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No. Excerpt
693997Hello /wsr/, I want some 'everything is shit and we're going to hell screaming and crying' stuf…[View]
694062NSFW boards are broken?!?!: Has anyone else had problems trying to comment on any of the NSFW boards…[View]
693464looking for a greentext along the lines of 'this guy knew the cure to autism all along': Hi guys, I…[View]
692973Chinese video Translation request: Hi /wsr/, I'm looking if anyone could translate this chinese…[View]
693627I was at a thrift store and found this in the video section. What is it?[View]
694052Blue stacks for outdated mac?: Hey guys. can anyone help me find an old version of blue stacks that …[View]
694040I want crappy vids.: Is there any other vids similar in quality to this? https://youtu.be/YPBbLCIyBc…[View]
694033Making a Swiss Army Flashdrive: Hey. I'm trying to make a 'Swiss Army Flash Drive' for myself w…[View]
693471What is this hat called? Movie is set around 1920 Japan.[View]
693981Can someone download this video from youtube in max quality 1080p and upload it on Mega/Google Drive…[View]
693825Watch ID: Heya Does anyone know what my boy zack is wearing on his wrist?[View]
694022the berserk version of: >if only you knew how bad things really are[View]
694017request to start a sticky in /o/ to discuss the 2020 corvette[View]
693802Operation Dragon Rouge: What are some documentaries or books I could watch or read to learn more abo…[View]
693995how do I answer these questions? Find the bitrate (in bits per second) for each of the following: a)…[View]
694008anyone have the pic of pepe holding the dead body pepe the clown. saw it posted as a thread post wit…[View]
693956does anybody know where to torrrent warhammer 40k books?[View]
693624Medfag help: Any medfag (or feetfag) in here? I need to know if these toenails are healthy or have b…[View]
693467WEBM Search: I'm looking for a lizard taped to a speaker / subwoofer that plays music[View]
693972Does anyone have the new torrent for Cyborg 009 (2001)?: There's a new blu-ray that came out fo…[View]
693983whats that on his t-shirt? a band? I cant read it and I dont recognize the picture, someone help me …[View]
693740English version of Paul Erdmann Isert's book: I'm trying to learn more about the very obsc…[View]
693992Who was it?: There's a video of someone doing a live show, and gets distracted because he sees …[View]
693760How to sructure a 10-12 page research paper?: Ever since highschool, I've gotten into the habit…[View]
693978Taking a Final!!!: Im taking a final, last question is free response. Help me out- 'Question text Ho…[View]
693853French course torrents?[View]
693982Cromartie high school manga: where do I find the manga in english and high quality (instead of highl…[View]
693980Magic The Gathering Novels PDF: Hey guys, anyone know where I can find a stash of MtG novels? I…[View]
693971does anyone have a mega folder filled with every episode of manben manga? not all the episodes are o…[View]
693958Anyone have that old console wars image where the PS3 had 'underage panty quest: emo teen edition' a…[View]
693965remove wojak face from his finger: thank you[View]
693619I just made a myanimelist account, this is literally everything I've ever watched or read outsi…[View]
693690Unknown Bills: I recently acquired some notes, and I was wondering if anyone could identify them.…[View]
693842Does anyone know what this anime is called?[View]
693951What the FUCK is wrong with me computer: Forgive the mobile formatting for obvious reasons, but this…[View]
693871Does anyone know the source of this picture? Who's the artist? It's so overused and edited…[View]
693930What are some anime released in the past few seasons that would be considered safe for work enough t…[View]
693950Who is this bosomy beauty?[View]
693757Does anyone have that picture of the Russian chicks with the prison/gangster face and neck tats? I…[View]
693928Does somebody have the picture that describes what different parts in a frequency response graph sou…[View]
693909What is the name of this band?[View]
693754Prophetic Dream: I had a dream last night. It was a commercial for a knock off lucky charms. It was …[View]
693887Can someone calculate how long the orange line is from this picture? Basically the length from the s…[View]
693925Looking For Image Of Astronaut Surrounded By Birds: Its this art of a astronaut floating in space su…[View]
693371Similar anime recommendation: I just finished up the last episodes of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and I…[View]
691635Interesting/strange websites: Post some interesting/weird/creepy/strange websites Looking for stuff …[View]
693906could someone remove the Shutterstock watermarks from these pics[View]
693904Looking for anyone okay at art: I would like to request the attached image, but with Jabba and Tarki…[View]
693902Anyone know of any manga (or anime) thats similar to the style of Kill me Baby or clumbsy ueno-san?[View]
6938693DS roms: What's the best place to download 3ds roms that are not decrypted. The 3ds format to …[View]
693897need to find a flash game I used to play: the title says it all, it's a futuristic shooter agai…[View]
693559good place to torrent /co/ shit?: is there any torrent site for /co/ shit like nyaa.si?[View]
693545What is wrong with my code???: Sup /wsr/.I'm doing what should be an extremely easy coding chal…[View]
693773Where to watch Hamilton for free?[View]
693889Anyone knows where to get the full European pilot of Twin Peaks? I know about the ending on Youtube,…[View]
693730For those of you who use twitter and firefox, to revert Twitter back to normal permanently -Type abo…[View]
693686Anime, manga, or LN that deal with conceptual bullshit?: For... reasons, I'm on the lookout for…[View]
693813Does anyone have the version of pic related that has cotton in it? Been looking for it in google ima…[View]
693240Looking for anything similar to serial experiments lain. Anime Manga Movies Games... Same atmosphere[View]
693829Monitor Calibration: is there some kind of website calibration test for a monitor? i just got a new …[View]
693856Can anybody post any cool /x/ themed tattoos or ideas for them? Just looking for some inspiration[View]
693709This is actually important, I need a profile or a name, whatever, a clue to who tf she is, please[View]
693622https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEnYawh6i5A 0:08-0:09 the moment when man in glasses punches another…[View]
693640If one leg were longer than the other, which leg would be more stressed when running?[View]
693738False Images?: Does anyone have this ebook that is willing to share it?[View]
693826Hello lads Is there a helpful Russian around who can translate pic related for me?[View]
693824Phil Swift Meme: Does anyone have the meme of Phil Swift blowing up that boat but it says something …[View]
692951I'm garbage at coming up with names, and I need one for a fictional species: I'll spare th…[View]
693562Looking for a specific appliance: Where do i go if i am looking for something specific i've see…[View]
693768So! I’m getting a viking tattoo in a couple days here I wanna make sure I have my runes right... and…[View]
693584What plant is this?[View]
693510Music Theory/Production Guides: Could anyone recommend a good place for tips on music theory, songwr…[View]
693804Anyone has a Nulled.To auth key he can give me? For research purposes only of course.[View]
693791Polarity for external hard drive?: Hello! I need to power up an external hard drive, a Maxtor Basics…[View]
693458Anyone here a MS Word guru? I have a document I frequently add to. Whenever I Enter then Tab, it wil…[View]
693792Where do you (semi-safely) get pirated software from these days? I didn't need to illegally dow…[View]
693772Can anyone make this phone wallpaper size, proportionately? Or name it? Everything I've found c…[View]
693369Requesting someone to do up a photoshop job on the maw from Metroid Prime 3, please. I'd like t…[View]
693505Avast free renewal: Any Avast users, does the free version renew its licence by itself when expired?…[View]
693121Can you help me to find this artist's new nick?: That's it, I've been looking for it …[View]
693701Looking for a ROM: Hi, all. I'm looking for a ROM of 'Fatal Frame 2/Project Zero 2: Wii Ed…[View]
693750A movie that sounds just funny enough to watch anyway: Memes can be amusing...but this one deserves …[View]
693753Does anyone have the video of the 3 buff National Socialist guys convincing the basement dweller to …[View]
693070Which manga is this from?[View]
693745can someone link me to that video where goofy cucks mickey and then they duke it out?[View]
693744Cheap computer: Need help finding the cheapest computer/laptop that can run iTunes. Only requirement…[View]
692879Does anyone know where I can get an unmodified version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11?[View]
693301hey guis i need help translating a phrase from english to Japanese for a kino shitpost, i respect th…[View]
693357Ay yo can anyone find me the source on this pic?[View]
693698Does anyone have the image of the original skeleton figurine this drawing was based on? Better yet, …[View]
693718'Swipe to unlock' This is what appears after being exactly three minutes in any game without touchin…[View]
693415Oneechan no longer works, ever since I got 4chanx It's enabled and updated (5.8.7). I…[View]
693705Identify this game music: I was on a nostalgia trip and dug up a bunch of midi files on my old PC, a…[View]
693403Where to get Windows 7 iso?[View]
693252Is there a way to unfuck this? Yesterday i had normal tabs and right now i have this fucking bullshi…[View]
693520Requesting source on the character[View]
693664Help a retard out. So maybe 4 or 5 weeks ago I installed Windows 10, and to the best of my knowledge…[View]
693696Reliable FL Studio Crack (Mac)?: This might be due to my own retardation, but I can't find a re…[View]
693530Free Web Hosting: Besides 000webhost and infinityfree, does anyone know any free web hosting service…[View]
693693Good places to buy Kratom online?[View]
693626Looking for this site that uses neural processing to blend/morph/scramble images into a single image…[View]
693683Does anyone know where I can get a layout PDF or image of the ASRock z270 itx/ac? I am rebuilding an…[View]
693054Meme I Saw: Anyone have a link to a short clip of someone playing Minecraft and they look down at th…[View]
693671That one picture: I'm looking for that picture of a black dude holding someone's head righ…[View]
693304Create profile pic: Hiho. A few years ago I had some help with creating my current profile pic. I wa…[View]
693632Thulean Perspective backup anyone?: Does anyone have any backed up files of Thulean Perspective (Var…[View]
693631DNS HIJACKING: Are there any way to get behind dns hijcaking from your IPS?Cloudflare is blocked her…[View]
693638Anyone got a torrent or link to the AB Groupe 'Big Green' DBZ movies? My roommate just lost his job …[View]
693614Spine 2d animation Pro crack: Does anyone know if a cracked version Spine 2D Pro exists? I want to g…[View]
693615Datamoshing: How would I quickly and easily make datamoshed gifs like this? I've seen enough th…[View]
693158Are there any webms of the last ~minute of Senko-san episodes? If yes, please post them.[View]
693565Best Custom Rom for Privacy?: What's the best custom ROM for telling Google data collectors to …[View]
693625learningally acct: I wasn't entirely sure where to go, so I'll just put this shit here. Is…[View]
693621hi, i need everybody with a sexy voice to record themselves saying one of the following ur choice 'l…[View]
693405Songs where robots rap: Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQV98-UPIWk The end of https://www…[View]
693269who is this?[View]
693335Corel 2019 crack: Can anyone point me in the right direction? I know it exists as a fat dude cracked…[View]
693138Images needed: Post photos of your optical discs (LD/CD/DVD/BD), please.[View]
693509Can someone turn this into 1920x1080?[View]
693595I'm desperate to find a specific anime: guys I need help finding an anime I watched a long time…[View]
693221What manga or doujin is this panel from?[View]
693527Encrypting several times a file with winrar: Hi, /wsr/. If I encrypt a folder several times, or alte…[View]
693518YouTube playlist to mp3 files at once: Ayo! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcj60oUM_G-lrh9H0…[View]
693507Hello lads, could you please suggest me some funny love comedy manga without much drama? Doesn'…[View]
693367I recently just found out about this, and I'd very much like to watch the series, just based on…[View]
693500anyone got this song with no vocals? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8eANBRfOt4[View]
693524who is this woman and why is her picture circulating on the internet?[View]
692660Please photoshop a Mayhem - Deathcrush shirt on Asuka (example posted below).[View]
693552Anyone know what discord server this is from?[View]
693549Looking for a futuristic video: I'm looking for a youtube video about potential human future. O…[View]
693253I'm requesting pics of cute anime girls with big (or weird) eyebrows.[View]
693525How do all the super-users make webm files for this site? My process is insanely slow and my webms d…[View]
693326Requesting you to help me understand this.: I think I may be way too autistic to understand this on …[View]
693508Does anyone have Adobe tool icons in vector or PNG? I want to make shortcut images for a stream deck[View]
693502Name that anime!: Have a request here to help me find an anime I watched back in the olden days. Any…[View]
693469Can remove the poop?: i think that would be great as mobile wallpaper without the poop, can anyone r…[View]
693375What are you watching this season?[View]
693488really need help: im doing a simple program for this python class im taking and I've been stuck…[View]
693459Annoyed that /g/ more or less is going to redirect me here. But anyways, I guess I'll give thin…[View]
693477>Set volume on computer >Go to play vidya/video >Audio is significantly louder than what I …[View]
693468Need a GoT WEBM made: Goes like this >Season 8 Episode 4 >Scene where Tyrion, Brienne, Jaime e…[View]
693030Give me your most heartbreaking, gut wrenching media. Films, art, music, anecdotes, short stories, a…[View]
691717Youtube channel reccomendation thread: Recommend me some you tube channels please Heres some I watch…[View]
693397Can someone tell me what the song is in this dunky video starting at 4:25 when he shows off a bit of…[View]
693290Download link request: Requesting for a download link for Ghost in the Shell : Global Neural Network…[View]
692945Entertainment for LSD Trips: Hey Anons, My roommate and I are going to be taking some LSD this weeke…[View]
693398name of the cartoon: https://youtu.be/i5ChhSwOLXk[View]
692834can somebody photoshop my boy gregbus to be hot[View]
693396image edit: can anyone edit this photo to simply make it look nicer/cleaner. you can take it whichev…[View]
693271Where can I learn video encoding like they do in private trackers?[View]
693350Hello Does anyone have that image that explains why women's rights and giving women the vote wa…[View]
693327Question for anyone that uses Gimp: I've been experimenting with drawing veins lately, how do I…[View]
693151Can someone help me find the rest of this image?[View]
693368Trying to find an old Nintendo DS game I played when I was a kid, haven't been able to re-find …[View]
693083Coild someone share the Minecraft XP pickup sound files? Thanks[View]
693352What are these type of charts called?[View]
693131Desk fridge: Hey anons, can I get some recommendations for a desk fridge? Need a way to keep my lunc…[View]
693165what's a good website blocker for firefox?[View]
693340Can anybody help me remember this YouTube channel where this dude talks about paranormal stuff and h…[View]
693191Does anyone have that gif of the guy who is standing in the middle of the road at night with a car c…[View]
692974what's the best, free 2D animation software?[View]
693305Anybody know of a good website for custom printing t shirts? I live in Europe by the way.[View]
693003Whats the best site to list single Yugioh cards for sale? eBay seems really stale for this sort of t…[View]
693323Whats this from?[View]
693322What does this say?[View]
693107Google issues: Hi there, so my PC is currently undergoing an issue in which I'm unable to sign …[View]
693318can someone add arms and a bass guitar to the wojak?[View]
693311Please rec me some silent films about the occult.[View]
693283Can you help me find the full res pic?: I can't seem to find it, but it's from this dude…[View]
693308Am trying to make a jp apple id so I could a specific app but am troubles. Can anyone help?[View]
680845cat pics: please post your cat pics[View]
693263Can someone make an Axxon version of this? Will post his model below.[View]
693216Identify manga: Does anybody know the source of this manga?[View]
693266Can't remember the name of an anime: It was a short anime, like 3 or 4 episodes. Can't rem…[View]
693051Finding archived video of stonetoss: There is a podcast where the host essentially Dave Rubined the …[View]
693249RT docs: Please friends, I just want to stream/torrent the Tatooist documentary by Roosterteeth. Im …[View]
692695This are two images maked with a tool for creating your own anime chara, idk if it's a online p…[View]
693031Looking for the name of this manga. Any clues at all would be appreciated.[View]
693247What kind of hat is yukino wearing?[View]
693140requesting the name of the font used in menhera-chan images[View]
692762Who's the guy that looks like this but with dark hair and big eyebrows. Think he plays a dad in…[View]
693241Hello! Just started my dropshipping store via shopify and FB Ads. In fact I'm shitting myself …[View]
693174Can someone take all of the text off of this image for me? Thanks in advanced[View]
693200Can anyone recommend me some good single-player video games?[View]
693235does anyone remember the youtube link or of the video? i cant find it. i saw it again somewhere on f…[View]
693230Can a kind anon get me a link to a download for Char's Counterattack? Preferably a Google doc M…[View]
693171name of the music?[View]
693091looking for a new steam game. A simple shooter with no bullshit to sit through. I just want to turn …[View]
693202This girl: Anyone know who is this girl? Name should be ok, but any type of gallery of photos of her…[View]
693039Does korean 'anime' exist? If it does, I need some recommendations[View]
693223Can you help?: Im trying to find an old video. It was a flash animation of a school counselor and so…[View]
693217What jacket is he wearing?[View]
693172Images loading slowly: When opening images on 4chan, it loads extremely slowly, it seems like it…[View]
6925353900x or 9900k?: I've been wanting to build the ultimate PC that will handle any kind of multit…[View]
693102Anime with multiple directors: Can I get some recommendations for anime that have a different direct…[View]
693194Moomins on the Riviera Magnet Link?: Looking for a working torrent of Moomins on the Riviera (2014),…[View]
693077Does anyone know what Bondrewd is originally saying in Japanese in this panel?[View]
693176Puff paint Brand: Does anyone know what puff paint brand is being used in this picture?[View]
693050reaction image: does anyone have the ''consider the following'' reaction image w…[View]
693188I want to have 2 squares meter Billy Herrington But well... google dont spit out anything of desired…[View]
693185Is using the website Soulseek legal? I tried looking up if it was legal multiple times but couldn…[View]
693179Can someone photoshop (gif shop?) this to also have pepes instead of bullets in his hand?[View]
692732Hello! I'm starting a BIZ soon and I have no idea how to use photoshop I need a nice big DPI lo…[View]
693126Images with this aesthetic[View]
693119Where can I buy helium without oxygen in it? Asking for a friend.[View]
693154Does anyone know what this anime is?[View]
693029Make Red Fire: Hi anons, I'm looking for a way to make red or pink fire with chemicals. I want …[View]
692919Monitor drops from 144hz to 100hz in fullscreen anything: My monitor keeps dropping to 100hz when an…[View]
693130Roberto Ferri: Noli Foras Ire: Does anyone by any chance have a pdf or link to the following artbook…[View]
692373Stepping on the blade: >Some martial arts have techniques involving stepping on an opponent'…[View]
692768What is the name of the song? It's a demo song of an old casio synthesizer. It sounds like this…[View]
693093What's the 2017 anime after Kobayashi-san?[View]
693066Broken Japanese sentences and words: What are the Japanese words Shampoo says when she asks 'What ar…[View]
693115I have a super bizarre one, I’m looking for a balkan (, as far as I know,) pop song during a war in …[View]
693092Can someone tell me what this is from ?[View]
693038Reasons to live: please[View]
693108Need more anime of 'Cromartie High School' webms: Does anyone have best moments of this in webm form…[View]
693059In the same line as dobertoad here... I've been looking for this picture of a pug and an alsati…[View]
692775I'm looking for reason to live.: Any ideas? Even no power to take care of my pets :c[View]
693074Boys, the down key on my keyboard is dead. Is there a way I can assign the number 2(down) from the r…[View]
693086Windows 10: Alright so I restarted my laptop the other day and now it’s got shit connection, it’s co…[View]
692995Get into tablet without losing data: My mom forgot the pin for her galaxy tab 3, she wants to get ba…[View]
693076Anyone have that clip of a pitbull baring its teeth? It's light colored and has particularly be…[View]
693071Sad anime girls smoking thread, i have been looking for an specific image, but i haven't found …[View]
692831Fix my cassette template: I'm trying to make a cover for a cassette tape i have and while using…[View]
692510I'm looking for specific a MTV ident. It's a live action clip that shows lots of demolishi…[View]
692665Can someone fix this shop and make it look nice?[View]
692241Help me out /wsr/. I heard there's an another world manga where two people were summoned in th…[View]
693045looking for a comic sort of style thing with a picture of this dog with a cat thats being very depre…[View]
693040Hey, Im looking for a wyatt man? cartoon where nigger is behind the window and white man is lookin o…[View]
693033Can anyone unlock a link in raidforum: https://raidforums.com/Thread-Bulgarian-National-Revenue-Agen…[View]
693028Reuploading Arma 3 ws mod before it get's dmca'd: I would like someone to reupload this to…[View]
693020Any ideas how to fix a phone's USB/charging port? I tried cleaning it already. My next idea is …[View]
693025anyone know where I can find an archive of high res art by Patrick Nagel?[View]
692992anyone got that one gif from darling in the franxxx where the girl is shitting herself in her suit?[View]
692289Looking for an ePub or pdf of Western Wind: Fifth Edition. Thanks.[View]
692095I'm an Anglophobic American looking for conflicts where the US opposed Britain, and for America…[View]
692888My Sd card works, but it doesn’t: I have an Sd card that absolutely 100% works, but is says it’s wri…[View]
693014Anybody got Hinto's discography???[View]
692941>at a party >some random mumble rap garbage comes on the speakers >all the normie's fa…[View]
692234why has there never been a magical girl show from the girl's parent's perspective?: https:…[View]
692479Hi wsr! Can anyone recommend me some anime with the following specifications: >Must be 'comp…[View]
692391I've posted on /a/ and they told me to post here: I've just finished Kill la kill and I fe…[View]
692872Source? My friend really wants to know the artist and I tried searching myself but to no luck.[View]
692716does nofap includes no masturbation or only no orgasm?: how are the rules here?[View]
692963Does anyone have a copy of Kanye's Sunday Service @ Coachella? KanyeToThe had a copy of it (htt…[View]
692517Does anyone know who this guy is, or where I can find more info on him? I have been searching for ye…[View]
692718what's /g/'s opinion on CLion?[View]
692925Cowboy Bebop music???: Anyone has a link where I can download the Cowboy Bebop: Tsuitou No Yakyoku O…[View]
692650I want to save up as many akko related reaction images as possible, please help![View]
692971i saw this anime many years ago and I cant remember the name of it. there was some girl on an island…[View]
692012Hi, /wsr/. I'd like to know who is the artist.[View]
692968is their any software or website out there that can let me look up deleted social media accounts?: I…[View]
692954Hey, looking for the animated image/webm of some street food thing being prepared and the person jus…[View]
692959Does anyone know the name of this manga? I cant read nip and fucking google is being retarded. HELP …[View]
692186What sunglasses are these? I though Wayfarer's, but apparently not?[View]
692905Machineheart - In Your Dreams: Hey, so I've been trying to find high quality (320kbps mp3, wav,…[View]
692947Requesting as much Halo content I can download e.g: icons, wallpapers etc. I have 100TB available on…[View]
692886/a/ Mod is a moron and says scenery porn threads belong here and on /r/ according to the ban message…[View]
692927Need ideas for mystically significant numbers: I'm helping my friend design a fantasy setting, …[View]
692943/sp/ Chelsea fan picture: I'm looking for a pic I used to see a lot on /sp/, it looks like take…[View]
692756Looking for the name of a movie: I only remember this scene at the beggining where a couple (25-35 y…[View]
692926Summarize 4chan: Does anybody have that pic of the black girl talking to the guy wearing the swastik…[View]
692885Looking for a Syfy movie I saw over a decade ago: It was a zombie movie in a bunker, and there was a…[View]
692004Tips for coming up with unique superpowers?: In recent years, I've become a bit obsessed with c…[View]
692121occult anime: Please, someone recommend an anime that has a creepy atmosphere and deals with curses …[View]

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