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11768700How do people keep their cabinets perfect? Mine are reasonably okay but occasionally a nick here or …[View]
11764609chick-fil-a is full of bigo-[View]
11770066Why is hating licorice candy such a meme? It's not as bad as people make it out to be. And most…[View]
11770631Guys I think I've fucked up >be 23 year old directionless burnout >be hard working dishwa…[View]
11767076Is /ck/ a reviewbrah board or a Steve1989 board?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jZoHuMwZwTk…[View]
11767899Rate this breakfast my gf cooked me[View]
11770613What are food products that dont lie like faggots on the packaging Suggest no-bullshit foods[View]
11766877is this ok?[View]
11762447What do you usually order at Subway? for me >honey bread, double cooked >chicken breast + baco…[View]
11770522So Safeway and Albertsons have had a 'wing bar' for a few years now. Just for fucks I tried some of …[View]
11770488George Washington Carver: Are you enjoying that pb&j anon? I invented peanut butter 1871 in Tusk…[View]
11770288Egg Man Thread?[View]
11770408Git that pidser out on a tray https://youtu.be/u_sY-nJ179U[View]
11764946why is gruyere and greuyere rind so based???[View]
11770378Service Bonding Moment: >Hungry for them panned cakes >Head to Denny's (don't ask) …[View]
11769149Buy knorr stock pot.[View]
11768313Flamin Hot Doritos: Was it kino? Literally what the spicy nacho flavor was supposed to be[View]
11770344You know those hot links that are usually made around summer time? Ever tried frying the hot dog bun…[View]
11764115How do you start BBQing? I legit want to know where to start at Square 1.[View]
11770233For me, it's the whopper.[View]
11766938Is it really safe to serve medium-rare?[View]
11766421What do you order at Waffle House? I get the hashbrown bowls. Used to order the waffles but I always…[View]
11768941>tfw ate pigs-in-a-blanket sprinkled with some course salt with chili con carne What did /ck/ ea…[View]
11769941Post a pic of the inside of your fridge[View]
11770142Its almost 10, i'm drunk n off to my late night cookie shop, why aren't you /ck/?[View]
11763573How do you make your veal stock/demi-glace at home? I know how to do it restaurant style but I don…[View]
11754058When will this fad end?[View]
11769915Why does my rice never look like pic related?: I've been cooking rice dishes for a while and my…[View]
11766911What's the perfect duration for hot coffee enjoyment? I feel like once it's slightly below…[View]
11770037how do I find and consume as many delicious hamberders as possible?[View]
11769343Post only the most based candies.[View]
11769609Mexican food make me go poo poo[View]
11767747croissan'wich, king of breakfast[View]
11769902“I’ll get a salad!” Aaah good to be healthy ey?[View]
11769718Yelp knows where the future is going. Are you with them?[View]
11764052Are there any anons who were able to try new coke? What did it taste like? Was it good? Was it bette…[View]
11769298So I had to work in Stratford, Ontario last week. On Saturday, I stopped by there farmers market. Th…[View]
11764918Would you have tried it?[View]
11768977Spirits: Aren't they beautiful?[View]
11759113More than 12 million people enjoy the Colonel's freshly cooked chicken every single day.[View]
11769234Today chef, I have prepared for you:: Cumin-dusted scallop. Bon appetit.[View]
11768375is it too late to start a youtube cooking channel? I want to be the next Binging with Babish[View]
11768493is soy milk a meme?[View]
11766541What are /ck/ tips to cure hangover?: Help me please[View]
11768787>Stop and Shop grocery chain to begin offering “store on wheels” service What's the point of…[View]
11764831How did everything go so right?[View]
11758886So far- I'm impressed. Maybe even red pilled. I like the knife as a bread knife, but it can als…[View]
11768392what are popular offal dishes in your country?[View]
11769495I cant stop eating these: These defeat me. What defeats you?[View]
11768353Cali steak and guac burrito from del taco[View]
11768496a bfast miracle: i found a rare quad shredded wheat today[View]
11769419Soy 'Milk': Soy milk is just bean juice, change my mind[View]
11766326What do you get?[View]
11769275How are pizzas at delivery places like pizza hut or domino's made? I've heard stories from…[View]
11768210You're subconsciously conditioned to eat meat: https://www.plantbasednews.org/post/subconscious…[View]
11768805Hey and welcome to Ben's Kitchen! Today we will make a pretty simple but still scrumptious and …[View]
11769263>tastes exactly like an onion >Costs 3 times as much Fuck scallions…[View]
11768332Ok /ck/ what would you change/improve. I had some eggplants that didn't know how to cook this t…[View]
11764778my first sharcootery board. cheese is cool![View]
11765583Post itt only if you have drank chocolate milk in the last 24 hours. If you haven't, go drink s…[View]
11768573Post overrated food,[View]
11765388Cooking with Gordon Ramsay: add ingredients to the pot. Trips: Gordon critiques the food.[View]
11765185McDonalds BTFO[View]
11764611>only adult candy general[View]
11767930What is your favorite oven temperature? Mine is 210°[View]
11767232cashew? more like trasheww.[View]
11768940The chile chipotle flavour of raw saurkraut is pretty good with some raw garlic.[View]
11768842Favorite Flyover Foods?: 1. Memphis style pulled pork 2. Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles 3. Chi…[View]
11763746I'm a habit eater and started working on losing weight, but keeping the cravings in check is ha…[View]
11765323Ask someone who ate at Red Robin with their g/f anything.[View]
11744551ITT: post the last meal you took a photo of Spanish rice[View]
11759015Objectively the best nut.[View]
11763993>Calling a blender a 'food processor'[View]
11765950red pill me on dual core also tell me your favorite knife and why[View]
11765710I need some ideas/recipes for meals that last a few days. I want to cook them all on Sunday and they…[View]
11764189I tried to season a pan, but I applied too much oil. It looks something like this (not my picture - …[View]
11763400What are some extremely healthy foods? Also are bananas considerably less healthy when they aren…[View]
11767553Cheap and Tasty Meat: i was at the supermarket yesterday and i swore to myself i'd start buying…[View]
11764145Kefir vs. Ayran: Which do you prefer? Why?[View]
11742028How do you like your coffee?[View]
11760303Is salt the only non-living form of food that we eat?[View]
11767669What do you look for in cooking YouTube channels? What makes you subscribe? I want to start a channe…[View]
11762268What do you actually do with Worcestershire sauce?[View]
11768423Simply Grapefruit Juice: I've never been on this particular board, its a longshot to ask but I …[View]
11767794microsoft went down 3 points: looks like we're having dented can chili tonight boys[View]
11768456I've been roasting and selling coffee at a local farmers market the last couple of years. I sta…[View]
11765286Big agribusiness says GMO is exactly the same as selective breeding which we've been doing for …[View]
11768436Portable Induction: What is the best Portable induction hob? Ideally for under £80[View]
11763510Hey /ck/ >>11755514 here Just picked up some marrow bones. And walmart had one package of oxta…[View]
11767991post your best korma recipe and pics of nice korma[View]
11767365why is american bread so white and 'sweet'? It tastes like something you'd put in a cake. pic u…[View]
11764341Name a chain that makes better fries. You can't.[View]
11748255Cooking from Anime: Saw this on here the other day, got drunk and made it[View]
11766444COFFEE STYLES: What is your favorite kind of coffee? And no, I'm not talking about Starbuck…[View]
11760272>graduated from CIA today >sweet starting salary soon to become real AMA bros…[View]
11768149I srsly drank a buttload of ale last year. Maybe more than a buttload, have to ask the barkeep.[View]
11763427>tfw watch chefs cooking amazing dishes while I eat mediocre meals Does anyone do this?…[View]
11764289Dad's lazy potato dumpling soup: Step one[View]
11766429HELP: Going to Cheesecake Factory tomorrow for a birthday. Never been and I looked at their menu. TH…[View]
11763789For my money, it's gotta be Cheez-It® baked snack crackers.[View]
11765878Blogs: A). White American cheese is unique – salty, creamy … sorta sweet and bright. B). There'…[View]
11767437Will be my first time going in mcdonalds in 6+ years, since I don't leave the house. Any idea h…[View]
11767143Fatty bits on chicken: Excuse the possibly dumb question, i'm a newfag to cooking When you…[View]
11767538sharing recipes from your own -or a language you know- country maybe also share the language for if…[View]
11767577Anybody ever eat chitlins on this board? I tried them on some tacos from a taco truck and it was pre…[View]
11767488Mint, for you?[View]
11767427Suggestions for soup(breakfast): Hey /ck/, no bulli plis I recently enrolled to a chinese cooking cl…[View]
11764498Bimbo/Marinela thread: Saludos desde Mootxico /ck/[View]
11743479Do you have any embarrassing stories from going to a restaurant?[View]
11766138Post rare tendies I think pic related looks like a penguin looking over it's shoulder[View]
11766747Sap forch, decided to find out the recipe for florentine pizza from local anons[View]
11764534Bought one of this, hate it, what can i do with it ?[View]
11767058Horumonyaki: Sup guys. Really want to get into horumonyaki. I love yakiniku and I love offal, so it …[View]
11762580Why do some recipes call for putting the pot in the oven? Is it to get a gentler, more uniform heati…[View]
11767333Local flyer: Post some weekly deals[View]
11765860Do you drink the juice of the Pickle?[View]
11766384Why is all American Rye bread so bad and objectively inferior to ANY European brand? My store HEB ha…[View]
11764846>mom heats up the bolognese she made 3 weeks ago and froze >smells fine, take a bite >it…[View]
11763948>Posts this[View]
11766982I've got a small shitty Hisense fridge with the freezer compartment and fridge behind 1 door. …[View]
11761508Number 15[View]
11762217For me its the Big Mac, the most statesmanly fast food sandwich.[View]
11764252Sardines: Do you prefer brine, oil or some kind of flavoured sauce? I prefer brine. Less messy and I…[View]
11765493does wendy's make the best hamberders?[View]
11757640In quebec, you find ground horse in any supermarket next to the beef and pork. Do any other whites e…[View]
11757813You guys seem to know your shit, but wanted to make a different thread-what should i be eating in ho…[View]
11765433ITT mashups Pic related french dip pizza[View]
11765701Why the hell do they make these jars so hard to dip out of?[View]
11766275How do I make thick glazes? For my pineapple chicken (pic) I used leftover pineapple juice, melted b…[View]
11766395Can making sashimi be considered “cooking” even if you don’t apply any heat at all?[View]
11766405What do you guys think of le creuset's grill pan lidded dutch oven? I'm looking at the 4.5…[View]
11744519Beer: /beer/ general Drinking this and a local rye IPA tonight. Pretty good. Nothing special but eas…[View]
11763239Welcome to my magnificent kitchen, fellow denizens of /ck/. Today, I am going to impart upon you the…[View]
11763367baking something[View]
11765283Bowel Status: Unlocked: What is it about the French-American relationship that keeps giving the worl…[View]
11766025Fried rice: I made some salmon fried rice added too much soy sauce so now it looks brown but I also …[View]
11755486Why do Americans drink antifreeze?[View]
11765640/fdg/ Food Dip General: General discussion thread: Let's keep this one SFW bros[View]
11758510For me, it's the borscht.: What is your favorite food?[View]
11766049Another one leaves the death cult: https://youtu.be/ZI1Be8C37-k 38 minutes of someone explaining how…[View]
11764789>Oh just cook something. Clean as you go! fuck you, I'm ordering a pizza I hate cleaning up.…[View]
11764675Its Ken from KBDProductionsTV with another food review: Just for you, and just for .. you![View]
11753302lime memes aside, how do my fellow poorfags eat cheaply and healthy? breakfast is pretty easy (oats…[View]
11764382I made this delicious dish with fried tofu, chickpeas, and slow simmered potato and onion. It also l…[View]
11758936gravlaks: What does gravlaks/gravlax taste like? Is it any good?[View]
11761600I usually order a coffee with an added espresso shot. Would getting 2 espresso shots in my coffee be…[View]
11761050I'm trying to find a stainless steel pan with ridges / grates / grill pan. Seriously do these e…[View]
11767498>restaurant I work at hires Mexican chef >he works hard and his food is insanely popular >b…[View]
11762995For no reason in particular... which do you prefer? Cinnamon or butterscotch?[View]
11764599Can I use these beef chicharones to make stock with?: Hi /ck/, I have been getting a lot of beef lat…[View]
11765633Fuck bois, he's a sellout now[View]
11765426What does this taste like, anon?[View]
11764557How do I get the greasy smell off my body after a long day of work? Regular soap doesn't seem t…[View]
11749406Does the carnivore diet actually work or is it just a meme?[View]
11761959carnivore meat: How come the meat of carnivore mammals tastes bad but the meat of carnivore fish tas…[View]
11764255Is there an actual name for the filling of a kinder chocolate? I always see 'milk-based filling' and…[View]
11751114Why are millennials killing Applebees?[View]
11761468>drink coffee >violent, occasionally bloody diarrhea…[View]
11763577Why is fast food so soulless?[View]
11765161Its rainy and cold outside post your favorite soup that warms you right up[View]
11765213https://www.google.com/amp/s/nextshark.com/pho-restaurant-sue-vietnamese/amp/ >butternut squash…[View]
11764754bread bread: made bread for the first time. how's it look /ck/? a no knead stecca variation. ca…[View]
11761843Best breakfast in the world coming through.[View]
11763033Disgrace of the industry thread: This Hungarian restaurant is so proud of their 'beef tartare' they …[View]
11763237Why do I crave green tomatoes almost constantly[View]
11760692Post food that evokes the power of DARKNESS[View]
11764710who here /cayenne/?[View]
11761312Don't mind me, just posting the best energy drink ever.[View]
11760663What are the best flavors? I've never had girl scout cookies before.[View]
11764606I tried to blend some lemons (3 to be exact, all cut in half) alongside an ice cube (oh and I did pu…[View]
11764396where can I buy a whole pig/cow/boar without organs? I'd like to use it as a temporary diy boxi…[View]
11753824Golly gee, I sure do love e pepperoni pizza! Don't you, /ck/?[View]
11764268post your best recipe for a nice korma[View]
11764294Is this a chicken burger or a chicken sandwich on a bun?[View]
11763697I unironically think these are the healthiest food on earth: Almonds are the healthiest food on eart…[View]
11763589What's your most autistic cooking habit? For me it's not combing the pasta in the tomato s…[View]
11759827are they better hot or cold i cant tell.[View]
11764476Had Papa Dough and a free breadstick offer, only have to pay for the delivery and pizza cucks tip. …[View]
11762832What is your secret ofa good spaghetti? >pic rel[View]
11764356What would you recommend eating?[View]
11763988What's the best alcohol for drinking yourself to death?[View]
11763410Why is this even a thing? It looks like a condom[View]
11764107got some dried fava beans will either quick or overnight soak make them easier to peel? or does it n…[View]
11760359How do I use this correctly?[View]
11763299What are you craving right now I just want some ground beef and onions[View]
11763973what is the best biscuit and why is it pic related?[View]
11760402What is the general consensus on the Double McFish, the sailors choice of sandwich?[View]
11763837After a night out drinking there is one particular food I wish to partake in on my way home, it…[View]
11762250anyone else like their hamburgers plain and dry?[View]
11763225Would it be a crime to drink wine out of a martini glass?[View]
11755936coffee or alcohol which drink do you love more /ck/? i would include weed but that isn't food[View]
11758294*ruins your meal*[View]
11759959Pink salt: Just got a packet of Himalayan pink salt. Can anyone redpill me on the pros and cons of t…[View]
11762322Swedish meatballs is one of our family's favorite comfort meals. You won't believe how eas…[View]
11759638This is what winning looks like. :)[View]
11756618Is 3 hearts too much for lunch?[View]
11761093What are some good foods to make if I'm a fat lazy faggot?[View]
11763477Quick question, how do you tell the difference between tapeworms and unusually thick tendons on raw …[View]
11763292>hate spicy food >love black pepper why am i like this bros…[View]
11757224Is this shit worth buying? It's $50 on Amazon.[View]
11754281Lamb: Why isnt lamb more mainstream in the US? I just bought some on sale and its fucking delicious.…[View]
11763131For me it's 50 chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, honey mustard and a generous serving of mar…[View]
11760112Tell me the secret to the perfect French fries.[View]
11759752/fdg/ - Food Dip General: New video edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9B_SyuRLyU[View]
11762950>ham >salami >onions >tomatoes >swiss cheese >toasted bread >mayo How would you…[View]
11762904Any dish that uses cilantro, can also use lime. prove me wrong.[View]
11763142Is it worth making your own pesto?[View]
11761281how do i make hot sauce?[View]
11763023Long Term Vegetarian Diet Raises Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease: Very interesting article... http…[View]
11760545rate my dinner /ck/ all i ate today was 2 waffles[View]
11758986Ants on a log, WaLa![View]
11756216Ok /ck/, I ate some fried rice from a resturant a couple of days ago, and I've been craving it …[View]
11751702Shit posting aside, is meat bad for you?[View]
11758462For me, it's the Big Mac.: What is your favorite McDonald's sandwich?[View]
11763109Ok i need advice. Been dieting really well lost 12kg so far but i am smashed and hungry and want to …[View]
11762935Best hamberders thread.[View]
11758838For me, its shitposting on 4chan on a Monday night, while getting drunk and enjoying a platter of ch…[View]
11760621for me it's munchos[View]
11762336thanks mcdonalds![View]
11761715Man, fuck this perfume-tasting bullshit[View]
11762776Besides Kebab, what do you even order at a Turkish restaurant? Besides Tacos what do you order at a …[View]
11756824Apples are BETTER than strawberries[View]
11743484Is there a lasagna recipe that will get me laid?[View]
11762691does /ck/ prefer fried garlic or fried shallots?[View]
11754007How tf am I supposed to eat this[View]
11761972Foods that are from your area[View]
11762488What would be a better alternative to pepper as a table condiment along with salt?[View]
11759781Are there any food stereotypes in your country? I heard that in Japan they’ll call you gay if you’r…[View]
11758691Your mom gives you this for your birthday. What do you do?: Also, are there really people who not ev…[View]
11756764Why does the classic chopping method perform the horizontal cuts? Seems to me that making the vertic…[View]
11762484HEAT: Are microwave and oven necessary for ck? I haven't had a microwave for 10 years living on…[View]
11759131For me it's the McChicken. But, just knowing the president of the United States of America serv…[View]
11753754Is this the latest meme in the cooking world? Why do I see so many people talking about it all of a…[View]
11761720britfag thread: why are *eats bread in between bread* americans *is the most obese first world count…[View]
11762308Choose your sliders.[View]
11758408Vegan snacks: Hello VEEGANS. What are some vegan snacks or vegan alternatives do you most enjoy to e…[View]
11762218Need help with food IMMEDIATELY. Okay, guys, I'm in a big mess. I'm about to host a big ev…[View]
11746267How does /ck/ feel about consuming live seafood?[View]
11757301>me with a friend go to eat some burger >at the end of friend tells the one that cooked our bu…[View]
11762089Thoughts on....bisque? >Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin, classi…[View]
11757480got a few cans of this powdered milk what are some uses for it other than cereal?[View]
11761698You see, for me it's the Double Big Tasty[View]
11762049for me, it's girl scouts cereal[View]
11758980>grapefruit I bought some because it was cheap today, but I have absolutely no ideas what to do w…[View]
11757172Best and simplest way to make delicious buttery popcorn at home like they do in movie theaters? >…[View]
11753624Do people not know how to cook anymore?[View]
11759330How do I make the inner part of a pork loin taste good? It’s always so dry and bland that I end up c…[View]
11761452For me...[View]
11734899How the fuck does he eat so much without becoming obese? He uploads like 5 videos a week and eats a …[View]
11754413Pie.: What is your favorite pie, /ck/? If you could have anything as/in a pie, what would it be?…[View]
11761805any vitello tonnato recipe/tips? i have just tried it and it's amazing[View]
11759896What's the proper temperature to sous vide Taco Bell? Strangely couldn't find anything onl…[View]
11758604How often do you eat candy and what do you eat?[View]
11759285Red pill me on meat-based diets/carnivore diet. Im a big proponent of eating aninal organ meat; idea…[View]
11759003Best cooking channel out there btw.[View]
11759517>tfw accidentally overate around 2500 calories again What are some low calorie snacks I can eat…[View]
11759121has anyone got a good recipe for microwave brownies?[View]
11760113Can I make a biga or a poolish from a tangzhou to make amazing sex-like bread? Light and crispy blis…[View]
11761005What foods should I eat if I often dabble in water sports or the occassional brown shower and want t…[View]
11757871What kind of saucepans, pots etc. do you guys use? I'm a novice at cooking, so should I get no…[View]
11760121My last fattening dinner: Rate it !!!! It's my last 711 meal mostly because I can't afford…[View]
11756382Choose wisely.[View]
11759397Does /ck/ know any good recipe's that involve Spinach?[View]
11760828should I eat raw cookie dough[View]
11761028what kind of eggs do you guys buy? waiting to get some Araucana chicken eggs delivered next week fro…[View]
11759367Food Chemistry stuff: So I'm interested in making a Coffee Cupcake recipe, and just using coffe…[View]
11760063Deep Frying: What kind of batter would you use if you were to deep-fry honey or marmalade?[View]
11761099Orange Soda: This is one case where the run-of-the-mill version you see everywhere is also the best,…[View]
11759140What is the tastiest beer you've ever had? It's pic related for me.[View]
11758494How do you hold your pizza?[View]
11758160>cheap >tasty >great nutrition Is dairy the greatest good in existence?…[View]
11749029WEBM Thread: Innovative Devices Edition: Bonus points for clever and useful kitchen devices.[View]
11760342ITT: recipes for beginners how do cook[View]
11760613why aren't lactose-free daily products a national requirement? I'm tired of paying for lac…[View]
11759400so i got my hands on some pic related? what should i make with it? my cooking level is average.[View]
11757973Jack in the Box[View]
11756206Is microwaving water to boil it a good idea[View]
11760178Headed to Chinatown and going to check out the asian mart. Anything you guys suggest I pick up?[View]
11757907Are there any 'Box' Services that ck/ approves of? or even just the idea of? What's been your e…[View]
11758910Do NOT get Insta-Cart Premium: >be me >use instacart 10 times >10 times the order is delive…[View]
11759352i make spaghetti sauce with condensed tomato soup: and i love it. am i bad person?[View]
11758964just got one of these bad boys as a gift what does /ck/ do with theirs?[View]
11758585The new Zaxbys carribean wing sauce is awful, its just liquid brown sugar[View]
11754464The Chocolate N: .[View]
11759357In and Out VS Culvers: The great debate. I'm from Wisconsin and I honestly feel bad for you coa…[View]
11758592Udon: So I don't really cook. I'm trying to figure out how I could make a good vegetable u…[View]
11759464I want to make chocolate chip cookies, but I don't want to use shitty chocolate. What do I use?…[View]
11755606So what makes the fountain drinks so much tastier compared to the 2Ls I'm drinking now.[View]
11757589Who invented the sandwich?[View]
11751707I'm never ordering delivery again[View]
11757373Moose soup: anyone ever had moose soup?[View]
11758994Either McDonalds, Wendy's, etc defend their fast food or they finally admit its shit. I don…[View]
11758999How would you add garlic to this recipe?: I really like Marcella Hazan’s three-ingredient tomato sau…[View]
11758250>2019 >Still using knives to cook When will you grow up and realize that we were born with eve…[View]
11759310Sunflower butter is soooooo tasty.: I know it has a lot of added sugar, but damn it might taste bett…[View]
11758508i tried this method today and it works great. Also, how was i unaware of the existence of this absol…[View]
11759062>bought a 12 inch carbon steel pan from baguetteland >tfw so skeleton mode that it's too …[View]
11759045what the FUCK is her problem?[View]
11759001Dinner Thread: What's cookin good lookin? What did everyone have for dinner? For me, it was an …[View]
11758668how do you guys pimp your ramen im tire of just throwing some hot sauce in it?[View]
11758358NYC thread: A thread restaurants in nyc you either eat at regularly or that you’ve tried and are rea…[View]
11757412lunch nomnomnom: Go ahead /ck/ tear me to shreds[View]
11751833who here eats at Michelin starred restaurants, if so list the ones you've been to and your expe…[View]
11758916What's cookin /ck/ I'm making din din who wants sum?[View]
11758042>food expiration date is 2 weeks from now >is clearly expiring right now I JUST WANTED TO DRIN…[View]
11758902>he calls himself a coffee artist >He calls breakfast 'brekkie'…[View]
11758765Do you buy food from amazon? There's a lot of stuff that is cheaper than supermarkets. Just got…[View]
11757914Hello all. I'm looking for some advice on a problem I've run into. How would you fine culi…[View]
11758444another cast iron thread: Hi /ck/, so I fell for the cast iron meme and bought a small pan for $3. I…[View]
11756521What's the best sushi filling? Ever.[View]
11754939Meat-eating in moderation can be environmentally sustainable, r-right?[View]
11758299Innovative /ck/: •Deli White American cheese is great; slightly sweet; some salty; very creamy; … pa…[View]
11758072I want to try my luck with making salami. I know you need starter cultures. Would it work to mince a…[View]
11758272I'm about to go to Five Guys. What burger and toppings should I get?[View]
11757088What's your tolerance for spicy food, /ck/?[View]
11758338What are some foods to fuel long gaming sessions[View]
11745396Is it true?: Do foreigners (especially Latinos) not like peanut butter? All that I’ve met get disgus…[View]
11758323Are well done burgers any good?[View]
11756909pardon me, excuse me, best fast food deal coming through[View]
11756574How can kitchen scale manufacturers be so retarded? >No physical buttons >60 second auto-off t…[View]
11758350At which point did you realize you were a man and didn't have to eat burgers to satifi your hun…[View]
11758276Just bought this. How long until I'm cooking like a pro?[View]
11756424I have $14, needs to last me roughly 3 weeks. What do I buy? I'm thinking beans, eggs, milk …[View]
11758091What does /ck/ think about ‘modern classics’?[View]
11758224Is it worth investing in espresso? What fucks you up more, espresso or Red Bull The grinders seem ex…[View]
11756513>Be me >Order spinach dip at a Mexican restaurant >Get this What do?…[View]
11758173How can I cook good brisket?[View]
11758333>mom found the monosodium glutamate[View]
11757859Lettuce Burger: I want to make a 10/10 burger but without the bread. What can I use other than lettu…[View]
11757206u.m.a.m.i: Umami: Japanese for “delicious taste,” umami is produced by certain amino acids. It’s bes…[View]
11758157hey cu/ck/s, i eat white button mushrooms raw.[View]
11757606French vs Italian Cuisine: Which is it bros?[View]
11758150Lipton vs Luzianne: Which is /ck/ approved[View]
11757747>eat two protein bars yesterday >Feels like there is a literal brick in my stomach >Never f…[View]
11758009Did it again....: on the way home from work, stopped at a Mcdonalds Hamburgers, ordered a large #3 m…[View]
11754909Food Mystery.: I have two sugar dishes to keep my sugar in. One in my kitchen and another in my stud…[View]
11758035fucking cakelets[View]
11757704Can you this shit for anything other than Oatmeal an muesli?[View]
11752719ITT: vegetarian/vegan alternatives THAT ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD.[View]
11757956Absolutely based. How can other ff resturants compete? Ive gotten this twice this week and trashed m…[View]
11741630>'carbs make you gain weight' - keto dieters >'vegans are so weak and skinny' >vegan diet …[View]
11757943Shanksville: Those bones are gold, right[View]
11757390Real talk: Mhmm, amen brother...[View]
11754381Last of the Eggnog: Kroger doesn't have anymore eggnog and I'm down to less than half a qu…[View]
11755514hey /ck/ how can I make a very cheap and appealing beef soup? I have just some shitty homemade meatb…[View]
11757502Things I can't (or bother) to do myself, so I'm fine buying ready-made.[View]
11756773Have you tried live octopus?: disgusting :( https://youtu.be/1XH0KT5fDrI[View]
11753125Hey /ck/, tonight we are making pizza on a griddle pan. Sorry for the bad photo quality, I am a poor…[View]
11753384This thing looks great, anyone have one? Looks like it's great for pounding and would be easy t…[View]
11749651Chic Fil A: >1st time trying this place. >Me: Let me have the deluxe, no tomato >CFA: Do yo…[View]
11756958Sardines baked with onions & potateos: Guyse, hey guyse. Remember that gigantic phaggoth who ask…[View]
11756423Tortilla: What would be some good ingredients to add to the humble tortilla? I usually go with onion…[View]
11757534Is spending two hours preparing and cooking a meal, then take 10 mins to eat it regarding as fast fo…[View]
11754728Southern Cooking Appreciation Thread: Yankee food and California cuisine need not apply.[View]
11757653How does one make these things taste better?[View]
11755978where do I find delicious recipes for free? those internet ones from a google search all suck cock a…[View]
11753773/deenz/: Took the deenzpill and tried pic related, was not disappointed. Tastes a bit like canned sm…[View]
11747559Veganism: Give it to me straight cu/ck/s What are vegans lacking in their diet other than vitamin B1…[View]
11750508“Please do not buy battery eggs. It’s not a good thing... 98% of people can afford free range eggs.”…[View]
11755896What's your go to meal that you prepare if you have a date coming over?[View]
11751220Thoughts on these hour devours?[View]
11757059How much water should I put when cooking spaghetti? All the way up, middle or as little as possible?[View]
11752457got a wok, never used one before. This one is carbon steel with a flat bottom. Tried to season it, n…[View]
11755102Welcome to Jollibee[View]
11755220Get in here: were making a burger from the top down.[View]
11757344>30oz bottle of mayonnaise is $4.99 >15oz bottle of mayonnaise is $6.89 Why do grocery stores …[View]
11751154Is it possible to eat 50 eggs?[View]
11756542You now remember Epic Meal Time[View]
11751708Why is /ck/ so afraid of the Vegan Keto diet?[View]
11754215has baking made you a better person?[View]
11753117I posted last night and you guys were trying to help in determining what material my wok was made of…[View]
11757047These things are fucking great, but at 3€ a pop, I can probably make better and/or cheaper myself. S…[View]
11751199Kebab/Doner/Gyros meat at home?: Is it possible to approximate this at home? My idea is that since o…[View]
11756747Why do Americans love/use a lot of canned food? Why do you use canned vegetables, if you can eat th…[View]
11756068Pay day foods: What’s the food you buy most in payday ? For me it’s mostly mcdicks and subway. Inb…[View]
11748749>taco party pack It lowkey says cock party tho. What did they mean by this?…[View]
11756802Why do people hate the Chicken McNuggets? They're tasty.[View]
11756726Diet planning: Do you autistically eat the same foods everyday /ck/? What's an optimal diet in …[View]
11754777Alright you finished buying what you wanted from the mall and now you're hungry, you go to the …[View]
11754850Opening a restaurant: Have you coo/ck/s ever thought about or wanted to open a restaurant? >What…[View]
11755942I made a double burger for dinner tonight. Seasoned each patty with blackening spice, flipped, added…[View]
11756018have you tried this shit?[View]
11748299Does dieting actually work for women? Seeing as how they're biologically more inclined to hold …[View]
11742861>'Oh you're making pasta? Let me help you out bro.'[View]
11752264>he doesnt have a deep fryer basket to make his own deep fried food your doing it wrong…[View]
11751520Do you ever beg for meat?[View]
11755372What went wrong? Why are we still here? Just to suffer?[View]
11755825Gun to the back of your head. Your Last wishes. You get one. Which beer is it /ck/?[View]
11756569why does supposed 'grass-fed' beef at american supermarkets like whole foods not have the …[View]
11756662What's even so bad about chicken raised on antibiotics? I would think half of the flock intende…[View]
11755716Are potatoes good carbs or bad carbs? Surely the starch can’t be good for you[View]
11749023Why does this trigger /ck/?[View]
11755862Why is Five Guys the best restaurant, period?[View]
11755201Chicken and waffles: Anyone else on this board familiar with the food of the gods?[View]
11755699Fridge rate thread: Rate fridge thread[View]
11754965What type of monkey meat do you use for the spaghetti? Personally whenever i go to the Brazilian Ita…[View]
11754748Best mac and cheese recipe? Getting tired of Kraft Dinner[View]
11754426i can make this and feed myself am i a real chef now?[View]
11753493Why are they so much better than 7-11 bros?[View]
11754685Anyone here ever try Jilly Juice?[View]
11756098Doubles and higher decide my pizza TOPPING: HONEY, CHICKEN, ONION, SALAM, SALT CREAM, ANANAS, PEPPER…[View]
11755164What should I put this on[View]
11754727Post overrated food[View]
11755422Should I baste my steak?: Besides butter flavor, does basting help the steak cook properly? Why I ca…[View]
11755419What is it?: Someone here is Boomer or GenX enough to know, right?[View]
11752461How do you know which yelp review to trust and which ones are just BS?[View]
11724864What's the most fucked-up thing you ever saw go down at the Waffle House?[View]
11745348Name a better beer I'll wait[View]
11754075One of these just opened up near me: Are they worth trying?[View]
11753160This the best chips brand. Nobody can refute it.[View]
11754793imagine not putting milk in your eggs.[View]
11753868I grew up in Texas but never tried Whataburger. (Except this one time where they got my order wrong …[View]
11753546Yes or no?[View]
11753163How do I fix this shit? Baking soda/vinegar aren't working.[View]
11754879Condiments tier list: Ignore the trademarks, only the condiment types matter. Face the undeniable tr…[View]
11755647Tangzhong + poolish Have we gone too far?[View]
11755369why is raw beef so good?[View]
11747254Cook along: I saw this double grilled cheese burger sandwich yesterday on here. Decided to try it to…[View]
11754842Grilled cheese sandwich thread? Post your favorite.[View]
11755479How’d I do?[View]
11754483do you guys buy used kitchen appliances off Amazon? the 'very good' version of the immersion blender…[View]
11753416How many meals to you have a day? And how do you portion them? Personally, I have 3 meals with a sma…[View]
11755279>made a pot roast >just put 1/4 bottle of sriracha in it while in the slow cooker fite me…[View]
11755474Join me, /ck/?[View]
11747759What ingredients do you guys like/put in your hot pot?[View]
11755012Is this place the most underrated fast food chain?[View]

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