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14191632W-wait... is Whitehead left wing?[View]
14190165>shut myself inside for a few weeks >return to the normal world >topic of art appears among…[View]
14191456>destroys the entirety of anglophone poetry why is it that English being the ugliest and unwieldi…[View]
14191628DAS EIN WYTE BOI[View]
14191375What the fuck is postmodernism when it comes to literature? Is it just a word for pseudo shit you do…[View]
14191265Kim Sowol material: I can't find a single free digital édition. Help me /lit/[View]
14191566Yeah, I'm thinking Logue proves that anachronisms can have a place in translations of Homer…[View]
14189272>tfw only read 25 pages per day[View]
14191547The trivium: Which book should I read? The Mariam Joseph one or the one by John Mitchell(wooden book…[View]
14191538>get on vampire kick >decide to read pic related after finding out it predates Bram Stoker by …[View]
14191052Can books replace the need for friends, family and qt tiddy goth gf?[View]
14190605What did Whitehead mean by this?[View]
14190752Is it ever okay to write smut?[View]
14184610Are there any serious critics of postmodernism? Most of the people who bash it don't even under…[View]
14191131How do I achieve a Pessoan aesthetic?[View]
14190555>bro just like chill bro, don't get too worked up >was an opium addict all makes sense no…[View]
14185155Should Light Novels be as well regarded as Classic Literature?: I mean, sure 99% of light novels are…[View]
14186833is it actually good or is it only well known because the author killed himself before publication an…[View]
14189697Has your study of philosophy brought you closer to or alienated you from other people[View]
14189546Churchill: Could anyone who has read any Churchill biographies recommend a good one?[View]
14191154Sam Francis Has anyone read The Leviathan & it's Enemies? I want to pick it up but I'v…[View]
14191220Is Whitehead's God a voyeuristic heteronymic machine?[View]
14190192why does Corncob make so many people on /lit/ SEETHE?[View]
14184787any good fascist theory you guys can recommend?[View]
14190621>best friend >normiest dude, age 16 >reads Nietzsche and gets obsessed with it, he hadn…[View]
14182160What are some books exploring deindustrialization, the decline of cities due to it, poverty and immi…[View]
14191121Is there a place like this, but for people above sophomore year? Show me the light Ever since seeing…[View]
14190624Is this worth taking on in a translated version? My native language is South Slavic, so I'm thi…[View]
14190975/lit/ recommendations for someone drawn to experimental and fringe art[View]
14191061>mom found the hermetical tablets[View]
14186760What books to read when one has an existential crisis about death? Asking for my gf[View]
14190984/pol refugee here: So lads, tell me about this board What are most common political views here? This…[View]
14190409What book should I, a Anglophobe who appreciates Med and Germanic cultural accomplishment, read?[View]
14190820Where do I start with Lovecraft? I prefer physical media, so which books do I buy? I want to get int…[View]
14190465>He doesn't read theory It's like you want to be a dumb fuck[View]
14187789No Chaucer thread? Have any of you read The Canterbury Tales? I'm on the Monk's Tale now: …[View]
14188108Why are there no good arguments against this book?[View]
14190451>yfw you realize that all ontology-cosmology is an extention of socery >yfw wittgenstein'…[View]
14190680How can I achieve true mental clarity?: How are Buddhist monks, the real devoted ones, able to clear…[View]
14185951/lit/ recommendations for a Christian Doomer?[View]
14189237Im trying to read some more philosophy of aesthetics, but outside of Poetics of Space, the greeks an…[View]
14190749I want to read Gilgamesh Which translation do I go for?[View]
14187385describe this image in your best prose. Other anons r8[View]
14190269Books on individialism?: Pic unrelated[View]
14190616Gabriel García Márquez: Why is his smile so smug?[View]
14178451How do you deal with living during the twilight years of the West?[View]
14189934This just dropped: Is this worth reading?[View]
14190703Do you guys think it's worth reading any book or just some?: I'm not really into the idea …[View]
14188217The Brothers Karamazov The Idiot Notes from Underground Demons Crime and Punishment Which work o…[View]
14190396How redpilled is the bible bros? I'm not sure were quite there in those days yet but i can see …[View]
14188318How do you write a story without any conflict? A story about people living in peace together? Is it …[View]
14177852Have you ever noticed that any attempt to affirm the reality of change and multiplicity occurs withi…[View]
14187408Is Nietzsche seriously arguing that climate impacts a person's greatness?: >Reading through …[View]
14189452Fraud: Post literary frauds e.g. plagiarism, shitty research, forgery, propaganda, et .[View]
14190547This is a reminder that you're hopelessly provincial if you aren't well acquainted with th…[View]
14187088Do philosophers just say what everyone is thinking but less clearly ?[View]
14189153tfw brainlet who doesnt understand KKKant[View]
14190495Other than the King James 1611 version and vulgate what are some Bibles which are sourced from Textu…[View]
141889771. Last book you read 2. Current book you're reading 3. What book do you want to read next?[View]
14188243I have heard that René Guénon predicted with great accuracy the rise of the ``transsexuality epidemi…[View]
14183735Is there an author that describes the life of a typical redditor? What do people like this do? What…[View]
14190503Are historical novels, in the classical style epitomised by Walter Scott and Balzac, still possible …[View]
14189635Is there any serious literature with this concept, that a double slowly take over the originals life…[View]
14189991Dann Simmons - Hyperion Cantos: Thoughts on the Cantos? Which book was your favourite? Which was you…[View]
14187799Is 'read theory' the 'have sex' of /lit/?[View]
14187222>tfw you see verso and zero books on his shelf so you have to put your pants back on and leave…[View]
14187949What are the best books to read while smoking crack?: (on the rosin! I'm really cool and edgy. …[View]
14189810>had another gf dream books for defeating reality?[View]
14189401Love Sex and Gabriel García Márquez: I'm midway through Love in the Time of Cholera, and this m…[View]
14188582Plants =): Books about Botany/Biology[View]
14190092Has anyone ever read this book, and was it worth it? Also, are there any self help books that are wo…[View]
14181976ITT /lit/ writes a novel five (5) sentences each: I want to fuck Ben Shapiro's sister so badly,…[View]
14189282I'm being serious here anons. Sometimes I have periods of lowness in which everything seems fut…[View]
14188155I ain't gay but I'm almost gay for him.[View]
14190205Is there any books that include is is about a nice group of friends similar to funhaus[View]
14188816>Another chapter about schwarzkommandos. wtf was tommy's problem? Was he BLACKED?…[View]
14186761the great debate[View]
14189802What do Catholics think of James Joyce?[View]
14190143How do you pick which book you will read: >need to finish a few books >so little time to do it…[View]
14183148What book should I read while on five grams of psilocybin mushrooms?[View]
14190063What monster of a political philosophy would emerge: If you combined Zen, Taoism and Stoicism with N…[View]
14189289>he worships the demiurge[View]
14189844Have you ever noticed how most poetry is fuckin terrible? I've tried a couple poetry anthologie…[View]
14189828just name some English writers who is not of Irish descent[View]
14189739What’s the best, unbiased biography for each of these two? No angloid/Nazi/frog propaganda just pure…[View]
14189878Fahrenheit 451: If books are banned, how does Montag know how to read?[View]
14185659Fascist economics.: >Adolf Hitler regarded economic issues as relatively unimportant. In 1922, Hi…[View]
14188602is he a commie[View]
14186453So uhhh... *sniffs* where do I begin with Zizek[View]
14188076books only you read[View]
14184749This book is honestly offensive. Reminder that Orwell fought for the people that were gangraping nun…[View]
14189941>tfw you recognize that reference[View]
14189317Stoicism or epicureanism? Which one is better and where to start.[View]
14187154This is seriously depressing to me. Do you think people in general look back on their life satisfied…[View]
14189188>tfw read 12 books this year[View]
14188663Orlando Furioso: Which is better the Prose or Verse translation? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orla…[View]
14188952does anyone else regularly read the government document dumps? sometimes you find neato stuff in the…[View]
14189254post a pic, get a rec[View]
14189346Why are critics of this man often basement-dwelling losers?[View]
14184285I can't believe people are actually getting their PhD degrees writing about Harry Potter at thi…[View]
14189328>'Still immersed in his dream, he drank down the tepid tea. It tasted bitter. Glory, as anyone kn…[View]
14189676Any famous authors discuss how they write/their process?: Anyone know of any examples of famous auth…[View]
14189665Boethius: Is he worth reading/lit/?[View]
14186362A repressing transsexual will bring us the literary masterpiece of this century. I can feel it in my…[View]
14171260Your bookshelves: Collection thread post your books and rec/rate[View]
14189501Thank you for your interest in our upcoming issue. Tell us a little about yourself. Where have you b…[View]
14188277What are some other books about virtuous men being mistreated by women?[View]
14188723Who is Kurtz?[View]
14189423Hello people, I'm not from pol. Anybody interested in esoteric Hitlerism, Occult stuff, conspir…[View]
14188617>read 10 pages into book >i think its good >never make it to the end because depression and…[View]
14185550how to get into philosophy of biology?[View]
14186228is this any good?[View]
14188965Is every political philosophy just a contrived variation on 'might is right'? Will humanity never ou…[View]
14189180>when I first came to this board I was afraid to post thinking you guys were all super intelligen…[View]
14188967What does /lit/ think of learning Latin?: Most advanced English vocabulary has roots in Latin. When …[View]
14182413What's the best ereader?[View]
14186532The idea that theurgy was some regrettable intrusion of the irrational into the intellectual life of…[View]
14189144Thanksgiving break reads: What are you privileged fucks reading for break?[View]
14186482I'm trying to write an analysis of Beckett's 'Krapp's Last Tape' and I gott…[View]
14189115book recs based off recent read: the notes from the underground the picture of dorian grey the thin…[View]
14185049The novel of the century. For good or evil.[View]
14189095lit for this feel[View]
14183562What does /lit/ think of Jung?[View]
14189067How do you check for new / anticipated releases of of books in general? Where would one check to ant…[View]
14188949>there is no success like failure >and failure is no success at all What did the Nobel laureat…[View]
14189033I'm bored. Is anyone down?[View]
14188635>searches 2 hours for a single volume of short works I want to read of a particular writer >al…[View]
14185824my name is ozymandias, king of kings. look on my works ye mighty and despair.[View]
14188944riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius v…[View]
14188687What leads one to the belief that reading YA is worthy of one's time?[View]
14188899The horses that take me to the ends of my mind were taking me now: the drivers had put me on the roa…[View]
14188918this shit slaps[View]
14186415What is your favorite Greek tragedy?[View]
14187054ok. So, I read C&P and Notes. What do I read next? I've seen people say Demons->Idiot-…[View]
14188878Who are writers that write like this? >'A true revelation, I am convinced, can only emerge from s…[View]
14187845Is it worth reading any of the Dune books after this?[View]
14188747Miss me yet?[View]
14183162Has anyone refuted Aquinas 5 ways?: Have Thomas Aquinas 5 ways ever been refuted properly by the fed…[View]
14188786Now listen up. I know this won’t be boring. If you do get bored, it’ll mean you’re a complete dickhe…[View]
14188705What factors contribute to the spread of an ideology, and how would you impose your ideology in a so…[View]
14186864Free Online Audiobooks: Share the best free audiobooks online, especially on philosophy and religion…[View]
14188269What are some books that will help me become more autistic?[View]
14186562how do I free myself from the shame of writing badly? >inb4 get more experience ive written a nov…[View]
14187245What does /lit/ think of Maurice Blanchot?[View]
14173894Write what's on your mind[View]
14187342God: How do their views on God differ ?[View]
14185760anyone here read this? what do you think about it?[View]
14187578Where is all the food Italian literature at?[View]
14188503This was pretty fun. What are some other books like this? I can't find Part 2 anywhere for some…[View]
14188476Can logical entailment be proven? Why should one thing entail another?[View]
14187562this shit slaps[View]
14186725What change would have to happen in Cinema to make it as good as literature? Even the great director…[View]
14175343the age of man is over[View]
14188307Can there be glory and honor in modern warfare?: In the retelling, yes. On the battlefield, probably…[View]
14188153My prose dry and stale that is true /lit/ i write this being so close into smashing my phone on the …[View]
14187723Im looking for good books as a criticism of feminism and feminist concepts such as criticism of the …[View]
14187529biographical literature: Some of the books in our library are now out of print[View]
14187395If you could mass produce any kind of literature, what would you make?[View]
14187823Nonfiction: Hey guys, I have a serious and increasing interest in the process of nonfiction writing.…[View]
14187785Best way/books to learn/read Latin?[View]
1418498320th c. french intellectuals: who were your favorites? post anecdotes/theories/idiosyncrasies/etc.…[View]
14188111How to write about things i've never experienced? It's really easy to write autobiographic…[View]
14185981What 'bad literature' is the girl reading?[View]
14187417*cough* Mmm, yes sir would ya' mind giving me those charts, please? No this is not a robbery i…[View]
14185822what am I in for?[View]
14187929What is the greatest chapter of any novel ever written? >Pic related is my choice.…[View]
14186852Apparently Isaac Asimov is problematic because his works dont have any good female characters. Wow! …[View]
14183611Why are marxists so bad at art?[View]
14185524>mfw 'Schopenhauer was not a pessimist but a realist'[View]
14186192Besides 'The Hobbit' & 'The Lord of the Rings', what of Tolkien's mater…[View]
14187068Was Isaac Asimov a misogynist? Why couldn't write proper female characters?[View]
14182616What's the difference between realism and materialism?[View]
14186597Did any fellow /lit/ Christians get into Roman Catholicism just because of anime Christianity?[View]
14187616can idealism be true if God doesn't exist?[View]
14187872Remember kids, Muhammad was a true hero.[View]
14187854/lit/ rewrites American psycho from the POV of a redditor https://docs.google.com/document/d/13xxIJR…[View]
14187043I just made a twitter. What are the most /lit/ twitter accounts to follow so I can get the hottest t…[View]
14179837redpill me on marx. why is the CIA so desperate to convince me he is the bad guy and was wrong about…[View]
14186087>expect INCEL literature >get a critique of the modern superfluous man inspired by Dostoevsky,…[View]
14187770Your favorite philosopher wakes from the dead and is transported to another dimension. In this dimen…[View]
14187065Are there any books where the main character is a juvenile sex offender (not a pedophile, but a mino…[View]
14186612I've been just reading as much fiction as possible. Going down the charts but I haven't re…[View]
14187191Books by authors who are known to have died happy? It seems all the good ones just kys themselves.[View]
14187713I read five definitions and I still don't understand what a 'chronotope' is. Please help.[View]
14186987Masterpiece or pretentious wank?[View]
14187467Thoughts on this thing? Enjoying it so far but some of the ideas are a little hard to follow.[View]
14186909I really enjoyed learning from this but it felt a lot like communist propaganda.[View]
14187636Ye olde cringe thread: >jesu[View]
14187398Why the fuck does anyone like this horrible filth?[View]
14187163After reading a lot of academic essays on Mr. Bean, I've come to the conclusion[View]
14187614What am I to make of this great vanity of mine, whereby I realised the other day that since my girlf…[View]
14187492Is there anything worse in a piece of fiction then a bittersweet ending? Those things are so soulcru…[View]
14187580Was he?[View]
14183903The more I read Marx works and everything past Marx, the more I realise how resentment is the core p…[View]
14186810What are some French Christian writers that I should read?[View]
14187512Starting to think that we shouldn't actually defend society[View]
14187504Is there a single or double volume of dostoyevsky that has all his worthy novellas with good transla…[View]
14185261/lit/ cinema: What are the most literary films?[View]
14187273What's some good modern African literature such as this? >In December 2004, Capo Chichi foun…[View]
14187363I don't get it. I give up.[View]
14187114What are your comfy guilty pleasure reads for a peaceful Sunday?[View]
14185889Just marathoned 'Decline of the West', what did I think of it?[View]
14186354>using words to express ideas[View]
14187095Have any of you read this? Is it worth reading?[View]
14186905*destroys STEMfags*[View]
14183671How come the biggest Chads are also the biggest cucks?[View]
14186961>thought that women acting dumb around me meant that they were attracted to me and if I just talk…[View]
14178606I got an iq score of 142 and 134 on different tests. Are iq tests even reliable?[View]
14185788Bad emotions are turned into good emotions through hard work, cuckery isnt cope but necessity, witho…[View]
14186410Recommend me some alcoholic authors, /lit/[View]
14176183The great debate[View]
14185288Why do people fight so fervently for their servitude as if it were their salvation? Is Anarchism the…[View]
14187026Any good books about this handsome man?[View]
14187017Peace or love?[View]
14186257I read this recently and really enjoyed it. Are there any more semi-autobiographical works that deta…[View]
14186651What would be the best background music to read Kafka to?[View]
14186620Is Whitehead right here?[View]
14186800Just the way Tolkien would've want it[View]
14186443(1/2) Nietzsche's affirmation of life and Will To Power has to be analyzed in relational polari…[View]
14185715after a few months on KDP and 0 sales I've decided to publsih 5 of my novels for FREE. I have a…[View]
14185503*rapes your worldview*[View]
14186584When did you first read this? What did you think of it?[View]
14184364>Finishes Dante’s Paradiso: MY SPINE SHIVERS AND MY HEART POUNDS! PRAISE GOD[View]
14186128What does /lit/ think of the gospels?[View]
14183007>Holy Bible (Authorized Version) >The Pilgrim's Progress >Foxe's Book of Martyrs…[View]
14185206redpill me on this guy[View]
14180148Why read fiction?: >Non-fiction gives me knowledge and understanding of the world. >Films/TV/Y…[View]
14184756Poor Polina.. she deserved better than this..[View]
14185694The Metamorphoses by Ovid: What does /lit/ think of this book? Is Ovid better than Virgil?[View]
14182685>MORAL REALISM!!!!!![View]
14177970Post comfy poems in a non-English language and translate it Tawara Machi is ultimate comfy. 左手で吾の指ひ…[View]
14181500Why is this shit so overrated?: almost no criminal ever repent from its actions[View]
14186574State of Being: The character perfectly recognises the absurd nature of existence. He no longer spen…[View]
14184897Albert Caraco: Say something nice about him[View]
14186051Reading Isaac Asimov's Foundation as a woman has been HARD. I know there are cultural considera…[View]
14186293How did a drunk write this? How do I learn to write like this?[View]
14183774I'm worried that my philosophy degree won't really teach me much about philosophy. It may …[View]
14184945who should i read after jung?[View]
14185257I don't know what to think of this book. I started reading it expecting to see through the mind…[View]
14186246not a huge reader, but this one sounds fun, any word of advice before starting this absolute unit? D…[View]
14183502Describe this image in your finest prose[View]
14186385Doing an interview with a college professor about Simone De Beauvoir for a Scholarship project (wort…[View]
14185340What do you think of these books?: Czechoslovak military history part. I-V[View]
14186365>Bryson makes steady progress until he runs into the word glomerulonephritis, which he can’t get …[View]
14185525Favorite book from past 20 years? Giving the same classic recommendations over and over again is eas…[View]
14186350Are you kidding me? I just read the first pages of the Bible and one of the characters gets cucked w…[View]
14183516Jane austen general: 'Miss Lambe is actually Austen's only black character in any of her works.…[View]
14185637*destroys Freud*[View]
14186273I was quite moved by (((/lit/’s))) reaction...: when the ex-Fat Man kicked the bucket (((Harold Bloo…[View]
14183681anyone here play the flute?[View]
14184413Why is Dr. Seuss not Cancelled yet?: and what's his best work?[View]
14183840What books challenge the christian conception of the problem of evil? I see most christians sometime…[View]
14183194Books on being a good person even though most people are impertinent and borderline insufferable? No…[View]
14180003Essential Right-wing Reads?: plz help[View]
14186198How's that blacksmith book collection coming along anon?[View]
14186189Favorite quote?[View]
14186123Is this worth a read?: Is Stirner refuted or is Marx seething?[View]
14175992>The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms…[View]
14185755What world/Author is the heir to Tolkien's Legacy?[View]
14184385Where to start with Qabalic texts?[View]
14183770The human race peaked 50,000 years ago. We're the swirling drain water of history. There's…[View]
14186025Speaking objectively in literary terms, Jesus is the main character in the story of Earth Everything…[View]
14182707Does causality make free will impossible?: Thoughts?[View]
14185996I'm not a native English-speaker. I'm not claiming to have read much either. With that bei…[View]
14185934What's some good literature against cynicism and hyper rationalism?[View]
14185007/lit/ 4chan group on telegram https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEIpuHFSG7tONCq_Gg Bump when joining in[View]
14173689/lit/ I am about to turn 30 and realise that I have wasted my life ignoring STEM. What is some good …[View]
14185643>tfw you re-discover evil isnt real[View]
14185135'How's that book going, anon?'[View]
14184486Best writing tutors and coaches?: Do you have to go to university to learn how to write? Are there …[View]
14185744Luke 14:26: >If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, …[View]
14185079What are the most intelligible philosophical texts you can find: I always search for such things yet…[View]
14182489Can we get an INFP books thread?[View]
14185710So I was accepted onto the Tales platform and what did they mean by this?[View]
14185664*retroactively refutes postmodernism*[View]
14182985>”For it is during your waking hours, during the day in which you can suppress it. We are good ac…[View]
14184587Do you think Hegel understood what he wrote?[View]
14185345Heian period literature: What are the best translations for The Pillow book and tales of genji? For …[View]
14185415Can you still get published if you write like a schizo-dada Joyce? I'm sure some people like it…[View]
14185579sup /lit/ looking to download some comics, mostly Charles Burns stuff any idea where I could look at…[View]
14185569notes I bounce around: Does 'god is all powerful' mean that all that which is possible, can be done …[View]
14183392What are the best books on The Elder Scrolls lore?: The philosophy/Theology of all of it all. Lets j…[View]
14184854john is the best gospel, right?[View]
14183219How do you make a cool study/personal library?: What amount of shelves would it require and if you w…[View]
14184058Anyone read this nigga's books? I'm interested in some of his publilcations on herbal medi…[View]
14183634Is this the end?: You have finally came to the conclusion that you can't even read a sing word …[View]
14185456redpill me on the subtle body. what do i need to read to kick this into the next gear?[View]
14184208Fairy tales: Post lesser known fairy tales, any kind of literature regarding the theme is also welco…[View]
14185092So what was the reverend's sin?[View]
14183633P3: Books similar to this?[View]
14185426i am all dead weight collapsed over your pretty beating pulsing yes[View]
14185375Keep a diary, /lit/?: diary a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. 'I r…[View]
14184798Have any books changed your life?[View]
14185325William Vollmann thread[View]
14183876Which translation of 'Crime and Punishment' do you think is the best and which one should …[View]
14185252How does God verify truth outside of his perception? Or how does God know that he perceives all trut…[View]
14183992Let's Get Silly: Post and discuss limericks.[View]
14182171Genuine question that bothers me. If we take Heidegger's post-humanism, how are we supposed to …[View]
14183323>wanted to read today >spent the whole day browsing 4channel instead Why am I like this this …[View]
14185169What's the difference between psychology and psychiatry[View]
14184549This girl slaps your ass and asks 'Have you ever seen a spirit?' What do you do?[View]
14170061He was literally proto-Nietzschean. His heroic theory seems like such a blatant precursor to the übe…[View]
14178313>he canceled his future why?[View]
14173462Was he a flat-earther?[View]
14183962Why did he do it /lit/[View]
14185009Where do you pirate audio books? >inb4 bibliotik - I don't have access to local library eboo…[View]
14184445Has anyone defended ancient metaphysics against values of reason/science/humanism/atheism?[View]
14177218We are impoverished without him[View]
14185016>tfw all the older women call me chivalrous, a gentleman and a lady's man Any books for this…[View]
14183397Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
14180410Autoethnography's are an insult to research and critical analysis: >Autoethnography is a for…[View]
14184990Confined Love Some man unworthy to be possessor Of old or new love, himself being false or weak, T…[View]
14170970>criticize YA author >YA author puts out a hit on you You've been warned, /lit/…[View]
14184867this shit slaps[View]
14184849Alasdair Gray: https://www.heraldscotland.com/arts_ents/18030703.no-stuffy-old-classic-alasdair-gray…[View]
14184751anyone here read it? what am i in for?[View]
14184693How do you respond when someone gloats 'I don't read because its boring'?[View]
14173319it's almost 2020. what are the best books of the past decade?[View]
14184679Harold Bloom: What the fuck, he died a month ago and I hadn't even realized until this very mor…[View]
14175962Did Aristotle actually say this?[View]
14184391>the real Difference and Repetition was the philosophical concepts we made along the way REALLY D…[View]
14184671/lit/ - Philosophy, Politics, Religion & Blogposting Any books for this feel?[View]
14180592>the greatest philosopher of all time didn't start with the Greeks What the fuck? Did lit li…[View]
14184222Do people here hate this book because they don't believe free markets work? Aka commie socialis…[View]
14184470What's the most wholesome book you've ever read bros?[View]
14179066Personally the most enlightening book I've read, in consideration of modern geopolitics. I…[View]
14184356What are the best editions of Lord of the Rings to read? I'm always scared of getting abridged …[View]
14183526Years of reading nihilist literatute made me a crippled man. The level of anxiety, sadness and isoll…[View]
14183816>Haha life's like totally dumb and God ain't real but like forge your own meaning bro, …[View]
14184320>windows update >my epub files won't open >try opening them in internet explorer eithe…[View]
14179638Let's just take a moment of our busy lives to say R.I.P.[View]
14178697Has anyone here legit published their work? What's the process? What are the redpills about it?[View]
14182169Do you visit your crush goodreads bookshelve?[View]
14181915What books have managed to capture the Internet age?: I'd like a novel, poem and work of non-fi…[View]
14180347Which one would you take?[View]
14183911people like Harry Potter because they want to be a part of an authority away from their parents whil…[View]
14182725why are is this magazine so evil?[View]
14183541Recommend books that are easy to read but still god tier like pic related[View]
14183128Books similar to SNK: Just wondering if theres any books somewhat similar to snk[View]
14184238Where to start with Freud (as well as modern psychology and psychoanalysis in general (at least up t…[View]
14184678Is 4chan the Best example of counterculture?: >pic unrelated[View]
14184237I've been thinking about if I marry my gf. She's Muslim and from the Gulf so there's …[View]
14180943What literary school(s) of criticism//literary theories do y'all subscribe to?[View]
14182466Post the worst shit you've seen published[View]
14183733>The Master said, You (Zilu), shall I teach you what it means to know something? When you know, t…[View]
14183425Wtf I didn't know books could be Kino? Why didn't you tell me /Lit/? It took some random f…[View]
14183024What are the most literary career choices? >inb4 writer alright smartass…[View]
14183830Looking for in depth books about Plymouth Plantation[View]
14184082Reading in general: Question to all: Do you find it possible to read consistently while being regul…[View]
14183165What is the big deal with using these words in reference to a single person?[View]
14183822Are families oppressive? If so, why are they only oppressive for women and weak men? Why are women o…[View]
14184188Hey. Hope you're all doing well. Would just like to ask if anyone here is willing to read the f…[View]
14182251reminder that this dude fucked up his marriage with Nicole Krauss because he couldn't suppress …[View]
14183244Grecian Sirens: In this thread we speculate what the Grecian sirens must have been singing to lead s…[View]
14183653Just bought this. What to expect?[View]
14184143Books that will make me feel the way this movie did?[View]
14180565>semicolons in dialogue[View]
14180758Philosophy of individualism...post your favorite writers[View]
14179543OK, so let me get this straight. >We have to transcend our human nature in order to bring the Üb…[View]
14183787Hey /lit/, I have a question regarding being recommended some books. I know nothing about literature…[View]
14181644at the end of the day, is this book mainly just about nostalgia, and trying to reclaim what you once…[View]
14182127PKD: So I've read Ubik, DADOS, A Scanner Darkly, and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch What…[View]
14183514Aniara: Is it worth reading?[View]
14170966Quite possibly the most based book of this millenium[View]
14171944>He knows he is sick and must find relief. He wants so badly to believe that his life isn’t broke…[View]
14183446Anyone? Anyone???[View]
14176886Best psychology books?[View]
14183757Never see this discussed here. Dead French whores are the best muses. Also, Schwob's Imaginary …[View]
14167823You have been visited by the literary gas station attendant of good fortune! Many great ideas and ex…[View]
14183059What are some good books about wasting time?[View]
14183096What is the most influential (not best) book of the 21st century?[View]
14183117What books should i read to impress this type of girl?[View]
14183082Are there books that discuss the idea of death, most interestingly the idea of challenging the notio…[View]
14181835Recommend me cute male booktubers![View]
14179849INTP autobiographies: Any autobiographies of people who are alpha male INTPs[View]
14183419Things to watch: Aside from reading books, what TV shows or documentaries on literature or philosoph…[View]
14180703Audiobook central: I will post an audiobook for you anons once a day to raise the vibration of human…[View]
14183594Have to read Rebecca Solnit in English: >Help Anons! My brain is numbing with every bullshit word…[View]
14182808>I'm a nietzschean-socialist[View]
14181787What did he mean by this?[View]
14183266Is there any other philosopher that causes so much butthurt, yet so much fascination?[View]
14183482Books on Race: I am looking for books on race. What physical features differentiate one race from an…[View]
14165972What are we in for in the future?[View]
14177193where should i start with this motherfucker[View]
14182880What are some good english texts on organic syndicalism?[View]
14182653/crit/ Critique Thread: No critique thread? Fucking shameful. Post yours, comment on others, and get…[View]
14182627RIP religion tards: Perspective is the superior abstraction to time; without perspective there is no…[View]
14174254Convince me that reality exists[View]
14183131recommendations: Any good negro literature?[View]
14182953>tfw you realise that all discursive knowledge is gnostic and that only that wisdom that comes fr…[View]
14182443Is this accurate about the Bible?[View]
14183348Free Speech: What are some historical articles, texts, books on this topic?[View]
14179084why do you write anon?[View]
14183283>This is the only piece of literature translated into Latin by the Vatican in hundreds of years W…[View]
14183217What are some good books concerning morality and ethics?[View]
14182164What is the mind? Is it just a system of impulses, or is it something tangible?[View]
14183046Small Presses: What are your favorite small/independent presses? I like New Directions. It introduce…[View]
14179720Tfw the 'Deep State' is just Jung's collective unconscious[View]
14182540Should I write badly on purpose? No matter what I write, all I can think while writing it is 'it…[View]
14180131What do you think of Saussure?[View]
14182088Pessimism: Why do you read pessimist authors? Is it cathartic or for you jest enjoy dwelling in your…[View]
14182246hellenistic philosophy: stoicism, epicureanism, skepticism or cynicism?[View]
14182950/lit/ approved contemporary horror: what are some good horror novels from the past decade or so. i t…[View]
14179594what is the book equivalente of pic related[View]
14182942>The horror i felt then was indescribable[View]
14182901Are we in control of thoughts we don't have? Are we in control of remembering things? forgettin…[View]
14182871Anyone remember this old weird book from childhood?: Does anyone remember an old children's boo…[View]
14178091Is Conan /lit/ approved[View]
14175589Wealth of Nations: Is it a meme or actually interesting. Do I need to be a 105 IQ /biz/ genius to un…[View]
14176407How much of the criticism towards Blavatsky was actually legitimate? How much of it was due to sexis…[View]
14181935Some old /lit/ thread I found[View]
14181735Help, I can't remember the name of an OLD short story. It's about a star-shaped spinning w…[View]
14178879What works would be considered 'philosophical Taoism'?[View]
14181581Why did they ban mice from reading books? Seems counter-intuitive to me.[View]
14178229Literature for helping me to believe in God again? I tell myself every day 'Jesus is real, he died f…[View]
14179986>finish well written non-fiction book >Feel like I was getting to know the author because he e…[View]
14179950Who's the funniest classic literature author ?[View]
14181720what do you think of this poem that I wrote?[View]
14181995these are the only philosophers that were right about everything[View]
14180608Who are some philosophers like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche who talk about the importance of a life of…[View]
14181817Literature is just politics. That's why Shakespeare was forgotten in the continent until Englan…[View]
14174870>Another thing that struck me [in the American] was the great influence of the Negro, a psycholog…[View]
14178577Why bother writing a book? Everything has already been said, you'd just be repeating others. Yo…[View]
14182501Peace of Our Time, maybe in another life: Are there any literary works that talk about or try to exp…[View]
14181426https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_feminist_literature What have you read from this list, /lit/?…[View]
14181019>Today's used book haul Did I do OK?[View]
14182012I want to get into the habit of reading but don't know where to start. Recommend anon good entr…[View]
14182401>the amazing title Black Mirror has been wasted on a shitty normalfag TV show and I can't us…[View]
14179901Arguments in favour of materialism? Also any books on this topic[View]
14180074Where does pic related come from? Is this some Nick Land stuff? Did a quick google search to no avai…[View]
14181082I've had enough bros, how do I improve my memory? 3 months ago I read two texts by Plato (Apolo…[View]
14180169>the ordinal precedes the cardinal is deleuze retarded?[View]
14182252book recommendations that would compliment this album[View]
14181659Jung explains the suffering of men in a succinct paragraph, based[View]
14178898What books to get started on this absolute force of a man?[View]
14178553Looking for books to help turn me into a Financial wizard/Master of Coin/Speculator. Particularly in…[View]
14175053>he tries to discuss politics on /lit/ >he didn't start with the americans…[View]
14172167Is this shit worth reading?[View]
14180070well? why was the narrator such a jackass towards me (the reader)? there was a looming air of disdai…[View]
14177522>writes an entire book whining about inequality >never properly explains why inequality is inh…[View]
14181855so did he really deserve the nobel prize or is he just a racist asshole or did he win the nobel priz…[View]
14181571He writes like a fucking chick.[View]
14180624Post a movie, get a book recommendation[View]
14181187What the FUCK did I just read[View]
14179664>tfw taking a class on Victorian literature[View]
14180804Im having difficulties writing quality prose. Would it be a good idea to copy texts from other bette…[View]
14181760what did he mean by this?[View]
14180396It is, but why is it the best novel ever?[View]
14173609>be in ancient greece and rome >women get treated like shit and female fictional characters ar…[View]
14180357Voltaire on Shakespeare: 'He was a savage [...] who had some imagination. He has written many happy …[View]
14178903Where to start with the philosophy of aesthetics?[View]
14181599READ THE MARTIN FIERRO: dare I take this opportunity to remind you[View]
14180852If death came to Adam not from physical necessity but through sin, and Christ took away the sins of …[View]
14181246Anyone here read pic related? Anymore Norwegian must-reads?[View]
14181553Just finished pic related. I really enjoyed it, up until the trial. Alexy's spiritual growth, I…[View]
14181555>as soon as he contracts the habit, yields and yields again to every temptation, with as much fac…[View]
14179107I need book gifts ideas, it's for a girl and I know she enjoyed The Sorrow's of Young Wert…[View]
14179235Has any Christian ever refuted him? He honestly dismantles Christian ethics, and no one ever respond…[View]
14178366best book of all time[View]
14175349the best autobiography ever[View]
14179729now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
14178849what am I in for?[View]
14180177is it kino?[View]
14179989>download catcher in the rye PDF >the 'fuck you's in the school have been changed to '...you' …[View]
14181393Who from the 18th century has the most beautiful writing?[View]
14181488Which one was the best[View]
14178439Is it based?[View]
14180265Bacchus: Why does he make women batshit crazy?[View]
14179348What's the difference between the soul and the self? Books on this?[View]
14179883Is there any better moment in /lit/ than when Nietzsche starts btfoing the slaves and rabble? more l…[View]
1418089525 cents, used: Should I pick it up?[View]
14180938/anal/ General: >'ate Heraclitus >'ate Neech >'ate Heidegger >'ate D…[View]
14180976One of the most based books of the last 100 years.[View]
14180017Does morality exist if it isn't objective?[View]
14181160>What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.[View]
14179721Virgil and Homer. Pure coincidence?: It almost seems to good to be true that Aeneas was deemed to ha…[View]
14181106Any interesting writings on Names? I've never felt attached to my name, first or last. Whenever…[View]
14181126best books of the 2010s decade? pic not related[View]
14179312>makes Tolstoy seethe with jealousy[View]
14180620why did foucault sell out to amerikkka?[View]
14177221What's the best translation of the Iliad?[View]
14179863I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
14178442You can't claim to have read the western canon if you haven't read these books: The Ancien…[View]
14173542Does anyone else feel bored with philosophy? I've studied it deeply and honestly I feel like I…[View]
14179120ITT post and discuss geopolitics books. Need something new to read[View]
14180749It is time to decide /lit/, logical principle based thinking or practical utility based thinking, wh…[View]
14170702>Book has sex scene[View]
14179821What is the best book you have ever read?[View]
14180717What did Jung mean by this? Why did he specify negroes with mental disorders?[View]
14177921Robert Sepehr: Ever read his books /lit/? He also has a YT channel called Atlantean Gardens. Opinion…[View]
14178172Authors with Male readers: I've noticed that modern day writers have to write specifically for …[View]
14178130*watches one journal flip-thru video*[View]
14180520Why isn't marlowe more revered? He had a lot of influence on shakespeare, you'd think he…[View]
14179315im on a quest to learn sensuality, eroticism and teasing to upgrade my brain for /p/hotos what can i…[View]
14180456What should I read?[View]
14177829Are creative writing classes really as bad as they're made out to be? Every time we've had…[View]
14180200Why do the Honored Matres cause the Bene Gesserit to seethe so hard? The Sisterhood are literally in…[View]
14180392Local book store is having a 30% off sae of all books tomorrow. Rec me some good stuff to buy.: Stuf…[View]
14180380*pokes you in the bladder with my bronze spear*[View]
14180339have we grown fond of totalitarianism?[View]
14177992Do you think Watchmen has literary merit?[View]
14177445Do all religions worship the same god?[View]
14180164Buddhism presupposes a very mild climate, extremely gentle and liberal customs, the complete absence…[View]
14180548Is it worthwhile to go to school as a 24 year old male for a degree related to the fields of philoso…[View]
14173207What are some good books that critically examine the role lawyers play in society? Is there any seri…[View]
14180103What should happen when you open the mystery box /lit/?[View]
14179811what's a good book lol? Just assume I'm the person in the picture[View]
14173962R9K chart: I want to know which of these are actually good? I read Notes(good), My Twisted World(rea…[View]
14180012Why does Quentin not even think about his own family (besides Father) in Absalom, Absalom!. Doesn’t …[View]
14173057Books by Engels: I understand this dude wrote the communist manifesto with Marx. I also heard that h…[View]
14178823What is the definition of Young Adult? Is it just the age of the characters?[View]
14174193The Bible and Slave Morality: What passages in the Bible are the greatest examples of slave moralty?…[View]
14177932bookclub: I any mod alive? I wish to make it alive again so that our small /lit/ bookclub becomes of…[View]
14175626I haven't been here much since last year. /lit/ used to be much slower. What are the immigrants…[View]
14179968Has anyone read this? Is it good?[View]
14179926In that vast shadow once of yore Fingolfin stood: his shield he bore with field of heaven's blu…[View]
14177554Don't you feel bad knowing that you'll never know anything about the secret philosophy tha…[View]
14177114How much did Tolkien know about antiquity and the middle ages?: That plus all his languages that he …[View]
14178609>Buying Industrial Revolution and Its Future on Amazon[View]
14178603I've been reading the Odyssey, and just read Odysseus encounter with the shadow of Oedipus…[View]
14177493Holy shit.[View]
14178466Objective beauty: What are some literature that defend objective beauty in art?[View]
14179862>>The Byzantine Empire and Gondor were both only echoes of older states (the Roman Empire and …[View]
14176435What are some books, non fiction or fiction, that explore the profound sadness of males that are inc…[View]
14160032>age >how you're holding up >current book…[View]
14178202Hey /lit/, penning a hunting story. Can you help me come up with a name for a fictional African game…[View]
14179672>Rage - Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Ach…[View]
14177362Any other /lit/ books that revolve around a murder?[View]
14178535the book or writer who inspired you to write seriously[View]
14179555Ode Writing: Recommend resources for ode writing. No prejudices here: discuss Pindaric, Horatian, ir…[View]
14177352>lit says 'start with the Greeks!' >read Castoriadis, Kazantzadis and Varoufakis >that stil…[View]
14179630>Either reason or emotions, nothing outside.[View]
14179165RORR: reminder of retroactive refutation[View]
14177531writing thread: practice writing n'shiet[View]
14173824>In 2005, a college student made a webpage called The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. It …[View]
14179535Peter F Hamilton: Has anyone read finished it yet?[View]
14178777Is the Pali canon worth looking into beyond Buddhist wine aunt meme?[View]
14179529His Dark Materials: Found these books in my library and since I kind of enjoyed the first 2 episodes…[View]
14178026Premed fag here. Has /lit/ produced any medicine charts? Im starting with hippocrates.[View]
14179430Where do I from here? This book basically solves the Woman Question and the Jewish Question. Otto We…[View]
14179402If you knew everything, could you do anything?[View]
14174473Kindle or paper? I'm considering going digital, what do you use /lit/?[View]
14174775This is why /lit/ is shit.[View]
14177712The Great Debate: Principia vs On the Origin of Species[View]
14176947So, have you guys read OSHO yet?[View]
14176756Can someone link the preperatory literature for reading Ulysses? I forgot to save it and saw it a wh…[View]
14178683What did Evola mean by this? Perhaps he found the elixir of life / stone of the philosophers, but i…[View]
14178356We build up resistances to drugs, diseases and various other things. Do you think it's possible…[View]
14175461I want to read books that talk about great adventures, brave men, vanquishing evil, standing up with…[View]
14179130>builds an entire career out of writing 800+ pages long cries for help How the hell did this dude…[View]
14178024Trying to decorate my room. Need some literature inspired art. Anyone got any HQ ideas? Master and M…[View]
14178012Dinotopia is the most kino children's book of all time[View]
14179049What is a concept or essence, for Thomas Aquinas? In his proofs of God's existence at the begi…[View]
14178638Which book comes the closest to the idea of egodeath, that you experience while tripping on dmt or o…[View]
14176379Do I really have to slog through Homer first?[View]
14178494Hispanismo: Tomad buena nota anglos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmeuHqxFq84[View]
14177630I saw some comments about Fitzgerald recently and it looks like the spirit of the Belle Époque survi…[View]
14178892Be /fitlit/, not a fitlet.[View]
14177368>author mentions the 'reader'[View]
14178216Why does everyone here say Tolkien is right-wing, anyway?[View]
14178803CRITIQUE THREAD: So, lads, I wrote this short story. Be sure to critique it fair and honest. Don…[View]
14176658>C'MERE BOY >have you been retroactively refuted yet?…[View]
14178707Any books similar to The Institute?: Going to finish it eventually, and would like a piece similar t…[View]
14172974>The reality is that dying isn’t bad, but it takes forever. And that forever is no time at all. I…[View]
14176430Cinema is better a medium for telling stories than written word. By the director having control of t…[View]
14174018Ok bros there are 3 interesting books in the library >1q84 >The road >brave new world Whic…[View]
14178614Why did Bradbury think there was rain on Venus? Was he a fucking idiot?[View]
14177740Do I have to read Nietzsche/Guenon to read Evola?[View]
14178161>tfw had writers block for several years How do people overcome this I used to write a lot and it…[View]
14171957Is keeping a journal worth it?: Can secrets written down remain secret? For example, look at Kurt Co…[View]
14178459Surely this must be a great book. I like stories of kids being treated unfairly.[View]
14176173Can God create a second God?[View]
14176562Beauty and the beautiful: This one is an odd request, but I'll try to be clear. Is there a boo…[View]
14164152Good right wing stuff?[View]
14171949the tide was way out.[View]
14177866Help: What philosophers actually have something to say about the way I ought to live my life, exist …[View]
14177806How did you react when you found out your favorite childhood book series was written by a team of gh…[View]
14178256>There is no steady unretracing progress in this life; we do not advance through fixed gradations…[View]
14177573It was I who killed the old pawnbroker woman and her sister Lizaveta with an axe and robbed them.[View]
14176450>interview with a contemporary author you've never heard of >its about deconstructing one…[View]
14174884*retroactively btfo deleuze*[View]
14174415What are the greatest books of all time?[View]
14178064moderncucks btfo: >Traditionalism is bad because in the past we w-wouldn't have medicine and…[View]
14158804Made my first poem for my writing class, what do you guys think?: Social media is a scourging thunde…[View]
14177961Society of Philosopher Kings: Why hasn't the society described by Plato in picrelated been trie…[View]
14177318*perfects Nietzsche's system*[View]
14177979historian writers > philosophic writers[View]
14177664One more book to complete 2019 reading challenge: Need one more book to finish of the year’s challen…[View]
14174418redpill me on philipp mainlander[View]
14177997i just got penetrated by another man , books for this feeling?[View]
14177985Artemis Fowl: Artemis Fowl movie coming next year, discuss.[View]
14177941>The great American authors? Ta-Nehisi Coates, Junot Diaz, Audre Lorde, Joyce Carol Oates...…[View]
14177906Life of Fred: Did anyone else have Life of Fred books as a kid? Did anybody read them for fun despit…[View]
14175537Love: I just recently finished Don Quixote and a lot of the stories/adventures that featured love we…[View]
14174255Neech: >Heavily revised version What did they mean by this? Multicultural xir beasts instead of b…[View]
14177651What are the best books about Theodore Roosevelt? Which book about him is the best?[View]
14176942Describe this image in your finest prose[View]
14166954why arent you fucking reading, anon?[View]
14177733Uploading pirated audiobooks to youtube: Will they be up my ass for copyright?[View]
14176924Oh My God Just Fuck Already: the book.[View]
14177705What was the point of the Old Chinaman? Seemed like he was supposed to symbolise something but Stein…[View]
14177654What;s your favorite Jane Austen book /his/?[View]
14175237Great aesthetic vision (art that “mogs”) inspires awe in men. Awe in men is the steel from which arm…[View]
14176870/g/ has Arche Linux and the C programming language, /biz/ has Chainlink and gold, /fit/ has boneless…[View]
14168521Which philosophers and books discuss free will? Is free will a thing? Discuss[View]
14176041Any Dutch anons going to the Liveblog reading?: They're building a pillow fort for the audience…[View]
14177105Fear and Trembling: what is the secular application of this?[View]
14175364nothing personnel anon///[View]
14173855My brother is choosing books for his 7 years old daughter and asked me what books would I recommend …[View]
14175466Books which would explain :: WHY THE FUCK all political movements today are some sort of tribalist s…[View]
14172079Thoughts on listening to audiobook and reading book at the same time? It would engage more senses, p…[View]
14175124How should I go about writing world-building when I don't want to use much dialogue?[View]
14177524What is the most literary asmr? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ze2yCwSX-DY[View]
14173925Fucking hell, this book hit close to home.[View]
14177132Which books are in the essential wine aunt canon?[View]
14165174This guy didn't go far enough. Technology isn't the problem; humans are.[View]
14177370>he hasn't read the Australian Flannery O'Connor cringe[View]
14176915Was The Dude Enlightened? The evidence seems to point towards yes.[View]
14171380Name a bigger chad in poetry.[View]
14175344Qur’an Horror: Currently taking a university class on the Qur’an. The teacher insists upon reading t…[View]
14177219These guys are fucking genii!! I'm certain they're the greatest philosophers since Saint A…[View]
14177172>*returns from the shadow realm in the form of climate change activism* Hehe nothing personal kid…[View]
14173563Rate my work (and post yours?): We can sometimes mAke our own work and have our friends here critiqu…[View]
14175673What are some good books with local history? I'll take fiction or nonfiction? Any place. Any ti…[View]
14177090Why does America torture its own people to death?[View]
14177087Will we have a top chart made this year ?[View]
14177083Why is it that whenever I bring up this book, all I get is 'hes a fucking pedophile' and nothing els…[View]
14175997What little episode/passage from an artist's biography/notebook/letter made you think >omg h…[View]
14174663Harold Bloom: What do you think about him? Is he worth reading? If so, what are his best works?…[View]
14176584where do I even start?[View]
14171483>mfw someones asks me why I like Nick Land[View]
14173134Am I the only one who thinks Heidegger is the most overrated and obscurantist philosopher of all tim…[View]
14164535Why are there so many science deniers on /lit/? I see so much hostility to scientists like Dawkins a…[View]
14176597Wittgenstein's mistress: Might sound like a silly question, but is there any required or mandat…[View]
14176860Hey /lit/ I'm looking for some books for this feel.[View]
14176610Eastern philosophy: Put pic related as my tinder bio, hit boost, 0 likes. Any eastern philosophical …[View]
14176529Thoughts on Stendhal’s The Red and the Black?[View]
14176784>world-renowned political theorist >uses Sting's 'Send Your Love' as the epigraph to his …[View]
14176402I'm thinking about buying some books: >Metaphysics of War, Julius Evola >Capitalism and f…[View]
14175734>read this >still suck at being logical or reasonable I guess books don't really affect t…[View]
14176312Wtf if wrong with the first 100 pages? it bored me to dead[View]
14175669Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
14175560Hegelians are behind all the evil in this world: Hegelians are behind all the evil in this world.…[View]
14176614Stop writing.[View]
14175091babby's first reading of hegel/beckett. shit was trash[View]
14175397You can't claim to have read the western canon if you haven't read these books: The Ancien…[View]
14169347I just started seeing a new girl and she likes to read but she's a total pleb. What are some bo…[View]
14175781It's Friday. Why are you here?[View]
14175678>time is just entropy[View]
14175103Are there any parallels between Deleuzian and Talebian thought?[View]
14176251Who is the modern day Hemingway? Is it Nicholas Sparks?[View]
14174131Czech authors: How much does /lit/ respect them? I'm from Czech Republic and very much interest…[View]
14176453What are some excellent books about mysticism and spirituality in the early days?[View]
14175634is it important to read anne frank? I tried multiple times but just can't do it I just feel lik…[View]
14175280Is he any good /lit/?[View]
14172616>Most of /lit/ worships communism, Nietzsche and is more concerned with appearing literate as an …[View]
14176311Any good books about religious experiences?[View]
14176252/lit/ guides, lists and suggestions thread. Meme guides included, want to save some to laugh at late…[View]
14173539>read Antifragile and fooled by randomness >start noticing improvements in my life >starte…[View]
14174342You must choose, Shepard. Destroy Capital, Control Capital, or Synthesise with Capital.[View]
14175989>solves philosophy with his metaphysics of quality heh, nothing personal kid ;)…[View]
14176164>everybody dies at the end except ishmael wow ok[View]
14174660The Great Debate: Hank vs John Green[View]
14175761If one were to read a single book by CG Jung, which should it be? I'm interested in all suggest…[View]
14176070Is cowardice simply a product of an excessive imagination? I would describe myself, in my late twent…[View]
14175900>book is over 400 pages[View]
14175575>Why yes the only books I read are from the old Star Wars EU, how could you tell?…[View]
14173015nabokov is a hack and despair is shite[View]
14174640Reminder Pococurante was right[View]
14173338His books have changed so many lives. Why haven't you read him yet?[View]
14175846'I knew that rider was.... evil. Don't laugh': Probably the greatest line I have ever come acro…[View]
14173551This was suggested as part of my secret santa game at work. Do you think it would be a good gift /li…[View]
14175885quantum mechanics: watching a lecture here, and the gleefully enthusiastic science worshipper wanted…[View]
14175558>I still look upon my future -an ample future!- as upon calm seas: there is no ripple of desire. …[View]
14177286/poetry/: White shirt now red, my bloody nose Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes Creeping arou…[View]
14175629>want to read Lord of the Rings >find out Tolkien was a papist What do /lit/?…[View]
14175355/heidegger general/: Only posts about the tought or life of german philosopher Martin Heidegger are …[View]
14175503What is the most comfy book: I want something with a plot that lacks tension, stress, and that makes…[View]
14175328>Addressing attempts to make undergraduate reading lists of literature more inclusive, Bellow had…[View]
14169450Isn't it sobering how instantly this was forgotten? You can become your country's leader b…[View]
14175561The only thing that keeps me from reading romantic classics like Jane Eyre and P&P is because it…[View]
14174246what are some banksycore novels?[View]
14174123How do i happy[View]
14172635I am starting to find it impossible to differenciate between intellectuals and psuedo-intellectuals …[View]
14173587Is he right? Is great man theory true?[View]
14174203Shin Buddhism: When Buddhism is discussed Shin/Pure Land seems to receive barely any mention. What …[View]
14172246What's the literary equivalent to Deathconsciousness?[View]
14175383The Letters of Abelard and Heloise: I have a term paper due about pic related. Any good quotes and i…[View]
14174740kek or cringe?[View]
14174856>another weekend staying home and just reading haha Am I missing out on my youth by doing this?…[View]
14173448Specifically what book would this person enjoy.[View]
14170282What is the elite method of note taking on books?[View]
14173365Bro, you have actually existed for thousands of years in the ballsack of different men[View]
14173899Do you adhere to it, writers of /lit/?[View]
14174948>big rock made of small rock >small rock made of smaller rock >all thing made of the small …[View]
14173676Have you read pic related? What did you think of it?[View]
14173817Guénon's birthday IS today![View]
14175205Thought about war book like these[View]
14175102How do I publish a book? Just for your information, I have not written a book, nor do I even have an…[View]
14172562What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
14173909IS IT GOOD?[View]
14175097It is easy to tell that a bad book written with a particular genre in mind is genre fiction e.g Harr…[View]
14175024When did you realize that Atticus (1.3 milion instagram followers) is the next e.e cummings?[View]
14174518>tfw you realise you have been speaking prose your entire life >you are living literature…[View]
14173308“The unexamined life is not worth living” -Socrates Is the same true of stories? Stories we tell our…[View]
14172902Serious question: Now that tribalism and identity politics pretty much dictate who gets published, w…[View]
14173646Describe this image in your finest prose[View]
14172449>yfw you realize that virtue is just the continuation of aesthetics in the moral plane…[View]
14173838>The Jew: An unpublished work by Burton alleging a Jewish blood libel, several colleagues tried t…[View]
14172774Give me some books on Taosim and Zen[View]
14172336Reminder that we live in the best possible world.[View]
14173983critique thread: flash fiction edition (<500 words) >https://pastebin.com/d3wujjcb…[View]
14166489INTJ literature: What books would be suited for the INTJ type?[View]
14174004Why haven't you read the Bible of symbolism yet? And you call yourself well read.... >When M…[View]
14174402If you were never able to strike a perfect balance between an Apollonian and Dionysian mode of life,…[View]
14168549/lit/ humor thread just made this one[View]
14174668Any books on psychology of control freaks?[View]
14172580The greeks are fucking boring and trivial, how do I survive 2000 pages of thoughts I basically had i…[View]
14172875Writers: How do you plan your books?[View]
14172608Am I the only one who counts the chapters that I've had read instead of the pages? Counting how…[View]
14173093Wholesome books?[View]
14161128Are the Upanishads the greatest piece of writing ever created?[View]
141674841000 pages, 8 sentence: Ducks, Newburyport is the new Ulysses[View]
14170220books about coomers: post books where at least one major character is a cumbrain pic related[View]
14174459Finding lost titles: Hello literature lovers, I have just remembered the synopsis of a book I read w…[View]
14174517if true sincerity is fascism and a conscious world war from the ground up is pending, out of the fir…[View]

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