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644002the guitar at 0:23 was used in an intro to some kind of show,can't remember if it was TV or web…[View]
644031are there any good looking guys willing to have sex with less attractive guys in Alaska[View]
644082Need sauce on this video. Any leads?[View]
644083ben shapiro and tpusa parody memes itt: So I´ve got a friend who loves this kinds of memes where thi…[View]
644076Fourteen Byzantine Rulers: Anyone have an epub of this?[View]
644059Help concerning my peni: The top of my dick looks like its swollen and I cant seem to be able to pee…[View]
644068hi friends i am looking for a song. i watched the music video for it once and never checked for the …[View]
643984Anyone have this pic without the letters?[View]
644055Does anyone have that pic of the sopranos male cast when they’re all standing around in a circle lik…[View]
643842Sauce, anyone? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbd-Q4aW7HA[View]
644063Need someone to help me with something special.: It involves: *A landlord *An unresolved deposit And…[View]
644062Looking for a series of 'quest' threads that would have been posted to /v/ around 2011 to 2013. They…[View]
644056I'm looking for a female to sing a song I wrote for something like 10$ Only her voice and the i…[View]
644049Linux equvalent of Process Monitor?: Proc Mon (SysInternals Suite) allows you to record system event…[View]
643908The instrumental music at 6:32 please. https://youtu.be/SC_lBiEMS5E?t=392[View]
643642Is there a specific name for this type of hair? they seem common enough.[View]
643905Can anyone translate this?[View]
643667Help phrasing: How can I combine these two sentences together? I'm over the word count max.…[View]
644021looking for this song: I found this song in a devil my cry webm. Anyone knows what is it called ?…[View]
644019https://github.com/ivogeorg/cpe1040-cre-week9-part1 Please help anons[View]
644015What anime is this clip from? https://youtu.be/93-_r0w7ykI?t=6386 'how'd you find out totally i…[View]
643619Rec me anime in school setting, but: but I want kind of school anime that doesn't have: much su…[View]
643950sample in this song. why https://youtu.be/KZ_N7fZXiPI?t=242[View]
644010Photoshop: It's time to see a Feels Good as Gimli from Lord of the Rings.[View]
644000help finding old youtube video: there was a music video of a guy in a skunk outfit and he sang about…[View]
643999Chinese phone slowing internet: Hi, I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 that I purchased from banggood.com. …[View]
643476What screen recorder do people use to take from netflix? I'm sure there are groups that actuall…[View]
643977couple of pic i need sauce: and google isn't helping[View]
643989Anyone has sauce on this gam?[View]
643645Can someone make a webm without sound and under 3 megs (so it can be posted on /v/) of 00:23:11 - 00…[View]
643987Does anyone have pdfs of the SMT4 and SMT4A artbooks? Artbooks from other smt games are welcome as w…[View]
643941What is the Korean in this pic?[View]
643755What are some essential books about Epicurus and Epicureanism?[View]
643835Anyone know where i can find pdfs for D&D 5th edition: mainly the player handbook, Xanatars Guid…[View]
643668Been trying to get DMC5 to boot for a week and i keep running into a 5704 createcompushader error. E…[View]
643935/r/ing name of this anime chick on a shirt my friend got at a yard sale i'm assuming it's …[View]
643801Christian Heresy name?: I'm looking for the name of a Christian heresy that believed that salva…[View]
643947I need to get CASP rather quickly because of contract BS. What is a good brain dump site to study of…[View]
643901my computer has been beeping for some reason, I don't know why? (Haven't heard it in a lon…[View]
643924Cpt Marvel on movieninja: Am I retarded or is the film not working on movieninja? >https://movien…[View]
643169the devil computer: Hello, /wsr/ We have a fucking devil PC that refuses to run. It's my roomie…[View]
643494anyone has a high res photo of the Brazilian imperial flag?'[View]
643868Help with earth science homework or dumb it down for me to understand.[View]
643860An Ableton 10 torrent that actually works?[View]
643849Japanese speaking people, What's the literal translation of 'Hand of Truth' from english to Jap…[View]
643463what is the simplest software to rip DVDs?: I am a novice to the subject so I would really appreciat…[View]
643549Wtf is this from ? is it an edit ?[View]
643902Need recommendations for a new printer. Just gonna be using it for black and white. I was thinking …[View]
643808Finding Image Request: The meme is of Two black males wearing their hats improperly in an outdoor se…[View]
643487Anyone have that picture where Harry's scar is photoshopped to be this s symbol?[View]
643876Has anyone got the reaction image like pic related but its either a stoner or tired person looking a…[View]
643559Who is this guy that Sseth uses in his videos?[View]
643881Split face / mirror art name ?: I've always liked art which shows the characters faces with a s…[View]
643651Can someone please edit the girl here and the make the background transparent?[View]
643806Finding a torrent/download: Does anyone have a torrent or direct download for the girls last tour ma…[View]
643607Where to read ripped fastpass chapters from webtoon: Alright anons maybe you can help me out by poin…[View]
643859Out of these three anime series which one should I start reading/watching? My Hero Academia, JoJo…[View]
643847anyone have a mediafire link with the D-Day/Jour J comics? I remember once seeing a mediafire link w…[View]
642704recommend me some realistic psychological manga/anime[View]
643856Japan PSP/PSX games on PSN: I have a japanese PSN account I used to get LSD dream emulator, I was wo…[View]
643633hey guys, i need a bit of help. Im kind of socially retarded and don't know whether or not I h…[View]
643597Japanese song: I'm looking for a Japanese song. In Japanese class, a good 5-8 years ago, there …[View]
643826Prove that (a+b)(b+c)(c+a)>8abc: If a, b and c are positive and different numbers, prove that (a+…[View]
643543Complete seamless migration of ALL content from one rig to another - can this be done?: 1. I have a …[View]
643720Can someone please help me figure out the title of that famous funky song with the bassline that goe…[View]
643347Does anyone know where this quote comes from?[View]
643828How do I remove SecuROM from the Steam Version of Split Second? The 60fps Patch doesn't work un…[View]
643827Engineering tutorial help: Anyone in here know how to draw a mohr's strain circle with these pr…[View]
643499How can I make code like this work? It gives me an error saying that ''name'' is…[View]
643734Someone posted a webm on /f/ a couple years ago with this short ambient song (a few seconds) that sa…[View]
643818What's the source of this? Is it original art? If yes from who?[View]
643817i am looking for that webm or youtube video where muslim talking about beign secretly gay in muslim …[View]
643816A steep request but would someone please make a Shooting Star meme where the goalie here rockets off…[View]
643576explain this meme to me[View]
643659University of Texas Library: Is there someone currently with access to the UT Library that could hel…[View]
643586Could anyone translate this? https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2550899 Thanks in advance[View]
643650should be quick, looking for 'reason' to be replaced with 'smug anime girls'[View]
643761Does anybody know of a functional archive for the post-2001 issues of nintendo power? Looking for PS…[View]
643771Can anyone recommend me some good software for burning videos onto CDs/DVDs/BDs? I need the followin…[View]
643788looking for a specific meme: hi. im looking for a specific meme. its pic related but edited with 'he…[View]
643785short gif /r/: could you make a short gif drawing that looks/feels like this? posting another one to…[View]
643538can someone remove the background and make the drawing a transparent .png? thanks[View]
643775How do I move my torrents from uTorrent to qBittorrent while still retaining my share ratio?[View]
643618Does 'House of Leaves' have any decent ebook versions? I know the layout of many pages is unconventi…[View]
643749The Infinite Line: Re-making Art After Modernism: Trying to track down a PDF (preferably) or EPUB or…[View]
643740Images: grimdark, gloom, creepiness: Give me as much, as you can, please. I prefer your favourite o…[View]
643634Trying to remember the name of an anime - a 'detective' show where kids start going missing from a s…[View]
643704Hi, I need a little help from those who have already opened a seller account on Amazon. I am trying …[View]
643558Alright, I know I found this image on 4c. It was on a video with a chill music. And I have no idea h…[View]
643637Anyone have this image without the arrows?[View]
643427Anyone know of an online tutorial for dummies trying to set up Samba on Arch Linux? I've found …[View]
643604Anyone got the other edits of pic related?[View]
643694Recommend Anime: can you guys give me some anime, i like this one: >sankarea >Tasogare Otome x…[View]
643703Psychedelic Rock: Any recommendations for songs that give off the same vibe as Light My Fire and The…[View]
643603need sauce or artists name[View]
643688OK, I know this is some old meme at this point, but I was wondering, is the full video, unedited, wi…[View]
643600Apparently, this Steins;Gate manga was scanlated into English, but I can't seem to find volume …[View]
643672Discord bot: So, I wanted to try making a bot for my discord but I'm a little lost, can anyone …[View]
643666there is a rock song that sounds like this, https://vocaroo.com/i/s0RT1SxXkNjK can anyone help me?[View]
642834Can someone draw Apu wearing this computer helmet (and carrying the keyboard)?[View]
643309New Windows 10: Just recently bought some gaming build off of a dude on OfferUp. Thing runs everythi…[View]
643564I’m diabetic and it’s frustrating to read ingredient labels here in the US to know how much sugar I’…[View]
643610Looking for some manga twisted love stories, yandere, stalking, borderline murderous, anything obses…[View]
643588Keep getting this over multiple threads over different red boards. Any idea on how fixing it? It hap…[View]
643628What's the name of this painting and it artist[View]
642844A month or so ago I saw this fanart on /v/ mocked up to look like a potential Resident Evil 3 boxart…[View]
643624Can someone photoshop it so it's a .png of just Mr.Beast, thanks.[View]
643621Does anyone know song/music video I'm thinking of? It's a female lead singer, hard rock, 9…[View]
643617Can someone please link me a clean, virus-free crack/torrent of Sony Vegas Pro Edit 16?[View]
643614Hello what anime this 1. At some points of time, the MC embarked upon journeys trailing their father…[View]
643461What is this 'hairdryer' thing?[View]
643594Does anyone have really good image macros for explaining to a normie why Facebook is bad?[View]
643583Halp, what website or app is this?[View]
643598Who is this?: Who is this character and what anime is she from?[View]
643593who is she from?[View]
643506Who's that?[View]
642604Black Cat Thread: I'm looking for pictures of black cats, as many as you can find. Grey cats wo…[View]
643188So there was this arcade game back in my days, never played it but it was kind of creepy. It was abo…[View]
643150WHERE CAN I VIEW OR DOWNLOAD FULL MANGA BAKI THE GRAPPLER: I can't find the full chapters of th…[View]
643551First post, sorry if this isn’t a normal request, I was wondering if any of you could help me identi…[View]
643571can someone post the (I think) metallica music video thats based on the killdozer? like its one of t…[View]
643544Earthworm Jim 2: Where can I find a working rom for the playstation version of Earthworm Jim 2?…[View]
643280hi guys didnt know where to ask for help but i think you guys here are the best to ask. so im lookin…[View]
643474How is the instrumental of this called?: Isn't there a term for this kind of music? https://www…[View]
643561DESS' Nichijou Release: Anybody has it archived? If so, could you please extract the subs and u…[View]
643490Python: RSA encryption: Hello, can anyone help me make a python encryption/decryption scheme followi…[View]
643560does anyone own 4coder that is willing to share it with me a mega or mediafire link would be aprecia…[View]
643553For some reason Youtube's search filter button didn't work. I tried to find videos for tod…[View]
643547Metal Gear Solid 3 Online on CFW PS3 PHAT BC: Hi, Im trying to get online working on MGS3 through my…[View]
643528Any idea about what is this from? A reverse image search point me to 'f.s' and a lot of other 'f.s' …[View]
643395Sine Equation: Can someone help me write a sine equation for this graph, im gonna kick a baby if i s…[View]
643475Can anyone identify how this image was generated?[View]
643380searching for song name: what is the name of the songs that appear on 2:33 and 4:09? https://youtu.b…[View]
643182does anyone know what the music is called when the video reaches 2:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
643530Looking for a specific horror short: I'm trying to find a specific horror short film that I…[View]
643488Keyboard and mouse on PS4?: My pc isn't that great and i want to play some FPS games on my ps4,…[View]
643529What anime is this supposed to be? Someone told me to guess it, but I have no idea. >Main Charact…[View]
643391Non screen aspect, webm production: All i want to do is crop sections of video footage to make .webm…[View]
642480Please help my group with our class project by taking this survey we made: https://s.surveyplanet.co…[View]
643521Need more of this hamster[View]
643480wheres the weed section on 4channel?[View]
643172possible to make image untraceable?: Using Vans Customs creator I've been trying to use the scr…[View]
643515looking for a good rom-com manga with a good translation, tried getting into My Monster Secret but t…[View]
643355Trigun Maximum: Started reading Trigun and then Trigun Maximum recently on Mangadex. Around chapter …[View]
643045dbdhdh: tell me what your favorite animal is, anon![View]
643496What movie is this?[View]
643345Any games like this on PS4? looking mainly for the micro managing aspect of it.[View]
643340What is this meme called?[View]
643131manga similar to komi san, bokuben, 5toubun. the goal is to make my heart squeeze from cute.[View]
643469Retard tries to use dirt for motherboard: Found a case at a garage sale, thought I could use it for …[View]
643468How to render video in sony vegas so my video could look like typical 2009 video?[View]
643458Need a sauce for this one boss[View]
643460GTX 970 bad memory?: Hi, I keep getting crashes when playing games on this GTX 970. It's probab…[View]
643414car thief: please help me catch the person responsible for stealing my car. heres an image to work w…[View]
643424I accidentally are bread with mold. I keep coughing. What's going to happen.[View]
643360TRUTH - TRUTH - REALITY looking for the picture where a shape is being illuminated from 2 different …[View]
643449Request to create the Wallpaper of Poseidon's Rage: Poseidon's Rage is in God of war 1 gam…[View]
643408Sine Equation: Here's another sine graph, the period is messing with me. I know the amplitude i…[View]
643353Do you guys know what is this stuff on the ceiling called? I wanna buy something like that for my ro…[View]
643425Knowing that middle-top and middle-bottom are the same person and that middle-left and middle-right …[View]
642841Can someone please enhance this pic's quality? Ideally it'd look sharp sized 2000x2000 pix…[View]
643285Requesting the image where there's an anime girl bent over wearing pic related panties[View]
643429Are you chinese and know shit about 2hu? Help me: I'm trying to register on a fucking chinese f…[View]
643404Do you know anything about this anime?[View]
643154Can someone make this digital/add more white space so it's square? A friend drew it and I adore…[View]
643417/r/ing pics of Stephanie Safechuck and Joy Robson in their prime, or at least, for 20+ years ago bef…[View]
643385You're Under Arrest Soundtrack: You're Under Arrest Soundtrack anyone? It used to be on kh…[View]
643400My 4th grade teacher read my class this book years ago and I just remembered it, I don’t remember th…[View]
643273Music video from 80s or early 90s: I don't know if it was completely animated or just the end w…[View]
643126Editing request: Can Someone please hide the text at the bottom? And also i would bw really happy wi…[View]
643358Phoneposter scum here. Can I get the Thad No-pill portion of this image cropped out?[View]
643390Hi /wsr/, so i wanted to ask how can i get some google drive archives I have, since my account was t…[View]
643352Japanese Translation Request: I just got a new shirt that has pic related printed on it. I cannot sp…[View]
643049Do you know the source of this gif?[View]
642567Wizchan memes: Hello. I require wizardchan/wizchan/wizard memes. As many as you have. I remember at …[View]
643374source: I wanted to know where this cat is from[View]
642629I'm looking for an image I've seen pop up around 4chan, it's a bit like pic related (…[View]
643371Looking for fan art of the virgin and the chad where they’re hanging out, going to the gym, playing …[View]
642838Requesting ebook of these please? https://www.amazon.com/Manga-Mutiny-NEXT-ebook/dp/B01MRFU5LA/ref=…[View]
643337Intimate request: Hey guys, This is probably a super bad idea, but I just felt inclined to ask you …[View]
642979Hello /wsr/, I am requesting music today. The last few weeks I've had Weezer - Blue Album and S…[View]
643341Research article: I need this research article titled 'Determination of ulipristal acetate and …[View]
643119Is there any place where I can download or torrent Parasite Eve (the novel) in Japanese? Preferably …[View]
643331Can anyone tell me what this is called in English?[View]
643281Why I have a problem installing windows 10 in SSD but not on HDD?[View]
643112Identify character: What character is this? If OC, what's the source image?[View]
643042Gutenberg project images remake: I'm trying to improve a book at project Gutenberg, and there a…[View]
643324Are there any pornstar-like ASMRtists out there that actually have good content?[View]
643323What's the original image?[View]
643120Sauce: Please? I can't find this artist for the love of me and I've been searching on shad…[View]
643032I'm looking for images that have this aesthetic. Bonus point if there's women instead.[View]
643128Can I get some illustrations/diagrams of different types of historical weaponry similar to these ple…[View]
643151I'm looking for the name/author of those paintings that depicted soviet soldiers burning german…[View]
643271Anyone have the meme of the guy complaining that he went to a place where people hold different view…[View]
643002Need help finding this Bean Bag Chair: Very odd request, but I wish to buy this particular bean bag …[View]
643031Jigsaw puzzle game for android: I'm looking for a jigsaw puzzle game for android that lets you …[View]
642869Can anyone identify this capacitor? Not only it's hard for me to read it, I don't really k…[View]
642863May someone please scale this to 500x500, and clean up the artifacts?[View]
643164Statue Request: What is the name of this statue? I've seen it a number of times but I suppose i…[View]
643166trying to find sauce for this girl, really just want a larger image but a name/source would allow me…[View]
643282Does anyone have the reaction image of the sad stick man laying in the grass that looked vaguely lik…[View]
643161Can someone make a gif of 0:33 and 0:34 thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er030FNlkDk[View]
643267help me type this out?[View]
642815Looking for a torrent/mega link for Mamoru Hasoda's Summer Wars artbook. Pic related[View]
643235can someone help edit away that lose strands of hair?bad hair day lads, Thank you in advance[View]
643243Can someone please make the background transparent?[View]
642481reaction pics like this one. it is very important that i collect these.[View]
642836Asad Ghanma: Where can I find more info on him in English, specifically his service in the Six-Day w…[View]
643241reputable online pharmacy? or the means to get Amoxicillin without a prescription. urgently needed[View]
643233Searching for High Quality images of The Great Old Ones, especially Azathoth and Cthulhu. (Pictured:…[View]
643227Can someone tell me the name of the sound effect that's used in a lot of hip-hop and rap? It ki…[View]
643220looking for a manga called 'Jibun Kaigi'. what are some good places to look for obscure manga?: repo…[View]
643158Chemistry: About the blocks d and f of the periodic table, which are called external transition meta…[View]
643210https://youtu.be/ZTJ_2yeSVNw Can someone find out what the song at these times? It’s a cool song and…[View]
643146Can someone make this a full wallpaper for a phone[View]
642497>another manga recommendation thread Hey anons, can you recommend me so fucked up manga? Like sud…[View]
643206anyone have that armpit meme with lighting[View]
643204Epub downloads: Whats the best place for epub downloads now that isn't cancer? Particularly loo…[View]
642880Anyone know where I can download or read Ranma 1/2 in English in right-to-left? All the sites I can …[View]
643200Where can I find the 90 Minute version of 'The Killer Wore Gloves' 1974?: I am wondering if anybody …[View]
643005Could someone please remove the text from this? Thank you.[View]
643133Late 90's/Early 2000's CGI: Looking for some old cgi stock images like the posted image. J…[View]
643171grand wizard man: Anybody know where I can find a full length version of the “grand wizard man” paro…[View]
641925Gotardo went down :( What app can I use to stream HD anime for free?[View]
643047Anyone have a good torrent for the You're Under Arrest animes and movie? I can't find anyt…[View]
643020can you put me in a believable hijab/headscarf to show support for christchurch? i dont have one tha…[View]
643039Where/how is the best way to stream/download/read manga? Why?[View]
643144where can i watch Targets 1968?[View]
642558Sadkots: Post 'em[View]
642686Maths Trig: How do you find all 8 solutions?: I got a question that says Find all the solutions of 6…[View]
643127Looking for similar art: Want to find artists/art like this, it's similar to the style I'…[View]
643124What is the movie with the scene where the two guys go to the sperm bank, and the one dude fills lik…[View]
643123can i please get some soft post rock/shoegaze/indie recs? my father won't turn down the TV for …[View]
642859Looking for free material I can use for my website. I need music & video content that isn't…[View]
643073Animation request: hopefully, this isn't too complicated but I would like an animation of two b…[View]
642936Documentary on Unabomber: I am looking for a specific documentary on the Unabomber, Ted Kacyznski, w…[View]
642373Zoomer Boomer Doomer: Hello, I would like to request a high quality template for the ZoomerBoomerDoo…[View]
642623Female knight: Evening /wsr/. I'm looking for a specific image depicting a well-built muscular …[View]
643053full size unedited hungary anyone?[View]
642790What is that gif. with the guy drinking whisky and then laughing? i really want it![View]
642923What are the best books on Japanese mythology and where can I get them? I'm interested in this.[View]
643093Request: Looking for the artwork showing the spoiled millennial getting a pedicure, iphone, served s…[View]
643091whose got a screenshot of all of the videos Stefan Molyneux made about JQ? (or a link)[View]
643034Can someone make a cooler looking version of these captions? I tried to caption it in Paint so it lo…[View]
643086ive already got senica but what else is good[View]
643081PC going through some dumb shit. Windows update forced itself on it and (I presume) is the reason fo…[View]
642965best free vpn: my current is too expensive[View]
643076Playstation classic: Anybody know where I can download some psx roms? I got a playstation classic an…[View]
643067Requesting the name of a weird 80's movie about two guys who travel in a digital world, and one…[View]
642996how do I launch Alien Carnage on Steam?: ok so the developers made it freeware in 2014 and put it up…[View]
643041hello, /wsr/ i need the brown hair and the ribbon removed from the image. doesn't need to look …[View]
643036I need the vocals of Uragirimono no Requiem but only vocals. anyone can do this for me? or even te…[View]
642947Does anyone know any ethical related software cases? I need to make a presentation on the topic, tha…[View]
643021Finding a Ghibli Soundtrack: I bought a CD version of the 'Castle in the Sky' soundtrack by Joe Hisa…[View]
642943Where can i watch puchi evangelion @ school? Youtube its copyright blocked and any other sites don…[View]
642202Searching good versions to download: The steam version for both Doom (1 and 2) and Quake suck, could…[View]
642828Which anime/game is this from, please[View]
642699find out who this model is: i saw this book at a goodwill and i would like some help finding any oth…[View]
643000I know absolutely nothing about 3D models or animation, and the only 3D animation programs I even kn…[View]
642991RATTLE RATTLE COME TO BATTLE: Time to raise the skeleton army! RATTLE RATTLE COME TO BATTLE![View]
642987first time paying taxes and I have no idea where to start is turbotax good if you only had one job? …[View]
642873Can you make him look like a trap?: just curious to see what he'd look like as a girl.[View]
642919Downloading info.stylee32.net?: I know how to download from magnets and such but I'm really con…[View]
641953What kind of pants are these?: Is there a specific kind of term for this type of pants? I already lo…[View]
642882Can someone tell me the source of the tools in the bottom? I know I saw there somewhere already but …[View]
642942heyy Anon, can you tell me the similarities and differences between the comics and the movie? Please…[View]
642981Can I get the fedora version of this pic[View]
642920requesting /pol/ edits of political cartoons in particular this one[View]
642977microphone issue: Recently bought new earphones and the microphone doesn't work on my PC. They …[View]
642668I need adobe photoshop cc 2018. Do please gib me a torrent or a link please.[View]
642865I’m looking for reccomendations for games that have challenging and different boss fights like pic. …[View]
642856Transparent Request: If somebody can remove everything but the girl and make it transparent that wou…[View]
642946Identify this song and win a prize: less thank you[View]
642800Songs similar to Jeff Rona feat. Rachel Fannan - Crimson Cloud[View]
642956Misremembered Anime/Cartoon/Animation: Essentially I used the Internet when I was younger at about 9…[View]
642851looking source of this picture or a hq version of it[View]
642945Does anyone have a link to pic related? It's a video of a mob of people in white and black shir…[View]
642885Are there animus that are similar to both TTGL and YuruYuri? Something both epic and cute with mecha…[View]
642939Can't remember the name of the manga: It was about a few people from the real world getting dro…[View]
641826>dad is dying of cancer What are some anime or movies for this feel?[View]
642678Can anyone find source on this artist?[View]
642879Blushing Girls: I'm looking for real pictures of girls blushing... lmk[View]
642926Need your ideas: I have to create a character to a Rol game, I have been thinking of something like …[View]
642922Post all memes that you have: >3am pics welcome >Dark humor welcome…[View]
642665can someone post the pepe version of this image?[View]
642871I need vampire manga recommendations so far I've read: >Blood Alone >Dance in the Vampir…[View]
642903I'm looking for a sleek, professional looking apu like pic related but without the clown gear. …[View]
642396Can I get a stream link for Leaving Neverland? I don't have Netflix.[View]
642793Oculus Sensor Placement: Yeah so I spent about 90 minutes on this website making a model of my room …[View]
642855About 7 yrs ago roughly there was a thread on /r9k/(?) of historical / fictional people rapping and …[View]
642889Hey I'm looking for a crudely drawn cartoon/comic where a guy looks depressed af and in the nex…[View]
643342Could someone tell me the source of this?[View]
642663Banned overwatch names: I’vr been trying to find this picture of all these banned overwatch names fo…[View]
642884Copics: Hi guys, first time posting in /i/, so happy to have found this board. Seeing as this is a b…[View]
6428832D design: I hate how I cant save anything in the demo version. How do I acquire this for free. Alte…[View]
642590Fast suicide: Can anyone recommend me a decent method to an hero? I want to die, but I'm a bit …[View]
642876Another number theory problem that I can't seem to get a hold of. I'd love to point to som…[View]

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