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124469050was this really necessary? it doesn't seem very believable[View]
124477556Hey guys!! i finally watched Infinity war, i think it was okay i liked the final tho, pretty epic I…[View]
124474764How well does /tv/ think they can guess the celebrity?[View]
124476300Kinos for this feel?[View]
124477444what are some kino buddy-adventure movies?[View]
124477344Are you guys excited for latina Cinderella in 2021?[View]
124475781BLACK ADAM Starring Dwayne Johnson Will Feature Doctor Fate, Hawkman and the JSA: https://heroicholl…[View]
124474507Joker 2: Joker 2 is happening whether we like or not. So let's make the best of it by writing t…[View]
124474991ITT: things that still hurt and niggas you miss like other niggas wouldn't believe.[View]
124475727Why didn't you save him?[View]
124477056How common was the practice of cuckoldry in the galaxy?[View]
124476474Hey guys, what movie should I watch next???[View]
124476430Like me yet?[View]
124447235Supernatural 15.06 - 'Golden Time': Sam and Dean receive a visit from an old friend; Castiel investi…[View]
124476489What now?[View]
124476978You say Chris Pratt - I say Harrison Ford You say Chadwick Boseman - I say Wesley Snipes You say Rus…[View]
124467013Bond 25: Chicken. Fried, not baked.[View]
124472877Dude, JFK and LSD, amirite?[View]
124475152who would play you if your life was made into a movie[View]
124475448>did you fuck my wife? did you?[View]
124476107The Sneed is dead. Bury it.[View]
124473651SPACE WAR KINO COMIN’ THROUGH https://youtu.be/QgR0tDwfBqs[View]
124473004I did not get it[View]
124476636i did not care for the godfather... i'm sorry /tv/. i just, i did not care for it. it insists u…[View]
124476615Bone Tomahawk & Motherless Brooklyn: Are these two films 'kino'?[View]
124476591Are there any action movies from the 90's that were serious and maybe dark, or was everything c…[View]
124475917What did he mean by this?[View]
124476454Should there be a modern day reboot of Babylon 5?[View]
124476316Movies /tv/ can’t hate[View]
124464653>gets replaced by a scrawny effeminate faggot[View]
124476429Why was the final season so shit? Was it because of Randy or just the show writers being entirely in…[View]
124475319Courteney Cox’ Best Role Was Scream: Friends is trash.[View]
124476039do you clean up after yourself at the theater?[View]
124476313How did you react to this scene /tv/?[View]
124476339Servbots > Minions[View]
124476202Women are only good for 3 things Cooking Cleaning And vaginas[View]
124472080WE WERE ROBBED: #GiveUsTheBatfleckMovie Spread this lads. Let's make it happen[View]
124476329London, 2019[View]
124476328any one member those shitty tv shows that came on in the middle of the day when you stayed home from…[View]
124475271you dont see movies like this anymore[View]
124474851Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
124474380This is unironically kino[View]
124461814Why does Gordon Ramsay shit all over this poor restaurant's pizza when he doesn't even eat…[View]
124475716What's the secret to a great Bruce Wayne?: Charisma? Or Pain? Anger?[View]
124474511Cast him Also how come we don't have a Twisted Metal movie yet?[View]
124475531the Iraq[View]
124476221Hello, is that the Yin dynasty?[View]
124463441What the fuck was her fucking problem?[View]
124473975why doesn't he make good movies anymore?[View]
124471158People keep asking me: Is TJ Miller back? And so far i hadn't had an aswer but... Yeah, i'…[View]
124476102Yo, yo kid Im snippity snappin round this joint brotha You think im gonna score a joint of blow arou…[View]
124471969>movie is the director's most poorly received film >it's actually their best movie w…[View]
124474590why didn't writer fucked her?[View]
124475711/r/: I need some KINO to watch tonight! I don't give a shit what it is as long as it is under 2…[View]
124476087In 1991 during the filming for 'Point Break' Keanu Reeves (whose role involved playing roo…[View]
124475962>makes labour look like incompetent, idealistic fart-sniffers >generally just shits on them, m…[View]
124473378Was this movie basically just style without real substance?[View]
124473379Favorite Star Wars scene/moment: With the up and coming new Disney Star Wars movie, I felt it would …[View]
124474999We need a Schopenhauer biopic.[View]
124475429Why does she hate the first order?[View]
124475014Why bring back this old fossil? Who thought this was a good idea? Stop dragging Arnie into your shit…[View]
124472818Is this one of most tensest scenes in cinematic history?[View]
124475883Were they based?[View]
124475509It's full of shills: Isn't this Kubrick is really trying to tell us?[View]
124475681this shit based or should have been over 2 seasons ago?[View]
124454999Why did Mandalorian kill the Jawas?[View]
124474495Does this show get better?: I'm in the middle of the first season and I'm not seeing the b…[View]
124475231Have you ever copped a look from a television show or film? I'll start: ever since The Young Po…[View]
124473276good for him[View]
124475738I did not care for The Simpsons.[View]
124475695>men age like m- how will femoids recover?[View]
124456315/BA/: Who is your favourite Bon appetit personality, and why is it Molly?[View]
124475627Would you be best friends with Bender? I would.[View]
124473497>Look they are enemies! >Look they are in love! >Look they want to kill each other! This ma…[View]
124475026>ITT: forgotten kino[View]
124474634I think that I'm Tom Cruise BUT BITCH I'M BOBBY WITH THAT TOOL[View]
124466432Was bart gay???[View]
124475192why’d he stab him?[View]
124475502>Communism good >America bad[View]
124474457This was fucking great. What are some more good star wars books?[View]
124474528So? How accurate is it, /tv/?[View]
124475408The Chewbacca defense doesn’t make any sense. Chewbacca doesn’t live on Endor, they were just there …[View]
124473719Is Detroit Rock City good?[View]
124474181>Check it out corporal[View]
124474009Any other good Buisness Kino? I know theres this and shark tank, I have a finance degree I am woeful…[View]
124474309Whats the point of sex or nude scenes in movies these days?[View]
124462537Elric Saga to be adapted for television: https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3594770/epic-fantasy-horro…[View]
124471773havent watched the daily show since jon left: whats the new version like???[View]
124474774....you're not robert....[View]
124475232Was House driving into the house kino or retarded?[View]
124475261>you're awful, Kakashi[View]
124474807I'm sick of the 'I'm such a villain, I kill my own people' troupe. After so many…[View]
124472020>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
124465468Anyone on /tv/ been on a movie or show?[View]
124472487can I help you?[View]
124475080>the sonic movie we could of had.[View]
124473897>You want order in Gotham? Batman must start keto and lose five pounds a week. Every day he doesn…[View]
124473635cast it[View]
124475174Comedy is dea- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzoPC5-g7rU[View]
124472287How kino would the sequel trilogy have been were it inspired much more by EU?: Not a big Star Wars f…[View]
124472376Oh, no, no, no. You stay here, Reek. You watch.[View]
124475115What is Sheldon Cooper's thoughts on the Holocaust?[View]
124469289prove me wrong: oh wait you can't[View]
124474788Can I be said to have the feeling of LONELY AND HORNY if I'm (practically) asexual? I have a se…[View]
124474614Do bongs really do this?[View]
124473491“Don’t text me happy Easter or merry Christmas. If you’re too lazy to pick up the fucking phone and …[View]
124474213Who is the Marcel Proust of filmmaking? Which are the best 'proustian' films?[View]
124469435can't disagree[View]
124470958What would’ve changed if Anakin won?[View]
124474688who else brainlet here? I don't know any directors and 99% of actors. most of the time I can…[View]
124474744How does one spot a poster who is shilling for the Mouse? Keep in mind this is a real documented phe…[View]
124472248>Yeah, you're goddamn right I boycott those liberal hippie Hollywood movies. Got a problem w…[View]
124473532I don't get no respect: >The other day I was was walking down the street. >Some thug come…[View]
124474722Dario Argento Appreciation Thread Let's discuss the master of giallo! My favourite of his proba…[View]
124474624was I pleb filtered or it just sucked[View]
124473587This was so fake[View]
124474609Real Monster Kino: What is some real monster kino no fake stuff[View]
124474403>tfw dick is bigger than 7'' see you later virgins[View]
124474521The End of the F***ing World: Just binge watched the entire series and I have to say that season 2 w…[View]
124470687thanks for the chocolate. here's your christmas gift, bro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KHo…[View]
124473823>Haulin' Oats Where the fuck were they haulin' them oats? They had some great video kin…[View]
124472978ITT: TV shows that nobody remembers[View]
124474459>'ay wanna see a dead body nigga'[View]
124472493Why didn't he warn them about the pig fuckers?[View]
124471500The Last Kingdom: Who was/is best girl? For me it's Mildreth.[View]
124471391How the fuck?[View]
124473403The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down Of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee The lake, it …[View]
124441372Women and blacks save the day.[View]
124467187i forget: Why did this movie make us so Mad again?[View]
124473592You guys...you're the real heroes[View]
124473411Just watched this kino Just made me feel sad as fuck because I feel like love is passing me by while…[View]
124473216SAY IT ROBIN[View]
124473755Is Refn actually kino?[View]
124473125Why is Hollywood so shit? Can't they fix this like they did Sonic?[View]
124474055>How's your driving record. Clean? >It's clean, real clean. Like my incel dick that …[View]
124471159Well? Which one are you?[View]
124474036Film Theory: >Whether or not cinematic videogame exhibition is '/tv/' .. (the interactivity being…[View]
124466837Cassius thread[View]
124472190What are some more films where leading men/normally good guys play bad guys? like perhaps Tom Hanks …[View]
124472082>Joker won another award, for music HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS…[View]
124472823You watch the neighborhood, I watch the skies[View]
124473874Joaquin is the best actor alive right now. He's able to convey a level of sadness I've nev…[View]
124473779>First of all you smell good, which is surprising[View]
124472764/tv/ Did you see Regis this morning?[View]
124472152___ SBARRO[View]
124473714>Twice as big as steroid-maxxed humans >Invisibility cloak >Shoulder cannon Why did he thin…[View]
124472036would call of duty make a good show or film?[View]
124472593Whatever happened to Miles Teller?[View]
124473629He said the S-Word...[View]
124473462What i'm in for?[View]
124473160Beefer Sutherland: What did Jack Bauer mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQewz6t_G5Y…[View]
124472929>that one time a bunch of tech-illiterate boomers were quizzing Zuckerberg about Facebook https:/…[View]
124472491Actors who can't get roles any more: I haven't seen this guy in a movie in years. Post act…[View]
124473662janny such a dirty ho, I love it cast your charlies angels. mine is azealia banks, rosa salazar and …[View]
124472292A Bourne-style action movie, played 100% straight, about a rogue agent trying to thwart Count Dracul…[View]
124471470Why is modern tv and film so amoral? Everything my gf or friends want to watch feels either extremel…[View]
124473021/byg/: BABY YEED GENERAL[View]
124471041How can you stand these characters? Does a modern show even exist where the main cast aren't al…[View]
124470462Who was the most famous person that we lost within the past decade? Pic related is my pick[View]
124472231Name a more based Sopranos character: >Calls Tony a faggot >Threatens him with violence >Ma…[View]
124470754What are the best movies to watch with your family?[View]
124469226is Emma Stone a good actress?[View]
124472936What was the purpose and meaning of this scene?[View]
124471749Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth __________[View]
124467957Ginger Snaps: Are these movies actually worth seeing?[View]
124473307What did Tony mean by this?: >What'd you think of that, huh? What you think, I'm a fuck…[View]
124467764>*Rage Against the Machine starts playing* Turned the movie off right then and there, I couldn…[View]
124473280>Anon K-Y-S-4-dash-three-dot-seven, let's begin. Ready? Yes, sir. >Recite your baseline. …[View]
124473267I kind of like this concept. Is it fleshed out?[View]
124459437Post the hottest actress[View]
124472093how do i get radicalized like my boy Travis?[View]
124472972>this is a Pokemon movie Literally what the fuck? What were they thinking? Why is it always like …[View]
124469298What the fuck is his problem?[View]
124466660Toxic masculinity the movie[View]
124473042Let me rate car chases for no mechanical aptitude faggots. #1 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOK9Q…[View]
124472853>Dr. Yo >From da Hood wit Luv >Goldnigga >Thunderballa >Y'all Only Shoot Twice …[View]
124472791>tfw no cenobite gf[View]
124469601>most offensive era of family guy is headed by an asian american woman umm i'm thinkin she B…[View]
124470276KNOCK KNOCK[View]
124472017Don't you get it?[View]
124469089I didn't realise Indians were aware of 4chan memes.[View]
124472896Zoey 101 reunion on new ALL THAT reboot.: https://people.com/tv/jaime-lynn-spears-set-to-reunite-wit…[View]
124472789apology for poor english when were you when heat legend dies i was sat at home drinking brain fluid …[View]
124468531Are you ready for the late 2000s-early 2010s nostalgia craze?[View]
124472702Anyone looking forward to the hour long Sunny finale tonight?[View]
124471138What WAS the matter with him?[View]
124472636TERRA NOVA[View]
124470290Any movies like that?[View]
124471472>Trailer for a movie about an upbeat hero >That fucking 'ey, ho, let's go' song plays…[View]
124467889>tfw I forgot to pay my tv licence fee and I can see the detector vans circling my house…[View]
124470189Is it true they left the church of scientology because they let it slip Jaden blew his dad in the sh…[View]
124471875What movie should I watch before I shot myself[View]
124472524>You know, your thoughts might be better than mine but I have thoughts going around in my head to…[View]
124472522Is this guy officially Mexican or what?[View]
124470398what was this much anticipated TV show 1st episode coming out in 1-2 days?: this board is a blur and…[View]
124471367We haven't had sex for a month Jim, it's time to let us rape, don't you think?[View]
124471869Aladdin would have been totally fucked without that magic carpet[View]
124471321In other news, uh...[View]
124471154>Takes 9 hours to stop repeating dead memes and making smarmy comments long enough to get through…[View]
124472359Ryan Phillippe: This is Ryan Phillippe. He used to be a popular actor, but now he's not, and he…[View]
124472370what are some movies that capture the essence of the 90’s?[View]
124468888pure kino.[View]
124468554It could have been kino.[View]
124472348Did this show single handedly bring the concept of therapy to its knees?[View]
124470273Get the Rhythm: Get the Rhythm. There we go. There we fucking go. GET IT. How come no one is talking…[View]
124471639What was his problem?[View]
124471308So I think I have discovered a new fetish DJSN (Dom jew submissive Nazi) like I was watching America…[View]
124469783>Lemme get five tickets for Sonic the Hedgehog, bitch.[View]
124460443WHO LAUGHED[View]
124472149>Muh Rei Why did Arthur start thinking he was talking to his favorite Eva waifu halfway through …[View]
124470942Which franchise has disappointed you the most as of late?[View]
124471039miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
124472030What are some scenes of characters scratching itches?[View]
124467244They're doing Giantess porn psters now[View]
124470957Here are two reasons why you should start watching Legacies[View]
124461092Was it kino?[View]
124432455What was Lucas fucking thinking?[View]
124445777Is this what the British are really like?[View]
124463255why no one is talking about the best film of the year absolutely everything about it is kino from be…[View]
124469378>From the The Desolation of Smaug review: 'I'm all for experimentation in these mainstream m…[View]
124470348claire forlani was 10/10 perfection in this, so was brad pitt[View]
124470056What a total hack[View]
124469173Rec me some Korean movies[View]
124468445A Scanner Darkly: What does /tv/ think of this film?[View]
124471734Nigs suck, here they come.: why would he insult his own co-pilot? And as an asian man, is he anyone …[View]
124466945Who was the best Joker /tv/?[View]
124471414Whats the television and film equivalent of this album?[View]
124469790How do I get a cute cosplay television and film gf?[View]
124463260What of the Rebellion? If the Rebels have obtained a single ship with a lightspeed engine, it is pos…[View]
124471446Need tv and movie recommendations based on my Kino criteria: I'm looking for movies or tv shows…[View]
124470753Why didn't Peggy show off her busty side?[View]
124468665The Mangolord: Where can I, a poor little euroboy that lord disny has not graced yet, watch the mand…[View]
124471271*blocks your path*[View]
124471333So this is the official /tv/ subreddit right? https://www.reddit.com/r/ConsumeProduct/[View]
124471434>it’s a “Crockett smacks a hooker in the face and pulls his gun on her because he mistakes her sh…[View]
124462897Reminder he did nothing wrong and was making a fuck load of money for the family.[View]
124469612Star Wars Land is saved![View]
124471326>Flip me over, Morty! Haha https://streamable.com/wkhyc[View]
124468610What's your favorite podcast /tv/?[View]
124471251was nelson a sniffcel[View]
124471120where's this guy at?: fukn 3 years[View]
124470504What did Stanley Kubrick mean with this movie? Why did he cast the biggest celebrity couple of the p…[View]
124471084>stars in flick >makes it kino what are some actors?…[View]
124471106Was he right?[View]
124444372I don't get it[View]
124467816/imaceleb/: Panic Attack Edition[View]
124470976How the hell do you fuck things up so badly?[View]
124470983P E A C H T R E E D A N C E[View]
124469675.... Yeah im thinking he's back https://youtu.be/VMQUHuE58q0[View]
124469529Emilia Clarke Wants To Be The First Female James Bond[View]
124470814Is this the best Christmas movie?[View]
124467660Did they?[View]
124456858Why won't DC or Marvel hire her?[View]
124458665Is this the worst, most pathetic, podcast ever?[View]
124466800How come he never used the n-word?[View]
124469253Has /tv/ ever met anyone famous? I once got a handjob from one of the actors on Murder She Wrote (pi…[View]
124469487Why is the theatre always so boring and downright depressing?[View]
124468056Worst. Show. EVER.[View]
124469443So I’ve posting about this show a couple of times because I never saw the whole thing as a kid or un…[View]
124470558>John Smith appears on screen >gf starts heiling Hitler and biting her lip How do I stop this…[View]
124449219The Expanse Season 4 Trailer: IT'S OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFdzpVt5rbk[View]
124469802>OMG IT'S SO BAD IT'S GOOD Nope, it's so bad it's bad.…[View]
124468765Cast him[View]
124470384Could they get away with this on modern television?[View]
124464260There’s no source material. We don’t have comic books. We don’t have 800-page novels: https://www.co…[View]
124470418Nostalgia Thread: this is almost 20 years old what was it like seeing this in theatres back in the d…[View]
124466165oh dear: season 1 was kino how can you make such a kino series then fuck it up with season 2? not to…[View]
124468026Darth Vader was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil. He helped the emperor hunt down and destroy…[View]
124468278Is /tv excited for Ana DeArmas's new movie Knives Out, out on Thanksgiving day[View]
124469404Why aren't there any female orcs?[View]
124470231Detective Santiago is cute[View]
124464082Anyone else find themselves losing interest in film? I saw six movies this year: >Us >John Wic…[View]
124470199Post some youtube kino: https://youtu.be/vyoDF153sbU[View]
124451049Did a single person like season 8? Even divisive stuff like Last Jedi or the Lost finale has fans de…[View]
124470154>There's a reason it's called 'girls gone wild' and not 'women gone wild…[View]
124466633When is the inevitable adaptation?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WgT9gy4zQA[View]
124465340Alex Rider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFYq8eqpQw4 Looks like Horowitzkino is back on the menu…[View]
124469617A hidden life: Probably his best film after Tree of life.[View]
124468415Star Wars is dead.: They are apparently gonna kill off Chewie, the droids, the falcon, everyone you …[View]
124469812Quieten Tarantino's favorite movie of 2019.[View]
124469771>m*le character is on screen >'I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I DISRESPECT WOMEN' >fem*le charac…[View]
124465784Who was in the wrong here? Tony or Hesh?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt35pxcfLhw https://www.yo…[View]
124458912Joss Whedon Reshot At Least 80 Script Pages For Zack Snyder's Movie At Warner Bros.' Behes…[View]
124469109>Dog barks at his owner >'What boy?', 'Did Timmy fall down the well?'…[View]
124467661>naomi campbell >black >naomi watts >white stop naming your kids weird shit I cant remem…[View]
124468211Are you excited for the upcoming animation of Part 6, /tv/?[View]
124468069bobby yeed: baby yeed's ne'er-do-well brother[View]
124469369>I was just thirteen when I had to leave home >Knew I couldn't stick around, had to roam …[View]
124469506Just finished watching Ken Burns Vietnam War: I still can't believe the strongest military on e…[View]
124467993/ZS/ Zack Snyder General: Best Bat edition[View]
124469186Exclusive: Star war's shocking stunt casting primes internet incels to EXPLODE![View]
124466028they even replaced dogs in movies with cgi dogs. looks fucking terrible they couldn't use a rea…[View]
124468177Have you guys seen this upcoming Amazon show? It's got Al Pacino and is about hunting nazis. He…[View]
124468348This is objectively and indisputably the best Sopranos scene ever, bar none. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
124467165hi anon![View]
124469092I just saw Ed Wood and I really want Tim Burton to make good movies again.[View]
124466172>Here's your new Charlie's Angels bro.[View]
124468141does /tv/ like my tatttoo???[View]
124449686JJ Abrams on Rey: 'The idea was to tell the tale of a young woman who is innately powerful, innately…[View]
124468910'Joker has a whole fan base of his own. What was the original idea behind the character?': >The i…[View]
124467288>Post actor from the back >Guess who it is Lets do this.…[View]
124468582Are there any film adaptations of plays that aren't complete cringe?[View]
124468795Origin of Kathleen Kennedy - Genesis of Evil: >Kennedy: 'I was working with John Milius,' she say…[View]
124468929What did Disney mean by this?[View]
124466584The Wire Alignments: >True Chaotic Neutral Anyone else care to expand?…[View]
124468375>americans include Rotten Tomatoes score on Blu-Ray covers Pathetic[View]
124468829what do you watch when it gets cold?: any kino that fit the cold weather mood? Christmas movies coun…[View]
124459814what the fuck is supposed to be so great about this[View]
124467007Why are they so angry? I thought they had grown close why do they suddenly want to kill each other[View]
124468652This is a frame[View]
124466882And what of Good Solonius?[View]
124464720Arby's. We HAVE the meats![View]
124464656JJ Abrams addresses the lack of the original trio in the ST: https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/mov…[View]
124467842On my world it means 'cope'.[View]
124467077>ima, jus tryin ta make people laugh Why did he change his voice when he said this?…[View]
124459353Where did he get money?[View]
124468434>how's her pussy by the way?[View]
124468384He's black[View]
124459274I know its a meme, but unironically why didn't they hyperspace ram the death star? Has anyone f…[View]
124463689What's her endgame?[View]
124464624Here's your big-screen Batwoman, bro.[View]
124464659Next week is my 40th birthday. 6 days left until I become the ultimate meme impersonated. I started …[View]
124467175Okay, so what the fuck is Quibi, why are they ordering so much shit with big names, and how long unt…[View]
124465402why is there no lesbian kino? all the gay/lesbian films that come out these days are either dark dep…[View]
124466613Thats B E A E N KS No 'E'[View]
124467010It was amazing, why does /tv/ hate it?[View]
124467557THEE CLAY DAVIS?[View]
124467523I guess Sunny in Philadelphia isn't even trying to be funny anymore.[View]
124461654>it's a Cuddy episode[View]
124465102What's the best episode of NAKED ATTRACTION?[View]
124465558best jewish movies?[View]
124462448Why does Disney hate white boys?[View]
124467812Here is your Revan reveal. Thanks JJ.[View]
124467245>The Mandalorian FEELS like Star Wars[View]
124467594So which one are you?[View]
124464063/imaceleb/: Kirk & Minty Edition[View]
124467368Ana DeArmas in Knives Out[View]
124466717>That's right Lucas, get on your knees bitch. Haha![View]
124467676>me be >browsing 4chan I am >mmmmmm >The Mandelorian™ episode 3 release tomorrow it will…[View]
124466704What's it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Interlinked. Do they teach you how to feel…[View]
124464933What films hit you like a tone of bricks?[View]
124467565Which idealogy produces the highest caliber of Kino?[View]
124466309This is the only film I saw in a theatre where I felt having a full audience enhanced the experience…[View]
124462861Scooby Doo: Why does making Velma and Daphne more realistic looking offend some people?[View]
124466455Primal Discussion: It's late by nearly 1 1/2 months but I've only just watched all 5 eps. …[View]
124466920This cartoon did the Anakin/Padme love story better in 2 or 3 scenes than the entire prequel trilogy…[View]
124466303I want to have a serious discussion for a moment. Why is it considered unacceptable for white folks …[View]
124467271are you team /yiddle/ or team /yeed/ ?[View]
124466897>3 minutes in and im already being raped with marxist propaganda They can't help themselves …[View]
124467242Do you think Sheev is a cool guy when hes not working/plotting?[View]
124462276Marries a feminist who refuses his name.: What a cuck...[View]
124467103Ready.or.Not.2019.1080p.Bluray.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.X264-EVO >Ready.or.Not.2019.1080p.Bluray.DTS-HD.MA.5…[View]
124466826You wanna say something /tv/?[View]
124467053Good luck catching them killers then[View]
124466150It's unsatisfying that he was never caught. How did he get away with it? Would he have gotten a…[View]
124466186they're getting so old bros i can't take it[View]
124463890>it’s a no from me[View]
124463521Kill Bill General /kbg/: Just rewatched part 1 for first time in years and it's kino. Effective…[View]
124465658Never Sleep Again: I know I'm taking a chance starting a thread about movies here given the sta…[View]
124466171Simpsons jokes that you still don't understand[View]
124465773>Brand new Star Wars television series debuts >Actually somewhat interesting in context of Dis…[View]
124466778I AM AN FBI AGENT!!![View]
124466060What the fuck is his problem?[View]
124451557It wasn't funny.[View]
124466713ITT: talentless hacks[View]
124466655Stave it off 1 2 3 And now you can count to three[View]
124465381The PETA/Global Warming Trick: Global Warming is used as an symbolic analogy to communicate in secre…[View]
124463608Why dont tv shows have prayer anymore?[View]
124465475Cast him.[View]
124465303What was his problem?[View]
124466294>Thompson's Teeth >The only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth…[View]
124466484He made the right decision[View]
124466448i was watching sons of anarchy and this guy had his cigarette in the wrong way around lol funny gag[View]
124465419Interrogation Cinema: This dude has by far the best content. Best interrogations, best analysis. But…[View]
124461899Th End of the Fucking World: Did you like season 1?[View]
124466292List your twenty favourite films of this decade and let other anons guess your age and personality: …[View]
124466329Thoughts on Comedian Esther Ku? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8pEcOhsdjY[View]
124466284>pisses away 70-80 million of sony and investors money >insults men before and after her film …[View]
124464928The cost of entertainment: actual USD bc not some fgt I pay Spectrum 145.98/month hulu 11.99/month …[View]
124464631Just started watching season 2 of this and this shitty new character played by DeVito is ruining the…[View]
124466232How does he reach the swords with those giant shoulder pads?[View]
124457043Official Mandaloran Power Rank: Jango Fett > Mandy > Pre Vizsla of Death Watch> Sabine >…[View]
124465210Will there be any more JW movies after jurassic world 3? I don't want it to end bros[View]
124462492>A weak, cowardly adult who only has an erection cosplaying. Based Alan Moore…[View]
124466091Felt like a sequel to SouthLAnd.[View]
124463880John Mulaney: just marathoned his 3 stand up specials, it was pretty good[View]
124461487Will ep 9 finally answer wtf the First Order/Resistance are? 3 movies in and I'm still confused[View]
124455671IT'S UP: >Airplane.Mode.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO >Airplane.Mode.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H…[View]
124465232How many Warwick Davis clones would it take to beat Based Dinklage in a fight?[View]
124457123No trolling, what was the lesson here? Escapism? Learning to connect with people? Accepting pain as …[View]
124460083Stop hypersexualising Scarlett Johansson, you perverts.[View]
124464263why did the girl shot him at the end? so he was guilty?[View]
124464510have you not seen game of thrones mate?[View]
124464575>has a bad day at work >uses his right to self-defense against rich degenerates >discovers …[View]
124465841Baby Yeed posting is based and it'll save Star Wars, you cannot prove me wrong.[View]
124464545If you had to show a movie to someone who's never watched any, which one would you pick?[View]
124462798She did nothing wrong: She did nothing wrong[View]
124464609What's the last physical copy of a film/tv show you bought, and when did you buy it?[View]
124465560Before Yeed came into my life I missed you so bad,I missed Yeed so bad.[View]
124464527Luke, remember the time I lied to you about Darth Vader killing your father. I did this to protect y…[View]
124465530>20 day global ban from 4chan; I wanted to post on /tv/. >So I compromised, I posted on r/mov…[View]
124463794Look at this chad[View]
124464875What’s next for her career?[View]
124465479Why didn't you warn me?[View]
124465131What movie portrays Hitler the most accurately?[View]
124450764>gets over the guy who literally saved your life and killed for you like it was nothing wtf are g…[View]
124465386>Luke, you must seek out Yoda, the Jedi master that assigned Qui Gon Jinn to train me. >Your …[View]
124465058The Invitation: The Invitation[View]
124465347>They all laugh at me for being different, well I laugh at them for being the same! What did he m…[View]
124465316I don’t get it, which one is supposed to be Arnold Schwarzenegger?[View]
124460830Post a pic with more talent[View]
124465313Can MCU phase 4/5 top the crowning cinematic achievement that is phase 3?[View]
124464264Any doomer cinematography?[View]
124464568> Master... where is baby Yeed? Is he alright? Is he safe...?[View]
124463659Are you ready for the late 2000s-early 2010s nostalgia craze? It's already happening.[View]
124431045Were they based?[View]
124461811Recommended Alien Docs?: Posted on /x/ too: Hi, I'm looking for some good old fashioned documen…[View]
124463167What is going on here?[View]
124463388*sees you approaching him* *sighs, rolls his eyes, and slips his phone back into pocket* Uhh yea, we…[View]
124462677who was in the wrong here?[View]
124459641We heard ye didn’t take too kindly to our movie, Anon. Time to spill yer beans…[View]
124449439Scenes that are universally loved by/tv[View]
124462893How did Wes get away with it?[View]
124463501Scooby Doo movies: Would a black reboot work?[View]
124464212this movie came out in the US 20 years ago what was the hype like when news and trailers came out fo…[View]
124464821Can I expect this in ROS?[View]
124457956Can we all just agree for one time that this is the best space themed show exist today? Trek fags BT…[View]
124452631>Joaquin Phoenix hamming it up with paint on his face was more profitable than the $300 million, …[View]
124464731Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124463382were they incels?[View]
124460555What happened to good writers in televisional entertainment?[View]
124464670Why was he a janitor? Was he happy with his life as a janitor? What do you think his wage was?[View]
124464587What went wrong? First season was genuinely fun and thrilling detective adventures with actual detec…[View]
124463666I was watching Killing Zoe and it made me think. Has anyone here been so mean to their gf that they…[View]
124462312ITT: Future Cult Classics in 30 Years: Joker (2019)[View]
124461552the rhythm section: this looks pretty good someone tell elizabeth banks[View]
124464402Do you ever think that intentionally cheap special effects are evidence of money laundering by produ…[View]
124459114>baby bump oh no no noooo[View]
124463126I walked out when I saw the WF/BM couple.[View]
124463435I don't know why, I don't know if the people making the encodes are just fucking retarded …[View]
124464188Which actresses have the best looking husbands?[View]
124459572What's his thought on Baby Yeed?[View]
124460971Post Christmas movies.[View]
124461960What is her best role?[View]
124457486>attack TFA for being too by the book and not doing anything new >attack TLJ for being too sub…[View]
124464251/sfm/ Screenwriting and Filmmaking General: CPR-Edition. What ye workin?[View]
124464193Could you kick up the 4d3d3d3?[View]
124464031Steppin on the beach drrrrrdododoo[View]
124462777>Yes I slay vampires how could you tell?[View]
124462533100% a new kino christmas cult classic[View]
124458115>a Kanye West song p[lays during a montage[View]
124462386>so it will be a comedy show about 6 friends and their life >BUT ALSO ONE OF THE FRIENDS HAS M…[View]
124461276What is this expression supposed to convey?[View]
124461473WP MDE: Is it just me or did World Peace kind of suck?[View]
124461769So how relevant are late night talk show hosts nowadays? When I was young, Leno, Conan, Letterman, a…[View]
124459275It pleb filtered millions…[View]
124456850With the success of Joker, is it time for a well-crafted R-rated Punisher adaptation?[View]
124462559>she didn’t fuck each and every one of her male roommates Why are tv shows so unrealistic?…[View]
124457826And the more we stop doing the wrong thing, the more we will do the right thing Thank you *ovation*[View]
124462174Help, /tv/. I am trying to remember the name of a movie. All I can remember is that it was a 2015 Am…[View]
124463814THEY'RE GUILTY[View]
124462502>And your OTHER gun Really?! Jesus Christ[View]
124462377Is this movie worth watching?: Or should I just listen to the album?[View]
124454211A 47 year old man looks like this[View]
124462955>I understand Hitler[View]
124459331The Clown Prince: >Serious talks happening to have Pattison's Batman going toe to toe with J…[View]
124460689Earthlings, listen up: >I'm Joaquin Phoenix >Don't wear anything leather you brats …[View]
124461133Why was this Jedi allowed to be such a slut?![View]
124462813What are your criteria for following someone on Letterboxd Mine are >gave The Lighthouse anything…[View]
124458750>Apparently, Baby Yoda is created at least partially with puppetry. Herzog is a big fan of doing …[View]
124461745did anyone watch this?[View]
124458324You want to buy a Disney+ subscription.[View]
124459279Could this be done today?: I'm getting transphobic vibes from it.[View]
124451922itt: characters who did nothing wrong[View]
124459704Will the Avatar sequels even look better than Avatar 1? i mean how the fuck can they improve on some…[View]
124462540You think he regrets the allegations?[View]
124457035Say it[View]
124463229Mystery film: Imagine there was a film where the ad campaign told you nothing whatsoever. The whole …[View]
124462752https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irvU09MM-l4 Is this the highest level of mansplaining?[View]
124463409What are some good axe movies?[View]
124461952Grandmother, can you recommend me some Roman kino?[View]
124456504so you retards weren't memeing this shit after all lmao[View]
124463263DUDE This crossover would be epic[View]
124460657>I just found out the sex of my baby >>so, tell us! >not exactly what I was expecting.. …[View]
124463195>all the woke people are getting voted off one after another Has there ever been another season o…[View]
124462629Kinos about wagies finally snapping ?[View]
124460927I don't get it So The computer creates hologram projection so when the Hologram talks with the …[View]
124459698without breaking any rules, what are the all time great nude scenes? Denise Richards in Wild Things …[View]
124457936>You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of Master[View]
124456430Why did /tv/ lie about this being bad?: I laughed my ass off at this shit. Best comedy set in years.…[View]
124455283Hollywood is completely dead. Todd Phillips being here certifies this.[View]
124462730It's here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txVfAS2vaa4[View]
124457701What are some other movies that are basically one man shows, where one actor carries the entire movi…[View]
124462301Manufactured controversy vs genuinely daring[View]
124460498ITT actors who smoke weed. Pic related.[View]
124462297>tfw no charismatic leather jacket wearing surrogate to emasculate your dad and feed you spaghett…[View]
124462439Yeed Palpatine[View]
124460451Lets discuss actually good horror movies, that do not rely on cheap jump scares. I am talking about …[View]
124460816Macklunkey!: What did Lucas mean by this?[View]
124462361/incel/ - internet celebrity: can we have this board? there's a lot of stuff going on that need…[View]
124462088I am putting together a team...[View]
124458806wtf was his problem?[View]
124457799What the fuck though?[View]
124462135History kino: When are we getting an epic 3+ hour long Sir Sydney Smith biopic?[View]
124457548Godzilla thread: For a board that claims to hate star wars, you mf'ers seem to post a lot of st…[View]
124456884Post the first TV you remember having. Mine was similar to this one.[View]
124461653Honey Boy: father-son kino[View]
124461784Holy shit, I didn't know that /ourguy/, Henry '15 is legal in the country where we were filming…[View]
124461707Why yes, Season 7 is peak It's Always Sunny.[View]
124459138Why did they not cast the most obvious and fitting actor for the job?[View]
124460946Letters from Iwo Jima: I saw this last night,it showed the nips in a good light, when will we get sy…[View]
124454762ITT: Uncoventionally attractive people that you would fuck[View]
124460914WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT[View]
124461344Cast him[View]
124459458>Who are you le talking to right now? Who is it you think you le see? Do you le know how much I m…[View]
124461439this guy wrote the mandalorian. how does that make you feel?[View]
124458022Disney really shot themselves in the foot with this one[View]
124461377Thanks /tv/ for promoting The Mandalorian for me! Star Wars is back on top and now I can do my trilo…[View]
124461349Mee teesa rodda co pana pee choppa chawa[View]
124461171Worst Directors of All Time: >Fucks up everything he touches >No originality, shit cinematogra…[View]
124454574/jg/ - Joker General: What's the dumbest argument you've heard against the film?[View]
124461205What are your top films of 2019? (top 10 max) https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/[View]
124458110Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
124459102Will we ever get another kino about the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan?[View]
124460082Now that the dust has settled, who deserved to win it?[View]
124460671>pivotal in creating the greatest empire the world has ever seen, conquered more lands, subjugate…[View]
124460941any netflix shills here? do your best to convince me to pay for your jewish tricks[View]
124459911>At the end of time a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. The …[View]
124458962Voldemort did nothing wrong: After Voldemort is defeated and global wizard equality is achieved, the…[View]
124460611>post movies about wanting something/someone you cant have/they dont want you but at the same tim…[View]
124458496Which one is the best tv commercial of all time?: And why it is this one? https://youtu.be/dp_kd-Kw3…[View]
124460847/euphoria/: Degen-kino[View]
124458906What does tee vee think of suits?[View]
124460827Cast him[View]
124459289this is a genuine masterpiece. the only other movies I'd say that about in this decade are The …[View]
124460802In awe at this lad[View]
124458396why is he called baby yeed not mini yeed?[View]
124460760wtf Jews[View]
124460343best animated film of this decade: Rango is easily the best animated movie since finding nemo[View]
124457903Have you thanked Disney yet?: >Defeats the empire with his best friends >wins the woman of his…[View]
124459469How come we never make movie scripts on here anymore?[View]
124459931Who will play them in the proposed irl adaptation of their adult life?[View]
124454298ITT: Overrated movies that are already forgotten[View]
124460529Wait, what?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iUNpFodpx0[View]
124460528Fuck Yeed: For me, it's Turkish E.T.[View]
124459449Why was this hated?[View]
124460506>RotJ: Return of the Jedi >RotS: Revenge of the Sith >RotS: Rise of the Skywalker…[View]
124460442ITT we need actors over 6'[View]
124460491Fuckin horror christmas kino. Has ron howards wei4d brother in it.[View]
124460469Stop talking about Joker! Talk about me Endgame. I beat Avatar guys remember?! Come on Avengers reme…[View]
124459545I love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
124459982Was PTA always on coke during this period or what's wrong with him https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
124460358Has anyone found a Joker torrent without the shitty subtitles[View]
124456590I'm getting more wine[View]
124456321>early 1900s >everyone seems cool with a white guy and a black girl marrying and having kids…[View]
124459934Today is /ourguy/'s birthday. Say something nice about him.[View]
124460092*hiss* wdyd?[View]
124460365Shit movie, great soundtrack[View]
124457824Who is the Weezer of film?[View]
124458180I hope you’re prepared for a luncheon[View]
124452232Oh fucking wow: What went so wrong?[View]
124458849Have you boys seen Submarine yet? Is pretty good[View]
124458398I have a burning hate for all independent and experimental filmmaking regardless of quality. A movie…[View]
124456210Batman Forever > The Dark Knight[View]
124460132>You now remember that Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele were nominated for best director by the Acad…[View]
124452197Marco Polo is still the best show Netflix has produced and it pisses me off that they’re making shit…[View]
124459086I literally always take notes like this when I watch stand-up, am I fucked bros?[View]
124459753How the FUCK did Lucas get away with this?[View]
124455014>Two women try to prove they can be independant from men >decide to work as strippers for a we…[View]
124456649This is the kind of surrealist weirdo shit David Lynch wishes he could do.[View]
124450654Look at him go[View]
124459886>Hey look its Krusty! Say something funny Krusty.[View]
124455377Cast them[View]
124454604ITT: Overrated Movies: The only reason why this is considered the best is because its the first. its…[View]
124458281MOVE THAT BUS[View]
124457758Did the punishment fit the crime?[View]
124457578wtf why would they commit Emitt Brown??[View]
124459882Place your bets now[View]
124458044>ad campaigns only you remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR5fYm4Pcdc…[View]
124458228How long will you be upset about Star Wars to the point where you are actively posting about it? Are…[View]
124456429Could candlejack be a good horror movie antago[View]
124447984>you're awful murray >:([View]
124451384>November 2019 We made it, bros. We lived to see the dystopian future. Time... to die.…[View]
12445781610/10 Jap samurai revenge kino[View]
124450785This is boring as fuck[View]
124459706Most based critic[View]
124456914What the fuck was his problem?[View]
124459650Gina Carano: Thoughts on her role in the Mandalorian?[View]
124459306>2020 >Academy Awards are on >”And the Oscar goes to... Joaquin Phoenix” >Joaquin doesn’…[View]
124457493>muh christianity >muh god >muh morals despite being the housewife of a criminal >muh po…[View]
124451635JJ Abrams hackery in one frame: Look at this damn spotlight rught at the camera to create a lens fla…[View]
124459499Never forget Jafar had a gruesome death[View]
124458641>baked in letterboxing how do you expect me to watch kino like this?[View]
124456289”Cant wait to be standing over your shoulder, watching you write me a check, 4chan”[View]
124459386ahahhaha I'm dah jokah baby[View]
124454876Toddler-kino?: Hey /tv/ my son has turned 3 so we're introducing him to some (limited) screen t…[View]
124457700Name a more kino duo[View]
124458905>wot if siri and cortana gang raped yer nan >bloody ell its mental innit…[View]
124458902So is she a roastie slut too, /r9k-tv/?[View]
124457833>Omi was a Force-sensitive female dianoga who lived inside garbage masher 3263827 aboard the Deat…[View]
124458935what did /tv/ think about this movie?[View]
124458332Guaranteed kino[View]
124457052Implying Star Wars didn’t create this stupid fucking baby yoda meme for cheap advertising for their …[View]
124458104Ladies of Star Wars[View]
124458716Cast them[View]
124454146Brie Larson didn't get a free Disney+ subscription, has feminism failed?[View]
124451704Lupita was damn good in “Us.” That duel/dance she had between herself is probably one of my favorite…[View]
124458615Is RIPD any good/?[View]
124456038Do you guys like Huey Lewis and the news?[View]
124457483This is clearly a Christmas movie: Same rules apply[View]
124458548And here I was thinking Star Wars is soi garbage.[View]
124458124Why do people still use YouTube?: >upload video not for kids >flashy animated character trigge…[View]
124456025Giving Donald Trump the nuclear codes is like giving a dolphin a mine to play with; cute to look at …[View]
124458392Who the fuck is this like seriously just wheeling around a cart full of rusty knives and hatchets an…[View]
124457898FUCK Baby Yeed, stupid dumb green piece of SHIT. I HATE his retarded face and hope he dies.[View]
124456648I wondered if they could go lower[View]
124414694>2,000 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR[View]
124455114The Matrix: In the real world: >You eat tasteless goop and there's seemingly no alternative …[View]
124457897inbread cat[View]
124451583Some of you fuckers in here are not what they say they are,I know I'm human because of singles,…[View]
124458260So which Luke Skywalker died in The Last Jedi? Will the other one resurface in Rise of Skywalker?[View]
124446824>expect cringey forced fanservice and mass consumerism >actually kinda comfy I can see this be…[View]
124457427Is it even possible to clone a Jedi/force user?[View]
124457431“Oh for god’s sake niles! It’s called a cuck cake and apparently it’s all the rage on /b/“[View]
124449855Warner Brothers is now following Zack Snyder on twitter: They haven't followed him since about …[View]
124446900*Ruins Your Show*[View]
124456364Who was in the wrong?[View]
124456817He started off doing micro roles in sitcoms like Seinfeld, Friends etc then went on to giving birth …[View]
124457835Anyone here on this? Surprised that I’ve yet to come across a thread about this kino, considering it…[View]
124451627yeed baby[View]
124455255what was his problem?[View]
124457645>I believe in truth... >But i'm also a big fan of Justice I clapped…[View]
124456754Buy Disney+ and your path to the good goyim side of the force will be complete.[View]
124457626Marathoned this last night, although I did watch Unbreakable when I was a kid. I gotta say, every fe…[View]
124455403Lol remember when you guys wanted to boycott this because it was going to be 'feminist propaganda'[View]
124457569Recommend me some good recent (2016 onwards atleast) psychological thrillers/horror Pic related[View]
124457527I'll start[View]
124453489Batman v Superman: APOLOGISE[View]
124457521What movies have the most beautiful casts?[View]
124455971>I left with the best man's number NO. YOU. FUCKING. DIDN'T[View]
124444764Taxi Driver V Joker: So I have been a big fan of the new Joker film. I heard people comparing the fi…[View]
124457350New season February 23[View]
124457020Is this movie good?[View]
124452504I like the sequel trilogy. They are simple fun blockbusters. I appreciate your guys' passion, b…[View]
124456013>fucking fucknugget wtf was debs problem[View]
124455470Why hasn't our boy Pete been given a leading role in a blockbuster movie?[View]
124453173Undefeated in 3 Movies: Has there ever been another character that has never experience growth throu…[View]
124455306How did he end up crazy at the end? I thought he just got him committed as a joke[View]
124456956What is his best movie?[View]
124455009Joker sequel probably not happening anytime soon https://batman-news.com/2019/11/21/todd-phillips-de…[View]
124456559Any good Bollywood movies that are kino?[View]
124455373I dare you to tell me this wasn't epic as fuck https://youtube.com/watch?v=8ODI04FWyQI[View]
124454834I would really like it if all the people posting star wars threads were beaten, tortured, and then c…[View]
124457007Earthlings, listen up: >I'm Joaquin Phoenix >Don't wear anything leather you brats …[View]
124456778HOLY MOLY bros how was it so good???[View]
124451057Watch it Chrissy![View]
124456994Are Jawas racist?[View]
1244543092.1 billions and /tv/ on suicide watch[View]
124456901>That's Cyrus the Virus. They say he's killed more people than prison reform…[View]
124456727What's some rollerskating kino?[View]
124456894Would it be kino?[View]
124456533Your favorite Fran Drescher role?[View]
124456869Ok ok, i know everyone says that he created a wave of sound that is tired and ran out but are there …[View]
124456099Shows that deserve to be made[View]
124445416Project Blue Book Season 2 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQz6gIEhPkU Looks like kino is b…[View]
124455794This shit is lowkey kino as fuck, I hate niggers but this shit has some serious replayability to it.[View]
124455310“I need a black guy actor who plays a complete cuck in everythin-“ “I’ve got him on line one, sir.”[View]
124456599WE LOVE THE SUBS: Is there a more kino commercial?[View]
124454722Ahem. Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, there is something I’d like to say.[View]
124456244tfw you know you'll never have a true friend[View]
124456237Ministry of Time: Only a few episodes in, and I think it's the best foreign show I've seen…[View]
124452287What's the appeal of Reylo?[View]
124454121One Piece Netflix adaptation on /tv/: Post your fancasting[View]
124454138This nigga's identity and purpose were the biggest mysteries in television history.[View]
124452478Our generation's Tom Cruise.[View]
124454497Careful sir, your wife is hot![View]
124449883What would you say in this situation?[View]
124454096This was really good and Cliff is incredibly based[View]
124456633Just watched it, not that great More fight club rather than taxi driver[View]
12445408010 years later and I still don't know why would someone shoot a man before throwing him out of …[View]
124449519Neytiri is...[View]
1244478172019, I am.....forgotten[View]
124455346>Once.Upon.A.Time.In.Hollywood.2019.1080p.HC.HDRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT >Once.Upon.A.Time.I…[View]
124450906Why is television so bad right now? Almost everything is bad and even the decent stuff is forgettabl…[View]
124456471>ITT: movies that need a high end Criterion blu Ray release[View]
124453997What should I watch next?: I pretty much own every movie I like on DVD/Blu-ray.(Except for four.Thre…[View]
124456323ummm excuse me sweetie this is NOT ok[View]
124455708What was his tax policy like?[View]
124456288Is the next Bond still a woman?: I think i might had a dream where its confirmed that they changed t…[View]
124456371>the bad guys in the movie end up being the good guys[View]
124456295what are kinos where you just stare at cunnies all the way?[View]
124456192you JUST know[View]
124452109Who did it better?[View]
124454778BILLIONS GENERAL: NO POORFAGS EDITION: Sup bro’s, whose more kino axe or chucky rhoades?[View]
124455543Seinfeld: >I wanted a Chipahoy![View]
124456085>I see yeed... and shitposts... and the pitiful look of faces that cry out for c*nny! But what I …[View]
124455202our boy is still Superman[View]
124455930Rey is powerfull because she have a high midi-chlorian count, just like Anakin.[View]
124447587This isnt organic. Why is Disney raiding us.[View]
124454694Abrams talks about Rey: But then you encounter a roadblock like this. >Rey has a whole fan base o…[View]
124451528Señor. Rosehip tea, with orange blossom honey and a fresh lemon wedge. Por favor.[View]
124442672How did she keep her job after driving a patient to suicide?[View]
124455722Has anyone seen this? Is it just porn?[View]
124451831Remember ALF? haha[View]
124439065When Christina Hendricks auditioned for the role of Joan in 'Mad Men' she only had $11 dollars to he…[View]
124455732Yep, I'm thinking genius.[View]
124453399Nice night for a walk[View]
124450812i miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
124448858Peter Parker... What happened to you, man?: https://twitter.com/memes_bizarre/status/119713248293770…[View]
124455573>show girlfriend's son star wars for first time >he cracks up at MACLUNKY George really…[View]
124452063>What's wrong with you professor? Lately you've gone from crazy like a fox to crazy lik…[View]
124455004Is this morally grey like the comics/movie or it's just propaganda?: Is it good(blacks) vs evil…[View]
124454171>Direct hydro-transmission system, connection prepared. >Plug fixed in place. >First stage …[View]
124443032BARTY CROUCH[View]
124442710Joker's mom is cute[View]
124452369What’s your favorite kino to watch with friends?[View]
124446777oh no noooo[View]
124451488It's his time[View]
124454866Details: Details details ! >reintroduce best character in series >'You loved him!' >stands …[View]
124430747When you find out Chadvill is a 40k fan.: As the six-foot-two, roughly 200-pound Cavill wanders arou…[View]
124453526This was better then Star Wars[View]
124450990>start watching this expecting a serious war kino >first hour is dedicated to a wacky colonel …[View]
124450201>literally not ONE black person in sight >the only colored in the whole movie gets spanked lik…[View]
124453528Based Black Woman Who Eats Too Much Releases New Episode: Don't mind me boys, just shilling bas…[View]
124454573>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yWaSfGosbQ Any other kinos where your professional skills helpe…[View]
124454680I feel so mad when I see someone online with better taste in films than me. How do I overcome this f…[View]
124449844So finally BBC have green lite a discworld series and the f it up with woke bs Both dibbler and Veti…[View]
124431263What was the best kino you ever downloaded from Kazaa/Limewire? For me, it was Battle Royale.[View]
124454638>Bonus features: Trivia web portal[View]
124453237What happens when you feed Baby Yeed after midnight?[View]
124454530I give you the ultimate in military hardware. Complete with laser cannon, indestructible titanium ex…[View]
124452529Are you more of a Hisoka kinda guy or more of a Chrollo kinda guy?[View]
124453090Bout to fire this up on Prime: What am I in for, /tv/?[View]
124454285Is /ourshow/ ever coming back?[View]
124453797IT'S EVOLUTION BABY[View]
124451359What are some good conservative films?[View]
124452299Silent Kino: The last few flims I watched (Dr. Caligari, Häxan, The Phantom Carriage) were all silen…[View]
124453254N series: What does the N stand for?[View]
124454079>I'm in on /tv/ shitposting >Janny said, 'What are you doing?' >'shitposting.' i said …[View]
124454018now go home and get whatever happened with your brother[View]
124448647Netflix dropping Frasier: >Frasier is the lowest rated series in the sitcom category Why don…[View]
124450610>Computer, create a two-to-one scaled copy of Deanna Troi, including all normal life functions an…[View]
124451361Anyone know the name of this movie[View]
124447243Lord of the Rings: How comes LotR still holds up and is so soulful? What went so right? I'm wat…[View]
124453820'See, Adam, you're the only interesting character we have, that's why you have to die'[View]
124453964Let's talk about her body of works.[View]
124453802Cast him.[View]
124432659ITT: Real-life events that could be adapted into horror kino.[View]
124453007>Now all of 4chan knows you're here![View]
124453824Niggers on TV: I can't take it anymore, in every fucking show and movie there's fucking ni…[View]
124451969>'...and das' our lil niggas crib' >'he a real movie nigga, y'know I'm sayn'…[View]
124452651ITT real life kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfP7MPnmZaY[View]
124451732Can this performance ever be topped? Phoenix didn't even come close. Could it be the example of…[View]
124453633Supergirl: >waaaaaaaaaaa Kara why u no tell me ur real shit? >>Because superheroes 101 >…[View]
124451289That's some Redemption, that Shawshank.[View]
124452571Do you think star wars is going to succeed as much as MCU did noe that john favreau is working on it…[View]
124449678What's his endgame?[View]
124451893are all the show unkino woke diversity nonsense?[View]
124453711what the fuck was his problem ?[View]
124446733What is this stance called?[View]
124453401392 days till Dune[View]
124449159Are you going to watch her movie with your girlfriend, anon?[View]
1244509631. The Last Jedi 2. Rogue One 3. Return of the Jedi 4. A New Hope 5. Empire Strikes Back 6. The Forc…[View]
124452851The Godfather: Will any Trilogy ever come even halfway close to this kino?[View]
124452931How did these movies age so well? Most comedies from early 2000s are trash nowadays[View]
124447526Which day of the week is best to go to the kinoplex?[View]
124453372Who the fuck is this like seriously just wheeling around a cart full of rusty knives and hatchets an…[View]
124449629The Rush Hour: Thoughts ? For me its 8,5/10.You cant find it boring,simple story and nice plots.…[View]
124444015whats /tv/s favourite comfy British tv show[View]
124452343One gains by losing and loses by gaining.[View]
124453287>kills the whole series[View]
124446862How do lightsabers know when to stop?[View]
124452960dubsman was actually based on Tom Cruise that's a big kek from me[View]
124449155Would you rather see a Villenueve Dune or a Jodorowsky Dune? You can only choose one.[View]
124453025effa-be-eye, huh?[View]
124450064>so yeah Littlefinger, we're just going to execute you here on the spot with no proof of any…[View]
124452332Whyd he do it? Billy Batts dindu nuffin[View]
124452938UNSCHEDULED OFFWORLD ACTIVATION. sir, its SG1s IDC. but they’re here. What do we do?[View]
124450942Reminder it’s /ourboy/‘s birthday today. Don’t forget to send him your wishes![View]
124442476does she have a point? https://www.comicbookmovie.com/sci-fi/star_wars/making-a-star-wars-film-is-di…[View]
124441261I miss her so much bros[View]
124450765Charlie's Angels Box Office: This movie had a budget of $48m and marketing of $50m. Elizabeth B…[View]
124449419For me, it's Rem Lezar[View]
124451406Finally, I have reached /tv/[View]
124449712This is the most successful franchise of all time by all metrics, especially culturally. You will re…[View]
124450866ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
124452265the most pointless villain in /tv/ history[View]
124451827>NOOOOOOOOOO!! YOU CAN'T JU[View]
124451855>Be Dunston >Check in[View]
124447629Please tell me there not going to ruin it with current day politics kathine kenedy has nothing to d…[View]
124451854What are some movies about growing up too fast?[View]
124449572reminder: this man has NEVER made a satisfying ending in his entire life. Why would you trust him to…[View]
124450844This is my new headcannon now, S O Y WARS is dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuUGrtmjQfY[View]
124451826>American education https://youtu.be/_t75kZmrwxg[View]
124451788>trust nobody not even yourself[View]
124451722you guys lied to me, this movie was fucking garbage[View]
124449953>season is 10 episodes in >have not seen a single thread >making this thread because I just…[View]
124444983Good. Because, for a minute there, I thought were were talking about....[View]
124451698How is this film popular at all? The acting is beyond cringe. It's high school-level acting at …[View]
124451407Cast it[View]
124449571Whats this face called in film?: why do actors do it so much? does it male the kovie sell better?…[View]
124448859ITT: forgotten kino[View]
124450375Interrogation kino thread >On June 14, 2015, 48-year-old Dee Dee was found stabbed to death in he…[View]
124450822How based is Dave Filoni?[View]
124451342>third world terrorists are the public enemy >turns out they are being puppeted by some rich j…[View]
124449211What's this phenomenon called?[View]
124450062The great debate, who's worst?[View]
124447963Just watched it: good movie, but what the fuck was the point of the Margot Robbie storyline?[View]
124449958This scene was the when I've realized as a kid just how stupid Americans are. And the scene whe…[View]
124450507>Both parents have brown hair >Grandpa and Grandma have brown hair >Son has jet black hair…[View]
124451091It insists upon itself.[View]
124450602Did Rowling go too far?[View]
124450477does this bitch get what she deserves or nah? also spartacus thread.[View]
124451201>Great, my own mutha, fuck you you fuckin huah[View]
124450432You're awful, Arthur.[View]
124450130What are some other actors who can potentially ruin an entire movie or scene just with their presenc…[View]
124449239Did you like it?[View]
124448917DAILY REMINDER AQUAMAN REIGNS ABSOLUTE AS KING OF DC: Remember your place all below..[View]
124448900I CANT GET THE CAP OFF[View]
124450096Earthlings, listen up: >I'm Joaquin Phoenix >Don't wear anything leather you brats …[View]
124450204Find a flaw.[View]
124449171Which kino are you watching while browsing /tv/ right now?[View]
124450586'Hmm, I wonder what's on /tv/ tonight...' *click*[View]
124449766>Be Godzilla >Wholesome action movie for kids, fun for the whole family >No SJW nonsense …[View]
124450752https://www.vulture.com/2019/11/al-pacino-robert-denior-gq-interview-bad-movies.html DUNKACINO…[View]
124450728*throws ball*[View]
124450554Post incel friendly message/character movies first one is self-explanatory[View]
124450533>I whipped up a female Jar Jar Banks in about 2 days just in time for episode IX[View]
124446176Why is he saying 'fuck' in all his reviews now?: It's like he's forcing it.…[View]
1244425348 years left[View]
124449898hey guys![View]
124449526How excited are you guys for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot?[View]
124450462>Christmas movie >Santa asks kid what they want for Christmas, and it's several pages…[View]
124446396>Reminder that this actually fucking happened[View]
124449115>We're gonna get the bastard who did this. You have my word.[View]
124449781They disagree on Knives out, who do you think is right?[View]
124443275why is Yeed succeeding where BB-8 and the Porgs failed?[View]
124449160Will Tarantino direct the Alex Salmond biopic?: >Another charge of sexual assault alleges that in…[View]
124444620You get to bring back prime Arnold for one last kino. What's the premise? Who does he play?[View]
124450069Hello there[View]
124447435what do you think lf this[View]
124449649WHAT IT IS HO? WHATS UP??[View]
124448089Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
124448363The Sonic we deserved.[View]
124447660Would you pay for a picture with your favorite actor?[View]
124449032Is /tv excited for Ana DeArmas's new movie Knives Out[View]
124449913Post your Top 10: and rate others 1. The Thing (1982) 2. Se7en (1995) 3. Shutter Island (2010) 4. Bl…[View]
124449873Say it[View]
124449834dab you must, based you are[View]
124444241Please welcome, the WICKEDLY talented, one and only... Adele Dazeem.[View]
124449897wow he's literally like me[View]
124448466>Execute Order 66 What the fuck were the other 65 orders?[View]
124448323>Godfather of Harlem >Starring:Forest Whitaker, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ilfenesh Hadera (hotte…[View]
124449739So embarrassing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLAZijxbISc&feature=youtu.be&t=61…[View]
124449658Based Reich[View]
124447717So did he die at the end?[View]
124448641How do we combat the risimg leveld of Russophobia in the US?[View]
124447807When will he try to make a sincere movie so we can all make fun of him?[View]
124448122the holy trinity of fraud hacks[View]
124448351Post HK kino[View]
124449077[spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler][View]
124446411A Winter Tan: here's a really good movie you should watch; A Winter Tan. It's about some a…[View]
124447471What's the best boat movie?[View]
124428357Are you ready for the 90's nostalgia craze? It's happening soon.[View]
124444249Shadows of the Empire: cast him[View]
124448937Who did it better?[View]
124413328oh baby baby[View]
124447961'I will subscribe to Disney+': ITT we say 'I will subscribe to Disney+'[View]
124448850-Knock knock -Whos there -Its the CIA madam, your country was hit by a coup, he is dead[View]
1244456513 episodes in, this is much better than his dark materials, much talked about why is nobody talking …[View]
124447452Kinos with this aesthetic[View]
124448036>You did good anon, they got what they fucking deserved.[View]
124448439When the GNK droid auditioned for the role of the GNK droid in 'Star Wars' it only had $11 dollars t…[View]
124448706movies/tv shows with this feel[View]
124443874Post comfy shows you watched growing up[View]
124445737Post essenial incelcore: - Anything with Ryan Gosling - A Clockwork Orange - Joker - Taxi Driver - H…[View]
124448567Should slasher films be gory?[View]
124447490Netflix releases more content in a week than their entire libraries combined[View]
124448560What does /tv/ think of film & television?[View]
124448513Dark Materials: I know all this board cares about is Star Wars / Capeshit but what are anons thought…[View]
124443487Who's your favourite non-existent member of the marginalized female demographic from Star Wars …[View]
124448436>No, I'd jerk off instead. What did he mean by this?[View]
124448430This man is not our enemy.[View]
124446289>redeems star wars How does he do it, bros?[View]
124448324Alex Lawther: Why does this actor only play incels?[View]
124447006there is absolutely nothing to watch on this[View]
124448289Was it kino?[View]
124443789what the fuck was his problem?[View]
124446147The picture that saved /tv/[View]
124446838How are you guys gonna deal with the fact that Yeed is indeed actually Yoda who used his force power…[View]
124448010how is this dude still a thing?[View]
124448116Bill did nothing wrong. Peter didn't do his job accordingly by not putting the cover sheets on …[View]
124448150Nighthawk's Hideaway: Anybody else wish shows like Nighthawks Hideaway was real and common? A …[View]
124444043Why is british comedy so much worse than american comedy? Compare pic related to something like it…[View]
124446832I'm going to say it![View]
124440499Ever ask a celebrity for an autograph /tv/?[View]
124446256Wtf I love Star Wars now[View]
124434718ITT: Post little-known facts about various celebrities. Drew Carey served in the marines, and reache…[View]
124447053>bad guy is the only likeable character >writers don't want it and try to make him insane…[View]
124444649Who would be suitable to take over from Darth Kennedy the woke? I for one want to see Dave Filoni ta…[View]
124441475What is Disney's endgame?: The moment they hired a woketard feminazi writing team it became pre…[View]
124422138Is he, dare I say it, based?[View]
124444807Pissing in an ocean of piss: How come Marvel releases one movie each year and succeeds while Star Wa…[View]
124446595Was he consumed by unrealized sexual desire or lack of real human emotions?[View]
124446636RedLetterMedia Classic Shorts: Whatever happened to the top tier cuties Mike used to swing? You thin…[View]
124445647ITT: Side characters that save otherwise forgettable movies: Mercurio Cavaldi from Brothers Grimm. M…[View]
124445744Hello /tv/, have anyone got some good horror movie recomendations? also torrent/streaming links woul…[View]
124446938>i want to get more into westerns and I like Clint Eastwood, I’ll give this a shot >Clint rape…[View]
124447701O SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
124447426wtf i love jihadis now[View]
124447602two... two fishes?: who was in the wrong here?[View]
124446639Anyone else miss the KINO of classic internet and early Youtube?[View]
124443717Where can I find HD open matte versions of movies?[View]
124446918The 60’s looked comfy as fuck.[View]
124444787i hate this fucker[View]
124441994>hated by millennials >loved by zoomers Explain this.…[View]
124447312scenes women will NEVER understand[View]
124447260>That was 'Blur' and 'Out of Time'.. They're joking, we've got two …[View]
124447330What are some movies with 1950s and 70s futurism?[View]
124443087Is this the best throne for wood elves ever in a movie? Finally someone understands the difference b…[View]
124442263heavy is good. heavy is reliable.[View]
124446130Was this guy a good actor?[View]
124445327>The Force Awakens grossed more than $2 billion worldwide, while 2017's The Last Jedi grosse…[View]
124445628I'm all in[View]
124447212what the FUCK am i doing here[View]
124446556What was her last good kino?[View]
124446442What does /tv/ think of Sick Animation?[View]
124447088AYO LINDEN[View]
124440562Solo: A Star Wars Story is actually pretty comfy desu.[View]
124447007Pixel 2 Confirmed?![View]
124443837Frozen 2: Outlook on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwzLiQZDw2I[View]
124441848You can tell he's a bad guy because he smokes[View]
124439811Who is the audience that actually watches this shit? Never seen anything more cringey in my life[View]
124444410why didn´t you save her, /tv/?[View]
124446704name one (1) thing comfier than RLM[View]
124446018How do you handle sci-fi movies that are set in a specific time period that serves its plot, like Th…[View]
124446720ahhh here's a little known fact for you good people... Zyklon B was originally developed as a l…[View]
124445595ELFETTE SAVES CHRISTMAS: Has anyone watched Elfette Save Christmas?[View]
124444992Maclunkey: What did he mean by this?[View]
124445564what is his endgame?[View]
124446695Whatever happened to her?[View]
124445207>starting watching movie >man I really wish I was posting on 4channel right now >stop watch…[View]
124445066Jeremy Jahns General: Omg he lives like the 40 y.o. virgin https://youtu.be/KqrD4u6MIBc I thought he…[View]
124445007hahaha you are an a Irish!! hahaha-ahaha: Hahahaha, *rish, ha-ha[View]
124444034I would like to see this get a film adaptation[View]
124432827why was Scarjo's Ghost in the Shell so mediocre /tv/?[View]
124446403didnt Hupplepuff had masturbation courses? what the fuck Rowling[View]
1244434083 generations... All inspired to feel hope Man I love Star Wars[View]
124445758How did Coppola make this masterpiece and then proceed to make dogshit for the rest of his career?[View]
124444317What happened to Nick Nightingale?[View]
124445550dude time travel lmao[View]
124445931>Don't wear anything leather you brats >Don't eat that steak >Don't eat tho…[View]
124438904Timothy Chamlet was in Interstellar, why would Nolan chose someone so average looking and sub-par ac…[View]
124444172The gr8 deb8[View]
124445773It sucked. Kubrick for people who hate Kubrick (i.e., plebs).[View]
124446026>coom >poo comes out of my peehole[View]
124445813who is your favorite Female Action Star? for me its: Cynthia Rothrock[View]
124445897https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoL81uazJy4 I dislike NuWars but these kind of people criticize quit…[View]
124445075Guys I have a 5 billion dollars idea. Star Wars and Marvel’s Avengers Crossover >Just imagine ho…[View]
124443504Is Ben 10 considered kino?[View]
124445560How come, unlike the other 70s and 80s directors, he never lost his edge?[View]
124445829Why is this movie regarded so highly? It's a fucking mess.[View]
124443886>jokes was a fluke >the movie industry is rotten from inside out…[View]
124444321What the fuck was his fucking problem?[View]
124445554wtf I hate Mark Zuckerberg now[View]
124443470name a single better movie, you can’t.[View]
124439895Ryan Gosling: Ryan Gosling[View]
124401788/hmmm/ Dark Crystal: What did SkekSil make SkekVar's fake essence out of, anyway? Do we even wa…[View]
124442858/trek/ sexless edition[View]
124445622Why is such a transphobic show allowed to exist?: I am LITERALLY seething with rage >https://www.…[View]
124440782Oh no[View]
124441120Netflix Nabs Seinfeld Streaming Rights in $500 Million-Plus Deal: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywo…[View]
124437825The circumcision of Star Wars: >There's no source material. We don't have comic books. …[View]
124443163Chris Stuckmann New Short Film Drops This Friday:: In the meantime, enjoy his first short film calle…[View]
124445467Make love to me Randy, please![View]
124445508>What's that heavy duty pattern to the left, Jamie? >*Points cursor to the right* This th…[View]
124438750The box, you opened it, we came.[View]
124445347Find a flaw to your FAVORITE movie: and correct it.[View]
124442796Uhm bros what is Rian doing there, I thought Disney fired him ?[View]
124444273ITT: Music Video Kino: /tv/ - Television & Film actors singing edition https://www.https://www.y…[View]
124427668Who's stronger? Emperor might be higher in command, but Vader literally just picked him up and…[View]
124444950Actors you would trust implicitly with your affairs and life, whose word you'd value more than …[View]
124441118Joaquin Phoenix: Joaquin Phoenix[View]
124439878Cast it[View]
124445196Comfy /jazz/ thread: What happened to Amir bros? was he a homo?[View]
124441985>Logan was released 10 years ago When are we getting her fucking movie?…[View]
124444470Tony Almeida[View]
124440058Panaka: Pancake lol[View]
124444353Go to rating graph dot com Search for a TV series and post graph Others guess what the show is[View]
124442773Is The Holy Mountain (1973) by Alejandro Jodorowsky kino or pretentious garbage? It's like peop…[View]
124444101Just finished pic related. What's some essential petkino I should watch?[View]
124445055>mfw episode IX makes $1.5bil and all of /tv/ seethes[View]
124443550Television freakshows general: Television freakshows, i.e. Maury, Jerry, Judge Judy, etc. Today from…[View]
124443214>I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at t…[View]
124440398SINK RATE SINK RATE[View]
124444429All the girlies say 'I'm pretty fly; for a white guy'.[View]
124444454https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7kT0qiv78s what the FUCK was he thinking?[View]
124434105Horror: what are the best horror movies of the decade? (2010-2019)[View]
124443302Why did M'Ray act like they didn't hug on TV literally weeks before this?[View]
124444783>it's a retrospective episode about a character you don't give a shit…[View]
124443785>Terminator: Dark Fate >Arctic Dogs >Charlie's Angels Holy FUCK. Why is this month SO …[View]
124444678Hey, I need some air. Point that air at me.[View]
124440849movies for this feel? where my fellow oldfags at?[View]
124439880Which film do you think best encapsulates Generation Z?[View]
124431333She's right you know...[View]
124444016Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124444345what the FUCK am i doing here[View]
124441939What is the best animated film of this decade: and why is it rango?[View]
124444194ITT: Historical Figures that would make for great kinos: Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negr…[View]
124439379How is this possible?[View]
124444045Are you guys as excited for the Rise of Skywalker as I am?! I'm super hyped, what are you antic…[View]
124443956>Power outage >come back to 4chan >Keep posting >Hour passes >Realises I've bee…[View]
124442822time for some james kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgmsG2VUz94[View]
124443952Get off my plane[View]
124442481>Spent thousands of hours of my time watching dreadful 'arthouse' films to fake intelligence and …[View]
124442833Share your plot: Share it.[View]
124443743Cast it[View]
124443318Kino rec thread: R8 H8 Masturb8[View]
124442317Implying all these stupid today memes weren’t fabricated by dumb as star war new show madilorians or…[View]
124442824uh oooooh. somersault jump![View]
124440925Was it Kino?[View]
124441958Vikings: I though after aethelwulf died I wouldnt have to see this bullshit anymore. Son of cuckoldr…[View]
124434663I cant believe this actually happened.[View]
124438486What other films have as much soul as this? Any thing recent?[View]
124440195What's the best cowboy movie?[View]
124435811Supernatural: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9wPYpNCV98[View]
124443023Why did Hollywood do this to him?[View]
124441750Cast Spider-Gwen in Spider-Gwen: The Movie.[View]
124443427W-wait a minute...[View]
124442736Details: Details details ! >reintroduce best character in series >stands by his word and actua…[View]
124442130This dude actually looks like Assange and they use him in this crap?[View]
124442728>be the grinch >steal christmas[View]
124443270Scenes that really scared you: For some reason when in 3:10 to Yuma, when Ben Wade kills Tucker with…[View]
124439334I don't get it[View]
124442082Rise of Skywalker: So what's this I hear about people walking out on test screenings? Is it rea…[View]
1244413832019...I am remembered, revered and respected[View]
124438815Just finished watching Ken Burns Vietnam War: I still can't believe the strongest military on e…[View]
124442405What was the point of this scene besides being for the video game lvl? It was literally a Mario lvl…[View]
124439998The last Jedi isn't on Disney+ ???: I know, I know, sequels are shit. But I spent good money on…[View]
124440620Why didn't the rebels try to pound the firing dish and take out its main weapon?Did nobody thin…[View]
124441498Did Netflix pay for bad reviews of Carnival Row?: I don't get it, I found this show the other d…[View]
124440878kino af 8.5/10[View]
124442809Yeah, I'm gonna take my thread to the old /tv/ I'm gonna post Sneed with that feed and see…[View]
124441413Look how they massacred my boy.[View]
12443680411.5 MILLION DOLLARS?[View]
124434852Daily reminder THIS scene is THE scene of the decade and will be remembered by all of humanity forev…[View]
124442426*Ahem* Everyone under 30 should be euthanized.[View]
124441942>'FROM MY POINT OF VIEW THE JEDI ARE EVIL' >'I HATE YOOOOUUUUU' god the dialogue is so cring…[View]
124442651Pixels 2 Confirmed?!: Pixels 2 Coming in 2020[View]
124440571>'How did you know I was different?' >'I saw you read a book once lol' Pleb tier sci-fi tbqh…[View]
124438836They've lost the programming to live: K-2SO sacrifices himself helping fleshbags. L3-37 sacrifi…[View]
124442472Did they do it ?[View]
124433234Did this show single-handedly prove therapy is bullshit?[View]
124439421Kathleen Kennedy: We have no source material!: The latest excuse for why Disneywars sucks is in from…[View]
124439714Chris Evans’ character did it.: Ransom did it.[View]
124440493>Modnolo. ban that piece of chit[View]
124440434bros......... what happeend[View]
124442251The character that saved both /tv/ and Star Wars.[View]
124440739>tfw no redhead neighbor girl with massive shoulders lecturing me about feminism…[View]
124440722>now he is ready for SEX.[View]
124440407Why do critics hate Mandalorian but the average consumer love it?[View]
124441056What did Tarantino mean by this?[View]
124441899ITT: Underrated Actors: He's always solid. Wish he had a better filmography.[View]
124441250There are people over the age of 30 who still look forward to blockbuster motion pictures[View]
124440590ITT: 'Villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
124441752An elephant sitting still: This is actually a first world problem movie[View]
124440103Why is the Skywalker lineage cursed?[View]
124439748>iz de curse. The curse! BEWARE OV ZE CURSE!![View]
124437517I need a new show. I love The Shield. Is Sons of Anarchy worth a watch?[View]
124442145>We'll move into the asteroid field and we'll have a couple of surprises for him. >H…[View]
124440054Wait: Who the hell is this little guy?[View]
124434557In this thread: Webms you have[View]
124439502Dolemite is my name and making millions of dollars from perpetuating racist stereotypes is my game![View]
124435759Are you excited for Stranger Things 4?[View]
124441521How do you explain this?[View]
124441607>Douglas, I don't know if you know this, but it says here that black men make up only 6.5% o…[View]
124441946Was it kino?[View]
124438014Remember that this actually fucking happened[View]
124440231>eulBERG: >eulBERG[View]
124436902I just watched this movie for the first time.[View]
124441862The Man in the High Castle Season: Are you a little girl? Edition: Horrendous ending aside, the fina…[View]
124440309Holiday Movies: It’s that time of year again, give me your lists. Thanksgiving: >Dutch >Planes…[View]
124438905Better Call Saul Season 5 February 23rd[View]
124432950What’s his best film?[View]
124439009>Its the end of the day on day 2 of the oxfordshire dig and we havent come up with much but we ju…[View]
124441575Once Upon A Time: Is this moment among the best of Tarantino violence?[View]
124438138Best sci-fi films of the 2010s: list yours. >annihilation >blade runner 2049 >looper >p…[View]
124441742Clown! Clown![View]
124441740Does any else watch Jonna Jilton?: Granted, I like watching this girl, but FUCK do you have to be as…[View]
124436772is she the worst actor in all star wars media?[View]
124429096Is this the best TV show ever made? Every episode is a fucking masterpiece.[View]
124441690Vinnie....it ain't 2007 anymore, man. You cooled off. The big offers....they just ain't co…[View]
124433059Why didn't they just ram it at lightspeed?[View]
124441546Why didn't you save him, /tv/?[View]
124440272What did Elliot Rodger mean when he quoted pic related's speech. Unironically, not joking, he d…[View]
124439905Goodnight bros[View]
124440361Any good movies about Ecuador?[View]
124441488Hello friends of /tv/, my name is Anonymous, you may have seen my posts in the past. I have made som…[View]
124438853Is Israel America's greatest ally?[View]
124440938This scared the shit out of me[View]
124441084Any kinos about promising heirs utterly disappointing their fathers?[View]
124436570now that the dust has settled...: was it kino?[View]
124429875>enhances your kino[View]
124441158Where in the world is he getting his ideas from??[View]
124429268TIL that in American kinoplexes they have butter fountains where you can put as much butter as you w…[View]
124434571I can't say anything, how I how or anything , or my head will end up on a fucking pike cartelst…[View]
124440918>go on a date with me? puh >leeeEEeEEeeeEEEeEEezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzz…[View]
124440557He saved a few.[View]
124439874two... two fishes?[View]
124439557What role is this for?[View]
124440121She gets less attractive every time I watch Pulp Fiction[View]
124438737But why?[View]
124440527Post blind kino[View]
124437022ITT: Kino movies: Has a movie ever been so kino that it blessed your soul?[View]
124440160I just watched Murder Party doode. If you aint, do. Anyways I thought it was real funny.[View]
124439175can disney's 'starwars' be un-canonize?[View]
124437160>he hasn't watched parasite yet[View]
124439515>How to Get the CINEMATIC LOOK[View]
124430952just saw this: more like Jojo Reddit[View]
124436907Well sir, where shall we dump this batch? The playground?[View]
124437980Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has commented on the recent revelation that George Lucas felt d…[View]
124435098'tell me where is gandalf, for I much desire to molest him'[View]
124438412First thought that comes to mind?[View]
124428193This was yourgirl, /tv She was bluepilled, what do now? Save her or kill her?[View]
124440055I ain't nobody's bitch[View]
124438858I can't fucking wait until this senile old kike dies.[View]
124439940>americans >didnt have guns Now I know its not real…[View]
124440035What are some kinos about romance?[View]
124439479>what is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? > An idea. Resi…[View]
124435753*curtain opens*[View]
124436523Why did women love him so much when this aired? I remember Starz even did a poll where Ashur was vo…[View]
124437116Why was a scene of two men talking more intense than the last act of Avengers Endgame where 200 supe…[View]
124437335Is Baby Yeed the only soulful thing to come out of nuWars?[View]
124439107So this is poor man's Eyes Wide Shut, correct?[View]
124436756What does /tv/ think about Bollywood movies?: I've only seen a series of movies called Krishna.…[View]
124438176Stories about your autism: Tell me about that one movie you obsessed over. How much of an impact did…[View]
124430933Would you watch Wonder Woman 1984?[View]
124435421THIS IS NOT A SUPERMAN MOVIE: This movie is trash. And I'm not even a Superman fan...but yeah. …[View]
124438635>And finally we arrive at...[View]
124438305So why did I do it? I could offer a million answers - all false. The truth is that I'm a bad pe…[View]
124437504now that the dust has settled....was Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix the better Joker?[View]
124438349CGP Grey: Is there a better Youtuber than CGP Grey? His use of smumor (smart humor) has really open …[View]
124438481Best Toon series of the 10s decade: What do you think is the best cartoon of the 10s decade? it has …[View]
124439747Thoughts on Mimi's body of work?[View]
124438063>'In two decades there will be 7 billion human beings on this planet, most of them brown, yellow …[View]
124435340Do the Austin Powers films hold up?[View]
124438582>Prequel about the origin of Darth Vader >Darth Vader isn’t the main character Why?…[View]
124437212Fuck you, faggot son.[View]
124437831Honestly every season after the first one had peaks and valleys, but for me Hotel was just Murphy wr…[View]
124439494>Luke did I ever tell you about sperm? Sperm was a biological substance involved in the reproduct…[View]
124437609So did Tony want his sister in that way or was he just overprotective?[View]
124437834Howdy ya'll I'mma forming myself a team.[View]
124439216Hot meal[View]
124437325The Naked director: Any of you faggots watch this Kino?[View]
124435633Lads... kino is back on N*F*x[View]
124439040what happens when you cross a mentally ill targaryen with a boyfriend that abandons her and a north …[View]
124438622Why is british comedy so much worse than american comedy? Compare pic related to something like it…[View]
124437583Cast the inevitable Sky King film adaption[View]
124438697Don’t the actors find this patronizing and embarrassing? I mean, none of them actually think that th…[View]
124431764Left or right? For me, it's left [View]
124437337>Crisp Rat ??[View]
124438345Has there ever been a more based person in film than Werner Herzog?[View]
124438371Who do you think should play Terry A. Davis in the inevitable biopic?[View]
124433896>greatest male director alive and greatest female director alive are married What are the odds?…[View]
124439269Has anyone seen this yet?[View]
124438931>movies that go to shit halfway through: after the supermarket scene, it lost all tension and was…[View]
124422801'Se7en' - directed by David Fincher (1995)[View]
124434517Guardians of the galaxy was the only good MCU film, (besides Ironman1). Fight me. Good adventure fl…[View]
124439164Watch it Chrissy![View]
124439146What is /tv/s favorite spooky movie?. Mine is pic related.[View]
124434987Is there any truth to the Lucas reshoots revolving around Darth Plagueis ?[View]
124438158Is it any good?[View]
124432359Will we ever see the current state of Mandalore in the Mandalorian?[View]
124434001i miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe..[View]
124423090Where did she go?[View]
124435101>feared mob boss >also loves animals and history Doea not compute…[View]
124437457OH FUCK OH SHIT[View]
124437228Such Kindhearted gentleman.[View]
124436783Wtf was his problem?[View]
124437581Al Pacino: Yeah I’m thinking he’s based[View]
124436658Hey /tv/ look at my card![View]
124437788What was Cavill thinking here?[View]
124420406/trek/: Marc Antony edition[View]
124436419I want to create a script with another anon[View]
124438127Impressive, very nice: Impressive, very nice[View]
124436952You guessed it, Frank Stallone[View]
124436333So was The Blob basically a giant stomach?[View]
124435790How did the deaf woman know what they were saying?[View]
124432399Is Yeed just a ploy by Jewsney to make us buy cute plushies?[View]
124438529This was better than I thought it would be[View]
124436365*robotic sound*[View]
124437920>my liege we need to go to war with France they have threatened us >Halfway through and no war…[View]
124437799>rule the Galaxy for 11,000 years >no one even remembers you JUST…[View]
124433457Why do they keep fucking with Myers mask: Why the fuck can’t they stick to the Shatner mask. Every m…[View]
124436431are there cyberpunk/futuristic film OST's that dont feature synthesizers?[View]
124433627how do you fucking rank 'em?[View]
124437667Hello children, welcome to the plane-arium. I can't pronounce the 'T' because Earth is a flat p…[View]
124437908mmmmmmmm notka[View]
124435669Can America just act sensible for once and realize that electing this man president would be a compl…[View]
124437606This movie meant nothing to me until I understood the significance of the card scene[View]
124435896>Trust me, I'm a scientist bro[View]
124436568why do people shit on pam's motel art, but praise bob's, when they are exactly the same?[View]
124433605biopic when[View]
124433539was it kino?[View]
124438117Pick up the finger[View]
124436350Explain this shit: > The most popular series in all of Japan has nothing but GAY characters > …[View]
124435351You’re married to prime Jane Seymour. She has psychic powers and can foretell all possible futures, …[View]
124437472CHAOS IS A RADDER[View]
124434522Just Finished This Depressing Psychopath Show: What the FUCK is wrong with modern American/Western c…[View]
124438055Welcome to Earf![View]
124410426Now that the new one's a flop, can we finally agree that Charlie's Angels 2000 was kino?[View]
124434221It's always sunny season 14: What did you think of the finale?[View]
124433020What's your favorite clone faction in CW? For me its either the wolf pack(104th battalion) and …[View]
124436533How the fuck do you guys watch so much shit!? I’m trying to watch more movies and shows but I can’t…[View]
124412366/jg/ - Joker General: Joker Sequel is not happening, don't believe the fake rumours.[View]
124430276Indian kino on white women: Indian kino on how they view white women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
124437863Watch it Chrissy![View]
124433202Hallmark Waifus: Lacey has always been my Hallmark waifu, but now that this girl is in here, I think…[View]
124428374Cast them[View]
124431922Who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali?[View]
124425494>So you have no experience and no applicable skills, tell me again why I should hire you for this…[View]
124429933Forget about Liz, now that's Cleopatra: Prove me wrong.[View]
124436670Welcome back to the Man Show![View]
124434673What was the symbolism behind this scene?[View]
124429199After 9 years on /tv/: You know what I realize?[View]
124434986Objectively the best movies of the decade[View]
124427087Comedy is dea- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzoPC5-g7rU[View]
124436675>I sold them to the white slavers What did he mean by this?[View]
124434200>animal themed movie >review on back of dvd case gives it 'two paws up'…[View]
124436512Will Elle Fanning's new movie finally show her acting skills?[View]
124436787you’re just like the rest of them[View]
124436788So this is basically dark souls[View]
124436743What's something you've never seen before in television or film?[View]
124435530The Wild Geese: Masterpiece War Kino: Why is this kino never discussed? The death count is bigly, th…[View]
124435107I thought we were having steamed clams[View]
124434075try not to laugh simpsons edition[View]
124435390What are your favorite television commercials? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wppGrP99AmE[View]
124436164HARRY POTTER IS DEAD![View]
124436552What's your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie?[View]
124434846>when the entire new release wall is empty and you ask to check the return bin…[View]
124434017Man this is fucking boring[View]
124434504Why is this so much better with BBC stuff than BBC America?[View]
124436567'mmmm oh jaime, put your penis in my vagina!'[View]
124436559Based janitors[View]
124434607are you guys aware of this fucking ridiculous movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktDTcG714Hw[View]
124436454How did Japan get away with this?[View]
124435198why aren't transfoormers as aslicked as capeshit? both are basically toy commercials.[View]
124436467Did he make the right decision?[View]
124436378Did she deserve the guilty verdict?[View]
124432192The log would like to speak with you.[View]
124431941Blade Runner: Who watched it today?[View]
124436352Is there anything more enjoyable to watch than some good ol fashion Dragon Ball? https://youtu.be/6E…[View]
124435858>I married a man Hank, not a gamer[View]
124435349I ONLY WANT ONE NIGHT together in our arms THIS IS THE LONGEST NIGHT we're meeting arms to arms[View]
124435097Samsara: Any other films like this?[View]
124435562ITT: draft your own MPAA descriptions I’ll start Rated PG for some mild language and a disturbing ha…[View]
124435577>oh daddy crush my windpipe. give me your cummies[View]
124405498If ROS bombs, she's 100% OUT, as is Rian.: >Are there any fans more implacable than Star War…[View]
124432085Just saw this, what's a good movie I can watch to wash away the taste of capeshit?[View]
124435768Hooray for /gay traps Gay-hay-hay traps[View]
124431598Is Walter Fartwell White from Breaking Bad the best TV acting performance in history?[View]
124433284>I LOVE Star Wars The Force Awakens and I'm not afraid to say it >4 years later…[View]
124435056How did they get away with this?[View]
124433179>A country in such turmoil that they elect a WWE celebrity business autist with the vernacular of…[View]
124435494I think 2012 is kino[View]
124431022itt. post shitty blatant propaganda with brain dead cia-praising 'actors'. pic related.[View]
124433672Why didn't the pilots report they are being hijacked and attacked? That would have ruined babes…[View]
124435273FUCK this was good. I'm actually surprised by the potential the new canon has when they aren…[View]
124435434>I found the PLACE! Finally found the PLACE! ha-ha![View]
124435459Name a more kino actor, I'll wait https://youtu.be/C3hABRHmQoo[View]
124434171>he taught me how to pirate[View]
124434878>God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advert…[View]
124435195>movie's wavelengths are between 380 and 740 nanometers[View]
124435294female losers of television and film[View]
124432432Post a better female duo[View]
124435271seen ye' sparrin' with a 'gull earlier[View]
124432836the 60s were based[View]
124434576Hey /tv/: You know what's cooler than a million dollars?[View]
124433800>the best animated film of all time was created in Hungary Who would've guessed?…[View]
124434411Is this movie of the decade?[View]
124435016why is this joker bad again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfgsUl-5rGo[View]
124433882How did they make this effect when Frodo puts on the ring to run from Boromir?: https://www.youtube.…[View]
124434925>because you’ve never seen a miracle What did he mean by this?[View]
124433975Just saw this for the first time. I feel gutted[View]
124433424Was it kino?[View]
124434358For me, it's Jared Leto[View]
124433290Blue Velvet Andrei Rublev Barry Lyndon Which one should I watch first?[View]
124434455C'mon, he needs a biopic. He's a fucking legend.[View]
124433282Guys, guys, Board's closed[View]
124432440This fucking sucks. Why is it so popular?[View]
124434560Please. Have a seat.[View]
124433949Holy fuck, they really did it. They showed one of these droids in live action. It's just how I …[View]
124430325Only tv shows from before 2005 are allowed ITT[View]
124434241is this movie worth a watch?[View]
124434236FUCK yeed this is a Gizmo board[View]
124434053>Movie takes place at a workplace >Ugly female employees are nice and personable >Attractiv…[View]
124433845Literally cannot go 5 fucking minutes without seeing that Heineken commercial where the white guy ru…[View]
124433873I didn't know this was supposed to be a documentary haha[View]
124431803ITT: Movies with Missed Potential[View]
124432924if you like to talk to tomatoes[View]
124433618Movies with this aesthetic? Something with black leather trenchcoat and dark glasses. I only know Bl…[View]
124434041>See Scarjo for the first time in the film >Him and his friends are commenting on how she…[View]
124413055Cast him: I'd say Jeremy Irons if he wasn't so old and wrinkledy. Not Benedict Cumberbatch…[View]
124433209JAR JAR SUICIDE: The guy who played Jar Jar wanted to kill himself cause of backlash :([View]
124432397Castle Rock (Season 2) is Stephen King KINO. Anyone else watching? It's fucking nailing it.[View]
124433642>There's no rule that a dog can't play this sport![View]
124432550Elric Saga to be adapted for television: https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3594770/epic-fantasy-horro…[View]
124433631>watch movie >actress is tied and gagged[View]
124433491>Ima, jus tryin ta make people laugh Why did he talk like a different person here?…[View]
124433549does anyone watch their kino on one of these bad boys?[View]
124433320Does it count as a superhero movie?[View]
124432262Mr. Woznak called and he doesn't want to pay that $3 surcharge for the gasoline. So we're …[View]
124433624terrible honestly[View]
124432363Robert Pattinson vs Tarantino, who is more based?[View]
124433385Movies for this feel?[View]
124430514Find a flaw.[View]
124433142ITT: we shit on childhoods: Pic related: Jingle All the Way is a delusional fantasy formed by Jaime …[View]
124431694it was alright[View]
124431739Castle Rock: Anyone else watching this? Anyone get the impression Pop personally knew Hubie Marston …[View]
124431508How badly did this flop? I want numbers.[View]
124432967Daily reminder that anything disney makes is not canon while the old Extended universe still is. sto…[View]
124430958Is he the best male actor for our generation?[View]
124431826It's simple, we..uh..post basedjacks in response to posts we disagree with.[View]
124432722BBC ABC CBS NBC FOX Why are all television networks 3 letter acroynms?[View]
124432558Have you have ever had some sort of powerful emotional experience or response to watching a movie? …[View]
124433006What are some essential cat films?[View]
124431943/tv/'s opinion on the Creepshow?[View]
124433167television is too voluminous[View]
124431328Is it Kino?[View]
124425272Ara Ara anon-kun. This movie isn't for cute virgins like you. Do you really want to watch it? M…[View]
124432181>Now go home and get your varsity shinebox I don't get it[View]
124432199>Why yes, i do think Dragon Ball Evolution, Twilight, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and The Emoj…[View]
124432943Would they have lived happily ever after?[View]
124432848Any worthwhile Spanish movies about Atahualpa and his death in captivity?[View]
124431950Why was there such a drastic drop in quality from season 9 to season 10?[View]
124432990>couple start banging behind me in the theater >whole climax of the movie ruined by their cli…[View]
124432960Why did Sarah Borden kill her clone and try and fool her husband?: The movie makes a lot of sense mi…[View]
124432688>tfw u post another bane thread[View]
124432889Logan and Jake's Youtube channels are unironically much better than just about anyone else. Com…[View]
124432452Parasite overtakes Godfather as best film of all time on Letterboxd: Thoughts?[View]
124430873I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe,[View]
124432076boomers always win[View]
124432175Could it work?[View]
124430156AMANDA THE JEDI: dosnt wear make up, loves cape kino, seems wholsome and is not not a twitch thot is…[View]
124430117>*obliterates all jedi or sith in you're path*[View]
124432907Have you ever embraced someone dying of plague, sire?[View]
124431377Haha my 3 day ban is finally over! Time sure flys, feels like only a few minutes ;)))) Anyways, uhh…[View]
124431819/tv/ is my Instagram: I don't have any social media[View]
124432792Just look at him![View]
124432505>movie's target audience are frustrated young males >it becomes a massive success Explain…[View]
124432307Richie had moxy: Shame he was killed off so quick[View]
124432684kinos about this feeling?: >be on the bus >girl with same facial structure as Rooney Mara, sam…[View]
124432794What was Ku Klax Klams deal? Was he Krustys sidekick?[View]
124432288>Villains pet is a pitbull[View]
124432787Unironic kin/o/[View]
124432778How come films based on comic books are so bad while films based on board games are so good?[View]
124432060Over the Garden Wall, amazingly short and sweet: I thought this show was amazing but I'm sadden…[View]
124432733Hey Ani, if I was breaking your balls I'd tell you to go home and get your sandbox.[View]
124429815why is there so few movies about re incarnation[View]
124425976>mfw I come home from work and talk about movies and TV with all my friends on /tv/…[View]
124428396If Charlie didn't know about Wonka's master plan, then what was his endgame? What purpose …[View]
124432563just saw this kino. why couldn't we save her bros?[View]
124432681Its another abortion episode...: Is this season worse than last season? I think so...[View]
124428718It was unrealistic they never got together.[View]
124431250Gabago? Ova heahhh[View]
124418062Why he's so much hated?[View]
124429014What was going on here...?[View]
124432010how the fuck do you go from this[View]
124431887Apologize right now[View]
124431966>enables you to craft kinos of the highest caliber[View]
124431788High test movies[View]
124422825Do you watch the weather on TV?[View]
124430961>ITT: unpopular film & tv opinions. I’ll start. >the daily show with trevor noah is really…[View]
124428579What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
1244308761v1 no interference movie feats who wins?[View]
124431667What went so right?[View]
124407975>Balance to the force we must bring! >2 sith >9999 jedi…[View]
124427030Joker.2019.DC.1080p.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-VEXHD: >Joker.2019.DC.1080p.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1…[View]
124431848Я пpишeл дaть этy пecню... Я пpишeл дaть этy пecню... Я пpишeл дaть этy пecню... Я пpишeл дaть этy п…[View]
124432018Ned Gerblanksy reporting, Sir.[View]
124431382Comfy star wars[View]
124431078Beta vs Alpha Taco Bell Commercial: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5rPE_P6sb0…[View]
124428072whats the arc of her character[View]
124431976just saw this trasholla: >le smug face ending >no explanation for the creatures >guy sacrif…[View]
124426651muh 37 Spider-Man movies[View]
124429235You're the only man that's ever touched me.[View]
124432032discord gg WSDNFCe I'm a white little loser incel Should I just dress up as a girl and eath HRT…[View]
124431982>Go North, by which I mean West because there's fuck all North of here but more dragons and …[View]
124425292YAK SPURRO[View]
124431911discord gg WSDNFCe Inside every bitter incel is a beautiful trans girl waiting to blossom. That…[View]
124431762his dark materials: well did they?[View]
124431895>I know what you want.[View]
124431028Mfw someone claims there has been/ever will be a better TV show ever recorded[View]
124431960> Woman gets a taste for murder Any more movies about this? Kind of turn on and I don't know…[View]
124426715SURVIVOR GAME THREAD: the goat to end all goats edition[View]
124431436Movies like this but less gay and with less music[View]
124431944Cant Stop Cooming Kino: Any other good kinos about the inability to stop watching porn and cooming t…[View]
124430956Where the Dead Go to Die: What does /tv/ thinks about the best animated movie of all time?[View]
124430653war kinos?[View]
124429734Dey heah...[View]
124431838What are the best tsunami scenes in movies? Preferably scenes of tsunamis hitting the US.[View]
124429940What show do you think will be cancelled in a year from now?[View]
124431429I do think there's a squatch in these woods. . .[View]
124430564Anyone watching Succession?[View]
124431776What's /tv/ opinion about Netflix show Atypical, a show about a highschool boy with autism?[View]
124430923Were the rumors true?[View]
124426709why did she do it bros[View]
124430990https://youtu.be/XoXVCixwHrA Name a more kino capeshit scene. I bet you fuckers can't[View]
124431578Scenes that are universally loved by /tv[View]
124431712Let's settle this argument over a game of Kohli, /tv/.[View]
124431413So they finally made Star Trek less boring[View]
124430207Chaddest quote from the last movie you watched: >... Nothing can hurt me anymore.…[View]
124431588Why didn't they give him some sort of an arc after the original Toy Story? After the first, he…[View]
124429805Arby's. We HAVE the meats![View]
124428790>My friend, Jefferson's an American saint because he wrote the words, 'All men are created e…[View]
124430628Webm thread: post em here[View]
1244263065 > 4 > 6 = 7 > 8 > 1 > R1 > 2 > 3 > Solo[View]
124431240All exams for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses are officially cancelled. ....the extra ex…[View]
124431587Yoker: Thoughts on baby Yoda appearing in the Joker sequel?[View]
124429574She's back! :3[View]
124430798anyone else find it ironic that the newer terminators actually fuck up the original movie in both mo…[View]
124430000Uh, what do you think you’re doing bring in that bag of snacks? Outside food isn’t allowed, sir.[View]
124429127>oh yeah stomp me daddy. choke me with those big feet[View]
124430599>Featuring Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan[View]
124426924imagine watching british television[View]
124391210If you could walk into one scene in any movie, and live in that moment for the rest of your life, wh…[View]
124430666The Mandalorian: Space Romanian edition this show reminds me a ton of Samurai Jack[View]
124430787What about tigers there are no alien movies with tigers imagine an alien fighting a tiger Alien lose[View]
124431139pls don't be dubs, pls don't be dubs, oh God don't be dubs![View]
124428295>doesn't like capeshit >doesn't like Star Wars >doesn't like oscar bait >…[View]
124430515Are the films based on John Green's novels any good?[View]
124430874>mr owl, how many dubs does it take to make this a dubtastic post >3 in the first 15 replies…[View]
124424840i'm Inno-cent[View]
124427283>One ticket to Joker? Not until you lick my feet clean, then we'll talk.…[View]
124429952Whatver. I don't care, Peggy. America.[View]
124431002any kinos regarding the beautiful ones?[View]
124414838>Howdy, partner. I’m here to save your franchise.[View]
124426287Cats: >300 million budget Is it gonna bomb?[View]
124430724This was fucking awful. Why did the special fx's look like shit? Why wasn't it scary at al…[View]
124431086Homo-ships theard: I know what you thing about fags, but let's do some headcanon here.[View]
124430107Michael Jordan Directed by the Kino God: >Directed by Zack Snyder…[View]
124431024I love democracy.[View]
124428518Does anyone else feel guilty smoking weed? I only get high about twice a week and when I do I often …[View]
124430158/ds/ - Dax Shepard General: You now remember Dax Shepard Discuss[View]
124430996JUST GIVE US THE FUCKING (You)S![View]
124430994>I'm sittin' flickin' chickens >And I'm lookin' through the pickins…[View]
124428221In this thread we discuss roles and career of this Algerian dancer-turned-acting Academy member. Pre…[View]
124430894bill burr is the most overrated comedian of all time. he's not funny[View]
124429187>watch reboot of a show / movie >turns out to be pretty good What’s that reboot’s name, /tv/?…[View]
124430300are their retarded lords and ladies in game of thrones?[View]
124430631How have Lucas and Rowling avoided lawsuits after blatantly plagiarizing Hitler's miniseries Th…[View]
124430112SWING YOUR ARMS[View]
124429960>go to cinema >trailers finish >lights dim >this appears is it kino?…[View]
124427850Noah Hawley To Write And Direct STAR TREK 4: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Si…[View]
124427089TURBO MAN DOLL[View]
124430709>I-I don't think jet fuel can melt steel beams, Michael[View]
124430756Post trivia and other try to guess the film/series.[View]
124417457The finale to Bon Appetit's thanksgiving special is finally out![View]
124428976Welcome...to the Popcorn Mines[View]
124430387He did nothing wrong.[View]
124429584WTF I hate the government now[View]
124430656Why did she do it?[View]
124424995Does /tv/ support #ReleaseTheSnyderCut ?[View]
124429358I didn’t understand this joke when the movie came out. Anyone else?[View]
124429565What are some good horror movies for a kid to watch?[View]
124430531Godzilla: >*obliterates your entire canon*[View]
124415096DEFEND THIS DISNEYFANS (shills): Is this what ' The End of a Saga' looks like?[View]
124427632>End of the year >Pic rel is still MOTY[View]
124426942Did you ever hear the tragedy of CIA the small?[View]
124430166>Based on a true story.[View]
124430411What are some movies about people losing their shit?[View]
124428665Why didn't they ever fug?[View]
124429789*waves claw at u*[View]
124429174>Dindu beat Sheev When did you realize that Lucas is a hack and that Disney ain't so bad…[View]
124430233Reaction to new survivor ep: This is the worst season ever it’s so pc and full libtard I’ve never se…[View]
124429094Dear White People: Have you watched it? Season 1 and 2 were pretty kino. Season 3 was ass though. Tr…[View]
124421852This could very well risk killing the American movie industry with the exception of a few major comp…[View]
124430193What did he mean by this?[View]
124416990Why did they decided to kill off Baby Yeed so early in the show?[View]
124429777Are you the one they call Beowulf?[View]
124430068What are some kinos that nail TENSE atmosphere? pic related. capeshit and star wars need not apply[View]
124430067Kinos for this feel? (You didn't forget Stanislav Petrov, did you Anon?)[View]
124429607Daily reminder THIS scene is THE scene of the decade and will be remembered by all of humanity forev…[View]
124429790Hellboy: Is the reboot bad or did it only flop because Perlman wasn't Hellboy?[View]
124429905Is this the most JUSTed board in existence?[View]
124429950>drunkenly yeedpost irl on national TV with millions watching[View]
124428142Does Aislinn Derbez (Mexican actress) have enough talent to cross over to english language media?[View]
124429102What other actors are reincarnated?[View]
124405197ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD STREAM https://bongstream.live/ watch some Tarankino with us[View]
124429816ITT: /tv/ images that didn't aged well[View]
124415284What is on his face???[View]
124428661Family Guy is a good show.[View]
124429727The Hatbox Ghost is the key to all of this.[View]
124429678Will it be kino?[View]
124429719Coome time lil bud[View]
124429623>I've got a bad feeling about this[View]
124429626The Shining: Seems like degenerate trash to me. It's pretty obvious Jack sexually abused Danny …[View]
124429550>actors who unjusted themselves thread How can you UNJUST yourself without shitloads of money?…[View]
124429592the one who harass adams wife[View]
124420402Does she have any redeemable qualities?[View]
124424656Is John Williams the biggest hack of all time?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saYB0vMcq8M Everythi…[View]
124429495Any other rat kino where the main lead kills his wife?[View]
124427129FIX IT[View]
124425095Scooby Doo reboot: Would a black reboot work?[View]
124429146>the only black people seen throughout the entirety of Clockwork Orange are in prison what did Ku…[View]
124426015Why is this stereotype so accurate?[View]
124429315Post Movies and Shows of Women You Love & HATE at the same time.[View]
124412437>tfw watching Twin Peaks The Return for the first time >tfw I just finished episode 11 >tfw…[View]
124422116/tv/ help I’m trying to watch more movies and shows but I can’t pay attention for very long. It took…[View]
124429157Bluepilled? Bluepilled how? You said I was bluepilled... tell me, how the FUCK am I bluepilled??[View]
124429192>Why yes, Gallipoli is my favourite Australian film. How could you tell?…[View]
124411777Is it kino?[View]
124429064Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124429043>we want Will Pouter but he can act[View]
124429022How will Kylo react to seeing his grandfather's broken helmet. Will he kill Rey?[View]
124428558Anyone ever watch this?The scene in the camper is still so damn tense.[View]
124428269Kevin Feige Reportedly Eyeing MCU Actor For His STAR WARS Project: Who will it be? Brie Larson and C…[View]
124428895damn dude just try smiling or something LOL[View]
124428949Dexter Fletcher to Direct a Movie About Dracula’s Henchman for Universal (EXCLUSIVE): https://variet…[View]
124428741IRONHEART Series In Development At Disney+: https://mcucosmic.com/2019/11/07/a-potential-ironheart-s…[View]
124427964cant wait for him to DESTROY the mandosnorian[View]
124426435Need ideas: What Film should I watch? need some good ideas plz ty[View]
124427241Sequel when?[View]
124420472It's been over a year now, has he been completely refuted yet?[View]
124427950Why even bother calling this a Film board when I've literally seen 0 threads about this years B…[View]
124428207It was fun[View]
124428784Favorite childhood shows?[View]
124427002>Thots: ZOMG SHE’S JUST LIKE ME What an historically inaccurate and cancerous show…[View]
124428757Welcome to Jackass Hi my names Janny and this is 'being a power tripping loser banning people for ha…[View]
124428746Dark thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL4IV-C6OZs[View]
124428682>sympathetic villain[View]
124424285Why did Luke want to go to Tosche Station?[View]
124426298>multiple active gay porn threads >some guy is mass doxxing jannies typical wednesday night o…[View]
124428424Cast it baby[View]
124426693>A couple of homosexuals stop next to you in their flamboyantly flashy orange car and trash talk …[View]
124420401Childhood is wanting Ramona Adulthood is wanting Knives[View]
124427427'There is no such thing as an anti war film' idk man...[View]
124428620I’m putting the dubs on all you motherfuckers[View]
124424784>We do not have time for your damned _______, sir![View]
124421940BEST DUO IN STAR WARS?: >https://youtu.be/seBqz57ecco Why doesn't anyone in the Nu Trilogy h…[View]
124425145name a more charming actor[View]
124427177Say something nice about the ST[View]
124424643>beats anything done by Disney in the last ten years Psh, nothing personnel...kid https://youtu.b…[View]
124427391baby yeed[View]
124426486Have y’all watched Bandersnatch yet?[View]
124428386>movie about the Vietnam War >'Fortunate Son' starts playing…[View]
124427701>yfw the absolute state of /tv/ right now[View]
124426384>mfw the new Joker was a biopic of Brendan Fraser's life[View]
124428431It's cool to the core.[View]
124428173>I LOVE PEPE AND WOJAK[View]
124426133>10,000 years in the past >The Empire still exists in some form >30 years in the future …[View]
124424554>literally no white male heroes in the sequel trilogy How did they get away with this?…[View]
124425477>all the Jedi wear the clothes of a desert hermit >even though they're not in the desert …[View]
124428235Do you think Andy Richter is embarrassed that a non comedic drummer Max Wineberg was a better sideki…[View]
124428133Why are these the only 4 movies /tv/ watches?[View]
124427118There's gotta be some robocop fans who are picking this up in here? It's a steal for $20, …[View]
124428088Did you tell anyone else about this?: >No, just you[View]
12442726430 minutes into Charlies Angels[View]
124427456>high on oxycodone kinos for this feel?[View]
124427939Was this even good when it was airing? I tried watching it yesterday but it feels like you had to ha…[View]
124425824Was it that bad, or just unneeded?[View]
124425784>you’re implying that a bunch of shitposting incels on an image board will... breed?…[View]
124421981I’m getting more wine.[View]
124427343The return of peak soy: sneed edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjZLS1u1qP8[View]
124427802Why did the asylum guards in Coppola's Dracula wear cages as helmets? It's striking imager…[View]
124427769What are your thoughts on Avatar, /tv/?[View]
124427252WANNA FIGHT[View]
124427402Chris Hansen is currently investigating Onision. Livestream going on right now https://www.youtube.c…[View]
124427606I hope I can have a wife I want to kill someday...: Show me some movies of women you hate and want t…[View]
124426974What’s the best fitness kino?: Everyone always goes to the Rocky training montage, why isn’t Hollywo…[View]
124427650So /tv/, at which point did this show go to shit? After two seasons? After three? I wanna rewatch i…[View]
124427146There's a big guy, in back of this place I can see him through the hood... I can see his mask I…[View]
124420666Just finished Seven Samurai, really enjoyed it despite the long runtime. How did you like it? Also, …[View]
124424534Cuck (2019): Did anyone even watch this movie? I don't think it was even screened near me.…[View]
124427326SUE HER[View]
124427347is it worth a watch?[View]
124425250Holy shit! What is Old Man Sneed doing?[View]
124427426was it kino?[View]
124427157 For John. [View]
124426289Why there is a lot of porn in /tv/ right now? Isn’t it a blue board?[View]
124426057What is her best film?[View]
124427227>Actually Raimi is Jewish Is there a single more telling recurring line in the history of this bo…[View]
124424714Please sir, I just drove all this way for no reason.[View]
124426962>Watashi wa Jokah, baby-chan! What did he mean by this?[View]
124424895'Doctor Sleep' Spinoff HALLORANN Was In Development Before Box Office Flop: >Warner Bros Pictures…[View]
124424912the new yorker >awesome interview[View]
124414802Recommend me some Bigfoot movies.[View]
124426686What is robert's feet like?[View]
124424012/tv/ humor thread[View]
124426806The Invitation: Thoughts and opinions, lads?[View]
124426579>makes you do a deathmarch through the baking sun >somehow is 'The Good'…[View]
124426791/tv/ Movie of the Day #1: >In post-World War II Denmark, a group of young German POWs are forced …[View]
124426781Who will play him in the biopic?[View]
124422761This scene is my favourite cinema moment: Just how the giant screen made the entire room purple and …[View]
124423883Ready for Buff Joker in the sequel?[View]
124426612gee, /tv/ sure is horny tonight[View]
124426598What are some movies with this feel?[View]
124425389I am awake.[View]
124426440What's the filmic equivalent of instrumental music?[View]
124424695Warwick Davis[View]
124424599The original starwars movies are campy as fuck.: I'm watching everything chronologically and th…[View]
1244244272019 ranked (so far): Use https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ to show how you would rank film…[View]
124426236Breaking Bad: >Chad. Is there something wrong with your table?[View]
124426265What are some films that have a similar aesthetic to fight club?[View]
124426566what the fuck is wrong with /tv/ right now? are mods literally incapable of doing their simple fucki…[View]
124426016The last 3 fucking movies I’ve watched have been allegories. can you fucking not, I watch movies bec…[View]
124426170SAY IT ONE MORE TIME[View]
124411284>92 episodes >50 mins runtime each Jesus christ, is mad men worth it? I recently finished sopr…[View]
124424750What does /tv/ eat or drink when watching a show/movie[View]
124426137HEY! We don't take kindly to your types around here.[View]
124420527Movies with this feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKRY63Buv6A[View]
124410888Are you ready for this?[View]
124426072That's a weird way to treat your nemesis[View]
124426018What the fuck happened to Ursula Andress?[View]
124424511clap along if you feel like a room without a roof[View]
124425998What does /tv/ think of the most popular television shows in the US in January 1991? Do you still wa…[View]
124417243>Ho Ho Ho! Have you been a good little anon this year? What are you hoping for Santa to bring you…[View]
124425852Why was he talking to the camera?[View]
124425546Niggers! Th-theres niggers! Niggers! They want to fuck our women![View]
124425831How many have you seen?[View]
124423380Sell the store to Yeed, I must. Failed, I have.[View]
124423944kinos for this meal?[View]
124422725has real life surpassed film as the most kino medium?[View]
124424966Really only boomers watch cable anymore, so I dont get who the audiance for this is supposed to be? …[View]
124424927What is the movie of the decade?[View]
124416555Elizabeth Banks is proud of her failure.: Is it ok for women to coast on lack of talent and fail upw…[View]
124425493MOVIES THAT WERE RAPED BY PRODUCERS: >Michael Bay wants to do gritty R-rated 'Tora! Tora! Tora!' …[View]
124424205>he likes Abby Shapiro Oh I actually subscribe to classic kinography do you even musical pleb?…[View]
124424150What are some good Newman episodes?[View]
124425266Only the most based blacks allowed ITT[View]
124425384So what is with his whole “human lie detector” schtick? Does he just have really good intuition or i…[View]
124425168You Fuck My Wife?[View]
124425351Holy based[View]
124424990WHY DIDNT BASED NORM MAKE MORE MOVIES?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jluTLx9Kuc[View]
124424140WWlIl when?[View]
124422867Does it still hold up?[View]
124425268What are some movies about Philly cheesesteaks?[View]
124424947Can a movie be boring and kino at the same time?[View]
124422716Holy fuck just saw this and loved it[View]
124422275Even though China is so powerful economically, why aren't they culturally influential with thei…[View]
124419035>the sopranos is ki-[View]
124425039imagine subscribing to disney+ just so you can watch this[View]
124422880>dude the english are so evil, they killed american children and women but feared american men li…[View]
124425119Of all the weird shit Hollywood sometimes pulls, I think the weirdest has to be how an Oscar-bait dr…[View]
124425090>WHERE BE THE BIG DOG![View]
124425088My home is infested with these fuckers this time of year: Post bug kino pls[View]
124416387Gonna have to stop you there Bud! You’ve entered a Trailer Park Boys thread, Only way out is to post…[View]
124416739what went wrong[View]
124424974He's back![View]
124420773The Great Debate: DiCaprio vs Depp vs Pitt[View]
124424897I'm not paying you money to eat black men! I could become a pig and do that for free![View]
124411299Supernatural: /pregame edition/ - new episode tomorrow night: S15:E6. Golden Time preview says it…[View]
124422594Did /tv/ watch Story of Yanxi Palace?[View]
124409940cinema is a lesser art form than music.: Sadly, cinema can never match the grandeur of music. This i…[View]
124420434What a twist[View]
124424406I get it. You think they're gonna have a huge fight, then Indy just shoots him. Bravo Spielber…[View]
124420096What went wrong?[View]
124421632Rebel Wilson To Star in K-Pop Comedy SEOUL GIRLS: >Lionsgate has obtained rights to SEOUL GIRLS, …[View]
124424206>Look, Bane threads are old, they aren’t worth much anymore, and they’re everywhere. I’ll give yo…[View]
124424672what were some good KINOS from 90s?[View]
124413628have you seen chef[View]
124424628Ruh roloraust rever rappened rehehehe[View]
124422772God, I wish she would step on my balls while berating me in German with her American accent[View]
124424452>SO NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAY *clap clap clap clap*[View]
124424531I'm watching the avatar movie with my parents. what am I in for?[View]
124419791Zoe Saldana To Star In Political Thriller SABAYA: After starring in three of the five biggest movies…[View]
124424461what a fucking bitch lmao[View]
124417437I am forgotten[View]
124424410A conversation between these three would be hilarious! Especially if they have dating advice![View]
124421362How the fuck did he do it?[View]
124421819>watching The Office with boomer gf >notice pic related >recognize him from all the /tv/ th…[View]
124416122Who are some figures you'd like to see a biographical movie / mini series on?: I think Stalin…[View]
124424334You're serious aren't you?: You're saying you said the n-word to those 3 young men on…[View]
124423785is this the year when r*ddit culture was born?[View]
124412607Draw a movie, and try to guess others![View]
124423140Pom Klementieff Boards MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 And MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 8: >Pom Klementieff ('Guardian…[View]
124424254Thoughts on Euphoria?[View]
124419634is this gonna be one of those shows that sucks ass but is still watched my everyone here because mos…[View]
124415882remember that 40 old virgin movie? his collection of toys was cool, i wonder why he sold it at the e…[View]
124424191What are some movies with a strong female character done right?[View]
124415278What did AMC mean by this?[View]
124418182Apologize: >“George immediately got upset as they began to describe the plot and it dawned on him…[View]
124421804unpopular opinions thread: Blade 1 and the Daredevil Netflix Series are the only two great things th…[View]
124422457Why doesn't anyone talk about this kino?[View]
124424021>you must carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain and sing while I drink so I can get strong too! …[View]
124419360>HAHA alcoholism is so funny >Nihilism is SO cool but why am I so depressed huh better tell mo…[View]
124421271>A couple of homosexuals stop next to you in their flamboyantly flashy orange car and trash talk …[View]
124415672How does it feel knowing that at one point the villain of episode 7 was a big titty sith Twi'le…[View]
124423886ITT: Mandalorian predictions The black lightsaber (darksaber) will become the mandalorian's and…[View]
124423438Paul Feig - 'STOP MANSPLAINING to Elizabeth Banks about Charlie's Angels!!!': You heard him, yo…[View]
124422757>the Clone Wars was a more interesting conflict than the GCW despite having an overall worse stor…[View]
124422485/scare/: >not a single Red Scare thread in the entire catalog Watchmen thread…[View]
124422700jim jefferies got cancelled hueheuhehue. will he hopefully go back to didgerydooland?[View]
124423713Is it true jannies?[View]
124418192Is she a villain?[View]
124422933/wtg/ Wat Tambor General[View]
124423750Cast Barda and Mister Miracle[View]
124422844>I'm supposed to believe that a guy that looks like THIS is a school shooter who would kill …[View]
124423693>MA BODÍSCO[View]
124421503I'm going to kill myself tomorrow.[View]
124421421Comfy shows you watch with family? I watch Hawaii 5-0 with my mom? Do you watch any shows with your …[View]
124420862Is it autism?[View]
124422246WHAT THE SCALLOP[View]
124423550So is it autism? it's just calories lol[View]
124421624Post a picture, get a film recommendation. I'll start[View]
124423513You choked to death on a crab leg anon. But it's ok, you're in kino heaven now! What are y…[View]
124420895Does he let her win or she's actually stronger than him?[View]
124416570>this incel movie somehow made a billion dollars despite media outcry and critics panning it We a…[View]
124421900Lodge 49: What did you like about season 2? What do you want to see in season 3?[View]
124412020>be Joe Rogan >be an alleged 'comedian' >your podcast isn't funny despite it consistin…[View]
124422836How happy are you /tv/?[View]
124422392this was really uneventful until the last 15 minutes. Don't get me wrong I liked it, but it…[View]
124422224Is this the greatest action scene ever filmed?[View]
124422673Joker thread.[View]
124422490this show is good but if I have to hear Kristen bell describe herself as a 'smokeshow' or a 'snack' …[View]
124422861Tier chart thread. Keep it /tv/ related[View]
124422670Sorry for Your Loss (2018): How did this show get a second season?[View]
124423069ooooooohhh look out, he's gonna use a big ol' force on you! :D[View]
124419080>it's a Lisa episode[View]
124416756How the fuck does this won best picture? What is wrong with Hollywood?[View]
124420801What does /tv/ think of Lisa? For me she was okay up until the restraining order episode. She became…[View]
124422977Death....by exile[View]
124422495Aside from MJ, who is the most famous celebrity in American history?[View]
124418734Anyone else excited for the Rise of Skywalker?[View]
124417361Shows that are ruined by their fandom.: Has any other show been as completely scuttled by their fans…[View]
124422760The Muppets (2015): I've been watching this on Disney Plus, and it's actually pretty good.…[View]
124422856Amazing Short Film: Wow. I am amazed at this fantastic short film that these zoomers made. You shoul…[View]
124422840ITT: comfy kino collections[View]
124422816>Howdy. I'm just gonna ask you a series of questions. Answer them honestly and you can go ho…[View]
124414480>skywalker >haven’t seen him walk on the sky once…[View]
124419816Why were the jedi so incompetent[View]
124413028>A woman jeopardizes both her career and her family when she seduces her teenage stepson fuuuuuuu…[View]
124420749Is there a more comfy post-apoc movie than Night of the Comet (1984)?[View]
124416348>/co/ hates it >/v/ loves it What is /tv/'s opinion on Family Guy?…[View]
124418694Now that the decade is almost over: Which one is the best animated movie of the decade? I can post t…[View]
124421390Can we agree this is the best terminator?[View]
124422498ITT: movies with unrealistic premises[View]
124422546>A new mercantilism is rising! Its victory is at hand! March to the WTO! Leave none capitalized! …[View]
124422390>the Prometheus School of Running Away from Things![View]
124422377Is it just me or does he genuinely hate white people?[View]
124409011Home Alone Cashier: What the FUCK was her problem? Kid was just buying himself some groceries and sh…[View]
124414719*has all the horses*[View]
124422009Looper: So, is this movie a cyberpunk film or not?[View]
124422391When did this show start sucking in your opinion?[View]
124421717Can we talk about the prevalence of Jewish actors in media?[View]
124422348Gabagool? Ova here.[View]
124422336https://youtu.be/KZwt0cl6Lpw?list=OLAK5uy_l0jNycP62T2GqxaZKRYSMsg5xLj7JXgCM ITT: how we feel like wh…[View]
124416410What went wrong?[View]
124421219Italian films: what is the greatest Italian film ever and why is it Cinema Paradiso /tv/?[View]
124419969Christian Bail is a great actor and I think Terminator Salvation is the best of the last 4. and chec…[View]
124421021>HON HON HON HON >You see.... king of.... england >if I talk....slow....like this >aaa…[View]
124415876Universal Developing Dracula Spin-off 'Renfield'; James Wan Rebooting Frankenstein: >Ro…[View]
124421606Does gandalf pay taxes? imagine someone immortal perpetually trading goods and services while his co…[View]
124417459So..her career is over right?: Maybe a few more shit indie films nobody will see. If she's luck…[View]
124422106https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LosWgoSy9FI Thoughts on Youtubers ?[View]
124420523shows where every episode follows the same formula[View]
124421902Yeed: How can one character be so based? He's the saviour of Star Wars.[View]
124421812>this is how people who defend skyler look like oh no no no[View]
124420649ITT: Underrated Films: watch Chopper ya cunts[View]
124420844What went wrong?[View]
124421228>show depics teenage love >can't relate…[View]
124419420SInce you archieved the original thread, show me your scariest alien movies. >aliens are actually…[View]
124421927Take me down, 6 underground[View]
124421736will /tv/ ever be based?[View]
124402640who was in the wrong here?[View]
124420986whats the appeal of star wars? all the movies are shit with the exception of the OT and anybody invo…[View]
124414222How much did James get payed to make this? https://youtu.be/jgmsG2VUz94[View]
124421708Okay, stop.[View]
124420658What was his motives? I don't understand why he did everything he did.[View]
124410479Would you have preferred an epic 1v1 sword battle in the middle of Winterfell?[View]
124421155What purpose do the ears serve?[View]
124421452Was he in the wrong?[View]
124411054Remember when Dragonball BTFO Nazis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65sUqzPBXmc&t=12s…[View]
124413917/tv/ humour[View]
124420881What did /tv/ think of Parasite?[View]
124421426>Yup here's anon, the film buff, let's see what he's up to...…[View]
124421258Breaking Bad: Half Measures: Most people didn't get the Half Measures speech. Mike wasn't …[View]
124420487Is he this generations James Dean?[View]
124418642Post reddit kino[View]
124421357But what was the point ?[View]
124420444We are the spark that will light the fire that'll burn the First Order down[View]
124421278squid pro quo[View]
124421180Sand......... Coarse... Irritating..... It gets everywhere............ My career is ruined..........…[View]
124421157HOLY SHIT![View]
124421191Fuck: https://www.pandorabots.com/mitsuku/[View]
124420517This minor background character is more interesting than any Disney SW character[View]
124420970>You're trying to sell me a Star Wars thread while shills are posting them constantly...I…[View]
124419671Apocalypse Now: greatest movie ever made? y/n in the comments below[View]
124414722>Keep your loving brother happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwb3P0fuM1c…[View]
124420856>I want to pursue a career in filmmaking[View]
124415889At what point did you realize you were witnessing absolutely flawless 11/10 kino?: For me, it was th…[View]
124420687most based character of all times[View]
124420072You’re in the club and this guy subverts your girlfriend’s expectations wyd?[View]
124416367What movies do modern, western women like?[View]
124420395>Abbott is death process[View]
124420855What did Tarantino mean by this?[View]
124415800The Man in the High Castle: Does this face look Aryan to you?[View]
124420719I don't get it, how would this make sense unless you have sex with dozens of different people e…[View]
124420662Is President Bush there?[View]
124419677Is there any other actor with a more punchable face than Wayne Knight?[View]
124419298Recommend me a TV show. Something light and fun, like Psych.[View]
124417588/imaceleb/: Do it for Martin Edition[View]
124420384As a father this scene kicked my ass. What other scenes make you cry?[View]
124420520>Jesse was interrupted during a cook, so Walt walks among the equipment, nostalgically tapping ga…[View]
124418824>...yes, he's here again. >Oh hi anon how can I help you?…[View]
124418907I don't come to /tv/ very often but I was discussing this movie with a friend of mine and wonde…[View]
124420477>celeb sideboob scene[View]
124415116'Aren't Americans so fat and clueless? God Save the Queen'[View]
124419764Incel kino.[View]
124405536/trek/: w-what did he mean by this? edition[View]
124417540what was the best film of 2007?[View]
124420273Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: The Lights in the Sky are Stars is the most soulfull animated movie ever…[View]
124420310>Oh...heh...*gulp* o-of course I'd like buttons in my eyes[View]
124420356A serious film-related question: is it actually permissable in Islam, under certain circumstances, t…[View]
124419588Frozen 2: What does Disney mean by this promotion on Facebook for Frozen 2?[View]
124404981What's your favorite movie intro?[View]
124420276ITT: Character that are literally you[View]
124416084yep, it looks like kino is back on the menu[View]
124416505DC villains you would like to see get the Joker treatment[View]
124419025>it's comfy[View]
124419075HEY FUNBOYS, GET A ROOM[View]
124417426'Tell me about Bane! Why does he wear the mask!?'[View]
124420139White trash kino: What are some essential white trash movies and shows like Trailer Park Boys, Gummo…[View]
124419974you were banned for yeed posting on /tv/. i'm gonna repeal that.[View]
124408354>ship is called the Endurance >crew has to endure a terrible experience Wow, how did they thin…[View]
124419411Scooby Doo: What's the best live action movie?[View]
124415931Anyone else wants IMDb forums back?: I miss the old time with threads like 'Is it okay for my 8 year…[View]
124414779Why are depressed anti-heroes such a kino character trope?[View]
124418904Have you forgotten, /tv/?[View]
124419155What am I in for? https://youtu.be/FeWsNhbPals[View]
124417680Why are there so many movies with amwf leads when wmaf is 3X as common irl?[View]
124419440Post the main boards you browse and others give you a movie recommendation. Pic related are mine.[View]
124418644>Movie is supposedly one of the best films ever made >Still inferior to the book…[View]
124407527Are you hyped for TROS? Everyone else is[View]
124419806the greatest antagonist of the last decade[View]
124419706>three tickets for the Konosuba movie please[View]
124415216Dude, are you with me ? There's no Robert here. Are you okay ? Do you want me to call an ambula…[View]
124419427I'd love to kick Warwick Davis in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with th…[View]
124417820is rey meant to be attractive?[View]
124419195For hitler[View]
124419328just bought this For $6 which one should i watch first[View]
124395511>self-sabotaged careers[View]
124418909NEW EFRON KINO: >Zac Efron is set to venture deep into the jungle on a remote island for a new sh…[View]
124417396Apparently not getting free Disney+ means gender inequality: https://movieweb.com/brie-larson-disney…[View]
124418226*mumbles incoherently*[View]
124419496was Robocop a vast sex machine infomercial?[View]
1244192752019...I am forgotten[View]
124418024Why the FUCK didn't this get a sequel?![View]
124408525Making A STAR WARS Film Is Difficult Due To A Lack Of Comics And Novels Says Kathleen Kennedy: >T…[View]
124418981>can't watch half the series because Shudder is too cheap to pay for streaming rights Fuck.…[View]
124415337The Apprentice /genera/ big Liz edition part 8[View]
124419117Pest bros, let's take back this board from the Sneedcucks[View]
124417128>see joker >relate to Arthur >leave the theater when it's over, 8/10 >see schizo u…[View]
124418613Worthy sequel or nostalgiabait cashgrab?[View]
124418332Generation Kill: How comes this was still not surpassed as the best verisimilitude military kino yet…[View]
124419055I'm putting together a team.[View]
124418822Lizze McGuire Reboot: are they really making her wear the same clothes from 20 years ago?[View]
124419039Hey mang, what choo looking at ese?[View]
124417036Disney managed to make a cooler weapon than 20 yrs of Lucas lore: Apologize retards. This shit looks…[View]
124417250Terrible. Just terrible[View]
124418853...Oh! Tell 'Her' I said 'Hello!': On to that trick for quite a long time bucko![View]
124416806>sickle cell what did he mean by this?[View]
124418508Itt: Kino capeshit Any scene with Fassbender magneto[View]
124418744No, I do.[View]
124417811>Hey bud, welcome to the movie theater[View]
124411295The new generation of film superheroes has arrived. Forget everything you know.[View]
124418396Who would win between timeskip Ezra Bridger, Empire Luke, and Cal Kestis?[View]
124417790Do Americans seriously do this?[View]
124417634/imaceleb/ - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here #2: Eggs and shit edition[View]
124414359Ignore Or Sage All Star Wars Threads: There's been a fucking explosion of obnoxious shilly Star…[View]
124414287THE TERROR: >make a GOAT show based on some I dont even fucking know, british expedition shit? wh…[View]
124415702Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019 1080p HDrip x264-GANJAMAN: >Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019…[View]
124418127Honestly, after being raped quite a lot during my adolescence the latest episode of Mr Robot really …[View]
124418059Whose dick do I have to suck in order to get a decent Star Wars movie. FUCK[View]
124418036can i get a woo? https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1574192366773.webm…[View]
124418027wtf I love Uwe Boll now[View]
124418005General Wyight Pride from the planet Sharlets Vale.[View]
124415068Post your favorite movie[View]
124415359cast the film adaptation before disney loots it for ideas[View]
124417794SUPERMAN RETURNS: How hyped are you for the King?[View]
124417775>Watashi wa Jokah. Baby-chan! What did he mean by this?[View]
124414460Our generation's Tom Cruise.[View]
124417707Dub city bitch, dub dub city bitch[View]
124417666I don't get it[View]
124415717WKUK: Do you miss them? Favorite sketch? inb4 Abraham Lincoln, shit is overrated https://www.youtube…[View]
124416041Post comfy prehistoric shows I start with based Nigel[View]
124417605POTTER! MY OFFICE! NOW![View]
124417603I personally enjoy Scooby Doo, but I am cutrious about how it has been so successful when most episo…[View]
124417601imagine she lasering ur dick....[View]
124417589>2019 >I am utterly, brutally forgotten[View]
124412643Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124413994/imaceleb/: Prejudice Edition[View]
124417469Roles that nearly ended movie careers: What type of protagonist do you want to play? Just fuck my sh…[View]
124417538Christopher Nolan is, quite simply, a genius[View]
124411933Heath Ledger > Joaquin Phoenix > Jared Leto > Cesar Romero > Jack Nicholson[View]
124411254>only thing he’s known for now is being the “goat” joker who was overshadowed by Joaquin and a ga…[View]
124417400The Rock and Jungle movies: Why is this guy always in Jungle movies? Welcome to the Jungle Jumanji 2…[View]
124405802Will /tv/ now apologise?[View]
124417256What’s his best movie?[View]
124416736Is /tv excited for Ana DeArmas new movie Knives Out?[View]
124414429What's that website that lists the most reposted images on each board?[View]
124400820OK Boomer: The TV show?: how will this work lads?[View]
124407276Terry Pratchett's The Watch: Here's your 'Lord' Vetinari[View]
124417248>Stay out of my territory[View]
124416903shitty soap opera[View]
124417119The Office: Jenna edition[View]
124417079I live my life a quarter pounder at a time. For those ten seconds or less... I'm free.[View]
124411368Alita Army is cute! CUTE![View]
124417015Hey boi! You watchin? I know you're scared...: ... and you should be! There's a stark diff…[View]
124417013Batfleck? More like Kinofleck.[View]
124416977Is it Kino?[View]
124409423Never mind that he was right and the criticisms he made before the release have since been echoed by…[View]
124415871you cant refute this[View]
124410313what do you think of Skins?[View]
124416695Is the actor's name properly pronounced: >Seen Been or >Shawn Bawn ?…[View]
124416892Why did he change his mind, /tv/?[View]
124411928Alita thread: Why did you forgot about Alita, anon?[View]
124416789Do people actually enjoy horror movies or do they just pretend to?[View]
124410934>Because he is a speedster, his power consists mainly of superhuman speed. Various other effects …[View]
124414415Some Episode IX Leaks (25-50% these are true): This source is fairly reliable, but still take it wit…[View]
124416305more like Sean Old[View]
124406997Find a flaw[View]
124415768Are you Monsieur Gustave of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Nebelsbad?[View]
124414190This man is not our enemy.[View]
124416606>As reported by THR, the filmmaking duo originally wanted to bring back Presley for the movie but…[View]
124412353Say whatever you want about jamie lee curtis but her tetas were (and probably are) a 10/10.[View]
124415835list your favourite 5 movies about aliens[View]
124409387ITT: movies where the only good part is the opening scene[View]
124416277>nigger Shoots Han[View]
124414729>one of the Chadest antagonist in movie history[View]
124413568The girlfriend wants to watch a christmas movie this saturday. What's a holiday film with matur…[View]
124415487Who was the guy at the end and why did he shoot so close?[View]
124409805Why is Butters making that face? Why is Tarantino dressed like that?[View]
124412766>the top post on /tv/ is an anal prolapse video[View]
124415907How did he get away with it?[View]
124415845At first I was a Kimmelhead but now I think I'm getting Fallon fever, anyone agree?[View]
124416280Docsonline: I like to watch documentaries, but I'm also too jew to pay for an account. Is any g…[View]
124415600Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124414301Jurassic world thread: Will jurassic world 3 be the worst or the best movie in the JW franchise?…[View]
124414682I was expecting this to be garbage but i loved it. it's like fletch if fletch was good. Recomme…[View]
124416038What are your thoughts on Anno Hideaki?[View]
124411434Uhhh is he gonna be ok?[View]
124415117Who watches this crap? I tried some episodes and the acting is fucking awful.[View]
124415988https://youtu.be/z6VP4rwYg0k >no one cared who i was till i put on the make-up what did he mean b…[View]
124415446Apprentice: Let us watch retards pretending to be business savvy[View]
124415753How did Disney get away with this?[View]
124414656It hurts knowing despite how well crafted and handled the material will be, it'll still fucking…[View]
124406530movie equivalent to this book?[View]
124410514Do you like the How To Train Your Dragon movies?[View]
124415390The Apprentice: Where the fuck was the thread edition[View]
124411380Director of the Kino of the year thinks some Marvel flicks have kino momments: Apologize. >https…[View]
124415368Apprentice: Apprentice thread I've never made the op before[View]
124415101Name a better music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZT3gTu4Sjw[View]
124409571Wow /tv/ you guys sure are popular with fucking Instagram and reddit[View]
124414517https://youtu.be/_MuxVqB3I7E Yeah I'm thinking George is back[View]
124411307>I thought you were proud to be a hologram >That's because I had to be one What did he me…[View]
124407481Here's your new Aragorn bro[View]
124413972Is this really the first american capeshit?[View]
124414748Born January 30, 1930: is he going to make it to 90 bros?[View]
124408674Euphoria: Discuss the HBO series[View]
124414091John Landis killed a family[View]
124413776how to become a film director if you're a 25 years old autist virgin who unironically doesn…[View]
124413937What are some movie scenes that give this feel?[View]
124413209*LARPS as Italian American* heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
124411546you can marry one of his daughters[View]
124412144capeshit confirmed for ruining terrible sitcom reboots[View]
124414944Fuck bros this movie makes me miss my childhood...[View]
124414882What are some films where the main character runs out of the options?[View]
124411367Left or Right?[View]
124414794>There's nothing new.[View]
124411198/SW/ Spaghetti Western General: It's that time again, friends. What are some fantastic spaghett…[View]
124413733>thought American action films were over the top >watched pic related holy shit guys this is…[View]
124414580where are black people?[View]
124413246>IT'S THE SMELL![View]
124414597Honorary Woman Pual Feig Backs Up Elizabeth Banks on Men Being Awful: You put them nasty men in thei…[View]
124411798PETAH, HELP![View]
124413771>Adapt to this...[View]
124410339Is it just me... or is it getting crazier out there?[View]
124414679Will Kat Dennings match the success of Two Broke Girls with her upcoming series Dollface? And what p…[View]
124414081the age old question: were there retarded targaryens?[View]
124413761>I'm not a good boy, Sarge. I never was...[View]
124414119The first time someone calls you a horse you punch him in the nose, the second time someone calls yo…[View]
124414170>Disney is milking Star Wars to dea-[View]
124414551>Ok, Society, i don't like you and you don't like me, but we gotta work together if we …[View]
124410869Based? How am I based? Based on what?[View]
124414539What are your favorite Travel shows?: I finished watching Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain and th…[View]
124413298Was King Kong suppose to represent a black man who ultimately gets killed by the authorities for lov…[View]
124412654Any good films on the Soviets invasion of Afghanistan?[View]
124414498This smug son of a bitch right here.[View]
124413326Will the mouse fire him now?[View]
124409394Always Sunny in Philly: Season 14 double-episode finale primers tonight. Season 14 has been great. E…[View]
124412482This boomerkino aged really bad. Why are they even making a sequel?[View]
124410469>protag makes a forward punching motion while shooting his gun to increase the speed of the bulle…[View]
124411455I'm... I'm... I'm......[View]
124413398cast him[View]
124408560/kino station/ General: Post kino stations and rate others.[View]
124414168What are some kinos about bugs?[View]
124411576From 1 to 10 how close are you to a Al Bundy life of unsatisfaction[View]
124411165>Protagonist teams up with bad guys from previous seasons to defeat an even bigger bad guy.…[View]
124413790Based Mel, take the barefootpill like Mel and our Lord Jesus would want you to.[View]
124413878Mr. Robot: Where is this show headed?[View]
124411690Why are all female comedians the same?[View]
124404350Why do movies with dragons suck?[View]
124411073Great films only you’ve seen[View]
124410024Now, if you all don't mind, i'm going to bed before any of you come up with another clever…[View]
124413969>we meet the female protagonist's boyfriend >it's THAT kind of relationship…[View]
124411581Any other cooking kinos other than Chef and Ratatouille?[View]
124413409>Did he just take that guys wallet? >I think he took his wallet!…[View]
124413650Post funny movies[View]
124411221Did he kill his wife or not?[View]
124411765A lot of movies are based on true stories, are any true stories based on movies?[View]
124412623any movies about unjustice?[View]
124411591But was it kino?[View]
124413772Yep, I'm thinking he's back[View]
124406065>Official poster for “Call of the Wild” -Director: Chris Sanders -Stars: Karen Gillan, Harrison …[View]
124413525who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
124412955>ywn post in /RBMK/ ever again[View]
124413064>This take on the project is described as a comedic, lighthearted approach in the vein of Taika W…[View]
124413685https://twitter.com/Glo_Reuben/status/1196812511548452864 *gulp* also Mr Robot thread[View]
124411699>Computer, create a two-to-one scaled copy of Deanna Troi, including all normal life functions an…[View]
124413609You may not like it, but this is what peak kino looks like[View]
124413546Who is more iconic in 2019?[View]
124384351The Mandolorian actually turns out to be a girl the whole time, like Samus.[View]
124413432Cooler than Vader[View]
124409126Dominic Decoco[View]
124411189HOLD IT[View]
124411955Who's the goat director?[View]
124411023I miss this nigaa[View]
124413047What will his comeback movie be about?[View]
124407161Zootopia sequel info: The film will release in 2021.It will have as basis for the plot the interspec…[View]
124406627>MFW a modern horror film is nothing but jump scares[View]
124412791>he hasn't seen Oklahoma[View]
1244102581 > H20 > 2 > Resurrection > 3 > RZ1 > RZ2 > 2018 > H4 > H5 > H6[View]
124405636Damn, Paul Dano got his as WHOOPED[View]
124411216WE DID IT, REDDIT![View]
124407331yeah, killing cops is kino now[View]
124407403How long until he makes the greatest film if all time?[View]
124412075Looks like kino is back on the menu, boys. https://twitter.com/quiethandfilms/status/119722389093144…[View]
124408077Containment breach in theatre 3. All non-essential personal, please evacuate the kinoplex immediatel…[View]
124411939How do you watch foreign movies, /tv/? With subtitles or dubbed? As for me, it's dubs all the …[View]
124392706Whats the most disturbing scene/video you ever watched?[View]
124410871i miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
124412305Incel Lannister, gods what a stupid name, who named you? Some half wit with a stutter?[View]
124412058Best Will Smith kino[View]
124408903Other than The Day After Tomorrow, are there any films that deal with climate change?[View]
124410642Just saw this movie. It really made me think. Did it really make you think?[View]
124410870So I saw this scene and I don't get the big deal about it. Are people offended that Bruce Lee c…[View]
124411136Why did homers face go so weird here[View]
124411932I just started watching American Gods and by episode 2 we're already doing interracial vagina v…[View]
124411861>I dont get no respect I tell ya, my own mother..she called me a Mutt![View]
124410025He didn't deserve it[View]
124411823Are they actually warriors though?[View]
124411364Post kino opening scenes[View]
124409256>it's a Hal episode[View]
124411562Literally flawless, so glad she will be my wife one day[View]
124410506Is this kino? Someone at work keeps telling me to watch it[View]
124407858>Antagonists you rooted for[View]
124411493Based or cringe?[View]
124410363this film would've been even better if it was shot in 35mm[View]
124411032Best Enterprise: Don't @ me[View]
124411433She sure is a handsome woman What did Elaine mean by this?[View]
124411325I didn't get the ending. Can somebody explain?[View]
124406858The plan? Convince a bunch of mentally ill NEETs to pay $20 to post without spending several minutes…[View]
124410667“Everybody needs money. That’s why they call it money.” Can someone please explain this david mamet …[View]
124410823What was his endgame?[View]
124410746Why didn't he use torrent? He just browsed pornhub[View]
124410787NEW RALPH VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SWQKK0Adtw[View]
124410824Good actors that seem to always be in shitty movies[View]
124409173Was Bohemian Rhapsody a good film?[View]
124410328What’s your favorite Nightmare on Elm street movie? For me it’s 1>3>the rest>2[View]
124410344Why did he retire? and will he ever return?[View]
124408235When an actor dies, doesn't his estate or will tell producers NOT to use his image in new films…[View]
124405471favorite skit from hit television show Million Dollar Extreme?[View]
124410918Who did it better?[View]
124410859Post characters that are literally you.[View]
124406736>Some men are looking for anything logical like money[View]
124409706Ever named something after anything film or TV related? For example, I have two chinchillas named T…[View]
124410282recommend me an unknown tv-series to watch before I suffocate and shit myself.[View]
124410055Because I hate Johnny Galecki, and I want you to hate him, too.[View]
124396982>extremely hot >extremely retarded Yeap, that's perfection. What are some other examples …[View]
124408246The Fast and The Furious: what went right 18 years ago?[View]
124404594Baby Yeed on the first page[View]
124403430Here's your Ahsoka Tano bro[View]
124405931did any show have a better run than series 1-9 of the simpsons?[View]
124409674Who will play him in the eventual Law and Order SVU episode?[View]
124409963Why are all the best actors Anglos?[View]
124410410>Movie reeks of absolute kinography >/tv/ doesn't talk about it Why ?…[View]
124403532When you see it...[View]
124409583>one shot[View]
124408232What's the endgame for him?[View]
124403850What does /tv/ think of Terra Nova?[View]
124407647Are indie short films dying? What are the best ones of the past decade?[View]
124410413Kinos for this feel?[View]
124410262what was he shooting at?[View]
124394621Why is he so perfect? I love Star Wars now[View]
124409187Why was anakin such a retarded feeble minded guy?[View]
124399752JOKER 2 IN THE WORKS[View]
124410255It was kino.[View]
124402193Is the general public getting tired of the Rock as a movie star?[View]
124410147how was heavyweights so kino?[View]
124408134I don’t understand how this is allowed[View]
124410223>finally get a Star Wars show made by a Star Wars nerd >filled with so much in-universe gibber…[View]
124410032>I think the impact of superheroes on popular culture is both tremendously embarrassing and not a…[View]
124409140I loved Frozen II[View]
124402288Anyone else love Lost Highway for the 10/10 soundtrack? Holy shit Lynch is so fucking great[View]
124410066The picture that saved /tv/[View]
124408141Why shouldn’t they bring Routh back, as the big screen Superman?[View]
124410063Give me a long, epic movie that will have me crying by the end.[View]
124410044What are some movies that have captured pic related?[View]
124410021ITT: Pleb Filters[View]
124409922Better Call Saul Season 5 2/23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr5nelSwgbw[View]
124408960Why didn't he take the money?[View]
124409406this flick could've been an hour shorter desu[View]
124407666most overrated show of all time[View]
124409403The ONLY flaw was the jacket gimmick that allowed autists and neckbeards to distinctively dress like…[View]
124409894You now remember Harmony Korine[View]
124407039ᴸᵉᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵒᵈᶦᵉˢ ʰᶦᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠˡᵒᵒʳ ᴸᵉᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵒᵈᶦᵉˢ ʰᶦᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠˡᵒᵒʳ ᴸᵉᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵒᵈᶦᵉˢ ʰᶦᵗ ᵗʰᵉ FLOOOOOOOOOOORRRRR…[View]
124409830What was Tarantulo trying to convey in this scene?[View]
124403325I think Two Towers is the weakest of the three, but I enjoy it more with each viewing[View]
124408567TIL chloe wang had to change her name to chloe bennett to be a star[View]
124405114JUST..... What happened to Don Draper?[View]
124407457What did she mean by this?[View]
124407801>Don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate![View]
124408664>Grossly overweight pervert named homer simpson[View]
124409660keep the change you filthy animal[View]
124408197why do people shit on pam's motel art, but praise bob's, when they are exactly the same?[View]
124409628ITT we demolish anti-morodor propaganda[View]
124408582please ban the guy who started the joker 2 thread[View]
124408759It's okay Anon[View]
124408543/d2011g/ - Drive 2011 General: Discussion surrounding the movie featuring Ryan Gosling from the Blad…[View]
124409411I'm cashing you out bob[View]
124409430>out all day with your best buddy >shooting cats and huffing glue >come home and take a bat…[View]
124407584>the no pale 18th century rich wife[View]
124406053Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124406281>Picture 1994: “This is a great script. Let’s get Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman,” said the…[View]
124409243Have they collectively killed the method acting meme?[View]
124408122I think The Mandalorian SUCKS![View]
124408213Dear Slim, I wrote you but still ain't callin'[View]
124409189for me, its gloria trillo[View]
124403628>You are going to see CATS, right anon?[View]
124407806Holiday Special: >While most of us just pretend that this abomination doesn't exist, Disney …[View]
124389091The Office General - /og/ - Office Ladies Episode 6!!: >We wrap up season one of The Office with …[View]
124409040How is Paramount right now?[View]
124407286>Dan 'The Bearded Man' Schneider[View]
124406342Was it justified?[View]
124406149It's [spolier]good.[/spoiler][View]
124394336>The Goldfinch.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO[EtHD] >The Goldfinch.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-…[View]
124408951Subtle background details in movies: Posting my favorite. In this scene, you can see Jesus in the ba…[View]
124399448NOOO THATS MY SON! THATS MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
124407729Why is Hollywood so taxing on the looks of young women?[View]
124408289Details brah: Details details ! >reintroduce best character in series >stands by his word and …[View]
124408984what are some movies about self hating and wishing you were white?[View]
124406776I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
124402510Is it worth watching in 2019 ?[View]
124402712Will Jason Momoa ever be able to be a box office draw outside Aquaman?[View]
124407878i watched this and was suprised about the christian symbols they showed here and there but then it m…[View]
124408836>Those who identify as 'MCU fans', they sicken me deeply >Marvel was a mistake, It's noth…[View]
124405293Play CIA.[View]
124402320Regular Show but for adults: Would it be kino? Supposedly it’s coming out next year[View]
124396848Are any of these movies worth watching? /m/an here, just trying to get into film. Arthouse thread to…[View]
124408254Who will play him in the inevitable live action adaption?[View]
124388151Daily reminder that this movie is exactly one month out from release and STILL hasn't finished …[View]
124405166Does /tv/ like Brooklyn 99[View]
124408124>Watching BR2049 with gf >She's on her phone most of the film >'Ughhh, this movie is b…[View]
124408692buy the toys goy[View]
124407330wtf lucas: >Mace Dindu >Plow Coon >Kid Fister how did he get away with this??!! was raimi i…[View]
124408613Jerry HE'S the ASSMAN![View]
124408495Thoughts about this movie?[View]
124407381What this guy told to Piett ?[View]
124408324I hear you're a transphobe now Father?[View]
124403905scenes women will never comprehend[View]
124407002other kino moments like this?[View]
124408326>The most inappropriate pregnancy reveal ever: Couple's Handmaid's Tale-inspired announ…[View]
124408277Do you think janny laughs at our funny shitposts before deleting them?[View]
124408199Why he had to die, he was his only friend....[View]
124408079look i just want to watch rigg & mordy 4x01 but the internet is copyrighted is this fair? if zoo…[View]
124401098Cast them in the inevitable movie.[View]
124407427here's your Will and Lyra[View]
124396279>You've had like 37 Spiderman movies![View]
124405200Are they, dare I say it, back[View]
124407252Joker 2?: Can we burn Hollywood already? https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/11971765231759237…[View]
124407924Reverse Gender Swapped Movies: I'm counting on the 'chick-flickiest' of you to help me compose …[View]
124407421>BUT JONAS WENT AND GOT HIMSELF SOME CORPORATE SPONSORS What the fuck was his problem with corpor…[View]
124403080Find a single flaw.[View]
124407235>move abroad for job >cute girl from your own country moves in two days later >start having…[View]
124407899Is Tarantino gay?: pic VERY related[View]
124390442Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019 1080p HDrip x264-GANJAMAN: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019 108…[View]
124406863What was the point of this flick?: Seriously[View]
124403932>The perfect action film doesn't exi... Why was it so good , /tv/ ?…[View]
124407242Would you watch a Ring reboot with this premise? >we want the Shape of Water audience…[View]
124407257how do you go from this[View]
124407719Times movie critics were dead wrong: >Before Titanic's release, various film critics predict…[View]
124406085>Sonic movie coming out >Mario movie in development When will we get a Crash movie?…[View]
124407688I'm having a 'me' day today.[View]
124406849ITT: books that need an adaption A real version of the navidson record would be horror kino[View]
124407078kinos about stable geniuses?[View]
124406932DEBATE ME: The first two seasons of this show was the best comedy show since the Simpson's.[View]
124404547393 days till Dune[View]
124407555Like I told my last wife, I says, 'Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it…[View]
124407377>Don't start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.[View]
124406541Family Guy is a good show.[View]
124392649Did John Smith basically get the Stannis treatment? Seems like his ending was pretty much copied fro…[View]
124406325How do you feel knowing that he'll be in episode 9?[View]
124398494This is straight up trash. What was Nolan thinking?[View]
124395144Watchmen: This show is pure kino, why did /tv/ lie about it?[View]
124407130Kino for this feel?[View]
124407290Films critics hated.[View]
124406160>The Batman (2021) >Black Adam (2021) >Shazam 2 (2021) >Joker 2 (2022) Holy hell, looks …[View]
124407206Today in /tv/: Retired LAPD Detective Rick Deckard, A Bladerunner, gets tagged in to investigate and…[View]
124406642What the fuck is wrong with him? https://youtu.be/69mmVL1ffwk[View]
124406609Say it[View]
124405917Share your favourite movie snack while watching kinos at the cinema or home[View]
124403904For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
124406075why wasn't he in the live action aladin?[View]
124405879> releasing all episodes at once Why do they do it? Is that really financially justified? They wi…[View]
124406859>Look, when Tommy comes back tell him I'm really, really sorry. The doctor's got me on …[View]
124402715Have anyone on /tv/ seen this documentary? Holy shit mormons (white people) are so fucking dumb. Tha…[View]
124405170Alright /tv/, the category is: >People Who Annoy You Audience, keep quiet, please. Ten seconds on…[View]
124406762Gonna take a little time...[View]
124406964Movies where OP BTFOs tinder?[View]
124405319PROJECT BLUE BOOK SEASON 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQz6gIEhPkU Looks good,aliens look great…[View]
124406869Look how they massacred my boy.[View]
124406901Need help finding a series: Unreleated pic It plays in a small town, a stranger arrives People start…[View]
124406880ITT: Movie scenes that did things to you[View]
124402295What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
124405871Movies with this feel?: I'll start. Shutter Island A Beautiful Mind Vanilla Sky Also, Joker wou…[View]
124406791Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith are top tier Star wars movies.[View]
124403098>upbeat ukelele starts playing >whistling >clap >'HEY!' >clap >'HEY!'…[View]
124406587>joker threads >star wars threads >s.o.y. wojak threads >capeshit threads How do we stop…[View]
124406700>outsmarted and completely and utterly BTFO by a bunch of Russian speaking pygmy gypsies who dema…[View]
124390688>Don't mind me. I'm just pretending I don't know what Force powers are, or how sim…[View]
124406643Does The Green Book still exist in the Sopranos universe? If not, who won the Oscar for Best Picture…[View]
124406033Now that the dust has settled, where did it go so wrong?[View]
124403768I am here[View]
124402156why is disney genociding women?[View]
124404069JOKER SEQUEL ANNOUNCED https://www.gamesradar.com/joker-2-sequel-announcement-joaquin-phoenix-todd-p…[View]
124406397Why does he trigger /tv/ so much?[View]
124404823Catching up on some 2019 films. What should I watch next?[View]
124396761HOLY FUCK.: I'm literally shaking trying to type this, did Bong Joon-ho just tackle the wealth …[View]
124406054>is that normal pooing you're doing?[View]
124402931Is David Lunch mainstream?[View]
124406164has he finally lost it?[View]
124406069Err, ok boomer[View]
124404169What do the kinosseurs of /tv/ think of Stranger Things?[View]
124404751>So this other guy, he's a Terminator, too? Really, Cameron?[View]
124404537I know it already. This is going to be the worst, most embarrassing movie of the year. The Suicide S…[View]
124405815Relax. The “sequel” hasn’t even been confirmed yet, just another DC film by Todd. And even if there …[View]
124404923Cast them.[View]
124404113You know what. if the pilot was focused on this character instead of the bluepilled negress, i would…[View]
124403987>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
124406131Who's this hot qt again?[View]
124405903Is there a more amazing person/actress than Barbra Streisand? In her prime she was the most beautifu…[View]
124405804>SHOE TAR what did he mean by this[View]
124396226Fuck capeshit for doing soulless movies[View]
124405117Guy Ritchie Kino: New poster for The Gentleman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ify9S7hj480…[View]
124403706'No one can be told what the Matrix is': Was Morpheus just shit at explaining things?[View]
124403250ITT zoomer childhood kino[View]
124404504I remember watching Naked (1993) and the 'rough'sex in the movie is made out to be this horrible thi…[View]
124404862The grandfather is definitely Hooded Justice, right?[View]
124405918OH SHIT, what did YouTube mean by this??? Am I really a based schizo poster??[View]
124395001at what point did you realize you were watching 10/10 kino?: for me it was when he chopped off her t…[View]
124402466Post your favourite movie from the year you were born[View]
124405169is Gremlins the most ambitious film ever?[View]
124405816This movie was robbed off awards[View]
124404951The mcu problem: Why the fuck are normalcunts so obsessed with this drivel it’s more or less the sam…[View]
124405149/FBG/ - Free Birds General[View]
124401571Was this the most unbelievable moment in the MCU so far?[View]
124404102Frasier Thread: Why is he yelling?[View]
124401396You know, she kind of makes up for all the total bitch female characters Vince put in Breaking Bad.[View]
124403496Heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe.[View]
124403205ANON, OLD BUDDY![View]
124403934>'Hmm, I wonder what's on /tv/ tonight...' *click*[View]
124405438Despite the fact the directions were wrong[View]
124403642This scene is already embedded into the grand history of cinema[View]
124374979/trek/: Chad edition old >>124353712[View]
124403593Is this worth watching? At what point does it start to suck?[View]
124402593Post only the finest, most tough to penetrate pleb filters[View]
124405321wtf why is this show still going on?[View]
124404284>'tiny white cocks' is this really necessary ? is this comedy?[View]
124404944You know, when I first started out working up in Dublin, there was this 3-year-old boy. Parents brou…[View]
124401182People tell me I look like this guy.: What are some actors who look like you?[View]
124404398Is cinema just a pale imitation of opera? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnWz8KqOnJg[View]
124404247Dude I almost had you[View]
124405045Big penis[View]
124404243itt: oh yeah, that existed[View]
124400997>2019 >still no Uncharted kino What is wrong with Sony? Why are they making this stupid young …[View]
124400634Project Blue Book Season 2: I think kino is back on the menu boys https://www.google.com/amp/s/ew.co…[View]
124404298Films About Stalkers: >Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin (anglicised as Enya Patricia Brennan (/ˈɛnjə…[View]
124404937Vikings getting a spin off series by netflix: After the last season of vikings, viking creators are …[View]
124404224>mods deleted previous thread: really makes you think[View]
124398399>´tis the season, then[View]
124404892Charlie!: They took my thumb![View]
124403485https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8sEZAB13_o If you guys would like to watch a good edgy clowns movie…[View]
124400798>You want a cup of twilek milk? what do you respond?[View]
124404827COPE O P E[View]
124401542All my friends are getting married: And I’m still a virgin. What would happened if I just owned it a…[View]
124400414Watched this for the first time yesterday with the gf... holy shit bros, which other boomer kinos ha…[View]
124403019>They: 'Have sex' >me after trying to have sex…[View]
124404681>guy playing the stuntman constantly moggs the guy playing the movie star. WTF was this casting?…[View]
124404633I AM AN FBI AGENT!!!![View]
124400000PROJECT BLUE BOOK Season 2: New pictures shown. Release date is January 21,2020. Trailer Today.…[View]
124401425Why is this piece of shit praised so much?[View]
124403038Do heroin and watch trainspotting[View]
124402631Which one of you faggots did this[View]
124404096https://youtu.be/Wt-kEIQcLKw Why do americans hate avatar? it must be the only country in the world …[View]
124401648>entire planet has one (1) biome[View]
124404332Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124403360absolute auto kino[View]
124402020>You will never get stoned with Brent Spiner in Data makeup[View]
124404080ITT: Dialogue written specifically to be used for the trailer >Unfortunately, no-one can be told …[View]
124404260For once I give capeshit a try and they do this. Those fucking hacks. I thought this could actually …[View]
124392919Dumb bitch. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-50485264[View]
124401205Most disappointing franchises of the last few years?[View]
124404114Everything about this movie was pure kino[View]
124404054Watch it Chrissy![View]
124403010>Blocks your path >'G'day mate, we are Collections Enforcement Officers and we've co…[View]
124402645why is he so likeable ?[View]
124403734I have never watched a single star wars movie.[View]
124390600Screenwriter for Pulp Fiction gives the Konosuba movie 5 stars. Describes it as 'the reason cinema e…[View]
124401412Do Alyssas actually exist?[View]
124403912BRO HE WAS MOLESTED ALL ALOOOOOOONG LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO obviously the only reason someone would be anti …[View]
124403626I liked it[View]
124403113wtf, I'm insane now[View]
124403798ITT: pretentious films we pretend to like[View]
124403376How come he's more than willing to kill children himself, but he was still outraged by the bank…[View]
124403623>watches cop/spy movie >pauses after the action scene ends >start walking arround the house…[View]
124402655>character is one month away from promotion >nuclear plant blows up Seriously?…[View]
124403619boomer music > zoomer music FACT[View]
124403662What kind of a fucking name is Stockyard?[View]
124399670Im gonna ruin The Mandalorian for you: This shot was created on this soundstage here. Pretty much an…[View]
124393926How many films (movies included) have you seen? Asswipe 0-200 Embryo 200-1000 Babby 1000-1500 Chilli…[View]
124403549when will kojima start making actual movies?[View]
124400197>we will never get a tv show about pic related It hurts Bros.[View]
124403513Saul kino returns...[View]
124402451Post actresses with a bright future.[View]
124402611ITT: we pick songs for the Joker sequel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UpY17EIy40[View]
124403087>it's a Lisa episode[View]
124397288I miss when South Park had soul.[View]
124399802How would you fix it?[View]
124402900What went wrong?[View]
124403266Knock knock Whos there Its the CIA madam, your country was hit by a coup, he is dead[View]
124403346Whats the most motivating movie you have seen? for me its pic related[View]
124403296What was the point of the femcel character?[View]
124403262Where you going...[View]
124403213This is your Demon Hunter. Say something nice about her![View]
124402096Marvel kino is coming![View]
124401805was she a robot?[View]
124400839The Watch: BBC America has confirmed the cast of the new adaptation of 'The Watch' novels …[View]
124402399That's Hansel. He's so hot right now.[View]
124402599ITT: Characters that weren't 'ruined' because they were always fucking awful[View]
124401230I would like to thank whoever let the actresses in this upcoming abomination keep their tits (especi…[View]
124402761VAYDAH'S HEAH[View]
124402735I don't get it[View]
124401139What is that[View]
124401831>doesn't fall into a vat of neon green chemicals >into the trash bin…[View]
124399206/euphoria/: Just finished the first epi. Is this basically Skins?[View]
124402660Oh No no no![View]
124399034Favorite /tv/ blacks[View]
124400395What is the deal with literal cucks and black women?[View]
124401343/midichlorian count general/: how many midichlorians does little baby yeed have?[View]
124400965So did Cartman have control of her or not?[View]
124402263Joker has 2 movies in the top 20[View]
124402458Was the stuttering part of the character?[View]
124401933Do they really receive thousands of VHS tapes and DVDs every day?[View]
124399147Actors who keep playing the same character in every single film[View]
124401361>Geez, Bones, this is just like the time we ran into Donald Trump when we traveled back to 2019. …[View]
124400154>Paying something that you can get for free[View]
124401437Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood: The fuck is it about? When does it get good?[View]
124402065>'I didn't really like his performance in this movie at all. Just kind of missed the mark an…[View]
124402114Hey guys, my Shaw-Fujikawa drive malfunctioned during a slipspace jump and I ended up 10 years in th…[View]
124401434ITT villains who never won a single battle[View]
124401879Watch it Chrissy![View]
124400237Clown Kino 2 is in the works https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/heat-vision/joker-sequel-works-as…[View]
124401908What does /tv/ think of famous Actor Tony Hawk? What’s your favorite role of his?[View]
124401670SEQUEL CONFIRMED! THE MOUSE IS ON SUICIDE WATCH: > https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/…[View]
124401802Can't stand this cunt.[View]
124401748What the hell happened with this show in season 3? I didn't watch it for a while and just picke…[View]
124402054They should call him Emperor Palpate: Because I want him to fondle my balls.[View]
124401923This is it, Chief[View]
124396304Recommend me a movie you really liked that I probably haven't seen yet.[View]
124401950How about a magic trick? I'm going to make a thread...disappear.[View]
124401921>Soijak spammer wakes up and starts shitposting >The already shit quality of the threads on th…[View]
124401694I just came. Deepfake porn cant evolve fast enough[View]
124401849He killed three (3) people[View]
124401820Commentary Kino: What are some movies that are not only just required viewing on their own, but have…[View]
124382178I never stopped liking star wars[View]
124400907BoJack Horseman: I was thinking of watching this show soon but I am reluctant due to my knowledge of…[View]
124399738Enya: >Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin (anglicised as Enya Patricia Brennan (/ˈɛnjə/); born 17 May …[View]
124371189/jg/ Joker General: Is the hype officially over?[View]
124400144one whiff...[View]
124399236Call of the Wild trailer: https://youtu.be/5P8R2zAhEwg[View]
124397863AW SHIT NIGGA WE'RE GOING FULL MOORCOCK ELRIC HAPPENING!!!! https://deadline.com/2019/11/the-el…[View]
124400600Stay out of my territory[View]
124401433>he didn't start the thread did he newbie? He just responded to off topic garbage…[View]
124399612'I sometimescry a lot... for no reason.': >Tear up the first time I watch this scene >Rewatch …[View]
124400504Is it pozzed?: Is The King worth watching or is it Jewed? Note: Any blatant Jewry, such as having a …[View]
124401140What was the point?[View]
124398298What anime should be the next live action film?[View]
124400341do you think she's turning over in her grave right now because of the new charlie's angels…[View]
124395742/akg/ Asian Kinos General: Post Asian kinos[View]
124391053did they deserve it?[View]
124394954is AJ from on sopranos realistic, I'm too young and not american enough to remember the post 9/…[View]
124401488>ywn help Brigitte find the cure feels wrong[View]
124399466>Troy >300 >Rise of An Empire >Alexander >Gladiator Any Classical West kino?…[View]
124401447'Think you're smart huh?!' 'The janny that hired youse...he'll just do the same to you.' '…[View]
124400013Anyway sorry that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?[View]
124393055>bomb defusal scene >they dont freeze it with liquid nitrogen and move it to another area to b…[View]
124399198Is this Zoomer's Shawshank Redemption: >IMDB 1. The Shawshank Redemption(1994) >Letterbox…[View]
124385303Are you ready for CATS kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAtW1sa78iQ[View]
124400895wtf she cute[View]
124399395>You're Orph Aughlle Why did Joker forget Murray's name and start calling him Orph?…[View]
124400551I miss this little guy like you wouldn't believe.[View]
124400680about to marathon this, what am I in for?[View]
124396284TFW no sweaty jewish girl hiding in my walls: It hurts too much bros. You watch jojo rabbit yet?…[View]
124399274Now that the dust has settled, what are the best films of this year?[View]
124401132wtf was their problem?[View]
124400840Why didn't Elizabeth Banks do this for Feminazi Angels? :^)[View]
124400004>Why you paint your face bro?[View]
124395270Brendan Gleeson To Play Donald Trump In CBS Miniseries A HIGHER LOYALTY: >Brendan Gleeson ('Mr. M…[View]
124392969name a greater plot twist in history[View]
124400927I truly have been touched by an angel[View]
124397846Details: Details details ! >reintroduce best character in series >stands by his word and actua…[View]
124400856>flop ready! There's no way this can be successful[View]
124400744>Sit down to watch a well-acclaimed kino with wife >The opening scene is about BLACK COCK >…[View]
124400389Huh, what you mean[View]
124399490 the parts with the real women are all in his head, right[View]
124396065Kino: Do you pronounce it 'Keyno' or 'Kyno'?[View]
124400208>Unscheduled offworld activation[View]
124398304Want a sprite cranberry anon?[View]
124399925I don't see how anyone could really dislike this movie. Or say that it sucks. Plot's prett…[View]
124396921So what's the final verdict? What do you want to see from the next saga?[View]
124396537>walk back home after work >this guy blocks your path what do?…[View]
124400138Who will play him?[View]
124397809IRL kino[View]
124397404This is the cats movie we deserved[View]
124400336What is this stance called?[View]
124398310Why aren't you watching some kino right now instead of browsing this shitty place?[View]
124399742This recent Baby Yeed spam was me wondering: how many of you are there? As in, how many of you are r…[View]
124399835What does /tv/ think of the cast of Little Mermaid?[View]
124395870Does Tony ever stop eating holy fucking shit[View]
124397632>*forces movies to be China friendly*[View]
124399669underrated kino: for me its pic[View]
124397890RUSSIAN MOVIES: Russian anons recommend me essential films from your country[View]
124397978Was this the greatest children's television show ever produced? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
124398663this movie sucked ass: 3 frat kids at subway get killed by a clown who went nuts and then all city i…[View]
124387537Now THIS is German Idealism https://twitter.com/KANTBOT20K/status/1197033831347478528[View]
124398689What made Panic Room (2002) so kino?[View]
124399860GAULS IN THE SENATE[View]
124398904Is anyone else excited for Ana DeArmas's new movie Knives Out[View]
124356116/hmmm/ Dark Crystal: Still waiting for the season 2 announcement. And waiting. And waiting. And wait…[View]
124394290It's over[View]
124400149Why does this make /tv/ autists so angry?: Seriously, Mr. Robot viewers here bitch about the fact El…[View]
124400096https://youtu.be/L1xYrCg0CVE Kino Universe is getting a DBZ time skip[View]
124396424What compels people to do this?[View]
124398354Any kinos where the protagonist goes through life without a sense of purpose and direction, going th…[View]
1243997971. Go to https://www.imdb.com 2. Scroll down to the end of the page 3. Take a screenshot of your 're…[View]
124397749OUATIH: >Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019 1080p HDrip Icelandic-text-GANJAMAN >Once Upon A T…[View]
124398306Why is the best actress in Stranger Things a kid?[View]
124396398/tv/'s approved films of 2019: If you haven't seen at least half of these by now you reall…[View]
124389206>'If you men only knew' ...what should i already know bros??[View]
124392769Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he was smelling a dead body, not a poor person?[View]
124396813>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
124398627Am I the only one who sees him as a victim as well?[View]
124382899What's the female version of the hero's journey in film?: Throughout history, philosophers…[View]
124395502What would you do with a kilo of unobtainium?[View]
124391443All it took for Disney to pocket this entire board was one meme character. How did they do it? Do th…[View]
124399361'I'm taking one last look at my friends': He barely spends any time with these characters…[View]
124399719thoughts on her new movie Hustlers?[View]
124399644Who you got in Jeopardys GOAT tournament in January?[View]
124389944Damn, New Zealand is so cool and hip.[View]
124380922His plan worked.[View]
124398523The time has come to rub it in their faces again.[View]
124399509What movies and TV shows did you never understand the title of?[View]
124395513Did he rip off Fincher?[View]
124397543Why have vampire films fallen out of favor? I need more vampirekino in my life, I'm done with A…[View]
124394823what went wrong?[View]
124399228November. I am forgotten[View]
124398023Cannibal killers killing normies in the middle of nowhere movies: More like these?[View]
124399202name a more cringey TV duo. I'll wait[View]
124398489>you're awful, Dumbledore[View]
124397725every single time[View]
124398991Kek: https://youtu.be/dL3hX1VtgFw[View]
124394345>loud scene >tinnitus music starts playing…[View]
124397251>How do you write women so well?[View]
124396618I am awake[View]
124395435Hero slays dragon, saves princess. Why is this forbidden in Hollywood?: >Alice in wonderland: sav…[View]
124393445The End of the F***ing World: will there be a season 3?[View]
124398054ITT: Less popular/forgotten kids shows: Anyone remember this series? It was as if south park was mad…[View]
124398374>Wants to marry his daughter in the movie Art imitates life?[View]
124395787Realism in Seinfeld: How did this ugly loser score a new woman in every episode?[View]
124397617>Look who finally came out of their cave everybody.[View]
124397133What are some romance films that have a not so happy ending? bonus points for any films from 1940-1…[View]
124390751What the fuck was his problem?[View]
124397786For me, its Yaddle.[View]
124398234>you aren't reading the weekly supplemental materials on Peteypedia that spoonfeed all the d…[View]
124398189>fabula doesn't match the syuzhet[View]
124393276well this went to absolute shit[View]
124397366>Be careful not to FORCE your ambitions, Director[View]
124397503Gotham: I think we can all agree that 4>5>1>2>3[View]
124397815I AINT NO BITCH[View]
124396086>Sergio Georgini i dont get it[View]
124397789What are your thoughts on copying outifts from movie characters? Is it /fa/?[View]
124395248Sneedpostin’ is bad... mmkay...?[View]
124396947Any kino stuff about traveling alone and discovering yourself?[View]
124397625What are some movies that deal with the modern man?[View]
124397017>catchphrase is 'follow the money' >money leads to the group of jews that pay his salary, foun…[View]
124386698>start rewatching sopranos >it's a livia episode >turn off tv…[View]
124397075just marathoned the first 30 minutes of this movie. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I …[View]
124395250Post kino.[View]
124395057>98% on RT Makes you think.[View]
124396846A lovestruck Romeo sang the streets of serenade Laying everybody low with a love song that he made F…[View]
124394078Yes. Fuck yes.[View]
124397127RIP Chester J. Lampwick: i feel like liver and onions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJel3nr6AY8…[View]
124397013You know what? I don't want this cookie[View]
124397092Protective Instinct Thread: >watching Battlestar Galactica >this comes up >insta waifu When…[View]
124397027>you know what every movie needs more of? >small irritating children…[View]
124396742WTF? I love the Boys![View]
124393904For me, it's Chuck.[View]
124394071How to feel about this?[View]
124396459>guns are bad, mmkay? >movie fetishizes gun violence very 2.5 seconds What did they mean by th…[View]
124396217>protagonist takes out his enemies one by one after long years of training…[View]
124393958The picture that saved /tv/[View]
124383820Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
124396444>Worse, you're a woman wow didn't know rick was this based[View]
124396426Yeah, I'm thinking he is back https://youtu.be/IPL11qASUJQ https://youtu.be/IPL11qASUJQ https:/…[View]
124394842Was it cruise kino?[View]
124395752ITT:awful forgotten flicks[View]
124389391Are there any films about an average person struggling against society throughout his life? I'v…[View]
124394732that had to be the best sequel since the godfather[View]
124395613What went wrong[View]
124394709Peep Show thread: Did they deserve a happier ending?[View]
124394799oh nononononono[View]
12439543220-30: Is there any good episode in seasons 20-30? Everytime there was a new episode airing on telev…[View]
124395998>tfw our boi Riley is glowing[View]
124392009Would it have been kino?[View]
124394337>Pink Floyd fans still unable to recover from this masterpiece of film criticism…[View]
124395776funny women[View]
124388673>chad doesn’t get the girl What[View]
124395840Whoah. Literally me.[View]
124383029>It's salt. Not snow. This is an original planet concept. Get it?[View]
124395090Goddess, no less.[View]
12439467013 Reasons: What's her problem?[View]
124395792what are some kinos with this particular cyberpunk revolution feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
124395608>tfw I'll never get through my backlog of movies.[View]
124392650Whats worse than a junkie? An ex-junkie >Yeeeaaahh duudee[View]
124395553Was killing Fredo wrong?[View]
124395726RomCom: Sam pursued Diane, Ross chased Rachel, Leonard chased Penny. What are some shows where the g…[View]
124393131Watch it Chrissy![View]
124393473I didn't really like the first episode, should I continue watching?[View]
124392429What is the best detective show?[View]
124390672>sick >tired >depressed >whole body feels weak >pounding headache this is it bros, ni…[View]
124392779what a lazy tv show, literally every season has the same plot, they work on their app, big company f…[View]
124395098Not everybody, and i'll tell you, not everybody is awful: Was Murray right?[View]
124395416I love the smell of fucking Vietnam shits in the morning[View]
124395441Why is he so insufferable and why doesn't he just kill himself already?[View]
124395226how can we fix the star wars saga ?[View]
124368781>gives Hermoine 50 points for being nice >Weasley 50 points for playing chess >Pottah 60 po…[View]
124379941Who is the superior Fanning?[View]
124394856Shows ripe for death[View]
124390375Any kinos that tackle this puzzle?[View]
124394479Hernan: tv series released in 4 days and I haven't seen a thread here, will be kino? will be ab…[View]
124394882>Heads you get a white girl, tails you get a black girl[View]
124390307Why would robots need a bugle player?[View]
124385104Shows that are ruined by their fandom.: Has any other show been as completely scuttled by their fans…[View]
124390009so is the KOTOR movie happening? will it redeem nuWars?[View]
124393002BLOODY HELL![View]
124392044Golden mommy will be in Guardians 3 right?[View]
124394686>its all kids/teen shit yeah im keeping amazon prime. Where is all the fox content they own?…[View]
124392435ITT: dishonest films[View]
124394552I check[View]
124391087The great debate[View]
124394819when did you take the baypill? he's better than tarantino, nolan, villenuve combined.[View]
124394494Ultimately, we're all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how but, what we can decide is how we m…[View]
124389370>budget 60m >box office 1B This is why marvel is soulless. All their shallow flashy cg movies …[View]
124393947does the net worth of actor influence your desire to see their movie?[View]
124393340Janeane Garofalo Appreciation Thread: Discuss my crush. If you know her, met her, worked with her, o…[View]
124394539.: [View]
124394619What was his problem?[View]
124394574Anti-zoomer Film[View]
124392739/tv/ BTFO by Chad: How many films watched is too many?[View]
124391944athf: I WILL NOT WALK SO A CHILD MAY LIVE[View]
124393558Testosterone and adrenaline: while not a 10/10, definitely one of the best of 2019 and I can see thi…[View]
124394485Was it sharkino?[View]
124393291Does anyone actually pay to watch stuff on YouTube? £6.99 for terminator when it's on Netflix, …[View]
124387215Friendly reminder that Nolan is a communist: Dunkirk is commie propaganda From an interview. >'Th…[View]
124388069Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: What did you think of it?[View]
124394423>there is NO rule that a dog can’t play sport.[View]
124393180Someone explain season 4 for me? Felt mostly like set-up for season 5 (which I'll admit was wor…[View]
124392351come on copenhagen, give these people ear[View]
124392035who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ihXq_WwiWM[View]
124394230What are some good feel-good kinos to get me out of this funk? Also you can only post in this thread…[View]
124391961Where are they now?[View]
124394295The Godfather Trilogy: What are /tv/'s thoughts on the greatest trilogy ever made?[View]
124394293HEY! We don't take kindly to your types around here[View]
124394291Dodge This[View]
124375083ABYSS .....AGAIN: will it be enough to save her career https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rszr56AH3Co…[View]
124394105>why they didnt used her on the films?[View]
124392641Randy's first appearance (s1e3 'volcano')[View]
124392062>protagonist shoots and kills enemy who's firing from a helicopter door >helicopter pilo…[View]
124393686Kinos that were never made[View]
124387316ITT: Movies that are unnecessarily long[View]
124393854for me? it's Johnny from the Hague[View]
124393817>Primer was released 16 years ago there is no storage container time machine to reverse this feel…[View]
124394076Who is the most based character this year?[View]
124394013How do you from this[View]
124393234What was Henry Lee Lucas's problem? https://youtu.be/mWPbC9Fp-yk[View]
124391283Post mountaineering kino[View]
124390044wtf was his problem?[View]
124393960LESTER NIGGER[View]
124383800So that's it for her career right?: Maybe a few more shit indie films nobody will see. If she…[View]
124393930two... two fishes?: who was in the wrong here?[View]
124385062What's the consensus?[View]
124391218>white people[View]
124392339i'm gay and my dick is small[View]
124390927why is this so /comfy/?[View]
124392683So, exactly what type of American accent was he doing?[View]
124390448>'Have sex' died[View]
124393081X-men origins: Wolverine and Sabretooth fighting back to back was kino. Liev Schreiber as Sabe was k…[View]
124392795He cute![View]
124391414Why the FUCK was this shit? Okay so you decide to shoot in black and white and a fucking SQUARE rati…[View]
124392594Guys, I don't give a fuck about politics, racewars, agendas. Just want to experience a good, to…[View]
124392974Actors on Actors: >turns Kristen stewart straight[View]
124393612Why is tv not talking about this kino[View]
124393113Great movie, shit ending.[View]
124392857My gf made me watch Let it Snow with her. I thought it was pretty cute[View]
124392559Why yes, that is my 16mm timelapse in Viva La Bam. How could you tell?[View]
124390820Why did this movie fail? It's fucking awesome and way better than anything released since T2. W…[View]
124389035there sould be a movie where women show their pussy: There should be a movie where women show their …[View]
124393287Why are there no serious western cartoons? What is America afraid of?[View]
124387976>my father was obsessed with dubs >and one day he rolls singles >father can’t handle singl…[View]
124389104Will there ever be a sequel? its been awhile[View]
124393208So who's the most based?[View]
124391312>good guys are literally black communists Who writes this shit?[View]
124392037Did nothing wrong.[View]
124391579>Close My Eyes (1991) After some years of tension, Richard begins a sexual relationship with his …[View]
124393019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwkIy0SJzqQ FUNNY MAN[View]
124390698What was Ellen Page thinking right at this moment?[View]
124393008this sucked[View]
124391966> The Keddie murders is an unsolved 1981 American quadruple homicide that occurred in Keddie, a r…[View]
124392241What are some scenes in television and film that feature scratching itches? Preferably hard and fast…[View]
124392916COMBO BREAKER[View]
124390163hey, I'm starting to think I can win![View]
124392891>98% on RT[View]
124391208Why don’t attractive men ever get #MeToo’d?[View]
124392503I unironically liked Season 20 because it had a really good story. Ending was pretty weak, though.…[View]
124391809ITT tv shows with elements of surrealism. Twin Peaks, Atlanta, Legion, Barry, Fargo. I know you ha…[View]
124391565Where is jessica hyde?[View]
124387610Remember when the cops vs mercenaries scene in TDKR was lambasted for being unrealistic?[View]
124391972Why was this movie liked but The Last Jedi hated? They are both of the same quality (complete piece…[View]
124391624Dubs por favor[View]
124392667Bladerunner: Wow. I can’t believe this is what Los Angeles looks like now[View]
124391134Autism: The Movie[View]
124391865My eyes are getting weary...[View]
124390857Cheers, /tv/.[View]
124385578The people who call into this show are literally insane[View]
124392431what did you think of this movie?[View]
124391212I'm going to Suncoast. You guys want me to pick you up anything?[View]
124391244*blocks your Digimon movie*[View]
124385441> we need a retard[View]
124379631LOST Thread: Locke edition[View]
124391605Film is a shit medium: Art forms can be objectively measured against one another in two groups, high…[View]
124390778Baby Yeed is so adorable!: This is a reskinned Gizmo, senpai...[View]
124381238Bros I’m trying to watch Empire Strikes Back and my cat won’t stop blocking the screen what do?[View]
124390899Glad I wasted two days of my life watching this shit, I didn’t even get the ending.[View]
124391243Do you answer?[View]
124391644Keep what you got by giving it all away.[View]
124391815MOTHER WHORING[View]
124389099ahhh here's a little known fact for you good people, a certain demographic in these united stat…[View]
124391730Chris this is grandma I know you're here or your friends will tell you come for thanksgiving pl…[View]
124391502Will it happen?[View]
124380862is rey intended to be attractive?[View]
124389873>You don't often see mexicans in a suit The best quote in NCfOM[View]
124391610Hey JANNY, ban this *poops and also pees*[View]
124386509What disturbing, real life events would make for some nice horror kino?[View]
124391466What are some kinos with shocking plot twists?[View]
124386781Lets see how kinopilled you are /tv/. Name the movie and tell us what you thought about it.[View]
124375311A studio can go bankrupt because of you. Are you happy now?[View]
124391297>He fell for the streaming service meme and threw away his physical media Enjoy having your taste…[View]
124391288ITT: Show that died and were forgotten before they ended.[View]
124388648You are in the Woods at night and These dudes want to kill you. How do you evade them??[View]
124388678Does a comedy have to be funny?[View]
124381082Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124383307Family Guy is a good show.[View]
124391124Is the black thug life really like this?[View]
124391048>almost heaven >west virginia[View]
124379296>So you have no experience and no applicable skills, tell me again why I should hire you for this…[View]
124388402I ain't got no agua amigo.[View]
124390964And what of good Solonius?[View]
124390133Any of you other people reading this show? Enjoying it? Have you watched the books? What’s your take…[View]
124389739This film was REALLY preachy, heavy-handed, and didactic. How did it become so popular, win so many …[View]
124383413You know what would of been clever, if Jew Jew Abrams had Rey find Obi Wan's lightsaber as ther…[View]
124390860Still better than the prequels.[View]
124390943why isn't there any Korean war kino made by Hollywood?: Too similar to ww2 pacific theater movi…[View]
124390821You see Homer, I still have womanly needs[View]
124390895>I dont want to be a sneed of my feed >I want my feed to be a seed of sneed…[View]
124390892Thanks to the /tv/ Anon for recommending me the movie. Never seen anything from Star Trek before and…[View]
124390120What're some good old science fiction movies to watch? Especially ones with bad customs and eff…[View]
124390852How Many Films Do You Watch Per Day?[View]
124390179Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
124388631Master Windu! I take it General Grevious has been destroyed then? I must say you're here sooner…[View]
124389818About to watch this What am I in for?[View]
124390730Are these HAL9000 fan edits of the prequel trilogy actually worth a shit? Seems like some thought we…[View]
124389692>poo butt ass What did he mean by this?[View]
124390053Objectively 11/10 films[View]
124389239>who you callin’ Pinhead?![View]
124380801BR2049: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZOaI_Fn5o4 This movie is so fucking frustrating. It should …[View]
124367193mommy ughhh[View]
124390619Kinos where cocky character gets BTFO[View]
124390447What's the /tv/erdict? I really liked it[View]
124390054For me, it's Searing Gas Pain Land.[View]
124390385Ah I cant wait much longer have to watch it!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ty_M9muolk[View]
124387787weedpenis sludge budge spoon poop awesome moon qubnjsad cool wacky waga weee woooo[View]
124390359>'I saw shit in space yo' beautiful, truly a cinematic masterpiece[View]
124390501what, dad? make a clone of yourself cuz you're not happy with your son _DAD? Its Jaden, Dad. We…[View]
124384522Opie and Andy: When will we get the 'Tell-All' documentary?[View]
124390390Movies that feature this guy?[View]
124390434How is this movie?[View]
124384597WHAT WAS DEREK VINYARD'S JOB: What was his day job? He went on and on about how blacks and his…[View]
124390050put a team together, i am join you shall[View]
124390413Was it kino?[View]
124390347WHAT IT IS HO? WHATS UP?[View]
124390042Marlon Brando is a genius and the greatest actor to have ever lived.[View]
124389541Baby Yeed[View]
124390290certified pleb filters[View]
124388006Some of you assholes on this board ain't what they appear to be, I know I'm human because …[View]
124390226/pol/ memes asides, this show really subverts my expectations every week.[View]
124390248>Why yes I believe jannies are uneducated subhumans like the niggers that ejaculate in their ani,…[View]
124386301Since they're in Disney+ are Inhumans or AoS worth watching? They look cheap to me[View]
124385118What's the best anime series/movie ever? https://www.strawpoll.me/18968766[View]
124386847Fight me /tv/ I dare you![View]
124389174Are you ready to laugh!![View]
124389656Based black celebs[View]
124390017>why yes I think Turks should be represented in James Bond[View]
124389579>tfw listening to her disney songs over and over to escape wage slavery Any kino involving my wai…[View]
124384494>be Adam >ruin everything[View]
124389909This is my favorite board, I don’t actually watch tv or media but your memes are the best. Yeed snee…[View]
124389843>I did it. I've finally become... The VVitch: A New England Folktale. Really?…[View]
124389859Based as fuck[View]
124389759Family Guy was unironically ahead of it's time but now it streets behind[View]
124389752Any other kinos with slightly older out of shape operators who just does what needs to be done and s…[View]
124368389What are some essential cyberpunk films?: >Hard mode: No Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 or The M…[View]
124388162>making a time machine is impossible dumb fuck get the hell off my property >computer design a…[View]
124388123any high/comfy kino?[View]
124388549Is this the greatest action scene ever filmed?[View]
124389744you guys...[View]
124389726this kills the bojackfag[View]
124389672Any kinos with this archetypical character?[View]
124388844Hey Anon, don't get married[View]
124389638How dare you![View]
124389635ITT: Faces of /tv/.[View]
124389264Any kinos about male entitlement? This isn't bait I actually want to know Stuff like 500 days o…[View]
124382090Proper Lovecraftian is impossible in this day and age. Prove me wrong[View]
124388005Seven Samurai: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124389432Kinos grownups will neverunderstand[View]
124388743cofe and kino[View]
124384859What other leaders would you follow to your death?[View]
124389367What next for her career?[View]
124387674>be secretly gay and terrified because it's taboo in my ethnic culture >be casted as the…[View]
124389217Welcome Commander! welcome to my StarTrek Thread[View]
124387434>only know this movie for the 'always be closing' scene >go in expecting it to overshadow ever…[View]
124389022>Ugh, another broken white boy for me to fix[View]
124387426'Denim' 2019: >Denim was written and directed by, Daryen Ru, who was inspired to create the proje…[View]
124388210If they were gonna have this twink larp as a soldier: couldn't they of at least had him do a fe…[View]
124388276this is just inception for gifted kid burnouts[View]
124388866>My mom says there's a lot of black people in Africa.[View]
124379082holy shit. what a horrible, horrible score. fuck that black panther faggot.[View]
124388537I check[View]
124387830thoughts?: I didn't mind her in stranger things, I actually found her quiet attractive. How did…[View]
124388453Don't forget to check out Jumanji: The Next Level out December 13th![View]
124387600So I got this this morning and it actually kind of sucks.[View]
124381345Post pictures that make /tv/ seethe[View]
124388603Watching Dunkirk, the way it was meant to be seen[View]
124387692Dead careers[View]
124388231what would you consider to be the most (((''''''problematic''''''))) show of your childhood[View]
124387264Yeed my boy!: Whats this little niggas end game?[View]
124386468Well actually, Howard...[View]
124387763KINO: KINO[View]
124369806ATHF Thread: everyone thinks your gay edition[View]
124386292Incel kino.[View]
124386568The secret ingredient is c...[View]
124385390>line from the trailer is delivered differently in the film[View]
124386354Am I the only one that low key wants to see this for the sexy cat girls?[View]
124386902What does /tv/ think about the movie review site, Letterboxd?[View]
124388481>heard you talking shit about cinema...[View]
124386203What's the difference between Television and Film?[View]
124380209Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124388438WHEN YOU'RE BIG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZN3Urv8zqs[View]
124388332󠛡 󠛡[View]
124388379Would it have been kino?[View]
124388286so we all agree this is the best star wars poster right?[View]
124377278Name a character smarter than Rick Sanchez.[View]
124385868If my music teacher did this to me the first concert would be the bomb. It'd be a real blast. K…[View]
124384953What am I in for?[View]
124388347Fucking based[View]
124388235Any other doctors here?[View]
124387064>you want the dubs[View]
124387984>baking videos on social media. Is Natalie finished as a serious actress? Is it just Marvel and i…[View]
124387721'this the season then[View]
124387919What's your favorite pussy eating kino?[View]
124381005SUPER BUSY[View]
124386418What is the most convincing conspiracy documentary you've seen[View]
124387005So, was it kino /tv/?[View]
124371929Cast him.[View]
124387842Finally, I have reached /a/...[View]
124375114Webm Thread: post em[View]
124387617oh ye gods my roast is ruined![View]
124383980Why are critics sucking this movie's dick so much? Is it just oscar bait or does it have substa…[View]
124383961Did you guys enjoy it?[View]
124387861Was Frank Stallone big during the 90s? Why did Norm do so many jokes about him[View]
124387924Does a dog in the house of Capulet move you?[View]
124387947ITT: false kinos[View]
124387863Hey there, Angela[View]
124386222( dreamy music plays)[View]
124387821Listen Kim, this is the LAST time. I swear, Slippin' Jimmy's gone for good this time. I ju…[View]
124384747>would have owned that nigga elliot for life Is it just me or did they make him way too powerful…[View]
124387725'This is the great life!' Timon's lifeless 3D model utters, as it looks into the camera piercin…[View]
124386745Reverse Gender Swapped Movies: I'm counting on the 'chick-flickiest' of you to help me compose …[View]
124387583The curse of oak island is the most redpilled show ever created. It's about the greatest traged…[View]
124374416Does /tv/ watch insatiable?[View]
124377659'Being called a racist now is like getting called a communist was in the 50's': How did this fi…[View]
124387280what do mutts think about this movie?[View]
124384973When did they stop being funny?[View]
124378055Who was in the wrong here?: Murray's argument: >Lots of people have it rough, not just Arthu…[View]
124387248What are some mob kino?[View]
124373944Is there anything more enjoyable to watch than some good ol fashion Dragon Ball? https://youtu.be/6E…[View]
124385703>MORE COWBELL Is it true americans consider this the peak of comedy?[View]
124385324Ready or Not was kino.[View]
124386417>tfw you smell human shit and gangrenous wounds enjoy your fight about which dilation rod to use…[View]
124386538What are some hair kino?[View]
124387114why'd you bring me up here, /tv/?[View]
124386534Did they really make a movie about the Washington fucking Post? Why?[View]
124367397I just watched 10 hours straight of a Netflix show that I hated because I was with a girl. How do we…[View]
124387086Have there been any good movies set during The Spanish Inquisition? I can't think of one, seems…[View]
124380275B movies with sexy ladies[View]
124385092Is Dark Crystal good?[View]
124385636>seven billion people on the planet, you're getting bent out of shape cause I killed one fat…[View]
124382461how do you go from this[View]
124382008Full speed, Mr. Murdoch.[View]
124386412Tonight on kitchen nightmares: >Chef Ramsay visits a shitty restaurant in the middle of bumfuck n…[View]
124386384>You know, I'm somewhat aware of the Jewish question myself[View]
124383614Was it CGI?[View]
124384983Cast him[View]
124385590I've waited years... By now it must be... 23 years, 4 months, 8 days[View]
124386503Dinnertime in America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHq811x2PHQ[View]
124385283>thus saith the lord >thus saith the lord >thus saith the lord…[View]
124386755Anyone ever see this extremely based Russian kino 'Elusive Avengers'?[View]
124385947largest empire in the world >largest army in the world >first person to unify all the Mongol t…[View]
124386591Essential slimekino: What are some movies where 'slime' plays a big role? Slime being a th…[View]
124386382Fantastic Foodmagorium and Great American Steakery. Well, what about this place? 'Moe's.'[View]
124386121Is she the only good letterboxd user: Watches up to 4-5 Kino a day, kino watch count, no sjw bullshi…[View]
124384534post other LIARS in film[View]
124386461It was Tariq, wasn't it?[View]
124383932White trash kino: What are some comfy white trash-centered shows and movies like Trailer Park Boys a…[View]
124384443Why did Lynch make this scene so long? I’m on nofap and I almost died. Also any other sexy dyke kino…[View]
124385444just started watching golden simpsons with the bf on disney+ comfy as fuck[View]
124382792How did they get away with this?[View]
124383762David Fincher Developing CHINATOWN Prequel Series For Netflix: He's working alongside the origi…[View]
124383697havent seen this yet but it just reappeared on netflix. what do you anons think? is this just basica…[View]
124385193Here's your new Aragorn bro[View]
124386098November 2019....I am forgotten[View]
124386069is it kino?[View]
124386169What's your watchlist looking like?[View]
124385552True Detective s3: Would this have been as good as season 1 if they had an open ended link to pedo r…[View]
124386136yo tell me why this isn’t the greatest action movie of this generation[View]
124383524was he a good actor?[View]
124385843ghosts bro[View]
124386078Do you have any questions for the artists?[View]
124386029Was he wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0[View]
124386053it was the fuckin coke i shouldve never started with that shit[View]
124381092Henry Cavill body shamed: https://pagesix.com/2019/11/19/henry-cavill-told-he-was-too-chubby-during-…[View]
124384595Was it a wild animal? Several wild animals[View]
124385598The actual film of the year isn’t out yet[View]
124384995Emergence: New episode tonight get ready for robot kino lads![View]
124385666I'm baffled how you all can fucking circlejerk over this kiddy emotionalfag bullshit and hate o…[View]
124384918Julia Roberts was eyes to play Harriet Tubman: Was Scarlett Johansson to busy pretending to be trans…[View]
124379747The End of the F***ing World: fuck this shit is so good.[View]
124384765Only 80s movies are allowed ITT[View]
124385150> Tonight on MacGyver > MacGyver > MacGyver > MACGYVER…[View]
124374375Euphoria: Just starting watching. Wtf I'm gay now[View]
124356006Rise of Skywalker leaks (25-50% these are true): This source is fairly reliable, but still take it w…[View]
124383986hnnnng... finally[View]
124358893Remember the power rangers?[View]
124384071Where were you when based Aqua cracked one of the most hilarious and charlie chaplinesque jokes sinc…[View]
124383749Could this be any more reddit?[View]
124383175So is The Rise of Skywalker actually finished? I've heard conflicting shit as to if they'r…[View]
124382505How, /tv/. The spirits are disappointed at poor quality of showings in vision lodge these past five …[View]
124384999What’s the main driving difference neutral good and chaotic good? Building a barbarian for the first…[View]
124375725What does /tv/ think about my favorite war film?[View]
124384853When The Kino Hits: ITT we post scenes when we knew we were experiencing KINO https://www.youtube.co…[View]
124384088How did they get that RV up there? Frickin crazy, man.[View]
124381399>tfw I completely stopped seeing Joaquin after 5 minutes into the movie and just saw Arthur How d…[View]
124385068Crazy gambling on futures has cost us all a lot of dubs and these jannies have got to go.[View]
124384286What happened to baneposting?[View]
124384788Kinos about nanny dogs?[View]
124383585Up next on Town Talk...[View]
124380701Which device do you use to watch your kinos? Pic related for me.[View]
124377834Remember when Dragonball BTFO Nazis: The newest series should have taken this direction of absurdism…[View]
124381183Why is Riddick always referred to as some kind of dark antihero or sinister force of nature when in …[View]
124384610Disney+ hacked: OH NO NO NO NO NO WE GOT TOO COCKY MOUSE BROS![View]
124382533>tfw I can never look at the word “formerly” the same again[View]
124384609Kino youtube videos: https://youtu.be/CSkwAoDYBXM[View]
124379362/SW/ Spaghetti Western General: What are some great spaghetti westerns? Also are there any streaming…[View]
124384679Honest to blog?[View]
124382965It's our irrationality that makes us human! >fuck reason, logic, efficiency and pragmatism…[View]
124384641Women would rather live underground with millionaire dickweeds.[View]
124384475I TALKED to Barzini.[View]
124384605>*5 second loop of Mission Impossible theme starts to play* >'But if that’s what Mr. Cruise ha…[View]
124384345where did it go wrong?[View]
124383220>ww2 documentary >*british voice* The Japanese has awoken the sleeping giant...…[View]
124381838What are the best movies about motherhood?[View]
124381360>when you can't tell if you're rey or finn[View]
124384191Anthony Coomia[View]
124384214I think the Mandalorian SUCKS![View]
124383927what are some legal kinos besides 12 angry men?[View]
124384212>Find this actor/director interesting >go to wikipedia >early life Oh No…[View]
124380928Ungrateful ape.[View]
124384148I must coom[View]
124383365( chomping) ( tires screeching)[View]
124365024>tfw this show transcended into the purest form of kino Based Esmail[View]
124380028FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 Is Happening: >Set in 1930's Rio de Janeiro. >Eddie Redmayne (Newt), J…[View]
124384134How the fuck did Paul Anderson of all people make this pure unadulterated kino?[View]
124383211What did he mean be this?[View]
124383088Anyone enjoying the resurgence of star wars in 2019?[View]
124370958Series is shit, but the ost is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjloH7QFYkk[View]
124383903>these posters, they call me a kike! To my face! They pinch my cheeks and tell me that I do it fo…[View]
124380827AVATAR Sequel Titles & Full Cast Announced: >Avatar: The Way of Water >Avatar: The Seed Be…[View]
124383882What a strange episode[View]
124383604imagine you woke up and yoda was sleeping next to you. what would you do?[View]
124340624Supernatural Hey, Tuesday: Pig N A Poke edition[View]
124383750( cheering) Watch me blend in. Barkeep, some cheap domestic beer[View]
124382658FUCKING KEK! What won't they do!?[View]
124383601TIL that mark hamill was in gladiator[View]
124381916How different would this film/novel have been if it took place in the United States?[View]
124379269What was the American Psycho doing in Paris?[View]
124383606on funny women[View]
124376872Absolute kino.[View]
124375961Reys staff is pointless in the entire trilogy: What's the point of reys stupid stick if she…[View]
124383505The greatest movie of all time: Whats the greatest movie of all time, /tv/?[View]
124383082Don't that picture look dusty?[View]
124381124>innocent Centauri YEAH KILL EM[View]
124382343ITT: times you acted like Danny Archer in Blood Diamond >walk out of the house with my Hawaiian s…[View]
124371473>The Dark Knight Sick of this shit the movie is not very good, the performances are overblown and…[View]
124382064Do you find something comical about my appearance when I am driving my automobile?[View]
124382094>born Albert Einstein what the fuck were his parents thinking?[View]
124383268KNOCK KNOCK YEED-AY[View]
124382994best movies of the decade[View]
124382975What were movies like in 2010?[View]
124381037>Anon I hear you’re a real movie buff >I bet you liked Joker huh?…[View]
124381920What are the best kinos to watch with your wife's son?[View]
124382972>In visual art, horror vacui (/ˈhɒrər ˈvɑːkjuːaJ/; from Latin 'fear of empty space'), also kinoph…[View]
124382917Would this have been enough to prevent Joker from going over the deep end? Or would it have just del…[View]
124378934theres not a aingle good thread on /tv/ tonight: pretty disappointing. even for you guys[View]
124382935Times you acted like Frankenstein’s monster[View]
124382948Most realistic portrayal of War(time) since Saving Private Ryan[View]
124382898Let us discuss...: The 2011 film 'Drive' stars Ryan Gosling as an unnamed stunt driver. He…[View]
124382938Hoy fucking Kino, this looks amazing and hot[View]
124382869>someone on the internet told him to have sex >but looks like he forgot about receiving consen…[View]
124381643they're going to screw it up: https://deadline.com/2019/11/the-elric-saga-tv-series-package-mic…[View]
124382878>I'm not suggesting to fly us right to a volcano, but what about just like to a half point t…[View]
124382807Thoughts on Xena?[View]
124369025I wouldn't say a single word to them, I would listen to what they have to say. And that's …[View]
124382752/swg/ Star Wars General - Clone Wars Edition[View]
124382619Just marathoned this flick. What exactly is the dad's problem here? Also did she do all that j…[View]
124377706can it be done?[View]
124381372Any kinos about being an obnoxious megalomaniac?[View]
124377579why didn't you guys tell me Victorious was on Netflix?[View]
124379251Who was the dog killer?[View]
124379706This is Lin Manuel Miranda, the man who singlehandedly saved musicals and will be praised for eons w…[View]
124382306Is the last season worse than expected? Le me guess John Smith turns and/or goes to the other reali…[View]
124382282Is there anything more intense than real life Kino?[View]
124382098How did Hollywood get away with this, /tv/?[View]
124382272IT'S UP: >Buttons.2018.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO >Buttons.2018.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO >Buttons…[View]
124382266I think a lot of people here confuse 'not total dogshit' with 'kino' Fitzcarraldo is kino The Mandal…[View]
124382260Man In The High Castle: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
124380989Why did he take her to the dirty movie?[View]
124380462And what of good Solonius?[View]
124377746>Launch pirated movie >command prompt opens for a split second…[View]
124378736Dubs and you get an epic explosion[View]
124382045>Rough him up, medium style.[View]
124381836Only elder gods awesome tv series openings here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1XV27BAer4[View]
124380992Is Brendan Shaub the best comedian of our generation? https://streamable.com/liur6?fbclid=IwAR0TYhgb…[View]
124350207Which scene is more iconic? TDK interrogation, or Joker talk show?[View]
124381155violence bad[View]
124380898Why was he making little girls?[View]
124374873ITT we post female characters that /tv/ actually likes[View]
124381166Tell me, how much of a role do Trips have in your plan?[View]
124379306What went wrong?[View]
124381472What's going on /tv/?[View]
124377419Dubs pick next movie we’re watching. If it has a shit rating, then we don’t have to watch it.[View]
124380592Best directed scene in Tarantino's career. Operatic. Reaches an emotional height that his films…[View]
124375559Parasite Director Bong Joon-ho Praises Marvel Movies as Having Great Cinematic Moments: https://comi…[View]
124380648>Movie references another movie that features one of the actors that is also in the movie How doe…[View]
124380264fictionals shows that you want to watch[View]
124380043How is Watchmen HBO doing for ratings? It struck me as the kind of show only fans would understand, …[View]
124379659Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
124379826Which one has the better movies? greek mythology movies or roman mythology movies[View]
124381434Saves your multibilion dollar legacy.: Nothing personal Kathline.[View]
124374549>turn on Netflix >trannies everywhere It's so tiring.…[View]
1243810152019...I am forgotten[View]
124381309'Jabba, you're a wonderful human being!' What a fuck up LMAO and yes I know the scene had the h…[View]
124380166Was Pamela Anderson ever a good actor or was she strictly eye candy? I never saw Baywatch.[View]
124381180I'm Lenny Leonard, this is Carl Carlson, and Hoja Sampson[View]
124379391Was it kino?[View]
124377105Why did he go crazy[View]
124380620For me, it's Brigitte Bardot[View]
124381158What are your thoughts on actress Barbara Stanwyck?[View]
124370595Are you Luke, Anakin, Han, or Obi-Wan?[View]
124377303>star wars Rise of the Stkywalker is confirmed to be shit HAHAHAHAHAAHAH oh boy, no one could hav…[View]
124377878>35-minute Youtube video on why some family movie from the early 2000's is an underrated mas…[View]
124376442What the fuck was his problem?[View]
124379361I roared and I rampaged and I got bloody satisfaction.[View]
124380945is it good?[View]
124380458This was fucking boring trash.[View]
124377049Welp. looks like BEE is a pedo[View]
124380388Have disney+. In your opinion what is the best disney animated film to view. Please dont say frozen…[View]
124378683>You want to make a show about a little girl with superpowers?[View]
124380445>Thanksgiving episode >Characters say a prayer before eating, then they watch football…[View]
124380803Look, you know I'm in trouble, and I know I'm in trouble.[View]
124375874Why does this get so much hate? It’s the dark comedy version of Lolita. That being said the one with…[View]
124380520holy shit this was pure kino.[View]
124379294who should play selena in a reboot of her biopic?: someone who can connect with the youth of today…[View]
124373916Underrated movies.[View]
124374626I want to discuss movies with a random anon[View]
124380072How come India makes thousands of movies every year but hardly any achieves critical acclaim or comm…[View]
124379074I don't buy him as pedo-dad role. Now, Kevin Bacon on the other hand... was Mr. Robot miscast?[View]
124380609When will X-Men be kino again? It’s my favorite franchise and the possibilities are endless... why d…[View]
124380607So, how did Dr. Silberman just explain away the Terminator that had just decimated an entire L.A pol…[View]
124376929Movies where the bad guy wins[View]
124378703What should I watch tonight with gf, /tv/? I honest to god can't think of anything?[View]
124378965He's literally me[View]
124378775I'm cashing you out bob[View]
124380440>Mmwuahh, the frenshh[View]
124380376>Nothing can hurt me anymore[View]
124376985Be honest, is The Godfather in your top 10-20 movies?[View]
124380276>have an idea for a thread >get excited and laugh at all the potential seething replies >do…[View]
124380038Name an actor with a more asymmetrical face[View]
124373340Pitch me a movie starring these six.[View]
124379108Underrated kino[View]
124379689Films where manlet betas get bullied?[View]
124376170I didn't like it[View]
124378213When did you realize that sports are far more entertaining and much better at showing the human spir…[View]
124376598Which one is the funny guy?[View]
124373861Would it be possible to make a show like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood nowadays?[View]
124377602he is literally me[View]
124379942Anyway sorry that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?[View]
124380075>FBI shows up >okay that’s enough sheriff... the big boys will take over from here…[View]
124379966Kinos for this feel? (You didn't forget Stanislav Petrov, did you Anon?)[View]
124378380tfw no Ripley gf[View]
124378199*ahem* Baby yeed threads are good for this board.[View]
124378557Anything better than Wayne right now? -You're certain you want to do this, huh? -Yeah, I wanna…[View]
124378102How tf do you make a masterpiece about the fucking dictionary[View]
124376893Now that the dust has settled, can we agree Luis had the best card?[View]
124375831Lord of War: Was it pure kino?[View]
124378998>I AM RIPPA, TERRA, SLASHA What did he mean by this?[View]
124379825What’s your favorite sex scene from television & film?[View]
124377463Biopic when?[View]
124376618Based Khaleesi dabbing on the degenerate coomers[View]
124379643>tfw God's lonely woman Movies for this feel?[View]
124379703https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xDj3NRYTU8 How come Daniel Craig has never managed to be this cool …[View]
124378563Looks like dan is making a comeback[View]
124366410HONK HONK[View]
124377851Vikings: Holy fuck just finished s1 and it is Kino. I always thought History channel would just make…[View]
124372666JOE, NO! https://youtu.be/PkAJBQUrrkM[View]
124379456yeed lmao[View]
124378494Inspiring leadership in films.[View]
124377766>you must carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain and sing while I drink so I can get strong too! …[View]
124379571'I dunno what you mean sarge' Ready for more?[View]
124373048should this be allowed?[View]
124379396Did this get any good?: I don't even remember where I stopped watching but it was some pretenti…[View]
124353122'Hey Empire! Get ready to suck some Dak!'[View]
124379374With the success of Aquaman and the sequel Aquaman II, do you see Amber Alisha Heard becoming an A L…[View]
124368849When did you realize the Oscars were a joke?[View]
124378656What’s the best mob movie of all time?[View]
124375232Remember when god was black and nobody gave a shit?[View]
124378173ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
124378648I miss this nigga[View]
124374674Other French kinos?[View]
124378883>John Wayne as Genghis Khan Where’s the /pol/ outrage?[View]
124378897Why didn't the T-1000 just turn into a giant ball and roll over John?[View]
124376461Bella and the bulldogs thread so go ahead and start your shitty cuck posting[View]
124378856What are some films to watch with your dog?[View]
124378114Why are Italian diaspora so obsessed with Irish diaspora?[View]
124378740cant wait for him to shit on the mandasnorerian[View]
124374261ÎŢ BÛRNS[View]
124378780>Waiting on 2 Blu rays for an HD experience >IN TRANSIT: ARRIVING LATE NOOOO…[View]
124377108>ladies and gentlemen, the clown show has been put on hiatus for retooling pretty horrible feelin…[View]
124378339>You don't know what it's like to really create something >To feel it growing inside…[View]
124373533I don't get it. I remember watching this shit when I was a kid and now, 30ish years later, all …[View]
124378356The stuff about Jared's family was sad af. Also the guy who destroyed Richard was funny af[View]
124375719I unironically find this chick hotter than Zendaya.[View]
124373022LOL Dumb broads[View]
124377087He didn't die so good![View]
124378491>She's quite a handsome woman[View]
124376876Any good foodkino?[View]
124376265does thinking 13/14 year old kstew is extremely fuckable in this flick make me a pedo?[View]
124378486*smells like radishes in your path* >god i wish i could have smelled her feet in that scene…[View]
124378480Are all of societies morals, codes, laws, all just a big joke?[View]
124364251Say it.[View]
124378172>Arthur Fleck >A. Fleck >Batman is played by Ben Affleck Meta. I hate meta.…[View]
124377549Who you got in Jeopardys GOAT tournament?[View]
124377577This jew created yeed[View]
124376523What's your favorite anti-fascist kinos?[View]
124378265Did it or has it...: ... crossed anyone's mind, now that the dust is about to settle, that by i…[View]
124373700what the fuck is up with this pretentious schizo bullshit?[View]
124376046series or movies makes the spear of Longinus a holy relic... Not a heretical object that stabbed the…[View]
124377654What are some dishonest films?[View]
124378089Memories of Murder: >mfw the actual murderer was found two months ago >mfw he had been in jail…[View]
124376895>*ring ring* >outta my way sweetie![View]
124377683This nigga spooked me like you wouldnt believe[View]
124377890>turned into a 22 year old boomer today movies for this feel?[View]
124377860Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
124377996Two new uploads Nice.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwKTZUuRHK4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
124370458name a better found footage film[View]
124377189Kartel Kino: Was it a western?[View]
124376915Just a second, Anon, just a second. You just said...[View]
124376720WHERE IS THE HYPE?[View]
124377503Strange Times >>> Paper Tiger > Sticks & Stones[View]
124374768What are some comfy walking around in paris at night with intellectuals and artist type movies like …[View]
124370986Why did he put his hand on the stove?[View]
124377728Did he deserve to die? Also Better Call Saul thread.[View]
124375787Instead of all these Brett Gelman turds, why doesn’t Adult Swim show the zoomer generation the best …[View]
124377008Give a name for this movie[View]
124376178Based how?[View]
124376479Has there been a recent movie where the main character continually tries to contact his ex? I guess …[View]
124372536>Well you get a pass for that. What are you gonna do? There's no women there. You're th…[View]
124377445'wait, why am I not the most iconic man of the television era ?'[View]
124377557Not that great[View]
124376527>Eeyy, jus' tella me da plan youse crazy dame. Dere's two fings I don't break, my …[View]
124377489>every movie from ~2015 has one seeder and just stays stalled where the fuck am i supposed to go …[View]
124377435Who was in the wrong?[View]
124377040I AM AN FBI AGENT[View]
124377355Are there actually monasteries in USA like the one in Karate Kid 4?[View]
124376062Which one was worse to fight against?[View]
124376981I don't get it[View]
124376394tfw just want to spend you life watching movies and tv shows but normies keep telling you to work, p…[View]
124377145TEAR DOWN THE WALL![View]
124376247the new GOT[View]
124375522Who is the best Mad TV character and why is it Coach Hines?[View]
124377021So chef... captain ahab has to get his way[View]
124375689>anon replies with a way more clever and funnier shitpost on your shitpost based on the same movi…[View]
124375948Pitch me a movie with these two[View]
124376906post doomer movies[View]
124363871/yeed/ General: I love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
124358267Which Director/Actor should be represent this board?[View]
124375438Hangman time! Lets start with a consonant: ___ ________ ____ ________[View]
124376808T O S S E D[View]
124376642SANIC: They should have just fixed him to be like pic related instead.. Meaning not changing the ori…[View]
124375514What was his problem?[View]
1243767684-hour-Cut when?[View]
124376380Do men really live like this?[View]
124376758Whats your favorite Lam Ngai Kai Lam film ???[View]
124360951The interview that saved /tv/ https://youtu.be/GDUIZqXNk-M[View]
124376507Charlie's Angels: >Bill Murray stopped a scene in progress and pointed to Drew Barrymore, Ca…[View]
124376260>A pair of gold-plated chains would make a nice retirement gift for a very, very good slave…[View]
124376502wagies BTFO[View]
124374702>See kino or die tryin' anon.[View]
124376475ITT it's 2009 and /tv/ isn't complete shit yet.[View]
124376409'Don't forget to smile': I want to be fair and watch Charlie's Angel's for myself. Th…[View]
124370441What’s next for Sophia Lillis?[View]
124359677>this is supposedly what big scary mafia 'muscle' looks like HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
124376432About Time: Rec me more gf kino[View]
124375226>Disney has just bought out the entire entertainment industry >They are now using every IP in …[View]
124375835How about this? You shut your mouth. Or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and I'll shu…[View]
124366559Still the best Batman. I think Pattinson will do a great job but I don't think it will surpass …[View]
124376203Fuck dat lil nigga Yeed[View]
124375412Leto Joker is the truest to the comic books and best Joker ever depicted. Apart for the design (whic…[View]
124372489He really did nothing wrong. It was all just good business.[View]
124373488Why were the elves so racist against men?[View]
124376016Gary Sinise Joins ’13 Reasons Why’ Final Season: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/gary-sinise-13-rea…[View]
124376146What are some Duel of the Fates-tier soundkino to come from the Disney Star Wars? Nothing from Force…[View]
124376143Is this any good? Is it worth watching for Cobie?[View]
124369490the most beautiful face in the industry, right /tv/?[View]
124374273por favor[View]
124373247PAUL WALL BABY[View]
124376057Movies about absolute failures: What are some movies where the protagonist was doomed from the start…[View]
124376052Always two there are. No more, no less. A master, and an apprentice[View]
124375990Shows that you think will be cancelled by next year. Go.[View]
124367406Childless Consumers of modern entertainment: Why does this shit happen?[View]
124375526Film noir: Film noir thread. What makes a film noir? How much do you like the hard boiled detective …[View]
124374501or 'Grimey' as he liked to be called[View]
124375906New episode live in 20. Get in here.[View]
124371414ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO HAHA[View]
124375574>new teaser with new footage >Rey jumps into space https://www.instagram.com/p/B5DidiABbSD/?ut…[View]
124375739Who will play her in the eventual Lifetime Original tv film?[View]
124375467Is this show satire?: Is this show satire?[View]
124374200I fucked ned[View]
124374586>I used to think that Rome was a Republic... but now I realize it's a fucking Empire.…[View]
124374265>portrays europeans as inbred cannibals, scheming traitors, and illiterate drunken pagan fools ba…[View]
124373085Why do most movies now that ironic, detached, cynical feel? Is humanity completely fucking doomed?[View]
124367068Movies with female leads: Lets prove the myth wrong and post well received movies with female leads.…[View]
124375278Porn General: Anyone else annoyed when you watch a trap video and the shemale has a super masculine …[View]
124374542>I will walk out there, to get a better look Damn[View]
124375669A short while back, I was having a slow evening. And during that slow evening, I decided to rent Hob…[View]
124373017Could this merger be the only way to stop Disney?[View]
124375638I like to encourage intruders[View]
124374934See you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads So you won't be lonely[View]
124363164who is your favorite TV chef? For me, it's mommy[View]
124374341Gonna go round to my nans and set up BBC iPlayer for her tomorrow lads Any box sets you can recommen…[View]
124374300I don't get it?[View]
124375551Doctor Sleep: Rose the Hat is the best female villain in years.[View]
124371435THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE GENERAL: Let's discuss the final season.[View]
124375506Imagine being defeated in the box office by a fucking car movie.[View]
124375497great tv shows only you seen[View]
124375336>here's your Saber for the 2025 Fate movie[View]
124375385for me it mio blue, the best flavor to sneak into the kinoplex with a bottle of water.[View]
124375393What is the biggest Redpill expressed through a film?[View]
124374842Kino coming through![View]
124374577I'll take you to the candy shop, you can lick the lollipop[View]
124372312>Hellooooo I'm the NosTALgia Critic, I married her so YOU don't have to…[View]
124374408>BTFO’s God[View]
124373869November 2019 I am forgotten[View]
124375203>Old meme threads just aren't getting replies, I'll give you 2 (You)s and a s*yjak, tha…[View]
124371763How did the Trade Federation lose a trade war?[View]
124374871Look, Fuck you Fuck the plane you flew in on Fuck them shoes Fuck those socks with the belt on it Fu…[View]
124375066>He's right behind me, isn't he?[View]
124375086what are some movies that had a large impact on you?[View]
124375085https://youtu.be/BoCEYX5lv7Q opinions[View]
124368145I can understand the complaints about the Nilfgaard armor and Triss's casting, but I unironical…[View]
124360565Rogue One was not bad.[View]
124368373>he starts connecting his laptop to his TV[View]
124374944Why won't she be swine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knk7Kh7mKKI[View]
124353712/trek/: Grand Nagus edition previously >>124324342[View]
124348460Cats new trailer: https://youtu.be/gNTDoOmc1OQ[View]
124374195My boy's a steamed ham!!! DB YOU!!!! A steamed ham!!![View]
124372384>Please, sit on my face! What the FUCK did he mean by this?[View]
124374315cast the /tv/ live sex celebration[View]
124373779Vin Diesel is an immortal supersoldier in BLOODSHOT: How can Dwayne Johnson even compete? https://ww…[View]
124366112NEW CRISIS STILLS. The real Supermen return: Sit on your hands Cavil, SUPERKINO is back on the menu…[View]
124374864Bella and the bulldogs thread now anons[View]
124374705Rick and Morty: now that dust has settled, is season 4 worth watching? i want classic rick and morty…[View]
124373589*does nothing wrong*[View]
124374719Why didn't you fucks ever tell me about this show. Damn this is some real good kino. It's …[View]
124362160garbage: The movie is a self important mess with a good soundtrack and decent atmosphere. The plot i…[View]
124374478Cast them in the inevitable biopic[View]
124374331why was everyone a poet lmao[View]
124374112Cast them[View]
124371526>Gets the wife of a soldier he killed How did he get away with this[View]
124368329What is this movie about, thematically?[View]
124361113The End of the F***ing World: this show really makes virgins seethe[View]
124374455The intro with the uzi and cliff was nerve wracking but I can't say I understand what is happen…[View]
124370541Star Trek 4 Sets Legion Creator Noah Hawley as Writer & Director[View]
124373572What’s your favourite fantasy flick /tv/?[View]
124373609What's Spock's last name anyway? Is his first name SP and his last name OCK?[View]
124374176>from the director of blade runner 2049[View]
124373889Best Harrison Ford performance?[View]
124373815*makes film an obsolete medium* It's over bros. Vidya chads won.[View]
124374236>Now I'll have to work as a seamstress...[View]
124370082Spaceballs: Is it kino?[View]
124367886Adaptation when?: If Cats can get one, why not this one? I'd love some greek kino https://www.y…[View]
124367776There’s so much content on Disney+[View]
124372323since when is Marty Funkhouser in congress? will Larry show up during the hearing?[View]
124373770What did Ethan Hawke mean by this?[View]
124373999'bout to fucking gorge down a thirty pound chiickeen... and some twinkies om that bitch too, da…[View]
124373327It's up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTsC-ooqtQQ[View]
124373789I haven't seen it in a really long time, was the first Robocop really this kino? https://www.yo…[View]
124361032Which one is better?: Joker vs Watchmen 2019 series[View]
1243567808 new photos dropped (#2): Continued From ----------> >>124349612[View]
124372752The ghost army doesn't hold up at all. Literally Marvel Tier[View]
124369491was this scene really necessary?[View]
124372639The Virgin Kristen Stewart vs The Chad Robert Pattinson[View]
124373823A good question. For another time.[View]
124373654>can't use amazon, netflix, Disney+, or hulu while on my vpn WHAT THE FUCk!@ WHAT THE FUCK! …[View]
124372342Tell me about the mandalorian, why does he wear the mask?[View]
124373406Name one movie with a Jewish bad guy[View]
124372900I gotta get up I've gotta get goin' I'm gonna see a friend of mine (He's round a…[View]
124352105Can we agree this is the best terminator?[View]
124362341Is it just me, or does no one seem to give a shit about this in general?[View]
124373659I said no more (You)s, maybe ya didn't hear about it, ya been banned a long time, they didn…[View]
124371478Wow Decent Movie for a Change: holy shit, Hollywood isn't dead > even tempo > decent dram…[View]
124373401what did you guys think of Prince of the Sun (1990)[View]
124367757Is this his greatest performance?[View]
124371476No CGI Golden Lion No pandering to minorities No kangz No stronk womeh No 3d inflated tickets No kid…[View]
124368721Those of you lucky enough to still have their lives, take them with you! However, leave the limbs yo…[View]
124369989How can Disney fuck this up in the upcoming episodes?[View]
124370862GREMLINS OR RIOT: Germlings Reboot fucking when? Who got the rights to this? Disney?[View]
124373089Star Wars Classic: Watching old Star Wars documentaries and discovered this was the original design …[View]
124370309Theatrical or Extended?[View]
124373396Not digging the negro commies...think it's actually kind of Racist...but I like season 4 so far…[View]
124372256Better than IT and StrangerThings.[View]
124372594Is Hook a good movie?[View]
124372482The image that saved/tv/[View]
124372570>if everyone’s super, no one is Is this an attack on communism?[View]
124373174>Meanwhile, upstairs, the director takes advantage of the fact that he's got an 18-year-old …[View]
124373200>21:9 Insta alt + f4 and shift + del[View]
124347133Victim Complex: The Motion Picture: >Now, when it happens,don't act mad. >You gotta look …[View]
124372992Why was he waving the sandwich in the air anyway?[View]
124371900These guys aren't so tough. I've got Wonderbat.[View]
124372302ITT Terrible Casting: We’re supposed to believe this man is 29[View]
124372851Preorder your tickets white boi[View]
124372336Fabulous secret powers were reveled to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said:[View]
124373020>Mr. Fleck, we’re fbi[View]
124362622Burn in hell you bastard.[View]
124372814ENOUGH! FROM THE YEED![View]
124368116will it be kino?[View]
124370640>what kind of pizza jesse?[View]
124372109what was this scene about?[View]
124367867Why was Lois Lane such a cunt?: The bitch is literally fucking Superman[View]
124369770Is it Jay-Kwaan Phoenix or Whoa-Quinn Phoenix?[View]
124372505Why did they turned Captain Kirk into a drunk bar brawler?[View]
124371571Why would you sell seeds on a desert planet? I didn't get this part of the show[View]
124368290brad pitt BTFO[View]
124372425>crusti croc :D[View]
124368031May I have the password please?[View]
124368652Why are the prequels hated so much?: I've never seen a full starwars movie before and now I…[View]
124368716Movie characters that are literally you I'll start: >Jep Gambardella…[View]
124370437wtf was her problem?[View]
124371621How much do you think that Mike fakes being friendly to him just for the sake of the show? I'm …[View]
124367248Do other countries have Baking shows like the UK's Bake Off?[View]
124371927Was he the only decent person in Hollywood?[View]
124368008Movies that make SJW heads explode: >on the one hand, YASSS QUEEN SLAY >on the other hand, loo…[View]
124371139Incel kino.[View]
124369736There are doubles in here right now. I know I'm singles![View]
124371272>and what about the show host who got morbidly obese? >it’s fiction it was a made up tale…[View]
124371489Why does everyone pretend he is funny?[View]
124372155'Oyyy! What the Fook James!' This is pretty good.[View]
124372140The Irishman: Has anyone else seen this yet? Why are there no threads, you lazy fucks? You arent wai…[View]
124370727Was he actually a good actor or just a meme like James Dean?[View]
124371827FUCK YEED[View]
124370192pitch a movie idea for a film starring these 6 white actors[View]
124362922Sylvester Stallone Developing New ROCKY Film: >'There’s a good chance that Rocky may ride again,'…[View]
124371563Is Simon Cowell's face the result of bad karma from being a dick to so many people?[View]
124370668>raises your woo two extra octaves https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1574192366773.webm…[View]
124369946Are you looking forward to the inevitable Joker (2019) sequel, /tv/?[View]
124372013Please watch his dark materials...[View]
124370297THE KING'S MAN: >During World War I, a secret society of criminal masterminds gathers to set…[View]
124371976Full of CGI No Golden Lion Pandering to minorities 99% kangz Stronk womeh 3d inflated tickets Kids a…[View]
124364727I thinking of seeing this? Any anons seen it yet?[View]
124367467who here /freeball/?[View]
124371308Why didn’t Kristanna Loken’s career take off after staring as the TX in Terminator 3?[View]
124363320Thoughts?: I have uncanny feelings.[View]
124371522Was it based?[View]
124365123JJ Abrams Reportedly Developing Standalone Superman Reboot With New Actor: Cast/write it.[View]
124371633WTF IS THIS SHOW: Heya, /tv/, i would like you guys to help me out.. There's this show that I w…[View]
124371219>pre-battle scene >some faggy looking nobleman is staring at a fireplace >his man-boy serva…[View]
124371557What movie, or t.v show has the biggest kill count?[View]
124369715OK which one of you did this?[View]
124371058H-hello again anon, I noticed this is your 10th time watching the Joker screening and some of the ma…[View]
124369198>enjoy movies of all sorts >use pic related for a couple of years >don't watch movies …[View]
124371401ITT: Atmosphericlly dark movies[View]
124366678/HERZ/- WERNER HERZOG GENERAL: A general for the most BASED director still alive[View]
124355331NEW STAR WARS: RoS TV SPOT....OH NO NO NO NO NO: >https://youtu.be/QBWM4jF9BTc >That Rey jump …[View]
124371291They had three seasons to set up somebody more sympathetic than Smith and they did nothing. Jesus C…[View]
124369804I'd be so much more hyped for this if it was directed by literally anybody else[View]
124371216Yeah, alright. For seven thousand (You)s I charge him![View]
124370762Are waitu piggus really?[View]
124371105>show mr robot to a friend that works on linux >'Hahaha are those seriously the episode titles…[View]
124370792HIRING CALL - INTERNET INFORMATION SPREADER - Employees will be paid 25¢ per creation of a 'thread'…[View]
124367489So did Yoda get laid?[View]
124368253>Welcome to hell anon. You're just in time for the Star Wars sequel marathon...for eternity!…[View]
124370117I only recently found out about this absolute autism from star wars legends. Any lorefags here to ex…[View]
124369789here's a little known fact for you good people, your ahhh modern day Jews have no blood-relatio…[View]
124369890Is he funny?[View]
124370842Baby Giz LOL: buy disny plus goy[View]
124369699Holy shit JK Rowling More like JK Goebbels[View]
124370245Final trailer for The Irishman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ5o6pMRr6A Film of the year for sur…[View]
124370167The gentle shitposter shall no longer suffer from the noxious greed of disney We will dismantle cape…[View]
124370923>now go home and get your fuckin podracer[View]
124369408why do you hate Rey so much & what movie protagonist do you consider good?[View]
124370836Get on your knees and tell me you love me[View]
124370508I dont think ive ever seen something more soulless than this. holy fuck this is bad[View]
124370757Questlove, you're not in the house. You're nowhere.[View]
124369411>saves your franchise[View]
124370656hey, I'm starting to think I can win![View]
124369527I-i-i-i-im y-y-y-your favorite ne-me-neurotic annoying character r-right? i-i-i-i hope you h-h-haven…[View]
124370408Why didn't they cast Martin Sheen as Brian Wilson?[View]
124367475>2019... I am forgotten....[View]
124368369Are you all too fucking stupid to not know that's what this whole goddamn thing is about? It…[View]
124368773/tv self-insert in Twin Peaks[View]
124366485>NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER FROM ME! Did Anakin actually think he got cu…[View]
124369720>make an exceptionally visually stunning movie >also make it shallow, lack execution, and insi…[View]
124365868New Star Wars Leak: The climax of the movie has been altered yet again. Everything here is based on …[View]
124368745What do you call something that is beyond kino? Post-kino?[View]
124370357YAG SBARRO[View]
124370002If pancake on cat was tv show, would you watch?????????????????[View]
124368321Why was it so generically bad? Big budget, fun cast, and Ang Lee weirdness. I mean its a fucking clo…[View]
124370295ebbewedd bewwed... eeh... ... ... SHAWWON![View]
124370270O M E G A[View]
124370101>What's wrong with Walter dude ? What did he mean by this ?[View]
124358906>Didn’t you know? If you like superheroes you’re retarded and a nazi Why do we still praise him?…[View]
124369572Where the fuck have you been? Namek was supposed to blow up 10 minutes ago![View]
124369927i don't get it[View]
124369206>Call me Yeed again, go ahead.[View]
124365763Was he autistic?[View]
124367331Is this the funniest of his late career work?[View]
124370116Would they make the perfect film?[View]
124370104no, i dont think well be telling them that[View]
124367875If you could write a movie about anything you wanted, what would it be about?[View]
124367325Why are blonde people always portrayed as villains in Hollywood movies?[View]
124365392/imaceleb/: Extra Camp or Leader's Interviews Edition[View]
124369455What did I think of it? Also, how did Americans get to post apocalyptic Australia?[View]
124369369where the fuck are my flying cars and AI waifus[View]
124364787The Tom Cruise of our generation.[View]
124368613Star Wars leak update: The climax of the movie has been altered yet again. Everything here is based …[View]
124362949Zoomer here: Why do people always call this one boring? I found this way more entertaining than the …[View]
124369091Give me some cool martial arts movies from recent years.[View]
124368695ITT: kinos where the bork bork goodboi pupperino bites the dust[View]
124367520Simpions good show?: Is it good show? ;[View]
124369631YEED E E D[View]
124366845in need of all the samurai kino out there. got >seven samurai >yojimbo >samurai champloo on…[View]
124365684isnt it weird that one of the actresses in this movie got her face cut?: the poster looks like someo…[View]
124360172>¥30,000=$270 (2011) >$270/20=$13.5 He was charging 13.5 USD per sushi piece, if you think tha…[View]
124369535>90s movie with badass scene >Bawitdaba starts playing…[View]
124368894how the fuck is she so attractive after all these years bros (shelly, I mean) i'd go so far as …[View]
124369405ITT: write a new plot for episode 7 using the power of neural networks https://talktotransformer.com…[View]
124367851Hey now![View]
124368862> oh non no non on ono >It is revealed that Tom is the heart donor, literally adhering to the…[View]
124359290Like seriously, when has a general ever had to explain their orders to a captain?[View]
124368016Scorsese is the GOAT faith-kino maker Sadly his last movie is going to be boomer mobsters instead of…[View]
124368998I was actually really looking forward to seeing the horrifying first design in theaters, now it…[View]
124368404She was right to take advantage of Forrest for being such a beta orbiter[View]
124368029What's your favourite food to watch kino with? Mine is beans[View]
124362873Emilia Clarke says she was pressured to do GoT nude scenes: >“I’d come fresh from drama school, a…[View]
124360737Why didn't you watch it, you sexists.[View]
124366518What would you say to the Naruto of the past, /tv/?[View]
124368150Literally r/movies[View]
124367596Stay out of my territory[View]
124365693Am I the only one who doesn't care about a movie character's race?[View]
124368879was Operation Kino, kino?[View]
124366921/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Will we have any official reylo content in 2019? >New Forces of Destiny epi…[View]
124366695What would you have done to make a better version of “Downsizing”?[View]
124367574I miss this Lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
124365727Bad movies you watched just because of the hot actresses[View]
124361222Mommy Grace V Henry Chadvill saga continues. What did he do to her bros? Or didn't do, if you c…[View]
124368556HEY: O CONNEL!!![View]
124368592Holy shit Tim is the first celeb to shit on Disney+ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=snVwPzDurzg&fe…[View]
124368127DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
124349811Fuck this garbage show. It makes no sense at all. They dont explain shit, they just say random cring…[View]
124367264You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The res…[View]
124368478>how will she ever recover[View]
124367497Why didn't you just reverse-hack the hacker 4chan?[View]
124367174Favorite female coomer characters?[View]
124368372This Is England: Thoughts on This Is England (83,86, 90 ect)? I'm watching them all, pretty goo…[View]
124368291why dont movies depict women how they really are?: >fartbags >slobs >selfish >useless at…[View]
124368337Making him gay was so dumb: Is it really that hard to stick to source material?[View]
124368119Why is black mirror loved so much, when at most, only a couple of episodes are good?[View]
124367128Need a suggestion: Hey /tv/, /o/ here. I just got a re-admit voucher(good till 12/31/19) from a cust…[View]
124367572why no based Sam biopic still? problem casting him? who could play him? Zoomers ignore this... this…[View]
124364175>he brings food instead of buying it at the theater[View]
124363886I thought the Denzel Washington movies were popular?[View]
124368072alexander revisited the final cut: is this any good?[View]
124366321Harold and Kumar go to White Castle[View]
124367711Was he right?[View]
124367926Hey Halpert, still juggling cocks behind Costco?[View]
124362667Pom confirmed for Mission Impossible 7 and 8 https://twitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1196850612094…[View]
124367937Was it any good?[View]
124363534Holy. Fucking. KINO!!!: >inb4 muh Jews This is certainly the Coen Brothers' masterpiece.…[View]
124362846Sopranos scenes that are mentioned but not filmed.: For me, I wish I could have seen Tony going to v…[View]
124369284ITT: cartoons from your childhood: In which we talk about cartoons we used to watch as kids[View]
124349646Is this why she's seething because her movie flop? Sam Raimi patrolled this thot.[View]
124366384So Whats up with this dude?[View]
124366248Who the hell you think i am?[View]
124363232What did this movie have that Elizabeth Bank's movie didn't?[View]
124366243Constantine 2005: What is /tv/'s opinion on this?[View]
124367161what went right?[View]
124367358November 2019.... I am forgotten...[View]
124367675Just finished this for the first time, can we get a super late BR2049 thread? I didn't like Ja…[View]
124366330who will play him in the Biopic[View]
124361989loads of people name their swords[View]
124366076the burger... the burger...[View]
124364492what do i watch in between madalorian episodes?[View]
124364972Why is The Simpsons so popular in South America?[View]
124362477Why doesn't Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray appear in more movies?[View]
124367410Watchmen: Apologize[View]
124366407STOP watching childish (((capeshit))) and Star Wars Take the tokupill.[View]
124365050Everyone thought bam was the worst one, except for the asshole spergy rich kids who looked up to him…[View]
124353098/tv/ related skribbl thread https://skribbl.io/?yhdlmm0QbV[View]
124358030Are they great directors or just eye candy?[View]
124367281Cast him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ9r8LMU9bQ[View]
124362671>1 bc was 20 people ago movies for this feel?[View]
124367162>we need a kino father figure for our action film say no more senpai[View]
124367129Autismfu kino is back on the menu. Just finished watching Earthquake Bird and while it was just a ni…[View]
124361889About to marathon pic related. What am I in for?[View]
124364413Why would he challenge god to a fight?[View]
124366483>Mr. Pink? Mr. Pink? FUCK YOU. You know what else is pink? Huh, your mothers pussy you fucking wo…[View]
124342475The only good Disney Star Wars movie, I don’t get why people dislike it, it was on the same level as…[View]
124363993Phantom Thread: Just saw this and quite liked it. What does /tv/ think of it? And where does it rank…[View]
124366863Do you guys ever watch a movie and get lost in thought when you see a depressed single woman, faggy …[View]
124365959Here is your Discworld cast, bro: https://www.terrypratchettbooks.com/bbc-announces-watch-tv-cast/ …[View]
124363307i didnt get the ending.[View]
124366727Is /tv excited for Elle Fanning's new movie[View]
124360999Was it kino?[View]
124366656What’re /tv/‘s thoughts on movies from 1900-1950? You know, movies that are mostly black and white a…[View]
124363176who was in the wrong here?[View]
124361992>'Well, Im finally a well off, famous black man in America. I have the financial freedom to fulfi…[View]
124366335>they never shitpost the same way twice. They were testing the jannies for weakness, systematical…[View]
124361496Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton to Star in Blumhouse's Body-Swap Thriller: https://variety.com/…[View]
124363609What is next for his career?[View]
124363665Is anyone else gonna watch Ana DeArmas new movie, Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson[View]
124365674Best Steven Seagal kino? For me it's Against the Dark[View]
124364854>watching pic related with gf >she falls asleep Why are girls like this?…[View]
124365715why didn't pacific rim wasn't as good as gurren lagann?[View]
124351656>films you are glad flopped[View]
124365799I hate women but I want a wife and family. I hate promiscuity but Im not an incel. I hate most peopl…[View]
124363975I never made a deal with kanjidubs[View]
124347710Wheel of Time: Egwene is a powerhungry cunt edition.[View]
124366166This is probably the best series ever made in Canada. If you haven't seen it, be sure to check …[View]
124361654Guilty Pleasures: I know it's fucking garbage but I can't help it. What kino do you know i…[View]
124364740Karl?: Karl?[View]
124366150Does a New World Need New Angels?[View]
124366040What's his fucking problem?[View]
124365908I’m getting more wine.[View]
124366008This movie has a surprising, almost unnecessary amount of slurs. How did it get away with it.[View]
124357135>After being congratulated by the laughing host, Sandler continued about his private part: >“A…[View]
124364052Wolf 1994: Anyone ever seen this kino?[View]
124359645I'm currently writing a story right now and I want y'all to know that I'm thinking of…[View]
124361321CRINGE ON THE HIGH CASTLE: >black ethno nationalism good >communism good >blacks are not in…[View]
124342145What did you guys think of the twist[View]
124364075How is she an a lister, she can't even speak English properly.[View]
124365892Ohh... Nasty![View]
124365708RECAST THE DCEU: It's time for a blonde, chad Flash for a change.[View]
124365152>Ho Ho Ho! Just kidding anon, it's your old pal Robert. What'll it be?…[View]
124364460So like... what was his FUCKING problem?[View]
124363933When exactly did Brendan Fraser's career take a downturn?[View]
124364860Is this season of AHS worse watching? I hear it's got and 80's vibe[View]
124364194>'The important question isn't 'WHERE are we?', but rather, 'WHEN are we?…[View]
124362320Was he a good comedian?[View]
124360666The Irishman: New trailer: https://youtube.com/watch?v=RS3aHkkfuEI&feature=emb_title Will this b…[View]
124364578the book was better[View]
124365097>those two will die in your lifetime >it will probably be sooner rather than later I'm no…[View]
124358946Gonna be an interesting year.[View]
124365203How long did GoT stay good (or at least acceptable)?: I always hear about how the show's first …[View]
124364542This has the potential to be the most kino masterpiece scene in all of Star Wars videography history…[View]
124364918I just saw his movie on Disney+. Based Horned King.[View]
124357304ITT: subtle symbolism in film[View]
124365010We are further from this episode than this episode was from Jimmy's Carter's last day in o…[View]
124357189Whats her next roll? Pitch Perfect wont last forever[View]
124359085/imaceleb/ pre-game thread: Leader's Debate Edition[View]
124363266Why is their original content so trash?[View]
1243587041. The Shining 2. The Exorcist 3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4. The Thing 5. Halloween Are these ob…[View]
124363877>upbeat ukelele starts playing[View]
124363766itt: actresses you found hot as a kid[View]
124364152>They are here.[View]
124363255ITT: movies too smart for /tv/[View]
124359842I unironically miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
124363941>You got to help me! These two guys I'm staying with--they work me day and night. They don…[View]
124364759So how come we rarely ever get anything on WW1?: There gotta be some trench life kino right?[View]
124364358Movies about the Antebellum South?[View]
124360899What went wrong?[View]
124364243hi i'm lenny this carl and homer[View]
124362732What is Impulse like? Worth a watch?[View]
124362990boy meets world: For me its Jennifer love FEFFERMAN[View]
124360584Does /tv/ have any leg to stand on when criticizing soibois after this recent bout of soi guzzling c…[View]
124363784Look at me /tv/: I am the King of the Television and Film board[View]
124363952GEORGE in the light..: KENNEDY in the dark.. Is this poetry?[View]
124364074Holy shit, this entire segment was a direct shot at Disney[View]
124362709Do stuntmen get pissed off when an actor chooses to do their own stunts? Doesn't it put them ou…[View]
124363240>idpol is so childish[View]
124362896Are we finally done with Star Wars after IX?: I can't do this anymore[View]
124363200>...yes, you will be expected to 'clean it up.' any more questions about the position?…[View]
124363458>'Step into my office jannie' >'So, what would you do with unlimited free time and no income?'…[View]
124352599is that what a man looks like?[View]
124357528Shows where a couple of underdogs save a franchise?[View]
124363741Well I think The Mandalorian SUCKS![View]
124357004how is this show not entrapment? they claim they arrest them because they are soliciting minors onli…[View]
124344693Both the show and the game are only highlighting how fucking horrible TRoS looks in comparison. You …[View]
124341614watch charlie's angels[View]
124363208This was considered overweight back in the day?[View]
124361526What emotions is she trying to convey here?[View]
124363295This actually happened[View]
124361676>Luke, did I ever tell you of my good friend Jedi Master Yarael Poo?[View]
124363268You only got one thing I need.[View]
124363121>'My office now.' >'What were you thinking for that little stunt you pulled. You were caught o…[View]
124361879they never shitpost the same way twice. They were testing the jannies for weakness, systematically..…[View]
124363063itt: directors that triggers numales[View]
124363411What was his endgame?[View]
124362103Ella Balinska And Pilou Asbaek To Star In Blumhouse Thriller RUN, SWEETHEART, RUN: >The movie fol…[View]
124363349i dont get it[View]
124347958WEBM thread: post what you got[View]
124362003beverages in movies: >character orders a tea -- weak, faggot, non-based character, probably incel…[View]
124363250What are some movies women will never understand?[View]
124359559Why did YAshit make billions of dollars, dominate the box office for years, and then spontaneously d…[View]
124363150how do you go from this.[View]
124362582This is Todd Philips, the director of the hit movie Joker (2019). Say something nice about him.[View]
124363231BvS: Now that the dust has settled can we agree that this is a cult classic and the pinnacle of cape…[View]
124359965kino cooking scenes[View]
124347604K I N O[View]
124360509This show is reaching levels of incest that shouldn't be possible bros[View]
124361345Today is Ted Turner's 81st birthday. Say something nice about him![View]
124336939Man in the High Castle Season 4 General: It started off good with some good visuals. I'm somewh…[View]
124362885Who could play E.T. in the genderswaped remake?[View]
124362866Why did Harry marry her?[View]
124361769>itz only smellz[View]
124361309*shakes the great britain*[View]
124362617What did you guys think of Oliver Stones's Untold History of the United States?: I thought it w…[View]
124361705how did the boss allow this to happen?[View]
124362227>Search movie name on Google that is yet to be released >Be rewarded with a spoiler…[View]
124360031So was Bruce Wayne actually his father or was his mom crazy?[View]
124359317comfy shows you watch when sick or hungover[View]
124359337He's here. Lurking among us.[View]
124362076>The Rover >High Life >Good Time >The Lighthouse Kino.…[View]
124362639>I wish life had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.[View]
124362312Is there any talent left in Hollywood? It feels like talented artists are flying solo now thanks to …[View]
124361625Is season 2 worth watching?[View]
124362507You just lost your minimum freedom.[View]
124357880Why isn't Luke Hemsworth's career as good as his brothers'?[View]
124362429Final scene of the screenplay for the Mohommed Atta biopic I'm working on. What do you guys thi…[View]
124359137>Best I can do is $10 for your Star Wars thread, the market is flooded. Take it or leave it.…[View]
124362379https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gZtOGhxzdk baby yeed doing the shark LOL anyone got one of him doin…[View]
124362340Post yfw this dude turned out to be the bad guy.[View]
124360945comfy simpsons general: comfy simpsons general[View]
124361669Why was Lily Savage, Paul O'Grady's cross-dressing alter-ego, so much more based than the …[View]
124362241Why don't you just go fuck yourself, Janny?[View]
124362209Kanye West and Joel at lakewood Church illuminati exposed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAU76l7ni…[View]
124359090What is he doing?[View]
124356336Who was in the wrong here?: Will we ever be able to reach consensus on this one?[View]
124361633>rick I need place to poo >no >okay >hey actually I want to be friend now >oh he…[View]
124361686Give me one reason this series isn't kino[View]
124361473How do I get a job as a paid disney shill spamming the same garbage disney threads every day on /tv/…[View]
124361381>Morpheus is mugging Neo![View]
124359609>Anakin my allegiance is to the Republic. TO DEMOCRACY! >Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Quali…[View]
124356997Why did the Joker start acting so flamboyantly gay at the end? Why did he suddenly adopt sissy hand …[View]
124357665Alan Moore on the state of Superheroes and Cinema: Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back.[View]
124354816Why did he insult him a little bit?[View]
124361842Disney+ Big Problem: We’ve got a big problem over on Disney+ I was browsing the titles on there and …[View]
124361818Why there was a Chinese guy in the galaxy far far away?[View]
124361694>has a conversation with Aladdin with great familiarity This woman never shows up again…[View]
124361470The greatest horror story of all time is finally coming to screens and I will make a thread about it…[View]
124355277Disney Princesses crossover movie in the works: Disney is working on a Disney Princesses crossover m…[View]
124361657*enters your board* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6BQKFs3-VM[View]
124360765It was Tariq, right?[View]
124356728>Jek Tono Porkins, nicknamed 'Piggy', was a male human trader and pilot from Bestine IV.…[View]
124361212betty did nothing wrong[View]
124346772Yeed is a fucking hardcore gangsta. He has no issue with Mando poppin niggas left and right. And he …[View]
124361431You idiots ever seen Jim Henson's Storyteller?[View]
124361359If he was still alive would he have made a good comedian https://youtu.be/ZHdke9yHeEg[View]
124361319>kills the movie star. Heh, nothin personal kid[View]
124360308how many oscars will it win?[View]
124359464>it's a cookie episode[View]
124361085>When they don’t like The Mandalorian[View]
124358912Where are all the Asian actresses?: WMAF relationships are the most common interracial relationship …[View]
124360754Jews in Hollywood: >Enjoy the popcorn goyim[View]
124359822>threads 404 in 20 minutes during peak hours with no one spamming >threads 404 in 30 minutes d…[View]
124360835>3 high profile flops in 10 years >each one lost $100+ million is this franchise finally dead?…[View]
124357984>So I put 2 and 2 together and decided your pissin me off[View]
124359943Best Mars movie?[View]
124359220Watch our film, whitey[View]
124360964>OH Y-[View]
124355962Is it worth watching charlie's angels for her?[View]
124360159Speed Racer for normies[View]
124360234Adam Driver: why do girls love him?[View]
124360127Did he died? *thinking face emoji*[View]
124361018How come new movies gets all the hype, while old does not? Provided some of the older ones are on a…[View]
124353525Why are the prequels so aesthetic compared to the others?[View]
124359452Just found out I have terminal cancer, sitting in hospital parking lot: Haven’t told my parents yet.…[View]
124360358>Rolling Stones >New York >smoking and drinking >gross hair >uncomfortable clothes …[View]
124360956The Lighthouse: The BASEDhouse more like[View]
124360871>Why yes, I own a large collection of Blu-rays at home. How could you tell?…[View]
124358689*gimme shelter starts playing in the trailer* OH NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHA…[View]
124360087>Rey:I need to go my people are waiting >Kylo :((((((( Kino…[View]
124360524Geesh what an unfunny bore-fest! British ''''''''''humoUr''''''''''[View]
124358633This conversation's over.[View]
124340243>Grown adults fawning over a fucking muppet[View]
124360699What are some films about the degradation of society?[View]
124359835focus tested sanitized disney corporate schlock[View]
124350880ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BASED >Is it embarrassing for adults to like superheroes? According to Alan Mo…[View]
124359553Is Bill Burr a cuck?[View]
124360513Can you guys recommend me some good movies? UwU[View]
124358720Would you guys watch a film that's over 9 hours?[View]
124349324brb, gonna watch the new rick and morty episode real quick[View]
124360550We are the knights who say...n-word[View]
124360380Arthur Fleck - Sperg?[View]
124360526Movie and a Treat His binge-watching session went on for a full four months. Hughes got comfortable …[View]
124360495The Crown: Is the new season of The Crown as kino as the previous two?[View]
124360324Post npc filters[View]
124360152I miss her, bros[View]
124360388Have you seen this new Cage film? Low budget production but still pretty fun.[View]
124358797>btfo's the ENTIRE Jedi order by himself >Survives getting thrown down a death star shaft…[View]
124360360J.K. Rowling's Ilvermorny Scott Pilgrims Prescious Little Life The Town of Derry Are all coming…[View]
124356816What kind of terrible fucking movie relies on the narrative 'White people so jelus dey want to b us …[View]
124359229Is there anything more fun to watch than some good ol fashion Dragon Ball? https://youtu.be/6E6sCzjE…[View]
124359721Do Americans really need subtitles when hearing an Australian accent?[View]
124355631Black Pearl: Why was this so fucking memorable?[View]
124359925are we going to see Durge in Mandalorian????[View]
124360130>Janolo, delete that piece of chit![View]
124355477The Man in the High Castle Thread: so was this supposed to be a reference to trump's america?…[View]
124345485300 Million dollaridos budget: Are you prepared for the biggest bomb in history?[View]
124358551/euphoria/: >tfw no drug addict waifu to rehabilitate[View]
124359761>The Banker(2019) >trailer looks like pretty standard blacks fighting discrimination flick …[View]
124327058'Loneliness has followed me my whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhe…[View]
124357058ok but: where the fuck is my the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford or there wil…[View]
124359929how do you go from this[View]
124359793What’s your favorite Cyberpunk movie ? For me it’s : Jumpin Jack Flash[View]
124359552>Why did you stop watching our show, anon?[View]
124359911what are some movies that can make me feel comfortable and at home as much as this does?[View]
124357899What did you think? 10/10 film of the year worthy? Cukamann gave it an A + And Dogfucker gave it a 1…[View]
124359805What the fuck was his problem?[View]
124356966CAVILL IS STILL SUPERMAN: >“There’s a lot I have to give for Superman yet. A lot of storytelling …[View]
124357117>movie out in less than 2 months >STILL no trailer lol what kind of piece of shit are they sit…[View]
124359670Best movie ever[View]
124359683>tfw you will never have a friendship like Milo and Otis[View]
124359622I LOVE MY BIG CUPS![View]
124359285i do not know this man[View]
124359330I really dont know what I expected from the half assed people from the AHS writing team but this sea…[View]
124359545this fucking board[View]
124359591Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124359143Kinos for this album?: >Love in the middle of the afternoon >Just me, my spike in my arm and m…[View]
124359567d'ya like dags?[View]
124359213NBC's LINCOLN RHYME: HUNT FOR THE BONE COLLECTOR: 'The Bone Collector' is getting a TV remake. …[View]
124358195This is the greatest film of the decade.[View]
124342716is this movie actually good for a non-western, non-weeabo audience?: seems kind of like just another…[View]
124359439Soon the accumulates black filth will be hosed away and the streets of /tv/ will turn into extended …[View]
124349638Saaaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaat???[View]
124358114Anon! You are summoned to a Spartacus thread. Fucking retarded jannies[View]
124355992Cast it no sneedposting please[View]
124351968So, what was your favourite way to die?[View]
124359185I hate fags and you should too.[View]
124359289Racial Draft: We at the black delegation chose Tiger Woods[View]
124358208Was Carmela a bad person? I was never interested in her character so I didn't really pay attent…[View]
124359248Was this the greatest Superhero franchise of 2000s to 2010s?[View]
124353531>Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn't that be a sight.…[View]
124359010Comfy Breaking Bad thread[View]
124359205South Park: how do they do it bros?[View]
124358352What did she mean by this?[View]
124356309>acting is preschool-tier at best >gets to star in high-budget movies who is weinsteining her?…[View]
124359180Sopranos hate thread: Aight eses, this is a reminder that 'The Sopranos' is a lot of phony-ass Holly…[View]
124338374Objectively 10/10 films[View]
124350969>one of the greatest shows ever made >nobody remembers it Explain this shit…[View]
124353719Since Disney has bought Fox and now owns the X-Men, how long until Disney buys out Paramount? I mean…[View]
124357689Will it be kino?[View]
124358996>See a meme I know originated on 4chan say 'reddit meme'[View]
124358993>don't get polygonal on me, kid.[View]
124359011Television with god-tier soundtracks[View]
124357548Wonder Gadot 1984: Where is the trailer for this movie?[View]
124358011What's next for his career?[View]
124350131>spend 50 times the money to build a worse car than ferrari >after years of embarrassment win …[View]
124358518Why are there so many chinks in the Mandalorian?[View]
124358548Antz had an ugly art style but it was still better than Bugs Life[View]
124358678>Metric ton of Porg merch before TLJ was even released >not a single piece of Baby Yoda merch …[View]
124358415Does anyone remember this kid’s show?[View]
124355715what do they eat?[View]
124357028kino collection[View]
124357429Don't you just LOOOOVE halloween?[View]
124358516Is he right about the whole go woke go broke thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqzCladEStI[View]
124357761a picture of a lamp[View]
124358045Cast Asuka in the upcoming Evangelion film[View]
124354960What will you do when dinsey reveal Yeed as a girl?[View]
124358589>good guy turns bad >character is even better…[View]
124358257tfw you didn't get any blowback from brown[View]
124352223>I'm waiting for the punchline[View]
124357622HUMNA HUMNA HUMNA BONER!!!![View]
124358575Cord cutters BTFO: >Thousands of Disney+ Streaming Accounts Hacked & for Sale on deep web htt…[View]
124356000Look at him go[View]
124356744And Wink DID fuck my girl[View]
124354536BLACK PANTHER HAS A FLOP INCOMING: Looks like the MCU is all poor Chadwick will ever have lmao…[View]
124356692Why won't Hollywood hire short actors?[View]
124354043Absolute dishonesty[View]
124355438Which board has the best Joker?[View]
124357763>IM A CuCK LMAO![View]
124353668OH NONONONONO[View]
124350591The Irishman: Looks great. Anyone here seen it? Some people call it the best Scorsese. Pesci looks b…[View]
124358296what are some movies that made the general public unable to separate reality from fiction?[View]
124355950First Look At Sci-Fi Thriller BOSS LEVEL Starring Frank Grillo And Mel Gibson: >The movie follows…[View]
124356373What did she mean by this?[View]
124358285What fo you thibk? Which others should I add to keep an eye on?[View]
124358196Omniversum: What do you guys think of this I used to go there a lot and it was kino[View]
124355481Why didn't he just give the book in the beginning if he already memorized it[View]
124353005>released over a month ago, nobody mentioned it[View]
124356882Imagine having a cat gf hahaha[View]
124352705stop hypersexualising scarjo you creeps[View]
124357213I liked this scene as a kid.[View]
124357598>My words have been pronounced Why does he always say that?[View]
124357200Why do they insist on shoving diversity in Wheel of Time when they can just adapt Malazan (where eve…[View]
124357319KNOCK KNOCK, YEED-AY.[View]
124357829best chappelle's show skit? for me its the niggar family.[View]
124357918Why did he wear the mask?[View]
124351915I literally cannot get over how big of a fucking hack Aaron Sorkin is.[View]
124357879Hey Kid: Catch[View]
124357000Will you miss him when he retires?[View]
124355315WATCHMEN: this should have been in the movie[View]
124357808Colonel Angus[View]
124357742What are the best bong kinos?[View]
124356050So who’s worse?[View]
124354875>it's a Sophia Coppola film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3qgrSon4To…[View]
124351727>the current year >people still enjoy ‘80s teen movies…[View]
124355580/tv/ doesn't talk about the best show on Netflix again: As usual[View]
124352906Name a more iconic kiss. Protip: You can't[View]
124357249FUCK NIGGERS I have spoken[View]
124354196Is this where that dumbass coomer meme comes from?[View]
124355630What are your thoughs on Doctor Sleep?[View]
124357461Why was his take on Joker so controversial?[View]
124357029>I mean, to think... that one of his friends got dubs for no reason whatsoever would be too ridic…[View]
124355283What's wrong with millennials? >go to boomer uncles house >vast collection of dvds from t…[View]
124350049she was a slut lol[View]
124356347Literally perfect[View]
124357217I dont get this SCTV gag: in this sketch, two producers discuss taking advantage of Bob and Doug McK…[View]
124356888>shoot it in black and white to evoke a documentary-style >film at the real locations >hi…[View]
124354744General Wyatt Pryde Homeplanet Sharles Vale![View]
124357114What would compel an adult man to wear this in public?[View]
124353552This is what the average female costar looked like in the 30 years ago.: Do average looking women ev…[View]
124357084Itt: 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
124357041>I think the impact of superheroes on popular culture is both tremendously embarrassing and not a…[View]
124356944What does /tv/ think about Jack Ryan?[View]
124356998This is the state of Star Wars: Are you not entertained?[View]
124354259The sacred jedi texts![View]
124356743International Men's Day[View]
124354627The recent episodes are kino.[View]
124356765Name a more whiny, annoying fanbase[View]
124355803Why do boomers get so pissed when you tell them Drive is better than Taxi Driver?[View]
124344360To shreds, you say...[View]
124356380Watto knew about Jedi mind tirck but not about Jedi force push? wtf?[View]
124347109>literal trillions of robots almost lost to a couple million cloned soldiers How?…[View]
124354628Your favorite movie is fucking SHIT.[View]
124356633FUCK Roger Deakins and fuck the retards who like him: Hardly anything he does registers to me as exp…[View]
124356511Is there a single movie worth going to see in the theater right now?: Is there?[View]
124356605how did a fat retard with a dead end job like Doug marry a woman like Carrie? I can't watch thi…[View]
124356402WAR, CHILDREN[View]
124353693Ridley Scott's THE LAST DUEL (December 25, 2020): Will it be kino? >In 14th century France, …[View]
124355512What was the best film of 1999?[View]
124356447>it was addressed.... >to Mr. Dilkington[View]
124351988United States v Paramount dead: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/thr-esq/j…[View]
124356419Titanic: It was all their fault: Their love LITERALLY, not figuratively, LITERALLY sank Titanic. The…[View]
124356178Me? I'm a movie guy[View]
124355184what went wrong[View]
124356071Is this the kino that saved /tv/?[View]
124347136Based Werner Herzog.[View]
124352136https://www.masterclass.com/classes/aaron-sorkin-teaches-screenwriting is it worth it lads? has anyo…[View]
124355933why the fuck didn't you people tell me that dude where's my car is deviantart: the movie?[View]
124349990Your dad lets you pick two movies. What do you choose?[View]
124355889Any kinos depicting millenial's ongoing burden on society? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/where…[View]
124353456Hollywood fears him.[View]
124354978Ay you guys seen this baby yeed do the baby shark? LOL he a little bit vibin idk https://www.youtube…[View]
124355878Tighten is horny as fuck and he wants to rape Elastigirl and Violet. Could the Incredibles stop him?…[View]
124355671Characters under the make-up: Kit Fisto[View]
124351938Tom Hanks & Caleb Landry-Jones To Star In Sci-Fi Drama BIOS: >Tom Hanks (“A Beautiful Day in …[View]
124355818What was his fucking problem?: also other kino villains[View]
124353816What did he mean by that hand?[View]
124350552Is it a flop? I haven't seen much excitement or discussion about it around the web.[View]
124354666What did Disney mean by this?[View]
124355408>He’s gonna take you back to the past[View]
124328097Seriously though, why did it flop?[View]
124355640wadya gonna do[View]
124351028Take the /lit/ pill: >richer history >higher form of art >less corporate control >cheape…[View]
124354789Predict the year where the Star Wars franchise dies.[View]
124355505I can’t just walk in there, two weeks later, and say, “oh yeah, I remember now.”[View]
124355287why did he hate the black folk? was he prototypical for colonial Americans in the South in the 1800…[View]
124355458New footage is it kino yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjsULViWoD8[View]
124354268Bed Poster General: All was comfy on the western front edition: So fucking comfy bro’s, been drinkin…[View]
124355226>rey palpatine >rey p[View]
124355381Who the fuck thought it's a good idea to make a Pokemon movie about some 20+ year old nigger an…[View]
124352554>Emilia Clarke claims Game Of Thrones bosses 'guilt-tripped' her into performing multip…[View]
1243496128 new photos dropped: https://ew.com/movies/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-new-photos/amp/…[View]
124355256List franchises that have been ruined I’ll start. Ghostbusters[View]
124350185>You're losing a fight to the antagonist of the last movie you watched >This guy barges i…[View]
124352613Señor. Uno matcha green boba tea, oat milk, por favor.[View]
124355228God I hope they blow up the Millennium Falcon in Rise of Soiwalker. I need the laughs so bad, I want…[View]
124348822https://www.cbr.com/chadwick-boseman-no-marvel-disney-plus-series/ I don't blame him.[View]
124355182Survivor's Hollywood rapist gets removed tomorrow night, but he is not expelled like people hav…[View]
124352332Book is better: This 'movie' was a totally corporate project. The screenwriter hated the novel, and …[View]
124354981The picture that saved /tv/[View]
124351702Best biblical movies?: I just finished watching The Ten Commandments (1956) and I was thoroughly ent…[View]
124350058what went right?[View]
124348796What are some punk kinos?[View]
124354829ITT: Mel Brooks kino: Is Blazing Saddles kino?[View]
124316225/hmmm/ Dark Crystal: He got BTFO'd by a gelfling, and lost his most loyal skekfu. How will he c…[View]
124354963Great Gatsby: Can you imagine a movie set in nowadays about a man who lives his entire life for just…[View]
124354941>Paramount gives Sonic fans what they asked for >Sonic fans are pleased >Non Sonic fans are…[View]
124354350Adam Driver: He doesn't get talked about much on here. Is he a good actor? I liked him in BlacK…[View]
124354779>I love that movie! It's so iconic. >Yeah he's such an iconic character. >That sc…[View]
124354552From my certain point of view the Jedi are evil![View]
124354128*surpasses kino*[View]
124354753ANYTHING GOES[View]
124354103>/lit/ character starts quoting philosophy books >doesnt get ignored immersion ruined…[View]
124353749Here's your receipt anon.[View]
124352972ITT we either discuss the tv shows Atlanta, Succession or this video of a Russian army girl singing …[View]
124345867Warwick Davis EXCLUSIVE: 'A portion of society are quite cruel': Star Wars actor on fighti…[View]
124347535ITT: Movies sheltered white kids need to see[View]
124349802Honestly, the reason the movie was so successful is probably because it had one of the best trailers…[View]
124353586It's Betty you son of a pig, the name is Betty MHMHMHMMHMH.[View]
124354544I'm goin through the Big D and I don't mean Dallas I can't believe what the judge had…[View]
124352583Write the plot[View]
124345329Henry Cavill Is Still Superman: “I’m not just going to sit quietly in the dark as all this stuff is …[View]
124324342/trek/: What does Star Trek need with a general? edition Previous >>124303357[View]
124352750do the Chinese authorities protect their actresses from race mixing in hollywood collaborations?: si…[View]
124354162>made a short movie fwith $5,000 dollars now what?[View]
124347730>Episode VI >The Empire is finally destroyed, everyone is happy and Coruscant has a big party …[View]
124354332*teleports behind u and stabs u in leg* Kino.[View]
124353078Is this A24 kino approved by /tv/[View]
124353634Ay, good luck, Baby Creed[View]
124354118Why do boomers love this film?[View]
124351115Are manchildren trying to hide from reality in some empowerment fantasy designated for pre-teens? It…[View]
124353994Chole Wang general: What is the go-to kino starring actress Chole Wang?[View]
124339122Do criminals like Gus Fring really exist, i.e. drug lords/heads of large criminal organizations hidi…[View]
124352539I'm thinking kino.[View]
124353403>I will be your jampion What’d he mean by this?[View]
124353813what's a guy gotta do to buy you a drink?[View]
1243538119 years ago: 9 years ago[View]
124351838As an tinnitus dude, this movie gave me hope.[View]
124353622>Haha. You’re based, Tommy.[View]
124352948Disney saved Starwars: Search your feelings, you know it to be true.[View]
124353528What are your thoughts on The Thing?[View]
124346112Brigitte Bardot > Marylin Monroe[View]
124353517Watch any low budget kino lately?[View]
124353518why does Hollywood struggle to be as BLACKED as the NFL?[View]
124352853Based Movie Quotes: >Billy hates his own identity, you see, and he thinks that makes him a transs…[View]
124351647Do Star Wars fans have any dignity left?[View]
124353420Am I the only person who can’t enjoy tv anymore? Everything is made to socially engineer. It feels s…[View]
124353055SO...: .....who talks first?[View]
124349917So we can all agree that Obi-wan is the 3rd strongest duellist of his time period yes? >Yoda coul…[View]
124352447>What have they sent us? >Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope Turned it off right there.…[View]
124352659Nolan is secretly a communist: Dunkirk is commie propaganda From an interview. >'That’s outstandi…[View]
124351457>OH N- Really Scorsese?[View]
124353093What were they thinking with this scene ?[View]
124353053>1960s America do they really expect anyone to beleive this would have happened in 60s America, e…[View]
124352931haha poop and suicide xD[View]
124352080cast them[View]
124352253Why isn't she in the leaks?[View]
124346883>when you hear somebody talking shit about nilfgaard[View]
124352257Anon, that’s an ugly word...I’m disappointed to hear you say it.[View]
124351876>movie ends up with a musical scene while the credits are rolling[View]
124352717>'Hmm, I wonder what's on /tv/...' *click*[View]
124352239It's shit, and you know it's shit. You're just so starved of something Star Wars rela…[View]
124350996Is this movie kino?[View]
124351506I've contracted AIDS[View]
124348263/tv/'s approved films of 2019: Is Parasite the best kino of the year? What are some other good …[View]
124352748Frozen 2 Will Disappoint: I'm sad how this movie will fail. I don't mean it'll necess…[View]
124352702it's simple we kill the Batman we gotta kill the Batman kill the Batman[View]
124352520I am watching this master piece on Sony Movie Channel and damn it's a good movie. The CGI is br…[View]
124349688ITT: Best feet scenes[View]
124345032So his career is pretty much over, right?[View]
124349728Watch his dark materials please[View]
124348666Any movies with this feel? Any wasted your life kino?[View]
124352376Why did she threw all of the cappellinis bros?[View]
124348413Currently watching this shit for the first time: The fuck is it about? Does it get better?[View]
124351780PRESS 'S' TO SPIT ON HIM Why did he do it, bros?[View]
124346847>intelligent and resourceful schemer who never risks direct confrontation after getting cucked an…[View]
124347379Enchantimals live action movie in the works: A Enchantimals live action movie is officially in the w…[View]
124350470Helena Zengel To Star Opposite Tom Hanks In Paul Greengrass' NEWS OF THE WORLD: >Hanks plays…[View]
124350713Sup, nigga. You wanna talk some shit? Call me. Start some shit. Bitch.[View]
124351914>2018 film starring Margot Robbie made less than $1 million at the box office. How does shit like…[View]
124350162First Reformed: What did i just see?[View]
124347082waaaaah i want more talkie in my space western: https://www.theringer.com/tv/2019/11/19/20971338/the…[View]
124350990What's your excuse?[View]
124351146IT'S UP: >Buttons.2018.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO >Buttons.2018.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO >Buttons.2…[View]
124351618Thorough examination of masculinity? Or just garish sentimentality? Shakespearean/operatic tragedy?…[View]
124350213Everyone is saying YEED this and YEED that, but noone is saying KINO this and KINOMA that[View]
124349563Now go home and get your fucking shinebox[View]
124344251Who is your favorite actor working today?[View]
124351657UNO FARTO @ 3:17[View]
124351608I WILL FUCK YOU UP!!!![View]
124328329/tmg/ the mandolorian general: based as fuck edition: Star wars kino is back bros[View]
124318463>He's a good looking boy. Do you mind if I keep this picture? Was this line intended to be …[View]
124346451Honest thoughts?[View]
124350319/EXPANSE/: Are you ready for more protogoo?[View]
124351328And what of good Solonius?[View]
124331257Where did it go wrong?[View]
124351263Coleman Trebor[View]
124346829Bland of Brothers[View]
124350012So they are even bringing Wedge Antilles back in the next SW movie. nothing's holy anymore in t…[View]
124350837What is the /tv/ equivalent of this event?[View]
124351154Cast them[View]
124348010Is anime Kino?[View]
124351126Help guys, which one should I watch?[View]
124343198DON'T BULLY ME, DANIEL![View]
124350046>makes you take a death march through a baking hot desert >is somehow 'the good'…[View]
124350147LEFTOVERS IS SHIT: Why the FUCK people like it? >People always crIed for stupid shit >SAME MUS…[View]
124350970Halloween Kills News: Kyle Richards who is returning as Lindsay is going to have a big role in the m…[View]
124349064SERENITY NOW[View]
124351116*crunch* I’m watching you /tv/. Don’t do anything that’s against the law *crunch crunch* Like postin…[View]
124351037Now that the dust has settled: What went so right?[View]
124350939Which kdrama should I watch?[View]
124349641>DEATH...by exile.[View]
124318129BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century: 1 Mulholland Drive 2 In the Mood for Love 3 There…[View]
124346203I don't often use the word 'based', but this man is the most based Chad lad in Americ…[View]
124350810>it's 2020: >Go to my local Disney-owned kinoplex to see the new MCU movie. >Wait two …[View]
124350808>Are they big? I like them big! >BIG!!![View]
124350802star wars fans BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snVwPzDurzg[View]
124348447Serious question for a moment please. Why is the goyim not watching these? Many shekels are been los…[View]
124350584Any of you niggas use to watch this show in the good old days? anymore shown with a interesting conc…[View]
124344957What went right?[View]
124345915>Look, best I can offer you for your Star Wars thread is $20. I’m taking a huge risk here. Now if…[View]
124350327id totally start smoking again if i had a joi who could do this it would be cool[View]
124347882Are normies beginning to see the light?[View]
124348647look at this dude: looks like CATS is going to be the james corden vehicle of the century[View]
124346989>Joe: Women are hardwired to be attracted to confident, athletic men. >Adam: I don't, wel…[View]
124349473The last couple of years have almost completely ruined my interest in film. What are some relatively…[View]
124349727Who's excited to see this? Release date is only 3 weeks away. Seems promising.[View]
124339856>I gotta nose for white supremacy, and this board smells like bleach[View]
124342945favorite western film? for me it's 'a Pistol for Ringo' (1965)[View]
124349248why is no one talking about this kino police thriller starring thomas jane[View]
124343930Here's the 'good guys' of Star Wars in current year. Guess what the 'bad guys' of Star Wars in …[View]
124350388https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4G_oJf8Vi4 any other kinos like this?[View]
124348075Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124349474Rise of Skywalker Leaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BooFfgCvw1M[View]
124350063Is it ok to rate movies based on their plot summary from Wikipedia (without needing to spend 90 min …[View]
124347054ITT: Top-tier Netflix original series'[View]
124331654Is such an short post production normal for 200+ million dollar movies?: Tenet finished filming 2 da…[View]
124350216Is it?[View]
124349975How did he unjust?[View]
124348236Rarely will you see an author allow any other writer to contribute a sequel to a widely successful n…[View]
124350095What are some kinos where the protagonist evades capture or imprisonment by finding loopholes in the…[View]
124346751So....and call me a pleb or smallbrained or whatever else. I didn't hate it or anything, but I …[View]
124347434Who wins? Mr Wick or Mr Anderson?[View]
124347971People under 30 who pretend to have watched 5000 movies or more, why do you lie?[View]
124335219make a wish, ruin a wish: You know the game /tv/ Be careful what you wish for[View]
124350021his dark kinos[View]
124347495ITT: webm that killed /tv/[View]
124347430Watch it, Michael Bay[View]
124349529Nice night for a walk[View]
124349690/Rise of Skywalker Hype Thread/: 30 days left!![View]
124346588Any kino about scammers getting what they deserve?[View]
124349858the great debate[View]
124349849what are some films that look and move like paintings by Joseph Mallord William Turner?[View]
124349824>Leonardo DiCaprio as Lenin[View]
124349777when people talk about communist cinema they exclusively talk about soviet film but imo soviet films…[View]
124347159Remake when?[View]
124330240wow it sucks. Glad I pirated and you should too[View]
124349335>mfw films used to look like literal paintings what the fuck went wrong?…[View]
124348549Who else /startingthedayright/ here[View]
124349190>Hop in bro we are going to the theater[View]
124332955The Failure Of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Is Terrible News For ‘Alien’ And ‘Predator’: >Why what wor…[View]
124348154If you want to know something about the Dovregubbe trolls, ask me[View]
124348574Has anything from a movie ever happened to you in real life?[View]
124343150Nolte: ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Is Fifth Woketard Franchise to Die at Box Office[View]
124346882The Jews are a swinging bunch of people. I mean, I've heard of persecution, but what they went …[View]
124345169Did he actually have an 8:30 res at Dorsia?[View]
124347423Is Isabela Merced going to get pigeonholed as a 'Netflix actress' and not be able to do top tier rol…[View]
124348378>character is greedy >call him Greedo™[View]
124344301Was Dark Angel any good?[View]
124339685like it or not this is /ourfilm/[View]
124344988Commence Yeed posting.[View]
124346853What would you have done in this situation?[View]
124347982Reminder Star Wars 'fans' who like and praise this garbage here are the ones who hated on The Last J…[View]
124349242What did the director mean by this scene?[View]
124347422Which is better, Amadeus or Barry Lyndon?[View]
124346920What did Keanu mean by this?: https://voca.ro/6qY3JSFCxOc[View]
124346821Just as I always imagined it https://www.terrypratchettbooks.com/bbc-announces-watch-tv-cast/?fbclid…[View]
124339310Translate your favourite movie quotes to ebonics and post them here. http://joel.net/EBONICS/transla…[View]
124349094You're serious aren't you?: You're saying you said the N-word to those 3 young men on…[View]
124345753>tfw wet dreamed 19 days into NNN kinos for this feel?[View]
124348292Play Salieri[View]
124348130My dad keeps bugging me to watch this, but what he has explained so far doesn't make a lot of s…[View]
124348106>w...a...k...e....u...p! wake up! WAKE UP, anon! IT’S NOT YOUR TIME YET!…[View]
124348788YAGSBARRO moar liek FAGSGAYBRO[View]
124348760>you should try tomato sauce for your ass, the italian version How you going to tell me immigrant…[View]
124339720Why does this show have such a bad rep?[View]
124344639CREED II: Now that the dust has settled, what did we think of it?[View]
124339710Well, Alice, it seems we've both got autism, haven't we?[View]
124348288I said go FUCK yourself, Tony.[View]
124347473Why was Smee so incompetent?[View]
124346397fetish defining moments[View]
124348624Why would a janitor delete an ontopic, /tv/-related thread?[View]
124347420Who was he trying to ask for help? Dan? Manhattan?[View]
124346809Is this a decent comedy? I need some laughs[View]
124346230is it kino[View]
124347355Is “I killed Einstein , gentlemen” (1970) worth watching ?[View]
124339480Cast him in a biopic of his life[View]
124344708what went wrong[View]
124348055What are some good franchises: Now that Star Wars is dead[View]
124348186How about MUG costanza?[View]
124319594It.Chapter.Two.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-RK: >It.Chapter.Two.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-RK …[View]
124342687What's your favorite ayy kinos? For me, district 9[View]
124348079394 days till Dune[View]
124347122Remove the background from tv scenes: Remove the background from tv scenes and post them https//www.…[View]
124324352Gary Glitter - Rock & Roll Pt 2: Post your face when you saw this scene[View]
124346317what's the best sci-fi flick of this decade?[View]
124347909>CHAOS CONTROL!!! >MACLUCKEY?!![View]
124347799F: https://pagesix.com/2019/11/19/halle-berry-injured-in-fight-scene-for-mma-movie-bruised/…[View]
124346359'I'm really, really sorry about your big noses. I'm really sorry about how greedy you are.…[View]
124346818>Woke woke power rangers flop >woke Charlie’s angels flop Is Elizabeth Banks box office pois…[View]
124345403What would you do if you met these two in a dark alley?[View]
124342577Bruce it's me, Barbara[View]
124346850CAN YOU DIG IT? CAN YOU DIG IT? CAN YOU...?[View]
124344032>Come with me if you want to live[View]
124347322Best timeline[View]
124345517What's wrong with Pixar now adays?[View]
124345273Why do the Jawa suddenly sound like The Minions? I am pretty sure they did not sound like this in th…[View]
124346632/po/ here, watch my movie review, please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-elaamsZOo[View]
124347121First you didn’t want me to get the pony. Now you’re telling me to take it back! Marge, make up your…[View]
124347065Hey Bam I know that you still have a lot of lingering guilt over Ryan Dunn's death and that you…[View]
124346924>okay there is a meme on this board that makes people say sneed >I’m gonna need you guys to sp…[View]
124338932What's your favourite snack? For me, it's the Bounty.[View]
124347000Best Detective films: Recently watched this and enjoyed it. Can /tv/ give me recommendations for sim…[View]
124346891ITT: Kino[View]
124346473I'm rewatching the prequels, and frankly they hold up pretty well for the most part. But some …[View]
124343747>Tetanus is a serious illness caused by Clostridium bacteria. The bacteria live in soil, saliva, …[View]
124346560>Direct hydro-transmission system, connection prepared. >Plug fixed in place. >First stage …[View]
124344623I make good eggs[View]
124346719>Pepe, put the gun down.[View]
124343463The great debate[View]
124345423>character is pajeet >That one song starts to play https://youtu.be/-ilXc0j1iHA…[View]
124344008Milhouse doesn’t count[View]
124342020ITT: Movies you're ashamed to like because of /tv/[View]
124344964No... not yet[View]
124340832Amazons LOTR: Imagine going from Ian Mckellen, Christopher Lee, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Elijah …[View]
124343158>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7B2fS94G2k /tv/ BTFO[View]
124339898>'Shut up, Bitch!'[View]
124346578what are some movies that pass the anti patriarchy test?[View]
124346341*gets cucked*[View]
124346489The movies you forgot they exist.[View]
124343852Any kino's with this feel?[View]
124337355>creates mandalorian for you say thank now[View]
124342659What's his problem?[View]
124343798Kylo Ren represents male ego and the anger that comes from it This is paralleled to the prequels and…[View]
124339013I raise?[View]
124339420>GOD TIER Knoxville >HIGH TIER Pontius Dunn Wee Man >OKAY TIER Steve O McGehey >FAG TIER…[View]
124345367It's the 90s and this guy is about to become your new step dad what do?[View]
124346205Why does Joker need to commit crime since he's made over a billion dollars?[View]
124343187Do you think he regrets the casting couch allegations?[View]
124343487Are you ready to laugh??[View]
124346143Russian Bride Edition.: Russian movie Text. The highlight of which are nude scenes of the pic relate…[View]
124346133It was cute and fun.[View]
124329314Why do TV shows like killing dogs all of a sudden?[View]
124344061Chief Inspector Kido?: More like Chief Inspector Kino[View]
124345980>1080p REMASTER >top and bottom parts of the movie are sliced off…[View]
124345497Any scenes in movies/tv shows that show itches getting scratched hard? Preferably to the point of da…[View]
124342477All-female cast remake when?[View]
124341932whats your favorite Powell/Pressburger film?[View]
124342765why isnt this talked about more? this shit is funny[View]
124345231Fuck You, Dougie[View]
124343281Post your favorite TV hero anons[View]
124343634Webm Thread: Post what you got[View]
124343461More kinos like this?[View]
124338331Which actress is /ourgirl/?: And why is it Elle?[View]
124343573I don't want him to die, bros[View]
124337736>has little cute daughter Darlene >sexually molests his frog-looking son instead Plotholes thr…[View]
124337031Tank has offered you 3 programs you can instantly learn by just going 'huuhuhh holy shit'. Which pro…[View]
124333696You will do your part and go see the Sonic movie right?[View]
124345020Scoot McNairy makes anything he’s in just just a little bit more kino.[View]
124344578ITT:: A picture tells a thousand words[View]
124345061Who would you have direct it?[View]
124342268>watch asian flicks >the acting is so cringe Is white the only people capable of acting?…[View]
124344071>Finish movie >'Goddamn, black people are fucking EVIL' >Go read reviews >It was apparen…[View]
124343960what about you! yes you! did you lose your drill?[View]
12434492680's Movie Recommendation Thead: Looking for movies from this era, preferably raunchy flicks.…[View]
124340776Why all of the torrent I downloaded have bad quality? The 4k one looks like 480p.[View]
124344562>movie starts with breakfast being cooked[View]
124343671>my mom says there's a lot of black people in China[View]
124343800Patrice O'Neal BTFOs /tv/: >Fight Club is the ultimate 'lame guy' movie https://www.youtube.…[View]
124344791Morning EST angels[View]
124343366What a steaming pile of dogshit, what were they thinking?[View]
124344586What are some movies about hairy potters?[View]
124339123Is there a movie like Gothic(with such comfy atmosphere)?[View]
124343664KNOCK KNOCK[View]
124339260Happy International Men’s Day kings: Let’s share some good, badass, man kino. No hoes allowed[View]
1243440002019... I am forgotten[View]
124343303who won the vietnam war?[View]
124339341>I don't sweat[View]
124344103Yo... Dis wyte boi eatin' beans...[View]
124341448This has to be one of the DARKEST moments in television. This is not the sort of thing you'd ex…[View]
124342185Fox has filed a trademark application for a TV show called 'OK boomer': > (CNN) OK, boomer. …[View]
124343934PARA RARA RARA PARARA *flute melody*[View]
124340502>Now go home and get your fuckin' podracer![View]
124343955*Fucks your wife*[View]
124342942I blame this character for why capeshit is the way it is. Always making quips in times of danger lik…[View]
124342406RIP: Chris Farley passed away.[View]
124343932The Sandlot (Kids): Film's that you watched over and over growing up. Nostalgia...[View]
12432925940K TV Show: Who will be the target audience for this?[View]
124343765>Vader: Where the fuck do you get off talkin' to people about me behind my back, goin' …[View]
124343786..you guys should have seen his face when I asked if the axe is for sale[View]
124341880cast it[View]
124337166>5'2' >ugly >directed billion dollar franchises >married a hot actress If someone c…[View]
124342334Daryl did nothing wrong[View]
124343478Why don't more Kinos have christian rock soundtracks ? https://youtu.be/uGcsIdGOuZY[View]
124343123johnny tried to warn us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUGXfAZDeA0[View]
124341675When does it get funny?[View]
124341561>yfw late 80's-early 00's camp will never come back[View]
124340301Cast him: Keep in mind Idris Elba would already be casted as Saitama.[View]
124339094Antitrust Chief Says He'll Throw Out Movie Distribution Rules That Helped Kill the Studio Syste…[View]
124343053Your top ten, now. >The Shining >Mulholland Dr >El Topo >The Texas Chainsaw Massacre …[View]
124338484Describe a movie in the DUDE ______ LMAO format: Dude Dude LMAO[View]
124339569So how to we rank Mac compared to the other semi-regular RLM guys?[View]
124342094what a shitty fucking ending[View]
124342770damn. imagine what she looks like in her prime[View]
124342102Is Rian Johnson /ourguy/?[View]
124342959Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? it is inevitable, r-right?[View]
124342374>its a 'how you can save thousands of dollars while grocery shopping' episode does anyo…[View]
124342830Is anyone else excited for Ana DeArmas new movie Knives Out[View]
124342865>why yes I don't actually watch TV but still come to /tv/ to funpost. How could you tell?…[View]
124342711Insomnia: Is the best Nolan movie.[View]
124319163Is he based or cringe?[View]
124342701I’m a confirmed ghost story and horror film addict[View]
124328053Bravo Netflix. Bravo.[View]
124342666Did Ian mew?[View]
124342278Would she have honestly dated Arthur[View]
124341627>Well, well, well... look who's back...[View]
124342537meta-Hollywood films: what are some other films about Hollywood? I love how this one explored the mi…[View]
124342179Why don't they promote relationships like this anymore?[View]
124328968Marketing ploy or truth?[View]
124342207Will Denis make Baron Harkonnen an iconic movie villain?[View]
124338964War of the Worlds BBC: I liked the 'Red Weed' apocalypse. Reminded me of a creepy WW1 neur…[View]
124334938Holy shit this movie is so bad. I stopped the movie after they get on yacht. Does it get any better …[View]
124342376>w...a...k...e....u...p! wake up! WAKE UP, anon![View]
124341075It's up[View]
124342166Your blade, will keel. This show is actual kino.[View]
124342258Is it good?[View]
124335736what was the last ORIGINAL movie that spawned a franchise? not a graphic novel or comic book or what…[View]
124335291>crusti croc :D[View]
124332399Hmmm now where could my pipe be?[View]
124338394/tv/ related skribbl thread https://skribbl.io/?jR8e7IRsoT[View]
124341193ZOU BISOU BISOU[View]
124341761>tfw watching marine corps training while eating a jelly donut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk…[View]
124341694crawling in my skin these wounds they will not heal fear is how I fall confusing what is real -[View]
124336224/SORBO/ Kevin Sorbo General: >KEVIN SORBO ACTOR, DIRECTOR, PRODUCERimdb.com/name/nm0001757kevinso…[View]
124333412Is Sophie doing the best out of all the GoT stars?[View]
124336950Werner Herzog Was Brought to Tears by Baby Yoda: When was the last time a film made you cry?[View]
124338710I'm putting together a team[View]
124335179This means it's kino, right?[View]
124339027What is the secret behind their on-screen chemistry?[View]
124340782Fuck me in the ass, Mike![View]
124340359The picture that saved /tv/[View]
124334610Since the dust has settled, can we consider it 10/10 kino? Btw post reaction pics[View]
124338845>saves Star Wars[View]
124314648Elizabeth Banks blames men for Charlie’s Angels Flop: https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/11/18/char…[View]
124341709ITT:: /tv/ Characters that are literally you[View]
124332355>*blocks your path*[View]
124341509poopoo peepee[View]
124334620Mark Wahlberg Joins Tom Holland in ‘Uncharted’ Movie: Mark Wahlberg is in final talks to co-star wit…[View]
124336501Should Betty Brant have been the love interest for Peter Parker in the Raimi Spider-Man films instea…[View]
124341539i'm thinking to watch star wars the mandalorean but i'm afraid of become mega onions lord …[View]
124339623>tfw no pure Aryan daughter who makes you swastika cupcakes[View]
124339004cast it[View]
124339754Is there a movie like Forklift Simulator 2019(with such comfy atmosphere)?[View]
124335343When's their movie?[View]
124340056uh, you don't get to bring digits[View]
124337694>all he wanted was to get laid for the last time[View]
124336360If Ivan Ooze where an alcoholic, he would be called Ivan Booze.[View]
124335344The Australians are up: The australians are just now waking up, I see. What are some Australian kino…[View]
124341085All right, it's time to settle this.Which one was a better adaptation of Red Harvest?[View]
124341033Do you think he regrets the allegations?[View]
124335421Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
124336336>it's a /tv/ falls for another marketing ploy to generate buzz for her shit-ass movie episod…[View]
124340541Reminder that some people unironically think Natalie Portman gave a bad performance in the prequels.[View]
124337855I need scenes from tv shows and movies that feature characters scratching itches. Preferably hard en…[View]
124338767Parasite (2019): >be me, korean father that struggles to survives each day >my wife and daught…[View]
124340074Wow, I can't believe they made a TV show about Zack Snyder.[View]
124339421>he imagined being a villain with a noble cause[View]
124337118Is Midsommar better or worse than Hereditary?[View]
124339246>dat young blood prince could be anywhere[View]
124338620Post Jewish movie protagonists.[View]
124338807>Hire him to play a WASP’s role[View]
124339170Unexpected redpill[View]
124337375Janeane Garofalo: Discuss If you know her, met her, worked with her, or performed with her, share yo…[View]
124336614ITT: Shows deemed as 'worldwide phenomenons' that were only big in the US I'll start[View]
124338209Why didn't he just improve himself in terms of social skills/resources and work on his desire a…[View]
124340141Throw me the keys![View]
124340316Air Crash Investigation: I find this show lacking in production value[View]
124331752Why is he famous?[View]
124338428We're putting together a team[View]
124340028A communications disruption can mean only one thing. Invasion.[View]
124339580Baby Yeen: Honest question; What the fuck is this thing?[View]
124339577kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
124338533Just saw this. What a fucking mess.[View]
124340035Cast it.[View]
124339820Cast him[View]
124339982BILL BURR MELTDOWN WATCHING STEFAN MOLYNEUX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muOTBsx0dIk Doesn'…[View]
124337019Look at their fucking caked faces. They’re so disconnected from the real world. You’d think in the a…[View]
124340017Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whate…[View]
12433657130 days 0 hype[View]
124339933other than creepshow, what other flicks deal with roaches: fukn saw the first one in my house inover…[View]
124339087Yeah I'm thinking... they're back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsTPLJxIlvs[View]
124323503This is sexism. This is rape. #istandwithher[View]
124339670Mr Mercedes S3 Finale: I'm pissed that little shit Pete didn't at least get maimed or lose…[View]
124338882Dont delete my threads: Denying the moon landing is not postmodern it is just being an idiot. Oh and…[View]
124336638I dont understand this battle, why didn't the geonosians detect the jedis? They appeared out o…[View]
124332428How is Hollywood and western media going to adapt to rising Asian dominance?[View]
124336245what's her h*cking problem?[View]
124326724OK Boomer show coming to FOX.: >https://www.local10.com/entertainment/fox-has-filed-a-trademark-a…[View]
124339196What happens when you drive the nerds out of your franchise?[View]
124339096Golden LION Golden FROG Next golden animal??[View]
124339002>walk into the kitchen for another bag of popcorn >see this wat do?…[View]
124339308Luke, did I ever tell you about Ahsoka Tano? She was your father’s exotic teenage alien apprentice, …[View]
124337928Just saw this flick. It was fine, I liked it. What you think about the final fight between Joker …[View]
124333742what movie best captures what life is like in Britain?[View]
124339075ITT: you get rekt like in the post below yours[View]
124338250Is there a reason Disney doesn't include her in their Princess lineup?[View]
124339084To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day Hardly spoke to girls his own age, didn't…[View]
124339070Was it kino?[View]
124338093>go to request the lighthouse on yify >it says pls provide sources is it just me of does sourc…[View]
124338281UNO FARTO[View]
124337637why destroy the films when the Reich could have used them to beat the rebels? and i dont like the ti…[View]
124338477>leaving car park after viewing Joker friends >accidentally scrape someone, get out and apolog…[View]
124335447Is he the Scaruffi of /tv/?[View]
124338066The End of the F***ing World: damn. this shit is excellent.[View]
124334758>OH YE-[View]
124338512>moy English accent is bettah than yours[View]
124337578What the fuck was their problem?[View]
124331733West Papua genocide documentary Forgotten Bird of Paradise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaGou3vB…[View]
124338806What's worth watching right now?: I'm currently watching two shows, His Dark Materials and…[View]
124338775Itchy and Scratchy are laborers in Poochie's gold mine. Poochie sits on a velvet throne surroun…[View]
124338719They just don't do movies like this anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8JomQt3fNc[View]
124337089Name one (1) unreleased film that you are looking forward to that is not any of the following. 1.A …[View]
124338736what are some movies where the good guy gets the girl?[View]
124338082Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
124315444Sorry I doubted you.[View]
124338371Back when kino was real[View]
124338532how many plebs on this board has this film filtered?[View]
124334378What was his fucking problem?[View]
124337469Is Steve Buscemi a good director?[View]
124338452>its a 'CIA tortures mack' episode[View]
124338381>someone brings up your fetish on TV and you blurt out that it's a 'black male thing' as if …[View]
124338115Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
124336931Are you ready to laugh???[View]
124338028Is it worth watching?[View]
124336849Are there any shows where the main character gets cloned, the clone runs off with his girlfriend, ge…[View]
124332768Disney+: Anyone else have half their watchlist missing?[View]
124328316Y2K animation only you remember.: MTV, Adult swim, etc GenX cartoon kino in here.[View]
124335365I thought the Mandalorian was supposed to have a New Zealand accent. Why is he spanish batman now?[View]
124338197Why won't she be swine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knk7Kh7mKKI[View]
124338139*typecast as the quiet girl who gets on/off at the same stop as you*[View]
124338020dude time travel lmao[View]
124338010>movie has really hot female villain >you know she's going to die because she's a vi…[View]
124336482>develop a latex fetish because of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman >see how much latex/bdsm …[View]
124338017post some movies that are realer than real life[View]
124337197Absolutely based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWZTyiMXulQ[View]
124334873Don't get him wet: Yeed is literally just a reskin of Gizmo[View]
124337750Why can’t TV make next level beats with PC computers? https://youtu.be/Q77YBmtd2Rw[View]
124330316Frozen 2: So now that the reviews and leaks are coming out...what do you guys think of their decisio…[View]
124336873The lighthouse: Tell me anon... how long have we been on this rock 5 weeks? Two days? Help me to...…[View]
124337849Are they as bad as that South Park episode made them out to be? that episode is beyond outdated…[View]
124336937Why would a movie set require a barely visible extra/stuntman to wear a mask? Why did the driver eve…[View]
124337547It seems today, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on /tv/[View]
124337796Rank the Dirty Harry films /tv/[View]
124336138Who do black women think they're entitled to use the J-word?[View]
124332799Attention /tv/ FUCK NIGGERS, FUCK YIDS, FUCK TRANNIES AND FUCK JANNIES That is all[View]
124335862Movies about heroic yet doomed last stands: 300 is an obvious one, but what else?[View]
124335133whens the spinoff happening?[View]
124334125>Doctor Who introduces this character, this strong, capable, beautiful lady to it's cannon a…[View]
124336922>MUH POOR BLACK PEEPO Every.fucking.episode. How did this show tank so badly /tv/?? Christ almigh…[View]
124337633Niggers! Th-theres niggers! Niggers! They want me to milly rock![View]
124337624IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT https://youtu.be/BooFfgCvw1M After unceremoniaciously getting r…[View]
124334967>2010 was 10 years ago any movies for this feel?[View]
1243369828 tv shows that haven't aged well https://www.insider.com/television-shows-that-didnt-age-well …[View]
124335487>he watches western live action 'films'[View]
124337571Post any communal streaming sites you know of. What I mean by communal streaming is that all users v…[View]
124334607What does the Joker's card say /tv/?[View]
124337455>oh no, a jumpscare[View]
124337517ITT: British reality tv kino[View]
124334293WINO FOREVER.[View]
124333042>it was all in his head! >he's dead and it takes place in purgatory!…[View]
124336832>'Taking one last look... At my friends.' >he says while looking at the random junker introduc…[View]
124337436Was the removal of laugh tracks the final nail in the coffin for the comedy genre? Audiences need to…[View]
124335863AYO TREX: come help me swag this kid out[View]
124336923Stop watching right there[View]
124321804WEBM thread: post what you got[View]
124316269What happens when Chinese media starts to take over the West?[View]
124333863Physical media: Post your physical kino collections and let's rate them. Mine has grown and shr…[View]
124334982>it's another 'prequel/sequel/reboot/remake nobody asked for' episode How do we fix Hollywoo…[View]
124333007If They Were In Purgatory....: So if the crew died and the island was purgatory, then how were they …[View]
124328770The Wire: Is this kino?[View]
124337090Alan Moore: Superheroes are an evolution of the KKK: Holy fucking based[View]
124337083My mom has a pathological hate towards Nicholas Cage, she says he is the only person she would murde…[View]
124336599Who can’t he play?[View]
124336932Dance Moms: Has anyone been watching the latest season of Dance Moms? Is it worth watching? How has …[View]
124336760Is 2020 the year? Disney won't just lock this shit up, right?[View]
124336498Recommend a movie for each one.[View]
124335225incoherent plot[View]
124334695It’s happening bros Everyone wants the Snyder cut[View]
124336792Ahem: Fuck niggers Fuck jews Fuck this nigger faggot janny that's killing the threads[View]
124335234Are the jannies even on. Please do something about the current state of /tv/. PLEASE JANNIES[View]
124335740What happened?[View]
124336453Sjws are trying to destroy Star Wars threads here in our board: They know we are retaking our cultur…[View]
124336382Dinosaur documentary 90s: Hi, does anybody remember a documentary from the end of the 80s or beginin…[View]
124336127The great debate, who was the worst ?[View]
124334183Yo... Dis wyte boi eatin' beans...[View]
124335494Why didn't Elaine complain about being put in an all male prison?[View]
124333322Did /tv/ ship Creddie or Seddie?[View]
124335886>$300 sushi Smells fishy...[View]
124334618This thread is for those who bored by other threads. Post interesting scenes for non-well known movi…[View]
124332818Why didn't this nigga or Snoke have the yellow Sith eyes?[View]
124335868anyone else watched this? Seems like a show /tv/ would have a lot of thoughts on.[View]
124333971which simpson's episodes produced the most feels for you? for me its the catfish episode.[View]
124328947Was it any good?[View]
124335634cast him[View]
124335287Better than their more famous relatives.: Hard mode: no Clint Howard.[View]
124335035BRAVO ESMAIL[View]
124335310ITT: your favorite scene of the last decade[View]
124335150Which version of Star Wars is your favorite?[View]
124333972Phase 8: Anon, why do you have 'The Notebook' on DVD? >Oh, I don't know. I think my mom gave…[View]
124335147>tfw Big Bird is a Boomer[View]
124331164Are you man enough to admit the most kino feature film in existence is a children’s cartoon about fe…[View]
124334800I literally cannot get over how big of a fucking hack Aaron Sorkin is.[View]
124334351Let's talk about the coming.. 40k TV show. Here's the official point on lore from Games wo…[View]
124334238ITT: Kino Christmas movies[View]
124327723Why did her career die again?[View]
124319993>preview is way better than the movie Ever had this happen before?[View]
124334725i think the spice roasters actually implemented one thing from the 1982 blade runner concept art in …[View]
124331672Just saw this in one of the only places this is playing in the US in hartford connecticut. Don'…[View]
124332998I thought this scene was supposed to be iconic. I wasn't expecting stadium rock to be playing t…[View]
124333090Who is the ultimate /ourguy/ of /tv/? A character or real person we can all look up to, the one who …[View]
124334358For some raisin I'm watching Zombieland: And I don't get it. They're infected living …[View]
124334444>women should be allowed to vo--[View]
124334343Any kinos about the future of western civilization?[View]
124332297> hire this guy to play the mandalorian > never show his face why they do this…[View]
124334272wasn't HE the darkest omen of the wizarding world?[View]
124332016Name a more visually and emotionally beautiful film.[View]
124332352>hey Wayne! >you get what you fucking deserve What did he mean when he said this?…[View]
124332155Where's my thanks?[View]
124331886>Stuck a feather in his cap and called it sneed-a-roni....... SNEED![View]
124333963Thoughts on this kino?[View]
124328069Ford v Ferrari/Le Mans '66: Was Leo Beebe that much of an asshole, or was that added just for d…[View]
124304549The Jedi are supposed to be disciplined monks who reject temptation right? So why the hell do they l…[View]
124333764flicks with this aesthetic?[View]
124329719>directed by Quentin Tarantino[View]
124333746cast them[View]
124333616was he /ourguy/? I'm pretty sure Thor would have browsed /tv/[View]
124328752Is it kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_6Tumd8EQI Is there a future in deepfake comedy?…[View]
124331872Bananas in Pyjamas are coming down the stairs...[View]
124331543>can't even get a black single mom gf Is he /our guy/?[View]
124333539Charmaine Bucco[View]
124332791What is your favorite sports movie? Mine is The Wrestler.[View]
124329673Doctor Sleep: >she will never eat your soul Nightly doctor sleep thread.…[View]
124332159Sopranos hate thread: Aight eses, this is a reminder that 'The Sopranos' is a lot of phony-ass Holly…[View]
124333070She's the best female director ever[View]
124333336i miss vhs cases[View]
124333619>JANE SAYS[View]
124333454This is the kind of movie you can get when you dont have to catter to the bug people.[View]
124331155/Our Guy/: Ahem... It's been a while since our lord and savior had a thread. Have we forgotten …[View]
124332676Could They Remake The Jazz Singer Today?[View]
124330643Kino of the year[View]
124318752What's some gay kino?[View]
124332801New movie coming out that is to be released in 2021, an adaptation of Resident Evil 4 called Residen…[View]
124333102>Driving record? >It's clean. Real clean. Like my penis. Because I'm an incel. I hav…[View]
124325456How do we stop this guy?[View]
124333146There's no easy way out[View]
124322079what is some kino with a sk8er boi feel?[View]