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3055664Domestication of Lizards: After reading up on the domesticated fox experiments conducted in Russia, …[View]
3053690How do I make my cat's muscles bigger? I want her to be able to win fights with other street ca…[View]
3052164Hey, I don't usually post here, I'm usually on other boards, but this is the one place I t…[View]
3055298My cat is getting his balls removed this afternoon. What is he in for? Pic unrelated[View]
3055813What's the best dog for a hobo/nomad to have as a companion?[View]
3052413... Meow![View]
3055934this is my cat please only say nice things about him or you will hurt his feelings[View]
3055777What is this insect attatching to its abdomen?What kind of insect is it anyway? It's not in vid…[View]
3055997Found this little guy in my yard, it's cold but still breathing, have it under a lamp warming u…[View]
3049922I bought a skinny pig yesterday, what do?[View]
3054866Not a joke: Will nature get angry at me if I use it to build barricades? Theres a woods near my park…[View]
3050645I LOVE DOGS >owns purebred, $1000 from a breeder No, you don't love dogs. If you loved dogs …[View]
3055966Is this a baby spider or just a regular smol spider?[View]
3055207What’s he thinking about anon?: Please tell me![View]
3055698I'm thinking about getting a pet parrot, what species do you guys recommend me getting? pic un…[View]
3055584Ultralight hiking in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucxMdEsP9pM[View]
3055678What is this thing, /an/?[View]
3055772How do I make a Black Soldier Fly breeder? Does anyone have any pdfs? I am looking to turn the larva…[View]
3055757What kind of spider is this?[View]
3053750tell him happy birthday[View]
3055591I like to sit on the couch with my dog, Fat Fuck[View]
3048865The Plant General - Scree edition Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, wher…[View]
3055499dying plant: sb knows what these brown spots are?[View]
3051315Bonsai: I had one bonsai an old guy gave to me a few years ago, a Japanese Juniper I think he said i…[View]
3053198What kinda spider is this? Central Virginia. Dime for scale.[View]
3055504Donkey: IA IA IA[View]
3053752Fish identification: Can someone help me ID these fish? I think the first one may be a sergeant majo…[View]
3054438>gets only one bunny,guinea pig, budgie, mouse, rat, gold fish >gets at least two hamsters why…[View]
3053964I'm looking for some creative names for my new dog I was thinking ivory because of his colour a…[View]
3052032Need spider crab images: I’m looking for a really specific spider crab image send me yours please…[View]
3052508Goodbye my friend: So yesterday my cat died and I still can't stop crying. She died at the age …[View]
3054522what animal is climbing up my wall?[View]
3054830Oh,I sure want hyperactive retarded agressive baby as a pet! Watching it choking puppies is the cute…[View]
3052917I want to get my own dog but I don't want to lose one again. Why do pets have to die so early?[View]
3054191Have you ever walked past one of these guys lying down? Why do they do this?[View]
3046600>satan blocks your path What do?[View]
3054046Baby Bird: I live in the panhandle of WV, and can't identify this baby bird. We found it by a t…[View]
3055020Hey guys my poor old boxer is starting to grind his teeth. I’ve been quoted at around $1200 for extr…[View]
3051081I've been thinking of getting a parrot, specifically an african grey, because of its intelligen…[View]
3047901/aq/ - Aquarium General - Sausage edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabit…[View]
3054517*completely paralyzes movement in your house till it leaves*[View]
3054915Do animals in free nature fuck other dead animals? For example if a horny bull encountered the body …[View]
3054622what are some good attack dog breeds?[View]
3054594>millions of years of evolution lead the dinosaur to this[View]
3054366I can get away with 6 months and a fine if I rob a liquor store but I get from 2 to 10 years if some…[View]
3053014Big Norwegian Wolves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyZNLOHPk2E#t=177 Why is it always a white gir…[View]
3052338why are animal forums always so fu.of slef righteous assholes?[View]
3052516I’ve been seeing crazy numbers of these guys around for a while now. What are they? I’m in Western E…[View]
3048613Don't buy a cat[View]
3054833Which birds?: Hi guys, First, pic related is the outside of my house. I live in Germany in a Fachwer…[View]
3052782The cat brought in a baby sparrow. It looks uninjured but it's eyes are half open and it is bre…[View]
3054570Dog won’t poop: Hi guys, I’m dog sitting for a friend of mine and I’m staying at his house while he’…[View]
3054702What has your dog done that's impressed you? >get got loose one time >come to area of nei…[View]
3053979Could Chuck Liddell in his prime defeat a chimpanzee?[View]
3053843HEAR YE HEAR YE!!!: By the power bestowed on me by His Highness the King, and with the blessing of t…[View]
3054577Death to all mosquitos[View]
3046383*ITCH ITCH ITCHY ITCH*: How many mosquito bites do you have? also, HOW TO KEEP THOSE FUCKERS OFF ME?…[View]
3054436rat had so many species but i find out this is the best one[View]
3054437My dog looks like a kangaroo[View]
3053858How do animals scratch their asses?[View]
3053565bird feeder: we put up a feeder a few weeks ago. it's pretty small and we don't have many …[View]
3050865>be me >working with my dad >see this What should i do ? It still breathing and moving…[View]
3054176Looking for old abandoned towns, caves, and anything else cool to explore in Kentucky[View]
3054026Brown Recluse: Brown Recluse[View]
3048193What does /an/ think of chicken fighting[View]
3054192>tfw floof[View]
3053681What kind of cat is this[View]
3054094What is this growth on my dog's skin?[View]
3051029Monkey thread: What does /an/ think about monkeys? I think they're cool[View]
3049434if you could have any animal's penis what kind of penis would you want to have? i'd want t…[View]
3052796Penguins are like the closest thing we have to real life fae, aren't they? They seem almost hum…[View]
3053606I need some advice! I found this little Brown Anole Lizard, a few days ago at work. I think it'…[View]
3051992How much do cats actually help with loneliness.: Basically my house currently has 3 cats. But ones c…[View]
3053913I can't get a good picture, but there's some black birds with a nest in the tree in our ya…[View]
3053896What’s up with my peppers?: I’m super new to gardening and my new peppers have these black spots tow…[View]
3053702Ways to entertain a bored doggo during a rainstorm: Any suggestions? This is my doggo for reference.…[View]
3053749what happend with my dog's nail?: what happend with my dog's nail? I just noticed it and …[View]
3053384Animals in Cowboy Hats: Can I get a yee? Possibly a haw? Most 'preciated, pard'ners.…[View]
3054089praying mantis: male praying mantises are usually eaten by their mate during mating. >feelsbadman…[View]
3052629The most cute dog in the world is Pomeranian Please give me an image of Pomeranian[View]
3048444/sq/: Squirrel General[View]
3051554What bear and bird species do Banjo and Kazooie most resemble?[View]
3051712This is Wild Bill. Billy died yesterday due to small cell osteosarcoma, he was 6 years old. Think y…[View]
3051739Post breeds that have a high chance to snap. Other than pitull ofc[View]
3053641Hey /an/, I just moved to the Midwest and I have no idea what this bug is. It's about a 1.5 cm.…[View]
3053703do these contain psilocybin and are they okay to eat[View]
3053881>shitbulls: >pittard runs away from owner because he caught the scent of a female Gradually I …[View]
3053901I've been working on getting a 90 gallon, glass, corner bowfront tank ready to go. I drilled it…[View]
3052935Indentifying flowers: Hey could anyone identify theese flowers?[View]
3050606Does anyone know how to find a rabbit in your house? I just saved a wild rabbit from my cat and long…[View]
3051647One and a half million penguins[View]
3052992>Well yes, I am I vegan because I believe all animals dese-[View]
3052250Dog Care: I need some serious advice I have a labrador retriever, 7 years old. Pretty much unable to…[View]
3053283Can a goose from birth be as loyal as a dog?[View]
3053679knock knock open up the door it's me starving teen hoping to make a quick buck bout to drown yo…[View]
3053615Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is? It's only about a centimeter big but has whitis…[View]
3052445What is this?: Found this bug outside my dad's house.[View]
3052159Creating a Tank for 300 million year old prehistoric species - The Triops: https://youtu.be/PgYMO5Bc…[View]
3053428Guys, is it normal that my cousin's dog behaves like this when visits come? the dog hasn't…[View]
3052661have u anons seen fairy shrimps? they are so cool i saw them yesterday in wild picrel unrelated[View]
3051155thoughts on gerbil: what do you guys think of my gerbil eating lettuce[View]
3053435Donald Trump looking Chicken: Looks like Trump[View]
3052868Can anyone ID this?: Also general ID thread for anyone who wants to know what something is. I though…[View]
3053121This crow fell down my chimney yesterday, he wasn't able to fly but he ended up walking outside…[View]
3051568What is this animal: What is this animal? It is from a painting. Too little data to use a reverse im…[View]
3052544what bird is this i found at my door step?[View]
3052630A green, fly-like insect laid one of these on the back of my neck. This batch probably came out as I…[View]

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