 1976 and lives free but Starkweather was executed How is this f…[View]
7385524Was The Black Death the will of God?[View]
7385152Does suffering in one's life increase the quality and progress of one's work to humanity? …[View]
7382166Was Pope Benedict, dare I say, based?: >Protestantism has made an important contribution to the r…[View]
7385878Where Did It All Go So Wrong?: >Outside of Anglophone countries, the term 'Anglo-Saxon' and its t…[View]
7385693How much do Cult Leaders study behavioural science or is it just innate to them?[View]
7385191China: I want to start learning more about chinese history. Are there any good books, podcasts, movi…[View]
7385509What are the biggest 3 way civil wars in human history? The war of the Three Kingdoms doesn't c…[View]
7385760>crying in front of a statue lmao what a beta. people took this hack seriously?…[View]
7385430How did it happen that they got to control the world?[View]
7377606Why did it take so long to invent army camouflage?[View]
7385733Why don't muslims care about all the people muhammad killed and colonized ?[View]
7385725Would flappers count as baddies?[View]
7381952let's talk about killers for starters, what was his fucking problem?[View]
7381890>The first two “sins that cry to heaven” include sins that one brand of politics downplays. First…[View]
7373628How old were you when you Realize the Soviets were the good guys?: >fought for the oppressed >…[View]
7384883Have Russians always sang songs about dark-eyed girls or is it mostly a Soviet thing?[View]
7383596'h-hewwo I- m- my nwame is agwustus-' * sniffles * 'T-today I, uh am going t-to c-conquew the whine-…[View]
7376908Brutality in Medieval Era: What the fuck was wrong with these people that they carried out Mexican c…[View]
7385589Why are Turks so pathetic[View]
7381634Chakavian Republic: Does anyone else remember the Chakavian Republic? They were located in the area …[View]
7385443JFK was literally killed because he was an un-blackmailable Chad who was personally fucking the wive…[View]
7375212Why did Fascism never take off in the United Kingdom?[View]
7384957Poland get back it's land from Belarus and ukraine after USSR collapsed: Was there any chance o…[View]
7369643Would you deem the historical descriptions in this game trustworthy?[View]
7372392Is it safe to say WW1 was mainly a Germany vs France conflict?[View]
7383223>given total control of a newly founded nation >everyone is clear in supporting him in whateve…[View]
7383121So what was our ancestor's justification for living near a volcano when they knew what a volcan…[View]
7385333Tbh the Junkers acted far more like 'Jews' during world war 2 than German Jews did.[View]
7382688What happens during the 15 years after the battle of Cannae when Hannibal occupies Italy? Do romans …[View]
7384436Why did fascism take off in the early 20th century instead of monarchism? I get that fascism largely…[View]
7385136>76% of it's citizens wanted it to continue >Americans illegally tople it >Massive rio…[View]
7383327Should this plan still be put forth into creation or is it too late? How would it have affected the …[View]
7384748will this go down as the most culturally and historically significant 4chan meme?[View]
7384189Huang Chao rebellion: >Be Huang Chao >proficient at horseback archery, swordsmanship and writi…[View]
7385081Was life better for poor people when the Upper Class were basically a different species than the poo…[View]
7385033>anarcho capitalist society finally exists >gets invaded by governments ??? how would ancaps p…[View]
7380972Isn't it sad how such a vast and wealthy empire left behind such a unhappy legacy? Everywhere a…[View]
7383844I just finished watching a film called Hagazussa, which is a stomach-churning story of the transform…[View]
7381839Going to buy a bible tomorrow is nsrv the most accurate?[View]
7382251> The real Greeks would never have driven out the Turks. They were too degraded to even wish for …[View]
7381821Why did the Nazis try to exterminate the gays, slavs, masons, gypsies, cripples, and Jehovah’s Witne…[View]
7369874WWII General: All discussion/questions regarding WWII should be contained here in order to reserve s…[View]
7382850Soviet Union: Could the USSR have been saved or was it doomed to collapse?[View]
7382386What's the most pedantic thing you've ever done?[View]
7382060Where did the stereotype of the Mandingo people being sexually powerful and insatiable come from? T…[View]
7384137Emperor Puyi: Why, out of all the possible candidates, did they choose an infant to be emperor of Ch…[View]
7384949How would the U.S. be different today if H.W. got assassinated early-on and this dumb motherfucker b…[View]
7379349Yugoslavia = Greater Serbia?: Why did people think Yugoslavia (SFR and Kingdom) was a Greater Serbia…[View]
7380686So were warhammers an actual things in medieval warfare or were they just popularized in later centu…[View]
7384890>I’m going to invade Finland, you in?[View]
7384241How does hinduism work as far as the network of philosophies, beliefs, and schools go? >pic semi-…[View]
7384132Tragedy of the commons: What are some historical examples of the tragedy of the commons?[View]
7378109John VI of Portugal: In his memories, Napoleon named the three enemies who earned his respect: the R…[View]
7384787What's a good reason, to say, why 'women empowerment' speeches, movements, etc. are pointless, …[View]
7384818Öcalan is my hero[View]
7383206How is the real hero of the 3kingdoms?[View]
7382502Post a historical figure, say what boards they would browse. >p >an >out >diy >int …[View]
7380244Any theist rebuttal of 'Dark matter2525'?[View]
7384527>Himmler, a chicken farmer, rose to the position of the most powerful man in Germany because his …[View]
7381022The reasoning behind John 8:7: >He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at h…[View]
7384491Two questions: Will there ever be a century with as much war / war casualties as the 20th century ag…[View]
7382254>ancient source on a battle >there were 20 million men >modern historians estimates of same…[View]
7384568Was he right?[View]
7384531charles v: why does everybody love this basedboy so much just because he inherited a blob that his g…[View]
7384346Was Nero actually the villain of history? Often cited as playing the fiddle as Rome burned, he has h…[View]
7384236Historically did the Greeks consider giving head as a a guy gay?[View]
7381259Do we have hilarious complaints about any other ancient con artists in history like Ea-Nasir?[View]
7384412How did historians ever recover?[View]
7379789Qur'an references science of virgin birth: Please note this is not shilling for sex change or i…[View]
7384392This is the first thing the Romans saw when they marched into Gaul.[View]
7380635>Heinrich Hoffman was Hitler's personal photographer. He was one of the party that went to t…[View]
7383692>tfw no Sinohellenic civilization[View]
7384304Has any other nation ever had such a large and collective inferiority complex?[View]
7384355>No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither, with >modesty enough and likelihood to lead…[View]
7382856Surprising facts: >was a Methodist Honestly surprised me. Any /his/tory facts that have surprised…[View]
7384308What if fantasy elements actually existed in our history like monsters, magic and fantasy races for …[View]
7384340Was raping children considered normal anywhere during any period?[View]
7384323Alternate History Flags /getfked/: This looks like a better fit, ngl.[View]
7381127>First satellite 1957 >First photos of far side of the moon 1959 >First person in space 196…[View]
7384255Does it make sense to combine World War I and World War II into a single mostly continuous period ca…[View]
7384200Was tgere poverty and homelessness in the soviet union?[View]
7384249>Soul >Soulless[View]
7383753Is this the best English language version available? Trying to decide between this and the Manheim o…[View]
7382233Who's your favorite Renaissance figure?[View]
7382661I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7377750Why didn't Noahidism never catch on? It's like converting to Judaism but without all of th…[View]
7383933how many clothes did people on average own in the 1800s?[View]
7383948>still using papal calendars i bet you don't even use decimal time…[View]
7378043Which figure in all of history rose up the hardest?[View]
7383080>Nazis don’t kill the single Jew who most deserved it but rather a bunch of random Eastern Europe…[View]
7383818>BCE >CE[View]
7378919Who was the sanest, least wacky high ranking Nazi?[View]
7383869The virgin Chad vs the Chad network of seething cuckolds[View]
7380187Traitor: Petain? More like Putain[View]
7380989What was the difference between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?[View]
7383662Who's the most chad socdem in history?[View]
7379211Why were sub-saharan african muslims so lax about hijab/modest dress for most of history?[View]
7379506You wake up in early 1500s England.[View]
7382128Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?[View]
7383384>Ambassadors are classified as senior foreign service employees. The 2017 minimum pay for ambassa…[View]
7378870How much control did Wilhelm actually have? I know that Germany had a parliament of some kind at the…[View]
7380685What is the cause of the decline of circumcision rates in the US since the 1970s, but a HUGE decline…[View]
7383439Who was in the wrong here?[View]
7374296Question for Antinatalists. Just how the fuck are you supposed to ask consent froma person who doesn…[View]
7372819>What do you get when you cross a Nationalist Serb with an oppressive regime that annexes his ter…[View]
7383281The Japanese dynasty is basically like if the ancient Scandinavian Yngling dynasty (descended from F…[View]
7382991Dumb question but I've always wondered why Hitler wanted Slavic lands instead of lands like Spa…[View]
7377998Who was the greatest ruler over the holy roman empire?[View]
7382069Napoleon was a geniu-[View]
7380985>stop criminal war against Prussia >reformed the army >imported thinkers from germany like …[View]
7383125Did the Mongols bring about an increase in long-distance trade?[View]
7380367Was Athens really 'all that'?: This subject came up peripherally on a Sulla thread, I question - and…[View]
7382591Trade in Ancient Times and in the Middle Ages: Tamil trade, famous since antiquity: >It should be…[View]
7382676Is he the most underrated European monarch ?[View]
7381399Is classical antiquity over-romanticized?[View]
7382550ITT: lel moments in history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raid_on_the_Medway[View]
7382800Most Overrated Leaders/Generals: I'll start[View]
7381907Mispronounced /his/ terms: I always pronounced Scythians as 'Skith' as in 'myth' and -ians. I saw pe…[View]
7382574What went wrong?[View]
7381344Why is there no in-depth philosophical discussion on health?: Its always something really simple or …[View]
7380043Do you believe in great man theory?: To me it seems to go hand In hand with Lucien Febvre's pos…[View]
7379289Reminder the man who won the first union victory of the war and was a brilliant commander and cheate…[View]
7380665Was it worth it?[View]
7375459Why didn't the Portuguese just liberate Angola and Mozambique like everyone else did with their…[View]
7381318What does it mean to be 'moral'?[View]
7381876What are some battles where the commander probably didn't expect to win but fought his ass off …[View]
7381538Queen Vicky a cute, A CUTE![View]
7382171How come cave paintings appear so simple at first glance but can give such a complex sense of life a…[View]
7381060Celts BTFO: >'To put it simply, there is absolutely zero genetic evidence to support the idea of …[View]
7379183Emperor Commodus: What was the Roman Emperor Commodus like, personally? How much of that do modern h…[View]
7379293The Battles of Kawanakajima Part: 1: It’s OUT! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xf8v5kvPPM[View]
7381004Christendom sprode civilization across europe when the roman empire couldn’t. Prove me wrong[View]
7379395What went wrong and when?[View]
7378307I'm crossing the Rubicon, will you join me?[View]
7374886Favorite time period?[View]
7374198How often were chariots actually used in ancient battle? I know they were used often in mythology bu…[View]
7378655Eichmann was innocent: He was just following orders[View]
7381869What made the Romans snap to destroy the Jews homeland: They literally broke free from their officer…[View]
7381336Pic related is from a movie titled 'Invasion of the Neptune Men', which came out in 1961. How the fu…[View]
7381639What are some ''historically accurate'' or otherwise notable depictions of battl…[View]
7381532There is were reasons for America to join WWI[View]
7381151Rare Hitler: Post your rare Fuhrer pics the media doesn't want us to see.[View]
7380033Wasn't the real 'appeasement' narrative of the war that if you give the Junkers an inch, they…[View]
7374454What's the most evil thing a person, country or group of people has ever done in history?[View]
7379866redpill me on the visigoths, ostrogoths, and other barbarian successor states. were they based? were…[View]
7375975Why do things exist? What happened before the big bang? Can nothing exist?[View]
7381289>alright lads, we’re going to war. It’s time to line up and shoot each other at point blank range…[View]
7378020What is the patrician economic model?[View]
7378696minoan peak sancturies are neat af[View]
7374719Who are the best historical bad guys besides the Soviets, Nazis, Japanese, and Confederates?[View]
7381031The key to understand the history of today is to go back to 1517 and the people behind Martin Luther…[View]
7377614What's islam deal with small pitful things like depictions or hijab?.Do mud npcs really believe…[View]
7376552Did Q Source ever exist?: Or is it wholly imaginary? No ancient texts mention it directly. And if it…[View]
7381140Farmers > hunter-gatherers[View]
7381218an daze in their life: I smiled at the girl on /his/, 'my god' i thought, 'an woman.' My eyes grew w…[View]
7376878>Scribbles down incoherent fan fiction about himself being this awesome saviour who can speak to …[View]
7377707What are some good books to help me understand Confucianism?[View]
7377673Interested in pic related. I think I want to read some of his stuff. Where should I start? What’s go…[View]
7380118Is it true that there were large and relatively complex civilisations that lived in the amazon basin…[View]
7380662How did the Sumerians make beer without aluminum for the cans?[View]
7377990Architecture Thread: What is the best architectural style and why is it Mid Century Modern?[View]
7379093Why was he such an asshole?[View]
7380745What was life like in Ghana pre colonization[View]
7377497/fa/ Thread: Post fashionable outfits throughout history.[View]
7378673Is it true that the Irish were not considered white in the early 1900s America?[View]
7375460was god the father ever traditionally depicted in orthodox iconography?[View]
7377326Halloween costume ideas from history: What historical figures/ideas/styles would make for great hall…[View]
7380884is there any reason to see them as a separate nationality and people to albanians?[View]
7377218>the apple of eden is the idea of evil >the entire bible is the idea of evil…[View]
7380694something just dawned on me during prayer: Gods just nature and His forgiving nature are the same. P…[View]
7378189If you could ask him one question, what would it be?[View]
7380697이용훈著 「反日種族主義」: So I’m reading this history book by Yong-hoon Lee, in which he has made a number of s…[View]
7372610Why is February no longer the last month of the year? It makes way more sense >Spring signals the…[View]
7379973was napoleonic france the closest real life implementation of plato's republic?[View]
7380655Before my oldfag's oldfag was born, this was our website. These are our good places; our basedp…[View]
7378566Have you taken the Nian pill?: This is the rebellion the normalfags don't want you to know abou…[View]
7379107Why is the concept of 'opinion' used so much? Why can't anything be either true or fa…[View]
7375335should I fall for the meme and study Ancient History and/or Byzantine Studies or Archeology? It…[View]
7377611Was he the world's biggest larper? His adventures in Central Asia is the funniest shit ever. I …[View]
7377531Muslims as Greeks cultural successors: Why do people forget so easily that Greek tradition was prese…[View]
7379138Did Hitler fear Turkey?[View]
7379708the main objective of buddhism is not to desire anything so why is the Dalai Lama's biggest des…[View]
7378403Could you guys please post some /his/ related photos of former enemies/rivals becoming the best of f…[View]
7378380He's dead: Fuck this gay Earth.[View]
7346993ITT post only peak aestethics[View]
7364372Where did the ancestors of the Proto-Indo-Europeans come from?[View]
7376638Why was the turn of the century so a e s t h e t i c?[View]
7378611What kind of people settled there and why, once the United States bought this huge chunk of land ?[View]
7376348>the most based monarch of all time was a gay atheist We truly are living in a clown world....…[View]
7379673Cities: What are some characteristics in urbanism among colonian powers and their colonies. Britain,…[View]
7377061What are some good books/resouces about a nuclear war? I’m talking hard science and geopolitical the…[View]
7378872What part of the Nazi's was a Regierungsrat?: Doing my family tree and got back to my German Gr…[View]
7377069Can we have a thread about those old fertility carvings? I find them very interesting.[View]
7376420Was the t-34 a bad/good tank ? Please no wehraboo or redarmyboo bullshit i just want to know if the …[View]
7378288>For me? It's command ops 2. How about you friend?[View]
7377988What Do?: >You are walking through the park >See this >What Do?…[View]
7378187/his/ feels thread: >we fight for the future of our children[View]
7370343Forget Caesar, it's all about Sulla. Always was.: SULLA 'FELIX' aka LUCIUS CORNELIUS …[View]
7377550Would a CSA victory leade to more fractures?: What i mean is, would a CSA Victory set a precedent fo…[View]
7378152How on earth did the English lose Calais?[View]
7377419Wake up in 2019 Belgium still exists What do?[View]
7377852How come the asians never went through a famine period during the Middle Ages?[View]
7377233>The Siege of Gibraltar, 1779 - 1783[View]
7377860Why did Carter want to exclude congress from foreign policy? And how did congress react to Carter…[View]
7378040ParEcon: Why does this exist? This wikipedia page is one of the most autistic things I've ever …[View]
7374775>Be french >Get shoe shined by algerian kids…[View]
7373531AoC: >The age of consent in the US was generally 10 or 12 in the 19th century given the state …[View]
7377057Late antiquity: Why is the late Roman Empire so ignored by historians? in my college we basically st…[View]
7371101Where did this stupid tradition of exaggerating the cruelty of the ancients come from? >Witches w…[View]
7377969What the fuck was their problem?[View]
7376376>&Humanities Is it morally wrong to have sex with animals? Why or why not?…[View]
7377775Most famous troops in history[View]
7377397Second punic war in Sicily: >Be Syracusian >Call Hannibal for help >Noone comes >Get sac…[View]
7368684South Africa, Apartheid, etc...: Considering that South Africa is now an hellhole full of poverty, w…[View]
7377980Historical fiction: Anything good you're reading, watching or have otherwise come across? Plini…[View]
7375585Why didn't Augustus assign Germanicus as his heir instead of Tiberius? Imagine if Germanicus be…[View]
7368839Where do Black Americans come from?: I see a lot of African Americans claiming Zulu(e.g Oprah), Ethi…[View]
7372731What's the diference between hitler economic model and Stalin economic model? I just read about…[View]
7374230do you think the threat of germany becoming a world power was the main reason (nazism aside) to star…[View]
7377748Wait a second... isn't this really humiliating?[View]
7371633Language of the Huns: Why is it we don't know what language Atilla the Hun spoke when the Huns …[View]
7374945>started a slave trade that captured millions of africans, asians and natives >instigated a br…[View]
7377004Most Vikings were Swedish The Greatest Vikings were Swedish End of story[View]
7377342Why is Macedonia not in the European union again? Picture unrelated[View]
7377485We Waz Kangz[View]
7377081ITT: frogs and anglos say something nice about each other[View]
7373512I sometimes fantasized about being some young lord in middle ages and siring a bastard on some whole…[View]
7376924>Starts at the level of India >First satellite, space station, object landing on moon 40 years…[View]
7370459All of humanity descend from Shem, Ham and Japheth This is fact proved by archeology, lingustics, ge…[View]
7376873https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavius_Aetius what language did this guy speak? >latin yes ok but…[View]
7377079tfw no /his/ bf[View]
7377243debunking Pagans & Atheism: they have claims as such - 'To many religions claim to be right' and…[View]
7375173There's something special about medieval castles that later centuries just can't compete w…[View]
7375231Indian history: What is ðe reason why I keep seeing more þreads discussing ðe incredibly shallow Afr…[View]
7374892Historically speaking, which are the most successful ways that states have employed to deal with reb…[View]
7377216Wehrmacht's unique camouflage uniforms (https://youtu.be/98QQ_m1qz_w ): (https://youtu.be/98QQ_…[View]
7375328Meiji Restoration thread: During the abolition of the han system, the daimyos surrendered their doma…[View]
7377187Biblical historical philology: When are the individual books of the Tanakh dated?[View]
7373352>Ywn be one of Charlemagnes paladins raiding and conquering all over Europe fucking any beautiful…[View]
7377134Only religious people go to hell: You believe in it You create your own You see it You feel it Hel…[View]
7375778>I defie the Pope and all his lawes. If God spare my life, ere many yeares I wyl cause a boy that…[View]
7376117Any good books that portray the British Empire in a positive light?[View]
7375742When the Pervitin kicks in...[View]
7377086How do you make people think they came up with an idea on their own and have them act on it?[View]
7377091Why did the people in the Mal'ta–Buret' culture prefer stick-women unlike their European c…[View]
7373358>studying french history >everyone is named Francis…[View]
7376274What could Have Been[View]
7376986Should Sisyphus create another Sisyphus: if given the chance?[View]
7376380Purpose of circumcision: In the centuries before the discovery of penicillin, why did so many commun…[View]
7375181Russian influences on American culture?: Considering how there were so many waves of Russian immegra…[View]
7375501Why Rome did not make own alphabet and Bible translation for germans like Byzantium make it for slav…[View]
7376760What influences people more than fear?[View]
7376882>be me >brian[View]
7375559>just turned 20 >still hasn't been topped…[View]
7374442Are you fucking serious? Dropped[View]
7376403Reminder that communism is just the 'paradise' of the religion of the state, it can't work unde…[View]
7375422Pic: peak of humanism which is a sub-product of protestantism and close relative to marxism. Protest…[View]
7376229Ah, yes. The Iron Maiden.[View]
7376501Metallurgy of the past?: What was ancient metallurgy like? Like how were they even making bronze in …[View]
7376626Cold War Thread: Why did the cold war end so underwhelmingly? Not even one limited confrontation bet…[View]
7376645Homework: Hi i am in a writing class looking for help on my essay due today any suggestions?[View]
7376560>Centralizing power into the hands of a complete fucking retard Why is this such a common recurri…[View]
7376532Was Kant a useful idiot for religion?[View]
7373569Religion(s) in Southern Russia (During Medieval Age): What was the religions of Southern Russia like…[View]
7375280Okay, look. I admit to being a brainlet and knowing very little about pic related. But I just need t…[View]
7376473Where do these come from? I've seen them posted here. Can you post more? For every new one pos…[View]
7373324Christianity as Emperor Worship: Any resonance on that here? I don't particularly think the hyp…[View]
7376156Q: Why did the average standard of living of started rising in early modern Europe? A: >dude it…[View]
7376459REEEE The romans destroyed this.[View]
7371362>read bible >its genuinely compelling uhh guys.…[View]
7375458I'm not convinced that were, as males, supposed to be exposed to sexual content to the degree t…[View]
7368013Where did neoliberalism come from during the 70s? How did it become so dominant on the world stage?[View]

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