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12652810why are people so thrilled with italian cuisine? its literally just starches, garlic, tomatoes and s…[View]
12667799How can a vegan enjoy food?: >be vegan >go on a secluded village in southern Italy >Bonjorn…[View]
12666019What are some ways to make Grechka taste better?[View]
12667581What is the best bread and why is it this amazing shit from walmart?[View]
12669765>only have scraps left >week-old, hard bread, less than a cup of milk, a few bits of leftover …[View]
12668196What do you think of this pizza, /ck/?[View]
12669855Ok so get this guys. I’m sitting in a local pizza place, shitposting on /ck/, and I thought of all t…[View]
12665788Reminder: If you don't like pork chops with just salt and pepper, you are cooking them wrong. …[View]
12637908Macaroni and Cheese: >your favorite recipe >best noodle shapes >best cheeses >baked or s…[View]
12668023Raw country ham: Sup /ck/. I just bought a bone in, smoked and salted country ham. A Portuguese frie…[View]
12666895How do I make a hot dog a little bit more sophisticated than only buns sausage and ketchup?[View]
12661857>tfw you make a baller burger at work and still end up drunkenly picking up value menu taco bell …[View]
12666357Can /ck/ recommend me a good hot sauce? I like the little Lousiana Style hot sauce packets that I ge…[View]
12662391Ramen: >absolutely adore Ramen >want to cook them at home >pick some random recipe on YT …[View]
12667709Finally, a Thai place delivers on the spice! For the first time in my decades of ordering Thai food…[View]
12669621What’s the weirdest /worst /grossest thing a dinner guest has done at your house? I had a person ( …[View]
12666511Best food youtubers?: Any recommendations?referably ones with a historical/educational focus, I like…[View]
12667143>cooking show where professional chef visits someone else's resaurant >they guess what th…[View]
12669198>when the meat starts burning but the inside is still undercooked[View]
12667842love me some cheesy dog's no buns because im doing low carb post your food set's[View]
12667050anyone else like to carry around a nice jar of sliced jalapenos to put on their burgers and sandwich…[View]
12669226I need to know if poppy seeds show up positive on a drug test?... is so what do I do? and I also nee…[View]
12657588How do people like this get through life?[View]
12663107I'm trying to make pancakes (ahem, 'crepes' for you fruity Americans), but I always fuck up the…[View]
12662225Water filters: Redpill me on water filters. Are they even needed? Do they help a lot? Good brands? I…[View]
12666025what should I use this stuff for? I bought 7 jars of it because it was $.50 on managers special at K…[View]
12661290Do the British really?[View]
12664631Have you taken the 1 dollar steak red pill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rqs5siPalo[View]
12669109Would /ck/ eat this? Why would anyone? Post moronic dishes.[View]
126678513 little words: Club Sandwich[View]
12666741how would you improve a box mac n cheese dinner? what would you add?[View]
12666183Any good ideas on how to make a real good beef and bean burrito/often referred to 'combination burri…[View]
12668988for me its the oeufs brouillés avec des vers[View]
12666550Thoughts on shellfish? Also, please describe the taste of the following >lobsters >crabs >s…[View]
12660240Recently made some friends which I'm not used to and I'm trying to pretend to be a normal …[View]
12667630best way to reheat 'za: my papa johns order double charged me last night and i ended up with 4 …[View]
12668887Is it healthy to have eggs for breakfast every morning? It's fast and easy to make, it's l…[View]
12665791I had one of these and it was really good - has anyone else tried the rest and are they as good?[View]
12667710I fucking love grilled food but I've always done super simple stuff cause I'm a shitty coo…[View]
12661985Whopper, my way - add cheese, extra onion, extra mayo. Delicious[View]
12666800What is /ck/'s opinion on Boiled Peanuts[View]
12667866Spotted at my 7-11. Is this a thing?[View]
12664096Post things you do to avoid throwing out food or to reuse ingredients that would otherwise be consid…[View]
12662093I think I'll pop over to the Febo for kroket.[View]
12667938What are the best store bought dressings?[View]
12644385webm thread: egg[View]
12668237My husband was recently diagnosed with Crohn's and has a resection and it's been about a y…[View]
12668581Can you make ramen with macaroni instead of noodles? I'm out of noodles and spaghetti.[View]
12668378Did you know that the United States has TWO (2) officially designated UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy? C…[View]
12667804bought an ice cream machine and gonna make ice cream today :)[View]
12663641Are you a breast or leg man? Breasts are perfect for masala or /fit/ homos, but legs are best for pr…[View]
12651536Post foodporn[View]
12667361>Hey bro, I'm just watching you cook >Can I come a little closer and check out your ingre…[View]
12668100For me, it's cheesecake pizza.[View]
12667589Making Bearnaise sauce calls for clarified butter. Is this not essentially what ghee is? Why not jus…[View]
12667604Is he a good chef or just meme eyes?[View]
12662695I will be the first to admit that even though I am receptive to social nuances and subtle body/facia…[View]
12665926July Oysters: Kroger had 44cent oysters. Fire up the weber with a chunk of apple and mixed up some l…[View]
12666300My mom made me vareniki[View]
12661645ketofag here, what can I do to spice up my salmon game?[View]
12665189Starbucks and McDonald's rolling out ultra-fast drive thrus in S. Korea: The cameras at the dri…[View]
12664319nothing like a refreshing Orange Julius on a hot summer day[View]
12667765But, is it really a soup?[View]
12663451Creative stoner food thread Not cooking with cannabis, just unusual low effort concoctions of food t…[View]
12667619Pic not related. I want a hotplate, it looks like most of the best reviewed ones on amazon are induc…[View]
12667566how do i get maximum crustification and my yard?[View]
12667515all in the airfyer meme whats best for wings? - salt/baking powder marinate (upto 24hrs) - cornstarc…[View]
12659772>Haha, how do you stay so thin while eating this much? I eat pretty much the same amount of food …[View]
12666937What the fuck am I doing wrong. I've been baking this piece of shit chicken: https://cafedelite…[View]
12658314decline of table manners: do you ever feel mild disgust when you see kids nowadays playing with ipad…[View]
12667458What's a good knife make?: I'm tired of maintaining shitty knives, kind of want to buy a m…[View]
12664594What's your favorite cereal?[View]
12663807Why do east asian and latin cuisines mog all over everything else? Is there any hope for Finland and…[View]
12666651>staying at my parents house dogsitting >go to run the kitchen sink >it smells like rotten …[View]
12667197Coffee: It's like 4 AM, should I pour myself a cup from this awfully hot coffee pot? Probably n…[View]
12665018making tikka masala tonight. hope its good /ck/[View]
12630747does anyone actually fucking cook on this shitty board[View]
12664442What the fuck Chef John? Usually i'm right there with you but this is too much[View]
12663639I'm moving to live on my own and I need to set up a list of recipes and a schedule of what…[View]
12665380Thoughts on Twisted Tea?[View]
12661615Got some knives for cheap at a garage sale today. What exactly is this one for?[View]
12652741For me, it's Randy Santel, 'Atlas', the best youtube competitive eater.[View]
12665967Should I get the regular Chicken Crispers, or the Crispy Chicken Crispers?[View]
12664246Yellow > Red > Pink > Orange[View]
12666454food gore?[View]
12666728I was gonna try to be funny and write a pseudo screenplay about you going to a literal fruit bar on …[View]
12665148best way to eat cheez-its?: guys help, i like eating them but i don't want to touch them and ha…[View]
12660951>went over my calorie limit again[View]
12662215was thinking about purchasing a smoker. what does /k/ recommend?[View]
12661891For me its the triple Treat: Just ordered this. Its on the way and my gf is next to me. We're w…[View]
12661732Rate my dinner[View]
12664582I'm looking for a good recipe for rabbit.[View]
12665550What's your favorite tequila? Picked up a bottle of this last night and it's growing on me…[View]
12666249>Cheese on top of the toppings uhh.. they're called toppings for a reason buddy…[View]
12666315Eyo, /ck/ just got a Cooks Stand Mixer only to find it's been discontinued when I tried to look…[View]
12665983what 'additives/ingredients' can I add to pastries/bread to reduce their caloric content?: so, you w…[View]
12664450Are my pistachios still edible without concern? They have a dark spot that expanded from the stem th…[View]
12665302>6 roasted onions in one sitting >one more in the oven…[View]
12630600Why do people drink this trash? You can't get a buzz off of it, it tastes like shit, it's …[View]
12665534today I probably ate like a whole bag of this thing in different kinds of food, is it as bad as they…[View]
12666264Hey guys, what's your country's most patrician fast food and beer?: I'll start Church…[View]
12664024So, I got some peaches from a farmer. Now what?[View]
12666171is there a more pretentious thing to designate yourself than a 'food scientist'[View]
12663743Spam recipes: Ramen and fried spamfingers.[View]
12665846*gets taken out of your guests bag*[View]
12663497It's Free Root Beer Day at A&W.[View]
12666201>tfw you forget to bring your body so you need to drive home and get it before you can eat…[View]
12663001jerky: who the fuck is spending 36 dolars a pound for beef jerky. I often wonder if the 20 oz bags t…[View]
12665994>log in to 4chan >head to food board >expect to find a bunch of young gastronomes discussin…[View]
12663917How are you eating in the heat today? I’m sealing myself in with this.[View]
12665780for me it's budweiser[View]
12665212Name a better value than the Wendy's 4 for 4. A double stack, frys, nuggets and a drink from We…[View]
12658254Why are the French and Italian this fucking nasty?[View]
12665647>If I tell you our secret recipe, I'll have to kill you[View]
12665530>make curry from scratch >tastes great >friend with indian heritage says we need to finish …[View]
12663537hi /ck/ i come from /g/, link me the best and easiest to make ramen noodles that i can order in euro…[View]
12665235Ice cream tier list God tier: Mint cookie crumble Vanilla/chocolate turtle Black raspberry Cake ba…[View]
12665597Would you fight someone if you saw them cooking ur food naked? http://www.worldstaruncut.com/uncut/1…[View]
12664294How often do you visit your local international supermarket? Do you ever feel out of place when you…[View]
12664094What is your favorite style of American BBQ? I haven't tried any yet, but I really want to[View]
12660504I'm in the market for some dinnerware and flatware. Single guy living alone so I'd like so…[View]
12663619Eating here tonight, what should I get/ expect?[View]
12665457Anyone have any experiences with making icecream? I want to get into it as a hobby, who knows what i…[View]
12662878Early bird catches the worm[View]
12658613Thoughts on keeping your chilis in the freezer?[View]
12660260I have no idea what French tacos are but I just ordered two (2) of them for fucking € 12,75. >min…[View]
12663599Illuminati confirmed[View]
12664502>the buffet sheriff catches me looking at the tray of pickled General Tso's in the VIP secti…[View]
12664067What are some good foods I can make without cooking? I want to go back to my roots.[View]
12663502LOL motherfucking Five Guys shrunk their burger patties. It changes the entire dynamic of the experi…[View]
12662495Trash: ITT: trash food for trash people >pic very related[View]
12665253So I got 4 bags of frog legs was just gonna get two, fry one and keep the other one in the freezer b…[View]
12663129Have you ever met a single person who said 'I don't like pizza'? Everybody likes pizza. My grea…[View]
12662921>beer makes you fat >liquor makes you crazy >wine gives you awful hangovers >sobriety is…[View]
12664685Cacao producing countries seek to form cartel: >OPEC for cacao How long before a regular Kit Kat …[View]
12664856Ever eat a real german Haxe? Name somehing that tastes better.... Pro tipp.... you can't...[View]
12662950Instagram: Do people in /ck/ post pictures of what they eat on Instagram? Why?[View]
12661568new to /ck/, i really want to start learning but idk where to start. Is there a definitive guide or …[View]
12660505I'm German and I don't understand the british appeal for fish and chips, it seems like som…[View]
12664834In casting his eyes about, the commodore beheld that the shore was abound with McChickens. A great s…[View]
12664250>hear all about this shitty new cheetos thing at KFC >decide to go try it out to see what all …[View]
12661882What the FUCK were they thinking? It tastes like fucking shit...[View]
12664999do americans really drink their fizzy drinks cold?[View]
12664827ordering food: why the FUCK do people order food to be delivered to them like fucign seriously, eat …[View]
12663812Is this really what Americans eat?[View]
12664731Why do blacks love Wendy's so much? I've experienced this time and time again[View]
12664385Turns out I really like Ramen+Beans microwaved together so I've been eating it with different s…[View]
12659534why cheddar is orange in american ?[View]
12664614I'm off to the pub lads, it's been a right hot day here in Yorkshire. It's my round, …[View]
12658225Ever since bourdain death, is there a replacement for a good travel/food kino?[View]
12664102The king of cross-contamination ?[View]
12663856Making half-hour pickles. Should I ferment on the counter or the fridge?[View]
12660750How do I make my food taste good? No matter how hard I try, everything I cook always end up tasting …[View]
12663512ah yes, the first harvest of the year[View]
12660067Im feeling it ! Had a pack of homemade sausage that droped behind the freezer. Its this PACK! The sa…[View]
12664239Wtf is this?: My friend bought me this from japan. What is it?[View]
12661617Does /ck/ like reverse hot dogs?[View]
12663120Pancake time[View]
12660459What is the best type of pie and why[View]
12664115Drunk Eats: Ty Demura is back. He’s the drunk hapa nip who fucked up a banana milkshake and natto. h…[View]
12661177R8 my dish cu/ck/olds[View]
12664018Pizza today or nah[View]
12658691The Unintentionally Secret Southern Vegetable Plate:: Idk how many of you are familiar with it. I gr…[View]
12659515Asians, explain this to me: >Anon you have to try this Japanese cheesecake! Omg so gud! >it…[View]
12663368Watermelon carving: Sup dudes. What’s the best way to carve this thing.[View]
12659177Why is KFC so bad?: I just ate some KFC and nearly threw up in the process. It was overwhelmingly gr…[View]
12661194Sugar as a sweetener has been obsolete for years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sucralose.[View]
12660948I'm trying to incorporate broccoli rabe into my diet because I need its nutrients on keto. I…[View]
12663724Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken: Kinda gelatinous and small, but well-seasoned and juicy. If the Chick-F…[View]
12656069>order some takeout or delivery >tastes alright >realize could have made this myself for 1/…[View]
12658880ordered pizza told them cash in mail slot leave pizza: It’s a thing now Thanks ck[View]
12663409My potatoes have a slightly green tint to them right under the skin. Are they safe to eat and what d…[View]
12659293Does /ck/ enjoy Panda Express? I find their quality and value for price is almost unbeatable[View]
12663777/DEENZ/: SARDINES GENERAL: Thread for the greatest food in the world >Can I get a quick rundown? …[View]
12661746For me? It's Culver's.[View]
12661966is this worth getting?[View]
12658625coffee amount: i love coffee, but i cant drink more than the equivalent of 2 cups a day or else i ca…[View]
12659472>relatives try to make me eat a cinnabon >refuse >get called mentally ill and 'obsessed' wi…[View]
12662724Why does he always look deranged?[View]
12655405What are some nice, fairly easy to make dishes (especially vegetables ones) from Japan, China, Korea…[View]
12660810what are some must eat dishes in Thailand? I'm going next week. >Inb4 ladyboi pussy...…[View]
12662786>turns your food into poison Why do so many people fall for this?[View]
12663313What are some good non alcoholic drink recipes I can make in bulk and store in the fridge? I made so…[View]
12663272Gimme your best recipe for a meat pie made from hot water crust[View]
12661736I feel like brewing something, what plant/substance yields the tastiest alcohol? Might pick honey an…[View]
12657257Are all Bavarian beers yeasty tasting?[View]
12662651For me it's chips and dip[View]
12662430What's a good recipe for stew? I haven't had one for half a decade and want to have a tast…[View]
12661237I live under the totalitarian rule of an unfair, despicable ogre AKA my father. Just because I am no…[View]
12660188What is the appeal of soda/pop drinks? They all painfully burn my throat. Pic related is only tolera…[View]
12662930Camping food: Real quick hook me up with some camping food ideas, me and my wife are getting ready t…[View]
12658024Puff or crunch?[View]
12661095pls help, /ck/. I can't figure out how to make my rice pudding stay pudding after storing in t…[View]
12660834Did anyone download that hellish pinoy carbonara youtube video? She has just deleted it from her cha…[View]
12662689What's a (relatively) good brand of canned tuna? I used to think pic related was fine, but now …[View]
12662792Help me and my wife decide what to get guys. Small deli/sandwich shop. We can't make up our min…[View]
12659489What's the verdict on the Burger King™ $1 crispy taco?[View]
12661122Is it sexist to assume girls want to learn how to cook? The wife and I were doing some Christmas sho…[View]
12662364Questions only master chefs know the answer to What is the hole for on a saucepan handle?Hint:it isn…[View]
12662828Why do I always find myself here only when I’m at the absolute edge of breaking my diet?[View]
12652476Ideas for keto recipes?[View]
12658961are these huge chocolate bar chunks actually cheaper since you're basically buying in bulk? i a…[View]
12660523Thoughts on Foodie Boy? (Korean youtuber who films street food vendors cooking with ASMR audio, no t…[View]
12661284what's the secret to cooking good omurice?[View]
12660717Meal Prep Ideas: I’m trying to find good meal prep ideas for a strong, healthy lunch. 700-1000 calor…[View]
12654388I just got done peeling a bunch of hard boiled eggs. Ama[View]
12660262What'll you be having /ck/? For me, it's the White Russian.[View]
12656861holy shit is Korean bbq the most based restaurant experience? >all you can eat meat and sides …[View]
12660198Yelp: another fucking yelp thread[View]
12662397>he likes thin pizza based anorexia[View]
12660799>try out new restaurant >hear chef Mike in the back doing all the work How do you react to thi…[View]
12662470Why is wyngz spelled with a y? Regardless pizza and chicken is a great combo.[View]
12662533“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” ― Galileo Galilei ps. i ate his liver with a nice chiant…[View]
12660791for me, it's mayonnaise[View]
12661901Redpill me on this 'chef' /ck/[View]
12660742Let's say you ran a catering business. Post-apocalyptic world. Food is scarce. Big ticket clien…[View]
12662009Hello, I want to make a dessert and share it with you.[View]
12662161I've got a big eggplant. I'm thinking of putting it on spaghetti, what else should be in t…[View]
12661201It is I, the oatmeal raisin cookie, the cookie only enjoyed by grandmas and only eaten by kids when …[View]
12662274shit on it all you want but this is delicious.[View]
12661660this is my only local grocery store option, how much am i missing out?[View]
12661535How's my midnight meal? Just assembled it, I think I can eat it in 10 seconds flat[View]
12661844Is it true that Redbull has bull sperm as an ingerdient?[View]
12661870For me it's Blue Raspberry[View]
12662020Carlo Rossi: How do they make the Carlo Rossi Jug pour so well? I can pour this stuff into my glass …[View]
12656020today i drink the cheapest beer at the store.[View]
12661417Find a flaw[View]
12661364can I distill virgin olive oil into extra virgin olive oil?[View]
12661860What does /ck/ think of my dinner? The pork was delicious, although a little dry in some parts. I ne…[View]
12661885Thanks to you guys, I can lose weight. Things that work best, anything overloaded with cheese, thing…[View]
12661850For me, its gushers[View]
12660529What's the consensus on the deep fried rib[View]
12661472>boy, i can't wait to eat some liver said no one ever[View]
12661806this stuff is actually amazing. so much better than shitty soda.[View]
12660146sending food back to the kitchen: Is this an okay thing to do in /ck/‘s opinion? I don’t mean for ob…[View]
12661625>margherita pizza[View]
12658772Hi, Malcolm Reed here and today I'm gonna show you how to make rib tips.[View]
12657748Is there such a thing as good fried chicken? Every time I've had it it has been dry and overcoo…[View]
12661221What beverages are on the menu tonight, lads? Currently sipping some Momokawa. Does /ck/ like sake?[View]
12659066>Use unsalted butter >Add salt[View]
12658071what do you think about dragon fruit? I've never tried it[View]
12661061Dear Restaurants: When I order a burger, I want to be able to pick it up and eat it like a sandwich.…[View]
12658114Who else here eat McFood? I'll always love the Big Mac, one say I want to try the QP but everyt…[View]
12661594Ketofaggs are literally grainlets, get your fibre you weak cunt. chic fil a is bitch feed[View]
12657720How good is drinking whey for you? Does it have any culinary uses?[View]
12659997What is your favorite song about food? https://youtu.be/2IfWuUVgFSQ[View]
12651335KFC is good[View]
12661524Last day of vacation here. Tomorrow I'm gonna top it off with a good burger from Bk, along with…[View]
12648220Why is KFC dying? What can they do to improve their locations and bring in more customers?[View]
12660209Behold: Why is this jalepeno trying to kill itself?[View]
12659952>season food >can't tell what difference it makes…[View]
12622781Coffee Time /general/: Ode to the drip machine edition. This thread is for all coffee related discus…[View]
12657022I'm a complete retard with cracking eggs, but I found this. Looks promising. What do you guys t…[View]
12660782what do you think about soju?[View]
12660675Redpill me on Schnapps.[View]
12656575Hey bro, we heard you liked Reese's so we took your Reese's and filled it with Reese'…[View]
12661313Why do you call him 'toothless'?[View]
12651557What do they eat in New York?[View]
12656925cheese thread: what you guys eating lately? recently tried fromage blanc for the first time, kinda h…[View]
12657105Mmmm.. Sygoi!![View]
12658366Thoughts on this Mongolian delicacy?[View]
12656396Brewing General: I've been making my own hard cider for about a year now and making some pretty…[View]
12659703Ching chong death fruit: I bought some Durian candies from the local oriental mart to see if Durian …[View]
12659035why the fuck do people eat super spicy food? whats the joy of having to chug a cup of milk every min…[View]
12653138>Favorite comfort food or snack >Favorite anime Whats yours?…[View]
12658645What is the best low calorie option to becoming inebriated?[View]
12656564why do americans call 'coriander' 'cilantro'?[View]
12659894What have you made in your instant pot: I was really skeptical but it was less of a meme than expect…[View]
12660868I just went to a restaurant in Murica where they shuttle you back to your car in a cart a little big…[View]
12660668Whats /ck/ opinion on crust stock?[View]
12650070shh...no one has to know about our love[View]
12660466I am coming.[View]
12660125whats in your spice cabinet?[View]
12658160>ate a whole summer sausage in one sitting[View]
12659292What's the best diet for an environmentalist? I don't want the ice caps to melt.[View]
12659010what's the best flavour of beach cliff sardines? for me, it's soybean oil with green chili…[View]
12658579Holy shit: It actually exists[View]
12660361rate my burger[View]
12656705Bojangles' > KFC > Popeye's You literally cannot dispute this.[View]
12656341I bought this shit for the memes but it's actually tasty as fuck what the hell[View]
12659555what went so wrong in West Virginia and obesity? it's the most obese state in US at 38.1%, and …[View]
12655664Cheesy potato griller is the best Taco Bell burrito: yes or yes[View]
12658542Made a bolognese but it tastes really intense, not like extremely savory just strong and kinda bitte…[View]
12657887What is a store bought (or otherwise SUPER easy) dessert that would go well with Indian food? >in…[View]
12660094>signature pasta dish is just elbow noodles with random vegetables thrown in there with some oil …[View]
12660220Why is B Dubz so fucking expensive?[View]
12659252Cured/aged/smoked meats: Redpill me on aged/cured/smoked meats, I love them and i really wanna exper…[View]
12660092/hot sauce general/: Has anyone tried this stuff?[View]
12659616Sauerkraut with carrot: Should it have carrot in it or not?[View]
12660006Is Episode 1 the GOAT of fast food movie promotions?[View]
12651525How do they make such a decent tasting beer at a high alcohol % for so cheap?[View]
12656444*grapes not included[View]
12658703How long until the wine goes bad if it's stored like this?[View]
12659721Learning to make a pizza: >Be 8 year old me >Mom promised us homemade pizza for dinner >Eag…[View]
12657018Recipe Thread: Post recipes or cooking instructions.[View]
12657425Ketofags: If carbs are so bad, then why is the FDA RDI for the average adult, 300 grams?[View]
12655267>wife made fish >it's the whole kind >still has the bones in I don't look forward…[View]
12659486Fuck you /ck/ I'm going to buy it![View]
12659188Who has better food?: Let's finally put this to rest, California or New York?[View]
12659611cream cheese icing is fucking disgusting[View]
12659699I dont think you guys can understand how fucking good this was. Cob salad with chicken and spinach w…[View]
12654722>dad suffered a heart attack a year ago >not from obesity, largely because how much he worked …[View]
12658357Why are Ukrainians like this?[View]
12658476Perpetual dressing I keep a little jar on my countertop with salad dressing that I just add things t…[View]
12650937Sorry gascucks, your antiquated way of cooking is no longer allowed in civilized society.[View]
12657784Wtf this nigga has been vegetarian for over a year now?! Damn I guess people really do change. Vegan…[View]
12659458Why are these sprouts, shipped all the way from Brussels, cheaper than broccoli?[View]
12657519Our county fair is in a week, what should I get to eat? I usually like getting a spicy italian sausa…[View]
12649447potato chips bread: recommend me some cheap shit to munch on[View]
12656163beef dumplins: this is the best fucking thing in the world fight me, gacinator#5866[View]
12657661it's okay to eat animal products https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/clip/9bd523ab-3556-4439-8344-3b…[View]
12658023This is the perfect budget dinner and can’t be improved on: Prove me wrong[View]
12658843How much cream cheese is too much?[View]
12659262i was wondering if i could find a cold brew shot in sachet? does such a product exist? like a brewed…[View]
12657652What the fuck is his problem?[View]
12654429I drink chocolate milk on the morning for breakfast convince me to drink something else[View]
12658248Have you ever met a person who didn't like the taste of alcohol but still had good taste in foo…[View]
12657500>Okay, Anon. Well, after that fiasco in which your souffle led to a fire and rabies outbreak, I t…[View]
12657682eggplant: What's your take on eggplant, /ck/?[View]
12658563Is there any brand of flour taquitos that aren't completely devoid of meat? Seriously, I never …[View]
12659094>Nutmeg improves everything Prove me wrong[View]
12656258behold: behold[View]
12658922>mfw when i just found out there are different styles of silverware aside from the basic spoon, f…[View]
12659057>PB on apples do Americans really?…[View]
12656907I'm making shrimp pasta.[View]
12658506vegans: >animal lives are sacred but fuck all those plant lives, right?…[View]
12658920RECIPE: Stale Chips: How to make perfectly stale chips really fast, overnight at least maybe even fa…[View]
12655376>i'm uncultured middle class but want to feel rich and sophisticated!…[View]
12653838When you were a teen did you ever hang out with a group of friends and they would decide to go into …[View]
12656531Do you use copper kitchenware?[View]
12658088Would you say this egg was properly poached?[View]
12655856ITT we ask questions we dont wanna ask in person Why are latex gloves so popular when nertile glove…[View]
12654362>sister's bipolar mother in-law opens new restaurant in small town >begs me to come work …[View]
12657070kino as fuck[View]
12658656I like lu rou fan, what are some tasty things to put on rice?[View]
12651087/fit/ here How do I get more protein?[View]
12658141Can i boil chicken breast and use refrigerate to use it later (say, after a week)? I dont mean parbo…[View]
12655962Anyone here dumb enough to take classes here before they got shut down?[View]
12658385Quick does anyone have the butter lamb pictures? I lost mine and can't spam butter lamb threads…[View]
12649899>see adam ragusea get memed and shit on by this board non-stop (pic related) >give a few of hi…[View]
12658456Why cancel the only good cooking show?[View]
12656625i have no idea how to actually cook, should i start watching all of this guy's videos?[View]
12655886What is this called? I know its some dish in Jewish culture.[View]
12657837When making eggs, would it make sense to first add a layer of water before the oil, as to not make t…[View]
12656876american bread[View]
12658285I'm hungry...[View]
12658153for me it's low fat potato chips[View]
12640767Which country has the best cuisine and which country has the worst cuisine?[View]
12656301Why is it so delicious, bros? Cant believe some fruits exist like this...[View]
12657001https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGfua-AjhgA Explain me step by step how to make lasagna[View]
12657281What are some useful multipurpose cooking tools you have /ck/?[View]
12651918'Oh shit... Wow! This is the best fucking shit ever! Holy shit!'[View]
12656205Booked a table here: What should i order?[View]
12657817Now THAT'S a burgah![View]
12657674Who do you go from being a casual cook who can follow recipe instructions clearly to someone who can…[View]
12656150Are his cakes actually good?[View]
12655645There's a local blacksmith here that said he could make me a 16-piece bloomery steel knife set …[View]
12657711Pasta sauce: Just got invited to a party, where people are encouraged to bring their own pasta sauce…[View]
12658078What fast food place has the best appetizers/sides eh? And secondly, which has the best onion rings …[View]
12651735opinions on reusable straws? which material is best? im considering getting some metal ones but i w…[View]
12657203Are fish and chips based or nah[View]
12657994pumpkin ice cream: one of my favoriterecipes Reddi Whip I experiment with it endlessly, not even usi…[View]
12657260For me, it's everything in your kitchen.[View]
12656014Does anyone else like to eat spoonfuls of tomato paste?[View]
12654478>invented the wheel[View]
12653316So what's the verdict /ck/?[View]
12657751Healthy fast food: Why can't we get cheap and healthy fast food like they have in Japan? You ca…[View]
12655573mmmm tomatie[View]
12657736I've made an apple pie for the first time ever! What do you guys think? I'll admit it it…[View]
12655743What does /ck/ think of trail mix? Which is your favorite?[View]
12640130Have you ever eaten at a fast food place or restaurant for a promotional freebie?[View]
12657490CREAM HELP: I've overwhipped heavy cream into butter and buttermilk and tried to salvage it as …[View]
12657431Keto thread: With all the 'keto' foods out there we should share our recipes or food ideas to give s…[View]
12657527Freezing veggie juice: I plan to make pulp/juice by blending random veggies and freezing it in sever…[View]
12654613Gordon Ramsey: I've been getting into /ck/ after autistically watching one of his shows but I n…[View]
12656317Dinner: whats for dinner /ck/?[View]
12656808what the fuck[View]
12654162Cast Iron Thread: ITT we discuss the fascinating nuances of cast iron cooking and share thinks we ha…[View]
12652477Pancake time[View]
12655641¡Ay, caramba!!! I made a bean and cheeser, home made. Not as good as the ones at Taco Bell thou.[View]
12656001Rate my dinner at work[View]
12642042Are we in agreement that Papa's is the best chain pizza?[View]
12657274hot pocket[View]
12657208The world would be a better place if chickens pooped out chicken nuggets instead of eggs.[View]
12653162Hi There!!: >Hello Anon its Mary from down the street! Do you remember me? You used to play dolls…[View]
12655164I may have made a mistake. Post your pepperoni recipes.: Just finished up a summer camp and got to r…[View]
12654077Did you ever fall for the collectable glasses meme?[View]
12651742Excuse us, do you have a minute to talk about cilantro?[View]
12655113COGNAC: what are some good ways of appropriating this juice of gods in a drink other than the sazera…[View]
12653202>things your town is famous for Chicken broil. Which is today. It’s pretty overhyped around here …[View]
12654979Why does my pan smoke when I use it?[View]
12656600hello /ck/. how do i make this? someone on /co/ said it was a brazillian pizza and google seems to c…[View]
12656198What is the best kind of cheese to use for a grilled cheese sandwich? What's the best kind of b…[View]
12652298Cannot into lemonade with mint: Halp. I'm a good cook yet I somehow fail at making lemonade on …[View]
12649965For me, it's a cast iron skillet.[View]
12656855For me, it’s shopping at my local co-op[View]
12653917Have you guys tried the new Wendy's dollar chicken sandwich? It's pretty good.[View]
12654553Food Snob Thread: >be in club >talk to some girl >she is veing condescending >mention th…[View]
12655649Why does american cusine depend so much on baking stuff?[View]
12656464pineapple is objectively the best pizza topping[View]
12653477Why is Japanese so highly coveted in /ck/? I grew up eating Japanese food and I would rather eat Per…[View]
12656647Hello /ck/ What are some YouTube channels for healthy food recipes. Preferably recipes that are easy…[View]
12656667Is the Club Sandwich a sandwich? (now I want me one)[View]
12656512Stabby bois: Ordered this today, have a nicer Mercer boning knife I love so figured I'd give th…[View]
12653455>eating something soft >*crunch*[View]
12655018WINE THREAD: Wine thread, post your favourites edition This is a thread for all kinds of discussion …[View]
12655481Diablo Sandwich[View]
12654153Potato Soup: Hey can you guys give me a good potato soup recipe, I know I could 'just google it bro'…[View]
12656067I have a pizza voucher here. What 5 toppings should I get? Ordering in 1 hr. http://order.papajohns.…[View]
12649504low calorie: does anyone have any low calorie recipes (preferably under 250 calories) that they coul…[View]
12656197What does it taste like bros ?[View]
12649446How many times a week do you eat fast food, /ck/? Is it out of convenience or because you enjoy it m…[View]
12654984Asafoetida: This is the most under-rated spice in existence. Thank you.[View]
12655004/ck/ retards will say that casseroles are disgusting flyover food, but every culture has its well re…[View]
12656076Gay fried egg sandwich time[View]
12654762does anyone know if they sell natty daddy anywhere in alabama? if so, where? i just moved back here …[View]
12656194Whats cooking tonight /ck/!: Nice ground lamb was $5.99/lb at Aldi so whipping up some lamb meatball…[View]
12656018I've never seen a recipe that calls for this. It's always garam masala plus extra cumin an…[View]
12655441>banana flavouring mimics a now extinct cultivar variety of banana that you'll never taste i…[View]
12654189>he doesn't fry his cheese and dip it in other cheese You're never gonna make it, /ck/…[View]
12653840the definition of embarrassment: is this what we've been reduced to? pun not intended https://w…[View]
12655698What’s your favorite snack?: For me, it’s toast with olive oil and salt and pepper.[View]
12655956what are yall eating and drinking tonight got myself a live oak hefeweizen and some chicken quesadil…[View]
12655119Why do people in NY or Philly act like they have the best of a thing just because they were famous f…[View]
12655516What is the Kernal's secret recipe?[View]
12654863I haven't shit in 5 days legit concern wat eat?[View]
12654174What's the best fruit to put in a green salad and why is it strawberries?[View]
12655474Veal is not suited for tacis[View]
12655565>go to farmers market >some guy looking down at my cart in disgust Why does this always happen…[View]
12655468Fall Foods: With Halloween right around the corner, what are some of your favorite autumnal dishes?…[View]
12655752No one even talks about cooking on this cooking board, everyone just points out how something tastes…[View]
12655808Dessert thread, post kino desserts that will destroy your blood stream in exchange for a few seconds…[View]
12655797Do Americans really think we do this?[View]
12655598Babish vs. Ramsey: Who was in the wrong here? Binging with Babish 'perfect new york pizza' or Gordon…[View]
12648335YouTube cooking channels: Hello, fu/ck/s. Please recommend your favorite youtube cooking channels. M…[View]
12653230The versatile baked potato. What do you put on yours?[View]
12652640Burger King: One of these just opened up close to me and I haven't had it in years. Do they hav…[View]
12655549Crack mi oop: You dig crackles? It's ok, son. Wait ... This is 2019. Do you like your cucumber…[View]
12653719Potato: Potato[View]
12655399Burgers: How do you guys prepare your burgers for the grill as far as marinades and sauces are conce…[View]
12655597I need help /ck/ I have 12 of packages of egg whites that will expire in two days and i have to cook…[View]
12647550What happened to Just Mayo? It was the blessing of the century and now their reps are saying they ar…[View]
12652418How can I teach myself moderation in regards to food intake? I can't stop, even if I'm tel…[View]
12654137>anon, this is our third date and the third time you've made us bumble bee tuna on white ric…[View]
12655472Is there any good food from Finland?[View]

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