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Displaying 59 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1696880Controllable light switch: I have a light switch I want to remote control (not outlet, it's an …[View]
1696702does anyone knows which multitool model is this?[View]
1696835PoE Camera systems: I tried this in the tech section yesterday... shouldve been here instead. that t…[View]
1695727Fat Raccoon vs Pool Cover: Halp, anon! Every year when I cover my pool (with pretty much exactly the…[View]
1697208Will glue make MDF well up the same way water or other liquids do? I want to glue either felt or wal…[View]
1696776I’m new to DIY. So cut me some slack, please. The original caulk job was shit. Not mine. I taped and…[View]
1696460do electronic engineers have a union or even trade licensing? I'm not talking about linemen ele…[View]
1695396will a large shovel make digging easier? i have a small shovel but the tip is the correct spade shap…[View]
1696786Really want to work towards possibly building my own home one day, but I know nothing about building…[View]
1693537Any blacksmiths on /diy/? Ive been getting into bladesmithing the last couple of months, finally fou…[View]
1696903Hardwiring this possible?: Is it possible to somehow hardwire this cordless ratchet directly into th…[View]
1679955How do I DIY make my eyes seem bigger like that? Is it makeup? Plastic surgery is too much for me, l…[View]
1696958Hi /diy/. I have a fluorescent ballast that isnt getting power in my bathroom. It's on a circui…[View]
1696829Do any of you collect and drink/use rainwater? If so, what sort of systems do you have in place for …[View]
1687964Power tools general: Is there a difference between the Makita HS7611J and the version without the J?…[View]
1691867Does anyone have any experience on running their own music radio stations? I know internet radio ex…[View]
1695957What are the basics to starting an apartment garden? Preferably one where the plants require minimal…[View]
1694516/ohm/ - electronics general, moment of truth edition: used-up thread: >>1690100 >RULES 0. E…[View]
1696282Never made a mould/poured resin before. I'm making a lego piece in 10/1 scale (pictured). I am …[View]
1696764diy buffing wheel: i have a bontempi like this one and i want to polish the plastics. i dont have a …[View]
1695446DIY Anoyatron: Video Related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84Aafu61RhU I am thinking about making …[View]
1695993How do I make a Residents eyeball mask?: So, Halloween is coming and I want to make an eyeball mask,…[View]
1694107Fighting 'Designed Obsolescence': FYI this piece of shit has an overheating problem. I…[View]
1694263Power Bank battery replacement (2200mAh to 9000mAh): I have an old power bank lying around and I wis…[View]
1688779My city just fixed the street light by my house that's been dead for ages. It lights up my room…[View]
1693171T8 leds cycling: T8 leds cycling I recently decided to upgrade my shop lights from florescent to led…[View]
1694948/diy/ approved apps[View]
1690242Any project ideas for one of these tiny chink lathes?[View]
1691214'Luxury' OSB condo in flames: >https://www.youtube.com/embed/DwOFYzEpocQ I hate this country.…[View]
1692206I wasn't sure where it would be best to make a thread like this so forgive me if it I picked th…[View]
1695741Is there anywhere I can learn to start learning how to carve? I'm particularly interested in Ro…[View]
1696286Is it possible to buy a corded driver (not drill, something with low speed settings, reversible and …[View]
1695487Sup /diy/. I have this hole in my floor from which I can hear the person beneath me. How do I fill t…[View]
1688214Just tried pex: welp I just used pex for the first time, what a fucking joke. That shit is more expe…[View]
1694905Walkie Talkie Flashy Lighty: Hi guys. I bought two of these radios to act as an intercom between my …[View]
1693173I will soon livein a extremly tiny room since I'll be studying in a big city without money. To …[View]
1680900How do I make my own RedBull?: My wife uses a secondary card linked to my bank account, and she can …[View]
1695260Desktop icon arrangement pics: I'm going to create an application that sorts desktop files by r…[View]
1696107dunno if this goes here let's say you had an area and you wanted to build a house with traditio…[View]
1695262Is it possible to hang myself with a belt like in thoses trash movies? if so, how? thanks for advice…[View]
1692689Trying to learn electronics before I start getting an education on it for work as an elevator mechan…[View]
1694860One of the three way switches started malfunctioning in my house last week so I decided to go get ne…[View]
1695930Here is my to do list.: Let's see yours, /diy/![View]
1695640Process Tech or Instrumentation?: Looking for some help. In between a AAS in Instrumentation and Pro…[View]
1695784What could cause a 3 way switch to do this?: I added a 3 way switch in my house, but it can't b…[View]
1695857Help: Heater coil went out and really don't want to wait till the end of the month for hot wate…[View]
1695195I could use help with a chimney pipe cleaning.[View]
1694601i have a house with showers that are not sloped towards the drain. they are all done with fairly nic…[View]
1693552Is ditra a scam? Seems like I gotta use twice as much adhesive if I decide to use it... Also, how ha…[View]
1694562Portable Speaker - Fried Amp: My brand new amp fried when I plugged it in for the first time. I…[View]
1695350IS there such thing as naturally handy laborer or just people who got the right pratice?[View]
1695046If you had $2000 to invest in equipment to start a DIY-related business, what do?: Let's say yo…[View]
1694474How do I make a death whistle?: I tried all sorts of different shapes but none of them really worked…[View]
1688432How do I make my bedroom look like a hotel room?[View]
1693230Powder Coating Bullets: After countless hours of study I have nearly gotten my powder coating system…[View]
1692862Concrete Driveway: I want to make a concrete driveway out of 60lbs concrete bags. The driveway (more…[View]
1695211you have 3 months and infinite money to fully restore this house. you cannot demolish it and build a…[View]
1694739I found the tiny bearing balls of a motor that I thought were forever gone.[View]
1693162Any useful things I can do with a salt lamp? I was thinking of using it as bath salt.[View]

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