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14558523Anyone read this? What can I expect?[View]
14558595What's the best piece of advice you've received about improving your writing?[View]
14558064Why were so many Victorian women authors parson's daughters?: The Brontes, Austen, among many o…[View]
14553293Books about manhood?: To help a fatherless basedboy become a man.[View]
14558242Are there any books like Twilight with an Edward who's a dweebo instead of turbochad?[View]
14557864what's one of the funniest books you've ever read? I wanna laugh in my free /lit/ time thi…[View]
14556967Sought the helping hand Broken spell this life my heart I never heard back[View]
14558256Read the books to see if Geralt is just as edgy as in the show [Spoiler] he is [/spoiler][View]
14557470NADA Y PUES NADA 'This is so deep'[View]
14558115I write bad[View]
14555492Is this a sign from heavenly father . I keep seeing girls reading the alchemist in my college . I ju…[View]
14558408Why is linguistics so un/lit/? You would think understanding the phonetics of language will have som…[View]
14557712Recommendations: Any feminist literature recommendations? preferably written by lesbian’s/ butchy fe…[View]
14557860Was he a nonce?[View]
14557330>think >be me[View]
14558127Got a long drive tomorrow. What are some /lit/ podcasts[View]
14552152Just read frankenstein: Was good fun. What did you all think of it?[View]
14556420Why won’t critics excel at best selling authors’ list? If they’re so good at it, why don’t they do i…[View]
14556677How do you get rich from writing (a novel)?[View]
14556548I do not care to learn a language to have boring conversations with humans. My only desire is to acq…[View]
14558343Books about dialectic subcapitalist dematerialism/predematerialism?[View]
14555868More like this? /crime/ general as well: Just finished pic related and loved it. Can those who'…[View]
14557167Advices on making a short story?: So there’s this contest of making a short story about a really rid…[View]
14551311Why is Freud and Jung the only authors mentionned when /lit/ talks about psychology/psychoanalysis, …[View]
14557222Why is the imagery in this so edgy? Even the benelovent deities are described as holding infant corp…[View]
14556529started reading Dostoiesvki, my first one was Crime and Punishment which I've just finished , w…[View]
14558185The logical conclusion to utilitarianism is to kill everyone as quickly as possible without them rea…[View]
14551480this just came in the mail. what am i in for /lit/?[View]
14556560Which a the best Ligotti stories /lit/?[View]
14554674I was going through my parents' stuff and found this: What should I start with?[View]
14556552How *do* you practice your dialogue writing skills?[View]
14553065I read 24 pages today[View]
14556750All meme aside how is r / literature . Is it a better board than / lit / .[View]
14557124Aesthetic Pseudoscience: What are some writings that lay out scientific theories that are objectivel…[View]
14557513What are some good books that will restore my love of philosophy and make me want to put the time in…[View]
14557770They call me Hogg because a hog lives dirty. I don't wash none. And when I get hungry, I eat my…[View]
14557711Novels about how having a passion, a good heart and disposition to work hard overcomes any amount of…[View]
14558014Do you consider science fiction to be lowbrow literature for plebs?[View]
14557865What happen to all the Doomer lit chart threads, Bloomer threads, Christ cuck generals that generate…[View]
14557912Why do books go yellow? And do we like this?[View]
14554926Agricultural Revolution: is there any good /lit/ that focuses on humanity's transition into set…[View]
14557789What are some decent books on the history of science, technology and medicine in asia and the middle…[View]
14557565>be me, edmond dantes >fly as all fuck >shit friends frame me and put me in prison >meet…[View]
14557722What are some tips everyone should know on how to be a better reader?[View]
14556727A godly figure, or several of them, could with ease have fabricated evidence for any creation theory…[View]
14557236Book Recommendations: Was wondering if any of you fellas have any good recommendations of books abou…[View]
14557596Terry Goodkind is a pretentious hack.[View]
14556215Any books for Sloombers? >12 hours a day minimum >doesn't dream, just sleeps >only wak…[View]
14556619Explain this /lit/[View]
14556404How to get over ressentiment?[View]
14556513Celibacy: Post some celibate-core, or books about sexual purity >The Book of Disquiet - Pessoa …[View]
14557400Depressing and deep existencial novels starring teenagers like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Make me sad.[View]
14556587>book is incomprehensible[View]
14553332Hermeticism and The Occult Thread: 0) Balinas mentions the engraving on the table in the hand of Her…[View]
14555296Which book do you recommend to approach ancient Greek culture?[View]
14556988Thoughts on Chuck Palahniuk? Reading Fight Club atm and really liking it, film might still be better…[View]
14557384The Birth of Tragedy: I'm currently reading this and I don't really see why it is recommen…[View]
14556746trying to write makes me stir crazy. i become very irritated and trapped by my surroundings. they be…[View]
14557332Write what's on your mind.: Open Google Docs edition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YKYaJ…[View]
14555642-Anaximander -Anaximenes -Anaxagoras[View]
14557517If you read this and felt any degree of sympathy with either of the main characters, you are beyond …[View]
14557232how do i man up enough to decide to start writing?[View]
14556296Anti drugs philosophy: Any books or writings that are anti drugs or deal with drug and substance abs…[View]
14557439John Lilly: What are John Lilly's best writtings?[View]
14555481Oswald Spengler[View]
14557264>/lit/ doesn't accept him as the 20th century's greatest poet Since when did this board…[View]
14553300Stop! Have you read the Greeks?: https://www.strawpoll.me/19252748[View]
14554130Literature debunking the viewpoint taken below? My 13 objections against Christianity - 1. If God is…[View]
14554829It's a single thing ....everything is a single thing[View]
14555841There is a limited elite that understands the secrets of their own techniques, but not necessarily o…[View]
14557174When I was a kid in school I all I would do was read, I went to school just so I could read in peace…[View]
14557162I like programming and I like philosophy. Are there any books that talk about programming in a philo…[View]
14555893>Peter Slaughter Dyke How did he get away with it?[View]
14553912Any paganfag here? I saw that symbol in Midsomar, any coue what it means? I tried to found anything …[View]
14555567>tfw music at coffee shop is too loud for me to focus or hear my thoughts Why would they do this?…[View]
14556229just finished leviticus there's a lot of killing animals, whenever something bad happens the so…[View]
14556036Thoughts on Kundera / Immortality?[View]
14556676Do you think stealing money from rich people and giving it to poor people is good or evil? And what…[View]
14553754What is some smart fantasy (unlike Conan): that doesn't spend pages upon pages describing thing…[View]
14554531Soo whats the deal with this book? Is it worth a read?[View]
14555736How do (You) remember what (You) read? Your actual practice instead of general advice. Does it all s…[View]
14556896I don't get it: I don't get it explain this to a brainlet like me /lit/[View]
14555689What do I read or do after I'm done with the Quran? Noticing a lot of people glorifying it on h…[View]
14556866Actual books like this?: https://genius.com/Kanye-west-break-the-simulation-philosophy-book-annotate…[View]
14550286When did you realize that Hesiod was inspired by Babylonian writers? >The Dynasty of Dunnum, some…[View]
14555991Why is pic related so beloved by pseuds?[View]
14555227how come this country failed to produce any great literature in the 20th century unlike its former c…[View]
14556745have you ever felt burnt out on literature. what did you do if it happened? what if literature was t…[View]
14555831I want to buy a new book, should I get don quixote or count montecristo?[View]
14555463Is there a single thread on this board about an actual book? I like this book, lets talk about it.[View]
14556048Are atheist scientism weenies even aware of how thoroughly refuted they are in the current year? Wil…[View]
14549874>he subvocalizes[View]
14556118Blessed by Archangels: Has anyone read, tried the methods?[View]
14555904The Tiger is out[View]
14552199What happens when Ai can write stories more compelling than humans?[View]
14553249Help I'm autist: Lit i got a book yesterday read a few pages liked it but I can't fucking …[View]
14556559I'm right wing however in all reality, do good and evil exist?[View]
14554972Hinduism: I hate Indians for ruining Hinduism. It came from persian-indic aryans and spread nearly h…[View]
14554385Why is it that literature now has to be reductively categorized by contrived '-ist' or 'anti-' label…[View]
14556492Non fiction lit: I was reading some random reference work(?, I don't know what to call it) abou…[View]
14555802Post all of the Shakespeare you've read and compare, discuss. going first, in order of producti…[View]
14556472What does /lit/ think of this book?[View]
14556377Young Adult: Real talk here. I recently realized that I read mostly YA literature. Since this board …[View]
14555269is it normal to have to get at least 50 pages in before being able to smoothly read a novel? before …[View]
14556451Similar books to pic related?[View]
14556349what is the modern-day equivalent of the sibylline books?: must: - be infallible - have a mythical o…[View]
14556116What is the Ethiopian canon? Everything I read and hear about this country is fascinating, but it…[View]
14555225Wisdom: >Not tapping into source of all wisdom,knowledge that transcends time which can only be f…[View]
14552224Thoughts on e-readers?[View]
14555349When practicing your writing, do you write by hand or do you type? Is there an advantage to either?[View]
14555667Suffering is necessary: Without suffering we wouldnt be able to break out of Maya- illusion, we woul…[View]
14555714Wat ya think?: https://pastebin.com/9MXyV7zg (Pessoa)[View]
14556266Divegrass: 4chan winter cup /lit/ vs /fit/ Link in the next post[View]
14555931>do what is natural What if what comes naturally to me is wrong? Degenerate? What am I supposed t…[View]
14548513/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: RIP Christoper Tolkien Edition Group Reading https://d…[View]
14555409Grad School students help needed for book: Hypothetically, how hard/easy would it be for someone to …[View]
14555884>epic poetry[View]
14555821ITT: books with shitty endings[View]
14556003It's time to decide what's worse, lit: commie blocks or corpo cubes?[View]
14554133I have this drastic urge to yearn for the past, a past I never knew and wish I could go back to. Mai…[View]
14541397Please explain the ideology behind this picture. Has the same thing happened in literature?[View]
14555805Best Ulysses companion?: going to law school in sept. i want to finally tackle ulysses before im bog…[View]
14555695What is currently the best English translation for the Phenomenology? Is the debate between Pinkard …[View]
14551995Western Canon: Where is the best place to start for the Western Canon? Which books are essential to …[View]
14555549Does a person need to know the story of the fall of Lucifer to fully appreciate Paradise Lost?[View]
14555958I need some book recommendations: Can /lit/ give me some book recommendations? I have never read any…[View]
14555509i dont get it, will my view change when i have someone to be in love with?[View]
14555952/lit/ equivalent of pic related?[View]
14555985What's a kino?: What's a kino? How do I add kinos to my stories?[View]
14553171How did he know?[View]
14555849The only book i have read the last 3 years and i am already a wizard.[View]
14555896More books about modern normie women: Just finished this. Pretty good, though I'm not sure how …[View]
14555425was it kino?[View]
14537164critic my suicide note (its for my book): IM NOT actually killing myself. but im wondering what is t…[View]
14555522>Reading Don Quixote >Got to the windmill part >Got a sincere chuckle out of me Thanks Don …[View]
14555619Books that will convince me to an hero?[View]
14550242Write a (good) poem in under a minute: Ezra Pound has a popular poem called 'In a Station of the Met…[View]
14551417Dyslexic Children: I have a very serious long term partner who i'm probably going to marry at s…[View]
14555687>writes Macbeth >doesn't get credit[View]
14555107Giacomo Casanova’s Memoirs: Anybody read this masterpiece? I’m on page 400 and it’s so good. This ma…[View]
14553339Thoughts on suicide ?: What do /lit/izens think about suicide ? Also, try to communicate like actual…[View]
14553120Which books / stories have been published in the past ten years which focus on the idea of an 'incel…[View]
14554418Harassment Architecture: Has anyone read this? Is it any good?[View]
14555484My mom bought this for me, is there anything I need to know before I read it? I read that it mention…[View]
14555541Books for sad lonely white men who aspire to be like Travis bickle?[View]
14548297Mythology: Which books on mythology have you read? What is the best introduction? Are any of these m…[View]
14555491In 'The Crisis of the Modern World' why does he sperg out so hard on Western Philosophy? I really en…[View]
14554030My voice is really bad . Who should I listen to an copy to make audiobook .[View]
14555498Modern books on Stoicism: Are there any modern books on Stoicism that are worth reading? I have no i…[View]
14552395Stoicism: What if doing something 'bad' may actually 'help' a lot of people in the near future? What…[View]
14555428Novels 3-Act vs 5-Act: Which Novels, the patrician kind and worth reading, have a 3-Act vs 5-Act str…[View]
14541204itt: 110 iq authors[View]
14553895>tfw you realize The Wasteland was just the Ready Player One of its day.…[View]
14551676>using semicolons Is there anything more pretentious, more attention-seeking?…[View]
14555115what can I read to get smarter? Im sick of depression-accelerated mental decline robbing me of my on…[View]
14555033When have you grown up from genre fiction?[View]
14545054Is there such a thing as Coomer philosophy? I want to understand the metaphysics of eroticism. Prefe…[View]
14554712Hey /lit/, are there any books that will convince me of fascism? Im not a fascist, but ive become pr…[View]
14554857Hang all postmodern neomarxists >Why? Because they are trying to destroy the Western Civilization…[View]
14544739Does the far right even have any good literature?[View]
14555168What do you think about this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14555091What is consciousness?: Do we ever achieve total ‘consciousness’ considering we are required to slee…[View]
14554768Spoilers here obviously for people who didn't read this, so stay away. Anyone read this book? I…[View]
14553275Great poetry that nobody has read: What do you think are the best poems that never got the attention…[View]
14555083The Tibetan Book of the Dead- what did we think of it? https://youtu.be/SudwSTl4RM8[View]
14555006I have been only using a conjunction without a preceding comma for hundreds of papers and absolutely…[View]
14555052What are some thinkers you can recommend? Not necessarily obscure ones, but not shit like Scruton, Z…[View]
14552287/litrpg/: LitRPG, short for Literary Role Playing Game, is a literary genre combining the convention…[View]
14551481Quality books on WW2: I've been reading pic related, its interesting, but riddled with contradi…[View]
14548374Black existentialism: I learnt about black existentialism while looking at the wikipedia page about …[View]
14554773Lost: where is mommy >Literature on finding mommy when lost in public spaces?…[View]
14553685Which philosophers wrote about the importance of 'loss' in personal development?[View]
14554637https://www.wikihow.com/Read-Ulysses >tfw a scholar now THANK YOU WIKIHOW…[View]
14552452FUCK books: Art is a bullshit cope. In the end it's all just a bunch of sadists commiserating w…[View]
14549773I seriously hope your teachers do this.[View]
14554501How can we stop media-hysterization of history? For example, this band just creates word-salad from …[View]
14554591>Sanctuary is a novel by the American author William Faulkner about the rape and abduction of a w…[View]
14554618ITT: books you think should be more talked about in /lit/.[View]
14550010Really?: > The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. > T…[View]
14548217>talking to friend about the metaphysics of consciousness >he says consciousness is just the p…[View]
14547718Do your parents read?: Kat's dad is apparently a big reader. She seems to love him a lot. How i…[View]
14554218Esoteric Veda, Comparative Study in Relation to Kaballah: Vedic literature giving a metaphysical int…[View]
14553940I know this is a contentious issue, but if N were alive today, what political current would he most …[View]
14553325Books about this meme ideology[View]
14553843>Millions of threads about Guenon >Not a single one about Savitri Devi This really talks abou…[View]
14549059Would people laugh at me on the bus/train if I did this?[View]
14553527I hate my surroundings, I live adjacent to the city, where rents are cheap and the apartments reflec…[View]
14536743Books for coping with the fact that we all already live in dystopia, and all signs say things are on…[View]
14554182Finally started with the Greeks: Finished the trial of Socrates. What dialogues should I read next? …[View]
14550216Was his literature an expression of human guilt, an oedipal neurosis, or something third entirely?[View]
14553454Christianity and prayer: Books on proper Christian prayer without images? Blogpost: >I let Jesus …[View]
14554378revan: star wars legends: the old republic revan by drew karpyshyn is this the best new book ever wr…[View]
14551752more like this ?[View]
14553472The will to power: Books like Storm of Steel and Benjamin Franklin biography: Hey, I'm looking …[View]
14554294Any fiction with themes about motherhood?: Like the protagonist is a mother and her struggle to fulf…[View]
14554259Digital Pulp. Kind of like how Meme Insider does it, but instead of shitty jokes and irrelevant Face…[View]
14554239Perhaps the best part of The Republic.: Is when it mentions infantcide, how could one man be so base…[View]
14534227Currently reading this. It´s fucking incredible.[View]
14554144We're do I start with pic related? What work of his will teach me the most about storytelling?[View]
14551173So this is Nietzche's demographic...[View]
14551412Will Duolingo help me read Kant, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Popper and Wittgenstein in the originals?[View]
14552577You are spending 98% of your life as an NPC if you don't actively practice mindfulness. You can…[View]
14552580Amphetamine Sulphate: Has anyone read anything from this press? I've seen a few of their titles…[View]
14552834who's your favorite eastern philosopher (besides Siddartha)? Pic related, it's my favorite…[View]
14554827/lit/ seems worse than usual lately, why?[View]
14551605Is this the peak of masculinist literature?[View]
14552803My boyfriend has been trying to read more since I read a lot. He said he loves Norse mythology (he t…[View]
14536985what's so great about Shakespeare? Why did the system force us to superficially study it all t…[View]
14551503Warriors thread: I remember reading these when I was younger. I recently found one of the books in a…[View]
14548676There have been, and still are, actual human beings that dedicate their life to the study of 'why do…[View]
14553979Page Count Challenge, For The 18th of January: Join the challenge from 00:00 tomorrow to 24:00, and …[View]
14553907Any good reads or audiobooks on blockchain and cryptos? It's been 10 years plus and seems to be…[View]
14551670How do I best describe a person doing this in prose?[View]
14550249Fell for another meme: Heard this was good, bought it, and it’s tedious nonsense How do you prevent…[View]
14553373Everything is cope: If life is suffering, then everything is cope[View]
14553378Books written in the last 20 years that aren't complete dogshit; go.[View]
14553071I just finished this, where do I go from here?[View]
14553904Any worthwhile lit for this feel?[View]
14552477Is 4chan better education than High School?: Unironically, did 4chan provide you a better education …[View]
14546380How much time will need to pass until people recognize that the best screenwriters are on the level …[View]
14553798Yes, I am confucian and denguist, how could you tell?[View]
14553743MFA/PhD General: I'm applying for PhDs with creative dissertation this season. >USC >Utah…[View]
14551649What is the most hype scene in all of literature?[View]
14553277Titus Burckhardt: Since there is a Schuon thread up now, why don't we talk about my fellow coun…[View]
14552802ITT: underrated philosophers Pic related, Olavo de Carvalho, a controversial brazilian philosopher[View]
14552780I see people say it takes hundreds or even thousands of hours to learn a language. But what if my go…[View]
14553744>Timothy 6:20-21 >O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble …[View]
14548183Any poetryfags on here? How or where do you get your inspiration?[View]
14553051why do people act like reading is less common now than in the past? I probably read more in a year b…[View]
14553712Thoughts on The Fifth Season?[View]
14553656What's /lit/s take on him ? I think he corrupts the minds of the youth[View]
14553580Blood Meridian is overrated[View]
14551921For starting a blog: Medium vs. Wordpress Which is preferable, and why?[View]
14538475Spengler refuted Kant: and by extension Schopenhauer. I don’t know why this isn’t talked about more,…[View]
14551212Meister Eckhart: >combines zen and Christianity >didn't even know zen existed What was hi…[View]
14553363In the art of cinema the greatest films are usually 3-5 hours long. Does the same apply in literatur…[View]
14526535Currently Reading: How are you doing anons? Is the New Year off to a good start? Also, what are you…[View]
14553423Thoughts Anons?[View]
14549532Guys I have a female friends and her Birthday is coming up. I need some /lit/ book recommendations. …[View]
14553089I've read 'Silence' and 'The Samurai' repeatedly. Which of Shusaku Endo's books should I r…[View]
14553009Books where the ending is not a cliche happy one? Not even one where the protagonist achieves atonem…[View]
14553204Anyone actually read any Teddy K?[View]
14552938Crime and Punishment isn’t in public domain?: What the fuck does Libby operate on? The freedom of th…[View]
14552655Hemingway: Just read this, what did I think of it?[View]
14553217Do you get from reading beyond the first four meditations besides God stuff[View]
14546646>mfw the edition of the Communist Manifesto I bought is like a childrens picture book…[View]
14552302What are some good and prestigious philosophy or history books or essays to be able to battle femini…[View]
14551000What does /lit/ think of Donna Tartt?[View]
14552782The Complete Shakespeare: Is this Bevington Shakespeare the best all-in-one to get?[View]
14550909Books about bastards? I recently made my dad get a paternity test after days of bad dreams and real…[View]
14551778What are some good fantasy books with 10/10 wizards?[View]
14551706Deleuze and Difference: Why does anyone even read Deleuze? There is literally no way someone could r…[View]
14552873>journal requires a cover letter with submission >suddenly become a braindead first year, pani…[View]
14550474What are some good books about dissociation and depersonalisation, à la Nauseé but more extreme?[View]
14551799What's the literary equivalent of A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut?[View]
14551539Now that the dust has finally settled, can we all agree that Tolkien is vastly superior to GRRM?[View]
14550324Is he the toughest author to ever live?[View]
14551156I am tired of one word response and bait. How do I write like this anon[View]
14552775What do you think about this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14550912How to cope with this mindset? Any books? >How to deal with the feeling that there are so many fi…[View]
14551471What's /lit/'s opinion of pic related it? Finished it not too long ago. Fun read. Not the …[View]
14549807Is punishment in Hell forever? Do most people go to Hell? Do Evil and evil people exist or are the j…[View]
14552427Get in loser, we’re going deadlifting[View]
14551723󠛡: 󠛡[View]
14551498what is a good work of plato's to begin with if i'm interested in his ideas on the nature …[View]
14550843>walk into the bookstore >want to check the philosophy section for another translation of beyo…[View]
14552578>At the focus of Hawes' investigation are pictures he stumbled across in the British Library…[View]
14552431Just finished reading this. it was actually pretty good[View]
14552433>I have tried to write Paradise >Do not move >Let the wind speak >that is paradise. >…[View]
14544622What am I in for?[View]
14538057What is the optimal way to name characters?[View]
14550872just picked this up. what am i in for?[View]
14551348What must one read before reading Heidegger?[View]
14551947Made it: >Objectively made it Connection ,direct experience with creator,brahman, tao,nothingnes…[View]
14551297Book waifus/husbandus: Post about literary waifus and husbandus. Am I the only one who has the hots …[View]
14551818why does the histories read like its a gigantic shitpost[View]
14552177This just arrived, what am I in for boys?[View]
14547185ITT: who reads this?: Who reads this?[View]
14550132Yeah uh so I'm starting with the Greeks. Got my hardback Iliad and Odyssey. Remember a bit of i…[View]
14550727>The year of grace 1654, >Monday, 23 November, feast of St. Clement, pope and martyr, and othe…[View]
14551883Has anyone here read Homo Abyssus?: I've been told that this was one of the best theological bo…[View]
14548345RIP Christopher Tolkien https://mobile.twitter.com/TolkienSociety/status/1217865106652123137[View]
14544819>ywn read infinite jest for the first time again >dave will never write another fucking book l…[View]
14551458How do I read books if I'm a visual thinker and don't think with a typewriter clanging aro…[View]
14551643Bring back pulp / literature magazines. Literature nerds would buy it in a heartbeat with a nice cov…[View]
14550478Is Bernhard any good?[View]
14551420I love novels, but I feel as if the novel needs to evolve as a medium if it wants to survive. And no…[View]
14551986the most boring author to ever live[View]
14550530just chillin' in my study. what u got?[View]
14550736How are the literature courses at the top universities? I graduated with a near flawless GPA and I…[View]
14551492Thanks to Wattpad, not only is Serialized fiction making a comeback, but it’s possibly the future of…[View]
14544937Alright /lit/, a full-throated critique of this fucker is going to take more legwork than I original…[View]
14551177Eckhart Tolle: This man is a modern day Jesus Christ or Buddha. Whatever happened to them and other …[View]
14548057Are there books that argue for moral nihilism?[View]
14551768I Sexually Identify As An Attack Helicopter: The MP3 Who has it? Share it, man. We need to see what …[View]
14550146Best places for longform articles?[View]
14550837What are some books with heavy travelling and walking motifs? Alone or with friend.[View]
14550492>your reality has just been refuted[View]
14550874So /lit/, I've somehow ended up in a situation where I'm happy with no reservations and no…[View]
14549503how can i raise my children to be smart, according to /lit/'s standards?[View]
14551511Books that prove that immortality is a curse?[View]
14551272Do any Marxist authors predict a concrete date for the global communist revolution?[View]
14551619Is this good? I was planning to do an epic moon colony thing then saw this faggot just did 'gam…[View]
14551618Just finished reading the first few stories and holy shit lads. Anyone else want to discuss this?[View]
14547863What's his best book?[View]
14549818Well /lit/, do you agree with this?[View]
14551443Do I have to read anything other than Plato before tackling this big-brained fellow? I have a meme-l…[View]
14548677asceticism general: Post books on asceticism. The Enchiridion was also very good.[View]
14546555'The Culture of Critique' is fundamentally the most important piece of literature in the contemporar…[View]
14551381based castiglione[View]
14551122Why do Overman worshippers, Stirnercucks, and other sorts of degenerate nihilists/materialists fail …[View]
14547211House of Leaves: is there a more reddit book? not saying i dislike it but this is some reddit shit…[View]
14549734Books about poverty?[View]
14547276Philosophy as a way of life: Anyone here read this? Is it any good?[View]
14551277Woah this book is more based than I remember: Vogon poetry is of course, the third worst in the univ…[View]
14551251Books about Triple A baseball players are sometimes pretty good. protip: Don't shower with the …[View]
14547703*ruins your literature board by introducing masses of teenage reactionaties to book reviews*[View]
14549608>Nature is an inexplicable problem; it exists on a principle of destruction. Every being must be …[View]
14550735anybody else here like the idea of Lynchian horror, something normal that you wouldn't think tw…[View]
14535170post /lit/ musicians[View]
14549376Emotions as Materiality in Indian Philosophy: Is there a discernible parallel with modern materialis…[View]
14549887Done with porn: Starting tomorrow morning I'm no longer watching porn, it's blocked with D…[View]
14548211Is accelerationism dead lol?[View]
14548524GUENON GENERAL: post best Stoic works for finding inner strength n guiding thyself[View]
14550047How good is your reading comprehension?: It feels like my ability to remember what I had just read i…[View]
14544030Psychonautics: Share your psychedelic experiences and breakthroughs, discuss psychadelics and litera…[View]
14549883On-coming societal collapse: Everyone speaks as if the first world is going to collapse. What is the…[View]
14548389I can only read one of these books right now, which one should I choose[View]
14549342>tfw when all ya homies are back in town[View]
14550882I don't get it[View]
14531096Is this true?: >Land's current version of accelerationism incorporates explicitly racist vie…[View]
14549802TEDFAGS BTFO: >technology is ba-[View]
14550350What are the essentials of Latin literature?[View]
14549836What are some songs you’d say work as poetry from the lyrics? https://youtu.be/SnxNJbWCcng I know ca…[View]
14550769Stirner BTFO[View]
14550788Books equivalent to this book[View]
14547374what's the best translation?[View]
14550585>Henry IV part 1 is actually Shakespeare's masterpeice WTF?? All my life I fell for the Ham…[View]
14549786Hello I wrote this short story. Please R8 and H8. Thank you. https://awfiction.wordpress.com/2020/01…[View]
14548209When discussing the ills of modern society, why is it that most analyses focus on external causal fa…[View]
14549382let's go: >age >what you're reading >your opinions on the above >a book you…[View]
14550640Christopher Tolkien dead at age 96: He died today, boys. The amount of work he's done for the L…[View]
14550593Is this literacy boom killing originality?[View]
14536367How do you write so much?,: When I attempt to write I write something that should be a whole chapter…[View]
14549064Italian scientists found his cum on a tissue[View]
14547633what should one know before reading him?[View]
14544821I wanna write a dystopian novel that focuses on consumerism, harmful technology made for convenience…[View]
14549633why is right wing literature so... pathetic.[View]
14548064Any literature on why people who are otherwise ardently anti-capitalist are so eager to accept the c…[View]
14549660romeo and juliet: what are some works that can be useful in order to properly understand Romeo and J…[View]
14550152Books confirming my degeneracy?: What can I read to reinforce my self-loathing?[View]
14550064How do people fall into archetypes and stereotypes so easily? Do people subscribe to ideologies, cir…[View]
14550053BLEH! I VANT to suck your BLOOD![View]
14548271describe his style of literary criticism[View]
14549165In theory, would anything stop me from taking an old, forgotten book with an expired copyright, chan…[View]
14550110/fit/ literature: What's the best literature for the gains and against the onions.[View]
14548152Permafried hack.., or genius before his time?[View]
14550165>chris is dead its over the white city has fallen[View]
14550090The Excorcist: Is the book better than the movie? Why?[View]
14550217Any other good interesting books that reveal interesting things about human progress, or psychology,…[View]
14550148English is not my first language and I'm looking to improve my vocabulary. Are there any good w…[View]
14549256Euro meetup: If greasy americans can meetup why cant we? Lets choose a location that is accesible to…[View]
14549551>tries to justify living amid nihilism >loses his mind damn...…[View]
14549842Best Translation of Pic Related?[View]
14547042One Of These Threads: >Age >Favorite Book >Lease Favorite Book >Political ideology…[View]
14549101redpill me on nihilism, why is bad?[View]
14545248How fundemental is understanding Heraclitus in philosophy?[View]
14549761Notes from Underground or Brothers Karamov? I can only buy one book this month and I am divided betw…[View]
14549755LOVECRAFT WROTE GRI: Holy shit lads, i just read The thing on the doorstep. Why did nobody tell me E…[View]
14548628Why the fuck would anyone read Sartre? What a disgusting insect, barely pretending to humanity in ei…[View]
14549955how do you guys have enough time to read all the books necessary to form strong opinions on topics? …[View]
14548569What the FUCK is the difference between morality and ethics?[View]
14547122>the antinatalist thinks he ”dies” once he kills himself Is there a bigger plebfilter?…[View]
14548365how does one gain the wisdom to 'ask the right questions'[View]
14547900House of Leaves: Planning to buy this, but I have a problem. I don't know if the hard cover ver…[View]
14545926Exploring new literary mediums: Prose? Can prose be transferred onto a different medium? I've w…[View]
14549817>Reason has to do with becoming, understanding with what has become. The former does not bother w…[View]
14549656Is it any good: or a forced classic meme[View]
14548454stress, depression, and a mentally unstimulating job have whittled my brain down to a nub /lit/. im …[View]
14549225Is this the quintessential guide to reading 19th Century Russian Lit? (Read in the following order) …[View]
14538255Long books: Please reccomend me some good long books that i can enjoy for a long time, preferably ar…[View]
14543754What is the best spanish play[View]
14549768what is /lit/‘s view on the metaphorical vs literal interpretation of the Quran?: i do tend to prefe…[View]
14547912>'Free will is the biology we haven't discovered yet.' Why do brainlets have a difficult tim…[View]
14549610This girl I know is really into him. Where do I start with his books?[View]
14541036What is the best translation of the Orphic hymns?[View]
14547838Cormac McCarthy: What's his best work /lit/? and why is it The Road?[View]
14544673WW1 Literature General: What does /lit/ recommend?[View]
14549548Having a hard time understanding this: This guy has good ideas but the language he uses to communica…[View]
14549616So left wing philosophy is all about justifying their weird fetishes huh?[View]
14548138>he reads other philosophical theories of life before he’s developed his own…[View]
14549494What i am for bros[View]
14544890I'm a newish reader who finds it really hard to stay engaged with a book, what are some that ar…[View]
14546802>Literal opium addict why should I take anything he wrote seriously?[View]
14545418I haven’t really mentioned it to much people and have no history as an author, but I recently publis…[View]
14546026Phil dick: Hello lit. So I'm going through the lit starter pack and i went to my library and go…[View]
14548932Could you write a book that reads like a twitter feed to ensure extra readability among the general …[View]
14546217I have ascended morality[View]
14544465How come shitholes like tsarist Russia or hispanic countries produced much better literature than al…[View]
14548179How can Parmenides have retroactively refuted Guenon if, according to Parmenides, time doesn't …[View]
14547563What's your opinion on the 'Anxiety of influence' theory?[View]
14544188On the common core reading requirements: Hello /lit/, I'm relatively young and have been out of…[View]
14547825>start poem >it doesn't rhyme[View]
14547617When do you quit a book, /lit/?[View]
14547545Favourites thread: >Favourite novelist >Favourite short story writer >Favourite poet >Fa…[View]
14543579How many books have you read this year lit?[View]
14532043what field of study is the final boss of the intellectual life?[View]
14549134Where do I begin with this lil' nigga?[View]
14547181Fool's Journey > Hero's Journey[View]
14548329How do I effectively split my time between reading fiction, reading nonfiction and writing? Especial…[View]
14548787These are my teachers[View]
14547705Reminder to ignore all pseudointellectual rhetoriticians and instead go and read the complete works …[View]
14548911Giving the Italians a go. I've acquired The business of Living by Pavese and Confessions of an …[View]
14548134short story critique? 'the pod' story by me: Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Ignore the ty…[View]
14547663Do you guys know any books about family dynnamics?[View]
14540326Literature discussing the 'onions boy' phenomenon? I chose to write my thesis about it so I need to …[View]
14548779>want to write >get drunk >can't write How did Bukowski do it bros ?…[View]
14547388>Chewing some wood chips Life isn't really that bad and this is how a depressive book got me…[View]
14547957>thread shitting on Blake >massive thread shitting on Joyce >even massiver thread shitting …[View]
14548522Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! Fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly To…[View]
14548275I want to write a novel but I'm not sure where to start, I'm thinking about drafting an ou…[View]
14544169Hard Mode: Describe this image / Create a story with this caracter[View]
14547164/RG/ Rene Guenon General: Where are all the Guenon(pbuh) threads? Lit used to be a Guenon(pbuh) boar…[View]
14548293ITT: Stoics: >read about half of Meditations >get highly motivated/inspired by his ideas, worl…[View]
14548390What do you think of this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14548608Cesare Cantù: What do we think about this gentleman? Is Universal History good for a complete beginn…[View]
14548129How do you feel about that we will see their busts and sculptures installed everywhere across the wo…[View]
14548467Is Henry James based?[View]
14543084debating skills: which books do I need to read in order to be as good at debating as contra she keep…[View]
14547071>an alien civilization is dicovered We have to write them a letter with every post writing one w…[View]
14547708>listening to fiction >reading non-fiction This is the only correct way to engage with literat…[View]
14548316I can see what you see not— Vision milky, then eyes rot. When you turn, they will be gone, Whispe…[View]
14548055I'm currently reading a book about the development of Gothic architecture and literature. Altho…[View]
14548310I am looking for book recommendations on family dramas. I know there are some film lovers on here an…[View]
14534823/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: The Hunt Is On Edition What have you read and liked wh…[View]
14548045Any books on manipulation of people?[View]
14548168Why did none of you tell me how good this was?[View]
14547979Anyone read this? >Many of the great thinkers of Western modernity define their goal as a therape…[View]
145464752666: Just finished this. Twas fucking mint[View]
14547263Writers of /lit/: What is the most frustrating part of writing? I'm writing an expose and I kee…[View]
14547994How to write my second draft?[View]
14547447the heroes journey: why is the heroes journey universally resonant? even dogs have it even ants hav…[View]
14547141What are some literature about having such a small penis that you'll never be able to have sex …[View]
14542880What exactly is the point of subjective morality? How can it possibly be planned in a system of gove…[View]
14547382Why has this board just become /pol/-lite? When was the last time anyone had read a book here instea…[View]
14547887Mark Leyner: Mark Leyner[View]
14537388who is /lit/'s favourite characters in literature?: I'm curious about your taste. Pic very…[View]
14546460What is the literary equivalent to this anime? No S*mbolists![View]
14547821lonely core: Books for this feel Whatever was a good one, but I need more to get my incel fix.…[View]
14547776Any books that resemble the tone and structure of the cumtown podcast?[View]
14539110Are book burnings categorically bad?[View]
14547000Used Bookstore Haul: Hey /lit/! I live in the Philippines and there is a cool ued bookstore in all t…[View]
14547758Martin and Saru's thriller: Martin Luther King suggests SaruSantacroce's thrillers[View]
14547089Does anybody here have a C.S. Lewis reading guide? Also chart thread[View]
14546150>tfw you keep giving books to your gf and she becomes a much more interesting person…[View]
14544835Books that critique identity?[View]
14543940If Shakespeare is the #1 greatest of all time, then who is #2 and #3? This is not a thread to debate…[View]
14546713Job: Just finished book of Job, how can anyone believe in this God? He's a fucking jackass…[View]
14547496Do you read Proust?[View]
14547664Birthday skeleton reading list: Hey guys there was an alternative version of this comic posted on he…[View]
14546620Practical Books Thread: I want books that contain knowledge that can be used in the real world such …[View]
14546185>tfw rereading IJ[View]
14547367Was he ahead of his time?[View]
14546455Have you ever heard of Schelling? His early work is a little too 'Fichtean' for my taste, …[View]
14547192The Bell Jar: what do you think of it?[View]
14545274Is it bad writing if a protagonist of a story is not at all likeable, or is it merely just a bad bus…[View]
14546872Kafka slaps, deadass.[View]
14547418Recommendations if I enjoyed this. I haven't read much Sci-Fi before[View]
14547128Sophists: So after finishing Master and Margarita i would like to read something with similar charis…[View]
14547412A book for this feel: Recommend me a book for a 24 year old 3 time university dropout depressed and …[View]
14546007i want to start a blog, something like a journal just for fun, i want to be passionate and serious a…[View]
14547345>hook up with 8/10 qt >get invited to her apartment after 2nd date >pulls me on bed >tak…[View]
14547152Philosophy: Is philosophy meaningless conceptual circlejerk masturbation of ego? Is it for people wh…[View]
14546438Swedenborg Thread: Our guy is undeniably back, lads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIbpymrlXBA…[View]
14542737Name a harder book[View]
14545281Any more based christian writers beside Tolkien, Waugh and Dostoevsky and O'Connor?[View]
14547065Books for based sv3rige's philosophy? https://youtu.be/pNlslWvUDe8[View]
14535457Life = your senses: I've been having some deep thoughts lately about life, basically life is on…[View]
14546492I apologize in advance if /lit/ isn’t the place to be asking a question like this, but I’m at my wit…[View]
14546219Books for Cult/Spiritual leaders: >Literature for cult leaders Im not talking pseudo quantum Paje…[View]
14545561books for when you go back home for the holidays to realize your parents have noticeably aged?[View]
14547045>Patrocle is dead omg so sad >Hector got p0wn3d tho >ok bros let's wrestle >bro I b…[View]
14546499Books to overcome sexual degeneracy?: please bros[View]
14544118What Was His Greatest Play?[View]
14541401Would you eat your cat? An interesting ethical experiment! http://sh.st/st/73ea42334d1bdb2b183693566…[View]
14544351do you play music when you read? if so what?[View]
14546856>Claim to support new and revolutionary ideas >All their doctrines are based on the same book …[View]
14546682Fantasy Books General: Discuss fantasy. High fantasy, Low fantasy, Hard Fantasy, Pastiche, Comedy, P…[View]
14544722>he reads books to change his life[View]
14546932the virgin Marx vs. the chad Weber: debate.[View]
14546918Was it the point of this book to incite an incandescent hatred for women inside me? If yes it very m…[View]
14545606Book of Disquiet: After a few months of periodically reading this work, I finally finished it last n…[View]
14544422What is the literary equivalent of late-era John Coltrane?[View]
14546763What did lit think of We Need To Talk About Kevin?: This book is one of the few modern, female-writt…[View]
14546390This is it. Your decades have scarred your innards and your heart has failed. You're confined t…[View]
14538424What are some of the most beautiful books ever?: The genre doesn't really matter, i'm look…[View]
14544621is there anything more pedestrian than shoving in sexual motifs and themes regarding sexuality in yo…[View]
14545818>attempt to discuss literature with friends/coworkers/etc. >they haven't read any of pic …[View]
14546701McDonalds man McDonalds man The French fries had a plan The French fries had a plan The salad bad an…[View]
14542097Is it ever acceptable to listen to an audibook?[View]
14543938Which one of you did this? Is it accurate?[View]
14546458Kant's Prolegomena: I'm about 20 pages in. It's so easy and cursory as if he expects …[View]
14546657What are some books to discuss at wine bar with gf while enjoying tasteful banter?[View]
14545545Yoga and Tantra General: Recommended reading: >Yoga Sutras >Tantraloka What is the best transl…[View]
14546001Post more like this: Review the last book you read like this. It'll be fun.[View]
14544882Book Club Thread.: This weeks read: Imre Madach's Tragedy of Man. I discovered this work about …[View]
14546570Books that allowed you to understand the fundamental nature of reality[View]
14545121Post your goodreads profiles. https://www.goodreads.com/martinraccoon[View]
14546220Is this the new /lit/ meme trilogy?[View]
14545350'They call me Hogg because a hog lives dirty. I don't wash none. And when I get hungry, I eat m…[View]
14546545I have no motivation to do anything meaningful with my life. What are some books for this feel?[View]
14546433Why did Socialism never managed to modernize itself(in the US)? All that's left is shitty reddi…[View]
14546004This book stopped me from commiting suicide. What does /lit/ think about Camus?[View]
14546473What are some /lit/ writing critique places?: I feel I've benefited greatly from posting some o…[View]
14546434What do you think about this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14544668I read this book and I still don't understand what's a 'republic' or a 'republican'. What …[View]
14536876Reading what actually matters: I actually spent about 180 dollars worth on various programming books…[View]
14545185>non dualism do not fall for this gnostic meme[View]
14546372Is he worth looking into?: David Wulstan Myatt[1] (born 1950), formerly known as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myat…[View]
14544993need recommendations for good discussion books: hey /lit/ my brother and i are actively searching fo…[View]
14545190Anon~ Come and read lovecraft with me![View]
14545516>Post multiple stories in Quotev >Post in Wattpad >Post in any free fiction site you can th…[View]
14546313i don't have time for chapter book bullshit. Am i the only one that reads this?[View]
14546311so what is the general consensus of /lit/ when it comes to literature from online platforms? (like W…[View]
14537248ITT: Kino book covers[View]
14546129Hey /lit/, are there any books that cover racial division within statecraft? Preferably older as eve…[View]
14546112Who here has actually finished The Decline of the West?[View]
14545184How can we live in a moral universe?: How can the Stoics say that one should 'live according to natu…[View]
14545933Can someone PLEASE translate Guido de Giorgio's works into English?[View]
14529711I enjoy reading about this book than the book itself[View]
14543486Is this actually a good book?[View]
14544102What are some pro-immigration books?[View]
14545437Retail Politicking: What are the best books on running for office, political fundraising, and consti…[View]
14541211>tfw have diabetes and can't smoke due to the likelihood that it'll kill twice as fast …[View]
14544238It's already too late to put the things you read into practise.[View]
14545359When and why did cyberpunk as a genre and a type of setting go from cool to passé? When did it go fr…[View]
14544952I'm putting a team together, (sniff) you in?[View]
14543315just finished this book. what a masterpiece. lee oswald is probably the most vivid and in-depth cha…[View]
14544716Books with these aesthetics. Exploitation novels. Novels on prostitution. Sade-esque plots.[View]
14544114What is your favorite part of the Henriad? I suppose the easy answer is Henry IV, Part 1. But Richar…[View]
14545127Anyone have recommendations for some good Joke Books? I'm trying to become funnier.[View]
14544559Hey /lit/. Any reputable fiction with history as a theme? I've heard good things about The Lion…[View]
14539678Old Testament & Christ: Why do Christians today pretend that the Old Testament somehow supports …[View]
14545343/lit/ versus: Make literary characters fight between them and others decide who would win >Achill…[View]
14541316Self Overcoming: Dear /lit/ What books are good for overcoming toxic shame (learnt from childhood) …[View]
14543936I'm looking to become a /lit/ polyglot. I've heard that some languages make learning other…[View]
14545174Just found this on my hard drive, must have been written about a year ago, no memory of writing it t…[View]
14543713What would the ancients like Shankara say about Kant's philosophy?[View]
14544658>A new argument against women, in which it is demonstrated that they are not human beings Thought…[View]
14544519My friend recomended watchmen to me, and he had the whole collection, and I tried them out. The enti…[View]
14543857We spend 1/3 of our lives working and 1/3 of our lives sleeping. The 1/3 we spend working is primari…[View]
14545456Which is the superior Hamlet: Brannagh's or Olivier's? Hardmode: consider factors other th…[View]
14541216is this true?[View]
14544571epistolary novel suggestions: is the epistolary novel dead?[View]
14541972Holden Caulfield here, psychic as ever. Ask me anything, Paul, Neil, Cassandra, Benson, etc. =) Pic …[View]
14545286>horrorshow >boohoohoo >eunuch jelly…[View]
14545082how important is it to read about politics and economics to understand literature? everytime I try I…[View]
14545071Is self-destruction a prerequisite for creation?: “A poet makes himself a visionary through a long, …[View]
14542221What God did they believe in?[View]
14540464On the Hagakure. Why is this thing being worshipped as much as it is? Its basicly 100 reasons why yo…[View]
14536312James Joyce sucked: I'm not stupid enough to waste my time trying to read finnegan's wake,…[View]
14544331Are there modern poets worth a shit? Please no women or people of color[View]
14543312Was he right?[View]
145422101968 Playboy interview with Truman Capote >Playboy: For many years, American letters seemed domin…[View]
14545183Aesthetics: Art comes from our imagination. Spirituality is just a sort of art. There is a false di…[View]
14541414RACISTS BTFO[View]
14545129Any books to deal with the fact that we live in a society?[View]
14544485Did you like it?[View]
14544548WTF: Just found out that this guy died. Damn, felt like yesterday he was with Jordan Peterson talkin…[View]
14544328Just picked up a Treatise on Human Nature, what am I in for[View]
14544643Does anyone read really good engrossing shit? Sentences tempered with intelligentsia verbage and wha…[View]
14541353Methods of writing: So I wanted to get into part time as a hobby, I'm curious about the methods…[View]
14541570Literature to cope with this feel?: >Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why so great a propor…[View]
14544291This *woman* is the greatest Anglo novelist of all time.: Face it.[View]
14525570Thoughts on this book?: >Of the three dominant ideologies of the twentieth century--fascism, comm…[View]
14544294>Jung's posthumous Red Book is the first great work of literature published this century …[View]
14544373hi, i'm looking for writing that will help me come to terms with the fact i will end up working…[View]
14543179Any good modern day authors?? You know, ones that have sprung up in the last 15-20 years. As much as…[View]
14544349What are some good books in Latin that I can look forward to reading after completing LLPSI?[View]
14544438Challenge for /lit/: Who is the greatest writer of AFRICAN ancestry?[View]
14542736A week ago >Highly productive, head swimming with ideas writing not just every day but practicall…[View]
14544870I just started a journal. What should I put in the first entry?[View]
14544700Books that focus on the loss of identity?[View]
14544214How the FUCK do you measure happiness?[View]
14542585What should I know or have already read before starting the Divine Comedy?[View]
14544426What greeks should I read?: I've only read a little bit of Plato and thought it was kinda cute/…[View]
14543908Poetry to win her back: I fucked up /lit/ The woman of my dreams has left me. Now I am doing all sor…[View]
14544371What are your legitimate, non-autistically-4chan-tier, types for prospective fiction writers? How do…[View]
14542703This is basically the end game of economics. Everything before is redundant, nothing since has match…[View]
14535961Why is there so much philosophy on this board? Why can't we just discuss literature?[View]
14537541BASED Stephen King https://archive[dot]ph/Zqfgt[View]
14535991/lit/ for starting a coup?: i don't like my country, and only radical change can fix it. I want…[View]
14544454is athena the biggest /lit/ waifu of all time?[View]
14543527Assuming we could bring back Socrates from the grave, do you think he go on a rampage against what p…[View]
14544533Anyone read this? Is it worth a gander?[View]
14542957>mfw lit posters unironically discussing women writers or books written by women…[View]
14542565Think I’m having an existential crisis, /lit/. Is there more to life than just working and consuming…[View]
14541017>Based Soren Kierkegaard Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels Georg Hegel Arthur Schopenhauer Antonio Grams…[View]
14538040Literary equivalents to capturing the feel of this image?[View]
14543945What is the reverse of Lolita?[View]
14543346How did this fanfiction tier garbage get published? My friend told me it was 'like lord of the rings…[View]
14540834the bible[View]
14544283Kitsch hate thread: I'm not talking about kitsch as the cringe of art, or about erotica, myster…[View]
14542359I just wasted my whole day scrolling 4chang I feel like a degenerate[View]
14544257>The only phantasmagoria in this imaginary world lies in the tenderness and warmth of the crowd, …[View]
14544232Classics thread: >tfw college cancels upper division Latin class due to lack of students…[View]
14533925Is this the best edition of Lord of the Rings?[View]
1454291152 best books for growing as a person in 2020: A book a week keeps the insanity away. What are the b…[View]
14541567>democracy bad Here, I summed it up for you.[View]
14541784Which Marxist books are you reading in 2020[View]
14541598LTV: Why do some people still believe in the marxian labour theory of value when it's been refu…[View]
14542484Is Mussolini award the reason Ada Negri doesnt get translated?[View]
14543922What the fuck were their problems? >Charles Boner was the first to translate 'The Princess and th…[View]
14544125Thoughts on this book? Is it like Halo? Someone told me it was what inspired the Halo games[View]
14544095A part in a book way too hard for me to understand: Hello all i was reading the dictionary of the kh…[View]
14543954What's the best book about traveling to exotic places? Something similar to Verne's Around…[View]
14543803I enjoy listening to lectures about Jung, but actually reading his texts feels like a chore. It’s no…[View]
14542328/edg/ - EMILY DICKINSON GENERAL: Emily Dickinson is one of the most famous and widely studied Americ…[View]
14544039Does anyone have a torrent or download link for PDFs or something like that of the George miles cycl…[View]
14543824Need to start reading again. Can I get a recommendation? I liked these books Ubik The Monk The Young…[View]
14543623I recently read the Sea Wolf by Jack London, and I was quite enamoured by the character of Wolf Lars…[View]
14540119It’s that time boys. Post your recent purchases. :3 I also am about to obtain Nicole Oresme’s On See…[View]
14543602DON'T START WITH THE GREEKS: Reading Socrates' autistic ramblings is a waste of time. Aris…[View]
14542314/translation/: what is the preferred translation of Vita Nuova by Dante?[View]
14543864>Imagine that you were at an isolated weekend party, and people started to act aberrant, even evi…[View]
14543616ITT: God-Like Prose: THERE are some strange summer mornings in the country, when he who is but a soj…[View]
14543768For those that have read 'Money' by Martin Amis - thoughts? and is it worth a read?[View]
14542551I started to remember past lives[View]
14543773Should I read the biggest Anglo doorstopper of them all?[View]
14543787Marinetti - Come Si Seducono Le Donne: Have any Italians here read it? Is it any good? I want to rea…[View]
14543775Aesthetics :: The false dichotomy of materialism and spiritualism is better served with materialism …[View]
14543619Who did it better?[View]
14541854What's /lit/s take on guidebooks?[View]
14538170Gormenghast series: What am I in for, lads? Bloom said this was better than LOTR.[View]
14542887Do you guys know any books on Political Science for an illiterate beginner like myself?[View]
14541448Writing in a foreign language: >learns how to speak and write in french at 26 or something and th…[View]
14543323I'm making a chart for /officedrone/ literature. I'm already out of ideas. Any suggestions…[View]
14541390If my plot point is 'Bob finds a clue' and I need to write 500 words for this to meet my outline, ho…[View]
14543638Is this a good introduction to Deleuze for right wingers? Read most of this earlier in NANR 2 but ha…[View]
14541764where to start with taleb?[View]
14543671Thoughts on this book?: There is an anon here who posts about Guido De Giorgio all the fucking time.…[View]
14543663>storm causes a blackout in my neighborhood >no computers, tv or wifi for a few hours >dinn…[View]
14539825How do I even go about reading the Iliad and the Odyssey?[View]
14542285Has a book ever made you laugh, /lit/? Which one was it? Is television humor/satire (body language, …[View]
14538351Gadamer: Who the fuck is this guy and why is this the first time ive heard of him? Im about to gradu…[View]
14543573>Theism presupposes the Afterlife Why exactly is this?[View]
14543406Is this board kill? There's hardly any threads with more than 25 replies in the catalog Did gue…[View]
14543575https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y8_RRaZW5X3xwztjZ4p0XeRplqebYwpmuNNpaN_TkgM/edit# Is everything …[View]
14543537is homer a 'political' thinker? why or why not?[View]
14532692Ethics: I'm not sure which philosophical book describes the correct ethical theory anons. Can s…[View]
14543144ECONOMY: what are some good books about economics - the free market should I just go straight to tex…[View]
14542673'The Cat Who' series: Anyone read these back in the day? I loved them as a kid. Didn't even rea…[View]
14522772SCRUTON DEAD: RIP[View]
14541813You read HOW many pages a day?[View]
14543421is joe from YOU /lit/?[View]
14538882What the fuck was her problem?[View]
14525418books to have a gf?[View]
14542372I graduated with a degree in English, and I realize that my choice of major might have been a mistak…[View]
14540809Nepotism, Stoicism, Virtue and Ethics: This has more to do with /lit/ than /adv/ because the latter …[View]
14540311/crit/ Critique General: https://pastebin.com/C96Uhp0k Convince me not to delete all of this. 57,000…[View]
14541166Literature that examines transsexualism: Discuss literature that makes your son go from left to righ…[View]
14541948Post your favourite poem: I think Ozymandias is probably the greatest poem. Not because it is on an …[View]
14542968>Open an old book >It's a luxurious experience…[View]
14543187This is what old-time Nantucket was like.[View]
14543039Any good books about relocating and starting a new life?[View]
14542923Who is the William Burroughs of our generation?[View]
14541903Anyone read this? Just started I’m half way through The Treasure of Jovo Cirtovich, it’s pretty gas.…[View]
14534348/RG/ Rene Guenon General: Previous thread: >>14523108 Where are all the Guenon(pbuh) threads? …[View]
14537087So which songwriters have poetic merit?[View]
14541656What are some books on tribalism and on how tribalism could be reintroduced to today's society?[View]
14532894It's just the death struggle portion of the master-slave dialectic. Is the deepest anime really…[View]
14542870What does /lit/ think of Ragtime?[View]
14542916Are there any novels that portray time travel similar to the TV show Dark?[View]
14542882Tender Wings of Desire: Does anyone of you have a link or a copy of the PDF of this book? I searched…[View]
14541855All literary pursuits have been masturbatory since the invention of the movie camera.[View]
14540606Military Books: >According to Oechsner, the biggest single share of Hitler's library, some 7…[View]
14541546Anti-Burger /lit/: I've recently become more anti-Burger, their culture and expectations of wha…[View]
14540628'Freedom', by Jonathan Franzen: Just finished this bad boy, ama. Also, what read next? I got a small…[View]
14542681Books for this feel?[View]
14538780>fell for the ted meme >read his works >really thought there would be something there >j…[View]
14541818>spend a couple hours reading a book in the first person >find myself thinking like them Why…[View]
14542134organization literature: What are some good sources on organizational methods that i can apply both …[View]
14542396What was the book described?: From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enchiridion_of_Epictetus >In the…[View]
14539218Who are some genuinely insane authors? People whose brains were either broken or went mad. Pic rela…[View]
14541203Who is the most technically accomplished poet, with a wide vocabulary? in any language. pic unrelate…[View]
14541738European Cafe Life: Recommend some books to satisfy my desire to be a young 20th century writer in P…[View]
14540897Where is the place to buy books from to best support the author? I want to buy a copy of Camille Pag…[View]
14537761Why are jews and jewish literature hated on /lit/? Jews contributed a lot to western thought and phi…[View]
14542439Instead of posting another moronic 'books for this feel?' thread, how about we invert things? Let…[View]
14542388how do i download a google drive pdf that is set to view only the old method shown here https://www.…[View]
14540254I'm concerned for him. He's becoming a vlogger.[View]
14539047What did AJ Applegate mean by this?: The Yeerks are a parasitic species of slug-like creatures who r…[View]
14538549what's the sexiest word you can think of i'll start: Pliable[View]
14526814What does /lit/ think of this man?[View]
14531879What guides your life?[View]
14542153Was Lovecraft right? Are Vulcans an impossible race? From a letter to R. H. Barlow in 1935: >Poor…[View]
14542204The Greatest of Works: >Reading translations >Not drinking straight from the teat https://www.…[View]
14542175/lit/ for this feel?[View]
14542172>girl says she would like to read some of my poetry >put it off until I feel like we've g…[View]
14537266Why can't nips into magical realism?[View]
14541907100% serious. How do you guys deal with people who have different opinions than you? I'm kinda …[View]
14541981I'm really sick of just consuming book after book, without ever producing anything myself. I kn…[View]
14540439Handwriting vs. Typing: Pros and cons? It kind of makes sense that two different interfaces skews th…[View]
14542032What do you think of this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14542021>is better than the Hagakure Ancient people actually owned copies of this and it was practical in…[View]
14539088Opinions on The Black Company series?[View]
14536763What would he think of today's society?[View]
14540419Plato confirms incels and their usefulness: >Had we not better appoint certain festivals at which…[View]
14537021anyone have a primer for learning about ancient hindu black magic or just eastern occultism in gener…[View]
14541470ITT: we describe books with 5 words or less: white bitch loses her shit[View]
14534808What's the Harry Potter of our generation?[View]
14541690is YOU /lit/?[View]
14537144>falling in love with my lecturer How the fuck do i escape?[View]
14540538ITT: Philosophers that literally have never been discussed here[View]
14535897What is the most /lit/ fetish?[View]
14537602What is the most /lit/ position on anthropogenic global warming?[View]
14541587how could so much depth and knowledge be sold in book shops around the world back then? i see nothin…[View]
14535631I am agnostic but the historical Jesus was one of the most wonderful people to have ever existed. It…[View]
14538902Since I was 13, I have spent such a long time writing and reading in English in the comfort of my be…[View]
14541083How boring is this?: Every philosopher after him cites him Makes me think I really need to read him …[View]
14541403What is the Maggot Baits of literature? Serious question[View]
14541146favorite christian anglos: Where was he wrong?[View]
14541104These are awful. How do you read comfortably in bed?[View]
14535777Quran Thread: Salam everyone I just wanted to make this thread because I had a particular question b…[View]
14539301Books to help me stop fearing the concept of death incase of murder or earth dying shit?[View]
14540577Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzche: I would like to know the general opinion from this boar…[View]
14541188Who can be listened to on Audiobook?: Ok scrombuses, I have an important question. Who can be listen…[View]
14541210How do you write a fairy tale?[View]
14541184What's your favorite Tolkien book?[View]
14538272Just wanted to read some damn Iliad by Pope but these fucking morons put his verse in prose. Why?[View]
14540997Guilt & Forgiveness: For a long time I have not appreciated life. It's something I take for…[View]
14538786The comfy read thread. All genres included. What is a comfy read? 1. Book that you can read without …[View]
14540540fuck it I can't wait any longer. I'm reading this bitch right now, wish me luck.[View]
14540158Does this book prove Dostoevsky is better than Tolstoy?[View]
14539895Any books on devoting ones life to aesthetics?[View]
14540668What are your opinions on this book based on its literary merit and value? >28:5.7.1. The Voice o…[View]
14533010Literary fantasy besides Tolkien?: Are there any other fantasy authors with literary merit? I'v…[View]
14540836Is Zapffe right /lit/?[View]
14540833If I wrote a book at least as a persuasively as Malcom Gladwell, that society conspires against trul…[View]
14541030Somebody tell this butterfly namefag to buzz off[View]
14538915Science Fiction is the most important fiction that has been written for the last 100 years. The comp…[View]
14541031i finished the republic, now what?[View]
14537906>introduction is like 50 pages long >book itself is only like 150 why do publishers let their …[View]
14540239Who is your favourite contemporary philosopher and why is it Roger Scruton?[View]
14536396This doesn’t make any sense[View]
14539223> Non potest linguam latinam legere neque scribere[View]
14539214is really art if it's observed, studied, reduced to formulae, studied, trained and imitated? I…[View]
14540864Why have you forsaken me[View]
14540737>Render unto Caesar Any good books on this concept?[View]
14539237Who's the obscure patrician author that's better than Tolstoy/Dostoevsky/Melville etc.[View]
14525306Kino /lit/: Any other /lit/ movies?[View]
14540496it's the dawn of a new day for me, fellas: This is really it, guys. This is my last binge of sh…[View]
14540808What do you think of those guys? (Italian Futurist)[View]
14540345Baudrillard discussion: what does /lit/ think of Baudrillard? Based postmodernist, a dude with (at l…[View]
14539183Me and my s/o agreed to start reading. I’ve never been much of a reader and have always been the “I’…[View]
14540011Name a more comfy BookTuber: >Hi! This is Dr. Gregory Sadler. I'm a professor of philosophy,…[View]
14541201eastern thought general /etg/: General thread for eastern philosophy/metaphysics/religion/theology. …[View]
14539844Any books that delve into American identity and globalism?: Specifically any books that delve into w…[View]
14540327Any books about pretending to be retarded intentionally?[View]
14538192I keep filling my kindle with books but I don't read shit. What the fuck is wrong with me.[View]
14540508Give me some Fantasy book recomandations. Bonus points if it's relatively obscure. I love hidde…[View]
14540470>eating your own semen prevents you from dying Whoa. Based![View]
14540388yeah i read valentin tomberg and geunon and schuon and now im a real xristan hahHAHAHA so yeah im a …[View]

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