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Displaying 36 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7439199Does Lego causes Autism?: And if so, why? What's the thing that makes it enhance Autism? I thou…[View]
7429329Gobots General: Mighty Robots: Gobots. Mighty robots, mighty vehicles. Why are they better than Tran…[View]
7449623There's some figures and plush I want from this site, but are they legit? I've heard compl…[View]
7448168TFG: Ironhide sucks edition: Old thread >>7446821[View]
7449612/toy/ I'm fucking desperate, I want to know where I can find this smug shit eating cunt. I want…[View]
7439437Hi guys, can u pls help me ID some figures?[View]
7437867/toy/'s thoughts on 3D printing[View]
7378035Megabox/Beastbox: There's no Megabox/Beastbox thread right now and I have a question that is re…[View]
7447574Who in the actual fucking fuck is this character? I don't even know her name, I just got it as …[View]
7433104Whats the best way to start collecting original M.U.S.C.L.E figures?[View]
7308798Reminder that the Centurion is a piece of shit. Bolt gets stuck every few rounds, regularly fucks up…[View]
7432700Lego Avengers endgame: New images of these sets have been revealed. What does /toy/ think of these u…[View]
7446821/tfg/: Transformers General- OH LAWD HE COMIN' Edition: Old thread (>>7445147) is on auto…[View]
7435546I can't be crazy in thinking that McFarlane probably did the best halo figures right? I know th…[View]
7443623Are lego's supposed to be for kids ? I don't get the appeal[View]
7417425JoJo SAS General: Decided to make a new thread since the old one died Where to buy: Mandarake AmiAmi…[View]
7434614Transformers 3rd party General: OC Edition: old >>7424610 CNY is officially over and TFcon is …[View]
7442271Marvel General: Last Thread:>>7434846 New Thanos BAF has been leaked, among Ronin & Captai…[View]
7417673Godzilla and Kaiju General: Old thread >>7358339 I hadn't seen these posted in high quali…[View]
7421395NECA General: Last thread: >>7405039 The dam has burst. Will your wallet sink or swim? Out no…[View]
7425830Phicen Website: Has anyone here ever ordered something from the official Phicen website 'Phicen Dot …[View]
7445147/tfg/: Transformers General- Slash-posting Edition: Remember when I said I was done when old thread …[View]
7444760I want a fkn spaceship. Help: Does anyone know where can I buy a decent spaceship toy that is not ta…[View]
7424462Why is LEGO stuff so expensive? Why are they charging 500$ for this? There's no way that this p…[View]
7439659Are The Corps toys good? I saw this set in my local store but I am not sure about buying this I don…[View]
74446741 6 Los Cyk aka Dark Souls: Maybe an oddly specific question (this is only my second time on this bo…[View]
7441137Something I've always been curious about: are all toys topcoated? I have certain toys that feel…[View]
7445842Best Dr. Manhattan?: What is the best 1/12th Dr Manhattan available? there are a couple floating aro…[View]
7439767>that 29-yea- old boomer who finally saw Lilo and Stitch for the first time current year and unir…[View]
7436498Busou Shinki and Friends General - Legacy Edition: Read The Guide Now, My Lord: busoushinki.buyfags.…[View]
7444246>11 year old me >Mail away Vintage Collection proof of purchase codes to Hasbro >wait awhil…[View]
7445529Hey toy dudes, I'm asking for some figures identification help. You've been very helpful i…[View]
7442793/tfg/: Transformers General- Bulldozed Edition: Old thread is past bump limit. Continue here. Post b…[View]

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