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11599523What would you order here?[View]
11592889Have you guys ever thought about how certain foods are grown? I was looking at some onions and was p…[View]
11599569i wanna make boxed mac n cheese but i only have a bottle of this chocolate multi-vitamin milkshake s…[View]
11584454happy caturday /ck/[View]
11599942HAM: Hey guys, don'tforget to order your ham in time for Christmas. Your old aunt Carol is gonn…[View]
11596718Does my breakfast sandwich look to try hard[View]
11596995Magicbullet Blender: My sister bought me a magic bullet, really stoked because I know I will use it …[View]
11599140what are some essential MRE style food to buy /ck/? I'm just talking about typical canned and n…[View]
11590440Anyone else travel around the perimeter of the soup bowl after pouring it out of the pot to find the…[View]
11599321Ok kiddos it's snack tiem, do you want a pudding or a jello? You can only have one![View]
11589759>junk food tastes great and easily appeals to the senses >healthy food supplies the body with …[View]
11599729Burger, fries, milkshake. I like to get this classic Americana meal from Rally/Checker[View]
11599407>McDonald's eleven days in a row[View]
11597999*blocks your pores*[View]
11592441Hey /ck/, I'm a 20 year old guy who weighs like 130. I'm in college right now soon to drop…[View]
11591027You might not like to admit it, but few things are comfier than a grilled cheese! Or as the Uk/Ausso…[View]
11597851For me, it's Andrew Zimmern.[View]
11596488Does anyone else just not look at the calorie count on food if they know it's gonna be a lot? O…[View]
11595749How do I cook this badboy?[View]
11595568Would you trade your birth rights for some lentil stew?[View]
11596439Cornstarch Mukbang: Can you eat the entire box, /ck/?[View]
11599318>makes the food >looks good doesn't taste good >eat it anyway am I a good boy yet? :( …[View]
11599268I've got a tin of baked beans, some shredded cheese and a bottle of sriracha. Will this sustain…[View]
11598312Who died and made this guy the king of bread?[View]
11598146Anyone got a good recipe for one of these things?[View]
11579755Pizzas: Alright guys, what’s worse than pineapple pizza? Give me your worst pizzas![View]
11598490In your country, do they deliver food 24/7? Where I live everything starts at 10:00 or 11:30. It…[View]
11598321Can i deep fry onions without batter or are they going to taste like shit?[View]
11597959Is coffee good or bad for long term health?[View]
11598751How does this recipe sound?: onion, dill pickle juice/brine, dill, black pepper, ground coriander, g…[View]
11598929Special Features!: 1. Upgraded CornCho with sweet chocolate and savory hazelnut! 2. Chocolate may me…[View]
11598332Why are Watermelons and Pickles the most disgusting foods?[View]
11598753Basic Snacks: Post simple recipes ($15 shopping lists, $5 evenings). Some examples are making produc…[View]
11596147I have 200 grams of this shit in my fridge. It's in every one of those top down facebook recipe…[View]
11598231Why bread look like that[View]
11598569Why do they call it jerk chicken?[View]
11596611Yup, for me it's the 8oz Dallas Filet at Texas Road House.[View]
11593466best supermarket coffee? Pic unrelated just want some opinions[View]
11598480Ok /ck/, I'm responsible for the 'nog at this year's Christmas and I need your best n…[View]
11598522Chowder: How does /ck/ make fish chowder? I was going to make one with cod/clams/crabs tonight but c…[View]
11598489wtf i love McDonald's now This is how my generation expresses itself, with flavors that are jus…[View]
11597510>ordered papa johns BBQ sauce for a pizza since we got two with a coupon THIS IS FUCKING AWFUL AH…[View]
11597034itt:make: ITT: make up a new phrase yousing foods or cooking terms in them and the poser below you t…[View]
11598291How quickly does the alcohol evaporate from a large pitcher of mixed drink. I wanted to make pre-mix…[View]
11597622Congratulations to Five Guys!: This is truly inspiring.[View]
11596796>tfw I put my cooked meat on the same cuttingboard I used for the raw meat…[View]
11596170What's stopping people from just making their own energy bars?[View]
11596015What's in your space rack, /ck/?[View]
11595672CALLING CHEFS OF /CK/: You, yes you! Tell me all about working as a chef! Im having thoughts about t…[View]
11597978Convince me whether or not I should purchase a chest freezer for my basement?[View]
11596813I've been trying to make more flavorful beans in the crockpot. I've been trying to keep th…[View]
11598061I'm about to start working as a cook for a whole company of soldiers: How fucked I am, /ck/?…[View]
11593815So I just put ketchup in my ramen, thoughts?[View]
11597393Got two rock lobsters for free, what should i do with them?[View]
11598049Lamb tamale with red mole topped with cilantro tzaziki and asadero/feta crumbs Blue corn tortillas w…[View]
11597078Anyone tried this method before? Would like some feedback before I pull the trigger. https://www.the…[View]
11593447*takes up majority of your kitchen space*[View]
11596722How do make rice pudding?[View]
11596254REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE holy fuck, I dun goofd. I cook on gas and I dont have a single electr…[View]
11594469This is what perfection looks like.[View]
11597119The humble meatloaf. How does /ck/ make/prefer theirs?[View]
11595717Name something more /comfy/ than a grilled cheese sandwich and a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. I…[View]
11597715what kind ketchup does is a mustard based or mayonayse[View]
11597120Kohakutou - edible 'crystals': Has anyone tried this before? the ingredients are very simple >aga…[View]
11597857Vodka soda is best drink. Debate.[View]
11597642Just had my wisdom teeth out, what are some good foods besides soup I can eat. Carbs are needed too …[View]
11591899Comfy Food/Food Porn: bored and getting drunk so i'll start a thread and post pics. love yall. …[View]
11597227Baste brown butter.: Brown butter is the best form of butter. debate me.[View]
11597644Can /ck/ educate me on what that lid within my lid is used for?[View]
11597354Does Burger King still have shakes?: Can I just get a simple chocolate shake at Burger King? Or do t…[View]
11597583Gourmet Gifts: What's like the super fucking tastiest gourmet shit you've tasted. I'm…[View]
11597388You have to admit, these are good.[View]
11590024Moka Pot vs Drip: I can get either a Moka pot or a ceramic dripper, no other choices Which is bette…[View]
11597397I'm considering a stand mixer but honestly I don't think I bake or do stuff needing one en…[View]
11594076>eat spicy food >my anus when the next day…[View]
11595584How long to wait at a restaurant for service? I waited 15 minutes after I was seated without even so…[View]
11591124Guac: can we stop pretending this is good?[View]
11596798Are scoville ratings a meme or are they a good way to quantify spice?[View]
11596928how to make god tier roast veggies? pic related[View]
11595492Give me your BEST cabbage soup recipe So, pretty much since the winter started, ive been eating like…[View]
11595419Name a better solo dish than fried rice. >easy >filling >minimal cleanup >easily scalabl…[View]
11588507What processed or 'gross' foods do you still eat frequently, even if you know how to cook? I literal…[View]
11596875>He doesn't drown whatever he is eating in Ultimate-Death-Nuclear-Explosion Hot Sauce 54,001…[View]
11596941>eat a sandwich made with a toasted everything bagel >the bagel tears up the roof of my mouth…[View]
11595995Cookie cake hate thread: Christ, I hate cookie cake so FUCKING much why do people enjoy these nasty …[View]
11593538Coffee is bad for you: According to this study, coffee is bad for you: https://www.sciencedirect.com…[View]
11595372Pans: For me Its the amt ”The best pan”[View]
11596454recipe for bison: just got about 400lbs of bison meat. what are some good recipes?[View]
11595307Recipe for a subway like sandwhich: I like subway but its overpriced. How to make sandwhich like sub…[View]
11596278saw this at the grocery store and bought one on a whim. what should i do with it?[View]
11595379Instead of the obvious turkey and ham, this year for Christmas I want to do either a roast duck or a…[View]
11592957Are you a checkers faggot or a rally's bro?[View]
11596680What is 'New American' food? I always see it on Yelp, but I've never seen it properly defined.[View]
11594777Is it possible that I will never be a good cook? I just want to make something that doesn't tas…[View]
11594078What'll it be, cool dudes and dudettes?[View]
11596533NHS was a mistake[View]
11596656We gonna roast that Christmas ham tonight, or what?[View]
11596552FREE FOOD HAX: >search grubhub for 'pickup' restaurants >find multiple establishments that…[View]
11586890>COME AND GET EM[View]
11594097I just drank 1/5 of vodka: dare me to drive?[View]
11596477Who here fell for the self heating soup meme? Only oldfags will remember.[View]
11584754ITT: Who buys this stuff?[View]
11579701WebM Thread, Multi Pot Edition[View]
11593702Can any veganfags help me out? Not a vegan but I experimenting with shit so I recently bought a bunc…[View]
11594377Perfect Taco: tacos should rule the world[View]
11596171Bruhs, I need it. ;_;[View]
11594390quick ck. I usually hate ham because all I ate as a kid was oscar meyer. But now I want to like ham,…[View]
11576194Which nation has the worst food?[View]
11595992What are you eating?: I'm having some pretty comfy nachos from the microwave. Yum.[View]
11595882What does /ck/ dry in their food dehydrators? I'm mostly using mine for mushrooms, peppers, and…[View]
11595399I have some rotten ham&cheese maccaroni in a well isolated glass baking dish that's been in…[View]
11596047Deep fry or air fry?[View]
11595520Cornstarch Mukbang: Why do certain 'people' do this, /ck/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5roE-72B…[View]
11595915Food Combinations: Food combinations that you hated as a kid, but now love as an adult: 1) Elvis…[View]
11592112>McDonald's ten days in a row[View]
11594290Whats that fucking video with the lady who''s cutting onions for her spaghetti sauce nearl…[View]
11596055Why are we Europeans are soo sophisticated in our cuisine? Isn't it cute when Americans discove…[View]
11591345How’d I do this time?[View]
11596006Pressure cookers are the best thing you can have in your kitchen. You can stick pretty much any comb…[View]
11595283Instant obesity: What food is the worst for you?[View]
11595941Can I repair this?[View]
11594158someone please help me: my primary source of calories for the last 3 days has been McDonalds fillet-…[View]
11594033What are some of you cu/ck/'s favorite foods? Crab and lobster pasta is pretty great as far as …[View]
11594307rats 'n' bats: These guys eat anything https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v…[View]
11595841what's /ck/ eating/drinking/doing: Sitting down while watching some mob show and am about to ma…[View]
11594843I have some duck legs What is the best way to prepare them?[View]
11595848“Chad” foods: Inb4 protein shakes and supplements I’m talking about food Pic related seems really ch…[View]
11595331Can saliva hydrate you? Would eating or chewing something that generates saliva production be an alt…[View]
11595027I bought 500 gram of these because they were cheap. But I have no idea how to prepare them. Does /ck…[View]
11593922food mill: basedmom got me a food mill for my birthday. what can i make with it? any recommendations…[View]
11595261itt:weird eating habits: I like to grind 2 caffeine pills per cup with my coffee beans then brew fre…[View]
11594075>1:30 AM >a little hungry, decide to cook up a midnight snack >have some soba noodles in th…[View]
11595278this was one of my friends' birthday breakfast/cake, his gf shared this picture. Just wanted to…[View]
11594497Redpill me on Rice Cookers[View]
11595538Are club memberships worth it, /ck/? Which one is the best? And which products offer the best saving…[View]
11594990*is tapped*[View]
11592055the humble potato: Do you peel them before cooking. Add anything into the water except salt? Parsley…[View]
11594971>British cuisine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BKcjBaKRkk[View]
11592328let's be honest, is there anything she can't do? this thread is to appreciate this humble…[View]
11592160Who else /snowedin/ here? I just opened the front door here in Virginia and this is what I saw. Are …[View]
11592733Who else Bear Creek?[View]
11595237People who drink Colombian coffee: why do you enjoy the taste of mud?[View]
11592027Keto friendly sushi. It doesn't get much better than this.[View]
11588277Boneless “wings”[View]
11587980I'm going to a Korean market tomorrow that has dozens of varieties of packaged ramen. What bran…[View]
11587013My girlfriend went vegetarian for sustainability reasons after learning how impactful beef farming i…[View]
11595346Thoughts on ketchup and 'nanners, /ck/?[View]
11593047Should I buy this?[View]
11586458What can i add to fried/scrambled eggs to make them less boring?[View]
11592388Wake up fishy.: I think it's a trout.How to cook the fishy, when de-ized.[View]
11592402Tell me how my ginger pork stir fry summer roll looks. Looking for tips/criticism. I used ginger soy…[View]
11595188Do you trust the cooking times in recipes you get from the internet?[View]
11591120There's a taco bell opening in my city what should I get for my first time?[View]
11594034Literally only weebs eat these: A box of chocolate wafers gives you more 3x more food for your dolla…[View]
11578380My roommate came home with an air fryer today (and this n*gga is always whining he can't make r…[View]
11592953>he heats up his leftovers[View]
11593418pour moi c'est le MacPoulet. le meilleur sandwich au poulet.[View]
11593289Blueberry pancake[View]
11591757Anyone know of any YouTubers who make shit recipe videos? Or failed webm of recipes?[View]
11540199>He doesn't butter his coffee[View]
11592833Is snus /ck/?[View]
11590892>took the $1 10 piece chicken nuggets outta my fridge, chopped em up, cooked them in a pan with p…[View]
11588965What’s the most overrated ice cream flavor, and why is it mint chocolate chip?[View]
11590085Do you know how to make mcgriddle bread at home? asking for myself.[View]
11587769So what do you guys put as toppings/condiments on your wieners? Chili cheese dogs over here.[View]
11591765Does peanut butter actually go well on cheeseburgers or is this just retarded hipster food?[View]
11578972Post cakes, I love cakes[View]
11593003Snack hacks Pic related + toothpick + lighter = baby toasted marshmallows[View]
11592874I litteratly hadn't this, like 5 years ago.am I missing out?[View]
11594252>only frozen hot wings that taste amazing >they discontinue the line WHY??…[View]
11583702Do you like Nigiri Sushi? What kind of Nigiri Sushi do you like?[View]
11593682After several intense years, the dust has finally settled. What is the general consensus on the Doub…[View]
11593541Are these any good?[View]
11591195Would anyone care to share their Vegan recipes? I plan to take Veganuary extremely seriously this ye…[View]
11590782/sausage/ general: Do they circumcise sausages in your country or leave them au naturel?[View]
11592291I want to get a cappuccino maker does /ck/ have any suggestions on which one to buy[View]
11594416Going for a food shop, need help: Anyway I am going to Tesco in 15 minutes (UK Supermarket) I alread…[View]
11587841What are your favorite keto meals /ck/?[View]
11593733what you eat today huh: Okay boys, it’s the end of the day. I’m going to need an exhaustive list of …[View]
11591810When do you eat these bad boys? Never had them, would love to try.[View]
11594191Ayyyyy, you could bake a fucking cake in one of these things.[View]
11594175I want to figure out some kind of dehydrated meat jerky snack thing I can make in bulk I don't …[View]
11593329It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times...: How do I microwave a hotdog?[View]
11592193You Know What Fellas: If I was a rich man I would just spend it all on food, and you should to.…[View]
11591705does anyone here use a subscription recipe box?[View]
11591845Hey /ck/eto. Now the holidays are on us, what are you favorite Low-carb/keto cocktails? What do yo…[View]
11593588Fruit /ft/: Fruit /ft/ Thread /ck/[View]
11592471Would you like to play a game?[View]
11593259Post your supper Me, 3/4 LB 40% fat burger w/ gouda and spicy mayo/mustard[View]
11590146AFRICAN CUISINE: ITT: Authentic African dishes. Picture is from my all-time favorite dish from south…[View]
11593184Food you eat too much: Eggs. They are so cheap! And also delicious.[View]
11593693choose your favorite, /ck/ https://www.cheeseandburger.com/burgers[View]
11585080Post stupid food[View]
11593076>plant based diet[View]
11590070>Business known exclusively for burgers >only serves shitty egg biscuits 1/3 of the day Fuck t…[View]
11589934Cheerwine :D[View]
11592552Where can I buy this stuff in large quantities? Costco used to carry it in 30 packs for like $32 but…[View]
11591735Did you guys see the new food recommendations? https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2018/12/05/harvard-…[View]
11589072Why are people who are into coffee so insufferable?[View]
11593383Can we have some cooking horror? https://youtu.be/9BKcjBaKRkk?t=53[View]
11593022macaron anon again: I made another batch, and now have a new problem. They didn’t rise, they spread …[View]
11591376I know you're not suppose to snack on diets, but some cravings can't be helped. List your…[View]
11593185>making potato/garlic/onion/mushroom stir fry >burned onions and mushrooms because I had to po…[View]
11592978Is dairy queen boomer tier? i'm having dinner here right now at 9:47pm[View]
11591116What are you making for supper tonight? Need Ideas[View]
11590959Belfast Food: I'm visiting Ireland next week and wanted to know if any Irish cu/ck/s could poin…[View]
11592766Sup /seekay/: Hope you guys are treating yourself well! Anybody want some of my cast iron cooked NY …[View]
11589952r8 my homemade peanut butter cookies[View]
11591343I really like cold soups but sometimes its too cold and it feels like im eating savory melted ice cr…[View]
11592350Rate my dindin. I got lazy with the peas. Meh. Chicken was really good, potatoes were under seasone…[View]
11592524baby food maker: alright... heh... first thread i've made on this board. i'm 21... in my f…[View]
11592180Carla Music....?: ...more like Carla Musthiccc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVxEbCP8rhA…[View]
11585344Hey /ck/ anyone of you like gumbo?[View]
11589081Steak + Champignons: I have a steak and I have some champignons How can I cook the champignons so t…[View]
11585382/ckfit/: easy to prepare healthy meals with high brotein? just nightmarish food prepping with endles…[View]
11591801idea: idea...what if like yoiu know how people have hotlines you call to order food or learn someyth…[View]
11590742/deenz/: Gentlemen[View]
11592241h-how did I do bruhs[View]
11589143What are the best vegetable chips? Pic related is something I enjoy.[View]
11590652>yuck, vegetarian food is so bland and tastele- *blocks your fucking path*…[View]
11592323Mom. MOM.: - Where's the goddamn meat? You didn't raise me up to be a veganumb? Did you?…[View]
11590489I'm making some Louisiana red beans for dinner but am running low on rice. Would bowtie pasta b…[View]
11591165Sausage McMuffin[View]
11589271Help: Why are my pankakes green ? Image relevant[View]
11589650Bird's milk.: you bite all the chocolate out and then eat the soft mass what are your sweets th…[View]
11590575Is there a restaurant you always wanted to go to but haven't or can't? For me, it's T…[View]
11585660Skin on or off?[View]
11592018>plant-based diet[View]
11588351worked two food service jobs. spitting in an annoying customers food/drink is regular. If not spit, …[View]
11591344ITT foodie/cooking channels only you know about[View]
11592002I have never been shopping on a Sunday and I have self esteem issues So how do I get up and go to th…[View]
11590192Today I was feeling adventurous, so I cooked American food Popcorn and ez cheese, wa la[View]
11591545tortilla pizza recipe help me!: ive had good luck making the crust perfect but the cheese and sauce …[View]
11591886for me it mchicken the best fast food sand. which. i even ask for more mchicken sause packs and the …[View]
11576423Why did Mc Donald’s create this 30 minute loitering policy? It takes forever for them to even make t…[View]
11579379Has anyone ever drunk this by itself? its the most powerful alcohol you can possibly drink. can it m…[View]
11585827*blocks your path*[View]
11591890Will eating sushi makes me look more intelligent and sophisticated? I want to impress this girl at w…[View]
11591246Got a question, not sure where the fuck im supposed to post it, me and a couple of friends been expe…[View]
11591789Macarons: what did I do wrong, /ck/?[View]
11589572>gives you liquid volcano shits When will this fad end?[View]
11589795hey guys i just wanted to say that a hot dog is a type of sausage sandwich. have a nice day![View]
11587663What does /ck/ think of smoked watermelon?[View]
11590340I miss them dearly[View]
11588560>McDonald's nine days in a row[View]
11583062What's her endgame?[View]
11590732alright christmas is coming up and i'm the one cooking dinner this year. i want to do something…[View]
11590283I am extremely disappointed with what's happened to Sarku Japan's veggies. No broccoli now…[View]
11589422There are only two acceptable pasta shapes: >Rigatoni - the objectively best short pasta >Buca…[View]
11588844can vegans eat honey?[View]
11589325What does /ck/ think about pic related[View]
11589972Who here /potatobread/?[View]
11591579Instacart hate thread?: Instacart hate thread! I'll go first. Instacart sucks. Fuck instacart.…[View]
11591461I don't tip. It's unnecessary in absolutely every way.[View]
11591535For me, it's Secret Aardvark. The best hot sauce[View]
11586651I recently went vegan and find it hard to eat whole foods. Please help me find some delicious, healt…[View]
11590009Can /ck/ suggest a good assortment of affordable liquors for a home bar? I've never been a big …[View]
11586894cookfu: Are these the new /ourgirls/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yr_etbfZtQ Considering cookin…[View]
11591319Why Not ?: Why not just Bananas ?[View]
11591067Food humor thread?[View]
11591288Do you let them in?[View]
11590155How do I get over my fear of burning myself when cooking?[View]
11591029>mfw Americans thinks that melting cheese onto scrambled eggs is an accomplishment…[View]
11589581>pulls up to speaker >'yeah i need a minute' >asks everyone in the car what they want one b…[View]
11590597So after years of using a glass tea pot with a mesh tea tray inside, I switched over to something li…[View]
11590624Two year old split pea soup from my freezer should still be good to eat, right?[View]
11583518White Trash Cuisine: Post your favorite dishes.[View]
11585862best food thread: I cant believe I went 25 years of my life without eating curry. Indian curry, Thai…[View]
11591030ruins your day: ruins your dish[View]
11591085I truly think ketchup with kraft mac n cheese is god tier. What strange food combos do you love, /ck…[View]
11588737Its pronounced LA-crocks[View]
11589675>Food or drink is perfectly fine >'Here bro, let me ruin this with an ingredient that literall…[View]
11590832I baked you a pie[View]
11590125Any cheesemeisters around? Is this a good price for fresh, real, Cypriot halloumi?[View]
11590240post your go-to sick meal. pic related is tuna rice porridge[View]
11589270is 'high class' or 'cultured' food a meme? or are there foods and delicacies that are truely worth t…[View]
11590385Salt and chilli chips: Sup /ck/ocks. Thought I’d just show you my take on Salt and Chilli chips. Fr…[View]
11589719What's your favorite crockpot meal? Coming home after work to a house smelling of chicken and r…[View]
11590452How do I kill and cook these things without total destruction? I was thinking about going full 22lr …[View]
11589137>sticks to you're food Heh, it will get better with time kid[View]
11589882It's winter and it's time for a hot hearty soup to warm the bones. What are your favorite…[View]
11589619bekfist: I want to purchase breakfast food today from a fast-food restaurant, what should I get…[View]
11590116hey fags im new to /ck/. I came here to learn. What are essential /ck/ skills to start on with no co…[View]
11577316Food from animation. Real or fake.[View]
11590306Why does Japan think this is okay?[View]
11587336How did he become the best food travel vlogger so quickly?[View]
11590337Is there an actual difference in taste or texture?[View]
11588193what do you think peasants from the Akkadian empire cira 2300 BC ate on a regular basis?[View]
11589462Fruit /ft/: Fruit /ft/ Thread /ck/ WMV[View]
11587662How do you take your coffee, /ck/?[View]
11587759Puerto Rico: So I'll be down here for a while, can someone give me some suggestions for restaur…[View]
11584342God-Tier Sammich: >da cooban[View]
11589221Opinions and facts on..: Vegan food?[View]
11577272What went wrong?[View]
11589344Do you prefer Nachos Americano style (liquid cheese and maybe peppers) or Mexicano style (served wit…[View]
11587566Korean ice cream is disgusting.[View]
11589261Do you trust the homemade food of strangers?[View]
11589257Are you supposed to cook these or eat them as is out of the packet? Instructions are all in moon spe…[View]
11588040Fermented/high meat: What's your toughts on fermented/high meat? Who tried? How did you make it…[View]
11589659>Hello my friends! And welcome to my kitchen![View]
11588761For me it's the IMPOSSIBLE BURGER[View]
11579029What kind of burgers do you make? I just made two late night burgers. Burger 1, is a setup close to …[View]
11588429>large fry container is only 4/5ths full[View]
11589355anyone got strong feeling about mashers? my hand me down oxo s-type is rusting, so I'm in the m…[View]
11583585I like coarse ground pepper. I don't want to buy these(pic related) disposable ones anymore. Is…[View]
11589415Oolong tea tastes like armpits[View]
11588810Found a dick in my cornflakes. What do I do? Misshaped food thread I guess.[View]
11587296/ss/ - Supermarket Sunday: >down under edition I'm gonna be in Australia for several weeks, …[View]
11588577for me, it's the ultimate cheeseburger[View]
11588544How do YOU pick the right rice cooker for you?[View]
11588586How do you think of this meal for one? Jealous?[View]
11586617Food hacks: Want to make any kind of soup? Add some old bay.[View]
11587705corn is grass: >feed cows corn >call it grass fed >profit…[View]
11587036What is the best method for slicing cheese? I'm using this currently but I'm looking for …[View]
11587561to go on food reaviews channell you guys all do your favorits even jackposters say it. I have done a…[View]
11589225I'm eating crispy m&ms[View]
11587023Winter storm foods?: Ameribros in the path of Winter Storm Diego -- what are you cooking to stay com…[View]
11587514What kind of cider are you rocking?[View]
11578122Hello /ck/ I'd like to know you better. Please post your >country >gender >age >fav…[View]
11586870What's for dinner, mom?[View]
11588752https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXTm8tlvGtU&t=387s pecan, this guy is both dumb and not at the s…[View]
11588801What do Burger Ranch, Burger's Bar, and Burgerim taste like?[View]
11588961Made a rack for my spices, (picrelated). What are the all essential spices for each Continent?[View]
11576111>welcome to five guys can I take your order?[View]
11587229What should I get from Taco Bell today. My normal order is the Combo #12 with shredded chicken quesa…[View]
11587586Celeb food favs: >One night, Elvis reportedly flew 800 miles in his private jet, all for a Fool’s…[View]
11588326I make rather large batches of soup. I was wondering if there was some kind of baseline for how much…[View]
11588915for me its him[View]
11588883Can I stick frozen party snacks into a convection oven or do I have to deep fry them in oil?[View]
11588235What is a reasonable amount of sugar to consume per day?[View]
11586180So it seems like more or less anything that is enjoyable in life is brimming with phytoestrogens. Lo…[View]
11587464Trying a Beyond Burger soon. Will report back for you guys. >inb4 shill…[View]
11587608Who here likes beans and cornbread?[View]
11585351Nutrition as a Science: So, why is nutrition so fucked? Why are they so many competing theories of n…[View]
11587821Obscure Party Drinks: Russian Coke or Colt idk what its called exactly: 1 spoon of instant coffee an…[View]
11576518/tea/ thread: Tea thread because there wasnt one in a few days. Show me your leaves. Pic is green he…[View]
11588688They say there's only one way to eat a brace of coneys, but is it actually good?[View]
11588621Why are all white pasta sauces so hard to make? Everyone can make a good red sauce, but white sauces…[View]
11588533Wanna Sprite Cranberry[View]
11584967>haven't had soda in years, about 6 years >decide to try one, for old time's sake …[View]
11583771For me its Subway[View]
11569079>wake up at 6:30, knowing that you were still awake at 4 >alarm set for 8 >head throbbing a…[View]
11587350I'm ordering Chinese food /ck/ what do you want?[View]
11587929gross but food related question. Do you have diarrhea after waking up, if you eat before bed and cra…[View]
11582246/ck/ I need your help! I got my mom in my family secret santa thing this year, and all she put was '…[View]
11588462What the fuck was his problem[View]
11588425Question for professional cooks: Sup anons? I was talking with my exec at work today and we came acr…[View]
11587255why is yellow mustard so based? >very little, if any, calories >nutritionally insignificant so…[View]
11587675Well Can you eat raw potatoes?[View]
11586468What country has the best cuisine? I vote Italy.[View]
11587511why do they put bacon on the package?[View]
11588288What are some cheap, filling, relatively healthy meals I can make at home? I'm getting tired of…[View]
11587154I saturate pretty much everything that I cook with this shit and it always makes an otherwise shitty…[View]
11588335Do you guys like what i made for dinner?: They were left overs, but it was pretty good[View]
11587408r8 these potatoes I boiled[View]
11588332Anyone really like dish pits? It feels therapeutic watching dishes coming out clean out of that litt…[View]
11588196How are these fuckers so good? My gf made me a plate just the way I like them with a little garlic a…[View]
11587085Cum cocktails: How do you mix your cum cocktails /ck/? Give me some recipes.[View]
11587609I do not like milk but I do like strawb milk and choco milk[View]
11587590Is buying Walmart fried chicken retarded? I wanted a snack on my bus ride home.[View]
11585013Food porn[View]
11580145So, I am traveling to Japland for a week in a few months. What am I in for from their food?[View]
11584728Wtf is wrong with my basil? I am trying to grow it indoors since the freezing temperatures have arri…[View]
11587469For me it's Gotham Steel[View]
11583912What is the most aesthetic liquor bottle? For me it's Jack Daniels. You just can't beat it…[View]
11582340Favorite bagel? For me, it’s the humble onion bagel.[View]
11587762Instant noodle thread: What noodle brands have you been snacking on lately /ck/?[View]
11587772Has anyone here ever eaten/cooked crickets/grasshoppers? I heard they're full of protein and th…[View]
11587108I don't know much about cheese but I've been trying out a couple of different kinds lately…[View]
11586269Hey anon, what are you bringin' to our BBQ? Debbie is bringing a tub of mayo, Diane is bringing…[View]
11585753the mistery of the cheese pizza: why do people eat these pizzas without toppings? and no, having Man…[View]
11587738where can i get some cheesy checkers?[View]
11583998r8 my pizza from local pizzeria[View]
11587488how does caramel made from agave instead of sugar/corn syrup taste? planning to make some caramel, m…[View]
11585521What are those Cajun fried rolls called: The one they used for pistolettes and such? I’m making etou…[View]
11586416milk and cookie[View]
11586673For me, it's Secret Aardvark. The best hot sauce[View]
11587498what kind ketchup does is a mustard based or mayonayse[View]
11587470BTW, when making mashed potatoes you skin a bit more than half of them[View]
11586761Well, whats the verdict?[View]
11586186why cooking is considered such an esoteric art to master? iv made 3 stuff so far (with the help of y…[View]
11586009Whats a good chicken marinade that wont burn under a broiler? Something that will go well with brocc…[View]
11571823what should i buy to prepare decent coffee that's cheap? i had a few versions of pic related bu…[View]
11586776lmao who thought up to make a toaster???? I just fried some bread and it was way better[View]
11586217do you feel bad for people outside of new england?[View]
11586541this triggers the weeb[View]
11584999Why do people cook salmon through? It's disgusting and completely fucks up everything the fish …[View]
11581162>accidentally eatened 4000 calories again[View]
11587089Steak's cheap this week, I'm going to take advantage and chop/grind it up and make a nicer…[View]
11586784Do you think Jack Jr. knows about /ck/?[View]
11584467Can you eat these what's the best way to prepare them[View]
11584511Redpill me on Omaha Steaks[View]
11586048For me[View]
11587049Yeah...the new burgers from IHOP are fucking lit[View]
11586888What are your thoughts on 'whole wheat white bread'?[View]
11584620>Cook something >Usually a pretty average cook >It tastes amazing for no apparent reason Is…[View]
11585876What do sweetbreads taste like[View]
11586944Does it really make your food taste “better”?[View]
11587022Holy fucking shit I'm so full right now...[View]
11586861Slav Food Thread: Buterbrod, usually a light snack Bread, butter, bologna easy as shit[View]
11586679for me? It's Rold Gold's flamin' hot pretzel thins.[View]
11586678At what point does the spiciness of a food stop contributing to it’s flavour? How spicy is too spicy…[View]
11583407What is the least known thing on the Mcdonald's menu that is actually good? Just tried the mush…[View]
11585640Why don't Europeans eat peanut butter?[View]
11586470R8 my pork yakisoba please :3[View]
11586744Mandoline: Hey /ck/, I really wanna get a mandoline. But I don't know what the fuck a good bran…[View]
11584700Kosher Suggestions: I'm cooking dinner for a some new Jewish friends in the building next frida…[View]
11584415Cooking with oats: Is it possible to use oats in foods other than porridge and desserts? I'm t…[View]
11586568holiday food and drink: What are you planning on drinking and eating for the holidays? Right now I…[View]
11586271What am I in for /ck/: Just got to Culver’s. I’ve never been here before. What should I get?[View]
11586524How am I supposed to eat a sandwich this large. Scooby doo made it look easy but it is hard.[View]
11585976What's the best way to reheat garlic bread? I was just gonna sprinkle some water on it and thro…[View]
11586603MMMMMMMMMMMM, give me some of those PIG FEETS. I eat em raw, what about you anon? Are you some kind …[View]
11586596Cockpot General: Crockpot General Been thinking about picking one of these bad bois up soon. Are the…[View]
11586265hey i’m new to /ck/. I always eat at mcdonalds burgerking or kfc when i get the cold. I figured the…[View]
11582165What foods are indicative of Christmas to you and your family /ck/?[View]
11567721/beer/: /beer/ general Beers of the 'North' edition Previous thread: >>11554441[View]
11584667What fun things can I do with mustard? Mustard seeds? I have a mortar and pestle.[View]
11579084I want to buy some foie gras for Christmas to try for the first time. Surely it can't be more u…[View]
11584563any good roadtrip snacks?[View]
11586377Directions you find really confusing: Whenever I buy microwavable pizza they often have these weird …[View]
11580771Client gave a me a fifty dollar gift card to The Outback Steakhouse for the holidays. Never been the…[View]
11572106is tobacco /ck/ related?[View]
11583423Is it true that you can activate avocados? How can I do it?[View]
11565606What are some Mexican dishes that you like?[View]
11585907Heading by the local Asian market later. Gonna pick up some delicious dried cuttlefish. What else sh…[View]
11586080Best weight loss diet?: Is it Butterfield? Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWgwJfbeCeU…[View]
11584375>ordered a full English >tinned tomatoes Bunch of savages in this town.…[View]
11584901Duck thread: ITT we discuss duck- how do you take yours? Starting with what I did last night... Conf…[View]
11582213>McDonald's eight days in a row[View]
11581883Has anyone here actually taken his advice and made the perfect BURGAH?[View]
11585962fuck this[View]
11585898R8 my asian food try[View]
11582711Gorgonzola is my heroin, I can eat half a pound of it easy, and I'll ask for seconds[View]
11583618How do you learn how to cook? It’s super stressful trying to find recipes that work and following th…[View]
11584595For me, it's prawn cocktail.[View]
11584873Favorite German dish?[View]
11585497I've eaten McDonalds twice a day for six straight days. Ask me anything.[View]
11583381What's your go-to nutritional shake for when you're too sick for solid food? For me it…[View]
11585495I bought marrow bone cuts. They were cut this morning. Can i give them to my doge? Not all of them. …[View]
11581119What are some great meals to have after waking up with a hangover?[View]
11583828ITT: Good scenes of beer in film, television, and any other audio-visual media Let’s see how /ck/ d…[View]
11582167Peirogi: Millie’s peirgoi with cabbages in the inside[View]
11583723Oven fries with paprika powder, italian/provçalnsomething mix and samurai sauce.[View]
11585723best cereal reporting in[View]
11585736>Sad Musics in your path.[View]
11584803Jet's Pizza is the best chain there is, I feel for those who don't have it.[View]
11585508Memorable meals: What is your most memorable meal? Pic is 1932 New York think about those men every …[View]
11581949You Fap You Lose: Food edition: >donut cheese burger with bacon[View]
11584377>And the napkins, did the chef make them himself? >N-no Chef he just bought them >Unbelieva…[View]
11582694>Refried Beans So......basically it's mashed potatoes but with beans?…[View]
11585628alergic reaction to eggyolk: As a kid i couldnt eat eggs because i would get a alergic shock. how ca…[View]
11582510Just got a 20 lb. carrots and and a 20 lb of onions. I dont want then to go bad. Any suggestions on …[View]
11585566/ck/'s favorite Christmas cookie?[View]
11585376You don't win friends with salad! You don't win friends with salad! You don't win fri…[View]
11582411Why aren't there any famous female chefs? There's only regular home cooking ladies like Ma…[View]
11584283im going to make bread for the first time. what will you achieve today?[View]

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