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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 74 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2944889genuine question why do pitbulls have such a bad reputation, yet the UKC (United Kennel Club) says t…[View]
2944057HOOPER: Pray for Hooper #LWC https://twitter.com/HopperCrowder[View]
2941995I found an atlas moth while sitting on duty. Say something nice about it[View]
2945302Cherry seed planting: >have 654 cherry seeds What do? I don't know what to do with all of th…[View]
2945250What type of bug is this little fella?: Sometimes I see it on the wall/ceiling. It's very small…[View]
2945132What's the name of that flower?[View]
2945149Bracco Italiano Appreciation Thread.: Thread all about the appreciation of the Bracco Italiano.…[View]
2943015I am very conflicted about animals: I've loved animals my whole life, but lately I've come…[View]
2944656why are deer so susceptible to transmissible spongiform encephalopathy?!: It’s so widespread now tha…[View]
2938361/bird/ - The Bird General: Feel free to share and discuss anything bird related here, whether it be …[View]
2942035>born too late to see the pleistocene megafauna[View]
2945025This is chihuahua. He is nice, friendly , quiet. He has a funny face with bulgy eyes but he is cute …[View]
2944033hey anons, I'm planning on rescuing a beagle after I move into my new house next month. I found…[View]
2945009>Animal nerds >Animals are his main interest What kind of freaks are these?…[View]
2944843touch raccoony boi?[View]
2944413eusocial animals general - /eusocial/: talk about eusocial animals here[View]
2937932I'm now afraid of toxoplasmosis, is there a way to test for it, and is there a cure?[View]
2944945catcatcat: How can I convince my family to adopt a cat? A friend told me that his cat had kittens an…[View]
2943988>Darren and Ashley Selway were attacked at their home in Waterlooville, Hampshire, which was only…[View]
2942425Can someone tell me the name of this species[View]
2944623I chose the best name: Just wanted to let you guys know that I named my cat chungus and that the vet…[View]
2944593'yeah my fish have really strong personalities' Can you imagine actually enjoying owning an aquarium…[View]
2944380baby grandpa[View]
2944003I just want pics of birds[View]
2944692The pure serenity this dog radiates[View]
2943620I'll keep this brief, is three cats 'too many'? Would prefer non meme responses like 'any is to…[View]
2944469how do i train my cat to give me a massage?[View]
2944412Hey /an/, quick question: I got a new cat about a week ago, and she's having some upper respira…[View]
2944189opossum pics pls[View]
2941054Opinions on this doggo[View]
2944423Homemade dog food: Hey, i'm going to take care of my familys pet jack russel for over a week, t…[View]
2939707>total mass of insects disappearing 2.5% per year >50 half less, 100 years completely gone …[View]
2944394Travis the Chimp: Who was in the wrong here? The Chimp was based IMO.[View]
29420408-Year-Old Girl Falls Into Panda Enclosure in China.: Harambe flashback anyone? https://www.theepoch…[View]
2943447Pitbulls are the best.[View]
2939005>Taking a nice nature walk in your local forest >Suddenly spot one of these What do? Do you gu…[View]
2939254Why are German shepherds the best?[View]
2942412there are horses larger than the extinct irish elk megafauna. people should start breeding ostriches…[View]
2943847What kind of turtle is this?! It’s a huge softshell in some asian supermarket...: I’m not even sure …[View]
2940233What the fuck is it's problem???[View]
2944170Help >pic related Just got it's from my school , and I know nothing about plant , I just pu…[View]
2941274I need to identify this little buddy: What reptile is this? They started appearing randomly in my ba…[View]
2944186Let me know what y'all think of catsmr: These cats are doing ASMR https://youtu.be/cz0zqwiM2BA…[View]
2940758>why you do dis[View]
2938986I have a black labrador that's 7 years old. When she was 3 she was stolen from me and has been …[View]
2942080Dried apples as winter goat feed?: So i'm up in Maine and raising goats on 46 acres inna woods.…[View]
2943538I've been buying these dog treats for years and this has never happened before. Does anyone hav…[View]
2930495The Future is Wild:: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbi8Jgx1CNE[View]
2943799why's there so much god damn cat and dog threads? we need a fucking /pet/ board this is insane[View]
2940993Here's your camouflage bro: Stupid yellow fuck.[View]
2942259>be me >be dog >owner is constantly inviting his old college friend over to the house >w…[View]
2942570Cute Puppies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4phMCHKfls[View]
2935902/aq/ - Aquarium General - ya gurl edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabit…[View]
2942402Goldfish breeding: I’m trying to breed the large one with a male ranchu to get a ranchu Hybrid that …[View]
2943750All the talk we ever have heard Uttered by bat or beast or bird -- Hide or fin or scale or feather …[View]
2934235Dog General - Winston Edition Old Thread: >>2934234 Dog food review site - https://www.dogfood…[View]
2942158Kill all centipedes.[View]
2941521Black leopard spotted in Africa for first time in 100 years.: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/ani…[View]
2941662I JUST RAN OVER A FUCKING CAT. FUUUUUUUUUUU--- I'm literally about to cry.[View]
2942965Anyone else upset about this? Is there a way to download an entire website?[View]
2941830>replaces your tongue[View]
2942085Haven't seen any budgie punching threads in awhile...have all the budgies been punched?[View]
2942676Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/?[View]
2942872Looking for new discoveries regarding Lemurs: Hi, please I would appreciate any new and unique post …[View]
2942504Most underrated dog?: The Spinone Italiano.[View]
2932185when you're faster than light you can only live in darkness: >the year of our lord two thous…[View]
2941802>if you so much as look at me or my son i will fucking end you Why are bears such cunts?…[View]
2939905>this number of introduced species in florida freedom was a mistake[View]
2943032Frogger: Big boyye[View]
2940839post butts[View]
2942854So I live in a third world country and there is gonna be a fumigation tomorrow in my neighboorhood b…[View]
2941368Why are so many people afraid of spiders these days? They hardly do anything harmful and they'r…[View]
2941457What does /an/ think of birds of prey: Am a bird nerd and think raptors are underapreciated, what do…[View]
2942615Why do dogs always make a high-pitched sighing noise, especially when you pet them?[View]

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