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110042138Is he the non-reddit version of Bill Murray?[View]
110041316his plan was to eliminate half of life to ensure that there would be resources to sustain the other …[View]
110040460Was he really funny?[View]
110042598Do you think he knew what was going to happen?: For an imperial officer who just witnessed the lost …[View]
110042569One copy of Paul Blart: Mall Cop on bluray please[View]
110042479it was two white people officer one was wearing a red hat... I can’t remember much but they said it …[View]
110041351LOST premiered 15 (fifteen) years ago.[View]
110042346>Please Tony im begging you just give me more time. Mr. Dellucci will get his money I promise I j…[View]
110040823What are some good movies about genetic experimentation?[View]
110042092Cant pay we'll take it away: Why the fuck is it impossible to find torrents for whole season 4 …[View]
110040833Wtf this isnt shit[View]
110041357What did you think of this? Good movie or pretentious drivel for 'sensitive' Wes Anderson …[View]
110042078What are the best films about the historical event that was the Holocaust?[View]
110040768Post kino cinematography[View]
110042137What were they THINKING?![View]
110037930TRUE DETECTIVE: what's your theories on this scene?[View]
110042098Familiar with the... phrase 'monkey business'?[View]
110042077Have you ever contemplated suicide?[View]
110042079Movies you thought you wouldn't like, but actually did, in fact, end up liking very much.[View]
110041162Memories of Murder: This was really good.[View]
110040215Talented but tragic The guy who played kruger on Seinfeld stabbed out his own eyes or some crazy sh…[View]
110036654The Orville: how did you react to Alara going back to her home planet?[View]
110041945Damn, just when you thought the ST wasn't already unoriginal enough, there damn villain's …[View]
110039972The dwarf lives til we find a cock merchant[View]
110041688Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
110041706ZATHURA > JUMANJI[View]
110040421>Theodore Robert Bundy >killed over 30 young women >girls lusting over him >me >open …[View]
110040690Star Wars Kino Thread: I'm kinda new to this site. Can I get some karma or whatever.[View]
110035590Capitalism BTFO[View]
110040706How often do you think this forum discusses Sneed?[View]
110040621Well now that the dust has settled, what is /tv/'s veredick on Alita: Battle Angel?[View]
110041515Why do The Razzies have to be so AIDS now? When I grew up they were kind of fun and a parody of The …[View]
110041665Blue pilled kino[View]
110040232Is Peter a pussy character for not doing what his aunt said?[View]
110041645>raises eyebrows but says nothing[View]
110041507>Character goes to college >Camera pans out to professors wearing turtlenecks drinking coffee,…[View]
110041342What's next for her career?[View]
110041449This was kino.[View]
110039084Shilling or not, the fact that /tv/ has legitimate defense of this movie as anything other than gene…[View]
110041584they would have been executed right ?[View]
110037673Best film of all time: What's your choice? For me it's 2001: A Space Odyssey. >The spe…[View]
110040051>Literally 10 years old >Visual effects still unmatched How were Cameron and Weta so ahead of …[View]
110041172Are Canadians really like this?[View]
110039657HEY HALPERT[View]
110041398I imagine fifty years from now, my virtual son would ask me why our generation didn't support A…[View]
110041379Watch Alita: battle angel in cinemas See it multiple times Bring friends to see Alita: battle angel…[View]
110041309So has anyone else ever been caught or blackmailed by the cinema toilet attendants? Anything I shoul…[View]
110040532The Mighty Ducks: Was it kino?[View]
110036142i need to make a short movie in 2 weeks give me some ideas[View]
110040328One ticket to Alita: Battle Angel please![View]
110039900ITT: Legit funny capeshit jokes 'The ex-wife'[View]
110041255Mein Fuhrer....Janny....[View]
110032281Her best roles??[View]
110039831>screams shooter! shooter! >mentioned shooter never appears in any of the JP movies someone ex…[View]
110040702The boss of dis family says you're going in that fuckin' robot, one way or the other heh h…[View]
110041158Should homosexuals/blacks be allowed to be in movies? I'm starting to think they're a bad …[View]
110041139I watched this whilst really high on weed. Sadly. It did not make it any better.[View]
110040938>The Simpsons was still good after 1997[View]
110040701What was the American Psycho doing in Paris? How did he know Alfred?[View]
110037751>it's ok to murder humans on screen >it's not ok to kill a dog on screen Is USA ripe…[View]
110041077I'll tell you one thing for certain, you don't mind dying once you peaked over to the othe…[View]
110037065What expression is Luke trying to convey?[View]
110040992Excuse my ignorance, but what does 'tracking for $xxx weekend' fucking mean? Does someone up there h…[View]
110040975Gute Nacht, süsser Prinz[View]
110035559Anyone else start crying when the first black hawk went down?[View]
110040862this movie BLOWED (kinda). didn't mind that it was slow or abstract but i barely felt invested …[View]
110040512What great thing will men invent next now that women have ruined cinema?[View]
110040503>I did not care for Peter Jackson's take on the series Well? Was Ben based or not?…[View]
110035724Would you, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4o9XlLVg0U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTeYbFg…[View]
110040849Underrated shows: Binging pic related atm. Pretty comfy.[View]
110040853>Your very own cheese pizza What did he mean by this.[View]
110038388Loved these books...are the movies any good?[View]
110040859Season 2 launched. Did we watch it?[View]
110040855Was it kino?[View]
110040837>Um, e-excuse me, M-Mr. B-Batman, sir, uh, I w-was w-wonderin' if, ah, you know, like, m-may…[View]
110036850What does it say?[View]
110039450up, /tv/? I just got back from a screening of Alita: Battle Angel starring Rosa Salazar and Christop…[View]
110040528Are there any detective shows were the protags are boomers?[View]
110036681What's his best role and why is it call me by your name?[View]
110040066I am watching this right now. for the second time[View]
110040006>what do you mean you haven't seen The Office anon?[View]
110040358>The action doesnt take a fucking break >Its capeshit >/tv/ loves it >700m Fuck this gay…[View]
110040534>Hey Doc Howard. Ben stone calling >Guess what the fuck's up?…[View]
110039924What would you differently in a Babylon 5 reboot?[View]
110039391Favorite kino?: For me, it's Alita: Battle Angel[View]
110037844FAT FETISHISM?[View]
110036431Why wasnt Billy Zane a bigger deal?[View]
110036533I just saw Alita in 4DX. AMA.[View]
110039949why didnt The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) win any oscars?[View]
110037306ITT we list some of the best Horror Films: I saw one of these threads like two years ago and I saved…[View]
110040008New reign of terror may come sooner than expected: https://movieweb.com/invisible-man-reboot-blumhou…[View]
110035838WHERE'S MY STICKY!!!![View]
110040138Just finished the first season and it's a pure 10/10 season. How do the other two seasons compa…[View]
110038583Just turn off your brain bro[View]
110038663ITT: Actors who play diametrically different characters[View]
110039812Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
110038528What the fuck is wrong with people who don't like Guardians of the Galaxy?[View]
110033618It's been 10 years since his death[View]
110040105For me, it's Armageddon[View]
110037107is this the best movie of all time?[View]
110035851Was it kino?[View]
110016880Swiss actor Bruno Ganz dead at 77: https://www.dw.com/en/swiss-actor-bruno-ganz-dies-aged-77/a-47546…[View]
110037685ITT: embarrassing parent film moments: >go to see alita: battle angel with dad >half way into …[View]
110039395Imagine all of them dabbing at the same time[View]
110037206Was it as kino as people make it out to be?[View]
110039845>the chad beats the rat boy Based, what are some other realistic films?…[View]
110037978Now that the dust has settled, what did we think of it?[View]
110039171What has been the most tragic fall from grace in Hollywood history?[View]
110036724What do you think makes simpsons so great, /tv/?[View]
110039923What's the best episode? The worst?[View]
110039184Can /tv/ give an example of an interesting female character in film?[View]
110036483ITT: Underrated kino: Or, 'things /tv/ is too pleb to talk about'[View]
110039877I'm jonesing, need a new episode[View]
110037296Just saw this movie. Absolute masterpiece.[View]
110039421Indo-European Expansion movie: During the Bronze Age, migrating hordes of Steppe Chad pastoralists r…[View]
110037247Why didn't they just shoot her?[View]
110039229What was his power level? They never fully explained his true potential.[View]
110038670shoplifters: Anyone see this movie yet? I've heard it's one of the better ones of the year…[View]
110037466>Go on talk show to promote new show >Derail the whole interview with THIS NEEDS TO FUCKING ST…[View]
110039720My name is jeff goldblum, im actually a bad actor, but I like doing funny faces[View]
110036488>makes you think huh[View]
110036157why is Hillary Clinton in Ralph breaks the Internet?[View]
110039486ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
110039630Lego Movie 2: What the hell were they thinking? Bombed despite the over-advertising. This movie is s…[View]
110039503Not a single person on /tv/ will ever experience this[View]
110027585Do you not want to see a Mad Max Punished Alita sequel? Why are you not buying more tickets then?[View]
110039482She's trapped in a romantic comedy[View]
110021228But why?[View]
110039013>Orson Welles was 25 when he produced, wrote, directed, and starred in his first feature film, on…[View]
110037309Ron Perlman here, AMA.[View]
110039440Watching this kino now, kinda hyped lads![View]
110039337Just started my yearly rewatch so what is your favorite episode /tv/ mine is pine barnes[View]
110039059>Madone! The cocksucka jumped at me with a fuckin' axe. I got a right to defend myself, Ton…[View]
110038677SAY IT[View]
110037263Back Roads: What do we think about this and is Pelz not the ULTIMATE TEMPTRESS IN THIS FILM??[View]
110038281What is her best role?[View]
110037337Suburra: Why does /tv/ never talk about this show?[View]
110036914NOTHING'S FINE I'M TORN[View]
110039139So was it in his head or not? Is he Teddy or not? What really happened? This is the first time I hav…[View]
110038292I took my 8-year-old daughter to see this last night because I thought it would be a fun PG-13 famil…[View]
110038626Why did Nina leave Konstantin at the end? She was alone and abandoned by that Trigorin fucker[View]
110030603Will it come back?[View]
110039006Fortnite Dancefloor: Hello, Could you tell me what do you think about my new video please ? https://…[View]
110038149>“He had intended to just kind of stop by and say hi, and he stayed five hours,” said Marvel pres…[View]
110038848>pause movie at 14:58 >take screenshot >everyone else guesses the flick…[View]
110038842Does anyone have a torrent for this movie?[View]
110035069>rewatching twin peaks >find myself really liking how leo was portrayed anyone else like the w…[View]
110037618What would his Star Wars trilogy be like?[View]
110038757So has 'damaged' Joker from Suicide Squad been retconned in the DC Cinematic Universe with this new …[View]
110038164What went wrong?[View]
110024456We did it chads! Episode IX Wrap was not trending on social media!: JJ thought that posting a woke i…[View]
110037531what the fuck was her problem?[View]
110038617Where's his pin?[View]
110036991GIVE ME BACK MY SON[View]
110038594Brie Larsen has said she doesn’t want white males to see or review her movie. Are you going to respe…[View]
110038444Marie Kondo: What the fuck? Is this what I'm working so hard for? If I'm not chad, is this…[View]
110037507>40 year old virgin >able to confidently talk to women at first attempt >doesn't have …[View]
1100367315>4>6>3=7>R1>1>8>2>Solo Fight Me.[View]
110037666>it puts the lotion in the basket actor dead at 74 press F to pay some goddamn respect.…[View]
110032734Would the Lisa Simpson endorsement be a net positive for a candidate?[View]
110037946why wasn't he killed or at least imprisoned?[View]
110037113were they gay?[View]
110038178>women don't want to date me because I'm ugly and fat >women are seething over Alita…[View]
110036103Watch Alita: battle angel in cinemas See it multiple times Bring friends to see Alita: battle angel…[View]
110037494>Here comes Slipknot, the man who can climb anything[View]
110036817Yeah Rust is this and that but old Marty is wise.: How did this man became a quote machine?[View]
110038158>He is the most wanted man in New York >For Unpaid Parking Tickets…[View]
110026545Can you please tell me where he is?[View]
110037643Is this shit a joke? This looks like some shitty meme video where they edit Will Smith as the genie[View]
110037979is the coin toss scene John Goodman's greatest performance?[View]
110035015ITT underrated movies[View]
110037957Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Chloe Moretz? Let alone defeat her. And I…[View]
110037698..do you guys like wwii movies?[View]
110033108Is starship troopers the best piece of fascist propaganda of our time? What other films are subtly f…[View]
110036768Anyone else done with CGI-driven shitshows? Going to the cinema has become a physically painful expe…[View]
110036804Movies that came out 20 years ago.[View]
110027184>contract killer has 1 rule >no women and children…[View]
110037761Favorite Downfall parody?: Post some Downfall kino in memory of our fallen Fuhrer today. https://m.y…[View]
110035514now, that the dust has settled, is it worth watching?[View]
110037631Wait a second...[View]
110035909Bumblebee officially confirmed as a reboot: >Bumblebee movie is a new storytelling universe. This…[View]
110037418What if he's still there?[View]
110030095Will there ever be a greater entertainer?[View]
110037502what happened to your queer party friends?[View]
110035174Why did they kill Michael Jackson? Why did they attack him with that pedo shit? No troll answers ple…[View]
110010298ITT: first tv boners[View]
110035058What's the most underrated film this year?[View]
110037500What are some plays you'd like to see adopted to the big screen? > Who are we as a Nation po…[View]
110037193What went wrong and will I ever get my reward from the Hansen Vs Predator kickstarter?[View]
110037420Time cube cinematic universe when?[View]
110034627>Character is 'mysterious and intelligent' >Movie shows that by making him solve a rubik'…[View]
110034132Is nice guys unironically in the top 10 of best buddy cop movies? Also why isn't this genre ex…[View]
110036330Why aren't there any movies about single dad's trying to raise a child alone?[View]
110034760Jake Gyllenhaal here, AMA.[View]
110036399Rights issue with sequel: Just like with Friday The 13th looks like Halloween also has issues obtain…[View]
110037326>if Bohemian Rhapsody wins, I'll quit the academy >I vote for Black Panther…[View]
110035162She was hooah[View]
110035492I don't know who to trust anymore... My heart said it was good but the consensus is that it was…[View]
110035741find 1 (one) piece of evidence that disney is bribing critics[View]
110034301What are some of the best films involving a relationship like pic related? Leon obviously comes to m…[View]
110036861What's your favorite DARK fan theory ?[View]
110037023>goosebumps/tear up every fucking time >mainly goosebumps though Which Spider-Man film is the…[View]
110035987>Exeeding expectations despite it's core 4chan audience not supporting it Jeez and you incel…[View]
110034163Okay, so here's a question. We all know that Victor Miller owns the rights to Jason Voohees, Ms…[View]
110032987>arrive at cinema >have panic attack >sit in toilet for entire film…[View]
110035968can kino get any purer?[View]
110035274>5x MULTIPLIER[View]
110034333Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to rewrite Desty Nova to be Palpatine? How the fuck can you …[View]
110035918What’s some /fit/ kino, preferably capeshit Been out of the gym for like two weeks, need motivation[View]
110033768What are some lesbian kinos?[View]
110036853Is Gaspar Noe the most redpilled director alive?[View]
110036846>en cinemafiqùe[View]
110036825is this mels finest work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJGPLjm-fjo[View]
110031772How did the 'critics' get it so wrong?[View]
110036713ITT: Things you'd change about a film's opening credits Personally, I would have preferred…[View]
110034676>It's an Ancients can help but can't help episode[View]
110036182FACT: Rogue one is the only stars wars movie worth watching since episode 6[View]
110036621Weird City: I can't believe they fucked[View]
110035324Emily and John here, ask us anything :)[View]
110036579>movies about black people disproportionately make up the majority of violent movies…[View]
110034515How do you go from this[View]
110035366Wow! If your fly weren't open, you'd look just like Roger Moore![View]
110033107Times /tv/ lied to you: This wasn't shit, it was fucking kino[View]
110030717Hate Crime Jussie Smollett: Ummmm guys..What's going on here? These are lies right?[View]
110032076>watching film with dad >female character gets killed >dad cheers…[View]
110035483Is it good or just overhyped trash?[View]
110035687Am I the only one who's watched all of season 1?[View]
110031780>Fegelein, I don't feel so good...[View]
110036177On your left[View]
110036082Who was right?[View]
110036067ITT: things that happened[View]
110033867*music starts playing*[View]
110036123>tfw remembering how innocent and simple life was as a kid >tfw remember sitting in my pyjamas…[View]
110036108AAAAAND I'LL SEE YOU[View]
110036104What does this expression convey?[View]
110020448PROMISE ME, ANON! You'll go and see my movie, right?[View]
110035956Number 15?[View]
110035141Will she be rightly remembered as the greatest thespian of her generation?[View]
110035935SOMEONE SEND THIS TO TMZ: LMFAO 'Jake does an AMA on 4chan' OH NO NO NO[View]
110032336Where do I start if I want to get into James Bond? I watched skyfall and spectre a long time ago and…[View]
110035915What are some good live action political kino? https://youtu.be/G_8wLKy3-Sc[View]
110035596>Gringo character asks Mexican character if he's s Mexicant or a MexiCAN…[View]
110035705Why don’t we get more Africa kinos?[View]
110031460So why the fuck Did he Kill pedos in Season 1: But then thinks they're worth sparing in Season …[View]
110035827What were your thoughts on You Were Never Really Here?[View]
110034113>had a couple of drinks >saw a couple things…[View]
110034749You... Behave you.[View]
110033436>breaks up with charlie because he accidently puked on a baby what did she mean by this?…[View]
110035717american horror story: So I watched asylum and I think that the first 10 episode were good but then …[View]
110034975Is there a way to make this work in live-action? Any way at all?[View]
110027058Why are the Japanese much more creative than Hollywood, /tv/?[View]
110035679Disappointing careers[View]
110035653He did nothing wrong[View]
110035272>That's a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you, you fucking faggot? Woah, how did th…[View]
110021910/trek/: Lets work on our comunication edition.[View]
110030612Okay let's make this sporting, anon. If you can tell me why I shouldn't ban you without us…[View]
110034956post yfw Alita flops in China too[View]
110033687Pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNiU7SvIzGo Likely better than the movie[View]
110034586Oh no no nonono[View]
110035296What the hell are they doing with this character?[View]
110033375why do Latinos love The Simpsons so much?[View]
110016151What does /tv/ think of Natalie Portman?[View]
110035239Post actors/directors who sold their souls[View]
110035040>movie set in the future >it's a dystopian hellhole…[View]
110032115Didn't enjoy this one that much even though this is basically '4chan the Movie' and what Anonym…[View]
110035429Comfy af film: Gib me north Italian mansion and French gf.[View]
110032137/pigkino/ thread: This thread is for the discussion of pigkino. What are your favorite pigkino films…[View]
110032909Past a certain age, a man with no woman, no kids,... and no old friends can be a bad thing.[View]
110034420What other movies do capeshitters like?[View]
110021597Why is no one talking about this movie? Is it worth watching?[View]
110035347Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
110031090Suprising family connections in Hollywood? Apparently Katherine Langford has a younger sister who…[View]
110034929Chad Picard: spin-off when?[View]
110035306>title card of movie doesn’t show until the end of the first act[View]
110034974Any films about Russian Mafia?[View]
110034565When a fan-made poster for Toy Story 4 makes you more excited than the official one[View]
110035208Starting this. What am I in for?[View]
110034871Lettuce Boys: Holy shit this is kino Episode 4 when??[View]
110035175Was the chad guilty?[View]
110034795what the fuck was KB's problem?[View]
110035062Is it worth it anymore?[View]
110033742Now that Cooper is able to perceive the Black Lodge in the way that its inhabitants do, has he becom…[View]
110034309>However, after a three day search, Webb's body has yet to be found. BWEEEEEEE BWEEEEEEE…[View]
110033745Marvel's 'Loki' Series Lands 'Rick and Morty' Writer: >Sources say the s…[View]
110032608They Live: I thought this was going to be a deep and redpilled social commentary movie because of cl…[View]
110034936What movie is this[View]
110034873Mmovies with hia dfkl ashtheic?[View]
110034768Ross > Chandler > Joey[View]
110032813/Jazz general/: How's about a new thread for our girl?[View]
110032825Jenna vs Moner: The great debate.[View]
110031870Y-you like my art, don’t you anon? It means a lot to me that you came.[View]
110032723would you date her? fuck YES[View]
110032956kinos for this feel?[View]
110034864The “New Crave” sucks. It’s awful.[View]
110034328Blocks your path.[View]
110031700What went wrong?[View]
110034781>Ra's al Ghul? He's a good friend of mine, brave too... because he likes how to say the…[View]
110032651bob saget[View]
110032394>H-Hey Anon, I w-was wondering if like maybe I don't know you want to come see me at the kin…[View]
110033190>una 7up con una rodajita de limón[View]
110023646Inferno > Suspiria (1977) >>> Suspiria (2018) > The Mother of Tears[View]
110034287Bravo, Nolan[View]
110033670You saw my kino, right?[View]
110032709Best kino of all time. 11/10[View]
110028457Rest in Peace Sweet Prince[View]
110034597>me ol bamboo! >me ol bamboo![View]
110033376How would you do a Touhou: the movie? Who would you cast? What would the plot be about?[View]
110024577Jazz General - A New Way To Be Mad Edition: Prophetic Article From 2000 - Must Read https://www.thea…[View]
110031829>character becomes increasingly caught up in a web of lies[View]
110034283Gattaca: just watched this. did jude law just burn himself to death?[View]
110033374U MAD[View]
110033778nigger this is boring[View]
110021298Was it kino?[View]
110033552This is the greatest scene in all of TV/film history. Prove me wrong.[View]
110034418>first sign you're about to watch KINO[View]
110018368Goodnight sweet prince F[View]
110031262Luka Magnotta: Was it Kino?[View]
110033995Best Oscar for Acting Should Go To Me: Hear me out... my reasoning is simple and quite understandabl…[View]
110034235Will you die if I pull you off?[View]
110034243Do you think the newer generation will look at these films in the next decade as the best in the fra…[View]
110034351>*SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH* >blinks slowly for 30 seconds >checks the time >smacks dry old man li…[View]
110031002/HPG/ - Harry Potter General: Snape Edition What's your >Favorite Book >Favorite Film …[View]
110026337>you're an American. >No sir, I'm from Kentucky. What did he mean by this…[View]
110019121why aren't humans smart enough to have synthesized a drug like in this movie yet?[View]
110033501Why didn't they just fly the eagles into the twin towers?[View]
110034255Underrated films.[View]
110033459Was Adriana's tennis teacher in 'Sopranos' a lesbian?[View]
110032747There is a momen..[View]
110033056How did 30 Rock get away with all the Jewish one liners?[View]
110033050Could Steve from Blue's Clues defeat Thanos? If they got him on his thinking chair he could thi…[View]
110024399Two and a half men waifus: For me it's melissa[View]
110028406Movies you have no intention to ever watch[View]
110033744underrated auteurs[View]
110033960JUST LET ME BANG BRO[View]
110032575Two men enter. One man leaves.[View]
110031661>shill Alita to friends capeshitters >shill Alita on anime forums simple minded weebs with a h…[View]
110033202>Wait, how many Irishmen did you say are on this ship?[View]
110033311>OMG another seemingly hopeless situation for Jon Snow, he's surely doomed this time!…[View]
110033632What are some good historical movies?[View]
110033153What do you think about Mindhunter?[View]
110033764>Hey Janny, if I was gonna rustle your jimmies, I'd tell you to go eat your hotpockets. …[View]
110033704this would make a good movie element[View]
110028908Expanse General: Season 1,2,3&4 Edition[View]
110033655ralph breaks the internet AKA the last disney movie I'm watching. What a pile of horse-crap. Li…[View]
110033514What's the best of kilter performance you've seen?: For me it was the black dude in Roboco…[View]
110033325I wish 4chan had never come to me[View]
110033534Unironically one of the better movies of the 10s[View]
110031157is it kino?[View]
110033465>for you[View]
110033029What were your favorite TV commercials? For me? I always liked Jared from Subway![View]
110033055So now, when the leak theory is looking 100% real, are you guys expecting any kind of twists to the …[View]
110033416What was Snoke doing during the Galactic Civil War?[View]
110032770Yfw, you get into your first fight and you punch someone as hard as you can and it sounds like hitti…[View]
110033106Farewell Lord Snow[View]
110031430Most of Season 2 sucked, but at least Lynch never trolled his fans before. Why does he have such con…[View]
110033003Bobsheaux the virgin furfag vs Phelous the WetChad Thread[View]
110027925>mfw starting to get into arthouse cinema this is so much better than Hollywood capeshit trash. w…[View]
110033168>I'm drunk right now.[View]
110027633What films should I watch in San Francisco? I already watched The Pursuit of Happyness and it was pr…[View]
110032726Lost my sizeable .rar collection of /tv/ film/tv recommendations and I can't find the original …[View]
110028434I’m getting married in 6 hours. Kinos did this feel?[View]
110032065>any change this morning? >yep. yep, big change >*looks down instead of in the mirror* Was …[View]
110032975>I have seen much of the rest of 4chan. It is brutal and cruel and dark. /tv/ is the light.…[View]
110031544>absolute qt is vaping and watching superjail n front of me in the library w-what should I say? I…[View]
110031205is it the greatest film of the 21th century?[View]
110031067why is this film so underrated?[View]
110026403Avatar 2: How hard is this gonna flop[View]
110028781Is there such a thing as an arthouse slasher film? I was thinking of it last night and found the con…[View]
110032816>Nerdy female character lets her hair down >Instantly gets 2 marriage proposals…[View]
110032805>What's it gonna be buddy?[View]
110032648Post underrated kino faces[View]
110032746>be me >watching american kino >people just walk into the house without taking their shoes…[View]
110032401Is the portrayal of Wakanda as a technologically advanced yet still monarchical and tribal society j…[View]
110032716Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
110032618Archer: *refuses to provide resolution, for 3 years, to the only twist the show followed through wit…[View]
110026656The classic Simpsons brought so much joy every Sunday night. How can the golden era ever get topped?…[View]
110032511Alright which of you motherfuckers did this: Why[View]
110032593>Why don't you go pave your cave ya fuckin' caveman[View]
110029327Are there any movies that depict even a sliver of the feels that Bladerunner 2049 has to offer?[View]
110028605> So we do understand each other; you're a ditsoon... charcoal briquette, ...a mulignan.…[View]
110032193How are radio prank calls even legal?[View]
110031352ITT: best movie you've seen this month.[View]
110032534>I don't understand you people! I mean all these picky little posts you keep bringing up. Th…[View]
110032461Cast them[View]
110032420>he drops movies commit, pansy. you started it, now finish it.[View]
110005736>speaks japanese >american crowd laughs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1aBqpF6mwQ WHAT THE …[View]
110032261What are some examples of kino writing/lines from comedies ?[View]
110031973Why did he tell everyone to go to chinatown when he knew things could go horrible wrong[View]
110030922Horror movie recommendations: What horror movies do you recommend, /tv/? Here's mine: Don'…[View]
110032350Can we have a Harold Faltermeyer appreciation thread?: To the anon I was talking to earlier: I calle…[View]
110032179Why did they name him Alex Jones? Was it just a coincidence?[View]
110032332https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUFwunMKa4E I've seen nothing about this on /tv/ what do we thi…[View]
110032071What did we think of it?[View]
110030691When I was a kid, I thought all British guys looked like Bond[View]
110031976I just finished watching this, what did everyone else think of it? I could tell the original source …[View]
110031638>pssst >do u wand do sai dhe n wod?[View]
110031054>the last good Disney movie What went wrong ?[View]
110031582I LIEK YOU: So I hear the succubus from VHS is back as a cyborg or something?[View]
110032239What is the greatest horror kino of all time and why is it pic related?[View]
110031457SHUT UP[View]
110031684I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine[View]
110029353So he would have died IRL, right?[View]
110032063What are some educationkino?[View]
110031987ok this is epic: https://mobile.twitter.com/disneypixar/status/1096801391857811456[View]
110030468Should the next season of ST have a completely new cast?[View]
110031895watching rose red right now. any other direct-to-tv stephen king movie kino suggestions?[View]
110030716How come there are no famous Native Americans and every time you see one in a film it's because…[View]
110032069Detective Pikachu: The reception to the film has resulted in numbers that are “off the charts good.”…[View]
110031817>/tv/: Cringe[View]
110027782No waifu shit: Can we have a discussion on who the best actress is working today? Carey Mulligan is …[View]
110029962>What do you mean you're not going to see the new Hellboy(girl)?![View]
110023261Are you keeping up with the Daily Show?[View]
110028156What did he mean by calling himself “The Joker Baby”? He is obviously much older than a baby.[View]
110031861kinos for this feel?[View]
110030340What's the most 80's movie?[View]
110031925Watched inception again and many people claim that Cobb is dreaming, why hasn't he woken up yet…[View]
110030220What the hell is going on with terminator 6?: which timeline is this? what happened to john connor? …[View]
110030807Why was will the only one to become famous after the fresh prince of bel-air? I feel as though will …[View]
110031855Limmy autobiography: >Limmy confirmed in his new autobiography he gets turned on by the fact that…[View]
110030921Movies about the purity of the fairer sex.[View]
110029375Did you come into your digits?[View]
110030895IMMORTAL Jane Spinoff when???: You know you need this comfy kino[View]
110017986Mein Führer...[View]
110026524Okay, but what if Harvey Weinstein looked like this? What then?[View]
110015354TIK TOK, NETFLIX[View]
110029301It’s official. I have a crush on Finn.[View]
110026444will this be an even better adaptation than alita battle angel?[View]
110029760Imagine joining the Military because of cape-shit[View]
110031669What are /tv/'s thoughts on VJuice body of work and career?[View]
110031658Grimes or grime?: Grimes perform grime? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grime_(music_genre)…[View]
110031653What are some movies where the bad guys entice the good guys to join them?[View]
110029843Is Pixar going through a dark age?[View]
110025461>movie set in ancient rome >everyone has a British accent why?…[View]
110031497movies with this aesthetic?[View]
110030243Don't mind me, just being best girl[View]
110029630What 4chan boards do they browse?[View]
110031552Bohemian Rhapsody: This film has taught me that a lot of homosexuality was going on during the 1970s…[View]
110031370Can you guys recommend some top tier documentaries? I haven't watched any in a while.[View]
110029147Why hasn't Anakins force ghost talked to Kylo?[View]
110031381Movie recommendation.: I’m looking for movie watching suggestions. What one movie do you recommend I…[View]
110024824So I went on a Godfather I and II binge last weekend (I watched part II twice) and last night I deci…[View]
110031324Tik Tok Jrumph. Tik Tok[View]
110031250Just finished this. If any of you were thinking about watching it at some point, I'll save you …[View]
110031224I miss her bros... ;_;[View]
110027918New Leaked Info About MCU: - Marvel is considering a new chance to actor Asa Butterfield, this time …[View]
110030417and the oscar of best animated feature goes to...[View]
110028355Damn, how can one man be so handsome[View]
110030795>'Does it spark joy?' >my room afterwards…[View]
110031181https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npoFe2ii5rs What does it say /tv/ ?[View]
110020612A netflix movie that doesn't look like dog shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us79YXHPqZQ…[View]
110031093Saw this trailer when I went to go see Alita and despite the shilling against it from /tv/ it looked…[View]
110028404>24.Frames.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-GHOULS >24.Frames.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-GHOULS it's ti…[View]
109994190Women often say /ourguy/ Ryan isn't really attractive but that his appeal is in how friendly an…[View]
110030873What are some movies featuring incredible fitness transformations?[View]
110030769Whats the verdict on Season Two so far?[View]
110030458Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
110023705Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.[View]
110030073Do canadiens really do this[View]
110028833How will Amazon fuck up the fall of Gondolin?[View]
110029168>he unironically prefers 007 to M:I[View]
110028310Sam Snake[View]
110026500W-Wow...this is an instant classic. Why does /tv/ praise shitty series for the masses like Breaking …[View]
110030389>We need an absolutely based man to play the hero[View]
110030170>capeshit will never end[View]
110029264Streaming Sites: What are your favourite link aggregating sites for streams to movies & televisi…[View]
110029007>character looks into shattered mirror >it's a reflection of his twisted personality…[View]
110030320my favourite simpsons was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
110028269Do you watch bad movies on purpose?[View]
110030304Is it kino?[View]
110028837Post yfw[View]
110030265Recommend me some films that involve women getting brutally attacked.[View]
110029012What is the most /hype/ scene in cinema and why is it the Palm Tree swinging scene in Beverly Hills …[View]
110022639thoughts on sneed?[View]
110028894>cinephile girlfriend gives me a list of movies I should definitely watch >3000+ movies…[View]
110028717Question to males: Why are you so shocked whenever a girl is actually able to take care of herself?[View]
110026121why aren't there more pajeet stacies in western movies?[View]
110027669I'm looking for a Sprite rep, I can do all the tricks[View]
110029954There's a man going round taking names.: '...he who is unJUST let him be unJUST still...'…[View]
110029605Movies with this feel?[View]
110029662In America. First you get the sugar. Then you get the power. Then you get the Women.[View]
110028979/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 19 - Y: This is a two week long survey in gauging this boards top 10…[View]
110029906What are some movies about people who are untouchable?[View]
110029892thanks for ruining every episode thusfar[View]
110029625Maximum poetry[View]
110029725Makes you think of all the hot guys in the world[View]
110029188Why did he become the face of failed actors?[View]
110029765What’s your thing? https://youtu.be/vs4zkcBX-mA[View]
110028074Free Fire: why is this movie so fucking underrated. it was so good! >interesting plot >great u…[View]
110029171What /tv/ threads would they post in?[View]
110029421Why was there a whole episode around Homer buying his first computer when it was clearly established…[View]
110022775Alita Threads Directory: >>110004218 >>110014371 >>110014675 >>110016448 …[View]
110029650Dr. Goebbles, I'm NSDAP[View]
110029607Was it kino?[View]
110028139>the ultimate and final cuck[View]
110029550What are some teevee unironically approved youtubers ?[View]
110029249Would it be the ultimate movie crossover?[View]
110029512The Cinefiles: Are there any other Public Access kinos like this? Also why did they break up???…[View]
110028925About to watch 2018's Nutcracker with my family, what am I in for[View]
110026956Great movies that should've never had sequels: >MiB2 >Didn't bring back the hot fore…[View]
110027789the english dub got it all wrong. he sees himself as a completely separate being in the original[View]
110029387Will the goose ever have another go at directing? Lost River was kino[View]
110029278Good movies about false advertising?[View]
110029266movies about not being able to hold down a job for longer than 3 weeks?[View]
110028465Did he fuck dudes in jail?[View]
110025343>Satire is essentially a conservative form. As soon as you stand up in front of an audience, you…[View]
110029150Currently watching this flick. It's quite fun. Did any of you guys see it?[View]
110028241ITT: Films and series unanimously loved by /tv/[View]
110029063Why do film students always have such shit taste? Seriously, the average fa/tv/irgin is more patrici…[View]
110026959Your feels when Episode IX wrapped[View]
110022003>This was a 10/10 in 1999 WTF[View]
110026222What's your favorite movie of hers? What would you like to see her do next?[View]
110028941Did anyone see this?: It’s not even on Putlocker lmao[View]
110027926WAKANDA FOREVER: >FINALLY SAW BLACK PANTHER. have so many feelings & i get choked up imaginin…[View]
110028728MAKE IT STOP[View]
110028516you stole my story[View]
110026185What are some films to watch while high?[View]
110023831How did Dale not know his wife was cheating?[View]
110015583movies your cock made you watch[View]
110024109>I like to!!![View]
110026808Why isn't this allowed?[View]
110028569>Yoda: 'Rejoice for those around us who transform into the Force. Mourn them, do not. Miss them, …[View]
110023515ewww, that anon farted![View]
110026780Glass: Yet another overlooked performance by James McAvoy. When will this guy get the recognition he…[View]
110025454FUCK NINGENS[View]
110028424who won?[View]
110027472Are there any black filmmakers whose work is unrelated to >their blackness >race >civil rig…[View]
110028275>Welcome back everybody. Our guest tonight, is oscar nominee, always funny - and now debut direct…[View]
110006599recommend me some /burgerpunk/ kino[View]
110027120can't believe the best movie I've ever watched stars Nicolas Cage[View]
110027262Is it wrong to think that this could be the next LOTR?[View]
110027381Heard that 4channel is gonna go back to the model where getting banned means you no longer see the b…[View]
110028266Is Ted Bundy the chad incel?[View]
110025029Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? Fear of saying the word. That's what it is …[View]
110027948Long Day’s Journey Into Night 2018: Where are the english subtitles for this kino? Also where are th…[View]
110027828Post your favorite quote from a movie ever. For me, it's the Bruce Wayne line. 'Men are still g…[View]
110027057>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
110025917>Saturday >he hasn’t seen Alita at least 3 times already >he hasn’t been obsessing over it …[View]
110027844Lets discuss this kino Cats & Dogs[View]
110027578ITT movies you didn't expect to make you cry (but they did!)[View]
110027507NEW SHOW FOR SNEED POSTERS and ZOOMERS, 'LETTUCE BOYS': https://youtu.be/uRMlzswC85M[View]
110027119Bout To Watch This: What Am I In For?[View]
110026006>he absolutely loved it so it's shit then. Glad i didn't pay to see it.…[View]
110013219Alita: Battle Angel Japan Premiere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfJ8SWDV7Xw[View]
110027881Am I the only one who wasn't bothered by the (((diverse))) casting but I still thought it was a…[View]
110027803I SAID THE 12 PACK NOT THE 24[View]
110027866Your dad will never save some monsters millions of dollars and buy you a magical gym set[View]
110026345Any more movies like this? Where pretty women play realistically ugly trannies?[View]
110027793I remember when I was 11 and this movie was released and my dad wouldn't shut up about it[View]
110003328ITT: Infomercial Kino: YOU WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND[View]
110026283Are critics out of touch?[View]
110027808What're the best examples of casting you've seen in a piece of media? Pic related[View]
110026913>That's very, um... lit of you.[View]
110024745I started watching Umbrella Academy last night. I don't know if i'm enjoying it. It seems …[View]
110024220For me, it's Brie larson[View]
110027691>Lieutenant anon, at this point in time I’d like to brief you on operation /kino/. Three days fro…[View]
110019240name a better horror film I can't[View]
110026406>family sitcom >husband lets his wife and kids use the internet unsupervised…[View]
110022384If you've never seen this movie you are probably a burger pleb[View]
110026426So I'm watching The Wire for the first time and I see the N-w*rd getting thrown around a LOT. U…[View]
110027077movies with this feel?: https://youtu.be/qb_J3Qs-yeE[View]
110025279Revolver original cut: i am searching for the original cut of the movie revolver. thanks https://www…[View]
110025768Omar comin'[View]
110024072When is DC going to adapt Animal Man? It would be the most kino superhero film.[View]
110027276Mm! Muthafucka got the bone all the way out the damn chicken. 'Til he came along, niggas been c…[View]
110027436You know...when I first started out working up in Dublin, there was this 3-year-old boy. Parents bro…[View]
110026911Does it?[View]
110024866>There will never be a meme like baneposting again[View]
110026816Only series where the fifth entry is the best one are allowed through this door, sir.[View]
110026991OMG HAHA[View]
110026359>British dinner scene >someone asks for the 4 faggots…[View]
110027133Why haven't you seen BBWkino yet?[View]
110026628Why does he like cookies so much? I don't get it.[View]
110027173White women in Alita: 10 minutes in Alita and a white woman gives a Jamaican looking negro a donatio…[View]
110027215I’m gonna say the K word[View]
110026653Iffland Ring: Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2019 Iffland Ringbearer. F[View]
110020102>entertains and educates you[View]
110027154What's that movie where Jake Gyllenhal is torturing some arab in Iraq? I need some torture kino…[View]
1100270396 fucking seasons and they cuck out now[View]
110027111>simple synth tones mostly >made some of the most rememorable film themes How does he do it? h…[View]
110026727Has it been confirmed yet?[View]
110024496Game of Thrones SUCKS: It's completely fucking shallow and meaningless, it's just one 'sho…[View]
110027010Here's your lawyer, bro.[View]
110025976Does Rey have a bare midriff in the next Disney wars?[View]
110024781What is your favourite Herzog film?[View]
110026564cinema rant: If you ever go to the cinema during daylight you will encounter cancer, especially at b…[View]
110014329Neytiri is...[View]
110025443Was this the rock bottom for The Simpsons?[View]
110017955I wanted to like season 2 of Discovery but it's been a disimprovement on s1 so far. The mystery…[View]
110019993Cameron > 13[View]
110025506Hey /tv/. I thought a fun topic might be: what do you remember about the old Simpsons video games fr…[View]
110026725I just marathoned this flick. What did I think of it?[View]
110025368Convict Kino thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34tv3umYUUA[View]
110026530>Watch an old youtube video >Scroll down to the comments to maybe bring back some old memories…[View]
110024589PROVE ME WRONG: also only good recent scary movie with plenty of jumpscares.[View]
110024000I'm not going to church today. That's right. And I may not go to church tomorrow.[View]
110024977Was it kino?[View]
110026452>being a janny/mod on /tv/ >not making a sticky for dead actors anymore >instead deleting a…[View]
110022840Why do milleannials hate True Detective?[View]
110026143End of Evangelion: Whoa... Fucking deep...[View]
110026299the turd that got away...[View]
110026336No can do, got an 8:30 res[View]
110026117He killed all Jews.[View]
110025983Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
110019934>ywn be the coked out studio exec who green-lit Alita and then went off to bang 6 hookers and giv…[View]
110023355ITT: 'that guy' actors[View]
110024711Natalie Portman says in the DVD commentary of 'Annihilation' that there was accidental penetration t…[View]
110025998did the blair witch real?[View]
110026070Will he get a biopic?[View]
110026060Was he The Zodiac?[View]
110024521Checkmate, Captain Feminist[View]
110026030Do you guys enjoy scandinavian movies, if so which one?: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1m_7JcND4I…[View]
110021496why no leak???? >on demand on February 22[View]
110024272>stands there being black[View]
110024939>Soap Opera about a cursed family visited by his distant relative who is also a vampire and their…[View]
110025944What are some movies about men proving their point?[View]
110025242how'd you like a sneedspaper upside your head?[View]
110024173Unpopular opinions: Saw this thread yesterday it was pretty interesting that most of the posts where…[View]
110025225ITT: Describe a movie then let the others guess: A couple enter a fixed dance contest. Set in the th…[View]
110025851This film was loved by critics and grossed 1.3 billion.[View]
110025329What is the best simpsons episode?[View]
110025152This is the best performance ever put on film Nothing comes even close[View]
110025790Only one shall win the supporting actress Oscar. Who do you choose, /tv/? >for me its Rachel…[View]
110024346Which film from 2019 has the best gash, seat meat, and sweater puppy scene so far?[View]
110025647Ah, now THAT was a show[View]
110025646Would you have helped Mado?[View]
110024688Say, would you crackers like to hear about the time we saw the Loch Ness Monster?[View]
110022641>You're sexy, do you live alone? >OI CHEERS M8 Why do Scottish guys have zero game?…[View]
110004218Watched Alita twice. Going 2 times more: Hello from Russia. Sorry for my bad English The /tv is awes…[View]
110021931>Anne Hathaway’s husband looks like and old Goose What did she mean by this ?…[View]
110025289Fantastic.Beasts.The.Crimes.of.Grindelwald.2018.1080p.WEB.h264-STRiFE It's out[View]
110023907Movie Music-Kino: What are some kino songs made for a movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HeZrI5…[View]
110022989You're the one who's out, Gobby![View]
110024673*gulp* *gulp* Avengers wasn't that good *gulp* *gulp*[View]
110017730No more physical media, anon. Digital.[View]
110024667I'm every bad day you've ever had: Remember when you misplaced your phone and it was in th…[View]
110022246Star Wars episode 9 teaser: Teaser will be released Monday or Tuesday. Title is ‘Balance of the Bey…[View]
110025015>braingames on HBO Name a more horrifying childhood memory[View]
110024428This movie is stunning[View]
110024369*crunch* *crunch* Do you watch movies on aeroplanes? or do you watch tv series. Or do u just drink g…[View]
110025003we named the doggo indiana[View]
110022156I don't get the hype. She is average. Play ball.[View]
110022161How did you like Emma Mackey in Sex Education?[View]
110024068what do bags of sand feel like[View]
110024472Imagine paying to see this[View]
110022904Yusaku Maezawa is taking one (1) film maker with him to the moon, who should it be?[View]
110023420Are there any movies of the decade?: The games of the decade are pretty undisputed, there's a f…[View]
110003917'DUNE' slated for Thanksgiving 2020 release: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodrep…[View]
110024787what was his fucking problem?[View]
110024626James Cameron: Why does Reddit hate him so much?[View]
110022584Octopussy: >Watch Octopussy on Netflix >Roger Moore kills the President of Cuba in a tiny plan…[View]
110024077>'I work here with my old man...' >(Old Man lying in an open casket comes to picture) >'...…[View]
110018658>battle of the sexes >men actually win I'm genuinely surprised…[View]
110025386This Chloe Grace Moretz, say something nice about her[View]
110024653What does /tv/ think about Adam zkt eve and would they go participate in it? Remember almost all the…[View]
110023158>Sponge!? Does this look like something a sponge would do!?[View]
110023134Then put your little hand in mine There ain't no hill of mountain we can't climb...[View]
110016448How much do we need for a sequel, knowing that the movie's budget is 170m? >400m? >450m? …[View]
110017528Jazz General - My 600lb Flesh Donor edition: Latest on Jazz's Healing Process https://www.youtu…[View]
110024528>Strong female character scene >Ooh Barracuda starts playing…[View]
110023324ITT: movies you've never seen that you probably should have[View]
110023619Why was he the best captain?[View]
110024470Washed. Up.[View]
110021538Director Josie Rourke 'I was really clear, I would not direct an all-white period drama.'[31]: Why d…[View]
110024393Canada Nostalgia: We had a good one last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGxSwUfEzps Remember …[View]
110021616This probably won't be well-received here, but I'm just gonna say it. This was the best fi…[View]
110024237>American Psycho Directed by a woman about men Absolute kino, /tv/'s top film >American P…[View]
110021244>sharp objects wow! just watched this - was pretty good! ending was kinda silly made tho but I st…[View]
110024064If they're such nerds/geeks, why aren't there any anime references? Why isn't one of …[View]
110024356>Hill said that before DeSimone started to beat Batts, DeSimone yelled, 'Shine these fucking shoe…[View]
110021736*rolls up sleeves*[View]
110023247NOT SO FAST KONDO-SAN[View]
110023727This is gold standard for remakes[View]
110020879/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 18 - X: This is a year long survey in gauging this boards top 100. P…[View]
110020508What's some more /his/ kino I can watch tonight? Already watched >Das Boot >Zulu >A b…[View]
110024189I just watched this Kino after seeing it recommended here. This is my new favourite Herzog movie, an…[View]
110015719Rosa Salazar appreciation thread: Why is she so cute, bros? https://youtu.be/jppbQyRJEcA https://you…[View]
110023866Obi-Wan vs Palpatine Sheev uses his spinning attack but Obi-Wan has the high ground Who wins?[View]
110022207Looks like Sal's forced to be tonight's big loser, making him tonight's biggest loser…[View]
110014321Jaime Pressly says in the DVD commentary of 'Ringmaster' that there was accidental penetration twice…[View]
110021453Spawn: In the DVD extras for Spawn Michael Jai White admitted during a scene cut from the film John …[View]
110018481my favourite simpsons was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
110023125Is it good?[View]
110024086Captain James Tiberius Kirk: Captain James Tiberius Kirk[View]
110021847When will we get some quality alien kino?[View]
110020216Two arrested in connection with attack on 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett are released witho…[View]
110023762Why are most old Italian kinos dubbed even though they’re talking in Italian?[View]
110022142THEY'RE SHOOTING AT US: Will Jack ever come back?[View]
110023676Just Add Magic: >tv show of the year >nobody is taling about it ??? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
110008764Never forget Danny Archer's heroic deeds.[View]
110021498BROS SHE JUST KEEPS GETTING STRONGER. Can anyone defeat Chloe Moretz?[View]
110019317Bruno Ganz who starred as Hitler in Downfall movie has died aged 77[View]
110023465ITT characters who are literally you[View]
110021290Whoever recommended me this film last night. Thank you.[View]
110020064Thoughts on this guy?[View]
110022723YOU'RE A BUM![View]
110023653>first sign you're about to watch kino[View]
110023607A strange tale of hubris right at the beginning[View]
110019231NEW SHOW FOR ZOOMERS, 'LETTUCE BOYS': https://youtu.be/uRMlzswC85M[View]
110007607/ourguy/ Brendan: YEAH I'M THINKING HE'S BACK!!![View]
110022796IM GONNA SAY THE N WORD[View]
110023220Captain marvel estimates plunge: Now at 100million opening weekend estimate be 180mil https://cosmic…[View]
110023403I LIVE[View]
110021283how the FUCK does the madman do it?[View]
110022982>Dutch behavioral biologist Maarten 't Hart, hired by Herzog for his expertise of laboratory…[View]
110023254HELL GOD BABY DAMN NO![View]
110020818OT if Luke and Leia Switched Roles.[View]
110022558>Watching the Ted Bundy Netflix movie >Find out he moved alot >'Hey Anon, you move alot and…[View]
110021771movies with a similar premise?[View]
110004593This is truly going to be a sad day seeing the best trilogy of star wars coming to an end[View]
110023143The Sound of Music: Who would you have picked?[View]
110023099Who gets the Iffland ring now?[View]
110021562SPQR general: Shame on /tv/ for such barbarities. Shame.[View]
110022445WHAT WAS THE 110000000 GET?: WHAT WAS THE 110000000 GET?[View]
110021098Characters you wish were real people For me, its Chandler Bing[View]
110017178Will 2019 be the year of Korean cinema?[View]
110011085>animal crackers in my soup >monkeys and rabbits loop de loop…[View]
110021768Jackie (2016): What do you think of it? Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hayugT4EX_8…[View]
110020701Leave this here[View]
110022407According to Nazi doctrine, was Rape of Berlin justified? They did lose the war, so that means they …[View]
110021333I've seen things you people wouldn't believe: What are sea beans?[View]
110020266what movie set is this?[View]
110020894Dude, remember the SICK STICK?![View]
110021551Why did he turn back into a human and lose his arm each time? Why would lizard people even be an iss…[View]
110021136Ask yourself, was the rape scene really necessary for a kids show?[View]
110020239Two Alien TV Shows Reportedly In The Works, Ridley Scott Producing One At Hulu: Is this a good thing…[View]
110022102>weeb Mary sue >uncanney valley >over never-ending exposition >ends on a cliffhanger (yo…[View]
110022605old sport: old sport[View]
110022601Smoke me a kipper: I'll be back for breakfast[View]
110022286Post HAIRKINO itt Also how did this masterpiece slip under the raider while capeshit is a global phe…[View]
110020503/tv/, meet my childhood crush[View]
110022169>He questioned a number of elements of Smollett’s story, saying he was skeptical from the beginni…[View]
110022026Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
110021003What are the best Russian films?[View]
110022158Why does Richard Hammond just endorse anything American now? I know he's always liked the old m…[View]
110017470You awful man! Stay away from my Simpsons threads![View]
110022364Why can't you watch a movie or tv show without talking about it on here ?[View]
110018587ITT: Plebbit trash /tv/ memed you into watching[View]
110021349Is Christoph Waltz /ourguy/?[View]
110012033>Captain Marvel latest opening week estimates dropped by as much as 80% >film may only open a…[View]
110018884Best Mr Bean episodes?[View]
110010488Movies about living isolated from society? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhGRZ0pedY4[View]
110021370>6 minutes is forever nobody would say this in the 70s[View]
110021338cinemas in america have actual honest to god butter fountains i am not making this up the cinema i w…[View]
110021778*Blocks your path*[View]
110020799>8 hours in >it ain't me starts playing…[View]
110021995/trek/: Serious Discussion edition. Approved topics include: 1. Comparative economics of the alpha q…[View]
110004344THE HELMET IS BACK[View]
110021921Are there any legit movies/documentaries about weebs that move to Japan and discover it's nothi…[View]
110019439Was he retarded or just a bit slow?[View]
110021962HIDDEN GEMS: post some hidden gems[View]
110021883Honestly theres zero point in watching the sequels other than 'its the next chapter in the story' Al…[View]
110012586LOTR general: >Amazon inventing locations edition https://www.amazon.com/adlp/lotronprime thought…[View]
110019775Rush (2013): >implying shit like this even happens in real life lmao…[View]
110021601>The Blue Angel >Triumph of the Will >Nosferatu >Metropolis >Der Ewige Jude >Olymp…[View]
110020735Why does a movie that came out 10 years ago have better CGI than capeshit released last year?[View]
110018575I present to you, the greatest actor of all time.[View]
110017850Which well-received films are you not a fan of? I never really understood the love for Casino. Scors…[View]
110015773XIII: THIRTEEN! Good fortune and brotherhood will come to you, but only if you reply any variant of …[View]
110020183>what is the kike infested shithole known as jerusalem worth? no wonder why they say the director…[View]
110011500True Detective: Why are the protagonists always completely broken individuals? Will we ever get a no…[View]
110017481Press F Also I genuinely just learned that guy was actually Swiss[View]
110014675Textbook Mary Sue[View]
110017711What are some American kinos about being clinically obese but '''''''''healthy'''''''''' ?[View]
110016857>what streaming service do I use? piratebay.[View]
110021064farwell anon, we might not see each other again[View]
110020450Bruno Ganz has passed away. Press S to Sieg Heil[View]
110020329Bill and Ted 3[View]
110021407>itt soulless movies[View]
110020307>Main character has friends that call him[View]
110021374Whatever happened to youtube poops?[View]
110021361Have you ever been so scared by a movie that you had to stop watching?[View]
110006471Margaret Qualley full frontal: In Donnybrook Margaret Qualley shows her full body naked, bush no mer…[View]
110020509So I assume this is worth watching since /tv/ is hyping it so much? Haven't seen this much enth…[View]
110021265He killed millions...[View]
110018121What did you think of the Mad Men finale?[View]
110021230IMDB Quizzes: Do y'all complete the IMDB top 250 or top 1000 quizzes? I got 56% on the 2018 top…[View]
110020657How do you go from this..[View]
110020499so many parallels with takumi from initial d[View]
110019859Five foot nine I didn't know they stacked shit that high[View]
110009293This is what a 29 year old woman looks like[View]
110015963Arctic: Anyone seen it?[View]
110014656you lied to me anon, my movie is bombing! You said you would watch my movie and save me, now I'…[View]
110020629Why was this so savagely POCwashed? Don't even get me started on the dialogue[View]
110016617Have you seen BBWkino yet?[View]
110020504Well, this is dead on arrival. Why did they even bother?[View]
110020888>The half-breed wields King Atlan's trident. >He commands the sea!…[View]
110020869Rubberdance. On the floor.: How do we feel about this new information?[View]
110019572was Bobby Fischer right about the Jews?[View]
110019083>killer is about to kill someone >”you don’t have to do this”…[View]
110019347Why japanese can't act?[View]
110020684You're dead, Anon. You say 'no' to life and therefore, you're not living. You make up exc…[View]
110019499if you haters have even the slightest shred of humility, then you will go watch this movie and admit…[View]
110014994What did you think of the Deadpool movies?[View]
110018520Fincher & Tim Miller Kino is coming to Netflix !!!! what do you think of it /tv/ ?[View]
110015514Name one good game to film adaptation[View]
110020388Was he a good guy?[View]
110020462TV shows only you like[View]
110019630What did you think of it?[View]
110019615>this guy used to be chuck How did he make such a huge transformation?[View]
110016675She literally shills for China and the Communist Party now: Why can't the U.S. Government abduc…[View]
110020252What are some historical events you wish were made into movies?[View]
110018595What content do you want to see Mickey Mouse in when he becomes Public Domain in 2024?[View]
110019340any other kinos like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJdggYt0glE[View]
110016742What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
110015980AAAAAAAA: AAAAAAA.. AAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAA... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
110020021internet killed the tv star[View]
110018118Here's your ana de armas /tv/[View]
110020174How will it end?[View]
110020222>Is that what he calls it?[View]
110020117Times you unironically 100% agreed with the joker[View]
110019381Arrow > criterion[View]
110020158Really great remake, i have to admit. Can't wait for the sequel with Adam Sandler and that fat …[View]
110019057Well boys, we did it - racism is no more[View]
110019674>it's an Eva episode[View]
110000727/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Slashers (2001) Previously: >>109929853 What is …[View]
110017966>incredibles 2 what went wrong[View]
110016137The Ferengi: >The Ferengi and their culture are characterized by an extreme mercantile obsession …[View]
110017600Chtulu kino: What are the best Lovecraft or Lovecraft-inspired movies? I'm gonna say Dagon and …[View]
110020057>Female character becomes powerful figure >She gets a pixie cut…[View]
110019736Kinos about people seeking to change society?[View]
110020015could carlota monterey defeat thanos?[View]
110016296YEAH, I'M THINKING HE'S BACK!: Has there every been a bigger unjusting? https://www.youtub…[View]
110019719>the storyline is really good[View]
110019986Oh nononono[View]
110016304THE definitive Comfy Simpsons Thread: Sneedshitters will be banned on spot. Just try me.[View]
110017101Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie get crazy in new period piece MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS: >Mary.Queen.of…[View]
110007119Detective Pikachu: Will Pikachu and friends save us from capeshit? https://youtu.be/fOvwcxtMaNk…[View]
110015650appreciation thread: appreciation thread for the best animated show in the last 10+ years[View]
110018263Have you done your annual rewatch of Band of Brothers anon?[View]
110019749ITT: times you acted like Rust. >in literary class >talk constructive shit about some poet …[View]
110019793The first season is like someone watched the movie in the background while doing the dishes and now …[View]
110019708I want to see an entire movie featuring people like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8W4WsqbVC…[View]
110017702>4 naan, Jeremy. Four?! That's insane.[View]
110019614ITT: your /tv/ waifus: For me, it's Talia Shire[View]
110018789What are the best murder montages from film and television?[View]
110019403Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
110019604..but back then you could tell the difference.[View]
110017064I am like Vegeta, strong, powerful, always going for more without the stupid cuck attitude.[View]
110008398Jesus Christ[View]
110012783>be me watching das boot >within 10 minutes we already have a nazi going 'man fuck hitler what…[View]
110003690You're the ones responsible for this, /tv/.[View]
110018035What are some /fit/ kino /tv/? /fit/ capeshit is preferred[View]
109976280SUPERNATURAL: deAN we must always have a thread here edition >sammeh no!…[View]
110014513>it's simple, we kill the batman[View]
110013678Is the Pokemon movie going to bomb? Who even wants it?[View]
110018689She wasn't even that ugly so the moral of the movie doesn't even make sense because they k…[View]
110018514I just hope that he knows what the fuck hes doing[View]
110018363ITT: Movies that could never get made today >Tony's friends rape Annette and Tony calls her …[View]
110019164Who was in the wrong?[View]
110015594*sucks china's dick*[View]
110009320Will Ana be in the 3rd Blade Runner Movie?[View]
110018990Movies with internal logical plot inconsistencies?[View]
110019115Kino Establishing Shots[View]
110017035MODS: Where's his sticky?[View]
109992934For me, it’s Anck-Su-Namun[View]
110018947What do you think of Bong Joon-Ho?[View]
110018875>You should read the book instead[View]
110016822>Boomer comedy[View]
110017095Why are so many comedians cucks?[View]
110016926What is the most Midwestern movie ever made?[View]
110016673Dragon Ball: remember me?[View]
110017047Why is ILLUMINATIon allowed to just piss on a mans grave without consequence?[View]
110017721The mob wants to meet you in a remote cornfield: What kind of stupid do you have to be to show up?…[View]
110015777The Pirates of The Carribeans: Why the fuck did shooting Davey Jones heart cause the Kraken to die i…[View]
110018419>'For heaven's sake dad, that rugged chair in my suede ensemble looks about as out of place …[View]
110014909>yes my good sir I would like to purchase every seat in every cinéma for every viewing you have o…[View]
110017415Legally, who would be held responsible for this?[View]
110018557ok this was epic... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUqpR15Vyfg[View]
110018541Fuck Rachel, fuck Ross and above all fuck the Friends![View]
110017247i don't get it[View]
110018351Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...[View]
110017287this movie was based af[View]
110015693We're not going to church today[View]
110015859Had any auditions lately /tv/?[View]
110018400Where's the torrents for Killer Mike's Trigger Warning? Is torrents racist?[View]
110018378WHAT is the DEAL with Bane? I mean, why does he wear the mask? If I took it off, would he die? He…[View]
110018354Why did so many dumb gay mooshy films about childhood suddenly pop up in the 80s and get culturally …[View]
110017542there are a million better casca castings than you know who[View]
110017905Number 8[View]
110018133>VINCENT WILL YOU SHUT UP! Why did Al Pacino play Tony Montana in The Godfather III? There's…[View]
110014484was he a gamer?[View]
110016801Hello /tv/ I will grant you three wishes, What are they?[View]
110018037ITT: Actors who have never starred in a decent movie[View]
110016239What is her name? I saw her on Nickelodeon the program name is de mans thunder[View]
110017920RIP Where is the fucking sticky?[View]
110017681>too awful for MST3K It really wasn't that bad[View]
110017781>it's another zany boomer humor episode. Were these guys always so unnatural?…[View]
110015799let me alone you big bully ;-;[View]
110017459Why yes I workout instead of wasting my time watching movies.how could you tell?[View]
110017867Recent guests on the BBC[View]
110017843what happened to your queer party friends?[View]
110017775Why on earth did Robin[View]
110000317ITT: series that are never discussed on /tv/[View]
110016022More movies like this one (Except from La Dolce Vita,who's the spiritual father to The Great Be…[View]
110010690I just watched three of these: How does /tv/ rank the final destination movies?[View]
110017024Do zoomers even like this film? Personally i have always found it a little overrated but I remember …[View]
110015998So what is the /tv/erdict? Worth a watch?[View]
110016498good night sweet prince[View]
110017353It puts the shitpost in the /pol/ or else it gets the ban again.[View]
110017193we'll have 5 tickets for alita battle angel please[View]
110016573They're a much more convincing relationship than Finn and Rose.[View]
110012371Perfect Blue: Filming it as a cartoon was an unnecessary gimmick. Real actors would have sufficed fo…[View]
110016793How come modern kinos like BR2049 and Alita flop while trash like this make over a billion dollars?[View]
110016231Joe Rogan Podcast - Whack H3H3 Podcast - Whack Logan Pall Podcast - Pretty Fun[View]
110015625Are there any actresses who are as wholesome as Keanu?[View]
110013150Timothée Chalamet dabbed before accepting the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead. What a cu…[View]
110017511>nobody puts baby in the corner chills, man. chills.[View]
110016878DC/WB finally going in a proper direction?: With james gunn directing and writing Suicide Squad rebo…[View]
110017063 [View]
110014917Are there any accurate movies about modern American high schools?[View]
110017431*crunch crunch* one ticket for Alita: Battle Angel, please. *burp*[View]
110017398why is there no progressive rock film soundtrack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVGVF5OF6qs&t…[View]
110015977thoughts on the upcomming Joker movie?[View]
110017191Do you know anyone who doesn't watch TV or movies?[View]
110017238Gonna get baked tonight, what are some good movies to watch while high?[View]
110016704>it's another big gay alien episode[View]
110017272Scenes women will never understand[View]
110014333just finished season 2, i heard season 3 is shit it has good ratings, why is it bad? spoil shit i do…[View]
110017169Can Vic play himself for his own inevitable biopic? I mean western VAs are basically actors/actresse…[View]
110017157Who is your favorite actor?[View]
110015574just finished pic related fucking absolutely based and redpilled movie >top-tier villain >top-…[View]
110017097Wonder Woman 84 will follow the comic storyline: BRAVO Patty Jenkins.. OH NO.... what went wrong, it…[View]
110013464Is this, dare I say it gentleman, the greatest meme in our illustrious history as a board?[View]
110017044U-571: U-571[View]
110013868Chad Pitt[View]
110016980Mein Führer... https://m.dw.com/en/swiss-actor-bruno-ganz-dies-aged-77/a-47546200[View]
110015926>Superheroes aren't just for kids. Adults can enjoy it too![View]
110016283any yous cunts catching the simpsons? news just finished, looks like the ball and chain marge is in …[View]
110015709Cast them.[View]
110015417FUCK yes that was satisfying.[View]
110015019>half-American fashion model and cute tomboy slowly and awkwardly fall in love This was kino tele…[View]
110015144she is a true kinosseur[View]
110016110You'll never catch me for my crimes /tv/ I got away with it Jim'll fix it indeed[View]
110016393ITS RRRRRAAAAAAAWWWW Donkey[View]
110008308Fuck you guys, you lied to me. This was KINO. Also Alita a cute.[View]
110016543>ghost tries to scare you by turning your oven on and off: When did horror movies became this bad…[View]
110015817was she sent by Tuttle to break up Marty's marriage?[View]
110010654Would you let him eat your beans?[View]
110016679what are some movies about having a different perspective?[View]
110016663Just marathoned this what did I think?[View]
110015622In the end, who wins?[View]
110016194Will he ever return in anything Spider-Man besides Spiderverse 2? >Spider-Man 4 never happened…[View]
110016114any movies with this aesthetic?[View]
110004969It's time post your top 5 favourites For A Few Dollars More Blade Runner The Godfather Saving P…[View]
110016505What are some American kinos about being clinically obese but '''''''''healthy'''''''''' ?[View]
110014055Reality Show Idea: This tv show idea came to me in a dream. It is a dating show where retired pornst…[View]
110016106merry...sit down *hits pipe*[View]
110014772ITT: vastly underrated kinos[View]
110015885How did this happen?[View]
110016167Alita: Mouse-trapping Angel: >RT has 59% critic rating and 93% audience rating >First page cri…[View]
110014727What do we think of the current bunch of late night comedians?[View]
110015975>your humor is just a bunch of inside jokes with people youve never met on an indian friendship f…[View]
110015800The absolute state of Rotten Tomatoes' 'top critics'[View]
110016213First episode of Doom Patrol is out today. Is /tv/ ready for the Brenaissance?[View]
110014134When Rey tells tales of her adventures, heroism and hardship to future generations, what will she te…[View]
110015979why don't they make movies like the sound of music anymore[View]
110014605>Movie starts[View]
110014993An Inspector Calls (1954): I like this film, i recommend it.[View]
110014724Any kino with this feel?[View]
110015357pick one[View]
110008285Well that was fucking depressing.[View]
110010988Fraud kino: https://youtu.be/wtDaP18OGfw[View]
110014800>25 million views thoughts on this episode ? I thought it was disappointing desu…[View]
110010187Trainspotting: Pure kino[View]
110014803>Vietnam war movie >Painted Black starts playing…[View]
110007817about to watch this: What should I expect?[View]
110015280Why didn't they just fucking fly to zollum? Are you telling me in a world where people live on …[View]
110014997Why is he such a bad actor?: He's obviously really trying so it's not from lack of effort.…[View]
110015715Why did it fail? It never aired on TV in my country so I didn't get to catch when it came out o…[View]
110014091>tfw you're watching a Hyundai commercial[View]
110014441Recommend something to watch[View]
110014232What's your favourite horror movie?[View]
110015569DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
110015549What actor gives your mommy special feeling down below (don't ask her it that weirdly though, j…[View]
110014433if Saru can dispatch his fear ganglion then why can't we /tv/........ why can't... we.[View]
110015223The season's ending of this already shitty show was absolutery fucking ridiculous. So much so t…[View]
110006067/Trek/: Thots & Waifus edition[View]
110012039What did you think of this film? I watched it over and I had some questions. Please join me in a dis…[View]
110015353You guys are applying, right..? You DO want /tv/ to be a better board, right..? Come on guys...[View]
110010267What are some wheelchair kinos?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3sB2T4pgD8 Also why are you not a …[View]
110013808What was his fucking problem?[View]
110006500When did you realise that (((film critics))) have lost all credence and credibility?[View]
110012584How did critics get it so wrong?[View]
110014017Doom Patrol: Anybody else watch this today? I kept seeing threads about it/Brendan Frasier being unj…[View]
110014752Squidward's art isn't even that bad[View]
110014973Is this jailkino?[View]
110014931what do you think of his body of work?[View]
110014883Check for...ugh....millipedes.[View]
110011278Yearly reminder that Idiocracy is technically a right-wing/conservative movie expressing right-wing/…[View]
110013610>It’s the credits, yeah that’s the best part >When the movie ends and the reading starts >Y…[View]
110000733“Oh Yeah, This Came Out.”[View]
110014081by god he's done it again, another masterpiece[View]
110010522ia! ia! cthulhu fhtagn![View]
110014733not bad at all[View]
110008684Knockoff or Original?: Sometimes the imitator achieves higher state of kino[View]
110012458didnt see any of these and still havent should i or are they as bad as episode 8?[View]
110014661Bire learson btfo[View]
110010498What are some movie about sibling love?[View]
110014539>crusti croc :D[View]
110010377>3 hit kinos by 33 years old What are you doing with your life, /tv/?[View]
110014301This movie was pretty good. Better than Saw.[View]
110012708Hop in, dude[View]
110011743Why is it so hard for people to accept that Rey's a Mary Sue?[View]
110011573True Detective Maggie Worked For The Yellow King: >Audrey was clearly molested >Maggie likely …[View]
110014456do you think spacey had a go at ansel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2rmVukznqM[View]
110011905why have we not seen Jayden emerge as the new second coming?[View]
110009076>Watching a movie when suddenly... >'Oh shit, it's Willem Dafoe!' >Movie instantly imp…[View]
11000898399.9% sure Wolverine will be in XMEN - Dark Phoenix: So the theory goes as follows; In order for Fox…[View]
110013637>Emilia Clarke needs crutches IRL How do they shoot her running around for GoT?…[View]
110014414Was it rape?[View]
110005779Jazz General - LOOK HOW THEY MASSACRED MY BOY edition: Latest on Jazz's Healing Process https:/…[View]
110014028was he a mossad plant?[View]
110010162Liar General[View]
110014267Peter Steele biopic when?[View]
110014269Gotham season 5: ace is a hell of a chemical[View]
110014153Alita is 1st in Hong Kong consecutively for 2 weeks now. I didn't know there're so many we…[View]
110013444>Our treatment of the natives cannot be forgiven. Have mercy on us White folk…[View]
110012755>did i mention i was gay this episode?[View]
110011479How did they pull of that ending?[View]
110006547ALITA SHILLS BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFw_LxHvmdA[View]
110014064What is the point of shit like this?[View]
110014083Episode 9 ends with this shot: Only with an older Ewan McGregor[View]
110014114what the fuck was his problem[View]
110006330What's the last trailer that got you genuinely hyped for a film? >https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
110011234She didn't fuck so good![View]
110013979Jews, You Had One Job: All you had to do was make a few scenes with Phasma looking hot and dom to co…[View]
110010975Can Lisa be made more insufferable?[View]
110012972But why wear the edgelord hat?[View]
110002499Favorite King of the Hill ep? Mine is the one with Dale's dad. I finally got why his name is Bu…[View]
110013767Did you forget about me already?[View]
110011696Page turners, they were not.[View]
110004238Orville: So I dont get this race. Is the Orville too smart for me? The reason most organism on earth…[View]
110013524>That time the critics got it right[View]
110013765Have you been scared of him in your childhood?[View]
110013723What are some movies about screwing up so much that you've lost the trust of everyone who loves…[View]
109999324>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
110009922The Official Star Wars ranking: After thinking about this for a long time: being a fan of the OT ori…[View]
110012229Can we talk about the bonus situation?[View]
110005348so, how big was her ass in the movie?[View]
110008074YES YOU DID[View]
110010155>American movie from before 1984 >it's about a little girl falling in love with an adult …[View]
110012683>walk into cinema >ask cashier if the movie I want to see is sjw propaganda or not >he call…[View]
110012829Lost: Nothing ever comes close to replacing it lads. Just finished season 1 again, about to marathon…[View]
110012312Zootopia 2: Do we know when Zootopia 2 is going to get released?[View]
110011295>start talking about sci-fi concepts with someone >they start bringing up their christfag bull…[View]
110013237in the end who was in the wrong?[View]
110012117What was your favorite Roadhouse song from The Return? For me, it's Rebekah Del Rio. https://ww…[View]
110008658ITT: Unpopular opinions: >Burning was actually good >Roma is trash, unless you're Mexican…[View]
110013415this trilogy was okay feelsokay.jpg[View]
110006052>we want the incel audience[View]
110011183What is his best film? I would unironically say Super 8... Super 8>Cloverfield>TFA>Mi:III…[View]
109986677So is it doing well at the box office or not?[View]
110013339>No matter how I hit, what I hit, where I hit... I feel no pain[View]
110013282Deleted SpongeBob Movie Plot.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1rT27GysjY Scrapped version of the f…[View]
110001542The shit.[View]
110012583What was his fucking problem?[View]
110008781i miss it so much[View]
109991021MXC: I really wish we had more shows like this. Still one of the greatest things Spike ever aired. P…[View]
110013014Anon, let's make it real[View]
110012237ITT: sequels that shit on the original: >completely fucks up the 2 main characters from the first…[View]
110006636Watched this the other day: My second Villeneuve movie. Loved it. Remind me why /tv/ thinks he is a …[View]
110009865did they fug? I srsly think she would have gone for it. Man, I envy Seth. so based. when you can mak…[View]
110011711bojack: Why do muhlennials and zoomers love to fetishize mental illness. This fucking show i'm …[View]
110012758For me? It’s Colin Quinn![View]
110011946Why did Lynch cast such a terrible actress for such a big role?[View]
110012656the future of the cinematic medium: now that the era of japanimation kino has officially started wha…[View]
110004866>RAWR! >lol anon I scared you don't worry its only me! But I could play a pretty good Bat…[View]
110009651Can a cartoon be kino? Also, what's the best Disney animated film?[View]
110009359Is this the most Reddit movie in existence?[View]
110012347say no to poo monster: doomsday looked like a CGI poo monster. this art is better than the cgi poo m…[View]
110012322Just finished watching this movie because some faggot on this site told me it was kino. It fucking s…[View]
110011950What went so right?[View]
110012266https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrDnZubrLYw STOP LAUGHING[View]
110012094>Samuel M. Raimi So what does the M. Stand for? >Luke Savage (March 7, 2013). 'Sam Raimi inter…[View]
110011730> haha /tv/ is only shilling Alita ironically, disneyniggers rise up! No. Fuck off stinky mice. M…[View]
110012148>rules in brittania[View]
109988219True Detective: So....is the Yellow King the real Lovecraftian entity or not? Was that inbred hillbi…[View]
109989072have you done the yearly rewatch yet anon[View]
110011073In time...they will join you in the Sun: In time...[View]
110012062Does anyone here watch Strike Back?[View]
110006743How will it be remembered in 10 years?[View]
110011978Most anticipated movie thread: I think US will be one of the best movies to come out this year. Any …[View]
110011920kino's with this feel?[View]
110011897/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - W: This is a three wheek long survey in gauging this boards top…[View]
110010831>Jamie. >Jamie. >Jamie, remember that thing. >That thing that happened 12 years ago? …[View]
110010332Is this scene, dare I say it, Lovecraftian?[View]
110011686Man, this was a real good movie, but why the fuck did they have to scream so much? It's like ev…[View]
110011165This started off strong but now its really taking a huge sloppy shit.[View]
110008563What was the last good/real era with soul?[View]
110011750White guilt man get with the program[View]
110007814Georg is more knowledgeable than 99.9% of film critics including RLM.[View]
110011589i took my daughter and her friends to watch this movie and a single older guy was in their theatre..…[View]
110008999So, where did they place the bug?[View]
110009328A boy has the right to dream.[View]
110010252Will we ever have an Opie and Anthony or a Howard Stern type show on radio ever again? Is the Shock …[View]
110011352>i make deals /tv/[View]
110011344>every alien planet looks like Vancouver damn...[View]
110006789>she has sex with Duck gross[View]
110009135>I think you should kill yourself anon.[View]
110008795bruce its me barbara i found the batcave[View]
110008365On the off chance The Punisher gets a chance to return for a third and final season will they have t…[View]
110010915So I usually just ignore threads about Netflix pushing race and gender crap. Their top three are Boj…[View]
110009809>We need an objectively homely woman all the other characters just pretend is beautiful…[View]
110008670do people still watch adult swim? does it still have the cultural influence it had just a few years …[View]
110010732How come they don't do kino like this nomore?[View]
110009373What did he mean by this?[View]
109996027Alien 40th Anniversary: Who is your favorite character from the Alien series and why?[View]
110006479>Go on talk show to promote new show >Derail the whole interview with politics…[View]
110003298>a storm is coming[View]
110010661could kino like this be made today???[View]
110005653Cast them[View]
110010596Who would you cast as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the Detective Comics Expanded Universe? For me …[View]
110007573>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
110010219What's your thoughts on blue Will Smith? Is Blueface okay? I think they would have kept will as…[View]
110010140Rest in peace, sweet prince.[View]
110010446This doesn't feel like star wars at all what were they thinking[View]
110010380Why do movies use conventional tools instead of inventing fictional ones? It really breaks immersion…[View]
110007782JP > JP3 > LW Why was the third movie shit on?? It's great[View]
110008280What are some kinos about urban legends?[View]
110010327How can one man (James Cameron) be so based?[View]
109990987/trek/: Valid criticisms edition[View]
109988186Just got back from the kinoplex. AMA[View]
110010237What did Spielberg mean by this?[View]
110002756Who is in the wrong here?[View]
110010259Are we ever going to get something like this again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_im-iJrTz10[View]
110010246>Socially autistic character is a genius >Socially autistic character has a girl who's tr…[View]
110009796>Can we get a picture of Paul McCartney pulled up?[View]
110009819In Fail Safe, why didn't they let the pilot's wife talk from the beginning?: She could hav…[View]
110010218RE2 live action when?[View]
1100095706ix9ine: Who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
110003716Are there any Netflix originals worth watching?[View]
110008157Now that the dust has settled, did it deserve the hate?[View]
110003211Why does he love Disneywars so much?[View]
110009831There's A Man Going Round, Taking Names....: '...whoever is unJUST let him be unJUST still...'…[View]
110004758I barely knew anything about this going in, especially that it would be so intense, but it's go…[View]
110003411Alita: battle angel: Just watched it, was so good!!![View]
110008484Redpill me on this kino. What did we think of it?[View]
110008341/SayIt/: Say it. Essential viewing before you say it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7ZW1gtCljs ht…[View]
110009817scenes that make you hungry[View]
109997277What are you're thoughts on this Jewish actress?[View]
110009186Doom Patrol....Holy Shit...it's actually really fucking good.... Titans for the most part was d…[View]
110009471R. I. P.[View]
110009424About to watch this. Kino or no[View]
110009336scary movie 2 was the best one but 3 had it's moments.[View]
110009290KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p67d9F9nW2Y&t[View]
110007664Should I watch it[View]
110001311It was okay: AMA[View]
109998616Brie Larson doesn’t want “white dudes” reviewing her new movie: >Brie Larson has a message for wh…[View]
110005997Why don't we have the title yet?[View]
110005824Was the point of his movie to make me feel like I've been watching it for 6 hours? Holy shit th…[View]
110009092The President of what?[View]
110009037Dune Hype: The countdown is on. Gotta say the cast is pretty spectacular. This looks to be something…[View]
110008920>characters are having sex >camera pans to a boiling kettle to simulate that they achieved org…[View]
110008532dude what if batman was realistic lmao[View]
110004348introducing your kids to film: the bro-tier way[View]
110004570Back to the Future: In the original 1985 at the start of the first one, we see Marty's mother a…[View]
110008390Joe Rogan vs Alex Jones: Who’s /tv/ rooting for l?[View]
110007811worth a watch or no? also general self-destruction or insanity kino thread I guess[View]
110007235Pleb Filter: If you can't instantly say if The Thing is set in the North or South pole then you…[View]
110008835Thoughts on 120 Days of Sodom?[View]
110008447Ana de Armas, is that you?[View]
110008760Just finished this, what did I think about it? Seriously though, what a based cameo. The entire tim…[View]
110007519Ladies and Gentlemen the classic Paul Dano.[View]
110007900'Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later I'm gonna have a drink.'[View]
109975410Kim.Possible.2019.720p.DSNY.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-TBBT: >Kim.Possible.2019.720p.DSNY.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x…[View]
109991880How the fuck did he lose??[View]
110005380Is taking to youtube admitting your career is over?[View]
1100081891) She was a whoare 2) She hit me 3) I wish I was born rich, instead of handsome 4) I was doin alot …[View]
110008492Can we get a nature documentary thread going? Just watched some stuff by Jean Painlevé, and I want m…[View]
110008304What is the average salary on /tv/ for shilling disney films?[View]
110002727Type “sneed” in this thread and watch as the word gets filtered. Your days of polluting comfy Simpso…[View]
110003305What is this pose called? I'm seeing it a lot these days.[View]
110008327Sandler Kino Thread: >I'm looking at your face and I just want to smash it. I just want to s…[View]
110006841Eight Men Out is the best baseball movie ever made.[View]
110008207chin chin shou fin dick dong sou focku https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LW6smaU3Xw based as fuck. we…[View]
109997433Katharine Hepburn: Why was the legendary Miss Katharine Hepburn the only actor to ever win four Acad…[View]
110008254>Alita is currently no. 1 in Hong Kong box office Feels good to be in a city where people have TA…[View]
110008223>watching movie with family >suddenly a sex scene…[View]
110008120>blue ray get it?[View]
110006346I can't think of anything more cucked than giving up the chance for a million dollars and three…[View]
110005088Who is your favorite cute and talented actor? What kinos have they made? Question of the thread: why…[View]
110005367MY HANDS ARE DIRTY[View]
110006619Is she right?[View]
110005902How come Saruman lacked the skill to craft a ring to match Sauron's the one?[View]
109999939>I would say he has quite a few problems. His energy seems to go in the wrong places. When I walk…[View]
110006132Why is this kino never discussed here? What is /tv/'s opinion on it?[View]
110007823Why do people like this retard? His '''conspiracy theories''' are baby tier retardation.[View]
110006031tfw you haven't consumed any western media in literally years and feel like anyone who still do…[View]
110007280I just had my wisdom teeth removed today, I’m high on Percocet and I can barely feel my body only wa…[View]
110005062Best movie about a Man obsessing over a movie?: is there a movie where the whole premise is a man th…[View]
110007851We don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents[View]
110007790what did we think of it?[View]
110005987It's 11 o'five. Do you know where your children are?[View]
110007482Was Pullo a sociopath? He showed no remorse when he killed Cicero, who did nothing wrong.[View]
110007738The Art of Self Defense: Is /tv/ ready for /our guy/ Riley's film The Art of Self Defense? Due …[View]
110000429Rian Johnson's Trilogy is confirmed: I thought you said he was done /tv/?[View]
110006025Who do you root for /tv/?[View]
110006252>what color were they?[View]
109993226What the fuck. I thought this was /tv being contrarian and it would end up being some shitty space m…[View]
110007216Will there ever be a realistic movie about the Norwegian Black Metal scene?[View]
110007572Gentlemen thank you all for coming to this meeting, I think we should skip pleasantries and just get…[View]
110005394What am I in for?[View]
110005883What’s are some good grass movies?[View]
110004114So this guinea bitch apparently gets off making guys feel like killing themselves is it? Mac Miller …[View]
110002035>'One ticket to Alita: Battle Angel', please[View]
110007357Twice the tariffs, double the unemployment.[View]
110006634Comfy af film: Gib me a cozy north Italian mansion and French gf and latkes[View]
110007154What do you think the chef put in George’s chocolate cream pie?[View]
110006661ITT: dirty simpsons jokes[View]
109972769favorite minimalist posters[View]
110007123i've been browsing /tv/ for years and I still don't understand why you guys hate this movi…[View]
110000744Vampires: What are your favorite vampire movies? How would your ideal vampire movie supposed to be?…[View]
110006953>Ra's al Ghul? We are rivals, competitors... how do we compete, you ask? we see who can say …[View]
110000178A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL IS ABDUCTED AND RAPED. TWICE. BY A FAMILY FRIEND.: >Abducted.in.Plain.Sight.20…[View]
110002647What am I in for?[View]
110006846>gunshot >enormous fucking muzzle flash I don’t usually mind a lack of realism in movies but …[View]
110001429Jesus fuck... I can't believe I missed this show after all these years. This show is fucking FA…[View]
110006866What did you learn?[View]
110006233What is /tv/'s thoughts on The Wiggles?[View]
110006597Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame: I've seen one of the one of the more recent cuts of Endgame, an…[View]
109985843Do you think Jussie Smollett's career is going to survive all this? It was recently revealed th…[View]
110002674I remember my grandma recording this shit on VHS. My sister and I watched it every time we went over…[View]
110006723YO LIL ADOLF[View]
110006259YO LITTLE DONNIE[View]
110003758What would a film with these two be like?[View]
110004298>friday afternoon Why are you here?[View]
110006456>Capeshit can't be kin-[View]
110003136>character buys weed and inhales it as smoke, instead of vaping a wax cartridge to keep his lungs…[View]
110005144How deserted will it be?[View]
110006247Is there a more badass horror villain?[View]
110005721what was his FUCKING problem[View]
110004637Is Ryan Gosling unironically among the top 10 best actors of this generation? He has shown he can p…[View]
110005041You literally cannot name a better dumb-as-all-fuck movie than this[View]
110006193Thinking of marathoning need for speed convince me otherwise.[View]
110006183What is /tv/'s opinion on this movie? Is it underrated or does it really deserved to be forgott…[View]
110006148Are you guys ready for more $1 Rey and Finn action figures[View]
110004777>when you invite youtube eceleb critics to early screenings Btw, stick to video games Joe.…[View]
110001009What do you guys think about the Expanse?[View]
110006119ITT: overrated hacks![View]
110005740House of Cards: Late to the game on Season 6, what did we think of it?[View]
110001978Kylo Ren: Is he a good character?[View]
110004185Star Wars is really dying: This is the search trend data on Google for Star Wars over the years. Shi…[View]
109998515Only low-t men think Pam is hotter than Karen. Jim is fucking stupid.[View]
110001833Is Alita diversity done right? What made critics hate it so much? It was a feminists wet dream. It e…[View]
110006026>Sex scene >Mom comes in[View]
110005914/trek/: DIS/DSC/DISCO (Star Trek Discovery) Edition Previous >>109990987[View]
110005893>Who is this guy? CIA? Military? Special forces? >He's a ghost!…[View]
110004683>watch movie or TV show >character drinks straight liquor out of a glass Who the fuck does th…[View]
110005712Why do I find her so creepy? Is it her eyes?[View]
110005761What are some movies with elaborate plots?[View]
110005666Holy shit he turned samwise into a horse[View]
110004424>“Here’s what’s gonna happen… I’m gonna go balls deep into Dahl” Literally HOW did they get away …[View]
110003950So /tv/ recommend me movie I should watch next Captain Marvel <3 or Alita?[View]
109994360Jazz General - Punished Ari Edition: Latest on Jazz's Healing Process https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
110004654>Anesthesia >Lamb >Hail, Caesar! >10 Cloverfield Lane >Midnight Special >Hardcore …[View]
110005622was he, dare I say it... based?[View]
109986563The writing wasn't very good. Actually it was absolute cringe.[View]
110005510Why did the Emperor's courtesans wear burkhas in episode 6? Was George Lucas secretly a kike …[View]
110005365Mr. Lucas gets brought back to direct 1 more star wars movie. Would you watch it?[View]
110004824Was this show the wake up call you needed?[View]
110003159>knock on door >this nigga answers and asks if you're the keymaster Wut do?…[View]
110004380Medium-rare? Hmm, an aristocrat.[View]
110004294Game of Thrones Season 8 leaks![View]
110005134Cringe: The TV Show[View]
110002715TORRENT WHEN?[View]
110004827>I'm putting together a team...[View]
110003884Dude weed is obviously good for you, I mean I write my comedy specials high and those are all really…[View]
110005297well /tv/, I just finished kill list. It was really good, though the ending is somewhat predictable …[View]
110003989SAY IT[View]
110001284Why was he so mean to his sister?[View]
110003742>Rich, successful lawyer >In good shape >Gets pussy on the reg >Spends his free time ha…[View]
110002490Any films that will genuinely terrify me? Like, no sleep for a week kind of stuff[View]
110005217>MFW the light shines[View]
110000523Roy is /ourguy/ >works a manual labor dead end job >friends with his co-workers unlike Jim who…[View]
109989493Jennette McCurdy does a Q&A about her career on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6Xznbf…[View]
109999087Alita fucking sucked: This is the last time I ever listen to /tv/. Possibly the worst movie I have e…[View]
110005094>DO WA DA........ *CLEARS THROAT*.......DO WA DA.......GE WA DA. ...DE WA DA.....Uoha. >Do wa…[View]
110004645>mfw I won't be seeing my $170m waifu on the big screen ever again. Please guys, support Ali…[View]
109967685>the only TV channel you need What are you gonna do? Subscribe to 9999 different streaming servic…[View]
110004927I don't get it.[View]
110004965will we ever get a remake bros?[View]
110000722Donnybrook: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7087210/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 > Two men prepare to compete in…[View]
109999826Hunter Killer - Why have you queers been sleeping on this shit?: >Submariners Submarining >Op…[View]
109993867Dollhouse worth a watch?[View]
109998815Why were the actors from back then so vastly superior to the actors today? It's uncanny. The ac…[View]
109999718Need some horror kinos pls[View]
110004396When where you during the best part of /tv/ in 2017?[View]
110003147What makes him so suicidal?[View]
110004594This is my son HW. Say something nice about him.[View]
110004145>'So, kids, it's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means! You get to stay downsta…[View]
110004382I'm gonna go get the papers get the papers[View]
109999326Remake without all the reddit-tier story changes when?[View]
109999888зoнa, Home.[View]
110001777Take that, Disney!: >Ever since Pixar revamped Disney animation from drawing to digital, its 3-D …[View]
110003092Why does the Pet Sematary franchise put John Connor in it's movies?: What's the connection…[View]
110002959GET HYPE[View]
110001370>character talks to woman >jumpcut to 5 minutes later and they're having sex WHY WHY WHY …[View]
110003620BASED kino that happen mostly in one place: No 12 angry men please[View]
110004100is he /ourguy/?[View]
110002168Post the most contrarian opinions you have >The first Bourne film is the best and the third Thor …[View]
110003650Fun ol' Friday night grid/chart thread. Post your favorite films in chart form. Make em here: h…[View]
110003956he killed her, didn't he?[View]
110004239what are some movies about being brave in the face of injustice?[View]
1100042102 and a half men is a modern retelling of the munsters[View]
110003714Pizzagate Arsonist is ACTOR Ryan Rimas Jaselskis: Get in here lads! >A 22-year-old man has been a…[View]
110003981Blood Diamond: How come this movie isn't as popular as Leo's other films? Is it because it…[View]
110003248Story takes place in an archaic setting but... >characters use modern expressions or >charact…[View]
110002916Chris: >Hemsworth >Pratt >Evans >Pine Which one is /ourguy/, /tv/? And why?…[View]
110002581>1980s film in new york >mostly whites >2018 film in new york >mostly mutts…[View]
110003663Don't let the National Emergency or latest mass shooting make you forget that in 1966 , Al Bund…[View]
110004091Why didn't Amadeus just take some guitar lessons from Mozart?[View]
110002696>Hi, I'm Vince Fontaine, I'm judging the dance contest. >I don't think I'm…[View]
110001450ITT: Brothas in film: Who is your favorite brotha in movie history and why?[View]
110004017WHAT DID THEY MEAN BY THIS - TRUST ME: I am not a (((doctor))) >I could be a doctor, how hard can…[View]
109999880How good are your local reality shows compared to the original ones?[View]
110002413Is Miquel Serrano kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlZSjiZqA8w[View]
110001504Where where you when Star Trek died? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4odaZBkNqM Hard Mode: 30 secon…[View]
110003932What's the best single scene to have aired in the past few years?[View]
110001266I fucking hate Family Guy[View]
110003513Bruce Lee vs Norris in Rome. Man how cool is that? Reminder that Bruce won btw[View]
110000801How'd he do it bros?[View]
110001873It's as if I watched the same exact movie twice. There was barely anything different in this on…[View]
110003004So be straight with me guys is true detective season 2 worth watching? I obviously enjoyed season 1 …[View]
109996034If you like movies so much how come you don't work your way up to get access to the biggest and…[View]
110003699Which is the better American Civil War kino?[View]
110001145What was the last great movie you saw? Not good, not very good, not entertaining or fun, but GREAT. …[View]
110003605Whats the best storyline and why is it the scatino bust out?[View]
110002791What do you guys think of Joe Rogan? His stand-up comedy in particular.[View]
110001701Let's see, a five letter word for happiness...[View]
109996747>sex jokes[View]
110002127Would pic related pass as a local in your country? If not, would he be discriminated against there?[View]
110003416HEY HALPERT[View]
110003077Can anyone recommend me similar tv-series? I've already seen True Detective, Hannibal and Dext…[View]
110003294I'll take the baby guts[View]
110002374What the fuck went wrong ? I've heard that the two main stars hated each other off-screen, is t…[View]
110003114The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot: are you ready for the absolute ultimate kino? https:…[View]
110002043What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
110002332I always thought Korean movies were a meme perpetuated here on /tv/ but it was actually straight kin…[View]
110001267I love Shame: Shame is a great movie, and has one of the best opening scenes of all time. I have mor…[View]
109999634ITT: Movies that weren't actually any good and shouldn't be considered classic[View]
110001533We are riders on a mission, action kids in play position[View]
109991600Could Annalise Basso be Batgirl? What kinda Batman could legitimately depict Robin and Batgirl prope…[View]
109997273Gentlemen.... BEHOLD[View]
110003143they dont fuckin make em like they used to...[View]
110003091Just saw this heaping pile of trash. AMA[View]
110003032>protagonist is a 'loser' >has friends, good relationship with family, a job, maybe …[View]
110003155Weapons in tv and film: Can we have a tv/film weapons thread? What is your favorite weapon featured …[View]
110002299Patty or Selma?: Before you can say it, sneed.[View]
110003052First season is the best and here’s why—it establishes the basic essence of each character and their…[View]
110002938Why aren't you supporting the 4K Blu-ray industry?[View]
110000962Persona: So... they were the same person all along? What was the hospital all about?[View]
109998124>*takes over your canon* nothing personal, kid[View]
110002886was venom always this nice?[View]
110002340Like it or not, you can't deny the impact this movie had on the industry[View]
109997557Umbrella Academy: Gerard Way did it, it’s capekino![View]
110002712Ha Tu! Ha Tu! Ziggity Bing Bam Boom!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaM1PpI7CZ8[View]
110001394>film is about isolation >protagonist has sex…[View]
110001700What did he mean by this? What would a Rian Johnson Pokemon movie look like?[View]
110002587*Beats the shit out of Wonder Woman* Heh sorry kid.[View]
110000233Paul Thomas Anderson: >/tv/ tells me Inherent Vice is shit >It's actually kino >/tv/ …[View]
110001781>Captain Feminist will be a dues ex machina in Endgame, saving the universe and killing Thanos…[View]
110001962>'This is Katana. She’s got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps th…[View]
109999778Is it that bad?[View]
109998337Okay. That first season of 'Girls' on HBO was pretty good. But only the first season.[View]
110001147bicentennial man (1999): was this kino ahead of it's time?[View]
109997072Was 'Logan' the greatest X-Men movie we're ever going to get, lads?[View]
109987682Nick 'The Knife' Fuentes reveals his top 5 favorite movies: >Taxi Driver >Casablanca >Goodf…[View]
110000379Why are there no recent movies about super vehicles? That 80s had great movies about super advanced …[View]
110000902>Heard joke once: >Man goes to doctor, says he's depressed. >Says life seems harsh and…[View]
110000931What are some buddy cop kinos?[View]
109992082Anybody seen Richie!?: Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo!?[View]
109997234Werner Herzog: What's your favorite Werner Herzog kino or docu?[View]
110001834>characters are having sex >camera pans to a boiling kettle to simulate that they achieved org…[View]
110001937Just finished Penny Dreadful and feeling a gothic horror shaped void. Is there anything that can rep…[View]
110000316>'I work here with my old man...' >(Old Man lying in an open casket comes to picture) >'...…[View]
110002194The Last Kingdom season 4 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cxIQApSV84 Honestly, I think this sho…[View]
110002010I'm fucking in love[View]
110002156*Beats the shit out of DC and everyone forgets Marvel exists.*[View]
109997686Why is the NETFLIX'D meme real?[View]
110001245Henry Fool Trilogy: Posting something that is never talked a bout here. Hal Hartley is one of a kind…[View]
109998317ITT: secretly redpilled movies[View]
110001959It is happening, again.[View]
110001201>and how old is he? >19 >did he graduate highschool? >yes >does he go to college? …[View]
110000825Man, they just got rid of a load of Criterion Collection and classic films - everything Kieslowski, …[View]
110000889what the FUCK happened!?[View]
110000268TIL that Batman's enemies are mostly the real life enemies of bats[View]
109997127YEAH... HE'S FUCKING BACK[View]
109960802I got about pic related far into tonight's episode > more faggot shit > best girl left wh…[View]
110001734Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
110001728FUCK GOOLDS[View]
110001199Blood Diamond.[View]
109998538How the fuck do you even steer this?[View]
109998792Was it kino?[View]
109999380How do we stop trans critics from ruining Christmas?[View]
110001356NEW SHOW FOR ZOOMERS, 'LETTUCE BOYS': https://youtu.be/uRMlzswC85M[View]
109989270Remember when tv was fun and didn't have to appeal to a political and social ideologies[View]
110000635Terminator 6: dark fate: Thread week six Weekly reminder this is going to be the biggest box office …[View]
109999386board james season 4 soon please and thank you[View]
110001173Foreign Movie Thread: Post your hidden gem, anon. Mine, pic related.[View]
110001389What retarded butthurt faggot will get janny this time.[View]
110000008Thoughts on the upcoming new series The First Swedes? https://www.svt.se/de-forsta-svenskarna/[View]
109991332When actors are 'snorting coke' on screen, what are they actually snorting? How do they keep it from…[View]
109994631B-But based mouse said this wasn't suppose to happen.[View]
109987475Jonah Hill disavows “problematic” Superbad: >First-time director Jonah Hill said he’s looking to …[View]
109999041first that comes to mind?[View]
110001170What are some of the most insane stunts that didn't involve stunt doubles?[View]
109992265ITT: Scenes you didnt see coming[View]
110001297WHOS THE FOX?: why the fuck aren't we talking about this right now?[View]
110000306What kind of psychopath drinks out of an empty cup?[View]
110000143is this show pro-Deano or anti-Deano?[View]
109998799Are you gonna watch the new January Jones ice skating show on netflix? I am fämälämäzoids[View]
109996572If this movie released today what would the sign say instead? there's only 2 genders?[View]
109998669Endgame Leaks: First I would like to state that the information I am transminting here comes from pe…[View]
109998357Alita Battle Angel: I have a question. How did they get away with this in a pg13 movie?[View]
110001021Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109998029So there's a Regal 4DX theater in my city and I'm gonna check out Alita in 4DX tomorrow. W…[View]
110000270ITT: Movies you’ll stop and watch every single time you see they’re playing on tv inb4 torrentbabbie…[View]
110000883>mfw I just watched Battleship for the first time and at no point did any character ever say 'You…[View]
109997623What are some of the best extras in film history?[View]
109994679Can someone say why this crap os being nominated without using the word 'racism'?[View]
109994158Black guy good. White woman loves black guy. White guy evil.[View]
109996655ITT Post your favourite comy movie and judge the picks of others For me it has to be Snatch[View]
109929853/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: The Phoenix Incident Previously: >>109898450 Wha…[View]
109985864LOTR tv show: Amazon tweeted this Middle Earth map[View]
109999621Project Blue Book: Ayyyy?[View]
110000455LOLWUT?: >wins the Oscar for best DOCUMENTARY short film https://youtube.com/watch?v=K1q8f-I6YsI…[View]
110000371What the fuck. This is the worst lineup in history[View]
109986591Star Wars Episode IX has officially wrapped, still no title[View]
109998586Can someone explain the sudden awkwardness at the end of the title sequence?[View]
110000346People actually think this show is staged. Why arent things allowed to be real anymore?[View]
109999257How do I feel about the Monsterverse?[View]
109997236this was my favorite movie when I was in 8th grade. if i watched it today, would i still appreciate …[View]
109989859>I don't need you to respect me, I respect me >I don't need you to love me, I love m…[View]
109987579Couple uh hockey players come by the produce stand the otha day...[View]
109998326>characters were in hell the whole time[View]
109997347is the JUST virus curable?[View]
109998175Are you going to watch Pokemon kino /tv/?[View]
109999588Hey bro here's your Achilles back[View]
109998431Is this the peak of White American culture?[View]
109997718Oscars 2019: The Xbox One of Oscars: https://www.joblo.com/movie-news/the-academy-reverses-their-dec…[View]
109999479Rescue Dawn is the Best Vietnam movie of the last 30 years, prove me wrong.[View]
109999505He's gonna make a great Paul Atreides: Can't wait.[View]
109999412Drag Race All Stars 4: is there an active livestream for the finale on VH1?[View]
109999613>Are there any niggers here tonight? Could this movie be made today?[View]
109989239What went wrong with Tim Burton? He used to make absolute kino, but then the 2000s came around and h…[View]
109997704DUDE SEX AND VIOLENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUFwunMKa4E Is there anything more low brow t…[View]
109999513The Nutcracker: >promise my father on his deathbed that I'll never see another Disney movie …[View]
109997105Is it going to be Castaway with ice, girls, singing and a snowman instead of a volleyball?[View]
109996761Yeah I'm thinking Ben Affleck is BACK[View]
109999280Let me win this card game kid or I'll fucking kill myself[View]
109980812ITT: Actors/actress who have never been in a good movie[View]
109992312>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
109997619Anyoe else pick up a “incel” inside joke in the series. I believe it takes place in episode 8. Bec s…[View]
109999017Is there a composer as based as this man? Can anyone even flim flam the zim zam? Everything he write…[View]
109981528What are your favorite non-American shows?[View]
109998850We did it /tv/ We saved the Oscars[View]
109997719What's next for Peter Dinklage after got?[View]
109995885Will there ever be a better fantasy?[View]
109998891>at my Grandmothers funeral >sitting between my parents >turn to my grieving mother and say…[View]
109996411Thoughts on Velvet Buzzsaw?[View]
109995541The Terror: So apparently they've started casting the second season. I still don't hold ou…[View]
109997301Pam appreciation Month: She was the most Based character. Jim fucked up. Change my mind. No real lif…[View]
109998660>I TALKED TO BARZINI[View]
109998653post movies/tv series with this aesthetic other than twin peaks[View]
109997861>watching House M.D. >Wilson shows up[View]
109997923This was Nancy Drew when I was a kid ...what went wrong?[View]
109997071The Masked Singer: Jenny McCarthy should be killed. Please give me (You)s if you agree.[View]
109998031DID YOU GET IT?! THE SNYDER CUT. https://youtu.be/JkhzwBfekFs?t=84[View]
109997097>This shopping mall in outer space will have order. DS9 sucked.[View]
109997752why isn't he in films anymore?[View]
109996536/tv/ btfo[View]
109998178It just hurts so so so so bad[View]
109997947twin peaks: name movies with unintentionally scary looking characters[View]
109994439I hope this flops. Prolly won't, bc people are fucking retarded. But if it does, I'll laug…[View]
109998006And they said true kino doesn’t exi.....[View]
109995071What's some kino about slowly descending into madness[View]
109990789cast them[View]
109997882Just a reminder that the only reason 90% of Chinese actors are getting bigger roles in hollywood is …[View]
109997948ITT: Movies you never expected to like https://youtu.be/3Gb1HG_J5-E[View]
109993927How did Trey Parker get away with using the N-word on national television? I know 2007 was a lifetim…[View]
109995845>get higher than I thought I would be >decide I'm going to rewatch Talladega Nights >f…[View]
109992303I've been called ugly, pug ugly, fugly, pug fugly, but never ugly-ugly.[View]
109997778Abducted.in.Plain.Sight.2017.1080p.WEB.X264-INFLATE: >Abducted.in.Plain.Sight.2017.1080p.WEB.X264…[View]
109995691How is it possible to make a movie worse than The Phantom Menace?[View]
109997722early 2000's late night Tv: remember bros? it was a simpler time[View]
109993779*wide lenses so fucking hard that the entire room warps and bends* jesus christ. wide lenses are not…[View]
109994713Why didn't Herb help out his poor brother? He was a millionaire and Homer was lower middle clas…[View]
109995372Tonight, on Empire[View]
109997648This is really excellent corned beef. You have to get just the right mustard - the brown with the se…[View]
109992807Gonna watch this with my gf today Any suggestions?[View]
109996552*never makes a bad film in your path*[View]
109997041Who would win in a debate between these two minds /tv/?[View]
109997541Just watched the first five episodes of this. The concept is interesting but the execution seems pre…[View]
109997049I have a challenge for you /tv/: Can you spot what's wrong with this picture?[View]
109997459The Office: what are our thoughts on this show?[View]
109997511So why do I hate this, again? I forgot.[View]
109994210>How did my father, Oroku Nagi, die? >A young Ninja, called Shredder, who was a pupil of mine …[View]
109997454what do you guys think about pic related ?[View]
109997400Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109997295What's the best film you saw with an incredible plot twist that made you go 'woah'[View]
109994042I don't know but I've been told >I don't know but I've been told A frog man…[View]
109997173So why didn't the giant eagles just fly the ring to Mount Doom?[View]
109994267uh conan conan.. hehe conan..[View]
109995054i miss stan lee guys, i miss him so much[View]
109991965The absolute state of DC[View]
1099860383x3 thread: r8, h8 and recommend[View]
109994290>bank robber >space hitler 2 >white nationalist How does one man get so many based rolls?…[View]
109995791'I swear, Monty, you are the devil himself'[View]
109997099>4 people team >the hero >the overly proud guy >generic girl >the strong/weird guy…[View]
109996929Where the fuck is David O Russell?[View]
109995064He’s back boys: And Sweetrobin, too http://watchersonthewall.com/game-thrones-season-8-premiere-cas…[View]
109996876>woah, T....[View]
109997230>japanese ''''''''romance''''''''[View]
109995814>I went on the internet, and I found this! What did he find?[View]
109991792is takeshis castle kino?[View]
109996819Im about to watch this, frens. What should i expect? Is it good? Is it a clusterfuck of tears and br…[View]
109996246Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Will it be kino come to life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SowdvP…[View]
109997013remake when?[View]
109997010who are some of the most iconic must watch characters in film &tv?[View]
109996035Game of Thrones Season 8: Expectations? Hopes? Fears?[View]
109996719>puts tits in your science[View]
109992538Terrence Malick: Terrence Malick[View]
109996163Comfy Family Guy thread. Favorite episode or scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJzBopVRKPo[View]
109996374When are /our guys/ teaming up on a new project?[View]
109996827Completely underrated show[View]
109995492I think they should have ended up together[View]
109996123Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109996462Do you think Netflix has a 'wokeness' clause in their contracts that forces producers to not fall be…[View]
109992689What does her robo-pussy smells like bros[View]
109994746CAN’T STOP THE MOUSE[View]
109996725song name?: what song is this kid humming during the movie?[View]
109996720Asian TV Thread: My favorite shows are ones where they go overseas. Or foreigners come and visit.…[View]
109996706In season 1 episode 1 it is revealed that when SAMCRO's warehouse burned down two women died. S…[View]
109994717What's next for her career?[View]
109996596Could you really afford this on a single-income shoe salesman salary + supporting 2 kids? My househo…[View]
109995312>character is an android >not played by an east asian…[View]
109992279ITT: Movies scenes that gets you everytime[View]
109996330any kino where the villian is religious?[View]
109995909Does anyone have that image of Ricky from TPB smoking a joint where he almost looks like a fuckin gr…[View]
109996116hee hee hee[View]
109995138Is this the best coming of age film if not what?[View]
109995276christian bale riding a motorcycle.[View]
109992675What can be expect from the new Dune duology?: Something like BR2049 that is prestigious and well re…[View]
109996328>the movie was good >none of the online critics read the manga >they all shit on the movie …[View]
109996296Just saw it: Holy fuck that was a crazy movie. Mfw me and my buds went camping on the Cattooga river…[View]
109995989Has anyone ever seen the Battle Angel Alita OVA? It would be nice if it was re released with the new…[View]
109988283CREEPSHOW (TV) - First Look At 'The Creep': https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3546826/greg-…[View]
109995255Piercing has anybody other than me seen this movie can we please discuss it and yes it's a sham…[View]
109992873>2 years until Sealab 2021 >we dont have idiots living underwater yet Is there still time?…[View]
109995122>”Yea...you...know....that’s like your opinion?”[View]
109995758wheres is this guy? why isn't he tweeting at trump today?[View]
109994165How does this information makes you feel?[View]
109989911ITT: kino frames[View]
109995780>likable, good looking characters >sweet, engaging story >great humor, without cringy quips…[View]
109994082Deadwood: About to start watching this. How is it /v/[View]
109994605>The only thing that France is adept at hosting is an invasion. What did Johnny English mean by t…[View]
109995898What do you think of her body of work?[View]
109995528What are we gonna do now?[View]
109994546*saves hamlet*[View]
109995150But what if we just 'stopped' the mouse?[View]
109995793me and trev went to see the tianic movie on saturbday cause you know it's a classic and that th…[View]
109993810>tfw I realize that I am probably way smarter than anyone of you faggots and have a far more supe…[View]
109995689Is Saw the best horror movie of all time ? I mean, the movie is perfect from beginning to end... And…[View]
109995621Screenplays: What are some of your favorite screenplays?[View]
109995762is sly hard up for money or something?[View]
109994806kinos men will never understand[View]
109995455What'll it be fellas, mustard or ketchup?[View]
109995223Where is the Obi-wan trilogy?[View]
109993330/tv/ can anyone help me? Having a discussion with my brother about Littlefinger's death in Game…[View]
109992527TONMOROW I'LL[View]
109993946ITT: Music Video Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ila-hAUXR5U[View]
109994599where's the bloody drugs!?: I went into this expecting constant cocaine use and didn't see…[View]
109993082>can't segway into his shitty joke so just says 'the other day I was oaughing about'…[View]
109994077Was this the only 10/10 movie in history?[View]
109994705that's no moon[View]
109995271What are some kinos like pic related with excellent cinematography, set design and creative visual s…[View]
109994451What's up, my nigga[View]
109994623Daisy Ridley: Rey is a complex character. She's super strong and capable, but also fearful. She…[View]
109988372ITT films that flew under everyones radar that are Kino as fuck.[View]
109995310Unironically a comfy af film: Gib me a cozy manor house in Northern Italy and French gf[View]
109995308This guy just got Donald Trump re-elected. This story is going to keep getting more and more tractio…[View]
109995177Which one was more kino?[View]
109995268What are some quintessential teen movies? Hard mode: No John Hughes.[View]
109990782What would you do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVnz6hlC3pQ[View]
109990217my favourite simpsons was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
109995098Why was the Janitor such a dick to JD?[View]
109994935Best BBQ films?[View]
109994296NO NO NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! I made thousands of posts saying this was no big deal and Aff…[View]
109981653Tonks: Are the rumours about Nymphadora true?[View]
109991254If plot is more important than visuals, name ONE (01) good movie with bad visuals you can't but…[View]
109995018https://youtu.be/NAalq9lrjQA What is the best youtube motivational kino?[View]
109994904is he /tv/s official guy?[View]
109992741what's the /tv/ equivalent to this scene?[View]
109995000Remember when /tv/ was just cunnybros and autistic Russians that loved Avatar? P.S. Fuck off /pol/[View]
109994091What went wrong?[View]
109993694Anyone feel like everyone just sort of forgot about this movie? It made me feel stuff I don't t…[View]
109994285COMFY KINO: This is a comfy kino thread Post kino[View]
109990969>non Mr Bond, I expect you to die who are the best bon villain?[View]
109988632Who did the cinematography for this film, and what other films where they involved in?[View]
109994243Actually I'm quite comfortable[View]
109986659Jazz General - Year 20XX Edition: REQUIRED WATCHING Latest on Jazz's Healing Process https://ww…[View]
109994485shills btfo[View]
109991999The Mist scene: Did she get spared because she was a Christfag? Was that the intention of this scene…[View]
109990700I unironically Love this movie.[View]
109994441Best Movie Of A Country: List the best movie that was made in a specific country, i'll start wi…[View]
109994064LOOKS LIKE LEGENDS IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS!: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/lucasfilm-reported…[View]
109994404what are some movies where the characters don't know how to do basic things (like eating a bagu…[View]
109991443>'So, kids, it's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means! You get to stay downsta…[View]
109988889Is he still the worst Star Wars character or has he been surpassed?[View]
109994223I just watched Misery. A 1990 film based on the Stephen King book of the same name. I enjoyed it. Fo…[View]
109994168Underrated youtube kino? https://youtu.be/ySEr67mQr4o[View]
109984067Is it just me or is all the enthusiasm for this film on /tv/ fake as hell[View]
109990518This is not ok Fix it NOW /tv/[View]
109993377More movies like this one?[View]
109991412Cast them.[View]
109994130Is it bad that I feel Velvet Buzzsaw actually had great potential?, it has a decent idea, but it’s v…[View]
109993283Will Smith: What happened to him? Why is his career failing? He had to resort to fucking youtube. He…[View]
109993090*ting ting ting* Excuse me I have an announcement to make![View]
109993800Was L.D. an incel?[View]
109993074>and these are our American deities Kek how will buttblasted burgers ever recover?…[View]
109993078Your favorite comedy is 15 years old. Feel old now?[View]
109994022Dwarfs getting BTFO[View]
109993999Why is it called capeshit when only like 4 characters wear capes? Checkmate incels[View]
109988498This movie has no flaws. You are looking at a flawless movie.[View]
109993947Just saw this opening for new janitors. Does anyone know what the pay is like?[View]
109993049Why was Tim the host when Al was clearly the better handyman and knew more about the craft and tools…[View]
109993420What happened? Back in early 2010 we all thought new media would replace the old. How come old media…[View]
109993361Why are tv series with a female lead better recieved than films?[View]
109990085How did the CGI version end up being less cute?[View]
109993285Sha'uri from Stargate was my first crush[View]
109993863>say it Murr![View]
109990911IASiP: Im catching up on new seasons, and I'm on 12. Is this show good anymore, or should I ba…[View]
109986923I absolutely fucking love this trilogy. Please tell me these films have some cinematic merit aside f…[View]
109993165/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - V: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109993791is this good?: i was thinking about watching it has high ratings on imdb and tomatoes also nathan fr…[View]
109991411Whiplash: I watch this fucking masterpiece once per month. Who took the folder?[View]
109993513THERE GOES MY HERO[View]
109993127ITT: Movies that were a critical AND commercial success[View]
109993647That it's too late to apologize It's too late Said it's too late to apologize It…[View]
109984193Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings: Are you ready for >Black Aragorn >Gay Frodo/Sam >Orcs are C…[View]
109992506why does the Return have such terrible special effects? original seasons are so much superior in sty…[View]
109990259why wasn't he in the return?[View]
109992402lmao not even normies care about this trash[View]
109993221Why don't you support me and my cohorts anymore We still make good content[View]
109991423>'I work here with my old man...' >(Old Man lying in an open casket comes to picture) >'...…[View]
109984207There, I fixed Brie.[View]
109983253What unironically went wrong?[View]
109991426So I'm watching American Pie on Netflix and I just realized that the movie is just about a bunc…[View]
109969090STOP RIAN STOP LAUGHING AT US: >tfw Rian browses /tv/ sees all these bullshit hopes of getting hi…[View]
109993400itt: PG-13 kinos that would be kinos NC17.[View]
109992052Why are people mad? There’s been diversity in Hollywood for a long time.[View]
109993318Webm Thread[View]
109993168kinos for this feel?[View]
109989571name a better peep show character[View]
109991154ITT: grief kino. Pic related, I know it’s weebshit, but this is one of the good ones.[View]
109992603>tfw this is a billion dollar movie[View]
109991120you just KNOW[View]
109992786Here's your lawyer, bro.[View]
109977843>Doom Patrol is actually good and getting good ratings from critics >Apparently /ourguy/ Bren…[View]
109975720They let a guilty man go free...[View]
109992043>New Zealand comedy with good ratings >ok let's take a look >This casting Why does eve…[View]
109991461could this thing be more phallic[View]
109992570>Country Bears is the worst film based on a Disney attracti.......[View]
109992800Anyone have patrician arthouse films for mystics?[View]
109990495Name a movie from this century with more SOUL[View]
109991994this was fucking great[View]
109992407Now that the dust has settled, did he deserve to die?[View]
109991456>hello to you bulls >this is my hotwife, please enjoy…[View]
109989330Movies that shit on communism AND capitalism.[View]
109992624>2019 >not having a robowaifu lmao @ yr lyfe…[View]
109991698What's next for his career?[View]
109991803Thirteen percent. Must be a peach of a minority group.[View]
109991955Why'd he do it?[View]
109987538Is /tv/ excited for 'The First Swedes'? Looks like it's going to be an interesting interpretati…[View]
109991167How can he not notice that fat fuck behind him? why does the gun look so stupid? where's the re…[View]
109991479>watching this and realising Jack Skellington is literally me >stuck in a world he hates…[View]
109992065>let's see if you can guess this one >'It's 13% yet it is also one half. What is it?…[View]
109989685LONG SHOT Trailer #1: >Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen), an unemployed journalist, battered by his own m…[View]
109991535Why do normies like pic related movies so much???[View]
109992121Horror kino of the year?: Horror kino of the year? [Spoiler] Also cunno of the year? [/spoiler]…[View]
109991963Is Darth Vader wealthy? What is the reach of his financial power?[View]
109990787>Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Affleck described that as much as he was game to direct The Batman and…[View]
109983033What does /tv/ think of 2 Broke Girls?[View]
109986918HERCULES: why is it so damn fucking hard to produce a good Hercules movie?[View]
109991980ITT: once popular films that /zoomertv/ simply refuses to discuss.[View]
109986526Who would you rather face in Mortal Kombat?[View]
109989426>there are too many fast cuts[View]
109991704You won’t be needing this.[View]
109985004What if we just got rid of Disney?[View]
109991100Name a more kino Cruise scene than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9_n6wwkIHM[View]
109987726>'we're not so different, you and I...'[View]
109991246Is this worth a watch as a mindless action film?[View]
109988577Shut up! Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass![View]
109989319Tell some fucking jokes.[View]
109990766Post em: ITT we post our videos/attempts at low budg kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d5GJfgOl2…[View]
109991322Has your opinion on this film changed after nearly a decade?[View]
109987704Who's the most charismatic modern actor? https://youtu.be/cVkNIL_mIFM[View]
109988202>year of our lord 2019 >no one has topped a single gook filmmaker Why is everything made in Ja…[View]
109991512>it's simple we uh kill the batman[View]
109989738>the film is bad because in the book...[View]
109990331FUCK I lost my Jenna folder. Please help and also tell me why you do or do not agree with me that se…[View]
109984759>watching film >the protagonist turns to the camera and calls me a piece of shit retard…[View]
109979391it is absolutely K I N O go support cyberpunk movies! 9/10 from someone who hates most of the movie…[View]
109991119Why does he keep shooting his films on iphones now?[View]
109973404ITT: Absolutely fuckin kino shots only[View]
109987433is JRE podcast still cool even if Joe is white supremacist racist?: alex jones exposed him hard…[View]
109991313please fire whoever edited this one[View]
109990501What’s some comfy ghost/afterlife kino?[View]
109989898I got free movie ticket from my work. Should I go see Alita or is there anything else on?[View]
109991113Battlestar Galactica: Who would win, Alita or Starbuck?[View]
109989960Was it rape?[View]
109983994Catch-22: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFwvSj8cdS8 Who's ready for some absurd WW2 kino?…[View]
109990759ITT we're looking for a movies having just handful of memories: hi /tv/ i am looking for a movi…[View]
109990891things that automatically makes you skip to the next scene: >character is white >whines about …[View]
109987903>fill out 15 captchas to post >Error: You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again.…[View]
109986959Episode 9: >no trailer >no name >not even any spoilers So its getting cancelled, isn't…[View]
109981121leave thanos to me[View]
109990738I recently watched Bladerunner 2049, Drive, Interstellar, and Arrival. What are some other great 201…[View]
109989555What’s the movie to this?[View]
109985492Say hi to Batman[View]
109990799Literally me[View]
109984352Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109988861Anyone who shits over this movie is a goddamn fucking idiot.[View]
109979509What happened to them?[View]
109979800I'm slowly getting into the more fucked up part of Japanese moviemaking, any recommendations la…[View]
109989572Were were you when this iconic piece of cinema came out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttJRnCjoho0…[View]
109990697Jersey Shore: Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
109990106Name me a better looking movie girl[View]
109989967Do you think brendan Fraser's career will ever recover?[View]
109983650Is this the most pozzed sci-fi show of all time?[View]
109990533Did Caesar trust Brutus? Why did he want him to go to Macedonia? Also Rome thread.[View]
109978043New Toy Story 4 sneak peek: https://youtu.be/9rSC7mS0bzw >Bo doesn't look/sound/act like her…[View]
109990213What's your opinion on Monty Python? I like Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life, but I just f…[View]
109990424Tigers or Sharks, /tv/?[View]
109990413>Dude, Veterans have such dark and fucked up humor LMAO[View]
109990386>tfw you can't find Mr Goodbar[View]
109981889/trek/ lmaoing@urlife edition: STD is shit and there is nothing you can do about it.[View]
109988648I 'AD A BABY BROTHA[View]
109989808never in my life have i seen an audience so captured by a movie people were throwing away their popc…[View]
109990161any kinos with this theme?[View]
109989261>1995+24 >not naming your kid MUG COSTANZA…[View]
109988120Star Wars was never good. What kind of pussy milk Late Boomers were drinking to enjoy this low commo…[View]
109988714Does America have panel shows?[View]
109984337>great news![View]
109988981Is there anything more based than a highly ambitious character who will move Heaven and Earth to ach…[View]
109988755Obscure and underrated gems.[View]
109986777>60 years later and it's still the greatest Disney movie[View]
109989819>has a role in every movie, tv series, tv film and game from now on[View]
109989937Umbrella Chronicles? Umbrella family? fuck it whatever: that's a male ass Unsurprisingly the di…[View]
109989658What scene did you realize that Alita was kino?[View]
109984804Who's ready for the tears when this wins Best Picture?[View]
109986547Hellboy's not gonna suck right?: It's a good thing when the ppl involved are begging you t…[View]
109988548Post Often forgotten/Lesser known films that are a blend of good on paper and enjoyable: Post some o…[View]
109989732Childhood is idolizing Godzilla. Adulthood is realizing Gamera makes more sense.[View]
109987785What the fuck was the orb?[View]
109989716*CRINGE*: this was Alita bros[View]
109967862How does Denis think this is gonna make money if Blade Runner bombed? Unless they cast as many famou…[View]
109988616>bank heist scene >robbers escaping to van >sliding door opens >Driver: 'Where's Jo…[View]
109986955So is it true all german men are rapists? I count eight in this show.[View]
109975794Webm Thread: Post what you got[View]
109988822What are some shows with pleasing asthetics?[View]
109977262She is not even trying to hide it anymore. What went so wrong?[View]
109989263What are the two most kino films in a film series /tv/?[View]
109989094Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
109988365Films that deserve a wider audience[View]
109987081Darkest Hour: Was it Kino?[View]
109988011What movie: Two high schoolers wear headphones and arent exposed to being brainwashed over pa system…[View]
109986760https://youtu.be/cVMaJNwpUS8 Post a more infectious movie tune. I'll wait.[View]
109985124>Recite your baseline.[View]
109989060Was he right about Star Wars?[View]
109980942>it's a bimbo skyler episode[View]
109988311>show creator's and writer's surname is literally Boomer What does it mean?…[View]
109987243But doctor... I AM Pagliacci.[View]
109966551*cough* *wheeze* BANE?[View]
109988456Is it time for a live-action Akira film?[View]
109986420Why do shart in mart Americlaps have to ruin every franchise?[View]
109987393ITT: Scenes that women can never understand[View]
109988240So is this movie any good or nah?[View]
109981546Low budget horror/mystery general What are some good movies?[View]
109988439At what point does a character's hate of women turn from fear and insecurity to homosexuality?[View]
109980853Checking out Alita Battle Angel this weekend. What am I in for?[View]
109984224ITS OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQjljiJBCho[View]
109986920Denis Villenueve's Dune: > I am noe starting to think that Denis is better than Nolan.…[View]
109988429Movie industry profiles that would have been #metoo'd into fuken oblivion if they were active t…[View]
109987427chucks fuck and suck: sneeds feed and seed[View]
109988150Cast them[View]
109988338Movies that brings the best out of American culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XSq0PvVxMs…[View]
109985445REARN TO FOLDU YOUR CROTHES DESU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpc5_1896ro[View]
109987894>my pronouns? 'he' and 'her'[View]
109987050hey /tv/ how's it going. yeah. I'm going to need you to come in tomorrow, and Sunday too. …[View]
109983891>movie portrays suicide as a bad thing Why is this trope so common?[View]
109987010Looks like based Forbes hasn't fallen for your fake hype DCucks[View]
109983670Was he Incel?[View]
109988321Liberatis tutemet ex infera[View]
109988303nah nah nah you insulted him a little bit and got a little out of order yourself[View]
109986534This is Raisin Bran, not Raisin Bran Crunch. It's not that hard, /tv/. It says 'Crunch' on the…[View]
109986137OFFICE WORK: >the 25 by he was written he time THE OFFICE UK had what have you done?…[View]
109988161Here's the thing[View]
109984150>title of biopic is person's surname[View]
109983487The Kramer apology: Did any anons watch this episode live? What was it like?[View]
109982110What is some peak zombie kino?[View]
109987821gf got me pic related for valentines what do you think of the choices /tv/[View]
109988004better than jackass[View]
109985624>underrated kino other anons should watch I'll start[View]
109987994why don't you take a break from the hectic lifestyle of the upper east side and join me for a h…[View]
109987207But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Éowyn I am, Eomund's daughter. You stand between…[View]
109987696At least the books were good[View]
109987070What did JJ Abrams mean by this?[View]
109987469>marijuana cures cancer[View]
109987753Do you think Clerks 3 will ever happen or is Kevin Smith too incompetent now?[View]
109986320>character 1 pulls a gun on character 2 >character 2 puts his hands up…[View]
109985138Anon; life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.[View]
109986030Who's better?[View]
109983771Why are The Last Jedi’s biggest supporters always “I’ll suck dick for coochie!” Soibois and SJW cat …[View]
109987008'Spoilers' from my friend's coked up bf who works at Pinewood Studios, take with a gr…[View]
109986365How come no one ever talks about this kino on this board? https://youtu.be/UGGIFfp9gs0[View]
109987484Literally /our guy/[View]
109987448LONG SHOT Trailer #1 - Seth Rogen / Charlize Theron Romantic Comedy: >Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen), …[View]
109985824do you like European tv shows?[View]
109983560I don't mind the Hobbit films. It had some really comfy moments.[View]
109987315>it's another 'china makes super technology and the white boi has to save it, possibly …[View]
109985969>It turned out that the sweet-talking, tattoo-sporting pikey was a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing cham…[View]
109977670>friend recommends I should watch Black Sails >midway through the first episode this 120lb lit…[View]
109986805She was my first crush[View]
109985397I hope you're happy https://youtu.be/qfNiSkd3HfI[View]
109984262>hey remember that seinfeld where jerry has a european carry all? what if we did that with JOEY L…[View]
109983423Harry Potter directed by Wes Anderson. Cast it and describe it.[View]
109986917TFA 87% Vs TLJ 45%: Okay serious fucking talk what happened with audiences here? /tv/ thinks both th…[View]
109986334We both know that I have to say the word now[View]
109984762He will make a good Paul Atreides: .[View]
109987015why didn't he just create infinite orange slices?[View]
109986108Akira should sue Disney[View]
109980571Hey bro you wanna watch Shot Caller or Snitch?[View]
109986778Clark, my son... I...[View]
109985338Sunday i'm visiting my mother for her birthday and thinking of watching pic related with her si…[View]
109986730>designs species that is always either gay or interracial what did seth mean by this?…[View]
109978910This film was well reviewed and grossed 1.3 billion dollars.[View]
109969611The 2019 Victoria's Secret show had the lowest ratings of all time. What would you do to resurr…[View]
109986381is garfield redpilled? based?[View]
109982038Ben Affleck is officially out as Batman: Should /our guy/ Christian Bale come back and make another …[View]
109986606When the fuck is Obama's Netflix stuff coming out?[View]
109984540/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - U: >This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards …[View]
109986509D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
109980056Larson is obviously thrilled to star in Captain Marvel[View]
109983021>Shut the exit >Shut da exit >Shut d exit >Shut exit >Shut it >Shu it >Sh it …[View]
109985551>directed by wes anderson[View]
109983938Mr. Bond, I’m the money[View]
109984570here's your Bebop, bro[View]
109985318>his favorite movie is under 2 hours[View]
109985268/gbg/ Gordon's Burger General: was it really THAT perfect?[View]
109986261 [View]
109982501I just marathoned Blue Valentine and I'm curious as to what I thought about it. It just seems l…[View]
109986150Does he actually punish anyone this time around? Or is it just another season of talking, moping, mo…[View]
109986153what happened to your queer party friends?[View]
109986210Subbed Films: What non-Anglo kino have you watched lately teevee? Hollywood is dead, the age of the …[View]
109980434He is really not funny[View]
109984932Here's to the next phase[View]
109986103>They paid an Oriental family to be in Mr. Campbell's office. >Someone will finally be wo…[View]
109984764>skips most of the assault on the Jedi Temple wtf George RotS could have been 10/10 instead of 8/…[View]
109980652Why do I love this movie so much?[View]
109984145Why does this fat fuck have no self respect? He let his lifes work be scooped up from underneath his…[View]
109979335>literally every character speaks in a monotone voice and talks like they're reading verbati…[View]
109977224Jazz General - The Last Diliation /JG/: REQUIRED WATCHING Latest on Jazz's Healing Process http…[View]
109986000>character comes on screen >his name is Eric Yikes…[View]
109984399F.R.I.E.N.D.S: what did it mean?[View]
109984958Fill in the blanks: >I'm _____ _____. I sell ____ and ____ accessories.…[View]
109985948Name a better B-List Disney song than I 2 I >you cant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ojM0N_EhMU…[View]
109978349You must know, surely you must know, it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I b…[View]
109985291What's his problem with Gambol?[View]
109984069homer is not wearing underwear[View]
109981013>hyped as the next Harrison Ford >only signed to one other movie besides Avengers for the nex…[View]
109983107>its an ellen page plays a frumpy lesbian episode Jesus christ I'm getting tired of this re…[View]
109985812Will Disney die this year?: >https://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/elsa-is-definitely-a-lesbian-in-…[View]
109985389THE FINAL STAR WARS RANKING: After thinking about this for a long time: being a fan of the OT origin…[View]
109985728Dana Plato: Will Dana Plato ever get a proper biopic? I feel like her tragedy of a life could make a…[View]
109985591>leave the joker to me[View]
109978581If you like movies so much how come you don't work your way up to get access to the biggest and…[View]
109985116Did you watch the episode E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt) at any point?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17436038…[View]
109978251Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109983316Anons, I`ll be home alone for two weeks, in which I plain to enjoy different kinds of international …[View]
109981134What feeling was this scene meant to convey? Fucking hack Cameran.[View]
109981499Is there an actual legit criticism of Titanic that's not 'it's a love story and that'…[View]
109985113Hello, one ticket for Hairspray, please.[View]
109985247Is he slow?[View]
109984536What was George Bailley complaining about again?[View]
109980792It’s time to cancel Mark Hamill[View]
109984884What movies should be mandatory watching for /pol/tards?[View]
109978241Why did Venkman have the hots for this roastie ork? The blonde qt from the beginning and Janine were…[View]
109984911Thinking of marathoning every fast and furious, talk me out of it.[View]
109983946muslim simpsons[View]
109984183I mean what's the deal with television & film?[View]
109983164What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.[View]
109978443Post characters that are literally you. I'll start[View]
109984779Is this the only accurate portrayal of love as a non-Chad male?[View]
109985223JANNY DOXXED: Mr. Morris is the former janitor for Lakewood Elementary School. In 'April 9th', the s…[View]
109981258>tom cruise has a perfect filmogr-[View]
109982430>Barney show them to the exit >There's an exit?…[View]
109980105*watches Possession once*[View]
109972695>ruins of tank battle wrecks are meters away from each other >unspotted anti-tank guns in perf…[View]
109984200What will women dress up as this Halloween?[View]
109981648back on the sauce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMm6zjsO2kM[View]
109984504The Walking Dead is surprisingly good TV Series. I thought it's gonna be shit targeted for dumb…[View]
109983137Why would he show up to his own whacking?[View]
109984723Doom Patrol trailer fun fact: I worked as a intern on the show and I have a interesting fact to shar…[View]
109984227Umbrella academy: Its no like the comic but is fucking good[View]
109983995Darry'ls idea: In office season 6 Darryl comes up with this 'great idea' that warehouse guys se…[View]
109984256What are some kinos where pretentious celebrities get destroyed with facts and logic?[View]
109984366ITT: kino Stand Up comedy specials[View]
109984600>[TV Show Name] >The NEW [TV Show Name] >The [TV Show Name] Show >[Show] >[TV Show Na…[View]
109984611what is the most horrifying horror kino? og straight-to-video Ju-On: The Curse for me[View]
109984140>read Norwegian Wood in literature class then watch the movie >people have heard bad things ab…[View]
109977857>watch movie >huge pieces of meaningless shitty animation story every 20 minutes Who the fuck …[View]
109983632Cinemassacre: I like this guy. Needs to lose weight though.[View]
109982844the fuck did I do?[View]
109984354what if we were really signs all along?[View]
109984313Cringe activism kino general: What are some movies if I want to laugh at extreme ethical Dunning-Kru…[View]
109979019>Entire steel industry's gay >Aerospace too, and the railroads…[View]
109984215Should I watch this or do I need to see all 50 prequels first?[View]
109983551What's your preferred method of watching films? I'll start[View]
109980820If Morpheus knew so much and basically trained Neo why wasn't he the one? Because he was black …[View]
109971815>characters are having sex >camera pans to a boiling kettle to simulate that they achieved org…[View]
109981522Here's your Alita: See, that wasn't hard. 2 minutes in photoshop. Now multiply that by how…[View]
109983986shows that couldn't be made today[View]
109983509ITT: FORGOTTEN FILMS: Pic related. >Vince Vaughn trying to be a sex symbol. >Spielberg's …[View]
109979874You guys lied. This movie was god awful. Who the fuck wrote this pile of garbage? Literally went to …[View]
109983671The Magic: What magic gives Sauron the capacity to effortlessly break Narsil and thrust soldiers vio…[View]
109982487Biopic when?: https://youtu.be/78I9dTB9vqM[View]
109983912What do we think of live action animes like Pokemon?[View]
109981145I just started reading his reviews and I was amazed to find that the man is NOT a meme. He is an int…[View]
109983821Where did it all go wrong for Guy Ritchie?[View]
109982822Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109982523https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pUzsJ-MYiI: > Family Guy intro ends > Scene opens in Peter…[View]
109982027heres your alita bro[View]
109982846>2019 >I am... Forgotten[View]
109982719LOTR: was this scene written in slow motion in the books too?[View]
109983106Actress Bai Ling sexually molested on red carpet by director: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ct75j…[View]
109983666Is it as good as the Manga?[View]
109981621why is there an unlimited amount of porn, gay bbc, cuckposting, transposting, etc, when its late at …[View]
109983587>falklands war movie >We Don't Need No Education starts playing…[View]
109951372DOOM PATROL w/ Brendan Fraser (Extended Trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tTM9nbRk5A KINO…[View]
109982493Ladies and Gentlemen the classic Paul Dano.[View]
109981223Does /tv/ like Tom Noonan?: what's his best role?[View]
109980873obscure child tv-shows thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0gJZMx79pA P.S. this is a cres only t…[View]
109982426New Trailer: Anon, if you won't give my movie a chance could you at least watch my trailer? htt…[View]
109983395This film is severely underrated[View]
109980790>that kid who wouldn't shut the fuck up about requiem for a dream[View]
109982723Underrated tv kino >whats your favorite fight /tv/?[View]
109980784Top Secret!: So how come /tv/ hast 13 threads up about how we’ve always loved this kino and we feel …[View]
109981370What are some films about having no frens?[View]
109981254Formerly rocks[View]
109983058Patriotic Kino: What are some Films that are patriotic for their respected countries?[View]
109982587read about him at the time, but finally got around to watching the doc. unequivocally based[View]
109978848Squinty eyes mullato dyke. Nobody gave a fuck about it in 2002. Today she would be hailed saint by S…[View]
109980091>*huff huff* I'M GONNA SAY IT!'[View]
109982816>I mean she was a little spiteful.[View]
109981415do americans really find this funny?[View]
109969591Why couldnt they just use a regular gun?[View]
109978357>I said the REAL Captain Marvel Perfection[View]
109979444Louis Theroux marathon Thai brides and demolition derby up next SUPTV DOT ORG[View]
109982875Wtf, you guys told me this movie was shit. It was kino, why did you lie to me?[View]
109980000>He's a Faaaaag![View]
109977989Actors that will define a generation[View]
109959064Rian Johnson on RedditLetterMedia: What changed in a year?[View]
109979873Bladerunner 2049 is just a shittier version of The Dark Knight[View]
109982632>tfw you will never wrestle naked with groundskeeper willie[View]
109982158Is he the Vegeta of the MCU?[View]
109977421Looking back, this duel was unfair as hell. Literally a 2 vs. 1[View]
109976845>Boomers were actually surprised by the twist in the Crying Game[View]
109981373why haven't they spoken up about Black Panther getting a Best Picture nomination, or that the O…[View]
109979195Seriously, who was in the wrong here?[View]
109955881Mila in Hellboy (2019): Multipass for this?[View]
109979389POTC: Is POTC 5 worth trying for Yagsbarrow? I thought 1-3 are pretty kino and 4 while kind of lame …[View]
1099664291 billion foreign in less than a month: >Mouseshills on suicide watch >Captain Fungus 500m wor…[View]
109980118This shit just made me throw up[View]
109982249>Mfw Americans call the cinema: 'the theater' >Mfw Americans call the theatre: …[View]
109976983Doctor Who General - /Who/: Big Finish: We Love Fan Wank Edition https://soundcloud.com/big-finish/d…[View]
109974494This movie is genuinely worth one(1) view[View]
109980986>There is a moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcLRmPLPpww Find me a better scene in the last…[View]
109978070what are some father/son kino?[View]
109973419Good movies only you know about[View]
109981140What is John Lasseter up to these days?[View]
109982033What's /tv/'s consensus on Grey's Anatomy? First few seasons were kino, but I can…[View]
109975859>women with long, curly, messy hair are kind, artistic, intelligent and romantic Does /tv/ like t…[View]
109979094Is this horror kino, /tv/?[View]
109981413Do you like bo burham, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYy0o-J0x20[View]
109981571This ugly son of a bitch walks up to your waifu and touches her shoulder. What do you do?[View]
109980033Reminder this is more fun than Across the Universe[View]
109981079whats wrong with her eyes lmao?: not gonna watch that, that creeps me the fuck out lol[View]
109981372The strong must protect the sweet......the sweet.[View]
109981600Why's this guy so mad? They are only bars[View]
109979862/ktg/ - Kino Still General:: Posting still from the films you have on your person is key, do not loo…[View]
109981758Is this the best “so bad it’s good” kino to come out of Netflix[View]
109980310Well this sucked balls. Thanks Netflix.[View]
109953718I think we're long overdue for a LOST THREAD[View]
109977603what a stupid fucking ending nothing got resolved[View]
109981696>bruh look at this dude uhju uhju wait till you see the f- uhhujuJUJUJUUU NO NO NO NO ohhhHOHOo o…[View]
109981642Movies you watch habitually: New meme le starman.[View]
109980356Who will play them in the inevitable biopic? Also, can we agree that they did nothing wrong? Anyone …[View]
109981564>make fun of JUSTed people on here every day >realise that you too are JUST what are some kino…[View]
109972821>character portrayed as a weird outcast >has sex regularly…[View]
109976768Which one, /tv/?[View]
109981468sitcoms that are still very funny today. >>pick is very very related…[View]
109981394OFFICIAL /gag/ GHOST ADVENTURES GENERAL who else watching Travel Channel all day? Is it the best sic…[View]
109980721Hello, one ticket for Without A Paddle, please.[View]
109960303/trek/ Tuvok`s funky jacket edition: In request of >>109960038 here is a non-corporate, home m…[View]
109980298>characters talk about feet for 3 minutes[View]
109980629STRONG WOMEN: Would you date a strong woman like Captain Marvel?[View]
109980775Reminder that westerns > films noir: Of the two genres considered the quintessential roots of Ame…[View]
109979688ITT: We list our top five and call each other plebs: The Assassination of Jesse James Taxi Driver …[View]
109981228Did she have it coming?[View]
109981226ITT: Films only you have seen[View]
109979156/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - T: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109978486Knife goes in, guts come out[View]
109967135This is what happens when you cancel Daredevil[View]
109980860Help me find an episode of Law & order: In the episode, during the investigation of a teenager, …[View]
109980016My Leg Spinoff: >https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/nickelodeon-brian-robbins-spongebob-lego-paddin…[View]
109980707did he put the ring on his cock[View]
109977427The Nutty Professor: This movie promotes fat shaming[View]
109980840Both Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley have wrapped up Episode IX today according to their makeup artists…[View]
109978777Who's the most charismatic modern actor? https://youtu.be/cVkNIL_mIFM[View]
109980715Only funny woman to have ever graced comedy. Killed by Barack Obama for calling Michelle a tranny.[View]
109980742>it's a Hooker makes a criminal drop his gun and surrender calmly episode Why don't cop…[View]
109979805>Australian comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5No4Wrwn5k[View]
109980710I don't get it. Can someone explain the ending to me?[View]
109980642The great debate.[View]
109980616They just did it!: /ourguys/ finally made that video that we were all waiting for /tv/ros! lets disc…[View]
109979971Commander Adama, I'm Colonial Fleet.[View]
109977560This is getting better in the second season; looks like they are heading towards writing out the Spo…[View]
109980143>Movie: 1976 (formerly: Movie) >Movie: year >Movie II >Movie III >Movie: the TV serie…[View]
109980534yeah mostly it's a girl sport here >Ugh. Daft yank. You just say that as an excuse. > EUR…[View]
109978100APOLOGIZE!!: Better than any capeshit. Would be perfect without the romantic bullshit[View]
109969769Neytiri is...[View]
109980493This is Marshall Mathers daughter. Ayy lmao[View]
109980465*Makes you realise what a worthless and lazy piece of mediocre shit you are* *Makes you think you…[View]
109980154I’m going to shill this movie for free and there’s nothing you can do about it. Eat a bluray Captain…[View]
109979044>No daily penguin thread Let's fix that.[View]
109980397Gimme some obscure Giallo classics[View]
109979633Hasbro's Power Rangers: What does /tv/ think of the new Power Rangers? This is from the Investo…[View]
109980040What I'm in for?[View]
109975095Why are amerisharts so allergic to foreign movies that they have to remake literally everything in o…[View]
109979252‘Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Joins Killer Cast Of Denis Villenue: Legendary is in negotiations for Aquaman…[View]
109980106Angourie Rice[View]
109980144who is the most prolific actor of all time?[View]
109976834LOTR: So we know that the Vala didn't want to directly intervene because every time they did si…[View]
109979303Designed Survivor: I'm more than half into the first season of this show and something troubles…[View]
109980235>it’s been a long road[View]
109978918Name one good movie with bad visuals You can't[View]
109978073Can we agree that Thomas did LITERALLY nothing wrong and was /our gay/?[View]
109978160>you're at the club >this guy comes up and grabs your ass What do?…[View]
109976720imagine how much critics would bash this movie if it came out now[View]
109976826Is it kino?[View]
109974359Why won't Western Media let MENA actors represent their own history and culture?: https://www.s…[View]
109979876Hope you are looking forward to the I Saw the Devil remake by the same mastermind who made pic relat…[View]
109979789www.thispersondoesnotexist.com Show us your next leading actor and tell us about their upcoming role…[View]
109978191Have you seen BBWkino yet?[View]
109978270I’m still going to try to enjoy this and ignore the idiocy of Brie Larson’s ego[View]
109979618>leave thanos to me[View]
109979470>*steals your ketamine*[View]
109978020Are we ever going to get proper restored versions of either of these? The Blu Rays look like dogshit…[View]
109978911Visual medium BTFO.[View]
109979499>friday night why are you here?[View]
109978716What goes through your mind when you free solo climb a 3000ft vertical wall?[View]
109973196I love this movie, but it kinda sucks.[View]
109979424What was his problem?: >kidnaps girl >handcufs her to bed >throw the body of her dead boyfr…[View]
109979402>is that clear? >crystal[View]
109967255She's going to be in Avengers 4 If you don't see Captain Marvel, you won't understand…[View]
109974188<how do i use this place?[View]
109975857Bear Grylls' THE ISLAND: Does /tv/ know how to make a fire? How about shelter?[View]
109979263Any movies about the bad guy embarrassing himself moments before losing?[View]
109976261What’s the consensus on his career?[View]
109972124Real question: What are some genuinely good movies that say it?[View]
109977827>In January 2005, an episode featuring a stunt involving blended rats aired in its normal prime t…[View]
109978497I watched the first 25 min. Does it stay this boring ?[View]
109960620What do you usually sneak into the theater?[View]
109979215What are some demented movies that only freaks will enjoy?[View]
109972196Alanis [2017] by Anahí Berneri: https://youtu.be/ZGBC-PjYBCg >A young Buenos Aires mother finds e…[View]
109977153Why did he do it bros? ;_;[View]
109979084What are some movies about massive failures?[View]
109978000>It’s called world war 2 >everybody loves it and nobody cares about the one before it even tho…[View]
109978183Was she in the wrong?[View]
109971326What does /tv/ think of this JLaw interview? https://youtu.be/Zr8R4y5QFDo?t=324[View]
109978812Is /tv/ excited for David Fincher's animated film Love, death, and robots? Could this movie sav…[View]
109977481/tv/ will defend this[View]
109973972Why did he kill millions?[View]
109974029Why did they fuck up the third one so badly?[View]
109978431Dune Aesthetic: Reminder that the Vegas exterior scenes were a screentest for Villenueve's Dune…[View]
109978638ITT: Nitpicks in your favorite movies >'Can 15 years of imaginary training be put to use' >He …[View]
109978209Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
109977944annon whats your favourite movie?[View]
109975749los simpsonas[View]
109971841>this is a 10/10 in canada[View]
109978027Nick, what’s going on big guy? You just tripped my wife[View]
109978452>be a mother >your daughter is murdered >her best friend visits you >hug her >see thi…[View]
109977630Where the fuck is he?[View]
109976733>In rode the Lord of the Nazgûl. A great black shape against the fires beyond he loomed up, grown…[View]
109978669recommend me some drama kino, my friends and i want to have a movie night[View]
109978351Movie titles that make no sense.[View]
109977799>ITT; movies you're hyped for[View]
109977048My friend says this is “the best tv show ever”, how wrong or right is he?[View]
109975060Why the FUCK isn't he working on anything?[View]
109975935I eat incels for breakfast[View]
109975109What are some good stealth movies?[View]
109976916What site do you use for screencaps?[View]
109977626>Movie claims to be a box office hit >doesn't even break Ironman numbers…[View]
109978210kinos about core values?[View]
109977020(You): Just watched the first episode. So far this is incel kino.[View]
109978028Why doesn't /tv/ like this kino?[View]
109976349Taco Bell Nacho Fries por favor[View]
109974366Captain James Tiberius Kirk: Captain James Tiberius Kirk[View]
109975202FAVORITE MOVIE QUOTES: >Bye, Bitch![View]
109977885My and my friends (as in just me) want a 2018 movie to watch. Heard about both these plenty, esp. Up…[View]
109975075Post actors in minor supporting roles that you enjoyed.[View]
109954727>Brie Larson Has Real-Life Superhero Strength as She Pushes a Nearly 5,000-Pound Car for a Workou…[View]
109975458Everything Is Shit Nowadays: Modern Anime Sucks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3hjtUYPtns Modern C…[View]
109975889Imagine having a daughter renounce her immortality to be with a metaphorical nigger and then see tha…[View]
109975526Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109969689They made a couple Resident Evil CGI movies starring Leon and Claire. Are they kino?[View]
109974169Why didn't Dwight or Roy punch this smug asshole in the face? His behavior was unacceptable in …[View]
109977924*hits pipe* Now then. What is all this talk of cuckoldry lads?[View]
109977916Listen to me. They aren't human. They're here already and you're next.[View]
109975303ITT: Shows that didn't deserve to be cancelled.[View]
109977678[earth shattering dubstep starts playing][View]
109977632>be superhero >spend 50% of your time beating up 13% of the population >never connect the…[View]
109976391We're in the End Game now[View]
109976719Ron pearlmann: Was hand of God his best performance acting-wise?[View]
109976776>Peter, Dontell Harry I still can't figure out who the fuck was Dontell Harry? Was that some…[View]
109974547¡Entre los cuernos del toro![View]
109976682BRENDAN KINO IS HERE: Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 1 MAGNET magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9ef146a696d7296a3249…[View]
109977554HOLD ON FUCKFACE[View]
109977434Ashitta: This is what happens when you call a spic to do a white man's job. Blunder of the year…[View]
109974703>Kinoplex has run out of the 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah and only has the 1820 Juglar …[View]
109977391Rub my leg[View]
109977235tfw have to sink $110 into this since i can't find it online anywhere[View]
109977318Is kayama san considered Kino around here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPW3QebJUXo[View]
109977286Worst Decade For Television?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=liJDwFOzAY0 I think we can saftely say t…[View]
109947268Was he incel?[View]
109975369Dude, I almost had you.[View]
109975415Why don't we just use your ancient religion to destroy planets then, Lord Vader? Why did we spe…[View]
109975282>Come on come on, I want you to do it in want you to do it come on say it…[View]
109976881I liked it[View]
109975013Post your mother’s favorite movie[View]
109975547The Umbrella Academy: The.Umbrella.Academy.S01.COMPLETE.1080p.WEB.x264-STRiFE[TGx] The.Umbrella.Acad…[View]
109960277>mf after seeing Alita I will be shilling this shit for free bros. Alita was ADORABLE. >tfw n…[View]
109975156I'm glad actors stopped smoking in movies.[View]
109976051Was he an alien or just autistic?[View]
109974000>regenerating spines is a simple latter >yet all characters use glasses instead of magically c…[View]
109976665What's the Mass Effect of television and film?[View]
109964580this is why you can never trust women, even the young ones.[View]
109973726>that fat Italian looks nothing like the typical African American drug dealer What gives? Is this…[View]
109976574was it kino?[View]
109976667The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 6: >China special Holy shit they can't be stopped, now I see…[View]
109973723what was her fucking problem?[View]
109976704/onasg/ -- Oscar Nominated Animated Short General: This thread died on /co/, let's see if /tv/ …[View]
109976411Is it cringe for a 19 year old guy to watch cartoons and anime?[View]
109972711What's the greatest Horror released this decade?: My choice is The Wailing.[View]
109974625Only 13 more years.[View]
109976467>this is what happens when you let zoomers use the internet[View]
109972148What TV shows did you watch when you were 4 years old? no joke posts from shows that only aired a fe…[View]
109951712Forgotten actresses[View]
109975862>Ra's al Ghul? I respect him greatly... he is never afraid of saying *the word*...…[View]
109974156Sheep in the big city: Why does no one talk about this?[View]
109975821Why did they use this image in particular?: Brie is totally submissive to him in that pose. She…[View]
109976017The Best and Worst Era For Filn: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kAGGsO23z_k If 1996-2001 was the wors…[View]
109975800How the fuck does anyone know for sure who's related to who after 3,000 years? I doubt Elves ke…[View]
109972617>soundtrack starting to play >wounded MC drives under a perfect sunset >without the money B…[View]
109975448JUST: Any movies with this aesthetic?[View]
109969238M.NIGHT SANGRIA BTFO - GLASS only just crosses $200 worldwide: OH NO...[View]
109975898scenes that really made you think[View]
109975567Won't You Be My Neighbor: >Watched this sometime last year and even though I'm not usua…[View]
109971123stay frosty /tv/[View]
109974512How could anyone write this plot?: >Spend months in an apartment where a murder happened trying t…[View]
109974610Series kino where a group of heroes stop demons and apocalypses? The more expansive the mythology an…[View]
109969001What's your speech template for buying tickets? Mine is: One ticket for (title) at (time) pleas…[View]
109974699>He's Daaaaangerous[View]
109975690Is Megatron /ourdecepticon/?: https://youtu.be/Cir4GbLkq6s[View]
109969728hey don't have a stegosaurus man[View]
109972900>you see these... civilized people... they’ll eat each other... like dogs. I am not a monster... …[View]
109975124Was he /Ourguy/[View]
109973476Which of these projects released in the next 2 years by high profile director will be kino ?: There …[View]
109975432>Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? >Fear of saying the word. >That's…[View]
109970028>Marc Webb has signed on to direct a reimagined version of the 2016 animated movie Your Name for …[View]
1099720742019 Year of The Sam: First video when?![View]
109975265Why black guys and white nerds usually never survive in horror movies?[View]
109961983Jazz General - WHOM DO YOU SERVE? Edition /JG/: REQUIRED WATCHING Latest on Jazz's Healing Proc…[View]
109969266Thoughts on Frozen II[View]
109975967>We should take 70% of the wealthiest class's money >Crowd bursts out in cheering and app…[View]
109971268All wings report in[View]
109974649How bad it is?[View]
109973538Was this the greatest deal in the history of deals?: I mean it was to be, right?! A cow that already…[View]
109966724I think it means what I think it means.[View]
109974354Comfy Northern Exposure Thread: It's time. Fav episode? Fav character? Thoughts on reboot?…[View]
109959410Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
109974991why the fuck True Detective wants to kill our Alita[View]
109972294Nancy Drew on The CW: https://deadline.com/2019/02/nancy-drew-pilot-kennedy-mcmann-star-the-cw-pilot…[View]
109972112I dont get it. How did he magically cured all of o sudden ?[View]
109974938You: Why did a guy as immensely based as Joe fall in love with the worst roastie whore in all NYC? E…[View]
109974898Spinoff when?[View]
109974923post actors with their dogs[View]
109974631Why was this snubbed by the Oscars? It's last year's best film.[View]
109972602Phillip Banks, kick the man's butt![View]
109973350>white middle aged roastie fucks a bunch of guys and also sometimes deals marijuana, gets way in …[View]
109974104AHAHAHAHA! This shit is better than the official Start Trek reboot series. Holy shit. I only watched…[View]
109974840Mr. Morris is the former janitor for Lakewood Elementary School. In 'April 9th', the school was dama…[View]
109974808I have 600+ movies on my Letterboxd watchlist[View]
109970580Cast him[View]
109973815>watching movie in cinema >male character puts his hands on his belt buckle >hear beeping f…[View]
109974755Burger here Lots of froggits this morning[View]
109974745What are some movies with this style? I want a classic high school noire film, with dick shots of LE…[View]
109973605I wish /tv/ was faster: Are there any other places on the internet where a guy can discuss kinos? IM…[View]
109974589>buy online ticket for one movie >actually go see a different one >no one finds out…[View]
109974641>here’s your (you)[View]
109974509I just realized Terry Davis faked his death and assumed Ellen Page's identity to get the CIA ni…[View]
109974648Mmm, where's da pursell girl at /tv/?[View]
109970455Ok I just saw this. What did I think of it?[View]
109974042>he watches cartoons and anime >considers himself an adult…[View]
109962959Almost everybody saying Nope: Check out @IGN’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/IGN/status/109625078365233…[View]
109966547Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109973779Why were there so many jokes making fun of New Jersey in s1+s2?[View]
109972882>2019 >Finally get gf at 27 What are some films to celebrate this ?…[View]
109973655>dildo braggings >slay le dragongs >big mage with powerful spells, woah >orcs vs. humans…[View]
109974444Would you be my neighbor /tv/?[View]
109974431ITT videos only you've seen[View]
109973100Is this good?[View]
109971632>The first Swedes are you ready for new viking kino?[View]
109974039ITT: Random Youtube Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmNSS0jtu0E[View]
109974055What are some controversial TV shows?[View]
109974264OBAMA WISHES HE COULD TAKE THIS BACK ABOUT TRUMP!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsEwVhBnvKQ…[View]
109974128underappreciated kino[View]
109974049What's some good West Virginia kino?[View]
109973956HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME whats your favorite rome moment?[View]
109972678The Grand Tour general: >continues to make kino towards your direction nothing personal women and…[View]
109972980Thoughts on David Fincher's animated anthology, Love, Death, and Robots? Should more high profi…[View]
109974202>period movie >character sees something that will become popular in the future >'It'll…[View]
109971557Brendan Fraser as The Judge in Blood Meridian when?[View]
109968054Movies about eating healthy?[View]
109973782Here's your new batman /tv.[View]
109974151This is a year long survey in gauging this boards top 100. Post your top 5 films, these will be gath…[View]
109970882Moe's Tavern[View]
109974095Underrated movies: i liked this one[View]
109973305>you best watch yourself! We're banned men, we have perma bans on 12 IP's…[View]
109973768When the chimes end, pick up your gun. Go ahead and shoot me Colonel. Just try[View]
109972792technical foul[View]
109971836What does /tv/ thinks about this show?[View]
109971584___-__ __[View]
109973900>i dont eat >i dont sleep >i do nothing but to think of you…[View]
109973379>they say the title of the movie in the movie dropped[View]
109972603>Get me Tom Hardy >He is unavailable >then get me his Mexican equivalent So Netflix has thi…[View]
109973788What are some good thrillers like Zodiac?[View]
109970039What did we think of it?[View]
109970670How did he know Homer's surname and family history? Also, if he was the new owner of the store …[View]
109973739>Sal, grab that kid[View]
109973014>Film stars Irish men in an urban setting >'AND I'VE LOST MY LEG!, CLIMBING UP THE TOP SA…[View]
109972472ITT: What went wrong?[View]
109970393sneed de trolio...my ahch nemesis...[View]
109972459>The Your Name Remake Just Landed a Spider-Man Director Cast them[View]
109973159wouldst thou like to live deliciously?[View]
109973445hey /tv/ I wanna make a movie what do[View]
109973470what's your favorite neo-noir?[View]
109973507STD is based, the real Trek: this is unironically just as good as TNG and DS9, just updated for 2019…[View]
109963073>46 days since last upload i-is he okay bros? I'm getting worried...…[View]
109973433What are some movies for when you've lost the will to even get out of bed in the morning?[View]
109970275Let's discuss the best movie ever made: In case you didn't know, it is 'The Master' made i…[View]
109972312Always look on the bright side of life[View]
109971658Why do I never hear anything about this movie here? This was operator kino.[View]
109968804>apologies Herr Anon, but the Führer himself recently ordered all single male visitors to be acco…[View]
109973073Has any actor ever carried a series as hard as Tom Cavanaugh carries Flash?[View]
109973161When is DC going to adapt Animal Man? It would be the most kino superhero film.[View]
109971353>Westerners can't make good harem show[View]
109958633>How about the fact I hate my son? I come home and he's sitting on his computer in his fucki…[View]
109968730wow... any true movies about motivation?[View]
109969486Why did she retire from acting?[View]
109971333Is Alita: Battle Angel /tv/ certified kino? What's the consensus here?[View]
109965631Are you ready /tv/?[View]
109968749How to trigger the alt-right with one show.[View]
109971515Is he a good actor?[View]
109972497>main character tries to leave a union >doesn't actually leave…[View]
109972479me and trev went to see the tianic movie on saturbday cause you know it's a classic and that th…[View]
109971660Jack Logan is a time traveler from 2007, who hunts down rogue travelers and brings them to justice b…[View]
109956218What's some good skate kino? I want to go to better times when niggers were out of sight, out o…[View]
109971993What do you want him to do after he plays Paul Atreides, /tv/?[View]
109972220>character doesn't have phone call, then when the call ends he jumps around the room in a re…[View]
109969747ITT: people who deserve a biopic[View]
109970881Do you think they'll keep a token straight white guy around once Pike leaves?[View]
109968331ITT: Road Trip Kino: ITT we post movies that take place primarily on the open highway. America prefe…[View]
109971998ITT movies that make soifaces go agape[View]
109972406 [View]
109972095>has a girl interested in him the whole film >somehow suppose to relate to this character yeah…[View]
109968040>'One ticket for Alita Battle Angel please.'[View]
109972292Are you hyped for the new season of EMPIRE the tv show based on King Lear featuring black actors? I …[View]
109971415Who the fuck was in the wrong here?[View]
109970629>have crush >start up conversation from her assignment about Columbus >find a lot in common…[View]
109958162damn! japanese television is like that![View]
109972200>I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old…[View]
109972168As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a SNEEDPOSTER[View]
109971694Hey Hey Paid out my ass Treat all my broads like trash You'll catch a blast if you move too fas…[View]
109970786Shitposting’s for closers![View]
109970165god bless carrell but this was just a michael moore documentary but with actual actors. the selena g…[View]
109971472lol he says just what us guys are thinking he's just a regular knock about guy[View]
109971015Is it kino?[View]
109970562So this is it then... The House That Jack Built©[View]
109969299Could this film be made today?[View]
109971853So /tv/, did it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_HFm54lb04[View]
109971746Just got back from watching it Overall, I was very impressed with it. When seeing the first teaser, …[View]
109971742(He's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys)[View]
109970854Damn, i miss George Lucas!: The fans ruined something awesome.[View]
109970984>Star Wars canon includes Giant green space rabbits.[View]
109968970Is 'Showgirls' a Holiday Movie?[View]
109963691You're going to watch one episode, right?[View]
109970367I was elected to lead.[View]
109967956>I will now randomly erase 50% of all life >*looks directly at camera and winks* >all of af…[View]
109971534>the staircases literally carry them to the three-headed dog dungeon[View]
109969410Why Saruman hated trees?[View]
109969483Huel, you happy?[View]
109968407>'hmm yes my good sir I am here to inquire as to whether or not I am able to purchase one of your…[View]
109970824How did Andy end up as the best character on this god forsaken show?[View]
109970823>black male and white female >little white guy watches in the background anticipating the acti…[View]
109971307anyone have the webm where ryan gosling walks into some place and some background guy is shifting ar…[View]
109969372>this film is a metaphor[View]
109968928>jesus wept Did he really?[View]
109971292I love this show but S13 should never have been allowed to happen. They should've taken a yer o…[View]
109969476What would you have done in this situation?[View]
109970757Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
109962429Porn Documentaries: Why are they always trying to convince us that the girls are victims. Even thoug…[View]
109969491no thanks[View]
109971007ITT: movies that absolutely scared you when you were a kid[View]
109970938Only WHO can prevent forest fires? You pressed 'you', referring to me. That is incorrect. …[View]
109971061Has anyone seen this shit yet? Torrent when?[View]
109967002>deserved an oscar[View]
109969791Would Jimmy Wichard be a problematic character today?[View]
109968729Post war movies that are (and I cannot stress this enough) BASED and REDPILLED[View]
109970069ITT: Criminally Underrated Films[View]
109970241Who used my chapstick?[View]
109970769Post videos that you think should be made into full length films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq…[View]
109970731what are some movies where the bad guy gets totally BTFO and humiliated by the hero?[View]
109966814What happened to her?[View]
109970004>we want the Chinese audience[View]
109968169Buzz Buzz Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue my unstoppable son![View]
109970546>movie title starts with a hashtag[View]
109970526/tv/ what are some good movies about turning your life for the better?[View]
109970160/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - S: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109969777>le ebin mickeymutt maymay Listen faggots, this movie was 'barely' decent, it was really mediocre…[View]
109969184Just IMAGINE being a virtue signaling Hollywood celebrity[View]
109970175saved or kill?[View]
109970204*munchy munchy munch* Why, I'd love to go and see Alita: Battle Angel with you! When do you thi…[View]
109969883Can someone explain the joke here?[View]
109968934Dana Plato: Will Dana Plato ever get a proper biopic? I feel like her tragedy of a life could make a…[View]
109970042>praised by /tv/ as true lovecraftian kino >teases Cthulhuesque monster on the poster >inst…[View]
109970025Hmm.... i wonder why black people only play minor roles or lackeys in his movies?[View]
109968533https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2845426002 >Harrison Ford SLAMS President Trump…[View]
109969751Is TV and film a waste of time?: Do you know anyone who doesn't bother with TV and film (and an…[View]
109968812currently suicidal. Recommend some fantasy film/tv series that I can escape into[View]
109964612Dagon 2001: wow this movie is shit, but i'm liking it so far[View]
109966669What do we think of 2012 Hong Kong film 'Due West: Our Sex Journey' starring Daniella Wang?[View]
109968983>He doesn't like reddit.[View]
109968891>there are 'adults' on this board who watch cartoons and anime[View]
109969152What's your favorite horror movie all of time?[View]
109964819Reminder this nigga is still alive[View]
109969755Idk what you faggots are whining about. 6 episodes in and it’s pretty solid[View]
109969484ITT: Shows you follow for the plot. Victoria.[View]
109969690Can he make it? https://youtu.be/ZGrRFFZ4Rmk[View]
109966934The Shining 1980: was this the best film ever made? rhetorical question, yes it was post your commen…[View]
109969668> a love letter to Cinema[View]
109969638>How do we stop him? -You don't.[View]
109969636I am fucking tired of action scenes with quirky upbeat pop/rock songs playing in the background[View]
109969626Star Wars: Where the fuck is EP9 trailer/teaser? They promised it before the new year, right? I just…[View]
109969607Itt: basedkino Movies/shows that are undeniably soi but are still somehow enjoyable[View]
109968043Blocks your path[View]
109963720Cast it.[View]
109969563About that bonus situation Mr Iger: No[View]
109969552What are some movies about the triumph of good over evil?[View]
109969455I'll cancel the pizzas[View]
109969534What are some movies you didn't know were remakes?[View]
109968901hes literally just sitting there like a dork how is she getting off on this hes not even playing a…[View]
109969352>two tumps up[View]
109969203Is there a godzilla flowchart? there are 32 godzilla films. pic related I liked it[View]
109969306>'Hey man, do you know a really scary horror movie I can watch?' >'Yeah, have you seen The Wit…[View]
109967453>One ticket to Alita Battle Angel, plea- >*notices you standing awkwardly to the side of the q…[View]
109969193Thoughts about this kino?[View]
109966471Consider Phlebas is being made into a high-budget television series by Amazon. Your thoughts?.[View]
109968457ITT: Kino ads: https://youtu.be/x_HL0wiK4Zc[View]
109969214>when your dating history looks like the Hobbit trilogy[View]
109966199movies like this.[View]
109968686i painted my toenails but i dont like the color and im all out of acetone is there any home remedies…[View]
109967785Absolutely based: How can one man be so based and completely correct about everything??!![View]
109963334>watching show >woman starts swearing Why the fuck do they have to make all the female charact…[View]
109967098Formerly rocks[View]
109965364Thank you for coming[View]
109968456Who ended up the best? imagine being them[View]
109964908Janeane Garofalo Appreciation Thread[View]
109968989>Movie/TV show poster mimicks The Last Supper[View]
109966366Is this the most poorly mishandled show ever?[View]
109968064This was a truimph[View]
109962226Which Hollywood celebrity is your personal style icon?[View]
109967732>crusti croc :D[View]
109967320Since Zoomers are now having childhood nostalgia for the Era Where Everything Went to Shit (2007-201…[View]
109968217Opinions? =)[View]
109968522The Hustle: So they're doing a shameless remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with female stars, a…[View]
109966836i don't think movies are healthy for you. even the 'deep' arthouse ones. it all has very nefari…[View]
109963358*HUFF HUFF* I need the pic of Joker running through the field like Lancelot in Monty Python and the …[View]
109968660damn, I can't believe /tv/ memed me into seeing this fucking absolute pile of kino[View]
109967608I went to theatre for the first time in years to see Alita >comfy chairs >electric regulation …[View]
109967815The Santa Clarita Diet: Anyone else MADLY in love with this show? From the teaser that dropped today…[View]
109962466Is he supposed to be a girl?[View]
109968379What did Hollywood mean by this?[View]
109967396Just got back from watching it Overall, I was very impressed with it. When seeing the first teaser, …[View]
109967062Is this the best scene ever?[View]
109963717Who is this and why is he on literally every documentary about space? Is he the president of space?[View]
109958898Sucker Punch: So can we all agree that this is Snyder's best film apart from Watchmen?[View]
109967198De ba dee ba dee ba doo doo ...[View]
109963299DREAM WARRIORS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
109964342times you acted like the joker: >customer asks for 99% fat free milk >only give her 97% fat fr…[View]
109966800what are the best movies and shows about american cuisine and lobbying?[View]
109968373>'Some spiders change their colours to blend into their environment, kind of like how Jews change…[View]
109968218Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109965607>'For heaven's sake dad, that rugged chair in my suede ensemble looks about as out of place …[View]
109968231What kind of evil money-grabbing hook-nosed '''''people''''' would brutally murder our Lord just for…[View]
109967837Who will play her in the inevitable antisemitic biopic starring Idris Elba?[View]
109968017So /tv/ is dwight, right?[View]
109968146is Halo kino?[View]
109967032Watching some of the original Twilight Zone episodes and for some reason they scare me more than nea…[View]
109968222What are some movies about being brave against pure evil?[View]
109967524>sitcom set in America >entire cast is obese…[View]
109967941Are there anymore shows like The Mighty Boosh, The IT crowd, and Flight of the conchords? They'…[View]
109967380Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
109963541>one of the side characters is talking to a black guy about the war that happened 300 years ago …[View]
109967893the only truth we care about[View]
109967055>I'm so sorry it's the 'Moops'[View]
109966427What If Heath Were here Today: Over ten years ago Heath Ledger passed away leaving behind great perf…[View]
109963385>Past a certain age, a man spending Valentine's day alone can be a bad thing.…[View]
109967163Shows you know'll never get rebooted.: Still hurts bros[View]
109967761How did he get away with it?[View]
109967861If only you knew how bad things really are[View]
109963012Chris Pine: Is he the most based actor in Hollywood currently, /tv/?[View]
109967698Left: cringe and bluepilled Right: based and sneedpilled[View]
109966228Old 'classics' that don't live up to the hype, I'll start. Basically just became a mediocr…[View]
109966356I DON'T WANNA WAIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raGFI8pUau0[View]
109967745>I could eat the ass of a dead rhinoceros What did he mean by this? I know it's PG-13 but t…[View]
109966416'ts alrite innit[View]
109967699Who the hell cares anymore?[View]
109967676>slasher film >black guy dies first[View]
109967671Yikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY9JsBy835g >tfw this miniseries won two emmies…[View]
109967145Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
109959667Hereditary spoilers Why does paimon have seemingly complete control over the mom and son, but only c…[View]
109967594What did she mean by this?[View]
109967534All those mega budget capeshit and hollywood movies. none of them compare with the epicness of this …[View]
109963752LIBTARDS BTFO[View]
109963510I'm still mad this wasn't nominated for best picture. Why? Argento cock fondlers?[View]
109967416There better be lots of sex scenes, 2 minutes MINIMUM with hot positions of interracial loving. Nice…[View]
109967186where were you when your realized VICE journalists browse /tv/?: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/…[View]
109952293Starz new series: Now Apocalypse, we couldn’t finish discussing yesterday.[View]
109967301I would like to purchase a case of your finest Feed & Seed[View]
109965410Is there any space opera coming up in the next few years? I want some space kino.[View]
109965782Do you think it's ok for adults to watch animation?[View]
109967114what was the best decade of film?[View]
109962941What is your opinion on the show 'Empire'?[View]
109967155Anon, I like you. Always have. Always will.[View]
109967097critical consensus: How the Fuck is a rotten score proving a female reboot could work?[View]
109965626>trailer for new movie starts >comedic take on the apocalypse >'Its The End of the World' b…[View]
109966638duh duh duh duh duh you know I'm yo rulah hehehehe[View]
109965152Haha, epic.[View]
109965171Why does /tv/ like sneed?[View]
109967067Why isn't there any movie that mocks people who unnecessarily put their own lives at great dang…[View]
109963375D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
109964085/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - R: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109966918Mr Blobby thread: It's time he was recognised as the true, once and future King of /tv/. Reply …[View]
109955970The eyes say it all...[View]
109966871since stonerplank youtube is allowed >>109956218 what are some essential newer youtube kino? n…[View]
109966938>Word Life >This is Basic Thuganomics[View]
109965870Has anyone seen Shoplifters? It won the Palme d'Or 2018...[View]
109959029any kino about the role capitalism has on the destruction of civilisation?[View]
109965502Why were scissors the inventor's first choice as a placeholder while he finished Edward's …[View]
109961296Now you shall know true kino in America.[View]
109966370Burgers coming out from theaters, did you like it?[View]
109958434>ultra violence >dismemberment >romance plot gets fucked to produce superior, unhinged seq…[View]
109966748oops. sorry, mr. bond[View]
109963954Is it worth a watch?[View]
109966716Battle Angel Alita: What the fuck happened in that scene with vector! Why the Ido's Gilfriend h…[View]
109956128>TV show references 4chan[View]
109949080Movies that were drastically edited/cut: I'll start with Disturbing Behavior I enjoyed the thea…[View]
109965206Here's my shitty Nancy Drew poster. The drawing itself is horrible but the concept is so much b…[View]
109966201Why do all women lust over this average-looking nigger? Does being /fit/ guarantees pussy?[View]
109966580Down the hall and to the left[View]
109961227>She's in love with herself[View]
109965954garbage: pizza is a fucking hack[View]
109964415Massive fucking dickhead here AMA[View]
109966408I missed the threads. What did you think about Aquaman?[View]
109962696Name a more based character in Television history: You cant[View]
109963748I don't get it.[View]
109965439What project of hers are you looking forward to the most?[View]
109953790What’s your favourite Jussie Smollett role? I love him in “Empire”[View]
109962446Was she a virgin?[View]
109962031Is it wrong to think that Ezra Miller could play a great Elliot?[View]
109965201Fuck me, look at the size uv em, ow big ar you? Ay kids, ow big is he?[View]
109962779>tfw this will never be made into a movie[View]
109966014>that episode where he tries to hide all the Christmas decorations and Niles' Jesus costume …[View]
109965830>that new chinese episode my god the chinks are catching up to us quite fast. Also I felt that th…[View]
109963853Was Halo 2 kino? >tartarus was just as much a victim as the arbiter was. he sided with the covena…[View]
109958825gimme a kino made no earlier than 2010 to watch tonight[View]
109964249>Suicide Squad is getting a 'soft reboot,' and both Jared Leto's solo Joker film and the Jok…[View]
109964384interesting idea for a sci-fi movie?: It would be based in a parallel universe where one race of hum…[View]
109962286The world will end on February 23, 2019. Are y'all excited?[View]
109965577I want to see a movie about the Executive Office waging and ILLEGAL war against a defenceless Centra…[View]
109966194What did she mean by this?[View]
109966164>Remember how futuristic the year 2000 seemed? My whole childhood, it seemed like every movie, ev…[View]
109963122Captain James Tiberius Kirk: Captain James Tiberius Kirk[View]
109965721Sieg Niles: >'Hey baby I hear the Jews a'calling'[View]
109956110/trek/: DIS/DSC/DISCO (Star Trek Discovery) Edition Previous >>109937925[View]
109964723'Truly, we are now living in a Jurassic World' are you fucking kidding me[View]
109964031I look at my red hands and my mean face and I wonder about that man that's gone so wrong[View]
109962565>walking around barefoot >hears gun shots >grabs gun >doesn't bother grabbing shoes…[View]
109955304Does /tv/ watch KUWTK?[View]
109965523Whose hyped for the next Animatrix? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUFwunMKa4E[View]
109964753Why did he do that with his ears?[View]
109943654Asian tv thread. Post your favorite asian webms and links to shows.[View]
109963663I don't sleep; I just dream: >frequent local bookshop where they sell notebooks >go there…[View]
109964046Guyver remake when?[View]
109963843What happened to real Hollywood movie stars?: How come there arent anymore 'Superstars'? Also sad th…[View]
109959859When will they make a findom movie?[View]
109965244Post your Kino watching stations[View]
109964250Damn Dirty Knitters: What did Pixar mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6uuIHpFkuo…[View]
109964272Am I going to walk around and rip you fucking lights down, in the middle of a scene? Then why the fu…[View]
109964094Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: WHY TF is the music in this movie SO bad. It literally ruins …[View]
109965671Who will play as this evil wh*te man in the inevitable live action flick?[View]
10996051310 more sequels from Blumhouse: Can’t stop Myers[View]
109965571AND I MY HAND TOWEL[View]
109963707Underrated sequels[View]
109965517OH NONONO https://youtu.be/jojDN0E54Lk[View]
109965325>Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson told Business Insider that the company has 13 projects in dev…[View]
109965261>characters having sex >camera pans to boiling kettle with steam coming out the top to simulat…[View]
109964897What's something that links all these movies, actors, directors, wordplay ect[View]
109965129David 'Kino' Fincher: When will this motherfucker be back on the big screen? I need more Fincher-kin…[View]
109963145Childhood is saying this line ironically to edgily mock concerned parents. Adulthood is saying this …[View]
109953396Gaga Spielberg Stars Sign Get-Well Card for RGB input mode: https://hollywoodreporter.com/news/lady-…[View]
109961869fuck, just tell me which of his documentarys are the best, i have seen many but pic related no por s…[View]
109962439The Leftovers: >Binge watch the first season >love almost every second of it >get to season…[View]
109964839How come they never show the outtakes where they get the shit beat out of them by alphas passing by …[View]
109950040Are you ready for SPACE AQUACHAD?[View]
109962648We are the knights who say[View]
109962953What's going on here?[View]
109962514>movie is 'based on a based story'[View]
109964347Sir, I protest I am NOT a Merry Man![View]
109964427They're gonna win multiple Oscars aren't they?[View]
109963581If /tv/ rented out a movie theater for one day, and everyone from /tv/ came and watched movies toget…[View]
109964395>asian character in movie >hes not a nerd or a karate master…[View]
109961841I choose you[View]
109962615Recommend me some movies about flying. I've already seen Top Gun and Snakes on a Plane.[View]
109964096What does /tv/ think?[View]
109962456please stop posting all this gross shit im going to bed and am probably going to have weird dreams b…[View]
109957450kino moments in cinema history: >I didn't have to go easy on you. A different binding agent,…[View]
109962470What's the most brutal way you've seen a character die? >Happy Tree Friends, Easy Comb …[View]
109963696remake when?[View]
109961661I hope you never say a word[View]
109963156The CW's Nancy Drew: https://deadline.com/2019/02/nancy-drew-pilot-kennedy-mcmann-star-the-cw-p…[View]
109944928So how is BATTLE ANGEL ?[View]
109962604>the current state of /tv/[View]
109962872television and film?[View]
109962275‘Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Joins Killer Cast Of Denis Villenueve’s ‘Dune’: Looks like Aquaman will be pl…[View]
109963518What are some kinos based on stoicism?[View]
109962409I will be in Hollywood on Oscars night. I am not willing to get arrested, but I may try to sneak int…[View]
109963483cast the live action adaptation[View]
109963379But doctor, I am pagliacci.[View]
109963253Why does this fucking guy drag a nigger around and calls that shitshow a band? Is he retarded?[View]
109961746Films only you love: I honestly think this is a classic and Hardy's best performance after Bron…[View]
109945758I have never been so moved. Absolutely beautiful. https://youtu.be/UgInmHHO0m4[View]
109963056Where my /funko/ friendos at[View]
109962762what's your favorite Australian tv show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPD_RHVFlys[View]
109962329Seen the upcoming teaser for EPXI.: - Opens behind Kylo Ren with his hood on looking out of what see…[View]
109961517Of Course[View]
109962644Is Aidan 'Bane?' Gillen the biggest over-actor in the business? Every time I see him on screen he lo…[View]
109963247What are some stories which would never be approved by Hollywood as a faithful film adaptation?[View]
109963050How realistic is the possibility of this happening to me in real life?[View]
109959567Besides the incest, this movie was so fucking kino[View]
109963215I'm about to watch the last episode of the soproanos, I'll be back when I'm finished[View]
109962801What were they trying to convey?[View]
109960593could this be the next game of thrones? Sweden is making a series called “The First Swedes” which wi…[View]
109962187What horror movies do you guys recommend? I was thinking either The Grudge or The Conjuring. I want …[View]
109962705What are some films about police?[View]
109962955Anyone have the Captain Marvel chicken dance gif?[View]
109962946>deviled eggs? At a cinema And deviled eggs The other one liquor I love this show…[View]
109958728Rich: Do you need any kind of training to use the Force? Any? Jay: [Kylo] has training. Rich: She du…[View]
109962904What are some kinos about India? >webm related[View]
109962083Any other kinos that take place in a European country side that centers around young romance?[View]
109962764What are some movies about AVSTRALIAN BVLLS?[View]
109961346claim your sein-fu [spoilers] >no elaine [/spoilers][View]
109961413How long until this happens?[View]
109952357press F for joe rogan: >have jack dorsey on your podcast >a man who invented digital depersoni…[View]
109962112Emma Stone: Greatest cinema performer of our generation or just a pretty face?[View]
109962633Hey /tv/. How's everyone doing today? What TV and films are we discussing?[View]
109961393Characters you wish had lived[View]
109961370since stonerplank is allowed >>109956218 what are some essential newer youtube kino? no pleb s…[View]
109962445Why does Kingdom look more expensive than Marco Polo?[View]
109962410(im a virgin): PRESS D TO DAB ON JANNIES[View]
109960777Mr Robot: Why does everybody on this show keep pretending this thot is hot? She looks like a fetal a…[View]
109962403post oz-kino[View]
109960354Why are modern Korean filmaker so much better than Japanese ones?[View]
109962370Who was in the wrong here? I mean, it was FREE pizza[View]
109962216Now that the dust has settled: What was the big deal[View]
109961990what are some kino about how grouse Australia is?[View]
109962342What are some movies about bears beating the shit out of other animals like gorillas and tigers[View]
109962315пpeкpaтитe ecть пищy.[View]
109962312lord of the rings: Why is this movie so much kino?[View]
109962308Shit you enjoy but don't wanna get caught watching?[View]
109962288Has anybody here seen this masterpiece?[View]
109962285Where are the jannys?[View]
109959813Why is this movie so comfy? Why won't Tarantino make crime kino anymore?[View]
109962147I wish netflix had reviews and comments on their movies and shows. itd be a great addition[View]
109961698is /ourguy/ gonna be in king of the monsters?[View]
109941708Tell me about your Rust moments: I'll start. >in literary class >talk constructive shit a…[View]
109960535>Character is 140lbs, smokes 3 packs a day for decades, defining trait is he doesn't care th…[View]
109952935Just got back from seeing this at the kinoplex. One of the best superhero films ever made, and one o…[View]
109961220can good christian values save the train wreck that is the star wars franchise?[View]
109961946Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
109961901>animated movie is better than the live action[View]
109946225Why hasn't HBO made this their next big tv show?[View]
109961338Girlfriend wants me to watch Eat Pray Love with her tonight for our Valentines date. What should I e…[View]
109961798What does /tv/ think about The Social Network?[View]
109959699Was it kino?[View]
109961255Chris: >Hemsworth >Pratt >Evans >Pine Which is the best actor, /tv/?…[View]
109961717This show is fucking awesome[View]
109961104What were the best dating shows?: For me, it was Elimidate. So many sluts. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
109959450broly: could he defeat thanos?[View]
109949073OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2019/02/14/even-1-billion-doesn…[View]
109934707>this is a poster for a theatrically released movie and someone was paid to make it When did peop…[View]
109961308wtf I hate the government now[View]
109938725CAPTAIN MARVEL BO Tracking Predicts $100 Mil or LOWER Opening. OH NO NO NO NO: >Captain Marvel fl…[View]
109959152He doesn't like you.[View]
109960646>I DON'T EAT, I DON'T SLEEP[View]
109961559Does this version ruin the aesthetic and atmosphere of the original? If so, is the director's c…[View]
109951902>ancient princess will never be your valentine oh setepai[View]
109960258Leave Thanos to me[View]
109959083Well, should it?[View]
1099614572019. Gay bad guy. Body shaming.: It's the current year, guys, and we're getting a Dune re…[View]
109960904whats the main theme of this clip: ?[View]
109961412What are you doing in the middle of my investigation?[View]
109961402>blocks your path >WHERE U GOIN WHITE BOI…[View]
109958097TING TING TING: Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement to make[View]
109960094how would simpsons be if ned was formerly skinny but otherwise unchanged[View]
109958003Joey King looks creepy as fuck man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoXVu1ddDns[View]
109959641>hey mister do you want a taste? wat do[View]
109959999>THAT’S NOT FRAUD >That is, uh, false advertising.…[View]
109960085What's the youngest you would go bros? Keep in mind she won't tell on you[View]
109961226what are some new good films I can watch[View]
109961254for me (and Heath Ledger) it was the 80's period-style MILF-y Michelle Williams. It still is fo…[View]
109959694Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109960924Kenan Thompson will be the executive producer of a new All That coming to Nickelodeon.[View]
109961212Well? Did he?[View]
109960990wat you looking at der[View]
109955992Remind me of his name?[View]
109961162mnnmm mmmmm ohhh hmmmmnnn[View]
109956767>people actually thought this was a woman[View]
109960902>go to the cinema >see this wat do[View]
109959757What's so great about it?[View]
109961095did he crash the retro game market or something like that?[View]
109960922mon bébé[View]
109957488>DALLAS SALAD[View]
109959574Why the fuck is this nigga stealing toiletries from their hotel?[View]
109960097was it kino?[View]
109953200ITT: The funniest movie you've ever seen[View]
109960837hangin out with bros: bro films[View]
109960208Underrated and ahead of its time. Would be a monster hit if it were released today.[View]
109959737>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
109959465> Reminder that Captain Marvel will make more money in its opening weekend than Alita will in its…[View]
109956533When Kelsey Grammer auditioned for the role of Frasier Crane in 'Frasier' he only had $11 dollars to…[View]
109960762>Donny, we gotta take our training to the next level! *rides to some bumfuck desert to do basic b…[View]
109949010can someone explain why the fuck this gay shit is critically acclaimed? i watched every episode so f…[View]
109953406Who is your favorite cute and talented actor? What kinos have they made? Question of the thread: wha…[View]
109946902What are some fake products in movies that you actually wanted?[View]
109960574So what did we think of it?[View]
109959951Anything from the trolley dears?[View]
109958916Post movies that are widely praised but, in reality, are shit. Pic related: Don't Look Now. The…[View]
109960577What is your favorite Jim Henson movie?[View]
109958719>and this is my wife's son's room. he doesn't have many friends, but he's qui…[View]
109960444Fuck: Just recommend kino shows and films to someone I don't like guys, fuck. How do I deal wi…[View]
109949825Worth a watch?[View]
109960226What kind of lightsaber would you have? Mine would have stained oak wood grips inlaid into the metal…[View]
109957537Brie Larson is so strong that when she was seen pushing a 4000lb jeep, she was actually pushing the …[View]
109945713Was G4 tv kino?[View]
109959260Early 2000s shows you never really watched but heard the themes of when you were under 6[View]
109960025>He is the son of...Anakin Skywalker >Ok, but why didn't you just say 'you'?…[View]
109955868Jazz General - Love Is In The Air Edition: REQUIRED WATCHING Latest on Jazz's Healing Process h…[View]
109960259are there any movies like this[View]
109958491Terrifier 2 has been confirmed!: Holy fucking clown shit![View]
109957541What are some reliable torrent sites for a poor fag out there?[View]
109960144He was a good villain, why did they kill him off so quick ?[View]
109960011Why is he so sidelined[View]
109959832If a trailer came out that said >You'll probably think this movie sucks, it got like 4% on …[View]
109947902This is better than the first one.[View]
109960147Any of you guys want to write your own films?[View]
109959229Thanks for seeing my movie and making sure I get enough money to live, anon. I knew I could count on…[View]
109958763>where would we be without cars? and how would we get there? MEEEN[View]
109959917>they can regrow Harrys bones with magical medicine >they can't fix his fucking cataracts…[View]
109956753Question, what does a man who claims 'Frasier is my favorite show of all time!' look like, /tv/?[View]
109957940Does /tv/ like it[View]
109959666Hot Fuzz > Shaun of the Dead > Scott Pilgrim >>>>>> World's End[View]
109959291>Im a amanda munward Why did Joker call himself Amanda Mundward? is this supposed to be some theo…[View]
109959897>Go on talk show to promote new show >Derail the whole interview with politics…[View]
109954789>'So, kids, it's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means! You get to stay downsta…[View]
109957903Who would win?[View]
109958790Ok who let THIS happen?[View]
109958056>main character leaves show >show keeps going on why do they do this? and what other shows do…[View]
109958844return the slab....: why was this scene so scary?[View]
109959762>itt: movies with great cinematography[View]
109959793>Ryan Dunn never died >been an elaborate prank all these years >jackass crew gets together …[View]
109958806So, what's next for his career?[View]
109959628Upcoming Empire episodes.: So what’s YOUR prediction for the next season of EMPIRE?[View]
109959802>couple is having an argument at a restaurant >waitress comes by to see how they're doing…[View]
109959788Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109959743Why didn't anon watch a movie with his date on valentines day? because he didn't have one!…[View]
109959243What would happen if he was having sex with some babes but got turned back into a kid hahaha asking …[View]
109952777We're gonna make it: How is /tv/ getting through Valentine's Day?[View]
109958575What was the superior epsiode? Krusty's Komedy Klassics? or Krusty's Khristmas Karnival?[View]
109950158Frasier reboot to Netflix: thoughts?[View]
109958862'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO': Not the alimony![View]
109959540>sci fi show has a courtroom/trial episode what did i think of when i marathon such a television …[View]
109959448Any films about true love?[View]
109959442>fuck Bush and FUCK 9/11 what a shame, she used be my favorite[View]
109959413>'I work here with my old man...' >(Old Man lying in an open casket comes to picture) >'...…[View]
109956867How's your Valentine's day going /tv/?[View]
109957613>moved halfway across the country for university >mum just left and I'm alone in the dorm…[View]
109959343Spending another valentine night alone in your room huh lonely and horny poster?[View]
109958655Films about becoming an adult....?[View]
109958068Will he be a good Paul Atreides?: I think he will. Not only is Denis highly competent and has an aut…[View]
109958999>valentines day >feeling lonely >watch fyre doc >see roasties and chads get btfo >fee…[View]
109958866>yfw you realised the real human bean song from drive was about Sully[View]
109959049PAST A CERTAIN AGE: >Watching kino alone on Valentine's day…[View]
109956603Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
109959085thoughts on these gams?[View]
109951150Now that the dust has settled, what does /tv/ think of The Dark Knight Rises' opening plane sce…[View]
109958285Is there a more dishonest movie than American Hustle?[View]
109953708What does /tv/ think of director, screenwriter, skateboarder, BJJ martial artist, photographer and a…[View]
109959157>Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer? >Because she always runs away from the ball!…[View]
109959111/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother 2: FINALE HAD ONLY 3.8 MILLION VIEWERS L O L SHUT IT DOWN GRODNER[View]
109958928 [View]
109955805Are there any movies about eco-terrorism?[View]
109958961All this praise for Alita is just an ironic joke right? You guys honestly don't think this weeb…[View]
109958865OMAR COMIN[View]
109956783Is /tv/ looking forward to the new horror kino La Llorona? It looks spooky. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
109951787God she’s cute. I think I’m in love guys, what do I do?[View]
109958934What are some movies that deal with the oppression of being a gamer in today's society?[View]
109958494Just give me a moment guys...: I'll be seeing you around...[View]
109953960THE NAME IS GALLY: Mediocre as fuck, stop saying the movie was good. YES IT WASN'T BAD, but sti…[View]
109958804Harley Quinn casting: We had a thread about this a moment ago but it's gone now. Who would you …[View]
109958678I'm Mike Wolfe, and I'm Frank Fritz, and we're pickers. We travel the backroads of Am…[View]
109957886ITT: movies that got mediocre or worse reviews when released but you think were just misunderstood a…[View]
109958774BECAUSE THE WORLD IS ROUND IT TURNS ME ON: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) Thread[View]
109955883What is \tv\'s opinion on Doom Patrol ? It's coming out today. Any reason to watch ?[View]
109958650Only God Forgives: Did the director think that silent staring is what made Drive good? There is way …[View]
109957570>canonically has 57 wins and 23 losses what a fucking bum[View]
109952621>I choo-choo-chooose you![View]
109958443Kelsey Grammer says Netflix is the likely home for a possible Frasier revival: https://ew.com/tv/201…[View]
109958557>I'm gonna melt you down and make a cock ring[View]
109955725/mu/ has /mu/core, /lit/ has the meme trilogy: Are there any /tv/, universally agreed upon, classics…[View]
109958544/Our guy/ Riley's film is almost here lads. Are you ready? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_A…[View]
109957705>And I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget[View]
109952276Is he literate?[View]
109957300>DRADIS CONTACT! >Battlestar thread just jumped in right on top of the catalog! >this is NO…[View]
109958361http://www.astortheatre.net.au/wp-content/uploads/astor-calendar-17-Front_Web.pdf New Astor Theatre …[View]
109938827Which soap kino is the best?[View]
109956516ITT: movies/tv that actually should get remade/rebooted: why hasn't Neve ending story gotten a …[View]
109951434How did such a bad actor get so many roles?[View]
109957582In the year 2525 If man is still aliiiiiive[View]
109937925/trek/: St. Valentine's Day Massacre Edition previous bread >>109908733[View]
109958133Does anyone remember?: Darkness Falls? I remember how us kids on the playground were talking about h…[View]
109956939I'M GONNA SAY IT[View]
109958124Holy shit! Its the damn girl from True Grit. Shes 22. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ_0QLL2gq…[View]
109957188How would a season 10 have gone?[View]
109955951Are you going to support the most aryan animated movie in recent years?[View]
109948302Luke Skywalker thread: Appreciate the living legend here.[View]
109957749>ywn date prime Cybill Shepherd[View]
109956827How do you know that it's a performance that is good or bad instead of the direction, script or…[View]
109956994ITT fake shows/movies that you'd totally watch if they were real[View]
109940679Whats a movie to cheer me up?: I feel sad today, help me out friends[View]
109949817Whatever happened to Keira Knightley? Did she deliberately decide to mostly stay away from big block…[View]
109957351I hope it's good. He deserves it...[View]
109957843>tfw no asian peasant gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhkE3e7lT_g [Embed]…[View]
109957178The pizza is aggressive[View]
109954711wtf alita is my waifu now[View]
109955515Has anyone watched Empire?[View]
109950303Climax: holy shit finally saw it. thoughts?[View]
109957797did she really want reagan gone or was she only trying to send a massage ?[View]
109957708Are there any American celebrities who are only famous in other countries?[View]
109957702>Kahuna Kahuna Kahuna Kahuna I suddenly remembered this movie[View]
109956784How does the COZI TV broadcast of the first two seasons of Frazier look so good? Every dvdrip of sea…[View]
109957602>'I work here with my old man...' >(Old Man lying in an open casket comes to picture) >'...…[View]
109948181007 Tier Rankings: GOD TIER: From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Demi-God Tier: The Living Daylights…[View]
109957571Let’s get a comfy Wire thread going, /tv/. Share some of your favorite scenes and moments from what …[View]
109957035Kino it is then.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSLe4HuKuK0 Will this be one of the the highest gr…[View]
109956586W-what is he walking away from?[View]
109957469ITT: real life kino[View]
109957508OH NO[View]
109948644skinny pete[View]
109956316>hehe hey anon what if i wrote a scene where a girl take her shoes off and rubs her feet against …[View]
109954521drug movies: itt: movies/documentaries/series about junkies[View]
109952604Is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen kino?[View]
109957253What the fuck is this. It should have been Adam Driver. >https://deadline.com/2019/02/jason-mom…[View]
109957410thanks /tv im even more fucked up than i was this morning[View]
109956375You may not like it, but this is what peak Star Wars looks like[View]
109957213What are the best uses of time travel in television and film?[View]
109955743>Say if you're so bad then rob that feed store over there![View]
109956440What was his best joke?[View]
109957347>mfw kino turns to shit in the final 20 minutes[View]
109946802Which movie are you watching this Valentine's day?[View]
109956997Do americans really talk like this?[View]
109954855Deadwood: Was it autism?[View]
109956373>'live action' flick >is 90% cgi[View]
109945000True Detective[View]
109957128How did the public come dub him 'The Overseer'?[View]
109948350Jazz General - Edition Not Found Edition: REQUIRED WATCHING prelude to disaster https://www.youtube.…[View]
109956865History will remember this movie as racist and condescending: It's literally about a technologi…[View]
109956967Its 4am here I'm parked with my driving gloves listening to nightcall thinking about my ex, how…[View]
109956649I liked it. 8/10[View]
109948028We are 3 days past the birthday of a legend: How the fuck is there no thread?[View]
109953005Apparently Lucy is spending Valentine's Day with Randy so I'm going to get fucking wasted[View]
109956165/mu/ has binural beats /x/ has astral projection / lucid dreaming /lit/ has...braille? What Televisi…[View]
109942068let's just face it. it was keno.[View]
109956750>Richtofen case >Nardoni case >Park Maniac Damn, this brazilian criminal investigation seri…[View]
109952063/orville/ - The Orville: Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGeL1awf41M >Will Talla finally…[View]
109956726This is a Stargate thread. Post Stargate.[View]
109956696I decided to watch this show because it involves my home at points and I was curious. Holy fuck is t…[View]
109955135I'm on the verge of tears by the time we arrive at /tv/, since I'm positive we won't …[View]
109956212This motherfucker.[View]
109956623Blade: Is it black kino?[View]
109954697What are some good kinos to watch when you're sick?[View]
109952628goddamn who isn't in this movie at this point[View]
109952587Happy Valentine: >be me >have a GF >is Luv from Denis Villenueve's: Blade Runner 2049 …[View]
109956495Which Entourage character are you most like?[View]
109953591Was Dwight an autismo?[View]
109952975whats the modern non drugs version of Requiem for a Dream > to keep the high going ''SOCIAL …[View]
109926752>kimochi sugoi[View]
109955701What are some films about the destruction of a political legacy?[View]
109956209Would a modern female-only remake of the Human Centipede be allowed in the modern metoo era? If so w…[View]
109951167Favourite Simpsons Character Thread: Who is your favourite character?[View]
109955738Sopranos Mysteries thread: >that fat Italian looks nothing like the typical African American drug…[View]
109955401Who is the best Galaxy Quest character?[View]
109955057>tfw haven't seen a new movie in over 5 years[View]
109956225Actually I'm quite comfortable[View]
109953568You've heard it first here. It's called: Invaders from the Beyond[View]
109956207What was his fucking problem?[View]
109943291PRISONER 26401![View]
109956173Shows you like but are embarassed to admit[View]
109953901American Dharma: Does anyone know how/where I can watch Eroll Morris' new shity film about Bann…[View]
109956185>characters are furiously banging in a broom closet >third wheel character opens the door >…[View]
109945527>Rolex? >Amigo[View]
109953220Marco Polo: Who was right? Was Kaidu right to assert that the Mongols should go back to tradition an…[View]
109954714I feel like I just saw real footage[View]
109955930>character visits a restaurant >doesn't immediately ask where the toilets are…[View]
109955985Anybody seen Richie!?: Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo!?[View]
109949505ITT we posts examples of /tv/ posters who would make /tv/ better if they left: >won't watch …[View]
109952570Just saw this movie What do you think about it, /tv/?[View]
109955730What the fuck was their problem?[View]
109953908>hottest woman on The sopranos >be a complete bitch…[View]
109943968Wtf is Netflix's problem?[View]
109955744did we come at the end?[View]
109952070>you will never marry an intelligent, educated black qt from Queens who loves you for who you are…[View]
109955320All the movie theaters near me switched to reserved seating so now it's near impossible to watc…[View]
109954615>shows with great concepts but poor execution[View]
109955004I missed you, baby sweet.[View]
109955677Are you ready to see the first woman ever?[View]
109954634Happy V Day.: https://youtu.be/IuY7GsM6tvE[View]
109953641 [View]
1099543501990's JUSTICE LEAGUE: >Who would've directed it? >Who would the villains be and who…[View]
109952462The rape Sansa...[View]
109953907Can Aquaman be trusted playing Duncan Idaho, literally the most important character in the Dune univ…[View]
109954846>Fight scene >A Fifth of Beethoven (Disco Version) starts playing…[View]
109955209Old Nick/Disney channel show?: Hey, I'm looking for the name of an old Nickelodeon or Disney ch…[View]
109955525>just click on ads, bro[View]
109954477I think kino is back on the menu[View]
109955087Why doesn't Hollywood make heartwarming comedies about middle aged white men anymore?[View]
109955427What are some movies about brutal mogs?[View]
109954938>sci-fi movie/show >aliens speak english[View]
109955392This show is literally painful to watch[View]
109948489He's gonna be Duncan Idaho https://variety.com/2019/film/news/jason-momoa-dune-reboot-legendary…[View]
109955115>disaster film >main character is a divorced father who's a limousine driver…[View]
109955225Gf wants to watch this with me >https://youtu.be/YU1brBVMBkM What did she mean by this...…[View]
109955333In the Atlanta suburbs, there is a mansion with a near exact replica of the Red Room. Dozens of peop…[View]
109954573Happy Valentine's Day /tv/! What are some romance/horror Kinos? My GF is spending the night ove…[View]
109951931In about 10-15 years, 'The Favourite' will be regarded as 'the movie that changed how cinema was don…[View]
109955206Even Stevens: Why did Louis have a Cosmo Kramer portrait in his room?[View]
109954522I dont think ive seen a single thread for Free Solo, did anyone else even see it? Was it just me, o…[View]
109948151This was kino. What did /tv/ think of Supernatural episode 300?[View]
109954982>Tombstone becomes queen of the boom towns where the latest Paris fashions are sold from the back…[View]
109954921ITT we post our favorite movie foood[View]
109951708I FUCKING HATE this stupid, unfunny character. Literally ruins the show with his pathetic look-how-d…[View]
109954795i drawed a twiangle[View]
109943169The great debate[View]
109950478What are some tv show with predictable endings?[View]
109953544Was he autistic?[View]
109954733(((Television & Film)))[View]
109953404Captain James Tiberius Kirk: Captain James Tiberius Kirk[View]
109950244What's the most accurate portrayal of mental illness in film/tv? e.g https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
109952992BANE: HE HAS RISEN AGAIN Gotham thread so mods don't ban [View]
109954599Who should play him in the inevitable documentary?[View]
109933398Why didn't Harry Potter just invoke his rights as the lord of an ancient and noble house and ca…[View]
109947498The best acid-trip tv series I've seen.[View]
109943121>World record headquarters, can I help you?[View]
109948103I miss these dead junkies like you wouldnt believe[View]
109954070>it's a Hal episode[View]
109953657Post you’re /tv/alentine[View]
109954020>relate to character >a girl in the story takes interest in him…[View]
109942922>kills the only nazi that spared his life >lets the others go What a fag, was i supposed to li…[View]
109947786disney announces live-action rescue rangers[View]
109946833ITT: times you acted like Danny Archer in Blood Diamond >walk out of the house with my Hawaiian s…[View]
109953761ITT : Cool things from deleted scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmUTA8GzrtM&t=2m5s[View]
109951940I know it's cringey but can someone recommend a romance based movie where it doesn't work …[View]
109948661What is the greatest western kino?[View]
109947797Where do you go to watch old asian films: Have been meaning to watch City on Fire and other older Ho…[View]
109930895>villain's name is Sauron >his #2 man is names Saruman Excellent writing.…[View]
109951313Was the joke that prince was a huge dork ala Kanye? was he even supposed to be Prince? Also jokes yo…[View]
109953508>im really glad i came to your board only to be ridiculed by a bunch of neet virgins.…[View]
109943484>British ''''''''''humor'''''''''' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnrGtXXPO14…[View]
109950872Now that's he's back, can we talk about one of the most underrated actors of a generation?[View]
109953523>2040s teen film >SO LET'S SET THE WORLD ON FIRE plays…[View]
109951542>Kenny in the dark >Spenny in the light >this was the last time they remotely looked like f…[View]
109953426>10 days until the Oscars[View]
109952059>want to watch LOTR on Hulu >re-subscribe just to do so >they have The Two Towers and Retur…[View]
109952514Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
109943694What made this character so memorable? Just his design?[View]
109953231>people hate what they don't understand[View]
109953205Is it true that Refn waited for her to turn 18 so he could film her sex scenes in Too Old to Die You…[View]
109951236What's the verdict on Red State?[View]
109936241>SUBURBAN DOG LADY starring EMMA STONE, directed by YORGOS LANTHIMOS, will focus on a wealthy wom…[View]
109950160What are the best yakuza movies? or asian crime movies in general?[View]
109952671MATRIX MYSTERIES! ! !: Where did this guy go during the butthumpey, sweaty dirt rave orgy that night…[View]
109950364Ted Bundy Netflix documentary: >Is introverted social retard in high school >Becomes uber cha…[View]
109947939Alita AMA: This is to the Alita manga what Peter Jackson's LOTR movies are to JRR Tolkien'…[View]
109953021Was he right?: John Milton: Who are you carrying all those bricks for anyway? God? Is that it? God? …[View]
109951899How is this not /tv/'s favourite film? >is about an attractive female teacher who starts sle…[View]
109942681Would you watch a Harley Quinn movie?[View]
109953003Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109932154WebM Thread: Post what you got[View]
109952741what happened to Hayley's twin brother?[View]
109950952Like a turd in the wind[View]
109952074M. Night. Shyamalan is the greatest director of our time: >distinctive, soulful style >writes…[View]
109952018Based Bana is back[View]
109952842It's February 15th in the UK which is singles day here, what are some good films to celebrate?[View]
109951799Will the Impresario find a new rapper or is his business finished?[View]
109945306LOOKS LIKE HAMILL KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rltOe-oLtSg[View]
109951613Are American offices really like this?[View]
109951062Should I watch 2 and 3?[View]
109944256'OM NOM...where does he...OM NOM NOM. get all his...OM...toys from? Burp!'[View]
109951520Hollywood... listen the FUCK up: Because I know you browse this board for movie suggestions. It…[View]
109950220Garden Of Sinners: Cast it and who directs?[View]
109951602Netflix Headquarters On Active Shooter Lockdown: https://deadline.com/2019/02/netflix-on-active-shoo…[View]
109950449>im just a regular joe like you >im just a regular joe raised by millionaires like you >im …[View]
109948274Roman law.[View]
109952327CHARMED: 2>3>1>4[View]
109952321What the fuck was his problem?[View]
109947700Sopranos thread: >HE DOES NOT[View]
109951704dr. pavel i’m alone on valentine’s day[View]
109949466I'm convinced people only like this because they only remember the last line because the rest o…[View]
109942474Happy to support a blockbuster that isn't produced by Disney, but if I were to make a case agai…[View]
109949774name a better Strong Female Character in film?[View]
109950786https://coub.com/view/1akmi This will change your mind on seeing CM[View]
109953006>white people will never be allowed in films and shows again unless they're portrayed as evi…[View]
109949800Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
109951635Does /tv/ knows about Sophia Stewart, the author of The Matrix and Terminator?: https://youtu.be/a4T…[View]
109945610Welcome To The Salty Spitoon. How Tough Are Ya?[View]
109947633>ITT: cartoons that DEMAND a big screen live action adaptation[View]
109949977It will cross 1 billion easily[View]
109947526Who aged best to worst in the sequel?[View]
109951695I hate his voice so goddamn much: He's the singular reason I refuse to ever watch any of the HT…[View]
109949376Which actors ruined theirs and everybody else careers because they got an incurable disease related …[View]
109948670>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
109951442ITT: Biopics you'd like to see How exactly did this guy get away with saying the N word so much…[View]
109948241>ENOUGH FROM THE FROG![View]
109948852 [View]
109950731what was his end game exactly? he didn't take off with the money and leave the country. was it …[View]
109946150Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
109950782What did Zack mean by this?[View]
109950917Holy fuck: When did the Onion get so redpilled?[View]
109947723Deviant.2017.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-NTG: >Deviant.2017.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-NTG…[View]
109949692Perfect movie musicals don't exi-[View]
109949071A film with these 4 would be LEGENDARY[View]
109947734I am... how do you say? Paranoy![View]
109941299LIVE ACTION ANTHEM short from Neil Blomkamp: >https://youtu.be/wka5RovFEo8 Someone get this man a…[View]
109950581so... you are alone on valentine's day again[View]
109949410Incels hate THIS?[View]
109949583OH NO[View]
109946036shill thread: >The film will be released in the United States on 1 March 2019 by A24. Holy shit, …[View]
109950081Single Dude Vday Movies: Most people here are single and without entertainment. Give me your best bo…[View]
109950179Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109949834>the hooker won't accept Bitcoin[View]
109948689What are good films to take you out of reality for a moment? LOTR for example.[View]
109949552How did they get away with this?![View]
109950047/tv/ BTFO: >Every comic book movie is the same thing: The hero goes after some glowy thing. Oh ma…[View]
109934048RIAN JOHNSON TRILOGY STILL A GO: >Rian Johnson i-i-sn't g-g-g-etting his t-t-rilog- HAHAHAHA…[View]
109949126Norsemen: Does /tv/ watch this?[View]
109949991You're gonna break a lot of hearts: What did he mean by this?[View]
109948257>They fight bravely. >Whether they fight or not they know the will die anyway, so really is th…[View]
109946121Would a good Christian actress ever do a nude scene?[View]
109949813>I got a bad taste in my mouth out here >Aluminum, ash >Like you can smell the psychosphere…[View]
109949884janny dont delete my threads: chucks fuck and suck[View]
109949828Anyone else wanted to look like this kid when they were 12?[View]
109949377>110lb girl fends off 200lb guy[View]
109945911Are American high schools really like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPzyYTz89SY[View]
109949588This nigga went from Superman to Lex Luthor[View]
109949498>Woah woah woah, Iron Crusaders?[View]
109949551Twin Peaks is realer than not: >>>/x/22217546 Did Lynch know? Did William Petter Blatty? St…[View]
109949544>I'm a simple man, Ray. A simple man who repudiates perfidiousness…[View]
109949421What did I think of it?[View]
109948305favorite garfield episode?[View]
109949491What are some kinos about the burden of being a professional movie reviewer?[View]
109949462Call me Kitty Cat.[View]
109949440If I pull that mask off, will you die?[View]
109949420/Horror Valentines Edition: What are some kino horrors for Valentines[View]
109946463What's your favorite movie commentary track?[View]
109948615Why do films/shows still not feature women watching porn and being porn/masturbation addicts? Most w…[View]
109949483JUSSIE SMOLLET HOAX: https://twitter.com/charliedemar/status/1096181650390765570?s=21 Its unraveling…[View]
109937286>Captain Marvel is going to make a billi-[View]
109946368>same main character is played by a different actor each season[View]
109946340just watched pic related, it was dogshit. it was so bad that I had to pause mid movie because I lite…[View]
109949142By order of the Peaky fucking Blinders.: Is this Peak(y) /tv/ kino? >The BBC accidentally makes a…[View]
109947378beep.. beep: was it kino?[View]
109948917>just be yourself Is that what that means ?[View]
109948446this piece of shit is better than overlord according imbd and rotten tomatoes i hate film critics[View]
109944450Find me a more wholesome career[View]
109946959Debora was completely unnecessary character in this.[View]
109948949Watchmen: Rorschach: My face! The Comedian: My face! I just noticed this pottery. Are there any othe…[View]
109947692>cool looking villains >act like complete retards in their respective franchise/movies…[View]
109948836What's he been up to these days?[View]
109935965Best Kubrick?: And why is it A Clockwork Orange?[View]
109948154Is he wrong? https://youtu.be/BYPHa0qbkS0[View]
109939305Thoughts on Johnny Depp? He still makes any film watchable for me.[View]
109925864I liked it Fight me: No politics. no agenda. fucked up the manga. Saw it twice 3d imax and I'm …[View]
109948676Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109943235Based on the taxes, I'd say Springfield was in Montana[View]
109947650WITNESS ME[View]
109948504If he hadn't brought the crib to the beanerwoman's house he wouldn't have beaten the …[View]
109942166What went wrong?[View]
109947982Reminder movies and tv are for brainlets and plebs.intellectuals read books.[View]
109947722>80s homage movie >soundtrack is all synthwave crap instead of Soul or Pop…[View]
109948450>watching 2020 movie >Scene takes place in Miami >they go into a club TAKI TAKI RUMBA…[View]
109947571Who will play his mocap?[View]
109948196Yo, is this Linkara? We all know he likes this kind of stuff... Also Channel Awesome thread I guess,…[View]
109947184*AHEM* Fuck the populares Fuck the Julii and FUCK ATIA!!![View]
109947755>its a movie nobody gives a shit about and is immediately forgotten episode…[View]
109945887yes, yes well done, Slytherin. Well done, Slytherin. HOWEVER, I would appreciate it if you tone down…[View]
109948124So this is a mix between Barry Lyndon and Crime and Punishment, but in the modern age?[View]
109945431>there is no such thing as capekin-[View]
109947424movies and shows to motivate me?: I don't wanna be a neet anymore, anything to motivate me to b…[View]
109948086Mr. Mercury, I'm EMI[View]
109947148https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=adGRHZFElvc Jay got more pussy than /tv/ right?…[View]
109947991I don't get it. What couldn't he beat?[View]
109946446Why is it so fucking slow and comfy ? also how do you think breaking bad the movie will fit in an…[View]
109948020Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109948019Will Jackie do more movies like this?[View]
109943163Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
109940149what do you call this look?[View]
109945861What's with Mondomedia's nonsensical choice of what shows to produce? If you look at their…[View]
109924414Embarrassing shots.[View]
109947685Comfiest show on netflix, change my mind: She tidies up rooms and is so sweet :) Love it, very whole…[View]
109946733>tfw no alita gf[View]
109945769The Simpsons: Best Simpson's songs?[View]
109934021Have you ever seen something kino that you have yelled either 'KINO,' 'BASED 'or some combination of…[View]
109947171Just go MGTOW[View]
109947239Star is Born: Why isn’t this absolute kino winning Best Picture?[View]
109947406>watching Black Panther at the movies >intense fighting scene between protag and antag >slo…[View]
109938236Play Salieri.[View]
109943706Star Trek TOS Season Three 50 Year Anniversary Celebration: On February 14th, 1969, 'Requiem for Met…[View]
109934423Happy Valentine’s Day fellas, post some interracial movie couples[View]
109944506oscar for best actress right here[View]
109947262/tv/ BTFO once again[View]
109947105Was he correct?[View]
109936923Jazz General - Deep In The Dark Edition: REQUIRED WATCHING prelude to disaster https://www.youtube.c…[View]
109946850What is their goal?: They blew up the entire government, so obviously they don't want political…[View]
109945381Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109947085ITT: blackpilled scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8v_XqFO8Bc[View]
109928493>character learns to 'just b urself'[View]
109947033If you don't agree with me, you're a VOLDEMORT.[View]
109939284Oh Jonas-san, you save my life, me sucky sucky[View]
109946854Terrifying Things: In movies/series that aren't horror.[View]
109941445Cold Pursuit is better than Alita Battle Angel and you fags know it[View]
109932267Was he gay?[View]
109944251Which is the better Beatles musical?[View]
109946301Kinda of fucked that they just give kids weapons, and then have them spend all their lives learning …[View]
109943935Can we finally admit, without cherry-picking 'wrong opinions,' that he wasn't that bad?[View]
109943491explain this[View]
109943665>Valentine's day[View]
109940763Triple Threat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DovnHrIwfTY fucking kino[View]
109945602is MPV player this generations VLC player?[View]
109946625>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
109946325>*Family guy intro ends* >*Scene opens in Peter’s house, where the family is on the couch watc…[View]
109945192>HEY YOU, C'MERE >y-yes, chef? >WHAT WAS THE TOP ANIMATED FILM OF 2013? >umm it was…[View]
109946485It's so kino bros. I wish Star Wars was this good.[View]
109943953ITT: Simpsons gags you didn’t fully understand: This one has me puzzled[View]
109946430Recently rewatched this, and I realized that it’s absolutely brilliant in every possible way[View]
109924519ALITA: >59% critic score 6/10 >95% audience score 9/10 Are critics out of touch?…[View]
109945921multipass: multipass[View]
109945234Damn! japanese television looks like that[View]
109945645Who will depict her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
109944758>we gon have a lotta fixins[View]
109943263Have you ever noticed how they make movies with singing (musicals), but they never make movies with …[View]
109943578Redpill me on the new True Detective season.[View]
109943668ITT: kinos incels will never understand I'll start[View]
109940465This is Stephen Colbert's live studio audience. Notice anything?[View]
109946033>Has her flower stolen from her >She takes it back I don't see anything wrong here.…[View]
109937584>'Sorry sir but this is a couples only theatre' >'Of course we could always find another singl…[View]
109929223>Here's your Gwen bro.[View]
109944433It's unfair, bros, why didn't /ourguy/ win?[View]
109945715What the fuck is wrong with chinese people? This shit was disturbing. So much randomness for a monst…[View]
109944680>Meatwad: Where's Carl? >Frylock: He's uh.. enhancing himself >Meatwad: Is he lea…[View]
109945818We've achieved levels of dishonesty that shouldn't even be possible.[View]
109942354does Homer enjoy: 1) donuts more than beer? 2) beer more than donuts? 3) both beer and donuts equall…[View]
109934814Woah sick Cardi was in the diner from pulp fiction???[View]
109939890Why was he called Samwise?[View]
109935260These guys are on fire this season. The Colombia Special in particular was pure kino. Was the donkey…[View]
109944959Alone on Valentines Day? God you’re pathetic. ROMANCE MOVIE MARATHON FOR PEOPLE THAT WANT TO KILL T…[View]
109943500tv characters who would have voted trump: basically and mad men actor besides ginsberg post-Hare Kri…[View]
109945534>release date march 19th Looks like Action Kino is back on the menu[View]
109943655was he gay?[View]
109945430Project Blue Book thread: >ayy lmao?[View]
109945169Liam Neeson Kiss Scene in Widows: https://streamable.com/lp2rx[View]
109943644https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/bring-haters-dane-cook-plots-a-comedy-comeback-1185532 Is…[View]
109945061I imagine it must hurt the brain for the 'PT is soooo smart and deep and epic, I'm not like tho…[View]
109937321DC UNIVERSE DOOM PATROL EXTENDED TRAILER: JUST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tTM9nbRk5A…[View]
109943278Happy Death Day: Underrated kino IT'S YA BIRTHDAY[View]
109943396Was this the only proper horror/slasher made for a child audience? It perfectly creates the atmosphe…[View]
109945191You know what would be cool!? A Julian Casasblancas biopic about himself, the Strokes and all the ot…[View]
109943864Good bye: Let's say good bye to another ruined childhood reboots[View]
109940575>That episode where Andy convinced the whole town that slavery had been reinstated How did they g…[View]
109943073this deserves a sequel: .[View]
109945065Why are all reddit 'touch guys' like this?[View]
109945022Is Ghost Adventures kino?[View]
109942526What's the best episode of Kitchen Nightmares and why is it Levanti's https://www.youtube.…[View]
109939717Watching the favourite right now. How did you guys like it?[View]
109944861Post actors whose presence in the movie means you'll be skipping it[View]
109943957The only good thing about westworld was the Man in black plot. Why'd the fuck it up so bad[View]
109935576King Of The Hill: How would they have dealt with the 2016 presidential election?[View]
109944426Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109940485British '''''''''''humour'''''''''''[View]
109942463itt your favorite actors[View]
109942854>she doesn’t even know you exist movies for this feel?[View]
109941806After watching Blade Runner 2049 the first time, I had to pull the car over in order to weep, becaus…[View]
109939274Can /ourgirl/ defy all odds and defend Westeros from the foreign invaders, /tv/?[View]
109943478I was a fookin LEGEND in Gin Alley[View]
109943669What is /tv/ opinion about Michael Jackson? Did he really died by 'accident' or was he actively kill…[View]
109942311ITT: Ad kino https://youtu.be/YPtJBiP6BC0[View]
109934505Okay this is true[View]
109943368Whats the /tv consensus on Bridget Regan?[View]
109941184how about a lonely thread on /tv/ for valentines day what flicks do you watch to make yourself feel …[View]
109942040why is he so obsessed with masturbation?[View]
109943724>Americlap “”””””””””humour”””””””””” https://youtu.be/8Yredc3ayOE[View]
109939451What are some other films about extremely painful events[View]
109943863January Jones is starring in a new netflix ice skating kino show fämälämäzoids![View]
109944103Pray for Patrice[View]
109943297Is Maz Kanata in Episode IX?[View]
109942931>film is about a 'loner' >he has friends and a gf…[View]
109941993FUCK RYAN GOSLING[View]
109943596>my feet hurt[View]
109943670What a kino, lets talk.[View]
109926983ITT: pleb filters[View]
109943244Martin Landau used to be so fucking hot. I want to go back to the late 50s just to fuck his ass[View]
109943568the a24 of podcasts[View]
109943527ITT: 'villains' who were actually the good guys[View]
109943061ITT: Movies incels will never understand[View]
109938383Hey anon! We're giving out complimentary crab buckets to all couples today! Where is your speci…[View]
109943462Cringe: Why do people not understand the simple concept of intentional cringe in films, like emo Pet…[View]
109942942ITT: BLEAK MOVIES: Pic related, surprisingly.[View]
109942231>annihilate decades-old beloved franchise worth gorillion dollar >get an oscar what the fuck…[View]
109941581Hi, Merry! You look like you've got something to say. Do you?[View]
109935378>Chris Hemsworth — $150,000 for “Thor” (2011) >Robert Downey Jr. — $500,000 for “Iron Man” (20…[View]
109942831ITT: Romantic Movies That Don't Suck: Today is the day, /tv/.[View]
109941141Which trap played off your fear(s)?[View]
109940295Show me a more kino movie[View]
109939806>55 years old does he eat fetuses to stay vigorous?[View]
109943323What are some movies women enjoy?[View]
109942936>Be me >Front row seating for free re-premier of Black Panther >Wearing my favorite tuxedo,…[View]
109942753It looks nice. I work at the local police department and I'll probably play it on my time off a…[View]
109939613What was Jimmy's fucking problem?[View]
109939886YO DOGGIE![View]
109942198Will you watch his series tomorrow?[View]
109941847It honestly is really sad that world peace got cut down so early. It was one of the most original ne…[View]
109935337Was it kino?[View]
109943103how do you apply to become a janny? i will clean up this place like you wouldn't believe[View]
109941529What does /tv/ do on Valentine's Day? Me and my gf (pic related) are about to watch GoldenEye, …[View]
109940104>has the most retarded motivation in history of villians >looks like a blueberry on steroids …[View]
109942973How is mommy so fucking based[View]
109930177>Movie >Guy who is an avoidant loner and makes zero effort to make the moves on a girl, has a …[View]
109938992Do you like a franchise more if your favorite actor is a fan, or do you not care?[View]
109943001Well, Anon, yea or nay? Come on, son.. We don't have all day for you to decide.[View]
109942627Should I watch this? y/n?[View]
109942512>movie /tv/ hates gets trashed by critics >'LMAO GET REKT KEKS' >movie /tv/ likes gets tras…[View]
109940074Why do Americans fall for the valentines meme so hard? They act like it’s a real thing.[View]
109940151GNTM 2019: Anyone?[View]
109941283Why is this retard still allowed on tv?[View]
109930502>wimpy kid in interrogation room >'you know what happens to pretty boys like you in prison?'…[View]
109942825Favorite Mongolian actress? Mine is Bayartsetseg Altangerel.[View]
109942634Thoughts on Criterion?[View]
109942319if a movie were to made about your life, it would be written by a tribesman: how does that make you …[View]
109935061ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
109942650right here around the corner[View]
109942005https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvpKRSHIkzM Are you excited for Don't Trust Cool Wine Aunts: Th…[View]
109942590ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
109941706show me a better woman superhero: there (((claps))) inst (((claps))) one (((claps))) in (((claps))) …[View]
109941994I don't even care about the movie but >that fucking title hits close to home. What are other…[View]
109942470>I warned him[View]
109941435How many kinos do you watch per day?[View]
109942562Which website do you use to watch free movies? I used to have one really good link.[View]
109941533>woman slaps man across the face >he doesn't immediately press charges for assault Why do…[View]
109942623Why didn't they just have Gandalf stay dead and write the 'Gandalf The White' shit out of the s…[View]
109931829Jay and Canadian-Jay discuss Top Secret. https://youtu.be/pVC5n6hYTFY[View]
109941434I unironically enjoyed this. But then again, I'm a sucker for movies with a time loop. I don…[View]
109942561Anybody here still watch Kimmel?: Why can he make jokes but can't take them?[View]
109937623What's the proper order to watch; >The Conjure >Nun >Annabelle…[View]
109942335>Oh, hello anon! Funny seeing you here. What can I do for you? You have 3 wishes.…[View]
109937074How can h*man '''men''' even compete?[View]
109941776Is /tv/ a pro Leonardo board?[View]
109942225Who is your favorite standup comedian?[View]
109942003>If you wind that watch, you can never come back to heaven >comes back to heaven what was her …[View]
109940102Celebrity Big Brother General /bb/: Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? - edition What are y…[View]
109939258Is Rosa Salazar a good actress or just eye candy?[View]
109942421https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUFwunMKa4E all style but no substance the movie[View]
109939940how do we save /tv/: >picture related Dishonest reddit normalfag tourist shit >https://vimeo…[View]
109942264/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - Q: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109940581Was he 'our guy'?[View]
109938356Sending your chick a valentine, eh?[View]
109939141This was a perfect Disney movie Why do they wanna ruin it with cringy life action and deepfake-ass l…[View]
109940614Star wars was never good, fuck American 'cinema' and fucking Merican 'directors'[View]
109941584Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109942102Why hasn't Anne Hathaway been in any recent flicks?: She has a proper attitude, why isn't …[View]
109941021ITT: characters that act as a pleb filter[View]
109942122Despite the silly name, this is easily one of the best Jackie Chan's movies. What a fun ride, f…[View]
109941424Tarkin should be the main villain of Star Wars instead of Vader Vader is a pathetic cuck in silly co…[View]
109940530You could literally smell the tension in this scene[View]
109942034It's over, /tv/, someone figured out the whole thing already: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollyw…[View]
109940636Bravo: How did Whedon manage to fuck up the most anticipated sequel to the Avengers? It's gotta…[View]
109938867What's Don 'the dragon' Bluth's best film ?[View]
109941374Whats the best documentary about columbine?[View]
109939691So we've given up on critics right?[View]
109941890Is it safe to say that MCU Spiderboy has a case of Jungle Fever?[View]
109941246>couple having sex >camera pans to boiling kettle to simulate that they achieved orgasm…[View]
109937881how did Black Panther get so many nominations and this got nothing?[View]
109937941What are some cozy and comfy SHOWS or DOCUMENTARIES ? I really lack of cozyness right now[View]
109941717Why is this so damm comfy and good to watch?[View]
109941623Post kinotography https://youtu.be/m3IrXiPmaQk[View]
109939209Why would you defend TLJs audience score as mattering when this has happened?[View]
109941509did /tv/ enjoy paul danos directorial debut 'wildlife'?[View]
109940942One ticket for Captain Marvel please Rob-[View]
109939350Does Amazon have the best original content out of all the big streaming sites?[View]
109939744the official /tv/ webm thread: >the official /tv/ webm thread post em!…[View]
109937789Frozen 2 teaser trailer: What did you think of Elsa's cute little button feet? Would you give t…[View]
109941442>shut self away from friends >'Why would you not keep in contact with your family?' >'I thi…[View]
109940835is there a movie equivalent to this scene.[View]
109940718I bawled my fucking eyes out when I first saw this[View]
109941197>Puts out 20 years worth of the most politically incisive cinema in the world before the age of 4…[View]
109941284>cinema ticket ran out before i got to the right room[View]
109939028''''''''acting''''''''': worst attempt at crying. how did this retard even get the role?[View]
109933948Why didn't he just shake the guy's fucking hand?[View]
109941204Anyone else felt like Fullmetal Jacket was wasted potential? They should've continued the story…[View]
109936636Valentine’s Day anons, are there any films about people who are incapable of romantic love and relat…[View]
109941132WHEN THE WEST WAS A SHAMELESS HUSSY AND MEN FOUGHT TO WIN HER https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NfBd9QpU…[View]
109941068Puppet Master: I've only seen the first one are the other ones any good?[View]
109937185Absolute Kino[View]
109940744The biggest surprise in Episode IX will be a flashback with Count Dooku in his time as a Jedi probab…[View]
109932606enough is enough. nu-Dune is CANCELLED[View]
109940951Are the rumors true?[View]
109937668>we want the incel audience[View]
109939933ITT: Movies that depict how to treat refugee scum properly.[View]
109901015The great debate Which one is worse?[View]
109938743oi show my your tv licences[View]
109938554Stranger Things: >this is supposed to be the D&D nerd who gets bullied by kids…[View]
109939386I work at a theater and this movie is having sellout crowds! Everyone is walking out afterwards sayi…[View]
109936357> Alita only made 2 million opening night Thank god that most Americans are sane people instead …[View]
109937863This board is too fucking fast can we get /film/ already, please?[View]
109940079What's your top 5 of 2019 so far? >1. High Flying Bird >2. Werk ohne Autor [Never Look A…[View]
109938791The Nerdy Awards: You guys want to vote in my friend's movie awards show? https://docs.google.c…[View]
109937585You're now remembering when Jon Favreau used to be thin[View]
109935111Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109938358Reminder that television and films are for brainlets and true intellectuals read books[View]
109927225um excuse me what the fuck what the hell were they thinking? >and uh I was drunk and high and uh …[View]
109940424Ms. Cirno, I don't feel so good.....[View]
109936778A good movie for today?[View]
109938775How come he don't want me man?[View]
109923542*slaps Luke out of the way*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xAcbqnaIsQ Stupid male Jedi, let me sh…[View]
109935671Seeing as its Valentines Day, lets dicuss the Women Obi-Wan has fucked[View]
109940288What would this ugly son of a gun have done had he eaten Frodo and the ring?[View]
109939015Noir General: /noir/ thread What is the best noir you've seen, and what is the worst?[View]
109940261KINO I had to watch it twice though. with subtitles the second time[View]
109939190How's your valentines day going /tv/? Did you get a gift for that special someone? Maybe awaiti…[View]
109939447The Guilty (Den Skyldigen): Great, tense little film from Denmark. Obviously not a new idea for a mo…[View]
109937831Greetings /tv/. We are the Vindaloovians. We come in peace.[View]
109940078Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109938934'All That' Revival with Kenan Thompson as Producer: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/nickelodeon-all…[View]
109938117Nothing has come close to this and it has been almost 45 years since it ended, why? 20 seasons and …[View]
109940112So since Alita will make at least 5 billion, cast the rest of the characters for the inevitable sequ…[View]
109933433Happy Valentine's day bros[View]
109937816Air Bud: Which Air Bud film is your favorite?[View]
109939900My ears are filled with nougat[View]
109939950on this day i am lonely[View]
109939748Heres your batman[View]
109937443Shazam (2019): Just Say The Magic WORD[View]
109939732>Series arbitrarily starts following a new MC >while having the same plot line…[View]
109931993True Detective S03: What kind of shit are they gonna stir up senpaitachi[View]
109939664action kino is back on the menu, Triple Threat is finally coming out in March https://www.youtube.co…[View]
109939698I look at my red hands and my mean face and I wonder about that man that's gone so wrong.[View]
109938113Happy Valentines Day, John![View]
109928417>tfw it’s 2019 and Disney still hasn’t given Elsa a big titty gf[View]
109939291Post your favourite Youtube Documentary Pic related is Disney 1940s War Propaganda Kino https://yout…[View]
109938279>go to the local kinoplex to see Alita: Battle Angel >'Sorry sir, today is couples only seati…[View]
109936909>Anon, how could you? I told you not too. Now my ass really hurts. Whoa. I thought this was suppo…[View]
109937214Post only the best practical effects and models. CGI stay out[View]
109939162How much was that water worth? Would you do the same thing /tv/?[View]
109939133This a better, funner Beatles musical than Across the Universe: https://youtu.be/fP8CqE7dBNw[View]
109939116What are some movies with persistent protagonists?[View]
109934019Recommend me a good horror movie I haven't seen. (I've seen a lot)[View]
109926533Neytiri is...[View]
109937403Nice try, Thanos: I'll take him from here boys[View]
109935946ITT: Actors who deserve better. Starting with Dave Foley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBp5X--5uFA…[View]
109938826Why did nobody tell me that 'The Last Samurai' was a remake of a better movie from 1982?[View]
109933381is eating candy during a movie cringe?[View]
109938085Why did he wrap himself in barbwire? It felt really out of place.[View]
109937736Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
109936481Yo AYNON tell me your favorite film and I’ll let you run this corner for the day[View]
109926667Post your top 5 films and be judged[View]
109937360Do you have love for New York?[View]
109937538Predator > Die Hard[View]
109936246Do you think Jews controlling Hollywood affects the quality and content of movies being made?[View]
109938311>Valentine's Day why are you here[View]
109935773The fans wanted George out of Star Wars now they want him back: Are the fans fucking retarded?…[View]
109938606imagine that fags actually doubted based cameron watching the movie, you actually catch yourself for…[View]
109937089Why is France so much better at making cartoons than America?[View]
109936913Is Freddy’s Dead a Valentine’s Day movie?[View]
109937398what was grandpa really trying to accomplish? My guess is that he was trying to make the poor boy fe…[View]
109934274Why do lefties hate this movie so much?[View]
109935512>watching Alita: Battle Angel at the movies >intense fighting scene between protag and antag …[View]
109937183Kevin Hart and Pete Davidson 'help' a family movie: Holy shit, Kevin Hart and Pete Davidson really a…[View]
109937477So they just travel around America scamming farmers?[View]
109936759The Simpsons was always leftist propaganda[View]
109938339haha, what a weird ending, that creepy dude was actually trying to marry this little girl, what a we…[View]
109938332americunts haha: On demands from americunt supported dictator of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Boston…[View]
109935639such a fucking waste of time[View]
109928093The Young Pope: Why won't they make a second season? The progression of the first season feels …[View]
109938159Do you feel pity remorse or admire our board's janitor?[View]
109938150our guy Stephen from my 600lbs life got married to a hot thot. God bless. say something nice about h…[View]
109937400Bohemian Rhapsody: What a fucking borefest. 2 hours of self-aggrandizing reddit bait with no real co…[View]
109934716Go, shorty. It is your birthday.[View]
109934280How did they manage to produce the the best Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan and then 3 of the worst?[View]
109935134/tv/ told me this is about real men living the life in a golden era, but everyone is pure garbage.[View]
109936735>The year of our lord 2019 >Still no Dead Space movie Absolute suffering. And no, the shitty c…[View]
109936456>my battery is getting low and it's getting dark cast it[View]
109936090kino opening[View]
109937643What movie should I watch that will make me feel better?: Today isnt a good day, what is a movie tha…[View]
109935264Will Twin Peaks : The Return he looked back at as one of the most innovative and important shows eve…[View]
109937223Our girl is coming to rule 2019 /tv/ . . .[View]
109920194what was in his pipe?[View]
109927405Cast them.[View]
109936673Why do Brit suck at making movies?[View]
109937839From the dudes that leaked about Kenobi and shit, they have a good track record[View]
109936895>Riddle me this, Batman! What constitutes for as little as 13%, yet for as much as 50% at the sam…[View]
109937660Beta films to watch tonight[View]
109937420This movie was such shit. It was a lazy, blatant ripoff of the odyssey. Acting was shit, costumes we…[View]
109932507what is your vote anon[View]
109933703What was the joke here?[View]
109936307I didn't know Joe Rogan had a cameo in Twin Peaks![View]
109936461The Witcher: JUST[View]
109937154Trash economy. You use cubes of trash as money. Everybody becomes rich, it's a gold rush.[View]
109937480>*Here are three delightful talented performers, who started recording in England, and followed t…[View]
109936804Are they the last hope of cinema?[View]
109930188ITT: Characters that are supposed to be beautiful but are played by ugly actors[View]
109935623Can someone explain the joke here? I don't get it.[View]
109936590Why didn't Patrick like Paul? He could have got them reservations at Dorsia.[View]
109927312Why isn't Miley Cyrus in movies anymore? She is incredibly talented[View]
109936969ayy /tv/ recc me some comfy Netflix stuff[View]
109937131Harrowing films: What film, in your personal opinion, would you gie the attribute 'harrowing'? Obvio…[View]
109935539What happened to his career?[View]
109936544Will women ever be able to understand this scene?[View]
109933252Jodie Whittaker isn't a good doc-[View]
109937075Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band > Across The Universe[View]
109936219No wide release movie coming out, is Ana's career over?[View]
109936797Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109908733/trek/: All the cakes edition[View]
109935682ayo can I get some (You)s up in this biznitch[View]
109929775Above average comedies: Re watched Old School (2003) and I cant think of anything that was better ca…[View]
109935939So T3,4, and 5 plus the fox show are all retconned now?[View]
109933126Whats it like to watch a film with a gf on Valentine's day[View]
109936711>Valentine’s Day FUUUUUUUUUUCK[View]
109936670Prospect was pretty good. We need more low budget sci-fi movies like this.[View]
109935330who was in the wrong here?[View]
109929116Help me out guys: >going on valentines date with girl in 5 hours >yesterday she told me she ha…[View]
109936155How can western animation even compete?[View]
109936390What are some HAPPENING NetFlix series like Homeland?[View]
109935151I’ve never watched a single Star Wars, 007, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Godfather or capeshit m…[View]
109930976Jazz General - 'i'm doing great' Edition /JG/: REQUIRED WATCHING prelude to disaster https://ww…[View]
109936038So Powerful[View]
109936345flicks with this feel?[View]
109936280You're weak, you're out of control, and you've become an embarrassment to yourself an…[View]
109932251Thoughts on Mr. Bean?[View]
109935668>Ruin Cucksoy[View]
109936229What the fuck is his problem? Seriously. If there's one thing paid Disney shills ignore, it…[View]
109936137Memes are a concept By which we measure /tv/’s pain I’ll say it again Memes are a concept By which w…[View]
109934311What exactly are these expressions supposed to convey?[View]
109935970https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZSXlNRRoGU It's actually looking pretty good.[View]
109924363Who are the Orcs represent in LOTR?[View]
109935942Valentine's 2019: Happy Valentine's Day 2019[View]
109934225Free Solo: >Karate kicks El Capitan[View]
109924966Who will direct the inevitable live action since Alita is a hit?[View]
109935760What are some quintessentially british shows other than the inbetweeners?[View]
109918994ok what the fuck netflix this is like some bad conservative propaganda film about lefty degeneracy e…[View]
109913493>It's a comfy Sopranos thread[View]
109935749Is lofi film in current year just pretentious “born in le wrong generation” shit or is it a valid ae…[View]
109916218hurrayy! so many anons came to watch me[View]
109931714Unironically why was he allowed to squat on the grounds of a school?[View]
109935456*blocks your Game of Shadows*[View]
109935574>Hey Forrest what's it like to eat 15 pancakes?[View]
109935544>When you're on Disney's payroll and they say that you can't like a movie you actu…[View]
109920343You caused this Star wars fans[View]
109934200Late 90s/Early 2000s British Kids TV: The Thread: The Sequel: Last night's thread was comfy as …[View]
109933830Name a more comfy director.[View]
109934693when are the new movies out?[View]
109933769True Detective - Rust in hospital: Quite literally the most beautiful few seconds in television hist…[View]
109897943SUPERNATURAL: sammeh and deAN always die and come back to life like these threads edition[View]
109935307what the fuck was that ending?[View]
109932633What are some must watch Jared Harris kino?[View]
109916130Only comfy shows from 1995-2005 allowed ITT[View]
109934697Am I the only one who thinks that The Hangover 2 is a better sequel than The Godfather 2?[View]
109934668Should voice actors be paid more?[View]
109933616>ITT: characters are basically you[View]
109935223ITT: Post your top five actors[View]
109933566Ray Velcoro: The best character of the entire series.[View]
109934776eastenders: did Lofty and Michelle ever fucked?[View]
109935022Just watching this for the first time, didnt know black face was allowed again,[View]
109933107whats your opinion on back to the future[View]
109934971Alita Battle Angel Defies Expectations!: Checkmate to the contrarian fags on /tv/ who thought that t…[View]
109934665What’s some essential bloomer kino?[View]
109934760Were they bi?[View]
109932581Lol. ITT: Subtle Simpsons jokes.[View]
109932975I love all of you. I love the general-fags and I love the capeshitters. I love the people who disagr…[View]
109934689Does /tv/ like the Critic?[View]
109930649IMPROVING CAPTAIN MARVEL VIA PHOTOSHOP: Can you guys improve this movie any further?[View]
109933448Just watching Babylon 5 first time in about 10 years. Expected some cringy soap opera with semi ok s…[View]
109932962To prove I’m not a shill, I’m going to be brutally honest Cons >Story is kinda unfocused >Some…[View]
109934182>I choo choo choose you /tv/ :)[View]
109934626>tfw cockpit OH NO NO NO NO NOOOO[View]
109923941Which of these girls did you like as a kid boomers?[View]
109931908>WW2 movie >It's about Jews[View]
109934373Lost my wallet any films for this feel?[View]
109899827Kasdan: I think you should kill Luke and have Leia take over. Lucas: You don’t want to kill Luke. Ka…[View]
109934319No water mark.: Where do i find Stock footage without having to pay 20$ for a 4 min video? (pic unre…[View]
109934140https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp_hNsBjXQA Discuss[View]
109933687When will cinema's include ASMR functions? 3D is a thing, so is 4D, what's the next step?[View]
109933466>Valentine's day kinoplex I'm afraid we don't allow singles on Valentine's da…[View]
109934309>Valentine’s Day >no thread for the biggest sweetheart of all so good to see Brendan back agai…[View]
109930048>to /tv/ >from /v/[View]
109932734this guy isnt funny: he isnt funny[View]
109933153Why is it that almost all superhero movies except for Raimi's Spiderman films, Nolan's bat…[View]
109930431what did they mean by this poster?[View]
109929837what do we think of it?[View]
109933991Holy shit it’s happening!!: https://youtu.be/Vx-E9pzOFPM[View]
109934100You wanna talk about tv shows or do you wanna win some ballgames?[View]
109931262Ladies and Gentlemen the classic Paul Dano.[View]
109933928Hi does anyone want to discuss my favorite movie? It’s kind of obscure and always been underrated i …[View]
109933981Mission Hill: He's gonna say it[View]
109933799MY DOGS ARE HONGRAY[View]
109932984Do americans really do this?[View]
109929459trash people pretend to like[View]
109933791Happy Valentine's Day /tv/.com/forums: What are you watching? For me, it's Groundhog Day. …[View]
109932065POST YOUR FACE WHEN >no valentine[View]
109932792>seen every Marvel movie >except Black Panther…[View]
109926116How does one watch a movie with a girl?[View]
109931925>Anduril, flame of the West, forged from the shards of Narsil![View]
109930561>Solo underperformed due to fan backlash of The Last Jedi. >Solo underperformed because it was…[View]
109931882>character looks in the mirror >camera not in the reflecton How…[View]
109929987>it’s called Les Bos What was the joke here?[View]
109927480why is she allowed to wear sunglasses?[View]
109927054Battle Angel Alita live adaptation when?[View]
109932899https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB9hKpQVk9Y 3:33 Damn what a show /tv/[View]
109932723>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSLe4HuKuK0&feature=youtu.be What does /tv/ think about the …[View]
109931370SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME PLOT LEAK: >opening of the movie is seconds after Endgame (Endgame ends …[View]
109932413Neat. Blomkamp (Oats) made an Anthem video. This the beginning of good vidya to movie movies? https:…[View]
109933299Maybe this movie is overrated: But there's NO DENYING that this scene is absolute kino https://…[View]
109933084SPIDEY MOVIES: So we can pretty much agree it goes Spiderverse > Raimi 2 > Raimi 1 > Raimi …[View]
109933258This one is a big guy - for you[View]
109933095Why is this movie so good? How did Billy Bob manage to write such a masterpiece?[View]
109932757is there any movie which sparks joy in your heart? all recent movies are fucking garbage[View]
109930193Will it ever happen?[View]
109932835Reminder that Frost was only 18 when he co-created Twin Peaks. What have (You) done, /tv/?[View]
109932354Do you see the light, /tv/?[View]
109924250Did Woody Allen's last movie getting shelved kill Selena Gomez's career? She would have ha…[View]
109930605Just in time for Valentines Day![View]
109929669>capeshit can't even be considered to be real movie-[View]
109928916What's his name again?[View]
109932834>this is the valentine bunker >shelter against all the tfwnogf threads…[View]
109932955>mfw just clicked on /vp/ by accident[View]
109932747woah! so many anons keep on coming![View]
109932667Now that the blade has been ran, what's next for her career?[View]
109932797Bill Burr: Bill Burr[View]
109932331ITT: Movies that /tv/ hates but they are okay actually: I just marathon-ed these[View]
109931642Why didn't he give the ring? is this a british thing?[View]
109932644Is this the best CGI character ever made? This shit is from 2002 ffs![View]
109931246It was his best work by far. Hilarious every watch through[View]
109931684Why did they do it, bros?: Chimp kino thread https://youtu.be/R2keXVK8u9c[View]
109932535>Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U are actually well recieved by both critics and audience W…[View]
109931687>Go right. >NO YOUR OTHER RIGHT![View]
109932484UH, HATCH ET, CHRISSY[View]
109932466Why is there a near endless supply of Giallo movies ? I keep on reading about ones I never heard of …[View]
109930234Say it /tv/[View]
109926682was it kino?[View]
109930311>My God! We're going to his that gigantic block of horrific CGI If only in 1997 they had th…[View]
109932239>your apologize Anon, give it to me[View]
109927221Paul Allen was a manlet[View]
109927242Reminder to watch Alita: Battle Angel™ at your local cinema![View]
109932073Lost cartoons[View]
109932061There would be no eulogies for Bane... No photographs of his bodeh would be sold in sundry stores...…[View]
109928461Hugh Mungus[View]
109931926Okay, OKAY... bear with me here, /tv/: 'Ancient alien/ghost hunting investigations + SEX.' And no, I…[View]
109931596What's your opinion on Art The Clown /tv/[View]
109931951Is star wars saved or is it too little too late?[View]
109927493>Actual kino >no threads at all on /tv/ Shame on you.…[View]
109931885i’m gonna have to go with a serious actor....[View]
109925686>Character saw a ghost[View]
109931895Drumfph jokes, but for tweens?[View]
109931265>*Here are three delightful talented performers, who started recording in England, and followed t…[View]
109931788yeah hey bros how youll doing? im looking for a movie for this ortodox feel basicly a protagonist go…[View]
109929398OH HELLO SHERIDAN[View]
109930324>character hides in a crate >'ahh bloody hell this crate is heavy'…[View]
109931656>What was that you just said...about Mein Kampf?[View]
109929755This show is fantastic: Why does noone on here discuss Designated Survivor? My fiancé and I have nea…[View]
109931680why is this being praised so much?[View]
109929389Rewatching L O S T for the first time since the show ending. Currently on season 2 and I'm enjo…[View]
109927446Are we alone in the universe? Impossible. When you consider the wonders that exist all around us. (h…[View]
109930377/tv/ approved actors and actresses[View]
109929095The importance of homosexuality to the black community.: It's February the 14th, a combination …[View]
109931485What did Toni Erdmann mean by this?[View]
109930736What are some kinos where the bully finally realizes how much of a piece of shit he/she is and apolo…[View]
109929022>couple having sex >camera pans to boiling kettle to simulate that they achieved orgasm…[View]
109926772>excuse me sir but you're gonna have to put out that cigarette. this is a movie theater…[View]
109931170Is this the best movie involving Beatles music?[View]
109929782>make your name making signature kino >become a studio director for hire. What did Guy Ritchie…[View]
109926606Will it ever happen? I'd love it if bron joined back with tyrion, their relationship was pretty…[View]
109930984>I turned myself into a house Tony >I'm House Phil!!!…[View]
109929651>losing to lego movie sequel in its second weekend >possibly won't even take the second s…[View]
109929125>took out a huge loan for his massive new studio >only uses two small rooms…[View]
109930140Captain James Tiberius Kirk: Captain James Tiberius Kirk[View]
109930509Why are people so obsessed with 'cinematography'? It doesn't take a lot of talent to point a ca…[View]
109930439A copy of Enter The Void Director's Cut Blu Ray please[View]
109930934I'm putting a team together we're gonna finally bring some class to /tv/[View]
109930803if you could enter cryogenic storage for 200 years then wake up, what type of movies do you think wo…[View]
109930291>Editing is the only unique aspect of filmmaking which does not resemble any other art form—a poi…[View]
109929213What is your opinion on Felicity Jones?[View]
109929817Do you think this is a coincidence?: Or do you think they chose him, because of the eyes?[View]
109930576... ... ... ... ... ... ...Wanna toothpick?[View]
109916367Jazz General - /jg/ - ITS POPPING TIME: Official thread theme https://youtu.be/npAq0LmEzng REQUIRED …[View]
109930700Call for help[View]
109928353Is the world ready for a Lesbian Pedosexual Disney princess?[View]
109930580>Anon you lied to me. >How could you cheat on me with that whore? Whoa. Didn't see that c…[View]
109930027>capicola meat not readily available[View]
109916286ITT: TV shows where you barely have an idea what’s going on. Season 3 of True Detective for me. The …[View]
109906799Will it be kino?[View]
109927796brad.. easy on the wheels[View]
109928789Is this good? Or more US propaganda?[View]
109928962>you're a big guy >for you what did nolan mean by this?…[View]
109928002what are some tragic ends to promising careers in tv? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6…[View]
109928745Movies you like that everyone else hates[View]
109930489I thought the punisher was supposed to be a big guy[View]
109930464https://youtu.be/0n28f0j976w?t=745 >listen joe rogan i blew this fart joe rogan that was so bad …[View]
109928005What movie should I watch to feel not lonely today?[View]
109930420Hear me out, /tv/ We were wrong about this show[View]
109929565>horror movie >its PG-13[View]
109917635>Zendaya is playing Chani in the new Dune film AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EVERY TIME!…[View]
109928804Jay > Stacy > Tony[View]
109928585THE O.C: Anyone remember this show?[View]
109928432Is /tv/ looking forward to Nicolas Winding Refn's upcoming telekino 'Too Old to Die Young'?[View]
109930178What are some kinos based on stoicism?[View]
109930163It's unironically going to be one of the best films of the year.[View]
109929276>'The garbage business ain't what it used to be, Ton'!' >'It's all garbage, Pau…[View]
109923822i miss schneider threads[View]
109929716We stopped checking for MONSTERS under the bed when we realized they were INSIDE of us.[View]
109928884>Peter, why do you insist on filming all of my scenes first?[View]
109928355If you like boring overhead shots of people fucking, this is the movie for you. If you like watching…[View]
109929892A Clonetrooper comes home after a recon mission. He brings the missus a bouquet of crystals. 'I gues…[View]
109927713Best 'squad' movies?: Ya'll got any movies that I could watch with a group of friends? We do th…[View]
109929615Legionary Titus Pullo is a hero of the XIII Legion, but look at him now! Justice knows every man…[View]
109928283Tick tock, Captain Fungus[View]
109929611Was it actually good or do we just like it for the power fantasy and pedo wish fulfillment?[View]
109929014the movie makes no sense. Bane's plan is idiotic. Ra's didn't want to 'torture' Goth…[View]
109927990RGB: is this the kino that has won best documentary?[View]
109923980/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - P: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109926716>available in Netflix for the rest of the world Americucks btfo again[View]
109929606Any kinos about incest? Bonus points for twincest[View]
109929317>China tomorrow Why can't it be Friday already? Have you been enjoying it so far?…[View]
109929212Any kinos about the correct and best way to remove genital warts?[View]
109928166And guess who's been practicing medicine without a license?[View]
109929421Is there any hope for him?[View]
109927719>673 days until Avatar 2[View]
109927737>we’re in Avengers Endgame (2019) now Bravo Nolan, bravo![View]
109928741Attack on Titan Japanese Live Action is so successful. There will be Hollywood? It's very popul…[View]
109926176Why didn't he stay down?[View]
109927191>You choo-choo-choose me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya2Sx8xmMpc…[View]
109928392ITT: Tropes you actually like: > It's a character has a conversation with a dead friend epis…[View]
109929045Are there any horror movies so which go as far as depicting an adult male over the age of twenty-fiv…[View]
109925577Welcome To The Salty Spitoon. How Tough Are Ya?[View]
109929001What is the Turkey Tom of movies[View]
109928412>Go to American movie theater >go through gun check points >sit down in seat >surrounde…[View]
109923963My mind is melting: 'His main goal in life is to destroy the Smurfs to turn them into gold' I onl…[View]
109926575Does anyone think this has the ugliest composition?[View]
109928814>it's a rescue mission. There are some juicy little colonists daughters we have to rescue fr…[View]
109924580>Valentine's Day[View]
109921087Avengers Endgame: Post your theories, leaks, hopes and expectations. I will screencap every post and…[View]
109927711What if Star Trek Discovery was just about Christopher Pike's Captaincy following from the Cage…[View]
109926544yeah, I'm thinking she's back.[View]
109928647What are some good movies to watch with your special lady?[View]
109920104Name a better 'Vengeance' based Action Movie. You cannot.[View]
109925616Why is 'thriller' the comfiest movie genre?[View]
109928685What do you think of Neill Blomkamp?[View]
109928777about to marathon this movie, what am I in for?[View]
109923889What are the best movies to get in the Valentine spirit? Ones that are so romantic that it could ind…[View]
109927279When will this kino be dug up by Twitter and shat on or has it happened already?[View]
109928319How did they get away with it?[View]
109924445recommend me some documentaries about men doing huge physical achievements[View]
109927128I finally worked up the courage to do it lads. Thanks for the keks and checks.[View]
109921026Every minute I post on this board, I get weaker. Every minute he socializes irl, Chad gets stronger.[View]
109928323https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp_hNsBjXQA Did you miss any of these jokes? Do you understand them …[View]
109920882>voting a literal cuck in as mayor is the shire beyond saving?[View]
109927202cant sleep[View]
109924382>hate a movie character >irrationally hate the actor/actress that was paid to do their job …[View]
109928413>reading game review in 2019 >suddenly pic related >Man of Steel is the title and conclusio…[View]
109926817fuck you I liked it[View]
109924683>tfw too intelligent for Game of Thrones Rome thread[View]
109927810What was the deal with the fox?[View]
109925429What are some films about literally unironically wanting to die?[View]
109926496So what movie are we going to see for our date tonight anon?[View]
109928265>When Cameron was in Egypts land. Let my Cameron go.[View]
109927456Who's more pretentious, Jon Stewart or Rachel 'Paper Shuffler' Maddow?[View]
109928249>it's a Carmella episode[View]
109927954Can we talk about all the viral marketing and shilling here about that Alita movie? Fox is spending …[View]
109922099Is /tv/ contrarian enough to defend Kevin Spacey, a prolific homosexual assrapist, who was always ki…[View]
109928201NEW SHOW FOR ZOOMERS, 'LETTUCE BOYS': https://youtu.be/uRMlzswC85M[View]
1099281342019: The Year of the Brendan: >20th Anniversary of the Mummy >Finally a free man >His tv s…[View]
109926193any kinos about gaming? I have already seen world of warcraft movie[View]
109898229Luke Skywalker appreciation thread: Let us celebrate the greatest hero in cinematic history.[View]
109928024How do we fix /tv/? Is /film/ a possibility? Also, why do mods and janitors delete meta threads (whi…[View]
109926108Post retard kino[View]
109924367Is RLM to movie reviews as Adam Sandler is to comedy?[View]
109927255This board is actually kinda alright before North America wakes up and starts with all the Capeshit.[View]
109907829Valentines day is tomorrow. Any movies with this feel?[View]
109915731you promised you'd see my movie anon...you lied to me and now I'm not making enough money[View]
109924946>Seinfeld:'Women are getting more masculine, and men are getting more effeminate, that's wha…[View]
109927695You guys have it all wrong. This show is actually Pythonesque.[View]
109908776Can kung fu stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan really fight?: Do you think I can kick his ass? I a…[View]
109927574>Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created, here on…[View]
109925479Any other anime kinos? EVA + EoE are some of the best works of modern art.[View]
109926599Was it kino?[View]
109927408Bobby Lee agrees to have his gf on David Choe's podcast, which he knows is nothing but debauche…[View]
109926992Absolute kino.[View]
109925314I've reached a point where i've watched so many movies I wish i had friends to watch them …[View]
109921511TV show 'Mexican dynasties' follows three wealthy Mexican families. Notice anything unusual?[View]
109916661So how did the first order take over half the galaxy in a couple days right after such a huge loss?[View]
109927180>huh these dudes got like swords and spears and shit and are still wearing armor, this must be li…[View]
109926348Anything from the trolley dears?[View]
109927095Stir some shit up with me, /tv/.[View]
109926369*hosts your oscars*[View]
109926292What did you think of it?[View]
109927018ITT: box office poison[View]
109927010itt: goriest films[View]
109893922Best monster designs[View]
109925231This movie was fucking bad[View]
109926391i'm really late to the party but i only just watched this did they do it, /tv/?[View]
109925794Is there a better biker movie than this masterpiece[View]
109921144Transgender Actresses: Why is Hollywood so afraid of casting transgender actresses to play female ro…[View]
109926871What actors have unjusted themselves in terms of appearance? >https://www.instagram.com/p/Btt4LIA…[View]
109926612Was VHS really that good? Are there any Betamax hipsters on here?[View]
109925143She's so ugly and smug. Imagine being a soft 5/10 and thinking you're hot and wanted. Imag…[View]
109926773Gook Kino thread[View]
109926188>movie couple having sex >camera pans to boiling kettle to simulate that they achieved organis…[View]
109924568What would you have done in this situation?[View]
109924330This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel.[View]
109921273What are some films about being homeless? I'm going to be out on the street in a week. Pic semi…[View]
109923563I'M PUTTIN THE WORD OUT[View]
109924093>wake up anon >Disney heard about your comments and sent us to rough you up wat do…[View]
109919212Has a movie ever made you cry, /tv/?[View]
109926492>See JLaw on TV in a Perfume advert >Smirk as the only reason she is famous is because she suc…[View]
109925165Was it kino?[View]
109924754The Pervet's Guide to Cinema (2006): What did you understand about it?[View]
109926255>this was considered humor in the 90s[View]
109922840Janeane Garofalo's Wig: Does she or doesn't she? Discuss and feel free too share stories.…[View]
109924361so what did he actually do wrong?[View]
109925191>show with one of the most interesting premises in years >have every character in the ensemble…[View]
109925039I had a dream last night. Uh my bellybutton was a phillips head screw. And i'm workin' uns…[View]
109925540why did they retcon tosh's family?[View]
109923903PRAISE JESUS[View]
109924459would a film adaptation be kino?[View]
109925937'_____ ending explained': >finish watching movie >look up '_____ ending explained' for me? it…[View]
109925137what does the ending mean?[View]
109926170https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xAcbqnaIsQ Ok now I guess Jake Skywalker is canon[View]
109925822did you enjoy this film?[View]
109924084who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
109925253>crusti croc :D[View]
109925761Braved and powerfulpilled[View]
109918696Mary.Queen.Of.Scots.2019: Mary.Queen.Of.Scots.2019.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO[EtMovies] Mary.Queen.Of.Scots…[View]
109923635>Valentines Day Why are you here?[View]
109919520When will hollywood learn that anime movies are box office poison?[View]
109920047What was her deal?[View]
109924677Early predictions for the Rotten Tomatoes score?[View]
109925852Was it autism?[View]
109923471Did season 2 just demonstrated how shitty california was?[View]
109925586Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Peter was in the right?[View]
109925773I hope you guys are watching Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough today in celebration of Valentin…[View]
109914545Can you imagine the spergout if Elsa doesn't get a girlfriend? I mean, it's 2019.[View]
109917626>WE NEED TO BUILD THAT WA- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEf423kYfqk…[View]
109925661I'm gonna rewatch Primer today and you guys can't do anything about it.[View]
109920446Do you like Pepsi tv?[View]
109925609Will he become a FORCE?[View]
109925487>be me walking >2 girls start stating at me *autistic Ryan Goosling*…[View]
109925527Neill Blomkamp has the rights to this novel. Read it, enjoyed it, even though it's flawed. Anyo…[View]
109925362I honestly feel kinda bad for Will Smith. Everyone says he sucks, his movies always bomb, he doesn…[View]
109923731Josh Brolin joins Dune reboot: The 'Deadpool 2' star - who reprises his role of Thanos for…[View]
109925485>go to the kinoplex >always gets chosen for penis inspection >never becomes the designated…[View]
10991520610 years ago, would anyone have predicted this?[View]
109925161Fuck, dude...[View]
109925398How do I become a great movie producer and get all the pussy[View]
109924192How would you fix this episode of the Simpsons?[View]
109923930Come up with a plot and a name for a movie starring these three.[View]
109925482She is a good actress and one of the most beautiful women on the planet[View]
109925298Dr Pavel, my arch-nemesis[View]
109924842Why is cheryl/carol the best character in archer? Is because she is a cunt?[View]
109925117>BOATS >14th Feb 2019 >The Michael Bay directed remake of the classic “Boats” began shootin…[View]
109923875any kino about agendas[View]
109925005A pretty big guy: >UwU is a common furry utterance. If you were to pronounce each letter it…[View]
109924959>strictly platonic[View]
109922153Any kinos about going bald at the front and how you would fix it?[View]
109924765>A lengthy list of leading filmmakers are blasting the Academy's plan to present four awards…[View]
109924485Enver Hoxha bio topic Who would play him?[View]
109917133Forgettable movies: Hard Mode: Try to remember anything about the plot of pirates of the caribbean 2…[View]
109915096Early 00s kino[View]
109924652(He's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys)[View]
109924075Not only was this a great movie, but I wanted to become a lama ever since.[View]
109911423how much longer does he have left?[View]
109923464THE MANGRATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrxmM_3swXU Is this the funniest thing that's eve…[View]
109899601>phone rings >character confidently picks up the phone and introduces himself…[View]
109924115>Discussing film/show >Everyone refers to the actors' names, not the characters' nam…[View]
109920091There's this show Dark and it's foreign but it's still good. No filler bullshit, just…[View]
109924138Intentional Cringe: Why do people not understand the simple concept of intentional cringe in films, …[View]
109922212Who is he calling, /tv/?[View]
109921942When we get ALIEN 5? What would you do if hugged by facehugger? Imagine xeno giraffe, yikes. Amazing…[View]
109922861What are some sad movies for the occasion of the day besides this and enternal sunshine on the spotl…[View]
109923037can you guys recommend some kino /tv/ related twitters to follow? or even not /tv/ related as long a…[View]
109918025Why the hell hasn't there been a Neuromancer movie?[View]
109919011ITT: Actors who went full JUST[View]
109923874Dude, nothing happened but there was some subtext aylmao super creppy best thriller of 2018. Is it t…[View]
109922475“Hey dude what are you gonna get that girl you’ve had a hard on for for Valentine’s Day?” Was Donald…[View]
109922623Any other esl retards here that have to watch this with subs because sometimes you cant understand w…[View]
109923614Should directors of movies cast fat people into roles of characters whose identities aren't tie…[View]
109923462>cock >big >black…[View]
109923492im not aving a go, but do we need em?[View]
109923750*sips* ahh good morning /tv/ I'd ask if you have watched anything good lately but i don't …[View]
109922060>watches horror movies all day >sleeps with lights on and suffers from constant nightmares …[View]
109923358Valentine's day watchin thread: What are some kinos you're viewing today? For me its Befor…[View]
109920530they grew apart.[View]
109923714>character doesn't have an imaginary friend who follows them around and berates them after t…[View]
109922602Should characters from tv and movie adaptations of books have their gender or skin colour changed in…[View]
109911780STOP it's already dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xAcbqnaIsQ WTF are they doing? Why?…[View]
109921918Disney Movies: I've looked all over. I just want to watch emperor's new groove. Or Hercule…[View]
109923467he must've been knocked out for atleast 1-2 hours what was he doing to him during that time?[View]
109923237WHY doesn’t this fat fuck just lost a hundred pounds, shave the beard, get rid of the stupid hair an…[View]
109923144Who was in the wrong here?[View]
109921966I....i dont know guys, i just dont want to honk tonight. what are some good movies to get over this…[View]
109923277What's the best prank-based movie? Home Alone?[View]
109923646HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME: i fucking love this[View]
109923222>Duuuuuuude!!! God is a crazy, incompetent moron! >It’s up to a brave, woke, strong ethnic gir…[View]
109921584Can someone explain to me what exactly did he do to piss off the metoo bitches? He trolled a girl at…[View]
109923448Call my name /tv/![View]
109911855ITT: Alien series: Who's your favorite character from the Alien movies? AvP and AvP R included.…[View]
109923550SO YOU PEED ON HIM?!: so you peed on him![View]
109921848holy shit this movie made me thirsty for a pure virgin white wife, i hope white girls like indian du…[View]
109923466Name a good film from 2019[View]
109919158Starz new series: Now Apocalypse Apparently new information got out today.[View]
109921408Name a film that is both popular and good.[View]
109920679>Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious[View]
109922736Will they ever top her?[View]
109922994here's what an empowered woman looks like, i love how people are actually like 'Her actions wer…[View]
109922709How the fuck can starz out of all networks produce the best airing tv show at the moment? This is ki…[View]
109923270is there some other jungle kino like this?[View]
109920279MASH 1970: Does it hold up? I saw it a year ago and don't remember laughing, but I dont think I…[View]
109898450/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: The Devil's Doorway Previously: >>109830600…[View]
109923266I will see you again.. But not yet.... Not yet[View]
109921183Gogeta: Could he beat Jiren?[View]
109914060/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother 2: Post-Finale Edition Y'all know who won.[View]
109917821Post your favorite kino scene and others try to name the flick.[View]
109923188Terminator 3: it wasn't all that bad...[View]
109922516Whle there are endless ways to write a strong male character, there's only one good way to writ…[View]
109918286TV shows zoomers will never understand[View]
109920334Yo homie, is that my (You)?[View]
109919673ITT: We discuss Leonardo dicaprio. /tv/, give your honest thoughts on this man.[View]
109921640What did she mean by this?[View]
109913965any other space opera movies that are the same or better quality of fifth element?[View]
109923081I demand an apology from all the shills that kept insisting his trilogy was happening.[View]
109923024What is some essential damaged single mother kino? I can't get off to anything else anymore and…[View]
109915080Will beta orbiting get me laid?[View]
109919579>full name is Zachary Levi Pugh >uses stage name Zachary Levi well played chuck, well played…[View]
109915561TICK TOCK TICK TOCK #timesup for Max Landis[View]
109921867Alita: Battle Angel: >audience score[View]
109922769>delete all your white roastie porn and only keep the jav and WMAF folders…[View]
109922601Xinjiang (Uyghur: شىنجاڭ; SASM/GNC: Xinjang; Chinese: 新疆; pinyin: Xīnjiāng; formerly romanised as Si…[View]
109922859So apparently Lord of the Rings is allowed to win a shit ton of Oscars including for best picture an…[View]
109912651why doesnt disney just do 2d again?[View]
109920726He closet fag and did a lot of coke....... That Yale thing[View]
109922259This is unironically the most based and boomerpilled cartoon on TV right now[View]
109922588Most Based And Redpilled TV Sitcom Of ALL TIME!: My pick is Sullivan and Son featuring Alt Right Lea…[View]
109922074THE MCU IS DYING!: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-12/disney-s-brazil-meeting-is-sai…[View]
109921297kino's with this feel?[View]
109920426Just finished this kino What did I think of it /tv/?[View]
109921596JUST: He told me later that I had laughed flirtatiously,” she wrote. “Taking that as an invitation, …[View]
109920318How the fuck do I get my brother to stop watching cartoons? For fucks sake he's 19 and all he d…[View]
109922472Living dead movies: What are your favorite zombie movies? I'd rather not see top quality ones. …[View]
109921996Why are the writers so mean[View]
109917878what the FUCK did you just say about The Last Jedi?[View]
109915313What does /tv/ think about Freddy Got Fingered?[View]
109919147ITT : Movies you have still not forgiven[View]
109922318>the prequels were good[View]
109918287What happened to her bros?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dgOYrl8ZzIY She was so genuine[View]
109920132Biopic when?: >get told by government you can't have a vanity plate with your legal name on …[View]
109911551In reality he would have been killed, right?[View]
109921984which one was more kino[View]
109921176Why didn't they leave anyone on the ship just in case they ran into trouble? Also why didn…[View]
109918923seven samurai: Can someone tell me how this was good?[View]
109915949Gotta say I'm starting to really get into this guy's movies. What are some more Colin Kino…[View]
109921887>unexpected item in bagging area[View]
109918658>Find out girl in one of my classes likes me >Get her information off facebook >go to 3 di…[View]
109921406Why are the characters the same age in DBSuper as in DBZ but in DBGT they are older? Goten for examp…[View]
109915927Why don’t they ever cast actors who play Julius Caesar to look accurate to how he looked? Pic relate…[View]
109921345Is this a good movie?[View]
109921209>korean kino >one of these guys shows up >'AIIII SHHHHHIBAL'…[View]
109920771Remember This Music Video?: There was a metal music video, kind if greyscale or dimly filtered. Indu…[View]
109921395What are some kinos where incels forget to go back to their containment board?[View]
109918212I can't be the only guy who likes this movie.[View]
109914058Doing Academy Award catch-up. I've seen a lot of movies, including silent film. And holy mother…[View]
109920379I was fine With the men Who would come into her life now and again[View]
109919930I wish for death[View]
109921191What are some movies about fighting an undefeatable enemy?[View]
109920353gimme back me cah, /tv/ i wan me cah back[View]
109919532There are people on this board who unironically value this cringy weeb faggot with a mind of a teena…[View]
109920502whats a good post apocalyptic movie? anything with nukes?[View]
109916403Creanu you roomu, fat fuck[View]
109919486Dwight! I'm CIA![View]
109920687Why was this soo comfy?[View]
109892606Back with Greasy Brie: Any changes I should make? And who will send this to Captain Marvel herself?…[View]
109920209Raf Grassetti fixed Genie[View]
109918215Where does Shyamalan rank among the all time great filmmakers?[View]
109919396>i know you are but what am i?[View]
109919388the six hour version is some of the best film I've ever seen. Every seen is masterwork. Truly …[View]
109918568Post shows that became parodies of themselves[View]
109920273ummmmmmmmm.....can someone say.. KINO![View]
109919761Do people actually enjoy this utter trash?[View]
109920345>I'm gonna suck your balls, bub![View]
109920336This was mostly pretty good[View]
109920310I hope you guys are watching Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough today in celebration of Valentin…[View]
109920195What does /tv/ think about Saving Private Ryan?[View]
109920141>when he says the prequels are good[View]
109919356Are Star Wars Valentine's Day card /tv/ related?[View]
109919500GET IN THE DAMN CAH, /TV/![View]
109918446Whos worse Peggy or Lisa Or Sneed[View]
109920044Kinos about a retarded boomer dad ruining his marriage and becoming estranged from his children, jus…[View]
109918555What did he mean by this?[View]
109919504Black Sabbath? You in a cult or something?[View]
109916119Someone please let my boy Shane Carruth make a movie.[View]
109892031Alita Battle Angel: The audience LOVED it, why didn't the critics? https://youtu.be/luX_Kg2QeYs…[View]
109919695Valentine's Day movies: What are the best romcoms to watch with your gf today?[View]
109917094He's in denial about his trilogy getting cancelled[View]
109917954What is the average grade you would give Star Wars after 10 movies?[View]
109918484What would you do with your own avatar?[View]
109915026ITT: Overrated flicks: What did I just watch? 2 hours of a man having psychological issues that ever…[View]
109919632would you watch it?[View]
109910549Vito what the FUCK[View]
109919543>went to doctor today >He say i have Sigma >Have to stay in bed for 1 week >feel sad …[View]
109919426Why hasn't anyone tried to make a film adaptation of this story? Other than the synesthesia mo…[View]
109909256Meanwhile in Chink /tv/[View]
109917800Who is your favorite cute and talented actor? What kinos have they made? Question of the thread: whi…[View]
109914605I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence.....[View]
109915243>GOOO >GEEE >TAAA!!!!!…[View]
109915769Best Valentines day films: ITT: Your choices for the best films for Valentine's day. I'll …[View]
109918959i drawed a twiangle[View]
109915328I think KINO is back in the menu boys[View]
109914087What went wrong?[View]
109894594Kevin Feige did not say that he always respected the source?[View]
109918967Redpill me on this show /TV/[View]
109919067No character encompasses more of 4chan than Travis Bickle >>/pol/ >>/r9k/ >>/k/ …[View]
109919183With the success of Alita, Bubblegum Crisis would be a perfect fit for Hollywood. https://m.youtube…[View]
109917578What are the main classics of Latino television?[View]
109906993Is Conan the Barbarian 1982 the greatest sword & sorcery flick of all time?[View]
109916251Collateral: Watching this LA Night Kino, again. Somethings are bothering me about it right away. Lik…[View]
109910072Brolin to play Gurney Halleck: Unequivocally BASED[View]
109919123i want to watch a crime documentary for some reason. any recs, /tv/? the more fucked up the better[View]
109918532R. Kino[View]
109918772>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
109918942Is a trailer coming today?[View]
109918018Post televised stand up kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bBQE2VHOtI[View]
109914284Will the upcoming remake of Human Centepede staring Bryce Dallas be a massive hit or will it be a we…[View]
109918736What are some films about choice?[View]
109918841How much do you think Jim regrets giving it to Rob?[View]
109918618>Go left. >NO, YOUR OTHER LEFT![View]
109913979>If you build it, they will come. Just fire Katleen Kennedy already.[View]
109918425hello are you /anon/? ' high court writ m8 to settle a debt of 5000 gbp today or we'll be …[View]
109917872How different would this keno be if it were made today?[View]
109918456If I just use popcorntime(.sh now) with a VPN, will I get fucked? I'm tired of Netflix not havi…[View]
109917031>Moose (the original Eddie) was fourteen when this show ended. His fur had turned snow white and …[View]
109917918Big Momma's House: Was it kino?[View]
109917429How was King of the Hill able to be so compelling in it's storytelling while still being so gro…[View]
109917421Will it be kino?[View]
109907010Why do people say she could be Carrie Kelly but not Barbara Gordon?[View]
109916098Why don't they expand the Alienverse and add new species?: Thus far, >Humans >Xenomorphs…[View]
109918463>teleports behind you NANI!?[View]
109918490What the fuck was he thinking?[View]
109918457>Dr. Frasier Crane. Yes, from the radio.[View]
109918477All those lawns will be moved in time: like kings in yellow[View]
109914609Sophia Lillis feet have down syndrome lol[View]
109918439b&r vs c&b[View]
109918322Luke wont come back as a ghost in 9 because the China communist government doesnt believe in ghosts[View]
109915784>forget it jake its chinatown ummmmmmmmmmmm? so?[View]
109915267As a marketing executive for a rather large corporation I think I like this 4channel place and I am …[View]
109890576Can we all agree this was the first anime adaptation that wasn’t a total piece of shit?[View]
109918122Get a girlfriend, /tv/. You look pathetic.[View]
109918161HE CUTE <3[View]
109914878It sucked and you suck if you think otherwise[View]
109914017>DEE DEE DEE! Tell me more about 00's 'comedy,' TV.[View]
109906577WTF I'm gay now[View]
109917694NEW SHOW FOR ZOOMERS, 'LETTUCE BOYS': https://youtu.be/uRMlzswC85M[View]
109916790Can /ourgirl/ defy all odds and defend Westeros from the foreign invaders, /tv/?[View]
109916655Just saw this. Pretty good given its subject matter, and has some nice shots of NYC, and overall the…[View]
109917215Wait a minute. There's something bothering me about this place...[View]
109917566why have I not lost interest in this show? Thoughts on it?[View]
109917145I still can't find a reason to like Star Trek Discovery beyond 'It looks nice' but even then it…[View]
109914503Any weird kinoplex stories? I was once raped at the premier of Stuart little[View]
109882729Why aren't there any good female action stars?[View]
109916995What's your favorite spooky tv kino? For me, it's this.[View]
109915235ITT: post your absolute favourite movie of all time, and others judge you for it. For me it is absol…[View]
109914498Immortals: The castration monologue scene was good[View]
109899245Miami Vice (2006): What does /tv/ think of this piece of absolute kino?[View]
109913433The fact that this wasn't even considered for best picture at the Oscars in 2005 shows how fuck…[View]
109917132IM JESSE VENTURA[View]
109912518>'You a film buff?' How do you respond to Noah Tannenbaum of the HBO hit show 'The Sopranos'…[View]
109917504tfw no gf[View]
109898732What is the Expanse coming back on?[View]
109917483Douglas...let me give you a back rub.[View]
109917467>I say, dear chaps, do any of you know the tale of the creation of the Congoid race?…[View]
109917065>It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies. And in the end, isn't that the real…[View]
109917331ITT underrated shows[View]
109914703D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
109912618*radio silence on battle angel alita*[View]
109916594Why can't I stop listening to the intro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtJ6yAGjsIs[View]
109915708Frasier: >it's a 'Niles has heart surgery while Daphne is a massive cunt to everyone…[View]
109915828Miranda Cosgrove: Miranda Cosgrove is part of upcoming science fiction movie 3022 Maybe a chance for…[View]
109917319Wheel of Time: Its fox, so guaranteed to be ruined and one season long. But Im scared the adaption w…[View]
109917285What are some other criticisms of Disney like Tolkien's? >Dwarfs ought to be ugly of course,…[View]
109917198Damn, I just watched the 'Classic Tarantino' cut of this movie. I might not like the guy but he defi…[View]
109917259Leo is back.[View]
109916056what do you all think of this?[View]
109917054the family guy[View]
109917112/tv/'s Top 100 [2019]- Day 17 - O: This is a three week long survey in gauging this boards top …[View]
109915984The main theme of Malick's films on spiritual dematerialism is not eschatological, but a phenom…[View]
109916850>POOPY COWABUNGA![View]
109916965Why do so many movies force in boring romance scenes? They drag down almost every movie and show the…[View]
109915424Is this the greatest foreshadowing in the history of cinema?[View]
109915163IT'S A RARE CONDITION[View]
109907087LEGENDS OF THE FALL (1994): Thoughts on this kino? Any similar recommendations?[View]
109914921>most interesting characters from the disney star wars films >give them minimal time on screen…[View]
109916569>Brando was extremely competitive, and in 1968 he appeared at a private party celebrating Oscar n…[View]
109915617Post /tv/ shit you’re waiting to come in the mail rn bros[View]
109916723*saves cinema*[View]
109916609>Seventy-year-old black man going batshit crazy, shitposting around with a pass-code and VPN? You…[View]
109912611I LIE AWAKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
109912006Whats the deal with Jim Carrey lately? He seems like he's lost it.[View]
109912119What is the best Bond film /tv/?[View]
109915935Where to find theatrical version?: I've been wondering for years how I could watch the original…[View]
109896844Films about destroying yourself?[View]
109909555IT'S OVER: >Major director is apparently no longer attached to massive IP. Thank god. >I …[View]
109910093SW IS DEAD!: https://comicbook.com/starwars/2019/02/14/rian-johnson-leaves-planned-star-wars-trilogy…[View]
109914193>yes, I'm good friends with Ra's al Ghul. We ... bonded over saying the word.…[View]
109916017ITT: shows/movies that were kino to you when you were younger but were never truly kino: For me, it …[View]
109913785ITT: god tier capeshit[View]
109914165>it's a 'Fred and George sell magical roofies to underage schoolgirls' episode…[View]
109913342Any speculations on what this guy is upto? Dunkirk, a war film with no genre elements made $526 mill…[View]
109916107What does /tv/ think of the critically acclaimed hit Fox television series Empire?[View]
109915789>character says something legitimately funny >other characters laugh because it's actuall…[View]
109911901>tomorrow is valentines day what are some good movies to watch alone?[View]
109915352uh oh[View]
109915382Will the Netflix show Wu Assassins prove to be the break out opportunity for /OurGuy/ Iko ?[View]
109915549Kinos like this?[View]
109901656It's time isn't it? The black stars.[View]
109915705I am prepared to face my next challenger.[View]
109914065We pretty much have to come to terms with the fact that James Bond will be made gay sometime in the …[View]
109898488Wayne: has anyone seen this show? it's pretty good.[View]
109911887Don't tell mama[View]
109915659what happened to your queer party friends?[View]
109913927Totally Not The Good Place: This seems infinitely better than 'The good place' soley because it…[View]
109903140Jazz General - Jiggle Jiggle Pop Pop Edition: Official thread theme https://youtu.be/npAq0LmEzng REQ…[View]
109911900Why did this show become so misanthropic on the second season?[View]
109898047COMFY /CLARKSON!/ THREAD - Cpt. Slow Edition: Rules >Top Gear UK and Grand Tour stuff only or oth…[View]
109911841ITT: Simpsons gags you don’t understand: I don’t get this[View]
109914244>“Demolition Man? That’s my favorite Valentine’s Day movie!”[View]
109910045Marilyn Monroe: Overrated slut or GOAT sex symbol?[View]
109912550Yeah, Sal. Just go ahead and start fluffing that male porn star buddy.[View]
109912019What are the Chief Engineer power rankings? I'm talking on purely 'It will take three weeks to …[View]
109913108Whatever happened to the Simpsons' obsession with the crispity, crunchedy, peanut-buttery taste…[View]
109912330Lol who is this bitch? There's a replicant liberation movement all of a sudden? Why did this pl…[View]
109910669Who is your favorite cute and talented actor? What kinos have they made? Question of the thread: wha…[View]
109915254any movies with creatures that you cant comprehend: that give a sense of dread? like its coming for …[View]
109912879>character is said to be depressed >has sex regularly…[View]
109914672>all capeshit is garbag-[View]
109911061There would be no eulogies for Bane... no photographs of his bodeh would be sold in sundry stores...…[View]
109909009Who are the most well developed characters in TV?: I vote for Don Draper, Tony Soprano and Nate Fish…[View]
109911968Are there any kinos that tell the TRUTH about autism?[View]
109915183Any other older male underage girl relationship kinos?[View]
109915020The great irony of Eric Andre is that for the efforts he goes to deconstruct the late night intervie…[View]
109914854>watching Wanted on TV >family walks in on graphic scene where Chris Pratt is fucking a girl o…[View]
109914569>protagonist must fulfill his destiny name a better trope[View]
109905794Happy Valentine's Day, anwwn![View]
109911848Post who you think would make a great guest on Hot Ones.[View]
109913740Stupid /tv/. Be. More Funny![View]
109914702>How about I give you the finger and you give me my phone call?[View]
109915015What the fuck was his problem?[View]
109910843Will the next Jurassic Park feature actual dinosaurs (feathered), now that rendering technology has …[View]
109914957Why would either of these men ever want to work with the other?[View]
109914138Mike or Joel?[View]
109907125>Dane Cook Is Plotting a Comedy Comeback JUST[View]
109912846Gettin my liquor money buddy[View]
109914822TV IS SHIT: Unless you have a Textramatizor! A wicked new device that downloads textures from the sh…[View]
109912070>Heard joke once: >Man goes to doctor, says he's depressed. >Says life seems harsh and…[View]
109913198It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?[View]
109914351was it autism?[View]
109892822Brie Larson Signed 7-Picture Deal With Marvel And Will Net Huge Payday For CAPTAIN MARVEL: >it…[View]
109912685So it came to this in the end. Bravo Joss.[View]
109906684One last ride...[View]
109912319What did you learn?[View]
109914187>scroll through thread >only read posts that have three replies or more >if I enjoy the pos…[View]
109910482simpsons jokes you didn't get as a kid: Post em.[View]
109910544Deadly Class Live Thread: Ok lads, this episode is the rubicon for this show. Tonight is the Vegas t…[View]
109911463Movies about things not going you way and also cast her.[View]
109904556Imagine dropping the ball this hard[View]
109913415What's worse, that people think he's smart, or that people think he's funny?[View]
109909322Just got back from watching this. Guys it's KINO. Here are some of my favorite cute alita momen…[View]
109913706HEY HALPERT[View]
109909348What did he mean by this?[View]
109913097 so they just got away with everything? [View]
109913993so... does it hold up?[View]
109914125cast him[View]
109913947You?: Lt. Weinberg?[View]
109913795Here’s your Genie bro[View]
109909041Damn, this is powerful: Bravo, Disney. It needed to be said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WofKaT…[View]
109913703What the fuck??? The villian wins????[View]
109910936/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother 2: HOH: Ricky Previously on /bb/: >>109899478 FINALE TIME…[View]
109913692Edward Kerr[View]
109913668Mine has seen pretty much all the movies I put on which is annoying, and she also goes to the movies…[View]
109912960Did you lads ever get the sense Steve and Karl had genuine animosity? Ricky could be a cunt but it a…[View]
10991255412 Angry Men: Out of all the 12 angry men from the 1957 movie '12 Angry Men', which one is your pers…[View]
109912686Are they planning a second season?[View]
109909587Disney’s Live-Action ‘Sword In The Stone’ To Start Production This Summer: https://hnentertainment.c…[View]
109913058Isn't this poster a little sexual for what seems like a young girl? You can literally see the o…[View]
109900792it's time.... to get STUCKMANNIZED[View]
109913220What are some movies in which the protag finally gets a girlfriend and life becomes better?[View]
109913128Marvel to DC:[View]
109911885Why is he so perfect?[View]
109912233Sorry bub, it's true[View]
109912811>LET MY PEOPLE GOOOOOOO! hehe as if? jews aint people[View]
109904441ITT: Political satires done right[View]
109910998Has Chloe Grace Moretz's career peaked?[View]
109905898Eternal Roman Thread: Gimme all your Rome kinos /tv/ what makes these people so much more aesthetic …[View]
109908529Was he retarded?: What was he even pointing at?[View]
109912914Is based Chappel right? >Chinese state-backed company Tencent is leading a venture funding round…[View]
109912793what is the film equivalent (please don't just post a grainy jpeg of dog shit, that will reall…[View]
109908752SAY IT!![View]
109912775Rian Johnson is out!: https://superbromovies.com/2019/02/14/rumor-rian-johnson-no-longer-working-on-…[View]
109911443Why did Vincent disrespect Butch?[View]
109912011anon, I'll be waiting for you tomorrow. please come[View]
109902149What's some Yakuza kino, /tv/?[View]
109912708>man getting in shape for a role >tons of steroids and a heavy work out routine with a strict …[View]
109911471From my point of view, the white men are evil[View]
109912389Most kino movie of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVtsvIpJFTw[View]
109908468>11 days until the Oscars[View]
109912501Leave comedykino to me.[View]
109912187There’s nothing more disgusting than looking at an ugly person. These people are wretched. Brick hea…[View]
109912278you know, his 'friends' were kinda jerks[View]
109911176Why did they whitewash The Blacksons?[View]
109911382>We got shooters here and here. I'll tell you an old trick.[View]
109912200So you must be Freddie.[View]
109912150>My hands are a little dirty >So am I really? jesus christ…[View]
109911472Which is your favorite of the three International Kinos?[View]
109912086>Character hangs up the phone without saying bye[View]
109911244>Series arbitrarily starts following a new MC >while having the same plot line…[View]
109912022ITT: Movies for that feel when you realized you'd be fucked in a race war I REFUSE TO BE OPPRES…[View]
109912009What are some movies where the protagonist wins through hard work, dedication, and a good work ethic…[View]
109910955Why do girls like Disney movies so much?[View]
109910725Sophia Lillis is hating a mutant with no legs and fuckedup hands How does this make you feel?[View]
109910973There are children FUCKING down here. It's a sewer orgy! I'm not a pedo, help me get out o…[View]
109911125when will season 3 happen? this show is fucking amazing, from its cinematography to the story, the c…[View]
109904819Anime isn't re-[View]
109910276>Watch a new Joe Rogan Episode >It's another white guest Wow, how unusual! tired of this …[View]
109910921>is smug about missing the entire point of the movie Why do modern female critics even exist?…[View]
109907538FUCK YOU ANAKIN[View]
109908502Can someone explain the joke here?[View]
109908683What's his net worth again?[View]
109907558The Masked Singer: It's that time again, fellas. Top 6. Let's see who goes home.[View]
109909995OOH A A A A[View]
109904654Kylo Ren embodies everything people constantly bitched about in the prequels about Anakin yet nobody…[View]
109910033What's the cinematic equivalent to Phil Collins' 1985 masterwork, No Jacket Required?[View]
109908599Are the Simpsons German-Americans?[View]
109911380>So bad it's funny[View]
109907407How can you guys afford to see so many films? I'm trying to branch out my film taste but I can…[View]
109908915#EndTheFedBan420 = #2020landslide: Americans, the time is NOW! Let's end the Federal ban on Mar…[View]
109910804Anything from the trolley dears?[View]
109911202One of these days I'm gonna get myself organizized[View]
109910087>character washes their hands after pissing[View]
109910022out there, past them trees. see it? i see you.[View]
109911130https://youtu.be/y8WDqVxndRo >This will never be you[View]
109911117Well hello...um...you?[View]
109911094STAR WARS LEGENDS RETURNS >Star Wars #108 >Writer: Matthew Rosenberg >Artists: Giuseppe Cam…[View]
109905787Post scenes that shouldn't turn you on[View]
109910994angry gangster man mouth-slice die: How does angry gangster man die from mouth-slice? I am not tough…[View]
109910408Kino character backstories: Give me some shows/movies with characters that have kino & original …[View]
109910905What are some kino tattoos from movies[View]
109910480'Mister Stark, why does my peepee get hard when I think about black girls? Please help, Mister Stark…[View]
109908239600 POUND LIFE THREAD #3: 600 POUND LIFE THREAD #3 http://123tvgo.com/watch/tlc/ OR https://www.arco…[View]
109909188B R E N A I S S A N C E[View]
109909988>Tony dies at the end[View]
109908794Movies this girl would like need reccos[View]
109910615How is this actually more like Star Trek than Discovery?[View]
109910637>Anakin gets mad when Obi-Wan repeats Jedi platitudes >Most hated one is 'Be mindful' >adm…[View]
109909769I don't get it. Can someone explain?[View]
109908946Remember that time Liam Neeson fell in love with a tranny mutt? Oh it was a movie? Oh you're ri…[View]
109909954My Valentine: the only ONLY thing I need for tomorrow is Alita GF GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I CAN'T T…[View]
109899478/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother 2: HOH: Ricky Veto: Lolo Nominations: Kandi and Dina Previously on /bb/: …[View]
109910235cast him[View]
109909853What's the most accurate portrayal of mental illness in film/tv? e.g https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
109909032what are some other REAL driver kinos?[View]
109910338>character is running >Couldn't Get Away starts playing…[View]
109909819>cracka ass cracka[View]
109907718The Nutcracker: Is this worth watching? The posters have certainly caught my attention[View]
109907385Why do comedies insist on making political commentary?[View]
109909818unironically, would it have been a better movie if it was about both k and luv eloping and escaping …[View]
109905755The new James Bond[View]
109902753ITT: times you acted like Danny Archer in Blood Diamond >walk out of the house with my Hawaiian s…[View]
109909756Memes aside, is it safe to say this show's quality stayed consistent throughout?[View]
109903226>1 BILLION[View]
109908769>come up with a show with a hugely interesting premise >make all characters unlikeable except …[View]
109906425I'm writing a screenplay and I'm having a lot of trouble with one character >lays in be…[View]
109910004I forgot to tape the Masked Singer. Who was booted tonight?[View]
109909126How hella fuckin epic is this going to be?[View]
109905082why are hd remasters of old shows so comfy especially this, where everyone is white and the women ar…[View]
109908151Dune: Say hello to Gurney Halleck[View]
109908932Name one(1) movie[View]
109909361Is it wrong to think that Ryan Gosling could play a great David Foster Wallace?[View]
109909383>born in 1998 >experienced the last possible childhood without constant internet and social me…[View]
109909889>crusti croc :D[View]
109909731Michael Cera? Yeah, I'm thinking he's JACKED.[View]
109909122I have an announcement to make everyone..FUCK LIZARDS[View]
109883914Comfy Lord of the Rings thread: Lord of the Rings nerd here; AMA. >inb4; why didn't they fly…[View]
109909797SHEEV THREAD[View]
1099051702019...I...am... forgotten[View]
109909690WATCH IT GOOLD[View]
109907756How would the Avengers handle the Decepticon invasion?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuoBmuHNjYQ…[View]
109907270https://tvline.com/2019/02/11/jane-levy-nbc-musical-pilot-zoeys-extraordinary-playlist/ /our womanle…[View]
109907515Did you know Ellen Page is a Scientologist?[View]
109895520>Star Wars is cucked >Star Trek is cucked >doctor who is cucked >Firefly is probably cuc…[View]
109909588ITT: Kino trailers only I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoQJ-dDX-nE[View]
109899448More like Adam Lies Everytime. Do people really believe this zoomer-looking shitter?[View]
109909215The PTA has disbanded![View]
109906002Honestly lads, she'll always be my queen.[View]
109908690... ... ... Goodbye...[View]
109909241>In the early to mid-1980s, Cruise had relationships with older women, including Rebecca De Morna…[View]
109908108What did /tv/ think of Cobra Kino?[View]
109901621True Blood: Certainly under appreciated by the masses. This show is crack.[View]
109904969Do you think they faked it?: It was 'reality' TV after all. Also Kenny vs Spenny Appreciation thread…[View]
109903088How to properly subvert expectations: The novel Revan which acts as a direct sequel to KOTOR & K…[View]
109909144I've executed flight plans like you wouldn't believe. Holograms on fire in the south of Ma…[View]
109907999Movies with an unstoppable force hunting the protagonist[View]
109908553With decades of kino to draw on how did Super shit the bed so fucking hard?[View]
109908838Actually I'm quite comfortable[View]
109905706Any other examples of prank movies?[View]
109908744he could've destroyed Negan and it wouldn't even be close[View]
109891332eternal /got/ general: Are you rewatching the show in preparation for the final season?[View]
109907986>it's the episode where vampire willow fucks actual willow against her will…[View]
109894657What does /tv/ think of 2 Broke Girls?[View]
109908702It's coming back, /tv/ https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/everything-we-know-about-th…[View]
109908573>watching raging bull >shinebox gets his shit kicked in by pesci again what the fuck was scorc…[View]
109908622'Sure is a shame about that Clint Eastwood guy. He triumphantly defeated Mad Dog Tannen, saved the t…[View]
109904069What are some good films featuring Ron Perlman?[View]
109907736Who was in the wrong here[View]
109908356>WW2 flick >Nazis are portrayed as the bad guys…[View]
109908394post in this thread if your mom is watching chicago med right now[View]
109903121THE BATMAN: What will become of this? Do you have any hopes for the film? Better with or without Aff…[View]
109908202Gentlemen...BEHOOOOOLD! i'M GOING TO SAY THE N-WORD![View]
109908145Can this book be turned into a movie?[View]
109904205Was it autism?[View]
109906114/utopia/ thread: Anyone excited for the US version of Utopia? It's back on the cards now that A…[View]
109908236Looks like Aaron Paul will have even less time to enjoy his xbox one after reprising the role of a l…[View]
109908023Why would normies ever use bitcoin or any other crypto currency? P2P payment systems like cash app o…[View]
109908130What are some more kinos for this feel[View]
109908061>read/see something about movie >'damn that looks good I need to watch it ASAP' >when downl…[View]
109907975https://youtu.be/eZlw64mI228 I will never not be mad, Disney and Rian Johnson destroyed Star Wars, J…[View]
109903843>So why did you ban Alex Jon- >Do you like having the Cash app as a sponsor, Joe? >Yeah, I…[View]
109906990>2 and a half hours of 'he a good boy, he dindu nuffin' Yikes, do Germans actually believe this?…[View]
109908010Film industries degenerate over time as they grow financially as a form of natural selection converg…[View]
109906318600 POUND LIFE THREAD #2: 600 POUND LIFE THREAD #2 http://123tvgo.com/watch/tlc/ OR https://www.arco…[View]
109891272>elaine throws a $10,000 toupee out the window she really is worst character…[View]
109906848>AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What did he mean by this?[View]
109903145what is the best neowestern?[View]
109887585/trek/: Incel edition[View]
109907712What the FUCK am I watching??[View]
109904201HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U: Carter's roommate Ryan gets stuck in a time loop where he's repetedly …[View]
109907118So, who the fuck is him?[View]
1098859373x3 thread, rate & hate and recommend. If you don't have a 3x3, go to the link provided an…[View]
109903317isn't it a sign of bad directing that this thot wasn't told to close her fuckin mouth[View]
109907006Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109907069She did it. She kiiyyod thum keeedz. Prove me wrong.[View]
109907094>every season has an entirely new cast, writing team and director[View]
109903737what are some good movies about new york?[View]
109905525I don't get it. Why was the title of the film written on the table?[View]
109900175>the rape Sansa....[View]
109906390>These fucking kids are running a train on her. >Please get me out of here!…[View]
109903476Is he this trilogies Jar-Jar Binks?[View]
109904156Who's the best female villain in movie history?[View]
109903027Why did Mrs Brisby randomly have magic powers right at the end of the Secret of NIMH when the movie …[View]
109906829Post yfw the mods abandoned this board[View]
109906341I miss this lil' nigga like you wouldn't believe...[View]
109906013Daniel, are you a sinner?[View]
109900389Theater feels: >When the theater employees see my fat ass going straight to the auditorium and th…[View]
109906511Literally one of the most comfy movies and is pure kino. Anyone else agree?[View]
109906544Have any of you been to Berlinale this year? What films did you see? What's your favorite locat…[View]
109906486Is it kino TV?: Well...is it?[View]
109903970What a retard.[View]
109906400Daily Revolver shitpost. #1: Watch it. I'll just leave it here. Have fun.[View]
109906097Oh boy, i'm so excited for the new Dumbo Live Action film[View]
109904994All CG adaptations that would be literal kino: Why has literally nobody attempted a big budget CG fi…[View]
109903966Just finished reading this, what's the best adaption? Watched the 2002 film last night and Nort…[View]
109905930To this day, I don't get what was this episode's message[View]
109905550this was kino[View]
109905378I got Amazon prime and there's a bunch of old HBO shows like Rome, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, an…[View]
109903902/ooohhhhh/: Was he in on it with little carmine and butch? Did he at least know ? Discuss[View]
109903894Thoughts on this kino?[View]
109904037I miss this nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
109905087>What went right /tv/? How was this able to succeed despite the low score and not being attached …[View]
109906042>protagonist decides to sit next to girls in public only to realize most of them arent creeped ou…[View]
109905496>'For heaven's sake dad, that rugged chair in my suede ensemble looks about as out of place …[View]
109904282What kind of songs does a man like Donald Draper listen to?[View]
109870479Name a bad early-2000s film: Pro tip you can't [View]
109905651anime tropes you hate: >the president of united states was the villain…[View]
109903411Can you name everyone in this?[View]
109905237Nanette: Is /ourgirl/ Hannah Gadsby the modern day Billy Crystal?[View]
109900816>Grow up in wealthy suburb >Have parents with stable professional careers >Go to expensive …[View]
109905540What are some of the best Hong kong kinos?[View]
109904706>let my people go! >implying jews are people…[View]
109898246Recommend shows that don't take themselves too seriously[View]
109905489But Harvey, you didn't say there would be other producers here![View]
109899707Has anyone else ever met a celebrity?[View]
109889198Rome general.[View]
109904258Any movies about a slave philosophy becoming popularized?[View]
109905076lmfao at manlets[View]
109905363If you like Tony, you're an impressionable brainlet fooled by his charisma[View]
109898717What was the deadliest film to ever exist. As in, a film that provoked mass violence, and why was it…[View]
109905142Will it win best foreign language film? I haven't watched Roma yet. Do you prefer it over Shopl…[View]
109896841how to into polish cinema those posters are so rad[View]
109903204who should play BATGIRL /tv/?[View]
109905146What movies do girls watch?[View]
109904878Johny Johny yes papa eating sugar? no papa telling lies? no papa Open your mouth Hahaha[View]
109905130Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
109905165what the fuck did i just watch was Ben a serial killer?[View]
109904152Why not just hire Dan Castellaneta to reprise his role as the genie?[View]
109904280Movies that make you feel dumb[View]
109896286Why did you hate this?: It was far better than District 9 and Elysium[View]
109896290Which one's the best blue?[View]
109903062Why did he have to leave us so soon? Imagine the kind of kino he could have continued making through…[View]
109905048Dream Sequences: What are some of your favorite dream sequences? I'd probably say Wild Strawber…[View]
109905042was kickassia kino?[View]
109903248lol Moltisanti is in project blue book[View]
109903757What did you think of Yorgos Lanthimos 'The Favourite'?[View]
109904311>character in movie is younger than 20 >knows how to drive >has a job >has a credit car…[View]
109904499do people like this exist[View]
109904922You just know.[View]
109904197What would his favorite movie be?[View]
109904741What's next for her career?[View]
109899814Misunderstood genius or talentless hack?[View]
109903616underrated: underrated[View]
109904795Have your ancestors been well served by the motion picture industry?[View]
109904748>'Breaking Bad' Movie Is a Sequel Starring Aaron Paul and Will Air on AMC and Netflix h…[View]
109899032Netflix Original Breaking Bad sequel: YO XBOX MY CAREER IS BACK https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/li…[View]
109904360Any recommendations from this list ? I really can't decide, it's cold out, have a pizza in…[View]
109904624There would be no eulogies for Bane... no photographs of his bodeh would be sold in sundry stores...…[View]
109900683FORGOTTEN CAPEKINOS: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMFHgRlMfqg[View]
109900338New Criterion closet pick video: Turns out a 'literally who' weird Blatino lesbian is the biggest pa…[View]
109902464Can we meme DC’s captain Marvel movie to success and Marvel’s Captain Marvel into failure?[View]
109904466Only the free episodes are good[View]
109902897>I'LL SEE YOU AT THE PREMIERE /tv/[View]
109900973who is the biggest hack fraud in Hollywood and why is it this shithead? >TFA dug the hole for the…[View]
109902292Why is he such a pleb?[View]
109903364HOLY SHIT! I just realised Timothy Chalamet was in Intersteller[View]
109900802Well guys, which was better? Personally I think Minority Report is probably better, but i enjoy Gatt…[View]
109904315What are some movies about people in their mid-twenties with no direction in their lives?[View]
109899758ITT: Deaths you are still not over.[View]
109904286Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109902110>I did it! I finally became a real Disney princess! Just like RDJ! See, women really can do ever…[View]
109904164So, what's /tv/'s consensus? What exactly happened?[View]
109903961walrus thread: any other movies than Tusk (2014) ?[View]
109904087>i'll countdown for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUrrZuIV-SY…[View]
109904057What is the problem with black 'people'?[View]
109904025Reminder to check your local good will for that good kino[View]
109889140I keep hearing how Top Gun was actually gay as fuck. I don't remember it being that way. But I…[View]
109901522How did Ja Rule get away with everything 100% scot-free? also how did only one guy get thrown in jai…[View]
109899238Tolkien movie: Uh oh. https://youtu.be/Girzu81oS8Q[View]
109903819What are some Kino youtube channels?[View]
109903854>Watch a new Joe Rogan Episode >It's another white guest Wow, how unusual! tired of this …[View]
109902539Why are women covering up in TV/movies more now? Why is it bad to show some skin? It's probably…[View]
109902203Classic Bane Thread: Post your bane related content.[View]
109902980Jar Jar is better than any of the new characters from the sequel movies. Prove this sentiment wrong.[View]
109899547Why didn't he go with trenchant insight?[View]
109902031What's your favorite Dark theory on a popular tv show that totally changes the way you watch it…[View]
109901350Dont that picture look dusty[View]
109889835>supposed to be a strong, tacticool female character >has one of her knee pads on upside down …[View]
109903068If you had the chance to do things over, what would you change?: Thirty-four-year-old Joel Larsen ge…[View]
109902583Who will win the cape-shit box office battle?[View]
109903394ITT: Black mirror: Best black mirror episode?[View]
109901793Just finished this. It was okay. What do I watch next?[View]
109902077From now on, she's smoking for two![View]
109903299he really knows how to get with his fingers in all those tight cracks[View]
109899677Get Smart: I've literally never seen /tv/ talk about this show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
109903213ITT: we fill in the blanks for movie quotes >More ____, less ____![View]
109900854Are food fights something that actually happens in real life?[View]
109902598is it kino?[View]
109897843Pet Sematary remake: Anybody see the new trailer? This thing is going to be a fucking dumpster fire.…[View]
109900815Yeah but Mike how are we gonna steal three ice cream trucks and a Russian nuclear submarine before s…[View]
109902011“What now? Let me tell you what now. I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' niggers, who…[View]
109901749FATKINO THREAD #1: It’s almost time boys. We finna boutta watch this fat nigga get Dr. Now’d on. Pos…[View]
109896390Wakanda fans: truly a kinoisseur[View]
109903056I feel the need the need for[View]
109900730Can somebody explain this scene to me?[View]
109901377Why is Homer so upset?[View]
109895302Why wasn't she Motoko?[View]
109902273I'm currently marathoning this movie and I'm already confident enough to say that it'…[View]
109902813>IM DA JOKEH BABY! 2deep4u[View]
109902809You see, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like fried chicken and rap music and ... BET!! And you k…[View]
109900868yfw you don't trust the government because you were raised by X-files[View]
109898482Now that the dust has settled, where do these rank from best to worst ?: For me it's: >Lemon…[View]
109901362When did you realise everything that went wrong in this film was this junky idiot's fault?[View]
109902708>You give me that 'juris-my-dick-tion' crap... you can cram it up your ass.…[View]
109902500What's next for her career?[View]
109902680Sneedpostin' That's a Destabilizin'[View]
109902309Holly fucking shit, this movie is amazing[View]
109898779It’s not the lash they fear: What did he mean by this?[View]
109901051This is the best movie of 2018. Prove me wrong. You can't[View]
109901047is there a point of keeping my subscription? the video quality is dogshit[View]
109901463does shit like this even happen in real life lmao[View]
109902471>Most American actor working today is a dirty Scot[View]
109902487A question to the Americans and/or anyone who understands the American culture during the Reagan era…[View]
109898991Can Lily-Rose Depp become an Oscar-tier actress?[View]
109901937Anon, Can Roma win the oscar?: Or is really imposible?[View]
109899803>Man I tell you what Hank bout there-that dang ol meaning o’life, man. It’s like this man. You’ l…[View]
109902291is the best really over?[View]
109893264Gurney Halleck https://variety.com/2019/film/news/josh-brolin-dune-reboot-1203138493/[View]
109902076Why did this guy try to rat out Batman the second time? When he went on that talk show[View]
109898148>there will never be another good Alien movie how are you all coping[View]
10989061724: I just put in the first disk and I'm going to go all the way through with no skipping bad p…[View]
109901160>character takes a shit >doesn't take a shower afterwards Imagine the smell.…[View]
109898589James Woods: Is he based?[View]
109901035>New horror film comes out >Cast and crew interviews talk about 'spooky things happening on se…[View]
109897133Was it pleb filter? Or just pure shit?[View]
109900719Green Butchers > The Hunt > Men & Chicken = Hannibal > Polar[View]
109902047I-m just starting to watch them again and these guys are genuinely fucking hilarious. >comfy Jac…[View]
109900859Childhood is waiting a few weeks to watch kinos when the theatre is mostly empty, adulthood is reali…[View]
109900877SO YOU ARE A CYBORG NOW...[View]
109875848Which movie you want to see? Be honest. Shazam or Captain Marvel? Let's get this straight right…[View]
109901970You're weak, you're out of control, and you've become an embarrassment to yourself an…[View]
109901289Wtf was her problem?[View]
109896012Jazz General - Mistakes Were Made Edition /JG/: REQUIRED WATCHING prelude to disaster https://www.yo…[View]
109901155I FEEL THE NEED...[View]
109901800LOOK DUCKS IT'S GREAT -the show[View]
109901779Name a better new comedy[View]
109901698Why did they cancel it?[View]
109897031this movie is actually really good, despite what losers on the internet will tell you.[View]
109901728Do you think nostalgiafags will ever let us view original content ever again in our lifetimes?[View]
109900684welp, decipher this movie. I think It's portayal of Psychopath, Sociopath and Whore? I watched …[View]
109878038I'm sorry but what is the overall story of this trilogy?[View]
109899701Anyone watched Kingdom? I just finished the first season and I have positive opinion. Setting action…[View]
109901292MEESA WEESA![View]
109901192 [View]
109900894>Anna Cooke Kendrick (born August 9, 1985) is an American actress and singer. She began her caree…[View]
109899569What was your first movie fap?[View]
109897316>comedy set in the 80s >ANY WAY YOU WANT IT THAT’S THE WAY YOU NEED IT ANY WAY YOU WANT IT…[View]
109901224Daily reminder that Netflix scrapped their entire star system because Amy Schumer is absolutely terr…[View]
109900986What's next for her career? Can she recover from getting blacked?[View]
109901321Why didn't the avengers just had a dance off to distract thanos?[View]
109899322Velcoro > Rust >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
109900047Was it good?[View]
109900290Alita battle angel stream http://moviesonline.mx/watch/yd6Lm4Vx-alita-battle-angel.html[View]
109900343You just gonna shoot me in front of everyone?[View]
109900131>Mister Owl, make a man out of you Including the tootsie-popverse with the Mulanverse was a bold …[View]
109897451Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are.. Tonight's Entertainment![View]
109900221What did Brendan Fraser mean by this?[View]
109900897So welcome back to another episode[View]
109900222utter. fucking. kino.[View]
109900964I had the most vivid dream last night. I was in bed with my ex looking for something to watch befor…[View]
109900769Anybody seen Richie!?: Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo!?[View]
109899948Do you have an idea for a movie? Mine is a biopic of Harvey Weinstein without mentioning any names. …[View]
109900898pure 2000s kino[View]
109900823>no more Alimony it's time[View]
109900558Hey, pops.[View]
109900863>walk into theatre >drawn into the backdrop here you can fade you can fade away…[View]
109899763One of the most kino films ever made. No doubt[View]
109900209This scene was incredible.[View]
109899608Jessica biel aside, is this worth watching?[View]
109900642>outlived James Gandolfini despite being 30 years older than him It was the tuna fish diet wasn…[View]
109900623ITT: Based actors who will be forgotten in decades to come but you will always remember[View]
109899338How do we go from this[View]
109900011>Napalm Death >Cannibal Corpse Yeah I'm thinking he's based…[View]
109900626>Sharif don’t like it Why was this song playing in this scene?https://youtu.be/mvAE6Dw768A…[View]
109900576So was she?[View]
109899270>watching black panther with wife and her friend >she won't stop talking and her friend i…[View]
109895256Do you think funimation is going to change broly's voice actor for the home release?[View]

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