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119835166Hill Street Blues: I regularly see this on 'best of TV' lists, but it was before my time and it neve…[View]
119836498FISH ON! FISH ON![View]
119838150>So -- will it work? >Well... theoretically speaking... >and keep in mind this is just THEO…[View]
119838053Post rare Sneeds from film and television[View]
119814443What the fuck was her problem?[View]
119833129>oh wait, was she a great big fat person?[View]
119837613/venomchads/ buy the blu-ray edition: anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CdcCD5V-d8…[View]
119833991it seems some bad goyim tried to warn us[View]
119837341What'd they do with the dome after Truman left?[View]
119837988i talked to barzini[View]
119837955>MUH DISNEY MONOPOLY! Meanwhile Apple has the cash to outspend everyone and will outbid everyone …[View]
119837317this is what a Hot 27 year old looks like on the USA[View]
119836879why would anyone who actually cares about film give a fuck about capeshit? it’s always the same shit…[View]
119835779This is my favourite movie of all time because of its open ending. I’ve noticed many people also con…[View]
119837612I started drinking Drano because I thought it would be funny. Turns out it's really tasty. What…[View]
119837856Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: This is easily the fucking best film of the year. Tarantino outdid hi…[View]
119837854I’M BACK! I’M BACK![View]
119837802Hong Kong 2019 Invading afghanistan to restore opioid industry Color revolutions Operation dropshot …[View]
119837540Download: But you should download movies. Why don’t more people download movies? Boomers that pay f…[View]
119837528Is it unhealthy that I've seen Jason and the Argonauts over 20 or 30 times?[View]
119834552Homelander Did Nothing Wrong: The Thread[View]
119835759Who will play him in the inevitable biopic after he kills himself?[View]
119834684Anyone else a fan of daytime soap operas?[View]
119835702What the frick /tv/ how will I ever lose weight now???[View]
119835454For me, it's Spiderverse Gwen.[View]
119836880Amazon series 'Patriot': What did /tv/ think of this kino?[View]
119837642who was in the wrong here?[View]
119832293ITT: Literally perfect films[View]
119837537best smells?[View]
119830435>Disney bad! Daily reminder that I haven't seen one valid criticism why this board has a suc…[View]
119830139Any ideas of how we could have won: Animematrix: renaissance 1 & 2. How could we have won the wa…[View]
119837283>Mastah wayne I saw a tangerine playing with a choild the soize of a rooby >The bandet had bee…[View]
119836261What's your opinion on fan-edits?[View]
119834992is he preparing for a roll?[View]
119837370Did they deserve their punishments?[View]
119835982whats the goriest film ever? doesnt have to be good[View]
119837194Pizza by the Foot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny_LUq7BBJc[View]
119832909>Uncle, you silly weak man, please shit down and have sex.[View]
119835270>Just because you killed Jesse's Jane doesn't make you Jesse's Jane can someone ex…[View]
119837182>it's a 'your cell mate turned out to be a chomo' episode[View]
119834877Penny dreadful: what went wrong?[View]
119835744You guys know what this means right?[View]
119835969It: Anyone else like It, or is everyone too contrarian here?[View]
119837039/TP/ - Twin Peaks General: Give the boss man a wet one edition[View]
119835619What your favorite director be like, /tv/?[View]
119836818I'M HEADING STRAIGHT FOR THE CAAAAAAAAAAAAASTLEEEEE: I was better than the first one IMHO, thou…[View]
119828034Lesbian movies: Beside blue and Mulholland Drive what are the best lesbian movies? Anything with old…[View]
119835987Based. Fuck snoy[View]
119834993There won't be a shooting at the Joker premiere because the incels wanna see the film too[View]
119836610What are you watching tonight bros?[View]
119836866Pokémon war movie: Why can’t directors or produce just make movies?! Why does shit have to be so rep…[View]
119835154>watch movie >it constantly has phones ringing and door knocking get that the fuck out of my m…[View]
119836572ITT We post sequels better than the first one[View]
119836750WWE Smackdown looks like THAT?![View]
119836680Why wasn't Ash the protagonist of the Pokémon movie instead?[View]
119836683>I LOVE MARVEL MOVIES OMG!!!! *plump*[View]
119824108dark: She was fuckin the son of his brother.How the germans got away with this incest scenario?…[View]
119836528COULD this be anymore of a F•R•I•E•N•D•S thread?[View]
119836601>boycott sony >boycott mcu They will just inflate their numbers anyway, so rip Spider man…[View]
119836210Are we supposed to be impressed?[View]
119835794ITT:: /tv/-related pictures where YOU JUST KNOW[View]
119836580/lit/ here, need some deep, philosophical, 'literary' TV to watch after reading too many 1000 page n…[View]
119834710Hey-hey, folks! It's a pleasure to be here![View]
119836565I know a bloke... top man. He'll know what to do.[View]
119820947HE'S BACK[View]
119834793Was it rape?[View]
119834070The Matrix Trilogy: What went wrong, /tv/?[View]
119836519/fg/ - Frasier general: thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D1nK7q2i8I[View]
119836483Daily reminder that nothing is concrete regarding the Sony/Disney Spider-Man deal: >UPDATE: Varie…[View]
119835831>create pool of emotionally unstable narcissists >wake them up early >force feed them booze…[View]
119836366Can we talk about how funny this movie is or do I need to wait for Jay and Beardfat to do a Re:View …[View]
119833597Fonz Thread: Is there any /tv/ character more cool?[View]
119834756I thought it was pretty good. Why didn't critics like it?[View]
119832848/tv/ filmmakers: Tell me about your projects, /tv/. Are you working on a short film, a documentary, …[View]
119825523ITT: Films, Actors, & People that have completely defeated /tv/[View]
119836108it stood the test of time: Watched it recently and it was everything i was looking for in an action …[View]
119836171who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119834748films that capture this feeling?[View]
119825667Shields down, Mr. Worf. Their weapons can't harm me.[View]
119835420Should I put money on Chernobyl? I never heard of When They See Us.[View]
119832919What the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
119834843what was his problem?[View]
119829978do Americans really watch him?[View]
119833350>ask women whats their favorite movies are, always flavor of the month shit or generic Disney/Tit…[View]
119835734Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good...[View]
119835524>The modern 'woman'[View]
119833306Literally all of the Spider-Man leaks about Sony removing him from the MCU was just made up by a lit…[View]
119835344DON'T CALL ANYBODY[View]
119833732ITT: post only the most kino actors and actresses.[View]
119835419Has /tv/ seen the sequel to empire of dust?[View]
119832320Anyone see this? What am I in for? Also, weird film thread.[View]
119835489Webm Thread: Post em[View]
119835493ARG: Her van interior looks more like a Hollywood set to me than anything else. I can’t say for sure…[View]
119835105Eastbound & Down was great, Vice Principals was even better and this is turning out to be kino a…[View]
119835321How true are the Disney fraud rumors?[View]
119835318What films made you more confident?[View]
119834617This movie fucking sucked: All SM2 had going for it was Doc Ock and he wasn't in the movie long…[View]
119833762Is anyone else excited about the next season of The Last Kingdom? What will happen on the show now t…[View]
119832991Evangelion - bathtub scene: Is this scene from the Norwegian film the Is-Slottet (1988) is the origi…[View]
119808907You just kinda know somehow, you know? You just KNOW.[View]
119835199What are some films for somebody 1 week into noporn/nofap and starting to feel like a real human bei…[View]
119833069Is this real? https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Natalie_Hershlag[View]
119834353Anyone got early reactions to It Chapter 2? Seems like the response is mixed[View]
119833501/tv/ these days: What is your opinion of present-day /tv/? Not television and film, but the actual d…[View]
119834638Why do they even need to do tests for replicants in blade runner if they already have their pictures…[View]
119834487Why does she have to suck so bad?[View]
119835064This was some serious pedo shit /tv/[View]
119834999Is he kino?[View]
119831402Oh the irony.[View]
119834920>Finish The Sopranos >Feel like watching it all over again…[View]
119833275Who was better? Griffith or Murnau?[View]
119824708That moment when you know a show cannot be saved.[View]
119833887This was amazing[View]
119834689What was her problem?[View]
119834510萌え Greene[View]
119834763You think your Sony and some whistle blowing bitch can stop me ha-ha! I am... inevitable![View]
119834754hey /tv: movies about murderers who stay in the background planning everything perfectly and somehow…[View]
119834693Candy Cane? Does anyone know where I can reach Candy Cane? I want my Candy Cane![View]
119834690Kill the lawyer![View]
119834654Post good porncore[View]
119833198wh40k tv show: Eisenhorn tv show trash or not trash opinion?[View]
119833767ITT: moments before death in film.[View]
119834351do british really do watch this?[View]
119834500I might be gay for raimi malek what do?[View]
119834481Its time to CANCEL Tarantino.[View]
119834219>dun nu nu dun family guy >familyguyhappymusic.mp3 >Oh for the love of god peta, you left y…[View]
119827631Anyone else here dying from laughter at these fucking bootlickers at plebbit having a massive hyster…[View]
119833604rank the mcu[View]
119834387>Did you enjoy God's latest gift? >What? >God's gift. Your violence. >When I c…[View]
119832770I bet once that venom2 flops Sony will be crawling back to marvel on their knees[View]
119834128http://chng.it/RqTWBrcm A real man would[View]
119834274Did they ever address the attack that happens near the end of Guardians of the galaxy 2 with whateve…[View]
119833905Sure there are lots of kinos about alcoholism, but are there any about recovery?[View]
119833593>'I'll be honest with you Joe, I haven't always been, well truthful, I've twisted …[View]
119833390Do Americans really do this?[View]
119832616If Joker wins an oscar, Sony will try to go for the same angle with Spiderman 4, the movie will have…[View]
119834254>inb4 Disney buys out all the VPNs and we can't torrent their shit anymore…[View]
119832046For me, it's Ahsoka Tano (Rebels)[View]
119834227NO I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!![View]
119832783>matrix 4 >transition it[View]
119829446WTF I HATE WOMEN NOW[View]
119833940So how could the Driver, who worked in a garage, afford a 10k+ Patek Philippe? This was the most unr…[View]
119834123.....Hey, long time no see![View]
119834141ugh..i made... i made uh... i made... ugh. i made it... i made it... this is the auditions for wolf …[View]
119833848why do films idolize AmeriKKKa so much?[View]
119834050hey GlowBros If we don't get season 4 i say we riot[View]
119832351I must have watched this scene on repeat a thousand times while working out in the home gym that I b…[View]
119833733What do you think of The Birth of a Nation /tv/?[View]
119833707any kino about food being too good[View]
119832421You're out there somewhere, Sneedposter... and I'll find you.[View]
119832577Wealth beyond measure, outlander.[View]
119830335She did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
119832138Will Smith in talks for role in Matrix 4: holy fucking based[View]
119832425>Come on, I aint just gonna grind my feet in someones couch like it's something to do. I got…[View]
119812428/ternobyl/ - /RBMK/ and /ttg/ - Chernobyl & The Terror General: Akimov=/=Kemper edition Previous…[View]
119832802This is like Synecdoche, NY but good. An opus of the modern age.[View]
119833581Yeah bro, my favorite director is Michael Mann. How could you tell?[View]
119833656Unironically one of my top 3 GOAT shows[View]
119833527Have you seen this man, /tv/?[View]
119826171Spider-Man Megathread: Discuss[View]
119832975This bullshit is just so blatant and accepted now. Imagine if it was the reverse and it was about 'w…[View]
119825958ITT: We write the Spider-Man 4 script one word at a time. I’ll start: ONCE[View]
119828517>...and then he started hooking up his laptop to the TV. >Omg really!? Lmao, what a retard!…[View]
119833541The only good goose is a fat goose.[View]
119833328vito dance[View]
119829969What was the last comedy movie or television show that genuinely made you laugh? I honestly can…[View]
119833372The fuck is this shit?[View]
119833301Why did the writers decide to throw her character under the bus in S5 by making her do a 180 on acti…[View]
119829236What happened to Dane Cook?[View]
119832951soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aqopEQr7wI[View]
119829053What was his problem?[View]
119826637Based Grace dabbing on MCUcks[View]
119832226Fren Bread: What kinos shud me and my frens watch tonite?[View]
119831594It's been just over 18 years. Everyone wish Zachary a late Happy Birthday![View]
119829288How come when Moe Greene got shot tomato juice came out of his eye? Was he some kind of sentient veg…[View]
119833240oh hi /tv/, its me, Peter Griffon from the cartoon series 'Family Guy'.[View]
119833078why yes, i do watch films at 1.5x speed, how could you tell?[View]
119832207Post Andy Kaufman[View]
119813194BATWOMAN Poster, Character Portraits & Pilot Stills[View]
119832972>muh atlanta[View]
119832362>I'm looking for a woman, pale skin, raven black hair, violet eyes, she goes by the name of …[View]
119832429ITT: Post the best film of a director[View]
119831364MAtrix 4 Announced: Will 'MISTER ANDERSON' return?[View]
119831581Would things have turned out differently if Padmè was a giant?[View]
119832574>The year is 2021 >You're sitting in the kinoplex with a large soda and bag of popcorn, C…[View]
119832681The Boys General: Post all things related to The Boys, Amazon’s deconstruction of capeshit.[View]
119828960why are people excited again?: >only made one good movie. >basically capeshite with kungfu but…[View]
119832985/tv/, mi barrio[View]
119832216Does Sony beat EA as worst company to work for now?[View]
119830417I CAN’T WAKE UP[View]
119826203What exactly IS the Thing? Does it have a natural form?[View]
119831476So I Realize[View]
119832572>mfw I'm the only head medjai to allow the mummy to awaken in three thousand years >mfw I…[View]
119832836For whistling at a white woman go directly to jail[View]
119832234Did He know that Arnold was looking for John ?: >There was a guy here this morning looking for hi…[View]
119832481The Witcher showrunner says the reason they race changed some of the characters is because of Americ…[View]
119803800>I can do whatever the fuck I want[View]
119832810I am a self-employed... person. But i occasionally give a $10 bj.[View]
119830982/vg/ - VENOM GENERAL[View]
119831146Capeshit? Never heard of it: But yeah I do enjoy the occasional superhero movie with the wife and ki…[View]
119808889I Am Jazz: I Am Jazz[View]
119832657Why was his wife such a bitch? He was just goofing around.[View]
119832409Who else is going to miss spider kino?[View]
119827784Nicolas Cage’s Sci-Fi/Horror Flick ‘Color Out of Space’ Gets a First Look: https://twitter.com/_Spec…[View]
119832509I Fucked Jeffrey[View]
119828205You see this is how crraaaazy avery made /tv/ you want o r d e r on /tv/? the mask must take off hi…[View]
119824963Matrix 4 happening. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/matrix-4-keanu-reeves-carrie-anne-moss-lana-w…[View]
119827038HOWEVER: Comfy Harry potter thread Which is the best and worst in the series? Post all kind of plot …[View]
119832526Well, I'm out of a job.[View]
119823693SONY IS FUCKING GENIUS: >fail repeatedly To profit having a household superhero brand at the heig…[View]
119832592WE NEED LEADER. A man of GREAT VISION. A man with the courage to grind his enemies' BONES into …[View]
119832230>Hated and expressed disdain about the Hollywood studio system his entire career. >Spent billi…[View]
119830291>when you overhear someone referring to Disney as 'The Mouse' in real life…[View]
119831736>joe bob gave it three and a half stars it must be good![View]
119832415This is better than Texas Chain Saw Massacre.[View]
119831035great movies that are ruined by their rushed ending[View]
119832359>no lost >no breaking bad >no game of thrones what am I going to talk to normals about? we …[View]
119832345How has this show vanished off the net except for HBO's Jew service?[View]
119831967Based Europe and Australia: And fuck capeshit[View]
119828889These are the most flanderized characters of all time outside of The Simpsons discuss[View]
119832227What are some essential gay-kinos? I've recently come out of the closet and I feel I need to ca…[View]
119831295Now that the MCU and Kevin Feige are out of the picture, will we finally get a non-shitty Spiderman …[View]
119831541ITT:films only women can understand[View]
119820847what happened to 'men' in film? now theyre mostly all twinks[View]
119828864admit it you cried during this scene[View]
119831871Marvel on the left[View]
119824595 [View]
119831751BREAKING NEWS: Spiderman has joined ISIS[View]
119828543That's right, Don Brodka.[View]
119829630Oh, Hey there, Mickey. Shame about Spiderman. Thought you might be in the market for a new franchise…[View]
119828920Is there a bigger fraud in all of Hollywood?[View]
119830149Well, at least they still have Captain Marvel...[View]
119830499Douge loves the new Angry Birds movie: Extremely based. How can one man's taste be this superb?…[View]
119830771Matrix 4 will be a masterpiece and nothing will change my mind[View]
119828170/stg/ star trek general: If you want real discussion about our favorite franchise, this is the place…[View]
119826520>lol he really singing?[View]
119831703Circle (2015): >What? >What are you looking at me for? >Oh, you think it should be me? >…[View]
119831368>iron-boy is dead based sony[View]
119828392It wasn't supposed to be documentary.[View]
119828407Pop quiz hotshot, there's a bomb in this thread. Dubs triggers the bomb. Second dubs, it blows …[View]
119829818What is the best /x/ files episode?[View]
119827623BREAKING: Godfather Part IV Announced: https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/gq-film-godfather-part-…[View]
119827966^.^: You're all wonderful people and I'm glad I got to spend time with you today. Good nig…[View]
119831302What are some movies about betrayal?[View]
119831103>Marvel is just the best. I can't believe Sony is taking Spidey away from us!…[View]
119830148>white man carrying the cross (western civilization) on his back while a horde of blacks just loo…[View]
119826866Are you excited for Fast 9 bros?[View]
119831260FAMILY THERAPY[View]
119831149is there any chance we'll get another Bushland Adventures?[View]
119830993>They didn't kill 6 million Jews but I wish that they had[View]
119830346ITT: films you have mastered[View]
119830627Now that Marvel lost the rights, does it still hold up?[View]
119831033Black Swan vs. Perfect Blue: Well /tv/?[View]
119830876Films about surfboards?[View]
119830884>Caitlyn Jenner just be doing what white men have done since the dawn of time. Which is whatever …[View]
119830953>Obama's a muslim Funny tv moments[View]
119829471MARVEL OR DC WILL NAB HIM SOON: Who should he play?[View]
119828001What is the point of this? They will start a separate Bat-verse, while Aquaman, WW and Shazam are s…[View]
119829912Mission Impossible: Rank them.[View]
119829431They're all good.[View]
119830636Was it kino?[View]
119830604http://chng.it/RqTWBrcm: A real man would sign[View]
119827663Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
119829943Why are idiots saying the Spider-Man split is Sony's fault?[View]
119830238'Oh shit, I'm sorry.'[View]
119829774le James Bond 'Title Teaser' NO TIME TO DIE: >le gosh gee oh emm gee goy what do you think this t…[View]
119830497>main couple dies at the end[View]
119830279>tfw now you can enjoy your favorite superhero without it being attached to bugman shit…[View]
119830412Am I supposed to root for her?[View]
119828322We know and understand kino, but what is its opposite? What is the dark shadow that creeps behind it…[View]
119830444Was this kino?[View]
119829278How many other ex-pornstars have successfully transitioned into mainstream film & TV?[View]
119830008How do we stop the capeshit menace?[View]
119830181If you don't like ALF, then you're a fucking faggot.[View]
119830267What are some crappy 2000's movies that you like and get weirdly nostalgic for?[View]
119830122any kinos for this feel?[View]
119830062>Disney owns 35% of the movie market, an unprecedented number in all of cinema history >They …[View]
119829789so it's basically Se7en[View]
119829521Movies for this feel[View]
119830158Mister /tv/, I don't feel so good...[View]
119829546Yoda facts[View]
119830069>Spider-Man is out of MCU Replace him with Night Monkey[View]
119829388Lets be realistic here anons. I'm a Raimifag but this wasn't a win. It's not a win b…[View]
119826671Now that Spiderman is saved from the mcu mouse cancer: will we get Spider kino again?, will raimi be…[View]
119830054>rick jews flee Austria >the nazis take their stuff >after the war, their paintings end up …[View]
119830002>Marge, is Lisa at Camp Granada?[View]
119829206BUT...isn't Betty a woman's name?[View]
119829512>iPhone autocorrects your sentence ruining your joke >close thread…[View]
119827776Those who claimed that Disney bought Captain Marvel tickets, or otherwise inflated the box office of…[View]
119828795Why all the Spider-man threads suddenly?: What'd I miss now?[View]
119829120Why did he freak out so much when he found out he slept with his daughter? It's not that big of…[View]
119828546It was Sneed And I saw him feeding. In the field, I saw him seeding. We were typing 'based…[View]
119829905Finally after all these years....a good release of Classic Kino 'Cruising'[View]
119829885So this anon asked if there are any films about Cave men. https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/1198…[View]
119829869Was it kino?[View]
119828123OUT AM I?[View]
119819924>make two perfect Terminator movies >both have intros of what the 3rd one is supposed to be …[View]
119829764Post your top 5 movies of the 2010's: Rate em' too I'll start 1. Burning 2. Midsommar…[View]
119829752I'll see you.. in hell[View]
119829460>Gotham City, 1981 >Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is an introverted, mentally unstable aspiri…[View]
119823812Now that MCU Spider-Man is done, what's next for Angourie Rice?[View]
119825522What did the sand people do to her so that she didn't die immediately, but also died in under a…[View]
119829545Am I just a cazzie or is this genuinely one of the worst films of all time? How did Tarantino botch …[View]
119829617>elite agent that can takeover a space station on his own >walks around collecting garbage and…[View]
119823826Tinder date is coming over in 20 minutes what should I put on?[View]
119827069BE STRONG DISNEYBROS. The MCU is still stronger than ever even without Sp*der-Man. >Captain Marv…[View]
119828636weird feel but I kinda miss early 2000s asian stand up.[View]
119829518Could a show like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood even exist in the current age? Would he end up as another…[View]
119829602What did /tv/ think of these faggots?[View]
119815842>says the word nigger all the time and always gets away with it even though it endlessly pisses o…[View]
119823295ITT:We help Raimi write Spider-man 4 by giving suggestions of possible conflicts and morals for Pete…[View]
119828029Unpopular opinions: Its disney fault they lost spiderman[View]
119829480What are some realistic spy movies that focus more on accuracy than action sequences (such as Missio…[View]
119829473This show always gave me the feeling of when you're short of breath.[View]
119829392Why are sci-fi characters required to have dumb haircuts?[View]
119795910/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Jackson Noms: Anal & Christie Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >…[View]
119828332For me, it's TV's Greg 'Opie' Hughes.[View]
119829210HE IS BACK[View]
119826136Could we all just take a moment to thank based Sony for all the high quality movies they continue to…[View]
119826397Top 3 Tom Cruise movies:: 1. Minority Report 2. Mission: Impossible - Fallout 3. Eyes Wide Shut…[View]
119828000Steve Buscemi getting fucked in the ass[View]
119829317ITT: sitcom characters that are literally you[View]
119828847If anybody cares, this ends with Rambo tearing out someone's spine.[View]
119827008>Miss Bond. We don’t serve grape drank. Shaken, with sizzurp.[View]
119829271Hey vatos, is this Sons of Bean-archy show any good? I just watched the first episode and it seemed …[View]
119828717Cast the next Spiderman reboot[View]
119829213This wasn't supposed to happen. Not now. Not when we're winning. We got too cocky, disneyb…[View]
119828434I hate this board so god damn much[View]
119829156This board is embarrassing. You think we can stir things up a little?[View]
119829142Now dig on this: https://youtu.be/0oxt-WtC6Oc[View]
119828873[Goes back in time and preemptively writes Spiderman out of the MCU] Nothing personnel, kid.[View]
119825361I never knew I wanted to fuck a middle aged robot lady until just now.[View]
119826051https://www.tor.com/2019/08/20/from-the-two-rivers-casting-and-race-in-the-wheel-of-time/ >Angsty…[View]
119828272who's better?[View]
119829065What do you think of Disney’s influence on the industry?[View]
119829031Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
119826901>the director of the hangover >tryhard artsy >tryhard lead actor fuck this movie…[View]
119828913Underrated imho[View]
119828756RIP MCU: I think is the time to say goodbye to the MCU, endgame was a meh film but with a lot of fan…[View]
119828058How do I become Cliff Booth?[View]
119828714>UPDATE: Variety reports that a deal could still be reached between Disney and Sony. Furthermore,…[View]
119823227Why are the characters so fucking inconsistent?[View]
119828701I'm thinking he is back[View]
119828646The Thing poster is great, but what the fuck is it? It never appears in the film.[View]
119827950past a certain age, capeshit can be a bad thing[View]
119824596*HEM* *HEM*: Attention all Gather Round I have an important announcement to make[View]
119826471Why don't they make films like this anymore?[View]
119828570you just got blown off... three times![View]
119827911Bros, I think Sony really fucked up here. Normies are raging against them on social media for fuckin…[View]
119827682Mysteryo and Jamison defeated the Iron-Spider. He will now go to jail for Mysteryo’s murder and will…[View]
119822059Why didn't he just rape her?[View]
119828389Rise of the Skywalker: What will it even be even about? They can't stretch Rey fighting Kylo Re…[View]
119803104did jacob have autism?[View]
119827987She's out?[View]
119827882>tfw everything richard did amounted to nothing[View]
119801477MINDHUNTER Season 2: So what’s the verdict lads? Is it stronger than s1? Is Wendy as annoying as Deb…[View]
119828250What a sick and twisted person, injecting his disgusting, twisted, psychotic fetishes into his works…[View]
119827585W-wow! Scarlett looks like *THAT*!?[View]
119827904Who is the best sheen?[View]
119827878>Spider-Man retconned from existence but this time for real >Captain America dead >Tony Sta…[View]
119828142Post yfw capeshitters btfo[View]
119827446what will he write for spider-man 4?[View]
119828091Are they gonna recast Superman soon?[View]
119828098i bet you killed muh yusef you white devil[View]
119825791> QUAD![View]
119827509For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
119826501Well there once were two cowboys all alone out on the trail[View]
119825389This piece of shit is to blame for Sony backing out of the deal, it made only 880 million dollars in…[View]
119827973gonna do the 2-step then cowboy boogie[View]
119827763>Past a certain age, a man without a feed and seed can be formerly Chuck's: What did he mean…[View]
119827946Hey guys, Big Gulps, eh? Alright...well, see ya later![View]
119827919Marvel Allowed Weekend and Holiday Visitation With Tom Holland: >We’ve raised the boy, so we dese…[View]
119827905MINDHUNTER: Is this worth watching?[View]
119823708Top 3 Brad Pitt movies: 1. Troy 2. Assassination of Jesse James 3. Snatch[View]
119826883https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qJXmdY4lVR0 Anyone else excited for the new Anti Nazi film by Terrence…[View]
119827718Yeah, I'm thinking he is back[View]
119827756Based Sony: HAHAHAHAHA OH NO NO NO[View]
119825135Now that Spider-Man and the big 3 are out of the MCU: Can female Thor carry the franchise?[View]
119818412Best movie mom ever?[View]
119827674>”so, you’re gonna blame me because you were the business head of a company, and you made a bad b…[View]
119827149Too bad Mindhunter crew couldn’t interview The Candy Man. What a fucking psycho![View]
119827590Why he it's so good making crime kino?[View]
119822590WAKE ME UP[View]
119826006500 iq sony pictures executives: >helps disney build their latter part of the mcu >makes the f…[View]
119827440>WHAT THE FUCK LARRY[View]
119827332YOU GO[View]
1198273432019... I am forgotten.[View]
119827059your brother billy, whatever happened there[View]
119827309Any kinos from your local public access to share with the world?[View]
119827213WE WON GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!: THE MOUSE IS FINNALY GOING DOWN WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE SONY!!!…[View]
119825588The color, of THIS PEN, is...[View]
119826335>kills spiderman[View]
119827086Spider man out of the MCU: VENOMMMM[View]
119826293If you post wojacks you deserve to be gassed.[View]
119823431Carlos Mencia (pbuh) is a comedic legend and a hard motherfucker. He smokes big trees and fucks mad …[View]
119826395Has the time come for the Spiderwoman movie?[View]
119826836>Iron man, Captain America, and Spiderman out of the MCU its over for capeshitters, how will they…[View]
119826139Misty tales and poems lost All the bliss and beauty will be gone Will my weary soul find release for…[View]
119823813Be honest /tv/ if you could pick this place or IMDB what would you go for?[View]
119826703yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
119823108So the billion dollar deal was a lie: Honestly I hate MCU Spidey more than any other. TFW I prefer h…[View]
119826680>Sorry sir, no single males between the ages of 18 and 30 for Joker.[View]
119826585How about we appreciate the fine work of the legendary, unforgettable and unfortunately deceased Fra…[View]
119826963>Movie is about a breakup >Male character somehow moves on without committing suicide…[View]
119826962>Has evidence of fibers on Williams carpet linking him to 14 of the murders >Williams constant…[View]
119824255He would have been 90 years old if he was born in 1929[View]
119826880Shang-Chi Villain Announced: What do you think? A big improvement on the Mandarin if you ask me.…[View]
119826728ITT: Actors that will never ever EVER do superhero films.[View]
119825966>Get fired by Disney from Solo. >Make Spiderkino for Sony so good, they don't need the m…[View]
119825544Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.[View]
119826804Despite all my _____ I am still just a _____ in a _____.[View]
119826652lol, what a bunch of fucking babies.[View]
119825388/fmg/ - Filmmaking General: Whatcha been up to anons? Make anything cool lately? Make anything garba…[View]
119820527easily the greatest actor in the last 20 years, why can't people separate the art from the arti…[View]
119820877Godzilla - King of the Monsters: The monster cut is now ready and uploading. It should be up in abou…[View]
119811744Why do people use this? Can't you just remember what you watch lol[View]
119826047Cast him.[View]
119826687So then.... i hear its out[View]
119825622Was it kino?[View]
119819496Is there anyone more based than the Brigadier? >Doesn’t take the Doctor’s shit, and even takes hi…[View]
119826483 [View]
119826441Any films that are about experiencing true happiness?[View]
119826540Penn and Teller Fool Us: Best episode of Fool Us? For me it's this. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
119826168>character throws a bomb into the monster's mouth >'eat this!'…[View]
119824770for better or worse, is Ozark our generations Breaking Bad?[View]
119826463need a show: I need to stay awake for almost 2 more hours and I got nothing to watch. Recommed me so…[View]
119826063The worst part about being the Joker is people expect you to behave as if you're not.[View]
119826415Spiderverse is better than Homecoming and Far From Home anyway[View]
1198260042019... I am forgotten.[View]
119825809why does he hate bruce lee and david lynch so much?[View]
119821510ITT: Universally panned films you unironically enjoy[View]
119822261Dead Careers General[View]
119826271What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119824870Are they retarded?[View]
119826367Is this the most kino spy show ever made? Makes everything espionage related look like shit, only th…[View]
119825167>movie is 3h+[View]
119826321Kinos: when the good guys win?[View]
119826098Why did he want to destroy the world just because he couldn’t get a girl?[View]
119826184Why do people eat this shit up[View]
119825428ITT: Kino villains: His evil laughter is absolute kino[View]
119822918How do you feel about Disney owning the entire world /TV/?: > Owns Sony & now controls not on…[View]
119822482Why cant we talk about this fucking show here?[View]
119825918When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said 'Dead Guy St…[View]
119824779Your daily reminder that 2+2=5[View]
119825116Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119825992Hold me /tv/ I can't find my webm folder anymore ;-;[View]
119826050Sony is right tbqh[View]
119825598>DUDE...the SIXTIES were so EPIC...lmao...[View]
119824808REMINDER!: John Lennon beat his wife[View]
119824580>Fuck you dumbass, you couldn’t make a good Spider-Man movie, now you take it away when someone e…[View]
119825900Reminder: Disney losing Spider-man for the MCU is karma for their accounting fraud, using sockpuppet…[View]
119825799/tv/ is the only thing that ever makes me laugh in my pathetic, meaningless incel life[View]
119825862What are some kinos about the biggest threats to modern society and civilization?[View]
119825833What are some scenes where it makes you think: >god, I wish that were me…[View]
119823821Holy shit, 5/5 trending? I didn't know americans were THAT addicted to capeshit[View]
119825789>Double the price >for DOUBLE the Commercials…[View]
119824732Movies that made you pic related.[View]
119824621>Raising your father's wife's son's son.[View]
119825651Netflix trying to make the next Lost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1nhfV2YANk[View]
119825379Soundtracks: Post kino film music. Or don't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SBQvd6vY9s…[View]
119825603>when the mayocide is real[View]
119824855>It's carrying a section of a navigational chart. We have the rest, recovered from the archi…[View]
119825560What are some films about heros who don't wear capes?[View]
119825558>mmmmm >mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmOhhhhhhhhhMmmmmm >”Fay, this is so scrumptious. Is this hand shu…[View]
119825390With this Sony-Disney news and manchildren losing their minds over Spiderman, is capeshit finally go…[View]
119823746Opinions on this Gen-X?[View]
119825192Why is it actually fun but that new sci-fi version of this (Pandora) is abysmally bad?[View]
119825243undisputed film of the decade[View]
119824603>a single white 20 something male sitting by himself in the theater[View]
119825487the GOAT documentary[View]
119825434Who is your favorite Mexican actress?[View]
119823976>am i not turtley enough for the turtle club What did they mean with this scene?…[View]
119825325Allah: Akbar[View]
119824816Clickbait movies and review bots: Lets discuss some clickbait movies that are certainly propped up b…[View]
119817848Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119825372'You flew too close to the sun... Now look at you...'[View]
119824893Chris D'Elia SAVAGE moments[View]
119825188Asian actress appreciation thread: Wherein we discuss things like: what are their best roles, can Ho…[View]
119821529Are you faggots ready for Sam Raimi to make capekino again?[View]
119825301now that sony has spiderman again could toby star in a old spiderman movie based in reing?[View]
119825234podcasts: Childhood is being a cum boy Adulthood is being a real ass dude[View]
119825316Hey /tv/ I'm looking for a alien movie that was on Netflix at some point about some old dude li…[View]
119825233Legion: Why is no one talking about this? It's the best thing that came out of the whole comic …[View]
119825280Who's the best Dragon: and why is it Peter Jones[View]
119825255Who's ready for the best come back of our generation?[View]
119825225I work with retards.[View]
119825223Have you ever been to an open air bed cinema? https://streamable.com/j3949[View]
119825222based DC thread[View]
119820758So no that Spider-Man is getting rebooted AGAIN, who would make a good Spider-Man/ Peter Parker?[View]
119825019Where were you: When Netflix became BASEDflix? Thank you Stream God[View]
119824853With the upcoming release of Marriage Story, do you think our girl Scarlett Johansson will finally b…[View]
119822853afternoon everybody[View]
119819949>is called 'Early Man' >has cavemen on the cover >actually takes place in the Middle Ages W…[View]
119806688Webm Thread: Post em[View]
119824501kino is happening KINO IS FUCKING HAPPENING Sam Raimi has said hes interested in working with Spider…[View]
119813263ITT,Post your IQ and your Favorite Actress: For me >IQ:195 >Favorite: Rachel McAdams…[View]
119821081imagine the smelle[View]
119823533this show is basically YMS the anime[View]
119824811>NO BRADU PITTU PUREASUE! >THIS BRINGS SHAME UPON MY WHOLE FAMIRY How did Tarantino get away w…[View]
119824383Spider-Man 4 is happening, this is not a drill![View]
119822027>THANK YOU GOD![View]
119824885Blue is the warmest color: Why did Lynch make it so obvious who the best girl was ?[View]
119824955What does /tv/ think of The Genius? For those who don't know it's basically a reality game…[View]
119823635Roger Ebert Destroyed Film Criticism: I do think it is fair to say that Roger Ebert destroyed film c…[View]
119824907you stand on the precipice of greatness, ready to stamp your name in the annals of history, eternal …[View]
119824788Apologize, Marvel Dog[View]
119820332Disney cooked their books, in trouble with the SEC: Fucking called it. The absolute state of Disney.…[View]
119823388>Tarkovsky? Not a fan, I personally think that Samurai Jack is overrated.…[View]
119823780/tv/ Official OFAH thread >best episode >worst episode >favourite character >favourite j…[View]
119824489Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid.[View]
119824702How did he do it? How did the director of the hangover BTFO so many people with his clown movie?[View]
119824690This women does not age!! https://youtu.be/H9FtVxN11ko: https://youtu.be/H9FtVxN11ko[View]
119824646/sp/Criscimerdo edition: >Intelisties with the Man.U 7th place attack thinking about being a cont…[View]
119824416If you say 'VVitch' instead of 'Witch', you're a huge faggot, and I honestly think you should b…[View]
119824622Why did this movie bomb? Everyone I knew loved it when it came out[View]
119817459Just watched this, what did I think of it?[View]
119819990Did Ellen Wong age like milk?[View]
119822005The miniseries is more comfy than the movie[View]
119824004Beep beep beep drrr huuuuu huuu huh drrrrr[View]
119823055I can't believe DC won[View]
119823062>sir. this is a social experiment. why didn't you stand up for the lesbian pangender wolfkin…[View]
119824581Once again you dumb fucks are the easiest bait taking retards on the planet. When will you people l…[View]
119824504Sony comments about Spider-Man potentially leaving the MCU: > When contacted by io9, a Sony repre…[View]
119824478Recommend me a movie set in a pretty asian themed world like this[View]
119824468I don't think he followed Ipkiss' instructions accordingly[View]
119823847/Sopranos/: What's different about you[View]
119824361DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
119821997Acting spouses? For me, it's Kansas Bowling and her boyfriend Rodney Bingenheimer[View]
119824176Did Catherine say “Fuck it” because she decided to let Ashley go? Or did she say “Fuck it, I will re…[View]
119824153What's wrong MCUCucks? It's not too late to put on a happy face this October.[View]
119823961God bless these heroes for liberating the Spider-Man, Peter Parker, from those money grubbing Iger “…[View]
119823480>Barbossa in general >Barbossa & Jack dynamic >Davy Jones & Calypso >Marriage …[View]
119822569ITT: we cast the new Spiderman[View]
119823731Other thread reached reply limit. Another thread about Sony cutting their deal with Disney of the S…[View]
119824235>all the incels around the world celebrating Sony killing Tom Holland Spidey >tfw you can’t wa…[View]
119823713DC ALWAYS WINS BABY![View]
119823424>american '''humor'''[View]
119823819I am the king of wishful thinking[View]
119817743>this is the big bad of mindhunter AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a fucking loser…[View]
119816850Will you see it, /tv/?[View]
119823907>his superhero gimmick is that he's Dick Cheney with superpowers[View]
119823058Oh SHIT it's Mr Creosote![View]
119824010Cast him[View]
119823648You told me this is a good movie. Why you lied to me?[View]
119823973>dude im a dang ole texas ranger what the fuck?[View]
119823430If this isn't fucking Kino what the fuck is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21WRuSa3B9o[View]
119822430What's his undisputed greatest kino?[View]
119822697*obnoxious synth music plays*[View]
119823321Why is this franchise so good bros?[View]
119820268Is it really so easy to get a gun in the US? Being european I never understood this joke[View]
119823134Why is it that madam characters are always written as sympathetic while male pimps are absolute scum…[View]
119816046Did you see 'it' the first time?[View]
119823144Why isn't Neve Campbell in more movies? She was such a qt in Scream[View]
119819839IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING https://variety.com/2019/film/news/matrix-4-keanu-reeves-carrie-anne-mos…[View]
119822712This TV show is freaking kino! It shows how right wingers destroyed America with Fox fake News propa…[View]
119823698>It's all 'bout the money >It's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dum…[View]
119820914Will we ever get a Sinister Six movie?[View]
119820134MASH - M*A*S*H: Let's try to get a MASH thread going[View]
119821166Are Janeway and Seven of Nine friends now?[View]
119823619Ted, I'd just like to ask you about some of the things you've marked under 'expenses'.[View]
119823588I check[View]
119822489What are some legit kino episodes? I'm thinking pic related is top 10 at least, it has everythi…[View]
119822616So, Will Sony finally adapt the best Spider Man media ever?[View]
119823283how is /tv/ feeling about me today[View]
119823455>Hollyweird isn't a giant incestuous cabal of criminals who will blackball you at the slight…[View]
119823012>Spider Man is OUT: Oh nooooos!! Reddit help me!! I luv muh super hero moobies pleeeaaaaase!!…[View]
119822956I CAN'T WAIT FOR MOMMY[View]
119820640She fucked seven different guys and NOT ONE of them was black.: could she be /ourgirl/?[View]
119811697Bond Film Title Revealed: Bit of a lame title tbqh[View]
119822511Was this the best kubrick movie?[View]
119823095I guess spider man is far from home after all[View]
119823279Is Gaspar Noe even human?: Pic related broke me.[View]
119822894Who was the best spidey and why was it Garfield?[View]
119821780Why does he look genuinely shocked? Like he never even considered the idea that he could ever be fro…[View]
119822599How can the Legman even compete?[View]
119821140UNCA HANK[View]
119821962Does Jimmeh?[View]
119820362Godzilla: Final Wars: gonna watch this, what am I in for?[View]
119820837The only time I've been upset that a pair of trannies weren't involved in a media project[View]
119823120Bye bye spider zoomie[View]
119822879Thanks for ruining the one of the greatest British baroque compositions, Ku-Prick. I just wanted to …[View]
119821674last scene you liked: Regardless of movie what was the last best scene you seen. For me it was the T…[View]
119821437If one were to determine what attributes the Jews share with a beast, it would be that of the rat.[View]
119822871'Pro Joe' Joseph Baena: Cast him in something[View]
119819466This movie fucking sucks bro[View]
119822961FAMILY THERAPY![View]
119822226what the fuck was Homer's problem?[View]
119821014>HOW'S THE WIFE Is there a single more cucked person in history than this man…[View]
119821625YouTube kino: https://youtu.be/1iqu5cWnqG8[View]
119822901You know i'm happh that childlish spiderman BTFO but for the other hand i'm sad that the o…[View]
119800335>Literally every person bemoaning ‘comic book movies’ has the exact same list of favourite movies…[View]
119817987Which is the best series?: In my opinion Blackadder the Third is the best one, mainly because that i…[View]
119822271Petition for Sam: Realistically, we could meme him into the director's chair for the next Spide…[View]
119817219hang on a minute he's a bit hairy[View]
119822671Was he right? https://youtu.be/9cwOqKfEYTg[View]
119820955>Are we brothers, Francis?[View]
119822749Chrisley thread?: Chrisley thread[View]
119821302commercials that could not be made today[View]
119822721>mfw I'm the only head medjai to allow the mummy to awaken in three thousand years >mfw I…[View]
119822711What is essential mafia kino?[View]
119821506>Moon landing? Not a chance.[View]
119821799what's the meaning of this[View]
119822647Films for disillusioned hipsters Loved it btw, comfily discomfitting[View]
119821089AYO HOL UP *has weird face and looks like a gorilla* SO YOU BE SAYIN *acts like a snarky, self right…[View]
119822057Crimson Skies like movie?: I recall in my earlier days there was a airplane dogfight action movie th…[View]
119822023>still no good steampunk movie/show >still no good dieselpunk movie/show >still no good ato…[View]
119822441What is the best sitcom in television history, and why is it the last seasons of Two and Half Men?[View]
119814223What do you think Zapan's role will be in Alita 2?[View]
119822243>you should have killed me when you had the chance[View]
119822488This has bugged me ever since I saw the movie in theaters... WHY THE FUCK IS RODAN SO SMALL IN THIS …[View]
119821292>We need the ugliest cunt imaginable >Sir, you won't believe who just walked in…[View]
119822476The ending was lazy just admit it.[View]
119822372The MCU direction now that Spidey, IM and Cap are gone and Thor and Hulk are both cucked.[View]
119822346There are so few films that accurately portray the lives of Latin-Americans. I'm eagerly awaiti…[View]
119821972What is some film about the biggest empire in the history of the world?[View]
119815850ITT: post and rate each other's top 5 kinos 1. The Thing 2. Godfather 2 3. The Social Network 4…[View]
119822016Malcom in the middle reboot when?: Twist, they're girls now and Daisy is lesbian.[View]
119818061About me to watch simpsons the movie, what am I in for?[View]
119819108What's the worst episode of Batman: The Animated Series and why was it The Underdwellers?[View]
119822111https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQHWYyWoe7k any good documentaries about this dude? all the discours…[View]
119821952>In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil…[View]
119819761Finally we can get adult spiderman back and not the ironfag fanboy[View]
119822117dark: These series is about Ian Curtis of Joy Division.Right?[View]
119822066I like Grand Budapest Hotel and Hateful8. Recommend another film.[View]
119821985This is awful just plain fucking STUPID doesn't Sony know that the MCU is doomed without Spider…[View]
119821915>scooby-doo can doo-doo. but jimmy carter is smarter wow, this is great comedy dad. thanks for tu…[View]
119821949Mr. Stark I Don't Feel So Good[View]
119822022Was it autism?[View]
119819577is season 2 worth a watch. i enjoyed the first season. i thought it was pretty fun.[View]
119821829Ok so here’s the deal. Basically, I’m monke.[View]
119821498Some people just want to watch the tangerine...[View]
119821867So we will not get to see Miles in the MCU ? I'm devastated.[View]
119821861Under the Silver Lake (2018): Just watched it. Didn't get it 100%, but enjoyed it nonetheless. …[View]
119821060>Wackowski Brothers >Create the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the era with The Matrix tri…[View]
119817851I never watched the Godfather movies. I heard the 3rd one is shit, but 2nd is supposedly great.[View]
119821781I AM INEVITABLE[View]
119817695 [View]
119820909I watched this movie and I'm wondering why sadman's wife is blaming overpopulation, pollut…[View]
119819318Comfy Simpsons Thread :)[View]
119816955>are bad in your path[View]
119820188>Remember those tire recalls? Chernobyl? Deliberate and malevolent actions taken by corporations …[View]
119816986Gather round my friends, gather round for I have an announcement to make![View]
119820971>bro sneed has a discord now they’re trannies!!! false flag utilizing sneedspics >bro sneed i…[View]
119821145Was he passive aggressive?[View]
119817460Do people like this movie ironically? I just watched it yesterday and it was cringe[View]
119821481whats your favorite Lifetime movie?[View]
119820912Was it kino?[View]
119819100lol dalmatians[View]
119821377How long till Iron Boy fans will make a campaign to boycott sony?[View]
119821126Cast them[View]
119814314HE'S A SMALL GUY[View]
119821288any movies about living with a drug addict older brother with health issues? >protag gets so tire…[View]
119816152Joker: As we are getting closer to release, you will be seeing a lot of demoralization on this board…[View]
119798425Why is this style of film so appealing to men?[View]
119820779ITT: actors without future[View]
119821035Everyone gather around, I have an announcement to make[View]
119802028Ok so I finally got around to watching Berserk since I heard it was one of the few non-weeb approved…[View]
119814345ITT: Letterboxd cringe[View]
119817789Tell my name[View]
119820067Itt: essential /tv/ core[View]
119819626I dont get it. Why was mount carlmore never brought up again in the newest episodes?[View]
119818699Finnaly, a commedian for smart people![View]
119821116Revenge (2017): Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
119813809Well....: Well well well.....well well well well![View]
119810852IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS6YJJfBYag[View]
119820555uh oh /tv/ looks like niggers are rising up in joker 2019 too[View]
119819367ITT: forgotten KINO[View]
119820109>godzilla: kino of the monsters starts showing in my uni's theater this weekend >actually…[View]
119820905>The girl characters start fighting each other Is there a more disappointing trope?…[View]
119815703Just watched Bone Tomahawk. The wife was totally raped by the Troglydytes, right? It felt implied by…[View]
119820800Another one bites the dust https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/08/20/breaking-spider-man-out-of-the-mc…[View]
119805915Why didn’t he just invent bucket shoes? He would’ve been unstoppable[View]
119820236So what's ya'll favorite episode of Stargate Sg1?[View]
119820753That ending tho: Best Tarankino revenge flick yet?[View]
119820405Which was the most disturbing murder?: For me, it's the totem pole [View]
119817376redpill me on becoming a writer/director[View]
119817646Is 8K needed?: I mean. Lol. Really?[View]
119818717Best live-action DC villain speeding by[View]
119820703What did The Wire™'s mayor of Baltimore Tommy Carcetti mean by this?[View]
119820011Why doesn't Holywood cast him after Narnia? Tries to get cast as Batman and gets the middle fin…[View]
119818554Look what happened to film critic Todd Vanderwerff[View]
119820654MATRIX FOUR A GO Here is a link to a redd!t thread full of REAL information =) https://old.reddit.co…[View]
119820643Evan Peters is a good actor. Evan Peters is a beta male.[View]
119819284Find a single flaw, pro tip: You cannot[View]
119818447I miss them bros[View]
119813147What was Tarantino thinking?: I don't remember any of this in the book.[View]
119820577>She was a whore Jerry! A fifty dollar WHORE! >You can't rape a whore! They spend their e…[View]
119820556What are some films about worldwide outbreaks? I've already seen Contagion and most of the Zomb…[View]
119820523Once A Upon a Time In... Las Vegas: >Rick Dalton fucks up his acting career, and the only work he…[View]
119815914the banking clan will sign your treaty[View]
119820270Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind... or forgotten.[View]
119820331So the billion dollar deal was a lie: Honestly I hate MCU Spidey more than any other. TFW I prefer h…[View]
119820387>Mr. Rogers will die in your lifetime[View]
119820301Spider-Man Out of the MCU: Marvel, Sony Can't Reach Deal: MCU SPIDER-MAN IS CANCELLED https://…[View]
119818174If a film maker produces a film, but its directed by someone else, does it still count as his movie?…[View]
119820294what's going to be his next project?[View]
119809984Based Lupita zombie kino. You fags ready? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlKnp52moe4[View]
119820256Disney-Sony Standoff Ends Marvel Studios & Kevin Feige’s Involvement In ‘Spider-Man’: https://de…[View]
119820252ITT: Boomercore[View]
119818293How is he still alive?[View]
119817578annnnd ACTION![View]
119820168I heard there are some really cool guys here that don't like super hero movies. Gather around y…[View]
119817046Was it a good costume?[View]
119820139what is this reaction face called?[View]
119820132Spider-Man is CANCELLED[View]
119819911>Raising your father’s wife’s son.[View]
119819322Second and final trailer confirmed by Fandango on August 30th. Who's ready for more meme materi…[View]
119819964MATRIX 4 HAPPENING: https://twitter.com/IGN/status/1163907957693829120[View]
119817970Django Unchained: Give it to me straight /tv/ Was he bullshiting or is this actually true?[View]
119819670Are you excited for the upcoming Masters Of The Universe reboot ?[View]
119819762You gotta eat the lettuce[View]
119818704What the fuck happened to the female killers series with 10-20 minutes episodes each on Jewtube? It…[View]
119817697Is this any good if you aren't attracted to women or traps?[View]
119813137Westerns: Finally saw pic related and I'm probably going to watch Stagecoach tomorrow. This was…[View]
119817829>army sucks[View]
119819800What does /tv/ think about this?[View]
119819823What did he actually mean by that?[View]
119812736YOU GO?[View]
119819821Zack Snyder's thesis that 'superheroes are our modern myths' is a terrible idea to ba…[View]
119819710>character is evil because.......he is evil[View]
119818509New Bond Title just got dropped https://deadline.com/2019/08/james-bond-movie-title-no-time-to-die-1…[View]
119819638kinos with this feel?[View]
119801644Decades drawing to a close: Name your favorite movies of the 2010s[View]
119815836Which of the first two Godfather films do you guys like better? Both have exceptional performances a…[View]
119819671>This is Alabaster Codify for 10NN and Brass Eye on the new buzz about Buzz, the bum buzzard. Did…[View]
119819660you know what your problem is? you go about and pity for yourself[View]
119817143Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119818274What was the moral of the story?[View]
119819525>why dont you do what you dream /tv/?[View]
119817964Any kinos about health?[View]
119815951Who pulled it off better?[View]
119819340You cannot pass! I am a servant of the /ABAG/, wielder of the flame of Core-chan. Crying about diver…[View]
119818801>Error: You must wait longer before deleting this post. any movies that bring about similar feeli…[View]
119819192The Righteous Gemstones: Episode 1 just aired, pretty great so far. What do you think /tv/?[View]
119801861Why is Velma so fucking hot?[View]
119819024>be dunston >Check em >Fuck jannies…[View]
119819015Has it been a shitty year? Will anything this year be looked back in nostalgia?[View]
119817576Where you guys find out about tv or movies you might like? do you just browse tv? do you just use im…[View]
119808137this was pretty terrible. the film just used used the backdrop of edgy cult/religious group setting …[View]
119816491Alright, hit me with some numbers[View]
119817606tfw not a wartime consigliere[View]
119819055Underrated shows or hidden gems you would recommend? Bloodline for me[View]
119815582The Best Halloween: Halloween 2018 should’ve used it as cannon. Yeah, Laurie being Myers sister was …[View]
119816794What's your favorite Raimi Spider-Man scene?[View]
119818887Itt: underrated shows on /tv/ Pic related deserves more praise than BB[View]
119806257Why is this the best Futurama joke?: >Dear Lord! That's over 150 atmospheres of pressure? …[View]
119818935Are the English subtitles still Google Translated or are is there an actual srt?[View]
119786409/trek/: Taking out traitors with Jellico edition old thread here >>119749661[View]
119818849Jew Jokes: Peter: Nothing else has worked so far, So I'll wish upon a star, Wondrous sparkling …[View]
119793130why are normies so obsessed with this shit[View]
119817665where the FUCK is season 2?[View]
119815674Apart from Tarantula's movies and Guardians of the Galaxy, what are some other movies with grea…[View]
119811632Fuck this movie. It’s inaccurate af, typical amerimutt production completely historically in accurat…[View]
119804615Why is DC incapable of making a scene this epic for Superman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfMiOl…[View]
119818523What went right[View]
119816455My spoon is too big[View]
119816889Disney Air: Disney is starting its own airline.[View]
119800065If Star Trek replicators can make anything, why does Gold Pressed Latinum have value? >inb4 they …[View]
119818721How would he fare against the Joker ?[View]
119818742was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHC13MYcrR4[View]
119815667TOP GUN: MAVERICK Plot Details: This is how it went down in the old script, but apparently it has go…[View]
119800472Why did no one bother sending a psychiatrist to Shinji?[View]
119808964just watched this what did i think about it[View]
119806241Giant sea monsters kino: Is there a chance that we can get decent giant sea monster films (like abou…[View]
119818592 [View]
119816482This man has never made a bad programme.[View]
119816405>this but unironically[View]
119817166Admit it, you cried[View]
119818398Are NonceHunters Based?[View]
119818434Name a single more kino theme in cinematic history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6qAIaqK3_Q…[View]
119815710Was this movie kino or not, /tv/?[View]
119818257memri tv thread 2 http://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/119815126/#119816730[View]
119816845Is there a bigger tragedy of the 21st than what happened to Lindsay Lohan?[View]
119817124Alright Pinhead your time is up[View]
119818215Are we ever getting TV series and/or movie from them? Is there any recent news on it?[View]
119818239Films that evoke this feeling: What are some films that evoke this feeling?[View]
119818172where do i go for right wing cable news now? They told me to watch fox business, but thats still par…[View]
119818009>movie trailer >*Sun is shinin' in the sky*…[View]
119816346If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; fo…[View]
119816512We'll take the lot![View]
119818114Hey racists, got you lunch[View]
119818101Waiter! Hey Waiter! There's a hair in my cake.[View]
119812892Titans season 2 is gonna be pure fucking kino!! Based.[View]
119816233So is this show representative of the reality of current American youth or is it just fantasy ? I…[View]
119818050>profusely chews saliba >'chell me, friendch'…[View]
119817729Shouldn't this movie be a warning to all mothers trying to change their child's gender?[View]
119816357you're part... eggplant[View]
119808544>Americans trying to do harry potter[View]
119817950What are some films about the reality of the american healthcare system?[View]
119815952Redpill me about Amy Schumer. Why is she so well protected and feared by other Comedians[View]
119814264Not quite my tempo[View]
119814935Why didn't Obi-Wan off Anakin when he had the chance?: >he didn't want to kill the man …[View]
119817070this is quentin “jerome” tarantino. his 9th film, once upon a time in hollywood, has just grossed 10…[View]
119817715Any kinos about incest?[View]
119809198>NOOOO BRADU PITTU PREASE HAVE MERCI I didn't know Bruce Lee was so weak…[View]
119814910Can you beat Mac and his arguments?[View]
119817567When it comes to killin', teacher teacher's just got too much to lose...[View]
119817549ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
119815148NOT THE BEES[View]
119810043JOKER 46 MORE DAYS UNTIL GAMER UPRISING: Are you prepared for the kino of the century?[View]
119817443What went wrong?[View]
119817415How will Millie deal with getting mogged by Chadvill's new cunny? Do girls even recover from th…[View]
119807317He just wanted to get something to eat.[View]
119816746The Terror: why did no one tell me this is good? useless fucks[View]
119816325I may not have a fancy black robe and a hammer like snooty, but I do have slippers and an oatmeal sp…[View]
119816002ITT the talents of david douchecoveny[View]
119816192So, let me get this straight... >Elves show up >Some of them are redpilled by Melkor and becom…[View]
119815566What’s his next project gonna be?[View]
119814201I will fight in the name of Davis, and everything that he believed in![View]
119817024what went wrong?[View]
119815587>5 hours of my life wasted on this retarded shit Thanks /tv/[View]
119809912This is pretty good[View]
119817129This movie is such a kino I can't believe it was made.[View]
119817076why did Ryan Murphy get so morbidly creative with her deaths? why did he also make the real life fre…[View]
119814086Marriage Story Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/n59tgVPvhW4 Looks like a boring 1970s movie tbqh…[View]
119815569Miss Stevens: this movie is about Timothée Chalamet trying to bang his english teacher[View]
119811229As if the Simpsons couldn't sink any lower.[View]
119816951Let’s discuss The Boys: While it’s a great deconstruction of Capeshit, I understand nothing is witho…[View]
119816024so i thought my enjoyment of season3 would make 2 retroactivly better: been rewatching entire series…[View]
119810199ITT: forgotten memes[View]
119816844What did here daddy do: ?[View]
119816709Webm Thread[View]
119814652Is it good?[View]
1198166872019, Hollywood still depicts people who enjoy games as obese loosers.[View]
119816744Literally me[View]
119816647>Yes, well done, that is indeed the password for the house. >But what is the password for the …[View]
119816622Cast them[View]
119815931this any good?[View]
119814364>fast-talking witty repartee was cool and all when RDJ did it the first time.…[View]
119814584J.K. Simmons & Betty Gilpin Join Chris Pratt's Sci-Fi Drama GHOST DRAFT: >J.K. Simmons (…[View]
119816197Homelander's Suit Changes?: Was their any significance or symbolism to they way Homelander wear…[View]
119816139>I hope I didn't add too much chili[View]
119815799>basically me[View]
119815729>Gets dominated by another male claiming the arm rest how do you react /tv/?…[View]
119816137What are some movies that give an insight on characters with no life goals?[View]
119816118jack ruselel[View]
119816105ITT: 10/10 movie posters[View]
119815384Peter... Come closer... There's something you have to know...[View]
119813568He did nothing wrong[View]
119812650/generation kill/: >POLEESE THAT MUSTACHE[View]
119814967Move, make way for the true patrician sitcom[View]
119815115First Look At Johnny Flynn As David Bowie In Upcoming Biopic STARDUST[View]
119815628What is the WoW Classic of movies?[View]
119815619>Why'd ya spill yer beans?[View]
119813292you think he got any alien pussy when he got to their planet?[View]
119815498What is Jerusalem worth ?[View]
119815482/Succession/: Why aren't watching most kino show HBO has produced since the Sopranos?[View]
119811810What was Miller thinking?[View]
119815299Judges 3:15 But when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised them up a deliverer…[View]
119815021Post your favorite movie of all time[View]
119815197This is the face of pure bliss.[View]
119815190Who was in the wrong?[View]
119815104>helps influence and radicalize hundreds of crazy incels Is there a more evil movie than Star War…[View]
119815124I just watched Winter on Fire on netflix and was blown away. What do you anons think?[View]
119813839How y'all doing guys nick the smoker here[View]
119814804>watch movie in the cinema >movie ends >Americans clap during credits…[View]
119813715How could anyone understand Boomhoward when he talked?[View]
119814774Star Wars: Rose Tico should die in episode 9 Change my mind[View]
119814446Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119810585Was he really responsible for the murders? The show made it seem like he didn't play a huge par…[View]
119811700Once Upon A Time's Sweet Ending Aside: Did Tarantula just imply Sharon Tate was a pedo?[View]
119814569true detective: Which season had the best opening song and credits? #The war was lost The treaty sig…[View]
119814686>Be Latino >Get lead role >Movie set in future >Hero is a space janitor…[View]
119814644Missing kino! Amazing, breathtaking animation. Laika has done it again![View]
119814641>stands and looks like a manlet in the show >is only an inch shorter than me wtf bros? is it …[View]
119813872movies that really make you think that cutie daughterfu at the end, d'awwww ;_;[View]
119814550>When he connects his laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable and opens his YIFY folder…[View]
119814485Whats the veredict on hellboy 2019?[View]
119813745>character iluminates the dungeon with a torch[View]
119813861what if he lied and found plenty of possbilities of the avengers winning, but only one with him surv…[View]
119814170Where should I start with Bela Tarr?[View]
119814407I think we have reached peak kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoZJdil0_HI[View]
119813950How do you beat Kayako?[View]
119814319Fuck off zoomers. [View]
119809371We don't sell Duff. We sell Fudd. Okay, Fudd me.[View]
119813947Did he do it? I watched his interviews and he it's a fucking liar. He's arrogant as fuck, …[View]
119806761ITT Ironic roles that actors have portrayed Pic related, played Ramona Flowers who was upset that Sc…[View]
119813587Better than 'Genoma of a Woman' or whatever that retarded rumored title was. Hopefully, th…[View]
119811617You want it to be one way.[View]
119814155anyone else get taken out of a movie when a character: doesnt have figures in his room?[View]
119813524What did he mean by this?[View]
119813175Post characters that are literally you.[View]
119811695You pathetic incels can stop crying now[View]
11981400350/50: thoughts on this flick? I hear it's a male fantasy[View]
119813902Seinfeld in present day: What if George watched JOKER (2019)?[View]
119812880Why would someone do this? Makes you wonder how many other movies have secret easter eggs like this …[View]
119808085His gayness ruined his character. >Faget acting like a straight guy Cringe.…[View]
119813621For me? It's Seth Cohen. What are his best moments?[View]
119812675>'No one cared who I was until I put on the mask'[View]
119802550Why can't she stop starring in flops?[View]
119812324This movie still so intelligent.[View]
119813760What are some good crossover kino?[View]
119813720Why wasn't the movie just about him?[View]
119810564>pipeweed >ITS a weed you smoke in a pipe Why do people say Tolkien was a good writer again?…[View]
119813642>btfo's comicfags >btfo's comic movies >btfo's twitter and SJWs >has be…[View]
119811547BUT WAIT -- THERE'S MORE: Where is the limit for Marvel? How fucking shameless can one company …[View]
119812660GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKING HORSE. I just discovered who this is. BASED AF.[View]
119813119>Had sex >Suddenly appreciate Captain Marvel…[View]
119813519what are some movies that could never be made today in the overly politically correct climate we liv…[View]
119812524Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
119813508>What is this? Why did he phrase this question in such a weird way?[View]
119812354>All women are whores, Harry. Even that quiet innocent girl who sits in the back of your uni clas…[View]
119809567I can honestly say Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: are the greatest super hero movies since spid…[View]
119813421Does a kino like this have any value outside the confines of a film studies class?[View]
119813402Does anyone have English subtitles for this film?[View]
119791476What killers do you hope they tackle in future seasons?[View]
119813385Was it the last good romcom?[View]
119812993Who was your favorite actress when you were 12? For me, it was Demi Moore.[View]
119811455>>If we let the refugees in, they will bring their problems with them. Imagine if a white pers…[View]
119811655Name one kino released in the last 5 years. No A24 allowed.[View]
119809480>BACK TO FORMULA?![View]
119813283God I wish that were me[View]
119811477Return of Godzilla >>>>>>>>>>>> Shin Godzilla: >Plot is actua…[View]
119812200Why is she so pissed off?[View]
119813182Why you gotta be so rude /tv/?[View]
119813084Favorite Futurama gag, /tv/? Pic related. I'm a homeowner![View]
119810810One of the most dull and dry movies I've ever endured. What do you Blade Runner fans see in thi…[View]
119809244I'm know I'm late to the party but holely shit The Orville is everything I ever wanted in …[View]
119812383*shows .45 seconds of BTK doing something*: chilling, absolutely chilling. Well done.[View]
119813020SNEEEEEEEEEED SNEEEEEEEEEED When the Simp's in the shop Sneed Feed him like it's hot Feed …[View]
119809800NEED a good oldschool horror movie: Please recommend some good old horror kino[View]
119811889Carlos Mencia (pbuh) adoration thread: Carlos Mencia (pbuh) is a comedic legend and a hard motherfuc…[View]
119812919What would you have done with his powers? Who wouldve said the most fucked up shit to you?[View]
119812732And it's shit...[View]
119805338Hi, I'm Elfo![View]
119810602WE'LL TAKE THE LOT[View]
119810931Cosmo, Wanda! I wish Vicky was a bimbo![View]
119812299Films about lucky people?[View]
119803629i didnt even realise it was a different actress until half way through the movie.. any other good ex…[View]
119811219HELLRAISER: What does /tv/ think of Hellraiser? Especially 1, 2, and 3. Kino?[View]
119810001What do I think of this movie?[View]
119812034who wants to see this with me on thursday?[View]
119811801>in 5 games[View]
119811861>enjoy the film, sir[View]
119812360ITT: Underrated horror franchises[View]
119812485I did not care for E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt).[View]
119812437>please come save our restaurant Gordon >What the fuck does he mean our food sucks? This place…[View]
119812469Thoughts on the new Del Taco film 'Antlers'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEM5HW7q5dY[View]
119810312//MAFIA KINO//: ITT: Movies that accurately depict the Mafia, so none of that Godfather shit please.…[View]
119811043>Your cute, quirky girl crush turns out to be a lesbian EXPECTATIONS SUBVERTED. How does it feel …[View]
119812452>The Co-en brothers? Never heard of them[View]
119810744/tv/ please spoonfeed me comfy movies doesn't have to be similar to pic related, just an exampl…[View]
119812179Who is the best film critic?[View]
119812306I got a problem here[View]
119812014Aye white boy. Give me actual criticism of A24 that doesn't involve 'soi' or 'fe…[View]
119811512>says the word nigger all the time and always gets away with it even though it endlessly pisses o…[View]
119809866Thriving Careers General[View]
119811729Alright, Anon?[View]
119812182You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up mayb…[View]
119809033Cast them /tv/[View]
119811855>The Simpsons will be airing a new episode 4 days before and 3 days after the 20th anniversary of…[View]
119812084Whoa, just take it easy man[View]
119810954/LOGANG/ Logan Paul General: What did /tv/ think of Logan's recent media tour to promote his ch…[View]
119811495What are some times you acted like Tony from 'soprano'?[View]
119811677>no time to die Thoughts?[View]
119811372The action direction was garbage: >endless cuts >shitty framing of the action so it doesn…[View]
119811181When does Disney buy the movie rights to My Kino Academia and introduce it to the MCU?[View]
119811858>I got a secret formula[View]
119811851Tom Ford: Is he /ourfaggot/? I genuinely like his two films and he's great at triggering s0ys. …[View]
119810784>the 8th film from quentin tarantino what a fucking pretentious douche bag…[View]
119811678>friend asks me what I thought of the movie >I called it 'based' >based on what, …[View]
119810518One of the driest and most dragged out movies I've ever endured. What do you Blade Runner fans …[View]
119811426>tfw sincerely don't enjoy 4chan anymore[View]
119810689Please give me an opinion on the film i have seen because im a sheep[View]
119811622>EFAP stream >zoomer normalfags from burgerland desperately spamming /tvpol/ memes in the chat…[View]
119811176is this summer the most bored we've been? things come and go, but does anything really stick an…[View]
119807158Why do people sympathize with this junkie retard who fucked shit up at every turn[View]
119811517for me its jaylah[View]
119811558What are the quintessential Russian Kino?[View]
119811501The Picture of Dorian Gray: I dont get it, his painting was all fucked up because he did some drugs,…[View]
119806368>When his top 5 films are very progressive and all have notable female characters in them…[View]
119811459ITT: Recommended movies by /tv/ that turned to be shit[View]
119801996TOO GOOD TO BE...[View]
119807522>I’m not gay I’m not gay I’m not gay[View]
119811183Is this the definition of kino?[View]
119808688Looks like kino is back on the menu boys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9vXNloQfTM[View]
119808346Reeves > Cavill[View]
119810402This was pretty good, very different from what I had imagined given the title I've really star…[View]
119808660Why did this scene look complete ass?[View]
119810465What’s the most popular American sitcom in your country? From what I’ve heard, Friends is by far the…[View]
119811370The quintessential femcel character: Any male equivalents that undergo a similar positive character …[View]
119808648Riverdale: will they redeem themselves in season 4?[View]
119809121The Lighthouse: Anyone else super hyped for this upcoming A24 kino, The Lighthouse? It seems like it…[View]
119810952Noah KINObach making another divorce movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n59tgVPvhW4 https://www.…[View]
119806231Has there ever been a rip-off of a movie/show that was actually better than the original?[View]
119811239You're at the office and this executive comments on your Gnome DE. What do you do?[View]
119810337What were they thinking?[View]
119807110Neytiri is...[View]
119808902What do you think of asian actresses in Hollywood?[View]
119808292What? Huh? Oil? Who said anything about oil bitch, you cooking?[View]
119807501Was the BBC scene in The Hateful Eight really necessary?[View]
119799182memes aside: Rick and Marty is quite funny >season 1 perfect (except TV show episode ) >season…[View]
119810714Name something more yikes and bluepilled then being a sequel trilogy fan[View]
119801502Why is it that Spielberg, Lucas and Tarantino are like the only three directors that any normie can …[View]
119809142Parasite: perfection[View]
119808932Make your own kind of LOST thread[View]
119810346Just watched this, what did i think of it?[View]
119805858Criminally underrated movies. Bonus points for NC-17. I'll start.[View]
119808760still #madatmort, /tv/?[View]
119810281pic relaed is probably the most incompetent villain in the history of horror movies.[View]
119810903movie ideas: post your screenplay ideas, it's not like they're going anywhere[View]
119810796Hop in dude.[View]
119809715/v/ here, can you faggots please fuck off our board? Films are inherently anti-art, and so it's…[View]
119806929What do you call this aesthetic?[View]
119810062Why do I never see threads about this?[View]
119810301>Songs you’ll never forget the words to[View]
119804095>McBride kino >he’s done it again[View]
119810215Murder by Numbers: KINO[View]
119810680>Came out in 2016 >Has better and more believable CGI than Avengers: Endgame, a movie that cam…[View]
119808310Name a more based duo[View]
119810713What are some movies about couples that have age differences?[View]
119776449>Paul Walker dies in a high-speed car crash >James Gandolfini dies in Italy >Steve Irwin is…[View]
119810521kino only u seen: or, no other plebs on /tv will have seen i go start >attahced…[View]
119807813It would have been Morgan Freeman's 80th birthday if he was born in 1939[View]
119810614Any case for watching this show? It honestly looks a little Tumblr-tier and I'm not that really…[View]
119810618>make tarantino films look like onions milk[View]
119806779January Jones has two shows on netflix right now, she is so cool and underrated[View]
119809403Rate my blu ray collection.[View]
119809719Wtf Henry you are supposed to work on The Withcer show not waste your time on a 15 year old mmo[View]
119797450So what does /tv/ think of The Office?[View]
119809732What are the best vampire films of all time? My favorites are Nosferatu (Herzog), Dracula 2000, Unde…[View]
119809060Was this moment kino?: https://youtu.be/qOeO0BiC9gE[View]
119810114Name a bigger chad ever put to television or film.[View]
119809132what time did you say your flight was?[View]
119809274what went wrong?[View]
119809366Kino Soundtracks: >song made for a single episode of a netflix series >is legit catchy https:/…[View]
119810355Movies with this feel ?[View]
119810336Why didn’t he just invent bucket gloves? He would’ve been unstoppable[View]
119804191Looking for movie name: My friend is looking for a movie, the most he can remember about the plot is…[View]
119809922What are shows and movies for 'normal' people?[View]
119808381what's the best /talebkino/ about people having a convex stress reaction and gaining from disor…[View]
119809834Fuck off, Dr. Sapirstein![View]
119808951So. Now that the dust has settled. Was this rape?[View]
119810098>Dean stop being mean to Ruby, she's a good demon.[View]
119806236just: This shit is even worse than Ep 1 the phantom menage and Ep 2 clone wars >absolute garbage …[View]
119809916i love trash tier comedy movies like pic related. please suggest more low budget comedy movies thats…[View]
119808742Why don’t movies have a cultural impact anymore?: Harry Potter is the last biggest cultural impact I…[View]
119810059>Ahhh the woke corporation has always been know for it's progressiveness…[View]
119806106why was this so shilled? I don't get it, mediocre as hell and didn't even feel like a musi…[View]
119809782Why where movie trailers so edgy 10 to 20 years ago?[View]
119809096/fg/ - Frasier general: Thread theme: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6D1nK7q2i8I[View]
119809840Orphan Black: Who's your Clonefu /tv/? Just finished season 4. Overall pretty happy with the se…[View]
119809901ITT: best of /tv/[View]
119809893>A Blumhouse Produc--[View]
119809884The Return: Food kino is back on the menu boys.[View]
119809091>Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me? Wait, what?[View]
119800659Is this worth watching? Which season do I stop at?[View]
119792082Well this was a huge fucking disappointment[View]
119809426Has there really been a screening test for MORBIUS recently?[View]
119809380watch their movies.[View]
119805395can we just appreciate how beautifully shot this movie is?[View]
119809594here's your supporting characters template for post 2010 AAA movies, bro[View]
119806802Inglourious Basterds had a lot of well known and lesser well known german actors, how are these peop…[View]
119805519Why is she the only tolerable actress on Stranger Things? Even Ryder has been kind of weak this seas…[View]
119802538The Inexcusable Racism in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Please boycott racism and don’t…[View]
119809104what the fuck was the point of this movie?[View]
119808764How long until he goes complete broke mode?[View]
119809264IT'S KERNS, STUPID[View]
119806026Was this the ultimate boomer vs zoomer battle?[View]
119808526Fantasy Kino: Recommend me fantasy Kino. I have already seen >LOTR >Labyrinth >The Princess…[View]
119809015Those are the dopest actors in the history of cinema.[View]
119808780Audrey Hepburn was...[View]
119809190Why are you not watching the most comfy South Korean film director?[View]
119809186What are some kinos where girls dress like guys to get attention? Bonus points if sci-fi.[View]
119807338>850 days until Avatar 2[View]
119798199ITT: movies only you saw[View]
119806727Brad Pitt is a side character trapped in a main character's body and every last one of his grea…[View]
119809080>PK:William Dafoe, and I think you’ve mentioned this in another interview, is probably the worst …[View]
119804367was she really a bad character?[View]
119809023>sneaky short ugly creatures that wear a subtle headdress to identify each other >obsessed wit…[View]
119805085So was he Jesus?[View]
119802400I have never heard any woman saying out loud that they are attracted to Arnold. Why was there never …[View]
119803793Why are modern zoomer audiences so brain dead?[View]
119779395ITT: actors who were born to play a certain character[View]
119805326>Kubrick wildcard[View]
119808605If based and redpilled had a baby[View]
119797432Once upon a time in hollywood: Did you agree with his verdict?[View]
119805484>it's an Uthred kills a person that he wasn't supposed to episode I'M UTHRED SON O…[View]
119808809MASH: first two seasons are the only one that matter[View]
119807273did you know that the matrix was released over 20 years ago? what do you think of the matrix? i…[View]
119806060>the state of Hollywood now >sequels, adaptations, retconned reboots and remakes. sequels, ada…[View]
119805746i'm thinking about playing hooky from work today and going to see pic related in the middle of …[View]
119807238In the end Hermione ends up with Malfoy. How fitting.[View]
119808675>he didn't watch Fire Walk With Me with all the missing scenes edited in…[View]
119806596What does /tv/ think of modern British tv dramas? People here are fucking obsessed over them. How ar…[View]
119806607Getting into acting: I'm thinking about getting into drama or maybe even better, but yet I dont…[View]
119804475This is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. Say something nice about him[View]
119806897Star Wars: Episode IX: Can based Palps (and even more based McDiarmid) save it? What do you expect?…[View]
119808564Was it kino?[View]
119806836I'm getting a Matt & Trey vibe from this where Trey Parker is pulling all the weight[View]
119806774Hello /tv/, /v/ here Can you guys please stop polluting our vidya with your shitty material? Thanks.[View]
119807506God: Can you beat Mac and his arguments? In a faawor of Denis.[View]
119791626Sup, nigga. You wanna talk some shit? Call me. Start some shit. Bitch.[View]
119807935>Anybody seen John Connor?! >Anybody know why Connor did Skynet?!…[View]
119808300The film that REALLY ruined a generation of women.[View]
119786158Have you got somebody, Holden? Someone you can’t catch?[View]
119806640What was his fucking problem?[View]
119808219>vulcom to thu huydrolic press channel[View]
119808218>Supports his best buddy >looks out for old george to make sure he's ok >Isn't se…[View]
119808206>want a slow bone whatever >get suicidal horses Movies are dumb.…[View]
119804175the wailing: the best horror since ATO2S. the climax where you as a viewer are literally put on the …[View]
119803115Watch this stoned. You're welcome.[View]
119802011Have you ever paid to see a movie over 100 times?[View]
119807840IT'S KINO[View]
119807909Hello my name's Raymond Day and welcome to Paraside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vjxen7weKU…[View]
119785860Are the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films on the wrong side of history?[View]
119806134>ahm >Fuck the sneed >Fuck The Mask >Fuck Skeleton Marve >Fuck The Deep >And Fuck…[View]
119805437The eternal debate: Ledger vs Hamill, who's THE Joker?[View]
119807749Why was he always so enthusiastic?[View]
119806784Is this accurate representation of 70s New York?[View]
119807536MEDICAL DROID: Medically, she is completely healthy. For reasons we can't explain, we are losin…[View]
119799766What makes this movie so good?[View]
119806827Look where I am,[View]
119807550Seriously, is it autism?[View]
119806748Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
119807470YOU AIGHT WHITE BOY[View]
119805053Your 2019 Bake Off contestants.[View]
119806923Twilight Zone: For me its Nervous man in a $4 room. Great music and great concept[View]
119804140>first half is great >second half sucks What's her name?…[View]
119806192>12 years on the air >iconic, genre defining series >launched the careers of many a literal…[View]
119807004>introduces something cool and threatening >kills it off screen…[View]
119805264Any kinos about homecoming?[View]
119807059What's up with all the DeNiro threads? Did he died? Does he have a new movie coming out or some…[View]
119806663Will this movie make me happy?[View]
119807075What snacks do you get when you go to the theater? Large Popcorn, drink, and sweet ropes for me.[View]
119806349D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
119802187What did you think of it /tv/?. I thought it was really really good, although the first quarter was …[View]
119806822If Tarantula went to film school instead of films, he wouldn't have needed lights like this, be…[View]
119782775Who is the overall better actor?[View]
119788124Red Letter Media: Is Stoklasa still the premier kino reviewer?[View]
119805702Is Sydney Sweeney a decent actress?[View]
119806890What are some movies wbout climbing?[View]
119806108>dude world series lmao Do Americans really care that much about baseball?…[View]
119798230Orange is the New Color of Shit: Why was it so shit, my dudes? https://filmgoblin.com/reviews/orange…[View]
119799346Best movie/tv mom ever?[View]
119806731How would I get a callsign like Maverick or Iceman?: Even Cougar or Merlin would be pretty sweet.…[View]
119806829>Anytime, anywhere[View]
119806362Let's talk Simpsons.[View]
119805267Literally the only flaw in an otherwise perfect film.[View]
119796093Based or Cringe? I'm thinking based[View]
119806648Is he our critic?[View]
119806624https://youtu.be/9Xv6BgVWGVo Guys, pls post me movies which evoke this feel except for Baby Driver a…[View]
119806314Frasier reboot when?[View]
119806529Was it real?[View]
119805164JOKER General (46 More Days Edition)[View]
119802352Is it really THAT bad?: ????[View]
119806150>You talk funny, anon. Where are you from?[View]
119805305>Why yes anon, I do enjoy euphoria. How could you tell[View]
119804406What was he job actually? Did he really work in the movie industry?[View]
119801493What's the best film set in California?[View]
119798169Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: What did you think of it?[View]
119783243Underwater: looks like alienkino is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCFWEzIVIL…[View]
119806293Was this a kino moment? https://youtu.be/qOeO0BiC9gE[View]
119805868Will Cara and Margot collaborate in the future?[View]
119805639You guys are the REAL heroes![View]
119805855/DCB/ - Disney Cook Book General : Boiling Mouse Edition: Disney reported by park accounted and also…[View]
119805005The jackeeeeettt[View]
119805361>And you... must be Bane?[View]
119800078Why did Marcellus Wallace want Vincent Vega to keep company for his beautiful wife? Sure, he wanted …[View]
119800192Someone watching it? It's really good so far[View]
119805989The perfect day[View]
119804696Season 2 Episode 3[View]
119805200What was your opinion of Chuck and Buck (yes this is an actual quote from the movie)?[View]
119805712HE RAISED HIS HAND[View]
119805385You awake in Voldesadt's Castle. What would you like to do, traveler?[View]
119805247What am I in for?[View]
119805700Did anyone watch this to the end? Can you tell me how it ended.[View]
119800354The Michael Douglas family, wow[View]
119805677U N R E A L I Z E D[View]
119804082Has anyone seen the show The Naked Director that can comment on it? Seems to be a show about a famou…[View]
119803641Current Year reboot when?[View]
119801050was it kino?[View]
119804220Anyone a torrent for Midsommar? iAM DYING to find one.[View]
119805476In retrospect, what was Quentin trying to say with this scene? Does he think a foot massage is a big…[View]
119800771Mike Nolan's long weekend: Was it kino?[View]
119805521Fucking hate when this happens[View]
119804010What is stopping you from becoming an actor?[View]
119804901Why did they change Ariel?[View]
119798793NOOOOOO: >ANON ! You must not read from the book ![View]
119804477Who will play her in the inevitable movie? https://www.newsweek.com/robert-de-niro-6-million-lawsuit…[View]
119803500How did he get away with it?[View]
119799202>Pitt is just a pretty f-[View]
119804444Can someone recommend me some Amzon Prime or Netflix kino about japanese culture and living in moder…[View]
119802632What the hell was wrong with this guy?[View]
119805168Will Henry Cavill pause his career to play WoW Classic?[View]
119805097what's the best movie about marriages /tv/?[View]
119804926which one tv?: Also does anyone else think that punished cap should hve been in endgame instead of I…[View]
119804254what a fucking entrance[View]
119802802Natalie Portman: >5'2' womanlet to play Thor How will this movie be conceptualized? Will the…[View]
119800798Have you seen this really old movie called Pulp Fiction. Watched it recently and I really liked it.[View]
119802480>When confronted with evidence including his handwriting, voice recordings, and shoe prints from …[View]
119804376Itt post actors or actresses your mom or dad are attracted to and can’t stop talking about them. I w…[View]
119803275This isn't bad.[View]
119804782SNEEEEEEEEEED SNEEEEEEEEEED When the Simp's in the shop Sneed Feed him like it's hot Feed …[View]
119786548DISNEY LIES ABOUT REVENUE FOR YEARS: NO! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! whistle blower says disney revenue is o…[View]
119804541Why was this part so kino?[View]
119804426rocketman: is this any good or is it luke WE WILL ROCK you movie? Freddie Mercury one[View]
119804649Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK TO /tv/[View]
119804640was this kino about (((((them)))))?[View]
119801777best movie ever made: discuss[View]
119804319How does this make you feel?[View]
119804507>NORMA DE CAÚPS! Why was this french woman introduced and then never mentioned again? What was No…[View]
119802084Do you hear the people sing?[View]
119804430>watch first season of television show >it's good/great maybe even excellent >watch se…[View]
119799548I was watching Fatal Attraction and this happened What do you guys think? is this the most blessed s…[View]
119803595I am Don Quixote![View]
119804228What’s the point?[View]
119803771This is the part where you fall down: which one of the slant eyed fighters was You? theres too many …[View]
119800383Tyler Durden was right.[View]
119804173Guys what’s wrong with this torrent of Trainspotting I downloaded[View]
119801463>AHHHHHH , That's a war face, NOW LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE![View]
119800059Halloween Stream: Been a few years since I've last done this. But this October I am endeavourin…[View]
119804142What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119799887this is a weird choice[View]
119804089What went wrong?[View]
119803940If the clowns from TDK took on CIA's men who would win?[View]
119797411Are they really going to give him the oscar for this shit? He looks and sounds nothing like fred rog…[View]
119801676So we can all agree now, without /pol/ interfering, that Obama was pretty based? https://www.youtube…[View]
119799643What summer movies have you seen this summer?[View]
119801413Cartoon music videos.: Post old cartoon music videos you like. Here’s a picture of particle man.…[View]
119803825He killed hundreds[View]
119803716You talm bow..[View]
119801473Was watching Star Trek and then this Russian guy tried to rape a Klingon. I thought Klingon sex woul…[View]
119803610What was his problem?[View]
119795131south park was good once[View]
119800127Will this be R-rated?[View]
119796466>the First Order The first of what order?[View]
119800258>see this show advertised everywhere, has won emmys >have an Amazon prime membership so I deci…[View]
119803533How did this win so many awards? Just seemed like an ok romantic comedy? Am I missing something?[View]
119803598The way they used Cliches and TV Tropes was amazing. I mean the Flashback episode in itself was geni…[View]
119803433Alright, zoomer.[View]
119796621/deep/ General: Why is this fucker so BASED?[View]
119796967>Niles are you sure this the Empire Club?[View]
119797791Just watched his newest special. Absolutely pathetic. Mia really did a number on him.[View]
119765077What bugs me about this scene is, why didn't literally any of them just run up to him and push …[View]
119802182Really makes you think.[View]
119794906Best kino of 2019: This film is one of the best criticisms of capitalism, it ain't just a cheap…[View]
119799815Why was this such a big deal? Its not like she found out he way gay or anything, its perfectly norma…[View]
119785458Tarantino is cancelled.[View]
119801711'AH! MALCOLM X! HELP ME!'[View]
119802911Was it Gatekino?[View]
119802642Why were both Spider-Man and Black Panther better in this than in their own solo films and subsequen…[View]
119802633ITT: historical events/periods that deserve film adaptation[View]
119801223Men are absolete in movies: The time of toxic masculinity has ended. The future is female[View]
119802460I don't get it, the liberal elites are literally the bad guys of the movie, why did you retards…[View]
119801494Any kino about transgenderism?: I wanna a kino about banging trannies or just themes of transgenderi…[View]
119802381clues that movie will be kino[View]
119801549Imagine casting a show, where the top bill and the most famous and recognizable name is the worst ac…[View]
119801591>black people can't act Was this scene necessary?[View]
119802173br2048: At what point does this movie get good Bean watching it for 2hrs already...[View]
119799476>quantum physicist's research notes are about schrodinger's cat Why do writers assume t…[View]
119801983how much Alien pussy do you think he got?[View]
119801563Oh SHIT it's Mr Creosote![View]
119800915Which of these two was a better decade for film?[View]
119801416>spends thousands of dollar for email exchanges https://youtu.be/uSmrEm6yQbI What the fuck is wro…[View]
119800232Just watched 'Mother!' excellent piece of anti-immigration propaganda. Just because someon…[View]
119801634>*effortlessly turns your flick into kino for the low, low, price of a half-pack of menthols, $2.…[View]
119799792redpill me on the movie industry[View]
119801566alright was it kino?[View]
119801618Now that we know the future - Which streaming service will fold first? >Hulu >Amazon Prime …[View]
119799668Uh, do Micks and Bongs do this? I mean, I thought Southies were supposed to be the 'faggots'. Also …[View]
119799983Why didn't they stock up on Pym particles first? They had like a million opportunities to easil…[View]
119797630Did this scene age well?[View]
1198010452019...I am forgotten...[View]
119801358What did /tv/ think of The Loudest Voice?[View]
119800797>dude lead lmao[View]
119801106This ship: Why won't anyone make a movie about the SS Edmund Fitzgerald? It could be really coo…[View]
119799762>group of soijaks sitting in front of me >endgame >they go OOOOOOO any time something epic …[View]
119800760About to go in to watch this: What am I in for? https://streamable.com/xsjzc[View]
119799631This is a low-level game, guys. The only thing you're gonna get around here is practice.[View]
119799479We’re in the pipe, five by five...[View]
119801023yall ever seen running man? just listened to an epic podcast about jt[View]
119798639Is he the most dishonest filmmaker?[View]
119799149Whhrrrrr...rrrrr: ....ap-p-pp-olo? ....st-st-st-sturbuk?[View]
119794521Could he beat Bane if he wore it?[View]
119800734i don't get it[View]
119800900>Hey, Annie! >All dressed up. >All grown up and doing the town. >Look at this Annie. …[View]
119798472Not funny!![View]
119797204Because of your lactose intolerance, you switched over to onions milk. Onions contains estrogen-mimi…[View]
119799165Do you follow any critics? Do you do it based on their personality and entertainment value or their…[View]
119799033You guys are the REAL heroes[View]
119800128what a fucking ungrateful bitch[View]
119800075Top worst 4 tags for a doujin?[View]
119796870what the fuck went so wrong?[View]
119800554>Some say, that he does his job for free... and that the only thing he enjoys... are blacked thre…[View]
119800507Fez Whatley: based or cringe[View]
119799873>my favorite kino of all time is Harakiri What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
119800231 [View]
119794831I just finished watching Eyes Wide Shut.[View]
119798153Ok Im at episode 3 of Man in High Castle. Now. I dont know shit about it. Ive avoided all spoilers a…[View]
119798092Taxi Driver: So he has the guts to go and talk with the blondie, and when everything is going well, …[View]
119799960She's not my mother, TODD[View]
119797748Is he the most based director in Hollywood history?[View]
119800395>tfw no Christiane gf[View]
119795597How to get away with Murder is great: Why the fuck did you not tell me about pic related, /tv/? It…[View]
119791406Was it kino?[View]
119799048Who am I /tv/?: >i was in a show that the jannies hate that had a large following on /tv/ >i…[View]
119796220>It's a Lisa Simpson episode[View]
119800109 [View]
119794737I’ve been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really …[View]
119792975>”PUT IT IN H” Now I think it’s time for a comfy simpsons thread gentlemen.…[View]
119798091>SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING MANLET Jesus, Fincher. Really?[View]
119796813Whats next for Biel fämälämäzoids?[View]
119799931>dark >black spot >kingdom why are european and asian netflix shows so great compared to us…[View]
119799892Chad's fad and sad[View]
119799845How did they manage to make it this incredibly shitty[View]
119799154name a film more kino than rat movie 2: the movie protip: you can’t[View]
119797262I like turtles[View]
119792004Have you heard about that lost Frasier episode? It was called 'Dead Daphne' and it begins with Frasi…[View]
119798449>lol perfectly pretty looking woman acting like innocent little girl >she has crazy edgelord p…[View]
119797254>movie begins >character reads off my IP address, social security number and date of birth Eve…[View]
119794091Post actors/actresses who took the call[View]
119795540I can handle a lot, but I can't handle cannibalism[View]
119795250tark's top kinos: >1. Diary of a Country Priest (Robert Bresson, 1951) >2. Winter Light (…[View]
119799115>Ride out with me, ride out and meet them >Yeah but what's your tax policy?…[View]
119799410Scenes that depict the primal desires of women?[View]
119797655He literally looks like Dennis Quaid morphed with Meg Ryan.[View]
119795992>movie/show with medieval setting >woman dies giving birth Maybe all of you should reconsider …[View]
119789880The /Boys/ general[View]
119797050I BYPASSED the _____: What did she say /tv/?[View]
119798935>tfw wish for death everyday while simultaneously fearing it Movies for this feel?…[View]
119798949What's the last thing you legitimately enjoyed watching?[View]
119799114Trailer Park Fatasses: Why did everyone in this show get so fat? Corey is the size of old Julian and…[View]
119798623Is this the single greatest villain in television history?[View]
119799140What does /tv/ think of The Boys?[View]
119799079>Gets to kill all the druggies and criminals in the world without even lifting a finger >Portr…[View]
119798636The guy who played Jesse on Home and Away died. Looks to be suicide. I don't think his career h…[View]
119797625What do you think of it?[View]
119799003ITT: Japanese Kino Only. no anime plz[View]
119796607What the HECK is he doing?[View]
119798178What business is it of yours what I masturbate to... Friendo?[View]
119797994Uh oh hot dog!: Cancel snl bring back mad tv[View]
119796454Whats next for Bridget Regan fämälämäzoids?[View]
119798966Thoughts on the copyright abuse dilemma[View]
119798879What is Brad Bird working on? When is he finally gonna get 1906 done?[View]
119798869/ecg/ That's Emilia Clarke General for you tranny jannys.: Come in here to praise Emilia Clarke…[View]
119798354This flick (Orphan 2009) was retarded If he had just did it then they all would have been fine[View]
119797083ITT: Movies win kino soundtracks[View]
119794695Mindhunter S2: small brain take >Wayne Williams committed the murders big brain take >Holden w…[View]
119798782damn, is this what normie childhood is like?[View]
119797098ITT: good villains in kids movies[View]
119797196Now these are Vietnam jungle boots: last ya twice as much, cost ya twice as less. AND THEY'RE G…[View]
119795015I did a Badlands + Carrie double feature tonight. I think I have a new celebrity crush.[View]
119798606I miss him bros[View]
119791826Will Moner be a serious actress or the next Michelle Rodriguez?[View]
119794338Chemistry, it is the study of....what?[View]
119795038You now remember Action League Now! https://youtu.be/87f-Bdzw81k[View]
119798553What are some movies which leave you feeling really happy? Celebrating life? >secret life of Walt…[View]
119797736Is there any truth in this documentary? was he making element 115 throughout the video in his lab?[View]
119794314>The Blue Lagoon (1980) >Two very small children, a boy and a girl, are shipwrecked on a lush …[View]
119795304What's /tv/s opinion on this doc?[View]
119796457What was his tax policy?[View]
119798214>stupid /tv/, be more funny[View]
119798148>Hello and welcome to Game Sack, this time we're taking a look at the Colecovision >That…[View]
119795226Watching 'There Will Be Blood' for the 17th time.[View]
119797265What's actress MBB's big announcement? A new film?[View]
119797716movies/films that are erotic, but not overly sexual? i'm thinking of the dancing scenes with th…[View]
119797562This show deserves so much better. Holy Shit this became my favorite Super show of all time. Anyone …[View]
119797890Season 2 was kino. How did Fincher pull it off again?[View]
119796591The Righteous Gemstones: McBride never misses, it's amazing... first episode was great.[View]
119797440Post movie scenes that made you walk out the theater.[View]
119794912How essential is Welcome to Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town? Also Twin Peaks thread[View]
119797715Kino screencaps from films: Post em.[View]
119794244ITT: Forgotten movies[View]
119796702Nicole Kidman and Kubrick: Can any of you find the original quote? Every site I look for it just cop…[View]
119795773Is it really as good as everyone says?[View]
119797685What's his problem?[View]
119797603The thrings I do for rove[View]
119796279F Where do they go from here?[View]
119797476Name your fav insignificant side character that everybody hates and the actor most likely did the ro…[View]
119793654The Righteous Gemstones: What did we collectively think about this show?[View]
119796580Did /tv/ ever watch this classic?[View]
119797165What is your favorite movies snack: I like popcorn from the microwave with extra butter and sal or c…[View]
119797398itt: scenes that made you jump out of your seat and shout 'KINO!'[View]
119791853Movie folder thread: Post your movie folder. Other anons comment, rate, recommend, etc. I've se…[View]
119796629>Iron Chef America's chairman is supposed to be the final boss of John Wick 3 That was just …[View]
119796153Tarantino's attention to detail in OUATIH: Why should a filmmaker be praised for being autistic…[View]
119796665Post Kino music videos https://vimeo.com/106365507 This one is like 4chan summed up[View]
119797285Which of these futures would make for a good sci fi film setting?[View]
119795585>character goes to the bathroom >doesn't use bidet…[View]
119796552I don't get it.: If she drove him to the motel, why does she ask if he has his car keys? And if…[View]
119795168You know what time it is[View]
119796918He had a really cool look: to him despite being a manlet. Why did he die when he was starting to imp…[View]
119797028im sorry but what? what's up with satan fucking that girl on that porno?[View]
119794447>Bro! It's good because the message isnt clear! You have to dissect it! It's all about …[View]
119795741your top three favorite spongebob episodes: >pizza delivery >pickles >wet painters…[View]
119796124>Om trayambakam yajaamahe: What did she mean by this?[View]
119790850>Called Lupin >Similar to French word Lupus which means Wolf >Is a werewolf BRAVO JK ROWLI…[View]
119796751Who is the Chance The Rapper of the film industry?[View]
119793797WHATS GOING ON HERE?[View]
119795907I'm watching this movie and I'm wondering why sadman's wife is blaming overpopulation…[View]
119796117>sneed is finally dead[View]
119795046Why do directors keep using actors who are very well known for a certain role in small-medium parts …[View]
119791487What do you call this type of humor?[View]
119793385*cell door slams* THE ANIMALS THE ANIMALS[View]
119796151I don't get it[View]
119795539Ready or Not looks good[View]
119795234Old gray mare she ain't what she used to be.[View]
119795184Frailty: I liked it.[View]
119792984ITT: Sequels better than the original: Post Sequels that were even better than the original.[View]
119795662Hey! Uh, you're on MY time.[View]
119793394>Arrival was released 5 years ago[View]
119796345Everything's just fine ma'am.[View]
119796173>tfw wizard of loneliness[View]
119796242Janitors do such a good job in this site, i'm really greatfull to have such competent people wo…[View]
119795666Come quietly or there will be...[View]
11979611645 days[View]
119794641Hey guys, what's this from again? I've been racking my brain all night trying to think of …[View]
119789457Was he a good boi?[View]
119796059L, I'M KIRA.[View]
119795624me rn gn[View]
119794415fuck you.[View]
119794001Give me more Slavkino[View]
119795688Brandi or Mary?[View]
119795811fuck you.[View]
119795431how am i even supposed to watch this? i wasn’t aware of it’s seven hour runtime[View]
119790561Worst theater experience?[View]
119795281Ahem Fuck you[View]
119795325fuck you.[View]
119795611How far away this depiction of Los Angeles in 2029 from Terminator compared to real life?[View]
119784881Wheel of Time General: So it looks like Nynaeve, Egwene and Perrin got blacked.[View]
119793649ITT: Talentless Hacks[View]
119795590fuck you.[View]
119782608/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Jackson Noms: Anal & Christie Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >…[View]
119795279Why does David Lynch always portray sexuality so disgustingly?[View]
119792733Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO Midsommar.2019.…[View]
119795532Gus Fring.: Gus Fring.[View]
119794191Man this was weird[View]
119794113Why would he come back after someone shot him in the foot?[View]
119795118fuck you.[View]
119794948Why did no one inform me of this kino hiding on Amazon?[View]
119757835Supernatural: 52 days until final season starts edition[View]
119794073I cry for this man You watch this show at first and see him as a laughing stock Then, it keeps going…[View]
119793601a jew dick hater[View]
119794778How did Fonsie do it? How did he manage to take a children's novel and adapt it to a film that…[View]
119794513Guys I just can't watch this show anymore. It's just too fucking painful. Why the fuck can…[View]
119794309Old Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) THEN[View]
119795167oh nonono: white people will be minorities in the following countries by 2100: >America >Canad…[View]
119795236why didn't he kill bell in the motel room?[View]
119794283>haven't actually thoroughly enjoyed a movie in years give me some kinos to reinvigorate my …[View]
119792883 [View]
119795108Looking at all these threads like man can't wait for joker 2019[View]
119795121wtf guys i thought cartoons were supposed to be childish and dumb[View]
119787576Can someone please tell me what is with the obsession with 'diversity' now-a-days? We live in an era…[View]
119794409>about to watch apocalypse now >look up runtime…[View]
119795088>minus fifteen billion points for Gryffindor[View]
119794432What are some scenes you can TASTE?[View]
119794448Homelander ! I'm here to fuck your shit up.[View]
119794605>watching the boys >whenever they say 'supes' I hear it as 'soup' >this is often hilarious …[View]
119783362I think Skull Island SUCKS![View]
119793818Was it kino?[View]
119788318did they gay it up[View]
119793304You are seven years old. You are a man. Bury your first toy and your mother's picture.[View]
119794824>hey anon,wanna smoke some weed[View]
119790254Adam is back at it again. animals can totally consent btw https://old.reddit.com/r/YMS/comments/cshd…[View]
119794524So, let me get this straight... >Elves show up >Some of them are redpilled by Melkor and becom…[View]
119794320I don't understand the fuss about Get Out: I think Get Out has to be the most underwhelming fil…[View]
119794764>In more extreme spaces, however, bluepilled normalfag is used in misogynistic and bigoted contex…[View]
119794724Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he'd put on a dress and play a girl bunny?[View]
119794752Watch superhero films: They are great and can teach you a lot[View]
119794747>had to mass report the pedo thread for 10 minutes before Janny did something…[View]
119793717>Why yes i do know how to dougie >how could you tell?…[View]
119793833Well? Where's the weirdest place you've jacked off? Or had sex?[View]
119792530>christmas kino Any xmas kino like pic related?[View]
119789800Why dident he take the ring to mordor instead?[View]
119793308Are there any other movies were the conventional human love interest is outclassed by the alien side…[View]
119793811>femme fatale villain is introduced >SHE'S A MANEATER, MAKE YOU WORK HARD, MAKE YOU SPEND…[View]
119793250Brainiac thread: Rewatching this kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJpwJsmNpE4&list=PL90_tYfU…[View]
119793919is there a bigger cuck in televison than star: >gets cucked >kills millions to stay with the g…[View]
119791788No cheese, Gromit![View]
119794540Cast it.[View]
119794509GoT Thread: >Tfw Game of Thrones went to complete shit, complete with plotholes, character flande…[View]
119791500Was he autistic?[View]
119794211this film infinitely surpasses Home Alone in every conceivable way[View]
119793836What is the worst movie you've ever seen?[View]
119793925MFW There's been a robbery at Woolworths[View]
119793968How do you get to be this cool?[View]
119794340Help a brother out. I’m trying to find the name of a horror film, I think it’s from the early 1970’s…[View]
119784925>They say there's no two people on earth exactly the same. No two faces. No two sets of fing…[View]
119794328The Snowman: What happened to make this film so bad?[View]
119792582Iger Sockpuppet Scandal: Another Disney scandal is ongoing, this one focusing on Bob Iger using sock…[View]
119790846>only 46 days until the best kino to come out this millennia[View]
119794056>It’s another frog thread[View]
119793840What are some good movies about natives?[View]
119793510Discuss the actual career of working actress Olivia Munn who appears as part of the cast of The Rook…[View]
119792477if you like any other Star Trek other than TOS you are a bootlicking no-taste pleb[View]
119793496Why was it so comfy lads? Season 1 to season 5 are pure comfy kino when it was still filmed in Vanc…[View]
119794150Jennifer Connelly: What do we think about her body of work?[View]
119787763CRUISING: Was he gay? Did he kill the neighbor? Did he catch the real killer? Many unanswered questi…[View]
119794045Ron Perlman rules[View]
119794054Is this ad kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rYbvPHmDho[View]
119792575Why didn't Frodo just stick the one ring up his ass?[View]
119791185I love you[View]
119793922wagie wagie stays up real late sees this thread and can't see straight[View]
119788545Why didn't anyone tell me how good this is? Really fun and sad at the same time.[View]
119781489What do you want to see from the Bioshock amazon series?[View]
119790413wow what a jerk[View]
119784263Mindhunter: >what should we have Wendy do this season? >dunno lol, let’s give her a girlfriend…[View]
119793895Currently sitting in the dark drinking a coffee before I leave for toil I have a recurring flu that …[View]
119792451Name a better character actor.: ProTip: you can’t.[View]
119789836>Us, right? It's like lookin' in a mirror![View]
119793054Was he an incel?[View]
119792287>Bunk with me tonight, oh bunk with me tonight. I'm asking you will you bunk with me tonight…[View]
119793798>one ticket for lion king please[View]
119793437please listen https://vocaroo.com/i/s1SFs4NIMFWl[View]
119792719Shouldn't two big animals just team up and start hunting the humans? They are so big they don…[View]
119792571before sunrise: what did /tv/ think of this? imo one of linklater's best films[View]
119788085How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?[View]
119793223What is worth watching?: I already seen Once upon -- Hollywood twice, what else that is out is worth…[View]
119789293Who was your favorite disney princess growing up?[View]
119790937Okay, I don't get it.[View]
119787272ITT: Movies that women will never understand[View]
119790364Season 4 when? Will it focus on Gordon Cole and Tammy trying to rescue Coop and Carrie from Judy…[View]
119790372How the fuck did this joke get approved?[View]
119789925Im excited for the time travel.[View]
119789842/tv/ characters that can beat god?[View]
119793069Is it true that the Mission Impossible franchise was invented to placate Tom Cruise after he was rej…[View]
119789188What did he mean by this?: 'I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's …[View]
119793379>oh hey Anon! I just saw Anthony Jeselnik's special on Netflix. It's so dark and funny …[View]
119792802God he's so miserable to watch. All fucking memes and politics aside, the character just seems …[View]
119791167Cast him[View]
119793021What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119793215This place makes me sick man...[View]
119791652Cast it[View]
119791981when the burn is the perfect amount of slow and you haven't even THOUGHT a jumpscare might be c…[View]
119791570Webm Thread: Post em[View]
119789443Bypassed my ASS you CUNT!: You ripped a component you fucking slut! CHEWY! Rape that cunt![View]
119793067/tog/ The Office General: So what's the deal with Kevin? Was he really a genius mastermind? And…[View]
119792605I HAVE DIARRHEA oh my god it hurts so muARRRGGGHHGHH it’s cascading out of my asshole like a busted …[View]
119790990>movie trailer >*Sun is shinin' in the sky*…[View]
119791832Is it just me or do some amazon shows have fucked up volume where the audio is quiet and all other n…[View]
119791202Was this Millennial or Zoomer?[View]
119792042>was supposed to be BTKino >turns into gay/race flick bait Unironically what the FUCK happened…[View]
119792814Thoughts on this trilogy?[View]
119790430>John Wick 3 still censored in Australia on DVD & BluRay >4K disc uncut Why would do that?…[View]
119773761>celebrities who browse /tv/[View]
119791827Any of you have tattoos or /tv/ related clothing[View]
119792524UTAH GET ME TWO[View]
119791987Rome thread: All mockery of Jews and their one god will be kept to an *appropriate* minimum![View]
119791165was he an incel?[View]
119789557taking an absolutely nasty shit rn[View]
119785727>movie makes over a billion dollars >introduces an entirely new generation to the magic of Sta…[View]
119786958>yo joe rogan[View]
119790465What movies are good to watch the night before going back to uni where you anxiously await being soc…[View]
119791493got up and left when i saw this shit[View]
119790156Why didn't Obi-Wan end Anakin's suffering?[View]
119769862/SotM/ General:: Don't you just LOVE Halloween[View]
119785966Was this the most horrifying scene in kino history?: There's just something so repulsive and di…[View]
119792413Ever watch this and wonder what could have been done differently?[View]
119790476>Warner Bros. refuses to let Lynda Carter briefly play Wonder Woman again for the CW multiverse e…[View]
119792445What are some kinos about poor life choices?[View]
119787754whats your favorite sukeban (orスケバン/女番/スケ番) series ?[View]
119791929*glass shatters*[View]
119792155i vant to suck your blood: bzzt[View]
119787743Is stop motion dead?[View]
119790929Osborne...Osborne Cox?[View]
119792289American Psycho >Main character is neither an American nor a psycho.[View]
119792340How long was Phil in the can? I can't remember if he ever mentioned it.[View]
119789556What's your favorite Griffith film?[View]
119790481Post movies with great CGI no Marvel or DC films[View]
119790189NOTL Thread: >Dude, we're safe in the basement! >NO, WE'RE SAFE ON THE GROUND FLOOR!…[View]
119791983Did anybody watch it this weekend? If so did you like it anon[View]
119788020Would you watch a Frasier reboot?[View]
119791683What are some euphoric films?[View]
119790277>All of those moments will be lost, like turds, in the wind[View]
119789064Was this the most pretentious blockbuster ever made?[View]
119788250What's some good mafia Kino?[View]
119791067/ART/ - Arthouse/Experimental General (Back By Unpopular Demand Edition)[View]
119790614Is he the greatest twink to ever grace the Hollywood screen?[View]
119789255Are cartoons aimed at adults the lowest form of comedy?[View]
119791086FEED MY... FRANKENSTEIN![View]
119791411You are seven years old. You are a man. Bury your first toy and your mother's picture.[View]
119791360dROwning By SEEDS[View]
119790674Need some good milf kino[View]
119789692>they actually posted it on the official Twitter Guess the crybabies can't complain about it…[View]
119787986Donnie Yen supports China!: Will Hollywood boycott Donnie Yen after he openly supports the Chinese g…[View]
119791282One, Two, /TV/-Head's Coming For You Three, Four Better Lock Your Door Five, Six Grab A Crucifi…[View]
119790608>2019... I am forgotten.[View]
119789728so this exaggerated caricature of the typical american family man drives up to a run of the mill cou…[View]
119790803EVERYONE LOVES LOG!: What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog? …[View]
119790702>290 days until Wonder Woman 84[View]
119788770What the FUCK was his problem?![View]
119787385Can someone name a film that doesn't involve degeneracy such as premarital sex or illegal drug …[View]
119784728When does it get bad?[View]
119788241Was it his kid?[View]
119788826Is Swordfish the best hacking movie ever?[View]
119790624>uh yes sir, that's right, it was just a big headed kid: >no, it wasn't an extraterr…[View]
119788691'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell To Headline Starz's Wrestling Drama HEELS: >HEELS is about the me…[View]
119786579Who the fuck runs like this?[View]
119790301What would you anons do with such power? Free for All. You're anonymous, what would you want to…[View]
119789930>snapes memories reveal that dumbledore saw harry as a farm pig and only kept him around to have …[View]
119790493>dude gore what a fucking hack[View]
119789675>movie is scary because...it's scary[View]
119790095https://vocaroo.com/i/s0lasa2T49ap What are we watching Tonight bros?[View]
119790355>goes to the phones[View]
119790146>Used to hear this show talked about all the fucking time in Tennant and Smith's runs >He…[View]
119788841Any other bros enjoy this show? I could picture myself living and working here seems like a pretty s…[View]
119790262What's a RocknRolla?[View]
119789168Michael Rooker Joins FAST & FURIOUS 9: >Rooker joins Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana …[View]
119788840what's next for her career?[View]
119789273MISTER ANDERSON[View]
119790236What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119789949Thats a nice gf you have, it would be a shame if she get fat, let me fix that for you anon, i bet yo…[View]
119789959The best film of 2019[View]
119789747Sneed is fucking dead.[View]
119789586Or so the Germans would have us believe[View]
119764324Leviathan-kino is back on the menu, bois https://youtu.be/jCFWEzIVILc https://youtu.be/jCFWEzIVILc[View]
119788430is it just me or are these the same fucking film?[View]
119788147Would you have destroyed the galaxy for her?[View]
119789246Is this a good movie to watch with my 12 year old daughter?[View]
119787682I don't get it[View]
119781763Which actors have eyes which indicate they are predators, and which are prey? are you predator or p…[View]
119789992Thoughts on Preacher: What does /tv/ think about Preacher? I've been keeping up with the show a…[View]
119789926>Students! I want you to take out a piece of paper and write the name of everyone you've had…[View]
119789608state your name, cuz[View]
119757989Jackie chan - Double Dragon (1992): Great movie.[View]
119786759Fuck Amazon. Where can I watch this? Any other stream sites or mirror sites?[View]
119789616Grumpy Bear is the best Care Bear, proove me wrong. Pro tip, you can't[View]
119788979>Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively? What the fuck did this stu…[View]
119788559Best character in show: She’s crushes every scene she’s in[View]
119787194Alright who is actually watching this garbage? Seth Green has literally spent a third of his life ma…[View]
119787803>Mmm, yeah..[View]
119789019hey /tv/ jess franco directed about 200 movies, Bloody Moon is one of his better efforts, watch it w…[View]
119788572fuck you.[View]
119789422HEY gUYs ARE yoU eXCited!! pEW PEW PWE PEW its freaking STAR WARS how can you NOT be excited For thI…[View]
119789426Movie tropes that doesn't happen in real life >Rich guy marrying a poor girl >Loser in hi…[View]
119788096>old movies bad >new movies good is he /ourguy/?…[View]
119787013joe rogan is oprah for men[View]
119785672Let me get this straight. A wealthy psychiatrist is sweet-tempered enough to care for his crippled f…[View]
119789002how's that screenplay coming along?[View]
119787582Attention fellow patricians: We need more Succession threads. The new season just started and it…[View]
119789289Hi /tv/ I had a shitty day and I’m sad, can we have a thread where we post our favorite cute/handsom…[View]
119785979This is Rachel Bighead. Say something nice about her![View]
119761555Best movie mom ever?[View]
119789166Any scenes where you can actually TASTE the scene?[View]
119787356Explain to why this is such a trendsetting movie[View]
119788058ITT: Kino Music Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv-sdTOw5cs[View]
119789101“The Queen of Cuck” starring Christine Alftin >Coming soon to a theater near you…[View]
119775627/wot/ - Wheel of Time General: What changed need to be made from the books for the show to be good?…[View]
119787333>main characters name is holden hard pass[View]
119788918Why didn't she get back together with him in the end?[View]
119785634Cast him.[View]
119787067which Simpsons voice actor do you think best encapsulated Matt Groening's vision?[View]
119785678/stg/ star trek general[View]
119788980so this exaggerated caricature of the typical american family man drives up to a run of the mill cou…[View]
119787070I keep hearing The Lighthouse script leaked but i can't find it in the usual places. Anyone got…[View]
119786900Say something nice about her on her birthday[View]
119787373Chris Pratt, J.K. Simmons & Betty Gilpin To Star In Sci-Fi Drama GHOST DRAFT: >Chris Pratt ('…[View]
119788825>a genderless burger experience[View]
119788522this show heralded the Final Decline of Western Civilization[View]
119788505Movies for this feel?: Looking for movies that feature leaving your normal life to get on drugs and …[View]
119774809Has any movie caused more filtrered plebs to seethe than this one?[View]
119782601What's next for Zendaya Coleman's career?[View]
119788816nathan for you: How can one man be so based? Jessie is so fucking cute bros[View]
119785327did they ACTUALLY believe there were no cats in America? how fucking stupid were these mice?[View]
119787351Mods filtered it[View]
119787869How is this even possible?[View]
119788747I don't get it, why did the Mythbusters bring their Janitor on set for an episode?[View]
119784982Why does /tv/ hate Brie Larson so much? It's all because of capeshit, isn't it?[View]
119787771A Match Made in Space: What's it about?[View]
119788433Is Maggie Simpson a hoax?: That awkward moment when your name is 'Miss Baby' instead of 'Maggie Simp…[View]
119786637/sg/ - Sneed General: looks like Sneed is back on the menu boys![View]
119780838Is a character death more tragic if the character is attractive?[View]
119788423>characters perform smells like teen spirit in the 50s[View]
119786231Death Becomes Her 1992[View]
119788472what are some other comfy movies?[View]
119788445give me korean kino now[View]
11978551490 day fiance: before the 90 days http://123tvnow.com/watch/tlc/ New episode in 18 minutes[View]
119784537what's gunna happen to Artie Lange?: is he gunna make it?[View]
119787570From Jay and Silent Bob: the Reboot.... Is this former televangelist Jim Bakker? He looks so damn fa…[View]
119785956>'Don't bother with the normies, anon, I think you have good taste. We should watch some ki…[View]
119787485here's your april o'neil /b/ro[View]
119786939Just saw Deliverance for the first time. Any similar recommendations?: The Hills Have Eyes. (70s or …[View]
119787802She’s not bad.: She’s just drawn that way.[View]
119788232What are some... uhm... flicker pictures?[View]
119778588>he imagines himself as a accomplished writer/director[View]
119785714>japanese shown as kind and benevolent Did these people do no research? The Japs were evil as he…[View]
119788139Looking for the name of two 1980's movies: The first being some weird low budget mercenary movi…[View]
119787970What did Tarantino mean by this?![View]
119786351This is some kino poster right here, are there more like this? Everything now seems pure garbage.[View]
119787378Jennifer Connelly at the 1991 Video Music Awards: 01:04:49 https://youtu.be/ghNxkqm6H4Y[View]
119786767>the witch didn't even real fuck this movie[View]
119782698How's your Top 10 this year looking so far?[View]
119785794why are we not talking about this kino?: why anons?[View]
119760259star wars: are you hyped for the sequel?[View]
119783684You're minding your own business collecting sulphur-crested cockatoos when this frumpy femcel o…[View]
119787573Name a single time George was in the wrong You literally can't[View]
119787498/TV/ ON SUICIDE WATCH: >becomes a big star >tells weird men to fuck off https://streamable.com…[View]
119786596Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about this? It's pure kino.[View]
119787328Best shots from your favorite movies: Drive (2011)[View]
119785823ITT: underrated Ridley Scott films[View]
119787864I just read the news, I'm gonna be a mommy I'm gonna be a mommy today[View]
119786736>You're Garb Ijou Keelz Fermuni I'm stumped. Why does Joe Kurr's name change const…[View]
119783060Hey GlowBros what do you think should happen in 4th and finale season?[View]
119787056>watching this kino with girlfriend >she is enjoying it >literally has no spoken words for …[View]
119787212Was Dale redpilled?[View]
119787710What are some movies that are absolute disasters?[View]
119785609When did Disney lose their kino-bility?[View]
1197876023 > 2 > 1[View]
119785325Imagine paying to watch this.[View]
119786718>the truman show >but he is an incel weirdo…[View]
119785225What does the 'S' stands for?[View]
119787301Well, this is a thing that's happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KANQoNDdDKM Apparently …[View]
119786931What the fuck was the message?[View]
119787481/ffg/ - Found Footage General - Weird Romanian Edition: >Be My Cat: A Film for Anne >An aspiri…[View]
119786792>movie has a religiously devout character >doesn't portray them as a batshit lunatic Why …[View]
119786780He spanked dat ass![View]
119787323Wallace and Gromit: Lancashire, Cheddar, Philadelphia, Wensleydale, Tesco...[View]
119778436cast the biopic[View]
119773168Former 'Disney Influencer' describes Disney shilling: https://youtu.be/bZ1OEI62RPU? (16:00) >'the…[View]
119787215John Wayne: John Wayne exclusively married latinas[View]
119786923And terr me rord Renry, when wirr you be have your friend?[View]
119787069Why are Netflix's Japanese shows so pornographic?[View]
119787178how he gow away with it for so long? is american police really this incompetent?[View]
119786094Virtual TV Channel: Is there a streaming service that will let me create my own virtual tv channels?…[View]
119787086Does anyone here actually make films?[View]
119786915>celebrity says something they believe in even though it might not please everyone >instantly …[View]
119780972Tron Legacy appreciation thread[View]
119786934'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell To Headline Starz's Wrestling Drama HEELS: >HEELS is about the me…[View]
119785706Was it autism?[View]
119749184What in your opinion is the absolute best performance any actor has ever given?[View]
119785450Ohh Susan...: Admit it /tv/ When you heard the news, you keked too.[View]
119787060How the FUCK was this so good?[View]
119784794Attention everyone, I have an announcement to make[View]
119785099It’s time to talk about whether this movie is good or not[View]
119784148So this is it then, reduced to the shelves of the 5 dollar section in Walmart, without even the dign…[View]
119783666why are koreans so good /tv/[View]
119785343This movies boring as fuck[View]
119784614Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
119786716You now remember when MCU movies had sex scenes[View]
119784487is it litty?[View]
119774276About me to watch star trek 2009 for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
119749661/trek/: Star Trek: The Sexed Generation edition old >>119728725[View]
119780193First we feast, then we felony.[View]
119786498Whew boy, this didn't age well.[View]
119786328>finally, I have become Wind River[View]
119786281What movies did you download?[View]
119786143This is a good movie.[View]
119786563>tfw no cute Reverse Trap anime gf[View]
119786321Well, this sucked[View]
119786526Why is their logo black? Fucking cucks.[View]
119778388>first two hours is vietnam war kino >last 45 minutes is boring as fuck because marlon brando …[View]
119784666Did it really go viral?[View]
119786401wtf was chris rs problem?[View]
119786072动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen…[View]
119781022I’m about to marathon this flick, what am I in for?[View]
119786248Thoughts and opinions?[View]
119784546Star Wars/LOTR ranking: Why are they so influential/memorable? Can anything stop their respective de…[View]
119785403it'd be kinda like raisin bran[View]
119786361I thought this sort of cringe was a recent development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GQBQS3-lzY …[View]
119784618Why is it so hard to make a good video game movie adaptation?[View]
119783831why the FUCK aren't you turning your mental library of thousands of movies and television shows…[View]
119786284Was it rape?[View]
119781661>go to a girl's apartment >her Psyduck keeps watching us from the corner What the fuck is…[View]
119782945What the fuck happened to Preacher. Each season is worse than the last and Cassidy keeps getting gay…[View]
119786192/Bigger Luke General/ /BLG/: http://biggerluke.wikidot.com/bigger-luke?fbclid=IwAR1XOlw-orXzQNvZugun…[View]
119784349what the heck does a director even do[View]
119772043>Steals your sunglasses[View]
119784259Why did the powerpuff girls still beat the clown up even though he wasn't his usual self when h…[View]
119784369>/tv/ loved Eastbound and Vice Principals >literally no one is watching The Righteous Gemstone…[View]
119761860Once upon a time in Hollywood thread: What do we think about it?[View]
119785791>villain is good because...he's not evil[View]
119784885Was the nightmare scene in the Famly Guy episode where Brian takes psychedelic mushrooms kino? https…[View]
119785986cast it[View]
119785857Fuck mods and fuck jannies. Fucking powerless losers.[View]
119784187Why has Hayley Atwell's career stalled?[View]
119782565>put on sorting hat >'HUFFLEPUFF' what do?…[View]
119784308/dc/ - DCHAD GENERAL[View]
119785869>EUREKA! What did she mean by this?[View]
119782289Twin Peaks: Is season 2 that bad?[View]
119785920>McBride has done it again. >kino[View]
119785151I'm trying to understand the Matrix lore but I am so confused.[View]
119784815Cast him.[View]
119785705Who is the more iconic villain?[View]
119785782Star Wars: Ok, no more shitposting. How do we fix this franchise?[View]
119782572Most Extreme Elimination Challenge: This show was kino[View]
119785761why do JAPs work my dick into a shoot so easily? they don't even have to actually be Jewish btw[View]
119767026/ternobyl/ - /ttg/ + /RBMK/ - Chernobyl + The Terror/: New episode should be dropping today if I…[View]
119785702inglourious basterd: lmao why did quentin hire this boring lame shit ? he is literally the worst act…[View]
119785408I always thought I would be good at acting if I tried, but today I was trying to perform this scene …[View]
119785625What is Rian Johnson's actual problem?[View]
119782675Watch this stoned. You're welcome.[View]
119784001Damn y'all really weren't lying about this one[View]
119785570What are your thoughts on Mark Whalberg’s scheadule[View]
119783817Havent seen World is not enough Tomorrow Never Dies Never Say Never Again What am I missing?[View]
119783695Now that the dust has settled, was it rape?[View]
119777855Why did she fall for a weak beta cuck like Paris?[View]
119784556ITT: perfectly fine scenes that would not get approved today[View]
119785043Ready Player One: What the absolute hell was wrong with this movie? Why did Spielberg agree to work …[View]
119785425>cartoons cant be kin-[View]
119784036What are some other movies where we watch humanity disappear? Doomsday is another good one id say.[View]
119785365This was alright if a bit cheesy with the death scenes but I didn't really feel like the pound …[View]
119785359Stories that deserve a kino adaptation. I'll start.[View]
119783467>”I was wondering. Do you know the difference between love and obsession?”…[View]
119763990Blocks your path[View]
119785284What’s your favorite food delivery service for snacking during kinos? For me it’s Every Plate.[View]
119785152Now that the Disney PR campaign is ramping up, are you going to see Episode IX?[View]
119776418How did this turn out so good?[View]
119775337There is no reason to bother with the next series, is there?[View]
119785186Movie >tfw no cute Reverse Trap anime gf[View]
119781078Do you guys miss miniatures in film?[View]
119784910>[WEBRip] [720p] [YTS.AM] >good enough[View]
119784741>Can you teach me to outrun cancer?[View]
119784919>Towers and presses onto you[View]
119781091You are under arrest, my lord.[View]
119784344When is the next Ghost Rider movie?[View]
119784963>Directed by Ridley Scott[View]
119780930>minor character enters his home >villain is waiting on an armchair inside…[View]
119781556KINO AND SO COMFY[View]
119784946Why were both Spider-Man and Black Panther better in this than in their own solo films and subsequen…[View]
119784070>ywn be suffocated by her liquid metal tits Why live?[View]
119782502Just finished marathoning this movie, what did you think of it[View]
119782459How do you feel about going to the theater alone?[View]
119783349You guys said it was his worst but it was K I N O This is like when you guys said Barry lyndon was h…[View]
119784830Poster Interview Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_xb_JnXGeI[View]
119783200/pol/ posters in a nutshell[View]
119777117'Plain Jane' actresses you find/found attractive: for me its 70s Kim Darby[View]
119783972What did we think of it? Did Netflix finally make kino?[View]
119784774This is the objective answer to all of Vito's questions and enigmas. Please refrain from ever d…[View]
119781482Was this the greatest con in human history?[View]
119781942Remember when Chef was obsessed with aliens?[View]
119783335Why is Ezra Miller always so happy? It’s super obnoxious.[View]
119782413For me it's Chris Stuckman[View]
119783315>Lonely and no girl will date you >Crave physical touch >Hire prostitute >Do the deed an…[View]
119783083There you go.: There you go.[View]
119781976>Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have…[View]
119784595This is the best and maybe the only good Tarantino movie.[View]
119783965>this made people faint and shit their pants in 1973[View]
119784585come in with the milk[View]
119784027Is it possible to have another Mask movie? With or without Jim Carrey.[View]
119783533What’s the best adaptation of Lolita? 1962 or 1997?[View]
119782686Platoon has the most frantic terrifying battle scene in film[View]
119783770ITT: /tv/ weapons you want to own[View]
119775803What’s the best werewolf movie?[View]
119780658I have literally become the joker. We both are the same. We despise the society We used to be nice g…[View]
119784416Was he fucking retarded[View]
119783761Would you watch a World of Warcraft movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnuryDgYUZs[View]
119782973What am I in for?[View]
119784333Bill Burr Memorial: Pay your respects in this thread. He was one of the greats. His philadelphia ran…[View]
119781579Hotel Artemis is opening in Italy. Should I go to see it for mummy chick? Reviews were not so great.[View]
119783595Serious question: I forgot, what happened in this scene again? Also Raimi Spider-Man thread.[View]
119784246PROPANE PROPANE[View]
119782045>Error: You must wait longer before posting a new thread.[View]
119783052There are adults alive today who refuse to watch anything not capeshit/made by Disney How do you fee…[View]
119780597ITT: kinos out of reach of men[View]
119781758I don't get this joke[View]
119783559What are some great characters that were completely overshadowed by characters that appeared later?[View]
119780815What's his best movie adaptation?[View]
119783697Pop quiz hotshot, there's a bomb in this thread. Dubs triggers the bomb. Second dubs, it blows …[View]
119782101>old movies good >new movies bad[View]
119782405i feel like watching this, but i get the feeling it might be a little propaganda-ish about nixon (i …[View]
119781854Are the sequels good? The first god's not dead was fucking hilarious[View]
119779540Why is he so handsome?[View]
119783814Uh ohhh[View]
119782999the fountain: >dude just let go, it's the circle of life lmao how insightful…[View]
119782729Did you own a Sock em Bopper?[View]
119783766poop pee fart bitch fuck shit piss[View]
119783408the right cannot be stopped[View]
119749161This is unironically the good guy in the movie.[View]
119782468As a straight man, what kind of television shows are airing in <current year> that I might lik…[View]
119782029why the fuck did he do it bros?[View]
119774318I really hope this is good and has 3 seasons and ends. We will get an influx of fantasyshit for next…[View]
119783631What is /pol/s favorite movie?[View]
119783565He Loves Little Girls: What did Quincy mean by this?[View]
119782941Is it still magical?[View]
119777388How high or low does it rank among Tarantino films for you? For me, it's >1. Pulp Fiction …[View]
119781025500 days of summer: what the fuck was wrong with this bitch?[View]
119783403Just got into an early screening for Star Trek: Into Darkness: AMA ya fa/tv/irgins[View]
119782486>851 days until Avatar 2[View]
119780189What do women want?[View]
119761603The Boys: >Best and most sympathetic character is a CIS White Christian conservative Republican m…[View]
119783073>go visit my brother and his wife >both are normies, watching the jim carey mask movie holy sh…[View]
119780033What’s a good role for Shaun king?[View]
119783340>HILFFEEEE HILFEEEEE What film best resembles your life?[View]
119783308Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQyqNYIPKd8 Im looking for people to watch this video an…[View]
119779230>be dunston >Check.... ...em[View]
119781265is this video kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeQM1c-XCDc[View]
119781997Duck Season![View]
119780125THAT AINT WORKIN[View]
119782539We were talking about the new bluray cover sleeves the other day and also got to talking about the b…[View]
119783030Was it rape?[View]
119782880are the rumours true?[View]
119771441>meme is subtly acknowledged in official media[View]
119781228Cast him, and pay respects f[View]
119783007Teela Will Be Main Character Of Netflix's and Kevin Smith's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: https…[View]
119779262A communications disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
119781964So you thought skipping the no singles policy today was really smart and that nobody has noticed you…[View]
119781755Daily reminder Teddy wasn't crazy[View]
119779480>B-but Rey is a Mary Sue! >B-but the plot is derivative of the original trilogy! >B-but the…[View]
119782874ITT: YouTube kino. It could be either fan films or Film projects https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p4FQ-…[View]
119782832Kevin Smith: Who the fuck told him it was ok to dress like this?[View]
119766981Emily Kinney: Why did her career end after TWD?[View]
119780769Brie Larson and Ryan Gosling movie when?[View]
119765192So you can have one and only one cape movie be however you want it. Which do you choose?[View]
119780839?: Dunkaccino?[View]
119782020Top 5 Favorites: What are your top 5 favorite films?[View]
119782388what are some good BDSM vids[View]
119780942Movies that have more hype then The Rise of Skywalker even while still in development. Also if Dr. G…[View]
119773161>At 12:30, I just started punching out the windows of the rental van and ripping out the speakers…[View]
119782452I'm quite confused after having watched Live and Let Die, could someone enlighten me? Was Baron…[View]
119780348true detective dream duo cast thread[View]
119782406Post irl kino[View]
119782391>Are you a janny? >Am I a what? >Whatever you wanna call it, a Janitor >That's tota…[View]
119782366>character lights up a cigarette then puts it in the ashtray after he's only taken a few puf…[View]
119777297>Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me? Uh, what?[View]
119778863What's the best time to go to the cinema?[View]
119782232I check[View]
119780627ITT: Post horror kinos[View]
119778827*glass shatters*[View]
119778166John Wayne: Why millenials don't watch and appreciate his films?[View]
119782269What are some Lynchian scenes ? https://youtu.be/80eMhhWnWbk[View]
119782138And everywhere I go There's always something to remind me Of another place and time[View]
119782204>staring at a blank screen for 2.5 hours because I don't need an external political narrativ…[View]
119751539/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH:Jackson Noms:Anal & Christie Veto:Jackson Previously on /bb/:>>11…[View]
119782114>im not here for them >im here for you[View]
119780549Was it kino?: Never watch it, should i?[View]
119780950The horror....the horror[View]
119782032What's with all the references to Lincoln Steffens?[View]
119781986Why does Jim Gaffigan look like a deepfake of himself?[View]
119779457why don't they make thoughtful, but serious, children's fantasy anymore?[View]
119780671>character is a Holocaust survivor Jesus I thought this was just silly monster movie…[View]
119780947I don't have sex, I just dream.[View]
119781664mr. sandman bring me a dream make him the cutest that i've ever seen[View]
119781851what did the fox symbolize?[View]
119777584DECK THE HALLS WITH SOULS OF JANNIES: Are you lads ready for Last Christmas? Upcoming movie written …[View]
119781768>Movie makes out character to be a total loser/incel >has sex anyway What are some movies lik…[View]
119781707A Hopefully Easy Hunt: Looking for help tracking down a little known animated series. From what I ca…[View]
119775295Who's the best car on television and why is it KITT?[View]
119781680movies that are 100% properly rated[View]
119781330MORTAL KOMBAT![View]
119780615Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived …[View]
119778100If you needed to save this movie but could make only one change what would it be?[View]
119778221Oh, that was close[View]
119778756We saved some for you Mr. Frodo: Put it out you fools, put it out![View]
119780951>tfw 4500 words into my genre-defying, tongue-in-cheek, metafictional, tought-provoking, trope-su…[View]
119779925Post a better spy film[View]
119781114 [View]
119776186Is Blade II the best Blade movie?[View]
119781246Lee Soresby[View]
119778874Why are TV wives always so rude and ungrateful toward their husbands who provide everything for them…[View]
119780881>is the only character redpilled about tips >is the only survivor Was this intentional? Based …[View]
119780955Could you write a screenplay for this crazy situation?[View]
119780464Ben was innocenet right?[View]
119781151I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
119781117>MC ends up alone in the end[View]
119770979This was the greatest show of all time, prove me wrong.[View]
119776154So what would have happened if Obi-Wan had just said 'fuck my master's dying wish, that boy is …[View]
119779784So even though the doc is fucking shit and Jeremy Corbell is retarded. What's your take on the …[View]
119781038>The baddies have a woman and somehow she ends up 1v1'ing the only woman on the good guys…[View]
119780082why was this[View]
119780253I want to see a TV adaption of all the great elves kicking in morgoth fucking shits[View]
119779703What TV series is this from?[View]
119778449Why is every horror film with a monster in it described as Lovecraftian?[View]
119780122>2019 ...I’m forgotten[View]
119780866>This sounds very gay I'm done this show just killed me. I barely contained it during 'Fucki…[View]
119780863Do you ever dream you're in kino? I just woke up from where I was Moore in A View to a Kill[View]
119779150ALF: Why was he so based? /tv/[View]
119780768Where can I watch Jeremy Kyle now that its been pulled from everywhere? Want to show my girlfriend …[View]
119780090Davey Jones: Was he the best character?[View]
119779887How did she become a fan favorite so quickly?[View]
119779869The three best know Gen X directors. Imagine a whole generation of aspiring directors and this was t…[View]
119779968What's your favourite unscripted movie scene?[View]
119774886>I saw sea beams from a spaceship once The film was good until this point, he had deckard right t…[View]
119778323What's the point of answering as a question in Jeopardy?[View]
119780250Why is /tv/ full of unironic reddit and twitter users[View]
119779527>Frank: Morton once told me I could never be like him. Now I understand why. Wouldn't have b…[View]
119778582What went wrong?[View]
119780252>My names Charles Bronson, and all my life I wanted to be famous.[View]
119777494>tfw downloaded too many movies and can't decide what to watch[View]
119780085CRANK 3 WHEN????[View]
119780115What was his problem?[View]
119779982What are the odds that this man is a pervert?[View]
119778578Cuttlefish and asparagus or vanilla paste?[View]
119779779>Taking a close look at what is around us, there is some sort of a harmony. It is the harmony of …[View]
119779097is it an underrated masterpiece?[View]
119779942only mob movies of the kinoiest kind. >Don't say nothin' Donnie.…[View]
119780006Based characters that were completely overshadowed by others introduced shortly after?[View]
119780026The Organizer (1963): What are your thoughts on this film?[View]
119779156why is this asshole so effortlessly cool in literally every role he's in?[View]
119777983Welcome to the Machine, my son. https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-age-of-media-corporation-mega-mergers-is…[View]
119779520Will there ever be a Matrix new movie?[View]
119777823/tv/... You will rest... In... Peeeeeaaaace[View]
119778767what's next for her career? she was superb in 'Euphoria'. Does Hollywood beckon /tv/?[View]
119779808Anyone else think this show a really fucking overrated: What am I not seeing about this that others …[View]
119774951Give me one good reason to see this movie: >Critics don't like it >Audiences aren't …[View]
119779943Name a more kino panel show. Fastest wins. Time starts now.[View]
119779827ITT: films where the protagonist literally does everything wrong[View]
119779933A Thread to Discuss the Film/TV Oeuvre of the Talented Actress Eve Hewson: Is Eve Hewson the new Imo…[View]
119777901fuck you.[View]
119777444Why Hollywood doesn't make masculine films anymore?[View]
119779685s-save t-the DCEU.. d-dont let WHEDON w-work on Just--Lea-- mrrmmm[View]
119779904Only pretentious Tarkovsky fags dislike this film[View]
119779890>I'm goofy for the sake of being goofy[View]
119771942A flawed classic.[View]
119779817The New Dark Crystal is Shit: What went wrong bros? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3_owZfYVR8…[View]
119774443I just watched this last night and I thought it was the best movie of this year. What did /tv/ think…[View]
119779737*Top 3 directors on the wishlist are F Gary Gray, Johnathan Levine, and Malcom D. Lee. *Christian Ba…[View]
119776451A Star Fox Live-action, would work? I mean something like Top Gun but with animals (children movie)[View]
119779689Don't mind me fellas, I'm no one of note, I'll just be heading down to page 10.[View]
119772734Sony's: Erica: Movie game[View]
119779600we got enough napkins?[View]
119778261Jason Momoa Claims To Have Seen The Zack Snyder Cut: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1U1rmigdlY/ >We…[View]
119770990>Men? Men are weak. It is because of men the ring survives. I was there. I was there 3000 years a…[View]
119776297practical effects in horror films: what are your favorite?[View]
119779552Death Stranding: So where are you going to walk first? Are you going to walk in a straight line? How…[View]
119779500YOU DARE[View]
119775369>French character called 'Frenchie' >is played by an Arab/muslim What did they mean by that?…[View]
119776637The Manson Family is good now.: I can't stop thinking about how uncomfortable the asian america…[View]
119778270What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.[View]
119779304I like Mothra[View]
119779390anyone know the song at the end to see you tomorrow everyone?[View]
119779283So who killed the Rape King?[View]
119779306better than its always sun max dance scene[View]
119779301*Morricone by Swea Da Ricanstrukta starts playing* Why is Loose Change 2nd Edition so good? Anybody …[View]
119777322is it kino?[View]
119777853>I GOT A SECRET FORMULA[View]
119779234How the fuck was this movie even made? the scenes in it are unbelievable to this day, I can't i…[View]
119777574The thing I don't get about this guy and his gripes about the Prequels is that his favorite TV …[View]
119777840>1st episode is Cringe-Tier >2nd episode features a mutt girl getting robbed by two white guys…[View]
119779184For me it's superman returns[View]
119778968Chaosh is radder[View]
119772997what kind of porn do you think he watches?[View]
119772325spiritual kino pleb filter or pretentious arthouse?[View]
119770502why do vampire movies suck?: literally all of them are lame, except for maybe 30 days of night. i wa…[View]
119776853screenwriting: tips on becoming an underpaid screenwriter?[View]
119778457This right here, most kino fucking ending of 2019[View]
119778878Heavenly King, Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, present in all places and filling all things, Treasur…[View]
119778294When and how will ASMR impact television and film?[View]
119773264Who would /tv/ cast as Barbra Gordon in the upcoming Batgirl kung fu action comedy live action movie…[View]
119778696What is the closest thing to this in film[View]
119778761City slicker thread[View]
119778800Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119775644This movie is brilliant because we never actually see the antagonist, only the ramifications of her …[View]
119778768BOWL OF OATMEAL[View]
119778066movies with this aesthetic? I'm talking about both the space/atomic age AND post apocalyptic st…[View]
119778718where can i find kino like this?[View]
119778508Does anyone have a pink bladerunner meme but the character is a dog[View]
119776285dark Knight (plot) holes: >easy to climb >no one climbs it >broken leg healed by machine ca…[View]
119776319Any horror movies set in the middle ages ?[View]
119778648How does one describe that which is beyond kino?[View]
119775755Leo DiCaprio: Quention Tarantino Watches Movies And Television Shows ALL Day: /OUR GUY/ https://www.…[View]
119777695Frasier Animated Series When?[View]
119778567ironic how cg is more advanced than ever, but (((they))) don't want to pay for it[View]
119777621Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119775470Patrician or utter hack?[View]
119771038Return of Godzilla >>>>>>>>>>>> Shin Godzilla: >Plot is actua…[View]
119778377Peak incel kino.[View]
119775268Is it kino?[View]
119776292Watching the Ulysses cut rn. Its so comfy. Lets be honest bros this is kino[View]
119778418Why was this show so good?[View]
119778035so they fuck right? hes supposed to be 13 yesrs old and she lets him fuck her?[View]
119778386So what was it?[View]
119777515Who is the best?[View]
119778247have they bought in to the '4chan causes mass shootings' meme?[View]
119771906whats your dirtiest kinoplex experience?[View]
119777587>psychology professor >”In psychology, we like to study what exactly makes a person tick...” …[View]
119777070>want to binge watch John Wick 3 >mfw all those neon lights and neo 80s colors >mfw ten min…[View]
119775414Scenes that couldn´t have been done if genders is reverse.[View]
119774576To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.[View]
119775250>tfw freezing my film watching until my new lens prescription comes in so I can get an even bette…[View]
119777875Here's your Hermione, bro[View]
119773069>Go to yule ball >See this What do?[View]
119777839Ay Dyatlov, the fuck is this?[View]
119777179GYM TAN LAUNDRY: post yfw the jersey shore cast is old[View]
119775953Not quite my tempo[View]
119777048hop in dude[View]
119777683Gentlemen let's broaden our minds! Lawrence[View]
119777871Why they made his over the top reatard in the last seasons?[View]
119777816What the fuck was even the point of this movie? They were never going to show her tits, why even wat…[View]
119777808Journal of Charles Darwin. Day 93 aboard the Beagle. I have, today,discovered a new kind of barnacle…[View]
119776290Was watching some old Bond movie. How did they even build this thing?[View]
119776587she's a whorey bird, innit?[View]
119776983Movies about cheating: Any great movies or tv about the guilt of being unfaithful? Besides the movie…[View]
119776052Why can't Hollywood depict dinosaurs correctly?[View]
119777532What does /tv/ think about Mary Louise Parkers body of work For me she sets the standard for mommyki…[View]
119777513How did they get away with this?[View]
119777271If Chemical X hadn't fallen into the mix what would he have done with those little girls?[View]
119768411>Shows up to an intergalactic war with a machine gun What the fuck was Bucky thinking?…[View]
119774220>be me >watch Pirates of the Caribbean movies >have no idea what the characters are doing a…[View]
119777390What are some movies that feature the race of peace? https://youtu.be/qCK4Pl9O5GQ[View]
119776841Can we have ONE THREAD where someone doesn't respond with 'have sex'?[View]
119774244The Fall: Is this worth watching or not?[View]
119775323Damn, Pitt mogged the shit out of Leo here: He's definitely the more charismatic actor.[View]
119774699Theater stories: Share any interesting theater stories, good or bad. My best one was when I went to …[View]
119770837What's the best modern era Doctor Who episode and why's it pic related?[View]
119775850Should I watch this?: No spoilers, but friend has the dvd boxset, wondering if I should bother watch…[View]
119777304>this was used man! This was used!: >wonder how many jannies this little can took out? What di…[View]
119775334>still no 5 hours Columbus biopic kino[View]
119770815Why did Wolverine kiss Storm so often? I thought he wanted to cuck the blind guy and bang phoenix.[View]
119773301What kind of psychopath actually sits in the front row seats?[View]
119777104BRING ME _____: What did he say /tv/[View]
119777069Box Office Poison General[View]
119771166ITT: Shows that are impossible to discuss on /tv/[View]
119771181https://twitter.com/EmilePleaseStop/status/1163281442190663681 wut[View]
119776019>lose an eye >become a great director I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and poke one out …[View]
119776662Did you say... snowballs?[View]
119775149EXIT GAY[View]
119777057the story of every gamer... in two scenes.... beautiful...[View]
119775370It's a hit. Mike confirmed good taste.[View]
119775356>White men can't be stro-[View]
119757444>episode 7 comes out >people like it >episode 8 comes out >people don't like it …[View]
119776435Is it possible for a man to consume that ridiculous amount of drugs every day without dying?[View]
119771415What makes this dude so charismatic that everybody loves him and women (especially black women) want…[View]
119776387I'm playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.[View]
119776551Are you guys excited that /tv/ is going to be moved to p.4chan.org next month? Only people who purch…[View]
119776193I BYPAST the compressor![View]
119776675What the fuck was his problem?: Good movie btw[View]
119776793>Yeah, chuck you, too! what did he mean by this?[View]
119775748Why does noone mention Aquarius when talking about Charlie Manson portrayed in media? The show wasn…[View]
119776147CRAWLING IN MY SKIN[View]
119775542Which arc was your favorite? For me, it was the Battle of Amlitzer.[View]
119776731>AMC creates an 'Artisan Films' label under the guise of giving 'smaller' movies screentime >j…[View]
119776724>got Chernobyled back to the Stone age[View]
119776362Dear /tv/: Stay in your own faggot board you jizzbrain niggers[View]
119774926What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.[View]
119776131Just seen this high asf on edibles. Was he in the wrong tho? Great movie btw.[View]
119774931So what is up with the relationships in this show? First season there was Holden and that college gi…[View]
119776525Help me....[View]
119773152Inceldom fuel: > watch that fuckin movie in uni > it twists my already fragile mental state l…[View]
119774889Gus Fring.: Gus Fring.[View]
119776453who's the funniest comedian of your cunt?[View]
119775691dude holy shit... he started picking cotton... whoa.. thats so deep... so powerful... really says a …[View]
119776411It insists upon itself.[View]
119775616Can you ever forgive me?: Never heard of this movie but will watch now. What am I in for?[View]
119775466Was Lord of the Rings trilogy actually kino or was it only remembered because boomers are nostalgic …[View]
119776340I want you to discuss about this korean kino. Shit was very human and touching from time to time, gu…[View]
119776299One of the best movies I've ever seen. Who knew working for the CIA was such a erotic job.[View]
119775468Who's better actor De Niro or Stallone?[View]
119776276Once A Upon a Time In... Las Vegas: >Rick Dalton fucks up his acting career, and the only work he…[View]
119776188Netflix's Witcher: Yennefer? More like Yinniffer.[View]
119775174Whats going on here?[View]
119774878Will Jim Carrey ever be funny again?[View]
119755733>claims he can save your restaurant >over 60% of restaurants “saved” by Ramsay closedown Was…[View]
119776079A Simple Favor: this movie is a 7.6/10[View]
119775985>american ''''humor''''[View]
119775788Which movie was better[View]
119774447New Seinfeld[View]
119772644If Asajj Ventress were to make it into a SW movie, what actress do you think should play her?[View]
119773530I just remembered Jane Levy had a Netflix series called What/If, Was it at least ok?[View]
119762725Was this an accurate representation of white trash?[View]
119775791got damn I wanted Molly Gordon to /ss/ the fuck out of one of those kids, fuck[View]
119775703huhmmmhhmm: ''Hahhmmmm hmm ha hmmmmamm. Ha hahhmmmm Gotham city Hmmm? Ha humhh haaahhhhh!…[View]
119775728his best release?[View]
119774087Whot's yor name, treveluh?[View]
119775694Avengers Infinity War was great! It got kinda awkward though when Thanos turned and faced the audien…[View]
119775570Are all richfags really like this?[View]
119773098will you play her movie, /tv/?[View]
119775645Is red /ourguy/?[View]
119770605Rob Ager DESTROYS Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: https://youtu.be/1BrUQOfK-3E?t=663 >It's pa…[View]
119773390Why is this the most based show of all time?[View]
119775522Creepy videos part 2 thread? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EU2AIxkxiwg&t=397s https://m.youtube.…[View]
119768172Prediction for his last movie before retirement?[View]
119775509Yum yum, leave the bottle![View]
119773895*ahem* FUCK HARRY POTTER (*actually saves Harry Potter every film*) Why did Harry not notice that Sn…[View]
119775421Is that new cartoon Frenemies any good[View]
119774222Why would Thor of all people use the expression 'Oh my God'?[View]
119773730Give me a movie to go with a nice pizza: Also, after recommending me the movie, give me your favorit…[View]
119775080Why are movie soundtracks so shit? Outside of Zimmer and John Williams, they're forgettable as …[View]
119770986what do you think the best episode of the simpsons was?[View]
119774512Did you guys ever notice the tension between Pam and Phyllis?: It feels like Pam and Phyllis have so…[View]
119774259Is this CGI? What is with her face suddenly? It looks wrong[View]
119774884For me? Its Corey[View]
119773277Anyone have his email? I need to ask him something[View]
119773261what's some poverty kino?[View]
119773249Recommend me some films to watch that will motivate me to stick to my noporn/nofap pledge.[View]
119762185GRRM: The fat fuck is shitting himself because the books ending is the same as the television progra…[View]
119773909>I hope you never say a word except when your husband gives you permission to speak... Jesus. Cou…[View]
119772555Why didn't they intensify it?[View]
119774944Fucking useless[View]
119774964>he rates directors who don't write their own scripts[View]
119774165who will play the greatest poker player of all time in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119774870Righteous Gemstones: This shit is good[View]
119772452What are the top three Vampire films?[View]
119774879Why didn't they just set the whole of season 2 in Atlanta?: The stuff back at Quantico was bori…[View]
119766322What does he eat?[View]
119773271Season 2 be so woke: The show leaps into fantasy land as the wise old negro clearly knows more than …[View]
119770400why is Oz never mentioned along other HBO top tier shows?: I've only watched three episodes so …[View]
119774254Punished Kendall: A hero forced to steal batteries.[View]
119771871what your local blockblister turn in to?[View]
119773619Does anyone here remember Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments? I watch it at least once a year a…[View]
1197699803 years since the last good film[View]
119768062I don't get it. If Amadeus wanted to get revenge on Mozart, why didn't he fuck his wife?[View]
119773473Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow! Bright Blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow![View]
119772444Is it true the bullies in the simpsons are named after famous war generals? Nelson Muntz would be na…[View]
119772950What other kino stars chads play chad video games for white chads?[View]
119771229Name 1(ONE) female celebrity you genuinely like, but NOT because you want to bang them. If gay or wo…[View]
119765172Question: WAS her dad a G. I.?[View]
119774288What are some kinos where children are given powerful positions in government?[View]
119773795What are movies about mercilessness?[View]
119773471Happy Birthday, Based Riker: 67 years of awesomeness[View]
119759243>After being shot, Sophie immediately fell unconscious and collapsed onto Franz Ferdinand’s legs.…[View]
119774225In the original scene written by Raimi, Holden finally gets the cross to the church, sets it up, the…[View]
119774103Why is he laughing in this scene?[View]
119771885For me, it’s Monica[View]
119774129Why are modern horror films so shit?[View]
119772593ITT: Animation mistakes you noticed in The Simpsons: In this scene, Dolph clearly writes 'beat up Ma…[View]
119773994>itt post a movie recommend a movie[View]
119773911name a better duo that isn't a duo[View]
119774034Any movies about the black plague ? I already seen the one with Sean Bean[View]
119773846/ss/: ?[View]
119773824QUESTION >What do Big bang theory, Friends, Parks and rec. and The Office have in common? nothing…[View]
119772638*Breathes heavily whilst looking at the camera* Wow! Another world class acting performance! Give hi…[View]
119773696what did I think of this?[View]
119771479He's black[View]
119773884ITT: Dumb shitty documentaries that lose focus of their subject and tread water for an hour[View]
119771114>still 46 days Does it help to have /tv/ to talk to, Arthur?[View]
119749666What’s the creepiest video you’ve ever seen?[View]
119770726So what was the point of killing off Maude Flanders?: Did a light hearted family show like The Simps…[View]
119772491can /tv/ help me solve this tricky captcha?[View]
119773732Who was in the right in this scene?[View]
119769050Could the John Lennon's hit song 'Woman Is the Nigger of the World' be adapted into a movie?[View]
119771306Can we all agree Quentin Tarantino will go down as one of the best directors of our time? After watc…[View]
119773631orange is the new black: >I think you were this cute blonde girl from Connecticut, going to Smith…[View]
119763097Disney Plus: There is it bros https://twitter.com/disneyplus[View]
119772691Formerly male[View]
119770789What is the fisherman's platter of television and film?[View]
119773322What board is this?[View]
119773412is Adam Sanlder /our guy/ or a mossad psyop?[View]
119773318>british '''''humor'''''[View]
119772685This is what Pubert from Addams Family Values looks like now[View]
119770880Well, /tv/?[View]
119772693Name a network TV show that doesn’t have forced diversity.[View]
119773263>Vita & Virginia (2018) [WEBRip] [1080p] [YTS.LT] >Vita & Virginia (2018) [WEBRip] [10…[View]
119773242Can you really blame the doctors?[View]
119770978Will he be king in the books?[View]
119771670Will you teach me to outrun cancer?[View]
119772447*prisonbreak anthem starts playing*[View]
119773053How do I unpleb myself?[View]
119772367Based or cringe?[View]
119769535Who really deserved her?[View]
119773063Kinostone: /tv/s thoughts on Yellowstone? Personally I think it's kino.[View]
119773028biopic when? hands down best anthem rock.[View]
119747737I hate Resurrection as much as the next person (It's awful, get over it), but this thing is gre…[View]
119764894Without looking up his acting credits name at least one movie Ron Perlman starred in that isn't…[View]
119769445What would a movie made by 'tv tropers' be like?[View]
119773007What is the best trilogy to be concluded in recent years and why is it pic related[View]
119772382>character says well-known phrase or pop culture quote >'I've always wanted to say that'…[View]
119773000This was absolute kino. Manson and Berkowitz actors were uncanny. The Atlanta storyline was excitin…[View]
119772056We'd like to ask you some questions, anon.[View]
119767375>so everyone on this plane has to suck your dick including the babies? >look, do you wanna be…[View]
119771825For me, it's Stevie Nicks.[View]
119769871Scorsese: Literally every Scorsese movie is GOAT.[View]
119768941ARROW Star Stephen Amell Believes Oliver Queen & Marvel's Tony Stark Wouldn't Get Alon…[View]
119771978Was he Pagliacci?[View]
119772801>Foreshadowing is not character development[View]
119772795Now that the dust has settled, was it rape?[View]
119772763400 Replies. the janny mocking thread got 400 (FOUR HUNDRED) REPLIES before they finally 404'd …[View]
119772634Was it autism?[View]
119771824Why did they fuck him over bros[View]
119772699 [View]
119771470I never understood: When Sauron gets his fingers cut off, and he explodes during the intro of the Fe…[View]
119760394>WITNESS ME[View]
119769706>Angry Birds 2 is the highest rated video game movie[View]
119768051Female Friend wants to watch Orphan Black with me: I watched the first episode with her and had to w…[View]
119772454Is it just me, or is it getting a little crazier out there?[View]
119772526Fuck off.[View]
119769752I had a fever dream last night about an Evangelion and Always Sunny Crossover special. Would it work…[View]
119772039https://vocaroo.com/i/s0oEQNBbUj85 Was it kino?[View]
119771856Who has the best dumper in Hollywood after BDH?[View]
119772128Why the fuck would I want this? Oh noes it's one dollar cheaper than Netflix. Netflix has thous…[View]
119771365I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
119768499Hidden gems. Pic related, Bone 'chilling' Tomahawk.[View]
119769898Is there a single good film on this list?[View]
119772207>Hey, anon! Ready for the movie?[View]
119770775Ryan Gosling Just Signed To Make /TV/: The Movie: Let's choose the soundtrack https://www.youtu…[View]
119771454/tv/! Shall I begin?[View]
119772249Have you seen Dora yet?[View]
119771996why did he retire from acting?[View]
119772103Passion Hides In Painted Smiles Tropical Liaisons Wet and Wild[View]
1197721924chan is the place where nobody knows your name. So, what does /tv/ think of Cheers?[View]
119772101FINISH IT[View]
119770481Disney has perfected the art of using self-deprecating humor in a way that is extremely condescendin…[View]
119769157This is Marinette. She's just a normal girl, with a normal life. Say something nice about her a…[View]
119771814What films best portray the sexual frustration that comes with male puberty?[View]
119771572Dude, I almost had you.[View]
119767589/Comfy Simpsons Thread/: Not gonna lie, full time Sneed poster here but seriously what were comfy Si…[View]
119771020Gummo (1997): What did he mean by this?[View]
119771035>blocks your path[View]
119763878Why did she betray and abandon him?[View]
119768975Why hasn't anyone turned blood meridian into a movie yet? Also cast some characters who would …[View]
119770755What movie is like pic related?[View]
119768295If she wants to fight with me, all she's got to do is come down to the club and start some shit…[View]
119771158This is Jaime Lannister. He was a knight who slowly realized his sister was poisoning his mind, went…[View]
119771767What are some movies about recovering from trauma?[View]
119770370Who could play him? Would it be kino?[View]
119771584Once A Upon a Time In... Las Vegas: >Rick Dalton fucks up his acting career, and the only work he…[View]
119771651Anon.: Have you actualized, fully?[View]
119765516Are you excited for Bond 25: 'Genoma of a Woman?' Daniel Craig certainly is. He said he much preferr…[View]
119768884>The Federation's deadliest warship is filled to the brim with children WTF…[View]
119771541>2019 >I am number 2[View]
119771531freedom isn't fee[View]
119760730Did he do it?[View]
119768839'Never compromise' protaganists:: Any movies related?[View]
119763747Is he right? Was Tolkien a talentless hack?[View]
119771391Comfy kino: Can you guys recommend me some comfy kino like pic related? Loved the jazz soundtrack an…[View]
119769136Max Cherry (Jackie Brown): What was his endgame?[View]
119770991Joe Rogan vs Bruce Lee. Who wins?[View]
119770764SHUT IT DOWN![View]
119771343Seinfeld 2020: ITT: We wrote new Seinfeld episodes[View]
119771335Creates kino[View]
119771256This movie is false advertising. The nigger isn't in the KKK, but his white or jewish friend. F…[View]
119770639flicks with this aesthetic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQtZPNjc2gY[View]
119771167based thread: no moralfags edition[View]
119769064How come the Mindhunters didn’t profile him[View]
119766260I liked the movie. But so many people hate it. Why? Just not as good as Alien and Aliens? Didn'…[View]
119769498Has there ever been a Frankenstein movie that actually faithfully adapted the original novel? They a…[View]
119770309I accidentally a whole bunch of movies. Which ones are worth watching?[View]
119769383Parasite: What did /tv/ think of this flick? Kino or garbage?[View]
119770980>Thank you Gamers your Being here, It’s great to see gamers come together for this special evenin…[View]
119766735How come there aren't any movies set in Mesopotamia?[View]
119770934THE N-WORD. YOU SAID IT. WE CAME. >'It's just a word' OH NO, IT IS A MEANS TO SUMMON US. …[View]
119770771ITT: literally the same show[View]
119769666Why was she so mean?[View]
119769670So how's that script coming along anon?[View]
119766674Season 2 was bad: >Stupid lesbian subplot >Cringey acting by sassy black women in Atlanta …[View]
119769522>Empire Strikes Back is the darkest Starwars movi-[View]
119769198Anyone else can never help laughing at funny movie scenes? >Visit local kinoplex to watch 12 year…[View]
119770624holy cringe batman!: just marathoning this flick for the first time >heard so much about heat led…[View]
119768520Blade Runner, Alita Battle Angel... what will be the next movie that /tv/ can all agree was 10/10[View]
119770641Any poor soul on here happen to watch the Bold and the Beautiful regularly?[View]
119770600>protagonist needed for something critical is introduced ~10 minutes into the film >either liv…[View]
119770599*Breathes heavily whilst looking at the camera* Wow! Another world class acting performance! Give hi…[View]
119768143'Until next time Ms. Bond! hahahahahaha!'[View]
119770452What's the objectively best Angelina Jolie movie?[View]
119770185did she really deserve an oscar?[View]
119768430>islamic terrorist >superpower is blowing himself up jesus raimi…[View]
119768211Mountain Monsters Returns This Wednesday: It's back bros! >Two-hour season premiere >Trav…[View]
119769920YouTube algorithm: Mfw I put on a Sesame Street youtube video for my 1 year old nephew and a Trojan …[View]
119770356I wanna FUCK Tiger!!!![View]
119770296commercial kino: https://youtu.be/RS2upCwoOKs[View]
119767978Gen Xers used to consider 1998-2004 the downfall of pop culture and the cancerous teen pop / nu meta…[View]
119770342A Simple Favour: thoughts on this movie? I'm liking this meme of alpha women[View]
119768641Name a good TV series with a female lead[View]
119770263so, did he really hate niggers?[View]
119770232Why does he look genuinely shocked? Like he never even considered the idea that he could ever be fro…[View]
119763836Homelander preventing the plane from crashing: with all survivors[View]
119767731cast him[View]
119769917DAS KRINGE: >german directors do not start a scene with 'aaaand action!' >they start it with '…[View]
119769634When I was a kid. I had a 'fetish' for women who'd pull their sleeves halfway up their arm if t…[View]
119768585Why haven’t we seen him?[View]
119762745>Superman, but EVIL?![View]
119760867.....DAVID DUKE[View]
119769896>Cassius, you're nothin' but a cocky mouthed idgit talkin' a whole mess about the …[View]
119768631i wonder, what's french canadian for 'i grew up without a mudda?'[View]
119769850>Looks like the PC media has brainwashed every fuckin’ one of yous. >it turn you Fuckin’ cunt…[View]
119769929>Meryl Streep is the great actress of all time >she can't even do a scorpion kick looks l…[View]
119769345Is Thanos a bara daddy?[View]
119769887ITT we vocaroo boomhauer check it out mayne[View]
119769428This movie right here. It sucked[View]
119767486>It’s simple we, uh, kill the Batman.[View]
119766454Hey /tv/, I just made my first movie. It is called Dead Spider-Man. Spider-Man is dead in this movie…[View]
119768569Memes aside, what are the best horror films?[View]
119769791What are some films for guys like this?[View]
119769322Amidala, I’m J.E.D.I[View]
119766878>it's a racism is bad episode[View]
119769704Itt: Memes that you fell to watch in the cinema: Only watched it because a friend of mine was so hyp…[View]
119769684>Because I love you, and want to see you happy! ;_; I wasn't ready for these feels, brahs. T…[View]
119769547I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
119769617>This party is embarrassing... Was this really fair? Looked alright to me for a work party. Nice …[View]
119769402>Action, please[View]
119767117Why did he make her cry?: Also, does hyper-dwarfism like this exist?[View]
119769467Will he start making kino, or is he destined to be exposed as a hack whose biggest achievement was a…[View]
119769146>movie has a sex scene in it[View]
119768367>Blink 182 dammit starts to play[View]
119769086>Turn on Vh1 in 2006 >See this What do?[View]
119768766Is John legend a future movie star? he was great in lala land[View]
119769013Who was 'Mr Gu'qilow'pherz'?: I could swear Homer's surname had always been 'Simpson'…[View]
119767008Post films that only you have seen.[View]
119766270MUH DUNGEONS[View]
119768968What the Fuck?[View]
119768475So we're all in agreement that the Lord of the Rings animated feature is much better, cooler, a…[View]
119763205I’LL be the first me. Not the next Tom Cruise. Thank YOU vEry MUCH.[View]
119768670Expanse: This is a genetically perfect human in the year 2350. Say something nice about him.[View]
119766054Sopranos star Michael Imperioli comes out as a transgender woman: OH NO NO NO NONONONONONONONO AHAHA…[View]
119763262Is True Geordie /ourguy/?[View]
119769205Why does so much of /tv/ hate this movie?[View]
119769153Who would you cast as wonderloli?[View]
119768705What did the real BTK think of this scene?[View]
119765855>2 months banned. For what? For posting one too many sopranos threads?[View]
119768969Why do Americans like to pretend that this retarded unfunny show is universally beloved?[View]
119766739This movie ruined a generation of men who saw Travis Barker and got inspired[View]
119768894Justin Bieber is /ourguy/[View]
119768992Thoughts on Highlander the series?[View]
119767989>Plot is actually engaging >The political conflict is interesting and tense >Uses practical…[View]
119739318What's the verdict anons?: How was it? Where would you rank it against other QT films?[View]
119764707Who was he?[View]
119767965And who as a better story...than Bran the fucking Cripple.[View]
119768466Why is he so based lads?[View]
119768828Well here goes, and God forgive me!: Texas has a whorehouse in it![View]
119768802Are you a technopagan /tv/ ?[View]
119766007Did she feel humiliated while filming this scene?[View]
119762158ITT manliest actors[View]
119767767What came first? The meme of calling indians 'poos' or Apu from The Simpsons (sounds like 'a poo')? …[View]
119768738CHAD called to save DC Birds of Prey: Based DChad https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/john…[View]
11976868951st state: So, I have this obsession with absorbing other countries into America, to expand the emp…[View]
119766752So who was telling the truth?[View]
119767698https://deadline.com/2019/08/olivia-cooke-ben-hardy-alec-baldwin-barnaby-thompson-pixie-1202671190/ …[View]
119763033So, 'Watchmen' for retards?: Yep.[View]
119765591was this the best jumpscare build up execution in horror movie history?[View]
119768565Who'd want a crummy live-action remake?[View]
119751197Tarkovsky's top 10 kinos: >1. Diary of a Country Priest (Robert Bresson, 1951) >2. Winter…[View]
119768356Halloween Halloween II mm okay Halloween III: Season of the Witch lol fuck Michael Myers Halloween 4…[View]
119768492Why the fuck is South Park so based? Best Episode?[View]
119767934>it's an AVGN episode with terrible ADR[View]
119764712The Righteous Gemstones: Only one episode in and already as much of a classic as Eastbound and Down …[View]
119768453How am i supposed to watch movies with my friends if this shit is gone ?[View]
119768016It's a question of how badly you want to see the new Avengers movie /tv/? I mean, you said you …[View]
119767745Comfy simpsons thread[View]
119762864>mfw I just smoked an acid cig and I see a ching-chong smal dong, what the heck is that, get outa…[View]
119766430Why have you forgotten me /tv/?[View]
119766577Are they any movies about anonymous meetups in the woods? Pic related, /k/[View]
119766652Why did he hate the Jedi so much?[View]
119768009Was it kino? https://youtu.be/Rcxfqqc2UYo[View]
119768049Will we ever get anything like this again?[View]
119767648Was Woodstock kino?[View]
119768035There is no proof the police got him. He might have escaped with the diamonds.[View]
119766243What was his catchphrase again?[View]
119768138RAZORBACK: Every shot in this movie is a lesson in cinematography/photography.[View]
119764653>British 'humor'[View]
119763520Modern Family: Thoughts?[View]
119754233Is San Junipero one of the greatest television episodes of all time?[View]
119768036>netflix doesn't have the boys I freaking hate these exclusives[View]
119762682Best cinematography I have ever seen in my life[View]
119766407>Jessica Lange >Lucy Boynton >Goop >Ryan Murphy gaykino inbound? https://twitter.com/th…[View]
119767185muh dick kino is back on the menu[View]
119767876Name one movie character who could beat him[View]
119767303Is this movie actually good or nah?[View]
119765925Was she this much of a tramp in the book?[View]
119767760>Cassius, you're nothin' but a cocky mouthed idgit talkin' a whole mess about the …[View]
119767416Tell me about Bennett, why did he wear the chainmail?[View]
119767734>villain is bad because...he's smart woah[View]
119767695Why wasn't this movie done completely in Spanish? Really killed the whole vibe for me, you know…[View]
119766394Why do people hate big corporations now? I thought we loved capitalism. Free market provides capeshi…[View]
119766413He made the show worse, right?[View]
119767450Did he do all the murders?[View]
119767064I don't get it[View]
119760192I'm honestly convinced there will be a shooting at this movie[View]
119767425horror movie id: I’m looking for a movie from no later than 2010. The only thing I can really rememb…[View]
119762067Rob Ager DESTROYS Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: https://youtu.be/1BrUQOfK-3E?t=663 >It's pa…[View]
119754136what went right?[View]
119767180Do I skip it?[View]
119764287Is Jennifer Aniston the most overrated actress ever? bitch looks like the mask[View]
119767310Will this be Lovecraft kino?[View]
119767148Hahaha a poo! Haha he's a poo, a brown stinky poo hahahHahahaHAHAHAHAHGAGAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!…[View]
119741131>You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.…[View]
119757084Queen Maeve is for........[View]
119766693I really liked this. Easily top 3 best documentaries I've ever seen. This is my opinion and I…[View]
119765307i just watched falling skies, fringe and lost. all kino. what should i watch next?[View]
119767089ROLL CALL![View]
119759554You guys haven't told me yet what my opinion is.[View]
119753793webm thread: Post whatever you want[View]
119763350It is my sad duty to inform you that Rachel Weisz, beloved actress and qtp2t, has officially hit The…[View]
119766956I'm back from my ban so let's settle this once and for all: Which /tv/-related characters …[View]
119765779Opinions on this monster movie? Did it bomb? Also what's your favorite monster movies?[View]
119759442Will any of them be good?[View]
119766821>'Hey everybody, this is Jacoby and you're watching ...' >*shows a footage of a skater ki…[View]
119763763/Vietnam War/: how long until Ken Burns makes a series on the middle east >Some mandarins are pu…[View]
119766753Why would Fring go through the huge risk of expecting Hal, Jesse, and Gail launder all the money he …[View]
119766647Which one of you did this?: Guy dresses up as a TV. Leaves TV's on peoples doorsteps. I can…[View]
119765585Was he a good or a bad guy?[View]
119766123Would a modern day adaptation work assuming adherence to source material? I tried watching the 1930…[View]
119766571your favorite Mythbusters episode?: >Adam, a century's worth of research tells us that IQ is…[View]
119764598>about to watch apocalypse now >look up runtime…[View]
119766081Is he the new Driver?[View]
119766041fave lines/scenes from Rome[View]
119759756Neytiri is...[View]
119766439Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119766245Will Netflix also make a documentary about the Disappearance of Charlene Downes like they did with M…[View]
119765853Just watched this, and can't remember shit[View]
119766331What are some movies about human chains?[View]
119766118Underrated Movies: Underrated Movies Thread[View]
119766299paranormal: https://youtu.be/aR6_pLdRFtw[View]
119766061Any viking kinos ?[View]
119764983Cast them for a Grunge Epic[View]
119750681It's going to flop, isn't it?[View]
119761127I was watching the Dark Knight, and I just can't take it seriously when Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayn…[View]
119766218https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tks_6VzRjXk Films with this kino?[View]
119766148HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH what a great show[View]
119764144So is Wheel of Time in direct competition with The Witcher to murder the fantasy genre? Why are the…[View]
119763906/ourmovie/: >Mr. Feinstein the jeweler >2 sisters are psychologists >3 brothers lawyers …[View]
119765764>Why, yes! I am Naqib, how could you tell?[View]
119738694OH NO NO NO NO: Martin also seems pretty bummed about how the show has affected his personal life, s…[View]
119765795Why did he point up?[View]
119762421my heart: stolen[View]
119761022>babe, you don't have to pass the captcha >see? >'verification not required for your …[View]
119763323Is he the only Harry Potter actor with a career?[View]
119765707Hey Mrs's Wheeler[View]
119763582What’s your favorite episode?[View]
119760794wow Pauly Shore really did believe his own hype that much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLUDWooPU…[View]
119764250ITT: Talentless Hacks[View]
119765954>Cassius, you're nothin' but a cocky mouthed idgit talkin' a whole mess about the …[View]
119764297Holy shit why didn't you guys tell me Meryl Streep was a good actress?: One of the best acting …[View]
119762890HEY O'CONNELL[View]
119765303Carrie Mulligan is just a discount Michelle Williams?[View]
119764526Say it[View]
119762808recommend me something of this type ![View]
119765186What are some examples of shitty military writing in TV/Cinema? Pic related https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
119765751>851 days until Avatar 2[View]
119765839>My favorite Spongebob? It’s gotta be Rock Bottom. How did you know?[View]
119761246What is the best ww2 movie?[View]
119765766why yes, my favorite movies are Leon: the professional and interview with the vampire, how could you…[View]
119765717>sheeit, so I guess now we some kinda, some fuckin' uhh, black bonnie 'nd clyde…[View]
119764874post goofy pictures of directors[View]
119764219Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
119764436>character makes food analogy[View]
119764776Quake 3: any kino with this aesthetic?[View]
119764830Going through Season 1, and I'm noticing a trend in every big show I watch - Can I get one god…[View]
119765520Is there any good Orthodox kino?[View]
119751782true crime thread: what was his fucking problem?[View]
119735600Dom Hemingway: Is this movie any good?[View]
119764601Post your favorite bromance[View]
119765324Why is there no kino like this anymore?[View]
119753959>only good show on TV >no threads Literally god tier and no ones watching it. This is a major …[View]
119764191What was his problem?[View]
119765373After years of shitty cal arts garbage, we finally have a decent franchise revival. Glad it was not…[View]
119763602What is your favourite part of Simpsons legacy?[View]
119762896>movie features an Iranian >he calls himself persian fuck me dude, why did america do this tha…[View]
119763930Cast him[View]
119758080>'But Orgrim is much more based, in many many ways.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emZUeNhQnvg#…[View]
119765247So why did Dunnheir team up with the Joker? Surely a professional with his reputation could have fou…[View]
119762509TIME TO DIE[View]
119765230Brainlet here, who was the traitor?[View]
119760105Lets post some fuck you I liked its.[View]
119761289What speed do you like watching your movies on? I prefer 1.25 because it's fast enough to under…[View]
119762429why DO people shit themselves for this soft-rock dronefest?[View]
119764831The nightingale It said to me There is a love Meant for me The nightingale It flew to me And told me…[View]
119765056Is it me, or did she lighten up a lot in the new movie?[View]
119765046Will it be kino?[View]
119764998What are Oliver Stone's best movies?[View]
119764550Ok, this might be m favorite little show ever.[View]
119763137cool blade runner minimalist poster[View]
119763457Would you watch a Frasier reboot?[View]
119764752>what? you want me to have a major role in Austin Powers? no thank you, i'm too busy with my…[View]
119748716Did Mesmer deserve to be murdered?[View]
119764880RIP MY NIGGA MEEP[View]
119762786An 18 year old who is a virgin? What a ridiculous concept haha.[View]
119764230Are you excited for the new Netflix special from the king of stand-up comedy himself?[View]
119764824Why don't you click your heels together three times and go back to Africa?[View]
119763932Science fiction thread: What's your favorite sci fi movie? And to make it interesting lets name…[View]
119756880What exactly was he hoping to accomplish by meeting Homelander? What was his master plan?[View]
119762709Are there any good non-documentary movies made in Hitler's germany?[View]
119763050>all classic movies spoiled by the time you're in middle school >dude it's been out …[View]
119763531watch this and tell me how you feel 2:29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahqx662wK3A[View]
119764672What themes have slashers not yet tackled? Picture is ptsd and homecoming betrayal[View]
119758971Lets hire all british actors to play Russians in an obvious propaganda film!: ITT we discuss movie c…[View]
119763541How did Pixar get away with this?[View]
119763358Incelcore movies?: .[View]
119764020THINK or BE[View]
119760204Taboo: It's unbelievable just how good this show was in all aspects - atmosphere, acting, music…[View]
119764541I'M GOING HUNTING[View]
119764406It's 2019 and we are... forgotten[View]
119759389Now that the dust has settled, was it a kino comedy for the females or just a trash meme for twitter…[View]
119763750Did Simpsons predict The Lion King in 1995!?[View]
119763629post some behind the scenes stuff.[View]
119764270Kinos about the failure of government and antitrust laws specifically?[View]
119764108>.idx >.sub[View]
119749085why wasn't he used more in his youth? He looks perfect, like an anime character.[View]
119764025Who was in the wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A-Z5sRwgLM[View]
119764019You now remember when Derren Brown shocked the nation by predicting the lottery numbers on live tele…[View]
119762329Horrors: It's actually pretty good. Better than 4 and 3 and very spooky and little girl is char…[View]
119763941>Cassius, you're nothin' but a cocky mouthed idgit talkin' a whole mess about the …[View]
119763101Hill and McBride do it again[View]
119763248How bad is it?[View]
119760358Does this shit ever get funny?[View]
119763528How they held so much power over HBO?: We hear time on time cases of movies and series ruined by stu…[View]
119761099What favourite movies of yours are you hoping to watch with someone one day? The Mummy[View]
119762840rip cameron[View]
119762594The ending of Game of Thrones is retarded regardless of the writing. The books are going to end with…[View]
119763551>'Go back to your stinking ching chong land, you disgusting smelly gook!' >'Prease, no no'…[View]
119757538How did they fuck this up so bad? the comics are an irreverent piss-take on heroes with some post-9/…[View]
119763395>there's a movie called Octopussy[View]
119762964I can handle things...I'm smart! Not like everybody says! Like, dumb! I'm smart...and I wa…[View]
119763732What do you think tv?: Is it kino?[View]
119762459>I'm retarded?[View]
119758796Is he a lodge spirit?[View]
119763644>dude hahaaha if michael bay made this there would be EXPLOSIONS!!!! everywhere!!…[View]
119762328Dead Careers General - /dcg/[View]
119760744why add a holocaust subplot just for the sake of it?[View]
119761030This movie was so fucking good: watch it right fucking now you plebs[View]
119758500>TAKE A LIL' WALK[View]
119763274Is this movie any good? I'm looking for a light hearted comedy to pass time while I brood. Thou…[View]
119762308Wow...: This says ALOT about our society.[View]
119762679Why do foreign movies have so much soul comparing to Hollywood made films?[View]
119762676Watched this for the second time and realized this is a feminist movie with the message 'Men are dum…[View]
119763411They say it didn't happen, but probably should. How did they do it, with doors of wood?[View]
119763338What are some films about faking death?[View]
119762827>tfw everyone's waiting you in heaven[View]
119763217John wick's Max Payne.[View]
119762166ITT:Movies that you wish would happen >Mobster movie where Robert de Niro takes Tom Holland under…[View]
119763168thoughts on Gwen Tennyson?[View]
119755032Good Show or Jewish Psy-Op?[View]
119761762How can such a genius actor be such a spastic in real life?[View]
119761335Valerie & her week of wonders: What am I in for?[View]
119762852movies or tv that capture this feel?[View]
119762764Next time, baby[View]
119761626What does /tv/ this of the cult classic Euro erotica film Rochelle, Rochelle?[View]
119761479What the FUCK did I just watch?[View]
119760349Best capeshit of every year since 2002: 2002: Spider-Man 2003: X-Men 2 2004: Spider-Man 2 2005: Batm…[View]
119761965 [View]
119761643Reminder: Saying a movie has a 'great twist' is the exact same as a spoiler.: In my opinio…[View]
119762660Choose wisely.[View]
119762930MOMOA SAW THE SNYDER CUT YESTERDAY: https://screenrant.com/justice-league-snyder-cut-jason-momoa-gif…[View]
119761204Is she really so bad?[View]
119760859This is kino. I don't know what nu/tv/ thinks about it and I don't even care. I'm jus…[View]
119762586>'thank god its over' >'over? its only just begun'…[View]
119761566Name 5 movies in the past decade with great female leads: Pro tip: you cant[View]
119757017Say something nice about him.[View]
119762766>for fucks sake it's been 40 years and they're on phase 17 >and on their 5th Iron Ma…[View]
119760226Name a better friendship in tv history[View]
119762591Where's that blasted salami? I can smell it..[View]
119762665Anyone watching Pennyworth? It's based in an alternative history 1960's London for some re…[View]
119760186>THERE ARE *fucks peasant girl* >TOO MANY *fucks his mistress* >CONCU- *fucks his wife* …[View]
119762628John Locke was into BDSM, wasn't he?[View]
119762253grass kino[View]
119762536/TPG/ - The Pest General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAB8dNMoXZ0[View]
119761889>DESTROY IT![View]
119762435>Cassius, you're nothin' but a cocky mouthed idgit talkin' a whole mess about the …[View]
119762355Do you nod up or down?[View]
119762410was it kino?[View]
119762409>Kid chose to do something stupid after a traumatic event >let's overcomplicate shit for …[View]
119757249Post scenes you wish you could smell.[View]
119762333What was his problem?[View]
119762282shagadelic baby[View]
119762264Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119762162How come a shitty low budget mini-series that doesn't even follow original storyline has best l…[View]
119761983https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fw72WrOrlA How can you not think about Once Upon a Time in Hollywoo…[View]
119762160LOST: Let's have a Lost thread. Anyone think it's weird how everyone except the token fats…[View]
119759365>a monoracial species >practice eugenics >led by an incel >get genocided by one of their…[View]
119761162What are some modern Nordic kinos?: I've already seen: >The Hunt >Let The Right One In …[View]
119762064I just saw this and I thought it was awesome. What are some other kinos that are thinly veiled about…[View]
119757192ITT: kino movie intro: i'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gs1_ndm3r4[View]
119762044>purge night >don't change my pants after the shart…[View]
119761402>when the movie says that political event/group/person/topic is good/bad…[View]
119757023>discombobulates your asshole[View]
119759527Was this the most iconic advert of all time?[View]
119760760This girl reminds me of an actress I can't for the life of me remember where I've seen her…[View]
119761295Are you going to be watching Noah Hawley's Lucy in the Sky, /tv/?[View]
119761927The pile of bodies in the Battle of the Bastards is the single dumbest thing ever written for a medi…[View]
119751817So what's with the Rick and Morty hate? It's probably one of the most based and *gasp* int…[View]
119761606Does it actually feel good to be a gangster?[View]
119758693why did they cancel the sequel[View]
119760294Why is murder fine on TV but not rape?[View]
119761344What did CIA mean by that?[View]
119761699>End of the World kino >Black Hole Sun starts playing…[View]
119761332This is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. Say something nice about him.[View]
119760834>Ameritards BELIEVE THIS: >Ameritards are so blind through the butter in their eyes that they …[View]
119750969Return of Godzilla >>>>>>>>>>>> Shin Godzilla: >Plot is actua…[View]
119760280Believe me bitch, no matter how far away I go, I still can't escape the smell of your rancid va…[View]
119759467Memes aside, it's a great fucking movie. After watching it I wanna be a better version of mysel…[View]
119760673Post your waifu[View]
119752786Simpsons CLASSICCS: Found this website, thought you guys might like it. Lot of /tv/ fags hang there.…[View]
119761741What are some movies that will make me feel like this?[View]
119761648Times You Acted Like The Joker: >Cashier has a nametag >Ask for his name anyway GET YOUR FREE …[View]
119761703Helm’s Deep: Why was Legolas able to snipe the rope connected to the giant ladder that killed 50 orc…[View]
119761695Who else would watch an adaptation of Garfield where he is reimagined as a cosmic horror entity[View]
119761609youtube kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2EzrYIljWw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9XgvkkVmh…[View]
119759974Is anyone there for you, /tv/?[View]
119752717wow, so this is the power of asian 'masculinity'...?[View]
119756235Just finished watching this.: So I get that the husband is supposed to represent God, and the baby i…[View]
119750935>drugs and robs guys >doesn’t get in trouble for it >makes movie about drugging and robbing…[View]
119757453SNYDER CUT exists. Jason Momoa watched it with Zach Snyder. It's only a matter of time fellas. …[View]
119761533Asa Butterfield looks like that??[View]
119761524Charlie a cute[View]
119759815What was Niles thinking about in this scene?[View]
119760558Is this an accurate portrayal of American stores?[View]
119758773NYC 1993: New York city in 1993 was kino. What went wrong ?[View]
119760429Is going to the cinema alone ever worth it? I personally can’t go watch a movie unless there’s someo…[View]
119761047What happened to the Avatar 2 count down?Feels like I haven't seen the thread in a long time[View]
119760938When are Superhero adaptations going to get serious?[View]
119761163/dunnhier/ general Who will play him in the DCCU?[View]
119760927He's fucking hot why isn't he in more movies?[View]
119761101You're just too good to be true, can't take the mask off you. You feel like heaven to fly …[View]
119761112What happened? Be honest.[View]
119760682Sicka all dese homeless catz tawkin shit bout my boi Brendan Schaub. Dude is the kurrant king of caw…[View]
119761056You Gay Ho[View]
119760982Is it kino ?[View]
119760151Are you ready?[View]
119756300I was just watching TV and saw that Alfred Hitchcock Presents was on so I watched it because I alway…[View]
119760670What did Jhonen Vasquez meant by this character? It seem a little racist to me[View]
119759898So what are some shows/films similar to Mindhunter? Or something where people in suits investigate s…[View]
119759646B A S E D: >After a Sopranos episode in which his character brutally beat a young stripper to dea…[View]
119757842>3 guys walk through the woods for 2 hours >They have a big fight >A girl lifts a spoon wit…[View]
119759331Stranger Things: These are the only good characters left in this show, they basically carried the en…[View]
119759953Whats a movie like All the Real Girls but not shitty. Bascially something that shows early to mid 90…[View]
119752481>Thank you doctor >Oh I'm not a doctor I don't get it…[View]
119759390real human stuck in npc world kino recommendations[View]
119760071WhaT was the point of these scenes?[View]
119751396Is Sophia one of the hottest actresses from old Hollywood?[View]
119760058Eagle Scout actually, first class[View]
119759061Why hasnt there been any kino about the whole thing?, too soon?, its been over 5 years now[View]
119760496What're some kinos about the Pacific Theater?[View]
119757530>its yet another darlene/angela episode im only here for the funny mental illness shit…[View]
119759951Rewatching walking dead season 2 and this guys scenes are so fucking hilarious hahaha He gets up in…[View]
119760403[META]: Do you think actors and directors browse or at least know of /tv/? What hope do we have of s…[View]
119760292>shit negro, I eat the pussy, I eat the butt, I eat every-mothafuckin-thang…[View]
119759453Is this kino?[View]
119759906The Wheel of Time: Predict the races for the rest of the cast.[View]
119755838X-Men casting: who should play who? I think there's a lot to be said for making the core group …[View]
119757829>Coming out of my cage And I've been doing *just fine* Gotta gotta be down Because I want it…[View]
119758818>By allah you better cover up you whore of a bitch[View]
119760050Would you watch a Frasier reboot?[View]
119760092Don’t mind us, Untermensch. Just pirating your nation![View]
119760113A black guy....imagine that[View]
119760171What are some kinos where the supporting cast stole the show?[View]
119759648What was this expression meant to convey?[View]
119757673>get 30' 1600p monitor >start noticing yellow, crooked, or rotten teeth everywhere on youtube …[View]
119746554>Non-copyright-infringing YouTube® Music® starts playing >Land on Ratatoing and refuse to watc…[View]
119757197Is Dora worth a watch?[View]
119760070What are some examples of bone chilling slow burn horror films?[View]
119760053What are some films for this feel?[View]
119759765TRANS-lucent: Why did they let the TRANSlucent character into the women's bathroom? Where they …[View]
119758097What are you going to order?[View]
119756819Jacob's Ladder. Holy shit.: Is this the greatest psychological horror movie ever? It's way…[View]
119754382Post a photo, get a movie recommendation.[View]
119758646I don't get it.[View]
119759226The first time i had to whoop his ass...[View]
119758043Now that Lords of Chaos sucked, pitch a better movie about Norwegian Black Metal scene.[View]
119759710Shows where one of the actors mogs the others to oblivion[View]
119759784What are some kinos about people in the woods?[View]
119756183When will we finally get another good big budget movie?[View]
119757342Whats next for Zendaya?[View]
119759152Post the faces of non-threatening masculinity[View]
119757037How wasn't Tony already dead after this? He got fucking stabbed through his body.[View]
119759619Take off your clothes, white boi.[View]
119759615DROPPED https://hollowverse.com/joaquin-phoenix/[View]
119755682marvel dc: Marvel is coke, dc is pepsi, you can't deny this.[View]
119759672Thoughts on Jared Leto? Does he make kino?[View]
119759671It was great[View]
119758844К И H O[View]
119759658All memes and shitposting aside, this scene makes no sense. Why did CIA try and do the intimidation …[View]
119759578It says here you're a janitor voluntarily.[View]
119759562>everybody'll be safer if I do a little preventive maintenance Any other good movies about d…[View]
119759561Should Frasier have picked Cassandra or (((Faye))), /tv/?[View]
119752164Write the next fast movie plot[View]
119758996LEAKED TEEN TITANS GO EPISODE SCRIPT >beast boy walks in 'YO dude I just pee pee'd on YO cou…[View]
119737230Remember Porgs?[View]
119759446welcome to the good life, where we like the girls who ain't on /tv/ cause they got more ASS THA…[View]
119759443>movie starts with the main character waking up and having a very mundane morning…[View]
119756358I got so fucking mad at this scene I nearly punched my TV How come racism, sexism, homophobia, even …[View]
119757352So I'm about to watch the Sopranos from start to finish for the first time. What am I in for?[View]
119757269Are superheroes and capeshit fascist?[View]
119759327>Character wastes the entirety of his twenties posting dank memes and conspiracy theories on an I…[View]
119758651What's your favorite ad libbed scene?[View]
119759031They say all Mongol fear the lightning.. but not you?[View]
119759295What are some kinos about irony[View]
119747632Unpopular positive opinion challenge: Name a movie that... (1) you genuinely like (not 'so bad it…[View]
119759065>Hello I'm the Nostalgia Critic and I say GAY RIGHTS![View]
119755419Has anyone rewatched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? How did your experience differ on a second viewi…[View]
119758861PROJECT BLUE BOOK SEASON 2 cast: When History’s ‘Project Blue Book’ returns for its second season, t…[View]
119759262I just marathoned the first fifteen minutes of Alita I'm bored[View]
119758883what movies are there with crude humor that you find funny[View]
119757601Remember when Chef was obsessed with aliens?[View]
119741243'I MADE A DEAL WITH YOUR GENERAL FOR THAT MAN'S LIFE!': Kek I just realized Landa was supposed …[View]
119757716YASSSSS QUEEN[View]
119759188>ITT scenes that completely ruined the movie for you pic related, i cant express how much i hate …[View]
119753518Can you actually do this IRL?[View]
119755526This was actually kino as fuck Did lefties and mainstream media types hate it because it honoured th…[View]
119759147Best capeshit of every year since 2002: 2002: Spider-Man 2003: X-Men 2 2004: Spider-Man 2 2005: Batm…[View]
119751071this was the downhill moment for both shows[View]
119758190Was Friday set in the black suburbs or something? >worst crime anyone has to deal with is a local…[View]
119756470I wish I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could …[View]
119754911Watch pic related and then try claiming Kubrick was more talented than Tarkovsky. https://www.youtub…[View]
119758040I look around and I see a lot of newfags. Which means a lot of you have been talking about /tv/[View]
119758860Are we forgotten?[View]
119756143Who will direct his inevitable biopic? Also what will his theme song be?[View]
119756161can you recommend movies other than fear and loathing in las vegas and forrest gump related to this …[View]
119758719ITT: OH, FUCK OFF!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w6FV8P7HXg[View]
119757341What happened to this guy?[View]
119758318I've enjoyed Lynch's other films but this shit is fucking tedious nonsense. What am I miss…[View]
119758577So it's ok to murder your bf as long as he is a dick? Was that the moral of the story?[View]
119756498I check[View]
119758729Just binge watched this link What did I think ?[View]
119758553movies with this aesthetic? I'm talking about both retro space age/atomic age AND post apocalyp…[View]
119752746Wtf was his problem?[View]
119757825With the rise of deepfakes and voice fakes, are we approaching a time when actors could simply be du…[View]
119758557What is the London Calling of film?[View]
119758345why aren't there any good movies about low status males?[View]
119758405Infinity Chamber (2016): How long would Epstein make it in the Infinity Chambers? You think he'…[View]
119753580>anime can't be kin-[View]
119756641Quiet places: You guys excited for the sequel? Saw the first in theatres, super atmospheric, no one …[View]
119758222What are some films about plane crashes?[View]
119754997It was like a ripped tennis ball.[View]
119758150What are some movies with this feel?[View]
119758057So wtf was the ending?: And explain the opening scene for me too, cos I'm a brianlet[View]
119755893what is the date? I must find Charwee.[View]
119758086What are some movies about evil doppelgangers?[View]
119755166I am that I am[View]
119757967For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
119755875>If I miss a deadline I get fired >this fat fuck is making more money than ever for writing no…[View]
119755309The Picture of Dorien Gray: Tell the truth /tv/, what kind of horrors would your painting show?…[View]
119755866Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119756330Can we have ONE THREAD where someone doesn't respond with 'have sex'?[View]
119757356Okay, /tv/ Real talk now. How the fuck did she manage to land a stud like Dustin??[View]
119739382>post yfw a romance scene plays[View]
119756344This is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. Say something nice about him[View]
119750590>when the lead actress has a barefoot scene: But for real why is it allowed in movies?[View]
119755891It’s funny because they say “ni”[View]
119756958Weekend Gross Avengers: Endgame $98,000[View]
119757520>there r ppl[View]
119757588I'm trying to find a film, all I remember is that it had supernatural themes, and one scene whe…[View]
119757299>'You have to let it go'[View]
119757015Oh boy, now THIS is gonna ruffle some feathers[View]
119754944>hop on Explain[View]
119757028 [View]
119750813ITT: S2 > S1[View]
119733223Was this the biggest cope in /tv/ history, the video clearly shows his wife cucking him why did he e…[View]
119754479>Directed Citizen Kane at 25 >First major picture >Knew very little about filmmaking, just …[View]
119754296>The dick pills, Joe.[View]
119754896This was the only interesting character in Batmeme Begins.[View]
119756813Call it.[View]
119753904Which one of These has the most influential movies?[View]
119756624Rain Man - counts cards, autistic yes. Retarded? Not really. Forest Gump - a little retarded, but pi…[View]
119746358Dead Careers General - /dcg/[View]
119751036Reminder this is the patrician ranking III>V>IV>VIII>VI>II>VII>I>RO>Solo[View]
119756356>Movies should make fun of religions of than Christianity![View]
119753308star is sad cause you arent watching her show[View]
119754586>find yourself on a deserted island >unlimited crab meat and coconut milk >not be content t…[View]
119756720Our guy is back. https://youtu.be/DOoSvLkBmlw[View]
119754998Hey /tv/, who do you think had the comfiest hero's hideout, base of operations, HQ or meeting p…[View]
119749705MISTER ANDERSON[View]
119755518What's next for his career?[View]
119756065>Movies should make fun of religions of than Christianity![View]
119753956Wow this says a lot about our jannies [View]
119754408I really wish I had a close male friend and life partner (not gay though obviously). I need a Mac to…[View]
119755117I miss being in college and living with roommates. I miss watching kino with them and playing video …[View]
119756547yup i think its kino[View]
119756484Oh my god! He’s god![View]
119756508>Peter... the shooter...[View]
119756240Hey look, its that monster from every horror movie that's come out for the last 12 years.[View]
119755667Was it PTSD that drove him to pedophilia?[View]
119755912What's /tv/ verdict on this? Thought it was pretty good[View]
119754337Anybody watched this?: Is it good?[View]
119755132How well would it work as a television show?[View]
119747908Do you think Tom Holland is handsome or average?[View]
119755572Fat Keanu Reeves[View]
119752242This show taught me that America is in fact a police state[View]
119749639What television channels have you watched the most?[View]
119755924Gus Fring: Gus Fring[View]
119753743Illuminati occult symbolism in movies: After finding out what they are and the messages they relay t…[View]
119754760what are Asians so good at action movies?[View]
119755859What's the deal with femoids?[View]
119754861Terminator: Dark Fate: Just saw it (test screening). AMA[View]
119755440Do I need to watch this after the tv show?[View]
119749163 [View]
119754519is odo >ourguy?[View]
119754550*cough* *cough* Garr its Artie, listen man i'm not gonna come in today i've got a fever *c…[View]
119755707Was it kino?[View]
119755621What are some kinos about true American heroes?[View]
119750275dr strange vs constantine: who is the better wizard, /tv/?[View]
119755342>It's a great day for America everybody!!!![View]
119754167I find it hard to believe that Homelander could be this dumb. The whole marketing at Vought is that …[View]
119753704Can we get a cerebral horror thread going[View]
119746189When did you stop liking star wars?[View]
119751799Best wedding scene?[View]
1197495483x3 thread: 3x3 thread[View]
119754459Sas I supposed to feel sympathy for them? Is this the normiest movie ever?[View]
119748811Watched this movie tonight. It was incredibly moving, but especially the opening with the documentar…[View]
119751448>it's a Jim and Pam act like they're better than everyone else arc…[View]
119754786*composes your movie's theme song*[View]
119754317DON’T BE RIDICULOUS[View]
119753965He Q.T[View]
119754694Wtf was her problem?[View]
119754705Error: You are temporarily blocked from posting[View]
119753966>calarts cant be kin-[View]
119752273Childhood is pissing your pants Adulthood is realising cumming makes more sense[View]
119753373ITT: Post Catholickino[View]
119754367LE CIGARE VOLANT![View]
119750577Is this a good movie?[View]
119753123post kino uses of music in movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwPb7g_BlXQ[View]
119752171ITT: 2000's kino only[View]
119735750A communications disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
119754006>'Locke, my dude, don kill urself.' >'I'm gon kill myself.' >'No, ples, don kill ursel…[View]
119745886>watches maybe five films made before Citizen Kane >is confident that Kane is the first movie …[View]
119752767Any good movies or shows with wmaf couples?[View]
119752207Favorite nude scene from comedy actresses? For me it's Jennifer from Rules of Engagement[View]
119753948>know that you can travel to a star with a yellow sun and your cells would 'drink its radiation' …[View]
119752924>MFW I visited burgerland and found out tipping is a real thing I thought it was just a tv/movie …[View]
119753696What does /tv/ thinks of this? For me, its kino[View]
119749816What an awful movie.[View]
119753483I really want to like this movie but it feels like it's padded to the fuck. Wich also messes wi…[View]
119753279What movie is this: I saw this movie as a kid and I remember it was a kid with his grandma for vocat…[View]
119753132I have a feeling you guys don’t like this show... but I do.[View]
119748770Who is the best redhead actress at the present time in Hollywood?[View]
119752218Why does everyone hates the original Etta Candy? She is just a simple fatty ginger woman and best fr…[View]
119748916Wait, THIS is where that dumbass word came from?[View]
119753206Lodge 49 Season 2: Are you watching Lodge 49, season 2?[View]
119752529This is unironically the good guy in the movie.[View]
119746173What are your favorite 80s films?[View]
119753075>Immigrant Song starts playing[View]
119727462/TV/ ON SUICIDE WATCH: >becomes a big star >tells weird man to fuck off https://streamable.com…[View]
119753129I'm alright, let me just sit here a minute.[View]
119753184Kinos for this feel?[View]
119753084>the rugrats takes place in angelica's head!! >ed, edd and eddy are in purgatory!! >ga…[View]
119751389>want to download a fanedit >you can only download it from a movie forum that's been dea…[View]
119748002Surely they KNOW it's bad, right?[View]
119752678Which films best encapsulates feelings of nihilism ?[View]
119750758All wings report in[View]
119750279>Be a robot who fears deactivation more than anything >Have to rely on trusting your crewmembe…[View]
119751771Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?: Bauhaus, the fathers of goth, will have a movie made a…[View]
119753030>'Get back to your stinking ching chong land, you fucking gook' >'Prease, noooo'…[View]
119749563That’s the roomah[View]
119750352I expected to see him a lot more in the movie and was overall surprised we didn't, but it all m…[View]
119749391For me it's Dragon Ball Evolution Bulma[View]
119752859>one ticket to Janny: The Movie, please! It’s a bone-chilling slow burn about a faggot who works …[View]
119751665What are some good Jewish movies?[View]
119750109>acting already far worse than the main show what the fuck happened[View]
119752541>its a Truman accidentally gets semen all over his underwear while laying down fapping into a tow…[View]
119751999Monkey Pawed Thread - Come Make a Wish!: Give me a new season of My name is earl that crosses over w…[View]
119752221Let's talk about avatar. You've got a shuttle. Your using as a bomber. Why not just put th…[View]
119752494find a flaw[View]
119751537Peter...come closer...I need you to tell something very important.[View]
119746270Does it deserve the hype?[View]
119752491Who should play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119751473Latest CopperKino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4Y6Ti6i-FQ[View]
119742643What is the Fear Inoculum of television and film?[View]
119752479Worth a watch?[View]
119746866Why did he have to suffer so much?[View]
119752121ITT: movies that couldn't be made today[View]
119752408For me, it's AnnaSophia Robb[View]
119750507/sn/ - Sneed general[View]
119752342If he was given a big budget do you think he could make a good movie?[View]
119752037Imagine unironically watching zog movies/tv in 2019. How does it feel to be a slave to america?[View]
119749460westerners are finally starting to make better waifus the the japanese[View]
119750984So did we ever figure out why he winked at Arthur?[View]
119752157Post Bruce Willis Kino moments[View]
119751244she killed millions....[View]
119751450What was his name again?[View]
119747499>just saw this It was great. Why do critics hate it? Literally the only thing I didn't like …[View]
119749657ITT post movies that legit helped you with self-discovery[View]
119751931What ever happened to 20 episode seasons?[View]
119751936>that one movie you liked but completely forgot about fun fact: this movie is in the same univers…[View]
119750740I watched the first episode the other day and... Does it get better? Like, genuinely better? Because…[View]
119751292Omg this scene gave. me. the. chill. I almost couldn't stop crying, I had to call my mom and ge…[View]
119751419>youre banned for mocking 4chan and our gook god hiro please stop posting and changing your ip…[View]
119750862>movie/show ends >credits roll >names ending with: >-berg >-stein >-witz >-man …[View]
119750164south park was good once[View]
119743887>Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively? What the fuck did this mon…[View]
119751418Does /tv/ unironically like this? I'll admit the first episode was pretty good (addict girls do…[View]
119749009why arent you watching star vs the force of evil ?[View]
119750657sooooooo: there will be extra security right???[View]
119751606Next season predictions >Less killer interviews >BTK eats a sandwich >Tench talks to his wi…[View]
119751379He was right, you know.[View]
119751359Last Christmas (2019): What went wrong, /tv/?[View]
119751509Salame, /tv/[View]
119751472you can fucking see the rails the Baron was gliding on why did this show have so little effort put i…[View]
119748838At what point did you realise incest is patrician?[View]
119739781*boing* dontcha just loooooove halloween?[View]
119742695Why did the 60s have the most, uh, talented actresses?[View]
119751357>Tarantino Would this work?[View]
119751136>directs CAPE SHIT and VIDEO GAME MOVIES How is this guy better than Tarantino again?…[View]
119747736Is it kino?[View]
119751322Hot pockets are ready[View]
119751209Utah! Get me 2.[View]
119751154Is this the best Family Guy joke? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR-MrJwqcFc[View]
119750779Kurosawa birthed proto-capeshit, King Hu saturated it, Spielberg refined it, Mann gave it wind and R…[View]
119751224https://mobile.twitter.com/BAgenda2020/status/1154112275646541824 What are some kinos featuring stro…[View]
119750350Best tv show off the last ten years[View]
119751177what are your thoughts on the movie Eyes Wide Shut?[View]
119748715what am i in for?[View]
119749902I first saw her at Palantine Campaign headquarters at 63rd and Broadway. She was wearing a white dre…[View]
119750505hey starlight show us your tits[View]
119749355Is this funny or cringe?[View]
119750168Whats next for her?[View]
119749646Zim is the last Irken alive? And where's Tak?[View]
119750234Alright, /tv/ I need this jacket.[View]
119747481Sopranos Thread: When did you start emulating your favorite characters?[View]
119749462What a piece of shit movie. I'm glad i didn't pay for it. 5 years had passed. Grief may la…[View]
119750776what's your favorite male friendship in film and TV: I really wish I had a close male friend an…[View]
119750815Is this the most famous femdom scene ever?[View]
119748430new godzilla was shit: The new movie sucked.. explain this useless character[View]
119750759How did it take them two entire years to release this bullshit? Literally the only memorable scenes …[View]
119746208Post whatever the FUCK you want that's /tv/ related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHOqKRfETt…[View]
119750887Jims cuck fantasy: >'Dude just tell me why you don't wanna fuck my wife? Come on shes hot du…[View]
119734815MH season 2: Don't waste your time. Nothing happens. The only interesting parts were the inter…[View]
119747194Just watched Parasite now that the subs are up. It’s really good, any other /tv/ lads check it out y…[View]
119750651HEY YOU COME ON[View]
119750780I have two gons.... wun fun each uvyah[View]
119750673>well /tv/, have the lambs stopped screaming?[View]
119750658*inhales* that would be..... a waste of time[View]
119747597>be dunston >Jannies deleted my last thread so rerolling. Thanks tranny jammies >Check em…[View]
119742753>this made people faint in 1973[View]
119749615/trek/: Happy Birthday Daddy Gene Edition[View]
119748481Are there any films with an accurate portrayal of life on a slave ship?[View]
119750448>*consistently delivers high quality kino in your path*[View]
119733333Incest is NOT okay[View]
119750500Cast him[View]
119747136Kevin Smith is directing Netflix's He-Man: It's going to be great[View]
119750373Jesus Christ, Netflix[View]
119739889/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Jackson Noms: Anal/Christie Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>1197…[View]
119749999>movie/cartoon about anthropomorphic animals >wolves ALWAYS represent/associate with Native Am…[View]
119750102Went to see my parents and checked out what movies they recorder for later viewing: Papillon Das Boo…[View]
119747483Would you?[View]
119750138my son, big hoss[View]
119743562How did the CW manage to create a more successful live-action universe than the DCEU with a quarter …[View]
119728563A twelve year old boy is saving comedy at the movie theaters. His film “Good Boys” will gross more t…[View]
119749143Which future celebrity death do you think will hit you the hardest?[View]
119748063I for one enjoyed it.[View]
119750103OBI? I'm A.N.I.[View]
119750033What's /tv/s thoughts? Im banned on /v/ so...[View]
119749605TRY THE VODKA[View]
119734248>died trying to get laid Was he /our pterosaur/?[View]
119748801What kino films would you let your daugther watch?[View]
119747844What does /tv/ think of the rain?: I kinda liked it[View]
119748911>FU D’ALLRITE? wtf? Why was he shouting a random name at Alex?[View]
119747815Dubs decides what kino movie I watch Pic unrelated[View]
119720517How big is his dick?[View]
119749603>tfw you watch a movie and its right wing leftist sjw incel nazi centrist tranny marxist nazbol c…[View]
119749260Is being in the army as much fun as it looks?[View]
119749103What happened to This Board? Also Just saw 2001 in 70MM: Just saw the Kubrick masterpiece 2001:A Spa…[View]
119743780> most redpilled character on the show >brain the size of the planet >spits straight facts …[View]
119749198What is the worst HBO show?[View]
119749236What's some of your favorite movie scenes with dogs? why are they such good actors? This scene …[View]
119749408*blocks your path*[View]
119748213ITT most deserved oscars[View]
119723907What was his fucking problem?[View]
119749616Thoughts on Hannibal Buress?[View]
119728725/trek/: Space pope did nothing wrong edition[View]
119748827What the fuck was her problem?[View]
119748850ITT we post 10/10 trailers: I'll start. This is better than the movie,btw. (and I liked the mov…[View]
119749450>villain spares main character because he sees potential in him and wants to fight him at full po…[View]
119746755Who was the best Peter Parker?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18502526 Just focus on Peter Parker here, n…[View]
119748313Who did the best Kubrick stare?[View]
119747957Only God Forgives: Was it kino?[View]
119749366TOP 5 James Bond songs of all time FIGHT ME IF YOU DARE: 5. You know my name - Chris Cornell https:/…[View]
119748396>drugs and robs guys >doesn’t get in trouble for it >makes movie about drugging and robbing…[View]
119741795What was the message of this?[View]
119748747What was his problem?[View]
119749225>the first toilet known to mankind is found in the Indus valley civilisation of india…[View]
119735011That’s $122.50[View]
119748506Underrated: Outside of making Laurie Myer’s sister, it was as good as the first[View]
119749072Ok. This doesn't make any sense.[View]
119748993Why didn't Tony listen to Chrissy's advice?[View]
119748965It wasn't supposed to be a documentary.[View]
119747480movies with this aesthetic?[View]
119748908Why are films from 1970's Australia so strange and grim? Cars that Ate Paris, the Road Warrior,…[View]
119747847What’s the best episode? And why is it straight life?[View]
119748698If this were a film, who would the antagonist be?[View]
119746440When did you realize that Jackie Brown is the only great Tarantino film? Everything else ranges from…[View]
119747337For me, it's Emo Philips.[View]
119748482Hey, this trifle’s AMAZING! Is there more?[View]
119748785I am *that* guy.[View]
119748206ITT: BASED characters[View]
119748068>Why yes i do go to the Local Function instead of browsing /tv/ and watching the mask >How co…[View]
119747226Cast them[View]
119748739is this true?[View]
119748624Чeлoвeк c кинoaппapaтoм is overrated trash.[View]
119737806>meanwhile, in 1940s /tv/[View]
119748266would you open her box /tv/?[View]
119746988Since Simpsons is finally being cancelled. Would a Dark Springfield Cinematic Universe reboot work?[View]
119748671Sex Toy Story: Buzzlightyear is John Goodman Woody is Tom Hanks The Sheep Girl is Daisy Ridley…[View]
119747236Has anyone else seen Ingrid Goes West (2017)? I really liked it. Disappointed there was no lesbian s…[View]
119748629Marvel: >be me >finally just escaped a deserted yet beautiful wasteland after 30 years >fee…[View]
119748570what are the best kawaite film /tv/?[View]
119747939Movie theater: >only 4 or 5 movies available to watch >$15+ per ticket >$10+ per person for…[View]
119748384Do women really milk themselves?[View]
119747868This show has changed me[View]
119748486Is this actually GOOD ? Or is it just 'look, disgusting things !' and nothing more?[View]
119748493What are some kinos about fallen heroes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=bnL1iP…[View]
119742217Tarkovsky's top 10 kinos: >1. Diary of a Country Priest (Robert Bresson, 1951) >2. Winter…[View]
119748201Good movies if I like Robocop, Terminator, and Judge Dredd?[View]
119747520Why was Marilyn Monroe assassinated?[View]
119748015Monday is Buster Keaton Day on TCM[View]
119748354It was kino.[View]
119746257>BABY WANTS BLUE VELVET How fucking crazy do you have to be to come up with this character?…[View]
119748250This deserved best film. APOLOGIZE.[View]
119748264>tfw drinking yourself to oblivion movies for this feel[View]
119746432Is Lost worth watching? Apparently it goes to shit at the end but I have heard that the early season…[View]
119747482Wiw...THAT’s what olivia munn look like? i knew it was bad but this bad?[View]
1197433722 > 1 > 3[View]
119744487I really liked Dogtooth, will this be up my alley?[View]
119745820I've got Aids...Beastman AIDS![View]
119747505Anybody watching these >discusses the golden age featuring ww2 movies >completely ignores ww1…[View]
119740962ITT: Awful Movie series'[View]
119744013KINO: Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'p…[View]
119747924August 23rd, 2019[View]
119746330Hey y'all, what's up with that internet thing you're all just goin' fuckin'…[View]
119747967>2019 Are we forgotten?[View]
119746963Why has Hemingway not had an inevitable biopic? His life was more interesting than Tolkien's an…[View]
119747901Whats next for /tv favorite January Jones fämälämäzoids? There are many fans[View]
119747370>peter don't you get it? >it's right in front of your eyes >i only became a crim…[View]
119746493Jason Momoa saw the Snyder Cut: >https://www.instagram.com/p/B1U1rmigdlY/…[View]
119746737So what’s his deal?[View]
119747916I hated her fucking character: I can’t believe you fucks like this movie[View]
119747735Adaptation when?[View]
119746469>My favorite /tv/ meme? Sneed.[View]
119738707Why did they have to drop the ring into a volcano when they could just drop it into the middle of th…[View]
119747285ITT High testosterone kinos[View]
119732518Netflix and Kevin Smith Making New 'Masters of the Universe' Series: https://twitter.com/N…[View]
119745482just saw this thinking it was the new one, did i fuck up. it wasn't bad[View]
119747276I need your help. I'm struggling to remember a movie where a character can somehow communicate …[View]
119747462>Be at local Neighborhood function >Some goober pulls up in a limo >Everyone is literally s…[View]
119746040This season of Preacher has been really solid desu. Shame it took them until the last season to fina…[View]
119746575Was it Refn kino?[View]
119747714What are some films about the vertically challenged?[View]
119746740What films do you like to rewatch with friends or family?[View]
119747032I wish I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could …[View]
119747082Joker thread: ITT: Times you rose up against Society like the Joker[View]
119744985has any other actor debuted as a lead in three separate films in one year that where all culturally …[View]
119745318Beware this thread carries a terrible curse. Do not post the forbidden meme or you will be afflicted[View]
119746659Your victim has DIED![View]
119745952>trained both physically and mentally for years to blend into American society and never be disco…[View]
119746510You can call me Die Harder, Felicia Fancybottom, Ground Control, Matt, Bighead Burton, Fingers, Home…[View]
119747542The Righteous Gemstones: So how did it compare to Eastbound and Vice Principals?[View]
119744381has anyone watched this yet? is it as good as vice principles?[View]
119746171What would you have done in this situation?[View]
119746956God, what an absolute autist The way he interacts with people makes me uncomfortable[View]
119744148What was the message?[View]
119747378Season 7 when? You just know the Jews are going to relaunch this show[View]
119746374Post some good, wholesome, non-PC casting/Shows that did a good job of having diversity without feel…[View]
119746230any good kinos about being a manlet in 2019?[View]
119745812Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119744336I don't tip[View]
119747350>fifth shit of the morning[View]
119747333Yeah, I'm thinking he's based[View]
119746934phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range[View]
119747241Knives Out (2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi-1NchUqMA >What is this? CIA KFC? What did C…[View]
119747210is this still accurate in 2019?[View]
119747221X Files: Decided to watch X Files since I never did really watch it outside of the random rerun on t…[View]
119747171JUST ABOUT DONE BROS: >tfw no Cassie gf[View]
119747154>sex scene starts playing >can't watch it >go out of fullscreen mode and start browsin…[View]
119746977How did he get away with it?[View]
119746501Uhhh.: No, Peg.[View]
119747099>the magic isn't happening[View]
119746441>We want the Le Mans audience real original poster, guys[View]
119747090I cut myself because I was shaving without water, and why was there no water? Because I had to move …[View]
119746986The call that saved /tv/.[View]
119746861Cast it[View]
119746944Anyone else remember this?[View]
119746976Explain the ending?: Can someone explain this ending to me? Did he just an hero with his baby or did…[View]
119742174>watch 2011 film >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
119746486lol what a bunch of bullshit[View]
119741297Plot holes: How the FUCK did Hannibal get the pen?[View]
119745150I love this shit lol[View]
119737527Infinity points to Slytherin.[View]
119746809Hello this is Annie January and she is my wife[View]
119746801Buona Pasquetta[View]
119744398Looking for good movies to watch: I think i've watched too many movies, it's getting harde…[View]
119746764This movie is trash and you know it[View]
119746028dey hee[View]
119746724Journal of Charles Darwin. Day 93 aboard the Beagle. I have, today,discovered a new kind of barnacle…[View]
11973849090 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days[View]
119738727What’s next for his career? What kind of roles would you like to see him in next?[View]
119746663Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119746611Remember me?[View]
119744439Why didn't anyone tell me this show is actually really fucking good? If you like Armando Iannuc…[View]
119746503Feet: The Movie[View]
119746286Sci fi show: I'm looking for another sci fi show to get into. anything on Amazon, Hulu, netflix…[View]
119746525He is literally me[View]
119746524So did they not have craft services on the set of Friends or something? Also >tfw finally able t…[View]
119746408https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs8cX8ruYnA Lol even the pro-originality idiots are throwing in the …[View]
119741213THE BOX.: You opened it. We came.[View]
119745289>its a prime directive gets violated and no one cares episode[View]
119746407>le corrupt cop[View]
119746206>It's a riddle. 'Speak, friend, and enter.' What's the ebonic word for friend?…[View]
119745526BILBO BAGGINS[View]
119746013what happened to the big trouble in little china remake with dwayne the rock johnson?[View]
119737895I miss him bros. He was so young.[View]
119744715ITT: scenes that couldn't be made in this day in age[View]
119746069Is this worth a watch? Better than The Raid series?[View]
119744476Does it matter if i watch the dub instead of the sub? Is it really bad?[View]
119746309What is peak Bollywood action kino? I don't think anything can top pic related though.[View]
119746288Alright let’s settle this once and for all: 1. Pulp Fiction 2. Inglorious Basterds 3. Once upon a Ti…[View]
119746275What does non-USA format mean?[View]
119745977This film is redpilled, right?[View]
119746202Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119745023Who will play it in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119744515Cujo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45vzCiU01O4 Why wasn't Cujo a pit bull?[View]
119745728wtf? did someone at wb actually see that bvs meme?[View]
119742945What the fuck is Starlight's problem?: >she has had premarital sex >gives her former crus…[View]
119743846is Platoon the most accurate vietnam experience?[View]
119745901Does anyone know if there’s some kind of website or service where I can watch old schedules cable TV…[View]
119744230>Why yes my favourite directors are Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, David Lynch, Dav…[View]
119744926Beyond Belief was rebooted in 2014: Fact or Fiction?[View]
119745644>Train >Train: Off the Rails >Train: The Golden Spike >Tr4in >Train: Chronicles >T…[View]
119745227Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119745618Who was your favorite goomah?[View]
119745825what are some movies about Warrior Monks, the best class[View]
119743102Can't We Just Settle This Over A Pint?[View]
119744200I heard that this show starts out slow, but I have to say that I'm just over halfway through se…[View]
119745722IS THAT A GRAND PIANO?[View]
119744793 ......... [View]
119745609MFW: cut for random “artistic” reasons.[View]
119745467>Black panther >Get out >Lion king Make for the African American audience and you'll m…[View]
119743355Femanons, you go into a guy's bedroom and he has a Pulp Fiction poster on the wall alongside a …[View]
119743240ITT: Characters that are LITERALLY you.[View]
119744127What is the better Ray Harryhausen greek fantasy adventure? Jason and the Argonauts or Clash of the …[View]
119744299Netflix Hate Thread #002: Post about: >which Netflix original is the worst >price hikes >…[View]
119743330What was the point of the awful lesbian storyline in season 2? It took up so much screen time that c…[View]
119745099Too Old to Die Young: Is it kino?[View]
119745377will he successfully made the journey from successful regular jew to successful old jew?[View]
119745336>Right this way Sir, your treadmill is on the right.[View]
119745257The Terror: >killing someone just because you're scared of ghosts What the fuck was his prob…[View]
119734128Was Harry Potter really any good?: Living in the age of manufactured popularity has me wondering, wa…[View]
119742589Thoughts or hopes for this /tv/? Premieres in 18 bings[View]
119735828I am the FBI.[View]
119744435What are some 'good from the hood' kinos?[View]
119744836ITT: your favorite movie that's impossible to discuss seriously[View]
119744426My son, big hoss.[View]
119745174Infinity Chamber (2016): This movie FUCKING SUCKED.[View]
119743652Lets discuss his television show which aired on adult swim and thus warrants discussion on the film …[View]
119742919Dusk Till Dawn (1996): So.. would you?[View]
119745059have sex[View]
119744301Post your setup I want to update my speakers later but these work well for now[View]
119745051>cigarros vamonos[View]
119744346was it kino?[View]
119744631Marvel has always been a huge part of my childhood ever since I watched Iron Man in theatres for the…[View]
119744202Wot casting: >heres your backwoods 1000 year inbred mountain village bro…[View]
119744950Has mystery box storytelling ever been done well?[View]
119744660>Why yes, I am Naqib. How could you tell?[View]
119740501>these are the people in charge of Nu Wars[View]
119744867I cut myself because I was shaving without water, and why was there no water? Because I had to move …[View]
119744774Why haven't we gotten a major biopic about him yet? Kubrick would have thrived with this one[View]
119744100So what's the deal with #BoycottMulan?: Do we support it or not?[View]
119744767Give me rent[View]
119744748So Ryan Gosling drunkenly stumbled into my house last night...He just walked into my house and sat d…[View]
1197419901. Alice in Wonderland 2. Pinocchio 3. Bambi 4. Sleeping Beauty 5. The Sword in the Stone 6. Fantas…[View]
119736603Hey Beni![View]
119744596Well? What DOES he call 'em?[View]
119741616I had a guy[View]
119744463Dog Movies: What are some good dog movies other than Cop Dog? >>119744211 >American pitbul…[View]
119743502It takes brass balls to sell real estate.: TRUTH[View]
119744199Movies like Collateral, Donnie Darko, Eyes Wide Shut, Taxi Driver please?[View]
119740727gimme som' tits bredda[View]
119739406irf this hadnt been the 'end of a 20 year arc' it would've have been destroyed by critics and e…[View]
119743796The Virgin Netflix The Chad Amazon[View]
119743996What's the verdict?[View]
119741958Cant stop the A- traagggghhhhh![View]
119741357Jesus fuck... how is that even legal?[View]
119741464I don't get it.[View]
119744327Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119740953Fear The Walking Dead: New episode about to start. Time for the weekly roll call to see if there…[View]
119744355What should I torrent today /tv/?[View]
119744337man who keeps uploading these megacuts[View]
119744288Kay was right. He was a monster.: A ruthless killer and psychopath who only showed emotion or charis…[View]
119734644Movies, anime, games are no longer fun What are we even supposed to do in life while we're on e…[View]
119740185How was it?: I have been working a lot.of.overtime. I finally have a chance to see.It tomorrow but d…[View]
119737833Apocalypse Now: Is it kino?[View]
1197272682019 WILL REACH LOWEST TICKET SALES IN 25 YEARS: Hollywood is a failing and dying industry. 2019 has…[View]
119741543hnngg....thirteen percent.....fifty....[View]
119744106Rogue Male (1976)[View]
119736572Why aren't there directors like Stanley Kubrick or Alfred Hitchcock anymore?[View]
119742267Hey yo teevee my man heard you were looking for some kinos ?[View]
119739314Is it kino?[View]
119743782A good steering wheel that doesn’t fly out the window while I’m driving[View]
119743953Paberu-hakase. Shi-ai-a des.[View]
119741663Children of Men: this film came out 1 year before the first Iphone and 9 years before the start of t…[View]
119741698As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to stop smoking[View]
119740540If by the end he is not taking anymore, what is he doing to keep smart?[View]
119743757kinos for this feel?[View]
119743602What makes the Joker such a relatable villain?[View]
119743722jenny was a whore[View]
119742730What's the best Terrence Malick kino?[View]
119742559Sequels / Remakes / Reboots you want?: Pic related. Love the interaction between Crowe & Mcadams…[View]
119741300ITT. Movies that show the true disgusting nature of the J*ws[View]
119743656What's you're favorite Hallmark Christmas movie?[View]
119742366does he kill her or the clone guy who fucked the senator?[View]
119743603You know what really grinds my gears? Porno companies producing straight vore. I like vore as much a…[View]
119743488Why'd they make him into a repulsive loser in Season 3?[View]
119743547I can’t wait for season 2 bros[View]
119741046who was the best mad men character and why was it Roger?[View]
119743501Black Noir is played by a black guy: Dare I say it's more kino than the comic. All thanks to ni…[View]
119740339can /tv/ name an uglier actress in a supporting role than Elaine Bromka, who played the mom in Uncle…[View]
119742214How does one rectify when it turns out actors who play favorite characters are complete garbage peop…[View]
119743475>be most powerful and earth shattering ring in the world >Grants 100 pts to chameleon nothing …[View]
119743444youtuber 'critics' or 'reviewers': So tell me /tv/ do you get some entertainment too watching this '…[View]
119742574Why didn’t they just google BTK killer to see who did it?[View]
119743419Infinity Chamber (2016): A movie that let's you completely in the dark for most of it's ru…[View]
119741799I am putting together a team[View]
119743111sup nerds, me and my bitch are about to get drunk and watch something. what's hot right now?[View]
119743354Why don't we see more stop motion? Whether it's high budget or indie/student productions w…[View]
119741519zero bad episodes: zero bad episodes[View]
119741397Have you ever listened to K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s?: It's my personal favorite.…[View]
119743162Could Thanos stop him?[View]
119743119literally me[View]
119742283Movies like this?[View]
119739743Recommendations for feeling depressed in life...: In a rut in life. Feel like I'm wasting my ti…[View]
119742774Why can't I watch this in my country?[View]
119742958>I did-ant[View]
119742650Spends entire career reviewing so bad their good films: Consistently makes unfunny garbage slock mov…[View]
119742900Serengeti: Any good?[View]
119742838>Bonus features: Widescreen[View]
119742862Did they ever take Stav out to that pumpkin patch and let him pick out a gourd?[View]
119742813was it the right decision?[View]
119742600i ate da nort[View]
119742762>It's 9'O clock on a sunday >An unusual crowd rushes in. >Theres a young lady sit…[View]
119742564Meet Joe Black: First half hour was great, but it's really slowed down since the library scene.…[View]
119741106Here’s your Son of the Mask, bro[View]
119742613Just finished watching this what did I think of it?[View]
119742607What were your first reactions to bald Portman?[View]
119742606have you thanked our based savior YIFY today?[View]
119741847ITT: We recommend movies to each other based off what's happening in our lives right now. For m…[View]
119742331What do you think George RR Martin is doing with all the fame and fortune he got from Game of Throne…[View]
119723216Glow Season 3: Who was best girl this season? Why did everyone turn gay? Is there something in the w…[View]
119741316His movies are trash[View]
119736922Brendan Schaub just had his sub mediocre Netflix Special ripped appart by Beige Freuqency's Las…[View]
119742254Nicrawler: Yes or no?[View]
119742376Would you open her box?[View]
119741602So Andy Dick drunkenly stumbled into my house last night...He just walked into my house and sat down…[View]
119742338>You... It's been a while[View]
119741874>took down every funny compilations of his show from youtube this Norm Macdonald, I mean this guy…[View]
119741253wtf is this shit? lmfao was this supposed to be scary?[View]
119741800Hi, I’m agent Holden Ford, and this is my partner Bill Tench. We're with the behavioural scienc…[View]
119737310Do you not have anti-monopoly legislation in the USA? Disney would be smashed into pieces a long tim…[View]
119740512>go to kinoplex to see a new movie >get the theater all to my self…[View]
119742144I used to think this was just a self-indulgent glorification of boomers but now it just makes me fee…[View]
119740731how would you react if this actually happened? https://youtu.be/X5N5A928Yxo[View]
119729740What's the best Vietnam movie?[View]
119736002is it just me or are these the same fucking film?[View]
119740520I vant to suck your blood: bleh[View]
119742039ITT: scenes/moments that memed you into thinking a show would be good: If the rest of Steven Univers…[View]
119740941Kino crush thread?: Elle Driver makes me feel funny things[View]
119741921Zoomer camp: Only the best zoomer actors can join. I'll start with the obvious one.[View]
119739876This is blasphemy. THIS IS MADNESS ![View]
119739997/sotm\: Ahh, there's nothing like a sunday thread[View]
119741033Is Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, the GOAT fictional character?[View]
119740819>tfw no fire waifu[View]
119741946What are some kinos to watch on this? Already saw Too Old to Die Young and The Boys.[View]
119733520Unconventional Spookiness: This thread is about movie scenes which do not sound scary when you descr…[View]
119739850/tsg/: the shining / simpsons general[View]
119741808What concession does your local kinoplex sells? Mine actually has Onions, actually not half bad.[View]
119741798*ruins your movie*[View]
119740352Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: >we never find out if Brad killed his wife >pointless Bruce Lee…[View]
119740523How would you rank 'em? I'd say Ralph >>>>>> YMS > IHE[View]
119740409temple of doom thread: >you will never have a grill tell you to be gentle with her this chick was…[View]
119741705Hammy cape villains are objectively the most memorable. More actors should be allowed to completely …[View]
119741509/yag/eneral - liek a burd ehh edition: >what is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KvSa7SqIMA >…[View]
119741671This book was pretty good[View]
119741520Mindhunter: >I'd love to kick Charles Manson in the head. Just take a few steps run up then …[View]
119741638I AM SO HIGH[View]
119728891FLOPzam full box office BREAKDOWN: >Shazam's final box office gross of $363m yielded a net p…[View]
119740911what the fuck: What did american dad mean by this?[View]
119741465Gus Fring.: Gus Fring.[View]
119740923What are some good tv shows/movies taking place in gyms?[View]
119741555THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES: >Eastbound and Down >Vice Principals Will Bride go 3/3 tonight?…[View]
119739462What’s the secret to his massive cinematic success?![View]
119741454Anyone have a screenshot of THAT Scene, I need to study it before I watch the film.[View]
119741442>it's a Dr. Jan Itor episode What was your favorite part?[View]
119740606movies that feature southern gentlemen?[View]
119741336Youtube movie kinos?: I loved Kung Fury and Free to Play. Need moar[View]
119739514Would you have fucked her?[View]
119741317Goths, Dykes and and a dream: Why do the worst type of dykes look like Pugsley Addams? Also when wil…[View]
119741282I know this involves disgusting Muslims but this show pretty good and intense. Just have to read sub…[View]
119739828I already know that everything with Hayao Miyazaki on its name is kino, but is this film the kinoest…[View]
119741070Whoa. STATION![View]
119741156Laserdisc thread.: Inferior formatlets not aloud. Do not join this thread if you have shit quality f…[View]
119740198Why isn't there a documentary thread?: I'm tired of seeing all this cape shit stuff on her…[View]
119740992>Kevin was SPYING on me in the SHOWER, Peter.[View]
119741002What are some movies that have influenced your personal religious or philosophical beliefs? >http…[View]
119740146Was it kino?[View]
119740959Kundun! I liked it![View]
119740473Waz dees k'hino?[View]
119738934>*shows you a bowling pin* what do?[View]
119740691How come the liquidator took the photograph if he could just morph into it? How come he didn't …[View]
119740183The sad thing is that we'll never see the TRUE end to the series, since GRRM is too old to be a…[View]
119738068>Taxi Driver 1976, Joker 2019 >Star Wars 1977, Dune 2020 History repeats itself, we are about …[View]
119739081what's so controversial about this? so rich dudes want to throw orgies. if you were super rich …[View]
119737524What went so wrong?[View]
119740282Its 9 o'clock on a sunday[View]
119740312NETFLIX IS FOR FAGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hweSjZuDYOc[View]
119739912/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Watermelon Eater Noms: Furniture/Evil Witch Veto: Watermelon Eater Previou…[View]
119740530ITT: NOSTALGIC TRAILERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYMMOjBUPMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
119739784Who's your favourite morbidly obese actor?[View]
119739414Brookside: Is it time for a reboot?[View]
119739492ITT: Norm MacDonald kino[View]
119740133is shark kino?[View]
119734211How would you deal with it ?[View]
119738822https://youtu.be/A_HjMIjzyMU This is literally the most kino scene in çinema history. It will never …[View]
119740377Thoughts on this kino?[View]
119739966Kevin Smith he man Netflix: Fucking based[View]
119736109Leave it to a functionally illiterate junior high graduate to believe he knows how to fix the world…[View]
119738381I forgot how kino this movie was.: I almost shedded a man tear[View]
119737057Is this kino?[View]
119739646If a guy can go from video store clerk to this, what's stopping you /tv/?[View]
119739395Greatest Bros in film.: I'll start. I think Cliff is literally unbeatable.[View]
119718305>tfw 124 days until Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker[View]
119738859Want on the team? Pole smoke it.[View]
119740010CHADMAXING: Absolutely FUCKING BASED[View]
119739268ITT: Characters who are literally you: Pic related is me. Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked …[View]
119732174/wotgen/: Comfy wheel of time general. get in here bros[View]
119737793immersion ruined[View]
119739662best movies from the 70s?[View]
119739107ITS FUCKING SHIT: Why do people pretend to like this snoozefest?[View]
119739372Aww, here it goes![View]
119737474Oh my god. They're going to use a le black man to cater to the SJW crowd with Anthony Mackie in…[View]
119736197It was a different time[View]
119740032Are you guys going to be watching the new Danny McBride show tonight?[View]
119739250What films do you watch to help manage pain?[View]
119739762POW right in the kisser[View]
119739984Who was in the wrong here, Hamilton or Burr??[View]
119739961Burning a Sunday night watching The Dark Tower: What am I in for, /tv/? IMDB rating is hot garbage, …[View]
119739948Just got Star Wars Episode I on Laserdisc but I don't know if I even want to watch it again.: C…[View]
119739888Do Americans really do this?: or is it just a meme for movies/shows[View]
119739933I am going to make you an offer[View]
119736215Evan Peters is a beta male.[View]
119738446You can only pick one[View]
119739864https://youtu.be/soXkFMO4ixI I recently rediscovered this old classic. Was hoping to get a thread to…[View]
119739026>and then he started hooking his 2014 Toshiba Sattellite with a dedicated GeForce graphics card a…[View]
119737516cringe https://twitter.com/filmlia/status/1162478805161668608?s=19[View]
119734527Does /tv/ like Jessica Jones?[View]
119739816fuck you janny fuck[View]
119739758>youtube thread gets jani'd >literal pedo circlejerks still up…[View]
119739702Do richfags really do this?[View]
119737584Does /tv/ like Redlettermedia?[View]
119738951How the hell was this allowed to release alongside Eyes wide shut in the same year? We know Eyes had…[View]
119734994this movie was great, and Margot Robbies dirty feet was so fucking hot. Why the fuck is no one seein…[View]
119739325Whate are some essential doomer kinos?[View]
119738394Hey hey people, Seth here and am i kino?[View]
119738687DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
119738190MTV: Are you going to watch the VMAs this year? It's going to be on August 26th.[View]
119739572>pilgrim documentary >they all have american accents…[View]
119739635Carnival Row: Anyone excited for this?[View]
119739633What did Marty mean by this? Was Chuck the Yellow King this whole time?[View]
119738736ITT: Secret kino[View]
119714671Good morning and welcome back to /bb/ ladies, expect the unexpected. HoH: Jackson Noms: Anal/Christi…[View]
119737573>'C minor, put it in C minor.' >Song is in G minor What did they mean by this?…[View]
119739452I havnt seen anything about this upcoming movie. Looks like a black True Romance. https://www.youtu…[View]
119735034kino? kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl3xoKrgabY[View]
119739375what are some tv shows that had a huge shift in tone?[View]
119738823Jim has Alzheimer's: Jim from The Office has Alzheimer's. Think about it. Let's start…[View]
119739255BPD AND ECSTASY[View]
119726778How do we save it? it's the last line of defense from the mouse.[View]
119737353Post the exact moment you dropped a show.[View]
119730926MOVIES OF 2020: What will you be watching, /tv/? >Grudge (January 3, 2020) Directed by Nicholas P…[View]
119738295Webm Thread[View]
119739084SO WHAT THE FUCK[View]
119738967Where did they go?[View]
119737674Please cut all bullshit about characters personal lives[View]
119736468Best portrayal of Joker coming through.[View]
119739132What are some more movies about poor white females?[View]
119738107i miss this little n slur like you wouldn't believe[View]
119738926Why didn't anyone tell me this was pure kino?[View]
119731889Am I the only one who thinks this is garbage?[View]
119737914I just finished the first season of this kino. Can anyone tell me why, without spoilers, season 2 is…[View]
119737134Lee Scoresby[View]
119738825Are your Eyes Wide Open?: Mine are.[View]
119730709It was an ordinary guy all along. Just a Regular Joe like you or me. What a deep film.[View]
119737931Comfy star vs the force of evil thread[View]
119738351based ton[View]
119736587I've been watching wolf of wallstreet again (for like the 10th time loool), and this particular…[View]
119738714What makes this scene so terrifying?: https://youtu.be/zH8ynu0jRvY Also, post kino jumpscares[View]
119738689>MC finds the love of his life and they both Love, respect, adore, and have fun with each other G…[View]
119738681always playing that blood relation card, tony's little fag[View]
119736369>Damn... did you see those new Wahway phones?[View]
119737557I just watched The Grifter: Holy fucking shit I will never be the same again I just bought a night l…[View]
119735579so who wins in a fight?[View]
119738365TCM's Ben Mankiewicz: You like him?[View]
119738121What an outlandish concept. No one could actually do this, right?[View]
119738487>still 47 days[View]
119737337>nothing happens: the movie[View]
119735542The Boys: It was kino[View]
119736104thoughts?: is this true?[View]
119737493What's the favorite best romance you've ever seen?[View]
119738378What am I in for?[View]
119722617Looks like the show is the definitive ending bookfags[View]
119732679BR 2049: We're never going to get a film like it ever again. That makes me incredibly sad…[View]
119738248>Darth Cannibus >You have broken several laws of the new republic order >You are hereby se…[View]
119738245Still looking for some essential space kino.[View]
119721711/ternobyl/ - /RBMK/ and /ttg/ - Chernobyl & The Terror General: Apparently episode 2 of The Terr…[View]
119738199battle witihin: i remeber before on the sony website this game[View]
119738182RIP MY NIGGA MEEP[View]
119738102What are some comfy 90s tv kino?[View]
119736854So now that the dust has settled, do we all agree that this was the best Bond?[View]
119738150>why yes i do think that east asian are weaker than whites, hell they hardly even human…[View]
119734986So... Did he kill his wife?[View]
119737239DO IT: KILL ME /tv/[View]
119735367Discount Tom Hardy: Discount Tom Hardy[View]
119728357Where's the hype?[View]
119738066Favorite movie.[View]
119735846The first three seasons of this show are so comfy. Yes even season 3 which has some pretty retarded …[View]
119736927I like u /tv/[View]
119738008Full live action spin off movie when?[View]
119737960Jack Ryan: On ep 3 and do they keep spending over half the time on 'muh poor opressed suicide bomber…[View]
119737010Why do black people love this scene so much?[View]
119735119Predict the rotten tomatoes score: OHNONONONONO WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE PFFFFF https://www.youtube.com…[View]
119737123What are some aesthetic spy kino?[View]
119737906Post Norm kino[View]
119736861Met Sam Warerston on rhe train today. Nice guy.[View]
119737172And tonight, we will find out if, Donald Trump really desires Jew Jew cum as much as he claims. With…[View]
119719049Would Anakin have still turned to the dark side if Qui-Gon Jinn was his master?[View]
119737801David Fincher: Name a better modern director than him ProTip: You absolutely can’t[View]
119736531>character escapes kidnapper >runs into somebody suspiciously nearby >asks them for help …[View]
119737723>I watch movies for the plot[View]
119731887I'm almost jealous of people who connected to RDJ/Iron man because I couldn't. I still don…[View]
119737713ITT: 10 year old kino[View]
119737552Why did she fuck Duck?: I like duck as much as the next faggot, but I just can't figure out why…[View]
119737702When did you first realize Kevin Feige works as a prostitute in the Netherlands?[View]
119737700A nigga cook[View]
119733661It was cancelled because it wasn't funny. Relentless surrealism isn't a substitute for go…[View]
119737480what am I in for?[View]
119737626is this the only good capeshit film?[View]
119733901When did arnold schwarzenegger get circumcised? I doubt he was snipped at birth, I don't see wh…[View]
119737574Thriller is best film genre. Love me a good thriller I do.[View]
119737539What in the fuck did i just watch[View]
119736912First I wanna start off by saying that I Understand /tv/ isn't the board it used to be, Contra…[View]
119736701What does /tv/ think of The Crown? I'm absolutely in love with this show. Young Lizzie is a tot…[View]
119737432Why don't you do right, like some other men do?: When did you first get aroused by an animated …[View]
119729861Why has this ad campaign ran for over 10 fucking years[View]
119737428now that the dust has settled, what the fuck went wrong?[View]
119737197Jim has Alzheimer's: Jim from The Office has Alzheimer's. Think about it. Let's start…[View]
119737372is this the most based 16 seconds of film ever shot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEKdSQsBqwU…[View]
119733971Why the fuck aren't you plebs talking about this?[View]
119732137Based or cringe?[View]
119736459What did he mean by this?[View]
119736355toxic masculinity 'THE MOVIE'[View]
119737023Wtf was his problem[View]
119732727What do you faggots have to say about this movie? I watched the trailer for this and it got me prett…[View]
119737176Your thoughts on the jewish American actor, Daniel Stern?[View]
119737029How do you go from this[View]
119734597Steve Buscemi getting fucked in the ass[View]
119737045You guys seriously liked this?: Now that everyone's stopped talking about it and I've seen…[View]
119735195After I cum, my girl rushes to the bathroom too. What's that about[View]
119735190What was the point of this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13YnorzVWTE[View]
119736754Same as it ever was[View]
119734838why is he based on the jerry springer show, but such a fag on in his own?[View]
119724357>anon still watches wokeflix.[View]
119734232Which is the best Audrey Hepburn film?[View]
119735276CAPITAL CITY[View]
119734895Dazed by careless words... Cozy in my miiiiiind[View]
119734721It’s like The Office (UK)![View]
119736652>We don't have lice, we're American.[View]
119733051STOP watching movies on your fucking phone![View]
119732012/Sopranos/: What's different about you?[View]
119736590are there any movies primarily featuring male ejaculation?[View]
119734299Clothes are fabric, doors are wood. What's something that didn't happen, but probably shou…[View]
119734271>the bad guy was the good guy all along[View]
119734671Comfy Family Guy thread[View]
119736474Is it actually good like Train to Busan or is it up its own ass and boring / stupid? Looking for a d…[View]
119736146>normies ask what my fav movie is >say Back To The Future again Fuck why can't I be real …[View]
119736347>A few years from now - Bacurau, a small town in the Brazilian sertão, mourns the loss of its mat…[View]
119733861I'm bored. Recommend me something to watch.[View]
119735820Simpsons thread? Simpsons thread.[View]
119734434>dude just open your mind to different peoples cultures! >even the most racist of men can chan…[View]
119736175Hello John: Hello John[View]
119731121I'm comin' up so you better get this party started[View]
119736046Hellboy 2 is underated and kino.[View]
119734909>'Yes. OK. Yes, yes, yes. It happened. I was in Thailand, we had an affair. Sweet kiss, beautiful…[View]
119734820The thing im sick and tired of are the people that go on and on about how Dog Shit Disney is but sti…[View]
119735234Alright, Frankie[View]
119731183>2019 >still hating this movie[View]
119711060Occult shlock kino: Other shows like Supernatural, Buffy and Angel? Tried and currently trying a lot…[View]
119734596Is it me or is Di Caprio good at playing insecure weak men like in Revolutionary Road?[View]
119734498How many times have you watched your favorite film?[View]
119735852Gary, Gary, Gary.[View]
11973592810 years later still lmao[View]
119734995This thread[View]
119734826Genuinely has /tv/ ever been so blown the fuck out? https://youtu.be/MM-3lw9bIjE[View]
119733641Oh whoops! It looks like I dropped my monster condom for my magnum dong![View]
119731062Is Sex and the City worth watching? Does it hold up today?[View]
119733371One of the most painfully sincere, earnest movies I've ever seen and I thought it was great. Wh…[View]
119735504Damn, what happened?[View]
119735558Was he our guy?[View]
119735248Best scene of the year coming through. The staircase dance will reach kino levels we've never s…[View]
119732103Which Star Wars ship is your favorite /tv/? For me, it's the Nebulon-B.[View]
119735460hey /tv/ what do I eat tonight when I'm watching moviekino https://www.strawpoll.me/18501092[View]
119735209fuck you.[View]
119734497For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
119730237what the fuck was his problem?[View]
119735106Would it be possible to woo Del Toro to come back for a Pacific Rim 3?[View]
119734266>incels start talking about politics and derail a thread there are few things as pathetic…[View]
119734314Is it true that Disney will never do anything pro-LGBT because of chinks?[View]
119735432This movie chilled me to the core.[View]
119734806>literally convicted with zero evidence jesus fuck the 'paradise lost' documentary made me mad…[View]
119735385I met Mike and Jay at a con a while ago, I went with my girlfriend. When we approached them Mike loo…[View]
119735371Double the money.[View]
119735353I thought ninjas were bad guys![View]
119734874How the sopranos should’ve ended: I liked the original ending, but here is how I would have done it.…[View]
119733772>is a stuntman, which is a super cool job >is a top tier bro to Dalton, no jealousy or resentm…[View]
119735266Why are the guards wearing pink? Like... WHY???[View]
119734218What was the purpose of this scene[View]
119731387>SNAKE EYES[View]
119734103Best youtube kino?: https://youtu.be/u3GlIR1RUFY[View]
119733917Admit it /tv/, it was pure fucking kino.[View]
119719719The Mummy too: >directors realize that making the protag a literal god leads nowhere >they isn…[View]
119733862What are some good films with WMAF?[View]
119734659can someone explain the appeal of these movies?[View]
119729764So does this mean he'll finish his books?[View]
119734274HOOD LIFE: Bum fights... Any other kino of the sort?[View]
119733577What is the plot purpose of the acid cigarette?[View]
119734090So, tell me /tv/... Is it good?[View]
119733302How do people enjoy this? It has no redeeming qualities at all. The creators seem to think saying s…[View]
119729732>X-Men not coming 'for a long time' >Instead we're getting shitty diversity movies Fuck, …[View]
119734746What's next for his career?[View]
119715440why doesn't this happen in movies?[View]
119733220Can i get some Yakuza movie recs?[View]
119734603>#LiesOfNeverland is trending HE HE SHAMON[View]
119734753>le Star Trek and Star Wars references Why is RLM so cringe?[View]
119731703Did you watch wrestling as a kid?[View]
119734763>There's no great who could defeat this Russian[View]
119733605Star Trek: S6 was probably the best season for TNG, opinions on the episode Rascals?[View]
119733290So MetaCritic is for legitimate movie critics that understand film theory (like, say, Roger Ebert) w…[View]
119733897D E E P P L O T S[View]
119733940Will Ghostbusters 3 be kino?[View]
119734501What are your thoughts on Euphoria?[View]
119734451Louis Theroux: By Reason of Insanity: >I am 100% mentally ill[View]
119733009>Films not released for another 2 years: >Wonder if I'll have a gf then…[View]
119732708What's your favorite Cold war Kino?[View]
119727387ah the french champagne hasalwaysbeencelebratedforitsexcellence[View]
119734249IIT: Cringe movie moments: >Ironman: Computer! >Computer: Yes, Einstein? >Ironman: Invert t…[View]
119726367>I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?…[View]
119733915/tv/ in a nutshell[View]
119733667why do people associate fat with being funny? is it easier for fat comedians to break into the marke…[View]
119734034Gun violence?[View]
119733380Prisoners: Was it Kino?[View]
119733789Will they do anything special for the 20th anniversary?[View]
119729104>Meanwhile, at the /tv/ grocery store...[View]
119734093Well this turned out shitty[View]
119734091Let's slow it down. Slow it waaay down.[View]
119733271>tfw the chosen one and magic plot ruined this movie[View]
119733951Mindhunter season 2: This entire scene was kino. Wish we could have had more of this. The Atlanta ar…[View]
119732509Let me tell ya something joe rogan...[View]
119733547Game of Thrones is HBO's best sho-[View]
119733920I run this shop with my son, fat fuck.[View]
119733896 [View]
119728124Still holds up[View]
119733148The Expanse: mouthbreathers in space: so, who thought it was a good idea to cast this mouthbreather …[View]
119728626hands down the cutiest boo in all of cinema[View]
119733123>Joaquin Phoenix could be gunning for awards glory after being installed as the bookies favourite…[View]
119733894>muh horror >muh war is crazy >muh lies what is there that im not getting…[View]
119733404the pleb filter to end all pleb filters[View]
119733345When did Peter learn to play the piano?[View]
119729367Why does he always lose?[View]
119733844He did nothing wrong[View]
119732071Well Jim, I'll tell ya what I can do for that 1931 rusty castrol motor oil display piece you go…[View]
119733473What was his problem?[View]
119732482Come on boy[View]
119733804Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119730790GODDAMN this show is comfy. Just how popular was it in Canadialand?[View]
119730691>watch all the episodes of the show, the movie, the commercials, and the Space Ghost baffler meal…[View]
119732517>now go home and get your fucking shinebox What's the correct way to handle this situation?…[View]
119727422What's Thanos missing, /tv/?[View]
119733683First I wanna start off by saying that I Understand /tv/ isn't the board it used to be, Contra…[View]
119732584criss angel[View]
119718871‘The Boys’: Aya Cash In Talks For Stormfront Role In Likely Season 2: https://deadline.com/2019/07/t…[View]
119730580immutable truth: Paprika>Inception[View]
119727922holy cringe[View]
119733310Hey, tech lead here Did I mention I used to work at Google?[View]
119725308How do these universes make any sense?[View]
119733471goddamn it pizza latte just give us season 4 of this[View]
119732471where did all the letterboxd/arthouse threads go?[View]
119730638i don't sleep i just dream[View]
119721996Any Air force Kino?[View]
119730368Face it tiger you've hit the jackpot[View]
119733144who can play orochimaru in a live action: adaptation of naruto by netflix[View]
119733439is there any hope for the wither nexflix show: >blatant political pandering (admited by they writ…[View]
119732288Horror General!: VOTE Best film between... > Halloween (2018) vs > The Predator (2018) https:/…[View]
119731248Is it a stamp of quality?[View]
119733289itt: great wikipedia articles[View]
119725993What would the sequel be like if it was released today? What movies aside from Star Wars would it pa…[View]
119733373>Actors who you are yeah im thinking are back[View]
119733340so /tv/ Now that the dust has settled, what is the consensus? Overall, I enjoyed it. Satisfying endi…[View]
119733351whose line is it anyway: Why is this show not cool anymore? Is it just because they got old and Coli…[View]
11973199663 Up!: Does anyone have a download mirror for the latest in the Up documentary? For some reason onl…[View]
119732908why does CIA man say 'he didn't fly so good' when he shoots it into the air: in that scene wher…[View]
119733017Movies for this feel[View]
119732363>The war was lost. >The treaty signed.[View]
119733306Should Inhumanoids come back as a movie?[View]
119728964Camren Bicondova: Which rolls would you cast her in? She'd make a good Yennefer in the Witcher …[View]
119732619Here's your Raiden, bro K I N O >https://io9.gizmodo.com/mortal-kombat-has-cast-more-of-its…[View]
119733286Ubuntu, Firefox. Tomorrow.[View]
119733211>Honesty? In MY horror flicks? UM, NO THANKS![View]
119731555BASED Soundtracks and Songs: post your best, who can forget this classic from Murphy Lee/Nelly/P. Di…[View]
119733023AHHHHHH LEO HELP ME[View]
119732907Wu Assassins: >and dropped wow what's the point of having wuxia powers if some roastie is go…[View]
119729219Unironically one of the most talented filmmakers working today: Based a s e d Af f Chad h a d Lad a …[View]
119731558what are you watching?[View]
119733146What was the last movie you dropped and why?[View]
119724505>A good personality consists of a chick with a little hard body, who will satisfy all sexual dema…[View]
119721732Do you agree with this review of Mindhunter?: ‘Mindhunter’ Review: Season 2 Is a Magnum Opus on Whit…[View]
119732746Was it kino?[View]
119732822Name a better Disney Channel Original movie >pro-tip: you can’t[View]
119731644Dark Tower: After seeing the new garbage Tarantino movie it hit me. Is he the Roland Deschain we nee…[View]
119722498I’ve never seen the movie. What is actually happening in this scene?[View]
119732964What was his problem?[View]
119726375160 minutes runtime. Worth spending money on or should I just wait for a pirated copy?[View]
119731020This scene was way too long. Almost left the theatre.[View]
119729833Was it kino?[View]
119702530Once Upon a Time Tarantino movies made a profit: Budget$90–96 million Box office $116.9 million Sinc…[View]
119731814What are some Italian kino's outside of Fellini's movies?[View]
119731040What are some really good old-school adventure movies? They don't necessarily be fantasy like J…[View]
119729959people who SHINE[View]
119732321>Here's your successor to Game of Thrones bro[View]
119722885How would you have gone about this?[View]
119732798stoner 'humor': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAaTp_WCREw How is this supposed to be funny? There…[View]
119732718Just finished pic related, found it incredibly watchable given its age. Its crazy that the movie was…[View]
119732705this is a criticism of reality /tv/ and u.s foreign policy thinly veiled as a superhero series[View]
119732682Join the Raven Symone fan club. Here, we talk about how much we want to fuck 18 year old Raven Symon…[View]
119731582How would you deal with it?[View]
119732074Bavorite Banley Bubrick bilm?[View]
119730755What is /tv/'s verdict?[View]
119731284>You must find the jade monkey before the next full moon. Was this a reference to something or ju…[View]
119731315/LOST/ rewatch general - series #1 Episode #9: We have to go back! >Every Saturday and Sunday 22:…[View]
119728660Super Fat Homer: have you watched the series simpsons episode super fat homer :D there appears the w…[View]
119731980what the fuck was his problem?[View]
119732535>There are people on /tv/ who haven't watched Kinowood[View]
119731930RIP MY NIGGA MEEP[View]
119729335>I'm sorry sir, you can't wear outdoor shoes in the cinema. These should fit.…[View]
119730397Trapped at Dunder Mifflin: You wake up in the Office universe, how long before you begin a killing s…[View]
119732418MONSTER BUG WARS general: Is this the most based show in world history?[View]
119731571ITT: times you acted like Cliff >driving by local movie theater >wave to a chick with big tit…[View]
119726902Are there any films other than Taxi Driver where the flawed guy doesn't get the girl in the end…[View]
119731601The Aquabats is Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ22cvSh3dA[View]
119729515>nothing good on television >nothing good on stream >nothing good in theatres Is this the w…[View]
119732230Post a picture get recommended a film[View]
119732122Where were you when anime brought back kino?[View]
119732165What’s the point of this character, how does she propel the story in anyway?[View]
119729826Best film/TV pranks: any good stories of pranks pulled on cast members and/or audiences?[View]
119729264I see Cynthia Rothrock the greatest female action star of all time??[View]
119720809This is the only picture I have relevant. Does colour 'correction' matter to you e.g. What they did …[View]
119729563Rotoscoping.: What is your favorite rotoscoped film. Mine is pic related simply for how comfy it is.…[View]
119731576>12 y/o lesbian scene Yeah, I'm thinking it's kino[View]
119724702would it be an awful idea to take my ex to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood with me? she has some r…[View]
119721276Seriously, what was the point of her character? Was she literally a clickbait?[View]
119731965Lads My gf is starting to get addicted to oprah newage shite like deepak chopra and gary zukav and s…[View]
119732024What does /tv/ think of Eva Green and her body of work?[View]
119731966what is beneath my cock and balls?[View]
119728759MASH: based duo[View]
119728160kinos m*n could never understand[View]
119731774Post pictures of K[View]
119730635Wait...this fearsome warrior and competent leader with a deep modulated voice is really a female of …[View]
119727530I don't see the purpose of this type of character. >He's an annoying piece of shit but …[View]
11972214247 days[View]
119730129Fox fell. How do we beat Disney?[View]
119731789>John Aubrey's Brief Lives recounts of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford that: 'The Earle …[View]
119731643Would zoomies have gotten it if Mindhunter came out first?[View]
119729718>watching a movie in the theater >loud-ass kid starts crying over the good part…[View]
119730817How much body armor will I have to wear to see this movie in theaters?[View]
119727050Is ge /tv. Approved? I liked his fidrod on the shinning[View]
119731380You pathetic cripple fuck. You don't have any friends, or any family, or any land![View]
119731287>DUDE I RECOGNIZE THAT [insert set piece from the 60s]! This movie is just boomer porn.…[View]
119729249was he retarded?[View]
119728522ideas for a Netflix original series or film[View]
119729751What does /tv/ think of Trailer Park Boys?[View]
119731227>two hearts >Believing I'm just one meme >Shitposting forever >Until we're ban…[View]
119731178The ending sucked, and the chasing bogeyman wasn't half as scary as, say, the chasing posse in …[View]
119731158>your favorite movie >your favorite drink…[View]
119730698Do you watch movies on your notebook?[View]
119729737Back to formula![View]
119731081This new Godzilla is great. Anyone else got a boner when you realized that the Colonel was a chick? …[View]
119730027Miranda Cosgrove: still no news about her new movie 3022[View]
119731027What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119728231 [View]
119727853You ok today Anon? You look a little down.[View]
119719822Homelander Discussion General:[View]
119729366>Lord Snow, we have secured our positions around castle walls. We have dug trenches and filled th…[View]
119730812AAAAH HELP ME TONY[View]
119729919> Main female character is Hillary Clinton > Christopher Loyd character is Lenin > Movie is…[View]
119723152When did they turn into an evil company? Feels like they own 90% of entertainment media today, and t…[View]
119730247>Ryan Gosling may have an exciting project in the works! >The 38-year-old actor was spotted me…[View]
119726285are you ready for new mcbride kino tonight bros?[View]
119724214Hiya doll! Want a piece o' fruit?[View]
119728142>he doesnt watch star vs the force of evil[View]
119730694Post a frame of a movie and have anons guess what movie it's from.[View]
119719840Is there anyone on here that still hasn't watched Alita Battle Angel? if so why not[View]
119729331how does he make a living?[View]
119729800what are some underrated comedies?[View]
119728825Anne Hathaway will be playing the Grand High Witch in the 2020 remake Grandma is black[View]
119730510>AVENGERS >*ashmmbm* Did the entire army have walkie talkie tech going on or something? How co…[View]
119729872/stg/ star trek general: Elaan edition[View]
119726666What would /tv/ do in this situation?[View]
119730482Was it, dare I say, KINO?[View]
119730573How does he make money?[View]
119720158Which scenes are you look forward to in the Wheel of Time show[View]
119721567How often do you rewatch this masterpiece? I haven't rewatched since it aired, about to do it n…[View]
119729824Will THE MOUSE reboot HOCUS POCUS (1993)?[View]
119730382Why do you hate this character 'The Janitor'. By which is mean the janitor in the TV show …[View]
119730365New episode of Pennyworth came out today, what did you think of it /tv/? DL https://mega.nz/#F!15cQD…[View]
119725299Death Note: Would you use the 'Death Note' and how would you avoid being caught by L?[View]
119730202what am I about to watch?[View]
119729553>writes this into his own script to happen to his character Absolutely fucking based Quentin…[View]
119729688Can someone explain the joke here? I don't get it[View]
119728219Luke Skywalker may have died a virgin but surely he was at least blown once, right?[View]
119710764ITT post famous film locations that you live near I can see these towers from my garden[View]
119726831So, where the messy gene comes from? Hal's side or Lois' side?[View]
119729719*Fuck Bruce Lee and fuck east asian actors*: what did he mean by this?[View]
119728524EXCUSE ME[View]
119729777Was this the first movie tranny?[View]
119729651What am I missing?: I thought Green Book was okay, Mahershala did a great job for sure, but that…[View]
119729807youtbi: What are some good youtube tropes that people not making video don't notice?[View]
119728982>yes sir, it turns out it was a false alarm: >it was just some kid 'larping' about b…[View]
119729332just watched pic related the only good part was Margaret Qualley's feet[View]
119724752I noticed he wastes a lot of bullets in the third movie. Like shooting someone several times in the …[View]
119729220I t ' s j u s t a l i t t l e p o l e s m o k i n g[View]
119728491Are there any spy or secret agent movies where a love story is an important part of the plot?[View]
119728817you're flying your jet and this guys shows up behind you: what to do[View]
119729014Cazzata Malanga![View]
119729533Nightmare Tenants & Slum Landlords: >Landlord: Excuse me, I hope I'm not bothering you, …[View]
119707116Father Ted: How is this funny? Do I have to be an Irish boomer to get it?[View]
119724529How different would television be if Seth actually died in 9/11?[View]
119728354TNG General: Why is she so hot bros? And how much 'counseling sex' did Deanna really do behind scene…[View]
119728610>Dobbie STILL won't move in with me[View]
119729297One ticket to Dora please[View]
119726434What was Dale Cooper's fucking problem?[View]
119728528Why hasn't kino like this been made since?[View]
119716010>ah yes finally some more comfy serial killer kino >literal forced interracial love interest i…[View]
119729244was it kino?[View]
119726294Meme or Masterpiece?[View]
119727835is Rome good?[View]
119729116>Hey what's up guys, welcome back to the TMG podcast, this is actually last weeks episode, u…[View]
119728823>Game of Thrones >source material is the best the fantasy genre has to offer >ridiculously …[View]
119724570So, Moby tells me you looked over my African flesh and you were none too impressed, huh?[View]
119728300Gonna go see once upon a time tonight since I'm 'between jobs' and I'm gonna give movie re…[View]
119725002has he no shame?[View]
119729051What: What are they looking at, /tv/?[View]
119729001>'dududududududududududu' starts playing[View]
119726036Who will play the Bridgeburners in the inevitable tv adaptation?[View]
119725936>BRRip >Literally looks like a VHS rip from a 30 year old cassette that was then uploaded to Y…[View]
119725218>Dude kids suck LMAO[View]
119725582I'll suck your cocks, /tv/, ok. All of you guys![View]
119724270Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO Midsommar.2019.…[View]
119717612IN THIS WORLD[View]
119726593Is The Expanse a Dad Show?: I watch a lot of /tv/ with my dad but certain shows I watch solo because…[View]
119728534What will Eddie Murphy’s comeback special on Netflix be like if it comes out in 2019?[View]
119725860The Boys: >Be A-Train >Have super speed >Want to get that compound V >Doesn't use h…[View]
119724844why didn't he just spit out the grenade?[View]
119726124i think i'll give it a shot. what am I in for?[View]
119727643Seijun Suzuki: Opinions on this nigga?[View]
119713391/stg/ star trek general: Sunday morning confessional edition[View]
119727471I just watched this kino. What did I think of it?[View]
119719002WIFE ALRIGHT?[View]
119717917Was it a good casting choice? I thought so.[View]
119724349ITT: Actors that should get an Honorary Academy Award: I truly believe this is an honor that should …[View]
119727142Thoughts? I didn't honestly like it that much. Comparing different classes in society and showi…[View]
119728328It's a Benson being a bitch episode.[View]
119727844>2019 >Still no good explanation of the shining wow…[View]
119727657Is Japanese film and TV kino or totally fucked up?[View]
119724809Real Life Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7_OWYrLVOU >eagle symbol of america attacks Trum…[View]
119727251Is it proof critics are a bunch of communist radicals that the beautiful bougie movie 'Marie Antoine…[View]
119704644Unpopular positive opinion challenge: Name a movie that... (1) you genuinely like (not 'so bad it…[View]
119726812dragons den: My god I want to mount this gigantic mound of a woman[View]
119724736>most advanced society on Earth >still has an absolute monarchy…[View]
119724872Daily reminder that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
119726622What's next for Chloe?[View]
119726521Well, you know, when your Dad's pounding you.[View]
119726764anybody in the mood for some detective work? there was a tv show, 90% sure it was the simpsons, most…[View]
119722093The madlad is back at it again. https://youtu.be/FXlcLgdympI[View]
119727733>'all the chads take hot girls away from me' What do we do about the femcel problem?…[View]
119708251Voice from the Stone: Is sprogletnapping illegal?[View]
119727394i ate da nort[View]
119722388The Simpsons thread What's your favorite episode?[View]
119727780check em[View]
119725513best movie out right now[View]
119727758How does it compare to the first season? Is it better or worse?[View]
119726620Famous people or celebrities that you wish would die a horrible fucking death oh my god what a fake …[View]
119726326Why isn't the colorized version on Blu-Ray?: There is literally nothing wrong with film coloriz…[View]
119726834Christine (1983): >tfw no classic american car gf[View]
119727470>he does it for free[View]
119727520Pull me up, jamie[View]
119727386>watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood >That bit where the Manson girl presses her disgusting…[View]
119727482We could have had Tron 3 kino, but Disney decided to ruin Star Wars instead.[View]
119726820Better Cuck Chuck: Rewatching this and in season 3 when everything that's been building up fina…[View]
119726756What if I told you there was a movie with Clint Eastwood, Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey in it with the …[View]
119726837How do old movies and tv shows get 'remastered on 4k' if that technology didnt exists back on the da…[View]
119713394Post-Lovecraftiana: What is Post-Lovecraftiana? Until I write an essay establishing it further, let…[View]
119716957The madman actually reviewed it.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abB23SHCyZ8[View]
119727413BROTHERHOOD.: has anyone seen this television program? is it worth a watch?[View]
119727411Kinos /tv/ Never Discusses?[View]
119724881>ay yoog, i play da time wizahd! >he duz whateva i want him to since dere are no roolz ta dis …[View]
119717376>They're literally fucking children: Kubrick is a madman[View]
119725940ITT: characters that ruined its respective shows[View]
119716503>Ross: I’m kinda going through a dry spell, sex wise. >Joey: Whoa, for like months? >Ross: …[View]
11972513747 Meters: Uncaged: Footkino is back on the menu. Served with a side of T&A. Oh, and there’s som…[View]
119727009So I finally watched this movie (thanks yify) and I have to say this was the most empty piece of tra…[View]
119723469Could this be considered campy?[View]
119727006Damn it feels good to be a gangsta[View]
119723395What order should I watch these kinos?: I have a free HBO trial and I want to watch these 4 kinos be…[View]
119726904Performance Art: What’s your favorite live performance art /tv/? https://youtu.be/SSsx6WqRrB8 >14…[View]
119726947ITT: inspirational movie scenes https://youtu.be/qLGjjHXyiOQ[View]
119726938>lmao he can't keep getting a le with it if he cared so much why didn't he call the cop…[View]
119726783So I'm enjoying this show but for the fact that nobody in their right mind would ever keep on V…[View]
119726427What are some other kino where the protagonist keeps getting justed his entire life and uItimately …[View]
119724666>Harry Potter has 15,522,862 fans while Titanic has 9,040,223 fans What did J. K. Rowling mean by…[View]
119726246>Ayo! >*smacks lips profusly* >Bond >Bail Bond…[View]
119726639>operator kino >family kino >same movie perfection…[View]
119726573Is this movie good? I decided to watch it because I am depressed and old and wasted a lot of time s…[View]
119716189The Clone Wars: You have 30 seconds to come up with a better premise for the clone wars than >'P…[View]
119725120Anything from the trolley, /tv/?[View]
119725364what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
119725488give me something to escape reality[View]
119704030what are some redemption kinos?[View]
119725566LOOK AT HIS FACE[View]
119726338>Yep,I always download the best encodes from PassThePopcorn and Karagarga instead of streaming, h…[View]
119724597>this is supposed to be a 22 year old male Did the jews really think we'd believe this? That…[View]
119726231Did she deserve the Oscar for I, Tanya? I believe she did.[View]
119726120Invader Zim Movie: Did He Died? [View]
119726068I hate all of you: Especially do I hate pedowood and everything what is associated to it. I even hat…[View]
119725721I'm looking for a movie with this guy in it. All I remember is that they are in a basement plan…[View]
119724669explain this shot: could someone explain what was the intended effect behind this shot because I com…[View]
119725900no /tv/ and no beer make homer something something[View]
119725686Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119724833THE CHAMP IS HERE[View]
119724728Anyone else remember the ending of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when that Russian lady got redpilled…[View]
119720031Sooo, we’re all agreed that he was just a cuck fantasy insert in the show...right?[View]
119725769Is this enjoyable trash or just trash?[View]
119725616Did he died?[View]
119725331does anyone else think Lilly Allen should diversify her career and get some starring roles in film?[View]
119724905Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
119716174are there any films that made you seriously think about dying and afterlife?[View]
119724598Was it Kafkaesque?[View]
119724662Will Leo win another Oscar for this?[View]
119725275funny how Raid is infinitely better directed than Dredd[View]
119725361Great cinematography Amazing score, music properly injected into scenes to set the mood or tone Lot …[View]
119725352DO YOU WANT LUNCH?[View]
119723868>It's a truman drops 50ug of acid,3k mg phenibut,400mg caffeine,a bottle of $4 wine and faps…[View]
119725250JOHN WAYNE WAS A NAZI[View]
119721434You have no business here. /tv/ is for champions. And friends.[View]
119723805Some kind of abstraction.[View]
119723512>2019 >I am forgotten…[View]
119724130>*nearly surpasses sopranos level of tv keyno*[View]
119725077why haven't they gotten their own spinoff yet? It would be a hit[View]
119723565is this good representation of the movie Videodrome?[View]
119718045Jazz is Sauron - a not Jordan Peterson reading. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Mxq8ISKts[View]
119722792Why aren't you writing your hit fantasy/sci-fi novel series that will turn into a giant franchi…[View]
119723790>Logan did I ever tell you about my son from my first marriage? He was the most powerful mutant e…[View]
119723716What went so wrong?: I thought this show was about Young Pope bringing back more fundamentalist chur…[View]
119723113>Although Amazon did not release specific viewing figures, Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios…[View]
119724627it's up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BrUQOfK-3E[View]
119723836Hi, I’m agent Holden Ford, and this is my partner Bill Tench. We're with the behavioural scienc…[View]
119724632Yedgurughe: Fear my wrath.[View]
119722338for me it's lol- errrr I mean Peni Parker[View]
119724485 [View]
119724066>London's shit innit Karl was right, once again.[View]
119724479Conspiracy kino[View]
119724476I think they thought this would be funnier than it was. It would have been very easy to make it funn…[View]
119724430King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Finished watching it. Enjoyed it.[View]
119721460For me it's Mikaela[View]
119724078/hoc/: some insufferable leaf said he would make one and he didnt so i will[View]
119723235If Batman is the hero gotham needed, it's because Joker was the villain they deserved[View]
119722787Thinking about watching a film. Either: The Great Escape Death Wish True Romance The Departed Other…[View]
119722696>tfw no Harvey Weinstein to cast prime beautiful qts into movies, all we get is ugly dykes and ni…[View]
119724212who else Mac + Dennis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1ugzgosxfk[View]
119722912>character is asocial and autistic or aloof >'I have anti social personality disorder' mfw scr…[View]
119723554What trash, man. After about twenty five minutes of garbage out actually does 30 minutes of interest…[View]
119722970Paper Towns: You haven't seen real cinema until you've seen paper towns. Makes me so nosta…[View]
119723757Movies with this feel.[View]
1197241422hr+ movies: Why the hell is every movie 2 hours long nowadays?[View]
119724042>be multibillion dollar studio >get concerned normies are losing interest in your 4 billion mo…[View]
119724099Country roaaaaaads..[View]
119720834>male and female protagonists flirt[View]
119720114What are some really good intros? This is the best one I can think of[View]
119723999What are some classic kinos?[View]
119724010>watch a video essay about a film/tv show >they have the video essayists accent…[View]
119723858OOOWEEE Massa you so white and handsome Me want to be a good slave girl and please my massa[View]
119723781Only 12 days until trailer #2[View]
119720426This the only decent thing Burton made[View]
119722341So did Sharona have to wipe his ass for him or what?[View]
119723893Guys Listen Guys I got got this Trust me What if Guys What if Superman was evil?[View]
119723880What’s his fucking problem?[View]
119723845'Billy's Deli: Your Neighborhood Toilet' What did they mean by this?[View]
119723827Patriot: This is kino. Why haven't /tv/ discussed this yet?[View]
119723460What are the definitive Chinese kinos?[View]
119721028>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
119722679How the fuck did this outscore 1 and 2? The action was uninspired, repetitive and went on too long,…[View]
119722677What were they thinking at these exact moments?[View]
119722840Fuck/marry/kill Spidey edition: Fuck Holland Marry Maguire Kill Garfield[View]
119723106G4 / TechTV[View]
119723465 [View]
119718114Americans have a professional championship of a kindergarten game and they wonder why the rest of th…[View]
119723722Without looking it up tell me 5 films that won Best Picture in the last decade[View]
119721292Overrated shit thread[View]
119718165So we all know that season 1-7 simpsons is the best, but what episodes between season 1 and 7 are th…[View]
119723403Just got back from seeing it. Fucking kino. Aside from the mediocre CGI it was awesome.[View]
119722326is this the most overrated movie of the 2010s?[View]
119720357>some faggot calls me underage >mfw have 31 years…[View]
119723536>*saves stop motion cinema*[View]
119719951What went wrong[View]
119723521>LUKE, NO![View]
119723344Any Loqueesha fans on /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNrCO_kWBIA[View]
11972344390's Thread[View]
119723189Who is the best girl on The Boys and why is it Maeve?[View]
119722176>lesbian relationship drama[View]
119723358Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?[View]
119723355Unfortunate hairstyles of film and TV: What does one call this 'do?[View]
119720314Terrorvision (1986): what a ride, any other films like it? I guess return of the living dead comes …[View]
119723274Death Wish 3: wtf was his problem?[View]
119721859What’s next for Dan Stevens’ career now that Legion is over? More capeshit?[View]
119723163it made me feel bros..[View]
119721109ITT: Times that /tv/ tricked you[View]
119722312Who the fuck cares about random low tier TV shows from 60's you fucking retard?[View]
119723122boy oh boy, why was i born handsome instead of rich?[View]
119720751B-but b-but lord vader I was Iwas trying to hbnghhf shushushu[View]
119722884>sitcom character has the same name as the actor Why is this a thing?[View]
119720263Working hard or hardly working?[View]
119720714What was he thinking at this exact moment?[View]
119722979Not three days ago... I was punched in the face... by half of the Avengers now dead[View]
119718398Why can't cartoons draw guns correctly?[View]
119722640Im fiending for a prisoners 2 following loki working a new case[View]
119722705I use to think this was Reddit: the movie. I rewatched it recently and it's mostly not, So what…[View]
119722895You wanna go to war Balake! ?[View]
119722881Serious question. How does Derek Savage make a living? He lives in LA in a nice house, but he mostly…[View]
119722808When there are clouds You'll get by If you smile[View]
119719328>you live in the timeline where this will not be nominated for Best Picture but capeshit will How…[View]
119722834>'would you like butter on your popcorn sir?' >'N-n-no thanks.' >gets butter at condiment …[View]
119721919>an astronomical object the size of a US state[View]
119720451Name more soi-inducing franchise[View]
119722772Die hard < Christmas story[View]
119722753I had a discussion with my friend on whether The Dark Knight or Interstellar was the better Nolan fi…[View]
119722740Are there any good movies that deal with sexual abuse in Hollywood/casting couch culture/etc.? And w…[View]
1197189624chan: The Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t433PEQGErc[View]
119718888Why was there just an island that was a strip of sand and literally nothing else? How does an island…[View]
119720802Try Fatburger from now on. Get yourself a Double Cheese with fries for $2.95, faggot.[View]
119711909Best movie mom?[View]
119720980Formerly straight[View]
119716400JOKER: This says ALOT about our society.[View]
119722634What the fuck was her problem?[View]
119717620her arms are already thicker than gal gadot's[View]
119722629Bring it on, daddy-o![View]
119720051Was Celeborn a cuckold?[View]
119722522Unga bunga[View]
119722517Who mogs who?[View]
119696103Will it be remembered fondly overall 10 years from now, or has the last season destroyed its reputat…[View]
119722458what was his tax policy[View]
119722005>Defeats Thanos with a soda can and a paper clip[View]
119718778I hope you enjoyed my movie, anons.[View]
119722329ITT: Trash /tv/ tricked you into watching: >muh capeshit the movie doesn't even make sense, …[View]
119721254Give it to me straight, /tv/: Did Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landings or not? Are there any proof…[View]
119722376You KILLED six million Jews[View]
119722362Underrated action movies: I hadn’t seen this movie since it came out. I forgot how god it was. It’s…[View]
119719714The name's Bond. Janelle Bond.: ITT: /TV/ writes her first scenes[View]
119722293Episodes where the Karma Houdini finally gets what's coming to him?[View]
119717596Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin: IT'S OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-QjRTz-TII Thoughts?…[View]
119722244What general atmosphere is this going for?[View]
119720105How do i reach this aesthetic?[View]
119722186>I swear that boat movie went on for like three hours[View]
119719027What series come close?[View]
119721107Still not sure if this is kino or not. What does /tv/ think?[View]
119722092Who will play him in the biopic?[View]
119721136>character punched in the face >starts laughing…[View]
119712793What a truly, truly, absolutely terrifying character. My god. This actor deserves much acclaim for h…[View]
119722100Ice-T Kangaroo: Ice-T Kangaroo[View]
119715212oh no no no no no no *weezes*[View]
119722070Ryme City: As much as I like it’s near-Cyberpunk, pseudo Japanese imagery, the forced diversity in D…[View]
119722052Westerners can’t do anime justic-[View]
119719221Was it kino?[View]
119721772Old scary movie ends with 'The End?' Cry myself to sleep that night.[View]
119721905What was the point of this movie?[View]
119721938Yandhi: This is kino https://youtu.be/mpNeJ5lbzrU[View]
119713510>blatant gay jokes >all white cast >minorities are caricaturized >90s NY, best era how d…[View]
119694746I've watched this movie 4 times now, bros: Gosh, its just SO GOOD![View]
119721922I can do anything when I choose Got everything but I got nothing to lose Go anywhere from heaven to …[View]
119718835>In order to make our black character look better, we'll have our genius protagonist act dum…[View]
119721810Why did they chicken out on the tit sucking? Jim Carrey did it and he's bigger than both of the…[View]
119718259Who will portray him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119719854Halloween Kills wil have bigger arc: Green added, 'We had ambitions of doing two, with some big idea…[View]
119721790Hollywood should move to Brazil. It's a ripe ground for child abuse and exploitation and we…[View]
119716108Let's see Paul Allen's card[View]
119718967New Resident Evil movie: So yeah-yeah, they are going to make movies scarier and maybe take them bac…[View]
119719832i dont get it[View]
119720920>There are people on this board that unironically think AJ did anything wrong…[View]
119718595Was this kino?[View]
119718870/sotm/ - Son of The Mask General: Viagra worms[View]
119716346Cast her.[View]
119721166TIME FOR TICKLES![View]
119719217>Character the creators didn’t intend to become popular becomes far more popular than the intende…[View]
119721603ITT: IRL kino[View]
119720083This looks worse than an SNL special. Did they run out of money or something?[View]
119717209how can you fuck up a tv show like that ?[View]
119717148I don't get it[View]
119714780>The Boys is Amazon's HUGE success >meanwhile Refn's show and a couple of other more…[View]
119719564>852 days until Avatar 2[View]
119721456Movies for this feel?[View]
119718833>And those beautiful women? They used to be men! Ooof, this wouldn't fly today.…[View]
119715158Why isn't this movie as memeable as the other two?[View]
119721389Bullets and laughter: Let's assume that my top ranked movies are Big trouble in little China, L…[View]
119718900>protagonist has learned how to use 100% of her brain[View]
119717593>When you've been alone for a long-time, people can smell it on you I-Is this true?…[View]
119717880post sketch shows that are actually funny I'll start with the best: w// Bob and David[View]
119721256Was this really necessary?[View]
119721279staying home sick from school as a kid kino thread[View]
119719520If he expected it to be a trap why did he go?[View]
119721077holy shit this service is getting insufferable. what is it with the full screen autoplaying ads on t…[View]
119718638why doesn’t he get more roles?[View]
119719906Just watched pic related. It was fucking horrible. Bettany's performance was decent but I feel …[View]
119719813Redux Cut rendering right now. Monster Cut soon to arrive.[View]
119717604What would you do?[View]
119718005So, sequel is dead but Disney+ Tv series is on, right?[View]
119720821The perfect day[View]
119720244/sg/ - Sneed General: looks like Sneed is back on the menu boys[View]
119720504really makes you think[View]
119720603Hey, I know! I'll use my trusty frying pan as a drying pan![View]
119717896>why yes I’m a sex symbol actress about to turn 50, how could you tell?…[View]
119712597is this kino?[View]
119712137a villain is evil, because...ugh, noone really knows why actually[View]
119714654would you let Andy Dick into your house[View]
119719757Impressive... Very nice... .... Let's see Paul Allen's cock...[View]
119719993why didn't he just poison the water[View]
119717502Why the hell are people raving about Sunny's S13 finale? I don't have any problem with gay…[View]
119720467How can one man be so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4FQ-QvLCNs[View]
119719953The Office: Started watching this today, just finished episode 5 and I want to cry for Michael after…[View]
119720437First Reboot: What were the first Reboot movies of a particular franchise? Pic Relateds came out in …[View]
119719550>this is the part where you boogie >this is the part where you dance…[View]
119715352Is madoka 'Lynchian'?[View]
119718973Who’s the best modern writer/director?[View]
119718724>Film starts with a protracted and largely irrelevant opening sequence.…[View]
119717955what is your favorite atmospheric, slow burning bone chilling, emotionally, draining horror film? mu…[View]
119717337What happened to their acting career?[View]
119720019Music video kino?: Music video kino. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6CTwmOz0IwB2/[View]
119719935>US release is October 11 >everyone who wanted to see it already watched the leak Why do distr…[View]
119720028Star Wars Rebels: Did anybody else on /tv/ appreciate this kino series?[View]
119719931I CHUCK[View]
119719924Gus Fring.: Gus Fring.[View]
119717503>1999+20 >no dinosaur/prehistoric documentary has surpassed Walking With Dinosaurs Why is this…[View]
119701886Harryhausen kino thread. Post best monsters and girls.[View]
119719863Is it possible to purchase feet pictures from an actress?[View]
119712354Bone Tomahawk (2015): >try to watch it after getting memed by the new RLM video >the dialogue …[View]
119719584there was some big homosexual energy going on in this scene to be quite honest mister tarantino[View]
119717871Is it kino?[View]
119718369What makes this so kino and soulful?[View]
119700872I fucking love this nigga so much[View]
119718882I just watched a Bone Tomahawk reaction video, is the movie worth marathoning?[View]
119719599Were you hearing what he said anon?[View]
119716149/European cinema/: Clive Owen edition[View]
119718313What was this nigger's problem?[View]
119716581INCELDUUUURRRRR! Have Sex![View]
119710849The greatest film of 2017, Atomic Blonde, has officially been confirmed to receive a sequel.[View]
119718037>the only race who still believes in capitalism is the race known for being greedy and evil backs…[View]
119719115>tv exposition[View]
119718568Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
119710822cast them[View]
119719309What's your thoughts on Hailee Steinfeld's backstory? Also, sniiiiiiiiiiif[View]
119718535>Hearts of Darkness > Apocalypse Now >The Sweatbox > Emperors New Groove >Mr. Plinket…[View]
119719192>opening credits last longer than 30 seconds[View]
119713315But you dream, /tv/[View]
119714261Is there a cooking show where the chef gets hammered, puts meal in oven and passes out?[View]
119718886Name a more based character in the past 20 years[View]
119717720Jump scares need to go away, or at least be toned down in horror movies. It's not scary, it…[View]
119716051Why is this movie such a big deal?[View]
119717761does this man not know how to edit his fucking films? They're only watchable when played at 2.0…[View]
119717150Hello Steven this is Clem Fandango, can you hear me?[View]
119716833Indians are spamming top review scores on shitty bollywood movies and taking over Imdb top 250, how …[View]
119718927what's your favorite scene in Eyes Wide Shut?[View]
119718391*triggers your size fetish*[View]
119718864Was E.T. based on a real story?[View]
119718727What in the absolute kino did I just watch? How can one movie be so spiritually enlightening?[View]
119718600>Give me your children or I'll eat them wyd?[View]
119715444>You're goto cinema snack: For me it's Kabanos and crisps, washed down with diet mango …[View]
119716856Why did Chanel No.5's Vadge have teeth?[View]
119717264Time to spread the word, and the word is ......[View]
119704646I love this little cunt like you wouldn't believe[View]
119713969Is Fury Road Kino or Cringe?: Ive never been so torn on a movie. On the one hand it looks amazing an…[View]
119717088As someone that is watching this show for the first time i'm kinda overwhelmed. Should i just w…[View]
119718546Season two makes it official. This is the best show on television right now.[View]
119714013Have you seen this boy?[View]
119710030Literally what was the point of this film?[View]
119712215lol refn shitcanned[View]
119716495ITT we post about mentors/role-models from movies/tv that have influenced our lives and worldviews[View]
119718258What even is the point of this: Rambo already had a pretty satisfying conclusion over a decade ago…[View]
119718275Friendly reminder that College > Superbad[View]
119718155DUDE LSD[View]
119718097CAN this be anymore of a Simpsons thread?[View]
1197178152019 - I am forgotten[View]
119714503>Ruined a man's life (The Deep) >Took away hope from young believers >Turned on the or…[View]
119718095It will kill[View]
119718091Thoughts on the Blue's Clues reboot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YChMTlpnXsI[View]
119708854Watching LOST for the first time right now, it was him, right? The bald old dude with the knives? I…[View]
119715260>Movies you would have to be paid to watch[View]
119711869streaming: I have Xfinity/Comcast cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Showtime. What would you re…[View]
119716449was it kino?[View]
119713756Favorite Simpsons episode?[View]
119707201The Terror S2: Is this season 2 of the series or is it its own series? So far this shit has been bor…[View]
119715418Any of you watched this? Surely I am not the only fan here.[View]
119717960Recommend me more EDGY movies and TV which are also GOOD please.[View]
119713713So Jay what do you think of Alita: Battle Angel?[View]
119717218>ywn be stuck on a dreadful spacecraft traveling at 64 km/s into deep space with no hope of ever …[View]
119717785Liberals literally and unironically can't refute this.[View]
119714621If it's clear and yella' you got juice there fella: If it's tangy and brown you'…[View]
119712966Original vs Remake: >Americans: 'NUH UH!! I'M NOT GONNA WATCH THIS FOREIGN MADE FILM! NO WAY…[View]
119716670Any kinos that inspire teenage spirit?[View]
119717811The new rocko movie on Netflix sucks huge gorilla dick: It has the same animation but i hate it…[View]
119717806Did he really not deserve the third star?[View]
119716330/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Jackson Noms: Anal/Christie Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>1196…[View]
119717770So why the fuck did they wait so long to march and check out the rest of the island? Wouldn't t…[View]
119717611>finally figured out everyone should, before giving their opinion on a movie, tell us exactly the…[View]
119717452Moves/series you can't remember the name: Is there any movie/series that you watched but can…[View]
119713541What happened in the 80's that made all actions films stars this ultra muscular steroid muscle …[View]
119717627DC was involved in that kino?[View]
119712528who would play him in the inevitable Oscar winning kino?[View]
119716837Which character from this kino are you most like?[View]
119716714>No Mask threads for a while Now hold on. Where's everybody going?…[View]
119716771what are, in your opinion, most based and most cringe movie cliches? for me it is: >based former …[View]
119713915>tfw living in the golden age of cinema[View]
119717109ITT: movies where you think acclaimed directors lost it[View]
119717367Any good movies about being in hospital?[View]
119715599>My name's CHUCK and I'm here to feed [View]
119712646October 4, 2019[View]
119717344How will Amazon's Conan hold up to the lore and worldbuilding in the Hyborian Age?[View]
119715925The first 20 minutes of Inglourious Basterds are advanced kino.[View]
119715991MINDHUNTER: Well? Where do YOU go to jack off?[View]
119692736How would you survive The Road?[View]
119715166What kind of a movie would take place here?[View]
119716096Hello, /tv/. I’d like to play a game.[View]
119714900Kinos like True Detective Season 1: Post kinos like TD S1[View]
119713586I can't believe he's really gone.[View]
119717000when you watch a movie and it's right wing sjw nazi leftist incel marxist propaganda[View]
119715087WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG? I thought people were exaggerating when they were saying it's bad. I …[View]
119714633>Anya Taylor-joy as Magik This sounded so good, what a shame.[View]
119714764Do antinatalist kinos exist[View]
119713822>Anybody seen Richie?! >Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?!…[View]
119715732Pure kino[View]
119712116I can't believe this movie ruined a whole generation of women[View]
119716884so friends was just the tale of american-italian culture[View]
119716870Dredd best movie of all time change my mind pro tip you cant[View]
119715141>There is probably a great film buried in all the sex, food and cigarettes of La Vie d'Adele…[View]
119714300+++They+++ would have just cut off her mic and “guide” her off-stage in real life.[View]
119716785Was he trying to be the dude?[View]
119714155ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself For me it's Homelander - intelligent, strong, hands…[View]
119715251The more films I watch, the more convinced I am that this may be the best of all time. Why is it so …[View]
119715507Why are Tarantino movies always so long? You can't expect anyone in the cinema to sit there for…[View]
119697800the girl in Dredd was super hot. Why haven't I seen her in anything else?[View]
119716608ITT best commercials of all time: with our special guest volkswagen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
119716401so fucking good. why didn't you tell me about this film?[View]
119714971'Elsa will be a nudist in Frozen 2' says director: >When Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck’s much-hyped…[View]
119716453>A negro chef.[View]
119713529Sneed beyond feed, outlander[View]
119715600What is it about this man, that makes everyone mad?[View]
119715449You know what else you can’t see?: The writing on the wall! Sneed is dead, and /tv/‘s the box they’r…[View]
119716301What are some shows that fired the main character to save money?[View]
119716234Why the FUCK did he do it bros?[View]
119715018What am I in for?[View]
119716181Why did they stop making films in color?[View]
119715736Now that the smoke has settled, can we all agree that he is the most nuanced and eclectic performer …[View]
119691942/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Jackson Noms: Anal/Christie Veto: TBDJackson Previously on /bb/: >>1…[View]
119711711/trek/ TAS edition[View]
119712540Could Bruce Lee beat Muhammad Ali in a fight?[View]
119716161Literally and unironically name a bigger pleb filter in /tv/ history[View]
119714571What was Tom's best: Hair, girl, movie For me? Left, center, Edge of Tomorrow[View]
119712856Post movie stairs[View]
119714546What do we think of it?[View]
119712679This is going to be called a GOT rip-off from the first episode considering how similarly they both …[View]
119712675The Last Hollywood Greats: Will we ever see their like again? Are there are any millennial actors th…[View]
119713808who would win. the muppets or the sesame street characters?[View]
119715869Why yes i am into Cunnilingus, how could you tell?[View]
119714492Why didn't he just kill Max early on and take the cab?: Nothing about his assignment required a…[View]
119713927Stopped watching after the first movie. Did he ever find his sister and did the alien invasion ever …[View]
119712901CGI that didn't age well[View]
119715398https://youtu.be/sM9D9zIFJNs Chris has gone full schizo[View]
119715514What roles would you like to see our boy in?[View]
119714579Timothy Townsend likes this[View]
119715494Any kino for waking up timetravelling and going to sleep?[View]
119713966Luke Perry: Luke Perry[View]
119715390i would have fucked her. fucking jailbait slut.[View]
119715330>actors you'd love to punch in the face[View]
119715199Once upon a time in Hollywood where can I watch this online for free without quality being aids ?[View]
119713849he is the last wholesome man on television[View]
119714655Late to the game, obviously, but what the fuck is this shit? If it's science fiction bullshit, …[View]
119715156Is this actual comfy drama/dark fantasy or is a bone chilling slow burn?: I liked The Terror S1 but …[View]
119711359absolute garbage[View]
119712452Top 5 films: My best films ranked all time >1.inception >2. Shutter island >3. Blood Diamo…[View]
119713660DUNE 2020: Let's be honest, this will probably be the biggest cinematic event of our lifetime. …[View]
119714827now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
119713120What are some other kinos with Norm in a staring role? Watched this and Dirty Work the other day.[View]
119713224The Ayatollah Khonerei on the permissibility of lightly tapping ones wife https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
119706969ITT:state your name and the first character that comes to mind that also has your name: >Max…[View]
119714313>if a movie has any kind of remotely positive or bittersweet ending it's a bad film…[View]
119711793What's the worst movie of 2019 so far?[View]
119713791Just in case you had any hopes for Peaky Blinders S5 being good, it's going to have Oswald Mosl…[View]
119714458wtf bros why arent you watching it? i thought you liked Lynchian stuff?[View]
119710855ITT: Pointless characters[View]
119708118Is it just me or was this guy's behavior a little over the top?[View]
119714409You got a problem? Well come get some, bitch.[View]
119708728ITT: Your Fave Film + Height + body Weight: Eyes Wide Shut 1.75 cm 65 Kg[View]
119714292>watching Batman with friends >this scene comes on >start laughing uncontrollably What d…[View]
119714247Mista Pottah...[View]
119696034this new girl, she take it up the ass?[View]
119714232>decide to start watching this ((((kino)))) >woman getting porked in the raw hours of morning …[View]
119714266What is going on? They've cancelled like almost all the shows led by gays or women this season.…[View]
119714252Anyone hate this when this randomly happens in a movie https://youtu.be/nXywTWHzF9s?t=280[View]
119714225Was it autism?[View]
119705213What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119714217Reminder that the Dark Crystal puppets were anatomically correct[View]
119714211>wins the Emma Wars by default because the others are too incompetent what are some war kinos wit…[View]
119709565How come no one has tried to capitalize on the incel market? You know, making movies with a lonely m…[View]
119713596If prettyboy Hollywood heartthrobs age like this, what's left for the rest of us, mortal men?[View]
119714136I have been watching Bruce Lee movies and i have to ask, how did this girl, in almost all his movies…[View]
119713566>I would like to thank my contender, incumbent President Niles Crane, for graciously conceding af…[View]
119710283What's his next big role?[View]
119714117Why do Airbags never depoly when people have car crashes in movies?[View]
119711751>movie uses wilhelm scream[View]
119713719So, who shot first?[View]
119713994You may have had friends, you may have had pals, but have you ever had a genuine buddy?[View]
119713230>To call the story a slow burn would be a mischaracterization of the wordslow. It’s more like a m…[View]
119713986Post shows that are the definition of a 6/10[View]
119707837- You can call me Captain... Black.[View]
119713028Any good kinos about a wise mentor and his young, eager student?[View]
119713885>watch kino >act and think like the protagonist or any character i found cool for the rest of …[View]
119710605itt actors you could definitely take in a fight[View]
119713796This was akin to K-on![View]
119713750literally the first scene of season 6 is raven getting blacked[View]
119712257Surely there must have been some regulations in official league games? Rich teams getting a clear a…[View]
119713635Breaking news: JACKO ON HIS BACKO[View]
119713499Why didn't he just... get a job?[View]
119711679Ancient /tv/ related images you have no cause to post anymore.[View]
119711480>watch Neon Demon (Refn, 2016) >movie tells me the one on the left is far superior and more be…[View]
119710339Will he get a sticky when he dies?[View]
119713519Does anyone have his email?: I want to ask him something and if someone could share it I would reall…[View]
119710891Alita: Battle Angel: Watched it for the first time, I liked it[View]
119711415Cast it into the fire! Destroy it..ISILDUR!![View]
119710352>rewatching True Detective season one again I will watch it again and again and again Time is a f…[View]
119709270What does a virgin smell like?[View]
119713384Anybody here know's how's this documentary from the video called? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
119713290Best movies or TV shows about rape? https://youtu.be/FW1cejUxjOk[View]
119712462Saw this on Friday. Not sure why it’s got bad reviews then again I’ve never seen a Linklater film. G…[View]
119711432Yes, and it's the choice of a new generation![View]
119713134ALIEN & BLADE RUNNER: Do you think we'll ever get sci-fi kino this good again?[View]
119713154Am I gonna like it if I liked The Terror season 1?[View]
119712689They should revive this show. I’m watching this on Adult Swim right now and this shit is hilarious. …[View]
119713082Cameo thread Booked anyone yet?[View]
119712580Looks like Joker might be hitting cinemas a little earlier than expected. https://youtu.be/M4Yrzh3ia…[View]
119711961Why doesn't Netflix make a real life Ashley O doll? It would print billions and save the compan…[View]
119711925My God how the fuck were these movies so kino it doesn’t even make sense[View]
119712997Favorite Kutcher kino?[View]
119712820did he have autism?[View]
119713080What are some good movies to watch in bed?[View]
119712463Reminder that Charles Ingram was set up by the British government as they needed something to get 9/…[View]
119711137The slaves were important assets to their owners economically. Why would they tear their skin repea…[View]
119712971Real life events that could be turned into movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0dcv6GKNNw&f…[View]
119710722Will it be kino?: Also, why isn’t there any marketing for this movie? It comes out in like 2 and a h…[View]
119709158When did you stop watching South Park?[View]
119710932>I want to make this clear, we didn't torture prisoners, and we didn't mutilate them. B…[View]
119708756What was the moral of this movie?[View]
119712038>post in /tv/ thread multiple times >have conversations with yourself you wish you could have …[View]
119712778What the actual fuck went wrong? I honestly don't know what to make of it. Feels like I am watc…[View]
119710762That name again is Mister[View]
119711609Bros................ I think westerns peaked in 1980............................ Cinnamino is gos...…[View]
119712548How do you think this actor felt putting on the Bruce Lee black face to humiliate a dead icon and in…[View]
119712527ITT: Fun shows that are not quite on “THAT” level: Also Cali > Escobar saga[View]
119705678Red pill me on House[View]
119711875When the lead actress has a barefoot scene: It is very kino, but how do they get away with it?…[View]
119712099Are we hyped for the 20th anniversary?[View]
119711844I'M DAVID S. PUMPKINS[View]
119712393Armond White Exposed: >hates The Dark Knight, Toy Story 3, Wall-E >likes Jack and Jill, Grown …[View]
119710542Why does he hate east asians so much?[View]
119703936why the devil is always depicted as a male on movies? are there any movies with a female devil[View]
119712372what are some fast burn bone warming movies[View]
119711676this left me speechless. 11/10 documentary oh and FUCK O.J.[View]
119712351It hurts to breath.[View]
119711913uh uh yeah woo![View]
119704950Just watched Dunkirk, why didn they just swim back[View]
119711486why do you love me? why do you need me? ALWAYS AND FOREVER[View]
119711921Is revenge worth it?[View]
119712164https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w96oTapYTKk What makes this such a bad performance?[View]
119711061Just finished this. Enjoyed it desu. Pitt was pretty good in an unexpected movie about General McChr…[View]
119711141>movie depicts teenage love >can't relate…[View]
119709376Who is your favorite director / auteur and why? What is your favorite film of them and why?[View]
119711923How is it possible to fuck up so badly[View]
119708022Post the most pretentious shit you have ever watched.[View]
119710162Anyone seen this? I wasn't prepared for this 10/10 cinema, what the fuck[View]
119708873This is a film dumb people think is smart: >love letter to Hollywood Cringe. There is no plot.…[View]
119712157What did Christopher say?[View]
119711512Is there a torrent or stream available?: I've been looking everywhere and cannot find a torrent…[View]
119712026is she the only female cuck character on television[View]
119710061HBO's His Dark Materials: What do you think so far? I feel a bit let down by some of the castin…[View]
119711664>Niles, are you sure this is the Empire Club?[View]
119712022When does this movie get good? I marathones the first 45 minutes and it's pretty boring up to h…[View]
119711420How long until the inevitable documentary?[View]
119709574>both of these seasons were total trash Can you spot the common denominator?…[View]
119686779Movies that will forever be left with a cliffhanger and no direct sequel: Reboots that happen after …[View]
119711753ITT: Absolutely BASED characters[View]
119709160best Stone movie? for me, it's Easy A.[View]
119711743>'I made the beat retarded, so I'm callin' it a slow jam' What did he mean by this?…[View]
119708392Fine day: Sunday.[View]
119711803>watching modern film and television shows[View]
119701944Titanic thread: Who was in the wrong?[View]
119710266music video kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bahCT8HBGQ[View]
119701392What was his problem?[View]
119710760Why did he do it?[View]
119707374007: Brave...[View]
119709507What movie makes you want to kill yourself?[View]
119709208I've never seen a Lily James general, why ? https://youtu.be/GCNTMMyiI40?t=48[View]
119692159Is Brendan Schaub the greatest comedian alive? https://streamable.com/6frhd[View]
119702002>We'll take some Acid Pops, Bat's Blood Soup, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, b…[View]
119711638Do Americans really do this?[View]
119705039Was getting caught part of her plan?[View]
119710596So at what point did he become worthy?[View]
119710483Is this the official incel film and is it worth watching??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coJjo3Nm…[View]
119707088Is fire a solid or a gas?[View]
119711027Is Roman Polanski the ultimate manlet chad?[View]
119710354Why don't they make kino like this anymore?[View]
119711478Genderbent remake when?[View]
119709431hello /tv/, im listening[View]
119711455/the simpsons general/ yoda edition[View]
119710912numale and alphamale[View]
119711361Is he right?[View]
119710405Whats the /tv consensus on my January Jones fämälämäzoids?[View]
119710363Going to see this tomorrow: What's their chemistry like?[View]
119708313are you alitafags going to watch undone?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uWCNHQgfnc[View]
119710659I'm with UNATCO. Start talking.[View]
119708104GREATEST VILLIAN OF ALL TIME: night, night Thanos.[View]
119710073You're the designated shooter for The Joker premiere?: Just pick your weapon and enter the room…[View]
119711235Are the rumors true?[View]
119711219look at this duddddeee[View]
119711140somebody kills somebody blah blah blah[View]
119705208Anyone seen this?: How kino is it?[View]
119708572Infinity points to Slytherin.[View]
119711090What? You want another good movie? Too bad, I'm 'depressed' again.[View]
119711094Are American 3rd Grade teachers really like this?[View]
119702072>No Perrin, holding your axe sideways to look ‘more street’ doesn’t make you a better fighter…[View]
119710817why the fuck did he do it? did he do it by himself? did the other lads do it to him? what THE FUCK w…[View]
119708018Who would win?[View]
119709173If Bible stories are supposed to be allegories then what is the meaning of the story where Samson lo…[View]
119710955>comfy slice of life slow burn[View]
119710928>*sip* *AHEM* A toast to all the loyal niggers on my plantation, /tv/.[View]
119710099Neytiri is...[View]
119708419What will be the first feature film shot in space?: And no, I'm not talking about some meme doc…[View]
119709207Double the money.[View]
119709733Please call me based.[View]
119710854488 days capeshitters[View]
119710789Can I get some Big Red?[View]
119710696brad pitt in inglorious basterds: why did he have this stupid expression the whole movie?[View]
119710699Brooklyn: This is from a comedy show. This powerful performance by three men in one room with nothin…[View]
119710080Hello frens, what movie should I watch today?[View]
119708391Freddy vs Jason 2: The biggest sequel I always wanted but never happened. Fuck the boring remakes, I…[View]
119710531well, /tv/? would you?[View]
119709974>called The Joker >doesn't tell jokes What did Nolan mean by this?…[View]
119710420>'i'm not ralph anymore. i'm... rachel now.'[View]
119710361What is /tv/s consensus?[View]
119710443Interstellar: Do you think they will ever play play this in the IMAX again? Some movies get re-relea…[View]
119705331not a pedo and I love Margot Robbie fridge body and Margaret Quailey autistic mannerisms but this gi…[View]
119710262What was his problem?[View]
119705274ITT movies that desperately need a sequel[View]
119693931I've never seen a James Bond film, what are some good ones to start with?[View]
119709522Well? Is it good? Is there a torrent out? Are you excited?[View]
119697467You will never be a carefree teenager in the early-mid 90s >your adult consciousness will forever…[View]
119709572Once Upon a Time in America > Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Prove me wrong.[View]
119709078>browsing /tv/ to procrastinate jerking off How far we have fallen.[View]
119707489Anon want bitty[View]
119709391/Dune/ general: Where the fuck is the trailer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA edition What are you m…[View]
119705895>*takes one community class and thinks he’s the smartest man on the planet* How realistic is this…[View]
119709523A nigger... cook[View]
119706855Mindhunters 2: what is the point of her storyline?[View]
119705058Is it perfect?[View]
119708656Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
119709918omg! theres this guy that calls the boss baby at 3 am and scary things happening! oh my god![View]
119707870Leo was really good in this, I haven't seen him act this well in ages.[View]
119708341Meanwhile at the Huawei Kink Castle in Songshan, China...[View]
119709985>Why yes, I love Kevin smith movies how did you know?[View]
119709865Movies about understanding: women[View]
119708878How do you keep track of films you've watched?[View]
119709723so do we like him now or what?[View]
119705982You have my sword, Anon.[View]
119709842>newest season in 14 years >using the same intro sequence instead of creating a new one Really…[View]
119709841>The invitation said I could bring a +1 >It didn't say anything about a -20 though…[View]
119695045>Empire Strikes Back is the darkest Starwars mo-[View]
119708538> Last season of show >limited time to work with >adds a lot of new characters Why do sho…[View]
119708548Saw a thread asking for a Crossed movie adaption earlier this week. Let's be honest, it wouldn…[View]
119702762It's not fair. It's not fucking fair. I didn't need this Tarantino. I don't need…[View]
119707803WOT IF, NAO, wot if... ROBOTS... were SELF-AWARE??!!!![View]
119709538Anybody know where I can get a torrent of this and its sequels: The Story of: The Empire Strikes Bac…[View]
119708181Let's settle this once and for all. Chin implant or low bodyfat?[View]
119708305Movie of the decade[View]
119709409Cast him[View]
119708453Why was the scene with Joseph R. Gannascoli in Star Wars cut out? They didn't even include it i…[View]
119709309>You sure this will work? >It has to.[View]
119709425Who will play them in the biopic?[View]
119707867Give me one thousand dollars![View]
119704975Zoinks! Like, don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Scoob![View]
119709453I've been surrounded my entire life by black faces. I only have one question: Why don't th…[View]