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107081508>none of the boyfriends were black: WTF![View]
107080154Which type of actress has a harder time getting main character roles: very small tits actresses or h…[View]
107081991>not going bankrupt and travelling india for months visiting slums looking for knockoff rolexes a…[View]
107081960movie you saw the most on comedy central[View]
107081680post shows and movies that had a negative influence on society[View]
107081889so /tv/ whats your favourite fight scene and in what movie? personally i liked the first fight scene…[View]
107081142Terminator 2 was a good movie to end this series, I understand why they made more but are the sequel…[View]
107081931ITT: Based actors who don't fall for lanklet memes.[View]
107081697>main character isn't in the 9th year of college why is hollywood so unrelatable?…[View]
107081827>And talk was heard in camp of a prophecy of ancient days that said, “When the hammer shall fall …[View]
107071229I’m cashing you out, bob.[View]
107079225Young sheldon: Anyone else really let down by the last 2 seasons of TBBT but loving this? Discuss…[View]
107078989top of my boat[View]
107080753Tale as old as time True as it can be Barely even friends Then somebody bends Unexpectedly Just a li…[View]
107081570Top 4 on Letterboxd thread. (also roast people's taste)[View]
107078334Comedy: Why is the genre so fucking dead? I feel like even horror, that was utterly dead for the las…[View]
107080185how important is highschool experiences in american lives?[View]
107081587ITT: movies that describe you accurately[View]
107081422>movie about illegal immigration >paper planes starts playing…[View]
107080307Why did they make such a big deal about eating pussy?[View]
107080091ITT: Actresses who retired too soon[View]
107079090IT'S HAPPENING[View]
107081532Best gunfight scene ever? What is it? For me, the climax of Way of the Gun with the fountain.[View]
107078068Jannie doesn't know that my bros and me say nigger on /tv/ every weekday he says he's get…[View]
107081274*hosts your oscars*[View]
107079317can i just skip season 1 and go to season 2?[View]
107078444Just rewatched this, can someone explain to me why this shlock was so successful? Were people just a…[View]
107080744What was his problem?[View]
107081145Why do people even care about this plebian site?[View]
107076825Who ya got[View]
107081354https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iNx3rKkwJQ Kino. Pure, absolute kino. Beginning to end. If you thin…[View]
107079842guess who is in avengers endgame.[View]
107080948What train wrecks are you getting in line for, anon?[View]
107078522*stomps toward you*[View]
107080713What’s the most autistic film review you’ve ever read?[View]
107080656What did Verhoeven mean by this?[View]
107081000How was this allowed?[View]
107075542Which is the best 90’s sitcom?[View]
107079574ITT post ideas for movies you'd like to see I'd like to see a movie about different timeli…[View]
107080367Why doesn't /tv/ talk about one of the best movies of the last decade. Hoodwinked thread. What …[View]
107080916Joe is so much older than the rest and is a professional improv comic. Kind of kills the immersion o…[View]
107080963>comic relief[View]
107078340i cant be the only one who thinks this. banes 'for you' line was only in response to his p…[View]
107076145'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' is the worst acclaimed move ever: I've seen many films. I…[View]
107080843>my teeth seem to be getting dirty I'm going to cut my own lips off This is the '''logic''' …[View]
107080870Cool beans![View]
107076826Which had the better movie?[View]
107080838>CJ becomes Chief of Staff ok officially fuck this show[View]
107080403Just saw this for the first time. I feel very ignorant for not having watched a movie with Eastwood …[View]
107078556Who's the target audience?[View]
107080712Why does Sandman always look like he's about to say the n-word around Spider-Man?[View]
107080757Can you believe it? Just last week this prick asked me to christen his kid. $7,000 I charged him.[View]
107079795>1997 kino >I'M THE SCATMAN starts playing Inb4 give me 1 (one) example: Nothing to Lose…[View]
107080502Arrowverse: >Crisis on Infinite Earths this fall GOD DAMN IT This is going to be annoying as fuck…[View]
107079589thoughts on Game Night (2018)?[View]
107080626You're tonight's big loser anon, now you gotta say it.[View]
107077807DaVinci code: What does /tv/ think of The DaVinci code?[View]
107075638Hey anon, I heard you're a film buff. What's your favourite film?[View]
107077220>I'm gonna deck the halls with your balls[View]
107080597ITT: Best pleb filters of the last decade[View]
107079774A man with a big scar on his face tells you that he will send you back in time to 1984 to protect th…[View]
107078730The Endless: First: can someone explain this to someone who couldn't solve a 2D rubiks cube wit…[View]
107076055>I hate how political Hollywood is nowadays![View]
107080253What is she doing here?[View]
107079905Can you relate to this dangerous situation?[View]
107078955OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
107078137If a good film didn't age well does that means it is a bad film?[View]
107078419This kikeshow isn't funny[View]
107077075Chad Pitt[View]
107079297guess the actress /tv/[View]
107076207Oh look /tv/, it turns out the girl from the end of Ace Ventura actually has a penis. I guess that…[View]
107080366What films encapsulate this feeling?[View]
107062355Aquaman: What went wrong?[View]
107080334Let's add some subtitle niggers that will bring the viewers back...[View]
107080298cast it[View]
107077757Why it is considered the worst Wes Anderson movie? Has flaws, but still pretty good imo.[View]
107076081Directors That Have Netflix Released Films From 2018: In no particular order -The Coen Brothers -Dun…[View]
107077438How old were you when you grew out of movies and got into films?[View]
107078255ITT: /out/ kino[View]
107077859any good war movies that take place before the first two world wars?[View]
107077387>watch Infinity War >Peter Dinklage is in it…[View]
107076727>Joker >John Wick >Mike Jones >Quote >Commander Keen…[View]
107079892>Hey anon remember that 'Death note' thing you told me to see years ago? >Well I saw it on Net…[View]
107078912Why did it this show get cancelled?[View]
107078393Is this good cinematography?[View]
107079961you know what, i'm annoyed of youse plebeians hailing spaghetti-westerns as le ebin deconstruct…[View]
107076965Describe the last dump you took with a spongebob quote.[View]
107078679Who will (You) cast as him/her?[View]
107072625Still the best 17 years later. What went so right?[View]
107079737Charlotte Hawkins - Wot a FIT BURD: Post your favorite morning tv presenters[View]
107078975Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Alllways repeat.[View]
107075120Who are some actors with negative star appeal? Who, when you see that they star in the movie, actual…[View]
107078978i'm so lonely and horny.... merry christmas /tv/[View]
107079251Where the fuck are all the goth girls? For real where did they go?[View]
107074681High Noon: I'm offering ¥8650000 to any of you anime watching tinhorns to prove me wrong that H…[View]
107077744Why the fuck did he love scrambled eggs so much?[View]
107075733OH NO OH NO OH NO[View]
107077489What are some kinos about trying to compensate for your thinning hair by increasing the time you spe…[View]
107079541>hey man, if my friends knew I was sucking that guys cock theyd murder me, so just keep this on t…[View]
107076616Its a shame that hollywood has become so risk adverse that they don't take chances on what on p…[View]
107077611Actors with successful marriages[View]
107076619>smooches with his cousin one time >guns her down Honestly, i think he went too far.…[View]
107079061snyders version was better tbh[View]
107079495It was a good show, but good god I never thought it’d become a documentary.[View]
107078011To Think. I Hesitated: What did he mean by this[View]
107073509ITT: kino moves that the npc hivemind tricked you into thinking were bad[View]
107076920You the ice cream man?[View]
107079157Is RLM going to keep doing movie reviews for the rest of their lives? Will they be reviewing Marvel …[View]
107078817>blue arms FUCK[View]
107078959Are there any actors or directors that browse /tv/ and does it influence their work? Pic very relat…[View]
107073302How many Canada anons on /tv/ tonight? What is/was your opinion of YTV?[View]
107076837Kinos for this feel?[View]
107079228>expect a film about racism >get horse cocks What are some times your expectations were pleasa…[View]
107079060ITT: 2018 Kino[View]
107076567Captain Marvel Scene Description: Is the MCU, dare I say it, the funniest franchise of all time?…[View]
107070524Are the stranger things kids the only group of child actors from a major show hat can act well?[View]
107075149fucking annoying, hope she gets killed next season[View]
107078784>It's a Polly scene[View]
107077051Space Cop is coming soon to Netflix[View]
107078898Okay, here's the shot out of the cannon: Oprah, Barbara Walters, your wife. You gotta fuck 1, m…[View]
107078404Commercials that annoy you[View]
107079021Was this scene really necessary?[View]
107078981kino: What's Arthur's tax policy?[View]
107076684THIS SINK’S A GONER[View]
107078849Why are capeshitters so brain-dead?[View]
107074254Free Solo: This was such a suspenseful and inspiring film. Definitely check it out if you have the c…[View]
107078837what the fuck Japan: it´s a her face when the weird chink forces her to do weird shit for hours, sol…[View]
107075129Talk about The Shield, now.[View]
107078611What films address the topic of simultaneous vomiting, defecation, and ejaculation?[View]
107077923I'll take that fucking Discman and I'll ram it up your box[View]
107078293Any other boomers remember when this was a meme eight years ago in 2010?[View]
107063618Most pointless black mirror episode?[View]
107078169As if they couldn't get any worse[View]
107076213>I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. Every adult you've ever known was a ki…[View]
107078003>rips off Arkham Knight What were they thinking?[View]
107077770Based on the eponymous Marvel Comics superhero, the eighteenth installment of the Marvel Cinematic U…[View]
107077831What's the next step in his master plan?[View]
107077538>tfw trying to fall asleep but suddenly you remember you made Space Cop and feel your face blush …[View]
107076036How did a new detective afford a brand new Cadillac and an upscale Miami apartment? When Dexter live…[View]
107077531Where does he get his ideas from?[View]
107074443what are some brutal fighting kinos[View]
1070751642024 is a leap year that starts on a Monday. The last time this happened was 1996. 2001, 2007 & …[View]
107065310Is she kino?[View]
107073359Hans is final boss. Karl is boss. Is Tony a boss, mid-boss, or easy guy?[View]
107077487How come Hollywood movies never feature realistic relationships? How are we supposed to relate to th…[View]
107077440do you ever find yourself saying kino all the time in your head? like if im seeing something amazing…[View]
107076315'Be that as it may': Why does everyone on this sub use the phrase 'Be it as it may' all the time? Ge…[View]
107077106What's the LEGO movie framerate? I know every movie, or most, are about 24. But how much frames…[View]
107077233Are they ever gonna fuck?[View]
107075673why do plebs thinks the exorcist is better than this?[View]
107074908>character shoots or stabs somebody without killing them >'the wound is in the lower ventricle…[View]
107075886imagine making millions by doing a single stupid voice do americans really find him funny?[View]
107075636 [View]
107077105Miranda Cosgrove: Can't wait to see her new movie[View]
107075849Hello /tv/, what’s happening....?[View]
107077026What a waste of movie. >the group somehow manages to arm themselves to the teeth out of no where…[View]
107076656is it the best thing on /tv/?[View]
107076937If you find this movie 'slow and boring' I suggest you stick to Transformers and other crap like tha…[View]
107066767Who watches Legends of Tomorrow?[View]
107076858>be me >like that show called mr robot lets find some awesome wallpapers for it >ask uncle …[View]
107075051Why did Anakin become young again as a force ghost but Obi-Wan stayed old?[View]
107076732Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
107066848What are the A-list classic semen demon best looking Hollywood beautiful actresses over the years/er…[View]
107076726>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
107076668mmm quads[View]
107075554Just finished season 1 and all this film shit toward the end was absolutely retarded, are season 2 a…[View]
107075832Today's debate: Is it wrong to be strong? You be the judge.[View]
107075389What are some films that explore the black male and white female relationship?[View]
107074373Dread it. Run from it. Black Panther's Oscar win still arrives.[View]
107076507>Testicle perspective The thing even worse than the Chernobyl rat thing in this atrocity is the f…[View]
107075862Better than any Disney Star Wars: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u3tC8TPh9oQ How is it possible that …[View]
107073207Am I supposed to root for the Vikings or the Saxons? It's unclear[View]
107072558Who will play him in the live action movie?[View]
107073402What is the Reptilia of movies?[View]
107074572Nightflyers general: It's not so bad. I give it 3.5/5[View]
107075156December Deathmatch. Chad Paramount and Sony Vs Beta Warners/DC[View]
107075867Is he coming back?[View]
107076230Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbnfSpcI-sk[View]
107074645Gadsby WILL host Oscars 2019: The announcement is going to come by the end of this week, we fucking …[View]
107061300Memes aside, what was the joke?[View]
107075795Post Kino Noses: Zuleyka Rivera Miss Universe 2006[View]
107076481Well Niles, I think that’s the last we’ll be hearing from Maris..[View]
107073128>why do you want to watch a movie when you could be fucking me! wat do /tv/?…[View]
107076324do any movies or tv shows tackle the american obesity problem?[View]
107068122WENOM: Was 6 months enough for she to have move on from her fiance, to a new serious relationship li…[View]
107074797WHAT THE FUCK[View]
107073298new leaked poster sanic was here[View]
107076075>DC's only chance to top Marvel rests on how they're able to portray Trigon…[View]
107073769>main character is about to have sex >phone rings…[View]
107070593>they actually blackwashed Jet >ricewashed Spike and Faye >other obviously white characters…[View]
107076105Live Action Evangelion.: Would Christopher Nolan be a good director for a live action NGE?[View]
107071473What are some sequels that actively tried to ruin the first film?[View]
107073966>How about the fact I hate my son? I come home and he's sittin on his computer in his fuckin…[View]
107074703>we need a non-threatening black acto- >say no more…[View]
107075545It's a new one.[View]
1070670272019.... I am forgotten[View]
107075388>You either die a racist or you live long enough to see yourself become the nigger.…[View]
107044295>'A Tour-De-Force'[View]
107075274Fuck Black Panther: Real black superhero coming through...[View]
107073873What movie should I watch tonight? Last night it was Raging Bull.[View]
107075838>Merry... please just come off it, mate..[View]
107074039HAMBUBGER: What did he mean by this?[View]
107075600Does everyone in Springfield smoke tomacco, or is it only the boomers?[View]
107075747How do you go from this[View]
107072934what's the best wagie movie?[View]
107075748What's his name again?[View]
107075656>Thanks for dropping by[View]
107075653post the moment you realized Kubrick was a jealous[View]
1070715372018: Now that 2018 is almost over, what new movie that you enjoy the most this year?[View]
107048932So did you guys like the movie Get Out? I thought the politics were a bit too black and white. I pre…[View]
107074887I have watched television and movies before. AMA[View]
107073083>scenes women will NEVER understand[View]
107075526Look who I met today /tv/![View]
107075483any movies with this aesthetic?[View]
107072179mister bern[View]
107075104Artificial Intelligence: any good AI tv shows/movies?[View]
107074077Was he a homosexual?[View]
107075399mmmmmmmmhhhmm. Tha's right[View]
107074273The Bee bit my bottom! Now my bottoms big![View]
107064622Let's make up new episodes of Seinfeld. Post ideas or skits.[View]
107075016>Transformers sucks and 'Bumblebee' is going to be a piece of s-[View]
107071634Will it be kino?[View]
107071416The atmosphere, tense and music choice was much better in the second half of Death note. The first h…[View]
107075112fuck rey[View]
107075054SHUT CHUR MOUTHS. https://youtu.be/ntPHFVWDIqM[View]
107071813Favorite Simpsons episodes/characters? For me I like marge[View]
107074836>With respect master Anon, perhaps this is a 4channeler you don't fully understand either...…[View]
107073530>Mediocre Summer movie from 20 years ago >Literally better fight choreography than anything in…[View]
107074916DUDE TITS AND VIDYA LMAO: The Movie[View]
107074905>bake him away toys wat do?[View]
107072081I want to die: please give me cancer before next september[View]
107074599/S&SG/ Sword and Sandal General: why does /tv/ never discuss the inarguably best passive viewing…[View]
107074651*ruins the simpsons*[View]
107066510Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the theater. We only serve couples or families here.[View]
107074742Say the line Murr.[View]
107074848Page 12 of the outline. It's looking good so far.[View]
107074670tfw nothing will ever be better than Mast and Commander[View]
107074656Was it kino?[View]
107074595fuck niggers fuck kikes[View]
107073150what are some new-ish movies from this place?[View]
107072056YouTube in process of deleting all conservative accounts: >First they came for Alex Jones and I d…[View]
107072644Why does Hollywood always ignore this part about interracial relationships?[View]
107074537what are some flicks where the guy rejects the girl?: how come girls act like they never really like…[View]
107071876>conservative humor doesn't exist[View]
107072882I can't hear you.[View]
107066314Creed II: Did you like it?[View]
107073557Name's Bond, mate.[View]
107073727Meanwhile at /lgbtv/...[View]
107074278I'M IN CHARGE HERE[View]
107067094Leslie Jones[View]
107065182SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer Description & Plot Details: >The preview begins with Peter …[View]
107074258BEST TV SHOWS OF 2018: SUCCESSION for me and u?[View]
107073636What are some movies that deal with rational thinking?[View]
107071732Max Headroom pirating incident: On November 22nd 1987 I hijacked WGN Channel 11. We managed to hijac…[View]
107067044What criteria must a film meet to be labeled reddit?[View]
107072413Why is this show such trash??: Had friends recommend this show and saw that it was rated highly on i…[View]
107013529/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: V/H/S Previously: >>106964532 What is found foot…[View]
107072703Did they really rip off Die Antwoord?[View]
107073323>So then I said to Woody Allen, 'Well Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre'…[View]
107073980Jokes you never got[View]
107069245Star Trek: How can people say that TOS and TNG are the same series but not DSC?[View]
107073753I'm feeling agitated and restless, what are some good uncomfy movies?[View]
107071890Reminder that you are not a true cinefile until you have watched the Blade Runner 2049 VHS Pan&S…[View]
107070512Be honest you cried[View]
107072597Will the big guy be coming into the DC television universe?[View]
107070975We Hate It, Right?[View]
107073766After Bumblebee's success, does John Cena have what it takes to become a leading man and take d…[View]
107071047The House that Jack Built: Fucking Lars.[View]
107071615CAPTAIN MARVEL CCXP Footage Description: >The preview begins with Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) cap…[View]
107073571Maaaaan I wanted S12 what the fuck. I fucking loved season 10 and season 11. The finale felt rushed …[View]
107072330>higher opening weekend than Civil War in China, also the highest opening weekend in that country…[View]
107072766/tv/ in a nutshell[View]
107073397Some of you were discussing a recently released movie that everyone was considering to be kino but m…[View]
107073474A toast my dear friends! To the janitorial services of 4channel's Television and Film board! Y…[View]
107070849Map of Realms[View]
107073438This movie made me so ANGRY. Why the FUCK does he have to act like such a KEK[View]
107073148I’m going to say the N-word, Kal-El.[View]
107063826Hasn't done anything good since 1997[View]
107073188Quoth the raven...[View]
107072170>My father died on this floor. Right there. Stabbed 27 times, butchered by men he called his frie…[View]
107073300Not my proudest fap But I don't regret it[View]
107070269what exactly is so bad about diversity and inclusion?[View]
107069108Is she going to show her feet in captain marvel?[View]
107072695>muh strong empowered gender studies vigilante Fuck Lisbeth Salander[View]
107073107What would you do?[View]
107072161Is she the Lucy Liu of our generation?[View]
107071934I'm a hunter. Not a fucking truck driver corralling gun platforms.[View]
107072033just started watching dead like me. pretty good but i read that Bryan Fuller left after 5 episodes. …[View]
107071965What are some films about heroes doing what's right for their country at great personal cost?[View]
107071966who is the most talented actress?[View]
107071120What will his catchphrase be?[View]
107071717Ahem..Ahem..FUCK Bane![View]
107071375>Remember Fred? He's back, in Pog form![View]
107070448sometimes I think I was born backwards, you know, come out of my mum the wrong way. I hear words go …[View]
107069802I uh I...lost my temper on stage, I was at the uh a comedy club trying to uh do my act and I got hec…[View]
107063277/trek/: 'DS9 is fine' edition previous: >>107043734[View]
107072314Please tell me the name of a thriller movie you like. Doesn't necessarily have to be horror.[View]
107071105ITT performances that were criminally overlooked by the Academy[View]
107066097/LEFTKINO/: What leftist movies have you seen /tv/?[View]
107072670These all arrived today, and it just occurred to me that I have weird taste in movies.[View]
107062356anyone still like Star Wars?[View]
107053982actors and actresses you irrationally hate. i can't stand imogen poots. i've never seen an…[View]
107072041Why does every thread I post Sneed me?[View]
107072804have you finally learned to do what is necessary?[View]
107070174Does he have autism?: >has an obsessive encyclopedic knowledge of film >consistently makes fla…[View]
107072481I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast[View]
107070723What made it so popular?[View]
107072589Is 3D TV's and the 3D trend officially dead?[View]
107055962Cast it and pick a director[View]
107069228>Dude if you shrink you retain your mass >but an ant can still carry you so you don't rea…[View]
107058525Friendly reminder it was never good[View]
107072618What are some forgotten kinos that could have gone forever[View]
107072544>bad guy kills everyone quickly >when it comes to the hero he stops to give a long winded spee…[View]
107068389*Stomps Black panther*[View]
107072447What are your favorite movies to watch while smoking your cannabis cartridge?[View]
107069986What is this expression meant to convey?[View]
107072500ITT: Actors who you hate: Just watched Logan Lucky, and holy shit she was awful. >Look at me! I…[View]
107071223>tfw finally getting the Snyder cut[View]
107072424How would you make Helper into a feature film?: Animated or live action? Voice actors or no?[View]
107068866Imagine being her personal assistant and helping her cartoon all day[View]
107071401>'Yo alien technology bein' used against us, not by aliens, not wit' aliens, n' th…[View]
107070554What kind of roles do you want to see Amy Schumer in when she gets back into acting?[View]
107067770SPIKE SPIEGEL: I got the right nippon[View]
107070482'Endgame': TL;DR, Endgame will ask for some characters to erase themselves from history in order to …[View]
107072204>ITT: movies based on your actual life[View]
107072209Just finished this movie, fucking KINO. thank you to the anon who recommended it. What else should I…[View]
107071476>Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell), is a victim of a violent assault, that came about when five men b…[View]
107070535Kinos that were big at the time: ...but no one remembers anymore. Behind The Candelabra (2013)…[View]
107072004Why was this allowed?[View]
107072052Will it be kino?[View]
107070619Why did they make the most insufferable character the main one?[View]
107071524>a genderless Oscar hosting experience[View]
107071168How come he never made it big?[View]
107070934Wasnt he great?[View]
107046422Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A Old thread:…[View]
107070684Now that the domain has changed do you think he will get a new shirt and take a new pic or will he r…[View]
107058400What are your hopes for Jurassic World 3?[View]
107071673>isn't a woman >isn't black >isn't gay >actually tells jokes No wonder he…[View]
107070296Sonic: it just keeps getting worse[View]
107071736Just subbed to T-series Also the future is gay get fucked you mooks[View]
107071520Are you all watching Megan Fox’s new travelogue show on travel channel where she explores conspiraci…[View]
107070705Both old adult swim and late night disney vault disney channel were the best TV channels growing up.…[View]
107071405moe toy[View]
107069746syfy channel is showing tokyo drift atm[View]
107066324Who is your favourite french actress?[View]
107071536If you're only looking at the first movie, he has to be one of the better villains in film, cor…[View]
107071639Who else /retarded/ here?[View]
107070222why do people act like this scene was scary/?[View]
107071523>spends 8 hours talking about a 20 minute movie review[View]
107071186Haven't been to the movies since The Predator. Did I miss anything worthwhile?[View]
107061375Venomchads where you at? https://www.cbr.com/venom-screenwriter-sequel-confirmed/?utm_content=buffer…[View]
107068810Wtf did I just watch?[View]
107070083I THINK HOGWARTS SUCKS: .[View]
107071204What did he mean by this?[View]
107070320Send me that image one more time, I dare you.[View]
107070411Critters is better than Gremlins.[View]
107068585Why do people like this?[View]
107068418... thunk, thunk , thunk[View]
107070850>trans people are inhuman demons what did based james wan mean by this?…[View]
107068508killer soundtracks: anyone remember this flick?[View]
107067058Kenny vs Spenny: >THAT episode[View]
107068787Which Rankin/Bass Christmas special is the most kino?[View]
107069735Imagine being Tom Hanks' wife and having the nicest man in Hollywood manhandling you in the sac…[View]
107071170What am I in for?[View]
107070285what if bart homer smoke weed[View]
107069829Hey, Anon. It's pretty late. You should be going to sleep.[View]
107067615What am I in for chink bros?[View]
107070961ITT: Movies where the good guy loses[View]
107071062last name of simpson: real talk i don't know the simpsons last names. i know it's marge ba…[View]
107068784Sauron: Sauron didn't look like such a bad guy under the armor.[View]
107067172/FHG/ - Filler Hate General: I hate filler so fucking much. I wish I had an episode guide on which e…[View]
107069136YO DOM, why'd you bring the buster here?[View]
107070568Who's the Phil Helmuth of Television and Film?[View]
107069023Is she kino previous thread ->>107065310[View]
107070325Who's your all time favorite TV couple and why is it Ross and Rachel from friends?[View]
107069659Goldstein Sisters: What the fuck was their problem?[View]
107065017Name a better sci fi show[View]
107068949Mexican '''''humor'''''[View]
107070920I Just watched part 1 and 2 of 'Elseworlds'. I just dont get it. Why the fuck if a godlike entity gi…[View]
107070897how do i convince my friend to watch this with me?[View]
107070805What’s the name of the movie where the girl gets raped in the hallway?: Not irreversible. It’s like …[View]
107069844hooooooold the fort HE HATED JEWS[View]
107070138Mowgli: You guy's like book's about jungles?[View]
107068733Dylan O'Brien Set To Star In Sony's HARBINGER: >Dylan O'Brien ('Teen Wolf', 'Maze …[View]
107070347If up there is heaven why did Buster Scruggs wasn't taken by the carriage[View]
107070637What do you think about collecting VHS tapes as a hobby?[View]
107070537Cup of tea, Father?[View]
107064891Is there anything Jonah can't do?[View]
107070501Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: You'll be relieved to know they didn't 'blackwash…[View]
107067510Movies that exist for just one scene[View]
107070642Hallmark kino recommendations?: Can you give me some Hallmark kino, 4chan? I'm in the mood for …[View]
107070672All Stars 4: Who's winning, fellas?[View]
107070604This is gonna be bad isn't it?[View]
107069669This is broadcast on national tv in the current year[View]
107069160who /hallmark christmas movies/ here[View]
107056378ITT: cinema's greatest fight scenes[View]
107070023What Capeshit Team Is /tv/ On?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17029106/ https://www.strawpoll.me/17029106…[View]
107067754Cinema Snob General: Can you imagine the breakdown coming when Lloyd finally dies?[View]
107070225How much alcohol do you drink when you are watching a movie alone?[View]
107070348So is Buddy retarded the other elves act like normal people except they build toys and love Christma…[View]
107066216This shit is pretty underrated[View]
107068923Was this the luckiest swing ever or was sauron the biggest retard ever?[View]
107064466So will /ourguy/ be a Targaryen or Stark?[View]
1070704806ix9ine NETFLIX SHOW: Is the 6ix9ine story Netflix kino still going to happen (as announced on the b…[View]
107069139>21 >no drawing or animation experience >from australia >haven't gone to school yet…[View]
107070226you could have saved her /tv/[View]
107064405What did everyone make of this?[View]
107067100>die hard is a christmas movie >do you think die hard is a christmas movie? i do >top chris…[View]
107070252Does anyone here like this show?: I think it's pretty intense and exciting at times. The title …[View]
107070233I'm so fucking tired. I thought I just needed a night's sleep but it's more than that…[View]
107070147Grinch: Just saw this (with gf) what did I think of it? What did she(male) think of it?[View]
107069429>horror kino is about to begin[View]
107070005So where is it?[View]
107060503Post the cringiest TV related shit you can find. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQCZxcAUw8Q[View]
107070114>protagonist records a video log >hand covers half of the camera and it's pointed to the …[View]
107069422Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
107066053THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
107066992Scenes in non horror movies that scared the crap out of you[View]
107069316heh nothin personnel capeshitters[View]
107063912>Peter, I have told you this many timesMy >My panties are my property >Why do I keep findi…[View]
107069883Ye yo Rick *rubs Lucille* let me ask u somethan[View]
107069863HE'S GONNA DO IT![View]
107068068What did /tv/ think of Asa Akira's television show The Sex Factor, which aired in 2016? here…[View]
107068529Let The Corpses Tan: Anyone screened this, confirmed for kino? https://youtu.be/73zcKG4M2PU[View]
107068636How come action stars today don't have memorable lines?[View]
107069681Is this a Christmas movie?[View]
107065781What did /tv/ think of this movie[View]
107069187The Meeting of The Minds[View]
107068052Any films with ZERO non-whites?[View]
107063641Ey mang, can you give me some bus fair, I need about tree fiddy[View]
107067892 [View]
107067360Did they use real liquor?[View]
107068790just new boot goofin[View]
107069399Imagine how awesome this shit is going to work with today’s technology.[View]
107066482Movies like this but the good guys win?[View]
107067751>two brothers start a band >ugly brother gets jealous of the handsome brother >tells him he…[View]
107064553I don't like him..... on the fact that he's black.[View]
107069338Is it bad that I completely understand everything he says?[View]
107069473>mmmm mmmm m mmmmmmm >mmmmmmmmm Mmmm mm?[View]
107069121I need suggestions on decent and above movies with Mickey Rourke in it. I have exhausted all of his …[View]
107069496*saves the show from feminist propaganda* Any more based characters like Ra's Al Ghul?[View]
107068365If Sneed & Chuck are outside whose this guy?[View]
107068601Why didn't Gandalf just tell a moth or some other inconspicuous animal to carry the ring to Mou…[View]
107069280ITT: Spinoffs superior to the original[View]
107069122>Do you have any idea what it's like to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer…[View]
107068281Autistic MC: I just watched Drive for the first time yesterday and I wasn't disappointed. What…[View]
107056667Post redpilled moments in mainstream television.[View]
107064130>movie has a woman or women in it[View]
107069349This is a picture of Gun Smoke.[View]
107069050 [View]
107065378How old were you when you realized standup isn’t funny?[View]
107069326wh o is everyone favorite Jams Bont My is John Conneroy[View]
107068535Serious question, what was the actual point of this scene?[View]
107064233Dear Aussies, do you have more comedy like this?[View]
107066754The Sopranos: Is this HURRR IM A MAFIA DAD show the most le epic pretentious dogshit to ever hit tel…[View]
107061394Incel losing his kiss virginity on camera: https://youtu.be/VPASI3YsnKE[View]
107067553Holy kino.[View]
107068207How do I into 'Western imitation of 80s Japanese glam metal homoeroticism' kino?[View]
107068876>anon, i'm dr. now. i need you to lose 75 lbs in the next 4 days or you can't come on m…[View]
107066247Preacher: So I just finished the first season and I think it was decent, not great, just decent. I …[View]
107068377Who's your /tv/ husbandu[View]
107068871What are some movies about being lonely and horny during the Christmas season?[View]
107068157>Period tv show >Main character had a positive view on poc of color, gays and trannies…[View]
107065930>What about is braindead Slavs? Huh, I didn't even know Gumble was a Slavic name.…[View]
107060208>murdering a diplomat[View]
107068704Is this why Joe Pesci stopped acting?[View]
107067099I want to ____ Ava[View]
107064483What in the FUCK is Ben's problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUUDVAHXHVg#t=7m7s[View]
107066514what is this US senator talking about?[View]
107068554Why does /tv/ have such a hate-boner for Ezra Miller? Did he say the n-word or something?[View]
107067200ST: Enterprise: >people praise the cheesefest of Next Generation >people are disgusted by the …[View]
107062869YESSSS based /ourguy/ has done it again[View]
107068499>movie is divided in 4 parts, each one for a season[View]
107067063If The Last Jedi would have done a Finn and Rey romance over Kylo and Rey, would your opinion change…[View]
107064990Fine job, Aquaman. Fine job, DCEU...HOWEVER[View]
107068426Why does it suck so much?[View]
107067929>'perfect movies don't exi-'[View]
107066926>Needs human actor to portray a cold-blooded, man-eating reptile >Cast an Asian chick For fu…[View]
107066489Home Alone: What’s the point of this character? He didn’t really serve a purpose and could have easi…[View]
107064962What's your favorite movie that came out in the year that you were born? For me, its The Big L…[View]
107068320anyone else hyped for Project Blue Book?[View]
107066891What are some movies like this?[View]
107066297Where (in Springfield) would you take her on a date?[View]
107060571When does MST3K get good?: So I'm trying to get into MST3K, and holy shit it's just NOT FU…[View]
107068190Crazy, Stupid Plot: How was he so buff when he just ate pizza all day and drank all night? This guy …[View]
107066074>funky version of green hill zone starts playing[View]
107064930Why didn't they make more female human decepticons?[View]
107060769I'M SPEAKING[View]
107067241dude stop[View]
107066624Does anyone watch this?: It's been the same story arc template every fucking season, damn, even…[View]
107067954Is there any other series that switches between a few different styles/genres so well? This game has…[View]
107063213Okay, fucking seriously, why is this film so fucking kino AND /comfy/?[View]
107067902Post a movie without posting the actual movie, others have to guess what it is.[View]
107066904https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Lj1Cx4pNUw this dude seems insincere at points and you can tell he …[View]
107065151Fuck netflix: > Browsing Netfux > See lost in space > Reminisce about my childhood years of…[View]
107067157>“During one particularly harrowing moment, Hannah was describing a moment of violence that was a…[View]
107067718is this kafkaesque[View]
107063087Honest thoughts on Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens?[View]
107067475What did they mean by this?[View]
107063481Is this mumblecore?[View]
107066759Scott Derrickson Will Return To Direct DOCTOR STRANGE 2: Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong set …[View]
107064711BASED GRACE: 'BETTER THAN WONDER WOMAN': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4sgu_ituJM APOLOGIZE.…[View]
107065667Is there another movie character that expertly captures the essence of Reddit like he does?[View]
107066502*ignites lightsaber for no reason*[View]
107067305Frasier: What does /tv/ think of this show?[View]
107067296This is actually one of Arnold's better films, it's a shame nobody saw it. He can clearly …[View]
107064132Character design aside, was John Hurt a better Aragorn than Viggo Mortensen? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
107066936Did we like this? I don't remember discussing it[View]
107063752I don't get it[View]
107067168>up to the part in mad men where blacks get civil rights[View]
107060706Did you know that actress Hedy Lamarr helped create bluetooth and wifi?[View]
107065004Finally got to meet Elizabeth Debicki today /tv/![View]
107057601Hannah Gadsby WILL host: We did it. We saved the Oscars. The kings are dead, long live the Queens. …[View]
107066746Triump: Why is whole film this so Kino?[View]
107066933Always someone trying to stop me from making my money.[View]
107066849Who else saw this movie? It was pretty fucking dank[View]
107066448We have to say it, Kate. We have to say the n word![View]
107065978Is there a more kino Christmas scene than this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UyEUlrmUx4…[View]
107063359What's the most accurate depiction of college life in film?[View]
107063791ITS HERE! /ourgirl/ says Best DC film since Dark Knight: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4sgu_i…[View]
107066491How do the Lannisters celebrate the holidays?[View]
107038990Here's your Power Girl bro.[View]
107065126>20 minutes of credits why?[View]
107063870*whistles* Here kitty, I need you for an announcement[View]
107063465Why are cinemas still a thing? What advantage do they offer over a home experience?[View]
107064407greatest, most kino home media labels (aside from criterion) some lesser known labels would be nice …[View]
107061597This is the worst movie i have ever seen in my life, i regret downloading it, i want my 30 mins back[View]
107066336Who would you cast as Harley Quinn alongside Joaquin Phoenix's Joker? And what look would you g…[View]
107064239Recommend films for someome that likes the Saw films, and crap like Hatchet, Would be nice if it had…[View]
107066160da king n eh norf[View]
107053197JAMESON YOU ________[View]
107066094The Good Place: This should have been the show finale tbqh[View]
107066091Leaked Sonic script: Will it be kino?[View]
107066079I'm liking this more than the Escobar edition[View]
107066068>She's 35: she could pass as a teenager also this was the best story[View]
107062482>Do you have any idea what it's like to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer…[View]
107058288>giving negative a review to a film because it doesn’t have a political agenda Why is this allow…[View]
107065963Movies that are far too real[View]
107065954sociopathic protagonists in tv and cinema: I'll start[View]
107064555>when you get to watching a movie you downloaded ages ago and it turns out to be great. Any simil…[View]
107056580Be honest, do you have any friends who you can recommend this without them finding it boring and cal…[View]
107064560What did she mean by this?: Are DC movies obsessed with mommy’s ?[View]
107062192Will i like Brawl in cellblock 99 if i thought that bone ttomahwak only was a decent movie?[View]
107065749This scene was powerful. It invoked emotion in me like no movie has been able to in years.[View]
107065023Person of Interest: Not a single nigger in a prominent position. Is this show based and redpilled?…[View]
107065785What then?[View]
107065774Who is the Phil Helmuth of Television and Film?[View]
107062612ITT: Actors who were once on top of the world but never get mentioned anymore.[View]
107065444Is there anything she can't do?[View]
107064462We Wuz Nobles N'SHIET!: https://www.thewrap.com/mary-queen-of-scots-fact-check-was-queen-elizab…[View]
107063573https://www.earwolf.com/episode/bill-burr-3/ Conan's television show ison hiatus for the moment…[View]
107062685>here's your Lady Shiva, bro[View]
107064909He's in.[View]
107065258>watch film with the sound off >listen to my own music in the background >enjoy the perfect…[View]
107064185This is the best film I've seen with an LGBT protagonist. Anyone else?[View]
107065262Good Lord, my Stormin' Norman commemorative plates stolen...again.[View]
107064768Let's write an Aquaman review: I'll start >Aquatic pun…[View]
107064032A Thanksgiving miracle[View]
107065416/who/-Doctor Who general: Gangsta Edition[View]
107065554What am I in for?[View]
107065531GLASS final trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4jwXxoHDzo&feature=youtu.be[View]
107065029>movie about some random monster >omg it's so H.P. Lovecraftian…[View]
107060301Maybe Murr punishes people without looking them in the face, but I ain't a ferret, dig? Truth i…[View]
107065160Well well well what'll it be pardner?[View]
107065171Have you ever drank a glass of black rhinoceros blood? Of course not, I was just being colloquial to…[View]
107046948Is there a franchise with a greater delusional disconnect between studio and public perception?[View]
107065204theeeeeeeeeee hooooooooomeeeerssssssss[View]
107051200Unironically better than the original, prove me wrong[View]
107047542Is there a better Christmas movie than the Polar Express?[View]
107065045Did he not realize it looks like gay sex?[View]
107065133How do I get baptized?[View]
107065123fuck you I liked it[View]
107065083Amazing trailers thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt9HkO-cGGo[View]
107062119So whatever happened to the 'we fired the entire cast and replaced them with black people' reboot se…[View]
107064469Chucky can host The Oscar’s: They’d probably get their highest ratings in years if he did[View]
107064263When did live action become CGI?[View]
107064956Michael, I cant go to yemen![View]
107063784>that kid who watched movies like this What the fuck was wrong with him…[View]
107064855Bane Day isn't our board's oldest holiday, but we're all here tonight because it…[View]
107063133Movies that just wasted everyone's time[View]
107043734/trek/: Space Tay Edition Previously: >>107023288[View]
107046609>yfw only 4 months until Game of Thrones[View]
107060011Do you think it's time for a He-Man live action?[View]
107063500Today was day 14 of shooting of Jodelle's new movie Office Games.[View]
107027134/who/ Doctor Who containment thread: >>106995306[View]
107062647Sneedposter, I am begging on my knees at this point. Please make a meme to counter the endless barra…[View]
107060515Peter Griffin Sneed. Deal with it. Too bad.[View]
107059976HI BILLY MAYS HERE[View]
107060768>capeshit movie ends >everyone in the cinema starts clapping…[View]
107064558Will cable ever truly die? Will we get a bunch of cable plugging hipsters? What are some more desper…[View]
107064265>retarded >cheesy >bad It was good for what it was…[View]
107053592What were you trying to prove? That deep down, everyone is as racist as you?[View]
107062310Voldemort chose that name because 'I am Lord Voldemort' is an anagram for 'Tom Marvolo Riddle', his …[View]
107062941>im not saying- >look, all I’m just saying is- >but all I’m saying is- >I don’t know …[View]
107064454I'm still hilarious.[View]
107063440if you get a lot of awards that means the movie is good… right? surely this isnt some form of politi…[View]
107063708Can someone explain to me why people take rotten tomatoes seriously?[View]
107064383>so our guest for today... Mister Joker?! Is that right?[View]
107064358>a genderless burger experience[View]
107063601He may not be a big guy, but he sure does have a big heart.[View]
107063609It hit close to home a bit.[View]
107063820>white woman invades the West with brown barbarians and castrated men What did GRRM mean by this?…[View]
107064180Now that Aquaman has failed, can we all agree that this is the one to kill Marvel?[View]
107063973What does /tv/ think of Archer?[View]
107063792ITT: remakes that didn't deserve the hate[View]
107056597Tommy Vercetti: Cast him[View]
107064114moments when you realized that twin peaks was written by a 70-year-old[View]
107064063A Purple Pilled Picture.: At times it was a blue as the sea, at others it was crimson red, if we are…[View]
107063800MOM'S GONNA FREAK[View]
107064050The Yoda Spaghetti Problem: >Yoda eats Spaghetti before becoming one with the force. The Spaghett…[View]
107057999Full Metal Jacket?[View]
107059812>is jim okay bros? Felt so awkward watching this[View]
107059084I literally weep for the future. How can a jackass like this make millions, while good hard working …[View]
107063933This was fucking kino. Based stem[View]
107063623Did people really act like this back in the twenties?[View]
107061364Has a movie or TV show ever elicted a strong emotional response from you?[View]
107063950Iconic cultural references everyone knows: Marvel: Thano's snap DC: 'MARTHAAAA' MCU > DCEU b…[View]
107061716What's next for Justice League and Fantastic beasts star Ezra Miller?[View]
107063922>'live action' remake >all the characters are CGI…[View]
107063312Who would win ?[View]
107063629When will they make this into a movie? It is a great book about isolation and not fitting in with a …[View]
107063859What are some remux kino's where your stuck at 93.46%.[View]
107062374Have you forgiven George Lucas? >make a shitton of money with your concept >years later make …[View]
107062040Best place to torrent highest quality movies? No yiffy please[View]
107063799I dare you to get me banned you worthless janitors. You allow so much bullshit to float around this …[View]
107063767I don't get it. Was he supposed to be an insane person?[View]
107061814Recommend me some good modern kino lads[View]
107063034How will humans experience movies 58 years from now?[View]
107062349All of a sudden people are pretending that Thor movies were great? I mean sure, the third one was fu…[View]
107062857>Art is subjective! There’s no such thing is a bad movie![View]
107063250favuorite homer?? mine simpon[View]
107047219So freaking hyped for Sonic[View]
107061419House MD: was he the best member of House's team?[View]
107053855What are some movies where the villian is actually right? I‘d say Titanic: the rich guy who got cuck…[View]
107063560>The Return is the greatest TV show of the 21st century Prove me wrong.…[View]
107063394Did you change the channel when your parents saw you watching sexy things on television?[View]
107057375Can we get a Married with Children/Unhappily Ever After/Home Improvement thread going?[View]
107062023I saw Bodyguard and now I want to watch more European crime shows.[View]
107061037Why does Chloe Moretz do so much stuff in China?[View]
107063371Will it be Kaijukino?[View]
107062526>literally spends billions on an established franchise to milk an existing fanbase >lectures y…[View]
107044804How do you escape him? You don’t have a t-800 to help.[View]
107058480I hate this fucking shitstain of a website and its plebeian capeshit celebrating brainlets so much.[View]
107062569When you're watching a film at home and you have to go to the bathroom, do you pause it? I pers…[View]
107063261>the moment when thousands of DC schmucks contemplated suicide[View]
107055996Now you remember that KITE hollywood adaptation exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0l7uphJ-Wg…[View]
107058786boretal engines: why is no one talking about how shit this is[View]
107063214Japanese Superhero 'Ultraman' Reboot in the Works (Exclusive): https://www.hollywoodreport…[View]
107047712What is the Bladerunner 2049 for females?[View]
107063093Krull >>> Lord of the Rings[View]
107062106Chelsea Peretti: Is she funny?[View]
107061646This any good? No spoilers please[View]
107062701ITT: Unconventional Christmas films: One scene of British nuclear drama Threads (1984) takes place o…[View]
107060510How many days until avatar 2 lads?[View]
107062832I liked it[View]
107062423/tv/ nostalgia thread[View]
107057463>its the most wonderful time of the year plays >montage of people beating the shit out of each…[View]
107061727Post romance kino that carries a message behind the story: I'll start[View]
107062417What's the most ad revenue you've ever lost in a coin toss?[View]
107062850What the fuck is this?[View]
107062863Han i knew Yoda years ago.[View]
107061077ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
107062787I'm bored. Recommend me a movie or a series /tv/. No drama, nothing from before 2000.[View]
107061785ready to get SONIC’D?[View]
107062789Hey /tv/, what's your favorite musical? https://youtu.be/mQJagD96X8U?t=18[View]
107060841Can we talk about Nolan's magnum opus?[View]
107059950Red Dwarf: What do you think about series 10 onward? I watched them expecting them to be season 7 ti…[View]
107062673>character lights a cigarette >'I thought you quit'…[View]
107052394>*phone calls his wife in a middle of a battle* >Hey, babe. >How are you? >Me too, I…[View]
107062309Was becoming a 7 years old meme part of your plan?[View]
107054391SOMEBODY SAVE ME Was anyone else hype as shit when this played in Elseworlds then disappointed when …[View]
107058863>You know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even when the plan is h…[View]
107056302This movie made me in the mood for a fucking nap. Why is it so praised?[View]
107062442*AHEM* Gentleman, I have something to say. I’m just going to come out with it.[View]
107062320Mexican prison kino on Netflix. Who's seen it?[View]
107062141Finally watched this. Better then expected. Great movie even.. Can we agree this was the best movie …[View]
107062388Excuse me.: Have you ever said the n word in the pale moonlight?[View]
107059997Whatever happened to Jodelle Ferland anymore? Its like she just disappeared after Dark Matter[View]
107059375Yep This is based.[View]
107057415kino: Still giving me feels[View]
107058619I'M GOING TO SAY IT[View]
107044584I can't believe that Bryce prefers van Patten's card, to mine.[View]
107061678Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107061466Post a movie and it’s vidya equivalent >L.A. Noire[View]
107060222>British film critic Mark Kermode challenged the film's status: 'At the risk of being thrown…[View]
107062029/lig/ - love island general: Looks like Love Island kino is back on the menu boys[View]
107060368>dabs on Hollywood and the Italians[View]
107060795ITT: chads of YouTube[View]
107061277>Power plant scene >the animals by pink Floyd starts playing…[View]
107061805what films help you deal with pain, /tv/?[View]
107058269what the FUCK is her problem?[View]
107059959Though he may be a bit lacking in the height department, he sure does make up for it with the size o…[View]
107060191Color-blind casting: Why is it this is considered the acceptable? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colo…[View]
107058448kinos about everything falling apart?[View]
107061594Are we allowed to talk about rips? What makes the yify rips so small? Do they fuck over the audio? A…[View]
107061442Thoughts on the animated short 'Paperman'?[View]
107061132When I reach page 10, I'm gonna say the N-word![View]
107057685Who is the blackest white celebrity? Who is the whitest black celebrity?[View]
107061404>SHEEV IS A SITH LORD![View]
107058086What went wrong?[View]
107060637Scenes women don't understand[View]
107061389Are they ever gonna fuck?[View]
107059916Every year I see people say 'this year was actually great for movies if you look beyond the mainstre…[View]
107051536does anyone have a shot of the picnic frame? i didn’t get to download it or save one during the watc…[View]
107056204Aquaman RT thread: >down to 75% already what went wrong?[View]
107060945About to watch pic related What should I expect?[View]
107048841How did they fuck up his character so fucking badly?[View]
107058163so much capeshit and so little of it Batman: why is this?[View]
107058167Travis Knight wants Transformers Cybertron CGI film: Speaking to Screenrant, Transformers: Bumblebee…[View]
107059508>RELEASE THE KRAKEN![View]
10705789421st Century Green Acres: https://deadline.com/2018/12/bless-this-mess-fox-comedy-pilot-picked-up-se…[View]
107034304Is this the worst, most hideous character ever designed?[View]
107058828Unironically is there any other actor with this much range?[View]
107058773You’re at a store with two doors. Chuck and Sneed sit outside. One door is the entrance but the othe…[View]
107055993Just marathoned the trailer for Welcome to Marwen and it looks like Grade A carrelkino but there…[View]
107059415ok, now this is epic[View]
107058795Do you think they're happy?: They dont get to go on any space time travelling adventures, but s…[View]
107059153what are some movies about normies inevitable doom?[View]
107060600>Did you let me go? Damn, didn't realized Christopher Robin would hit me in the feels…[View]
107056334Your thoughts on film analysts?[View]
107058647Why don't movie heroes spank their women anymore?[View]
107060550the prequels are good movies check em[View]
107060377>old ass movie >character slaps wife in the face…[View]
107060540I watched all the 3 seasons of Rick and Morty and now I'm worried about our reality, I thought …[View]
107047433So. Alan Moore is making a movie[View]
107059262>I'm Steve Kroft[View]
107059202What are some good movies about loneliness /tv/?[View]
107059016Two episodes left, two weeks of thots and a paki. Finally come to the point where the crust gets cut…[View]
107060354i drew sneed[View]
107058939what are some good tournament fighter movies?[View]
107060438>Margot as Harley >Ali Wong as lady Shiva (?) >some fat kid as Cassandra Batgirl >jour…[View]
107060183I heard you're on a whitelist now, 4channel.[View]
107058898/DM/ General: Last thread hit bump limit. Please keep all discussion of the show Diagnosis Murder co…[View]
107055896Why would he settle for such a shitty gun?[View]
107060323Here's a film theory: >LAN = a computer tube >NO-Lan = Director of Insepeun [Chrispother]…[View]
107060294Could mk vs dc be a movie[View]
1070602801970s were the greatest time in film[View]
107058757Why doesn't his stand up get more credit?[View]
107060206The Apprentice: Has everyone given up on this then?[View]
107047590Neytiri is...[View]
107057211please help me to find this movie: when I was younger my mom rented this movie she thought me and my…[View]
107060201I dont understandw what are those heart plugs, what is that black liquid, what did he do to that twi…[View]
107059617whats the most kino blu ray / dvd label? (aside from criterion)[View]
107060068*dies off-screen*[View]
107059672Why didn't Matthew Broderick's character just use Netflix?[View]
107055868How much of a shit show is it going to be when the press machine starts for the new Aladdin movie wi…[View]
107057654>Anon, I can see your epidermis[View]
107059735Serious question, what is the Kingdom Hearts of movies?[View]
107050736>watch movie starring Will Smtih >forget he's black >actually relate to his character …[View]
107049009What are some supposedly scary films that don't live up to their reputation?[View]
107059876Bumblebee is gonna flo-: Holy shit,the absolute state of DC.[View]
107059951/LiG/ Christmas Reunion: Calling all /LiG/ participants, are you ready for the return of the comiest…[View]
107059824How did he get away with this?[View]
107058384i made a spreadsheet for all of the good kinos i've seen: feel free to debate me on this televi…[View]
107059053Movies that made you cry[View]
107057580>character comes back home from work >he doesn't crack open a cold one…[View]
107056995>Show is a humorous representation and exaggeration of male culture that indulges in ironic sexis…[View]
107057441What are some movies that say the word, 'Nigger'?[View]
107048433Bumblebee: /tv/ totally btfo. Why is /tv/ always wrong /tv/?[View]
107056456Spider-Man: Into the Based-Verse: >99% (with 100% from Top Critics) >9/10 by rating What the f…[View]
107055004Incel movie: Cast it[View]
107056037Netflix's Baby: Why did they cast Finn Wolfhard as a 16 year old Italian prostitute?[View]
107059224He's a little guy, with a BIG heart.[View]
107059278I want....ten dollars a year for the rest of my life.[View]
107041799Was he right?[View]
107053529Doesn't it say something about how out of control PC culture has become when they can't fi…[View]
107057761'Webcast' PREMIERE: Indie director is streaming his movie on Facebook at 8pm get in here you fucks! …[View]
107058128>Im gonna get medival on your ass Why does Marsellus want to go back in time with him? Can they t…[View]
107054707What is the best Christmas movie?[View]
107055512blocks your path[View]
107059196ITT: reddit flick[View]
107045891How did Mr Pocket know Tom Waites was behind him?[View]
107059070I had a vision of a world without the n word. The shitposters ground out a little doubles and the ja…[View]
107058554When the fuck is somebody going to make a Sneed-like meme for this franchise? It has done nothing bu…[View]
107056943>Here is your new Oscar Ceremony host, bro[View]
107057692And tell my niggas, Shmurda teaming, ho Mitch caught a body 'bout a week ago Fuck with us and t…[View]
107055922My mother watches these terrible Indian soap operas. Can you please recommend something I could try…[View]
107058512*ahem* Attention crew, I have shomething to shay.[View]
107057314END GAME: HUFF HUFF Marvel sucks! HUFF HUFF Disney is owned by jews! HUFF HUFF You must stop the m-…[View]
107058957Why didn't Mary Tyler Moore get a sticky when she died?[View]
107056901Sounds kino to me. Thoughts?[View]
107058944Jeopardy 12/11/18: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ysgtf[View]
107054727>Useful character sacrifices themselves to save the useless character[View]
107058074Me and my friend are unironically planning on making toy videos to YouTube. They are the most retard…[View]
107051434Is this as comfy as it looks?[View]
107057826How can Thanos even compete?[View]
107055405He did nothing wrong.[View]
107054516What are some films about genuine depression?[View]
107058653Anyone see Spiderverse ? Is the animation as bad as it looks in the trailers ?[View]
107058574Is he the greatest living american director?[View]
107058555What are some movies where the main character slowly becomes the villain[View]
107052967Musicals are gay as shit, is this watchable though?[View]
107058500>It's a show where the showrunners are fucking idiots and ruin every episode they write/dire…[View]
107054515What the fuck is this this guy's problem?: Seriously what THE FUCK???[View]
107052441do they bang?[View]
107057336Why is Hollywood refusing to hire Renee Zellweger?[View]
107058324This was much better and more wholesome than I expected it to be. Based Kurt Russell bringing back t…[View]
107052732What is the worst big budget horror movie ($20M+ for this genre) of the past 10 years?[View]
107057783who was in the wrong[View]
107058131Don't you think black panther could do with a little more homosexual representation? This recen…[View]
107057759Sorry fellow Marvel bros, DC won.[View]
107057839Is 50 cents used. Should I buy it?[View]
107057419>Picks mostly kino projects. >Always delivers a 10/10 performance. Underappreciated as fuck.…[View]
107050724Whats next on her career ?[View]
107055095Today is the day, big guys[View]
107057725Could Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance be adapted into a 1 or 3 season series?[View]
107051970Was this the most important scene in cinema history?[View]
107056640i don't like stephen king, clowns, or horror should I watch It (2017) ?[View]
107053947Scarlett Johansson should be...[View]
107057508post good cringe humor[View]
107056045What are some good movies where the villain is American and everyone else isn't?[View]
107056630What the fuck (and suck) was his problem?[View]
107057590New Joker Spoilers: Okay so believe it or not, I happen to have some spoilers for the finale of the …[View]
107057272Was Vince a Mary Sue? Talentless actor who got lucky getting roles in big movies.[View]
107053310Oh, you want a rock fight eh!?[View]
107057266Chanukah Tie Fighter[View]
107049065Black Panther: As someone who has never seen this movie, seeing tweets like this turn me off from ev…[View]
107057536True Detective confirmed for Sneed Cinematic Universe: >'And in regards of files, I'd like t…[View]
107056748>character has a personality flaw DING[View]
107057373Give me a list of this years best movies so i can watch the hd versions when they are out[View]
107055779>I get it Omelia, after you sucked so many dicks of old fat jews to get your weather job you beca…[View]
107056889What went so wrong with Game of Thrones?[View]
107056659Funny how secret's travel[View]
107055243Schindler's List: Admit it, it's a masterpiece.[View]
107057334Anonymous Janitor: Alright, I've seen that most Simpsons threads lately are being derailed by o…[View]
107057105Films with this aesthetic?[View]
107056264Name your favorite: flick movie motion picture film and kino.[View]
107055695Goliath renewed s3: I'm glad Goliath got renewed for a third season https://deadline.com/2018/1…[View]
107057206Daily reminder that Netflix is working on 2 capeshit universes. http://collider.com/rob-liefeld-ext…[View]
107051435no s***d allowed in this thread[View]
107055765How is life in a pawn shop? Is it really so interesting?[View]
107056893It's good but I don't know whos is who. Should i watch it a 2nd time ?[View]
107056159Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107016712How will Netflix plebs react to getting Evangelion? It deals with some pretty dark and complex theme…[View]
107055003Is there a fucking time machine or not? they teased it a fuck ton and then just dropped it, did they…[View]
107051982do you think children's films should have something dark or edgy about them.[View]
107052937New Bardemkino/Ellekino/Salmakino: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/javier-bardem-elle-fanning-sal…[View]
107053363Brec Bassinger Joins '47 Meters Down: Uncaged': https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/353756…[View]
107056316Who would win in a hand to hand battle?[View]
107056553Is it good ? I liked the trailer[View]
107056368Anyone seen this? I'm downloading it now.[View]
107049701No threads on last nights episode of BatDyke???: Who else found this to be extremely powerful???…[View]
107054874Literally the first version of the British secret service: Spends the whole movie fucking people up …[View]
107054887>Salamualaikum OH NO NO[View]
107056119>If you're good at something never do it for FREE uh oh looks like someone didn't get t…[View]
107054481Anya and Björk: Perfect mom/daughter cinema combo.[View]
107055977Does Hollywood have a problem with Asian women? They are literally never cast in leading roles, outs…[View]
107055279Why can't we have nice things anymore?[View]
107055404>Barney's about to meet his maker[View]
107055498Can we talk about the fact Coen Bros ripped off The Simpsons?[View]
107054549/tv/ often complains about diversity being 'forced' in film and television (what an acceptable level…[View]
107055556ITT: Trailer kino https://youtu.be/lB95KLmpLR4[View]
107046116Here is your Oscar Academy Awards 2019 Ceremony Host, /tv/ https://screenrant.com/oscars-2019-no-hos…[View]
107055281Kino movie ideas: A guy who is immortal gets a life sentence in prison[View]
107055197Now This Is What I Call Brave '18[View]
107054381>Hm... not quite my Mentos. What did he mean by this? Is Mentos his favorite candy?…[View]
107055119MST3K S12: The Gauntlet: Whats the verdict bros?[View]
107042836Leprechaun.Returns.2018.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG: >Leprechaun.Returns.2018.1080p.AMZN.W…[View]
107055646Oh don't mind old good me here, just walking backwards, carry on[View]
107055075Hello Rian[View]
107051034*ahem* I got sumthin' to say. AJ, Med, listen up. Fuck Richie Aprile, and fuck people who disre…[View]
107054870DAE video games BAD[View]
107055458Was it the AM/PM?[View]
107054174>You finna need a bigger boat what did he mean by this?[View]
107055497I want you to say it as hard as you can[View]
107051416Lizzie.2018.BluRay.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA5.1-MTeam: >Lizzie.2018.BluRay.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA5.1-MTeam…[View]
107055145What are some movies where the Chad character is portrayed as a good guy like in real life? Those as…[View]
107055275i must go now my planet needs me[View]
107054504Mr Arthur has no idea what he was going to say to Billy Knapp.[View]
107053989What did you say laddie?[View]
107049032Is this how Zoomers get their tv and film news now?[View]
107055012movies for this feel?[View]
107054551Gordon Street? Ah, yes, Gordon Street. I once knew a girl who lived on Gordon Street. Long time ago,…[View]
107055104New GLASS trailer: Thoughts? idk if it's the first ever trailer but I sure hadn't seen any…[View]
107053837'It's always the man's fault and women are always the victims.': The House That Jack Built…[View]
107054606ITT: Things about you that you would never say anywhere else just here I will start. I actually love…[View]
107053940Why didn't Mary Tyler Moore get a sticky when she died?[View]
107053620Is this /tv/ fault?: Made her a lesbian[View]
107054961Reminder that: Tapestry>>>Inner Light>>>Masks Spirit>>>Soul>>>Bo…[View]
107054092I think he’s pretty based tbqh.[View]
107054360>couldnt defuse the Bomb without CIA >crashed a private plane with no survivors Is this the we…[View]
107055009>depicts bankers as hooked nose monsters >denied Spielberg the rights to film her books >…[View]
107054281>'You thought that X was good, even though you didn't like Y?' >'haha ok'…[View]
107050403Arrival: So in arrival if time is non linear and they know the future already why did they need 8 sp…[View]
107051963what the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
107052593>joins wizard Hitler >is basically Rowling self insert What was meant by this?…[View]
107054153Just saw oculus last night, I really enjoyed it! The number one complaint I see is; 'So stupid the M…[View]
107054977las creaturas basedas..[View]
107051784>I thought you said I was all right Spider, Spider.[View]
107045456Top 3 American directors: >Stanley Kubrick >Martin Scorsese >Orson Welles Don't @ me…[View]
107053579Plot twist, he was the villain all along: Thanks for 'Disney Wars', my friend.[View]
107053484What are some essential Lena Dunham kinos?[View]
107051667Have you seen Nanette?[View]
107051018What should I watch today /tv?[View]
107054392California here we come, right back where we started from[View]
107043944where'd it go[View]
107054775with all this forced diversity in media it's easy to lose sight of all of the actually kino bla…[View]
107045710Daredevil S4 cancellation: >be one of the best comic book adaptation seen in TV shows >good fu…[View]
107049630Whats the /tv consensus on January Jones?[View]
107044400Why was the 90s full of so many movies about overworked/distant dads (often divorced, or with a wife…[View]
107053319Cosmos on Twitch: What are some Twich channels that aren't folks playing video games Something …[View]
107054673more documentaries like this?[View]
107034560NEW JENNY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrIxGWterYA[View]
107051543>Black, white, yellow? Nigger, chink, spic? No one knows.[View]
107050629*thud* *thud* *thud*[View]
107049685>Under the sea >Under the sea[View]
107054473We are living the age of political entertainment kino. Today saw the British PM literally get trappe…[View]
107052346Does Family Guy not even attempt to hide how shamelessly they steal from much better, more relevant …[View]
107054206Mortal Engines: >London museum >The whole city vibrates >Don't let the statues of the …[View]
107054315ITT: Eye candy movies. This was absolute shit[View]
107048566Was 1995-2010 the peak of movies and television?[View]
107053167>magic-themed villain >'And now, for my next trick, I will make you...disappear!'…[View]
107052165Why Japan love so much to gender-bent well established characters into females? Also, is it good? I …[View]
107051056don't overcook the steak, you overcook it it defeats it's own purpose[View]
107051579So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
107012655ITT: characters you had a massive crush on as a kid[View]
107052113/tv/ was right about this hack: new video with Pete Holmes is up, and everything you said is there. …[View]
107053038I am beautiful No matter what they say Words can't bring me down I am beautiful In every single…[View]
107052627Stopped watching after Rick's farewell. Is it worth to watch the rest for The Whisperers ?[View]
107053452In America[View]
107052372hahahaahahah what the fuck was he thinking?[View]
107052071>shut up you tard wow how did they get away with this catchphrase in the 70's?? was it a dif…[View]
107053203Pac-man (Formerly Puck Man)[View]
107053842NO NO NO NO NO[View]
107053747>Bullied Nick Mullen so hard he deleted twitter BASED[View]
107050059THE SHERIFF IS A N-[View]
107053225Is he lowkey /ourguy/? >Drinking problem >Miserable dating history >Can't read women a…[View]
107045630What will happen in Joker (2019) starring Joaquin Pheonix?[View]
107052723Lady Snowblood: Just was given this movie, haven't seen it set, but really looking forward to i…[View]
107051716Sneed... feed and seed Chuck... FUCK AND SUCK WE GET IT HAHAHAHA HA SO FUNNY BECAUSE FUCK AND SUCK F…[View]
107053348i dont get it[View]
107052768Name ONE more perfect character in TV.I dare you to try.[View]
107052446>chooses the possible death of an expensive nine year old slave over a couple galactic credits w…[View]
107053228Cast the inevitable cinematic universe[View]
107052093I watched Lizzie Macquire for the BBC facial expressions.[View]
107051926Thoughts on this scene ?[View]
107051202>He was from K.C. Missouri :<[View]
107049014>movie is set in future >currency referred to as 'credits'…[View]
107052775Was it autism?[View]
107052946>stick your advice up that potato arse you piece of shit paddy bastard what did Franklin mean by …[View]
107050239Did you like ERB's return?[View]
107052877Say the line Joe[View]
107050933I am so proud as a Greek that Lathimos is getting international recognition with his movies, but I c…[View]
107052849Wtf, Am I supposed to belive that the greatest man of all time really hit a woman? They ruined his c…[View]
107050688Lock me up![View]
107044498Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107042759>why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively? What should Bruce Banner h…[View]
107050731What would her hosting the Oscars be like[View]
107041258VOD FRIDAY: KAREN GILLAN DIRECTS HER OWN MOVIE!!!: >The.Partys.Just.Beginning.2018.1080p.AMZN.WEB…[View]
107048207>go to the kinoteque >hire a prostitute to get by the no-singles policy >guard eyes me susp…[View]
107051637Amy Schumer is the perfect Aryan specimen[View]
107041492How do you call this physique?[View]
107052328Name a more based kid character. >is fucking hot 16 y/o pussy just with his looks (delivers mail …[View]
107051906recomend me some good sociopath kino[View]
107052154Can people seriously not refrain from watching this egotistical shit each night?[View]
107047067>If you insult me, I win. If you mention my weight, I win. If you say anything in the effect of t…[View]
107052194https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/11/world/deep-carbon-observatory-zombie-carbon-intl/index.html >Barel…[View]
107049436Can you imagine some extra in Home Alone 2 grew up to be President of the United States of America?[View]
107049716Any screeners leaked yet?[View]
107034687Why wasn't Daddario allowed to show her breasts in Texas Chainsaw Massacre even though she badl…[View]
107050089Why did they start at the planet with the most extreme time dilation (water planet) instead of start…[View]
107051355Any other movies with this aesthetics?[View]
107050893Not from an Avenger.[View]
107048483Where we're going we don't need the n word[View]
107040129Aquaman reviews: Holy fuck even MCUcucks like Bob LOVED this movie[View]
107049442This movie is gay >BUT DUDE LONG TAKES ARE FOR PATRICIANS You can have long quiet scenes that are…[View]
107051863>John Carter 2 fucking never[View]
107050866>Hey kid, you wanna watch some kino?[View]
107051810Snack time your holiness[View]
107048689wokest characters thread[View]
107047847ITT: we cast LOTR in 2018[View]
107043596Just finished it, was pretty good /tv/. a problem here or there but FUCK MARVEL[View]
107050271Do girls really react this way to handsome men irl?[View]
107049353Why is the millennium era such trash?[View]
107049146The Hobbit: Can you tell which one is the trailer and which is the final release?[View]
107051648SHE'S BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3ec1yrSBUY Comfy christmas special soon[View]
107045803ITT: Your Autistic Viewing Habits: >Watching films in 20 minute installments. >Pausing after e…[View]
107026793What are some kinos where a side character utterly dwarfs the main cast in terms of being based?[View]
107051594>is that a fag?[View]
107051441>He's a little guy, with a BIG heart.[View]
107035636Did coming out as a faggot ruin her career?[View]
107050814Christmas movies are the comfiest.[View]
107051446Were they really bad roaches or just misunderstood?[View]
107049892Outdated medical show: Have you seen any old medical show in which they performed a treatment that i…[View]
107051393the game chasers kino: why is this kino never discussed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QONEXFun3Zk…[View]
107051266Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107045483>All cultures are eq-[View]
107046057Favorite Uwe Boll movie?[View]
107050786Besides Gosling movies, any other movies where a character has a hard time talking/expressing his em…[View]
107050471Reddit letter media were right for once this was really good[View]
107050812>How about a magic trick? I'm going to make this nigger disappear. What was Nolan thinking…[View]
107048800*Ahem* Die Hard IS a Christmas movie[View]
107051256Sorry To Bother You (2018): What was the message here? Was it anti-capitalist? Also, I don't be…[View]
107043179>Cosmos Was shit[View]
107051043Is Josh /our guy/?: https://youtu.be/VPASI3YsnKE[View]
107050047>That Hedgehog was our last hope! >No... there is another!…[View]
107051001What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
107050428Emma Stone should be...[View]
107046224Is The Gifted really good or does it hide it's flaws behind the hot female cast?[View]
107051096Is Flash Gordon kino?[View]
107050378/trek/: Real Trek Thread Edition[View]
107045899Wait a minute, this sounds like rock and/or roll.[View]
107049194what the deuce[View]
107050794In all seriousness, how did Fantastic Beasts 2 even get made? It's so awful.[View]
107048265>those beautiful women? they used to be men. when will The SImpsons apologize for this transphobi…[View]
107047408>tfw no Cate Blanchett snake gf Why even live?[View]
107046259the ultimate redpill is the most rewatchable films are truly and actually the best ones. the 'my fav…[View]
107050645please recommend me some good western movies. im very new to the genre but i want some actual good s…[View]
107049454What are your predictions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe post Endgame? I think Dr Strange, Ant-Ma…[View]
107050067REC: Movies set in American wild nature/green isolated towns[View]
107044644Why did Gandalf tell Pippin a lie? Only Immortals can reside in Valinor. Humans, Dwarves and Hobbits…[View]
107047357>Oi mate! If you're really a cinephile, name 5 films by Akira Kurosawa.…[View]
107048240>Bumblebee >SpiderVerse Hit after hit baby, get me in the DCEU…[View]
107049291Does anyone feel like you watched all good movies already?[View]
107049728>die hard isn't a Christmas movie[View]
107050435I'm going to walk backwards until page 10[View]
107050324>expensive watch... Rolex? >compadre. what did double o seven mean by this?…[View]
107050297TIME's 2018 Person of the Year: How did they manage that after the Thanos incident?[View]
107048205>first date, Chad takes Stacey to the funfair >wins the huge teddy bear for her…[View]
107050021Admit it, he was the better reviewer.[View]
107049592>Mr.Banks, your opening statement[View]
107048653ITT: Forgotten TV kino[View]
107047724I am going to watch this. Should I watch the 1963 or the 1990 version?[View]
107047825 [View]
107049448Last Kingdom: How did /tv/ find season 3? The show has surpassed Vikings for me, hope they get anoth…[View]
107049038Zack snyder finally addresses the dildo-looking pods in man of steel.[View]
107048116HI, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass[View]
107049374>Fi Fo Fum >I smell the blood of cis scum.…[View]
107033975Why do Americans want to americanize all foreign movie ideas?[View]
107049047Solo Whatever: I don't even want to watch this movie, but it's time that I do. Yet I can…[View]
107048844me and my advertisers are leaving this site![View]
107048637Okay /tv/ let’s try one more time: SPACE DRAGON BREAD!!![View]
107046726What's your favorite Christmas movie, /tv/?[View]
107045944The Dark Age of Television: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJxdqxVbI9M Remember when television was…[View]
107049511So what was your favourite story? Also I wouldn't mind seeing an antology western tv series lik…[View]
107046236>Travis is a walking contradiction. He hates the scuminess of New York but frequents porno theate…[View]
107049509Why did he make both sides fight each other? He could've stayed as a loyal servant to one lord …[View]
107048502What was his problem?[View]
107044506Unforgiven: Just watched this, did I deserve it? [View]
107049382>Still waiting for her trial >Court denies a restraining order for her stalker >Premature m…[View]
107049190what happened to masculine movies?[View]
107047570>Yarbles! Great bolshy yarblockos to you. I'll meet you with chain or nozh or britva anytime…[View]
107049343no more shlorping on my board aryan pupper[View]
107048455The new Aquaman movie will never top James Cameron’s Aquaman starring Vincent Chase from “Queens Bou…[View]
107048823They here[View]
107046342>Tron 3 fucking never[View]
107049317I'm gonna buy a cool car but I have no friends. What are some movies about people going on a ro…[View]
107048252kino or trash ?[View]
107045749TIK TOK[View]
107049274>'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
107049082i believe you, Roy[View]
107042275Two will protect you, the rest will try to kill you[View]
107048288Honest thoughts on Bill Burr and his TV show?[View]
107048794What the fuck is their problem?[View]
107048984When are we going to get a live action movie where awesome shit like this happens?![View]
107047297Favorite Tropes: >two former enemies become allies to defeat a mutual enemy…[View]
107048705SPIN THE WHEEEEEEL![View]
107047497The Dark Age of Kid Culture: Does Gen Z have anything worth being nostalgic for?[View]
107048480movies that suck but had great reviews[View]
107041444VOD Tuesday: White.Boy.Rick.2018.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >White.Boy.Rick.2018.1080p.WEB-DL.H26…[View]
107046247WORST DECADE FOR TELEVISION: What was the worst decade for television and honestly entertainment in …[View]
107048120I can probably get a note from my doctor saying I don't like to suck cock[View]
107048171>has some good and great animated originals >currently does a better job at those than traditi…[View]
107048733angry bird[View]
107047053Legit the sexiest actress of all time ahead of prime Scarjo and Kate Beckinsale[View]
107048695>the only chance DC has at topping Marvel rests on how well they're going to portray Trigon…[View]
107047657>738 days until Avatar 2[View]
107048511>clean it up Janny hehehehe[View]
107048155>Daredevil film confirmed for 2020 >All new cast will be revealed over the next year Will we f…[View]
107048355What happened to him? He's doing nothing but weird shit and barely any movies anymore. Is he th…[View]
107047485First day on the job. Larped as Travis Bickle. No one likes me.[View]
107047037Why did this cause a shitstorm back in the day? I don't understand Americans. It's ok to b…[View]
107047732A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3 will air on January 1, 2019. Who here is ready for the conc…[View]
107048302Based Dmitry >Metro 2033 film has been cancelled because the scripter wanted to 'Americanize…[View]
107048279SNEAKY PETE: Man, that show was good. What do you expect for season 3[View]
107045932What the fuck is this guys problem?[View]
107038162Wait, how does this make sense? Darth Maul dies when Anakin is just a child, maybe 10-12. Anakin is…[View]
107048144Under The Silver Lake was overrated and the sex scene sucked[View]
107047142And the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2018 goes to...: Well, /tv/? Who gets it???[View]
107045355>*destroys the myth that you need to spend tens of millions of dollars on a film* Just quite WHAT…[View]
107046625ITT: Serial Killer Kino[View]
107024498> watched last kingdom because saw spam posts > it's good thanks /tv/…[View]
107041463>Can we give a moment to working moms? What did they mean by this?[View]
107040308what did they mean by this[View]
107046667http://decentfilms.com/articles/2010-in-reviews What was the worst year for movies, television and v…[View]
107047571is going from a moviestar chad to an incel worse than just always being an incel?[View]
107044182Why are there so few transgender actors in Hollywood?[View]
107046766Val Kilmer is a better Jim Morrison than Jimbo himself. Also the music made for the movie are better…[View]
107047123I don't get why so many people here hate Rey. She's the perfect character, you literally c…[View]
107047591Let's wind the clocks back.. a year. These mods and jannies wouldn't DARE ban us for racis…[View]
107047617Just some thoughts I was having the other day... what do you guys think?: Capeshit is a product of n…[View]
107047086You Hyped?: Who else excited for this?[View]
107044661We’re they really bad roaches or just misunderstood?[View]
107047175>director walks up to costume designer >'So, do you have any plans for how his suit will look?…[View]
107046495Most kino television shows: >1. The Sopranos >2. True Detective (season 1) >3. Mad Men Hono…[View]
107022631Sonic the Hedgehog: You are ready to go fast right?[View]
107040979>write an entire series based around her being green-eyed >cast a black-eyed actress what did …[View]
107043704Name a more kino fight.[View]
107043756/tv/ 4channel BTFO !!![View]
107045906Thoughts on the OC, /tv/?[View]
107047265>can at a moments notice kill 3 guys >can't afford zip ties I can buy 300 zip ties for 10…[View]
107046504Any good films with this aesthetic?[View]
107045113Which was the bigger disappointment?[View]
107047235I can't believe I just upgraded my Tinder to Gold. 5 months without pusy really fucks with your…[View]
107046736This was like Something about Mary part II[View]
107045563We all agree this was the worst story right?[View]
107046355Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
107046694Stop using motion smoothing[View]
107047079It's out, bros[View]
107045345Where the fuck is it Spielberg and Hanks? I've been waiting like 7 years.[View]
107042662Name a more iconic scene in animation[View]
107045552Dozens killed in school attack: Enough is enough. It's time to enforce nation wide wand control…[View]
107042048what does /tv/ think of this show? i'm late to the party and just watched s1 and 2 and god damn…[View]
107046958Outdated medical practice.: Have you seen any old medical show in which they performed a treatment t…[View]
107041284Well moms, looks like we failed, Solo was a huge flop and Disney is going to die because they just d…[View]
107042679>'You just couldn't let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force mee…[View]
107046879Scene that make you get boiner[View]
107046498Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107046524>character in her 30s or older says 'my boyfriend'[View]
107046689>where are they now ending[View]
107046182Are Jedis also inmune to explosions?: https://youtu.be/8ODI04FWyQI?t=30 Look at those 2 explosions u…[View]
107046713The Show by Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore: >A frighteningly focused man of many talents, passports…[View]
107046039Anyone remember this kino? Wish they made a sequel.[View]
107044329films for this feel[View]
107044290dumb fucking ending[View]
107042740What was your reaction when this happened? This is truly outrageous, the Simpsons are fucking dead. …[View]
107046513Hack the Movies: Why didn't you guys tell me Tony was /ourguy/? I've been calling him Fat …[View]
107045824Did you ever notice that no one in movies is ugly escept when it's for comical relief or for ho…[View]
107046497ITT Behind the scenes footage.[View]
107045818Heyoooo /tv/~! How are yaaaaallll this morn? Anyways, hey.... Have y'all done herd bout that 'h…[View]
107033216Was it really fair to call him a misanthrope?[View]
107046234Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
107042744>character accidentally signals one bus stop early >he doesn't get off and walk the rest …[View]
107033722You want kino?: YOU CANT HANDLE THIS KINO![View]
107046338This really made me think.[View]
107033164/tpg/: Now that the dust has settled what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
107044517Choose your character.[View]
107046717Looks like /ourguy/ is in a bit of a pickle lads[View]
107044977was adam sandler always a hack fraud or did he turn into one?[View]
107045982DONT PUT IT IN YOUR POCKER ... sir don't put it in your pocker it's your lucky quarter any…[View]
107034539Godzilla 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A Old bread >>107029827[View]
107045443well don't mind me, i'm just here walking backwards.[View]
107046002>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
107042973How is that actor/movie/ideas guy career coming along, /v/? You haven't given up on your /tv/ d…[View]
107045000Does anyone else here love Dagon a lot like me?[View]
107045040Why was it so bad /tv/, and why did reddit applaud so loudly for a decade?[View]
107044769The absolute state of Hollywood: When was the last big production that wasn't a sequel/prequel/…[View]
107044605>‘Solo’ Score Disqualified From the Oscars Because Someone Forgot to Submit It OH NO NO NO THE AB…[View]
107045695>Doctor Pavel, I'm CIA what did he mean by this?[View]
107043500SEE JEWS IN SPACE![View]
107043107It wasn't good[View]
107045408what will they do for the season finale?[View]
107044500>custom kitchen deliveries[View]
107044843>ah wahwulf ?[View]
107043028what are some films about accepting death and letting go of the fear of death?[View]
107044273When he said >HOWEVER what did he actually mean by that? However what?[View]
107044659did Homestar Runner have downs syndrome or something?[View]
107045750>watching a movie directed by someone you don't know of[View]
107045823nice movie: i just watched 500 days of summer could u recommend me anything similar thank you[View]
107045560>usher won't let me sit in the aisle[View]
107043282She's the only in my heart[View]
107041908unused concept art[View]
107044510The Flash in Live action: Can someone please explain how fucking hard it is for TV and Movies to mak…[View]
107043876>Character gets shot in the head >Gets up and reveals a bullet proof vest…[View]
107044504>it's a Simpsons go somewhere in western Europe episode >become amazed by how much better…[View]
107044467Kill him.[View]
107043546Hold on, the 'heroes' of the story didn't want to help a literal S.H.I.E.L.D agent an…[View]
107034487What are his nightmares like?[View]
107043522Joe Rogan and his crew are killing comedy[View]
107045326What are some movies or tv shows where justice is served. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCRKSK32an…[View]
107043940Was I meant to feel sorry or empathise with him? The guy was a complete tool, he got everything that…[View]
107044008Was it kino?[View]
107043460The Simpsons season 9-15 appreciation thread: In your face, Milwaukee![View]
107042741Ooooooh yeeeeeeahhh[View]
107044719Movie Art by You: I penciled this art of our nigger The Joker They better leave the take with office…[View]
107029297Kino trailers for shit movies thread: Kino trailers for shit movies thread https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
107042280TFA fans, how do you think JJ will salvage this mess?[View]
107038694What is essential Gorden Kino? Personally I'm enjoying his Hotel Hell series more than Kitchen …[View]
107041967Honest opinion on the live action Scooby Doo films?[View]
107042464*makes every other 2010s animated film look soulless in comparison in your path*[View]
107043521Better Than You Remember: ITT: Movies that have actually aged really well Pic related, the fight sce…[View]
107037794>accio prophecy ball >thank you very much kids, cheerio…[View]
107044704>'Begone from me you soiboy beta cuck!' What did they mean by this?[View]
107044836'What do they call a mole in Scotland?' What did he mean by this?[View]
107042599What do you think of city slickers (1991)?[View]
107040920Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said the n word.[View]
107039474I'M GONNA SAY IT[View]
107041657Biopic when?[View]
107044466>DUDE SPAGHETTI AND CANDY LMAO Is this the worst Christmas film ever?[View]
107042926What are some scenes women will never understand?[View]
107044402>'We need an actor of Japanese descent to feature in our movie based on Japanese culture.'…[View]
107044538This movie is better than A Fistful of Dollars and the two movies need to switch spots on the list t…[View]
107044380Post Heston kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR4N2-AakrA[View]
107040654what was The American Psycho doing in Spain?[View]
107041938So did Youtube fucking forget about this? It knocked the fuck out of Netflix and Hulu for months but…[View]
107044403>character gets killed by a walking zombie[View]
107043762Ghost In The Shell Crossover: Which franchise would you like to confront with the original GHOST IN …[View]
107044032Pick one and only one[View]
107040280He's going to make a Twilight Zone reboot, will it be kino?[View]
107043656https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYpsz2eAKOs watch the first 5 minutes and try not to laugh[View]
107041741Aquaman isn't bas-[View]
107042374I'm doing stuff lori[View]
107040238What would Liz Lemon be like in the sack?[View]
107042877>'just for the record, being adrift in space was your promise of rescue is more fun than it sound…[View]
107043427You won't like what I have to tell you, but this film... is going to be a triumph. Not just fin…[View]
107043305Tit for tat lol? Is that what he said?[View]
107043778Gravity: Neat symbolism... but why? What purpose did this movie serve? What was the point?[View]
107041873I'm sorry, T.[View]
107042871What are some Ethan Hawks kinos?[View]
107041502What happened to Radio's hand?[View]
107036449Who would star him in the biopic?[View]
107043665>cgi is ba.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lID0jsheYG8[View]
107043883>character calls the cops >they only show up when the movie ends…[View]
107042177Why did Bart behave that way? Americans do not know how to educate their children?[View]
107042225What happened to men like this?[View]
107041452Ahahahaha family guy BTFO.[View]
107043698What would your life be in Lucid Dream? Would you be happy or revolt?[View]
107042295the new watership down everyone[View]
107041932>Truth is, I died on 4chan, years ago[View]
107043664Tomorrow is the 8 year anniversary of baneposting - how are you lads planning to celebrate? Me? Powe…[View]
107042116This dude wouldn't have lasted one day in 1980's Los Angeles.[View]
107043502I can COOK, Joe.[View]
107043625Why does Sandman always look like he's smelling a nasty ogre shit?[View]
107040429D I S H O N E S T C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y[View]
107028017Did Dale ever find out about the affair?[View]
107042689>Rey repairs Luke's lightsaber: >lightsaber is powered by crystal >crystal clearly exp…[View]
107043467Is it just me or did we stop getting charming actors/actresses in the late 60s / early 70s when New …[View]
107033659What's next for Foyfu?[View]
107041767'Dear god Niles, I'm almost 34 and I haven't been with a woman in 5 weeks.'[View]
107036540Are you ready for Christmas, /tv/?[View]
107041380why does it keep happening?[View]
107041952Better than Trainspotting?[View]
107043249Gene Wilders best film.[View]
107043248...fuck jannies.[View]
107043195Where can i find this movie?: Can't find it any links or torrents for it , just wanna watch it …[View]
107043079I married a man, Hank, not a gamer.[View]
107040625Lets be honest here.... >God tier >Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, Galadriel,Tom Bombadil >Dumbl…[View]
107040496*AHEM*: $1.3 BILLION.[View]
107041081SHIT JUST GOT REAL[View]
107038921Why was this so much better than every other lightsaber fight in the series?[View]
107042435>Don't be a... TOMMY TEXTER At least I'm not a Nelson Nosepicker…[View]
107039201What's the consensus 'round these parts on this lovely lady?[View]
107042712>From my point of view the fans are evil![View]
107039449>Clint Eastwood is 88 >has a film coming out this Friday Will this guy ever stop?…[View]
107042882The Joker/Jogger: I penciled this art of our nigger The Joker They better leave the take with office…[View]
107041354Kung fu general: Post martial arts kino[View]
107032127what if superman was Evil.: awwwwwh sheeeit, my niggas, this'll b gud. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
107042558Hi /tv/, on Thursday the Astor Theatre in Melbourne will have a classic John Carpenter double featur…[View]
107041729ITT: Podcasts Which ones do you watch?[View]
107040603>The state of this board[View]
107042376>Excuse me Rick, I was wondering if I could perhaps ask you a question in regards to this Zombie …[View]
107042400ITT: Flicks you enjoyed. It's really not that bad aside for the cheap CGI[View]
107041127I decided to post this on /qa/, but I am going to post it here as well. Reformatted, because I can b…[View]
107042212>Thankssssssssssssssss Why did the snake thank Harry here?[View]
107038503So which one will die in End Game?[View]
107042134>what are you waiting for bro? take your shirt off and grab a shovel[View]
107041958Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvfQmJOLa3k >Honestly Fred Flinstones…[View]
107040873>What if Hitler was Gay >HooohahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >And a Jew >OAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
107039759Who would you cast as Guts?[View]
107041935What's the MacGyver reboot like?[View]
107042344So aside from the sex scene, is Under The Silver Lake worth watching?[View]
107040673Good night friends. Thanks for another good day![View]
107042311frig off ricky[View]
107041722I liked this movie. Why does it get such bad reviews?[View]
107036596Describe yourself with a movie quote[View]
107042236“Cops don’t even go down to that part of Newark anymore, T” Why are soprano memes the best memes? Li…[View]
107042127What are some movies about a guy who volunteered at a place and got talking to a girl really well th…[View]
107041517>using time travel to stop the woman being impregnated by another man based…[View]
107039019>used to watch late night and tonight show since i was 12 >fond memories of always comfy night…[View]
107026807*boom boom*[View]
107040013The film of a generation[View]
107041497Hey guys i found this funny character on family Guy i thought you might like him[View]
107042031Hello Avenger, I'm listening...[View]
107038377What is your favorite song from A Star is Born?[View]
107039660Would ancient Egyptians like pop culture and the state of television and film right now? What would …[View]
107041708Hay /tv/, /v/ here the white house posted this video >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C_IBSuXIo…[View]
107041713Get in here!: >KINGSLAYER!![View]
107041679>the power of the Reich, in the palm of my hand[View]
107040992Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94P_WNFTFoM[View]
107041786Reminder that 13 Marvel movies across 8 years culminated in Iron Man trying to stop Captain America …[View]
107041746Can a Cucknisher fan (a fan of The Punisher) explain how 3 different directors couldn't make a …[View]
107039472Booty... a man's butt.[View]
107023288/trek/: Autistic Androids edition No one cares about Communism subedition[View]
107041614How did Mr Pocket know Tom Waites was behind him?[View]
107041027>I THINK GOTHAM SUCKS[View]
107041531>Hero is an ogre >No other ogres around >Goes to rescue some random human princess >She …[View]
107038896give me a horror movie to watch tonight please[View]
107041346>one down one to go[View]
107041407Delicate cinematography See also: Raimi, Fincher, Kubrick, Lucas, Jodorowsky, Wolski, Aronofsky, Kam…[View]
107039346home simp[View]
107040847Celebrities on animated shows: Remember when celebrities on animated shows DIDN'T play themselv…[View]
107039900Were Homer and Apu gay????![View]
107041237Forgotten Days: Finished page 4 of the outline. I'm sure you guys are gonna love it![View]
107040955how did youtube comment sections became a better place for simpsons discussion that /tv/?[View]
107041219Are we ever gonna see her again?[View]
107041071Venom: >in trailers call it a sym BYE oat >in movie call it a sym BEE oat why?…[View]
107041023Recommend a movie base on the pic[View]
107040939Plot Holes: The Movie: Holy fuck this movie is so bad. Was this movie trying to be a comedy or what …[View]
107040208>Harry Potter and the guy who thinks about stuff's stone What the fuck America…[View]
107039822>Release the kraken![View]
107041099wtf didn't kimi no na wa copy this simpsons episode?[View]
107040529>there will never be another intro as kino as this https://youtu.be/sMXjtvMAFlI…[View]
107040676What THE FUCK did I just watch?[View]
107040718what are some spongebob jokes you never understood as a kid?[View]
107040957Which episodes of Parks and Rec have the best scenes of Billy Eichners character Craig? He's on…[View]
107040521What movies do black people like, /tv/? People are saying that I am racist and I need to convince th…[View]
107038144What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
107039681Why is the old man's hand bandaged? Is this character meant to represent Jesus?[View]
107040179MAD MEN: Did Harry have the best arc? Went from an unappreciated putz to a Weinstein-tier hollywood …[View]
107040224>leave capekino to CW[View]
107040775>'The hacker has transferred the funds into his account!' Never understood this. Can't accou…[View]
107039235These fairies grant wishes, guess Vito was holding out on us the whole time huh? Hey Tone ya hear wh…[View]
107040444What the fuck has happened to this board? It's never been THIS bad.[View]
107039875dexter did not deserve rita[View]
107036001>make Tom Cruise main protag of any movie >it instantly becomes Kino…[View]
107040610does tv like channel zero?[View]
107040351>girl beats guy at sport 'Heh, I guess having 2 older brothers paid off!'…[View]
107040516The Godfather SUCKS: Marlon Brando had a shitty lisp, and the pacing of this movie was awful.[View]
107040359name a more pretentious film you simply cannot[View]
107040393So, Jay, what did you think of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)?[View]
107040096When the FUCK are we getting a remake?[View]
107037810I thought this was a television and film board. What is with all the blacked shit? I just want to wa…[View]
107040467>a 7 year old male made more than me? ' >fuck men and their patriarchy >fuck making shit p…[View]
107039313HELLO GENTLEMEN[View]
107040140Christopher Robin was the only good movie of 2018. A Star is Born, Avengers:IW, Crazy Rich Asians an…[View]
107033861what are some characteristics of a film that automatically makes it NOT kino?[View]
107039573Epic crossovers thread Post the epicest crossovers ever made[View]
107034598HOLY FLYING FUCK this was horrible. How did this even get greenlit?[View]
107040210What about good Solonius?[View]
107040230H-hello? Is this thing on? I'm not sure what time it is or how many days I've been here. …[View]
107039919>female character in the shower >soapy jiggling breasts.gif Always glad when directors include…[View]
107040130An F in English? Bobby, you SPEAK English![View]
107039961THESE MOVIES ARE SOOOOOOOO FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT Any roastie who unironically prefers th…[View]
107040092Yes, very good Aquaman...HOWEVER: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/spider_man_into_the_spider_verse…[View]
107034393>in line at kinoplex >the popcorn golem breaks out of the mines >mfw…[View]
107040142As American as apple pie[View]
107039818Was Mandy just a remake of pic related?: The absolute state of Cosmatosfags[View]
107040122Is this his best movie yet?[View]
107028490You know what? I don't want this cookie. I just want to get to the beach.[View]
107040112Truth is anon, you were tonight's big loser from the start.[View]
107036651Did he do anything wrong?[View]
107014670WebM Thread: Post 'em[View]
107039103what does /tv/ think of slasher? i liked the second season way more than the first[View]
107038448whatever happened to gary coopa?[View]
107037306He's a cop killer.[View]
107039986The Godfather: Truly movies women will never understand. Also, Part 2 > Part 1[View]
107035865Who is this one? Homor the Simp Sun?[View]
107036200Films about being chased by a deadline?[View]
107038693come on you gotta believe me dude it was the other clown that said it![View]
107039183did the entirety of this movie's budget go twoard Cageaedd's salary bevause thayneasna a w…[View]
107033556Should Seth host the Oscars again?[View]
107036601what the fuck[View]
107039193Seinfeld was low key one of the more racist shows in modern times[View]
107037445Man this Bodyguard show makes 24 look realistic.[View]
107036413b-but I thought he was /our guy/!: >The Swiss are very suspicious of anybody who is boastful. Tha…[View]
107039664nettoyer ce macron vous nègre[View]
107038326ahhh, finally done with my morning coffee now anon, what i was saying is, FUCK NIGGERS AND FUCK JANN…[View]
107038446You don't win friends with salad! You don't win friends with salad![View]
1070389423 2 3 4 4 2 3 AND[View]
107038601chuck her. in. the. ute.[View]
107039356>start watching Twin Peaks because everybody says it's kino and surreal like Lynch's ot…[View]
107036193>Haters will deny this[View]
107036350>you will live to see matsumoto and downtown die of old age[View]
107026744Westerns: What are the must-watch and best western films? Always been interested in westerns but nev…[View]
107038890Damn, Japs ripped off Fortnite.[View]
107039222Batman: When the fuck are we getting a new movie?[View]
107039052Well? Are any of you cool now[View]
107038027Okay, /tv/, I got one. Would you rather get a massage from a man or surgery from a female doctor? Se…[View]
107039090Seriously, Is he the best American director right now?[View]
107038792[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling >Motor…[View]
107037723*block your path*[View]
107039038DUDE JUMPSCARES LMAO This movie fuckin SUCKED.[View]
107034052Hola amigos de /tv/! Como estan todos? Si si que bien! Luego, voy a dicir la palabra N[View]
107039013Frasier, how did you ever manage to get primary seating at the Cigar Volante?[View]
107037588Memes and everything after 2016 aside, was the Apprentice a good show?[View]
107039064Daniel Day-Lewis should star in a movie based on Terry A. Davis. Debate me.[View]
107038011So, a movie adaptation of this is happening and it just got a 4th trailer today. It was going to be …[View]
107032133I hated it. It was too pro pedophilia and made me really uncomfortable.[View]
107036837*phone rings*[View]
107037423What's the best zombie apocalypse movie, and why is it pic related?[View]
107038649Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107038906Does /tv/ like te lo resumo así nomás?[View]
107037517The Lobster: What animal would you be?[View]
107026947How many... of your friends... did I misgender?[View]
107035850>Time travel back to September, 2016 >Set destination to, 'Le Grand Journal Studios,' France …[View]
107038708I'm ambivalent about this new storyline. If Amazon's treatment of its employees was truly …[View]
107035745Ayyy-ehhh....: FUCK YOU![View]
107036004Jokes you think are callbacks but don't really get: The name's S-Nee-D and I rock the tell…[View]
107036190UN (1) ONE THOUSAN DOLLAR[View]
107037359Can we talk about the fact the Coen Bros ripped off from Simpsons?[View]
107011258Scenes in kids movies that turned you on but shouldn't have[View]
107036092>/tv/ wouldn't fuck this[View]
107038622Are they going to censor this too?: When Peter Jackson remakes the Dam Busters (1955) do you think t…[View]
107029261finals are over /tv/, why don't we get /snug/ and watch vintage spoops whilst banting and sh*tp…[View]
107037269Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
107032791Stranger Things 3 teaser and episode titles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH3kBCSfL-4 Are we hype…[View]
107033968Comfy Simpsons Thread: Favorite episode? Favorite character?[View]
107038277Holy crap, Lois. We're Sneed and Chuck from The Simpsons now! No. Freakin'. Way. heheheheh…[View]
107038252James Mike No Whip Challenge[View]
107037777Jason Momoa BTFO Jimmy Fallon: LMFAO!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=311&v=f99YqXJ…[View]
107037757Anyone got the vocaroo of sneedmas?[View]
107036386what the fuck was this bitches problem[View]
107035635Cast it[View]
107038042>Matt 'Give me a dollar and I'll swaller' LeBlanc[View]
107037529Dark Knight philosophy: What did the Joker mean when he said the only sensible way to live in this w…[View]
107036624What went so right?[View]
107034229Post the reaction you have when someone tells you their favorite movie is the Avengers[View]
107037939I'm taking 4channel down, with no survivors.[View]
107037968ITT: shows that remind you of the good times you used to have pic related: when skateboarding was st…[View]
107035706>does the last dab TWICE and doesn't touch the water or milk What a madman. What are your fa…[View]
107037917haha... played it pretty cool there brendan... smooth operator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsRE5…[View]
107037916cw showing snyder how it's done[View]
107037686Why did Nucky Thompson let this nigger get off free?[View]
107036820Just watched Season 3 What did i think of it? S1 > S3 > S2[View]
107034110Is this the most pointless movie ever made?[View]
107035610if you like buster scruggs check this out[View]
107034778Would Pizzolato dare bring back Hart and Cohle at any point? Or will he avoid any sort of 'True Dete…[View]
107034907The final chase sequence of E.T. is the greatest piece ever composed by popular film composer John W…[View]
107036873What does Jay eat to get such nice skin?[View]
107032978It's uhh simple. We say the N-word[View]
107034299Forgotten Days - Kendall is out. Anya is in!: Should I post what I have so far? -- A slice of life m…[View]
107035125> travel around the universe, thousands of years later return to earth > Land in America and a…[View]
107035116Im with flu in my bed. Can someone hit me with some kino hosted in netflix? my conection is working …[View]
107034545/MONSTERVERSE/ - New Godzilla II Trailer Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A…[View]
107035541I watched this movie last night: it was so bad i actually laughed out loud several times[View]
107036537wtf i love McDonalds now[View]
107037013ITT: girls you couldn't save[View]
107036404GET UP THERE[View]
107034007Fuck you guys, you said my female housemate was making those noises and biting her lip during the na…[View]
107036222Who are some illuminati pedo lizard people in Hollywood? pic related[View]
107030302Hmm...: She makes a good point![View]
107034360Why do the wear shoes in the spaceship? It's not like there's broken glass or dogshit[View]
107036831Why does Hollywood always ignore this part about interracial relationships?[View]
107036895How do I get a job here as an Australian?[View]
107036348TenTen: She qt[View]
107033330So when are they going to remake this?[View]
107034993Why did Chloe get so puffy? Is she plumping up for an upcoming kino role?[View]
107035501Was it groundbreaking?[View]
107036857Absolutely pure kino.[View]
107036941I can't help but feel this would have been 10/10 with a couple changes >set it in the year 1…[View]
107035240edgy/dark movies? (pic related)[View]
107033708*HUFF HUFF HUFF*[View]
107035128so what is this laser thing they shoot out of? it just vaporized the people? but not the clothing? h…[View]
107032216Thoughts on The Creep and The Creep 2? I thought they were fantastic.[View]
107031464This is pretty kino Why don’t I see this talked about more often[View]
107036234fuck / marry / kill[View]
107036760>so I wanna take a wing to focus on fashion. I know that you've described yourself as a fanc…[View]
107036363>the leaks are real[View]
107036460Hot—Pierce and wife recreate: From Here to Eternity beach scene[View]
107034334What movie should I watch tonight? Last night I watched Taxi Driver.[View]
107036692Goodnight, Mr. Pocket: Goodnight, Mr. Pocket[View]
107035749ITT: movies you are watching on TV right now pic related[View]
107033774>Why you saying the n-word bro?[View]
107026120why do movies always portray chads and stacies as the bad guys?[View]
107034027>It's been reported by the associated press that Donald Trump has selected William Burr to a…[View]
107035370>sneaking around gets you nowhere![View]
107035245Why was this movie so convoluted and hard for moviegoers to understand? Is it secretly kino?[View]
107036520what happened[View]
107032540>Protagonist is the chosen one[View]
107035667Janie's got a gun[View]
107035322>tfw no goth gf[View]
107036371What is your favorite Gaki no Tsukai batsu game? For me it's the 24 hour endurance tag. My side…[View]
107036333What did the CW mean by this?[View]
107029955What has Megan Fox been up to? Does she even have a career in hollywood anymore?[View]
107035260So did Luke just get the negative end of the genetics lottery? How did two attractive people have su…[View]
107005903Leave Thanos to me[View]
107036238>Dad, is this one of those people that you used to call that n word >Yes son, this is a nigger…[View]
107036236WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT: Danial from karate kid 2 or Prime Van Damme? 5 rounds of 5minutes no rule…[View]
107036229Of the now seven Spider-Man movies out, which ones do you think were most faithful to the comics? Fo…[View]
107034402I can't decide if I love or hate this guy[View]
107031951TONIGHT HE COMES AKA The Original HANCOCK: Would it have been kino? >John Hancock is a nihilistic…[View]
107030505How do you go from this[View]
107032618What do you think the plane smelled like?[View]
107036022Movies with this kind of aesthetic[View]
107028944MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL: how bad will it be /tv/?[View]
107033152Did he deserve it[View]
107035895Ah yes, yes, well done /tv/, well done /tv/. HOWEVER-[View]
107035463Who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
107033439HMMMMHMMNNHMMMHMMM: >HMMMM What does KINO mean?[View]
107033687What are some movies about pointless shit?[View]
107035503He's gonna do it![View]
107035650German movie: I ask help. I'm looking for a german movie that came out recently(the last 2-5 ye…[View]
107035522ok now this is epic!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGk42E2eSlU[View]
107035037Amanda Tapping: >here's your SG-1 bro time is a hell of a drug…[View]
107034278BUMBLEBEE OF VANDALISM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1Z9YjkKsD4[View]
107034587LARS TRIER HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT: B O Y K I S S E R S D O T C O M starts in 5 minutes[View]
107032071True lol[View]
107032303Why doesn't /ourgirl/ ASR get puffier and plumpier roles anymore? She's a good actress.[View]
107025056Horror is not defined by what scares you: And that's a good thing![View]
107029731Movies LITERALLY no one on /tv/ has seen[View]
107035340What type of person sits in a side seat at the cinema?[View]
107035010what did he mean by this?[View]
107035079I want to watch some historical period kinos. What are some good ones? You know, medieval era, colon…[View]
107033842So what leaks were associated with this title leak and therefore true?[View]
107034744Don't mind me, just waking backwards[View]
107035221>mfw sexy characters in movies take off their clothes[View]
107035206>rogue predator wants to save humankind >the weapon the predator leaves is a cybernetic suit t…[View]
107035150https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17i87ez_6w Is this finally the start of Anime/Manga adaption Kino?…[View]
107035091Walked out of the theater.[View]
107032152Why is this movie so hated by /tv/? >inb4 directed by a woman[View]
107033868Why didnt he like John Hughes movies?[View]
107028287What are some films with THIS aesthetic?[View]
107032189Best Sci-fi Shows or Movies: Recently watched altered carbon, lost in space and the 100. All of them…[View]
107034763Why is Shrek a meme film?[View]
107028484so I see you're running GNOME[View]
107033001What are the best examples of cult kino?[View]
107030305I work at Disney: James Gunn will be rehired for Guardians 3 early next year. They wanted everything…[View]
107032957That was a pretty cool scene[View]
107029094I'm not saying the other stories weren't entertaining. But tell me you wouldn't have …[View]
107033107Is it as good as I remember?[View]
107032949Isn't it nice that all the capeshit and Star Wars shit has passed this sub?[View]
107033280The Original Plot Of TRANSFORMERS 2: Before the writers strike screwed it all up. Better than what w…[View]
107034524Post your favorite quote from a movie released this decade: I'll start first, 4chan 'Wanna Figh…[View]
107033335pitch me a Devil May Cry movie[View]
107033359Actors/actresses with interesting/impressive filmographies. I'll start. Sam Neill: >Jurassic…[View]
107034677The Big Gundown: What is a safe site where I wont get a virus or ruin my laptop to watch the Big Gun…[View]
107034528Why is it so good?[View]
107032552What was her name?[View]
107034639Does CIA have a thyroid issue?[View]
107034503What are some important/essentials characters/actors in tv's life? Posting I believe the most…[View]
107034544>tfw you finish watching real kino and then feel empty afterwards why this happens bros?…[View]
107034345what are you favorite japanese tv kinos? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xj7yzi[View]
107031927y-you nerds better watch my movie or else[View]
107034462Why did Hollywood stop hiring bimbos?[View]
107034371Does anyone else enjoy pic related? It's stupid, comfy tv.[View]
107030804>Get them on board. I'll call Ittin. Was it CIA or Ittin that actually filed the flight plan…[View]
107034337Space Dragon!!![View]
107028522say two negative things about tarantino or his movies[View]
107034227How much did we love this, /b/ros?[View]
107031208ITT: 0/10 'films'[View]
107033923Admit it.[View]
107033776Why did no one tell me how kino this was sooner?[View]
107031390I married a woman who watches hallmark christmas movies regularly and thinks home alone 3 is hilario…[View]
107033930>just when i thought i was out >they pull me back in…[View]
107029827Godzilla 2 - NEW Trailer & Discussion Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A…[View]
107034092what's his best film[View]
107032210Who's your favorite television character? Mine is Margaret Woolworth carrington von schumacher …[View]
107033887What the fuck was this dude's problem.[View]
107033616Guys, what the fuck? No, seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK. I saw that leak detailing the Season 30 episode…[View]
1070339463 episodes into the last season and honestly I am not surprised it was cancelled. The ice planet of …[View]
107022691Grace Randolph vs Comic Book Girl 19: Who's the best film critic?[View]
107032827its free association, its how i work[View]
107033430/advanced/ • Arthouse general: Thread for those who've been watching cinema seriously for 5+ ye…[View]
107031498Was this the most kino moment in the series?[View]
107033705Favourite childhood movie: Did anyone have any childhood kino that they would rewatch all the time? …[View]
107032507Is it truly the best bad movie?[View]
107022438KIM POSSIBLE (Live-Action) - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNRQT9ODqDI what went wrong /t…[View]
107033677Why are ghosts in horror movies almost always female?[View]
107032304I don't get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fhg72SWYP8 Why don't the citizens of Simp…[View]
107030260>Movie story is he was a Jew best up by Nazis >in the story it’s based on, the guy was a trap…[View]
107030555Why is this acceptable pedagogy?: The restaurant owners get bullied, humiliated, infantilised, ridic…[View]
107033636What's the easiest way to get on a hidden camera show on TV? I was thinking of following a few …[View]
107033514Luke, did I ever tell you the tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise?[View]
107029253Why do retards to this day still treat this as the holy grail of speeches when it is just a bunch of…[View]
107025775>student kills master with same move the master taught them[View]
107032854he disrespected da bing[View]
107030273How do we kick out lil t_donnies out of /tv/?[View]
107033153And this year's Oscar host is...[View]
107031817Looking for a movie poster. It’s a dark oil (?) painting with a bearded man not unlike Pic Related. …[View]
107032908anyone else see this japanese kino?[View]
107033329Famous movie quotes: >You're gonna need a nigger boat. Jaws, 1975…[View]
107033256“Chris” https://youtu.be/p8pAZ75WKh8[View]
107032853Who do you feel more sorry for? Sonic fans or Jim Carry?[View]
107031145> *spaceship fires on the enterprise out of nowhere* >Captain I am detecting aggressive though…[View]
107031735Serial Killer inspired movies: Derranged (1974) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo3ppEmaCeA Can we t…[View]
107033104Besides Office Space, any other I hate my job kinos?[View]
107031908Just marathoned the first 5 minutes of this flick with based Pierce, what did I think?[View]
107031097what the fuck is wrong with am*ricans[View]
107031926ITT: Pleb Magnets[View]
107032824>7 minutes into this Do I think it's reddit?[View]
107032612What expression is Luke trying to convey here?[View]
107032812>villain is listening to classical music >he addresses his captive >'You're listening …[View]
107032613Christmas movies: What Christmas films/tv shows do you plan on watching with your family/significant…[View]
107031000ummm, isn't this a bit transphobic?[View]
107032051Any kinos about space travel past Jupiter?[View]
107032267is there ANYTHING decent to watch on Hulu FUCK[View]
107032337This was undoubtedly the best movie of the 21'st century so far. Prove me wrong. You can't…[View]
107032333What was he looking at?[View]
107029490>social commentary in Hollywood propaganda is being replaced by quip tweets >actors are litera…[View]
107031518ITT: We appreciate the comedic genius of Leslie Jones[View]
107031856>Be Saxon >Be raised by Danes >Know Danish ways >Want to claim my rightful Saxon heritag…[View]
107031089Just what, exactly, are your superpowers again?[View]
107031963If Rome season 3 was a thing: What would you like to see the most? For me it's Livia going pois…[View]
107029763ITT: God tier Boomer humor[View]
107032241Sherlock: Be like me Love sherlock try and be sherlock Go terribly wrong Get angry Envy sherlock sta…[View]
107032329ITT: Bad CGI in Movies[View]
107030042You're in a trash compactor and this guy grabs your princess by her tiny butt. What do?[View]
107032142>Show about WW2 >Nazis are the bad guys What did they mean by this?…[View]
107027832IN YO FACE MARVEL: Well done Transformers.[View]
107032233what are the best european horror movies of the last five years? I remember a danish horror movie wh…[View]
107030747Recommend horror movies that are relatively obscure.[View]
107031552Bisexual Lighting: What was the first movie to have this aesthetic?[View]
107028554The Star Wars prequel trilogy was good.[View]
107028091ITT: We post our favorite Christmas movies I'll start[View]
107031088anyone know the name of this actress?[View]
107032087I don't want to swim the ocean I don't want to fight the tide[View]
107031372How old were you when you learned that the dad from The Brady Bunch was gay?[View]
107029252Die Hard is not a Christmas movie[View]
107031710What are some films about going on vacation and having a blast?[View]
107031647what the fuck was up with these god awful parody movies in the mid 2000s[View]
107031448NOW THAT'S A TEMPO[View]
107030099The Very white Star Wars was rebooted with Diversity: >The inherited trappings are real and weigh…[View]
107029822cinema: Best Movies About Pets ?[View]
107029962american dad: this is just a quick question for those who get the latest series of AD >>does s…[View]
107030068>tfw you chose to dedicate yourself to the best art form Feels good to be on the winning team. Wh…[View]
107031833>Sal is tonight`s big loser >So we are droping him in the county jail for a week >In this t…[View]
107031437how many jewish actors are there in the world[View]
107031589so now that the dust has settled: who was in the wrong here?[View]
107031203ITT Oscar hosts you'd want to see this time round[View]
107028742Mystery and treasure adventure movies: What are some most recent adventure movies? I've seen lo…[View]
107031725Was another movie's dishonest cinematography ever so detrimental to it as it was for blade runn…[View]
107030172Why Did It Fail To Connect With Modern Audiences?[View]
107031739ITT Movies that had the opposite effect of their intention: This literally made me a fascist. A stro…[View]
107028855Based black celebrities: standing up to the white SJW women that white bois are so scared of.[View]
107028949what's /tv/'s opinion of Owen Benjamin? He's getting some traction, like Jordan Peter…[View]
107031440ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
107030605I'm gona say the m word[View]
107031675Why the hell are Incredibles 2 and Ralph 2 nominated for so many awards? They suck compared to the o…[View]
107028507TITANS: did you like the introduction of Donna Troy /tv/?[View]
107031243if memes are the highest form of culture atm what would you consider a meme film[View]
107024410Exact moment when Disney Star Wars went to shit[View]
107025681Sarah Hyland: I remember you guys kept asking what happened to her, well she spoke out 4:35 to see t…[View]
107030364Give me some non-depressing absolutely great films you love /tv/. It doesn't absolutely need to…[View]
107028329Post Hollywood Chads from any era.[View]
107021152Why didn't the egyptian king just let the jews go?[View]
107025671I liked it. decent stand alone film[View]
107031528Bumblebee was da shit my G!![View]
107029672/pg/ - Poker General: Poker is shown on tv, so it's allowed. Thoughts on Ivey?[View]
107031272True sonic movie: Why is everyone bashing the paramount hacks movie when the real sonic kino comes o…[View]
107031393Am I supposed to sympathize with them?[View]
107030892if ralph needed to make quick money on the internet and had no problem debasing himself, why didn…[View]
107026765can someone explain me a joke behind this? i've watched this movie for more than 30 times and i…[View]
107019465What the fuck is his problem?[View]
107026002What are some kinos in which the tension is palpable between the characters?[View]
107031143Greatest sci-fi of all time tier >TOS Cinematic masterpiece tier >DSC Great tier >ENT >V…[View]
107031108what do you think the average age of /tv/ is?[View]
107029378What are your thoughts on Storage Wars?[View]
107031075>Because of the time dilation due to Gargantua's gravity, every tick represents approx. 17 h…[View]
107029965Big trouble in little China/Kurt Russel thread go![View]
107029159This is unironically a terrible movie.: It has the best action I've ever seen in a movie, but i…[View]
107029373If you were trying to convince someone not to kill themselves by showing them one directors entire f…[View]
107030104Forgotten Days: A slice of life mixed with a bit of mystery and adventure. >Think 'My Girl' meets…[View]
107025059/Ah/ Art House film General: A general thread for discussion, recs, and posts related to art house a…[View]
107030552What did he mean by this?[View]
107028631>entire movie was just a dream[View]
107030995what did he mean by this?[View]
107030939Humanity has peaked[View]
107030856HMMM nice bike[View]
107030176Why didn't he just accept his fate?[View]
107030796Sonic 2 casting if it is successful.[View]
107027413>but it's a bigger shark! Haha! This looks awful. Why is Statham's career such a joke?…[View]
107028681What went wrong?[View]
107030677What is the TITE tummy of television and film?[View]
107029823I have brought peace, justice, freedom, and security to my new Empire.[View]
107030663who was in the wrong there? and why did cesar kept the dude alive?[View]
107030650the king is tired, see him to his chambers[View]
107029106>Talk-in' 'bout >Hey now ! Hey now ! I-ko, I-ko, un-day >Jock-a-mo fee-no ai na-n…[View]
107030482Was he saying >BANE? >BANE! or >BANE ?…[View]
107030186WWGOWGA: Dear patroits, I hear people worried about a split in the group but that happened day one b…[View]
107030149>I'm Gaudsloan Le Mans. What did he mean by this?[View]
107028454>be specifically searching for life forms using life form detecting gadget >completely fail to…[View]
107030491The Godfather SUCKS: This movie was fucking ruined by it's terrible directing, lack of good pac…[View]
107028476Why isn't there more cyberpunk kino? Also how come that even when they're shit they turn o…[View]
107028194Are you excited to watch a girl drive, /tv/?[View]
107028027Wtf is her problem?[View]
107005469Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker won't return for a new series until 2020: OH NO NO NO NO NO >Ser…[View]
107025783Mortal Engines (2018): Get in here and talk about this travesty of a film you fucking bastards!!!!…[View]
107030403/tv/ is for plebs exclusively, fuck you nigger faggots: >ask for scary movie >/tv/ recommends …[View]
107022925>'hey berta could you do what you get paid for and clean up the drink I spilled?' >*silently g…[View]
107026469remember when an episode's main joke was about how Brian gets cucked? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
107028607Post some midget kino[View]
107030187ITT videos only you've seen[View]
107028366Bad films /tv/ tricked you into watching: Pic related only decent scene in this piece of shit[View]
107028389>han >youre tearing me apart[View]
107030129Bravo Jackson.[View]
107027900OFFICIAL Bane® Discussion Thread: Discuss anything related to the biggest batman villain in this thr…[View]
107029961>When I get out of here, there's gonna be Venom 2: Rise of Carnage.…[View]
107028231Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e22OWpO5GaE[View]
107026277Was it the thinking anon's gangster film?[View]
107029462What movie character would you wish to be?[View]
107029929>Natalie Dormer >graduated 13 years ago[View]
107029839>first day in film class >teacher asks favorite films >Citizen Kane, 2001, Godfather and ot…[View]
107015780Will Rupert Grint ever make kino again?[View]
107027622 S O O N [View]
107026195The Jumanji Sonic meme alliance![View]
107028192its that time of year again[View]
107026167How come Larry David’s daughter isn’t bald too?[View]
107027532>lee van cleef plays the kino Colonel Monroe in For a few dollars more, then in the sequel, the g…[View]
107028375Skribbl.io: Comic book related 'Pictionary' game going on join us for some fun. Will start once ther…[View]
107027205The Office UK: >A brilliant character comedy, with nuanced looks on social dynamics and relatable…[View]
107022270Best and most underrated Bond coming through[View]
107027706I'm warning you now 4channel, any funny business, any at all, and you'll be banned for a w…[View]
107028798Jonah Hex: So who was in the wrong here? This was not quite protocapeshit kino like Blade but what d…[View]
107027920We'll take the lot!: We'll take the lot![View]
107029590>watching family feud >Steve: 'Name something your husband tries to do in a sexy way that just…[View]
107029529What are some kinos in which the female protagonists forces the male protagonist to suck on her assh…[View]
107027808The vvitch: Why didn't God help them?[View]
107029537/tv/ was wrong again.[View]
107025571GODZILLA 2 - Trailer + Discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A[View]
107029525FUCK SOCIETY[View]
107028210The SJWs have got to stop: My girlfriend and I are big Queen fans and we were excited to see the new…[View]
107029327The jews did this[View]
107025005Why wasn't she riding side-saddle?[View]
107029357ELSEWORLDS Thread: Tonight's episode: 'Elseworlds - Part 2' >THE BATTLE CONTINUES - Oliver (…[View]
107029319Name a better crime show on TV[View]
107029308Wait so is Rodan an evil fire god now? Will he team with Ghidora?[View]
107029169>my vagina when he says he only watches limited series[View]
1070265833 > COG > FBAWTT > all the other pottertrash[View]
107029130'My hands are a little dirty.' 'So are mine' Why didn't they just wash their hands?[View]
107019796I'm trying to build a list of comfy movies to watch over the holidays and wondering if anyone h…[View]
107028319Jeopardy 12/10/18: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ypww5 [spioler]easy game but hard final jeopa…[View]
107024188>a genderless burger experience[View]
107027323/HCG/: Hallmark Christmas General - HALLMARKIE PRIDE WORLD WIDE EDITION[View]
107028948I don't get it.[View]
107029009T@gged: Anyone here watching the show'Tagged? Opinions on it?[View]
107029040As a janitor to the 4channel discussion website, henceforth until the day you die, all day, every da…[View]
107028907this sounds familiar...[View]
107028908HOW MANY Villians are in the audience?[View]
107027981Why is no one talking about this kino? Also Elena is best girll[View]
107027233It's been settled - Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.[View]
107025264Nothing Personnel, Mouse.[View]
107028186Aquaman: /ourgirl/ Grace Loved it It's over pack up and go home Marvelfags[View]
107028418Ahahahahaahahahahhahahhhhh.....oooooooooooh nooooooo[View]
107028791Shhhhhhhhh, listen, janny Can you hear her? uuaaAAAAHHH!!!! LET THE CANCER IN MY EYES BLEED REVELATI…[View]
107024326>Dad, I need help[View]
107024811APOLOGIZE: https://youtu.be/JtCtQpclpY8[View]
107024084Any movies or shows that captures this feel? >post-apocalyptic day-to-day living >scavenging …[View]
107002199the fucking did it[View]
107028334you know why this is so kino? because they didnt cut together behaviour of animals to shoehorn in 's…[View]
107028611Bollywood: How fucking huge is Bollywood really? also, youtube might get poo'd[View]
107025710>/tv/ unironically hates capeshit what's wrong with you faggots. that's like saying I h…[View]
107028119Cone watch the house that Jack built RIGHT NOW with us brettygood com Starting literally now[View]
107025692Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
107025536What was his logic ?[View]
107027909why didn't they fire RPGs into the german bunkers before they raided the beach?[View]
107027279It's out bros[View]
107028309Just saw this. What did I think about it? Other than being disappointed that J.K. Simmons didn'…[View]
107027817>Hate my job and hate my life Any movies where the MC improves his life. Need to watch some motiv…[View]
107027503Why does 4channel pretend to hate this anti communist kino?[View]
107026598>Blockbuster smash Venom has been granted an extended theatrical run in China following its treme…[View]
107028237when I grow up I'm gonna be cool like Keanu[View]
107027995LET THE MAN BREATHE![View]
107028057>Old Mario >New Pokemon >Now New Sonic >Dozens others I'm not caring to list What t…[View]
107028196/tv/...../tv/! Jannies came into my thread. Disrespected my anons because somebody REPORTED MY POST.…[View]
107025313Dread it. Run from it. Black Panther's Oscar Win still arrives.[View]
107022360/bfg/ Bayformers General: Screen edition, post something good[View]
107022849When does this get good? I’m at the part where Elle Fanning is getting photographed by the creepy ba…[View]
107028126Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
107027517Is this a good movie? I think it was a good concept and well crafted but was ultimately wasted beca…[View]
107027342What the fuck is wrong with Alan Smithee? Every single movie I've seen of his has been garbage.…[View]
107024885Why is he so relatable?[View]
107028053XENIA! I CAN'T BREATHE![View]
107027960I want my MTV[View]
107027853Say the line, Bart[View]
107027939>it's real[View]
107027798Are there any examples of famous rivalries or bullying amongst those in the movie industry? (actors …[View]
107025398Why did /tv/ forget about this guy? What was his name again?[View]
107027836Ben has a tough life, I'm starting a gofundme campaign so that he can get into counselling, and…[View]
107027813Guys, I need something super comfy to watch tonight. Any suggestions? I have Canadian netflix and sh…[View]
107027059Genuinely lovecraftian horror[View]
107026593>the key to that chain is in the bathtub: how the fuck was adam supposed to know this[View]
107027586I'M GONNA SAY IT!!![View]
107027318 [View]
107025104Perhaps the DIE....was cast... when Rowling VETOED the idea of Spielberg directing the series...[View]
107027658The Last Kingdom: >tfw no aethelflaed gf[View]
107027228Any films with this kind of theme?[View]
107027584MIKE WAZOWSKI[View]
107026582>the Ghostbusters survived that explosion I am laughing my arsehole off.…[View]
107027549Who came at this moment![View]
107027541>From visionary director Zack Snyder[View]
107027345was he 2nd in comand to pablo escobar? just my theory here, but i think he could actually be la quic…[View]
107027390>it's a rebecca episode[View]
107026755ITT: Scenes that weirdly predicted real life events[View]
107026369WHAT’S IN THE BOX?[View]
107025091Movies with this esthetic?[View]
106995306/who/ - Doctor Who General - Contemplating eternity edition: >doesn't even have a ghost monu…[View]
107026561What was his problem?[View]
107027018>the greatest filmmaker in the world is probably some African tribesman who can't read and w…[View]
107027184They should have kept the twist of the trailer.[View]
107027067What's the right order to watch pic related?: What do you say, /tv/? What's the correct or…[View]
107027195Did he really mean it?[View]
107027140ITT >Oh yea that happened[View]
107025720This drives me wild.[View]
107025621>102 >has a better hairline than me[View]
107022639>Which movie are you more hyped for? Avengers: Endgame Godzilla: King of the Monsters https://www…[View]
107021414ITT: We suggest hosts for the Oscars since Kevin Hart is out.[View]
107027032Are you watching Fanny and Alexander this christmas, anon? I certainly hope so. If you haven't,…[View]
107021595This is honestly fucking pathetic.[View]
107024545As soon as I saw the video game stylized axe I knew it was Edgar Wright tier reddit trash. It's…[View]
107023925*runs out of woods* ey rick m'askusum[View]
107024909I'm in the mood to watch something that will scare my girlfriend. Which horror movies are best …[View]
107026898GOAT Trailers thread: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrAz1YLh8nY&t=5s…[View]
107026174Is he based and redpilled?[View]
107026438>movie starts with a quote[View]
107023842>no post-middle school education >no job experience >no portfolio of any kind >not even …[View]
107018800Why is it considered '''gay''' to polish wood?[View]
107026740>Be a nice, peaceful clean-living hobbit >Sit down after a long day and about to eat a nice di…[View]
107026714aussie kino is back on the menu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G6d3BofNHc what the fuck you cunts…[View]
1070244182018 year to date: What are /tv/s predictions of the final rankings for year end? >Aquaman >Bu…[View]
107026425how did shyamadingdong made this masterpiece?[View]
107022079>Finally... we have become mindhunters. Seriously?[View]
107024549ITT: Movies where the good guy loses.[View]
107026330He's Gonna Do it![View]
107023641will it be kino?[View]
107025043Is he the only 'genius' filmmaker?[View]
107024035Biopic when. Who would you cast?[View]
107024792>*be's a christmas movie near you*[View]
10702598217the century England was a lot more diverse than I had originally thought![View]
107026283post underrated kinos this movie got panned and no one watched it but its absolute kino. carreys be…[View]
107024243CHOW MEIN?[View]
107024231>Whatever. I can take your insults. I'm a big guy.[View]
107024215If Happiness would die in Inside Out, would Riley become crazy?[View]
107023853What is it about leading men of yesterday that makes them distinct? - also classic hollywood photos …[View]
107022122was this meant to be funny?[View]
107021243Will Bond girls still be a thing in future films?[View]
107021423I hope this is the Puff Daddy version of the song not that STING piece of SHIT[View]
107025171Is it possible to make an interesting, complex Superman movie?[View]
107021670Why do normies hate this film?[View]
107018373Will there ever be another truly game-changing cinema moment like pic related again? A moment in fi…[View]
107023458“During one particularly harrowing moment, Hannah was describing a moment of violence that was all t…[View]
107022405ITT: Worst ways to hype up your own movie/franchise: This has to be the worst way to hype up your mo…[View]
107024958what is it about marvel 'movies' that make them feel like an extended tv episode?[View]
107024172I can't focus long enough to watch even 1 hour and 20 minute movies anymore. wtf is wrong with …[View]
107024557What are some kinos about spelling?[View]
107023558Isn't DC supposed to be the dark one?[View]
107025003I need suggestions on decent and above movies with Mickey Rourke in it. I have exhausted all of his…[View]
107025664Help me find this scene: I think it may have been in the tv show Black Mirror, but I dont know. Can …[View]
107024286Will Detective Pikachu be able to give us kino moments like this?[View]
107024555Killing Eve: Why aren't you watching Sandra Kin-O?[View]
107025628What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You could have it al…[View]
107021120Anyone watch 60 Minutes with Elon Musk last night? Was he crying the whole time? https://www.youtube…[View]
107014746>why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively? >because... we.. didn…[View]
107024829*kills Marvel*[View]
107022938ITT we post naruto characters that are literally (literally) us. for me it's sasuke; >extrem…[View]
107024184*ring ring* hey donnie. looks like you forgot to drink your covfefe before tweeting again.[View]
107022506Do you like Demi Moore /tv/? https://youtu.be/R1MzchywJLk[View]
107024950>gamers rise up >you seen this video of this gamer beating a woman? we posted it 5000 times al…[View]
107023247ITT: sexy horror/thriller movies: post em[View]
107025149What was Cruise thinking when he first saw this?[View]
107020914>I'll have a Welsh rarebit with a poached egg … bacon … scones, butter, cream, jam … a pot o…[View]
107021225This was something that existed.[View]
107025228Why was the US Office so toned down and sanitised from the original version? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
107022039could a live-action SPIDER-MAN tv show work /tv/?: given the right budget, the structure of a tv sho…[View]
107024821>be depressed >movie makes me more depressed fuck you movie…[View]
107024271Is he the goat ?[View]
107024917What was his purpose ?[View]
107020777>character dies >credits are in silence[View]
107024839who is the most aesthetically talented actress?[View]
107024988What happened to him? he hasn't done anything good since RocknRolla[View]
107024949JANNY POSTERS EXPOSED: JANNY BASHERS BTFO These are the people constantly spamming janny threads on…[View]
107024840Anyone else ever see this? What the fuck was this guys problem?[View]
107024862If that's how you treat your friends, imagine how you treat your enemies. Worse I expect![View]
107020761GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS - Trailer: https://youtu.be/poUzIzBdMYo What's a king to a god?…[View]
107021888Umbrella Academy will be Ellen Page's comeback, but when will he have his?[View]
107001712Didn't she moved on and married another man and had kids? Why does cap still care[View]
107022644Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107023316Jerry Seinfeld: Is he a real comedian or just plays one on television?[View]
107024345kids movie[View]
107019018should Ellen Page get cast in Star Wars Episode 9? describe the character you would want to see her …[View]
107022580This is outrageous: It's unfair[View]
107023736dodge this[View]
107022678I’m starting to get the impression /tv/ doesn’t love Space Dragons? Why is this? Can we please just …[View]
107024185>Karl's rockbusters but with movies This Jamaican fella stepped in some poison ivy…[View]
107020514I'm going to ________ Peni Parker![View]
107015004Is this guy ever gonna do something?[View]
107006928Are you ready for the savior of late night TV, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgArqIRCRFU…[View]
107023825who else /retarded/ here?[View]
107024001In front of his father and brother, that was pretty messed up Also, what the fuck was wrong with the…[View]
107021934Here's your Oscars host, bro[View]
107014863What did you all think of that first episode?[View]
107023952are mom's girls?[View]
107023734Countries who dominate at niche genres: So I've noticed there are countries that make movies in…[View]
107022723You morons do realize that liking this and shitting on comic book movies doesn't make you cool …[View]
107022906>girl beats up guy >ever stupida facking movie…[View]
107023862I hope Tim is in the next BOTW too instead of AidsMoby or Beardfat.[View]
107023236Sonic and Jumanji Team Up: They are going to kill Star Wars![View]
107016074HIGH HITLER![View]
107023824What's the most absolutely fascinating movie you've ever seen?[View]
107007278Is it kino?[View]
107023707I want to die. Kinos for this feel?[View]
107022250>tee-hee.. >anon, how do you know so much about films?…[View]
107018974Coming soon! Hitler Saves Christmas. Follow the zany hijinks as Santa's Sleigh breaks down and …[View]
107023561Now that the dust has settled, are we all in agreement that this was kino?[View]
107022657OH N--[View]
107021802Walk like an Egyptian[View]
107022282ITT: Rare cases where the sequel beats the original[View]
107020519Sneed... feed and seed Chuck... FUCK AND SUCK WE GET IT HAHAHAHA HA SO FUNNY BECAUSE FUCK AND SUCK F…[View]
107020233Moe's tavern...[View]
107022860The Godfather SUCKS: >terrible writing >very very ordinary acting >shit-tier pacing How cou…[View]
107023557What's the most cringeworthy moment from The Simpsons?[View]
107022649why did they allow such a thing to happen on live tv?[View]
107023198Post the most popular actors of the year you were born:[View]
107022624What are some good movies for this feel?[View]
107021794The Holocaust?: You know, I'm something of a fiction writer myself.[View]
107016954Avoided Rocky all my life, until i caught about half and hour of creed, it was sappy as fuck but gen…[View]
107022414What are /tv's/ thoughts on Lake Bells body of work?[View]
107010902Lucasfilm carved to SJWs: Last night's Star Wars: Resistance had Leia's first speaking app…[View]
107023183According to Disney canon, these things were equipped with hyper drives. Why didn't they just h…[View]
107022759NOW I'M GONNA[View]
107023460Reminder: if you like capeshit or fantasy movies altogether, you’re likely a normalfag from r*ddit t…[View]
107023449/Ah/ Art House film General: A general thread for discussion, recs, and posts related to art house a…[View]
107023427/GG/ Godzilla General, thread for discussing the upcoming film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as w…[View]
107020779The cold hard truth is this show would be totally different if it came out in today's leftist p…[View]
107023180>episode opens with black kids playing dingdong ditch (with cheesy playful music and everything) …[View]
107023347how do you go from loving a dude like a brother to calling him a former friend and no the betrayal w…[View]
107023271ITT scenes where /tv/ cried: .[View]
107017398/trek/: STD is still garbage edition[View]
107023249What are some truly kino rape scenes in cinema?[View]
107018711who is /bestgirl/ ?[View]
107020686cool, cool water ...[View]
107009660Bumblebee: Why is /tv/ always wrong? Bee is gonna be a success and Travis Knight saved Transformers.…[View]
107019487Sneed's Feed and Seed? More like /tv/'s laziest meme![View]
106989506I want to see this so fucking badly. What is /tv/ expecting? Anybody seen it already?[View]
107022889The only host for the oscars: It would actually be worth watching if he hosted it.[View]
107022420>homer use the f-[View]
107022824Thoughts on Altered Carbon?: I'm just starting the 5th episode, I find it really intriguing and…[View]
107018958ITT; movies nobody else watched but you[View]
107022620>''''''king''''''' of the monsters >needs mothra and the us military to help defeat King Ghido…[View]
107021514do you get upset that you will never write something as good as your favorite show?[View]
107015604Does he deserve it?[View]
107022472Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
107020603Are there any movies with the same aesthetics as Resident Evil 2?: Currently replaying the game and …[View]
107020960Well, /tv/? Just downloaded Tapped Out, which one do I pick?[View]
107018567Larry David's daughter is a beautiful jewess[View]
107022529>insults a woman for being old, fat, ugly and stupid for an entire movie in several movies could …[View]
107022656>ages ago right there's this little monkey fella[View]
107022315The Suffering Chart: How would you fix it?[View]
107022450ITT: Scenes that have aged like wine[View]
107022571Are you okay? Can I eat your****?[View]
107022086FULL. METAL. JACKET.[View]
107018549Movies that really make you think?[View]
107010991Cast them.[View]
107022408IT'S UP: https://youtu.be/yBPoNtm8s58[View]
107020010ITT: Failed Emotional Manipulation in Film Pic related. Was I supposed to care that some fucking hor…[View]
107021641The Star Wars Killers: I can't do this alone Even though I am strong Need something more than m…[View]
107022004Why did he never tell anybody, least of all his wife, that they were pronouncing Asac wrong?[View]
107022011Any suggestions ? Everything is just shite and yous are annoying me with anything yous post[View]
107021373>character gets shot >next episode is a bottle episode in the hospital…[View]
107021745What the fuck was he thinking?: British mo true to steal the ceremonial mace I. Protest to Brexit vo…[View]
107021244Was the Emperor’s throne room cold?[View]
1070167455 > 8 > power gap > 4 > 3 > power gap > 2 > 6 > 1 Objective Star Wars rankin…[View]
107022144mission impossible: did u like this movie?[View]
107022115ITT: Kino jeopardy moments I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJO7hcinS-U[View]
107011634Why didn't he punish RIchie for straight up disobeying his orders about Beansie? The guys was d…[View]
107021406It's good but i keep falling asleep every couple eps[View]
107019430hey /tv/[View]
107016893It couldve been kino[View]
107018619What does /tv/ think of Eva Green?[View]
107020251His top 3 movies are There Will Be Blood Akira Master and Commander Based or cringe?[View]
107021757What a cute Princess[View]
107018198is his cynicism justified?[View]
107021184>favourite Jim Carrey movie >favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie >favourite adaptation of…[View]
107021197Can you recommend me literally any movie? I just rewatched Manchester by the sea[View]
107014370Reddit Top Movies 2018: What do we think. Agree/disagree? 1. The Dark Knight (2008) 2. The Shawshank…[View]
107020853I'm going to watch every movie. going to start with English because I know that is it better to…[View]
107021059Anybody know good shows to watch with friends? We're all fairly big history buffs.[View]
107020801What are some movies about the destruction of Christianity?[View]
107021560>unironically buying television or film You realize this shit is free if you aren't a tech-i…[View]
107021646You know what, I don't want this cookie, I just want to get to the beach.[View]
107021438>Mom and Dad have 12 kids >are constantly on the verge of financial collapse but make do >M…[View]
107021177Any movies about redemption?: Also,/tv/ totally btfo[View]
107021334How the fuck could Monica and Rachael afford their apartment?[View]
107020185Good or overrated?[View]
107019405What's your favorite episode of Sesame Street, /tv/?[View]
107019379Hello /tv/. You have many questions.[View]
107020534Has she been approached to host the Oscars yet?[View]
107020168help me find a movie: Downloaded and started watching this, it's not bad, but I realized it…[View]
107018836>Jonah sticks his fingers in his ears >LALALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALALALA …[View]
107011081Is Episode 9 the most unhyped movie of all time? Lucasfilm might as well call it 'Star Wars Epi…[View]
107016783whats some essential Asian kino?[View]
107021118She's still burning, /tv/.[View]
107018250Post your IQ and 3 favorite movies: >87 >Saving the private ryan >There'll be blood …[View]
107019658Why is all of Harry's money never addressed again after the first movie?[View]
107013632>This Uyghur woman is one of the most famous actress in China with 57 million followers on Weibo.…[View]
107008899Movies about robots/cyborgs?: preferably ones that involve robot love[View]
107020923WHO LAUGHED?[View]
107020998Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107018708What did they mean by this?[View]
107020670Hey do you want an egg-salad sandwich?[View]
107016463*AHEM* I'D LIKE TO MAKE A TOAST[View]
107020682....your daughter[View]
107019995The timelines are combining Chris-chan was right guys[View]
107020401Uhhhh, you don't get to bring any jannies.[View]
107020467What are some movies without black people?[View]
107019439>weird old guy was Santa the whole time[View]
107018051Can we please discuss the works of Cary Fukunaga for just a moment?: He's directing James Bond …[View]
107016063>FUCK ME LIKE A BLACK GUY EDDIE What did she mean by this?[View]
107017774What are some links about worthless NEET losers who stay up browsing 4chan until 4 AM and don't…[View]
107020554>We live in a society What did he mean by this?[View]
107020719What am I in for?[View]
107020707post pseudo-core[View]
107020263YouTube in process of deleting all conservative accounts: >First they came for Alex Jones and I d…[View]
107020307Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107020651Godzilla and Sonic are going to kill the RAT!? Also post Space Dragons![View]
107018910Why was Moe dating a womanlet?[View]
107020453Do you think if SiriusXM offered Anthony a job again he'd take it?[View]
107020306well you see Die Hard takes place during christmas so I made this lil cheeky ornament for my christm…[View]
107020205Did Tony want to fuck his sister??[View]
107016550what are some movies?[View]
107017466Is LOST worth a rewatch?[View]
107020318Scenes that scarred you for life as a kid[View]
107020015OUTLAW KING: This is as good as history-kino gets Plus it's got Stanis in it[View]
107019168What a fucking moron.[View]
107020125Post Kino music videos. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj8[View]
107010871New Riddick fucking when?[View]
107006119Sonic: Hey /tv/, you like going fast?[View]
107020283KinoKendall Let's make this happen, guys! Script is being written as we speak! -- A slice of li…[View]
107010364>Video game adaptations can't be goo-[View]
107020241what do?[View]
107005169/jazz/ general: This thread is for the discussion of the TLC show 'I Am Jazz' and its eponymous tran…[View]
107018614>He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time. Players couldn't get a drink at the table…[View]
107020075ITT: Animated film scenes that women can never truly appreciate. Starting this thread with some boat…[View]
107018421Any Mormon kino I should check out? Not LDS, just fascinated with the history of the church.[View]
107019058Have you ever been 100% sure that a show that hasn't even aired yet is gonna be quickly cancell…[View]
107012744Based Ben's Back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWbrTLsplyA[View]
107017909Why exactly did they release this in May instead of December like they usually do?[View]
107020103are the rumors true?[View]
107018805>Watch an older movie that's been called a classic and always scored high by critics >It…[View]
107018681>he doesn't turn on the motion smoothing setting for movies[View]
107016345What is /tv/‘s opinion of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?[View]
107016229GODZILLA II - Trailer (2019): https://youtu.be/poUzIzBdMYo Kaijukino[View]
107011136>browses /tv/ - Television & Film >hasn't read Eisenstein's essays on film theor…[View]
107017155*Wheeze* YAAAGG- *Wheeze*[View]
107019434What are some good movies that are asking big questions?[View]
107008435Jude Law: How will his career recover from this?[View]
107019680I NEED HER!!!!!!!!!!![View]
107006834Neytiri is...[View]
107018648What is the most aesthetically pleasing movie you've seen?[View]
107019314Is this some kind of setup or something?[View]
107017100Admit it, if it didn't have the name Godzilla, it would just be a generic monster movie with 5/…[View]
107018203Do you think Mad-Eye Moody got paid for his teaching at Hogwarts even though an impostor taught the …[View]
107019464There was this pic of that new Sonic movie and I just saw something like this..[View]
107013141What did he want?[View]
107015174Stargate thread: Unscheduled off-world activation![View]
107018680BBC TWO-fags Get in here![View]
107019239>TV Show about WW2 >Allies have old Asian men as driver Why do they do this?…[View]
107017730Should I sign up to jurymedia to stream free movies? What's the /tv/ consensus on that, if ther…[View]
107018493Main reason I’m excited for Godzilla[View]
107019133The Angry Cuckolding Nerd: 'He's gonna take you back to the past, to watch Mike's 9-inch f…[View]
107018248What the absolute fuck happened?[View]
107018745sorry but this art style is fucking garbage[View]
107016811Is Fox going to cancel the upcoming season of Cosmos?[View]
106999233Can we talk about The Thing?[View]
107013509I'M SICK OF CAPESHIT[View]
107017334Mark Wahlberg? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him…[View]
107012763Why aren't concert films made anymore?[View]
107018915What are some movies about this sort of feel?[View]
107016782New Jame and Mike kino out no whip challenge[View]
107018764>Rambles for 15 to 45 minutes about nothing >'Ah, anyway here's my conversation with Anon…[View]
107018821How do i subtly tell my half vietnamese gf to stop watching mark wahlberg movies she thinks hes cool…[View]
107018807>underrated gems I'll start, event horizon is a pretty cool guy[View]
107018643SAY DO YOU REMEMBER[View]
107009673Why were people in the 80s so convinced that Japan was going to take over the world?[View]
107016635Where were you when the world changed forever?[View]
107016479>villain does something evil for legit no reason what so ever[View]
107018526*Is a better man than all of /tv/ combined will ever be in your path*[View]
107017002>Minnie hating Mexicans is how Samuel L Jackson knows Bob is lying >We see in a flashback that…[View]
107015978We're all in agreement that Zara is the worst peep show girl right?[View]
107016978>1992 comedy >I wanna sex you up by Color Me Badd starts playing…[View]
107017306Will Jet Jaguar be in the new film? He's basically a Jaeger from Pacific Rim.[View]
107018263>Barry and Oliver breach to Earth 38 Smallville >Somebody save me starts playing…[View]
107018389>Y'all niggas wanna get pancakes?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=100&v=DEC…[View]
107015688>critic embargo Uh oh[View]
107015808Don't mind me, just being the best SNL movie[View]
107017407ITT: Movies based on historical events that never actually happened. I'll start.[View]
107018176Who here has heard of Nelson Sullivan? For those who don't know who he is: >Documented a por…[View]
107015822The question of our time.[View]
107018010So I've heard a frog was being racist up in this muthafucka[View]
107017952What does /tv/ think of Emma Watson?[View]
107017937why cant actors resist looking at the camera?[View]
107017449Biggest justing in history?: https://www.youtube.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlJ11RCHHi8 From…[View]
107016644You talk the talk, do you walk the walk?[View]
107014593what's like this but better?[View]
107016500Oh no no no no no no[View]
107016309if you like 1970s crime movies like mean streets or the friends of eddie coyle, if you like peter fa…[View]
107017206Who should play Trump in the inevitable Biopic?: Also who would you get to direct?[View]
107017738SIGN UP  When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings Carter Burwell WHEN A COWBOY TRADES HIS SPURS FOR…[View]
107015280>ye've nae ideas left >yer shite >your best years are behind ye mate…[View]
107017725>Long live the Sneed[View]
107014056>Erik, I presume? >I prefer the name, X-men™ First Class. Capeshit truly is for plebs.…[View]
107017653It's alright to tell me what you think about me I won't try to argue or hold it against yo…[View]
107016558>'let's watch a western movie for a change' >give pic related a go since it seems popular…[View]
107007787/trek/: STD sucks ass edition[View]
107016153> 'He wasn't Alon.' Was Dr Pavel a body-double all along? Seven years on we're still di…[View]
107014447He's angry and he is Hunting[View]
107016283*runs over your foot*[View]
107011991How would this interview with Joe Rogan go?[View]
107014738Scenes that are not longer satire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlE5yK4l34o[View]
107014347I miss him bros[View]
107017436Cast the adaptation.[View]
107015091>one thrust and the deed is done[View]
107017329ITT: tragedies >Dude, it was fucking cool. It was smart and crazy entertaining, with the Nautilus…[View]
107017321You're a shitposter who says the N-word for nothing.[View]
107016270Take your swing, city slicker.[View]
107004960Gotham season 5 Bane: habbening[View]
107014905*block your path*[View]
107014807POP QUIZ HOTSHOT[View]
107003300Cast him: >A Russian serial killer nicknamed the 'werewolf' who is serving a life sentence for ki…[View]
107013800Would you watch a Thor movie if this was the protagonist?[View]
107016974why can't americans write good malevolent characters? this was too much even for a silly childr…[View]
107017035She's my goddess[View]
107001149what did youtube mean by this?[View]
107017023the hollywood elite killed rich. prove me wrong ya cunts.[View]
107015342He's Gonna Do It![View]
107015674The mouse fears the lizard[View]
107016554> With my wife I don't get no respect. I made a toast on her birthday to 'the best woma…[View]
107015809Guess the film[View]
107013889>kids born today have a chance to live to see her nipples[View]
107012271>invades your dreams[View]
107016416Is there any other movie like this?[View]
107015870Can we get a Married with Children/Unhappily Ever After/Home Improvement thread going?[View]
107015844I can't get no sleep[View]
107015246Embarrassing taste you love: What's a movie or TV you love that you would be embarrassed to let…[View]
107007799Do Americans really do this?[View]
107017698YouTube in process of deleting all conservative accounts: >First they came for Alex Jones and I d…[View]
107016187Who are some up and coming black actress?[View]
107014639Emma Stone should be...[View]
107015250Horror TV Series: What are some good horror series? I ust finished this today, it was pretty engagin…[View]
107016552>how does it happen to someone like him? >Got a degree from (Prestigious University) >grad…[View]
107014314What are examples of movies where the villain is simply unbeatable?[View]
107016616NBCs reboot of 'The Munsters' was underrated tbqh. Too bad it never made it past the speci…[View]
107015334ITT: movies you are convinced aren't actually real[View]
107016341A capeshit movie had the balls to do what this didn’t, and on an even larger scale.[View]
107014921>The Sopranos has good character develop- Why did they rush him so bad?…[View]
107015606Dennis The Menace: This is today's John Hughes kino. Enjoy! Can you even imagine all-white neig…[View]
107016357Post movie memes that girls on your social media share.[View]
107013371Memes aside, why did uncle Ben admonish Peter for standing up for himself? I mean shit, what's …[View]
107014276How do I get good at critically analyzing movies?[View]
107014260>Hasnt directed a decent ,remarkable movie since 2005 what went wrong?[View]
107016180What are good movies about bears besides this one?[View]
107016252>child actor >night time >that running animation >blue/orange filter…[View]
107014881seinfeld sucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usN3rpfFoGA Shit scene after shit scene. Youve just …[View]
107010643ITT: Actors with their younger selves[View]
107014918I thought The Onion was a parody and not real life......[View]
107015534tis the season, then[View]
107016116Uhhh.... Now eventually you might have i-images on your, on your image board, right? Hello? yes? Hel…[View]
107015418I'm glad we can all agree that Donald Glover was the kino maker of the year.[View]
107015832Anybody upgraded?: See, you thought I was a cripple but you didn't know that I'm a fucking…[View]
107015764HILARY CLINTON?[View]
107011536>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
107002931What did they mean by this?[View]
107013548cast them[View]
107012805Do people really think Vito was gay? Basic structural analysis reveals it was a joke, not to mention…[View]
107014469What are some films cool wine aunts enjoy?[View]
107015855Any good movies with this lodge aesthetic?[View]
107012872Does /tv/ like it?[View]
107015787ITT: Christmaskino[View]
107015550>and grug's OTHER rock! what cave painting walls always make you laugh?…[View]
107015759>gay scene >The Blue Oyster Tango starts playing…[View]
107015610[Freeform] >No Sleep 'Til Christmas (Dec. 10) >Lizzie, an event planner, and Billy, a bar…[View]
107015240Alright. I've decided. This game is kino, and Arin is gay.[View]
107015587Just watched this: Whats the consensus here? I really liked it. I should have watched it sooner. Cas…[View]
107014890>car commercial >Moby starts playing Everytime…[View]
107015592Will she step into her father's footsteps?[View]
107015423What was in it?[View]
106999693>watch Altered Carbon >my female house mate is constantly biting her lip and making dumb noise…[View]
107015531Why are there no good films with aliens being made?[View]
107011382ITT: Movies that have been shilled on /tv/ There is literally one guy who make bumblebee post and is…[View]
107015433Shadows of the Empire: Why the fuck wasn't this made into a film, yet?[View]
107008431Daily reminder that Aliens >>>>> Alien Alien is an aesthetically beautiful but empty …[View]
107013935Does anyone else find these films strangely comfy?[View]
107014271How long does it take to completely redo character models in CGI?[View]
107015392>I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place. Shhh![View]
107013901What went wrong?[View]
107014144how's that comedy routine going anon? you're going to have your big breakthrough right? yo…[View]
107014589so he's basically aladdin?[View]
107013489Sonic will crush Star Wars IX at the box office next year: Now legit,when Star Wars IX bombs at the …[View]
107010446Whats next for January Jones?[View]
107014752You know remember this movie actually happened[View]
107011824Is cauliflower traditional?[View]
107012140GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS - Trailer 2: https://youtu.be/poUzIzBdMYo[View]
107014143Movies where our protagonist gets served[View]
107015003unrealistic movie. my schools tater tots were never crispy[View]
107014894>watching movie with family >every single one pulls out phone immediately >after the movie …[View]
107011122Thoughts on Michael Bay?: So,what does /tv/ think of director Michael Bay? Did you guys enjoy his du…[View]
107013332When will they make a movie about Sega Genesis, the greatest video game console of all time?[View]
107015087For in every age, and in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.[View]
107015549YouTube in process of deleting all conservative accounts: sorry, cunt. if >>107001149 and >…[View]
107012546Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
107014590Would they be able to get away with this episode today?[View]
107014773Reminder that Bill did nothing wrong in warning Bobby about roasties[View]
107014711>And you FIND Geoffrey Did they ever find Geoffrey?[View]
107012247in south american they called the joker: Sr Sarcasmo just google it[View]
107010528Who hype here?: https://twitter.com/Stranger_Things/status/1071932624732635136[View]
107014766Cor blimey, put on the kettle, Olive.[View]
107014757Whats his problem?[View]
107013643She's my religion[View]
107014576Why did people turn on the Wizardry World? And don't say because it was messy. All Potter movie…[View]
107011816>want to write a screenplay >can't read existing screenplays because they're so fuck…[View]
107014659>leave Detective Pikachu to me[View]
107014494>ton of books, tv shows and movies about serial killers >almost nothing about mass shooters…[View]
107014610Hey there fat Janny How's it like in mommys basement I know you love those warm hot pockets An…[View]
107014551What's the /tv/ equivalent?[View]
107014496Uh oh! You stood Mothra up on your date and now she’s pissed![View]
107013084The Dam Busters Remake: So now that we know that Peter Jackson will be remaking The Dam Busters (195…[View]
107013695Picnic at the Hanging Rock: Why doesn’t 4channel talk about this film?[View]
107010288Has anyone ever gone to see an animated movie because it had celebrity voice acting? I bet not.[View]
107012984Are we brothers, Francis?[View]
107013040Is this the most iconic moment in 21st century cinéma?[View]
107013063So I came home in the late afternoon yesterday and someone left the TV on. Pic related on was on TV.…[View]
107014300What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107012959We hype /tv/? >Netflix has signed the comedian Chris Lilley for a 10-part comedy project which ha…[View]
107013443God has left us[View]
107014232BLAH BLAH BLAH JANNY got anything else to complain about? stupid fatass[View]
107003021Why was it controversial? I thought it was pretty kino.[View]
107014165how many months as a chad does JUSTin have left[View]
107014139Janny do your job: This board is Reddit lite Prove me wrong.[View]
107013984>wot a lot of rot you do tawk![View]
107014093Why was there only one oxygen garden?[View]
107014027You ready?[View]
107013948Shorts and a tank always. I try and either look like I'm going to the gym or just got back from…[View]
107013975>Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no >Don't masquerade with the guy i…[View]
107013947What is the TITE tummy of television and film?[View]
106990679Godzilla: Where the FUCK is the trailer?[View]
107013871Shows with wholly unlikable casts?[View]
107008385Wake ‘N Bake: what are my frens watching today?[View]
107011909Is this the ultimate gay kino?[View]
107012437>Never... again. Never again.[View]
107001116Could a Mortal Kombat movie ever work?[View]
107013731cast them[View]
107006043https://twitter.com/YoungSheldon/status/1070385032370499586?s=19 B A S E D[View]
107013283>watch movie with family >they talk through the kino parts…[View]
107013039Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107009204I used to like this episode yk[View]
107013673ITT: Gud bois who didn't deserve it. ;_;[View]
107011537wanna lick?[View]
107013033ITT: Fuck you I like it[View]
107013244ITT shows you should be watching[View]
107010219Does he even feed him[View]
107009906>The Mummy A (1932) A Gothic Horror film >The Mummy (1999)A Remaining/Remake of the Horror fi…[View]
107013458Post Underrated Kino: Post one, take one. >sterling cast >funny…[View]
107013435The duo that will kill Star Wars![View]
107013037Jesus, how horrifying.[View]
107013080Best Avengers movie?[View]
107014461Guys, I think this time he's going to do it. He's going to say it.[View]
107011698Why was Cthulhu in Aquaman?[View]
106982178omg i love her bros[View]
107012014Cast him.[View]
107013017Let's play game. Replace every word in amovie title with 'nigger'. I'll start - nigger nig…[View]
107011880Proper preparations to watching kino: >You're planning on watching Lord of the Rings or a si…[View]
107013222Ocean's Eight: It wasn't a bad movie, but that emotionless Michael Jackson face was distur…[View]
107013641YouTube in process of deleting all conservative accounts: >First they came for Alex Jones and I d…[View]
107012251Friend has given up watching trailers for movies. Shows up late to miss previews, doesn't watch…[View]
107012949GDAY MATE![View]
107013184It's actually not bad despite my expectations. It's get overshadowed a bit by Disney'…[View]
107010305May I speak for a moment?[View]
107008099Best performance in the whole fucking movie. Stole every scene she was in.[View]
106999668Aquaman is sending Disney and it’s shills into Meltdown: Will it make $1 Billion?[View]
107006642Any good films about Jewish people?[View]
107009454Daily reminder that you have to be drunk/high to appreciate this kino. This is why plebs don't …[View]
107012604Werewolf movie >vampire movie[View]
107006326Star Wars Saga rankings: I have seen the Star Wars films as much as anyone. This is the one true Sta…[View]
107012561>Movie wants me to love zombies and hate rich people What's wrong with liberals?…[View]
107009180The Peak of Entertainment: Was 2007-2012 the peak of Television, Film, Music and Video Games[View]
107011254Movie theater experience: I haven't been to the movie theater in nearly five years. >Everyth…[View]
107007577Will you see Alita Battle Angel in the cinema when it comes out?[View]
107012069I never thought Andy Serkis would play her in the inevitable biopic but here we are https://youtu.be…[View]
107012639Are Vegas shows tv related?[View]
106994681what the hell that was great lol[View]
107012635is he the most based MCU character?[View]
107004046If there was an upcoming film about Samuel Richard, who do you think should play him?[View]
107006007Here's your brexit bro[View]
107012215Who were you expecting? The Addams Family?[View]
107008918This ''''movie'''' is like watching a slowed down video of a furfag clench his anus while he's …[View]
107010552Here’s your oscars host, bro[View]
107012460>character uses the toilet >they don't go red trying to push the shit out >they don…[View]
107009783What's the GOAT capeshit movie anthem and why is this this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQz…[View]
107010497>protestants not even once[View]
107012390This was retarded, you can tell it was made by a chick >derp all he needs is a girl and his life …[View]
107005140Just started watching this and I have a quick question, why every single character looks disfigured …[View]
107010054What was this movie REALLY about?[View]
107010165Worth a watch?[View]
107012155you're a big guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDnKuFtdc7A[View]
107012152BIG NIGGA IS BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2mtgWpkQ3w[View]
107008072Based Kirk Douglas celebrates 102nd birthday, Catherine Zeta-Jones shares sweet tribute: https://can…[View]
107011395What are some good Halloween movies?[View]
107009080Why does Jennifer Lopez make so many shit-tier comedies? She's like a female Adam Sandler these…[View]
107010245I'm marathoning this right now, what am I thinking of it /tv/?[View]
107011876What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107011257You just know[View]
107009867Is this worth watching?[View]
107001738ALITA/GUNNM: Holy shit they're actually doing the romance arc properly. I honestly thought they…[View]
107010622When did you feel television video games and movies all started going downhill?[View]
107010816>mfw I'm just like this idiot[View]
107008354Best Decade For Television Anime Animation and Video Games: What was objectively the best and worst …[View]
107009546was it a good movie about loneliness ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkfVjMlo9Tk[View]
107010602Now that the dust has settled: Was it kino?[View]
107009960Yeah, I'm thinking Westerns are back.[View]
107011539will the capeshit trend ever end?[View]
107011027How does this work if you have diarrhea?[View]
107009424What are your thoughts on the philosophical musings of the Lord of the Rings™ character Merry?[View]
107003521Does Hollywood discriminate against white female actresses over 40 or is because white roasties hit …[View]
107011564Can you recomend me a good 50s sitcom?: I just recently found The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet an…[View]
106995078Why wasn't he granted the rank of master?[View]
107009199those dislikes tho[View]
107010887Say the word I dare you[View]
107011236Top Gun: Why do folks consider Top Gun to be one of the best American films? How did it achieve this…[View]
107009989You can't trust minorities these days. You have to do everything yourself. Luckily,I came prepa…[View]
107011211Are you a sick cunt?[View]
107011147I'M GONNA SAY IT[View]
107011253>Jamaican character >'RAHTED MON'[View]
107011231Don't forgetti mom's spaghetti[View]
106964532/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Head Case Previously: >>106929685 What is found …[View]
107011138Eight is enough![View]
107011023What is your favorite african kino?[View]
107007879What the fuck went wrong?[View]
107010719Do you buy toys based on movies?[View]
107011002You know, if I control rewind, I would want feed and seed[View]
107010217Movies you're waiting to be out of theaters so that you can watch them without contributing to …[View]
107010996My world is growing, changing each day Hope mommy and daddy dont find out im gay! >Did the cancer…[View]
107010978>The cleansing of the Temple narrative tells of Jesus expelling the merchants and the money chang…[View]
107003050>character talks in some techobabble >'In English please' says other character…[View]
107004538>AND ALL I HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT IS THIS BRIEFCASE AND THIS HAIRCUT haha he was angry and mad!!!…[View]
107010565Do you consider the animated Clone Wars show(s) canon? Did you enjoy them?[View]
107010900How embarrassing.[View]
107010848It's actually kino: Try and convince me this isn't at least top 10 marvel.[View]
107008530tuco was useless at this point, why didn't angel eyes kill him before the 'duel'?[View]
107008196*ching ching ching* *ahem*[View]
107010253“Yo I don’t be fucking wit kanye like dat no more. He’s wildin son. He ain’t one of us no more, B.” …[View]
107006670Star Wars' star curse: How come one of the biggest movie franchises in the history of Hollywood…[View]
107010090Stoicism: ITT post stoic characters[View]
107009547Movie Theater Coffee: Where are my other movie theater coffee drinkers at? I just had a discussion w…[View]
107008518Was it manslaughter?[View]
107009113>movie starts[View]
107010558Was this a reference to something?[View]
107010127>/tv/ thinks this is based and funny[View]
107010043Worst Decade For Cartoons: What is the worst decade for cartoons >Teen Titans Go >Ben 10 (2016…[View]
107009161>heeelllpp meee >DON'T TOUCH ME MAAAAAN What are some other scenes that are this funny?…[View]
107010432>Kramer: *tsk* She's a roastie >Jerry: A roastie? >Kramer: Roastie, Jerry! Roastie! …[View]
107009201WTF? IT'S REAL: https://twitter.com/johnpodesta/status/1072137513899356160[View]
107009848ITT: things in horror movies that annoy and don't scare you little girls or women who are all s…[View]
107010255ITT: movies that should have never been made[View]
107008843>character lights gas tank on fire >walks away slowly as the vehicle blows up >fixed hair a…[View]
107008596Anyone here know CinemaSins? This shit is actually more hilarious than the movie itself in most case…[View]
107003764WE MADE IT BROS[View]
107010056any movies about stomatch flu and basicly shitting water?[View]
107010052>Watching American sex comedy >Character brings out lotion >Never understood it for years …[View]
107010000This movie is geared towards furries, right?[View]
107005788All I do is watch Avengers:End Game reactions: Please don't tell people how I live[View]
107010039Any good lovecraftian movies/shows? Doesn't have to be cthulu[View]
107007664Post examples of strong independent womyn characters done right. Pic related.[View]
107006418>watching the Wicker Man >turns out the islanders wanted to sacrifice the policeman, one of th…[View]
107006784WOAH WHAT WAS THAT[View]
107008612>main character is black[View]
107009937>be me >browsing Facebook because nothing to do >come across article 'Live action Sonic the…[View]
106990915Aged like fine wine.[View]
107009105>Characters go to Italy for holiday >That’s Amore starts playing…[View]
107008914What's the consensus on Gangs of New York?[View]
107009852Orville S2x1 - Primal Urges: The crew races to save a small group of survivors on a planet about to…[View]
107009792>Where's my Bentley? >It's had it day. You'll be driving this Aston Martin DB5 …[View]
107009691>'A:M to the P:M~'[View]
106979754/trek/: Extreme makeover edition[View]
107008469>Drugs expand your mind! >The US government is fascist/full of nazis! >Oswald didn't k…[View]
107009728Enjoyed this show a lot. Watched this before MASH and was satisfied enough to not give MASH a chance…[View]
107000388What's the most kino fight in /tv/ history?[View]
107009060>I guess the Soup Nazi was right, it is the little things that are important. Like when Elliot bl…[View]
107008659*ahem* https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Sjq0HhA58j[View]
107006451Escape at Dannemora: How is this show not popular on /tv/ right now? Do you even know that it involv…[View]
107007640>This won an Oscar[View]
107008036ITT: Redpilled kino[View]
107008191How would you have handled this interview?: >Plays actual Russian roulette during an interview. …[View]
107008965How the fuck was it hard for Harry to get a date for the yule ball?[View]
107006195Nostalgia Will End With The 1990s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCvzfOj8spk Will nostalgia basic…[View]
107006539'Marwencol' is a documentary about the fantasy world of Mark Hogancamp. After being beaten into a br…[View]
107000939Prequelfags will defend this[View]
107007537oi cunts: Hello, I never really come here but I am writing an Essay on newsreels and documentary mov…[View]
107004945Why is she unlikable in every single role she has[View]
107002209Just bought mine 8D[View]
107007307What happened to his hand?[View]
107008823What did we think?[View]
107009016Now that the dust has settled; was shooting at a prototype shield at point-blank range without warni…[View]
107003786What is some incel kino?[View]
107007409Who's ready for true Capekino: https://youtu.be/g6eB0JT1DI4[View]
107008740Cast him, /tv/[View]
107008362Chrissy Tragedies: Are there any films out there with a Christmas theme but are tragedies instead of…[View]
107008300snack time your holiness[View]
107002947What are some movies that could give you this feel?[View]
107006136>wasted years[View]
107007927>Chanting starts[View]
107007703Are there any other movies like this? This was literally my life for an entire year. >Be me >D…[View]
107008715Which iq do i require to watch this movie?[View]
107008403ITT: live television kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzICVSqfUpw[View]
107008581>'You know the name. From the guys that brought you Deadpool and The Fast and Furious, comes Soni…[View]
107008660The tall guy is the bald guy's subordinate, yet he exerts a more dominant aura. IT NEVER BEGAN …[View]
107006005It wasnt that bad[View]
107008631What if Scorsese had made it like in the beginning?: It probably would have been a better desu.…[View]
107008547god i wish that were me[View]
107007034FILMS WITH TOO MUCH NIGGER: I'll start[View]
107006407What does he do in between Mission Impossible?[View]
107001948Why were the parents seemingly perfectly ok with a former death eater teaching their kids?[View]
107008429>tfw no Cathy gf[View]
107007883>antagonist is literally me[View]
107006281>'.......Alright everyone, today we have to talk about an article published by the CIA that'…[View]
107006397I don't get it?????[View]
107007767>739 days until Avatar 2[View]
107008209What are some other films where the janny gets dabbed on repeatedly?[View]
107008156Wouldn't it have been better if Batman threw Zod's body at him and he said >'did you ju…[View]
107006895Who's gonna play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107008165Obligatory Daily Posts Thread[View]
107007993Is this the original 'what did he mean by this?' https://youtu.be/zDgRRVpemLo?t=200[View]
107004851ITT: Real-life kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd_AqyPaUTg Vid related, this shit post-apocalyp…[View]
107007917What are some epic lies kids shows told you growing up? >Women don't like handsome, macho, j…[View]
107008061Thinking man's Big 4[View]
107008055tata turtle man[View]
107007935I've got thirteen channels of shit on the /tv/ to choose from[View]
107007886What did they mean by this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nii5zaCMi3Q[View]
107006120Is pic related best Asian kino of all time?[View]
107007861Who’s your favourite European film director?[View]
107007680/trek/: DISCO (Star Trek Discovery) Edition[View]
107007091YO LIL BANNER know this....[View]
107002344Who is the real king of /tv/?[View]
107002004Is it fair to say The Last Jedi irreparably damaged the brand?: For all it's faults TFA actuall…[View]
107005623Who should play Fatty Arbuckle in a biopic about his false rape trials?[View]
107006310>Yeah, and then you woke up.[View]
107006515Why do Australians like the sneed show so much?[View]
107007454Why does such an ugly guy and shitty actor get so many main roles in high profile films?[View]
107004880>Yes, yes... all humans were created equally Jannie... HOWEVER...[View]
107006938Is she a soulless Hollywood elitist or does she seem like a nice lady? Either way one of the greates…[View]
107007371So I came home in the late afternoon yesterday and someone left the TV on. Pic related on was on TV.…[View]
107002526They played the SMALLVILLE theme in the big CW crossover event!![View]
107006608*looks out towards the waiting room to survey the situation*[View]
107007515Absolute madlad[View]
107007495>going from transformers movies to conspiracy theory TV shows What went wrong?…[View]
107005041>Netflix Orders ‘Queen Sono,’ Its First African Original Series WE[View]
107004814and it's beautiful[View]
107005136What went wrong guys?[View]
107003987Triple Frontier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo3yRLLrXQA Looks like Ben Affleck is back on the m…[View]
107003604i had a dream that i kissed her[View]
107006545SEINFELD: wtf, Jerry mentions having a sister in the Chinese Restaurant episode. Why do we never see…[View]
107006792Worst year for movies?: Theseyears are often picked out when it comes to being the worst for movies,…[View]
107003213>I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher p…[View]
107005505But was it kino?[View]
107003147>You think you can turn him? Pathetic child. I cannot be betrayed, I cannot be beaten. I see his …[View]
107003574Why did Robb Stark pass up this for some dumb tan bitch with no political clout?[View]
107003695Sonic movie trailer dropping soon https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1072083793614319616 Dete…[View]
107002412Holy shit...he finally did it[View]
107005093Isle of Dogs: sup /tv/ lets talk about Isle of Doggos did you rike it? ending would be 10/10 if spot…[View]
107002854What's some conspiracy kino?[View]
107003999>Mom look in directing When will this trend end[View]
107005376soul vs soulless[View]
106980839>looks like some ultra campy comedy >ends up being kino…[View]
107004308You are given half a billion dollars to develop a franchise of movies all within the same universe t…[View]
107003240What movie of hers are you looking forward to?[View]
107005316What did he say to him?[View]
107006399GET HYPE[View]
107006373What tv series are you enjoying or have recently enjoyed?[View]
107003294Is this show any good?[View]
107005522What's the best foreign film of this decade and why is it pic related?[View]
107006029ITT: Chinese kino.[View]
106993957Look who made a cameo on tonight's episode of Family Guy[View]
107004877>No, sir, I'm from Kentucky ?[View]
107005278You can't just post[View]
107005487Waifees: Taking nominations for Waifu of the Year 2018. Characters only, no actresses.[View]
107006278Say what you will about it being capeshit, but the Thanos bits were finely crafted kino.[View]
107005772>movie/show gets remake >visuals are technically better but lacks the soul and charm of the or…[View]
107005897>ywn selflessly save someone feelsbadman[View]
107004168Bond... James Bond[View]
107004982remember that time a UK politician did some weird shit on Big Brother?: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
107004697So, who was in the wrong here?[View]
107004633Kino of the year?[View]
107002473Why DIDN'T they just fly on the eagles to morder? People talk about the nazgul dragons but I me…[View]
107005977Nostalgia Critic General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAGGsO23z_k https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
107004617Are there any men in the theatre tonight?!: Get them up against the wall![View]
107002268>Hey Ellen, um, why are we doing a 5th take of the lesbian sex scene? My nipples are sore from al…[View]
107004773https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IafB6r4hi6g Why was 2007 the best yeasr ever? Right before the shit …[View]
107004588>5 minute review >the movie was great >the cinematography was good >the acting was aweso…[View]
107003362Charmed (2018): Thoughts on the newest episode of Charmed? Why is this kind of racism allowed?…[View]
107005847'Well tonight thank God it's them Instead of you': Jesus Christ, Bono. Was this appropriate for…[View]
107005464It's gonna bomb, isn't it?[View]
107004782Fucking called it didn't I?[View]
107004654Will it ever get a good adaptation? Been rereading some of the Golden Age collections and it seems l…[View]
107004691>Oh yeah, and one more thing Mr. Anon, I'm sure it's nothing, but uhhh... this folder o…[View]
107005556Just watched this,What does /tv/ think of wild strawberries?[View]
107005551Aquaman has no theme in his flick: the DCEU is dead[View]
107005529>Globalisation; the last refuge of the serf. What did he mean by this?…[View]
107000402Godzilla General: Trailer drops in a few hours. thoughts?[View]
107003535Dogs of Berlin: Haven't seen any posts on this yet. Halfway through this series from the litera…[View]
107002648ITT: things in horror movies that annoy and don't scare you little girls or women who are all s…[View]
107004751COME AND VISIT ME DAWG![View]
107002952Looks like kinos back on the menu boys.[View]
107005103Orville Season 2x1 - Primal Urges: The crew races to save a small group of survivors on a planet abo…[View]
107004761>daily reminder Immortan Joe did nothing wrong[View]
107005156what are some movies about job hunting[View]
107002054How could a children's show be so brutal?!?!?[View]
107003336AND I'M JAVERT[View]
107004709>gets fired because of kiddie jokes >next movie is about how kids are evil Yeah, I think he…[View]
107004478What are some good kinos me and my girlfriend can watch together? Preferably something with cannibal…[View]
107004329What were they thinking?[View]
107002354Was he a good villain?[View]
107004859>show starts out really funny and original enough >s2 becomes the most cucked pozzed LBQTHSTIT…[View]
107003004Give me some uncha kino recs[View]
107004317I'm watching the French rip of Justice League and in every scene Superman has a funky mustache.…[View]
107003443What movies do females watch?[View]
107004698Fuck movies It's all pretentious wank Except capeshit which is fun entertainment Fuck Coen brot…[View]
106999174>40 days without sex is possible Am I expected to take this movie seriously when it has such a ri…[View]
106997733When the FUCK will /tv/ watch this so we can talk about it? 2018 was a shit year and you know it[View]
107004138I'm gonna flip it.[View]
107003530Fuck peter jackson: This was so bad it made me appreciate venom. At least that had some structure to…[View]
107001704You ever meet a celeb /tv/? Pic related.[View]
107003373ANYONE FOR TENNIS?[View]
107004212jannies on /int/ are asleep. you know what to do[View]
107002605>Spends 14 months being brutally tortured in a North Korean prison >Somehow looks younger a mo…[View]
107003414>eating dinner at computer screen >family in movie/ show are eating dinner >pause and eat w…[View]
107002395Linda Cardellini is hot, especially in Grandma’s Boy. Thank you for your time.[View]
107004214lets get one thing staright if you like superhero or you watch these movies then you just font like …[View]
107004219How long until they make Elvis kino, now that Queen has been done? >Song about the end being near…[View]
107003219>dishonest film making Isn't every movie dishonest? It's all scripted and acted. It…[View]
107003507Uh huh and if? A conjunction meaning 'in the event that' or 'on condition that'.[View]
107002800>I'll be in my bunk. What did he mean by this?[View]
107003974Why aren't there more movies/TV shows about actually interesting Arthurian stories? All anyone …[View]
107004056How come those South Park guys choose to make the representative of Amazon one of those aliens from …[View]
107003348>wot a lot of rot you do tawk![View]
107002459>critics in 2018[View]
107003847What do we think of her[View]
107002690I penciled our nigger The Jogger, thoughts?[View]
107003781>He unironically gives a shit as to how much money a movie makes at the cinemas. As a /tv/ casua…[View]
107003738How many... of your friends... did I misgender?[View]
107003655This is gonna be gut![View]
107003177>anon, I think I'm kinda falling in love with you how do you respond?…[View]
106999180Anyone know any good movies about playing two shows a day, four nights a week, for easy money?[View]
107002218>Watching a Marvel movie >Run The Jewels starts playing…[View]
107003203So, three body problem is going to be adapted by amazon. Thoughts? Anybody here actually read it? Wi…[View]
107000809This film is truly one of a kind and will go down as a modern classic.[View]
107003149I've never seen this dude since 2014 with a woman by his side or in a relationship with a girl,…[View]
107000739*tingting* Ahem You wanna know how I got this ban?[View]
107003304'And those beautiful women? They used to be men' ITT: Jokes that would never be allowed today[View]
106984016Tony Stark is a genius.: >Tony Stark can engineer a nano-tech mech warfare suit that can be store…[View]
107002635Mark Wahlberg? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him…[View]
107002802*sucks your penis*[View]
107003084What is your favourite performance of the 21st century?: For me it’s Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt…[View]
107003023DUDE HEISTS LMAO[View]
107002596Mary Poppins: >movie set in Britain >2019 is near >main character is white scandalous…[View]
107000237Silent Night[View]
107002914>Which side of a duck has the most feathers? >The outside.…[View]
107002341scenes women will never understand: >wow what an idiot! >why doesnt he just send the others fi…[View]
107002671 [View]
107001744Trailer for James Gunn’s first post-marvel movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLiI6jGMHZY[View]
107002919Is Vikings good? Does it turn to shit at any point?[View]
107002963Fuck you I liked it.[View]
107002894>The_House_That_Jack_Built_2018_DVDRip_XviD-Magic Is this the uncensored version? The one that le…[View]
107001253Stealing my pussy is a red. fucking. line.[View]
107002946Recommendations: Who are some good foreign actors and directors currently working that I should look…[View]
107002846Synecdoche: What did she mean by this?[View]
106999062>British 'humor'[View]
107002066Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body..[View]
106998772And there's one Itchy & Scratchy cartoon I don't think we'll ever forget...[View]
107002163mrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhemmm *clears throat* walllllllltuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *raises e…[View]
107002666>talking to my classmate about The Last Jedi >we both hate it to some degree >start complai…[View]
107002527where can I watch Disenchantment that's not (((Netflix)))[View]
107002823Origin: This was surprisingly entertaining. Just binged the whole season. >good acting >not al…[View]
107002086Police Story (film series): Original series vs reboot series which do you prefer/tv/ ?[View]
107000647Did I save it?[View]
107000090>Watching Battlestar >qt mouse girl deck crew >Wonder what happened to the actress >Aske…[View]
107002774It’s the sort of tired sleep wont fix[View]
107002382Why does this board only talk about celeb gossip and movies released within the past five years?[View]
107002613ITT: Character who didn't deserve their fate: I'll start with an obvious one[View]
107002679What's your favorite kino from this year? For me, it's pic related.[View]
107002149Was it sports kino?[View]
1070026122nd worst emma's best flick?[View]
107000542>Orson Welles: I believe that there is no law, and should be no law under the heavens that tells …[View]
107002565Fuck Niggers General - /PTG/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donald…[View]
107002514F Who should play him in the biopic?[View]
106998880How do I become better at picking up symbolism, allegories and metaphors in movies?[View]
107002491Was this peak KOTH? in b4 sneeds[View]
106996136Adult Swim show when?[View]
107002440>only use Netflix to watch comedy specials >never watch any show from HBO or FX >only watch…[View]
107002461what are some kino where the main character drinks coffee and reads newspapers?[View]
106999437>so we've got this cgi character[View]
107001939Why haven't you seen this kino?[View]
107002404>'You do realize if I never came on this show you'd be a literally who, right?'…[View]
107002389What did people think of this[View]
106998129>The main cast of your favourite kino is replaced by the main cast of Seinfeld Is it better or wo…[View]
107002314About to marathon this. What am I in for?[View]
107001198could this even happen nowadays: Do you think it would even be possible to make such a film or would…[View]
107001812One scene out of Burton's Batman blows Nolan's entire trilogy out of the fucking water htt…[View]
107001282I wish JG Quintel was my best friend he seems like a really cool dude I'd love to hang out with…[View]
107000249Sneed and Chuck vs City Slickers[View]
106999930>Be me, find random thread, enter >start a flame-war with randoms using expert lvl trolling an…[View]
107000824Can anyone reccomend me some movies about living in a society?[View]
107000635District 9: Where is the sequel at? Will Christopher and his son ever return to save Wikus?[View]
107001151Just finished this and was a little confused about the ending. I understood all of it apart from the…[View]
106999249itt movie plots that literally are impossible to happen[View]
107002172Longmire: This show is really good so far, 3 episodes in. I love the MC and the rest of the cast ain…[View]
106998792What the fuck was Fatty Arbuckle’s problem?[View]
107002082>post /tv/ crossovers[View]
107000656What's the deal with the Simpsons House and its continuity errors over the 28-season run of the…[View]
106999542When you pirate a movie, do you seed?[View]
107001246Why this movie is so underrated?[View]
107001414is it kino?[View]
107002001God, he's an ugly cunt.: Whose cock did he suck to get his first movie role?[View]
107001228'He's gonna take you back to the past to watch mike fuck his wife in the ass'[View]
106997839Why did no one bother to send Shinji to a psychiatrist?[View]
107001968What went wrong, /tv/?[View]
107001950>Found a broken laptop in a recycling bin >Extract hard drive and look through it >It'…[View]
107001207Don't forget to pay a visit to /int/ too. it has zero moderation and your threads can stay up f…[View]
107001933How hard is it to catch a clown? https://youtu.be/Ue8knZnY_H8[View]
107001607Has Mike turned anybody into a ghost?[View]
107001798>jannies work but don't get paid lol what a pack of losers[View]
107001767Just saw this on Netflix, what did you think of it /tv/?[View]
107001840I'm just here because it's supposed to be the pedo board desu[View]
107001170SOMEBODY SAVE MEE[View]
106998784>Nice hearin' from ya, Carlos![View]
107001077Some say love, it is a river That it drowns the tender reed Some say love, it's like a razor Th…[View]
106998762Why has tv gotten worse since 4channel: I notice a lot more porn and nsfw recently. More than usual.…[View]
107001789*tick tick tick* *ahem* Without further interruption let's celebrate and...[View]
107001006Spirit wives: Jesus fucking Christ...[View]
106992081Explain to me how Star Wars is not overrated trash.[View]
106999197Kubrick on modern art: >I think modern art's almost total preoccupation with subjectivism ha…[View]
106999653When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?[View]
106999236Who was the best? (more lists inside)[View]
106995120ITT underrated kino[View]
107000297what are some great christmas romantic comedies?[View]
107001020Is Sholay the only Bollywood movie worth watching to someone not from India? I checked it out becaus…[View]
106999033Fight Club: Is this the manliest movie ever made?[View]
107000940Is pic related the most kino actor of this generation?[View]
107001601How can a movie be so perfect in every single way?: I've seen this movie as a kid, as a teen an…[View]
106999581>Zombie survival movie >Everyone in the group is either a cuck, sociopath, dead weight, or str…[View]
107001472why is he so cute bros?[View]
107001556So, what was his fucking problem?[View]
107001047*AHEM* Well I didn't write this myself, haha I'm glad you could all join us here on this m…[View]
107001520What's some other movies like this? Keep in mind this has literally been dubbed kino by the man…[View]
107001087>They said I should think of the advertisers >They said that 4channel would be a new era, a ne…[View]
106996809>what do you want for it? >>$100,000 >the best i can do is $2 https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
107001166What are some good neighbour kinos to watch?[View]
106997179What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
106990775Recommend a movie for a stoner: Hello /tv/, /v/ here I just smoked some dank weed and was about to p…[View]
107001439>a redshirt can't be a sacrificial lio-[View]
107001098The greatest cartoon made this decade there's no denying that.[View]
107001129Wouldn't this just cause the pirates to get decompression sickness?[View]
106997401The Simpsons just got an HDTV in the new episode tonight and put it above their...fireplace??! Can s…[View]
107000590>badass cool guy with high social status never backs down >some random girl suddenly decides t…[View]
107000836'Game Of Thrones' Fans Accuse Euron Greyjoy Of Ripping Off Bam Margera's Style https:…[View]
10700122420 minutes in and it's shit. Should I continue?[View]
107001261Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg, and Chloe Bennet dancing to Bruno Mars: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChloeBenn…[View]
106999191official pedo-repliers thread: hello fellow pedo-repliers. How was the day off?[View]
107001245Anymore movies like this?[View]
107001157I never knew Capekino existed[View]
107000217Did she Really not know that Niles had a boner?: 9 years and she laughs it off. Women aren't th…[View]
107001180How long until a live action adaptation of this?[View]
107001159>if its a shark, weve got a panic in our hands before the 4th of july[View]
106992778Terminator thread: Post Terminator stuff, anything.[View]
107001070What's the name of that bounty hunter movie?[View]
106999556Do you think more pop stars will move into acting after Lady Gaga's success with A Star is Born…[View]
107001053What are some other remastered scenes that actually improved on the original films vision? https://w…[View]
106999927What's his name again?[View]
106999998Is it just me, or are ice maidens highly under-represented in television?[View]
106999474How did Lucas predict the 2016 usa election?[View]
106999557Excuse us, but there is something that we feel needs to be said.[View]
106996712Official Christmas Movie Power Rankings: 1. Home Alone 2. Die Hard 3. The Polar Express 4. A Charlie…[View]
106998252Name a worse ending, pro tip: You objectively cannot[View]
107000848what's next for Connie Booth's career?[View]
106995051Why didn't George kill Jerry the Seinfeld? or at least beat the shit out of him.[View]
106998635Would she make a good live action Lois Griffin?[View]
106998624Uh, was THIS scene really necessary?[View]
106995760Why'd she do it bros? just recently watched the new predator and i noticed olivia munn from g4 …[View]
106994760ALITA BATTLE ANGEL Final Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17i87ez_6w[View]
107000774Why didn't the eagl[View]
107000745are you in?[View]
107000713movie men will never understand[View]
107000546crazy old maurice hm, crazy old maurice... dubs and maurice is not crazy[View]
106996197What are some movies with THIS aesthetic?[View]
106998345Why would Don do that to Lane isn’t it a bit hypocritical since Dons whole life is built on fraud.[View]
107000562>B-but muh practical effects![View]
107000460oldfag from 2016 but I’ve never seen anyone bring this up, you guys realize die hard is a Christmas …[View]
106998999Game time started[View]
106999824evil bong 3 is my favorite movie ever made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wBuGG_Owuw[View]
106981627What's next for his career?[View]
106998844/HCG/: Halmark Christmas General - HALMARKIES ASSEMBLE[View]
106999782Great movie and all, but I couldn't stop lusting after Moner. >whole plot point about if yo…[View]
106998493this wasnt hot or funny but kinda depressing i was expecting something i could've jack to befor…[View]
106999030ITT: Times a Seinfeld Character did something wrong[View]
106999267Are you hoping Rey will be buffer in the next Star Wars?[View]
106993808Why can't we have a discussion about Natalie Portman's film career?[View]
106996314Is this the best Bond film? What are /tv/‘s thoughts?[View]
106997653Non American here. What else is Trump doing that is getting people like Moore so angry apart from hi…[View]
106996005Venom: Now that the dust has settled, there's only one question left: Was it Kino?[View]
106999728this shit was so fucking gay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JxjixqsQ8o[View]
106999992Roger, at Cornell University they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the tunn…[View]
106997491Why is everything Kino Russell touches solid gold?[View]
106998480ITS THE ICON STING!! https://youtu.be/qgc_Ebii2QQ[View]
106990218>violins intensify[View]
106998773Say the line Joe[View]
106995807Help!: What Christmas movie is this from??[View]
107000167Last movie i saw was Moneyball back in 2012, and only because i got dragged to it by normie coworker…[View]
106999244AY RIC[View]
106995484Is this a good movie?[View]
106999193>Moe's Tavern, Moe speaking.[View]
106996513Torrent when?[View]
106999816I miss him so much[View]
106999900Brainlets will say this movie was bad.[View]
106998930Gentlemen! Listen up yall. Here's the new plan. You're gonna start a riot and we're g…[View]
106998567Guys, the doctor says I have Ligma. I have about 3 months. What movies should I watch before I go?[View]
106979570Holy shit! The game is afoot, motherfuckers![View]
106999707fuck women[View]
106999176Movies where the bad guy is a black guy.: >pic related[View]
106999667Why isn't this guy a blockbuster leading man yet? He's got it all, yet he's stuck do…[View]
106994817fucking. epic.[View]
106999027>that episode when Arthur got molested[View]
106996233How the fuck did they lose AGAIN[View]
106998821What are some movies about con artists?[View]
106999029Counterpart S02: About to watch S02E01 of the best tv show nobody is watching.[View]
106998407Where did it all go wrong?[View]
106996891why didn't sauron just seal mount doom[View]
106999662*grosses your film 1 billion dollars*[View]
106995963What am I in for?[View]
106998789just saw this, certainly was something. anyone else seen it? try to keep black people=chimp jokes t…[View]
106998788What makes this character so grouchy? What is his problem?[View]
106999265did this fucker do this Sheeeeeeeeeit thing before the WIRE and it was his catch phrase ? im watchin…[View]
106999076I don't get it[View]
106999422>That's a nice exciting young director you got there. It'd be a shame if someone... hir…[View]
106997925admit it bitch we had the best at its peak[View]
106992588What did she mean by this?[View]
106999154i don't get it[View]
106998139> Watch Ip Man > Main villain in a Japanese general during the occupation of China > Is mos…[View]
106994329Only God Forgives: Name bad movies praised by 4chan: I just watched it and idk what the fuck I just …[View]
106996310Commercials that you hate[View]
106996535>I like you, and I want you. And we can do this the easy way or the hard way. What do anon?…[View]
106997919war stars: what is future of this franchise[View]
106994256>Think you're pretty smart, huh? Think you can outsmart a bullet? What the fuck was his prob…[View]
10698888490 Day Fiance Why arent you watching it live right now?[View]
1069986612018 movies: Congratulations... you're finally going back to writing FILMS rather than autistic…[View]
106996003What are some movies that capture this feel?[View]
106998970>'No!' Was he /ourguy/?[View]
106998576Ready player one: Thought this movie initially was gay as shit. But after finally watching it, it…[View]
106997444>gets sprayed with fear gas >starts seeing niggers What did Nolan mean by this?…[View]
106993515I hate this stupid fucking face, everytime there is movie with him I always instantly turn it off as…[View]
106988991I’m looking for Bane[View]
106997467I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast[View]
106992469Worst actor ever: Watching this guy try to act in The Flash Season 5 is amazing. Bless him, he tries…[View]
106989947Do people really think Tony didn't get killed?: Basic structural analysis reveals this, not to …[View]
106998799Post some basedboy kino[View]
106978838ITT: we post Kino scenes that made you go “fuck yeah” in the theaters Bonus points if it’s a scene t…[View]
106993866Prove me wrong:::: This will definitely be a classic kino 20 years from now. [[[Pro tip: YOU CAN’T]]…[View]
106996134Daily reminder: No can do.[View]
106998536ITT we post the most kino of kino when it comes to formulaic shows[View]
106995122Seems like /operator/ kino is back on the menu boys![View]
106998505Magnolia: Why did no one tell me a better version of Pulp Fiction existed?[View]
106998348Oi! Potteh![View]
106996516Best Kino on Mental Illness?[View]
106995277What are some good movies about big guys?[View]
106998097Why does everyone hate Robocop 2?[View]
106994971Hugo Weaving deserves so many roles - he brings life to whatever character he portrays. and yet the …[View]
106998250So I finally got around to watching Blade Runner 2049. Glad I did. Few other recent movies really ca…[View]
106996920Did you like it, /tv/?[View]
106995712I hope you never say a word.[View]
106998150When's the new king of the monsters trailer coming out? i'm sick of waiting for this suit …[View]
106981924Why do people here hate the Director's Cut so much? Ripley learning about Amanda makes the whol…[View]
106995562Best movies with puppers?[View]
106976828*clang* *clang*[View]
106994694Thoughts on Breath (2018)?[View]
106997974Where can I watch 90 day fiance season 6 in australia?[View]
106994405why the fuck is this two hours long?[View]
106995081Is Bumblebee a prequel or a reboot?[View]
106997635Seasons 1-5 of this show, and the original books, were beauty beyond belief.[View]
106997563Why didn't Victor just bang both of the them?[View]
106996259Is this the best Ted Cruz biography movie?[View]
106994389films you should watch if you only have a couple weeks to live[View]
106993261What are some classic tv show openings? Movies too if you want but no Se7en, everyone says that.[View]
106997396Does /tv/ watch Dancing With The Stars Juniors? Who is your favorite couple? For me, I like Kamri.[View]
106985012What are /tv/'s thoughts on Moonlight?[View]
106991913BumbleBee: It was really damn good. Hailee has pokies in it, too.[View]
106995170How did Joe Rogan get so popular?[View]
106996340Movies where the newcomer Ally turns out to be in league with the bade guys(think Scud from blade 2)…[View]
106987175I still feel them...[View]
106996690I fucking hate this shit[View]
106994081What am I supposed to talk about on this board?[View]
106995309Pontius > Knoxville > Dunn >SteveO >Bam[View]
106972124Actors you irrationally hate[View]
106997101So...: I was thinking of The Wire, so I thought what if I put the first word of Season 4 to the last…[View]
106995236Attention, epic 4channel posters! Gookmoot needs your help to keep the servers running, and all he n…[View]
106996800Beastiality in films: What movies are there where attractive women have sex with dogs? Or any animal…[View]
106994781What movie should I watch tonight?[View]
106996438what's the /tv/erdict?[View]
106996909Tenshi eating a corndog[View]
106994468does anyone even give a shit about this series anymore? feels like they waited too long[View]
106995057Is the age of Marvel finally over?[View]
106996615why are americans so fat?[View]
106996474i watched the film last monday at an art house cinema in germany. The Crowd was really based. They …[View]
106994231Was this decent? It doesn't have to be better, equal, or even half as good as the 1982 movie. I…[View]
106994793comfy tpb thread[View]
106996271Phil Hartman's Head Explodes From Spicy Wings | Hot Ones: ITS UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
106996333Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
106992848What's the plot for his inevitable biopic?[View]
106994522What would Half in the Bag look like if it was shot on 35mm film with a proper cinematographer?[View]
106996285Is he the Eugene Levy(american pie dad) for zoomers?[View]
106994684Videodrome: This movie gave me really bad vibes throughout[View]
106996095He can't be this fucking stupid, he's an astronaut and a scientist. What the fuck? Even i…[View]
106993774Space Dragon!!![View]
106987320Which one has starred in the most kino?[View]
106995978how would the bookkeepers like to be suddenly UNEMPLOYED[View]
106994662I want my MTV.[View]
106995079Guys... Will ASR ever forcé my lips onto her warm asshole and form a hermetic seal and make me eat h…[View]
106995924So he just lives in Vegas happily ever after?[View]
106972151Claim your vintagefu, /tv/[View]
106995905Favreau? He can suck my dick, that swings too.[View]
106995876any other movies that show how protestants are evil brainwashers?[View]
106994452Why does the Hollywood left want to destroy Kevin Hart!? Is what one anon said right and the whole g…[View]
106994568which one of you HIJOPUTAS can reccomend me some more shithole kino like narcos or elite squad. som…[View]
106994758Unironic 'fuck you, I liked it' games[View]
106995747Elseworlds CW Crossover: It’s great so far. Watching on West Coast >SOMEBODY SAAAAAVE MEEEE…[View]
106994304If Venom did so well at the Box Office, why don't I see more people walking around in Venom shi…[View]
106991670GLOVE SLAP[View]
106993951itt: movies that when you watched later you realized were garbage, completely missed the tone of the…[View]
106988247Are we just going to keep ignoring this because it's inherently political? https://www.youtube.…[View]
106995634>Movie opens with stock footage of a city from a helicopter[View]
106995533ITT: Cinema for sycophants[View]
106995438GODZILLA 2: >ruins your sequel what were they thinking?[View]
106993694Jannies iffy uh, anon got the stiffy uh, Got piccies, uh, thread it hokds 250, uh[View]
106990946ITT good pleb filters[View]
106994206>By September 28, 2018, recording for the film had ended. Tim Allen said that the film's sto…[View]
106994004Should he give them back?[View]
106995294>'Fuck you roastie whore, I'll kill you' >*writes name in Death Note*…[View]
106994520I'll have you know that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
106995190We've been to the moon multiple times so saying we haven't is just silly now as well as Ku…[View]
106984700Was this a good decade for film?[View]
106994459Leave Thanos to me[View]
106995037>They say no one's ever survived collision with an iceberg, sir >Sir?…[View]
106994225You can literally smell this scene. What are some kinos that do this?[View]
106994984>The 600 hundred series had rubber skin we spotted them easy >But these are new, they look hum…[View]
106993221What happened?[View]
106994924>the guy who's insecure about his masculinity and constantly works out and talks about being…[View]
106994323I don't understand. Patrick proves later on that he is a racist, so why does he say this?[View]
106994532the writing was on the wall from the beginning[View]
106994279Me on the left[View]
106994223achievable natty?[View]
106986867I love how Disney/Marvel isn’t even pretending that the end of Infinity War meant anything. Great s…[View]
106994518t. Disney leaker this dude will kill Thanos at the end of Avengers: The Final Avenging save this pos…[View]
106989264Damn, this was actually a bretty good movie.[View]
106994547Shadow: Take me down[View]
106993691Crimes/Mysteries that could be made into movies. Pic Related, Britney Gregory's murder[View]
106992905Woah, T. Where the fuck are we?[View]
106992007The Umbrella Academy: Didn't see a thread for ACT's new Netflix show, teaser came out the …[View]
106992260Recommendations?: Just finished this absolute kino and I need a tv show that’s as good as it. Any id…[View]
106994345man cn got away with a lot of shit back then[View]
106993466Has anyone seen /tv/? Formerly /v/ and /b/[View]
1069931041. What year will the first theatrical biopic about this man's rise and fall be released? 2. Wh…[View]
106994218when new Godfather? Pacino is getting saggy[View]
106993024I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here, Morpheus. It came to me …[View]
106994160Charlton Heston: Charlton Heston[View]
106991557Rec me movies like Resident Evil 2 pls: I really like the aesthetics and atmosphere of the game, so …[View]
106988816This guy is an idiot—why would he tamper with alien semen[View]
106994106Joan Rivers appreciation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjsfgDoKOoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
106993835Will there ever be a show to equal the Sopranos? Also, what would be some similar shows and movies /…[View]
106988838thoughts? https://youtu.be/PH3kBCSfL-4 also stranger things general[View]
106993640Name better true crime kino[View]
106989509Skribbl.io: Hosting a game of 'Pictionary' with a super hero/villain theme. Join us for a couple of …[View]
106994008IT'S ALL PIPES[View]
106994005matrix + mother: >you know i can make younger version of your mother in the simulation >Cant d…[View]
106990998KinoKendall Let's make it happen, guys! Script is being written as we speak! -- A slice of life…[View]
106993972Are there any other movies like this? This was literally my life for an entire year. >Be me >D…[View]
106993971>I will find you, and I will kill you. What did he mean by this?[View]
106993588Just finished this. So apart from the lezzing there isn't that much to it? Some butthurt love r…[View]
106993901Know any movies depicting a grimy new york or similar urban setting?[View]
106990910Burning: beta uprising: the movie[View]
106992674Let’s face it /tv/: Everyone loves Marvel movies. Interesting stories, characters with human qualiti…[View]
106992627Cast it[View]
106993854why aren't people watching black lightning /tv/[View]
106990243she don't age too well[View]
106993827janny is asleep: and advertisers love progressive content[View]
106993268What went so fucking right?[View]
106981629/who/ Doctor Who General: Ruth Next Edition old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwH3lVfnE5I…[View]
106993720Why do so many people here get into an autistic rage when this video is mentioned?[View]
106993019What movies insist upon themselves?[View]
106991366What happened to the symbiote-is-consuming-the-host plotline? Did I miss something or did it randoml…[View]
106993031This is George about to cry after selling away his life's work. What do you say to him?[View]
106991901 [View]
106990996What's next for Kiernan Shipka's career?[View]
106993039What's your favorite movie /tv/? Mine's David Fincher's Fight Club[View]
106993514What's your favorite anime to watch in bed with your grandma?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
106991723>We need John Leguizamo, but he's getting too old[View]
106991402>Releases days before Aquaman and Bumblebee >Review embargo still in place What did Disney me…[View]
106990662Fantastic Beasts: What's next for this series?[View]
106990310Why was he buying a paper though?[View]
106991782How did you guys like it? IMO it started out weaksauce kids show but then gits gud by the end.[View]
106984188>....not quite my tempo[View]
106990316would he be cancelled in 2018?[View]
106993298This movie was 10/10 until 42 mins.: Prove me wrong.[View]
106990151What does /tv/ think about Oprah's body of work?[View]
106992603what did she mean by this?[View]
106991882>... and like a lot of dreams, there's a monster at the end of it. >freeze frame…[View]
106991576Excuse me...[View]
106989592Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas /tv/! And fuck jannies and niggers! Oh ho ho ho ho!!! Merry Christmas![View]
106989451The Office: Why the fuck is EVERYTHING awkward or weird to Jim? Fuck man he literally doesn't l…[View]
106993149M-MY OLD RING[View]
106990467Thanos motivation should have been that he wanted to resurrect his dead family by using the infinity…[View]
106991491*waddles onto center stage* AHEM[View]
106992901it's going to be so lit and woke[View]
106992377Say it.[View]
106990541It's been dead for a while, so can we now finally admit that he didn't know shit about fil…[View]
106986835STOP SAYING THE N WORD![View]
106991503What movie does /tv put on while on a date?[View]
106992614Jesus Christ, Rowling....[View]
106992443Coen Bros.: Rank their filmography[View]
106992979I put off watching this until now because I expected more overhyped Netflix garbage, why didn't…[View]
106980726Aquaman: How high the Box Office go /tv/? TICK TOCK MARVELFAGS[View]
106992852ITT: Terrible movie marketing.[View]
106988995When it's all said in done where does Nolan rank in the greatest directors of all time? Surely,…[View]
106991867Another happy ending.[View]
106991844Pilot is playing over at Sundance 2019. Excited?[View]
106992710why is this movie so good? I think its a perfect movie, its always fun to watch is it Tom Cruise bes…[View]
106988586This was good.[View]
106990721NO OPTIMUS, DONT SAY IT![View]
106992643Oscars Host: Rumored to be The Greater Power Who is this guy (or xir)?[View]
106992346El lembrete[View]
106988834King of the Hill Thread: DO YOU KNOW WHAT A HAMMER IS?[View]
106989470>Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) >Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Wo…[View]
106991138>genre: horror[View]
106990302South Park thread: It's still the best thing ever, /tv/.[View]
106992487The Millennial-era cartoons from the 90s-early 2000s had more heart. The Zoomer-era, post-2005 shows…[View]
106992467what went wrong?[View]
106991407 [View]
106991390>Hey anon, you coming to my party? How do you answer Fatty Arbuckle?[View]
106982712why is there so many black people in this show? literally around 60% of the characters are black, it…[View]
106992305I was just wondering... Who you think would win in a fight, between a grilled cheese sandwich, and a…[View]
106988562This was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. I really wanted to punch Ferris everytime h…[View]
106992012Hello, I'd like 6000 Chicken Fajitas please.[View]
106991804Russian Spaceman: >Lands on a space station wearings same clothing he wore days ago on Earth >…[View]
106990517Is he the Paul Newman of our generation? >ridiculously handsome >a bit effeminate >jewish…[View]
106992160What is the film equivalent of this?[View]
106992056Is it worth a watch for an Only Fools and Horses fan? I'm not expecting nothing near the OFAH q…[View]
106990887A bandit the size of a tangerine[View]
106991773ANAKIN, DON'T SAY IT. LET. HIM. GO.[View]
106990677Why is this allowed?[View]
106991879best movies this year /tv/ doesn`t know of[View]
106991821What are some truly kino rape scenes in cinema?[View]
106989727Any films where women put misogynist incels in their place?[View]
106988410ITT Oscar-winning films that haven't aged well[View]
106988271Was he an incel?[View]
106991564Normally I'd say something and you probably know what... but, to be fair, these sub-human creat…[View]
106989216Recommend me kino I’ve never heard of.[View]
106991745Well done, HBO's Rome. Well done, very good indeed. HOWEVER[View]
106991688Any good documentaries about Euromaidan? Or is it all propaganda? There's one on cuckflix and t…[View]
106976209James Bond: Only ever saw Casino Royale >Are the old bonds worth going back to see or they don…[View]
106989528ITT: Movies that include characters that larger than the average person i'll start[View]
106991108Who would you rather do[View]
106991724How is this show so fucking good: pls someone tell me[View]
106991484What exactly is a 'mad dog drill?'[View]
106991603can frens recommend some spoopy moobies where frens are getting spooped together? Stuff like As Abo…[View]
106991689Hey /tv/, I'm currently in the process of building my kino watching room. I've started dig…[View]
106991673Big Ben is Back!: Triple Frontier Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo3yRLLrXQA Synopsis : g…[View]
106990712I’M GONNA SAY IT[View]
106991637Thoughts on Daredevil season 3?[View]
106989919Why do you pseuds hate Nolan? >patrician /fa/ sense >balekino -/bigguy/ >makes consistentl…[View]
106989842Triple Frontier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo3yRLLrXQA Looks like operator kino is back on the…[View]
106989618What is the best adaption of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol? For me, it's 1970 musica…[View]
106991307Hey Lahey, knock knock.[View]
106991541Tell me about Malick, why does he like grass so much?[View]
106991310*AHEM* This thing on?[View]
106990771Movie recommendations: I'm at home and going to be watching a movie with my parents this night.…[View]
106990647/90df/: 90 DAY FIANCEE GENERAL - FUCK YOUR KIDS EDITION https://youtu.be/ZnReyhjgbD4[View]
106990058Two options. You can either get woke or get jokes. No in between.[View]
106989859Didn't see /tv/ discuss this film much, even when it came out. Too kino?[View]
106991344Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
106981912ITT: forgotten shows[View]
106991221What was his deal?[View]
106991236masked singer: Anyone know who the singer's are?[View]
106990637I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast[View]
106989802ITT: kino moments in movies that literally only you saw[View]
106987906 [View]
106991229Who else here /icy/?[View]
106989443Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
106987177>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ-a2KeyCAY >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ir1hhpkwbo Why …[View]
106987641>Luke, did I ever tell you that your uncle Owen is wearing Jedi garments? In fact a lot of Tattoo…[View]
106991136Is he going to live happily ever after with julie?[View]
106991061dean where's dad[View]
106989708Where can I watch this? I don't live in the US and been looking for it everywhere[View]
106991001Hey nerd, pass me your popcorn or I'll switch your lights off[View]
106987150Arrowverse Elseworlds: This starts tonight. Streams, discussion, etc?[View]
106990566From the french animated series lastman...now make meme pls.[View]
106988863Maitland Ward: What went wrong /tv/? Why couldn't she just be an actress and keep her dignity?…[View]
106987990I LIE AWAKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
106989598>'wait for le creme' did he know or not?[View]
106990696Who do you think won?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2GVxYfKSxA Yeah, I'm thinking they…[View]
106990754I'm gonna say it Ned[View]
106989976That's a lot of food.[View]
106981844Get Out: a 10/10 film. brainlets too upset to see genius[View]
106980990>You owe me two thousand dollars[View]
106989646who is the most aesthetically talented actress?[View]
106990659>tfw robot gf[View]
106990254How did this end up being more kino than any real film?[View]
106982771I'm not going to scream today[View]
106989832I'm watching The Ring a 2002 movie, and 4 minutes in one the two young teen girls home alone ge…[View]
106989460ITT: Good costume design[View]
106990403Go over in that yonder mirror and look at yourself, /tv/. What do you see?[View]
106990420Holy shit![View]
106989036TRY TO SAY IT NOW CLOWN[View]
106989140Maurice: Was he, dare I say it, /ourape/? He did literally nothing wrong the entire trilogy.[View]
106989553what went wrong?[View]
106984013How do you even fuck up this badly? I mean I lost all hope for this franchise after TFA but at least…[View]
106990216This was surprisingly good. Did anyone else watch it?[View]
106990179Time for a lil' anarchy We're gonna be pulling over any darkie we see and call him the N-w…[View]
106990080>High paying job >5 close friends and an active social life >Numerous short term romantic r…[View]
106990118Hey, guys, is Anna and the Apocalypse any good?[View]
106989923I wrote three screenplays and am not sure which one to adapt. 1. A black comedy about lawyers. There…[View]
106988530>'We went looking for Furyia, but somehow we ended up on a place called ... not Furyia.' This fil…[View]
106988900Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
106984118Is this guy better at playing Jared Leto than Jared Leto?: https://youtu.be/xb6ZuDdBXkI[View]
106989482IT'S UP[View]
106989904Why did George Lucas add such a controversial scene to episode 3?[View]
106986792Pavel, if you want to bring friends, there are two conditions. First -- I'm in charge here, and…[View]
106982984Thoughts on Chungking Express?[View]
106989343do we enjoy the works of Max Landis?[View]
106987801What was his fucking problem?[View]
106989280hiya /tv/[View]
106989219>that Balrog was a big guy..... but my will to survive was bigger…[View]
106989812Are these the most kino romance movies?[View]
106989091>Post your face when you realized that they destroyed the twin towers on September 11th because t…[View]
106988769Favorite Simpsons lore: >The Moe imposter is a man who once replaced Moe at Moe's Tavern. …[View]
106981114ITT: Shows whose main character is also its worst[View]
106989789>receives plate >tears apart food with knife and fork >'fuck me' >spreads the torn up fo…[View]
106985062>British '''''humour'''''[View]
106989682In 30 years when someone makes a nostalgic movie about the 2010s, what will be the things referenced…[View]
106988197okay i fixed the new Kim Possible movie[View]
106989693I am in tears right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oLFqXJgVTQ[View]
106989662twin peaks is the worst show i have ever watched i cant believe i wasted 90 minutes of my life watch…[View]
106989173Just got a netflix: What are some shows I should watch I'm down for any genre really[View]
106973863Alice Eve: Why won't Hollywood hire her anymore?[View]
106986996Things that horrified you as a kid[View]
106981146How the fuck do they keep shitting out kino after kino? Their only bad movie was the ladykillers[View]
106988948Who are the sexiest white men working in Hollywood right now? Where are the hunks? Channing Tatum us…[View]
106989211So I just saw Movie and whooboy did it suuUUuuck. Usually I like movies like Movie but this one just…[View]
106989522The Blessing[View]
106986551PRIME Adam Sandler stars as the lead in the last movie you watched. Is it kino?[View]
106989295>watch first episode of this >it's okay, not particularly offensive, but just kind of uno…[View]
106981188is he a good Kirk?[View]
106986231HE'S GONNA DO IT[View]
106988193what's he up to nowadays?[View]
106977889Admit it. Award season this year sucks cause he's gone[View]
106983707ITT: Actors that scare you: Rosamund Pike >Gone Girl >Around chicks, hit the bricks!…[View]
106986322>Makes better Trek than anything in the last decade >Dabs on Discovery Psssh, nothing person…[View]
106980820>Simpsons writers can't even get their own characters' names right This show fucking su…[View]
106989174no ruber[View]
106986143can't say that I ever understood this show or its appeal, so I don't know what this means.[View]
106981768serious replies only please, what the hell has he been doing since Nickelodeon dropped him months ag…[View]
106979868Is she going to host the Oscars? Who would be a better REALISTIC choice? Please serious discussion o…[View]
106987393You haven't forgotten about me, have you? My birthday was in September. I turned 92. What is yo…[View]
106989359Gabagool? OVA HEEEERE[View]
106985171Is Brightburn about getting redpilled?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKGATzNnr8c >realizes he…[View]
106989283Excuse me[View]
106989255'Ah, Parker. Brilliant... but lazy. You should meet my wife. Opinionated... but stupid.': >'She w…[View]
106986951I'm about to watch the critically acclaimed 'La La Land' starring Ryan Goseling and Emma Stone,…[View]
106984607>Complex female main character >All her problems are solved by getting the dick…[View]
106989185>character going through depression is knowledgeable of random topics that few people know about…[View]
106989166ITT: ''''Famous'''' directors that have never made a good movie.[View]
106985376what the fuck was his problem[View]
106988316yikes tone down the racism, joe[View]
106989063>it's a louis litt episode[View]
106987199Working hard, or hardly working?[View]
106986346OFFICIAL JERSEY SHORE CAST POWER RANKINGS 1. Pauly D 2. The Situation 3. Vinny 3. Ronnie 4. Deena . …[View]
106988305this is my wife[View]
106980660There is something I dont understand about Blade Runner 2049. Why are holograms a form of synthetic …[View]
106988977When I came in to open up one morning there you were with your head half in the toilet. Your hair wa…[View]
106988936>tfw It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is actually cinéma vérité[View]
106988910Are you ready?[View]
106986161If you could make any film you wanted (unlimited budget) staring henry cavill what would it be ?[View]
106988813Any films that changed your life for good?[View]
106988334recc: >'I'M the bad guy? Just because I want to protect this community from walkers, niggers…[View]
106988751>england baaaaad >scotland goooood[View]
106984870It wasn't that bad.[View]
106987154Counterpart is back tonight. You watching?[View]
106987636Get the clown![View]
106987442Dj Qualls: are the news true?[View]
106987905I'm gonna say it captain[View]
106987419Was pretty good, But god, that horrible camera work. Made me appreciate the Fincher films even more.[View]
106983605>Scenes women and zoomers will never understand[View]
106988330What in the everlasting fuck was his problem?[View]
106983217Unironically one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Why does /tv/ praise this shit?[View]
106976625>Expensive watch... Rolex? >Amigo. What did 007 mean by this?…[View]
106985734Really dislike the saccarine turn Frasier took in he last seasons. I bet people are tired of the com…[View]
106987727AVGN: When did AVGN peak? Since turbo /v/ mods wont allow it[View]
106987847Mommy likey them bad boys.[View]
106983505Fuck. Should I watch it? I unironically love the channel but I don't wanna hear my complaints g…[View]
106988248What was the true meaning of the Sopranos ending?[View]
106984058It still hurts bro's...[View]
106988339>Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention.[View]
106987163how would DC handle these kinography?[View]
106988111Do I smell a new meme brewing?[View]
106976247The simpsooooons[View]
106985642>Literally usurps Ross's wife and child >We're supposed to believe Ross is the bad g…[View]
106987902>scene showing villain at home >classical music playing…[View]
106985475Scenes that make you hungry[View]
106986738>why didn't you reprogram the synapses to work collectively?[View]
106987805my sister loves the taste of my foreskin[View]
106987895FUCK YOU this was good[View]
106987378holy fucking shit[View]
106986108Live Action Kino: The Last of Us: A movie based on the greatest video game title ever, The Last of U…[View]
106987069>the movie is literally 120 minutes of The Joker running through the city streets saying the word…[View]
106979497>Turns an old, black woman into another old, black woman >This was meant to be a punishment T…[View]
106987372this show any good?[View]
106984285We Hate It, Right?[View]
106987398Vicar of Dibley: Comfy kino[View]
106987170Name a greater, multi-talented entertainer than Seth Macfarlane. Everything he touches turns to gold…[View]
106987557It's like my pool is tearin' ass around the back yard, but it's staying still. ...sti…[View]
106983965What is the most quotable movie?[View]
106987540>one ticket for Aquaman, ma'am[View]
106969595What’s a movie you like with an unexpected twist?[View]
106987544>Now go home and get your fu*king snow shovel! why did Billy say this to Tommy?…[View]
106963298how the hell will netflix adopt the series when at least in the first few movies, every character is…[View]
106987417>character takes a shower >puts on towel right after getting out…[View]
106987128>tell me I've lived a good life >tell me I'm a good man…[View]
106984590>cop movie >all of the officers are good people…[View]
106987354Anyone excited for Shazam?[View]
106979402/AHnIG/ Art House and Indie film General: I hope people actually care edition A general thread for d…[View]
106986401>good premise >good world-building >ruined by female MC >female MC is horrible, even by …[View]
106987156discuss: obscure film>obscure music>obscure book>obscure vidya>popular vidya>popular …[View]
106985640>raises another man’s child >is still portrayed as the series’ Chad…[View]
106985593What qualities do you think makes a lead character good and not an insufferable person?[View]
106982874What ever happened to Dico?: He used to be the shit[View]
106985950>character is supposed to be good >buys a dog instead of adopting…[View]
106985559man student films are pretty risque nowadays[View]
106984619>Rogue Predator escapes to earth to save humanity from other Predators >Rogue Predator proceed…[View]
106986891What did they mean by this?[View]
106986736I think Gotham sucks![View]
106982721Comedian Outrage bullshit: Based Nick Cannon[View]
106986935Any other kinos like this?[View]
106986854>finally got to the Sopranos finale wtf[View]
106986042Characters that couldn't be made today.[View]
106986095>Swings open >Everybody stops and stares[View]
106986388what the fuck was his problem?[View]
106983843Nymphomaniac: So was Seligman lying about asexual? Or did Joe's stories just make him decide to…[View]
106986787what a pile of shit[View]
106986260Jesus, how many people have to die for this guy's ex[View]
106986678>he doesn't watch speedwatch everything https://trends.cmf-fmc.ca/speed-watching-an-analysis…[View]
106984825Tonight has nothing to do with nice. Tonight's all about...[View]
106985789>movie is called Battle Royale >not even a single Fortnite reference what is this crap??…[View]
106986409>mom banned me from watching another tv show because she said it's a bad influence on me Whe…[View]
106985595>get scammed out of millions by a big company, which inevitably drives you apart are there any ki…[View]
106986529/ourgirl/?: >Grew up in the shadow of blonde white woman who did nothing except come from a rich …[View]
106983886If you're planning to see this masterpiece, try to watch it in a theater, there are a few ones …[View]
106986431BASED BERGMAN[View]
106980353Is his shit actually kino or just shit?[View]
106967290Do you have a DVD / Blu-Ray library?[View]
106986135>Amazing Movie >Well directed >State of the art CGI >Good Fight Scenes >Unpredictable…[View]
106986313For Pete's Sake[View]
106961646Sicario catfight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIQLR7Qkq3g Holy fuck that girlfight where Isabela…[View]
106976876Is Hollywood going to purge black men? https://twitter.com/vulture/status/1071844011810402304[View]
106986251Should I subscribe to Compound Media, or GaS Digital?[View]
106984145>american tv show about americans doing lots of american shit >every actor is a brit why?…[View]
106985886American Psycho sucks and is overrated.[View]
106984778What a lovely couple. 62 years of marriage[View]
106986066What are the ultimate Zoomer nostalgia movies? (released late 2000s-early 2010s)[View]
106983998Poliziotteschi> Neo-Realism[View]
106984802SO LONG DENTAL PLAN[View]
106984238Why didn't she just call Uncle Phil or Martin?[View]
106980674Looking for fun avant-garde/dadaist tv shows, please help me out /tv/ bros.[View]
106983602>it's bad enough I have to deal with them all day and now there's even one in my own ho…[View]
106984210If you could spend one day in Jaime Lannister/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's body, what would you do?[View]
106983201This was actually decent.[View]
106983966Star Wars: >Spin off movie about Admiral Thrawn and a New Republic Admiral How would this go?…[View]
106981512sooooo where are the screeners?[View]
106985142Why is Crispin Glover such a cult icon?[View]
106981760the best animation kino ever created and you cannot prove me wrong[View]
106985489Are there movies about a soul crushing existence?[View]
106982533I just got the perfect idea for for a new TOHO suit-mation Godzilla film 1/4 1 >Scientists are ob…[View]
106985508What are some essential zoomer kinos?[View]
106985163worse than spiderman 3 desu[View]
106985663was she, dare I say, best girl?[View]
106983806*ting ting ting* Reporting on 4chan = bl*ck fragility. Sorry that you can’t handle a little banter b…[View]
106985578>British ''''''''''''''…[View]
106985039Time to hit the slopes![View]
106983874I'm going to start posting films that are similar to this one in style and subject matter, and …[View]
106983263ITT: Actors that Hollywood wont cast anymore[View]
106984583Cast it.[View]
106982920Who dies[View]
106985057Name a better coming of age series.[View]
106974654>british '''humor'''[View]
106984948>And no message could have been any clearer >If you want to make the world a better place >…[View]
106985176>No facebook, no snapchat, no instagram hell i aint got not even 1 mutual discord server with him…[View]
106985065DEAR OH DEAR JUST LOOK AT THE SCALLOPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFtLvkqHIds[View]
106984999How do we save him bros[View]
106984990What did they mean by this??[View]
1069848115 Actors Who Almost Played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: Viggo Mortensen did a great job playing…[View]
106981821So I finally saw Blade runner 2049. What exactly did he mean by this? I felt like this movie was too…[View]
106984772hot hot hot HOT CHOCOLATE[View]
106982912>a genderless burger experience[View]
106984755Oh Janny boys... when’s payday fellas?? Be sure to not spent it all at once!![View]
106983250Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
106983824>you van literally smell the tension between the two protagonists. What are some kinos with this …[View]
106982242Why didn't they put her in the show? Jeyne Westerling, wife of Robb Stark in the books, but in …[View]
106983504Twin Peaks: How do you feel about The Return? Did it meet your expectations?[View]
106980135>three old bongs making shitty scripted 'banter' and racist comments Why do people enjoy this shi…[View]
106984482Why didn't he just fuck someone else. He was rich. This is one of the worst movies or books I h…[View]
106983959Will CGI ever become so realistic that the need for human actors disappears?[View]
106982844Futurama Thread: This thread is to talk and discus Futurama. This is actually a Simpsons thread. Let…[View]
106984347Alright kid you got one minute to pitch your movie idea of a lifetime[View]
106984337>saves the day[View]
106984305>The Hobbit Trilogy Holy fuck what a travesty...[View]
106983922HULKSTER NO![View]
106981482Happy!: just got around to watching this, what did the hivemind think of it?[View]
106984234holy fucking KINO[View]
106982787>is unemployed >can afford a comfy living in Los Angeles…[View]
106980045Emma’s Stones[View]
106981499Dr. Agon, I'm AVGN[View]
106983530What Ruined Blade Runner 2049?: Alt-Onions Lampshading? E f f e m i n a t e Pacing? Dishonest Cinem…[View]
106983531What is by far the worst Star Wars movie, and why is it Rogue One?[View]
106974254I DONT GIVE A FUCK that this was shameless fan service, it was fucking awesome[View]
106984111Bohemian Rapsody: >no more big guys for you mr Freddie Mercury Wow, homophobic much?…[View]
106982200why is there still no movie about him? I just found out he's still in the embassy LOL why dont …[View]
106984092/tv doesn't have much to say movies do you?[View]
106983971Is this based or cringe?: >extremely career/work focused >house sharing with gamers as student…[View]
106966189PAN NICE AND HOT[View]
106984070What are some good Millenial films?[View]
106983977Mortal Engines (2018): Come in and discuss this clusterfuck of a movie anons. Before its forgotten a…[View]
106983961>We want you back, John. >I'm retired.…[View]
106979037Thoughts on the Dick Van Dyke Show?[View]
106979684how often you think does he browse /r9k/[View]
106983955https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9Mv6gXqADM What does /tv/ think of this kino? Who won for you?[View]
106983815Always look on the bright side of life, /tv/. Forget about your sin, give the audience a grin. Enjo…[View]
106981991the harry potter christmas scenes are so good[View]
106979674Why won't Hollywood hire Alan Rickman?[View]
106982573Is Grandpa Joe, dare I say it, /oneofus/?[View]
106980781What's their best film?[View]
106983727Was it kino? >5.9 imdb score Seems kind of high for low budget hood movie.…[View]
106983158Harry Belafonte talked about being in an acting class with Marlon. They were both 19 or 20 years old…[View]
106981168Dread it. Run from it. Black Panther's Oscar Win Still arrives.[View]
106980262>Anon, come on. It's all gushy.[View]
106980600I wish there were more movies like this[View]
106981886What happened to his hand?[View]
106977724What was in those 24 minutes they cut from this movie?[View]
106980564>gf wants to watch the notebook >AGAIN >its the 5fth time this month alone What do I do bro…[View]
106982584KinoKendall Let's make this happen, guys! Script is being written as we speak! -- A slice of li…[View]
106983452I think The OC was to teen dramas what Scream was to the slasher genre. The real question is, why ha…[View]
106970956does anyone have some avengers 4 leaks?[View]
106980565>The Crimes Of Grindelwald >Crimes >doesn't actually show any crimes of Grindelwald I …[View]
106983232Spider-Man: Who has the leaked phone vid of the trailer?[View]
106983377This was more vicious than it had any right to be. WTF is wrong with this generation?[View]
106982318Is it worth watching if you don't remember shit about it, but feel kind of nostalgic?[View]
106977901Why do people hate this again?[View]
106974632What’s next for their career?[View]
106968917Holy fuck this shit is kino[View]
106983207so he was a fag right?[View]
106983119*BTFOs /tv/*[View]
106982389Why aren't we discussing this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=57&v=TNRQT9ODqDI…[View]
106981477imaceleb: Finale[View]
106981599HANG ME OH HANG ME![View]
106982440Mass Effect TV series: >we need femshep[View]
106970688YOUTUBE REWIND: OH NO NO NO NO.....[View]
106981950What should I download today /tv?[View]
106980341/Hawkeye/ - General: Yeah, I'm thinking he's BACK! WHO HYPE FOR PUNISHED HAWKEYE? >Blac…[View]
106982934>watch this movie >look it up >South Korea actually exists What the fuck?!…[View]
106982933HANGING OUT[View]
106976897Unexpected kino[View]
106982602 [View]
106982190so we're just gonna pretend that there are people on this board that are unironically arguing o…[View]
10698240490s Jennifer Tilly makes me feel funny[View]
106980412Cast the inevitable reboot.[View]
106980693Is this ultimate bearkino?[View]
106982376metacritic >>>>>>> rotten tomatoes >>>>>>> shit >>…[View]
106982394>[HORRIBLE SCREECHING NOISES FROM MALCOLM'S MOUTH] What did he mean by this?…[View]
106982472*ruins Disney*[View]
106982402>we need a henchman >he's already on the way, sir…[View]
106963358>This was an average home in the 90s what the hell happend to the middle class?…[View]
106976098*ting* *ting*: Ahem...[View]
106982231“Its a Wonderful Life” is Communist propaganda (and that’s a good thing!): https://youtube.com/watch…[View]
106974732Remember to watch Legends of Tomorrow.[View]
106980097Let's settle this once and for all.[View]
106980831So, why was PTA so sympathetic towards Scientology?: Also r8 the posters.[View]
106981962>people on this board unironically watch capeshit ewwww, develop some taste, fellas…[View]
106980546Avengers endgame leak. (fixing my errors): https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/102807008/ So I work…[View]
106982311this movie is good[View]
106978312Is there anything more terrifying than a stop-motion Terminator?[View]
106982023Best movie of 2018[View]
106979906Your favorite Christmas movie of all time?[View]
106981158What movies actually end with the main character waking up: and it is clear it was all a dream? I go…[View]
106979230Here is your popcorn,sir Enjoy the movie[View]
106981737Tried asking yesterday and got no replies. Does anyone here use these? Which is least likely to impl…[View]
106981828Emma Stone is...[View]
106982010Anyone else excited for BrightBurn!!!![View]
106980343based and redpilled movie thread[View]
106981201I WANT MY[View]
106979504Will it flop?[View]
106981573What did she mean by this?[View]
106972858What’s the most kino music video?[View]
106980170HE CAN'T DO THAT![View]
106975724What’s his punishment?[View]
106981478Listen here, see!!: I’m the boss, see! Don’t let them papers and dames tell you otherwise, see!…[View]
106981373S2 when[View]
106967202Neytiri is...[View]
106981366mr. depp...please come in, take a seat. i'm afraid i have some rather bad news.[View]
106975475Fell asleep during this. What happens after she gets the eye necklace? This movie was shit though.[View]
106977846Sex Work, Drugs, and Cleaning Houses — A Touch Too Much (short film trailer): Here's the traile…[View]
106981341>movie/tv show from the early 2010s >somebody references farmville…[View]
106976632/imaceleb/ Final: Catchphrase Edition[View]
106981295Why didn't he shoot first?[View]
106981176>sees ad for mortal engines >looks good, like the style, keep tabs on it >go to watch it …[View]
106976449Is /tv/ enjoying the latest season of South Park?[View]
106976007Doctor Who General - /Who/: Got bored and decided to watch Girl In The Fireplace instead edition…[View]
106977023https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LML_PSAYOFM >I'm the best bond villain >literally the worst…[View]
106981131Help?: Which movie is this from? Pic related[View]
106979628>goes through biggest failure of his entire life >still has the motivation to shave, get a per…[View]
106980724he was pretty cool[View]
106980474Successful actress reveals in tabloid that she has social anxiety[View]
106981086Louis Theroux: episode 1 of this season was the only memorable one[View]
106972734https://www.everysingleframe.com/bladerunner2049 New thread, old hit limit.[View]
106981033>DON'T TOUCH ME MAAAAAN Why was he body shaming this poor unfortunate?…[View]
106981018Comfy The Americans thread: Because at least we can pretend it's still on[View]
106980066Has anyone seen Home Alone: Holiday Heist, The fith film in the Hole Alone series[View]
106976775Fuck the found footage general, can somebody with some taste recommend me some horror kino?[View]
106978515Will traditional animation ever come back?[View]
106980622>*record scratch* >*freeze frame* >”yup, that’s me” >”bet you’re wondering how I became …[View]
106973270Was this the most kino out of the six? What was the deal with the last short (the one with the bount…[View]
106980578American Psycho 2 thread[View]
106980291How did nobody notice a bus coming out of a bank wall covered in debris?[View]
106980868>slav protagonist travels to western country >when passing by the endless hordes of arabs and …[View]
106980867Just imagine if Shinji during instumentality wished for his life becoming a remake of Breakfast Club…[View]
106980790I tol' you to tell 'em you was in a sanitarium. No sanitation.[View]
106980074bond is dead: What the actual fuck. You guys told me it was bad but holy shit I didnt expect this ti…[View]
106980742>All dialogue in the movie is 'movie trailer dialogue'[View]
106979749>b me >a young film director >make my debut with a pretty strong acting crew >get panne…[View]
106979843Brightburn: James 'punished' Gunn is about to establish a radical new genre, capehorror. https://www…[View]
106980656Will the new Star Trek show be good?[View]
106980299does he have a penis? he and Hester had something going.[View]
106970198Holy shit, i know it's only 12 reviews but holy shit[View]
106980345Why does /tv/ never talk about one of the greatest shows that aired on TV?[View]
106980064Pavel, if you want to bring friends, there are two conditions. First -- I'm in charge here, and…[View]
106978586who else gonna see clint eastwoods maybe last movie?[View]
106979298Tradition and Star Wars: For the sequel trilogy, tradition is verboten. Rey is a self created indivi…[View]
106969673Brie Larson: What's her appeal?[View]
106980434ITT: films you saw recently that became our favorites[View]
106977540ITT: films that women will never understand[View]
106975111What does /tv/ think of Elf?[View]
106979869how was he able to lead her on so long? how could you turn down a girl looking like that, especially…[View]
106979770How would you do a modern remake of this?[View]
106971718>'Can we also give a moment, to Asian Representation in entertainment this year?' >'Major stri…[View]
106977509Get a good look, Costanza?[View]
106979866IT'S UP[View]
106978754Cast it[View]
106978770First Man is the best film of 2018, right?[View]
106980202Janny. JAN-NY. Could somebody tell me what KIND of a SOCIETY we LIVE in, where a man who does it for…[View]
106979764Where is 8 ranked? was it bad without Paul Walker?[View]
106980124>hides from killer >killer gets very close >killer gets distracted and leaves >starts ma…[View]
106979657ITT: favorite film scenes: What’s the best scene of all time in your opinion?[View]
106979596Rambo: First Blood is a better Christmas film than Die Hard[View]
106972110How does this makes you feel right now?[View]
106977167What's your top 10 of 2018, /tv/?: 1) The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 2) Bumblebee 3) Spider-Man: …[View]
106978015Half in The Bag has been going on for over 7 years. You think Mike and Jay will stop soon? They are …[View]
106979880>'So, the movie is going to be called Stalke-' >'He is already signing the papers sir'…[View]
106977070>'That was mean. I have feelings, you know?'[View]
106979765ITT: characters who are furries[View]
106957102/trek/: Sisko: For Hire Edition Previously: >>106940971[View]
106979710What are some kinos with this feel?: https://youtu.be/bxFoRCvEjUA >inb4 John Wick 1 & 2…[View]
106970533It's shit: Literally Star Wars shits on 2001 >BUT DUDE LONG TAKES ARE FOR PATRICIANS You can…[View]
106978953/tv/ approved movies of 2018: Reminder that if you haven't seen at least five of these by now t…[View]
106979434Best Shakespeare monologue: https://youtu.be/cDxnXgYPnKg?t=69[View]
106979535>character is an unemployed loser with a gf[View]
106979626Was he the best Disney villain?[View]
106974712propaganda films: >Barry is a jew I mean bee >Barry discovers workcamps where bees are gassed …[View]
106978542Thats actually pretty fucking clever of them[View]
106978732What's your favorite movie with Cara Delevingne?[View]
106969372Can someone explain how the economy of the Wizarding World works? To me it seems totally fucked, the…[View]
106979515>Hi, could I get a small bag of popcorn >we dont have a small, our smallest is our medium…[View]
106979051I'm shutting you down[View]
106976779about to marathon this what am i in for?[View]
106979279Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
106977919Avengers 4 Endgame Discussion: Who do you think will die?[View]
106977769>The great debate Which one is better /mu/?[View]
1069792604 hour cut of Blade Runner 2049 petition.[View]
106978724Why are there no Christmas movies with a black Santa? I want to see it for the /pol/ butthurt[View]
106979432Cast your life biopic. >Me Jacques Spiesser (25yo) >Mom Judy Garland (42yo) >Dad Jean-Paul …[View]
106979429Mighty Ducks Goldberg: Damn, Goldberg looks like that??[View]
106979400User 927: Oh wow, I really believe the internet should be public and we should all leak info to jail…[View]
106978829Was /tv/ watching closely? Did the duplication machine actually work? https://www.strawpoll.me/17013…[View]
106979342What was he thinking at this moment?[View]
106979265>a genderless burger experience[View]
106977163Dynasties: Get in here lads, possibly the last comfy brit-TV thread of the year. Tigers this week…[View]
106977997Madagascar is one of the best comedic animations to ever exist, and deserves to be recognized with t…[View]
106979257This Is FRANK COSTANZA!: >We're gonna be in the pool. >We're gonna be in the clubho…[View]
106976072*hits cigarette* celebrity worship ruined cinema[View]
106979231get in here fags https://skribbl.io/?AWnECdEubG[View]
106974792In which we discuss the body of work of Katherine McNamara. Did you watch Shadowhunters? Did you wat…[View]
106976097>hears about her friend going blind >doesn't try anything (it's not like she has mag…[View]
106975421> a reboot/remake of the Harry Potter novels > a Wizarding World tv series Which is more likel…[View]
106979125Are there any decent contemporary British movies which focus on the lives of young poor / 'working c…[View]
106975780>s2 coming out tonight for the best show in recent years >no threads bravo /tv/…[View]
106974560I wasn’t ready.[View]
106978955EVERY DAY I'M SHUFFLIN'[View]
106978242Was it really Marge or was Homer imagining her while he banged Mindy?[View]
106977735Movies about New York City?[View]
106976606The entire series is about Stu struggling. His only friends are effeminate beta males, who are equal…[View]
106977007Now that the dust has settled, did he steal the statue?[View]
106978925I was looking for a new Sci-Fi movie, without explosions or technobullshit and I find: https://www.y…[View]
106970853So they’re going to leave out the fact that in real life the guy got beat up for being a degenerate …[View]
106978892What went so damn right?[View]
106978532Was sting's wwe music good? https://youtu.be/qgc_Ebii2QQ[View]
106978879>The Sweeney!!! The Sweeney!!! >Duh duh da-duh duh duh da-duh duh!!!…[View]
106978209Wut: Now I really want to see Jason Bateman as Batman.[View]
106978832>Faramir's brother is Boromir >Gimli's sister is Girli How is this guy still gettin…[View]
106978806762 days until Avatar 2[View]
106971543>102 years old[View]
106978559Did you guys see Julia Roberts new movie, Benis Back? I think it’s about a woman who gives birth to …[View]
106978085I didn't know Christopher Walken could be a lead actor.[View]
106978688What did /tv/ think?[View]
106978362Is someone referencing Seinfeld in 2018 equivalent to someone referencing Gilligan's Island or …[View]
106978666What happened to LeAnne Rimes. This is her in her movie It's Christmas, Eve (2018) TV movie. ht…[View]
106975893name one thing wrong about this movie that isn't 'muh capeshit'[View]
106976950This movie isn't what I would describe as 'good'. I'm surprised so many 4channelers like i…[View]
106976275Which Pixar movie would you like to see made into a love action film?[View]
106977817>proudly calls himself a cable-cutter[View]
106978514The Master > TWBB Don’t @ me.[View]
106973565Anyone got the Comicon trailer?: I know there was a trailer shown and Marvel are taking it down left…[View]
106978472'do you REALLLLLLLLY?' >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4yC0McLH74…[View]
106977716Wtf I was browsing /v/ earlier and this dude posted this pic and it’s obv from a live action Rick n …[View]
106978321Anyone else write this on toilet paper in public restrooms? Also why is Lethal Weapon 4 so underrat…[View]
106978374You're a big five[View]
106978131Was this the best marvel movie /tv/?[View]
106974820is her career recoverable? how many more flops until her career is effectively killed?[View]
106976601Just saw this trailer at the Die Hard screening https://youtu.be/aSGFt6w0wok When will his body just…[View]
106977560what the fuck was his problem[View]
106978257Yeah, i'm thinking its kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuIihyUx85c[View]
106977286The Trip: Eternal Debate thread: Who better >Based coogan >Based Bryson?…[View]
106969951Why do people call this flick better than the original? It's awful[View]
106977606bipoic bout big herc when?[View]
106976463>Online video game/movie reviewer >'Let's pop this sucker in' >Throws disk into consol…[View]
106972524They Shall not Grow Old: how come no one talks about the absolute most kino movie of the year? 100 y…[View]
106977965where did it all0 go so wrong?[View]
106977597What's your favorite scary movie?[View]
106976001have you guys discussed this yet?[View]
106978058does anyone have the screencap explaining the extremely long wedding scene?[View]
106977146the kinosseur we needed, not the one we deserved[View]
106975714PREQUEL TRILOGIES: Why are they so very lackluster?[View]
106977844why did he never take off as a heartthrob?[View]
106977573Was he the first victim of #MeToo?[View]
106974903>In 1991 during the filming for 'Point Break' Keanu Reeves (whose role involved playing…[View]
106977188Does /tv/ fw doordash or grub hub?[View]
106977175https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b5bG8Rcpxo What are some scenes that elevate the medium into a high…[View]
106970228How will they try to sell the movie? They can't use nostalgia anymore, and everything they cre…[View]
106976987>tfw can't focus on a movie or tv show anymore I could watch 3 movies in a row before withou…[View]
106972822>Clear Rivers >Claire Redfield >Heroes >is monogamous (thus far) >is a mommy >is s…[View]
106941301What are your thoughts on actress Britney Spears?[View]
106976524Help me out bros: Where can I find the trailer? I know it’s out there somewhere.[View]
106977665Is anyone else watching Tales from the Tour Bus?[View]
106976589What the FUCK was this ?[View]
106968226What happens after Gotman ends?[View]
106977572/trek/: Tuvix had it coming edition Previously on /trek/ 106957102[View]
106975127Now that Tekashi 6ix9ine is in jail, is Blueface the new king of /tv/?[View]
106974790Good middle Simpsons episodes: What are some good ones from 1998-2010?[View]
106977270ITT: kino jokes that zoomers won't understand[View]
106977498Upcoming Idris Elba roles: James Bond Napoleon Superman Donald Trump and Robert Mueller in the same …[View]
106976813A Look At The Police Force in Home Alone: >woman calls from France stating son is left in her hou…[View]
106977435Alright you fucking fags, I'm going to eat dinner in two hours and I need something good to wat…[View]
106977368what was his fucking problem?[View]
106977292>movie is about timetravel >'and your OTHER timeline'…[View]
106976925Name a better Christmas movie. Pro tip you cant[View]
106977311ARE YOU STOOOPID ?![View]
106977266Name a more kino moment is televised entertainment[View]
106976862What the fuck was his problem?[View]
106975248Searching: Was this a Kino film, /tv/?[View]
106971828Movies where the French are portrayed as the bad guys?[View]
106975880Actors who lack self awareness[View]
106977067I absolutely despise these things. Any one have a good site for quality replacement cases?[View]
106977016Literally Me !: '...any plans for this evening? Perhaps a Game Night?'[View]
106973672this was pure fucking kino[View]
106975133Can't decide if I want to make this a webm thread or a House MD thread. Pick one and post stuff[View]
106976772What movie has the most botched ending?[View]
106970305Is there potential for a Lovecraft animated series?[View]
106972800>'documentary' >during interview, image randomly cuts to semi-related stock footage every few …[View]
106976773Has everyone viewed the latest SNELL comedy sketch television show this past Saturday day eve?[View]
106974723What the fuck was his problem?[View]
106975047Where did he go wrong?[View]
106967441Who was he calling?: Or maybe... who was calling him?[View]
106976527How did Quinn afford a brand new Cadillac and an upscale Miami apartment when he was just a new dete…[View]
106971713Brad Pitt transcends the chad-cuck paradigm. The guy is a super-mega-ultra-chad. When you're in…[View]
106974426Now that we've all seen it twice, who exactly was in the wrong here?[View]
106976216Why are there so many people under 30 who are obsessed with Friends?[View]
106975425>Murr's tonight's big loser. >So for your punishment, we're giving you cancer!…[View]
106976544>It's that Futurama episode that pretends Beastie Boys and Beck are worth listening to…[View]
106965468what's his problem?[View]
106970772>You know what this reboot of a beloved all-male gritty war series taking place on a u-boat needs…[View]
106967838Aquaman scores $94.83M in China opening: Full run prediction just under Venom[View]
106976477ITT: lowkey based actors: John Krasinski >Operator in a film inconvenient to Hillary >SHTF-pre…[View]
106975486102: The MADMAN actually did it[View]
106952182>Orson Welles: I hate Woody Allen physically, I dislike that kind of man. >H.J.: I’ve never un…[View]
106973226Allo Allo: why do we never talk about the best sitcom of all time?[View]
106967830I have fapped to scenes from this movie for about 20 times without ever having seen this movie. Thin…[View]
106976351>The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. Did he have a point?…[View]
106974272Are there any actual good ninja movies?[View]
106976307Tell me about Byrne Why does he wear the suit?[View]
106976272Why hasn't Hollywood or independent or documentary film makers leveraged body cams more frequen…[View]
106976217FUCK PETER HACKSON: This fil could have been brilliant but they made it shit just because...... I ho…[View]
106976246Got memed into watching this trash by yall. You win this round. Marathoner A Quiet Place just before…[View]
106976131God of War: What does /v/ think of God of War? Would you watch a God of War live-action film? Would …[View]
106972752>*starts dieting and lifting*[View]
106976143>Be shit at videogames >Find out you can stare at a screen without using any skill at all >…[View]
106975496In a couple years this will be looked at as the golden standard for post-Avengers 4 capeshit[View]
106974675Do you even know how gravity works? Explain it now, three seconds.[View]
106962198is it any good?[View]
106974177Are popcorn munchers actually this braindead?[View]
106975967Any other kino videos like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9WrwEaepzE[View]
106974114What are some kinos about seafood?[View]
106974502SNL: gonna be a fuckin YIKES from me, holy shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm7zFVk6Qhk…[View]
106975465Polar Express Thread!: It's that time of the year /tv/, how about we have a thread for the most…[View]
106975473What pleases Mr.Juhaner ?[View]
106975322Why aren't tv shows shot in 1.85:1? The black bars are hardly noticeable on 16:9 televisions.[View]
106975206Twi'leks subhumans , how does this make you feel? You could have a completely homogenous commun…[View]
106975398How can you even claim to know what kino is if you haven't watched any Nordic movies?[View]
106975376Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Well that was awesome.[View]
106975439What age do you first begin to take film seriously? I am 26 and I can no longer enjoy things like c…[View]
106975097lion king: What's the point of this? Is it a dead simple cash grab? People are fed up with rema…[View]
106945579/who/ - Doctor Who General - Malibu Stacy's NEW HAT edition: We've got the fainale coming …[View]
106971285>fried hard drive >new hard drive won’t boot even using a backup >can’t watch anything toni…[View]
106973782What are some kino Buddhist films?[View]
106974996Thinking about Janny. What a legend. R.I.P.[View]
106974360>score by trent reznor[View]
106968520>that guy from Canada who's still seeding your obscure kino[View]
106974316Who would you cast as who if this were live-action? Only clear choices IMO: >Soldier Bruce Willi…[View]
106974786Joker thread: Just a thread dedicated to one of the most impressive villains in history. Can't …[View]
106972015Tony, I hada to park the car all de way over there...[View]
106973668Pavel, if you want to bring friends, there are two conditions. First -- I'm in charge here, and…[View]
106972894Are the torrents for this real?: Has this movie actually been leaked online? Is the leaked version t…[View]
106972695Bow to the King!!![View]
106974397Why don't they make cartoons like this anymore?[View]
106974716This was incredible.[View]
106974598So...she reacted with gifs, was named weebo and had a daughter named weebette. Was Flubber a movie m…[View]
106974696>You don't bide me out, I bide you out! What did Moe Green mean by this?…[View]
106974554>bad guy wins[View]
106971955Anybody else watch this /wholesome/ kino?: I did and i enjoyed it because it was generally positive …[View]
106956809BumbleBee preview screening: 9/10 legit movie. Ask me anything. No spoiler tags.[View]
106973205Will Shazam be any good?[View]
106974089Stan Lee Movies: Now that Stan Lee has died and the dust has settled what do you think his best movi…[View]
106971322Covenant: What was the audience supposed to feel during the shower scene?[View]
106971523Does autism matter if you're good looking[View]
106973102Ah ha, no one's around! The perfect crime![View]
106974288Where's the giant, Mansley?[View]
106972688Dynasties (David Attenborough): Thoughts on the documentary anon? I haven't been able to get a …[View]
106974335The Grinch (2018): what is /tv/'s consensus on this christmas kino?[View]
106974208Rocco: >it'z only smellz >plsss, make me nasty…make me nasty, I luvva nasty, cmon…Ima nas…[View]
106972923Do any of you boys have a spare menu? I'd like to see if meat has returned.[View]
106972388.: Ok, /tv/ settle this once and for all: What do these two images have ANYTHING to do with one anot…[View]
106969301So what's the /tv/ opinion on this?[View]
106974077Wait, so the entire race of changelings is in a perpetual orgy? Can someone tell me about their sexu…[View]
106974072>Stupid tribals won't stop looking into the fucking camera I hate it.…[View]
106974066What were your fastest drops of something? Pic related.[View]
106970061Is Amy Schumer FINISHED???[View]
106970751Barron Trump: What will be his first role in Hollywood?[View]
106967881Literaly fights CTHULHU: WHAT THE FUCK?[View]
106972155I didn't get that movie at all >why is Resistance seem to be losing at the beginning while t…[View]
106972671What went right?[View]
106973132SHUT IT DOWN[View]
106973767>And you FIND Geoffrey Did they ever find Geoffrey?[View]
106972186>fight scene in a family movie >YA'LL READY FOR THIS starts playing…[View]
106973463Was it kino?[View]
106973749>it's a Seinfeld Sopranos crossover episode What are your favourite crossover episodes?…[View]
106961130James Rolfe appreciation General: >Successful Father >Successful YouTube entrepreneur >Our…[View]
106973285what did the outhouse represent?[View]
106972361>People unironically believe that the 90s was a good decade for film[View]
106967944Hard Candy thread: so, yeah apparently It was inspired by a news story about some Japanese girls who…[View]
106969095https://www.everysingleframe.com/bladerunner2049 Post the random frame you get. For me it's pic…[View]
106971051Silence! *ahem* I have an announcement to make.[View]
106972779ROMA: Finally netflix kino? Metascore is 97 and imdb 8,7 with almost 4k votes.[View]
106973264 [View]
106972501hehe get it?[View]
106973235https://www.everysingleframe.com/therewillbeblood For me it's Eli[View]
106971114Kinos with this feel? besides Mulan of course.[View]
106970761What's his best movie, /tv/?[View]
106973099Imperial Order: Greetings Everyone I am Lucius Burneon Leader Of The Imperial Order. I come to this …[View]
106971517Are there any cheesy 'historical' reality TV competitions going on right now? Something like Deadlie…[View]
106972362He doesn't look intimidating at all. I don't know how he got away with it so easily multip…[View]
106967815Now that the dust has settled, is this actually a good-looking jacket?[View]
106973038What happened to his hand?[View]
106972954About to watch this, what am I in for? I have already seen Onibaba several years ago and I liked it.[View]
106971362Underrated Actors[View]
106958659Sicario: Day of the Soldado: >Islamist terrorists waste time and energy attempting to illegally c…[View]
106964741Which movie has the best representation of hell?[View]
106972876Do you think he knew about the Sneed joke when has approving jokes for the episode?[View]
106972503Prease stop saying the N-Wordu anon-kun :3[View]
106972298I don't get it.[View]
106963590WebM Thread: Post webms[View]
106972333Fucking KINO: How is it possible i have never seen anyone suggest this soft porn erotica untill now …[View]
106972171Why didnt Based Hank get a prequel spinnoff show?[View]
106971045What went wrong?[View]
106970354Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
106972444Imagine actually working as a janitor for free lmao[View]
106971191does /tv/ have a patriciancore chart?[View]
106969582Can someone explain this?[View]
106971573is he a beta?[View]
106972328Biopic based on this average liberal when?: Reminder this guy would be the average commie leftist an…[View]
106971833Sponsored by Warner Bros.™: Bane? (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)[View]
106970987>Jazz scene >Take Five starts playing[View]
106968668>'Using the Love Potion is essentially rape'-JK Rowling on the last two books >'But it's…[View]
106963515Thoughts on Minka Kelly as Dove in the Titans series[View]
106970095under the silver lake understading: Under the Silver Lake leaves many clues that lead to understandi…[View]
106970290What was it like seeing Episode 1 in Theaters back in 1999?[View]
106970330Turn your Key, Sir![View]
106970958What's the appeal of this ugly lesbo face?: I can't be the only one who gets a 'eww' react…[View]
106972030How the hell did he get up there?[View]
106971916how did she do it?[View]
106971969Janny, bitch, are you dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb? (Stupid) Bitch, I'm Sneed with th…[View]
106965420How would you have handled this situation?[View]
106971526Why did the Autobots fight against the nazis? Didn't they release they would prosper more since…[View]
106971428What were the soldiers thinking here?[View]
106971535How can a show be so perfect?[View]
106970372Jennifer Lawrence Trash Talks Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread 'I only watched 3 minutes':…[View]
106971853Heres your shrike bro[View]
106971831shows everyone thinks are overrated but are actually very underrated: I'll start[View]
106971492The Future of Television? Binge-Watching is Only the Beginning: where do you television going? Tele…[View]
106968814why can't this nigga exist? how much do you think he'd charge?[View]
106971751Why didn't he just jump off the cliff?[View]
106969432Dr Who POSSIBLE SPOILER: May be not much but worked in London BBC office last week. Grabbed a pic of…[View]
106971730Can you lend a nigga a pencil?[View]
106968822*ruins your childhood*[View]
106970776>First two movies are good >Never make anything good again…[View]
106971243>the whole world can't decide if he's a great or a bad actor[View]
106970258>made into a fucking Knight for his LOTR masterpiece Reminder that you will never accomplish the …[View]
106969156Why was this piece of shit series so well received when it came out? It's so fucking corny and …[View]
106971457Was this the best Always Sunny ep?[View]
106971248>William: What went we out into this wilderness to find? Leaving our country, kindred, our father…[View]
106968971What is the best episode of Black Mirror?[View]
106971061Why were so many disney/nickelodeon protagonist of jewish descent?[View]
106970912How to make a wife?[View]
106971107TV Picture Settings: What does everyone have their TV Picture settings set to? And should I have min…[View]
106970559>A drizzle of olive oil[View]
106971227was it kino?[View]
106970852BRIGHTBURN: JAMES GUNN https://youtu.be/g6eB0JT1DI4[View]
106967625Solaris > 2001 Prove me wrong[View]
106971077ENUFF ryesking argh lyvez four alil gerl whoz GUNE ENUFF leevin nex too a bern of dings trien two ky…[View]
106964498What are some of the most uplifting kinos you've ever watched? I need one right now.[View]
106969998Zack Snyder must be rolling in his grave now[View]
106969918>So tell me, 'Future Boy', who is the president in 2018? >Donald J. Trump >That piece of sh…[View]
106969750Autistic woman supposed to interview has distraction for everyone: who fucked around here... woman o…[View]
106969686>Here you go, anon, the usual! Thanks for coming to Sunday classics to see The Good the Bad and t…[View]
106970725 [View]
106967728Does anyone have have the rape copy pasta?[View]
106970863>Aww poor baby ;:^D[View]
106969309True Detective: Who is your favorite True Detective?[View]
106970786J-Lo kino is back on the menu[View]
106970588name one thing radmure did wrong[View]
106969823This dog is probably dead by now.[View]
106969852APOLOGIZE: This man,Travis Knight...just saved Transformers. Fucking apologize to him now all of you…[View]
106970651Heath Ledger's babymother kisses Venom: does she become lady venom in the 'we never actually as…[View]
106970387>Sal couldn’t bring himself to kill a palestinian family making him tonight’s biggest loser.…[View]
106970632What are some kinos made by real-life psychos[View]
106968606bio pic when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJkeDiEVybw[View]
106968819>move to a new town the local theater actually shows those Fathom events sometimes >I can fina…[View]
106969501Why didn't Niles get a spin-off series?[View]
106969383Is Godard the Velvet Underground of film?[View]
106959997Okay. No. Bane is a big guy. Yes, Tom Hardy, the actor who plays Bane, is 5'9. That is not a bi…[View]
106963140Disney streaming service BTFO: Who wants to watch old Disney cartoons when Netflix is releasing anim…[View]
106970450Where is my trailer brazil anons![View]
106968396I'm so fucking excited for this movie!![View]
106969053brother bear: I did not even know this existed until recently. One of the best Disney cartoons. Name…[View]
106970159/tv/, you always were a chicken nuggit[View]
106969511>REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES W-what would they have done to him bros?[View]
106969955Can anyone confirm this movie to be black magic?: Thread for movies where one of the main actors an …[View]
106970300Who should be the villian in Aquaman 2? For me: it's Starro[View]
106969886This wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. It's the worst of the 4 predator movies, sure…[View]
106968408Good nightdingdingdingdingdingdingdingidng Gooood night dingidingdingdingdingdingdingding[View]
106970213A fine day Sunday, and why is that /tv/.[View]
106957832How many of these views are real? Facebooks view counts is sketchy. I assume Twitter's is too. …[View]
106968576Just marathoned the first episode and this has the makings of miniseries kino. What's the conse…[View]
106970177Help me figure out what to watch next. Post your favorites and maybe a sentence as to why.[View]
106969082MJ Minecraft kino when?[View]
106970126Captain America Cosplay: If you like my photoshop contact me at utkdub@gmail.com[View]
106969220Why is Hollywood refusing to hire Evanna Lynch?[View]
106969996>First of all you smell good which is surprising[View]
106965841Movies where a character breaks away from the boring, mundane routine of modern life to pursue his d…[View]
106969367HOLY SHIT[View]
106969680Will TOHO ever introduce a Female Godzilla? (Godzilla 98 was a hermaphrodite iguana so it doesn…[View]
106966350Your clothes. Give them to me.[View]
106969883Is there any better emotional kino than this?[View]
106968746For me, it's Goodfellas.[View]
106969853Just watched this kino. Thought it was gonna be a shitty feminist propaganda, but it was pretty good…[View]
106965232IT'S SARUMAN! He's trying to bring down the stock market. GANDALF, WE MUST SELL! 'NO!'[View]
106968612movies only you've seen[View]
106969746Dekalog: I just ordered this. How patrician is this? I watched the first one a couple of years ago b…[View]
106969724Anyone know of any kinos that you just cannot comprehend?[View]
106969760This was just awful.[View]
106969565How long has he got?[View]
106968101Leave /tv/ to me.[View]
106969149are there any elvis kinos? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_relationships_of_Elvis_Presley …[View]
106968329$1,300,000,000 (One point three billion).[View]
106969597>10/10 Kino >Best Marvel Movie Since Spider-Man 2 Ask me anything Spoiler Tags…[View]
106963991ITT: movies with a completely unrealistic premise: >40 days without sex It is literally impossibl…[View]
106968716Jerry... I'm going to say it....[View]
106967338/tv/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCnm-3tnL3Q[View]
106968857cast your perfect Batgirl in the inevitable Batgirl movie.[View]
106958871On Season 6 of Frasier. Enjoying it more than I thought it would, but it's blatantly obvious th…[View]
106969012Why is rain so comfy?[View]
106969340>google Kirk Douglas on a whim to check whether he is still alive >he is 102 years TODAY Spoop…[View]
106967916I'm scared bros, scared that Mahvel is going to shit away all the characters they have built up…[View]
106968465Mad Max 2 > Mad Max 1 > Mad Max Fury Road > Mad MAx beyond thunderdome[View]
106968052Saint Seiya: Based Netflix saving anime again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNA4E3AuGIk…[View]
106969296Epic Rap Battles of History: HILLARY VS TRUMP BEGIN >Well I Wikipedia that and you Wikipedia can…[View]
106968423Films about life imitating art?[View]
106967200In Television: Anything actually worth watching this year?[View]
106969253>I should burn these books... I should burn ALL these books.[View]
106968205Characters who the movie would have been perfect without: Title Pic very related[View]
106966800What does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
106966190>Mfw modern Star Wars[View]
106968505So I finally watched the 'Redux' of Apocalypse Now and I'm curious on what /tv/'s opinion …[View]
106964053Some asshole: God I love Frankenstein! I can't believe Frankenstein murdered that little girl. …[View]
106958025WHAT THE FUCK https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/a4e4g7/the_house_that_jack_built_unrated_was/…[View]
106968925How come when the star belly sneetches are being killed by the green mudmoon roaches, they claim tha…[View]
106968809What are my frens watching 2day?[View]
106967974Dungeons and Dragons would make great source material for a cinematic universe plus it has widesprea…[View]
106967529Where can I go from this?[View]
106966620Scared, Potter?[View]
106966530>I DON'T HAVE A LAST NAME[View]
106968307Movies with this vibe[View]
106966401What else do they have besides The Handmaid's Tale?[View]
106968815favorite cross promotion?[View]
106967414I've been on too many safaris with rich dentists to listen to any more suicidal ideas, ok?[View]
106968558Do actors and actresses infect each other with herpes during sex scenes?[View]
106961186 [View]
106968784Why this movie stinks. It had so much potential...[View]
106965461WE HAVE TO GO BACK[View]
106967361MY SKIN IS COLD[View]
106967951>Ooh, a garage? Well la-di-da Mr Frenchman.' 'Then what do you call ...…[View]
106966384Wow. He went from stinking rich to just plain stinking![View]
106966473What does it sound like?[View]
106968480KinoKendall Are you ready for a wholesome family film filled with adventure and mystery?[View]
106968133Jesus Christ, Rowling...[View]
106967327Films with this aesthetic?[View]
106968137What was his fucking problem?[View]
106968221GET IN THE ROCKET[View]
106965515Historical War Movies: What historical war/battle would you like made into a movie or TV series? Wha…[View]
106968271What the fuck?[View]
106962320I finally watched it. What the fuck happened[View]
106968239The Dude 2.0[View]
106967098/bfg/ Bayformers General - comfy edition: What are your favorite moment in the movies? I love the fi…[View]
106966936What are some movies about modern dating[View]
106968112>'HHHHHHOOOOOOAAAHHHHHHH' >*inhales* >..................... What did he say?…[View]
106967177'You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there migh…[View]
106967108Why can't he replicate the success of LOTR?[View]
106963776What are some kinos with this aesthetic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2M6JUFCCSA[View]
106968142How long until Disney creates a PG-13 Alien TV series that's terrible and gets axed after one s…[View]
106965754You could have a bumper car, bumping[View]
106968048who was in the wrong?[View]
106963962Why did it take 17 years for Peter Jackson to make another kino?[View]
106967969Altered States Ranking Love Without Limits>Choosing Death>>>Take my baby[View]
106965162Get in here DC bros MCUcks are getting absolutely BTFO A solo Aquaman movie is literally dabbing on…[View]
106965953>Well done, murderer, well done ... HOWEVER ... there is still just one more thing ...…[View]
106967855>wins a Master's degree by making a 68 page thesis about how Kim's ass is fat Is he bas…[View]
106968036>tfw no Counterpoint S02E01 thread counterpart.s02e01.web.h264 memento.mkv counterpart.s02e01.720…[View]
106967109What does /tv/ think about K-dramas?[View]
106966819Whats your favourite architectural masterpiece?[View]
106965480Let's talk about the best Sci Fi Horror there is. Pandorum.[View]
106961633best simpsons milf?[View]
106965964>poeple in black[View]
106967924>No shield skateboarding Dropped.[View]
106967650The thread is about nothing![View]
106958066Who was the best Sporanos girl and why was it Gloria?[View]
106964517>I think I have a super-hero stalker what did raimi mean by This?[View]
106967051did they[View]
106964179Has a movie ever fucked up your life?: >Watch this a hundred times as a kid >Become obsessed w…[View]
106964564Will there ever be another Fantasy or Sci-Fi movie/series as respected by normal people than this?[View]
106967649Why is every movie after the 90s such bland forgettable shit? How did this happen? There's lite…[View]
106967644finding sexy game show girls are rare sightings in britbong land. especially since london is now New…[View]
106967640is he a chad?[View]
106967516Movies where the hero fucks up so bad that you root for the villain?[View]
106963824Turned 102 today: How come this old piece of shit still has a great head of hair and yet I started b…[View]
106967627Charles Muntz: he’s been through two world wars, possibly a third?[View]
106966439THEN WHO KILLED THE WORLD? What did she mean by this?[View]
106966411Say it[View]
106967568>740 days until Avatar 2[View]
106965362Cast him.[View]
106967505What show, /tv/[View]
106964929>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
106965191What's the name of that detective movie?[View]
106967302Who's /our guy/?[View]
106967416>George Lucas created Pepe /tv/ btfo[View]
106967402Thinking about watching First Reformed. Is it any good?[View]
106967374Rewatching season 1. Such fucking Kino and then they had to ruin it with the next couple seasons.[View]
106966417Any more like this? I liked it, it was witty, funny and empowering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
106966104>still hasn't and won't beat adelle's hello What music video could actually dethro…[View]
106967227Game of thrones Season 8 trailer dropped: Game of thrones official s8 trailer released!! https://www…[View]
106963764Essential Historical Documentaries.: What documentaries does /tv/ watch for history? I have to recom…[View]
106964889What type of flowers are these?: Also, his gauntlet is still fucked.[View]
106966222Remember when obnoxious character used to get disgraced and BTFO at the end?: Now they are female an…[View]
106958776Favorite non-white actors[View]
106963086What is the biggest lie propagated by Hollywood? True Love? American Dream? Division of people int…[View]
106966704>I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. > So do Alwo Livtoces…[View]
106957764Now that the dust has settled: ...Can we agree that this was the worst antagonist of all time? >M…[View]
106965590>tfw no omniscient, omnipotent AI Jew gf[View]
106966696What's worse, kaiju or capeshit?[View]
106965647What am I in for[View]
106966769>Ass like a 10 year old boy! What THE FUCK did James Cameron mean by this?…[View]
106962386>Imperial March plays[View]
106966281Where the fuck is he?: When is he gonna show up and save the day from his son's fuck ups? >i…[View]
106957346MALES BTFO: https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2018/12/06/hannah-gadsby-good-men-mono…[View]
106966549>femme fatale[View]
106966716ITT we say nice things to each other I start[View]
106966711tv will never be this comfy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F_Tk3Ep8oU https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
106960480which one do you take?[View]
106964582>Wake up in your bedroom >See this Terminatrix at the end of your bed What do?…[View]
106963857Actresses with underbites: What actresses is there who have under bites and does this make them more…[View]
106965276Bumble Bee ending SPOILERS: So, that was weirdThe ending basically looks like it's leading into…[View]
106966492Did he have mental health issues or something?[View]
106965087>Flying pirate ship enters the scene >Smells like teen spirit starts playing >Hugh Jackman …[View]
106966453What's wrong with this guy hands? Something seems of[View]
106965594Welcome to the US army, how can i help you?[View]
106961229Based and actually redpilled.[View]
106966301he didnt deserve her: if she was my gurl i would rub her feet and make her hot coocoo. provide her s…[View]
106965223t-t-t-t-t-t-ik tok m-m-m-mouse[View]
106966272When will he finally snap out?[View]
106966345What is your opinion on Anthony Cumia?[View]
106966199Lars Von Trier: Has he made ANY good movies?[View]
106966234who else /haulingass/ here? also rat race reminiscence thread[View]
106965108The Umbrella Academy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMeqY7ogdF8 You gonna watch?[View]
106965506Come on Bam I got work in the mornin' cut it out[View]
106964665What are some films that every time they're on you just watch it through again?[View]
106966579/our guy/?: >The Swiss are very suspicious of anybody who is boastful. That's why I have a q…[View]
106965263I'm pan, you dont get to bring nice and hot[View]
106966150Why would anyone even want to become an actor or celebrity anymore? Is it not completely frightening…[View]
106964474I just watched this with my nephew. Unexpected kid kino.[View]
106964893waddaya mean you've never seen Blade Runner?[View]
106964700Was it kino?[View]
106965616where do you stream tv shows. i can find dozens for anime and cartoons but nothing like this. i want…[View]
106966046*wins your oscar* heh... nothing personal kid[View]
106965150What are some kinos that take place during Christmas but aren't necessarily Christmas movies? I…[View]
106965330Diplomatic Immunity!: blocks your path[View]
106947894Gotham season 5 Shane West cast as Bane: This is from the TV show Gotham. It's Batman's bi…[View]
106963374this movie was corny[View]
106966027DC TV TITANS EPISODE 9 'Hank and Dawn': So /tv/, what was it? Anal? Blowjob?[View]
106958031Should Star Wars be for children... or man-children?[View]
106963013/tv/ tricked me into watching this garbage[View]
106965517films for this feel[View]
106965918black panther is a good movie[View]
106965833That´s a big hat[View]
106963755How did he not rip his ribcage apart here, i cant wrap my mind about it[View]
106964892what am i in for?[View]
106964683Recommed me some movies to watch alone on a christmas evening[View]
106965492Why haven't you watched Delgo yet, anon?[View]
106964911What's his damn problem ?[View]
106965465>'We can't beat Bane Dean... not this time, not after he gained CIA's power. He's …[View]
106964544Don't say it.[View]
106965432Is this kino?[View]
106963860Is Sneed the ultimate shitpost? It seems as though previous trolls required some modicum of effort; …[View]
106965388Just how much salt, pepper and olive oil can one single human being consume before it gets too much?[View]
106965203ITT: Blessed images[View]
106964800Was this essentially '30 year old boomer' the movie?[View]
106965189>*must be the reason why I'm king of my castle*[View]
106963074List of celebrities that might an hero before 2020: I’ll start >benman affleck…[View]
106964495What a waste of opportunities: Bad dialogues Unfunny moments Could be better if the actresses had th…[View]
106964908FROM THE DUSTY MESA[View]
106964872why does she hates prince of egypt?[View]
106964863*ruins animes*[View]
106964758Moments where someone actually.said it.[View]
106964763Happy 102nd Birthday[View]
106964757What did he say?[View]
106964830*ahem* *ting* *ting* *ting* I am truly honored tonight to make a toast to the janitors of this board…[View]
106964395It's out !! Is this an underrated kino movie of 2018 /tv/ ? >Assassination.Nation.2018.1080p…[View]
106964491Sex Work, Drugs, and House Cleaning - a Touch Too Much: Here's the trailer I edited to a film I…[View]
106964409Aquaman Box Office: Aquaman's three day weekend haul in China is now estimated at $96 million. …[View]
106963503This would have been better if it all took place in Iraq.[View]
106963626Based yify has KOTY already, what are you waiting for?[View]
106961508thoughts on this fat man?[View]
106964100What's this?[View]
106964623In the Trebek era there have been 32 Tournaments Of Champions but only 3 have been won by women. Why…[View]
106964388Comfy Simpson thread[View]
106964162kinography of the highest echelon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXh6Ev3oTqU[View]
106963557ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
106964057Patricians BTFO. Computer makes list of top movies by cultural influence/reference. Autistic Star Wa…[View]
106964537Here is your movie of the decade bro.[View]
106963348What are the best political films?: A Few Good Men, The Rise of Evil etc[View]
106964418What are some other shows or movies that have had a damaging effect on society because viewers took …[View]
106953988THEY WOULDN'T FUCKING DARE: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/entertainment/2018/12/australian-com…[View]
106964408What is /tv/ opinion on The Last Unicorn?[View]
106945391>Brando was very competitive, and in 1968 he appeared at a party celebrating Oscar nominations in…[View]
106964426My name is Brad Bird and let's have a timeout to talk about two of my great movies, Incredibles…[View]
106963924>all the bad reviews are stating it is historically inaccurate Do critics realise historical accu…[View]
106964236What is this called?[View]
106961053Just started watching the new South Park season: Yeah, i'm thinking South Park is back. The Bla…[View]
106964277>a genderless burger experience[View]
106964304>Today I just realized that Christopher Lambert was cast as Raiden in Mortal Kombat because he…[View]
106961888Living proof that women can't make movies[View]
106962740what's he up to now?[View]
106963988me, personally, I don't really like this show[View]
106964178Some say her career is still lying dead on that planet.[View]
106963943this guy[View]
106961057ITT: Kino Scenes[View]
106964012>You bomb me with one more paint can, kid, and I'll snap off your cojones and boil them in m…[View]
106963576345: >Where do they come from? >How did they capture them? >Why do they want to exterminate…[View]
106961010>why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively? What should Bruce Banner h…[View]
106963132>*clickclickclickclick* >*PHFFFFFFFFFFFWTTTT* What starts playing after the teacher wheels thi…[View]
106963947>*looks directly at the camera* What did Kubrick mean by this?[View]
106962794Hollywood cuckold fetish: What is it with the trend of having the hero meeting his ex-wife, and she…[View]
106963595What are some films that feature taboo relationships?[View]
106963932What was Hopper's problem? Was he autism?[View]
106962228How many times of a sigle movie/physical film media (VHS, Betamax, LaserDisc, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) ha…[View]
106963766what are some logical films?[View]
106963849>dad text and ask what I am going to do today >text back ill stay in bed and watch classic bes…[View]
106961656Holy shit[View]
106963821Minimalist posters thread go[View]
106963814has video game streaming replaced television?[View]
106961545What would a fight between these two look like?[View]
106963784Did anyone else love the sid scenes the most, sid seemed especially brutal to toys that hide themsel…[View]
106961846The Vietnam War: Couldn't you just dodge the draft by claiming to be gay?[View]
106962526''I'm the juhanner'' What did he mean by this ?[View]
106942857>THE SACRED JEDI TEXTS!? >Read them, have you? Page-turners, they were not. What the fuck.…[View]
106963718When did you realize all women are whores even that innocent happy cunny who sits in the back of you…[View]
106959339Spider man 2 > Spider man > Spider man 3 > Spider man homecoming > Venom > Shit > …[View]
106960036ITT: Crime Kino's[View]
106957287Which of these grills did you like as a kid boomers?[View]
106961979Rewatching this after 10 years... it just doesn't hold up very well. Batman Begins is simply th…[View]
106958968Anyone else remember this classic?[View]
106962412'How's everyone doing tonight? My wife asked me to dress up as Daredevil for role-play sex.' 'I…[View]
106963286Is Cruising (1980) a classic?[View]
10696123740K: Cast her[View]
106963495SERIOUS QUESTION: Why porn isn't legitimate art form and will it be considered as such in dista…[View]
106963037Wow, Witcher 3 map is huge! It's just full of content and there's so much to do! I LOVE EX…[View]
106964230This is getting out of hand[View]
106957873Jason Momoa Really Wants to See Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut: https://screenrant.com/jason-…[View]
106958211Reminder that Fatty Arbuckle raped a woman to death and got away with it[View]
106963499Never seen a single episode that poisoned a show that fast. Dropped.[View]
106961635/bfg/ Bayformers General - shill edition: remember what kind of person is behind the bumblebee post…[View]
106960289Why was it so bad /tv/[View]
106961546>Im going to say the N word SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE STOP HIM[View]
106962881Time’s up.[View]
106962606funny how secrets travel[View]
106963405What is the TITE tummy of television and film?[View]
106961727Whats the /tv consensus on January Jones[View]
106963344Hit or miss I guess they never miss huh[View]
106962548Rami Malek Eyed for Bond 25 Villain, but Mr. Robot Could Block It: >https://www.indiewire.com/201…[View]
106961882Can a Cucknisher fan (a fan of The Punisher) explain how 3 different directors couldn't make a …[View]
106957684IT'S UP[View]
106961235And you guys say Brie Larson is not the right pick for Captain Marvel...[View]
106963239>intense chase sequence >these guys show up…[View]
106960339would you watch a biopic about Brendan?[View]
106963215'I regret watching that movie': >He doesn't go to IMDb prior to watching a movie >He does…[View]
106962566What are some movies about the underdog taking on a dystopian dictatorship?[View]
106963170So, /tv/, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?[View]
106963023https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue8knZnY_H8 How hard is it to catch one clown?[View]
106963066anybody else watch this scene and think 'boy, noses look weird!'? I don't know what it is about…[View]
106963109this is one of the worst films I've ever seen. How is this shit so well-rated?[View]
106962270So will her career survive all of it? Suspiria was alright I guess and next movie is coming out from…[View]
106963048>And this is our son's room, he's quite the film buff...[View]
106960633>Toy Story gets three sequels >Monster's Inc gets a prequel >Finding Nemo gets a seque…[View]
106954830For me, it's Mia Goth in A Cure For Wellness.[View]
106959990Minus all the propaganda; Will it be good?[View]
106960595You can literally feel the tension between these two characters. What are some kinos with this feel?[View]
106960716What’s our consensus on David Fincher? I think he’s pretty based and redpilled.[View]
106963004thoughts about this show??[View]
106962998BANE: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3jR_9oW3Lk post reactions when mum pulls out the trifle a…[View]
106962636Marvel and Chads/Dudebros?: All jokes aside about Marvel films and soi scum, have any of you noticed…[View]
106961320Hey /tv/, I'm leaving these chocolate creme cake cookies here, make sure nobody eats them while…[View]
106962917Film Fan Art: Post some fan art to do with films. This was pencil illustrated by me.[View]
106961547>all the Simpson men are dumb >all the Simpson women are super smart…[View]
106929685/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Previously: >>106865656 What is found footage? …[View]

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