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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 105 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
18190288Found this for $10. is it worth it?[View]
18186238lalah > haman karn: why is lalah so cute /m/[View]
18112670Sakura Wars: English Patch for first game is out: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jjco8jo61voin33/Saku…[View]
18186468>Redhead >Competent pilot >has good taste in music >has strong moral values >is inc…[View]
18187465ITT: games you want translated, but know they are never-evers: First game has an official localizati…[View]
18189675Penelope and Xi: So what about these two that makes them the latest hi end mobile suits of UC and An…[View]
18190685Imagine liking manlets.[View]
18188102Y'see, Large Waterfowl is a beautiful mech. Post more mechs that have STYLE and GRACE[View]
18190819What is a good colour scheme for prototype robots? Virtua On had Demo Temjin and Raiden in White and…[View]
18190130How did he become a meme in Jap imageboards?[View]
18189997How do you feel about robot torture, /m/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O0-dCLFadQ[View]
18190418What Gundam would he pilot?[View]
18189948Mobile /m/ Games: Any good mobile Mecha games around? be it gacha, base building, pay to play, I jus…[View]
18177545Mecha design discussion thread: What are some traits that make a design good or bad in your eyes and…[View]
18169117So I just finished Turn A, and god it was fantastic. I'm glad I finally decided to sit down and…[View]
18189556Was she really a bad person?[View]
18184452I like how no person remembers this anymore despite getting an animated adaptation from Sunrise on t…[View]
18188218MSG novelization: how are these, /m/? i've read a bit about the divergences from the show and i…[View]
18188332Post mechs that are everything you ever dreamed of.[View]
18169678Space Planes: Post space planes Double points for SSTOs[View]
18160826Is the Expanse /m/?[View]
18189567Mirage Colloid: Should have been used more often in the main SEED series, and not have been relegate…[View]
18188174Crossover 2: Last thread got filled so continue?[View]
18177342amuro vs char[View]
18165612Gundam seed: > growing up, thought original Gundam Seed was the best thing since slice bread when…[View]
18188885What if...: >Mecha protagonist >but has a terminal disease…[View]
18187695Since the Mellowlink masters are reputedly gone, how did the laser disc release look?[View]
18189548Gundam 40th book: Is this thing worth buying?[View]
18189431Remember me?[View]
18026099Mashin Hero Wataru: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-11-29/new-mashin-eiyuden-wataru-anime…[View]
18036486Power Armor thread boys Starting it off with Borgman, a fun show I started watching[View]
18181217Did anyone else feel bad for Katejina at the end? She did a lot of bad things but she could die by h…[View]
18186056/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1724: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous: >…[View]
18184217WTF was the definitive version of the OYW?: So many retellings of the One Year War >Original 1979…[View]
18186413Plot hole in Gundam unicorn Episode 2: If the Gundam’s beam rifle beam powerful enough to blow up a …[View]
18186726GETTER DONE[View]
18181219Will he be the Second Coming of Amuro?[View]
18187164fafner: >makes one of the best mecha franchises ever and lock it behind a convoluted and hideous …[View]
18188198Why is the Zudah so weeb?[View]
18187990Hello, im new here, i got a couple questions about stuff Quick question, what are some good medarot …[View]
18171865ITT: create an idea for a mecha series.[View]
18188197Why do girls pretend to like Yamato? And Keyman Sue of all characters, wtf?[View]
18178991fafner: What the fuck did I just watch? After finishing the original series am I supposed to underst…[View]
18183496What are some good peripherals to use with mech cockpit games on PC? What are some good mech cockpit…[View]
18184104Am i the only who thinks this is ugly? It give me too much /o/ vibes with the chest looking like the…[View]
18185339Forgotten anime please help: ok, so i'm having trouble remembering a specific mecha anime. ther…[View]
18185654/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #826: Previous Thread: >>18179346 >Links for beginners: >T…[View]
18170369ITT we make up gundam character names: Zimbabwe Cobb Crunt Gadfly Zizek Goto Beckett Joyce Einstein …[View]
18187459If Jin Saotome was In Uc (preface): Decided to do this cause why not. Jin Saotome Dob: Uc 0062 Age: …[View]
18180393Anthem: Maybe it's because I'm coming into this game a year after release so they've …[View]
18184467What does /m/ think of Lalah's death in 0079? It hit me hard as a truck when I first saw it.[View]
18168290The last ambitious Gundam: Does anyone here think that Gundam 00 is the last Gundam TV series that S…[View]
18169989/m/ plays Gihrens Ambition: Heir to the Ide edition part 2: Previous thread: >>18157201 _____…[View]
18123537/m78/ Thread: Last One for the Decade Edition: One last thread before the end of 2010 lads. What a d…[View]
18184458What does /m/ think of the Rengoku games? The first game turns 15 this year[View]
18179110Just finished pic related and it made me into Terminator again. Thoughts on Terminators?[View]
18182801Beam Sabers: Could beam sabers actually clash like this? I know its influenced by Star Wars but we k…[View]
18174420Post /m/ characters that you've personally wanted to strangle everytime they were on screen[View]
18180873So why were there never compilation movies made for this series? I bet it would get a lot less hate …[View]
18182491/SGG/ Symphogear General: Suits edition >Symphogear XV+AXZ music https://mega.nz/#F!mslXBKTT!cKif…[View]
18175987The absolute state of /m/ in current year that this is now considered a underrated masterpiece[View]
18182228what was wrong with kamile? this hot asian pussy wanted him and he treated her like shit over the cr…[View]
18180781https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5qdj1ibpWA Is Kewpie /m/?[View]
18182655Iron Blooded Orphans: I ended up marathoning the first season of this yesterday, after trying to com…[View]
18183874'Everyone is the bad guy': Did Seed do a better job at getting across the fact every side in the con…[View]
18174097>haven't watched tv for a few weeks now >opens >see this on tv Excuse me, we are doing…[View]
18184664>What the hell can you protect when your feelings are the only weapon you've got?! what did …[View]
18179039Rottk 14 just got on my radar.[View]
18179346/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #825: Previous Thread: >>18166469 >Links for beginners: >To…[View]
18180189/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2266 - Fruit Of Legend Edition: Previous Thread: >>18175332 >H…[View]
18182265'Beam spam' and other meaningless and misued arguments: I saw this phrase become really popular in m…[View]
18160500What is your favorite Strange or Experimental /m/?[View]
18180525best of Tomino's work: thank god /m/ told me about this show.[View]
18168704SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays: Last thread: >>18136426 # INFO: Game is OUT on Steam and En…[View]
18179291BLAST IT! Looks like that clanker amry of the confederacy of independent systems are attempting to i…[View]
18183291Would they have been better off just cancelling this dogshit all together? Who watched this film and…[View]
18177883Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/: More Zeta suits and new step up on the way. Previous thread: …[View]
18169806/kg/ Kaiju General: Acid Edition. Previous threads >>18106447 >>18162955[View]
18183657Don't mind me just dropping the best /m/eme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKqs1JLDbp4 Feel f…[View]
18181274GM II: Is there any in-universe explaination as to why this outdated thing is on the front lines as …[View]
18180925Thoughts on 80's Tetsujin 28-Go? It's the only Tetsujin I ever watched. https://www.youtub…[View]
18153339/prg/ - Power Rangers General #240: Kicking Off the Year of Jason Edition >Beast Morphers Season …[View]
18173493Dr Tenma 's evil plan for Asto Boy is basically to turn him into the ultimate Philosopher King …[View]
18177125Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: ***READ THE GUIDE*** THE GUIDE: http://gunpla.buyfags.moe/ ***READ THE…[View]
18179561Is Star Blazers Rebirth any good? Also there are manga in the site that are translated, but needs se…[View]
18182075Wait, what?[View]
18181778Kanetake Ebikawa: I don't understand why no one praises ebikawa. some of his designs are my fav…[View]
18163775How come Go nagai didn't used Cutie Honey as part of the Mazin Angels?[View]
18183365Be careful, anon[View]
18179619Which Gundam has the best fanservice?[View]
18174028Shows focused on mechs development: In most shows R&D happens in the background, witch character…[View]
18172421How would you go about setting a mecha series during a period of peactime?[View]
18178909/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1723: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Threa…[View]
18179205What was his endgame? was the second OVA ever translated? [View]
18181411Shinn is cute![View]
18182908Who is the best /m/ascot and why?[View]
18180219ITT post a character without posting it.[View]
18174063Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head: Can we have a Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head thread? I really like t…[View]
18177014Latest Gundam ACE: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1zFCR6tOwdRALd-cpyyNpQw[View]
18134813/gbg/ - Gundam Battle General #30: Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare/Breaker Mobile Feel free to share y…[View]
18176960This character almost ruined CCA[View]
18172406ITT: Post dead cuties[View]

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