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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 93 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2996169Does anyone know what these are? I found them turning over a garden bed. They're soft to the to…[View]
2991611Le ber[View]
2996124Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? I live in the northeastern US and I see it all over th…[View]
2995985Greetings faggots, can any of you identify what sort of bird this is? I found him caught in some twi…[View]
2993371why is it so hard to find a good german dog nowadays?: imbreeding[View]
2996087anyone know what this kind of snake is called? i found my cat fighting it and got the snake away[View]
2994290Cat cant poop.: He is trying but he can. Its vomiting probably out of frustration or stress... cant …[View]
2995508Bird paintings: Post your favorite bird paintings here. Pic related, Mourning Doves by R. Bruce Hor…[View]
2994140Squirrel thread[View]
2991421Do you want a pet piggie? https://youtu.be/_tfY1CBGVH0 They're so cute and smart![View]
2993440can anyone tell me what bread of cat this is?[View]
2989023What animal are you most afraid of?[View]
2995741Why are German shepherds so fucking crazy?[View]
2995848Dog asks to get petted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijLDXDm0NP0[View]
2992883wtf: seriously wtf is wrong with this cat?[View]
2993641Lab rat pet thread: Does someone here have a Lab rat pet. I have some interest in them, How do You …[View]
2995787BANTI: birds are NOT REAL. WAKE THE F*G UP.[View]
2994776Man, I was thinking about buying a husky because I always found them to be beautiful dogs but since …[View]
2995544Pets with Disabilities: Anyone here have pets with disabilities? or stories about them? I have a you…[View]
2995528my cat stopped nursing her kittens except for very short 30~ second feedings throughout the day, she…[View]
2995635Went to get my kayak out of storage, found a nest with two eggs in it. Protocol for removing? Momma …[View]
2994346Natural Predation: post animals eating or killing other animals[View]
2995623/bonsai/: Plants are friends edition How you like my wabi sabi?[View]
2995507Any y’all niggas feed on the pranic energy of nature & animals?[View]
2994876rare to find kitten found: should we keep 5 is paws normal? young stomach must be holes[View]
2995611Moth thread.[View]
2995596Rodent Identification: Is this a rat or a mouse? The fucker got hit by a snap trap last night but go…[View]
2993731Any way to stop neighbors dog barking?: Or could I call police/animal control? I live in an apartmen…[View]
2994366Do lobsters and crabs feel pain when they are cooked?[View]
2973674SMASHED L A M M E D[View]
2993527Can you identify these trees?[View]
2995333Betta: I Just bought this betta from the store and they told me that she was a female. Now I'm …[View]
2993226I live in Northern Georgia and these weird White and Red Fuzz Balls have appeared on this Sapling, w…[View]
2993427is this a dinosaur?[View]
2993009is your pet is fat KYS you are the cancer of this world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HFFSYcEMCI…[View]
2994070Name my new tadpole! It is very small and very active so I couldn’t get a good photo. It really like…[View]
2992056hermit crab thread[View]
2992435trying to clean my room's air what would be more efficient, a 1 gallon container filled with th…[View]
2993106Blue Beetles care: Hey I need someone is smart with insects. Blue Death Feigning Beetles to exact. I…[View]
2993324Aquarium Thread: Hey anons, can you post your tank setups? General tank thread.[View]
2993332Rutting General /rg/: There is nothing more profound and beautiful than being witness to the incredi…[View]
2993671How do I train my cat not to climb on top of my desk? Right now what I do is hiss and toss her down …[View]
2994895Did we ever find out?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE[View]
2994546What kind of bug is this, they only seem to be in my room, i live in Rhode island btw[View]
2993063any animal moggings?[View]
2993925i think my hobby is finding photos of cats[View]
2993640Why are lay people allowed to keep exotic animals?[View]
2993287Hypoallergenic Pets: What are the best hypoallergenic pets[View]
2991453What animal is this[View]
2981345/kot/ - Cat General - Liger Edition: This is the Cat general. Discussion of domestic and wild feline…[View]
2984330/aq/ - Aquarium General - Whale Shark Edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inh…[View]
2994474Al I being scammed into surgery?: I went to the vet yesterday for some quick checkup and to apoint a…[View]
2993712>be me. >visiting my parents at their cabin in the woods. >lots of cute and wonderful birds…[View]
2994437chocolate hunter[View]
2991468why is there so much toxopozzed catfaggotry on /an/ right now?[View]
2990686So like what's the point behind hunting trophies? Do these people who partake in the 'sport' no…[View]
2993708Found this growing in my back yard, every year its there in the same place, on 2 square metars of la…[View]
2990416What makes some people get into the horse business?[View]
2994309My bearded dragon won't drink water please help[View]
2988909Have you ever pirated a plant? Why not?[View]
2991162No longer a catfag: I didn't believe the memes until now. I'm fucking done. I was in the b…[View]
2993444What spider is that?: Hello /an/, please help me identify those spiders. >found in Austria >15…[View]
2994285Cat lady kills 64 cats among others: https://www.foxnews.com/us/minnesota-woman-with-64-dead-cats-43…[View]
2993151Thanks to the anons who helped me with my fish tank yesterday. I have already started a new natural …[View]
2991214/herp/- Reptile and Amphibian General - Marvelous Milk Frog Edition: This thread is dedicated to all…[View]
2990888It's so cute.[View]
2994224Hedgies!: I love hedgehogs! They are the cutest little things! But I heard they make for lousy pets,…[View]
2994120Doggo: Angery BOI[View]
2993259what kind of mushrooms are these?[View]
2993740Lemurs: I like lemurs you should like lemurs too[View]
2993609What is the sickest, meanest dog breed to own?[View]
2991930Rate my dog[View]
2993822hello 4Chan ![View]
2993747any way to completely eliminate pet smell? cats in particular (dander, litter, pee), but any suggest…[View]
2993886Hybrid birds: Can red golden pheasants hybridize with chickens?[View]
2993227what do bugs do once they’re in the house?[View]
2993871Imagine all ecological niches had to be filled by trained dogs.[View]
2992477this is my sisters cat lola. she is the nicest cat ever.[View]
2993518People should not own cats as pets. Cats are closer to rats and other vermin than they are to any do…[View]
2993803Mushrooms: Hey /an/. I was on a walk with a friend and my dog and we saw these things. Our best gues…[View]
2992966Hi everyone. I purchased this fossil from Peru Pisco Formation. I think it's a cetacean tooth b…[View]
2993472pet roach thread[View]
2993235Is there really no better way to clean up after your dog?[View]
2993401Cat to are a scam?: Are cat treats a scam? About 2 months ago I filled my cat's Temptations cat…[View]
2993629>rescued dog whines all night long >go see what happens and current dog starts barking out of…[View]
2993567Cockatiel chick advice: Anyone here with cockatiel breeding experience? My birds had a chick yesterd…[View]
2993012Can i give stinkbugs to my tarantula? Where i live i don't have any shops that sell live insect…[View]
2989920do other continents have synanthropic herptiles? in europe it is green toad- they breed even in foun…[View]
2984522Redpill me on deer: Why doesn't the government allow me to own a pet deer? What kind of sick ty…[View]
2992082Weird silk on tree: I live in Florida and one of my trees are covered in silk and have tiny beetles …[View]

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