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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 90 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3167029Do cats get sad? If there's this one area in my house that he likes going into, and I keep putt…[View]
3166904What does /an/ consider to be the perfect organism? Tardigrades? Some form of insects? Us maybe?[View]
3166544Turtle webms: Post cute turtle webms plz[View]
3165346'keet thread[View]
3166536hi anons so i tried to grow my own 'Hibiscus rosa-sinensis' from a cutting and i even bought a rooti…[View]
3166815lesser known facts about evolution thread: you may call this one retarded and that’s fine. i’ve hear…[View]
3165647So, why does God like Asters (Asteraceae),orchids (Orchidaceae) and legumes or peas (Fabaceae) as we…[View]
3166237Feathered dinosaurs can't look sca...: oh wow...[View]
3166356help me identify this little guy: just found it on my backyard here in brazil[View]
3164347are maltese dogs okay health wise or are they pug tier abominations?[View]
3165353My small dog somehow got up on a counter and ate about 3/4 of my bowl of OREO Os while I was taking …[View]
3165386Fat Bear Week 2019 Champion: Apparently this is a thing at Katmai National Park in Alaska. The inter…[View]
3166479Problems with Horses: Hello, /an/. Is it just a myth that a horse is in constant pain throughout his…[View]
3164181Nooo his lunch[View]
3166707are ravens n-words?: >loiters around parking lots and freeway overpasses >yells loud unintelli…[View]
3164742they are technically horses[View]
3166362Fighto! Fighto![View]
3166375Anyone have a link, I want to read some unbiased material about the case for and against climate cha…[View]
3165977F2 vs. F3?: Hey guys. I want to adopt a Savannah in less than a year and I'd like to have your …[View]
3165919General Household Pet Tier List: Making a tier list for pets based on the general consensus of /an/.…[View]
3166573Anyone know the family of this moth? It’s got weird little thorny projections on its hind legs[View]
3164675An adult female stylopid protruding from the abdomen of her paper wasp host. She lacks eyes, antenna…[View]
3164967trash dog is on his way to the promised land[View]
3165957Dead Trees: Why are these trees dead? Aren't they too young? Inb4 leaves have fallen. Fall hasn…[View]
3159647is any of you doing phd in biology?[View]
3159796Are chicken the most suffering animals on this planet? They're sadly the most efficient to expl…[View]
3165756Found a Harvestman[View]
3165888Can /AN/ help me identify this creature?[View]
3165366Does my kitten have an infection?[View]
3162419shlorp shlorp shlorp[View]
3163665Why are labs so based? They're quite popular where I live.[View]
3164144Let sleeping seals lie. Please let me reach Page 10 or you'll wake me up.[View]
3162142Anyone here keeping an ant colony? What species are you keeping? How long did it take for your colon…[View]
3165726Just find this thing in my home, should i kill It? I am scared[View]
3166203can anyone help me identify this fruit?: i got some from a recent safari and want to plant the seeds…[View]
3166175Funny videos with animals: https://youtu.be/8tY7mwhxmf8[View]
3164160what kind of animal is this?[View]
3165938How far would you go to get your hambro back?[View]
3165309>Your favorite dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus? Tsk, how mainstream my is supergigancharcharmapumajunga…[View]
3166060Today my cat got sterilized, what are these scratches around the surgery wound?[View]
3164065S M A S H E D[View]
3166062What is life as a mosquito like?[View]
3162881why do people consider it 'unethical' or 'unnatural' to tamper with animals and ecosystems? do they …[View]
3165988please: could someone tell me what is the economic income of turmeric in 2018 or 2019 in India?…[View]
3163783Cat: I heard 4chan liked cats so i thought i would show my cat bear[View]
3153037So we all agreed that a bear would win in a fight, right?[View]
3165462Pitbull vs. Hungarian Vizsla: I can't decide between these two breeds. I know this board hates …[View]
3164135Saw this spiderbro outside with a white cross on its back. It keeps falling on its back and curls up…[View]
3165866sadposting is gay time for russian skeletons[View]
3165861Does /an/ use seek? How many observations do you guys have?[View]
3165801Dogs>Cats Cat owners>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
3149728/plant/ - Indoor Plants Edition: /plant/ - The Plant General - Indoor Plants Edition Welcome to /pla…[View]
3163326Are they rapists?[View]
3163276A-Anon! I didn't hear you come in! I... havent finished dressing...[View]
3165582Bug identification: Like 6 or 7 of these were all over my clothes for some reason. Can anyone help m…[View]
3162023Post animal webms.[View]
3164939Why are the local ones near my hose so placid Have a friend in Darwin bought one of a pet store att…[View]
3165231Why are these horny bois so scared of lil ole me?[View]
3163867slug: slug[View]
3165119What spider is this??? Took photo 10 minutes go.[View]
3163156Cat Cafes: Exploitative or a good thing?[View]
3162172why are mammalfags so unoriginal?[View]
3164916if i would open a cocoon, would there be a mix between larva and adult bug? would it be able to live…[View]
3165490I got to feed this giraffe 2 weeks ago and I still can't get over how awesome it was. What are …[View]
3165581Will this baby snake survive?[View]
3164422If Gorillas are herbivores why is their society based around toughness? Why do Gorillas always patte…[View]
3164219all hail the immortal being, the legendary water bear[View]
3164124Cloning of extinct animals: The Quagga Project aims to rebreed the extinct zebra using plains zebras…[View]
3165188Help identifying these 2 little boys? I went around my room looking for critters as I usually do and…[View]
3160321Paleo thread[View]
3165547What are some animals that support the hong kong protests?[View]
3165501Y'all motherfluffers need bunnies.[View]
3163840FALL: Is there anywhere on this planet that is chilly and comfy like Fall pretty much year round?…[View]
3165444anyone know what kind of spider thisa is? in new zealand[View]
3163872what is the purpose of wolf larping dogs[View]
3162848gonna try this thread again: I am a white anon and in my time on this earth I've had 5 or 6 bla…[View]
3165292Lime tree disease?: I have had this lime tree for about 8 years. This is the first time I see those …[View]
3164835can we get some fun in here?[View]
3164281My dog has inoperable cancer /an/[View]
3165262should i keep giving my dog meds?: i went to the vet a couple of weeks back for an ear infection and…[View]
3165137Blurry flies are fucking in my house. What did God mean by this /an/?[View]
3163536Any catfags around who can tell me what the hell this is?[View]
3162424>9 month old cat is keeping his left eye closed occasionally >have seen him do it 3 times for…[View]
3163888Hey /an/, /fit/izen here who has always loved animals and nature and keeping reptiles. Anyways, let’…[View]
3165034Ohnononono looks like we got too cocky bearbros!!!!!!![View]
3108881/invert/ - Invertebrate general - Hypomartyria edition: Old thread: >>3067798 This is the inve…[View]
3154403is this really the solution to climate change?[View]
3159911Hunting and the ethics of stocking game: Hey, /an/. Hunting season is almost upon us and it's g…[View]

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