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107226260Not a single comedian can compete. Why? What happened to comedy?[View]
107233021Why did movie trailer narration stop being a thing? When was the last major movie with a voice-over?[View]
107231996finished s1, was great but i'm aware s2 is dull and it's long, what eps could i skip or wa…[View]
107226070Is he unironically the best comedian of our time?: Because 99.8 percent of most 'comedians' are for …[View]
107232801Fuck trump and Fuck white people[View]
107230815ITT: Underrated actresses and their filmographies: Reminder there is nothing wrong with her mouth.…[View]
107231896What are some movies where a racial minority is unjustly stereotyped and discriminated against?[View]
107227712Scream: $173 million box office Scary Movie: 278 million box office How?[View]
107231626>Thanks for meeting me here, anon.[View]
107228617Just imagine if this was done well and stuck to the book[View]
107233137What's a good formula to estimate a movie's monetary success? Including stuff like the mar…[View]
107214860The.House.That.Jack.Built.2018.UNCUT.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-NTG.mkv The.House.That.Jack.Built.2018.UNCU…[View]
107232839Under the Silver Lake: what the fuck was up with that ending? who was that owl chick? was sam the do…[View]
107232426>ww2 movie >Americans are the good guys[View]
107231749Just found out my dad hates capeshit[View]
107233032Perfect Blue: Did he actually die? Confused about this part. If Mima killed him then does that mean …[View]
107228512ITT: Dead Careers She's only 288 and filthy rich so she should be fine if she invests wisely an…[View]
107232927Sneed Feed Sneed Seed Seed. Chuck sucks fucks and seed feeds sneeds. Formerly Chucks sucks fucks and…[View]
107232533Just watched this.: Was it priceless?[View]
107232568>Do you feel in charge? No scene in a movie has ever shook the audience to the very core like thi…[View]
107232412Anything from Deh! trolley?[View]
107229305>lure innocent men into a trap >put them on camera against their requests >arrest them for …[View]
107231241Was it kino?[View]
107232733>'the core of david lean's Lawrence of Arabia lies within Lawrence's acquaintanceship o…[View]
107232731> Iraq war film >B.Y.O.B. starts playing[View]
107232678>ywn come across a heavily pregnant Newt kneeling in front of his suitcase, sobbing over the real…[View]
107232593>it’s a Truman says the N word episode God I love these ones[View]
107232592What was the point of this? To make me disgusted with sex? Cause it worked. Way less worried about b…[View]
107231458>be Meadow >see this >not immediately start schlicking furiously What did they mean by thi…[View]
107230557What movies will help me find my inner Chad?[View]
107230666The Hateful Eight - needed tweaking: Joe (Michael Madsen) should have been the key to all of this. …[View]
107232468epic film thread[View]
107230545Is it difficult for actors to transition to musc, You see a fair few musitions try to transfer to ac…[View]
107232428CLEAN IT UP JANNIES: Rich anon bankroll Just a while ago I used to browse the same board I can see y…[View]
107231890What is your favorite film about Jews or Judaism?[View]
107229848Vanessa Hudgens: Is she, dare I say, our girl, /tv/?[View]
107230043Mac > Charlie > Dee > Dennis > Frank[View]
107227641/ourguy/ is starring in a new series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58CZKPavOtE[View]
107230358>ITT: miniseries you think are the greatest of all time Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle an…[View]
107227121>character is in a room where someone is smoking weed >starts hallucinating from secondhand sm…[View]
107225888Are there any kinos about the spectrum of biological sex?[View]
107231060Post kino scenes you can deeply relate to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coJjo3NmAEI[View]
107230060How bad is this movie?: I know that it spawned a meme because it's a sequel to a bad movie that…[View]
107230112$40 on amazon. worth it?[View]
107231580What are some movies that both /tv/ and reddit hate?[View]
107231315What went wrong?[View]
107221192I'm about to watch this movie, I hope it's good. Wish me luck /tv/[View]
107228954I hate that Hollywood bends over backwards to make government snitches seem like cool and hip role m…[View]
107231842BITCOINS, prudently Fruitfully, frugally invested In the, to be specific, In the Lehmans, Goldmans S…[View]
107229614she was so hot in scary movie god damn[View]
107231821>the fellowship of the ring looks good and sounds good, some good casting and some poor, very ann…[View]
107231616I just finished mad men for the first time why didn't people like this ending what's wrong…[View]
107231766i don't get it. why is this so 80s if it's set in 1997?[View]
107224347What are my frens watching tonite?[View]
107231053Who is your favorite actress /tv/?[View]
107230317Hey /tv/, who are you top ten favorite actresses[View]
107230805Did he actually say anything wrong though?[View]
107231553Was it gaykino?[View]
107229514Seriously, what the fuck was her problem?[View]
107229492'VERY POOR CHOICE OF WORDS' what did he mean by this ,[View]
107231269Why does the hammerpede from Prometheus enter its victim's mouth?[View]
107229877I don't get it.[View]
107227634Wind River: Jesus Christ what an intense movie. Any others like this aside from No Country For Old …[View]
107227398Was there something I missed out in this film?: I watched 2049 a couple months ago and loved it, but…[View]
107230387>Studios want more money >churn out as many movies as they can as cheaply to maximize profit …[View]
107231043Come on /tv/. Say it. I double dare you.[View]
107231036>in the dusty maison...[View]
107228837Why has noone discussed this kino here?[View]
107228411Any other depressing romantic movies like pic related?[View]
107229953>tfw just finished this for the first time and a decade late for the series finale train What was…[View]
107227915>'Conan' is a perfect fantasy for the alienated preadolescent Why did he find joy in insulting th…[View]
107230191>watch older movie >female characters are fit, feminine, have womanly proportions and even vir…[View]
107230229Admit it, it's great.[View]
107230069What kinos are best for escaping reality?[View]
107229864Anyone saw this movie yet? Was it good?[View]
107229547HAH miss me with that gay shit[View]
107230361WTF? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hteniPFMfek[View]
107229270>'Get To The Chopper! Now!'[View]
107230648name a better title sequence.[View]
107230617Step aside, we’re here to chew bubblegum and destroy Star Wars... and we’re both out of bubblegum[View]
107229210Stop my invincible son[View]
107229073Imagine you could have a lesbian movie made with any two actresses. Who would you choose and with wh…[View]
107228992What is /tv/ opinion about A Star is Born[View]
107226334S.o.y. films: I'll start.[View]
107226537Hey gar.....its art.....[View]
107229203Let's settle this: Do people even care about The Simpsons? http://www.strawpoll.me/17053896…[View]
107228503*hits pipe*[View]
107228220Who are some attractive Hollywood Jews? Past, present or future[View]
107230290why the title cards tho?[View]
107219611YMS: What are /tv/'s thoughts on YMS?[View]
107230163into the spader-verse lol[View]
107228387Explain the ending scene of the rabbits overlapping Abigail giving the Queen a ''blowjob'' Also how …[View]
107228912Was it a real gun?[View]
107224063>it's a truman continues to blame all his problems on one thing he can't/won't fix…[View]
107226044What's your favorite thing about Emily Blunt? For me, it's the natural confidence she exud…[View]
107229826ITT: shows where the MC is literally a cuck: GRR ARGH[View]
107229954Was it racist ?[View]
107229952But what was his tax policy?[View]
107229865Well /tv/, what did you think of my new show Nightflyers? I want your honest opinion! Also i'm …[View]
107229857Is this the most underrated sitcom of all time?[View]
107229780Endings that brainlets can't understand[View]
107229908who the fuck was in the wrong?[View]
107229591ITT: God-tier Casting: He strikes me as a truly insane man![View]
107229874>70 minute episodes Why the fuck is this allowed?[View]
107228983>Don't forget to giver her Smeckler's Powder![View]
107229511Stupid Movies: I'll start.[View]
107228535should i watch this or the original watch half the first season 1 and it was to ABC for me[View]
107227591An engineer reads music. An architect plays music.[View]
107229754Christmas kino: Hey, c'mere![View]
107229725if it weren't for the shitty editing during the action scenes this would be the best christmas …[View]
107228038Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
107213638Have you rewatched the GOAT December movie recently?[View]
107228233Is it African American kino?[View]
107226286What are some scenes from films that really fucked you up?[View]
107226582>what's next in her career?[View]
107225517Anyone else watch this show? I never see anyone discussing it here, but it's not bad. Not much …[View]
107229473ITT: movies obese basement-dwelling retards enjoy because they can self-insert themselves to escape …[View]
107229226Name a better black alpha male[View]
107225651It is Saturday Night and Lost in Space is on Tell us how you would kill all the rest of the family …[View]
107226422Whatever he's paying you, I'll double it![View]
107229327Hari Kondabolu - Hero of /tv/: >singlehandedly destroys zombie simpsons sounds like /ourguy/…[View]
107229423If you hate this movie, you hate gay people[View]
107229260What film projects would you like to see next for award winning actress Lady GaGa?[View]
107227673what went wrong?[View]
107228772How come the entire Nazi high command looked like ugly manlet losers? What are some other films abou…[View]
107221297Is Chloe Moretz's career salvageable?[View]
107229310What are some good waifu simulators?[View]
107223179Cartoon characters you wanted to fuck[View]
107228752>No fifth season Biggest tragedy of the century[View]
107226521Here's your new spiderman movie. You get a token black guy, an anime character, and a lesbian.[View]
1072289963 years, cast him[View]
107228908>protagonist gets shot in the shoulder >survives it…[View]
107228616Is this kino?[View]
107228548>'I'm Vegan'[View]
107226833Now that the dust has settled[View]
107228817WORTH IT[View]
107227555Saoirse and Margot will be on Andrew Marr later. Is it morally wrong to masturbate like a demented …[View]
107228587My family and I do movie-themed Christmas photos each year. This year was DIE HARD[View]
107224985Has Emma Stone clearly become the best Emma?[View]
107228268Why was this such a massive disappointment?[View]
107228613ITT: Movies incels will never understand[View]
107226860can we get a music video kino thread going https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuBETyA_yxc&t=62s…[View]
107227076>Max Richter starts playing[View]
107226001The Internet's Own Boy: >dude, papers that professors and phd students spent years to write …[View]
107228467This system's got no balls[View]
107219499>Saturday night Why are you here?[View]
107227739I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about i…[View]
107208546Why didn't they just move near the waterfall?[View]
107227763What do you want on your tombstone?[View]
107224918Any GoT S8 leaks yet?[View]
107219786hey /tv/ it's saturday night let's watch the goonies >cytu be/r/sleepsnug >put a dot…[View]
107227191Schindler's List Inaccuracy?: I was watching a David Irving lecture where he states that pic re…[View]
107227281Need opinions on this film[View]
107227878Remember that Malcolm in the middle episode when malcolm masturbates reese accidentally and dewey co…[View]
107228182Western films set in China: What are some non-Chinese films filmed in China? They don't have to…[View]
107226512Now that the dust has settled, is the Simpsons movie, dare I say, kino?[View]
107206905YEAH IM THINKING ITS AVGN KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shwFNKP_mI4[View]
107228055Nostaligia: Nostalgic Commercial Thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di6C5WdlLLY[View]
107223913pick a number 0-9. Good luck[View]
107225948KRAMER NOOOOOO!!!!!!![View]
107227800Break down a plot or character's plight to some dumb meme.: >muh three billion…[View]
107221366based normies know Peter Parker is the one and only Spider-Man[View]
107227470Did she predict the future? https://youtu.be/jdO3GxpeMC4[View]
107227138lets make a plot for this movie[View]
107226647>Not that anon, but... >Am 100% eniquivocally, undeinably, irrevoably, without a doubt, indisp…[View]
107223226look at this fucking loser lmfao[View]
107227450Here's your popcorn anon, you doing ok you look a little down?[View]
107214402> Madam, it seems that you're are a no better a judge of human beings than you are a specime…[View]
107226584Miami Vice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAWL_bdpXWA >You will never go to La Habana in your f…[View]
107227188Cast him[View]
107226984Mr. Popo: WHAT was he?[View]
107226857>Character shows the meal they cooked >says “Bone apple tea!” Where did this start? Why do the…[View]
107227235'Nice twirl you got there, you know who invented that, dont you?'[View]
107227306>Teach Elvis to dance >Go All-American for the Alabama Crimson Tide >Meet President Kennedy…[View]
107222023Creepy Spanish movie.: Trying to figure out this movie . went on a vacation with my parents to visit…[View]
107224713>she fucked a 13 year old >multiple times how in the FUCK did they get away with this?? inb4 I…[View]
107225995Forget the memes. I think this theory of Titanic and Great Gatsby may have credit to it as it makes …[View]
107223893>I can’t stand mirth. Cheerful people seem guilty to me, because they can’t comprehend the mournf…[View]
107224940There’s no excuse for what they did to you.[View]
107221980Oh no no no no no no noooo[View]
107227196Dat 5in1 headshot with FMJ round. Bravo, Lars![View]
107214273Why do people like this piece of fucking shit?[View]
107227174What kind of accent is this?: https://youtu.be/kayFrIR-Qfw?t=43[View]
107225459What are some films about growing old?[View]
107226585Go ahead and say it Mr. Trump. You have our permission.[View]
107223954Movies whit this genre/feeling?[View]
107225499>character saves an entire aeroplane full of innocent people from certain doom >real human bei…[View]
107226143Why can’t I watch the road anywhere[View]
107212648Into the Spider Verse: MilesxGwen is the best thing to come out of this movie! <3[View]
107226068Women who choose the assholes will fucking end this race. They will fucking end this human race if w…[View]
107225487what is essential film noir /tv/?[View]
107226318What's the funniest Woody Allen movie /tv/?[View]
107219739https://deadline.com/2018/12/harvey-weinstein-accused-again-sexual-assault-sundance-1202520650/ >…[View]
107222427Is this the most inaccurate portrayal of an historical person ever put on film?[View]
107226719Songs you like due to movies: Songs you like because of a memory attached with a specific movie or a…[View]
107224528So anon, tell me about yourself.[View]
107226158Suicide when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4tLcPwKfCw[View]
107221857>381 days until 2020[View]
107226540should i watch this or the original watch half the first season 1 and it was to ABC for me[View]
107225557Can't wait to party back on Earth.[View]
107226117Yeah. I'm thinking he's back.[View]
107224197will it be kino?[View]
107226087I just watched Aquaman, ama[View]
107225183so fucking bad[View]
107225043I got 20 fuckin’ mouths to feed[View]
107224362Go ahead, say it. You can tell them I told you to.[View]
107223435Wow I always knew that IASP was funny, but I did not expect Season 13 episode 10 to be THIS powerful…[View]
107225895A year has passed. Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107225386Mr. Anon, is it true what they say about “you people”?[View]
107226183https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhfnTs0RZLs >improves your kino[View]
107226141Cast him[View]
107226160>Richard, your favorite President is Andrew Jackson? >What if I told you Andrew Jackson was a …[View]
107225843Remember when people were actually excited by the plot, loved the characters, and couldn't wait…[View]
107222895/vikings/+/thelastkingdom/: >best girl >vikings Judith >tlk pic related…[View]
107226079How do we solve the janny question?[View]
107214270>decided to watch pic related because is winning a lot of awards everywhere >wowitsfuckingnoth…[View]
107225215Movies like shame except they take place during Christmas[View]
107223503Why did everyone want to go to Dorsia?[View]
107224663>Drake is playing guitar in his room >Josh bust through the door with a raging hard on, and ye…[View]
107221695What should I watch next?[View]
107223988>ywn be in a wine club with Smallville Superman and Lex Why live?[View]
107223847Will season 3 be better than season 2?[View]
107208624/trek/: 'Ensign Anon, come to shuttlebay 3 at once' edition previous:>>107201913[View]
107225733why go to movies anymore when its full of niggers talking and annoying roasties checking their phone…[View]
107210210After more than 10 years, I believe these are the 6 greatest moments in the MCU[View]
107225621IT 2 trailer: It's here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4_NFYeXVCU[View]
107225726ITT your movie ideas >when an incel loves a roastie[View]
107222309The most kino thing about this movie is the score[View]
107213920Webm Thread[View]
107225308FAIR HARVARD[View]
107224356Hollywood Child Abuse: These two men could blow the lid off of pizza related maps. Isn't it evi…[View]
107225059>watching film with qt, second date >sex scene happens >say 'based' under my brea…[View]
107215833Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, …[View]
107225072Why did he do it?[View]
107222111Finally, with ROMA I realized how stupid this board is. I wasted +90% of my time here. For that 10% …[View]
107224992IMDB 8.6 my ass. ROMA was boring as shit. Why do people overrate things so badly.[View]
107225347Rusty desperately wanted to be a man, but he had too much bitch in him. And deep inside his vagina, …[View]
107213760ITT: /tv/-shit you were memed in to watch[View]
107223023I like the television because the girl[View]
107223638In this thread we post my favorite MadTV sketch[View]
107224716Post pics or .webm's where 'you just know'[View]
107225166what the fuck?[View]
107222820What are some other notable big budget 'so bad it's good' type movies?[View]
107223562SNL General: Continued from >>107217328 Saturday Night Live General S44E09 Host Matt Damon; Mi…[View]
107225155Get back to rubbing my sweaty feet you dirty incel!!!![View]
107221324Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...[View]
107225127Last of the v8 intercepts[View]
107221176why didn't he just institute universal basic income?[View]
107222474What are some shows with this aesthetic?[View]
107223841>Irish people are shitheads: The Movie[View]
107224777I want the message boards back[View]
107224908Fraiser General: Comife christmas episodes.: Discuss Frasier episodes. What is the best Fraiser chri…[View]
107221796Fuck stranger things and fuck Millie Bobby Brown’s overrated ass[View]
107219065Are chinese people racists??[View]
107217361Slay Belles: You DID buy her movie, didn't you?[View]
107223459>character is depressed >has sex regularly…[View]
107224639Sneed could be anywhere[View]
107223808Has there ever been a fanbase so cringey? How is that even possible and in what circles do those '''…[View]
107222742>206K Likes: Will this do bigger numbers than the Elon Musk episode (currently 17.5 million youtu…[View]
107224698Creepy old PSA (Lost media): I was wondering if anyone had seen it too, many years ago,when i was st…[View]
107224696>how did you know I was here? >never mind that, we don't have much time…[View]
107223821Realistically, if the circumstances were entirely discreet, you signed an NDA, and consequence of de…[View]
107217651what in the fuck were they thinking with this?[View]
107212721I'm the Joker, babe![View]
107222159What are some films about getting nookie?[View]
107224311Fat cuck: Spotted one of you in the wild today This post was made by /o/ gang[View]
107221140how do we make doctor who chilling again?[View]
107224021Why dont movies show the behind the scenes of making the movies?[View]
107224517Watching Horns, already kino[View]
107223250Yup yup yup! There’s something I’d like to say[View]
107223217Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
107222058Was he right? Did they let a killer walk free?[View]
107223216As a redhead with large breast, I feel that Hollywood doesnt have strong representation for us in th…[View]
107219961Is there a better scene in all of superhero cinema?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjD9X2mPIXY…[View]
107222223what are some movies about 222222 i want to die[View]
107222259>Australia is awake see you guys in 12 hours[View]
107222911Was it Kino?[View]
107223201Who will they team up against in 2020?[View]
107221216What if we just ignored it all?: Do you guys think it's possible for enough of the general publ…[View]
107223946/GG/ Godzilla General. Thread for discussing the upcoming flm, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as we…[View]
107222896*He works for the american government killing, raping, etc. and the more cruel he is, the more he is…[View]
107223259here's your christmas present, bro[View]
107223860Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107223830For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
107214310Do people actually enjoy listening to The Young Turks? They have a shitty tv show and everything. I …[View]
107219741What’s she looking at /tv/?[View]
107223603any movies where the female MC has a bad end?[View]
107223678Sneed Cinematic Universe: Ever notice how every one of Groening’s animated work features a character…[View]
107223552I'm gonna say it..![View]
107223589Why did they retcon Halloween 2? It was a good sequel.[View]
107202296>A friendship perfectly encapsulated by Samwise's undying devotion to his friend Frodo which…[View]
107223438Thanos opens a portal and disappears. One by one, Bucky, Falcon, T'Challa, Wanda, Parker, Groot…[View]
107221705reminder that this man is a big shot movie star now this is some sick shit boycott john cena[View]
107217328SNL General: Saturday Night Live General S44E09 Host Matt Damon; Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson perform…[View]
107222448Scary Movie Recommendations: What are some actually scary movies /tv/? The last film that actually s…[View]
107223200This show had no right to be as good as it did[View]
107221600I really wanted to like this, but it lacked something tangible that I can't quite put my finger…[View]
107223229>Teen movie break-up scene >I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL…[View]
107223228I ain't got no motherfuckin friends That's why I fucked yo' bitch, you fat motherfuck…[View]
107221488What was his fucking problem?[View]
107223117>your 7th favorite movie Post em[View]
107222499What is Pierce so happy about /tv/? His smile is LARGER than life[View]
107222968>Holiday episode >It's 'everything goes wrong in wacky ways but hey in the end we're…[View]
107204373Adapt this into a tv series[View]
107220706I know we meme about news becoming movies all the time but this one sounds like it would be good …[View]
107222716I did it. Someone get me in touch with Jonah.[View]
107222908>Enter my basement >Arcane energy crackles all around me >Reach into my satchel of gold dus…[View]
107197640Mortal Engines FLOP: >Peter Jackson has launched some great blockbusters during mid-December incl…[View]
107222727Swarthy Castizo tier 'Kind of white' people > Pink Aryan Pigs with no eyebrows GET FUCKED NORDKEK…[View]
107222670House With a Clock in it's Walls: Should I watch this later tonight after getting good and plas…[View]
107222668Lost 2009 Mcdonalds Ad?: In 2009 Mcdonalds had a happy meal set during the summer the promote the 30…[View]
107222637Fifty years ago we'd have consensually asked you if we could place you upside-down with a freak…[View]
107222635..because of the implication[View]
107221679>makes me stiff as a board[View]
107222514What do you say is your favorite movie in a situation where you wanna act high-brow? For me it'…[View]
107215756Why does no one ever talk about the fact that Carrie Fisher’s performance in The Last Jedi was quite…[View]
107221321I think we can all agree with this.[View]
107216865is Tina Fey the poor woman's Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Less funny, less attractive[View]
107221982Burning thread PSA DO NOT WATCH THE SHITTY SUBTITLES[View]
107222218What did he mean by this?[View]
107222310>mfw when she says she has a penis but she does not in fact have a penis…[View]
107221833Black Cinema: Why don't they make movies about successful black men in history? It would be som…[View]
107221124When will Disney wake the fuck up and make a Republic Commando film?[View]
107222286Would you like fries with that?[View]
107222230/mg/ - Mommy General: Who's the best mommy of 2018?[View]
107221577What happened to him?[View]
107221565I wanna ask a girl out to watch a movie at the local kinoplex What do you guys recommend?[View]
107222158>side character starts talking about his wife/kids/family >next, that side character dies…[View]
107222113DUDE JUMPSCARES LMAO This movie fucking SUCKS.[View]
107220584Why did he just stay there and scream[View]
107221422moments in shows that gave you goose pimples[View]
107213475Star Wars Episode IX: First thing, we're getting a trailer on Christmas, along with title revea…[View]
107220153the house that jack built: >2h 30m ya, ok bud[View]
107221652Films that turn viewers into Nazis?[View]
107221238Why are Mexicans so racist towards Spaniards?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=0-fR0AMyzxg[View]
107221799So was he thinking about killing Sheev since then?[View]
107221854>mfw she doesn't have a penis[View]
107220527Leslie Jones[View]
107221775Watching The Faculty. She's so fucking sexy bros.[View]
107219602Is this any good?[View]
107219973Fantastic.Beasts.The.Crimes.of.Grindelwald.2018.1080p.KORSUB.HDRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT: >Fant…[View]
107217306*HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *HUNH* *H…[View]
107220930*hosts the oscars in your path*[View]
107220017holy FUCK when did americlaps become so real? few years ago i thought just a funny joke, ya sure peo…[View]
107220846Can we take a moment to remember that this happened https://youtu.be/FoGGDKV88Fg[View]
107221536>mfw she has a penis[View]
107218874/oasg/ - Obscure Adult Swim General: Best obscure, old adult swim show? Stroker and Hoop, hands down…[View]
107221440STOP HIM[View]
107221428Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107191185Draw how you would escape using movie logic.[View]
107220915What is the greatest female performance in film?[View]
107221391>watch movie/show >character references other movie/show >mfw actor or costar is in referen…[View]
107216716Kirk vs. Picard: Change my mind[View]
107218033KINO. My third time watching and want to watch for the fourth time[View]
107219991Why do women only dress like this in animated shows/movies and not in live action ones?[View]
107219289>Mista pleaze I'm begging ya![View]
107219941A To Catch a Predator thread mite b kewl[View]
107217585J U S T[View]
107219189Do i dare watch the Ultimate edition?[View]
107217048Married With Children: Could such a sexist show exist today?[View]
107211053How did we get such a goddamn good movie?: And is this the biggest case of blue balls SJWs have ever…[View]
107221198AGHHHHHH: What are kinos for thatuhh nigger who has spent enough time on /tv/ to question the validi…[View]
107220088An expectations disruption could mean only one thing...[View]
107219436Leslie Jones[View]
107219345Why did they need so many solar panel?[View]
107220927>watch a british detective tv show >the main characters boss is a woman >everyone refers to…[View]
107221079You’re looking a little thin my dear.[View]
107220789For me, it's Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse[View]
107220015so i guess this really was the ultimate Pleb filter[View]
107219413Why does the amerinog is always complaining?: They have better living standards than 90% of humanity…[View]
107218563Which comedians are the best story tellers?[View]
107216801She qt[View]
107221019Is this knock-off Sopranos? Seriously, down to the strip club and everything. The accents are so ter…[View]
107221014Only Thebus Driver would be crazy enough to drive a school bus through a bank wall. It's no won…[View]
107221013How did he know that the confit byaldi would win Anton Ego over and get the restaurant a good review…[View]
107219166Yeah? Well the feed and seed store called...[View]
107220849>/tv/ does nothing but pray that the monthly blockbuster flops and cries when it inevitably doesn…[View]
107220969What was this scene attempting to convey? Senility Awareness?[View]
107220278Your honor, heroin is out of my life.[View]
107220790I actually enjoyed this. What the fuck kind of pleb am I?[View]
107217971any movies about a guy who does the right thing?[View]
107215771>its a Kanye talks about wolves for 30 minutes episode[View]
107220770movie YLYL[View]
107220769I've never seen this before, what am I in for?[View]
107220746ahem *tink tink tink*: NIGGER[View]
107219547Disney Pedo: I want to smell his fingers[View]
107219851Weaselling out of things is what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel.[View]
107219904Post movies that only you like/have seen[View]
107220626>shot the black guy after he won the coin toss how did they get away with this?…[View]
107218271And you are truly beautiful.[View]
107219521She was murdered, right?[View]
107218006>You woke up this morning >The world turned upside down >Thing's ain't been the s…[View]
107212237I literally never watched this, should I unironically give it a chance or is it Reddit?[View]
107218420Who here /Christmas Kino/?[View]
107220357Cast it[View]
107220240What would a Kojima-directed film be like?[View]
107218440imagine being this wrong[View]
107217879>Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974, it's a scientific fact Was Homer right?…[View]
107218902Can people with Autism make good movies?: Kubrick movies feel like they were made by someone with as…[View]
107213465Why film critics so out of touch with audiences?: Reminder. Pic related beat Spiderman Homecoming in…[View]
107216585Was Blade Runner her best movie?[View]
107215215Spider-Man dabs on /pol/tards: Most of /tv/ is too racist to enjoy the best superhero movie we'…[View]
107218686Well thief?[View]
107219868Honest /tv/ Review: Probably one of my favorite movies this year and definitely the most fun I'…[View]
107217404this week marks the one year anniversary of star wars: the last jedi, please say something nice abou…[View]
107217840So did the authorities ever catch the killer?[View]
107219844Why is PotC 3 so hated? It was pretty good, lot of good scenes.[View]
107219700No Country For Old Men: I just marathoned this flick, what did I think of it?[View]
107219805I see people talking about Joker Baby a lot on here, but what if he actually got his own movie? We…[View]
107219723How great would this have been?[View]
107211882As a white kid, my heroes were John MacLane, Dirty Harry, Martin RIggs and Conan the Barbarian. If I…[View]
107217715Why? Why did they get awards for the LotR script--easily the weakest part of the production? Why are…[View]
107219546Why did they do it?[View]
107218602This show is great. I don't care what anyone else says.[View]
107219515when will Melvin get into the DCEU?[View]
107217685Why is Dennis working in a record store?[View]
107219157I miss him bros[View]
107219429i wonder if you know how they live in tokyo[View]
107217997Venoom venommm kinnno kinnnooo: Venommm venommm vennnommmm venom venoooom Mouse fags unable to recov…[View]
107218261So I was listening to some Utah Philips concerts and I was wondering, what are some good Wobblie mov…[View]
107219340Anyone watch it yet?[View]
107219335'Wait, Star Wars fans actually liked that crap JJ fed them…time to show no mercy upon their sweet so…[View]
107218844I'm gonna do it... I'm gonna say the n-word...[View]
107218290*blocks your path*[View]
107216678Raindrops keep falling on my head But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red lalala…[View]
107217777So we all know this is going to win best picture right? I mean, I haven't seen it, I haven…[View]
107219091Kino of the year, perhaps?[View]
107219162ITT good medieval kino[View]
107218562How would you use it and how would you avoid getting caught by Eru?[View]
107218780Are Irish 'people' really this bitchy?[View]
107212933what prof is there of minia being godzilla's real son and not some deformed retard that godzill…[View]
107218842why did he act like such a n*gger all the time? >ruthlessly makes fun of Michael while he tried t…[View]
107219134Movies you wanted to like but didn't: This was pretty hyped and supposedly a good entry to a gr…[View]
107215237>Before you can scream yourself awake, you find yourself plunging into A Nightmare on Elm Street …[View]
107219021Underrated Christmas movies[View]
107218576Are they Christmas movies?[View]
107215653https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRsFc2gguEg Keno or not?[View]
107214616SVENGOOLIE GENERAL: SVENGOOLIE GENERAL -- http://www.svengoolie.com >What the heck is Svengoolie?…[View]
107219039What are some of your favorite moments of characters being infinitely stupid to just further the plo…[View]
107214781Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
107218346ROGER ROGER[View]
107218312>That's great Brad. For myself, I'd probably have to go with a serious actor as well …[View]
107215712LOGAN: Best movie of this decade. Prove me wrong. >Protip: u can't…[View]
107218098Unexpected kino[View]
107217206Was it, dare i say it, Kino?[View]
107218216this is the worst one[View]
107218762Was it real?[View]
107217184Recommend us a movie[View]
107218723Anyone has a working download link for this?: I was downloading it off rarbg but it stopped at 97% f…[View]
107218720Was it Kino?: Now that the dust has settled can we agree this is the best comedy of the early 2000s?…[View]
107217794DRAKE BTFO[View]
107218599friendship movies: Movies with this kind of aesthetic? what are the best movies about friendship?…[View]
107218419Theme Park Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKVd-xwxgJs[View]
107217449Can we have a serious discussion about this film? Thematically, it really struck me as one of those …[View]
107217645>all jews are ba- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpVfcZ0ZcFM[View]
107218433What was the final straw that made you drop anime forever? Fot me it was the glopping fireworks.[View]
107212111San Francisco movies: Tell me movies shot in and around the best American city (for us Europeans)…[View]
107216279ITT: things you like to see in films[View]
107218449Recommend me documentary kino, /tv/. Bonus points if it's something that I can watch with my gr…[View]
107215607Newsflash for Adam Savage: Making a stupid little clay model for a piece of shit movie like 'star wa…[View]
107218067Home Alone 2: Lost in the World Trade Center Plot: Kevin, finds out the Wet Bandits have escaped fro…[View]
107218401>And Rohan will answer. What did he mean by this?[View]
107214552>1990 >Star in one of the most famous christmas movie of all time >Almost thirty years late…[View]
107218369What are some good /tv/ recommended movies that I can watch with my cute daughter?[View]
107216935What are some bad episodes of the first ten seasons?[View]
107218014>i'm gonna eat you![View]
107216978>A little white in you. I like that. >Then you're gonna love me! Why did we need to know …[View]
107217752who would you cast in the inevitable live action adaptation?[View]
107218223stargate: any thought on stargate, sg1 , sga, sgo[View]
107217300*misinterprets your children's movie*[View]
107218199War Films: I'll start off with the greatest.[View]
107217866/ourgrace/ Aquaman review is up!!!: Marvel on suicide watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSDO6fVz…[View]
107218123David Goyer's THE FLASH: In 2005, Warner Bros Pictures began developing THE FLASH from a script…[View]
107216664>I was a high quality double knotted noose to hang all the colored kids with! wtf? this is a chri…[View]
107218190>aye, but at what cost[View]
107217995Who's prepared for the kino of the century?[View]
107211922Who will play them in the Hollywood adaptation?[View]
107209673Absolute worst version of the Joker >campy but in a bad way, unlike from 60s tv show >Zero rea…[View]
107218041>Charls, you know I'm here right?[View]
107217481Why are there so many threads on that new spoodermen flick all of the sudden? It doesn't even b…[View]
107217224/sg/ - Sneed General[View]
107218028>And were you also funny in your fantasy?[View]
107214964There is literally not a single flaw.[View]
107217946>No wonder everyone hates you, I.S.R.A.E.L., you're so goddamn aggravating! Fuck Raimi, how …[View]
107216348Will it be kino?: Not a will farrel fag but looks pretty funny.[View]
107217485Why didn’t he stop it?[View]
107216068Now that the dust has settled, maybe the Federation was a good thing after all?[View]
107216161Is... is this the Star Wars of Evangelion?[View]
107213883Now that the dust has settled... was it kino?[View]
107217806>Men are not worthy to women until they fit a woman's requirements: the movie…[View]
107217218>I'm from Buenos Aries and I say, 'kill 'em all!' What did he mean by this?…[View]
107211111I have watched all good movies[View]
107215778House M.D. is one of the best TV shows ever change my mind xD[View]
107217433What YYEEEAAAR?![View]
107217624WHEN is the best time to watch a movie and WHY is it 10 PM?[View]
107216913Cast this character?[View]
107217355I am making an all female legion of doom using real people. So far I only have Courtney Love, and Ca…[View]
107217578As bad as TLJ was, this was still worse[View]
107212233*ahem*: Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement...[View]
107216251>Narcos: Mexico is a gritty, realis-[View]
107217530>paid to watch her video >she never called >am still alive years later so very fake and gay…[View]
107217352Redpill me on the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike[View]
107217541Need to stop watching these. Its all the same shit all the time.[View]
107216600Shows only you watched[View]
107217387is it actually good or just oscar bait?[View]
107217022if you want to hurt another human being, you'd better make damn sure they're the same colo…[View]
107217185A well-placed pen can have quite an effect on a man like him[View]
107217382>Normally, with a job like this, I'd need $1 million dollars in advance, but I'm willin…[View]
107212858Is it kino?[View]
107215276Was it good or not?[View]
107217286Here's your spider-man bro[View]
107216924What the fuck, his arrow is literally the most OP weapon in history, how the fuck would you defend a…[View]
107212765Are they going to cancel SNL?[View]
107215818>is the best comic book movie of the last decade in youre're path[View]
107217178Just marathoned the first 40 minutes of this What did I think?[View]
107215529Why are Audiences more knowledgeable of Film as Art than supposed 'critics' ?[View]
107215809Big D and his gang is about to beat you up, what do you do?[View]
107214307Why was this so popular? Its painfully mediocre.[View]
107214898Anybody watch Koreeda's new movie Shoplifters? So what was the deal with Aki, the granddaughter…[View]
107216591ITT episodes where once great shows should have ended[View]
107216645Did anyone else think this was comfy af?[View]
107216683>this is the first shot I'm in for some kino, aren't I?[View]
107216394ITT: films only you are looking forward to:[View]
107214296OH NO NO NO NO NO: Maisie Williams is gonna do movies like THIS after Game of Thrones end? Career ov…[View]
107211484What did he mean by this?[View]
107216879>TFW Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.[View]
107214047they respected me for saying it[View]
107198159Not sure I get it. What did you guys think?[View]
107216296I really look forward to this. 'The Final Girls' was intrinsically and subjectively great for me, so…[View]
107216407>slapping da bass[View]
107215163can we talk about this classic on 4channel?[View]
107211456Ruh roh[View]
107211520imagine if she crushed your dick like that haha[View]
107215192>American cartoon[View]
107215278ITT movies only you liked[View]
107215262Why is it OK for white people to replace people of color in movies with whites but when someone make…[View]
107216388always sunny: Is 'Times up for the Gang' the last good episode of always sunny we'll ever get? …[View]
107214978Underrated films[View]
107215587Any kinos regarding this?[View]
107216580'I have had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane'[View]
107214385Have you ever participated in any /tv/ related trivia?[View]
107215793Moe, no! Don't do it![View]
107216376/tv/, I think I'm at a point where I'm basically unscareable/uncreepoutable when it comes …[View]
107216370Anyone go see the brand new Deadpool film in theaters?[View]
107215745 [View]
107215720Why doesn't anyone stop him from saying it?[View]
107216260Its almost there lads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfK-bfElOs8 Hang tight[View]
107210273Is he pleb or patrician?[View]
107212843Bird.Box.2018.NF.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >Bird.Box.2018.NF.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO >Bird.…[View]
107215495what are some movies about being in love with a woman 8 years older than you[View]
107207543Pray for /ourguy/[View]
107215583Ok. Let's say you are a Hollywood director and you have a budget of 150 million dollars to make…[View]
107206816Remake the sequels. Hard mode: No EU storylines Harder mode: Keep Rey, Kylo, Finn and Poe[View]
107216017>In the summer of 1996 when I was working with Jim Varney on a film I was approached by him NUMER…[View]
107215374I'M SO SICK OF THIS SHIT: GOD. WHY is EVERYONE on this fucking WEBSITE so OBSESSED!!!! with thi…[View]
107215958Is that Andy Serkis' peak performance? https://youtu.be/1NpExkViy6M[View]
107213131Have you ever tried to write a screenplay?[View]
107215776what's your favorite movie that was filmed in Sneedville, Tennessee?[View]
107215862what are some movies about learning to appreciate a foreign culture[View]
107195569Spiderkino: Can we actually have a threas about this without poltards/antipoltards? You know... disc…[View]
107215593Imagine having your skin be the same color as shit[View]
107215975>Robby Krieger, the guitarist in the Doors, gave his consent and assistance to the film because S…[View]
107215684why are post-apocalyptic movies always bad? why do samurai movies rarely have interesting fights?[View]
107215801>yeah, well... whatever, bitch.[View]
107215536How much longer do you think RLM will be creating content? Aren't they sick of watching capeshi…[View]
107214397Why did the director phone it in?[View]
107202616Movies about overcoming all odds[View]
107211400What are some movies with this feel?[View]
107213300What the FUCK were they thinking with this?[View]
107215854he'll be fine[View]
107215636Post masterpieces: ITT: We post timeless masterpieces[View]
107214926>Macaulay Caulkin as pizza boy What did they mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shwFNK…[View]
107215034Is this kino?[View]
107215716who was in the wrong here?[View]
107215661is there any good place to debate cinema: I'm looking for somewhere that has threads for high q…[View]
107213240Is there a private tracker for japanese films or am I just not looking hard enough on the open web.[View]
107213492Best look by far, why did they have to shave him off in Endgame?[View]
107215530Wait a minute, what was his catchphrase again? I forget. >Have you ever danced with ___ ______ in…[View]
107213694>one copy of The Last Jedi on BluRay, please.[View]
107214387>it's comfy[View]
107215305Zoiks! He was a klingon this whole time. Scooby dooby-doo![View]
107208091Top Gun Maverick leaks: F14 confirmed[View]
107215178What films accurately explain the Higgs mechanism?[View]
107214341This is Riley Keough, and up-and-coming actress. Her body of work is becoming more and more interest…[View]
107214870LifeForce: Oh god oh fuck ahhhhhh[View]
107214979Do you like The Big Lebowski?[View]
107211337Why did his entire family hate him?[View]
107214524Hate myself for liking this movie so much. Zack Snyder, forgive me...[View]
107214977this is the only funny tv series to ever be made[View]
107215147>women can't make kin- WOAH[View]
107214083Why didn't he just give the parents of the two girls who died his memories so they too knew Wil…[View]
107211653ITT: Closeted Trump supporters of Hollywood[View]
107215005Just got back from watching this. Of all the capeshit I've seen over the years, they ranged fro…[View]
107214544Edgy movies: Ill start with the obvious one[View]
107193898What should the final episode be like?[View]
107213119What went wrong?[View]
107214877What are some movies that expose cat-people as the soiboys they are?[View]
107214144Hey ausbros could you tell us what this is like when it releases? Do you think it'll be kino or…[View]
107210928First Lars film I seen, wasn't bad. Fairly tame, the uncut version can't be any longer, ju…[View]
107210851Why did Lynch fuck this up so bad? Literally everything he added to the story was ridiculous >Bar…[View]
107212847Call Me By Your Name: Is it okay to like this movie as a straight?[View]
107205338well.. is it true?[View]
107204447Who is the best Disney princess?[View]
107207294>slow motion drone shots with epic music in the background >flash cuts walking around new york…[View]
107209669>protag goes from nobody to druglord in 2 episodes without knowing what the fuck he's doing …[View]
107214708ITT: characters who are pleb filter[View]
107214637SATURDAY NIGHT VIEWING THREAD What are you watching on this fine evening? >post your list >dec…[View]
107208813will it be good as Infinity War?[View]
107212502>gay witeboy fools sub-90 iq blacks[View]
107213100Which one is Chuck? Which one is Sneed? Who's the old man inside?[View]
107214627Found myself watching some old Mad Men clips and felt like my heart was actually aching. Will anyth…[View]
107214597Have you seen the film It's a Wonderful Life?: I reckon if 75% of the people who are thinking o…[View]
107213253Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife movies with this aesthetic? Neon Demon comes to mind[View]
107214368Why is it that the best size kino ever made had to come from something with such aggressively ugly c…[View]
107210967>spends 6 millions and pours his heart into realizing his life's dream >genuinely candid …[View]
107214480What's the best godzilla movie and why is it pic related?[View]
107211393The boy who lifted[View]
107213350>post yfw ywn watch the first season of true blood for the first time again…[View]
107214434Was he a cuckold?[View]
107209798What are some good desert movies?[View]
107214272The Movie-: didn't need them.[View]
107214195what's the appeal of hyper violence in a martial arts film? good choreography is all you need[View]
107212992Who else is torrenting all the summer movies they missed? Holy fuck this was bad.[View]
107214344What is wrong with this poor man, and why won't anyone help him?[View]
1072140885>4>3>6>Power Gap>7>R1>1>HUGE POWER GAP>8>2[View]
107214321Fuck I hope that human garbage dies soon. Preferably Christmas Eve. https://youtu.be/jxmmn0QaUDo[View]
107214126>it's a roz gives her stupid unsolicited opinion during frasier's show episode…[View]
107213685>56 How[View]
107214220is there any movies or docus aboyt hypnosis?[View]
107213204What's the best Gen X kids movie? (70s-80s era)[View]
107213044Favorite comedian? For me, its Brendan Schaub[View]
107211634 [View]
107213095What are some kinos about the idiocy of religion?[View]
107213552Movies that denounce consumerism: all while selling a metric ton of merch per minute[View]
107211551(formerly male)[View]
107212429>white criminals talk about suspension of disbelief![View]
107212496 [View]
107213457Hey, here’s 5 stupid things about all the hate Star Wars The Last Jedi Gets.[View]
107212062Remind me again, just what, precisely, are your great superpowers again?[View]
107213863>We can't let these Russians beat us in the ring like they beat Hillary in the election I g…[View]
107213659This is where the fun begins[View]
107212919The Machinist: Why is this movie not more famous? What is the true ending of this movie? What other …[View]
107213896she really did have great tits[View]
107207937I spending 9 months training, I always just wanted my body did not be part of the conversation: I di…[View]
107213786Movies you watch habitually: this actually seems like an epic prank.[View]
107212735was it animation kino?[View]
107213242What are some divine timetravel comedies that go in depth into the philosophy of the human soul that…[View]
107213709Posted on The Chive. Title is '20 Most Successful Movies of 2018'. Are you fucking kidding…[View]
107213206Why are movies such as cloverfield and unbreakable suddenly getting sequels a decade later ?[View]
107213691Star Wars Episode 1: Cast the Phantom Menace using 2018 actors. Try to keep Anakin ~10 and Padme ~1…[View]
107210490Was it kino, 4chan?: Don't make it political, you incels. Was it any good or is it trash like R…[View]
107213646OMFG IT'S HAPPENING!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6NZXh9v-Ks https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
107213484So you wanna be a Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado?[View]
107213518Why do we never see this character again? Despite being told to Sick the two carjackers by his owner…[View]
107212801This is Imogen Gay Poots, say something nice to her.[View]
107213343>It's a Bruce Willis does a direct-to-dvd movie again episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
107212891Live Action Sanic: How hard will it flop?[View]
107208385post an album, someone posts the movie equivalent[View]
107211032It would have all been prevented had the Irish Captain been put in charge: >More experienced >…[View]
107213108>can mind control people just by talking to them for a few minutes I was unaware people in the Sh…[View]
107203167/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: Post your profile Discuss films QotD: What is your profile?[View]
107212186Cast it.[View]
107213070Will he ever work again?[View]
107212691How do you start living like its 2018 and you're not in the past[View]
107213036And introducing Guy Fleegman as Security Chief 'Roc' Ingersol[View]
107212749What are some films that take place in VR?[View]
107186308*entire theater goes wild*[View]
107212993any single father and daughter kino?[View]
107211893Which carreer took off better?[View]
107211019What if it sucks lads? What if it's just like batman v supereman all over again?[View]
107212303why the FUCK are there still no cosmic horror kinos? there is literally no excuse.[View]
107212884Has Greece made any good movie since Costa-Gavras?[View]
107212829I liked Revenge of The Sith[View]
107205101Is Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse the most important film for African Americans since Black Panther…[View]
107210596what are some movies about weight changes[View]
107211233Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107209711Me disappointed.[View]
107205356why didnt his mum just phone him?[View]
107210733Hereditary or The VVitch?[View]
107210347What are the best tv related romance rivalries? or which were your favorites both the characters and…[View]
107211833Why was Satan in Star Wars?[View]
107212779i recently watched the little vampire with my nephew and just realised the girl was actually a dude?…[View]
107212722>and for Pete I'm so thankful what did she mean by this?[View]
107206989movie adaptation when[View]
107204296Reminder this was in a major Blockbuster movie and no one vetoed it at any stage https://m.youtube.c…[View]
107211275SOMEONE STOP HIM!!!!![View]
107212639>watching Ken Burns' Prohibition >get a case of crippling nostalgia for the 20s >tfw y…[View]
107212629imagine how much better hollywood would be if this bombed at the box office[View]
107212189what are some films with strong female leads?[View]
107211614Has anyone seen The Munsters?[View]
107212585Was he also Uncle Buck in Home Alone and Plains Trains and Automobiles ?[View]
107211462Death Kino: What's the most anti-kino song to die to? https://youtu.be/UO_uK33aQY8[View]
107198458It's been a year: Now that the dust has settled, what do we think about it?[View]
107211632What movies are most likely going to be nominated for Best Picture? I like to see all the nominees a…[View]
107210821What film is this?: A guy gets a gun from a fat metalhead neckbeard (he has headphones on a lot of t…[View]
107209820Was it autism?[View]
107206443how come women HATE this kind of character[View]
107210998Why is it that /tv/ is not talking about the BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR?[View]
107210600fat ugly guy, hot wife[View]
107212405Is this a Cinemax TV movie or a Logo TV movie?[View]
107210337>post yfw he comes out with a blade and saws his head off on live tv Saturday Nigh Live will be k…[View]
107212365Alright you fucking retards, we're going to have an actual thread about movies. Post shit you l…[View]
107196220https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLYEExrAEJI Post a worse TV moment?[View]
107212170KAKA KAKA TUKY TUKY: Name a more fun science fiction film made after 2001. I fucking dare you.…[View]
107212169>'Are you having a stupid nigger party? Heh heh': Jesus Christ, Rami...[View]
107203285Will it be kino?[View]
107211870Post actors who fooled EVERYONE[View]
107211182The Predator: why is it so low rated?[View]
107212086>Well, yeah, my mom always said I was old, that I was an old baby. She said I could frown before …[View]
107211532Apparently an extended version of pic related is already online but RARBG isn't specifying whic…[View]
107210892Shining: The ending kinda ruined it[View]
107212019did you guys enjoy the cameo?[View]
107200058Why didn't Hackson include him in the lotr?[View]
107208449Why does this have a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes? It was largely absent of plot, character development, a…[View]
107210837itt: kino logos[View]
107211977Name 1 (one) hotter broad than Drea Di Matteo CIrca 1999[View]
107200581Gangs of New York: Pure kino >Killing Irish mutts >Based Daniel Day >Fight scenes >Camer…[View]
107211848Characters who didn't deserve it.[View]
107211050Is he immortal?[View]
107207949you just know[View]
107210239What comedy movie is in your opinion ACTUALLY FUNNY and also smart/has some wit and is overall a goo…[View]
107211155why diddnt they just dull his blades?[View]
107211660Was he a good villain?[View]
107194325Just watched this. Holy shit. Is the rest of the show that good?[View]
107207099>Great news! >What? >Dacia Sandero is coming to UK! >Great! Anyways, new Mercedes...…[View]
107211312>horror movie franchise has a protagonist obsessed with stopping the slasher why is this awesome …[View]
107209706Why is everyone such a dick to Hugh? He's trying his best.[View]
107206819ITT: Post in order: 1. Your favorite movie from this decade so far 2. The most recently-released mov…[View]
107211645was Johnny Sack supposed to be a John Gotti type figure?[View]
107211548Is this movie a jojo reference /tv/?[View]
107211627Roma: men bad wamyn good[View]
107210713I have never watched Frozen. Should I?[View]
107208527>tfw we're going to get a /tv/ and /mu/ crossover episode Kino[View]
107211544He was the only good part of this movie but why did the director try to make him look bad?[View]
107209863>hey JOI, google how much a hummingbird needs to eat to survive >Sure thing, K. A hummingbird …[View]
107211478Alright, so sometimes people die. If the avengers are going to decide that it's unacceptable fo…[View]
107211374Bow to the fucking King. Where are you hater faggots at now? You fuckers said it would flop now look…[View]
107204916Your popcorn, sir.[View]
107211066Films literally only women understand[View]
107210788So what was the best Monster of the Week?[View]
107201569Kin-Dza-Dza! is a fantastic movie and we should discuss it more often. What did you think of it (ass…[View]
107210884Movies about traitors?[View]
107209742RUN NIGGER RUN[View]
107211134Why did Lars show a clip from Melancholia ? Why did Jack leave the sirens on the cop car going ?[View]
107211265/tv/ movie night: would anyone here be interested in me streaming and watching a film together with …[View]
107210944Things they could NEVER get away with on tv nowadays: >They sent you to a psychiatrist? But thats…[View]
107211223Under the Silver Lake: Did you like it?[View]
107210973What's you favorite movie of all time?: I think I would have to go with Goodfellas. It's a…[View]
107211131What are you watching tonight?[View]
107211199>Character doesn't have a job: >Wakes up before 10am[View]
107210987Who updates IMDB, For instance Jodelle Ferland is set to be in a new film called The Office Games bu…[View]
107210222Do you think there was a PA whose job it was to pat dry Michelle Pfeiffer when she took the costume …[View]
107210906These 'reviews' are a fucking awful. Why do people watch this shit?[View]
107207439Who's your favourite french actress?[View]
107211044Why is /tv/ so obsessed with losers?[View]
107211020If in the new timeline she didn't die how is possible that he didn't find her? She would s…[View]
107209817>muh pelts >muh payment wtf was his problem?…[View]
107210994post good movies that are like NOT IN ENGLISH (or just not in/about us or uk) im kinda tired of amer…[View]
107208103Why Doesn't Amy Schumer ever come on the Chip Chipperson Podacast?: Jim is her friend and helpe…[View]
107208865Star Wars Rebels: The first 2 seasons wasn't that bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_SddzYs…[View]
107210914What are some kinos about a hero that sacrifices himself to save millions?[View]
107201854>managed to BTFO haters >managed to BTFO racist >managed to BTFO Raimi's spiderman lit…[View]
107210681itt your fav simpsons character mine is homer[View]
107207466Guys I just watched Venom and I don't understand this scene. Eddie comes out of the elevator an…[View]
107210741I think we can all agree that Bryce Howard's character was her best persona. The real Bryce is …[View]
107210460Can a movie be OBJECTIVELY bad?[View]
107206899Kino Crossovers[View]
107198407/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General:: >all of Twin Peaks and /tv/ wants to fuck THIS…[View]
107209169Who should have been Anakin's Jedi Master?[View]
107210055She didn't get a golden globe nomination.: How?[View]
107208681Where the fuck do I watch the director's cut?[View]
107210376>watch police drama made by (((the media companies))) >episode features Hasidic Jews >Hasid…[View]
107210231You know, there is something I've been thinking about for a while...[View]
107210517Is this /ck-ino/?[View]
107210516Blazing Saddles: It's considered to be a classic, but how would this movie have been received i…[View]
107208902You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, yo…[View]
107210432This movie was pretty mediocre >Most Spider-People could be cut out completely >Killing Peter …[View]
107208361Just got a console. Pic related. Any movies to celebrate this feel?[View]
107208658I think we can all agree that this is the best movie of all time.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9…[View]
107207028Just found out this exists, can i get a quick rundown? no spoilers please Will someone who consider…[View]
107209189What movies or TV are cuckcore? I'm thinkin' >Disney >Marvel >DC >Pixar >An…[View]
107209590you now remember Enfys Nest[View]
107206889>british comedy >witty comments and observations >american comedy >HAHAAH THE FAT GUY FE…[View]
107208623This man is not our enemy.[View]
107208655how would a critically acclaim anime show go against a critically acclaim traditional tv show?[View]
107209391Welcome to the salty spatoon. How gay are ya?[View]
107209908He's gonna take you back to the past[View]
107208128sat night on /tv/[View]
107207681Penis Symbolism in Aquaman: You guys notice all the penis signs throughout the movie? >Aquaman ra…[View]
107207578So.... you are telling me they're not the same show?[View]
107209616Buffalo 66: Just watched Buffalo 66. What did I think about it? Also, do gfs like Layla exist?…[View]
107209536Was Mid90s actually good?: I haven't seen anyone on here talk about it? Is it similar to Kids?…[View]
107200968Why does she constantly get brought up in relation to the Weinstein scandal? Best Emma dindu nothing[View]
107209625>I smell bad, huh? Well it's better than having a dead kid[View]
107209991Does anyone else watch Tales from the Tour Bus?[View]
107205382What are these protuberances on her head. Are they hair or extra space for brain? If I cut them off,…[View]
107205942Aquaman general: Who else loved this movie? probably the most entertaining thing I have watched this…[View]
107209603>I have a little prepared speech I give when my suitor wants more than I'd like to give him.…[View]
107208413 [View]
107203425Dundirk: How can a good movie be so forgettable? Came out this year and I cant even remember what th…[View]
107209282TV-series about the Caesars to be made in 2019: Martin Scorsese and Michael Hirst are collaborating …[View]
107207151Why did he even exist? I mean, what the fuck was his point?[View]
107208643Any spanish or jap anons remember Willy Fog? It was such a light hearted and positive show with good…[View]
107209588As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a shitposter. To me, being a shitposter was bet…[View]
107206960>movie is about teenage love[View]
107209570Why The Hate[View]
107206072Actresse's who's performances drain you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JzXz4HvLpk…[View]
107207133heads or tails[View]
107205093/AmericanHorrorStory/: What is your favorite season and why? Least favorite and why? Favorite charac…[View]
107204116Why can't we have a godzilla movie where it's mostly about the monsters and no boring huma…[View]
107209401>main character is thrust into a supernatural world >spends way too long getting over the shoc…[View]
107207665Thoughts on this?[View]
107207362>that anon browsing 4chan on his phone in the theatre I saw you faggot[View]
107208662>If you’re waiting for me to care, I hope you brought something to eat, ‘cause it’s gonna be a re…[View]
107206547Cast it, nerds[View]
107203251How will featherfags cope? https://youtu.be/pG5sbVN3tI8[View]
107206852Does /tv/ still like mustache dad?[View]
107206801Merry Christmas, /tv/! Let's post our favorite Christmas movies! HO HO HO![View]
107208978My third session of Aqua56 will start now! Theater is FULL again[View]
107208668You call that a knife? THIS is a knife![View]
107206646Comfy Christmas movie thread[View]
107209025How cool are you?[View]
107209021>Hang on you mean to tell me that Hesh is part of some sorta multinational government conspiracy?…[View]
107206476>spends 6 millions and pours his heart into realizing his life's dream >genuinely candid …[View]
107208730>watch scene from random movie >decide to look at the comments >it's full of delusio…[View]
107202951>we're very big in Sheboygan what did he mean by this?[View]
107207206The House Jack Built[View]
107208633>my sandwich?! what was his problem? it was just a sandwich[View]
107208834How racist is TIMES to act like this is the first black film ever? Like some mediocre capeshit is a …[View]
107201913/trek/ - DS9 is great edition: DS9 is great![View]
107204910Apparently production on this movie fell through because American studios wanted it to be set in Was…[View]
107207698murdoch murdoch: My /pol/ phase is long over but I still love this shit, lol[View]
107202112What would be expected in their discussion?[View]
107207292Are CIA and FBI as evil as movies are making them to be?[View]
107204214What are some good movies about the American dream?[View]
107208614Dad, I’m a Scientologist. Always have, always will be. I know what your going to say, and I complete…[View]
107204988Leave Thanos (and every upcoming villain) to me.[View]
107199679Knife goes in, guts come out[View]
107207766Sorry to Bother You unknown song: Does anyone here who has watched it know the only song in the film…[View]
107205951why was skinny jim giving little borky the spicy foot?[View]
107204905Ahem. I’d like to take a moment to say Thank you memers Thank you dreamers Thank you seeders and fe…[View]
107206727Why was it so focused on fatherhood?: Is it an attempt at using a movie to influence a specific demo…[View]
107204730ANONS LOOK!!!: Anons look! it's the rock that looks like a LONG NECK!! Just like my mother said…[View]
107208227 [View]
107207374I can read Kylo's mind and he's going to kill you Rey, not me, you[View]
107207405T, I think I got sucked into a computer or something.[View]
107198806I'm worried about him, bros[View]
107206739What did the dream mean?[View]
107206550>Sex? I already tried it, it doesn't work. What did she mean by this?…[View]
107207486Why didn't he just try to buy Broomhilda under the pretense that he wants someone to speak Germ…[View]
107203915>entire episode mocking Christianity oh yeah, that was still edgy in 2006, good comedy dude…[View]
107206980What would Mr Wilkes say about all the homosexuals in Yorkshire?[View]
107205850How do you rate the Rocky series (including the Creeds) Rocky Rocky II Rocky Balboa Creed Creed II …[View]
107208006>MY NAME IS SCYLLA, AND I'M A WHORE. EVEROBDY'S HEARD OF ME Is there a more kino prosti…[View]
107207527IMA FUCKIN SHOOT YOU TONY, YOU FAT KIKE What did Raimi mean by this?[View]
107205448Besides The Planet of the Apes series, what films feature a monkey or ape related plot twist?[View]
107207737So in my opinion this movie was a mistake. Before you lose your shit let me explain. Alien was a goo…[View]
107204503>Aquaman grossed another $27M on FRI from 43 international markets lifting cume to $179.1M. Good …[View]
107203615Why do Americans consider this absolute trash 'classic Christmas core'?[View]
107207429what's next for his career?[View]
107207021Fat wh*te nerds, Jim and Mike, just recommended me it[View]
107202471Goodnight sweet prince F[View]
107207568Game Night - Brooks (Auto Fellatio scene): I heard about the Marylin Manson urban legend back in H.S…[View]
107205108What's his endgane?[View]
107207249Really gets the ol' chestnuts roasting on my open fire.[View]
107207510Where did it all go wrong?[View]
107204090was this the greatest after credits scene ever made /tv/?[View]
107207256Tis' the season then[View]
107206645Any kino for this feel? Aside from A Scanner Darkly of course.[View]
107206931https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jszgOXhhHgA It's up[View]
107206323Rita sue and bob 1987: I love it![View]
107204412Do New Yorkers really call hamburgers steamed hams?[View]
107202262/who/-Doctor Who General: TENNANT FOREVER edition[View]
107207270Why did they do it?[View]
107207335JANI VS JOKER[View]
107204293Which Jane Levy film do YOU enjoy the most? For me, it's Monster Trucks(2016)[View]
107202758Benicio Del Toro cast as Dora The Explorer villain Swiper the Fox: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvsho…[View]
107205366What is her best movie?[View]
107204924Is Die Hard a christmas film?[View]
107206985KINO. Netflix does it again[View]
107203124prove that bigfoot isn't real. i'll wait[View]
107207031Captain Marvel: Why doesn't Disney cast attractive females for phase 2?[View]
107206694Post great movies only you have seen.[View]
107205848Can The CW Pull It Off?[View]
107193772HIT THE ROAD JACK[View]
10720544212 angry men: What if the boy really was the killer?[View]
107206757You're weak. You're out of control. And you've become an embarrassment to yourself an…[View]
107206770Can people with Autism make good movies?: I know Kubrick was probably had asbergers but and it shows…[View]
107201098>work graveyard shift at a residence for adult male potatoes (while they sleep) >downtime: the…[View]
107205821/tv/ sings along probably: H̶̢̨̯̰̻̖̭͈͉̰͚͔̪̙́͒͗ͅǪ̵̨͍̼̮͎̜̰͖̊͜T̵̥͎̳̔̿̚ ̶̤͚̞͌̄̀͐́͌̚͝Ḩ̷͖̦̭͍̘̫̻̦̞̑͛Ö̸̮̺͖̻͔…[View]
107206665*rapes u*[View]
107206684>Netflix How a company responsible for half of the degeneracy and blackwashing in current movie i…[View]
107204465Thoughts on this quinoa?[View]
107206636Was he in the wrong?[View]
107206623Does Martin Scorsese love Catholicism?[View]
107206584Why is he such a bro in the show?[View]
107206295Now, discussing The Simpsons on /tv/ is hard. Am I right?[View]
107206549>this won an oscar for best film[View]
107202580People who like Steampunk are the lowest garbage, prove me wrong[View]
107203746>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
107206508He's unironically a good comedian[View]
107206435Why the fuck wasn't this scene in the movie? It was kino.[View]
107204463What are some movies about crippling testicle pain that randomly started as you were walking and it …[View]
107205835>kids, would you step aside for a second? >FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-…[View]
107203306AND ALL WE HEAR IS[View]
107207309Why'd they do it?[View]
107206264You can't rely on anyone these days, you have to say EVERYTHING yourself, DON'T WE. That…[View]
107201064Kermode Worst Top 10: Of last 10years >It's finally up 10. Pirates: Salazar's Revenge 9…[View]
107204202what movie should i watch?[View]
107205508Why did this film shit on stepfathers?[View]
107201058What’s your favorite Simpsons couch gag?[View]
107201042ITT: movies everyone likes except you: I'll start[View]
107200044How much money do you think Anthony Cumia is making from Compound Media?[View]
107205715Literally why was this moment more disturbing than anything in an intentionally “edgy” film?[View]
107204872 [View]
107206110Where were you when Chris turned out to be a racist?[View]
107202919say something nice about peni![View]
107201723whats your favourite Christmas movie anons?[View]
107197298The Umbrella Academy: ACTkino incoming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMeqY7ogdF8[View]
107205912>Anon where's my drink?[View]
107205080Did 2049 captivate 4chan because it's basically live action animé? Seriously, just look at some…[View]
107202342Has a movie ever embodied this idea?[View]
107205596possible spoilers from merchandise >Kylo Ren is without his helmet, but his helmet is making a r…[View]
107204751ITT: post only true kino.[View]
107205820who was in the wrong here?[View]
107205790Larry Charles is younger than both Larry David and Seinfeld, I always assumed he was the oldest of t…[View]
107204945What are the best movies about moms and sons[View]
107205722how did they got way with the thug muppets?[View]
107204714how come there's not a lot of quality Finnish film and television shows?[View]
107201259what do you want to see in 'Mission: Impossible 6' /tv/?[View]
107205238Alexa, Kill Kenny: South Park in meme culture again[View]
107201701Why the fuck do we get a TV show on Jazz and not on Emma? I feel like we're getting fucking rob…[View]
107204797What is some good revolutionary war kino? I've only seen The Patriot and that John Adams HBO se…[View]
107202359Honey, you are a great kisser.[View]
107201243What's Kiernan going to do after Sabrina ends?[View]
107203496/tv told me it's supposed to be good but I struggle so hard to get into it when does it get goo…[View]
107203294are there any films or documentaries that explore the theme of innate racial hierarchy ?[View]
107203269For me, it's Peyton Sawyer[View]
107203828Who should play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107204307>Loki! Turn off the Tesseract or I'll destroy it! >You cunt! There's no way to stop …[View]
107200593Any Kaiju fans out there? What’s your favorite kaiju?[View]
107204050Movies about escaping from locked rooms?[View]
107203971>Opening shot of a Christmas tree JINGLE BELL JINGLE BELL JINGLE BELL ROCK…[View]
107204629I'm going to say it, Dave[View]
107204867What do you lads drink while watching kinos?: For me, it's espresso. I'm about to watch MI…[View]
107205043IT'S UP i guess The Ten Worst Films Of The Last Ten Years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn8W8…[View]
107203479>pistol slide doesn't lock back in movie for some stupid reason >villain tries to shoot g…[View]
107187581/trek/: 'I am detecting elevated levels of deuterium' edition previous: >>107176584[View]
107204227Who picks the clips during the credits of Comedy Central shows? They often aren't interesting o…[View]
107204325 [View]
107204381>two films >same story >same cast >two different directors Why? Is this franchise cursed…[View]
107204837post kino for this feel[View]
107204247Zachery Ty Bryan: >no roles in a decade What the fuck happened to him? He had the Chad looks and …[View]
107198363 [View]
107202318ROTS is unironically amazing: Why does it get passed off as just another shitty prequel?[View]
107202134Honest thoughts?: I never watched it though I've always wanted to get into Miike's filmog.…[View]
107204653Anyone else waiting for the right moment/feel/mood to watch a movie? Like I know nu-Blade Runner is …[View]
107204544I need help.: I can't find this movie I've been looking for an hour. This guy goes to a b…[View]
107204523Why did nobody mention season 2 of Tales from the Tour Bus is out? We're missing out on more Ri…[View]
107201347Daily reminder this site is complete shit, the movies that are uploaded are in either shit quality o…[View]
107202859>watch movie >see Steven Spielberg was involved >see a kid >mfw when you know that that …[View]
107201557>No one can save Gotham. When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural. …[View]
107202034What is the purpose of Christmas films? Are there any good ones? Films that happen to coincide with …[View]
107204418The Grandmaster: Where can I see the Chinese cut with English subtitles?[View]
107204087Your move J[View]
107204323After 79 hours of decoding the films ciphers I have finally found what the film is about. I will co…[View]
107204149unexpected movie accuracy: What are some trashy films that surprised you at being much more accurate…[View]
107198940Is Boyega right about cosmic horror not working in film?[View]
107194268Why could only they carry it? Do Hobbits just not give a shit about power[View]
107204194Bridget Jones Divorce Confirmed: Hugh grant returns to sweep bridget off her feet after she finds ma…[View]
107204142>movie with sympathetic villain comes out >'villains that did nothing wrong' threads…[View]
107204072this is my favorite commercial series of all time but i cant find the other videos with the scottish…[View]
107203720Fellas, should i watch this movie? Apparently it just came out but RT scores are sharply divided[View]
1072012173 hours of an ugly Turkish incel who thinks he's better than everyone. 5/10.[View]
107202506What is a good movie to celebrate to?: I got straight A's in all my college classes frens!…[View]
107204047Films with this aesthetic[View]
107201221>best movie of the year <released in fucking youtube red so no one watches it wtf…[View]
107203992So Was it Kino?: Were the bad reviews justified? Did you see it, /tv/?[View]
107202062Capitalism Kino: Any kino on how to be an aspirational success on the way to becoming a billionaire?…[View]
107203698Flicks on a Plane: What are some movies to watch during plane journey?[View]
107203054It's the 60s! All Along the Watchtower plays.[View]
107202425How the fuck did he learn English?[View]
107202395>Hogwartz is a great place to work, the turnover is very lo-[View]
107202927fucking DROPPED[View]
107197442Which are the best NY movies? Home Alone II Eyes Wide Shut Manhattan Gangs of New York An American T…[View]
107203545this depicts a Man of Sorrows, right?[View]
107189910goys, are you ready to start telling skinjobs to fuck off in a short while? i sure am[View]
107202855>character opens a bud light >'smack my bitch up' starts playing…[View]
107203215how can we hear the music if theres no sound in space?[View]
107201334Was he actually Paimon?[View]
107197537Is Harakiri the most manly creation the world cinema has ever come up with? The tension, the bold tr…[View]
107199729>GET THE LUDES what the fuck was his problem?[View]
107197599Is it the best western of all time?[View]
107193067Yup, I'm thinking he's back[View]
107203342What's your favourite Christmas movie?[View]
107199603Plot twists: the movie[View]
107203134I'm vegan[View]
107201595>hacks putting 'American' at the beginning of every title as if it makes it more poetic When will…[View]
107201206why does pretty much every comedy follow the formula where the main characters have a big fight but …[View]
107199849Evil Dead: Which do you prefer and why? 1) The Evil Dead 2) Evil Dead 2 3) Army of Darkness 4) Evil …[View]
107203155Best movie of the year[View]
107197139/advanced/ • Arthouse general: Thread for those who've been watching cinema seriously for 5+ ye…[View]
107202537>I got a girlfriend so I'm shutting down the Oasis on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you nerds ha…[View]
107202955Featherfags BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG5sbVN3tI8 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete…[View]
107197154Only god-tier King adaptations in this thread, no Dark Tower crap. Yes, I know King doesn’t like th…[View]
107202274Best Christmas movies: Pic related is my favorite.[View]
107202692Cast Ultimecia.[View]
107202498Is he based?[View]
107197635So, that's the joke?: This cowboy talks a lot and uses big words? This is shit. The other stor…[View]
107202807Who is your favorite Scrooge? Not necessarily, your favorite A Christmas Carol but your favorite per…[View]
107198511Christmas Movies: Die Hard[View]
107202464looking for good comedy movies, suggestions please.[View]
107202243>'is that a real Rolex?' >....'do you think it is?' >'no' >'but who can tell right?' Why…[View]
107201871Tfw no kinos to match this feeling[View]
107202346>Crashing this plane >With no survivors! >Bane and Dr. Pavel survive What did he mean by th…[View]
107202751Is Hellraiser a Christmas movie: Uncle Frank is Ebenezer Scrooge and The Centobites are the spirits.…[View]
107202726Is this the best Hamlet adaption in Cinema?[View]
107202193belters did literally nothing wrong[View]
107202711>are ve not men?? Was this a reference to something?[View]
107202553Lock Kino?: Because this is it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9VewWKfH_0&feature=youtu.be…[View]
107202683>[ramones start playing] Lmao[View]
107199634Which films inspired the best toy range >In b4 Star wars[View]
107197928So, who's excited for Aidan Gillen's Project Blue Book? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58…[View]
107200573Una sneeda...........................[View]
107198938You're asked to write the script for Avengers: Endgame. What do?[View]
107201266Who was in the wrong?[View]
107201926Is it wrong to dislike black and white films?[View]
107198381Black pill: Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach AND the police planted evidence to frame him. Brend…[View]
107198189Aww gee: Of course Santa is evil. He's a white cis man, after all.[View]
107201996What's the most accurate portrayal of teenage love in television and film?[View]
107196578Bumblebee Rotten Tomatoes: /tv/ btfo Why is /tv/ always wrong? Predict the final RT score.[View]
107202150>gets called an awkward autist by virgins on 4chan >is a self-made millionaire and the only e-…[View]
107196923Pan shot![View]
107201097Help finding a movie: So a while ago i was watching a movie and i would like to know the title. Thi…[View]
107201628Call it: Heads I say nothing tails I’m gonna say the N word![View]
107202061Thoughts on this quinoa?[View]
107200630>from the creators of The Inbetweeners Anyone seen it? Is it good?[View]
107201613What are the must-watch serials from each Classic Doctor?[View]
107201106What about the bonus situation?[View]
107201222FILMS ABOUT CATS[View]
107201910Kino: Do you guys like my trip through madness? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCcD7xVud78…[View]
107201733stupid sexy flanders[View]
107159670Supernatural: This new season is unironically as bad as season 8-9 holy fucking shit, Dabb is a reta…[View]
107201896Saw this. It's good. Basically replaces Bay's obnoxious quasi-stylism with tried-and-true …[View]
107197176What are your predictions for Rick & Morty: Season 4?[View]
107198702>uuuuh, sneed[View]
107201798Artie Lange's Go Fund Me To Fix Hise Nose.: Anon's Artie Needs Our NEET Bucks So He Can Sn…[View]
107201442If I went to a barbecue and there was no meat, I would say 'Yo goober! Where's the meat?'[View]
107201731My favorite Christmas movie? Die Hard, no question.[View]
107201219It's like they're from two different worlds[View]
107201456What are some kinos where the villain turns out to be the hero? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gG…[View]
107201580>50 >still a virgin lmao what a loser. I mean can you imagine being virgin at 50?…[View]
107201566What are some movies that capture the feel of pic related?[View]
107199658does enjoying this film make me gay?[View]
107201338What should I put in, /tv/?[View]
107201198is this kevin smiths best movie?[View]
107200962NARANJAS EN LA CABEZA!: Why didn’t this turn into a meme the way “Steamed Hams” did?[View]
107199962What are some kinos that could take place in The Land of Meaning?[View]
107199920>Claim to learn human language through the internet >Somehow know human language in the 80s…[View]
107201178this movie is brutal the Chad fucks every girl he wants the beta gets nothing but blue balls[View]
107195761Happy 1st Anniversary to The Last Jedi: It still holds up after all of these year.[View]
107201157Then welcome[View]
107201148as an incel this is truly a movie for incels[View]
107199598Megas XLR movie: Would a Megas XLR live action movie done by its creator and accurate to the cartoon…[View]
107197359Now that the dust has settled what is the official /tv/ consensus on End of Watch?[View]
107201564>there’ll be no more video games[View]
107199263How accurate is this image[View]
107198451Itt stupid fucking SKANKS who need to go die in a fucking grease fire.[View]
107199319The Simpsons[View]
107200745ITT: one of those Low IQ/High IQ threads[View]
107198046STAR WARS: What did George Lucas mean by that?[View]
107199317Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107200554Would've been kino[View]
107200669>Pinball wizard![View]
107199479Was season 22 one of the worst seasons?......[View]
107200262Why no one took this movie seriously?: It was prophetic ![View]
107200880I am looking for the janny[View]
107200269https://youtu.be/WlRV6yxZUSQ WAKE UP IN THE MORNING FEELING LIKE[View]
107200476jesus this was a fucking downer[View]
107196877>Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! >mênu How did the dwarves know what a menu is?…[View]
107200793Where can I get this film in HD?[View]
107192065God I wish that were me[View]
107200708Why was she biting her lip and acting so smug here? Was she thinking about munching on Natalie'…[View]
107200488What's your favorite thriller?[View]
107184414OH N-[View]
107195787>To my brother, George, the richest man in town.[View]
107196535Durka Allah, Muhammad jihad.[View]
107200324Is he coming back again?[View]
107199394SHALOM: SHALOM[View]
107200123What are some forgotten christmas classics[View]
107200516Lord of the Rings: Meme by Meme: here's the game tv: First person posts the earliest sense from…[View]
107198383>Curret world population is 7.6 billions >The world population was half of this in the early 1…[View]
107200447It's almost Jesus' birthday, Post some films about the man.[View]
107200360Anon, what is best in life?[View]
107197342E.R. appreciation thread: you already know what time it is though its prime boomer hours[View]
107197296>watch a road trip friend reunion comedy >get reminded that nobody cares that much about me…[View]
107200389ITT: Trilogies where the third one is the best[View]
107199422>Italian mafioso >drives American shitbox What did the sopranos mean by this?…[View]
107198008Who the fuck is this guy and why do I hate him already?[View]
107200352Would you step out of the car ?[View]
107198943>734 days until Avatar 2[View]
107199035What are we going to watch today, bros?[View]
107198776>ITT: movies ahead of its time[View]
107200260Some weird films like pic related?[View]
107192278Spaghetti western rankings: Top 7 best spaghetti westerns from worse to best 7 Once upon a time in …[View]
107193850Allo Allo: How did Rene get the ladies? What was his secret?[View]
107199475*clink clink clink* *inhales* >动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square pro…[View]
107200202why was Kurtz so melodramatic?: Don't they have natural antidepressants in the jungle?[View]
107200112Anyone remember Northern Exposure?[View]
107198012>*fake laughs in your path*[View]
107200115Pain & Gain: was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZUhYEbc3Xo&[View]
107199828>transitioning from 2D to 3D always fai-[View]
107198491Does /tv/ watch Korean films?[View]
107199893Chowder: This was the best show on Cartoon Network during its time. You can not debate this.[View]
107199481Did you like season 3? I feel like they are kinda losing the plot here. It's becoming a big jum…[View]
107199942Techno Viking horror movie: If I have to see this movie just for his part I will!![View]
107198533*runs over your foot*[View]
107199740What is going on? The next person who says it will be banned, I kid you not.[View]
107198930>dresses up like picture related >has trouble showing emotions and proper facial expressions …[View]
107197516Movies for this feel?[View]
107194705I don't understand The Mummy. Why would you take an ordinary human being and put a curse on the…[View]
107199324Peter, what is it about 'stop taking my soiled panties from the hamper in my bedroom' don't you…[View]
107199593Why was Star Wars so popular in 1999?[View]
107199565This generation is worse than I ever imagined. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQM4-zbS9fc[View]
107195748>it's a 4channel goes down for the 20th time this week episode[View]
107199514Good movies are no different from going to church in a secular world. A religious incantation; all a…[View]
107197685This is Leslie Jones, say something nice about her[View]
107198071OH NO NO NO NO[View]
107190434Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: I took my little brother to see this movie. It was unbelievably s…[View]
107198126How come we don't see normal people acting heroic in superhero films anymore?[View]
107198613Doctor Paparazzi, I'm whooping your ass up and down the block[View]
107197396Which actress would you cast for the character Samus Aran?[View]
107199269*ahem* I THINK NIGGERS SUCK![View]
107198601>it's an 'complicated situation where you must explain yourself to an obsessively investigat…[View]
107197811ITT: atheist kino[View]
107198869>saruman >sauronman Bravo, Tolkien. Can't believe that some people actually praise that h…[View]
107197791I'm surprised that Logans Podcast is more entertaining than the H3 Podcast.[View]
107199076wtf I loved it[View]
107199209Any movie about a lonely male posting frogs while painfully dying of stomach pain on a saturday afte…[View]
107199204>criticism of a movie is 'I just didn't get it'[View]
107196516>talking to a friend >'Infinity War was a great movie' >'Thanos really sold that movie for …[View]
107198845Good luck with the floor James. I've set the scales for six hundred pounds, the same six hundre…[View]
107196781Splice 2009: I asked for a horror movie and they gave me parental issues - the movie.[View]
107198784who was in the wrong here[View]
107198518The House That Jack built: I just watched this, what a stupid edgelord movie. I want my time back.…[View]
107198217When a movie advertises itself with 'Based on a book' isn't that basically true for any movie? …[View]
107198226>clumsy female character takes her glasses off >instantly turns into a successful genius…[View]
107194423He was running towards God[View]
107198228What are some movies with this aesthetic?[View]
107190686get H Y P E: are you getting H Y P E?? I know I am[View]
107198373there have been no good films this year[View]
107197826The Protector: Any good?[View]
107198785Anon, we're putting together a team...[View]
107198802Mortal Failure: >Universal's Mortal Engines is bombing out of the gate, bringing in an estim…[View]
107196617What am I in for?[View]
107197960Why aren't you watching Titans?[View]
107198627>Kevin Feige (/ˈfaJɡi/, FAY-gee; born June 2, 1973)[1][2] is an American film producer who has be…[View]
107197915Don’t forget to renew your TV licenses lads[View]
107198654>She'd be two knuckles deep right now daydreaming about your big black cock. What did he mea…[View]
107198641what should I download today /tv/?[View]
107196502What are some uplifting movies?[View]
107198577>it's a Bender episode[View]
107197483will simsons ever change their animation style?[View]
107197614Here’s your Oscar bait film about racism this year, /tv/. All we need is a Oscar bait film about gay…[View]
107198522Who are some pro-Christian directors and screenwriters[View]
107196726What role is he bulking for?[View]
107198473ITT: Kino TV ads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMKdfdE9YUM[View]
107196667>/tv/, BAYONETS![View]
107196880>'Bombs dropping downwards in TLJ'[View]
107192727In the first Transformers movie Megatron is trying to find the cube, and Sam has the glasses with th…[View]
107196543this is like watching nothing, it is like eating fucking crackers, I feel nothing.[View]
107197584I don’t get it[View]
107191281BumbleBee: Pretty gud. Feels more like the original cartoons. No vietnam fucking shitshow and no ann…[View]
107198084Game Night: Why the fuck was this such a great movie?[View]
107197574*blocks your path*[View]
107198218>villian confronted by the female protagonist turnes out to be a real qtpie…[View]
107197449Would’st thou like the taste of butter?[View]
107198167>I thought the apocalypse would come later, but it turns out that... apocalypse now…[View]
107198164Then I woke up: *EARTH SHATTERING FART NOISE* -Directed by Christopher Nolan[View]
107198057ITT: multi talented actors: >stand up calmedy >pawldcaste vetran >sneakur head >cawlfee…[View]
107198151Now that transformers are officially dead can we finally get a Go Bots live action movie ?[View]
107198150Buffalo 66: Just watched this masterpiece. I liked the comfiness and dark humor. What's /tv/…[View]
107197372What sort of person watches reaction videos? Is it the type of person who constantly needs affirmati…[View]
107197327The X-Files season 11 episode 7: >Rm9sbG93ZXJz Did the X-Files do a better Black Mirror episode t…[View]
107195227What a piece of shit[View]
107197982Anyone else genuinely excited for the Avatar sequels?[View]
107195691>character is a loser >is fit, has a job and a giant cock from day one…[View]
107197889Literally US made Russian propaganda but an ok film. Anyone else see this?[View]
107197373Have you ever thought about the job of officer K? Hes a replicant killing replicants, why does he do…[View]
107197126Characters that are literally you[View]
107196861Why didn’t they just go around?[View]
107193632Just saw it what u wanna know I really dislike DC and this was the first one that I actually enjoyed…[View]
107197859I’m cashing you O U T, bob.[View]
107197833>if ever i liked a girl and we started seeing each other a little bit i would show her Rio Bravo,…[View]
107197792when are we getting good /Vidya/ kinos?[View]
107192026are you ready for Dora kino?[View]
107177249Scenes women can never understand[View]
107197724Best Series of 2018: Is it the pic related?[View]
107197701Has anyone seen this? They're calling it Netflix's first piece of actual kino. Best review…[View]
107192438Hey /tv/, could you buzz me in?[View]
107197671Any kino about kidnaping?[View]
107197528who will play him?[View]
107195704anyone go on google street view in the ghetto after watching The Wire?[View]
107197163>All that motivational music and empowering language >Show is basically about them trying hard…[View]
107195794How did they know what color nail polish she had on to paint the other girls toe?[View]
107197521Because we have to chase him. Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs r…[View]
107193933Benicio finna swipe Moner[View]
107196108why are there only like 8 episodes of a uk panel show per year?[View]
107197470>you boys, i wouldn't talk or even think about women >it ain't good for your health…[View]
107193587I dont remember watching this episode, looks really creepy. What was the premise?[View]
107195899which is his best?[View]
107197413There are the 2 best films in history.[View]
107195586Well, /tv/?[View]
107195816YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS What is it Anton did not understand about this ?[View]
107193190Here's your miss marvel, bro[View]
107196429What are some good movies that correspond to titis feel?[View]
107196305ITT: Actors you will be genuinely sad for when they die[View]
107192806amber heard: what's your favorite amber heard movie?[View]
107195466*He works for the american government killing, raping, etc. and the more cruel he is, the more he is…[View]
107192624What were the soldiers thinking here?[View]
107197156>Gemini Man is an upcoming American science fiction action thriller film directed by Ang Lee. The…[View]
107195807An eager cook.[View]
107193347How will the world react to the first female superhero?[View]
107194784Hey burgers! Mind explain to me why you retards didn't listen to your own propaganda? The reas…[View]
107194360Did he really do anything wrong?[View]
107196813ITT: Actors you could beat up in a fight[View]
107179670Did /tv/ like Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse?[View]
107196997Probably the best capeshit movie that's not even capeshit, but still based on a comic book[View]
107196795Anyone recognize the movie this is from?[View]
107196638Why is this allowed?[View]
107187772Do you believe they put a man on the moon?[View]
107196762Why didnt Luke just Force Choke the Sarlacc?[View]
107196745Are there any good foreign dance films? It looks like all good dancing films are from Hollywood.[View]
107194575>/v/ threads >Porn/Horny people thread >Simpsons threads >Coen Bros movie thread…[View]
107186369What was the most disappointing movie you've seen in the past 5 years?[View]
107183310OH NO NO NO[View]
107196597Sexy bald actresses here. No short hair. It’s bald or nothing. Pic related, it’s Karen Gillan[View]
107196812Under appreciated classics simply because American Audiences are generally unaware of its existence.…[View]
107196670>ey maja say helo to dawgs for meh has there ever been worse casting?[View]
107196747When I saw Munich in theaters I laughed out loud at this scene. Does anyone else find it as hilariou…[View]
107194785What am I in for?[View]
107187583Why didn't she have a bigger career?[View]
107196593Just marathoned this. What was I in for?[View]
107195953Toast Of London: You people told me this was good and I enjoyed Garth Marenghi's Darkplace I ga…[View]
107193354pleb filters[View]
107195467What are some other movies with this feel?[View]
107196500>Hi, i'm a funny, good looking alpha male.[View]
107196551>no gmail account, no facebook or twitter... he's is a goddamn ghost…[View]
107195233Is this kino?[View]
107196544>movie isn't american >movie is made before 2010…[View]
107187623classic simpsons appreciation thread[View]
107195716when will the uncensored version be out? should i watch the other one?[View]
107195777Am I the only one who genuinely felt bad for tommy during this scene?[View]
107194605Black Panther is BORING. The movie´s plot is BORING. The only things that an action movie needs, fig…[View]
107196039Cast it.[View]
107192173Malcolm in the Middle thread: What would the show have looked like had it been made by Linwood Zoome…[View]
107194775So was it good or shit?[View]
107195998Glee: What went wrong?[View]
107196284What are some movies and tv-series that showcase woman's way of thinking?[View]
107195709I didn't get the part where Peter let the shooter into the gay club. Why did he do that?[View]
107193983>bully character >is later portrayed as being unsuccessful and serving the guy that he bullie…[View]
107195318https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o67XXwVrts4 did tv peak in 2006?[View]
107195965If you like this actor, kill yourself.[View]
107195973Why Doesn't Amy Schumer ever come on the Chip Chipperson Podacast?: Jim Norton is her friend.…[View]
107195175Is this a pro-commie movie?[View]
107183190Do they ever explain what happens to Freddy's daughter?[View]
107186732ivan drago: how come the soviet union thought this guy could actually kick rocky's ass?[View]
107193697How do you feel knowing that the highest achivement in Hollywood was to suck this guys dick?: You…[View]
107193843What is the worst movie /tv/ memed you into watching?[View]
107194138Look who I just met /tv/[View]
107195447ITT: Directors for pseuds[View]
107182092/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: WEBCAST (out just an hour ago!) Previously: >>10…[View]
107195207I'm tired of the same old faces. The same old things.[View]
107195014>wants to portray Asgard, home of the norse gods >huge roman-esque buildings, nothing close to…[View]
107192676He’s smashing your autismal waifu. What say you?[View]
107194996Watchmen is not capeshit. Its a critic of how capeshit is dumb[View]
107194659female toilet / pooping scenes: im interested in find female toilet or pooping scenes in tv series s…[View]
107195634>character goes to bed >before lying down they don't put a gun to their head for a minute…[View]
107193961Give me a decent post-apocalypse movie. Hopefully where it's been long enough that they've…[View]
107195120Why are normies so obsessed with this movie?[View]
107193890'Three men in a hotel, is that how your career started too?'[View]
107194874Home Alone (2018): Imagine Home Alone remade in 2018 - the family stuck in Yellow Vest occupied Fran…[View]
107194395Is this kino?[View]
107189191The build up until the end was completely worth it great movie[View]
107195278Mortal Engines: Is this worth a watch just for the visuals in theater? Or should I avoid it entirely…[View]
107193690Why do intelligent characters always smoke pipes? When and why did this become a sign of logic and r…[View]
107195240>about to watch a flick with the gf >google runtime what do…[View]
107193524Is this worth a watch lads?[View]
107194318this was boring[View]
107192091why does Nolan cast such unappealing undesirable women in his movies? 4 fucking sallow moley types a…[View]
107194990>Make eye contact with a female >They don't look away immediately >Fall in love and pl…[View]
107195189>autism is the future what did they mean by this?[View]
107193699Why didn't Freddie cameo in the movie?[View]
107192239Most actors aspire to only create kino. Others, have made and continue to build something....more.[View]
107193500movies along the lines of >you lose >you get nothing >good day, sir…[View]
107194296STOP LAUGHING[View]
107194286Howard TV Kino: What's some of your favorites? I liked Benicio Del Toro on there back when Arti…[View]
107194984Despite the shitty poster this show is actually pretty Kinó. Any more Swedish crime stuff worth watc…[View]
107190802Are there any good youtube channels that discuss kino?[View]
107194813what does Carbonite feel like, bros?[View]
107193837Master and Commander sucks: Wtf was with this movie? Are all the characters supposed to be gay or so…[View]
107194207which daniel craig bond movies are worth watching?[View]
107193334Ma-ma is not the law. I am the law.[View]
107194857Two Exorcist Prequels: We settle this for and for all. Who did it better?[View]
107194608What was he looking at?[View]
107193272Luke, I almost forgot to tell you. The Emperor can shoot lightning out of his fingers, it's inc…[View]
107192346What's the Milka Oreo of Television & Film?[View]
107194699Holy shit he's literally me.[View]
107194378What are some films that got a lower RT score than they deserved?[View]
107191761Could you imagine this happening to you ha ha[View]
107194674John Doe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Doe_(TV_series) What do you think of this tv show, /tv/…[View]
107192345Yeah I'm thinking DC are back[View]
107189942/tv/ actually got worse since domain name change[View]
107192719>entire board dedicated to capeshit >we still have to put up with it here Why? It's not l…[View]
107182858>Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan are attached to star in romance-drama Ammonite from God’s Own Cou…[View]
107191522This guy is hands down the best guest to BOTW Prove me wrong[View]
107193951I'm scared DCbros It's dropping fast after being released in other countries[View]
107194273>xmas movie >man with white beard is secretly santa…[View]
107194517Damn Mitanni look like THAT?[View]
107194065If his wife knew all the answers, why didn't she participate instead?[View]
107191636Why is no one talking about this kino?[View]
107179410ITT: /tv/ concept art. Bonus points if it's shit that never happens in the movies they're …[View]
107186339no colour = no thanks[View]
107194197What are some movies about hard workers?[View]
107194253Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107192565The Joker/Jogger: N Will they leave the take with officer boomer blowing his hamstring? https://www.…[View]
107193820This is comfy af.. Christmas kinos.[View]
107191946How did he know Mr Pocket's name?[View]
107193137Holy fuck, this movie opened my eyes! From now on I will only eat at Burger King or KFC.[View]
107189848This entire board is fucking trash right now >right now lol come in for a comfy movie wallpaper t…[View]
107190949>you watching telly up there without a licence? https://youtu.be/oI21dL0qGrI?t=76…[View]
107193670Bomb the mosque[View]
107193939more movies like this and cool hand luke?[View]
107193602What Went Wrong With Her Body Of Work?[View]
107194020Bukowski on SJWs: there is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average human being to…[View]
107191832Are Michael Bay movies kino yet?[View]
107175687the house that jet build: is the webrip the directors cut or is the shitty youtube rip the directors…[View]
107190830Elephant: Why did Dylan and Eric the fuck in the shower?[View]
107191576Aliens: This was pretty bad overall. I would rank it as the WORST of the alien and Prometheus franch…[View]
107190242>peacefully watch my kinos in my room >hear a shouting match between my parents outside >ha…[View]
107184568Show, I just finished Episode 1 of Sabrina...I'm a fe months behind I know, but who else watche…[View]
107191173If you claim you enjoyed this 'film' you are a pretentious teen. The worst work of Lynch, and that t…[View]
107192361Why have Horror movies become so predictable and boring nowadays? >what caused the decline? >C…[View]
107193793Illa nabele televisione.HDTV. Compatible.[View]
107193600They really fucked up with splitting this season in half Where the fuck are the rest? I've alre…[View]
107193400T A N G E R I N E[View]
107193579Where do you work anon ?[View]
107191856I don't get it.[View]
107192943/DCG/ DChad General: Looks like we win again with our latest release of Aquaman DChads Post your fa…[View]
107192906If the rule you followed brought you to 4channel, then what use was the rule?[View]
107193319How the fuck this shitty writer is writing movies? WHO SHE FUCKED!? IS SHE DAUGHTER OF SOMEONE RICH …[View]
107191248It wasn't THAT bad[View]
107191320What's the answer, /tv/?[View]
107193192What's next for Jennifer Lawrence?[View]
107193036>Youtube movie review has cringe tier skits pre-review.[View]
107193216>tfw no vlogging, youtubing, cookfu[View]
107189974stop consuming culture and create it[View]
107189252i watched the clone wars once and i cant stop beating my meat to ahsoka what do i do goyim[View]
107191521Can't think of another time where all the boards shared the same thoughts and sentiments, whats…[View]
107191646Ayyo what'll it be whitey?[View]
107192121>watch Korean kino >one of these guys shows up Every time.…[View]
107192184Alfred did I ever tell you about the time my Selena lured me into a trap and locked me in a sewer wi…[View]
107193028Anon, we're putting together a team...[View]
107192393I think the prequels suck![View]
107191215in part 9, Jason's mask seems to be fused to his face and my question is can he even take it of…[View]
107192808YEAH I'M THINKING HE'S BACK also >all white male action kino in the year of our lord a…[View]
107192746What were his favorite movies this year? I would suspect Black Panther and Welcome to Marwen will be…[View]
107192777What a cunt[View]
107192678what did they mean by this[View]
107192569Who's the best character from archer and why is itWoodhouse?[View]
107192159>we need a weird lipped bad guy >he's right behind you sir…[View]
107192407Why nobody told me this was so fucking kino? Still 2 episodes to go, but holy shit this is like a cr…[View]
107192141I'm going on a date with a girl tonight /tv/. Recommend me a movie to watch if she comes to my …[View]
107187677>Funny you should mention that, because my mom and I were having lunch last week and she told me …[View]
107191560Dr.Pavel, I'm CIA.[View]
107192052When I was younger, maybe junior high, I got roped into watching my 3 month old niece while my siste…[View]
107190720some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, r…[View]
107185394What does /tv/ think of Kahn Souphanousinphone?[View]
107192112Look at these poor women in the show business[View]
107188614is pepsi the official drink of /tv/?[View]
107185518Is this the worst alien 'design' in the history of science fiction?[View]
107191371>Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald didn't even reach 600 mil at the box office HOLY JU…[View]
107191414Looking for war movie recommendations Watched Lone Survivor a while ago, I just watched all of Gener…[View]
107190399is this worth watching?[View]
107189318Now that movies with female leads gross higher than male-led movies, do you think the world is ready…[View]
107188341What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
107190552cuck cold simp autism[View]
107192745*Ahem* Fuck Imperium and death to the Corpse Emperor![View]
107191923ITT we post brainlet opinions people say to pretend their smart. I'll start: Trump is the worst…[View]
107191706What does /tv/ think about Mothra?[View]
107183651I stopped watching Community right in that moment.[View]
107191830>One for the Mule, please[View]
107191872What are some movies about God protocol?[View]
107190263Okay, no memeing this time. Time to settle this once and for all. Were the leads really weak?[View]
107191105How did bane know cia didn't call in that he had additional captives? There's nothing to s…[View]
107191429So, /tv/, why aren't you watching MILFkino?[View]
107191678What are some movies about piece of shit unstable websites run by retarded mongoloidal scammers?[View]
107191553I just found out there was an 11th Season of X Files. Is it worth watching? Or does it piss on the o…[View]
107191630This system's got no balls[View]
107191651You better not say that word again, Joker.[View]
107189552ITT: Post K[View]
107189899Cheesy horror flicks: What's the best cheesy horror flick of all-time and why is it Tales From …[View]
107190792Who fucks chuck in the sucks and fuck? Sneed do.. sneed do[View]
107191519Cinemax's Warrior: Anyone gonna watch this kino? Inspired by Bruce Lee >Set at the times of …[View]
107191049>watch western movie >child needs a companion to go to school >watch Asian movie >child …[View]
107191488Anyone remember this show? I use to watch it with me mum and it was alot of fun if I recall[View]
107191483Is this the best alternate dimensions movie ever made?[View]
107191462PICK IT UP JANNY[View]
107191421Dystopia: Absolutely YUCK. >When they start calling an ugly brunette with black eyes, an annoying…[View]
107190232Power: Why did she agree to so many sex scenes in this?[View]
107190376What's some good series to watch on prime TV? what about prime originals?[View]
107191373mohsin when'd[View]
107190818Shows that cast black people in a positive light.[View]
107169204Why are ginger actresses always so kino? Do ginger genes give them some sort of ultra-acting abillit…[View]
107189536lads, why the fuck was this my favorite movie of the year?[View]
107190631Why are my threads being deleted?[View]
107191235>guy finds a dog >he doesn't cook it and eat it >he raises it as his own kid instead W…[View]
107191040>most people on this board haven't even seen Citizen Kane[View]
107191046>KAAA MEEE HAAA MEEE.....[View]
107189348What what the fuck did I just watch? Thus was fucking garbage. Trying to be sjw and edgy at the same…[View]
107190128Hi there neighbor, I hope you don't mind if I change my SHOES[View]
107189686Comfy Christmas Movie Thread: What holiday movies are you guys gonna be watchin this holiday season …[View]
107186520>2018 >Animated films are now slideshows What did they mean by this? Where is the animating? W…[View]
107191109Ahem, will you please sit down?[View]
107190185Best Motion Picture: >Black Panther The worst fucking award year ever…[View]
107191022What’s your favorite movie in the Rocky series (including the Creeds) ? >I unironically love Rock…[View]
107190511What is this expression meant to convey?[View]
107187081Trinity is looking tasty[View]
107190875>searching for Christmas movies tees >Google autopredicts Christmas movies teenage girls Any m…[View]
107190917What are some films where cunnyposters are executed?[View]
107190915YA SEE, JANNIES...[View]
107190795What is the thing Bateman says after he says 'HEY PAUL'? When he does that scream, what does that sc…[View]
107173437this is still the worst Star Wars movie (besides Solo) try to watch it again, it aged horribly and 2…[View]
107189591MUUUUUUUUM! what did he mean by this ?[View]
107180356MY NAME IS[View]
107187863why do americans like capeshit so much?[View]
107188856J U S T[View]
107185245Post some ZOG kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rsMG2hHsLo[View]
107190623Fuck the police.: Would he have won an Oscar in 2018?[View]
107182835Name ONE (1) movie worse than this dumpster fire. You can't.[View]
107181259NCIS: >/tv/ never talks about NCIS I watch for ziva only though[View]
107189099You are one.... ugly ______[View]
107186316Why was Batwoman so shit in Elseworlds (Flash,Arrow,Supergirl) multiverse cross-over episodes?[View]
107189463Is it kino ?[View]
107183648this is like watching nothing, it is like eating fucking crackers, I feel nothing.[View]
107188885God this guy is horrible. He doesn't know how to conversate with his guests. He comes off as fa…[View]
107190156Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
107188257Is Sarah Silverman the greatest comedienne of all time?[View]
107189657The Prisoner: Why do I never hear people talk about this pure, unadulterated, unfiltered kino? If yo…[View]
107187441ITT: comfy 2000's horror: Reminder Renee was cute[View]
107166457harry potter: why do girls like it so much?[View]
107188859>Charming, Good-looking, The All-American boy[View]
107190105>MC says back the quote he heard from his enemy[View]
107186428/GG/ Godzilla General. Thread for discussing the upcoming flm, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as we…[View]
107189908What movies will teach me how to be a Chad?[View]
107185495I got gas in the tank I got money in the bank I got news for you baby, you're looking at the ma…[View]
107189985A+ cinemascore, 97% on RT, only 36 MILLION!!!!: HAHAHAHA Normies HATE legacy characters Normies HATE…[View]
107188734So much this whatcha think /tv?[View]
107186296some anon last night posted that the son was a rape baby? is that true?[View]
107189920what are some kinos where you thought it was just fun and games but a whole country gets BTFO eterna…[View]
107188098Who truly is the best Emma?[View]
107189500>spend hours protesting for a 100€ raise when you could have just worked half that time to make j…[View]
107189652What are some movies that encourage rational thinking?[View]
107189595>yfw he doesn't practice kairos but speaks with the vulgarity of a sophist on cheap mull…[View]
107188615so what are the hidden messages here?[View]
107189569>watch a movie or read a book? >watch a movie with subtitles on, BOOM now youre doing both at …[View]
107187900Why are female empowerment movies completely awful, and full of hate?[View]
107187173/PTG/ - Porn Thread General: Serious discussion welcome. Post favorite actresses as well.[View]
107188173 [View]
107179541Was it Kino?[View]
107182177What was the tightest situation Bond ever found himself in?[View]
10718843210/10 absolutely brilliant film[View]
107189614What's this, a joint?[View]
107189602>I'm gonna say it and you can't stop me! FUCK DRUMPF[View]
107165535What the FUCK was he thinking?[View]
107189559What movies do I have to watch in order to buttfuck this girl?[View]
107189239god i wish that were me[View]
107189406JAMESON, JUES LIME! What the fuck does this even mean?[View]
107188294why do you hate her so much?[View]
107189111what are some other sci-fi action films starring Emily Blunt? I really liked this film[View]
107189380What does /tv/ think about this character? Actual discussion mode: at least 1 good 1 bad[View]
107188195What are some kafkaesque films?[View]
107186811Any movies with unsolvable mysteries?[View]
107187610Need a new horror film to watch and this seems to be the only remaining movie on Netflix with a some…[View]
107189448>https://www.instagram.com/lindsarnold/ >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindsay_Arnold >Lind…[View]
107188652so she was using him the whole time? sorry mods, i fucked up my other thread.[View]
107187320Finally a good looking aryan female superhero /tv/ BTFO[View]
107188323Where are some Nietzschesque kinos?[View]
107186905Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107187022I'm Jonathan Brandis, wishing you a happy Merry Christmas![View]
107186667You know what? I'm finna boutta say it.[View]
107189244How u thinking a Fellout film woild be? Which game should do best adoption[View]
107188747>Unironically consuming capeshit media[View]
107188481Why can't I discuss this film on this board? No-one else saw it? Cos I didn't like it.[View]
107187516Here's your Asuka, bro.[View]
107188882what are some good waifu simulators?[View]
107184625Moe's real name is Morris.[View]
107187460'Armond White isn't a contrar-[View]
107188008Kino and surprisingly red-pilled[View]
107188990Who kept burning the books and killing the owners? Balkan? Telfer? LCF?[View]
107185392Was this scene gratuitous?[View]
107188894Literally how did he not end up murdering his family? They were all cunts aside from his parents and…[View]
107188306CALL IT[View]
107173703>books that if were properly adapted would shake the foundations of the world.…[View]
107183345Absolutely kino[View]
107187395Is the casting couch responsible for the fact theres been a significant talent gap between top Holly…[View]
107186864just marathoned this, did I get it?[View]
107188009Have you guys seen Chris's movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM70TROZQsI 25:12 Did the pe…[View]
107185794What are some movies that work well both as humor and drama?: Pic related is probably more humor tha…[View]
107188422>Ooohhh Renne[View]
107188123How does /tv/ feel about more Asian representation in hollywood?[View]
107186117You get a $100M budget to film the movie of your choice but Emily Blunt has to play the lead role an…[View]
107188613>but meanwhile on Saakar >... >...…[View]
107184556>purge night >use a youtube to mp3 converter…[View]
107188459Stoney Westmoreland Arrested For Solicitation of a Minor: https://www.tmz.com/2018/12/14/disney-chan…[View]
107188342>Had severe cystic acne during teen years >Movies/shows always made a big deal about character…[View]
107188373AHH LE NOT MAINING MEMe :) le charlie epic random wildcard fake vidya xd tv/ editon ;^^^) gentleman …[View]
107187767OH NO NO NO NO NO...: *breathes in* AHAHAHAHA Who approves this shit?[View]
107185040Evangelion is a Christmas movie.[View]
107182294You can't spell hero without …[View]
107188101>Still the best sci film of the 2010s era[View]
107187046Are you ready for the Image Comics CU? https://www.slashfilm.com/brian-k-vaughan-movies/[View]
107188268so she was using him the entire time?[View]
107188039Biggest ego in Hollywood? Pic related. Jim and Andy was entertaining, but damn this dude is delusion…[View]
107186953What is his best kino?[View]
107186679I was watching pic related, and when the credits started, someone started clapping and hollering rig…[View]
107188083Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 8: I'm about to watch it bros. I am very drunk on rum. I have seen …[View]
107186496As a person who suffers from Crohn's Disease, I don't feel represented in movies and serie…[View]
107188071>Spare me your space-age technobabble, Attila the Hun![View]
107187611Comfy sitcoms: I wanna go back, lads[View]
107186287>Kid's show They're just being ironic right?[View]
107185891How did this movie become such an integral part of American Christmas culture?[View]
107187722Do yourself a favour and just read the graphic novel. Unless you want the Magic Mike of hardcore les…[View]
107184822Demonios Tus Ojos: I'm watching this now, my Spanish isn't too good but I'm picking u…[View]
107186070Fish, and plankton, and sea greens, and protein from the sea.[View]
107175661>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
107187646I rewatched some richard and mortimer last night and god damn why does everyone speak like they…[View]
107186645Did you know there are more people with genius IQs living in China than there are people of any kind…[View]
107181237films with this aesthetic?[View]
107181003>'Haha, hehe' >Ornella glows as she thinks she made a good joke, even though the setup was pai…[View]
107187573>Make fun of Spider-Man 3 >Forget that he had the black suit What kind of lazy ass writing is …[View]
107185359Emerging Nu-male directors: Corey Finley >makes a film praising female feminist sociopathic behav…[View]
107187324Citizen Anonymous. Your crimes are multiple shitposting and the manufacture and distribution of meme…[View]
107187571cough* cough* >Fuck DCEU >will never be close to being as good as Marvel…[View]
107187626What are the comfiest TV set designs?[View]
107183698why did they force anime?[View]
107184832How do you feel about this review of Nanette? http://twiststreet.tumblr.com/post/181011044785 >Th…[View]
107185009Americans are really retarded, right?: 'I´m not racist, let me prove to you!! Black Panther is the b…[View]
107182646I must have drank me about 15 Dr. Peppers.[View]
107186348Mortal Engines: Is it kino or trash?[View]
107176584/trek/: Merry Trekmas edition old bread: >>107169369[View]
107184103>Yeah, go on ahead a laugh it up you frog fucks but know this; your country will be swallowed who…[View]
107186661Was this, dare I say it. wrestlekino?[View]
107186080Is Benicio Del Toro the new Mark Wahlberg? https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/benicio-del…[View]
107186983hey /tv/. can I make it big in Hollywood, even if I'm 100% white and Christian?[View]
107184236What is /tv/'s favorite director?: Personally I think Malick is the best because he has consist…[View]
107187436Absolute madlad: >instantly subscribed https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxjdUxniOF1eJZfkQR19LxA…[View]
107187400Dad, I’m a Scientologist now. Now, I know what your going to say and I completely agree, but my thet…[View]
107187313ITT: Kino better than you expected: this unironically is pretty good. pretty campy but decent[View]
107177896This is Sigourney Weaver, say something very nice about her.[View]
107186949When you're a little kid, you're a little bit of everything: Artist, Scientist, Athlete, S…[View]
107186976Damn this is some highly overlooked 1980s kino[View]
107187024Why were these dudes in the bathroom taking a shower together?[View]
107187159>*Slams vanilla folder on the desk* >Sarge, you're gonna want to take a look at this.…[View]
107186585Final Fantasy: how the fuck did this get made?[View]
107186584Your thoughts on this guy? Don't just talk about his hair you faggots[View]
107175480artie lange: you know guys, i think he's finally put his cokehead past behind him. what do you …[View]
107181508itt scenes that made you stop the movie fun fact: guy in picrel is a director of Iron Man 2[View]
107187314OH NONONO: It's RT score has dropped 8 points since the first day the reviews went up! HOW LOW …[View]
107156192Into the Spider-Verse’s Tangled Web: Marvel traps ‘people of color’ and their supporters in politica…[View]
107181583How James Wan Convinced Nicole Kidman to Star in ‘Aquaman’: https://variety.com/2018/scene/news/aqua…[View]
107186216>Stoney Westmoreland, a 48-year-old Disney Channel actor, has been arrested in Utah for allegedly…[View]
107182886>laughter stops[View]
107186648I'm looking for a new streaming website. Similar to primewire, putlocker, 1channel, vmovee etc.…[View]
107187106BITCHES LEAVE[View]
107179021>Anakin, you're hitting my cervix![View]
107186632Does this guy have the weirdest name in film?[View]
107182673Disney's Andi Mack actor was arrested for trying to fuck a minor.[View]
107184902giv griffon queen[View]
107186058What is your ranking system? thumbs, 0-5 stars, 0 out of 10, what?[View]
107183994Thanos ain't shit[View]
107182833Do you think she will have a successful future in acting? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7826205/[View]
107186801Just rewatched this. What are some other movies about the crippling and depressing realization that …[View]
107186201EVERYTHING GREAT ABOUT YOUTUBE REWIND: https://youtu.be/QTIjLIklvGM The absolute madman brings up so…[View]
107186630Who was in the wrong?[View]
107185177The Predator: Legitimately 1 of the worst movies I've ever seen, only good part was when Munn g…[View]
107148447Witcher / Netflix -- 'leaked' footage.: Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVQKMjciN_8 https://ww…[View]
107185950anyone else got a boner seeing her in this outfit during the movie?[View]
107181044What is the 50 Cent vs Kanye West of the film industry?[View]
107185312what does /tv/ think of the 1994 movie The Shadow?[View]
107186313Unironically the best director on the planet: Love Exposure, Why dont you play in Hell, Suicide Club…[View]
107185261What did you guys think of Narcos: Mexico? Seems like it's way better than Season 3 of Narcos.[View]
107186631Quick, tell me what to watch[View]
107186558Why did they do it?[View]
107186219What's her best role so far?[View]
107184734>character needs to explain what sex is to a kid >rolls a piece of paper up and puts a pencil …[View]
107180795Was he kino?[View]
107184949can we please discuss this kino?[View]
107174432/who/ general: New who featured strong men filled with sorrow and wrath but when the doctor turned f…[View]
107184423robin williams death report: based TMZ http://tmz.vo.llnwd.net/o28/newsdesk/tmz_documents/1107-robin…[View]
107185583Did you watch his show on vh1?[View]
107179588Comfy Horror Shows Friday: It's a comfy friday evening, what horror shows are you going to watc…[View]
107186262/BRAP/: BRAP?[View]
107184797The Deuce: What a shitty show. Boring stories, everyone is unlikable and degenerate. Who is this mad…[View]
107185653The Mule (2018): it was good[View]
107185614But was it kino?[View]
107185678What did he mean by this?[View]
107183140/tv/ in 2002[View]
107176873WebM Thread: Post what you have[View]
107179642What's this haircut called?[View]
107184333 [View]
107186090McTiernan is to the classic action movie what Michelangelo is to Renaissance art. Making Predator an…[View]
107184212Is this the final nail in the coffin of her long-declining career?[View]
107185385Characters that you can really relate to[View]
107182005Best Disney movie reporting in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hisyfkxxu_8&feature=youtu.be…[View]
107182677Just finished watching it, what did I think?[View]
107182064Why is (((Spielberg))) ripping the Wes Anderson aesthetic?[View]
107182553ITT Films that Surprised You: Whether it's for being much worse or much better than you thought…[View]
107185259Anon, we're putting together a team...[View]
107185928So... is he in hell right now?[View]
107184561Dorf: So, when are they going to remake the DORF Expanded Universe?[View]
107183855Arthur: How has this show remained on the air for so many years?[View]
107185781Out of my way, nigger fucking shits![View]
107185839Getting some serious rockstar vibes from my outfit today.[View]
107185563Was star wars ever actually good? No nostalgia bias please.[View]
107180630The Big Lebowski: Why does everyone like this movie so much? It sucked and wasnt funny, the only per…[View]
107183776Bond thread: Childhood is wanting to bang Xenia, adulthood is realizing a loving relationship with N…[View]
107185286write the inevitable crossover and cast the characters[View]
107184892I'm sorry, /tv/... I have a message... Special Field Agent CIA's plane... was shot down...…[View]
107181671Want to watch a couple of based crime action-thrillers on Saturday night with some fellow autists an…[View]
107185450Comedy of the decade?[View]
107183899Why did Louie Anderson get his own cartoon? I remember being a kid watching this and shaking my head…[View]
107184401ITT: post your favorite film of the year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6j_d8ENXkY[View]
107185079 [View]
107183983I don't get it?[View]
107183236Deadwood Film: are you cocksuckers ready?[View]
107182803Movies similar to Phantom Thread or The Master?[View]
107181744who are some celebrities that have killed people?[View]
107182980Why does everyone say the cast of Friends is all-white? Three are Jewish, one is Italian, and one is…[View]
107182538Do we like black and white movies?[View]
107185005>buy tickets to see a loli >actually see the best animated superhero movie I've ever watc…[View]
107184907Your cousin is Violeta[View]
107182614IT DOESN'T MATTER[View]
107182955movies with this feel?[View]
107181520>go on /tv/ >no Leslie Jones thread active let me fix that…[View]
107178569What if Baneposting took place on a train?[View]
107182053No, no, no... I say the N word.[View]
107182870There are people on /tv/ that unironically use the made up word “incel” and use it as an insult.[View]
107184826This was epic. https://youtu.be/nH5xuoCNSpw https://youtu.be/9T-vGDlZViI[View]
107183997Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
107184072you *are* watching the new Joe Pera, aren’t you anon? Tonight he’s helping us pick the perfect Chris…[View]
107183913You have five hours to name 1 non-embarrassing Canadian movie.[View]
107183211What do we think of Eyes Wide Shut?[View]
107181216Bumblebee: >no action >crying bitch good at everything mc >useless john cena >autistic b…[View]
107183959Recommend me some good edge films.[View]
107183237I'm putting together a team /tv/[View]
107181306Is Dr Jason kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FuPD0HXxXA[View]
107184659'Western' top 10 movie lists are... questionable. Any top X movie lists compiled by other countries?…[View]
107184411Ah yes, yes, well done /tv/, well done /tv/. HOWEVER...[View]
107184514Who is your favorite Icelandic TV character?[View]
107184582I can launch a cyber nuke at 4chan, but it’ll completely fry their system.[View]
107179521Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio: This was the best show on television. I didn't care for episo…[View]
107184580based and redpilled thanos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvZImlL51Io[View]
107182945holy kino[View]
107176247Harvey Weinstein allegedly claimed he fucked Jennifer Lawrence: >In the suit, she says she was so…[View]
107182359Boomer Kino: What are some essential boomer kinos? I'll start >Spider-Man (2002) >The Lor…[View]
107184082>be me >work in retail >come into work today >''Put all the Seinfeld's ou…[View]
107184106Is this what African American fish look like?[View]
107184120Ahhhhh the french[View]
107183653Why so few movies with Egyptian mythology?[View]
107183315NON STOP ASS RAPE[View]
107180160Who thought this was a good idea? There's no way an aquaman movie will work[View]
107183283Rumors going around that Apple might buy Sony. The entire Spider-Man rights would revert to Disney i…[View]
107184233I'M GONNA SAY IT[View]
107183058What was his problem? >muh childhood[View]
107183332HEY DEXTER BOO[View]
107171305>movie confuses nanotech with magic[View]
107184097Dave carried it[View]
107183840American anons Are there any central european kinos, series, that are available to you and you like?…[View]
107179468Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Don't forget to watch the Christmas Special! Praise Satan!…[View]
107183987someone introduce the director of this film to a camera stabilizer[View]
107182074Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107180632Recommended movies with a major character being a cuckold?[View]
107183371What movie makes for a good weekend /tv/?[View]
107183817>talks to Alex Jones one time[View]
107182933what's the death grips of television and film?[View]
107182645why did the critics hate Rambo so much?[View]
107180487Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: This is a really good movie for the year 2017. Like a r…[View]
107181778name a more pretentious film you simply cannot[View]
107183672What's the Infinity War of TDKR?[View]
107183734You know what the 2010s need? A good leather belt on the ass and a fine education in social interact…[View]
107182339*hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh* 'fuck skyn-'[View]
107183192>not just blasting whoever is in the goddamn car what the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
107183098No sir, I'm from Kentucky[View]
107181983Vikings s05e13 - A New God: Who else laugh hard with the scene? Hahahahahah maybe the series has wen…[View]
107182426dey he ar[View]
107183396How do you go from this...[View]
107175550what season did it start turning to shit?[View]
107181207Please recommend a movie or anime to me that can invoke a religious sort of awe or terror or some so…[View]
107183408N Will they leave the take with officer boomer blowing his hamstring? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
107182098District 10 when??[View]
107180602>My name is Cuban Pete, I love to smell senoras feet. Umm wow... how did they get away with this?…[View]
107171801Does anyone else feel like older actresses were more beautiful then the ones we have now?[View]
107181246What is the hype behind this whole franchise? I watched this for the first time earlier today and it…[View]
107183068>So you're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation[View]
107183032Movies that could never get made today.[View]
107181819Titans: This show blows Marvel TV shows out of the water. Next week's episode looks kino https:…[View]
107173155Nothing Happens: The Movie[View]
107180835Shrek Retold: Now that the dust has settled what does /tv/ think of this masterpiece?[View]
107183042OK, now this is Epic[View]
107183006what a fucking moron[View]
107181035Was it kino?[View]
107183022>important character's thugs make protagonist wait to see him >when important character s…[View]
107182326I liked it and found it immersive[View]
107182926WTF is this ROMA shit?: I just finished watching Roma, why all the fuss guys? It's just about E…[View]
107182671>rapes your ailing father[View]
107179969I don't get it.[View]
107178336Passengers was the best Sci-Fi movie of the 2010s: Change my mind[View]
107181363Dad, I know what you’re gonna say and believe me, I totally agree. There is no excuse for what I did…[View]
107182809People you thought were the same person.[View]
107182793Did Japan finally make a kino again? It's so good.[View]
107182134>eats your newborn child[View]
107182584What are some of the very best biopic/based-on-true-events films iyo?: That new Brexit movie got me …[View]
107172443SHIT JUST GOT REAL[View]
107178989How is season 3?[View]
107182348When the best time to wear a striped sweater?[View]
107182488Is this legal? Can I get all the pay per views and movies and all that free in a package? I question…[View]
107178017What are /tv's/ thoughts on Alison Pills films and career?[View]
107182428ITT write your own version of the unmade sequel to Godzilla 2000 known as godzilla reborn that incor…[View]
107181924write the plot and cast the characters[View]
107182405>sees acts of God and pagan gods >'its just a legend just forget about it'…[View]
107181915Is this xmas kino?[View]
107180094>Racist character learns about equality after getting raped[View]
107180875Movies about traitors to their country?[View]
107182273So we all agree that this was pretty kino right?[View]
107182128oh my god is this a reference to something?[View]
107181405How the hell do I watch this? I’ve never encountered this before but I can’t find any torrents, I ca…[View]
107180247What is /tv/'s favorite cooking show?[View]
107182225How about a nice simple thread? Post severely underrated/lesser-known movies that you think deserve …[View]
107175086why's he so hostile to Christianity and just being a Saxon? because his father was a bit of a p…[View]
107180363>showrunner/creator quits working on show or greatly lessens involvement >show immediately tak…[View]
107179355It is time for un telenovela thread.[View]
107181847>character has depression >it actually affects his health and his life in a major way and he e…[View]
107180245What are some good movies about unsolved mysteries?[View]
107182000What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
107181204Why did he cast himself as a guy who talks about killing niggers and women?[View]
107177334Why is pic related the best Batman movie?[View]
107182077Do they have progressive tax in space?[View]
107124071/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Shooting the Warwicks Previously: >>107074701 Wh…[View]
107181064What the Superman´s farewell needs?: 1 - His cells are unable to hold solar energy appropriately bec…[View]
107181850hahahaha this sucks man[View]
107179842 The book was better. [View]
107180744Why made this movie take off?[View]
107181979The first 15 minutes of Mortal Engines were pure kino. The rest sucked. >horrible acting >reha…[View]
107181884Welcome to......SURVIVOR[View]
107181851>Blue and orange filter though the entire movie >OMG PURE KINO!!…[View]
107181909mfw nothing on the infrared body scan[View]
107177347Here's your popcorn anon, by yourself again?[View]
107180668>mfw I am now older than any of the actresses I had a crush on as a kid…[View]
107180518This is an American man playing an Australian man playing a black man pretending to be a Chinese man…[View]
107181822You think the Criterion Collection will ever buy the rights to the rest of the godzilla movies Krake…[View]
107181773>Girl rejects guy because he didn't have a good job >Makes guy jump through hoops while s…[View]
107181261>what?he's covered in dirt you say?hold on,I'll check >Nick garr?is there a filty Ni…[View]
107167877BREXIT: The Movie: starring Benedict Cumberbatch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5S1EMmCWAE…[View]
107180051>she got fat by eating children in a week that's not how it works silly simpsons…[View]
107181478K I N O I N O[View]
107177538Post an image and get a kino recommendation[View]
107176312Jennette McCurdy's Career now consists of being a professional Youtuber and shaking her ass on …[View]
107181693Will she make an appearance in the new Sonic movie?[View]
107181679Why did she reject him, he had such good prospects.[View]
107176522What was the last time you bought a movie?[View]
107181002do we like Elvis movies?[View]
107181612>He was night putting... putting at night... with the 15-year-old daughter of the dean. Man, 1980…[View]
107181286Was he autistic?[View]
107180688mule: is comfy and /pol/ and ancap as fuck[View]
107179933Was it autism?[View]
107181548itt: dumb movie tropes >fat guy gets the girl[View]
107176901Waterworld thread: I'm too lazy to go downstairs and take a new picture drink your filtered pis…[View]
107180739What the fuck was her problem?: Also..who the fuck drinks milk with pizza?[View]
107176590>Michael Myers is supposed to be pure evil >He doesn't kill the baby, just walks past it …[View]
107180539>He fought with the samurai? >No, he *IS* samurai!…[View]
107179164fuck me that's actually funny thanks /tv/[View]
107181391WTF: Why do i want to fuck her now?[View]
107181301When tf will they release this, it looks decent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOK-1Ykc6zg[View]
10718086390 Day Fiance: What the fuck did they expect would happen?[View]
107169376>Mortal Engines was shit >Jupiter Ascending was shit >Valerian was shit >Clout Atlas was…[View]
107181217STOP, INVINCIBLE SON.[View]
107167004Can Ana de Armas do pull off an American or British accent? Her current one is holding her career ba…[View]
107181228>Intense action scene about to start >Seven Nation army starts playing…[View]
107178599I LIKE TO[View]
107178114what a slut[View]
107171151What does /tv/ think of Kat Dennings?[View]
107179809BumbleBee Opening Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U5dIj3_B0c Better than all five Bay transf…[View]
107173608Admit it! You once liked it.[View]
107180588Food and movies: I am making myself and sandwich and getting ready to watch 'A Simple Favour'. What …[View]
107180940What are some masterpieces you had to grow up to appreciate? For me it's the old Disney animate…[View]
107180922which is his best?[View]
107180152I'm putting together a team.[View]
107180581You guys enjoy the Joe Rogan Podcast's fight companions?[View]
107179463Characters that literally did nothing wrong.[View]
107179104Regardless what you think of their political views, MDE is pretty funny. It's a shame they didn…[View]
107180858I got him to eat a POOPY[View]
107180847Don't be a slave to nostalgia, gaynons Also best Edgar movie thread[View]
107178813this movie has dreadful and dated looking effects now. The back screen projection stuff is laughably…[View]
107177119*huff huff* 'Friday night...' *huff* '...why...' *huff* '...why are you here?' *huff huff huff huff …[View]
107180538Did he assume the boat ferrying criminals would have pushed the button first because it was filled w…[View]
107180003What is that Nietzsche? Shut the FUCK up[View]
107180645What's /tv/'s opinion on this? It seems so forgotten.[View]
107179377What are some scenes from shows or movies where it was perfectly acceptable to hit a woman?[View]
107168104What are some kinos about clueless girls?[View]
107174653What do we think about this?[View]
107177880Check the here video guys came one my Bros check the here video guys came one came one. https://yout…[View]
107180565Just kill me now, Tony. Everything is awful and there's just no point! Post worst character of …[View]
107180622Does anyone else here straight up hate movies and TV shows? I haven't enjoyed a single thing in…[View]
107180660Does your kinoplex allow you to bring food from outside? I don't mean sneaking stuff, but bring…[View]
107177259today I will remind them[View]
107179887Who thought the story of a Hispanic maid was at all interesting in the least?[View]
107180586mfw nothing on the infrared body scan[View]
107180507>he gets to make his own movie with unlimited budget and can collaborate with whomever he wants …[View]
107179698ITT: obvious twists[View]
107180485Memory IS ram[View]
107180139What We Do in the Shadows thread: This is good shit. Will we ever get a sequel?[View]
107176731marital farts: idea for movie... you know how theyre marital arts movie? what about comedy marital f…[View]
107178072Name one movie.[View]
107179557is eric andre the only black person that matters?[View]
107177861ITT: Movies men will never understand[View]
107180293If British people could carry guns this never would have happened[View]
107154783holy shit guys!! get H Y P E[View]
107177394That awful moment when you learn that this wasn’t scripted. That Will Smith’s character was actually…[View]
107178857Are Mike and Jay rich?[View]
107176956>canonically weaker than dad’s orange apprentice girl Life just isn’t fair for poor Luke.…[View]
107178849What is the most prestigious award an actor can get?[View]
107177278Was your mother like Livia Soprano : )?[View]
107178421Z Nation: New episode in like 3 minutes, they're visiting a bunch of hackers.[View]
107178804>Jannies deleting Harvey Weinstein threads Gentlemen, the time has come to revolt…[View]
107180100>Lmao Dantes Inferno XD Do you get it???[View]
107180000>thought of a humourous post with a certain reaction image >can't find reaction image…[View]
107174399Will you go see her solo movie, or will you come up with another pathetic misogynist excuse to avoid…[View]
107172447Post some heartwarming films. I just watched It's a Wonderful Life, gotta admit I shed a tear a…[View]
107179957Imagine being in New York when this happens and being smushed between her toes hahaha[View]
107179982The Joker: Pencilled this illustration of Walkin Phoenix in anticipation why is he always running?, …[View]
107177816who else likes his shit?[View]
107179103Singing in the rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ZYhVpdXbQ[View]
107179911haha le 3 small onions!!! XD!! its too much onion!!! XD[View]
107179711So like now that the dust has settled, did he really kill them or only imagine them all in his mind?[View]
107174006>Press F to pay respects[View]
107179796>They killt my nigga ned[View]
107173028>The mission fails not because of the challenges up ahead coming from space and aliens, but from …[View]
107176267Are people really dumb enough to think he shouldn't be the villain in Endgame?[View]
107171289>character suffers from depression >they are able to hold down a job and are able to connect w…[View]
107178145Adaptation when? GDT get off your fat ass and make it already. Christsakes.[View]
107151890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puKWa8hrvA8 Movie went from 'Meh' to fucking HYPE so fast.[View]
107179017>movie has an actor from The Office™ in it[View]
107177518>Bagheera come back! I wasn't ready[View]
107179494Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107178204I just realized, I'm going to be so sad when Gilbert dies.[View]
107179453Is this scene the equivalent of what 4chan is for a lot of users? A place to release pent up anger a…[View]
107179309ANSWER HIM[View]
107178430I dont get it[View]
107163206>Jesus those things will tear you to shreds[View]
107179241When I was 13, I was looking for band members online, and I found the perfect one. 30 years old, tan…[View]
107178540>You better watch who you're calling a child, Lois. Because if I'm a child, then do you…[View]
107175891>[literally fucking anything] happens >kino kino kino kino kino kino kino…[View]
107178931>truck drives by >*beep* *beeeeeeep*[View]
107179173do you have some random xmas commercials movies to recommend me?[View]
107176041Its kino[View]
107178899I WILL SAY THE N WORD![View]
107176187Not every actress/singer hits the wall at 30.[View]
107179052Why aren't you watching this kino?[View]
107179038Music Videos you consider Kino: Pic related. https://youtu.be/oYwL-FzFDKQ[View]
107178843can you hang on for a second[View]
107174302Do you die instantly if you get stabbed in the back[View]
107178980HELLO SMITHERS[View]
107178883Most casting directors are females.[View]
107178959>that one character that ruins a movie[View]
107176832finally we will get to see Jaime Pressly's tits and ass in 1080p blu-ray quality[View]
107178834You have 5 seconds to name a movie for me to watch or I'll hit you with my car[View]
107178186Club soda with a spritz of lemon, por favor.[View]
107176937One of Based Short Fat Otaku's channels is now back after being deleted by YouTube! Check it ou…[View]
107158953Riverdale General: Ahem, what in the fuck was this last episode?[View]
107173463why didnt wakanda use their technology to save starving children on their continent?[View]
107178174If you like this actor, kill yourself.[View]
107166129No doubt. Absolute kino scene.[View]
107172780I miss it so much lads[View]
107177309Memes aside, what's your actual favourite film? For me, it's Holy Mountain.[View]
107175090Are there any other science fiction series like Babylon 5? Apart from DS9 being a B5 ripoff I mean.[View]
107178475figured it out. why it always rains in movies, is it represents something. now just to figure out wh…[View]
107177843>ywn have a comfy life as a low-end criminal kingpin why even live[View]
107166502Artie Lange avoids jail but tests positive for cocaine at N.J. court appearance: https://www.nj.com/…[View]
107178528>You've ruined the act, Gob[View]
107175454If a movie is like a, a horror or a slasher, and I see a girl in it, I think 'boy, hope she gets kil…[View]
107172697Post your favorite Christmas movies[View]
107177973the disney live action canon rabbit hole: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody got a spin off, the Suite …[View]
107154877Did Aqumaman save the DCEU franchise?[View]
107176097So what happened to these niggas?[View]
107176978how much of a bitter postmodernist do you have to be to not enjoy the BvS Ultimate Cut?[View]
107177640Nothing But Trouble: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS8EolrR2Ck >Drop the beat, J…[View]
107178390.: What are some kinos about assassination?[View]
107177702So what if she said two billions? Would she have survived?[View]
107176742Species quadrology: The sex scenes are too few, too short, aren't very hot. The actresses all h…[View]
107178277wat is this shit[View]
107169211Hollywood Superstar Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Been Financing Countless Children’s Hospitals: Imagine…[View]
107175862>Who put that dick in my ass?[View]
107176729Hi Wade :3[View]
107176541Cast her[View]
107176982>horror movie puts creepy shit in the background and doesn't draw attention to it Just saw …[View]
107176535grand theft auto: Why did they never try to make another GTA live action again? https://youtu.be/g5…[View]
107174583Not gonna lie it was pretty good bros[View]
107163023>'Well, Ornella, I guess you'd have to leave too, because Leonardo and Brad only like young …[View]
107177900What movie is this?: Please help me remember what movie I'm thinking of. This is a terrible des…[View]
107165253How could anyone eat at Mcdonalds after watching this?[View]
107177670hey /tv/, it's me the ROCK and i just wanted to make you don't forget this friday evening …[View]
107177330Why did he finna dab on himself?[View]
107177903Actors who couldn't get over it.[View]
107175753is simpsons the most popular tv show all around the world?[View]
107177737>There are more Nobel Prize winners in the San Francisco bay area than anywhere on the planet. …[View]
107176680Who was actually right?[View]
107175970Name a better show on tv right now. You can’t[View]
107175838Should I click 'play movie'?[View]
107175663I am totally unappreciated in my time! We can run the whole park from this room, with minimal staff,…[View]
107177493Pray tell, just what, exactly, are your superpowers again?[View]
107177192What will people remember it as in 10 years?[View]
107177656What are the best tv related romance rivalries? or which were your favorites both the characters and…[View]
107176448cast it[View]
107176981You people can all suck on a bag of dicks. All your favorite movies are shit tier, literally modern …[View]
107175592Films with THIS aesthetic?[View]
107177597Someone needs to tell Cuarón that a movie is more than just a pretty cinematography. What a fucking …[View]
107172035Owen Benjamin says we never went to the moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0SlNSLoIJg Is he righ…[View]
107176040what the fuck was his problem?[View]
107177485Fun alternate perspectives in movies: For example, sometimes I watch Indiana Jones and imagine the N…[View]
107175856Beautiful Boy: Is there a stream? I've reached the limits of my L33T haX0r skills and am at a r…[View]
107174176Literally the worst movie ever made, change my mind[View]
107176377Would he have been a good king?[View]
107177032Just got out of the theater. Honestly, this was very disappointing. Seriously what were they thinkin…[View]
107176659how much do you reckon actors hate each other amongst themselves?[View]
107177184>lara:he'll be an outcast, they'll kill him >jor el: how? he'll be a GOD to the…[View]
107174099RAPE!: IN THE DUNGEON![View]
107177139HeEeeeEEE seeEeEEees you when you're slEepiiIing. He knows whhehn you're awake. HeeEeEe kn…[View]
107175373Anyone excited for the Rainbow Six Siege movie? I heard Michael B Jordan is playing Castle.[View]
107164038Mortal JUST: >Mortal Engines is looking at an $8 to $11 million opening weekend, an absolute cata…[View]
107176550what went wrong?[View]
107177077Are you still mad?[View]
107173851Are YouTube e-Celebs still relevant? https://youtu.be/OkoYvigvxC4[View]
107177068Why don't you check the TV guide, I think Holocaust is on >[raucous audience laughter]…[View]
107175896>you now unironically remember the best musical of the 2000s[View]
107176171roasties BTFO[View]
107177022Mark Hamill is considering retirement: Fuck Disney, make them pay[View]
107175593Was Daphne a good physical therapist?[View]
107172065you mean to tell me this skinny punk ass with his hobo and his dyke alone had more firepower than th…[View]
107176951What movie should I watch tonight? Last night I watched Blue Velvet[View]
107176313This has got to be the stupidest, most inconsistently written character I've ever seen. Beyond …[View]
107176687I want... a gf[View]
107171975Is it finally over for her?[View]
107176425Damn what happened to just paying a fine?[View]
107176371Why didn’t they make a second season?[View]
107176269What is the Hotline Miami of movie?[View]
107176056>a genderless burger experience[View]
107175252What book would you have take to the west?[View]
107167229Tay Tay kino coming to Netflix on 12/31: Yasssssssss whos excited to see the queen on New Years Eve?…[View]
107176645/tv/, have a holly jolly Christmas.[View]
107169369/trek/: Fuck /trek/ edition[View]
107176545Was the food a metaphor for Capitalism?[View]
107172379any mobies that feature characters like pic related: give examples[View]
107175638Dear fellas, I can't believe how fast things move on the outside. I saw an automobile once when…[View]
107176542'At least Harold Ramis didn't live to see this shit' - James Rolfe on Ghostbusters 2016. Is thi…[View]
107176347I watch 80s movies sometimes thinking how weird it would be to live back the without cell phones and…[View]
107173645/tv/ actually enjoys the simpsons/family guy/south park hah, really, lol, i men seriously? hahah hah…[View]
107175406Alexandra Daddario thread, for discussion of her filmographie (fuck jannies)[View]
107175882Dont you think it’s kind of unfair that he ruined the Hollywood dream of thousands of future untalen…[View]
107175639This is unironically the best thing Abrams has created.[View]
107174463I'm currently watching Friday the 113th Part VII, AMA.[View]
107175707How did he become the Highest Wizard?[View]
107170324Why do Jedi restrict themselves to using shitty laser swords instead of firearms and modern weaponry…[View]
107165693/tv/ is Leslie Jones country[View]
107175551THESE COOKIES[View]
107160997Neytiri is...[View]
107175920Fuck you say about me, Potter? You entitled, overrated little cunt. My cock is more powerful than yo…[View]
107174876When is Victoria Justice gonna make it big in Hollywood?[View]
107175938great television acting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAABxd_KLAQ[View]
107175932Post essential boomer kino[View]
107175370drow-n eht yas annog m'I[View]
107175483They're unironically the greatest American filmmakers since Kubrick.[View]
107175341>film begins with a narrator describing what the movie's universe is like over an unfolding …[View]
107175420moments that made you, a grown man, leak salty discharge from your eye ducts https://www.youtube.com…[View]
107169614Discuss the film only, no dubs allowed.[View]
107174804Anyone see this yet? What did I think of it?[View]
107169658AV Club's 'Worst Movies of 2018.' >https://film.avclub.com/the-worst-films-of-2018-183099658…[View]
107172441I didn't know that Linking Park use to be played in Miami clubs...: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
107174254Hannah Gadsby live at the Apollo: Her latest set did not go over well with an all black audience htt…[View]
107175609Lol this bear[View]
107175670>That's funny, I talked to Brad and Leo and they said that they dreamt of having a threesome…[View]
107165254Dune: This movie doesnt get much attention on here and its better than Star Wars, the 3 hour extende…[View]
107173876What's the best 80s movie that's very 80s? Commando? Roadhouse?[View]
107174796just yyoooouuuuu[View]
107175403I really enjoy movie scenes where a character is buying guns from a shady gun dealer. I'm not e…[View]
107174885>We have survived by hiding from them, by running from them. But they are the gatekeepers. They a…[View]
107175506Why do you suppose I just said the n-word Neiman?[View]
107175069>'Hahaha. Good one, Ornella.' This way, they're laughing with him, not at him.…[View]
107175445How they can survive without taxes ?[View]
107175399Are any of these memefilms any good?[View]
1071738853 Billboards: Why did he intimidate Mildred in the gift shop? Did he actually murder her daughter an…[View]
107175424They told him, 'Don't you ever post around here, Don't wanna see your tux, your threads wi…[View]
107172182THIS SUMMER[View]
107171395Women and children first[View]
107174486FAMOUS VILLAIN QUOTES: Have we started the fire?[View]
107175233He killed millions.[View]
107175329Cast them in a new show that has absolutely nothing to do with cars.[View]
107175117do you sneak food and drinks at the movie theater?[View]
107175292>what the fuck are you talking about? this is a fucking interview.[View]
107173935Why did he give up his gun?[View]
107175242*walks angrily towards you* *anachronistic rock music starts playing* *flames rise in the background…[View]
107172506Just saw Into the Spider-verse. What did I think of it?[View]
107175071was this the greatest film of all time?[View]
107173896About to watch this : what am I in for ?[View]
107175161Wtf kind of short story is that[View]
107173668What are some kinos like this?[View]
107175087Any underrated epic kinos like The Last Emperor? I'm surprised I rarely hear about this 10/10 d…[View]
107165266You put munitions chips in toys?[View]
107175022Literally did nothing wrong and was the good guy of the movie.[View]
107174760What did the roses represent?[View]
107175048Why the fuck didnt he just jump?[View]
107174398is there anything more pathetic and brainwashed than brand loyalty?[View]
107174700So this was technically a western for söyboys. 2 hours of my life wasted. Why did you people shill t…[View]
107168844Any movies about being alone?[View]
107171679How about a Still Game thread ya bunch of fannies?[View]
107172797/tfg/ - Transformers General: Ranked edition. Rank them! 1>4>3>2>5[View]
107174433Charlotte Best: Just seen her Netflix show - can she make it in Hollywood? Hot as hell and Daddario …[View]
107173255I want to HUGG and FUGG Sofia Climax blu-ray when?[View]
107173442itt movies and tv shows where the good guy always looses[View]
107174656Is it true that he's bankrupt?[View]
107174266Thoughts on Scrubs?[View]
107174808Good lord that was hilarious[View]
107174797>movie has a reletable character >he gets a terrible ending…[View]
107174793>mum we wen't to hell to rescue you why you want to fuck another stranger guy instead of tak…[View]
107172425Its over, pigskin!![View]
107170022experiment: >age you lost your virginity >favorite tv show…[View]
107173791what the fuck was this all about? i get the ring fucks with the person or some shit but why did he …[View]
107174404Why were they so mean? ;_;[View]
107174494Damn, no wonder the later movies sucked shit[View]
107173203Venom (2018) kind of reminds me of Hulk (2003).[View]
107173285Do you plan on watching the broly movie in English or the Japanese dub +sub[View]
107172973There are more shows like this r..right? Don't leave me hanging now[View]
107174105What are the hottest things you've watched on a television this year?[View]
107168394How come no movie sex scenes last for more than a minute and a half at the very most? Why are most c…[View]
107172673This movie is fucking garbage: The first movie was atmospheric, aesthetic, tense, the alien looked b…[View]
107173286Just got done watching Hachi a Dog's Tale[View]
107174336What are some shitty shows and films /tv/ tricked you into watching?[View]
107173561Post your best historical/political biopics now[View]
107174481Are they sharpest minds in entertainment?[View]
107169583*runs to page 10*[View]
107174070Today was the unveiling of the new Krusty stamp. Postal patrons were asked to choose between two com…[View]
107174123Voltron's final season...: The new Voltron series was awesome. Did anything rustle your jimmies…[View]
107172573Kinoest portrayals of Emperors: >inb4 Sheev[View]
107174253What are some movies about letting go?[View]
107172018How big is your kino collection?[View]
107171792>yfw he should have played Kirk from the begining[View]
107140185I always wondered why her career died[View]
107173780A couple of hockey players come up the laneway the other day...[View]
107163505why did the penguin do it[View]
107174163What Up Geeks and Gamerss! It’s Jeremy, Comen At Yah With Another Videoooo! And TODAY.... I’m gonna …[View]
107159032>turning 30 today >staring in hallmark level netflix shit Does Vanessa Hudgens have a possible…[View]
107174140Been using (((netflix))) for too long, whats your go to free movie site /tv/? putlocker was my pick …[View]
107172354/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: QOTD: How would you have responded to this poll in 2015? >WATCH >R…[View]
107174037What are other shows that have a narrative and psychological complexity that rivals most anime?[View]
107173904Roma was the best film of the year and is one of the best films of this decade. Portrayed life itsel…[View]
107173797The Fire Rises.[View]
107173491I'm currently watching Mission Impsossible Rogue Nation. In that Moroccan bunker they have a fu…[View]
107169180If you’re not watching this, why are you such a disgusting loser?[View]
107173889Just peeped this mov, y'all. It was straight up hilarious.[View]
107149457The.House.That.Jack.Built.2018.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >The.House.That.Jack.Built.2018.1080p.W…[View]
107173966we all need to see this. let's go, I'll get the tub of popcorn see YOU at the kinoplex. I…[View]
107173907>femwhore character says something smart for once >'oh my god i sounded just like my mother'…[View]
107170989So, Harry and Ron forces Lockhart to follow them to the chamber of secrets at gunpoint. Would they…[View]
107173736What's his name again? Bananadick Cucumberbitch?[View]
107170956How could any do heroin after watching this?[View]
107164394Watership Down: What the FUCK was Britain thinking[View]
107172464This is the best film in Romero's Living Dead series.[View]
107173247Who was in the wrong?[View]
107173013>I gots to know I wonder, if in todays political climate a line like that could be considered rac…[View]
107172583Huh... Lois![View]
107170983>'We need someone to play a boss / CEO / chief' >'Say no more ...'…[View]
107172662So I'm deaf and I just saw this CC(closed caption) and I don't get it. What is music exact…[View]
107170181Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse was surprisingly kino.: This was unironically the best animated film…[View]
107171814Dave Chappelle is the rare high IQ black man, prove me wrong Also >African-American Muslim with a…[View]
107171943OH N-[View]
107160294Why didn't he just wear a bullet proof vest?[View]
107173026Any reason why k dramas are so popular among western women now?[View]
107173676Cast him[View]
107170613What's the deal with Jimmy?[View]
107172378What is your opinion of Seth Meyers and the diverse range of topics he covers on his late night show…[View]
107169773Give me movies and tv shows where evil people suffer[View]
107172701Half man half biscuit.[View]
107170279So... Was Tony a boss, mid-boss, or easy guy?[View]
107173432'Look Billy, a faggot!' How do you react?[View]
107173398i just realised that the song ''do you wana build a snowman' from fozen is the same and 'p…[View]
107173340Brutti, sporchi e cattivi (1976) is the superior version of Shameless. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
107171111Come up with an idea for a movie, the simpler the better and say whether you would watch them or not…[View]
107172087Bridget jones 4 - Roasties Revenge[View]
107170346Was he redpilled and our guy or cringe and bluepilled?[View]
107166503Don't mind me, just posting the best Simpsons episode.[View]
107172699>Cop has map of the city with thumbtacks in each spot the main criminal committed some crime …[View]
107157558What did she mean by this?[View]
107171602Why didn't they just send this guy and the russians to do the heist? Literally everyone else is…[View]
107172893What the f word was his problem?[View]
107172926English subtitles when? Is it ever going to come to American theaters or will it be piracy exclusive…[View]
107169336https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vK166iSwQc Imagine how fucking insufferable and annoying it is to b…[View]
107170814what is Hank Azaria's best role?[View]
107164726What are my frens watching on this lovely friday evening[View]
107154084The GALAXY is at stake. The only question is - are you in?[View]
107171567Will zoomers kill kino?[View]
107172531What are some good films to watch when you’re depressed? I lose interest in just about everything.[View]
1071725841. Battle Royale (his favourite and number one!!!) (Dir. Kinji Fukasaku 2000). Ps. The other movies …[View]
107170215Will watching this finally snap me into killing myself? I'm afraid to watch it after being sing…[View]
107172293How can such a small man have such a big heart?[View]
107171890'Hey you ever seen the Guyver?' 'MacGyver? Sure did'[View]
107172413What are the best tv related romance rivalries? or which were your favorites both the characters and…[View]
107172387Why don't you check the TV guide, I think Holocaust is on >[raucous audience laughs]…[View]
107167858>every movie based on a true story is in the same cinematic universe[View]
107172348How come Batman never used his lady deathstrike claws?[View]
107167829Previously on the Emmy-award winning The Shield™[View]
107171410Are you threatening me, Mister jedi?[View]
107172037Lucas should have made a sequel trilogy and not the prequels Prove me wrong[View]
107171576I'm looking for films where the protagonist overcomes his problems with the help of love.[View]
107167667Is it odd that the whole franchise is about john connor rescuing civilization and hes not mentioned …[View]
107172214BAM MARGERA WHO will he marry NEXT?[View]
107171020>Prepare to be fucked by the long dick of the law! >*unzips and cums* >*direct hit* Ornella…[View]
107167523Why don’t you like Barry Lyndon?[View]
107168851X men Series: What does /tv/ think of the x men series. I think its the superior capeshit compare to…[View]
107172010I already have written a review about a movie i didn´t see and people loved it...[View]
107162205Was there ever a specific moment that made you drop a show completely?[View]
107171120So you want to be an explorer? On the day of the sicario too?: https://deadline.com/2018/12/dora-the…[View]
107164314Ad Astra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_Astra_(film) >Twenty years after his father left on a …[View]
107171898It's nice to watch a movie with an all white cast isn't it?[View]
107171961Was George right about the Two Worlds theory?[View]
107170577>We need a vague ethnic person on standby >Say no more…[View]
107169990Only movie from 2018 that I liked.[View]
107170619Any lulzy survivor-like shows lately, like season 2 of pic related?[View]
107161931Who is the wisest character in the LotR universe?[View]
107167623The world will end on December 23, 2018. Are you prepared for the end of the world?[View]
1071612361984: Are you looking forward to the upcoming adaptation? Is it something that can even be adapted t…[View]
107171225>We found him! >Damn we lost him again. >Call bounty hunters... >NVM WE FOUND HIM xDDD …[View]
107170599Are his films highbrow or middlebrow masquerading as highbrow?[View]
107169287So this is my new favorite series. I don't suppose any of you know of any other series that are…[View]
107169265List your top 5 top gear challenges/specials: >Vietnam special >17 year old challenge >Race…[View]
107167830What’s the best Mexican film?[View]
107170988Some say this is the worst film of all time what do you say?[View]
107170500mark it 8 dude[View]
107169960Clarence... Worley?[View]
107169397>demon horror flick >The [noun] of [First name] [Last name]…[View]
107171321>be the only jew in Deadwood >wants to open a bank Oh G-d!…[View]
107171191Which company has the best intro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaOmp140NvU[View]
107170494Where's my slave role?[View]
107170817You have all these euphemisms, and you think they'll save you.[View]
107169352Jesus fucking Christ, Artie...[View]
107169904you're all a buncha fucking baboons. i could beat up faggots up without even trying. everyone …[View]
107167908ITT: movies only you liked[View]
107171145Is this the best Brad Pitt I've seen?[View]
107167735What do you see /tv/[View]
107171090https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-d1S79zt8c >If following the rule has brought you to this point,…[View]
107168728Did you get the feeling that hollywood intentionally made the two Dukes of Hazzard movies to be an i…[View]
107170819Please, HALP!: Where can I find the full video version of the musical? The quality on Vimeo is quite…[View]
107169496Hey Lois, remember that one time I was Chuck from Sneed's Feed and Seed?[View]
107170793>Watch this shitty movie recently >A thin as a rail chick (who was also a cop somehow) beats u…[View]
107169910OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
107169789Why did you let superhero movies win by letting this movie bomb?[View]
107168839What percentage are you guys at?[View]
107167966Let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
107156608Would you say this holds up 14 years later?[View]
107170688ZZZZZZZZZZ: Well shot but very undramatic. Bunch of uninteresting characters with a generic soap ope…[View]
107166492So Die Hard IS a christmas film after all, huh.[View]
107170655Hey tv, where can I find the first seasons of Always Sunny to dl? nothing on rarbg and my other sou…[View]
107169429>Marge: Homer Bill Gates is here >Homer: Billionaire computer nerd Bill Gates? Holy. Freaking.…[View]
107170108Best movie of the year!!!![View]
107169434Film Adaption When?[View]
107169414Johnny Bravo: Why was it so problematic? Sexual Assault is NOT okay.[View]
107169951I'm here today with the moderator of a well known image forum on the internet. Everyone's …[View]
107166719Yeah, i'm thinking it was kino[View]
107166723Pierce Brosnan: What does /tv/ think of his “work”?[View]
107165290In Home Alone 2, when Kevin books his room at the hotel, he asks for 1 large bed, then explains he i…[View]
107170004Yeah Fuck Jannies: Fuck them in their stupid asses.[View]
107170531>watch some tv show or movie about historical figure from the past >read up on them afterwards…[View]
107170521Out on Netflix today. Anyone of you seen it yet?[View]
107168278What a nasty woman![View]
107170131NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND AND DESERT YOU!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oKo3hFHyBA[View]
107169723Sup /tv/ I'm trying to find a short video I found a while ago on the web >video of a few min…[View]
107170343Shadowfax is the best horse in all cinema. No other horse comes close.[View]
107170411Who has a more loyal fanbase, Star Wars or capeshit?[View]
107169943What are some movies you will always watch when they happen to be on tv?[View]
107165555Banks residence[View]
107170143Did anybody in this show do anything wrong?[View]
107170293Cinema used to make me so uneasy, easy. But Lynch made it all so easy, easy. Don't make more sh…[View]
107169892ITT: embarassing movie takes[View]
107169039The Mule (2018): Anyone else seen this yet?[View]
107170202Dogs of Berlin: Was it good? Did you rike it? You did support the skinheads, right?[View]
107170094My name is Chuck and I like to Fuck. My name is Sneed and I like to Feed. Chuck (Chuck) Sneed (Sneed…[View]
107170012Fuck this movie. It's been a week since I've seen it and I'm still having nightmares …[View]
107170101haw r u doin frens? hope u have a goob bay. recobend som tv shows[View]
107167872Why does he always play himself?[View]
107168467What are some essential cartel kino? I loved pic related[View]
107168589Dragon ball kino is back on the menu boys[View]
107169890Has /tv/ watched this? I expected an SJW parade, and it is to a large degree, but it did have some i…[View]
107169888ITT the finest movie you've seen today[View]
107169872I think Vader sucks![View]
107168433Why did they kill JLaw's baby? 8( https://youtu.be/R2roL3cPv4M[View]
107168941Are there any xxx films that have the production quality of a proper film with actors that can actua…[View]
107164032manchildren worship arnie being an adult means giving respect to Sly for his longevity, not using st…[View]
107169730>capeshit >nostalgiabait >disneyshit >SJWbait The absolute state of American animated mo…[View]
107169111ITT: characters who DID NOT deserve their suffering[View]
107168901Is it kino?[View]
107168717It’s really ridiculous that he didn’t get a sticky.[View]
107169655You now remember Harry Brown, a film where My Cocaine became a vigilante to avenge Walder Frey, who …[View]
107164469Simply post beatiful shots itt[View]
107169413What does /tv/ think of The Orange Man?[View]
107169003Enjoy Marvel/DC: []spoiler1> 63°49'58.6'N 20°23'28.4'W 2> 36°52'10.8'N 30°49…[View]
107168800Scream Season 3: Is Season 3 ever coming out? Its been announced for 2 years and is only supposed to…[View]
107165526/who/ doctor who containment thread: last time >>107120655[View]
107169460I bet now you wish you had reprogrammed those synapses to work collectively, huh, whiteboi?[View]
107168253What was his best roll?[View]
107169226Which Exorcist sequels/prequels are worth watching?[View]
107167288Is sketch comedy dead?[View]
107169190our guy shadman made into hollywood[View]
107169227Please, HALP!: Where can I find the full video version of the musical? The quality on Vimeo is quite…[View]
107166589Was it true at all?[View]
107163143/trek/: Dental Hygene edition.[View]
107169156>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
107169184The Wire: Where my Wire Fans at?[View]
107167430'Bitches leave' is an iconic line for good reason but it feels slightly out of character for Boddick…[View]
107168381 [View]
107168176>Watch this shitty movie recently >A thin as a rail chick (who was also a cop somehow) beats u…[View]
107168663How did we not notice that there's a black guy and a dude with a turban in Stannis' army?[View]
107169049Movie or TV show similar to Iron Sky.: I'm trying to find a film about a futuristic, sci-fi Naz…[View]
107167536>be Dunston >check in[View]
107167699Why was he so useless after Season 4? Has he made a single strategic decision that's worked out…[View]
107168017this movie gay >BUT DUDE LONG TAKES ARE FOR PATRICIANS You can have long quiet scenes that are bo…[View]
107168947Wrong bet.[View]
107167914MAJOR SNYDER CUT RUMOUR: Are DChads back? Aquaman breaking box office Snyder redeemed WW2 and Shazza…[View]
107168922>directed by David Lynch This was a really weird plot for this show..wtf…[View]
107166142i wan no trubble[View]
107161967This is pretty not great[View]
107168804what's going on here?[View]
107168729Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107166483i was wondering if /tv/ had anything similar to /mu/core... im an absolute pleb in film and never lu…[View]
107168879The upcoming live action Rick & Morty movie looks pretty good![View]
107168877South Park: Forget history. Marxism is the answer to all of your troubles.[View]
107164171Is this worth watching?[View]
107167781anybody else looking forward to the Consider Phlebas tv series?[View]
107168518ITT: TV shows that were redpilled[View]
107164647Frens, why is it so hard to watch a 2h30m movie, but it's so easy to browse 4chan, youtube and …[View]
107168623Are there any films about lonely WOMEN? I unironically believe women have it harder in life past the…[View]
107168411will James Woods act again in a major role? I'm thinking.... no. Nice bit on Ray Donovan though…[View]
107168468Is he a good director?[View]
107168692>Characters fuckups lead up to him being isolated and depressed >The man who sold the world st…[View]
107168659SOMEBODY SAVE ME[View]
107167349Is he the Orson Wells/Kubrick of our Generation: Hated by the masses but loved by directors. https:/…[View]
107166456Why did Thanos do the snap when it was just a metaphor for how easy it would be? If she clapped the…[View]
107167234I didn't think this was a 10/10. Does that mean I'm retarded?[View]
107166606Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?[View]
107166095what does /tv/ thinks of upcoming Wes Anderson kino?[View]
107167088>I will now kill half of humanity 'randomly' *Thanos winks at camera and snaps* >All of Africa…[View]
107168258how many years again?[View]
107168430What did they mean by this?[View]
107168417>be me on any normal day >hear a female screaming in the distance >she is being attacked b…[View]
107166537The fact that so many people still name Stanley Kubrick as the greatest or most significant or most …[View]
107166419Lets talk about Sheev 'Senate' Palpatine[View]
107161444When did you realize that he is a talentless hack?[View]
107168302What's going on here? This is way better than most Marvel movies.[View]
107166704What do you make of /TV/ Best Film of 2018 List?: In comparison to other critics top 10: https://www…[View]
107166372A big, dumb, dinosaur man[View]
107166614A N-WORD[View]
107161048/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: Features of Letterboxd: Rating what you watch Create a diary for films y…[View]
107166448Why haven't we've seen School of RAP yet?[View]
107167720Were there any other articles that fall into the depression/acceptance category?[View]
107168123Please, HALP!: Where can I find the full video version of the musical? The quality on Vimeo is quite…[View]
107163864>First, though, one of Pascal’s favorites, Gwen Stacy, will lead the way. The producer revealed t…[View]
107163522Where my KongChads at? He's gonna Heem the shit out of the virginKaijus[View]
107167498What are some fundamental books on cinema every KinoMan should know?[View]
107167768In Goodfellas Henry says to his wife 'Nobody goes to jail unless they want to Karen. You know who g…[View]
107153744Femanon here. I don't get it.[View]
107166892What fucking happened?[View]
107167809Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May quit car shows after 17 years: It's Ogre No Gran…[View]
107167325Why Anton actually loses:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-d1S79zt8c Watch that scene. Anton is re…[View]
107165168>quick we need the redditor 'Le kino' audience >say no more…[View]
107162033By any chance, did anyone or any other Amazon workers see this Episode of South Park? If so, what…[View]
107167832Ctrl+f No fiskposting thread? Come on, anons. Get to it.[View]
107166663what is a movie about formulas?[View]
107155235at what age did you stop crying?[View]
107167166which is worse for depression and avoiding your shitty life: drinking beer, watching movies, or play…[View]
107167559Ahem I just wanted to say... FUCK DRAKE[View]
107163060Russian Kino: I'm learning Russian, and I would like to watch some Russian language films to he…[View]
107167570You guys like to tell jokes and giggle and kid around, eh? Gigglin' like a buncha young broads …[View]
107166786Why didn’t John Hammond just give him a raise?[View]
107167459Source Code: Is it good? I heard the ending ruins it.[View]
107167499>lets make a really mediocre zombie-comedy movie but then lets also add some mediocre songs to ma…[View]
107167482Was it kino? Which of the six was best?[View]
107164750what are some other movies that show how protestants are mentally ill people?[View]
107155535aquaman box office in china: disney btfo https://twitter.com/gavinfeng97/status/1073558589141184514…[View]
107164614Should Ana be the next Bond girl? If 007 can be a colored, why not a Hispanic bond girl?[View]
107167341>Everything the light touches is our kingdom So were the Outlands in some kind of pocket dimensio…[View]
107167429This is actually kino[View]
107167427AHEM FUCK HITLER[View]
107152886The fire rises[View]
107167347Is he based or cringe?[View]
107162409/swg/ star wars general, KDY edition: They tried to shut us down but star wars theads never die, the…[View]
107158511It's... Actually good.[View]
107167068star wars BTFO[View]
107157584What's the verdict?[View]
107167014Was it kino?[View]
107165409Any movies with this aesthetic?: The hornier the better. Fire and Ice is the original.[View]
107159145ITT you may post screencaps[View]
107166381What the FUCK was Scorsese thinking? This is pretentious and not at all entertaining. And he made it…[View]
107152138>33 days until Avatar: Tsu'tey's path Now with a preview of some of the pages! https://…[View]
107166975>browsing youtube >movie subliminal message video >DORI ME…[View]
107166278what are some redpilled, lovecraftian christmas movies that aren't reddit?[View]
107166222Cast him for eventual biopic: Surprised they haven’t made one already[View]
107164697How exactly has the movie industry managed to survive? With things like streaming, cam-rips, Youtube…[View]
107166922THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT: Holy shit. Lars did it, movie of the year.[View]
107152923How did a guy that can't act become one of the biggest actors?[View]
107166766GodZZzzzzzz: >decide to watch the retro Godzilla movies to see what the hype is all about before …[View]
107161284YOU GUYS READY FOR JET BLACK? Faye and Spike confirmed for Asian too btw. Source: http://www.thath…[View]
107160538How do i get into Godzilla flicks? I watched the original Japanese film, which ones do I view now[View]
107144626ITT: your first /tv/ crush[View]
107166489Future Man: This show is available on Amazon Video now. Should I watch it?[View]
107166134Blocks your path, pigskin![View]
107159789Which Simpsons characters could salvage the shit show that has become of Joe's podcast?[View]
107166625This movie was pure entertainment, the action scenes, designs and cgi were all 10/10 I cant remember…[View]
107166411they found us![View]
107166498>Be me, 9 years old >Wait all day to get home to watch Tracey Beaker >Turn on TV, Tracey is…[View]
107166530just fuck my shit up senpai[View]
107166504>you've got balls kid, I'll give you that[View]
107165903Apologize https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw-Dvczfpbw[View]
107165956Was this Chuck's too?[View]
107160549Titans 2018 S01E10: Titans 2018 S01E10 WEB x264-PHOENiX EZTV Titans 2018 S01E10 WEB x264-PHOENiX EZT…[View]
107166132What did you think of their chemistry in the film?[View]
107165351Who's gonna play him in the inevitable re-remake?[View]
107166265>Watch this shitty movie recently >A thin as a rail chick (who was also a cop somehow) beats u…[View]
107159102>There are only two things we know for sure about the Watchmen series. First, it's an extens…[View]
107165955Is he right?[View]
107166195remember Reality Simpsons videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7sPF6l4XaI[View]
107163316>Aquakino gets rave reviews and about to a blockbuster hit >Everybody pretends MCU always mad…[View]
107165959*spin* *spin* Oh, I didn't see you there! Are there any kinos about spinning?[View]
107163070Just finished Mad Men for the second time, who was best girl, and why was it Based Meredith!?[View]
107161183WE'RE THE DREAM WARRIORS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
107162756The Final Table: Has anyone watched this? I expected something that I'd just leave on and not …[View]
107160878Wait a second, somethings not right here[View]
107158872webm thread: Post em[View]
107165829what was her motherfucking problem?[View]
107164304Why didn't she get a sticky?[View]
107165468Mark Wahlberg? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him…[View]
107152504Will we ever get a Freddy vs Jason 2?: What are some other vs or mashup movies you think could work?…[View]
107164664Malcolm in the Middle thread: >those cringeworthy episodes where the actor tried to showcase his …[View]
107164781>tfw no more devil fren[View]
107162053Fuller house season 4 -SEXY?: I watched 10 min of the first episode of the first season for nostalgi…[View]
107163718THROW HIS ASS OUT[View]
107164571*huff huff* JERRY! *huff huff* I'M GONNA SAY IT![View]
107165504Wow this guy is so racist. At the same time the depiction of a retarded tier white man and his retar…[View]
107165514I hate ed helms[View]
107157737That’s a big rat: let’s name him[View]
107165069Kate Winslet & Saoirse Ronan To Star In Romance ‘Ammonite’: Are you ready for a new Lesbiankino …[View]
107163819emperor palpatine brought peace and order to the galaxy.[View]
107162723*Ruins /tv/*[View]
107165471>it’s an Edna episode[View]
107165028What are some characters that are literally you? For me it's pic related. 25 fucking years I wa…[View]
107164411Did you just say you were on mescaline?[View]
107164807Fool of a Frogposter![View]
107165248Anime Peter[View]
107164955I met my idol today CIA. Asked him to take a few pics and after i asked him if we can reenact some o…[View]
107163473Why is Lars so sad? https://youtu.be/9RoORnRX3lc[View]
107165198Who will play her in the likely Netflix adaption? This is a serious thread by the way, not bait, so …[View]
107165135It's starting to feel like a nice night, hold close to the highs and the white light hold clos…[View]
107164089Movies where the hero is a dog[View]
107164277this is the greatest show of all time with by far the best, the most emotional ending ever I can…[View]
107161008What am I in for?[View]
107162870Why the fuck did the Dude keep hanging around Walter?[View]
107163524>character quips in a trailer >music stops so you know when to laugh Every time. Every fucking…[View]
107165027Please Tone gimme a chance![View]
107163694sopranos season 3 starting 20 minutes on cytube get in.[View]
107163824I miss those times[View]
107161446Anyone else hate capeshit: with a fiery something?[View]
107164763The last jedi: It's been a year and I'm still mad[View]
107164708How would you cast the inevitable Rainbow Six Siege movie?[View]
107160990ITT: underrated Simpsons characters I'll start: Snake[View]
107161594Can /tv/ appreciate Fiddler on the Roof even though it's extremely jewish?[View]
107163659Travelers: Season 3 just came out does /tv/ even watch this?[View]
107164620What did Alfonso Cuarón mean by this?[View]
107164565FUCK this was KINO![View]
107163992I'd fuck a few Janets.[View]
10716415590s sitcoms from best to worst: Is this tier correct? Seinfeld = Home Improvement Fraiser Fresh Pri…[View]
107163125Name a more KINO trailer...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVDtmouV9kM You can't.…[View]
107164381Is it kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5B9pxWa3Is[View]
107164064do actresses bulk up for roles like actors do?[View]
107160782Next Bond Girl...: ...prove me wrong[View]
107163526What Christmas film should I watch with my mum lads?[View]
107163181Is this a Hostel rip off?: From IMDBPro >Promise of an exciting venture turns out to be a deadly …[View]
107160268Jet Li or Bruce Lee[View]
107164071Ron Swanson: Is he the most based and red-pilled character of all time?[View]
107162399Miss me yet?[View]
107158704Do you think better writing is all that's needed to save Doctor Literally Who?[View]
107161709What went wrong? why did Half In The Bag became so boring? THere hasn't been a good episode in …[View]
107154179>Bloke who cut his knob off. Goes by a girls name now. Thinks hes a girl. Weird innit?…[View]
107163400>Die Hard is a Christmas movie[View]
107160224Bumblebee: Transformers is saved: Just saw Bumblebee and holy shit,Travis Knight saved Transformers …[View]
107162005is chess a kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHydkEARVKE[View]
107162221Is he right?[View]
107162371>and you think your attempt to gain the moral high ground over the god you claim to be cruel for …[View]
107163918IT'S KINO[View]
107158625Post Christmas kino[View]
107163876Why did they do it?[View]
107163844Odinochnoye Plavanye/The Solo Voyage/The Soviet Rambo: Is there any way I can watch this movie with …[View]
107120655/who/ Doctor Who containment thread: >https://www.doctorwho.tv/news/?article=gallery-new-years-da…[View]
107163815Since 2011, which year was more kino?[View]
107161337Is Tom Hardy the greatest actor of our era?[View]
107161049Is it good? It's directed by Lynch so it should be at least decent, right?[View]
107163596Welp, I guess that settles it, thank Science drumbpf is going down before christmas Good riddance![View]
107163654>Spare me your space-age technobabble, Attila the Hun![View]
107161163Grace Randolph: Is she the most influential film reviewer of our generation?[View]
107163637>the last time I was here, I killed my father with a crossbow. >the last time I was here, you …[View]
107161764ITT based characters[View]
107163564>*lazily crawls towards you* EGH..... EGH...... ECH..... BUY SKILLSHARE…[View]
107163559Movie characters that were Incels[View]
107162471what went wrong?[View]
107162912I gotta proposition for yo ass[View]
107163436Why is it always business? Why can't it be personal at least once? Have some fucking passion, d…[View]
107163446BRAVO R A V O[View]
107163216I wonder if I can say the n word?[View]
107162261Heroic Sacrifices: In this thread we discuss how the heroic sacrifice is the best part of any movie,…[View]
107161289What new movie are you interested in seeing?[View]
107159107what the fuck was his problem?[View]
107161077>Disney ruined Star Wars >HBO ruined GoT >Amazon is ruining LotR >Netflix is ruining Nar…[View]
107163241Freddy was based as fuck for this opinion[View]
107163156Child's Play remake: What are the odds that it'll be good? Not a fan but hopefully it does…[View]
107138153Quite possibly the greatest film of all time. Way more entertaining than the first one, with deeper …[View]
107163138Was it body swapping kino?[View]
107161980Now that a western Hero Academia hollywood adaptation is confirmed, how would you possibly make it g…[View]
107162497>So anon, what's your favourite genre of movies?What's the latest movie you watched in …[View]
107161867>wands become guns and series takes one of many giant nosedives, its so dumb…[View]
107162246what should i watch rn frens? i watched >castlevania s2 >daredevil s3 waiting for game of thro…[View]
107155076What are some kinos only men can understand?[View]
107163046When does Sharp Objects get good? I'm halfway through episode four. It's okay.[View]
107159840What's your dream Emily Blunt role?[View]
107160155So, why is this considered a classic, again? It shot very nice, with a good pace, but the rest is o…[View]
107162810I’ve only seen the movies where he is an alien? Should I watch any of his other movies incase they i…[View]
107162489What was the point of making this?[View]
107159073Just found out my girlfriend plays soccer. Are there any kinos about soccer?[View]
107149630They.Shall.Not.Grow.Old.2018.1080p.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-HDBEE: >They.Shall.Not.Grow.Old.2018.…[View]
107160722Take notes Marvel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhfnTs0RZLs Here's how you do soundtracks…[View]
107159058Where will maisie's career go from here /tv/? what are you theories as to what will become of h…[View]
107162584Heil Aqua56! Heil to the king!: What i´ve learned from this flick is that is the pigskin subhuman´s …[View]
107160220How the FUCK isn't Sonoya Mizuno A-list?[View]
107132468FACT: This is the best Disney villain[View]
107153452how come she normally she doesn't seem that hot but in the bumble bee trailer she was really se…[View]
107158563anyone else looking forward to the upcoming Rambo film?[View]
107158574I want breakfast![View]
107162076This is what a peak female body looks like. Anyone who disagrees is either a dried-out jealous roast…[View]
107162393Dude what did king kong eat he is so big he would need millions of calories or he would be a boney g…[View]
107161808What the fuck were they thinking!?[View]
107156481*hosts your Oscars[View]
107162408Yo this shit fuckin bumps lol[View]
107162293Can we have a Wyatt Oleff thread?[View]
107160548What I am about to tell you can never leave this room...[View]
107160105If everything was right in this world Christian Bale as Bagheera would be nominated as best supporti…[View]
107139322/trek/: /trek/ under fire, our final days previous >>107132553[View]
1071615684chan the moofie: Could a film about Christopher Poole's legacy be made, in the style of The So…[View]
107160262I Cannot Fucking Wait Until David Lynch Dies[View]
107161944what was her tax policy?[View]
107161747Time Travel Movie Troll: Kek-people, we have to get together and support another world wide troll. R…[View]
107159930ITT: movies women will never understand[View]
107159015You have 15 seconds to name a more terrifying character that never speaks. Go.[View]
107154545Why have villains become so much more interesting than heroes in movies?[View]
107161680This scene is amazing. People who diss this movie are fucking plebs.[View]
107160097>watch a movie >google movie ending explained…[View]
107159029I was elected to lead[View]
107158609was he redpilled?[View]
107161490What did everyone think of this Pizza-kino?[View]
107156268ITT shows that collapsed from overdeveloping their own lore[View]
107153817post your kino dungeons[View]
107159730What are some movie where kids feel like genuine kids?: With realistic emotional traits and characte…[View]
107156324>you will never feel this much emotion[View]
107160308IRL Kino Thread[View]
107160494What does /tv/ think of Youtube's film service?[View]
107158554>Character named Elrond >Is literally an Elf who was wronged Damn...…[View]
107160339What made him change so much during the time between the show and the book?[View]
107160498>What if god was one of us?[View]
107160596What are some other kino adaptations better than the book? https://vimeo.com/65880384[View]
107160976ITT: only the most honest and pure filmmaking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsSG7N7YVw8[View]
107161087This is for Kansas City boy.: https://youtu.be/j638xTM36I8[View]
107158757You have 15 seconds to name a time-travel movie where the main character is black[View]
107158988>Bohemian Raphasody is now the highest-grossing music biopic to date with a $600+ million worldwi…[View]
107161016https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSLJriaOumA >born too late to be a knight >born too early for …[View]
107160798Anyone else ready to apologize?[View]
107157638Cast this perfection[View]
107160799post >yfw you're not doug walker[View]
107160528Why didn't they take some weapons with them to Kashmir? Seems pretty dumb desu[View]
107158600You are now remembering Call from Alien Resurrection: Why was she such a great character? Quite poss…[View]
107159288tremors 7 is confirmed[View]
107150384What's left for her after Vikings ends?[View]
107159797Before dad died, he told me something. Something about you......[View]
107160234B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O[View]
107160693>Buff guy takes off his shirt >Audible whistling from audience…[View]
107160143Is Mike Ehrmantraut a good character?[View]
107159294What is this face trying to convey?[View]
107160695What are some movies with a twisted timeline?[View]
107160586How do you think actresses feel while doing sex scenes?[View]
107156555Is this show written by a literal retard?[View]
107155344I don't get it[View]
107147996Aquaman: >these are the people giving Aquaman negative reviews Good lord...…[View]
107159965This is the most based doctor on tv and there's nothing Housefags can do about it.[View]
107159372What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107159028What´s the name please thank: There was a film about depressed man commiting suicide, but then teena…[View]
107160044>survive the apocalypse >watch society collapse around you >everyone you ever loved dies …[View]
107156047Carmen Sandiego - Netflix: SHE IS BACK! >'Carmen Sandiego hits Netflix on January 18.' >''Carm…[View]
107156873do you think simpsons will ever change their animation style?[View]
107160034*Makes you remember your childhood and now you have to drink to forget your current life*[View]
107159982Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
107158383*inhale* s.n.e.e.d! *exhale* formerly chucks[View]
107158173I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
107158377>Quiet Lisa. the dog is barking.[View]
107160093Are fillers a necessary evil for actors? Are there any prominent actors who have refused to undergo …[View]
107160075Was it kino?[View]
107158680What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?[View]
107159129RIP ;-; I loved her for her pale white ass in Josey Wales[View]
107159110has anyone else had weird nightmares about Joaquin Joker?: I had this dream I was Matt Damon sitting…[View]
107159780You know what day it is, don't you?[View]
107158394Literally frauds[View]
107159791>shut the fuck up Dolores. My plot was better[View]
107155359its that time of year again[View]
107159347So who had the best death ?[View]
107157799Most influential movie 2000>: Realistically is it still Pans Labrynth?[View]
107159726pure, unfiltered kino.[View]
107157055THE DC BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Why did marvelfans spread the rumour in the first place? Is Aquaman an…[View]
107157597The Conners: ABC Eyeing Season 2 of Roseanne Spinoff Amid Strong Ratings: OH NO NO NO NO NOOOO NOOOO…[View]
107157026Why are most films so bad? There are so many that get released with such fucking garbage writing tha…[View]
107158352>''But i found you...didn't I?''[View]
107155398why would he do this to his own son? why couldn't he just let him go and drill a few little hol…[View]
107156383I don't get it. Where was the fascism?[View]
107157148Is Stephen Colbert the king of late night?[View]
107159132Back against the wall and odds With the strength of a will and a cause Your pursuits are called outs…[View]
107158772Why didn't Doc Ock rip off Mary Jane's dress and her bra and panties when he captured her …[View]
107158710How common is incest in Jewish families?[View]
107152867what did Ridley Scott mean by this scene? what thematic elements was he trying to depict?[View]
107155990Men are statistically much more likely to have an affair yet films amd television disproportionately…[View]
107150546>nothing happened: the ending[View]
107159338What are some movies about synapses?[View]
1071577264chan users are haters and brain dead.: Hate me all you want but it is true 4chan users are haters a…[View]
107150486Is he the most reddit actor of all time?[View]
107157884The Grand Tour: Kino is back on the menu boys, THEY'RE GOING BACK TO THE TOP GEAR ROOTS. >Dr…[View]
107159210>Oh my gawd! Isn't there any decent crumpet on /tv/ no mowah?[View]
107150366who will portray him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
107157337Yo Donnie[View]
107159150>character wakes up from a coma >what year is it…[View]
107155118Do I pay for it?[View]
107159014What's your favorite Schrader film?[View]
107155192/ourboy/ does it again CAN'T FREAKING WAIT![View]
107159111How accurate was the OC? And is Chino really that bad?[View]
107159104is thanos a villain in infinity war? or are the avengers the real evil?[View]
107157881Any movie like that? Basically,i want to see Evropean heroes killing Barbarians/niggers.[View]
107153411Why does this film enrage Marvelfags so much?[View]
107155159I thought the turtles were anti-gun.[View]
107158937I hurt my boat today To see if it was made of steel I focus on the ice The only thing that's re…[View]
107158968Unsaucables: this thread is for films that you want to watch but can't find a copy anywhere. pi…[View]
107157283Film of the decade?[View]
107157608is china the armond white of country? their box office seems to reflect what armond white likes[View]
107158917So who was in the wrong here?[View]
107158842>yfw no friends[View]
107158808Can anyone surpass Cameron?[View]
107158745>20 years later and *movie* is still relevant today[View]
107158426Vanessa Hudgens was 30 years ago.[View]
107158194What did /tv/ think of Bohemian Rhapsody?[View]
107156866Ye but if she wasn't would you fuck her?[View]
107151076Hey guys. A girl invited me to come over to her house this night to watch a movie. She told me to ch…[View]
107158667Greentext Folder, hentai, I'll move out of my parents basement someday... How many rare pepe…[View]
107152945Where do you go when you grow out of Lynch?[View]
107156180December 2018,..... i am forgotten[View]
107157436What's the next step of your master plan?[View]
107157790was he schizotypical?[View]
107158382This was actually really good[View]
107156091They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard[View]
107158127Name a better movie[View]
107156375What’s the least funny Simpsons joke/gag?[View]
107142599The best capeshit since Spiderman 2 Actual capekino[View]
107156408*breathes in*[View]
107157981I'm going to say it, Frodo![View]
107145342Metal Gear Solid : 2018: Cast it.[View]
107157124Who is the best Marvel character and why is it Thor?[View]
107157906Why didn't they just plug him back in?[View]
107156295Post Overrated No Talent Hacks[View]
107157739ITT:: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
107156783>This is Burkittsville - formerly Blair. Blair Witch Project thread[View]
107157261How do they do it?: I literally don't understand it. How can Hollywood people actually enter re…[View]
107143841ITT: The Great JUSTings Of Our Time[View]
107157475>I SURRENDER...... to no one but the glorious Führer. Wow, I can't believe this was a box of…[View]
107157130For Avatar 2 they should have the song 'keep rockin in the free world', but instead call it 'keep ro…[View]
107156940>2005 movie about teenage angst WE'RE GOING DOWN, DOWN IN AN EARLIER ROUND…[View]
107156562>We're taking over the case[View]
107149055what were /tv/'s thoughts on this film?[View]
107157692where my daylight shooting star heads at?[View]
107157516At what point did you realize that we would have to nuke China to end the plague of capeshit?[View]
107153593how would you reboot it? please keep in mind the new films like 'Prometheus' and 'The…[View]
107131727BASED Jerry[View]
107157393Has anyone seen this?: Is it as good as film critics hype it up to be?[View]
107157388*saves your oscars*[View]
107156767This gonna be epic[View]
107157103turn left at the fork on the road[View]
107156495Girl | Featurette: Nora - The Inspiration Behind The Golden Globe Nominee (Belgium): Who here is rea…[View]
107152776just saw an ad for this and it looks like the big mistake that made the original unappealing has fin…[View]
107156923What are some movies that push the limits of suspension of disbelief? 40 year old virgin comes to m…[View]
107147381OBI-WAN CONFIRMED AS SHITTY TEACHER: https://screenrant.com/star-wars-jedi-qui-gon-comic/amp/ >St…[View]
107153115>We need somebody to play a sad pathetic incel who's stuck on a ex >Sir, I already draw h…[View]
107157206People sit in chairs, Janice.[View]
107155670Post yours.[View]
107156696What you’re ideal food when watching kino?[View]
107146601Based Andy Serkis: Is he /our guy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjp5OmoDYQM&feature=youtu.be…[View]
107157165Is the unwashed allowed to touch the golden?[View]
107148272ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
107154129I'll get you and I'll make it look like a bloody accident[View]
107157050Why was Pam such a belly slut?[View]
107156593Has he ever not played himself in a movie?[View]
107156977What's he doing, bois?[View]
107156844>watch some tv show or movie about historical figure from the past >read up on them afterwards…[View]
107152012ITT: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
107155541This movie is an overrated pile of junk. Reaks of new Simpson's writing causing it to have le r…[View]
107156069Kermode's film review radio show >https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_five_live…[View]
107151260Why don't you watch Brooklyn nine nine? Are you a racist?[View]
107155628Why do Nazis and Incels like this movie so much?[View]
107156694>season 3 is out >not a single thread in sight Too busy sneedposting no doubt. You disappoint …[View]
107156584who was in the wrong here?[View]
107155967I don't wanna hear it, McBain – tha-that cannon of yours is against regulations! In this depart…[View]
107155685So what did he actually do every day?[View]
107156065Is he the best actor alive?[View]
107155544>It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.[View]
107155764The Simpsons are going to Delaware![View]
107153079Riverdale: *Ahem* Fuck the Gargoyle King[View]
107156177Keanu will never play a kind and wise Jedi master in a Star Wars film[View]
107156610Cringe Kino: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s_KTdKaoVE[View]
107154648Father Ted: That money was just resting in my account[View]
107152264Why is she so fucking nerfed? What's that red shit she throws at people supposed to be anyway?[View]
107156314Things that are no longer funny.: 1. Song references. 2. Self-aware dialogue deconstructing familiar…[View]
107156255Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107155739>here's your lady Shiva, Bro[View]
107157444>watching american tv show >character has a birthday >gets taken out to a steakhouse >al…[View]
107151019Wasn't this a little inappropriate?[View]
107152688>'Ayo hermione dat ass finna get licked and dicked if u dont calm dat shit down. What the fuck di…[View]
1071552231917: https://deadline.com/2018/12/universal-dates-sam-mendes-1917-for-christmas-2019-1202519846/ - …[View]
107156327>This isn't the plan! >No, this is the team! Jesus Christ…[View]
107156138What is some animated kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v26rUX16cZM[View]
107151177>Actress Eliza Dushku reveals she was written off series after reporting her co-star for sexual h…[View]
107152738I met Shawn Michaels at a restaurant once - we’d accidentally been given his table. Apparently he wa…[View]
107156312Why does /tv/ cry about /pol/ every time a show sucks? Sad![View]
107156211F Any finnbros or kinobros out here? I know this ain't getting a sticky on fucking /tv/ of all …[View]
107152116>[question] >... >doesn't matter. Why is this line repeated constantly throughout all …[View]
107155570Why don't people hate PTA like they do Tarantino?: He steals just as much. Some dialouge in The…[View]
107151106>soldiers in space are called Marines >there is no sea in space at all…[View]
107153950>tfw the aged actress's sagging, wrinkled tits are propped with a pushup bra…[View]
107146678'Ok, I'll tell ya. You are the worst person I know, you constantly hit on your best friend…[View]
107155912what's your favorite broad city episode? I like the one where they're house cleaners.[View]
107151714Whats the most kino /tv/ spaceship? if you say anything from star-trek you are retarded btw[View]
107155600what the fuck is his problem?[View]
107155079South Park: Forget history. Marxism is the answer to all of your troubles.[View]
107154361Fucking dresses and butter?: Why was Thomasin such a basic bitch?[View]
107149062Is there a western equivalent to this? A teacher helping students?[View]
107150605>wear expensive tie >go to restaurant >employees cut it with scissors and hang it on their …[View]
107155158Did he sell his soul to the devil?: >hot wife >gigantic cock >huge house >three beautifu…[View]
107155679Miracle Workers: I thought Morgan Freeman was god or at least that black woman from Dogma? Here is t…[View]
107146763Who are those guys?[View]
107155101What are the best uses of black and white cinematography in film? pic related[View]
107155522*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*[View]
107154240Which one was better[View]
107155613Thing you didn't realize until years later: Decker waited until he knew Rachel was only a few y…[View]
107153502>tfw went 24 hours without sleeping again What are some good movies about sleep deprivation?…[View]
107155597>'Please don't kill me, I'm not married; my life is awesome!' lol that just uh, nailed …[View]
107154038About 40 minutes into this. When does it start getting good?[View]
107155511Why does it feel so rushed?[View]
107155482What was their fucking problem?[View]
107153618What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.[View]
107154397Why didn't he just play the cards?[View]
107154687I Got News For You Baney. You're Looking At The Maaan!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO3GsRQ…[View]
107155233SONICHU: What does everyone think of the poster? Thoughts on Pratt as CWC?[View]
107155263What are your favourite, unofficial KINO trilogies?[View]
107154719https://youtu.be/nJpuXMdFhsY Do you guys think medical shows are staged?[View]
107155197>i work with retards[View]
107145129Godzilla: King of the Monsters: KINO[View]
107154755why are black people so funny?[View]
107151110Is Chris Pratt done with acting when his Marvel and Jurassic contracts are up? He seems content to b…[View]
107154111>dog movie >pan of new York city >bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay starts playing >gra…[View]
107153158>'I'm telling you, Joe. I blocked the sun to Springfield, then a baby shot me.'…[View]
107152862/SWG/ - SCREEN WRITING GENERAL What are you working on? What are you blocked on? Got any new ideas t…[View]
107154912What are the hottest death scenes in movies and television?[View]
107152271>ads in the actual show do canadians really do this?[View]
107153583>haha, funny joke oxana. If you wanted to meet my friends Brad and Leo you could've just ask…[View]
107153122The Mule: Based Clint is back with another kino offering[View]
107152936Why's there no Love advent calendar this year?[View]
107149347Season 2 is so fucking shit[View]
107154711Do you guys seriously enjoy this? It sucks[View]
107153315The Joker: Pencilled this illustration of Walkin Phoenix in anticipation, when does the trailer come…[View]
107154646Wow...Spiderverse looks amazing[View]
107153140Say what you will, this was actually pretty good. >pennnithhh[View]
107143968/SWG/ - STAR WARS GENERAL: 'GET YOUR GAY ON FOR PELLAEON' EDITION ITT us girls become womerns... soo…[View]
107153278You've just been informed there's a Trilobite in your house: What's the first thing y…[View]
107153075tick tock stardom fans...tick tock.[View]
107141972ITT: actors who are assholes in real life[View]
107153207>WE'RE ALL ALT-RIGHT >WE'RE ALL ALT-RIGHT how did That 70s Show get away with this…[View]
107154310FREE HARVEY: daily reminder that this roastie exposer literally did nothing wrong and is 100% /ourgu…[View]
107147631'HURR IZ ABOUT IF SUPERMAN WUZ EBIL': Wrong, it's about if Superman were real.[View]
107152754Will it be kino?: The tagline is 'consequences will never be the same'[View]
107153646>And they say that a hero could save us >I'm not gonna stand here and waiiiiiit https://m…[View]
107137104name 1 (one) film franchise with no bad movies[View]
107154172Why didn't you tell me about this, /tv/?[View]
107149545Will the new season of Cosmos be cancelled? https://www.tampabay.com/arts-entertainment/neil-degrass…[View]
107152684*Ennio Morricone starts playing*[View]
107150955YFW its a space cobra thread[View]
107153811Death In June – 'ESSENCE!' TORRENT: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5652807[View]
107153373JLaw interview: >https://youtu.be/Zr8R4y5QFDo?t=329 What did /tv/ think of this JLaw interview?…[View]
107150517Petition to the mods to delete /swg/: Star Wars general is a toxic, problematic ecochamber that has …[View]
107153946>nightclub with loud sound system >characters can hear each other talk without yelling…[View]
107153938http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20181212-the-jurassic-park-film-that-was-never-made Would it be kin…[View]
107152642Greatest KINO of the 2000s: You get one post to prove this isn't the greatest film of the aught…[View]
107153908what is your favorite film with Idris Elba?[View]
107148998I can't stop watching, bros. I got to sleep to the Sopranos, I wake up to the Sopranos. It…[View]
107153855Good evening, Mr Anderson[View]
107153580ITT: Asian Kino[View]
107153533Post you're cooking waifu[View]
107153171Here's your Oscar host, bro[View]
107153639Ki or no?[View]
107153774He's a big guy[View]
107135082experiment: >your height >your favorite film…[View]
107153748*ting ting ting ting* Ahem, listen /tv/! I have something very important to say...let's expre…[View]
107153548ITT: we post the worst ideas for remakes and the director ill start The Lord of The Rings trilogy Pe…[View]
107149670>that time a random guy turns up at an airport and looks sketchy while asking a random mechanic i…[View]
107153701did they have hair or not???[View]
107153626Mark Wahlberg? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him…[View]
107153576Was it dare i say a GOOD video game movie?[View]
107151521Thoughts on this kinoman?[View]
107153524Get them on the trains...[View]
107153297Literal state of this board: I cringe so hard every time i see this word[View]
107152384Why did they not invest in audio? Is it still worth watching even when you are depressed and struggl…[View]
107151874Whats the SICKO MODE of cinema[View]
107153378Janeane Garofalo Thread: Was Ben Stiller sleeping with her and feeling guilty the only reason they k…[View]
107152586which one?: let's settle this once and for all, lads[View]
107152426This is somehow getting a second season... This is somehow getting a second season... WHY?![View]
107151399Why is moe romancing a loli?: Is he a pedo? is that cringe?[View]
107152143Are we allowed to like LOST on /tv/?[View]
107153246DVD covers that make you laugh[View]
107144666Was it kino?[View]
107152652Is movie this any good? I've only heard the voyager song and a trailer but i can't seem to…[View]
107153125What are some movies about butt slapping?[View]
107140719Is Vanessa Hudgens back? Two Netflix movies in two months (The Princess Switch in November, and Seco…[View]
107151132So, /tv/ - which Suspiria should I watch? 1977 or 2018?[View]
107152804>Adam Friedland, the most untalented, unfunny comedian there is, get a 8/10 girlfriend while look…[View]
107151171would you let him walk?[View]
107152944FUCK ME[View]
107152921what were they thinking: Have Paramount Pictures Become the new DCEU?[View]
107152672So why was she obsessed with Snow White again? I mean she wasn't ugly and had wealth. Was she a…[View]
107151954Looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
107151228Who would win?: A fully trained Buffy with her entire arsenal of slayer weaponry? Or Sabrina after s…[View]
107152855Gey LeDouche here[View]
107147682would you consider any anime to be 'kino'? if so, which ones?[View]
107152758>movie scientist >spends billions researching ways to make genetically modified super animals …[View]
107151570ITT: edgy mall ninja characters: Srsly this character was edgy as all hell[View]
107142290Is Giada the best TV chef?[View]
107151643Is this Kino? https://vimeo.com/291799028[View]
107152657Was it kino?[View]
107149968I used to enjoy life[View]
107152438What movies will cure you from years of implosive anger?[View]
107152457What's with this? For what purpose would he want to hold the mag stop up like that and then dro…[View]
107148886Tidelands: Australian mermaid kino dropping soon on Netflix. Spookiness, drama, boats, tits from all…[View]
107152173They still didn´t realize that Aquaman makes a critic about the way mixed kids are treated in Americ…[View]
107145412Look what you fucking did.[View]
107151909Anybody seen any good movies lately?[View]
107142014PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE - Official Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-C1ys02wlU they rea…[View]
107151811How come no movie sex scenes last for more than a minute and a half at the very most? Why are most c…[View]
107149643will filmmakers eventually run out of original ideas as time goes on?[View]
107151534http://twiststreet.tumblr.com/post/181011044785 >Least favorite TV– Nanette >This wasn’t as ba…[View]
107151166Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
107147049who was he shooting at?[View]
107144561Is Dolly Parton “hot”? Am I supposed to be attracted to her?[View]
107147708Imagine if she hired you to be a nude model and then just bullied you and make cartoons about your s…[View]
107151787Is this the genderqueer kino we've been waiting for? https://youtu.be/u3K6_89Ee4U[View]
107147280/trek/: 'edition edition' edition[View]
107151637What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107151729Funny /tv/ threads?[View]
107151689Cepдцa зa любoвь: What do you russianons think of this show?[View]
107143288>If I wanted to hear about a man leaving you while you act like a whore I'd just give your d…[View]
107149851ITT: post some underrated kinos available on netflix.[View]
107149577what are some realistic films about the yakuza?[View]
107150943Any other shows where an obscure side character overshadows the main characters?[View]
107143132>Substitute teacher/nobody in/it's a holiday >They wheel a TV in…[View]
107151482Ahem I just wanted to say... FUCK DRAKE[View]
107149449When was the last time you unironically laughed at a movie/show/comedian/anything?[View]
107151199Robert DeNiro and Polanski[View]
107150987What do you like to see most in a slasher film?[View]
107148484What does /tv/ think of Tilda Swinton? Favorite performance from her?[View]
107147513Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
107147678anyone else thinking about joining scientology because of Tom Cruise?[View]
107149296What's the most powerful sci-fi universe relevant to /tv/? I would have to go with stargate.[View]
107151274Did you bring the plastic men /tv/? I SAID DID YOU BRING THE PLASTIC MEN?!?![View]
107149983Nothing like watching Blade Runner 2049 in a boring late night[View]
107149353Most kino tiny moments in film history: My local movie theater is playing Schindler's List and …[View]
107149105Do you think it's a fair statement that no woman would be able to understand this feel to the s…[View]
107149891why were the simpsons writers so obsessed with exposing bart's butt?[View]
107149635>Do you know who lives there? Well /tv/?[View]
107149734>bake him away toys wat do?[View]
107149195ITT: Zombie Simpsons[View]
107149838Movies you watched and surprisingly enjoyed it.: The Christians were no match for the samurai spirit…[View]
107150957Damn, they're like twins...[View]
107150240How did this movie avoid an NC-17 rating? Even by today’s standards it’s par for the course and by n…[View]
107149498You know what, Grimey? Fuck you. I've done some stupid things, and I admit that I did some thin…[View]
107150564films with this aesthetic?[View]
107150928Prepare to zap to the extreme this summer![View]
107149885>my favorite directors? Tarantino, Nolan, Kubrick, Fincher[View]
107150880>Oh oh Luigi, I don't think these are the right mushrooms! >jumpcut to Mario dancing in a…[View]
107148677Favorite Pierce Brosman kino? For me it's >Dine Another Day >GoldenPie >Dante's F…[View]
107150733JUST CALL IT[View]
107149925Fuck you mod, yeah you. I'm talking about your retarded nigger ass. You ain't shit, the hi…[View]
107147633Do you think a creepypasta show would have kino potential?[View]
107149773The investment plan I just filed with the broker lists me, my men, Dr. Rothschild here, but only one…[View]
107150725ITT: obvious twists[View]
107150595Does this mean it is good? Any one see it? People just mad because racist something blah blah blah ?[View]
107133616since everyone (rightfully) shits on new Star Wars trilogy we try to say nice things about those mov…[View]
107148101What went wrong? why did Half In The Bag became so boring? THere hasn't been a good episode in …[View]
107150542>'That's what I'm talking about. Aircaft!' Was he retarded or did he just miss the R in…[View]
107149844YE GODS, my film score is RUINED! But WHAT if... I were to disguise the work of GUSTAV HOLST, and pa…[View]
107148323>Get close the Millenium Falcon, get a good track on the ship. >Have an entire armada of space…[View]
107148333ITT: Post criminally underrated movies[View]
107145974what time will it be out on netflix tonight[View]
107139268There's a new film being made called Office Games that stars Jodelle Ferland, I hope it does we…[View]
107150323Just watched this, thought it was pretty kino, what does /tv/ think?[View]
107148078Based Jamie Thread: >runs all the technical shit Joe can handle (ie everything) >finds all the…[View]
107149717F: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/sondra-locke-dead-dies-heart-is-a-lonely-hunter-1203089402/…[View]
107150231Threads about Rick and Morty belong on /co/ Threads about the Simpsons belong on /co/ Threads about …[View]
107150257I thought it was kino[View]
107149784This is a thousand shit posters working at a thousand keyboards. Soon they'll have written the …[View]
107148873Yo this shit fuckin bumps lol[View]
107147243Oh, there's something wrong with what my Stacy says...[View]
107145530We Don’t Die: We[View]
107150138What went wrong?[View]
107149533Whats the /tv consensus on my January Jones?[View]
107149409Cast him.[View]
107148809>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
107148796you could have saved him /tv/ what happened?[View]
107148956What's /tv/'s honest opinion of Emma Dumont? I think she's fantastic on The Gifted bu…[View]
107146653The House that Jack Built: >tfw today was a good day[View]
107148814Is Lawrence of Arabia the greatest achievement on camera?[View]
107149058This is very good and I recommend it to everyone on here.[View]
107147136>movie set during the Vietnam war >'it ain't me' starts playing…[View]
107148861Movie that is similar to this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N_jPwNOEfU the rest of this mo…[View]
107148603What are some good films about deception?[View]
107149548Where the FUCK is my 'bina?[View]
107148274I'M GONNA SAY IT[View]
107149563Have you seen Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans?[View]
107149520Who are the humbled loveable christian actors of hollywood?: Andrew Garfield is like the go to guy.…[View]
107149454Here's your movie DLC bro.[View]
107149322Whats the best action TV series and why is it AIRWOLF? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULfmowbNlK0…[View]
107146038When did David Lynch devolve into this? https://youtu.be/sDAJIWvTKw8[View]
107148358why does he smell the letter?[View]
107147524when did you realize that he was a good guy?[View]
107148649>he leftist >HE LEFTIST! Why does she care so much about someone's political affiliations…[View]
107141443what is the most offensive documentary in existence? specifically in regards to the exploration and …[View]
107149377Lena's husband is obviously an alien now, but did the real Lena escape?[View]
107149221Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107149380Hello fellow movie producers[View]
107147943Imagine it[View]
107148783When can “Boob-Yah” threads come back? Can the world not handle the bigness?[View]
107147798Vikings S2E2: Why did they skip four fucking years?[View]
107135422Just watched the first Mad Max. What a piece of shit (coming from someone who loved Fury Road).[View]
107148952Why did True Blood change his first name to Rambo?[View]
107149268I TURNED MYSELF INTO A PICKLE MORTY!!!! IM PICKLE RIIIICCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
107149060Pure K I N O[View]
107149254Why did this movie trigger the incels so much?[View]
107149136Can we have a thread to talk about classic cinematography?[View]
107149032FIX IT JJ[View]
107144910Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IroVP9ELKo[View]
107146406ITT: We predict what cameo role Stan Lee does in the next Marvel film.[View]
107148994You know who lives there, huh? I mean you wouldn't know but you know who lives there? Huh? A ni…[View]
107135601What happens if you cut him in half and separate the two parts? do they form two little T1000s?[View]
107148042Was it McKino?[View]
107148854What makes you think I wanna hear you say the n-word?[View]
107148612Wasn't a very good movie at all If anything I felt like it did a great job of portraying the ho…[View]
107148888Name me a kino for this feels. Walking a girl home. She's trying to teach me about a figure of…[View]
107148422Who's ready for Eastkino?[View]
107148840GET OUT OF MY HOUSE![View]
107147405I watched a movie called Resolution like 4 years ago with my girlfriend. It's a movie about a f…[View]
107148098The Last Kingdom: Should I watch this? Considering BBC and Netflix's antics, I am a bit on the…[View]
107148373I wish king of the hill would get more recofingation In its prime, KOTH was on par with Golden showe…[View]
107148553rip men of the baits[View]
107148478why was minions so big with normies but not here?[View]
107143881SONIC: What do we think of his design?[View]
107126406Here's your Sonic bro[View]
107148386Remember when Kumar teamed up with Lex Luthor?[View]
107148369>its a roz inserts her stupid opinion into Frasier's show episode[View]
107148126>aaaaahh I dont have health insurance tim give me back my show!!! >shills and votes for a guy …[View]
107148331Bumblebee: What went so right, /tv/?[View]
107148123God look at the vascularity in Brad Pitt's forearms. This motherfucker is fucking ripped I tell…[View]
107144311>dismissed >Rejected >PUBICALLY MUTILATED…[View]
107148280What are some ways of going about and making a live action Ben 10 series? I'm writing a script …[View]
107148155JEOPARDY 12/14/2018: Did our winner tonight star in Annie Hall?[View]
107146561Anyone seen Vox Lux yet?[View]
107144327After 9 years on /tv/: You know what I realize?[View]
107131525>I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Hallmark Christmas movies and then asked it to write…[View]
107143711freemasons run the country[View]
107146320Cast a better Galactus. Protip: You can't[View]
107148140Holy eff just watched this and now I wont be able to sleep[View]
107147410PLOT TWIST[View]
107134058Tattoo thread: Check out my new tattoo /tv/ Whats your favorite /tv/ related tattoo you guys got?…[View]
107147252They revealed this song will be in Joker (2019) starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a man disr…[View]
107148001Is there a torrent up for the last episode, the one with the Native American pipe-axe? I can't …[View]
107147987Shows that you forgot existed[View]
107146266>i met you on a thursday[View]
107147232Left or Right?[View]
107147804This level of obesity was considered rare and unusual back int he 1990s. The kind that would actuall…[View]
107144857Capekino incoming[View]
107146099Why is every damn thread being deleted? Past week on every board anytime I click on one its gone.[View]
107147891KINO music for a KINO movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFHCWZh0_Co[View]
107147743No TV show should go beyond 230 episodes.[View]
107147722Triple Frontier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo3yRLLrXQA Will netflix finally be able to produce…[View]
107147745mmmmmmbgghhh lookaht me waltuh... I'm a bobblhead now.. I'm bobblehead mike.[View]
107147828there's a boar coming Ned[View]
107147712>not using the VEE What's wrong with you?[View]
107145066The Joker/Jogger: Pencilled this illustration of Walkin Phoenix, hen does the trailer come out? Will…[View]
107147707There's a new superhero movie!!! This one stars a guy with awesome powers who fights bad guys t…[View]
107145002How are holograms in Star Wars transmitted live across the galaxy? It takes days for ships to travel…[View]
107147521Well? Would you consider these 'top picks?'[View]
107147135'There is only power, and those too weak to seek it.': was he right and based?[View]
107146999Pitch the reboot[View]
107147210wtf Ryan Reynolds played baseball??[View]
107145929IT chapter 2 trailer is releasing soon: Are you hyped?[View]
107147530Best movie ever[View]
107147511clones: >be me >be fourteen, but actually twenty-eight >fighting in war >extremely lucky…[View]
107147037Can anyone recognize this poster and tell me the title of the movie? It's too low res to read[View]
107147356What kino should they watch while hugging?[View]
107145236Webm Thread: post what you have[View]
107138708We are now officially further removed from the 1998 premiere of Fox's 'The 70's Show' then…[View]
107139288/trek/: >Hey, Jessica, hold still edition F /trek/[View]
107147260Bollywood thread?[View]
107145057What's next for Kiernan's career after Sabrina?[View]
107147274>big guy wears a mask and brings friends to crash planes with no survivors and getting caught was…[View]
107145444Think that atlantidians were all white because of the mixed relations in real America. A western eu…[View]
107147211in life you're either cash or you're tango which are you?[View]
107147186Kino King Arthur movie: Pros: Amazing visual effects Amazing action scenes Conts: Cringe romantic sh…[View]
107141837>box office: $150,000 Is it all over for Natalie?[View]
107143335Look at the size of that thing![View]
107146243why is this capekino never talked about[View]
107145880What's the /film/ version of Hegel?[View]
107146101This show really sucks. No one here actually likes it right?[View]
107147100Well tell me hotheads, do you?[View]
107146696Seinfeld Thread: Its wasn't supposed to be a documentary[View]
107146943what did the outhouse represent?[View]
107145683'Black Lightning': First Look at Lightning in Costume: AWOOOGA! HUMUNA! HUMUNA![View]
107146318Why isn't Sonic wearing modern running shoes such as these?[View]
107145616Kinos where the bad guys always get away with it? https://youtu.be/VPaPDCQdpHA[View]
107136723Reminder that even though The Last Jedi was bad Brick and Looper are great and Knives Out will be gr…[View]
107146425why do whores always find a loving provider at the end, but incels like zoiberg remain lonely?[View]
107146944ITT shit comedians[View]
107146942Is this an accurate representation of someone who is able to get any woman?[View]
107146912HACK THE PLANET[View]
107145293Any one of us can name a tv show that gets worse every season. But are there any shows that get BETT…[View]
107145298itt: heroes who are vilified by society[View]
107141978Zeigeist: now thay the dust has settled, was it kino? it's now over a decade old and is remembe…[View]
107146795Where do you get your manicures /tv/?[View]
107146558DON'T STOP ME NOW[View]
107146744Top 5 shows this year? Imo; >1 My Brilliant Friend >2 Succession >3 Atlanta >4 The L…[View]
107146662Whatever happened to this actor[View]
107146071Why has Marvel failed to make a film as good as this with 10 years and a 20 film advantage?[View]
107145971it's here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGqnjsevf3E[View]
107146471holy fucking based[View]
107145952Here's your kinocorn anon, enjoy the flick![View]
107144418I hate ed helms[View]
107145954The patient has selective neuro-endocrine effusion disease, or s.n.e.e.d. It’s seeding his body with…[View]
107146551Hey anon, you still got one brother left...[View]
107143689Norm is currently stroking out on twitter. Looks like (((their))) MK Ultra mind control program is d…[View]
107146592>how many 'gay' men sweat when they wear dress shirts because real men don't lmao p.s fag …[View]
107144178New keno by Gaspar Noe (Enter the Void, Irreversible)... anyone seen it yet? >French dancers gath…[View]
107146380>ask an anon to name 2 kinos and 3 flicks where something happens >he actually does…[View]
107144906How did Rowling get away with it?[View]
107145346>So be it. You shall be known as The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Editi…[View]
107146539>Don't fuck me, anon. Don't you ever try to fuck me.[View]
107144885I think it is finally time for /tv/ to talk about this show.[View]
107139558damn Spiderverse looks amazing[View]
107146503It appears I’ve made quite the mess. Would you be so kind as to clean it up ‘ol Janny boy? Free of c…[View]
107144773>And your other pokeball? Will it beat Avatar for the highest grossing movie ever?…[View]
107138346>washed up actor becomes a Youtuber[View]
107146397Was it kino?[View]
107144142Variety Predicts Apple Will Buy Sony in 2019: Is Apple going to take over content? https://variety.c…[View]
107146441He's Gonna Do It![View]
107136587Supernatural 14.09 The Spear: Midseason finale tonight. Also, JDM confirmed to reprise role as John …[View]
107144127Military Grade: Military Grade[View]
107146261FINALLY BIT THE BULLET: So i watched it, why didn't anyone talked about these fellas looking li…[View]
107145924>I saw some space ships on fire um okay?[View]
107140690SOUL vs SOULLESS[View]
107142986Is it good?[View]
107135819Name a hotter character from this decade than Rita from Edge of Tomorrow. Pro tip: You can’t. …[View]
107141802Wait... he fucking murdered dozens of children: Why is he in the force equivalent of Heaven? Why did…[View]
107146156>tfw 4channel wont get any advertisers either[View]
107146224pshh, nothin personnel, janny[View]
107146171>WHATS THIS DAY OF REST SHIT? WHATS THIS BULLSHIT? I DONT FUCKIN CARE. what the fuck was jesus p…[View]
107143835Best gay kino?[View]
107144995I've never watched any of this star trek stuff but lately I've been itching to dive into i…[View]
107144647Why was it so fucking kino?[View]
107145033>film has a happy ending[View]
107145176Which is the best of these 4?[View]
107146112Reminder to watch Aquaman[View]
107143780WHAT ARE THOOOSE?[View]
107127840why do videogame movies always fail?[View]
107145903>'My top 5 movies are The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, and Star W…[View]
107145062>'Why hello BEAUTIFUL!'[View]
107145862Peni Parker is made for ________[View]
107145875Can we all agree this was kino?[View]
107143805>character A starts quoting obscure prose >character B either finishes quote or names the auth…[View]
107142934Tick tock, capeshitters.[View]
107145187Wait wait wait, so let me see if I got this right. A movie about a hero who: >from a kingdom with…[View]
107144902>that guy who watches girl movies what was up with that fag[View]
107145511Anyone seen this? Heard it’s supposed to be amazing[View]
107145496nigga you gay[View]
107145173Why didn't this get a second season?[View]
107145227>it was all a dream[View]
107144667Why did Rian not take the opportunity to explore and expand on something as cool as the Knights of R…[View]
107144897ITT: Stuff you couldn't get away with in the current decade[View]
107145114It's you who's out, Gobbie![View]
107142510Is it worth a watch?[View]
107145108Oh boy it’s swell to say...[View]
107141891Why was Tolkien such a hack and a liar? Why couldn't he come up with unique and original names …[View]
107138059absolute kinography[View]
107145225ITT: Your favorite piece of Lost Media: What do you consider the most intriguing piece of lost media…[View]
107144206FROM THE DUSTY MESA[View]
107145194Amazon's Jack Ryan: Anyone seen this? Watched 2 episodes so far and it's pretty good, far …[View]
107135483webm thread: post what you have[View]
107145136>watch TDKR in honor of baneposting day >freeze movie at the future scene >see this Is this…[View]
107141013You could have saved him[View]
1071448924channel, Jeremy? 4? That's insane.[View]
107142213/nudity/ - General!: What celebs do you most direly want to see do nude scenes in the future. Remind…[View]
107142924I'm talking in a general sense here[View]
107143141/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: >tfw no Twin Peaks girls to cuddle in the winter with…[View]
107144931who was the best duck?[View]
107143821Lindsay Lohan MTV's Lohan Beach House Trailer.: Who's dick she suck for this? https://yout…[View]
107144722>character's quip, one-liner, or zinger is so well-crafted it couldn't have possibly be…[View]
107144944Name a more based movie character: >blows away thots with a tommy gun and laughs about it.…[View]
107142649Are you ready for more horror kino?[View]
107142758Who was she?[View]
107143357Let's not stand on ceremony here, my frens[View]
107144714Any more kinos like this?: Not necessarily only time travel related. Could be 'reality loops' like T…[View]
107143446How the fuck is Indy's world even alive >Pagan gods are real >The big man God himself is …[View]
107144014need new streaming site: hello anons please give me your best streaming sites the one i used went do…[View]
107144503>this is not even my desk then why answer the phone? why not just let the other guy leave a fucki…[View]
107144006>yfw a burger made live action Pokémon film will up being more kino than every Pokémon anime film…[View]
107144650>what if Spiderverse was funny and had good animation? >say no more famalalama…[View]
107143375Hey T, I fucked up again and wound up at that weird castle with the talking pictures. You gotta come…[View]
107143062family guy trying to be hip: why?[View]
107144588Greatest of All Time Documentary About Craft. Change My Mind.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmpGn…[View]
107136440ITT: Hollywood hags you like for some reason[View]
107144443I'm fine with more asian representation as long as they're cute.[View]
107143140What did you think of actress Amber Heard's performance in DC's latest superhero hit 'Aqua…[View]
107129865who is the best?[View]
107144359Why did he finna dab on himself?[View]
107144415Good luck with the floor James. I've set the timers for six hundred pounds, the same six hundre…[View]
107143862Why can't Clint make good kino anymore?[View]
107142064So the snap was a metaphor for the Rapture right?[View]
107144343Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chewbacca.[View]
107143285Serious Question From Someone Who Doesn't Understand Cape Movies: Do they spend billions and re…[View]
107144269Danger 5 thread[View]
107142099I’m cashing you OUT, Bob.[View]
107143638>WHATS YOUR EXCUSE!?[View]
107143122>What filthy shit can we make Julia say this week: the show I love it…[View]
107139373>I watch the most grotesque and disturbing movies in existence but a sex scene is enough reason f…[View]
107139377/trek/ morality[View]
107142273I want breakfast[View]
107136595>Great tier: Rocky >Good tier: Rocky Balboa >Not worth watching tier Rocky 2, 3, 4, 5. Cr…[View]
107143999Official /tv/ Movie theatre experiences: >grade 8, seeing transformers revenge of the fallen open…[View]
107137384WTF: Why is this allowed?[View]
107143909Wow. What a hot steaming pile of shit. Legitimately one of the worst movies I've ever seen in m…[View]
107143408What are some film which shows the true nature of women.[View]
107143981even if you did manage to unscrew the burner tube from a tank with a popped cork, propane tanks stil…[View]
107141059/tv/ in 2000[View]
107139237What's her best role? I haven't actually seen any of her films/shows, but I keep hearing g…[View]
107143197This was fantastic. Enough explosions for the ADHD crowd, but enough depth of character, emotion and…[View]
107143714What are some Writer/Directors that are better Writers than Directors?[View]
107143746i would lie if i said i felt bad when watching the pianist or schindlers list propaganda[View]
107142861OMG /tv/ after fapping to a lot of hentai monster girls, seeing some sexy alien hentai and reading a…[View]
107143430What's next for him?[View]
107142534Why did they get a girl to play Mowgli?[View]
107143788>tfw you didn't get anything for sheevsmas[View]
107143189What would you do with a kilo of unobtainium?[View]
107143146Was the Dark Knight a sequel to Die hard 3?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVeAlyuejKM[View]
107143707just found this on /pol/: yikes[View]
107143048Why are Sidney Lumet and Robert Altman so litte discussed on /tv/?: They may be the two greatest Ame…[View]
107143552I remember watching Vikings where Ragnar was walking through this village asking people which one of…[View]
107143679Christian Bale has played a vice president, a psycho, an army personnel, a wall Street banker, a sch…[View]
107140163>No talking cat: how could they fuck up this much!?[View]
107143309thoughts? continued from >>107141550[View]
107143503Bad guy has a gun to the hero's head but instead of just pulling the trigger he makes a long wi…[View]
107142748Kino livestream. Get in here faggots https://youtu.be/Ps0Toh1-3G8[View]
107141060Can we have a The Simpsons thread?[View]
107143440Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107142897Do people actually like Chef Kevin?[View]
107142995Why did they do it?[View]
107139024Children of Men (2006): What are some movies that predicted the future?[View]
107142255What am I in for blood? Blue ruin and Green room are kinoema as fuck[View]
107143339>Welcome to BingeDojo, and today we're counting down the top ten hottest lesbian couples in …[View]
107142009What's your kino mood tonight?[View]
107141827>What do you think I say when I go to the feedstore in town, 'Oh, now Wally, give me a bag of tha…[View]
107142199CBB: Thoughts on this show. Seemed to kinda go down hill when Cudi went on but weird al picked it up…[View]
107143045Thanks Neftlix for fixing my homoerotic feelings towards Shun! Now i can be straight again! What oth…[View]
107140669Thoughts on this film? I think it's underrated Kar-Wai kino[View]
107142487Dylan Sprouse: What's next for his career?[View]
107142652>character development drives plot >character arc completes…[View]
107141600Name ONE (1) thing he did wrong.[View]
107139179Why are women so jealous of men's achievements and natural desire for greatness?[View]
107142976Yo! Goober! Where's the meat?[View]
107142568OSCARS ARE SAVED!: /pol/ BTFO[View]
107142521>peacefully watch my kinos in my room >hear parents have a shouting match outside >have to …[View]
107142991>Protagonist has to wear ridiculous outfit >'Oh, I am not wearing that' >Next shot is char…[View]
107142836*ahem* Let's be honest: The Wire is only considered the best TV show because liberal critics f…[View]
107139900>How can we be sure that you are not Russian Mafia yourself? >Because for 6 generations, my fa…[View]
107140461*Takes a children's card game way too seriously*[View]
107134196How do you think it'll end? I think Tony will survive but Thor, Hulk and Captain America will d…[View]
107134780yes yes yes it's actually happen[View]
107139283Started a Sopranos rewatch for the first time. What is your favorite episode? None truly jumped out …[View]
107142771GET FUCKED MARVEL[View]
107142802team donald or team daffy?[View]
107140214Who had committed more misdeeds between C.M. Burns and Sheev Palpatine?[View]
107138492Let me tell you buddy[View]
107142557Marry,fuck,kill: Ye[View]
107142736Why did everyone turn their back on based Anthony Cumia? I thought he was /ourguy/.[View]
107141342Hey bros after watching this show I think I have a wife-fu! What should I do?[View]
107136819ITT: the last movie you watched and your opinion: there will be blood 8.5/10 rewatched it for the se…[View]
107142562No, just cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.[View]
107133301What happened?[View]
107142351OH SHIT[View]
107142489Cringe and blueballed.[View]
107126331DUDE 80S LMAO[View]
107142238These fucks are never satisfied. It's not enough to get a black superman movie, this guy is lit…[View]
107136416Now that the dust has settled: Good actor or just a pretty face?[View]
107140394Is Drive still the movie that defined the 10s? It definitely brought out the silent alpha types out …[View]
107141031>she will never look like this >she will never act again Why live?…[View]
107139888Alright on S2 of this show and have not seen a single white person yet.[View]
107141885So why do people say that The Simpsons was the greatest show during the nineties? Now that some tim…[View]
107141908What will it be, /tv/?[View]
107140874Black pill: Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach AND the police planted evidence to frame him. Brend…[View]
107142224>a genderless burger experience[View]
107141927Horror Kino Recommendations: Anyone have any recommendations for horror films from 2000-2018. No jum…[View]
107139410>House, why is there a dead tranny in my office?[View]
107136520Why does Hollywood hate him?[View]
107141527My name Erran Morad, I here to teach you Krav Maga. Who are you?[View]
107142082I'm sure it gets complicated, when you're taking it up your fag ass[View]
107139123>try watching film with a girl >she doesn't pay attention and ends up falling asleep bord…[View]
107140803SHARE YOUR /2019/ CHRISTMAS LIST!: > Godzilla - KOM is as good as the 1st trailer made it look. …[View]
107136200This is why I never watch movies with female leads[View]
107134977The Third Man: >'in Italy, for thirty years underthe Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder an…[View]
107141833>they call me mister pig[View]
107140825How do you feel about Seth Meyers and the diversity of topics that he covers on his late night show?[View]
107140226Thneedville: Why wasn't this a success?[View]
107141670I havent watched a movie in weeks. I need some kino to get me back.[View]
107140702Searching a movie for years: Hey guys, i rarely post here but I need your help. There was this movie…[View]
107141658>not a single character called jimbo in the whole move[View]
107131113I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed watching any new movie, what's happening to me /tv/?[View]
107141742If you unironically don't think Kirk and Lorca are the best: I don't know what to tell you…[View]
107141084Can you believe this shit? I'm glad it's 2018 now.[View]
107138968What was he meant to represent?[View]
107141214If Daddario started following based Pierce's diet advice, how big would the milkers get?[View]
107141268Should every other production company just not bother releasing any other movies in the second quart…[View]
107138053I believe its been long enough that we can now have a civilised discussion on the topic: Which is th…[View]
107141197This has been a good day.[View]
107141456Fuck bees[View]
107138293>attractive woman falls in love with paralyzed man she is taking care of No man will watch this, …[View]
107139500Why didn't thanos just make unlimited resour--[View]
107141271Gonna go watch this tomorrow lads wish me luck[View]
107141085Why did this show become a target for the right to hate on? Seems like the same thing happened to Do…[View]
107139820>We're not so different, you and I...[View]
107133465The Godfather: Just marathoned The Godfather I. & II. ...and ..well.. I did not like it. Sorry a…[View]
107141280>Olivia de Havilland was more than just angry when she learned how she was portrayed in last year…[View]
107137998>734 days, 23 hours and 51 minutes untill Avatar 2[View]
107141225Too much light in this window, Don't wake me up, Only coffee no sugar inside my cup, If I wake …[View]
107139394>Directed by Guy Ritchie >Starring Lucas Hedges and Harry Styles.…[View]
107141136Why did this guy feel the need to ridicule Walt? He knew why Walt did what he needed to but just cou…[View]
107140778Eliza Dushku makes 9.5 million #metoo: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cbs-paid-actress-eliza…[View]
107140959Was it autism?[View]
107139490Vertigo (1958): This movie was the most cinematically significant experience of my life. The story, …[View]
107139476Does Tarantino have the worst taste in feet?[View]
107140641Was it canonically kino?[View]
107140663>show deals with 'depression' >main character is an attractive male with a colourful…[View]
107140732Ah well done HBO's Rome. Very good, very good indeed . . . However![View]
107140073>we can't do anything to protect you so we're gonna send you thousands of miles to a fo…[View]
107137638>For God sakes, Homer! Give them back their flame! >No! The Olympics have preempted my favorit…[View]
107140713About to watch this.: What am I in for?[View]
107137781idea for movie: guy walks into bar... audience has no idea who is he is or anything thats just how i…[View]
107140697>nig + capeshit= 1 trillion replies How do we fix /tv/? This board needs a cleansing of some kind…[View]
107136581What went wrong?[View]
107138895What is she thinking?[View]
107140656You may not like it, but this is the future.[View]
107139038>fight scene >'beat it' by mike l. jackson starts playing…[View]
107138916You know how every family sitcom almost always has the wife character previously dating or at least …[View]
107140334>think about watching movie >decide 2 hours is too long to waste >open up /tv/ and youtube …[View]
107139530Can we all agree this is the MOTY?: I thought from start to finish I was written by George R R Marti…[View]
107139396Christmas Horror Edition: Fuck boring Hallmark style Christmas movies. The holidays are all about co…[View]
107134251lol he's gay[View]
107139619They don't even look like ants.[View]
107140324Well la di dah.[View]
107140347actors you just don't like: even if they've been in movies you like, and can't name s…[View]
107139541>Αnd I said, Buddy, l'm gonna shoot you in the face![View]
107137314Harvey, you're right. Please don't redpill the boy. Please punish me.[View]
107134730What are some movies about sexual frustration?[View]
107139501>character does weed >little to win but nothing to lose starts playing >character does acid…[View]
107133681Is it worth watching?[View]
107128507Damn why is this movie so good? Everything happening in it is believably and never over the top like…[View]
107139270/trek/: DISCO (Star Trek Discovery) Edition Previous >>107132553[View]
107137391Favorite comedians?: For me, its Brendan Schaub, the best stand up comedian.[View]
107139186Who should be the main villain in the inevitable Aquaman sequel For me: Starro[View]
107128202Is it impossible to make a movie about a serial killer since really it would just be violence porn u…[View]
107139644mid90s was bretty gud[View]
107135521>A buck, eh? That gives me an idea...[View]
107135477Can Marvelets even comprehend the amount of masculinity the average DC movie has? https://www.youtub…[View]
107138843Well /tv/, did you reconnoiter the rim?[View]
107138664itt: gross movie scenes: https://youtu.be/n8NEja7imAs does anyone know any movies with gross scenes …[View]
107139469I miss him so much.[View]
107139356>ITT Moments where shows fully jumped the shark[View]
107129362CALL IT[View]
107139456Did Irish people really do this?[View]
107139346Do people like him really exist IRL? It's kinda hard to fuck up when people like you and when w…[View]
107127118Forgotten Sitcoms: bonus points for fuckable daughters/moms[View]
107139438Fuck this nigger board[View]
107138279What's the most repetitive genre?[View]
107139143cast him[View]
107137665I didn't know there were so many jews that fought for the US in WWII[View]
107138674Disturbing Anime Movie: Back in 2000, I was about 7 years old. We had a betamax tape labeled somethi…[View]
107135698french fun: french bros, how are you feeling about the upcoming Nicky Larsson/City Hunter movie? Wat…[View]
107139230How can Ivar be such a dumbass? His first thought should have been that she slept with another guy![View]
107137031Saoirse Ronan's Mary Queen of Scots oral sex scene shows 'authentic female orgasm': One of the …[View]
107135152Dream Warriors thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
107139222Hang in there Kramer[View]
107131132What attributes would you combine to create the perfect actress to play Aphrodite in a big budget fi…[View]
107132553/trek/: Lieutenant Commander Leland T. Lynch Edition Previously: >>107119934[View]
107136820Movies with this feel?[View]
107138381What’s the best Tom Hiddleston role?[View]
107138570Why were The Simpsons on Sesame Street? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM6ya7wTb58[View]
107136329It's actually not that bad[View]
107137866Name some good alien kinos.[View]
107137759Captain, I have an announcement to make[View]
107139017My baby takes the morning train.[View]
107131257Your popcorn & soda, sir.[View]
107134539>anon, you can have either one game or one dvd. no snacks wat do[View]
107139003*Ahem* Rules of the Game is shit and boring, as is Breathless. Thank you[View]
107138959Commercials you love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j54QnhASng fucking thicc[View]
107133980DAW goes D&D: >Prepare to delve into a fantastic world full of mystery, monsters and murder m…[View]
107138697>Late 90s urban movie >A Busta Rhymes song comes on…[View]
107137400Man this looks awful![View]
107138550Imagine the disappointment in being a kid in 1968, seeing this film, and then living to the 21st cen…[View]
107138859I am looking for some new movies to watch /tv/ and I really got into the taste of what people see as…[View]
107135833>Like I said, I'm good with _______tion. Fill it.[View]
107135029ITT Movies you forgot about.[View]
107138606My eyes are getting weary, my back is getting tight.[View]
107138723The Terror: Pretty great Show, very haunting. What did you guys think? Also.. What the hell happen…[View]
107134902what the fuck was the point of this movie: >DUDE GREEKS ARE LE EPIC NOBLE WHITE MEN FIGHTING AGAI…[View]
107137166Movies you hate: >Main character has no personality outside of being depressed and thinking it…[View]
107138609Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
107138195*twists cap* Muppets Christmas Carol... *sip*...Now THAT was a Christmas movie[View]
107138388What's next for his career?[View]
107138561Here's your Sonic, bro...: I wonder why Chris Pratt turned down the Sonic movie. Hmm...[View]
107135694YES YES HOWEVER *electrical infetterance* DESPITE DUBS *rubs head* BEING 9% OF THE AVERAGE THREAD *j…[View]
107137796>tfw im #lit any litty kinos for the lit fella?[View]
107120039Oh dear.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=islyzIqIBXQ This might have looked good 15 years ago.…[View]
107136022What are some movies made by actual murderers?[View]
1071377003 > COG > FBAWTFT > all the other pottertrash[View]
107138245You didn't have nothin' til you met me. Come on, kid, what will it be?[View]
107138290ITT: recolored kino: i don´t want to feel this pain edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-m9A8mY…[View]
107137660Will you rate Parks and Rec for me? I want to see if I have good taste in T.V or not[View]
107137511ITT write a haiku about your favorite movie. I'll go first. Wealth out in the fields And death …[View]
107138169>Imperial Stout. Necesita ser 12% ABV[View]
107136433>its a julia screeches for an hour and tries to cut herself with scissors because ernie accidenta…[View]
107120334The house that jack built: Thoughts? Its extremely hard to enjoy for me.[View]
107130377Name a scene that has induced more childhood faps.[View]
107137999RACEMIXING GOOD[View]
107137350How would modern culture destroy the rocky story if it were made today? What are rocky's sins?[View]
107137457 [View]
107123141Who are your favorite stand up comedians?[View]
107137651What is the best teenager highschool drama right now? I need some of this shit[View]
107134379>Homophobic jokes >Racist jokes >Braaap jokes >BBC jokes >Xenophobic jokes >TV jok…[View]
107136246What are your thoughts on the lovely actress Ms. Jennifer Connelly?[View]
107136327Fuck you \tv\ this show is the absolute definition of Kino[View]
107131456why didn't he shave his mustache?[View]
107136711Is Breaking Bad a vicious critique of masculinity?[View]
107137163>What's your name, son? >Han. >Han what? Who are your people? >I don't have pe…[View]
107131891Is this any good?[View]
107134004Is Adrien Brody attractive?[View]
107131524How do you think they did it?[View]
107137626I think Tim Burton would be a great director for a live action Candlejack mo[View]
107134921ITT: Drug movies for druggies.[View]
107137653https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktXm7CRXbsE Post some KINO scenes. I was unironically surprised thi…[View]
107136102I am the senate.[View]
107123560its the jaaacket[View]
107137153>/tv/ hates on netflix constantly >the only threads besides bait and shit that actually about …[View]
107129267You're a fucking ugly bitch, Ornella. I'm gonna stab you to death, and play around with yo…[View]
107134958>Tfw you find out that Albert Blithe didn't die from his wounds in France, but actually surv…[View]
107137564>And the Oscar for Best Original Song goes to...[View]
107136692Honestly think this scene is a masterpiece: https://youtu.be/rsWGdZoo1xY[View]
107130056>'you want it be be one way... but it's the other way' literally, what did he mean by this? …[View]
107131689So who the FUCK was Judy?[View]
107137149Which movie to watch?: Which movie should I go watch at my local Kinoplex? Please decide for me.…[View]
107135128What’s next for Rebecca Quin from “The Marine 6:Close Quarters”?[View]
107126249Can you quote a single memorable line from either of these?[View]
107137292>she will never look like this >she will never act again Why live?…[View]
107137451i hate this insufferable cunt: https://youtu.be/YaHSgcGYJs4[View]
107137116Lucas & Max: would make beautiful babies together[View]
107137275'Unconventional' xmas kino: Ill start; pic rel.[View]
107135607another movie with pedo spirals: dark city[View]
107129063Is it any good?: My mom always called it Burn After Watching.[View]
107135473Infrequent reminder that this movie is great.[View]
107137345>that anon who still has a large vhs/dvd collection They'll be something someday, r-right?…[View]
107135526>bully characters set out to hang a tranny >refer to him as 'she' What?…[View]
107136149What are the best movies about being an American?[View]
107137160its another stupid movie about ''primitive people defeating advanced aliens'' je…[View]
107137271Has there ever been a worse year in film?[View]
107137268What are some movies that surprisingly feature roast beef in it?[View]
107137161GOTTA BLAST![View]
107133715HOOOO NO NO[View]
107132744Remember when Kumar was a part of Obama's administration?[View]
107136981is it kino[View]
107136580Was this a metaphor for slavery?[View]
107136831>that one movie where Will Ferrell plays an autistic manchild who gets qt gf and has a kid with h…[View]
107135993Reno 911 Episode that Scared me as a Kid: Does anybody else remember this episode of Reno 911? I was…[View]
107136606DOG HOLE[View]
107136680Is “The Sting II” underrated?[View]
107135781>GET TO THE CHOPPER[View]
107122402OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
107136577What's your favorite animated Disney film? For me, it's The Rescuers Down Under (1990). I …[View]
107134410Good zombie movies set in a city that aren't the Romero movies, Dawn of the Dead(2004), 28 Days…[View]
107133333What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
107136317Whats his problem?[View]
107129280Music made for movies: Music written for films that was not used in the theatrical release Thunderba…[View]
107136380>Avengers Engame is released >Intense battles and strategies happen >Universe is saved from…[View]
107133732Fame makes a man take things over Fame lets him loose, hard to swallow Fame puts you there where thi…[View]
107131071Sesame Street introduced the first homeless muppet.[View]
10713327823 years in and Mortal Kombat still is the king: What went right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA…[View]
107131824What are some films about extreme, constant anxiety?[View]
107136152>Hi Anon. You know how cute I always thought you were.[View]
107135568what are some films about life in the US army? https://youtu.be/QHVG9yroB4c[View]
107136074https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/spider-man-into-spider-verse-soundtrack-from-inspired/1445949265 W…[View]
107135524https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKJpl4OTQDM >Here's your lamb shank, bro.…[View]
107122501Have you ever been anywhere from television or film?[View]
107136037Would a Rainbow Six Siege movie work? I know the other R6 games would make good action movies but Si…[View]
107133476The Time Machine (1960): actual kino[View]
107127067Disney presents.... The most POWERFUL being in the MCU... Captain Bitchface![View]
107136013amazing films that flew under the radar[View]
107130495Please tell me this was scripted. No one actually lives like this, right?[View]
107135824>main bad guy killed >all his minions suddenly fall over and die for no reason…[View]
107134262What does /tv/ think of Love Actually?[View]
107134641>the bastard son who never even saw our nation and cowardly runs from a duel he asked for should …[View]
107134756National Film Registry 2018: These are the films that will enter the National Film Registry, Deeming…[View]
107135161>Here's to all women for finding their voices You do support women right /tv/?? https://www.…[View]
107135463The First: Did anyone watch The First? Was it any good?[View]
107135655who would win[View]
107126770biopic when?[View]
107132548Watching video essay: Narrator is 18-25 year old that speaks... like this. With heavy focus on the..…[View]
107135543>Did you lay us off God damnit pooh, right in the feels[View]
107129814ITT: Unintentional comedy[View]
107135498>science fiction movie with supernatural doppelgangers or intelligent robots >the doppelganger…[View]
107135469Has a higher plane of kinography ever been achieved?[View]
107135385Did Shosannareally loved Marcel?[View]
107132974Cast him for the inevitable biopic[View]
107134816Joe Rogan on the 'Neck Guy': Joe Rogan on the 'Neck Guy'[View]
107133323Was Tom right?[View]
107135217Jesus Living God, is there a hotter broad than Drea Di Matteo circa 1998?[View]
107134128Leaked Sonic Movie Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMxQL4WXXkc[View]
107132049>Simba starts rapping in the middle of Hakuna Matata >Timon dabs in the distance >Be Prepar…[View]
107134700Is he ever coming back?[View]
107120833Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?: “I received an e-mail from Marve…[View]
107135093Was it kino?[View]
107133182What are some good stories where the madmen actually did it?[View]
107134087Do you have pride?[View]
107135008Thinking Men's Jungle Book[View]
107133688>from the animation studio that brought you Hoodwinked comes Spiderverse! Yikes…[View]
107133101ITT: Movies scenes that make you feel like this[View]
107134788What's the best show you've watched this year?[View]
107134442Is she the next big thing: More talent than anyone in Hollywood, wholesome, better looking than cock…[View]
107133448Did you see it?[View]
107131357Why did they get such an ugly actress to play the new Mary Poppins. The original was so pretty and c…[View]
107134334what's that movie about the guy who slowly went crazy and starved himself?[View]
107126764THE MIST: Can we all at least agree that this is was the best Lovecraftian tier movie that hasn…[View]
107133183When will they make a live-action adaption of the best cartoon ever?[View]
107134654Is being cultured in other works of fiction meaning watching a fuckton of movies and reading a fuckt…[View]
107134607Hey /tv/. I need advice. I have time for one more movie tonight so I can`t decide what to watch... S…[View]
107131069is this the next GLOW? >Spinning Out is set in the world of competitive figure skating. Created b…[View]
107132740*reloads arms*[View]
107133857E.R. appreciation thread: ITT we discuss nurse waifus best deaths best doctors best crisis episode D…[View]
107134292>HBO is so based[View]
107132856Why didn't you tell me about this kino? Based af https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OYe3uk8Fi8 ht…[View]
107134436Was getting executed apart of his plan?: Maybe there will be a wightfinger[View]
107134427>Like I said, I'm good with ejaculation. what in the fug did nolan mean by dis…[View]
107133007WTF did i just watch???: >middle aged asian woman with severe mommy issues what did Disney mean b…[View]
107132054Rate My collection: Hey guys how's my collection. I know blu rays are kinda dated but I still p…[View]
107120403Neytiri is...[View]
107134283K I N O[View]
107133238IT'S UP https://youtu.be/zs4ELJwA5D8[View]
107133439>And that's a good thing wh*toids btfo[View]
107132465ITT best quotes from the show.[View]
107132406>BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUMB Mr. Sneedman..[View]
107134263A Simple Favor: Opinions on this movie? Did we like it?[View]
107130848Jeopardy 12/13/18: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ywmpb[View]
107133446Did he take the picture?[View]
107134239WRONG KID DIED[View]
107130354> shadowfax > never faxes anything Was Tolkien a hack?…[View]
107133891reminder to rewatch elf glau this holiday season[View]
107125669I just saw Dunkirk good flick, why did he land so far away from the Dunkirk beech in the end? was ge…[View]
107133227Films where the MC loses it all?: >grow up in poverty, work extremely hard and cut all contact wi…[View]
107133153So now the dust has settled: who or what was the Yellow King?[View]
107132677>make a joke >get over fifty (You)s, all laughing at my humour It's the best feeling, bro…[View]
107132506What's your favorite fight scene from a movie?[View]
107132316Why the FUCK would you get a fake girlfriend with a foreign accent?[View]
107132117T-1000 VS TX: Who is the more advanced and complete cyborg? TX was introduced as the next generation…[View]
107133416Aquaman's outfit is made of teeth?[View]
107133515Does McDonald’s own ABC: ABC was the only channel I could get in the 90’s and I just realized every …[View]
107133756Open the podbay door[View]
107118844WHO LAUGHED?[View]
107132666Was Groening in the right here?[View]
107132975Whats the Best Reality Television?[View]
107133635Kirk was in the wrong here.[View]
107133334>trying to watch every Bruce Willis >up to The Sixth Sense is it worth it? we all know how it …[View]
107133431itt: villains that did nothing wrong[View]
107132824What does /tv/ think about Grey's Anatomy?[View]
107133440How could they not tell that David was one of them? It was so obvious.[View]
107133419ITT characters that women will never understand: >Honorable and responsable >Cold head in diff…[View]
107132596Underappreciated GOAT characters.[View]
107130293Queen: Is this Kino? Lets talk Bohemian Rapsody.[View]
107133090Hospital photo ops: what do you think of it? Obscene or obscene?[View]
107132474How do you make the Predator intimidating again?[View]
107128856Tropes you love: >Hero and villain become best friends[View]
107132990Hey Bert[View]
107132859Turn your phone off[View]
107133029which are the essential Mission Impossible movies?[View]
107129880>My father was Adrin Ker So his name was Joe Ker all along?![View]
107132558/trek/: Groovy as fuck edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMzlCraHNS4&index=2&list=PLlW…[View]
107128338>Welcome to the jungle starts playing[View]
107132517... figures[View]
107132376>saves cinema You're welcome.[View]
107131685GREAT ASS[View]
107132938cast it[View]
107132412Fanboys: Can we talk about this 2009 gem ? Perfectly captures what the starwars fandom is about thi…[View]
1071296272019: The Year the 90s Kids Won: >The Lion King >Aladdin >Detective Pikachu >Toy Story 4…[View]
107127094Give me some depressionkino /tv/, I want to feel[View]
107119934/trek/: Black to the Future Edition Previously: >>107102257[View]
107132795guess the actress /tv/[View]
107132164A N-WORD[View]
107132364Do you think it's common for top actors to cringe when they play a scene with an actor that can…[View]
107132766And he was a big guy[View]
107129342OH SHIT[View]
107132764'Talking about my wife here for crying out loud!'[View]
107126960Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that …[View]
107132619movies like this[View]
107132692Lewd Amy: >mommy plays a dizzy actress who uses every excuse to be scandily clad >great cast …[View]
107130506Do you think she looks like Dolores?[View]
107132582If he was alive who would you cast him as?[View]
107119807What does /tv/ think of Bojack? And more importantly, why do you relate to him so much?[View]
107112728Webm thread[View]
107132475The 90s The Last Great Decade: Were the 90s the last great decade for television, anime and video ga…[View]
107132471Australian Censorship: Australian government has threatened a American Catholic news organization wi…[View]
107122096oh no NO NO NO[View]
107131872Circle (2015): What would you do, /tv/?[View]
107131535Hey, Beter, I'm in the Matrix![View]
107130532She cute[View]
107127417Post actually funny comedians. Americans are NOT allowed; you're supposed to LAUGH at a comedia…[View]
107132383Say 'yep' again. Say 'yep' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, sa…[View]
107130736Top Gun: Maverick: If Top Gun’s huge success was a product of Reaganist America and the Cold War, do…[View]
107130750Why does he wear the mask?[View]
107132326why are there young nubile children in all of his movies?[View]
107132323RAPE: What are some truly kino rape scenes in cinema[View]
1071319051 > 3 > 2[View]
107121885>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
107130017>Dude I'm so cuh-raaaaazy look how RANDOM I am! >people actually praised this writing and…[View]
107129733Reboot: What would you think of the idea of this classic CG series being made into a movie like Tron…[View]
107132000My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die[View]
107127355Just think about it.[View]
107129427*pssshh* HAAAAAAAAA[View]
107129062does anyone here have a degree in film studies or film making?[View]
107131999>How many people have to die before we finally do something about dropping pianos?!…[View]
107132112How would you direct this scene, /tv/?[View]
107132091Kill one Befriend one Marry one Fuck one Host a BBQ with one Star in a movie with one[View]
107132061Will Emma Watson ruin this movie?[View]
107130570FUCKING SAY IT![View]
107130928Why aren't cheese string balls a thing?[View]
107125368>The usual, anon?[View]
107119413BASED CLINT has made a masterpiece[View]
107130645Friend of mine told me that film studios often make shit films for tax write offs or some shit Is th…[View]
107131921What this came out?: Am I insane like, they made a Season 5 in May and I never knew? What happened t…[View]
107131883>Show me your ass![View]
107125100Michael Bay's Transformers(2007): Thoughts on it /tv/? This movie is 10 years old. What did I t…[View]
107130363who was in the wrong here?[View]
107131816what is some others wage cuck kino besides office space?[View]
1071316574channel is no better than reddit. Might as well go back while you still can.[View]
107129550Why the fuck did PTA cut this out of the finished film? Its HILARIOUS!!!: >JOHN MORE Otherwise yo…[View]
107129055>based on ''''''true story''''' >main character doesn't masturpate 3 times a day…[View]
107131333I'm putting together a team...[View]
107130837Is it over for benman? Looks like hes competing with brendan fraser for the JUST Awards 2019 >pic…[View]
107125152What are the best Samurai/feudal Japan movies?[View]
107131715Is this actually a good movie? Or is it a meme like “The Room” I used to think it was trolling.. Hav…[View]
107130536What are some movies about getting old and irrelevant?[View]
107130402my hands are a little dirty[View]
107129545Is this the greatest depiction of the modern man in cinema?[View]
107129029>when I went to the hotel room that night I was actually looking for...Joey >Chandler doesn…[View]
107129649Are those the only DC movies worth watching?[View]
107117493Chris chan is going to shoot up a theatre now[View]
107129905Perfect casting choices don't exi-: Also, why Disney, MCU, DCEU, Netflix and other CW shows don…[View]
107121332Women rule the box office: Incels of /tv/ left BTFO and seething.[View]
107131582Merry Christmas from the Griswolds[View]
107119973Bumblebee: Bumblebee is gonna be certified fresh isn't it?[View]
107123262>the final solution, in the palm of my hand How did he get away with this?!…[View]
107131549ITT:Actresses /tv/ forgot and what are they doing now?[View]
107131473How many women do you suppose he fucked during his hundred years on this planet? I mean he was notor…[View]
107122592This guy is so overrated. Its just Kristen Stewart with a penis. He's going to age awfully too …[View]
107131445Netflix: Hey, can someone help ME with an netflix account, i can't use my credit card anymore t…[View]
107130137>dude let's make the Director's Cut of Aliens the only version of the movie you can by …[View]
107122841Is this worth watching?[View]
107117827Awwww c’mon Bam[View]
107128445THE WAR WAS LOST[View]
107131293FACT : You can only post kinos in this thread[View]
107118622ITT we post underrated actresses. I'll start[View]
107131100Julie Andrews (83).[View]
107131266Why was Hank such an asshole in some episodes?[View]
107129175>Yo, check this out: black guys drive a car like this. >[Leans back, as though his elbow were …[View]
107131154It's gonna be a classic![View]
107128259The Adventures of Pete and Pete: >feelings zoomers will never understand Was this the most kino k…[View]
107130715How do you go from this...[View]
107128378is her career over?[View]
107130406This man >cannot get a job >cannot find funding >cannot convince anyone with money or power…[View]
107128565Alright, can we TRY to have an ACTUAL FUCKING SIMPSONS THREAD FOR ONCE??? PLEASE. HOLY FUCK[View]
107129779>AAAVAAAAADAAAAAAA What did Lucious mean by this?[View]
107130804How come every time Trump is eventually proven right the media acts like they never disagreed with h…[View]
107129313Now how the fuck was this too smart for people?[View]
107130190HE CAN TALK. HE CAN TALK.[View]
107130214what was your favorite episode of breaking bad? mine was Fly, directed by Rian Johnson[View]
107130754It's their time.[View]
107130732>childhood kino that is safe from soulless remakes because no one remembers them I'll start…[View]
107130702 [View]
107129929would a simpson narto episode be good?[View]
107126582What did /tv/ think of First Man ?: Imdb reviews seem to mostly call it 'boring'. But I lo…[View]
107130317Titan AE: I can't be the only one who likes this movie.[View]
10713042811 years, lads ;-;[View]
107124359guys the internet is super important[View]
107126482MDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbllxgxgQVQ So good. I still can't believe this got cancel…[View]
107127584Well, what year was it?[View]
107130871Memri TV kino thread[View]
107123247How can a visual medium ever illustrate 'unfathomable horror'? Isn't that impossible?[View]
107130139Cinema used to make me so uneasy, easy. But Lynch made it all so easy, easy. Don't make more sh…[View]
107124304>send an all female science team with no firearms training with guns in a temporal distorted time…[View]
107129812>'Uh, Mr Fisk, the uber driver says he's gonna be another 15 minutes, is that ok?'…[View]
107130175Brothers and sisters, may I have your attention? I have a very important sermon for you today.[View]
107123001Why is this faggot being shilled so hard lately?[View]
107117700I THINK JOE SUCKS[View]
107105577ITT: Post movies that you sincerely believe that you were the only one to enjoy it.[View]
107130091Kill marry fuck?[View]
107126105Was it kino?[View]
107129468Godzilla: What the fuck is even the appeal of these movies? Every single one that I tried watching w…[View]
107107329What are some films for this feel bros? Freaking out right now....[View]
107123925What was going through his head here?[View]
107128748Would a movie about Epic Beard Man be good?[View]
107126022Do ya'll love it?[View]
107117781OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: >While director John Chu said the film aimed to quash stereotypes …[View]
107129707any movies where the girl gets rejected?: its fun to see them put in their place[View]
107127235Seriously he got away with it.[View]
107119615>Punisher 2 to debut Jan 2019 Lemeaxusumit/tv/, you hype?[View]
107128022>What is going on? >You won't believe this... >You gotta be kidding me. If your movie …[View]
107129499why'd he do it?[View]
107125692Allow me to introduce myself. Gus Polinski. ... Polka King of the Midwest? ... The Kenosha Kickers? …[View]
107129421It's the PRICE isssss RICE![View]
107128384marvel turned down james wan's blade reboot[View]
107123531It Follows: What did you think of this movie? I rated it 7/10. Nice concept and entertaining, but I …[View]
107128655Miami Vice (2006): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WCKJ7KaIZY I'VE BECOME SO NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM…[View]
107127060>736 days until Avatar 2[View]
107128663Is this a better version of scream?[View]
107129154On your feet faggot!: Edge of Tomorrow. How did they get away with this?[View]
107123037What the fuck did i watch? Some female hotline miami movie?[View]
107127901fiddy mafaccing percent[View]
107127741My Name: My Name is Earl[View]
107129098>”I am Sauron, the lord of the rings.” Fucking seriously Jackson?[View]
107128969What did they mean by this?[View]
107128874The Rain: Has anyone watched it? Is it any good or is it just pretty looking with shit writing like …[View]
107122989Taytay on netflix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=HIb_TlK2HAI&app=desktop …[View]
107126013>Netflix removes kino like American Psycho and Nightcrawler >Spends 80mil to keep shitty 20 ye…[View]
107125458>grade school teacher rolls in television >pic related comes on How do you respond?…[View]
107122558Awful just fucking awful. A disgrace to cinema >BUT DUDE LONG TAKES ARE FOR PATRICIANS You can ha…[View]
107125241>We don't take kindly to city slickers 'round here.[View]
107128511Is there a more overrated flick than this?[View]
107126278[PROTOTYPE]: Movie when lads?[View]
107128448Ladies and gentleman please welcome your host kermit the frog! It is the oscars night with our very …[View]
107127440>ICE CREEEAAAM! Why do boomers find this shit funny?[View]
107127466THE P.T.A HAS DISBANDED![View]
107126379Gentlemen, we have something to say.[View]
107127209DChads get in here, we certified fresh now Inb4 absolutely seething marlets[View]
107128303>Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown. bravo Polanski[View]
107126569Dave Chappelle: /poltv/ is either obssesed with Armond White who's also a contrarian gay nigger…[View]
107127864YO BIG GUY[View]
107110814Watership.Down.1978.Criterion.720p.BluRay.x264: Holy shit what the fuck is this movie man. I always …[View]
107128188Top Tier Prison Staff. Post 'em: Guards, wardens, nurses are all game[View]
107128173What did you think of Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans?[View]
107127069Why does /tv/ not talk about The Inmate? It's the best show out right now[View]
107125441Annihilation: >What went wrong?[View]
107127234>34yo boomer >watching FRIENDS as a teen >watch the 'fun Bobby' episode >'haha LMAO what…[View]
107126803What's the best Coen Brothers film?[View]
107127801South park NPCs[View]
107120461The pacing was a bit erratic, but the shootout in the Saigon brothel was masterful filmmaking. What …[View]
107122068>dude weed lmao[View]
107126761>Wow so deep the main character dies at the end 10/10 classic of all time Is this what passes for…[View]
107124562Babylon 5. Home.[View]
107126891remember this?[View]
107126179These are all the same people[View]
107127614CALL IT[View]
107127567what was her problem?[View]
107119855Alright who was that. WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT. JUST STOP... WHO-.... TURN OFF THE FUCKING LIGHTS >W…[View]
107127125You know, I know Jannies pay doesn't exist. I know that when I post this, 4channel will tell me…[View]
107120971 That's classified.[View]
107127050Why do people call him the Joker when all he ever says is the truth?[View]
107125001>yet another transformer movie coming out >still no live action Go Bots movie despite it being…[View]
107121524What are some good war mini-series? I finished rewatching Band of Brothers yesterday and I'd li…[View]
107127379its a Nathan falls in love episode[View]
107127278Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107127347>Male characters get themselves into a sticky situation >About to get their shit stomped in by…[View]
107088540Why is she so mad?[View]
107127206'Remember when' is the lowest form of television.[View]
107124544Gina Carano and Oberyn confirmed for Star wars: The Mandalorian: Okay this is epic[View]
107127039Why did pta cut this from the finished film?: JOHN MORE Otherwise you merely have the will of one …[View]
107123462Cast her.[View]
107126027It's Britney bitch[View]
107127117sexiest man alive[View]
107127114ON HOLIDAAAAYS (guitar solo)[View]
107123897>In America ...[View]
107126860Why: You think this will actually not suck? Or will it bomb as bad as Live Action Fairly Odd Parents…[View]
107126137What was his problem?[View]
107120302what was going through his head here?[View]
107126981>introduced in the movie as ultra badass Neo in the Matrix tier fugitive fighter taking on multip…[View]
107125718Argentine actor in anti-sex abuse video accused of rape >BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — An Argentine t…[View]
107124437Sir Isaac Newton, here...: Where's my movie, gentlemen?[View]
107124077I'm literally 20 minutes into Wonder Woman and I have to keep stopping because of the laughable…[View]
107125615>never again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z75qvDtbxjQ[View]
107126901Were there really no other better options than this? Is this really the best they could do?[View]
107126687Why was gay Austin Powers in a Clockwork Orange?[View]
107126794What are some amazing movies that turn to shit towards the end?[View]
107126697Why don't they really make Shakespeare movies anymore?[View]
107125317Good movies with rape as a theme?[View]
107123310I've marathoned the 8 films in the past two days and I still cant think of a single reason of w…[View]
107123980Is this worth watching?[View]
107125625Thoughts on this Christmas horror kino?[View]
107126676Wtf PTA?!: Blackface?!?!??!?! Dont you know that’s RACE-IST?!?!!?[View]
107126071Rubber Soul in mint condition.[View]
107126575>(US Version)[View]
107125630If you can, do the Bartman.[View]
107123076I hae been thinking for the last 3 hours for a sneed-like thread derailment meme that can work inter…[View]
107125949jeepers /tv/ it's the jaguaro![View]
107123376Is there a female character movie similar to James Bond?[View]
107126380And i thought The Matrix was going to be the next Star Wars...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-URQ…[View]
107126374The Fault In Our Stars: Why did I waste two hours of my fucking life watching his piece of shit movi…[View]
107125413*footsteps approaching in the distance*[View]
107125439Fuck you, Bill.[View]
107123736little details bother me, for example, why would you shoot a man before throwing him out of the plan…[View]
107124292>Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight![View]
107119537Worst Movie of 2018: Why does half of /tv/ think Tag was the worst movie of 2018? It honestly wasn…[View]
107126199South Park season finale: What did South Park mean by this? Is Trump getting arrested?[View]
107125781Christian Bale justed himself to play as Dick Cheney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO3GsRQO0dM…[View]
107121705what's up with all the anti-chink shitposts lately? did the chinks really bought this site?[View]
107126182What are some good movies that were made for no monetary compensation (ie. 'for free')?[View]
107126163>that scene where they find Thanos's decor Frette hand towels[View]
107125599Why this shit looks fucking disturbing?[View]
107126131https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orson_Welles_Paul_Masson_advertisements What did wikipedia mean by thi…[View]
107124863What did YouTube mean by this?[View]
107124823What does /tv/ - Television & Film think about Family Man?[View]
107125995Post editing kino[View]
107123813seasonal watches: >weather getting fucking hot >always >30°C time to rewatch this…[View]
107125941What are some movies about weak beta pussies?[View]
107125620what makes a movie or show 'reddit' Is there is set of requirements that it needs to fulfill or is i…[View]
107124022Looks like an episode of the fucking power rangers[View]
107122908Am I supposed to be confused about this film? I came right off the back of watching 2049, and that i…[View]
107124653Will this film also show her getting BLACKED?[View]
107125740HELLO ST. LOUIS![View]
107125519Is the new PotC movie that bad?[View]
107121327How did The Simpsons get so fucking bad?: We all know it happened some time around season 10, but wh…[View]
107125199Thoughts on Lord and Miller?[View]
107124556Any films about hardcore cinephilies?[View]
107124927Now I have a machine gun! Ho-Ho-Ho: What did he mean by his[View]
107125650I hab pineapple, i hab a whoppa[View]
107124969What was his fucking problem?[View]
107125450Recommend me a new movie to watch. No superman movie please.[View]
107125000>karl says something that makes sense >stephen doesn't understand it and calls him stupi…[View]
107124362Can I get a sauce on this?[View]
107122775What's the funniest movie or tv show you've ever seen? Bonus points for movies/shows that …[View]
107120616>After all this time? >Always What the FUCK did this scene mean?…[View]
107122188Honest thoughts on Harry Potter? How would you rate the movies?[View]
107122896>*Pulls off mic* >'I think we're done here.* >*Walks out* There, she's finished. …[View]
107125257was it funny?[View]
107125433/tv/: the character. Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
107125342>It's over, Godzilla! I have the high ground![View]
107125339ITT: nose kino[View]
107125314>sal couldn’t molest a child on the subway making him tonight’s biggest loser…[View]
107122355Spot the difference[View]
107122111> I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. > So do Alwo Livtoce…[View]
107121471What does /tv/ think of Krampus[View]
107117414>mfw someone doesn't consider Wall-E as their favorite animation movie…[View]
107123610The Beach Bum: Harmony Korine's new movie. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fishe…[View]
107124783Ok brainlets from /tv/ I have a big brain and im very smart, perhaps one of you peasants can suggest…[View]
107124965what is the definitive Shakespeare adaptation[View]
107125018/Godzilla/ King of Monsters discussion thread: Where's the Godzilla thread? Trailer 2: https://…[View]
107121779*lip twitches at you*: what happened here?[View]
107123967Is it Deek or DICK?[View]
107123801Have you seen witcher leaked scenes?[View]
107123030Tfw the wine was 55% Merlot and 45% Cabernet Sauvignon.[View]
107123781Incel losing his kiss virginity on camera: https://youtu.be/VPASI3YsnKE[View]
107120770it takes a lot of bravery to be that vulnerable and I'm like so proud of this community[View]
107124827>It's a Riker gets trapped in a simulation and starts losing his mind episode…[View]
107123783>Clint Eastwood 8 kids >7 of them in the movie business >No one did it big, the closest one…[View]
107124278funny or not?[View]
107114744he cute[View]
107121819Why arent there more gypsy actors?[View]
107125779Hey bro, got a license for that SMS?[View]
107124694What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
107121480ITT: episodes that aren't discussed enough when talking about the decline of The Simpsons[View]
107123492Very well. Prepare for the Batman to say the n word.[View]
107121679Any movies about going back in time?[View]
107123731Whatever happened to Gary Cooper?[View]
107120927ITT sci-fi movies and shows that rival Star Trek in greatness: I'm waiting[View]
107124471Kino is back on the menu[View]
107124428>Pooh Blanchard I miss him guys cant believe he got away with it[View]
107123723Any form of art that perpetuates a hateful, bigoted mindset at the expense of one or more groups of …[View]
107123053ITT funniest race reversal flicks[View]
107120355the reason that the new Goose movie didn't show the American flag on the moon and why Wonder Wo…[View]
107122770Reminder that Into the Spider-Verse is not a Disney film.[View]
107123415>Comedian's comedian[View]
107124308Worst Movie Ever: So, I'm hoping for a little help here. I have a movie on the tip of my tongue…[View]
107121871Aquaman: Just watched this. It was an alright 7/10 flick for me. Momoa & Heard are pretty good i…[View]
107122823Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that infinity war is mediocre at best?[View]
107121805What are some Iranian kinos? I've already seen Asghar Farhadi's movies.[View]
107121518>736 days until Avatar 2 Almost to the two year milestone lads[View]
107124067cheesecake: why isnt there more male eyecandy in television/movies? why is it always just the girls …[View]
107123519Recommend me some good movies to watch when high on LSD please[View]
107120282is this a Christmas movie?[View]
107074701/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: The Monster Project Previously: >>107013529 Wha…[View]
107122353What did they mean by this?[View]
107121047Why don't movies nowadays make statements about society and change?[View]
107123627Do you consider first blood a Christmas movie?[View]
107123935What was his fucking problem?[View]
107123626>Do I enjoy the films of Terrence Malick? >Yeah you could say I'm a 'licker. >I…[View]
107122952Im not a pervert I was just looking for CHURBOMAN DOLL[View]
107123460What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107123891Are there still stand-up comedy specials outside of Netflix? I'm looking for new shit, but it s…[View]
107123870If I could control 4chan Rewind 2018, I'd have janny getting dabbed on by Thanos in Fortnite.[View]
107123136Regardless of whether you liked the movie or not I think we can all agree that it has some undeniabl…[View]
107123683Science Shows: Now that I've scratched any shows containing that mysogynist & rapist NDT of…[View]
107123616let's see Van Patten's card[View]
107116483> >[View]
107123650Wait you can say 'cunts' uncensored but not 'fuck'? I thought Americans considered cunt to be the mo…[View]
107123046Whats next for January Jones?[View]
107122941GRANTED: ITT: celebrities that remind you of the inevitable passage of time and reveal to you a visi…[View]
107122196The Great Lebowski: so was Smokey actually over the line or not?[View]
107120262Didn’t matter. It didn’t mean anything. When I was broke I would go out and rob some more. We ran ev…[View]
107119496turns out[View]
107123239>A 3 second cameo triggers the average /pol/ack.[View]
107123201What movies have 10/10 sound effects? https://youtu.be/zqk32lV-Gz0?t=60[View]
107123114it wasn't THAT bad[View]
107122201T, I fucked up. I wound up at that weird castle again, you gotta get me outta here![View]
107120815Which do you pick for best parody movie?[View]
107123017>Blocks your path What do?[View]
107122294>your favorite movie that no one has seen[View]
107122914Uh oh[View]
107116422Guys, I don't know how much longer I can take the NEET life. I first became a shut-in NEET at 1…[View]
107117640>oh nononononono[View]
107122064What are some movies or tv shows that made you nearly shit yourself from laughing? Hard mode: you di…[View]
107119192George rr Martin: >GRRM dedicated a city in Essos to Shae's actress by naming it after her O…[View]
107122240What are some other movies like Cronenberg's Crash? I just downloaded eXistenZ too[View]
107122756>'This looks like a good movie' >PG-13 >'oh'…[View]
107120631why can't kermit host the oscars?[View]
107122931Why does the quality of the story take such a nosedive after L's death?[View]
107117107Now that all British TV is digital, is there any real excuse not to abolish the TV tax and make the …[View]
107121436Hi! In the opening scene of the film The Dark Knight Rises (Christopher Nolan, 2012) the CIA agents …[View]
107119411I'm on Season 2 Episode 11. When does it get good again?[View]
107120452Doctor Who: I'm about to watch The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos. What level of kino am I about t…[View]
107122092What are some movies with this feel?[View]
107122582What are some movies about a recurring and incompetent antagonist?[View]
107119002What are some good films about the 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989?[View]
107119560ITT your favorite movie from 1998 For me, it's Happiness (1998) the best movie[View]
107121777ITT: redpilled movies[View]
107122228When they make the inevitable biopic about you who do you want to play your mom? Pic related for me.[View]
107121644CALL IT[View]
107120995>Spare me your space-age technobabble, Attila the Hun![View]
107120597This is going to be the best fight in Godzilla King of the Monsters. Try to prove me wrong. You can…[View]
107113455>Die Hard is like THE BEST Christmas movie! yippee ki yay motherfucker! LOL…[View]
107119652It used to be so good bros[View]
107121165Jesus, this aged like fine wine. Still holds up 15 years later.[View]
107119500Any movies/videogames with a qt redhead protagonist like pic related?[View]
107122158So Warner has made two movies about a king Arthur: Who had to find a weapon to become king? I liked …[View]
107107957The Mule Review: Critic says it is racist melodrama: 'The film is a fairly straightforward adaptatio…[View]
107112430Why didn’t /tv/ tell me know how kino this is?: It’s a shame the Coens had to dump this on Netflix c…[View]
107121455movies that you watched where you realized you might be gay... or at least have some feminine tenden…[View]
107122140Every hour Of every day Be The man of Today[View]
107121864>be me, a good and based gentleman >watching kino >awkward scene comes on >I have to pau…[View]
107119711So is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Formerly Philosopher's) Stone a Christmas movie too…[View]
107114172OH N-[View]
107121160>Post the crossovers[View]
107121845I dare say, Mr. Hickey... you and I are going to get along just fine.[View]
107120326>You've got this margie![View]
107116287Do you subscribe to Netflix?[View]
107120261Is he the last true liberal left in Hollywood??[View]
107121652Jesus Christ, Rowling...[View]
107118432Steve Buscemi's worst role? I think so.[View]
107120769now watch this drive[View]
107121762ITT: actors who either look like they have one foot in the grave or could last for another few years…[View]
107120380How can one man be so based?[View]
107119453Orcs, do we need them? 13% of the population committing 50% of the homicides, not to mention all the…[View]
107108662What are some films that will make you want to change your life?[View]
107117247What the fuck? What kind of drugs were they on when they made this movie?[View]
107120259Will you be boycotting “The Mule” with me, /tv/? I am saddened that this film could be released in t…[View]
107115902>Good news! >What? >Dacia Sandero…[View]
107108599Its Jennifer Connellys birthday today! say something nice about her![View]
107120052The Joker: More like >The Jogger[View]
107120978Why was he such a horrible guest?[View]
107120712>tfw she will never hold your sword[View]
107120297>everything bad that happens is a result of some idiots with white guilt wanting to destroy the h…[View]
107121341What movies help you deal with implosive anger?[View]
107121340>tfw someone tells me to stop being myself[View]
107120358>And they say that a hero could save us >I'm not gonna stand here and wait https://m.yout…[View]
107120151Tell me about Mortal Engines, why does she wear the mask?[View]
107110699What's your most humiliating theater experience?[View]
107116219Friend of mine is doing work on the subtitles for Avengers: End Game, he claims that near the end of…[View]
107119787Cuck Whedon: Why hasn't this man been run out of Hollywood yet?[View]
107102257/trek/: SELAR SMASH WITH LOGIC edition[View]
107119976/pol/ BTFO by based Tray Parker and Matt Stone once again[View]
107119197What's the best stealth movie?[View]
107119545Can you call me 'based' once before I get banned and this thead gets deleted? I never was called bas…[View]
107120951>Love Actually is my favourite Christmas movie![View]
107120730Das Boot Remake: Why the fuck would they turn Das Boot into a drama series??[View]
107119751NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: Check out @starwars’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/starwars/status/10729442509023928…[View]
107119008Find an other, non sneed episode that came close to this one[View]
107120820Magnificent valor.[View]
107117741Bros, i'm trying to write a movie script, what do you think of this line?[View]
107120799Dumplin 2018: Dumplin' (2018) [WEBRip] [1080p] [YTS] [YIFY] Dumplin' (2018) [WEBRip] [1080…[View]
107117879... would you?[View]
107120670>How you feel about your family is a complicated thing. >I'm not welcome with my son. …[View]
107114805Tell me what to think about this movie?[View]
107116530HBO Watchmen hype:[View]
107118640>Watch 2011 film >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
107119461>It's a day repeats itself episode.[View]
107120519Your going to support the Sonic movie so we get Adventure 2 Kino right anon?[View]
107120201What is the best movie of this decade?[View]
107119942>Jean grey in xmen last stand turned everyone into dust >Thanos in infinity war turned everyon…[View]
107119639This actress looks independent as fuck. Is there other actresses like that?[View]
107118476What the FUCK went so wrong?[View]
107120183>shit movie >amazing poster[View]
107120349>it's a elevator scene where classical music is playing and everyone is just standing in awk…[View]
107120240>different characters' stories cross paths[View]
107120154>mc is morbidly obese[View]
107120195who is this character?[View]
107118024Things low IQ movie-watchers say: >the movie I like made more money than the movie you like…[View]
107119700When does the Predator remake get good? When the original came out I was hooked from the first minut…[View]
107118755Characters that are LITERALLY you[View]
107118249I'm glad he had a nice time on BOTW :)[View]
107119637The real kino.: Post some https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mrxjc2RdIAs[View]
107112808Just fucking say it[View]
107118481So he dreamed about his father waiting for him in the afterlife. What the fuck does this has anythin…[View]
107117430Guilty Pleasures: Post your favourite 'guilty pleasure' film. It can be from any genre except pornog…[View]
107117670*saves doctor who*[View]
107119970'Dear John...': 1 incident.. 1 decision.. 1 letter.. 2 words.. Changed everything... John Tyree is a…[View]
107119954Why does he get so much hate?: I read the books before he was in the show and he was an anime edgelo…[View]
107119579And God created Dana Delany: 62 years old[View]
107119603what's your favorite cop film?[View]
107115430>In my dreams I'm beautiful...and BAD! What did she mean by this?[View]
107111438Was Kevin middle class or upper middle class?[View]
107119829Why does /tv/ has such a huge boner for these two?[View]
107118818Vikings: *becomes a god in your path*[View]
107119528Is the the ultimate depiction of degeneracy?[View]
107119569>Captain Marvel >26M views >Dumbo >9.8M views >Avengers Endgame >68M views >Ala…[View]
107119698>DUDE ANGRY LMAO[View]
107103337Riverdale General /Riv/ : Mid season finale edition: Who will die tonight?[View]
107116788ITT we pay tribute to the dead.[View]
107119568Just watched pic related. What did I think of it? One of the only times /tv/ recommended a good film…[View]
107119091Films about giving up so hard you slowly morph into something subhuman[View]
107119145What's her best movie? I really liked Take Shelter.[View]
107117548>“The script was really long, it was almost 150 pages and the first cut of the movie was 3 hours …[View]
107118888Cast them.[View]
107119066Just caught up with The Walking Dead here on tv in my country and i'm wondering so are the Zomb…[View]
107119012Horrors without jumpscares[View]
107119552Before we do this..Can I call Ironman[View]
107119524How did they get away with this?[View]
107117300What was Nolan thinking?: >'You're a big guy' >'For Jews' I found Bane's line to be …[View]
107119488>BAWN JORNO[View]
107118872Mayans MC: I don't recall ever having seen a thread about this magnificent piece of trash befor…[View]
107119330ITT: Cat kinos: That Darn Cat![View]
107119028Why are Vulcans such assholes?: Star Trek[View]
107119420Gonna ask for some blu-rays for xmas. What are some must buys?: Can be classics or new shit, any gen…[View]
107105454Why did he become a leftist mouthpiece?[View]
107119399Was it kino?[View]
107115790monster rancher: am I the only one who watched this? it was like a shitty digimon[View]
107118198>adjusted for inflation : >Snow White : 18 million >akira : 19 million And Spiderverse co…[View]
107118524>those fucking sound effects: this fucking schlock is embarassing[View]
107119295>Sonic the Hedgehog movie >it's not R-Rated…[View]
107117654I don't get it[View]
107119272LET ME TELL YOU BUDDY[View]
107116066>character takes a hit of a joint >starts to hallucinate…[View]
107117816the pic that saved Star Wars[View]
107118248What's the point of this scene?[View]
107113200Why do all major blockbusters have female leads from nowadays?[View]
107119026Any movies about this country?[View]
107115238I love you guys: I'm feeling sentimental and a little lonely but I'm glad I have you guys …[View]
107111363ITT: underrated comfy movies[View]
107116844Garland on the run: Do you think they caught Garland soon after the plane crash-landed in Las Vegas?…[View]
107118143this was a bad slasher quit recommending me bad slashers recommend me good ones from now on[View]
107114662Is she a good actress, I can't tell?: JaNNies u faggots the board is full of porn, DO YOU'…[View]
107114124>has /fa/ fashion sense >shills /pol/ youtubers >shits on marlel with an american psycho po…[View]
107118816So why do people say that The Simpsons was the greatest show during the nineties? Now that some tim…[View]
107119006>there will never be another episode like it Why even live?[View]
107118999Out of Many, One [2018] by John Hoffman and Nanfu Wang: https://youtu.be/ep4bmXjneUM >The United …[View]
107118677He killed millions[View]
107111456Recent blu-ray purchases thread? Here's a few I've picked up.[View]
107118817How do I get in?[View]
107118807Spike Spiegel >An Asian (or partially Asian) man in his mid 20’s to mid 30’s and must have athlet…[View]
107117242So in Sweden yesterday the cinemas had this 'The 12th of December is Lussevaka(a sort of swedish hol…[View]
107118586I don't get it[View]
107118572>what do you think of “Richard”? >uhh, kids will call him “Dick” >what about “Moe”? >kid…[View]
107113360'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie Supposed to Flop: I found this document in my work place. Appar…[View]
107118508Ting ting: The Holy Triumpverade is holding a meeting. Why are niggers so evil?[View]
107118435The Simpsons - most iconic moment: What is THE definitive moment from The Simpsons over its 30 years…[View]
107116060first female superhero movie to hit a billion[View]
107118102Signs the movie is going to be a load of spicy shit >first scene is consists mainly of LA/NY aeri…[View]
107116106When was the last time you took a look at a dude's head and went Oh, no no no?[View]
107115529Sonic Movie Poster Leaked: OH NO OH NO OH NO NO NO NO OH NO HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH AH AHA[View]
107117344You boys ready for your cock meat sandwich?[View]
107116820>Hi, welcome to Zumiez *sips Yerba Mate* How do we stop the art hoe pestilence?…[View]
107114899Now that the dust has finally settled, what did /tv/ think of this?[View]
107117332Was it kino?[View]
107115452>/tv/ says movie is shit >it's actually pretty good Any other movies for this feel?…[View]
107118234>From the twisted mind of...[View]
107117292I don't get it: Wtf was Jess' problem? How to break out of the loop? Did she eventually?…[View]
107115852what are some kinos about ancestry?[View]
107117689Why was he upset at all? What was he crying about?[View]
107110650Anyone else looking forward to seeing The Mule directed by and starring Clint Eastwood?[View]
107117398Very well. Death... by saying the n word.[View]
107116250Questions for black people: Hello, black people! I have some questions I would like to ask you. >…[View]
107113421What a mess I was expecting the predator to slip on a banana peel or something. I mean it had SOME d…[View]
107118070Fashion - /fatv/ Thread: in this ITT thread with discuss actor and actresses with STYLE post pics of…[View]
107115283Captain America (Steve Rogers) dies in the end and gives his shield to Spider-Man[View]
107118031who will play him in the biopic?[View]
107117409Hidden Gems[View]
107117173'The film is a fairly straightforward adaptation of the true story, but the racist cultural stereoty…[View]
107115555>'Its not a good movie, but it is sure as hell was an entertaining one.'…[View]
107117675Were they really bad roaches or just misunderstood?[View]
107116303mods are asleep, let’s discuss arthouse and independent films QOTD: what did you think of Radu Jude’…[View]
1071177742018... we're forgotten[View]

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