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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 79 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2888850/vs/ : versus general: basically in this thread we debate on which animal would win in a fight, anyo…[View]
2888876Prehistoric Marine Reptiles: Hypothetically speaking, what if we somehow have a population of giant …[View]
2890963Raw Fed Dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLLbqrstrK8[View]
2890220Why are mustelids so reckless and messed in the head? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/201…[View]
2885744ITT:: Describe the most perilous fight you've had with an animal, in greentext.[View]
2881946/aq/ - Aquarium General - Extinct in the wild edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, inclu…[View]
2890365Is this a bed bug?: Please help, I was doing the bedding and found this dead bug on the bed sheets .…[View]
2890519Is there a sound that only dogs hear that makes them bark? Some cunt moved next door and leaves his …[View]
2888778WTF is going on in Melbourne???[View]
2890712Yep only place: This the only place where a picture of a kitty is next to a porn ad[View]
2889574What are some underrated animals many people don't know exist?[View]
2856884ITT- your experinces with retards blatantly abusing their pets: >be me, 12 years old >living …[View]
2890606Weird Ant: Anyone know what this little, big intruder is called? Found it breaking into my shed-room…[View]
2890240look at this fucking idiot inside his stupid bowl[View]
2889650Why are dogs such fucking spazzes when it comes to vacuums?[View]
2889274what other animals can you keep in your house if you have cats? i was thinking a hamster or rat or s…[View]
2885647BOVINE discussion: Plains Bison, Wood Bison, Wisent, Gaur, Aurochs, etc.[View]
2890078Where this picture was taken?: Anons please help me guess the place name where this picture was take…[View]
2890348Why does my dog have such large ears? Were they like to be like this? Pic related is a male golden c…[View]
2890087Its time for a bear thread (First thread on an this year so make it a good one)[View]
2888913Cat Killer[View]
2889921BIG FUCKIN M O N K E Y[View]
2888541>be me at college >dog lives at home >be asleep >dreams about playing with my dog >do…[View]
2890242The Eucalyptus: The Eucalyptus tree, specifically the Eucalyptus globulus, has always fascinated me.…[View]
2877606/plant/: The Plant General - Botanical Art Edition Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this…[View]
2889315Ahem, BARK BARK ruff BARK BARK. *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schl…[View]
2888133Fear of Spiders: Why are there so many people deathly afraid of spiders? It's understandable in…[View]
2886005Leopard seals: Are they based?[View]
2882051Are we all going to die?: >More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biom…[View]
2890027The earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGD5LOetCyQ[View]
2889012https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/man-who-genitals-ripped-eaten-13520910 >The man's geni…[View]
2887741who would win in a fight, a grizzly bear or a killer whale? arena is half ocean/half forest[View]
2888543Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations: https://twitter.com/peta/status/10700…[View]
2884541Comfy Antarctica Thread: Let's have a nice thread about the comfiest continent[View]
2885657Cursed cats: Send me pics of your most cursed kitties[View]
2889662Cursed Cat Memes: I need the best cursed cat images all you Anons have.[View]
2888362Mammals are the superior class.[View]
2886906just snapped this pic of my dog taking a shit[View]
2881548What are the most overrated pets in your opinion, /an/?[View]
2886993post photos of animals eating things they dont eat naturally[View]
2889678Whats your favorite color Budgie?[View]
2889017first time poster /an/. pic related. i caught my cat playing with it (not attacking it/eating). My d…[View]
2889570>look up the name of the first animal on earrh >mfw Dick in Sonia…[View]
2889639I can hear an owl hooting outside my window. It's actually fairly loud and keeping me awake. Is…[View]
2886574This is what power looks like[View]
2889555someone from baffin island is on my fagbook and she's always posting the most hardcore shit[View]
2889186Are we in agreement?[View]
2888801Wasp?: Does anyone know what insect is this? I think it's a red wasp but I don't know if t…[View]
2888712How common is animal abuse exactly?: Pic unrelated. I'm just sad /an/, I seen too much stupid s…[View]
2879736cats are fucking disgusting i was at my grandpa's house, helping him with his computer and his …[View]
2887883Cute guinea pig thread[View]
2884029Male Lion fights off 20 Hyenas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5V6gdu5ih8 Lions the Chads of the a…[View]
2888220Is it immoral to intentionally cause mosquitoes to go extinct? They kill millions.[View]
2888069(Not my pic) Anons, I'm literally wondering if I should just give the fuck up on my fish tank. …[View]
2873348Pitbulls: Why would someone breed an animal to be this violent?[View]
2886670I’ll probably get roasted for this but I really want to see an excess male giraffe at a zoo released…[View]
2888831so is there an explanation on why this Stray cat looks so creepy? https://youtu.be/fTJ5o_uW3eM[View]
2889048sandcats are the cutest cats[View]
2885830Is there a more dangerous animal/animals than a pack of wolves? Like I can't even see two or th…[View]
2887267Anons, my idiot dad just our cat pepperoni from a Tombstone pizza (not sure how much, according to h…[View]
2881485Things that you can say about your pet but not your girlfriend[View]
2888991>C'mere cunt[View]
2888980Korean Ted[View]
2888834Fungus gnats have infested my plant pots and they keep walking on my monitor whenever the rest of my…[View]
2888786Who would you choose as your Dinotopian Habitat Partner /an/? Hard mode: No pterosaurs, they couldn…[View]
2888780Why do they do it: Why do seals stick eels up their nose?[View]
2873767/fungi/ General: /fungi/: The Fungus General - Puffball Edition Where you can post about fungi to yo…[View]
2888560What does it mean if a snake literally kisses you? A snake kissed me and I wanted to know if there w…[View]
2885127There is a squirrel living in my attic. There’s a hole on the roof and it seems to have entered thro…[View]
2888722We post funny quirks that our pet’s have There is a decent sized hill just a couple blocks away. So …[View]
2888446Redpill me on deceases carried by animals, which can affect humans. Which animals carry more? Can Co…[View]
2888621My Dog's Has Nothing to Do: My mom never let us bring our dog anywhere where there were people …[View]
2887783Do you think people who like animals are generally better people?[View]
2885496id on this little one? found in my driveway[View]
2887507Can someone ID this species? It's in a zoo in Nepal. Or is it just some weird mix with a domest…[View]

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