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113166720The Americans: What are your thoughts on this show?[View]
113156240/trek/: So what, that's it? They tied up everything nicely to try and control the damage they d…[View]
113166664>Fellas, it's time to say the N word.[View]
113166658Has /tv/ ever been flanked before?[View]
113166111>British character in American TV show >'DE BLOODY WANKERS AVE ONLY GUN AN DUN IT!'…[View]
113161306Times you were Sheev: One time I was the Senate[View]
113164375Did you like his show, /tv/?[View]
113166131Yeah, I'm thinking he's black[View]
113165491How the hell did you get fired on your day off?[View]
113164604for me it's sabrina[View]
113148851Sauron is one of the best villains in fiction and you cannot dispute this, a real fucking Dark Lord …[View]
113165501I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.[View]
113162357Knowing me, Alan Partridge, knowing you, boards.4channel.org/tv/ - Television & Film. A-ha![View]
113165440Why couldn't this hottie be captain marvel? You can't get more 'person of color' than this…[View]
113161740>it's an Elaine has another abortion episode >it's a George picks up a flash drive o…[View]
113164551Here's your popcorn..... and check out this funny Robert thread I posted anon.[View]
113166166>CELINO AND BARNES, INJURY ATTORNEYS >CALL 800 whatever the fuck the number was…[View]
113165367>launches a coup against Earth’s government >in two different universes What did they mean b…[View]
113158824/got/: who else here unironically /sad/ that game of thrones is low tier garbage now :( I remember b…[View]
113164753ITT: We replace one word per post from the script below. Dr Pavel, I'm CIA. You don't get …[View]
113165829How badly will it hurt the mouse?[View]
113165866Tom Hardy is the most insecure manlet alive: I looked at two episodes of Taboo and all it is his goi…[View]
113160649I'll be back[View]
113154579Any good thief movies about pulling off crazy heists?[View]
113162857ITT Pleb Identifiers: >'film is weird' >'film is too long but I can't say which scenes we…[View]
113149751Are we supposed to believe that this happy and kind clown is a threat?: He's just someone who w…[View]
113165755Post films, documentarys or series about the post office[View]
113165691does /tv/ not like this? I'm watching now.[View]
113165527>not watching kino in the best format Why haven't you bought a VHD player yet /tv/?…[View]
113165505Well, was it kino?[View]
113165425Why does she watch double penetration porn ?[View]
113165411mfw I earned myself a perma ban[View]
113165366>so who are these NPCs anon?[View]
113165242How can elf bois even compete?[View]
113165078>kinos people need to watch I'll start[View]
113163925Why is this considered a bad movie?[View]
113164321only the best soundtracks are allowed in this thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yT2tAVvLW8…[View]
113164823people who deserve to survive to the end[View]
113165015This is Isabella Moner with her pet dog Bruno. Post celebrities and their pets.[View]
113165011soul vs soulless[View]
113138394will they ever attempt an Assassin's Creed movie again?[View]
113162098The Lion of Ireland: >The series is being adapted from the 1980 New York Times bestselling novel …[View]
113164868Street Fighter: thoughts on the 1984 and 2009 movies /tv/?[View]
113164572Maybe it was when they first saw something akin to optimism on your face, or a bit of peace, or just…[View]
113162305What are the best movies about robots or A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)? For me one of my favorite o…[View]
113164775Does anyone here still go to the theater?: Theaters are a meme. >Have to drive to the theater, a…[View]
113158835what are some dinosaur kino that isn't an educational documentary[View]
113161474So how is it? Is Peele still handing out the hits?[View]
113164642Not Taco Bell Material: This was a really good special.[View]
113158107Daddy.Issues.2018.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Maya, a queer pixie artist, meets and falls madly …[View]
113131045>googled 'Jesus' after watching the Passion of the Christ >mfw he is actually real and died fo…[View]
113163888This movie was OK[View]
113160751That was awful[View]
113162415The rape Sansa[View]
113160721TGIF Thread[View]
113163975Movies with ridiculous profit margins[View]
113163017have you guys seen any new christian movie this week?[View]
113157852Magic City: what did you think of this show /tv?[View]
113161919what are some prison movies?[View]
113164190God I want Yang to be my sugar daddy so god damn bad. I FUCKING WANT HIM TO PAY ME $1000 A MONTH TO …[View]
113161104Just watched this, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. What are /tv/'s thoughts about i…[View]
113162909The Last Witch Hunter: Is it good?[View]
113164110Remember big box vhs[View]
113164032dubs: check em[View]
113163910More like BraZZZZZZZil. Cuz it's boring![View]
113162744Here is your emperor, bro: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
113161506Escape at Dannemora: I keep hearing that this is Absolute KINO. Verdict?[View]
113154027Here's your Oscar winner, bro[View]
113163612what if his name was jerry potter??[View]
113163081ive watched it about 6 times now all the way thru. this one is getting my /tv/ true crime kino movi…[View]
113163723Chris Lilley Lunatics: Just started watching. The show is getting a lot of backlash already, but the…[View]
113158649>Han, did I ever tell you about the time I tried to kill my nephew and totally ruined my characte…[View]
113153667Who was your first movie crush?[View]
113147452Who was your favorite Baywatch character?[View]
113163531Cast them.[View]
113163599My mother always told me to put on a happy face, that I was born to bring joy and laughter to the wo…[View]
113163561Anyone else hyped about this?[View]
113163404Did he popularize any tropes?[View]
113163492what are some useful movies?[View]
113162749Who will play Jack in the inevitable biopic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_CnVFFMpYc[View]
113163390Who was in the wrong?[View]
113163449High Life: Just watched this film. Kinda disappointed that I didn't get to see Robert Pattinson…[View]
113160916Its hard to be normal when your dad is Goofy[View]
113158883'Land of the free' Goddamn, this is fucked up[View]
113163125GAME OF THRONES = 100% BABYLON 5 RIPOFF: >The cryptic looking, taciturn dude with unfathomable ab…[View]
113154426When will /ourguys/ be back?[View]
113163344Did women enjoy Free Solo?[View]
113163301shazam: The new Darla Shazam mode what Disney did mean by this?[View]
113163233wtf did I just watch? why is Fincher wasting his talent on shit like this?[View]
113161027>friend 'finds' a phone in the store and takes it home saying what will the police do he 'found i…[View]
113149342>20 mins in and already more singing than high school musical Wtf, I thought this was supposed to…[View]
113163110Star Wars used to be g-[View]
113162580name a more beautiful actress PROTIP: YOU CAN'T[View]
113130363Whats the point of this scene?[View]
113162963https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihPfB30YT_c&feature=youtu.be >hero sacrifices himself to save…[View]
113163076when are they going to make a new Street Fighter movie /tv/? Thoughts on the 90s film?[View]
113155059Why aren't horrors scary anymore ?[View]
113162126Star Wars Saga: What is your favorite segment from each Star Wars trilogy? I'm mostly curious a…[View]
113163009rate my drawing /tv/[View]
113162905The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113161914wtf i like cheney and rummy now![View]
113160743You will have our sausages[View]
113139947What went so wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9CuyU9eHKo[View]
113159255>2011 movie >PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
113144360I seriously did not expect this.[View]
113158392IMDb Freedive: OH HO HO HO https://www.imdb.com/freedive/ Netflix, get BTFO All thanks to the power …[View]
113155897Good Lord. I need to see Kiki and Moner in a lesbian sex scene.[View]
113162694?why did he put so much trust on a junkie[View]
113162651who would win in a fight, the bad guy from the terror, or paul dano? both are just oozing that smug …[View]
113152246Thor: Ragnarok: This is the best Marvel movie ever made; prove me wrong.[View]
113158694Was it kino?[View]
113162626Is this the most accurate depiction of relationships made to date?[View]
113161842>JJ? Why are we filming my scenes first?[View]
113162475Reminder that she's 53 years old[View]
113162504in other words please be true[View]
113160277>My bum is on a step >Bum is on a step >Don't fall down the steps you might hurt your …[View]
113162210Hey Merry, this is my daughter Elanor[View]
113147311What's the male equivalent of Handmaid's Tale? That is, a show designed as a masturbatory …[View]
113158277why is the pacing so damn slow?[View]
113162095Movie was way better than bohemian rhapsody (not hard to do) yet critics shit on it while audience l…[View]
113161828you're a bitch ass bitch bitch ass nigga bitch ass nigga you're a bitch ass niggaaa - Meta…[View]
113152906>279 millions in 2 weeks This kills any chance for sequel, right?[View]
113161713What the fuck is it with this guy and the concept of time? I'm not claiming he's a hack or…[View]
113149318What movies make you reach for the tissues?[View]
113161701Friendly reminder about the spoiler tags guys Please i really don't want to get the new Avenger…[View]
113161471Kinos for this feel?[View]
113161443This virgin made a 1 hour and 51 minutes video about how bad, awful, and cringe Captain Marvel is: …[View]
113161891Stop trashing Star Wars.[View]
113161670What does /tv/ think of the long good Friday?[View]
113161652What's your pick and why is it Varys?[View]
113160826Is south park based or cringe?[View]
113160297Masterpiece of the 21st century[View]
113161691After reaching $1b with her movie, which glass ceiling is Brie Larson going to break next?[View]
113161675What does /tv/ think of the (((entertainment))) industry: imma thinking we need new ovens[View]
113160188ITT: scenes women will NEVER understand[View]
113158753Jonah Hill Feldstein (born December 20, 1983) is an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter…[View]
113152157In 'The Cartridge Family', did Homer really sneed a gun? The soccer riots were dangerous, and turned…[View]
113160757Be honest. Would you have fallen for the soup?[View]
113161542Do people finally start to appreciate prequels after the failure of Disney's sequels?[View]
113161533>first two movies are great >third is bad because it follows the formula of the previous films…[View]
113161527It was all personal to me[View]
113160029THE best scene in this entire shit franchise. Prove me wrong.[View]
113147904>'Forgive them father for they know not what they do.'[View]
113161322Now that the dust has settled, was he in the wrong?[View]
113153954>telling colleague at work the dragged across concrete is out >says hes heard of it >say me…[View]
113161113This fight is fucking bullshit, Liu Kang literally cheated, it's a shame because the Johnny Cag…[View]
113159321Lets watch a rocket launch together /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPfHHls50-w[View]
113157824Remember when this was a thing?[View]
113159240We could have had her instead of Whittaker as The Doctor[View]
113158906>'We're gonna be watching KAZAAM?! UGHGHH, that movie SUCKS!' Why do people react this way t…[View]
113158965Skywalker.Rise: Russian subtitle of upcoming Star Wars flick is much more kinoer.[View]
1131607822 >1 > 3[View]
113159717Conway Twitty jokes on Family Guy was the laziest comedy writing ever[View]
113160395Why are the producers so intent on making Truman miserable? I'm fairly sure they have caused pe…[View]
113161005Will Bran disclose his tax policy in the finale?[View]
113153279How does it make you feel?[View]
113160127>Gamling, how solvent am I?[View]
113160924Honkers, please help me find the movie from my childhood. It was horror movie, cocky black villain p…[View]
113155968webm thread post kino webms[View]
113158775The virgin doodler vs The Chad artist[View]
113153827would this be allowed on air today?[View]
113153754My god: Endgame is gonna make all the money[View]
113160129NOW YOU'RE NUM NUMS[View]
113156489Huge Clue! How to defeat The Night King and Who he is: This explains everything https://www.youtube.…[View]
113150881>what's best in life anon?[View]
113154331Meanwhile on black /tv/...[View]
113160536Pic related is the ideal female character. The silent, deadly type. They don't take any space w…[View]
113160534Kelly look like that!? >Hold my pants![View]
113158175>teen romance film[View]
113158394It is invigorating being asked personal questions. It makes one feel...desired[View]
113155429Rey's parentage revealed[View]
113160371Cliché Thread: Post your most and least favorite without saying which is which >Monster Vision (F…[View]
113160185So are we really not going to talk about how this film is definition kino?[View]
113158445MOM! BATHROOM![View]
113155338/GOT/ Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones: The Dragon Demands edition. OLD THREAD: >>113147726 …[View]
113152453This man will die in your lifetime[View]
113160224Joker poster: It's kino[View]
113159904>tfw mom thought she caght me watching ebony porn >tfw it was actually Real Housewives Of Atla…[View]
113153324>Batman describes him as 'the only interesting person I know' What did he mean by this? All throu…[View]
113160091need some arctic circle or winter in general kino. the more depressing the better e.g. noi the albin…[View]
113158232There are no things in the Seven Kingdoms as technologically advanced as this elevator at Castle Bla…[View]
113158385/chart/: http://www.neverendingchartrendering.org keeping the ball rolling. I always appreciate reco…[View]
113158552What are some trippy Kubrick-esque movies? I've only seen Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Spa…[View]
113158563He killed fiddy men[View]
113158998Season 3 > any Top Gear season.[View]
113159957Has anyone on /tv/ ever made a short film before? If so, let's see...[View]
113159013Were they kino? Or Reddit?[View]
113159916Post the dialogue between the inevitable showdown: >S: Young Rey. I've been expecting you. I…[View]
113159819>Disney has made a live action movie for every 2D movie except these ones…[View]
113159700Why don't you watch daytime soap's?: Anyone? It's television, surely you'll watc…[View]
113151893This was really fucking good.: I notice the director has ton a shit-ton of movies, but I've nev…[View]
113155340finally, a film for gamers[View]
113159823>plot revolves around protagonist that obvious cannot die >have 3 fight scenes every episode e…[View]
113157095Why does brainlets and Reddit think the end is a dream?[View]
113159788>one dvd copy of The Cuckold[View]
113159732>destroys everyone's blade can this autist be stopped?[View]
113156940Anyone here found a torrent for the Golden Glove yet? Or even watched it? I've been hyped for t…[View]
113156054Boomers Vs Zoomers: What team is pleb tier instead of kino? Let's settle this once and for all.…[View]
113153116Men in suits talking feat. herpes monster: I was told this was a good movie. I don't understan…[View]
113144804Octopussy is unironically one of the best Bonds.[View]
113157111Recommend me some good feet kino[View]
113156364avatar blues: so this was total marketing bullshit, right? and anyone that said they experienced thi…[View]
113159384will she save or destroy hollywood?[View]
113159039immersion - broken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKF0ocah8NU just started watching sopranos and f…[View]
113157473Episode VIII: 'Let the past die, kill it if you have to.' Episode IX: 'No one is ever truly gone.' W…[View]
113158780ITT: comfycore documentaries Actually all of the documentaries Tony does are pretty comfy, you can t…[View]
113159353My name is Mustafa..and I am the man who will be killing you now.[View]
113149636I'm going to kill myself tomorrow.[View]
113156743Update: Season 2 ‘Dark’: >The team is finishing the last two episodes of Dark's second seaso…[View]
113156273>watching movie/series >bad guys are Russian >They speak English with a Russian accent inst…[View]
113156280What's the minimum IQ needed to understand the prequels?[View]
113144393There is something legitimately wrong with this man. He talks to trailers as if they are real person…[View]
113154412Would anyone care for a bonbon?[View]
113158920The Grand Tour: It's not even about cars anymore[View]
113156606What went wrong?[View]
113153417>hey anon! can I come over later for Netflix & chill later? ;) >Uuuuummm sweaty...I dont '…[View]
113155591So none of you even saw the best film of last year?[View]
113147726/got/ general LF IS DEFINITELY NOT DEAD edition: previous >>113140451[View]
113157462what am i in for?[View]
113158592new /trek/, /std/ thread previous >>113136103[View]
113154021Movies about conspiracies[View]
113156600>directed by Danny Devito any other films directed by actors that turned out great?…[View]
113155506Is it kino?[View]
113158536Better than expected movies: Post some of them. For me is pic related, I thought this was going to b…[View]
113157765Is Stannis supposed to be likeable? I can’t tell.[View]
113157838I can't understand what's going on during a tv show, even if i focus 100%.[View]
113158543>Japanese '''''horror'''[View]
113156406Blade Runners: Which one is better?[View]
113134821They could have built a more realistic castle with their budget[View]
113134662Holy Shit..: Jordan Peele is a fucking HACK! Rod Serling must be spinning in his grave at this trite…[View]
113156936Has anyone here started using the Criterion Channel streaming service? What has your experience been…[View]
113157272>watch Star Trek >now I have jungle fever t-thanks Gene…[View]
113157893will it be kino?[View]
113157790post tragic /tv/ related characters[View]
113155034This is N-E-T. The National Educational Television Network.[View]
113157046It's just a movie: Why do ugly manchildren keep defending this shit like women defending their …[View]
113156476https://youtu.be/u3F9n_smGWY Y'all ready for some black boy kino[View]
113157596Actresses in their best body of work[View]
113155223Why would you get upset over fanfiction?[View]
113144420Some early experiments aside, cinema as we know it began in 1893. So that's 126 years, or 12.6 …[View]
113155384Is this man the greatest director in Korean cinema?[View]
113155836Nostalgia thread[View]
113153657>Italians led by a Spaniard fighting in Germany >everybody everywhere has an English accent Ev…[View]
113153738Game Show Kino https://youtu.be/tBtr8-VMj0E[View]
113148870Under the skin: Wew lad[View]
113154301What are sone movies about people turning their life around[View]
113149784What did /tv/ think of this kino? Is Soderbergh underrated?[View]
113156944was it?[View]
113157061holy shit this is boring[View]
113157045Is Qyburn a fucking sorcerer or a more traditional necromancer/alchemist?. How did he make an indivi…[View]
113156346this is my favorite movie, say something nice about it[View]
113144377/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #392 Anon Request Edition Previous Thread: >>…[View]
113155617wry?: >board about movies >only soundless webms…[View]
113155909>NO TE MUEVAS /tv/[View]
113154435The most cathartic moment in cinema history[View]
113156199okay, this was fucking epic[View]
113154261>Watched Get Out with my gf >told her I didn't like it >Now she's huffing and say…[View]
113156420>watch this on a whim >the opening scene and Tarantino's name tricks me into thinking it…[View]
113151843>'There is a small island in the Bay of Bengal called Malderiki, upon which I own a large mansion…[View]
113156385Endgame China presales: Are you hyped for the movie of the decade /tv/?[View]
113155555What the fuck was his problem?[View]
113152558Leave Thanos to me[View]
113156326Post examples of modern animation kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9uTH0iprVQ[View]
113155019Will it be better than Infinity War?[View]
113156191reminder this exists[View]
113152991Watch Kino's Journey.[View]
113151589Food you sneak into the cinema[View]
113155172Would this have been god tier kino if it wasn't for the PS3 end fight?[View]
113154890Why do they keep forcing him on us?[View]
113154246Mad Max 1 is an amazing masterpiece arthouse cinema. The rest are average flicks. Prove me wrong.[View]
113155442Who is your favorite actor?[View]
113154087Let's settle this once and for all: Was he an alpha or an incel?[View]
113154713ITT: fuck you, I liked it[View]
113155481Eh 'Tone?: >Eh 'Tone, where the hell are we? Is this one of dem Jap stories about a dea…[View]
113155363>you tell yourself your life is a comedy >but at the end, it's really a tragedy…[View]
113155530>Vietnam movie >I-I can't feel my legs, man. I C-- I CAN'T FEEL M-MY FUCKIN' LE…[View]
113143112ITT: talentless hacks[View]
113152236Is he actually huge in France? Just found out he’s plagiarized so much material.[View]
113155453Wtf I hate Christianity now[View]
113155410Why don't they sell this at the pictures I have to sneak it in[View]
113155328guys, i just saw the new star wars trailer, and couldn't contain my tears of joy![View]
113155064ITT we post only the most pure unfiltered kino[View]
113136103/trek/: STD (Star Trek Discovery) General Previous >>113113256[View]
113153127>”joke’s on you! I’m not actually friends with Leo or Brad. Haha.”[View]
113153845Watched 'Inherent Vice' and all I could think of was how much Joaquin Phoenix looks like Wolverine. …[View]
113151302You havin' a laugh /TV/?[View]
113155026>a taste, and then you go! >okay sure yeah just a taste…[View]
113154490The polar bear ruined this series. Those last three episodes were preposterous and some of the dumbe…[View]
113154590So Bart Simpson and Chris Griffin are fucking?[View]
113140344/chart/: http://www.neverendingchartrendering.org recs, rate and guess personalities[View]
113154485Bong's new film in Cannes competition 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEIwFAQ-Rec Are you…[View]
113153452What are some tv shows about Bodyguard?[View]
113153893Endgame predictions: What’s this boards reaction going to be if endgame opens up to $300m+ opening w…[View]
113154738>When Mr. Krabs revealed that the secret krabby patty ingredient was fentanyl…[View]
113154652do we like madoka on this board?[View]
113154222What's Bryan Callen's role in The Joker?[View]
113154613>His father Phil Knight buys a controlling stake in Will Vinton Studios, and asks they hire his s…[View]
113147030A Hidden Life: A Hidden Life formerly known as Radegund is premiering at Cannes film festival. It…[View]
113154549>My Grandfather came here illegally, they really need to build a wall How the FUCK did they know?…[View]
113153979The Tennyson trio get stranded in the Marvel/DC universe How do they fare?[View]
113154343>The final boss of the movie teams up with the protagonist in the sequel…[View]
113154286>Let old things die. Kill them if you have to What are some other examples of characters breaking…[View]
113149605The Kid Who Would Be King: So nobody really seen it? Btw it was great family film.[View]
113146631Finnish memes are the best but how is Finnish cinema?[View]
113152825Now that the child sex trafficking charges have been dropped, will Allison Mack make a comeback?[View]
113149301Reasons why 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is dying before it really started: https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/ne…[View]
113126023what went wrong?[View]
113153814Does a comfier sitcom exist?[View]
113153047Why did Michael have to kill Sollozzo and McCluskey? They knew where the meeting was going to be. Wh…[View]
113148878Well done, well done, Martin. But what is the linguistic differences between each of the Seven Kingd…[View]
113153046AAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHHHH JJJJJJJOOOOKKKEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://vocaroo.com/i/s1wgG1nUXAxk…[View]
113139299best /goth/ movies?[View]
113153304hey /tv/ instead of complaining about Disney Wars and capeshit why don't we come up with our ow…[View]
113153468>don't trust anyone, not even yourself Movies were the protagonist doesn't trust anyone…[View]
113152124Cop shows: Who the hell watches all of these shows? They keep being made every year and last for lik…[View]
113150074/tgif/ general: /tgif/ general[View]
113152995Probably the wrong time of day for this but does anyone want to talk about the Magicians? About how …[View]
113153347What are some easter kinos[View]
113152226I fucking teared up here god damn I still feel a weight in my chest. 6 years ago I looked at my best…[View]
113152566You don't have any accountants! Nobody audits you![View]
113152697Showgirls is better than all the superhero movies of the past 10 years and i hate showgirls[View]
11312824516 year old child actor dead 'after she collapsed'. Hmm. Nothing fishy about this at all.[View]
113151556Kit Harrington’s Noble Ancestry: Kit Harrington has King genes even in real life Based >Harington…[View]
113153620That’s bloodnut the flatulent, you can guess how he got his name right /tv/?[View]
113153601Thoughts? Is this worth watching?[View]
113137250Famous actors and their much less famous spouses: >pic related Thor (Chris Hemsorth) is married t…[View]
113152472Come watch weird japanese shit with us. We start in 20 minutes, until then, playlist is open. Our fi…[View]
113149460Do you think Directors regret choosing underwhelming franchises instead of great ones?: Pick related…[View]
113151190What went right? I think Dane Cook said it best 'A modern day Mitch Hedberg, if Mitch was actually f…[View]
113153508What movies are there to look forward to this year? Besides Martin Scorsese's T H E I R I S H M…[View]
113153458Hero or villain?[View]
113152194>If you can keep your head while those around you cant, then you're-…[View]
113149278Escape at Dannemora: Do you know anybody like her?[View]
113153278Threads, The Day After: >tfw Ruth and Jimmy would have 'mahred' and had more kids and s…[View]
113144380Should I watch Gotham?: I'm not into capeshit but i've heard a lot of positive around it a…[View]
113153017Your favorite Roman/Greek kino?[View]
113148052Thronefags, when did you get officially sucked into this show? Before watching/reading the series I …[View]
113153158>'You are made at me!' >'I am not mad, just disappointed.'…[View]
113153153Kino posters.[View]
113153018Was this all just to get out of paying for gas?[View]
113152988Star Wars Extended Canon. Home.[View]
113152511We've reached the point in a franchise that started out as street racing carjackers to honest t…[View]
113152658>halfway through season 4 of the sopranos >fucking amazing, probably best TV series ever >d…[View]
113144871>when people ask you how you saw the GOT Season 8 premiere for free >when people ask you how y…[View]
113148857'I love to tease the fans online,' he continued. 'It drives them crazy. I'm sure Disney is not …[View]
113152128Pitbulls and Parolees: Anyone else addicted to this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvr_lxCtm7…[View]
113152607>Hey Conan, why is the MeToo-movement only focusing on men who harass women? What about those cre…[View]
113152625Not Taco Bell Material: This was a really good special.[View]
113151088Nosferatu the vampyre(1979): This movie is described to have the best looking ugly aesthetic. Can an…[View]
113151349>wasted years[View]
113152592>tfw no skelly mommy[View]
113151328QG: /Quadrenaros General/[View]
113152109>The office? You should watch the UK version instead[View]
113148917what is the best species of great ape?[View]
113152414Based or cringe?[View]
113143760*hits pipe*[View]
113151918Did you like it?[View]
113152495Posting this from a VPN for obvious reasons. I am on the GoT production team. Ned Stark gets resurr…[View]
113152493Most based Thrones character? Pic related.[View]
113151478I'm not even racist, that's whats so insane about this[View]
113149940>whities bad[View]
113150570>>Main Actor White Man Bad >>Main Actor Black, Asian, Hispanic, Woman, Gay, Lesbian, Tra…[View]
113152268I honestly though I would hate this manlet but he's currently my second favorite character afte…[View]
113151804Yes, hello? McDonald's? I'll have one chocolate and pistacchio Fortnite burger, pls fren.[View]
113152247I know Joe Kurr is returning, but what about Dunheir?[View]
113150496Tomorrow you'll know I wasn't kidding and you'll think I was crazy. But I figure it t…[View]
113151994>if we turn back now then *dead characters* death would have been for nothing!…[View]
113148904Goodfellas: This scene had me wondering, why did Tommy ask Billy Batts to stop busting his balls? I …[View]
113149013Spoiler free-thread: For those who actually read spoilers, is this movie worthy? I'll be really…[View]
113150526What are some good movies about police? I already saw movies like Rush hour and Lethal weapon[View]
113151090>Hey everybody, welcome to FoundFlix. On this ending explained I'll describe what happens du…[View]
113147105What is your opinion on this cunt?[View]
113151985Absolute kinography.[View]
113149666ITT: Scenes women will never understand[View]
113147693Wanda Nevada: 4 decades anniversary[View]
113151370Is this the funniest sketch of all time?[View]
113151750Any similar kinos?: Just watched this for the first time and loved it. Anyone have some good recomme…[View]
113151039What's /tv/'s go-to comfy-core?: And no pseudo-comfy reddit shit or horror movies (which s…[View]
113150613All contemporary films(post-2000 with a few exceptions slipping into the early 00s) are shit.Fact.[View]
113151616Cast him[View]
113151764SEPARATED AT BIRTH?[View]
113149198so what does she have lined up after captain marvel?[View]
113149436We are the knights who say NI...[View]
113151096>Westworld >Game of thrones >Star Trek: Discovery >Iron Fist >The Crown Why do all of…[View]
113148850So now that the dust has settled. Has Family Guy outlived South Park and The Simpsons?[View]
113149333Happy!: >kills da joos >kills da nazi alt right boomers Why nobody discuss the most hilarious …[View]
113151411Best stuff to fall asleep to.: I like to turn on a playlist of one of the following while I'm g…[View]
113147400How the fuck did they manage to drag a 25 foot gorilla that weighs thousands of pounds across the oc…[View]
113151093Who here excited for some home invasion kino ? The Intruder remake looks pretty gud Here is the tr…[View]
113148848>I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend.[View]
113149452How long until mainstream hollywood starts shilling trannies into every show and film possible as if…[View]
113150461Why do people in fiction call themselves 'rebels'?: Rebels in real life do not refer themselves as t…[View]
113144376What is the saddest film you've ever watched[View]
113150573Best documentaries[View]
113149974Stephen Colbert is a funny television host[View]
113151048>I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it's a comedy.…[View]
113149463Is married with children any good?[View]
113151156>[FRASIER and Detective MACDUFFY are examining a crime scene. Flashing red and blue lights illumi…[View]
113141441>master skywalker there's to many of them what shall we do?[View]
113151074Let's wind the clocks back a year. These mods and admins wouldn't DARE ban us for racism. …[View]
113150789capharnam: Anyone seen this movie? Not sure if flick or kino. On the one hand the message was clear …[View]
113147658Was he really Elvis?[View]
113150532One of the best movies all time: I hope you're watching this on Good Friday, /tv/[View]
113144719>HW celebs paying the toll of some literall who Africans is this a vestige of the liberal 2000…[View]
113147538cast it[View]
113141686What TV does /tv/ use? I just updated my Sony Bravia 55’ XD8505 to a state of the art LG OLED 65’ E8…[View]
113148496I'm that gorilla dick nigga. I make dyke pussy wet.[View]
113150801Movies with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJHs4RTMJIE[View]
113141302Just saw this movie, god what a stupid ending What the fuck is she gonna do among humans? She doesn…[View]
113149305fuck this show: everything closed for good friday except kfc no food in the house so last chance for…[View]
113149286>200 word essay due later >still watching through my backlog…[View]
113150048How cum Zim Zefferies seems unaffected by his recent controversy?[View]
113128953Orville: 30 minutes til an all new episode![View]
113150544>What do you think the average IQ of this board is, huh? >Just observation and deduction. I s…[View]
113149393>A movie is mid-tier >Has biblical references >Critics: This is top-tier…[View]
113147438fuck this movie[View]
113144004>The Last Jedi Let the past die! Kill it if you have to! >The Rise Of Skywalker Hey remember t…[View]
113143213I'd love to kick Warwick Davis in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with th…[View]
113150382How to make Star Wars more progressive?[View]
113145441>tom holland joins the avengers late >is excited, grateful, in awe and appreciates the opportu…[View]
113148791>OH MY GOD HE ACTS JUST LIKE ME, I'M HIM THAT'S ME IN THE MOVIE What an overrated prete…[View]
113143618What the heck was her problem?[View]
113150017Does aidan gillen have the screen presence to carry a show in place of both mulder and scully? I thi…[View]
113145206Why do the movies try to convince us that Isabella Rossellini is attractive? I watched Roger Dodger …[View]
113142671Have you guys noticed how a lot of people are trying to convince the rest that some movies are actua…[View]
113150004>Sylvester Stallone >Arnold Schwarzenegger >Jim Caviezel >50 Cent >Sam Neill >Vinc…[View]
113149172>Shows that got canceled too early[View]
113147923Just marathoned Casablance. Bretty good movie, I must say. A hidden gem[View]
113142070Mortal Engines: It wasn't that bad ! Also she cute..[View]
113144588Thank you mr Roth sir[View]
113138119HE'S BACK[View]
113148799>movie features dinosaurs >'IT WAS A NIGHT LIKE THIS FORTY MILLION YEARS AGO'…[View]
113146623Babylon 5: Jeffrey Sinclair or John Sheridan? Make your pick![View]
113147892Do you include season 1 and/or season 2 in the era of 'good' Simpsons? Why/why not?[View]
113147351WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS[View]
113149699>May 10. Thank God for the rain which has helped wash away the garbage and trash off the sidewalk…[View]
113149555what are your feelings when this pops up on the screen?[View]
113148101Funny how?[View]
113124311she was kind of a whore if you think about it[View]
113146838I just watched this for this first time. What did I miss? In your opinion, what is Kubrick trying to…[View]
113149486What are some good easter films to watch /tv/[View]
113149600How do you keep binging on a tv show or watch more than one movie in a row. I can only watch one bef…[View]
113149575What are your thoughts on Chris Lilley's new show 'Lunatics'?[View]
113149482Jerry Lewis was one the greatest directors of all time[View]
113149215Anybody have the weirdest crushes growing up? For some reason this Simpsons chick voiced by Lisa Kud…[View]
113149249What did the Keymaster see?[View]
113149101>*bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* *bark* >brought you by …[View]
113149330Conan in Australia: Another delightful episode.[View]
113146907Reminder that smiling is unattractive to girls and gives off beta vibes. Always put on a confident, …[View]
113148457Wow. I didn't know jannie propaganda films were a thing.[View]
113149130why doesnt this guy make more movies?[View]
113149124I wish there were a comfy Gor show on air[View]
113148609Why didn't anyone tell me about this show? THIS IS GREAT![View]
113140451/got/ General RADMURE edition: RADMURE CHADMURE AZOR EDMURE[View]
113147714>talking about movies and actors with someone >occasionally pause and say 'uhhh' before I ment…[View]
113144657butthurt haters BTFOd[View]
113141179Pokemon:Detective Pikachu is the first GOOD videogame movie: Looks like the curse has been broken. 1…[View]
113148590Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire: Did they film it too early?[View]
113148967Lola Naymark: Thoughts on her body of work?[View]
113148002Name a better streaming service I'll wait......[View]
113148248Why are they so sexist towards Bri Larson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81WIkfUAc_o[View]
113145559Movies women will never understand: I'll start[View]
113148812Peralta! say the 'n word' one more time and I will dismiss you from this police force![View]
113127798You didn't fall for the 4k meme, did you anon?[View]
113142752>38 years old >No wife, no gf What is he up to, lads? Why doesn't he have a wife/gf when…[View]
113147040What's his favorite movie?[View]
113147715Good Friday: Who else going to marathon Passion of the Christ ?[View]
113147079>Movie starts[View]
113145077RIP KAZUO KOIKE: F[View]
113143803Neytiri is...[View]
113148174More like these please. No bond burger.[View]
113147733>Since I was 12 years old there was a book I read, which is ‘Dune,’ which is my favorite book, wi…[View]
113145335>October 2017 >See 2049 in an empty Dolby theater with huge comfy chairs >Walk home alone …[View]
113144396Watching Battle of 5 Armys and suddenly: What did Peter Jackson mean by this?[View]
113148162Just marathoned this. Really impressive special effects considering it came out 18 years ago[View]
113148403Bad luck bootsy vs motherfucking Mike[View]
113146019>forced romance[View]
113148021>It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and audits over so small a profit. Such …[View]
113147674BUT...isn't Betty a woman's name?[View]
113147291>anon told me to have sex[View]
113145322Where does Joaquin Phoenix fit on this image?[View]
113142563This is ideal and true feminism.: You may not like it, but this is what peak Kino looks like. >No…[View]
113146795Brooklyn Nine-Nine: id never seen this before but caught half an episode and it seemed quite enterta…[View]
113147255Kino suggestions for this feel?: I have the best parking spot in my buildings garage. Don't wan…[View]
113143433This has to be the dumbest movie I have ever watched. >the ending with everyone shaking their hea…[View]
113139960What is the last film that made you happy?[View]
113146421is Uma the most talented and successful butterface of all time? and qt to thank for that[View]
113143525What do I watch next?[View]
113146354WITNESS ME[View]
113147420What does /tv/ think of Walt Disney?[View]
113145259Was it ahead of its time?[View]
113147342A girl was into me and I most probably fucked it up beyond repair. Films for this feel or at least f…[View]
113147863Alot of movies about China that are popular in the West seems to be rooted in the past and not the p…[View]
113147251/got/ - House Hightower edition: >probably one of the hidden more powerful players in the books …[View]
113145157/horror general/ What spooky shit are you watching today bros[View]
113119712Can exposition ever be done right? Any examples? SHOW, DON'T TELL!![View]
113147740Did you notice that Isle of dogs sounds like I love dogs?[View]
113145869*huff* *huff* *huff* *huff* *huff* *huff*[View]
113146285can we please get back to talking about movies[View]
113145228Stop my invincible son[View]
113147037https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK4WylwP2WI best episodes of xfm show[View]
113145895One of the best Easter movies made.[View]
113145739>getting freaky with Tinder thot >hitting it from behind >she says 'get in that ass like an…[View]
113146608What is your opinion on these movies?[View]
113144226Top 3 Favorite Movies: You Rate It Then Post Your Top 3: >Goodfellas >Mystic River >Shawsha…[View]
113147425what are some kinos about submitting the last assignment of your undergrad and sipping coffee feelin…[View]
113147359was it kino?[View]
113147391Why exactly does a robot need to sleep and eat? Doesn't that mean it also has to shit or piss?…[View]
113139107Nick Rochefort MDE HydeWars: Why was Nick's 3 Episodes on hydewars easily the funniest and comf…[View]
113140828Why doesn't Arya wear her hair down anymore? She looks like a FAS- having mongoloid in her rece…[View]
113145876Is he the most underrated actor of all time?[View]
113146844Was it pro race mixing propaganda?[View]
113144434Name a better TV show[View]
113133013Who's your favorite 90s babe?[View]
113123946LOGH: could Legend of Galactic Heroes successfully be adapted as a live action series?[View]
113134351Didn't Age Well: Film/TV that didn't age well.[View]
113146501how is the single most erotic scene ever put to film someone simply telling a story? https://www.you…[View]
113144829>>210470732 >Ooohhh team, I dooo love this meme you found. Look at that lovely message ther…[View]
113144723Thank you for coming to the Celebration. The Phantom Menace is one of my favorite movies and of cour…[View]
113145798Modern space battles are too dense, there is too much going on to focus on anything. What happened t…[View]
113144531Movies with these aesthetics?[View]
113146564Do the French ever shut up?[View]
113146624Joker is a cuck movie/feminist propganda. He takes care of a woman (his mother) and doesn't eve…[View]
113146552Dragon Quest: Your Story: thoughts? I think it looks pretty good :3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
113146505What did Jackie Chan mean with this fight scene?[View]
113146532Shows which are a gigantic pile of shit[View]
113144578What are they gonna do with it /tv/?: https://boygeniusreport.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/companies-…[View]
113143816times when your cinema experience went wrong?[View]
113146024Now that the sequel is almost here... was it kino?[View]
113142018Does creativity wither as a person ages?[View]
113143931Write a plot with as little words as possible: jerry sell baby shoes[View]
113145994How did Conan manage to do this without being killed?[View]
113143224Any other blackpill kino?[View]
113146222*autistic screeching*[View]
113141493Should an actress have a sexual relationship with her director while working together?[View]
113146053Little finger winning the throne: Thoughts on the chance of little finger coming back from the dead …[View]
113134914Solo Charls?: Could BOMBSTRAP survive on adultswim? I feel like tim and bret’s main beef is with sam…[View]
113145817>coalburner extermination protocol initialized what did the t-800 mean by this?…[View]
113145027Has anyone posted this yet?[View]
113144306How is TWD even still on?: >45 minutes of meaningless dialogue >1 minute of plot I just don…[View]
113141803yikes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cS5WEyjhEjQ[View]
113145878Seriously hoping you niggas are going to tune into my boy's new show on Sunday. Share your favo…[View]
113131348ITT: 10/10 snacks to sneak into the theaters to beat the concession stand jews[View]
113145321Let's see what /tv/ thinks is the greatest Drama of all time 2019: Vote Nibbas https://www.str…[View]
113145558How long can a franchise be milked before people get bored? This shit started 40 years ago[View]
113143692Any good kinos about loneliness? (Preferably not depressing ones)[View]
113142280Seen this movie a hundred times...: WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY? He isn't any of the marines that …[View]
113144667Kelly looks like that?! >Hold my pants!!![View]
113143502>2008 Let the Right One In >2011 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy >.... >2017 The Snowman What …[View]
113145075>*disappears from existence* so, why exactly are the Vale loyal to the Starks again?…[View]
113130217Opening Shots: What are the best ones?[View]
113144095ITT: 'Goddammit! This movie is on AGAIN?'-core[View]
113143896>actors who ruin your movies[View]
113145038Titan was like most planets. Even when they were just the 12% of the population the Deviants™ commit…[View]
113142274I can't find those damn Endgame spoilers can some anon tell me ?[View]
113144266Get the Gringo: What am I in for?[View]
113143397>Principal photography: March-May 2009 >Release date: 13 April 2012 What the fuck were they do…[View]
113144874>Hospital scene in a medical drama >Tries to be accurate as possible >Hospital scene in sci…[View]
113144648What is their endgame?[View]
113144885ITT: future classics[View]
113144530Holy shit what a fucking faggot[View]
113144765wtf I hate women and Canadians now[View]
113143371Lousy Smarch weather...[View]
113140168Adjusted for population size blacks commit 25x more violent crime against whites than whites do agai…[View]
113143553did he go up and watch?[View]
113144457>and the Oscar for most convincing death goes to...[View]
113144514>white man dies >people yawn >some asian guy dies >people moan for him…[View]
113144479I called my ex and hooked up with her again after seeing this scene. I sobbed a little Being a 6…[View]
113135127/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #392 Anon Request Edition Previous Thread: >>…[View]
113123320You see that new Broly joint? It was badass. The green girl was cute and should have gotten naked.[View]
113144133Star Wars: Super Skywalker Rising: >Opening scene after title scroll is Lando fucking Leia while …[View]
113144331MFW his role started this cuck shit[View]
113144305What did you guys think of Fuck London the movie? I, for one, liked it mostly for the special effect…[View]
113144170Leave No Trace is a 10/10[View]
113144227>You don't want to sell me death sticks.[View]
113141155Hey /tv/ I haven't been here in a couple o years Why the fuck do you have an Alita Battle Angel…[View]
113143969>time is a flat sphere[View]
113143152What are some Easter movies that don't involve Russell Brand?[View]
113142999Bombs Away!: The only thing that really pisses me off about The Last Jedi was that this cunt was fly…[View]
113144034Thoughts on this kino?[View]
113143954Whoever told me last night that The Turin Horse is not worth watching was completely wrong. That was…[View]
113142802Is he rolling over in his grave right now?: I bet he's spinning. Literally fidget spinning.…[View]
113142620Liga de la Justicia[View]
113143165ITT: meme shows with no real fanbase outside of cliques on /tv/[View]
113143781What don’tcha want /tv/?[View]
113143624Ok but was he an edgelord or was he right?[View]
113139459ITT: Kino commercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VdG8eCxors[View]
113139892>*type actress name into google* boobs[View]
113140078Anyone who knows what's the name of this movie ?[View]
113143522>talking about /tv/ isn't related to Televion & Film Forget about dubs posting, bane po…[View]
113139804Who do you think was the bottom?[View]
113143497D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
113143189any other based moments in american tv shows?[View]
113142478What is the most TRULY kino show of all time /tv/ and why is it The Rockford Files?[View]
113116697This was.. weird[View]
113142495Hobo with a Shotgun Discussion: Can we talk about this piece of fucking pure KINO?[View]
113143320Unknown/Overlooked Kino: Has anybody seen Pandorum? It is generally rated pretty badly, but when I s…[View]
113142916Did anyone here actually watch this show? I never see any threads about it[View]
113142551Goodfellas: Can we all agree that it's his best film[View]
113141577>Song Kickstart my Heart was used in Lego Movie 2, The Dirt and Hellboy What's up with 3 mov…[View]
113140723>Movie by a Belgian director but it's not available on Belgian Netflix Sigh…[View]
113143236>'Oh, I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational' What did he mean by this?…[View]
113134037>Al didn’t want to fuck this Was he gay?[View]
113143290Precious: What were ur thoughts on this legendary dramedy? I personally find it funnier than Tyler P…[View]
113113256/trek/: Star Trek edition[View]
113136142King of the Hill: Is this the most realistic cartoon TV show?[View]
113143225Mister Sandman bring me a dream[View]
113137671Million Dollar Extreme: You guys watching Kickstarter TV season 2?[View]
113104874Child's Play (2019) Official Trailer #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeHNLikDiVw…[View]
113142816I hate to say it: But this has to be her year, right?[View]
113143176>Why 7 years? >Why not 20? jesus christ seth!…[View]
113133115Anyone watch Conan in australia?[View]
113142428What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
113143027Why do I laugh uncontrollable every time I see this guy? Doesn't matter what he's doing or…[View]
113143075What went right?[View]
113138313For me, it's Rey[View]
113142423What food do you sneak into the kinoplex? For me, it's pic related[View]
113138949WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS: >movie is fucking grade A kino >tv show sucks i knew this would ha…[View]
113135536Howcome no one talks about Jennifer Lawrence anymore?[View]
113141522Avengers Cape shit: What do you expect to happen? After seeing captain marvel and how shes being sho…[View]
113141090They delayed it again[View]
113137649AAAAAAHHHhhHhhhhH I started today with 36 bucks and I already spent all of it on booze cigarettes an…[View]
113141273He did it. He actually did it. I cannot believe I'm even typing this, but it's true... Chr…[View]
113133426Easter movies: Is this the peak of Easter kino?[View]
113140488He did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG. Why did that whore and her cuck sidekick try to murder him in his ow…[View]
113142722Dare I say based?[View]
113140346Force Awakens rewatch: haven't touched anything star wars since TLJ killed the brand. haven…[View]
113137867great movies, shitty endings[View]
113140591What's the appeal to it? All I see is normalfags dickriding it and its pushed me away from it C…[View]
113137933Three words define a generation.: The Rise of History[View]
113133631Godzilla new poster: Look at this fat fuck.[View]
113123480Post kino animated series[View]
113142198>Checking in on an old shitpost[View]
113142437Kinos about personal struggles? Pick very related, she does one of the most difficult things a human…[View]
113139753Why did Mike block me on Twitter?[View]
113142337Why aren't people watching netflix original shows?[View]
113131013Which kinos best capture the hellish yet somehow comfy atmosphere of Los Angeles?[View]
113131226Post yfw the last movie you watched. >Kung Pow[View]
113141780>This is a 10/10 on the Iron Islands[View]
113142282Is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz-ndhTV2xk[View]
113141548Hear ye HEAR YE HEEEAR YEEE[View]
113139349what else can be explored in the next trilogy?[View]
113139734>Sydney Pollack was born in Lafayette, Indiana, to a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants,[2] the …[View]
113142131>is on 4chan >tells someone else to 'have sex' What are some kinos about dumb hypocrites?…[View]
113139279Is suspended animation a viable thing for space travel?[View]
113142110This is Wicket. Say something nice about him.[View]
113142002>Fuck the machine? Fuck the machine? FUCK THE MACHINE. AND FUCK JANNIES…[View]
113102958Cancelled shows only you remember: Part 3: >>113045176[View]
113140352Trapped in the Closet is kino: >Excuse me please, but I think I can explain what's going on …[View]
113141955Being gay in Hollywood, will it ever be accepted?[View]
113137938Were they gay?[View]
113137025>halp mom is a zombie >she eats nazis because nazis are bad t. Schlomo from Netflix What a shi…[View]
113141465How would he have handled Luke if he'd done Episode 8?[View]
113141583Carol Danvers is MK Ultra level queer coding: I was watching a video on youtube today and it was tal…[View]
113141618remember All-That? that was pretty cool[View]
113139204The Magicians finale: this got to me bad for some reason, that song and campfire seen. he's gon…[View]
113136240Jodie Sweetin on The Talk[View]
113140647Peaky fookin' Blinders thread[View]
113138668I'm your huckleberry...[View]
113141301SHE DREW EM OFF!!!!!! ALL OF EM!!!!!![View]
113136374Why would you choose to be gay?[View]
113114330Rey is Shmi basically confirmed: In the new canon book Master and the Apprentice, a full text of the…[View]
113140061So she just floated into every room and watched the boys masturbate[View]
113132125arthouse - General: redditors out![View]
113111191Is there a more iconic and terrifying monster?[View]
11314124552 minutes and 19 seconds into the documentary 'The God Who Wasn't There', we see the filmmaker…[View]
113138866Is Sam Rockwell the best actor?[View]
113138770Jfmsuf: Why is it so don't hard for STARS to do anything well? Why does everything that starts …[View]
113140628*makes a workplace comedy that has shit writing but is carried by performances and appealing to the …[View]
113141067worth a pirate?[View]
113136493What was the last film you applauded in the theater /tv/?[View]
11314107121 year old Camila Morrone (Leo's GF, Al Pacino's god-daughter) is being pushed by the ind…[View]
113136561Jewish propaganda?[View]
113140385*huff huff huff huff*[View]
113140609Times where you were the Jester thread. >Make a thread about times where you were the Joker >…[View]
113140394What's next for famous pedophile rapist Ray Romano?[View]
113128963Sopranos Discussion Thread: Was it Adriana or Chrissy?[View]
113131977Frasier Script Spotted: Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back[View]
113139529STAH WAHS[View]
113140166>character can't figure out how to solve something >character flips out >suddenly a cl…[View]
113137340/got/: Stannis BaRADtheon Edition previous: >>113132632[View]
113139990Napoleonic Films: I've just seen pic related, It was pretty good. Another film I'd recomme…[View]
113139860Let's get high[View]
113140335>Didi Megadoodoo[View]
113120462Anybody else feel Proud?: I remember being one of the first here to spam his videos. He's trend…[View]
113140634Fuck Marry Kill[View]
113135939Alone on movie night again, Anon?[View]
113140535Bonus Rental Review: https://youtube.com/watch?v=AKGv2DV59wY thoughts on star wars trailer…[View]
113131430What are some shows you recently DROPPED and why?[View]
113136824what was the point of making him gay?[View]
113140432Chances of them doing a new season on ABC or Disney + ?[View]
113127920Why are not allowed to talk about the simpsons?: I notice there is not a single simpson's threa…[View]
113140334the dark light[View]
113138225GoT's composer Ramin Djawadi: Is he the only one still trying in the show's production? Hi…[View]
113137842Give me some politically incorrect movies to watch, I want some real comedy[View]
113139469Say The Words[View]
113135337Please provide some kino recommendations bros. Life has not turned out how I had expected.[View]
113133840what's your bedroom TV setup look like? pic related, that's mine. I have a 49' TCL 4 serie…[View]
113137170Remember me?[View]
113135252Is she the only reason that this show isn't completely dead in the water? The script gave up on…[View]
113140039is it just me or did this turn into night calls all of a sudd-uhhhhhhhh[View]
113130229FILM MARKETING: >heavily acted >painfully clichéd >hits all the right notes >shill his b…[View]
113137931Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
113137203What would this show be like if it aired today?[View]
113139160HEY SHAWTY[View]
113139758i don't get it why didn't they just pile up all the chairs and desk in the public school t…[View]
113139752Being a kid is thinking that AJ is a prick. Being an adult is realizing that AJ did nothing wrong an…[View]
113139740It's me, /teevee/. The author of all your pain.[View]
113139458you sons of bitches just gonna fuckin scroll by without saying COCKSUCKA[View]
113138397So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a scene whe…[View]
113136834was it kino?[View]
113133689Who was in the wrong here? And why is the Ralph arc the comfiest one?[View]
113136674Best movie of the 2000s[View]
113138442>Let's wind the clocks back 150 years...[View]
113127220Allow me to introduce you to the most comfy film of all time.[View]
113139419Post your movie waifu[View]
113139393>ywn pick up chicks at the mall with Chris Farley[View]
113136899>We need a bald villain >Sir his resume is already in the inbox…[View]
113139145Based on the theme song, which one was right?[View]
113137172Why don't they bust him already? Is he really more intimidating than Harvey?[View]
113129538Who has the better filmography? Clint Eastwood or Robert De Niro?[View]
113133361I was raped[View]
113139175Would you mind explaining since i dont understand - how the hell this movie is not feminazi propagan…[View]
113138216Like it or not, when people think 'Skywalker' after Ep9, they'll think of her.[View]
113139101Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113122381I gotta get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. …[View]
113138425What the fuck was his problem? >Roast a overweight black guy just for his audience Do american co…[View]
113136681What went wrong?[View]
113137714STAR WARS PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT: >A LONG TIME AGO EPISODE I (working title) Episode I of the Be…[View]
113137897>HAHAHAHAHAAAA What was so funny?[View]
113138511What was really his endbane?[View]
113137801why was there a white wakandan in infinity war?[View]
113136417Was he really in the wrong?[View]
113138422Was it kino?[View]
113134031Mad Men: Just marathoned the first episode. Should I keep watching? Is it any good? Seems a bit slow…[View]
113137722So basically, yea pedophiles are misunderstood yea half the people in this room are pedophiles yea n…[View]
113136777Have of the entire universe or half of every planet's population? If it was half the universe t…[View]
113135681The fault in our stars.: Is it any good ?[View]
113136238Glenn Danzig is now directing movies will he be the next great horror filmmaker? https://bloody-disg…[View]
113136668Horror/Thriller Films: What are some good horror movies that don't rely on the super natural, j…[View]
113135861Do we like ninja movies?[View]
113137623Allow myself to introduce... myself[View]
113130195What the fuck was his problem?[View]
113137808>2005 movie >CAUSE YOU HAD A BAD DAY starts playing…[View]
113137020The guy in this video looks like, Matthew Fox from Lost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDEBz25lGdY…[View]
113137906escape room[View]
113128573Best Curb Girl[View]
113137859Why is this show so good? I can't stop watching anons.[View]
113100717/comfy/ SUPERNATURAL thread: New episode in less than 24 hours so get your lard asses here edition p…[View]
113135475*Record scratch* *freeze frame* See that big purple guy? Well, believe it or not, that guy is me and…[View]
113137534Sir, you cannot simply call in and say that word...[View]
113137613Am I the only one?[View]
113136465Will he ever make a comeback?[View]
113136718>everyone else promoted >landsman stays sergeant Is landsman the most thankless character in t…[View]
113122742So I know this was kino: But with so many episodes, some must be duds. What are the must see episode…[View]
113132632/got/ general. They don't tell you how they all shit themselves edition edition.: previous …[View]
113131110>Burger public school >School trip to Europe Is this really a thing?…[View]
113135883Batman v. Superman: ... so there brothers[View]
113137524I’m today’s Hollywood where women rule, has there been a character more intimidating than Ursula the…[View]
113133245What movie has the best depiction of mental illness?[View]
113137527Blade Runner 2049 was fantastic. It was an exploration of what it means to be human. It was personal…[View]
113136919What happened to this franchise and Jack Sparrow? Is there any saving it?[View]
113136107Jim Jefferies Talks About Wife's BBC Boyfriend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMJ-s8_NKtA…[View]
113134564May I speak frankly /tv/?[View]
113128095Cop Buddy: What is the best Cop/Buddy kino?[View]
113137176His name is Beetle! He knoooows he's the best![View]
113137187>'How do you allow Klingon peta'Q to walk around in a Starfleet uniform?' >'Remove this t…[View]
113136133Anyone see the new Hellboy? What are your opinions on it. I just saw it and thought it was alright[View]
113137100Was it all....a dream?[View]
113136830You... IDIOT... You said the N-word, remember?[View]
1131367852019... I am forgotten...[View]
113136993New Movie / Poster, Starring Robert Knepper (Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell) from prison break.: Release d…[View]
113136959lol what the fuck?[View]
113135017Sam Simon is a time traveler.[View]
113135995https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=35&v=rPmastvJfds Charls kino is back on the menu boy…[View]
113133310Why did he pick the sword?[View]
113115329Pirates aren't ba-[View]
113136618why isnt one punch man season 2 in canada yet. i'm gonna piss and shit everywhere[View]
113134623Was the kid from Kindergarten Cop right?[View]
113135271I love Fool Us. It's so refreshing to see a performance-based reality show where the judges are…[View]
113136152soul vs soulless[View]
113136462You mean me?[View]
113135798cast it[View]
113135137>mfw brie larson's non existant ass is trending on brazil[View]
113126148Would you watch a sequel to The Thing were humans take a spaceship with a special assault force and …[View]
113135105I was elected to sneed, not to feed.[View]
113136450She is based[View]
113133184>character says name of place as they arrive[View]
113136194>We're gonna play a wonderful game called 'who is your daddy, and what does he do?'…[View]
113131099How can Tolkien even compete?[View]
113136334pleb >anime normie >Kurosawa patrician >Ozu ascended >Mizoguchi…[View]
113135023Has there ever been a better desert kino?[View]
113131932Uh, I brought a friend[View]
113136203What's the source for this webm?[View]
113133865>humans are desperate to reach jupiter or whatever >put your top astronaut doctors on it >g…[View]
113136205Eight 2016 OCD Kino?: Anyone see it? thoughts if anyone else relates.[View]
113136184why was john goodman in a talking heads videoclip[View]
113136197>MFW he has blue eyes[View]
113134636will StrangerThings 3 be good?: I unironically hope so. rewatching1/2 now and feeling the same vibes…[View]
113136181Fucking Roku: What the Christ is wrong w/ Roku tonight Won't recognize our damn subscription af…[View]
113134094BATWOMAN Gets Full Series Order At The CW: https://batman-news.com/2019/04/18/batwoman-appears-to-be…[View]
113135068How many more disney live action remakes will they do? Because beauty and the beast sucked.[View]
113136095Avengers: Endgame is 3 hours long: >okay, anon... I’m ready for endgame!! Oh, anon... dontchya wa…[View]
113123971is this show KINO?[View]
113129279Who was the asshole in this scene?[View]
113135586Gotham: Gotham thread?[View]
113134588Meanwhile at Dexters diner.....[View]
113135981what do we think of beanie feldstein's body of work on the 'what we do in the shadows…[View]
113135366>0 cultural impact >will make less money than a quiet place >nobody is even talking about i…[View]
113135931let's settle this once and for all: http://www.strawpoll.me/17844118/r[View]
113131229What happened to her? She seemed to have a bright future but suddenly had a huge mental breakdown an…[View]
113134511Is this an accurate depiction of europe?[View]
113133500HOBBS & SHAW Trailer #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ7PAyCDwEg Literally spoiled the whole…[View]
113129154>show full of sex and nudity >that part from the books where danny has sex with one of her fem…[View]
113134561>It's trees and then What did Sheev mean by this?[View]
113135668100 years: Any chance it’s Alita porn?[View]
113131594>'That's Wrong Jay!'[View]
113130989You and me, we're gonna spoon.[View]
113135246justed actors[View]
113135663Where was it discovered that he wanted to fuck the green m&m?[View]
113135557Live action when? Cast him?[View]
113135625Well /tv/, what's the verdict? Legit or shit?[View]
113134735Dexter's lab is the best animated tv show of the 90's.[View]
113124719lets discuss the career of Clint Eastwood[View]
113117459ITT: Post your shipfu from any sc-fi[View]
113132244Was it kino or irredeemable shit?[View]
113133477name one thing gus did wrong[View]
1131354889'986'000 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jimclKu71IQ[View]
113127048why wasn't Mr Mind as cute as this in Shazam?[View]
113135409who actually watches this shit at TLC??[View]
113135458Kylo Ren did nothing wrong. Unironically the most loved character in nu-Star Wars.[View]
113135419What are some movies with accurate portrayals of Los Angeles?[View]
113134502how long would you wait before browsing through Hathaways underwear?[View]
113133462Game of Thrones: Which character/house is the most based and did nothing wrong? and which is the mos…[View]
113133147What's next for poly-amorous millennial heartthrob Ezra Miller? Look at him. How can heterosexu…[View]
113128942Is this Millennial or Zoomer?[View]
113135048So fucking embarrassing. Somebody put this man out of his misery already.[View]
113131567Which lightsaber form does this stance take influence from?[View]
113133701Under The Silver Lake was brilliant. I don't get the mixed reviews.[View]
113129808YOU'RE AFTER MY ROBOT BEE!!!![View]
113134726ITT: Spoilers for capekids >good man win >bad guy lose…[View]
113132930i miss these type of conspiracy scifi what happened to x files[View]
113134909Movies where the protagonist go to a club?[View]
113119655Reasons why 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is dying before it really started: https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/ne…[View]
113130060Well done, well done... H[View]
113134812Ding Dong: You're Dead![View]
113112774Triss actress in Netflix 'The Witcher' dies: 16 year old actress collapsed and died today[View]
113132773I want to be her[View]
113132029what if John Carpenter was signed on to write and/or direct the next Alien movie?[View]
113134346The new aladdin movie won't have funny moments like this one. This can only be achieved through…[View]
113134527Name a better movie song[View]
113124859/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel discussion Previous Thread: >>113106086[View]
113132454Just finished season 5, fuck this show. >kill off the most based character in the laziest way po…[View]
113132489MILF Island[View]
113133558Meanwhile back in the year ONE...[View]
113126037>the man who single-handedly destroyed both Star Wars and Star Trek and is in part responsible fo…[View]
113125213>over 25 mins of deleted scenes LITTY!!!!! Day one Purchase!!! Get hyped ShazamFam…[View]
113134342i seen c-beams glitta nigga[View]
113129318How would the MCU have handled him?[View]
113130050/trek/: DIS/DSC/DISCO (Star Trek Discovery) General[View]
113121125What makes the Joker one of the most popular capeshit villains? Would people like him as much as the…[View]
113134198why are these british period shows always so fucking bad[View]
113134107Is he the most tragic Star Wars character? >Without his creatures, Malakili felt purposeless and …[View]
113132399Let's get to the heart of it. How will the merger affect Disney parks?[View]
113134016The Incredible Hulk: So I guess this one doesn't really count anymore in the MCU timeline ? …[View]
113127105>GIRLS GOOD, BOYS BAD: The Show[View]
113134039'Love me And worship me I'll nurture you and hurt you too Fulfil all wishes for my sad Aladdin'…[View]
113132984Why is it in vogue for female standup comics to look like pornstars?[View]
113131605t. Your Average Inbred Texas Republicans: >God dammit if people like this really exist across the…[View]
113131486What’s the best sci fi kino you have seen[View]
113121184'Your Sheev Theory Sucks'[View]
113133722The Nutcracker: Have you seen th[View]
113132188What an excellent day for an Exorcist thread.[View]
113132667Would a movie based on the night land even be possible? This book is cool as shit[View]
113133621YOU CAN FRY AWAY![View]
113132315Dude. What if.. a movie is literally just advertising for an album/artist?[View]
113131688Are there any robot-centric films with a similar aesthetic to pic related? Replayed it lately and re…[View]
113127056Bane dies to Smee before the opening credits, but he has already destroyed the mask's infinity …[View]
113133605>watching flat earth documentary >it turns into a beta cuck documentary…[View]
113130800Do you think they'll kiss?[View]
113130927Now that Chris Hemsworth will be out of The Mouse's paws what's next for his career?[View]
113130542Can't wait to watch 'The Art of Self Defense' in theatres with my mum.[View]
113133465He fucks Jewesses.[View]
113130244Why aren't there more Indian men being represented in movies and television?[View]
113130584Anybody else realized that Dr.strange could have just reversed thanos when they almost had the gaunt…[View]
113124240would Kevin have been /ourguy/?[View]
113127240Why are Joe Rogan and his comic friends so fucking boring?[View]
113122964>Ryan Dunn never died >been an elaborate prank all these years >jackass crew gets together …[View]
113133045GO AWAY OLD MAN You’ve made nothing but shit the past couple of years[View]
113133172welp, I guess we're getting this.[View]
113128861>Is there anything you’re bad at? “To be honest, no. Probably just people. People don’t like to b…[View]
113131468Was this movie a metaphor for Buddhism?[View]
113127301i want to watch the best movie what is the best movie? don't give me no shit like 'harry potter…[View]
113128162Never seen /tv/ shitting on this show, how is that so?[View]
113127065Why does pic related get ignored on /tv/? I honestly think it's one of the best television come…[View]
113131142sarah snook: Would you bang this cute shy girl ?[View]
113132912Post your childhood crush from the 90s. This is Kyle.[View]
113131559Anyone see this?: I might take a girl to see this, but the reviews have me second guessing. RT criti…[View]
113132551Why didn't he load the sledge with rocks/snow and used it as counterweight to pull the woman up…[View]
113123672Does anyone still remember the days when /tv/ worshiped anything with Summer Glau in it? I can'…[View]
113129911What should I watch on the Criterion Channel right now?[View]
113129204It wasn't supposed to be a documentary![View]
113128591>movie reviewer ends up making a film or a short film >always ends up fucking terrible I think…[View]
113132685What are some films that show a good and detailed representation of respective era it is filmed in? …[View]
113132449Yeah: Im thinkin hes back[View]
113129033What is the shoegaze of film?[View]
113122638/got/: The One True Edition Previous: >>113118071[View]
113131860/tv/ I own over 600 movies, reccomend me something and if I have it I'll watch it, first one wi…[View]
113131109Why haven't you started watching the first part of the four part series Franco Zefirelli's…[View]
113130400oi mate , i think there's something wrong with your suit.[View]
113132384Its happened. They are done and breaking up. Whats their last episode like?[View]
113128002So is this guy cheating or what?: James Holzhauer is setting one record after another as a contestan…[View]
113128724Who in their right mind would see this opening weekend? There's going to be riots and mass shoo…[View]
113132150Absolutely stunning.[View]
113125325What did you niggas think of Dragged Across Concrete? Best thing I've seen all year so far. Zah…[View]
113129954What are some Roman kinos?[View]
113132065my name is buck let's party[View]
113132042was this scene kino?[View]
113131985What are some good World War 2/1 movies about the axis forces?[View]
113130624Was anyone else looking forward to this series? Just released the new season.[View]
113131492'And the only one on my side is the COCKSUCKING FAGGOT': Jesus Christ.[View]
113130676You're beautiful.[View]
113129529Scooby Doo: Who was the best live action cast from the pic related movies?[View]
113130440TV setup: I was wondering what kinda tv to buy for my home. I've got a server running plex and …[View]
113131696>ywn see attack ships on fire by the shoulder of orion >ywn watch c-beams glitter in the dark …[View]
113129183In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like…[View]
113118642He...won...he absolutely and completely won: >is unphased by negative reactions in his latest vid…[View]
113119926/our guy/ made it on TV. https://youtu.be/JPWafzovQbI All the harassment and racism but still he man…[View]
113131002Those that doubt me, suck cock by choice.[View]
113130992Last scene from Episode IX leaked[View]
113130596tell me why im an idiot for liking this.[View]
113129873Buy my car, incel[View]
113130979In anticipation of Avengers Endgame: I'm marathoning all the X-Men movies[View]
113130921Smoke him.[View]
113129909>'BOOM' >'Dis is so nice' What was his problem?…[View]
113130861Looks like /ourgirl/ is back on the menu boys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuQ-TxTGJY4[View]
113116094>pic related What THE fuck did I just watch?[View]
113130990Arctic.2019.720p.HC.HDRip.x264-Mkv.Xixidok no English subs on this, but it's finally out.[View]
113130981Grievous > Cucklo Ren[View]
113123847>muh elephants Name ONE (1) instance elephants made a significant difference in battle Proptop: …[View]
113130817>blocks your path[View]
113127647I don't get it.[View]
113130627Why'd he shoot the chips?[View]
113130482>tfw trying to watch kino but my neighbour is having loud sex that pushes through my headphones a…[View]
113127426Post your favorite movie and have the anon below guess how you like your steak done.: A History of V…[View]
113129516Does /tv/ like Life in Pieces?[View]
113128588Best Halloween sequel[View]
113128876Oh shit Bottle Kids![View]
113129174What are the best /tv/ crossovers?[View]
113129986Playmobil Movie: I keep thinking about what awkward boardroom discussions the guys making this film …[View]
113129014Michael Bay: What are his top 5 kinos?[View]
113127396This is a reminder that Johnny Galecki, a literal manlet, deepfucked prime Kaley Cuoco hard (and cam…[View]
113126251THE ETERNALS Adds Ma Dong-Seok & Conrad Ricamora: >Ma Dong-Seok ('Train to Busan') has joined…[View]
113128073Watching Life of Brian at the pictures lads what am I in for?[View]
113127130Pwease: Does anyone have a recomendation for a show to watch? These are the ones I've already w…[View]
113129110>villian is defeated by getting shot/stabbed in the back[View]
113130026JRE: Adam Ruins His Credibility and Reputation[View]
113128885I hate Rey.[View]
113124067It really didn't occur to anyone that using sound as a weapon against monsters that can only hu…[View]
113129060Did anyone else think the director's cut of Amadeus was too drastic a departure from the theatr…[View]
113129844Is this the most dishonest film?[View]
113126142arthouse - General: PLEBS OUT![View]
113129818>lost Sony connection >lost Weinstein connection What's next for Rooney Mara?…[View]
113123473What worthwhile things can I see David Duchovny in? I watched Evolution and I like to think that he…[View]
113129478>This one will die of the pox within a year Based D&D reminding the audience that a life of s…[View]
113128526For me it’s mama carm[View]
113126551Name the actor[View]
113129439Spike Lee is invited to the screening of your film school graduation joint. What are his initial com…[View]
1131296759'986'000 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jimclKu71IQ[View]
113129650These capeshitter plebs really think Joaquin won't deliver kino?[View]
113127890Why did Patrick wash his hands when he was wearing gloves? What did he mean by this?[View]
113129332Itt: last season best season[View]
113129577The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113128897Could someone assassinate him with a bomb?[View]
113125129Thor: Ragnarok: Why didn't you fucks tell me this was so much fucking fun? There's no bett…[View]
113127184THOR 4 Has Been Pitched To Marvel Studios By Taika Waititi: Capekino incoming. https://www.latimes.c…[View]
113127970They just have to ruin shit...: I fucked up my foot and haven't been able to do shit for 2 mont…[View]
113129235>Respect is how the young keep us at a distance, so we don't remind them of an unpleasant tr…[View]
113129059Cast it.: Cast it.[View]
113127635What's he going to do next?[View]
113127194Star Wars and Your Interactions With Others: How do your opinions of the Star Wars movies differenti…[View]
113128669Kieslowski's Dekalog: >10 episodes >100 on metacritic >9.5 user score What am I in for…[View]
113125476HOLY CRAP LOIS[View]
113129286Remember when Vinny wanted to remain celibate for the summer??[View]
113122312Hey Luke, did I ever tell you that in old, pre-1999 ideas for the prequels (some were EU, some were …[View]
113124651ITT: Post actors/ actresses you like[View]
113129167>It was the dawn of the third age of mankind...[View]
113112734Explain this, tv/.: >Chappelle creates a brilliant comedy show >leaves Hollywood vowing never …[View]
113128751#Endgame #ThanosDemandsYourSilence #DontSpoilTheEndgame #Marvel #Disney https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113128738Japanese reaction TV shows: Did they go too far?[View]
113128070Why are we Mexicans better at everything, ese?: We make better movies. We make your food better than…[View]
113128979catch this qt looking at you during class what do?[View]
113126032Just got back from Captain Marvel: It was slow but the ending was somewhat exciting. I think if I tr…[View]
113129009What are some boomercore series with boomer humor?[View]
113128903>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
113128247>tfw you get a massive tax refund[View]
113124671Why was it so entertaining[View]
113124749THE FLASH: Imagine being so utterly cucked.[View]
113125477CHARLIE MURPHY[View]
113093719ITT: first rated R films[View]
113127943You mind if I save your life?[View]
113126864Bosch Season 5 is now available. Available 4/19 >Bosch.S05E01.1080p.WEB.H264-METCON >Bosch.S05…[View]
113123529How are they going to plausibly show a failed comedian normal guy turning into a criminal mastermind…[View]
113126184times you acted like harley quinn: >say i only like nerdy geeky boys >date a chad with glasses…[View]
113128765Steven Spielberg's first capeshit movie will be Black Hawk. When he gets around to making it, d…[View]
113126427I've patented my new kinoplex design. It's the future of cinema. What do you think?[View]
113119635Let's talk about realistic thrillers. By that I mean thrillers without any fantastical elements…[View]
113126983What did you think of The Turin Horse?[View]
113128568Here's your Yennefer bro[View]
113128549https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByT0FErPgfQ /tv/ city....a place where memein could get you killed, …[View]
113121727no one film should be all this kino[View]
113117099Will he ever be surpassed? >Favourite Arnold film?[View]
113110552This franchise has gone full bollywood with its action set pieces. >https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113114293you're tasked with making a Zelda movie. How do you do it?[View]
113127972Tomorrow you'll know I wasn't kidding and you'll think I was crazy. But I figure it t…[View]
113128309redpill me on this[View]
113126910/jeopardy/ general: time for JAMES[View]
113127843Joker (2019): >A film that dares point the finger toward post-industrial society as the cause of …[View]
113127956red flags >his favorite movie is The Thing (1982)[View]
113102078$1 billion dollars worldwide[View]
113126976Name a more kino character You can't[View]
113127906>The zoomers on /tv/ have no idea who this man is[View]
113127267I need southwest kino. For example No Country for Old men Hell or High Water Leaving Las Vegas Raisi…[View]
113128043The Village (2004): By far the best Shyamalan film. It treats the theme of fear better than any othe…[View]
113124429BUM-BUM-BUM BUM-BUM[View]
113127828Droid Attack: What about the droid attack on the Wookies?[View]
113127937>dies the most anti-climactic death in the whole series >heh, nothin personnel kid…[View]
113126676WebM Thread: Since theres no webm thread in the catalog[View]
113127712/Expanse/: Everyone hates the insects edition[View]
113127766'The idea of flogging a white man doesn't sit well with me' 'Slaves, molasses and cotton' You c…[View]
113127655>yfw GOT ends as shittily as you expect[View]
113126985>didn't pass 100k again he's losing it[View]
113124587How do you feel about casual nudity in movies?[View]
113127547Warring States Period/Rise of Qin kino when?[View]
113126712Do you think they fucked?[View]
113122728Why are they bringing him back?[View]
113127451chris lilley lunatics: Is anyone excited about this? It comes out today, can it beat angry boys? …[View]
113127410The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113127397How did they get away with this? https://youtu.be/iAs7F9inPxw[View]
113127217Was Kubrick really a genius?[View]
113126914Don't you think the barman in Cheers looks like a young Woody Harrelson?[View]
113119880Why didn't the camera crew intervene?[View]
113122175>Here's your new Dr. Ford, bro.[View]
113123088ITT: cringe-tier villains.[View]
113122866Guess the movie: Let's have another one of these.[View]
113126542True facts though did LOST low-key change television forever, even as much as the success of the MCU…[View]
113125666Kevin Smith: does he know how to make other faces anymore?[View]
113114589Did he break jeopardy? Is he just extremely intelligent or is every other past contestant in the his…[View]
113125201Has she completely abandoned Meereen? What was the point of freeing all those slaves and fucking up …[View]
113126735Which one do you like the most? I just watched The King of Comedy and it's just the same type o…[View]
113109278Sopranos Thread: Let's talk about the best show of all time. Christopher is a complete patricia…[View]
113126572Faust Love of the Damned >>>Avengers EndGame[View]
113126021Anyone else going to see JOKER with face paint on? >go to joker movie >get weird looks and la…[View]
113124641Why don't video games translate well into movies?[View]
113123360Literally who was in the wrong here? I feel like this is one of those things about life you're …[View]
113126301Underrated filmograhpys[View]
113125558Guys, I just finished pic related and what the fuck was that? >movie about predators with superhu…[View]
113122170/GOT/ General: Lannister Edition poo pee, poo poo, poo pee pee poo, poo pee pee poo poo poo... peepe…[View]
113123533What if Truman had a kid: Then he wouldn't be so free to walk away from it isn't it? Becau…[View]
113125186can you imagine the things that happened in the nickelodeon studios in the early 2000s[View]
113124503Star Trek: Is this the correct way to watch the shows? I like sci-fi shows but with ST I only saw th…[View]
113125480>OHHH SHI-[View]
1131244502006: Why was that year in particular such a great time to be alive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
113125930Will Laserdisc ever experience a hipster revival like vinyl?[View]
113119274Mad Max: What made it so fucking kino?[View]
113123726Man of Steel: Was Zod and Krypton a commentary on right wing politics? >exploits their world of a…[View]
113125372What is the best Jane Austen adaptation and why is it P&P?[View]
113124158>best character leaves the show >everything falls apart What's her name?…[View]
113125804More VICE-kino please[View]
113125755What are some movies about being fucked?[View]
113125678what the hell was wrong with /our girl/[View]
113121580>be me at dinner with family >two sisters, mom, dad >anon-kun, let's all go to the the…[View]
113125676What are essential WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY movies?[View]
113115191HBO's Chernoybl will it based or cringe?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9APLXM9Ei8…[View]
113123219What does /tv/ think of The Simpsons?[View]
113125486Will he plead insanity?: I mean insanity of the society we live in.[View]
113103669It's going to bomb.[View]
113125040French movies: What was the name of that french movie from 1960s or 70s about dude becoming a doomer…[View]
113125278Converse all stars, vintage 2004[View]
113125300What was his problem?[View]
113124778Do you guys know the name of this science fiction movie: the only part of the movie I remember is ne…[View]
113125576What are the essential elements of a good space show?[View]
113125453here's your bebop bro[View]
113125077Infinity War 'dusting' scene: Would 'dusting' scene be better if it was done like in Blade? I mean i…[View]
113123913Score Thread: What are some of the GOAT film scores, /tv/? My vote goes to >pic related[View]
113097555why are there so many films about saving orcas but so little films about the orca's true nature…[View]
113124283SHUT UP[View]
113125327If people hate Finn because he's black then why did the star wars audience not clap for Finn bu…[View]
113125314RON STAHP[View]
113124965Name a better movie than Cars 2[View]
113122826Characters that are literally you[View]
1131252029'986'000 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jimclKu71IQ[View]
113125081The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113124105Quick! What's your favorite action movie and why is it Hard Boiled?[View]
113120667Is somebody in westeros able to beat her in a 1v1?[View]
113122442 [View]
113122604Name a more underrated Arniekino[View]
113120585Lars von Trier is based: yes or yes?[View]
113124932>People tell me how realistic Batman Begins is >This scene happens >Had to turn it off I…[View]
113119899This '''franchise''' is shit and has no actual fans. It's the definition of cookie cutter actio…[View]
113124943>fat tomato sauce guy says to come out blasting >instead sits down and starts staring like a m…[View]
113124928>eye scanner works on Caucasian man >doesn't work on Chinese man woah, no one told me Hob…[View]
113124583What am I in for?[View]
113118538Is this worth seeing in the cinema or waiting /tv/? How does it rate against Bone Tomahawk?[View]
113123514Why did he do it?[View]
113122994HOLY SHIT they made the BLACK guy the BLACK Ranger! AND They made the ASIAN girl YELLOW! HOLY FUCK H…[View]
113118594Sauron: Why did Jackson turn him into a literal giant flaming eyeball? How does it make any sense? I…[View]
113124699>watch movie >get pumped and think about changing your life >will start 'tomorrow' >the …[View]
113124096He'd make an amazing Spike Spiegel and never forget that[View]
113118658just finished this. where do you even go from this? I actually feel like doing a re-run right now, n…[View]
113124273How Does a Retard Manage to Kill Four Normal People?: >seriously I've watched 2 of these mov…[View]
113122666will there be a second season?[View]
113124544>every character in the show is a fucking millionaire >no one ever invests their money or buys…[View]
113120033Favourite episode of its always sunny? I like the episode where they get addicted to crack personall…[View]
113106086/ALITA/: Can you Alitaforce? 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲ 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲ ▲󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲ You may wish to visit this previou…[View]
113124505What are some movies about misleading people for money?[View]
113124467>shit /tv tricked you to watch[View]
113119862FACT: The UK version was better than the US. [View]
113120486Haha, get it? It's a reference to how stupid mankind is lol. Well played, Toy Story![View]
113120990Is there a bigger pleb indicator than someone who says they like the trio in pic related?[View]
113124224why was lord humongous in madoka[View]
113123899Wtf I love jazz now[View]
113124175>Wife offers to let him use her and her brother as fuck toys Was Renly Baratheon the luckiest man…[View]
113117909Jason Mommyoa looks like THAT?[View]
113119057i dont understand why would he just sit down and die like that?[View]
113123895Does the common complaint that modern cinema is getting worse have any merit?[View]
113123119/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Rorschach Previously: >>113106859 What is found …[View]
113121236How Do We fix /tv/?[View]
113123952Is 30 rock good ? I've tried getting into a couple of times but it feels kinda office-ey[View]
113123972>I'LL BUY YOU A DELICATESSEN! MR. BOOOOOOND! Why did they decide to kill off Blofeld in such…[View]
113123178KINO Station thread: Tips for improvement, learning & criticism What are you most proud of in yo…[View]
113123889Is this scene too sentimental?[View]
113123565Can't wait for his movie to release. Y E A R O F T H E S P O O N Y[View]
113121811How many times have you watched the trailer bros? For me it's at least 20 times[View]
113123651Episodes that was the shark jump moment: >The Seinfeld goes to India lmao!!!1…[View]
113123426When will Nolan make the Battle of Britain film?[View]
113123693Why do Japanese history flicks have fantastic costumes while European/Hollywood films have horrible …[View]
113117789ITT times you acted like the joker baby >anon rmakes a rational, well thought out and well struct…[View]
113123644How would you have redone TFA and TLJ? Harder mode: You have one movie to fix the last 2[View]
113120978Do you know who lives up there, in that apartment?[View]
113123206Does he hate black people?: In all his movies he made fun of black people. Scenes contain derogatory…[View]
113122640>movie called silence >actually sound throughout the whole thing…[View]
113119650soy strategy: >so i was thinking, i have a relatively small youtube channel, and well i make reac…[View]
113120785What would you do if you were in Wendy‘s situation?[View]
113122565anyone got why movie they rec[View]
113123180Conan in Australia: I liked it[View]
113122632name a more kino sitcom.[View]
113123472I don't see why you guys hated it, it was a solid 7/10 and a decent spook. Like he treated whit…[View]
113120866HE DIDN'T FLY SO GOOD GENERAL: Seems like most movies and series have scenes like that so let…[View]
113117343Just fixed the Star Wars. Don't thank me.[View]
113118543>watching S2E4 >46 minutes in >tech boy is still discussing his bullshit with asian compute…[View]
113123397Nicolas Cage: Nicholas Cage is the epitome of masculinity. Let's start by looking at his body o…[View]
113117604itt:: side characters that steal the show from the protagonist.[View]
113123249from my point of view the capeshit is evil![View]
113123132Are you going to watch the Minecraft movie?[View]
113123318/tv/, does it help to have someone to talk too?[View]
113123271Have you seen The Darling Buds of May? Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ELKiuELTrc[View]
113114950Owner of the Netflix twitter account says rom-coms should not be called chick-flicks: Apparently tha…[View]
113120130KRYPTON - Season 2 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl2L0MDb3AQ KINO[View]
113121829Show me a better fictional gun in the movie. You can't.[View]
113122804One of the trucks...[View]
113116076Kinos for these feels.[View]
113118826Guys, I‘m looking for a comfy zombie movie for some quality me time. All my friends and my gf are ou…[View]
113116942There is no more decent shows i can watch from the burgerland so i've decided to check out some…[View]
113122889Remember the threads we had about this movie, /tv/? I liked them, they were fun.[View]
113119995I just came by to say thanks for the recommendation. This was kino.[View]
113122609Will it be LITTY?[View]
113121488Remember when this person had her own Netflix show? Me neither.[View]
113119181Besides Chuck what should I watch with him in?[View]
113120577How did Rey gain so much weight in 2 days?[View]
113120633Moomin thread[View]
113107978Yes, Luke Had Sex: He didn't die a virgin, like you filthy fucking incels will.[View]
113109027why is this so god tier[View]
113122472ITT: Characters that are /tv/ incarnate: >claims to be a volcel >is really just an incel…[View]
113122330NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN![View]
113120989Why is she so upset :<[View]
113122338The son of a bitch is doing it again[View]
113120299Was it kino?[View]
113112240I don't get it[View]
113122347>kino zoomers will never understand[View]
113119927what's the spookiest video you've ever seen? >inb4 >>>/x/ I'm not into tu…[View]
113122125My name is Michael Westen I used to be a spy Until...[View]
113122258what would the Stark family look like if GoT was rebooted today?[View]
113121447So what do you think happened to him afterwards?[View]
113119713Imagine being so devoid of personality and taste you brake down crying at the most boring and pathet…[View]
113119185Realistically, is there anyone that can defeat him? Estimate for his powerlevel?[View]
113121075Name a better surreal novie[View]
113118177Here’s your cowboy bebop bro[View]
113120119Will there be a Warcraft 2?[View]
113120662It’s hypocritical that people are mad that she said Josh Brolin should “be scared” of her (because s…[View]
113121452>Drake..... Why didn't you check bane's handcuffs?[View]
113122028When there's a big movie I want to see I'll usually wait till the third weekend. The energ…[View]
113118071/got/: What is the Meaning of This Edition? Previous: >>113113485[View]
113121995it's time to fight back, /tv/ >4chanX filter for capeshit, cunny, and autism https://pastebi…[View]
113121908How much longer til another season of Vincekino? Is the show actually going to end with Walter stepp…[View]
113118161So, what would you like to see Rachel Bloom in now Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has finished?[View]
113121925Cast him[View]
113121795Predict the metascore and slurs[View]
113086454How powerful is Gandalf really? He could have beaten Sauron?[View]
113121406Why does anyone like this crap?[View]
113121399KSTV2: Now that the dust has settled what did I think of it?[View]
113119560*approaches your city gate*[View]
113119662Is Mr. Anderson the QUINTESSENTIAL boomer?[View]
113118280WEEEH WEEEEEEH: what a crybaby[View]
113118491when is s3 of stranger things being released?[View]
113120327How did this happen, jewish black magic? Spielberg's version was 'fun' but Cameron's versi…[View]
113106180Now that JJ Abrams went insane and destroyed episode VIIII, can we finally agree that TLJ was an und…[View]
113090498Frozen 2: I'm not the only one who thought the Frozen 2 trailer was absolute kino right? I…[View]
113119903Little-known films you love: Starting with Hardware (1990). 24-year-old Richard Stanley threw his he…[View]
113121251Who is the modern-day equivalent to Dick Cavett? Which is the deepest, most interesting talk show on…[View]
113115007Black Rain (1989) Jump in and talk about this suburb 80's action flick: Ridley Scott directs Mi…[View]
113119881>900 years old >falls “in love” with a teenager Was the doctor a nonce?…[View]
113121033>'Sir, the teaser trailer for Episode IX isn't getting as many views as we'd hoped, and…[View]
113117777Sup nigga You wanna talk some shit?[View]
113119834Did Disney succeed in their effort to create the dumbest character in history?[View]
113120827Sleep Tight (2011): Posting this pic because you probably recognize it, but what you probably don…[View]
113118349>Satisfied with my last assignment, M? >I have to say, it’s one of my best.…[View]
113120717Can we ever go back?[View]
113110790why has the simpsons become so political?[View]
113118253This is happening.[View]
113120630Is this kino?[View]
113120422Bringing Out the Dead (1999): How did you like it? I rate it just a notch above average, maybe 3,2/5…[View]
113120597The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113120482WINE... AND WOMEN[View]
113117582IZombie season 5: Yessssss!... iWaifu is back on in a couple of weeks. On tenterhooks as regards to…[View]
113119488arthous - General: PLEBS OUT![View]
113120135cast them in the live action adaptation of the chunin: exams arc[View]
113119411When will we get a Wonder Twins movie? Who would you cast? Would their suits even look good in real …[View]
113120493your thoughts on pic related?[View]
113116604What would Return of the Jedi look like if he directed it?[View]
113120162>be successful members of the Imperial court >feel threatened by Mozart because you fear that …[View]
113119028BBC One - Climate Change: The Facts: NOW[View]
113120180Movies about basket case girls? I will take dudes even, just take me back to that era[View]
113119312What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
113118837Who was the best character of the bunch?[View]
113106189blue Zoe > green Zoe = brown Zoe[View]
113119316>Frankly my dear I dont give a damn.. WTF? I walked out of the movie after that…[View]
113111668how the fuck was she so powerful? she was just an elf[View]
113119533Is it worth going to Texas for Taco Bueno?[View]
113095475Rooney Mara: What happened to her career? Why does she have no new movies coming out? Does Joaquin P…[View]
113117952ITT actors that ruined their careers: what other actors/actresses ruined their careers with stupid d…[View]
113119829Hello, Thom.[View]
113118622Favourite got character?[View]
113108323What's next for Angourie Rice?[View]
113112617You could literally smell the tension in this scene[View]
113119244Episodes that was the shark jump moment: >The Seinfeld goes to India lmao!!!1…[View]
113119607Wow, tigers looks like THIS?[View]
113114452>Walking Phoenix Why do so many people I hear call him this? He is clearly running in most puctur…[View]
113116087conan thread: how does he do it? how does he remain so hilarious and entertaining without being an e…[View]
113117915Cast him[View]
113118276Is this what management consulting and business is like?[View]
113119384How did they like the new episode?[View]
113116824If you could smell movies. what movie would smell the best/worst?[View]
113119380What are some movies which promotes islam and and mulsim people?[View]
113118634Le coin toss man: What was his fucking problem?[View]
113119366Yes, I only watch the simpsons because of sneed, what gave it away?[View]
113114661you guys gonna watch his movie?: kino of the year[View]
1131186354 BILLION[View]
113112322>humans are advanced enough to travel to different solar systems >still using handheld flashli…[View]
113119152Who is your favorite French actress?[View]
113110082are you going to watch Dora the Movie ?[View]
113119291Did he personally handpick Kennedy to torment us as punishment for our insolence? I can't take …[View]
113119261I've had a little bit too much, much (oh, oh, oh) All of the people start to rush (start to rus…[View]
113110305Can we get a good old fashioned world peace the TV SHOW thread[View]
113119081When are superhero movies parodies making a comeback[View]
113119177The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113119118Best mindfuck movie you've seen?: Recently saw Delirium, pretty great movie.[View]
113109620Furio got written out because he was an asshole to work with?: Is it true?[View]
113117108What does /tv/ think about La Dolce Vita?[View]
113118911uh, wow![View]
113115568anyone watching holy week kinos?[View]
113116051>allegory for the threat of climate change, nuclear weapons, and the feudal system >'D-don…[View]
113116640Was Joe Friday an incel?: I've been watching all the episodes of Dragnet on jewtube (highly rec…[View]
113116887*kills capeshit in your path*[View]
113117162ITT: Post underrated Youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fGxOCJCRpA[View]
113114658The Carrot still got it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtA2IELIW3s[View]
113118482Anyone got a link for this movie?: the name is Com'è bello far l'amore[View]
113116571They're gonna be in Endgame, right?[View]
113113537ATLANTIS:THE LOST EMPIRE: What did /tv/ think of the movie? I thought it's a great family adven…[View]
113116617McGregor's acting in Star Wars appreciation thread[View]
113111750LYNCH IS BACK BABY! https://youtu.be/aTrTtzTQrv0[View]
113118313What are some decent films where humans are fighting against the monsters that prey on them?[View]
113117056Black Summer: Fuck you i liked it It's unironically very fun[View]
113113485/got/: Queen Myrcella edition Previous: >>113105783[View]
113118178>40 years build up >Hundreds of video games, books, and media side content released >The La…[View]
113118059what the fuck[View]
113117856What happened to him?[View]
113115592Uh, you don't get to bring friends[View]
113110700Why does Hollywood hate Anchorage? Literally not a single movie was set there.[View]
113118136Aidan Turner: >Why yes, I’m Irish... how could you tell?[View]
113118025>absolutely shits all over any space crew scfi fi out there ever dare I say it's ... a fact…[View]
113113427Is this the best television show currently airing? Season 2 is somehow even more kino than the first…[View]
113117871Will /ourguy/ Scotty ever become a serious actor?[View]
113113018Where is she going, /tv?[View]
113116083I need. more. like this. please.[View]
113117750Here you go big guy. Enjoy the movie.[View]
113117998Did anyone watch this? Was it good?[View]
113117729fuck all on the television this evening[View]
113117754GoT S8 Torrent versions: Did you go with the WEB-DL file or the WEB one? Looks like WEB-DL is a stra…[View]
113117337>Order now and you'll also get Sun and Run. The suntan lotion that's also a laxative. T…[View]
113116988‘Avengers: Endgame’ $200M+ Promo Campaign Is Marvel’s Biggest Ever, Surpassing ‘Infinity War’ & …[View]
113117625why doesnt /tv/ ever discuss lesbian kino?: lesbians are after all objectively more relatable than h…[View]
113116747Can someone explain the single uncle living with the family trope? Its it really something people co…[View]
113116612YOU FAT CUNT[View]
113116223What did kubrick mean by this?[View]
113116758/who/ - Doctor Who General: Post your favourite story >pic related I know it's an unoriginal…[View]
113115864Reshaping holliwood: how will Hollywood look like once shes done with it?[View]
1131172379'986'000 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jimclKu71IQ[View]
113111173>still starred in grand total 0 of good movies What went wrong? I though he was supposed to be th…[View]
113116865a cat[View]
113117336What are some flicks that think they're films?[View]
113117161'Anime is trash'[View]
113117154The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113115011Fucking refugee propaganda[View]
113117123What the fuck was his problem?[View]
113117021you will never start a booming cartel with ur crazy mates in the 80's: feels bad man[View]
113116991Prepare my private escape yacht[View]
113113442>Best actor on American Gods >Showrunners made Kino like Lone Star and The Last Ship >Write…[View]
113116689Madoka magica: Rebellion is the best movie of the decade[View]
113115894>We post only the best 10/10 kinos[View]
113116739I just finished S1 of True Detective. What did i think of it ?[View]
113105010New Image From Justice League Snyder's Cut Leaked[View]
113114561Disney CANCELS MOUSE GUARD Film before production begins: https://deadline.com/2019/04/mouse-guard-h…[View]
113116698Spoil me on GAME OF THRONES: I don't know anything about what will happend in Game of Thrones, …[View]
113107848If anything, this shit brings up pity and compassion. Imagine having to overreact for a living. In t…[View]
113114963Drive is still a masterpiece. Real human bean till I die[View]
113116642Unplanned: Since /tv/ is mostly a Christian board, do we agree about the ideas in this movie?[View]
113114866*clink clink clink* Excuse me, anons from distant lands, posters of old. A moment of your time? I ha…[View]
113116586How do they not fuck this up?[View]
113116015How are these still getting made?[View]
113113110Who’s your favourite capeshit actress?[View]
113108537Ok now that the fire has settled can we appreciate it as kino? Also /r/eccomend me other kinos with …[View]
113111153Clone Wars: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5chHfK6sCc Can we all agree it was the last good St…[View]
113116478WTF was this garbage?: >We'll put a chick in charge this time >fuck those practical effec…[View]
113104735Does anyone see this extreme pandering to women as completely pathetic. The fact that Hollywood is t…[View]
113114588YAG SBARRO[View]
113113937WEBM thread: No webm thread? You guys are disappoint[View]
113116244Bad Glass Reviews Made M. Night Shyamalan Cry: >'I was in London when I heard the U.S. reviews fo…[View]
113116305Behind the Curve: Is the Television and Film board the correct board to discuss this mainstream docu…[View]
113115617okay, WTF happened to her??[View]
113116282Gun porn movies: I’ve already watched heat, both sicario movies, elite squad and collateral. What ar…[View]
113116182HEY GOMIE[View]
113112679i dont understand - how the hell this movie is not feminazi propaganda? literally muh stong wymyn th…[View]
113116241Russell Crowe in Fox News kino: https://youtu.be/lKKnktgx6Pc[View]
113116184Anyone else going to see JOKER with face paint on? >go to joker movie >get weird looks and la…[View]
113112979Why doesn't the American youth want to be woke any more? Are they really more interested in a m…[View]
113106859/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: 21 Days Previously: >>113057247 What is found fo…[View]
113114225Hello Jaime. I saw you fucking your sister, then pushing me off the tower. It was beautiful[View]
113116024If you aren't remembered, then you never existed.[View]
113115785best disney film[View]
113115959Dig in, dude![View]
113113439You talking to me, /tv/? You talking to me?![View]
113115983ITT: Favorite comedies/teen movies/romcoms/everything fun.[View]
113115968For me it's Pit Bulls & Parolees.[View]
113114375name a better comedic duo[View]
113107328Why is there not a Rasputin kino?[View]
113114145why is it getting buried?[View]
113113374B A S E D A S E D[View]
113115613FORTY PARSECS?[View]
113115697what did i think of it?[View]
113114229 [View]
113114693>ventures into the desert without water[View]
113115640So looking forward to this weekend when all those fucking normalfag LARPing pieces of shit infesting…[View]
113114001How he managed to ruin cinema?[View]
113115745>This I will have as weregild for my father's death, and my brother's. Was it not I who…[View]
113115556Movies /tv/ tricked you into watching: Two hours of slant eyed people speaking their shitty rat lang…[View]
113115722Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113114955What is a movie that has large changes in the outcomes of the characters, drama, and a twist ending?[View]
113115211look what you've done[View]
113114573Tinder Troll: GoT Spoilers: Alright bros, I have found a way to troll on Tinder without getting bann…[View]
113115485George Lucas exposed: He literally copied characters from Harry Potter. Why would he do that?[View]
113115429here's your merch bro[View]
113103735woah... a guitar...[View]
113115316I'm in heaven With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend There's no beginning and there is n…[View]
113115515>Mr. Dalliard we’ve activated!![View]
113115443What went right? >D-don't stop >o-OK you like specials? We do more of those I wasn't…[View]
113115452what's the death in june of movies? https://youtu.be/F_S8bPXK8ao[View]
113114047The boys: This looks much better than it has any right to be Not to mention Karl Urban makes everyth…[View]
113111790What' the most politically correct ending that GoT could have?[View]
113115358Name one formal technique he didn't invite[View]
113112661Do you think most of the backlash over this episode was purely due to the placement of it? Do you th…[View]
113111514Worst 'horror' movie I ever seen.[View]
113110593why did they change cast in s4?[View]
113115226>Bullets don't do any damage fuck this movie.[View]
113114531>The soil of a man's heart is stonier, Louis. A man grows what he can, and he tends it. Beca…[View]
113115147Hansel... so hot right now[View]
113115121Mjolnir - Master Rusehammer[View]
113111861Who win in a fight?[View]
113112494So who or what was the phantom menace?[View]
1131145043x3 thread: post em, rate em[View]
113114055Currently watching this. Why didn't you tell me that it's kino?[View]
113111610This is getting surprisingly good![View]
113114604i miss them[View]
113114131These ______ are making me _______.[View]
113114846When you come at the king you best not miss. Nice try incels...[View]
113114836What directors do you look up to?[View]
113114367What did Rambo 3 mean by this?[View]
113114474Why does she hate Chris Hemsworth so much?[View]
113106380Hobbs and shaw: >https://youtu.be/MYM7Y_mrq9M[View]
113112881>women can't make ki...[View]
113111670What are some upcoming movies that you think will be kino and are looking forward to?: I'll sta…[View]
113114552/frasier/: What are your thoughts on the all but confirmed Frasier reboot?[View]
113114138FUCK DISNEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHps2iC8W3o[View]
113108506Salieri: Was he a volcel or an incel?[View]
113114364WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY! They made a tv-show about us bros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSzhc7swEKk…[View]
113103989Predict what happens to their careers after the show ends.[View]
113113490Why is he only in shit flicks? >Green Hornet >3 musketeers >Django (prob gave him some air …[View]
113114082>Movies where the mother hurts their child[View]
113109033>You watched a generation grow up on a diet of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Marvel movies >…[View]
113114179>dullest franchi- https://youtu.be/ovYOStqeZJE[View]
113112856>First 30 seconds >'Rey, you're so special' >She is fighting a whole TIE fighter and w…[View]
113113859I hope you do all your stunts yourselves as well, Anons.[View]
113114058>It's a Truman watches Maniac for the third time because he can't find similar shows to…[View]
113090676>pure innocent loli mind in adult body[View]
113112693Was it autism?[View]
113112941Women Rule The World: Was this ahead of its time? How did I never see this show before? https://www.…[View]
113111959Name a more perfect trilogy.[View]
113113630Will it be shit or kino?[View]
113111523/chart/: recs, rate and guess personalties[View]
113112728>the intro was the only memorable part about the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U0rW-Yq3_I…[View]
113113506Twilight zone similar shows: I love anthology series similar shows to The Twilight zone? im looking …[View]
113111976Are there any kinos about electronic music? Why hasn't there been an Aphex Twin biopic?[View]
113113471Alien Nation: Could a sci-fi cop drama make it with today's audiences?[View]
113113433I always wondered why they never made this book series into a series of movies or a tv show series a…[View]
113109773What do you think about Netflix's Big Mouth?[View]
113112586Salve, Pleb[View]
113113557>Normies BTFO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Keooxe5x6Ts[View]
113112309ITT: Post Your Dads Favourite Movie The Big Short is my Dads Favourite Movie[View]
113111783This is absolutely god fucking awful cheese fest. Why can't I stop watching?[View]
113113185HBO in Production on NXIVM Sex Cult Documentary Series: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/hbo-nxivm-s…[View]
113103610>this guy has his own TV show talking about the state of western civilization https://www.youtub…[View]
113109879Recommend me more kinos about experiments on humans.[View]
113112392>'One ticket to Alita: Battle Angel.. please.. >'But.. sir.. didn't you just see it like …[View]
113102379Why do they some times refer to him as Dark Tyrannosaurus? I thought his name was Count Dooku.[View]
113112725What does /tv/ think of Paul Schrader and his work?[View]
113112222wow...that's snyder for you...both are sacrifices to save humanity!!![View]
113100636What's her motivation?[View]
113113371>I'm going down to Dorsia. You want something? I got a 830 rez...[View]
113113307What made her so perfect?[View]
113111326Bad movie poster thread?[View]
113112363Avatar: How assblasted will /tv/ be when there isn’t a SINGLE white “”person”” in this whole show? L…[View]
113108992Come find me![View]
113112027What the fuck was his problem ?: >'shepherd of trees' >half the trees get genocide under his c…[View]
113098483'I love to tease the fans online,' he continued. 'It drives them crazy. I'm sure Disney is not …[View]
113104868It’s a John Cazale thread[View]
113108711Say after me It's no better to be safe than sorry[View]
113111862JJ Abrams said he would have a gay couple be the focal point of this trilogy What will your reactio…[View]
113110472What is your favorite Simpsons Episode?[View]
113111476Vandal Savage: cast him[View]
113104772why?: why?[View]
113109720what was the message here[View]
113111354so no head?[View]
113085136Downfall of American films: What happened to American films and culture? It was so good in the 90…[View]
113108204Why did everyone love Laura Palmer so much even though she was a roastie?[View]
113112121Were Abortions legal in the Harry Potter universe? If Rowling is willing to discuss where Wizards pu…[View]
113111270>Hey I have an great idea let's make every battle stupid and unrealistic >Hey lets confu…[View]
113111591what's his endgame?[View]
113099118>Shit the bed so hard that they throw the entire buildup of 7 and 8 in the trash and go back to B…[View]
113109747So was he in anything worthwhile besides James Bond movies?[View]
113112603What is her best movie?[View]
113111011Will The Rise of Skywalker gross more and be more successful than the new Avengers?[View]
113111522what the hell was maries problem?[View]
113112519JUSTICE FOR JAR JAR,best SW character ever[View]
113111381Why does Hollywood hate America?: The U.S. is a nation with multiple different regions, terrains, cl…[View]
113105783/got/: Lynesse Hightower edition Prev: >>113101221[View]
113110799Fleabag season 2: >he hasn't seen one of the most interesting takes on catholicism in recent…[View]
113112169these are making me[View]
113111400You guys realize that the Night King is just a reskinned Lich King and vice versa. All the way down …[View]
113112243What do u guys think about my first video on my YT channel? tips would help https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
113098359Cloud Actress dead at 16. She just collapsed.[View]
113100602I could understand being manipulated but how was he manipulated into killing children? Was he a soci…[View]
113112115I'm pretty sure they ruled Tom into scientology by using someone shorter than him to act as his…[View]
113111387EricButts is respected filmmaker: http://ericbutts.com/movies.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2…[View]
113111964动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen…[View]
113110877itt: movies where the protag is literally you[View]
113111661Impulse: i've seen the first two episodes, is the rest of this worth watching?[View]
113109666Almost Human: What did you think of it, /tv/?[View]
113109981why didn't they call it ``Now You Don't''?[View]
113111863ITT - good tv shows: pic related[View]
113111657Star Wars is a great franchise, but it's something everybody should grow out of. It never stood…[View]
113109778Watched season 1 of Thrones years ago, stopped after season 1 because I thought it ended well, my fa…[View]
113111780What are some movies with this aesthetic?[View]
1131113732 tickets to Endgame please. one for today and one for tomorrow[View]
113108687/Giallo/ general: Why was this the last good Argento movie ? The pins near the eyeballs really made …[View]
113108623/ggg/: MOTHRA HELP ME[View]
113109923MCU is best: Its safe to say that MCU movies are the best in Hollywood and the future is of Superher…[View]
113111554The silence > a quiet place[View]
113105246It's me![View]
113110149How do you go from this[View]
113109469Is it just nostalgia, or was the Arsenio Hall show the comfiest talkshow of all time?[View]
113110520what would a remake of this movie be like in 2019?[View]
113111353>it's a blackmail thing Why did he even say this? Was being into feet really so taboo that s…[View]
113111383GUUD MOANING[View]
113108917Hair kino thread.[View]
113103300Lord Snow, I'm Night King[View]
113108312Oh N-[View]
113110885>binge watch first five minutes of taxi driver >google it >mfw new york is actaully a real …[View]
113109387Stunning and brave[View]
113111295>childhood TV kino[View]
113101976You didn't forget about me /tv/, right?[View]
113110338Lili: Will she go all the way in her stripper show?[View]
113110247>I Garfunkled your mother[View]
113110995Y'all mind if i hit that YEEEEEEEEE Tony stark dies [View]
113107000>Avengers Endgame runtime is 3 hours and 2 minutes What diaper brands are the best?…[View]
113111150Marvel Universe doesn´t have any atractive wom...[View]
113109663Leica is based, chinks BTFO: 30th anniversary of Tiananmen square massacre, absolutely zero fuck giv…[View]
113111174Jokes you never got when you were a kid[View]
113111165What gameshow do you think you could win, /tv/? I think Jeopardy is too hard for me but I could prob…[View]
113110917The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113110308AWFUL FOREIGN MOVIES thread: Post awful movies from non-English speaking countries. Italian cinepane…[View]
113102520>I want to ______ Carmelita[View]
113111022Eric Butts is one of the most KINO trailer reaction Youtubers of all time. Prove me wrong.[View]
113105092RIP young Triss https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/18/mya-lecia-naylors-father-told-neighbour-lost-baby-tee…[View]
113107844Cross of Iron is criminally underrated and one of the best WWII movies. Way better than anything Spi…[View]
113108972how good is GoT[View]
113107271What did it represent?[View]
113107451Goodfellas: This scene had me wondering, why did Tommy ask Billy Batts to stop busting his balls? I …[View]
113106862Does anyone have the 5minutes leaked footage? Please send it i want to see it thanks[View]
113108927does anyone here have that leaked webm of cap 'calling' mjolnir back? I need it for reasons[View]
113108789is zoolander kino?[View]
113109774Why did they all fail him so bad? Anakin was a good dude. He just wanted to go free his mom and be i…[View]
113107310>ITT: movies no one likes but are actually good[View]
113110193Isildur! Have sex![View]
113077816alright, who fucking lied[View]
113090449>my wife won't let me watch shows with white people in them what did Bill Burr mean by that?…[View]
113106549how did they fuck up season 2 this fucking bad? I bet it won't even get a season 3[View]
113106051ITT: kino female villains[View]
113109906How did Simpsons writers predict this one?[View]
113110453Cast the hero of the forthcoming Trump movie.[View]
113110405Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113100923Do the impossible /tv/. Rewrite this scene so it could be shown in current year cinema. Hardcore mo…[View]
113109393If you owned a movie theater, what sort of food would you serve? Me? I'd serve crab legs[View]
113110245>It's a Kenny slips Spenny LSD episode Yep, I'm thinking its based…[View]
113098188Vita & Virginia: Debicki & Gemma dykino trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv4LGfH5MWw…[View]
113109748this is the cringiest shit i've seen in my life. i couldn't make it past 15 minutes becaus…[View]
113110316Somebody stop me![View]
113109869>watching kino with grandparents >gay sex scene comes up…[View]
113108933>Yes that's french they're speaking, and no these children aren't French, they…[View]
113108997Will he ever make anything worth remembering again? What was his last good movie? Also this dude has…[View]
113108834What are some good catholic kinos to watch during holy week?[View]
113095832Soul vs soulless[View]
113110120HAPPENING NetFlix series: What are some HAPPENING NetFlix series like Homeland?[View]
113100842Cannes 2019: Cannes lineup was just announced. https://m.festival-cannes.com/en/infos-communiques/c…[View]
113109966I wasn't a huge fan of Game of Thrones in the beginning. Too much talking. But after season 3 i…[View]
113109922I am a sick man... I am a spiteful man. I am an unpleasant man.[View]
113109803British anons, can you help me. Who is in the wrong in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z…[View]
113108998I Really Need to watch this movie ! (THE SEVENTH SEAL): If U have a link or anything, be king ! and …[View]
113103198Unironically kino music videos[View]
113109522>OOOO WAH AH AH AH What exactly was so funny here?[View]
113109772>do a slapstick banana bag on someone because I saw it on tv >think it'll be funny with a…[View]
113108297How's this? I'm looking for some knight kino, I haven't seen this discussed at all[View]
113107679It was so unremarkable that two weeks after its start there is not a single thread about Shazam on /…[View]
113105193What the fuck is this shit? Thoughts, I guess?[View]
113109151ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself For me it's Tony Stark – intelligent, nihilistic an…[View]
113109523What's their best film ?[View]
113104919>a sewer drain is haunted by a clown Stephen King is a hack.[View]
113103554I'll take it! I'll take the ring to mordor![View]
113109553Why, yes, I study film.[View]
113107970Do I smell.....Pantene?[View]
113109377What did you expect?: >high school drama kids all fags or attention whores >college drama kids…[View]
113109485>*brrr* >hey guys, welcome to another react video, this time it’s for Star Wars Episode 9, I g…[View]
113107503Sharp Objects: What's our opinion of this show? For me? It's on par with True Detective S0…[View]
113106835Why are westerns such 'dad movies' ? My dad doesn't like movies except westerns.[View]
113108592>first black character to appear on the show >instantly starts talking about racism and demand…[View]
113109320Beata Maria[View]
113104459Why has every male character been emasculated in this show?[View]
113106583>Favorite movie car? I'll start with this well known fancy german car.…[View]
113109235Bane Thread[View]
113103586>These are speed holes, they make the car go faster[View]
113103061>Jonah: Move closer, son. I *coughs*, I have thought of an answer... >Son: An answer? >Jona…[View]
113107226Godzilla thread: KotM is almost here[View]
113100915The only thing this show has going for it is the music. It's the only consistent part of the sh…[View]
113108139Woke MCU won't loose.: You all act like going woke is going to take its toll on these companies…[View]
113107337When will Dr Fate appear in a dc film?[View]
113108824>fa/tv/irgins shill for bella thorne while completely ignoring zendaya >thorne ends up starrin…[View]
113108237So I opened the box, expecting an exploration into the further regions of experience. Instead, this …[View]
113102105the absolute state of 2019[View]
113108757Why do people even still go to movie theaters?: Why would you support an industry that exists solely…[View]
113108676Imagine getting genuinely upset because someone likes something that you don't. >inb4 incels…[View]
113107096I love the cool smooth taste of Subway brand Subwaywiches.[View]
113108528What did she mean by this?[View]
113108651is this the best call in show?[View]
113108464how come churchill gets a movie but mosley doesn't[View]
113107312I can't make it passed episode 2. Everything is so cringy, mainly the fedora guy being a fuckin…[View]
113108128Why was harvey weinstein in space jam?[View]
113108493what the fuck did i just watch?[View]
113108452giant claw remake when? its as big as a battleship, what's not not love?[View]
113108301DO NOT REPLY TO DISNEY THREADS: I'll remind you but it's up to you to say 'no'[View]
113099684Can any Canadians confirm if this show is basically what life in Canada is like?[View]
113081325Aquakino: Why is this kino not talked about more often?[View]
113107465>tfw when just found this in my brother's room How rich am I going to get bros? Any kinos ab…[View]
113108099“That perfect girl is gone Here I stand in the light of day Let the storm rage on”: What did she mea…[View]
113106406>'Tell the Jews I'm back. Capeshit's dead. Bury it.'[View]
113100095>Gilly!!! WHERES BABY SAM[View]
113104038serious question: why does he wear these ugly shoes?[View]
113108003What were Disney thinking??[View]
113103889How do you feel about this casting?[View]
113104922If they're invisible why the fuck do they wear capes to tell people where they are 24/7 instead…[View]
113098273CHRIS HEMSWORTH CALLS OUT BRIE LARSON: Why is he so based, bros? https://youtu.be/SSwgJVwV7PM https:…[View]
113104695Darth Plagueis kino when?[View]
113107414What are some of the worst characters in all history? pic related[View]
113102375>You've ruined horses for me *laugh track*[View]
113106874based and redpilled characters[View]
113101573>if Seinfeld was made in the 90s lmao[View]
113107724Who was your favorite Love Island cast member? Mine was Sophie. RIP[View]
113100784Them: I kinda want to watch this but I don't think I could relate to a movie with no white peop…[View]
113101327What do you think about John Carpenter?[View]
113104043remember that short period of time like 9 years ago when a bunch of youtubers were offered shows on …[View]
113107168BOLLYWOOD: Post favourite Bollywood films.[View]
113106475>best girl dies why is this allowed?[View]
113105937>she has special needs...to kick butt Is this autism Kino?[View]
113106438Does anyone know who the voice actress is for the Sakaar Computer in Ragnarok? Her voice is kino[View]
113103002ITT: Reality Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpw-4r-wLDE[View]
113101802Please, I need me some NORF F.C kinos to watch on a rainy day: .[View]
113107200Dumbo was an amazing film[View]
113106474>Wilson and Vanessa exit a Broadway play, and come upon a puddle. >'Allow me,' Wilson says, dr…[View]
113091670Uhh, what did they mean by this?[View]
113106935>We need someone to play our handsome, billionaire playboy. Although technically human, he has ho…[View]
113098781The Mandalorian: >Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Werner Herzog, Nick Nolte and Ca…[View]
113107040Thoughts on this show??[View]
113105581Is this good face acting? What does this expression convey?[View]
113104392Should Hollywood remake SCARFACE with a hip hop soundtrack?[View]
113106908I thought the cast hated her? Or was it just making a huge deal out of nothing?[View]
113103740/trek/ thread: Gul Dukat was nothing but a skirt-chaser who had his head turned by crinklenose stran…[View]
113103566R I P P E N I P P E N[View]
113103141ITT: only the most kino voices[View]
113106550hey guys, I'm sure you get a lot of these but I really do put a lot of work into my videos. I p…[View]
113106741The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113106783i dont understand - how the hell this movie is not feminazi propaganda? literally muh stong wymyn th…[View]
113103968So, before I even consider wasting my money on this shit just tell me, does this bitch defeats Thano…[View]
113097027Who in their right mind watches garbage like this?: https://youtu.be/_OzFzfpOqOo Is this really what…[View]
113104882What the fuck is wrong with this guy? It must be something fascinating[View]
113104467Hobbs and Shaw 2nd trailer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FkBzFd5Uadw You have to admit the total lac…[View]
113103906what the fuck is her problem?[View]
113103939>blocks your path[View]
113106541>civilized people find themselves outnumbered 11 to 1 by savages in a bunker filled to capacity. …[View]
113099573Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Why doesn't anyone ever talk about this movie? Totenkopf…[View]
113105238What's with the dumb hat?[View]
113106297that's a wizards chest[View]
113100243*blocks your path in your path*[View]
113099284ITT: Scenes that were hard to watch[View]
113102590ITT: 10/10 Movie ideas I'll start >Feudal Japan >MC is a black samurai >Directed by Ta…[View]
113106084>Myeauh, Brackie What did she mean by this?[View]
113096088/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #389 Ponchalita Car Edition Previous Thread: >…[View]
113105867ITT ahead-of-its-time kino. Yes I know how flawed its slapstick elements are. Still it manages to be…[View]
113104546Wow, praise from Caesar[View]
113105875Is Kylo Ren a time traveller?[View]
113104945Did Mamoru go a tad bit overboard with this? Not that I didn't like it, just that he spoke his …[View]
113104494BOOMER KINO MOVIES: i'll start with a classic one.[View]
113101468do Americans really do this? or is it Jewish thing? (not being anti-semitic, they're all Jewish…[View]
113105755>technology bad: the movie what an awful and uncreative way to reboot this movie…[View]
113101752Post some television and film related merchandise you would wear.[View]
113104505It's been a while since I've seen Alien and Aliens and I wonder which cut should I watch. …[View]
113090207The Clone Wars: Watching this for the first time, and I must admit to enjoying ti quite a lot. >s…[View]
113104300They're friends you morons.[View]
113101221/got/: Kelly C in absolute awe and jealously at Redhead Slag's bosom Lesbian action soon to be …[View]
113092659Remember when Johnny Test girl[View]
113102845>go on world's biggest podcast >demolishes your own career forever Oops!…[View]
113104778>Homer was now born when ESB, The Shining, Raging Bull and Airplane were released >Bart was no…[View]
113075907What is this look called?[View]
113088413>Meet me tomorrow for brunch. >What's brunch? Was she retarded?…[View]
113104124Why doesn't tv talk about magicians?[View]
113103738Why hasn't Disney released the 24 hour view count info doods? I'm gettin' a little wo…[View]
113105159Movies you did not expect to be kino[View]
113103613What are some essential films that men will never understand?[View]
113103241Brendan Schaub is basically a comedian now, what does /tv/ think of his work?[View]
113105011is this the best call in show?[View]
113105067What's the best death scene in cinema other than Stark in Endgame?[View]
113102102Do you think Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker would have been praised as much by all the…[View]
113104845>character gets offered a shady job >'you gonna get 500 thousand, tax free' is it common for a…[View]
113104917>the next two major focus group products being manufactured by disney are using time travel as na…[View]
113104911>My favourite film auteur? Michael Bay of course![View]
113104622so why didn't he just pull over?[View]
113104823https://youtu.be/pZTLQg-DIos Fast and the furious. It looks so dumb I actually enjoyed the trailer.[View]
113103354I'm pretty sure his presence could have saved Captain Marvel.[View]
113104058If this was made today, what would've happened?[View]
113104013Hallmarkies at the ready[View]
113104746The Last Man on Earth: Why can't american media go one minute without shoving some jew shit dow…[View]
113104738The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113089908Childhood is admiring Spirited Away Adulthood is realizing The Wind Rises is Ghibli’s magnum opus[View]
113104420the purple man dies 3 times cause time travel. red-shiny man dies fr fr, thor gets fat AF, black spi…[View]
113104343Does he need help?[View]
113098962Are you excited?[View]
113079021When the scores are like this, have been like this for like 10 days now, why even watch Jeopardy? No…[View]
113101863What was his fucking problem?[View]
113095151ITT times you where literally the joker >see do not remove sticker on a mattress >get out scis…[View]
113102141Letter from the Russo brothers to all the fans[View]
113101664Times /tv/ BTFO'd itself: >nu Star Wars trailer comes out >some anon autist discovers som…[View]
113097256>You shouldn't judge people by their looks >HAHA Farquaad is short, fuck him What did the…[View]
113103987Season 8.....I am....forgotten[View]
113103849Gaming Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjZYMI1zB9s[View]
113103162Rome: Have a serious itch for a TV series set in Rome, but what is the best choice? I've heard …[View]
113101556Was it a real revolver?[View]
113103111What is his problem?[View]
113102119my favourite simpsons was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
113103297>90's >tune in >'IN YO HEEEEEEEEEEE EEAD IN YO HEEEEEEEEE EEEAD'…[View]
113096734Any flicks about AmeRURAL cucks?[View]
113103637I HATE SAND![View]
113103364*stands up*[View]
113103557What's next for her career?: Will she start playing in good movies again?[View]
113100567>'You didn't think I'd risk losing the battle for Gotham's soul in a fist-fight wi…[View]
113102544I'm Ray and I quit smoking with CHANTIX®[View]
113103467can somebody explain the origins of this banner to me please and why is /tv/ connected to it? >as…[View]
113101757MadVR: >gives away free video rendering software that does a better job than 10000$ televisions H…[View]
113097649Is this show any good?: ???[View]
113102181IIT: Times we acted like The Jokester. >Be me >Father is scolding me because of my school grad…[View]
113101801High.Life.2018.1080p.BluRay.X264-AMIABLE: >A24 >a Claire Denis film >starring Robert Patti…[View]
113103230Movies that are literally about you? Every girl that I have either slept with or had an interest in…[View]
113102975you guys are gonna like this[View]
113102776>Director prefers the theatrical cut and not the directors cut[View]
113103134Do you think that Hans Zimmer is overrated? I really like some of his tracks, but most of his work f…[View]
113098696Pure kino entertainment: Why didn't brainlets get it?[View]
113057247/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Loop Previously: >>113014408 What is found foota…[View]
113101780I can't[View]
113101746Got 802 leak: Hi, i am an italian fan that also worked on the official sub version of the show (In I…[View]
113098300>quips >haha varys you don't have a dick >sits around Daenerys doing nothing Exactly w…[View]
113100341Do ameriburgers have any show as hard as this? Also David has done well for himself and got a beauti…[View]
113093457cast nero[View]
113102745Who will play him in the bio pic?a[View]
1130974562019... I am forgotten...[View]
113097127>Hey Luke, did I ever tell you that in old, pre-1999 EU ideas for the prequels: >The Clone War…[View]
113101285Godzilla vs. Kong spoilers: I Really don't feel like getting fired so no questions about who I …[View]
113101686Cast her[View]
113100370> God of story spinning and trickery > keeps telling black people they're oppressed and s…[View]
113102159favorite tv show/m,ovei show fahrachters in general?: for me its gotta b moe he is so funny when he …[View]
113102049TICK TOCK MARVEL[View]
113102543Lola Naymark: Thoughts on her career? Why is Hollywood refusing to hire her?[View]
113098436remember when /tv/ was about surrealism and not virulent racism? how can 2015 seem so far away. anyw…[View]
113100644>Student film >Main character is a badass with zero flaws…[View]
113096244What We Do in the Shadows (2019 TV adaptation): Why isn't this more popular? It has fucking Mat…[View]
113101565>main character has the chance to fuck >he instead chooses volceldom Any kino with this feel?…[View]
113102480Please explain this show to me[View]
113101406>movie trailer >WHAT IF CTHULU WASN'T JUST A STORY >ear shattering fart noise >full…[View]
113102349Is Endgame fucked? There's no hype for it anymore. People are more excited about The Joker, Sta…[View]
113101991The actual state of nu-/tv/: Keep losing[View]
113099935>get into the best shape you've been in 30 years >get killed off abruptly, even after exp…[View]
113096871Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113095806>extreme bioengineering/cyborg kind of project bringing back crippled people >called the lazar…[View]
113102201The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113101955Were they gay? Or just too autistic to realize that their friendship was way too close?[View]
113099301Holy shit this is the worst fucking show I've ever watched. It makes fucking TWD look great, ho…[View]
113096812Whatever happened to music videos?[View]
113101666this is what society does to a man[View]
113101994What is that in the background?: It's a cage over the city. It rolls up during intermission.…[View]
113101813>mfw characters kiss or make love anyone else do this? I just think about the actors being forced…[View]
113095431What went so so wrong?[View]
113101366>millionaire kissless virgin >fuck it I'll hire a prostitute >ring up the most expensi…[View]
113097192aaah, the fucker[View]
113092639/got/: Rest Assured Edition You won't be punished for nonsense in this thread. Previous: >…[View]
113095584Approximately when will the capeshit bubble finally burst?[View]
113101697>one of the most popular properties of the decade >universal themes appealing to a wide range …[View]
113101717>tfw you realize you only care about female characters in movies if you find them attractive is t…[View]
113090259so is his skin naturally like this or is it '\warpaint'?[View]
113098667Lapsang Souchong tea[View]
113100290The Twilight Zone s01e04: who was he?[View]
113088698I WANT MOM[View]
113101492SCTV was great, except for the laugh track: Is there any versions of SCTV out there without the laug…[View]
113100047was it autism?[View]
113093850>is a British agent >needs a loicense to kill…[View]
113101331Dag: Anyone seen the TV series Dag? Good/Bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WL5NeDTWig…[View]
113101307Whatever happened to the 'home movies' he shot?[View]
113100430oooeh oeeh oeeeh oeeheoeoeehhaaa oooeh oeeh oeeeh oeeheoeoeehhaaa oooeh oeeh oeeeh oeeheoeoeehhaaa[View]
113099372This looks retarded. Should I watch it?[View]
113079361why is the Cleopatra movie stuck in development hell?[View]
113099943Terry Gilliam is Transitioning!: >I no longer want to be a white male, I don’t want to be blamed …[View]
113100448Was he the first incel in cinema[View]
113100594I felt some kind of lesbian sexual tension between the two of them in the last episode, anyone else …[View]
113100882Everybody do the spin! The Sheev spin![View]
113100379I remember asking for a ticket to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford using i…[View]
113100886Post best OPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAgI51QvWxs[View]
113090791Why is this allowed[View]
113100641so who's this 'Skywalker' in the title of episode IX?[View]
113099545Why won't I just go to sleep?[View]
113096031what were his last words?[View]
113092859Why did none of you tell me this was this good?[View]
113098446>watching movie with family >sex scene comes on…[View]
113100675>dude your room is a mess[View]
113092869Tiger...tiger tiger tiger...mmm...bird...birdy birdy birdy birdy[View]
113096175Just finished this series. That was the worst ending to anything I've seen. I kept wanting it t…[View]
113098961Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113092813knights of ren: soooooo who were these dudes?[View]
113100535https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4Ph02gzqmY lol, Weed Eater![View]
113064158>we need food >hunger bad >metal cold >>short man stupid Sansa has come so far…[View]
113099671any good cowboy movies[View]
113099642>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
113100308check 'em[View]
113096566Unsanctioned Bufoonery: >Jim Carrey once ran into Tommy Lee Jones at a restaurant while they were…[View]
113100215How do you feel about Ian Fidance?[View]
113099634>Song Kickstart My Heart was used in Lego Movie 2 and Hellboy >That Netflix movie called The D…[View]
113098025>dude every shot is a painting lmao[View]
113098609They're good guys becaaaause.....? What good are they actually doing, except murdering tons and…[View]
113097367Actors who are: that guy that was in that thing[View]
113096461Bravo Nolan, unironically.[View]
113100106Why does no one post non mainstream animation series here? They are 100 times better than the mainst…[View]
113097868RDJ's Dr Dolittle: >major reshoots >$175m budget THIS IS SHIT IS GOING TO BE A MASSIVE FL…[View]
113094069Why is she being shilled so hard now? She was moderately well known for having a supporting role on …[View]
113089377Is her character as horrible in the books as it is in the show?[View]
113098739Monkey Punch, Japanese cartoonist of Lupin III manga and anime series, dies at 81[View]
113099028>That's right... Mama's little tramp >Mama's LITTLE HOOO-AH…[View]
113094860>350,000 views >a personal invite to the premiere from mark hamill >women offering themselv…[View]
113099938HEY BEPER[View]
113099280my favourite simpsons was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
113099815>s-sneed sama..[View]
113091034ITT: inb4 the wall roles[View]
113097203You can return youth only for one of them. Make your choice....[View]
113099174Can any Canadians confirm if this film is basically what life in Canada is like?[View]
113099536What is your favorite film about Jews or Judaism?[View]
113099283You should get those floorboards fixed, /tv/. They're really squeaky.[View]
113097969How would you explain this poster to people visiting your place?[View]
113095996ITT: sad /tv/ pictures[View]
113097229myspacebarisbrokesorry: AmovieaboutPortalwould bereallycool Maybethepuzzleswouldbehardtoputintoafilm…[View]
113099381Hey anon, you still hanging around those 4chan forums? Told you those places are not good for you.[View]
113098616So this is 'avant garde', huh? I like it.[View]
113098892>leave thanos to me literally[View]
113096925Don't forget to like and subscribe and patreon. https://youtu.be/C1jbIPhWziI[View]
113094678Girls #1 > Girls #2[View]
113098471this board is so filled with shills shilling against other shills that it has become a non functiona…[View]
113045176Cancelled shows only you remember: Part Deux >>113028815[View]
113097510Dear Peele, I DM'd you, you still ain't callin I left my Insta and my MadTV resume at the …[View]
113097842OK this is kind of convoluted and sounds far fetched, but it'll pan out within the next couple …[View]
113098908Was Qui-Gon right?[View]
113097558Just watched Fight club. Good movie. I shall say,not as good as Quentin Tarantino, but, it was accep…[View]
113098366The Boys - CAPE KINO IS BACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD46c08MsHg Netflix trannies BTFO!, Am…[View]
113098266Are there any movies with this aesthetic or with these feels? Do you think we will ever see a film a…[View]
113094006>This was literally the perfect sequel >Yet normies hated it >Reddit hated it >Current n…[View]
113095478is Burn Notice Spykino?[View]
113098627It was the dawn of the third age of mankind. The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal: t…[View]
113096108>chews a single chip for an entire minute Do Americans actually do this?…[View]
113097652OH NO NO NO NO: Hahahahahahaha /tv/ was wrong again[View]
113085669so according to this tiny slut if i have a picture of a dead relative for example i should throw it …[View]
113089089Should i watch shazam?[View]
113096548ITT based characters in cringe shows[View]
113064787High.Life.2018.1080p.BluRay.X264-AMIABLE >High.Life.2018.1080p.BluRay.X264-AMIABLE High.Life.2018…[View]
113097551How does he know so much?[View]
113090313cast him and what would the plot be about[View]
113096703ITT: post random screengrabs from tv/film[View]
1130983922006: peak /tv/: What does it feel like knowing television will never be this good again?[View]
113098364>So anon. This is where you work? :)[View]
113092534Most Kino post death scene? Also what songs should I play at my funeral?[View]
113098337Who is the Jannetty?[View]
113093715favorite marvel movie? guardians for me[View]
113097268season 2 when[View]
113097531Kinos with this feel?[View]
113094822Julie was the only match for Ross that made sense[View]
113098093Shows you wish never ended.: I am still mourning.[View]
113098002>Doomsday scenario movie >instead of showing Human Military and Political response to the scen…[View]
113097976Thoughts on Escape Room? It made $155 million off less than 10 mil, so a sequel is already releasing…[View]
113097963You're right scoob, were dealing with one sick son of a bitch[View]
113094907ITT: Cartoon scenes that gave you a boner[View]
113091581Do you think Directors regret choosing underwhelming franchises instead of great ones?: Pick related…[View]
113096761Here you go big guy[View]
113093968This is kino[View]
113097595We're going to build a wall and roasties are going to hit it[View]
113091650Fuck the second half of this movie.[View]
113097613The ending was absolute kino and you know it[View]
113086393/trek/ general - Season finale tomorrow edition[View]
113094464That's a big bank account[View]
113097081Could this ever happen again?[View]
113097301>More or less impenetrable shield around the entire planet with one heavily armed and surveilled …[View]
113095813What are your favourite cameos?[View]
1130918112019... I am forgotten[View]
113086030DR PIMPLE POPPER + 600 POUND LIFE GENERAL: Shows are on TLC (Times are in US EST) 10pm-11pm: Dr Pimp…[View]
113091019Hell on Wheels: Just finished the first season and I'm bummed because I'll never get those…[View]
113093701Find me better gangster movies >Protip: You can’t[View]
113095279Do people really drop dead after having one of their cheeks cut open?[View]
113076699What's the point of space movies if realistically we will never make it to other worlds Part 2 …[View]
113090205Sony always wins baby, Sony always wins. You can't beat Sony.[View]
113092457didn't he ride a dragon last season?[View]
113096822That Lassie got glassed and no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it.[View]
113096268> I don't watch television. It is cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors of …[View]
113095946Guys, I think Grace might be right: JJ is doing a bait and switch. Those aren't Kylo Ren's…[View]
113096196>opens up season with another eunuch joke What went so wrong?[View]
113094253Why did Steve Carrell have to leave The Office?[View]
113089544I don't get it[View]
113089935THE BOYS Official Trailer #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iCei659yp4 Damn looks like they are g…[View]
113096349>I'm a Cowboy starts playing[View]
113090014What the fuck happened?[View]
113096326Holy fuck this looks great.[View]
113082728Sir iceberg ahead[View]
1130961269'986'000 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jimclKu71IQ[View]
113095695I still don't get it. Every other episode was good but this was just straight up shit besides t…[View]
113095991Could there be a humorous social media direct message (DM) harassment movies in future like there we…[View]
113093303The Worst Goddamn Movie Ever: I just wasted two and a half hours watching an absolute fucking train …[View]
113094259>Werner Herzog plays an Empire loyalist will Werner single handedly de-soi Star Wars?…[View]
113094522>All that is gold does not glitter, >Not all those who wander are lost; >The old that is st…[View]
113070833Rogue One: So I just watched it again out of desperation. I kinda liked it back then, but now I thin…[View]
113090367>don't go to the movies if you don't have friends or a girlfriend >stay at home and …[View]
113093322If you're gonna die tomorrow and you're allowed to watch 3 movies today, what will you wat…[View]
113087437FUCK OFF RANDY!![View]
113095819What are some movies women who find supportive men despite having a wild past?[View]
113092757What's the oldest film you've seen to it's completion?: It doesn't have to be so…[View]
113095393Left or right?[View]
113093709Who are some heroes that were portrayed as villains?[View]
113095673urgent need help frens: fellas, can you send me an image of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker that is pul…[View]
113095196Can't quite put my finger on wh at makes king of the hill the perfect show. Is it the great …[View]
113090976Can we all agree that Eric's reaction to Episode XI teaser trailer is one of the most Kino reac…[View]
113090546big little lies: What did /tv/ think of this show? How will they fuck up the continuation? And why d…[View]
113095628Grey's Anatomy: So I watched the first season and it was alright. But knowing it has 15+ fuckin…[View]
113094479Why did I like this? Is there anymore Africa kino I need to be watching?[View]
1130931682 sides of a zombino coin. If you ain't checking this shit out yet do yourself a favor.[View]
113089581John Cena In Talks For James Gunn's THE SUICIDE SQUAD: >John Cena ('Bumblebee') is in talks …[View]
113091211will we ever know what he meant by this[View]
113088321Nearly a decade later...: And people still haven't realized that Plinkett's review of the …[View]
113085539That Thor is thinking in that exact moment?[View]
113085351/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel discussion Previous Thread: >>113076178[View]
113089672>Courier Ryan Gosling >Mr House Daniel Day Lewis >Caesar Liam Neeson >Yes Man Jack Black…[View]
113094974Best american high school movies. I'll start.[View]
113093285*crunch* Yep, Joker will be alright *crunch* *crunch*[View]
113093985IT Chapter II: So when will we get a trailer? Or any info at all, like the cast...[View]
113093281Is it worth selling your soul to save your family?[View]
113094874>I used to be famous, Joe[View]
113094281MEANWHILE At Studio /tv/... We need a new series to replace the one from afternoons, what should we …[View]
113093206kino color palettes: What are some interesting color palettes from tv and film?[View]
113085152Nvidia SPADE: We recreate scenes from kino. Guess mine http://smartsketch.xyz/[View]
113094994The great debate[View]
113094841this is an example of kino of the highest level[View]
113094790Thoughts on MeatEater featuring Steven Rinella? I wish the show focused more on cooking the game mea…[View]
113093537https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Palpatine_Essex_Yerac >Luke, did I ever tell you about Palpatine…[View]
113093489>The alt right is full of a bunch of man child bitch babies who cry all the time over movies >…[View]
113094703why are turkeys so stupid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY_AJDBvNnY[View]
113089810ITT: post your favorite movie and others try to guess your fetish: i'll start[View]
113094585Why isnt the new twilight zone out yet? Shouldnt it be out?[View]
113093333Now that the dust has settled....: Is it kino? Essential space horror haunted house? Or cheesy b-mov…[View]
113093826mortal engines thread: Forgot this was coming out. I know it is based on a young adult series but I …[View]
113091702Why’d the MORON throw the clock out the window?[View]
113094462>british panel shows were never goo- https://youtu.be/smhHvkOZDF8?t=170…[View]
113067097/comfy/ SUPERNATURAL thread: I don't care if I'm the only one posting edition new episode …[View]
113091544When did you start coming to 4chan? Don't lie. t. 2007[View]
113088917PORNOGRAPHY. CONTRABAND. Your weekend pass is revoked, Private Anon.[View]
113094229Ingrid goes west: Is this movie supposed to be super gay[View]
113094223>He's got no social media presence. This guy's a ghost![View]
113094151Dogs Dying in Movies: >my beloved 16 year old dog died this week >heartbroken over it >sudd…[View]
113094057>he was a made man and they wasn't[View]
113093817Let's make a short drama together, /tv/! We'll use vocaroo as our medium. I'll start.…[View]
113093089I just realized that for all the 'Jock father, nerdy son' pairs I've seen on tv and movies, I h…[View]
113093487>new game of thrones is shi-[View]
113091469Gay of Throne cucks btfo epic style[View]
113093066https://gamerant.com/halo-tv-series-cast-master-chief/ >After being in development for years, i…[View]
113093578Why is there no conference room scenes in the sequels?[View]
113090514Kirsten Dunst: Great in Fargo.[View]
113093553High Life (2018): Well what did we think bros[View]
113093530Thoughts on this film? >It helps me lift stuff..[View]
113092456here's your master chief ese https://news.avclub.com/interesting-actor-pablo-schreiber-to-play-…[View]
113093438Was it kino?[View]
113088156>hologram >has these awkward jitters, glitches, and errors as if the person being projected is…[View]
113093194is it over for him? is he done?[View]
113092156how many cigarettes do you think he smoked while filming this series? he smokes in every scene.[View]
113092535I fucked Ted.[View]
113085771>director and crew clearly tried to make a good movie >failed miserably What's her name, …[View]
113093027What was the point of this character?[View]
113092598Post yfw the cookies are home-baked[View]
113090521What went so fucking absolutely right?[View]
113090724Why didn't Marvel ever give them their own movie?[View]
113091161DC Animation is actually rally bad , the stories are stupid and the art is ugly ?[View]
113093240>movies about young love that you'll never experience[View]
113093097Really want to want Gangs of New York looking for alternative to putlocker, that stream keeps freezi…[View]
113091412Anyone seen this? I liked it. Can anyone recommend similar films?[View]
113088616>‘The Gifted’ Canceled By Fox After 2 Seasons, Marvel Drama Could Potentially Find New Home At Di…[View]
113087455Amandamandamandamandamanda: mandamandamandamndamanda Sssshhhooowwwwwww It was kino[View]
113092894Nu Wars BTFO: How will they recover?[View]
113087310THE ETERNALS Adds Ma-Dong Seok And Conrad Ricamora: >Ma-Dong Seok ('Train to Busan') has joined t…[View]
113092884>say levy[View]
113085773Detective/ serial killer kino. >pic very related[View]
113092812>l have been witness to a world consumed by hatred, and bent on self-destruction >Watched as w…[View]
113075880>age >last good film you've seen >favourite film of all time…[View]
113090227Just finished this show. What the fuck happened?[View]
113088320/got/: Nedition Previous: >>113086085[View]
113091009Cast the live action remake[View]
113080021Adapt Fallout into a movie or miniseries already, you fucking apes.[View]
113083683Hottest simpson girls.[View]
113090562This is so dope, i love when old legends are aware enough to step out of themselves and recognize a …[View]
113089086Is spongebob supposed to be made of cheese ?[View]
113068055Noticed something new: In the scene where he's punched and falls to the floor, he isn't la…[View]
113085636Why was she there again?[View]
113090544New Myers movie: It’s a masterpiece https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=40yszV_MhAE…[View]
113092301>sitcom >character with glasses >studio lights are reflected in lenses >immersion: ruine…[View]
113087891THIS IS A DANCE OFF, BRO[View]
113090615do you like the movie Mrs. Doubtfire[View]
113090575What the fuck happened?[View]
113081808>suicidal and paranoid banner >grotesque hulk >tim roth as the villain >main actor commi…[View]
113079414Dark Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azvR__GRQic >final trailer looks like there were so…[View]
113091634>tranny tells ME to have sex >as if anyone wants to touch his disease-ridden cock…[View]
113091910Maybe they're just couple of Fidlam Bens[View]
113091317I remember Cyclops being a turbo chad giant almost, now he's a pussy manlet. Why?[View]
113091846Is Austin St. John (JASON the ORIGINAL RED RANGER) /ourchad/?[View]
113091131The Turin Horse: What kind of mindset do you have to be to watch this film? Was recommended I watch …[View]
113089999You aren’t a true Star Wars fan unless you reacted like this[View]
113089406Do you think Luke went into that fight knowing he was probably gonna lose a limb?[View]
113091516Why didn’t they just projectile vomit at the Germans?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8QjrBjdb2T8…[View]
113089962cast him.[View]
113089613What has been Star Wars' most significant cultural impact?[View]
113090910What was the best simpsons couch gag?[View]
113087845Cast him[View]
113090748Official Hershlagraphy rankings: Кинó: Knight of Cups Song to Song Star Wars Episode II: Attack of …[View]
113090588What's your KinoPlex like? Share picture.[View]
113091264'That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen': So was Norrington's lieutenant gay…[View]
113084135>rogue one thrawn wannabe >ready player one bad guy >captain marvel one alien how long can …[View]
113087903>the Special Editions were like *so* bad! totally ruined my childhood![View]
113088416I think this is a good show[View]
113089003there must always be a night king...[View]
113088383edge of tomorrow: ON YOUR FEET MAGGOT !![View]
113087629Movies only you liked.[View]
113090974Times actors became the Joker.[View]
113089705Cast them: With the huge success of based Cameron sensei with Alita battle angel, it is only a matte…[View]
113080199why are there so many female revenge thriller movies?[View]
113089160>Most kino battle for action: Battle of Normandy >Most kino battle for visuals: Battle of Midw…[View]
113086077Please give me a kino to watch tonight[View]
113088260/tv has single-handedly turned a 40 year old nerd into a hero. Entire articles on women centric webs…[View]
113090722glib facsimile[View]
113090389Sandra Bullock's face looks like it's held together by electric tape[View]
113083741ITT: Industry plants[View]
113090006Finally Fuck superheroes and their basedfans[View]
113090510Newfags Get Out[View]
113088615What did he mean by this?[View]
113090471What are some kinos for this feel?[View]
113088349You miss me r-right /tv/?[View]
113090396What should I leech and seed today /tv/?[View]
113090309Remember when he tried to give people fashion advice on Twitter?[View]
113090200Would he be hailed a hero if this came out today?[View]
113082238Was it a good idea?[View]
1130883262019: I am... forgotten...[View]
113088454Should i watch this?[View]
113078983Dario Argento vs Mario Bava: who is the better filmmaker /tv/?[View]
113088802How would Marvel have handled this scene?[View]
113087627Will there ever be a season two? KSTV2 where[View]
113088733>The completely awkward and out of place scene with terrible CG compositing was directed by Georg…[View]
113086938Was Hawaii in 1987 really this amazing?[View]
113086286Will we ever see a new Battlestar Galactica show that's not shit?[View]
113087227BUT WHAT DO THEY EAT?[View]
113089371>You get one, you get the other one. Which was which?[View]
113089295>main characters aligned but not part of law enforcement >do something slightly illegal >mo…[View]
113088018Lady gaga did the alita aesthetic before it was popular , why was this woman so based ?[View]
113079153Is Horatio actually capable of standing up straight and looking at someone directly face to face?[View]
113089948What are some movies about girls becoming stronger than you?[View]
113089829Does anyone even like this shit other than Americans and Britbongs? I don’t feel like it has global …[View]
113086831Anyone watch The Keepers on netflix? Was she lying?[View]
113089288Predestined: What if I could put him in front of you? The man that ruined your life. If I could guar…[View]
113089903/tv/ made a grievous mistake: Remember when /tv/ was happy that the Star Wars Expanded Universe was …[View]
113089456What are the essential Nick Nolte kinos? Watched Affliction recently, and I want more.[View]
113089575Say it.[View]
113089821CHOSEN MEN[View]
113089687Smoking weed and looking at animal bro. really makes you feel one with nature[View]
113087604What did he mean by this?[View]
113080700The Boys: https://youtu.be/L1MPO9jNjBI What do you think? Will it at least turn out better than Prea…[View]
113089635Thoughts on Teletubbies?[View]
113089563Cybill and Bruce. Great together, but can’t stand each other.[View]
113089556/tv/ premise pitches: Alright lads, rules are simple. Post either the logline or premise of your scr…[View]
113086080The woman who played the SJW droid from Solo is a writing the new James Bond movie and is determined…[View]
113085981Started watching pic related expecting waymen propaganda but was pleasantly surprised by distilled k…[View]
113089332Sophie Turner looks like a female pop star from the 80s: Why is this such a big deal?[View]
113089006HBO mini-series adaptation of Don Quixote when[View]
113088622Was Leland a victim?[View]
113089421SHE LIKES ME FOR ME[View]
113072733One Punch Man: Are you enjoying season two? who would you cast to play everyone in a live action mov…[View]
113089359I can't remember the name of this film: So its basically there is a alien that take the form of…[View]
113089054kino with female crime bosses?[View]
113084729What do you think about this movie?[View]
113086107What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
113084536Why doesn't Criterion offer their digital service as a channel similar to TCM that plays movies…[View]
113086153I think it was worse than the old one. The old one has one of my favorite scenes, the one in which …[View]
113086057WHen did this trash get made?: Has anybody seen this sequel to the film? Apparently it's some A…[View]
113086449Say what you want about the prequels,: George Lucas still understood the language of film. Whether i…[View]
113085455God this movie was so dumb but in a funny way. What ridiculous horror movie should I watch next? htt…[View]
113087992>A flautist, Peter what the fuck does this word mean? An autistic person from Florida?…[View]
113082411I've never got the humor of Kids In The Hall. Do you have to be Canadian to find the show funny…[View]
113085064this is pretty not great[View]
113088979>why didn't they just run lol?[View]
113088655>Canadian (((humor))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt7cPYbciJk[View]
113088759Yes sir, we've got all the latest things: gas lamps, a telephone, and the latest design in cast…[View]
113085735Marvel movie really fun :D[View]
113081768Looks like TCAP kino is back on the menu boys[View]
113085840Was it kino?[View]
113087454Say something nice about the prequels[View]
113088342kino apparel you'd wear in public thread seriously, I'm looking to buy more cheap graphic …[View]
113085042I honestly thought there was blood and sweat in that cake[View]
113086085/got/: Eddition Previous: >>113082040[View]
113088243>Chita, meet the, freak-of-the-week-ah! >*cracks open a duck egg* Yep, now THAT was a theme so…[View]
113070533post editing kino[View]
113088189>i used to think that 13% of the population committing 50% of the murders was a tragedy >now i…[View]
113085495How does /tv/ feel about Season #2? Glad that they saved Nick for another season? Or should they hav…[View]
113077040Did richard gere really stick a gerbil up his butt?[View]
113087930>a series of chilling, improbable events leads them to a cave network supposedly teaming with cry…[View]
113086518What's your current schedule for kinoplex visits lads? Surely you have one For me its >April…[View]
113087293People think it's bullshit: >But it's true. I served as the personnel officer under him…[View]
113085887>The Phantom Menace (1999) >Attack Of The Clones (2002) >Revenge Of The Sith (2005) >Sol…[View]
113087527Hey baby, you got girlfriend Vietnam?[View]
113087078The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113082381What are some sites/YT channels to learn more about film that aren't capeshit, 80s action flick…[View]
113084459What's he gonna do next?[View]
113084625who will play this asshole in the live action: adaptation by lionsgate studios? shippuden era[View]
113086545Who was he staring at?[View]
113084736Name a worse performance.[View]
113084371Was he autistic?[View]
113085546How do you think he'd feel about Star Wars if he were still alive?[View]
113076367UNCA HANK!! I'M A VIRGIN!!![View]
113085220excited for Amazon's The Boys /tv/?[View]
113086852how did poe know about his mother?[View]
113083134what's some wagie kino?[View]
113078522Why didn't they just wait until Hitler committed suicide?[View]
113085306One more year[View]
113085613Could this movie success in the current time? I mean the only ones with dark skin are the orcs[View]
113080239All this fucking work for a shitty movie like that. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bB8KO6N0Jx0 This …[View]
113056416Photo's of actors at your age: I'll start: Bruce Willis at 33 brb at my age i should be…[View]
113086339Wtf is Guy Ritchie's problem?[View]
113077742>Ratings systems >What’s yours >What the fucks a 4.5 >5 is never perfect because a perfe…[View]
113086462Hey esteemed personages, I know this is an annoying way to ask a question, but there's a movie …[View]
113086360>Opening scene is kino enough to be its own movie >opening scene is better then the epilogue …[View]
113084367You ever hear the tragedy of Master Windu?[View]
113084678Movies you missed during cinema airing: >missed a LOTR marathon at local kinoplex >god only kn…[View]
113086201was he based?[View]
113082040/got/: What Was Her Name? Edition Previous: >>113077767[View]
113083067>'Have sex' Was this the most powerful scene in the entire series?[View]
113086012Which are the best autismkinos?[View]
113085866Regardless of whether you consider this series good or bad, you're going to miss it when it…[View]
113080732What did the onion rings symbolize?[View]
113085300disney channel had some kid kino back then >luck of the irish >johnny tsunami >zenon >ha…[View]
113083459Potential Mandela effect here, me and someone else I know remember a different end to this where Amy…[View]
113082862Cobra Kai Season 2: This semen demon is Miguel's new girlfriend. Say something nice. Also seaso…[View]
113085586What are some of the best film adaptations of video games?[View]
113085050Why are the jannies so incompetent?[View]
113058591I swear to god, Rey is probably the most stale, shallow, dull and marysuish protagonist I've ev…[View]
113084256NuWars: Rate Disney's competency with the handling of the Star Wars franchise from a scale of 1…[View]
113080161SURVIVOR GAMETHREAD: Survivor Edge of Extinction double boot episode in 5 mins TAR 31 Premiere with …[View]
113076178/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #387 Upset Daddy EDITION Previous Thread: >>11…[View]
113083857Will anything ever top the first 3 seasons of Arrested Development?[View]
113083709Was it really THAT difficult to get into Yale in 1999?[View]
113084942I wan't to watch some carskino.[View]
113084570Is he a genius: or was he just clever enough to find himself a niche?[View]
113078739Barry: What's our opinion on Barry?[View]
113040961“Durrrrrrr Jon, why do we need that Dragon lady?” “Because, Sanaa, we will literally die without her…[View]
113084852who will play him in the inevitable netflix documentary[View]
113077440>we don't have time to say hello What the fuck was this autist's problem?…[View]
113084703Et on va la finir cette mission. Sinon je te DISSOUS LA GUEULE. C'est clair?[View]
113080512>/tv/ I am overjoyed, to meet you face to face... https://youtu.be/3MH6efoYzJE…[View]
113082216why do you cry?[View]
113079758Halo tv show: Here's your Master Chief[View]
113080987Is she the funniest female actress working?[View]
113084406The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113081955ITT: opinions that are unpopular on /tv/: True Detective edition Gaycop was an interesting character…[View]
113081880Truly inspiring[View]
113070650Comfy Simpsons thread: The Old Man and the Sea edition Share your Simpsons related goodies here and …[View]
113071989ITT characters that won't survive episode 3[View]
113082536>You know, Quasimodo predicted all of this.[View]
113081000What fictional characters do you wish were dead? For me, it's Susie.[View]
113083460Who will play him?[View]
113075327hercules, the ORIGINAL soiyboy?[View]
113084261David Lycan lol[View]
113075462Oh no no no..: https://youtu.be/F4yz-P94n0Q[View]
113082883ITT: heist movies where the scheme is perfectly executed without any issues.[View]
113082930Am I the only one who doesn’t like the heath ledger joker?[View]
113082873Can anyone sauce this film/show?: The gif is so popular image search just leads to 9million pages us…[View]
113078822name a grosser scene in film: you can't[View]
113081640Riverdale's back tonight. Who's ready to watch Betty burn something?[View]
113084078Since he refused to unchain her, do you think he watched her, you know...[View]
113080617ITT: Characters named Tony that definitely died[View]
113083366the new season of chilling adventures of sabrina is so fucking bad holy shit[View]
113081457Why did he die?[View]
113083801Wtf were they thinking? Bryce was kino tho[View]
113078415Was getting caught part of her plan?[View]
113078525Will Dora make enough money to get a sequel?[View]
113083284Do these faces look excited for you?[View]
113083693Killing Carl Grimes was the worst thing they ever did on the show, I stopped watching this shit when…[View]
113083605THIS IS THE TALE[View]
113083636>Hi, I'm white lady[View]
113083573What were they thinking going up against Endgame? If they went with a cushy December release they…[View]
113071975Now that the dust has settled: What is the verdict on the 1st episode, /tv/ ?[View]
113083241What happened?[View]
113077974Da brown family has a chance to steal[View]
113083336You look... Good.[View]
113054707>that cancelled or abandoned series you sometimes still think about Post em…[View]
113082163What made this scene so haunting bros?[View]
113071481Is she retarded? Or does she have such low esteem she has to treat others like shit? Kinda like a fa…[View]
113083176>knitting What did Nolan mean by this?[View]
113076006Altered Carbon? More like Altered Kino! This is fucking great. Why you fags never talk about this?[View]
113083136wow, women who look like this are into guys who show emotion when watching star wars? why haven…[View]
113055369Avengers Endgame: FULL DETAIL SPOILERS[View]
113080437Was he autistic?[View]
113082715Are there any good gay christian movies? I feel so horny when I look at men, specially twinks, and r…[View]
113082757Figure on Notre Dame rootop?: Dr. Weird introducing Moth-Monster-Man: Dr. Weird: HAHAHAHAHA! GENTLEM…[View]
113082747https://youtu.be/uist_WFAxaU >It’s like a part of his face has declared independence >I wouldn…[View]
113079589HOLY BASED!!!!: GET IN HERE, LADS![View]
113081857Will Disney stick to their promise of taking a break from theatrical Star Wars films?[View]
113080012Who would you cast as Luke Skywalker's son if it turned out he accidentally made one via Force …[View]
113074414is snoke one of the younglings anakin tried to kill in ep. iii? his face is disfigured and it seems …[View]
113082323>'How do you allow Klingon peta'Q to walk around in a Starfleet uniform?' >'Remove this t…[View]
113069722Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: >you thought this story was real? >well you’re dead wrong. It …[View]
113081875>anime looked this good in 1979[View]
113079152this guy is a now a hero fighting against the alt-right, we did it /tv[View]
113082385What are some kinos where you have sympathy for a Chad?[View]
113082376It's funny how they choose light-skinned blacks to portray native Africans[View]
113077776God bless the Russo brothers.[View]
113081990is it me or have the prizes have gone way down hill during team challenges?[View]
113082281brave man[View]
113072462Daisy Ridley speaks out against Reylo: >During an interview, Ridley was asked about if she knew a…[View]
113080126John Dunsworth alcoholism covered up?: Reluctantly, I watched the new Trailer Park Boys Animated Ser…[View]
113082183>Friendly reminder that the use of spoiler tags is required on /tv/. >Friendly reminder Isn…[View]
113081671It's alright, it's okay! Uh...[View]
113079881This one time at Band Camp....[View]
113076100Frasier revival all but confirmed: Kelsey Grammer has recently been photographed carrying a script f…[View]
113077767/got/: You Dare! Edition Previous: >>113075536[View]
113078626Ronnie The Bear Weasel you are bravery you are courage you are chess[View]
113079889AVengers Endgame MASSIVE SPOILERS: okay guys MASSIVE SPOILERS for avengers endgame. My friend actual…[View]
113080936++Endgame Spoilers++: >Professor Hulk why the hell would they do this? he sounds like shit with t…[View]
113081678Did she have some alternative plans, or something?[View]
113065615Real talk bros: who would you seriously cast as Barbara Gordon in the inevitable and upcoming big sc…[View]
113081814ITT: Formerly Funny[View]
113081784Inglorious Basterds: >Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't. >Y…[View]
113080425Kubrick Discussion Thread: Let's talk about Barry Lyndon. It's a masterpiece. It is post-m…[View]
113080984Villains who did nothing wrong.[View]
113079956Whatever happened to Teri Garr? She was magic with Dave in the 80's.[View]
113081434Is he ever gonna star in a good movie as long as he lives?[View]
113063124What was the worst kinoplex experience you had?[View]
113079668How has The Matrix aged after 20 years?[View]
113076926>oh mr anon, just one more thing. well you see, sir, we checked the records and we can't fin…[View]
113081441I find that the Harry Potter series is almost watchable if you imagine every line of Dumbledore…[View]
113081476She is amazing. What a talent.[View]
113080422Is this the best bromance ever depicted in /tv/?[View]
113081439The Office in Walmart: Amy >Mexican Pam Adam >Smart Roy Jonah >Nerdier Jim Kelly >Karen …[View]
113081421The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113079318/trek/: . . .[View]
113080862How did he get a gun?[View]
113081235what are some kinos that allow you to vicariously re-live high school with the face & body of a …[View]
113079981Was Faust : Love of the Damned (2000) the pinnacle of superhero cinema ?[View]
113078650WTF! Is that real?[View]
113078460It’s honestly very underrated[View]
113080015why is the media trying to besmirch the reputation of a dead man?[View]
113078899Why is nobody talking about this movie? Thought for sure it would be controversial.[View]
113079687How can wh*te bois even compete?[View]
113079662Just finished watching Episode 5 of Black Sails. Was really enjoying it, then I found out (Spoiler) …[View]
113080955I absolutely can't fucking stand the sight of this man faced sneering unmitigated fucking cunt.…[View]
113075186what happened to titrat? why isn't she in movies anymore?[View]
113076739Why are there so many clown horror movies?[View]
113078870Goodfellas Discussion: This scene had me wondering, why did Tommy ask Billy Batts to stop busting hi…[View]
113077609Remember, it all started way back when Ned found out that the wife of a man had cheated on him with …[View]
113080549Is this required viewing for Endgame?[View]
113080585Soprano thread: >*sits on Adriana's dog >She musta crauwled undah der for warmth OK, wha…[View]
113076134ITT: post a picture and someone recommends a movie from it[View]
113077820Films about this insane world we find ourselves in?[View]
113080631Will the upcoming remake of The Matrix include this epic action scene? Also, who would you cast as …[View]
113080576What are some kinos about American cops and special forces?[View]
113058878Who's '''excited''' for this?: I can think of one s*yboy who is...you know the one.[View]
113078811What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
113080542>See this 'fight cancer' avengers as come on T.V. >Cringe hard Fuck off Disney. Like you…[View]
113080490/got/ BTFO: https://youtu.be/0d3y9dH9ps4 IT'S UP[View]
113078654I want the spoilers am too lazy to find them, HMU faggots[View]
113077470Now that the dust has finally settled: Which was more kino?[View]
113079376I was on an imageboard, mother[View]
113080040>record scratch >freeze frame See that little dude right there? Yep, that's me: Anakin…[View]
113079439Heres your MASTER CHIEF bro: >https://twitter.com/Showtime?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetem…[View]
113079498is he /ourguy/?[View]
113079592>tfw no Alex v James match[View]
113079818Was Sergio Leone /ourguy/? >A Fistful Of Keks >For A Few Keks More >The Based,The Cringe An…[View]
113079949>Genie, grant me my first wish! I wish to say... the N-word!! You think they'll include this…[View]
113079531Good God this movie was awful. It both failed as a pro jesus movie and an anti jesus movie. It had n…[View]
113079797*HUFF HUFF* the sheriff is a co[View]
113079722WMD RI' CHERE RI' CHERE[View]
113063380Heres your siege army bro[View]
113079784>wife's bull loves this movie Seriously why do beta nig nogs love this shit film?…[View]
113078466How would you write twin peaks season 4?[View]
113078218Rosie Cotton's debentures...she had bonds in her portfolio. If ever I were to file jointly with…[View]
113079702Pick one.[View]
113078653Deano Core Films: What movies are DeanoCore? I guess mostly new things, anything older than 2008? Wo…[View]
113079649what's the point of keeping Endgame spoilers when everyone already knew what happened in Infini…[View]
113079676>Don't worry, I'm gonna tell you where they are. Both of them. And that's the poin…[View]
113077693Say hallo to your queen /tv/: Surprising that she ended up winning the game of thrones huh. Who woul…[View]
113076924I just rewatched the original Hellboy from 2004 for like the nth time, it's still fucking kino.[View]
113041009Local ambassador ruins everything[View]
113072218why they dont make movies like this no more?[View]
113079449Good dubs: What r some good ass dubs like >hellsing >FMA >cowboy bebop > space dandy…[View]
113079443which actor working today is the coolest? also your thoughts on this little fella?[View]
113073752Why didn't he just make more resources?[View]
113079340was it kino?[View]
113077389How many times did you watch this movie, /tv/?[View]
113077068What were these things always in the background of TNG? I've even seen them in other sci-fi sho…[View]
113071535what was your favourite film from 2007? Mine was transformers[View]
113079289>republicans, lmao worse than sorkin[View]
113069369Horror General: 'mistakes were made' edition!: Whoever edited Halloween 5 needs to be bitch slapped.…[View]
113078580Unironically a better character than any of the ones introduced in the sequel trilogy.[View]
113078213Why did this show go full SJW season 2?[View]
113077852Brie Larson, Emilia Clarke make Time's 100 most influential people: >Actress Tessa Thompson …[View]
113060598Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113076774Are you a fan of all 3?[View]
113078945Aquaman: 'It broke my heart seeing my blonde haired white king betray our kingdom and it hurts me ev…[View]
113078222>only black guy on the show >sells fried chicken and meth what did Vince mean by this?…[View]
113077744Teen Spirit: Is /tv/ looking forward to the new Ellekino?[View]
113078841Remember those spoilers: Mods are fucking fag cunny lovers[View]
113078715LOOK AT THIS DUDE: Oh no no no no no[View]
113078655He killed thousands...[View]
113077938So IX is just going to be ROTJ 2, right?[View]
113072905Robert Zemeckis Will Direct THE JETSONS Live-Action TV Show: https://tvweb.com/the-jetsons-tv-series…[View]
113078703I'm starting to realize we're living in the last days. What are some good movies for this…[View]
113078698>Did you just insult The Rise of Skywalker?[View]
113077151The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113078545Will it be dead on arrival, lads?[View]
113078339>mfw endgame comes out and its revealed all the leaks were bullshit to generate hype…[View]
113078453what the fuck was this flys probBBBZZZZZ[View]
113078281Is it really that bad?[View]
113072094>watch a Behind The curve >everyone is a white obese american >the only exception is a lite…[View]
113075320How did this tedious, preachy slop ever become popular, /tv/? I don't even mean the show's…[View]
113074972hav de secs[View]
113076392Better Call Saul: Why is this guy such a jelly piece of shit?[View]
113043756THE MANDALORIAN Synopsis & Character Details: >THE MANDALORIAN will be set five years after t…[View]
113075893600lb Life General: New Episode, LaShanta's Story, in 2 hours. Get ready! Currently on TLC Ang…[View]
113077228Is he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-nw2gdHLHU[View]
113065994Atlantis:The Lost Empire: What does /tv/ think of this movie? Why was this smashed by critics? Why d…[View]
113077236Would you be cool with Ned Flanders?[View]
113075536/got/: The Threads to Come Edition Previous: >>113073356[View]
113077700tfw no royalties[View]
113077833zoom zoom[View]
113073161https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81WIkfUAc_o Here's a peak behind to curtain of what it's l…[View]
113077787What did he mean by this?[View]
113066800If Disney is going to do a reboot of Indiana Jones I think that Chris Hemsworth should be a good Ind…[View]
113075457Apologize!: *Augie's Great Municipal Band plays in the background*[View]
113072931The narrative around this star wars guy is bizarre, it was entirely 4chan /pol types who were making…[View]
113077625Just finished watching this for the first time. Pretty good for '72. I honestly wish there was …[View]
113076420Zoomers are now nostalgic for the Era Where Everything Went to Shit (2007-2012). How long till we ge…[View]
113070613Can women smell out virgins?[View]
113077501ITT: Times you acted like The Joker: >be me, out playing bowling with my friends >halfway thro…[View]
113077083>Beric, Euron and Jaime aren't the best characters in GOT[View]
113077480Holy shit just watched this for the first time, it's about the fucking joos, ain't it?[View]
113042778>tfw you destroy your multi billion dollar franchise in one movie[View]
113065869Let's be honest: Harry should have ended up with Luna.[View]
113074622What's it like holding the hand of the one you love?[View]
113077410*HUFF HUFF* Don't mind me *HUFF HUFF* I'm just on my way *HUFF* to page 10.[View]
113077397What did the ending mean? It was 2deep4me.[View]
113077353He deserved it for being such a spergy commie faggot[View]
113074321Should I watch?[View]
113076168Does this film make you distrust Jews more or less?[View]
113077178Vanderpump Rules: Can we discuss /our guy/ James Kennedy? Disgraced because he called a whale 'fatso…[View]
113056503How come British television has such great mommies?[View]
113075664put it in writing[View]
113077062How will the live-action American adaptation handle him?[View]
113074936Cast her[View]
113076034>Jon Snow is a Mary Sue![View]
113074016Can a vlog be kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIC73xZPLgU[View]
113076659ITT: Honest movies[View]
113076952>You hear that? >I don't hear nothin' chief >Exactly…[View]
113070675*slowly walks towards you*[View]
113076470We're going to build a wall and roasties are going to pay for it[View]
113070596Dude topped his current single day record. Who can stop this madman?[View]
113071641When did Howard Stern peak?[View]
113075241Did they really just put vagina on poster?[View]
113076759what are some movies about snowy landscapes?[View]
113076402> Thor is fat (apparently to show passing of time) he ends up depressed and hipster >Tony sta…[View]
113076435What went wrong? What went right? For me it's leagues better than Walking Dead.[View]
113061923/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel discussion Previous Thread:[View]
113073757He's not coming back is he?[View]
113074374>duh capital of space empire is giant planet city![View]
113073534What is this shows fascination with dicklessness?: Eunuch side character since season 1 behind every…[View]
113061651You lied to me and told me this was kino[View]
113075817Fucking Charlie Chan.[View]
113074451Has anybody here seen this? Is it worth watching, or is there better kino about the French Revolutio…[View]
113070595DC UNIVERSE | Swamp Thing Reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8TKZu5PbdA >SWAMP THING follow…[View]
113030225/trek/: Old >>112990899 Dukat did nothing wrong aside from perhaps being too lenient with the …[View]
113073979Better Call Saul: Is it just me, or in 80% of the scenes, the characters are drinking or eating some…[View]
113069589What did /tv/ think of this film?[View]
113076051For me, it’s Veep.[View]
113076053Why wouldn't they just use fucking guns and get over with it for fucks sake, alot of thinking, …[View]
113075582His next movie will be the biggest movie since the silent era[View]
113076047I KILL WHEN I WISH[View]
113074791Nausicaa: Was this kino, and furthermore why doesn't anybody remember or talk this movie[View]
113073266Do you feeya death?[View]
113069482What is your favorite Natalie Portman film?[View]
113053532Holy shit, how does he keep getting away with it?[View]
113075853WW2 documentaries: any recommendations? pic related, the opa of someone[View]
113075451Cast him: Seriously, where is the Green Lantern KINO we deserve? >sci-fi >space military >c…[View]
113075843whats the most retarded thing friend has said during a movie?[View]
113075366>Decide to take a break >4chan decides to go find a new punching bag >They do in TheEricBut…[View]
113073711>teenage romance film[View]
113073980*is the basedest character*[View]
113069299What's the point of space movies when realistically we will never visit other worlds[View]
113073356/got/: Only Forward Edition Previous: >>113068862[View]
113075129This is actually kino as fuck[View]
113073233Would this be the greatest war miniseries ever?: Who would you want to direct it?[View]
113074391Will Madelaine Petsch ever make it big?[View]
113075308What action movie should I watch?[View]
113072946Pestposting is back[View]
113073904Was it kino, /pol/?[View]
113074703/RR/ general: /ourguys/ Kieran and Tony shitting on Rian Johnson. They even drew out a few complaint…[View]
113075084>protagonist has a really picky girlfriend that barely eats anything besides bland food How does …[View]
113074990Any Yakuza related kino?[View]
113075055>tfw everyone who hated Canto Bight was too dumb to see the real world deeper parallels to weapon…[View]
113074994Why does /tv/ never talk about John Woo's greatest film, Hard Target? Fun fact: Kurt Russell wa…[View]
113074795Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yc6GZiFbV0 >Drama, Romanc…[View]
113073582The lannisters send their regards[View]
113074993Vampire's Kiss: I liked the film. Were the psychologist meetings imagined?[View]
113071570WEBM Thread: previous thread >>113053024[View]
113071153What's your favorite silent film, /tv/? You do have one, right?[View]
113074768I fucked Ted.[View]
113055792What would /tv/ do in this situation?[View]
113072984Joe rogan you cocksucka[View]
113072802Hello I am the most boring Mahval movie.[View]
113071608ITT movies only you've seen[View]
113071830there must be something George's seeing that we can't in Phantom Menace the best movie eve…[View]
113074788>we finally did it, Avengers: Endgame >directed by The Russo Brothers…[View]
113074820Still the best Joker.[View]
113073934Are you HYPE?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ug2DOoxJ1g&lc=z23gxjnygsfkshyl4acdp4333ss2kzvhws…[View]
113074762What are some good films about men who have reached the end of the road?[View]
113071653Can any modern actress compete with Cynthia Rothrock ?[View]
113070054post your kino stations[View]
113074402Fake End Game Spoilers: Hello /tv/, lets write completely fabricated spoilers for End Game and sprea…[View]
113072974Who will play him in the[View]
113074556/ourguy James Holzhauer won $110k today again. 3rd time she's won over $100k in a day[View]
113072368Dead at 16: F[View]
113074514You now remember Strutter[View]
113073198Was it kino? It being Easter has made me think about it a lot.[View]
113074403GOT fags literally BTFO.: Also, who was in the wrong here?[View]
113074380Bran Forgives Theon: :3[View]
113074151So Mr. Depp you're on top of the world right now! If you had one wish for the way the next ten …[View]
113074168The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113070555Bill Burr: >*fails to understand offside even though it's explained to him several times* …[View]
113073162Who will play them in the biopic? inb4 Leto[View]
113073838is he dying?[View]
113073547>current year >no live-action megaman cyberpunk/action movie it would be better than alita at …[View]
113073974>STRANGER CON Do normies even care about Stranger Things anymore? Seems kinda forced and artific…[View]
113074009>been spending all day drinking vodka and watching dvd special features for dr.house >cameron …[View]
113073744>family show/movie >parent works like a dog to support family >misses his tyke's baseb…[View]
1130739682019. I am forgotten.[View]
113073953the only time he appears in GoT is when he get's killed off. mark my words[View]
1130737122019 I am forgotten[View]
113072516good movie, bad cast other than culkin[View]
113073657is this kino?[View]
113073647Here's your Halo tv series Master Chief: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/showtimes-…[View]
113072823>'Black Panther fucking su-...' You were saying?[View]
113073380There's only one police in this town[View]
113071456First look at Swamp Thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8TKZu5PbdA Shame they cut down the episo…[View]
113073610>took one scene to save the entire episode Based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RET4E58u51I…[View]
113071942Is he going to be in season 8?: Please tell me he is bros.[View]
113071127Are female GoT normiefans the biggest cancer of all time?[View]
113068227The greatest movie of all time is an anime.[View]
113073197Play a melancholy song[View]
113053740Mark is based[View]
113068862/got/: The Titan's Bastard Edition Previous: >>113064737[View]
113071704What ever happened to ASR? She's a blast to see in movies and she deserves more roles.[View]
113072488Did you know every generation has a legend /tv/?[View]
113066993I just think they're neat.[View]
113051939I turn 40 this weekend.: What is the ultimate Boomer kino?[View]
113063851Clock is ticking, where's the new Riddick movie?[View]
113068870danny devito will die in your lifetime[View]
113072642ITT: signs you know you're in for something good[View]
113072969Thoughts on this retarded manchild spazzing out over the most recent star wars trailer? This fucking…[View]
113071768How would I learn to act on my own?[View]
113070992>spend entire movie searching for treasure >end up abandoning/destroying/losing treasure Why i…[View]
113071139Japan(fire) China(earth) Tibet(air) and Mongolia(water) But everything changed when the Japanese att…[View]
113071103What are some good bad kino? https://youtu.be/b34bWi9w6uE[View]
113068850Bee movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9qwn9mE0Ls What's the best bee movie? Bees seem to…[View]
113072765>character gets into unlikely extraordinary situation more than 1 time in sequels or subsequent s…[View]
113072198This is a kid's show in 2019. How the fuck does Cartoon Network get away with these kind of dra…[View]
113070724Let me solve 90% of the bullshit on this board: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DONT WATCH IT[View]
113072009Post your favorite minimalist movie poster.[View]
113071047This makes me proud to be British[View]
113068900*AHEM* Fuck microwave food.[View]
113067928John Cena to star in The Suicide Squad: yep, im thinking he's back[View]
113072507What are some times you went full Constanza/Larry David? >Go to neighborhood coffee shop with so…[View]
113072381HEADHUNTERS: what do you think of this movie?[View]
113071334Did you ever fall in love with a famous person and pictured your life together?[View]
113071569Remember me?[View]
113072366SANSA HERSELF SAYS HES A SIDE CHARACTER NOW!!! Holy shit, kinda based for the writers to say it out …[View]
113070209ITT dadcore movies[View]
113071169What's next for Amber Heard's career? And will she ever win an Oscar for acting?[View]
113070212You now remember this[View]
113070564Let’s take a moment to appreciate Sansa’s evolution[View]
113070736Us: Was it kino?[View]
113070862KK hints at more movies for Nuwars chars: >“You know, there is an appropriate time. We’re using t…[View]
113068404watch this[View]
113071480Any bongs watching The champions league? Pure sportkino.[View]
113071567What is your opinion on Eddy Murphy?[View]
113071898The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113070870JAR JAR ABRAMS BTFO: https://youtu.be/ptaGCTZyQ9s Based RAZ0RFIST strikes again. How will Disney shi…[View]
113070802Huge In France was pretty good. Anybody watch it? What did you think about it?[View]
113070019I don't know shit about aspect ratios, but is 21:9 taking over or something? I fucking hate it,…[View]
113071298/tg/ is making fun of us again[View]
113069268BASED ANGRY JOE![View]
113054963when will the plague of capeshit end?[View]
113071505https://youtu.be/SSwgJVwV7PM Hemsworth putting Larson in her place[View]
113071565Were the aliens demons?[View]
113069430how did the gum stick the knife to the mirror?: was his gum made out of glue? explain![View]
113071605>''He say you Blade Runner'' >''Roll Credits'' >*Di…[View]
113069139KOTOR: It will probably be something set in the Old Republic era. Not a straight up adaptation of th…[View]
113071460>Joe 'Imma ruin this basedboy's everything' Rogan Holy shit[View]
113068688He's a goner, isn't he?[View]
113068411Anon so good to see you! It's Alita Battle Angel again yes?[View]
113057906Beyond the Aquila Rift: I don't get it. Why did Thom scream like a little bitch? Sure, the alie…[View]
113071094sir this school has a strict no animal policy i assume these are hypothetical dogs and poni[View]
113071396>Jon Snow thrusts his Valyrian Blade into the Night King >'how does it feel to have 40 inches …[View]
113067377Which one will kill him, alcohol or suicide?[View]
113070558If RISE OF SKYWALKER TURNS out to be anywhere near like MGS4 I'd be totally fine with a massive…[View]
113071097What is the purpose of film and TV: Entertainment? Art? Manipulation? Propaganda? What percentage wo…[View]
113058241THE WITCHER TV SHOW IS COMING FOR LATE 2019 CONFIRMED https://www.pcgamer.com/the-witcher-netflix-s…[View]
113049131How did this happen?[View]
113069060OK, why is everyone saying that that full plot spoil from REDDIT of all places is legit? The only le…[View]
113069683What happened at this Q&A that made Mike and Jay stop making public appearances afterwards?[View]
113070717ITS OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKGv2DV59wY[View]
113069481Obi-Wan doesn't need to be on the high ground, the high ground just needs to exist within the b…[View]
113068372Thelma & Louise, Kalifornia, True Romance, Interview With The Vampire, Legends Of The Fall, 12 M…[View]
113069747>Born: March 22, 1931 (age 88 years) how does he do it?[View]
113067749lesser known actress talk: do you think with The Boys coming out on Amazon she will get the fame she…[View]
113068010Would you go to a strip club knowing it was owned by the mob, like the Bada Bing on sopranos?[View]
113070811>they think hes not a faceless man[View]
113069293Be honest, what was your first reaction to this iconic scene?[View]
113069470Name ONE thing that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did wrong?[View]
113070773>they think hes actually dead[View]
113070768Okay so why did he not meet the German reporter afterwards?[View]
113070744Who /dibnah/ here?[View]
113069928Itt: movies you still haven't watched[View]
113070239Rian trilogy details: >set in the modern day Star Wars universe. Moving beyond 'a long time ago' …[View]
113068565blade runner: this is just criterion a24 star wars[View]
113069422What the fuck did you say about my daughter?[View]
113070695Is Guava Island the next level of music video kino? This shit was amazing[View]
113070241Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?![View]
113063670>film about 'depression' >it has a happy ending…[View]
113070540>Yo guys! You know what Vader said when he went to a vegan restaurant? >(mimicking Vader'…[View]
113068863>Homer, use the for--[View]
113069500How do we feel about The Matrix? Has it aged well?[View]
113069515Which one is the best gunbarrel? https://youtu.be/AYJE3aGlSAI[View]
113066454Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty[View]
113069087The Exorcist: Why is this film considered to be the scariest film of all time? Folks even passed out…[View]
113069988What was his problem?[View]
113070486The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113070466For every movie which is made, is there a person who has this as a personal favorite above all? >…[View]
113069376ITT: characters who you emulate in real life[View]
113070436>You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips[View]
113069452more capeshit![View]
113068560> it isn't a PG rated Christian tale with clearly defined themes? >REDDIT! EDGY! GRIMDARK…[View]
113070256Do people actually pay this much money for capeshit toys for manchildren?[View]
113070253100% ALIVE[View]
113069960Why yes, I already preordered my seats for Avengers Endgame, how did you know?[View]
113068996Incel fantasy - the movie[View]
113070161>xxx days until Avatar 2, mah man![View]
113065640So yesterday I watched pic related (it was hell of a good movie, left some really good impressions i…[View]
113069950Noroi? More like Basedroi! And this is supposed to be the most scariest horror movie? WTF is wrong w…[View]
113069992Today, in my film studies class, some girl didn't know who Shelley Winters was when the profess…[View]
113070013>watching True Detective last night >this scene pops on my kino viewer >i was never the sa…[View]
113069750How does Mark get so much pussy?: I'm on season 4 of this show and how Mark gets so many women …[View]
113068895What was his name again?[View]
113069718>'Th..thanks for having over for your Easter bbq Robert... I..I bought the popped corn for us to …[View]
113069956MakeMKV isn't liking a blu ray cause it's region locked. Any recommendations software wise…[View]
113069946Is this actually popcorn kino?[View]
113069931>Wait for >2 years for the episode >The first line in the episode is 'You should consider y…[View]
113069900From kino to kino, just how good was this movie?[View]
113067724How could /got/ redeem itself to the point where you'd praise it on /tv/? >hard mode: no sta…[View]
113046540Soprano thread: >Kills a GOT thread[View]
113066296So can we agree that fire was only the 2nd worst thing Notre Dame had to endure in XXI century, righ…[View]
113069260>HEY MORTY WE IN HOLLYWOOD NOW What a fucking shitshow.[View]
113068887DEANO THREAD: Oi mates, just moved into my first Deanobox, lucky for me there is just enough room to…[View]
113066624What next for here?: Where is her career heading?[View]
113068660Mel Gibson: >the divine gods have already bestowed us with two glorious Mel Gibson films this yea…[View]
113069710who is the fastest? Sonic or Flash?[View]
113069580Just finished Trinity and Beyond: What's some other kino documentaries?[View]
113063440Am I missing something? How could anyone have not seen the obvious potential for adapting Dune as a …[View]
113068318>h-hello one ticket for Avengers Endgame please[View]
113067291Hi, it's Vince with ShamWow![View]
113067385How is this even possible?[View]
113069463Snyderfags BTFO!: 'But Warner Bros. Saved themselves first by firing Zack Snyder!'[View]
113067631MASTER CHIEF CAST[View]
113068465This was the last straw for that show.[View]
113062697Why do you not raise a peep when males get mary sues in every other film, but when women get them yo…[View]
113064234>Pacific Rim has quietly become a 'cult classic' Pretty cool, and deserved, imo.…[View]
113069282which star trek series should i watch first or should i watch them in chronological order so i under…[View]
113065460Sophie Turner's Height and Poor Acting: Why don't they negatively affect her career? Maisi…[View]
113067835Was this old man losing his mind? How can a single person be an entire governing body?[View]
113068691Why you being the joker dude?[View]
113066711I can't wait to see Aunt May in Spiderman Far From Home. Hope there is a sex scene.[View]
113065380Why was he so annoying? Even worse than the Reiben and the cowardly faggot Upham. I was happy when h…[View]
113060372Who here is taking LSD for the opening night of Endgame[View]
113060221Is she the most accurate representation of a woman in modern television?[View]
113068837Holly shit, this was hilariously bad!: Kek![View]
113064476in this trailer she sits on a guys face and orgasms so hard his head pops https://www.youtube.com/em…[View]
113063628Far From Home Plot Leak: I’m not gonna say how I know the plot leak but here’s the main standout imp…[View]
113062768They have become so cowardly when it comes to sex scenes now haven't they? No established chara…[View]
1130664731 - 5 - 2 - TCW - 3 - 6 - Anthology Movies - 7 - 8 - 9 Is this the correct order to watch Star Wars?[View]
113068992are you white hat or black hat[View]
113068967Hourly reminder Little Finger is ALIVE.: >master of coin >talked about braavosi ancestors >…[View]
113068348explain this ending to a based and discordpilled zoomer, incel boomers[View]
113068147Just watched this. Was it an accurate depiction of the Dark Web?[View]
113064737/got/ General: Wake Up Sheeple[View]
113048557any films that explore this concept? hard mode: no fight club[View]
113068729seeing this for the first time in the kinoplex today: wish me luck![View]
113068012who does this retard think he is? does he think everyone has his luck? fucking piece of shit gnome, …[View]
113067800* ahem *[View]
113066327What’s your favorite sports movie? Alternatively, what’s your favorite movie where a seemingly insur…[View]
113067300ITT: Posts from the archives: Post from 2015 talking about Toy Story 4 which was supposed to come ou…[View]
113067342The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113068471/ITT/ - movie hype moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzlsF0AH_iI[View]
113064582He's rolling in his grave right now: He's literally spinning.[View]
113066304I selling your soul worth saving your family?[View]
113061050>has an invisibility cloak >doesn't sneak into the girls bathroom >doesn't sneak …[View]
113068368was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h_l27lIxlc[View]
113067257>so.. yeah! I'll be hitting up that football game and i'm looking really forward to it …[View]
113068083could he have saved capeshit?[View]
113051769Disability Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yy6UUncUI0 Post more retard kino.[View]
113066866I kinda enjoyed Boondock Saints, is the sequel worth watching?[View]
113067041you're given a 24 hours licence to do anything before being terminated(killed) what do you do t…[View]
113063647I literally don't understand Why do they have to do this?[View]
113060175Why did they use a image of Rey?[View]
113067482Come on girl will you add 5 + 5[View]
113063691Do they just despise their viewership or are they simply out of their depth with showrunning Game Of…[View]
113067382So wait, vampires have horizontal vaginas?[View]
113067980movies only you liked[View]
113063798alone again sir? here is your popcorn. enjoy the movie.[View]
113066018The one movie where Clooney doesn't suck absolute ass[View]
113067581https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAcftIUE6MQ Cocksuckers[View]
113054859Is it me or are humans fucking stupid consumer-drones?[View]
113062393Why do normies love capeshit so much yet they don’t care about comics? pic unrelated[View]
113049118>Wields both his shield and Thor's original hammer as he fights Thanos 1 on 1 >Says 'Ave…[View]
113067035Will Detective Pikachu lead to more Pokemon movies?[View]
113067838Why didn't Alita make a deal with Nova to stop the bounty on Hugo?[View]
113067895The Spy Who Fell To Earth: Thoughts on this documentary? >inb4 gratuitous antisemetism…[View]
113067070Good Tier horror movies: My gf an me are about to smoke some blunts and we want to watch good Horror…[View]
113067848>at the movies, we know what we like >I like popcorn; she's got a sweet tooth…[View]
113065648>ywn be Bear Grylls i actually failed an episode baka[View]
113067454>*cough* F-for me? *cough* It's Star W-Wars Episode IX *sniff*[View]
113067790Here's your Master Chief bros (Pablo Schreiber)[View]
113065975favorite marvel character? hmmmmmmm...: cheeseman![View]
113064381>just b urself, bro![View]
113067515Sometimes you just have to dance anon, it's just so simple wake up right now and dance.[View]
113060633What is wrong with Anna Kendrick's body? Man, it just looks totally weird to me.[View]
113066328Rian rules Jar Jar Abrams drools IX is gonna suck, just you wait[View]
113066861scenes women will NEVER understand[View]
113066865The Master - Lancester & Freddie: I think that during the processing scene, when Dodd says 'It…[View]
113062413Why is this so underrated?: >interesting setting (early medieval England) >decent historical …[View]
113062727Who is the most powerful Simpson?[View]
113067121Is this a flop?[View]
113067306Foyle's War: Is this series worth watching? How does it compare to series like Midsomer Murders…[View]
113067427What are some movies about helpful life tips?[View]
113067333What did youtube mean by this?[View]
113065288>Data is supposedly an emotionless android without feelings >constantly talks about how he “wa…[View]
113065666Is there anybody worse than this man?: > rants about the rich making money (whaaaa not fair) >…[View]
113065388>Logan was the last good superhero movie[View]
113065802Puts in his mystery boxes. Gay virgins cheer. Why are SW fans so stupid?[View]
113063362>/tv/'s movie of the year is a capeshit about a Jewish clown who dates black women. Really m…[View]
113064072Where can I find a full overview of the GoT spoilers by Frikidocter? I'd like to read up[View]
113063580>the hero of the story goes back in time and makes you retarded woah...…[View]
113066548wtf he's ten times better without facial hair. twinks, give me a detailed rundown on this[View]
113061169Why do mens acting careers last longer than womens in general?[View]
11306410843 DAYS[View]
113049201If retards wrote game if thrones.: >0 setup scenes >Instance fights, actions, and death 'Muh b…[View]
113064088Which characters are going to die?: > Star Wars 9 prediction thread > C3PO has Chewie's B…[View]
113066890If most men are ugly, how come Hollywood doesnt care to represent them properly?[View]
113066851Best musical of all time fight me[View]
113058965On paper, the Star Wars sequels are supposed to be much better than the prequels, but why is it that…[View]
113065738>the state of /tv/[View]
113066500>protagonist makes eye contact with girls >he quickly looks away…[View]
113066187The Skeleton Key: Thoughts? Have you seen it?[View]
113065782Characters who are literally you[View]
113061612Why does everyone love The Simpsons[View]
113061193>tfw Mike has finally retired the nerd crew joke[View]
113066093Have you ever had a /tv/ related dream? I had a dream where I wrote a film starring some guy named I…[View]
113064690Why do so many famous Hollywood actors that are considered sophisticated and attractive have fivehea…[View]
113065112>i want you to join a good church >speak to some of the men there and ask them for wealth buil…[View]
113065914Not that the dust has settled How can she slap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4akMaeZ0-k[View]
113065756When will hollywood make incelkino?[View]
113062311>'What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have los…[View]
113065873House DANE[View]
113064673Whats the /tv consensus on January Jones?[View]
113064274Remember that episode when Moe had plastic surgery to become a chad?[View]
113064667>My life is not a tragedy, it's a comedy[View]
113063172My Neighbor Totoro: This is the best movie you can show your kid brother/sister. It's an actual…[View]
113061177>pls kiss my wife khaleesi >it’s the least i can do after you killed my father and brother…[View]
113063200Have sex[View]
113064186Fleetwood Mac: You know the inevitable biopic is coming. Cast it. Especially, who could do justice t…[View]
113065575'I'm gonna' put you through a window.': >'Why Frank? Because I betrayed you and got you…[View]
113063299>3 years without sex Holy shit, why would they ruin the immersion and realism of the film like th…[View]
113064968>'Sir, we've confiscated his laptop. It appears he has over 100 pictures of Ryan Goslin…[View]
113062382Good morning Anon. Thirteen years ago while driving to your sister’s house you came across a traffic…[View]
113064780Burning: So he didn't do anything wrong right? He just wants to help people.[View]
113062166>Genie, grant me my first wish! I wish to say... the N-word!! You think they'll include this…[View]
113065481Why were 80s/90s movies so comfy bros?[View]
113063832>I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast[View]
113064852any facebook groups for discussing movies? (or any other platform)[View]
113063992Bodyguard: Thoughts? I just finished episode 2. So far it's okay but I really don't buy th…[View]
113064241ITT interesting movie facts[View]
113065234>Movie/Story/Series has a planned end. All character arcs are resolved, whatever plotline isn…[View]
113045322If incels hate Brie Larson/Captain Marvel so much why don't they just make their own Marvel mov…[View]
113060584I find the answers aren't so clear, wish I could find a way to disappear All these thoughts the…[View]
113064708Star Wars: How do they use these static plastic sheets as maps?[View]
113064911>Tam ta ta ta. tam. tam >Tam ta ta ta tam…[View]
113056928‘The Force is Female’ is not about Star Wars: >There’s a picture floating around the Internet, as…[View]
113064660what is that real?[View]
113064207Any of you see Vice? This scene annoyed me and I was with it for most of it. Do they really think ha…[View]
113064602Ned's Declassified College Survival Guide: >In a university full of drug addicts, insane pro…[View]
113056712Why do you watch this?: Seriously, whats so special about this series that makes people interested i…[View]
113064212post films that are the same[View]
113055779Times you acted like the joker >hit on black girl very awkwardly.[View]
113064722>ep. IX >the 'Resistance' learns that there is another Death Star, a 4th one at this…[View]
113063796First episode didn't suck, in fact it was cool. Is there a chance they don't fuck this up…[View]
113063261>mfw i see another ''''strong'''' woman character >mfw i see another minority character who is…[View]
113062268>your parents are just junk traders >milineum falcon is a “piece of junk” >han solo is fou…[View]
113061582WHO SENT YOU[View]
113064075HBO To Develop Live Action Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Series After The End of Game of Thrones: Ca…[View]
113057444The box. You opened it, we came.[View]
113063537Giallo films where a chick is the killer: Here's the one you all immediatley thought of when yo…[View]
113064262X-Men: Dark Flop: She shines, icon of a generation, Chris Claremont has watch the movie. She shines!…[View]
113057440Oldfags of teevee, is this accurate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6vHHxWWT0Y[View]
113062882When i created my account i didn't pick any genres i liked for my suggestions. Does this matter…[View]
113063903The more I watch this, the more it makes me puke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrXNtj84owc…[View]
113064134Is he right /tv/? https://youtu.be/UGnOw-inYbo[View]
113058493/got/: THE ONE TRUE KING[View]
113061576Rate 'em: https://tiermaker.com/create/red-letter-media-tier-list[View]
113063834But Dad arent some of those BANKS?[View]
113063830What is the film equivalent?[View]
113062947He would've have made a great Joker.[View]
113063217ITT: guys who did NOTHING wrong: except neglect harry, but he's a bitch so it's okay…[View]
113061772I've thought she's getting fired, /tv/? What's the matter?[View]
113063251YUUUUUUUP ![View]
113063148That's Impossible! No..it's necessary.[View]
113047960Keanu Reeves shows of his motorcycle collection. How can one man be so based? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
113062227Star Trek: How would the timeline be affected if our Earth was substituted for the 2019 Star Trek Un…[View]
113063100My opinions on kino changed after having sex?: Can anyone please explain how this happened? >yes…[View]
113063206Star Trek: What will the distant Star Trek galaxy be like? I am under the impression that by 3000 th…[View]
113060152Do you trust film 'critics' ?[View]
113058416I'm going to Dorsia, anybody want something?[View]
113060378Who is the greatest actor on the planet?[View]
113061239That was kino, why is it never talked about in this board?[View]
113060563IT'S UP.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1jbIPhWziI[View]
113059750What are some life lessons you have learned from movies, /tv/ or actors?[View]
113062220The Kid Who Would Be King: I just seen it, and it was great kid/family movie. And I was shocked that…[View]
113062333>make movie about guy who climbs on walls like a spider >call it 'Spider-Man' Bravo, Raimi!…[View]
113061886Warm'm out today. Warm yesterday. Even warmer out today.[View]
113062577>OH NO!! Don't spoil the movie for me. I've only seen 20 iterations of the same story. …[View]
113063241It's still an accomplishment though managing to create a character so bland and uninteresting. …[View]
113061970/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion SCRIMAGE #386 Previous Thread: >>113051763…[View]
113063078>Is there a problem, officer? >I stopped you because your right taillight is out.…[View]
113062880Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113058100Why are Predators such sore losers?[View]
113058060Okay /tv/, redpill me on Chi-Chan Chong. I’ve never seen his films. Are they any good, or is he just…[View]
113060873Barry: What should I think of this /tv/? For me, it's an excellent show. The season 2 premiere …[View]
113062892>and then this chinese guy comes in and says SUPLISE SUPLISE Why did they allow this on fresh pri…[View]
113058096is it really what girls want?[View]
113058697This is the best movie of the decade[View]
113062535Any movies with this theme?[View]
113057459If you have sex with mother but you are in your fathers body is it still Incest or is twice the Ince…[View]
113062790>leave Thanos to me[View]
113061665A gift for my friends.[View]
113020545Top 5 Films Thread: Post your top five favorite films. They don't necessarily have to be the fi…[View]
113062660how much time until a korsub of this ?[View]
113062395What are some well made dancing scenes in movies?[View]
113049840>japanese '''''''children's shows''''''''''[View]
113058129Say it.[View]
113060258rlm: https://youtu.be/C1jbIPhWziI what did they mean by this?[View]
113059569Why can't we have some meat?![View]
113062401Best movie concept artist. Syd Mead or Ralph McQuarrie Who was the best?[View]
113058481>A refurbished Star Wars is on somewhere or everywhere. I have no intention of revisiting any gal…[View]
113062355this is just criterion A24 star wars[View]
113062230The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113061819Whats next for Bridget Regan?[View]
113062207https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvigbn6eV3A Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113057317>gf absolutely loves GoT and LOTR >I hate fantasy stuff because it's all the same to me, …[View]
113060237Leaked Lilo and Stitch live action remake design: These are said to be from the Lilo and Stitch live…[View]
113049610What are my frens watching tonigh?[View]
113061724What's the best high school movie?[View]
113060620How's castle?: Compared to say other procedurals like criminal minds, CSI, Izombie, etc..?…[View]
113052985How many fucking Alita threads do we need? The movie is not even in theaters anymore. Why is there a…[View]
113060937do you find the term 'chick flick' offensive?[View]
113052787what classifies a film as 'kino'[View]
113061718Star Warheads, get in here!! What's your favorite Star Wars Episode? For me, it's Episode …[View]
113051902i was in a spaceship once[View]
113061936New music video kino starring David Lynch https://youtu.be/aTrTtzTQrv0[View]
113060529>*crack* >*sip* >Ahhh For me, its enough.…[View]
113056499So this is your average Star Wars fan[View]
113061869And who...[View]
113060788Farscape was pure kino: and mogs every other sci-fi show out there. On top of that, the makeup and…[View]
113057284>We've got company[View]
113061767>three of them were post-30 virgins Are we finally getting representation besides that Steve Carr…[View]
113061715>Just doubled my bag. Fuck it... If you're gonna scam me take it all... or I'll get it …[View]
113060990Would it make a good sifi kino?: 4 interesting empire factions A wealth of lore and history Various…[View]
113061353Whats the /tv consensus on January Jones?[View]
113060956>ywn have cancer and get to sit on Gal Gadot's thigh why live?[View]
113060127What am I in for?[View]
113045186Reminder: Season 1 Cat was best. Trina is underrated. Jade is slightly overrated. Tori was always b…[View]
113051763/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #385 Previous Thread: >>113043632[View]
113037857ITT:Scenes only women will understand. Post them.[View]
113061339Thoughts on William Shatner?[View]
113060195Whats /tv/'s opinion on Make It Or Break It ? Who was your favorite girl? For me? Lauren Tanner[View]
113061064Complete reboot when? >'No!' There its been said.[View]
113060412Why did he do it?[View]
113056690>have a stunt double cuter than you >gets so jealous you decide to (allegedly) do your own stu…[View]
113060373Based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1jbIPhWziI[View]
113056777This any good?[View]
113027543Does anyone take Gordon Ramsay seriously as a chef or is he just an entertainer?[View]
113061019The laugh at the end isnt Palpatine its actually Mark Hammill. JJ Abrams is going to pull a even big…[View]
113060292What does a true cinephile look like IRL? Reply with pic[View]
113056385Sexy scene, her confidence is so arousing, if only we got to see her bobs[View]
113053395And thus, a generation of furries was born[View]
113060174Kinos for this feel?[View]
113059934Friendly reminder: OT fags, PT fags, Clone Wars fags, EU fags, LucasArts vidya fags, Dark Horse comi…[View]
113060019If you dont mind please explain how the hell this movie is not feminazi propaganda? literally muh st…[View]
113059556Do you think it’s just one of those roles that no one should play again? No matter what you do, you’…[View]
113059604>times you knew a tv show got bought up, became a mouth-piece and literally everything following …[View]
113057078Why are movies full of adultery?[View]
113055092Was omitting the action of the battle a COPE or a KINO?[View]
113059797>multiple Alita threads >multiple Disney still threads >memefrog threads But no delete the …[View]
113054113Alden Ehrenreich is headed to a Brave New World. The actor will play a lead role in Universal Conten…[View]
113057482How can I be like Anton Chigurh?[View]
113060445>that scene where Harry drinks a polyjuice potion to transform into a girl then gets gangbanged i…[View]
113059938What is it about dead babies that sends normies into an outrage?[View]
113060241Holy shit this movie is pure ki(ea)no: why don't they make mindless action movies like this any…[View]
113058402No, Ben! NO![View]
113059061>This portfolio is now the ultimate power in the universe[View]
113060294The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113060091Do you think Directors regret not choosing underwhelming franchises instead of great ones?: Pick rel…[View]
113059985Can Kramer ever make a comeback to Hollywood?[View]
113055493I wanna be your ENDGAME[View]
113057033Whats your favourite role from her?[View]
113058143What did he mean by this?[View]
113059670Who was in the wrong in this kino? i feel less racist than every after watching this, unironically …[View]
113044256he has had no character development whatsoever: why do we care about the conclusion to this story ag…[View]
113049111Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
113059760Best website to watch Game of throne season 8 online 2019 for free: 1. 123movies.fun 2. hdbest.net (…[View]
113057090I LOVE YOU WHORES[View]
113059591Canonically which Queer Eye is the most powerful?[View]
113056512It takes two numbers to measure your ass but only one to measure my son's future?[View]
113058353>C'mon Marge, don't you think you deserve to earn as much as a man who does the same jo…[View]
113058971Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?![View]
113057214 During the final battle, Cap destroys the Soul Stone; spawning several multidimensional portals fro…[View]
113057449What was the last great sitcom?[View]
113058492>that one scene in terminator where the mom starts talking about how having a baby inside her is …[View]
113033151KOTOR MOVIE IN DEVELOPMENT: Kathleen Kennedy just spilled the beans with MTV, not sure if its a movi…[View]
113057612Is Who wants to be a millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
113059006Can we all agree that the first season alone is absolute Kino.[View]
113057939Who's your favorite Louis Theroux character? This guy was pretty alpha and based[View]
113058989>20+ movies in the MCU >Still haven't topped pic related…[View]
113054007Lauren Bacall was such a fucking babe.[View]
113046656White Trash Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXaXQ3sCyU4 Post white trash kino.[View]
113058987YO LIL' KITTY[View]
113050637/chart/: discover something new http://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/[View]
113058851Did Euron finally build that skatepark?[View]
113056758What the fuck is his problem?[View]
113057732Does anyone know where you can pick up a copy of the grifter? I've searched all over and can…[View]
113058559Endgame leak: Can anyone point me to the pist with the leak? Cheers[View]
113057025honestly, this did not age well[View]
113058652Avengers should have just time travelled and destroyed the stones throughout history, which creates …[View]
113058655IRONically Many people Actually Need to see these Dubious spoilers threads to get Interested Enough …[View]
113058377'NOBODY NEEDS ME!'[View]
113058602>long after Igor sends her away, her influence will linger like a bad memory that won’t go away. …[View]
113055030>be battle droid >programmed to make sarcastic comments…[View]
113058536>sitcom about a fat man with a hot wife[View]
113058495Who was Nala's father?[View]
113058479Post Your Favourite Actress That Isn’t From Hollywood[View]
113053157Adam Egert appreciation thread.[View]
113058439Hackman and Pacino giving arguably their best performances. Why is this kino so ignored?[View]
113054954Why are tv penguin documentaries so comfy bros[View]
113058331post the funniest moment of movie[View]
113056822IT'S OVRE[View]
113048996 [View]
113058219It was a babortion, Michael! It was a son Michael! A son! Why did Jar Jar say this? I don't gt …[View]
113058132What is your Toy Memory? http://123tvnow.com/watch/adult-swim/[View]
113058099The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113056624>go to film school > half my class mates hasn't seen the Godfather or Citizen Kane >th…[View]
113053780'I bypassed the _______ !'[View]
113057864Why was Batman so weak in this? Every purse snatcher or generic goon puts in a good fight and gets a…[View]
113057376How much does a suit like that cost?[View]
113055853This show is ruined by all the religious kookery. Someone as intuitive as Kareem wouldn't ever …[View]
113056702What roles do they play now?[View]
113057488tick tock you old fuck, your friend monkey punch already hit the sack, you're next[View]
113057601lets all take a few to appreciate the greatest tv show ever made or I am going to shoot you https:/…[View]
113053925/got/: Is it me or was the cgi very bad in this one compared to season 7?[View]
113039675I want to be interested, but my gut's telling me I'll just be disappointed as usual. Is th…[View]
113054487I want my motherfucking unicorn![View]
113057595Name a more useless sack of shit character Not even AJ from Sopranos is this much of annoying retard…[View]
113057631How can one man be so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4iGNXsqghs[View]
113057178WASSUP FOO[View]
113048582What does /tv/ think of this film?[View]
113056955Batman V. Superman: Was it simply too deep for modern audiences ?[View]
113056836help me /tv/: This is really killing me -- I want to figure out what movie contains the scene I have…[View]
113055117This is literally me[View]
113057391Do you remember when Terminator was still cool and not cringe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgV7-…[View]
113055640>Bored so I look up 'reviews' of movies from my childhood >It's always these fucking auti…[View]
113050171How come Thanos totally wrecked Thor in the beginning of Infinity war? Afterwards he was more or les…[View]
113056010Spill.com: These guys raised me.[View]
113056969Who was a better MC?[View]
113056994One way or another, this smug bitch is gonna die >The seeds have been planted, Jon is the rightfu…[View]
113056848So the Simpsons were right: City slickers with fancy German cars really do wear Gucci loafers! https…[View]
113054101what the fuck was name again[View]
113055463Which how has the hottest male lead? (Name movie and actor)[View]
113057109Post the most devastating movie moment you've ever seen.[View]
113057060Ahead of the curve, it will take plebs 100 years to realize that Phantom Menace is one of the best m…[View]
1130522791. AVGN 2. Monster madness 3. Board James 4 video rentals 5 Mike and James 6. YOU know what'…[View]
113055574Where the FUCK is the trailer?[View]
113056511>favor for a favor >start screaming rape decades later when you're rich and famous >ge…[View]
113055698is this a masterpiece or just a piece? i appreciated the commentary it provided and i think the exce…[View]
113055064Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
113056984Avengers endgame: Pic related is what happens[View]
113055295>season finale episode >don't you cry no more starts playing…[View]
113054281Thoughts? Critics fucking hated it at the time. But audiences still loved it[View]
113047324Why did Patrick kill Paul instead of just accepting his offer to go to Dorsia? Is this a plot hole o…[View]
113053264Riddle me this: in Dr. Strange it is shown that getting killed by Dormammu resets the time loop, mea…[View]
113053402Cast him[View]
113055273Name a more kino kino[View]
113043088MY NAME IS[View]
113055678ITT: Songs you discovered from movie soundtracks Heard this in the Joker trailer and have been list…[View]
113056563Anyone else see this in the theater? I thought everything was really well done, the only thing I thi…[View]
113056423i've been to one of their meetings it was above a feed&seed store[View]
113050783>nu-simpsons isn’t base- https://youtu.be/UeF9sxDUruc[View]
113056490How could he have saved himself in this situation?[View]
113005409THE FINAL VERDICT: So, what went wrong here? For me, personally, it was just en entire episode of th…[View]
113056404Glitch in the Matrix[View]
113054001How does he know what he know?[View]
113054104ITT: Forgotten masterpieces. https://youtu.be/VL8daMgZo18[View]
113056315>back when men can be alone with children without worrying people Also, what the fuck is with the…[View]
113053768Post some toiletcore.[View]
113055078what the fuck was his problem?[View]
113056273Do you think Star Wars is exploring feminist themes properly to make the force female or is it just …[View]
113054873>I've got AIDS so let's get out there and ROCK![View]
113054756Don't mind me. Just posting the best Powerpuff Girl.[View]
113053082Name one(1) Movie[View]
113055221Was 'Faust: Love of the Damned' (2000) directed by Brian Yunza the pinnacle of CapeKino?[View]
113038539ITT: Post only the most KINO fight scenes: https://youtu.be/5HaUTDQDElI[View]
113054312The most pathetic MCU hero: >Doesn't have any power unless he drinks purple goo and wears a …[View]
113050936P O W E R F U L O W E R F U L[View]
113051532She quite literally did nothing wrong.[View]
113055340Ruben.Brandt.Collector.2018.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG: >Ruben.Brandt.Collector.2018.1080p.BluRa…[View]
1130520811984: What an amazing film adaption. Quite underrated if I do say so myself. Thoughts?[View]
113053654Why are they marketing Endgame and Episode 9 as the, 'end,' of their sagas? They're still gonna…[View]
113053965>is named Mann >makes ManKINO How can one man be so Based?! - What's your favorite MannKi…[View]
113051897Cast him[View]
113055726Now that the dust has settled - who was right and who was wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jP…[View]
113055591The Keystone Cops, a film by Zac Synder[View]
113054244ITT: We wait for the movie to start[View]
113055072>says swing music should come back >it actually does How else did this show predict the future…[View]
113053961Will Amazon make it work, or is the scope just too large?[View]
113053078You now realize that Hawkeye ALWAYS smelled his food before eating it[View]
113053400Do our heroes stand a chance?[View]
113053371What is your favorite Alien movie?: Go to The Gimphole for Hollywood news gimpholearchiveblog.wordpr…[View]
113051356He's wannabe pseudo intellectual. Copying from the masters. An overall bore.[View]
113054705>Children of the Forest create a WMD out of the First Men to clear out the First Men from Westero…[View]
113054991For anyone that watched/saw the leak. Was he in it?[View]
113054718> Gets thrown into energy beam on Death Star > Gets teleported 30 years into the future Way to…[View]
113055079the average /tv/ poster when watching Jon x Dany scenes: >The dragons intently watch them kissing…[View]
113054943Jerry Lewis is one the most underrated directors of all time[View]
113050521French movies: Good french movies you know[View]
113050006Once again /tv/ was wrong. It was unironically pretty good[View]
113054905Goffrey dies.[View]
113054878More like catching chromosomes LMAO, any other comedies like this?[View]
113054181hey, what's end game's post credits scene?[View]
113054805The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113046829/GOT/: >>113005409 old thread. Game of Thrones general. 'don't use me to promote racism'…[View]
113054629*looks out towards the waiting room to survey the situation*[View]
113053000chinatown: I know he like little girls (dont we all) Repulsion is ok, The Tenant is genius. Piano wo…[View]
113054688JGL should've been oscar nominated for this role. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5liG9fs5tA…[View]
113054687What are some nice stand-up routines? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwAVIbeX8H4[View]
113047341Why does everyone love The Office?[View]
113051791>Pull the lever, Kronk[View]
113053575Why didn't Thanos just use the gauntlet to place a magical, unremoveable and indestructible con…[View]
113054586Doug Walker: Say what you want about Nostalgia Critic, videos like these are kino as fuck: https://w…[View]
113045286What would be some modern Sliders plots?[View]
113054331Why did they make such a big deal about Saruman making gunpowder in this scene when Gandalf was alre…[View]
113052762What are your top 10 horror movies /tv/? Not based on 'objectivity' or whatever just the o…[View]
113053390>climactic scene in SWIX >Rey stands over the corpses of Sheev, Kylo, Hix, and the franchise …[View]
113045415It is without a doubt to say that this is the BvS of the Wizarding World Cinematic Universe.[View]
113029964Dude clearly doesn’t give a shit anymore[View]
113053017documentaries: Anyone seen Combat Obscura? Is it good?[View]
113052793Why does he always play lonely beta roles?[View]
113050333South Korea: Recommend me some South Korean kino. I just watched Burning and I need more. Let'…[View]
113053502his only crime was that he cared too much ;________;[View]
113054117>what do dragons eat? >...WHATEVER THEY WANT *smug face* >i dont know how to ride a dragon …[View]
113051142Who Rey really is: >Wanders around desert just being a bad ass >Can communicate with the dead …[View]
113047093>Gets cucked by a computer Does it get any more pathetic than that?[View]
113052877Bravo Tolkien: >What of the Wizard? >I will break him >You will 'break him?' Uh,…[View]
113053163What 'one room' movies do you like? pic unrelated[View]
113038668Apologize to ericbutts[View]
113051829HEAD. NICE AND HOT.[View]
113044399Do you actually watch movies on those tiny screens on airplanes?[View]
113051742This is peak comfykino would /tv/ live in a tiny house?[View]
113053068how should i adress the situation where im going to the doctor since my hand hurts becasue i got int…[View]
113051664The Last Jedi was good Blade Runner 2049 was dishonest[View]
113050221who's the coolest actor working right now? also what do you think about this little guy?[View]
113050630'He was a handsome man' >is an anorexic 8 foot tall mishappen cyborg freak with African American …[View]
113053417This is now a Robocop board. No star wars or capeshit creeps[View]
113029724Was she being ironic?[View]
113052778What is the best movie about Albert Einstein?[View]
113051001Why did he mow the lawn?[View]
113051518Yeah? Maybe?[View]
113049823Now that the dust has finally settled ROTS>TROS>TLJ>ESB>AOTC>ANH>ROTJ>TPM>TF…[View]
113053545>'everyone is staring at us' >'well that's cause they see two beaners in a bowl full of c…[View]
113053506>you're a big guy >almost what was the meaning behind this exchange?…[View]
113047908>so I'm going to adapt Alita for film right. >guess what I am going to do. >you know w…[View]
113053315What am I in for?[View]
113052769more movies like this?[View]
113047655*looks at camera*[View]
113046708>Richard Gere Holy shit he aged so bad.[View]
113051917Feels kinda surreal that everyone here now loves the prequels. Back around 2009-2014, when you had t…[View]
113053069Only 5 more episodes and I am free of this accursed shit show.[View]
113046301Michael B. Jordan To Star In Warner Epic MATHUSALEH: >Warner Bros Pictures has tapped Michael B. …[View]
113051172Broke >waifus Winona in Beetlejuice Woke >waifus Catherine in Beetlejuice Try and prove me wro…[View]
113052458What the fuck happened?: This was genuinely one of the shittiest episodes in the series I've ev…[View]
113050675Escape Room: what am i in for?[View]
113051376more obscure hot actresses Jordan Phipps https://youtu.be/scR4LrvyLj8[View]
113052108>finally get gf to watch Game of Thrones >she watched the first few episodes of S1 >says it…[View]
113051660>things you can say about capeshit but not your girlfriend[View]
113046917Have sex[View]
113052749Franchises that are truly forever and will always resonate with every generation.[View]
113051249Movies that aged badly: Starting with this piece of shit. The frequent use of visual effects and slo…[View]
113051718Sherlock Holmes: Is it worth watching this show with benedikt cumberbatch?[View]
113050734The great spoiler of GoT: Tyrion betrayal[/spolier] thread. The credible leaks from the dude who spo…[View]
113051338Why aren't you an actor? He made it[View]
113048054Professor and the Madman: Has anybody watched the latest madman Mel kino? how was it? this show is …[View]
113052536>not using Quasimodo WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?[View]
113052390MY LIFESTYLE[View]
113052480The Chum Chum Room: Check out The Chum Chum Room https://gimpholearchiveblog.wordpress.com/…[View]
113052367>Finally, after all these years I have become The Godfather Really?[View]
113052320Game of Thrones Season 8 ep 1 online free: https://topfilme.biz/game-of-thrones-sezonul-8-episodul-1…[View]
113051918A letter from Disney and Russos[View]
113052086What's your favorite LGBT themed movie?[View]
113051697lets laugh at reddit youtubers[View]
113051599Does anyone know when The Jared Taylor Show is supposed to air? Pic related. I heard Sam Raimi was d…[View]
113046003Someone explain this shit to me. King Aerys Targaryen had at least seven kids, one of which was name…[View]
113051932Fatty Arbubkle: Was he innocent or a killer. He's career went poof[View]
113050011Why is The Tick (in all forms) so much better than your megacorp focus group capeshit claptrap? Why …[View]
113052068Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game - FULL ANIME MOVIE: https://topfilme.biz/kurokos-basketball-last-game…[View]
113052018What are some films and tv that you cannot watch anymore because they make you sad,angry, whatever f…[View]
113051946Serious thread: What will be the downfall of +10 of capeshits for the cinema ?[View]
113050070So is Luke dead? I didn’t see that piece of shit movie.[View]
113049367Werner Herzog has a wife 27 yrs younger than him tfw kino-man is also a Chad[View]
113048578What was your reaction, /b/?[View]
113051875>Vito dies surrounded by loved ones, drinking wine and playing carelessly with his grandchildren,…[View]
113050859Under rated Kino[View]
113035847Best Movie This Year: And it’s fan made. Fuck that capeshit https://youtu.be/rXjOA6B9sYA[View]
113050069Sup /tv/, what's your #1 favorite movie?[View]
113051631That episode Don let's Lee garner Jr masturbate him off to get his business. Really out of cha…[View]
113051732>why cant we just use the ring to fly mordor into the eagles[View]
113051670>that Pixar movie where the main character sponsors hemorrhoid cream[View]
113047528Emily Deschanel: I thought she was hotter than Zooey.[View]
113051607>character's name is 'Knives' >no one questions it…[View]
113043632/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #384 Previous Thread: >>113038062[View]
113051586Down by law: That Italian dont belong there ..[View]
113051183What is the verdict on how Frozen was portrayed on Once Upon A Time?[View]
113050636>1 week for Cobra Kino[View]
113051102Did /tv/ enjoy the Other Side of the Wind? I thought it was a bit rushed togrther but the trailrr im…[View]
113049387Was this a Twin Peaks reference?[View]
113051147Save Nortre dame, please.. sil vou plais[View]
113047905Midnight Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9Hrq9dzNSs AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WANT A M…[View]
113051361Go to The gimphole for pics of your favorite tv stars. https://gimpholearchiveblog.wordpress.com/…[View]
113050145Movies were the protagonist kills himself but dying ends up being a new beginning? Alternate realiti…[View]
113051037Give me some underrated best of the worst episodes[View]
113051143>you dont even smile Why do women thrive so hard to turn APEX Predators alpha men into soi betacu…[View]
113049450>Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble…[View]
113049834Do I need to watch this movie in order to understand whatever is going to happen in avengers end gam…[View]
113043631/got/: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Edition Previous: >>113040042[View]
113050954HARRY POTTER... IS DEH-D[View]
113043473Black summer flick tier?: Gave it the good 3 episode try, and ready to give up on this shit. Will it…[View]
113050961British Fatkino: Why does nobody ever discuss British obesity documentaries/reality shows? Fat Docto…[View]
113040812>Surely you can't be serious? >I am serious; and don't call me Shirley. Will this li…[View]
113050870>it’s a dream sequence episode[View]
113044305Happy Endings was better than HIMYM[View]
113050318Big trouble in little China. Now that’s a movie.[View]
113048793>'I'm eating so much pussy I am shitting clits.' What did he mean by this?…[View]
113046226In my country there is a problem[View]
113050594Die Bergpolizei: >Terence Hill >kinoest alpine forest and lake setting >beautiful nature sh…[View]
113046885Name a better show on TV right now.[View]
113049871Did they do it?[View]
113043820Star Wars: The Last Jedi: It has been long enough. Have you come to a consensus over how you would r…[View]
113050269We are the ugly naked guy[View]
113048106What audio systems setup does /tv/ use?[View]
113046443Now that the dust has settled...: Was it kino?[View]
113046949any kino about aliens abudction[View]
113048897Who was the better operator?[View]
113039318>prequelfags are STILL seething about the Plinkett reviews based Mike[View]
113050156What the fuck is his problem?[View]
113050064*muffled screams*[View]
113048554Here's your incredibly diverse cast for the Game of Throne's spin-off, bro.[View]
113047471Why did Marv turn into a skeleton when he was electrocuted?[View]
113048186Staying in the shadows...covert-like.[View]
113049164TFW you can’t slay puss by bragging about how you ran like a bitch on 9/11[View]
113049727Cast this[View]
113048580The Act: Intimately realistic. Suspense. Character development. It's one of tje most compelling…[View]
113046571We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we ne…[View]
113047081>”Turn off the flash you fucking moron.” What did he mean by this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
113049458Are you looking forward to this art film?[View]
113049425Warm'm out today. Warm yesterday. Even warmer today[View]
113049401Was he in the wrong?[View]
113047527have you ever met a celebrity before /tv/?[View]
113049186You failed to protect that smile[View]
113049173Okay /tv/, 2 worst seasons and why.[View]
113048750what does /tv/ think of Mike Tyson Mysteries?[View]
113049015You've seen how 3D revolutionised film making. And then how 60 FPS changed everything. Again. H…[View]
113048359Action Kino: What are some Action Movies that slap along the lines of Double Impact (Universal Soldi…[View]
113018404>this was posted in 2012 UHHHHHHHHMMM[View]
113048327Burnt flew under the radar for most people but I think its pretty kino >Based Chad chef BTFOs eve…[View]
113046237Cast it.[View]
113040664How come an English speaking country as large as Canada has contributed so little to film? Is it bec…[View]
113048804What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
113048888>stupid boy[View]
113048740Star Wars IX: Is time travel fucking real? Or is Disney so creatively bankrupt, they take their idea…[View]
113048768How can a manlet be king?[View]
113048764What is she thinking?[View]
113048499>mfw there are ZERO Endgame threads Beating Avatar my ass Cameron is still the king baby…[View]
113048208How is season six so bad?[View]
113046865Why did Smaug hoard gold? The central bank of Moria was perfectly capable of handling the economy of…[View]
113043906Just finished season 6 of my simpsons rewatch, pretty comfykino so far. Also, I didn’t realise until…[View]
113039494*ruins your series*[View]
113044360Last Man On Earth: Anyone watch this? Pretty funny tbqh love the cringe humor[View]
113046091This looks like kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2riLPWRwr0[View]
113048530HELLLLL YEAH[View]
113047938>I love you anon[View]
113048425have gay sex[View]
113048314Can anyone help me find a movie? When I was a kid I recall watching a movie on tv that I can't …[View]
113041633FAST & FURIOUS Franchise Updates: >Fast 9 and Fast 10 will probably be shot back-to-back, Inf…[View]
113045346Whens the criterion release?[View]
113045613>steals your gf Nothing personnel, kid.[View]
113045379>Masturbation is self improvement[View]
113044242HOW BAD WILL IT BOMB /tv/?: Long Shit. I can see the headlines now.[View]
113043301Madskino: Yep this was pretty kino[View]
113047340kitty pride[View]
113046849>humans bad >robots good is this the ultimate netflix literal NPC endorsement show?…[View]
113046276What's the worst cinema experience you've ever had?[View]
113041133got god tiers: lets rank the gods /tv/, I'll start >1) lord of light / R'hllor resurrec…[View]
113044561movie scenes you always cry at[View]
113046927how did they get away with pg-13 tiddies? i watched it in the theater with mom at age ~8'ish an…[View]
113047897how the fuck are they gonna tell me what i'm gonna do with my son[View]
113048131Hackers: Any good movies like the hackers movie, also general hax0rs movie thread[View]
113047962comy sitcom sets: Apart from maybe Frasier's apartment itself, was there ever a comfier TV sett…[View]
113044228What's next for her after Modern Family?[View]
113047988BOYCOTT ENDGAME AKA MENGAME: Iron Man kills Thanos since Captain Marvel is too incompetent For that …[View]
113040153Who's hyped for DC's ENDGAME?: Will it be kino?[View]
113046686Why do people hate Pierrot le Fou here: Not everything needs a deep meaning, film is entertainment a…[View]
113047930What are some films about choking?[View]
113044920after hosue and superslut, what could be next for slut-actress Odette Annable?[View]
113047385/heem/: Brendan Schaub edition News: Shitsrael Adecanya won Dustbin Poorier won Overeem fights Satur…[View]
113047786what do you think was going through Gosling's head during this scene?[View]
113047691/kino quotes/ that inspired you: I'll start with Kubrickino quotes.[View]
113047417/bloom/ general: Sup virgins. Yes it's me again, 3 days ago I was a virgin and after 3 days of …[View]
113042013>the real treasure was the friends we made along the way[View]
113046902Bran's looking right at me dude[View]
113047702Sure is a ding-dang of a hoedown.[View]
113047665What was the strategy behind not telling Jon about the Riders of Rohan?[View]
113044989Hands down the best part of episode. Just men trying to survive.[View]
113042825Was there anything more satisfying than bringing a laser pointer to the movies as a kid/teenager. It…[View]
113047525AY YO LIL JANNY Tony Stark dies Hulk wields the Stark Gauntlet Avengers from 50 Universes appear to …[View]
113046147Just marathoned the first 20 minutes.. when does it get scary?[View]
113045154I liked Top Boy more than The Wire God bless the Bongs Cant wait for series 3[View]
113047432Thoughts on Kelsey Lewin?[View]
113042772Whats your favorite movie quote? >Follow me if you want to live[View]
113044484It's time for your daily reminder Sansa[View]
113046360Thanos dies in endgame[View]
113031687I'm on episode 11, and I'm just not feeling this shit it's so fucking boring, why did…[View]
113047034i dont understand - how the hell this movie is not feminazi propaganda? literally muh stong wymyn th…[View]
113046107Y2K AESTHETIC: Looking for movies that share the same aesthetic as The Matrix, Dark City, Blade, Aeo…[View]
113042863Pullo have you been to the theater recently? They ruined the entire plot of the Last Centurion. Luc…[View]
113047076honest thoughts on joe rogan: I feel like Joe is a great interviewer but isn't that funny…[View]
113042907/got/: 'Feel that?' 'Feel what?' 'The way the shit clings to the air...' 'Shit clings to the air?' '…[View]
113045441I'm just about to start pic related. Wish me luck.[View]
113014408/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: Ghost Team One Previously: >>112891981 What is f…[View]
113046272when nirvana started playing i said 'kino' out loud in the theater[View]
113045648Got: Please supply a link to the new game of thrones episode any I find are taken down already, than…[View]
113045960why does this movie have like 5 separate endings?[View]
113046856Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty.[View]
113025945George Lucas' Message to the Star Wars Fans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiWit-r0nM8 >'T…[View]
113044386Does this sound as cool in japanese as it does in English?[View]
113036230>this is a 10/10 in Sicily[View]
113035984What happens to actresses who can't make it big?[View]
113039227Was this movie made for reddit?[View]
113045733Is this guy the newest reddit actor?[View]
113046154What the hell are Warner Brothers Pictures and DC Films playing at? Their upcoming film 'The Jo…[View]
113023129Movie stations: Post your setups[View]
113046304Which Clone Wars era was better?[View]
113046612Conspiracy Chronicles: 9/11, Aliens and the Illuminati [2019] by J. Michael Long: https://youtu.be/Y…[View]
113041008I'm late as fuck but holy shit >the gonorrhea meme was a real leak https://youtu.be/oxHwNNIH…[View]
113045971any films/tv shows like this?[View]
113046077Bela Lugosi? Now that was one scary wop[View]
113044396GOT: Are there even any memorable bits of dialogue from this show? People just seem to recall the vi…[View]
113044618Was he the first Incel character on-screen?[View]
113044267i drawed a twiangle[View]
113045211Is he going to return in Endgame or is he completely dead? Nobody would really care if he got revive…[View]
113039668ITT: 'You haven't seen MOVIE?!'[View]
113043268>hop in, civilian! How do you react?[View]
113041994Iron-Man Mark 85: Now Tony has a literal Force Shield and other attacks of the like. You are fucking…[View]
113045614Makes you think[View]
113041110About to watch the first season, what I'm a in for?[View]
113028815Cancelled shows that only you remember.[View]
113045740computer load up thanos ass[View]
113045209>mfw Twin Peaks[View]
113014199ARE YOU CRYING YET: https://youtu.be/0jNvJU52LvU[View]
113045580what is the symbolism of this shot?[View]
113043241'ey /tv/, can I have 'bout tree fitty?[View]
113045497Favorite Sitcom characters: Post your all time number one favorite character from any sitcom. Mine…[View]
113038423Here are the 3 post credits scenes, faggots. 1. Spider-Man Far From Home footage. Nick Fury recruits…[View]
113044079>black bars disappear during the movie[View]
113045469Any other good french-canadian films like pic related?[View]
113045428For fucks sake, wake up mods[View]
113045305French New Wave Is Shit: discuss.[View]
113042790I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
113036831Why do w*rsies think their pathetic little franchise matters? This is a trekchad board, cease postin…[View]
113045269Name a more kino moment in TV history than Michael Jackson's Motown 25 Performance: https://www…[View]
113039202How does /tv/ rank them? 2 > 3 > 1[View]
113044182If the battle of Winterfell is happening in episode 3, why does it look like clips from the battle a…[View]
113044406Fuck off, Vader. Go play the space wizard somewhere else. We're trying to work here Who hired t…[View]
113039951God bless 4k displays[View]
113044941I want Roland Emmerich to do a disaster porn adaptation of the Book of Revelations. Does this make …[View]
113039673Why couldn't he just be canon? What were they thinking?[View]
113042927James Bond 007: >watch Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough >perfect balance of serious and f…[View]
113043676The Shield: I fucking HATE women[View]
113044634Is it true that Cap calls Thanos the n-word in Endgame?[View]
113037135Now that Endgame is spoiled. Will there finally be a sequel to the Harry Potter Drive-By? https://yo…[View]
113042807I don't fucking understand what these wildlife narrators from nature documentaries (in this cas…[View]
113043134Avengers: Endgame spoilers: Only deaths at the end are Tony, Thanos and his minions. Pepper is heav…[View]
113032582Would she have been a better Captain Marvel?[View]
113044239Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and s…[View]
113028228Could this BE any more of a Seinfeld thread?[View]
113044183Lol they couldn't afford elephants[View]
113040042/got/: Check 'Em Edition Previous: >>113036942[View]
113043054who is the superior reaction youtuber /tv/?[View]
113043477/GoT/ Jon and Dany 'A Whole New World' Dragon Remix edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmv6imCr…[View]
113043500Why do so many pseudo-intellectuals and manchildren pretend to hate comicbook movies?: Do they think…[View]
113043999How would you adapt an Apustaja film?[View]
113041263how and why does this ugly piece of shit with the most annoying voice, who can't even act get a…[View]
113035970>they're not both for me >one's for a friend haha…[View]
113043532When did he exactly go insane, or was he always like that?[View]
113043179>yfw Star Wars is the ultimate accumulation of western storytelling values building up all the wa…[View]
113040938Fifty-fifty... with Cristobal.[View]
113040022So which one ruined their franchise more? Mary Sue Rey or The Invincible Mikey?[View]
113040521>Have you any idea how it feels to be a fembot living in a manbot's, manputer's world?…[View]
113018075/comfy/ SUPERNATURAL thread: >deAN? >... >deAN?? >.. >deAN!?! >SMMEH! what is it? …[View]
113039761>Wanna know how I got the scar?[View]
113042680How will Disney reboot Married With Children?[View]
113043461Yeah I'm thinking he's back[View]
113043414Sure is a ding-dang of a hoedown.[View]
113039964Why'd he do it bros?[View]
113043318The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113042052the most soi boii: ultra soiii boii[View]
113037812why are leaks such a big deal?: isn’t it obvious in a disney super hero movie that the good guys ult…[View]
113039337Is /tv/ watching Kino Patrol? It's the best show currently on the air.[View]
113041587Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113040548Perfect Capeshit Casting: HARD MODE: No J.K. Simmons[View]
113039645What’s your favorite Wes Anderson film? Personally, the best Wes Anderson I’ve seen is Fantastic Mr.…[View]
113043270she's just like me[View]
113043259People hate what they don't understand.[View]
113043148>watching kino at 1.50x speed: good idea or bad idea?[View]
113043219>be a pilot >have blasters on your plane >dont use them >instead try to ram the bitch…[View]
113042257>Are you okay, anon? You don't look so good...[View]
113042310what the fuck was Homer's problem?[View]
113026188>invents C3PO yipee![View]
113041321>Anon, have you penetrated anyone yet? How do you even respond to something like that? Also Rome …[View]
113040683Get in dudes[View]
113043118What are some good anthology films?[View]
113023508GoT confirmed spoiler thread. Also theories.: GoT spoiler thread. Post spoilers and (intelligent th…[View]
113041917>not realizing “ex machina” is a much less subtle remake of “her” >not realizing what happens …[View]
113041973Kino of the highest order[View]
113043033I can't believe Salacious B. Crumb is fucking dead[View]
113037431So this movie was like big and shit and now everyone forgot it exists. Why is nu-horror so forgetta…[View]
113042053What went wrong?[View]
113042223ITT: Movies that exist[View]
113042546What went wrong for them?[View]
113041914let's settle this once and for all, who wins in a battle? Dr Now or Pierce ''The Arch…[View]
113040440What makes this movie 'right-wing'?: Is it just because there are white guys shooting guns and sayin…[View]
113041999What is the best scene in this movie?[View]
113040089What movies and series will you be marathoning for the long Easter weekend? Who else here calling in…[View]
113036023Hey min. my names Korg, this ere's Miek. I'm made of rocks, as you can see, but don't…[View]
113042735ITT: Actors that are tired of living https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4IlNMJs4vk[View]
113041277How would you save the DCEU?[View]
113038563Characters that are literally you[View]
113040216Disney's Hollywood Studios: >Not actually a studio Why is this allowed?…[View]
113038062/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #383 Boogieman EDITION Previous Thread: >>1130…[View]
113040905It's time for that thread again.[View]
113041042DR. SHEEV, I'M JEDI[View]
113041612Moore of Mandy[View]
113042078>hey bru[View]
113038599Why didn't they cast him as hellboy?[View]
113042390Roger that. Payback.[View]
113038922/gabagool/: Sopranos thread we all know Tony was at a disadvantage when Bobby sucker punched him…[View]
113042374Anymore red pill kinos like this?[View]
113037827about to watch this. what am I in for?[View]
113041761damn this was good[View]
113042228Friendly reminder that the use of spoiler tags is required on /tv/. Please be considerate to other p…[View]
113041686>gives you lung cancer >Gave your son cerebral palsey Why do people defend her?…[View]
113042205Now that the dust has settled, is this, dare I say it, Francis Ford Coppola's best film? Is thi…[View]
113041506he's alive isn't he[View]
113038748Fact: the best Marvel movies of all time are not from Disney[View]
113030070>watch ghibli movie >feel hungry >remember you're a poor…[View]
113040694Word on the grapevine is that this book is getting adapted into a movie, and Mel Gibson might be dir…[View]
113040952But how did he eat, breathe, or other science facts?[View]
113041351Was it kino?[View]
113040660YAAAS... nerd culture is inclusive now (and that's a good thing).[View]
113040285/tv/ decides what we watch: the thread: Don't know what to watch? Or got a movie you think is 1…[View]
113041269>Quiet. what did he mean by this? was he observing that it was already quiet? did he mean for the…[View]
113038475>We came all the way to the South Side of Chicago today for Sal's punishment! >And listen…[View]
113039585LEAVE THANOS TO US[View]
113037847Haha imagine if you thought you were ugly but in reality you just smelled bad haha wouldnt that be f…[View]
113041388im drunk and sad what are some movies[View]
113041094Why is an 80 year old man dressed like this?[View]
113038809Fast and Furious : Arma99edon: >Ninth installment of the Furious franchise to remake 1998 film 'A…[View]
113039672>movie opens with found footage >isn't a found footage movie…[View]
113026680ITT actors that could beat you in a fight[View]
113041136ITT films men will NEVER understand[View]
113041241FUCK THE SHIT[View]
113041239The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113041169Can I actually learn about history from watching movies? I feel so out of touch with the world somet…[View]
113040132Obscure horror movies: Any kino horror movies or campy shit to laugh at? >pic unrelated…[View]
113041037Nude Love Moves over me Like a storm Before you were born[View]
113040531Friendly reminder that the use of spoiler tags is required on /tv/. Please be considerate to other p…[View]
113037674Would you watch a Gorillaz film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MBF0ErjMOc[View]
113039570>scientist explains difficult concept to main character >in english, virgin?…[View]
113039233Admiral Ackbar said it & this cuck tried to shut him up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RtynAkg…[View]
113040471*destroys /tv/* psssh...nothin personnel...incel....[View]
113040935any movies that have a guy getting a gf?: has to be as accurate as possible to real life haha[View]
113040659Mommy Dead and Dearest: I didn’t know this doc existed on HBO before The Act, but holy shit >fath…[View]
113038388Wtf is this faggot shit?[View]
113039545Movie = Kino.: That is all.[View]
113040681baby bach: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6c54x5 another childhood vid[View]
113039953>film/show with survival element >guns/ammunition are super scarce >protagonists never, EVE…[View]
113033816*loses and calls you an idiot three times*[View]
113037329You aren’t going around spoiling Endgame early, are you?[View]
113040632The new season of sabrina is just too fucking shit, I can't deal with, did they change the writ…[View]
113040566>*goes over budget*[View]
113040541Posting the worst TV series I have ever seen. Fuck you shitflix unsubscribed unliged[View]
113040362>Only 45 days until King of the Monsters[View]
113039763What ever happened to those guys from Key and Peele?[View]
113028380Rory was a shitty person.[View]
113040345What are some movies about horrible catastrophes?[View]
113040284>Wanna know how I got these oscars?[View]
113039657Captain Marvel trailer premiers and everyone complains about how Brie Larson doesn't smile. Bri…[View]
113037258Did the spoilers reveal who she's playing? Tony's daughter, Kate Bishop, or someone else?[View]
113039271Redpill me on stunts /tv/. Which movies have the most badass physical, non-CGI stunts in them?[View]
113040098/got/ general- ancient memes edition: >>113036942 PREVIOUS >>113036942 PREVIOUS >>…[View]
113040191>in da coogie's taco corner what did he mean by this[View]
113039919Enough about Marvel. What about Tron?[View]
113040161Are you fags happy now? Stop acting like children. Let the grownups enjoy their movies, kay?[View]
113039752Good lord, behold that simian. What doth he be, thirty stone? Forsooth he'd tear one to shreds![View]
113039381My sister and her boyfriend visited several GoT filming locations. You jelly?[View]
113038242What the fuck?[View]
113040069Thoughts on 'The Take', from 1974 /tv/? Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4EiEdKte_A…[View]
113036942/got/: Whip It Edition Previous: >>113034322[View]
113025387Will 'Vita and Virginia' be her big break? Will she be forever known as 'that tall bitch t…[View]
113040003What are some films about feminism?[View]
113039762El clásico.[View]
113039646What the fuck did Arya ask Gendry to make for her? Is it a dildo or something? Am I missing some kin…[View]
113039638can you autismos try and spoil that star wars shit instead of endgame? thank you, bye.[View]
113039823Hey /tv/...: 'Mind if I call you Dick?'[View]
113030218Who would play her in a live action remake?[View]
113034485Black Rain (1989) Jump in and talk about this suburb 80's action flick: East meets west in this…[View]
113038854>implying a carton of cigarettes is a bad Christmas gift[View]
113036859Spoilers - Avengers: Hi, I didn't get tickets for Avengers' premiere Please, give me spoi…[View]
113033641Did Morty really have sex with those adult women?: Isn't that rape?[View]
113039831>Shame on the House of Wayne for such barbarity. Shame. >B-but you were enemies- >He was A …[View]
113035179unironically very happy for him[View]
113039296baby mozart: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5q7bqc this was my childhood[View]
113038984Is Psycho still worth watching even though nearly every aspect of it has been a huge part of pop cul…[View]
113033720Some anon pointed out in a GoT thread that Sansa is a great exemple of how much easier it is to make…[View]
113022924A letter from Disney and Russos[View]
113038640ITT: Post cringe beta reaction videos to Star Wars or literally anything else like it.[View]
113037986>your favorite group features in a show/film pic related, the B-52’s Did it happen to you?…[View]
113039250Endgame vid link: Does anybody have the actual link to a spoiler vid or a pic of fat Thor?[View]
113039334For me? It's Colin Quinn[View]
113039422>this is a 10/10 in Canada[View]
113039099This is still hemorrhaging viewers. Only 240,000 people watched Sunday's episode.[View]
113039440Playing the fans like a violin[View]
113038195What the, and I cannot stress this enough, FUCK did I just watch?[View]
113039387The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113037830What did they mean by this?: >On last season of peep show >show has been great the entire time…[View]
113037241Simpsons...SILVER AGE?: >randomly lying in bed today since i'm a depressed skinnyfat 28 year…[View]
113032832>Claims Tolkien was a monarchist because his characters are too perfect and there is no talk abou…[View]
113036098What's the best example of a gay/bi character you can think of?[View]
113039113Guys, what do you think of the famous rumor I made up about Jamie Lee Curtis? That she 30 Rock threa…[View]
113039274Can Mike fit inside a Showbiz Pizza Bear costume?[View]
113037680Are there any plans on doing driveby spoiler yelling at theater goers once Endgame comes out now tha…[View]
113038719Childhood is thinking Curly was the best stooge. Adulthood is realizing Shemp was the GOAT.[View]
113036698>people say 40K can't be adapated Ok, like I understand why it couldn't and probably wo…[View]
113039154Give me some movies. I watched Dragged Across Concrete. I want every movie from Bumblee to you have …[View]
113022172Playmobil: The Movie: Looks like ayyy-kino is back on the menus, toys https://youtu.be/CptMzYIE8pU h…[View]
113037754Today is Anya's birthday! She is 23 years old today, please wish her a happy birthday![View]
113039119/cape/ when? throw starshit and GoT there too for good measure[View]
113038680Whats your guys biggest problem with Film and Tele at the moment?[View]
113037952Is he gonna be back this season?[View]
113037953ITT: Momcore[View]
113036687Welcome to the Cash Cab! It's the TV game show that takes place right here, in my taxi![View]
113035279How do we fix star wars[View]
113038249Whaddaya gonna do you dirty little doe?[View]
113037828>'Man, I can't wait to watch Endgame' >'whoa, whoa, Rise of Skywalker is the other way br…[View]
113038792What if it's like Speed, but it's the opposite?[View]
113038391Billions: Why aren't more people talking about this show? The writing is brilliant and the stor…[View]
113038378Oh god. I just found out Unfriended has a sequel. Is it worth watching if I like shit horror movies?[View]
113038738>R2D2 shows Luke the video of Leia asking for General Kenobi's help. >The next scene is …[View]
113038730why does she look hotter in her klingon makeup? I just cant put my finger on it...[View]
113037653Master Windu, I'm the Senate[View]
113035287Which Arabian prince do I thank for the leaks?[View]
113035817Who is the more insufferable stronk womyn: Choose one (1) and ONLY one /tv/[View]
113035275>Black friend invites me to the kang kinotorium[View]
113038035ITT we post our favorite /tv/ related merch[View]
113035309TV Licenses coming to USA?: >So what qualifies as an unauthorized device? According to the FCC, s…[View]
113037715He was gay, wasn't he?[View]
113037603>singlehandedly brings an end to the bing bong theorem After all these years, has he finally rede…[View]
113034279when did you finally realize that she didn't deserve to be hated and that those that do are the…[View]
113034950*rapes you in jeopardy*[View]
113038478Is this show worth watching? I got pretty far into s1 but lost interest because I was expecting less…[View]
113037790This was the only good vidya adaptation.[View]
113030792Would the masses really celebrate a pro incest ending for GOT?[View]
113038464Was it kino?[View]
113038433What are some films that a gay person such as myself should definitely watch?[View]
113038339*Spends the night with your wife, alone, eating your food and drinking your wine and watching kinos …[View]
113036757Why doesn't /tv/ like Andy Samberg? He's pretty cool and funny. Also Popstar: Never Stop N…[View]
113035524MIDSOMMAR: First...The Witch Then...Hereditary And I have no doubt this’ll be an amazing ride. Can’t…[View]
113038258If most men at ugly how come Hollywood doesnt cast ugly men as leads?[View]
113037477Anyone else watch this based TV show?[View]
113030460/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel discussion Previous Thread: >>113016789[View]
113031876Where's the fucking joke[View]
113038164Why did he kept picking up girls and then just leaving them?[View]
113035872Everything in my life was going well. I had a loving family, no financial woes, and enjoyed a quiet …[View]
113035443Are the rumours true?[View]
113035236King of the Hill thread[View]
113037780Movies that changed the world[View]
113036570Thinking of seeing this. Based Mike Mignola involvement and Ian McShane. Why are the reviews so poo…[View]
113037955What's his next project?[View]
113033245Post your 5 favorite movies and have others guess personality/age/how you will die[View]
113031537Fuck you this should have been renewed[View]
113037840The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113037510Name a better bad movie[View]
113035830>if you eat a lot of unhealthy food you become unhealthy why was this so praised again?…[View]
113032714Is Jack Ryan good? I'm a couple episodes in but it's trying way too hard to humanize musli…[View]
113036502Did anyone ever figure out why Disney let this guy use a mainline Star Wars movie to shit all over t…[View]
113034903ITT: Major league horror movie qts: barbara crampton in reanimator is major league[View]
113035811GoT spoilers White Walkers win, everyone in Westeros dies by episode 6. Each episode is just them pr…[View]
113037590Why do normies like the Mad Queen, again?[View]
113037033How do you go from this...[View]
113028437Have you gotten YOUR Endgame tickets yet?: >But I saw the leaked footage! Then you should watch t…[View]
113036187GoT: When you get catched.[View]
113035973I don’t get it.[View]
113037395>'One t-ticket to Avengers: The End Game please.' >'Here you go sir, enjoy the movie!' >'Y-…[View]
113035974ITT: characters with horrible aim[View]
113036728It still feels weird.[View]
113035816Is this worth a watch?[View]
113036712matt damon[View]
113030041What went so horribly wrong?[View]
113022133ITT: Best movie doggos[View]
113036443Queen Cersei: Why the big deal over Jon's daddy being a Targaryen? Cersei is Queen because she…[View]
113036966/got/ general - ancient memes edition: previous >>113034322[View]
113036332what does /tv/ think of the original jewish action movie: hebrew hammer?[View]
113033651How did DC get away with this?[View]
113037071>I'M CHEROKEE JACK What did he mean by this?[View]
113036776We grow up in a society.[View]
113032903Endgame Spoilers: Just saw the early access version. Tony Stark sacrifices himself to bring back hi…[View]
113034322/got/: YOU WOKE THE DRAGON Edition Previous: >>113031750[View]
113036823Here’s 40 shillings on the drum, For those who volunteer to come, To list and fight the foe today, O…[View]
113033677Ian McKellen on stage acting vs film acting: tl;dw Ian McKellen says stage acting is much harder bec…[View]
113034037Maniac: Why is it so underrated? Is it because it's Netcucks?[View]
113026531Rewatching Star Wars 4-6: TLJ got Luke Right.: He was always a whiny shit. He wined to his uncle con…[View]
113036164IM A CHUCKSTER[View]
113036091How do you feel upon seeing this shot?[View]
113035813>Ah, Stannis, now THAT was a king...[View]
113036649>ITT: Novels that should be turned into films[View]
113036631Marty didn't think about it logically.[View]
113036294I'm the bad guy?[View]
11303652410 bitcoin first correct response[View]
113029614What did she mean by this?[View]
113035756ITT: Incelcore.[View]
113027564Is this any good? I've been decently pleased with Chazelle so far and obviously I love Gosling …[View]
113036372>Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) are going to rise like gods from the fo…[View]
113034856>Why don't you go in there and rape her? What did Weiner mean by this?…[View]
113036199ahem....: Who was in the wrong here`?[View]
113036136I'm about to watch this. What am I in for? Is it too shit, enough that I shouldn't even bo…[View]
113035815In Terminator 2 Arnold is actually the good guy[View]
113030704Is there a WW2 equivalent of this documentary?[View]
113032966OT fags, PT fags, EU fags LucasArts vidya fags, Dark Horse comic book fags, action figure fags, ever…[View]
113029257The expanse: Why do the belters have weird Jamaican cross with south African accents?[View]
113035739>Endgame? No thanks. Just downloaded a couple Vittorio De Sica and Ingmar Bergman films to watch…[View]
113027575APOLOGIZE: He's going to retcon TLJ and save Star Wars. JJ Abrams was criticised heavily for TF…[View]
113035885>nervous character fails to open a door[View]
113035883The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113034162Remember those spoilers: Friendly reminder that the use of spoiler tags is required on /tv/. Please …[View]
113029226last man on earth: fucking DISGUSTING and also cringe. unlikable and hideous.[View]
113032914>That is one of the subsidised carers, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell. >Shadowtax. H…[View]
113032644Admit it /tv/, you’d have done the same[View]
113034025What's his endgame apart from fucking Cersei? he wants something more like in the books? I can…[View]
113035753ITT: Essential Milf-core films and television shows[View]
113035746What are the best films set in British Dominance times?: I’ve seen Last of the Mohicans, Zulu, Pirat…[View]
113033470it's kino[View]
113032223GUYS IT LEAKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://www.reddit.com/r/TRXTrading/comments/bdzc54/avangers_end_game_…[View]
113035337Could a movie be made about honest hard labor? Cast it.[View]
113035705BOW YA SHITS[View]
113032483Okay this is epic[View]
113033012New 'Star Wars' should have been about the Imperial Civil War: Instead of just repacking the origina…[View]
113032615Hi I’m Chucky, wanna play?: Meet your new chuck. >Inb4 formerly[View]
113023763it's time to settle this[View]
113034692Attack of the Kino: Why is this so fucking underrated? It has the most going for it of any of the pr…[View]
113034447religion aside is it genuine kino? i rewatched it and it feels like it's aged fantastically[View]
113035577My khaleesi..[View]
113032813HERE'S LUKEY[View]
113035219you can cry and piss your pants all you like, capeshit will dominate cinema forever and nothing can …[View]
113035385Lisa thread[View]
113035427What are the best films about underdogs destroying the big guys?[View]
113027916What was this like?[View]
113034269>Whats wrong anon, afraid of strong and sassy women?[View]
113029682Holy shit HOLY SHIT I just watched Dragged Across Concrete and holy fuck what a film. What a slowbur…[View]
113033655Who asked for this in 4K?: Who even remembers this?[View]
113028110why is this so underrated? also hood movies thread[View]
113029080Letterboxd thread: post your letterboxd so I can stalk your account and judge your taste[View]
113034179Remember the time Moe fucked Katy Perry?[View]
113024247>ruins your show[View]
113020602>pale skin >dark hair >light eyes Post actors and actresses with this phenotype.…[View]
113033193tfw when you relaize she is legal and she has been for 9 years.[View]
113033804Episode I is the best movie ever made, submit plebs.[View]
113034393https://youtu.be/qkJusyd_38Y is it worth a watch?[View]
113007317ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
113030998Based: Star Wars Celebration host spergs out after Admiral Ackbars VA goes on rant about his death a…[View]
113029305ITT: Unappreciated kino[View]
113034779any more movies about entering a shit no name college[View]
113033594What are some other movies/scenes with this aesthetic?[View]
113034349The Nutcracker: Should I watch this kino?[View]
113034645Why are boomers so fucking gullible? History channel has stolen an insane amount of money from them,…[View]
113034639For me? It’s Veep.[View]
113034536so why is everyone acting like drogon got cucked? is /tv/ full of furrys (or whatever weirdos that a…[View]
113034550>Well JJ you now have free rein to do anything you want with this final episode of Star Wars >…[View]
113033620The Punk Syndrome: retard kino[View]
113031842This was actually pretty good. At least for shitflix. Tons of comfy camerawork and operators operati…[View]
113034228Now that we reach the end, you have to admit - you'll cry when she sacrifices herself to save K…[View]
113031750/got/ general: previous >>113029192 best waifu edition[View]
113026719>walk out of your home >see this Wat do?[View]
113020163Which side is /tv/ on?[View]
113031566How would a riddler movie play out?: >the Gotham establishment are fucking up the city, the 99% h…[View]
113034118>there was no debris when the death star explo-[View]
113031837It's after six. Why aren't you wearing your tux?[View]
113025831>Boys, I've been going over the list of releasing and there's something mighty curious.…[View]
113032563Why was this so damn good?[View]
113032008I can't believe Salacious B. Crumb is fucking dead[View]
113033969>she's watching Riverdance[View]
113033896What did they mean by this?[View]
113033581What's your favorite Karel Zeman film?[View]
113002624>kneel to your queen that burned your father and brother alive at the same time What a merciful q…[View]
113033450What are some good, lazy, wholesome summer movies suitable for the whole family?[View]
113033438I solemnly swear never to watch any capeshit movie ever again holy fuck this was boring[View]
113033326/ourguy/ Keanu: What was going through his head at this exact moment? https://youtu.be/O4iGNXsqghs?t…[View]
113028715Was it rape? https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1555310475652.webm…[View]
112998769Captain Marvel looks much much better now thanks to her new suit, she even have her signature waist …[View]
113031254I'm going to be honest, I don't give a fuck about capeshit, but this fucking movie is goin…[View]
113033374(Spoiler warning) WHAT?? WHAT??? The fucking monsters weakness in A Quiet Place is a 12 guage to the…[View]
113031973recommend movies to not watch[View]
113030431I don't wanna sound like an asshole /tv/, but I really can't be seen in a place like this …[View]
113033072The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113031584What seems to be the problem, Hiro?[View]
113032893>'YOUR LEFTIST POLITICS BORE ME' Huh???[View]
113026932How can one trailer be this kino?: Can we all agree this is the TTOTY already? Holy fuck, every fram…[View]
113032281characters that are literally you pic very related[View]
113031174>How major is The Dark Knight Rises going to be? “I think this is the biggest [movie] I’ve done,”…[View]
113031242their are only 2 somewhat likable characters in this whole show and they are both twinks[View]
113032779Why are the Italians fixated on blind people? It seems a common motif in their media. Im making huge…[View]
113030575What would a movie directed by him be about?[View]
113032749Why aren’t there more films and tv shows about insane psychiatrists? Seems like fertile creative gro…[View]
113032636If you're looking for a nice old movie to watch, I recommend 'The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravi…[View]
113026332Why was the newest burlington bar reaction video so shit?[View]
113032550Other kino soundtracks?: I’m a Brit and glad Europeans settled West. But this is sad.[View]
113032597Do movie studios ever pay website owners to crack down on / remove spoilers? It seems like it would …[View]
113029513BACKFIRED: Eric has become something of a minor celeb on twitter everyone including actors , supermo…[View]
113027796Disney confirmed to be the leakers. The leaks are part of the marketing campaign. They even have a h…[View]
113030636REMINDER THAT AQUAMAN BEAT CAPTAIN MARVEL AT THE BOX OFFICE!!!FACT!!!: Aquaman worldwide box office …[View]
113032351Roberts one true born son: If you don’t think Gendry is the only true son of Cersei and Robert you a…[View]
113029400black mirra: She is too beautiful I felt the pain negro was feeling[View]
113032383Admit it, she would have been the superior choice for Carol Danvers.[View]
113032414Veep Season 7: Would you vote for her?[View]
113028743Everyone has something passed down. From one generation to the next. My dad has been collecting thes…[View]
112988475Why does everyone love Sheev?[View]
113031767Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson insult Josh Brolin: This is beyond pathetic. Can she stop being so …[View]
113015820The Wheel of Time TV show has a casting director now. >Kelly Valentine Hendry https://m.imdb.com/…[View]
113028322I've been called sexy[View]
113030172THE OFFICE?!?![View]
113032082Is there a name for documentaries that weren't cut for people with severe ADHD? i.e. something …[View]
113031936>watch this for the first time in over a decade because it's on netflix now >it's ac…[View]
113022070Tell me. Do you bleed?[View]
113028042Have you ever met a celebrity?[View]
113023254Black Summer: I enjoyed it unironically I would lick Rose's sweaty asshole[View]
112990899/trek/: Hungry Will Riker edition old >>112959862[View]
113031730Life is like a burning house.[View]
113028280Why was Tommy Desimone so angry when Batts told him to get his shinebox? Did he take more pride on b…[View]
113031709Can the Mouse be stopped? How? I don't want them to have a monopoly in the entertainment indust…[View]
113009146Explain since i dont understand - how the hell this movie is not feminazi propaganda? literally muh …[View]
113029192/got/: Aagghh! Edition Previous: >>113026200[View]
113029974WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BRADLEY COOPER? The strong silent type.[View]
113018986Why is the corpus of Egyptian mythology so untapped in kinography? We've already got quite a fe…[View]
113022226Cast them in the inevitable live action remake[View]
113010280>What’s Luke’s lightsaber doing here? That’s a story for another day. >Where are the Knights o…[View]
113024909TPB cartoon: Has anyone seen this yet? What did you think? Personally I prefer the early (1-6) seaso…[View]
113029817>Cargo pants >utility belt >tank top where else can i find this fetish ?…[View]
113030544Mid way through. Does this movie feel forced or is he autistic?: Enjoyed the first one.[View]
113031237post kino[View]
113029246*becomes a healthy, well-adjusted adult*[View]
113031187So does anyone know where I can get a hot evil sidekick like Miss Teschmacher?[View]
113031142Lilo and Stitch is very overrated. I loved it as a kid, but did it deserve so much popularity? Lilo…[View]
113030816where is he?[View]
113030992What movie should i watch right now?[View]
113030954>Raid 2020. Maybe I'll review that in the year 2020.[View]
113030090the 'fuck marvel and fuck women' starter kit[View]
113028499My 600lb Life: Things I learned from Dr. Now: 1) Quick fixes don't solve problems, they create …[View]
113020336INCELS BTFO: https://twitter.com/etnow/status/1116735031282556928/video/1[View]
113030712>I'm da Jokah baybee what did he mean by this?[View]
113015965Endgame Full Plot Spoilers: Early in the opening, the remaining Avengers track down Thanos on New T…[View]
113016789/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel discussion Previous Thread: >>113003365[View]
113028398Everything Sucks: If this had gotten a second season, would we have gotten a decent sex scene with h…[View]
113026401He killed his mom, didnt he?: He doest go crazy because she dies, he kills her and them all hell bre…[View]
113025370What is some essential 'erosion of civilization' kino? Something like Children of Men?[View]
113030293Did anyone see this? I thought it was pretty boring honestly and it feels like nothing even happens…[View]
113030211when i heard nirvana i said 'kino' out loud[View]
113030202So the literal best character of MCU doesn't become Captain America? It was unironically the on…[View]
113028928what are some batshit insane indie flicks like the one in the picture?[View]
113023595Why does everyone remember Sebulba, a very minor cgi character that was part of an Episode I’s (1999…[View]
113030175Movie Theater Hate Thread: Why is it impossible to go to the movies without it being a huge fucking …[View]
113028870Can he be stopped?[View]
113029427Kino music videos thread, hopefully with some more recent ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRfS…[View]
113023689Good writing: Post what (You) think are really well-written shows/movies. Don't worry about gen…[View]
113025469>Leave Thanos to me[View]
113026760Red was the true villain of 'Us': Adelaide is, at best, an anti-villain. She did exactly one bad thi…[View]
113019756chart thread Let's go post some reccs, rate, guess peronality Don't be lazy, make your own…[View]
113025787>be monkey >get funky[View]
113027202It still hurts.[View]
113029738Is Rob Ager a good critic?[View]
1130152071980s movies: What are some fun 80s movies? I recently watched Night of the Comet and loved it. Ende…[View]
113029471What are movies about people that grow rich and spend their money unwisely and ultimately get fucked…[View]
113028483You know, I'm something of a scientist myself.[View]
113029004I don't understand this, why is the movie so highly rated? It's is extremely bland and har…[View]
113022594What are some good aviation movies ?[View]
113027870Gravity discussion: This thread died but continuing re: Gravity >>112962058 thing is its so di…[View]
113029133TLJ is a good movie: I feel like things are going to get really annoying in here pretty soon with a …[View]
113026200/got/: I'm Soaring Edition Previous: >>113023409[View]
113021629>Gaston has charisma, looks and confidence >she goes for some hideous aggressive dogman becaus…[View]
113028230Which one is which, /tv/?[View]
113027108Films for taking it easy?[View]
113028970you ever seen a hot dog nigga?[View]
113028925>watching tv kino >the pain returns once again Why is this happening bros…[View]
113027954What's that one movie track that just gets to you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLvrZ2Tb2qw…[View]
113023421Why does a 'trained social worker' ask obvious leading questions designed to influence the girl? Wha…[View]
113026779>literally GAMERS RISE UP Could a movie like this still be made in today’s social climate?…[View]
113028740I'm askin' you one last time, do you have 'dis-tick'?[View]
113027067/bbg/ - Burlington Bar General: IT'S UP AND NO DISCUSSION? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc0A…[View]
113027207>Marvel Exec: You know who'd make an excellent villain? A redhead tranny Woody Harrelson…[View]
113023861Can someone give me a quick rundown on pic related? I liked 2001 Joy Ride and want to see more movie…[View]
113028340kino moments in sports: starting with an all time classic. this man got dishonored so hard that five…[View]
113027925What’s the obsession with funko pops?[View]
113027696>capeshit >nuwars What happened?[View]
113028187The most satisfying possible conclusion of this show is for Robert Baratheon to return, revealed to …[View]
113027208Apologize to Rian Johnson: >'About a month or so before I started writing Episode IX, I invited R…[View]
113027992Well... who am I to argue.[View]
113022825> the use of spoiler tags is required on /tv/ >required Been here 5 years and this is the fir…[View]
113026938Well, you heard the lads[View]
113025279Do you think they'll make Rey be the next Skywalker and uphold the 'force is female' feminist a…[View]
113014136I'm actually sad it's over. Not because I like those movies, I know Star Wars is dead, I k…[View]
113026906>'I'm all ready for us to go see the new Joker movie together, Anon! We live in a society, h…[View]
113027010Honestly what did Peter Jackson mean with this?[View]
113027727>drama film >protag is jewish[View]
113027341ITT: essential watched with your mom core[View]
113026185Does /tv/ own and kino inspired artwork?[View]
113025968What are you watching that /tv/ doesn't talk about?[View]
113021224This is unironically tv[View]
113015089Chad > 'sisterhood'[View]
113022980what kinda films will generation z make?[View]
113027534>find love >happy, married, with kids >find out you're actually long separated sibling…[View]
113024428This was the role model of the 90s boys, nowaday who is the role model of 00s boys ? Maximus is the …[View]
113026346So i just watched S08E01...: Pic related is better, quality-wise, than Game Of Thrones and there are…[View]
113027363when i heard nirvana start playing i whispered 'kino' in the theater[View]
113027301monkey punch ded ;___; https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6320588[View]
113027094>Friendly, peaceful post-apocalyptic community >They're cannibals…[View]
113026829To say that I'm a big lynch fan would be a ginormous understatement. You see, I'm a ginorm…[View]
113025757Michelle Borth Signed 5-Picture Deal With WB/DC So Expect More Mary Marvel!: https://parade.com/8709…[View]
113017680AMAZON announces LOTR television series cast: Frodo - Donald Glover Sam - Raimi Malek Merry - Ice C…[View]
113025645Reek: What the fuck is the point of this character? He is goddamn useless narratively and all he doe…[View]
113025964>bl*ck character is the 'smart' one[View]
113016504Characters who would have definitely posted on 4chan[View]
113026304https://streamable.com/3z1kq I've been trying to fucking watch his response and it won't l…[View]
113026485https://twitter.com/stclairashley/status/1118002772576821253 Imagine being that paranoid to send dea…[View]
113025383Fuck Londo! And fuck the Centauri![View]
113025642Why have the Disney movies basically ignored R2? Do they think he's too toxically masculine or …[View]
113026426When you realized that Letterboxd is like myaninelist for films[View]
113025024>/tv/ suddenly hates Time Travel What happened?[View]
113023162american '''''humor'''''[View]
113025910FUCKING KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqoeM18vCaU[View]
113024404WHAT DID YOU DO?![View]
113026281Post your kinostation[View]
113023409/got/: Twincest edition >>113020617[View]
113020673do you have any /tv/ tattoos?: just got pic related[View]
113026086I wish I had a Scottrade helicopter like the guy in the commercial[View]
113023526Revenge Movies: What are the best?[View]
113025810i met you on a thursday[View]
113025875CAPTAIN AMERICA SAYS IT!!!!: AVERNGERS Allahu Akbar![View]
113022903>how do we know we can trust you? >you don't…[View]
113025784Alright /tv/ we are going to witness some serious cgi fight in endgame ! Kino battle coming up in cl…[View]
113014824In Die Hard 3, John McClane is forced to hold a innocuous sign saying 'I Hate Everybody' around a ma…[View]
113025554What the fuck is this all about?[View]

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