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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 90 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2946796ITT: Post Animals that look like humans: These chimps look extremely similar to us, if this doesn’t …[View]
2945140All these measures to protect polar bears but ... do they deserve to live? https://en.m.wikipedia.or…[View]
2946486What is the best automatic ball launcher /an/?[View]
2946959what is it about bees and beekeeping that attracts so many autistics?[View]
2947916Genetic pollution: What are your thoughts on genetic pollution/genetic mixing?[View]
2944754I'll start Eagle[View]
2947907Anonymous: hi /an/! let's debate pitts, for a long time here i see people hating pitts but i…[View]
2947874How do I cope with the fact that my dog is Australian?[View]
2947281Please praise my cat[View]
2947786Donation for help dogs: In my work there are a lot of dogs is a hard place living for a dog if som…[View]
2946863What went wrong?[View]
2941192ITT: Animal eyes with visible sclera white: Really fascinates me and I want a thread about it[View]
2947551are stray cats dirty and harmful?: there is this one stray cat who loves to come to my house asking …[View]
2947688What do kangaroos look like mating?[View]
2947258My male (not fixed) dog keeps licking my other males (fixed) cock and the fixed dog humps his mouth.…[View]
2947155My boy broke both his legs, please send positive energy so he can recover faster.[View]
2947680New Zeland Pidgeon: Sup bros. Is there an ornithologist who knows if there have been any reported ca…[View]
2945945How do I keep this evil fuck from banging on my bedroom door all god damn night? If I let him in, he…[View]
2946586If Cesar Milan is a fraud then how can he control packs of dogs so effortlessly? And how are his shi…[View]
2945844Saving the environment: I’m looking for information on corporations in Brisbane That are causing har…[View]
2946710Minor emergency: Former house owner's pet invasion.: I moved into my current condo about 7 week…[View]
2946022What the fuck is wrong with this dog?[View]
2945834This guinea pig has been living in my back garden for several weeks. Neighbours I've asked don…[View]
2916464Minerals and Fossils Thread: Old thread hit the image limit >>2914807 Post mother nature'…[View]
2922449This is so sad.[View]
2946121What type of plant is this? It forms dense carpets under trees and shrubbery. It seems to prefer par…[View]
2941454Are there any shitbull memes like this or the 'do not reply' format? Basically saying that shitbull …[View]
2947433Hey /a/ I made a post about a month ago about a tank I got since the one I had before was a plastic …[View]
2947537Doberman: haha he cute[View]
2941129I want a low maintenance pet to keep in my bedroom and chill. Should I get a fish or some sort of re…[View]
2944069My veiled chamelon was on the floor of his habitat on his side. Mouth a tad open. I thought he was s…[View]
2939490Pick a side, we're at war.[View]
2946128touch raccoony boi?[View]
2941863Delta Smelt: Victims or Villains?: Do California's Delta Smelt deserve to exist?[View]
2945300I'm getting this cutie tomorrow! I'm pretty sure it's a winter white Any advice for …[View]
2947319The cutest howl: https://rumble.com/v74k4l-konapup-argues.html This gets my vote[View]
2947223Woman wʊmən noun An adult human female.[View]
2947272Hi /an/, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this deer?[View]
2929736frens: frens[View]
2947168It's been totally still like that for almost ten minutes. I think I defeated it.[View]
2942397/plant/: The Plant General - Carrot Harvest Edition Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on thi…[View]
2945763Mini Dachshund Hey /an/ I am going to be getting a mini dachshund puppy soon. I'm super excited…[View]
2942586Red pandas are cute! CUTE![View]
2946463Animal related nightmares?[View]
2946337how much should I be feeding my cats? I'm worried about their weight but I don't know how …[View]
2946305So I found my mother has a fuckhuge aquarium and I have wanted hamsters for pets for a long time but…[View]
2943881Found three of those things in the bathroom in an Airbnb in Germany. Are they cockroaches, or...?[View]
2942015Greatest tag-team in nature: I say early man and dog. I can't think of a better 1-2 combo betwe…[View]
2946944How to transport lizard: I have a bearded dragon named Bolter I plan to give to my mother for Christ…[View]
2944510So what are /an/'s opinions on veganism?[View]
2945209Wallabys should have been called Velocirabbit! Change my mind! https://youtu.be/gLz44x_PEjA[View]
2945906>A killer whale couldn't hurt a fly! They are just misunderstood![View]
2939327Transforming leaf litter forest floor to garden: How can i transform a forest floor like pic related…[View]
2946689Man 2.0: >His family doesn't breed themselves for intelligence and vigour.…[View]
2946646Have you ever mistaken your pet for someone else's?: >got a very basic grey tabby cat, does …[View]
2946428Hey chee tah[View]
2946106Can you keep a small crocs as pets?[View]
2945708Bug: I really need to know what kind of bug this is, please help anons[View]
2943913Killing lots of rats: How do I kill lots of rats? I'm at my parents' old farm house, and t…[View]
2941152When it comes to surviving an animal encounter everyone knows to spread your jacket out and back awa…[View]
2946493I found this bug on my front porch. Any idea what it is? It appears to be an orange Caterpillar or g…[View]
2943693ITT: wild animals you wish were tame so they could be kept as pets[View]
2939118Aesthetic cattle[View]
2946261What the fuck is this bug and why do I keep finding them in my bathroom? Sacramento, CA[View]
2945266>he still hasn’t taken the birdpill Imagine having a “””pet””” that dies on you after ten years.…[View]
2946157defective labrador?: >have 2 great labs >they do lab things , like swim and fetch and show in…[View]
2943501Male Baboons: Is it true a male baboons jaw and testicles visibly grow after winning fights? This o…[View]
2945237wtf is going on in this picture?[View]
2945443>17°C in fucking mid February[View]
2944396Do you ever find yourself wanting to own a shitload of animals but then immediately realize they…[View]
2945420whats wrong with this photo ?: whats wrong with this photo ?[View]
2945796Post spirit animal and why:: Ill go first >ocelot Crepuscular, proud, territorial. It can be cute…[View]
2941799Valentine's day is tomorrow! Post animals hugging, kissing, and being affectionate. Gifs welcom…[View]
2944102Trying to understand cat: He's not really aggressive or anything but he sometimes gets grumpy a…[View]
2943354the /an/ meetup: Where's colonial Kenya stories anon at? ITT we plan the most ebin safari of al…[View]
2942078>I've put together a team[View]
2936346ITT: Post animals you took a picture of, this is from today on my mobile device.: This nicobar pigeo…[View]
2944603What's the evolutionary biology answer to being an asshole?[View]
2942256Name my Band: Be nice we are just starting out.[View]
2945324loud birb: macaw owners of /an/, I'm genuinely courious about how you keep your parrots to not …[View]
2928896/herp/ - Reptile and Amphibian General - Old Fashioned Edition: This thread is dedicated to all anim…[View]
2944257W-where is it?[View]
2944482Maine Coons: I've always wanted a Maine Coon but is it just like getting a normal cat only bigg…[View]
2943421Norway allows dumping mine waste directly to the ocean: Norway is the only country in Europe – and o…[View]
2944889genuine question why do pitbulls have such a bad reputation, yet the UKC (United Kennel Club) says t…[View]
2944057HOOPER: Pray for Hooper #LWC https://twitter.com/HopperCrowder[View]
2941995I found an atlas moth while sitting on duty. Say something nice about it[View]
2945302Cherry seed planting: >have 654 cherry seeds What do? I don't know what to do with all of th…[View]
2945250What type of bug is this little fella?: Sometimes I see it on the wall/ceiling. It's very small…[View]
2945132What's the name of that flower?[View]

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