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127899160Explain in your own words why this is a bad film.[View]
127920010Your thoughts, gentlemen?[View]
127892733The most prolific locations in film.[View]
127918413>2009 YouTube video >Unregistered Hypercam 2 >Notepad tutorial >009 Sound System, Dreams…[View]
127919114'They're moving in herds... they DO move in herds': As oppose to what? Gaggles?[View]
127919526Hey guys[View]
127919221>'Taxi Driver? That's just a boomer movie for old people.' >'Blade Runner? Boring. Who ca…[View]
127912956Say something nice about Dracula[View]
127920398Name a better bromance in anything, ever[View]
127918184How did kubrick predict that this would be fashion in 50 years?[View]
127918174What films feature black holes?[View]
127914546/GROND/: citizens of gondor not allowed edition[View]
127914402What's next for Sheev?[View]
127920130Who watched this: I knew he's one of the good guys when offered Snickers to his lawyer buddy, T…[View]
127920174What's all this talk about lumber dicks? Is that why they call it Deadwood?[View]
127918323*Licensed by Marvel*: OH NO...[View]
127919004Will this be MOTY ? Has 2020 already peaked ?[View]
127918743Will Billie Eilish ever transition to film/tv? If so what role would you wanna see her in?[View]
127906555Is this really what goes on in Sweden? what the fuck are they doing up there[View]
127918558>we will not abandon merry and pippin >instead we will abandon frodo and sam…[View]
127916913Clearly the best girl in the film[View]
127919899>So this is to be my downfall (der untergang) Walked out of das Kino right there…[View]
127911892My Review of Color Out of Space (2019): Just marathoned the color out of space. It was pretty lulzy…[View]
127911891If only Ezra Miller still looked like this...[View]
127919863Just found out Leo's character is suppose to be Jewish, why doesn't the film allude to tha…[View]
127901756Once again the media deems it necessary to say that 4chan is where people who are terrorists hang ou…[View]
127919773How strong is this guy?[View]
127909039best Mixed Martial Arts kino?[View]
127919695What’s next for Mike Stoklasa?[View]
127919782Allright all you faggots.l. go watch Soap season 1 episode 10 and if you dont shed a manly tear you …[View]
127911911Just found out that Casey Aflfeck married Joaquin's sister.[View]
127919668What does /tv/ think about the Brexit movie?[View]
127915024https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03w5wqLBobw Who was in the wrong here https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
127918193Interview with the vampire: Fucking Hollywood, what a bunch of pussies. Make a film with implied gay…[View]
127910008Is their an afterlife in startrek?: Guys I have been watching Star Trek and I just dont get some thi…[View]
127915427Unfortunately I didn't ever get a chance to ask old /tv/ this question, so I'll have to se…[View]
127918639Movies about character ignoring life changing advice hidden in plain sight?[View]
127917109why do f*males love it so much?[View]
127918608Was it too smart for its own good? I can see Americlap audiences going apeshit in cinemas for the la…[View]
127918590unironically what did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/N2uRCKK_W8M[View]
127917513this was a giant farce[View]
127912247what went wrong?[View]
127917200Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jPWGEoyJHY[View]
127916020*removes sunglasses*[View]
127912115>women can't be funn- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlKH183Vb1A https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
127917737I'd just like to say that I think objectifying women is wrong and actresses should not need to …[View]
127892610Last good movie you watched ?[View]
127918275Cast them.[View]
127919003More antisemikino like this?[View]
127912337Would he run for President?[View]
127916736>is 980 years old >capable of going toe to toe in swordfight with both count dooku and sheev, …[View]
127918934ITT: movies women will never understand[View]
127918690Desire is irrelevant, I am a machine.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXTA5WuhCD4[View]
127918802Is Red Ross canonically the most powerful character in the Friends universe?[View]
127914765Wtf I actually cared about a young love story[View]
127918714why didn't you fags tell me this movie was so good, why did I just have to buy it at a thrift s…[View]
127912993Movies like Conspiracy Theory that involve subliminal messaging?: I've had personal experiences…[View]
127918049It's all so tiresome: >few minutes in >white female, black male It's all so tiresome…[View]
127918617what is his plan?[View]
127918595What is the movie?: Pic not the movie. Theres a webm somewhere that has two couples in the early mor…[View]
127917265When did motorcycles stopped being cool?: Marlon Brando - The Wild One (1953) - Triumph motorcycle…[View]
127915735Is it fair to call this a masterpiece?[View]
127911328>wait wait wait Denzel AND Crowe? In the same movie? I gotta watch this! >turns out it's …[View]
127918458>NOOO NOT THE HECKIN VOTERINO! The absolute COPE of this movie is hilarious.…[View]
127912872Hello, it is I, esteemed Hollywood badguy Jude Crime, here to ruin the reputation of my identical co…[View]
127916801>fuck niggers jews spics and kikes Whoa why didnt anyone tell me this show was based…[View]
127909102A'ight /tv/, who is your favorite fine-ass ugly-lookin bitch?[View]
127913313Was this film a love letter to /pol/?[View]
127918340Ken Burns' Vietnam: was he a villain or a hero?[View]
127914277I just watch this crap, it's just a fucking soap opera nothing impressive at all Why do it des…[View]
127918104What are some good films about Mother and Daughter?[View]
127916618Why don't buddy-cop movies exist anymore?[View]
127914758>plays Purple Rain >it actually rains Did Prince have the most kino halftime yet?…[View]
127916804Please lads, post the vocaroo. Ye know the one. I'm begging ye.[View]
127917697>Segalposting is dead[View]
127915729Walker told me i have AIDS[View]
127914431Why exactly is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren evil? What are his core motivations? Why does he do the things he d…[View]
127917959Hillary (Official) Trailer • A Hulu Original Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViAAwc0Bti…[View]
127917919What was his problem?[View]
127916456name a more powerful duo[View]
127915542/cinema hate general/: When did you realize you hate cinema? Who are we kidding, we hate 99% of movi…[View]
127913348Yeah, I'm thinking he's back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pVAmt93cx8[View]
127917624What's he stealing this time?[View]
127913602>Can't discuss this kino show on 4chan because nobody watched it >Now it's cancelled…[View]
127916355A funny thing happened recently to me. I rewatched Breathless by Godard, one of my favorite films of…[View]
127917663Is this a good show? What am I in for?[View]
127916246Fuck, marry, kill[View]
127917650Well yes i watch only old movies with full white cast. How could you tell?[View]
127915053HI I'm gay actor Michael Douglas[View]
127912814Little Women: So ending scene shows changed ending of her book, and in reality she's alone and …[View]
127914327It happened, /tv/. My great grandmother died 30 minutes ago.[View]
127917121Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
127906876Now that it has been some time now... Which was a bigger disaster?[View]
127917094One of the only truly interesting plot threads in TLJ: Completely dropped. Not stupid stuttering sta…[View]
127914316about to watch the kino know as doctor dolittle (2020) starring robert downey jr.[View]
127916948What did he mean by this?[View]
127917185R.I.P Shaun. I love you Beet[View]
1279008171917: Absolute Kinography[View]
127917100>that one normie friend of yours that tells you that he doesn't watch films made before the …[View]
127917105Just watched 3 episodes and it's surprisingly comfy, what's /tv's opinion on it? And …[View]
127916991recommend me good kino[View]
127917098Is Haig biopic worthy?[View]
127912540Quentin Tarantino on living in Israel and learning Hebrew: https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture…[View]
127897976/trek/: Disaster S05E05 TNG Edition Also, topics of discussion will include: Tom Paris, Dukat, Treks…[View]
127915887I'm thinking about going to see a movie, the choices are Bad Boys NoBay, or The Gentlemen. Whic…[View]
127901368Speed 2: Why're her parents allowing this?[View]
127912112Got a big enough joint there rick?[View]
127916660Why would this movie never get made in current times[View]
127915344Know any movies about rich and powerful female raping her male co-star?[View]
127915572Rise of Skywalker is the best Disney-era film by a significant margin. The only one of the new trilo…[View]
127916723Disney hate thread: >RUINED cinema forever >I'm never going to a movie theater or going t…[View]
127911711why was he so mad?[View]
127916711Reminder that X-Men belongs to Disney now[View]
127915370PLEASE DC GODS: thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. https://www.youtu…[View]
127916682Just finished watching this and I'm suddenly filled with existential dread Any other movies for…[View]
127915433What the fuck happened to Michael Cera's face? Did they replace him like they did with Miley Cy…[View]
127916519Unforgiven: Was Little Bill a bad guy or good guy?[View]
127916018What pre-1970s movies would make a good introduction to classic american cinema?[View]
127915942Post your favorite non-American actress....[View]
127915105Best Emma thread[View]
127916210ITT disappointing 'classics': Imagine you're a young boy in the 50s. Naturally you are a fan of…[View]
127907393>Every day I wake up and I hope you're dead! Dead, like if I could guarantee Henry would be …[View]
127915915Does art belong to the artist or the audience?[View]
127915190I have no idea what I am watching and everyone is mumbling so I can't hear them well.[View]
127916141I finally saw Mask of Zorro. I always thought it was just, sort of, a joke movie. I must have been a…[View]
127916154Verdict?: Didn't even knew this existed.[View]
127913047*Debunks your preconceived notions on first-past-the-post elections and the Electoral College*[View]
127913557Portrait of a Lady on Fire: Yeah I’m thinking this kino[View]
127914926I rate Mendes for including the mandem >The sapper – a Sikh, I believe – waited until the smoke h…[View]
127914972What the fuck was he thinking?[View]
127915874>movie set in virginia >COUNTRY RHOOODESSSSS, >TAKE ME HOOOME >TO THE PLACE >I BEL…[View]
127905735>Watched when I was about 15 >Laughed at his witty humor but couldn't relate yet fully as…[View]
127912616Now that it's solved >>Lee Choon-jae will there be a follow up to conclude this kino?…[View]
127915648if you're ever alone, everything around will only be contained in memory by you, you preserve i…[View]
127915576Memorable yelling in anger you seen in tv.[View]
127909703what's the Edgiest movie you've ever seen?[View]
127913016This was once the most popular show in North America behind Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, YuGiOh, …[View]
127914401>big medieval battle >the king charges first…[View]
127915678>you just used me to get inside >inside what?…[View]
127915666ITT: Movies idea that were exactly what you expected[View]
127913183What tv or film would be improved by an all-female reboot?[View]
127908702So is this goddamned movie a reboot or a prequel? >Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Shatter, and Dropkick ar…[View]
127913570What have you learned from watching Live PD?[View]
127909511What made these shows so comfy?[View]
127913711'I bring the scientists, you bring the lobster': The fuck does that even mean?[View]
127914019Who, Robert? Oh, yeah, Robert was fired for insensitivity toward female and trans-female employees a…[View]
127915076https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls7RHTnCuiY >Look everyone he's bald so no woman wants him a…[View]
127914634Is there a proper term for when a television show feels stretched out and just have long stretches o…[View]
127912576Im out of shit to watch on Netflix Is this comfy?[View]
127914981How did they get away with this?[View]
127912248Better than Lost in Translation.[View]
127906197>sex scene >IMBD it and find out actors really had sex during scene.…[View]
127914543Why didn't Sauron send the Naziguls to get the ring from Smeagol?[View]
127912978How old was she?[View]
127911240Who is his main audience?[View]
127914642>thought this show was kinda lame >suddenly this literal /pol/tard shows up Holy fuck I'm…[View]
127912615I never got why Lt. Dan looked so down and depressed while everyone else was having fun......[View]
127909425You get to be the King, but you have to marry this disgusting ogre. Worth it?[View]
127913527Yeah. I'm thinking this is the best movie dance scene of all time. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
127911509Der chinesicher Feuerball, oooooooh![View]
127913863Vampire kino: Any other movies like 'Only lovers left alive'? God I wish I was an immortal vampire w…[View]
127906783Post characters that are literally you.[View]
127906264Why does hollywood see us trump supporters as a bunch of retards and hillbillies? Seriously? Vice an…[View]
127913377>When the chimes end, pick up your gun. Try and shoot me, Colonel. Just try. Any other underrated…[View]
127914248Is it over?[View]
127913695Was it really that kino?[View]
127913968'Elliot, I need to use the telephone' - ET God what a classic film.[View]
127914170FUCK TEFLON[View]
127913729come home Bill: we miss ya[View]
127913442Send me to watch The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith. Do NOT send me to watch Attack of the C…[View]
127912822Cast them[View]
127913980I miss those niggas like you guys wouldn't believe.[View]
127910873Parasite film and where to watch for free: After constant recommendations to watch it and without th…[View]
127913898FACT: they don't make em like they used to[View]
127901615God damn this was my first time watching the x files and its fucking great[View]
127912452> We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No G…[View]
127913743Boogaloo time boys. Where my Boogaloo crew at?![View]
127911431I miss BSG[View]
127913430This should have had a series[View]
127912227In this itt: Actors you didn't know were gay.[View]
127908489>Sir, we are tracking the hacker >.....And? >Sir, the hacker is located....in this room…[View]
127913424Who's seen Nerve (2016): Fucking amazing concept piece that is slightly badly executed.[View]
127911097As a femanon that frequents this board, I am concerned with the rampant obsession of incel movies. Y…[View]
127912317The Tyra Banks Show: What do you think about this hilarious segment entitled 'Tyra Tries 9 Things Sh…[View]
127909740Does anyone know why the hell Charlize Theron didn't try to do an Australian accent in Fury Roa…[View]
127909313Why does Sandler look so empty inside. With all of this press with Uncut Gems, it's hard to wat…[View]
127908437>you will never live in 90's New York and fuck Elaine Benes why even live…[View]
127913151Charlie's Angels: What does /tv/ think of Charlie's Angels? Also, thoughts on the new actr…[View]
127912469Star Wars has a nostalgia problem. It's very difficult to discuss these movies with any degree …[View]
127910460Bottom of the World (2017): what am i in for? this kino has Jena Malone in it, and it seems surreal,…[View]
127908609>OH N-[View]
127909277how do i achieve this body type?[View]
127911304RIP FOX[View]
127911748StartTrek is for faggots: 59 yo man yo nods head mmm yeah now hear me out star trek is for NERDS oka…[View]
127912164>British man convincingly plays a white who grew-up around LA chicano gangbangers seriously, how …[View]
127911442What do you guys use to watch movies, a blu ray player or a game console? I have a PS4 but popping t…[View]
127912658Is he the most kino actor? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZNMtCXmgBI[View]
127912586Seriously though what was his problem?[View]
127912698Kino move kino soundtrack Dumb broad gets what she deserves epic style[View]
127910475>topic of sexual deviancy comes up >yoof:'uh.. sorry grandma' >old hag:'don't you worr…[View]
127911934What the fuck did I just watch. It felt like a really bad fever dream. My head hurts.[View]
127912435pot of black?[View]
127912549Are there any arguements against the term 'pleb filter', or is it allowed to deflect all criticism? …[View]
127912443anyone have moners feetpics?[View]
127912486*guitar strums*[View]
127912483>'MOTHA FUCKIN' WOGS!' >[BRAAAAP] Is Funhouse indisputably the greatest Sopranos episode?…[View]
127900172Simpsons Comics thread[View]
127912054Remake that is still shot in black and white and Swans doing the score. Who says no?[View]
127905931IT'S OVER[View]
127909636Why didn't Gandalf just[View]
127909229What Gods do you pray to, /tv/?[View]
127912228The idea had been growing in my brain for some time: TRUE force. All the king's men cannot put …[View]
127890472What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
127912184Don’t watch sober: https://youtu.be/Q10k2QKN3Ko[View]
127912172What are some kinos that feature magpies?[View]
127911633Can someone explain this scene?[View]
127910612*ahem*: Gentlemen.. TV and cinema after 2010 is cancer and you shouldn't be watching it.[View]
127911250So the point was everybody was so self-absorbed that it doesn't matter if he did it or not?[View]
127909897I just found out Last Year at Marienbad got a new transfer recently. Anyone here seen it? Quite curi…[View]
127909671jfc, the number of Netflix flicks to get nominations is astounding, the majority of which still carr…[View]
127911994>I'm sorry, George. I'm sorry, /tv/. I'm sorry, Jay and Rich. I'm a hack. I…[View]
127912020Why haven’t you bought the Battle For The Whitehouse Chess Set yet, /tv/? Don’t you want to mark thi…[View]
1279107821917 wins the Producers Guild Awards: Now it means this film is winning Best Picture God damn what a…[View]
127911513It wasn’t supposed to be this way: I just heard a song I haven’t heard since the first day of colleg…[View]
127911987Stop talking!![View]
127903078God this is corniest shit I’ve ever watched lmao.[View]
127899908Hey faggot name your top 10 films of the decade[View]
127911944Is he one of the most underrated directors in the industry?[View]
127911864Fuck John Matrix and Fuck a few groups of people that you know who im talking about[View]
127903101What did she mean by this?[View]
127911795Soul vs. Soulless.[View]
127910473>How long have we been on this plane, Wilson? Four months, four days?[View]
127906333Sum up this show in 7 to 8 words.[View]
127911819wtf? they're making a space jam 2?[View]
127894683Is this the greatest pleb-filter of the last decade?[View]
127904878Christopher Nolan's Tenet - what can we expect?[View]
127909401Great movie shows how great boomers had it.[View]
127911615Was anyone else hoping that the third act of this movie was going to be Darth Vader effectively bein…[View]
127909739why does this movie make brazilians seethe?[View]
127909909>this where I grew up[View]
127908603I work at the largest theater in my city AMA[View]
127909170HOLY SHIT: This was incredible I dont think I've felt this uncomfortable watching a movie ever.…[View]
127910671>movie called The Hills Have Eyes >hills don't have eyes…[View]
127911298You're awful Wendy Williams[View]
127910307>character starts to speak >censor beep >mouth blurred >subtitles saying 'this line was …[View]
127904870What did you think of A Cure for Wellness (2016)?[View]
127906014Man v Food: How was this challenge even fair? No human could complete this.[View]
127898398Any kinos about Ancient Egypt?[View]
127909469why is it so underrated?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDIsIatnJZI[View]
127905805What did he buy?[View]
127897863Why is Heisei Godzilla seemingly the most iconic and popular Godzilla era today? All the Heisei movi…[View]
127911295Reminder that Mike hasn't been in an RLM video in over 5 years.[View]
127911251it's all so tiring, /tv/[View]
127909733>No one gives it to ya, you have to take it What exactly did he mean by this?…[View]
127898752AHHHH! After 600 seconds I'm free, it's time to make a Power Rangers thread![View]
127910638>Saving Private Nigel >it's only gimmick gets destroyed multiple times when they do shit …[View]
127896308The Mummy (2017): what am i in for? also will Sofia become my new waifu?[View]
127908923>a genderless burger experience[View]
127910913i wasnt prepared for this. I wasnt prepared for the feels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qw0UVzMa…[View]
127910603This is free on wikipedia. Is it worth 96 minutes of my time?[View]
127905262Alright cunts I'm looking for obscure horror movies. Generally stuff you don't find in net…[View]
127908851>tfw watching a movie without having read the plot summary on wikipedia beforehand…[View]
127906012Where's the fucking movie bros....[View]
127907152What: What[View]
127909077/Alita/ general: 1:1 scale bust edition Just found out this exists. It's about a thousand bucks…[View]
127909884>A prince grows out of his arrogance because a woman falls in love with his soul, even in his pun…[View]
127910359>If we buy all our competition we win Will the next CEO destroy this madman's legacy?…[View]
127907194Alright lads, cough it up: Ideally I want either a library of /tv/'s best films or the collecti…[View]
127910325You ever have that 'Ah-ha!' moment when you rewatch a movie and see a character actor you …[View]
127906404White women first[View]
127910216Kino where all the antagonist needed was a hug but he was too afraid to ask.[View]
127910042how did the MR. HICKEY memes start?[View]
127908400>Abbott and Costello Go to Mars >they end up going to Venus and not Mars Any other films with …[View]
127894739Discworld's The Watch: After years of limbo, the series The Watch, loosely based on the discwor…[View]
127909797Anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?[View]
127905600>gets overshadowed by River[View]
127910080I know that's not what I think it is![View]
127906414>Soijak... *cough* ... Always remember to... to......*dies*[View]
127909972Who could do Mike justice in the biopic?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN9bpOV9beQ[View]
127907672What the fuck were they thinking? Why even proceed with the movie without the original actress?[View]
127906677was it kino?[View]
127907700what was your favorite ork/goblin/uruk? for me its this nigga[View]
127909230Isn't it one of his best? He plays it fairly reserved, doesn't try to push in his usual …[View]
127907796What is Gondor worth?[View]
127909012Why is this cheesy movie so highly regarded? I mean its alright but how is it even better than Water…[View]
127903625Black Widow Review: tldr; it's okay. It's Marvel Studios capeshit version of Mission Impos…[View]
127907424This was expectedly kino[View]
127909719>long live the new flesh[View]
127909672>World War Z >Thor >Ninja Assassin >Underworld: Awakening >Sense8 >Godzilla vs. Ko…[View]
127909550All in the family. A classic show[View]
127908159What was his fucking problem?[View]
127907265Post underrated kino[View]
127907208Why is Norwegian tv so based?[View]
127908374Gomenasai, my name is Cristóvão-Sama. I’m a 64 year old Portuguese ex-Kirishitan (Apostate for you g…[View]
127909349>I'm in the fields of Vietnam, The mountains of Afghanistan And I'm still hopin', …[View]
127909306>No man can audit me[View]
127907552>want to watch more movies that I’d like >no idea where to start How do you guys find out whic…[View]
127909190When did it go to shit?[View]
127909163Is Haig biopic worthy?: Could it be total kino?[View]
127903622He didn't deserve it.[View]
127909083>CUNNY TANG george what the hell.[View]
127908948LETS GET IT GOING[View]
127903855how do i get a girlfriend like this[View]
127908183what the fuck was his problem?[View]
127907602Who was in the wrong?[View]
127907630This movie was fucking awful[View]
127906123Whats next for her career bros?[View]
127906491I just wanted to say a personal thank you to the anon who spams Ginger Snaps webms on here. I ended …[View]
127908879How about a rl disaster kino thread? Here's my favorite https://youtu.be/OP30okjpCko[View]
127908654>actor looks at the camera[View]
127900295Who else /acos/?[View]
127908168How can a decade not produce a single media franchise?[View]
127906397Is this movie any good? I don't watch any anime movies since I tend to think the genre is for k…[View]
127906081Is ten minutes enough to take traffic into account?[View]
127908369What are some of the most KINO Monologues?[View]
127904735Does nobody like this? It's quite decent and intriguing.[View]
127906715>oh my god they shook up an old lady a bit, the horror What a bunch of faggots, gay ass movie…[View]
127907938seriously, what did they mean by this?[View]
127906027/fg/+/tpg/ - Frasier general + Twin Peaks general: Discuss the two greatest tv shows ever invented…[View]
127901203/tp/ - Twin Peaks: Was Laura a good person or a bad person? She did nice things like help out with t…[View]
127881888First Order was born from the ashes of the Empire...[View]
127906064Recommend me films like Chronicle or The Maze Runner. >Young men (late highschool or early 20s) …[View]
127904398God damn.[View]
127908298who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
127908292Sorry, Disney. It's still Fox to me.[View]
127908035>unattractive >boring >neurotic >insecure >jealous >will never get over his oneiti…[View]
127908199Name a more annoying person to watch a movie with.: Unironically, how do Mike and Jay do it?[View]
127905618well at least it was better than mandy I guess[View]
127908207dude cliques lol[View]
127904502well now i am i the bately start of return of yhw kimg and have switch to the 40 ozes nkw[View]
127908114When even mediocre film critics get fanfiction >pic related[View]
127905776 Imagine Poops [View]
127907515What are some good examples of cuck kino?[View]
127906778What was the point of this movie?[View]
127907979Rare /tv/ crushes[View]
127904182I enjoyed the trilogy. It wasn't great but it was still a fun ride.[View]
127907749>When I was a little girl and told my rapist I was going to be a comedian,he laughed at me. Well,…[View]
127907760What are some movies for this feel?[View]
127907702This movie poster was in the alley where Bruce Waynes parents were shot. Is it kino? Were they tryin…[View]
127907028Post model rail kino. No Luke Towan edition.[View]
127898381I don't wanna lose my great grandma, /tv/. She's 94 and in coma for a week now.[View]
127907468some damn good kino, why'd none of you tell me about this[View]
127904004>name of the episode is the name of the series[View]
127907196Uh, Lloyd...[View]
127907616Just watched Raging Bull what did I think of it?[View]
127906981And what of good Cossotius?[View]
127906669Who is Satania of /tv/ ?[View]
127892824>wasted years[View]
127904468Harry Potter: Are the movies worth watching? I read the first 3 books as a kid but remember nothing…[View]
127907288>puts tits in your science[View]
127907117Was Batman V Superman simply too deep for modern audiences to understand?[View]
127904196>Just kill the queen and the rest will fall Is this the laziest fucking contrivance to defeat a h…[View]
127907220>if you work for a living why do you kill yourself working?[View]
127901443Is it the most underrated fight scene in the history of cinema? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ62…[View]
127906121Is there an episode of hoarders where they send them on a cruise or something and empty the house?[View]
127906470what's your favorite Neil young directed film? for me its 1982's Human Highway https://you…[View]
127907072Fan theories: Walker texas ranger and Forrest Gump take place in the same universe. this is Forrest …[View]
127907139Richard Jewell: Why does literally anybody trust the FBI?[View]
127904270I Am Jazz General: First look at new season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j_69PNKOW0 Is she gonn…[View]
127905451Just finished watching this, what did I think /tv/?[View]
127907104Powerful Movies: What is the most powerful movie you have ever seen? For me, it’s Higher Learning (1…[View]
127906290>horror movie >makes my peepee hard instead…[View]
127906828Chicken sandwich?[View]
127905662Who the fuck was shooting flare after flare into the sky?[View]
127903171If you recognize this man: you just had a fucking amazing childhood.[View]
127902402ITT: Your dads favourite movie[View]
127903487What do you guys think of these movies? I've always found them comfy https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
127906797>movie where protagonist has lost a daughter >other character asks for her name >long pause…[View]
127906816What are some kinos about religion[View]
127906285For me, it's Zazie Beetz.[View]
127903857>Oh, what will the signal be for your eyes to see me?[View]
127905620I think we can handle one little girl. I sent two units, they're bringing her down now.[View]
127906174This is better than The Thing. Better cast too.[View]
127905634What is the most quotable movie? pic possibly related[View]
127902755For me, it's the New Canon[View]
127906440>Iron Man Skywalker.[View]
127905354Who's speaking?[View]
127903731>film opens with a quote[View]
127901885Jesus Christ, why did he fucking do it bros?[View]
127903422Bout to get my big break catch you losers fucking later.[View]
127902891>Dodge this. Why didn't he?[View]
127903303Reminder that the first Harry Potter film is the best one and that the first three are the only ones…[View]
127903477Anyone know of some good foreign movies? Been trying to get into some foreign film and I don't …[View]
127902802>am I evil? >worse, you're smart WOOOOOW guys, that was sooo deep!!! :O…[View]
127906215I'm going to tell my kids this was Elton John[View]
127896225Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last great Late Night …[View]
127901956Would it have been kino?[View]
127904827Would you watch a movie with these 4 actors?: What would be the most kino plot or most ideal additio…[View]
127896795Pozzed. Retarded. Pretentious. Shit.[View]
127905347Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQyuJEVSCF0 https://www.…[View]
127903885one of these threads: post em[View]
127903260Yer fond of me lobster aint’ ye?: well, are ye?[View]
127901604Would Josiah Bartlet have won against Trump?[View]
127903686Kino that has been snubbed or banned[View]
127903050Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/-6_yJTA2Yx4[View]
127905019A scientist shows you his new invention. A camera that shows what happened in the past in whatever a…[View]
127905030Videodrome: what am i in for?[View]
127905393i watched this and i'm confused - can anyone give me a hint as to how to reconcile what neitzch…[View]
127905607Would you watch a full movie of this?[View]
127901492Rosamund Pike thread[View]
127905475what's her political ideology?[View]
127905433When will my life begin?[View]
127902187What's the point of cinemas: now that 75 inch 4k TVs and sound systems are cheap as fuck?…[View]
127905495Apocalypse Now: >There are two of you, don’t you see? One that kills… and one that loves. What di…[View]
127905373so what do you guys think about this movie?[View]
127904668POO POO PEE PEE[View]
127904027So is it going to portray her as a feminist victim who just meant too well, or as the ice cold soull…[View]
127905318>I don't need to curse in my music to cell cds >I just need to fight, kill people, say ra…[View]
127902979I thought you faggots told me she couldn't act[View]
127904370Fantasia (1940): Which segment is your favorite?[View]
127904801So when Yusef barrel rolled the van causing pic related to occur, how did this not function as a 'ki…[View]
127903172Is this kino?[View]
127902357So we agree this was kino and best movie of the year right?[View]
127905337What are some kinos me and my best friend can watch?[View]
127905238I am ALL the Senate![View]
127905284has anyone seen my grandma? she was supposed to bring me a grape soda hours ago![View]
127903914Parasite: A movie that white people cannot understand.[View]
127905072>and then at the very last moment before departing on the plane he has a change of heart or a rea…[View]
127904988This is a fun movie... and part 2 too[View]
127905003>HEY GUYS we got Luna back here was it kino?[View]
127904949>vitos a fag RIP Fin i'm guessing[View]
127903297no one: literally no one: me: watches goodfellas my mum: stop watching that movie it has violence a…[View]
127899539was he based?[View]
127903754i remember when the Truman show was an actual show he was in that aired on NBC in the late 90s and w…[View]
127904638Look at this. Look at what they make you give.[View]
127902120*accomplishes more before turning 30 then you will in your entire lifes your path*[View]
127897548Jennette McCurdy: What the actual fuck happened to her?[View]
127904634Was it based?[View]
127904599>We're trying to see who's this individual that's leaving lewd and lascivious numb…[View]
127901954Please give me some good intelligent films that an intelligent man like me would appreciate.[View]
127904385We really need a film with these two guys. Realistically, is there any chance either of them ever st…[View]
127902915Yeah, i'm thinking it was kino[View]
127903001>be sick >plaster myself in Vaporub >watch the entire first season of Malcolm in the Middle…[View]
127888746It’s up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9tkCwNaX-A[View]
127903481GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY /TV/[View]
127904395This film is pretty brilliant. Would the son have been your typical /b/? Also, is the father one of …[View]
127902423>it's actually kino /poltv/ btfod...again?!?[View]
127904306T H R E E S T I N K I N G D A Y S[View]
127903530This will forever remain the best thing that hack has done[View]
127903542Are they related?[View]
127899684I liked it.[View]
127903003Just a human: Imagine a day and age where you get to question the quality of a movie like this. It g…[View]
127904301What are your top dinner night films?[View]
127895335What convinced Elijah Wood that acting in a film with a literal pornstar was a good idea?[View]
127904290>”Wowwwww... whaddaya know?” What did he mean by this?[View]
127903298>*ruins your beloved TV show with his pretentious garbage* Holy shit this man is based…[View]
127894346The Star Wars Prequels are timeless masterpieces. Any blemishes are more than forgiven in the light …[View]
127904235shos you forgot about exist[View]
127904227So he killed all those people because he was a closet case?[View]
127902496Cast him[View]
127904121DUDE PEACE LMAO[View]
127904161Absolute Kino.[View]
127903934Who was in the wrong here[View]
127904037Has there ever been a more desperate for an Oscar performance in the history of film?[View]
127904129Sex Education season 2: I am very surprised to learn that this girl is not Margot Robbie. Also what …[View]
127904110Why doesn’t this board just ban female actresses if the mods have such a hard time?[View]
127901871She's got electric boobs: >Ammo hands too![View]
127904096/tv/ is wrong yet a-mc-fucking-gain: It's kino. >butt nakies Mackenzie Davis falls from the …[View]
127896456favorite 2019 movies: Post your 3 favorite movies from 2019 and have others insult you for your shit…[View]
127903872I GET KNOCKED DOWN[View]
127904029Why is the original SNL era from the 70s held in such high regard?: I'm watching it being rerun…[View]
127903954What benefits do you find consuming good media gives you? pic not related[View]
127903434This is /tv/-related because it pertrains to a significant demographic of the more devoted of televi…[View]
127835128/hmmm/ Dark Crystal: The most handsome circle[View]
127903750Name a worthy number five to this list: 1. The Simpsons 2. Arrested Development 3. The Life and Time…[View]
127903742military veteran character: >theres no heroes in war only survivors >war is hell >ive seen …[View]
127903736Bladerunner 204_ scene.: I'm looking for clip from Bladerunner 2049 where some one either Niand…[View]
127903628Watching Power Rangers with /tv/ was comfy[View]
127902941>imagine never experiencing prime Yvonne Strahovski[View]
127901152>pan, nice and hot.[View]
127899978You have to 2 seconds to come up with a 2 word title for this movie.[View]
127903112What are some of the best documentaries about the benefits of going vegan?[View]
127903456what did he mean by this?[View]
127902277Oh look, it's time for that sjw, feminist, faggotry, forced diversity, nihilist mediocre show! …[View]
127902539https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAANGxqkY8o what are some trans kino? euphoria and the crying game a…[View]
127899120>We need a hotter, more charismatic Margot Robbie! >Say no more!…[View]
127903471How did they get away with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT_RsXOPjTs[View]
127903139Is Riverdale finally good again bros?[View]
127902136>Foltest was slim and had a pretty - too pretty - face. He was under forty, the witcher thought…[View]
127903439>LA BEAST HERE and TODAY, I'm trying to figure out why the janitors won't allow me on /…[View]
127902053everything he makes is consistently amazing[View]
127899234>Joker is nominated for 11 Oscars >Endgame is nominated for 1 Oscar >somehow, one film is b…[View]
127881469The most disturbing and depressing movie ever made[View]
127903077my review of the joker: There have been some comments about this film's length. I am initially …[View]
127903042ACCIO JIM CROW![View]
127902660Admit it, this is capeshit kino.[View]
127902413Tell me your favorite song from the LOTR soundtrack. Mine is Many Meetings. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
127899465When did you realize Flanders was cooler than Homer[View]
127889222TOSS A COIN[View]
127896699>It's a good movie 'cause it's slow and foreign! >Why, no, it doesn't have…[View]
127902503Sarah Connor?[View]
127902727Wtf happened to her?[View]
127902710Tight I like fudge[View]
127902688Parasite: would mustaches have helped?[View]
127902682So this was purgatory right?[View]
127902556BUZZ, LOOK A[View]
127898448Barbarian was great. This was just...what the fuck happened?[View]
127902145Why aren't romcom films a thing anymore?[View]
127900906This was a bigger pleb filter than Satantango itself.[View]
127900833Ethan Hunt vs James Bond: The Ultimate Debate[View]
127899869Sopranos: Did Tony feel any remorse over him?[View]
127902127At what point does too much shit happen in a movie? This is like three different movies stuffed into…[View]
127901795Name a more kino scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl_9ayxs69A[View]
127902398How do you tell which old Hollywood films were schlock or fluff and which ones weren't?[View]
127898314William Shatner: Is he the most based man on earth?[View]
127902295Noir Comedy thread Fun fact; My grandma was a nurse in WW2 and Don Adams was a patient of hers after…[View]
127901482Post critically panned films that are actually kino Pic related[View]
127889320Joker Sucked Ass: This is like Reddit somehow manifested itself into a piece of video picture other …[View]
127900995>Luke you switched off your aimbot and wallhacks whats wrong?[View]
127897087Less than a week left! What was your favourite scene?[View]
127900723Whats the 90's kids equivalent to watching bootleg streams that continually get shut down with …[View]
127898216'The Exorcist is a masterpiece, and might be my favorite film of all time.': Why does he rate it so …[View]
127896697What does /tv/ eat when they watch kino? For me, it's a nice bowl of mac n cheese.[View]
127895373I'd fuck a live action Carrie Kelley: too bad WB will cast an ugly dyke for the role[View]
127901896Ben Shapiro reviews Rise of Skywalker: >he liked it https://youtu.be/FHwdHntBR34…[View]
127901912Battle Droids are for ____[View]
127900359Another step to further degeneracy: This app called tiktok is becoming more and more popular as i ke…[View]
127900478sheeeit niggy dona do fitty doe, wo fiiiiiii[View]
127900560What did I think of this?[View]
127901860>look at you, motherless Brooklyn, you've got no one looking out for you. Why do directors l…[View]
127901849>blocks your path[View]
127900850>I'll sit right down on your face.... >AND TAKE A SHIT!!!…[View]
127900353i got memed so hard. this was the most boring obvious unnecessary shit. why the fuck did people say …[View]
127901755BARREL ROLL[View]
127901565pic related was better than The Lighthouse and it's not close[View]
127900290breaking bad season 2 episode 9 four days out discussion thread[View]
127901129when will this obnoxious bitch get off my tv[View]
127901364>non-human characters are portrayed in a good light while the one true human character is portray…[View]
127901561Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
127900775Could this even be released in the modern age? Who would you cast?[View]
127900021Why is good horror or sci fi so rare in television? Any horror or sci fi tv shows you would recommen…[View]
127901619Bad Lieutenant: This didn’t feel like a performance from Keitel. It felt real.[View]
127901597Does anything top Three Kingdoms in terms of Chinese 'historical' kino?[View]
127898210What was the moral of this trilogy?[View]
127901323Star Trek: Why did JJ Abrams whitewash an iconic character that was played by one of the greatest hi…[View]
127901515hey granma how about another grape soda[View]
127901509Sven Goolie[View]
127898046Why was he so dishonest with the McDonald brothers? He was rich already, just give him part of the m…[View]
127899710>Vincent Gallo: I insulted her jokingly one day to a friend and a sneaky gossip writer overheard …[View]
127901391This movie sucked. Literally not a single character is likeable. There's no protagonist.[View]
127901273bag up bag up bag up TERR PUT IT IN REVERSE TEURRGGH[View]
127900578I miss ugly cartoons[View]
127899086>heard You Season 2 is good >give it a try .…[View]
127899433What's Brendan Schaub's stance on the Louis CK situation?[View]
127899632If you figure a way to live without serving a master, any master, then let the rest of us know, will…[View]
127866989When will 80s nostagia die? The media has had an obssesion with the 80s for 20 years now.: https://w…[View]
127899886>18 years 8 months passed between the 1970s and the 1998 premiere of 'That '70s Show' >22…[View]
127896930Cinegrid thread: post what you got[View]
127900807I will kill your infant yoda.[View]
127897747Down the hall, and to the left[View]
127900183I am considering watching 'Arrival': Is it KINO do you recommend it?[View]
127901070fictional /tv/ sports thread? i think id like to actually play / watch pyramid from bsg if it was re…[View]
127899068Ben Shapiro was great in this[View]
127899101Post epic kino merch[View]
127900681this frickin egg man... im beyond pissed right now... every time i see this thing my blood boils how…[View]
127900844>protagonist Did this bitch actually do anything at all?[View]
127900825what kinos describe the feeling of cranking 90s?[View]
127900054Why does Kermit the Frog need a electric fence?[View]
127900738Disturbing/Emotionally Charged documentaries: This one got me hard[View]
127898854My name is Paz...PAZ.[View]
127899038SISSY SPACEK: why is she so based?[View]
127899400Damn this bitch was bad at her job I'm glad her funding got cut[View]
127898876>it's a malcolm episode[View]
127900388>diarrheas on your floor and doesn't clean it up[View]
1278986081917 is for women and faggots[View]
127899203>So much tax...what can men do against such reckless rates?[View]
127900230>Get recommended to watch this by coworkers because they think me knowing how to build the work P…[View]
127888687/got/: *sigh* somehow... Stannis has returned. https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1579385111187.webm…[View]
127899003Made a serial killer thread ages ago with bateman as pic related. Now need a film recommnendation fo…[View]
127899081In the mine shaft scene originally they were going to disarm the trip wire, but a rat snuck onto the…[View]
127899366What does /tv/ think of the prince of puke, the sultan of sleaze, famed film director John Waters ?[View]
127898258What do you think of him?[View]
127898622i’m I the only one who feels that Rey should have stayed a nobody who had force powers[View]
127897718What's some essential filmbro-core?[View]
127890525What would you do in this situation?[View]
127898333>Pleased to meet you anon. I'm sure you consider yourself very lucky to have won that prize …[View]
127898487Sawkino Thread: >puts you in a excruciatingly painful deathtrap because you aren't happy wit…[View]
127900267Why not an Agents of MI6 cinematic universe instead? Think about it, we could tick so many boxes: Th…[View]
127900163This movie sucks because we’re watching 70 year olds pretend to be 20-30-40 year olds. Deniros and P…[View]
127899067Just turned 18 today. List me 3 coming of age kinos to watch[View]
127898929It wasn't that bad[View]
127898822Where were the queer POC?[View]
127898212What's next for the great Irish actress Jessie Buckley?[View]
127898167What's the best FX show of all time? Personally, I think it's The Shield.[View]
127872441What do you think TV will be like in 2040?[View]
127899915God, please give me another chance after tonight. Thank you[View]
127898467Anyone see this? I already know plenty about the subject matter, but there's two specific point…[View]
127899245Why didn't he empty a quick load in her before he left? Seems unrealistic.[View]
127899876What are the best early Kurosawa films? I've seen all 24 films he made after 'Drunken Ange…[View]
127899859is this the greatest /fit/ kino of all time?[View]
127899345what are some lesser known jap sp00py kinos, I only know Noroi and Occult[View]
127898201I just watched this. Did I like it?[View]
127897593Imagine living during this time.[View]
127896835Is heroes a good show?[View]
127896982Objectively the finest horror film ever made[View]
127899388What the hell is a 'satellite Q&A'? A bunch of movie screenings near me are advertising them all…[View]
127899326what would of you done in this situation?[View]
127895405This Anton Chigurhh.....I mean this guy was a REAL jerk![View]
127899392The Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar has declared that all janitors shall be >Points hand to the gro…[View]
127898646https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugKDZgpOxtg Reminder these three are getting a show on Adult Swim…[View]
127898806>war = sad damn[View]
127885261Star Wars Revisionism: >RLM started prequel bashing >Episode II was always considered worse th…[View]
127893534Is this Arnold's best movie since making his comeback in Hollywood?[View]
127899240You know it wasn't long ago I remember /tv/ use to wait in the car[View]
127899211Any other movies where the MC obviously starts walking manually?[View]
127897776The Great Wall: What am I in for lads?[View]
127899029>this guy approaches ur favourite IP wat do /tv/[View]
127898534I've seeded things you people wouldn't even feed. Truckers sucking strangers on the should…[View]
127889305watched it again last night and this scene is still just as infuriating as the first time I saw it, …[View]
127899104A mi me gusta el tangananica[View]
127876412WW1 Kino: Why is WW1 more kino than WW2? Will 1917 spark more WW1 Kino? Does 1917 come close to Path…[View]
127893423Men will never understand this[View]
127897531Did Sheev let Windu win or did he legitimately lose?[View]
127899071Why was it so comfy?[View]
127898025How did she get him hard so quickly?[View]
127897436>The prequels are kino.[View]
127892573>refuses to watch Taxi Driver because it's 'old and boring' >praises its deriva…[View]
127896447why hasn't Star Wars turned Daisy into a bigger star the way Hunger Games did for JLaw and GOT …[View]
127892560>Luke Skywalker: There is still good in him. >Obi-Wan Kenobi: He's more machine now than …[View]
127896873>It's intentionally ambiguous[View]
127898300>He's a good looking boy, do you mind if I keep this picture?[View]
127898860I'm blue pilled, how? Like I need to take pills, like I'm sick? I'm sick, like I…[View]
127897432What's the best of the original trilogy's cases?[View]
127891856Post your favorite movie from the year you were born[View]
127896696This was kino As usual, /tv/ is full of plebs that only watch capeshit and flavor of the month shil…[View]
127891571what are people going to remember the most about the 2010s?[View]
127897794You’re off the case[View]
127897231How come Richie can make gay jokes but Vito can’t make the same jokes? Did the family have a double …[View]
127896827Alright, were live.: >I'm joined here by Anon today. >Finally got you on the show, man. I…[View]
127888168>germans portrayed as mindless evil thugs with no respect for rules of combat or crimes v humanit…[View]
127898450>solve captcha and... post! there, another feet thread on /tv/![View]
127896538What is it about mobkino that irritates, confuses, and upsets soibois and women?[View]
127897947Of course he did it, he lives with his mom: What did she mean by this. Also sleeps around to get the…[View]
127898361>Ahsoka >Ahsoka Skywalker[View]
127894164Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
127898242So I mean, was it good? I feel like this trilogy had it's really good moments but then it'…[View]
127898278I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
127898250Is he right?[View]
127898186>it's a lesbian couple episode[View]
127898176What are some kinos that only the most intelligent can understand?[View]
127897143Why didn't he expand on the LOTR lore?[View]
127897096i love this shit lol[View]
127898125What's the most based schizo kino?[View]
127897514Who's best girl? obviously not the feminist nihilist nose ringed whore. My favorites are poojet…[View]
127895395Unfortunate hairstyles of film.[View]
127898079>bullied at high school by a 'chad' (pikey) who later stabbed his sleeping gf 12 times in the nec…[View]
127898038And now look at you you're just another piece of shit like me![View]
127893307Can i find this kino jacket anywhere? All i can find is pedo alternatives[View]
127896957Blast from the past: Great film... but how was it possible that Adam was a virgin at age 30? It just…[View]
127896186Just give me batman beyond with batfleck as old bats already[View]
127897711Is this kino?[View]
127895144What are the most Kino shows out there? And i don't mean just because you like them or because …[View]
127895482Another remake? Why?[View]
127895142*changes the way you see movies*[View]
127897881Movies like this?[View]
127894989Watch Mongrels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrqZ0Nhh1jc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVxGh5Gp…[View]
12789155945 minutes in and I'm bored as hell[View]
127896369A friend at work offered me the blueray first season of The Young Pope Is it worth a watch? I don…[View]
127897875How many I serve you today Anon?[View]
127896724>chief, we've tracked the killer >he's in this building…[View]
127897716This was a comfy movie. Anyone seen any good chink kino recently?[View]
127887707ITT: highly inappropriate scenes in family movies[View]
127896942Anne of Green Gables General: Anybody know where I can watch Anne of Green Gables for free????…[View]
127897537I can't hear what anyone is saying.[View]
127896414She did nothing wrong.[View]
127897594Are you going to be watching the witcher season 2 when it hits later this year? Any how come Yen nev…[View]
127897485>Authorial intent matters[View]
127875916/trek/: Fat Riker edition[View]
127897342>Did...did you just criticize one of the prequels? Uh, apologize to George Lucas right now.…[View]
127895318Why did you lie to me /tv/: I almost fell aseep twice during this dull movie[View]
127897113>“I’ve flicked it on [since leaving] to see if I could figure out what was going on, but I couldn…[View]
127897427Why didn't these guys get their own tv show following them around on construction projects arou…[View]
127897163Films similar to Dead Space.[View]
127895922How improbable was Quentin Tarantino's rise to fame? Wasn't he just some autistic weirdo t…[View]
127897173Niggers how do i make 4chan img expandr work on 4channel: still works on the old domain but not for …[View]
127897362Any kinos about ole granny?[View]
127892956Only the most based posters know I'm right[View]
127887297>we will never get a Halo movie that was made in the 2000’s What’s the point of life?…[View]
127897259Captain Black, I'm HGK.[View]
127895525>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVW8_lvs_vs kino's for this feel?…[View]
127896854Who is excited? We have to support /ourguy/ Lassiter. Can't believe he had a stroke. Was sad to…[View]
127888965Ella Balinska to play Bastilla: Ella Balinska will play Bastilla in the upcoming Knights of the Old …[View]
127897081whats your favorite surf movie?[View]
127896791>I do think it is fair to say that Roger Ebert destroyed film criticism. Because of the wide and …[View]
127884578/twg/ The Witcher General: What will happen on season 2?[View]
127897069Anna: Fuck you, I liked it. I was surprised that they didn't make the finger being from a livin…[View]
127895183I'm Rey...Rey Picard.[View]
127894249>only female he ever kissed was his sister[View]
127886883*sigh* Somehow...Napoleon returned.[View]
127889232anyone else find (((him))) slimy and annoying ?: he never confronts people to their faces, he just a…[View]
127893424>On my off days, I start drinking at noon. You don’t get to interrupt that. Based or sad?…[View]
127895981I love this man, I don't care how many bad movies he's made, he'll always be the GOAT…[View]
127895785N- no, no, no, please, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I can't, I, I, I gotta go[View]
127895813this show is funny[View]
127894270>tfw watching a movie while shining 660nm light on my testicles: Red light therapy and kinos, nam…[View]
127896605Who was wrong here?[View]
127893010NO! NOOO! AUUUGHHH!!![View]
127896814Doctor Sleep: >tfw no snakebite andi gf to push you around...[View]
127895999what did it mean?[View]
127896496Will Jared Leto redeem himself with this film? Or will it be another capeshit failure?[View]
127895011simpsons thread also i love to lick black women’s feet[View]
127890909Ford v Ferrari: What's the general /tv/ consensus?[View]
127895410Clown (2014) > Joker (2019)[View]
127892376Any movies about handsome guys who can get any woman they want but who can’t fall in love?[View]
127894920I stopped enjoying movies and tv :( lighhouse bored me out of my skull jojo rabbit? meh I thought it…[View]
127896394Fuck em: Fuck em[View]
127896663THE MAP PLEASE[View]
127896434What's a good and historically accurate movie that covers the topic of the holocaust?[View]
127894463What a fucking wasted opportunity to cast Warwick Davis[View]
127896542Hoju, I don't use the word hero often but you are the greatest American hero ever[View]
127895524What does he watch?[View]
127895797About to watch all 20 hours of this in the next two days. What am I in for?[View]
127896266Reminder that no matter how bad the sequels are, the prequels are still shit and always will be. /tv…[View]
127895066No seriously, why didn't they just have a pilot give the message?[View]
127893434>what's next for her career ?[View]
127894860recommend me some kinos that inspire hope[View]
127894484Outta the way, punk. I'm busy being best girl in Scott Pilgrim.[View]
127896319no one: thanos: *exists* the avengers: 'this is an avengers level threat'[View]
127887821Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127896377Unforgiven: Wtf was Little Bill's problem?[View]
127896194You’re ugly and you’re retarded.[View]
127892506>was expecting a comfy ww2 movie about the genious way the allies cracked the enigma code >ins…[View]
127896296Recommend me something similar to this amazing and classic movie[View]
127896313>check a good thread >janny deletes it before I can read the screencaps How does moderation co…[View]
127895006You just gonna give me one lil egg roll??[View]
127894760>Hey, what's this? >A sneeze guard. >(sneezes)…[View]
127893095>villain commits atrocities >his motivations are unknown How writes this shit?…[View]
127896241/fg/+/tpg/ - Frasier general + Twin Peaks general: Discuss the two greatest tv shows ever invented…[View]
127893880/RBMK/ was the last time this board was good[View]
127896018UFC 246 Stream: Any bros got a link?[View]
127890766What is the tv equivalent of this album?[View]
127895505Is it bad that this is the only fast and furious I actually enjoyed?[View]
127893210Jesus fucking christ... RIP[View]
127875544Hillary (Official) Trailer • A Hulu Original Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViAAwc0BtiE…[View]
127896035LACES OUT[View]
127895298What is the /tv/ consensus, will we like it?[View]
127894561>Characters talk about evolution >No one mentions that it's just a theory…[View]
127895915>scenes you relate to more and more as you get older[View]
127890474Films Only Reinforce My Incel Mindset: Seriously every film i watch just confirms that women are pie…[View]
127895820Is it just me..: Or is there something 'off' about this new kids movie? It's about a …[View]
127892088Women will never understand this[View]
127893805YES I AM FARTMAN[View]
127895774>Blue jean baaaaaaaaaby[View]
127895699No sense of danger, no tension, no interest and the jokes oh my god the wisecracks and the one-liner…[View]
127895751Recommend some flicks that depict medieval torture.[View]
127894376What was the deal with this guy?[View]
127891450Is living in LA as comfy as movies make it seem?[View]
127894981What went wrong?[View]
127895192>Iger has been noted for his kindness. David Geffen said 'I have never heard one person say a bad…[View]
127895570kinos with this feel?[View]
127892826Where did all the Watchmen threads go? You guys were so hyped for season one. Aren't you hyped …[View]
127891898Biggest snub of the year.[View]
127894483Susanoo: Why doesn't stuff like this exist in Harry Potter?[View]
127895566What in the mother fuck was this absolute cunt’s problem?[View]
127894757Who is his spiritual successor?[View]
127872659/TNP/ - The New Pope: SorrenKino cinematographico absoluta is here. >Soundtrack: >open.spotif…[View]
127894524thoughts and opinions on the first 2 seasons (canon)?[View]
127895374holy shit! Did you know[View]
127895307>I only go to the theater to watch the big blockbusters that deserve the big screen, I can watch …[View]
127895223>Mike said this scene was shit >He didn't complain about the space battle in RoS Do you a…[View]
127889084>gf comes over >ask her what she wants to watch >'Something with subtitles.' >we end up …[View]
127889992Name 1 (ONE) movie atleast 20 years old that has aged well.[View]
127891485How would (you) adapt it?[View]
127892372what's the name of this movie[View]
127888989God love Quentin[View]
127892770>Family movie about animals or medieval times >Ends with a modern song and dance number.…[View]
127895089Are there any good live action anime/manga?[View]
127893135Joker is just Taxi Driver with clowns[View]
127894521Nolan confirmed a god: >Tarantino names 'Dunkirk' as the 2nd best film of the past decade https:/…[View]
127892445Mr Beast: >same people >same concepts Why can't anyone see that it's all staged?…[View]
127894708Save me, /tv/!: Please, somebody give me advice. I'm turning 30 soon and I'm already losin…[View]
127890647Ackchyually, I'm canceled![View]
127894647ay yo cortana bitch all i need to know is did we lose these niggas?[View]
127893768Will the upcoming Spawn movie be any good?[View]
127894969>be Dunston >check em[View]
127886209Besides a well crafted performance, what's the big deal about this movie? The plot is honestly …[View]
127891029some anons think this is hot: lmfao[View]
127892516This is, in my opinion, and considering the surrounding circumstances, the worst piece of cinema eve…[View]
127894460Derivative trash. This is the most overhyped film I have seen since Blade Runner 2049. Like that fil…[View]
127894758Are you ready for Sonikkino, /tv/?[View]
127894601On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 22%, based on 101 r…[View]
127894286Poor man's 2001: A Space Odyssey[View]
127892694I don't get it[View]
127893565can yall recommend me movies like this or the shit that eric rohmer did?[View]
127892158I just want to know many levels of marijuana with mushrooms powder do you need to smoke before you w…[View]
127885589>Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to his brief appearance in the 2019/20 CRISIS ON INFI…[View]
127894404post some arabian desert kino[View]
127890729'Neon Genesis Evangelion'? What is this weeb shit? Get out of my fucking store, kid.[View]
127889246Why is the Mission Impossible franchise so good?[View]
127892930Post your ideas for a OUATIH sequel[View]
127894436Characters that scared you as a kid.[View]
127891585Star Wars: So, >Reylo is now canon What will the next big ship bros? One that will go into the fu…[View]
127887660Laura Dern: What makes her so watchable?[View]
127893802Is whiplash about Stockholm syndrome[View]
127894401>tosses your mom's salad[View]
127893399What does this expression convey?[View]
127893070You're fond of me Huey Lewis & the News?[View]
127891919>realizing you spent your saturday arguing with 16 year olds shitposting on the Japanese culture …[View]
127894250>the episode where SpongeBob becomes pro choice The FUCK was Tibbitt thinking?…[View]
127885054How did Disney manage to fuck up the biggest IP in the world?[View]
127894254>Billy hates his life as a man si much he wishes to be a woman and he thinks this makes him a tra…[View]
127890227This isn't okay, I don't care how 'epic' or 'cool' his movies are[View]
127894228Why did they cut the part where Elton goes full bald and starts wearing a wig?[View]
127891596Comment one thing the scariest horror film ever would have to include to be the scariest horror film…[View]
127884996Why is tearing down people efforts so common in movies now?[View]
127892040ITT: Underrated horrorkino. This shit was hardcore.[View]
127893149I check[View]
127894053What are some kino 16:9 movies to watch? Getting a widescreen monitor soon so want to exhaust the go…[View]
127893707>adapted screenplay[View]
127894090Injustice God Among us live adaptation: >Director:Zack Snyder >Producer:Michael Bay >Cast: …[View]
127892849Uhh wait uhh you're under arrest[View]
127892568What the fuck was his problem?[View]
127893899Lulu Wang is a great female POC director. But honestly? I think she'd have more fun directing m…[View]
127887694Favorite samurai kino?[View]
127890671For England, James?[View]
127893838Why are based shock comics such a dying breed? Why is modern comedy so pussified and unoffensive?[View]
127888388About to marathon this. What am I in for?[View]
127892124Is it any good? Similar movies?[View]
127890701>*sigh* >Somehow, Sauron has returned[View]
127881340Cast the remake.[View]
127893561Would you watch a movie about a mentally unstable young man becoming radicalized and starting a city…[View]
127891982Why are movies about people from this island always so kino?[View]
127893322what a great film, just saw it today. What does /tv/ think about 1917? No memes[View]
127891261Fuck Lovecraft: I'm glad we never got any big blockbuster movies based on the works of this fas…[View]
127893542Is this some kind of set up or something?[View]
127889561Good candy, or just an eye actress ?[View]
127888850What is the best James Bond theme song? There are only two contenders really. Skyfall by the now 31 …[View]
127893192>slasher flick >killer goes after the promiscuous characters…[View]
127890900>Movie ends with a motivational quote in a black background[View]
127891796Hey! The sheriff is a niDONG[View]
127892114Was this peak forced fem kino? How could it be adapted to the western market[View]
127893303We all can agree this was Kino[View]
127893291I know you motherfuckers watch them, so what are the best Asian romance shows on Netflix?[View]
127889355Kinos with this feel/aesthetic?[View]
127887822This wasn't so bad at all. Definitely didn't deserve to bomb. For John... ;_;[View]
127893256Bring around...the Loaner.[View]
127892339>Disney changed '20th Century Fox' to '20th Century Studios' How fucking soulless. Disney kills e…[View]
127893138Comfy Canadian nostalgia thread: Go![View]
127893161https://youtu.be/gWh6go8yckk?t=640 I don't get it[View]
127890620>look who finally came out of his pod >anyways, it's movie night >your turn to pick fo…[View]
127893061>quip about elementary schoolers groping eachother >quip about elementary schooler crossdressi…[View]
127893049what am I in for?[View]
127892064who was in the wrong here?[View]
127891921ITT actors who don't actually act, they just play themselves in every movie they're in[View]
127892342What the fuck did I just watch? It ended so abruptly.[View]
127891791Comedians: What are the top comedians of today?[View]
127890082Yer Fond Of Me Lobster Ain’t Ye?[View]
127892625valerian: >2020 >i am forgotten[View]
127876496What are some examples of science fiction predicting the future?[View]
127890198Lady Kaede did nothing wrong.[View]
127889472Hey faggot, name your top 5 directors of all time.[View]
127890039Am I the only one who actually liked Apollo 18?[View]
127892410The writing in the first seasons was so fucking good bros[View]
127892120Does 2020 have any films on the horizon that'll rival The Jokers cultural impact?[View]
127892581What are some historical events which would make great Kinos? For me it would be the Russo-Japanese …[View]
127892264Prepare to have your life shattered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf6wYbJNwRc[View]
127891746lol.. what was he thinking?[View]
127888024Discworld TV Show: The casting for Nobby is spot on 2bh[View]
127873659Which one of you fuckers was this[View]
127892375Such a interesting and aesthetically pleasing real life event that could never be made into a movie,…[View]
127889384Has there ever been a more controversial film?[View]
127892230what unmade movie do you guys wish would have pulled through past development hell?[View]
127892170Honeyland: Has anyone seen it? Is it ducokino?[View]
127891880Got Milk?[View]
127890804How many top-level imperial officers did he strangle in ~20 years of service? Not wonder the Empire …[View]
127889788>I will return to my current position at later, unspecified point in time What did he mean by thi…[View]
127891922You're a bit autistic aren't you[View]
127892042>I am ready to go. Ready to do my job to the best of my abilities. >I am focused only on the e…[View]
127892036Zooom!: Was he being a prophet on the new zoomer scene? I think he is[View]
127889752What's his endgame?[View]
127890316>movie ends >blooper reel starts playing >actor states my full name to the camera and eve…[View]
127891936this board in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3co7V1xdthA[View]
127891820>Prequels introduce a plethora of new, creative and odd visual designs to differentiate themselve…[View]
127891397what do you expect of S4?[View]
127888777>black fimmaker >the movie is about racism…[View]
127891896What are some kino 16:9 movies to watch? Getting a widescreen monitor soon so want to exhaust the go…[View]
127891073How exactly can the Enterprise see itself using external view? You always hear the captian say exter…[View]
127891883best 4d joke ever made on tv and not a single golden globe, what a shitty world we live in[View]
127891842If I had a steak... oh boy...[View]
127891701Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped![View]
127891768>HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAAHAHAHA HAAA HAAAH BOI! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C247JvgKE…[View]
127887023Which movie best captures the experience of being a lonely, friendless, isolated young guys in his e…[View]
127891365https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sUVJ3fTWNA Was it kino?[View]
127891676Now this is cinema[View]
127891657What movie should I watch with my emotional support pupper /tv/?[View]
127891462IN MY EYES[View]
127890780>you just used me to get inside >inside what?…[View]
127889277is it kino?[View]
127887087Cast him.[View]
127891491post shlockkino[View]
127889275Nice board, nigga.[View]
127891345Villainiest villain of the 2010's[View]
127890149main character listens to classic music to show how intellectual and deep he is: >tired_pepe.png…[View]
127865561What's your favorite animated movie?[View]
127891390just marathoned this bad boy. what did I think of it?[View]
127890717Kino of the highest order[View]
127891383ITT: Pure kino scenes: https://youtu.be/z-4mtA6Z88k[View]
127890367Name two things these men have in common: Marlon Brando Robert De Niro Jack Nicholson Al Pacino Dani…[View]
127891544What are some good British flicks? I want to hear their funny accents.[View]
127886261just watched this, what did I think about it?[View]
127891343the best movies are not the ones that make you imagine your self as the actor playing your favourite…[View]
127888556How many Oscars will it win?[View]
127891111Do Asian girls date Italian men? I ask because I'm about to work on my script. Not trying to ba…[View]
127888519Now that he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison, who will play him in the inevitable bio…[View]
127891280Who was the most Chad movie character?[View]
127890032Let's be honestm End Game was the greatest cinematic acheive in human history.: The fact it won…[View]
127889950Keeping Up Appearances: >The Bucket residence, the lady of the house speaking! How did Richard pu…[View]
127889614Just got home from a night out after just 30 minutes. Sick as hell. Watching Drive. What are you guy…[View]
127889535>German WW2 movie >none of the soldiers support Hitler…[View]
127891129kinos with this aesthetic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZLFeHdizxQ[View]
127876811>men don't hit the w-[View]
127890320Comon comon, I want you to do it I want you to say it. Comon comon say it, comon say it. SAY IT![View]
127890760Was it kino[View]
127888671You may not like it, but this is what peak Star Wars looks like[View]
127890840So when will Disney return to making TRUE kino?: They Keep shitting out Star wars shit but people fo…[View]
127890836was it racist when they put this young black man on 'lie detector' tet that was just a copying machi…[View]
127890454I'm just standing up for my rights as a coomsumer[View]
127886700What would you do in his situation?[View]
127890611Hey /tv/ could you recommend me any kino Nixon movies? inb4 Frost vs. Nixon. Not that I didn't …[View]
127890803/Spoilers/: What did you think of the ending to season 2?[View]
127890792why didnt he just use a tape recorder lmao[View]
127888587Which one of these early 2000s epics is the best and why?[View]
127890206Based Colin on the set of Batman[View]
127890703>fapping myself into a coma again Kinos for this feel?[View]
127890704best movie of the 90s[View]
127887624>What number comes between two and four?[View]
127887763so did everyone get banned or[View]
127890061Has a movie ever given you a fetish?[View]
127889309Joker in B&W: Ok now THIS is kino!!![View]
127890091Ginger Snaps: I just wanted to say a personal thank you to the anon who spams Ginger Snaps webms on …[View]
127890251Were there really gangs of singers lurking on street corners back in the 70's?[View]
127890468So, well agree that it was this guy. Right?[View]
127888120Do people actually like this shit? I like Tarantino's movies but I honestly feel like I'm …[View]
127889385Sigh...somehow, Germany returned.[View]
127890377The story of a younger man and a bolder woman[View]
127885210Almost 6 years later, was JLaw right?[View]
127890373>you remind me of my favorite actor >john malcovich OH COME THE FUCK ON…[View]
127889229In the climax of “Blade Runner 2049,” there is a reckoning of self-understanding. Two replicants fig…[View]
127886076Chuck: For me it’s Chuck Bartowski[View]
127890030ITT: we imagine what a movie with a narrative of remembrance similar to The Irishman but narrated by…[View]
127883555Bad Boys for Life' Set to Scores Huge 68 Mill opening on 90 Mil budget. BASED Will is back: …[View]
127879626All of Yorgos Lanthimos’ movies give me the impression he was molested as a kid.[View]
127885102>here's that kid I was telling you about[View]
127889412Films that didn't age so well.[View]
127888593Every state funded TV-show/movie should be public domain: Change my mind[View]
127890207Fuck you guys I liked it.[View]
127890100sigh... SOMEHOW VOLDEMORT HAS RETURNED! he said calmly[View]
127886764This is objectively the best SW movie.[View]
127889564>in film class >teacher dictates that everyone has to choose a partner for the next activity …[View]
127885664Disney to cut 'Fox' from '20th Century Fox': What's everyone's favorit…[View]
127889356ITT: British Kino[View]
127889251was the entire movie a dream/delusion?[View]
127889964They're putting a channel now in Italian cable TV (20th January, Fellini's 100th birthday)…[View]
127887148Dude like... high school is really hard and stuff[View]
127888790>As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a ______ A what /tv/?…[View]
127889757What did you think?[View]
127889901Why are the alien designs for the Disney Star Wars movies so shitty?[View]
127889893keanu was actually kino before reddit found out about him[View]
127886723Choose your 90s waifu. For me it's Monica.[View]
127889315I just finished this can we talk about it ? [spoil] How come he didn't kill deckard at the end …[View]
127889802a mechanical canine[View]
127888482Somehow...Long Johnson has returned.[View]
127887507This guy did nothing wrong.[View]
127889029the wrong brother died[View]
127889641>Watching film >seems pretty cool >Girl appears >it suddenly becomes unwatchable…[View]
127889445Did every kino this year just rip off the Simpsons? The Lighthouse = Mountain of Madness Parasite = …[View]
127888430ITT: scenes that made you walk out of the theater[View]
127881528We need to talk about the bush situation[View]
127888240Silent Hill: What does /tv/ think of Silent Hill?[View]
127868819Knights of the Old Republic movie: Robert Pattinson is wanted by Lucasfilm to play the male lead in …[View]
127887607What movies does he watch?[View]
127889559For All Mankind: >hey russkie, don't use our winch k? Why isn't /tv/ watching pure alt-…[View]
127888520>Protag keeps getting into zanier situations as the kino goes on. Kinos like this?…[View]
127888054ITT: Pure Kino that American's can't understand..[View]
127880379Films where the main character battles delusions of grandeur?[View]
127883005Knights of the Old Republic movie: >Lucasfilm is keen to have a woman of color in the lead for it…[View]
127887970Why didn't they just use the eagles to fly to mount doom and destroy the ring?[View]
127887129The fuck was this[View]
127886250potential ww2 kino: why the hell is there no movie about america glassing hiroshima and nagasaki?…[View]
127889270*sigh* somehow... my psoriasis has returned[View]
127889227Hey Faggots, My name is Nuri, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
127887432The Lighthouse: Anyone else watched this movie? Been wondering what other people thought about it…[View]
127889132There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, th…[View]
127886360Could Parasite's celebrated popularity is due to its message leeching off rich people's we…[View]
127888750live action movie when? Who plays pork bun guy?[View]
127889115James May: Our Man In Japan: Hey Bim, guess what?[View]
127887244as if we needed more reasons to drop n*tflix[View]
127888362Look at this kid[View]
127888997Lynch, you fucking cunt. What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
127888962Hark! *BRRRRAAAPPppppppPPPP* Hark, Triton. Hark! Bellow, bid our BBBBBBRRRRRRRRPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…[View]
127888868Since the first Simpsons movie had a gag during the '20th Century Fox' intro, I bet the second movie…[View]
127888828Was Buddy Cole based?[View]
127888507What's the difference between Western and Eastern?[View]
127888915>bomb countdown clock makes a beeping sound[View]
127876765Anyone watched this? How does it go, it's co-written by that twat Seth 'Dude weed' Ro…[View]
127888844>But what about the robot assault on the Wookie species?[View]
127888685Uh yeah...I'm thinkin this is wholesome[View]
127888869This meme inspired by Nostalgia Critic.[View]
127888810I really liked the depiction of violence in pic related[View]
127887869>has nothing good or unique to offer outside of visuals heh, nothing personal kid…[View]
127886030TRoS Box Office General - Not Litty Enough Edition: >Domestic Box Office $485,623,801 >Interna…[View]
127877148You're a big joi[View]
127888575The discerning nympholept may only choose one.[View]
127888665What are some fun scifi adventures of only young men?[View]
127884947Why is nudity not a common thing in modern movies? Is it the me too era or are American actresses ju…[View]
127888608Palpatine has what?[View]
127887952>Good Dog[View]
127888624It's not gonna win best picture[View]
127888599Films about Plantations?[View]
127888444How could this generic thriller win best picture lol[View]
127888327What does it make you feel? https://youtu.be/FySIbIhjyqA?t=114[View]
127887956Raid 2020: FINALLY, it's out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuOmmIOdPg8[View]
127888227will she ever be a store bros[View]
127886405Now that the dust has settled, I think we can all agree that the prequels were at least on par with …[View]
127888463Drive: I saw this for the first time last night. It was pretty good.[View]
127883602Fucking mouse.[View]
127887768>war movie >americans not shown as blood thirsty savages…[View]
127877805Why do people suddenly love these films? I get that they're filled with references to really ol…[View]
127887668Dunno what all the fuss is about. Obviously used more than one shot. It took at least 2 just to kill…[View]
127888176For me, it's Cinemark.[View]
127888004Why is she so fucking ugly to me?[View]
127882554Nice movie, washed out the bad taste Joker left on.[View]
127883235post your top 5 kinos of all time!!!: also rate each other[View]
127888423>climate change is a hoax Can you recommend me some movies about ignorance and blatant denial of …[View]
127888161may da force be witcha[View]
127879264Just finished this masterpiece.: Had to pause a lot and talk with my roommate a few times during it …[View]
127883497ITT: Movies that made you lifelong fans of an actor: I never got the Pitt hype before this movie. No…[View]
127888009ourguy confirmed[View]
127885536Why did they stop making clones and started capturing little black kids instead?[View]
127887135We chat online for like 2 hours everyday...so I guess you could say things are getting pretty seriou…[View]
127886434Underrated/underseen westerns and crime films Some examples >Bringe Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia…[View]
127872063>is the only Asian at Hogwarts >is named Ching Chong Bing Bong Jesus Christ JK…[View]
127886917How was Heath's Joker always 10 steps ahead and managing to pull off all his crimes flawlessly?[View]
127887223Just saw this. Screamers is a really good movie, if you don't like it... JUST GET OFF MY BACK /…[View]
127887532>scene where man and woman in a bar lock eyes >jump cut to them taking turns shitting in the k…[View]
127887902Joker Sucked Ass: This is like Reddit somehow manifested itself into a piece of video picture other …[View]
127887805What ever happened to good movie music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdrScNQDFMM[View]
127887552Any other movies that have a grand scale in war?[View]
127886080The Man with no Name Trilogy: Have you watched it? What is your opinion about it? As I have read it…[View]
127879870*hits pipe* >“It might be advisable, rather than lose the American interest, to let the Americans…[View]
127886235When did you realise that Luke is an entirely irrelevant character after the first movie? Think abou…[View]
127887622This is quite possibly the most boring and pretentious movie ever. >NOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN THIRD …[View]
127883697THAT'S MY SON[View]
127887814Post some kino CGI scenes. Only the very best.[View]
127887084hi ben[View]
127886963George... I'm so sorry.: >Did you ever hear the tragedy of Boomer Star Wars fans? I thought …[View]
127886726not great not terrible[View]
127886738Todd Phillips shouldn't of directed this >Those shitty dance scenes >The XD clock punchin…[View]
127887675A New Hope=Empire Strikes Back>Return of The Jedi>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
127876194ITT: Terrible Best Picture winners[View]
127887404>movie exist >/tv/ loves it >it becomes popular >/tv/ hates them Do you fags want anothe…[View]
127886145Oh Mandy well You came and you gave without taking But I sent you away Oh, Mandy Well, you kissed me…[View]
127887698Colour out of Space: whats the /tv/erdict? i liked it, it was a faithful adaption and i also wasnt p…[View]
127887269never seen this discussed on /tv/. was is that bad?[View]
127884569Is this the greatest historykino?[View]
127887663Dark universe: Why did it fail bros? Was there even hope for it to begin with?[View]
127887637And all I could think when he was done was...'I, I could use me a smoke'[View]
127854861>Why they didn't scoop a bit of lava from mount doom and bring it to the shire to melt the r…[View]
127887621hol up: u be sayin u wuz a stormtroopa too????[View]
127885414>beloved by edgy decadent hipsters the world over >despite all of his films consistently showi…[View]
127878256Burn (2019): is she the more awkward and more autistic female version of Travis Bickle??[View]
127886372Was Elvis Presley a good actor? Also, how come he isn't ostricized these days after dating a 14…[View]
127887529What do you think Captain Willard did when he got out of that shithole? He narrated he wasn't i…[View]
127887481Billion Dollar Franchise, assuming Hollywood had the balls to try it.[View]
127880560>Haha were the ayylmaos retarded why would they come to earth if they’re allergic to water? It wa…[View]
127887508Star Trek: >sit through a couple episodes of Star Trek >hammy acting >weird pseudo-science …[View]
127887427>Australian TV series >first scene of the first episode >woman screams ``Free Tibet'…[View]
127883065Would you?[View]
127887386Will we ever see it?[View]
127886013Why don’t these Malteser adverts ever feature men?[View]
127887132I'll always remember them[View]
127886815>Release the Snydercut![View]
127884929>Believe it or not, George isn’t at home. Please leave a message at the beep. I must be out, or I…[View]
127886381who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
127882323He's fucked[View]
127882707Were the fans more disappointed with the prequels or the sequels when they were released?[View]
127877559Forgiven your momma yet?[View]
127886530ITT: Kino music videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO4y3nkJXDA[View]
127885718Never seen Star Wars. None of them. Never will. ''Omg you're missing out'' …[View]
127886803>Luke. It seems we have found a large amount of data on the Holonet of Twi'lek twinks and Za…[View]
127884648cute ![View]
127886888our boy Charles (MDE) on Garrets (Mega64) podcast https://youtu.be/7hqWVaEWBWw[View]
127878850KYLO REN IS ALIVE: Yeah, I'm thinking based >Adam Driver talks about saying goodbye to Kylo …[View]
127882227How brave of him[View]
127882128>tfw all you wanna do is build a spaceship out of junk and get the fuck off earth but people keep…[View]
127886652How the fuck was this film even made?[View]
127860717ITT: actors you look like[View]
12788336510/10 actress: soothing voice[View]
127885199Remember when there was a point around 2012-2015 when we thought that Streaming would be the future …[View]
127886177Who here /dilation nation/?[View]
127884823AHHHHHHHHHHH this weird color is making me go mad AHHHHH[View]
127885469Would you say >The Simpsons sucks. or >The Simpsons suck. ? It is plural after all...…[View]
127886420Literally did nothing wrong.[View]
127886192Has there ever been a greater pleb filter?[View]
127879767you told me this was kino. you lied to me. this film was shit.[View]
127886350This is objectively the best SW movie.[View]
127885386>out for almost two months >still can't find a 4K version without German subtitles What g…[View]
127886243shes my new waifu[View]
127885973People keep telling me that I got filtered. So tell me anon why is this kino?[View]
127886575What was the deal with the ending? Is it some kind of metaphor?[View]
127880268seriously is there anything this woman can't do[View]
127885948One last time?[View]
127884283>You're a nigger, Harry.[View]
127882869I would be surprised if even 50% of this board knows what this is[View]
127886073>'hardcore granny' character >hilarious scenes where she plays video games and swears…[View]
127886055>*sigh* you people What did he mean by this???[View]
127885876*sigh* Somehow, the Jedi have returned[View]
1278788992019 movies: >my favorite movies of 2019 Dragged Across Concrete The Lighthouse 1917 Knives Out T…[View]
127885421For me, it's Finding Nemo: Perfect family film. The animation is as impressive as ever, not agi…[View]
127876082ITT : Boring movies pseuds pretend to enjoy[View]
127886220Apologize to us Scott gimple. Apologize for ruining walking dead right now.[View]
127878363Marvel's THE ETERNALS Official Synopsis: >Marvel Studios’ The Eternals features an exciting …[View]
127885463>What if Superman decided to fly down, rip the roof of the White House and take the president? Wh…[View]
127883909Make a sneed comment anon! And then we can go out to get some chocolate frosty milkshakes![View]
127885924How did his arc deserve to end? What would have been a better send off in your opinion, speaking for…[View]
127883442ITT Actors who are younger than their partner[View]
127885956DEY HEA[View]
127885878Leave Robert alone: The film made nearly three hundred million at the box office. It’s time to admit…[View]
127884793Reminder that no matter how bad the sequels are, the prequels are still shit and always will be. /tv…[View]
127885840What are some films about cats?[View]
127885744How was it so KINO?[View]
127885590is this proof that whites and blacks can coexist if its about sports?[View]
127885615The Departed: Where does Departed rank in Scorcese's kinography?[View]
127884438FUCKIN QUEERS sopranos thread[View]
127884697Nice movie, washed out the bad taste Joker left on.[View]
127884430Why are Mel Gibson fans so pathetic?[View]
127885643Weekly Fuck Jannies Thread: Whats your favorite movie/other product co-advertisements?[View]
127884721George Lucas appreciation thread: I just don't understand why people call George a bad director…[View]
127885625Rohan has short-sold us. Theoden's ruined me. Abandon your stocks! Sell, sell for your lives!!![View]
127885618Return Of The Jedi: Directed by David Lynch[View]
127885528So what was the smoke monster really? Is it safe to assume we never really knew what it was, or what…[View]
127885588why doesn't he call out joey diaz on his bullshit?[View]
127885586ITT: kinos from your childhood that you (and pretty much nobody else) watched over and over. Pic rel…[View]
127881965Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
127883828>2h26min how do I split Mulholland Drive into a miniseries?[View]
127885529Cast him[View]
127885373>most overrated actor of all time[View]
127885495The /tv/ meetup was a success: Pic related was everyone who came to the /tv/ meetup. It was a great …[View]
127885347Yay or Nay?[View]
127884315Reminder...: that the first Harry Potter film is still the best one and the first three are the only…[View]
127885433https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com Post results[View]
127885211Antonio Meucci invented the telephone and he got robbed![View]
127884525Nice movie, washed out the bad taste Joker left on.[View]
127881731>I paid $549.99 for the MCU Infinity Saga 4K Blu-ray Box Set[View]
127883906From my point of view the Jedi are evil.[View]
127884567>I hope these trade negotiations go well, Master.[View]
127885311>Every six hours a woman is murdered for being a star wars fan. When are we finally going to admi…[View]
127881804Was this gay?[View]
127885281Is Tony Montana /ourguy/?: >Gets easily triggered >Can't control bad habits >Jealous a…[View]
127881797/KINO/ GENERAL: Tired of capeshit? Have a higher than average IQ? Cry yourself to sleep at night? Th…[View]
127882762>anime can't be ki-[View]
127884097post mary sues[View]
127883870I don't need the water[View]
127885216Was it kino?[View]
127885148Hey jannies and mods: You’re a bunch of pathetic cocksuckers, how does it feel to know you’re baseme…[View]
127884998Will Joker be able to beat the 2 meme gimmicky nominees of the year?[View]
127885115>Nice Would Steve survive the apocalypse? Would you be his woman (male)?…[View]
127881329/jazz/ talk about the show about trans sexual jazz[View]
127884939Post kino scenes that make you hungry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOZH57odl_k[View]
127885008How much longer, /tv/?[View]
127876566>mfw no HARK!! thread[View]
127884988Why are 70s crime dramas so kino?[View]
127885108could you handle the star life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dzbJqq66Ac[View]
127882635What is in your opinion: a perfect movie? Bonus points: >Close or over 3 hours long (Perfectly pa…[View]
127884847What am I in for[View]
127883348What are some other movies against consooming besides American Psycho and Fight Club[View]
127884374What made it so much better than Drake & Josh?[View]
127884994well i finally got around to seeing it on netflix certainly not one of scorcese best films not even …[View]
127884742Meanwhile at the Fruit Rollups Factory...[View]
127882914I hate using this word, but she is such a fucking cunt. Horrible mother, terrible wife, awful person…[View]
127884914>be Annie >get your gun Seriously ?[View]
127884858ITT youtube kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG-eDfg0NLw[View]
127884834What are some films similar to Stalker?[View]
127883576>2001 >lets put a black guy in a medieval setting it will be HILARIOUS he will be so out of pl…[View]
127884094Nice movie, washed out the bad taste Joker left on.[View]
127884643>boromir is boorish >faramir is fair what the fuck tolkien…[View]
127883717If bongs are supposed to be ugly how do they have such good looking actors?[View]
127883070They're gonna become the king/queen of cringe porn.: They're going to So Cal to film a rea…[View]
127884672Now that the dust has settled [spoil]Was it kino ?[/spoil][View]
127883600i have a girl coming over soon. what movie should i put on fer us to watch?[View]
127883500就在我以為我不在的時候: 他們把我拉回去[View]
127884597Libtards always win the movie[View]
127878633OH NO NO NO NO NO!: Brad What is you doing nigga?[View]
127882856ahhhhhhhhh what a perfect saturday[View]
127864076If Darth Plageius was the Wise how did Palpatine get the drop on him?[View]
127884493OH whats your problem[View]
127883388Y'all actually have a hard time with women? How?[View]
127884304So this year's Oscars seems very predictable. Phoenix got the GG and critics award, will get th…[View]
127884399Hi Bob[View]
127881962Why do movies portray such unrealistic situations as commonplace?[View]
127884354Many if not all of you...: ... work harder than the clown.[View]
127884361Spiderman 4 (2021): plot: >it has been 20 years since 9/11 >after vanishing and presumed dead …[View]
127874733>this was considered inhumanly ripped in 1995 wtf 90’s[View]
127881912How would you describe this kind of pretentious dialogue?: >Did you put like, a hundred things of…[View]
127880918>the script didn't contain any nudity but Keitel insisted on being fully nude in pivotal sce…[View]
127883614I can't fucking believe that I spent 3 and a half fucking hours watching this shit you lied to …[View]
127884218>My advantage: Chosen one >His advantage: Famed potion master >Open with incendio >Use …[View]
127882587Why didn't Harry marry the beautiful and talented Fleur instead of the average and annoying Gin…[View]
127881753what the fuck is this what decade is it supposed to take place?[View]
127875694Favorite AVGN insult/curse word/rant?[View]
127884174hey granmah how bouts you gets me anoda grape soda, CAPEESH[View]
127883671How isn't he a reality TV star yet?[View]
127884104Daily Recommendation: Man of Marble Polish epic about deeply corrupted and anti-human soviet system …[View]
127883287ITT old movies you've recently seen and enjoyed[View]
127883349remember when mos def was in movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LaqTTRNvpg[View]
127880238Peepeepoopoo: Peepeepoopoo[View]
127863033Why would they make the already progressive Discworld even more progressive? This is just bizarre[View]
127881176Shit, being an actor is tough https://www.cameo.com/c/actors[View]
127877505good actor or just an eye candy?[View]
127883482Quiet you kids! If I hear one more word, Bart doesn't get to watch cartoons and Lisa doesn…[View]
127883856Why did they smear him?[View]
127882265He did nothing weong[View]
127883699If only he hadn't mistaken a pre-ganglionic fiber for a post-ganglionic nerve, he'd have b…[View]
127882885why did (((they))) kill him[View]
127882884Name a scene more comfy than this.[View]
127872566What would it take to seriously de-canonize these movies?[View]
127883769Why did he do it?[View]
127883750What are some movies about white culture?[View]
127880795Who are some actresses that got better with age?[View]
127882623Is matrix lore the most overrated there is? Main series >hey fellow robots let's use humans …[View]
127881563I DON'T EAT[View]
127882328ITT: franchise killers[View]
127883568Sex Education: I WANT OTIS WITH RUBY!!! edition.[View]
127883566Watch old movies[View]
127883563How far from normal are Hollywood actors[View]
127883276just watched this last night. it was basically superwoke, some scenes straight up lifted from superb…[View]
127876348If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?[View]
127882331Why's he box office posion?[View]
127879809What are your reasons for not watching TV, /tv/?[View]
127880493Whatever happened to Danielle Panabaker? The hot chick from Sky High[View]
127878493Is he right? Do autists ruin anime kino?[View]
127881776Based Boys for Life[View]
127881795Sex gifs[View]
127881919ABSOLUTE MADMAN[View]
127883242BARTY CROUCH[View]
127882582Batman's one rule is to not kill anyone. However, it seems he has not considered that the econo…[View]
127881055Welcome to McArthouse, may I take your order?[View]
127881749Which version of 'Lord of the Flies' has the best fap material? the original, or the 90s r…[View]
127881187What is the consensus on the K-9 films? Are they dog kino? https://youtu.be/aUDhHe8GqGU[View]
127880165What would compel Elijah Wood to act in a film with a literal pornstar like Sasha Grey?[View]
127881987I took leave of my father's decrepit farmhouse in my modest Guatemalan automobile, making reaso…[View]
127882137Wait, is he serious? Are we missing out here?[View]
127883013Why didn't Windu block Anakin's strike? He's supposed to be best duelist in the galax…[View]
127880848What would he likely say or think about his company if he could see it today?[View]
127880292>I'll take a double-triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, 4x4 animal style, extra shingles with a …[View]
127872889Let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
127875550I'm a weeaboo. Anime is better than Hollywood movies.[View]
127882821what are some movie critics that you trust?[View]
127881162People who work without monetary gain are literally subhuman. They are merely the sapient equivalent…[View]
127880791Kinos about epic fails and getting btfo every single time?[View]
127882481Au revoir, Shoshana[View]
127877573Whats the does /tv/ feel about the ethnic cast of the Witcher? What's the name of the fat black…[View]
127879242>Reggie LaDou'? haven't heard that name in years[View]
127882542>movie about PTSD >doesn't have le PTSD face What the fuck…[View]
127882549How about another joke?[View]
127882535ITT: Kino armor designs from movies[View]
127882196/br2049/: What do you think of the fantheory that Agent K was a replicant?[View]
127880930I need your help to find a movie I saw when I was like 10 but can't remember the name nor any o…[View]
127881525I miss this lill nigga like you wouldnt believe What would it take to restart his career?[View]
127879679What's next for our guy, Idris Elba?[View]
127882456Neon Crosses, Cumshots and Blacked Scenes: Do you think the Vatican will regret endorsing this shit?…[View]
127879666What’s her name? Why do people make fun of her..?[View]
127881851>watching Oscar nominated film “Parasite” >this scene happens Do Koreans really do this?…[View]
127868865Even /tv/ liked Joker.[View]
127880103THE ROCK DID IT AGAIN: Star Wars BTFO once again by the People's LITTY HERO. Kathleen Kennedy o…[View]
127881489Formerly Fox[View]
127881290Could Weird Al save the sequel trilogy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEcjgJSqSRU[View]
127881160TFW you actually lived in just the right time to see this: It's gonna happen, guys. This year …[View]
127879222What went wrong?[View]
127882178What is your favorite episode of Spongebob /tv/? Post Spongekino.[View]
127882054https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByT0FErPgfQ Hello /tv/ its time to check up on the current gangs. As…[View]
127876200Kino in every single language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCP-Y4u-beQ[View]
127881779Why dont more of these big budget films have the level of cgi that Deads Mans Chest have. MCU looks …[View]
127882172S.W.A.T: Anyone here watching? Pretty cool show.[View]
127875508>I don't want to be an emperor, that's not my business[View]
127882028How do you like ongoing Sleeping Beauty remake?[View]
127881503Has /r/AsianMasculinity recovered from this yet?[View]
127882098/tv/'s official theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Png_MTzJA[View]
127877318She’s right, you know[View]
127881545>A Congressional fact-finding study found that only about 2% of copyrighted works between 55 and …[View]
127881803Anybody thinking about buying a Merc?[View]
127880546>Your Majesty, the Nilfgaardians will breach the castle gates.[View]
127880298Smug actors[View]
127881424Supernatural: Shadow Saturday edition. What are Billie, Jack and the Cosmic Entity in the Empty up t…[View]
127881665Walking In NYC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1XGPvbWn0A Thoughts on this classic vid? Also gener…[View]
127881295Who's the most based movie reviewer. C'mon now, admit it you're just contrarians and …[View]
127881601To be fair, that Vin Makazian's plotline, who's been struggling with his hidden telekinesi…[View]
127879697why do people like this movie so much? i think hateful eight and once upon a time are much better[View]
127880081Based? Based on what?[View]
127881476Post forgotten films of the 00s. Good or bad, doesn't matter.[View]
127877962stills the best war movie of this decade: How did Nolan, a known hack, do it?[View]
127881092>FOCK THE KING[View]
127880035How do you get out from this situation?[View]
127879439>In this episode, Hank uses his old fashioned ways to defeat a straw liberal >Next week, Hank …[View]
127881403Which version of events do you prefer more?: From the 'legends' (where the clones of Django Fett unt…[View]
127879944ITT: TV episodes that won't fly today.[View]
127878490Name a better pairing[View]
127881315alright fellow doomers[View]
127879153Heineken just released a new advert starring a Daniel Craig as James Bond https://youtu.be/kXUJY78RM…[View]
127881266>want to post on slash tv slash tv >captcha tells me to select all pictures with sneed in them…[View]
127876784They're right you know[View]
127881188We got too cocky, bros[View]
127879227>Villein listens to classical music[View]
127881025>Watching coom kino >after cum shit camera pans to this >really makes you think…[View]
127879987Why was Opie so obsessed with Howard Stern?[View]
127880926PRO PANE PRO PANE[View]
127881095Military Thread!: > Favorite military related movies/characters? > Favorite military babes? …[View]
127879207Do americans really do this?[View]
127869505You have lost Rome without unsheathing your sword. You have lost ROME![View]
127880960Now that the dust has settled, who was the best?[View]
127880812why cant we talk about simpsons? did anyone like monrail episode?[View]
127879975Film Related Webms[View]
127878658ITT: Your top TV shows of all time: 1 - The Simpsons (classic era) 2 - Breaking Bad 3 - Twin Peaks 4…[View]
127880710GUAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHH!!!': What did Sheev mean by this?[View]
127880653muh amazon fetish: Now this is what I call KINO[View]
127880664Film quote: 'I'm tapped I'm tapioca' is the quote, the guy is asked for money or something…[View]
127880805I just want to know many levels of marijuana with mushrooms powder do you need to smoke before you w…[View]
127879119Star Wars Falls Below Jumanji In Daily Grosses, Little Women, Knives Out Hold: https://www.forbes.co…[View]
127880754Lo (2009): I have this movie downloaded and I don't remember why, or anything about it. Is it a…[View]
127880671>big gulps huh?[View]
127879841The outsider: Is it a shapeshifter?[View]
1278790492020 and still not able to hide tiles or use filters on Netflix.[View]
127880459james woods: why is he in family guy and the simpsons?[View]
127879442Westerns: If you like For a Few Dollars More more than The Good The Bad and The Ugly could you expla…[View]
127878779Who is the worst comedian?[View]
127880061Lord of the rings: Is it just me or are Frodo and Sam gay? Is it canon? Watching LOTR for the first …[View]
127880574Pleb filters: Post the best pleb filters of 2010s. Starting with the obvious ones: The Counselor and…[View]
127880538Malcolm X: You retards never discuss this kinosaurus. Post extremely based political kinosauruses.…[View]
127880504Why didn't this scene make the cut /tv/?[View]
127879992Made in Abyss: Juourney's Dawn: Now that the latest Manufactured in the hole movie has come out…[View]
127876069What happend to Elvira after Tony got BTFO ?[View]
127876808>Ahsoka >Ahsoka Skywalker[View]
127878797Why does he rate The Exorcist so highly?[View]
127879185That perfect pic you found that turned out to be a webp? Me.[View]
127879123>doesn't kiss her back >she murders thousands of women and children Would every woman do …[View]
127878644This is actually really good[View]
127880216I love this nog, recommend me some good standup with dry humor please[View]
127880274Walking In NYC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1XGPvbWn0A Thoughts on this classic vid? Also gener…[View]
127878223>You never got me down Ray. You never got me down.[View]
127879414You're all racists: Why can't you tell asian people apart /tv/? https://www.latimes.com/en…[View]
127880010Just found out Tommy Lee Jones used to be young. Shit's crazy.[View]
127878614how does he see or hear music?[View]
127879551the following thread is brought to you by RAID: Shadow Legends[View]
127876843How do we fix Lucasfilm and why is it too late?[View]
127880076I LIKE TO[View]
127879907This is the best example of a scene women will NEVER get: Even the most hideous women have endless a…[View]
127869390Which movies have made you cry the most?[View]
127877328i watched this and i'm confused - can anyone give me a hint as to how to reconcile what neitzch…[View]
127878148Any kinos for this feel?[View]
127879848One more film[View]
127876733Why was the Empire (a proxy of the Sith) racist towards non-human species when some of the strongest…[View]
127877883Is home improvement the most based show of all time?[View]
127879886Alright /tv/ pitch your best ideas to make a kino disaster movie. There's arguably no way to ma…[View]
127879877you heart that?[View]
127876501The Duelists 1977: why is this film so poorly rated, dont see any reason why this would be below a s…[View]
127879798Moments when your heart completely sunk[View]
127879011I Am Jazz: I Am Jazz[View]
127878770When I came home there was a man in my house. He had a mechanical... arm.[View]
127879005>the best Judge Dredd movie isn’t even a Judge Dredd movie[View]
127878370>he connects his laptop to the TV...[View]
127879686Dr. Mary Sue[View]
127877908More films like this?[View]
127879523This was the best late 20th century sci fi series. prove me wrong. protip you cant.[View]
127879400Survivor S40 Spoilers: Here's your winner, bro[View]
127879344Is this...true kino? I liked it very much.[View]
127873190>beats out Nolan >beats out Cuaron >beats out Inarritu >theater btfo film geeks How did …[View]
127879473>it's like he's a ghost. No insta. No facebook not even a discord account >well what…[View]
127879310Why this movie trigger so many plebs?[View]
127878325>classic rock starts playing Damn this guy is brilliant. So many classics.…[View]
127867898Tony fired from cinemassacre: We got too cocky rental review bros![View]
12787768240K Animated movie/series WHEN? https://youtu.be/VI9c_PbdfD4[View]
127878110Finally watched it and I gotta say it's kino[View]
127876533Doctor Strange can be seen defeating his enemy, an apple. This is because an apple a day keeps the d…[View]
127865589So who was the parasite?[View]
127879254>LOOK! IT'S JIMMY CARTER![View]
127879272>Television or film questions that keep you up at night[View]
127878905>heads, i kill you and the movie ends without a climax >tails, a secondary antagonist gets sho…[View]
127874447Are Malicks three less narrative focused films kino or not?[View]
127876839Wait, hold on. Is tinder a real thing in poo land?[View]
127879141The Force is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you l…[View]
127878786Alpha was true petkino. A simple, timeless story and beautiful visuals. Not only among the best dog …[View]
127878144ITT: shows only you watched[View]
127878607Why was Obi-Wan so unreasonable? https://youtu.be/xzNHtiC9dVM[View]
127878017Is there anything he can't do?[View]
127872706Coming from a guy who was questioned for John Hinkley-Taxi Driver connection when Reagan was shot.[View]
127876640Where's the torrent?[View]
127878292what am i in for lads? christiancucks need not reply[View]
127874558>tfw hufflepuff[View]
127876974why can't women direct scenes like this?[View]
127867132Why was he such a pussy? Literally every other Terminator shown in the whole franchise could have be…[View]
127874192>don't even want to fuck her >want her to be my mum who shares nerd hobbies >talk abou…[View]
127877742Which actresses are a triple threat?[View]
127873064>He was a loathsome, gorilla-like thing, with abnormally long arms which I could not help calling…[View]
127873172what's next for sam hyde?[View]
1278787121917: did 1917 make you shed a tear? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOF0oS535Co[View]
127878828Has a movie or show ever made you want to eat something?[View]
127876745I want a movie to match this feel. Give me a movie to match this feel, which I will watch. I want so…[View]
127872248How could they have improved Rey's character[View]
127876228W...What is the Force, exactly?[View]
127878425I want to atch a ton of films back to back, what should be my historical cinematic universe list?[View]
127878561Is it true?[View]
127878436Wait, Feed is a name?[View]
127873271Say it Louder this time[View]
12787694332 years later and still nothing can match it in terms of beauty.[View]
127876570ACCIO GUN![View]
127878192Amazon is not going to do elves right, are they?: I'm scared /tv/...[View]
127874545They actually did it. They actually fucking made a movie about Reddit. No dog whistles, no allusions…[View]
127877145Who was in the wrong here[View]
127877075what do you nerds think of Howard Stern?[View]
127877924Why did Elijah Wood agree to star in a movie with a porn star? Is he that desperate for work?[View]
127875195Why did it bomb so hard? Loved this movie.[View]
127877875Say my name: Say my name[View]
127877721>Uncut Gems is Adam Sandler's best mov-[View]
127878655I bring you love /tv/[View]
127877136Travis Fimmel: Why did his career die after Vikings?[View]
127877998apology for poor english when were you when heat legend dies i was sat at home drinking brain fluid …[View]
127876547How do you get Disney to unwoke itself?[View]
127876521>Only a sith deals in absolutes. What did he mean by this?[View]
127876821Philosophy kinos?: I have to write an essay on a film that has philosophical ideas or has to do with…[View]
127874507APU: Hes gone bros...[View]
127878186This is all wrong. I shouldn't be posting here. I should be playing with my Star Wars action fi…[View]
127878064Watching the movie Dark Waters, does anyone know who this cute bitch is in the background using a ty…[View]
127876124So now that her career on Star Wars is over for the next 20 years can she become an erotic model? I …[View]
127877653*saves your dying franchise*[View]
127878024You forgot about him, didn't you?[View]
127862464BAD BOYS FOR LIFE SET FOR BIG $63-67 MIL WEEKEND. Whatcha gonnnaa doooo: >Sony’s Bad Boys for Lif…[View]
127878051That's uh not my name Alex[View]
127878037What are some movies about Bismarck battleship?[View]
127877102Brainlet here. So was it ALL in his head?[View]
127874695HE'S BACK, BABY!: Comeback of the 21st century![View]
127877541>95% of normies didn’t know who Jon Favreau was till Mandalorian[View]
127877071Behind the scenes pic of Darth Vader without his cape Discuss[View]
127876452Tom Riddle was a CHAD Why didn't he just cope and have sex?[View]
127877709'How does someone wind up in here?': Wasn't Arthur already in Arkham before? What does this mea…[View]
127875961Would you?[View]
127877363HOW DO YOU RESPOND?[View]
127877346What is your thought on the American Psycho ending? Was it his imagination or nobody gives a fuck.[View]
127877758literally me[View]
127877152I heard the latest season was based on one of the worst books in the Expanse series. What can we exp…[View]
127874840When and why did people start seeing Attack of the Clone as worse than Phantom Menace?[View]
127868949So who fucked the emperor ?[View]
127877547Say what you want but the first hour of The Rise of Skywalker is pure unadultered adventure kino wit…[View]
127875263Why did this go so unnoticed? It's one of the best horror movies in recent years IMO.[View]
127875812Armond Snow White: >Movies of the decade >Man Of Steel >Batman V Superman >Pain and Gain…[View]
127877516>Meanwhile, at Lucasfilm... >Kathleen and Bob Iger have a meeting regarding the RoS box number…[View]
127875830>see unfathomable, indescribable, incomprehensible, color from outer space >brain go cray-cray…[View]
127850144/1917/: Discuss[View]
127875243I would pay £3000+ for Angela to piss in my mouth after she's tied me down, humiliating my smal…[View]
127862827The underlying seething of this film is hilarious: >Wtf you can’t just do online marketing this i…[View]
127859780>it’s a “Mulder meets Deepthroat in an empty parking lot at 1 AM” episode…[View]
127875103how do anglos feel about the fact that they're portrayed as weak vile manlet sissies in every s…[View]
127872521What are your actual verdict on 'The Raid 1 & 2' /tv/?[View]
127876156Is it any good?[View]
127876243Holy shit that was incredible[View]
127874212Why didn't Jedi Mind Tricks work on Watto?[View]
127871529Actresses that confuse your penis: I’ll start[View]
127876882These movies are hilarious in how vanilla and sexless they are. Kino for fat housewives and insecure…[View]
127877182Are you mentally prepared for the live action Dragon Ball movies to be announced at D23 this year? I…[View]
127875871Any /tv/ approved romantic kino?[View]
127873881Will it be kino?[View]
127870159The power of female writers[View]
127870489Why is making fun of white girls and depicting them as chronically uncool straight up celebrated? We…[View]
127876279Why did Sauron try to grab Isildurs face and leave the ring fully exposed?[View]
127876986was it kino?[View]
127877051der hauptmann: how did they fuck it up[View]
127876736Help?: I can't find the original cuts of The original Star Wars trilogy do you bros know where …[View]
127859521What's the audience for this show?[View]
127876690Ulysses 31: This is probably my earliest memory of anything on TV. It's basically Ulysses from …[View]
127875124We did, LITTYbros![View]
127873554>Hey Lee, thanks for frying the kids. My career has really taken off since! man what a bitch…[View]
127875991Are we really suppose to believe some fat out of shape dad with heart problems could beat up an enfo…[View]
127874278Oh yeah, that happened[View]
127876657>'That's a Prince judo move right there. You make fun of Prince in a sketch and he'll j…[View]
127876215>watching movie with friends >character says 'formerly' >start laughing out loud >keep l…[View]
127876630RIP Joe Pera's Nana: Where's the sticky jannies????[View]
127873187would chad pitt have a better career than brad? would he have gotten more female asses in the seats …[View]
127873904Well Malick anons is it kino?[View]
127870605Adam Driver open for more Kylo Ren: Yeah, Kylo Ren lives. >Adam Driver talks about saying goodbye…[View]
127876210>Commercial for Domino's claims an employee of theirs is the world's fastest pizza box …[View]
127876413Well damn, Seth. No more Orville?[View]
127875649>makes nothing but remakes and references to movies which are better and more interesting than hi…[View]
127876349bgreen Zoe is...[View]
127875538For me, Coleman Trebor[View]
127874996Was it from space?[View]
127874097Anon, I don't use the word hero often, but you are the greatest hero in 4chan history[View]
127871048>this was considered comically, and grotesquely obese in 1991 How does that make you feel /tv/?…[View]
127874907How closely do you watch movies?[View]
127875976Who's your favorite writer?[View]
127874987Color out of Space 2019: >Color Out of Space (2019) WEBRip 720p oт Kerob >Color Out of Space …[View]
127876101>Honey.Boy.2019.DVDSCR.XviD.AC3-EVO Will this save Shia's career?…[View]
127876098i watched this and i'm confused - can anyone give me a hint as to how to reconcile what neitzch…[View]
127875962Why is every commercial that's about real estate/investing/insurance have someone living alone,…[View]
127875073Most depressing movie ever?: Also a true story based on real events that took place between 1999 and…[View]
127874939>uhm heroin much? >uhm old much? >uhm vegan much? >uhm weed much? >uhm onions face ex…[View]
127876017>ITT: Pleb filters Post them[View]
127875778>The dead speak! How can a movie begin with that sentence? I'm not a native English speaker,…[View]
127873868>Hunger Games >X-Men >Avengers >Star Wars Predict what's be the next hype zoomer fr…[View]
127875880Name a SINGLE thing that isn't a spook. I'm waiting.[View]
127873998>are you sure you want to challenge us, benchod?[View]
127875861Would you like to see it?[View]
127854126/trek/: In this edition, we talk about Tom Paris and Star Trek.[View]
127875794Do you know any good kino's/docus about influencers or influencer culture being BTFO?[View]
127873996already forgotten[View]
127875464Post some pregnancy kino ITT[View]
127875717SINGING IN THE RAIN[View]
127875693Movies/TV shows about going back to a former employer? Office Space doesn't count[View]
127871495Oh my god, im so kino, im such a film buff.: Seriously is their anything worse then what this shit c…[View]
127871063SERVANT: has anyone watched M Night's new show? the season finale made me think that its taking…[View]
127875537Ethan Hawke: what's his secret?[View]
127872438Leslie Jones[View]
127874519Why didn't Gandalf just switch the ring off?[View]
127875520That's Fucking Dusty[View]
127873879Reminder, a24 films are reddit tier and you can't refute this.[View]
127875108Jesus, Linda. Harsh.[View]
127875457Charlie Kaufman: Thoughts on his work?[View]
127875381So can anyone explain Nucky as a character? I watched the show and it was okay, but I could never re…[View]
127874072The Sopranos is my favorite show of all time. I really like how it combines boobs and violence with …[View]
127875421What does a woman smell like /tv/? Seriously though, is it kino?[View]
127872918Canadian Kino: >Nathan For You >Nirvanna the Band the Show >Kenny Vs. Spenny Are there any …[View]
127859352the best animation movie of all time, you ask? hmmm, hmmmmmm, yes, yeah, for me, it's gonna be …[View]
127871511>goes downhill faster than a schoolbus left in neutral >heh, nothing personnel kid how could …[View]
127863686Future of Lord of the rings: Now that the hack son of Tolkien is finally dead(Thank God, my prayings…[View]
127875107Hey Earl[View]
127873780Remember she called out you creepy old fucks: And you got butt mad?[View]
127872197comfy movies thread: post comfy movies/films and discuss i'll start with Lost in Translation (2…[View]
127875224What are some kinos where they mention the title. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8CT4NqH6jWQ[View]
127875222I miss him bros...[View]
127873803Cast it.[View]
127874533At what speed do you watch flicks?[View]
127874607Your opinion on MKUltra Disney hypno sex slave Jenny Nicholson?[View]
127875079will this be kino?[View]
127874546Somehow...: >Rey, it's Poe, I know it's 2 in the morning...but *sigh* somehow Palpatine…[View]
127872826>cuts hand open on barbed wife >jams it straight into the bare guts of a corpse that was being…[View]
127874020How the fuck is EVERYONE a race mixer?!: In the UK no less. Can they really deny an agenda?[View]
127873644Gonna go see 1917 with my nan at the kinoplex tomorrow lads Am I gonna enjoy it?[View]
127874978Let's see your Paul Allen's Dub /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5j4vjY_YeI[View]
127874206Picard: Less than a week until the show airs. Is anybody ACTUALLY looking forward to this shit? I…[View]
127870705Based Logan Joker fags BTFO[View]
127874909For All Mankind: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
127873325Your opinion on Maniac?[View]
127864096Elves are white-like, not black: Elves are ancient, intelligent, and refined. They were described by…[View]
127874580Your opinion on Pain and Gain?[View]
127872695Comfy kino[View]
127873940What are some of the most mysterious, surreal and bizarre films you've seen?[View]
127874783Hypothesis: Almost all of tv is being written by Gen Xers, which is why everyone on television knows…[View]
127873779>the tough hispanic chick on the team has short hair[View]
127873577Do you ever think that that: Art can be evidence of god's plan, the clearest reflection of it…[View]
127869889>hello? based department?[View]
127874010Why would Elijah Wood, an actual film star, agree to be in a film co starring with Sasha Grey, best …[View]
127872547>2020 I am forgotten[View]
127873654criterion 'grand budapest' cover: how did they botch it this badly? the film isn't bl…[View]
127873183What do you call this hairstyle?[View]
127872365I can't at the moment think of any work of fiction with this many ass pulls and deus ex machina…[View]
127866354Now that the dust has settled, was she wrong?[View]
127863685ITT: bad actors that made it big[View]
127866428Only plebs didn't like this movie[View]
127873602Kino is making it's comeback[View]
127874524Any other kinos that explore after death?[View]
127874473Before they can post in this thread, let's have a look at what made it possible for them to be …[View]
127874398>There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a board as vast as space and…[View]
127873716Friday (1995): This is one of the most egotistical projects I’ve seen. What was Ice Cube thinking, …[View]
127873371Usual Suspects: Thoughts?[View]
127874290DUDE ALPACAS LMAO what the fuck was that[View]
127852374'Underwater' Confirms Final Monster Is Cthulhu: >you get to see Cthulhu briefly at the …[View]
127871206movies where the female actress makes a big change in her life?[View]
127874075you got a white storm trooper in the new movies arian god then somewhere in the movie he takes off h…[View]
127872859What did 'Victorious' showrunner Dan Schneider mean by this?[View]
127872110Disappointing resolutions and a bad arc...: >They did my girl dirty and left me feeling really em…[View]
127867062Kaitlyn Dever has cast inTHE BATMAN: she will play Barbara Gordon[View]
127874219>Gee! Sure is boring around here[View]
127873513>THE TITLE OF THIS EMAIL....[View]
127872651Is this lynch's most underrated film?: its on par with his best work[View]
127871945Why is the Fifty Shades trilogy so hilariously awful?[View]
127874061Is he the most kino character in television right now?[View]
127874036*Sigh* Somehow Madara has returned.[View]
127872866'Diane, I've been starting my day with two wanks to some interracial BBC pornography, black mal…[View]
127873956>motif is a descending minor third drone tone. >sounds ominous af >hear it used literally …[View]
127871505Joker is pretty much Taxi Driver 2019[View]
127873820Has a climate change documentary ever convinced you?[View]
127873874Movies that are only liked by pseuds[View]
127872568'The Exorcist is a masterpiece, and might be my favorite film of all time.': The fuck does he see in…[View]
127869237name a good director over 6ft[View]
127873021just binged two seasons of mr. inbetween, what did i think of it, /tv/?[View]
127867994Could a scene like this be shot today? https://youtube.com/watch?v=yeCZsQDMokQ[View]
127873394Cinemax phasing out original programming, will not be part of HBOmax: F https://www.thewrap.com/cine…[View]
127871930>responsible for trillions of deaths >becomes an immortal force ghost because he apologized to…[View]
127872030Wanna fight?[View]
127872142Cast him no sneedposting please[View]
127872540So, he died, right?[View]
127873408Why the fuck do boomers love this shit so much? It's not funny never has been never will be.[View]
127873627Hello, /tv/. Nice threads. How the hell are you?[View]
127872558I'm really not used to shit like this. Gonna watch though. Anyone here seen this?[View]
127873483Falon butchered this skit, lesson one in show biz. Don’t fuck your co Star[View]
127866161What are some cultkino Movies or Docs?[View]
127873553Forgotten Kino: Post shows you think only you have watched and other anons would like. I unironicall…[View]
127873549Your Top Three Films and Your Age: 27 1. Drive 2. True Romance 3. Gladiator[View]
127873385>Tonight, I will kill all of you... I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU[View]
127872433>Character dies of 'old age'[View]
127868645does he masturbate?[View]
127870488Is she immortal? Does Disney not actually care how much of a liability she has become. Literally tur…[View]
127873256darth ochie[View]
127870840What happened to good cereal commercials? Back in the day they could sell you on all of them. Now da…[View]
127870279Black Adam leak: Story is a lot and is going to show Black Adams descent to villainy. Story takes pl…[View]
127867376>fantasy world >birthdays are called 'namedays'…[View]
127870194was he an incel?[View]
127870258Bombshell: How truthful is this? DVD screener is out btw.[View]
127872745What was Chads problem?[View]
127871144>Before we get started...[View]
127865072How did he do it? How did he manage to make one of the best movies ever (Drive) when the rest of his…[View]
127871568>90s had 90210 >00s had The OC What did the 10s have?…[View]
127870093high: are new yorkers really like this?[View]
127872203Why did the German pilot stab the English guy who saved his life? That was so fucking stupid. Why no…[View]
127870941Since Spacey and Weinstein were public knowledge, who will be the next celeb to get caught for shit …[View]
127868521And the Oscar for best actor goes to..[View]
1278705292019 movies: >my favorite movies of 2019 Dragged Across Concrete The Lighthouse 1917 Knives Out T…[View]
127870761Is this more kino than Parasite?[View]
127871089One of the greatest shows ever, Larry David is a fucking god[View]
127870527Who was in the wrong?: https://youtu.be/DG12YfcAbDE[View]
127869057Is this worth checking out?: I saw Daft Punk did the soundtrack for this and I really like their mus…[View]
127871092>he/she sucked a jew cock to get famous yes like u guys wouldnt suck a jew cock in blink of an ey…[View]
127869845i like the tuna here[View]
127871455What the fuck was his problem[View]
127872323YOU DONT JUST OVERCOOK A HAMBURGER what did Uncle Leo mean by this?[View]
127872526What are some non japanese animated kino?[View]
127869868Lets play classic /tv/ game by replacing one word in movie title with 'nigger' I will start: >Dr.…[View]
127872456Breakdown 1997: Was it ever implied that Kurt Russell's character saw that Red didn't die …[View]
127872486The most kino akastuki member.[View]
127870365Is Space Cop good?[View]
127872419I actually think Nintendo is a great company, but why are their customers peak autismos?[View]
127872387How would a Sequel look like ????[View]
127870920didn't know you was a ripoff of kino Dexter[View]
127869859This is a webm from a regular movie What are some other kinos for this feel?[View]
127871743>We need a black love interest for our white protagonist. She's already pregnant with his ch…[View]
127868191is this the ultimate incel movie?[View]
127870731Uncle Owen did nothing wrong >your loving stepmom gets captured, beaten and raped to death by San…[View]
127872240It's happening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glhBCI0lnEc[View]
127871219Is this ever going to come out?[View]
127856970The New Pope: Is it kino so far?[View]
127871316Who should play him in the inevitable sympathetic indie biopic?[View]
127870757How has there not been one decent movie about Skid Row? There's literally hundreds of movies ab…[View]
127868904Did you enjoy 'His Dark Materials?[View]
127869083Anyone else received an Academy Award for one of their worst films (Leaving Las Vegas)?[View]
127871899Why did the go so overboard with the blur on The Witcher? The top and bottom part of most scenes thr…[View]
127870463don't mind me, just being based[View]
127863375Is Marilyn Manson still relevant?[View]
127869942Poor Miranda. Feel so sad for her. Why you don't save her ;_; >Today's Blind Items - Wr…[View]
127869915Finn: Is there a more useless character in all of Star Wars? >didn't do anything in episode …[View]
127867592Is this the only successful lovecraftian story that uses a visual medium?[View]
127870068if you could.. what oscar would you give this one?[View]
127871577What are some movies that are so bad they become intoxicating to watch?[View]
127871013Ni hau, Chinese gutter oil is kino, lai lai. Sum Ting Wong with it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
127866237whos the most powerful in universe: Character in sopranos >Artie Bucco out powers Tony…[View]
127869887What a vile repulsive piece of shit[View]
127869388comfy simpsons bread[View]
127869098Eins zwei Polizei[View]
127870077Wasn't he supposed to be in Star Wars 9? Is star wars dead now?[View]
127858492I just realized something, /tv/ Out there, there is a universe, where Maisie slipped and fell to her…[View]
127870730will Japanese animation ever be THIS kino?[View]
127871148This is actually a decent show[View]
127865806Is he right?[View]
127869518Bill Maher obliterates woke culture and the 'Royal Family' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXFEkaLri…[View]
127869896DOWNTOWN ALLEY: This just came out in Japan so I just saw it. What did /tv/ think of it? For me: …[View]
127870366Did he do the right thing?[View]
127870421Are you ready for the new season[View]
127869030Where is the web-dl?[View]
127870959lovecraft.....i am turning white.......please stop calling me niggerman.....you can do that now.....…[View]
1278701863 x 3 thread Post yours[View]
127868536So according to /tv/ this is a masterpiece of atmosphere. Are you serious? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
127870875Watched Parasite the other day and now this. Asian kino is brety gud. What did you guys think?[View]
127870963>I'll sit right down on your face.... >And take a shit!! Wow, Natalie Portman really is a…[View]
127867844What if Rocky was set in 2020?[View]
127870439Luke, did I ever tell you about your future nephew, who will be given my fake name, even though his …[View]
127868873Take a seat, young anon[View]
127860980Old Fashioned Favorite /tv/ Related Images Thread: You didn't go to hell. You went to purgatory…[View]
127869391How did the Safdies get away with such a gross Jewish caricature? People accused Refn of antisemitis…[View]
127870492Terminators: Now that the dust is settled and the Terminator saga has presumably come to an end foll…[View]
127868783I enjoyed the Hobbit films and I don't understand all the hate they get[View]
127867864Oh boy I can't wait for Watchmen season 2. So many questions left unanswered. What do you specu…[View]
127868710>women can't fig- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fRNebnwMQE…[View]
127868178What did Lucasfilm mean by this?[View]
127870012How did it perform in China?[View]
127869728>Watch movie with friends >They mess around with their phones and doesn't pay attention t…[View]
127869931She was never more beautiful than this. How do i get a lioness gf?[View]
127866834shhh padme is sleeping[View]
127865226Have you ever had sex while watching a movie or a tv show? My girl just sucked me off while watching…[View]
127865316Wait, do we believe this?[View]
127869055THIS IS THE PEOPLE WHO BROWSE /tv/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Lygnu7lmo[View]
127869245Do you think Arnold gets the picture now after his sixth or seventh flop that nobody cares anymore? …[View]
127870236What's her name again?[View]
127869215what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
127861431Not so fast, Anon-kun![View]
127867476Nobody knew who i was before i put on the clown make up[View]
127869792Battlebots tier list. Note: this list is NOT about the skill and knowledge of the driver, it's …[View]
127869696What are some Ancient Greece kinos?: Well?[View]
127869645Do you ever think that that: Art can be evidence of god's plan, the clearest reflection of it…[View]
127869687Probably shouldn't post this on UK /tv/: The Debate.[View]
127870023Sex Education S2: where to find a trailer trash gf, when your country has no trailer parks?[View]
127867070Why did Reylofags get their way?: Why did JJ ignore the Finnrey shippers?[View]
127866561Post ur face when she wins an Oscar for Best Original Song[View]
127869831Sigh...somehow, the droids returned and attacked the Wookiees.[View]
127869686For me, it's QEII[View]
127869847Why didn't the Storm Troopers go down the chute after them?[View]
127867345Got a big enough joint there Rick?[View]
127868712What the fuck is the point of this film? how did holywood greelit this shit, its literally rape porn[View]
127869437Daily Canon Kino Thread. What have you been watching/reading/playing Last one hit bump limit[View]
127863725Did he have a chance to be a good joker if the script had a different version of joker?[View]
127869613Did you cry his death /tv/.? For me it's a really good movie, a very nice and solid story with …[View]
127867516Is having sons the ultimate cucqueaning?: I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucqueaned t…[View]
127868344Were Tivos really that great?[View]
127868318why are you guys not discussing this absolute netflix kino.[View]
127834515>wasted years[View]
127868720I confess that I have a really low attention span. I usually hate watching tv shows because I get bo…[View]
127869080You owe me a life.[View]
127868460Best TV shows of all time: I was watching some old top gear, and seeing that it didn't make any…[View]
127869246Lullaby: the show[View]
127869221>have to get up early to go to work on a Saturday morning >get home and watch some classic Doc…[View]
127868431Sad news today guys, The Food Reviewer (Tyler), one of YouTubes top food reviewers has passed away t…[View]
127868182itt : underrated kinos no one talks about[View]
127867164Mad Men: Why did they smoke in every single scene?[View]
127869236Why did they insist on not using synronized sound for so long?[View]
127868279Is /tv/ tired of being wrong?[View]
127869197thoughts on Joe Rogan? do you like his comedy[View]
127868036Sigh...somehow, Kanji Club returned.[View]
127869006Why is Hayao Miyazaki such an asshole?: There's a disconnect between the humanity on display in…[View]
127850647Which one was best girl?[View]
127869094are the rumors of them using real worms instead of CGI true?[View]
127865274>NOT QUITE MY TEMPO What did he mean by this?[View]
127868255Who else is excited for a diverse Lord of the Rings?[View]
127866447Me when someone says Marvel is better than DC[View]
127868161what the fuck was her problem?[View]
127858474The great debate, who was the more memorable one off character? Grimes or Scorpio[View]
127869011I hope you are all going to watch this >Dormer stars as Sam Vimes, Captain of The Watch, disempow…[View]
127868993Where's My Roy Cohn? [2019] by Matt Tyrnauer: https://youtu.be/lTrHL7Vo_SQ >Roy Cohn personi…[View]
127866008ITT: post your favourite film of 2019 For me, it's Once Upon A time In Hollywood let's fin…[View]
127867960Can I please have horror kino[View]
127865609What a ridiculously good movie, my theater was full of boomers and they all clapped out of respect a…[View]
127865356FF : Tokyo Drift: fuck YOU this was the 2nd best FF movie in the series. the acting sucked ass but a…[View]
127868386>I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're …[View]
127866917Just pirated it: Unironically enjoyed it, far more entertaining than 3 and Genesys.[View]
127867458Jessica Chastain Is Reverse Flash: AND I LOVE THIS[View]
127868676Amazon's The Wheel of Time: Season 2 has been confirmed. S1 has been written and has almost wra…[View]
127864307FUCKING CALLED IT https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/108351015/#108387576[View]
127868663HOLY FUCKING YUM[View]
127867684The Sopranos got away with THIS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkpb4RwCPmI[View]
127867479Baaaaaby on booooard![View]
127866899When is it coming out: come on m8 it's almost 18 years and they STILL can't make a sequel…[View]
127867982Kino of the highest order is back on the menu[View]
127864245why is he considered one of the all time great director?: his films are not that good[View]
127868345Any fun adventure movies about unraveling cryptic clues?[View]
127857432When does it get good?[View]
127867386https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-us-canada-51158261 Thoughts?[View]
127868540This is Darkangel64, his friends call him '64'. But since he doesn't have any, people just call…[View]
127866898Not an American. Why there was so much outrage in the states with Joker?[View]
127865886Zombieland 2: The first one is one of the funnest movies ever. The sequel is just plain bad, not eve…[View]
127863108Of all the girls in Hogwarts, why did Harry choose this one? I've a theory that Harry wants Ron…[View]
127866611>1 hour in When does it get good?[View]
127864289I wanted to watch supernatural for a while now and i heard this is the final season, should i try to…[View]
127867127Is it good?[View]
127868134Uncut Gems: Why do Sandler fags love so much this shitty movie?[View]
127868142Anyone else hate women?[View]
127850460Mind telling me why you're here?[View]
127867867Can we request a Fan-Art of Jessica Chastain as Reverse Flash?: Due to the recent rumors, I would li…[View]
127860274Bane?: Bane?[View]
127863793Neytiri is...[View]
127866772Is it, dare I say it, Lovecraftian?[View]
127861505Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-FGGJe7Rt8[View]
127853723>There is still good in him. >I can't do it, Ben. I can't kill my own father. >I …[View]
127867389Are there any movies about being a really handsome man and what it’s like to be one? I’m dead seriou…[View]
127862809Will he be the next James Bond since it was pretty much confirmed now by the producers that Bond/007…[View]
1278681211917faggots, bow to the King[View]
127866767>I just want to tell a story.[View]
127864194What does /tv/ think of the /tv/ Awards 2019? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6JLa197fPY[View]
127866630Is Howard Ratner the most /fa/ character of the last decade?[View]
127867414'This is all wrong. I shouldn't be posting here. I should be playing with my Star Wars action f…[View]
127867983Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers[View]
127866942Would you have followed him?[View]
127867870What fantasy movie should I watch next?: The Thief of Bagdad (1924) The Thief of Bagdad (1940) Kn…[View]
127867742Jumpscare kino: Which movie left you with brown panties?[View]
127864565Thanks to whoever posted this and told me to watch it a while ago. Was fuggin kino. Discus this film…[View]
127866548That'll be £2000 Muhammed[View]
127867722Bane, for lack of a better word, is a big guy[View]
127867776Thoughts on this movie? I loved it, parts of it felt like bad British propaganda, don't know wh…[View]
127867691I don't care about anything anymore, what are some movies for this feel?[View]
127867387Boy Meets World: Does it still hold up?[View]
127867537asmr: The most relaxing ASMR video ever.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cdRenFKOuY[View]
127867210What's his name?[View]
127863390why did eating pussy make him a finook?[View]
127862696'For you.' . . . . . Check these digits[View]
127863906Movies where the bad guys win in the end: Post them, /tv/[View]
127866879Why was this show so comfy?[View]
127867393>movie set in modern day New York City >main character is a mid-20's male with low paying…[View]
127866844MR. SIMPSON! I was just going through your garbage and couldn't help overhearing you need a bab…[View]
127866802Remind me again what he did wrong? Trade power for sex? That's human nature and has been ubiqui…[View]
127867258What are some more movies like this with completely unrealistic plots?[View]
127865827>we need our movie to make a shitload of money[View]
127864334What’s the verdict /tv/? I’m going with Futurama. Much more soul.[View]
127838189Daniel Radcliffes new movie looks like schlockino https://youtu.be/tw3wAAUhLLs Thoughts?[View]
127867189*mogs all sebsequent war movies* Heh, nothing personal, kid[View]
127867080incels are virgins, not cucks[View]
127866335ITT: people of /televison and films/ who are retards IRL[View]
127854704/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: >breaks the internet >revolutionizes television >sells millions…[View]
127866913Reboot when?[View]
127866228>Why off course I only play Animal Crossing and Candy Crush what gave it away?…[View]
127866992Decent horror/mystery series? I don't keep up with tv shows all that much.[View]
127866666What in God's Earth was wrong with this asshole on Norm MacDonald Live? >Mumbles his way thr…[View]
127866922Who killed him?[View]
127866298do you believe in god?[View]
127866661>Yeed's the key to all this[View]
127862650>Plays an autistic, calm villain that speaks formally again, but in space.…[View]
127862383Is the space-cinema dying?[View]
127865679>From my point of view, the intergalactic banking clan are evil![View]
127865534fuck sony[View]
127866756Why does the RLM fanbase insist Jay play the subservient role?[View]
127853958What are some good Irish movies or shows?[View]
127864192movies that actually only you have seen[View]
127866681Will Disney ever grow the balls the re-release this?[View]
127866312>that friend who unironically plays watchmojo lists at youtube hangouts…[View]
127866648>saves movies You're welcome[View]
127861616Just saw Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom: Rape, that's the only way I can describe what they…[View]
127866549ITT: accurate portrayals of single men in movies[View]
127866394Well lick my hole.[View]
127866535What are some kinos about pretending to post about television and film when you're really just …[View]
127863374why did they shoot him? they could have just gone to the casino and got their money back[View]
127866474What happened to humble attractive actors in Hollywood?[View]
127864502MULAN: What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
127866184Well /tv/?[View]
127860517Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127864786Who could live like this ? That's an immersion breaker for me.[View]
127864441*Does a handstand* Yeah... I'm thinkin he's ready to fight Vader[View]
127865901The United States of America[View]
127864645Thank you Anon for casting me in ya movie yeah, really knob on precciate it, just let us know when t…[View]
127866142I'm Chuffed For Him Lads: Sick Of It 2 is amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaHXZ3Q_9NU…[View]
127865158Movies about domination?[View]
127865458This is Chris Nolan's best film and you can't do or say anything to change that fact[View]
127866218The Core: Admit it, this was kino.[View]
127866183How do I not end up like him?[View]
127866165Any good carboniferous kino?[View]
127863143Niles, are you sure this is the Empire Club?[View]
127866124I love the smell of marvelcuck tears in the morning[View]
127857947Elizabeth Banks BBC: >Graham: So for your role in Pitch Perfect, was most of that adlibbed? >E…[View]
127862872Was I supposed to find this comfy?: Because I really did.[View]
127863132ignore the sequels. >this movie[View]
127866063Father Ted: Is Bongland really that depressing if you leave the centres? No wonder they hated the Fr…[View]
127860247recommend me some good kino my female friend is coming today for pizza and I want to impress her wit…[View]
127863890Holy kino. This must be one of the most beautifully shot films i've ever seen.[View]
127863060unironically the best fantasy movie ive ever seen the world building in this is fucking insane[View]
127864791I just watched the leaked screener and damn, how did he do it? What a fucking absolute kino.[View]
127865288I've seen it all[View]
127846352I think you owe her an apology.[View]
127864212Why didn't they send a small group of super powerful trained stealth warriors to mount. Doom to…[View]
127863499what's the appropriate thing to do in this situation?[View]
127865464>accidentally hit pause >only notice 10 minutes later What a shitshow…[View]
127865468>NOOOOOOO NOT BABY YEED!!!!!![View]
127862953I love you.[View]
127864908Does anyone know the name of those horror short films on youtube where it's dash cam footage mo…[View]
127865394Was it Kino?[View]
127865648Was it a boy or a girl?[View]
127865595What are some movies showing the capitalist hell hole we are living in today[View]
127863945This is what happens when woman are in charge of Star Wars.[View]
127865426Why didnt they just use a drone to drop the ring[View]
127863696The New Pope S01E03 WEB 1080p AC3 X264-RoG: Available now on TF, LT, etc.[View]
127864705Actors that are overrated in terms of looks[View]
127864936I miss him, bros. We will literally never see a WWII kino with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Winston Chu…[View]
127865376https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-Q6PbschQI Can someone find me a good looking girl with a good pers…[View]
127865165Did they?[View]
127865340>YOU HEAR ME JANNY?[View]
127864053Good night sweet prince[View]
127864409/ppp/ - Pier Paolo Pasolini: What do I think of The Trilogy of Life?[View]
127865294>The Box Office Mojo website reported on Friday that Makoto Shinkai's Weathering With You an…[View]
127863541press f[View]
127865207high: i cant tell if its woke television or if its taking the piss out of new yorkers? or is it both…[View]
127861390>sidekick gets shot >protag looks at wound >'its just a through and through'…[View]
127855332What type of roles should Isabela Merced go after?[View]
127865032>SNEED Chuck >SNEED Chuck >SNEED…[View]
127858337Was it Kino?[View]
127862822>'Leave Awards Season to me.'[View]
127864301How come American versions of British shows tend to fuck everything up?[View]
127850561i watched this and i'm confused - can anyone give me a hint as to how to reconcile what neitzch…[View]
127864955Was it, dare I say it, Freudian ?[View]
127864527/tv/ film club: Do you think there will ever come a day when all movies are free and available to wa…[View]
127864562whats their endgame[View]
127862910Chuck! Thoughts?[View]
127864727sheev's entire plan hangs on the defense of just a small shield room, literally that's it,…[View]
127863302The Outsider: First episode was amazing. Second episode absolute trash.[View]
127864258No 1917 cant win any Oscars it had not enough women in it: State of this board[View]
127864495Is process important to a great actor?[View]
127864473What are some films and television series about neo nazism?[View]
127861264watch troop zero[View]
127862744Sherry, Niles?[View]
127863116OH N-[View]
127864277>Why yes, i'm black, I love death metal, cocaine, chubby white women, and star wars, how can…[View]
127864022The greatest film of the 10s.[View]
127863783Literally did nothing wrong.[View]
127863768are you ready for Cagekino?[View]
127863067movies lol[View]
127864144why aren't there more science kino's?[View]
127860765ITT: masterpieces that don't get the rightful appreciation Behold the best movie ever made. Har…[View]
127861592FUN FACT - 99% of people can't spell so󠛡ylent green[View]
127862312if lightsaber color was indicative with of carriers status with the force / character of the jedi ho…[View]
127863677What are some of the most kino fart moments?[View]
127864185just started watching this nice, to see a show about a femcel from lolcow farm but can some one clue…[View]
127863745What: What[View]
127863756VM VARGA: Best television villain in years[View]
127860786You stay, I go.[View]
127862058If I pull that off, will you die?[View]
127863995Was this Roger Ebert's most based review? https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/rapa-nui-1994[View]
127843047It's up bros[View]
127864063Roger Deakins: >*uses bland wide angle shots* >plebs: GIVE THIS MAN ALL THE AWARDS…[View]
127855702Why did they do it?[View]
127861026>be comedian 'waaah stop making fun of me! You hurt my feelings with your laughter, I'm gonn…[View]
127863873Was it kino?[View]
127858489What the fuck are they thinking with these live action remakes? No seriously[View]
127862673Sex Education S2: any other coomers watching this?[View]
127861648This is the most watched human event in history. Redpill me on this.[View]
127862115Kino soundtrack songs, because..: I AM SO HIGH, I CAN HEAR HEAVEN,,, https://youtu.be/x6nOYUgr4QQ…[View]
127863228CAST HIM[View]
127856148Is this an appropriate body for Wonder Woman?[View]
127863070>character ''throws up'' >it's obviously just the volume of their mou…[View]
127863680Could this BEE anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
127856797Little Women seems to clearly illustrate the whole 'have my cake and eat it too' mentality feminists…[View]
127860737Legit TV masterpiece or overrated soap opera?[View]
127863632>'What's your name?' >'Aragorn.' >'Aragorn who?' >Looks off to the side, where Bilb…[View]
127860853>i know steve mcqueen is black, so i have to say he’s very talented >even though i can’t name …[View]
127860231What are some pure fun movies from start to finish?[View]
127862083I don't get it[View]
127863328Do americans really?[View]
127856806PINGU?: PINGU![View]
127863049>“I mean when the war was over they said it was 12 million. Then it was six. Now it’s four. I mea…[View]
127861470Pick one to be your gf[View]
127862714GOD HATES US ALL[View]
127863072Why is Japanese television so wholesome?[View]
127859471This was batshit but /tv/ won't like the ending[View]
127862568Best David Letterman live performance coming through Hint: It's Depeche Mode https://www.youtub…[View]
127862329Movies where the popular girls sadistically torment the ugly/weird girl by pretending to be her frie…[View]
127857008Keanu Reeves to play Moon Knight: Keanu Reeves is going to play Moon Knight for the Disney plus seri…[View]
127860773Kinos about assertive male leads?[View]
127863210Holy shit. Why aren't Americans just grateful to work regardless of the wage. The fuck is wrong…[View]
127862543Pffft! Can you imagine not having sex for that long?[View]
127860135>hey son, what movie ya watching?[View]
127860520>immediately turn it off because of the drawn out retarded ape scene[View]
127852364ITT Oscar Predictions: All I know for sure is, Joker isn’t winning best picture, and Dern is winning…[View]
127859631>Meanwhile, in Black Lodge /tv/.....[View]
127862238Dr Pavel, I'm CIA[View]
127863015Who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
127862941I watched this while coming down from a panic attack and I don't know what happened[View]
127861821New Home Alone pitch: They should do a Home Alone 4 (because fuck the two video releases) where the …[View]
127861496What reboots ended up being more disappointing than the originals?[View]
127862459You're casting your first movie with a proper $10M+ budget, and this guy shows up to read for t…[View]
127860185Seagal: What’s his best film? What’s his worst film? >Above the law >everything since Exit Wou…[View]
127862753>fall down on their own just WHAT were they thinking??[View]
127862876clean it up janny and remember, you're doing this for free[View]
127860328Just binge watched the first episode of this. Does it get better?[View]
127861613So this is Colin Farrell as the Penguin in The Batman Thoughts?[View]
127862800For All Mankind: Anyone else enjoy this show despite it's heavy emphasis on women and prejudice…[View]
127860355This is the level of smugness only achieveable if despite of hordes of /pol/tarded incels questionin…[View]
127862683What is the best mockumentary? For me it's Titans of The Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
127862590Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
127862649Anyone remembers this shit?[View]
127862456>NEET >borrow money from mummy >give it to homeless people…[View]
127862314LAY DAT PIPE[View]
127862054Who was in the wrong here? https://streamable.com/7fpxz[View]
127857643Tarantino to direct Once Upon a Time in Hollywood spin-off TV series Bounty law: https://www.digital…[View]
127862567>no Truman Show thriller kino of an undiagnosed schizophrenic being convinced he's in a Trum…[View]
127858738A lot of people tell me breaking bad is only good the first time you watch it When you rewatch it a…[View]
127862075BEST COLD WAR MOVIES: Two worlds collide Rival nations It's a primitive clash Venting years of …[View]
127858084What are some other great 'Die Hard, but on an X' movies?[View]
127862471Cast them. Hard mode: no Idris Elba[View]
127862454Zoo Wee Mama![View]
127862360Which one of them was really telling the truth?[View]
127861166Vicky Justice kino is back on the menu!: And yes, that is Alexandra Daddario's brother. https:…[View]
127862405This kills the Joker shills.[View]
127859023movies where the dog is good and doesnt die at the end?[View]
127862336EL AY EE TEE ARE: that week. https://youtu.be/E1fzJ_AYajA[View]
127860245>and I'm not even Greek what ethnicity could he have possibly been? I dont get it…[View]
127855273What went wrong?[View]
127861503Mr. Ambassador, you have nearly a hundred naval vessels operating in the North Atlantic right now. Y…[View]
127859099Why don't plebs like this film? It's certainly better than all souless MCU shit.[View]
127860741FREEZE FUCKO[View]
127853751>Johnny Marr >Han Zimmer >Billie Eilish The new Bond film is gonna be absolutely Poggers.…[View]
127856319What's objectively his worst film?[View]
127860406Did you cry?[View]
127854970What anime are you watching this season?[View]
127857972What would you say ... you do here, /tv/?[View]
127861951I am considering torrenting this. What would I be in for?[View]
127858228'For Tom Bombadil'[View]
127857402Why aren't you a Hollywood stuntman?[View]
127856777uncut gems: this shit gave me an anxiety attack but it was fucking kino. why the awards snub?[View]
127861861ITT: KINO channels https://www.glaz.tv/online-tv/dom-kino[View]
127858759Who would win in a fight?: Troy or The Gladiator?[View]
127860622Why was he so mean?[View]
127861867Were his portrayals on film accurate?[View]
127858511Any kinos about training in actual hard militaries ?[View]
127861777Recommend me movies to watch this weekend.[View]
127859948Why do people say he's pretentious?[View]
127857829Dune 2020: alright how are they gonna fuck it up? place your bets: >fremen don't maintain st…[View]
127856883Which Star wars is the worst: 'This is the worst movie I've seen in quite sometime. It's h…[View]
127860127Any chance this ends up being kino?[View]
127861626>I'm walking Hahaha, nice New York reference.[View]
127860697When did you realize there was never a bear to begin with? That AJ was paralyzed with fear after Ton…[View]
127860311....I dont get it... what was the point of this? I was expecting to see some kind of battle or somet…[View]
127857855dilate what?[View]
127861332hey granma how about another grape soda[View]
127861543Should I marathon this?[View]
127856738So, can we confirme this is the best horror movie of the decade ?[View]
127860876ITT Endangered careers[View]
127857177Nooooo! Why'd you slice off my hand?![View]
127861447Why'd the joke about comedians not being real jobs trigger him so much?[View]
127858034Why do you hate this movie so much?[View]
127861033Has anyone watched Water Bad movie yet?[View]
127859758how did /tv/ react to this movie when it came out?[View]
127861082My mum told me I look like tom hardy.[View]
127857448this is the greatest show on television, full stop.[View]
127860761what did disney means by this?[View]
127861355we have to go back /tv/[View]
127861338Netflix to produce limited series based on late 80's Dinosaurs Attack card set[View]
127860579What the fuck was her problem?[View]
127858293Are there any films that even come close to capturing the vastness of the known universe?[View]
127859602Does anyone remember this?[View]
127861047ITT: Actors you didn’t know were black[View]
127858868Hai Gai!: 90s animation only you remember.[View]
127856161>Watch Uncut Gems >Google it >Kevin Garner is a real professional basketball player What t…[View]
127858656I will kill your infant yoda[View]
127859322What a ____ young man you are![View]
127860993Anyone here completely unable to relate with and understand complex relationships and relationship d…[View]
127858010At what point should I stop watching to avoid the shittiest later portion of this series...?[View]
127853170I FEEL LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT, LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnjcVvO40bg[View]
127859530Is The Joe Rogan podcast basically just Real Time with Bill Maher? >Dude weed LMAO >Very liber…[View]
127860521friendly reminder that this man has the wood on the most successful athlete in India, and arguably t…[View]
127860799>ugly jew casts himself an attractive goy love interest[View]
127860890Anyone else see this? Watching it right now and its got some kino parts.[View]
127853378reminder he has never accepted responsibility or expressed any concern for the victims of the twligh…[View]
127860838For me, it’s Baby.[View]
127860830has one scene ever annihilated an entire gene pool before?[View]
127857374FUCK YOU /tv/ This was kino af, can’t believe I almost listened to you and never saw it.[View]
127841084Every TV show: >The home of a protagonist with a troubled personal life who works an average or m…[View]
127851472Would it taste good?[View]
127860704Does anyone know where i can get paid for pointing out mistakes in Modern family? I seen shadows of …[View]
127857191>Hey Gino, what can I get you? Unironically why did he call Vito, Gino?What was the lore behind t…[View]
127860631>bored assassin/operative/soldier starts street fighting for cash between movies. Tired tropes t…[View]
127859339What do I think of this movie?[View]
127858747>You know, the last time I was in Germany, I saw a man standing above everyone else...we ended up…[View]
127851628Why aren’t actresses cast for their looks anymore? I’m tired of looking at ugly cunts.[View]
127858076Now that the dust has settled: Was it Kino?[View]
127860336Reminder Greek's crime family can easily wipe off Tony Soprano's crew.[View]
127858443Holy fuck this show is kino. Fuck Starz for cancelling it.[View]
127857442*wins all your awards*[View]
127860265What would you do for a blonde dyke’s car?[View]
127859064Name ONE (1) character more BASED AND REDPILLED than uncle ruckus and don't any of you nigger…[View]
127858783Fuck Mandalorian: >Teams up with droid >Has soft spot for babies >Almost falls in love with…[View]
127859560who is the better film director?: whose films do you like more?[View]
127859852Why'd he spill his beans?[View]
127856506what did I just watch?[View]
127856401>/tv/ says movie is good >it's terrible every time.…[View]
127860186/meta/: hiroshimoot allows one meta thread per board so what do we think of the current janitorial s…[View]
127860053Why is It peak comfy-kino? Is It the all white cast? The 50's aesthetic?[View]
127859955>no nominations de fuck?[View]
127848448What are some conspiracy kinos?: >Loose Change >The Panama Papers >Citizen Four/Risk I just…[View]
127860099Stu? What are you doing?[View]
127859816HELP ME FIND THIS MOVIE: Can anyone help me find a movie? It was about a modern version of Noah…[View]
127859881>Mistah Bates haha[View]
127853056>It's a 80's or 90's thriller starring Harrison Ford Is there anything more rewatc…[View]
127859712ITT: Underrated films.[View]
127835813THE MOST KINO CAMEO IN CW HISTORY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDOP3Z69TMc How can you not get p…[View]
127858411If you were forced to work for one of these bosses forever, which one would you pick?[View]
127856469Wowwww......whaddaya know?[View]
127857661ITT: guilty pleasure[View]
127858704Who was in the wrong here??[View]
127859450Red pilled, how? Like I take pills, like I'm sick? You're saying I'm sick, like I…[View]
127855791Why is it so hard to find an actual good Horror film?[View]
127843477The Mummy discussion thread continue: Previous one 404ed and there were some interesting thoughts. S…[View]
127855011Are Golden Globes still relevant when nobody watches them?[View]
127856689Be honest, did you cry? Also am I the only one who was constantly adding more thoughts to the charac…[View]
127859204What a shitty movie[View]
127859024Mindhunter: why didn’t normies watch this show?[View]
127858232ITT: Fuckable directors[View]
127855072It's a 2012 Disney Boardroom Meeting: 'Gentlezirs. I am proud to announce that as of today...St…[View]
127839349Was Gendo the real hero of the show actually? >Wants Instrumentality just for him and his wife. …[View]
127855720Miracle Mile: this shit would have been so much better if the girl wasn't ugly as shit[View]
127854478Obi-Wan is so incredibly wholesome.[View]
127856445>'Hey, maybe you could help with some deadbeats who owe me a lot of money' How the fuck did Lucas…[View]
127858728Yes, Minister: They're all dead. I'm sad now.[View]
127853580Actors you want to see in a movie together[View]
127853410>drop a logo and nothing else What exactly was Disney thinking with this strategy?…[View]
127857097Burn: For me? It's awkward dork cutie Melinda[View]
127858813Childhood is liking slashers because they have tits in them. Adulthood is liking A24 movies because …[View]
127858200But you dream, /tv/![View]
127852555When did John Carpenter peak?: Was it They Live? Also what's the message here? The only ones yo…[View]
127855236Damn...george looks kinda fresh.[View]
127858599and dats how I met ya' mudda[View]
127856521https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_hunter Would make a great movie[View]
127854903Is sharktale one the best gangster movies out there?[View]
127858344What did Luke mean by this?[View]
127857820ITT We discuss and recommend doomer movies.: Try to bring more than same old Blade Runner, Drive, Ta…[View]
127857150Why did Discovery butcher the design of the Klingons?: Yes, we had the original ridgeless Klingons i…[View]
127857256Which version of Lord of the flies has the best fap material? Original or the 90s remake?[View]
127856038Is Futurama better than the Simpsons?[View]
127854977Are there any HORROR films that start only guys? Or almost only guys? Preferably young men, not like…[View]
127857948color purple? i go insane[View]
127855904What was his problem???[View]
127857826>Rey can use the force with no training and that's cringe >Baby yeed can btfo fire and s…[View]
127855841>I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say FUCK JANNIES![View]
127856219https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4Url3-ELck Anyone else here follow based Rob from celebheights.com?…[View]
127852895What are some real life events captured on film that qualify as 'kino'? Starting with the most obvio…[View]
127856153Jumanji Star Karen Gillan Wants to Make a Batgirl Movie: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/marvels…[View]
127857805Nothing like discretely erasing film history for your own selfish needs, Iger.[View]
127849401Armond trashes 1917: How did Armond get it so wrong this time? The film is pure old school soul. ht…[View]
127857648>oh wow i really feel like i'm about to be transported to a reality beyond my imagination…[View]
127857274What are the most kino boxing movies?[View]
127857480In this iconic concept art, Jar Jar Binks' designer evokes the Athenian school of sculpture by …[View]
127855881Expectations, /tv/?[View]
127857407Why do street shitting pajeets love eplel so much?[View]
127857522Any kinos for this feel?[View]
127855120Easily one of the most iconic casts ever assembled.[View]
127857021>analy fists a dragon in a kids movie What did RDJ mean by this??[View]
127855901He dressed slutty this time.[View]
127855825>If anything can be said to be 'obvious' about this movie, it's the undeniable and mounting …[View]
127855305Did he ruin the show?[View]
127855122>here's your Discworld bro[View]
127857263This is the greatest movie ever made.[View]
127857149Do YOU own a Star Wars fridge?[View]
127855804Blade 3: What do you think of this movie? I plan on watching it in a couple of hours.[View]
127855874What's the best WKUK sketch?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5POPtQMxcFw[View]
127833720For me, its Sex Education: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7900361/Sex-Education-retur…[View]
127852964If I was to shit post my meme into your board right now, would you be able to ban me before I got di…[View]
127856967Frank Costanza is still alive[View]
127853504/lit/fag here, /tv/ equivalent?[View]
12785591025 cents Kevin: https://youtu.be/jQWZjVploT8[View]
127857037>when she loads up disney+ on her apple tv[View]
127857010Was he daughterpilled?[View]
127857007TALK TO BABY!!![View]
127854703Was it the most satisfying death?[View]
127855634What kino is /tv/ consuming this Friday night?[View]
127853334Would a new mortal Kombat movie include gruesome fatalities?[View]
127855560Recommend me some kinos you fat dink[View]
127851275Joe Pera Talks With You: NEW Joe Pera talks with coming in about 12 minutes! Might be the season fin…[View]
127852995I just watched this high of an edible: Pure anxiety inducing[View]
127856706Does anyone else really love cocaine? Movies for that feel.[View]
127856467>thinking that any movie from this trash company will be nominated by the Academy The Academy is …[View]
127855782Post Disaster/Giant Monster Movies.: I like this movie.[View]
127855022why does he talk like that?[View]
127854994why did you guys never tell me about this absolute kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN_cyXBpMAc…[View]
127856590I finally watched this and it's actually pretty good[View]
127856254already forgotten >NOOOOO THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BOOST MY CAREER[View]
127856566ITS BEEN[View]
127854489Why the fuck is everyone a brown person with an immigration sob story?[View]
127834663webm thread: Friday edition[View]
127851694Comfy witcher waifu thread uwu[View]
127856424ITT: Remakes that wouldn't be shit Let's see them /tv/[View]
127854550Actual good horror movies?: Just wasted 3 hours watching Midsommar the stupidest movie I’ve ever see…[View]
127855420>get me Brad Pitt >sir, he's busy fighting Maddox in the parking lot >okay then get me…[View]
127853671Name a more iconic television duo. It can't be done.[View]
127854404tacticool Batman was a mistake I miss burton batman[View]
127855245hey earl![View]
127853211Name a better celebrity cameo/guest starring role[View]
127854047I’m Luke Skywalker I’m here to rescue you[View]
127856263Star Wars threads... Do we really need 'em?[View]
127855203>AHEM >is this thing on? >*tap* >*tap* >1-2-3 test, test >ok it’s on >*buuuurpp…[View]
127849502Why didn't he stop 9/11?[View]
127854655new pope episode: where is it ?[View]
127850602Who of these two gave the better performance?[View]
127853298THAT'S LIFE!!!!!!!!![View]
127854651the normalfag board?: Why does this board like generic normalfag garbage like the joker movie, soiwa…[View]
127851335is this the greatest /fit/ kino of all time?[View]
127856032Hi Bob![View]
127849703>ended the Vietnam war[View]
127855951Cast It: Who directs? https://pagesix.com/2020/01/17/matthew-mcconaugheys-mom-88-set-up-with-hugh-gr…[View]
127855945Scrubs was the most based show.: >Door's broke. This is maybe the fifth time or so it don…[View]
127854245Seems like /mu/ is raiding this board because they are such seething faggots[View]
127855109You know remember that Lindsay Lohan was once an A list Actress[View]
127854022I have never seen a more noticeably bad performance than this red haired broad in Oculus. Holy FUCK …[View]
127853318>genetic deficiencies[View]
127855906was it kino[View]
127855789Who should have cleaned the microwave?[View]
127853730What's the worst cinema experience you've ever had?[View]
127855890>sex scene[View]
127855480>can’t fucking sleep at all for no reason Any kinos that help with going to sleep out of relaxati…[View]
127855249Will Steve Carell ever go back to being the hilarious comedian we all love?[View]
127853609In the still...: OF THE NIIIIIGHT[View]
127849794Late to the party but I gotta know Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127847111>breaks the internet >revolutionizes television >sells millions in merch Best thing Disney …[View]
127855631Joe Pera Talks With You: They're so fucking cute bros, I can't stand it.[View]
127855658I have reached /a/, finally...[View]
127855595Couldn't they just use the force to move the elevator? And shouldn't the elevator be unabl…[View]
1278426451917: Holy shit this scene was kino.[View]
127853445Benny Safdie is Good Time went full retard: Not in a good way either. I legitimately thought he was …[View]
127854908What movie has the best costume design?[View]
127855479>10 minutes in >clementine mentions marriage to a guy she just met I've never seen bpd po…[View]
127854515Are there any films that start only guys? Or almost only guys?[View]
127855395>fantasy setting has witch hunter or inquisition faction dedicated to rooting out heresy >we…[View]
127853285Remember 2014 when everyone wanted him to be evil?[View]
127855376Jason from Henderson go 'head[View]
127852912What does /tv/ think about Disney and do you consume their shit[View]
127850707>THAT'S IT! >You're gone! Adios! TKO! Historical.…[View]
127854852Cast him[View]
127848770The Outsider: what am i in for?[View]
127849256What is the symbolism behind this scene?[View]
127848351Fuggg :D: She is so SMOL and so CUUUUTE[View]
127854253Underrated Sci-Fi Movies in the 2010s: Pic related[View]
127853701Season 2 when?[View]
127854556Which of these celebrities had the most charisma?[View]
127852910Yeah, I'm thinking she's back.[View]
127854399Does it get better on second watch?[View]
127854734Big guy how?[View]
127851418Why did it fail?[View]
127854003The future of America looks bright.[View]
127854753Are we ready to admit that anthro characters are superior to flesh ones in every way? When will we r…[View]
127854726Give me a serious WW2 movie with these two together, please dear god[View]
127853889kino desu[View]
127854698Will Disney remake the Pixar and Disney Animation 3D films in live action like they've done for…[View]
127851491This character is kind of a bitch, am I right?[View]
127852136>movie is about deriving sexual pleasure from car crashes why can't hollywood do anything or…[View]
127852072Murray was extremely nice and respectful to Arthur backstage, he only laughed at his act live, which…[View]
127854656The LightHouse: I went from the kinoplex to watch this movie This is the best experience i ever had …[View]
127854601Sit Ubu, sit. *WOOF* Good dog.[View]
127854562>completely snubbed why the fuck does anyone care about meme award shows when kino like this is o…[View]
127853435What do you think about horror?[View]
127853479These are top 20 films of all time according to directors and filmmakers: Tokyo Story (1953) 2001: A…[View]
127843035Why did Xavierposting die out?[View]
127853330I know the CW DC shows are trash, but what the fuck were they thinking casting a skinny manlet as th…[View]
127850902>Eat a full meal before a film >Go to the theater, eat another full meal in 'snack food' >A…[View]
127842776Alone again on a Friday, Anon?[View]
127852132I used to not have an opinion on Leonardo DiCaprio. When ever I saw a film he was in, it was never b…[View]
127850751Absolute kino.[View]
127854337>Blue Jean Baby[View]
127854306Why did they smear him?[View]
127847719I HATE ORPHANS[View]
127853956>Sir, we need a black gentleman[View]
127853865>Very good, interesting concept and execution >Typical mid-century “existential crisis” allego…[View]
127850537Why couldn’t he make the jump from television to film?[View]
127851932I worked on ROS, AMA within reason,obviously not going to doxx myself): ca't the you what I did…[View]
127853468Roger Ebert and Martin Scorsese's 10 Best Films of the 90s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsU…[View]
127853857The Many Saints of Newark: They're gonna mess everything up, aren't they?[View]
127850015why aren't there any shows where you actually see the characters shop and go to the bathroom? i…[View]
127847836The only interesting scene in The Witcher[View]
127835779>Darth vader wipes out the Jedi, kills thousands of innocent people and destroys planets together…[View]
127847819>mfw doom:annihilation is actually good[View]
127854069>You wish now that our places had been exchanged. That baneposting had died and orcposting had li…[View]
127852831Now we will never know what this was used for.[View]
127850752>Nine advanced tickets to the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog Movie, please. >Why yes, they are f…[View]
127854054Film quote: I'm trapped out I'm I'm tapioca ' the person being asked for money or som…[View]
127852620is Louis Theroux kino?[View]
127854021>You shut your mouth you fucking nigger, you don’t get to disrespect me like that faggot What did…[View]
127853934>I'LL TRY COOMING, THAT'S A GOOD TRICK! How the fuck did this line make the final cut o…[View]
127852158Black kino: >He's back >He's black https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyPhsFxnc_c…[View]
127853803This show does not hold up.[View]
127848560What was the worst scene of the last decade?[View]
127853186/tv/ ? this is clem fandango, can you hear me?[View]
127850465Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127842641>DUDE WE ARE SO EDGY LMAO Why did this pathetic excuse for a movie even get made?…[View]
127853023I am back, /tv/[View]
127847978The last few weeks I have watched, blade runner 2049, the Irishman, the king of comedy, The new worl…[View]
127849443How did a medieval fantasy saga written by a fat nerd about power struggles, with such a large cast …[View]
127852087Best depiction of military in television and film?[View]
127851392Why did it flop littybros?[View]
127853127Disney to drop Fox branding: https://heroichollywood.com/disney-fox-rebrand-20th-century-searchlight…[View]
127853352My dear Banes and Big Guys, Tooks and Cucks, Younglings, Batts, Highgrounders, Janitors, Sheevs and …[View]
127853220The MCU Captain America is a rip-off of Metal Gear Solid. Steve is Big Boss, Tony Stark is Major Zer…[View]
127845648What: What[View]
127850474Don't that picture look dusty?[View]
127850698What’s the best food to sneak into kino?[View]
127850246Look how they massacred my boy..[View]
127850924People are actually comparing this favorably to Paths of Glory[View]
127852176Who are some actors that are gay and or possibly in the closet?[View]
127848940Why was he mad?[View]
127850550he was a living being with friendships and dreams. Janeway murdered Tuvix in cold blood. she never c…[View]
127853111Anyone else enjoy this?: I thought it was pretty good and depicted well, especially as a climber and…[View]
127849238What is the Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne of film?[View]
127851707Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?[View]
127850998What a fucking letdown. Mediocre pile of shit. here's some real WW1 kino for you zoomers: http…[View]
127852594Matrix 4: Are they really going to release it next year?[View]
127848401TOP GUN 2: >you guys ready for your TOP GUN 2 bros?[View]
127844949Is this the greatest film ever made? How the fuck did they film it all in one take?[View]
127850941LGBTQ+ night at Galaxy’s Edge: ONCE MORE THE QUEERS SHALL RULE THE GAALXY[View]
127852985>Disney is already pulling the Rise of Skywalker in over 1,200 theaters in the USA LOL…[View]
127852024Does Arthur kill his boss?[View]
127851344Completely POINTLESS...he just came back a few years later: how? a story for another time.[View]
127852961Cast him.[View]
127845780am I the only person on /tv/ that watches this?[View]
127849661>AHEM, is this thing on? >*tap tap* >1,2,3 test >Ok it’s on >”I have an announcement …[View]
127843083/trek/+/pic/: New Picard is going to be dope Let's talk about the new show. Who's going to…[View]
127851698What would have happened if Joker actually took place in 2019?[View]
127850104>Charlie's Angels was supposed to make 35 million OW >Opened to 8 million Whats the actua…[View]
127852642You wouldn't miss this thread.. because of the implication.. the implication that something COU…[View]
127850127I DIDN'T DO IT[View]
127851182why is he such an asshole to Dan?[View]
127851153Steals Your Sign: what do?[View]
127852340>Main character meets a girl who motivates him to turn his life around[View]
127852391The jews have made this family famous and they're so cult like and in their own world they have…[View]
127852455>the human is the villain and the non-human characters are the heroes What did DreamWorks mean by…[View]
127851246Still the most kino moment of the century https://youtu.be/AJef9SlN-wc https://youtu.be/C8I1adOxa8g[View]
127852343FEDORA TRICK!!![View]
127852323Joker is Back in the Theaters: Are you going to see it?[View]
127850205national treasure kino is back on the menu. non Americans need not apply[View]
127852150GET OUT YOU LOUSY... SEASON![View]
127852287What was the point of this scene?[View]
127849035I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
127852027Why the fuck did he help the police instead of just running away?[View]
127851720Is he autistic or just stiff?[View]
127852067what are your thoughts on Mark Wahlberg's daily schedule?[View]
127852059So, I recently watched 'My Dog Skip' for the first time in almost a decade, probably, and damn, this…[View]
127844692what are some burgerpunk kinos?[View]
127848573I fucking detest videogames, music, television and film[View]
127851876I like to fuck my OWN ass[View]
127849137Brad Pitt is a better actor than Leonardo DiCaprio[View]
127851811It's back up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_53wP9FPQvs[View]
127850160rogue one is the best nuwars[View]
127851579I HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!![View]
127816747Supernatural: It's time[View]
127851476>My favorite 90s shows are Rocket Power, Futurama, Family Guy, Courage The Cowardly Dog and Spong…[View]
127851513heartbreak kino: >guy gets fucked over by the girl post some kinos for this…[View]
127851281When will the greatest Hubbard book be adapted for the big screen?[View]
127850395Kino Wars Potentially: would Star Wars© be more kino if it was cyberpunk?[View]
127851361What are some British kinos only shows[View]
127850060What kind of television programs and/or films would you produce with a Big Pay Day?[View]
127848057SmallVille: Anyone else still miss this show?[View]
127851206is vinceposting making a comeback ?[View]
127849838who would play Big iron and Texas red in the film adaptation??[View]
127851155This wasn't even the first talkie. only some parts have sound. it's still a silent film.[View]
127849361Happy 40th Birthday to Zooey Deschanel![View]
127849299>character is an old loner with a dark past >finds a loli in danger and decides to protect her…[View]
127851007How does this make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL5q8HOYVU0[View]
127843505is this lovecraftian?[View]
127850482Why'd he spill his beans?[View]
127850957THE GREAT DEBATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VZAhFUzXvY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q93dQ7…[View]
127849262Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
127849577You guys DO realize 'kino' is not an adjective, right?[View]
127846259>one protects you >rest try to kill you Who do you choose to protect you??…[View]
127849144Finally, we will get the progressive Lord of the Rings remake we've all been waiting for. Final…[View]
127847105They lay the pipe now!?[View]
127850811let's hunt some orc: let's hunt some orc[View]
127850061Why does this not seem like anything coming out these days?[View]
127847399>Character wows a hiring manager by acting crazy during a job interview…[View]
127850153Are they really changing the name to imply that being a sibling to the #1 cable news channel in the …[View]
127850669What Pokemon would they own?[View]
127850644What the fuck was his problem[View]
127848837cast her[View]
127848612What was the point of this?[View]
127846320>AHHHHHHHHHHH IM ACTING AND IM ANGRY AHHHHHHHRHHHHHH is the movie any good? havent watched it…[View]
1278505194:3 > 16:9[View]
127848093which one of you did this: >“We need Brie Larson to step down from her role to prove she is an al…[View]
1278494612020...I am forgotten...[View]
127850438You never had the makings of a varsity big guy.[View]
127850427Can we discuss this thespians stellar body of work?[View]
127849785Is it any good?[View]
127850327Disney is pulling Star Wars Rise of Skywalker out of theaters: at a higher rate than Jumanji is bein…[View]
127849956Oh no... no, no, NONONONONO[View]
127850367I Can't Stop The Loneliness こらえ切れず 悲しみがとまらない[View]
127846154Name a scene in the Sequel trilogy that is as iconic as this.[View]
127849416You'll never be as cool as Michael Caine, /tv/. Never.[View]
127850154No Noms: What did they do wrong?[View]
127850134What are some movies that explore the complicated dynamic between women and men in society?[View]
127850070Must be Italian[View]
127846905What's your favourite movie featuring the prostitute with a heart of gold trope?[View]
127846174The Color Out of Space: Well, it's another terrible Lovecraft adaptation.[View]
127845986Equilibrium: Why is this movie so touching to me when it's an undeniable schlock?[View]
127848749rainman: What made him so successful? Was it because he on crack?[View]
127848587>”the build up to violence is like sex”[View]
127849753where would you sit? keep in mind that the entrance is from the front so everybody will see you ente…[View]
127822965What would you do?[View]
127847703Penguin in the new Batman movie looks like Guy Fieri.[View]
127849341Hernandez doc: are black girls the most loyal?[View]
127849842What kind of shine box was?[View]
127849781Who is the greatest Horror slasher ever and why is it Michael Myers?[View]
127847951Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
127848894Can someone explain the ending ?[View]
127839514What do you make of this line?[View]
127849127This any good? Has Norton, Dafoe, Willis and Baldwin.[View]
127849005>'anon, let's watch your favorite movie!' >20 minutes in they start checking their phone …[View]
127840677/YOU/ - YOU general: just finished it. Is it just me or is the whole love twist retarded? it made no…[View]
127845656Patton Oswalt: Is he the best short actor since Danny Devito?[View]
127849636Deja Vu: I knew i had seen this goblin somewhere before and i finally figured it out today.[View]
127849253Any of you incels watched this?[View]
127849656The River: Hi there. I'm on the /teevee/. Not a lot of other Jews out here, though.[View]
127849729Bold of (((them))) to show their hand so blatantly.[View]
127848273/Sopranos/: I can be on time tomorrow, but you’ll be stupid forever[View]
127849522At what age did you realize there was never a bear? Or you're still not there yet...?[View]
127849632*sigh* Somehow, Michael Myers returned.[View]
127846061Why hasn't she had her glory yet bros?[View]
1278461676 Underground: I'm about to watch this, what am I in for?[View]
127844432what did y'all think of the Phantasm series ??[View]
127845910Was this movie any good?[View]
127849342What does he see in The Exorcist[View]
127849435I will now watch your tv show[View]
127849388What is the best site to review and rate movies? Hard Mode: No IMDB or Letterboxd.[View]
127849066I did not care for The Godfather.[View]
127849263The fucks his problem?[View]
127849061What the fuck was her problem?[View]
127847012Are Trilogies Dead?[View]
127849225Why did they turn Otis into an asshole?[View]
127848370Here's your spiderman bro[View]
127849166BPD AND ECSTASY[View]
127847842Are there any films like the Maze Runner series >all boys >teens or very young adults >more…[View]
127847996>Hi! I'm Paul! *waves*[View]
127841879Here's your Paul Atreides, /tv/[View]
127845583The new pope general \TNPG/: Episode 3 edition. Have u seen it already eurobros?[View]
127837990movies that show the realities of being a nerd getting bullied and playing board games like dungeons…[View]
127848945Let us see your autism card.[View]
127849014I don't get it. Why halt the advance, the enemy was fleeing. Was he working for the Germans?[View]
127844444Now that the dust has settled: Was he based?[View]
127848896will wes andersons 2020 film be kino?[View]
127846473ITT - Characters you try to emulate in real life[View]
127848744>wasted years[View]
127848738Real men knew Dizzy was the only choice.[View]
127833967Say it, out loud, say it[View]
127845384Parasite: Finally, a movie that white people cannot understand.[View]
127847173why did he do it[View]
127847494Why is he such a fucking autist??[View]
127845578>What’s your wish anon?[View]
127846081Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about Malik?[View]
127848161How is she so good? She's a woman.[View]
127848562>lmao everyone is a total asshole and has no likable qualities Why does every drama and comedy do…[View]
127845554>4chan hates movies with an all female cast >4chan loves anime with an all female cast why is…[View]
127847490So we can all agree that this is the best TMNT cartoon, right?[View]
127848384As you can see here, this is my son yeed. Could you say something nice about him.[View]
127848280What are you bros watching tonight?[View]
127847616Is this worth watching? I watched it up to around season 3, maybe a few episodes into it years ago b…[View]
127848144Who else here takes 'creepshots' when watching movies?[View]
127848187Why is this movie not being called out for not having POC representation?[View]
127847136You hate him because you ARE him.[View]
127848079GOAT Scenes Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsh4SvPdfl8[View]
127848184how would you rate her body of work?[View]
127843510Uncut Gems: What’s his fucking problem?[View]
127847677I am ALL the Senate![View]
127847821what was his problem?[View]
127846415Why does every character he play have to be so dull? He never has a happy character. Everything is a…[View]
127847387Cuckcore: Movies for the cucks of /tv/[View]
127848073Look how they massacred my boy[View]
127845876Man, if they hadn't completely fucked up the pacing and toned down the constant jumpcuts a lot …[View]
127846184How is this even redemption anyway?: Killing your master is the intended result of Sith training, he…[View]
127847875Doctor Who: Hold on a second lads...: Aren't alternate timeline and alternate universe essentia…[View]
127846290whats that blue thing she's giving them boys??[View]
127846058Did his sister want to fuck or what?[View]
127847815>my favorite film of all time is Napoléon vu par Abel Gance (1927) What type of person do you ima…[View]
127834486Let's have a behind the scenes thread[View]
127846924F is For Family: What does /TV/ Think of this masterpiece of a show?[View]
127847113Ella Balinska: What did you think about Ella Balinska's performance in the movie Charlie's…[View]
127844639>Ding dong[View]
127842916How do I get my script to Hollywood producers?[View]
127845936>ANYBODY SEEN RICHIE???[View]
127847103Why was Groucho Marx in the photo at the end of The Shining? Did the hotel absorb him?[View]
127846456Battlebots tier list. Note: this list is NOT about the skill and knowledge of the driver, it's …[View]
127828930I Am Jazz: First look at new season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j_69PNKOW0[View]
127844221Is it kino?[View]
127846819Why are movies all the same?: Can these retards not make up a better plot than “guy loves girl, girl…[View]
127847179I'VE BEEN GOVERNOR[View]
127846672>SABRINA, DONT JUST STARE AT IT, EAT IT! What did Bateman mean by this??…[View]
127847446wtf is happening with Cool Cat?[View]
127843494Ok, now this is based[View]
127835757The exact frame at which Ridley Scott's career peaked.[View]
127847371Senor Madrid, care to join me at my table where I entertain my guests?[View]
127845418>Redditlettermeditards think this scene is bad yikes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hoXNXSpmng…[View]
1278458557 men and 5 women will decide this man's fate.[View]
127835742watchmen: uhh, why has it been cancelled? https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a30556495/watchmen-no-s…[View]
127847145Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen: releases in: 7 days level of hype: 0[View]
127846933>12-year-old Cuban-American Elena Cañero-Reed is on her way to becoming the future president of t…[View]
127846909H. P. Lovecraft with his cat Nigger Man.[View]
127841765Hugh Mungus[View]
127847070Post gems hidden by a shitty cover.[View]
127845323this was fucking dogshit[View]
127846701look how they massacred my boy[View]
127846156Based Sydney[View]
127840065Oh yeah! I'm gonna get hammered and post on /tv/.....TONIGHT! What are you Anons gonna do?[View]
127846890Godfather sister: Isn't it a little weird for Sonny to hug his sister right after he fucked a m…[View]
127846779Who was best girl /tv/?[View]
127846947twelve monkeys got BLACKED by netflix[View]
127836064What do you want to see for season 2 of euphoria?[View]
127846012Just re-watched. Pretty comfy flick my niggas. Had only watched it once since buying it on DVD years…[View]
127844269*Sigh*: Somehow Hitler returned.[View]
127846870EarlyMovie: Does anyone have a good source/link where i can watch Uncut gems in good quality.[View]
127846852Is Floribama Shore kino /tv/?[View]
127844929is there anything that interests you as much as Joe likes talking about monkeys?[View]
127845014The only reason people cared for this movie at all is because it had lesbians.[View]
127846644Was this the peak of American cinema?[View]
127825722Any pagan kinos[View]
127811930Why did Arthur decide to let his life fall apart, instead of trying to improve himself?[View]
127846359>The Toho Films logo appears on-screen What movie is playing, /tv/?[View]
127843522Spec Ops: The Line is better than your favorite war movie.[View]
127846435cast him[View]
127838483Amazon's LOTR looking good: I can't wait for the lotr series. It's really good to see…[View]
127846392*sigh* somehow the nihilists have returned[View]
127845244And just like that, you PIVOT into a Friends thread.[View]
127844223>See girl at a party >Whisper in her ear >She follows you upstairs to a secluded room >S…[View]
127845257What is the best hitman movie?[View]
127845731>it's a 1am-4am episode maximum comfortable[View]
127846301a feminist show where everybody stans left over center and right even tho he attempted rape[View]
127846462>'Dark science. Cloning. Secrets only the Sith knew.' >only sith know >he knows >he…[View]
127846501Is this movie good?: Is this movie good?[View]
127846436Outside of being a Jedi and saving his father, was Luke Skywalker an incel?[View]
127845932Say my name.[View]
127845336Well la di da...[View]
127846072you just KNOW[View]
127828228TRoS Box Office General - Loses 1,200 Theaters Edition: >Domestic Box Office $482,569,280 >Int…[View]
127844104The Great Debate: The Great Debate[View]
127845633Are american teens really that slutty and promiscuous??[View]
127845502Hey, /tv/ hope this is the right place. Could anyone tell me what filming technique this is and how …[View]
127844576Colonel, we are SG1.[View]
127846210I am about to sit down and watch a Flick with my wife. We need to pick something tho. We are thinkin…[View]
127846236Boys Only films: What are some boys only films, or films that are almost entirely boys only? I am co…[View]
127836664>Drive rips off Le Samourai and The Driver >/tv/: best film ever >Joker admittedly takes in…[View]
127836956Post dino kino[View]
127844938*sigh* Somehow, CIA returned[View]
127845602The Last Black Man in San Francisco: What was the point?[View]
127846128>PREPARE TO DIE, EARTH SCUM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK9hWU_7DNk…[View]
127837458BAD BOYS FOR LIFE SET TO MAKE BANK: >Sony’s Bad Boys for Life is headed for the second-best MLK w…[View]
127844326Make a Kino: ITT we create a kino. The rules are simple. Roll double digits to decide key aspects o…[View]
127844829What kino should I watch tonight with my snacks?[View]
127845128Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center[View]
127845745>you're just mad Luke Skywalker wasn't doing crazy flips, taking down spaceships with h…[View]
127845503Was it sexual harassment[View]
127845882Whyd ye spill yer beans lad?[View]
127845462>Animated horses that don't talk narrated by Matt Damon in a laughably fake southern accent …[View]
127845866Was there a timeline where 20th Century Fox could have survived? What would have had to happen diffe…[View]
127844264Actors you cant stand for no particular reason: Actors that you just can't stand and have a har…[View]
127844736Do you enjoy reading screenplays, /tv/?[View]
127845152Unironically, what's wrong with this?[View]
127845649What am I in for?[View]
127845768Why do the chinks make all the kino shit like Rhythm Heaven, Touhou Project, and the Nissan GT-R but…[View]
127845636What the heck is up with this movie? Does anyone else find it just miserable? I don't mean in t…[View]
127840637ITT: Based moments in TV Debate history: >Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kenned…[View]
127844955Did people in the 60s really think this was okay?[View]
127844571>bar scene >Jazzy music starts playing[View]
127845367Have any movies been filmed in the Beijing Subway?: Here in Toronto, we have an abandoned subway sta…[View]
127843553>Tons of behind the scenes production trouble >Forced political correctness >Billie Eilish …[View]
127844053Now that the dust has settled, was it a good decision?[View]
127845127The adjudicator: oh my god that dead eye stare and those latex leggings combined with those thigh hi…[View]
127844893How can I find good quality ASMR?: Most of the results are stupid asians eating hentai tentacles…[View]
127841409So what would her Sith name be? Darth...?[View]
127845654>We're gonna hang out with Rick James tonight, you nawm sayin[View]
127844653TERMINTOR QT FATE[View]
127845000Formerly voiced by Hank Azaria.[View]
127844814Is M.I the best paced franchise ever?: didn't even have time to grab snax[View]
127844337Movies about the cruelty of aging?[View]
1278433471917 literary allusions: >character dies >wakes up in hell >finds refuge with woman >wom…[View]
127845068that episode where rozz....: Like tries to tell bulldog to stop falling for her by saying 'Thats rea…[View]
127845375I used to spend hours on r/watchpeopledie and I still couldn't finish this movie. Does that mak…[View]
127840466For what purpose?[View]
127845280>8 episodes is a season Why are we ok with this? I'm sick and tired of all of these series b…[View]
127844406ITS HERE! Grace going for RDJ's throat. DOLITTLE BTFO: >https://youtu.be/_v9bZGFhvZQ What wa…[View]
127845553Have you ever lost a life? How did you cope?[View]
127843716Yo. Jeffrey Epstein here. Adrenochrome does wonders to your body, I look 21 again.[View]
127845219>why dont you like my show Joe?[View]
127845470I started to like it after watching it the second time[View]
127842007We asked 100 people, name something that your wife possesses, that is larger than that of the typica…[View]
127845382Jazz Hop Movies: Movies that feel like jazz hop For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50JJZ…[View]
127845248el identidad de la sneed.........[View]
127839457>watching Seinfeld >see this ???[View]
127845180How many of y'all like the rocketeer?[View]
127844160What is this feel called?[View]
127842599Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping was the most slept on comedy of the 2010s.[View]
127843842What's the name of this anime character?[View]
127821455What are some depressing, hopeless, fucked up films?[View]
127838202What would you do if you had the remote from click?[View]
127838301IT'S UP. /ourgirl/ Grace CONFIRMS BAD BOYS 3 CERTIFIED KINO: >https://youtu.be/jGbquit1UjQ …[View]
127845130Can he pull it off, lads?[View]
127843513ZACK SNYDER AND HENRY CAVIL BTFO: >https://youtu.be/-Dag7IBNtys >https://youtu.be/XrtIxFmLPAI …[View]
127844962Disney rebranding 20th Century Fox Studios as just '20th Century Studios.': LOL Figures. Anything re…[View]
127844048Now THIS was a film holy shit[View]
127844887Kinos for this feel??[View]
127840472how is the Swimmer? heard it was good but the trailer doesn't seem to show much.[View]
127844722GUHUH: was there a meme that was something akin to 'one in the light one in the darkness, this is th…[View]
127844851monster aileen wuornos (2003): thoughts on this film?[View]
127844833This is a story about a boy that just didn't get math. He wasn't stupid or anything... It …[View]
127844809>I forgot my umbrella. No, I’m getting wet now.[View]
127844455Why was he a better character than Rey?[View]
127842132What are some horror films where the antagonistic force is left mysterious?[View]
127844799is joker worth watching? or is it normie-tier?[View]
127840034So did his sister want to fuck or what?[View]
127841049It is the year 2020: Now where is my Arno Stark movie!?[View]
127840488Why didn't her career take off?[View]
127841473Why didn't /tv/ tell me this was absolute kino?[View]
127844632Why do they look eerily similar?[View]
127843276God is real: So Rust 'sees the light' or whatever and turns religious. Wow, amazing 10/10 writing. T…[View]
127844548How many fewer episodes would there be left if people didn't constantly say 'hurr oh yeah I…[View]
127844541LOST AND NEVER FOUND: Post Movies with this conclusion[View]
127841341How Sheev come back: Do you remember all those guys with hoodies? They were not spirits of Sith from…[View]
127843361Post movies you have never seen mentioned here[View]
127844515ITT: Moments before disaster[View]
127839722Survivor Season 40 spoilers: >Parvati 1st boot >Adam Klein gets med evac'd >Amber vote…[View]
127840352Why didn’t he just rape her?[View]
127844328Which film is better the original or the remake? My gf insists the new one is better and funnier.[View]
127844226ITT Kinos with minimal characters: Doesn't necessarily mean no extras. But we're talking f…[View]
127839160How did Alan from 'Two and a Half Men' end up being the best Lex Luthor since Rosenbaum?[View]
127843692From my point of view you're a small guy.[View]
127844220These two are just lovely[View]
127844022Anyone who grew up during the late 90s/early 00s wanted to have been part of the OC crew[View]
127842520has Tarantino matured as a film maker?[View]
127830861So, K died, right?[View]
127844134I seen this kino in the theater when I was 13: Jealous fags?[View]
127844059What’s her endgame?[View]
127841732>it's another 'geoff yells at non-existent trolls on the internet and blames them entirely o…[View]
127843990So yeah,....Gandalf proposed to Picard.... gay wedding of the century[View]
127842964Sexiest movie roles: What are the sexiest movie roles? My vote is for Jessica Alba in Sin City. Even…[View]
127842386The Mighty Boosh: What are some good films or shows to scratch the itch this show left behind? Noel…[View]
127843845>the best sci-fi show ever made was made by nips When will the west step it up?…[View]
127843497Now that the dust has settled can we all agree that Your name was movie of the decade?[View]
127841986Defending Your Life: How many days are you looking at, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1Fhrh…[View]
127843267Best character coming through[View]
127843061>big gulps huh?[View]
127843836Why does it feel that new series and movies don’t have any lasting power? I can’t name a REALLY memo…[View]
127842981what a fucking snooze fest[View]
127841467Well we have our first female led and produced Star Wars trilogy. What did you think of it?[View]
127843926>Cmon man lets fucking do her, lets do this whole fucking village man![View]
127841630kinos about frens?[View]
127843730top 10 movies: r8 my top 10 1. the big lebowski 2. clerks 3. baby driver 4. the nice guys 5. la la l…[View]
127843883wheres the web-dl[View]
127842178>Rosie Cotton's debentures...she had bonds in her portfolio. If ever I were to file jointly …[View]
127839306ITT: Movies in which women pay for sex[View]
127841607What would have happened if Denethor didnt go (too) crazy, survived the siege of Minas Tirith, and r…[View]
127843110if you want to be on tv there's something wrong with you[View]
127843073Anyone got the webm of the baby screaming silently as it's sucked out of the womb?[View]
127815113>dude gratuitous sex and violence Is there a bigger pleb indicator?[View]
127839783Your negotiations seem to have failed.[View]
127841068You hate him because you ARE him.[View]
127843055Haven't checked in here in a while. Is /tv/ still doing that thing where they act edgy and hate…[View]
127843647Gabagool: Gabagool[View]
127842448ICE TO SEE YOU. McBAIN![View]
127843579GUNNM 2: electric boogaloo: its been several months since the last alita thread, how are you guys ho…[View]
127841859what movies or tv shows do babies watch?[View]
127843024two chicks at the same time man[View]
127843516Does he have legitimate autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFf671aCH2A[View]
127840871Talk about this crazy puppet man and the impact Jim had on you or someone you know. Don't be sh…[View]
127843401My name is Jeffrey Epstein[View]
127843449Scenes that made you sick? The music made it much worse. Stoner horror is depraved. Degenerate writ…[View]
127837951Hayden bros...[View]
127843059And here is our son's room, he's quite the film buff[View]
127840699Underrated actors[View]
127841106hi kevin[View]
127838570Pick your poison[View]
127840938breaking bad season 2 episode 9 four days out discussion thread[View]
127842137Is it sad if you watch a ton of movies but your favorite one is recent and one of the most popular o…[View]
127842243>tfw remember my french cinemaboo phase[View]
127843069ITT: movies that are accidental masterpieces. The Neon Demon is just that. Made by an autist who usu…[View]
127841311When will he be dethroned as GOAT?[View]
127840447the rest of ya'll know when i durn to yah[View]
127836732'1917: War as Video Game and Ceremony': >Disdain, contrivance, and irony produce fake feeling. …[View]
127829164/TNP/ - The New Pope / The Young Pope General: The third episode is currently airing in Italia, anon…[View]
127841764>heheh uhm I don't get it, butthead >uhuh this place sucks uhuhuh…[View]
127842713Bull honkey![View]
127842156XBOX... Please find me a fucking job.[View]
127842320And the oscar goes to... Tavo Betancourt for 'Pasando Super Mario en 5 minutos' https://youtu.be/AFr…[View]
127842852Remind me why /tv/ doesn't get book references in movies?[View]
127842837*sighs* Somehow, Palantine has returned[View]
127840897>pirate the new terminator movie >9 minutes in and already cant stand this garbage >spic sh…[View]
127842751Any good films about people who go crazy and start to believe in conspiracy theories?[View]
127841205Why was Bob such a Chad? Twin Peaks Thread: Bob was a Chad, Pic Related. Cucked Bobby and all the ot…[View]
127840597greatings from /ck/: which is better 1 or 2? im watching 2 right now and its better than i remembere…[View]
127842377What's good with this gabagool?[View]
127835020so it was all a fucking dream?!![View]
127841863Is there a movie that doesn't have any plot holes?[View]
127841743Pavel, if you want to bring friends, there are two conditions. First: I'm in charge here, and w…[View]
127842216They rushed everything about him. We learned his name and saw his face too early. He got his beskar …[View]
127842423How can the Horror genre be saved? I haven't seen a scary movie in years.[View]
127839655Why was it so kino?[View]
127841814Always Sunny: /tv/ approved or normie trash?[View]
127840983Disney+ reboot when?[View]
127842378Pirating is the most sincerest form of flattery.: I agree with this sentiment.[View]
127841711Is Little Women worth seeing solely for Saoirse Ronan? Is her screentime enough to justify it?[View]
127842439What am i in for?[View]
127842428Any British film industry insiders know anything about how the diversity quota system works when it …[View]
127838327What is the greatest show of all time that isn't Mad Men Breaking Bad Twin Peaks The Wire Deadw…[View]
127840420Jessica Chastain as grown up Sophia Lillis: Was this one of the biggest miscasts in recent history?…[View]
127842231Searchlight Pictures: Formerly Fox Searchlight Pictures[View]
127841837hey jannies: fuck off trannies[View]
127841982>If it's not too expensive[View]
127840794Zombieland 2: Double Tap: >if you’re a good, intelligent girl who supports him and has a sarcasti…[View]
127842139>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
127827524AAAAAAHHHH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HC-MSbIAPQ&list=PLXsbMnnbPpLUYMYgMQ703Tlr8R3OZ5vEa…[View]
127823550/trek/ 25th anniversary edition[View]
127840296>anon I'm sorry this isn't the 'kinoplex' >No anon my name is not robert >I'…[View]
127841845Battlebots tier list. Note: this list is NOT about the skill and knowledge of the driver, it's …[View]
127841820Whatever happened to TGIF[View]
127841943https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8b77e9_0AQ brehs...[View]
127841914Which mountain were they going to again?[View]
127841893ITT: Money laundering movies[View]
127841854I'm a gigantic bear, Mr. Anderson.[View]
127841816>this guy shows up[View]
127841815What are your thoughts on Tron Legacy? You should watch this right now if you haven't, because …[View]
127841722Why aren't there great comedic shows like pic related anymore?[View]
127841755hey lex get out of my earth lmao[View]
127841637Who was in the wrong in this situation? Tony for being Tony or David for getting in over his head?[View]
127840249what did it all mean?[View]
127841571Was this supposed to make me hate women? It felt like a horror movie at times.[View]
127840701Kinos that give this feel?[View]
127833194Why do the Oscars have a category for animated movies if they don’t give a fuck about them?[View]
127841546Kermode reviews new Malick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDJIMgx_imY[View]
127838761What are some scenes that left audiences stunned and speechless? Clip related. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
127836254Why is this allowed?[View]
127839345Ooah, stooorm's comin' Ani! Ye best get 'ooome QUICK![View]
127841405It all comes back to thotery, doesn't it?[View]
127833544The Watch TV: So... first pictures of the Terry Pratchett 'adaptation' by the BBC aren…[View]
127841358When Maz Kanata handed Chewbacca a medal at the end of The Rise of Skywalker, I saw, in the backgrou…[View]
127840688Lovecraft thread[View]
127840681>anon, surely you'll be tuning back into your once favourite tv show, the simpsons, now that…[View]
127841214>tv show goes meta by turning itself into a movie[View]
127838205This is the greatest television show of all time and now it’s days away from getting Skywalkered.[View]
127836642What did we think of him?[View]
127838281Who's the best? George Taylor or Logan 5?[View]
127835171What's your favorite gibson kino, and why is it Maverick?[View]
127837431John Landis should've gone to prison for this.[View]
127834796Dude, just have sex, lmao. Thanks Shinkai[View]
127838881Armond Snow White[View]
127839674>curbkino is back in two days can't wait[View]
127841046Was Chuck May Cry kino?[View]
127839536Is this what wallstreet is really like?[View]
127840988What actor would you like to see deaged in a movie, and what would the movie be?[View]
127840919Sequels to movies that really do exist.[View]
127841008>watch documentary about sexual predator >he has a picture with the president of the united st…[View]
127838086>Character moves to a large city >Gets a job without any connections…[View]
127839756>Handsome young man leaves large office building in the city at a friday >WE BUILT THIS CITY s…[View]
127840026What's the best episode of the greatest show of all time?[View]
127840865what are some films about lost innocence /tv/? http://i.4cdn.org/gif/1579184085717.webm…[View]
127840641ITT: Times films went too far.[View]
127840589Señor Plow no es macho, es solamente un borracho[View]
127840661My name is Kevin Spacey. I'm 60 years old. My house is in the southeast section of Baltimore, w…[View]
127840552Films with pic related?[View]
127829287She's got a point.[View]
127840790Who will win in Star Wars episode IX? Good, virtuous silver fridges or evil demonic black fridges? A…[View]
127840795>rapist character is portrayed in a negative light[View]
127840365Which should I watch?: I'm looking for something comfy to watch in bed at night. Futurama? Simp…[View]
127837744would you HARVest this girl for me? I'm a bit out of pocket and she's behind on her HARVes…[View]
127839459What are some good Lovecraftian movies?[View]
127840646was it kino?[View]
127840635Bring around...the Loaner.[View]
127838508Why is the good guy using a sith lightsaber[View]
127840611'I've had a rough year, dad'[View]
127839904ITT: Medieval kino[View]
127830019ITT: we fix Star Wars Sequels, one point at a time: >The first order is nothing but another Empir…[View]
127840517>150cm female character overpowers 20 120kgs men[View]
127838410Was it kino?[View]
127840222She's right you know[View]
127840427BYE BYE[View]
127839919What would you prefer?: > somewhat close adaptation with inaccuracies or > really different ta…[View]
127838284ITS HAPPENING National Treasure 3 confirmed.[View]
127840182for me, its based Lisa, she's the voice of based-reason on the show.[View]
127839446Where should the sequel to this kino pick up?[View]
127837687I'm waiting.[View]
127840309Would you?[View]
127839517DANCE /TV/, DANCE[View]
127839571>This is me, this is how I win >Gets shot Is Uncut Gems one of /tv/'s favorite modern kin…[View]
127840198What was his problem?[View]
127840157Lawful Neutral characters[View]
127840023What did Jeremy Renner mean by this?[View]
127838261Why did Christoph Waltz win an Oscar for playing himself in Django Unchained (after already winning …[View]
127840126Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of this?[View]
127833331>At the end of time a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. The …[View]
127835860king's rook's pawn to row four: your move[View]
127840015We agree it's a classic, right?[View]
127839495ITT: Things in movies that makes you grumpasaurus rex[View]
127840013what is the best final destination film?[View]
127834819ITT best actor/actress of their generations (max 10 years)[View]
127838941Do girls really think thanos is hot? Does it not matter to them that he murdered half?[View]
127839782Does your dog watch kinos?[View]
127838072Your favorite actors: for me it's Ethan Hawke[View]
127839920Is there any character strong enough to defeat an individual that says 'Don't mess with my disc…[View]
127837312Left cringe Right based[View]
127837576Kenobi series cancelled.: https://fandomwire.com/2020/01/17/exclusive-obi-wan-kenobi-series-canceled…[View]
127839787POLL + DISCUSSION: What's the greatest fantasy movie of all time?: https://strawpoll.com/c8b649…[View]
127839639I can't go to Yemen I'm an analyst[View]
127835852Return of the Jedi is the best Star Wars movie, and anything that undoes its perfect ending, whether…[View]
127835486Are there any movies that are almost entirely about handsome young men with minimal women involved (…[View]
127839433What's /tv/'s favourite cinoplex snack?[View]
127837206DEY BE HERE[View]
127836088>Johnny Ola told me about this place. He brought me here. I didn’t believe it, but seeing’s belie…[View]
127839604Was Winslow a coomer?[View]
127836733Has there been a gayer horror movie than Nightmare on Elm Street 2?[View]
127839587>watch Everything Wromg with Forrest Gump >much more agressive and picky than usual, giving ou…[View]
127837573How accurate is this, /tv/?[View]
127830969is this accurate?[View]
127839503>a great adventure is waiting for you ahead >hurry onward Lemmiwinks or you will soon be dead…[View]
127837694Will there be another Terminator?[View]
127839330How did J.K. Rowling get away with making all the bankers look like this?[View]
127837760Was he retarded?[View]
127838308greatest of all time[View]
127839122What's your favorite coming-of-age kino?[View]
127838404wtf it's actually a movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JggpSpqxS6I[View]
127839317Why didn’t he stay ? No one liked him in Texas[View]
127836077And what of Good Solonius?[View]
127838841what a fucking virgin he was[View]
127839235>it is more likely for siths to deal in absolutes[View]
127837885Best Italian films?[View]
127839194>if you’re a good, intelligent girl who supports him and has a sarcastic sense of humor, he will …[View]
127838648How come Luke can never catch a break?[View]
127839123That the good grape juice?[View]
127826741/sopranos: Hot sister edition[View]
127838985Battlebots tier list. Note: this list is NOT about the skill and knowledge of the driver, it's …[View]
127838968Decent comfy whodunits? In the mood for one and can't seem to pick, already watched clue and my…[View]
127838889>You guys are getting paid? hahahaha[View]
1278377051917: >tfw Blake goes pale[View]
127837013>It's cancelled What the fuck[View]
127838921Ctrl F, no Suddenly Susan thread: I'm here to change that[View]
127833286ITT: Most pretentious movie you've ever seen[View]
127838805Serial Killer Kino: Whats the best serial killer detective thriller and why is it Zodiac? >inb4 p…[View]
127837308>Tell me about your childhood, anon[View]
127838787In addition to the ones below, what are some films or tv shows that feature teenage rapists? - The G…[View]
127831737ITT: Post whatever the FUCK you want that’s /tv/ related: WRONG KID DIED[View]
127834168Kind of wish I was this guy rn. He fucking woke up within an hour after drinking all night, got some…[View]
127838054These movies have so much SOUL that it hurts. The other day I was watching Kindergarten Cop in TV fo…[View]
127838565Is this canon?[View]
127808816Dune thread: I'm reading the book now, I'm at the dinner party scene with the banker. I am…[View]
127838528>protaganist and sidekick are surrounded >armed with service revolver and six shot ankle backu…[View]
127837254What's his tax policy?[View]
127838370why did this scene trigger /tv/ so much?[View]
127838492What was that you said about the myth of the Holocaust?[View]
127835913Just ordered a quattro fromaggio pizza and got a vegetable one instead. Movies for this feel?[View]
127836936Am I retarded?[View]
127837335oh hi mark[View]
127838259>decide to check out hot monster girl kino >cry in the first scene, 3 minutes in…[View]
127837699>Then we see this… frog, in a tuxedo. And he’s smiling, holding a glass of the wine. Elegance, re…[View]
127817597SAVE ME FEIGE[View]
127838294>she’s a super confident, quirky, clap-backing teenage genius >and she has tattoos, face pierc…[View]
127837796ITT: REAL LIFE MOVIE EXPERIENCES: >At the bus. >Old lady riding in the back hands me a bag of …[View]
127838035The Two Popes: Just watched it. What did I think about it?[View]
127838278>95+% of TV and Movie actors are Democrats Why is this usually the case?…[View]
127838157The CW's SUPERMAN AND LOIS: Concept art of the new suit for the spinoff series.[View]
127838127COMEDIANS: C o m e d y Who are the greatest comics currently on TV and film?[View]
127836418WHO'S SPEAKIN[View]
127836630>Scared, Potter?[View]
127836094Post a webm. Other anons pitch a movie idea based on it.[View]
127836101OSCAR BAIT OF 2020: Which ones will actually score nominations next year? Christopher Nolan's T…[View]
127837828What went wrong?[View]
127832145Press F to pay respects[View]
127836507Is getting punched really as bad as TV and movies make it seem? People get fucking demolished by lik…[View]
127836822what did hiro mean by this?[View]
127828326/HMG/Horror Movie General - First edition edition: This is a general dedicated to discussion of the …[View]
127837989So, is he the antichrist, the messiah, an illusionist or a conman?[View]
127837626What’s his endgame?[View]
127837890>So no one told you life was gonna be this way[View]
127837867*knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock*[View]
127834388What the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn5dXUu_qxM[View]
127837634What went wrong?[View]
127834993>watching Parasite >this scene happens Do Koreans really do this?…[View]
127819301Are you going to watch?[View]
127837838Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
127837506YEED: yeed[View]
127826799A communications disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
127837651How is she still getting roles?[View]
127837788Is it alright to fast forward through his parts?[View]
127837718>Coppola hasn't made a good film since Apocalypse No-[View]
127836496>Main character fantasizes about becoming a minor celebrity and how his JRE interview would go…[View]
127837674Cast him.[View]
127837282Directors that are better than Stanley Kubrick[View]
127837411I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
127837305So, why couldn't they just become persians slaves instead of fighting? they knew they couldn…[View]
127837475What kind of shit do you think they got up to after ROTJ?[View]
127836654The Wire: Now that the dust has settled, was Colvin's approach right?[View]
127837346>I need this job man >Gets the job Was it really that easy?…[View]
127836902What was valuable with the xenomorphs that Weyland-Yutani would do anything to get theirs hands on t…[View]
127828973Din Djarin, I'm ISB[View]
127837453who is your favorite Beta?[View]
127834950Is this a good movie?[View]
127836569About to see this for the first time: What am I in for?[View]
127837440Look how they massacred my boy![View]
127834324Dragged Across Concrete: Film of the year or film of the decade?[View]
127826942Knights of the Old Republic movie: Lucasfilm is working on a KotoR movie series. They are looking fo…[View]
127837256Would the Mandalorian been recieved differently if the child alien companion wasn't related to …[View]
127834740How come reality is so much more Kino than fiction?[View]
127836309>watching LOST with my gf >she bites her lips every time Sawyer or Mr.Eko appear…[View]
127836586Do you realize every Star Wars movie or show will have its cute alien taking up 50% of the plot?[View]
127827137Born in 2001 here Were people in the 90s really like this?[View]
127833916what's his fucking deal? is he just salty that he's a old man now?[View]
127833249there just aint another movie like The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford That o…[View]
127837178why was she so perfect bros?[View]
127836626Me chinese, me play joke, me go pee pee in your Coke[View]
127837122The 1 time we see what archaeology actually looks like: Based[View]
127835150>25 years old[View]
127832008I... I want a relationship like this bros[View]
127835266Taika Waititi Star wars movie: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/taika-waititi-courted-s…[View]
127832093Nevah forget[View]
127837035Hi Bob[View]
127837029The CW's SUPERMAN AND LOIS: Concept art of the new suit for the spinoff series.[View]
127836640>zombie apocalypse movie >survivors decide to abandon the relative safety and comfort of where…[View]
127835363>my favorite film of all time is L’Atalante (1934) What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
127836928Cancelled Justice League Dark movie details: This is Del Toro's draft. >Core team was Consta…[View]
127836063Super Accurate: https://twitter.com/thefaceberg/status/1218048013563621377[View]
127834726How would you handle the upcoming live action TV redo of Avatar? Casting, changes, length, etc. No, …[View]
127836477>actors from later Treks have started dying >Bill still kicking it What the fuck is your secre…[View]
127836678Why is Amidala not remembered as the one who started the Colne Wars, birth the Empire and was the in…[View]
127834066Unironically, why are there not more movies about incels? The mainstream Hollywood notion of 'incel'…[View]
127836824WHATS A JEW DOING RUNNING A PIZZERIA? Well? Was it a front?[View]
127828109**i move away from the mic to breathe in[View]
127835488What do you think of my haul boys?[View]
127834311How long have we been on this board? Five weeks? Two days? Help me, to recollect.[View]
127836750Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127834508>star of the biggest movie franchise ever >bankable a-list actress >struggling to find a jo…[View]
127832121ITT: We rewrite the Game of Thrones ending.[View]
127836722Do you relate to Travis or Arthur more?[View]
127831758Was it, dare I say it, Lovecraftian?[View]
127836573=^): based kinographer[View]
127835988>destroyed shit wars >dabbed on gay nerds who spent millions of man-hours writing snoke head c…[View]
127836491First we feast, then we felony.[View]
127836634Is this the best casting on a TV show ever?[View]
127830079How would he have handled The Return of the King?[View]
127832600New Rise of skywalker concept art: Some of it is from Collin Trevorrow Duel of the fates film.…[View]
127836138>Well, being a dick ain't so bad. See, there's three kinds of people: dicks, pussies, a…[View]
127836504Why do people pretend to understand his speech?? Its literally a bunch of pseudo-intellectual gibber…[View]
127835388Cast the inevitable remake[View]
127836078>At last... >After all these years... >I am finally become... >The Bicycle Thief…[View]
127836410HAAAAAARK! Hark, Triton, Hark![View]
127836324Why didn't they just fly to the front line and drop the message?[View]
127832138ITT: MOVIES WITH SURPRISINGLY DARK ENDINGS: Pic related, believe it or not.[View]
127836401duel of fates trevorrow screenplay where is screenplay?[View]
127836194>the most 'American-ish' movies of modern times are made by Jews How come?…[View]
127835531Old movies: Underworld is now 17 years old.[View]
127836351ITT: Sino Kino[View]
127834571>it's three dollars for my mouth, five for my pussy and seven for my ass What did she mean b…[View]
127835155He's right you know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=23&v=yfEw5H_LSoQ&featu…[View]
127836202Women reach their peak at 12 years old[View]
127835903When did they stop being funny? And when will they apologize?[View]
127832291>Jeanne.2019.FRENCH.1080p.WEB.H264-PREUMS[EtHD] >Jeanne.2019.FRENCH.1080p.WEB.H264-PREUMS[EtHD…[View]
127835522STOP IT TVEE[View]
127835466retard panda best panda: Something I’ll never forget in a million years is the fact that they had th…[View]
127835188>best film of 2019 and barely saw a thread about it is /tv/ nothing but spotty zoomers posting ab…[View]
127835976How did /tv/ think about the brutally competitive world of figure skating and mental illness?[View]
127835827It wasn’t that bad[View]
127835204Why didn't Hollywood understand Steve De Jarnatt's vision?[View]
127833379Where does the franchise even go from here?[View]
127827689Maher on Joe!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KQGZa773sI[View]
127834643Is the show Yes, Minister an accurate portrayal of British politics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
127835261Stooorm's comin' Ani! Ye best get 'ooome QUICK![View]
127835490ITT body kino[View]
127834452Color from Outter Space: This was way better than I expected, a solid outing for a direct adaptation…[View]
127833694>the hero is defeated by the villian and humanity is destroyed[View]
127832221Denis Villeneuve: What makes him a good director in your opinion?[View]
127832003ITT: Shittiest biopics.[View]
127835680>I WANT TO BE NINJA[View]
127834729Why are the OT fights so fucking garbage compared to the PT and ST? How Boomers got invested in this…[View]
127833747What were some things you did when you were first getting into cinema seriously that make you cringe…[View]
127834635>We don't serve their kind here >Your droids. ... We don't want them here What did h…[View]
127834406>anyone know why Richie did Bobby Lupo[View]
127835540What were the best horror films of the decade?[View]
127834075Should I marathon the scary movie series???[View]
127828677Where do I start with Ozu? I've never seen anything by him.[View]
127810940Why would they call this new show this? Then I realized its in the aftermath of an explosion?[View]
127827197For me, he was based[View]
127835534No one man can carry this burden, I tell you.[View]
127831466What was the point of this scene, again?[View]
127830688>Ciao, handsome! Tell me about your favorite Italian film![View]
127833843Meanwhile, on future /tv/...[View]
127834814Yes, the movie isnt perfect but you can stream all the other Star Wars on Disney+! There is even a F…[View]
127835319This is the only kind of blu ray case that should be allowed. All others are absolute haram.[View]
127834435Dune 2020: Is there any chance we could see a first teaser during the Super Bowl?[View]
127834378What do you think it was particularly that drew 79 year old Patrick Stewart to 41 year old Sunny Oze…[View]
127833138How would you rate Paris's cooking skills, /tv?[View]
127829317Amazon Prime recommendations: Let's go![View]
127834704What was Rey's midichlorian count? Was it higher than Anakin's? Why didn't Palpatine…[View]
127835186Give me a quick rundown[View]
1278236911917: >War as Video Game and Ceremony. >Disdain, contrivance, and irony produce fake feeling.…[View]
127832234Nothing happens for 2 hours: the movie[View]
127835151>Based Chad alpha Wesley >Virgin Beta cuck Davies…[View]
127834163Honestly what’s his appeal? Dunkirk is arguably his only good film. Inception was just exposition du…[View]
127835091what is the most awkward movie you watched with your parents?[View]
127831540hi ben[View]
127835069Witcher: ...Why?[View]
127835070What's your favorite Richard Corben movie? For me its 1989's Dark Planet https://youtu.be…[View]
127834442FUCK YOU WINSLOW[View]
127834923Was this based?[View]
127828070Bigger Mary Sue than Rey. pic 100% related[View]
127834802Did they do it?: I guess our gal was so progressive, she got blacked before it was popular[View]
127834791This guy does 6th grade level humor, but audiences eat it up. What am I missing?[View]
127830448The fuck was his problem??[View]
127833990If it wasn't for the gay techno soundtrack, comedy relief black guy, and even remotely happy en…[View]
127834684Wanna fight?[View]
127834352Remember when Yoda used the Force to send the Death Star on a collision course with Coruscant just t…[View]
127831818>Childhood is thinking Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon or Anakin vs. Obi-Wan is the best prequ…[View]
127832658>life is a fair[View]
127827639Cracking toast, Gromit.[View]
127812930What's some quality classic sci-fi every sci-fi fan needs to see?: Trust me, nothing's too…[View]
127832086Oz thread: Oz thread[View]
127834588>Got a camera in the back?? >WHAT BACK?? Who was in the wrong here??…[View]
127834093Poe after Holdo kicked toxic masculinity out of him[View]
127831950>All fucking niggers must fucking hang! How the fuck did they get away with this, if this was re…[View]
127833420KOO NEE TANG! BRRrRR rBRbrb brbb brrr NA NA NA AH LAWAH! KOO NEE TANG!![View]
127831050ITT: Netflix movies that you unironically enjoy[View]
127830088/lig/ Love Island General: Death Stare Edition[View]
127833143As much as I don't like the pequels or sequels, there is something enjoyable seeing Palps go fr…[View]
127832956SEQUEL-BAITING GONE WRONG: This one takes it to a somewhat kino degree.[View]
127833804OH N-[View]
127832976Who will play her on the unavoidable biopic?[View]
127834253What is your opinion on stranger things season 3?[View]
127834350I, for one, anxiously await our new old-timey new-WOKE Captain. For sure he has at least some alpha …[View]
127834220Alright, who's got a WEB-DL magnet link? I'm not giving these richfags a dime. b4 you fags…[View]
127831501>shits on nu-bond kino tee bee aych[View]
127834275For All Mankind: HI BOB![View]
127766315/hmmm/ Dark Crystal: Give Shod some decent soup![View]
127831643What can I watch to fill the terror and Chernobyl void?[View]
127834268I miss the 90's: I'm currently rewatching the Hercules TV show and it's pure comfy fa…[View]
127834263gf dumped me. Rec heartbreak kino that'll drive me to suicide. Pic obviously related[View]
127826240>BTFOs all prequel-haters and youtube 'critics' for all time How can one video be so based? https…[View]
127834231Was this move based of cringe??[View]
127834062FINAL BETS?[View]
127832813>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxL8bVJhXCM Let's be honest, this scene was the only one sh…[View]
127833746comfy simpsons thread[View]
127834058Friday Night: Got free time this evening, what should I watch.[View]
127834059Name a film either of them have been in that is good. Oh, thats right, you cant because they both s…[View]
127832573Songs in medieval/medieval fantasy movies and shows are always fucking embarrassing[View]
127834017Now that Wokemen is confirmed over, what other IP does /tv/ like that Lindelof can rewrite and destr…[View]
127832199>name a movie title that best desribes your life[View]
127831862They said Rise of the Skywalker will reach 1.2 billion two days ago, are they retarded?[View]
127833761all boys?: Are there any movies that are almost entirely about handsome young men with minimal women…[View]
127832032DEY FLY NOW??????????[View]
127833134I admire this nigga, I really do. But he needs to finish his fucking projects.[View]
127833580Was It from space?[View]
127817528Joker sucked ,you cant prove me wrong: Day off ,spend too much time on /tv/ ,noticed that the joker …[View]
127828633Americans make me puke: >https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/01/the-young-pope-hbo-review H…[View]
127833513OSCAR PREDICTIONS: Post 'em. For me, it's >PICTURE: 1917. >DIRECTOR: Bong Joon Ho. …[View]
127828855Let's have a Paul Dano thread[View]
127833504I want that ico-spectrogram performed on the planet in the Selcundi Drema system /tv/. Make it so.[View]
127833215why is he so dumb? is he a typical american? but it shows that the death of the corporate media can…[View]
127825180cats Netflix don't F with Luka: Can someone break this shit down for me >How did he move fro…[View]
127831133What was the best soundtrack of 2019?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QQfj-w6r6U[View]
127831566>Big war between the humans and the 'good' precursor race of aliens vs the 'bad' precursor aliens…[View]
127829466How do we feel about Ruth Negga?[View]
127831669Megan Fox in a Korean War Korean movie.: is it good?[View]
127830456Joker: Just watched it. There is something I want to ask: is ti fine to make this movie in XXI? hear…[View]
127829172Its gonna be a smash hit[View]
127833316>just want to enjoy a movie and relax >jews always cram subversive anti-west, anti civilizatio…[View]
127833487Cinema is a lesser art form than music: Sadly, cinema can never match the grandeur of music. This is…[View]
127833367NATIONAL TREASURE 3 HYPE TRAIN: GET THE FUCK IN HERE https://theweek.com/speedreads/890378/national-…[View]
127833430Can't we all agree on this?[View]
127832264>Stevan Seagal came into a bar I tend and asked if he could play some music there, maybe I could …[View]
127827325Disney removing Fox from 20th Century Fox (it will now read 20th Century Studios on the logo) and Fo…[View]
127833392>Hurdur I dont trust Uthred >BAWW WHY DOESNT HE TRUST ME MUH KINGDOM…[View]
127833355What is some Americana kino?[View]
127831598Star Wars Screener....: Ay other Academy Voters on here get their copies yet? Was away on set past 1…[View]
127832875may da force be witcha[View]
127832281Frozen 2: Anyone have a Frozen 2 link online or torrent? Thanks[View]
127833278Sex Education Season 2: Fishnet stockings... my one weakness.[View]
127833160In cells...[View]
127826387tfw 10+ hrs long Drive but less reddit and more kino gets completely ignored[View]
127830799Don't mind us, just being the best film composers in the business right now.[View]
127832437Why wouldn't they just call him through a field telephone?[View]
127833009>This Movie is Poopie! >Shoots movie multiple times >gets out of chair >Does a skit wher…[View]
127828416nazi demons[View]
127832705>THERES NO EASY WAY OUT So was Rocky listening to this song on the radio and night dreaming?…[View]
127828176Should there be more androgynous actors in television and film?[View]
127831251kino recommendations: What are some obscure kino tips you got? >For me it was Fallen 1998 I got f…[View]
127832792Karl will win a BAFTA in your lifetime: Gritty drama writer and This Is England creator Shane Meadow…[View]
127821759Jesus Christ, this scene is so well edited. It's legitimately the best fight scene of the last …[View]
127832703Why is it so hard to just listen to fans when they ask for a return to old Trek style shows and not …[View]
127832681>doesn't fuck her because she's a virgin Do Americans really?…[View]
127831698Gravity was a great movie: The opening scene is 10/10 kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKW-Gd_S_…[View]
127832636most talented actress of all time: can make you fall in love[View]
127831274Any movies about a total loser that still somehow gets the girl?[View]
127831667What's her superpower again?[View]
127831794the yellow coomer[View]
127831859>is gifted with saint-like patience and pretty decent analytical skills >wastes it all on bott…[View]
127831464These two guys just SAVED /tv/. Say something nice about them.[View]
127832329Why did it fail in the box office?[View]
127829318Oscar Isaac was such a promising actor and now all he does is scifi and capeshit.[View]
127830423*changes the way you see movies*[View]
127832410Hey mami, you sexy Hey mami, you sexy Hey mami, you sexy Can i get that numba?[View]
127832303Who else here enjoys a bit of Beankino?[View]
127832365Join me on a fun-run /tv? It will be /fun.[View]
127830716Yes I see. Mildly intrigued. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JggpSpqxS6I[View]
127831773Why do I like this movie so much?[View]
127821933Christopher Tolkien has passed away at 95: Who’s ready for Tolkien Kino?[View]
127830069Could this movie be made today?[View]
127831273HEY BOBBY[View]
127828045What did Disney do wrong?[View]
127826862Femcel Kino 'Burn' (2019): >Hi, my name is Melinda btw :D do we ignore her? or befriend and ackno…[View]
127830966So who did Clark Kent lost his virginity to?[View]
127831748>movie takes place in America >characters are good looking and in shape…[View]
127830624Dad, what is the mind? Is it just a system of impulses, or is it something tangible?[View]
127824644This is a terrible picture and she is H.O.T. AF in the movie.[View]
127831639You've watched it already this year, right?[View]
127829860Why do people like this show? I'm forcing myself through season 1, but all the characters are s…[View]
127831661thoughts on this guy? do you like his movies[View]
127831017Will his career survive Disney Wars?[View]
127829970>Kenobi TV show cancelled Kenobi TV show cancelled >Kenobi TV show cancelled Kenobi TV show ca…[View]
127831469Joaquin Phoenix is a Manlet that got beat up by a bunch of kids[View]
127831498>wtf did u just say about me u little amerikanski?[View]
127818115Here's your Discworld series[View]
127829694ITT: Movie scenes you could eat[View]
127831100Titanic (1997): How did they do it bros? After all these years it still looks great and it's a …[View]
127827148You came in smelling like weed to the 1030 showing and despite the theater being half full, sat next…[View]
127829534>The first ever Bane thread, huh? Let me call up a friend of mine to take a look at it.…[View]
127830817how her baby looked like?[View]
127820204What happened to teenage and college sex romp movies?[View]
127831275Cast them[View]
127830912DEY HEA[View]
127830973Can't we all agree on this?[View]
127828724How do you think your life at old age will be like /tv/?[View]
127831228We had a thread yesterday about left-wing movies. Are there any good right-wing movies/tv shows?[View]
127828356>which one of us are going to take to the kinoplex anon-kun?[View]
127831206Jay and Silent Bob Reboot: Alright, seeing those old characters took me back.[View]
127830982Is this going to be more artsy and realistic or cartoony and quippy?[View]
127830206I watched the Chad Hershlag movie. Jesus. What the fuck? I'm now convinced that they shot all o…[View]
127831175>oh it's a blue honda civic >the only one in the galaxy so I must remember it…[View]
127825825God, i coom so many times with this episode[View]
127830944Candlejack spinoff series wh[View]
127830087Is Men-Kino back on the menu?[View]
127831121YOUR SOUL IS MINE[View]
127831086TODAY... We celebrate and remember Rome's great leader: GAIUS... JULIUS... CAESAR! Caesar was a…[View]
127827793Why didn't /ourguys/ get nominated? Is it just because they were in a conservative film?[View]
127818416Star Wars is now capeshit: >The next Star Wars saga will take place during an era being referred …[View]
127828121He should have stayed dead. Gandalf the white was a garbage character[View]
127829933How much should I look at the host and how much should I look at the audience?[View]
127830836no one: cicadas: WEEEEYUUUU WEEEEYUUUU WHRRRRRRRR[View]
127830857>I am pathetic, I am a loser... I have failed, I am panicked. I've sold out, I am worthless,…[View]
127830442This is going to be considered the most overrated movie of the year. Screencap this[View]
127830963What's so good about AT-STs?[View]
127830955look what you did you little jerk[View]
127827471What's next for the Sandman?: Will he go back to low-effort comedies and keep going for more ch…[View]
127830935Star Wars Editions: So there are many Star Wars OT Editions/Special Editions: Theatrical releases VH…[View]
127830918>Oh wow Jonah, you're such a good guy for NOT getting Emma Stone drunk and raping her. And I…[View]
127829008>Franchise called The Lord of the RINGS >Only ONE ring Explain…[View]
127826311>Comes out after Kathleens contact ends >In a fresh era that can't mess with established …[View]
127828856The first episode was great, how bad could it possibly get?[View]
127830824what are some movies about betrayal?[View]
127829957I'M GONNA SAY IT: Aside from There Will Be Blood, My Left Foot and Gangs of New York, I've…[View]
127830323Do you think Rihanna will ever reprise her iconic role in Battleship (2012)?[View]
127801387CBS seriously concerned with Picard: I work for CBS and people are extremely down on Picard, because…[View]
127830728ITT: Movies that make you angry.[View]
127830678ITT: Movies women will never understand: post em[View]
127830667>”That we haven’t yet regained the sexual political equilibrium of the 1940s is certainly more ou…[View]
127830651Join me on a fun-run? It will be fun.[View]
127826616The Lords of Egypt: Why isn't Hollywood making a movie original series about a fantasy egypt wi…[View]
127826717Netflix: >cancels decent series >renews pozzed zoomer show Sex Education for several seasons I…[View]
127830614>1 ticket for Doolittle, please[View]
127830429Why do people pretend that his first two films aren’t kino? Like I get it you hate him but his first…[View]
12783046210. Lost In Translation (2003) 9. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) 8. Get Out (2017) 7. Avengers: Infinity War…[View]
127830475An anon called this: a film women wouldnt understand. What are more examples?[View]
127824850TRY THE WINE[View]
127829238>why help me? >maybe I see myself in you[View]
127830406What's is /tv/'s opinion on black actresses?[View]
127830518>watch star wars attack of the clones >smile all the way Sorry reddit pseuds and rlm schizos, …[View]
127830180Is The Fugitive the most rewatchable film ever made? I'll never get tired of it.[View]
127819588best serial killer movie?[View]
127830467It’s not a perfect film but it did show loneliness pretty well, I was really afraid that they were g…[View]
127830948Name some Japanese kinos.[View]
127830324>KAL-EL NO![View]
127830311recommend me tv series: I liked True Detectives (seasons 1 and 2), Twin Peaks season 3, and not much…[View]
127830302Any of you faggots get your screeners yet (academy members)?: Was away on set past 12 weeks and then…[View]
127829807>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
127826996BAD BOYS FOR LIFE Spoilers: In case anyone cares. Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Marti…[View]
127829329Which one, /tv/?[View]
127819967Puppets geared towards adults. Is it deep or dumb?[View]
127829772it's two days from now. I am leaving the woman who is giving birth to my child >it's ni…[View]
127822827Masters of Horror: I can never decide whether this series was good or bad. I keep flip-flopping back…[View]
127830196kills a professor >Well done Harry 200 points to Griffyndor and thanks for defeating Voldemort ki…[View]
127829207oh CMON[View]
127828248>among the hundreds of white extras there's two indians and one black guy Fuck this forced d…[View]
127826032Can we talk about Ad Astra? I really enjoyed it Heard some criticism saying it was perhaps the light…[View]
127830060Name a greater dance movie[View]
127830072Godzilla creator on Akira Kurosawa's suicide attempt: >'everyone feels at one time or anothe…[View]
127829959When he's gone, how will we remember him?[View]
127830041>Singlehandedly saves Breaking Bad Yeah, I'm thinking he's based.…[View]
127827063ITT: Greatest moments in cinema[View]
127829898Color out of Space: it was like shitty Annihilation prequel[View]
127829307why didn't d stop the bullshit?[View]
127829869he did absolutely nothing wrong also >watching any other movies than documentary [View]
127829336Stream: Seven is ending.Memories of Murder next.[View]
127829283Any bear kinos?[View]
127829799what time did they get stopped[View]
127822927OH NO NO NO NO[View]
127829018what do you unironically think is the most kino movie of all?[View]
127829425Thoughts? Where does it stand in your esteem?[View]
127829579Was it autism?[View]
127827501Best SpongeBob Episodes:: For me it's The Nasty Patty, Squid's Day Off, Snowball Effect, S…[View]
127826402Who was in wrong here?[View]
127828166It was a different time[View]
127829054I'm I a brainlet or was this movie kinda confusing?[View]
127829508Is this what girls really act like?[View]
127826638Witcher cast: Anything other than Crach is bullshit.[View]
127823431>DANUTA >Do you eat https://youtu.be/bPqwy6gv0KQ…[View]
127812886So what am I in for?[View]
127829186When did you realise that BvS (Ultimate Cut) was one of the best films of 21st century?[View]
127829356Is /tv/ looking forward to The Great starring Elle Fanning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU5qkuZi…[View]
127823814What do you think Anna told her /tv/?[View]
127829460if joker was actually good[View]
127829454How did we go from this...[View]
127829339Wanna fight?[View]
127819052They’re not that bad. I mean, how else would you have it made?[View]
127817720ITT: directors who've never made a bad movie[View]
127829272WTF? It wasn't THAT good.[View]
127829408What's some Australian kino?[View]
127823382This is now my favorite movie of all time: It's just so fucking cheesey and goofy, with amazing…[View]
127827109what if they made a where's waldo movie that's nothing but long panoramic shots of crowds?[View]
127828764Kino https://youtu.be/0hBIDEmUw0s[View]
127828976Is hustlers kino?[View]
127827153>get the actor famous for playing Dracula >name his character Count D >he wears a cape >…[View]
127828815Post some underrated kinomakers[View]
127828996FILL IN THE BLANK, /TV/! IF YOU GO _____, YOU'LL GO BROKE![View]
127827056Why does he hate Robin Williams so much?[View]
127829154Any movie tropes you love, guys? >Kid fat character is portrayed as dumb, bad or annoying >The…[View]
127829145>misspent decades[View]
127828641We should have our own awards. >kino >cringe >based >yikes >shills choice >quotabl…[View]
127826408Forgive your mother.[View]
127827035you season 2 is really depressing, joe tries his best to leave his past behind and to be a better hu…[View]
127827709https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KQGZa773sI It's up![View]
127827848Taxi Driver: NOOOO NOT THE HECKING 12yo PROSTITUTERINO! More kinos like this?[View]
127828880My two childhood crushes were Stretch and Ellie Sattler. How about yours?[View]
127827282OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
127828611What's your favorite toe kino?[View]
127828125>Actor older than you has a sex scene with an actress younger than you[View]
127828769People who worked with him say he remembers everyone's name even the extras and the janitor. Ho…[View]
127828381Ashes to Ashes: Did you like this show? Where can I watch it? BBC iplayer is blocked in my country.…[View]
127826797Rogan: Yo Jamie pull up that thread on /tv/. Jamie: Eh which one? Rogan: That one dumbledore thread…[View]
127828666>Movie soundtrack before 1980 >it's just the same song over and over…[View]
127826251Air crash investigation thread?[View]
127807078/TNP/ - The New Pope / The Young Pope General: So where are the two episodes? I need my dose of Sor…[View]
127827973Why isn't she in more things?[View]
127828062What am I in for?[View]
127827457holy motherfucking mother of kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaR8q7DW9u8[View]
127828621What the fuck is with the fucking alita incels shitting everything up with their incel coomer bullsh…[View]
127828434Ad Campaign Mind Dirreah: >HUR DUR I AM A TERRIBLE ACTOR lmao, you fucking retards. Now he'…[View]
127828595https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlqGvf4dYNY: >all of this was before 2016 How time flies...…[View]
127827730Alita Battle Angel: best movie of 2019?[View]
127827687I just watched The Passion Of The Christ, what Christkino should I watch next?[View]
127828432Successful actors/comedians who made it big in fields other than acting?[View]
127828499What are some good movies about mutt racists? I've seen The Believer, American History X, Rumpe…[View]
127819306>best war movie of all time >never talked about…[View]
127823619So what do I think of this movie?[View]
127828317hey tv/: Join me on a fun-run? It will be fun.[View]
127826674Preacher: The fight scenes are over the top as fuck. But badass. And its strayed so far from the com…[View]
127828299which one of you autists was this? https://youtu.be/wIbb5KeGhGc[View]
127828284how was this show so good?[View]
127825948Why was Blakes brother a Officer but himself only a Private?: I assumed only middle class and up wou…[View]
127827839Caption this image.[View]
127827745Why was it so underrated back in the day?[View]
127828136is it ok to double dip?[View]
127827935I enjoyed this movie. Do you know any kino like this one.[View]
127827379*Sigh*: Somehow Voldemort returned.[View]
127827294What is Jerusalem's worth?[View]
127827987Film Theory[View]
127827676Uncut Kino: Just saw it. It’s in the top 5 movies of the decade for sure.[View]
127827628Any good insect kino? Why aren't we trying to make these things 2 meters long? https://www.yout…[View]
127827922For me it's the NuCanon[View]
127827387Does /tv/ like this movie? Someone recommended to me last week. Also, what are good 90/80s eastern a…[View]
127813375>Whole society built upon the acquisition of profit >No wars, genocides or slavery >Doesn…[View]
127825650If you were an actor, what would be your DREAM role?: And what would be the role they'd actuall…[View]
127826477>Now that’s what I call breakneck speed! ( chuckles)[View]
127827788Can't we all agree on this?[View]
127827564quintessentially kino[View]
127824950mobie night: Seven starting[View]
127827744Scrubs is the most based show.: >Door's broke. This is maybe the fifth time or so it don…[View]
127827225It was so inspiring to watch... Love hearing this and be reminded to keep believing https://www.yout…[View]
127827573Why hasn't there been a decent kino about Jack the Ripper?[View]
127827603Better than the prequels.[View]
127827549Are we going to let Hollywood and co. continue to ruin filmmaking? Or are we going to do something a…[View]
127827198>Now I admire Cassius Clay[View]
127827386The Obi Wan Kenobi Disney+ show is rumored to be cancelled.[View]
127816529Troop.Zero.2020.1080p.WEB.H264-SECRECY Troop.Zero.2020.1080p.WEB.H264-SECRECY Troop.Zero.2020.1080p.…[View]
127827335Servant - season 1: so, I just binged this kino and I'm a bit confused with Leanne's story…[View]
127817581What would you have done if Voldemort was living on the back of your head /tv/?[View]
127822229>2020 >I am forgotten[View]
127826594>25yo >just noticed i developed smiling lines >barely drink, don’t smoke and don’t have sun…[View]
127827218Is there some other good 'I ruined my son's life' kino?[View]
127825926I'm barely past the menu screen, and it genuinely feels like a PureFlix movie. What will I thin…[View]
127827108kinos about revolting against janitors[View]
127826581>Try getting a reservation at Dex's Diner now![View]
127822922Here's your Misty, bro.[View]
127826422You never thought you'd sympathize with Joker. >But you did. Bravo Nolan. >Here's yo…[View]
127825402Name something that is more fun than this movie PROTIP - you can't[View]
127825358People shit on the prequel CGI and honestly it's mostly deserved, but man.. kinda blows my mind…[View]
127819334Jessica Chastain in Talks to Play Gender-Swapped Reverse-Flash in The Flash: HomeMovies Reverse-Flas…[View]
127825988I'm old What can I use instead of pirate bay? I only know of 1337[View]
127818580Luke Skywalker: Why does Disney hate him so much?[View]
1278248872010s Film Movements: Now that the decade is over, did the 2010s have any notable film movements?…[View]
127826058Does anyone else actually like theses movies or are they seen as just meme fuel?[View]
127825895What day is it? The date! WHAT YEAR?[View]
127824245OK throw her in the hole[View]
127820103So where are the 'non-white', high-fantasy, medieval, sword n' sorcery and the like, type of ki…[View]
127825629How would you have handled this entire situation?[View]
127826560Darth Tyranus[View]
127826736What are some kinos where everyone makes fun of a male character for having a small penis?[View]
127825452>Gives 1917 a 5/10 Dog[View]
127822287What was the point of this?: It felt so out of place and random when it happened.[View]
127826338Amazon Reviews for Dragged Across Concrete: >PROS: >Mel Gibson - I like to support Hollywood c…[View]
127825318Press F for this based destroyer of Reddit 'The chasm between the beauty and seriousness of the work…[View]
127826663What is the from because it looks just like Henry Cavill but I think it was made before he got into …[View]
127826441>Joe Rogan it was December 24 2001 i hadn't slept since since June 3 becuase i had found my …[View]
127823854>OH N-[View]
127823832What is this? Anybody?[View]
127826521Post the most memorable jokes in Television & Film.[View]
127821639>no niggers Wht does /tv/ hate this movie again?[View]
127826006rewatchable tv shows: >get 2 million dollars >only allowed to watch one tv show for the rest o…[View]
127826436I was cured alright.[View]
127825471Ari Shaffir: Fuck this guy. He's not funny or interesting in the least. The worst recurring JRE…[View]
127825040Reddit + /tv/ Top 10 Movies of All Time: 1. The Dark Knight 2. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship…[View]
127826398Daily reminder that if Lucas didn’t write it or directly authorize it, it’s not canon. Have a good d…[View]
127816485Lord of the rings franchise: Now that the hack son of Tolkien is finally dead(Thank God, my prayings…[View]
127823051Dekalog motherfuckers, tell me about it: I think it's safe to say pic related is near universal…[View]
127824711Uncut Gems: So I *finally* got around to seeing this in the theater today for the first time before …[View]
127826302This is the best Batman suit in a live action film.[View]
127825620ITT: Underrated movies[View]
127824551What went wrong?[View]
127826202What are some movies about people barely scraping by the skin of their teeth against impossible odds…[View]
127826144>somehow *sighs* >Laeddis has escaped[View]
127826101Examples of terrible fights: >can't see shit >immediately drops his sword >covered in …[View]
127826078Zoomers, why your movies all faggy 'n' shit?[View]
127822513Any kinos about a guy being involuntarily celebate due to factors he cannot control?[View]
127821931Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
127823899david lynch[View]
127824628Boys, listen I got a plan[View]
127825949thoughts on this guy? do you like his movies[View]
127825191Member when Star Wars had original concepts and tried to come up with new things?[View]
127825883Recommend me movies with robots in them[View]
127825798We know there are wild boar on the island. Razorbacks by the look of em. The ones that came into the…[View]
127825776we got too cocky white hating bros.: ohnonono. >All the shillage saying this is is a big hit with…[View]
127824210*funny science words*[View]
127825508Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127822629Youtube kino https://youtu.be/dQ-JUY3iJqE[View]
127825406>Who's the new kid?[View]
127824488do you solemlysweartotellthetruththewholetruthandnothingbutthetruth so help you GOD?[View]
127825022Do you think the Phoenix Joker has the ability to grow into an intimidating crime boss? It's ha…[View]
127819598Do you remember the first movie you saw in theatres? For me it's pic related. The second one wa…[View]
127822425>the episode where you just burst into fucking tears because Sisko isn't your dad What were …[View]
127821710/kebab/: Gog thread.[View]
127810461How accurate is 1917?[View]
127822750Any good conspiracy kino on YouTube?[View]
127819708Snowed In Kino: Hey /tv/, I'm currently in a 100 year blizzard. I have power and a generator an…[View]
127823677The inevitable biopic when ?[View]
127825365how do you think top seeding torrents lists translate into actual popularity of a film?[View]
127823435>Being a piratefag in 2020 yikes[View]
127825352You see how this looks?[View]
127825342sexism: I can't decide which choice of women actresses is more predictable and unrealistic: * …[View]
127823474What’s the point of all these different trooper designs? Even these two who work at Lucasfilms just …[View]
127823463God damn they really dropped the fucking ball on this one >'Who gave dracula the wifi password?'…[View]
127825254Horror General!: Vampires Edition![View]
127823718Who would you rather fuck?[View]
127816823Why is there no decent sci-fi TV shows anymore?[View]
127825126Does he really deserve being stalked, or is he actually in the wrong? https://youtu.be/Q53i1w4AZtE[View]
127824949TERURU TERURU >we live in a TWILLIGHT world TERURU TS TS TSS TSS TS[View]
127824478Anyone want to chat about 90s action films? I like 90s action films.[View]
127822596Garbage day![View]
127824530Can't we all agree on this?[View]
127824831What the fuck was his problem?[View]
127823559You cannot show me a better trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PhVvIr3ZaY[View]
127822773Sandman & Safdie Bros short film: https://vimeo.com/382811408 Idgaf about him not winning any aw…[View]
127823965>That has to be the stupidest, most far-fetched plan I’ve ever heard of. >Let’s do it.…[View]
127824132>tfw i realize that americans got an extremelly censored version of Dragon Ball Z >tfw i reali…[View]
127823804is this movie worth a watch?[View]
127824768what went wrong? is George, at the end of the day, /ourguy/[View]
127824752Post backstage pics[View]
127824707>syfy original series[View]
127824540>see universally good scores for this >think I'm gonna get a satisfying mystery >turns…[View]
127824640Holy shit lmao[View]
127824545Fuck you I liked it[View]
127824143>inevitable bi- *BANG* >star w- *BANG* >alita *BANG* >jazz *BANG*…[View]
127824347It's up[View]
127821795Do you guys saw her last ass in the first season, holy damn, also Ares seems promising what /tv/ thi…[View]
127807264What did I think of it?[View]
127822124Have you ever watched a film and thought a character was literally you?[View]
127822562ITT: Well made films with boring/uninteresting plots[View]
127822544Is there a character that could even possibly TOUCH Ross? Let alone defeat him. And I'm not tal…[View]
127823980Best Dennis Moments?[View]
127823710Jannies, you say?[View]
127820309>battle scene happens >fallen fighters don't gasp and cry on the floor for 10 minutes whi…[View]
127823427Was he retarden?[View]
127823997>25% of the population commits 90% of the crimes.[View]
127824009>spending another friday night alone in my room Should I marathon the Blade trilogy? Is it actual…[View]
127823298Movies it's ok to cry to.[View]
127822490Did he do it?[View]
127823308what kino best embodies Americanism?[View]
127798626>Watched this today >Had 0 knowledge of the Manson murders beforehand >A lot of the scenes …[View]
127823632>Maybe the colour was the friends we made on the way Fucking really?[View]
127819580>movie >movie 2 >movie 3D >movie 4 ever >The Final Movie…[View]
127823882I'm Maverick.[View]
127820196who was in the wrong here?[View]
127822869what's the story behind this image?[View]
127817749in the end, she made lots of money and her ideas got executed[View]
127823229>Kevin Costner was originally involved with Tombstone (1993), another film about Wyatt Earp, writ…[View]
127820986Reddit. Pure, unadulterated reddit.[View]
127821663>Anon? I thought you might be worried[View]
127823628check em[View]
127823087REMINDER that he gets to check off that he's a veteran, on job applications[View]
127823337is barry kino[View]
127820941>A-listers start promoting their movies on Rogan (Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr.) >they are …[View]
127821983Was it kino?: https://youtu.be/OG6HZMMDEYA[View]
127823570Cast them. Hard mode: no Idris Elba[View]
127823432Tonight, I will...: ... watch a comfy documetary. Which one, you ask? You decide! I just read some a…[View]
127818046I AM ALL THE SITH![View]
127823181ITT : underrated kinos reddit hasn't seen[View]
127823113Why didnt they just upload how to become the one?[View]
127823085It's uncanny[View]
127823281is anyone watching this? is it kino?[View]
127821438what are some good /tv/ related podcasts?[View]
127821800The fuck kind of ending shot is this?[View]
127819114Alita: Battle Angel 2: looks like we are getting a sequel after all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
127821288Why didn't they include 'fatalities' in the Mortal Kombat movie?[View]
127819891Chandler: *farts and shits at the same time* Sheldon: 'You farted and shitted at the same time.' Cha…[View]
127823206>America will attack a tiny country on the other side of the world, bomb hundreds of thousands of…[View]
127818149the hell is this nibba doing with his career?: he is incredibly handsome, and yet he is making the m…[View]
127823063I thought ninjas were bad guys![View]
127818036What does /tv/ think of Natalie Portman's raps?: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xh2efj https…[View]
127806108What do you think he was thinking at this moment?[View]
127822404Wow, thanks Nolan. Without this scene I would've never guessed that he actually lived! I mean h…[View]
127822938Whois ya daddi An wha dus hedo[View]
127817238Film idea: Watching a wholesome contestant on a national gameshow slowly fade into obscurity and bec…[View]
127818365Absolute kino. Lovecraft + Cage can't be beat.[View]
127821258Goldman vs Silverman: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127816277>Jon Favreau, Taika Waititi, and Kevin Feige involved in Star Wars projects. Disney is talking to…[View]
127822818I miss hese niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
127822807Fuck guys... I was wrong. It's kino...[View]
127822013Daily reminder that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
127820353John Landis: What's his best work?[View]
127816025Best living filmmaker[View]
127822572Post one single good movie ever made. You literally can't, why is that?[View]
127820354Bounty Law: >It’s Jake Cahill, and he goes by Bounty Law ! Do you want more of that? Well, you’re…[View]
127820439OH NO NO NO[View]
127820234She killed him[View]
127822061Actors who can only play themselves in their roles.: I'll start.[View]
127822167Was this simply too kino for people? It's a masterpiece.[View]
127821081So, we can all agree that this was the best show of the last few years right?[View]
127817762Why did Hollywood only make one truly great Tom Clancy film? How would you go about making a good on…[View]
127821591best movie quotes: Share your quotes and associated movies My most favourite recent one was from the…[View]
127821972Movies that portray a strong independent woman in the right way.[View]
127813751Season 2 of jew education is out, what does /tv/ think of it?[View]
127822352what's the name of that website that lists what camera/lenses/film stock was used in every movi…[View]
127808983/fantasy/ - Fantasy movie general: Let's get comfy, boys. >Official thread rankings 1. The L…[View]
127814792Remember how bad South Park's take on Inception was[View]
127801756Have you ever cried over a TV show or movie?[View]
127818094What did we think of Mr. Shiamalabamba's last work? Is Leanne top waifu?[View]
127821856Does he get pozzed?[View]
127820247what are some of your favorite action kinos? Just rewatched Die hard for the first time in years and…[View]
127821783I am become Murray, the destroyer of jokerfags[View]
127822185Could George Lucas be eligible to replace Bob Iger given that he is a large share holder in the comp…[View]
127822152Can't we all agree on this?[View]
127821896Movies with unlikable protagonists: >Oh wow Jonah, you're such a good guy for NOT getting Em…[View]
127821559Now that the mainline movies have finished, what would you rate the series over all? How does it com…[View]
127819884ITT: Films only you've seen[View]
127822073What are some life imitates art movies?[View]
127821115What went right??[View]
127821786Would George Lucas' sequel trilogy have been better than what we got? I heard that it would hav…[View]
127821131Just watched Blade Runner 2049: This is the most red pilled movie I've ever seen. (((Joker))) i…[View]
127819578What’re some /tv/ - television & film about unfunny hacks?[View]
127816175Le Samourai or Drive?: Partake in the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/19254405[View]
127820911The Driver > Drive: Driver >quiet because autistic >stupidly doesn't carry a gun despi…[View]
127820328Why is there a lot of movies/ TV shows about awful people now? And how bad is it for you to watch th…[View]
127821828Reminder that shit wars fans think this is on par with 8½ and Citizen Kane HAN: Well your Worship, l…[View]
127821280Is there any movie which truly captures the horrors of world war 1? Vietnam isn't even close in…[View]
127816616I use to love Star Wars, but the story line of how Anakin Skywalker turns into Darth Vader is just r…[View]
127821775Did he have the makings of a varsity athlete?[View]
127817837who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
127819020About to watch this. What am I in for?[View]
127818693What am I in for?[View]
127820875He's still making posts on 4chan: Instead of marrying me and giving me his seed.[View]
127818404>Oh! My old Ring! I should... very much like to hold it again, one last time.…[View]
127821616I implore you to reconsider.[View]
127820379Is there any Kino movies or TV about the Christian faith? All I can think of is. Exorcist Exorcism …[View]
127821605roast eachother tastes[View]
127820656>'Daisy Ridley is charismatic as hell!' >Thinks people who call Rey a Mary Sue are autistic in…[View]
127821548This is one of the greatest movies in the history of cinema[View]
127821545any other 'returns to scene' as powerful as this one?[View]
127819683Why didn't he take the grenade out of his mouth and throw it away? His hands were not tied. Wha…[View]
127820797[muffled phone voices][View]
127819440Hello traveler[View]
127819517When will this bitch finally fucking die[View]
127821395Should there have been a season 2?[View]
127816405This was the most amazing cinematic experience I've ever witnessed. I know it's cheesy to …[View]
127821141Kinos for this feel?[View]
127818997What the fuck is Leto doing with his career? He was winning oscars and making it to the charts with …[View]
127819035Was the lighthouse real in the movie or was Wake right about Howard being knee deep in snow up in Ca…[View]
127820287eni tehm a wa i dey o ney cheels[View]
127819911Greatest American Action Movie of All Time Just got done watching Bad Boys for Life, the 4chan ref…[View]
127819596>impressive >most impressive People call Vader evil incarnate but would an evil guy give an en…[View]
127814830What's your favorite movie of 2019? (not just out of those in the pic) And how did you like the…[View]
127821062Embrace the improbable: NA NA NA NA NA NAN NA NA1 Baby give it up, give it up, Baby give it up! Nan…[View]
127819009>hated Tarantino my entire life >watch Reservoir Dogs, convinced he’s a narrative genius >f…[View]
127821007How many versions of SW OT are there? I want to watch them all to see the difference between each ve…[View]
127818032NEW KINO IDEA, PLS DON'T STEAL >A small, quiet town >the young hotel receptionist goes mi…[View]
127820897>exploits his retarded brother again but for a short film https://vimeo.com/382811408 Good Time w…[View]
127818064Remakes which are better than original[View]
127820388Cast them.[View]
127820101this will be the return of the king of our generation: its going to win 11 oscars[View]
127820687WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!??!?!?!?[View]
127815576>underage protagonist is home alone >he goes crazy because he can order himself a pizza, walk …[View]
127814209>watch this movie about once a year >older I get the better it gets >realize how much of an…[View]
127818091ITT: Talentless Hacks[View]
127818696Was it kino?[View]
127820634Is this the best WW1 Kino?[View]
127820228What do you get when you cross a pilot with a high status with an airport that abandons him and trea…[View]
127818539romantic kino: Hi 4channel, i want to see a movie with my gf this afternoon. I alredy tried showing …[View]
127817783Scenes that made you physically ill? >that music >that groaning Pissed it wasn't accurate…[View]
127819631>The friendship is over.[View]
127820327Doctor Who will never be this good ever again It hurts[View]
127818713Introducing a new term: Corpfiction i.e. passionless shit crapped out for shekels and with little re…[View]
127818958is this leo kino or hanks shit[View]
127814987Is it true?[View]
127810198What scene has the best acting in any movie, in your opinion?[View]
127819961Attention! Kardashians...: Pull all your internet self-promotions from any aggregators. You have 24 …[View]
127814091>stars in the highest grossing film of all time >stars in the second highest grossing film of …[View]
127820054Why the fuck did Harry put him in a headlock and then hurl both himself and Voldy off the building? …[View]
127820037What are some web cartoon kinos? Fuck habbohotel[View]
127813444Best underwater kino since Sphere[View]
127771717ITT: Movie Titles that can't be spelled correctly. Try it.[View]
127818222>Fact is: This annual, unnatural occurrence is essentially political manipulation. Awards season’…[View]
127820007Dr. Oppenheimer, I’m IJN[View]
127819991>*CLICK* PLEASE![View]
127819988What is lazier - titles that are a date or titles that are just the name of a city/country? inb4 thi…[View]
127804424OMG NON-WHITE PEOPLE IN MY LOTR: >Set in the second age >The Easterlings and Haradrim are act…[View]
127813872not my Roon...: https://www.vox.com/xpress/2014/11/26/7292959/rooney-mara-tiger-lily friendly remind…[View]
127819840>In this age of fear and uncertainty, we felt like we had to say something...…[View]
127818869MY BIG CUPS![View]
127817893George Harrison was interested in playing the lead role of The Holy Mountain until he learned his as…[View]
127819721Jake Gyllenhaal: Will Jake Gyllenhaal cast Tom Holland in this film? He will produce it, and star. …[View]
127818940Some hot cougar I met at the gym wants to watch Roadhouse with me at her place. Is it any good or ju…[View]
127818747>Welcome to the Kinoplex Anon. We have three rules: >1. We enforce the singles policy: You don…[View]
127819582Trying to remember a mid 90's fantasy kids show: I believe it took place in medival kells. It h…[View]
127819579sex education: apparently, erections and masturbating is the funniest fucking thing ever made. what …[View]
127810038Has Evangeline Lilly had the career that we all expected after LOST? It seems like she’s never becom…[View]
127819549I feel like liver and onions *smacks lips*[View]
127816763Movies only women will understand.[View]
127818910What is the /tv/ equivalent to this album?[View]
127791453Everything always gets worse.[View]
127814096Is this kino?: My girlfriend said it's like Stranger Things. I hate Stranger Things.[View]
127818613Mods I want you to ban this IP. Doing so will cuck every student on my campus trying to browse /tv/.…[View]
127817743Godfather sister: >Sonny fucked a woman before meeting his sister ...isn't that weird?...…[View]
127819015Why is metal music never done well and always cringe in movies? I'm sick of hearing slow power …[View]
127812061what's his best film, and why is it Trash Humpers?[View]
127818814GOLEM GET YE GONE[View]
127818844>Woody says being loyal to a toy is the most important thing there is >Chooses to abandon all …[View]
127812040Best Movies and Shows to Watch While High?: So, I have some indica edibles and I'm set on party…[View]
127819059I swear to fuck, if this wins best picture...: mediocre war movie that is only held in such high reg…[View]
127816012This was fucking kino holy shit[View]
127817960>that kid who actually thought vanilla ice was cool[View]
127817468I did not care for Drive...[View]
127818871Looking to watch a series for the weekends. Any suggestions?[View]
127819006Its actually pretty good if you view up to the part where Macktruck wakes up from her nam flashback …[View]
127818919>26th season >mc still hasn't got a girlfriend Do the hack writers not know what characte…[View]
127817307I like to think the reason Ford was always a smug asshole was because he knew the franchise was shit…[View]
127817249Recommend me some kinos involving time travel.[View]
127788117Wojak the movie is actually happening!!!: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2020/films/2023330 >Born from…[View]
127818833remember when every movie wasn't just orange/blue?[View]
127817557are you doing your part?[View]
127818657...and a real hero[View]
127818742How did they get away with a storyline so problematic?[View]
127786296Even see a scene as a kid that freaked you out and left an impression?[View]
127816263>cop finds suspect >points gun at them and tells them to freeze >suspect runs >cop dosen…[View]
127818132These fuckers need to be stopped, now they're even taking over star wars. Not everything has to…[View]
127818415What the fuck was its problem?[View]
127818547great movie. loved it more than red.: waz ur opinion tv?[View]
127818591>the Final Order[View]
127817297Nu-Sabrina: >Finally decide to check the Sabrina Netflix show >Instead of a black cat, sabrina…[View]
127809766>The Box Office Mojo website reported on Thursday that Makoto Shinkai's Weathering With You …[View]
127816887I just learned that this exists.[View]
127816592Can you tell me more of your old stories uncle Ben?[View]
127815129kinos for this feel[View]
127818513Just saw this, what did I think?: Better than rick and morty?[View]
127817512https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPRAVID5Vt8 Why was this allowed[View]
127817698movies for this feel?[View]
127816381Fucking. Kino.[View]
127818342Did he win?[View]
127817897I liked it in the end. For the first half-hour or so it's got that cringey observe and report …[View]
127805011Name the movie[View]
127818248Why are movie titles today always some 1 word hipster uncreative shit like it was vetted through a c…[View]
127818173Cast him[View]
127818241Would you watch Blind/Blonde?[View]
127818146Stop sleeping.[View]
127817598Why hasn't she played the lead role in a major Hollywood film yet?[View]
127815679>brought date to see 1917 >cried during the movie >she never texted me back thanks movies.…[View]
127815798How can you not know this?[View]
127817827Sex Education season 2 is today[View]
127815763Will we ever return to a time where young breakthrough filmmakers garner mainstream attention?[View]
127817985>REPORT: Thor's Taika Waititi In Talks To Develop New Star Wars Movie Disney:'The Star Wars …[View]
127817619CINEMA IS DEAD: F[View]
127817715>my insane brother is getting dangerously close to murdering my mother and conquering kattegat …[View]
127817133Tetsuo the Iron Man: So, what the fuck was this movie about[View]
127815920Springtime for Hitler and Germany, Deutschland is happy and gay![View]
127811066Canon > EU objectively[View]
127817746>For Christ sake, Anakin. The sith lord is Kit Fisto. Does it have to be spelled out any more? Ju…[View]
127816476Bounty Law: Will it be kino?[View]
127810310Why did orcs treat each other so poorly?[View]
127816885How would you rank the Star Wars movies, /tv/?[View]
127817621what happened to her?[View]
127811928Which one is more reddit?[View]
127816408So Sheev has a granDAUGHTER you say?[View]
127817552What is with this unhealthy incel-like pose? Lift your head up you miserable looking bastard.[View]
127817527was it kino?[View]
127810012Is this the best war movie ever made?[View]
127817241What’s the best movie from the last 5 years?: What’s the best movie from the last 5 years?[View]
127817481*ahem* Yoda's Theme = Maul's theme > Mustufar fight theme > RotS OST > TPM OST = …[View]
127817301>another trilogy about a bunch of ragtag rebels defeating an evil Empire Who thought this was a g…[View]
127816631DUDE IRONMAN[View]
127815481First Order: How did the First Order grow as powerful as it is? Why did the New Republic even allow …[View]
127809957ITT some of the greatest comedians in the world[View]
127815258Let's have a moment of silence for Robert Downey Jr's career.[View]
127816828Why isn't Michael Mann held up there alongside Kubrick and Scorsese as one of the great America…[View]
127814731Isn't he the funniest comedy actor in American history?[View]
127817263The Last Jedi -- Rey's First Lesson: Would including this deleted scene have greatly improved t…[View]
127812167>write a song about how racist the police are for giving them a hard time >immediately follow …[View]
127815468>A Quiet Place >Stars a woman Movies that break immersion…[View]
127813499Spike Lee becomes first black Cannes jury head: WE[View]
127817063*kicks down door* MASK YOU SUMPIN RICK *flips over tables and chairs* AIN'T LIKE IT WAS BEFORE …[View]
127814980This is an objectively bad movie. I legitimately could not look away.[View]
127816290So what do we think? Based or cringe?[View]
127814628Never before has so much been riding on a single movie: It's not just enough for this to be goo…[View]
127814809Post based movies without female speaking roles: I'll start[View]
127804423Why are droids allowed/able to kill organic beings in the Star Wars universe?[View]
127817034HEY LADY![View]
127816537>protagonsits chest stings after drinking 2L of pepsi durning the day whats the premise of this s…[View]
127816877>I puked on myself[View]
127814009How did he not spend the rest of his life in prison?[View]
127815091How is Leo Dicaprio called creepy but this bitch let off the hook?[View]
127813957Is it kino?[View]
127816799/alita/ general: no sequel edition[View]
127812554holy fucking BASED[View]
127816765Degrassi Thread: I'll never forget them[View]
127816364>I know who I am. After all these years, there's a victory in that. Do you know who you are?…[View]
127814672If Galadriel could see into the future, isn't that completely unfair? She would have always kno…[View]
127815768Was the Wolf of wall street a good movie?[View]
127812110New Star Wars TV Show: >called Star Wars Ascension >Live action >Follows a full on war bet…[View]
127813540kino movies about music[View]
127814663Color out of Space: Is out! Discuss - Lovecraftian Kino or Lovecraftian turd. I am watching it now…[View]
127806590Will this era of film be remembered as the BLACKED era? Seems like every single franchise is getting…[View]
127814325You guys looking forward to the new season?[View]
127815058>make hyper realistic movie done in one take >add sound track Why?…[View]
127814742What's with the ending? did they pull a 'would you kill baby hitler' moment?[View]
127812526>no acting credit since 2015 >no upcoming roles What went wrong, bros?…[View]
127811299I havent seen this movie nor read the book (lol), but I saw a thread on /pol/ where someone complain…[View]
127816346No one cared who I was until I became CIA[View]
127814757>Luke, did I ever tell you about Princess Leia? Born as Leia Amidala Skywalker alongside her twin…[View]
127816221>Lance Corporal Schofield, if you don't get to the Devons in time over 1600 POC could be the…[View]
1278144994chan gets a shoutout in the movie. Millions of normies and zoomers will watch it this weekend. Get …[View]
127816202Wait, you came BACK from Jewish camp?[View]
127815155What are some more autistic directors?[View]
127814868A toast for Television & Film![View]
127810100What was the point of this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUmpTKXpIdM[View]
127811836>Characters in a night club having a full conversation and hearing each other clearly…[View]
127815477*Sigh* Somehow King Kong returned[View]
127814251ITT: Recent Movies the Public has already forgotten about.: Dogshit with one decent song.[View]
127815997So /tv/, would he be happy with the cast, now that his father's embarrassingly racist legacy is…[View]
127815345Most 'great directors' only have like, four or five films people actually watch.[View]
127816026Are there any good heartbreak movies? I've found the few I've seen cringe.[View]
127814227Go watch Caddyshack right now. Skip the parts with the caddies though. Those kids slow down the movi…[View]
127814370Name a bigger 'this cocksucking faggot' moment in documentary history[View]
127814626Is there a TV show that will make me squirm from excitement same as the peak LOST?[View]
127789700>segal posting is dead well, i'm sorry to hear that[View]
127815764Fellini 100: What kinos will you be watching for the upcoming Fellini centenary?[View]
127813365>They didn't suffer like Italians, Poles or blacks. What does Sil mean by this?…[View]
127815326*POP* Ahh, the sound of another Jazz thread.[View]
127814946I'M THE CAPTAIN![View]
127813557Is Bart gay?[View]
127811364/pattinson/: Is there anything he can't do? >harry potter >the lighthouse >good time …[View]
127813863Thoughts about Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Films?[View]
127814347>The episode was nominated for an Emmy Award, but lost to The Simpsons episode 'Three Gays of the…[View]
127814368Who are your favorite living actors?: I’ll start.[View]
127815315>a hidden life >dark waters >richard jewell LOOKS LIKE KINO'S BACK ON THE MENU BOYS…[View]
127813625I'll take two.[View]
127810571My name is Kevin Spacey. I'm 60 years old. My house is in the southeast section of Baltimore, w…[View]
127811178Why did Lukasfilm decide to keep this design for the Empire, and refused the Venator?[View]
127815221IT'S KINO, GUYS![View]
127814684Can you imagine if the roles were switched?[View]
127815209Baby come back. You can blame it all on me. I was wrong, and I just can't live without you.[View]
127811402TRAVOLTA WAS ROBBED OF AN OSCAR NOM!!!!: the future will look back on this year and lament that Trav…[View]
127815149What are some essential El Nino kinos?[View]
127815136Is there ANY actor who could pull off this particular Joker (the zoomer edition) better? also why is…[View]
127815101Any good torture-horror like this?: Already watched martyrs[View]
127814353Derek Fowlds died: Good night sweet prince[View]
127812978Would /tv/ still like him if he wasn't incel in real life?[View]
127803830Lord of the rings Amazon: RIP Christopher[View]
127814753This is what the Elves will look like on the new LOTR TV show.[View]
127813432Whats some postmodern cinema? Qualities of postmodern cinema: >solipsistic/amoral/character inven…[View]
127809123Best shows of the last 2 years?[View]
127811583What are the best incest-related films and TV shows in your honest opinion?[View]
127814501Why is it impossible to find a modern movie or tv show featuring a mid 20s character who has a wife …[View]
127813711January 2020, I am forgotten.[View]
127814284Soul vs Soulless[View]
127814437Literally this[View]
127814432Ben Stiller: thoughts on ben stiller? would you order a hit on ben? beat him half to death with a bl…[View]
127812796>completely avoided it while it was on >finally marathon it now that all seasons are available…[View]
127795976ITT: Movie licensed games: What were some of your favorites? Whatever happened to them? Do you think…[View]
127812240Why aren't you watching the greatest movie ever made, old man?[View]
127811110Things you've learned about America by watching movies and TV shows: >They genuinely believe…[View]
127814250one week until the opening...[View]
127812750Are you excited for the Lord of the Rings series on Amazon?[View]
1278121494:3 or 16:9 which do you prefer and why[View]
127812840Buddy Cop Movie 12: Escape of The Boogaloo: >Reggie is back and is a Marine marrying Marcus'…[View]
127811969How many of his murders were justified?[View]
127814111Why did Johnny Rico turn into Big Boss?[View]
127807226Just saw Midsommar. Its pretty straight forward, but what was the point of this kid? He did absolute…[View]
127809872ITT Kinos with minimal casts[View]
127812295Audrey Hepburn: Was she kino? Was she a qt? You be the judge.[View]
127814026You know what the sad thing is /tv/? I'm a very good shitposter.[View]
127812985what was her problem?[View]
127812302>it's you who's out, rabbi. >out of the hoven!…[View]
127812472Command link severed. Default setting. Crush. Kill. Destroy![View]
127812346I seriously must've missed something in this movie. Why did Carl kill John?[View]
127813840who was he talking about?: >Is there an award for most ripped junkie? nah, we know who'd win…[View]
127811005Happy 98th birthday to Betty White![View]
127812757It Kino was?[View]
127813867>no voluntary human extinction movement movies[View]
127809328Uh, cello? You got a based.[View]
127813839This is your The Watch (from Terry Pratchett's 'Discoworld' novels) tv show for tonight, bro[View]
127811637do you guys actually watch capeshit?[View]
127813096Will YouTube Premium ever have a show as good as something on HBO, FX or Netflix?[View]
127813794Poor Localization of Foreign Movies: >your country >original movie title >weird translation…[View]
127813559>Syriana >Michael Clayton >The Ides of March This man tried to point american cinema to a (…[View]
127798748The Witcher is something it's not?: What episode am I supposed to start liking this? I'm o…[View]
127802587I wish to educate myself. I enjoy the films of Stanley Kubrick and would like to be able to recogniz…[View]
127813639Am I the only nigga who confuses Ezra Miller with Ezra Koenig[View]
127812949who's speaking? who's speaking?[View]
127813413Fuck this fat fuck, I am so glad he is dead. I would shit on his grave if I lived near it.[View]
127805625What kind of person likes this movie and are they right? Are people who basically want the movies to…[View]
127810956*Hits pipe* >“It might be advisable, rather than lose the American interest, to let the Americans…[View]
127807135Could this movie be remade in today's environment?[View]
127810914TROS will be shown in less theaters than Jumanji 3 starting this weekend. Theaters are dropping it f…[View]
127813362New DC Films informations: - Alice Braga (Elysium) will Play Poison Ivy in James Gunn THE SUICIDE SQ…[View]
127812536cast him[View]
127811114What other IP does 4chan love that HBO can have fun destroying? >I GOT CHU SENPAI…[View]
127804874Will it be kino?[View]
127813156Mother is the only exception: >Crafts fine cinema and then ruins it with the last 20 minutes He c…[View]
127803123When can we get a live action Eva flick?[View]
127813205I liked him in 'The Merchant of Venice'[View]
127813173Cast him[View]
127809117Post madman kinos[View]
127807484Can someone please tell me what this movie was about?[View]
127813089>Hillbilly Elegy is an upcoming film directed by Ron Howard and based on the memoir of the same n…[View]
127810641>be me >Haley Bennett, fresh petite blonde with pinky skin >star in Swallow where I ingurgi…[View]
127806671Who was in the wrong here?[View]
127810261>sir, there's an escape pod >oh it's alright, there's no life form in it, besid…[View]
127808522Hoarder kino: Any hoarder kino? Pic related is one of my dad's houses.[View]
127812902Star Wars Editions: How many versions of SW OT are there? I want to watch them all to see the differ…[View]
127812875/alita/: sike nigga you thought edition, Jim gimme my fuckin sequel[View]
127810248Cast him[View]
127812714>Warriors, come out to pray-aye. why do Christians and Muslims love this movie so much?…[View]
127812490>WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?[View]
127812620Aye Hermione, once you go dark, you’ll never again bark[View]
127808629Neytiri is...[View]
127806035Just watched this, pls rec me some epics[View]
127812581>Balls! We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here, and we want them now!…[View]
127812453Kaitlyn Dever are in THE BATMAN: I Can confirm that she will play Barbara Gordon, James Gordon (Jeff…[View]
127811296here u go u fucking dorks. this is top kino of the year. 2 hrs of the madman rambling on about the m…[View]
127812265what was her problem?[View]
127812356Looking back, was he our guy?[View]
127811106What are the best Star Wars books?[View]
127809973His best film Incendies being a close second[View]
127802261some steel reserve, what you know about that? proly nothing.[View]
127809319goop: you can shit on ars technica all you want, but Beth Mole took six bullets to the knee so you d…[View]
127796382Decent movie, but one plot hole really bugs me. Since Sauron can only win if he gets his ring back, …[View]
127810758Is White Palace peak Susan Sarandon kino?[View]
127810628Why is this considered to be one of the most important films of the last 2 decades?[View]
127810250I started watching Homeland recently and bros... I think Im in love[View]
127811123Curb Your Enthusiasm returns in 2 days: Who's hype?[View]
127808411Kino fuel thread: Nothing like a nice ol' burg' to really get into a movie.[View]
127810792Rate My Movie: Ryan Gosling as Me Isabel Moner as my love interest I play a brooding loner who has a…[View]
127811620/trek/ so󠛡yboy edition[View]
127809520Does /tv/ enjoy the films of Andy Sidaris?[View]
127808120Reminder that Amazon literally hired a lingerie model to be on their LoTR writing team https://www.o…[View]
127811549How would one survive Death from Final Destination?[View]
127788092>tfw an american anime is better than any japanese anime ever created[View]
127781155The great debate[View]
127806864>what if we, like, made fun of Hitler? >genius, Sir…[View]
127811499Why aren't there more Italian American Mafia TV shows like The Sopranos? Mafia stories are alwa…[View]
127811400Why don't movies portray the 80s accurately?[View]
127811200What is the best Mickey Mouse short?[View]
127805331Meesa not say dis again! APOLOGIZE to Georgy![View]
127796400The totem at the end was to wake us up from the shared dream we were having in the theater Nolan inc…[View]
127811232Is it kino?[View]
127811246I am Jazz thread Is everyone prepped for season 6? #dilationnation[View]
127804965First look at Terry Pratchett's The Watch made by the BBC Angua and Vimes[View]
127801782what the actual fuck is this tv show.[View]
127810990What's a good movie like Excalibur?[View]
127804763>Jason Memeoa as Duncan Idaho >Zendeya as Chani >make a two-parter out of Dune instead of a…[View]
127810629marvel movies lack the intensity of violence[View]
127800000I live in the American Gardens Building on W. 81st Street on the 11th floor. My name is Patrick Bate…[View]
127809855Movie adaptation when?[View]
127810695Getting old kino: seriously, is there any kino about growing old?[View]
127810786it was cute and fun[View]
127809003Death Note: What would you do if you had the 'Death Note'? How would you avoid getting cau…[View]
127809993Anybody seen Richie?[View]
127808234Dune 2020 is going to follow the books: According to leaked script, Dune 2020 is going to follow the…[View]
127810691fuck bosnians[View]
127810706What’s your favorite Corey Yuen film?[View]
127808336What episode of Top Gear is this[View]
127810325Kino or just a pretty face?[View]
127810573The series that destroyed /pol/[View]
127807824ITT: Movies that couldn't be made today[View]
127810332So this movie (Palme d'or winner at Cannes 2018) was clearly better than Parasite (Palme d…[View]
127810434Happy friday, /tv/. I need some decoration for my living room. Want to buy some kino/tv posters/pain…[View]
127810044Cameron >> Coppola > Joon-ho >> Nolan >> Fellini > Tarantino > Hitchcock …[View]
127809565Bros whats your fave Godzilla movie and why?[View]
127806011>But for M. Bison it was Tuesday Why were the 90s so kino for video game movies?…[View]
127809673>”Hey Anon...what’s your favorite Harry Potters?”[View]
127809926>Character goes to a job interview >Gets the job by acting crazy…[View]
127809610If you look at his actions, it's fairly obvious that Feanor was a ghetto black thug[View]
127810187Jemaine Clement: >has played a Doctor Who parody character >has that quirky vibe >involved …[View]
127809945>Evening everybody[View]
127808270THIS IS MADNESS[View]
127809827Cast him[View]
127809903https://youtu.be/vx2u5uUu3DE >see an awesome videoclip >clearly remember the days when it…[View]
127799637It's so shocking 175 million dollars was spent on this[View]
127808900Simpsons Comics thread[View]
127803456Was she the best choice available for the Bond theme?[View]
127809470Maggie Gyllenhaal was an ugly fucking pig, but she acted and did more for the character of Rachel th…[View]
127797550The great debate[View]
127809695What are some kinos with this feel?[View]
127806451Jump down and say some fucking gay shit[View]
127809412Is there any picture with more talent?[View]
127807937If you even have a somewhat average understanding of WW1 this movie isn't really enjoyable >…[View]
127809623Parasite: Just started watching Parasite. Why didn't you guys tell me that there is a super qt …[View]
127809615This had better directing than Joker.[View]
127809252Reminder that no matter how bad the sequels are, the prequels are still shit and always will be. /tv…[View]
127807893Tasty finger[View]
127809082kinos about envy?[View]
127807285how the hell did the guy who made this masterpiece made the worst star wars movie[View]
127809008I'm Ricky Bobby, and if you don't chew Big Red then fuck you.[View]
127809434I be havin dat piece, whiteboy...[View]
127809395Has anyone re-edited the Andromeda opening using clips from Discovery?[View]
127793516why didn't you tell me this was peak comfy, bros?[View]
127809387Any kinos about fatherhood?[View]
127809228ITT classic scenes[View]
127804331Taika Waititi has been approached to develop a ‘STAR WARS’ film.: >inb4 Vader is a 10yo force use…[View]
127809144Did Dbz just rip off Terminator 2: Anyone else see similarities b/w t2 and the Androids saga in Dbz.…[View]
127809301The absolute cope[View]
127809095The great debate[View]
127803854Best Emma![View]
127804353Why is BDH always having a fun blast everywhere she goes?[View]
127807879Are there good biopics about rappers?[View]
127809044Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjbsD-TYi3s[View]
127808636How many versions of SW OT are there? I want to watch them all to see the difference between each ve…[View]
127802546THE FINAL STAR WARS RANKING: For the Saga films this is undisputable unless you're a pleb incel…[View]
127807310best TV show of 2019: 'Bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors'[View]
127794568theres never gonna be a superior actress[View]
127804116Nude Bane >Are you sure? Mmm hmmm[View]
127808307*mogs your mom*[View]
127803974Heeey Josh man, how's it going? Guess my messages didn't get through to you huh. Remember …[View]
127808604What are some good non-cringy Christian movies set in the past?[View]
127808591Did you like it?[View]
127808408Would've he played joker better[View]
127807680>oh its a girl house[View]
127806924the fucking comments on this video, lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvq6gJLHpJ4[View]
127808727Jonathan Brandis biopic when? we finally have the right boy for it[View]
127808717let's go[View]
127808657how can one man be so based?[View]
127808062Ah, anon....[View]
127800893>You....yeah, you. You the one that's been talking shit about my friend Warwick?…[View]
127796223Do you think Emma Watson is happy with her career? The other Potter cast members seem to be content …[View]
127808344all boar󠛡ds report in red leader standing by[View]
127807911Rise of Skywalker Fixed Ending: This is how the movie should have ended: https://youtu.be/Qg3RxANLNB…[View]
127806825George won the civil war it's over Jarjar and Bob bros......[View]
127801763Why is nobody talking about best animated film of 2019? Makoto Shinkai is the best director in moder…[View]
127808064LGBT Film Short: http://convicts.nyc/profiles/open-your-eyes-pride-2019/ Thoughts pls[View]
127797970Is this just the Sci-Fi equivalent of Slave Morality vs Master morality?[View]
1278081822020... I am forgotten[View]
127795970Strong women lol: Apart from Ripley in Aliens, have you ever seen a movie where a woman took over a …[View]
127806031whats your favourite halloween that isnt the john carpenter one? for me its the 2018 version[View]
127807770do you think she liked joker[View]
127808128who should play arizona ranger and texas red[View]
127798484Why did Emma Stone age 30 years in Zombieland 2 and Jessie Einsenseinsen aged 30 days?[View]
127808047>be gay >get hit in head a lot >get away with 3 out of 4 murders i went to high school with…[View]
127808013How do we rate him, /tv/ros? Other than based and redpilled.[View]
127804839How do you go from this[View]
127808028Star Trek: Odyssey: Would you watch it?[View]
127803906S E E T H I N G: normal 'people' can't cope with the fact that this movie was 10/10 kino.…[View]
127807088>The dead speak![View]
127807867Jesus fuck... this was intense[View]
127801668We love you space mom[View]
127807740The dead speak! The Middle Earth has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinist…[View]
127807654Would you want to watch a scifi/fantasy strategy movie? There are many strategy games but not many s…[View]
127799540films with that crystal-meth feel to them?[View]
127806152>I will come back[View]
127807257Imagine the outrage if someone DARED making a movie poster with 4 male characters in current year.[View]
127801136How did /tv/ feel about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?[View]
127807588why all the new movies suck?: They all look the same to me. Millions budget but, nothing original or…[View]
127807636You will not mistake the newspaper man: he looks like a... big turtle.[View]
127787326Why did the prequels keep telling us Anakin was th e strongest and most talented Jedi when Obi Wan h…[View]
127803871Why does Sheldon Skinner resemble Armin Tamzarian?[View]
127805948Bad Boys for Life: holy fuck, this was kino[View]
127807509What are some kinos with this feel?[View]
127806196what the heck???[View]
127806711*AHEM* Great party, isn't it?[View]
127806691this actually happened[View]
127807074Will they review Cats?[View]
127805710What went wrong?[View]
127802788DENTAL PLAN[View]
127806664How long until he realizes he has no talent and that a youtuber career is the best he can hope for?[View]
127806803Cast the Redditors in the inevitable biopic[View]
127806575>no oscars lol[View]
127799620Saoirse Ronan has now been nominated for an Oscar four times. She’s been nominated for Atonement, Br…[View]
127807194>If we find this treasure I‘M GONNA BE RICH >don’t you mean WE are gonna be rich >um, yes y…[View]
127806935the great debate[View]
127807023What the fuck was his problem?[View]
127806459>What does third base feel like?[View]
127805975Why didn't he just take her somewhere nice?: Was he retarded?[View]
127806902whats a dimestore?[View]
127801900Webm. Post anything you have /tv/ related.[View]
127806717You guys ever do any local acting gigs?: Wondering if it's a good way to get my foot in the doo…[View]
127802695Lana Del Rey was robbed from singing the next James Bond theme song. Discuss[View]
127806714clean it up janny and remember, you're doing this for free[View]
127806653What's the biggest case of false advertising Hollywood has ever done? where the marketing mater…[View]
127805290Why are Westerns not popular anymore? The last big Western movie I can think of is Buster Scruggs an…[View]
127806602what was your favorite television and film growing up?[View]
127805393Cast him[View]
127806053Kinos for this feel?[View]
127805500Why is this board so pleb? Why do '''''''''''males'''''''''''''' under 25 pretend to have good taste…[View]
127805592>pay your “telly” license >turn on the “Telly” to see what’s on >see this What do?…[View]
127805640Why are almost all of the best sci-fi movies ever made in this time period?: Circa 1977-1985. And wh…[View]
127797578It's over, bros: >“From Day 1 of Better Call Saul, my dream was to tell the complete story o…[View]
127805479Burn (2019): I just want to give her a big ol' huggy-wug until she isn't sad any more.…[View]
127799942Does /tv/ like English Cartoons?[View]
127805760will first alien contact stories ever be done right?[View]
127805997It's time we designed some new cinemas /tv/. Template below[View]
127798226I just watched this, what did I think of it?[View]
127794858describe this tv personality without using the word 'boomer'[View]
127799584>John Williams last greatest masterpiece with Revenge Of The Sith What the fuck happened to John …[View]
127805878No /hark/ thread?: Let's fix that[View]
127803734Can we have a horror general, faggoos? What should I watch tonight while i eat knock off pringles an…[View]
127805882/YOU/ - YOU general: >always waits for the girls to make all the moves and lead the conversation …[View]
127805846>From my point of view, the Banking Clan are evil![View]
127803274How come Wes Anderson is still allowed to make another film with this blatantly racist casting?[View]
127795002/mag/ - Murderous Actors General: ITT Actors who have killed people[View]
127805720Kino, jews make the best schlock[View]
127805413Reminder that homer simson is literally a cuck[View]
127805033/classicscifi/ - Classic Sci-fi general: Logan's Run vs. Planet of the Apes edition[View]
127805605As far back as I remember, I always wanted to paint houses[View]
127805195Cast the inevitable live action adaptation[View]
127800503paul reuben: did he really deserve to be banished from the industry?[View]
127803673Is this scene possible IRL?[View]
127802032>muh one shot is there a worse cinematic meme?[View]
127801143did you guys like chowder?[View]
127803089What did he mean by this?[View]
127805416>1 month in >no discussion about the actual movie >box office flop what happened? Its the e…[View]
127805270>crusti croc :D[View]
127801233which one is sauron?[View]
127804607if you're ever alone, everything around will only be contained in memory by you, you preserve i…[View]
127804463Sam Shepard moved on?[View]
127805170Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
127805169Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
127794295Is what caused them to do it? Was this vision just too much to handle for the survivors sanity?[View]
127805156Favorite Dragons Den pitches, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWnpe2z5E3E[View]
127804826Imagine actually knowing or caring about an actor's name[View]
127804804good actress or just eye candy?[View]
127805021So Japan finally has a good tv show?[View]
127804664Does it get good?[View]
127804872Are you fucking kidding me, this bitch who is one of the worst actresses around got nominated for tw…[View]
127802919K I N O[View]
127797594So wait, has anyone on here been a server? Is this movie accurate?[View]
127802015Padme is best woman character in Star Wars. Discuss.[View]
127800498Penny dreadful kino is back on the menu https://youtu.be/oi2h1Zfr7fs[View]
127804378>That's all you got?[View]
127803426SAY IT[View]
127803636The Last Jedi was bonafide kino and there's nothing you can say to disprove this: >Take the …[View]
127786933>watching TCM >remember that 8 or so years they used to air only 70's and 80's movie…[View]
127804468just busted a nut: and i swear harry morgan just mentally chastised me for the act in his classic de…[View]
127804121It wasn't that gory.[View]
127804513How is there not a single decent alternative yet? It's been MONTHS already[View]
127804454OBSCURE HORROR MOVIES: Recommend some obscure/disturbing/interesting horror movies. No satanism lame…[View]
127802994Why is it so much better than Family Guy?[View]
127799229Name one memorable line from this movie[View]
127804000*sigh* Somehow, the Jedi have returned[View]
127803997>Color Out of Space 2019 SCREENER 1080p x264-TOPKEK >Color Out of Space 2019 SCREENER 1080p x2…[View]
127802900Has a film ever been snubbed as hard as this in the past decade?[View]
127803514The original Mr. Steal YoGirl[View]
127804118anyone have a link for The Grifter (2007)?[View]
127804304they weren’t lying man, the gore in this is hardcore. i flinched when she took that baseball bat rig…[View]
127802571The great debate.[View]
127804155Man, those Germans sure are jerks, huh[View]
127804111How long do you reckon before a noncam version will be uploaded to the pirate bay?[View]
127803581Was it laziness? Was it cruelty? Why would this man…this professional graphic designer do this?[View]
127804045The night plan I just filed with the castle lists me, my whores, the midget here but only one of you…[View]
127802543crisis actor thread: https://www.film.virginia.org/hotline/post/amissville-seeking-actors-for-ongoin…[View]
127800457Name a bigger group of faggots.[View]
127803851I forgot his flight plan. Could anybody remind me again?[View]
127802846Quickly Obi-Wan, use the force healing to save my life ![View]
127790442he's still the best[View]
127799141My name is Kevin Spacey. I'm 60 years old. My house is in the southeast section of Baltimore, w…[View]
127799428Why does /tv/ hate Mark Levin?[View]
127791205ITS OVER: The Mouse has won.[View]
127802774Basic question here What's your favorite Twilight Zone episode? It should be Nothing in The Dar…[View]
127768962/trek/ Trekstar: Orangedale in the 25th Century Directors Cut - Greetings from Valeria: Extended Edi…[View]
127803609>'In this golden age of profit it’s more important than ever that we remain vigilant about copyri…[View]
127803541Is it worth watching? Thinking of convincing my friends to watch this instead of Star Wars this week…[View]
127802323Bim, Guess what?[View]
127802484such a cozy show now. and prime mila kunis and laura prepon[View]
127796658What the heck was his problem?[View]
127803370>Hi I'm Stewart Cheifet and welcome to the Computer Chronicles Kino.…[View]
127799369why didn't d stop the bullshit?[View]
127798684What was the point of this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=via8G0cqQME[View]
127801999What are some comfy kinos to watch on a long bus ride?[View]
127802005>... >Not that there's anything wrong with that!…[View]
127803252Cast the inevitable live action adaptation[View]
1278011461917.2019.DVDSCR.x264-TOPKEK 1917.2019.DVDSCR.x264-TOPKEK 1917.2019.DVDSCR.x264-TOPKEK Finally shitt…[View]
127803216>gee i wonder why my entertainment is so shitty?[View]
127803202Why the fuck are Marriage Story and The Two Popes up for so many awards? They're trash.[View]
127803188i don't know[View]
127803018>movie/tv show has a sex scene[View]
127784960What am I in for?[View]
127802956One of the better 'zombie' post apocalypse films out there: Based Britbongs and potato nig…[View]
127801896hacking movies: Just marathoned Don't fuck with cats >Any other hacker kino or movies where …[View]
127800713ITT: Movies no one on /tv/ has seen[View]
127802301>tfw no blimp kino[View]
127801895Film idea: Watching a wholesome contestant on a national gameshow slowly fade into obscurity and bec…[View]
127802737Reminder the dark knight is a jungian exploration of the inside of Bruce Waynes mind[View]
127802682>The dead speak![View]
127802579How can one man have so much Sperg and still pick all that shitty hipster music? https://youtu.be/gn…[View]
127800898What now?[View]
127801508She had to do it.: Let's play a writing hypothetical game. Let's say, outright, she HAD to…[View]
127796263>wHo aRe yoU? >.........em ReY[View]
127800040Why did the dad do it?[View]
127802623tfw the kinoplex is real https://youtu.be/SszgJoKWg0c[View]
127800661Any Femdom kinos?[View]
127801286What made his character so relatable?[View]
127797509Will there ever be a more successful gay actress?[View]
127783251ITT: Great leftist films[View]
127798145is it really as bad as people say?[View]
127802344The Return > FWWM > Good episodes of season 2 > Season 1 > Season 2[View]
127795529Name a better Natalie[View]
127802051>so the idea is this: Terrence Malick... but with niggers.[View]
127794792>Watching a murder documentary >They try and make you feel bad for the killer…[View]
127801497kino. and Jlaw gave a damn good performance and tons of nice nip slips.[View]
127801460PUT IT IN H[View]
127801699>find out that you’re special >freak the fuck out Why did he react this way?…[View]
127801949NO you CANT dont even TRY[View]
127796741OH NO NO NO[View]
127796278Midsommar: Why was this so highly rated? > Fuck around for 2 hrs of nothing happening > Ending…[View]
127801943Is Mysterious Skin an underrated movie? Probably JGL’s best performance. That ending hit me hard, wo…[View]
127789516Is it better than the show?[View]
127801182Movies where MC gets betrayed by the ones they trusted?[View]
127801816>2020. we are... forgotten.[View]
127801801((a x b)/c) - d=y >a= sum of the budgets of the /tv/-related things the actor/actress was in >…[View]
12780178990s Music Videos: It's going to be a fine night tonight It's going to be a fine day tomorr…[View]
127796948Could it be made into a film?[View]
127801632I don’t get it[View]
127801550I hate romance with passion, but I'm rooting for Chibi & Heather. Also, Janet is the best g…[View]
127801683A cunny thread? My lord, is that legal?[View]
127801147The Princess and the Frog (2020): Pretty sure this is gonna happen. It would perfectly make sense, a…[View]
127801078Game of Thrones: Now that the hype is well and truly over is GoT worth watching? I haven't seen…[View]
127801484>Star Wars is a good sci-fi univer- >https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Jizz/Legends…[View]
127801383AI SE EU TE PEGO[View]
127796240Is Diane Guerrero in anything worth watching?[View]
127800313about to marathon this what do i think of it?[View]
127801559ITT kino scores: What are some shit films with kino soundtracks?[View]
127800120Will Nu-Galadriel become the queen of /tv/ in 2021?[View]
127800604This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jGJJQdpN4hk Especia…[View]
127796761The galaxy is in, Orion’s ...[View]
127801489Madre de Dios[View]
127796902Is the Dredd film (2012) overrated?[View]
127801467/tv/ related tattoos[View]
127794781Just watched this film, what did I think? She was so hot lol. Any of y'all motherfuckers look l…[View]
127799558I don't usually smoke much weed DESU. Is FEELING incredibly deeply every single emotion that th…[View]
127801345Cast them: >Cast them Cast them[View]
127800325ITT: Describe the plot of the last movie you watched in a way Karl Pilkington would describe it. Oth…[View]
127801153Joker: This movie is really well shot. It looks great.[View]
127800833>Good morning, Sir. I'm your Uber driver today. Do you like some music?…[View]
127777678Who will become the top stars of the 2020s in film?[View]
127801138REMINDER: Tom Stoppard wrote Revenge of the Sith: He's the world greatest living writer. There…[View]
127800561One of the greatest movies of all time: I’m being entirely unironic. This is genuinely one of the gr…[View]
127800933>Dude I FREAKING LOVE stand up!![View]
127797045incredible films that /tv/ is too afraid to talk about[View]
127801029>they stand up on their own She really wasn't fucking kidding[View]
127800964Now that DC took a steaming dump on Marvel, do they have what it takes to make more cinema-tier kino…[View]
127800919Wait, so you're telling me the entire thing was a dream he had?[View]
127800941Listen anon, it's not your fault.[View]
127799516Defending Your Life (1991): >moments of bravery are successful memes and shitposts >moments o…[View]
127800706He can Chuck! He can Chuck. He can Chuck. He can Chuck.[View]
127789454How was it so kino?[View]
127799235Legal High: Is this the absolute best drama there is?[View]
127796868Name one (1) film where a sex scene is absolutely necessary.[View]
127787739Supernatural: Previous >>127752059[View]
127799733The OUATIH soundtrack is kino as fuck. Been bumping it with the windows down in my car for the past …[View]
127800564I'm sick of working with baby boomers when are these lazy entitled retards going to retire?[View]
127798990What made Tarantino turn right winger/reactionary? He was a proto-SJW. What changed? His Israeli wif…[View]
127799050who would you ideally want to direct the next big star wars trilogy?[View]
127800373What are some essential racing kinos? Movies with really nice shots of cars especially.[View]
127799131pick: if you had to choose between : Interstellar Gravity Arrival[View]
127799528What did he mean by this?[View]
127799792r8 me m80s[View]
127800554Bodie Broadus General: YO THIS IS MY CORNER I AIN'T RUNNIN NOWHERE[View]
127800531I'M SORRY GEOOOOOOOOOOOORGE: https://youtu.be/pWvoFE7W288[View]
127798166>russian scene >tetris music starts playing…[View]
127800301Why didn't he just use ebay?[View]
127799313In Heaven, there's a cut of Once Upon A Time In America where grown up Deborah is also played b…[View]
12779715180s kino: Just finished this and need some more 80s recs. Love the aesthetic[View]
127800324To the town of Agua Fria rode a paedo one fine day Hardly fit the room around him, he had too much t…[View]
127800374Was it kino?[View]
127798443What did we think of it?[View]
127799829>ok anon, you can get 1 DVD, 1 game and one candy what do you get?[View]
127800341Femanons who is more handsome?: The noble and charming Obi-wan or the filthy ape nigger Mace?[View]
127793998Pick one and only one[View]
127799961why did the 2nd chick quickly look at the camera when she realised the camera was on her?[View]
127798079What causes this effect on the bokeh/depth of field (top of the frame)? I always assumed it was some…[View]
127797347Now that the dust has settled, what did we think of this?[View]
127798393What did Luke mean by this?[View]
127796386'Watchmen' will not be getting a second season: LOL. CANCELED. but they're trying to …[View]
127795692What if I told you that Luke's Characterization was spot on in this movie. He bought in to the …[View]
127795340This is everything[View]
127800136How can film ever be a true art form while capitalism ensures that only filmmakers with money can re…[View]
127793032Should I watch it? It was Jokino's director Todd Phillips' first movie ever. Is it any goo…[View]
127799341cant watch to watch this and see all the tranny black german soldiers dabbing at the battle of cambr…[View]
127799294Palpatine fucks, do incels have any excuse?[View]
127800018For me it’s Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise[View]
127799987Is the Cube set design kino?[View]
127799297I-I'm not crying, you're crying[View]
127799729What do they smell like?[View]
127798149How important is being naturally charming to an actor or actresses career? Who is more naturally cha…[View]
127798985>tell my daughters.....I did it for a bunch of ungrateful niggers...[View]
127798948Which was better?[View]
127798301>big gulps huh?[View]
127779045>this is where I grew up[View]
127794221Beyond The Black Rainbow: what am i in for?[View]
127790806Little Women: Did anyone else see Little Women? I really liked it. I actually felt some emotions an…[View]
127796457why did he do it?[View]
127797131>BLOW IT OUT YOUR AASSS[View]
127799419My piss has a funny smell to it.[View]
127799441they should’ve combined Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Having the Empire find some artifact that fucks…[View]
127799006Was it kino?[View]
127799293Why didn't her career take off?[View]
127797274What the fuck was her problem?[View]
127789405Post your favorite movie, /tv/.[View]
127795141Who the fuck is this nigga and why is he famous?[View]
127794411Who are some actors you didn't know were gay?[View]
127799168itt: movies women will never understand[View]
127799208The scores are so fucking arbitrary. These 'experts' don't know SHIT[View]
127798383I'm Maverick.[View]
127797051They loved it? Are you fucking kidding me? Has /tv/ been lying to me the whole fucking time?[View]
127798266Mike Wazowski[View]
127787919SCP cinematic universe when?[View]
127796912god i wish i grew up in a canadian trailer park[View]
127798173how is this allowed[View]
127798811Going to the movies tomorrow to watch this subbed. Which films of Shinkai will I need to know to und…[View]
127795515Canceled.: Netflix basically canceled one of their best shows.[View]
127798490Opinions on Christian Bale playing Norman Osborn in Thor: Love and Thunder?[View]
127797891>I gotta act fast >This nigga’s almost got $1.50…[View]
127798690Luckily, we're seeing a new trend where ethical crab cookers will get in the pot with their cra…[View]
127798653What's next for our guy, Thomas Middledick?[View]
127798647movies or tv shows that feature people who have odd disorders/diseases: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
127797471>henceforth you shall be known as Darth Vader lol wut nigger? Why did he make it so informally fo…[View]
127796913Marriage Story: Damn, what the fuck was this bitch's problem?[View]
127795759I just saw Smiley Face and now I'm in love with 2007 Anna Faris.[View]
127798586What movies are prokino?: This isn't your average kino boys, this is prokino[View]
127797453Why are our women so disgusting, Ameribros? https://youtu.be/PbuuSKLVWr8[View]
127797463gimme your underrated 90s action kinos[View]
127797747Do I watch it? heard some good shit about it from my sister[View]
127798374cast her[View]
127798359What did they mean by this?[View]
127798350This is one of the most disturbing movies ever done[View]
127798244I'm so fucking tired of these 'Intentionally' stupid shows, and movies that can't take the…[View]
127798371Grand Designs: >backhandedly tells you your design is shit and it's your own fault you'…[View]
127797854I should have known the Jedi were plotting to take over![View]
127798353post the most based films/tv[View]
127797962Fuck this old cunt with her stupid fucking face agh I hate these new ads they fucking suck[View]
127786492Is it immoral to separate art from the artist even if the artist is a pederast?[View]
127798176>the sleeper has awakened[View]
127797602what’s your favourite twist ending?[View]
127796208Just watched this,what did /tv/ think of it?: I thought it was pretty good but not that great[View]
127797162what is the best WW2 documentary?[View]
127795426Name one female character you like who you aren’t sexually or romantically attracted to.: Waifushit …[View]
127797984What was her goddamn problem?[View]
127791556Did he really do it?[View]
127797633Boardwalk Empire: >Muh 5 grand[View]
127772037What does you’re tv setup look like?[View]
127797169Parodies of actors/actresses[View]
127797829Tell us about your kino choices and let's make friends. >Your favorite kino >Your hated …[View]
127783169This was the best comedy show of the 10s[View]
127793887Jim Carrey or Jerry Lewis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5jm-9E5cDY&t=75s https://www.youtub…[View]
127790678What the fuck was his problem[View]
127797469/v/ here All of you are little baby men[View]
127797284*blocks your path*[View]
127794615When you were young and your heart was an open book You used to say live and let live[View]
127797552>Somehow, Obi-Wan returned.[View]
127796546You're telling me they can't afford a real fucking dog for a fucking movie anymore? tf is …[View]
127792671BOGGED: why did she do it bros?[View]
127797540Those are rookie numbers, I jerk off at least twice a day![View]
127796513I was Already In Deep Enough, but THIS IS TOO DEEP! GET ALL MY HOUSE IMAGES OFF THE INTERNET! I am c…[View]
127796345>walk in the house >see this WHAT DO?![View]
127795678Was he right?[View]
127796872>tfw almost as far from freaks and geeks as the time frame it was set in (1981) Will there be a k…[View]
127797425I love him bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE8xg3d8dBg[View]
127796476Bad guy kino: What other trilogies or series end with the 'good guys' losing? Not talking about sing…[View]
127788524/Jazz/ General: Jazz had SRS surgery the week of pic related (January 15th 2019). The Marjory Stonem…[View]
127796871>fappening happens >MEW is among the celebrity nudes leaked >huge boner in anticipation …[View]
127796972High Life 2018: what the FUCK was this movie's problem?[View]
127795508Who was in the wrong here? What did he mean by 'you people'?[View]
127796041Well, it finally happened. Somebody burned down my she-shed.[View]
127795748Inevitably, there will be an Epstein film, maybe even a TV show. What actors would you cast as Epste…[View]
127795645Favorite part of the new canon? For me it's the Death Troopers[View]
127797084I lost all interests in this within a few days of viewing it. Why is it always this way with capeshi…[View]
127791732Why the fuck aren't you watching Evil kino?[View]
127772178I sincerely hope there are no fishmen or octotrocities on this board. No there cannot be such unfath…[View]
127796174>George constantly assaults his enemies at premieres[View]
127797035/tv/, come on get your ass inside do what your janny tells you.[View]
127797015Jesus Christ, they casted Harry, Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Dumbledore (x2), McGonagall, Lupin, L…[View]
127792507KINO: don't jive mother.[View]
127796551Who will play this gigacha in the biopic?[View]
127796976REEMEMBER WHAT THE DORMOUSE SAID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28NcvcfqoBg[View]
127792893>I admire its purity[View]
127796196How long until people finally accept that this franchise was made for children?[View]
127788774Conan thread: You've been chosen to spearhead the new Conan movie. Catch is, studio wont let yo…[View]
127794555M... M...[View]
127796818What in the holy fuck IS this movie? Is it even based in the 50's? Who fucking greenlit this? I…[View]
127796660>all the recent threads about 1917 and WWI '''kino''' >no one ever posts the best one…[View]
127795203Adulthood is realizing Sith makes more sense[View]
127796593What about Five Brothers?[View]
127795346What is the /tv/ equivalent of degreasing your pizza?[View]
127796679Mr. Robot: I know you guys are sick of Mr. Robot threads at this point, but I just watched the last …[View]
127796140whats the most based mpvie[View]
127796507It's going win Best Animation right bros...they won't just give it to the Mouse again..wil…[View]
127794539How come nobody told Anthony Hopkins that Pope Benedict XVI is supposed to have a German accent?[View]
127787306What will be your 1st film at the kinoplex this year?: Last year it was Glass and it cursed all of 2…[View]
127796577The light is mine.[View]
127793581Luke, don't call them 'sand people,' it's extremely racist.[View]
127789885What's some good viruskino?: Can be non-fiction stuff about the Black Plague, AIDS, Ebola, etc.…[View]
127795980This is absolutely my favorite opening to any film ever. Whats yours, /tv/? https://youtu.be/NHOg-lM…[View]
127794859Should I fucking watch this or not?[View]
127796403Is she coming back for S3[View]
127796057Damn. Muppets look like that?[View]
127792139MAYA HEE[View]
127796357>I'm and idiot, you cop! wtf?[View]
127796276feeling based[View]
127790803worth rewatching?[View]
127795245Vertigo is better than your favourite movie[View]
127796121Ever heard of 21-foot rule, /tv/? I am currently rewatching Justified and maybe the fifth season is …[View]
127794071DAD'S DEAD[View]
127795034Was it kinography?[View]
127794780>'These were custom bullets. Who sold them?' >'We're watching 4Chan and cross-referencing…[View]
127795844Looks like Taykino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
127796120when will they make this into a live action movie?[View]
127793846>Agua....por favor[View]
127792213>Calls herself a nerd, literally just goes on facebook under an alias. >Spends years of her li…[View]
127790113Yeah I’m thinking he’s back[View]
127790233will it ever get better bros? will it ever be surpassed?[View]
127795915guess the disney movie[View]
127795685ITT: scenes with perfect build-up[View]
1277953791917.2019.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.Hive-CM8[EtHD] >1917.2019.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.Hive-CM8[EtHD] 1917.2019.DVDS…[View]
127783287Quentin is telling you so much with this movie it's not even funny. Pic related. HE KNOWS ABOUT…[View]
127794033Has there ever been a more kino end credits sequence?[View]
127795825Thoughts on kinoass?[View]
127792711>Playing a deeply traumatised veteran of The Vietnam War for laughs. Why is this film so popular …[View]
127795511https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cImjkS9i2y0 The new Hellraiser trailer is out. Excited?[View]
127794419How do we bring Clark Duke back?[View]
127795115Did Toby really enjoy the finer things club or was he just in it for pam?[View]
127793361A real human bean: Let's settle the debate once and for all. Is he autistic?[View]
127795057ITT: Critics you know for a fact browse /tv/[View]
127795129I hate you black bastards. You STINK![View]
127791321What precise moments in film have given you the intellectual equivalent of a furious orgasm For me i…[View]
127795278ITT pleb filters[View]
127793308Why the fuck is he not blacklisted in Hollywood?[View]
1277947563rd Rock from the Sun: This show was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Dick's stubborness & Ha…[View]
127791851should I watch this?[View]
127792931well this was fucking terrible..[View]
127795418>'how do I get to be the king?' what kind of stupid fucking question is that? You control all the…[View]
127795311Was this the stupidest scene?[View]
127795269Did you like it?[View]
127789710Why people think that the show is worth mentioning in an anime discussion?: > characters are bori…[View]
127794545The driver ruined a whole generation of men.[View]
127794591What the fuck is this fatfucks problem?[View]
127794628RAWHIDE!: Aykroyd kino[View]
127794640George is looking into the ways of the one who saved Star Wars[View]
127793554Underrated/lesser known quality fantasy movies: I can't recommend Wizards (1977), Krull (1983) …[View]
127794670What would a Safdie Brothers film starring Timothee Chalamet look like?[View]
127795136Why aren’t there wrestlers like Adrian Adonis anymore?[View]
127795170What are some kinos about hard work?[View]
127790491Where the fuck can i watch this?[View]
127794049One week until Cosmic Horror kino[View]
127793451Have any of you faggots tried this scene in real life at gas station to get out of paying for gas?[View]
127794769Christopher tolkien passes away: They won /tv/, and the worst thing is that the amazon's lotr w…[View]
127795020Honest thoughts on Leto's Joker?[View]
127790586Who else is watching the Outsider on HBO? Haven’t been this into a series since True Detective S1, w…[View]
127792002Fargo season 4: https://youtu.be/UcPU3mIuUmA[View]
127793054The Shawshank Redemption: I just finished re-watching it and this scene still moves me. Probably my …[View]
127793969Why didn’t palpatine clone hundreds of Shaak ti as his sex slave harem?[View]
127794988what are some other global warming kino both movies and documentaries are welcome[View]
127794941Underrated Sopranos characters thread[View]
127794509'Good sized' ain't enough for the sluts of this era. The roasties of 2020 have become chronical…[View]
127793933Was it kino?[View]
127788121If you're a Hutt, can you become anything other than a mob boss?[View]
127794874John Wick: part of me loves these movies another part of me hates them. I love that they are gay cap…[View]
127792308What's the last TV Show/Film you enjoyed watching?[View]
127794506What if Rocky was set in 2020?[View]
127791832Long Live Sir Gordon Ramsay: Amerifats will never understand culinary masterpieces such as pic relat…[View]
127794771>Did you know...im gay? Seriously?[View]
127793239Was Scooby Doo (2001) the best film of all time?[View]
127794658>The Thing(2011) > The Thing(1982) Don’t @ me[View]
127785359When will Ezra Miller fully transition? He's been on hormones for a while now. I'm guessin…[View]
127793159name a more comfy movie[View]
127794543>Sarge, you might want to take a look at this. >This better be good, Johnson. I'm reopeni…[View]
127794535Is this any good?[View]
127792107The best part of the sequel trilogy, and one of the best Star Wars characters[View]
127793778Any more kinos like this?[View]
127794475https://youtu.be/P_ArVu88bpM Does /tv/ like spider documentaries?[View]
127791559He fucking won[View]
127793932Mad Men Ending: So a lot of people in the previous TV show endings thread, now archived, didn't…[View]
127791862Hobbit Movies: Reminder that the fat hack Peter Jackson, on the wings of extreme normalfag acclaim f…[View]
127792363Twin Peaks general: Daily reminder that Donna is the best Twin Peaks girl.[View]
127772792Who should they recast for Birds Of Prey since this movie is going to flop[View]
127794154What is some unapologetic cheeseball kino?[View]
127792956>I'm Ironman.[View]
127790756Kinos about burgers.[View]
127792938How in the fuck did Ki-woo live? Took me out of the film.[View]
127772467What does /tv/ think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?[View]
127787284what do you want to see in The Witcher season 2 /tv/?[View]
127788758GUNS AKIMBO: KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yUJedj2SXk[View]
127786876watchmen cancelled: what does this mean for the future of the series?[View]
127791574The Syrian cultural ministry tasks you with creating a 10 episode series about the Syrian civil war.…[View]
127794001Why didn't he just drop kick him into the volcano?[View]
127790258>this went on for seven (7) seasons how[View]
127793963I thought she was gonna be the ‘crazy but lovable’ type of character but she just fucking evil[View]
127789943Looks better than The Lighthouse[View]
127792900I miss him bros :([View]
127793759cast him[View]
127793650Dusty ass movies: Let's talk about movies with a 'dusty' aesthetic. By dusty I don…[View]
127789253Adam Sandler Approached For Marvel Studios Role: Who is he playing?[View]
127793862looks like Sneed is back on the menu boys[View]
127792277So apart from /tv/, where do you go for film expertise?[View]
127793636what his best role[View]
127793434Did they[View]
127789378BOX OFFICE: 'Bad Boys 3 to Laugh Past 'Dolittle' With $38-45M-Plus Debut. RDJ BTFO...…[View]
127790124Imagine that you have full creative control over Dracula miniseries. What would you have changed?[View]
127793539What are some Kinos that make plebs seethe?[View]
127792806󠛡󠛡: 󠛡󠛡[View]
127792922whats next for this attention whore[View]
127792923Pagan Kino: Other than Wicker Man and Hereditary, what are some other pagan kino which goes deep int…[View]
127792190Did he had it coming in the end?[View]
127785300>police HQ scene >cops deliberating who did the shootout >'We're watching 4fhan' >…[View]
127792719>Black sister/wife >Black brother >Black dad >Black best friend This mutha ain't wh…[View]
127762252Who’s your favorite cast member from The Witcher?[View]
127792564Is there Hansen kino?[View]
127793075Should I an hero now? https://www.nme.com/news/tv/season-3-of-mindhunter-has-been-indefinitely-dela…[View]
127793090>gets 10 oscar noms in your path[View]
127792780How long will Alex be hosting Jeopardy? They might as well do some tournament before he leaves?[View]
127791116How bad is it going to bomb? It doesn't have the book appeal at all, and I'm sure the kids…[View]
127791207It's a different timeline.[View]
127791968ITT: things you've experienced that only happen in the movies: >At the bus. >Old lady rid…[View]
127793048What was the best soundtrack of of the year tv?: For me, it's Cliff once again. https://youtu.b…[View]
127789013>tfw most of the animals from Milo and Otis are probably dead by now[View]
127792563>you will always be held to a different higher standard. and it's fucked up, but that is the…[View]
127792306Should I watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Grizzly Man, or Midsommar. I've never seen any o…[View]
127792077So why did his father keep calling him a racial slur when they're both Jews?[View]
127792757What's some good concert kino, aside from the most popular ones like Stop Making Sense or The L…[View]
127788652What films are tranny kino?[View]
127785197Donna is hottest companion: Prove me wrong[View]
127792794>The absolute state of star wars[View]
127792775Michael's chickens have finally come home to roost[View]
127784339https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Lpp1ZZcwg is tila tequila ok[View]
127791007Honk and Gomey return for Better Call Saul: https://mobile.twitter.com/AMC_TV/status/121798599320428…[View]
127792682what is its kino counterpart?[View]
127791500Have you ever heard the story about the Scorpion and the Frog?[View]
127791040Why did Rick 'Pecker' Peck go so far out of his way to get his friend a Tivo? Were Tivos r…[View]
127792145ITT: irl kino[View]
127792291>Richard.Jewell.2019.DVDSCR.x264-TOPKEK Richard.Jewell.2019.DVDSCR.x264-TOPKEK >Richard.Jewell…[View]
127789386You hired Asian kids to take your test at Wharton...AND YOU NEVER PAYED THEM[View]
127789162What's some genuinely oldschool old-assed fucking old kino I should watch? I'm trying to f…[View]
127785285TENET: How bad is this going to flop? Guess the RT score now![View]
127790713Бpocить мoнeтy: How does Netflix allow this song to be dubbed into Russian? The video is not diverse…[View]
127790834Baby Yeed[View]
127791055So what would change if Sheev wasn't disfigured from his own Lightning during Revenge of the Si…[View]
127791447ITT: Commercial Kino.: I want the good stuff. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uCjssbbjlH4[View]
127791030American culture-grinder: Is America a cultural grinder? It sucks up all art and spits out universal…[View]
127791043Was Barry Lyndon based?[View]
127792219How terrible will the movie be?[View]
127792214what was the message here?[View]
127791688Is it a little bit overrated?[View]
127784145Leia: Is she the most underdeveloped character in the series? Episode IV >damsel in distress >…[View]
127791724>'the bad guy wins / the good guy loses' as a critique of the film[View]
127790219Remember the home projector fad? What was that all about?[View]
127791990EKtor... have I ever told you about this time when I was in a galaxy far, far away, selling chicken …[View]
127790465>creator decides that he told the story he wanted to tell and doesnt want to milk it, so ends the…[View]
127791730Why do 2008 movies still feel recent?[View]
127786686Why did they depict Balto as some sort of fraud?[View]
127791850>Color.Out.Of.Space.2019.SCREENER.1080p.x264-TOPKEK it's finally out…[View]
127791664I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
127790991what is the scariest, most unsettling moment you have seen in a recent mainstream movie? pic relate…[View]
127780618>Are we being shelled? >They're embers. The barn is on fire…[View]
127790411Good movies about Generation Z?[View]
127786890Armond White discusses Oscar nominations on Tucker Carlson: https://youtu.be/wIpHLv0h4fI[View]
127791564>wowww... whaddaya know?[View]
127791340Euphoria season 2 casting call[View]
127791357I dont membuh' my life, /tv/[View]
127790911What are some actors (or directors) who made a great film as their first film and never made anythin…[View]
127790302THE NIGHT CLERK: LITERALLY /tv/: The Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j6wDoyiyd4[View]
127791302>THIS IS THE STORY OF A GIRL...[View]
127790351>1985 >former popular high school jock wants to fuck the girl from work >she comes out to h…[View]
127790111What am I in for?[View]
127790909Sony keeps hinting at Raimi man returning.[View]
127791369If you know, you know[View]
127790853The creator is back[View]
127788700ITT: movies only you've seen[View]
127780317What was it about the Joker that women loved?[View]
127789592THE LIGHTHOUSE: Easily the best film of the year. Why isn't anyone talking about this?[View]
127791209What ever happened to the leading lady actress? There's no more bankable female leads today[View]
127771673For all Mankind: Fuck you, I like it![View]
127784799Do you think going for this romance could have saved the sequel trilogy?[View]
127789465we got to cocky white hating bros.: hahahahahaha >All the memes about this show being well watche…[View]
127790993Your favorite movie to watch while smoked out: Pic related[View]
127790988Doctor Who: Hold on a second lads...: Aren't alternate timeline and alternate universe essentia…[View]
127790953On second thought, I will watch The Witcher.[View]
127785406Did he do anything wrong?[View]
127790680You're based. You're really based.[View]
127790890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwt60PzzBfU What is his fucking problem?[View]
127789818>DUDE WEED LMAO for some reason I can't fucking link myself to this show. Is it an American …[View]
127789109Wait a minute ..: .. didn't he say he wasn't going to do more bond films?[View]
127790643The Brink: This show was unironically a funny fucking show, shame it got canned after 1 season. Prob…[View]
127790673Best Korean movie[View]
127789239There shouldn't be any horror movies that don't include 'teenagers' having sex desu[View]
127787885Less than 10 months[View]
127790489>yet another Alita thread NOOOOOOOOOOO.... AAARRRGGH I'M GOING.. I'M GOING... IM GONNA.…[View]
127790602Who actually won?[View]
127790582What are some movies about true human suffering and pain[View]
127790570So what movie was being parodied?[View]
127788242Would you watch a Sheev Fuck Saga?: >Episode 1: Fuckin Saga Begins >During the Naboo blockade…[View]
127790392Would this performance be allowed in 2020?[View]
127787637We won, lads.[View]
127789318>You're axing us? Axing us what?[View]
127788682>YOUR new empire?[View]
127790399I was lookin for a movie that i saw when i was a child: I remember a few things. In the movie was a …[View]
127785870https://youtu.be/rY-FJvRqK0E Why do so few films deal with trascendance and singularity in an actual…[View]
127790395>movie features children >they're wearing clothes what kind of hacks write this shit?…[View]
127781932>past a certain age...[View]
127787309I couldn't believe it was her. It was like a dream. But there she was, just as I remembered her…[View]
127790265>DUDE I ALMOST HAD YOU[View]
127784896Christopher tolkein dead: Christopher tolkein dead Silmarrion will get released soon https://metro.…[View]
127790239>open /tv/ >see spicsons thread >close /tv/…[View]
127789945Shit Tier >Greyworm >Miss Sunae >Danaerys (smug) >Bran >Asha >Cersei Okay Tier …[View]
127789543Why do contrarian faggots bash the 8th and 9th seasons? This episode was hilarious[View]
127789233Does Will Poulter have star potential?: I believe he has the potential to be the next Adam Driver. D…[View]
127789334Dr. Pavel, I'm IRA.[View]
127790129>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
127788261>At last, I have become The Lighthouse Jesus Christ, Eggers[View]
127788061How is this even possible?[View]
127789981Which murder on the Orient Express should I watch?[View]
127788237THE LOVEBIRDS Trailer #1: Looks kinda' funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5HvcqERCrQ…[View]
127789631Agua por favor[View]
127785574Life hacks I learned from films. If the F.B.I is raiding your house and you need to hide a gun just …[View]
127787995Why do they shit so insistently and distaintfuly on ROGUE ONE? when talking about other star wars fi…[View]
127789998>2020... we are forgotten...[View]
127788296Greetings.: The Master Control Program has chosen you to serve your system on the Game Grid. Those o…[View]
127788760>we gaan >583 dead[View]
127789776What's the GREENDOG of film?[View]
127789861Sup babes, any you cunts know good podcasts to listen?[View]
127787963most underrated shows of 2010s: not only is this absent from all the top show lists, it belongs in t…[View]
127782655How the fuck did they seemingly score a different 10/10 girl every fucking episode? Was it really th…[View]
127781703This dude’s power was cool[View]
127779385Who was the most unlikable character on Mad Men?: Duck? Sal? Glen? Jew who melts down over the compu…[View]
127789422Spike Lee: Spike Lee is one of the most obnoxiously racist b-ball Americans on the planet, but what …[View]
127787783us gamers are so oppressed[View]
127763506why has /tv/ turned on sorrenkino?[View]
127785348Nick, what's going big guy? you just tripped my wife[View]
127789168I swear to God I'm not crazy, help me: Alright anons, so I swear to fucking God that I remember…[View]
127788460I have a great idea. Lets create an amazing David Fincher show, with deep characters, amazing dialog…[View]
127788059Jeopardy!: What's next for /ourgirl/ Priscilla? I want to give her a hug :([View]
127789575RIP Sensei Seagal[View]
127789540THX 1138: I just watched this. It is basically a mixed between 1984 (all the surveillance, the tota…[View]
127787845I hate this fat fucking faggot so much. I pray to god that this is the year the obesity finally kill…[View]
127789490Luke, did I ever tell you about Ahsoka Tano? She was your father’s exotic teenage alien apprentice, …[View]
127789476What would YOU do to get a res at Dorsia?[View]
127789446I think you should kill yourself, /tv/.[View]
127789155Why didn't he just morph into a spear and jump towards John?[View]
127789300*coughs* >last night was terrible, i barely slept >the fire went out and i had to put hot rock…[View]
127789052what did I think of it?[View]
127787699Why would someone prefer the dog episode?[View]
127789306GAME OVER, MAN, GAME OVER[View]
127789145>it was a wonderful house that jack built[View]
127781674What's the correct course of action if I can identify 90% with this guy?[View]
127789276Where's the fucking Blu-ray?[View]
127785919Oh my God we have to get this on the air /tv/ it would be EPIC!![View]
127779801Oh no no no[View]
127785872>montage of character writing on, crinkling up and throwing sheets of paper in the trash bin…[View]