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Displaying 56 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1664679The lighting in my apartment sucks. The living room doesn't even have a hard wired ceiling lamp…[View]
1667124How do I get this fork cap off? 03-04 gsx-r 1k fork leg. Found this pvc preload spacer inside hench …[View]
1667143Help me indentify this old shower.: It's a surface mounted thermostatic from back in the day, U…[View]
1666928I need to glue some small pegs (of what is either plastic or acrylic) into holes in a board (made of…[View]
1664462Bronze Age weapons: What are some easy to make Bronze Age weapons? Do you need an anvil and forge?…[View]
1663355I picked up a Tesa digital micrometer with a non-functional LCD attached to a flex circuit via AFC b…[View]
1665547Automatic Coop Door: I would like to either build a chicken coop door that opens at daylight and clo…[View]
1665184remove cat: how the fuck do i get these squatters off my property. had to enter my house by the unlo…[View]
1667005E-Ink displays: What is this shit. Anybody know something about E-Ink displays? I didn't even d…[View]
1661771/lwg/ - Leatherworking general: Couldn't find a leatherworking thread, so here's a new one…[View]
1664558Horse chariots/Wagons: How to make a chariot?[View]
1665112Okay, so wood. I want to stain a bunch of wood red to make some projects with. I read there are thre…[View]
1662142/3DPG/: >Prusa Prusa Prusa edition Old thread: >>1657190 All the info you need about 3D-pri…[View]
1666619Mechanical pocket watch repair: I bought this little mechanical pocket watch from a stall at a reena…[View]
1666820Anyone built an Ugly Drum Smoker before? Or any other kind. Post your builds.[View]
1658608What the fuck is the purpose of this thing? I tried using it to screw a screw and it didnt fucking w…[View]
1666769How to see a comet: Is it possible to see comet Lovejoy from the northern Hemisphere now? How do I f…[View]
1666135Power Wheels Mods: Hotrodding a powerwheels for my nephew. I want to use a brushed 24v scooter motor…[View]
1664008Help me with this fake line filter: I just discovered I've been trusting my equipment with a fa…[View]
1665893Silicone Mold: How would I go about making a silicone sleeve for a water bottle (like a koozie for a…[View]
1664363I found a really large magnet what should I do with it? It's recessed into the metal so I don…[View]
1665611Welders: Need a mig welder under $500. Hobart was suggested to me and it's on sale at tractor s…[View]
1664568Combat Robots: Show me pictures of combat robots you’ve build.[View]
1661227Buying new home I want to be like Ulysses and build my own bed, maybe I'll even fugg there who …[View]
1657019i have this old 70s organ (hammond piper II) that isnt worth anything at all. I want to cut off the …[View]
1659338>how much do you think this house would cost to build? I already have the land, and I could do 90…[View]
1666573What general tool will undo a nut like this? I know they sell special tools just for this type of nu…[View]
1664045surveillance robot: suppose you want to make a surveillance robot able to move in a city, but you wa…[View]
1658632find a flaw[View]
1665925am i paying too much: i hired some bad hombres to paint the interior of my house (2200 sq. ft 5 bdr/…[View]
1663813Solutions to hide valuables in your home?: I need some ideas where to keep money or jewelry in my ho…[View]
1663689My house these water spouts, are like these. Should these be covered? Like s little hood type plasti…[View]
1665626rack & pinion help Hi all. In need of some help. To preface - I'm very, very stupid and I b…[View]
1664419Just started on some crust jeans: These are diy crust jeans, opinions anons?[View]
1664297how would you make a mechanical tv?[View]
1663021hey /diy/, I decided to post this here instead of /sci/ because they're nothing but a bunch of …[View]
1660937Stone Age Tech: Post simple how to’s for simple tools.[View]
1664530Power Wheels Mods: Not sure wtf to call the knock offs but this is a 'Goodbaby / Roll Play' electric…[View]
1665593Any suggestions for diy headphone amp that provides lots of current for low impedance headphones (Ak…[View]
1665976Trying to understand high pressure gas cylinders. Today I learned that if a cylinder is advertised …[View]
1665497Just moved into a new home. The house is quite old, and the outlets, with the exception of the kitch…[View]
1663445Lighting options: A while back, I decided I wanted to get a large-area worklight out of an LED strip…[View]
1664337I have a small crack in my driveway that causes water to slowly leak into my basement. Is good caulk…[View]
1655328i'm 9 feet deep but i've hit water and mud. help i need to complete by 0800 Monday.[View]
1665762What's the going rate for installation of drywall plus taping and sanding per foot? I have a ne…[View]
1664969Gas Turbine Engine: So ive performed some new test-fires and it still isnt self-sustaining. I suspec…[View]
1663483I recently installed a water softener because of real issues with mineral buildup everywhere before …[View]
1662150Hey guys, I will be attempting to make my own /diy/ paramotor, hoping I would be able to get some po…[View]
1663568Mini flat metal push button replacement?: Hi, fuck, does anyone know where I can get these tiny fuck…[View]
1665741I'm thinking about building a 28mm medieval ship battle diorama, are there any brands you would…[View]
1664176Petoskey stones: What's the best way to remove algae from these stones before I start polishing…[View]
1662807I randomly bike around my city for no reason at all, it's very relaxing, especially in the quar…[View]
1663897WIFI: I have WIFI in my house and I would like to have it in my shop. Im kind of leary about using a…[View]
1664410Any Blacksmiths here?[View]
1665167Made this piece of furniture with my grandfather who was a carpenter at some point in his life using…[View]
1664971Rancid wood smell?: I bought this chink shit coffee tamper for close to nothing. The handle smells l…[View]

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