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6149450What were the worst and ''best'' battles to fight in in human history? Not neces…[View]
6154272Besmirched by hostile propaganda or was he genuinely a complete utter basket case?[View]
6151852The Maasai raids: How terrifying would it have been to be a soldier in east africa and get raided by…[View]
6152667Why being an existentialist and not a nihilist?[View]
6153856>hey Familia, what kind of navy you want? >JUST >FUCK >MY >SHIPS >UP He is suppose…[View]
6154612Was there a more brutal battle in history?[View]
6153998Can someone explain this to me? Never been much of a logician.[View]
6154420Why didn't the US adopt the Code Noir?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_Noir[View]
6153279When did you realize that Hannibal was the GOAT?[View]
6154536Who was it?[View]
6153785Elizabeth I vs Mary Stuart: Who was in the wrong?[View]
6153865Why was Flanders given to western Francia by the treaty of Verdun (843) when all other Dutch-speakin…[View]
6152233So it is more accurate to call WWI European War or European Civil War?[View]
6154052>Russian tankers spend almost the entire war without radios >drive up one at a time, with no c…[View]
6153092Were there any examples in history of an Idiocracy?[View]
6153766>*cures your opioid addiction*[View]
6153283Why did the gypsies leave Iran for Europe? What caused them to do that while all others stayed?[View]
6142637>History enthusiast >Thinks Rommel is best german general Pick one…[View]
6154304*saves your maritime empire*[View]
6154270if i knew that building the whole of rome and maintaining all that order and shit would only end up …[View]
6154243Nuclear bombing of Japan: What other options did the allies have to end the pasific war instead of t…[View]
6115818who are the modern assyrians ? are they truly the descendants of the ancient assyrians of northern i…[View]
6116066>Let's attack the Mustali Ismaili Fatimid caliphate which treats Christians as humans >No…[View]
6153803Sorry for this but my dumbass brain wont stop asking me this question: Whats the point of castles th…[View]
6153347The Arabs in the fertile crescent before Islam: It all started in the 3rd century bc with the Nabata…[View]
6154135Alcatraz Prison: All-in-all, was it even that great of a prison?[View]
6154122Brien Foerster: Convince me that Brein Foerster, Robert Schoch and so on is wrong.[View]
6154097How exactly is it unethical to terminate a pregnancy that will result in a being with severe disabil…[View]
6150916What is /his/'s opinion on Muhammad Ali and his descendants?[View]
6152207What was the french reaction to losing territories because of Norman Conquest of England? Was Willia…[View]
6153875Why did the Greeks stay innocent white Christians while Albanians became muslim without resistance?[View]
6153823This sort of thing is my bag baby: Why is the Armenian genocide generally glossed over and forgotten…[View]
6152612Why was Satan ret-conned from being a simple accuser in God's court to be the source of everyth…[View]
6153978what are some interesting historical documentaries similar to pic related? I recently saw it and rea…[View]
6153014>The king's palace or court is a square, and is as large as the town of Haarlem and entirely…[View]
6146635Post Historical tyrants who got what they deserve.[View]
6153658Goebbels' diaries: Do they contain anything about the Holocaust? I remember reading a part of i…[View]
6153490Byzantium: Why haven't you read the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Part II yet, /his/?…[View]
6153915What are the main differences between the Chinese Analects of Confucius and the Hindu Dharmaśāstra? …[View]
6152351post-soviet russia: recommendations for books on russia in the '90s?[View]
6153146How important were the philosophers in everyday life of ancient greece? In school it was told that p…[View]
6149188Where does the myth of German enginering come from?: It was not Germany that introduced the world to…[View]
6152679Has any general ever gotten as lucky as Caesar? Be honest[View]
6150089I TRIED SO HARD[View]
6152068>Alexander conquered this >People dare compare whatever Caesar did to him…[View]
6151371Municipal Politics: Could anyone recommend me good material on municipal civics? I live in Vancouver…[View]
6152652Sikh thread: /his/ never talks about Sikhs. What do you guys think of them? Were they in the right d…[View]
6153118Hey, /his/. Before I start, i'd like to say I don't use this board too often, so I could b…[View]
6153731What do you think was the best job in the ancient world? pic related[View]
6155012>The Democratic Republic of Congo is widely considered one of the world's richest countries …[View]
6152079Did the Immigration Act of 1965 have anything to do with the ensuing mass immigration of Hispanics? …[View]
6153303The sunken lands must be raised[View]
6150910Simplified ''''Chinese'''': Why, oh why was this mistake allowed to happen? How humiliating must it …[View]
6149729Why THE FUCK was this allowed? greatest mistake of the century[View]
6153666YOU HAD ONE JOB[View]
6153639Pleb Filter Opinions: >colonization was net good for the natives >muh world war 2 >Africa w…[View]
6153578tell me about Avars in Pannonia[View]
6149914Given that economic liberals and right-wingers deny the labor theory of value and instead claim that…[View]
6152622cringe kino for any /his/-tard. I was seething with rage over the historical inaccuracies[View]
6151592I would like to hear people's ideas of what the world of 2019 would be like had the Library of …[View]
6153183How many white people died because of him?[View]
6153130Why are Protestants so genocidial?[View]
6153294*subtly insults the French and praises the Brits in your path*[View]
6148911Besides regressing his country to the 12th century, indoctrinating children and oppressing women, th…[View]
6152273/his/-Literature: Is there a /his/ recommended list of books to read or any great historical books y…[View]
6152543Catholicism and Islam are both false religions with false pagan doctrine. Don't be deceived by …[View]
6152352Rapiers in Japan: Where there rapiers in Japan durning the Sengoku Jidai? If so were they brought th…[View]
6151500Why is Queen Elizabeth doing this /his/?[View]
6153234Cultural history of /his/: How do we purge the /pol/eddit '''historians''' in pic related from our b…[View]
6152922Why did Napoleon say Istanbul was destined to be world capital?[View]
6153222I often see Darwin mentioned among philosophers rather than just scientists. Why is that?[View]
6153225Jews cremated the dead bodies[View]
6152522How would a modern feudalistic state function? In the pure sense of the practice, would it just be p…[View]
6149642Catiline Conspiracy: Was he in the wrong?[View]
6151029Alexander Suvorov: Is it fair to say that if he lived a few years longer (or had simply been born a …[View]
6153067Does the decline and collapse of first French republic after the Thermidorian reaction prove that Ro…[View]
6151195Stalingrad Suiyang Nanking Cannae Baghdad (mongols) Fei River Kursk Julu Berlin Gettysburg[View]
6152744Ayy real talk; so where it be tho?[View]
6114250Why does literally no one talk about the Black Dragon Society? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black…[View]
6152399They invented anal lube[View]
6152018Traditional Catholicism is the most beautiful religion the West has ever produced. I don't say…[View]
6151201How the hell did these two manage to keep their identity for thousands of years even after hundreds …[View]
6153007Any linguist student here who can redpill me on deafblind languages?[View]
6152923/his/ teachers: Do any of you pursue the profession of teaching? I for one love getting payed for sp…[View]
6152995What are some good books/textbooks to study American history?[View]
6151078How do you punish a punisher?[View]
6152985OWO~ BASED THICC[View]
6152882What did Hitler mean by this?[View]
6152539What's the most RADICAL CENTRIST CENTRALIST state to ever exist?[View]
6149963How inbred can a community become before it starts to be seriously harmful?[View]
6152809What does /his/ think of the teachings of Jesus Christ? Are they a good school of thought separate f…[View]
6150930QUICK! Give us your birth year in the style of romans, based on **roman rules.** Or in other words, …[View]
6152150Fascist youth?: Anyone know what this is? I found it in my italian grandparents garage mixed is nail…[View]
6152250>The observer is not separate from the object observed. Can someone explain?…[View]
6150953In your opinion from a philosophical perspective, who is more justified here?[View]
6150366Josephine baker: She was such a qt[View]
6150803I need this explained to me, where did right-wing pundits get the idea of 'socialists/communists jus…[View]
6151341That's a cute decoration on his hat.[View]
6152305'ate monks 'ate daughters 'ate the pope love sons love pies simple as[View]
6152117Which period's military interest you the most?[View]
6152646As this generation winds down and we prepare for the next wave of consoles it becomes clear that Blo…[View]
6148297Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Discussion: Who were they? What did they do/want? etc[View]
6146495Had the gang of eight been not so idiotic in 1991 and the transformation of the USSR into the Union …[View]
6152338What the fuck was her problem?[View]
6151927You want to talk about revolution?: Two discussions, but I am too lazy to start two threads Has the …[View]
6149390The only rights are property rights.[View]
6144285Do you agree with Lenin's last testament?[View]
6151333>Ugh... What could have been...[View]
6152196Germany's only successes in World War 2 were fighting against unprepared or small/poor countrie…[View]
6152422Source thread: Alright, anons, time for a book/journal article thread. Post the stuff you've be…[View]
6112263Military tech of South east asia: Tell me about it did they wear armor did they have horses? Sword t…[View]
6151032>be me >Gaius Julius Caesar >won in Gaul >homecoming.jpg >cuck bff backstabs me …[View]
6152316Unavailable household goods in Nazi Germany: What household goods and foods were, either through ban…[View]
6151020Besides inventing an economic model and ideology that is responsible for killing billions of people,…[View]
6151315did the british queens have actual power[View]
6150519Everyone knows the weird, wacky characters of WWII like Hitler, Patton, and Churchill. Besides the R…[View]
6152262Why do people always cite von Neumann when they want to point out somebody whose intelligence seemed…[View]
6150221Is it true that jews were responsible for pushing immigration or is it just nazi conspiracy?[View]
6151943How many years does capitalism have left?: I'm waiting for this glorious and inevitable worldwi…[View]
6149039What is the deadliest single day battle in history, if we only included military deaths and not civi…[View]
6152052Can we have a thread about famous non-royal dynasties?[View]
6151651Why were the Phoenicians special? What made them different than other ancient civilizations? Did the…[View]
6148040>Et tu, Brute?[View]
6150681How does /his/ feel about iconoclasm?[View]
6152010>hypostatic union[View]
6148777is this real /his/?[View]
6150496Why do people say England/UK was the biggest rival of France?: The only time I can think of a rivalr…[View]
6151944Extreme Liberalism, socialism, Radical Anarchism, Evangelical Christianity, Dogmatic Morality, is th…[View]
6143378What the fuck I love Turks now >Among the main guests on the Ottoman side of the 1909 celebration…[View]
6151230>The First Swedes Is this accurate? Did WHGs look like Somalis with blue eyes? Did WHGs even get …[View]
6144517Can anyone help me find materials on the lives & practices of Early Christians?: I am interested…[View]
6151689thoughts on his operation crusader series?[View]
6151485Would no government or law work: And I just don't mean no government I mean no laws at all with…[View]
6151764Colonialism good or bad?: Alot of people say colonizing places like the moon, mars and other places …[View]
6150812do you love uncle Nappy ?[View]
6151188what emotion was he trying to convey?[View]
6151742>tfw they were right >tfw when I grew out of it all Is it true then? Do young people tend to b…[View]
6150594Could Fall Gelb have been stopped? How?[View]
6148089Am I rich?: Hello 4chan, so basically I found this ancient lookin bill in my father's house. Ca…[View]
6150524Fuck Robert the Bruce. He was a traitor and a usurper who sent his country into two civil wars and t…[View]
6151016Why did Greeks burn Izmir?[View]
6151533Where does one go for 'recent' archaeological discoveries?: I know this is technically /wsr/, but I …[View]
6148610How powerful actually was he?[View]
6151609Sherman appreciation thread: fuck atlanta[View]
6150500https://youtu.be/0LsrkWDCvxg >Video is called Alexander the great >Spend half the time shittin…[View]
6149969That's why communists are so subversive and rat tier: they can't win intellectually and sp…[View]
6151543>the British Empire was really just a one-way package holiday for chavs and paddies Any other min…[View]
6151296Somebody hacked the US wikipedia page.: There are 3 pohots of hitler there with the words here. Am …[View]
6151456>the third reich was illegal >the third reich violated the Versailles treaty which one is it /…[View]
6149320How much do the members of this board know of Nazi Esetorism.[View]
6150879What does /his/ think of blockbusting and redlining? Did blacks really suffer from it? Did America i…[View]
6151397Why didn't the british cotton trade become a meme like opium?[View]
6146597What's your unbiased opinion on the United Kingdom? Do you hate them for petty reasons, or do y…[View]
6148756Megalithism in Europe: A simple convergence phenomenon or...?: Simple convergence or were they reall…[View]
6148523Lets take a moment to reflect on the fact that people from Borneo got to Madagascar before Africans …[View]
6150533Diogenes Of Cynic: Diogenes Of Cynic was the most Chad philosopher in history, change my mind.…[View]
6151085You are Jesus Christ We all are.[View]
6150877When you look at Europe on a map, its high definition and complex while most other areas have long s…[View]
6146406Carthage Ethnic Makeup: What race were most Carthaginians? I’m guessing either Berber or Greek…[View]
6150872Spaniards destroyed Tenochtitlan and drained the Lake Texcoco ;([View]
6151063itt: european autism[View]
6146567Colonialism: Portuguese soldiers in Angola 1967[View]
6147780How come everyone excepted africans used armor: Ah brainlet here How come africans didn't makr…[View]
6150731Congo war aesthetics thread[View]
6150901I read that a large percentage of free french forces during world war 2 were black Africans recruite…[View]
6143207How much of an incel do you have to be to think other animals life is equal to a human. >A holoc…[View]
6150646Sassanid Persia and the ERE were literally early modern period tier states in a world of savages.[View]
6150961>study history >become a reactionary Anyone else?…[View]
6150956Which one and why?[View]
6149764>study history >realizing we are just entering late stage feudalism and have yet to achieve ca…[View]
6144410WW1 pics thread[View]
6148685Your Nation's JUSTing: A lot of dick-measuring happens on /his/, it's time to get humbled.…[View]
6150791There’s no such thing as true love![View]
6150758Besides raping and killing all those teenagers, this guy was alright![View]
6149579I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6150043*ignores election results to instead establish the dictatorship of the nouveau bourgeois*: Was he th…[View]
6150710woah I didn't know niggers conquered Spain, that explains their non white features and swarthy …[View]
6150469How can people argue that a patriarchy still exists in western societies? Women have the franchise, …[View]
6150033The Romans unironically brought this upon themselves[View]
6148632Considering how the zulus won at ISANDLWNA, would a zulu invasion absoloutely devestate 19th century…[View]
6145562Is the God in Old Testament actually Satan?: I'm beginning to think the Cathars had this right.…[View]
6150426What was life like for your average Korean family during the Japanese colonial era? Also, any book r…[View]
6150474Who were the homo naledi: Were they the devolved version of the homo erectus (like the homo florensi…[View]
6148259Can there really be such a thing as 'Degenerate Art'? If you think it's Degenerate, do you rea…[View]
6150523After ww2 have the Muslim world the most imperial group in the world.[View]
6149141Can someone well versed in BASIC ECONOMICS explain to me why tax incentives for corporate developmen…[View]
6150244>my empire of dirt I miss her so fucking much bros[View]
6146299I'm English and have very little connection to Catholicism. I am currently in Mexico City and o…[View]
6148891Anything interesting happen here besides the battle of Scheldt?[View]
6149755Fuck this gay earth[View]
6150424Itt: We post things that really shouldn't be controversial. >Ancient Jews looked like Sephar…[View]
6147690Doomed heroes: ITT post people who gave it all fighting for a lost cause they believed in[View]
6150226Ok you fuckers, riddle me this since I cant wrap my head around it. So Sparta was always very hesita…[View]
6147394All told, is this quality history?[View]
6149841How impressive is Caesar's conquest of Gaul compared to Alexander's conquest of Persia?[View]
6150300>threatened war with Britain over some patch of land >BTFO'd Mexico trying to act tough a…[View]
6150002Augustus was brachycephalic and had a hooked nose: Nerdics btfo. Get your gay alien skull outta here…[View]
6148438Hello friends, I've amassed a digital library of some 900 books hand picked and organized for e…[View]
6149175Could Napoleon have ever invaded England and what would have happened if he somehow manage to do it?[View]
6150076>no trust me dude I totally had a divine vision and definitely not an epileptic fit or a weird fe…[View]
6148524Joseph Stalin paid the Il-2 a great tribute in his own inimitable manner: when a particular producti…[View]
6149490Hidden Treasure General: Beale Ciphers Paper #2 reads: >I have deposited in the county of Bedford…[View]
6143637Brutal moggings of history[View]
6138084We're all in agreement then?[View]
6150113How does the level of polygyny in a human society relate to things like wealth inequality, violent c…[View]
6145421>Steiner's assault[View]
6144710ITT: countries with only one relevant historical figure. I'll start: Robert the Bruce.[View]
6149945communism and capitalism are both bad but capitalism is the lesser evil[View]
6149957were Incans Socialist?[View]
6137326Admit it, this painting is shit.[View]
6149163I commonly hear that the biggest problem of the late Roman republic was the agriculture section gett…[View]
6149921Elites and occultism: >Inb4 >>>/x/ Why elites absolutely love to be part of occult socie…[View]
6149911the Empire that was loved by all non-whites: Was the Ottoman Empire 'the Robin Hood' of Empires ?…[View]
6148290hard truths that will hurt many /his/ users I'll be first: Marxism is a natural consequence of …[View]
6149871Why do Democracies provide it's people with the tools to destroy it[View]
6143482Are Nubia, Punt, Axum, Kush and Ethiopia the same thing under different names?[View]
6149317>'hey, yes you anon. do you remember the alamo?'[View]
6147735Peaceful tibetian monk meme: Where did the memes of tibetians being peaceful come from?[View]
6149703Anyone here familiar with Mes Aynak? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8_EGRxK3UM Mes Aynak is an anc…[View]
6148749Warszawa, walcz!: it's a shame it failed, but since 17000 g*rman subhumans died as a result the…[View]
6149327What would be the 5 most interesting Dharmic empires in India to learn about?: Also I was told to re…[View]
6149489Prester John: Can we talk about Prester John for a minute here? Why were medieval europeans so obses…[View]
6148592Guys I thought of something crazy. What if like Hitler won? How would the world be?[View]
6143744Anything interesting happen here other than boring banking?[View]
6149341>>During the 297 days that Napoleon spent on Elba, he conducted himself with exemplary energy …[View]
6149212He killed millions.[View]
6148273What can change the nature of a man ?: How do you think , what is answer on this question ?[View]
6149310Book recommendations: Hit me up with your favorite books. No preference for time or place so go wild…[View]
6148320Latin '''Empire''': Name a bigger joke in history[View]
6148092Hello wagie. Might I ask what you are doing up at this hour?[View]
6148598The Weimar Republic and German-Austria: Why was the Entente so adamant about German-Austria not bein…[View]
6148708Can somebody explain to me how was homosexuality viewed in ancient Greece and Rome? Was it really a…[View]
6148687Dumbest college/university stories?: What are the dumbest things you've seen happen in college …[View]
6145977*ahem* *ahem* FUCK THE SPARTANS[View]
6148857How would you rate Japanese military intelligence in WW2? One IJN officer wrote: “We succeeded infil…[View]
6148758I look like a younger version of Wittgenstein. Is that a good or a bad thing?[View]
6148839As far as I remember, the United States and the Soviet Union came close to armed confrontation over …[View]
6148712Egyptian Clay Statue: What does it say?[View]
6145682Why do people always try to paint Nietzsche as a nazi? >I've seen proof, black on white, tha…[View]
6146507Africans in tanzania were smelting steel 2000 years ago: University of Florida anthropologist Peter …[View]
6146985what is the best argument you can come up with to refute that national socialism is not true sociali…[View]
6133965Huns must've been fucking terrifying to look at.[View]
6148601What would it take to defeat the Russian army once and for all?[View]
6148816Why would god make the ego if we're not supposed to have it? Also what is life without the ego?…[View]
6148691he did nothing wrong[View]
6148635how come people fail to realize the leftist movement was born in a very organized freemasonic lodge …[View]
6148270how did they do it?: north africa and west asia are no strangers to invasions so how did the arabs m…[View]
6147967Is this the ultimate redpill?[View]
6123921/his/ memes[View]
6147138what went wrong?[View]
6147954What's going on here?[View]
6148638Is a belief that you are destined for great things required in order to achieve great things?[View]
6148503Some on refute this: Looked obviously fake saw it posted in another thread some one correct who ever…[View]
6145778Latvia: What contributions has Latvia made to history?[View]
6147844ITT: wars where outnumbered and underequipped side still won in the end[View]
6146504How effective were Cataphracts[View]
6148487why do white people worship military leaders like Stalin, Hitler, Guevara, Trotsky and Fidel Castro?…[View]
6145704Who was ultimately at fault for the breakdown of Yugoslavia? Was it the serbs, because of Milosevic…[View]
6140644Will Capitalism/Corporatism survive automation?[View]
6146454What helped persuade people to live in Soviet closed cities in the middle of nowhere? Was the incent…[View]
6148258While Stalin was sucking Hitler's cock in 1936 he was denouncing nazism and saying Hitler was a…[View]
6148473>Me 109 Why do so many retards use that to refer to pic related? It's an automatic indicator…[View]
6147766>everyone’s going on and on about Valentines Day, meanwhile you’re blessed with being a /his/tori…[View]
6147721American soldiers, military personnel. You have one year to leave this country.[View]
6145335>stops your civilization progress[View]
6147543How did European ships get mogged so hard by the Chinese?[View]
6148289Absolute unit[View]
6146870Teach me about Nubian civilization. What was it like?[View]
6147161>there's only room for a small percentage of people at the top >everyone wants to be the …[View]
6147469John Brown did nothing wrong[View]
6145720Is Canada and the USA the two most identical countries who are not interested in being one in histor…[View]
6143678>& humanities: 'Ignorance is bliss' Is this actually true? I've been thinking about it f…[View]
6144816did cowboys smoke weed?[View]
6147894Just how responsible was the CIA for the collapse of Warsaw pact?[View]
6144810What are some good books and documentaries about The War of Spanish Succession? I don't know mu…[View]
6147765When was the USA closest to a civil war postbellum[View]
6147748did enlightenment's historical figures actually appear like what they depicted in their portrai…[View]
6144718How common was this?[View]
6147841Will the US ever avenge the massive civilian casualties of WWII?[View]
6147800When Worlds Collide (ebook): Besides his best selling book “Ascended Masters of Color- Ascended Bein…[View]
6144796ITT: Old recordings: The more I watch these things, the more I can't help but think we're …[View]
6147559Longstreet: Traitor?[View]
6143701What went wrong?[View]
6147695Humanities. Christians help: How can I expect God to forgive me if I don't feel like I can be f…[View]
6147689Does /his/ approve? Cuz I fucking do[View]
6147494I miss her so fucking much bros[View]
6146469How the hell did this even happen in the late war?[View]
6147527Give me a quick rundown on (((King Zog)))[View]
6147555>the French 'resistance'[View]
6147351What was Post-Stalin/WW2 Soviet Union like?: Ok, so we hear about the brutal executions, famines and…[View]
6147497Is this the power of the Turk?[View]
6146913If these two guys never got assassinated how different would the world look today? Would it be exact…[View]
6146046>Documentary about the Spanish Civil War >Doesn’t start with the Mutiny of Aranjuez in 1808…[View]
6147139According to specialists the world has become racist after 7x1: 7x1 event has changed things and an …[View]
6147431> If the driving force of popular government in peacetime is virtue, that of popular government d…[View]
6147073How would a Marxist thalassocracy function?[View]
6106951Tengriism Today, Beliefs, and Practices: Like the title says, I'm interested in learning more r…[View]
6147297When did people start to realize tobacco/smoking is bad[View]
6142854ITT: Actual Heroes: *saves the west*[View]
6143551This is what a Hittite looked like[View]
6147244He was Finno-Ugric.[View]
6146771Do Buddhists give their children specifically Buddhist names?: Like how Christiana use Biblical name…[View]
6146294Why is it illegal in some countries to question the holocaust? I'm not saying it didn't ha…[View]
6147262IPA Braille: Why has the attempt to create a 1:1 ratio between Braille and the IPA been so befuddled…[View]
6147222'Lepanto' by G. K. Chesterton (1911): White founts falling in the courts of the sun, And the Soldan …[View]
6146563Calling resident theologians: Perhaps this isn't the right board, but if there is anyone studyi…[View]
6144980Marx vs Hegel: What comes first - idea or being?[View]
6146836How can someone so openly evil be so admired?[View]
6144019Nordic Mitanni: The ancient indo aryan mitanni had a nordic ruling class >'upon golden Mitanni he…[View]
6138237>b-b-but muh greek colonization[View]
6146155Hamatic theory: Is this true? Did ancient europeans bring agriculture metallurgy etc to all of afric…[View]
6144277The Asante peoples: Where did they come from were they always in ghana? Some stories claim that the…[View]
6129162What. The. Fuck. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_fetus_disposal_scandal https://youtu.be…[View]
6146721How did Mongols create a Khaganate in europe in 500AD?: Are Slavs/Germans just Mongol rapebabies aft…[View]
6146974being born to an upper middle class white family in the year 1948 in America was objectively the bes…[View]
6146910Post your Idol: ITT post who you emulate, you can have up to two. No ironic posts allowed. NO BULLY …[View]
6146761The Vietnam War: Would any of you say that the US entered the Vietnam War because they: 1. Were conc…[View]
6144255I’m friends with a commie shit poster, and he sent me this Who is the black guy on the bottom right?[View]
6145155Was Napoleon an Italian or a French ?[View]
6144751Why is male affection so demonized today? Ancient Greece and Rome men, good friends, openly shared a…[View]
6145753A braindead Person can still will. But what would he want? Probably just ti sigh all day fuck everyt…[View]
6146522Dontcha fellas know it's Valentine's Day?[View]
6146664>yes, I think Enemy at the Gates is the most realistic depiction of World War II, why do you ask?…[View]
6146460*exiles your leader*[View]
6146300Why did the Hippie movement fizzle out? At its peak, it was a real counter-culture with massive infl…[View]
6141089Can we even be forgiven?(Christianity): Considering how many sins are condemned with death, is it ev…[View]
6139117Do Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna have any role to play in Advaita Vedanta?[View]
6146259CARTHAGO DELENDA EST: why did he hate it so much?[View]
6143516How would he have dealt with Hitler?[View]
6145196was Abdul Franco the best ruler in Spain history ?[View]
6144242Why did it take so long for people to figure out genetics if humans have been selectively breeding l…[View]
6143774It’s a conspiracy: >The General Motors streetcar conspiracy refers to convictions of General Moto…[View]
6145965What's the heritability of political beliefs in a behavior genetic sense? Has anyone ever inves…[View]
6144698Why is the Armenian genocide against the law to admit in turkish?[View]
6145232Who/what were the Scythians ? The ancient Slavs ? or an ancient Iranian people ?: I wanna learn abou…[View]
6145823>rally the clans for a glorious rebellion >get your fucking ass kicked >dress up as a woman…[View]
6144423What are some weird experiments the Soviets did while they still existed? I know about the attempt t…[View]
6143554I am i right ?: If people were deprived of individuality and ambition, the world could become a bett…[View]
6144320Graveyard of empire meme: What is the origins of the non sensical wide speard false image of Afghani…[View]
6143569How important was homosexuality in the Ottoman empire and in the formation of modern Turksih identit…[View]
6145406What are some other great civilizations where our only knowledge of them comes from sources of peopl…[View]
6146010Daily reminder antinatalism is the penultimate redpill[View]
6144406Why does France get so much shit?: As an American, I never understood this. France gets shit for bei…[View]
6105254>It was not originally the intention of the Mongol Empire to invade the Khwarezmid Empire. Accord…[View]
6105113How are Southeast Asian (Laos, Vietnam, West Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia) Hindus diffe…[View]
6143312What was the most kino war, and why was it The Third Crusade? It even had that cool Robin Hood spin …[View]
6144284Why Czech didn't accept Christianity like its European neighboors ?[View]
6145101What did people think of same sex marriage in 1950s?[View]
6144640Was Al-andalus the tolerant paradise people made it out to be? https://youtu.be/W1wmHp36mU4[View]
6145420Is this a jew hat?: What is this type of hat called? It's on the shield of the Swedish noble fa…[View]
6143708Was colonization ultimately a good thing or a bad thing for Africans? Genuine question.[View]
6143697Why do you study history, /his/?[View]
6139912Why did the Soviet Union fall apart? There are worse dictatorships on Earth, that persist to this d…[View]
6143755Did the Ottoman Empire actually exist?[View]
6145255Ancient Egypt: Was it the greatest civilization in history? If so, then why do people give africa sh…[View]
6142630What are the historical and societal prerequisites that led to white people literally worshipping a …[View]
6140631What's your favorite obscure flag?[View]
6142411The reactionary circlejerk on this board is way too much: Can we have a Futurism thread for a change…[View]
6145353philology: Is philology /lit/ or/his/? I was doing a study of medieval metre & got really in to …[View]
6144266Did she betray JFK? Would the transfer of power not be seen as legitimate without publication of thi…[View]
6144758>Allah is just the Arabic word for God, so Christians and Muslims are worshipping the same God…[View]
6144086Why are protestants so repugntant and degenerate?[View]
6143007>War on Terror isn't considered the third world war Why? It basically is a world war. Prove …[View]
6145199Why does /his/ hate modern art?: I understand that the art market has created this monster of preten…[View]
6144146Historylet here, I know only modern events about the middle east region and north african region. Wa…[View]
6143521What was life like in the only sub-saharan Ottoman colony , Sudan ? how locals were treated , and wa…[View]
6143585The holy trinity.[View]
6143979Reminder that THIS is what Julius Caesar looked like[View]
6145073Free people of color: What was life like for free people of color during colonial times? Did they ow…[View]
6143115>Nazi retards had the best aesthetics It's not fair.[View]
6144538Iranian People: Are they just a historical meme or is it really true that they lived in Eastern/Cent…[View]
6144035Was he really that evil?[View]
6142247Do you think we'll ever see nuclear weapons used ever again in a war context?[View]
6143392Was Andersonville prison really as bad as described?: Obvious food shortages aside, was the horrific…[View]
6144577Did people during Black Death unironically believe that Apocalypse has come?[View]
6143607How on earth could the Kingdom of Burgundy have survived sandwhiched between France and the Holy Rom…[View]
6140581Why didn't Russian Empire expand further into America?[View]
6144802What would you say are the 5 most interesting Dharmic Indian empresa?: Also I was told to read a boo…[View]
6143224>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_Mers-el-K%C3%A9bir >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bom…[View]
6104064Saddam Hussein's support for Balochi separatists against Pakistan an alliance with India: Jumma…[View]
6143796Goring was later awarded the title of hero of the soviet Union for his invaluable aid[View]
614468210% of everyone killed in war, was killed in the 20th Century. Woah[View]
6129724Why has female promiscuity been almost universally condemned and hated through out history? Even to …[View]
6144629What if at the height of his reign: Pol Pot converted to Islam and declared Democratic Kampuchea to …[View]
6144589al-Jamāhīrīyah al-'Arabīyah al-Lībīyah ash-Sha'bīyah al-Ishtirākīyah al-'Uẓmá: Ugh wh…[View]
6141677Out of my way you Egyptian peasants[View]
6144477Bektashi Order: Was this the closest we have ever gotten to a 'White' iteration of Islam?[View]
6141475Who are the top five chess players in history?[View]
6143649>After his decisive victory in this battle, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the charismatic leader who was…[View]
6140321Can we talk about the Thessalonica Fire of 1917?: This fire destroyed all Muslim and Jewish homes in…[View]
6103751Was South Vietnam a legitimate country?[View]
6143460What would the Nazis have to say about the Holocaust and millions of European Jews having disappeare…[View]
6103318The Arab invasion of Egypt: https://twitter.com/Samueltadros/status/1093351847019143169 https://twit…[View]
6144056Tell me the most about the history of Ukranians and the history of pre-modern Ukraine. Who are their…[View]
6144083I GOT HOS(I got hos) in different area codes(area codes)[View]
6142755Holy fucking shit what a waste of fucking money.[View]
6141933How did a small group of pre civilization herders and hunter gatherers manage to do this[View]
6143844ITT: the most retarded people of all time[View]
6135906Why was Pyrrhus considered a great general?[View]
6142767comment it[View]
6143880This is Kapudan Pasha Hizir Hayr ed Din Pasha (“Barbarossa”): Say something nice about Him.[View]
6141499>it couldn’t have worked Why do people believe this? If the airbases of the RAF were bombed so h…[View]
6143568Tell me about Pancho Villa /his/.[View]
6143006*Masters roiding out and btfos everyone at the Olympics* Woah what freaks of nature![View]
6142606did chinese communists really force people to eat dissidents and scapegoats to prove their loyalty /…[View]
6142669what's the deal with 'walks'? i seem to come across plenty of historical figures that thought t…[View]
6142714>a smile worth protecting[View]
6142942Wtf, why nobody told me Marx was this based?[View]
6143096How many of China’s dynasties were of foreign origin?[View]
6142749Why is this allowed? Didn't he literally kill the king of england?[View]
6143372Reminder that the Greeks had it coming and the Doge did nothing wrong >The next day, 29 October, …[View]
6143109Prove me that oligarchy is not the best system. It seems to be basically the meritocratic aristocrac…[View]
6141201>builds a wall and a mountain around your fortress WTF is wrong with romans?…[View]
6101922Why were the Jews in Kaifeng not hated and expelled like you tell me this always happens with this e…[View]
6140743>Be me >Realize anyone who says they'd go back in time and kill Hitler would be indirectl…[View]
6143261Were old texts such as Iliad, Vedas and Gilgamesh cycle really sung? This interpretation is very bea…[View]
6143361Which one is correct ?: >blue part = turks >yellow part = arabs…[View]
6143397Was he right about anything?[View]
6142808/black history month/: >starts off about slavery >MLK Jr >Rosa Parks >Nelson Mandella …[View]
6143384Was Mosley, and perhaps the Austro Fascists too to some extent. The most 'moral' Fascists that most …[View]
6143287Absolutely based: >Reid served as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission from 1977 to 1981. Whe…[View]
6143027So, is the general consensus that religious prophets of the past ingested a ton of psychedelic mushr…[View]
6142834fascism actually sounds pretty good: >Both National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy were welf…[View]
6143138Why didn't China just remain a loose patchwork of states that trade and pool resources in order…[View]
6137482Did Carthage really deserve total destruction and enslavement? This seems really harsh.[View]
6143190It's not fair bros...[View]
6143132I went down the rabbit hole...: Ever since I started getting stoned, I have been thinking abstractly…[View]
6142457>buy guns from a pawn store and give them to a guy >the guns end up used in a hostage situatio…[View]
6142423Even if you don’t believe in punishment after death or an afterlife, hypothetically, does a “hell” o…[View]
6142928If you imagine a world without Europe, in the past or in the future, it does not matter, but what wi…[View]
6143111Similarities between Enrico Dandolo and Mehmed II: Both Mehmed II and Enrico were Venetian (Mehmed w…[View]
6142743Operation Sea lion: Couldn't they just dug a tunnel underneath the Channel?[View]
6140555I'm learning about Jim Crow this sem: So... why didn't we executed all the Confederate tra…[View]
6142924Why does it even matter if the Holocaust happened or not? The whole thing seems pretty autistic to m…[View]
6139997/his/ makes a game: Your Job is to make a new interesting video game based off the ancient mythology…[View]
6139756is Varg Vikernes the greatest philosopher of our time?[View]
6143025In honor of the Feast of Saint Valentine, share your historical factoids of love.[View]
6142593Now Hear: THIS[View]
6142842Why did none of the Western powers intervene to stop Stalin?: >Hitler invades Poland and it'…[View]
6142578Who were the ancient Aboriginal Australians?: Were Aboriginal Australians advance? Did they have som…[View]
6141647Archer or heavy??[View]
6142905Why did it happen?[View]
6140710Post wars in which the winning side lost all the battles.[View]
6141565Can we talk about Greek colonization of Anatolia?: Even in the late Byzantine era, Anatolia was CHAF…[View]
6140416What do you think about Bezmenov and Golitsyn? Were they telling the truth or are they fraudsters???…[View]
6137507How true is the meme that in communism no one wants to become a doctor because they get paid the sam…[View]
6141895Bros...Nietchze is deep. Too deep. So deep, he may as well be a spook. Spooks are a spook. Pretty sp…[View]
6142703Did this really happen or is it total horse shit?[View]
6142666Whats wrong with consuemrism per say?: Isn't the problem rather the quality of what people are …[View]
6135803Ok /his/, you're only given 3 wishes. How do you change history in the past, or shape the futur…[View]
6142581How come Asians never colonized Australia?[View]
6139504Why did Anglo settlers in New Zealand get along better with the indigenous people of the islands tha…[View]
6142653What caused open-minded nature-loving hippies to turn into hateful, ignorant boomers who only care a…[View]
6141063Why were ancient people so uncreative when it came to names?: >reading about the era surrounding …[View]
6140853This is peak humanity[View]
6140272He killed millions.[View]
6138235Hey /his/ can I get some advice? I’m interviewing a ww2 veteran this weekend and I need some help fi…[View]
6142575What is the best book to read about Julius Caesar? I have been looking at 'Rubicon' by Tom Holland a…[View]
6142689Was this battle factored in to the German-Soviet nonaggression pact?[View]
6142602Is there any truth to the meme that 'beer is why civilization exists'. Isn't beer the result of…[View]
6140248Is being a wagecuck in contemporary western society still a better life than the average person had …[View]
6141631'ate monks 'ate monasteries 'ate popes love sons love pies simple as[View]
6142493Were iced drinks a thing in the ancient world? The only pre-modern example I can think of is An-Nasi…[View]
6140292Book request WW1: What are some well-written works on WW1? Preferably something more general and fun…[View]
6142197The most glorious middle finger in world history?[View]
6138855For me?: It's the Panther Ausf.A[View]
6141977Was the Cambodian Genocide really as insane as the Wikipedia page would suggest? I am a bit suspicio…[View]
6143407The superiority of The Swedish man Where does it come from , Historically no doubt you have seen all…[View]
6141887Why aren't you doing a classic's degree: If you like history and humanities so much, do a …[View]
6139755Buddhism and hell: Why is it so many buddhist doctrines warn people to fear hell, to avoid hell, to …[View]
6141883Is it true, /his/?: Was Christianity founded in California?[View]
6139254I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6142249What do we do about the nominalism problem?[View]
6141763Ridiculous moments in history: Post the most ridiculous events or anecdotes from history that you kn…[View]
6142237What makes a genius a genius?: What qualities make a genius? You can say Tesla, Einstein, Heisenberg…[View]
6139248This kills the turk[View]
6141844Worst government policies ever created?: Just wondering what are some of the dumbest, most detriment…[View]
6133298*Serious thread* Why are African myth/hero stories so underwhelming and lackluster? Did oral traditi…[View]
61413971950's post war economic boom: What do you all think the contributing factors were to the explo…[View]
6141905What exactly is the historical case for 'slavery was not the main cause of the Civil War'? Preservin…[View]
6142155Is there a consensus on which translation of meditations is the best?: Gregory Hays Robin hard Hammo…[View]
6142144>there's a recent monograph on the subject you should check out... >© 1973…[View]
6139329How do Christians admit that the devil and his angels are real, that he is the 'god of this world' a…[View]
6140946Why do people hate the 4th Crusade so much when it arguably led to the Renaissance?[View]
6141783How many people don't reach their hypothetical full intellectual potential because they are rai…[View]
6131424Why were women prevented from voting?[View]
6142043how the fuck did he got away with it: I mean seriously he and cuck tsar were the ones who started th…[View]
6141792Do people who maintain that modern behavior differences between the human sexes are mostly cultural …[View]
6140947Alexios, my boy...[View]
6141452I guess this is kind of a sociology question so it's to be posted here. >Why the hell can…[View]
6141477Hirohito: Did Hirohito actually do anything wrong? Was Tojo truly to blame, or did the emperor escap…[View]
6140907Nietzsche was a cute man who wrote cute things. Post your favorite Nietzsche quote. >'Why so hard…[View]
6140471Italian military history fails thread: As the subject suggests, let's have a thread of Italian …[View]
6139106Could a single pan-Eurasian state have survived into the 21st century or would nationalism + Islamis…[View]
6140164>let's (((westernize))) our Asian nation and destroy its unique culture in the process How c…[View]
6141678Traditionalism: I respect traditionalism and its own aesthetic. I can understand why it is so appeal…[View]
6141522How come ancient greek statues had really straight noses and roman statues had hooked noses when in …[View]
6141696DR LUTHER, IM H.R.E[View]
6140642Dark ages thread: Redpill me on the most obscure dark ages lore you know. I'm talking that peri…[View]
6119340Were ancient egyptians the first communists?: >state (pharoe) has complete power >citizens col…[View]
6141471Thoughts on the history of Hungary? Anything interesting or notable in its history?[View]
6141598The Truth of MLK's Assasination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=O29U5KtNqf…[View]
6140769Was hitler autistic?[View]
6140977Did organised looting by the victor happen after a battle? Were there specialized looters hired by t…[View]
6133794Was the Peninsular War the reason Spain was wracked with civil war and unrest for more than a centur…[View]
6138073British weakness and cowardice: How was the British Empire able to 'succeed' when the British have p…[View]
6139012>Zhukov didn't use human wave tactics and was a good general!!!! )))))))…[View]
6140398Why did noblemen from like the 15th-17th century dress like queers? This was easily the gayest perio…[View]
6137073Jesus told us he was gonna come back, why didn’t he?[View]
6100338Who is the last civilization in history that committed a genocide, owned up to it, and were proud th…[View]
6141373>got banned off Reddit for questioning the new 10,000 number for Tiananmen I’m not sure what I ex…[View]
6141236What if hitler suddenly turned into a dog? like they walked into his office one day and he was a dog…[View]
6135798>this was a 10/10 in Nazi Germany[View]
6140437What did Churchill mean by this???: >International Jews >In violent opposition to all this sph…[View]
6140624Can stoic philosophy offer anything to the modern way of life or is it just a meme?[View]
6140894Has his read Tragedy and Hope?: Just got this in the mail today and am beginning the surely years-lo…[View]
6141118In principle is there any reason to believe eugenics wouldn't work to improve a nation's h…[View]
6141183Damn, I’m glad that the American Historical Association dispelled the notion that Jews were over rep…[View]
6138505How were Christians so good at civilizing Germanics and Slavs?[View]
6140329How egyptians cut stone , for pyramids ?: ( or anything including egyptians , and their architecture…[View]
6140498I know there's a thing called the Russian soul: But is there thing called a German soul concept…[View]
6138024Why the HECK did the Nazis have to use the swastika? It's such a cool and meaningful symbol but…[View]
6140613Is he right?[View]
6139758Europhobia: Why are Europeans so resistant to defending their culture, their history and their herit…[View]
6140233How can south slaves be slaves (indo-europeans who migrated in the V century) and proto-europeans at…[View]
6140670what did /his/ think of this https://youtu.be/RYbe-35_BaA[View]
6139603What if the cotton gin was never invented? Would slavery still have become a big enough issue to cau…[View]
6140029any non brainlet who actually read Marx and major communist works? did he really advocate 'gib me ev…[View]
6137687'Human rights' are a liberal invention created by rightist regimes in order to attack the will to po…[View]
6140467丙寅洋擾: what would happen if france successfully colonized korea in 1866? how will the political power…[View]
6139955redpill me on the Aleutian Islands Campaign[View]
6140452How did Bill Clinton get away with this?: >be Bill Clinton >be me >it’s 1992 >run for Pr…[View]
6140492So ... was capitalism a byproduct of the protestant spirit?[View]
61341674 Shermans to 1 Tiger[View]
6140607Reminder that Columbus did nothing wrong https://youtu.be/ZEw8c6TmzGg So what’s with this recent tre…[View]
6138037Who's your favorite slayer of pagans?[View]
6138640>tfw you learned about the Dissolution of the Monasteries Absolute tragedy. Fuck Henry VIII…[View]
6140284>accurate representation[View]
6140387>February, 1945 >you are the pilot of an Avro Lancaster assigned to RAF Bomber Command >be …[View]
6140415>tfw had a stroke for excessive partying while on my way east to deal with some brown people. spe…[View]
6138238tell me about Unions /his/ What are they? When did they began? What have they acomplished? Are they …[View]
6140266>Western European >is angry at the Turks >for the fall of Constantinople You can't ma…[View]
6139531Why did the Protestant Reformation begin specifically in the 16th century? The Catholic church was c…[View]
6140397Did the Securitate really do anything wrong? I mean think about it all they really did was supress a…[View]
6140115Were the Croatian Ustasa the original Pol Pot? >We have to return to the great agricultural past!…[View]
6139754>muh microbiome >muh epigenetics >muh mindfulness Why do hucksters get away with making sen…[View]
613724274 years ago, today: How do you celebrate, /his/?[View]
6140090The Holodomor is the most documented, and the ''''evidence'''' of the holocaust is shaky at best and…[View]
6137120It's not too late to say Happy 110th birthday to two of the greatest men to ever live.[View]
6138184tell me there's a world where the kuomintang win the chinese civil war[View]
6140077de-colonization: Was the whole reason for de-colonization just 'we feel bad about what we did' or we…[View]
6139038did the average Russian commoner accept the USSR?: I get times were tough but I find it so strange t…[View]
6098928Libya: Can we have a thread about him? Saw him on my feed today and wanted to learn more about what …[View]
6133841what was their problem[View]
6099491Why has Iraq been continuously ruled by foreign conquerors for 2,500 years until the 20th century?: …[View]
6098335When did Levantine Christians and Druze start moving to Latin America and why?[View]
6140117>As a small and precarious population, Moriori embraced a pacifist culture that rigidly avoided w…[View]
6138004Would a Zulu army at their peak be able to conquer parts of Medieval Europe?[View]
6139987What is the origin of evangelical eschatology? Is it true that it's derived almost entirely fro…[View]
6138791Is unibrows a non-european thing ?[View]
6139022Why didn’t china e we become a colonial power?, it had strength and knew of the rest of the world. W…[View]
6139503What's the role of the guy on the right with the polearm? Is he supposed to be the guy who shou…[View]
6139063How would history be different had Early Christians been treated better in the Early Roman Empire?[View]
6138327What would happen if the Koreas reunited?[View]
6138568>in 1462, another more successful conqueror of Greece, Mehmet II, visited the ruins of Troy, and …[View]
6139849Social Dysfunction and the TRPF: The root of social dysfunction in the United States lies in the con…[View]
6138168Can Communism be compatible with Islam? Which branch and why?[View]
6139484Is it me? Or does everyone see themselves as the good guys; even when reality says otherwise? A lot …[View]
6139753Would FDR be remembered as a successful president if it wasn't for the war?[View]
6139010Greatest bants in history: >When the Jews asked Jesus 'Are the Gentiles more justified than us?' …[View]
6137968Can we agree that the greatest Era of man was from 1931 to 1944?[View]
6139238>Hitler was a white supremacist[View]
6139639I have been reading pic related, apparently, according to the Hagakure, the Japanese used horse fece…[View]
6135170Give me your country most powerful pieces of art. I start: Portrait of Raquel Meller[View]
6138216Why do people try to LARP as steppe niggers?: They're literally nothing more than a massive det…[View]
6133405why didn't Alexios just pay what he owed?[View]
6139511Before the dawn of modern Medicine, around 1/4 of the babies would die before aging 2 But now that e…[View]
6139039The Anniversary: 74 years ago, today Harris fired up the Lancasters and set out for Dresden. In hono…[View]

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