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668334Can someone get rid of the red arrows?[View]
668319Hello, can somebody please help me putting the face more into the center of the sun or making it mor…[View]
667505Name these plants[View]
668035can someone put this guy...[View]
668306Does anyone know of a program that can play ADX audio files of convert them into a playable format? …[View]
667907History of kanji pdf: Does anyone have anything about kanji’s history? Like some books PDFs or publi…[View]
668312Do any of you know what website was used to make this?[View]
668120https://youtu.be/gKF4fMFK9M0?t=65 1:05 Can anyone find the name or link for this song? Can't fi…[View]
668298Looking for a movie: List of shit I remember >made sometime around 2012, so not an old movie >…[View]
668281can someone edit her hair color to black and her eyebrows too?[View]
668282I want to use FreePascal(it's the language I learned and used the most up to now[basic CLI prog…[View]
668279Art of cute North Korean military girls: Please post or tell me how to find art of cute North Korean…[View]
668274So do here anyone have or knows where I can get either a HD png of the image in this shitty hoodie o…[View]
668271Translation please: Please translate this. I don't necessarily mean editing the image and types…[View]
665890Could I get a translation to english?[View]
667963Emulator: Does anyone know a good psp emulator for iOS or is there such a thing as a ps3 emulator fo…[View]
668238anyone got that image of the cool guy with sunglasses at night and hes filling up his car at a gas s…[View]
668234There was a manga about a guy letting a doctor drills a small hole on his skull for some experiment,…[View]
668251could some kind anon explain pic related to me,my english is not very sharp,thanks in advance anon[View]
668069Does anyone have 3D Model of a Sony DAT-Walkman?[View]
668243George Lincoln Rockwell Doge: Will someone photoshop me Doge to look like GLR. So basically Doge wit…[View]
668240Request webm of cop/robber: I'm looking for the webm of what appears to be a cop and a criminal…[View]
668216Can someone photoshop Bolas holding a Monster Energy Zero Ultra?: In either hand is fine. I'd a…[View]
668236Requesting a touhou comic where sakuya takes away either remilia's or flandre's umbrella a…[View]
668112For no particular reason, I need a good image of a smug red/orange-haired anime girl Can you niggas …[View]
668221who is between Stan Lee and Queen Elizabeth?[View]
667587I'm looking for song recommendations, something based around heavy slow bass, like the ending o…[View]
668227going through some incel feelings, any songs like Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love and St…[View]
667904CASIO fx-7400GII: Does anyone know this specific model of calculator and how to quickly solve the ta…[View]
668214Could someone find a good comprehensive guide to VOR navigation in FSX? I got a very nice DC-10 but …[View]
668213Street name?: Can someone tell me the street name in this picture?[View]
668190Windows Shutdown Help: So, since last night when selecting 'Shut Down' in the windows power menu, wi…[View]
668028Need Help Rooting an LG Stylo on ver 5.1.1 (Cricket): >LG-H634 >Android Version 5.11 >Devel…[View]
667857Alright guys, i'm looking for the download of obb file, of Space galaga, package name is: (com.…[View]
668082Information on a Private Hajj al-Din: I read this in 'Six Days of War' by Michael Oren (p.283), and …[View]
667678I am looking for the name of SF novel with black and bright green cover that place in the future whe…[View]
668188Looking for an AMV: I'm looking for a specific amv i saw a long time ago, its to the song Decay…[View]
668182/a/ discusses anime: I'm looking for the webm of a dubbed over comic where some guy comes in as…[View]
668176could you give me all the monopoly meme you have[View]
668175Does anyone have a download for Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell season 4 episodes they can share?[View]
668136Civ 5 Crash on Manjaro XFCE: I'm new to Linux, so I'm still getting used to everything. I …[View]
668162I'm looking for a short anime video. In it, a girl in overalls is playing guitar. She has a cup…[View]
668171Can someone get me a site to download some cool old vidya[View]
667852Joke in Video: My roommate and I are trying to find the source of a joke in a video. The joke was a …[View]
668154Having a couple issues on a recently formatted SSD. First, if I set up 2 monitors, the settings of …[View]
667719Any other series like Marble Hornets? I mean in the sense that it's a video series wherein a my…[View]
668144I'm looking for a certain anime picture that looked like pic related[View]
668150Looking for downloads to any RIP SLYME albums, preferably GOOD TIMES but I’ll take anything.[View]
668119Where are can get the same data game of the 4chan Spring Babby Cup? I want my pes looks like this. T…[View]
667680icon change: hey, guys. i need to change some icons. i started working with many large photo albums.…[View]
668141Requesting a naruto full color manga chapter: Where can I find the Naruto full color manga? Well act…[View]
668139i need a video. in the video, aliens find the earth. it seems that at first they are humans, until t…[View]
666944Danmachi Sidestory: Does anyone Know where I can find the 'Labyrinth of a Girl's Mind' sidestor…[View]
667903There was an anime show in the early 2000s (before 2003) that I remember airing, at least in Peru, a…[View]
668115Site for mangas: Can someone get me a site to read or download mangas in general?[View]
668095Can you solve it?[View]
668109What kind of monkey is this?[View]
668116a problem it's starting to get really hot out and I'm a weird freak who doesn't feel …[View]
668080I don't think I'll find the answer here, but could someone forward me to a better place to…[View]
668081Looking for a pirated ver. of HL Blueshift: A couple of years ago, i had a shitty laptop that i down…[View]
668001I am looking for a GIF of a kid running into a classroom with his fingers on his head pointed like a…[View]
668019Is School days scary or just edgy? Also horror anime recommendation thread I guess.And yes, I have s…[View]
667405Recommend me fun mobile games to play during a long car trip[View]
667879What is the sentence in Japanese?: Whe you select Cyrus at Octopath Travaller, in English voice he s…[View]
667943Need anime recommendations. Looking for any good anime with interesting story.[View]
668058recommend me some mobile browsers. I'm looking for something that can zoom out and allows for f…[View]
668054Could I get sauce on this girl and this exact image?[View]
667682What video game is this from?[View]
668031p = 0.45 here, but the values for P(X=x) are from the p = 0.35 part of the table? What's going …[View]
668023My android phone seems to have VERY delayed notifications while connected to wifi. It would sometime…[View]
668027In Ireland, phone numbers are composed like this : +353 XX XXX XXXX. I know that XX is the county co…[View]
667993Coding Help (python): I had a guy online make a short little program for me. It's supposed to t…[View]
668003need help with a picture of mine if someone as the time would be awesome thanks in advance pic not r…[View]
668037Music Video Clothes: I'm looking for a website that has sauce on clothes from music videos Spec…[View]
667960Is there recovery software for smartphones? Since all of the recovery software I got does not seem t…[View]
667947I am searching for a HD version of honkler. Can someone help me out here ?[View]
667075http://www.eurekamultimedia.com.au/kids-maths-quest-digital-download-pc.html anyone got this…[View]
667988Can someone shoop the 'supernova eyes' onto this picture, in the style of the next pic ideally? If t…[View]
667996photoshop request: have a photo i need to get a mouth replacement and maybe a touch in the eyes was …[View]
667983Elementary Photoshop Request: I need the background and body cut out. I basically need the Face + Be…[View]
667986S.T.A.L.K.E.R CoP on Linux?: Is there any way I can play call of pripyat on linux? Does it run throu…[View]
667982I would like recommendations for some good mahou shoujo series. These I have seen already, and liked…[View]
667962Is there a way to fix the rubber seal on a washing machine or am I just fucked it's not leaking…[View]
667957Looking for action anime recommendations.[View]
667899Making WSL go weeb and russian bot: How do I befriend WSL with unicode? Basically I want to be able …[View]
667942What's her name?[View]
667117Diana: Can anybody tell where this short haired Diana is from? I remember it being from a comic but …[View]
667964Stardew Valley for mac? The mac torrent wasteland is particularly dry these days.[View]
667920/r/ing that disgusting greentext about cleaning women's bathrooms.[View]
666802Any visual manipulators here? I wanna put spiky hair on this actor in motion.[View]
667932Does anyone have saved pic related, but instead of it being these cartoon drawings it has paintings …[View]
667026WTF is this switch for?[View]
666870What’s wrong with me being trans?[View]
667544Windows 10 is being worse than 8.1: So about a month or so ago, I upgraded to Windows 10 in preperat…[View]
667922Logo and Disc surface/cover design. Please, do it for the hyperdisc in picrelated.[View]
667594Image modification required: Can anyone edit out the tree for me, I really like the wallpaper, but t…[View]
667915How would one go about pirating live boxing matches? A livestream would be ideal.[View]
667908Does anyone have a K-pop ricardo or the source song?[View]
667906I've already posted it yesterday at night but it i haven't found a right answer to this. …[View]
667905Crawling image galleries: I wanted to download a few image galleries from http://rubberslug.com but …[View]
667900Proxima Nova (v. 2.008 or more): Does anyone have the full package of Proxima Nova version 2.008 (or…[View]
667861I need the last page numbered 931 and 932 as a click: I lost the last pages to some nasty zombies th…[View]
667096looking for a wallpaper: hello. im looking for a very specific wallpaper. it is a drawing of a sunse…[View]
666645Met my musical hero, but the girl I handed my phone to snap a pic of us didn't know to just fuc…[View]
6678833rd eyeing very other RPG: I have a phone 2% battery Haunter return![View]
667362Hey /wsg/ I've got an annoying ass notification on my phone it says 'No SIM card, found tap for…[View]
667872Can someone please help me find Community Base Addons 1.0.0 for Arma 2 CO? I can't use ACE prop…[View]
667389What do I wear for Spring weather?: This probably sounds extremely stupid, but I've lived in th…[View]
667837updated evolution of 4chan: I found a version of this old image recently. It was quite a bit longer …[View]
667388Does anyone know any good classical music pieces that would help invigorate me while working out? I…[View]
667483Download English manga?: What are some good places to download manga? Preferably volume by volume or…[View]
667548I bought a bottle of Bamboo Leaf Vodka a while back and t no surprise, its shit. Any recommendations…[View]
667177League of Legnds: Does anyone know a way to run League of legends on windows vista ult? they don…[View]
667413For the love of god, does anyone knows this game?: >2003 >bought one of those '1000 in one' CD…[View]
667795Anyone have any religious text collection torrents or megas?[View]
667843Found on a bridge kinda looks like bart Simpson lol Can someone draw this?[View]
666848Please recommend me anime or manga that have shota as main/large characters![View]
667609'serious' anime: I'm looking for some anime that is of a 'serious' nature. Meaning no weirdly p…[View]
667831Could someone please remove the BluRay logo on the top right corner? I've tried doing it myself…[View]
667721xxxHolic/Tsubasa Crossover points? Please help: ^Manga^ If starting with xxxHolic Volume 1 at which …[View]
667816Is there a plug in for chrome that allows you to auto expand for 4channel, not 4chan? Going through …[View]
667754Recently, my Switch’s fan made this ungodly loud grinding sound when I undocked it and I don’t know …[View]
667411Need anime recommendations,your favorite anime[View]
667818Can anyone tell me what anime this is from? Reverse image search doesnt help.[View]
667521Can someone please add this music to webm related? https://youtu.be/yzXwutv0yy8[View]
667780I'm looking for either the episode, or the color still of this image. Its Arisu (Alice) from S…[View]
667683ANyone here expert in reading facial expressions? What are these expressions trying to convey?[View]
667773I'm looking for a reaction image It's Yui from the anime K-On! looking tired/depressed, sh…[View]
667782Why did Youtube remove the date a video came out on?[View]
667800Could someone tell me from which anime she's from please? 1/3[View]
667805dr.fone: Could someone give me a way to download this program free and full? it cost almost $50, ple…[View]
667772shop this banner to say 'fuck kikes' and/or 'fuck jannies' but make it still loo…[View]
667615How much copyright can you get away with on Instagram if you can only post a 1min maximum of video c…[View]
667524need helping finding a mug shot I saw some time ago: It was in black and white and had this guy with…[View]
667785Music composition roadmap: You guys know of something like this but for music composition?[View]
667790Does somebody have thw furry version of the wolf ammo logo[View]
667753Can someone come up with a witty caption for this for my Facebook page?[View]
667341I'm looking for a 'real leprechaun' video in Spanish I saw in /wsg/ or YT a month or so ago. It…[View]
667742what anime is this from?[View]
667774Anybody have Badoo on their phone? I got banned so can someone check a thing for me? When you click …[View]
667750Hey /wsg/ what are some cheap mp3 players that have a really good battery that will last me a long t…[View]
667205Board Wards: /wsr/ do you want to help design a spell that will ward off people who only come to thi…[View]
667546AUTOMATIC REPAIR LOOP HELP: My computer is stuck in an automatic repair loop. Thursday night I turne…[View]
667408Does anyone please know the name of the music?[View]
666994what is this symbol[View]
667751I'm looking for an old monster battling game that was in browser. The only details I remember w…[View]
667563In the planning phase of writing about a very small town (>500 people) in Alaska . Should a town…[View]
667714anyone know where I can find this ????[View]
667037does anyone have that meme where a solar storm destroys all electronics/computers making all program…[View]
667639AVL Tree Implementation in Java: Hello, I am struggling with implementing an AVL tree structure in J…[View]
666269Does anyone know how to get humble book bundles? Specifically this one, torrents are no good, I can …[View]
667630You guys know where I can watch tv series and movies online, old sites I used to resort are now all …[View]
667184there is this fat annoying dog around the corner it already bit my doge and myself in the arm any s…[View]
667494Need this guys: Hey /wsr/ Would someone please download these pictures and upload it all together so…[View]
667416It's a movie that came out recently. The only things I know about it is that it is about the oc…[View]
667695Anybody have the gif of this? And is it just me or is Google Image search getting shitter and shitte…[View]
667120perhaps too bothersome to ask. my internet is really bad (less than 1mbps) and there's 2 variet…[View]
667518Android smartphone without the baked-in Google stuff?: What's a cheap or moderately priced ANDR…[View]
667677Looking for a movie: I'm looking for a movie I saw like eight years ago possibly more but defin…[View]
667620Hello, im missing some vital xbox services and have tried to get them back by reinstalling all windo…[View]
667665can someone find me the original for this image? i'm unable to get a hq version.[View]
667651Where do I find bollywood movies with english subs? are there subber groups for those? much prefered…[View]
667652/co/nrad comic: Where he rants about faggots and sjws Then slaps on sunglasses singing 'WE' as the S…[View]
667489trance song stuck: Can anyone help me find a trance track? It may be from between 1998 and 2000, the…[View]
667619Who is she?: Anyone know who the actress is in that new Plastic Love MV?[View]
667577How to do this?[View]
667336Working on my circuits class right now. Does anybody know what the fuck the bracket thing means? The…[View]
667606Starting an anime start-up: I don't think I can make decent money only with my CS degree so I…[View]
667595What is this from?[View]
667480Prince of Bel air: anyone know have link to download prince of bel air tv show? megalink or torrent …[View]
667395https://vocaroo.com/i/basedzSt8RLcwl I've played quite a few VNs in the past few months, mostly…[View]
667590Anyone have any videos/books that teach how to work on and repair cars? I'm not really looking …[View]
667572How would one go about downloading every single one of these tracks? I don't want to do it manu…[View]
667515please help[View]
667150Can anyone provide that honkler gif where the pepe is barely visible then it starts to approach towa…[View]
667053Does anyone know where I can download/stream Neil Breen’s movies? I can’t find them anywhere.[View]
667529Higher resolution pic?: does anyone have a high res version of this pic?[View]
667242where do I even start?[View]
667527Can someone make the purple chick into Daenerys from Game of Thrones[View]
667081I'm looking for a couple of Doug images from't back in the day. The first is of Skeeter pu…[View]
667495Source for doujin in the lower left of pic related please.[View]
667501Can someon tell me how many pages a issue of the New York Times has? Post pic for proof[View]
667503GeforceNow not working!: So I just downloaded Steam Link to my TV and it does what it's suppose…[View]
667491anyone have the original picture of this[View]
667054Anyone know where this is from?[View]
667497Best BSD for desktop?: I want to install BSD on my laptop and use it as my daily driver. I've 0…[View]
667396Looking for CGDCT manga recs. I've watched most of the recommended anime so now I need manga an…[View]
666796Requesting a picture: It was a 'mog' meme it consisted of a Western Army side by side with a Eastern…[View]
667485Ok guys i would much appreciate some sauce on this jacket[View]
667440Sauce: Does anyone have sauce?[View]
666555I request ffmpeg binaries 64x for windows with all the flags enabled (mostly the --enable-libfdk_aac…[View]
667237What's the best site for downloading manga? Libgen has a pretty weak collection.[View]
667436Can you recommend me any anime like Parasyte? It doesn't have to be about exactly the same them…[View]
667465What anime is this?[View]
666842Computer suffering FPS issues: Before my PC got a new processor, I was easily getting 100+ fps on De…[View]
667035My computer will randomly black screen and become unresponsive while the fans spin super fast, and i…[View]
666116reinstalling windows 10 home on my y530 wat drivers do i need https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ca/en/pro…[View]
667448Sauce of anime song animation: I'm looking for a song on YouTube, the animation has that black …[View]
667164Does anyone have a pdf of this book?[View]
667248Looking for the name of a movie. All i can remember is the movie poster. You see a naked women from …[View]
667080Anyone know any decent companies for ordering custom T-shirts in bulk?: My supervisor at work asked …[View]
667214full size of this?[View]
667216https://vocaroo.com/i/s0mnNFAwzKZg What accent is this? Just a warning, it contains fairly explosive…[View]
667238Weschmyer Family: So I'm looking for these people's instagram or social media. They are 4 …[View]
667371Need help identifying an old song: Anyone recognize the instrumental in this mashup? https://vocaroo…[View]
667404Help with physics: Everything related to electricity. The figure *word1* (<2300) is a characteris…[View]
667361Anyone wanna draw me a beetle with a gun?[View]
666972Is there a sourcw to this picture or is it something that has no available background story?[View]
667303Gyakuten Saiban: Is there some sort of mod or romhack for the first three Gyakuten Saiban / Phoenix …[View]
667360does anyone recognize this quote that goes something along the lines of 'the most attractive qu…[View]
667376Origin: Anyone know the origin of this image?[View]
667252There was a webcomic that was fairly ubiquitous, especially on 4chan, with two anthropomorphic slugs…[View]
666473Not sure if this the right place but I'm looking for an MV which I had forgotten what group did…[View]
667326Looking for the emiya shirou image saying 'Trace on Brain Off'[View]
667089Photoshop request: Hey /wsr/ could you please put the blue-haired boy on a transparent background an…[View]
667311Can I get that reaction gif of the guy with the really large forehead who gets really uncomfortable …[View]
667327I'm trying to find the full version of the music in this CM https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PokQ…[View]
667000Could anyone please translate this, or at least write out the characters for me, please?[View]
667301can somebody put the golden ring from this picture...[View]
667309wut anime[View]
667308Does anybody have the Metal Face project M mod? it's pretty much dead but it got leaked, and th…[View]
667258I can't go to the movies but wanna watch detective pikachu: Does anyone have any sites that won…[View]
667264battlefield vietnam: So I tried playing Battlefield Vietnam. got bored really quick and installed a …[View]
6668113d printer stl files: Brother just got a 3d printer, looking for packs of fun .stl files to share wi…[View]
666948I live in a 3rd world shithole, the salary fucking sucks, I'd like to make money from the inter…[View]
667222Want this image of pepe: He's raising his both hands like this. Thank you[View]
667067External hard drive help: I have a WD - easystore® 4TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive that I can not ac…[View]
667231What's this Chinese weapon called?[View]
667260looking for more gifs of this dude: if you know the character's name that'd be very helpfu…[View]
667188Music recommendations: I'm making a /wsg/ bump, but I want to find something somewhat original …[View]
667246Any site to watch or any site to download Susan Meiselas's 'Pictures from a revolution'?[View]
667233How do I post a horizontal videos to instagram through a browser? I see them all over but when I try…[View]
667220I need an ID on this guy fast. Who is he or what anime is he from? The stakes are high gentlemen, Go…[View]
667213Hey wheres this video from?[View]
667191Cardcaptor Sakura: I've been meaning to watch this show for years now and decided it might as w…[View]
667170Does anyone wanna photoshop the Tsukune in this manga pannel to say Anon, in that font, so we can po…[View]
667166Anyone know any good urbexing or abandoned places in or around Los Angeles?[View]
667197Went to a rave the other day and the DJ played a massive techno/trance song that had a sample of a w…[View]
666286Quack pack huey dewey louie: I lost this picture of them being ripped jojo style, where the red guy …[View]
667175Hey, does anyone know where this image is from? I've been seeing it everywhere lately with load…[View]
665509I'm looking for a small little wireless motion detector that will send a signal to me either by…[View]
667174Does anyone know the names of either of these songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfNleO8y0B0 htt…[View]
667163I'm looking for someone who could draw me in a cute art style. But I also would like to avoid p…[View]
667110Chernobyl HBO: Does anyone know where to find Episode 2 of the Chernobyl Series by HBO? The anons on…[View]
667168Does anyone have Final Fantasy X remastered save game?: I lost my save because of disk failure. Does…[View]
667161Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X: When i turned on my computer today, Windows 8.1 wouldn't post. The CPU f…[View]
665555Can anyone give me some streaming audio advice? I want to be able to monitor the volume of my stream…[View]
667074Is there somewhere non-botnet win 10 activator?[View]
666880can someone tell me who this girl is, i heard shes well known[View]
667118Model name?: Probably a long shot[View]
666983Can this PSU : Enermax Noisetaker EG701AX-VE Support This GPU : Radeon RX580. CPU and rAM are, as f…[View]
666865Does anyone have that two page comic where its a silhouette of a guy sitting in a chair thinking, an…[View]
666694i'm not a disgusting faggot, tranny or anything like that but i wanna try some apple product ou…[View]
666984changing interest rates: Not sure what to do; I've already calculated monthly repayments and th…[View]
667040Is there a torrent site for academic papers? I'm specifically looking for PMID 18730425, 'Popul…[View]
666665Recommend me some horror comics/graphic novels read ùost of junji ito's stuff but that's m…[View]
666730anime music: I need a good site to download anime music. I'm mostly looking for singles but ful…[View]
667006What is this?[View]
666749recommend me some hype shonen series so far I've enjoyed: >muh hero acadmemia >hajime no …[View]
666940Youjo Senki Movie: Does anyone have a good torrent or download for this? I'd really appreciate …[View]
667048what's an anime that will make me feel better? no isekai/harem/moeshit etc unless it's abo…[View]
666636Need recommendations with Fx-9590: So about three years ago i bought a fx 9590 cpu along with a few …[View]
666192I'm trying to make a LED/LDR tremolo (vactrol) system and it should be relatively simple but it…[View]
667002Please help: I'm looking for some nice phone backgrounds[View]
667016I'm working on a 24/7 channel with rather old, super comfy stuff and programming. For transitio…[View]
667038lightdm login loop: i have this issue with lightdm and lightdm-gtk greeter: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
665713Looking for an image I saw on Pixiv a while back: It had Asuna アスナ (Flannery) and Bakuuda バクーダ (Came…[View]
666947skidrow GTA:SA password: can anybody help me get the text file out of this shit? I did the surveys m…[View]
666951who is this guy in this image? he reminds me of [spoiler]my favorite youtuber[/spoiler] but i am cur…[View]
666742Anyone got that pic where on one side you got an autist with a shitton of genres of music and on the…[View]
666605Chernobyl documentary?: Searching for a good documentary about the Chernobyl disaster (in eng of cou…[View]
666996Acupressure/Traditional Chinese Medicine: I'd like to have videos, books, sites, and advice reg…[View]
666864looking for a /co/ screencap where some anon heard that his brother was getting bullied on the way h…[View]
666937Avengers: Endgame: Anyone have a good download of this?[View]
666795I'm looking for an old gif (pic semi related) the angle is similar, but its a hand button mashi…[View]
666283Which computer language should I start with?: Hello, /wsr/ ! How are you guys doing? I wanted some …[View]
665903American volunteers who fought for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War: I'm annoyed that …[View]
666925I'm looking for a Mario 65 rom, does anyone have a link to one?[View]
666529Any well written original romance stories with a boy falling in love with a tomboy girl? Doesn'…[View]
666593Vocaroo: I would really appreciate it if a kind anon could say or sing 'Happy Birthday' for a girl n…[View]
666956What anime?[View]
665716Color request: Please color the top right panel with the left and bottom as references.[View]
666894Does anyone have a copy of Ghost in the Shell (1995) that they can share with me? I've download…[View]
666926Specific Video: I'm looking for a specific video I saw on facebook of a guy with a hat getting …[View]
666843What are the sources of these images?: Any help is appreciated, thanks![View]
666907Does anyone knows the name of this Youtuber?[View]
666896Can I get a transparent background for this image?: Please?[View]
666904Tech support - audio issues: I have been trying to watch Ghost in the Shell (1995). I've downlo…[View]
666882What’s the origin of this image?[View]
666702Trig help: Hey, I have a trig assignment as extra credit for my college class, I am really confused …[View]
665791Can someone make the full body shots here transparent? https://twitter.com/TwtOtaku_My/status/112186…[View]
666884MDS (without MDF) image file conversion: I've got several MDS files I've ripped from God E…[View]
666849Senator Abortion: Can anyone find the video of the black female reporter asking a senator why women …[View]
666846may I get this Twitter video in .webm format, please? https://twitter.com/ikiro_pkmn/status/11288339…[View]
666740I can't play any audio on my laptop (Windows 10): I first ran into this issue after being force…[View]

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