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617999What movie is this?[View]
617969anyone knows where this is from? Looks like an animation from a video game character but google can…[View]
618324Are there more images to this? Also is there a database of cosplay at conventions and not profession…[View]
617806Does anyone with a Funimation subscription know where all the good shit is? I've browsed their …[View]
618311I can't find the movie I'm thinking of and it's been killing me. It's a cartoon,…[View]
617975Anyone know where to find good rom for pic related?[View]
618343someone know some virtual place that be chaep and fair?: isnt importan if the piece are used o news…[View]
618371is there a place where I can find picture references of the board tans? pic unrelated[View]
618154Since megaupload was taken down, what is the best file sharing website to use as an alternative? I w…[View]
618367Old image scraper: There was this image scraper that did 4chan and other places, presented them all …[View]
618342Who is this man?: Is this an album cover? Who is this guy?[View]
617864Photoshop Requests: I will take photoshop orders, whatever is within my reach I will do it, remove p…[View]
618257Source on image?[View]
618266For the past two days whenever I download something from mega it won’t downlod for me properly and d…[View]
617857whos the girl from the wikibuy ads?[View]
618250I’m looking for something cute, comfy, and not yuri. Something like GJ-bu or Flying Witch.[View]
618138Realistically, would the hairstyle that Link has look good on a real person? I'm growing my hai…[View]
618258hehhehehhelp: Does a website similar to this https://imagetile.fun exist for this site or imageboard…[View]
618314English language: Foreign fag here. A friend told me that Old English used diaereses because Anglos …[View]
617893Hey, guys looking for a light novel that I saw a while back. Its recent from what I can tell and has…[View]
618224Kind of a weird request, but I want some of the most retarded, hysterical, disturbing, or otherwise …[View]
618135Hey I'm looking for a reaction gif. It's two dudes trying to look as disappointed/disappro…[View]
618303Anyone know where the video used at the beginning of this video is from? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
618008does anyone remember of that girl who was basically braindead and did a ton of youtube video replies…[View]
618282AMD Phenom II x3 b75: I need drivers for this as I can't set maximum resolution since I got a c…[View]
618251What vn is this?[View]
617692I'd like to know where I can find more music besides watching the needledrop and browsing shitt…[View]
618253So my PC is broken and i cant find any mobile app to do this, can someone please make his hair black…[View]
617907Post images like this. Doesn't have to be the same girl, just someone smiling and a zoom shows …[View]
617965Does anyone have zips for the OSTs for Half Life and Half Life 2 in mp3s (>inb4 you can get them …[View]
618229Podcasting: Hey. I'm Australian and a friend in the US has asked me to help him with a website …[View]
618267Good romance manga with shota MC?[View]
617954Anyone has that reaction image of a worried fat black dude with big eyes sit on a table? It's s…[View]
618248Help me to find a digital version of this flag: Hello, anyone would help me to find a template on hi…[View]
618247does anyone have the original video of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eABcq4nA6AI[View]
617803Hi /wsr/ could anyone please erase the glass frames and lower the lighting so the skin tone is more …[View]
618245Ralph E. Hanson (2019). Mass Communication: Living in a Media World (7th edition): I need a pdf for …[View]
618161What is a specific decent site i can download this font from[View]
618243I'm looking for a picture: it's a younger guy and a older office lady sitting close togeth…[View]
618242who is this girl? or is it just some random jap[View]
617870Looking for a movie: Hi, /wsr/ I'm looking for an old movie. My guess is an 80's movie. It…[View]
618150Suggest Me A Story Porn Game: Suggest me a good porn story game dont suggest me games where you had …[View]
617406comfy things to do while listening to music? Normally I read but it's hard to focus on both at …[View]
618234Paypal: Upgraded to business, how to lift limit?: Hi, I have opened a business account with my paypa…[View]
618233Can someone help me disable the 'tapping' feature on my touchpad? Afaik there should be an option fo…[View]
618226Looking for that picture of that slavic looking kid squatting under those concrete steps. thanks![View]
617638Book: Could anybody lend me a digital copy of 'The four major plays of Chikamatsu'? Specifically int…[View]
618180Old Song: There was this song I heard, I think it was from the 70s and I can’t seem to find it. The …[View]
618200Sorry for the wall of text&bad english and thank and thanks you in advance I have windows 7, ev…[View]
618181Need a template for that[View]
618166I'm looking for a video, its on youtube. Its a 3D video, it consists of monsters that look lik…[View]
618174I want to see what Griffith would look like with a mustache: Edit this photo. No crap photoshops, dr…[View]
618173Where to get Katie's debut Log (AXIS Entertainment)? >pic unrelated…[View]
617739what's this remix version?: I can't find this remix song for hit or miss plz help thank ht…[View]
618002japanese album: anyone know where I can find this? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VTCL-35031 Artis…[View]
617709What's this genre of music called and do you have any recs for artists doing this genre? https:…[View]
618132Yo, does anyone have a link for this book? Thanks[View]
617741Where do I go to find tasteful lewds? No lolis, no vaginas, no exposed nipples (but nipple bumps th…[View]
618144Anyone know what this gif is from?[View]
618101Trying to find the name of a project: I'm trying to remember the name of a game project, back i…[View]
617776Could someone get me a source on this gif?[View]
618075Anybody know where I can find a chair like this?[View]
617614Help in general: Requesting any kind of help for mental health or depression. Am/was a fattie, i ha…[View]
617932I've been looking for an old meme but I can't remember the name. It was this meme I think …[View]
618123Nekomiya Hinata video: Does anyone know where the tune is from that plays at the 1 minute 38 mark of…[View]
618118I'm being urged by the boomers to do something special for my birthday this year (spent the las…[View]
617994Similar artists to Madoka Kinoshita?: Hey /wsr/, I was directed here from /ic/ Anyone know any simil…[View]
617900Something odd happened to me today. I was working, and a man approached me, showed me his badge, and…[View]
617917looking for depressed anime girl reaction images: it's pretty straightfoward somehow I actually…[View]
618109Any idea where this image is from?[View]
618088Can someone identify this herb?[View]
617943Is it possible to view internet passwords entered, but never saved on a pc? Auto save in browser is …[View]
617234can someone make a copypasta to troll r/tulpas[View]
618092I've been trying to find an image on and off for the past year. I'm finally caving in and …[View]
617675Help me create a sob story: I know japanese and will start scanlating soon, but I want a made up sob…[View]
618080Would someone please teach me how to do that effect on Joker on the right side of the image in photo…[View]
616449ITT we post old 4chan(2012 max) screenshots plz[View]
617393Myst in 2019: I never played Myst and I thought I'd give it a go. Which version should I get?…[View]
617318What exactly is the difference between Computer Engineer and Computer Science degree? If I am social…[View]
618062Anyone have wallpapers or larger-sized images with a similar vibe/style to this?[View]
617819Math homework help: I just can't believe it... I took a BASIC math problem and I tried to solve…[View]
618066my laptop keyboard wont work, ive tried charging it but it doesnt charge, ive tried rebooting the la…[View]
617676I need a stitch of this scene with Trish.[View]
618021Adventure/Coming of age book with a good protagonist: Too tired of generic protagonists and sociopat…[View]
617713Issues with fake account creation: Trying to create an alt to doxx some furrys on discord but the bi…[View]
617701I know there is a consensus that you should watch the monogatari series in the release order but whe…[View]
618051.webm edit: Please crop out the first frame or two, and the last half a second or so, so it's j…[View]
617780Vidya recs: What are some good older games? I've never played much vidya in my life and I'…[View]
618017Nexusmods: I've got a problem with nexusmods and I think i'm retarded I used to be able to…[View]
618034Anything like Dungon Meshi?: I was recommended it after reading One Punchman, and I'm way into …[View]
617607What's a good art tablet?: I've been dabbling in drawfagging recently, what's a good …[View]
618024piratebay seems to be down, where can i watch/download/stream Stand Alone Complex in japanese with e…[View]
618015Hi-res of God: I'm looking for Hi-res image of this ... need help[View]
617627pls remove the orange tip and add a suppresor and a trijicon acog sight, and make it look more post …[View]
618010I heard a melancholic sounding synth song today in public. The best way I can describe it is startin…[View]
618007Anybody have this with audio? Or a link to just this bit on youtube?[View]
618004Camp 4-chan: I remember some ancient pics where a bunch of russian anons went into the woods togethe…[View]
618000What's the best translation extension for chrome?[View]
617993higher quality of this rei?: hey yall, looking for a higher quality of this rei. thank you.[View]
617997Anyone mind giving suggestions on my PC build? Never built one so any feedback is greatly appreciate…[View]
617996Fortran 90: F90 newfag here I'm trying to print the prime numbers between two input values (ent…[View]
617992Hi. So I've been struggling with this for quite a while. And I dont know what to do. I belive t…[View]
617987Looking for the source of this comic. I heard the author did a series where Palutena steals the brea…[View]
617986i feel like an idiot. What are those little black bendable wires coated in like plastic called? They…[View]
617974hi, Im currently learning how to make games myself, and I like demakes a lot, so I thought I might s…[View]
617928Where can I buy this dog plush?: Does anyone know where I can get this dog plush? I want to get it f…[View]
617960I have about 7k+ url download links in a single page. How do I go about mass downloading them? Jdown…[View]
617681Find the song in the video: Anybody knows the song that starts at the very end (11:00) in this video…[View]
617956Does anyone know who this is?: Or what's the original source of this image.[View]
617953More like this[View]
617862Can someone edit the flowers out? I need it for a powerpoint[View]
617948Ecchi Manga: I need some recs for ecchi and borderline-H manga like Monster Musume, Ane Naru Mono, o…[View]
617946Requesting ebooks of these manga bible: Manga Mutiny Manga Melech Manga Metamorphosis Manga Messenge…[View]
617913Hey, /wsr/. I'm trying to get a tattoo of this dead crow and I'm having a bit of trouble o…[View]
617883Learning a language: I’m considering trying to learn a language, and I wanted to find audio-only lea…[View]
617398How to get videos to play at 60fps on mpv: Hi everyone. I just found out SVP is now only free for Li…[View]
617929How to rip book from GoogleBooks? I'm trying to get this book here as epub/pdf Sorry for the lo…[View]
617888Physics Help: I'm just getting into lorentz transformations, and i'm totally stumped on ti…[View]
617922urBeats 3 to AirPods: So this thing looks harmless, but it can leak your brain fluid and ruin your b…[View]
617919Need help getting a photo off of a fucked iPhone:: So my iPhone 5's screen just bit it today, 1…[View]
617723Looking for good isekai/reincarnation manga recommendations.[View]
617904You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards.: I'm looking for a video that has…[View]
617896Does anyone know where i can find a stream of this movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHG8WON_M…[View]
617890Vegas Template Help: Could anyone make a template similar to this compatible with Vegas 14? I don…[View]
617582Maplestory 2: Not 100% sure this would go here but does anyone have any information on what bots peo…[View]
617518iOS 4chan apps: There are no 4chan apps in the App Store. I am using fortune, installed via panda he…[View]
617879Can someone make this into a webm? https://youtu.be/SRe1dsXs6_s[View]
617877Hey /wsr/, I’m looking for the Conquering Sword of Conan story The Black Stranger in audiobook forma…[View]
617873How do I make NPCs and such do what I want them to as seen in the attached video? How do I make thei…[View]
617871Cannot find this anime cap i saw thousands of years ago on tumblr. Was a guy telling a girl with pur…[View]
617868Listen to this shitty song, and criticize it: https://soundcloud.com/user-969622282/the-end…[View]
617863VRChat not recognizing my trust rank: Alright so this is a VRChat related thing but Im fine with tha…[View]
617840Please make the clip at around 6 1/2 - 9 /12 seconds into a .gif Basically the zoomed out shot of th…[View]
617310Problem.: Hey guys. I have one for ya. I have this mini PC (pic related) with the usb ports unrespon…[View]
617006does anyone have the background photo, as in with no writing? if not is anyone able to photoshop out…[View]
617844Art source or similar: Anyone know who the artist is or where to get more similar art? Is this Turki…[View]
617851Trying to find an old rock song, unfortunately I can't remember tiny snippets of the lyrics: 'W…[View]
617848I've been trying to find a pdf or torrent of the textbook for my CAD course but it's provi…[View]
617847I want to download the bd release of Aikatsu through XDCC, particularly this https://coalgirls.wakku…[View]
617331Can anyone find the full image?[View]
617430DBZ shirt: Does anyone know where I can buy this dbz shirt? I've been looking all over for it h…[View]
617382Anyone got a bigger picture of this?: Maybe a better resolution?[View]
617829Could someone find the artist of this image? I've been searching for 30 minutes and couldn…[View]
617831Im trying to find this baseball hat and its team.: I found got this hat in 2011 at this event game t…[View]
616888What are some books/movies/shows/whatever that are similiar to The Count of Monte Cristo? It doesn…[View]
617549Blue light in screens: Hello we are working on a project at collage where we are trying to fix the i…[View]
617801Help finding original photo: I want to use it as a background and it's really hard for me to fi…[View]
617691can someone make the green in the goggles red? please and thanks[View]
617816Does anyone have links for zeta gundam blu ray rips?[View]
617017Does someone have the source for this? Assuming it's a trap manga[View]
617375Can anyone help me solve this? I somehow have the second two coordinates right but the first one wro…[View]
617315Phopotshop enhancement: Can someone enhance this picture? i would like a rescale to 1080x1920 at lea…[View]
617418Solo BluRay Download: Does anyone have a 4k-quality file of Solo: A Star Wars Story?[View]
617798Where can I watch the TV show Baggage online? I can't find anything except the same few episode…[View]
617797I have a sfw photo I am trying to edit on my phone with no luck. If anyone could help me please I…[View]
617735Multidimensional Chess: Boys, who is the girl in this picture? Here's the context: The old man …[View]
617729anime got a torrent to this?[View]
617773i tried everything but found nothing, even trying looking up hamburger+nail polish+spiked choker on …[View]
617767this video starts out as weebshit but transitions into funny edited frames of a gay pornstar while a…[View]
616957I just took a shit and it’s pink. Should I be concerned?[View]
617755im looking for a way to watch or download a hatsune miku concert, specifically the 2010 one in japan…[View]
616919Trance/Techno music reccomendation: Yall have something that sounds like this guy? https://www.newgr…[View]
617730I want to read Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua, but I don't know anything about downloading visual n…[View]
617762i'm trying to find this specific image that got posted on here a lot back in the day and i thin…[View]
617389How can I get my hands on Kishin Hishou Demonbane for translating purposes?: I've been going a …[View]
617746New Tesla employee here. Does anyone work in the Reno, NV location (Sparks)? I was wondering if you …[View]
617665Songs like this: I am currently in love with this song and I was hoping for more. Anyone know songs …[View]
617161Anyone got this with Sound?[View]
617719Korean War Music: Does anyone have any Korean War music, or could link me to some? Any side is welco…[View]
617612Bleach Anime: Does anyone have the old bleach anime from 2002? I'm feeling nostalgic and want t…[View]
617654Does anyone have a link to watch Non Non Biyori in HD? I didn't find any site to watch all the …[View]
617449Can anyone tell me what character this is?[View]
617472I'd like to request a source to download manga on android. Preferrably free, I want to read the…[View]
617525crop request: crop this https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/3/35/Sylas_Render…[View]
617651Crop request: I would like to know if there is anyway to crop a pdf and to make it more straight. Fo…[View]
617326Looking for image which is being posted in various boards occasionally. It's a japanese schoolg…[View]
617565i get that x > +-sqrt(-3). since +-sqrt(-3) is not real number, what does that mean? what is the …[View]
617606Can someone photoshop this to change the '6' to a '9'? So that it says '2019' obviously. AND KEEP TH…[View]
617405I got redirected in here. I need Stocking images, please?[View]
617347Kali-- USB?: Is Kali on a USB viable? OSs like Tails should work on USB finely because it isn't…[View]
617585please help[View]
617617cipher: can someone help me solve this cypher? it's part of a scavenger hunt to win a small pri…[View]
617613Can someone help me identify this cable?[View]
617609Does anyone have a torrent for FL studio? FL 20 prefered but, I'd be good with 12.5 with a lot …[View]
617598Looking for a download for this doujin album named 'Fairy Notes ~once upon a time~' which is seeming…[View]
617364Hope this is not considered begging, I think is just a nice favor. Would anyone be nice enough to le…[View]
617593wallpaper: I'm looking for a drawing of a guy standing in the middle of a galaxy. He is only ou…[View]
617584Phone not charging: If my phone (pic related) fell to the floor by accident and now it stays at 0% a…[View]
617591Need help finding a song: Need help finding a background song from a dräger hazmat suit vid https://…[View]
617572Who is this character?: I've been looking for the source but google, iqdb and saucenao revealed…[View]
617574Can someone make a logo for a rap group called 'endug'[View]
617055Basic Image Modification: Could someone please edit this to say 750 KG[View]
617435Does anyone know a free VPN that I can access Netflix with? No free trial or credit card bullshit, I…[View]
615810Laptop CPU upgrade: Is the left CPU compatible with my laptop? I currently own the one on the right…[View]
617469Does anybody have recommendations on good resources for learning more about music theory, mixing, or…[View]
617080Music request: Requesting music which give off an uplifting happy feeling like this one: https://m.y…[View]
617552Image Editing: Please make an image by putting together images of the following characters. You can …[View]
617477Sauce?: What's this from? I can't find it anywhere.[View]
617105How can I write nigger on a youtube comment without the comment being automatically deleted/ shadow …[View]
617394Would anyone mind making her hair red instead of white/blue?[View]
617473anime pics with transparent backgrounds for Steam, Xbox, alot of things it can be male or female... …[View]
617535Requesting a better resolution of this, because I can't see some of the titles.[View]
617429Stolen laptop :(: A friend of mine got her laptop stolen, is there any way that i can locate her lap…[View]
617432Sauce of this?[View]
617514Indian Movies: Links for movies The accidental prime minister Uri: The surgical strike Thakrey…[View]
617522Anybody?: does know from wich artist is this? id tried image search engine and doest find any clue…[View]
617523you guys got a webm of this?[View]
617365Rare redpilleds Books for download, where?: I need whole collection of : Steven W. Mosher Varlam Sha…[View]
617507I once read an old pasta about somebody who finds a really ugly demon statue out in the woods. He sa…[View]
617271I need reaction images, hundreds of them! Please dump and link all the reaction images you have![View]
617193American indians discuss immigration: Hello, I am looking for a political cartoon I perhaps saw on /…[View]
617417song request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86mrcooopJQ this song but without the live crowd…[View]
617466Made a little pocket money, would like to upgrade my computer a bit. Mostly for games with some digi…[View]
617117Looking for anime to watch that has more than 1 season or has more than 12/13 episodes,your favorite…[View]
617484Transformers Picture: Does anyone have a higher resolution of this image?[View]
617468Hey all does anybody have the 'If only you knew how bad things really are' meme with the Vietnamese …[View]
617465PCSX2 Settings: Hey /wsr/, I don't have a lot of experience with emulators, so I was wondering …[View]
617450Who is she?[View]
617446Any idea what this is from?[View]
617089I'm looking for some romance focused manga recommendations, but only for good, completely trans…[View]
617023Give me images involving cartoon characters that you want to see voiced. Things like pic related.[View]
616861Normal people fighting super powered people: Ever since I saw and read Elfen Lied as a teen I always…[View]
617442Who is the original producer/rapper for this song: https://youtu.be/tkDCsViltQE Everytime I shazam i…[View]
617441Anyone have any pictures of miniatures with cannabis as trees being cut? There was a pic of miniatur…[View]
617427where is this picture from?[View]
617436chromecasting app pls: Can anon pls suggest me some ios apps that supports chromecasting videos from…[View]
617426Looking for a certain youtube channel: Alright, 4chan, this is killing me. I remember a channel from…[View]
617411looking for formerly common gif of korean or japanese girls, one of them making a face like 'fffffff…[View]
617424So there is an image of Dean from Iron giant and Lucoa from dragon maid face swapped, their both dri…[View]
617421Anyone know where to find a Classic Metal Sonic Plush by Jazwares? Friend is trying to find one that…[View]
617245Disturbing cursed images that make humans uneasy like this one[View]
617409Website to download music: Help me anon I just want to download my albums[View]
616953How do I bypass the activation login on an iPhone 7?[View]
617407Nursing student looking for textbook: I'm a nursing student and am broke as fuck... Does anyon…[View]
617320Can anyone help me solve this?[View]
616758My PC got significantly slower overnight: I shut it down every night and start it in the morning. Si…[View]
617396Looking for the source of an audio clip, the clip says, 'And what do they got? Goo gots that's …[View]
617388What anime is this from?: IQDB comes up with nothing, Google just thinks it's a random cartoon…[View]
617384looking for the sauce of the wallpaper. thanks.[View]
617208Renting a book from the library: how do I rent a book from the library[View]
617374Help my almost decade old monitor died, what are some good mid-low price models to consider? I do pl…[View]
617135source on pic related please anons[View]
617247Name of this aircaft?: Does somebody know the name of this aircraft?[View]
616896Where the hell can i find a functional free version for Microsoft Powerpoint? Several torrents in an…[View]
617357Music: Can anyone review my music ?/ https://soundcloud.com/xx-lmbn-xxlmbn/ost/ https://soundcloud.c…[View]
617340I've been having this issue with my monitor recently. It happens sporadically and when I see it…[View]
617344I'm looking for the optional and story photos taken by Max in the game Life is Strange to downl…[View]
617128Anybody have a clue about what this device is?: Anybody have a clue about what this device is? It hi…[View]
617030Houseki no Kuni images: I didn't watch it when it released in 2017, and just now marathoned the…[View]
617324How i pay without card: Hi, i try do make a request on fiverr but trying pay with PayPal they keep a…[View]
617323Want to become a sailor: Kindly requesting Chapman Piloting and Seamanship. Thanks in advance.…[View]
617319Anime nitro gifs: Need me some noice ones cause nitro expiring soon[View]
617203What radio station do I tune into if I live in Atlanta In order to listen to alex jones?[View]
617239Where do i solder another button (a 3rd for a macro,shortcut or being a programable button): Where d…[View]
617049Hiya /WSR/, I'm an Australian resident who may be moving into a fairly dated apartment soon and…[View]
617076any idea about the artist name?[View]
616999can someone help me combine all these gifs please. thanks sorry: https://drive.google.com/drive/fold…[View]
617297Can someone remove the skull hat from her head?[View]
616860Troll model: Can someone make a short clip for me? a warcraft troll model talking to camera for abou…[View]
617287anyone know where I can get the Dinotopia books or links to them? my google-fu is weak and most link…[View]
617284Whenever I close a window that was fullscreen a small part of it remains in the corner. Why is this?…[View]
617164i need the pasta of anon explanining how mugi is the superior k-on waifu[View]
617216Source of this image?[View]
617269Looking for an old flash animation series, only a handful of episodes (3 I think). Pretty sure the t…[View]
617270What are some songs/bands similar to this one? https://youtu.be/-Eeth4gFIpQ[View]
617136I keep seeing this shitty cat spammed all across /v/. Where did it originate from.[View]
617266Can I get some good pepes?[View]
617258Vector images for tshirts!: Hi, im looking for images to put in a tshirt![View]
617223Late 90s/00s Jap Music Maybe anime op/ed Song starts with Meeeeee or Neeeeee followed by trashy gui…[View]
617241Anybody know who this girl is?[View]
617253Does anyone have that The Hebrew Bible by Robert Alter kindle and won't mind sharing it? It…[View]
617224what's the music(ost) playing in 2:37 and 2:42? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEWI--eYcK0…[View]
617131ID on this piece of music: Trance/EDM/Nightcore Can anybody identify this string of music? Ive tried…[View]
617177Standard Deviation of Dice: Hey guys, new to the board here. I'm not a genius when it comes to …[View]
617237Does anyone have the article name/link to an article that said AI didn’t choose any women for the mi…[View]
617145This is my win 10 login/account picture. I want to find it on my hard drive or online but no luck wi…[View]
617062Hello I am looking for the best HORROR anime and the best ROMANCE anime. Can cross genres but indivi…[View]
617173On the lookout for Noah's Notes RAWS: I'm looking to finish translating the remainder of N…[View]
617215Microsoft Word Auto Open: I accidentally opened Word a few days ago and since i refuse to buy it, it…[View]
616958Source of this pic? inb4 reverse seach it, I tried on Yandex, SauceNAO, TinEye and Google Images and…[View]
617149House got redone recently with hard flooring everywhere I'm tired of waking up at 6am hearing m…[View]
617154Trying to get into dead account: I'm trying to get into an app, but to get in you have to put i…[View]
617004does anyone have the non-ricardo version of this?[View]
617184Could someone please post the pic of Mugi and her keyboards weight? Pic not related[View]
617176Please and thank you: I literally reached a point where I want to 'read mature manga for mature read…[View]
617151looking for high res photo of todoroki with wave hair cut[View]
616225Pls help me find an ebook for my class: Hey Anons, I would like to find a free copy of this book: Th…[View]
616950What anime is worth watching this season? I usually only like non-fantasy edgy shit. Inuyashiki was …[View]
617158Ps2: I have a working Ps2, with controller and Memory Card. I simply wanna pirate games, put them on…[View]
616967Requesting a pdf of pic related, I'd like to buy it but I don't have the money right now[View]
617152I'm looking for an AMV of gundam unicorn the attack on torrington base or something along those…[View]
617150Requesting an archive link to the thread from pic related[View]
617133Who is this?[View]
617010Requesting any info on the creator of this drawing: Does anybody know the name of this artist by cha…[View]
616703name of a manga: im looking for a manga about a guy that gets in debt and have to befriend his boss’…[View]
617132Requesting a link to the magnet of the documentary Rise of the centaur[View]
617091Anyone know where I can find the pdf for this textbook?[View]
617042What is the best screen recording software that doesn't have a watermark?[View]
617110Where do i find the mickey jacket she's wearing?[View]
617108Matrices etc.: need help with this problem, please translation: a) show that for A element of K^nxn …[View]
616852I'm trying to find a comedy video. Where these nazis alongside muslims beat up some gays.[View]
617096Does someone know where can I find scans of pic related ('Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by …[View]
617095The social life of small urban spaces: Does anyone know where I could find the video documentary: 'T…[View]
617093Could someone edit this image to make it so Pepe is jumping back into the kettle, bit this time with…[View]
617085Been looking for this one song for a while that been playing on pic related. i remember only one lin…[View]
617079high resolution game image: anyone have a high res of the image on this coaster? can't find it …[View]
617024I require machined metal disks measuring 25mm x 3mm, the weight and material doesn't matter, is…[View]
616914Jojo art: Anyone has this image from the outro of Jojo, Josuke's arc? I'm trying to find a…[View]
617035trace/redraw to complete drawing/isolate/shop out the Uncle Sam in the last panel?[View]
616706Finding a song: I need a source on the song in this webm thx[View]
616908I'm trying to remember the name of an anime short film. It depicts an authoritarian society liv…[View]
617033hey, can anyone make a image for me? i need a tree that turns on the top to a nuclear mushroom and t…[View]
617026Does anyone here that speaks Communist want to translate this for me?[View]
617051Been trying to find this one Ricardo webm It starts with some Asian girl being smiley and the song …[View]
616874Anime Sites: I used to use KissAnime back in 2014/15 I would like to know what /a/ uses to watch the…[View]
617045Guptill89 made a sonic flash animation in which sonic like, fucked amy and raced shadow or some bull…[View]
617039Help: Can I get sauce on this anime?[View]
617037Requesting ebooks of these manga bible: Manga Mutiny Manga Melech Manga Metamorphosis Manga Messenge…[View]
616869I was trying to add a password onto some files on my USB but I accidentally deleted the only user in…[View]
617032Requesting a torrent of Gordom Ramsays Masterclass please.[View]
616927Please make this a .webm with sound: 0:50 - 1:22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WItnf49tBes…[View]
616864Cultural depictions of Japanese SAT: After seeing these guys in Elfen Lied and Ajin I really, really…[View]
615838I want more pictures of the girl in this picture. She is super cute.[View]

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