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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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13105255look how long that one fry on top is I look forward to eating it.[View]
13094973Who is the most based chef to have ever based?: My nomination[View]
13104976Whats your favorite brand of pepperoni? Just looking for a nice snack with some crackers and cheese…[View]
13099452It's 2019, why isn't all rice minute rice?[View]
13101619I woke up this morning and remembered I drunkenly ordered 80 dollars worth in sushi. Has anyone else…[View]
13105014Thoughts on sweet pizza?[View]
13102729do you guys like to eat on one big plate or on several smaller ones? i like to eat on several smalle…[View]
13095821Trendy Late 2010s Foods: What do you consider food trends of the late 2010s? For example, what do pe…[View]
13104648Can we discuss your favorite irish stout beef stew? I've never had it before, so I'm about…[View]
13104554rice, chicken, garlic sauce. this is the only food i eat when ordering out[View]
13104912Quick RV cooking recipes: Howdy, ceekay! You might remember me from last year. I was living in China…[View]
13103640Refined tastes: What are some foods that only we adults enjoy?[View]
13104387Is it normal to have an extremely difficult time tasting black pepper when added to food? Unless it…[View]
13098392wtf flips?[View]
13104203ITT we share hot pot tips, tricks, preferences and confessions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzOx…[View]
13101477For me it's the Impossible Whopper[View]
13093891What's the best food mascot?[View]
13103351drunk as fuck 4:30pm should I get one or two mcchickens?[View]
13102538Lads, what to get from Greggs?[View]
13094769Slop o shit thread: ITT: Post Slop 'o Shits that you actually want to eat Hardmode: Not anglosp…[View]
13102433Never had turducken before. Is it good?[View]
13102266My son is having a LAN party and I'm trying to come up with good gamer-related snack foods to m…[View]
13105146this shit is good.[View]
13105090The dinner. >spring mix >carrot >two eggs >two slices of ham >left over burger >ch…[View]
13103165Feast Fit For a (Burger) King: 2 Tacos 2 Cheesy Tots Onion Rings[View]
13104964Is spiciness a taste flavor or mouthfeel[View]
13098712Post the last thing you ate that made you say, 'ooOOH, YUM YUM!'[View]
13104885What are some good pre workout foods?[View]
13104599WingStop: Why are Wingstop's cajun wings so loud-smelling? Is there some kind of oil that proje…[View]
13101542What is the appropriate time to cook penne for? and why is it 15 minutes?[View]
13096774Has /ck/ ever tried an MRE?[View]
13104659Are there actually people who DON'T have 3 glasses of this per day?[View]
13100355Carnivore diet: Is it necessary to cut out dairy too? Have you found dairy gives you brain fog?…[View]
13103377Mushrooms: I want to cook more of them. Share you recipes, types of fungi, soups would be a bonus. …[View]
13104569Let me hear your mustard recs. I'm a complete virgin when it comes to condiments, but I try to …[View]
13103031Will lab grown meat take off?[View]
13101369Oh, don't mind me. Just grabbing some tea...[View]
13104119>Buy steak, prime, ribeye, boneless, ~1.25' thick >Season, wait ~40min cook sous vide 129f …[View]
13102592Old timey goose Christmas: Does anybody know what i should do for an old timey goose dinner for Chri…[View]
13098841is joe rogan a good chef?[View]
13104295So fresh fried french fries I made a sauce with strawberry jam, hot sauce, and lemon juice and i pu…[View]
13093361Why do so many California wines have creepy names? Joseph Phelps = Fred Phelps. Pence Ranch = Mike P…[View]
13104200Tuna Melt So good It's got tuna, it's got melt, and some tomato. Perfection in one sense o…[View]
13101740Cornstarch for thickening: Every time I make a cornstarch slurry (equal parts starch to water) and p…[View]
13104243What’s the best food to eat while watching the World Series[View]
13100219poor idiot college student here, heard stir fry is easy to make, any tips?[View]
13102974What is your 'something is missing' secret weapon? For me it's a fat glob of sambal.[View]
13103060I made sandwiches[View]
13098972TASTE AND GENETICS: When I was younger, me and a bunch of friends would go for Thai food every now a…[View]
13090036Check out my awesome Chuck Norris™ approved certified badass chili[View]
13103715>one coffee with cream, please![View]
13103263Imagine being a fast food reviewer on youtube: You rush to review some crap processed garbage food a…[View]
13102051I put this on everything: Anyone else?[View]
13103464What can I do with this?[View]
13101196>be me >27 >skinny-fat >eat a burger and fries almost every day >go to doctors >to…[View]
13101239What happens if I put it away? Will my body function like it used to or am I an addict after a long …[View]
13099455Chef John: What does /ck/ think of Chef John from FoodWishes.com?[View]
13103457Should I add dry herbs to my spaghetti while cooking or near the end? Using basil, oregano and parsl…[View]
13103220Where'd he go?[View]
13102841Whats the easiest food service job?[View]
13099419Is it a good idea to try to apply for a cooking job even if you don't have that much experience…[View]
13102866Human milk: Would you cook with it if you could buy it at the supermarket?[View]
13103321Do you watch mukbangs?[View]
13096698>water >coffee >wine the holy trinity of drinks. if you drink anything else you are probabl…[View]
13101310Sociological Research.: 1. Which chocolate do you prefer? (Milka, Ritter Sport, Mars, Snickers, etc.…[View]
13097916Mars, Snickers, or Twix?[View]
13103436What's the best way to open up almonds with common household items (for instance, none of those…[View]
13102188Any of you actually ate these?[View]
13102662Work somewhere that cuts and sorts their own fries. Any of you do the same or found a quick way to s…[View]
13099821>goes to China, Thailand and Vietnam >Various types of dishes throughout the trip >Goes to …[View]
13101998Finish your goddamn plate Run a resturant? Send your excess to a homeless shelter Full? Put that shi…[View]
13103085>Tesco Food Love Stories >Sausage Casserole…[View]
13099457hetvägg: Why do people make fun of Swedish cuisine? This shit is delicious.[View]
13100104I've got some canned pumpkin laying around, do you think that would work for pumpkin soup?[View]
13099290>he still 'grills' his steaks[View]
13103150>Nordics don't have food cu-[View]
13095783>boil >grill >sear >braise >flambe >saute >broil >confit Why the fuck are th…[View]
13102959This is cilantro: Say something nice about it[View]
13101928I made rice and carry Tastes ok but I think I will froze leftover, can eat it that much[View]
13101206>out shopping for chocolate to use in hot chocolate >see some nice 86%, 2 dollars/pack >End…[View]
13088987Do you ever mix different kinds of cereals together?[View]
13097566Do super rich people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet really eat McDonald's regularly? Or are t…[View]
13098185Sunday Roast: Oi bongs explain yourself. Is the sunday roast really as good as people claim? Ive see…[View]
13098801Chili Night!!: Really been looking forward to trying out this recipe. Ground beef Chili powder Papri…[View]
13093725is there any farmed fish that isnt garbage?[View]
13101813Guys i fucked up Just getting into cooking and i bought a whole rack of spices (expensive af) I was …[View]
13092337>what do you want me to cover in my next video, /ck/?[View]
13102062How do I get over the taste of hops? I live in redneck country so it's looked down upon to not …[View]
13100162Itt ingredients that don't actually make any difference.[View]
13099030I'm doing a chocolate themed gift for a birthday and I would like to know what anon's favo…[View]
13101705hotpot general: Hotpot general: I'm really interested in trying hotpot as the weather gets cold…[View]
13095959Table manners in amer*ka: Rent free obsession thread! I've noticed so many americans that don…[View]
13102420Why do leftovers taste better freshly made food?[View]
13099077>let the meat rest >why, great idea, I love cold meat…[View]
13089694Which beverage has the best mouthfeel?[View]
13102320BK has these balls in Brazil now: They're manioc balls stuffed with cheese. 'crunchy on the out…[View]
13101656Does the kind salt you use really make a difference? Doesn't it all taste the same? Also, anyon…[View]
13102167>presentation: >he thinks presentation makes you a good cook Oh no no no no no pffffffffft aha…[View]
13098485You learn something new every day[View]
13100469What do you look for in a YouTube chef? How do you know the recipe will be worth following?[View]
13100405Is this the supreme food combo?[View]
13099543>Pumpkin Spices your favorite foods and beverages Heh.. Nothing personnel, kid…[View]
13097866>it's a dollar store item episode[View]
13099894Brad? More Like Chad!: There isn't any bigger Chad in the food world than this man right here. …[View]
13092174Easy meals to make while in dorm?: I've been living in the dorms for a while now without a meal…[View]
13101085How do they make it so good?[View]
13101506Black Food[View]
13099004What do you eat when you’re at a hotel in the middle of nowhere?[View]
13101301What are some good Filipino dishes that aren't Jollibee?[View]
13101529is there any nutritional value in shaving cream?[View]
13098240dinner, you?[View]
13101219It's healthy to eat a handful of unsalted nuts every week. But can eating too many nuts be unhe…[View]
13100860What do you get at McDonald's?[View]
13100849Have a Break Have a Kit Kat®[View]
13101397why do people still pretend to dislike mcdonalds? >cheap >good food >scientifically designe…[View]
13101392I’m drunk as shit, listening to Sabaton and also assorted 80/90s songs. I have a craving for food, a…[View]
13100035>he doesn’t drink his coffee black[View]
13100541have not had a hot pocket in 5+ years, my mom decides to bring some home, i decide to try one. holy …[View]
13093396What are some essential picnic foods?[View]
13093178does anyone even like ham? i mean i'll eat it but literally any other meat would be better the …[View]
13100340>Best hotdogs >Best fries + toppings >Best burgers >large menu full of other great item…[View]
13091608What an absolute joke these things are. They're too watery to make a good vegetable and too bla…[View]
13099550Subway sliders? Yeah, I'm thinking based[View]
13101195Whopper: Is it true that Canadians call these Hoopers?[View]
13100149'What'll you have, sir?' 'I could really go for some chili right now! No beans though, thanks, …[View]
13095428The great mystery of our times: Why do water-packed deenz exist when oil-packed deenz cost the same …[View]
13099260Images that trigger food journalists[View]
13100780Hi /ck/, /fit/ here I know we get a bad rap so allow me to show you my dinner tonight in an attempt …[View]
13099408cheap tea from the dollar store tastes better than the shit that costs $5 a box. I will not be foole…[View]
13099483what did you have for breakfast this morning?[View]
13101016Where can I get good white tea?[View]
13099755Good for These Fast Food Workers Who Manhandled Global Warming Protesters: Employees at an In-N-Out …[View]
13096893Yeah, fuck you, chili dogs and fries are good. You can choke on a shit piece you dumb fuck.[View]
13100333Well I haven't drank it since before I had to lie about my age to drink, in high school. If it …[View]
13101064What did it taste like?[View]
13098804Isnt a Churchill martini just vodka?[View]
13100412I have five packs of McDonalds curry sauce plus one from KFC. What should I do with them?[View]
13100057McDonalds general: I want a fucking BigMac! I just recently had a mcdonalds cheeseburger for the fir…[View]
13095596Taco Bell every day until I win: healthy salad edition.[View]
13096798The toppings contain potassium benzoate.[View]
13097386it's here[View]
13100960>buy mangoes >cut and put into the blender >more puree than juice why…[View]
13100857introducing the new theme song of /ck/ from a deleted greta thread https://vocaroo.com/i/s1J96Pnydv…[View]
13100724i food[View]
13099446am I a heretic to my deep southern roots for using gnocchi made with instant mashed potatoes, flour …[View]
13090744New recipe: Dear friends, if you cut a hole in a piece of bread and then cook an egg into the hole i…[View]
13100738What do you think of these[View]
13099756let's be honest with ourselves, this is a basic boring as fuck meal that we should all be asham…[View]
13100571Is the Foreman grill the best mainstream cooking product??[View]
13100138Post ITT if you had this liquid vessel growing up. Also post other nostalgic food related shit to jo…[View]
13099473Foods to help with insomnia: Hey /ck/ Do you have any go-to food or drinks that help you fall asleep…[View]
13099814Just made beef stock. What do with the leftover meat and vegetables. Currently frying it with spices…[View]
13100381Meat Pie, Spinach Pie.[View]
13099327Hamborgers for dinner. >top bun >slice of ham >spinach >cheddar cheese >borger >fr…[View]
13099514I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
13100466fryers unite: who here fryin? using my induction temperature control over my little electronic one, …[View]
13098592Are potatoes more 'nutritious' than rice?[View]
13100266Who else here always #PickUpYourPizza? Fuck your kike delivery fees (+ 25% tip (tm)). Get fucked dri…[View]
13088241/soda/ GENERAL: Which carbonated sugar waters have you been sipping lately? Coke vs Pepsi? Best Mou…[View]
13095170Here's a challenge, /ck/: Identify as many of the foods in pic related as possible. READY, GO! …[View]
13099045How did they kick Pizza Hut's ass?[View]
13100202What is your favorite dish to cook?[View]
13093165Who was in the wrong here?[View]
13099967Any brown wrapper boys here?[View]
13100045I'm not the only one who does this, right?[View]
13096725whats the most quintessential english food to you? for me, its got to be the toast sandwhich[View]
13098649>Taco Bell brought back the double chalupa LTO Arguably the worst limited time offer. Disappointe…[View]
13099528homemade carolina reaper sauce, come at me faggots[View]
13093634Cereal thread[View]
13099813Imagine your party arriving here after a long and arduous journey, the smell of freshly baked bread …[View]
13098630Seriously tho... can Indian food be trusted?[View]
13096176is there anything she cant do?[View]
13099200Fannie's Last Supper: Has anyone else checked out this comfy documentary about re-creating an 1…[View]
13094951Horseradish: Aside from roast beef sandwiches, what can I do with it?[View]
13098013Nothing can top OOPS! All Berries[View]
13095171Tips for enjoying meat?: So I have been struggling for the past few years with food aversions to mea…[View]
13099121Chili: What are 'must haves' in your chili anons? Also how do I make mine darker and thic…[View]
13095560What the fuck were the Italians thinking when they made casu marzu cheese? Just watching videos of i…[View]
13097521California Burritos: Tater tots, carne asada, cheddar cheese, guacamole, hot sauce, cilantro, a SMAL…[View]
13098800New color blind cook: Hey I’m a fairly new into cooking food for myself and friends but also color b…[View]
13097273>3 michelin star chef with italian roots Let me teach you something about carbonara mongrels. htt…[View]
13097517So I use soy sauce instead of salt for stews. I find it adds more depth to it than just regular salt…[View]
13099415Culinary Tours: Have any of you ever gone on a food based vacation before? I've seen some of th…[View]
13097027Okay lads biology student here so i just came back from class after dissecting a fish and long story…[View]
13097969Jam power rankings: Fig>Prune>Apricot>Orange>Cherry>>>>>>Strawberry…[View]
13098740>mfw food was better than expected but only slightly[View]
13098934Do you pour milk before you put your cereal in? or do you pour milk after you put your cereal in?[View]
13096729I have had this twice now, once cheese and once pepperoni, and it’s not that bad, I think the cheez …[View]
13098171What's the most useless vegetable and why is it the artichoke? Wow, a plant that's 5% edib…[View]
13091796Here I am, making a sandwich. How do you make your sandwiches /ck/?[View]
13099088ITT post comfy lunches[View]
13098216What kind of treats will you be giving out for Halloween this year, /ck/?[View]
13091850Would you feel sadder if you had Thanksgiving-type food all by yourself on Thanksgiving, or somethin…[View]
13099055Why aren't you hopeless cooklets asking Michael Symon questions on Twitter? He's interacte…[View]
13081066have you ever been to a 'breastaraunt'? How was it?[View]
13095037Carnitas cook along: Got this here pork shoulder[View]
13098890Slow Cooker: It's getting cold, which means I'm getting lazy. What's the best meals I…[View]
13098177Guys I am trying to find an Indian recipe but I can't remember the name. Its the one that is a …[View]
13098156Blue stilton: I don't care what they say, I love Blue Stilton from England. I also think the Fu…[View]
13098859arroz rojo - capsicum edition: Makin some red rice. lemme know what you think. putting in bell peppe…[View]
13095300Few things are more disgusting than the sound of chewing. If you make any audible noise when eating …[View]
13098839Plant based diets: Euro fag here. Being heaing a lot about plant based diets.They seem fine and all,…[View]
13097239>the only thing left on the McDonalds dollar menu is a fish sandwich and a coke haha holy shit in…[View]
13096562tamarind: holy. these things are DELICIOUS[View]
13087592>no you don't need <widely acknowledged way of making this dish> >just do <lazy …[View]
13098058Can I start a farm?: I am tired of being a wagecuck. I want to grow my own food and live unbothered …[View]
13096463U.S.A. Cuisuine thread[View]
13093699cajun/creole: Greetings /ck/, this here is a GUMBO. How do you make yours? Jambalaya and other south…[View]
13096280Best hearty, healthy stews?[View]
13095909Butter VS Oil: So butter and oil, both are good options for the pan. But are they interchangeable? W…[View]
13098007German cuisine: Where in the USA can I get some of this stuff besides pretzels and wheat beer which …[View]
13097298So today I plan on making some thai style crab cakes. I'm leaving to go to my job soon and pick…[View]
13098421My daily meal schedule consists of some easy to cook meat, usually steak, store bought schnitzel, fr…[View]
13097957battle stations thread: post your battle stations /ck/ I’ll start, here’s mine[View]
13096579>Take a can of red bull >Punch a hole near the bottom as if you were going to shotgun it >p…[View]
13090575How healthy are onions? I eat them every day because they are my favorite vegetable[View]
13098180>Despite being only 11% of the population...[View]
13098295>At lunchtime, when other kids unwrapped their sandwiches or bought their hot meals, Brian and I …[View]
13092680Bolognese general: What does /ck/ put in their bolognese sauce for the secret ingredient? Not going …[View]
13097737This is driving me nuts. The chicken is moist, but I don't know if it's slimy. I ate some …[View]
13097151Dinner: Post your dinner pic related, my dinner[View]
13095637I was just gifted one of these pasta makers. What is the best way to get started? What is your favor…[View]
13097110Rate my dinner[View]
13092235mexican food thread: Decades ago enjoying some carnita asada tacos in mexico[View]
13098020whatever happened to those homebrew generals? im looking for shared experiences about ginger beer. i…[View]
13098233Favorite uses for tomatoes? I've made >several pints of canned tomatoes >2 pts salsa >…[View]
13093614UK supermarkets: What say you?[View]
13098092Anyone work as a Baker? Lay it all out, pros, cons, opinions, etc.[View]
13096836Pretty good for $2 and change: First time trying smoked gouda btw[View]
13094515>Al Pastor: California style Observe /ck/, THIS upsets and confuses the flyover. What’s your excu…[View]
13094179is there a more manly loaf of bread than Beefsteak? holy shit[View]
13097470I just bought a fat chunk of parsley for no reason, what do I use it in?[View]
13096663What are you drinking?: Coffee time! What are you drinking?[View]
13097303ITT: Essentials. Just got my first place bros. What are some affordable accessories that I can get …[View]
13097533Who got the shits / sickness when eating at a fast food, notably Taco Bell ? Looking for some stori…[View]
13097598Why wouldn't i put hot food on a cold plate? It helps cool the food down quicker so I can actua…[View]
13092260I fucking love mushrooms but have zero ability to cook. What's some easy shit I can make with m…[View]
13093486What's the food like here?[View]
13093470Hey guys rate these cupcakes that me, my brother, and his gf made :) they were trying to bond with m…[View]
13097344Its the most wonderful time of the year bros[View]
13096685I am in love with this thing[View]
13097164Lets say someone would give you money to produce a decently funded youtube channel based around cook…[View]
13097098Is this legit?: https://www.mussolini.net/it/bevande/1661-bevande-vino16.html[View]
13088199I just want to remind people that are interested in Mexican cuisine that Mexicans do not use spices.[View]
13091225buying a new coffee maker. what should i get? no tom foolery, only serious replies please. requireme…[View]
13097074Its like feta cheese but hard and soapy[View]
13096440Is chocolate healthy?[View]
13097078Cool Ranch Doritos topped with fresh edamame. My specialty.[View]
13094502/sodium/: >is it bad if I have a consistent craving for salty foods?…[View]
13095591Controversial Cooking: This is how I make fudge; >preheat oven to 250*F >line monkey cup with …[View]
13096758Would you chicken on those livers, anon?: Please be honest& no afraid speak your flavored mind.…[View]
13091202It's time to choose, /ck/ Under or over-cooked? Under or over-seasoned? Under or over-salted? U…[View]
1309258524/7 breakfast is one of the greatest restaurant concepts ever invented.[View]
13096098>enter your house at night >turn the dining room lights on >see pic related at the table …[View]
130946327-11 has the best gas station coffee[View]
13092015What do you think the chances are that they used real butter on my toast?[View]
13093032Pandan: I bought these in an Asian store. How can I make that green jelly/custard/pudding thing? Wha…[View]
13086810What is worse? 6 cans of beer a day or 6 cans of Coke a day. Does beer have sugar in it? Does alcoho…[View]
13090533Remember when anchovies on pizza was a thing (i.e.: the 90s)? What were we thinking? >and they sa…[View]
13089474what do i eat to cure diarrhea? it feels bad bros[View]
13096165Why is espresso so low wtf?[View]
13095790Sigh... Ate your burgers for breakfast already[View]
13093796What foods unexpectedly pair well with hot sauces?[View]
13089914food that tastes good but looks bad: For me its Shit on a shingle AKA cream chipped beef on toast. …[View]
13091624food that is light and you can eat forever until you realize you should have stopped after the 14th …[View]
13093684Just bought these for 20$ at a thrift shop. Never used them before. Can I use them on an electric gl…[View]
13087452>sushi place >has any mention of cream cheese anywhere on the menu D R O P P E D…[View]
13091200I recently went to a taco bell, ordered something and paid, and while I was waiting for my order I s…[View]
13096291Redpill me on Ajvar, /ck/. Why the FUCK should I care about some slavshit pepper paste?[View]
13094454Ever just have a Hamburger instead of a Cheeseburger?[View]
13095897>cooking pilau >rendering the mutton fat >overwhelming mutton smell makes me nauseous as fu…[View]
13096056prepping: how fucked are you if a disaster strikes? how long can the food in your house last you? do…[View]
13095822It's Ramen Time! I used sesame oil and alkaline water. My Ramen is still sitting in the mic aft…[View]
13093755Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you[View]
13096116If I am braising a meat with wine, should I pair that same wine with the meal or does it make more s…[View]
13093713What are you eating at this very moment?[View]
13091219... why would someone need three pancakes alongside a giant omelet?[View]
13086777Im going to hong kong next week. what good foods can I get there? except tear gas and rubber bullets…[View]
13094268Why on Earth would anyone pay for left over beef trimmings that have been ground up?[View]
13088262What is a sauce other than ketchup that is good to dip fast food burgers in?[View]
13095401What do people even mean when they describe taste as 'nutty'?[View]
13095104can I eat lemons that have been in my freezer for over a year?[View]
13079500What say you?[View]
13095173chicken sandwich: I've never done a chicken sandwich before. Can you give me a recipe[View]
13094253I don't think you should dip churros in chocolate[View]
13088143What does hummus taste like? Is it salty, sweet etc?[View]
13095606Just read this review of a dish: >'the umami-packed one-biter tastes like a brilliant cross betwe…[View]
13087959major weekend food prep incoming starting with this leftover <3/4 turkey[View]
13095916what's the best seasoning for roasted pumpkin seeds? also, soak or no soak?[View]
13095815industry lads and ladies get in here, let’s hear your latest tales, trials, and tribulations bitch a…[View]
13095511How do I start and maintain a pizza business? I want a small shop that has huge turnout, so slices o…[View]
13094129How does /ck/ like its pancakes? What special things do you do to make and eat them?[View]
13091613why haven't you taken the Baron pill yet?[View]
13095477As a dishwasher, does anyone else get the urge to strangle the bussers when they drop plates off, or…[View]
13095630Best Chocolate/Strawberry Milk Powder?: What are some of the better-tasting chocolate and strawberry…[View]
13093485Alright, so I fucked up. I bought 200 nuggets from burgerking and when I woke up this morning people…[View]
13095278Why do people complain about soy when dairy contains way more hormones? It is racism? Corporate prop…[View]
13092914If you've never had a lamb diner meat pizza with extra cheese from a kebab shop, then you'…[View]
13095616This shit is fucking disgusting, I can't believe I fell for this bland sugary crap[View]
13095080why are they so fucking based?[View]
13095485What can I make with strawberry flavored whey?[View]
13093660i just had this burger it was pretty good anyone name your favorite burger joints :P[View]
13093972>make home fries >call them hash browns Who is responsible for this bullshit?…[View]
13093927Can anybody tell what the correct dosage for iodine/iodide for men?lots of disinfo out there. you ha…[View]
13091462Here's the meal I usually make: >chicken in the frying pan (salt and pepper) >add some ch…[View]
13090547Convince me that chick peas are not a super food.[View]
13092939My five year old child asked for a cake made of green beans as that is apparently her favorite veggi…[View]
13092805have you ever seriously choked on food or witnessed/helped someone who was?[View]
13095163Well, /ck/? Can you?[View]
13094398since when did pizza boxes look like the goddamn newspaper?[View]
13093787Why aren't you grinding your own meat?[View]
13080638What is the best soup?[View]
13094262Why yes, I DO have an extensive hot sauce collection? What say you faggots!?: Comment on collect my …[View]
13092927>Open can of Pringles >Leaves seal hanging off side Anyone who does this should be euthanized…[View]
13092126Who likes roasting chicken? Its Sunday and I have a funeral or something to go to at like 8pm. Thou…[View]
13094526I need some easy crock pot chicken recipes I am 25 and very very beginner cook so please under 5 in…[View]
13094827dont mind if i bog in do ya?[View]
13093578Some Rooneyesque reflctions on Japanese foods Bubble Tea: what the hell is this stuff? I mean, in wh…[View]
13087286WEBM Thread[View]
13090798Rate my dinner pls[View]
13094596Did you know you have to eat all the sausages once the packet has been open with 7 days? I don'…[View]
13094150I aint got no grill, but I got some brawts. Best way to cook them without a grill?? Simmer then sear…[View]
13092170Is there any good brands of frozen chicken nuggets at all? It seems like all of them are far too che…[View]
13088982Cravin' a taco right now /ck/ Cravin' HARD.[View]
13086703What is your opinion on this guy? Is he running the restaurants or just a figure head / face for a g…[View]
13093980>buy jack fruit >open eat some >kinda smelly >freeze the rest for later >months later…[View]
13093476Why are most fruits in the US so bland while the bread is sweet? Apples, bananas, pears all taste li…[View]
13094394How about my steak and salmon skewers?[View]
13093688Who here /charredchad/?[View]
13092426I can't decide, what do I get tonight[View]
13084407this is by far the best milk brand I've ever tasted also, general milk thread![View]
13093265I want to make some pierogi from scratch to give to family during the winter. I'll probably go …[View]
13088523What's for dinner? Thai inspired soup with freezer ends for me.[View]
13093095>aw yes, the acquired taste of styrofoam... exquisite...[View]
13093217overpriced, poor recipe[View]
13092753Can you still get Based Quiznos?[View]
13092684I officially mark today as America day (U.S.A not shitty brown people countries or the literal whos …[View]
13093328Toast toppings?: What do you like to have on your toast?[View]
13089731https://youtu.be/o4ABOKdHEUs >'yeah bro, fridging the dough is easier than making a starter' The …[View]
13089434thoughts on this beer? Its kind of different, but I like it.[View]
13089125Washing Meat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0vJmd3W58U I saw this video on YT and was wondering i…[View]
13093196What is the consensus on kenab pizza?[View]
13090685How long can I keep freshly made pizza dough for? I was thinking about making some tomorrow and usin…[View]
13089994Overrated Local delicacies Thread: For me, it's the Philly Cheese steak. The worst local '…[View]
13087190Pittsburgh style pizza.: It's called Pittsburgh style pizza.[View]
13092637beefcake: This is the /ck/ challenge thread. I called out some anon in the best soup thread and he c…[View]
13084624>take girl out to a ramen place >she asks for a fork…[View]
13090367Hasselback chicken stuffed with spinach, feta and parmesan, topped with cheddar. Served with onions …[View]
13091522change my mind on bone marrow[View]
13092868okay so maybe 1/20 times I get a spicy tostada from Taco Bell the tortilla tastes like literal sawdu…[View]
13090339How would you sustain yourself with just a panini press?[View]
13093122Any of your parents just suck at cooking?: If my mom is following a recipe she messes something up a…[View]
13092308You may not like it but this is what peak cooking looks like[View]
13089952Imagine actually liking mint with chocolate.[View]
13084744we are doomed.[View]
13090129For me it's garlic parmesan..[View]
13091704Eggplant parm: If you never had eggplant parm, you are not based.[View]
13092885Horseradish dipping sauce: Okay, /class/, what’s a good horseradish dipping sauce recipe. Something …[View]
13092534>belly is full >lose any interest in /ck/…[View]
13090723Is it wrong to put cheese on jambon beurre, French anons?[View]
13090502honest thoughts on börek?[View]
13092288Why do people like to eat and make food that is so spicy it is painful to eat? I just wanted to eat …[View]
13091374Mushroom season!: My favorite mushroom, elm oysters are just starting in my area. It's a glorio…[View]
13092902fond: fond[View]
13092798Some quick help would be appreciated. I just got home from the store with a package of chicken that …[View]
13092735Jerky General: Does /ck/ make jerky? I recently started making jerky this year and have really enjoy…[View]
13087011/deenz/posting now.[View]
13091571The Impossible Whopper tastes better than your actual whopper BK[View]
13092290What is a unique food?[View]
13092446Its shit[View]
13088089Whatever can I do with these?[View]
13090265Shoulder of pork; roasted for 5hrs in the oven.[View]
13091897Accept No Substitutes: Childish new england style warmed milk chowders for underdeveloped palates ne…[View]
13090540Taco Bell Quest, Day 3: Bizzarro Edition: So I put in my double chalupa box mobile order like usual,…[View]
13092561Is olive oil healthy, /ck/?[View]
13087298WHAT THE FUCK /ck/, why didn't you tell me that milk contains animal estrogen[View]
13092160What does it taste like?[View]
13091812/awful/: Name a shittier fruit than cantaloupe. PRO MOTHERFUCKING TIP: you cannot[View]
13092241How should I cook this ribeye? I’m thinking of just throwing it in a hot cast iron until it hits 120…[View]
13092391What's your best boiled pizza recipe?[View]
13090315Anybody have the secrets to a good Cacio E Pepe? Mine end up tasting like crap.[View]
13092542Can I make corn tortillas with polenta?: Or with fresh corn from the cob?[View]
13092533Jack and Coke is fucking gross[View]
13089602Name a restaurant chain that millennials are KILLING that you will miss[View]
13091383>eats pig anus mmmmm OH MMMMHHH WOW OH YEAH, so spicy and sloppy, this is what dreams are made of…[View]
13091972Remember to clean your fridge. This is where you store your food.[View]
13088645what scotch to buy?: I want to build a collection of scotch and whisky that shows the range of all t…[View]
13066924gore thread[View]
13088970Cooking Mistakes: What are your worst cooking mistakes, /ck/? for me, it was when I substituted oli…[View]
13089228Sweeteners vs sugar: >Tastes awful, 90% carbs and spikes insulin anyway. >Also fears over canc…[View]
13073199Care for a mate, bro?[View]
13087892Why are there no shows on this network that actually show you how to cook?[View]
13089159Pie Five in Ellicott City MD closing: We’ve loved being your favorite pizza place in Ellicott City, …[View]
13089273what are some food/cooking memes you fell for and how did you get out of them?[View]
13090684https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tbM5QrMtjg 5:26 Do Eurofags really let cunts bring their dogs into …[View]
13091461Is there a single valid use case for devices of this category?[View]
13088781Wife is out at a work party so I got to have a man's dinner tonight. How did I do?[View]
13090857>when you feel the warmth of vodka in your insides[View]
13089659Apparently this is what IHOP calls 'cheesy hash browns'.[View]
13090152What makes for a good croissant And what is a lousy like Aside from milk or coffee what else is so…[View]
13087890I went on vacation and when I came back this is what I found and also my expensive jasmin rice had b…[View]
13091977my apartment has a large kitchen but lacks much cabinet/pantry space. what's my best bet for in…[View]
13088671Can you fix a bad palate? My dad always made things really salty because I guess smoking fucked his …[View]
13062356Percolator edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries. >what are yo…[View]
13085405How do they do it? How do they keep a pizza so cheap yet it tastes so delicious?[View]
13089067b-fast 4 dinner[View]
13090220Post the last thing you cooked: For me, it's 'za. One bacon, one pepperoni. Mozzarella and…[View]
13083323What's the key to a great French onion soup? I have a huge bag of onions that I need to get rid…[View]
13089333boomer foods and restaurants: although very delicious and much better than it used to be, pic still …[View]
13089580Buttermilk marinade: it’s not just for chicken anymore![View]
13088961/wg/ Whisky General - Based Horst Edition: What are you drinking, anons?[View]
13084242Anybody here like to mix peanut butter with milk and drink it? Shit's cash.[View]
13089359Is Campbell’s a luxury soup brand?[View]
13091479Wedding registry: What top tier meme kitchen gear can I put on it while my fiancé isn’t watching?…[View]
13089826Is keto BS?: I thought carbs were the problem and the reason why we are fat now, why would I want a …[View]
13090791For me its the mcchicken[View]
13090635how do you enjoy your anchovies, /ck/?[View]
13089279when in doubt go newmans[View]
13091053What do you think they use to season this? I can confidently guess garlic powder (or onion powder) a…[View]
13090067I feel sorry for Americans: They have never eaten calabresa pizza. calabresa > pepperoni[View]
13086047Personal Lost Secret Recipes?: It just occurred to me that when my grandmother died earlier this yea…[View]
13072827Spoooooky Food: Talk about your favorite spooky seasonal food, snacks and candy.[View]
13091046im making tuna mac![View]
13090262>be me 10 minutes ago >been waiting 4 hours for mcdonalds to open >wait an extra 45 minutes…[View]
13090918Is it possible to be angry when sated?[View]
13087691>tfw I just created a mexican/indian fusion dish any other culinary pioneers in here?…[View]
13089218>here's your meal that was prepped a week ago and reheated an hour ago and is now cold again…[View]
13088075Chicken Nuggets W Vegetables: This was a really good idea. Now I dont have to force chopped up veget…[View]
13087357buttercream recipe choices: My Dad wants me to bake a cake for his employee’s birthday party at the …[View]
13090134How does it rate among other burger chains?[View]
13072900would you leave a restaurant the moment you see a cockroach? would such a thing warrant a 1 star rev…[View]
13091073it's back have they managed to make it all not fall out of the bottom this time?[View]
13088500>cookies & cream _______ I SERIOUSLY hope you guys don't do this.…[View]
13089865Mall food: What was your favorite food at the mall? Mall used to be a magical place as a kid, so man…[View]
13089517MFW i saw nog in the store today. Nog season is officially here.[View]
13088144A feast for for a king.[View]
13090503Rate my dinner bois Caesar wraps, garlic parmesan potato wedges, spaghetti with red sauce[View]
13075090Is it worth preparing a meal on Thanksgiving if you're alone, or should you just get Chinese? A…[View]
13089247What's your best bagel sandwich recipe?[View]
13087020absolutely based. by far the most pleasant grocery store to shop at.[View]
13090393pans: do i need a non stick or cast iron pan? took up cooking about 2 years ago, have had the same t…[View]
13076708you are offered: >a one-time visit to a 3 michelin stars restaurant of your choice, bill already …[View]
13077979What's your favorite ~~frozen~~ pizza?[View]
13090643QTDDTOT: PS: Here are facts on some common topics (huge benefits of keto; secrets of weight loss; ge…[View]

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