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1511875can someone explain to me how does this regulated power supply work? I am not really understanding i…[View]
1509874What's your favorite super glue?[View]
1508476Are Rain Gutters Worth It?: Although ascetically pleasing they create little more than a semiannual …[View]
1508801Buying a new house, any /diy/ projects i can do? I'm going for a post modern/ minimalist glam l…[View]
1511702I finally got my standing seam roof installed it rained its dick off today and no leaks! fuck yeah I…[View]
1504568Hydroponics: I'm soon going to be finding myself with a decent bit of empty space in my residen…[View]
1505816Digging an underground tunnel in my house: First time posting on /diy/ I'm looking for advice a…[View]
1511428I think /diy/ would really enjoy this short documentary about a quite dedicated individual, David Hu…[View]
1510014Transformer fault where core touches secondar: Consider a 230V transformer with whatever voltage on …[View]
1511461Hi. Who know is there way to add additional cards too monopoly junior banking? I haw made twoo cards…[View]
1511373Anyone tried making their own black diesel?: I want to learn how to make black diesel. Basically it…[View]
1507256Are the americans the only ones who build their houses with drywall and wood? My 'underdeveloped' co…[View]
1510989i can't find shirts that fit me perfectly off the rack so I'm resorting to just buying my …[View]
1509600DIY ev thread: Anyone here build their own EV? I’m building a three wheeled vehicle that will techni…[View]
1511467Wooden Floor Repairs: This section of my wooden floor lost its glaze and looks kinda durty now. I fu…[View]
1506259Can we survive a winter in a shed?: I've just bought a nice land with my friend and we are abou…[View]
1506723Wood stove kit for 55 gallon drum. Has anybody used one if these kits? Also, how long does the drum …[View]
1493714Theoretical Defensive Structure: Scenario: you're in a rural environment and completely self su…[View]
1511178Electric motor question: Been having some motor trouble and maybe someone here can help. I have a si…[View]
15107243D Printed Arcade Stick Project help: So I got lucky anon. The library I work for just got a 3D prin…[View]
1494948Just a general sharpening question, what's the best range of whetstone grits to buy to get a bl…[View]
1508321How do I make Nitromethane? Plz i need for school project[View]
1509758How can I make something like this? Or do you know anywhere I could custom order these?[View]
1510615Can /diy/ help me set up my dashcam? I bought a hardwire kit with fuse taps but I'm unsure wher…[View]
15090145.1 wireless audio: Is there any kit to make 5.1 setup wireless? All I see on aliexpress is just 2.0…[View]
1510020bag repair: Anyone know how i can fix this broken loop on a bag?[View]
1508425Mods and Addons So I got a brand new drill press. Addons will be a 2cm hardwood board screwed onto t…[View]
1510648so I have a broken beyond repair Television an LG32lb570v And plan somewhere in the future to read u…[View]
1507480Need Name for Invention!: Im a Engineering student in Germany, and I'm part of an Startup/Marke…[View]
1507228barricade: what's the best way to barricade yourself in the city, /diy/?[View]
1510417What happens if I unscrew this? It's on a slab floor.[View]
1510154WWII Naval Speaker: How do I read the circut here? Does anyone know what the numbers are indicating?…[View]
1510863Leather General: Does anyone know what kind of leather Hedgehog Leatherworks uses?[View]
1509711Fluorescence Phosphorescence and Light Reflective Matetials: Hi, I'm trying to make light show.…[View]
1505990Mounting a TV with zero wires?: So I'm trying to help my parents out with a new TV they bought,…[View]
1510348Hey guys. Trying to figure out why this black paint is like, milky in some spots. This is a metal fr…[View]
1510702Hey diy a quick question: Ive started a job with a master floor installer dude, it is installing and…[View]
1510241I need to diy something to contain the stuff I wish to ship via, well, a ship. Needs to be 20x8x8 fe…[View]
1503716blue mug: I want a blue ceramic mug. the bluest possible. does anyone familiar with pigments know wh…[View]
1505901If I wanted to get a good PCB milling machine so I can make PCBs at home, what machine should I go w…[View]
1507816Cheaper than lathe and DIY way for parting steel pipe?: Pic related So I have this 28mm diameter 1mm…[View]
1509467So I have an idea, and some materials, but I need a little help. I'm making an arduino based uh…[View]
1508525Spread God's wisdom: Hello every one, I'm from France,a country that has never heard of ho…[View]
1508949This is being sold in my area in a local online auction. It is an Athol model 724 4 inch vise. It…[View]
1509016How to keep my house from becoming hell on earth?: First time I've gotten a real tree for Chris…[View]
1505145What's the best way to fix this mess[View]
1507911Do these window insulation kits work: I have a shitty landlord who doesn't let tenants control …[View]
1508020>Neighbor spends hours raking and bagging leaves, takes him three weekends to get it all cleaned …[View]
1510251hi /diy/ im looking for help on a little project of mine. does anyone know if i could use a hobby se…[View]
1508778Neautralizing Pet Urine: I purchased a foreclosure and am in the process of renovating it, but need …[View]
1507860Im thinking about buying some cheap truing stand to start building some wheels for profit. I have ne…[View]
1506840What's the least expensive house you could build yourself that would be legal in the USA? Could…[View]
1509864What's the strongest join that doesn't use fastnener? I'm specifically wondering abou…[View]
1507277Tldr: how do I fix muh leaky tap? As diy is the best board on 4chan, I'd like a little plumbing…[View]
1510046Plumbing apprenticeship: I have an interview for a plumbing apprenticeship monday. Its with a constr…[View]
1508546First time Soundproofing a room: Does /diy/ have any experience soundproofing a room? I started tak…[View]
1508318So I was a huge dumbass today and I put a small kitchen knife at the bottom of my camelbak ripoff an…[View]
1504668How can I make and program a robot to pick up the dog poop in my backyard? Is it even possible?[View]
1506965Carrier Furnace Repair Help: Hey Everyone, sorry if this isn't the right board but I'm in …[View]
1509148How should I hang things on my wall without nails or screws[View]
1503040Building a House: I've been thinking of constructing my own house using a shipping container (o…[View]
1510104Contruction Documentaries: post more like these they can be in-depth or broad, so long as you get a …[View]
1498051It's that time of year again, when going outside is physically painful. What cold weather cloth…[View]
1509024squeaky floor: I decided to turn my shed into a gym and so decided to plywood the floor and walls. t…[View]
1507025/ohm/ - Modular edition: Data return path >>1503466 >RULES 0. Electrics ≠ electronics. Main…[View]
1509576I found this TV on the side of the road. It's in decent condition besides obviously missing the…[View]

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