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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 135 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
17254822Gundam-San: Just finished the fourth episode. What the fuck[View]
17255144that darn boy amooroh, I'll get him one day, I swear on me right nipple[View]
17259854Too many thicc threads lately, let's have a STICC thread for a change[View]
17256984it has good cgi imo[View]
17255585I have not watched a single episode of SEED, and after looking at a list of mobile suits, I'm p…[View]
17247074Do you have any /m/ stores near you?[View]
17258664What's her name again?[View]
17260037>Every person I talked to said people were grumbling and shitting on NT >Same in my case >m…[View]
17256406I finally realized what the GM's face is based on[View]
17257262New gundam breaker is on sale for $30 >is it worth thirty dollars? >is it worth anything? I’ve…[View]
17258110Still most aesthetic mobile suit for me. What are some Sazabi-derived mechas?[View]
17257636/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2014 - I miss 2014 edition: >>17254194 >How to get into KR and…[View]
17241658OS Thread: Since i was a kid this has always been, and i think will always remain my favorite ani/m/…[View]
17259078I want my MG MP Psyco Gundam.But never ever.[View]
17259155Is a gundams AI stored in its core fighter?[View]
17259379SD Sangoku Soketsuden: >Diao Chan Kshatriya >not feminine at all NO SIR I DON'T LIKE IT…[View]
17253571Orga/IBO thread.[View]
17254604What is the best way to approach Mazinger Z as a newbie? It looks like there are several manga serie…[View]
17254572Post YFW Hathaway's Flash is just another Unicorn sequel with another Zeon remnant[View]
17259139meanwhile on side /m/[View]
17257121why did they let her go??: wouldn't axis like to use her knowledge on Gundams, she did build 2 …[View]
17216867So, has any more news regarding the Medabots mobile game popped up? I mean, chances are that it…[View]
17249047Gundam Battle Operation: Vase Edition Was living in Sydney >>17229542 THE GAME NOW FEATURES AN…[View]
17235901>PlatinumGames >Hideki Kamiya >Nier: Automata dev team >Powered Armour >Zetman artist…[View]
17256451What's the ideal mecha scale? What's your favorite mecha scale?[View]
17256215SOON: https://screenrant.com/apex-legends-leak-titans-wall-running-new-modes/[View]
17254835Do you want to be a bird, anon?[View]
17255526The God of live-action /m/. THX1138 was kino Western toku[View]
17257964So, why did the suicidal Zufregatron achieved by blowing himself up along with Japan? I never saw it…[View]
17139536Don't mind me, I'm just posting some Sayaka.[View]
17257613Ace Combat Zero: What did Belka mean by this?[View]
17257832Can you guys imagine the difference in recent Gundam works if CCA's theme song was 'Beyond the …[View]
17256258So going from NT Why doesnt humanity just build an army of Gundams and transfer their souls to it to…[View]
17250941Why do anons here hate clunkier designs?[View]
17257890what's the closest thing I could get for a Votoms (or a gritty) supermarionation?[View]
17253130Is it really that bad? Worth $30?[View]
17254828What is the greatest transforming mecha design ever? pic possibly related[View]
17253815/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1594: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Threa…[View]
17255761Just finished Franxx and I'm fucking crying. These Gunbuster-type endings should be fucking BAN…[View]
17256855Attention, 4Chan Board of /m/. I am Star Colonel Nikolai Malthus of the Jade Falcon Clan. A full Tri…[View]
17254671Ace Combat 7's ending explained: The princess got hit by a missile, she's dead The drone n…[View]
17254847I legitimately want more new AUs now. If it's good, it's a good new Gundam series, if it…[View]
17248449Super Sentai Strongest Battle 01: https://over-ti.me/releases/super-sentai-strongest-battle-01/…[View]
17247592Kaiju Ward: Gallas (01): So... what the fuck was that? https://megabeastempire.wordpress.com/2019/02…[View]
17256295Victory Gundam order: I'm watching Victory Gundam for the first time, but the comments on Kissa…[View]
17256605Anyone got a download link for the english patched version of Ace Combat 3 JP? The one I got for CD …[View]
17256214Hi my name is Zoltan Dark'ness Dementia Raven Akkanen and I have short blue black hair in an un…[View]
17255486Inconsistencies in mobile suit defensive capabilities: Did anyone else notice that mobile suit defen…[View]
17254194/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2013 - Kibou or Zetsubou? Edition: >>17250267 >How to get into…[View]
17256942Are these black parts supposed to be ball joints?[View]
17248088Itt: /m/ /m/ascots[View]
17252154Evangelion Big boy toys: Any one know a good Eva unit 01 figure that isn’t the slender rebuild desig…[View]
17249610Best girl.[View]
17256514I keep hearing how the origin decided to retcon char starting the one year war by himself but Iirc d…[View]
17253323If Disney make any /m/ related content ?: What would it be ?[View]
17256421Metal Rage Private Server Possible???: https://youtu.be/hvUO9RDJqiI https://youtu.be/PV0fEfYvOfo So …[View]
17256360Narrative general: I picked this guy up on my way to see narrative last night, pretty good movie. Wh…[View]
17249560What the fuck is the story of this guy, and why is its design making me wet? Something about that b…[View]
17239684How did IBO become so popular when it's so mind-numbingly boring?[View]
17256349Gundam Live Action: What does /m/ think of Tem Ray's actor?[View]
17249950Post your gunpla bois[View]
17248747ITT: post all and anything izubuchi[View]
17250341Godzilla 2019: Y-yeah, Rodan you can do it.[View]
17250261Are Bolos /m/?[View]
17255240What's in the soup?[View]
17254343Stupid designs: > Mecha fighting in space > Has wings Aesthetic + function= harmony Is that s…[View]
17250890Is there a /m/an more attractive, charming, sexy and alluring than this fancy lad?[View]
17252515>everybody dies and turns into gay space fairies >they get sent to a dead chunk of rock in the…[View]
17246217Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: *BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DON'T REPLY TO THE SHITPOSTERS ON TH…[View]
17252747King Gainer Thread: King! King! Kingu Gainer! Metal Overmon King Gainaaaaaaa![View]
17250904The games are over[View]
17250667/m/ original hentai that isn't Demonbane, Legend of the Blue Wolves, that one yuri dojin with t…[View]
17249657Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans: Urs Hunt: New Comic bullying Kudelia for being a cow[View]
17246126Is Max the biggest chad in Macross[View]
17238287Pastanons at it again: From the carnival of Follonica.[View]
17252502>Macross but without anything that made it good[View]
17245181I like chunkier/ detail heavy mechs now. Is that a good thing?[View]
17252799Getter rays?[View]
17252644You lied to me /m/. This shitty show is nothing like Warhammer.[View]
17253488SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TO BLAME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imFOIwEwHbA[View]
17249389What mobile suit would he pilot[View]
17247442Why is transformers so gay? and how did it become this way?[View]
17253287Wait, if I hate pic related so much, why do I keep having dreams that I'm the main character?[View]
17252365hello lads i recently got into mecha vidya and would very much appreciate some recs, i'm lookin…[View]
17252356I can't be the only one who enjoys this movie.[View]
17255286GENTLEMEN, How do we adapt Akibaranger into the West? Straight dub? Tedious Power Ranger treatment?[View]
17251854Why did people like this series? It's hypocritical in it's morals, condescending to older …[View]
17249386Ideon: I'm watching Ideon at the moment, and it's absolutely amazing. I was just wondering…[View]
17253425What's with the 2000s and SUFFERING shows?[View]
17253141Here's your /m/ IP bro: It's 51624 AD. Only around 70,000 humans left in existence, all ga…[View]
17253804We are here to take on the entire universe![View]
17247163ITT favorite undam songs: I fucking love this one Hard mode: no unicorn's theme https://m.youtu…[View]
17249549/m/ shows and sales: How big of a factor is disc sales for an /m/ series these days coupled with the…[View]
17246263ITT: Post best transformers designs[View]
17251051Just finished the series for the first time, didn't expect to get so emotional at that finale[View]
17248958You now remember aquarion evol[View]
17251192What the fuck was with the ending of this show? It was fine until the ending[View]
17247385Spoiler /m/: Post stuff where it being /m/ is a massive spoiler. Pic related, from The Dark Tower…[View]
17255198Will /m/ join the new Space Force once it's created? You can be Gundamu IRL now.[View]
17244421What should monsha pilot if he joins the aeug group ?[View]
17255176Oppy tribute thread? Oppy tribute thread: Post oppy[View]
17250586/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #755: Previous Thread: >>17246383 Links for beginners: DDL: >h…[View]
17249945What is /m/‘s honest opinion on this show? I haven’t seen it, but I always wondered what was up with…[View]
17254136>Narrative design is just a shittier version of Gsavior >Everyone loves it while the best suit…[View]
17250353this was a pretty cool show[View]
17252652Any mechs that have the 90s-early 00s appliance aesthetic?[View]
17253729Black ox is the best mecha design ever prove me wrong!: No other robot can compare to perfection.…[View]
17251611Itt: could fit into Turn A[View]
17249723http://yaraon.blog109.fc2.com/blog-entry-31540.html You guys remember that news article where Tomino…[View]
17253494custom mobile suit thread: post them lineart here for shopping purposes: https://seesaawiki.jp/nurie…[View]
17243574Did they just asspull this gundam out of nowhere?: Does it even make sense to build a prototype just…[View]
17254935Does anyone here know where old full Newtype magazine scans can be found? I can only find partial sc…[View]
17219156/m78/ General - Seven Edition: Previous Thread >>17189191 >Ultra Pastebin: https://pastebin…[View]
17253276Does Kamille ever stop complaining?: I'm 15 episodes into Zeta and everything's nice so fa…[View]
17245634Is lego /m/?[View]
17254765ITT: Aesthetic gundams or any zeek suit[View]
17242763Gaia Gear audio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB451oAFqPIBNa-8qEsDVqA Whatever happened to this …[View]
17249217Mecha Power Chart: New changes made. Remember it measures destructive capacity, not necessarily 'who…[View]
17248521What's your spirit animal, /m/?: Mine's pic related[View]
17254247Best redesign?: Best redesign.[View]
17251086Who else is going tomorrow?[View]
17241941>Voronovfags SEETHING that Jacob rekked him in East Timor Cry more dumb cy-cucks.…[View]
17247087/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1593: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Threa…[View]
17250267/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2012 - Ultimatum Course Correction Edition: Old Thread >>17243012…[View]
17247374Getter Robo is retarded as fuck[View]
17210343Space Battleship Yamato 2202, Episodes 19 to 22: Central Anime released the new batch of 2202 episod…[View]
17247066Changeman 12: http://www.grownupsinspandex.com/forums/latest-news-5/changeman-12-a-10900/ Guess who …[View]
17249746What's a good mecha anime to watch?: But no macross (for now)[View]
17202214So, I saw that quite a few people were watching first Gundam entries right now, like me, so I decide…[View]
17244070Did the Earth Federation deserve the One Year War? Did they do anything to put them in the wrong?[View]
17247923What was the Republic of Zeon doing during the time of the Gryps conflict and the 1st/2nd Neo Zeon W…[View]
17248785MA thread: Spec wise how much of a gap exists between the Neue Ziel and the Zero GR? How do they sta…[View]

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