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Displaying 56 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1724004Serum 1000 on skin: Was treating mold in a crawl with this stuff and got it on the elbow by accident…[View]
1724008>be me >hate this fucking rod but have to use it on work (welding structural girders for skysc…[View]
1726800how do i get down a tree the cheapest way?[View]
1724654Arduino Chess Board: So, for a school project I want to make an IoT-Kind Chessboard, which transmits…[View]
1726074Sharp Shower Corner: Hey /diy/, friend of mine said his parents had their bathroom remodeled by some…[View]
1725402DIY Giant robot: So I'm putting my money where my mouth is when it comes to criticizing Megabot…[View]
1725348What is your gang sign?[View]
1724290Building a high chair for a non-adjustable standing desk: What would be the best way to make a norma…[View]
1723324anyone here like making rubber band balls? Here's my 9 pound monster.[View]
1725873I have a question regarding PEX being used in a pinhole leak situation similar to sharkbite. I…[View]
1721791How low can you safely turn down oxyacetylene torches? I don't need a 3 foot flame. Can I turn …[View]
1717841>osb joists >osb subfloor Ok. He fucked up. But the framing looked goo- >starts forking up …[View]
1725396Dogshit Huskey Tools: I grabbed a set of the double ended ratcheting wrenches that they sell at Depo…[View]
1725377Does anyone recognize this logo?: The widget in question is a power switch for a Reveal stereo speak…[View]
1720068lets kickstart a ship: imagine all the cool shit you can do on a ship. container farming mobile meta…[View]
1723575Is it safe to put a 40hp outboard on my boat?: I'm using an around 10 years old hand made plast…[View]
1722600Welding clamp?: I've been welding for a couple years and how the fuck are these used? Never see…[View]
1725924What tools do you use to plan your projects? Do you just bust everything out on paper, or do you use…[View]
1726009homemade or bought mask teeth: Hello! I am trying to do a Mask/Bighead cosplay. this might be a bit …[View]
1725850What can i make with a couple of normal printers: So I have two printers that are either broken or o…[View]
1726194Shower Drain Improvement: I'm trying to replace the shower drain but the thing looks so differe…[View]
1725901Ok why do you have to install pneamatic tubing level wtf are instrumentation tech fucking autismos i…[View]
1726403PA bluestone help: I recently fabricated and installed a bluestone countertop. It's got me inte…[View]
1721907How can I recover this pasta machine?: It was my grandfather's. The steel (?) roller parts are …[View]
1724774theres this fake hello kitty lunch bag i want to turn into a backpack but i dont know how i need som…[View]
1725712Biodiesel Generator: First time posting on /diy/ and I have a (hopefully) quick question. Older dies…[View]
1723414If I have an inrunner that says max 220A can I run it at 300A if I watercool it?[View]
1722243Defence system: Hear me out After a couple of close calls with freight robbers i have decided to put…[View]
1725483Not trying to shill and am not being compensated in any way but I just wanted to say I love my jawho…[View]
1726832My landlord wants me to clean his hole how do it?[View]
1718422VR treadmills any1?: I like the idea of an inverse dome with slippery sneakers, but the ring is kind…[View]
1722022Got a lil 40w Co2 Laser a little while back. Anyone got some tips or tricks for them? Maybe some int…[View]
1725327The UTTER FUCKING MORON who came up with this garbage needs to be fucking gassed, I accidentally bou…[View]
1724288Can I leave wires in my ceiling exposed for a few days? Had a leak from above which has been fixed. …[View]
1722932I need to make a custom pulley. I'll probably make it from hardwood or MDF. A few questions. Ho…[View]
1724466I have a shitty element 720p flat screen I found at the dump. I know the screen is good and the faul…[View]
1719640What's the best way to clean out gutters in your opinion?[View]
1721892Hey guys. I have a very old gas furnace in my closet, brand is Fraser & Johnston. Yesterday the …[View]
1725132Can anyone rec me a super fast hardening epoxy putty? Something with a working time of 5-10 mins and…[View]
1720380Hey all, I want to suspend a person from the ceiling for Rigging / BDSM shit, I was wandering if any…[View]
1725565Hi, stupid question. I'm drilling some holes in concrete to hang something up. But after a few …[View]
1726037Stabiliser Brackets: What are these even for?! Assembling the table saw at the moment and can't…[View]
1726068Where did I mess up?: Hey /diy/, I installed some more downlights on my house, but messed something …[View]
1717902I'm trying to find a way to pump water where if a tiny animal like a fish or zooplankton went t…[View]
1717983Garage Door Opener Only Opens remotely, Doesn't close remotely: Hey /diy/ I have an old Craftsm…[View]
1726802You know who benefits from you buying all these tools /diy?[View]
1726371router flashing: is there a way to dump/flash one of these via a usb cable and a laptop, i know this…[View]
1723023Electrical Wiring Help: I'm trying to replace a regulator for a generator I bought to supply my…[View]
1724569I'm trying to repaint this Rusty spare tire holder. A lot of the paint isn't ready to go y…[View]
1723326Anyone know where I can buy used toilets? Doing a budget house renovation and don't want to ove…[View]
1725171If fiberglass is 10x stronger -then wood why dont we use FG panels and beams in 10x less quantities,…[View]
1724785Put new flooring in the hallway Bathroom door too low for the flooring Can I use my jigsaw to shorte…[View]
1722889Hey guys, I wanted to make this gag thing a real thing. If I bought slippers a couple drivers and so…[View]
1722099What do all you self-employed people on here do? Is it profitable? Is it difficult? How easy is it t…[View]
1725293How do I make a microscope?[View]
1716151First time posting on this board, but I've been lurking for years. I've been wanting to le…[View]

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