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Displaying 67 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1630218Ductless mini splits: How can I make these not look like something in a halfway house for recovering…[View]
1630083I made an alcohol stove first time in a while I finish something I started[View]
1629937I scratched the front my drill chuck earlier today against a metal plate. It was likely chrome plate…[View]
1630431The house I bought last October has been very damp all year round. And this spot in the hallway seem…[View]
1630074Fire extinguishers: So can you just pump air back into these and it be all jelly? Used it for a oil …[View]
1630103Trying to work on and salvage my old dc 5700. I don't have any experience so what do you guys s…[View]
1630342How do I fix this cheaply? I think the last owners kicked the door in and bent the door. But rain is…[View]
1628394Get yourself a solar panel! No, seriously do it! Let it be at least one panel rated at 100+ Watts, i…[View]
1628728Hi there. So i need to add physical buttons to nokia with symbian picrel, is there a way to do it w…[View]
1630364Insulation/Megger Testing Failure: I'm helping run an insulation test on a house and it's …[View]
1629594Polyethylene Pipe making: HDPE. Any other known soruces? My wife is into recycling and I'm into…[View]
1627112DIY Boats: Has anyone made a small boat out of plywood or wood in general? I'm interested in ma…[View]
1625285How do I tunnel like the Gooks?: Where did they learn? I want my 35 acre property to have a few tu…[View]
1621724Flying hamster city: I intend to establish a floating hamster colony in the sky, suspended by helium…[View]
1630294Ultrasonic cleaner.: Any one know where to get an ultrasonic cleaner on a Saturday. I've found …[View]
1630276Has anyone here ever made a foam machine? I'm making one for a party and would appreciate some …[View]
1629275How much would it cost to make a captain America shield that was competently stained and shaped like…[View]
1629221How does /diy/ deep clean gas bbqs? I got free propane bbq from a neighbor (not the one in the pic)…[View]
1628177Monsoon proofing a bar: So I've just got a job managing a bar in Myanmar, but the whole place i…[View]
1629724Village Road DIY: Hello, I need some advice regarding a house I might consider buying in a village.…[View]
1626845Can you scavenge old electronics for DIY projects?: I'm new to electronics. Opened old broken T…[View]
1629295who'd you rather?: Both were well recommended. I like how compact the TS100 is, and how easy is…[View]
1627078Anyone have experience as a utility locator? What was the job like?[View]
1629964TRUMPF machine thread: What machines do you operate, anon? Mine is a 3kw TruLaser 5030 Fiber[View]
1630033I live in an apartment complex and I burn incense in the bathroom after I take a shit and it's …[View]
1629382Electronic repair frustrations: Share your frustrations lads. Lets be angry and curse together. Ill …[View]
1628080/tcg/ making shiny/holographic collecters cards: >What i wanna do Create a shiny/holographic coll…[View]
1627710How do you organize your stuff? My garage is a mess and I want to rearrange stuff in it, this has be…[View]
1621547Are there any health risks to drying tobacco in your bedroom Asking for a friend[View]
1629063hello. im planing on making a poncho for when it rains. i've desided to use wadmal becuase of i…[View]
1629912What's the best way to turn a 'pinching' motion into a rotation? I'm building a potato lau…[View]
1628449How do I get into cars?: I bought an old shitbox but it's harder than I thought it would be to …[View]
1628916Free Insulation: I'm building a greenhouse and i want to make it as temperature efficient as po…[View]
1616813/trg/ Tool Recommendation General: ITT we request recommendations for tools. For the first request,…[View]
1629276How far can you bend plywood?: I've progressed my boat build to physical models, I made a mocku…[View]
1629259Hey /diy/ I am willing to make an electric guitar that doesn't contain any wood or with the low…[View]
1628920refurbishing furniture: Just got a trailer and am working on getting my pickup fixed(minor problem).…[View]
1604081trades: what is the best trade that you can learn? I was thinking in bakery but I need some advises,…[View]
1629634I don't know how to customize: Hey there /g/. I'm new on this board so I genuinely don…[View]
1622336QTDDTOT any questions that don't need their own thread, ask away. So the deck on my mower has b…[View]
1628800Come laugh at OP: So, i have shitposted my dumpsterfire of a barn already and finally have a game pl…[View]
1619493um... what's this?[View]
1625048/3DPG/: Your Knife A Shit Edition Old thread: >>1621125 All the info you need about 3D-printin…[View]
1629375Threaded the pedal inserts on a pair of bike cranks. using a helicoil and rethreading them seems lik…[View]
1623086Bed Bugs: I'm being plagued by these fucks because I'm an unlucky bastard. I hit google th…[View]
1625910I have a 98 s10 2.2 with a good trans 5 speed. Engine is blown. I also have an 88 GMC iron duke engi…[View]
1627435How to paint a thing?: I need to paint a thing. This thing is an aluminum marijuana pipe. I'm n…[View]
1627790I've started a new eva craft foam helmet for a costume, pic somewhat related. I'd like to …[View]
1627118How can I Fix these walls? they are masonry walls and they haven't been waterproofed obviously,…[View]
1625056What's the best way to get a glass cooktop looking like new?[View]
1627981How do you get this screw out? Videos and Google aren't helping. It's the dash screw on my…[View]
1608303diy-related rants thread: Post your rants in here. I'll start: Why do ace hardware staff keep o…[View]
1628389Mounting a spring on a shaft: Holy christ I must be retarded because I cannot fucking find a spool o…[View]
1620026If you had to rebuy all your current tools how much would you have to spend? I mean all of them say …[View]
1627871DIY Ride on Mower: Is there any way to make my own. Maybe from a 4x4 ATV or something else. Is there…[View]
1625164Pallet Wood Cabin: What does /diy/ think of this? Are there any major issues that could occur in the…[View]
1612131how to ruin neighbor's life while being legally irreprochable: ok so I live next to some highly…[View]
1621361So I finally got around to making a belt sander and it is awesome. 2x72 belt driven by standard drye…[View]
1623313Why are Milwaukee tools the best tools in the game[View]
1613767Lessons you learned the hard way: Turns out oil soaked paper towels burn very quietly.[View]
1628004>rent shitty mud hut from faggot boomer landlord >faggot boomer landlord receives my $60 power…[View]
1628703http://www.rw-designer.com/ What is this used for?[View]
1628300Care to help a struggling student?: This is a ultrasonic transmitter circuit I made into a pcb for m…[View]
1628108Can you help me find meaning in this? A grinder grinds, a screw driver drives screws, a computer com…[View]
1628328What can I do to improve it, other than drill a hole in the top to vent the hot air out? Exhaust fan…[View]
1628028coilgun: Not sure if this belongs on /k/ or not what's the best way to make the current running…[View]

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