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No. Excerpt
716621Video editing software: What are some good video editing software? My goal is cut parts of a video, …[View]
716261Accent Generator?: I am an aspiring author, and i want a character to have an accent. Are there any …[View]
716675Source?: Does anyone know what game is in this photo?[View]
716143Anime Recommendation: Can I get a cute school romcom anime that actually concludes with MC and a gir…[View]
716668' is corrupted: is this normal on hooktube?[View]
716642I'm looking for a webm I saw a while ago in ygyl/tiktok/feels/cute girls thread can't reme…[View]
716653Looking for a video of a old guy training for ironman, or some other type of competition He was prob…[View]
716637Where can I find all of Belle Delphine's patreon pics for free?[View]
716647Is there any way to Flash/Jailbreak a Roku box, or is it pretty much fully closed off?: Found one fo…[View]
716644English language accounts of Cornelis Govert Visscher: Where can I read about Cornelis Visscher in E…[View]
716575please help me find a somewhat recent pic of a cat: ive seen it a whole lot in the last month but no…[View]
716478Requesting this image to be made as a wallpaper on an iphone(7 plus)! I'd greatly appreciate it…[View]
716616Bruno Powroznik: Trying to find out more info on this guy. he has a YouTube that has reuploaded vide…[View]
716614Please sadcat this cat[View]
715505I’m looking for anime that have a distinctive style, that require your attention; have good theme ex…[View]
716592need help with netbeans: hello, i need help to put audio files of any kind on my little game, that i…[View]
716519looking for the name of that one website where you can download episodes of tv shows. had an obscure…[View]
716341I've hit an anime wall. I want to recapture the feeling of watching something like Inuyasha fo…[View]
716271best hd 1080 torrent for this movie?[View]
716589LESBOS: Hello, I am looking for someone to help find or create a height-map of the greek island of L…[View]
716587does any body have he link for the metal gear survive mission seems to be talking about kojima/konam…[View]
716559Song from this webm? https://streamable.com/dnlh5[View]
716568David Fowler's Super Mario Odyssey Karaoke track: Hey everyone. I'm searching for DavidFow…[View]
716233Is there any manga about a femboy and a man. Pic not related, like an ACTUAL man and a very feminine…[View]
716565Is there a jojo edit of this?[View]
716492Does anyone knoq the source?[View]
716556what manga is this from and where can i read it?[View]
716557looking for an old video of a chinese guy getting caught jacking off in a library and he gets really…[View]
716544Pilgrimage: Hey anon , does anyone know some good blog site (kind like reddit) , I'm going on a…[View]
716428Full Res?: Source on the full-res image? Came from >>>/a/193228077 if that helps[View]
716174Black Backround: Is there a way you can black backround this image, but still make it look good, im …[View]
716547Can someone please explain why Fireden is now an onion Thanks[View]
715994Can someone help me install this pirated version of Age of Empires 3? I dont get how to do this shiz…[View]
716514Searching the background: Hi, /wsr/ Where we can find the background(without person) of this image? …[View]
716541P8Z68-V LX RAM: What is the fastest ram my board supports? On paper it's 2133mhz (2200 OC), but…[View]
716398Unkown African choir soundtrack: I think this might have been from Cowboy Bebop's soundtrack, b…[View]
716526Forgot the name of an ecchi manga: It's a high school manga where a big titted girl can take of…[View]
715728been in the mood for some trap / bl manga. can any one recommend me some if i can buy a physical cop…[View]
715929https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T6BV4BD Is this a good deal at all? I know fuck all about what's w…[View]
716518PC ,Network and Data protection: I'm reviewing my general setup at the moment and want to get s…[View]
716521STARS Anime Documentary Requet: Does anybody have this documentary? It seems to have disappeared off…[View]
716516I'm running into an issue with an MMD model, I;m trying to get a 'pancho' on it but it keeps bo…[View]
716286In search of an album: I'm looking for an album which I can only vaguely describe from memory. …[View]
716513I'm trying look for a picture of an old lady pushing a trolly with the next two gradually incre…[View]
716076'The White Goblin' by Ul De Rico: I'm wanting to read ' The White Goblin' by Ul De Rico, but I …[View]
716500Translation for this gay shit kudasai 1/3[View]
716427I need some help with this image: May anyone edit this image 3 times so you have 3 different files: …[View]
716386What is this from?: I think it's from thailand or vietnam but the show looks really cool. Is th…[View]
716364Flower Sun and Rain PS2 ISO: Does anyone have a download link to the PS2 version of Flower Sun and R…[View]
716275What is best player for 4chan. And how to change it on DuckDuck Go?[View]
716048I'm looking for music videos that take place at night[View]
716469Does anyone have this image saved on them in bearable quality?[View]
716470can I get the version of this of her pointing a gun at the camera so I can shitpost?[View]
716465Can someone photoshop 6ix9ine in this sketch to make him look like the joker from the dark knight tr…[View]
716404Need help with MYSQL code: I'm trying to write a query in MYSQL that will get me the answer to …[View]
716442what kind of frog is this?[View]
716114I want to find this french cartoon about this girl who has big melons, the plot was like this. The g…[View]
715969Looking for webm/song: Ok, so I saw this in a ygyl feels thread a while back but like a dumb cunt di…[View]
716359Yes, I know Buzzfeed is garbage, but I only care about finding the name of this chick, please. Link …[View]
716324Can somebody give me quick rundown on this guy?[View]
716431I'm retarded: Is there a term for this hair trope in anime? Where the hair hooks down over the …[View]
716288Can someone add communists to this?[View]
716426Kung Fu Panda trilogy: Anyone have a torrent of these movies?[View]
716425looking for the full version of this vid: pummel on the beach https://s1.desu-usergeneratedcontent.x…[View]
716421Does anyone have that image of the mods/texture packs required to play Silent Hill 2/3 on PC at thei…[View]
716153I am retarded in maths but I need to complete this hand-in to be eligible for exams. Someone care to…[View]
716417who are these chicks[View]
716362Where can i read this ?: it isn't on mangadex, and i dont want to watch the anime[View]
713793Does anyone know where the Mob Psycho 100 plays are? Can't find files of them anywhere.[View]
716382hi guys ! so i heard this specific kind of audio a while back and im trying to find it again with no…[View]
716396Is there an archive for /trash/?[View]
716217How do i go to double chan /christian/?: Because i miss them people[View]
716033is there a full image of this picture?[View]
716392Name of children fantasy novel series?: What's the name of that fantasy novel where the protag …[View]
715807Spongebob memes: Hi, can I get some of your best 'alright imma head out' variants?[View]
715664Game Programming Patterns: Does anyone have a well-formatted .pdf/e-book version of this? The text o…[View]
716077can someone edit my penguin avatar to look like hes wearing the new joker makeup. will buy a 5$ stea…[View]
716278who dis?[View]
716344Anime Reaction Images: Post 'em! (More preferably, cute boys.)[View]
716343Unique Tech Article for Class: I'm in a computer science class that requires us to submit a tec…[View]
716336Does anyone have that image of pepe holding the transgender suicide rate statistics sign?[View]
715440>have pc >pc runs on ubuntu, from a USB stick >have bootable USB with WIN 10 >have new S…[View]
715976Who is she?: Who is this girl?[View]
716306who is this?[View]
716296Help me: Anyone know what series she is?[View]
716298What font is in this 4chan banner?[View]
716020I’m on a quest of sorts anon >be me >recently left shitty discord >I feel empty but accomp…[View]
716292Chibidol: does a crack for this game exist? Or at least a CG rip? I couldn't find any crack of …[View]
716015C++/Javascript help: Can someone tell me how I can access the rgb value of a specific pixel/pixels o…[View]
716284anyone have any decent conspiracy or paranormal type of YouTube channels mainly talking ones (withou…[View]
716260what anime?[View]
715931Can someone shoop the gusic cat's head onto the ultrachad body? Don't be lazy, make it gre…[View]
716211X-Plane 11 questions, explain to me like I'm retarded: Does anyone else get unusually high CPU …[View]
715962Trying to find a stupid video: looking for a webm of two guys deadlifting in a gym, one skinny in th…[View]
716222I want to root my phone. It's there a trustworthy app that i can use? I want to do it only thro…[View]
715779I recently finished an anime called Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita, and I'm sad because I really…[View]
715616The 'gender reveal' dad video.: This video has been everywhere for a long time now, we all have seen…[View]
716228I don't remember alot about this, but there was a web game/test that was posted on /v/ a long t…[View]
716062Does anyone know who this girl is?: Does anyone know who this girl is?[View]
716216World building Roll Tables?: Is anyone willing to share any decent roll tables, especially for world…[View]
716210Where can I watch this movie?: I used to have it on a dvd a long time ago and have been wanting to w…[View]
716209Looking for a RETRO GAME: From Sega Genesis probably Co-op available Side-scrolling beat-them-all ga…[View]
716142Anyone knows where to safely download license-free Android APKs? I'd like to get some music pla…[View]
715999Whats the name of this manga and what chapter? iqdb brings nothing neither does google[View]
716193Secret Saturdays Download?: Where can you download the complete The Secret Saturdays series?[View]
716128Alien machine: What is this[View]
716043This character: I'm researching face paint designs to make an icon, and this character (seems t…[View]
716162I remember reading somewhere about a castle that is impregnable because it was built in an area that…[View]
716084Anyone have the source? The actual study I’m looking for it thanks[View]
715699I wanted to play around with some of the ps4 emulators that have popped up but I had my console on a…[View]
714890is there a guide for oldfag stuff? i dont know if you understand me, but i want to get in on all the…[View]
716166anyone have that image of cia's gravestone? i think it had cia etched on the rock with 'he didn…[View]
715915O'Reilly book collection torrent: I remember seeing it on /t/, but i can't find it anymore…[View]
715983Who were some of the cruelest mafia leaders to ever exist?[View]
716075Does anyone recognize this manga? I had source on my old comp before it shit itself and now I'm…[View]
713753regex help: please write a regex that can capture any line that this one can >^[^ \t\v\f\r\n]+$ e…[View]
716121Pls help: Does anyone have a torrent for a BBC documentary 'Round planet'? I've been looking f…[View]
716013can someone shop MC Ride's face onto this cover? blend it so that it keeps the original bald he…[View]
716141Need video converted to webm: Can someone convert this to webm max 2.9mb and without audio for 4chan…[View]
715884Recolor request: Could someone recolor the albino woman on the right with the following conditions …[View]
716101PC Crashing: Recently, I have been experiencing a lot of games crashing and having low frames random…[View]
716135Song: There was a japanese song called End of the world or something but because the name is widely …[View]
716130Looking for a CCTV-video where two robbers fail to rob a store, one escapes while another becomes un…[View]
716126Teacher needs a video for students: Hi, I can't seem to be able to download the video here http…[View]
715607Does anyone know where this picture is taken??[View]
715647REMOVING COMPUTER FROM DOMAIN: My sister got given a surface laptop from her school and left school …[View]
713306Confederate Carbines and Musketoons PDF: I can't find a PDF myself[View]
715469Fashwave wallpaper engine: I was looking for some fashwave wallpapers on wallpaper engine and came u…[View]
716096This manga, where adult men pilot mech girl suits, but slowly lose their mind and think they are rea…[View]
715453Quick reminder that even 4chan can't find the source of this image.[View]
716087Can someone get rid of the black watermarks pls?[View]
716088Can anyone tell me what comic this is from?[View]
712732Pocket Monsters Volume 1, Chapter 5 by Kosaku Anakubo: Is there anywhere online I can read a transla…[View]
716032Requesting that someone pirate Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv alternative from animebytes (the steam versions n…[View]
715883Would anyone be able to seed Seasons 1 and 2 of this? The 3rd season is available elsewhere but from…[View]
715958Anyone know if there are decent photography apps for iOS 12+ that have a layering option?[View]
716073If anyone can help me. i want to know the ost playing in naruto shippuden episode 341. at 19:10 (and…[View]
715968Does anyone know where I can torrent College texbooks? I'd rather not waste the money.[View]
716074Help finding a video.: Video consists of a guy being worried that he has a disease known as 'Dick Wh…[View]
716071how to bypass twitter phonenumber verification lockout thing?[View]
715800Does anyone have that image where there are two big thighed anime girls sitting in a train (or bus),…[View]
716040I need help finding a manga.: It's about a female boss that probably has feelings for a newbie …[View]
716034Does anyone have Daniel Negreanu's masterclass? I don't want to drop 100+ dollars on somet…[View]
715844I installed Windows 10 yesterday after having used Windows 7 for years privately, and now I'm s…[View]
714967sorry help me: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/32211-saucenao-reverse-image-search/code this one d…[View]
715806Song name?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAvDA4UPwrk[View]
716051some of my favorite anime include shokugeki no soma, attack on titan, durarara, kuroko no basket, an…[View]
716037need help finding an anime.: there was an anime I watched a few episodes of I need help finding, I t…[View]
715749This router may not support all the mandatory features as ratified in Draft 3.0 of IEEE 802.11AX spe…[View]
716044I need a source please. gogogo[View]
716041Help finding video: Trying to find a video of a shirtless dwarf pouring water on himself with a gard…[View]
715914Who is her? I think she has a tik tok account[View]
715695I can't find those two albums anywhere and all links are broken. Anyone have a download link/ma…[View]
715410Can someone see that I stalked them on instagram?: If I'm just using instagram on google chrome…[View]
715916Scary Russian(?) painter: Bit of a long shot perhaps but I remember seeing some paintings by a (I th…[View]
715989does anyone know what manhwa/webtoon this is from?[View]
715985Theres a fly stuck in my PC how do I get it out?: Without taking the PC apart[View]
715987Excel Help Please I'm dying: I know this is a retarded question, but how can I average every 3 …[View]
715979anyone good at trigonometry?: curious as to how to do some basic trig will be posting a problem in t…[View]
715990could someone change it so that the closest 2 desktop screens and the laptop have Facebook webpages …[View]
714994The Book of the Hakutaku: Any have a epub?[View]
715900please gib source or artist[View]
715978Looking for muscular streamer girl with blueish shorthair: Kind of pic related looking. Saw clips fr…[View]
715966What anime is this?[View]
715612I'm trying to find a historical anecdote I read about a freak event where a huge amount of whal…[View]
715955Anyone here has a program/script to download every image in a thread? Preferably one that works with…[View]
715888Asuka and Rei source: Could someone provide me with the full pictures of these two please[View]
715953Spooks (MI-5) all seasons: Anyone know where to download this britbong show in decent quality? every…[View]
715950requesting a eng sub or dub of the soviet movie 'bespredel'[View]
715802hello kings, im looking for the original hd version of pic related and id really appreciate if you a…[View]
715943First off, I know Buzzfeed is complete garbage, and why would I even look at any of their content...…[View]
715751Help with arduino ultrasonic sensor: Total noob to programming, taking a microcontrollers class. How…[View]
715925/ADV DOESN'T SHOW IMAGES And only /adv. I have 4chanX on but without it it's the same.[View]
715212Tabletop Podcasts: Anyone have recommendations for tabletop podcasts? For reference, the only one I…[View]
715606Fucking hell, this one's been bothering me for the past 14 hours now I can't identify the …[View]
715834Dotaboy comic: Has anyone saved the dotaboy comic(pic related) that used to be on this site: https:/…[View]
715919Can someone photoshop a pic of the Coomer on cumin? Thanks![View]
715910Im looking for an artist, echosaber1/echo saber They have a twitter, but fuck me is that a motherfuc…[View]
715833Does anyone know any significant scientific discoveries where luck played a big part in them? Even b…[View]
715908Frontend suggestions: Hey I'm deciding to further my design skill by learning frontend, but I c…[View]
715825pls help:/: someone hit and run my car smashed the side with his door and drove off...i just got the…[View]
715777Hey guys. I am a huge fan of puzzles and cyphers and stuff like that. Is there anything you'd r…[View]
715436Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a dl link for this pack of samples to make music. Apparently I …[View]
715803Transparent background: Please make everything but the four characters transparent so it looks like …[View]
715392Anyone have that image of a conquistador whos leg is hugged by a qt native?[View]
715892roze and rozzy: hey,new fag here,ive got some bussines with some youtubers,and their completly of ri…[View]
715849Anyone have a full image of this?[View]
715827Song from this webm? https://streamable.com/dnlh5[View]
715444I've been watching this video for years on youtube but unfortunately never copied it. It won;t …[View]
715286Art Request: My best friend put a skin together for me to use in Minecraft and I actually really lov…[View]
715449Anyone know where I can find a reupload of the /r9k/ neet Louis video where he literally reeeees? Ha…[View]
715870Hey, can your recommend me some chans/forums whose community is like /g/ from a few years ago? I wan…[View]
715669Who is this man?[View]
715420Who's the person trying to catfish me impersonating? I know they're fake but I can't …[View]
715451Hi, I'm looking for a small one page comic strip, I think the characters are cats drawn in a ve…[View]
715854Need the name of music: Hi guys, i really want to know tne name of choir when they in slowmotion. h…[View]
715851Im trying to find the flac version of the ost for this obscure korean mmo called talesweaver. So far…[View]
715689Homework help ^.^: Know of any good place to get writing help / pre-made essays or papers? preferabl…[View]
715832im looking for a gif of a guy hiting a football in the air and then hitting a lil nigga in the head …[View]
715830Archive of old youtube channels: Has anyone archived the following youtube channels or at least save…[View]
715804Is this an okay deal?: Hey guys I'm thinking of buying a very basic light gaming and dev PC (fo…[View]
715108Bert and Ernie meem: Do any of you guys still keep these? can dump them here? I've lost my save…[View]
715416can anyone make the color of this https://www.wallpaperbetter.com/wallpaper/711/78/434/cat-paws-2K-w…[View]
715698Does anyone know the comic or image or video where someone does/asks for something stupid and then s…[View]
715799Rolling gunner PC: anyone got a download for this? I can only find the switch rom kinda sucks becaus…[View]
715790Retard in need of math help: How do I determine the 'maximum domain of definition' (I'm not sur…[View]
715748Can someone help me look for an old text based horror game, it involved a student finishing a paper …[View]
715787Does anyone have that greentext where it's a picture of a guy with a lit cigarette hurriedly fi…[View]
715412Does anyone know where I can download the Oniisama E soundtrack? All I can find are a few tracks her…[View]
715080https://youtu.be/3FMMrOTa4vI Does anyone know the genre, or more artists that use similar beats? I…[View]
715767How do I make this look less like shit? Is there a way to match image quality/resolution or somethin…[View]
715759How do you solve this? The solution is 1/10[View]
715458anyone got this with audio?[View]
714662Offline Word Processor Software: I'm looking for some word processing software that is a bit li…[View]
715483Hai. So, I can't find one picture: Jacket from Hotline Miami in Tony's mask eating meals w…[View]
715753I'M DUMB, PLEASE HELP!!! 2x+3y=40 3x-y+2=40 How can I figure out the value of x and y? Can some…[View]
715756Can anyone help me find 2 books?: I need Introducing Psychology (Ed. 3) by Daniel L. Schacter, Danie…[View]
715481fat wojaks: Need all the fat wojaks you have. Needed for /fat/ threads[View]
715733Does anyone have that screencap of some /b/tard going into great detail about explaining the concept…[View]
715713Good Love Hina scans?: I found that Manga Rock has the best online scans for Love Hina, it's ap…[View]
715437Nostalgic Anime Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcotjy_RXAw I've recently discovered Key…[View]
715252Gravity Rush 2 save editing: Does anyone know how to hex editing a gravity rush 2 save to give yours…[View]
714639https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCjRQhsL8Ts Can anyone tell me what song the first three seconds are…[View]
715122Who is this?[View]
715100Retarded pepes: I need more pepes like this, ill dump my folder.[View]
715618Tech support request: Pic related is the drive folder for a disk that came as an instruction manual …[View]
715641Anyone have any more variations on this image? I'll post what I have but there has to be more.[View]
715407Anyone have the Nintendo version of this wojak?[View]
715676Anyone know what this is from?[View]
715675Who is she?[View]
715668SD Cards: Hello /wsr/ I do not wish to google this problem because all I come up with are a bunch of…[View]
715663I'm looking the gif/webm of the guy that waves his hand in a circular motion like he's goi…[View]
715638What is she saying in this gif?[View]
715636Does anyone the creator for this gif? Google's reverse image search is trash now and offers not…[View]
714848can anybody tell me what is going on with this specimen?[View]
715528Photoshop request: Can someone recreate this image with the provided pictures.[View]
714152Costume Quest?: Does anyone have any good download links, preferably Megas, for the Costume Quest ca…[View]
712730Webcomic Name Help?: I remember a fantasy webcomic that had wood elves, a girl with blue hair that l…[View]
715609java help: struggling with a noob java homework assignment teacher is a shit i've done 90% of i…[View]
715320I want the original pic without the hitlr face / joke pls[View]
715484Does anyone know who this character is? I found it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOEDxuMDGnM…[View]
714047Reaction images: What the title says anons[View]
714817Does anybody know of any sandals worn in 13th/14th century Europe and pics of them(manuscript illumi…[View]
7155974chan tier meme thread: post your favorite memes here! ill start with one of mine (pic related)…[View]
713922Niko and The Sword of Light Download?: Does anyone have a Mega or related download link, please?…[View]
714467japanese movies similar to Lain[View]
715544what's the episode of seinfeld where george falls in love with eliane and she pretends she…[View]
714915Help, I can't find the source image anywhere!: I want the not-cropped version of this, but all …[View]
714586Remote access to pc: Someone has remote access to my laptop that has no WiFi or Ethernet onnected to…[View]
715510Help with Photoshop 7.0 - healing brush in 'normal' mode acts fucky along layer edges: Can…[View]
715540Could someone edit this png removing the hand and add the same color yellow to fill in the gap in th…[View]
714798Can someone please tell me why all images, gifs, and webm 404 on me in perfectly good threads? and h…[View]
715541Just need help knowing where this is from. This is all I have[View]
715568Any idea what this means? I had a search but I couldn’t find anything specific, just general info.[View]
715076Anyone have a version of this without the text? Or can anyone shoop it to remove the text?[View]
715302Anime girls with monster energy: Post all you have[View]
715545Japanese learning resources: With the noken exams right around the corner I think I need more kanji …[View]
715004Looking for a manga: >Pic is unrelated I remember elements of it but can't find it again It…[View]
715328Unlock a samsung: Sup /g/ , I brought a3 2017 on ebay and when I started the phone it asked me to u…[View]

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