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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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12355069for me, it's louisiana hot sauce[View]
12355519Moshi moshi anon-kun[View]
12348884Bananas: Are my banana's ripe to eat, /ck/?[View]
12356531rate/10 compare to in/out & 5guy[View]
12352208Tilapia: what are some simple and delicious recipes for this anemic ass fish[View]
12356470Hello, ck. I have some boneless ham (non-salted), champignons and potatoes. I want to make a nice, h…[View]
12352989Taco Bell's $5 Grande Nachos Box: Thoughts?[View]
12356380Did he ever come back?[View]
12355937I'm having Jollibee for the first time tomorrow. What should I get? The rice noodles look good.[View]
12345662I bet /ck/ prefers their steak rare[View]
12356064Whatever happened to Pizza at McDonald's?[View]
12356262The supreme foods: Honestly the best food options are; Burritos,Burgers,Pizza. why? because you can …[View]
12355678>go to restaurant >'Do you have Dr. Pepper?' >'No, but we have root beer!'…[View]
12354516>Store has frozen bake-in-bag chickens on sale >Buy one and get excited thinking about eating …[View]
12355441What’s the last dish you made either with the help of, or inspired by, a YouTube video? How did it t…[View]
12348712and 2 weeks later i have fermented hot sauce[View]
12355865A DAMN GOOD COMBO: Alright boys you need to try this so head on over to your nearest grocery outlet …[View]
12353407The master race[View]
12355879Whats the price range for a cheap quality chef knife?[View]
12355205Post good food documentaries https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HQzDhqyKUDY[View]
12355773post based drinks[View]
12352900Chocolate Souffle: Help me make a perfect chocolate souffle. Give me tips, tricks, good recipes, wha…[View]
12349412Hemp seeds?: What's the consensus on hemp seeds?[View]
12353433What's for breakfast/lunch? Made some eggs. Some olive oil, yellow onion, green onion, grape to…[View]
12355006Rate my dinner: White redneck here from the south , 5 ft 11, 145lbs, pre date carb loading before si…[View]
12353878Pass the butter bro.[View]
12354956Alright alright alight... This guy got me. I love how his Jewish autism creamy center shines though …[View]
12355670/patrician taste/: chicken rice with ketchup you /ck/?[View]
12353823Does oatmeal but made with corn exist?[View]
12349169Rabbit recipes?: What's the best thing I can do with a whole fryer rabbit? I'm going to o…[View]
12354988Is there enough animal protein in your diet?[View]
12355278>he doens't have pickled eggs to eat right now Use 1,5L of water and cook it with 90g of sal…[View]
12354100Anyone else eat these bad boys growing up?: These little mustard and ketchup cracker sandwiches were…[View]
12352174How do you do these? I follow the instructions but they allways burst before getting crispy.[View]
12344764There really isn't a reason to keep eating meat.[View]
12340416What do /ck/ listen to when doing his kitchen magic? Talk radio, jazz or the sizzling of the food?[View]
12353839yoohoo: How many of these do you go through in a sesh? For many its 3 or 4.[View]
12355112who gets the first Netflix/travel channel show[View]
12355295>I don't want to bother you by having you approach our table constantly so I think it'd…[View]
12344313Classic 50's American Dishes Thread[View]
12355145when u eat mcdonalds breakfast u square egg or round egg?[View]
12354361Where can I get a fried tomato bacon cheeseburger?[View]
12355235It was good bruhs[View]
12353386This is what 10 cents gets you at JOLLIBEE[View]
12354493Grocery Quest: 'I'm sorry?', you hear as you enter. Welcome to Grocery Quest. You've parke…[View]
12355013Do Jack in the Box tacos even use human grade ingredients?[View]
12355000Green Tea Frapp![View]
12354439Japanese Rice Help Thread: What's the best method to cook short grain japanese rice? Post rice …[View]
12351707Townsend and Son: >Add some nutmeg >Takes a bite >violin starts playing >MMM Delicious…[View]
12354802does anyone have any good quality Italian cookbooks that they recommend?[View]
12352915>ate indian food at the mall foodcourt yesterday somebody help i can't stop shitting every 5…[View]
12354410Getting ready to deep fry some stuff /ck/.[View]
12351688>ITT snacks they must put crack in[View]
12354478I wish there was a chicken that could poop out scrambled eggs.[View]
12353700How do I get eggs light and fluffy?: Holy fuck I put them on low fucking heat and they’re still brow…[View]
12352980Keep it classy /ck/[View]
12351920I like my grits with beaten eggs inside.[View]
12347436Anybody tried this? It's delicious. Which is your favourite milk?[View]
12353275Favorite beverage? For me, it's Rogue Sriracha Stout.[View]
12347609Chicken breast recipes: I’m not very good when it comes to cooking. But basically what I’m looking f…[View]
12342087the worst isle in the grocery store: international foods[View]
12353138is pesto pasta the easiest and most tasteful dish known to man? ingredients >pasta >a glass of…[View]
12344342using autism i have determined the best food to fuck a girl with is pancakes. they can be made in a…[View]
12353224All I ever wanted was to meet him...life isn't fair, /ck/bros...[View]
12351648Oven marshmellows: How long do I cook oven marshmellows for?[View]
12351675I pulled another all nighter. Got 0 sleep and have to go to work soon. What can I consume today to k…[View]
12354569What are the best aspects of American and Anglo cuisine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKPpTlE8s24…[View]
12352825>Their food is overpriced![View]
12353286How do I become a Sandwich Artist?[View]
12354408bones, lightly poached and rinsed.[View]
12348297Why has Japanese food had more international influence than Chinese food?[View]
12354398Just made this bad boy. I used the 'dressed board' method because it's much better for seasonin…[View]
12353328Thoughts on the Titanic's menu?[View]
12354372do americans really eat this?[View]
12354327Imagine not being able to eat these[View]
12347191Well-done steak: If someone orders a well-done steak, that's their prerogative. Everyone is awa…[View]
12353311>Mac and cheese with chili Fritos Rate my lunch, /ck/[View]
12353913do you think it is wrong for pizza toppings to be too orderly[View]
12351544Gobi manchurian is better than cauliflower wings.[View]
12353283Who doesn't enjoy a delicious bedside hotdog?[View]
12349959Vegetarian: When you started being a vegetarian, did it feel weird? Was it hard to change? Did you g…[View]
12353195i just accidentally a coca-cola bottle, is this bad?[View]
12353792Still the best sandwich chain.[View]
12353119would you rate my grilled cheese anon-kun?[View]
12351681>shreds your hard palate into bloody meat stalactites[View]
12354068GILLED POTATOES: gonna grill up some potatoes later with my burgers. Anyone else do this? If so what…[View]
12352000stuffed strawberries[View]
12352965Day 5 of being a vegan. Love eating some good SLOP[View]
12353627Whats the best way to prepare it?[View]
12353682Who here /blackcherry/?[View]
12351080For me it's Roma Original Pepperoni, I always reach for a Roma![View]
12353131I've had eggs in the fridge since november. Are they still good? Websites say no but that sound…[View]
12351924To the vegetarians here; do you eat fish eggs? If not, fucking explain yourself.[View]
12351760>be israeli >visiting jewish relatives in america >they eat in restaurants everyday >ord…[View]
12352095Milk Tea: What am I in for!?!!?[View]
12351229So Soylent has released a new product called Soylent squared. They are soy based 100 calorie meal re…[View]
12345929>the secret ingredient is love![View]
12352601Do you ever order custom items at fast food restaurants?[View]
12347035Name a worse /ck/ related channel[View]
12353186finally converting today, what recipes would you recommend? Pulled pork in an hour sounds pretty goo…[View]
12350462How do I become a chocolatier?[View]
12348333Does /ck/ lick their fingers when eating foods like chips, french fries, pizza, etc?[View]
12342167>on my 7th red bull today and it's not even noon[View]
12352978Sumo cake prize: Can someone help me - some time ago I read article in newspaper about traditional j…[View]
12351493What is the foulest thing you've ever had to ingest?[View]
12349176>OMG I love tendies! They go great with soylent![View]
12352217General bake thread, last one died Anyone know why my cookies come out like this? No matter what rec…[View]
12352114Bread Thread: what do ya cu/ck/s think about my bread? It's a sourdough. did I make Paul and Ma…[View]
12352126Basic retard question. I have a bunch of cleaned chicken legs-thighs (as in bones removed), and i wa…[View]
12353041Frosting: Is it possible to have colorful frosting such as this while keeping it chocolate flavored?…[View]
12350381Rate my dinner at work: Macaroni with stewed cabbage Broccoli with seasame sauce[View]
12348562Recommend me chopsticks please (not a weeb I promise): I'd like a reusable pair of chopsticks f…[View]
12352857>Here's your fast food, bro[View]
12352160how many of it do you eat a day?[View]
12344079What is /ck/'s stance on Burger King?[View]
12352776What is a good brand of bamboo steamer to buy[View]
12352730I want big burritos. is moes any good? the taco truck by me is shitty on purpose to rip off hipsters…[View]
12340678What's the best root beer?[View]
12351609According to statistics and studies, the average human spends an hour and 17 minutes eating a day. I…[View]
12351644you guys like ice cream cocktails?[View]
12348734Buy: -cheapest, basicest, 1-button rice cooker -basmati rice -chicken broth (instead of water) -butt…[View]
12350025Best sweet dessert drink: and why is halohalo?[View]
12352365>eat alot of white bread >eat 3-4 garlic cloves right after to improve your blood glucose lev…[View]
12352329For me, it's the McCum.[View]
12352451Gainer: Gaining thread! Share your best recipies for those os us who are looking to gain weight. Whe…[View]
12350827My mom just accidentally bought 2kgs of shredded mozzarella. What can we do with it? Pic unrelated[View]
12352122>that 31 year old Boomer that does all of his grocery shopping at Walmart…[View]
12348492You are tasked with creating a new taco bell item BUT you must only use ingredients that you know ta…[View]
12350738Bros, I believe the chicken salad sandwich is the best sandwich. Hit me with your best recipe[View]
12350573Man... this sandwich from Papa John’s had almost no meat in it. So disappointed.[View]
12350194Tier list thread[View]
12351404/cwg/ Cheerwine General: For me it's Cheerwine, the soft drink legend since 1917.[View]
12351932Rocky Mountain Oysters: have you had Rocky Mountain Oysters before? what did you think? If you haven…[View]
12346214What is the best thing you have ever eaten in your life ?[View]
12350501Reeses puffs>>>Cocoa puffs[View]
12351453Cooking Wines: What's your favourite cooking wine? Been using a bottle of Dreaming Tree 2015 'C…[View]
12349632It's always about the Club Sandwich. Triple deckered. Bacon Mayo Those tooth picks. Turkey If I…[View]
12351761I don't know what to eat. Food ideas? Suggest anything and everything you can think of.[View]
12348607Why are wings always appetizers? What if I want to eat them as my main meal?[View]
12351858Do you prefer your pepperoni rolls with marianra, ranch or blue cheese[View]
12351803Do Americans really eat this?[View]
12349532Stewed beef: Stewed beef[View]
12342056puffy dogs[View]
12349527cooking pet peeves?: I'll go with some big ones: >people fucking around in the kitchen while…[View]
12349301Better stay awake tonight.[View]
12351611What's your favorite American dessert?[View]
12351660State poised to legalize human composting: https://www.wnd.com/2019/04/soylent-green-state-poised-to…[View]
12351629Macaroni Cheeseburger.[View]
12347713subway has been in the same downtown LA spot for 25 years. for me its the BLT[View]
12351563what are some good classic cooking videos?[View]
12345799I won't eat bugs.[View]
12347054Would you eat bugs as a protein source? It's a culturally accepted in some asian regions.[View]
12349439I had a bright future ahead of me. I did all the right things. Yet here I am...reduced to avocado to…[View]
12350495Is there a more based cooker?[View]
12350188ITT: post your go-to snack[View]
12348657Do you count calories? Why so, then?[View]
12347475Chick-fil-A is testing spicy chicken strips as the chain looks to expand its spicy menu offerings: h…[View]
12349559Top secret recipe: So you made it past the guards and all the other obtacles together with your pals…[View]
12350545Where can I get the most authentic ‘ew ‘rk ‘za?[View]
12340047/ck/ humor[View]
1235129620 McNuggets please[View]
12350103>Go to local Mexican place >Free chips and salsa >Order Steak Fajitas >Tastes great The…[View]
12348045place 1-4 chicken breasts on a paper plate. Microwave on high until done in the center, sprinkle som…[View]
12329638Battle station: Battle station thread Hard mode: don’t clean when taking the pic[View]
12347558What's the verdict on the grande nachos box?[View]
12347253Is this /ourmovie/? First time seeing Aglio e olio was in this movie, best discovery I ever made. Su…[View]
12348733Why has no one invented food with no calories in it yet?[View]
12350154I haven't eaten in a few days. All I've had is laxatives, salt water, and shots of vinegar…[View]
12351151industry drug story thread: i want to hear some wack food industry stories about drugs or other craz…[View]
12351112ITT: Fast food you haven't had in a long time [spoiler]I miss their cinnamon rolls ;_;[/spoiler…[View]
12349456Would it be safe for a skelly to dirty bulk off of mcdonalds for 50-70 pounds in weight gain?[View]
12350458GoT: What did you guys cook for the Game of Thrones Finale. I went with a steak[View]
12346417Diced tomato, onion, and bell pepper in a shallow pool of EVOO. Broken-up leftovers of ground beef a…[View]
12350895French Toast[View]
12349822Walked around like a retard in a fancy ass market today. A hot chick swindled me into buying these b…[View]
12348618>tfw got kicked out of the chinese buffet for the third time in a row FUCKING CHEAPASS CHINKS CAN…[View]
12350606Aldi help: For the next few months money's going to be tight. I don't mind as it's fo…[View]
12348870Carp diem: I'm new to angling. Is carp good to eat?[View]
12350914butter: butter[View]
12350166Can I smoke tea? Asking for a friend[View]
12350301>Live on island >Fish primary source of protein >Sushi (i.e. fish) >Expensive luxury foo…[View]
12349534Croutons are better than chips.[View]
12349153which piece of the chicken is this?[View]
12350610this is the lettuce you eat at burger king[View]
12347492I tried cinnabon a few days ago and it was the best dessert I've ever eaten and I don't ev…[View]
12350648Do chili and sauerkraut go together?[View]
12348797What cookies go best with tea? I need to make a bunch so my fatass has them read for when i need to …[View]
12350588For me? It's the Chinese hot bar at Shop Rite >staffed by asians who don't speak englis…[View]
12348007>buy a loaf of French bread for $2 or buy a loaf of French bread with a half pound of butter like…[View]
12349071Ive asked around and apparently this is a common thing for americans. What the fuck is their problem…[View]
12350294For me, it’s tuna casserole. The most comfy slop o shit.[View]
12349517I wish I was able to purchase professional restaurant grade foods. Does anyone know if I can get Sys…[View]
12347614Honey on sauce: What are some good sauces with honey in them? Everyone knows about honey mustard and…[View]
12348399Is reverse searing just a huge meme or do people actually cook steaks like that?[View]
12347417Are there any good non-dessert/breakfast dishes or recipes that call for these fuckers? I have a lot…[View]
12350332Do Americans really do this?[View]
12347655pickling thread: Why do these taste and cost 3x more? and how do I make them myself?[View]
12319748What's your favorite Israeli food? For me it's falafel![View]
12344225What are you eating RIGHT NOW?[View]
12346300you got 100 leafbucks, what are you buying?[View]
12347325>Asian stirfry for breakfast I think the wife is going senile lads.[View]
12347879Post your reactions when you see this, /ck/[View]
12349164Discrimination: Has anyone else experienced culinary discrimination >Go to a pho place for dinner…[View]
12348565ITT: Food Requests that put you in an awkward position: >medium well steak I can never get this r…[View]
12348129why is he so damn cute bros?[View]
12349629I wanted to start a food cart business in San Diego but I can't find any damn resources online …[View]
12349955Childhood memories/favorites: Nothing calms me more than a cup sandwich just like grandma used to ma…[View]
12348832>when the mayonnaise hits[View]
12324049Crockpot / meal prep: Hey all, my current living situation does not allow for me to have a lot of p…[View]
12347113Burger King getting rid of the crown shaped nuggies was a mistake and the beginning of their fall.[View]
12348709Pompom de terre: Still good to eat? I see no reason why not.[View]
12349803>Europoors will never get to experience the wall of peanut butter[View]
12347812Adam Ragusea.: What does /ck/ think of Adam Ragusea?[View]
12342438Post bad reviews from local food establishments part 2[View]
12349151I don't understand how anyone could think that this owner is in the right here.[View]
12349620I like going to weird international versions of fast food Twitter's, and saw this on KFC Philip…[View]
12347439youre working a shit job, stuck on a boat for well over a month with fuck all to do half the time. y…[View]
12348903Ramen Hero: anybody try this? somebody told me about this business but I was skeptical. Why not just…[View]
12345190What's the best chain restaurant? Buffalo Wild Wings and Red Robin are the only ones I don…[View]
12307512COFFEE THREAD: >the coffee maker if full of water and coffee grounds >the cups are clean >t…[View]
12349257Ever got a snack that blows yoir mind of?[View]
12346398>he doesn't glitch his chocolate[View]
12346469Cooking up this bad boy[View]
12345942Since every major fast food chain must have its own thread at all times, because it wouldn't be…[View]
12346539How come women aren’t good cooks?[View]
12347633Made some wings boys. Keep an eye on them for me ok.[View]
12347393Favorite theme park food thread For me, it's Disney's Handwich[View]
12348610The Kara-age doesn't look at all crispy and the sauce probably made whatever crunch (and my exc…[View]
12346387Just made “super nachos” because I missed my old taco shack where I used to live. Turned out great. …[View]
12320045Is there a manlier drink than whiskey?[View]
12347681Day 4 of being a vegan. Look at this fucking SLOP. My ancestors died in the battlefields for THIS?[View]
12349025What am I ordering boys?[View]
12348611What are those crostinis? Snacks, appetizers, horse dòvres, desserts.? Im confucius.[View]
12347649Jiro is a cunt and I'll eat my fish on rice how I damn well please.[View]
12347993Non-bake crust ideas: I love doing desserts like cheesecakes and muffins that you don't need to…[View]
12346244>on keto for 2 months >try drinking regular milk I always used to drink >it's surpris…[View]
12346768What would you do with these caramelized onions sauteed in butter? Me? I'd serve it over rice.[View]
12347315What cookies are best continuous cookie and which is best for single serving inb4 cook. I dont think…[View]
12344389What sort of beverages pair well with steak, alcoholic or not?[View]
12345334Mail Order General: Do you guys ever mail order shit? Not talking about prepared meals but frozen me…[View]
12348569Hey guys. I have 40-60 pounds of lychees. Any ideas what to do with them? Going to preserve dinner…[View]
12346150so i have a bunch of raw sunflower kernels, and they taste like shit. how do i make them taste bette…[View]
12348242Burger King?!? Burger...King?!!? Just look at the sandwiches on their menu. Rodeo King, Angry Whoppe…[View]
12348352Remember to eat healthy things with the unhealthy things[View]
12346990how do i clean and organize my kitchen? i'm a mentally ill hoarder slob with a lot of huge appl…[View]
12348366just give it a name and say what it looks and tastes like[View]
12347324For me it's Snoop Dogg's B to the -eyond Burger.[View]
12347918this is my fucking LUNCH[View]
12347883now let me show you how it's supposed to be done[View]
12348223this our guy ck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak0DHHquC-U[View]
12348086>post yfw you realized there is no *the* cheesecake factory and it's a franchise instead…[View]
12344052demonic antichrist foods: What are some DEMONIC foods that people should avoid? Can we compile a lis…[View]
12347839What's the verdi/ck/t? Will I like the mango one if I like mangoes but would take the crab juic…[View]
12347848ITT: foods/recipes that you think only you like because you're weird and no other normal person…[View]
12321801Who else unironically loves old boomer restaurants like Perkins, Village Inn, Friendly's, Howar…[View]
12346846What did you make for Sunday lunch /ck/?[View]
12347842im high and i just want a shitload of jams jellies and preserves and im gonna order them off primeno…[View]
12348042do americans really eat this crap[View]
12347403i got some white baking chocolate from my sister thinking of making a white chocolate cake any one h…[View]
12348010For me it's smoosh potato.[View]
12346733ITT: foods that taste even better the next day.[View]
12343854I tried pic related's chilli, but would prefer 3am style instead. Does anyone have a good recip…[View]
12345220Is this meal good for you?[View]
12347239>meeting someone on a date: >So what do you do for fun? >Uh, food and cooking mostly I gues…[View]
12346461Fuck this bald mouse looking fraud. His recipes SUCKS! He sounds like he shoved all that cayene pepp…[View]
12342129How does /ck/ feel about Krystal?[View]
12347007>gordon ramsay eggs are the bes- No.[View]
12342631Day 3 of being a vegan. Look at this fucking SLOP I have to eat. I’m going to eat extra meat just to…[View]
12338969Egg Alternatives: Remember all those unconvincing articles that came out during the same week just l…[View]
12335259Weirdly Named Food: Post food items with (preferably unintentionally) cheeky names here![View]
12347085>white people can't handle spicy food sorry sweety, that's just simply not true :)…[View]
12339226For me? it's Dukes Mayo smooth and creamy. real mayonnaise for the discerning condiment connoi…[View]
12346684Why do these go always go straight from frozen to liquid hot magma, with no good and warm phase in b…[View]
12347599the perfect eggs[View]
12347175Why would I learn to cook when I could just eat dairy and eggs everyday? Tasty, cheap, full of nutri…[View]
12346123What does /ck/ think about chef Carl?[View]
12347313Can this meal be replicated with vegetables and be just as satisfying?[View]
12344842Are mimosas 1. Based 2. Redpilled 3. Both 4. Neither[View]
12343264I needs it bruhs ;_;[View]
12346924Now that the dust has settled[View]
12346251>Hello Good morning Ma'am/Sir, Welcome to JOLLIBEE. May I take your order?…[View]
12347275WHO SHOULD I BELIEVE ????[View]
12346634What is the general \ck\ poll on golden, crispy fish and chips?[View]
12342671How does this make you feel?[View]
12345301Help I have a fear of food poisoning/undercooked food, can I get tips to help[View]
12347163Stewed zucchini & squash smells EXACTLY like cold cheese pizza, specifically leftover not fresh.…[View]
12345596There is literally LITERALLY nothing wrong with using a fork and knife when eating pizza, hamburgers…[View]
12339987>You cook every day don't you anon?[View]
12344474What's a good way to build up spice tolerance. Right now I'm slowly working through a bag …[View]
12346977What are your thoughts on cooking ramen/noodles in a microwave, as opposed to on the stove?[View]
12331073Name a better chili recipe, I darest thou![View]
12345934This is what 30 cents gets you in blessed OMAN.[View]
12337426shit you simply can't live without[View]
12337624Who here has ever cooked with 'bud-tter' or 'bhang ghee'? I have a hard time finding recipees that h…[View]
12346117Rate my dinner: Ramen with chashu Cabbage salad[View]
12330222My wife will only let me keep one. Which one do i keep and why?[View]
12345717What's the verdict?[View]
12339359What's the verdict /ck/? I enjoy it with Muesli myself. It also gives cookies a nice, oaty tast…[View]
12346607good beer don't do this. tldr; how to tell if you got good beer: put in freezer over night, if …[View]
12345234for me, its my nigga arnold.[View]
12346640Do any of you jokers bake plain white bread? This recipe has made 30 plus loaves and these stupid li…[View]
12346528TGIF: are they better than tendies?[View]
12345241The McChicken.[View]
12345683Tyler's teriyaki-italian fusion burger is unironically genius: He's done it again bros...…[View]
123415842AM Chili: A pot. Get one.[View]
12346070Post your favourite recipe involving chicken thighs[View]
12337998So I finally went to Costco to try their pizza like /ck/ recommended. And I was not disappointed. I …[View]
12345176GOAT Fast Food Item: What is your all time favorite single fast food item >pic related, Hot n’ Sp…[View]
12341991Where can I get an Impossible Burger with sesame seeds in a box? Is this a Canada thing?[View]
12344053Rate my dinner[View]
12343010Caffeine Sensitivity: Any cu/ck/s here also caffeine sensitive? What do you think causes this? What …[View]
12344456Preserved lemons: what do I do with them? A friend just gave me a giant jar. They're sweet, sal…[View]
12345575There’s literally nothing wrong with eating alone at a restaurant.[View]
12346142Hey guys I was planning on having my folks over and wanted to know a good microwave brownie recipe. …[View]
12346206Morgans Wonderland: For me..For me? It's morgans munchies in morgans wonderland, these tendors …[View]
12346205What do we think of it?[View]
12343987Sqwincherfags rise up[View]
12345480>'I'll have your total at the window!' WHY DON'T YOU JUST TELL ME NOW YOU FUCKING NIGGE…[View]
12337168Am I retarded for thinking I can tell a difference between pakistan salt and sea salt? I know the tr…[View]
12345955MYSTERY BOX: Guess whats in the box. Hints: >its 100% food related >it cost $24.99 >its an …[View]
12346042Doing dishes right after cooking and eating: 30IQ Doing them 2 days after:50IQ Doing dishes WHILE co…[View]
12343423Damn, all the good foods makes you fat.[View]
12346015The only ketchup being worthy of the big three is Del Monte.[View]
12340999The FBI really needs to be called on this[View]
12344310I always see these in asian grocery markets. Has anyone tried these?[View]
12345905Has anyone ever gotten the chuck rib kalbi from Gyu-Kaku? Is it as good as regular Korean kalbi?[View]
12343875In your (informed) opinion, what is the best diet for emotional/cognitive well-being? I get that eve…[View]
12345877>why yes, I drink coffee instant type IV with HFCS. How did you know?[View]
12345704How do I make my biscuits fluffier? They come out of the oven too dense for some reason.[View]
12343109What’s your favorite hot sauce?: if your breakfast doesn’t involve hot sauce you’re probably a flami…[View]
12340248Post things you cooked recently. No microwave, sous vide, or air fryers.[View]
12345630Basmati rice, cooked with a little butter, salt, ground cumin or ground curry powder, and throw in a…[View]
12345481>use pic related >doesn't matter how much I use >clothes and skin smell for a week des…[View]
12345619Have some dessert, bro :)[View]
12345632Ok this is great: More accessible chili for greater impulsivity? Sign me up[View]
12344595What's the proper way to cook sticky rice? I try to follow the instructions on the package exac…[View]
12337999It's Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain: https://ww…[View]
12344767Are bartenders happy?[View]
12344466Is anyone else on /ck/ having a more based dinner than I? Probably not[View]
12345360Memes aside, has the promotion of knorr truly sullied his reputation and integrity?: Plus, what is y…[View]
12344375what the fuck do i bring to lunch? its always pasta and eggs and i feel like killing myself[View]
12345247Who else here lives the high life?[View]
12345260For me it’s Lazeez[View]
12343628I've left Islam: what is the best food I should try from places like Mcdonalds and Burger King …[View]
12339540Does anyone actually prefer Velveeta ooze package style mac and cheese to the Kraft powder style?[View]
12343494Rate my sandwich[View]
12340123Mayonese on grilled cheese: People here were talking about using it instead of butter on a grilled c…[View]
12345133Take a bite or I can't trust you[View]
12345104Just putting two and two together that if brussel sprouts should only ever really be baked because o…[View]
12334659Is Gordon Ramsay a great chef or just a great showman?[View]
12345033Is it a crutch or not?: I use it a lot but some faggot on here told me that it's a cooking crut…[View]
12344862Why are IPAs associated with soyboys? There's absolutely literally nothing wrong with having a …[View]
12339519Making one of these bad boys[View]
12319795TEA & TISANE THREAD: This is it! What are you drinking? Do you grow your own tea and/or tisane h…[View]
12341115Can we get a thread of original tie-in food?[View]
12344961Homemade Lemonade Recipes: What's your favourite? I've been shopping around for recipes fo…[View]
12343196Today i threw a sausage wrapped in aluminium foil into the fire and then took it out like 30 mins la…[View]
12342596>hot dogs >boiled[View]
12343631Mysterious Candy: Friend bought it in China. What is it? I know it's some kind of candy, but wh…[View]
12340073Does /ck/ ever judge other customers based on what they're carrying in their basket at the groc…[View]
12343042Why do fast food places even bother putting milkshakes on their menu if the machine that makes them …[View]
12336692I'm a poorfag, are there any seasonings or cheap ingredients I can add to pic related to make i…[View]
12342565What would be your last meal?[View]
12337853>an apple a day keeps the doctor away You do realise this meme was created by the dental industry…[View]
12342190Bake some bread with me, anon?[View]
12344698>heart rate hits 140 bpm after eating the fuck is going on bros[View]
12343164Is Critikal /ourguy/? Also Jack BTFO as usual. https://youtu.be/T3sAYuOsqbA[View]
12338690thoughts?: thoughts?[View]
12342897if i walk into a starbucks and order an large black coffee will the employee autistically insist i r…[View]
12341923What are some easy to make African food?: I want to experience different food culture[View]
12341413WHAT'S COOKIN' NIGGAS: Couldn't find one in the catalog. What are you fucks cooking t…[View]
12328557This is what 45 cents gets you in UGANDA.[View]
12332963WebM Thread[View]
12333825What should I put on my 7-11 hot dog?[View]
12343540I want to pan fry some chicken thighs, bone-in, skin-on. How do I do this? I don't have any flo…[View]
12342799Dubs decide my pizza topping.[View]
12334163Post you're favorite alcohol.[View]
12339103Ban anyone who doesn't like wendy's chili.[View]
12343964Mushrooms: Do any of you pick your own mushrooms? Where can I find a good guide to not poisoning mys…[View]
12343970Is there anything she cannot do?[View]
12343860Microwaved oatmeal. Cringe?[View]
12343798how to make salads that taste good? i dont wanna add meat or onions. i dont know what sauces to add.…[View]
12344317here's your haute cuisine, bro. timestamp 37:40 https://youtu.be/wzc_VNh42HM?t=2260[View]
12343083Are you going to put some shitface on your burger this weekend anon? pic related[View]
12342700What are you drinking, cock?[View]
12338759Would you rather eat from the left or the right?[View]
12343619So this is a weird question, but does anyone know of any conditions/genetic abnormalities (besides t…[View]
12343546Fruit salad: Ever make a fruit salad out of the fruit you bought?[View]
12343862Post sauces you don't leave home without[View]
12334223Is there anything better and easyer than ramen![View]
12340695Do any of the fast food chains make a decent fish sandwich?[View]
12340573Why do carnivorous birds taste like absolute shit while most carnivorous mammals, reptiles, amphibia…[View]
12342075No. Just no.[View]
12339016Parents who raise kids as vegans should be prosecuted say doctors: https://nypost.com/2019/05/17/par…[View]
12337941What foods bring you immense pleasure?[View]
12343180Post recipes you saw online and actually tried, and then your results. I saw this recipe (pic relate…[View]
12343820Autistic moments: ITT: Autistic moments in food/cooking[View]
12337390Bubble Tea: they're huge as fuck here in Asia, have there been any pearl encroachment in whitey…[View]
12342008How do you guys recover from failing to bake something?: I just failed to make the simplest pastry a…[View]
12341709For me it's the Sausage Egg McMuffin, hash brown and a medium fruitopia[View]
12337724What do?[View]
12342418Who has the best white chocolate?[View]
12343594Guess who’s back, back again[View]
12343658>this board when it comes to personal preferences[View]
12331663>bell peppers on a cheeseteak[View]
12343213i dont have a refrigerator. how do i make salads on a daily basis? the grocery delivery app delivers…[View]
12338568>love spicy food more than anyone I know >It's starting to hurt my stomach whenever I eat…[View]
12341348Late night dinner thread[View]
12340937Okay, I've made up my mind and want to try ratatouille. Where can I go to buy some?[View]
12342861Let's talk about Polish sausage. Post Polish sausage. Go and eat some Polish sausage. For me, i…[View]
12343421So it's almost summer and that means it's time for BBQ and smoking right? Was planning on …[View]
12339335rate my pour of fosters[View]
12342064This is what 60 cents gets you in bikini bottom[View]
12333069Americans in Austria can seek help from McDonald's if they lost their passport: it is McDonald…[View]
12342866Why do native people drink this shit? Like, how severely dependant on alcohol do you have to be to g…[View]
12331631>$10 for a fucking strawberry Are Japanese people just natural-born con artists?…[View]
12341927Where can I get a McChicken with sesame seeds and in a box? Is this a Canada thing?[View]
12343332For me it’s Turkic cuisine. And you?[View]
12342389why did dominos stop doing the oven baked sandwiches?[View]
12339156what are some /ck/ cullinary tattoos?[View]
12341330>make something >nobody wants to eat it AAAAAAA, shortbread recipes?…[View]
12341799Choose your team members wisely /ck/.[View]
12338129Is this, dare I say it, the pinnacle of American cuisine?[View]
12339334For me, its cowboy Kent Rollins.[View]
12336526new food dip video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTJmdPjPkdY by the way, what is your opinion on c…[View]
12342798>eating animals that roll in the mud >eating literal dinosaurs >eating anything with scales…[View]
12342619Got two of pic related. Gonna grill them over charcoal. One just regular seasoned with a light spri…[View]
12337703Going to Wendy's for lunch today: What should I get? I haven't been there in a while…[View]
12340337How can an entire continent have no notable cuisine (dirt/insects dont count)?[View]
12341390It's good, but is it worth $3.50? Should I just get Bumblebee?[View]
12340979did you get your democracy snag today my aus bros[View]
12342139Objectively speaking, should you have slices of bread on both sides of your sandwich or only on the …[View]
12331923>I'll have the super salad, sounds good. >Oh no, sir, soup OR salad.…[View]
12335427New King of /ck: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_p50tH3WmMslWRWKnM7dQ[View]
12340034euro here how do i make authentic chicago style deep dish pizza and at what point do i add the chick…[View]
12339516There's a Jollibee in my city, should I go? What eat?[View]
12341751Hello /ck/, I've been wondering, why haven't you taken the cocktailpill yet? >very fun …[View]
12335609Menu Consultant: Hey All, I'm a chef of 20+ years, and I've been asked to do some consulta…[View]
12342176bottom ups, savvy cooks[View]
12334495how are you supposed to eat alone at a restaurant?[View]
12336301Strawberry: Not a fan of store bought strawberries. They pick em green then gas em during the ride. …[View]
12335156He puts ketchup on his hot dog.[View]
12340633>tastes delicious[View]
12331295I fucking hate hipsters.[View]
12340053>bread dipped in milk Do people actually eat this? How is it?[View]
12341014For me, it's Cholula hot sauce[View]
12331444Steve Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPd8sxROwek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APvlGjYiex…[View]
12340261When do I know when this pine-anas is ripe?[View]
12340988Just took my spaghetti from a 8/10 to a 10/10.[View]
12341900Respect your toast! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-7042469/Japanese-company-release…[View]
12334652MONTE CRISTO THREAD: >ham & cheese sammich >deep fried >powdered sugar topping >rasp…[View]
12339663I'm chinese: I know little about cheese. i want to make a grilled cheese slice bread. do I just…[View]
12339535i got that gormay shit we eatin rich tonight baby[View]
12338888Recipes for homemade Icecream?: So I was listening to this song about Granny Cream's Hot Butter…[View]
12339528If you stuff a raw burger patty with butter and fry it, will the inside be all fucked up from the bu…[View]
12340155>he cooks his ramen noodles in the microwave and not in a saucepan[View]
12334868Why do people pretend to like olives? They smell like a rotting corpse and taste like stale cum.[View]
12341085What is the yummiest thing you can make with little to no effort. I just took cold pasta and sprinkl…[View]
12340965Hey guys I made some cake. Pretty cheap too.[View]
12340607Which girl fits your personality more, /ck/? Top: Slowly cooked and seasoned pasta to be eaten at yo…[View]
12341327I need help lads. Whenever I'm cooking chicken I'll season one side on a plate, then flip …[View]
12339481/blenders/: Redpilled me on blenders[View]
12338499I just moved out and am living on my own. Anyone have any advice for shopping and cooking healthier …[View]
12339692>B-but Anon, you love boiled chicken![View]
12328165Grocery store annoyances: As a customer or employee[View]
12338396Are weekly grocery store ads a meme? I feel like most of the time they aren't even advertising …[View]
12340948>no salt fries >extra crispy fries[View]
12336601What is something you always tell your parents to grab for you when they go grocery shopping? For me…[View]
12336230Do Asians Eat Cheese?: After adding cheese to some egg fried rice I just made I wasn't sure if …[View]
12340356>tfw fell for the cast iron meme[View]
12339344French fry seasonings: I'm about to make some homemade fries recommend some of your favorite se…[View]
12340502Why is my Arbys chicken sandwich pink on the inside? Is this what its supposed to look like?[View]
12340723I know some ginger + garlic based recipes, and some onion + tomato based recipes. But never tried on…[View]
12338090facebook food: any of you order food from individuals? been craving some good mexican home cooking, …[View]
12323627Now that the dust has settled, what is /ck/'s valued opinion on Chicago style pizza?[View]
12340308I'm at Chili's right now, is this what chili con queso is supposed to look like?[View]
12340384you may not like it but this is what peak fruit looks like[View]
12339980Has anyone tried putting your burger between 2 avocado halves instead of 2 hamburger buns? Did you l…[View]
12333662Anyone here a /snusman/?[View]
12338879retarded food: look at this shit, found it at grocery store today how the fuck can people think a pi…[View]
12334833Double burger, premade edition[View]
12327367Why do we hate this man again?[View]
123398793 chili/mac & cheese hot dogs with bacon for dinner for the fourth night in a row.[View]
12338749Is it good or just an overpriced meme? Any lactose intolerant people try it yet?[View]
12340156Where do anchovies grow? I would like to put some on my homemade pizza.[View]
12339779>year of our Lord 2019 >not exclusively using craft ice in your drinks How does it feel to be …[View]
12338889New recipes: So I make food for my friends (pic related) whenever we hangout, but I need to try and …[View]
12340032Wham bam: I'm thinking getting one of those Bamix next payday. They may be a little more expens…[View]
12337307Why does it taste so good bros[View]
12339856Rate this pizza yes I don't know how to rotate images[View]
12339630A guy walks into a bar and asks for a spoon. The bartender gives him a spoon and the guy leaves. An…[View]
12336488is grass fed and organic a big meme? the prices are double and the stuff tastes the same[View]

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