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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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13328352I hate pickles but I want to give them a try, is there a good place to start? Bread and butter pickl…[View]
13331203Preparing marinated mushrooms today. So easy! Boil 1-1/2 -2 lbs. of mushroom in water in vinegar …[View]
13324467Behold the greatest cut of meat this earth has to offer[View]
13330276>order sweetish meatballs >theyre salty[View]
13331119If we can call the combination of a fork and a spoon a spork then why cant we call the combination o…[View]
13328364she's not wrong.[View]
13330713Foods that are so delicious you can't believe are also very healthy[View]
13330946my boss is italian: we always get one of these for chrismas but its very salty. you cant eat it as i…[View]
13330490how tf do I use this?[View]
13322893why isnt lamb more popular in the US? if you're not american, is lamb popular in your country?[View]
13329192Japan still has viennettas[View]
13324495what's the best cheese type and why is it bleu?[View]
13330799So are these guys raiding and shilling on /ck/ right now, or is it just me?[View]
13322810Does the good ol' Tabasco still hold up today in a sea of modern hot sauces?[View]
13322074How do you cook something like hare? Basically no fat.[View]
13330226Imagine not knowing this feel.[View]
13330740Salmon/Seafood Thread: what's the best way of cooking salmon? I like giving them a lemon rub th…[View]
13330431ITT: best seasoning for popcorn[View]
13323658Yup, it's mayochup[View]
13325954Food you can smell from blocks away: This time of year is the only time its cool enough for people t…[View]
13329490What are your tips for getting the tinny flavor out of canned meat/veg?[View]
13330658>very cool Hiro... just like that... yeah, oh, ohHHH, yeah Hiro, I am very hungry >look at all…[View]
13329014I buy dried vegetables mix and eat it like a snack.[View]
13329934Tomorrow is my last day at Panera. AMA[View]
13325252Hey faggot, I know you have chickpeas and kidney beans in your pantry. You've never been able t…[View]
13329867If you put anything more than just butter and salt on your corm, you need to get the heck out.[View]
13330204Moving from an apartment to a home I purchased in a couple of weeks. Family is asking for housewarmi…[View]
13324985Imagine the smell: Post food you can smell through the screen.[View]
13328763>You're not hungry, you're just thirst![View]
13329906Recent Food: >Nutmeg. >Cinnamon. >Cacao. >Dairy. >Eggs (whites and/or yolks). >[An…[View]
13330482do americans really drink this?[View]
13330319Creme brulee: The most based dessert that exists. Nothing compares.[View]
13316708How do you take your coffee? Normally I drink it plain but sometimes I like to mix a bit of hot choc…[View]
13329313>want to do something with my bottle of Kraken >only have root beer and ginger ale in my fridg…[View]
13328206I wanna make American Style Blueberry Pie. Will this form work? Also Pie Discussion I guess.[View]
13327708What are ck's favorite things to add to granola?[View]
13328752So is it actually all the spices combined? Sounds fucking gross.[View]
13328961Let's get this started.[View]
13328687French cheese, champagne, and cast-iron pots will double in price for burgers. Any French anon here?…[View]
13329498Butter first or last?: Im in a heated argument with my dad over weather or not you should put butter…[View]
13329197Different sauces: What is the actual difference between pizza sauce, pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce, m…[View]
13329409Wild Mushroom Pasta: Hello anons. I went out in the woods behind my house this evening and found a f…[View]
13329749Just had an adana kebab. And Wow! I guess we can finally forget about that whole 9/11 thing[View]
13329652r8 my pl8 m8s: we are having a coo/k/ off fu/ck/ers blast em if you has em[View]
13322558The best Taco Bell burrito was the beef and been burrito, later known as the combination burrito, an…[View]
13327352I have an opinion on food.[View]
13329573>mom found the pizza drawer[View]
13329435Holiday Leftovers: Y'all have any recipes or ideas what to do with leftovers during the holiday…[View]
13329547Proper Cooking: Hello. Any tips for safe frying so that pic related doesn't happen again?…[View]
13329522/chug/: Been chugging these bad boys tonight[View]
13327170>poached egg >it's actually not hunted illegally…[View]
13327691>Deep fried milk If I hadn't literally just watched her do it, I never would have believed i…[View]
13324438What are you drinking right now, bros? For me, it's Cheerwine.[View]
13326915>literally the best snack in the world[View]
13327922This area of the world has the best food on the planet[View]
13328668And walla, dinner is served. Bone apple tea![View]
13325808would you try a soy based steak? looks pretty good[View]
13326732>impossibah whoppah[View]
13318124WEBM Thread: Post those delicious foods.[View]
13322809You approach the Grilled cheese cart. What will you order?[View]
13327494I feel like a European nobility rn senpai desu[View]
13326411Best quality products and where they came from: Beef: Kobe from Japan Pork: Iberico from Spain and P…[View]
13323043I have 2 lbs of ground beef: What are some quick recipes that are good enough to make me eat all of …[View]
13327304Question 1: Do these still look ok to eat? Question 2: How should I prepare them?[View]
13328572Why do you hate this corndog?[View]
13322902Choose Cheese[View]
13328788Hmmm: Hows my small steaks boys?[View]
13326478>ma shames me for eating 3 eggs omelettes every day Fuck off ma I make great omelettes, why am I …[View]
13325865I visited Italy once and it was the first time I tried real fucking deal gelato. Most incredible thi…[View]
13328130Is deep dish really pizza?[View]
13328148why do waitresses constantly whine about tips and pretend they're working slave labor?[View]
13328328>cook a tiny bit of zgliwiały ser >direct neighbours have to move out because of the long last…[View]
13328781>buy expensive wines >they taste the same as shit-tier wines >buy expensive craft beers …[View]
13327089My SO and I absolutely adore meal prepping! So easy, quick, and convenient. She saw this cool ass fr…[View]
13328592>enter kitchen >'MMMhh anon that smells so good are you a chef or something?!'…[View]
13324266>'people' that eat all their fries first before touching their burger[View]
13328444>I DONT GOT TIME TO COOK GOTTA GET MY PROTEIN AND GO IM GONNA BE LATE people are lying to themsel…[View]
13327147nothing like bread from a local bakery! What bakeries do you have nearby?[View]
13324073Weird food suggestions: I am going to have my friends over around the holidays. Since it's been…[View]
13328266For me, it's the bread and butter crisps sandwich[View]
13326481best chocolate[View]
13326302McPOLICE HERE! OPEN UP![View]
13319893Whats walking distance from you ?: Whats close where you can walk to and dont have to bike or drive …[View]
13323447Rice What are some good brands of short and medium grain rice? Is anything from Japan fine?[View]
13324753What's the verdict bros? It's pretty solid imo.[View]
13325971Pineapple on pizza= BASED[View]
13328330can i make beef stew except instead of beef i use pork? would i want to change anything or can i mak…[View]
13322649How does /ck/ like their pancakes?[View]
13325128So i melt butter using water bath(baño Maria) for move the butter in another bottle My question is t…[View]
13328349Heifer whines could be human cries[View]
13326039Dry brining: What are some tips and tricks?[View]
13326894I just watched the Joe Rogan podcast. I want to go vegan now. What are some staple recipes/foods to …[View]
13313570Discontinued Alcohol: post alcohol you used to drink and like that you can't get anymore. pic r…[View]
13328297ITT: elder god tier soft drinks[View]
13325108For me, it is Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies.[View]
13327948Chicken is better than turkey: >mfw when Christmas is approaching and I'll have to eat turke…[View]
13327995What's the cheapest way/place to acquire beer?[View]
13328184This shit is unbelievably, ridiculously good. The best canned fish I've ever tried. What other …[View]
13316463I work at a taqueria and got the task to come up with a menu for our next taco tuesday. Since there…[View]
13327970Is it REE-cola or Re-COLA? The commecial says both >inb4 not food, it could be if you wanted to h…[View]
13323355What's a food or meal that you used to love, but grew sick of?[View]
13323010You know what time it is? No, no 7:11. I am, however, going to Sevs! Can I get you guys anything??[View]
13325992QiErWa 馋小漆: QiErWa new video about smoking meat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5otSBmTZoU…[View]
13323271Is it possible to raise a kid without feeding them sugary crap?: Anons with kids: do they really dis…[View]
13327861faggots, betas, and wamyns use measure cups. confident chads, like myself, eyeball everything, and i…[View]
13327754>there's a party in my mouth[View]
13296593/Baking/: >no baking thread What are you baking right now or what have you baked recently? Breads…[View]
13325787Rate pls Mashed potato and stewed cabbage[View]
13327615My local 24-hour Subway renamed itself 'Graveyard of Businesses' on DoorDash. I'm thinking ther…[View]
13323863Who is this girl and why does she keep appearing every week on Gordon Ramsay's YouTube channel?[View]
13327511Subway Renamed on Doordash: This is literally my first post on /ck/ but I didn't know where els…[View]
13327541Pickles and pickled vegetables general ITT: Discuss your favorite pickled stuff[View]
13323275/wine/: What you drinking anon, i bought a bottle of Speir 2018 merlot today[View]
13326941Dissaponitments: whats the most dissapointing foreign food you've tried? pic related >puke-i…[View]
13322952Beer recs: I just turned 21 a few days ago. Any recommendations on what beers to try out, since I do…[View]
13324640>Improves literally every dish[View]
13327215Hey fatties, you seem to be the world's experts on steak or at least on 4channel.org/ck. Rate t…[View]
13324262Rate my loaf /ck/, just came out of the oven[View]
13324911Homemade pizza help: Femanon here. Made pizza for me and my partner. But crust doesn’t turn out gold…[View]
13327114whats your favorite Yogurt flavor ?: https://youtu.be/4usAhEvMKZ4[View]
13327216Which is the real one?[View]
13323225why isn't it more popular?[View]
13326465Can I attune my body to very small amounts of extremely calorie/nutrient dense foods? Like, a daily …[View]
13324261What are some of the things you can make with an egg plant?[View]
13319708Water. The versatile, tensile, and most of all, domicile for most life. Really have to appreciate th…[View]
13318118Alternative: HELP! So i'm making Gordon Ramsay's roast turkey for Xmas. The only problem …[View]
13324966Just bought this at the supermarket. What do I do with it?[View]
13326511Is KFC anti-white? Why do they make everything so damn spicy? Don't they know we whites have mo…[View]
13323992>using an upturned fountain drink lid as a sauce platter for convenient transport back to your ta…[View]
13321828>used Barkeeper's Friend on my stainless steel last night as usual >my hands are swollen …[View]
13325705You've ordered yours already, right?[View]
13325983I'll take the #1 please. Two all-beef patties, cheese, lettuce, pickle, onions, secret sauce on…[View]
13325975There is an amateur cake/pie competition that takes part every during a yearly music event that I ta…[View]
13323874casserole is fucking tasty and you cannot change my mind[View]
13325568Are these things any good?[View]
13325446Sausage or meatballs?[View]
13325774>Cook has armhair[View]
13324845*burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *burble* *…[View]
13326385Is there something wrong with me¿ I drank four of these last night. Now my stomach feels like I just…[View]
13324862I've been looking for what I call a 'food unit' to take to work with me because I'm tired …[View]
13325804Are there ever situations where letting this thing naturally release is bad? Discounting situations …[View]
13325040Gonna be in central London for a few hours this afternoon with nothing to do and actually having som…[View]
13325046ah the humble pomegranate, the absolutely best fruit raw[View]
13323603Who here /silverwarethief/? I never really liked the archaic boomer idea that having matching sets o…[View]
13325784For me it's whole wheat bread with swiss cheese on top, broiled until it's warm and a litt…[View]
13319440Hey anon, we're having pasta tonight! >CCCCRRRACK[View]
13323430What the fuck do I do with leftover heavy whipping cream? I got like 2 cups left over.[View]
13325781Confit vs braising etc general: So is there any strong definitions to some of these terms? The basic…[View]
13313314What's your traditional Christmas dinner?[View]
13325880If I pour 15ml of olive oil over vegetables in a bowl then roast them in the pan, am I still eating …[View]
13325736Artichokes: Am I the only one that thinks these things are just bland mush? Everybody I know likes a…[View]
13325175Beer Ramen: Shall I ask my wife to treat us to a delicious combination of a noble ramen such as Maru…[View]
13323776if i deep fry something in boiling oil in a pot on my stove can i keep the oil and reuse it at my le…[View]
13325836So you guys live off of the cum from Chef John's dick but how do you feel about this faggot. Al…[View]
13323966Can you microwave a chicken breast?: I'm starving right now and am to tired to fry the breast i…[View]
13322745ORANGE MARMALADE: Do you like it? Spreading on toasted bread gave me strong panettone vibes. Comfy…[View]
13323980>be me >walk into room with mug of vanilla ice cream >see giant chocolate coin sitting on d…[View]
13323795If you haven't eaten a cheeseburger this week, you're unamerican. If you don't like f…[View]
13325277Did a monster hike today and both my knees are sore. They don’t feel injured (I’ve injured them befo…[View]
13325214Bologna sandwich with lots o meat[View]
13324894Pizza's here![View]
13325094How do I make mocha waffles? I just ordered a waffle maker and a large bag of waffle mix, do I just …[View]
13323987Today in Flyover Cuisine: Picture is the leftovers. Pork tenderloin, slathered in an herb mix, shal…[View]
13323759Every time i pop into the local supermarket i pick up 2 jars of spices. My growing collection has go…[View]
13325112I've been eating pumpkin seeds, as a snack, you know because I got a big pee pee. Anyway I went…[View]
13321306Good morning, my beautiful fellow Americans!: How goes it? What's for breakfast? For me, nothin…[View]
13322726Cafeteria Woes: >me in first grade >lunch time >grab my tray of whatever the fuck >go to…[View]
13325373What are some healthy breakfast meals? Pic unrelated.[View]
13324341Every deep dish '''''pizza''''' I've ever had has been a disgusting, greasy mess or a giant blo…[View]
13325323What is the healthiest brand of yogurt? Pic unrelated.[View]
13324060what is the best fast food aphrodisiac?[View]
13324457What's the best way to prepare pizza? do you rinse your cheese in cold water from california? o…[View]
13324370If your country doesn't have a curry like dish then the cuisine a shit[View]
13320748at my work they had this 'secret snowman' thing where everybody has to pick a name and you have to b…[View]
13324355I'm going to Vegas next week and they've got a lot of Michelin starred restaurants. Where …[View]
13325242ITT thread: dumb /ck/ shit your region does Forget butterburgers, in Wisconsin when you order a bloo…[View]
13320837Why do people attack meal replacement shakes so much? Meal replacement bars see plenty of use withou…[View]
13324395I really love these Yoshi nerd eggs. Some of the balls are a little sour though.[View]
13322919ok ramen enthusiasts i bought 1 of each at a random korean store how scammed was I and which one sho…[View]
13324972Why do people put so much useless bullshit on french toast?[View]
13318888How do you make enchilada sauce from scratch? Made some enchiladas from canned sauce and it was pret…[View]
13322943Food porn thread.[View]
13324926which one /ck/[View]
13324932No, not even if sober, can't get that FUCKING engine turned over.[View]
13324661why do some of you faggots ruin a perfectly good baked potato with fucking cheese? little sea salt, …[View]
13321235I fucking love this Aussie shit.[View]
13312593/vegemite/: They are now selling this outside Australia. I tried it for the first time. I actually l…[View]
13324172I started eating vegan recently: And the imitation food literally tastes better than the orginal. I …[View]
13324799What did he mean by this?: 'Please, Agar is my father. Call me Agar.'[View]
13324365Who else here /nofork/? Anything you can do with a fork, you can do with a knife. Unless you're…[View]
13322161Is it possible to make chicken stock concentrated?: I love home made chicken stock and have no probl…[View]
13324227The quesadilla is one of the best items at Taco Bell, but do you prefer chicken or steak? I say chic…[View]
13323791>butter is better for you than margarine[View]
13317662Are cows the most delicious animal?[View]
13321116>he throws his eggshells away ishygddt. would you throw away the egg yellows? it's just as b…[View]
13322775I got a small chicken (2 lbs) from the grocery store for cheap. What's the best way to turn it …[View]
13323924I bought too much Chinese food and I don't think I can eat it all. I hate to throw it out. Does…[View]
13324251Underrated veg. Especially in lamb or beef stew.[View]
13318994Let’s get sauced bros. Post your favourite hot sauces. For me, it’s a tie between the ‘vark and Torc…[View]
13324236Let me know: What y’all think[View]
13323207Tuna Melt: How do you make the perfect tuna melt?[View]
13316042Signs a restaurant is shit: >restaurant doesn’t form their burgers by hand…[View]
13324175Times your head chef was mean to you for silly shit and or was just straight up mean I’ll start …[View]
13323582Shits gross[View]
13324147https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tYFPbEUV-M Lol. Do Americans really cook their chili like this?…[View]
13319869ITT: Cooking/eating tools pet peeves: >buy can opener for like $30 >breaks literally as soon a…[View]
13323684Risotto is superior to mac and cheese in every way. >creamy from the arborio starch, cream option…[View]
13323719Who /littlefork/ here?[View]
13323845What does /ck/ get in their DQ Blizzard?[View]
13323528It's shit.[View]
13315024whats your favorite chain to go get pizza from and why? for me its gotta be pizza hut because nobody…[View]
13321951>Makes you fat Seriously what the fuck is pizza's problem[View]
13323026Pork Loin: What are some top tier pork loin fillings? I was thinking of making one and using green a…[View]
13322360Lamb legs: Dear /ck/, I have a potluck tomorrow morning, and I'm bringing two 6lbs boneless lam…[View]
13323527>the perfect teapot doesn't exis-- Chinese craftsmanship at its finest indeed…[View]
13317189Candy Tier List: Thoughts?[View]
13317800Does milk and eggs belong in bread?[View]
13323535https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooizM4P27lA jew yorkers btfo worse than they were on 9/11 LMAO[View]
13322052Just throw 'em in the trash[View]
13320214what are some things i can do with instant ramen packs to make them more interesting?[View]
13321405Eggnog: I just tried some for the first time in my life because of the threads here. It is the tasti…[View]
13319761The restaurant I just started working at doesn’t have a grill or a fryer[View]
1331844915 year old canned pears: Should I eat?[View]
13322954Do I need to rinse these before I cook them? Also how many times I should do it? Is rice cooker a me…[View]
13318091What am I in for[View]
13321501Where can I get these gloves, desu senpai?: Also, are they good?[View]
13323315>why yes, I do season my mouth, eat the steak raw and set myself on fire for maximum flavor, what…[View]
13320307Puttin y’all on this: Some of the best candy you will ever eat not playin boys[View]
13320723Why are they so good?[View]
13321922I have decided to live a week of simplicity and austerity. What food can I eat for a week for under …[View]
13321632On somewhat of a bender and found this in a cabinet id forgotten about How bad will it taste? It…[View]
13321180What do ovens 'ov'?[View]
13323208Pork: The other white meat[View]
13314852uh oh TEXAS is now BUDAPEST[View]
13318196This is the only way to slice bread.[View]
13319833>ask for gluten free options >get treated like a leper Why does this always happen.…[View]
13322571I accidentally left my empty put on a burner for like 5 minutes and now it looks like this. Is it fu…[View]
13315407Do you do the horizontal cuts or not when dicing an onion?[View]
13318510What are the cheapest and most healthful meals to make that taste good? I want to spend as little mo…[View]
13322165So a thread about veganism. Who am I to believe which is better? Meat or vegan? Both sides constantl…[View]
13320132Mountain Dew cheesecake.[View]
13322042For me it's boneless wings, buffalo style[View]
133196213.14159265358979: I’m looking to get into baking pies, aside from pumpkin, what are the best kinds o…[View]
13307323A White Castle valentine is a knightly affair[View]
13319943Potato chips are literally just thinly sliced potatoes fried until well done. So why doesn't an…[View]
13320288For me, it's Razzle Berry Reign[View]
13315567America braces for possible french fry shortage after poor potato harvest: Brotatos.... this can’t b…[View]
13322845>ate a bowl of cereal for a midnight snack (honey bunches of oats for a sugar kick) >went to s…[View]
13319319The best fast food isn't American[View]
13321463Meaty Thread: Anyone mostly carnivore? I do lower carb for health issues (worked for me and helped m…[View]
13317625WE'RE GONNA BE EXPEDITING THIS ORDER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Pl0jLe-tU[View]
13317683What's your favorite McDonald's menu item?[View]
13322664What the fuck? Why? Does anyone actually like their green beans like this? The French are retarded, …[View]
13322516Hey /ck/, what type of honey goes the best with meat? I've been using lavandula but i know ther…[View]
13321668/pizza/ - general: pic related is a real pie[View]
13319788sketty and: Sketty And garlick bread[View]
13316488How to stop drinking 20 cans a day?[View]
13319163Why do people from middle america think 'good food' means 'a lot of food'? Don't give me that '…[View]
13321647Good food that wont destroy my throat?: Hey /ck/, this past week Ive had this destructive cough and …[View]
13321462How do I build/buy my own small pizzeria in england? Feel like you need to know someone to have an e…[View]
13322537It would be a shock for my mouth to taste all the cow-mommy hormones and estrogen that aren’t for hu…[View]
13321646moules marinieres without wine: Dont have any wine at home, can i use diluted White wine vinegar?…[View]
13319466Yelp reviews: Post yelp reviews that give no real info on the place.[View]
13313777>Low calorie >You don't have to pretend to like the flavor Yeah I'm done with beer …[View]
13320601I'm making vegan weiners, who wants one?[View]
13318467ITT: Most kino sauces at restaurants[View]
13315109Anyone here use store bought chili oil? I've come to realize that every time I go to a Chinese …[View]
13321679Can you put butter/oil in your rice cooker with the rice or will it fuck it up somehow?[View]
13322239I'm tired of baked chicken. Give me ideas for chicken stir fry sauces. I tried a peanut butter …[View]
13321074Cruise Buffets: On a Christmas cruise next week. All drinks are provided in the price as well as buf…[View]
13322186It's time to oil up: You do oil your meatballs, right?[View]
13320460how do you eat them? they are yucky :([View]
13315664/nosoda/: >tfw water is starting to taste better[View]
13321691Give me a Wake Up Wrap, and don't make it crap![View]
13318073Zucchini: such an ugly fucking word. Brits should be ashamed[View]
13320320Help /ck/: What's a simple marinated Chinese pickled veg I can make at home? I ain't got t…[View]
13322046Just bought a load of cheese for a cheese night, but i'm an idiot and thought it would last for…[View]
13318549>bake a potato and open it >no butter >liberally apply salt and herbs >add a pinch of bl…[View]
13317811Made my first barszcz soup: How did I do polish bros?[View]
13321948I haven't had any Coca-Cola Cherry in months and it's the only soft drink that tastes half…[View]
13321757ICE IS FOOD!: ICE IS FOOD![View]
13321575Do you prefer cabinets, or open shelves in your kitchen?[View]
13317735In lieu of grabbing my usual Hunt's canned pasta sauce, I decided to pick up a few cans of crus…[View]
13317777>https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/76144/why-no-one-wanted-aws-third-pound-burger >http://ar…[View]
13319287Welcome to the Go Fuck Yourself Café. What'll it be?[View]
13320903What is /ck/'s opinion on Cheese Tea?[View]
13318735The beefy drink[View]
13320482>undercooked carrots >overcooked carrots[View]
13319232lunch box snacks from childhood[View]
13318216How do you make the perfect tuna melt?[View]
13321635Is there a time rule for picking up foods that fell to the floor?[View]
13321652https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooizM4P27lA jew yorkers btfo worse than they were on 9/11 LMAO[View]
13317226which one is better?: alright this is last call on this who wins?[View]
13318525Hey /ck/: Check out the fwah graw I made. I accidentally a few nights and it turned that color on th…[View]
13319784>eats a diet composed 80% of carbs >believes reducing fats will help lose weight Where did it …[View]
13320857Rating on my 12$ bank account dinner? Turkey Sausage 8 ritz crackers Mustard[View]
13317370Anyone else hate this faggot? all his videos are literal shit, yet he talks like he thinks he's…[View]
13320097Cooking Sins: >Adding broccoli to any type of Alfredo[View]
13320190Give a mediocre hobbyist some recommendations: So throughout this year I've realised I love coo…[View]
13317722Why is steak so difficult to cook? Between the searing and the basting and the fine tuning of the te…[View]
13320414First Bread Thread: I attempted a very simple artisan bread recipe and I'm quite happy with how…[View]
13320626So uh, is there anyway I can convert my leftover thanksgiving turkey into sloppy joes? Without a mea…[View]
13319938Diet Pop: Doctor said I can't have sugar anymore, so it's only diet pop for me from now on…[View]
13321214GrubHub wage cucking: Is grubhub considered 'under the table' pay? If you only make $1000 a month wi…[View]
13319411Is it pork roll or taylor ham?[View]
13313999What's your diet composed of and how many times a week do you defecate?[View]
13319964spiced rum+espresso=kino[View]
13316763>peanut butter >it doesn't have butter in it…[View]
13319890Baked mac and cheese: I made this for Thanksgiving, I was so proud to see that empty tray at the end…[View]
13308878>tfw no cyber monday deals at taco bell Did you pick up anything good food and cooking related on…[View]
13320443Fellow fatfags. What food related quibbles and inconveniences trigger your obesity rage? Thread insp…[View]
13320405Alternative Ingredients; Molecular Gastronomy; QTDDTOT; /ck/ General: Sugar / Carbs Replaced with St…[View]
13320878Why are cucumbers considered a normal side dish outside of Korea?[View]
13319060Hey /ck/ rate fast food sandwich shops[View]
13317309Had this for lunch at work earlier. How'd I do?[View]
13320767Youtube Recommendations: Yall guys ever heard of Adam Liaw, /ck/? Saw a vid about three days ago and…[View]
13320113What are some less commonly used herbs and spices that you like to use? Have you ever came across a …[View]
13319769Anyone else here shop at Vallarta?[View]
13320480What exactly is this and how do I cook it ?![View]
13309590How is arby's still in business?: Has anyone tried this yet? It looks worth the potential $9 Ar…[View]
13319214What'll it be[View]
13319307Why didn't you tell me about these /ck/? I just ate the whole bag. I couldn't stop.[View]
13318698Why do Brits still eat like they are rationing for a world war?[View]
13315814Why is Burger King food always fucking cold? I order a Whopper and by the time I sit down to eat it …[View]
13316044>haw i called it bang's instead of barq's[View]
13319357>why yes my goal is to one day own a restaurant that gets ranked by a french tire company, the tr…[View]
13319599who /discada/ here[View]
13318664How do you fry habaneros without feeling like you're getting pepper-sprayed?[View]
13319646Friendly reminder that Pomegranates are the GOAT fruit[View]
13317421>plant based sausage sandwich for vegans >with egg and cheese…[View]
13319001for me its kens boom boom sauce, the ultimate sauce for chicken tenders[View]
13319960Yellow or White: which one and why[View]
13320099Meatballs are better when they're big and I don't really care that Brad doesn't agree…[View]
13319306>defeats the purpose of your salad[View]
13319622What recipe would you recommend to someone who only has thumbs on their hands?[View]
13313959Ballast Point sold to tiny suburban Chicago brewery Kings and Convicts in beer industry stunner: htt…[View]
13313730I'm gonna get a new EDC knife soon, and all my kitchen knives are dull as hell Whats a good set…[View]
13316636are you wasteful?[View]
13319526Phoshizzle: Tomorrow I am going to make Pho, what can I expect? Has anyone here ever tried to make P…[View]
13319767Who else loves this shit? Pickled spicy peppers. Is that what you call it in English?[View]
13319652id really like pasta and only have a sink and electric kettle no microwave, stove, hot plate, or any…[View]
13314065How do I learn to like beer? It tastes wretched.[View]
13316593stir fry tell me your secrets[View]
13318376Does they realize that theyre eating the shell here? The spicy part is in middle! Not outside where …[View]
13316604Reusing frying oil - is it okay to save and reuse oil as long as it looks fine and smell fine? Some …[View]
13312686Is it trashy to go to Red Lobster by yourself?[View]
13316769Who is your favorite food related zoomtuber? For me it’s Kate Yup https://youtu.be/aMYvmQg-p74[View]
13318963As we all know, some people find cheese fries a mystifying concept and very hard to eat (the secret …[View]
13319578What's your favourite gingerbread cookie recipe for Christmas?[View]
13314607/msg/: Post ur midnight snacks /ck/[View]
13319235What are you making tonight?[View]
13318685Is it the greatest sugary cereal ever made?[View]
13313819>when you get munchies[View]
13319292oi; /ck/ what are you eating for dindin?![View]
13318355for me its: Steak[View]
13247180Coffee Time /general/: Cold Brew Edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inqui…[View]
13319121>visiting Europe >go to grocery store >milk is sold in large cans and not refrigerated …[View]
13317105What are the best fast food deals, as in what is the largest ratio in portion size vs price paid. Th…[View]
13314227Goose Island's 'Bourbon County Stouts' came out this past Friday...and i'm curious what ev…[View]
13313385Who has tried it?: What was it like?[View]
13318408Tuna melt.: How do you make the perfect tuna melt??[View]
13318726Is this true, coffee bros?[View]
13315492McDonald’s Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-WmGAvLzQA[View]
13313438What food do you like that everyone else on /ck/ seems to hate?[View]
13318729Reminder that if you go to a fast food drive thru and they tell you to pull over to a parking spot a…[View]
13318627In N Out has the best fries. They're firm, but fluffy and oh so crispy. Warm, golden, salty goo…[View]
13317193R.i.p: Jamie. According to bbc news, jamie just committed suicide by he's own knife brand. Leav…[View]
13318460'Hi can I get the double stack 4 for 4 with spicy nuggets and a Dr. Pepper' >Sure, what sauce wou…[View]
13318695I was working the counter at /asp/ and I heard you boys were looking for half a pound of pesto pasta…[View]
13317470What's the secret. Why does my sauce taste like bland tomatoes? Should I add sugar?[View]
13318416Bread recipe (s)!: 500 g all purpose flour 5 g yeast 30 g sugar 2 g salt 200 cc milk 50 cc oil 1 egg…[View]
13317055I've been gifted two 8 packs of these Bean N Cheesers and it really got me thinking. How many c…[View]
13307391How is this place so cheap without the food giving me super aids or some shit? What's their sec…[View]
13315854Pick one, fellow Britbongs.[View]
13317490What are the best restaurants? Going soon. All 4 parks.[View]
13314555Goin to Orlando to visit the bestie next month. Give me places worth going out to eat at.[View]
13314384Can I lose weight by only eating whole wheat vs white wheat, brown rice vs white rice, and no empty …[View]
13318422for me it’s onion straws and barbecue sauce on my burgers[View]
13314103>ask for a cup for water >fill it with soda instead…[View]
13311629Tried to make beer-battered fish (cod) but think I put too much egg so now it is egg battered fish. …[View]
13313946What are some tasty foods to eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?[View]
13317465Post food/drinks from your town you love to death but suspect wouldn't be too special if you br…[View]
13311744Have you taken the medpill yet, /ck/?[View]
13317499Can you guys post your best super foods and nutrition tips for pregnant women? So far I only have …[View]
13314147i hate eating food, but need to survive i guess. all the tastiest shit is bad for you. how does one …[View]
13317159Is hunger the best seasoning?[View]
13312519What does gold taste like ?[View]
13311628What are some good single-serving meals I can enjoy by myself?[View]
13316855Favorite low carb snacks: For me, it's Hila.[View]
13317450The Great Debate: Is Mcdonald's™ better than Burger King®? Objective evidence suggest Mcdonald…[View]
13315450Why is there so much sugar in Chocolate milk? I can't drink it without feeling guilty :-([View]
13315381how do you like your lobster prepared?: Yer fond of me lobster aint' ye? I seen it - yer fond o…[View]
13311277https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx5hxm9iNfE fresh claire[View]
13314057Is there a reason Chipotle seems way more prone to food poisoning outbreaks than other fast food/sim…[View]
13315526Rate my dinner Potatos with stewed cabbage[View]
13313931For as long as this thread is alive, I will show you all my progress through this pint of ice cream.…[View]
13315882What the hell was SunnyD? It wasn't orange juice, and it wasn't orange soda.[View]
13317037rank coffee brewing methods, from best to worst: >Aeropress - smooth as fuck >French Press - d…[View]
13317765Small/single sized grill/sandwich maker?: So pic related is my current sandwich maker. I'm look…[View]
13317768For me, it's Tapatio. The best hot sauce for breakfast, lunch, and dinner![View]
13314329Kyoku Knives: Anybody have any experience or thoughts on this brand? Specifically, their daimyo seri…[View]
13317713What kind of fried rice do you get with your Chinese food? Pork fried rice? Steamed white rice?[View]
13317618Do any of you fags make your own hotsauce? Share recipes Mine is made of berbere, red tabasco sauce,…[View]
13309754Was she right? Are pop tarts overhyped?[View]
13306647What is the most retarded name for a food item you have ever seen?[View]
13314505-Sips- Ahhhhh its that time of the year again.[View]
13316674I'm on the seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it![View]
13316656Do you rinse onions?: They typically have dirt on the skin, which is to be expected. I see a lot of …[View]
13317332>he doesn’t buy bobby approved items[View]
13313466>He supports the needless slaughter and torture of millions of animals for 'muh taste' The absolu…[View]
13313747SO LETSDEWET[View]
13317215>SIMPLE hotpot recipe >combine Fennel, Star Anise, Black Cardamon, Fructus Amomi, Cinnamon Sti…[View]
13313710Do you prefer roast beef sandwiches or cheeseburgers? desu I think I prefer cheeseburgers[View]
13316301Anyone here use Friedrich Dick knives? Choice is extremely limited where I live and I can't ord…[View]
13307636/FOODCUCK/: you know the drill by now >which app >which location >what hours do you do …[View]
13315652Shironoir (シロノワール): Has anyone been in Japan and eaten this dessert before? If so, your thoughts on …[View]
13316781Candy: Does anyone here like to make their own candy? If you don't make it, what kind of candy…[View]
13315287When's the last time you ate vegetables?: I haven't eaten any since I was a child and I…[View]
13309614Which is worse for me, eating a box of Cheez-Itz over 3 days or a block of cheddar cheese?[View]
13301662What's your favorite kind of chocolate milk?[View]
13303000Oh my gawd I would eat this everyday[View]
13316263What are some things that go good with whipped cream?[View]
13316311Don’t you just love casseroles?[View]
13314017I’m going to McDonald’s you guys need anything?[View]
13316350When’s the last time you went to a diner and had a nice relaxing breakfast, consumed at a slow pace?[View]
13314214what's a reasonable amount of chicken nuggets for a meal? my bf got annoyed when i had like 3 o…[View]
13312957If you absolutely love sharks...: What do you make of this? https://youtu.be/L7y9-Hv-6Go[View]
13316079Do people eat eel anymore? It's regarded endangered species in many countries.[View]
13316516post your improvisations[View]
13314948What is your favourite berry, /ck/?: For me it's the humble frankenberry.[View]
13316729Parfait thread[View]
13315488/ck/ stands for Carnivore & Keto: And don't you ever forget it grasscucks[View]
13310926What are the most essential supplements to take if you have a poor diet which lacks nutrients?[View]
13315899JERKY GENERAL recently bought my own dryer and looking for general advice and recipes. Also exchange…[View]
13316581What mixes well with this? Any drink recommendations?[View]
13310022ITT: Things America does better than anywhere else in the world: Mexican food[View]
13314404Who here remembers these things?[View]
13315960Never had a burger in my life. Now is the time. What am I into?[View]
13316043How do you feel about salmiak?[View]
13314967>he's vehemently anti-beans in chili >puts corn in his chili…[View]
13313832>this triggers the bean cucks[View]
13315534What are some recipies for making isopropyl alcohol tastier/healthier? Any lifehacks?[View]
13316154Walk past the golden meat store. Make myself dinner. You can do it too.[View]
13313601Gochujang gochujang gochujang gochujang[View]
13308104Had my first 'California burrito”: They put french fries inside it. Seems odd to me but I enjoyed it…[View]
13316319I just got one of these, what can I do with it?[View]
13316191Lentil: Lentil[View]

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