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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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13530934Why don't people peel their fucking potatoes? I just got an Instant Pot and was looking at some…[View]
13528711For me? Its cod, green beans, and corn.[View]
13529709What’s the best food to sneak into kino?[View]
13528557Stepin Vajat is an absolute unit[View]
13526275Hello. This is my first time posting. I wanted to learn how to eat healthier and learn how to eat fr…[View]
13529106Kitchen Thread: Post your kitchen /ck/.[View]
13530294>mfw Minnesotan >mfw never had spam my whole life >mfw had spam recently >mfw love it. a…[View]
13525655Freezing eggs: This has actually gone really well. Started freezing eggs so that they would basicall…[View]
13524774>another day >another drunken taco bell run, with a burger for good measure…[View]
13530455frozen sardines stink!: i wanted to get into whole sardines because its even much cheaper 7franks f…[View]
13524491Is mac n cheese the ultimate pleb food? Lemme get a bowl of carbs with a side of fat and salt.[View]
13528562Is this stuff any good?[View]
13530415just made 1.5 kg of small soup balls for my giant soup meal prep. its 50/50 beef/pork and i cook the…[View]
13529151hey /ck/ just made some muffins: thoughts?[View]
13525871I'm finally going to Golden Corral for the first time tonight. Advice? Tips? Suggestions?[View]
13524839Why is Fresca the greatest soda ever?[View]
13529167I Am One With the Force and the Force Is With Me. What is /ck/ drinking tonight?[View]
13529994I got some beef chuck for a stew and I had a question on searing it. Traditionally you cut the beef …[View]
13530090sup /ck/ rate these bento boxes[View]
13529981What's on the menu for tonight, /ck/?[View]
13529888anyone here avoid learning how to cook until a late age and finally learn how? any tips? i'm 29…[View]
13528839Based Doughboys thread[View]
13529461>buy frozen chicken tenders >buy your favorite wing sauce >bake in toaster oven >fill a …[View]
13529131Chick-fil-a breakfast: I’m a hopeless leaf, and tomorrow I will go on my annual pilgrimage to Chick-…[View]
13522998for me, it's moon pies[View]
13522591How do I make crunchy & dry but delicious basmati rice, like ones at Indian restaurants: Everyti…[View]
13527554Ah...the perfect beverage.[View]
13524369What's the deal with these, they're bland as fuck.[View]
13529272TENDER RONIs Only tender ronis Can give a special love Who here take a chance?[View]
13526117Food: How would you rate my food[View]
13529251PARISARE: You fuckers never ate a swedish parisare? It's like a hamburger but with a big sliced…[View]
13522812Essential 4 Vegans?: Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. A lack of protein can le…[View]
13522695Is it possible to dehydrate and then rehydrate a pizza with modern food science?[View]
13525431Is rinsing sushi rice a meme?: I'm pretty good at making sushi, always been complemented about …[View]
13527844R8 my beans /ck/[View]
13445850Fast casual cuisine that sucks: Papa Johns is terrible You get like 2 pizzas for 25 bucks. The 'papa…[View]
13528544i made too much buckwheat, what do with it[View]
13528721Best flavor of Lays[View]
13490463We had a good long whiskey/scotch thread earlier in the week. Let's have another. I'm buyi…[View]
13528957Time to double up lads[View]
13526319what the fuck is bone broth you just like throw some bones in boiling water and it makes soup?[View]
13514006now this is pizza[View]
13527825Roebock rips: I have the rips of one (1) roebock in the freezer. Hit me up with recipes.[View]
13520896would you eat pizza de macaco[View]
13524261Once worked in some psychiatric hospital making food. Actually it was just reheating stuff we got fr…[View]
13524069>choosing cauliflower over broccoli ISHYGDDT[View]
13527981What fucking troglodyte invented this useless shit? Cream corn has to be the dumbest fucking food ev…[View]
13526108You were at my side.. all along.. My true mentor... My guiding moonlight...[View]
13522703I bought some tinned mussels because I love tuna, salmon, sardines, and wanted to try some other sea…[View]
13520761Beef Stew: It's cold as a witch's titty up here in Minnesota, so I'm gonna get comfy …[View]
13528286whats the best dish in the world and why is it lasagna?[View]
13526981>cotton candy milk >root beer milk >cookies and cream milk what the fuck america…[View]
13527823>order baklava > its made with walnuts or cashes instead of pistacio. mfw…[View]
13519958Grandma's Medicinal food thread: Let's have a comfy thread. Post medicinal food, ingredie…[View]
13525323HOPS IN BEER ARE FUCKING OVERRATED. Sure it's nice to drink a bitter beer from time to time. Bu…[View]
13527250What to do with the remaining gunk?[View]
13527528Aw shit anon, cookie monster is angry and is going to eat you if don't calm him down with a dam…[View]
13516293Does Godiva make the best chocolate that's somewhat widely available?[View]
13527139DAAAAAAAAAAAMn Marry Calenders meatpies are this big? I honestly never new, this is a big boy meatpi…[View]
13527381So I live in Florida and I found potatoes that look similar to this and have the same kind of leaves…[View]
13525991cheese on toast is basically just pizza[View]
13525399Dinner party ideas: So my friends and I are holding rotating dinner partys (come dine with me style …[View]
13517752This was kind of an odd campaign, it didn't focus on an specific brand or type or milk, just mi…[View]
13526371I accidentally bought pic related, thinking they were instant noodles. I'm planning to make swe…[View]
13526522Octane: Putting diesel in the tank[View]
13527650Bayer's (Monsanto) glyphosate is still, and will always be legal in Europe for industrial agric…[View]
13527955what is the best way to make a good hot chocolate?[View]
13521374How does /ck/ make their omelette? Also how tf do I flip an omelette without it break? pic related[View]
13524400Thoughts on Poutine?[View]
13523489Time for a nice feast at the W[View]
13527431What's the general consensus on this shit? Will it make you go blind?[View]
13519939Why does my Bolognese taste so goddamn flat and boring? What am I doing wrong? I'm making sure …[View]
13519864What's your favorite tuna creation?[View]
13527293Exotic game meat considered the tastiest?[View]
13521202Wood stove cooking: Enchilada edition. Disclaimer: I’m a scandinavian. I don’t know what should be …[View]
13525643ITT: God tier candy.[View]
13521044>Wendy's, old patties get boiled in water and reused as chili meat. Is this true? What are s…[View]
13527730#Dinner #Food #Fitness #Fit #Saludable #Healthy #NoPaiNoGain[View]
13526279>Soybean oil causes genetic changes in the brain >New UC Riverside research shows soybean oil…[View]
13515202Was the flavor better before they changed the name? Personally I still like it but yeah I think so[View]
13522721ITT Why isn't this a thing? I'll start with double-stacked pizza (webm related). Why in th…[View]
13525600eggs benedict: >mhmm, lets put this egg which is full of fat and DRENCH it in a sauce thats liter…[View]
13526032What are some food combinations that make you shit instantly? For me it's coffee and spinach so…[View]
13523178Reign or Bang?: Reign or Bang?[View]
13525955About to drink this brazilian beer lads Which one is your favorite?[View]
13527052What's your favorite egg dish? I love eggs so much, definitely my favorite food.[View]
13516455Al/ck/ - Cocktails Edition: What's your favorite mixed drink?[View]
13526579What is the best online coffee and why is it raven's brew?[View]
13522983hey guys do you like tea? I'm enjoying a nice green tea right now[View]
13526523find a flaw.[View]
13526896Made the mistake of putting the crockpot on while I'm at home on my day off. Smells so good but…[View]
13525511Dinner ideas?: Bonus points for dishes without chicken or easily blendable.[View]
13522861>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJz2Tgt3jvs&feature=emb_title Food 'culture' Yeah boi, I sur…[View]
13526803Cursed images thread[View]
13521117Milk: What will happen to my body I drink 2 glasses of milk every day? Is that actually healty? Shou…[View]
13514880What's your favorite meat other than chicken/pork/beef? And what's your favorite type of s…[View]
13510146Ebleskiver pan and dishes: I ordered an ebleskiver pan, I'm definitely going to make ebleskiver…[View]
13523901Well diggity damn how about that shit[View]
13524190Where's the best place to get a fajita?[View]
13521749Burgers and dogs. Simple as[View]
13523851Just finished a bag of these and they were delicious. Anyone else ever try them?[View]
13526051My breakfast. Some chicken leg/thigh, some pepperoni, a peanut butter sandwich.[View]
13519408no amount is too much[View]
13526022I love the flavour but can never find a good way to use it. Help /ck/ what can I do with fennel?[View]
13521333what’s for lunch /ck/? <<ham, turkey, salami sub and some habanero chips[View]
13522822is it worthwhile to make homemade pasta? or is the store bought stuff good enough? is there a best b…[View]
13522445Whats a cheaper fish with similar texture to Sea Bream (and Sea Bass)? I hate fish that stay stiff a…[View]
13525915what's /ck/ having for shabbat/shabbos/sabbath tonight?[View]
13521650Why is it that every mass produced product that labels itself as spicy is never actually spicy? I…[View]
13521589In-N-Out Double Double is the perfect burger. No others compare.[View]
13513637Beer general /bg/: This thread is for all beer related discussions. Post a recent haul, recent beers…[View]
13525319All of the “world class” beers on Beer Advocate are bullshit Thoughts? Shiners bock is best beer and…[View]
13525951We must move quickly. The Canadians are relentless. If they are not destroyed, it will be civil war …[View]
13522978Herb Help Central: ITT we ask for guidance related to the use of herbs. I'll start: what can I …[View]
13523314One of, if not THE most, underrated pasta shape.[View]
13523592Rate my seasoning. I'm not sure if I did it right. Should I season it some more? Also post your…[View]
13524704Usually got this in my cupboard, after 6 month it looked greyish. Should i leave it in the fridge?[View]
13519458What are your feelings about instagram popular eateries and the instagrammers that attend them?[View]
13521442is this the greatest achievement the fast food industry has been able to conceive?[View]
13525833The perfect Friday night: -Chicken tendies (鹹酥雞) 30 NTD -French fries (薯條) 20NTD -Hash browns x2 (薯餅…[View]
13525624How to make an adequate stir-fry that doesn't taste like shit at home? Like what sauces to use,…[View]
13521826When will it come back bros?[View]
13518430If you were to come up with any type of food challenge for any type of restaurant, what would you ma…[View]
13521457Pan seared > grilled. There, I said it.[View]
13524805>eat taco bell >have 'violent diarrhea episode' when did this notion enter greater memedom? I…[View]
13525410>he doesn't add real cheese to his boxed mac and cheese[View]
13504880made a thread about a year ago about starting a hot sauce company. A year on company has grown to ab…[View]
13524063SPAM and green chile sandwiches are /ck/ approved, right?[View]
13524354how do you find out the right amount of time to microwave things that arent programmed into the micr…[View]
13525068Is steak or chicken the better food for health?[View]
13522569for me? it's buying a rotisserie chicken after work and eating it in one sitting[View]
13523593Is oats the comfiest food?[View]
13523942Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of lazy soup made from either pre-made stock or b…[View]
13525076>Why yes, I do take 80% dark chocolate in deliberate moderation specifically for it's health…[View]
13513016How do i get a job in a kitchen with no experience?[View]
13525200Perth CBD: Anyone know the best place in Perth CBD that does cheap clearance deal on meals at end of…[View]
13519422Is it a meme or is it actually good?[View]
13524960Restaurant shitty food handling practices thread: >be me >be in Taiwan >routinely see food …[View]
13522452Please oh god no, I can't keep eating this. Went through two boxes dry recently. It satiates th…[View]
13524969ck's food guide blog posting: Post some lesser known foods from your country. >Singapore …[View]
13521663Only the absolute best potato chips[View]
13524652back from 6 months in Croatia, time for someone to update me on the status of Taco Bell[View]
13524363pastafagioli - based or cringe? what's your take?[View]
13513109Who are the best food travel vloggers? Pic unrelated. He’s dishonest[View]
13522506What kind of condiments do you generally keep in your car or on your person when on-the-go?[View]
13521175oysters: I'm allergic and I've never had one. I'm sure id survive if i eat a few cook…[View]
13524562Don't mind me, just posting the best hot sauce in all of existence.[View]
13519787How can I maximize my canned tuna experience?[View]
13523264Hello, I bought some shredded cheese in a package similar to the picture, a couple weeks ago. I…[View]
13520349Why don't restaurants serve sausage? It just occurred to me that other than specialty restauran…[View]
13524368I ate a dog last night. A hot dog.[View]
13520079Important question: Can you make Latte art with CHAI?? I am Indian BTW![View]
13523098Overrated shit[View]
13524174Was at some restaurant with gf. We ordered some pastadish with salmon. Got our food. Tasted nothing…[View]
13522038How do I take mac and cheese to artisan, michelin star levels of greatness. Share recipes and tips.[View]
13524457Red pill me on spread.[View]
13522597what are the chances of a guy in his late 20's who's got no real cooking experience becomi…[View]
13523989>visiting Europe this past summer >go to friend's house for dinner >very hot day >…[View]
13522437Can you guys help me make a pesto pasta dish?: So I don't really know how to cook. I'm oka…[View]
13524364I’ll just leave this here[View]
13522009Turns out hard-shell tacos are Mexican, after all: Supposedly, it was created by a Mexican lady who …[View]
13512988name a better deep fried snack[View]
13522362Shitty Cooking Directions: Hello my fellow cu/ck/s, today I bring you a question. What kitchen appar…[View]
13524039Katsu Sando: Anyone like these? >Sous Vide Prime Ribeye with some shio koji >Spicy Yuzu Mayo (…[View]
13522527Kosher salt is obsolete.: Meet halal salt. Superior in every way.[View]
13513971is the turkey club the ultimate sandwich?[View]
13520913Jeelleye beelleye pit rat gummeye candeye[View]
13518930Do you drink soft drink every day?[View]
13523385Mushroom Thread: Time to get a mushroom thread going. What are the best mushrooms to cook with? What…[View]
13521828For me it's T-Roy cooks, the best youtube cooking channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgXI…[View]
13523525>accidentally eat one tiny piece of this >have to go to hospital to repair shredded intestines…[View]
13523697Whataya think?[View]
13518819#CookingWithParis: So this dumb cunt has a YouTube cooking show now? What the fuck? It’s pretty hil…[View]
13523833i bought some liverwurst today. I feel like /ck/ brought on this craving from some type of recommend…[View]
13523626What kind of spices should I use to make spicy stovetop popcorn? I'd like both some flavor and …[View]
13523448Will you be trying the new Adult Cream Pie from Mcdonald's Japan?[View]
13522557Dear customer, Go fuck yourself. Sincerely, Restaurant[View]
13521820Trying something new for me today by smoking a strip steak. No idea how well this is going to go so …[View]
13510529The company i work for wanted to thank us for our hard work over the holidays. So they gave us these…[View]
13520244Ahhh, breakfast from the gas station.[View]
13522562Went to the cafeteria today, got a sandwich with double meat, but they wrapped it up. When the check…[View]
13522014thoughts on my new kitchen?: Bought a 1-room apartment and have room for a 2,6m wide kitchen. Put to…[View]
13521500Squares Greater Than Circles: Wendy's have been using superior square burgers since 1969, allow…[View]
13522962......would you?[View]
13521759>Have a really bad cold >Read that a hot toddy is a really good remedy >Go out to buy a 100…[View]
13521426Are these decent prices for organic, grass fed lamb (one hour delivery)? >Shoulder chops $7.99/lb…[View]
13522795New epicurean experiment: greetings fellow cu/ck/s, nbd, just whipped this little dish... tenderly b…[View]
13520925raw steak: its good[View]
13520771What is the deal with those expensive bottled water brands? Are they actually good?[View]
13519672>not milling your own flour from heirloom grains[View]
13522117I made some british cuisine[View]
13508073About to try chocolate from Switzerland (I think its produced in USA tho): AMA[View]
13522804What's for dinner?: Theres chipotle pepper and sweet baby rays in there, Potato rolls, sharp ch…[View]
13522360/$3sg/ - $3 steaks general: What are you using to season your steaks? My go to is rub with oil, salt…[View]
13518822What's the easiest and quickest way to create your own mead at home anons? I know that you need…[View]
13522207Are these real cheese ?: Im skeptical how they can be so cheap and be real cheese.[View]
13520715What do Italians eat for breakfast?[View]
13519233Why the fuck is it so difficult to figure out what the fuck to put into my body on a daily basis …[View]
13519028How many people here think that best by dates and 'expiration' dates on foods and canned goods are a…[View]
13521784Gnocchi, ground turkey, cheese and sauce. I call it: Lasagna[View]
13521618this is bullshit i did this 10 times, there is no way 100% rye bread turns out like that. it is way …[View]
13522282Steamed burgers: Why would you steam a perfectly good burgah?[View]
13520618>$15 for organic cauliflower is organic worth it?[View]
13520743All a burger needs is a pickle and onion[View]
13522297>using butter instead of coconut oil[View]
13521559Is it worth the $200 /ck/?[View]
13522341Wake me up inside (I can't wake up)[View]
13520873What do you eat in the evening if you already had a decently big sized lunch? I'm lacking ideas…[View]
13519479Is there anything she can't do?[View]
13498927Are these just memes? Should I just get a normal electric oven for roasting chicken, pork belly, and…[View]
13521795Hey /ck/ I just bought some of these at the grocery store. What am I in for?[View]
13519684>I'll have the burger and I'll have a fries >'Do you want to add a drink, only 5 cen…[View]
13520263How did Chip the Dog lose 100 pounds, change species, and become a metrosexual lip-licking wolf name…[View]
13522167How good is it, really?[View]
13506485/webm/: /webm/ Pasi Viheraho edition[View]
13520128What should i get at McDonalds?[View]
13519310Would milkmaids make for a good restaurant? The bigger the better, obviously[View]
13516652>tfw my taqueria is better than your shitty flyover town's taqueria…[View]
13516645Why is it hated? I think it tastes fine for a 'chain shell fish'[View]
13519419Hey /ck/ hoping you anons can help me out. Resently got into making stock/broth. Made chicken stock …[View]
13515100Are those niggas edible?[View]
13518216/ck/ my mom just asked me to find 10 dinner recipes that 'we would all enjoy', she thinks that I…[View]
13520810Toasters: You put bread in, toast comes out. Where does the bread go? I am frustrated with pop up to…[View]
13521132Whats for lunch /ck/? For today, its liver[View]
13518779school lunch nostalgia: it's pizza day dudes![View]
13518511I have a really stupid question, and I don't think it belongs anywhere but here since this is t…[View]
13511874Why is it so hard to gain weight?[View]
13519487Could you eat a whole average-sized rotisserie chicken in one sitting?[View]
13518041Which guy cries out: no anchovies?[View]
13515490indian heaven: why is indian food not talked about more? for me it absolutely beats japanese, korean…[View]
13521485how long do you simmer big bones. ? i have 3 pieces from a cow joint and each weighs 1.5kg so i figu…[View]
13517428ITT: Quality cooking channels: None of those reddit cancer meme mediocre 'chefs'. This thread is for…[View]
13516768Soup: Any one got any soup recipes they'd like to share?[View]
13517700PB&J thread: Post pics, favorite combos, whatever. Only true lovers of this god-tier junk food a…[View]
13514893Who's your fav chef on youtube?[View]
13519716Best recipe for catfish?[View]
13486640the vending machine game: TVMG: 2020 Edition. the rules are simple. -Go to mapcrunch.com -options -…[View]
13519398Rate my choice of beer for tonight.[View]
13519923Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, forbidden crabs. https://tw.news.yahoo.com/%E9%AD%9A%E5%B8%82%E8%B2%B720%E5%85%83-%E…[View]
13521215gods gift to us. if you do not use freshly ground salt and pepper in every dish you cook, you have l…[View]
13513495>visiting Europe this past summer >very hot day >hotel I'm staying in doesn't hav…[View]
13520354How long can you keep dry rubbed ribs in your fridge before cooking? Will they just get better over …[View]
13514620What's the better option of these TWO options. Keep a bag of these around in the freezer, or ma…[View]
13519543what are your favorite chips, /ck/? or ''CRISPS'' for lime juicers[View]
13520641Could I make these with weed butter? Any anons have a guide or tips?[View]
13519934Keto thread: This is a thread about the keto diet in general. Share recipes and experiences followin…[View]
13518431Oh no[View]
13520919>ordering taco bell >see this wat do[View]
13513487Anybody try a plant based diet? A gluten free diet? Sugar free diet? Did anything happen, did you fe…[View]
13513339Why can't fast food workers just be decent people? >be me >driving back home after seeing…[View]
13509160Spices: Is there any better in the States than pic related? They may well be stinky hippies, but the…[View]
13520217Homebrew kit: I was gifted a homebrew beer kit for Christmas and I was wondering what I can do to ma…[View]
13510670Do you like full fish?[View]
13517225'Scuse me, just need to grab a handful of Santitas[View]
13469597Welcome to /tea/. This is a thread for general discussion about tea, tisanes, and mate. /tea/pet edi…[View]
13520571What's wrong with having a chicken farm in your house?[View]
13518965Why aren't there any fast food soup kitchens with drive thru's?[View]
13519705How to eat couscous[View]
13519792yo, how come pancakes come with gay shit like bananas and blueberries when they're objectively …[View]
13518756>makes everything you simmer better[View]
13520468Question: How long can milk be left out before it goes bad? I had some errands to run earlier this e…[View]
13520526Panera Bread?: My work usually hands out 15$ gift cards for random fast food places but HR fucked up…[View]
13516238It's my 21st birthday, recommend me some booze: I've been drinking illegally for years but…[View]
13511689Well? Is it?[View]
13517941What's the deal with Brazillian Churrascaria: The meat must be like diseased shit cow level qua…[View]
13515524Name a breakfast better than steak and eggs[View]
13517382What is the best ice cream flavor and why is it pistachio ice cream?[View]
13516321big sloppy sausage and eggplant sandwich. a mmmmmmmmm[View]
13517288On any given day, how do you plan for maximum gastronomic happiness /ck/?[View]
13517345Into what stuff do you put this into[View]
13518116Rotary v shotguns. Damn le autocrat. For me: bachsgagg[View]
13516842I fucking love coconuts[View]
13511090Cook-Along: Today I’ll be making an Italian sub. I’ve noticed that most posts on this board are all …[View]
13520234Once you're able to add the ingredients in a single pot, you get to see it boil. - Scott Geglin…[View]
13517727Why yes, I would like a glass of water. How did you know?[View]
13500854Sunday Morning Bread & Baking Thread - /smbbt/: >too many cooks in the kitchen edition what a…[View]
13509037Does anyone remember these from school lunches and how to make them since it's like 100 dollars…[View]
13512703Rate my dinner[View]
13518932What are your favorite orders at the wide reaching classic Americana legend that is Denny's?[View]
13518453Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
13520033Ahhh, salami four cheese peetzer, how comfy of a snack[View]
13517009Is it really necessary to have apizzastone if one wants to make really good pizza at home? And what…[View]
13518641so whats the verdict?[View]
13517905Chili con carne. Rice? Who does that?[View]
13518368Who here /HubbaBubba/?[View]
13519561'soul food': Isn't this just southern white people food but with more diabetes?[View]
13517693why do some sausages come in jars? what makes them different from normal ones?[View]
13519616>working at taco bell since late summer '19 >recently promoted to manager for the holiday…[View]
13518048I have whey protein that expired in May 2019, is it still ok to eat?[View]
13517324What does /ck/ think about crab nachos?[View]
13519489Okay, my meal right now: >chicken chipotle burrito with white and brown race, pinto beans, corn, …[View]
13519664Bread general: Just got done baking this guy, based exactly on this dudes recipe https://www.youtube…[View]
13518376ive been used to drinking 4-5 sugar free energy drinks a day for the last two years but now my stoma…[View]
13504107>'Welcome to Mc Donalds sir, what can I get you?'[View]
13512992*corn tortilla rips*[View]
13517945this is 200 calories of broccoli[View]
13514002Hey chili fags, how does it feel that the main chili picture on Wikipedia has beans in it? Pic relat…[View]
13516130>He thinks that vegetable oil comes from vegetables There are only 2 oils that you can use: Olive…[View]
13519269Am I supposed to eat the skin on watermelon?[View]
13519170there are few better smells in the kitchen than cooking diced onion and garlic in butter smells heav…[View]
13508558American, Provolone, or Wiz?[View]
13519134>Anyone know of any good Kugel recipes?[View]
13518820How long do you bake your avocados for?[View]
13518755Memes aside, is this meat any different than average grocery store meat?[View]
13518409I’ve been really depressed and foggy for the past few weeks, and I’ve also eaten nothing besides fas…[View]
13516350Do you?[View]
13518063Water Boiler & Warmer Recommendation: My electric kettle just died. I am looking for something t…[View]
13517834The gf and I were well off. Ate out 3_4 times a week. She always ordered shrimp tempura, every singl…[View]
13512688If this is how you're supposed to hold a knife, why the fuck don't they make handles and b…[View]
13514252Anybody else enjoy snacking on toast with mayonnaise spread on it? Shits cash[View]
13518691Would you eat my chicken leg?[View]
13517350Quinoa: I ate like two big bowls of quinoa the other day after learning it was a superfood. Ate more…[View]
13518546What's your biggest fuckups for cooking: >be me >Years ago went to a restaurant that had …[View]
13510657Frosted Cheerios taste so good this box never closes![View]
13517152Alright, so let's get this out onto a tray.[View]
13518799>grates cheese on cheap chips >that'll be 40 dollars plus tip who falls for this…[View]
13511646Soup Cylinders: You DO find the cold soup cylinders for maximum soup enjoyment, don't you?…[View]
13512276Why do restaurants do this?[View]
13512407Collaboration menus thread: Also, has anyone here in /ck/ ordered and ate from any collaboration men…[View]
13517920Yorokobe, shounen[View]
13510284/wings/: What're your favourite ways to cook wings? Recipes and ideas? Good sides?[View]
13515379Made my moms recipe for Indian fry bread bread last night. She died 12 years ago. I miss her. When …[View]
13518275hey /ck/ what do you think pls rate my dish?![View]
13512581/breakfast/: What's your favorite breakfast foods to make, /ck/?[View]
13472285Post your food pics[View]
13514700>come into work >open chest freezer to pull some protein or other >see pic related What do?…[View]
13516263Making French Fries: What's the secret to making french fries? They never seem to cook through …[View]
13517999>Put that coffee down. I drink like six fucktons of coffee all the time. With plenty cigs, man th…[View]
13518121What are the best /ck/ related jobs? I have an interview to be a barback soon.[View]
13516930get ready for mexican sushi[View]
13517062Why does /ck/ love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?[View]
13517497Comfy cooking time. Tonight we're making Slovak Lečo. Ingredients include onions, peppers, toma…[View]
13513728Post your food pics.: Last thread maxed out on images. Pork chop fried in butter it's like a q…[View]
13512871tried all kinds of beers and they all taste the same, literally just the same shit but in different …[View]
13517224German beverages: Only the good stuff.[View]
13516436Rate lunch[View]
13505840ITT: we post the worst fast food places that you have ever eaten at: Made me fucking shit myself 3 t…[View]
13516746>travel to Baja California for the food and beer/wine >best lamb dish and seafood dishes ive t…[View]
13513428Breast Milk: Is anyone /based/ here and drink spiritual Milk? >Raw milk made by humans for humans…[View]
13517603How good is there food? I'm thinking about taking my wife's son there to get over his reta…[View]
13509921Worst beer I've ever tried. I had one in Mexico and it literally tasted like glue.[View]
13517582Time to chew me some gum.[View]
13516129So right now I'm in a hotel room, at a conference for work. This evening we've gotta make …[View]
13516131When /fit/ tries to cook: https://youtu.be/xd5683DM1U8[View]
13517249Charred food: How bad is it for you? Just burnt my omelette with bacon slices due to being busy fapp…[View]
13514512What are your favorite breads that uses whole wheat flour? I've been baking a bit for a while …[View]
13515307>chili >beans[View]
13517032What to do with fat after cooking: I've been getting into cooking recently and I was wondering …[View]
13512921What did you have for lunch today?[View]
13515327Gonna make orange roughy with broccoli rabe tonight. How do you prepare this stuff? Is this recipe d…[View]
13509607Please recommend me keto meals: All the suggestions online are fucking disgusting. Hence I've b…[View]
13517146>just got fired from a short order job Should I hang up my apron, lads?…[View]
13514970I'm looking for some recs for knife guards. I've used even the strongest plastic guards kn…[View]
13513046https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5SoVwI6LKE&feature=emb_title New Pokemon-themed cake contest.…[View]
13516870post food on the floor[View]
13513449The next time someone tells me these are 'just like meat', I think I'm going to lose it. Every …[View]
13510395Give it away for the humble chip butty! Czar of Carbs![View]
13516800German purity law: This seems awkward.[View]
13517054I am suddenly incredibly confused What exactly is the point of adding vodka to make a pasta sauce? …[View]
13517036Tasty Seared Chicken Breast Recipe: This is one of my favorite things to cook for a relatively quick…[View]
13509417Doesn't the drink get hot?[View]
13515702Anyone else love a filling, healthy, delicious hoagie from a gas station? Fuck Subway's flavorl…[View]
13513440One Pot Dinners: I just half assed a shitty one pot pasta dish for dinner. Basically just made it up…[View]
13516590Almond milk: I hate it[View]
13513467Arizona Iced Tea: How is this stuff so cheap? I expected it to taste like shit, but it's actual…[View]
13512278You do nuke your leftover pizza right? You're not a savage that eats it cold r-right?[View]
13514498I've got the nibblys, just gonna have some cinnamon toast[View]
13509768There's nothing she can't do[View]
13516404How Philadelphia Cream Cheese Took Over the World: When it comes to baking, everyone has an opinion …[View]
13508998Should I take my cheap Victorinox to the place in the mall to get sharpened? Or will they laugh at m…[View]
13515630Ssusagethread: Can we have a thread appreciating the humble sausage? Post your favourites. All forms…[View]
13510807>vegan friend is spouting propaganda (game changers) on instagram again >think about replying …[View]
13514146Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
13510117What are the most prentetious herbs? I’ll start >sage >rosemary >time…[View]
13511583Is that true that cast iron is superior to Teflon or Inox?[View]
13516337Is ciabatta basically wannabe sourdough? It looks similar except ciabatta uses a yeast based sponge …[View]
13513536Ah, Brats and Rice, just like the French make em![View]
13513368Anyone else terrified of food poisoning? It's seriously affecting my health and diet. I eat not…[View]
13515140Can you make tea with an electric drip?[View]
13515813How and where so I use it? In what dishes is it used? In sweets, savory or bakery? I don't how …[View]
13516082asian veggies: is Bok Choy the best asian veggie? >easy to cook >easy to wash >easy to prep…[View]
13515539/heh/ Air Fry General: Hi lads got one of these babies for my birthday. What are your most based rec…[View]
13509259How do we feel about air fryer?: Just got one, like it a lot, whats the catch?[View]
13511858>Food Reviewer! >I do reviews on the Youtube! >You never knew such a cool dude! >I keep …[View]
13515412Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald's Japan[View]
13506818Unappreciated foods: DEENZ: DEENZ get a bad wrap for no reason They are delicious and incredibly hea…[View]
13515989>recipe tells me to preheat the oven before i start doing anything >the oven is at the right t…[View]
13515407I just made pork fillet steaks in a new airfryer and it's was probably the best pork steaks I…[View]
13508607Why are diets usually so short lived?[View]
13495703>the eternal debate[View]
13512180LOL. Share your based and redpilled mugs[View]
13507674tee-hee alcoholism is funny tee-hee.[View]
13512922spice to help personal fragrace? the other day i ran out of deodorants so i put some oregano under m…[View]
13515788What are some embarrassing flyover cooking channels? Pic and link related: Simply Sara https://www.y…[View]

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