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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 118 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
17050736Medarot Re-Reloaded: So, is anyone here reading this manga?[View]
17053551Ultraman R/B thread: Just catching up on the series. Haven't seen anyone post about it here, so…[View]
17054213does anyone know if there's a guide in english for this game or something?[View]
17054574I wish Godzilla Reborn got made or at least the script for it get released online or something for a…[View]
17049197Remake when?[View]
17043302Could 'A space Godzilla' actually work as a film back in the day? It would have had the first female…[View]
17044548Hurr Durr, Gundam Unicorn is just the key.: Gundam Unicorn can turn time backwards, it is just the k…[View]
17049263Andrew WK's Gihren speech backing track source?[View]
17050559>the world will never switch to using giant robot fights to settle international disputes I HATE …[View]
17054506Does anyone have a defenitive list or link of Jap Transformers fandubs? It seems like a good bunch o…[View]
17057123What role does this fill?[View]
17057434What do you think of over ride? I think it is dope but some of the mech designs STINK[View]
17053145Is fukuda still on Sunrise's ass over labor hours for its employees?[View]
17057286Greetings fellow feddi- uhh, soldiers of the glorious federation! I sure do love me some gravity! Si…[View]
17054159Yo /m/, are there any mecha or kaiju MEGA folders floating around? spent 10 bucks like a buffoon so …[View]
17024587Evangelion is coming to Netflix: https://twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/1067251667534409728…[View]
17053735lack of realistic mecha in anime: Why don't we have more realistic mecha? The only ones I can t…[View]
17054194Most rando fuck ups in Gundam: >Listens to music and relaxes while being on guard duty >doesn…[View]
17047953I am gonna say the N-word[View]
17047301What are /m/'s favorite 'spider' style mechs?[View]
17056747does anyone know what these are from? i'm attempting to find a specific character page from the…[View]
17055030Why does 'youthful girl with long blonde hair wearing white with glowing green accents' feel like it…[View]
17045037Is Accel World /m/?[View]
17049430Let's talk about how great medabots was[View]
17054493Heroic /m/usic Thread: Post /m/ tunes with a sense of heroism! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtBi5…[View]
17045360War of the Worlds: Is Jeff Wayne's tripods the best design?[View]
17049058Kamen Rider Zi-O 13: http://www.tvnihon.com/node/3565[View]
17052724Who is your captain /m/?[View]
17055553Were you when Godzilla 2000 came out?: Does anyone on /m/ have memories or nostalgia for this movie?…[View]
17056220After all these years, it's still the only intelligent story told with mecha[View]
17055923Why do people bother to bring up the knife fight when they wanna prove that SDF has a shit ton of ho…[View]
1704674380s 90s OAV The Golden Age of /m/: Y'all faggotrons are always talking about how 80s OAV are pe…[View]
17052614/krg/ #1967 - Destroyer of Worlds Edition: Last Ride: >>17048941 >How to get into KR and wh…[View]
17051642FF7 is very /m/. Cyberpunk, kaiju, mecha and motorcycles. It's a shame that so few other FF gam…[View]
17045485You are approached to write a brand new Armored Trooper VOTOMS anime. But you can't cheat and j…[View]
17047962I watched NT a second time. The cinema played the Hathaway PV this time. Hathaway walks down a beach…[View]
17053373/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1553: **READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Thread…[View]
17053800Left or right?[View]
17051827Why is there so little anime featuring kaiju? I can think of a handful of 70s super robot shows and …[View]
17055987Scan Thread (Pic semi-related): https://pan.baidu.com/s/1vMDesggKwA4-TseHKno4JA[View]
17054883Does anyone know how they animate mech's these days? Like one anon claimed that they use some s…[View]
17045768The 08th MS Team: WHY WAS THIS SO GOOD? One of the funnest shows I've watched to date, not just…[View]
17055571/c/m/: post cute /m/[View]
17040782Quradrupeds: Would a quadrupedal mech be more practical for combat than a humanoid one? >Could ha…[View]
17007904IBO is dead: It's not fair, bros. What went wrong? >Press F to pay respects…[View]
17052394/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #730 - It's that time of year again edition: Previous Thread: >…[View]
17054104SOON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce5bjFY1Faw[View]
17048368Deus Ex: What did you think about the robots and other /m/ designs in Deus Ex? Do you prefer cyborgs…[View]
17053589Kid Icarus Uprising: Just finished this, why did no one tell me it was so /m/ ? When will Based Saku…[View]
17049359Could Big O get a season 3? Would you want Big O to get a season 3?[View]
17050376I bring you, ZZ Gaplant!!![View]
17046689Remember when mecha Godzilla fought a gundam in a mainstream American movie[View]
17048192I wish they would use the Blue Öyster Cult song in an actual godzilla movie[View]
17047922>noobs watch eva on netflix for the first time[View]
17049297Name a villain with better prescence. Pro tip: You can't[View]
17047053Anyone nab this from Baidu yet?[View]
17051135So did Obari finally settle his beef with Trigger?[View]
17051354Does /m/ like Starsiege?[View]
17045161Override: Mech City Brawl: This game comes out in couple hours and it looks pretty cool. https://www…[View]
17028240Sadamitsu the Destroyer Chapter 11: https://mangadex.org/chapter/491045/1 We ain't dead! Sorry …[View]
17045784Ima sugu dekiru koto wa nandarou??[View]
17031296NEO ZEON Needs YOU: Join now and get premium benefits![View]
17045376Are their any mechs that could combat the Borg and win/[View]
170414734 episodes into SSSS.Gridman and all of the characters act like their bored: I'm I missing some…[View]
17047442Would Godzilla really beat Gypsy Danger?[View]
17050153What the fuck: Where did this come from[View]
17049196>Tfw it's trueh[View]
17033178Is Dr Hell a real doctor? I'm beginning to question his legitimacy in the academic world.[View]
17046711Zeta thread: Post pics relating to zeta[View]
17038015What the fuck happened?: >Be Artdink >Make successful PSP U.C. Gundam games >Get charged to…[View]
17052738Eureka Seven Hi-Evo: Is this a Eva reference?[View]
17048530>Robot gets an upgrade >It has angel like wings…[View]
17047821Lelouch: Today is his birthday, say something nice about him.[View]
17052966He counts as mech right?[View]
17045200Shoji Kawamori: How come everything this guy has done is way more interesting than anything Tomino h…[View]
17047396>walking down the street >car pulls up to you with this on the back window >driver throws a…[View]
17044184>hey anon, I wanna get into mecha. where do I start? how do you respond?…[View]
17048645Wtf happened to Gundam NT???: Wikipedia says release date was november 30. But nothing on torrents, …[View]
17051798Fukui connects Byston Well and Andromeda Galaxy to UC. https://ddnavi.com/interview/505159/a/[View]
17050187Don't you ever stop, Shinji.[View]
17030320Favorite Transformer?[View]
17049184Kan Yu did nothing wrong.[View]
17050056Muv-Luv: 12/5 Sagiri did nothing wrong[View]
17052640New Avengers time!: https://youtu.be/hA6hldpSTF8[View]
17051641Battlebots or Robot Wars?[View]
17047080Literally no one asked for a Unicorn spin-off or sequel to Unicorn. Why the fuck does Banrise keep p…[View]
17041461Thief Sentai Lupinranger vs literally who: https://over-ti.me/releases/lupinranger-vs-patranger-42/…[View]
16952790Why can't she be real, bros: ?[View]
17045799Anonymous Subbing thead 10: https://twitter.com/AnagaminX[View]
17051800It's that time of the year again![View]
17052471>technically a /vg/ character >not a spirit in Smash Ultimate Are Getter Rays too strong for t…[View]
17050163Painful reminder that content beats looks.[View]
17047998Grand prize for Japan's 2018 'new word' award is 'Baeru' https://twitter.com/livedoornews/statu…[View]
17050998Is this the most cancerous mecha fanbase?: They have surpassed even Franxxfags[View]
17048010/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1552: **READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Thread…[View]
17039143/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #729: Previous Thread: >>17022329 Links for beginners: DDL: >h…[View]
17044584What's your /m/ guilty pleasure?[View]
17050758By far the most overrated /m/ anime[View]
17041763Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: *BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DON'T REPLY TO THE SHITPOSTERS ON TH…[View]
17050752How popular was Gundam IBO in Japan?: How well did IBO do? Did it move out of the usual realm of Gun…[View]
17046921>Who would actually watch pic related?[View]
17048941/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1966 - Geiz is a shit Edition: Last Thread: >>17045357 >How to…[View]
17049979Katoki thread: Are there vehicles that have shit ton of warning labels attached to them? (Pic relate…[View]
17049952SSSS Gridman[View]
17010982>Super Robot Wars T trailer >think everyone will shit themselves over Cowboy Bebop >nope …[View]
17046499Which one and why?[View]
17049240Why mecha designs are too fucking shit and unrealistic now after 1980s?[View]
17048848I made my first gunpla. I painted the grey parts gold.[View]
17048565>Blond >Red jacket >Multiple identities >Wants to destroy human civilization >Says it…[View]
17045265Can Unit 01's AT-Field block Goldion Hammer's custom gravitational shockwave?[View]
17043531Endhiran 2.0: Is it any good effects-wise? I liked the original when I saw it years ago. I'd as…[View]
16768498But how would you deal with the recent incidents? We've been under attack by mobile suits from …[View]
17036701Pro tip you can't[View]
17048712Honestly, when I first fatched Eureka 7 I didn't think much of it. But after watching hundreds …[View]

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