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Displaying 53 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1553269Made this by using a 3d pen and wrapping it around a cup. R8 my work.[View]
1551915I want to make a simple wooden post box with a lift up lid similar to the picture. My issue is that …[View]
1554900Do It Yourself: 6 year old cousin of mine loves arts and crafts so he made his own diy matchbox car …[View]
1555553Hey dudes, so my family has a little house out in a little rural village about 40km from any city, i…[View]
1554716How useful are trade skills for getting a job outside your own country? I'm currently in an app…[View]
1549062>brand new mower >put oil in >put gasoline in >prime the carburetor >won't start…[View]
1555154Help request: My indesit washing machine has a fault and I read that it's often something simpl…[View]
1553650Replacing Bi Fold doors I really dont like them. dated looking, fragile. They all look like they wer…[View]
1552902DIY Tattoo: I'm doing a stick n' poke tattoo I was wondering if it's safe to use spee…[View]
1552052Indoor gardening and fuses: Hey I'm planning to buy some lamps (pic related), for some indoor g…[View]
1550154>Nominal wood dimensions[View]
1550771Is it normal to grow up with a father who owns lots of tools?: Growing up, my dad was always using h…[View]
1549249DIY finance real estate? Autistic savants and brainlets welcome: Have 50k in savings. 1st house mort…[View]
1551140I bought a sawmill...what's next?: I decided to finally take the plunge and drop a couple grand…[View]
1555366My GF bought me one of these grow-your-own bonsai starter kits and they seem to be coming along well…[View]
1554887Shipping container house: Yes /diy/ normally considers shipping container houses a meme, but this mi…[View]
1554117Plants: Okay. This is my peacy lili. It looks dry. I have attempted to prune it. I may have overwate…[View]
1550384help: how would I go about doing this?[View]
1555086goldfish breeding: I’m trying to breed the large one with a male ranchu to get a ranchu Hybrid that …[View]
1554590ceiling plastering us just for looks right? as in I should expect it to protect or to stop things fo…[View]
1555219TLDR: Anon wants to buy a set of russian active headsets but it has the male equivalent of the thing…[View]
1550250Hey /diy/, I'm going to be starting a position as a sales associate (glorified restocker) at Ho…[View]
1551656/ohm/ - electronics general, make a thing edition: blinked thread: >>1546196 >RULES 0. Elec…[View]
1552387plumbing help: So my electric water heater had an element go bad. When I went to replace the element…[View]
1552061Are there any interesting /diy/ applications for pic related? I have several hundred of them and it …[View]
1554661I want to replace the motor on a busted power tool but I can't seem to pry this plastic thingy …[View]
1553373Padlock dismantle: I need to know how to dismantle a master padlock. It's not showing anywhere …[View]
1551193Hardwire smoke detector: Any problems with hardwiring my smoke detector like this directly into an e…[View]
1547908So what exactly are sheds for and what do you use yours for? our one is literally just full of junk …[View]
1554237Would covering a hollow core door with foam acoustic panels block a decent amount of sound entering …[View]
1543213what can I build with pallet wood?[View]
1554673Protecting ABS Plastic Against Heat: I'm building a mini steam turbine, and I'm looking fo…[View]
1554076Is /diy/ a kithome/prefab friendly board? Normal looking ones. Not that goofy architects' wank …[View]
1551925How deep into the earth can I get with a pickaxe[View]
1554605how would u make this package[View]
1554462N64 Repro Carts: I've seen a thread on here before about making reproduction carts for the N64,…[View]
1554045>be me >what is this pls somebody help[View]
1554279Restoration: So I have a box full of old pocket knifes from family members way back when. My dad and…[View]
1553115So, I acquired some linoleum and some carvers because I plan to create some patterns to decorate my …[View]
1551689I need a clear epoxy/resin type substance that has an elastic modulus in the order of 10-50 GPa and …[View]
1549158What do you think about becoming a home inspector? Is it worth it? I heard they make pretty good mon…[View]
1551808What were they thinking?: Post shit that makes you wonder who taught the individual to use tools in …[View]
1554179I'm looking for a good book primer on steel mill technologies, such as comparing types of steel…[View]
1549451New oven arrived, I'm in Bongland What the fuck do I do now[View]
1554231If I study to be a plumber or an electrician in the UK, how hard will it be to move and work in the …[View]
1553390I'm a lazy fuck think for me: Need to find some sort of fibre optic transceiver module for send…[View]
1550807Becoming a DIY Electrician: Anytime I have an electrical problem the guides always give me the same …[View]
1539390Is DRIED Cyanoacrylate (a.k.a. superglue) toxic? I've got a french press I want to repair using…[View]
1550601Halloween Decorations: /diy/, have you ever had any cool Halloween decoration ideas? Anything from s…[View]
1553610Trying to fix the power cable to my alarm clock. Very fine wires. Question: How can I tell which is…[View]
1550984Water Softeners: What water softener should I get for a house with 6 adults, heavy water use, and ve…[View]
1552419Shitty Acer desktop PSU repair: Pic related. >gf's mom came from Uruguay with her late husba…[View]
1552544Water is leaking from here when I have the shower running. Before it was only a miniscule amount but…[View]

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