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117176331>Single musket ball. Size of a cherry[View]
117174827BEARD MAN BAD[View]
117174794>It's Theo now[View]
117175719>Walter White is a villain[View]
117175966Do we like it?[View]
117172620I’m on episode 9 is the reason Martin killed Jesus’ mother ever revealed?[View]
117175623Vito is the best character on the Sopranos. His arc is the greatest pleb filter of all time.[View]
117174407BEHOLD. One of the greatest cartoons of all time, of the decade, and the best show to ever air on Ca…[View]
117173757Why can’t YouTube film critics make good films? Ralph’s, Stuckman’s, and Rob Ager’s films all sucked…[View]
117175628cast it[View]
117175313Why boner?[View]
117174690>sacrifices himself so chad Hawkeye can fuck the woman he loves[View]
117174901CW Thread: Has there ever been a legitimately good show on the CW that wasn’t just beautiful people …[View]
117175178>watching EOE >theatre full of nips blocks your path Why? Last thing I want to see in my anima…[View]
117175650HBO. We have a zoomer druggie show to follow up that lackluster GOT ending. Another show where a les…[View]
117174610What does /tv/ think about Northern Exposure? Do we need reboot?[View]
117171810ITT: Overrated films: I'll start with this one >Racist movie, has the characters act like th…[View]
117175218Ladies And Gentlemen, The Classic Paul Dano[View]
117174536REEEEEEEEEboots: I see a lot of discourse about how there are too many unnecessary reboots. What is …[View]
11717136410 years later and no other single scene has surpassed it: >Nolan >zimmer >hard sci-fi/lo…[View]
117175468What if the genders were reversed?[View]
117175184What happened to the Green Ranger? Why did he shrink in size and lose muscle?[View]
117174627Did you laugh? https://youtu.be/FckkZihQUaU[View]
117175381Okay, which one of you made this?[View]
117174187How many fucking reboots do we need[View]
117164560This is a cellular biology professor and former U.S. Army soldier, say something nice about her.[View]
117173325Will Ana de Armas ever get a major role other than 'the hot girl'?[View]
117169507These guys could beat the absolute fuck out of any horror movie antagonist. Prove me wrong.[View]
117171488So is this it? the only good video game movie adaptations?[View]
117171135Name a better director. You can't![View]
117175097>A dark, slow pace, dialogue-driven thriller that delivers with scene after scene of gut-wrenchin…[View]
117174678Would Luke Skywalker make a good trap?[View]
117174603Name a worse character in a worse TV show?[View]
117170079/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: TBD Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Camp Counselor: Jackson Next episode: Wed., June 2…[View]
117170233>david spade will die in your lifetime[View]
117172386Rank 'em[View]
117168004Decent show?[View]
117174928What is the newest movie to be rebooted/remade? What is the oldest movie to be rebooted/remade?[View]
117174438Metal Jesus here, BACK again![View]
117169264Powerful actresses: Some women just exude confidence and power in some roles, pic related. Meryl Str…[View]
117174908Are his movies worth watching?[View]
117172327criterion channel: Are any of you faggots paying for this shit?[View]
117173430Cast them[View]
117173924Gimme a hug man[View]
117174719Why haven't you taken the schaub pill yet? https://vimeo.com/336762206[View]
117172131'You need to learn about your own culture' What would have happened if this had been broadcast today…[View]
117169312Who had the more realistic reaction to losing a limb between Luke and Anakin?[View]
117171879I'm marathoning aquaman with my aunt and my cousin, I'm in love with Black Manta's ar…[View]
117174520>'Old Toby, finest weed in the South Farthing.'[View]
117173182what is the function and propose of these doors?[View]
117174316>/tv/, what is best in life?[View]
117164386who the fuck talks like this[View]
117170064What do you want to see in Halloween 2: Less comedy. Creative kills. Laurie dying. Myers raping Judy…[View]
117172574Is she the most evil woman in the history of television? How can one woman ruin a man's life so…[View]
117172160What would you do in this situation /tv/?[View]
117174329Movies that aged horribly[View]
117172400Is this better than the new Godzilla?[View]
117171621>Hank Schrader is unlikeable[View]
117166454>yfw Sally would be 65 now[View]
117166760What does /tv/ think about The Wire?[View]
117173187>chop chop, dig dig >chop chop, dig dig[View]
117172926Do people in Turkey really do this?[View]
117174075Years and Years: I really wanted to enjoy this, quite a fresh and interesting idea well executed too…[View]
117169122Well that's the last time I listen to /tv/ when they tell me something is good.[View]
117172938Is it as good as the hipster circlejerk makes it out to be?[View]
117162543/got/ Fighter Ranking Edition: discuss this fighter tier list post your own or Fatman dies and Wind…[View]
117173351What movies do pretentious people like or pretend to like? I’m thinking Mulholland Drive and Pulp Fi…[View]
117173229We need more roles for giantesses in Hollywood[View]
117173873>your brother billy,whatever happened there what happened there?[View]
117149665She's over 50, why are they still giving her so many roles? There's already 4 big movies c…[View]
117172462Hidden/Subliminal messages in televsi0n and film[View]
117170862>Anon you are going to my comedy show tonight, right?[View]
117173526was this the comfiest scene ever put to film? https://youtu.be/4O0kaTx1y3Q[View]
117173310Why was he pissed off in every single scene? Polish genes?[View]
117171344quick post your favorite episode NOW[View]
117173000>4chan's hottest board is /tv/. It has everything: kino, flicks, capeshit, big guy, SNEED…[View]
117169578Has there ever, I mean ever, in the history of film, ever been a more kind scene than this? https://…[View]
117173103A gremlin is taller than mike wazowski I repeat A gremlin is taller than mike wazowski This is no…[View]
117172936why is pic related so soothing and addicting? why is korean /tv/ super HD, colorful and 'sweet…[View]
117173193Was he an incel?[View]
117173010Favourite show that took place at this illustrious place?[View]
117171455Meg Griffin.[View]
117173077don't worry yank, he's dead[View]
117170595Hey Anon, I'd love for you to join my female empowerment group. Are you interested?[View]
117172930I forgive her.[View]
117170620Comfy Simpsons thread[View]
117172864Why Fabio had less screen time than the others? Too fucking based?[View]
117172860What are some movies about poor customer service?[View]
117172551What does /tv/ think of SNL? modern snl or whats your favourite era of the show?[View]
117166046>when your at the movie theater and a group of black people sit near you Why do they think its a…[View]
117166178ITT: Scenes women will never understand[View]
117171984>try to find a nice movie to watch before heading to bed >spend the entire time trying to find…[View]
117158117Anyone else kind of scared to see Joker on opening night? The theater will be filled with people lik…[View]
117170154u know what would have made this better? a 15 years ago James Earle Jones, transported to today…[View]
117172707>ITT: We post our favorite IMDB page. www . imdb.com/title/tt6226164/?ref_=tt_urv…[View]
117171752The GOAT[View]
117166558Death scenes that hit you like a truck: Hietanen in Unknown Soldier (2017) I actually had to pause t…[View]
117170030Do you find it depressing watching older films. All these people were in their prime and now they…[View]
117172498What are his best kinos?[View]
117169714Why was this movie praised so much for something Harry Potter did so much better?[View]
117172453Norm Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE20pJJgrUY How come normies think his jokers are too m…[View]
117172086The Late Late Show: What did /tv/ thought of this show and Craig Ferguson? I don't really like …[View]
117172444>ah joe, this migraine,... I can’t really remember[View]
117170435Dr. Hasley, I'm ONI.[View]
117171487ITT: Movies that only serve to fill the screen[View]
117170465Marissa Cooper vs Betty Cooper GO![View]
117164950What was going though his head?[View]
117171434>people tell me this sucks >it's absolute kino I know to never trust you guys ever again…[View]
117169026I'M BLUE DA BA DEE DA BA DAA[View]
117168632Anon, your popcorn![View]
117171843Is this the only horror film where the black guy not only lives but is even the best character?[View]
117171906>watching movie >awkward scene where protagonist gets embarrassed >get so much second hand…[View]
117172109What sound does he make?[View]
117168934Is this movie kino?[View]
117170681what is the funniest show and why is it the office?[View]
117171681can i make it in hollywood as a bluray restoration guy? rate my remaster that i did just now, thanks…[View]
117171966does it piss you off?: that people don't recognize this as the best film he's done? that e…[View]
117171918What are some kinos set in hotels?[View]
117171914Blood Meridian is unfilma--[View]
117171242I just realized am i retarded is this known ?[View]
117165511ITT: Ships in TV series or movies that didn't happen but you preferred. I'll start.[View]
117167153Is Carrots going to be in the second Zootopia movie?[View]
117158377>It's about honor... something a woman wouldn't understand Seriously Woody?…[View]
117154695Supernatural: Late start edition. Other related shows welcome[View]
117171835why was the soundtrack so fucking lazy? it was literally chopped up and edited parts of songs from t…[View]
117171803Thoughts on croissant dog?[View]
117138220/RBMK/ Chernobyl General: Didn't see one in the catalog. We are slacking men. Post your best me…[View]
117166229Horrorkino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
117171177Dance Wagie, Dance!: Capitalism was a mistake.[View]
117153751Is Louis Ck now the world's most dangerous man?[View]
117170798The memes make me kek, but this was a legitimately great show. I used to watch it with my Dad, and I…[View]
117163245interesting: thoughts?[View]
117156114>As a public service, here are the two boards from the Workaholics writer's room of comedy p…[View]
117171018Actors that were probably murdered >Natalie Wood drowned on November 29, 1981, at the age of 43.…[View]
117170469Romeo? Though art a big guy.[View]
117162704Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
117164578Yikes: >Anything made in America >Haha dude, men are idiots and marriage sucks >Haha dude,…[View]
117167935Second place gets a set of steak knives.[View]
117170328Now that the dust has settled it was all his fault right? Everything that played out resulted from h…[View]
117170496What did I think of this?[View]
117151452What happened to your old Blockbuster Video?[View]
117169274You're working one night and this guy turns to you and says 'We did everything right'. How do y…[View]
117169650Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? Obviously this will require a top tier actor.[View]
117155818Would this be the ultimate /tv/core kino movie if it was actually made?[View]
117170583i didn’t know charlie kirk was in toy story 4[View]
117169901Is he based or reddit?[View]
117165556What's the situation fellas?[View]
117160096Can we have a BvS appreciation thread?[View]
117143103Triassic Attack™ a SyFy Original was kino.[View]
117163518Lord of the Rings Remake: Who would you cast for each role? pic related, my choices[View]
117165290Jenny: Is this the most accurate portrayal of women in cinema?[View]
117145801Bond is #cancelled[View]
117161138Basically Catcher In The Rye: Post shows with immoral and insufferable main characters that you hate…[View]
117166877F: It's just been confirmed. Netflix will no longer be streaming 'Frasier' by Septemb…[View]
117155618Since their is a bunch of Eva fags on here, some of you might not know that their was almost a movie…[View]
117170543>you will never have a teen Cybill Shepherd GF to ruin your life in rural 1950's America It …[View]
117163887SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMINGNPLOT DETAILS: > Prior to the events of the film, the fiasco in the Infini…[View]
117170509What are some movies/shows with great effects? Practical, composite, CGI or anything for that matter…[View]
117168838What in the fuck made him qualified to be Governor of California?[View]
117167640What happened to this board?[View]
117170167There will be no further warnings[View]
117169928>'And then he whispered to me I Want To Fuck You In Every Room In This Hotel'[View]
117168110My son, big hoss[View]
117170259I just watched this, what did I think of it?[View]
117166372Die Hard 2 Die Harder: Anyone else think this is the best movie in the series? >most quotable …[View]
117169682He has a wife, you know...[View]
117170152>Alright class, today we will be taking a trip into cyberspace to visit 4chans world renowned boa…[View]
117170202What are some movies about the nature of man?[View]
117168393How'd ya like some ice cream, doc?[View]
117164843>Murphy! I'm a mess.[View]
117170048What is his favorite film?[View]
117167198>At last, the Reich will be reborn and the Jewish menace will be wiped out. Now, die like the rat…[View]
117165501Hey Beavis... he-he-he[View]
117164138Which are Netflix and Amazon productions are actually worth watching and not just forgettable medioc…[View]
117166622Kino incoming[View]
117169985Why did the Trash Compactor scene in ANH need a sewer goblin before the crushing walls scene? Wasn…[View]
117167719Would go to hell for you lagatha[View]
117168280Big ups to the staff at Regal Cinemas Plymouth tonight who saw me bringing in a full donkatsu dinner…[View]
117165689What trick would you perform to fool Penn and Teller?[View]
117169778ITT: We post JUST images of celebrities[View]
117169918Cast her[View]
117169898https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt67YwRx1T8 Was this scene kino?[View]
117169766What emotion was this expression supposed to convey?[View]
117169742why did Charlotte want to save Wilbur?[View]
117165598>Named Dominic Chinese >Isn't Chinese…[View]
117166798Who was the wrong here?[View]
117163904Just saw this. What did I think of it? Did I like it?[View]
117166837>”Well, in that case, sergeant, let me put this in the open for you. No matter what you try, no m…[View]
117169228Why is this show so incredibly based.[View]
117168815finally! some J.Roberts kino. by gar, its been a while[View]
117168274I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
117164629/bb/ - Big Brother 21: HoH: TBD Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Camp Counselor: Jackson Next episode: Wed., June…[View]
117169265I can't think for myself, what's the consensus on this show? Funny? Dog shit?[View]
117166783>No, no, no, Charlemagne, aliens wouldnt need to bend time to come here, they would need to fold …[View]
117168400One Punch Man: Today's episode was really good.[View]
117167655Secret Tech hidden in films: what other movies have secret government tech hidden in plain sight?…[View]
117168497Lavate los manos![View]
117159840>early 2000's tv show >this motherfucker shows up…[View]
117167320>ctrl+f 'kino' on the catalogue >13 results…[View]
117168981Failed Adult Swim pilot: This was supposed to be a weekly midnight show that shits on B-movies and b…[View]
117165643indeed: Indeed[View]
117168254>Past a certain age, a man without a family, friends, a house, job, car, twitter account, smartph…[View]
117160255redpill me on the one known as 'brie larson' why has /tv/ changed their stance on her?[View]
117167281Why did he say he didn't believe in God?: I don't understand why he says on the last episo…[View]
117152036Which one is his best movie review?[View]
117167899Will you watch Roman Polanski’s next film about a man wrongly convicted of a crime? An Officer and A…[View]
117168717I only made it through the first half hour of this film: > that fucking cgi bluebird > try-har…[View]
117166997Is 1 hour 30 minutes the perfect flick length?[View]
117168312 [View]
117167709ARROWVERSE MARVEL REFERENCES: How do they keep getting away with it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
117167766>You are ruining our fun, Andy! Mark Hamhill makes a kino Chucky[View]
117166142/tv/ Draw thread: Post and request fresh memes and ocs.[View]
117167042Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117168406Phrases that ruin kinos for you: >you're just my STEP brother…[View]
117164231Good soundtracks in shitty movies. https://youtu.be/iD3uGMy3KTg[View]
117167398what do you think happened at this photo-shoot?[View]
117165223i don't get it[View]
117168190so what was the takeaway from this film? if there is one[View]
117168176Become Dark Knight: get dubs - you and your mother walk free get trips - your mother becomes bane…[View]
117166986>RICO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO![View]
117164824>runtime 3:56:45 What am I in for?[View]
117165906Is it normal for a full grown man to get a tear in their eye when the weakling Steve Rogers jumps on…[View]
117165031Is Roots Kino[View]
117164894what did disney mean by this?[View]
117164521Who was in the wrong? You cant choose both. www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhEv4-2SAVU[View]
117165179What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
117156015Was the howard stern show ever good?[View]
117167555>Your son wants to go on So you think you can Dance.[View]
117165057Who was the best Baywatch cast member?[View]
117167514Films that we’re released at the absolute worst times?[View]
117167549>capeshit >capeshit >capeshit…[View]
117164447Should it be illegal to go to the movie theaters by yourself?[View]
117160355so he's on deity level now right?[View]
117166645>You know Quentin Tarantino predicted all this[View]
117167359Midgets nigga[View]
117166457people will debate me on this, but the best episode is the coffee / rocket-house episode the next be…[View]
117152760>actors youve been told you look like[View]
117166133Remake TV shows but with slightly different plots: Utopia, except the main villain in some rich gay …[View]
117166697Where do you even get military grade swingsets?[View]
117166941Breaking Bad Movie Is In The Making: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9243946/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_1 >lm…[View]
117160004Why was he being so uppity in an i-talian place?[View]
117158331>buys small popcorn instead of a medium[View]
117162338Did the Members Only guy kill the whole family or just Tony at the end of the Sopranos?[View]
117163984Margot should be an Oscar winning actress for this role.[View]
117131837I'm still fucking scared of this film after the screening weeks later. The Joker aspect of the …[View]
117155243Kino Moggings?: /tv/ related mogs[View]
117164960Duck fat. It makes all the difference.[View]
117157077Can't believe /tv/ baited me into watching this. >drugs lmao >cartoonish acting lmao >…[View]
117153960Search your feelings. You know it to be true.[View]
117160016How does pot change the movie going experience? Does it heighten or dim the senses? Does you help yo…[View]
117166594It is so quiet out here, it is the quietest place in the world.[View]
117164918This was the dumbest smart thing I've seen in a while. Felt over explained and yet simple.[View]
117156858Would a US Army captain really know how to sword fight?[View]
117165465Is it Kino? Was it Autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9_3koXw3DQ[View]
117157602The ten best films of the decade: Honesty, authenticity and neo sincerity only: Split The Sea of Tre…[View]
117165954Who DOESN'T love the Rainy Spiderman films. They are the right mix of fun without going full on…[View]
117165974I wish I could let you just live in your fantasy world. I really do.[View]
117166006Whats the best tv crossover youve seen?[View]
117166271What is your consensus on Do Bong-Soon? also thoughts on her show 'Strong Woman' ?[View]
117165979SS: Can someone give me the rundown on this girl? how does she have a photo with just everyone?…[View]
117162640CAN I JUST SAY[View]
117158454Did he kill his mother and his gf? Why?[View]
117164939>40 days and 40 nights of no sex Were the writers even being serious? Who the hell could possibly…[View]
117165736What are some Edward Yang-esque kinos?[View]
117163358If you didn’t like this movie, you’re a MOOK[View]
117166047What is the essential /cartel/ kino?[View]
117161560hhmmm.....hmmm.. those guys will need hhmmm... military grade basketball hoops..hhmm[View]
117165732WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS?[View]
117165813Well, /tv/? Which one will it be?[View]
117161654Is Twin Peaks good? what a bout Fire Walk with Me and The Return?[View]
117164707was it a dwarf joke?[View]
117165645Is mickey mouse not compatible with modern viewers, why hasen't there a new mickey mouse remake…[View]
117164628Why didn't Algren just stay down? He obviously wasn't gonna win.[View]
117165567Why did fat thor trigger certain portly, nerdy, and elderly (older than 25) gentlemen on the interne…[View]
117162621The 100 Season 6 Nihilism and Misery Thread: >Last week Clarke fought with Josephine to a standst…[View]
117165654>Russians can't be base-[View]
117165617Does your kinoplex have a Red Lobster in it?[View]
117163681>2019...I am...forgotten...[View]
117163267twin peaks: >ask for a cherry coke >leaves inmediatly do americans really do this?…[View]
117163227Look I get that this is objectively kino, and it might be because im a zoomer but i just didn't…[View]
117165261>'Andy, no! Why are they doing this? Help me!' Why was Chucky so pure bros ;_;…[View]
117163374>perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane I d…[View]
117163976What do you think of Hulk Hogan's filmography?[View]
117157516Why hasn't Hollywood given Arnie's true son a leading role yet?[View]
117165088Is it any good? Is it worth it?[View]
117164346Do we like this or no?[View]
117163710I need help remembering a film. I think it's a somewhat recent comedy (10-15 years old tops, ma…[View]
117143446/trek/: Star Trek is dead.[View]
117162369Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge: Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge[View]
117163568You now remember Monster House[View]
117164250Press F to pay respects[View]
117162526Kinos where the protagonist is in the wrong?[View]
117164905Movie I don't know name: So years ago I saw part of a movie on TV and now I wanna see it. Thing…[View]
117164614Name a more kino marriage[View]
117164684SAKE!!!!!: Why wouldn't they just give him sake?[View]
117164754What does this expression convey?[View]
117162194Daddy issues the show[View]
117164795EPPIC ..........RAP......... BATTLES.........OF HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!! JANNY! VERSHUS PEPE! bbbbb…[View]
1171636602019...i am forgotten[View]
117164776Legion S3: >First episode is literally just a music video for some shitty hipster pop band >Mu…[View]
117164587It’s simple, /tv fixes the Batwoman.: Personally, I really want this show to work. I’m not happy wit…[View]
117162520Why don't female viewers seem to care that lady-characters are so frequently incompetent and ne…[View]
117164047Can the holodeck recreate smells? To what 'resolution', or degree of accuracy? In other words, if I …[View]
117162726Movies featuring fat people: I am looking for fat roles[View]
117164691thoughts on the upcoming Netflix live action adaptation of cowboy bebop?[View]
117163301Why do women have to fucking ruin everything?[View]
117163548we can all agree this is chuck, right?[View]
117164355>why yes, we are going to go see quentin tarantino’s once upon a time in hollywood. would you lik…[View]
117159673How much of a retard was Harry in this scene?[View]
117162250/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: TBD Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Camp Counselor: Jackson feeds start tomorrow previ…[View]
117161586Is RoboCop the greatest achievement in film?[View]
117162303Saw this on Netflix, is it any good?[View]
117163524>here's your moiraine bro i mean, at least she's not black.[View]
117163258Can we have a comfy documentary thread? Just watched Abducted in Plain Sight and I'm absolutely…[View]
117163231Will there ever be Dragon Quest kino in film and television?[View]
117159574ITT: We poll for /tv/'s top 10 favourite films of the 21st century so far.: Post three or less …[View]
117161316>can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?[View]
117164293Is it kino?[View]
117162753I've been rewatching TNG and it is literally the comfiest show.[View]
117164213Admit it, it was kino[View]
117164270What are some films that only women can truly understand?[View]
117163371Why does grown up Rufio look like someone’s done a weird photoshop of The Rock on his face >Rufio…[View]
117163580Will it make anybody actually 'rise up'?[View]
117164002havent been to a movie in years, thinking about going to see this at the local kinoplex for the late…[View]
117162674I take a whiskey drink, I take a chocolate drink, and when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink![View]
117155980Who even stands a chance against him? Cory?[View]
117163778What are some twinkinos?[View]
117164046Who is your favorite actor that is in commercials?[View]
117164016Thoughts on this kino?[View]
117161887They sure don't make 'em like they used to *sips*[View]
117163795Hey you guys are browsing /tv/, the WORST board on 4chan![View]
117156679YAG SBARRO[View]
117161614Got a google play gift card, dubs decide what movie I rent tonight. Horror is ideal.[View]
117162862Kinos about legit undiagnosed mental illness?[View]
117162796Is there a post-apocalyptic/post-collapse movie that focuses less on survival and monsters and more …[View]
117162275What is your worst memory of childhood?[View]
117163407>easily the third strongest fighter in the first season >fighting toe to toe against miguel du…[View]
117159483I am curious and interested in this film. Anyone else?[View]
117160872ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
117163609Any wacky space adventure kino like Futurama or Space Dandy? >inb4 GotG Fuck off capeshitters…[View]
117163492ITT: Movies modern screenwriters don’t understand: IE:pepole who buy all that save the cat bull shit…[View]
117159756What advantages does this motor car have over say, a train?[View]
117162058DC IS FORGOTTEN: How pissed off is DC now that all eyes and discussion are on Marvel and Avatar fran…[View]
117162251Yup, back in my day we used to have 3D films. The things on the screen would pop out at you... heh, …[View]
117163353Every movie set in this shithole is exactly the same[View]
117162605in what movies i can get the GF experience???[View]
117163078>takes a classic film course in college hoping to wach kino >40 % of movies watched are quenti…[View]
117160792HAHAHA! You can run, but you can't GLIDE![View]
117160249/stg/ - Stranger Things General: The show's coming back, baby. Can we have just one thread with…[View]
117162183How does /tv/ feel about the upcoming The Boys adaptation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuvgOCyCV…[View]
117161796>Unmolested Nostalgia[View]
117160224>it's a '28 days later isn't HD' thread.[View]
117158608Venture Bros: I used to love this show, and to be quite frank, I was very excited to watch season 7.…[View]
117163137I can't I can't can't CAN'T can't handle that[View]
117163126>official 24h live stream of The Dreamstone >only 2 viewers >one of them is me and the othe…[View]
117137544/sfm/ - Screenwriting and Filmmaking General: We used to have regular threads a few years ago. Any a…[View]
117142734Who was the worst Avatar?[View]
117146442>ruins your show[View]
117160781So this...is the power of woman...[View]
117162979Anyone seen this Fellini? I’m thinking of giving it a shot tonight.[View]
117157098This is the funniest movie I've seen in years[View]
117161955He did nothing wrong.[View]
117159804We here at Family Guy just LOVE shitting on people for being religious in any sort of way! Have any …[View]
117162422Recommend me movies with this feel[View]
117162899>watch Die Welle >supposed to make me dislike fascism >end up making me want to live in it…[View]
117162887>character gets a text message >Gotta pause it because you can't read what the text says …[View]
117139399/GoT/: How can she be so based? edition Previous >>117124898[View]
117154911I'm still mad about this not happening[View]
117158644What kind of weird flex was this?[View]
117160171He can't be the Hulk, I'm the Hulk![View]
117162800What are some ladyboy kinos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEk71FP3oE4[View]
117159481I sleep in a racing car. Do you?[View]
117148561David Fincher vs Paul Thomas Anderson[View]
117158660God Friended Me: Did anyone watch? Better than Joan Of Arcadia/Kevin Probably Saves The World/Wonder…[View]
117162675/MQG/ Mythic Quest General: E3 2019 Edition Where my Questheads at? Trailer: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
117161235>The only girls with good personalities who are smart or maybe funny or halfway intelligent or ta…[View]
117161440>movie has dialogue that suggests upon the themes[View]
117162365Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117162136spidey boy! how long are you going to deny the events in Auschwitz? my (chosen) people will not be h…[View]
117162452So why did he retire /tv? Didn’t want to do capeshit or lose Oscars to niggers every year?[View]
117160323What’s his endgame?[View]
117156016>your favorite sci-fi movie Stalker >an under rated sci-fi movie Annihilation >an over rate…[View]
117162424Anon: I just posted something off topic on /tv/ hahaha Janny: I’m about to ruin this man’s whole thr…[View]
117154006actors that make you mad and disgusted: I just cannot stand Emily Watson! her fucking smug ugly tiny…[View]
117160604I'm a soul man[View]
117161027>Russell Crowe threatened to kill a veteran producer with his bare hands during a 3am phone call …[View]
117162255i miss them bros[View]
117150519/tv/ dubs The Thing: Continued from >>117003624 >What's it about? We're gonna be …[View]
117162278How can Marvel even compete?[View]
117162273Lads I need help finding this YouTube video I saw ages ago, idk where else to ask. It was a joke tra…[View]
117162211What are some essential QUACKinos?[View]
117161823Post tv characters that canonically had sex.[View]
117160498Any other good soviet-Kino?[View]
117157197Blood Meridian is unfilma---[View]
117162207Any movies with this aesthetics?[View]
117162178*surpasses kino*[View]
117160920What was his secret?[View]
117162089>atmospheric >slow burn >psychological horror…[View]
117162101ITT: Movies that you unabashedly masturbated to.[View]
117162075>I'm broken Andy, I couldn't make you smile. But I'm better now. I know how to mak…[View]
1171600532019... I am forgotten[View]
117157377Who is your favourite mixed race actress: >That feel when your childhood is getting old…[View]
117162005We're so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight, and we would especially like to…[View]
117160122post a pic: get a movie recommendation[View]
117147853Which is cuter: doll body or bezerker body?[View]
117161755>show is way better than Family Guy because Seth is barely involved[View]
117161464where do I get a girl like yaritza?[View]
117161508Donald Glover is good at everything performance-wise: 01. Stand-up comedy 02.comedy writing 03.rap, …[View]
117161358Who's your favorite French actress, /tv/?[View]
117159605/bb/ Big Brother 21: Premiere is tonight at 8ET Had a feeds leak today and feeds come up after the e…[View]
117161006Honestly, who watches this shit?: I'm genuinely curious.[View]
117149515Joker Script: Anyone have the Joker script?[View]
117161094Admit it, you guys only like this movie because you can relate to Travis.[View]
117161259What did this moustache mean?[View]
117159433I just started watching Mad Men. Is this is a show I should watch the whole way through or is there …[View]
117161262post godzilla kino[View]
117161152What are some movies about the modern woman?[View]
117158140BVS: >she will never go bouncy bouncy bouncy on you >there will never be an extended extended…[View]
117156007Why are tehre so many scientologists in Hollywood?: Serious question. it occurs to me the chruch of …[View]
117159517Well......that explains a lot.[View]
117161023MCBAIN? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzjfrdcN1Z8[View]
117143982Who’s more lit?[View]
117154620/Dune/ general: Only Harkonnens won't post in this topic. Who is ready for the greatest movie e…[View]
117160959>start watching movie 'Birdy' from 1984 >see pigeons being tossed around and shit in cage box …[View]
117157251ITT: movies that make /tv/edditors go apeshit: I'll start.[View]
117159697Cans Without Labels: Cans Without Labels After 7 years of waiting, it's finally here: https://y…[View]
117160176JOKER Soundtrack 01. Send In The Clowns by Bobby Short (when he kills the 3 wallstreet guys) 02. Smi…[View]
117160037This is the man who is saving comedy. The man who cares about nothing more than making people laugh.…[View]
117160786well is it true??[View]
117157300Are you autistic? How does that affect your movie viewing experience?[View]
117159063This movie was miles better than Kimi no Na wa and you know it[View]
117160655AMITYVILLE: How can you make NINETEEN movies based on this story and ever.single.one of them ends up…[View]
117160034Post kino's that never got the DVD treatment they deserved[View]
117156815>Ahem. Leave 'The Avengers' to us.[View]
117160682I felt so stupid for not seeing the twist coming.[View]
117159818Me and the boys getting a drink at the local cantina[View]
117160179It's good because it feels like the original seasons and the spaceship captain dynamic actually…[View]
117160501The foulest stench is in the air...: The funk of forty-thousand years... And grisly ghouls from ever…[View]
117160464You now remember 3D films[View]
117160185>in the maintenance closet trying to enjoy what remains of my tiny lunch break >hear some comm…[View]
117149942Blade Runner or Blade Runner 2049? >https://strawpoll.com/grk63xf9[View]
117158973RLM strawpoll: Who is the best red letter media guy. The correct answer is jay. https://strawpoll.c…[View]
117158817Show only television connoisseurs appreciate[View]
117159015Why do the cars have faces? Do they have skulls underneath?[View]
117153142Heal the world Make it a better place[View]
117157914What happened to this guy? He used to constantly be in big budget movies than he suddenly disappeare…[View]
117157283Am i only one who remembers this commercial ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0ikW7pVa_I[View]
117156965The 140 Essential Animated Shows: 140. Hey Arnold! 139. DC Super Hero Girls 138. Tokyo Ghoul 137. On…[View]
117155851What are the best japanese/korean horror movies: I loved noroi and gonjiam.[View]
117159891Any other kinos with this feel?[View]
117157711Avatards BTFO[View]
117158347Did the suicide bombings make anyone else extremely uncomfortable?[View]
1171586762019... me and my cosh are forgotten[View]
117159781What are some kinos about difficult moral choices?[View]
117157173What's with the shitty filter?: Completely unwatchable. Had to turn it off after 10 minutes.…[View]
117158574Photoshop Brendan Fraser in and call it JUSTUCUS OR JUSTICUS[View]
117159721Was this the black bastard?[View]
117137898>there are faggots on /tv/ that don't think season 6 was the best season of the Sopranos. A…[View]
117158754>saves the first half of 2019[View]
117158803Any Kino's with this feel?[View]
117159617ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
117159555God DAMN I wanna fuck Mothra SO hard Everyone's got boners all over for Mothra don't fucki…[View]
117159124At the premiere of Annabelle comes home. Horror-kino incoming! A.M.A[View]
117155763“God’s Not Dead” Star Kevin Sorbo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Actress: that's not good at a…[View]
117154707John Wick hasn't taken a shit once over the course of the series[View]
117157571>*gives his mediocre movie an awful ending* Why does he do it? He's so close to be average .…[View]
117154779Let's talk about The Wire /tv/: Who's the most based character and why is it The Bunk?…[View]
117158740Is this film kino?[View]
117157991Best Slasher Film of this decade[View]
117142037Why does this particular scene seems so lewd?[View]
117159413FUN FACT: In the United States it is a common practice in many movie theaters to single out patrons …[View]
117157955>we need an actor that insists upon doing a weird voice[View]
117159078How did he still have a job after the whole fire drill fiasco?[View]
117156463Any zoomers seen this movie?. How do you feel about it?. Make you wish you were alive during 90…[View]
117156063how do we make him return?[View]
117158926Literally what did they mean by this?[View]
117154163/bb/ Big Brother 21: Premiere is tonight at 8ET Feeds leak on right now Previously on /bb/: >>…[View]
117158720As someone who hasnt seen Game of Thrones, is it worth getting into?[View]
117159285What is some good cool teens be cool indie kino[View]
117157990Why was it so fucking awful? Even the fucking prequels were better than this. George Lucas may not h…[View]
117158964I don’t want to be an ugly friendless incel anymore[View]
117158827Would Supergirl be any different now if it were still with CBS?[View]
117153506Why haven't you purchased a Prestige Plus 2 Day Pass to the 2019 Adult Swim Festival for just $…[View]
117158674Is Seth Rollins a good actor? He had roles in films such as Sharknado 4 and Armed Response.[View]
117155875why do adults watch this shit unironically?[View]
117158130based refn[View]
117155942Euphoria General Thread[View]
117157449MR. _______________________[View]
117152108is it kino?[View]
117155943Which movie fandom is the most embarrassing?[View]
117158026ITT: Movies that killer their respective franchises[View]
117150178Thank you: Thanks to the thread earlier this morning, Euro time, I finally started this. I just fini…[View]
117158840Is ultraman worth it?[View]
117157688What are some cuckold kino?[View]
117158665In my opinion, Helena Bonham Carter is the most underrated mommy of all[View]
117158733>never even mentions the GoT finale JUST[View]
117156453J/KDramas for Beginners: So what are some good TV series from Asia for a complete beginner?[View]
117152751what the fuck Antonio?![View]
117158462What the f*ck was his problem?[View]
117157701You’ll be driving your new Hyundai or Subaru right to a touchdoooooooown[View]
117158112What was in the box? They never show it.[View]
117158481Fuck the Kraken and the Harpies. These cats were the scariest part of 'Jason and the Argonauts.' Jus…[View]
117158493What are some movies that take place in Florida?[View]
117158146‘The Office’ To Stream Exclusively On NBCUniversal Service Beginning in 2021: is the end for netflix…[View]
117157021Are there any decent modern sci-fis worth watching? >pic not related[View]
117157594What could it mean?[View]
117157515*ting ting ting ting* Ahem[View]
117157167So uh... see any kino lately?[View]
117158257Movies that got you a letter from your ISP/Dept. of Justice: it was worth it[View]
117158048will it be kino[View]
117158171Why are Michael Mann movies so kino?[View]
117157611>Have sex because /tv/ anons tells him to >This happens Thanks a lot /tv/!…[View]
117153647Why did they job him so much? That whole build up in the previous movie, all to shit. What gives?[View]
117157477When the first episode of a new series of Friday Night Dinner (Friday, Channel 4) came to an end, I …[View]
117152213uh, just one more thing...[View]
117157340Why do zoomers have such a bad sense of humor?: What's wrong with zoomers? I'm not an old …[View]
117158107>it's a Sheela plan fails episode[View]
117154934Do you think he watched the DVD?[View]
117157426Movies you watched with absolute zero expectations: Sunday morning, nothing to do, decide to watch p…[View]
117157294What by Christ happened to Uma Thurman??[View]
117157647_______ Flix[View]
117150577Favourite directors: Post your 10 favourite directors and your 3 favourite films by them. >Robert…[View]
117157597ITT: Post Kino with this kind of feel[View]
117157781Anybody seen this gook shit? Ate some gook soup at a gook restaurant with my gf last night and they …[View]
117156689>Just one kiss What would you do?[View]
117157729What are some movies in Netflix to fuck to?[View]
117157691Mind if I lay down here a bit, /tv/?: Just a little while...[View]
117154158>Try to watch this without cringing challenge[View]
117143686John K finished Cans Without Labels: Looks like plebfilter’s back on the menu, boys https://youtu.b…[View]
117156219How did they get away with it?[View]
117148579You put up a good fight Avacucks You have my respect[View]
117157012where were you when (((they))) dealt this devastating blow to internet history?[View]
117157281My something: My big[View]
117151272Disney Yes![View]
117156152What do you think about Kate McKinnon?[View]
117156864Yellowstone: This show is retarded.[View]
117146793How does she get from this...[View]
117157071>No more Cheeky Freak of the Week[View]
117148087Is Wynn Duffy the best character of Justified? Also Justified thread Best characters: >Tim >Wy…[View]
117157232rank these actors[View]
117150274>Pitch us your movie, anon! If it's good enough, we'll fund it. If it's shit, you …[View]
117156388moments that ruined a show[View]
117153158What's the best Alice in Wonderland movie?[View]
117154425Chucky/ Child's Play: What are your favorite CHUCKINO moments?[View]
117153747Wake up Neo...: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/the-matrix-4-michael-b-j…[View]
117139396>singlehandedly ruins school for every ginger kid at the time with one episode Nothing personeel…[View]
117157029>Hi, I'm Buddi![View]
117157002someone explain the tooth thing pls also Legion thread. what did I think of the premiere?[View]
117156284Ghostface in the Ghetto: Looks like Black Kino is Back On The Menu https://youtu.be/mh8B5Sy3sbQ…[View]
117156844What are some good tittykino? Keep it SFW but recommend movies where the actress' tits have goo…[View]
117156312ITT: Times you acted like Malvo: >be me at work >coworker comes over asking me something >i…[View]
117155302>Mr. Anon, you told us that you were alone in the local Kinoplex when the muder happened, but we …[View]
117154393Why the fuck is no one talking about this?: This movie, is so fucking good. The drug use and explici…[View]
117156750Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117152498What do you expect from new Red Sonja movie ?[View]
117156764Hands up Jedi[View]
117156806This kills the Netflix[View]
117156485Would Fat Tony have allowed Krusty to bet on the Harlem Globetrotters? Even at terrible odds?[View]
117156746When you haven't betrayed anyone in five minutes.[View]
117156664>Bruh you see that weird incel robot anime on Netflix? Shit was such a mindfuck lmao how high wer…[View]
117154165Way she goes, boys. Fuckin way she goes[View]
117156628Unironically his best movie[View]
117148567/trek/: Every single season of this was great, no exceptions. Seasons 1 and 2: the characters have n…[View]
117156409My favorite movies are : Drive, Taxi Driver, Buffalo '66, The Thing, Blue Velvet. Recommend a m…[View]
117156242Let's just say it moved me... TO A BIGGER HOUSE![View]
117153724Hello, I'm Peter Griffin and I'm delivering an ultimatum. The next person to post 'Sn…[View]
117154459Jesus Christ, Charlie Brooker is a fucking hack.[View]
117156444Lady Spock series: when?[View]
117149171Rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have reset the canvas, and we have become exceedingly e…[View]
117154638/WoT/ Wheel of Time: Wheel of Time thread. Last week they announced Rosamund Pike for Moiraine and n…[View]
117154813>there's people on this board who don't think phoebe is best girl…[View]
117146455What did he mean by this?: >plans to join the military, take helicopter pilot training, and work …[View]
117154917Good night sweet cats[View]
117147636Michael Jackson died today, 10 years ago.: Feels like yesterday. Where were you? RIP https://www.you…[View]
117156244Jeopardy Thread: Anyone else rooting for Eesha to win the tournament?[View]
117156228It was the heat of the moment[View]
117154714Just watched this with my mother and sister, what did I think of it?[View]
117155074AVENGERS: ENDGAME NOW GROSSING LESS THAN 300K: Impossible to beat Avatar without the re-release, wit…[View]
117156179what's in the case?[View]
117155944https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QT1POpHqjRc/maxresdefault.jpg So, season four just wrapped up. Plot the next …[View]
117154810This is my favorite movie. What does that say about me?[View]
117153187ITT: Movies Pseuds like[View]
117155796Chad's gonna get trannied rip[View]
117155866>watching kaiju movies for the human drama[View]
117155891I miss this little nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
117155017>the original ending was going to reveal Sandra Bullock was actually Demolition Man's daught…[View]
117144039spooky thread: Post anything scary, spooky, or creepy. Films, vids, whatever https://www.youtube.com…[View]
117155899Columbo sucks: and you know it[View]
117151146Would a morrowind film be kino?[View]
117152436/tv/ is a Regal board. AMCfags need not apply[View]
117155831Just another day[View]
117154120What does /tv/ think of John Woo and his HK action films?[View]
117153045Jaws: Spielberg is a fucking hack. What a fucking piece of shit.[View]
117149385>claims to be the most realistic TV show >not one scene where a guy shits himself to death kek…[View]
117139343Neytiri is...[View]
117155655>favorite movie >main board(s) For me it's /tv/ and /ck/…[View]
117155687>Niggers: The Show How many times are they gonna make the same thing?[View]
117155569>a deviantart poster and an unfinished deleted scene[View]
117154294ITT Great shows that ended horribly[View]
117149746What did Tom Hardy mean by this?[View]
117147873KINO is coming! BRAVO VINCE R A V O V I N C E[View]
117153277>CGI bad. Practical effects good.[View]
117155303Did you watch it?[View]
117154367so this is basically kike made, anti-greek, pro-roach propaganda right?[View]
117154063BUT YOU DREAM/TV/[View]
117148832ITT: guilty pleasures: >unironically like MCU flicks >can watch The Man from Earth infinite ti…[View]
117155352>ITT: Favorite lines of all time, I'll start >I've done wars you know…[View]
117154397>/tv/ memed an innocent man into being fired by disney[View]
117152178Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
117154279How can one man create so much kino?[View]
117152894This was good but dragged down by too many big name actors like RDJ. Should I read the book?[View]
117153227Movies where you rooted for the villain the whole time?[View]
117155164What are the best kinos from Minnesota?[View]
117132160This is really well directed, shot, written and acted. Weirdly even the sound work is enjoyable. Lat…[View]
117149513Why do people consider Ex Machina to be 'a good normie movie'?[View]
117154330Do you think any directors will ever tackle the subject of the historical mudflood event?[View]
117154142MAGIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sNgHMp_rQg[View]
117154939Does any of you know a korean drama about a girl that turns 18 again after eating magic chocolates f…[View]
117154815CHASE 'EM AWAY I'M AFRAID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcZUPDMXzJ8[View]
117154789If Twyin Lanister was still alive season 8[View]
117154693>tfw no cute controlling CF gf to force you to take your medicine[View]
117152610ITT: Movies no one will never understand[View]
117143017Real Talk: who would you cast as Catwoman in the inevitable batman movie ?[View]
117154448>BRO IF YOU EAT 1000 CALORIE MEAL 3 TIMES A DAY YOULL GET FAT I wonder how it would turn out if …[View]
117154686I'mma gon wotch et now, an you ain't gon stob me[View]
117145957Is this reddit?[View]
117151373/lig/ Love Island General: 'Maura joins the IRA' Edition[View]
117154629give me a plot with these 4 characters[View]
117150615Kinopill me on blu-rays. I never bought one are they really that much better then DVD?[View]
117152294Need help: Ok I’m needing help finding a movie that I watched once before. The explanation of it wil…[View]
117154503sarcastically im in charge[View]
117153859>OK kids let's practice >ME ME ME ME >ME ME ME MEEEEEEE…[View]
117154283Kinos where dreams don't come true: Basically a certain episode of hansen vs predator thread…[View]
117154172Will any superhero movie ever surpass this?[View]
117150127What X-Men team line up should Marvel go with?[View]
117154191So do you think that Vincent is more or less suicidal after being released from jail?[View]
117153680WHO OWNS THE BOARD!?[View]
117153792>Linda Fiorentino 'won' her role in Men in Black (1997) in a poker game with Barry Sonnenfeld. Af…[View]
117152851Shows /tv/ tricked you into watching: What the actual fuck, /tv/? You told me this was supposed to b…[View]
117151456>I can feel your recriminations and your judgement. And I am fine with it. If you want to be love…[View]
117148684Is Shia back?[View]
117154023Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows Lies the seed, that with the sun's l…[View]
117153700>Donate now and you'll receive this adowable blanket![View]
117153626>prime Clive Owen will never play Max Payne >prime Carrie-Anne Moss will never play Mona Why l…[View]
117150944Is this the closest we'll get to SCP on TV?[View]
117153281What other movies capture pic related?[View]
117153867Now that the dust has settled... Was it kino?[View]
117150961Why does /tv/ have the contrarian opinion on all movies except these? Were they really that bad?[View]
117153715One day...one day some of the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother's groceries all the …[View]
117153711Who is the modern day Cynthia Rothrock?[View]
117149813I made a /tv/ podcast/audio essay thing. It's about Logos in Cinema. I hope to make it a serie…[View]
117151351Was it a mistake to go for a third?[View]
117150798this movie was kino and I'm still mad we aren't getting a sequel[View]
117153667What are some movies that are 50% science fiction and 50% comedy?[View]
117144151/bb/ Big Brother 21: Premiere tonight feeds tomorrow night Previously on /bb/: >>117119559…[View]
117150455what 4chan boards they would browse?[View]
117151587*sheep noises*[View]
117152388Jc Denton - Matt Damon Paul Denton - robert downey jr manderlany - john slattery Gunther - some germ…[View]
117153381How the fucc did they get away with it?[View]
117147197Has there ever been a more Chad character?[View]
117152892I am in a world of _____[View]
117151833Aladdin: >be me >gay man >have a Middle Eastern men fetish >go to movies >with mom an…[View]
117149240Is her career over now that big bang theory ended?[View]
117147505Was this /tv/ kino staged?[View]
117151750Holy SHIT![View]
117153193man sunday can't come soon enough[View]
117151139/lig/ - love island general: tea audit lads, post em edition[View]
117152957damn, Russell Crowe looks like THAT?![View]
117152044Housing: What is the your favorite case for media?[View]
117150967Cast him. Before you start, the only correct answer is Gary Oldman. Ok, go.[View]
117152763Redpill me on this series. Is it worth watching?[View]
117151066My son, big hoss[View]
117149557>human race creates A.I. >A.I., to the race that just fucking created it: 'LOL YOU DON'T …[View]
117150460Decided to watch pic related >Muh innocent blacks killed by police >Police bad >Interracial…[View]
117151518I RAN[View]
117147571Are these worth getting into? I fucking hate anime[View]
117151320is TP (the return) the scariest show ever made?[View]
117152818why did they have to get political and ruin a great show?[View]
117152495Do you have big dreams?[View]
117149889What are some good indie/cannes films/tv-series that aren't that popular,[View]
117148201This is actually the best 'Batman' movie t. high IQ[View]
117152676Thoughts on the new angry birds film? /ourguy/ eric butts seems to be hyped. watch the trailer and g…[View]
117149556Did anyone even watch this?[View]
117152527Hey /tv/ you like movies? I've got 'dude my car is not where I parked it but praise Allah …[View]
117150447How the fuck did he get so based?[View]
117151927John Wick Trilogy vs Marvel Cinematographic Universe: Which one is more deserving and worthy of bein…[View]
117135898After 2019: After.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO[EtHD] After.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO[EtHD] Af…[View]
117149407What is his superpower?[View]
117145665Is this supposed to be scary?[View]
117152375>'Suicide is badass!' What did he mean by that?[View]
117150697>go to imdb >check the 'now playing' list >everything is a remake or sequel The absolute st…[View]
117150899hehe, keep scrollin Chrissy[View]
117147732The Lost SPIDER-MAN Horror Movie That Could Have Destroyed The MCU: >Cannon Pictures targeted 'Th…[View]
117150653why does Netflix have such a shitty movie library?: >gf tells me about how I should get netflix a…[View]
117147073Which is better?[View]
117151679Why did he have to become such a total dick?[View]
117151369>hero is losing at the end >regains the advantage and starts to rape bad guy up the ass Is the…[View]
117151967Ms. Kat Dennings: What does /tv/ think about her body of work? Surprised she is still hanging in the…[View]
117151841Man is stronger by far than woman, yet only woman can create a child. Does that seem right to you?[View]
117151900Cast It![View]
117149004No starwars anthology tv series with comfy B movie plots about bounty hunters, miners, mercenaries, …[View]
117139047THIS KILLS THE AVATARADS: Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no >I am.. ine…[View]
117145519Why dont they do a live action remake of this?[View]
117148249what the fuck was his problem?[View]
117147944What would he say about the current state of society?[View]
117151737Dont mind me. Just making trashkino over here.[View]
117148508TGTBATU or OUATITW?: Who's better?[View]
117150291/capua/ - Spartacus General: The gods have seen it fit yet again to spread posts and jam thread in b…[View]
117146892Sneed's Feed and Seed? That is funny name. I wonder what that (Formely Chuck's) part means…[View]
117149965Dude, I almost had you.[View]
117137627Okay where is part 4, so I can finish this series[View]
117150267you will never have a bro like Christopher[View]
117151598Why is it so comfy?[View]
117148903Bitches leave.[View]
117150757Katrina Weidman: I am completely in love with this goddess. I would give her my seed and take EVP…[View]
117151507what are some grandma kinos? ps remember to visit your grandparents if you're lucky enough to s…[View]
117150620Who is the most villain in SVU History?[View]
117146469Why is she so likeable? What's next for the acting career of JLaw?[View]
117148134How very... KINO. If you haven't seen this masterpiece, do yourself a favor and for once stop …[View]
117147369Where's my sequel?: This was criminally underated, film was very decent.[View]
117149654which is better?[View]
117148470Reminder VHS was around for almost 30 years before it went extinct. DVD will be around for another 1…[View]
117148115Spicbros, I know you watched it too post your favorites sluts, for me is Alma Rey[View]
117151101goodfellas pussy gun[View]
117151096>*Drops nugget on her way to work and gives you this look* Can we all agree that BDH extensive bo…[View]
117150782/MQG/ Mythic Quest General: Ian Grimm Edition Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A6eaEL2EN4 …[View]
117149012Name one thing this God did wrong: hint, you can't. >inb4 referencing the documentary known …[View]
117150536At what point exactly do you think Linday Lohan's career died? When she was a teen it seemed li…[View]
117150935So when Tony got connections with the french?[View]
117147904This show is a masterpiece. A perfectly sublime experience that is the perfect representation of its…[View]
117150910Happy!: I had no faith when it first appeared on Netflix but after binge watching 2 seasons, it was …[View]
117150736Bogus Journey > Excellent Adventure I wish they still made happy and totally non-cynical movies l…[View]
117118222Dark: Darkino thread Deutsche Kinematographie vom feinsten[View]
117148977Supergirl Thread: now that the dust has settled, how was season 4?[View]
117143978Do slice of life movies exist or is it just an anime thing? Not reality tv, something more authentic…[View]
117148090Are there girls like Enid out there?[View]
117150015Who here /GoneWithTheWindChad/? >James Cameron's huge blue Pocahontas CGI shit fest couldn…[View]
117143350Post KINOs: >just finished a fourth rewatch of this >it still hits just as hard the first time…[View]
117146768They went woke …[View]
117149827Why are the koreans so liberal when it comes to softcore sex in their kinos?[View]
117144451I cant tell if she is a good actress or not[View]
117148994Keanu and Alex Jones should team up again.[View]
117150220>keep using music from The Ramones in promotional material, tying the band to the series' id…[View]
117149496Which one should watch?[View]
117147543Was it cuck kino?[View]
117146958>I had a dream I fucked your brains out--Right over at that desk how do you even respond to this?…[View]
117148273who wins? kino versions of course[View]
117123431She really can act! Not just as a caricature or token niche or fetish!!! She can play an ordinary su…[View]
117148902what did she mean by this[View]
117146706>whats west of westeros someone was planning for a spinoff at some point…[View]
117147030Would you watch more Matrix movies?[View]
1171500511 Billion.[View]
117149854>Paying for movies: How quaint.[View]
117149985Why does he hate jumpscares so much?[View]
117148967What if Batman and the Joker are just two aspects of the mind of Patrick Bateman and the batman movi…[View]
117123135Why is animation so sterile nowadays?: The old grainy looking cartoons from the 50s to 2000s (varyin…[View]
117149794God tier studio audience tropes: > TV debate on sexism > Host turns to massive man wearing wi…[View]
117149919how based was this show very comfy[View]
117144593Do people genuinely believe they were dead the whole time or is it just shitposting?[View]
117149594atia of the julii i call for justice[View]
117148205WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7JrMQm0QYc FUCK THOSE FUCKING FAGGOTS…[View]
117149800The main lesson you should get from game of thrones: is that democracy is the funniest joke ever tol…[View]
117149708MY NAME... IS..... SNEED[View]
117148131DId they just jump the shark last episode?[View]
117149620>Prince Charles... I am MI6[View]
117149599itt: wasted potential[View]
117147979>Why yes I do fight criminals with my bare hands at night dressed as a bat, how did you know?…[View]
117135438Ken Burns' Vietnam: is he suppose to be the bad guy here? he's a fucking patriot goddamn i…[View]
117149193Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957): I just watched pic related on The Amazon® Prime© Video™ COME AT ME BR…[View]
117149320Foreign Horror: Any and all, post favorites[View]
117148457What's the /tv/ consensus on Jena Malone?[View]
117148956What movie should I pick for my pick for movie night? Pic related, it's me[View]
117148708ITT: Movies with infinite rewatch value[View]
117145663Why is this show so comfy?[View]
117148640Best one-liners from TV and or movies?[View]
117148944We got two Obama movies. do you think we will get a Trump movie some time in the future? I genuinely…[View]
117137295Did she do a good job with Wonder Woman?[View]
117148711Lovecraftian kino: Alright lads, I am really in the need of some good kino, in particular some good …[View]
117147846name my band[View]
117149034What is the problem with Michael Jackson?[View]
117147624Cinema taste test: Chronicles of Narnia is the best fantasy film by far. The pure artistic achieveme…[View]
117149003Will this movie be good?: Will Joker be kino?[View]
117146757>you now realize what the 'N' ACTUALLY stood for this whole time It was hiding in plain sight, br…[View]
117148091Ranking the Chucky movies:: >8. Seed Of Chucky >7. Child's Play 3 >6. Cult Of Chucky …[View]
117147318Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers: Why did he make it up?[View]
117142205>Jurrasic Park >Schindlers List >The Fugitive >true romance >Groundhog day >dazed …[View]
117148883>you will never have a cute cannibal gf to eat your fingers why live[View]
117145101Concept art for cancelled Mouse Guard movie[View]
117146988Why didn’t they save Andy from the rapists? They just let it happen.[View]
117145749'Alita: Battle Angel' getting an Amazon Collector's Edition: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/alita…[View]
117145198What is your favorite brand cameo?[View]
117148574Best kino about life in suburban America from the 1970's - 1990's?[View]
117148451https://twitter.com/BryanCranston/status/1143565029129752576?s=19 what does it mean?[View]
117148706>listen, you´re my gift to this handsome HONKA HONKA what did he mean by this?…[View]
117148597Breaking Bad did what 8 1/2 did to Film and what Ulysses did to literature.[View]
117147476What will it be?[View]
117148379films with this feel?[View]
117148517Euphoria: Cassie best girl. Nate's dad did nothing wrong[View]
117140767>It-It's you, the hero of Kvatch![View]
117148174>everyone in the comments said this would be despressing >it's actually hella comfy yo w…[View]
117148481p good[View]
117147771Which one is better /tv/? Plebs pls dont answer[View]
117148422Danny is such a stereotypical bossy bottom[View]
117148450>Marvel still peddling cinematic universe when the concept died two years ago. >DC realising t…[View]
117144897>that one song you mentally choreographed an entire fight scene to What's her name /tv/?…[View]
117137987Were the Schumaker films really that bad? He was going for the campy feel of the 66 Batman series an…[View]
117147535I honestly thought this was going to be another generic 'consultant with some unique power of deduct…[View]
117131975Hey Paul!!![View]
117146545One word: human.[View]
117148125Batman Returns = Batman Begins > Batman > The Dark Knight >The Dark Knight Rises[View]
117147981Why have I never heard of this brilliant series? It's better than anything out right now[View]
117148066What do you guys think of Mongol (2007): Will we ever get a sequel[View]
117148164thoughts on supermega? i was so glad they finally left gamegrumps desu. their live actions stuff an…[View]
117147010Post kino that was made in the last 5 years.[View]
117132785*ruins your season 3 and your series*[View]
117148062«THE 100».: BOOKS BAD.[View]
117147783THAT WAS FUCKED UP[View]
117146445lets recast these guys: Well?[View]
117148016Hail the Bastards[View]
117148007This was a good ending.[View]
117147920Here is your Batgirl[View]
117145850What was his f word problem?[View]
117135627I miss it so much, lads.[View]
117146413>over five years working undercover on the same beat in the same city, making major busts every w…[View]
117147104Chloe Grace Moretz Being Eyed To Play Catwoman In The Batman: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/ch…[View]
117146569'Visually-striking cinematography': >harsh neon lighting even when it makes no sense >smoke an…[View]
117146945SOMEBODY STOP ME[View]
117135888cringe: Every scene with the dwarves in the hobbit was cringe >imagine casting James Nesbitt in a…[View]
117147629JUMPSCARE BAD[View]
117147657>2019...I am forgotten[View]
117147438Is this more of a HBO biopic or an A&E biopic?[View]
117147550Is the scene in Mad Men where Martin Luther King dies and Megan and Joan start crying actually accur…[View]
117141162I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
117147187All the stories about The Wall... they're real... all of them...[View]
117140271DON'T STOP[View]
117147472>i love the game, i love the hustle What did he mean by this?[View]
117145998Why was this film so popular? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjVvcSjN48A[View]
117146708What is this film about?[View]
117147446Am I the only one who thinks the ending of this movie completely negates it's whole purpose? Th…[View]
117141051Why didn’t you tell me about this kino /tv/? Really solid film imo, what do people think of it?[View]
117146162Slowly wheels go round and round And cogs begin to grind and pound We'll boil him for a minute …[View]
117147419>she never got to taste that gay arab Drake sad![View]
117147391>gf tries to watch sex & the city >dog lets loose real stinky farts >gf gags and has to…[View]
117144570Get REAL /tv/[View]
117145961biopic fucking when?[View]
117147253/MQG/ Mythic Quest General: Raven's Banquet Edition TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A6…[View]
117147116Hey, Taylor. If you're reading this I just want to say your current boyfriend is not a good act…[View]
117144471>88 what did (((zemeckis))) mean by this?[View]
117147123>capeshit but it's actually an original deconstruction of the genre and genuinely funny what…[View]
117146913You are my Buddi, until the end More than a Buddi, you're my best friend I love you more then y…[View]
117146203A brainlet's summation of the Star Wars prequels: >the Jedi believe that emotions are distra…[View]
117147127Fr4day thread.[View]
117146636Dubs decide what I watch tonight.[View]
117146238 Chucky's Fucky and Sucky [View]
117143538cast it[View]
117146835Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers... Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those…[View]
117145483Mini-series and tv specials[View]
117146909Matrix: Was there a way for him to pull the plug?[View]
117146896What’s his plan for Jules?[View]
117143885Imagine how powerful this alliance could have been[View]
117146363What is your favourite piece of tv related memorabilia?[View]
117146744ITT: Underrated comedians: For me, it's Simon Evans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4eeECCOcEE…[View]
117146566Are you a timhead or a gregghead?[View]
117146736Most embarrassing game I've played all year. How can you sit through this game when the writing…[View]
117145788How kino would be a TV series about the invasion of Attila and the Huns?[View]
117146656What was his best work? For me, it's Mama Mia![View]
117145734Can you reccomend me some quality sci fi series? just finished Philip K Dicks Electric Dreams and re…[View]
117146604New Trailer: Hey, my friends and I have produced a concept trailer for a film we are working on, che…[View]
117146458>Miss Hoover, I glued my head to my shoulders[View]
117144052Stranger things Season 3: Im hoping this season will have some comfy 80’s summer vibes with based bi…[View]
117146437The Deep Season 3: Anyone know where I can watch The Deep Season 3? It was released in Australia/Can…[View]
117146359They call me El Pedro Cubano.[View]
117146254>Two tickets for Avatar 2, Robert. Thank you my good man. Always a pleasure.…[View]
117132654The boys: What are people’s expectations?[View]
117144266Could Sky King ever be adapted to a movie? It's pure feel kino. https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/15613741…[View]
117142523>Roman movie >Everybody has English accents…[View]
117146125>Catastrophe approaches Earth >Government finds out about it first using all the stuff at its …[View]
117145710I NEED A _______ I NEED A _______[View]
117144899wtf: Why is no one talking about this guy being investigated by the FBI for paying Haitian gangsters…[View]
117144759*rapes your eardrums*[View]
117145356>Dude, Too Old To Die Young is the pleb filter of the ye-[View]
117144915I have this sudden urge to binge watch videos of this man. He's gonna die soon isn't he?[View]
117143167/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117144496Wtf’s her problem? Bitch forgets who guided and paid for her to get into college.[View]
117145839What are some films that tackle harsh, scabbing philosophical dilemmas?[View]
117144984ITT:movies that screenwriters who believe in save the cat hate[View]
117145637Stewie Griffin is just as, nay, more iconic than Bart Simpson.[View]
117145668Which SATC girl are you?? I'm a total Miranda!![View]
117140941Some good horror kinos?[View]
117144774Looking for a horror movie I've seen years ago, can't find it googling. It was a Russian m…[View]
117145660What are some movies set in a redpilled society[View]
117145586*SNIFFS IN YOUR PATH*[View]
117145514Well Jay this is like an episode of Star Trek...[View]
117145220So are they saying with the Chad character. You aren't born gay? But exposed to terrible things…[View]
117144875What's a movie that will make me feel?[View]
117140291Yeah, I'm thinkin' he's back.[View]
117145365Anyone else see this movie? Alpha (2018)? Are there any particularly reasons to why they kept making…[View]
117145363>We need someone to play Bruce Willis in this movie >Hold on, I know just the guy!…[View]
117144175Batman vs Superman>Man of Steel>Wonder Woman>>>>>the rest[View]
117145315Why did Charles Bronson come back to life only to do a shitty, B-grade version of Death Wish?[View]
117145330What are you thoughts on Hideaki Anno? Is he a master of kino?[View]
117145278Silk/Gui si: Where can I find the alternative/extended ending of this movie? I bought it on a flea m…[View]
117145081Are you guys able to watch movies knowing something bad happened on them without thinking about it t…[View]
117145241What are some kinos about the Hollow Earth?[View]
117143272>enjoying show, nice b movie horror schlock for fun >felicia day is added as a 'lol so randum …[View]
117143960*destroys your franchise* *retroactively destroys 3 movies that came out 40+ years ago *destroys the…[View]
117144767*oriental noises*[View]
117143037Is there a more based animated villain than pic related?[View]
117136286I don't understand this joke.[View]
117142132What was the best/worst experience you've ever had at the cinema lads?[View]
117145064/MQG/ Mythic Quest General: Think Grimm edition. TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpnzF5hAv6M…[View]
117144720>a Godzilla movie is actually good I had no idea that could be a thing[View]
117145038I see texts of green, red (you)'s too i see jannys fuck up the thread for me and you and I thi…[View]
117145034Is this the pleb filter of the year?[View]
117139752>no Plinkett review in nearly a year >constantly shitting out low effort hitb and best of the …[View]
117142743Childhood is idolizing sneed Adulthood is realizing Chuck makes more sense.[View]
117144959I was just at the beach and there was a mother with a Khaleesi tattoo >mfw the mass murder Khalee…[View]
117141202You think Anon's a little weird about women?[View]
117144422Why can't we go back bros?[View]
117144579The Simpsons Thread: What the fuck is E-I-E-I anyway?[View]
117133613What movie, broskis?[View]
117144755Will CGI replace actors?: Like robots and the Chinese will replace you?[View]
117144267>be /tv/ >be shit /co/ reporting in[View]
117144215When did this short show jump the shark?[View]
117139715>Wins an Oscar[View]
11714306260s biblical movie, all have american accents[View]
117143277https://www.twitch.tv/jonboisugoi Black Mirror Season 5 Come thru nigaaaaaaaaa[View]
117144622You're my present[View]
117143850I just watched this pic related movie. There is a scene where a super sexy underage muslim lady has …[View]
117144455What dose /tv/ think of beach blanket bingo?[View]
117140389Antman officially shelved, he will no longer have any solo movies or show up in any marvel movie....…[View]
117142738Yeah I'm thinking he's back.[View]
117143108>Luke, did I ever tell you about your father? Whom, after we rescued him from slavery, never once…[View]
117137034Rogue One: What did you think of it? I have not watched yet the new trilogy (and don't have an…[View]
117143848If you think about it one day you are going to watch your favorite movie for the last time. You are …[View]
117144132Red Letter Media: >999k subscribers Come on fuckos, do something…[View]
117143489>10 year old movie made by a nobody from the slums of Africa with a small budget >still better…[View]
117143258Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117144105>made 6 lord of the ring movies >only the first one is good JUST…[View]
117142506I know this isn't real but should it?[View]
117140115Surprisingly decent real time thriller. Johnny Depp even acts like a normal human being. Any more mo…[View]
117143236But dad arent some of those BANKS[View]
117142987Are any abridged series worth watching besides yugioh? All the other ones are pretty cringe from wha…[View]
117144233Why do they release songs written for a movie before the film is released?[View]
117139300Reminder that disney will never give us any more cyberpunk kino[View]
117136537Matt Berry in Archer: Looks like kino is back on the menuuuuuuueh... The most epic crossover... http…[View]
117124788What went wrong?[View]
117142103>Hero and Villain have a duet before their final confrontation[View]
117134384What's her secret?[View]
117144001ITT: Perfect casting[View]
117133002You have to admit that Machete Order is the way to go.[View]
117143717 [View]
117143013So in this scene: Han, who has been flying the Falcon for most of his life, is facing an electrical …[View]
117142247What is your favorite film about college life?[View]
117143182Come anon, lets watch some kino[View]
117141658>show appears to be completely perfect >manages to piss off /tv/cels in the literal last minut…[View]
117143963this bad or nah?: this good?[View]
117143131Which are good movies about food?[View]
117143856Cheaper by the dozen 2[View]
117143702Where should I start with the works of Lars von Trier?[View]
117135503>This 'joke'... WTF?[View]
117143833OHNONONO https://letterboxd.com/marialuisacctc/list/women-have-superior-taste-that-is-why-these/…[View]
117143816>finish watching Prisoners >start to blink kinoly like Detective Loki…[View]
117143046Can anime be kino?[View]
117143743I hate this world: >tfw you will never meet Stanley Kubrick >tfw you will never play chess or …[View]
117142336I didn't get it.[View]
117140809I've seen every arthouse kino of merit on earth, now recommend me a capeshit[View]
117140154GJGE Avacucks[View]
117138840Gordon vs Nino - who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ8dRorGtTw[View]
117134234I was saying boo-urns[View]
117143238New He-Man movie photos released[View]
117143649What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117138992I AM INEVITABLE: https://twitter.com/MarvelStudios/status/1143504112228507649?s=20[View]
117141991Bryce Dallas Howard: Could she be the next Bond girl?[View]
117143381What do they call him /TV/ ?[View]
117143569I keep thinking this movie is about Andre the giant and I'm always disappointed.[View]
117143593Red Pilled Toy Story 4: Woody and Bo Peep level the autistic toys to live on their own like a strong…[View]
117143583Am I the only one who thinks the ending of this movie completely negates it's whole purpose? Th…[View]
117143473Thoughts on the Apu trilogy?[View]
117135465Why did HAL refuse to open the podbay door?[View]
117139181>There's a man going round taking names[View]
117136611>mfw this board used to be good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpQPJd4cn4Q…[View]
117133747Cast her[View]
117141340How is he not in prison? He was responsible for the deaths of 2 other comedians. Do they think he wo…[View]
117135124Who is your favorite Nu-Star Wars alien puppet? For me it's Opera Spider[View]
117132957God I forgot how edgy this movie was. I couldn't get past 30 minutes yesterday.[View]
117142809City On A Hill: >Watch this >Find out Matt Damon and Ben Affleck write this together. >Open…[View]
117142546>what's up niggers What did he mean by this?[View]
117142415What did they mean by this?[View]
117137886Whatever he hits, he destroys![View]
117138092ITT: Fuck you I DON'T like it: Watched this movie about 5 times and the first 4 I loved it, but…[View]
117143101>lavish praise for your show's competitor Welp, we know what Fat Man thought of S8.…[View]
117142881Are there any actresses that can do her justice?[View]
117119559/bb/ Big Brother 21: Looks like the black dude is first evicted based on this shoop Previously on /b…[View]
117124898/got/: Kingsguard Edition Previous:>>117101674[View]
117140531>Jeremy Irons is replaced as Scar because he's not black. How is this not racist?…[View]
117140642calm as hindu cows[View]
117135189This was a great start for season 3. That time-traveller is a cute.[View]
117142796What are the best documentaries about modern China and the CCP?[View]
117142587Underrated shows (currently running): >Final Space I don't care about Reddit hating it, it…[View]
117141589Cast them: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Lake[View]
117140951Has Canada ever produced quality kino?[View]
117142680Legion S3E1: Thoughts on the premiere?[View]
117139659Those of you somehow managed not to be spoiled - how much of a mindfuck was this moment? Was it more…[View]
117142383I rock ____ on my head but don’t call me a ____ head[View]
117140085Any films about those who work simply for the greater good?[View]
117138268how come she keeps getting roles?[View]
117131897And that's a good thing[View]
117141002Anyone else only watch Korean cinema? The west has not produced anything of value since the 70s. Mea…[View]
117140380Arya did an 180° turn in the last minutes: - For 8 full seasons she is asking for revenge - Plenty n…[View]
117142210No, more dead cops![View]
1171415224 8 15 16 23 42[View]
117142051When will this Kino get a proper bluray release ?[View]
117140607If it wasn't for the dumb and extremely retarded plot twist, the film wouldn't be that bad[View]
117141787Who actually watches this shit? Why would you want to watch a movie about dogs dying over and over a…[View]
117141866HOLA!: What was on the dvd?[View]
117135620Vincent Thread: Missing Pieces Edition[View]
117140814>906 days until Avatar 2[View]
117131536Would you watch a black comedy about the life of Elliot Rodger[View]
117140952My name is A.S.A.C. Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself.[View]
117139218For me, it's psycho Gloria Trillo.[View]
117141840For me, it's the Giant Hornet[View]
117137431How do I get a body like this?[View]
117136772>Star wars a new hope releases in 1977 as a standalone film >star wars gets no sequels and nev…[View]
117141127why is friends still a big deal after all these years? like for some reason it was a big deal when i…[View]
117140208who's your favourite canadian interviewer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFxlhGpgmR0[View]
117135351ITT: actresses who can ACT[View]
117140782Can you name three Jackie Chan movies that arent Jackie Chan?[View]
117141617DONT DELETE THAT SNEED JANNY: There'll be more, there always will be[View]
117140492How does /tv/ feel about Willow and Tara?[View]
117141549>Character fights the urge to call taxi driver a nigger then get out of the car without paying…[View]
117140634Movie adaptation when?[View]
117141375French and Russian kino are far better than american.[View]
117141358I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, …[View]
117141253>Libera te tutemet ex inferis[View]
117140165Where's the robot in Creed 1 and 2?[View]
117137671/tv/ recommend me some 70s cop kino Gonna rewatch: >Dirty Harry >Serpico >Bullitt What are …[View]
117140966>episode ends with a montage while a song plays[View]
117139923IT'S TIME, BITCHES what is your current film of the year?[View]
117140188DarK: Kino thread, no soiboys allowed.[View]
117140959Bran Stark the King of Westeros: Hello, i am Bran Stark the new King of Westeros. You will bend the …[View]
117138631>Daddy I want to star in a big budget summer blockbuster!!!! >No problem sweetie, let me make …[View]
117140877Jennifer Connely circa 1991: What do we think about her body of work?[View]
117140865If you had to choose ONE streaming service, what would it be? (no torrenting/illegal websites)[View]
117131071Why hasn't Bryce Dallas Howard been added to the MCU yet? I think she'd make a great villi…[View]
117123994Last Christmas is looking to be Kino: >'Last Christmas': Inside Emilia Clarke & Hen…[View]
117140375Meeteeoarh MEETEEOARH[View]
117138632Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
117139419spontaneous combustion?[View]
117113495HEAD LIKE A HOLE[View]
117136314Hey lazy faggot delete this garbage or i will fill your butthole with peanut butter >>11712847…[View]
117138973Bond 25 footage. Looks like True Detective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQkO0Shirl8[View]
117140592I'm the magic man[View]
117139809So...: Did he die at the end or what?[View]
117139961HE CUTE[View]
117140128One of the best movies I've ever seen.[View]
117139020So was the black guy off the emotion pills the entire time or what?[View]
117139423>You're a good Joe...[View]
117140264Will we ever get the real Alien 3?[View]
117138793What do you think about Equilibrium's approach on society? Would you get rid of sadness, hate a…[View]
117139139And now the top 10 things men love about rape. Number ten it's cheaper than dating. Number nine…[View]
117138487Absolute fucking kino! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btWgL0zv1Ok[View]
117139729Time to binge watch again.[View]
117138060How could people still defend HEEHEE after Leaving Neverland?[View]
117139620Who the fuck is this for. Zoomers don't keep up with current events. All the jokes go over thei…[View]
117139871a gerbil mam[View]
117139870What are some movies about handling rejection?[View]
117139229Any pics similar to this?: Iam looking at highly artistic, great quality photos from actor/actress l…[View]
117139834Why did they sniff the rag? Did they both just have runny noses all the time? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
117139689>star wars is dead[View]
117137639Favourite quotes? Preferably from movies but it can be whatever I'll start by dumping some >…[View]
117134497I'm speechless. 'Dawn Of Justice' is one of the most batshit insane blockbusters I think I…[View]
117139405Hello my name is Mister Snrub and I come from some place far away. Yes, that will do. Anyway I say w…[View]
117138831Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
117139050I hate religion but I love Jesus Was he right?[View]
117139537Would you watch tv if you looked like this?[View]
117138913Are there any other films about shoulder checking fags and chinese phags that don't move out of…[View]
117133565>Good thing I brought Reese Witherspoon's chin[View]
117138232black mirror S5: What the fuck happened? The only decent episode is the one with a white male as mai…[View]
117137818I am inevitable[View]
117138605I truly believe that anyone on /tv/ can come up with a better reboot than this... so let's hear…[View]
117139231jew broad: jew-broads[View]
117128394/a/ told me that entry-level anime gets discussed on /tv/ and told me my taste is shit because I was…[View]
117133181>Jeez, you're such an incel sometimes, Shinji. Uhhhh, did Netflix got too far with this??…[View]
117137586>7-Year-Old Avengers: Endgame Star Asks Fans to Stop Bullying Her & Her Family >Some MCU f…[View]
117138675artic: Is this any good? I usually get lured by mads and i got landmined enough[View]
117130389What did Vito want with Finn?[View]
117136245Wow so deep[View]
117138801What some good German-Turkish Actress?[View]
117138207Will he be a famous Chad movie director 10 years down the line?[View]
117137550Was it kino?[View]
117138354fell asleep on the toilet again[View]
117138838How is he so kino, bros?[View]
11713867410 Years: It's been ten years since he died /tv/. Was he kino? Did he do it? What was his best …[View]
117138776Why is she so likeable? Say something about Kristen Bell's acting career.[View]
117137970Now that the dust has finally settled, what's the /tv/ consensus. Was Twin Peaks: The Return ki…[View]
117113958What did you think? I tho.. zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzz…[View]
117138778what are some movies about college?[View]
117131600Will It part 2 live up to expectations?[View]
117138668Cunny cunny cunny, I got cum in my tummy And I feel like a-fuckin' you[View]
117138643Hue kino: Grab the motherfucking chicken Also city of god thread[View]
117134940>'So, tell us Anon! Does this movie appeal to the incel demographic?'[View]
117135563would it be kino[View]
117128258>The sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth >It will be 50 years …[View]
117134067Kino film posters[View]
117133113Why the capeshit genre makes so much appeal to people? It doesn't feel like a child when you wa…[View]
117136936You BUMDER[View]
117138150>character has half of his face blown off >name the episode 'Face Off' BRAVO VINCE…[View]
117137608Patient is a 26 year old man. Unemployed, lives with his parents and posts pictures of Cillian Murph…[View]
117137134Joker 2019: I drew some sketches of the upcoming Joker movie, what do you think of my style?? Also -…[View]
117138191>/tv/ won't stop making fun of Lisa Kudrow, the best Friends girl[View]
117135184Who sent the letter?[View]
117137986>film makes you sympathize with the villain and questions your morals[View]
117136179Would you watch a Bond movie made by Reddit?[View]
117137948ITT: actresses who hit the wall at a young age[View]
117137425COPS/Live PD cuties >tfw no homeless gf to save[View]
117138000this next part's my favorite part, cause it's time to shine GON' AND DO THE TWO STEP …[View]
117137603>characters talking loudly while hiding >bad guys can't hear them…[View]
117137149What are some actually good, non-söy, horror movies?[View]
117135548It's a better The Matrix[View]
117133723ALL THAT BULKING FINALLY PAID OFF https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/chloe-grace-moretz-eyed-play-c…[View]
117136963how many flicks after the first film do you tolerate? for me, its only one (Aliens)[View]
117132735Going to the movies is a social experience, like eating out or bowling. As a woman it makes me uncom…[View]
117137801Does she not have more than just one expression?[View]
117137730>makes every scene kino[View]
117132435Let's talk Stephen King adaptations.[View]
117135451>hahaha woah man aren't black people cool?[View]
117137618>We need an american actor for our b-grade/indie/non hollywood funded film to boost its overseas …[View]
117137629I miss the Chernobyl memes lads[View]
1171371272018 I am forgotten[View]
117134344SCREAMKINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS: https://youtu.be/_Xn9bE4z7_8[View]
117127534How do you go from this...[View]
117133011>bees are on the what now?[View]
117123358>/tv/ now hates Alita What happened?[View]
117132442What went wrong?[View]
117115020Directors that are great at one thing but horrible in other regards: Blomkamp for example, I can…[View]
117134933>You know that acupuncturist down in Puerto Rico? 26... Tell you, this broad, her ass was the sec…[View]
117137414Kinos with this aesthetic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FveF-we6lcE[View]
117134631Get some sex, anon you look like an incel[View]
117132546...what the fuck were they thinking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQwNs9rwtGM[View]
117133983where can I watch full soprano episodes online for free?[View]
117135513unironically the best show this year[View]
117135247Daddy chill![View]
117137094So who was on the tape?[View]
117136607Tv why do you hate Jonathan Brandis so much what did he do?[View]
117135160What's the best thing to watch while smoking hash spliffs?[View]
117136469What a joke.[View]
117132858What are some horror kinos with a bone-chilling slow burn?[View]
117136438Post God-tier Comedians[View]
117136931You can choose one TV series to watch for the rest of your life. Which is it?[View]
117136981The scene at the start of season 6 where Don and Megan smoke weed in Hawaii is the most cringy thing…[View]
117121274>Say, 'Hello,' to your house. Is she crazy or something? Personally I use her folding methods, th…[View]
117136881https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZveA-NAIDI What Did He Mean By This?[View]
117136143Shronkey: im sorry[View]
117132023Aud Harrrenharlu????[View]
117135271I can't take Taxi Driver seriously anymore because Travis isn't a manlet. No one goes thro…[View]
117129943>be born as a skinny asthmatic manlet with every disease under the sun in a cruel, uncaring warti…[View]
117115175The wachowski sisters do it again: >yaaaas![View]
117136483wtf i love paul rudd now[View]
117135681>/tv/ said he's based and did nothing wrong >found out he's a protestant You guys li…[View]
117129424D U D E[View]
117133872Post build-up music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r30D3SW4OVw[View]
117135940MMHMM: What did he mean by this?[View]
117135028>the dialogue is just subtle hints at the central themes[View]
117136447Neon Genesis Evangelion.[View]
117124869Man, does Louis really deserve this type of criticism? Also, Mark Walberg literally committed a hate…[View]
117135715is there a more based and bogpilled reviewer than Rog?[View]
117136352Reminder that Disney will never make cyberpunk kino again.[View]
117131343Punsch oder Wein?[View]
117131094I don't get it.: Why didn't he fuck her?[View]
117128070Im in the cinema seeing toy story 4!and its crowded as fuck with laughing babies. They laugh at ever…[View]
117133574What are some genuinely good documentaries on the current 'populist' wave we're livin…[View]
117129720Were his interview tapes the most kino murder documentary? How much do you think he was making up?[View]
117132958Are there any movies showcasing the fact that niggers are literally too dumb to read sheet music and…[View]
117133331Hey, I'm looking for some rather new movies with realistic depictions of combat or other milita…[View]
117120434>I finally figured it out, Andy. >You're broken too. >I'm gonna fix you! C H UC K…[View]
117117740Cast him[View]
117131311>Anon, generate some digits and i might release your mother alive. >But if you get trips, your…[View]
117097013/RBMK/ Chernobyl General: Good friends edition[View]
117131792Can someone continue making good content if they're no longer depressed?[View]
117130751>it's a cicadas making noise episode[View]
117135483This is one of my favorite movies. What are some thoughts on it?[View]
117128529How come you rarely see actress sisters star in the same kino?[View]
117134204I love the smell of big guys in the morning.[View]
117130119>'I fucked Ted' Do american women really do this?[View]
117135147how do these kikes get so many views for their cringy content?[View]
117135308>Hello beautiful[View]
117133241Post actors who you didn’t know that they are Americans.[View]
117136196Unpopular opinion:: It's ok for whites to play ancient Egyptians but it's also okay for bl…[View]
117128831Favorite 'Totally not gay' Friendship: I'll start.[View]
117134321I just watched Red Dawn for the first time ever at 24. Obviously because I'm not a brainlet I…[View]
117134703Fuck this bitch[View]
117134911Teddy Bear is kino, are there any other great movies like it?[View]
117134385What's this haircut called?[View]
117132787did you choose life /tv?[View]
117131017Now that the dust has settled, what do we think about this character?[View]
117133698ITT: times you showed your power-levels to normies >bring a ditzy 6/10 tinder sloot to my place …[View]
117134516What is your favorite movie?[View]
117133422They are the Big Bang Theory of psychology/psychiatry: At first I liked this show. Then I realized t…[View]
117131029That's the way she goes, boys. Fuckin way she goes[View]
117134256God I miss him bros... 2 and 1/2 men is one of my favorite tv-shows[View]
117134548Blood Meridian is unfilma---[View]
117133077Was this an appropriate outfit?[View]
117127825You know what I feel like? A mother-effin Nathan For You thread[View]
117132182You would not believe your eyes If ten million family guys Lit up the world as Brian dies[View]
117133703/trek/ - Hopes and dreams for the new shows and future of Star Trek edition[View]
117134650Has this fat shit ever made a film that wasn't fatally flawed in some way?[View]
117133552what even is appealing about capeshit ?[View]
117133941You know remember The Boat that Rocked[View]
117134499Kinos for this feel?[View]
117131515Did he do it?[View]
117134403Ah anon, always drenched in Doctore's piss! Perhaps I should shit, to complete the aroma?[View]
117132867What the fuck was Shinji's problem?[View]
117126520Always Be My Maybe (2019): Now that the dust has settled, was this a Kino film, /tv/?[View]
117133038Why is there nothing in kino space that comes close?[View]
117131324Bad Times at the El Royale: Hey this was a fantastic celebration of the joy of the movie-going exper…[View]
117131912Why does Mike ( the biggest red letter media) just eats the smaller red letter medias?[View]
117134289Léon: The Professional (Director's Cut): Was it kino?[View]
117133721I'M B6 I PICK UP STICKS[View]
117133545Is it kino?[View]
117133264>incel culture >science and math >nerdom why does /tv/ hate this again?…[View]
117133714That film only grossed how much last week?: PFFFFFT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
117134071>and then he said he thought those old Star Wars movies were better[View]
117119817which wife was worse?[View]
117133803Can't wait for this movie bros. I relate to the character of Joker so much. He's nihilisti…[View]
117132523Why did Frasier have to hide his Christmas decorations from his girlfriend's mother just becaus…[View]
117131441Just watched this kino, who cut up the blood bags in the fridge? The only two who had access to it w…[View]
117131282This is my favourite film. Am I a pleb?[View]
117133310What would you have don anon?: Be honest https://streamable.com/xt2ky[View]
117129499The 140 Essential Animated Movies: https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/essential-animated-mov…[View]
117133602Hey /tv/, you should really follow the instructions of this gif[View]
117133638Superbad is literally my teenage years with a more happy ending. I wonder if there will be a generat…[View]
117131540Is it worth watching?[View]
117133542346 days to go.[View]
117125501>So pitch me your film idea, anon. I'm waiting[View]
117129554How did he know Bruce Wayne was Batman?[View]
117126348Daisy Ridley and Rey will be in Star Wars again after Rise of Skywalker: According to We Got This Co…[View]
117131124This movie made me believe in love again and now I just went through six relationships for the last …[View]
117133279Why did Nu-Chucky cuck Andy with the black kid?[View]
117127804ITT: Films that women will NEVER understand: >You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it…[View]
117131750>Past a certain age, a man without 7 children, a wife, a mistress, two mansions, three cars and a…[View]
117132982How did you lose your job, Anon? Insider trading? :^)[View]
117125853Has /tv/ ever seen an actor in person?[View]
117132721Do you have a source on that? Source? A source. I need a source. Sorry, I mean I need a source that …[View]
117132776Now that the dust has settled, are you pro or anti bug stunt?[View]
117129646Why is his face so puffy?[View]
117132080Joker before it was cool: Why do Americans always try to make a better movie than what is already es…[View]
117132686What did we think of Project Blue Book?[View]
117132693Who will be the next indie filmmaker to sell his soul to the capeshit machine?[View]
117121403Here’s your Cowboy Bebop bro[View]
117132581Kino https://youtu.be/i2CIuq5E1gM[View]
117127688The power of friendship the show[View]
117126064Screw the contrarians. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen.[View]
117132303*winds fist all the way back to give you a handshake*[View]
117131633Why haven't disney made a live action of their best princess yet?[View]
117131564>Bruh have you seen that new incel robot anime on Netflix? Shit's such a mindfuck, low-key g…[View]
117128664>Surrounded by machine guns and shotguns. >Keeps the 1911.…[View]
117132294movies shot from the first person perspective[View]
117132335hahahahahahahaha: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
117120473why is Voyager a fucking dumpster fire?[View]
117131836finally watching Alita: fighter girl what am I in for?[View]
117127790What the fuck is this show even about[View]
117130558Deep State is underrated...: Anyone watch this show? Has the worst Brit to American English accents …[View]
117132240Any films with the same feel as the part in Apocalypse Now when they descend into Kurt's compou…[View]
117129250Look. 'Oprah Winfrey' (Harpo Winfried) is a man. 'Michael' Jackson is in 'purgat…[View]
117132215And I know now the next question: >Knowing you, being the anon that you are, greentexting deeper …[View]
117126743Are there any other examples of a spin-off becoming better than the original work it was based on?[View]
117131850Why did Toy Story 4 flop at the box office?[View]
117129287>Danny Boylehas revealed he's working on a follow-up to28 Days Later.The director toldThe In…[View]
117129802Who should adapt it?: With everyone looking for the next GoT it's only a matter of time before …[View]
117131283Dragon age Inquisition: What went wrong? What went right[View]
117129057What was his problem?[View]
117131662>What's the most you've ever lost on a baneposting thread? >Sir? >The most. You e…[View]
117132010Windom Earle is inquestionably the best part of season two, simply because what enshrouds the Deleuz…[View]
117131871>watch Star Trek >has an episode about incels Truly a show way ahead of it's time…[View]
117130717The mouse always win.[View]
117097154How the fuck are they still selling a 23+ year old standard definition format in 2019? They even sel…[View]
117128295Late 2000s/Early 2010s in Film: 2008 to 2013 was the worst time for movies >Terrible superhero mo…[View]
117130188The Green Mile: Is this a great film?[View]
117131593What is a good kino to help coping with the pressure of time, knowing that all the things that I don…[View]
117128134What's the appeal Swamp Thing?: I have avoided Marvel-DC capeshit since Thor 2, but decided to …[View]
117131210The 2000s: https://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2018/mar/26/my-favourite-film-decade-2000s-mich…[View]
117131666How many times do you guys think he sucked the drunk captain's dick?[View]
117128605Toy Story 4: So all of that shit [Spoiler]only to be without the voice box and separated from his ga…[View]
117127582Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Matrix 4 ![View]
117126291Anybody have the video of Andrew Yang on Colbert tonight?[View]
117114139>''High Definition''[View]
117131582clues to know you are watching kino: >seasons are 13 episodes or less >episodes are just title…[View]
117131087Everyone remember the extremely depressing series finale of Dinosaurs where they all went extinct, a…[View]
117128397/trek/ - DS9 sucks edition: THIS is the thread[View]
117128603Who was the biggest douchebag in the Sopranos?[View]
117131394>Pam, I literally just fucked Karen last night >you down to suck my dick tonight?…[View]
117130300Was I the only one who couldn't stand her? Being familiar with the whole 'social studies' stuff…[View]
117128839Westworld Season 2 questions.: So I just finished Season 2. I know Im late. Why would Dolores bring …[View]
117131027Blood Meridian is unfilma---[View]
117125328What is the most visually aesthetic movie?[View]
117123923Original run has beaten Avaturds original run.[View]
117128632>is the best star wars movie >is also the most racist and stereotypical star wars movie What w…[View]
117129665This movie has the most kino ending of all time. Prove me wrong[View]
117131227Truly an artist beyond his time[View]
117129249Yes I have a penis.[View]
117131225Been really enjoying stuff like Warlock, Phantasm, and The Prophecy. Got any recommendations, /tv/?[View]
117131001''I fucking hate fucking Joss fucking Whedon. That hack.''[View]
117124726Recommend me some genuine good movies. Not these oscar-bait garbage that I keep on hearing[View]
117131073Hello. Please excuse language, I am not english. What is favorite movie? I love Man of Steel.[View]
117129625The Golden Age of Television: Similar to how we remember 70s and 90s with best music, late 90s and e…[View]
117130719Overarated: Actors or Actresses Acting quality or looks 1. Cobie Smoulders. Cant act and pretends to…[View]
117130526Redlettermedia: How’s /tv/ gonna celebrate when these guys reach 1 million subscribers?[View]
117128013Romulans: Would you?[View]
117131056Does this show accurately depict how women see their abusers?[View]
117131077>Good guy's boss was working with the bad guys all along[View]
117116832Xanax, the actress[View]
117128054Why is it so shit now?[View]
117129371>I'm sorry, I was too busy not giving a shit to hear anything you just said…[View]
117130850Why do black people hate Will Smith?[View]
117128818Why does great tv shows always have shitty endings?[View]
117130638>KAH >LIH >MAH…[View]
117130941Are Diego Peretti (argentinian actor) and Chelsea Peretti related? >Inb4 'Peretti es uruguayo'…[View]
117130878Did you like the season premiere of Legion?[View]
117127314>'Ladies and gentlemen, The Eric Andre Show!'[View]
117130791>it's a Sheela plan failing episode[View]
117128079Sheriff Truman.. A Crip??[View]
117130784>You talkin to ME?[View]
117087772Supernatural: classic rock kino edition. Post your top dad rock moments https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
117129886/tv/ lied to me and told me Orville is better. Its graphics fucking suck compared to this.[View]
117130612*stars in kino* nothing personell plebs[View]
117125189I LIKE TO[View]
117126612Did this show really help invent memes? Source: Andy Milonakis[View]
117130377How is it that the actor who played kes eventually lived out FURY?[View]
117128637i've been wracking my brain trying to think of a western cartoon aimed at adults that isn'…[View]
117127477So how did he get away with it?[View]
117120280Why has the status of Asian men in Hollywood now surpassed Asian females? Just last year in Hollywoo…[View]
117128325Earth and Fire biopic starring Aubrey Plaza: She could totally do it. Aubrey seems like she'd h…[View]
117129046>what's your 4chan tripcode? I can't believe this made it into the script…[View]
117127593How the shit did this movie ever get made in America? And nobody went to jail?[View]
117128849What?!: No way![View]
117130308All his movies are ruined and have no ending.[View]
117130040Who's your favourite character from Friends? For me, it's Monica.[View]
117129691WTF? Is it worth watching? I've been listening to Dan Carlin's Wrath of the Khans, so I…[View]
117128346is it any good?[View]
117130056How did they not only build this base in secrecy but then also provided housing and infrastructure f…[View]
117129647What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117129921>insults you on the most personal of levels >retort >'hey how 'bout you calm down just…[View]
117125883What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
117129908Was it kino?[View]
117120034>Let's watch some b-movies on VHS! They're so bad, it's hilarious! Why do söyboys …[View]
117123467What are some kino product placements?[View]
117129815What are the best Chinese films?[View]
117129810Pure kino[View]
117129405Did he died?[View]
117128583I feel bad even debating you because clearly you're a fucking rube when it comes to cinema. You…[View]
117127494Jakey Jakey made a big mistakey not wanting to fuck his sister. Apparently Chris Evans had a hard ti…[View]
117128385You STOLE fizzy lifting drinks.[View]
117119712Legion S3 Premier: Legion s3 final season starts tonight 10pm EST get in here[View]
117111443ITT: beautiful actresses[View]
117127741Actor's trademarks Thread: Keanu Reeves negotiates a lot in his movies.[View]
117127953Marvel did it again!: Another shitty soundtrack https://youtu.be/6bjttacVOBk[View]
117128998Wait, there's a James Franco-directed adaptation of Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury? Why…[View]
117129520Holy kek my ribs hurt from laughing so much: Has /tv/ seen Brendan P. Schaub's You'll Be S…[View]
117119410This might just be the best film I have ever seen[View]
117129595>he studies interview questions to pirate movies privacucks everyone[View]
117126619has anyone seen this new series on showtime[View]
117129570What do we think about her body of work?[View]
117124302post your best kinos[View]
117123345how'd they get away with it?[View]
117127938Will kung-fu movies ever make a comeback?[View]
117129386*is the second best entry in the series*[View]
117126440Movies that are really fucking overrated.[View]
117128560/Bob Kino/: WHY isn’t /tv/ talking about the most important kino of all time?[View]
117117720/tt/ - The Terror: What was Mr. Hickey's end goal? Why was he doing all those things?[View]
117128095Euphoria: Stop moaning about the dicks, we get to see all of these chicks topless so it's a fai…[View]
117107344What's a good movie set in Latin America? I'll accept any good foreign movie, but I'm…[View]
117124223I'd like to find the grey bastard[View]
117128519Why did this live action version of a Disney cartoon work so well compared to all the garbage made i…[View]
117128857Sound like a racehorse pissing in there.[View]
117124038>Since Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise fight in the UFC could be in the works. There's another b…[View]
117128897ITT: Things that nostalgia told you were good but really aren’t[View]
117123016Call it.[View]
117125118What are the best apocalypse movies? I feel like I've seen them all[View]
117123214Anyone else watch the whole thing?[View]
117128421Never do anything out of hunger, Ray. Not even eating.[View]
117128619What do we think about this[View]
117126577(to the tune of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB5J-EUZxEw ) Bane? Bane? Buh buh buh buh PCHEEEEWWW…[View]
117127885Can he save the Bond franchise?[View]
117128481You look lonely[View]
117116181*knock knock* who's there?[View]
117128327What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
117127103Female assasins are cool and all: But how about a show about something really rare like a female sew…[View]
117128290If the show had leaned into this episode, and had one of Seven's two theories actually be the t…[View]
117128012I've only seen Akira and the Ghost in the shell movie from the 90s. Will I like this?[View]
117128130ITT: Villain's with motives more righteous than the heroes[View]
117121297MTV only ever made one good show and it was pic related.[View]
117128019What's a good snack to have while watching some kinos?[View]
117127983Actually good crime show: >routine wholesale drug deal >nothing of interest happens because ki…[View]
117128131just gonna lay there are ya mate[View]
117127250the Florida Project: the burgerpunk thread earlier reminded me to watch this holy fuck why didn…[View]
117125619If a film offends even one feminist, it was worth it[View]
117127940Ok, this is kino[View]
117127439Midnight Movies: Post midnight movies you would play if you owned your own theater[View]
117122323>He was night putting... putting at night... with the 15-year-old daughter of the dean. Man, 1980…[View]
117126325So in Superman returns, it's established that Superman's powers can be transferred to his …[View]
117125729What is the dynamic here?[View]
117125543F https://www.tmz.com/2019/06/24/beth-chapman-dog-the-bounty-hunter-medically-induced-coma-difficult…[View]
117125615/RBMK/ Chernobyl General: Legasav-san edition[View]
117102932Why yes, i did enjoy Triassic Attack™ a SyFy Original.[View]
117124401best tv interviews?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AL3Y2NYBhw[View]
117126568>looks directly at camera >'I'm gonna kidnap the president of the United States' Cringed…[View]
117125761Movies you watched as a kid that[View]
117121568Warner wanted Steven Seagal as Batman in Tim Burton's 1989 movie: ANYONE SEEN JOKER? DOES ANYON…[View]
117125132so, what was the moral this episode was trying to teach us?[View]
117117233I don't get it Where they aliens?[View]
117127276Read a book nigger Also sage[View]
117123347For me, it's Audrey[View]
117119102>Forged by an entire planet of mythical and magical dwarves that specialize in crafting legendary…[View]
117127187Has there ever been a eloquent depiction of the wagie state of mind? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
117124881Pooh's Grand Adventure: Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLSeA6_u5Rk[View]
117118910Zoe Saldana Almost Played Lois Lane In MAN OF STEEL: She would've been better than Amy Adams, d…[View]
117127147So, he was a cunnybro all along?[View]
117121830Cast the remake.[View]
117124752>character goes to a bar >He drink drives home…[View]
117127022Docukino of the year?: I didn't know you could just make movies about random fetishes these day…[View]
117126728Saddest movie ending?[View]
117121758Was this the greatest piece of Japanese film ever made? What about the greatest television? Ok now …[View]
117125533>we need an army general taking really bad decisions in a war room >he is sleeping under a bri…[View]
117126713Pet.Sematary.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >Pet.Sematary.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO >Pet…[View]
117101674/got/ general - A Better Tomorrow Edition: OLD BREAD>>117082626[View]
117120793Films like this?: Not necessarily looking for anime. Something melancholy and nostalgic preferably t…[View]
117125322You can only post ITT if you have contributed to all the recent flops: >never watched Endgame aft…[View]
117126760What is it with hack critics and undermining the importance of visuals in film (a visual medium)?[View]
117126753>when he relates trivia as the movie plays[View]
117125077I'm gonna go for it[View]
117125611'You will always be weaker than I!'[View]
117125873Bickle was a weirdo.[View]
117126690Wait. Who is this turd burglar?[View]
117125018Hacky bullshit: so edgy[View]
117124914What is your favorite Star Wars movie? For me, it is The Empire Strikes Back.[View]
117122999This is why you lost.[View]
117109831/trek/ A cellular peptide cake: with mint frosting[View]
117125410Is this the greatest female-directed film ever made?[View]
117125211What are some of the best sport kinos out there? My favorite is The Wrestler.[View]
117123256>you let a man slide today, you must immediately get inside somebody's ass when that happens…[View]
117124268Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
117124011>Endgame is going to beat Avat-[View]
117126289Femanons of /tv/, how would you escape this predicament?[View]
117113279Innocent?: Has Leaving Neverland been debunked by the Train Station timeline discrepancy??[View]
117122231ITT movies you liked that literally everyone hates[View]
117116306The Dark Knight: Why is it still widely considered the mest capeshit film? Even the most hardcore Ma…[View]
117113630ITT: 'God I wish that were me' scenes[View]
117118509Who’d win?[View]
117125931Crack House 1989: Would you take your girl back after she's been blacked and turned out on drug…[View]
117120072How did he learn Japanese in two months?[View]
117125243I wish 4channel had never come to me.[View]
117125627Post actors and actresses who have transitioned to a different phase in their careers.[View]
117123764>in 2016, Scream actress Bex Taylor Klaus came out as a lesbian >in 2018 she came out as non-b…[View]
117111407>...Sir? >Yes, Lieutenant >I'm scared, Sir…[View]
117125568Poor guy just wanted to buy his wife a pair of thigh-highs.[View]
117122282You will never have a friend as loyal as Pauly[View]
117125532What are some kinos that capture the abject misery of being a NEET?[View]
117124372Spirited away dabbing on toy story 4 in China >https://www.indiewire.com/2019/06/spirited-away-ch…[View]
117125271YOU GOT A FAST CAR[View]
117125348Prospero, you command me to wait, very well, I wait[View]
117122582Is Spider-Kino back on the menu? https://youtu.be/o9RrDQEDDBY[View]
117125266What is a film for the unique situation where you want to drink this week but are probably going to …[View]
117121066What was his problem?[View]
117124854Which Movie Is Better? Manhunter or Silence?[View]
117125147Murder Mystery: Yes I'm making this thread again. Looking for more comfy mystery comedy kino.…[View]
117124228Winter Soldier: Why does he looks so cool?[View]
117121118Have you seen this episode of Hoarders?: This woman shits in a bucket and eats food covered in shit.…[View]
117123478IT'S BACK!: ADDY IN IMAGE!! Movies with Chat 24/7 MOSTLY HORROR with some Sci-fi/Gore/Cult/80s/…[View]
117123810This movie makes no sense. Why is it rated so highly?[View]
117118631>HOP ON What did trinity mean by this?[View]
117122886>the new top gear is actually good discus[View]
117124940Love Island: How is a guy this good looking not getting any of the girls?[View]
117123681In short, ladies and gentlemen of the board: costs are down, revenues are up, and my wife's tit…[View]
117120937Are there any romance movies besides Her and Lost in Translation that aren't gay?[View]
117124166His stand up is pretty good[View]
117124190Steven Ogg[View]
117124742dubs chooses the movie i watch tonight[View]
117124557Would this have worked in the movie?[View]
117122415Admit it. She's the best character that came from Star Wars besides the OT. If she were in the …[View]
117124021HA HA HA FAN BEATS MAN[View]
117123713will we ever see a new Stargate series again?: Is Stargate dead? I saw the new attempt to reboot the…[View]
117124551Why are samurai such kino subject matter?[View]
117120459is this the greatest superhero film ever made?[View]
117116156Why wasn't she in Endgame?[View]
117124350Webm Thread[View]
117118553Bob Lazar Area 51 & Flying Saucers (2018) netflix: >start watching it >it literally starts…[View]
117123122rare subtitles thread: come on /tv/ show me what you've got[View]
117124277brdrdring me yag sbarro[View]
117122165ITT: Animals that deserve their own kinos[View]
117120998StrayDog Kerberos Panzer Cops (1991): How did you like it?[View]
117124210And you sir, are you waiting to receive my limp penis?[View]
117121759What did /tv/ think of this? I vaguely remember enjoying it.[View]
117122536Movies that only you like[View]
117124183Who should direct the movie?[View]
117118197Well, /tv/?[View]
117122950Dormammu? I've come.[View]
117123869Kino is back on the menu boys.[View]
117124023Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
117123296May not be board appropriate but most of the threads here aren't so fuck it. I just wanted to s…[View]
117123921Why do they release songs written for a movie before the film is released?[View]
117122943>original series >end of >rebuild >netflix which is the official storyline?…[View]
117122769MOMMY: pirate of the cari-bean looks like THAT?! WOOOO!! WOW[View]
117122091Lana Condor truly is the thinking man's actress[View]
117123917Is there a movie that's like a huge ytp?: Pic unrelated[View]
117123196>KING Ghidorah Is he a head of state in Planet X? Does he own land? What's his tax policy?…[View]
117123734Biggest bombs busts meltdowns freak outs of all time: Cringe moments in stand up history. I just wat…[View]
117111696Stop eating so much.[View]
117121508times you walked out of the theater[View]
117123516Is this film accurate, /tv/? Do Japanese actually flee to Brazil because they are terrified of getti…[View]
117123736Here's your James Bond bro[View]
117121210Was this scene really necessary?[View]
117123666Was he gay?[View]
117115400Am I an incel freak for wanting them to fail and rooting for the villain on every single episode?[View]
117116655Will it be kino?[View]
117110866Should Wonder Woman be a latina, a jew or a bloodthirsty demon?[View]
117120718So what do you fags make of this[View]
11712338590s: best supes best bats best decade[View]
117122616How do I get a whore maid like this?[View]
117123330Imagine being an actor in this show >wait 20 seconds >slowly turn your head >wait 30 secs m…[View]
117120014What are the most kino looking aliens in film?[View]
117123244What does /tv/ think about Asylum films?: I think they are a lot of fun, and aren't nearly as f…[View]
117123064Are you going to dress up for the Joker premier?[View]
117108364>Zendaya's controversial teen drama Euphoria shocks viewers again as explicit locker room sc…[View]
117120592ITT: Surprisingly dark movie endings[View]
117119570Does anybody else still watch kino on CRTs?[View]
117123115OUT AM I?![View]
117120256What would happen if I jerked off with it?[View]
117123047Big ups to the staff at Regal Cinemas Plymouth tonight who saw me bringing in a Jersey Mike's h…[View]
117117152If you unironically say 'kino' and you're not german please stfu[View]
117122663I'm an open-minded guy - but this was just the worst[View]
117121385So is Malick really making a gay ass movie about Jesus or is he making the kino threequel to Tree of…[View]
117121155>CBD “stress/sleep” pills commercial followed by penis performance “how do you measure up?” comme…[View]
117119620Was there really a giant manbearpig during the Franklin expedition?[View]
117122850What's the consensus, was Little Carmine a secret genius who played the fool and brought down h…[View]
117118146/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117122220Just watched this: Why are comedians such pretentious dickheads?[View]
117117750How is he....funny? Bongs, what the fuck? I don't get Mr Bean comedy.[View]
117121289ITT: one-liners and simple jokes, the faster the delivery the better. To start us off, observe Rodne…[View]
117111685Do i have something on my face , solider ?[View]
117122581>Y-You can't do that, you can't blehpost! S-Stop it! Don't suck my wife's blo…[View]
117119617FUCK YOU ALL, PLEBFAGS. SHIN GODZILLA IS FUCKING KINO. https://youtu.be/CrXTS10h2WI If I die in this…[View]
117121971ITT: movies you loved as a kid: Post any movies you couldn’t get enough of as a kid.[View]
117115452Who did it better?[View]
117122701Everybody loves Raymond[View]
117120186And for that reason, I'm out.[View]
117119828funny when you think about it[View]
117122568HASHIN JUBI!!!!![View]
117122354I just finished Stranger Things 2. What did I think of it?[View]
117121052Why is this movie considered extra-bad when it's actually very good?[View]
117122458Thoughts on Do Boon-Soon? I like her character in Strong Woman[View]
117117767Of all the students on the train, why did he flex on Ron? What was his master plan?[View]
117120954Definitive: >GOAT Tier The Last Temptation of Christ Goodfellas Raging Bull Taxi Driver Silence …[View]
117121389Hi incel Bye incel[View]
117122316Fuck this is so cartoonish and bad compared to the first two[View]
117120568This was fine.[View]
117122292It was kino.[View]
117120385Which celebrities give the best interviews?[View]
117122004West Side Story is on it’s pretty good(no homo)[View]
117121614Among The Greatest Films of All Time In My Opinion: Argubly, flat out, the greatest film revolving a…[View]
117122237NHK shows: So comfy[View]
117121527what are the coolest animals/monsters/aliens in movies?[View]
117122054Does she have a boyfriend? I loved her in shoplifters. Do you think I have a chance?[View]
117119621>character is a 'loser' >they aren't even a NEET…[View]
117115482Endgame almost had a completely different ending. George Russo toyed with the idea that after Tony w…[View]
117120634Was Coolsville destined to Suck?[View]
117118510THAT LITTLE-[View]
117120504trying to remember a movie i saw a while ago, was made in 2010 or later it was about a woman, who i …[View]
117121380'Andy, help me! Why are you doing this?'[View]
117117497What’s the easiest way to adapt a Warhammer 40K story into a movie? I’m thinking it’s about an inqui…[View]
117120159What people reaction would be if this happen in 2019?[View]
117119128Why are Peruvians such whores?[View]
117116475Where did directors get footage of deaths and executions before liveleak, rotten and shit[View]
117121609any other kinos with this feel? not so much the injun side of it, but 'man goes into X place to find…[View]
117120177What are some Puritan Kino?[View]
117121478Are we ever going to see a Hulk/Valkyrie movie?: She replaced his wife in Ragnarok/[View]
117120180>Nothing Happens: The Movie. Bravo![View]
117121413I'm going to watch this. What am I in for?[View]
117119656>dude liking things makes you a weirdo lamo[View]
117117886So.. uh... how about that Avengers: Endgame, huh?[View]
117115510Could any single individual beat a 5 man team of sentinels. I propose not https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
117120468when will this happen?[View]
117120787Louis-Ferdinand Céline on cinema: >Dreams rise in the darkness and catch fire from the mirage of …[View]
117119422was eddie hascal /ourguy/?[View]
117120758For me, it's the less known Emma. Emma Greenwell[View]
117120752ITT: >Kino movies only you have seen[View]
117119532If you love these digits so much....[View]
117119717Is this the most soulless 3D Disney movie of all time? God it's awful.[View]
117120825Are you watching season 2?[View]
117109619I can’t believe it avabros... did we actually lose?[View]
1171184562019... i am forgotten...[View]
117119503is this show any good?[View]
117120664Should i watch this?[View]
117118726>'Im talking about FICO scores under 550' >'Get the fuck out' Unironically, what did he mean b…[View]
117118361What happened to Justine Bateman? 45 here, looks 60[View]
117116529Pick one.[View]
117120539You know what needs to come back? Courtroom/legal/lawyer films.[View]
117119539>Fascism sucks >Feminism and Diversity rules Bravo Refn very brave…[View]
117099438EUPHORIA: What's his endgame?[View]
117120472>yes, we quite like Nolan.[View]
117119992>be dunston >check in[View]
117120071Le Chant du Loup (2019): 'In the near future, a French submarine finds itself in a crisis situation.…[View]
117118362Interracial-core: Who are the best interracial couple in kino?[View]
117119912>Why of course, Tarantino, Nolan and Fincher are all trash[View]
117120232Kinos about the nature of women?[View]
117117911Just finished Season 5. Striking Vipers and Smithereens were great. It’s only the Miley Cyrus one th…[View]
117120259chappelle: Now that is a man I would hate to fight. She wears underwear with dickholes in 'em!…[View]
117120239>''I know right from wrong it's just that I choose to do wrong'' Why are…[View]
117120218/our/ guy[View]
117114445imagine being tom cruise and watching this at the premiere[View]
117119824Why was Qi'ra the most interesting character of all the new Star Wars movies? Also, anyone else…[View]
117120147whos the most based /tv/-related character?[View]
117118473Dinner at 15 vs 25: Any flicks about growing up like pic related?[View]
117120103Hey Guys![View]
117116335Did he get AIDS from Jenny, does the kid have AIDS too, and why was this never covered in the movie?[View]
117117530Kiraku J Pop thread: https://youtube.com/watch?v=D8xkFhlTej0 KOTOKOは私いの愛人です! ^_^ her musical emotion…[View]
117120078More like Battlenerds amirite?[View]
117117728This here is Katana![View]
117119861About to have sex...: Opens the door[View]
117116049where were you when JR got shot?[View]
117119545>mfw it's a dale gribble episode[View]
117117529>thank you Jesus >praise you God >with your authority command the winds, lord Why the fuc…[View]
117119427how the fuck does disney do it? who the fuck can save us from their monopoly on film?[View]
117119702Am I really supposed to believe they filled the lifeboats only halfway and let innocent people drown…[View]
117119675Has /tv/ ever saw Chickenhawk? Sick shit![View]
117119109>I can change anything, but I can't change Hugh Mennacher. Huh? Who was Hugh Mennacher, was …[View]
117116940Cast him for the live action remake[View]
117119419I fucking hate this movie. I'm not even half way through and I already relate 100% to this lose…[View]
117119548Kino for sure[View]
117119537Post your favorite movie posters.[View]
117119527does anybody have the webm that's the /tv/ edit of the ending of The Shining, and if so, may i …[View]
117119476my man looks so old bros[View]
117119507So is IT Chapter 2 gonna stir up more trouble like the first film did?[View]
117118352>Watch movie, think it's actually kino >At the end the main character is a motherfuckign …[View]
117119479How relatable.[View]
117119477/fmg/ - Filmmaking & Screenwriting General: Share your ideas, work, problems, and criticisms. Do…[View]
117116883We will require a larger ship.[View]
117119333'I'd better stand next to this wooden door with a monster behind it.'[View]
117116005Death Wish II: Just started watching this. She cute desu[View]
117082127Horror & Monsters General!: > Favorite movies? > Underrated & obscure movies with ment…[View]
117119229THIS IS AN AMERICAN BOARD BRITS AND AUSSIES GET THE FUCK OUT. (the rest are cool you stay)[View]
117117609HECTAAAAAAAAH: what did he mean by this?[View]
117114562What the fuck did he want from Don?[View]
117119130Any other kinos that show off the majesty of The British Isles? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YB…[View]
117119160/frog/ thread 2: cont from >>117117022[View]
117098216I sobbed[View]
117119261>The Three Stooges shorts are alright, except for all the niggers. Woah!…[View]
117118790https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1QC2KMJndw would roger rabbit 2 have worked??? obviously now its to…[View]
117118842>this guy has no social media presence at all, not even a facebook. guys a ghost…[View]
117119214Euphoria: Jules is best girl[View]
117116393Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan …[View]
117119125House of Cards: Rewatching season 1 and I'm baffled by how far this show and Netflix have falle…[View]
117119184Why does everyone hate this movie? I saw it with my wife and her son and we had a blast.[View]
117119170What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
117119141BACK TO FORMULA[View]
117119139Chinkslayer get in here were telling war stories![View]
117115450/our guy/ Jason Alexander is starring as Chris Christie in a livestreamed film of the Mueller Report…[View]
117119016Now that Mike and Jay are both confirmed for only having a few more years left in their lives, what …[View]
117118547Is Sophie the reason it bombed?[View]
117119023I've studied your past and found your greatest evil, human. I'm going to set it right. I…[View]
117114694The flash s5 ep1: Hate the new costume LOVE some of the writing! Nora (from the future) referenced '…[View]
117118722Yeah, i'm thinking she's black[View]
117118876Nick Di Paolo - Breath of fresh air: Is he pandering or is he the real deal?[View]
117117664Just finished watching Point Break (1991). I really liked the whole aesthetic of the film, especiall…[View]
117117546What was this expression intended to convey?[View]
117118643ITT: Cancelled kino[View]
117109772Where did it go wrong?[View]
117118049Movies with lonely protagonists? Or movies that deal with loneliness, or that moment when you kind o…[View]
117117636HOLD UP You're telling me The hot popular white male jock is ACTUALLY harboring insecurities a…[View]
117117165Why Hello beautiful[View]
117114366I just saw the Child's Play reboot and I must say it was better than the original and the best …[View]
117113151Based Tom Cruise appreciation thread.: Lets appreciate the last true hollywood star post your best T…[View]
117117409What the fuck who even likes porn or pudding.[View]
117117122I don't get it.[View]
117116539This was my favorite thing to come out of the Bush Administration.[View]
117117629Here's a joke. What do you call a business that delivers food to your recently divorced ex wife…[View]
117116826>you let a man slide today, you must immediately get inside somebody's ass when that happens…[View]
117112254/bb/ Big Brother 21: Searchable Edition Unconfirmed first night power: Jackson Unconfirmed first nig…[View]
117116011Cast the Netflix Live Action adaptation[View]
117116199Any worthwhile kinos to watch from this region?[View]
117116962Dude the 80s lmao[View]
117117711What movies have a hidden message in it?[View]
117118035>'Oh look! Daddy's home...' What are some kinos about defeating the impossible?…[View]
117116209Was Bundy's movie any good? Ive heard Efron was the only good part of what was otherwise total …[View]
117117981>here's your tape back bro[View]
117115573I am forgotten...[View]
117116048Are you ready for the /tv/ meltdown that'll ensue once Endgame beats Avatar for good?[View]
117117892>movie centered around the adolescent education system >school is like a prison with minimum t…[View]
117117426American-Chinese movie appreciation[View]
117117789Name a more kìno scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQBGmBOhQEE[View]
117116226You'll buy it day 1 right?[View]
117115688SINGING IN THE RAIN[View]
117116876Why isn't Karlie being cast in femme fatale roles?[View]
117117635Did you ever hear the tragedy of Mark Hamil the Wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Mouse…[View]
117112168Was he having a mental breakdown or was he a unsung hero /tv/?[View]
117115280What have we forgotten?[View]
117113447South Park peaked with Season 2/3 and the movie. Change my mind.[View]
117115727When do we get live action Digimon?[View]
117116982Why pokemon movies made for a wider audience (like detective pikachu) do not introduce interesting, …[View]
117117603I think there's a mole inside of /tv/...[View]
117117553>This was 25 years ago wew[View]
117117517In 20 years, none of this will be accepted as canon anyway.[View]
117114282>ruins your show Does anyone actually think anything Charlie does is funny?…[View]
117113166I wish the fictional character 'Rebecca Chambers' from the Japanese 3DCG animated movie 'Resident Ev…[View]
117110486Why did they do this?: Why not cast aunt Jemina at this point?[View]
117115541>tfw the series will be forever unfinished[View]
117111232>If Famous directors were chefs[View]
117116971Big news lads[View]
117117112Why was this scene so comfy[View]
117116908>season 1 - good >season 2 - kino >season 3 - boring af >season 4 - gigakino >season…[View]
117116879More like Snore Thing. Why the fuck did you guys recommend this to me? The pacing is terrible. 98% c…[View]
117117230Hello r4chan. What is your favorite movie? I think Batman 2 was very good. Hedger Ledger and Christi…[View]
117115602Why didn’t they cast her as Jane Porter?[View]
117102541ITT: Movies /tv/ told you were shit but were actually kino[View]
117115840what went wrong[View]
117117126>hmm where should I put my fragile direwolf? inside the walls where he can cause chaos? >nah,…[View]
117114332Will you be watching Batgirl, starring Daisy Ridley?[View]
117117044>live in fear of AI taking over like skynet >solve dozens of captchas training robots daily j…[View]
117117035I'm tellin' ya Dutch, we need to get rid'a ol' Hansen...[View]
117111835Who's the most ruthless?[View]
117116600>be isaac hempstead wright >join the biggest show on television at age 12 >spend months at …[View]
117114259Only 37.3 million to go[View]
117115310WB guys, meet your new mommy! >Warner Bros. has tapped BBC Studios Americas president Ann Sarnoff…[View]
117116756What happened?[View]
117115697Is 'Simpson' meant to evoke 'Simpleton,' referring to Homer's low intellect?[View]
117114760has there ever been a family film that lures kids in and is horrific, grotesque and traumatizing? It…[View]
117115932Now that Snyder's EU has crashed and burned, cast the upcoming reboot[View]
117115634Any more reddit sporkcore of the 2010s that aged horribly?[View]
117116624>guy dies from nuclear radiation >his name is ouchee The writing Tokaimura is awful, they shou…[View]
117116611OHH TOMMY ya know kid you're my life[View]
117113505Is this the worse duv of all time? It's not even so bad that it's good, it's just utt…[View]
117115529LEGI⨂N: Season 3 of Legion is tonight. >https://youtu.be/w60S3jC-odg After the trailer do you bel…[View]
117109567/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117116333We won the world series[View]
117116402You are my buddy! Until the end! My new best friend![View]
117108953How did you like Woke Omens?[View]
117115687It's a Bond thread[View]
117115259Has there even be more a more cinematic superhero film?[View]
117111132How many of you even know what a revenant is?[View]
117116191>Get me Miles Teller >He busy[View]
117115649>Just read Catch 22 >Notice that there's apparently a Hulu series based on it the same da…[View]
117113941Bend the knee, incel.[View]
117111970Who was your favorite?[View]
11710938390's THE FLASH: >Take Tim Burton's Batman. >Apply the Flash to it. >It's act…[View]
117106797Dark - General: What did you think of season 2? Who is your favorite character? Also season 3 shoot…[View]
117112664Fuck you guys: You guys told me this shit was good and i bought it[View]
117114696who can play the king of games in a live action adaptation?: remember hes like 5'0''…[View]
117116002What are your thoughts on the B1 Battle Droid?[View]
117107909Post actually funny comedians[View]
117115320Would you pork your own aunt and screw with the timeline?: If she looked like this...[View]
117114843How the HELL do you go from this...[View]
117102872This was little too on the nose[View]
117115277Do you think Tarantino filmed this scene just so he could see what Uma would look like with a big co…[View]
117115940For all the zoomers out there thinking Memevengers is cheating: Avatar also had a second release on …[View]
117115502>*poot* Was this line really necessary to advance the plotline in Jurassic Park?…[View]
117115860Here is your KINO for the night: Argentinian horror is back on the menu boys[View]
117111938>it's a Dan Aykroyd episode[View]
117112949Why do their original shows suck so much balls? Even prime has better shows[View]
117115069Why are thieves (and to an extent murderers) almost always portrayed as flawed human beings you…[View]
117107044Fact: this is the only movie star Hollywood has produced in a decade. Will you go see Black Neo or B…[View]
117111896The Tick: Cancelled: >Greatest TV show of the last 3 years >Doesn't get renewed for a thi…[View]
117115696>watching a kino from 2006 >I REMEMBER WHEN, I REMEMBER I REMEMBER WHEN I LOST MY MIIIIIIND…[View]
117115182>have device for scanning for life forms >actively using it specifically to look for life form…[View]
117115684Power rangers is GAY[View]
117113913i vant to drink your milk! bleh[View]
117115345It was okay.[View]
117115132Power rangers is gay Prove me wrong[View]
117115446Why did critics hate this so much?[View]
117111239Who asked for this?[View]
117115593Obscure Waifu Thread: Both Sara and Lisa are top cute https://youtu.be/hDDRi74SqXQ[View]
117111634>As a public service, here are the two boards from the Workaholics writer's room of comedy p…[View]
117115557What are your thoughts on the BX Series Droid Commandos[View]
117088632Was this the peak of Black Mirror?[View]
117110898>brings out another girl[View]
117114874The Matrix: >“Ignorance is bliss.” Was he right?[View]
117101918https://uproxx.com/hitfix/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-first-order/ For The Life Of Us We Can’t F…[View]
117111117why is he always so smug?[View]
117115254Joan Rivers, celebrity, still alive.: >expose Michael LaVon Robinson, 'Obama's 'wife' as the tran…[View]
117108077Burgerpunk kino >The Florida Project >Under the Silver Lake…[View]
117115290Drinking canadian club on a monday night watching this. How much of an alcoholic are you?[View]
117110976Tell me: How an RBMK reactor core...explodes?[View]
117108857Why has Godzilla had so many movies?[View]
117111744>two most redpilled movies of the 90s were made by trannies and a gay mangina How did this happen…[View]
117115141Chucky will always be the king of killer dolls.[View]
117112679>I hurt myself today starts playing[View]
117108409kinos about the dealing with the daily grind and anxiety about the future?[View]
117115054Dennis Hopper moe desu[View]
117114743no thread about best boy? his new season just came out[View]
117114953Star Wars:The Clone Wars: What are your thoughts on Tactical Droids and Super Tactical Droids.…[View]
117114723what was the point of this scene?[View]
117114099Watching Cardi B on my new HD telly and I am just wondering how this whore even got so famous?[View]
117114637If singles it puts the lotion on it's skin[View]
117114479Mein fuhrer[View]
117109364Extended cut: I don’t feel anything but sorry after watching the extended cut of BVS what could JUST…[View]
117114429I would literally rather my daughter be a prostitute or porn actress than willingly give herself to …[View]
117112958why Is zhane not with Andros[View]
117113562I'm tired of small german towns filled with inbred hicks!: Stop fucking your aunt! These bitche…[View]
117112143Aaaahhhh Yeeeaaahhh: Happy is getting his shit pushed in for sure this season[View]
117114593Hello /lit/, my name is anon and its my first time posting in this board That said, what do you thin…[View]
117114027Lik Wong AKA Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky [1991] by Ngai Choi Lam: Is this kino? https://youtu.be/l8R…[View]
117114541D____ C____: https://youtu.be/50f7L-RPaXU[View]
117104808/lig/ Love Island General: Maura Bunny Edition[View]
117114440A JACKALET?[View]
117113764Just watched this kino, what did I think of it?[View]
117114248Do Space Truckers have a union? What does their benefit package look like?[View]
117114362For real? or just hoax?: what would happen if it actually went down?[View]
117113649Would it have been good?[View]
117105410Would Aubrey Plaza be a nice Catwoman ?[View]
117110851I know this was a meme for a while, but after watching it, it genuinely was good. What does /tv/ thi…[View]
117112735So this is why everyone hates Californians.[View]
117114303One day, I will swallow up the world haha haha haaaaaa And when I do, I hope you all perish violentl…[View]
117114297Any KINO with this feel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro[View]
117112007Help! I want to watch Child's Play 2019 but it's not playing at my local theater (despite …[View]
117108231ITT: Recast your favorite TV show.: For Game of Thrones Brotherhood, this is the ideal cast: Jon Sno…[View]
117114183For me its the Tick (2001)[View]
117113210Favorite nature documentary? Dynasties is based.[View]
117112815ITT: charactrers that are literally you[View]
117112656Did World Peace prove to the world that Sam Hyde is a talentless hack?: Sam was given a tv show with…[View]
117113904Gayniggers from Outer Space: Is it kino?[View]
117112417Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117113176Which one of you did it. Also does this mean that there is a video of Ana De Armas taking a shit out…[View]
117113336Where can I find the 'Tool Time' cut?[View]
117113491What do you think of The Bachelorette?[View]
117112669>I like the one that says some pope What did he mean by this? Is this another Catholic-Italian re…[View]
117108555Look How They Massacred My Boy[View]
117102878So what the fuck was that ending? Nancy beats Freddy, but thirty seconds later he wins anyway? Also …[View]
117111068tell me about your asshole[View]
117113201is there anyone more based?[View]
117112251>tfw boyfriend doesn't want to watch Kieślowski's Three Colours trilogy and instead wan…[View]
117113100John from Cincinnati: John from Cincinnati[View]
117111705Feel like I went under. Dark cloud rolls in, opens up. Anxious to share new work. Would you care for…[View]
117109081Are organised crime gangs even relevant today, why waste so much talent on a movie that is obviously…[View]
117111630You know what else is Kino?: My Mom!![View]
117108948how is this possible?[View]
117106843Why does noone talk about this show on here?[View]
117101899Are you already tired of the 'hypercompetent strong female character' trope that is being pushed to …[View]
117111515Was it kino?[View]
117109550Post random youtube videos you found with basically no views. https://youtu.be/ySEr67mQr4o[View]
117106458Sorry to ask but does anyone have season 5 of GoT? In like a mega or some sketchy Asian website. Fou…[View]
117104604this isn't funny at all[View]
117111979>Episode IX >Rey and/or Kylo confront Sheev >Sheev reveals Snoke was never manipulating you…[View]
117109190This is the new Doctor Who: Say something nice.[View]
117111425THIS IS THE FUTURE[View]
117099217Is it ever explained anywhere why Bond prefers his martinis shaken, not stirred?[View]
117110508HOLD UP[View]
117100496Could THIS be any more of a Friends thread?[View]
117111465Any shows like Million Dollar Extreme in existence? >That kind of political and philosophical nih…[View]
117110883>Watch nostalgic movie from the 90s >full of racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/fatphobic jo…[View]
117111684Kino on the 1980s Sikh revolution?[View]
117092207Why do people find SSJ2 badass? He was just an arrogant idiot.[View]
117111603>I-its just amazon shilling their show, christians t-totally don't even care haha >d-dumb…[View]
117111590>What's the most you've ever lost on a baneposting thread? >Sir? >The most. You e…[View]
117111565The Red Spectacles (1987): so what was the film really about?[View]
117111020Give me a good reason to keep watching past Season 1. This show was compared to the likes of Breakin…[View]
117111470>Marvel doesn't consider this America's ass TDS on display again…[View]
117111499ITT: Forgotten Kino[View]
117109393Will his career recover?[View]
117111472Another Avatar v. Endgame Thread: Explain to me how Endgame isn't considered to have beaten Ava…[View]
117110292YOU DO NOTHING[View]
117111350When did you realize anon?[View]
117111439Is the theatre good?: Or just boomer entertainment outdone by movies?[View]
117111423What is the worst Jhorror remake[View]
117086584Biggest brother: Will this be remembered as the edition in which BB basically became My 600-lb Life?…[View]
117100822whats next for Jurassic Park?[View]
117106500>[crowd boos] >Oh, fuck all you people, you ya know what you fucking losers, I hope you all fu…[View]
117108964The Witcher 1: What went right?[View]
117110374Why aren’t we talking about this? https://youtu.be/Yirc35yIjfc[View]
117099580Who should play her in the inevitable live action remake?[View]
117110772why was it so good?[View]
117110675Did you do it today /tv/?[View]
117111179What are some good deep cut movies to watch in the sci fi realm?[View]
117111185Hehe, formerly Chuck[View]
117110113>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
117110500What happened to this character?: He just kind of disappears two-thirds of the way in[View]
117070235>spock is an emotionless robot who acts like he doesnt even know Kirk >McCoy is a bitching hou…[View]
117109708>The Kino[View]
117111071This is the greatest Punk movie ever.[View]
117110959I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
117110957ANY QUESTIONS?[View]
117110764>American Film/TV show >Dinner scene >They start praying…[View]
117110921I'm trying to remember the name of a western movie. Modern setting and its got an A list actor …[View]
117110540/tv/, I Know What You Did Last Summer.[View]
117085084Arthouse: What have you seen recently? Anything good and worth recommending? What's /tv/'s…[View]
117110676>There is no life in the void, only death What did he lean by this? Is Sauron an atheist?…[View]
117110094Bluepill: Star Wars is awesome Redpill: Disney Star Wars is shit Omegapill: Prequels are shit Blackp…[View]
117109558Lost virginity to some Art Hoe, thought I'd love her but she's actually annoying and so he…[View]
117110504>Rated G[View]
117109301The Hyper Space[View]
117108297When you first saw this scene, was it because: -of the TV memes Or -you were actually watching the m…[View]
117107579Gnostic & movies.[View]
117096222'And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder One of the four beasts saying, 'Come and see.…[View]
117110138CHERNOBYL: Is it as good as everyone says?[View]
117107375Season 14, place your bets >how many episodes will Dennis bother to show up for >how much scre…[View]
117110093I'm going to discuss a really unique and bizarre way of killing someone and then have to happen…[View]
117100295>Danny Boyle has refused to cut Oasis scene despite requests from American distributors >In 'Y…[View]
117108829WB wants Daisy Ridley as Batgirl: oh no..[View]
117102285>IM CASHING YOU OUT BOB[View]
117109467>IT WILL KEELL[View]
117109768Why were men back then so much tougher?[View]
117110430Can we Post the last film an why 6 as we vidya die ok..: Sort ok[View]
117103170I am Mother: Watched it last night -- not too bad. Slightly reminded me of terminator with how the m…[View]
117108090you bunch of gucci loafers[View]
117110061THE MOST EXTREME[View]
117109769>kills the sneed meme[View]
117110101>character says something awkward >camera quickly zooms…[View]
117105943The female lead of the last movie you watched has now been replaced with Jessica Alba. How does it c…[View]
117109200There is literally nothing more reddit than capeshit.[View]
117110284Remember when he beat up a retarded person on air?[View]
117109249WOODY HELP ME[View]
117110243please tell me this gets better. i know refn shit is slow but ive been watching this creepy nigger a…[View]
117109538Meme Men: How are you going to tell your prospective offspring about /tv/ and how much time you meme…[View]
117109287And you must be Bane[View]
117108494DEADLINE: Flash Gordon Reboot by DISNEY: https://deadline.com/2019/06/taika-waititi-flash-gordon-ani…[View]
117109971>this show is complicated because the characters aren't all good or bad and sometimes they m…[View]
117109346Have sex[View]
117106947Who /sheltered/ here?: wasn't allowed to watch pg-13 movies until I was 19.[View]
117108511Hot Streets season 3 when?[View]
117109932>what a day. what a fuckin' Training Day.[View]
117107821sugarposting is best posting[View]
117108363>WHOA LE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE GOTTA GET TO MUH TRAINZ Any other meme locations that instantly meme u…[View]
117108984>kinoplex doesnt allow ordering one seat so you have to order two[View]
117109624>Nice outfit faggot, did you kike boyfriend make it for you?[View]
117106614Why didn’t he fuck her /tv/?[View]
117108650It's happening: https://www.nme.com/news/film/danny-boyle-confirms-third-28-days-later-movie-wo…[View]
117109732https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZzSAAFal-g Movies about becoming a man?[View]
117105648Admit it /tv/: You loved at least one of his movies You rewatched one of his movies at least two tim…[View]
117109638ATTN fellow writers : how to write a character: The most important in a character is that no matter …[View]
117102456Pitch me a Walking With (Dinosaurs, Beasts, Cavemen, Monsters) episode.[View]
117109508RAM POO[View]
117109463Don't pee it. Don't poop it.[View]
117099581Cast her.[View]
117109365Tell me: How an RBMK reactor core...explodes?[View]
117102151what is your most rewatched movie?: 13x[View]
117103103This film literally invalidates the entire core message with its fucking ending[View]
117077806Gruesome movie deaths: What are your favorites or most memorable?[View]
117100318Come be a part of the FIRST and possible LAST Suddenly Susan thread on /tv/.[View]
117104778Any good films where the protagonist is a homely girl?[View]
117107151Is it any good?[View]
117108961Why didn't CIA or one of the guards just kill Bane during the initial chaos?[View]
117106267ITT: Actors/Actresses you love being horribly cast or in horrible roles. I'll start. Based Pat …[View]
117108920lost movie? anyone?: hi /tv/ i am looking for a movie i have seen when in 1996-1999, somewhere aroun…[View]
117108831Shitposter Anon thinks this is a can of dubs. That is incorrect Shitposter, your summer pass is canc…[View]
117108427I've been rewatching stuff I liked in my childhood recently. Most has held up okay, but this on…[View]
117108463Cast it[View]
117108664/epg/ - Euphoria General: Kino edition[View]
117108197what was the best film of 2018?[View]
117108778Sandra Oh: No..whats wrong with your face?[View]
117108696It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV[View]
117108757Buddi: Introducing your new best friend[View]
117108742Post yfw this plays during Mothra's rebirth in GvK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgp5Qv1GAaQ…[View]
117089113Do you think they were really friends?[View]
117107652>Give it to me, you can tell them I took it by force What was the joker trying to accomplish?…[View]
117108219This show is really good??????[View]
117107858>'Discontent, in any of its forms – depression, a failing relationship or broken childhood, subst…[View]
117108042>die >go to heaven >see this >'...And, why would I want you?'…[View]
117105825Be honest, /tv/, you cried didn't you?[View]
117108515Cast them[View]
117101954Is there a truly 'deep' movie? You faggots seem to complain about 'muh lack of substance' but can yo…[View]
117105006>*gradually takes over and ruins your tv show*[View]
117108389My son, big hoss[View]
117106403That’s actually pretty impressive[View]
117106599And I say hey!: Your teacher he is gay. There is no such thing as christ. You should have sex with y…[View]
117108467Was he ourguy?[View]
117104845who's your favorite black character, anon? pic related[View]
117108333https://streamable.com/cbzhj What did Joe 'Carreer Gifter' Rogan mean by this?[View]
117108425Thoughts on the new All That reboot, /tv/? >it’s a Nathan acting all extra, gay and will most lik…[View]
117108396Reminder that Abu Hajaar is the eternal king of /tv/. Say something nice about him. https://www.yout…[View]
117108312What are some Kinos about Justice being served?: With based Cuba Gooding Junior? >Gooding’s accus…[View]
117107396Why did Lloyd pour him some shitty Jack Daniels when he clearly asked for Bourbon on the Rocks? http…[View]
117108013They call me the Swede: I'm Norwegian[View]
117104653>he seeds torrents to be allowed in private trackers[View]
117107635Who would win a war?[View]
117108150what was the last plot twist that caught you off guard?[View]
117107606You have to have a high IQ to graduate imdbcore: High IQs like me (152) do not distinguish between c…[View]
117107379What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117107922If you think about it one day you are going to watch your favorite movie for the last time. You are …[View]
117106787Is this supposed to be fucking Bill Murray? WTF[View]
117107754What's the matter? Little Spider-Man junior gonna cry?: Rewatched the Raimi trilogy today. How …[View]
117102590I knew something was fishy about her and guess what - they made her up.[View]
117107719What are your favorite movies about vacations? Bonus points if John Candy is in it.[View]
117106925Brainlet here, how the fuck was he alive back then?[View]
117107511 Come inside, I'll get the neosporin [View]
117106748Damn E[View]
117107488so that's it? they started a new season just for 3 episodes?[View]
117107358Thoughts on Star Trek actress Jeri Ryan?[View]
117104042>fell for the movie theater meme again >watching TS4 on a monday morning so the theater's…[View]
117107228Grey's Anatomy: It has been going for 14 years. What went wrong?[View]
117106381Why does /tv/ hate this?: Im a DC fan but this is obviously the best marvel made. Strong cinematogra…[View]
117105220Mother fuckin gay fish (Im a fish, yo) Girl I am a gay fish (Now where I belong, girl) Making love t…[View]
117096101i cant believe they are actually real[View]
117106656>Why yes I do prefer the Brave Little Toaster over Toy Story. How did you know?…[View]
117103108She did[View]
117104901Are we homies, my nigga?[View]
117107161Why do films tend to follow the black narrative?[View]
117104222>His gimmick is that he steals from RLM while pretending he is original https://www.imdb.com/titl…[View]
117105298Mr Hickey, get this polar bear out of my camp this instant![View]
117102389The great debate.[View]
117103555>youngest producer ever at 12 yrs old Is there anything Mckenna Grace can't do?…[View]
117107107Thoughts on Jeepers Creepers?[View]
117104786Under the words contact position is a round green button which says Push to Close PUSH IT[View]
117106966Is there anyone in television or film that could defeat him?[View]
117103759I haven’t seen goodfellas. Is it as good as people make it out to be? Is it, kino?[View]
117106943I just marathoned this what did I think of it[View]
117104114is there a bigger cuck in hollywood than cuckatino?[View]
117106985they weel caht[View]
117105867How can they improve the Kaiju universe so it doesn’t die out?[View]
117101307How come Hollywood doesn't need him anymore? He's been under the radar for nearly a decade…[View]
117106963ITT : god-tier casting[View]
117103712What else do you recommend with this actress in, I've seen Assault Girls, and Pacific Rim[View]
117106717can anyone recommend some good french horror films?[View]
117106234Find a flaw[View]
117101356Just marathoned the first 2 eps of Euphoria. The cinematography was good, but what do we think of it…[View]
117103169by what right worf judge rion?[View]
117084489Voice from the Stone was Kino[View]
117104825/lig/ Love Island General: Tom done fucked it now[View]
117104631>it isn't about an alien kid who's personality just skews to evil due to being treated …[View]
117103990ITT: God tier shootout scenes. Bonus points for practical effects, realistic sound, good tactics. ht…[View]
117106336Bend the knee, incel.[View]
117106293What is the actual source for the Bill Murray quote? I've never been able to find it.[View]
117103923What do you think is next for her career now that the Dark Universe flopped?[View]
117105216What movie would you cast her in[View]
117104811Who would he play if he was cast in a superhero movie?[View]
117101007Euthanasia: >America's young generation is a bunch of drughead mutts, interracial hoes, cuck…[View]
117105434Rhaegar knew he was gonna die right??????bros?????[View]
117101738/tv/ is dead. When do we get /mobile/?[View]
117105350It's 1994: The Lion King dominates the box office, but you can also enjoy movies like The Flins…[View]
117105611>2000 Cannes jury lead by Luc Besson awarded Palme d'Or to Dancer in the Dark (dir. Lars von…[View]
117104965Pickle Rick.[View]
117105816>tfw turning 30 tomorrow Alright /tv/, what are some kino edgy teen shows?…[View]
117104785let's have it lads https://streamable.com/83by6[View]
117105714>dabs on Tarantino[View]
117103887*plods towards you*[View]
117099649Is this show any good? Never seen it discussed on here.[View]
117105365I'm not feeling too good, Tone.[View]
117103150I'm shutting you incels down for what you did to me[View]
1171023672019....I am forgotten: Why did it flop lads ? Was it the shitty reddit quips they inserted ?[View]
117105774Does it get better than this? Every morning whilst waiting for the train (wage slave here) i contemp…[View]
117105232what television & film do you watch when you feel really depressed for no reason?[View]
117105180>It's about loyalty... something a woman wouldn't understand Seriously Woody?…[View]
117103597>group of kids have to come up with a plan >montage shows one kid drawing in the dirt with a s…[View]
117104489What movie or tv show will stop me from ever killing myself?[View]
117105151Artie Lange: What went wrong?[View]
117102787For me, it's Clarissa.[View]
117101649>The patient is male, 25 >Symptoms include seemingly random bursts of rage complete with screa…[View]
117103986I Ain't Got No Agua: I Ain't Got No Agua[View]
117105487I can't watch movies or tv cause I have to save my limited bandwidth for downloading albums in …[View]
117094531Name a better dad-daughter/son movie[View]
117105279SOO YUNG[View]
117105312Jack Sparrow, we all know the sea-weary pirate played by Johnny Depp in the popular Disney movie ser…[View]
117105380Cast him in the inevitable biopic[View]
117104295Imagine an argument between these 4[View]
117105132Now that Mike and Jay are both confirmed for only having a few more years left in their lives, what …[View]
117105067'ate capeshit 'ate starshit 'swordshit 'ate simpsons 'ate jannies love bane…[View]
117099819What's the best horror film ever made?[View]
117104178Wheel of Time: Will she be a good Moiraine?[View]
117098167ITT: Actors you can beat the shit out of: For me, it is the Rock.[View]
117102453>Having sex in the house before you buy it Do people really do this?[View]
117103751we are the time haters[View]
117103173What’s your favorite Mad Men episode? Mine is probably when Cattler got everyone high on speed[View]
117104714>Why yes, I do think the new English dub of Hideaki Anno's critically acclaimed Neon Genesis…[View]
117104575THIS GUY[View]
117098808everything bill hader touches is ruined[View]
117102686>british ''''humor''''[View]
117085044ITT: Characters that carry their series: I'll start[View]
117104552Cast him[View]
117104632>You fill up my senses >Like a night in a forest >Like the mountains in springtime >Like…[View]
117104579>ruins your tv show[View]
117104043OHHHHHH MY FILES[View]
117104453Is there anyone who can even remotely control our boy Steve >Punched Billy in order to defend the…[View]
117102733/RBMK/ - Chernobyl Graph(sh)ite in the Toilet Edition: >Comrade Sitnikov: I think I saw graph(sh)…[View]
117101082>rewatch the Franchise Wars scene on youtube >Taco Bell has survived instead of Pizza Hut Was …[View]
117103121Was this movie really as kino as everyone says?[View]
117102259This new take on Chucky is better than the original.[View]
117104226Was I supposed to take this movie seriously?[View]
117102684Explain the ulterior motivations and complex characterizations and end results of this scene[View]
117104192What are good comfy shows to watch in the background while you do stuff? I'm thinking of stuff …[View]
117100790ANN SARNOFF NAMED CHAIR AND CEO OF WARNER BROS.: https://www.warnermediagroup.com/newsroom/press-rel…[View]
117104094Serious question for /tv/: How do (you) determine if a film is reddit or if it is just a film?…[View]
117102841ITT: famous actors who never actually started in a good film[View]
117102267>I know you're just 16, but looking all of 21. That's because Chiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeee…[View]
117104000ourguy: Is he based?[View]
117102403Events too fucked up to be movies: Dean Corll aka The Candy Man. Raped, tortured and killed over 30 …[View]
117103368you're all fucked[View]
117098751HARVEY'S FUCK & SUCK[View]
117103284Why would the machines need to create the Matrix? If all they want to do is harvest humans' bio…[View]
117103534Eternals Cast Leak: *Matthew Rhys plays Young Odin. Josh Brolin and Kurt Russell reprise their roles…[View]
117103451Should I watch this? I promised my dad I wouldn't[View]
117099308Does John Wick work as a franchise? It took them a whole minute to drop the whole wife/dog/car aspec…[View]
117102423Quintéssential talentless hacks[View]
117098599Lets settle this once and for all Raging Bull or Rocky[View]
117099112Kino or reddit trash?[View]
117103566What type of movie would they make /tv/?[View]
117101669I wanted this to be good, to be interesting and fun to watch, a ride, a blast. Sadly, it's not.…[View]
117101827Best of 2010s: So /tv/, with less than six months left to the decade, I thought we could begin listi…[View]
117103578It’s been much more amusing to see Avatar die a slow painful death rather than a quick one[View]
117102132>Why does nobody talk about me anymore? I'm still relevant![View]
117100178The Wild Bunch[View]
117103174What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
117103499what does your favorite musician do in their spare time, /mu/?[View]
117102490>Chad Gorilla vs Morbidly obese salamander Gee I wonder for whom the people will be rooting for..…[View]
117097292Why did they have to make him a Trump supporter in Toy Story 4?[View]
117084567DARK: how did the Germans manage to make this kind of kino? Also, who's the evil one in this st…[View]
117103301Jonathan Banks aged 72 (Jan 31st, 1947): What's next for his career?[View]
117101115How do I destroy Hollywood?[View]
117103092Hey /tv/ Need some help. What are some good cyberpunk shows and movies to watch in prep for Reffing…[View]
117102854Who would you cast in the reboot?[View]
117073590Were iCarly, Victorious, and Big Time Rush the golden age of Nick?[View]
117103140>group of kids have to come up with a plan >music starts playing >montage shows one kid dra…[View]
117103171Name your 5 Top French Horror films: In Any Order Frontiers (2007) Haute Tension (2003) Them (2006)…[View]
117099435What does /tv/ think of Glow?[View]
117100885/trek/: ...[View]
117101265These pricks had one of the biggest audiences of our era and they blew it. What was more cringey? Th…[View]
117102993Is he going to be okay?[View]
117100171Name a better episode of a podcast. https://ia800706.us.archive.org/14/items/Norm_Macdonald_Live/Nor…[View]
117101378favor actors: Or actress thread Simply as he made scrubs and his movie streak is 3/3 !and he kissed …[View]
117100157>Qu'est qui c'est? Message machine broken?[View]
117099657What Happened to Holly? | Reacting To Cesar's Worst Bite: The absoulute madman has finaly made …[View]
117093580Did this movie age well?[View]
117102778I don't remember this scene from Spider-man.[View]
117102273Parks and rec: What does /tv/ think of this? I'm starting season 2 and its ok. It's just …[View]
117102473I don't get the hate, I really liked it[View]
117102730What are some films and shows where a handsome white man is married to a beautiful Asian woman?[View]
117100888So was he the villain?[View]
117102586How is she so perfect bros?[View]
117102535Kirk Douglas: >Make movie about being old 33 years ago >Is still alive…[View]
117102059Pitch your movie in one sentence >A man kidnaps himself to avoid paying a lotta debt Hard mode: P…[View]
117102396>You liked to smoke ciggaretes thus poisoning your body so unless you cut out your own lungs in 6…[View]
117102508I miss this lil nigga like u wouldnt belieeve New Turk Dad is his best work btw besides robocop.mp3…[View]
117092789How do you go from this..[View]
117101404Humor from our Grandparents' generation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5EWQ1F0BMY *cracks op…[View]
117096035Pictures of you with a celebrity[View]
117102387>You have until the end of this sentence to accept my deal, aaaaand I’m out…[View]
117102221WOW so deep[View]
117102245>tfw still no adaptation that doesn't completely ruin the ending[View]
117098974>WE'LL TAKE THE LOT[View]
117101520Woody...think you could get your old pals some screen time?[View]
117102185when will we get a kino biopic about their iconic friendship collaborations and eventual break up? t…[View]
117101728>Protect me, Maria! Don't let this siren cast her spell! Don't let her fire sear my fle…[View]
117101257If you can't beat the best you get the best KINO[View]
117101699Romans speaking British[View]
117099445Is he the next Brad Pitt?[View]
117101988https://www.strawpoll.me/18220165: I'd like to find out what was the first birth year that pred…[View]
117099575OUT AM I[View]
117101756Why do you think this thing got R-rated?[View]
117101295 you lost the game, you looked [View]
117101662What was the most impact a film or a director had on you?[View]
117100042I keep hearing about how good this show is, but is it really worth the watch? Also how has season 2 …[View]
117101644Is it low key a comedy? >manlets with comically sized pipes >king starts singing half way thro…[View]
117099885>Falcon gets to fake-fuck his homeboy in VR >His wife gets to actually fuck strangers IRL Falc…[View]
117098101Essential soft and frilly and a little silly kinos?[View]
117101589What's next for the career of actor LeBron James?[View]
117100034/epg/ - Euphoria General: Dilate discord tranny Edition[View]
117101517Hamburger... hinderer[View]
117098762Was Two and a Half Men funny?[View]
117100457>Rachel Drops the fact that she is a girl at any given oppurtunity, gets drunk and shows her tits…[View]
117082626/got/: favorite house edition >>117068414[View]
117098916Am I the only one that got 'the expanse' vibes from 2 of the 3 main characters here?[View]
117100621>Does anybody who the fuck this is? >Does anybody know who the FUCK 'Anon' is? Genuinely what…[View]
117099067>it's finally up[View]
117100233What are good movies for aspiring musicians to see?[View]
117098429I don't understand how Hollywood still hasn’t made a good adaptation of this masterpiece. The c…[View]
117098668>nutmegs in your path[View]
117101189The Office is a tragedy. I'm actually terrified of ending up like one of those people. Maybe th…[View]
117101105Pick the main cast for a Fallout movie: >Male protagonist >Female protagonist >Sidekick to …[View]
117099857Would the series have been better if he had lived?: The interaction between him and Jon would'v…[View]
117101246Ey /tv/ still queer?[View]
117100089Today I will remind them[View]
117100017*Abandons Ralph to hang out with a cyber-lesbian* *calls Ralph insecure* Nothing personnel kid[View]
117099137What the FUCK did Kubrick mean by this?[View]
117096284Given how sexist Hollywood is when casting older women, will Natalie survive being a middle aged act…[View]
117100798>'Dr. Banner...' Does /tv/ remember the rest of the lines in this scene without looking it up?…[View]
117078557>I grew up with six brothers[View]
117099393Game of Thrones vs LOTR who wins?[View]
11710089590's THE FLASH: >Take Tim Burton's Batman. >Apply the Flash to it. >It's act…[View]
117098778>movie is longer than 89 mins Why do directors do this[View]
117095763This was legitimately a masterpiece of comedy[View]
117100471>character gets shot >begins laughing[View]
117087491Love it, hate it, Alita isn't going anywhere. Btw, she has a better ass than almost every moder…[View]
117100286Was it kino?[View]
117097104What did I think of this movie?[View]
117100519FOR BELTALOWDA[View]
117100169Kinos about dreams that have a bad ending?[View]
117095461>The movie is a Tour de France[View]
117100462I started watching Colony on netflix and I must admit that it's pretty good. Why didn't yo…[View]
11709636990s: best sups best bats best decade for tv shows[View]
117096572do you think they hate each other?[View]
117099601how do you go from this...: ..to[View]
117099779'Past a certain season count, a television series without an overarching narrative can be a bad thin…[View]
117087431Matrix 4: back to da hood: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/the-matrix-4-…[View]
117089680>Take a knee on Toy Story 4. >Toy Story 4 proves infantilism and consumerism are the new Amer…[View]
117099568>tfw when you watch a kino and its good and you understood the story and didnt have to googel it …[View]
117100245I have a father. His name was Ben Parker: How did MCU ruin such an important part of Spider-Man…[View]
117099611forgotten chads[View]
117093282>Luke, did I ever tell you about Dexter Jettster’s 1950s style diner?[View]
117100072/PPG/ - Product Placement General: ITT we post and discuss God tier and retarded tier product placem…[View]
117097607What the fuck was Robb's plan to take Casterly rock? Seems to me like he was fucked even if he…[View]
117099176How come I've never seen this show ever mentioned on /tv/? The characters are great, the murder…[View]
117097521Jared Harris playing as Moriarty is his best role. Prove me wrong.[View]
117096379I WANT ROOM SERVICE[View]
117099546 [View]
117100095Is there an actress left in Hollywood that doesn't mind being sexualized/portrayed as sexy?[View]
117099647Would you watch a Scarlett Witch movie?[View]
117100062Jews fear the samurai.[View]
117093115Is this show worth watching?[View]
117097593Are you going to watch Black Widow (2020)?: I'm not sure yet.[View]
117097188Why does /tv/ have such a hard time understanding this[View]
117086561>he pirates movies[View]
117097599KDrama Strong Girl Bong-Soon: I just finished this and I had to make some complaints. First I felt b…[View]
117099948Is HAL 9k really a villain?: Roger Ebert called the AI a villain but is he really a villain? Let’s g…[View]
117098941Why can't hack critics understand the importance of visuals in film (a visual medium)?[View]
117099911no sign o' Neo[View]
117088831Why is Star Wars so boring now?: Why does it all feel the same? Is there really nowhere to go?…[View]
117099506Did Walt love Gretchen more than Skyler?[View]
117099452Are there any movies with real farts? There's a ton of movies with fake fart sound effects but …[View]
117098611What are some good series?[View]
117099704When somethin' happens on 4channel /tv/, nothin' happens. It's just another anon bann…[View]
117099587has he ever done a useful interview where he doesn't waste time talking about his copyrighted '…[View]
117099289ITT: Movie villains you admire[View]
117098445>turn on movie >expect it to be kino >it’s actually a joint…[View]
117093436how the fuck did he get some high school girl?[View]
117099541>stop watching media from America >mental health and quality of life improves considerably I …[View]
117096311Was this film to far ahead of its time ?[View]
117097199What's the final verdict on Wild Wild West?[View]
117099151>gun with couch teleportion ability >is buying every prescription pill known to man but flushe…[View]
117099498Was season 2 good?[View]
117097424What are some buddy buddy movies? Watching Harsh Times right now and it's pretty great[View]
117099399>Hello? Elizabeth?[View]
117085071>Your eyes are as brown as the tree trunks[View]
117092779Seth Meyers Didn’t Cancel His Show for His Son’s Birth, But He Did for Rihanna: >Seth Meyers’s ma…[View]
117097904Blessed images thread[View]
117099330My son: Big Hoss[View]
117090277Only based characters ITT.[View]
117096271>'sicilians are niggers' >gets shot so they really are niggers…[View]
117096178>movie has a hacker in it >he wears a Hawaiian shirt and constantly sucks a lollipop…[View]
117079119So where's the hype?[View]
117095637Jesus Christ, Rowling[View]
117098829SHOO TAH[View]
117095428Think I'll take two chickens.[View]
117099051Searching for movie name: Ok degens, put your heads together, im looking for a name of a film that t…[View]
117098416Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
117097302What are her best films, I've seen Pacific Rim, Assault Girls, and Kumiko[View]
117099053Reality TV Kino is Back On The Menu Boys: First Three Minutes of The Hills: New Beginnings Clip Airs…[View]
117098606tell me about your asshole /tv/[View]
117094118Luck of the Fryish: >Rewatching Futurama >Get to this episode's ending https://youtu.be/v…[View]
117096735Movies that make you want a cigarette?[View]
117094363Whether you liked the movie or not, it’s the result of 10 years of storytelling that’s never before …[View]
117098926Why is there a Toy Story 4 now? Didn't the last movie end with them getting incinerated and die…[View]
117098780>Nobody: >Literally nobody: >Not even a single braincell: >Hollywood: 'Let's have D…[View]
117095261>kubrick had to waste 5 years of his life making this utterly incomprehensible piece of trash whe…[View]
117097132WB = Dead: >Ann Sarnoff, currently the president of BBC Studios Americas, has been named the new …[View]
117098882Cast them[View]
117097657How old is she? Serious question[View]
117098437WHEN will Captain EO get a bluray release ?[View]
117098820Is Skins the best kino from 2000's?: It was so nostalgic, the first generation was by the far t…[View]
117098814102 days until Todd Phillips JOKER[View]
117092466What is your favorite Yang film. For me it’s pic related.[View]
117095793/got/: https://youtu.be/8VletlsLKfo when it was still good edition >>117082626[View]
117097115Choose one[View]
117093204Tragedy vs. Nihilism: There was a thread earlier this morning for anons who wanted to post webms of …[View]
117098593insufferable sitcom characters[View]
117097861Who wore goggles better?[View]
117098371>why yes I enjoy black and white films, especially Citizen Kane, how could you tell?…[View]
117092509Why is European cinema so irredeemably shit?: French movies are pretentious, artsy clusterfucks. Ger…[View]
117097159Why is he so kino?[View]
117096137Coming of age meme: Does anyone else have trouble watching coming of age movies? Everytime the relat…[View]
117097855i wish abbey lee was my gf[View]
117096807you may not like it, but this is what peak aesthetics looks like[View]
117095256name ron howards best film[View]
117097818What did they mean by this?[View]
117097892Shitpost thread: Movie shitpost thread Bonus: No overused shit[View]
117093864Were quaaludes really that good?[View]
117096183Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
117097382STAR WARS: What did George mean by that?[View]
117098288Where/how can I delve into the pre-production process of a certain director to see how they tackled …[View]
117093657Neytiri is...[View]
117097859Incredible Hulk 2008: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfgmvMHc4us Was it kino[View]
117097572Daily reminder that The Academy thinks Inside Out is a better animated film than this[View]
117097891Its up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikmMkmCCtNc[View]
117097966Webm thread: Keep it Kino[View]
117095961WHAT the FUCK[View]
117096596Recommend best foot fetish kino[View]
117095982How come Americans during the Jim Crow era didn’t complain about the #1 show on television featuring…[View]
117097591Maester Luigi[View]
117098008I wish the fictional character 'Rebecca Chambers' from the Japanese 3DCG animated movie 'Resident Ev…[View]
117097938*makes a trump joke*[View]
117097873I'm watching the 1st season of The Wire and I just got done watching the episode where DeAngelo…[View]
117096313What would happen in a movie called 'fuck club'?[View]
117097759Kathryn Newton: She is a fantastic actor[View]
117097834What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117094717'Why don't you go home and fuck your AIDS-riddled boyfriend you purple nigger faggot': Was this…[View]
117094775Prisoners thread: I saw Prisoners last night and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Wha…[View]
117097312Blood Meridian is unfilma---[View]
117096498Gonna watch Alita for the first time What can i expect?[View]
117097533symbolism of what?[View]
117094223/Lovecraft/: >colour out of space how do you make a movie on this…[View]
117097185Dude, I almost had you.[View]
117096560In which Star Wars film was this established?[View]
117095615Is this the last true CapeKino ever made ?[View]
117088460why are they angry?[View]
117097435Is it Kino?: Talking about 1961 film, not whatever Spielberg is doing next.[View]
117097464How many times did you pull your horn today bigshoots? More than 8? You fucking animal.[View]
117096626Cast them.[View]
117097427MUMMYBOTS RISE UP: Low-key best Aussie kiwi scifi movie of the year what went so fucking right? apar…[View]
117095648What could she have done to avoid getting beat?: Was there any way to just get the rape?[View]
117097389ITT: Movie scenes that cannot be made nowadays[View]
117097260Sophie did it better...[View]
117095943Quentin Tarantino copied There Will Be Blood's style and used as a template for Inglorious Bast…[View]
117096260>Aren't you a little old for cartoons?[View]
117094055>ahem >let me just conduct my own unsanctioned, extralegal, unlawful, illegal investigation an…[View]
117092456>It seems those incels at Japan Heavy Chemical Industries just can't compete with our Evas …[View]
117092015Was Russ Meyer's Vixen the first color movie with explicit sex scenes? Do the film buffs of /tv…[View]
117092493Cast her[View]
117095088Ahem. Fuck elves.[View]
117096957What are /tv/'s thoughts on alien portrayal in cinema?[View]
117096950ITT: good dads: >this is a good post, anon son of 4chan. There is always hope…[View]
117095724Its time for a HILLLBILLLY MOMENT! HYUCK![View]
117096923*sniff* Uuuuh.. uuuuuUuUhh.. J-.. uuuuhh *wheeze* JUMP... *drools* JUMPSCARE.. uuhh.. JUMPSCARE.. BA…[View]
117096839Second Oscar soon[View]
117075936Euphoria: What did you think of tonight’s episode?[View]
117096783Teddy Bear is kino, are there any other great movies like it?[View]
117096402>It's an 'what if?' episode.[View]
117096540>flying economy class OH NO NO NO[View]
117095751Damn it man, we left a Nigerian ray of sunshine in there![View]
117082961Cast it.[View]
117094728>Walter from The Big Lebowski is based on John Milius, the director of such films as Conan the Ba…[View]
117096205/tv/ posts their favourite actor: I'll start: Jeffrey Dean Morgan >Cute wife >Lives on a …[View]
117096609>tfw movie has SEX >tfw vergin >tfw uncomfortable >tfw skip scene…[View]
117096358Is this the greatest animated film of all time?[View]
117090086/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117091206>most of /tv/ thinks it's Rick >a few think they're Morty >they are all really Je…[View]
117096406>autistic death squads[View]
117096438What went wrong?[View]
117095457>gay guy gets murdered >'I guess you could call that a homocide'…[View]
117095797>planet is called Hoth >it's cold as shit Lucasesque…[View]
117095447actors who ruined: Or were miscast who otherwise ruined good movies or your enjoyment of it This guy…[View]
117096405UHF: And remember, there's always plenty of FREE parking. Plots-R-Us[View]
117096306Any /tv/-certified kino legal drama series? I just finished Goliath S1 and it was... fine. Marginall…[View]
117095606homophobes btfo[View]
117096338>⋆ruins your tv show⋆ nothing personnel, puto[View]
117096254OHNONONO https://www.cbr.com/dark-phoenix-already-pulled-from-theaters-three-weeks/amp/[View]
117090682Do you rate Lethal Weapon?[View]
117096215Happy birthday, Frances. /tv/ wishes you all the best.[View]
117096173is /tv/ investigative journalism a meme or a real? does people in the dark speaking in a creepy bass…[View]
117095642The fuck was this niggas endgame?[View]
117096167EPPIC ..........RAP......... BATTLES.........OF HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!! JANNY! VERSHUS PEPE! bbbbb…[View]
117095287What is the essential boomer-kino?[View]
117094571It's good. >I frickin love science! >women in space YASSS Yes reddit is annoying, that do…[View]
117096119/keal/ - Forged In Fire General: Please Leave the Forge Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5CJ…[View]
117094985>You know I never asked what your Patronymic surname is >It's Di Trolius >Finnicus Di …[View]
117095104Louis Ck getting a standing ovation at a comedy fest: https://twitter.com/luisjgomez/status/11426044…[View]
117095808>Can't enjoy my kino without my $11 tub of popcorn, $10 tray of tostitos with processed chee…[View]
117093854I couldn't stop rewatching this show even if i tried.[View]
117095004fon't fank fe, fank fustice fuit fies[View]
117077579/RBMK/ Chernobyl General: The Holy Duo That we Didn't Deserve TAPES - https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
117095923>are presented with the opportunity to create a thought provoking movie exploring the nuance of a…[View]
117095304Make a toy from shit in your garbage. Post the results.[View]
117095849hello carl i am ignignokt and this is err[View]
117078224ITT: Tropes you actually enjoy: >character describes heist plan while we see it happening…[View]
117095745Gohan and Chibi Bulma are in.[View]
117093850Comfy 1980s horror thread. What is your favourite? What do you think was the best decade for the gen…[View]
117095688The first rule of Cunny Club is[View]
117095649is he /ourguy/?[View]
117091776Wtf, this movie was amazing, really managed to capture the spirit of the space race that in the end …[View]
117093849>Let me lick some shit off of this alien planet so that I can tell the guy next to me who already…[View]
117094952Can we all agree that Betty is way better than Jessie?[View]
117094235What does this expression convey?[View]
117086917The Dark Age of Movies (1996-2001): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAGGsO23z_k Why were 1996-2001 s…[View]
117095348Prank call thread: ITT post prank call kino[View]
117094178Is it underrated kino?[View]
117093373What does /tv/ think about mutafuckaz? Just watched this last night and God damn what a ride.[View]
117093619It was quite kino. Such a shame they will ruin it because cashgrab season 2.[View]
117093989Hello /tv/ this is Clem Fandango,can you hear me?[View]
117094720scenes that you identify with on a personal level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q0EPpgCoDs…[View]
117095493This troper: the movie.[View]
117095368What is the best movie about the olympics? I'm ashamed to say I only know of Cool Runnings.[View]
117093892>He thinks he's a Michael >Is actually a Fredo Any anons with this feel?…[View]
117094667Joker 2019: I drew some sketches of the upcoming Joker movie, what do you think of my style?? Also -…[View]
117091432Cast them[View]
117093658Whats the deal with this fucking guy?[View]
117095443other than fancy look of the movie i don't get it[View]
117095379So can we agree he was under at least 2 levels of the Matrix, that's how he was able to do all …[View]
117091674This needs to be taught at universities[View]
117094299>Koo Nee Tang![View]
117094822Would animated movies benefit from being rated PG-13, or even R? Why is animation viewed as a “kid” …[View]
117095299What are some kinos about election interference?[View]
117086989Who's going to play King Charles II in his inevitable biopic?[View]
117095238What was his tax policy?[View]
117089199This is cyberpunk as FUCK. no other batman comes 1/100th this good. Why do you always lie about it[View]
117094676this is just a soap opera with funny bits and detective elements overrated tbqh[View]
117094463The last movie I saw new in the theater was Juno. Have I missed anything?[View]
117094220why would he even star in this lol its so degrading, not like he needs the money.[View]
117089517>used to watch the same 3 thomas the tank engine VHS tapes everyday as a kid >would sometimes …[View]
117094417Any good?[View]
117094657>we're not doing the supervillain shuffle! >does it anyway what did he mean by this?…[View]
117091486There's only one thing left to do hansen.... I'M ALL IN[View]
117094817>A show that vehemently promotes degenerate behavior >The writer is Jewish Who would've t…[View]
117093422'Why no anon, I havent ever been in anything good. Thank you for asking'[View]
117093588>It's a Al drinks refreshments on his balcony episode Fuck yes[View]
117094789What are some kinos about crime?[View]
117094233>Spirited Away's Chinese Screening Earns 195 Million Yuan, Ranks at #1 >Hayao Miyazaki, S…[View]
117090658Did they do it?[View]
117091346Why was the “Shallow” scene so otherworldly magical?[View]
117093378What did he mean by this?[View]
117094503>perhaps if we visit /tv/ we could find beautiful foxes to make sex with us…[View]
117094637>There would be no eulogies for Bob, no photographs of his body would be sold in sundries stores,…[View]
117077291Movie girls from this time period (late 90’s-mid 2000’s) are exceptionally hot. I think they have a …[View]
117094605I feel like I just got PUNK'D.[View]
117094564Sheriff Truman.. A Crip?![View]
117093538Who should play Idris Elba in his biopic? hard mode: movie is filmed after his death.[View]
117094467Wow Netflix trashed this show for season 3[View]
117094349So, his house is Gryffindor isn't it?[View]
117089650Why could he not get the ear worm out like Chekhov?[View]
117093311ITT: overrated shit: Who else likes this shit? I watched it twice, its terrible, how retarded do you…[View]
117094290Posters: ITT: posters that make you think it's the poster of another movie[View]
117090464Why have westerns disappeared? Even the few ones we get are mediocre.[View]
117094090>ITT: cinematic fashion you stole I wear shorts over my grey sweatpants all the time thanks to th…[View]
117094121What are some movies where the heroes recruit a villain into their team to fight an enemy they can…[View]
117092584Why was the guy Harry met in year 5 exactly the same as the guy who was pretending to be him the yea…[View]
117092796>when the bone-chilling atmospheric slow burn is interrupted by a cheap jumpscare…[View]
117094064Fanny och Alexander: This was actually a pretty dark ending. Does this mean the ghost of the ministe…[View]
117092966finally some animated kino i can enjoy[View]
117093224Love, Death & Robots: List your top 5 episodes. Need to know what to watch.[View]
117092556You STOLE fizzy lifting drinks.[View]
117093865Janny, this is your last chance to delete the basedjak poster from earth, or else i will say the n-w…[View]
117092634What are some other witch kinos?[View]
117093666What are your favorite Tyler Perry films? For me, it's the one where a black woman contracts HI…[View]
117093443Wait, so what happened to the people that took hot showers? Why weren't there massive schizo ou…[View]
117093774>It's about loyalty... something a woman wouldn't understand[View]
117093418Has anyone seen this? Is it any good?[View]
117093219FINKLE IS EINHORN[View]
117091925Technicality, bitch.[View]
117084063>Oh hey anon, we were just deciding which movie to watch...[View]
117093472>29 years old Isn't it time she grew up and started acting her age?…[View]
117093510>https://vimeo.com/215828641 Admit it, that car scene was absolute kino Based Lellouch…[View]
117091209>In April 1996, the FBI raided the cabin Ted Kaczynski >Among his possessions was a copy of th…[View]
117092398Every woman on earth wants to fuck me... REEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Feel bad for me, please![View]
117091611What a load of shit.[View]
117092780Is there a single good protestant film?[View]
117093006>only filmed in studios Was he dishonest?[View]
117092420>OHHH FANTASTIC!![View]
117091099Now that End Game is over how can they honestly do anything that will be new or exciting that has ne…[View]
117091334>you will never rape Anna Bates Why live[View]
117081664What was this scene a metaphor for?[View]
117093102This is why you lost[View]
117091040>female protag tied to a chair along with the rest of the heroes >villains come in, begin to s…[View]
117092528The memes are weak.[View]
117087518I just found out the author of the Fight Club novel is gay. I don’t think I can look at the movie th…[View]
117091460>It's not acceptable now, it wasn't acceptable then. What did he mean by this? Clearly …[View]
117090096Cast her.[View]
117090107what the fuck was her problem[View]
117092088'T-thanks for the chocolates Cindy,' I stammer, grinning in a forced, sheepish, slightly moronic man…[View]
117091272Are we getting an Avatar re-release in December to celebrate its 10 year anniversary?[View]
117092148Stuber: Will it be good?[View]
117092868Pic related is unironically much better than Eva.[View]
117092741Is he the most misunderstood director of our time?[View]
117092617Midnight with the stars and youuuuuu[View]
117092262Based and Redpilled[View]
117084690Daily reminder that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
117086958Ok, this is epic[View]
117076443/tt/ - The Terror: Why didn't Crozier have Mr. Hickey killed earlier?[View]
117092185Heroes that turned out to be villains[View]
117091507>907 days until Avatar 2[View]
117090134>I'll talk to you the way I want to talk to you, got a problem with it, turn off your statio…[View]
117092060What is his fucking problem s????[View]
117092342Will Survivor 40 All Winners be good?[View]
117088253What does /tv/ think about punished Mumkey?: Is he gonna make it? Will he get a redemption arc?…[View]
117092110You have to vote for one of us[View]
117092005>Go get 'em, Tiger.[View]
117092172Was she a slut? Was he a cuck?[View]
117091490>hey anon, mom's going out of town today, can you come over? I don't want to be alone…[View]
117090138Who was in the wrong here? This is my favourite Simpsons episode and I always sympathised with Georg…[View]
117091872one of these protects you, the others try to kill you. what do you choose? 1. Aragorn, Legolas, Giml…[View]
117091436ITT: signs you are about to watch kino[View]
117090922what are the Christian kino core movie??[View]
117090565What are some equitation kinos?[View]
117090005What are some Gyllenhaal kinos?: I saw Nightcrawler recently because of this board, and he impressed…[View]
117091505I'll go get the capeshit, get the capeshit[View]
117090921Friendly reminder that this movie actually exists.[View]
117091658So lemme get this straight >Satan is an incel >she doesn't actually want to destroy the e…[View]
117091246It was ok.[View]
117091637/tv/, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.[View]
117090980He was right about literally everything.[View]
117091204I am sorry I do not know where else to post this, but... I have been addicted to YouTube for a numbe…[View]
117091563Has anyone seen this? Was on TV a day or two ago. Don't know what to think.[View]
117091201Who else here /neverseeds/[View]
117091354So why were the zombies able to grow up again? Or if those ones were alive, why did they die with th…[View]
117089343>he uses private trackers because he's too afraid of getting caught…[View]
117091237A reminder /tv/ truly needs.[View]
117084438Who do you cast in the remake?[View]
117086067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSWLO7Kj-FY Are you ready for cop killer/we wuz kangs kino??[View]
117087350Films that saved your life: For me it was the Tree of Life. I had never seen a Malick film before a…[View]
117091152>43 :)[View]
117085889Could be sarcoidosis.[View]
117089636Why didn't they keep her as Dora?[View]
117077737Why is Colbert so petty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi5PNlEvhzs[View]
117090473What was the hidden message behind this scene?[View]
117088160Star Trek: Can Data cum? Can he actually orgasm or jizz or was he just raped by Tasha Yasha?[View]
117090995What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117090905What are some of the most aesthetic movie covers?[View]
117090737Joker 2019: I drew some sketches of the upcoming Joker movie, what do you think of my style?? Also -…[View]
117090727What went wrong? He's been in nothing but shit movies since 2015.[View]
117090154>ywn be paid to wear a Godzilla suit and kick down model buildings and punch monsters for a livin…[View]
117090828Out of all the kids media to sneak homosexuals into kids media, who has been the most obnoxious? My …[View]
117083704IT'S A QUESTION[View]
117088967So rich people like to get together and play pretend? What even is this movie?[View]
117090806how can one man be so based?[View]
117088653>still not available on DVD or bluray[View]
117085902He was killed by Mossad agents sent by Harvey Weinstein in retaliation against Asia Argento: You hea…[View]
117074400How the shit did this movie ever get made in America? And nobody went to jail?[View]
117090504What are some subtle cosmic horror movies?[View]
117087847Cast her[View]
117088766>Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from t…[View]
117089790>randomly discuss a 17 year old film and the potential of a new sequel >literally next day the…[View]
117090651>/tv/ headquarters[View]
117089712>Hickey wtf?! You can't just eat people![View]
117090196I don't get it.[View]
117086433Once Una Farto Time In Hollywood[View]
117064734Redpill me on Evangelion: So apparently Netflix fucked with the subs? Where some faggots didn't…[View]
117090339Tfw thanos: Tfw capt.Marvel got regulated on by a dude wearing a pimp glove[View]
117082606Akira: I don't really see him as a villain. He did nothing wrong.[View]
117090439What are some kinos about incest?[View]
117090396In life you're either Paul Sneed or you're Adrian Pimento. What are you?[View]
117090116*tips fedora*[View]
117089297Nicole Kidman: What happened ?[View]
117090272any more kinos about succubi?[View]
117090226>Truly, this was A Song of Ice and Fire™! Seriously?[View]
117090224Webm Thread: massive internet outages edition[View]
117090218Sitcoms: What are you favorite sitcoms and why are Brits better at making them?[View]
117086756So I've watched very few films before 1995, and I watched more 2009 films than any other releas…[View]
117090144What are some films about beautiful women ?[View]
117090074>watching moneyball >autism kino >but anyway, scene where billy goes to see his daughter …[View]
117089166Anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?[View]
117087158>fell in love with a slut kinos for this feel[View]
117086834>9 years later and still nothing exists like tron kino What went right?…[View]
117089753>watching kino >woman character gets beaten/tortured/killed and screams while >get a little…[View]
11708641128 days later third movie in the works: >Danny Boyle has revealed he's working on a follow-u…[View]
117084544Cute! ^_^[View]
117086309What's next for Finn Wolfhard after Stranger Things 3? Will he continue to get roles[View]
117089713Is there nothing Tarantino can do? https://youtu.be/twljKXvlNtM[View]
117088832Capeshit is for fagging homos. And Tard Wars is even shittier than S o y Trek. Just watch anime, aut…[View]
117085287Post the moment that cinema has been ruined forever[View]
117089577When I went under, the world was at war. I wake up, they say we won. They didn't say we fought …[View]
117088892any other tv shows about whores?[View]
117082436>What if I can't find her? >It's easy. She's standing right next to you.…[View]
117089220>The united states will be reorganised into the FIRST american empire[View]
117089542What did Forrest mean by this?[View]
117086248ITT: Comfy youtubers: Nothing better than having this guy on in the background when I'm playing…[View]
117085108True Detective General!: Share your casting & plot ideas for S4. Share your thoughts good and ba…[View]
117089507I know we're all sick of capeshit, but how much longer do I have to wait for her trilogy?[View]
117089508Will season 4 be kino? I remember season 1 being great, but 2 and 3 felt kinda eh.[View]
117088956Best black actor nowadays[View]
117087970Was it autism?[View]
117083870Incel. https://youtu.be/OybghFJNVV0[View]
117088489How come actresses with giant tits dont get cast so often? They're all prepubescent boys these …[View]
117089311What is the best kino based on or influenced by his body of work?[View]
117088242What is Chloe's masterplan?[View]
117085582Say my name[View]
117084256>A retired accountant travels to Las Vegas, checks into a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel, and pro…[View]
117088017Is Big Little Lies the new Desperate Housewives?[View]
117088592ASH ON MY TOMATOES[View]
117089194what are some movies perfectly suited to someone with an IQ of 122? Seems like Hollywood caters to s…[View]
117089183>It’s a Keyten episode[View]
117089181Was it autism?[View]
117088196>the absolute fucking state of /tv/ Whahappened?[View]
117088732halfway into season 2 with this shit. did i just get memed?[View]
117088628what does this board think of leelee sobieski?[View]
117089007Do people really care about child's play in 2019?[View]
117088654Soy Story 4: Man they shitted this up with crazy amounts of SJW junk. God damn it[View]
117088852I FUCKED UP![View]
117088767we need more movies like 2012[View]
117087704Will this be a waste of my time?[View]
117087824Movie reversals that never work: >The Asian kid ruins everything >The white guy saves the day …[View]
117088688Now that the dust has settled: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117087735Hey anon, will you be my friend?[View]
117088584Movies for this feel?[View]
117087478Legion (FX): So.. Today comes the new season of the best comicbook series?[View]
117084863Did they need to bring George Lucas back to save Star Wars?[View]
117088237Lets help midgets get work in movies: drop film concepts in this thread. best ones get mailed out to…[View]
117088483War in heaven movie!!: Can me make them make the movie already?![View]
117088112How many little students did this guy 'take care'?[View]
117086064Does anyone else wish steven universe would go back to focusing on characters like peridot, instead …[View]
117088287Thoughts on reddit[View]
117078731AVENGERS: ENDGAME Almost Had Iron Man Drop the MCU's First F-Bomb: >Several versions of Tony…[View]
117084197You now remember Jaime Pressley.[View]
117073134Chernobyl.: 2 series in Chernobyl and allready can say what this is huge anti-soviet propoganda. so …[View]
117088004how come there had never been a film about KFC?[View]
117088096Watch out! Another /tv/ gems thread Inb4 I've watched it so no gem hurr durr[View]
117087853What were they looking at??[View]
117086241Was this the most emotional moment in cinema?[View]
117084752South Park: What's your favorite episode of South Park and why? For me, it's 'With Apologi…[View]
117087401CIAguy appreciation thread?: *tink* *tink* *AHEM* A moment of your time good sirs! A toast! To our f…[View]
117087300To Junior[View]
117080451This movie really says a lot about our society[View]
117085922>e-gf wants to watch a movie together >go on streaming website >play the movie >she does…[View]
117087638Greetings /tv/ We are the Qondizox Collective from the distant world of Jixeledev IV. We have been m…[View]
117087613What are some movies or tv shows about having unrealistic fantasies and unachievably goals?[View]
117086863>Single musket ball. Size of a cherry[View]
117087324What did I think of this film?[View]
117087387Just marathoned this. What did I think? out of shape Amy a cute[View]
117087151how would you get rid of them with what daniel had?[View]
117086985How important is generating memes for a movie today? Do you think that they make scenes to generate …[View]
117069931would you fuck chuckys wife[View]
117082309Anna (2019): What did /tv/ think of this? I was unimpressed. Seemed like a feminist film. As expecte…[View]
117086141I’m thinking he’s based[View]
117085714Unironically a good movie and better than the cartoon[View]
117084795Public Domain Movies: Which good movies out there are in the public domain? I watched D.O.A. a while…[View]
117087034Interrogation kino: Post kino interrogation videos. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsLbDzkIy3A …[View]
117085304Movies dealing with the motifs of crime and punishment?[View]
117086471Doom Patrol: Just finished this and loved it what did you guys think?[View]
117083987WORLD PEACE BEHIND THE SCENES: Oh shit, this wasn't a CGI. Her painful screams are kinda brutal…[View]
117080248based Tom, is he gonna choke the bitch?[View]
117086984>be remembered as manlets >no one will take your other roles serious anymore…[View]
117085242Favorite racists in movies Ill start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0cm6NCicNw[View]
117084869In the end, he could have made the shot. Why didn't he? Movie is Barry Lyndon.[View]
117085410Make me sad, /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRRlZOWcwUc[View]
117083335Deadwood (2019): Just finished watching it. Fucking brilliant. How did it go almost completely unnot…[View]
117086640how can one show be so re-watchable? I must have seen it 4-5 times now and it never gets old or bori…[View]
117086810Holy fucking shit[View]
117084560What makes you happy /tv/?[View]
117085609Are you talking to me?[View]
117085542movies about birds?[View]
117084369>Disney disappointed in the sales related to the new trilogy >decides to tap into stories the…[View]
117085181What did I just watch?: It starts off well, mysterious and creepy. Then MC changes and it kinds of b…[View]
117083742What's the /tv/ consensus on this character?[View]
117084385What's a movie that's actually good that I might not have seen?[View]
117086588So this guy was the Zodiac's accomplice, right? Or was he the actual Zodiac?[View]
117086566>white main protagonist >black/latino side kick >black lover What does Hollywood mean by th…[View]
117086507Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: This trailer is why the sequels will never live up to th…[View]
117085767How many times had they fucked by season 6?[View]
117086456Did comfyness peak with Adult Swim bumps?[View]
117086383/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117086389will you be watching once upon a time in hollywood?[View]
117084174ahem $3 billion [View]
117080636Well /tv/?[View]
117085480What's your favorite movie about sentient AI?[View]
117086200ITT: People you've never found funny[View]
117082511Murder Mystery: This was a good movie, can anyone suggest more like it? Basically a light mystery-co…[View]
117080970Can we take a second to talk about this comedy kino?[View]
117085275Why is nip horror so good?[View]
117083622Does Tom get cucked?[View]
117086184Do zoomers know about love line? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuQaDOnjUsI[View]
117086162amitabh bachchan deage deepfake try: https://youtu.be/95s3C-2c55w[View]
117081115Movies you got bored halfway through and didnt finish[View]
117086016>'HOWR HOWR HOWR'[View]
117085166ITT - tv personalities who hate each other irl: I'll start[View]
117084745Movies you liked more than you should have.[View]
117087123Brad Pit[View]
117083251The Shining: How about a comfy thread for any and all things Shining. For starters, how did Jack kn…[View]
117085529What are they changing the name of the franchise to? Men in Black Woman?[View]
117085019You forgot to say please[View]
117082062What was the point of this character?[View]
117082488Are all animators pretentious dickheads? https://youtu.be/BfxlgHBaxEU[View]
117085645What did they mean by this episode?[View]
117081988Are the Spider-Man films indicative of the “ideal man” and what’s considered attractive in each resp…[View]
117081330Can anyone recommend me some good comedy specials by women? Really trying to broaden my horizons[View]
117065106What's the worst opinion you've read on this board?[View]
117083516Movies You Like That are Critical Failures: Even though it's kind of a stupid plot, I actually …[View]
117084634>show about cool biker gang shit >start watching because of cool biker gang shit >actuall…[View]
117081468There’s a dignity in royalty, a majesty that precludes the likelihood of assassination. Now, if you …[View]
117064711Toy Story 4: >pros + Woody + Forky + Bo (surprisingly she's not SJW) + human element + pushe…[View]
117085145FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD: ALRIGHT?????????????[View]
117083545literally me[View]
117085163Mr Hickey will be rewarded as a BOY[View]
117085104Is this pure kino?: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10-UeXFnveBUM24aqy-WgOzQlJ0Dv8jZW/view…[View]
117076779Just watched Evangelion for the first time: >meaningless symbolism >muh depressions >pedo s…[View]
117084982>trailer starts >WITH A BEAUTIFUL WIFE starts playing…[View]
117082465What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117084899Boardwalk Empire: Really, what's with this autist[View]
117071451>Danny Boyle has refused to cut Oasis scene despite requests from American distributors >In 'Y…[View]
117084956Is this guy really that good, or is he just being shilled ad nauseam?[View]
117084655>you’re browsing /tv/ - the worst board on 4chan[View]
117083966Was Malcolm in the Middle the funniest and most based show? >only thing that's important is …[View]
117082072>Listen here you frog faced weather girl bitch[View]
117081625I got some bad ideas in my head[View]
117084072How did they get away with this??: >Using the 'n'word all the time >making fun of asians and h…[View]
117082356No one's ever really gone.[View]
117081972Bates Motel: Anyone ever watch this ? also any more mommy/son kino?[View]
117078189welcome aboard-JUST KIDDING ITS A PRANK BRO[View]
117084411Film Director: People who are working or have worked in the industry. What are the odds of one becom…[View]
117084816Is it worth rewatching?[View]
117083094Here’s your Yennefer of Vengerberg /tv/.[View]
117084153How about a Volksgemeinshaft?[View]
117084719Is this show supposed to be tense and scary?[View]
117056469Why did people choose to stop developing crt tvs?[View]
117077183>some posters on /tv/ think the duplication machine actually worked were you not watching closely…[View]
117083299I'M B6 I PICK UP STICKS[View]
117080810seriously..what the hell is wrong with you spider-man fans?[View]
117078455Is this the most inventive and endearing indie movie of the decade?[View]
117078991The Primarchs: Who will play them in the live action series?[View]
117070569Would this potential proposed film be kino?[View]
117082659>'There isn't a white man in American who would trade places with me. And I'm rich.' W…[View]
117081059I saw it and it was good not great but good. Would've been a bit more interesting if they put i…[View]
117083520Hey Max... Guy gets on the MTA here in LA...dies Think anybody'll notice?[View]
117083472Nicole Simpson can't rap I WANT JUSTICE[View]
117064868GET WOKE: GO BROKE[View]
117083421now that the dust has settled was this the worst tv show of all time does anyone even remember it a …[View]
117080022Hershlag in space[View]
117081315where are they even going anymore?[View]
117083782Why are there so few comfy bro-movies made today? I'm sorry if I'm unaware of some more ob…[View]
117078945Westworld: Why does no one talk about this anymore? Just watched his episode and it was pure fucking…[View]
117083944Okay? okay[View]
117084078Taxi driver: >that scene when travis destroy the television[View]
117081667>Yeah, hello, this is RST Video, customer number 4352, I need to place an order. Okay, I need one…[View]
117073023ITT: Minor character deaths that actually made you sad[View]
117078468I’m watching both of these simultaneously What am I in for?[View]
117083963I’ll bitch slap you back to Africa: What did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/FCJ4JxZNNUM[View]
117083750Blood Meridian is unfilma---[View]
117076714Movies about quaaludes? https://youtu.be/wBe13StTKaM[View]
117075707Judd apatow: I just saw this guy do a comedy show in ny. Like all jewish comedians he talked about h…[View]
117081906Honey, you'll never believe what happened to me today.[View]
117083441Do people actually enjoy horror movies like paranormal activity? Why would you want to expose yourse…[View]
117079205August 10, 2020 They're coming back dudes[View]
117077321>102 days until Joker[View]
117083762Rich Evans appreciation thread. Express your love for the true 'GOLDEN GOD' Rich Evans.[View]
117080980Jack Nicholson? Heath Leadger? No, for me, the best joker is Mark Hammill![View]
117083578Indian movies are ba...... ITT: we discuss Indian kinos: can be bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, etc…[View]
117065303>cheap and tasty food bad![View]
117083136catwoman? now that was capekino[View]
117065634webm thread[View]
117080346this was pretty good[View]
117083414YOUNG GIRLS ARE COMING TO THE CAAAaaaNYOOOoooN: Aaaaaand in theee mornings I can see them waaaaaaaal…[View]
117078535malaz: Cast him then cast tavore[View]
117076904>It's about loyalty... something a woman wouldn't understand[View]
117076339let's say ur ethan hawke, its your first 'Training Day.Divx' and some based nigga offers you a …[View]
117083002this is kino: prove me wrong[View]
117083267Martin Jones: Can you post pictures of Martin Jones? discuss the show if you want but i'm only …[View]
117075823>Bob Lazar gets on Joe Rogan >CNN snow talking about UFO’s and classified documents What the f…[View]
117078670What does /tv/ think of Gilmore Girls?[View]
117083158Well, golly, I'm gonna have to say Based on this one.[View]
117081300Post VHS covers: or don't, I don't give a FUCK what you do. I'm about to jerk off. Pr…[View]
117078359Should I marathon this? Is it good or is it only ironically good?[View]
117079415ITT: Kino trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-XnYe0YTXw[View]
117081738>be Kathy Greenwood >be useless[View]
117082915Who’s the most JUSTED actor rn[View]
117081790> He is not his own grandfather Plebs everywhere[View]
117081075when i get up all i wanna do is go to bed again[View]
117077421>You talking to ME??[View]
117082768Goodnight /tv/[View]
117082726what the fuck bros[View]
117082678Would Tolkien himself be happy with the LOTR trilogy?[View]
117081005Why does everyone say bad things about Eyes Wide Shut? It's the best Kubrick film[View]
117068414/got/ General - dragon queen edition: >>117052725[View]
117079142Is it kino?[View]
117082433Which one is hotter?[View]
117081959ZOOBY ZOOBY ZOO[View]
117080174What are the weirdest, creepiest, most interesting murders or crimes you've seen on this televi…[View]
117082349Tic toc trannies what are you waiting for theres mothing left for you here[View]
117081889Cast it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfaVkErS9Po&feature=youtu.be[View]
117080603Was anyone else bored as hell like me and watched the Mrs. Maisel show from Amazon? Anybody watch it…[View]
117081736>Tom Cruise has a perfect filmograph-[View]
117077693>shots you can hear[View]
117080509Do all British people/families act as dumb and irrational during times of crisis as they did in this…[View]
117081598Is anyone gonna post that locker room twink peen or do I have to torrent episode 2?[View]
117080367this was shit[View]
117081914White Girl: Just caught this, watched for Dana Brody. The sex scenes were unsimulated, right?[View]
117081905HOLY SHIP[View]
117080257>watch it Schmit![View]
117081060Why is every Jem Haddar episode a 10/10 kino?[View]
117079532Looking for a movie: Trying to find a movie I saw when I was younger, cant describe much, there was …[View]
117081760What was the point of this scene?[View]
117077095So when i she going to get her own movie? If that sham Cap Marvel can get 2 hours why cant our girl …[View]
117081171>show me your gun ese what do?[View]
117080626Characters that saved a movie: Post good characters in a shitty movie[View]
117081371You STOLE fizzy lifting drinks.[View]
117080072ITT: we post a director without posting their name or their picture, Anons try to guess who it is I…[View]
117078924>anybody else got a problem with Webistics?!?[View]
117080630Stallone Dredd > DREDD[View]
117078459More one night kinos?[View]
117081185>he went home to get it[View]
117073569She can actually act! Instead of being some caricature or niche fetish. She could play an ordinary r…[View]
117080381What are some more kinos like this?[View]
117080728God her accent is fucking terrible[View]
117077569So she was a self absorbed cunt, right?[View]
117080917Honest thoughts on Sophie Turner?[View]
117075394Movies you watch more than 3 times a year I’ll start[View]
117080515Why was the Star Wars expanded universe so fucking awful?[View]
117076294>If you like the movie you're labeled an edgelord >if you hate it you're a brainlet …[View]
117080834Bad to Mediocre Shows with Good Opening.: https://vimeo.com/164307169[View]
117080814American Express card! Don't leave home without it.[View]
117075950Dude.....let's play some cripple and trans then win the Oscar.[View]
117079328Can youtubers be... dare I say.. one of us?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDd6CipM558 @143 'Now t…[View]
117079537Movies about sex trafficking?: Do you think hollywood will make one based on NXIVM?[View]
117080708what if spiderman shote cum from his hand instead of spider juice haha eww haha gross[View]
117070988Literally how?[View]
117079966102 days until Todd Phillips JOKER[View]
117076685Defenders of this film: please tell me why you like it? The first time I saw it I thought it was a n…[View]
117078674Feeling a little down today bc my doctor misgendered me and dint apologize so I decided to finally w…[View]
117079377got old panasonic camcorder, has lead-acid battery that seems to be dead. what do?[View]
117080361>This is the biggest film since the silent era, in truth 10 years later, does this statement stil…[View]
117080161Ladies and gentlemen, mr. Conway Twitty[View]
117078522>you could not sneed post on other boards without getting banned >and where did that bring you…[View]
117073867Reminder: Piracy is not a victimless crime[View]
117079834why cant brits do anything right[View]
117079238Do people seriously value the opinion of critics over a group consensus?[View]
117075317THE KING HAS SPOKEN: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/06/film-review-toy-story-4-consumerism/…[View]
117076882Dump the new nudity here.[View]
117080173Is it kino? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTy9sOOtkg[View]
117077518When did it start going downhill?[View]
117079895...And then I woke up[View]
117078542What went wrong?[View]
117077816>the incel trilogy[View]
117078240Holy FUCK this movie was pure kino[View]
117078882How would you fix it?[View]
117076576All through the night: This scene is fucking perfect, tears well up whenever I rewatch it. https://w…[View]
117079670Heh. Better luck next time!.... Kid!![View]
117072195what did he mean by this?[View]
117077240Help me, /tv/. Why is season 2 so boring? Season 1 tricked me, this is just like True Detective.[View]
117077597Should I watch Cosmopolis or Lost in Translation?[View]
117079585Tony caught you looking and you lost the game[View]
117076876Name a more normie show[View]
117079304what was his fucking problem?[View]
117076412What should we expect for season 2?[View]
117079347Does anyone else feel like nothing good has come out recently to watch at home? Taking recommendatio…[View]
117079606What are some movies that you’ve changed opinions on?[View]
117079188K I N O I N O[View]
117073710When does it get good?[View]
117076415I'd like some breakfast.[View]
117079460Do you think the director of Shazam browses this place?[View]
117073672I'm thinking of watching these.[View]
117077765So the in place creative/technical team that perfected American TV drama ~2011/2012 was just allowed…[View]
117079087Skull Island > King of Monsters Way better human characters, felt more put together overall, and …[View]
117074064/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117073698Them getting married was the dumbest fucking shit ever.[View]
117060214Yu-Gi-Oh was filmed before a live studio audience.[View]
117079230is this the biggest pleb filter of the last 20 years?[View]
117076726All That Reboot: Is it Kino?[View]
117066235Is it kino?[View]
117071963HBO's EUPHORIA: New episode in 10 minutes. Hyped for those 30 penises, /tv/?[View]
117067566Tell them how you killed our baby, Amanda[View]
117076460Is this the perfect man?[View]
117076292This character proved that if you bully and guilt trip someone you will be able to take advantage of…[View]
117079065>Do you always eat cheeseburgers at warp speed, Mr. Paris? >Only when they're in visual r…[View]
117079048Murder Mystery: You were right, this was pretty good. Pretty funny too. Comfy murder mystery set on …[View]
117079000*walks unreasonably slow* *caresses objects* *ignores questions* Man.. this fucking character is ann…[View]
117078966'The Punishment of X-4' big-screen adaptation when?[View]
117078915we want the arthoe audience[View]
117075408/Experimental/ general: General for all of the experimental and Avant Garde shit. >What are you w…[View]
1170787841. Eyes Wide Shut 2. Lolita 3. The Shining 4. A Clockwork Orange 5. Full Metal Jacket 6. 2001 7. Dr.…[View]
117078873Movies representative of this particular lifestyle[View]
117076958What would you like to see in a sequel to The Neon Demon?[View]
117078814The OA was both kino and cringe, did anyone else watch it?[View]
117076091Japanese '''''''acting'''''''[View]
117076078Manhunt Movies: Anyone have any favorites? Watching The Fugitive right now, kind of bummed they don…[View]
117076005You have to write a movie based around Emilia Clarke in this image. What do you do?[View]
117077831Holy fuck this was bad. I seriously couldn’t even finish it.[View]
117069595Is this still the best zombie movie ever made?[View]
117072422Watched this today. It was fun and very comfy. Is this movie proof that Cavill should be the next ac…[View]
117078556You got a feed and seed You got a feed and seed When the moefag goes to bed And you can’t remember t…[View]
117078543>'Come to bed anon I sneed some feed...'[View]
117075144>launches into intense monologue >walks out without paying was it just a desperate ploy to sav…[View]
117071450just watched this for the first time. I’m blubbering like a baby.[View]
117077998Hopefully the normies watch this just for being a24[View]
117077482xmen: Could anyone have beat the Sentinals in the xmen arsenal? Could deadpool? Could marvel? I mean…[View]
117074214Just got done watching American Gangster and this was after the credtis ended. What did they mean by…[View]
117078287We are images, dreams, photographs, we must not stay here! We shall break the illusion. This is Maya…[View]
117077501whatever happened to these 80's kids, they all kind of fizzled out... Molley, Judd, this nerd k…[View]
117077617What does this expression convey?[View]
117073786I honestly can't think of a movie that aged worse than 28 days later[View]
117061360>Bartosz did nothing wrong >Ulrich did nothing wrong >Hannah is a psychopath >Claudia is…[View]
117077056What were the bigots implying here??[View]
117077065Actors that you didn't know they are Americans[View]
117078141Fuck Osborne, fuck MJ and above all fuck you, Peter[View]
117077566This Feels Like a Made For TV Movie: Anyone else feel this way? Just watched it. What are your thou…[View]
117078085>Straight white privileged cis male, please sit.[View]
117078038Cast him[View]
117076588The backpedaling has begun. In the latest comic while Luke was on a mission in between episodes V an…[View]
117076591How do you pronounce Constantine? One time some comic book fag sperged out when I tried to talk abou…[View]
117072617>movie was criticized and received little attention on release >now its considered great Shoul…[View]
117076925Is this from a movie Jodelle Ferland has been in?[View]
117071126as a kid I loved this movie, turns out there are like 14 movies after this one?!?! should I watch th…[View]
117077926Films like this one?[View]
117077408It seems like all my favorite actors growing up hit a turning point somewhere. Since then, everythin…[View]
117075311You're a bum, /tv/![View]
117073532Didn't Tim Curry die? What's going on?[View]
117075601Your pretty face is going to hell is the best show Adult Swim has made in a long fucking time.[View]
117075691I want to kill, everyone, Satan is good, Satan is our pal[View]
117077533What does /tv/ think about SHAF?: >RT: 31% >Audience score: 95% Saw this tonight and holy crap…[View]
117070234It was unironically better than Toy Story.[View]
117077439Imagine the smell[View]
117072645If I die In this world Who will know Something of me? I am lost No-one knows, There's no trace …[View]
117074349War of the Worlds 2005 looks better in B/W.[View]
117077284One thing they never cleared up in The Shining - did Jack actually drink any alcohol or was the Jack…[View]
117070504true detective: how many cigarettes did this fucker smoke while filming?[View]
117077075That's right![View]
117072769I DID NOT care for the Baneposting[View]
117076209It’s like you guys have never seen farscape[View]
117073743why was raimi's movies so good? because it depicted how lonely man[View]
117073598Why was it so good?[View]
117069243Is Bayley a good actress?[View]
117077260So what we post Chuck? So what we post Sneed? We're just havin' fun We don't care who…[View]
117068880NETFLIX AGREES TO CANCEL GOOD OMENS: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/good-o…[View]
117076721Cast William H Macy as Mick Jagger[View]
117068411War in heaven film?: Supposedly they were suppose to film one but it was to expansive. Concept art l…[View]
117074292What does /tv/ think of the History Channel series Pawn Stars?[View]
117076142>this is the most consistently working LatinX in the last 25 years JAJAJAJAJA…[View]
117077031What are some good movies about growing up in an American high school?[View]
117074527/mmg/ - Monkey Movie General Talk about your favorite monkey, apes, chimpanzees in movies. Thread Qu…[View]
117076903Why no heir to M*A*S*H medical drama set in 1968 Saigon from the team that brought you Mad Men?[View]
117051883/RBMK/ Chernobyl General: Green worm edition[View]
117075278(hungers for beans) Oh god...I'm hungry.... YOU HEAR THIS, YOU SON OF A BITCH?! I'M GONNA …[View]
117076796Seed of Chucky: formerly Feed of Sneedy good movie though[View]
117074728So what was this movie's point exactly?[View]
117074286>Dude, ghosts, lmao[View]
117075733Why doesn't Disney start remaking their old cartoons with robots instead of CGI?[View]
117071564>By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet! The power is yours! What have you done with your p…[View]
117065559name a more worthless human being[View]
117072483I hate dragons. They ruined GOT[View]
117076469Can anyone recommend some kino set in San Diego? The only films that come to mind are Traffic, Ancho…[View]
117074139Battle Royale. Who wins?[View]
117076436It all makes sense now why he's such a cuck. He Deniro'd himself with a monkey.[View]
117075673https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiPNEL9ealA Imagine if they made a Toy Story where they went back on…[View]
117074003Was YTV the peak of Canadian TV?[View]
117073954Terrifying scenes from non-horror stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8nfkK80oN8[View]
117076047>kills your dog What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117074002Better Call Life Alert: How much longer does Mike have realistically?[View]
117068985Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively?[View]
117064523I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonet…[View]
117074589What was his fucking problem? Also, this movie sucked[View]
117073311Spiderman (2002) > Spiderman 2[View]
117073939Where there any flame wars when LoTR and SW movies were in theathers?: sort of like the shit we see …[View]
117075705>Nicholson demanded top billing as well as to have all of his scenes shot in a three-week block, …[View]
117074479Leave thanos to me[View]
117074353Disney takes this massive dairy cow...[View]
117075178Theoretically how many people could she KO with a chin butt technique?[View]
117070907name old tv shows hbo should reboot[View]
117074023Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
117069404Army Dog: Was it kino?[View]
117075728Cast them in the live action adaptation? I’ll start. Davis Warwick as Helpy. Daisy Riddly as Tigton.[View]
117074635best french new wave films?[View]
117075531kino or cringe?[View]
117075585>don't stop >immediately stops bravo david, bravo…[View]
117072595More like this? I enjoyed it after some anons posted about it last night.[View]
117074395Why is he such a shit actor and a sleaze bag?[View]
117073342Hot take There is no movie... or girlfriend... and poland is a lie too.[View]
117074219I vant to suck your blood: bleh[View]
117071030Sucker Punch was kino, and the critics were literally gay homosexuals. Check this out: >hot women…[View]
117073172Movies about white privilege?: Any kinos about white privilege as well as first-world privilege? Als…[View]
117075401Dark general. It is the successor to Twin Peaks, but better: Dark General Dark takes place in a smal…[View]
117074183This Mind-Blowing Fan Theory Will Change How You Watch The Land Before Time VII[View]
117074650>gf dropped one of the expensive sapphire earrings i got her for Christmas 2017 in the bedroom an…[View]
117075251Here's your new Terminator bro[View]
117075246This was surprisingly good and brutal.[View]
117075208The Aquarium - Animal Planet: So I'm watching this show.. I've always pictured Marine Biol…[View]
117075107You’re just a cook!![View]
117073936>tfw no superiors roach gf to laugh at me[View]
117073765Why would you leave the safety off on a firearm? That seems really reckless.[View]
117074683What did he mean by this[View]
117071785>get top billing alongside Godzilla and King Ghidorah >have four minutes of screentime combine…[View]
117074380I have a need, a need for Sneed[View]
117072416Could he have taken Tony?[View]
117067534I got some rusty gold here Frank[View]
117074813who could stop him?[View]
117073145You there, what is your profession?[View]
117073118Uncut Gems (2019): Wtf I love Adam Sandler now?[View]
117074549ITT: Films about being isolated from the world[View]
117074439Is there anyone who can even remotely control our boy Steve? >Punched Billy in order to defend th…[View]
117074557'My planet sneed me.'[View]
117073818Was this just a 100 minute long advertisement for a fucking Sturgill Simpson song? Why was this so b…[View]
117074606Post series that got ruined by political agenda[View]
117074156Why is there a sudden interest in Sleep Away Camp on this board? Also I wish Judy would bully me for…[View]
117074524City on a Hill: Is Baconkino back on the menu?[View]
117073372my girlfriend wants me to find this movie her grandma(from nicaragua) told her about. it's a mo…[View]
117074253why did he killed paul?[View]
117074352The truth is never simple and yet it is. The truth is we did kill Moot. By silence we consented... b…[View]
117068259What the hell is this?[View]
117074307ITT we post like it's the 4channel board /tv/ in the year 2020[View]
117074237>LARRY: (Talking from the bedroom's bath) Somebody told me today that too much soi makes you…[View]
117071431PIZZA TIME[View]
117073837DEADWOOD MOVIE: TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT made perfect sense totally not a half-hearted money grab…[View]
117072920Post your favorite and most kino movie soundtracks: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
117073395My fat fuck[View]
117068400Did this really happen?[View]
117069832Anyone else watching this? It's on CNN right now[View]
1170736047 of 9? You mean 10 of 10[View]
117071560Looks like murder mystery kino is back on the menu boys. Also Jennifer Anniston is old as fuck now. …[View]
117065663Just finished this show for the first time. Someone please explain to me what the purpose of this ch…[View]
117072694How is Blade Runner a classic?[View]
117068755i dont get it[View]
117072176is it kino?[View]
117070626Is this K I N O ?[View]
117070443Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
117066867why does american media want this so much?[View]
117073461Elementary: How are they going to finish Season 7 and the entire show without having her show up? Di…[View]
117070499Why aren't there more shows like Chernobyl, The Terror, The Knick, The Young Pope, etc.?[View]
117073687What horror film has the most nudity[View]
117073507>god tier dialogue and story telling >fantastic performance by Kevin Bacon and his supporting …[View]
117073381The definitive and scariest Chucky design[View]
117072399AMV kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpc-7AY_cxw Can anyone explain why action anime kino goes …[View]
117073398JUST ONE MORE THING[View]
117071047How much of a blunder will it be? I've never seen this much negative press for a film before so…[View]
117071447>when Bloopcuck makes Chappie 2 instead of District 10[View]
117073252>this man has a sunstroke, take him to the infirmary[View]
117073143TOTDY: >it's a cartel episode *yawn*[View]
117073332>WHO picked this anyways?! >mfw: what did you pick that gave you this feel? for me it was DATE…[View]
117067704Was this a big surprise to anyone when this happened?[View]
117070630Wait, so did he believe in God, or not?[View]
117073141>When your shipmate tells another story about his days bulls eyeing swamp rats in China during th…[View]
117067802Why is it coming out on a Tuesday?[View]
117071102Blade Runner 2049: Just watched this movie, and I know the story isn't that good but HOLY SHIT …[View]
117072877Friends cast dating: So it was revealed that some of the cast did sleep together. Anyone have an ide…[View]
117072477Anyone remember this? https://youtu.be/aM3ElTvF52I Do you think Abu Hajaar's still around, toda…[View]
117072466I AM A GOLDEN GOD[View]
117071158Maniac: Should I watch the 1980 or 2013 version first?[View]
117070994>bro just be yourself, women will love you for who you are, they don't care about loo-…[View]
117072553Yes, I am an AMC Stubs Rewards A-List member, how did you know?[View]
117071567What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117068621and then everyone clapped[View]
117072211Bulbasaur use leech seed![View]
117068525The better Dunkirk. Watch this and tell me if Nolan did it better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
117069226X-Files Reboot: What went wrong?[View]
117070394You may not like it, but this is what top perfomance male body looks like[View]
117072644Most people don't listen to the lyrics but THEY SHOULD /tv/[View]
117056390Is this an appropriate portrayal of Dora?[View]
117072716Are you excited for this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZaz3ukwj9U&t=42s[View]
117071463This is so shit and corny but i sort of enjoy it[View]
117069225Genuinely did nothing wrong.[View]
117070575/90df/: 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After General - Please Respond Edition Season trailer: https://…[View]
117070485Who else looks at SVU characters back story ?![View]
117050682Why yes I did enjoy Triassic Attack™ a SyFy Original[View]
117065866what do you call this hairstyle?[View]
117070724whats his best film? HARD MODE: cant say training day[View]
117059069Best Dracula film, prove me wrong[View]
117071603Next time, baby.[View]
117071757>why do you cry?[View]
117069697>Swordsman who is clearly skilled lands several wounds to hero, many of them fatal. >Capeshit …[View]
117056221>Previously on The Shield™[View]
117072398AYO DARTH[View]
117072373Why hasn't Joe Rogan had Karl Pilkington on his podcast yet?[View]
117072383I’m sorry, kiddo, I really am. You have a good soul, and I hate giving good people bad news. Oh, don…[View]
117056065Here's your new Terminator say something nice about him[View]
117072336What Christ-kino does /tv/ recommend?[View]
117072302Thanks for the recommendation /tv/. This was pure kino. Also looks gorgeous in 4K HDR.[View]
117072246>*walks your path*[View]
117071677Music Video Kino: https://youtu.be/McQPBgI4fEk What do you like?[View]
117069030When should I stop watching?[View]
117068135And since I'd achieved all my goals as President in one term, there was no need for a second.[View]
117071238>The thing that makes Woody special is he’ll never give up on you...ever...he’ll be there for you…[View]
117071114Cast him[View]
117069909Ana de Armas: Is her career cursed? >blade runner flopped >role cut from yesterday >lates…[View]
117071713How did he still had a job after the whole fire drill situation?[View]
117070033Is he - dare I say it? /our guy/?[View]
117070515>Tune in to LOST. >It's a Desmond episode.…[View]
117068700This dude is the absolute worst 60 minutes journalist of all time. Total dweeb.[View]
117069238YO LIL DOGGIE[View]
117071707Endless trash[View]
117071437/tv/ personified[View]
117070387>be me >Have genius idea >Start making comic book films >Basically all have the same plo…[View]
117068110What the fuck was their problem?[View]
117069385More like this[View]
117069886Now that the dust has settled, who had the best card?[View]
117067643Is this movie worth watching?[View]
117070650It's too bad she won't live...but then again, who does?[View]
117071500>What do you think the average IQ of this board is, marty? >I see a propensity for autism. NEE…[View]
117069994>tfw to intelligent for comedy[View]
117071461What are some movies about desperate last moves that completely fail?[View]
117069585how does this one compare?: I enjoyed the 1st charmed and tried the 1st episode of the reboot on Net…[View]
117071443I watched this movie last night, and I felt so stupid for not seeing this twist coming.[View]
117071387Possible interpretations for Angry Birds 2: >King Mudbeard, ruler of the Bad Piggies, plots reven…[View]
117067619>the plot thickens[View]
117062052/trek/: Here's to the best new show in Star Trek![View]
117069378>Critics: 47% >Audiences: 72% >While Phoenix no doubt delivers on an excellent performance,…[View]
117069871>'You are nothing to the princess... But you could be.' 100% unironically, what did he mean by th…[View]
117070478>WE'LL TAKE THE LOT[View]
117059338>teacher rolls this bad boy in what were you favorite classroom kinos?[View]
117066999Does Jeeja Yanin (aka Yanin Vismitananda , aka ญาณิน 'จีจ้า' วิสมิตะนันทน์ , aka Yanin 'Chicha' Wisa…[View]
1170711338 person draft is finally done edition previously >>117044319 probably just a quick thread, no…[View]
117067129What is Tarantino's best movie?: And why is it reservoir dogs?[View]
117071027Any movies about getting a chicken vindaloo, small steamed rice, garlic naan and some papadum for lu…[View]
117068312Was it kino?[View]
117065090Is Toy Story 3 ruined forever?: It'll never be the same to watch Toy Story 3 again while knowin…[View]
117069308>LOOK AT YOU GO[View]
117070588>character doesn't have a colostomy bag[View]
117067114are the netflix voice over people younger?: at the time of recording than the old peoples age at the…[View]
117070842Whatever happened to Love Island General?[View]
117070140Why not just bury her hundreds of feet below the Arctic?[View]
117070709what are some movies that show a contrast between 'reality vs internet' a theme like pic related (if…[View]
117070696>look for documentary or footage of famous historical building on youtube >first results are t…[View]
117047202/tv/ drawthread: make/request /tv/ art[View]
117070384I'm three episodes in and can't decide if I like what I'm watching. Does it get bette…[View]
117067500Is it kino?[View]
117070550>dilates >but also helped make undisputed kino your move /tv/…[View]
117068362How long before we see Auli'i Cravalho in major roles?[View]
117070197Could KITT defeat a modern Tesla model X?[View]
117061899ITT: /tv/ related tattoos[View]
117067555Why are the Jews trying to make normies scared of nuclear power and make climate change worse? Is it…[View]
117069618Julia Roberts: Julia Roberts came to my mom's work today[View]
117069261Was there any way to salvage this thing once Spacey was cast off?[View]
117069661Was Vito a Crypto-Mexican?[View]
117069343Can any show really top this?[View]
117070356>Do you understand it? Do you believe it? Well /tv/?[View]
117070130I don't get it[View]
117070189Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117068279What independent comics would make for great movies?[View]
117070300>So that’s it, huh? We’re some kinda... Suicide Squad?[View]
117068930How did he get away with doing blackface?[View]
117065111Be honest, if the funny yellow people show is going to jump the shark, they might as well just go al…[View]
117066284Creature horror kino, what should I watch?[View]
117068708Heaven? Whatever gave you the idea that you were in heaven, Mr. Valentine? This IS the other place![View]
117068899Kinoplex Memories: https://youtu.be/H6o6ZlefvOo[View]
117068821oled vs qled, what do you use to watch your favorite pogroms.[View]
117069987I don't get it. Was he the good guy? He did nothing wrong.[View]
117069857ITT Characters that did everything right[View]
117069943what are some good horror movies set in hotels/motels?[View]
117057879ITT: The Last Genuinely Great Movie You Saw: >What was the last 9/10+ movie you watched? Saw pic …[View]
117069427hey cindy get out of my lab lol[View]
117069980Jean-Luc Godard: what do you think of his films? i've seen a few of the earlier ones so far and…[View]
117066819>Danny Boyle has refused to cut Oasis scene despite requests from American distributors >In 'Y…[View]
1170699345/10 not enough shineboxes.[View]
117064038He's right you know: >'My heretical point, when writing about Toy Story 3, was that this ins…[View]
117064682What are some video games that could be adapted into kino? Starting with an obvious one.[View]
117069423Why are atheists the only people who make good movies?: Meanwhile Christians sit in caves and can ba…[View]
117069819Is anyone here hyped for the new Hills?[View]
117064504more like chad masterson[View]
117068582So is Black Mirror only about cuckolding, cheating wives/gfs why its ok to fuck everything and every…[View]
117068828ITT:: Characters who are literally you[View]
117069375I keep forgetting about movies I remember liking.[View]
117064260Honestly this is not very good at all. I feel like it's one of those 'you had to see it back th…[View]
117052629Why is this allowed ? one minute of a still image where nothing happens[View]
117033871>6 months before release >I am forgotten[View]
117069453Aaaaaaa.....fluid as the sea.....[View]
117053602post shots that are like paintings[View]
117068134How did a planet with limbs manage to sneak up on Jackie Jr?[View]
117069270Do any of you have a link to torrent the 93 min re-release of Metropolis?[View]
117068599Where does her career go from here?[View]
117069249Steven Spielberg's favorite movies of all time -It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra (1946) -The …[View]
117046937This is the best TV show since Twin Peaks The Return: And the fact that barely anyone is talking abo…[View]
117050643>fly me to the Moon and let me play amongst the stars.[View]
117069233Need help remembering a movie: Hey /tv/, I need help remembering a film from the early-mid 2000s Fro…[View]
117064639What did they talk about that day?[View]
117068441Why didn't they work out?[View]
117062431Brightburn: Just watched Brightburn. What did I think /tv/? I'll just go ahead and tell you. It…[View]
117064508>He went home to get it.[View]
117067241Child's Play reboot box office is 2nd highest right behind Toy Story 4: Looks like the chances …[View]
117068942Are monster movies dead: Is it just capeshit now[View]
117068247Is this Michael Bay's best movie?[View]
117068318Whatever happened to this hunk?[View]
117066945SUPER BUSY[View]
117068623How accurate is this list, teevee?[View]
117065169>cant even break into the top 15 Is this the best you got marvelfags?[View]
117068850Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRp1CK_X_Yw[View]
117068841Just getting to season 9. What am i in for? Ive been marathoning the whole series.[View]
117067928>night scene >crickets chirping >cat get thrown at with a shoe and falls into the garbage b…[View]
117067886Why didn’t they make this film?: If they stuck with the book it would have been kino[View]
117061614Why does he wear the hat?[View]
117064891Why don’t more action movie heroes use the gunblade? It’s literally the ultimate weapon.[View]
117068552jesus christ almighty this movie is shit[View]
117068573What's next for him?[View]
117067791It never happened[View]
117060987>ITT TV shows that are always on at your parents house I hate this fucker, the black guy, and the…[View]
117066804>Hi I'm Chucky, wanna play?[View]
117068520Do you have any friends that'll stick with you through thick and thin and always have your back…[View]
117068252I think Coolsville sucks![View]
117065923>be Adam >ruin everything[View]
117068392is this true AfroKino?[View]
117065498Movie Game: ITT post two movies you like and anons have to recommend a third.[View]
117060929Bongland Breaking Bad: >Walter doesn't need to resort to drug dealing becuase he gets NHS ca…[View]
117064149How often in horrors character aren't plain stupid and do logic things? How many movie do you k…[View]
11706702915 million Bajorans in 50 years? We made that one up.[View]
117067652Who is the modern Cynthia Rothrock?[View]
117065214am I allowed to like this?[View]
117068250Other films where the good guy underdog wins?[View]
117065080Face it /tv/ IT WAS KINO.[View]
117064867Snyder uses imagery from mythology and religion to clearly mark his characters as angels and demons,…[View]
117067205damn, now I want one[View]
117065574Hey, you wanna rape me big boy?[View]
117067862Why does Nickelodeon keep playing these Alvin and the Chipmunks movies all the time? Surely they hav…[View]
117066332What does /tv/ think of the ancient practice of having twenty-somethings play teenagers?[View]
117052725/got/ general: Pilou edition previous >>117043447[View]
117067606How did he make money?[View]
117067952What is the point of this character? Show is XFiles for you wannabe mods out there. Im about to star…[View]
117064222>DODGE THIS[View]
117067880I USED TO BE THE HERO[View]
117065893Who should play her in the eventual biopic?[View]
117066032I knew you would come.[View]
117067509Scenes in films women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6XicBBN1l4[View]
117067789How long before the cunny scene is depicted? I thought Hollywood was ran by pedophiles.[View]
117065428Movies about zach Snyder. Go[View]
117066260IM IN DANGER[View]
117067605company man[View]
117066881>tfw hollywood stopped putting fights in movies because now people know what realistic fighting a…[View]
117067556For me, It's Bill McNeal[View]
117064188What went wrong?[View]
117067447Series that could not be done today[View]
117064981>post-credits scene >night time >crickets chirping >'uhh... guys?'…[View]
117067272was she the best mousey sidekick on TV?[View]
117062659This movie perfectly captures the feel of the late 80's, early 90's. Find me a more comfy …[View]
117065766Stop rewatching YouTube clips and just rewatch the whole series. You have my permission.[View]
117066376MCU NEAR-CASTINGS: Better or worse than the real deal, co/? >Timothy Olyphant as Iron Man. >Wi…[View]
117061516The most overrated show in TV history >Literal slave labour shit Korean animation >Despite not…[View]
117067188Did Steve Urkel kill her?[View]
117055729CAST THE MCU'S SINISTER SIX: Swap Kraven for Green Goblin since he's with Sony.[View]
117063187CHRIST KINO: Terrence Malick is making a new movie about the life of Jesus. https://thefilmstage.co…[View]
117066479Since Hollywood simply cannot create good fantasy movies >Pic related What are some kino eastern …[View]
117059883There's a man going 'round taking names[View]
117066940dental plan[View]
117062739Is this film meant to be ironically bad or is it genuinely awful?[View]
117066975>I'm going to the reactor to see for myself that it's ok! >'oh shit, I saw the graph…[View]
117066669Did Don think about Ginsberg?[View]
117066580>be me >Heard about how great Breaking Bad is >Watch it >Wtf this shit is so overrated W…[View]
117066801>we want the furry audience[View]
117066812His Dark Materials: >I'm an atheist >So I'm going to use advanced technology to brea…[View]
117065950Shadow: Just saw this at my local theater, classic Yimou China kino. What did you think of it?…[View]
117066783Memory hole thread: Memory hole thread[View]
117063475this film sucks[View]
117064373So... uh.. you like kino, huh?[View]
117064468What is some advice about that feeling when life is passing me by? I feel like I can't get a gr…[View]
117065388>I'm African >*audience chuckles*[View]
117065220Role playing chatroom[View]
117066138What's a film that you had low expectations for but it ended up being amazing? For me it's…[View]
117061438What is a dogs purpose?[View]
117063610What are some native american kinos?[View]
117065602>he never says Luke! >IT'S FRANKENSTEINS MONSTER! >It's Link not Zelda >it…[View]
117065421Why does /tv/ fawn over Stannis?: He burnt his own daughter alive because a religious foreign woman …[View]
117064067This is the best movie of all time. Only contrarian faggots disagree[View]
117066065ITT: comfy movies: post movies that make you feel good as you watch them, that simple for me it…[View]
117063896Sunshine Thread: >Just remember it takes eight minutes > for light to travel from Sun to Earth…[View]
117065586R&M: haha dude wolf of wallstreet haha new season when?[View]
117065512>Black Snake Moan What did they mean by this?[View]
117066179Name a better /tv/ pleb filter than The 9th Gate. p.s. Boris Balkan did nothing wrong.[View]
117066222>Frankenstein is the doctor, not the monster[View]
117065658>idiot character says something >this was actuallythe missing piece and triggers the protag in…[View]
117065483What is your dad’s favorite John Wayne film?[View]
117065998Why did this dumb whore not play with Woody when Andy specifically told her to?[View]
117064312>omg I love some of the most popular and highest grossing franchises of all time, I'm such a…[View]
117063769There is nothing else on TV as good as Love Island. Discuss.[View]
117063430Attention Vincent Ambrosio Posters:: A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS: Steely Dan in a Van https://www.youtu…[View]
117065115>All death is certain. I shall tell ye father what I've seen you become. KINO https://www.yo…[View]
117065719more kino should have characters like this. tired of unrealistic characters[View]
117064659What is the /tv/ consensus on the prequel trilogy?[View]
117064877What went so right?[View]
117059088Which way white man[View]
117063652So with the new child's play out what are some other killer doll/puppet kino?[View]
117064427This party's over[View]
117064343Amy Pascal had a 3 billion dollar idea[View]
117063931>Ulana Khomyuk is not a real person, she is an invented character[View]
117061309Could you do it, /tv/?[View]
117065635>home from college for the summer >home alone last night >had diarrhea for most of the day,…[View]
117063740Is there any other chad-dad actors like this?[View]
117062298He's back.[View]
117063922Does /tv/ even have interesting threads anymore?[View]
117065491Man of Steel is the only kino capeshit ever made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtZTUbNrrRE[View]
117062791Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
117065117https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZOHSNz9840 This happened today on Bongland TV. Sharing because it…[View]
117060259Was is kino?[View]
117063963Is this the whitest scene in cinema history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6XicBBN1l4[View]
117064971Is black and chrome worth seeing if you've already seen the original? Is it better than colour?[View]
117050347So we've established that Harry is >rich (bought out the entire trolley on the hogwarts expr…[View]
117063783ITT: Good Movies journalists hate[View]
117057063>Final panel closing >The shield is secure…[View]
117065148The best horror movie ever made[View]
117057115Movies only you've seen.[View]
117064651Okay? I'm sure your parents are proud of you for talking to people like that[View]
117055815Tarantino's favorite movies of all time 1 Apocalypse Now 2 The Bad News Bears 3 Carrie 4 Dazed …[View]
117063913This is so degenerate and obnoxiously ghetto that it makes me think /tv might be right >inb4 Netf…[View]
117064641How shocked were you when this happened???[View]
117063396>An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself. Will Smith is so disappoi…[View]
117059830What is going through Darth Vader's mind at this EXACT moment?[View]
117060156wtf did I just watch?[View]
117063720ITT: Villains who did literally nothing wrong[View]
117059216>Post your favourite movie from the year you were born Aladdin close second…[View]
117061540Gone Girl: Just watched this movie. Liked it, despite being almost comically absurd near the end. Tu…[View]
117052446how this movie hasnt been topped in the capeshit genre?[View]
117061039Is American media actually like this? Literally treating the viewers as sheep?[View]
117063021iTT: actually intelligent actors: most actors, contrary to what they play on the big screen, appear …[View]
117060692>Plenty of people want respect, whole countries even >And they will pay through the nose to ge…[View]
117062632Never saw any of the originals cause dolls are gross and creepy, but this shit was fantastic. Sequel…[View]
117064484Fun film[View]
117063661>almost 4 hours is it kino?[View]
117064766Movies about wage slavery?[View]
117042933Anyone excited for the boys I really hope this doesnt suck[View]
117060976What is up with the sudden moments of clarity this character has? It's anime tier shit[View]
117064632I'm in your home right now. Call me.[View]
117064548>gets her baby vanished >sabotages her family and abandons them >joins a cult and harasses …[View]
117064094Bryan Callen is the most talented person in Hollywood[View]
117063921Just posting forgotten kino[View]
117064371What was his problem?[View]
117064264>5 min in and he manages to insult the founding fathers and falls for the orange man bad meme Its…[View]
117062676stills from too old to die young[View]
117063893What's the first kino you watched just you and your dad? How do you look back on that memory?[View]
117063215yes, but what are Saruman's health regulations and codes on restaurants in middle earth?[View]
117063802I vant to suck your blood: bleh[View]
117064090>main character is almost thirty but has never had sex or been in a romantic relationship…[View]
117063817So now that a second movie has been confirmed, was it kino?[View]
117063694Child's Play (2019) General: Get in here if you can afford to watch new movies in theaters. Oth…[View]
117057930Ummmm... heck yeah!!!!???[View]
117063416you know I keep that thang on me[View]
117062673How could they get Swiper right but not Sonic?[View]
117063752Is Mads a sneedposter?[View]
117011733DarK: KINO I N O Can't believe that Netflix finally produced something worth watching[View]
117063876stuffing your face as usual[View]
117061865People keep asking if Max Landis is back and I haven't really had an answer, but yeah, I'm…[View]
117063841>you will never have a Hazel gf[View]
117063831I LIKE...BATS.[View]
117062750still no us blu-ray[View]
117063634Why were these disgusting bugs taking big shits everywhere inside their ship? Did they not have toil…[View]
117062708>Bad Boys is getting a second sequel with Vanessa Hudgens as one of the lead characters Look I…[View]
117061426>Nell Tiger-Free?!? God's what a stupid name![View]
117061843In the weight loss commercial, who was meant to be before, and who was way before?[View]
117054211La Notte: Absolute kino. Any films similar to this one?[View]
117063653>battle scene >hero character has armor but doesn’t wear a helmet…[View]
117062927Who would have been the worst shitposter of them?[View]
117060716>evangelion is a shitty sh-[View]
117061385I've watched the first 3 episodes. When does the first likable character come in? Not even MIST…[View]
117050740Where is the sequel to this movie? lmao[View]
117063291What is your favorite Just for laughs -gag? Also, let's invent new ones, I start >victim wal…[View]
117062497>only watch romance movies where the love interest is exactly my type I can't be the only on…[View]
117060799>2019 >I am.... not forgotten Is valerian /tv/ approved?…[View]
117063423Will it be kino?[View]
117063343/tv/‘s thoughts on Emily Ratajowski?[View]
117061907Are we making fun of midgets again?[View]
117059572what's going through based Clint's head right here? >yum-yum[View]
117063065The roll that saved kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c37lPZilqGA[View]
117061905Toy Story 4 was so good: Oh man, I can't say how good it was without looking like a shill. I…[View]
117062939what the fuck happened after season 2?[View]
117062690'When I see children, I see the face of God. That's why I love them so much. That's what I…[View]
117063036patient is a 25 year ol- AHHHH MY LEG[View]
117063010>2019 >still no Gilles de Rais kino[View]
117062584>no jumpscare >only relies on atmosphere this is how you make a good scare you fucking hollyw…[View]
117062982What did they mean by this?: Was he becoming an incel? like us?[View]
117062953>COOL... CLEAN WATER Coen Brothers are a couple of hacks once again[View]
117062921Jannies? Don't worry about them, I've hacked into the mainframe and bought you two and a h…[View]
117062550Hey /tv/.... you got any...... WOOD?![View]
117061633What's /tv/s opinion of Kelly Osbourne? What's next for her career?[View]
117055653Say the line, Bart ![View]
117062879The Second Civil War movie from 1997: This movie was apparently made to mock the right-wingers who c…[View]
117062847Imagine that.: James Earl Jones one of America's most prominent famous voices of all time has s…[View]
117054046Why was the story so horrible?[View]
117061953Could hamsterdam from s3 work irl? Just get all the degenerates and move them somewhere else[View]
11706279250 MILLION DOLLAS![View]
117062352Rocky is the greatest film franchise of all time Change my mind[View]
117061973Tarantino's 10th Film?: Cyberpunk film set in Tokyo,Japan or New York? a story set in the 80…[View]
117060683Why did Pixar make him an NPC?[View]
117060475That's actually kind of spooky.[View]
117037152The Inbetweeners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02MWZODMjQs Will it ever be topped?[View]
117061910I really enjoyed the Wailing, what are some other horror creature kinos like this?[View]
117061400Say it with me. 1 Billion.[View]
117062591>OMG TOY STORY!!!![View]
117062588For me? It's Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.[View]
117061491Michael Bay T:DotM Interview (2011): I'd like to begin by reading the opening sentence of one c…[View]
117062528Baby Sullivan thread: Baby Sullivan thread[View]
117058409/lig/ Love Island General: Maura[View]
117062158Just got back from church with my parents. What are some atheist kinos?[View]
117060684HITLER BAD: Hitler BAD[View]
117062421Uhm. . . woof?[View]
117061328should i watch the last season? if not, can someone give me a quick rundown on what happened?[View]
117062321>forcing minimum wage retail workers to sing https://youtu.be/EHIlRy_Hmmg What the fuck is wrong…[View]
117062219where do i go from here: where do i go from here[View]
117056257>Disney remaking West Side Story >Think to myself 'Oh man how are they gonna fuck it up now...…[View]
117048015Two will protect you, the rest will try to kill you. Choose wisely.[View]
117047998Here's your Highgarden, bro[View]
117060191Who had frank Pentangeli killed?[View]
117060603Why is the show the most boring thing in existence?[View]
117060686Mit dem Angriff Steiners wird das alles in Ordnung kommen.[View]
117061067>Past a certain age, a man who doesn't sleep with an anime waifu body pillow, who can't…[View]
117061948Symbolism that was way too on the nose.[View]
117061952Polemic films that deserve but sadly will never get a 2K/4K restoration?[View]
117061844Looks like kino is back on the menu...[View]
117060653ITT: Movies that only you like[View]
117044319/bb/ - Big Brother 21: The Hogg man cometh edition. Unconfirmed first night power: Jackson Unconfirm…[View]
117061462H-how does she know?[View]
117061949white women kino: What are some other >INEPT OR EVIL WHITE WOMAN GOOD >EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PL…[View]
117037838JUNE 23[View]
117057280Peter remember with great power...[View]
117060044Why are non-English speaking countries so bad at comedy? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=avR1rCUTGtY…[View]
117051069>Make a movie on so many levels white people can't into it[View]
117061130ITT: Post your favorite line from your favorite television and/or film available on Netflix today.[View]
117060748crikey! i falled in the billabong and now i'm a ghostie roastie[View]
117061332define Dark Comedy: Ready or Not is an example? https://youtu.be/ZtYTwUxhAoI[View]
117052824For me? It's Jennifer Tilly[View]
117060478ITT: TV shows with superbly satisfying endings[View]
117061610You know what's a lot of fun? Google Books Ngram Viewer Woody Allen on top? Who knew?[View]
117060572>sister bugs me for 3 days straight to install sims >get some ISO >download some program to…[View]
117061603it's so fucking kino bros[View]
117060045I have the buyers remorse.[View]
117060109What did Danny Boyle mean by this?[View]
117060142Ana de Armas is in Yesterday? Why didn't you tell me this before? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
117059136What's he pointing at bros?[View]
117061202Will the third movie it's getting be kino?[View]
117061228>features dinosaurs of the Triassic Period >called Jurassic Park Americans are too dumb for wo…[View]
117059116Just finished watching this /co/ what did you think of it? Did dana know Terry was batman?[View]
117060820DARK Season 2: Is it kino?[View]
117060661Ascended ricecel?[View]
117061282Can you notice bad acting in a foreign language?[View]
117052906Is this an accurate portrayal of these historical events?[View]
117061134>animated movie from the 2000s >I LIKE TO MOVIE MOVIE >I LIKE TO MOVIE MOVIE >I LIKE TO …[View]
117061229>made commies seethe utterly based but it was shit otherwise[View]
117057409Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117058700Actors/Actresses with only one character, themselves[View]
117061053Gradual declines: What are some movies that feature the main characters gradually turning from heroe…[View]
117057320What is /tv/'s opinion on Blu-ray.com?[View]
117060889Will we ever escape the era of capeshit and get good cinema ever again?[View]
117060824>dude your daughter is actually your mom but she's also your daughter at the same time lol …[View]
117060522Was she the original femcel?[View]
117060982British '''special forces''''[View]
117058776>he doesn't spend his entire Sunday in bed watching the MST3K channel on Pluto Why do you ha…[View]
117060900Best Bond: Bond rankings, let's see em'. It's been a while unless i missed the last o…[View]
117059358Movies about bunnies?[View]
117060881I’m the real Chucky[View]
117060869How does a franchise known for its unlikable and disgusting nerd fanbase so consistently cast the mo…[View]
117060706German version or international version?[View]
117059614Wtf ... why didn't you guys tell me that season 4 of this absolute kino has started ?[View]
117060556whats next for brendan?[View]
117056048Never seen Evangelion, Wha'ts it about, Why are there so many films and versions?[View]
117036394The new season was bretty gud[View]
117057185Will this ever be possible? And if it is possible, will anyone ever consider themselves incel again?[View]
117060630Anyone else still watch? Seems like things went downhill after chorus trilogy wrapped up[View]
117059637Hollywood stole her childhood. So she steals from a department store?[View]
117058679How do we stop this from happening again?[View]
117060325Was Nolan actually right? WAS TDKR the biggest movie since the Silent Era?[View]
117059481Shows that you dropped after the initial episode, and why if you feel like explaining. Pic related. …[View]
117056855I tried installing Netflix a few years back, but I needed a credit card which I didn't have.[View]
117058854So, /tv/, what did you think of Child's Play (2019)?[View]
117060402Are we making fun of midgets again?[View]
117058734Do we like it?[View]
117059924Is this the most boring actor ever ?[View]
117054588Why didn't Jake want to fuck his sister?[View]
117056782/trek/: Klingon edition[View]
117059730>908 days until Avatar 2[View]
117051834Why is she mocking Peter Dinklage?[View]
117060124Here's your witcher bro[View]
117060157>revives comedy Is this riffing at its finest? I dare say yes. Have yall listened to mbmbam? If n…[View]
117059504>Do some kind of rhyme with your name, that always scares white people Cause I'm Ed, and if …[View]
117056237Lilja 4-ever: I'm surprised this film isn't discussed here more, very bleak and a solid 10…[View]
117058556Which Dune books are worth reading before the movie release?[View]
117054612Zoomers will be “literally who?” When he dies.[View]
117058040Wait a second ... how do they breathe on the moon?[View]
117051931>He's a villain because he...'tortures' toys[View]
117059895After Alita, they should remake Rollerball.[View]
117059991was it kino?[View]
117059436Reliving 'I am Jazz': It's been a while since we showed our old girl some appreciation. Post th…[View]
117056807>blocks your path[View]
117056305Post TV's greatest intros. https://youtu.be/Xyu_MdKBXic[View]
117052362the great debate[View]
117046490What was so wrong with this movie? It seems like a competent action/horror blockbuster and an introd…[View]
117048215>‘Superbad’ >it’s actually not that bad[View]
117059769What's the overall best body of work of Ms. Jennifer Tilly?[View]
117057068DEAD DONT DIE: How did you like it?[View]
117059640What the FUCK was their problem!??[View]
117054013The end of an era: He probably had enough when Nu-wars fans started calling him a incel boomer white…[View]
117056478>Is this Moes Tavern? I'm looking for C. Danfeed[View]
117059225>I love you >I know What a faggot.[View]
117057721>killing someone over a foot massage Did he overreact?[View]
117058357>called Landis >doesn't was this the biggest subversion of expectations in the history of…[View]
117055887ITT Actors who immediately make you drop what you're watching[View]
117057272Season 2 is kino[View]
117056441HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME, OH MANDY https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jCZB6mvI_Z0[View]
117056554coke is the cure for lsd: coke is the cure for lsd[View]
117058976So it's pretty clear that other than season 8, Game of Thrones is better than LOTR yeah?[View]
117050182‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Star Beth Chapman Placed In A Medically Induced Coma: https://etcanada.com/n…[View]
117058233Woah you don’t say[View]
117054103What was your favorite part of the Avengers Assemble scene? For me it was Pepper's landing and …[View]
117058720What happened to wholesome romance movies? They were so popular in the 90s.[View]
117056106fancast for eva >shinji - peter dinklage >gendo - david duchovny >misato - ellen page …[View]
117058965I just came to get something to eat![View]
117058522Why was it so fucking good[View]
117058541You can just tell he regrets it...[View]
117059039Has /tv/ seen Air America before? I liked this movie but everyone I know hasn't heard of it and…[View]
117059026Name a better dressed film character than Mayor from Jaws[View]
117058970Any kino murder mysteries like pic related?[View]
117049829The reboot made me realize OG Chucky sucks and never should've been a thing. This new Chucky fe…[View]
117057298ITT: We pretend Dune 2020 is already here[View]
117058471ITT we pretend like it's 2028 and all 5 avatar movies have been released.[View]
117057934>Ex cop who works a ticket booth >Suddenly shoots germans for gus fring without even been give…[View]
117053090>I am going to give this school a perfect ten. I'll just write the zero first. Now a vertica…[View]
117058694why was this allowed[View]
117053515Why did Drogon suddenly realize the throne (something he had never seen) was bad after being complic…[View]
117053632Friends thread: Official character rankings >Joey >Chandler >Ross >Rachel >Monica …[View]
117057625I miss it bros[View]
117056288What exactly were they thinking with this casting?[View]
117055587103 days until Todd Phillips JOKER[View]
117057258>WE'LL TAKE THE LOT[View]
117058359did you watch the haunting of hill house?[View]
117058289Why are early 2000's horror so comfy, bros? https://youtu.be/PQKOSV-KRl4 Post underrated horror…[View]
117058277Is this show a rare example of a show or movie with a strong female lead character who is actually w…[View]
117056865Peak de niro,young connely, morricone's score - name better gangsterkino[View]
117058129You know what'd be really nice right now? Some Barry's Red Cola[View]
117053284>all of civilization gets destroyed just because the left one white man down in mexico world were…[View]
117057956Why did tom lose 99% of the time against Jerry?: I really wanted him to win more[View]
117056479/lig/ Love Island General: 'Curtis' first cumshot' Edition[View]
117057575Was it kino?[View]
117056938Movie when?[View]
117050987Armond White does it again!: >The Toy Story franchise is the closest thing we have to an undisput…[View]
117056164>ok guys so we need an opening song for our new cartoon >'How about spiderman spiderman spider…[View]
117054870>people always make fun of my taste in movies >most movies people say are good are actually bo…[View]
117056114I don't get it[View]
117057807Okay. No one told me Norm Macdonald was this based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4…[View]
117057543What are some documentaries with conclusive evidence on Aliens and UFO Earth Visitations?[View]
117056061Watching this tonight. What am I in for?: I’ve seen every Korine feature. More of a fan of his early…[View]
117057656Let's wind the clocks back: a year...: These...jannies and moderators wouldn't dare ban an…[View]
117056301Why was it so hated?[View]
117057602I Love You: I Love You[View]
117057552am i the only one that enjoyed this series?[View]
117057333Can we all agree on the following rankings?: 1. Eat 2. Drink 3. Woman 4. Man[View]
117055525I need something happy/life affirming/light hearted etc to watch, What do you recommend?[View]
117034684any Antjefags in here?[View]
117052619Did Donald Kimball know from the start that Bateman did it?[View]
117056848why didn't he just leave jersey?[View]
117056260Who should direct the live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?[View]
117055663'What if there were, like, monsters and fairies and stuff, but in the modern world?'[View]
117054722Favorite “killer animal” movies? Mine is pic related.[View]
117055572Why is this episode so hated? I thought it was pretty clever and the jokes were hilarious.[View]
117050746Endgame has already technically beaten Avatar: Top: Avatar Bottom: Endgame[View]
117053852Meanwhile at the beach i go to, this is not fucking real[View]
117055849>its another lost loves segment[View]
117056886All Hail The King: Would he have been a better ruler than Cersei or Dany??[View]
117051771Why did the best film of 2018: only make $44,936,545 at the US box office? Don't Americans lik…[View]
117055619Are the ATHF considered super heros?[View]
117056326What's her best role?[View]
117050219Three years, I promise...[View]
117056797Would Phil have done another twenty years, or rat?[View]
117056741>Pick a film >Go to 14:58 >Take a screenshot its that time again…[View]
117055583I find it hard to believe there couldn't have been some materials inside the ship you could hav…[View]
117056282>at least the cinematography was good All right faggots name me a time when the cinematography in…[View]
117053047now that the dust has settled. who was outta line here?[View]
117056186>I'm talking like hoes, sluts, anal, double anal, penetration, interracial facial.. It takes…[View]
117055911Is Cameron the narrator?[View]
117056343RODOLFÃO SE DANDO BEM - Raimundos - Banda Brasileira -[View]
117056514Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/?[View]
117050274Cailee Spaeny Will Star In Remake Of THE CRAFT: https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3568755/meet-fir…[View]
117051913Is this an accurate portrayal of what life was like in the wild west?[View]
117055424Xir will die.[View]
117055345Last movie I saw was Blade Runner 2049. I watched it sometime in late 2017. I haven't seen any …[View]
117055848what are some scenes in films that you personally can recite word for word?[View]
117054112Why don't Americans have to own a License to watch Television? Mine is about to expire and I c…[View]
117056490>he sees himself as Michael >is actually Fredo Any anons with this feel?…[View]
117054808just finished the first season, this show is kino[View]
117055638Jesus this is good television.[View]
117055760Damn.. I love french people now: Just rewatched this great piece of art. At my first time watching i…[View]
117053672It's been 30 years, is it time for a remake?[View]
117050125AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Valyrian steel! Valyrian steel is red hot! Arya you rat! You weren't using your …[View]
117039358ITT: Movies that had ZERO cultural impact[View]
117056224Name a more attractive woman than Monica Bellucci in Passion of the Christ It simply cannot be done[View]
117052016I really enjoyed this show until season 15 when they started filling diversity quotas with niggers. …[View]
117054654Wait, if Kyle Reece died during the events of T1 how did John Connor send him back in the future?[View]
117055012What was their fucking problem?[View]
117054658Why do they all have english accents?[View]
117055673>its a Hal episode[View]
117053510Finally, someone said it[View]
117048161This guy was being such a “try-hard”.: Such a fucking dick I wanted to punch him every time he opene…[View]
117055758What is he shooting at? https://youtu.be/e-ZWfKn_XqE[View]
117053071Was it autism?[View]
117054353wheel of time: which actor would you choose for lan?[View]
117052797This was the best sitcom of the 90s had the potential to be bigger than seinfeld and friends if phil…[View]
117055983How does one say that a movie is pretentious? How do you even classify a movie as pretentious? Pic r…[View]
117054080'To all Gryffindors... Cheers. Cheers, my friends. It has been an honour. Cheers!' Dumbledore fixes …[View]
117053914Its an Arnold thread >Favourite Arnold film? >Favourite Arnold One-Liner?…[View]
117053865Why did Batman wear a red suit in so many of the 1966 movie posters?[View]
117055363Is Bruges really a shithole?[View]
117055244Ok I know nothing about this film but it looks like they added a stronk women wearing pants that’s j…[View]
117053854>nigger >nigger >nigger >revenge >everyone kills each other while 70s rock music is …[View]
117054505StarKid: https://youtu.be/QEpdD5DnT58 Has anyone seen their musicals? Pic is from Twisted which is A…[View]
117055228Austin Powers 4 when?[View]
117055051What's your favorite feet scene in a film or TV show? Remember to keep the discussion on topic…[View]
117054138What did Aragorn eat while he was drifting? How did he buy food? Where did he earn an income from? W…[View]
117052299Was Michael Jackson really as big as portrayed in Leaving Neverland?[View]
117055062Why are this board's janitors such shit? Sneed, capeshit, etc. all get to stay up but the momen…[View]
117052222First season was kino[View]
11705349725 sexy moms 50 sweaty 8th grade boys and 1 beloved American comedy star! This Wednesday on Milf Isl…[View]
117054408Hey mothra, listen here. Since your king of monsters ain't got no heart, maybe you'll like…[View]
117052326Am I the only one in this board who's smart enough to realize there's something fishy abou…[View]
117054891>sirens loved Pete up and turned him into a horny toad[View]
117054194Did they just put a transgender character in a children movie?[View]
117054839Wait, the whole show is just a woman justifying what a massive whore she is?[View]
117054471What do you think of Japanese found footage horror movies?[View]
117054547i wonder if bartosz and martha actually fucked or if they stopped at heavy petting[View]
117054096Hey, where are you going?: I want to say something[View]
117053000What movie is this scene from? Thanks[View]
117054463Was it Kino?[View]
117054461What are some sequels better than the original?[View]
117054268>Jacob's ladder: What did it all mean? Are there any other horror movies with similar themes…[View]
117049571>special sticky shoes >special sticky powder on hands >only uses cracks to go up >MUH CL…[View]
117054184Sunday night. What kino to watch bros?[View]
117043684>Oh man. Dude, look at that gorilla's shoulders. He could tear your head off.…[View]
117048501I remember back when the Harlem Shake was just a black fella holding me upside down off a fire escap…[View]
117052278I finally got around to watching this. Don't worry, I rented it from the library. I refuse to g…[View]
117054157>my your looking healthy today billy. what's your secret?[View]
117054093>N- I mean yes, there are machines on the mothership that can fix you...…[View]
117053837this works perfectly. why didn't you tell me about it?[View]
117053978Always thought this seemed a little forced[View]
117051792i go to school with this man's son, ama[View]
117053820Was Sansa actually being cruel? Or was she protecting her beloved uncle from humiliating himself eve…[View]
117045017What movies are Cyberpunk?[View]
117053889Underrated Antagonists: Ol' Three-Toes used to scare the fucking shit out of me when I was a ki…[View]
117053863What are some movies about the absolute futility of this life?[View]
117053192I don't get this movie. they impeach the president because he didn't listen to a terrorist…[View]
117053796BLACKED.COM circa 1989[View]
117053774>previous films has him learn to not be selfish and to be there for any kid no matter what, becau…[View]
117053769Im serious you discuss that with anyone, were gonna go ten rounds[View]
117050329Would a Fallout movie be successful to the box office?[View]
117036042Why didn't Tyrell just lie? >Good news Roy, we've just invented a way to make you immo…[View]
117047304Pure, undistilled Kino, the only way to make this movie even better is to tone down Wallace a bit an…[View]
117053520>Don't forget your science book![View]
117053617Two will protect you. The rest will try to kill you. Choose wisely.[View]
117041675How the fuck is this battle not more famous than 300? 21 dudes vs 10,000.[View]
117048643Ant Man 3 Leak: *Peyton Reed will NOT return to direct. Various reasons include the fact that Ant Ma…[View]
117053440>watch a Youtube video on a subject that interests me >creator has about 5 minutes' worth…[View]
117041767Living Single >friends[View]
117053439>/tv/ BLOWN THE FUCK OUT how is this board always so wrong?[View]
117051783ITT we post like it's the board /tv/ in the year 2070[View]
117053029Why did /tv/ hate The Man in the High Castle?[View]
117053087>look at me I’m so skinny, gib oscar whats so impressive about this? a couple weeks intermittent …[View]
117053425When did American Dad peak? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6f69l4xV_A[View]
117053406I've got a message for you and you're not going to like it[View]
117053028Watching your kinos properly: A guide for /tv/ posters who still use HDMI: Please tell me you don…[View]
117045157How dishonest will it be?[View]
117053319Do americans really?[View]
117051901MY SKIN IS COLD[View]
117049276It was the best Chucky movie to date[View]
117052287What does /tv/ think about To Catch a Predator?[View]
117048773any other good kino like this? Titles ive seen: Sorcerer Wake in Fright Standoff at sparrows cre…[View]
117051732You hate me because you're weak. Weak of body, weak of spirit, and especially weak of mind. You…[View]
117050872Say my name, /tv/.[View]
117034712Was Supergirl doomed from the start?[View]
117047523Just finished watching Barry. Pretty good and easy tv series to watch. What did you guys think of it…[View]
117051807BETTY'S GONNA FREAK[View]
117049306Alright /tv/, what do your heart-spirits have to say to your mind-sacks?[View]
117049140/lig/ love island general: Yewande is going to strop edition[View]
117051623>We post only the most kino 10/10 man moments in film[View]
117048784>americans wear shoes indoors but not outside is that a real thing or just something for movies a…[View]
117052513Why didn't we listen...?[View]
117052968I don't suppose you have a copy of Fly Fishing by J. R. Hartley?[View]
117052239too old to die young: based kojima chopping off fingers[View]
117049104What is your favourite JVC kino? and why is it Cyborg?[View]
117052755ITT: masterpieces[View]
117052313So... uh.. you like kino, huh?[View]
117049405Shouldn't homer be 28? Didn't him and marge have Bart right out high school? Isn't Ba…[View]
117047033tomorrow i'll[View]
117052835Meanwhile, on Chinese /tv/...[View]
117051385mein fuhrer.....[View]
117050544was this genius or just edgy pretentious garbage?[View]
117051049Y the last man: How do we feel about this finally getting an adaptation? The comic was pretty damn g…[View]
117052700What are some movies with worlds you would prefer to live in?[View]
117048870>movie is called infinity war >the war ends…[View]
117052585WHO DA HELL IS DAT?[View]
117051587So, Mr. C was trying to get to the White Lodge to get to Philip Jeffries who knew how to get to Joud…[View]
117049814Why are long nails sexualized so much in TV and film?[View]
117052472What were Caledon Hockley's tax policies?[View]
117051490What is some kino like Dirty Jobs and Undercover Boss? Looking for something that really makes fun o…[View]
117049581Each State's Favorite Pixar Film[View]
117043447/got/ general Tiny queen edition: Old >>117028065[View]
117052288What are some films where everyone dies at the end?[View]
117049927F: who will play him in the biopic?[View]
117049803God tier supporting actors: I'll start. Honorable mention M. Emmitt Walsh.[View]
117051109what are the best miike movies? i've watched all the best known ones. wondering if there are so…[View]
117052203Do you agree?[View]
117049254>tracking for 160-200M opening what went wrong?[View]
117052164I’m not forgotten[View]
117051610How does he get away with it when no other directors would?[View]
117052050Who will play HIM in the inevitable biopic?[View]
117037639I remember a snippet from the Black Philip Show where Patrice had his soon to be wife on the show. T…[View]
117045883WebM Thread: Post what you got[View]
117047764How the FUCK is this outfit tactical at all? she is going into firefights with her cleavage exposed?…[View]
117050438A Serious Man: So what was this about? Was this some Jewish parable or what? Somebody explain.…[View]
117051335>have friend that loves the Sam Reimi spiderman movies >quotes it 24/7 >he's sad >…[View]
117051878Who's gonna be the next Michael jackson?[View]
117043659>Characterise for Infinity War an engaging villain who's perhaps borderline alongside Darth …[View]
117051038>Well Mike I thought it was entirely boring schlock and lol look at that color in the frame what …[View]
117041411that is quite impressive[View]
117051026decent flick tbqh didn't need that tagged-on ending tho[View]
117046351Whats the best comedy movie in the past 5 years?[View]
117049384Real talk, who was in the wrong here?[View]
117050855MPV Player BTFO by INA Player: looks like theres a new kino player in town boys >plays anything (…[View]
117051710Why didn't they just ask the defenders to cover their eyes and count to one hundred while the t…[View]
117051689Remake when?[View]
117051615For me it's Mary Holland[View]
117051293Is this the peak of western animation?[View]
117050390What tv shows should be rebooted/modernised, /tv/?[View]
117051439Thoughts on Dark City, I enjoyed it quite a bit.[View]
117048689But why not?[View]
117051414RAWN STAHP![View]
117049641for me it's infrastructural and industrial workplace incident recreation videos https://www.you…[View]
117050427Even if you don't get the joke here, I still think it works. The idea that this guy named Sneed…[View]
117048183Post foreign kino[View]
117051220YOU'LL CALL NOW[View]
117050395>be 22yo virgin >finally get a gf and it's awesome >am insanely jealous to the point …[View]
117050943Why did I like this so much? Is it autism?[View]
117050572Is he based or cringe?[View]
117051077Ugh, I don't feel so good.[View]
117046655ITT: /tv/ in 2020[View]
117051051>Murphy, I'm a mess.[View]
117050597I just finished the first Season of True Detective is there anything even remotely as good to watch?[View]
117024692/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Graphite in the rubble edition. >Sitnikov's widow talking about …[View]
117036251Not gonna lie, I think I prefer the new dub[View]
117047832please make a /film/ board[View]
117047632What other video games movies should Disney do?[View]
117050994>jumpscare BAD[View]
117047600why do you all hate him? i don't mind him desu[View]
117042351>antagonist is evil because... he's evil[View]
117050670This would have been KINO[View]
117048467Eleven more days[View]
117045674>Natalie Portman had her hair shaved on screen for the film. The footage which was shot in a sing…[View]
117042477the flanderization in this show is through the fucking roof[View]
117050754City on a Hill: Anyone watching this? Is this some Kevin Bacon kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
117049787Would he be electrocuted if it rain?[View]
117050681hulk monster movie: just do it like godzilla or kong or cloverfield. its mostly about seeing hulk ra…[View]
117050677Two will protect you, the rest will try to kill you. Choose wisely.[View]
117038237What was this scene a metaphor for?[View]
117049798Save the cheerleader[View]
117050623>I sweaar ohn may layf[View]
117049925https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H4gvQDGiak&t=199s Ant movies about fucked up cults?[View]
117050400GIMMIE DA CASH[View]
117022220Triassic Attack: What was the message this kino tried to pass us?[View]
117049878'My pussy fucking STINKS'[View]
117048543Realistically speaking, how much time does Gal Gadot have left as Wonder Woman?[View]
117050503I AM WALT DISNEY[View]
117042326Im just here to cum inside of your wife Marty[View]
117049048>it's fiction[View]
117041994It's just soccer bro lmao[View]
117050434You hate me because you're weak. Weak of body, weak of spirit, and especially weak of mind. You…[View]
117048814What's the secret to making compelling female antagonists that don't seem contrived or sho…[View]
117048426This was really, really bad.[View]
117047026ITT: Unique Childhood Faps: Temple of Doom made me want to put a woman in a cage and lower her into …[View]
117049082THIS SHOW IS SO BORING AND PICARD IS ANNOYING AS FUCK. Literally there was an episode where some gia…[View]
117050236HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME!!!: Scenes women will never understand[View]
117050181>guts's scar hurts >guts winces[View]
117050227Was Godzilla 1998 actually an homage to The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, considered to be the American…[View]
117050179Well the Moors moved in....: and they did so much fucking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmwH7TOdG…[View]
117049600>smacks lips profusely What do dogs mean by this?[View]
117041294characters you're slowly becoming[View]
117049116BANE! BANE![View]
117049100The Artistic Difference: On the left: Asymmetric features Growing achievement and acclaim On the rig…[View]
117049619So, 4channel...[View]
117046908Any films or TV series with a plot similar to this?[View]
117048003all movies, series and video form media are fucking shit: and here's why: you sit passively in …[View]
117050003I feel really fucking stupid for not seeing the twist coming.[View]
117049992I'm looking for recommendations for UFO movies, both (realistic) fiction and documentaries. Got…[View]
117045738Any kino where something similar happens?[View]
117049895Why does she wear the cross?[View]
117048630Just watched pic related. What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
117046734>you shouldnt watch star wars chronologically, you should watch them release date order Yes reta…[View]
117046137Looks interesting[View]
117041911Forged in Fire - /keal/ General: Good Job Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5CJEOI8fmk…[View]
117049492Endgame w/ Bonus footage: Where can I find information on the re-release of Endgame? I haven’t seen …[View]
117047558What's your favourite movie where things suddenly go very wrong for a normal person?[View]
117048487/DAR/ DARK Netflix General: Deaf Milf Edition[View]
117048672Why didn't you use Vibranium, white boy?[View]
117045611Why didn't Lyndsy Fonseca make it bros? She's beautiful and got decent rolesback in early …[View]
117049007Can the Watchoski ''''sisters'''' do another kino? Also >Michael B Jordan as Neo https://bloody-d…[View]
117049440Which one was his best?[View]
117049064Is it true that producers only use singers as actors when they are desprete for money or when they k…[View]
117047397Who had the best card, /tv/?[View]
117046102>read the script leak for Jogger (2019) >its just a ripoff of old scorsese flicks that he in t…[View]
117044285quentin tarantino, alright?[View]
117047373God I wish that were me[View]
117047909My son, big hoss[View]
117046161what did you think of Janelle in Moonlight?[View]
117049024Do any pike and shot kinos exist besides that one Spanish movie about Tercios?[View]
117048880Is there a website or some other way I can find out if a certain actress has had an aesthetic surger…[View]
117041454>German character >His name is Hans or Nils…[View]
117046210>But you dream, anon![View]
117048577Blood Meridian is unfilma---[View]
117047044So was he actually the good guy?[View]
117048889Was he cringe or based?[View]
117048390how come there's rarely ever any female antagonists?[View]
117031283>popular side character take over show and pushes original main character aside Shows with this f…[View]
117047177Jack, I wish you had listened to me.[View]
117039614No takers over at that table, right, ladies? Ha ha ha. But seriously, I'd like to bring it down…[View]
117045433Why couldn't Rick let his pride go?: Negan obviously was a better leader.[View]
117046449Better Call Life Alert: Can Mike survive long enough finish Better Call Saul? I'm afraid he…[View]
117048484should I download this movie illegally?[View]
117047947ITT: indisputable kino[View]
117048340You've seen the Stewart Lee threads on /tv/, yeah? Come on, we've all seen them. The Stew-…[View]
117048612I thought the movie was actually the okay and it was close to as much as the original but with the m…[View]
117048482What are they looking at?[View]
117045595To Think...[View]
117048257>one chance at life >you weren't born as Alain Delon What's the point?…[View]
117048389>history movie >runtime is less than 2 hours…[View]
117047812Have you watched 3%?[View]
117044045Do you think Jon Hamm helped Drake write In My Feelings[View]
117047281Tropes you like: >heist is being explained as it plays out[View]
117047348>I don't like movie therefore it bad movie[View]
117043108Serious question: Who greenlit this shit? It was fucking awful. Army Dog? I'd rather play with …[View]
117048077What does /tv/ think of Holly Earl?: https://youtu.be/BmrSxDFmSr0[View]
117048107holy freakin' crap lois I've become one of the dullest franchises in the history of movie …[View]
117047517Is he a troll just fucking with people. Or is he actually fucking dumb. He's taking the bible/G…[View]
117047445Incelion: Literally some of the most cringe and pedo shit I ever watched.[View]
117048159>obvious drone shot[View]
117047173What did Hideaki Anno mean by this?[View]
117040944What does /tv/ think of Looney Tunes remake?[View]
117048038DA BOMBZ BE FALLIN[View]
117047762How many days you looking at, /tv/?[View]
117047485This film is suprisingly good[View]
117047851I want a Buddi doll now[View]
117047834Is Stanley supposed to be good guy? Someone that men should model themselves after?[View]
117045334Concentrate all your fire to the nearest starship!![View]
117047721Films that will help you forget about her.[View]
117046516Now, young Potter... You will die.[View]
117046811Any other movies, with this kind of kino?[View]
117047225Why is /tv/ a board that constantly blames jews for their problems, so terrified to admit this man w…[View]
117046499Why is r*ddit obsesses with this turbo autist happa?[View]
117047283You finally get a girlfriend. She is QT3.14. Everything is wonderful in your life.: Except one day s…[View]
117047584Christopher Johnson is the biggest alien bro in cinema history, prove me wrong.[View]
117046887'Lex Luthor Elseworld' Movie in works For Warner Bros/DC: Warner Bros and DC are developin…[View]
117046718what are some govies (good movies)?[View]
117047536>based on a ''''''true''''''' story[View]
117047533What is some capeshit that deserves a film of its own!? For me it's Hulk vs >*CLAP* Venom…[View]
117046975>Make a smart, productive, post that contributes to the discussion >You are rewarded with zero…[View]
117047090so Riker was a fag right?[View]
117035887Ready for the new Red Sonya remake ?[View]
117047432*AH-EHM* Ladies and gentlemen, I have got an announcement for you[View]
117046473Live action Lion king and Aladdin can go fuck themselves, but is anyone else unironically excited fo…[View]
117047370After finally learning what’s in the basement, “That Day” shows us a little of the history of the wo…[View]
117047119The day Jroc loses his flow is the day that hair on Jim laheys bald head grow[View]
117047324So what does /tv/ think of them? I used to really love their show and recommend it to everyone but l…[View]
117043632Well, which one are you?[View]
117047183This looks like it could be enjoyable. Looked like they got discount Margot Robbie https://youtu.be/…[View]
117047278>he doesn't rate the GOAT[View]
117041035When Danny is playing with his toy cars, where does the tennis ball come from? Also, how does Jack g…[View]
117047259>Select all images with crosswalks[View]
117045528haha this one's true[View]
117035270Michelangelo Antonioni: What's /tv/'s opinion on his films? Especially the alienation tril…[View]
117043302IT'S A RARE CONDITION[View]
117046771FUCK YOU I LIKED IT[View]
117046619>I will tell you how he lived[View]
117045255>'Now, see,' he says, 'I haven't read any superhero comics since I finished with Watchmen. I…[View]
117047024kinos with this aesthetic[View]
117045999What does /tv/ think about Battlefield Earth?[View]
117046999>bank robber characters wear spooky masks[View]
117046679Dude, I almost had you.[View]
117046543What are some tv shows or movies you feel it was made for (You)?[View]
117045871DO NOT BINGE WATCH[View]
117046836YER GONNA WHAT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jylMD3-wcjo[View]
117046670(to the tune of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB5J-EUZxEw ) Bane? Bane? Buh buh buh buh PCHEEEEWWW…[View]
117046867/lowpoly/ actors: /lowpoly/ actors in this thread: >hyper-angular features >looks like they sh…[View]
117045962Did Jordan Peele accidentally forget to put race baiting shit in this? He's never gonna be the …[View]
117046823Saw the first one and didn't care for it, How's the sequel?[View]
117046768>we'll redistribute the resources hoarded on a station that houses a few thousand rich peopl…[View]
117044170Here's your Hook bro[View]
117037775Unironically the best episode of this shitty fucking season. Not saying It's amazing but atleas…[View]
117042175When was the last time you enjoyed a film, /tv/? be honest[View]
117046529What should we do about TV personalities like Ben Shapiro[View]
117046123i󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡…[View]
117046538What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
117046510Movies with characters similar to pic related?[View]
117046120>Carl dies in the show, Punished Rick lives on >Rick dies in the comic, Carl becomes the main …[View]
117046443What are some movies about desperate last moves that completely fail?[View]
117039581Which category are you in /tv/?[View]
117046038Dougie make thread[View]
117046339If we were, we’d be eating Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak.[View]
117046335>Hickey wtf?! You can't just eat people![View]
117036833comfy sunday simpsons thread just started season 3 bros[View]
117046326I had a dream last night about throwing a black kid out of a window. What are some movies about drea…[View]
117043710>I bypassed the compressor![View]
117043165My nigga....[View]
117046156Call Me By Your Name: Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of it?[View]
117044983I can't watch this shit, why do they speak english? why didn't they hire russian actors? j…[View]
117040779Is cinematography the most important thing?[View]
117032082>I can change almost anything Why didn't he change Rorschach's brain chemistry?…[View]
117044901>film/show has a female lead that isn't white Ugh instant pass[View]
117034722What is the likelyhood that Alita will get a sequel?[View]
1170452953/4 already in this film. When is the funny part?[View]
117046003Overused songs: >Watching Vietnam movies >It Ain't Sneed' (Fortunate Chuk's) St…[View]
117044300ITT: post scenes women will never understand[View]
117045305What's your favorite sports movie?[View]
117044751Why do people care so much about movies and tv shows?[View]
117045759>the previous agent M got #MeToo'd[View]
117042067Kino level check: What level are you at?[View]
117044910Stop. don’t. come back[View]
117045106Whatever happened to Megan Fox?[View]
117045337Is it any good /tv ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YxNYnHTxAg[View]
117045704Disease kino thread?: Post em[View]
117045554The new dub is shit but this is still really cool.[View]
117045073What the FUCK did I just WATCH?[View]
117041261ITS UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOtP5hed99w[View]
117045126>star lord, legendary outlock wtf is a outlock?[View]
117045503I'm trying to go through Michael Snow's filmography but some of his short films I can…[View]
117045480Now that the dust has settled, What's the final verdict[View]
117044656>recently discovered Giallo >little of it is in the criterion collection…[View]
117041570why does he sing?[View]
117045270What do you do when you're the only one in a cinema hall? Personally I throw the rest of my pop…[View]
117043408it sounds like a cringey meme but Kylo Ren is literally partly inspired by sam hyde the MDE man. ind…[View]
117044667Looks like there's gonna be a brawl, playing something good?[View]
117045242just watched this documentary: what did I think of it?[View]
117045035Post the movie which made you cry[View]
117045271/jag/- Janny Appreciation General[View]
117045049>5 minutes into well-wishing & chill she gives you this look what did you wish for?…[View]
117045188who watches this shit? I can't fathom that there are faggots outside of /bbg/ who actually peop…[View]
117044279Has there ever been a better teleteeno* than Dawson’s Creek? *Television teenager kino[View]
117043816>Spanish Civil War movie >republicans are the good guys…[View]
117045012>tfw binged the entirety of Black Mirror holy shit the first seasons were top notch. What the fuc…[View]
117043119You STOLE fizzy lifting drinks.[View]
117044977How come people can enjoy franchises that have not been laid out from the beginning? Franchises wher…[View]
117044183>character says he loves democracy >he actually hates democracy…[View]
117043866Why aren't you an actor, teevee!?[View]
117037748Godzilla: King of Manlets[View]
117041747Why didn't he clone Darth Vader?[View]
117043241Are there any shows like this?: Just finished watching this and I feel empty now. I need more shows …[View]
117044725The humans deserve what happened in the Matrix because of the events of this movie? They were truly …[View]
117044715Hey, uh: So me and the boys here were wonderin’...[View]
117040396Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Is anyone else hyped for Jane Levy’s new show? If you had her s…[View]
117043266>character uses telekinesis >gets a nosebleed…[View]
117042160This is the greatest fucking show right now prove me wrong (you cant)[View]
117037071>main character isn’t female[View]
117044588What are some movies that can make me stop hating women so much? I don't want to be this way an…[View]
117044580How did they get away with this?[View]
117041521Why didn't they just film themselves playing video games?[View]
117043121How did a story about Bong skinheads turn into your standard British teen drama?[View]
117043735>Trump's officially starting his 2020 campaign, you say? >Wait, I just remembered that he…[View]
117041907Lola Naymark: What's her best role?[View]
117044444i have a hard on guys[View]
117043039ITT : Real niggers only[View]
117043925Why is this wank so beloved? All the characters are skin deep obnoxious garbage compared to the firs…[View]
117043779/tv/ dubs The Thing: Continued from >>117003624 >What's it about? We're gonna be …[View]
117044186Vietnam War: how did Ken Burns' documentary alter your views?[View]
117044128This has to be worst PlayStation exclusive of all time, what an unfunny piece of garbage.[View]
117039682What are her qualifications exactly?[View]
117044346>*Opens copypasta folder*[View]
117043054>Aragorn becomes king and then rules wisely for a thousand years and everything is great Tolkien …[View]
117044070Angel Heart: Just watched this yesterday for the second time in my life. Last time was like 15 years…[View]
117042543You're going to watch it, right anon?[View]
117043660Best episode from their respective TV series. I´ll start.[View]
117044237ITT: strong female leads in kinographies: I'll start.[View]
117040517S Craig Zahler: So which is your favorite S Craig Zahler film and why?[View]
117042222why isnt there a proper biopic about jack dempsey? his life and era is pure kino. this material + ni…[View]
117028280Is this good 'acting' or bad acting?[View]
117041908ITT: kino crossovers: Scoobynatural[View]
117038678What does /tv/ think of the 1993 cult classic, Leprechaun, starring Warwick Davis as the titular cha…[View]
117040833Cast him.[View]
117041213You now remember the Classic[View]
117036922Commercials: Can we have a thread to talk about commercials. Like fuck they're 2 steps from re…[View]
117040004Why is he such an arrogant cunt to all his patients and fellow staff?[View]
117042407>dude what if, uuuuuh, you could suck your friends cock in street fighter?…[View]
117043750how do they get away with it?[View]
117043813Movies where the main character gets his ass banned?[View]
117038078what did I think of this?[View]
117042378Is this officially considered complete shit now? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBaFPl6oG5Y…[View]
117039438The roll that saved kino[View]
117043739>go to the cinema with dad >cute girl appears on screen >Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooo…[View]
117043513Animals in TV: No more Lassie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l457Eg33qJ4 No more Flipper https://ww…[View]
117043669How does a movie expect me to concentrate when they cast this as the Mommy? It's not fair.[View]
117038705Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?[View]
117043625It's up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOtP5hed99w[View]
117041892For such a great actor why did he do so many shit films? [View]
117041808Movies With Eunuchs: https://youtu.be/wpIl7KhQadA[View]
117043151so yesterday was a normal day browsing 4chan, when suddenly I heard the doorbell I opened the door a…[View]
117043058Where is the Hollywood Full Metal Alchemist movie? The jap one was kinda meh.[View]
117043520Will it be good?: If this movie doesn't work i think I'm gonna kill myself. I can't w…[View]
117042162Do Americans really do this??[View]
117042683No tv show or movie is perfect[View]
117041854Cast them[View]
117028065/got/ General: Daenerys Stormborn edition: old >>117004052[View]
117043357There’s a dignity in royalty, a majesty that precludes the likelihood of assassination. Now, if you …[View]
117043330Post based characters[View]
117043328What is /tv/s thoughts on white gold?[View]
117040679i-is this suppose to be us?[View]
117039595Will we ever have another faithful film adaptation to Bram Stoker’s Dracula?[View]
117039600Reminder that all lesbians go to hell[View]
117037488why didnt they just parachute down behind the sea defences[View]
117040463Yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
117043139Why didn't any of them wear the right color?[View]
117041998Hop in, dude[View]
117042843Was it kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4MXPIpj5sA[View]
117043060then and now[View]
117041639No. No, I won't do that.[View]
117042859Are Buffy and Angel still enjoyable today? I only saw couple of episodes decade ago.[View]
117042890>takes lots of stolen medicine for back problems and ghosts a few thots Oh wow what a monster /sa…[View]
117042675Soooo I was never a fan of them but why exactly is this happening? Its so bizarre I might actually l…[View]
117042840Have you ever sworn on a mountain top...: .. to see every film in a franchise like jerry has? If not…[View]
117037925Do Americans really do this?: They put glowy distracting lights behind their TV?[View]
117040840Japanese pizza.[View]
117038108Sup cuh, you finna get the double XL with extra glock fawty? Seen you ain't brung a shawty agai…[View]
117042570>Dora’s Father: [to Dora] You know the jungle, it’s a part of you. But exploring is not a game, a…[View]
117040951>finish watching Chernobyl >'Oh, by the way, Khomyak is not a real person we just made her up …[View]
117042243It’s a bit boring The music is really good tho[View]
117024325What is the most accurate portrayal of a woman in television and/or film?[View]
117041074Here's your Casterly Rock, bro[View]
117041798How can M*rvel even compete?[View]
117042419The Details: is a good film that seems like a bad film.[View]
117042194Past a certain age...[View]
117042369*gorges on hot pockets*: >talking shit about reddit letter memeia huh? >not on my watch pal!…[View]
117041180Why everything Netflix does is so forgettable? Everybody talks about it for a week or two and never …[View]
117039277Hansen's Labyrinth: Many, many years ago in a sad, faraway land, there was an enormous sting ho…[View]
117040640What would you do if you had 1 million dollars?[View]
117040810*breathes heavily*[View]
117040860Le shit? Is it true Snyder was fired from Justic Leage?[View]
117039608dang: its like twin peaks s3 but good[View]
117033525it hurts[View]
117041847Schindler's List is one of the most traumatic movies I've ever seen.: It's a really e…[View]
117041104How the FUCK did they get away with it[View]
117042283What are some movies/show that made you think about things logically? For me it's Big Little Li…[View]
117042178You must take your place in the circle of life.[View]
117035938Why does she move like that?[View]
117034078Neytiri is...[View]
117034913do people over the age of 25 enjoy these movies? trying to figure out if i'm out of touch/old o…[View]
117040741why'd she stop acting?[View]
117042010how do I clean this up janny[View]
117041825Rated R...[View]
117029182The Kyle Files: He is BACK[View]
117041868What are some good coming-of-age movies? Pic related has some pretty cheesy acting and dialogue, but…[View]
117040430comfy Frasier thread[View]
117041716True patriot.[View]
117035168This is going to win emmy's left and right.[View]
117040545You know what would have really been cool? If we got that million bucks.[View]
117038822Post some gems only you have watched[View]
1170418132019... I am forgotten...[View]
117041780YO LIL ALIEN[View]
117041679Find a flaw.[View]
117038652Havent seen a single Star Wars movie, should i watch them?[View]
117037694Which one of them had the best trilogy?[View]
117038664Is there a better friend simulator than Patrice O&A episodes? I'm not asking rhetorically, …[View]
117041601How did Walt poison Brock?: Why did they never explain this?[View]
117028092Why was this character hyped so much only to be completely pointless? Was it really to just to make …[View]
117040303>Zankoku na tenshi no you ni Shounen yo shinwa ni nare Aoi kaze ga ima Mune no DOA wo tataite mo …[View]
117037894He ruined John Wick 3 What the fuck were the director thinking?[View]
117038994>it's another gimpy husband trope again when will this end?[View]
117039519Cast the canon adaptation: Game of Thrones 'Brotherhood': Jon Snow - Keanu Reeves Daenerys - Elsa Je…[View]
117039954Nice night for a walk, eh?[View]
117041355What do you think of Japanese found footage films FFF = 666 But that's not what this thread is…[View]
117038068what is the best movie on Netflix right now? what is the best series?[View]
117035206/tv/ is always wrong. another flick where idris elba didn't make it[View]
117040151I Am Mother: If Mother's goal was to rebuild humanity why did it pick a nigger?[View]
117038734Brie Larson - Finally Out Of P.E.[View]
117041258What does /TV/ think of West Side Story ?: I just saw this film for the first time as a zoomer I wa…[View]
117036136>why yes /int/ is my favorite board and I'm only on this gay board because I'm rangeban…[View]
117039001ITT: cursed images.[View]
117038534Why was this in a kid's show?[View]
117040772Queensugar - Support Women: You support women don't you?[View]
117039252What did he mean by this?[View]
117040807Pretty good flick[View]
117037974>why yes, I am pointing this gun at you. How could you tell?[View]
117037848>FINE DAY SUNDAY[View]
117036884Objectively the best HBO show, you can't prove me wrong[View]
117040719Dune - I can't stop raving: Come and take a trip with me To a land where love is free Follow me…[View]
117038872>literally just takes ideas from argento and kurosawa >considered one of the most innovative f…[View]
117036195Would you like to get a film related tattoo one day?[View]
117040142Alright, check it out guys it's Trevor James[View]
117038441Just marathoned this, what did I think?[View]
117040121What are some kinos about not giving a fuck?[View]
117040096Sexy New Orleans soap opera set mostly at night: anything else with this feel?[View]
117040031It turns out the majority of Bill Murray movies suck.[View]
117039840Since Chucky is back -kind of- lets talk about killer doll films. Here is Dolly Dearest, it has Rip …[View]
117036942>Why yes, I have seen all MCU films at least three times. How could you tell?…[View]
117031649mein fuhrer.....[View]
117039959Why did Mike Stoklasa from Red Letter Media do this?[View]
117037416Ideas for capeshit movies: >a scientist falls into a nuclear reactor while holding a watermelon …[View]
117039895Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117036024Seems to me there are a lot of actors overacting these days. Some of them are geting awards for it. …[View]
117039668Euphoria: Wtf is Sam Levinson’s problem?[View]
117039867https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwaZkNLbXos Ok faggots. You're always complaining it's har…[View]
117039771Yuo lugg lonely[View]
117039253Give me some kino to watch hungover[View]
117038188The Last Airbender: >water tribes were all brown in animation >fire tribe was clearly Japanese…[View]
117037346>this is going to be a thing I thought no one liked the first movie, did /tv/ lie to me again?…[View]
117039625Gonna rise up, gonna kick a little ass..[View]
117038083Toy Story 5: Lost in China: oh no[View]
117032287Sharon Stone...now that was an actress[View]
117038838Have a great day[View]
117038611ITT: Characters that carry their series: I'll start[View]
117038174Patient is a 28-year old autistic male. Five-foot-three, no ability to communicate socially and no f…[View]
117039408Pewdiepie as captain america deepfake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx5crL-M80I&feature=youtu…[View]
117037274Did anyone else get the feeling that Thoroughbreds was an unfinished movie? Did they have to cut a l…[View]
117038659What would you do in this situation lads?[View]
117039299Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks dif…[View]
117039124Why are Easterlings and Haradrim allies of Sauron? Is there an explanation for this or is it just be…[View]
117038264I don't get it.: What's the problem, why didn't Frank fuck her?[View]
117038461>Have sex, Billy[View]
117015015Yep, it was slasherkino.[View]
117021103Unironically a way better moving than 3 and a much better end to the series. The stupid twitter bait…[View]
117031715Does /tv/ appreciate true kino?[View]
117039129>103 days until Avatar 3[View]
117037624>Jonah gets hit with the ugly stick >Beanie doesn’t How much is Jonah SEETHING?…[View]
117032943Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Oh, girls just wanna have fun[View]
117039168Who was in the wrong?[View]
117007154Who wins?[View]
117038316>Assistant Regional Manager >Assistant TO the Regional Manager Uhn? What's the big deal? …[View]
117038712Favorite simpsons episode?: Mine is E-I-E-I(Annoyed Grunt)[View]
117031086This was a lot better than it had any right to be. What are some other recent fresh-takes on the act…[View]
117038628Unpopular opinions about 'classics' you hold but rarely divulge: This was fucking awful an…[View]
117031523Could someone please tell me what their thought process was behind this casting decision?[View]
1170371653,099 days until Avatar 5[View]
117011694HELLO AGAIN[View]
117035847What the fuck did I just watch /tv/? The last time I was left so confused I watched Hobo with a Shot…[View]
117036135Heads up, Laura Marano goes topless in a short scene in Killing Zoe, when her character tries to los…[View]
117035528Why don’t we talk about Chloe and her feet anymore?[View]
117035474Absolutely kino shot.[View]
117038332Michelle Wolf is not Jewish. That is shocking to me. Her Wolf line are Lutherans from Osnabrueck. Su…[View]
117037692What is this look trying to convey[View]
117038563*breathes heavily as he struggles to get oxygen into his fat body* Wow goat actor give him another …[View]
117035321Zoom zooms be like : 'this is soooo good. It's a FUCKING MASTERPIECE'[View]
117034963Honest thoughts?[View]
117038538JUMPSCARE BAD![View]
117036053>movie set in the future >currency is still centralized…[View]
117037784>Why yes, of course I enjoy dark, eerie, atmospheric, suspense building, character driven, bone-c…[View]
117031553$1 billion[View]
117036070Need a mobie for tonight. Something comfy. Help frens[View]
117036163Jesus Christ this is more convoluted than Primer, fuck time travel[View]
117036302Ohhohohoho Nononono: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/spirited-away-release-crushes-toy-sto…[View]
117038258Do we like Nic Cage?[View]
117038176>and then he said he doesn't have a Netflix account[View]
117038365>Name one thing that make Eazy's payday[View]
117037653RIP Lego[View]
117034149XXXTENTACION Documentary: Are you hyped? This guy was the Cobain/Tupac of zoomers[View]
117035906Give me $1000[View]
117037314>you delete my thread I delete you life[View]
117038158Can a robot do this?[View]
117032226Why though, kids love violence[View]
117035280Terminator - John Connor: why is it that out of all the six John Connors that five of them are terri…[View]
117035779>ctrl+alt+del had 7 series and your favorite didn’t[View]
117038032Ronnie the Bear. Ronnie the Bear Weasel, you are bravery, you are courage, you are chess. One thousa…[View]
117024265Quentin Tarantino 12 greatest films of all time: Quentin Tarantino lists the 12 greatest films of al…[View]
117037426I'm rewatching my Ren&Stimpy dvd's and I don't remember them being so...blurry? I…[View]
117030985What the fuck was this shit? The whole concept of this movie is stupid as fuck. What was the point o…[View]
117037953I genuinely feel sorry for Luke. Imagine being a teenage boy and living on a shithole farm on Tatooi…[View]
117033750Could Adam Driver play Conan the Barbarian[View]
117036576>Are we brothers, Francis?[View]
117030756Does anyone know what this is: What the fuck is this from, I saw it on insta a while back[View]
117037628What point was this movie trying to make ? From what I gather it's that incels are dangerous sc…[View]
117037795/sex education/: > so, have you had sex yet anon? also /sex education/ thread…[View]
117031861this was fucking kino____[View]
117034628I just watched The Cell, and I think I may need to rewatch it.[View]
117035976Who would win?[View]
117037621Is the Bog Pill the final form of Hollywood stars[View]
117035259'Homosexuality is so much in fashion, it no longer makes news.: Like a large number of men, I, too, …[View]
117035629What movies do I have to watch in order to fuck her?[View]
117025841Will they ever attempt an adaptation?[View]
117035387Films about friendship[View]
117027778What a fucking little cunt.[View]
117032768Is there such a thing as a good actor?: If so, how can you tell it's a great actor? Is it their…[View]
117035252The future of kino when the chinks inevitably buy all the big studios.[View]
117034566ITT: subtle uses of symbolism in film.[View]
117035738Hidden camera found in Bond set: I bet the guy was a ryan gosling poster lol https://www.mirror.co.u…[View]
117037184Best film I've ever seen[View]
117037299What are some /tv/ approved thrillers?[View]
117037259>knocks out 5 (five) fully-armed red cloaks >doesn't pick up a single sword to use agains…[View]
117032324>affirmative anon :3[View]
117033399Best films to come out of the GoT cast: That is not GoT of course. Dinklage made some detective film…[View]
117036737Amazing stuff.... This is real quality. Name a single show that compares in quality in the 21st cent…[View]
117036810it was fun[View]
117036187>Your IP range has been blocked due to abuse Please lift it hiro i promise i wont shitpost anymor…[View]
117037126>he daydreams about making a commentary track for his movie[View]
117036007Was he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhnBxya4uzw >So I read that the former United Stat…[View]
117037074He seems like a cool guy[View]
117034225This Jason Momoa youtube video somehow ends up being the most kino of the year https://www.youtube.c…[View]
117035517Guys my physician just told me i have updoc, what the fuck do i do?[View]
117036498why do people do this?[View]
117036860Beverly Hills Cop 4 (2020): Coming 2 America (2021) Triplets (2022) Looks like Eddie Murphy is makin…[View]
117036925They're coming to get me now, goodbye.[View]
117036673Neo-Noir reccomendations: Any recommendations for films that are Neo-Noir or similar aesthetic? Also…[View]
117025018What the fuck is this supposed to be about?[View]
117036602of course[View]
117027971>ruins Thor franchise >ruins Westworld >ruins Rocky franchise >ruin Men In Black franchi…[View]
117036650This movie is awesome, I thought it was much better than the book 'Film adaptations that you think i…[View]
117033776ITT kino commercials[View]
117036614Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Kino, but how does the original body die when the duplicate is fully…[View]
117029209Bad things to say during a crowded kinoplex screening[View]
117026271Why didn't they just wear bulletproof vests?[View]
117032602Name a greater 21st century comedy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z44kBaGmuM[View]
117035556Why didn't they expand more on Chrissy's Bass fishing tournament subplot? Seems like a was…[View]
117027445Hey there rover! Come on over[View]
117029263q_q If I die, In this world, Who will know, Something of me, I am lost, There's no trace, Of my…[View]
117035569>'We are who we choose to be' The most inspiring words Ive heard came from Willam Defoe in a gobl…[View]
117036326Why in God's name would anyone willingly go to the 3rd world country known as Australia? https…[View]
117032315What was your theater’s reaction?[View]
1170361272019: The Year of the Flop: >Hellboy >Detective Pikachu >Dark Phoenix >Godzilla >Men …[View]
117032913Will there be any more Gantz film? I really enjoy watching Gantz: O[View]
117036194>tfw no qt demon gf this was kino[View]
117036112https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i34KGQQhsks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb-9TIr31i0 Which one?…[View]
117034894>film isn't in English[View]
11703043890s kino: Post 90s kino[View]
117031310Season 3 really wasn't that bad.[View]
117034780>'Why yes Robert, my man, I would like two tickets for Dora the Explorer. One for today and anoth…[View]
117035951What are some movies that portray Nazis in a positive light?[View]
117032725>and then he said he watches movies on his computer[View]
117035935Fizzy lifting drink, perhaps?[View]
117034737aurora snow used to be a good actress: when she was younger[View]
117035522what movies do I need to watch to be the HARDCORE guy from the chart?[View]
117034594Post trailers that make you cry, whether just cause nostalgia or otherwise[View]
117035639>falling for the blue and orange trick It's hurts to see you faggots fall for this all the t…[View]
117035207is that a clever and brave commentary on toxic masculinity?[View]
117034878>there's a crossdresser character >main characters refer to him as a 'she'…[View]
117014611What does your kino viewing station look like?: Here's mine.[View]
117019687What did Leone mean by this?[View]
117029939Why does Ridley keep making different versions of his films? He had like 4 versions of Bladerunner a…[View]
117035638Why yes,of course I refresh the cunny thread every 5 seconds to try and get as many wholesome cute p…[View]
117033657Man cave is complete[View]
117034198When are we going to get an L.A. that looks like this?[View]
117029616I rewatched this for the first time since '97 last night... and is this a horror movie? It has …[View]
117035436Is Hollywood dead?: I stopped caring long ago.[View]
117035491>tries to be a film about de-internalizing misogyny >they bring it up once and never talk abou…[View]
117027809Nazis ain't got no humanity.[View]
117035357I took revenge on the murderers of cinema, uncle... a... I thought you were a flick... from now on..…[View]
117032911Are the Sith evil?[View]
117020602Will WWE ever be popular again? Or have people finally realized how stupid this shit is?[View]
117035386How can other countries compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9fD0GrCgz4[View]
117032891What's the blondest movie you've ever seen?[View]
117034552What's his name again /tv/?[View]
117034615Drive <3: Now that the dust has finally settled... KINO!?[View]
117034759>So Mike what did you think of Child's Play 2019? When will they release the review, brehs?…[View]
117035077what if spiderman shote cum from his hand instead of spider juice haha eww haha gross[View]
117034143Was it peak italian kino?[View]
117035216Who would you cast as Max Payne instead of Marky Mark? I would love to see a gritty 80s version of t…[View]
117032895>finish watching a movie >sit at the coach by myself mimicking sounds from the movies with my …[View]
117033265What's her best work /tv/?[View]
117032685tomorrow i'll[View]
117032795what did he mean by this?: Buzz: 'N'[View]
117032903>stop watching media from America >mental health and quality of life improves considerably I m…[View]
117030893Has The Rock's career peaked already?[View]
117030858ITT: Childhood crushes[View]
117032765Are you a Tommy Texter?[View]
117029355>Let me guess Tiny, a small salad? How in the fuck did Squidward get away with this?…[View]

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