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Displaying 71 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1511987Mold ID?: I have a rotted baseboard that I broke up today. I found this (see pic) growing on the bac…[View]
1508168I wanna make a hoverbike[View]
1511151I just did my first cold cast: 2/3 of Urethane resin, 1/3 brass powder. How do you polish this? Thin…[View]
1511024How do I attach this?: I went to the hardware store and I could not find the right part for my bidet…[View]
1511728Hey. Need advice how to make at home so ultra smelly water or whatever. I mean ultra smell that its…[View]
1505723Tool ID Help: Hello fellow /diy/ers, I have this thing and I have no idea what it is, never seen any…[View]
1508587TLDR: Any advice for a cheap place to live and still have a workshop Fellow single DIYnosaurs living…[View]
1510906Embroidered patches Do you make your own, anon? What are good sources to learn? Youtube tutorials a…[View]
1510655so /diy/ I'm in a bit of a pickle I got my hands on a fairly large amount of vintage typewriter…[View]
1512217Building a motor: Hi /diy/. Hypothetical question. Can I double, triple, ect...,the output of a moto…[View]
1511586why the fuck am I sealing rocks? did the tile merchant get me?[View]
1507327How viable is living out of a car? At least temporarily. I think if I were to do it, i'd opt fo…[View]
15102708bit diy computers general i guess: Does anyone have any info on this chip? is this anon still aroun…[View]
1511827What is this fucking connector? It's a fan header on a small NUC-like PC (manufacturer is Qotom…[View]
1498171Is it true that Lowe's only exists to let tool manufacturers find out who the idiots are?[View]
1511699Rigging: Hi, maybe this is the wrong board for this, but you are all the most practical of this site…[View]
1509149Guess who has to buy a snake because their girlfriend kept flushing her 'feminine products' down the…[View]
1488100/hbg/ homebrewing general: Post what beer, cider, wine, or mead bullshit you're fermenting…[View]
1512166Canvas: Does anyone know how to hack Canvas? I have a paper to upload but the deadline has already p…[View]
1511473Hey, I'm too fat for a regular bedframe. How can I reenforce a wooden one to support me? Pic un…[View]
1503893I'd like to make myself an underground house on my property, but unfortunately im not stupid en…[View]
1511761How can I hide construction from satellites, drones, and planes? Want to build a concrete undergroun…[View]
1511941Japanese joins: Say you have an upper and a lower half of a tube. You want to put them together, mec…[View]
1511936What do you feed algae so it produces more oil? Im trying to diy my own biofuel and I heard certain …[View]
1510804What are those indents on the top of the rim of the toliet tank that I circled for? I have a faulty …[View]
1509760There's this machine tool, the Multimachine, that 'can accurately perform all the functions of …[View]
1475574boatbuilding general anyone?[View]
1511875can someone explain to me how does this regulated power supply work? I am not really understanding i…[View]
1509874What's your favorite super glue?[View]
1508476Are Rain Gutters Worth It?: Although ascetically pleasing they create little more than a semiannual …[View]
1508801Buying a new house, any /diy/ projects i can do? I'm going for a post modern/ minimalist glam l…[View]
1511702I finally got my standing seam roof installed it rained its dick off today and no leaks! fuck yeah I…[View]
1504568Hydroponics: I'm soon going to be finding myself with a decent bit of empty space in my residen…[View]
1505816Digging an underground tunnel in my house: First time posting on /diy/ I'm looking for advice a…[View]
1511428I think /diy/ would really enjoy this short documentary about a quite dedicated individual, David Hu…[View]
1510014Transformer fault where core touches secondar: Consider a 230V transformer with whatever voltage on …[View]
1511461Hi. Who know is there way to add additional cards too monopoly junior banking? I haw made twoo cards…[View]
1511373Anyone tried making their own black diesel?: I want to learn how to make black diesel. Basically it…[View]
1507256Are the americans the only ones who build their houses with drywall and wood? My 'underdeveloped' co…[View]
1510989i can't find shirts that fit me perfectly off the rack so I'm resorting to just buying my …[View]
1509600DIY ev thread: Anyone here build their own EV? I’m building a three wheeled vehicle that will techni…[View]
1511467Wooden Floor Repairs: This section of my wooden floor lost its glaze and looks kinda durty now. I fu…[View]
1506259Can we survive a winter in a shed?: I've just bought a nice land with my friend and we are abou…[View]
1506723Wood stove kit for 55 gallon drum. Has anybody used one if these kits? Also, how long does the drum …[View]
1493714Theoretical Defensive Structure: Scenario: you're in a rural environment and completely self su…[View]
1511178Electric motor question: Been having some motor trouble and maybe someone here can help. I have a si…[View]
15107243D Printed Arcade Stick Project help: So I got lucky anon. The library I work for just got a 3D prin…[View]
1494948Just a general sharpening question, what's the best range of whetstone grits to buy to get a bl…[View]
1508321How do I make Nitromethane? Plz i need for school project[View]
1509758How can I make something like this? Or do you know anywhere I could custom order these?[View]
1510615Can /diy/ help me set up my dashcam? I bought a hardwire kit with fuse taps but I'm unsure wher…[View]
15090145.1 wireless audio: Is there any kit to make 5.1 setup wireless? All I see on aliexpress is just 2.0…[View]
1510020bag repair: Anyone know how i can fix this broken loop on a bag?[View]
1508425Mods and Addons So I got a brand new drill press. Addons will be a 2cm hardwood board screwed onto t…[View]
1510648so I have a broken beyond repair Television an LG32lb570v And plan somewhere in the future to read u…[View]
1507480Need Name for Invention!: Im a Engineering student in Germany, and I'm part of an Startup/Marke…[View]
1507228barricade: what's the best way to barricade yourself in the city, /diy/?[View]
1510417What happens if I unscrew this? It's on a slab floor.[View]
1510154WWII Naval Speaker: How do I read the circut here? Does anyone know what the numbers are indicating?…[View]
1510863Leather General: Does anyone know what kind of leather Hedgehog Leatherworks uses?[View]
1509711Fluorescence Phosphorescence and Light Reflective Matetials: Hi, I'm trying to make light show.…[View]
1505990Mounting a TV with zero wires?: So I'm trying to help my parents out with a new TV they bought,…[View]
1510348Hey guys. Trying to figure out why this black paint is like, milky in some spots. This is a metal fr…[View]
1510702Hey diy a quick question: Ive started a job with a master floor installer dude, it is installing and…[View]
1510241I need to diy something to contain the stuff I wish to ship via, well, a ship. Needs to be 20x8x8 fe…[View]
1503716blue mug: I want a blue ceramic mug. the bluest possible. does anyone familiar with pigments know wh…[View]
1505901If I wanted to get a good PCB milling machine so I can make PCBs at home, what machine should I go w…[View]
1507816Cheaper than lathe and DIY way for parting steel pipe?: Pic related So I have this 28mm diameter 1mm…[View]
1509467So I have an idea, and some materials, but I need a little help. I'm making an arduino based uh…[View]
1508525Spread God's wisdom: Hello every one, I'm from France,a country that has never heard of ho…[View]
1508949This is being sold in my area in a local online auction. It is an Athol model 724 4 inch vise. It…[View]

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