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12055926Do you guys eat the skin of salmon? Also any baked recipes. Ive only pan fried[View]
12054043Hard Cider Brewing: I am planning on making Hard Cider then making some Apple Jack. This might sound…[View]
12056005Burger king has coffee now?[View]
12054496nice layer of fond[View]
12050667Why do americans love diet coke: Diet coke/pepsi is the worst diet soda there is. Takes like some fu…[View]
12054599*pinches your clit*[View]
12055273How the fuck do I make chilli scrambled eggs I have the eggs but where the fuck do I put in the chil…[View]
12055693Red Bull makes me piss like crazy and I’ve tried them all. Rockstar, Monster, Starbucks, and Red Lin…[View]
12053931breakfast from the hospital cafeteria. blurgh[View]
12055721Is this any good?[View]
12045558My shit coffee maker is finally on its last leg and I figured I'd join the big leagues. Looking…[View]
12049319Going to Sonic, what do you want?[View]
12053925What is this dish called?[View]
12055062Whilst I believe that the recent 4Chan/4Channel spilt was a smart move by Hiro I believe that /ck/sh…[View]
12037132What was your favorite drink as a kid?[View]
12055447>pumpernickel >swiss cheese >liverwurst >olive loaf…[View]
12054881>every single pizza place worth a damn has ovens that hit 900 degrees >standard oven only goes…[View]
12055534So why does this video get shit on so much? Is it because you know that you will NEVER have the priv…[View]
12055070>intersting and creative foods from around the world >instant mac & cheese How can one man…[View]
12053887>here's your pizza >th-thanks, can I have some toppings? >REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE M…[View]
12055477>third world 'cuisine' >it's some disgusting organ or gelatinous gooey meat with AWFUL te…[View]
12054812Just wanted to share this bit of wisdom; if you're ever trying to reheat leftover McDonald…[View]
12055455>My family got a ninja foodi for christmas and the want to cook everything in it >please help…[View]
12053843When does /ck/ enjoy liqueur?[View]
12053158anybody tari sauce ?: the ultimate sauce[View]
12054467Ovaltine is the GOAT. This shit should be more popular in America. Super popular in Switzerland[View]
12055476So I made niter kibbeh for misir wat but I have a ton left over. Is there anything non-Ethiopian I s…[View]
12055322>leaving your cock pot on when you aren’t home Tell me you guys don’t do this. You don’t want a h…[View]
12053588Can i cure my hangover with food?[View]
12055222Are there any foods like bacon that can be cooked in the microwave really fast? I don't want to…[View]
12054875>oven roasting salt/pepper/oliveoil chicken breasts >'omg anon it smells SOOOO good you have t…[View]
12055309name a more useless 'side dish'[View]
12054029What do you think about this Mango Chicken recipe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIb6I79-L_g Basic…[View]
12054192x thing is gross because it has y OK but it is it really?: I feel like society has a very narrow and…[View]
12055058Do I put duck fat on a pork loin? My bf brought home both and now I need help. Pic not related it’s …[View]
12054398*blocks your path*[View]
12054990Can or bottle? Personally I prefer can, it's colder and tastes better.[View]
12050817Do you have a classic styled burger joint that serves really good burgers? pic related is this joint…[View]
12054108Post your easiest meal. I can make eggs toast and bacon in under 6 minutes and it always looks great…[View]
12052187So I got a pound of this chickpea flour by mistake. Haven't really been using it, now's th…[View]
12049398So, since there are so many eyetalians on this board, whats the best authentic sphagett sauce recipe…[View]
12054598>be bong >0 L I T E R S old threads >>12041221 >>12046039…[View]
12054068based and redpilled.[View]
12053793Food feels like a waste of time to me. I enjoy it, but not enough to offset the time and energy it c…[View]
12053645Pavlova: So what's the consensus? Who invented it?[View]
12052963Oatmeal: I might be retarded, but how do I make oatmeal?[View]
12054653So I moved to a new flat this week and for about a month I won't have a kitchen or a even fridg…[View]
12053989What do you guys put on your roasted chickpeas? I've been using salt but I want to branch out.[View]
12053293German here. In the 1960s, we imported a lot of guest workers, and they brought their cuisine with t…[View]
12052472Boycott Margarine Its fake food[View]
12053266I'm thinking about getting invisible braces. The only problem is is that I work on the line. I …[View]
12054939Is meal prepping worth it: Is Muscle Food worth it I am 6.4 and quite slim and have recently decided…[View]
12053125Going here soon-what should i eat while there?[View]
12052384How can an adult with the palette of a 4 year old start introducing vegetables into his diet? Best w…[View]
12038731whats your whisky of choice?[View]
12049376Did you ever drink so much gin that you wake up in a pool of your own vomit, clean up and then go to…[View]
12054162Kitchen scales Digital or mechanical?[View]
12052251/tbg/ - Taco Bell General: Taco Bell General Post your orders and helpful tips[View]
12054363Gordon Ramsay once followed the traditional recipe of Pad Thai only to put his own spin on the dish.…[View]
12054705I miss the Costco ice cream bar[View]
12054080Hey /ck/ I'm a cooking newfag and I'd like your input. I want to make some kind of simple …[View]
12050849How can we stop this hipster menace, or is there nothing we can do and just wait out the storm with …[View]
12044998I enjoy extremely hot sauces. Suggestions?[View]
12053923Are you a social eater? Me? I prefer my meals alone.[View]
12054544Kim chi and sriracha recipes: Im going to start making my own kim chi and sriracha, do you guys have…[View]
12054071I only have this as a main ingredient to cook, what can I do, also, chicken general i guess[View]
12049174holy shit[View]
12051267And now they've ruined burgers too. Good job, millennials.[View]
12052370goin to kansas to visit my mom. what food should i choke myself with for three days until i can esca…[View]
12054182Bought a bag of lime leafs for next to nothing. How long they still keep taste?[View]
12050781Simple and delicious desserts.[View]
12047587Sup /ck/ how y’all doin. So I’ve been saving all this pickle juice so I can make pickle-brines fried…[View]
12049895Is there anything better than a good sausage with a good mustard?[View]
12050031What would be in your ideal munch box?[View]
12048842/ariz/: Find a more refreshing drink. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
12053593Fill me in on coffeemakers: I've only ever used a crappy coffeemaker I got from the thrift stor…[View]
12054159>muh new york reuben Arbys is unironically better and cheaper[View]
12050541Potstickers. Do you made Potstickers? You should. They are a great asian appetizer you can eat o…[View]
12053781Best Grilled Cheese or Melt?: Show me what you got...[View]
12040123/beer/: Beer general. What are you drinking, brewing, cellaring, or otherwise regretting you don…[View]
12050597Are there any curry flavored snack foods? I don't know of any so I usually just sprinkle curry …[View]
12048561Coffee Brand/Roaster: Lactic Process Anon back at it again with another lactic process, this time ro…[View]
12052349Well /fit/ memed me into getting half a pound of mealworms for protein What recipies should I make w…[View]
12053985Chip Buddy: Hello there, American here of English descent, what you would rudely refer to as a mutt …[View]
12053995confess your sins: if i'm just cooking for myself I dice carrots by biting them into tiny piece…[View]
12053848why is Monkfish so good? >similar but better taste than lobster >similar but better texture th…[View]
12050717best way of cooking a 3 inch thick filet mignon without a sous vide machine?[View]
12051373Did you know 5 guys has a secret menu? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkRkqsOl4AA[View]
12053780how do i make oatmilk that tastes like the one you can buy at the store?[View]
12053243It bothers me how few views this guy gets with his above average videos.[View]
12053712What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?[View]
12053761Bye bye, uk Hope you find the means to eat well again.[View]
12032727Veganism General - /veg/: Do you have an exclusively plant-based diet? This is your First Edition!!!…[View]
12053689What do you season your burger patties with? Making some tonight.[View]
12053423>have been very reserved with the salt shaker for years because I didn't want to eat too muc…[View]
12043687Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor, go.[View]
12053020Help me think of good three course meals using exclusively Chef John videos, here is my current idea…[View]
12051664Is the novelty of a clear pot worth $26? I'm drunk and want it for my elevated shitty ramens[View]
12035398What's the biggest giveaway a restaurant is a cover for money laundering?[View]
12049594Consumers: Shit like mukbang, asmr and social eating are on the rise. Outside of cooking channels, f…[View]
12051747>fig >newtons[View]
12051254Bolivian Bread: Baking Bolivian bread “Marraqueta” About to go into the oven[View]
12053592/ck/'s thoughts on GarfieldEats[View]
12052683What are some kino hot chocolate brands?[View]
12053265Arby's Thread. I've never had Arby's before. Gonna try it tomorrow. What should I get…[View]
12053562Ive been shitting water for 3 days now. But I really want some tacos! Am I about to die?[View]
12053491Yummeh burgah. Love Amercan food.[View]
12050873Hard boiled eggs are fucking disgusting: I almost died eating one. The crunchy-soft mix is absolutel…[View]
12053487Binging with Babish Taste-Tests Regional Burger Styles | The Burger Show: My two favorite culinary y…[View]
12050820Just bought this on a whim for my burgers tomorrow, anyone tried it? I usually use Sweet baby Ray…[View]
12052706Hey, there was an omurice thread up a few days ago that I said I'd post an attempt in and never…[View]
12051620If I had the money this would be my meal every single day.[View]
12049669THE MOTHERFUCKING P'ZONE IS BACK: https://www.forbes.com/sites/aliciakelso/2019/03/18/pizza-hut…[View]
12052165So do you guys actually cook or do you just shitpost about food?[View]
12049787Microwave hot dog for 30 seconds. Place in bun. Ain't got no time for no sauces.[View]
12050146*sigh* another day[View]
12052663Expected a meme, experienced a pizza dream[View]
12050420thoughts on jagermeister thats what im drinking tonight please join me itt[View]
12053004How do you feel about the South Korean fast food brand 'Mom's Touch'? Chicken menu: http://moms…[View]
12053091I miss the fucking costco ice cream bar[View]
12051847lmfao, you fags don't even have this.[View]
12041775What is the worst pizza you've ever had?[View]
12051093>servant at the restaurant asks me if pepsi is okay >I wordlessly get up and depart…[View]
12048176How many McCheeseburgers can you eat in one sitting? I think I could do about 7.[View]
12050694How come people don't walk around with peanut butter any more?[View]
12052562It's that time again. 50% off all pizzas from now until the 24th. I can't imagine paying …[View]
12050890I like how Subway actually displays their chip selection in tiers representative of their quality, f…[View]
12041227This is what 57 cents will get you in India.[View]
12052861Is tthe unfiltered coffee dangerous?[View]
12052873Aight fellas I'm thinking bout competing in masterchef, got any tips?[View]
12051507I just got an egg beater. What desserts out there can I make that involves whipping/beating egg whit…[View]
12052860What are your thoughts on whole grain/wheat products? Healthier or memes?[View]
12050959Spanakopita Blanch some spinach. Chop it up. Saute some onions and garlic in butter. Add mushroom.…[View]
12050596What are some cultural dishes from New Zealand?[View]
12052764is there any virtue to combining all purpose and bread flour together? i'm interested in seeing…[View]
12050640Alright, I got a mint plant, what are some good uses I can get out of it?[View]
12052720>he says he doesn't like rare beef >he says he doesn't like well done beef >he sa…[View]
12050904What is this German dish?[View]
12051925So my gf bought about 2kg of eggplant, what recipes do you recommend me before they start to rot?[View]
12050229Have alot od these what are some good recipes besides chicken salad sandwiches[View]
12052693pick your mains cu/ck/s. also need names and movesets[View]
12051067What the fuck? What kind of freak eat Poutine? [spoiler]I do[/spoiler][View]
12052040PopRocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V67dRnVu6s Be honest, /ck/, could you eat a giant bowl of…[View]
12052481Is pepperoni a type of ham?: https://youtu.be/N733Ofj2cVQ Pic Unrelated[View]
12051911Why does simple syrup have to be heated? As far as I can tell just stirring sugar and cold water tog…[View]
12050733Can we have a thread about the best restaurant commercials in your local area? This used to play all…[View]
12044909I'm perfecting a cocktail, how would you guys make it better? >1 part White Rum >6 parts …[View]
12051189what foods pair well with a gin and tonic or gin and soda? also alcohol+food pairing thread in gener…[View]
12050585Just ate 5 of these on an empty stomach. Am I going to die?[View]
12052171Something doesn't add up here.[View]
12052119>when u burnt the pizza[View]
12052277Sharing good food: I love buying shit, finding out how great it is, and then sharing it. Is that a t…[View]
12052359is this breakfast sausage?: the packaging colors seem like breakfast sausage the patty shape seems l…[View]
12052425Chi Chi's Taco seasoning blend: Ingredients: 1 T. green bell pepper flakes. 2 tsp. dried minced…[View]
12051548My cheese just won a medal! Preach![View]
12051974Is it alright for me to ignore the pairings for certain types of beer, and just eat anything alongsi…[View]
12052060rice is kino: Is rice the greatest food of all time? I honestly never get tired of it. A bowl of ric…[View]
12052236Baby food[View]
12052142everytime I try to make a snack drawer I end up eating it all the day I buy it[View]
12048440wimmin cant cook: >she prob makes this all the time for her man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-…[View]
12048954Nissin or Maruchan?[View]
12051468Having a garbage plate for dinner What is /ck/ having?[View]
12043950Favorite cereal?[View]
12052066Which do you choose?[View]
12051274For me, it’s the McVegan. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McVegan sauce packets an…[View]
12051451Another 3000 calories before the day is even half over.[View]
12050669Why hasn't anyone invented a food with negative calories so by the time you finish eating it yo…[View]
12050606What are some tasty quick and easy recipes for dinner?[View]
12049102Don't tell me you still use spoons: Thoughts about eating with your hands? Its healthy and enha…[View]
12046393Dinner for next three days: Tomato’s and okra and corned beef hash. Lovely and elicit is.[View]
12050882Ha Ha! water sandwich Ha Ha![View]
12049495Dandelions. Did you know?: Every part of a dandelion can be used. The roots, foliage and flowers are…[View]
12050962Why is he such a hypocrite?[View]
12050064Hoagies: I just finished writing a book about hoagies. I don't intend to shill it here, but I p…[View]
12049050Is there anyf good reciorps to recarerat whiwte castlesd famous burges? csmd i copy at themf my self…[View]
12047505I've just brushed my teeth for bed but I'm really hungry. What do? Eat something and brush…[View]
12051523bret michaels is maybe the only thing worse than snapple: but HOLY FUCK guys i can't believe ho…[View]
12051029can i replace chickpea flour for lupine flour when making farinata?[View]
12050201Breakfast is my least favorite meal. But eggs and sriracha is good.[View]
12050357Patrician Pretzel: Based Pretzel Loops only. Thx.[View]
12049327I have a 3quart casserole dish like pic related, and I usually do baked pasta or shepherd's pie…[View]
12051328Who was in the wrong here?[View]
12047419Dinner, /ck/? For me it’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs with a glass of ka-bar brown. Please excu…[View]
12050843Cook the one below: What should I cook tomorrow? and the next person tells you what to cook tomorrow…[View]
12050340What is the best food tie in brand deal for gamers?[View]
12049374Cheese pasta, brown gravy pasta, and white sauce pasta >>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
12050777How do you eat your pizza /ck/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfbVkQHh8s4[View]
12051116You ever be in the middle of eating and all you can think is 'god I can't wait till I shit this…[View]
12051015I have a problem /ck/. Everytime i cook something on my ceramic i need to clean it afterwards. Immed…[View]
12044326Cringe Thread[View]
12049808what is your favorite pizza chain? for me it is Papa Johns[View]
12049624Is there any hotsauce out there that is comparable in falvour but with more heat?[View]
12050926>secret menu[View]
12049268For me? It's Roman Candy for that old world vibe and his cool ass drawn carrage. https://www.yo…[View]
12050508Coke / pepsi advice: As someone whose quite hooked but has received dentists advice , how often is c…[View]
12048311How do you season your peanuts, /ck/?[View]
12050564Hello /ck/ I'm trying to buy a stockpile of dry/canned goods to last through down-periods I wan…[View]
12048828Bread too moist: >75% hydration dough w/ sourdough starter >dough very wet >bake >tastes…[View]
12049266Local Schizophrenic wonders about Instant Pot: Alright. I live at about a mile-high elevation, and I…[View]
12049954Is Quorn just meme food?[View]
12049306Whoo ooo. Someone call the firebrigades. I just had stuffed jalapeños, hot...hot...[View]
12049243I heard you guys like ice cream. This is here, is peak ice cream.[View]
12048564Anyone else really like old mushy cereal? I usually let it sit overnight on the kitchen table (for r…[View]
12047950When's the last time you got to use a bendy straw? I'm thinking of buying a box just for k…[View]
12040578What is the fastest way to make a soup whitout using stock? What are some ingredients that can easil…[View]
12041683No plastic but ridiculously expensive. Ill pass.[View]
12045003Why don't we dine like this anymore?[View]
12042815Meme ingredients: I'll start.[View]
12048916/CustomerServiceMule/ General: > working in a deli > Baby boomer customer walks up to the case…[View]
12050394With 4th of July right around the corner, what are some unconventional things to throw on the grill …[View]
12048725Wholesome poster here just reminding you to drink more water. It's healthy for you![View]
12049609what should i make for breakfast? got eggs bread, variety of spices and cheese[View]
12049009YouGov cuisine preference survey: >Italian at top >””””””Chinese””””””” cuisine second, far up…[View]
12049070Every site I look for info on this is either so badly designed I can't look at it, expects me t…[View]
12049879What does /ck/ think?: I’m number 55, am I going to make it /ck/?[View]
12049709They brought bagels and coffee at work![View]
12049786Does anyone scrape their frying pan after frying frying chicken and eat pic related? Why does it ta…[View]
12047577Petey Greene on how to eat watermelon the best way: Is Petey Greene right about watermelon /ck/? htt…[View]
12036811>alright mr serial killer, time for your final meal. What will it be?[View]
12046698Funny how this one little bean is one of the biggest pleb filters for all candy lovers.[View]
12049567Not sure if this is an urban myth or not. Story goes that if you eat (!) two cigarettes you will die…[View]
12049209Baked Meat Balls: Is it possible to make a meatball containing spaghetti, cheese and sauce in the mi…[View]
12041399Momosan Instant Ramen: Momosan Tokyo Chicken Ramen Package contents[View]
12049544Why is this overrated? It goes bad unless you eat it under 5 hours. You can't even store it as …[View]
12050295What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
12049640Failed holiday dinners thread. >Pic somewhat related[View]
12049860Sup kni/ck/erbo/ck/ers, I'm having a hard time eating any more. I've been doing keto/OMAD …[View]
12049982Have you ever had Skyline? Was it as good as it looks?[View]
12044262I'm a busser from a restaurant and this is a public service announcement to please not leave a …[View]
12047769I travel a pretty ridiculous amount for work, and I want to start bringing my own cooking tools with…[View]
12048996Do eggs taste different from different animals? I'm thinking plain eggs here, none of those 100…[View]
12050195>cooked/grilled to perfection[View]
12044323Recipe for liquor ball sandwiches?[View]
12050200ONLY TASTILICIOUS FOODS: I'll start: THAI.[View]
12049992is restaurant food guaranteed to include to msg?[View]
12050192What is the general consensus about this place? I think the sandwiches are great, but expensive.[View]
12042126ITT: low effort meals that absolutely slap[View]
12044932Admit it, you love me[View]
12044486Hit me up with some American cuisine[View]
12046491Pepsi > Coke[View]
12049023https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkkPqcQ4gdI Conger Sashimi is delicious[View]
12031145ITT: places that don't actually exist[View]
12033801sv3rige absolutely destroys teen girl who has no knowledge of anti-nutrients: https://youtu.be/PtcZZ…[View]
12049637name a more iconic trio[View]
12048509Gday /ck/ I caught and filleted a nice sized spanish mackerel similar to picture. What are some reci…[View]
12049600You know how sometimes supervillains show off how much they know by serving coffee exactly how the h…[View]
12046083Does /ck/ love crumpets?[View]
12044076Lodge introduces new lighter cast iron cookware: >lighter >less steel to hold the heat What…[View]
12049527‘can ‘llow ‘tard: I enjoy a wide variety of mustards, but I’d be lying if I said pic related wasn’t …[View]
12048478YOU C'MERE[View]
12044929Tried Five Guys for the first time yesterday. It's really not that great.[View]
12033382Best way to make coffee coming through.[View]
12046518Can any of you US anons describe what this tastes like? I've never had it before and I can…[View]
12049384How does the chefs know the science behind the fucking foods? Is there any course that they do? >…[View]
12046559Snacks that makes you work: I'll start with pistachio[View]
12049466Breakfast thread, what did you make this morning? I finally had the time to make my favorite cheesy …[View]
12049273someone just gave me lime marmalade what the fuck can I do with it[View]
12049307What type of pizza is this?[View]
12046137Steaming: Let's have a thread for what might just be the most underrated cooking method. Has an…[View]
12049063>jab fork into fried fish >it disintegrates into a million pieces I don't get it…[View]
12048512What ARE pepperonis anyhow?[View]
12045376GUYS Trix has fruity shapes again![View]
12017811fml: o lawdy we gon cook and get dickered in no specific order this thread is for anyone to post a c…[View]
12049341I want to make this recipe today but it seems to be kinda basic: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes…[View]
12047847https://www.strawpoll.me/17629276 Hey dipshits, should Red Lobster be pirate themed? Having the dumb…[View]
12049247What's your experience with top shelf vs low shelf products?[View]
12047811It's XX years in the future and science has developed ingestable enzymes that allow humans to e…[View]
12048046how do I make better eggs?: So I make scrambled eggs with seasoning and sometimes an extremely small…[View]
12046341Yakisoba: Anon made some Yakisoba sauce for mommy. Sending it later and im sure it wont get moldy :3…[View]
12048090god I love fig newtons so much. such a wholesome and satisfying snack I might even try and make some…[View]
12045162Let's tell our sweet genius moments /ck/. >Be me >Parents are out in a business trip for …[View]
12048448What’s your favorite food with contrasting flavors /ck/? Mine is chocolate ice cream with salted pea…[View]
12043656Ever have picnic at the cemetary? I once in a while go there to enjoy a sandwich and a soda. It…[View]
12045611Hello, poorfag here, I bought a shit ton of cauliflower, but I don't know how to cook it, I am …[View]
12046533Cheap Ass Grocery Stores: I'm a poorfag and am looking for what grocery stores to go to for wha…[View]
12048657Stand Mixer: I like to bake bread and cake. Would /anon/ recommend buying a mixer? Pic related…[View]
12048780These are the best boxed cookies ive ever had.[View]
12048802Itt we post food commercials: I HAVE INGESTED GROUND CHICKPEAS AND NO LONGER FEEL OBESE[View]
12042753How do you like your cawfee?[View]
12048806I have a retarded amount of chickpeas. I am planning on making a lot of hummus. What kinds of hummus…[View]
12048676which cut of lamb has the most actual meat? Rack and loin chops are all bone and the legs seems to b…[View]
12038885What's /ck/ sipping on this wonderful friday night?[View]
12048135>accidentally a tBsp instead of a tsp[View]
12048752do i have to refrigerate scrumpy? will it turn into apple cider vinegar?[View]
12048695help: hello i can not cook i am going to live on my own soon i have no money so i need cheap ingredi…[View]
12039948Please rate the pizza I made tonight. I like to make Detroit style pizzas from scratch. It's go…[View]
12048584i have all but replaced ground beef with these. i recommend them. cost me 5$ for 12oz. decent groun…[View]
12046051What is the best blender to get if you dont mind spending a good chunk of change. I hate mixing but …[View]
12046503Are Sunny D memes a thing?[View]
12048047>Classic strange wooden charcuterie board with a candle made of beef fat that melted all over the…[View]
12047882ITT: New food ideas Share your ideas lads Here’s mine: envelope condiments that you sprinkle directl…[View]
12046039>be american >3 L I T E R S old thread >>12041221…[View]
12044228are all ice cream machines hard to clean or is mcdonalds just a bitch[View]
12048439Are Chili's chicken crispers good? Should I get regular or crispy?[View]
12047150Red pill me on this stuff[View]
12048474>an american poster makes a thread pretending to be a european poster complaining about american …[View]
12047149Is there anything worse than Dutch streetfood? Everything is just deepfried Also which European nati…[View]
12047801>he doesn't even make his own cola GTFO off my /ck/[View]
12048404Was this the peak of Kitchen Kino?[View]
12047819>Absolutely fucking delicious on just about anything you can put it on >Loaded with protein an…[View]
12046860What are the types of western Ramen preparations?[View]
12046413Homemade pizza thread[View]
12047131Hey guys what do you top your popcorn with besides butter? I ussaly mix popcorn and butter with a li…[View]
12048271This is the best tasting drink ever made.[View]
12048224Got some Wagyu on the grill for tonight managed to score some ny strips off crowd cow last week![View]
12047525What should I get from my favorite irish restaurant, McDonald's[View]
12045381Happy St. Patrick's Day: BEHOLD[View]
12048214fuck yeah strokin' off.[View]
12046971Where my shrimps?[View]
12046453Redpill me on dented cans /ck/: Saw these bad boys on sale should I get them or pass?[View]
12047436>boiled meat >boiled potato >boiled vegetables did st patrick also chase out all the cooks …[View]
12047156Anyone here just snack on butter? I like to nibble on a stick of butter all day long. Is this a pro…[View]
12042011What's the deal with this stuff? You start cooking it in a pan and it just seems to evaporate, …[View]
12043306Kadboli: How much do Kadboli cost in India? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadboli Can I have some…[View]
12035523Corned Beef: How do you plan on cooking your corned beef this year? I got this 10lb one to cook in t…[View]
12047958why do these only come in the face melting flavor[View]
12048040Howdy yall just havin a grill out rate my bud's burger will ya?[View]
12043639Pancakes are desert: how did they ever fool us that these are supposed to be a breakfast food? cerea…[View]
12047807Freezers for sushi?: I looked for a 'dumb questions' thread but I couldn't find one. I love sus…[View]
12046936What is /ck/'s consensus on Avacado oil? Is it just a zoomer meme, or do you use it? If you do …[View]
12047451I eat two a day, one for lunch and one for dinner. I only spend 40-50 on food a month, so don't…[View]
12047204what simple desserts do you guys like making for when you get the munchies? I like cocoa brownies[View]
12047733Fliplets rejoice. What if I told you that you could flip your fried rice with the lid on?[View]
12045721>buy oysters for probably last time until next Winter >open them up and find these guys >wh…[View]
12042371Is it bad to smoke at a really high temp? Like 350 or 400 F?[View]
12032189Boiling hot dogs is the patricians choice of cooking hot dogs. Don't even deny it.[View]
12039092King Crab vs Snow Crab: This debate has gone on for far too long, so let's settle this here and…[View]
12046577Pepsi fucking sucks! prove me wrong![View]
12042296Got some brats, was gonna grill them but the weather isn't cooperating so I'm open to alte…[View]
12046694Veal time: Hey Anon, dinner is ready, hurry up ![View]
12047375new king of /ck/[View]
12043711what is the purpose of this key pull thing on slurpee machines?[View]
11988786/ck/ Challenge Round 1 (March) Thread 1: If memory serves me right, there was a time when a certain …[View]
12047369For me, it's chicory coffee or malted barley.[View]
12047348>'use one teaspoon of spice' >actually use a cup with a way bigger volume than a teaspoon Am I…[View]
12046926Hey anons. I know the quality of pic related has dropped recently, but even so I still like them. Th…[View]
12046427>realize I have been keeping a vegetarian diet by accident for the last 4 weeks I just haven…[View]
12044697Is there a more unappealing food than noodles/pasta?[View]
12045906My carbonara Is just better than all the ones you've ever had. EGGS, PECORINO, PEPPER AND GUAN…[View]
12045309Pizza challenge: So CiCis is currently doing a pizza challenge where you can win 500$ here are the r…[View]
12046359Tier list: Food edition.: Create your own tier list using this template provided.[View]
12047087What foods should I put in this tiny fridge? It's quite empty, as you can see.[View]
12047093What should I do with this half cut tomato? I also have a fuckton of potatos, but idk what to make. …[View]
12045307Alright /ck/, redpill me on why the McChicken is the best burger you could get at McDonald's?[View]
12041428/Brit/ish cuisine: This is a thread for the discussion of british cuisine[View]
12045270Is this a good red blend for a wine noob? I'm usually a beer guy and I enjoy IPAs, Pilsners, an…[View]
12043695HE'S DONE IT AGAIN BROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj07347rEqo HOW CAN ONE MAN BE SO BASED…[View]
12046205Vitimin OC Thread: Hey anon, Looks like some ingredients are on my counter.[View]
12041945Double Chip Butty. Why don't you guys add cheese on them?[View]
12046749Do Americans really do this?: My friend just told me that Five Guys doesn't even salt their bee…[View]
12046731how did he make gordon ramsay cry? did he tell him he doesn't use enough knorr stockpots in his…[View]
12045450>eat a salad today to lose some weight >Wait a little bit, obviously the effect isn't imm…[View]
12046322you may not like it, but this is what peak lasagna looks like. i make one of these every other day. …[View]
12046551st patricks day: One brined brisket AKA corned beef, I prefer point cut Shit ton of veggies accordin…[View]
12036829Why haven't Chip Buddies taken off in America? I think we'd like them.[View]
12046416Who else here eating a delicious steak today?: Decided to change it up from the standard today. Will…[View]
12045403ITT foods that can go well with literally anything. >pic is related[View]
12046287Hey, Canada. This pizza is fucking horrible.[View]
12044803Reminder that Arthur Guinness and his family were massive pro-British Unionists that didn't wan…[View]
12046013Spaget: Ketchup or raw egg on this bad boy? Spage[View]
12045300>getting your drink on today, anon?[View]
12031851>'can i have a coke'? >'Is Pepsi ok'? >'O-ok...'…[View]
12044335We distress so much food and throw away so much plastic in the first world... Does it get better, or…[View]
12042722Alkaline water: Redpill me on alkaline water[View]
12043036Can I use lactose to make cookies instead of white sugar?[View]
12017107WebM Thread: אלעזר Edition[View]
12044016About to try these bad boys. Review incoming.[View]
12040862Why are minorities immune to overwhelming flavors in their food, when normal people always get explo…[View]
12043592Squeeze pack lovers in the house: Hit me with your homemade squeeze pack recipes. Just bought a refu…[View]
12045394Is there any point in making my own soup when I can buy a can like this for $2?[View]
12044695Are Burgers the best kind of fast food?[View]
12045666Sliderz: Who else is glad the sliders meme is finally over with? I was so tired of seeing every piec…[View]
12045719Chips and dip, is there anything less healthy for you that tastes so good?[View]
12045197Just how ARE these little guys SO dang CRAVEABLE?[View]
12043305How do Japs eat this stuff? It's so bland and plain. Even adding butter and salt doesn't h…[View]
12045807Gotta buy a new microwave. Are convection microwaves worth it? Otherwise what's the best microw…[View]
12042074Hey /cooks/ I decided I want to get really fat, but I want to make sure I get all my nutrition. What…[View]
12043516Sausage McMuffin[View]
12038882american brewery tour: >we still make our beer the way mr. whatever finely crafted it, over a cen…[View]
12045671Post the last meal you cooked Made chicken tikka masala for some friends last night, as well as garl…[View]
12041194A McChicken cost's $1.00, and is 400 calories. it only costs $5.00 to eat for a whole day on mc…[View]
12045602Just poppin up for some slop LOL[View]
12045522I see a lot of pictures of old fast food advertisements or menus, but very few pictures of the food …[View]
12044095Marshmallow dome? For the last few nights I keep having a dream where I am making a marshmallow dome…[View]
12044231What ingredients make the best salad?[View]
12045402>full cream >low fat >skim >chocolate >strawberry Which will it be?…[View]
12045360What are your opinions on 100% halal meat?[View]
12043872Carnivore Diet vs Vegan Diet: THE GREAT DEBATE Vegan Gains debates Frank Tufano (carnivore) https://…[View]
12044444>your eggs are ready anon! whats that? 'too raw for your taste?' holy shit why did I raise such a…[View]
12045166There's been a lot of advancements in GMO foods and fast food in the last decades. Why are you …[View]
12044776What's the longest you've ever spent making a dish, and what did you make? For me its pro…[View]
12040038Mac and cheese thread[View]
12043828What kinds of dishes can I make that come from this country? I am pretty much clueless about their c…[View]
12036827Is there any red wine that goes well with fish?[View]
12042652Got me some leftover 'GO pizza from Giordanos. I'm in heaven gents.[View]
12042730What's your preferred ratio of pasta:sauce? I usually do 1:1[View]
12042703Would you fuck with this breakfast?[View]
12016604Whats your favorite kind of hot dog?[View]
12043745Alright who else is heating one of these bad boys up this weekend. My first time in a couple hours.…[View]
12043780beverages: for me... it is the humble milo's lemonade[View]
12044431Is this a meme perpetrated by big Ottolenghi? All stores seems to carry the same brand, that coincid…[View]
12041228>non stick[View]
12044569How does your household make fried chicken? We marinate it in fish sauce and calamansi a kind of lim…[View]
12041337>trying to be healthier or whatever and /ck/ says kefir is a good thing to eat, balances the gut …[View]
12040252McDonald's Shamrock Shake (2019): It's now flavored with matcha, WTF. Matcha doesn't …[View]
12040664post your local fast food chain you love >open until 4am >freshly prepared gyros >soul food…[View]
12044151>Coffee in Europe >small cup with a strong taste >Coffee in America >huge plastic cup wi…[View]
12043435>a chip butty is pretty good, the difference in texture between the chips and bread is really sat…[View]
12044733This picture here is of the AB (short for abortion or afterbirth) a national dish of the country of …[View]
12040531Wine Ranking: 1. Rosé 2. White (powergap) 3. Red[View]
12043584>2 scoops of ice cream >unsweetened toasted oast cereal (such a cheerios) >milk Ice cream c…[View]
12044107>Wendy’s nuggets in Chick-fil-A Polynesian Sauce What are some other cross overs better than the…[View]
12041221>be american >2 L I T E R S[View]
12043530tried this today for the first time in my life. they were poached and it was fucking AWFUL. why woul…[View]
12043244foods that make you shit your soul out: for me, it's Jack's spicy chicken sandwich[View]
12044398I made this burger to protest the systemic racism inherent in our modern criminal justice system. I …[View]
12042139whats the difference between instant noodles and this[View]
12042732Is this true?[View]
12044390I have a seriously craving for these guys. Haven't had them in decades, I believe they are disc…[View]
12040843Did a small job and the client paid me with a $50 Amazon gift card. I want to buy something fun that…[View]
12044310>kneading after fermenting Does this ruin the bread?[View]
12043249Jimmy John's Cult: A couple days ago I was talking to my sisters boyfriend who I hadn't se…[View]
12042714It's sooo good![View]
12043910I just ate a whole stuffed crust pretzel crust pizza in one sitting.[View]
12037689can't justify eating pork anymore: Anyone else quit eating pigs after finding about how intelli…[View]
12041972Where do you guys keep your bread?[View]
12043134I can't seem to face up to the facts I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax This Col…[View]
12042987Pros and Cons of chewing tobacco?[View]
12044040Why is sparkling water so spicy? I can sometimes handle seltzer, but for mineral I have to wait 5 mi…[View]
12041008Where did it go wrong /ck/? >Melt butter in pan on medium high >Add chopped sausage, pepper, a…[View]
12032335Name a better hotdog[View]
12040082Is ramen actually proven to be linked to an increased risk of heart disease?[View]
12043988DR PEPPER: IT'S THE SWEEEEET ONE! >/kino/ is back on the menu lads…[View]
12042999If /ck/ had a sticky, what should be on there? I'll start. I'd have something like pic re…[View]
12043785The great debate: when does a grilled cheese stop being a grilled cheese? Personally, I believe anyt…[View]
12043880SO yummy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xhQUfDrh4k[View]
12040587Auntie Fee: I miss her. She was a culinary genius far ahead of her time. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
12043842Gelato vs ice cream: What does /ck/ prefer?[View]
12043503Mango: hi guys, dads friend gifted him a lot of mango, what are the best way to use them, sorry for …[View]
12043675Hey, a friend and I are trying to find the actual name of this kind of cookie, so we can make it our…[View]
12039665Is Mike's any good or just a meme?[View]
12043033What can salvage this?[View]
12043699What's for dinner?: Anon what's your favorite thing to slow cook. Discover, Discuss, and D…[View]
12043502I have a couple cans of tuna and salmon. What are some easy things i can make with it?[View]
12043282How's my breakfast look?[View]
12043647You eat your butter with the skin right? Most of the vitamins are in there.[View]
12043655ITT: /ck/ino: Starting with that video Based Bob did with some random Elvis Costello-looking pedo he…[View]
12043277Who here /comfy af/ watching Brother Green Eats?[View]
12042289Let's all cook something >onion with sheep's cheese and almonds…[View]
12043167>whole wheat pasta >whole wheat bread >whole wheat anything why though it all tastes like s…[View]
12039550Hey ck, like what I'm cooking?[View]
12038655Excuse me, god tier frozen pizza coming through.[View]
12042934>saaay >that's a nice meal you've got there >it'd be a shame if someone... …[View]
12039992Rate dinner[View]
12043426Watery dough: >try Ken Forkish 'Flour Water Salt Yeast' whole wheat bread with sourdough starter …[View]
12043032Choose your destiny: flawless victory[View]
12043211Any thoughts on nicotine in energy drinks?[View]
12042880Menu thread: This is the menu at the moment where I work, it's about to change. What would you …[View]
12041875Sumo. The king of orange fruits.[View]
12040858post beans[View]

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