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Displaying 257 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
746707GIF maker needed!!: Hey could someone please PLEASE hook your girl up and create a gif of baby groot…[View]
746705Hey do you all have some pics of anime girls pointing at themselves? Plz send. Pic not related, of c…[View]
746449sup /wsr/ I need help translating pic related into english I tried that yandex site but the results …[View]
746802OVERUSED RICH MUSIC NAME: What's the name of the overused music that plays when rich gentlemen …[View]
746618Similar to Kung Fu Cinema: Any manga , comic or book with a Kung Fu cinema style plot/setting? I wan…[View]
746754Does anyone know the name of that anime where in one scene two girls want a computer, but the comput…[View]
746784Music source of this clip?: pic unrelated Hoping to find anyone that knows the music source from thi…[View]
746508What's this from?[View]
746775FF Tactics:WotL patched: Does anyone know where there's an ISO of Final Fantasy Tactics on the …[View]
746771pic unrelated remember seeing an anime scene where a political rap gets broadcasted to a whole city …[View]
746765Could somebody make a Nazi edit for me?: I really like these nostalgic Third Reich edits, however, I…[View]
746742I would like a picture of Rey wearing Luke Skywalker’s flesh as a suit Buffalo Bill style.[View]
746762Kanata no Astra insert song: https://vgmdb.net/album/88307 Does anyone know if this single was uploa…[View]
746749Relaxing Videos: I'm looking for relaxing 'break' videos. Stuff in the same vein as 'feel free …[View]
746725How do I get my sound card running in Ubuntu?: I bought a Sound Blaster Audigy FX SB1570 5.1 Surroun…[View]
746738Where does this come from?[View]
746685Does anyone know if there's a specific ganre for this industrial grudge stuff from the late 90…[View]
746296Anybody knows a way to download deleted YouTube videos from archive.org? For example i would like to…[View]
746127I realized that I'm sorely lacking good laughing reaction pictures. Could you share some of you…[View]
746117What are the best pseudcore (pseudo-intellectual, pretentious shit) games? Ones like Deus Ex, NieR: …[View]
745948isekai shoukan wa nidome desu: Does anyone read the this novel series or know where I can find the i…[View]
746717https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An02nmWY-F4 What are the visuals from? Can't seem to find the o…[View]
746172Youtube videos/clips or gifs of that one anime trope where something fires a laser that runs across …[View]
746402I read like the first chapter of a manga about a year ago. The world had some kind of monsters in it…[View]
746706resolution: hey lads I'm a bit of a dumnbass when it comes photos n shit and can someone up the…[View]
746223Is there any way to determine the amount of plastic used in a plastic product?: I need to identify t…[View]
745692Photoshop: I suck really hard on photoshop, so: Could you guys please make Rathma look 'alive'?…[View]
746686is there a way to bypass pixiv premium so i can view popular images[View]
746646I'm looking for a full PDF for the book 'Love's Executioner' by Irvin D. Yalom. Anyone kno…[View]
746682Sith wallpaper: Hello was wondering if anyone can help turn this into a proper wallpaper? Thanks for…[View]
746663Can I have some warm and cozy winter/holiday images?[View]
746671skylight: okay no idea if thisll get anything but worth a shot. didnt think its enough to go on /sci…[View]
746510> Hey /wsr/ i`m using 4chan for only a year now so sorry if this isn`t the right board for this a…[View]
746335Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator accurate?[View]
746643Can someone TL? Chrome translate isn't working for the input boxes[View]
746473Hi, I need help. I need to do a 4-5 pages long paper on Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate by tomorrow. …[View]
746612R question help please: do any of you know R? if so, can you help me with this. have no idea where t…[View]
746619Need someone to do my abstract algebra HW: Basically what the title says. It's 8 questions and …[View]
746628Archie Sonic digital editions: Requesting the digital versions of Archie Sonic, surely there's …[View]
746540Left Joycon will not connect to pc correctly: I've tried to connect my left joycon to use with …[View]
746554Who is this?[View]
746596Can anybody who has a vkontakte account log in and tell me the name of this song? vk (.) (/) com/aud…[View]
746387I'm stupid: I am a 3-digit even number. My tens number is two more than my ones digit, and four…[View]
746604Anyone know what anime she is from?[View]
746588Do you guys know where can I find digital versions of manga. I can only find low res paper scans. So…[View]
746363Electrical engineering question here. What would Vout be for this configuration? Three power sources…[View]
746158pc can't boot into usbs, doesn't show uefi versions of them: my computer doesn't want…[View]
746563Does anyone have any Remilia wallpapers? I'm currently using this homemade garbage I made in fi…[View]
746582I cant find the isis anthem. It seems to be completely removed from google/youtube. If anyone has th…[View]
746377I need a picture of an anime catboy (or just a regular cute boy) in a collar. SFW of course, bonus i…[View]
746583Can anyone tell me what episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion this is from?[View]
746578Wallpaper pairing: So /wsr/ I need some help, I'm looking for a Kira (jojo) based wallpaper tha…[View]
746497What fucking movie is this?: Please for the love of mother russia help. Any clues - Anything. https…[View]
746376Hello. I have this problem since a long time ago: when I play some games on my pc, the controls star…[View]
746470Where can I find all of these Korean comics in English?[View]
746557orange meme website?: I just remembered this meme website (used to browse it in like, 2014?) that wa…[View]
746425>wake up >boot PC >turn on monitor >sees large, permanent spot inside monitor Can an ano…[View]
746173Honk this rifle.[View]
746546Is there a (somewhat) trustworthy site like nyaa but for American stuff? I wanna try reading all the…[View]
746505Holy FUCK ive been up for the past 5 hours trying to find a simple report or essay done by any credi…[View]
746491Who is she?: I think she is a character from Danganronpa called Maki Harukawa in this video.[View]
746526Is there already a torrent of the Master Chief Collection for PC?[View]
745005Hey anons! Drop some good Iyashikei kind of anime/manga. Would love to check out some good charts to…[View]
746531I need help finding an anime. I've only seen screenshots and I can't find any anymore. It …[View]
746458VPN list: So I'm sort of in the market for a vpn service. I don't necessarily need one but…[View]
746483Using two OS on a single PC: Can I install two different Windows OS on two separate hard drives or p…[View]
745962Hello /wsr/ I want to know if there's any padoru edits for this girl? her name is Usami Renko w…[View]
745924How do I someone from UK send money to someone in India without revealing my real name and address (…[View]
746507What anime is this?[View]
746500Can someone tell me where this audio clip is from? https://vocaroo.com/5103E6DbMBi[View]
746499What's the best way to download every image from a web page, or series of web pages? I want to …[View]
746389Can someone change 'lifting ' to 'pushing' here?[View]
746492Im looking for a really cute manga i remember reading. I think the setting was like 1850 japan or so…[View]
746403I've got 2 webms I want made. #1 Can someone make a webm of the part where she shakes her ass a…[View]
746286Muh Racisms: Pls replace all the masons hats with KFC buckets[View]
745475'Nam: What are some good books about the Vietnam War? I've been obsessed with Nam since m…[View]
746147Hans Jenssen cutaway collection: I am searching for a collection of the tech artist Hans Jenssen. I…[View]
7449692006-2012 Youtube playlist: Requesting a Youtube liked/favorite videos playlist that has been held b…[View]
746457I saw a picture from Monster Hunter like a week ago that hard a hunter with fluffy cat/wolf ears Won…[View]
746265BG removal: Can someone edit out the background from this?[View]
746454Requesting a greentext that went something along the lines of this: Thread about if you could eat o…[View]
745625hello! can you turn this person into a chicken but leaving the sigar? thanks!!![View]
746407I just heard clicking noise followed by a long beep, several times coming from my computer. Trying t…[View]
745916Requesting a Santa hat avatar of the lovely Rhajat.[View]
745958what iphone holder would i buy to able to record a video with this angle in my car?[View]
746312sauce of this?: self-explanatory title[View]
746420I want to make my C header compatible with C++ source files (i.e. I want to #include .h file in .cpp…[View]
746410Could someone please make the baby Asian? I can pay if you drop a paypal or something[View]
746295Could someone please add Santa hat?: I tried doing it but I keep fucking it up. Thanks :)[View]
746408Aion 1.X: Do any Aion 1.X servers exist? I know there are probably like 300 russian ones but fuck th…[View]
7463712 weeks to learn Excel: Tutorial? Can I learn what I need with Google Sheets or am I gonna need a co…[View]
746401DPI vs PPI: I read that PPI can be freely set, but that DPI is determined by the manufacturer and ca…[View]
746255is there any place where i can download the full cowboy bebop series, preferably in english dub? i t…[View]
746380AAAAAAAHHHHHHH sound effect but it's not loud nigra: https://youtube.com/watch?v=bHuyYMvP45w Th…[View]
745971Can you please shop this into baby yoda holding a white claw drink? Please and thank you[View]
745949hello /wsr/ I need to find THAT image, I can't find it on the archive >a guy reading a femdo…[View]
746353Polish: Can someone polish this image? It kind of looks a bit blurry, at least I notice it. Or if so…[View]
745892Requesting removal of watermark/text Thank you and merry Christmas[View]
745270how do i get high at home with simple ingredients?[View]
745476Cyber Monday Laptop Choice Advice: I'm hoping to snag a good Cyber Monday Deal on a new laptop,…[View]
746232who's this cutie? I remember seeing her on some /fit/ thread, finding her twitter and now rever…[View]
746361Christchurch: So the non worksafe requests are generally for pornography and such, and I don't …[View]
746359Im looking for those images of the hong kong protestor swing the chain around like a whip, thanks in…[View]
746358Honey browser Ext and Best Buy's website: I have been using Opera browser for about a month now…[View]
746317I have this iphone 4s and I have jailbroken it but I can't go on any of my apps. every time I t…[View]
746349How do you remove a firmware rootkit?[View]
746332Graphics Card: Ok, I want to play halo reach but it crashes after I load the campaign. I think its b…[View]
746334song 5[View]
746269Normal to be worried about lewd purchases?: I have a little bit of an odd question. I was going to p…[View]
746287whats that one image with that dog eared green hair girl saying something like 'wakey wagey' screami…[View]
746329Anyone got that patrick star meme where some fish lady is looking at him with a worried look and she…[View]
745917old flash video: Years back there was a flash video, looped techno(ish) music, with gaz dancing. if…[View]
746020i'm searching for .onion links that are selling rare animals species & shit, that's fo…[View]
746151ISP issue or website issue: I've been trying to access my uni website from home since the weeke…[View]
744682to depressedbros, what anime made you feel something? no cgdct please.[View]
746313Anyone got a mega or torrent for all 8 seasons of this with extras in good quality?[View]
746101What are some good manga that also happens to be very short?[View]
746273Can you gimme some more images like pic related that have someone with a pained smile but a swelling…[View]
746305advice on shopping for g-sync monitors?[View]
745987what song is this[View]
746196Fun with files: Hello /WSR A friend of mine that we'll call Bert gave me an SD card full of wor…[View]
746266what kind of graphic organizer or whatever the hell it is, is this?[View]
745823photoshop request: requesting a padoru edit of piccolo with the infamous Daily Dose scenery in the b…[View]
746256Charger cord: What’s up. I got a micro usb to usb cable here (used to charge ps4 controller) and it …[View]
745928VPN advice: I've been trying to find a good VPN service, and have been told to stick with paid …[View]
745989Suggestions for next anime to watch - series that really stood out to you: Just finished hxh, first …[View]
746225Apart from Arietty are there any Anime or Manga about borrower size people?[View]
746238Link me a working Borderlands 1 GOTY torrent, you've got 1 week. Pic unrelated[View]
745689Looking for sorce of thys hoodie: pick related[View]
746067Fun Games That Run on Toaster?: Looking for recommendations on fun games that run on toasters. Don…[View]
746178Looking for the character sheets to the Buffy gang in the Buffy the RPG[View]
746235anyone have the full pic of this? where Joker is pointing the gun at Yoda?[View]
746157Requesting webms of honey badgers doing badass things. I will be using this for a speech presentatio…[View]
745996i need to know where this pic is coming from: this has been in my PC for at least 2 years in the dow…[View]
746209Is fartnite a real game: ?[View]
746066Am I this big of a dumbass anons?: >be me >be entering computer lab for first period >come…[View]
746137Can someone free her from the card?[View]
745898Maths Help: could someone help me with the last part of this question, I'm not sure how to find…[View]
746174iM@S: I'd like to get into iDOLM@STER, is there a place I can download its discography?[View]
746189I need help with my mouse: For some reason, my mouse just out of nowhere decided to not respond my c…[View]
746022source: i dont supose any one can identify the song that plays at 4:20 the main song transitions int…[View]
746079How do you solve this? The solution is 3/2[View]
746171Please compliment this man: This man has an extremely shiny and red face. Please go to his youtube a…[View]
746170Request for phptoshop: Hey anons, Can somebody take attached photo of Pinochet and add a hentai cum …[View]
746153Can someone get rid of the red letters pls?[View]
745776i want a 4chan to have a notification system because it would make the experience smoother and more…[View]
745589Yuna & Sera: Anyone have a bunch official illustration/designs of Yuna & Sera from Megaman L…[View]
746135who's this bitch?[View]
745564Hey guys. I'm looking for some anime reccomendations. Specifically I want comedy animes (like G…[View]
745545Most stable 1050 Driver: The latest ones are fucking up with some games that run on Unity/Source Eng…[View]
746103Hey gang, can anyone tell me what song this is? I cant remember the name or where its from so I just…[View]
745720I've collected 6 manga volumes of that time I became a slime and would like to start a new coll…[View]
745918Looking for this image and the artist if possible. This was someone's spray in TF2 and I want t…[View]
746111Adobe Torrenting: Does anyone have a good site for torrenting cracked, not virus filled, adobe produ…[View]
745809I want to get into trip-hop. I've only listened to Mezzanine so far and want more of the genre …[View]
746026Can anyone explain how normal distribution works? Apparently it has to be symmetrical and also I hav…[View]
746090Christian meme thread: I need to update my fold3r[View]
746016I know its Kraut and Teas profile pic but who actually is the person in the painting/picture that he…[View]
746056How do you drop two images at once off in M.S. paint? I want to create a virgin Blaze vs Chad Mobius…[View]
746071Hey /wsr/ I'm completely stumped. Around 8-9 years ago I remember a meme in this format about J…[View]
746082Request for song in video: Been trying to find the song to this video for years. Need the cause http…[View]
746081jimface pics please[View]
746073Does anyone here have any of the Bardot brush packs for Procreate? I'm specifically looking for…[View]
745643I need a torrent for cracked version of PaintTool Sai 1.2.5, I can't find it on my usual sites …[View]
746039I was about to start Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017) but is this a reboot or a continuation of the old sho…[View]
745957Need a new phone: I'm looking for a phone to get but I don't know where to start and have …[View]
746024Searching for the title of the game[View]
746037I need a profile picture.[View]
746015If someone could make a chad version of the guy in the middle with the spear, that would be cool[View]
745337Where can I download the Nagatoro mango?[View]
745638Looking for a sweater: Hey! I'm looking for a sweater similar to the one in the picture. I…[View]
746021Can Anyone Source this: Does anyone know what video this was taken from? I've tried searching f…[View]
745646Looking for a song name: Can you name this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYKrCAmKoOU…[View]
746013help me search for this song in this stupid meme: please and thamkyou[View]
746010Sup guys, I'm being pestered about finding an old comic in a newspaper. Redeye cartoon from the…[View]
745938Not sure where the best place to ask about this is, but it probably sounds too much like a request f…[View]
745933DELETER Screentone Packs: Looking for downloads of DELETER screentone packs, specifically like the p…[View]
745974I couldn't go to class for some days and soon I'll have a test. Could anyone help me with …[View]
745561Which Linux is the most resource efficient?: I found some very old laptops i had from winXP era (200…[View]
745750Lost song: I'm on holiday spirits and looking for a song that seemingly fucking vanished It…[View]
745972Free Steam games: I found a small steam game a couple of days ago, called Vecter. Do you know any ot…[View]
745893anyone know who this is?[View]
743974Anyone have the image of the goth/nazi girl in the bathroom. I think she has pigtails and a black su…[View]
745430Can someone make him look like gon from hxh?[View]
745554Non-Video Game Isekai: Dearest /wsr/, Would you recommend me some Isekai Animes that DON'T tak…[View]
745895New motherboard issues: I installed a new motherboard and now I can’t leave the bios, as far as I kn…[View]
745763requesting knowledge about purchasing knife overseas: If i purchase a fish filleting knife from chin…[View]
745935Desperately looking to purchase a faux, plastic model of quartz like this one picture here but I can…[View]
745881Need help with pic related. Having trouble with pinning down a second plausible interpretation. The …[View]
745807Source video: Hey, any anons know the original video? Without the edit at the end.[View]
745854What is this? Where is it from? Thanks[View]
745849Help identifying anime: I drew the main character from memory in ms paint, all i remember is that th…[View]
745696Looking for credible sources on plastic pollution levels of the different US states: I've falle…[View]
745902Give me the sauce: plse[View]
745697Please jesus I need help. What should I eat for dinner tonight? BBQ Burgers Chinese or middle east…[View]
745157Anyone know if there's a way to play Infinity Blade? It got pulled from the app store and since…[View]
745903Sauce on this please? I used reverse image search for this and nothing came up.[View]
745886Anons, you know any way for download whatsapp backup from gdrive on computer? Something like a exten…[View]
745769What are some good japanese radios to find on the internet? Not only anime though, pic semi-rel[View]
744727Money: I’m not asking for a get rich quick scheme, I was just wondering if you guys know anyways to …[View]
745841Anyone knows where can I get this font?[View]
745832Looking for that gif&webm of a japanese girl on a tv show squinting her eyes and the caption ん?a…[View]
745869Sauce on this?[View]
743115what movie/show: movie/show? it started with a white girl and a fat black girl in a car driving some…[View]
745617Does anyone have a movie where a wrathful character dies and is either redeemed in death or their de…[View]
745783Could someone recommend me a good classy manga. None of the following: Cute girls doing cute things …[View]
745859Retopo: Could anyone here who's decent at blender retopo a model for me? I can't rn due to…[View]
745445could someone edit this so the 'Futuba' part is gone? thanks bros[View]
745792What is this called/used for?: I found it at a Ross[View]
745096Source of this: Just looking for the source of pic related. Came from one of those 'rate your pain o…[View]
745733Homework: Hey I've got a take home exam due in 7 hours and I'm stuck on these questions: I…[View]
745380Dumb Torrent Questions: So a torrent from nyaa I left to go over a week when going on vacation stall…[View]
745818What manga is this from?[View]
745804Anyone have any idea who this wholesome-looking young woman is?[View]
745585Can someone make a webm of the part where she shakes her ass at 1:13 - 1:42? And without sound.[View]
745806QUALITY: Looking for that QUALITY gif or webm of the little anime girl running up and over a hill fr…[View]
745789Do someone now the artist?[View]
745808Can someone give me a link to dbz with the original broadcast audio? Ive looked at the winxbloom rel…[View]
745440Can someone shop her trigger finger to be using no trigger discipline?[View]
745356Help with integrals. I'm dumb. I get that the asymptote would be x=-a. So the intervals of inte…[View]
745406Somewhat Simple Dwarven Windwaker Photoshop: A Strange request to be sure. But can I get a thrown to…[View]
745587I'm semi-retired and want to continue working as a professional video editor. Commercials, docu…[View]
745773searching for a video of 9/11 thats pretty specific: Hey, i'm trying to find a video of 9/11, b…[View]
745742Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones: Is there a place on the internet that has star wars 2 …[View]
745599Just finished attack on titan and it was really fucking good. Also watched berserk, neon genesis and…[View]
745765Can a spanish speaker pronouce: 'ey guie que tal' several times on https://vocaroo.com/ so i know ho…[View]
745687can someone make a christmas hat on this ape? ty[View]
745722What one piece game is this?[View]
745399wsr, I have a question about 4chan. Why does the community hate wojak so much? why it ain't fu…[View]
745608Where I can download films and shows sub in english with the audio in english too? No torrents pls[View]
745351Does anyone know what anime this image is from?: Even just a title would be greatly appreciated…[View]
745151Looking for indie game: I'm trying to find a game I played the demo of. It featured real-time c…[View]
745694Can anyone tell me where I can pirate Warhammer 2 with all it's content being up to date?[View]
745491Looking for a painting similar to this: The skeleton has a tongue and is wearing a red Robe, and has…[View]
745718Does anyone have that image of the dude fighting demons in hell and all of the demons have a a diffe…[View]
745698Post wojaks. No brain wojaks or soi wojaks. OC is appreciated.[View]
745503textbook reccs and solutions manual: Was wondering if anyone had the answers to the problems in: 'p…[View]
745659recommend me a good single player video game >no open world shit >no 50+ hours grindan >has…[View]
745668is there an easy way to remove audio tracks from an mkv file? i have some files with dual audio wher…[View]
745478ok guys I really need help finding a way to play a shitting phone game on my desktop. So surviving …[View]
745660Looking for the logo is the same style to say 'High Energy Jeb!' a word per line so it would be Hig…[View]
745656What restaurant uniform is this?[View]
744321Korra comics?: What's a good place to download the Korra comics? Oh, and if anyone knows of a K…[View]
745460How to draw on screen while Livestreaming OBS ?: This guy has a method, but I don't understand …[View]
745588what is this outfit is based on? it doesnt look japanese the waist cloth reminds me of southeast or …[View]
745581Give me the best manga you got that started coming out in the last four years. Basically 2015 and on…[View]
744468Can anyone find a high quality gif/webm of this?[View]
745414Katusha: Guys, I really need help finding this specific version of the old Russian song, Katusha. He…[View]
745618Can somebody of you make the background black?[View]
745632hi /wsr. I'm looking for a webm I watched a long time ago in some ylyl thread. The content: a g…[View]
745605Does anyone have that picture of a duck similar to this one peeking out from behind a tree? Any othe…[View]
745628Please watch this for my college class: We made a shitpost for my Media 130 class, please watch and …[View]
745600pls respond: Can anyone please tell me where this is from?[View]

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