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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 104 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3242288Why does my cat keep biting his brother on the neck?[View]
3242227Which of these three is the most based?: >inb4 the nostrils/limbs/moths are all wrong Yeah, I…[View]
3242195*breathes heavilly*[View]
3241029Hello, I posted from Japan!: Look at the funny scene of my pet duck(^^) https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
3241305My doggo is love sick. A neighbour's dog, who he goes to for daycare once in a while, is in sea…[View]
3242140On a scale from one to ten how kawaii is it?[View]
3241858>p-pitbulls are fine I swear Imagine of all the fatal casualties if they averaged 100+ pounds on …[View]
3239725Chitin leather?: I want to farm insects to make leather out of their chitin. But I'm not entire…[View]
324124229 Gallon Nano Fish Tank: Okay, I have a 29 gallon set up and I’d like a second opinion on how I sho…[View]
3240968Pour an ounce of Cocaine into its mouth: What happens? Would it start killing everything in sight?…[View]
3236542Confess your childhood animal sins here my child.: Post times you were cruel or abusive towards anim…[View]
3241185Does this dog have strabismus? Does your dog have it?[View]
3241794I've been petsitting for a friend for 2 years and they're probably claiming their dog soon…[View]
3241928Help me ID an animal: I saw a weird looking rodent running on the road tonight. it skittered from en…[View]
3241668/an/ + /diy/: Anybody else doing /diy/ stuff for their pets or nature or whatever? Right now I'…[View]
3241652>Early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended for all breeds, but given the AmS…[View]
3240415We must secure the existence of our cervidae and a future for deer fawns.[View]
3241352bees: I want to get into beekeeping. Thinking of setting up a small hive on my balcony. Any tips and…[View]
3235530>Uh, I think I'll take a dump and then swim around in it[View]
3228729why can we not make crocodiles go extinct?: >never evolves. >kills people >rivers are litte…[View]
3241701big chungus[View]
3240430LOOK. I'm a scorpion.[View]
3241469Who's the biggest brainlet of the animal kingdom?[View]
3240568Your opinion on this picture?[View]
3238140How do we fix the horse genre[View]
3240190Have you gotten redpilled of dogs yet /an/? Theyre not an equal of a person and theyre not your 'fur…[View]
3224678/herp/ - Reptile and Amphibian General - Holiday Hogger Edition: This thread is dedicated to all ani…[View]
3239258What did megalodon look like?: Hello all, I think we know enough about megalodon to paint a relative…[View]
3240285What species is this?[View]
3241516In which country is cloning super cheap? i want to clone the beast in the pic related[View]
3240230What the fuck was God thinking when he made this?[View]
3241324Feral cats break into research facility to eat human flesh: Chilling new research has discovered tha…[View]
3239521Seriously /an/, how do I make my dog stop eating its shit? I have tried >adding dry yeast to its …[View]
3239832based autistic germany.[View]
3240779Is my degu pregnant?[View]
3236201If humans weren't apes would we be less ugly?[View]
3240563Why the fuck can't animals take care of themselves? Seriously, every time there's a natura…[View]
3239042Who would win?[View]
3241079Dad looks more like a momcat than mom does. Also, >men actually taking an interest in the childre…[View]
3241049Does anyone here have any memories of seeing bugs that don't exist as a kid? Or ones that there…[View]
3240324Red Book Animals: Post them before they die.[View]
3239468ITT: Animals that tried but it just wasn't enough[View]
3238211cool guys: What's the most interesting pet that you own?[View]
3234170Horse General: Horses are cool frens, post frens RESOURCES For buying/selling hoers >http://www.e…[View]
3228516I have to put down my hamster: My hamster is very old and has a tumor. The vet told me we can't…[View]
3238474I have an actual blob in my bathroom, wdid[View]
3230009Horse General: Happy New Yearlings Edition from all of us at /horse/, fellow anons! >Old Thread …[View]
3234686Lost my buddy last night. 10 and a half years old, put him under for xrays and he never came back up…[View]
3240629angereh kitteh: Why is the kitteh angereh?[View]
3240549Show me ONE (1) small dog that isn't a yippyyappy loudmouth[View]
3238970What’s the best mammal and why is it the vampire bat?[View]
3238805Can any of you identify this stupid looking fish[View]
3237680Pröööööööööööööööööh!! :DDDD[View]
3241981How do we save /an/?[View]
3241691Exotic game meat considered the tastiest?[View]
3240268should I get a third cat?: Since my family got 2 small kittens and watched them grow and being with …[View]
3240105my dog bit me and said the n word what do i do?[View]
3240227Releasing House Centipedes in large house to keep out spiders: Is this a brilliant idea or am I an i…[View]
3240498Psst. Hey kid, I’m a trilobite, trust me! I can make you rich, the discovery of a lifetime![View]
3239894I don't post nor lurk here often so if this is against he rules but I have an actual question /…[View]
3234088try and name a more based plant[View]
3232840I can't believe how cheap these parakeet guys are. Petco has them for $25 a piece. For the pric…[View]
3234891My bug tier list[View]
3240311What's this lil guys species? Orders hemiptera I think but I couldnt narrow it down beyond that[View]
3240335Post ants from your country.: I want to see all the ants you know about in your country, i will post…[View]
3240340anyone own any insects or arachnids? feel free to share pictures of your cuties[View]
3234190The forgotten fauna of holocenic Europe. Give me back leopards, they are already in the russian part…[View]
3238387When did you realize nature is better than technology?[View]
3239192New birds discovered: >Birds are the best-known taxonomic group of animals on Earth, with almost …[View]
3233505Fake Cat Rescue videos: Anybody been bumping into fake cat rescue videos on youtube? I feel like the…[View]
3236808Anyone here work at a Pet Store?: I do, it's really kind of a shitshow[View]
3239928Snakes: Hey homies, I've been raising a BCI for a while and I'm going to a reptile show th…[View]
3239263I need a good guard do but it also has to be good around kids. Thoughts?[View]
3239803My sister wants another small dog with her 7lb Shi Tzu Maltese mix. Her boyfriend gets to choose and…[View]
3237086Are mantises actually smart or do we just think so because they look anthropomorphic to humans?[View]
3237684>*inhales* >YEEEEEP, I'm based[View]
3234261i notice theres a lot of /int/ posters here. Post animals from your country[View]
3232661Battle of wits: Who's more intelligent?[View]
3239819Fires: Do cataclysms count as nature? Looking for footage of wildfires /forest fires/firestorms. The…[View]
3239541Get out, Anon! I'm using the bathroom![View]
3239132These boys are expanding. Thoughts?[View]
3239614>have a cat >also have a litter box in my house >my cat will piss & shit on the floor d…[View]
3239533RIP Quasimodo.[View]
3238463Scared: I have a senior cat who is 19, and she’s always been so good about being clean and using the…[View]
3238882What does /an/ think of the human fish?[View]
3239616/an/, which is your favourite parvorder?: The Odontoceti, or Mysticeti?[View]
3239524Does your country have any ratites? We have rheas and tinamous in huehue[View]
3236294Do Magpies make good pets?[View]
3238308Anyone know what this came from?[View]
3237743How do I accept and recover the natural death of a beloved pet? My dog died a week ago of old age an…[View]
3239498Why are they so great bros?[View]
3239369Mycophiles needed: Pretty sure I found some white cheese polypores in the wild today. Checked my fie…[View]
3237585look at em go :DDD[View]
3239442Need advice on turtle: So my family got this red cheeked turtle about 8/10 years but i am getting wo…[View]
3239256look at the magpie, sad guy screeching and swooping i'm about to start looping my punches as th…[View]
3239318What went so right with toadlines?[View]
3239399I am currently renting a room from a house and thus don't have control over the front or back y…[View]
3236836Who waits for you at the top of the steps?[View]
3237864Best dry dog food around $50 per 24lb bag?: I've been getting Blue Wilderness for several month…[View]

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