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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 78 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3209005What is Greentext?: >When 4chan users post stories, be they autobiographical, obviously fictional…[View]
3206763I live in a part of Europe where all native spiders are harmless. How can I encourage generic orb we…[View]
3206518>mfw I'm the best animal ever[View]
3207077can anyone identify what kind of snake skin is on the grip of this gun? I wanna call the guy who…[View]
3207048OH NO NO NO NO NO DOGFAGS BTFO https://www.oregonlive.com/living/2015/08/smarts_stealth_and_retracta…[View]
3203520what is some noteworthy stupid bullshit your pet pulled so far?[View]
3206921OPERATOR DOGS[View]
3206798>http://www.altinomachado.com.br/2007/03/ona-luta-com-pit-bulls.html >Jaguar Fights with Pit B…[View]
3197456Your choice?[View]
3206839guys let’s start a duck thread: post more ducks below!![View]
3206208Name a more annoying animal pro tip you cant. https://youtu.be/TqdRQxgtZtI[View]
3208410ANIMAL FIGHT CLUB: Alright, here’s the movie. >these 6 people have been captured by a rich psycho…[View]
3201382>tfw you will never be part of the cambrian explosion fauna[View]
3197489Why would anyone shoot something so beautiful?[View]
3203971ugly cat[View]
3206057Is it okay to groom my cat like a cat? I don't use this, I use my actual tongue. I can't t…[View]
3206738What are this boards thoughts on the crayfish?[View]
3199314how intelligent are octopuses?[View]
3204869When you think about it, just by looking, Beluga whales are basically just dolphins with down syndro…[View]
3204965Moths know to wait beside lights if they get stuck inside so we can see them and rescue them.[View]
3206077Anonymous: what kind of dog is this?[View]
3205817okay ive had enough: >Be a fucking retarded bird >Get stuck in barbed wire >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
3206075myostatin deficient animals: Post buff animals.[View]
3204285My dog went missing: We let this grumpy boomer fuck out to go to the bathroom and he just randomly d…[View]
3203460Post sad cats please ;_;[View]
3206278Cat has been limping need help: Hi all, i know jack shit about animals and figured you all would kno…[View]
3206438>sister adopts two hedgehogs >names them Mario and Luigi…[View]
3206482HONK HONK[View]
3205246How can I help save my poor Coypu bros reputation? The media seems hell bent on painting them as evi…[View]
3200005my eyes don't work good but I still love you[View]
3205840How come I never see /an/ discussing the cutest native north american animal[View]
3206429yuni: isnt she fun[View]
3204645Cursed images.[View]
3196504Skinny black cats with big gold eyes are important[View]
3203000Why do humans choose not to eat cats and dogs usually?: I'm not trolling or being a /pol/tard, …[View]
3206025why do owls do this?[View]
3206237Where can I buy a honey badger?[View]
3205547images of concerned animals: please post yours[View]
3206119i have a paludarium that is closed and i have bacopa monnieri there and other plants, the paludarium…[View]
3205182Please help me understand what's happening with these dogs I keep seeing on Youtube. Their owne…[View]
3205121>there may be a dinosaur skeletton buried under your feet What are you waiting for anon ?…[View]
3205949what on earth is their FUCKING PROBLEM?[View]
3201713ITT: Post the chads and virgins of animal species.[View]
3204590What is this plant?: This vine with yellow flowers recently appeared in my pot. It is growing fast a…[View]
3204108ok so normally I don't browse this part of the chans but I got a kitten recently and am really …[View]
3205644me because i want nicotine[View]
3205740Budgie Breeding?: I have been fish-breeding (Particularly Beta Fish And Red-Tailed-Black-Sharks) on-…[View]
3205016The smartest man in the galaxy is a horse rancher. Why aren't you?[View]
3203889Why do humans not allow the friendly raccoons in the neighborhood to sort through their garbage for …[View]
3204613q u a r a n t i n e: Lets see those quarantine tanks /an/. What >4 long fin serpaes Why >cause…[View]
3204935. . .[View]
3202499does anyone else like snales[View]
3199488T-Rex bros, what the fuck. First they give him feathers, now they want to change the nostrils too?? …[View]
3205378Help identify this: Hello fellow anons. I need your help identifying this, it looks like it’s the sk…[View]
3200299Will they ever be saved, /an/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItLtajnObLg[View]
3205357Poison traps and my cat: I'm on the top floor of a triplex house. Should I be concerned that my…[View]
3205008Do cats know they're cute? Are they aware that that's why people love and take care of the…[View]
3205299explore.org: Just a chill thread to watch some animals online with like-minded people I personally e…[View]
3203857Hamster: What can I do to ease the discomfort of my fiancé’s Russian dwarf hamster? Due to a closed…[View]
3205276Can we have a duck thread? I need to expand my folder.[View]
3201580>All citruses descend from five Original Citruses >Lemon is not one of them >Fucking Citro…[View]
3196556Sad story breaking!: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50483602 The body of Elisa Pilarski, 29, …[View]
3201678Invasive species thread: Is it bad I sometimes get the urge to just release a bunch of exotic specie…[View]
3205071A small baby. Post yours![View]
3204781>Have a cat since it was a wee kitten >Feed it, water it, give it lots of love and pets >Th…[View]
3204114So what I got here are plum and sweetcherry seeds, how can I have them sprout?[View]
3196103Why are they so good looking?[View]
3204913Why does it seem like there's a feud between folks who like cats and dogs here? I like both! Al…[View]
3204355a friend has koi fish in a pool in his garden, temperatures in UK are dropping below freezing overni…[View]
3204794Just had her put down lads. I was there when she died. It was so sudden when it happened. She was th…[View]
3188423>Women with large dogs: This wasn't always a thing. Then somehow it became a thing. I wanna …[View]

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