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6800025Where should I start learning the history of Asia? They didn't teach us anything in high school…[View]
6794397Is the United States the successor of the Roman Empire? Is Russia the successor of the Byzantine Emp…[View]
6799520/His/ Humour thread[View]
6799810Why has mainland Europe always been in a constant state of siege.: Can any of you /his/torians tell …[View]
6795676where should the borders between finland and sweden reallly be drawn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
6795608Is humanity 'designed' to wage war so men die in battle, thus creating a surplus of women? Women hav…[View]
6798696Jesus is Hitler: Jesus IS Hitler-affiliated archaeologists discovered various artifacts in Jerusalem…[View]
6796734Why do romanians love this dude so luch?[View]
6799467How do Germans defend this kind of aggression on a neutral actor? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_…[View]
6798583Was Rome the worlds first mafia?[View]
6796551Can we discuss how amazing it is that India resisted Muslims to the point that they have the second …[View]
6797948Buckner Payne's The Negro book from 1866: What do you think of his book from that time that was…[View]
6796234Hey guys i thought this might be a good place to discuss this considering your race/mitochondrial DN…[View]
6796701The last thread died pretty quickly. How did the Sumerians wage war? How did they mythologize it? Wh…[View]
6798429Traditionalism and conservatism - valuable values or ballast in the modern world?: Is traditionalism…[View]
6799023How can highly individualistic society be democratic society?[View]
6798813Help me fill this up /his/ I'm trying to find the best human representations in history[View]
6798541FUCK outgroups ya kno' what im sayin' t. god (reality)[View]
6799285Why does every thread on /his/ start with a question?[View]
6799155Why did it take until the Renaissance for art to become good?[View]
6795245Why did Luther flipflop on the Turks?[View]
6798461Redpill me on the Six Day War. Who was in the wrong here? Why did it only last for six days?[View]
6799301Fourteen shillings on the drum For those who volunteers to come Shoes and clothes and pleasant pay O…[View]
6797849Is it possible to reinterpret Communism so it does not fall under Totalitarianism for the XXI centur…[View]
6794122What was the comfiest settlement in history?[View]
6795958Hitler and Freemasonry: Why did the nazi hate the Freemasons so much?[View]
6798088How do blemmyes fit into the whole picture?: Where do they come from? How did they evolve into the f…[View]
6793159Red pill me HBO's Chernobyl. How historically accurate is it?[View]
6799325Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black sh…[View]
6799272Been taking Latin academically for 5 years. How do I transition from more formal translation work in…[View]
6796152For me, it's always been General Joseph Stilwell[View]
6793117>That one time when a non-Indo-European source had an early influence in the Vedic religion but n…[View]
6797952Byzantine general: Come here Byzbros[View]
6798973Who wins?: Holy alliance + Unified Germany versus the rest of Europe War stars in 1920[View]
6797833Islam = Iranians, Arabs, North and East Africans Christianity = Europeans, Americans, West and South…[View]
6797780capitalism and communism are both bad but capitalism is the lesser of the two evils[View]
6791936Thoughts on the laws around the world[View]
6797276Were New Assyria the most based civilization in existence?[View]
6793026Was Genghis Khan the greatest conqueror in history?[View]
6798400School levels: 1- your country 2- do you have higher education? 3- which area?[View]
6798677>The Western Roman Empire would have survived if it never abandoned the fighting style of the ear…[View]
6793328>America was founded by all races >America practiced segregation and had a racist immigration …[View]
6798380Dark Ages: At what point did you discover that 'dark ages' was a meme?[View]
6797569If you do not believe in objective moral truths then what do you mean when you say for example 'it i…[View]
6794543African cross bows: According to leo Africanus cross bows were used in West Africa as a means of fen…[View]
6798161>Where south inclines westwards, the part of the world stretching farthest towards the sunset is …[View]
6798700What are the odds that the Chinese won't open Qin Shihuang's tomb because they're con…[View]
6798722The Canaanites weren't Semitic: Although the Bible record clearly shows the Canaanites to be Ha…[View]
6797701>You're a trinitarian ? >Yeah, I believe the non-biblical dogma that Jesus=God >Can Go…[View]
6790961The same island but the two nations are so different economically, racially and culturally. Is it re…[View]
6793253Why are religions so culty?: Why do religions seem to be structured in such a way as to revolve arou…[View]
6797885Letter from Emperor Maurice to Persian King Chosroes II, after the conclusion of the penultimate Rom…[View]
6793486China vs Japan in WW2: Were they able to put up any real resistance themselves or were they 100% sav…[View]
6794549Why would anyone hate god?[View]
6790273What's the first recorded use of the 'fingerguns' gesture?[View]
6797606Have the Jews had a notable amount of miraculous victories against invaders and oppressive regimes t…[View]
6798134Who is the greatest philosopher of the 21st century and why will it be Jonathan Bowden? https://yout…[View]
6797443When was the pledge of allegiance invented and for what purpose? Must have been a product of a diffe…[View]
6796329>North Africa was once a prosperous part of the Roman Empire[View]
6798025Are there any good books, movies, etc. you can recommend on Canadian history?[View]
6797899No robe comes anywhere as close to the pre-Qing Mongolian deel[View]
6797857> Imagine being French Pahahahahaha!!![View]
6794790historic armors and fashion: I know this image isn't a real historic image but I'm looking…[View]
6797918Is the concept of open borders a new phenomena or is it a ages old one? I've been thinking and …[View]
6796054Why is the USA legislative branch called Congress, instead of Parliament? Most other nations refer t…[View]
6796519Why did the Soviet space programme fail?[View]
6762717How did the Turks dominate Iran for centuries ?[View]
6796586How does /his/ regard Caesar?: He benefited the working class who was exploited by the optimates who…[View]
6795403How is it the Iliad became popular enough to survive, but not the rest of the epic cycle?[View]
6797591Who was in the wrong here?[View]
6797535how could they think this would work?[View]
6796945Is history a creation of chance?: What is the predictability of historical processes?[View]
6794776If Russia were to continue the trend of reclaiming old Soviet territory like Crimea, would Germany, …[View]
6796898What would the world look like if hitler won? No meme answers pls[View]
6796229What if they won the Korean war?[View]
6795564How common was the 'samurai testing a sword on a random passerby' thing? I can't real…[View]
6795543Literally what are human rights? Are they just feel good slogans? They get progressively more retard…[View]
6797532Prove me wrong.: Russia is like Turkey, both are calling themselves 'European' when they are just tw…[View]
6790262We know that medieval soldiers wore padded coifs or arming caps under their helmets to make it more …[View]
6784493/His/ Pepes: Post authentic /his/ Pepes and Wojaks. Extra points for wholesome stuff like pic relate…[View]
6797499>'When the Spaniards first arrived in Mexico, natives bearing incense burners were assigned to ac…[View]
6797502About who are the china leaders after mao?[View]
6797165What was Eastern Europe like pre-Mongol invasion? What would have happened in the Mongols has never …[View]
6789304we wuz koreanz?: whoa whoa whoa hol up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dravido-Korean_languages This i…[View]
6791161How is generalplan ost any more evil than manifest destiny? I don't get it.[View]
6792071How did a Gallowglass measure up to a Norman or English knight?[View]
6795671Why is Japanese culture and history more popular in the world even though China's culture and h…[View]
6797158No matter how hard you look you will never find a more pathetic 'battle'. 15.000 strong warriors fai…[View]
6794765Is this true?[View]
6795659Why were Tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons only invented in the 1970's? I me…[View]
6795475Is individualism a bad thing?[View]
6797086Where might one find some good historical books about medieval europe and medieval christianity? wou…[View]
6796762Liberum Veto: Poles explain yourselves. How is this not the dumbest shit ever? >The liberum veto …[View]
6796242We know the main reason he declared war on Britain was to rally people around the flag during a time…[View]
6795296Thirty Years' War: What's the best resource (book, documentary, etc) on the Thirty Years…[View]
6789577How will historians in 25 years see our current period?[View]
6792591Neanderthals and Denisovans mated with species that diverge from us 2mya: https://www.biorxiv.org/co…[View]
6795560Redpilled books about the French Revolution: Books that talk about the bloodshet that the revolution…[View]
6796666Local man is right again[View]
6794972Chinese Civil War Thread: Hello /his/, I've been reading about Taiwan and the ROC recently, and…[View]
6796592How to get more info about my great granpa in Usa: Hi everyone! I've just discovered that my gr…[View]
6794392Out of these three, who would have been the best world leader?[View]
6795365USSR invasion of Third Reich: What didn't Stalin decide to attack Third Reich at any point afte…[View]
6795572So Jesus ≠ God, Jesus ∈ God? That's polytheism[View]
6796559How was someone like Hannibal Barca viewed by the Romans in the Late Republic Era (i.e., 50-100 year…[View]
6793149What makes Britons' genes unique compared to other Northern Europeans?[View]
6796505>innocent Hitler YEAH, KILL EM[View]
6796413Are the boers the true South Africans?: Are the boers the true South Africans. and the blacks are th…[View]
6796400Has free love ever been 'successful'?[View]
6796473What did Germany, Japan and Italy hope to get from winning the war? What were their long term plans …[View]
6795935What did the Scots, Scandis, et al think about these throughout history? What did they think caused …[View]
6796345problem: what causes the cause that has an effect?[View]
6796429is islam compatible with freemasonry?[View]
6790726Was Mao really that bad of a leader?[View]
6794844What's the history of midge-ism? Were they always treated as equals?[View]
6794721What was the deal with James Baldwin's face, /his/? What phenotype was this? He looked like som…[View]
6796147Spooky History: >That time 400 people just started dancing nonstop for days with as many as 15 pe…[View]
6795702ITT we post historical memes[View]
6789307Ancient Greeks and Romans couldn't dra-: *GULP forget what I was about to say...[View]
6795692Why were Jews blamed for the Bubonic plague?[View]
6796230Was it larp?[View]
6796209left: LOGOS right: alogos[View]
6796076How come people subscribe to ideologies that has a success rate of 0%?[View]
6796033Will we ever see its like again?[View]
6791636Why did the post-colonial Congolese choose the path of war, chaos, violence, and corruption rather t…[View]
6791261Why are Westerners become so open about their opinions?: Unlike Europe and America, east Asian count…[View]
6795769What governs how societies change socially?[View]
6795975What race are the aboriginal Taiwanese? Where did they come from? They obviously look Asiatic, but y…[View]
6794525Youtube documentaries: Well niggas, it's time to recommend the best and worthy documentary you…[View]
6795740Suggestions for naming a philosophy youtube channel: Any suggestions for a name for a philosophy-bas…[View]
6795200Post ebin trolls in world history I’ll start: >95 Theses[View]
6794488Oh no no no, no no. *gasp Ahhhhhh, ahahahaha ahahhhahhhhhhah ha ha ha.[View]
6784791>/his/ claims the Nazis tried to genocide slavs >zero (0) documents survive of this…[View]
6795814Was there actually superstition against red hair in the past. Did other places view it differently?[View]
6795305Unbelievable History: How the fuck do you replace the Church with your own made up religion just to …[View]
6795823On what basis atheists criticize christians for inquisition or crusades if according to their worldv…[View]
6795816we were, indeed, by the captain's orders, somewhat miserly of firewood[View]
6784614HRE actually brought stability to Europe for a long time.: The HRE gets bashed always for being mess…[View]
6795790So I just recently finished this. Have any other Anons read it? While I enjoyed it, I wish he had go…[View]
6795781How did he earn the title: Peter the Great?[View]
6795746Why did Israel and the United States back opposing sides in the Iran-Iraq War? https://en.wikipedia.…[View]
6795710What's the first recorded instance of gambling?[View]
6795700Are there any recorded instances of slaves being consumed as food, or slaughtered for some other pur…[View]
6795491The ancient world sounds fucking horrible: > Ridiculously short life expectancies > Smell of s…[View]
6795567Davis, Lee and all other Confederate leaders should have been executed. Andrew Johnson should have b…[View]
6761737ITT : Burials / Graves / Mausoleum: I like burials because for me they represent humanity and human …[View]
6792711Did you know that Hitler was anti-colonialism (at least outside of Europe)? From him : >The White…[View]
6790921Define Jesus as 'God' Define God as 'not Jesus' 'It's a mystery!'[View]
6794631enver hoxha: What was this guy's problem?[View]
6795269>police action[View]
6794174>In 1963, after South African police arrested six Jews and seven blacks in a raid on an African N…[View]
6792125>Yagoda was found guilty of treason and conspiracy against the Soviet government at the Trial of …[View]
6794990So what did Machiavelli mean by this?[View]
6790513Why did the Swedish Empire collapse so utterly? For a while it was almost on England’s and France’s …[View]
6794979Ancient Romans: Could they have been....dare I say it?.......Nordic?[View]
6794016Why are places like Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia and Croatia called “old world” when they post…[View]
6794599lmao owned[View]
6794388>*cures your mental illness*[View]
6794422>Doubled wheat production by redistributing land from historical land owners to peasants. During …[View]
6794647I have a serious question and I cannot find an answer anywhere on the internet. My family is Europe…[View]
6794982Nothin' personnel, Deutsche volk[View]
6794930'& Humanities': How do I get into the visual arts? Paintings and sculptures and stuff. Any books…[View]
6794105How important was Spanish support in the US War for Independence?: I think that this support was irr…[View]
6794855Why were they so pathetic in WW2?[View]
6794887Did he make the A-list of Roman generals?[View]
6794736Had eastern europe not went through forty of years of centrally planned lunacy, where they would the…[View]
6794634This kills the farmer behind tree meme.[View]
6793398Byzantine Empire, Crusades and Catholics: Analyzing the historical situation during the crusades and…[View]
6794134Would Christianity exist if the Alexander conquest and the Roman conquest of Judea never happened?[View]
6794380How did denazification work in practice? Germans were still Hitler fanatics up until the very end.[View]
6792956TL;DR homophobia in Russia is an import from the West >According to several reports about ancient…[View]
6794297So why was Germanic speaking Flanders given to Gaulish West-Francia in 843?[View]
6794608Why did they sell their brothers?[View]
6794584White Christian Israelites: Reminder that the claim that >muh modern lebanese are ancient israeli…[View]
6784303How can Europe be united ? Has it ever happend in the past ?[View]
6794575Anyone here have any good points of reference when refuting claims saying that the crusades were unp…[View]
6794653>this is the original flag of India before colonialism ???[View]
6790782How exactly did Jizya work? And why do people call it religious tolerance when it is clearly oppress…[View]
6793967Tell me one (1) achievement of this discipline[View]
6792759Are there any examples in history of governments or ruling powers that tried to be oppressive and al…[View]
6793338How do you feel about this company introducing more people to history and international relations th…[View]
6793089Operation Felix: Could this have led to a peace treaty between Germany and Britain?[View]
6792671>Egypt has existed longer than many modern races (Semites, Europeans, Turkics, Indians, South Ame…[View]
6794435Was he based?[View]
6787500The Bible says: “Men who practice homosexuality . . . will not inherit God’s Kingdom.” (1 Corinthian…[View]
6786154Evolution of Fair Features: Hey /his/ there is a strange development of the history of blonde hair a…[View]
6776580Bronze Age General: Post things ITT that fascinate you about the Bronze Age[View]
6781705Rome was founded by ancient Greeks: PCA[View]
6791795What made him so good? Could he best Hartmann if they fought in the same era?[View]
6793881Han China and Rome: Do you like both? Or do you find one more interesting? Do you wish they interact…[View]
6792431ITT: Discuss the culture of pederasty in Ancient Greece I ask, how long did it continue for? Did it …[View]
6793016What Roman historian claimed that out of all the women in the world the most beautiful came from Eth…[View]
6794323What did they mean by this?[View]
6793816British Hong Kong: Was British Hong Kong (1841-1997) best Hong Kong?[View]
6792771If he knew what would happen because of his actions (thousands joke denomations) he wouldn't ha…[View]
6785124Why do some Empires seem more 'epic' than others?: Have you ever noticed that there are certain empi…[View]
6792705>USA fought a war with sweden against pirates neat[View]
6791562>Wehrmacht veterans are dying out[View]
6793835is cleopatra hot by todays standarts? did she have a nice ass? why is she such a sex symbol?[View]
6791812Indians used to be based, why did they give up the practice of burning their wives?[View]
6793726Were [people][color]?[View]
6793755Are traditional governments big or small?[View]
6772180>tfw no neanderthal GF[View]
6792946Book recs on Irish nationalism/IRA/The Troubles?: What's up /his/, I've yet to come across…[View]
6792953Eunuchs: Some people claim that eunuchs looked like women, this is not true eunuchs looked like defo…[View]
6792542Was there any kind of pro-russian loyalism in Poland or were they universally against it?[View]
6791961>Wounded seven times during WWI >Narrowly avoids being killed outright on multiple occasions …[View]
6791528is consumerism they key to peace? why do most scientists believe consuming make people less violent?[View]
6793824Media recommendations?: >youtube >podcasts >audiobooks >movies >documentaries…[View]
6787933Why does HRE gets memed for 'larping as Rome' when Roman themselves were larping as Greeks?[View]
6786755ITT people that did nothing wrong: He saved millions[View]
6793563>favourite historical author? Edward Gibbon of course![View]
6793404Answer me this metaphysishits which direction does the ball fall?[View]
6793633Is Kosovo serbian and why?[View]
6787845Does altruism even exist? A lot of people like to tout it as such. And a lot of people like to belie…[View]
6792647>be interested in history >read about it >mfw it actually happened wtf???? how is this real…[View]
6792936Wei, Wu or Shu /his/?[View]
6792254How was India constsbtly able to crush Portuguese fleets and garrisons in India during the 16th cent…[View]
6793198>be brilliant leader >have shit children who fuck your legacy up why does that happen so often…[View]
6793001The virgin NEET monk The chad knights[View]
6792994Timbuktu: Was it really ever a wealthy city of gold, or was that a myth? I think it always was a lan…[View]
6790978According to islamic historian Martin Lings prophet Mohammed told his followers to protect christian…[View]
6790946Was the world comfier +100 years ago? Everything looked so much natural. No plastic, no synthethic c…[View]
6791449>Study history >Become a monarchocuck >Study more history >Realize kings are nothing mor…[View]
6790271Where can I learn about how the HRE worked?[View]
6793223What is the solution to the EC (economist question)?[View]
6790832What would have happened if Soviets won the Polish-Soviet War?[View]
6793158>tfw no fair maiden[View]
6792153was he the Devil?[View]
6793197>Confucian rite >Women China are truly LARPers http://m.chinadaily.com.cn/en/2015-11/14/conte…[View]
6792641Why do people look down at the social sciences so much? I mean I get philosophy as some good theorie…[View]
6792690What does /his/ think of HBO's Chernobyl miniseries? Do you think its portrayal of Dyatlov and …[View]
6792116What do you know about this guy?[View]
6791242Was he the most red pilled ever?[View]
6792965Paralells between anime and real history: Is Full Metal Alchemist based on WW2?[View]
6791357Han Chinese are Koreans with Vietnamese admixture: Japanese are Koreans+Jomon. https://www.tapatalk.…[View]
6781932Slavs: >Slavs are known to be settled peoples proficient in agriculture since their origin >Ch…[View]
6792851What are myths and truths regarding the vikings?[View]
6792278What army does this helmet belong to? Is it fake or real?[View]
6792675Were there any relations between J.P. Morgan and the Rothschilds? How was the high finance climate b…[View]
6792741Are there any common protoindoeuropean roots to astrological beliefs in indoeuropean cultures? Mostl…[View]
6789222Why does the janny keep removing my philosophy themed threads?: Is he stupid or retarded? It's …[View]
6792155Mathematics: Can we have a thread on math history? How did people do math before negative numbers ca…[View]
6788933>India was better under the British! Look these pictures of nice colonial buildings prove it! The…[View]
6789388Why did the British empire put concentration camps upon the Boers?[View]
6791597where have all the edgy fedoras gone? 10 years ago they dominated the internet, now they're bas…[View]
6792569reminder hitler ensured that communism would never win the cold war[View]
6785067> Communism has killed 100 million people it's worse than Nazism!!! What does /his/ make of …[View]
6792420everybody says he was great but when you ask why they give you the angry NPC face[View]
6789937How different would WWII have been if Mussolini hadn't gotten involved? If he'd just said …[View]
6792549Did meth make soldiers better soldiers during WW1 and WW2?[View]
6790596How do dictators keep track of all the lies and manipulations they do if they're placed under s…[View]
6790116>interested in history >doesn't speak Latin Give me 1 (one) excuse.…[View]
6790876/his/ friends: who were the best friends in history and what did they like to communicate with…[View]
6791284Historical cucks: >gets sliced by Japanese samurai, doesn't do anything because he respects …[View]
6790514Social history of Nazi Germany Are there any books that cover the day to day life of different types…[View]
6792366https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWqVzZnwnOk I have seen so many videos like this with same map, same…[View]
6791805Historians may laugh but I can name (and show) a functioning anarcho capitalist society It may not …[View]
6792121what are some palpatine tier coups in history?[View]
6788090If the Louisiana purchase didn't happen, Could we have seen an american front of the napoleonic…[View]
6782022What are the best weapons for a medieval age dogen battle?: I'm not talking about organized fig…[View]
6790634Lets settle this once and for all /his/ >Geishas Prostitutes or Not?[View]
6792318What were your chances of getting killed if you rode the old clipper ship routes between England and…[View]
6791386Braveheart sequel “Robert the Bruce” trailer revealed: https://youtu.be/7D7fmRTL2EY Well /his/ what …[View]
6792225Art History Thread: Too many threads about military history on this board. Post your favorite anecdo…[View]
6788612>Roman niggas be like, 'hello my name is Julius Antonius Filius Gluteus Maximus Gaius Octavius Au…[View]
6791847How many men actually commit rape in war?[View]
6775014So Velen is inspired by Germany during 30 years war? That’s terrible.[View]
6789634The English empire was really Dutch: Is this text true /his/?[View]
6792112Why did France permit the HRE to exist for such a long time?[View]
6789452Polynesian physical features: If Polynesians originated somewhere near Taiwan or Philippines, why ar…[View]
6792037>Protestantism, on the other hand, is deistic, believing that God has stopped interacting with hu…[View]
6790216What the fuck was her problem?[View]
6788607>Is another case of nobles and aristocrats having the best armies Nothing personnel, pleb…[View]
6792061>we must implement a society free of oppressive hierarchies[View]
6791990most the world is shit: simplemapchart post em banned -dystopia -communism -islam tell me im wrong (…[View]
6790183Who was the best president and why?[View]
6791962>nah bro its just the social institutions and economic apparatus that makes us degenerate it tota…[View]
6791939What lessons can the Victorians still teach us today?[View]
6791930Give it to me straight /his/ am I going to pass my His 101 exam with a essay like this? Nan King was…[View]
6790146How did the Sumerians wage war? How did they mythologize it? What was the view of the soldier, the g…[View]
6789340How does reincarnation work with an increasing population?[View]
6789729Was Lenin right about imperialism being the highest stage of capitalism? Can we really say capitalis…[View]
6791759Did the Huguenots deserved it?[View]
6790326Reading works written by aristocratic Greeks/Romans: Have you ever noticed that a big theme with the…[View]
6791712Does Christian theology make sense?[View]
6789466Thoughts on the Great Man theory ? Is history made by great men/people ?[View]
6786795Late USSR thread (70's-80's: The golden times of the USSR before it collapsed and everythi…[View]
6790781Largest West African lingua francas: Songhai speakers 5-10 million Hausa speakers 70+ million Mandin…[View]
6791464Just a reminder no slaves were ever brought to this country under the Confederate flag. That was all…[View]
6789994We all know that the Manhattan Project was to deter the use of nuclear weaponry by Nazi Germany, but…[View]
6790085Why do academics get butthurt that people would rather read well written historical narratives inste…[View]
6789571Hey /his/. Did X people have Y genetics?[View]
6789320Honestly how you can support the three Abrahamic religions after all the suffering and pain they hav…[View]
6791239So how historically accurate is JoJo's Bizzare Adventure?[View]
6790778If you haven't accepted moral relativism yet you are a brainlet and shouldn't be on this b…[View]
6790951West Africa: Where do I get started on West African history?[View]
6791399where did idea of an afterlife come from?[View]
6788621Eurocentrism: When did /his/ realise that Afrocentrism isn't the real redpill and that Eurocent…[View]
6791384In America, have Jews historically been more similar to Catholics or Protestants? The whole 'educati…[View]
6784979What race were the Sumerians?[View]
6790479Why is the only history of Nazi Germany popular in the direction of evil with many films and books??…[View]
6791264Been really alone lately, and sometimes it's really nice to be able to talk to you guys about m…[View]
6791278mom get the /pol/ out[View]
6791159& Humanities: Capitalism? More like CAPITULATISM[View]
6786866This is the philosophy board right? How do I combat nihilism I am starting to hate everyone and only…[View]
6789800What are misconceptions people have about Africa?[View]
6785922Why was the brotherhood of steel doomed to fail despite having more technological resources and puri…[View]
6781907What was the best roman dynasty and why is it the makedon dynasty? >ywn see it grow into a natio…[View]
6790718Blackmecs: >be you >you're using your crystal butt-plug when suddenly you travel to La Ve…[View]
6790873Actual /his/torians, my autistic obsession is driving me to the most primary of sources. I'm lo…[View]
6790742Southeast Asia: Where do I get started on Southeast Asian history?[View]
6788699What caused the near plateau of human population in classical and late antiquity, and why did the wo…[View]
6788624Damn, Cleopatra looks like that?[View]
6790738Am I the only one who thinks that people on this board never argue for any nuance in arguments? I co…[View]
6789391Was it based?[View]
6787434>romans were fucking dumb lol, they just carried greek civilization past the mediterranean why d…[View]
6790661>staunchly and consistently back all entrenched aristocracies and regimes, no matter how corrupt …[View]
6788575At which point in history could we see the birth of an Anglo-Dutch Empire ? How different would be t…[View]
6789778“did not contain a single drop of blood; his heart was the size of a peppercorn; his lungs corroded;…[View]
6785204'Proto-Muslims' Prior to Mohammed: Are there secular texts that discuss this issue, or are they writ…[View]
6788352You are now transported to ancient Athens, around 380 BC. You can share your own philosophies, polit…[View]
6790437>Oldest evidence of marijuana use discovered in 2500-year-old cemetery in peaks of western China …[View]
6789781What was Odoacer's origin?: Was he a Hunn? A Germanic?[View]
6783073When did Nordicism emerge?: >Can't even civilize themselves >Somehow responsible for civi…[View]
6790465Why is numismatics the most important field of history?[View]
6788144Is this progress achievable natty?[View]
6785661Can somebody explain this to me?[View]
6787196History of democracy in England/UK: How did England/UK come to the point where common people could b…[View]
6790411What's the best MBTI and why is it ENFP?[View]
6789215>Tfw when you know Latin America was better under Spanish Rule than native rule This is the ultim…[View]
6790388so wait, im trying to understand this aryan race thing how did eugenics and hitler manage to fuck th…[View]
6790236Why were French politics (especially in the military) so fucking retarded in the Belle Epoque? >A…[View]
6790308Europeans have not done much to stand out over the vast majority of humanity. Are we simply living i…[View]
6790282Convince me that negative ulititarianism isn't true. Almost every action I take is done to avoi…[View]
6787513Tell me about Spartacus: What drove him to greatness and seeing the might Roman Republic tremble?…[View]
6788353Find a more annoying historical figure[View]
6789893>I could carry, paddle, walk and sing with any man I ever saw. I have been twenty-four years a ca…[View]
6789913Return to Fundamentals: I'm trying to create a list of liberal arts courses that are valid cour…[View]
6789510Basic Bitch Return to Fundamentals: I'm trying to create a list of liberal arts courses that ar…[View]
6787786Did Stalin plan to attack Germany?[View]
6790130In the 18th and 19th Centuries, European Operas are sometimes performed to audiences who speak a lan…[View]
6788788What time did people in the past go to bed and wake up in the morning? I thought it might be sunrise…[View]
6788362>be Aquinas cuck >blocks your path[View]
6790062Reminder: The Greeks, actual important Greeks like Socrates, had ultimately no ties of genetics or c…[View]
6788581African art: I really like African art. I find it so humble, so aesthetic, so recursive, so beautifu…[View]
6789015Favorite speeches: Post your favorite speeches but try to avoid things which are obviously fake like…[View]
6784928>Horse archers were unstopa-[View]
6789172What is the origin of the word 'nigger'? When and by who was it first used? I'm genuinely curio…[View]
6776299Data scientist argues that there is no evidence slavery accounts for modern black poverty in the US:…[View]
6789803To what extent was social and legal control over women's clothing crucial to the rise of the We…[View]
6785949>lol bro christian are like slave morality and shet, they are weak, us pagans are strong >Get …[View]
6786730why do people hate the talmud?: pretty fucking sick of people misquoting and mistranslating the talm…[View]
6789034Can anyone recommend a good book to get into japanese history? I'm looking for something basic …[View]
6788961ITT East Bloc Anti Zionism[View]
6758044The Greek writer Herodotus, who lived in the fifth century BC, said: 'There was a tribe of men witho…[View]
6785721Indus Script: >tfw we still haven't deciphered Indus script >tfw there are mountains of k…[View]
6788598Who was the greatest modern artist and why was it De Kooning?[View]
6783566Creation: Is this what creationists truly believe? That before the fall every animal, including dino…[View]
6785410How did a single hat undermine the entire movement of New Atheism?[View]
6787935Is there any evidence for the existence of the pale-skinned sub-saharans which he describes in one o…[View]
6789546Were metal shields even a thing? I think have never read about shields made of metal but it's …[View]
6772685Christian thread: What is the ACTUAL and PRACTICAL difference between the three big strains of Chris…[View]
6787351Hypocrisy: The Religion[View]
6789293feel like pure shit jus wan her back[View]
6788815Is this true: Is it?[View]
6788984>Dark Ages didn't exist >Migration Era + Viking Age = Early Middle Ages How true is this?…[View]
6789309Why French and South Germanics are obsessed with this man ?: Does this guy deserve the reputation he…[View]
6782829>consciousness does not exist because muh science can't detect it Is he nuts or just dumb?…[View]
6785001The Eastern Front: I'm curious, I've read that the Germans had about a six week opportunit…[View]
6789297>This guy was the only one who thought 'hey maybe I should write shit down?' Why were Greeks so s…[View]
6789337Leo VI in his book Tatikia, on Basil I And his Christianization of Slavs „He persuaded them to desis…[View]
6789240Can someone make a goth/emo edit of Skanderbeg: I need it[View]
6788396What were his views about pre-islamic Iran and the Persian culture?[View]
6786703What should I read about next /his/? Southeast Asia The Mediterranean The Ottoman Empire[View]
6787444What are some historical eras where men could express their emotions? Ancient Greece?[View]
6788525so, what was it?[View]
6788940it's hard to deny loving God is a sort of Stockholm syndrome behavior: Which raises the questio…[View]
6788714Why do Americans hate medieval ages: What your problem ?[View]
6787458Is henan province the worst place to live in for china's history? Yes I know the capital is the…[View]
6788636What is the history behind this pic and how can I achieve similar results?[View]
6788312Pilum: Was there seriously a better idea for ancient war than the Pilum? This design impacted the Ro…[View]
6788880is it true sunni muslims hate iranians more than they hate the united states? Prince Charles is a su…[View]
6786441Which Islamic and Pre Islamic Iran was the best?[View]
6785448>he’s still an atheist after reading history why..?[View]
6787712How do you feel about this company introducing more people to history and international relations th…[View]
6786397What was the happiest point in human history? It definitely isn't modern times[View]
6788040What would be different if New Zealand and Japan had swapped places?[View]
6788812why do americans create so much chaos and why China is not willing to nuke at least the state of Cal…[View]
6788729Bismarck: What was unique about Bismarck that made him, and him alone, be able to maintain the balan…[View]
6788772Ughhhhh, why could have been.... Fuck d*sentery[View]
6788704The Middle-East: 1945-1990: Good books on post-War politics in Islamic countries. I want to learn mo…[View]
6750129HORRORS OF WAR THREAD: Now that the dust truly has settled - what was the worst battle/siege in hist…[View]
6785056*destabilizes your warfare*[View]
6788331Is there any legitimacy to this theory? Belisarius was actually the youngest of Justinian's thr…[View]
6787202Should have the right wing strong.[View]
6785003Did the Ottoman Empire have a feudal system? How was it structured, compared to those in Europe?[View]
6786083How accurate is this?[View]
6783326Why were Romans less racist than Greeks?[View]
6787691What people call “truth” is a list of simplifications that make the world easier to navigate or that…[View]
6782729>Yeah I support monarchy hehehe the king is appointed by god heheh[View]
6787979Did Mesoamerican unlock the sail?: Did they unlock sail technology? Their civilization level seemed …[View]
6785612>Disobeys senate >Selfishly extends his own rule after term ends >Declares himself dictator…[View]
6779137>Dutch 'art' I know this is 500 years old, but why couldn't they paint for shit back then?…[View]
6788318>The decay of political order and the confusion of public opinion by the irresponsible Jewish pre…[View]
6788485Do you think inviting mass murderers like FDR or Stalin to late shows would have helped create a sen…[View]
6787619Yesterday I made an gnosticism thread and the janny deleted it. Why? Is he not aware that it falls u…[View]
6785624Like the title says I'm curious about what might be known about the Black Sun symbol before it …[View]
6782818Why doesn't evolution happen anymore? When did evolution stop happening and why? Yes this is a …[View]
6786630Is it taboo to admit that different races have different smells? The Japanese anatomist Buntaro Adac…[View]
6787552Geopoliticians: “geography determines where polities are” Me: https://youtu.be/-6Wu0Q7x5D0[View]
6786400Some people say that without Adolf Hitler (the right wing mad dog caricature) the elite would have n…[View]
6788217>Of the medicinal value of the cabbage: It is the cabbage which surpasses all other vegetables. I…[View]
6788246What was the most impressive caliphate and why was it the abbasids?[View]
6787481How did these two NEVER meet each other? They were at peace for 8 years and allies for 2 of them[View]
6783242Was he the best?[View]
6788117>After the Second World War, interest was piqued again as the Western Allies sought to create clo…[View]
6786975>people distance you from god What did muslims mean by this?[View]
6783311Yezhov: 1940... I am... forgotten[View]
6787877What was the most epic moment in history?[View]
6787853What were they thinking?![View]
6781730So is it safe to say that Nordics (Aryan) bought culture and civilization into india?[View]
6785816how did he even manage to survive all these years? it was so obvious that he was conspiring against …[View]
6785786looking for Latim Translator: Someone who knows or is a Latin translator, I wanted to translate a ph…[View]
6784779would a middle francia be the most powerful state on earth today?[View]
6785658Does Fratboy culture have a genuine unbroken historical lineage leading back to ancient Greece/Rome,…[View]
6786859Why was it so backwards and primitive[View]
6786200Why do they wear the robe?[View]
6779389>The Romans spoke an Italo-Celtic language: >North Italians are notably genetically separate f…[View]
6783550How did French became from such badasses as they were in WW1 to huge pussies in WW2?[View]
6787420Have you heard of our lord and savior Quetzalcoatl? https://youtu.be/451jzIesWoU Do you feel like no…[View]
6764303Why were Christian colonizers so evil? Did 'thou shalt not kill' only applied to white people?[View]
6782534What would they have to have done to remain a great power and not become a polluted, irrelevant shit…[View]
6785274What exactly explains the human impulse to portray humans with animal parts that has existed through…[View]
6786549DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE?: This number seems fantastical to me and with so many of them being supp…[View]
6782649When did it start becoming acceptable to depict devils/demons as anything other than pure evil? What…[View]
6785591>son of Odin >died to save the White race We could make a religion out of this you know…[View]
6766788Why do autists tend to like Prussia so much?[View]
6787081>German advance during the Operation CItadelle was THAT pathetic[View]
6785157Anniversary Approaching: >He [Pasic,Prime Minister of Serbia] sent out an order that the three co…[View]
6784443Ww2 ribbon: Am trying to find out what my grandpa ribbon is and what the other thing is all my mom k…[View]
6785772Why didnt the Pope just kill Martin Luther before his Reformation spread and got powerful?[View]
6783396Tell me about Crassus: Was he an honorable man by today's standards? How did ge amass his wealt…[View]
6785220Why are x shaped cross flags so badass?[View]
6784728Vimy Ridge: Redpill me on Vimy Ridge. Was it an actual all Canadian achievement, or is it a Leaf mem…[View]
6786276Were Phoenicians the most based civilization?[View]
6779788Polynesia: How come there's no Polynesian posters here? There's an abundance of North Ame…[View]
6787048The Assyrians: What was their problem? Why were they always so angry?[View]
6786806Is this a possible solution to the question of moving blocks to build the pyramids of Giza? I imagin…[View]
6787042Schism 1054: I need help bros. Can you help with a good timeline of the events happening towards the…[View]
6784145>In 1830 there were 3,775 such black slaveholders in the South who owned a total of 12,760 slaves…[View]
6785702*ends slavery*: Nothing personal, d*xoids.[View]
6782991I'd love to kick FDR in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with the full for…[View]
6779103it was nothing but a revolution of incel losers[View]
6786490Daily reminder that all civilisations get decadent and soft because they insulate themselves from Da…[View]
6786638Is there anything dumber in history (outside of war self-owns such as the austrian thing) than the s…[View]
6784265What was the latest point at which the Western Roman Empire could have been saved?[View]
6785301Do the muslim Quran really support attacking civilians?[View]
6786369This is how original turks look like[View]
6784514I stumbled over this guy's videos recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG2KvCriPMM https:/…[View]
6783707Why did he throw it all away?[View]
6786616what does your country's history and culture's stance on tits vs ass?[View]
6785201>tfw russia didn't drop serbia and ally with the central powers they would have been unstop…[View]
6785588>Arminius had married a princess named Thusnelda, whose name is preserved only by Strabo. She was…[View]
6786654What is madkhalis end goal?: So far they only things they have done is praise ruling establishment a…[View]
6783616will the muslim world face a revolution ?: France was called 'the eldest daughter of the church' Yet…[View]
6784920Tactics: How did cavalry charges work? To me it seems like it would be really messy. Say you send a …[View]
6777319The scythians: Discussion about scythians[View]
6786513If skin cancer is apparently so easy to get, even in the winter, how was stuff like this so attainab…[View]
6785852I hate them.[View]
6780653How come people don't know about the history of slavery?[View]
6786005Why do we, throughout history, always have a hubbub about which race/ethnicity/tribe/village/guy-who…[View]
6783817Why is Agrippa portrayed as an old man in I, Claudius? Shouldn't he and Octavian be about the s…[View]
6785832Obviously slavery had to end in the United States, but wasn’t the federal government forcing states …[View]
6784281Learning basic history: Hello /his/ Throughout my education I paid little attention during history c…[View]
6785915Post historical bruh moments: >benitos face when hitler tells him that he believes he is the embo…[View]
6780839Can Civilization exist without Currency?: How far would be have gotten through the ages without it? …[View]
6785894mfw >Holy >Roman >Empire…[View]
6785722Chinese Politics: Hey I have a couple questions in regards to the Chinese civil war, more importantl…[View]
6785547Has there ever been a more perfect leader in the entire history of the human race? >>During th…[View]
6783594Why did China and the Soviet Union grow apart? They should've been natural allies.[View]
6773620Islam disproved by Qarmatians?: Mecca is supposed to be protected by Allah. Especially the Ka'a…[View]
6785780*saves your country*[View]
6785549Is he right?[View]
6785729A HORSE, NIGGA[View]
6783440Generations of Warfare: Which Generation of warfare is the coolest? i say its 3rd gen because of its…[View]
6783774>Haplogroup DE >E is limited to the Mediterranean >D is limited to Tibet, Japan, and the An…[View]
6784957Roman Britain was multi-ethnic – so why does this upset people so much?: The really interesting ques…[View]
6784787>his favorite battle is D-Day[View]
6774895Why are Armenians considered to be indo-European if they’re genetically close to arabs than to Greek…[View]
6785303Nurember trials: >we're here to enact the rule of law >but only for the losers >and we…[View]
6781396Zulus vs Maoris: Who would win?[View]
6785244How many races are there?: The early scientific classifications of the varieties of the human specie…[View]
6782428Naval Culture: does it exist?: I mean, even when the royal navy lost ships during Jutland, they unde…[View]
6785302How does one know if they’re an ENFP or an INFP? I feel rather autistic[View]
6785260Which Sub Saharan african Kingdom/empire was the Most dominant: Between the The 9th and 15th centuri…[View]
6783503Greatest Polish patriots in history who demanded the Oder Neisse border unlike the weak willed mutt …[View]
6785152>Jesus did none of these things Jews 1 Christcucks 0[View]
6783570>virtually sold his country to foreign entrepreneurs >was Diaz the ultimate jew…[View]
6784798>behold, the glorious Belgian empire[View]
6784917He did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
6776878Why do Scots get so butthurt when you truthfully say that their language, mythology etc are just a c…[View]
6778753Perfect Europe doesn't exi...[View]
6778901>4th dynasty pyramids >5th dynasty pyramids what the fuck happened?…[View]
6780337Where to get a (relatively) objective account of his rise and regime?[View]
6784849>tfw I'il never be a soviet soldier allowed freely to rape german girls Why to live, /his/?…[View]
6784497Was the Rwandan Genocide the most based genocide of all time? >also fuck lanklets…[View]
6780779*sprinkles nutmeg on your post*[View]
6784031Is there any website which allows you to search old paintings via tags, like a booru? Or just by Art…[View]
6784816Philosophizing your depression aaay may not cut at the root of the problem.: Hey frens A while ago I…[View]
6784786how would the western and central african kingdoms fare against the south east asian kingdoms?[View]
6782758What happens if Britain and France don’t help the Ottomans here?[View]
6784173>During the Afghan Civil War (1996–2001), bacha bazi carried the death penalty under Taliban law.…[View]

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