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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 91 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3114174I'll soon (hopefully) catch this little fellow with a makeshift non-lethal trap. Gotta say I ki…[View]
3115695COOL BUG: WHAT IS IT[View]
3113794I need a furry animal to help with my crushing loneliness, but I'm not home everyday to feed it…[View]
3099864Horse General The Duality of Man Edition[View]
3112511Guys I just downloaded this app and my pet is gping to die soon so I was hoping if someone could mak…[View]
3115388If my dog's ancestors evolved to eat a diet of 100% meat, wouldn't it not be unhealthy to …[View]
3113834>tfw humans wasted all this time domesticating small cats when they could have been domesticating…[View]
3115091eenie-meenie-miney-mo: I just can't decide what birds to get. I had my mind set on two budgies …[View]
3115557how comes that very often dog and owner look kinda alike?[View]
3113475What is your opinion on this organization?[View]
3113885/deer/ - Deer General: All deer related discussion and images welcome here[View]
3114835Turkish angora cat thread[View]
3115362What animal is this?[View]
3111475Pseudoscorpion thread[View]
3114515Frogs: Anyone know what kind of frogs these are? Tryna raise them, sorry this is my first post…[View]
3062779/fungi/: Welcome to /fungi/ where you can post about fungi to your hearts' desire! /fungi/ Disc…[View]
3112127A spider lived in the cowling of my driver side mirror. Every night it would put out a web between t…[View]
3112145who was in the wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90-RDz2BdHE[View]
3110705*glugg glugg glugg glugg glugg glugg*[View]
3111884> I keep ants as pets in my room and I am bored Ask me anything if you like.…[View]
3031571/rac/ Raccoon General: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/which-are-smarter-cats-or-dogs-we-asked-…[View]
3112950Caterpillar buds: I don’t like bugs but a little caterpillar (that looked a lot like this picture) w…[View]
3112263My boy is getting older and I'm afraid of eventually having to say goodbye to him. Hes an outdo…[View]
3113007The Daily Winston[View]
3109960I found some water droplets today. Post pictures of nature or animals you yourself have taken.[View]
3112637Hey /an/, my cat just licked my chocolate bar. Is it still safe for me to eat it? He licked it for l…[View]
3112520Is it possible to get a job in a zoo without the relevant education? Do zoos provide any trainings?…[View]
3113172I just killed a daddy long-legs and a couple of his detached limbs have been twitching for at least …[View]
3097092ITT post news stories involving animal attacks[View]
3114022Anyone know where I can get hirudo/buffalo/hungarian leeches in Canada? Tried ordering from leeches.…[View]
3112072Um i... is this place 100% pro animal/cat all of the time? I think I might have something wrong with…[View]
3111619Would the world change THAT much if i went back to the Cretaceous, discovered fire, and cooked and a…[View]
3111456Why isn't my kat playful?[View]
3114579Show me your tropical fish tank set up. Plus what you got. 240lt Albeano clown knife Rainbow snake …[View]
3114841Weather Thread: For me, it's dry overcast[View]
3114843Aesthetic thread: Lets have a thread about cool looking plants and animals and what not. I'll s…[View]
3096702/paleo/ paleontology general - white gorgonopsid edition: Discuss anything paleontology related here…[View]
3114399What the hell is this lad, its got 6 legs so it cant be a spider and a long ass antenna face[View]
3114699woke up to find birb is too weak to climb his cage or fly anymore and he just sits at the bottom of …[View]
3113911Love my girl so much[View]
3113077Bug identification: Saw this guy going crazy by the garage light. I thought it was a bumble bee at f…[View]
3113122dangerous non-predators: Are there any animals that are fucking dangerous but ones that don't a…[View]
3111309Redpill me on the kiwi bird: How endangered are they? Are New Zealanders doing a lot to prevent them…[View]
3114433Any bug experts? Found this creepy fuck I have no idea what it is Strange because I love reading/wat…[View]
3114259How do I get my girflriend's cat to quit being a stuck-up little bitch?: -Runs away from everyt…[View]
3112271RIP A good girl: Yesterday, 8/14/2019 at approximately 1:30PM EST my beloved pooch, Mochi left earth…[View]
3110328Gonna adopt him. Give him a name. PS: I'm french if you want to make puns and my mom would like…[View]
3111386what kind of spoder is this, /an/?[View]
3114385What is going on with my liliac? Located in Missouri.[View]
3105497I hit my dog.[View]
3113408>park next to car >notice there's a fluffy bird on it >get out >bird inches sligh…[View]
3114116What are these things?[View]
3113838What's the most acceptable one?[View]
3086335ITT: Big cats being majestic[View]
3114332how come rhinoceros survived while dinoceros didnt?[View]
3110788What does /an/ think of this movie?[View]
3110409What is it about feathered dinosaurs that makes people so monumentally buttblasted?[View]
3108616What would you do to her[View]
3112814Mammoths: They are pretty cool[View]
3113693I saw a seagull with a broken foot last week :c How do broken bones heal in wild animals? If they do…[View]
3108909Snapping a Cold One with the Boys: Everyone knows what happens when you snap people away. But, ques…[View]
3113594rate my specimen[View]
3113633Do you clothe your pets?[View]
3111798It's kind of hot outside and my Zebra Finches are opening their mouths kind of like a dog when …[View]
3112802Mauricio Antón is one of my favorite paleoartists, but it's really hard to track down his work.…[View]
3112380Outdoor cat question: So my cousins cat just had a large amount of kittens and I was thinking of pic…[View]
3112265ugliest fish: this is an ugly fucking fish inb4 that stupid meme blobfish[View]
3113568What kind of wasp is this?[View]
3112061Toaky Gecko Hatchlings: I have 2 tokays who produced off spring. I have 1 hatchling in it's own…[View]
3113555Hi an. Since Greenland is in the news. How about a thread on Greenland fauna?[View]
3113262My 6 year old cat died today, he went outside the house and he started screaming but I couldn’t find…[View]
3110626do pet snakes love you[View]
3113538Muh new ball of floofs, saved on with CPR and a duster straw, little shit got a piece of plastic in …[View]
3111186What is your opinion on this organization?[View]
3112599can animals dance?[View]
3112217Based or cringe?[View]
3113333Any people who has seen it ?: Is there some witness to this ? Is snow usual in kangourous area ? I w…[View]
3113309Any of you know what kind of spider this is? It came in a banana box, company Itacu from Costa Rica.…[View]
3110967Switch the sizes of frogs and dogs[View]
3112129Is this a brown recluse? I sprayed him with RAID like 6 times, which is impressive considering a cen…[View]
3113094This is what an asian fox looks like. Words fail me.[View]
3106770Not sure if anyone remembers but I had a bird make a nest on my windowsill. They hatched.[View]

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