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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 110 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
17558674Do they not have sex?: They sleep on separated beds on the orphanage. Wtf?[View]
17558433Moon Gundam here to save us all[View]
17562180>mfw trying to understand gundam timeline[View]
17560837Gundam Tristan Failnaught: For the SNRI fanboys[View]
17559143This is the face of autism.[View]
17562614What gundam should they pilot ?[View]
17549989Fantasy mecshs: I lost my folder of said images. Can ya'll spare some time and help me fill it …[View]
17562483How big is this numpad?[View]
17561141What if kamille piloted this ?[View]
17558198You're wondering who I am[View]
17562285I still have five episodes left but fucking hell why is this show so slow and unfocused compared to …[View]
17561012/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2105 - Two cameras, two decades edition: Previous thread: >>17556…[View]
17558235Where can I find 30,000 friends?[View]
17554116/kg/ Kaiju General: Previous thread: >>17547433[View]
17554508/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1661: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Threa…[View]
17561367What are your thoughts on this game?[View]
17561690Help a Anon out, what are the differences between the original 2.0 and 5.1 remix of the Gunbuster OV…[View]
17559395Can you hear me, Johnson? Can you hear me?[View]
17555503https://www.vox.com/2019/6/21/18683621/neon-genesis-evangelion-netflix-release-explained >Robot b…[View]
17551896This fucking guy. how about a thread to celebrate the greatest rivals?[View]
17561518Anyone going to this?[View]
17561513Chad Ohata[View]
17561040What the Hell were the last 33 episodes?[View]
17554549Hi what old mecha shows should I watch? Talking about shows from the 70s and 80s. I only watched pic…[View]
17552035IBO Thread: Hey /m/, I haven't been on this board in a long time, but I just finished Iron Blo…[View]
17559943In UC0069, a bunch of Side-3 engineers developed the ACTUAL first mobile suit called the Gungam whic…[View]
17558862/m/ blu rays: Why haven't you learned Japanese yet so you can watch all these classic /m/ anime…[View]
17546828Gundam Battle Operation 2 /GBO2G/: Doms... Doms... everywhere edition Previous Thread>>1752758…[View]
17549034Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: ***READ THE GUIDE*** THE GUIDE: http://gunpla.buyfags.moe/ ***READ THE…[View]
17555620NINGEN BAKUDAN: What did you think of this scene?[View]
17554827Patlabor is shit: Kill yourself if you find this funny.[View]
17535634Can we talk about this literal masterpiece?[View]
17559404>ITT: Perfect Gundams/'Full Armor' Gundams: Any suit with a full loadout is welcome.[View]
17537480Un-SD Gundam: Post (relatively) anatomically correct versions of mobile suits normally associated wi…[View]
17553867Aight. I just finished episode thirty something of zeta where you find the heir of the Zabi family. …[View]
17557291Knights and Magic thread: Discuss how you would fuck Eru-kun[View]
17547189Will we ever find out what happens next?[View]
17550571>little girl I'm responsible for the most of the deaths of your family…[View]
17560591>last time, on /m/ - Mecha[View]
17556276Started watching this show on netflix, never seen it before. Do you guys like it? It's been a l…[View]
17560201Geki. Geki. Leader of the Zyurangers.. OH DON'T GROVEL. If it's one thing I can't st…[View]
17558546What are some kaiju shows where the monsters aren’t just there to get beaten up and murdered by a ma…[View]
17557164Why do groups translate random sfx and leave a bunch?[View]
17552895Metal Golems: Alright /m/ I'm in a bit of a heated argument and I'd like some input. Are M…[View]
17559901What should he pilot ?[View]
17558308Which DOM would win? Pilots are ordinary soldiers with same level skills.[View]
17559055An anime adaptation is inevitable. Nihei's never had good luck with adaptations, but this seems…[View]
17550424I like it though[View]
17550427Cyber Formula Thread: Finished up all of the series a few days ago and it was really great overall. …[View]
17556490What happened to Chef Tamura after the war?[View]
17558101wake me up when the netflix tourists leave[View]
17535652/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #785: Previous Thread:>>17517179 >Links for beginners: >Tor…[View]
17557763ITT: Over decaled designs[View]
17558519What's her appeal?[View]
17554040The current state of Gundam 'More wings and blades makes it cool.'[View]
17557208What is the purpose of there being space whales in Mobile Suit Gundam[View]
17555625Imagine the smell[View]
17558253Loum fought fellow spacenoids against their own interests in favor of the corrupt federation. They d…[View]
17551313i've come up with a better version of the real/super mech anime spectrum[View]
17546468so tokubros, since enough time has passed what's the consensus on shout's super sentai dvd…[View]
17557850ITT: the Original Mobile Suit Gundam somehow gets a hollywood remake. Cast it.[View]
17556033/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2104 - Punished Rabbit Edition: Previous thread: >>17551078 >H…[View]
17558859It is fairly easy to build a Gundam. Why didn't you make one?[View]
17556080Xabungle re-watch, someone?[View]
17558520What's her appeal?[View]
17558210Is production ig gonna release ultraman 2019 on blu ray independently from Netflix like aniplex did …[View]
17557001has anyone seen this mech?: im trying to track down this robot to see if its anime/manga/universe ha…[View]
17555399Fucking /m/agnets: How do they work?[View]
17555562You have 1 second to come up with a good excuse for not watching Giant Robo yet.[View]
17554229Is guyferd any good >made by Capcom[View]
17554606/sgg/ Symphogear Genera: DESS! >Symphogear AXZ music MP3 https://mega.nz/#F!i14XnAZZ!q0i3rw0NcPit…[View]
17554200I just finished Baxingar/Baxinger thanks to the entire series being available in raw on a site I fou…[View]
17556343/m/ novels: Post /m/ novel recommendations. I like the cover on this one 'cuz it reminds me of…[View]
17554745/m/echanics are essentially futuristic tools to make lives easier so here's a question: What ki…[View]
17554338Last /m/ show you watched gets redirected by this dude. What happens?[View]
17555839Gundam Universe: https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/series/tamashii/1167408.html So Bandai is rel…[View]
17553745What's /m/'s thoughts on LOGH?[View]
17555515Don't like Eva?: Scree netflix Amirite? You know whats the best way to screw them. Watch a good…[View]
17554364Ippei thread: Does ippei has some qualities as a good designer unlike boring naoki ?[View]
17554297Chaser: So I just reached the moment in Drive where Chase becomes a Kamen rider and absolutely love …[View]
17554201Bandai knows how to attract girls into Gundam by featuring cute guys and animals.[View]
17556766Did anyone actually play this? If so, was it good?[View]
17542139redpill me on go nagai which works do I need to have read or watch to understand the industry giant…[View]
17556909ITT: Kino kits[View]
17542795Post your favorite Godzilla mecha! I know there aren't very many of them but it's still fu…[View]
17551537>'real robot series' >about realistic robots Yes, this is very realistic…[View]
17548358Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how many god-tier osts the gundam franchise has generat…[View]
17556726Why did she have to die bros[View]
17548606Same VA Thread: BOB~! THE BUILDER![View]
17550642Getter Devo finale: ROW ROW FIGHT THE GETTER[View]
17555195>no Fly Me To The Moon One job, Netflix.[View]
17555635Is there a more perfect mecha series?[View]
17547066Anyone up for a Big Zak?[View]
17534028It literally takes extensive knowledge of the mecha genre and tokusatsu to appreciate this masterpie…[View]
17488456ITT:Early/concept designs[View]
17535712WH40k: It is the 41st millennium and there is nothing but war.[View]
17550774Revisions: What are your thoughts on this?[View]
17549477The forgotten strength of IBO: The sheer camaraderie, that sense of them being brothers-in-arms. For…[View]
17545766How is this better than this?[View]
17544794Just finished watching ZZ. Really enjoyed it's overall tone in the second half, and its [/spoi…[View]
17550054Would you watch a Gundam anime without gundams?: Let's say they made a UC series where MC pilot…[View]
17551442I hope Lalah and Haman's ghosts are to complete the picture.[View]
17550152A non gundam thread: So whats /M/'s opinion on gosaurer? As good as a 'BRAVE' series, or bad? I…[View]

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