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Displaying 41 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1585892toxicity of custom forged food containers: If I melt down soda cans assuming that made of aluminum a…[View]
1586278Anyone here aquascape? Fun hobby? Worth the cost? How much did you spend on your first one? Is it ha…[View]
1591456What do I use a cheap roofing material for a pet run? I'm aiming for 6 feet by 6 feet (or 1.8 …[View]
1586690PEX Pluming: What is better coper or PEX for the state of AZ?[View]
1590447Can anyone identify this tractor?[View]
1591406Air Crete: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llsQL2bPWqY According to this guy, Air Crete is THE best …[View]
1592516tv amplifiers: how do these things work? https://focan.en.alibaba.com/product/60141963038-800944837/…[View]
1592405I am fixing up an old bathroom vanity light similar to this one. I need to replace the nut and washe…[View]
1591463i havew this crazy feeling that unions aren't all they're cracked up to be: The electricia…[View]
1592055Battery question: I'm building my own battery bank from 20 lifepo4 3.2v cells, all of the youtu…[View]
1592082For my small business im currently streamlining the process of filling 500 pots per week with soil. …[View]
1589615Asphalt coaster: I took a core from a road and cut it into roughly half inches. I want to make a coa…[View]
1591870Looking for simple ideas, I'll try to keep this short.: have a long about three inch wide 'soft…[View]
1591660/DIY/ how do I fix this ? How it happened my brother ate all the chocolate out of my Neapolitan that…[View]
1587494Concrete fasteners: For me its wedge anchors. If I need alot and thats too spendy I go with anchorin…[View]
1587963I want to replace an old hot water shut off valve under a kitchen sink as quickly as possible. What…[View]
1565607Home Brewing General | HBG: Old thread 404'd. Enjoy this pic of my new batch of cider, which I …[View]
1590011>order one of these >get 3 dht11 temperature sensors t-t-thank y-y-y-you, amazon. Well, atleas…[View]
1591333use durock everywhere why not?: is it better for protection against mold and fire?[View]
1589653Is this shit worth the money that it is? I want to build a desk using these as a frame so I can late…[View]
1589809This is diy from 55 years ago[View]
1591466How would you attach a DIY ABS pipe shower to my car's roof?: Whats your take on the best way t…[View]
1589567There’s like 4-5 wasps hovering out my business door. What’s a good way to get them away?[View]
1584824>be me young and stupid >smartidea.avi >decide to start fixing things myself to save money …[View]
1589172I have leftover leaves from last year. I also have 15 pallets, and a fireplace. My question is....is…[View]
1587148>living in a rathole apartment for the next month before I graduate >Air conditioner just blow…[View]
1586876Pouring concrete mixed with Earth on a sportsground: Anyone have only poured concrete on the earthy …[View]
1587176Critique/Improvements?: Chincey? Decent? Only had scrap angle iron to work with so both pieces of 's…[View]
1590331Energy efficient nomadism: Are there good ways to travel cheaply while carrying sleeping, hygiene, c…[View]
1591294[pic unrelated] What’s the best advice you could give to someone wanting to start a clothing brand??…[View]
1591256Hi, I have a light wood table which have some burn marks, and there are some deep ish mark. How do I…[View]
1589976What can i do with the big wall art the back of the garden? I'm thinking painting it white like…[View]
1589891Is there lego-like blocks or similiar that could be used to build cases for electronics? or should I…[View]
1587637Making masks: >inb4 that's not jizz, it's glue that has yet to dry to smoothen the mold…[View]
1588644Enzyme wash: Can anyone help me figure out what an enzyme wash is and how to do it? I want to make t…[View]
1590945FERTILIZER: HELLOOOOO! /diy/! Im here to show you a small trick that ive tried countless times and i…[View]
1588340Still Construction: Inb4 fun police, there are no US federal laws that prevent ownership or construc…[View]
1585123/3DPG/: Inserts Or Nuts Edition Old thread: >>1578540 All the info you need about 3D-printing:…[View]
1588365I work with electricians on a daily basis. The work appeals to me. I'm considering a career cha…[View]
1590508Using a kali linux, is there any way to make a reverse engineering to discover who, how and when did…[View]
1590733Nero DB: Im making a nero cosplay rn. Want to make his devil bringer. Any ideas how anons?[View]

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