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12645374Reminder that these authors are 100% effective pseud filters[View]
12646340What are some books about a protagonist who is mentally ill and slowly spiralling out of control as …[View]
12645626Koran 4:28 >Can they not consider the Koran? Were it from any other than God, they would surely h…[View]
12646359>be >suffer[View]
12643858What are some books about waifuism? Can be 3D or 2D. Already read pic related[View]
12644635Generalized Lunacy: >generalized lunacy: in the place of human beings, and on the basis of their …[View]
12646206Anyone know where I can get this for cheap? It’s $45 and up on amazon and I doubt I’ll see this at m…[View]
12639219Y’all ever just...[View]
12645643>The following evening we went to eat in a pizzeria. The waiter had the air of actually being Ita…[View]
12646118Who’s your favourite least recognizable poster[View]
12644440Is this book worth reading? Also, are any of Hofstader’s other books worth reading?[View]
12646192Get In: We're assembling a team[View]
12646234how is ATP /bloomer/core /lit/?[View]
12646262So really, why are there essents rather than nothing?[View]
12645959Does anyone feel stunted from the incessant flow of ideas and different viewpoints when trying to wr…[View]
12643961How's that novel coming along, /lit/?[View]
12617163/lit/ Reads The Pale King: Official Discussion Thread 1: Join your fellow /lit/izens this February i…[View]
12644356I hear Pushkin likes feet a bit too much, is it true /lit/?[View]
12645986French Theatre DVDs: So I've been watching the BBC Shakespeare tv movies on amazon prime and th…[View]
12646031Into Reading: What's the best way to prepare myself for reading a book or novel? I am always so…[View]
12644921Who is your favourite Biblical character and story? Deity (angelic) or human. I myself am a big fan …[View]
12645031What book would make me a Chad like Rhett Butler?[View]
12645661What should I read this weekend: Options are what I currently own which can be seen from the picture…[View]
12645784whos out tryna travel: Currently reside in FL whos tryna hitchhike to cali with me. All my friends a…[View]
12637497I have had two lives. Pre Goonan, and Post Goonan.[View]
12645319What compels you to read?[View]
12644272Any love for Pessoa on /lit/? Surprised he appears to be so unknown outside of Portugal, the Book of…[View]
12645298LAVINIA: I consider this book the best of U K LeGuin's works. The novel is a retelling of the A…[View]
12641856For some reason my old thread was deleted. I'm still going to prison (or jail, like americans …[View]
12644994Hey, /lit/. I've just come off The King of Elfland's Daughter and The Castle of Otranto. C…[View]
12645207Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. *cough* You know what, I'm just gonna come out and…[View]
12645110Should Brandon Sanderson's lecture series on writing be required viewing for /lit/? So many bra…[View]
12643626i'm a murderin guy i'm a murderin kindaguy[View]
12640610Quick, name a debut novel from the last three years that was actually good![View]
12643804Hey /lit/, question for you. If I wanted to get into writing erotic BDSM fiction, where should I act…[View]
12644738What's the best translation of Seneca into German?[View]
12645534Why do plebs hate Vineland so much?[View]
12644910Should I major in Philosophy? Majoring in poli sci but the crossover with philosophy ain’t enough[View]
12645485Is this good?[View]
12643023The Philosophical Triumph of Christianity: In Christianity that which you are and that by which you …[View]
12645479Recently started reading this. I'm curious of what you guys think of her short stories or novel…[View]
12644731Ok now that the dust has settled, is pic related worth reading or is it just a meme?[View]
12643272https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Raping_Little_Suzy What's lit opinion on the literary quality …[View]
12645201how much will my iq go up by if i read these two lads?[View]
12645393Is there a more /lit/ historical figure than Richard Nixon?[View]
12640791i keep seeing this word 'event' a lot when it comes to philosophy what does it mean? what is an even…[View]
12644861>book is over 400 pages[View]
12636026Houellebecq on modern girls: Is he right that western women are undateable since they got jobs and r…[View]
12642540post a book get another book[View]
12644768Let's talk about Zen philosophy![View]
12643010Rank his novels[View]
12642822Are there any great novels with BDSM?: Not erotica but novels with real literary value.[View]
12644956Dystopian books about problems of radical individualism: Are there any books that shit on 'muh indiv…[View]
12645057Anything similar to Lost Fleet / Beyond the Frontier? Preferably with some interactions/discovery of…[View]
12645029I'm thinking of starting a blog to write about my ideas regarding music and religion and my str…[View]
12644652Why isn't Pirsig studied academically? ZatAMM and Lila especially are not pop-philosophy or any…[View]
12644374what am i in for?[View]
12636584I really love Dick. Discuss.[View]
12642319TWIN PEAKS: Aristotle said man has two peaks, each accompanied by intense pleasure: sexual intercour…[View]
12644343Moby Dick: Ok /lit/. I've now finished reading Moby Dick, the wordsworth edition in the picture…[View]
12644867Is Platanov any good?[View]
12640783Most of the advice and discourse surrounding /lit/ is awful.: 1. Most of the people here haven'…[View]
12643189Do you sound like a clown if you pronounce Cicero's name 'Kick-e-row'?[View]
12644618Chad writers pretending to be virgins: Why did pic related moan so much about sex when he was three-…[View]
12644104What besides Hume, Spinoza, Leibniz do i have to read before starting with kant? And what books spec…[View]
12640055Suggest some /lit/ to help me while I get sober.[View]
12641921Are there any good books about alcoholism?[View]
12642975was whitehead trying to secularize god?[View]
12644368>Bergson is known for his arguments that processes of immediate experience and intuition are more…[View]
12644330What books should I read that talk about an alternative or alternatives to Christianity? I was raise…[View]
12642812Books on mental illnesses ?: Years of isolation, sedentary lifestyle and addiction fucked up my head…[View]
12644560whitehead vs heidegger http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/?p=342 thoughts?[View]
12644534How do you feel about swearing?: If there's a character in a book that swears a lot, uses unsop…[View]
12639773BEAUTY IS THE TELEOLOGICAL JUSTIFICATION OF DEATH: complexity for Whitehead is “thermodynamic robber…[View]
12641321How to write like Calvino: I get a lot of compliments on my writing, from teachers and friends. It’s…[View]
12643321This, Shakespeare and Aeschylus plays are the peak, what can I read after this? Is there anything th…[View]
12642159>literature major >hasn't read the bible…[View]
12643951>*blocks your path* >*irrefutably proves that moderately ethnocentric right-wing nationalism w…[View]
12644228John Ashbery's Daffy Duck in Hollywood. What does it mean? poets.org/poetsorg/poem/daffy-duck-h…[View]
12644371Pilgrim's progress: Does anyone have any thoughts on this work? I'm reading it right now a…[View]
12637717What should I read before starting Capital?: I've never read Marxist literature before.[View]
12644311Has it ever since been topped?[View]
12640070what's some lit for a guy who lives off government checks, crashing at a different friend'…[View]
12642908Stop using so many big words in your stories retard, they seem unnatural and you are obviously using…[View]
12643117>this kills the marxist[View]
12644168I'm interested in buying this book. But since it's pretty expensive I was wondering if it…[View]
12644137Mire thread. /fit/ has these, therefore so can we. >At the head gym, making some brains. >Catc…[View]
12643144Ciceronian vs Senecan - which is better? Which do you strive for?[View]
12638575Between this and Harry Potter, is there a book series that has damaged western popular thought and l…[View]
12644125The Greatest book ever written is The People of Hemsö by Strindberg: You literally cannot prove me w…[View]
12643752Finally, a good book: This book is rad. The author is rad. It's post-apocalyptic. Has anyone re…[View]
12629590How did the Shire collect its taxes?[View]
12642848This is the absolute level of instruction of the English language in Italy.[View]
12643191Poems: Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods ma…[View]
12643684Particularly regarding more complex and abstract matters, but even in things thought more simple: Gi…[View]
12642956How often you reread your favorite books /lit/? Two years or so as I by that time I have forgot mos…[View]
12643344>MRS. ALVING. Ghosts! When I heard Regina and Oswald in there, it was as though Ghosts rose up be…[View]
12643551Is there such a thing as slice-of-life literature? Books with absolutely no plot, just characters go…[View]
12643766Why do they waste their time putting readable books into open world games when probably only 1% of p…[View]
12643444>story starts on page 3[View]
12640284Which writer do you believe best captures the soul of your nation? When it comes to the United State…[View]
12643754>nfw someone makes a judgment of a work they've only read once[View]
12638938What has Israel contributed to literature? What is some essential Israeli fiction?[View]
12643112were they neo-liberals?[View]
12643401I've started to feel like human extinction is a legitimate solution. Not because I hate humanit…[View]
12639636Really makes you think[View]
12642985Any books on ship of Theseus or identity and change over time?[View]
12643566Do you believe in literary talent? Or do you think 'talents' are just people that practice…[View]
12642648What is the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot of books?[View]
12643590ITT we butcher a novel's title >Wasteland Pete[View]
12643512Name one reason why I should read philosophy when all philosophical works are: >This is my worldv…[View]
12643548Can art be a visionary heat or must it be a system?[View]
12643253Did you read the bible? What's your review of it?[View]
12637759>tfw born in a filthy mono-linguist society i envy europeans[View]
12639661What do you think of my stack /lit/?[View]
12643438What is the drakengard 3 of literature?[View]
12643050Objectivism: Oka /lit/ please explain why you cant apply her ideas to a society. Also please name so…[View]
12638407I cringe whenever I read Rousseau. Is there a popular Philosopher you hate?[View]
12636236She was a good writer, you're just too insecure to say it.[View]
12643251Book for birthday: I bought Bronze Age Mindset for a birthday of a bro of mine (he turns 19). What…[View]
12640608CRITICAL ESSAYS: what are some of the best critical essays you've read and why? also, link them…[View]
12643033What are the best Discworld series novels?[View]
12642663Which is your favourite book and why?[View]
12638795What are some good books on theology? I want to start understanding more about god and religious bel…[View]
12642539Can you redpill me on the long-lost works of Epicurus that have been discovered not long ago in some…[View]
12640387Dostoevsky Demons Memes: Just finished reading Doestoevsky's Demons for my Humes class. If anyo…[View]
12642644How old is too old to become a published, famous, world-renowned author? Have you been published? A…[View]
12641602Why did nobody tell me how good his poetry was, it's amazing[View]
12642296What are you currently reading?: What book (or books) are you reading at the minute then lads and la…[View]
12642941>just sent one of my friends a chapter i just finished >they say it's a big leap forward …[View]
12642953Start with the TARTT: LPT: She has narrated some audiobooks. Not just her own but also True Grit. Wh…[View]
12639137That someone would go so deeply in schizophrenia as to write this. Pretty sad if you ask me.[View]
12642422What is some literature that best exemplifies this feeling?[View]
12642348Giorgio Manganelli: I'm 100% sure there are anons on /lit/ who have read Manganelli. So the que…[View]
12642135Thoughts on Proust? I've heard his works are essential reading before trying to seriously read …[View]
12642808Twenty-thirty pages in and I already find Frederick more insufferable than Elliot Rodgers. John Fowl…[View]
12642772Does anyone want to talk about our relationship to language? Does anyone want to talk about language…[View]
12635235Self-Published Literature: Are there any good self-published books besides Empress Theresa (a new cl…[View]
12640021Give me your best argument against Solipsism[View]
12638988gabidull zo bad id gud: What's the Road House or Black Gestapo of metamarxism? Books that show …[View]
12642729>tfw deleuzian whiteheadian anti-christian[View]
12642721do we like this, бros?[View]
12642070Just get drunk and write some shit, lad: typical Irishman[View]
12642649What books may provide reassurance to someone about to drop out of society and live in poverty and r…[View]
12642701>takes place entirely in one day in June in a capital city >focuses on character's though…[View]
12639631Objectivity in art?: Is there objectivity in art? Can art be discussed, analyzed, and judged based o…[View]
12642614>go to uni >missed three lectures due needing a refill on my glaucoma medicine >the lecture…[View]
12642460Hey Pseuds, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-li…[View]
12641882Join a Theater Club / Acting Studio /TheaterGeneral/: Ever wondered how does it feel to have friends…[View]
12642226Is Hard Scifi still being written? Are there any charts etc? The wiki only lists old stuff which giv…[View]
12642067Why anglos use a term 'She's a keeper' regarding to women who you don't want to lose etc. …[View]
12639666Has anybody ever successfully refuted him?[View]
12642395I'm in a book shop and I'm torn between buying a copy of Candide or Tristan Shandy. Which …[View]
12641192Does anyone have that cheat sheet for writing a Lovecraftian story? it set out 6 or so elements and …[View]
12642439What is the correct Latin to say 'Life from death'? Vita a mortem Vita a mortam[View]
12642013/lit/ voting thread for the best book of the 21st century: Vote for your favourite book written in t…[View]
12641468the scp foundation is becoming popular, is that bad?: lately I've noticed many videos, discussi…[View]
12642077>read novel written by a woman >gender differences in the society of the book and women charac…[View]
12639326Who did modernism better: Faulkner or Joyce? Also, /modernismgeneral/ I guess[View]
12640619Anybody actually read it?[View]
12636554Is /lit/ able to identify a book soley off a pixelated cover?[View]
12639152To write anything at all you must have a hubrous to assume that what you're saying is worth rea…[View]
12641993Who are some /fit/ authors?[View]
12641229Thoughts on Jabberwocky?[View]
12641410Is the Hays translation of Meditations really better than Hammond?[View]
12630980What are some books about destroyed innocence?[View]
12639022Bulgarian lit: Any bulgars here? What is best bulgarian literaturę?[View]
12641250Was he right? Is complete skepticism impossible? Also skepticism hate general.[View]
12642191>be neet >be too depressed and apathetic to read so you just shitpost on 4channel all day >…[View]
12640017What do I say to someone that thinks listening to an audio book is the same as reading?[View]
12642080Yeah, I'm a Bukowski fan what gave it away?[View]
12639446Yes, I am in fact a metamodernist. How could you tell?[View]
12634840where do i begin (and end) with this guy /lit/?[View]
12639077What am I in for?[View]
12641148Semicolons are amazing, yet, one cannot use them in casual text-based conversations without seeming …[View]
12642006A toast to all the buttblasted spseuds and to good writers like pic related[View]
12641926Dickens has written more significant things than you fucking s()y spseuds in tranny liberal colleges…[View]
12641912Daily reminder[View]
12640822Why am I attracted to the 'philosophical aesthetic', /lit/? Like, every day I open up this board, ho…[View]
12641978I know about objective immortality, but does Whitehead believe in subjective immortality?[View]
12640109Homer Translations: OK /lit/, give it to me straight, what is the definitive Iliad and Odyssey trans…[View]
12639968I’d like to get into reading more but I feel like my reading comprehension is utter garbage and I ca…[View]
12638457Why does /lit/ hate The Count of Monte Cristo so much?[View]
12632956>qt girl next to me is reading Paradise lost what should I say /lit/?[View]
12641368Who is Nick Land? I'm reading his Ciruitries essay and am scared and intrigued.[View]
12641823Vietnam: Any recommended Vietnam War books? It doesn't matters if it's from the pov of USA…[View]
12622515What the fuck was Emily Bronte's problem?: >Treated inanimate objects as if they were alive,…[View]
12641709>the LTV is the only actual argument in favor OF intellectual property holy fuck...…[View]
12640874Isn't it embarrassing for litfags that the greatest working author is an anime screenwriter?[View]
12640728How's the writing career coming, /lit/?[View]
12639341Is Norse mythology the anime of mythology?[View]
12640040Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter: Just finished this and I can't recommend. Pretty uninspired th…[View]
12640755What novel is this?[View]
12640115Good night frens[View]
12636426What's your favourite Krasznahorkai?[View]
12641531~Advanced extraterrestrial peeps and their planet about to peace out into a black hole. Kids book~ O…[View]
12639811Renounce the flesh. Temper your desire. Do this and you will know peace.[View]
12636639Because of the demands of life, I have only finished one book this year so far. How many books have…[View]
12641415Hey /lit/. For some reasons beyond my control I am going to be running for around 3 hours a day for …[View]
12639882Finally, Some Good News: Has any read a more brutally honest novel? ill paypal anyone $10 if they ha…[View]
12640330thoughts on this book?[View]
12636597was deleuze a materialist?[View]
12641361Rate my prose, /lit: typed this up on a whim and may contain typos but it's sort of representat…[View]
12637586What supplemental materials do I need to read Moby-Dick? I started reading it, enjoying it so far, b…[View]
12635566>That book you bought me for our anniversary? Havn't read it yet.[View]
12635155Is this dead[View]
12638700Okay /lit/, time to talk about your favorite Shakespeare adaptations, be it theater or big screen pi…[View]
12638958What is some pre-20th century art hoe poetry?[View]
12641317>My preferred New Testament commentary? Henry Alford's, of course.…[View]
12640719>the characters weren't likable[View]
12640452was ist aufklärung tho: i know next to fucking nothing about the Enlightenment and way way way too g…[View]
12641211Should I bother trying to go to grad school for philosophy/poli sci and hope to become a tenure prof…[View]
12639738Sup /lit/, this is my nonfiction collection. What do you think of it? Are there any similar works or…[View]
12635936Gnosticism and problem of evil: How can gnostics blame demiurge in scapegoating satan/lucifer, if th…[View]
12639103Is this book any good? Been thinking about reading it.[View]
12638296i'm looking for a surrealistic book that a friend of mine recommended me like a year ago. he sa…[View]
12640894>The artist of decadence. That is the word. And here I begin to be serious. I could not think of …[View]
12633667What about Carl Jung?[View]
12639006Best book to read with new gf? Just got acquainted with a new parter and we decided we'd read a…[View]
12640841https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epic_Pooh >dude fuck Tolkien and C.S Lewis, but his dark materials …[View]
12640756Any books that positively ooze surreal vibes? particularly like the youtube webseries 'Interface' ma…[View]
12640861Why are so many large breasted young women buying this book???[View]
12639960Overrated Pieces of Shit: Have any of you read this? Just finished this piece of trash for my litera…[View]
12640676what are books you're glad you read when you were in elementary or middle school? Were there an…[View]
12640616When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first …[View]
12637373/lit/'s favorite[View]
12640575What are some fine examples of corporatocracy dystopia novels?[View]
12640334Thoughts on Purity by Jonathan Franzen?[View]
12639113Captain Delano observed with interest that while the complexion of the mulatto was hybrid, his physi…[View]
12638420Best Book on Another Korean War?: As another summit with the North Koreans is about to start, though…[View]
12637942Daily reminder that Bukowski is Burroughs-über-lite. Daily reminder that the true Exit Trilogy is Th…[View]
12639686What's the difference between a movement and a genre in literature? Like why isn't Bukowsk…[View]
12638289I'm looking for the greatest female poetry through history. Preferably entry level and with Eng…[View]
12638632Any books about being dumb and not able to do anything worthy in your life? Am desperate.[View]
12639830What philosophical/literary journals do you read? I'd like to keep up with the contemporary con…[View]
12639904>How many female novelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? He owned a motorcycle, so what c…[View]
12640134For those who work at newspapers and related places: what are some signs your editor hates you? Not …[View]
12638365Look you just don't get it. Bukowski is a novelist, a poet and an artist and no matter how much…[View]
12640108Cursed lit images thread[View]
12638451Eastern Views on Stoicism: We all more or less know how the West views Buddhism, but how does the Ea…[View]
12639812Looking for a book with descriptions and prose reminiscent of the paintings of Gustav Klimt. Elegant…[View]
12638120Something that has never annoyed me before has begun to annoy me. When a book describes the scene, I…[View]
12637361I can't read if i'm not in that 'mood'. Something special i experience very rarely. How ca…[View]
12639787Neurophenomenology: Just finished pic related. Awesome thoughts and excellent presentation. Not to m…[View]
12638759ITT: Shitty books by great authors.[View]
12639979>The universe is no narrow thing and the order within it is not constrained by any latitude in it…[View]
12639472Camille Pagliacci: Camille Pagliacci[View]
12638921>reading Tundra for the first time >there's a joke in the ISBN in the footnote You did go…[View]
12637955Are there any other books worth reading about Clown World or is this the the only one?[View]
12639805Hi /lit/ Do you have any book recommendations that critique the modern mental health system? Specifi…[View]
12634769Is it true that Chomsky made Saussure obsolete and how?[View]
12639396Will this prove to be the greatest poetic achievement of the 21st century?[View]
12639187What am I in for /lit/?: So what am I in for? More importantly, how do I differentiate the different…[View]
12639487Can you read Thus Spoke Zarathustra before Nietzsche's other works?[View]
12639693There is a bunny frollocking inside of my head. Look out, bunny! Look out! Just over there, the bunn…[View]
12639478/current/: What are you currently reading? What do you think about it? >The Long Ships > I lo…[View]
12637399Like it or not he's a poet[View]
12637321should I write under a pseudonym if I have a mega jewish last name? how much does the author name ma…[View]
12637515Books that will help me cope with the fact that I'll never share a genuine connection with anyo…[View]
12639497Next year i'm starting at university and i want to study philosophy. If there's any philos…[View]
12638823Any link for foe by Iain Reid can't find it online[View]
12639372It will be great to start an spanish literature thread. I'll start. One of my favourite spanish…[View]
12634728Keep Hearing Music: I have this slight annoyance that makes reading (and many other activities) diff…[View]
12636459who is his literature counterpart?[View]
12639273Hey, /lit/. Book recs on grant writing?[View]
12637366Me irl[View]
12632982What is /lit/'s opinion on Bukowski's style? Personally I enjoyed his straightforward pros…[View]
12638669/wah/ general: You aren't getting into a creative writing MFA program and will have to continue…[View]
12639086does anyone have the updated versions of these? like of 2016-18?[View]
12639212Unbearable Lightness of Being: I got memed into reading this and did not like it at all. The only re…[View]
12637030look this guy is so fucking retarded looking and his books are ass too, just a bunch of cynical apho…[View]
12637632Can any deluezians here explain this meme? Asking for a friend[View]
12638509Can you recommend me something similar to this, /lit/?[View]
12638156Flat earth books.: Does anyone have any recommendations for flat earth related books? Books regardin…[View]
12637102Hey /lit/ how do you get into reading again? I book I read was Kafka on the shore and that was a yea…[View]
12638722How to write about sex?: In my story, the main character has sex with his friend's mother, in o…[View]
12637322>Oh your body! your fragrance veiled my eyes: I could not see your body (a sweet piercing fragran…[View]
12639071the tragic inventor: the tragic inventor by anon a sad man dreams up a jolly machine a sad man envis…[View]
12631886>Proust >Flaubert >Moliere >Hugo >Rabelais >Montaigne >Chretian >Zola >Ba…[View]
12636874Just bought Plutarch's Moralia. What am I in for, friends?[View]
12638923>reads Plato once[View]
12602303ITT: Book you currently reading: Post the book or books you’re currently reading[View]
12634277what's the deal with w.g. sebald?[View]
12637867What are some small-brained philosophy books that anyone can understand? The kind you can give as a …[View]
12631285I keep writing short stories which are too abstract, and I don't think publishers understand wh…[View]
12638248Favorite book thread: What's your favorite book and why?[View]
12638788What is Man?: What are your opinions of Mark Twain's essay 'What is Man?' Can you suggest somet…[View]
12638475What's the point of drawing parallels to another work in your own work? How does the symbolism …[View]
12637438Thomas Harris: Is he /lit/ or is he genre fiction?[View]
12638670Books for this feel?[View]
12638039When does Republic get good? I just finished Chapter 5 and I'm bored out of my mind. The beginn…[View]
12637569I desperately need ebooks for these two plays. I looked them up on #bookz, #ebooks, libgen and googl…[View]
12624194Two years of videos we missed out on because of what you did to her.[View]
12638507What are some books?[View]
12638549>mfw reading about 'Bizarro Fiction'' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizarro_fictio…[View]
12635819Compiling a list of the most beautiful artifacts in civilization. I'll start us off. Annees de …[View]
12637797Writing Research thread 1-How do you do your research? 2-Do you know anything about famous writers d…[View]
12634609Any books on how to ease the feeling of bad faith? Whenever I talk to people I feel a sensation akin…[View]
12638274are there any books that can teach me how to make money illegally? pic unrelated[View]
12634660ITT shit /lit/ memed you into reading pic related was dogshit by the way. Would have been deep and c…[View]
12638331I noticed that women act like drunken harlots when in the presence of other men, but become 19th cen…[View]
12636564Can't I just skip the Greeks and read something enjoyable? I hate those ancient cunts desu.[View]
12635410Looking for good book review channels: Looking for good /lit/ yt channels. Image unrelated[View]
12638295Spinning off it's axis: Any recommended books on how the world is seemingly losing it's mi…[View]
12622070In what direction is philosophy moving? Who are the current day philosophers? The modern prolific th…[View]
12635897What makes great writers so abnormal? Why do rarely hear about a successful writer who is generally …[View]
12638187Why haven't you created a logogram? Why hasn't it caught on?[View]
12637214Does anyone have good writing/prose ability but garbage storytelling ability? How do I improve the l…[View]
12638070*writes an ode to some random piece of junk*[View]
12625098/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: cool stuff edition >Post interesting concepts you…[View]
12638089ITT: People who were RIGHT about EVERYTHING: I'll start with Raskolnikov. Good and evil only ex…[View]
12634740What should I read to experience psychosis?[View]
12637885The book version of Helm's Deep is better than the movie version, despite lacking elves and bei…[View]
12634512Semicolons are amazing, yet, one cannot use them in casual text-based conversations without seeming …[View]
12638037does anyone of you have philosophy charts from entry level to Hegel? also chart thread[View]
12629080This is Savannah Brown. She is Our Generation's foremost digital poet. Her debut book, The Trut…[View]
12637984Modern Neo-Lysenkoism: Does /lit/ know any books on this subject? This dude is chad as fuck.[View]
12630335A book about escaping the big city and wageslave life and living on a farm, sustaining yourself with…[View]
12633983Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.[View]
12635894>listening to Handel while reading classics >spotify asks me to upgrade to premium all the fuc…[View]
12631011Which books do people often call difficult but they're actually just long?[View]
12637726ITT: Writers with unsteady/patchy CVs Bonus: 20th/21st century[View]
12635554Can someone elaborate on 'the Shadow' and the validity surrounding it, as well as how to i…[View]
12637807Alchemy / Occult: What are some good books on Alchemy or the Occult in general? I've heard that…[View]
12637811On p36 out of 151. It's not a very good book, is it? It's a kind of banal cataloguing of i…[View]
12636912The Journey to the West: Any good analysis exploring The Journey to the West as a Buddhist allegory.…[View]
12636454Can I appreciate Paradise Lost and Leaves of Grass if I'm a poetrylet?[View]
12637389>literature will never be as captivating as film >literature will never be as immersive as vid…[View]
12637503>Universally that person’s acumen is esteemed very little perceptive concerning whatsoever matter…[View]
12635141do you guys mind if i practice my philosophy here? let me know if theres something you dont come to …[View]
12637448David Mitchell: Hello /lit/ I have recently finished reading The 1,000 Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by D…[View]
12637520Recommendation on Mongolian like literature: Not specifically mongol, but any mountainous desert cor…[View]
12637347Did alt lit have any merit?[View]
12636368So I read Mumu and wasn't really impressed. Is his other stuff better? If so, what should I rea…[View]
12637281Did he just say he likes the thought of his girlfriend being fucked by other men? Is limmy a real li…[View]
12635643Is there a good, classical romance that takes place in a high school? I'm talking about works l…[View]
12636906ITT: books that non-Europeans will never understand[View]
12636310what the fuck bros, you never told me she was actually based and redpilled[View]
12637311How self-aware are you?: I feel like there's not a single thing about me I don't know. I k…[View]
12636302>/lit/ getting mad at pewds for criticizing the leap of faith[View]
12637241I hate my abusive mother that wanted me to be a girl. book for feel?[View]
12637148what are georges 'I've slept with 10,000 women' simenon's best books?[View]
12636970>tfw it's gonna be a Bukowski shitposting plague for the next few days/weeks If I wanted to …[View]
12636091>writes rough, direct prose without bothering about details and shit >writes about himself get…[View]
12635400John 14:9: >'Jesus answered: 'Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you su…[View]
12636158>Judges 19:22-30[View]
12636297>B-But I write sophisticated poetry![View]
12636218He was a good writer, you're just too insecure to say it.[View]
12626676Is music truly the superior art form, as Nietzsche and Schopenhaur believe? Or literature? Or archit…[View]
12636938Just got this what am i in for?[View]
12635759https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW-YW2QEeg4 Why are there so many lost young men?[View]
12637023Is he correct about atheists?[View]
12637236Fixing /lit/: What the fuck's wrong with this board? Can we even go back? All I see are >Wha…[View]
12636857Sheila has a cat, she pets the cat. Puts a spell on the cat. A beautiful cat. Sheila has a cat, she …[View]
12636855Just bought this book. What am I in for?[View]
12636810>imagine finding this guy next to the anshient greek busts and how triggered spseuds would get…[View]
12635707i had to read Brave New World and heres what i get from it >everyone's a degenerate motherfu…[View]
12634904Post literary figures who are literally you Tobin from Blood Meridian is my first pick, just couldn’…[View]
12636641I'm going through things in life and I'm looking for literature that deals with being 26 y…[View]
12632310Redpill me on the duality of the world[View]
12636760Next year i'm moving to an american college and i was wondering if they had decent literature c…[View]
12636730Lol does anyone actually read analytic philosophy? Witt and Whitehead have been adopted by the real …[View]
12636414i will take any and all literature recommendations regarding optimistic nihilism. Non fiction also w…[View]
12632194Pewdiepie did another book review. Thoughts? https://youtu.be/794Bpp8M1pE[View]
12636677*walks over to mic* *ahem* I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMRNT TO MAKE FUCK SCHOLARS[View]
12636129My life is pretty much nonexistent. I can only write about my loneliness and my depression and I fea…[View]
12629773Why can we never address the elephant in the room despite worthy scholarship on the subject?[View]
12636645What are the best 'friend simulator' books?[View]
12636439Hey /lif/ how do I approach a girl? What do I even say?[View]
12633760My doctor who I am now not seeing claimed I may be lapsing into schizophrenia now he is absolutely f…[View]
12636434How do you read a book?: Do you make notes? If so, how do you make the notes?[View]
12636370Are screenplays literature?[View]
12636531There are people who truly suffer because they weren’t able, in real life, to live with Mr Pickwick …[View]
12636411Literature is an exceedingly consistent form of escapism if coupled with music. I can listen to Bach…[View]
12635671What are some books with interesting stories surroding their creation?[View]
12636295English translation will be out in September. Is /lit/ going to read it? Is there anybody else on t…[View]
12635101bretty good[View]
12636377I read MANGA and I hit the GYM. Aks me anything.[View]
12636365Has he lost his touch?[View]
12633507Is the rampant misogyny, racism, and homophobia in DFW's work affecting his standing as a write…[View]
12636243Look at this fatass, he raked in more cash than you'll ever make with your poetry.[View]
12636307Im having to write an essay on Milton's Paradise Lost in light of T.S.Eliot's theory of …[View]
12635607does learning philosophy hurt you more or was it better being naive?[View]
12635481Just bought Les Miserables and Hunchback of Notre Dame, what am I in for bois?[View]
12633178What are some books about 20-somethings with no direction or purpose in life?[View]
12636217popfic: So popfic begins with Romanticism? Gothfic like Otranto & Frankenstein? Austen? Bronte? …[View]
12635129Books about how to go about your finances? I may have ajob really soon and want to help my mother pu…[View]
12635264What are some humorous books?[View]
12636109Consequently the question of regaining Feminist power is not: How shall we create equality?But how s…[View]
12634362What does it feel like knowing a psudo-science and psudo-philosophy youtube channel makes between 19…[View]
12636147The Stranger, by Came-us: That's some heavy dope right there Marine.[View]
12634565Comfy reading: It’s cold outside and raining. What are some comfy books that describe the sound of r…[View]
12635782Should I, a non-native English speaker, write in my mother tongue or in English? I excelled in Engl…[View]
12633168How's that novel going anon?: >pic unrelated[View]
12628433Who is your literary waifu? For me, it's the girl born with roses in her eyes. I've read h…[View]
12634092convince me to like reading & huck finn: brainlet high schooler (18) here, my AP Lang class is 2…[View]
12635826Books that encapsulate the joys of being alone?[View]
12633687When reading Pynchon should I be looking up each and every reference and terms I don't understa…[View]
12634208Should I keep on reading?: I am currently reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut, I am at the in whic…[View]
12633481Name 1 (one) Russian novel that ruminates on the problem of evil. What are some essential problem-of…[View]
12635977>the material bungling, the ladder-climbing and the shit, you are going marvelously to be served!…[View]
12634517Tell me /lit/, do you read in your normal speaking voice or do you read in a special reading voice?[View]
12635901What does /lit/ think of this?[View]
12635156A writer writes stories; but he never gets to participate in them.[View]
12633604Do you think if he had just published the best 10-20% of his works, he would be more respected? I fe…[View]
12634860Grad-help: What's the best as a graduation: Letters & Linguistics or Philosophy? On what ca…[View]
12635791Does 'Literature' imply 'Story?': Anyone capable of telling a story whose narrator is omniscient to …[View]
12634083What are some books that make you happy?[View]
12634901schopenhauer: which schopenhauer book does he talk about the higherman being alone? i need something…[View]
12635785How many of you actually started with the Greeks?: I'm finishing the Odyssey and heading to the…[View]
12635804Hey /lit, /sci here. I have to make an essay about a quote I like from any philosopher/writer. I maj…[View]
12635727Classics ≠ Moderns: Why is it that classic novels are easier to read than modern ones? I can read Gu…[View]
12628195>In a 1928 letter to a mutual friend of T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf wrote: 'I have had a most sham…[View]
12634790Beat me, faggots. spellingbee.com/take-test[View]
12635628Is this the Finnegan's Wake of 2019?[View]
12635569Velvet Rage:Growing Up Gay: It is an actually good non-self help, non-meme, non-political nonfiction…[View]
12634704What am I in for /lit/?[View]
12628514Why Was He A Misogynist?: He says the most vile, anti woman things. He even hated Ayn Rand, a kindre…[View]
12635694Worth reading?[View]
126350461/2 >The Tempest is a thinly-veiled last testament of Shakespeare's career as a playwright. …[View]
12629979Suttree: I read Suttree years ago and started rereading it recently. The story is still great, but I…[View]
12631870Evil isnt real. Prove me wrong Pro tip: maybe you can.[View]
12634876Just a little haiku trivia: any haiku can have the last line replaced with 'slap my balls and die' a…[View]
12635510>book gets ruined when reading in the library sauna How do I fix this?[View]
12631180'Foreverial tie-up fat sparky enjoying himself, loving the half he has been fattened, fully com…[View]
12635346I find that I have to drag on through reading fiction. I've only gotten into reading for about …[View]
12634878How do I into philosophy? Reading this atm and want to continue with something historical[View]
12635212There are Christians on this board who have only read the bible (along with whatever other books the…[View]
12632823What am I in for?[View]
12634916Wtf was his problem?[View]
12634607Poetry critique thread: post your own and critique others. I'll start: I am a clumsy being To s…[View]
12610652Write whats on your mind: The other one is autosaging on page 10, so I'll make a new thread for…[View]
12632334Thinking of going through all my old books and re-reading all my Holmes stories. What are /lit/…[View]
12635382>there are no good african philosoph--[View]
12631477If youre searching for comfy wintercore look no further[View]
12634416how do I make my characters actually sound like real people when I don't even know how a lot of…[View]
12635284Read about irony for two hours and about the logistics of humor. I still don't know shit. Where…[View]
12635296Science: Science BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ng-t0o7E-w A scientist BTFO: https://www.you…[View]
12634381Is Deltora Quest a good kids series?[View]
12634784Serious question. After reading Society of Spectacle, I've come to the conclusion that the cont…[View]
12635257Is Addie Bundren, pound for pound, the biggest bitch in literature? She gets like two pages from her…[View]
12633688Steinbeck. What's your favorite work by him? What didn't you like? Have your eyes seen the…[View]
12634645Can I write a short story about an Indian Masters student studying Math who works as a T.A. and has …[View]
12635211i feel sad sometimes whenever i finish a great novel or watch a great anime where i feel connected t…[View]
12633290Bookstore/library/pleb stories: Post all of your fake greentexts and best crab leg stories here >…[View]
12635124Any stuff I can read related to Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, besides Shakespeare's play. Like nov…[View]
12634688>why yes, I am a stoic, how did you know?[View]
12635034Books about being a low iq retard?[View]
12634864>you live in the timeline where Max Brod DIDN'T destroy all of Kafka's work What are so…[View]
12633478>Library doesn't have Philip Roth's American Pastoral.[View]
12634276Was Haller just a 20th century neckbeard?: >NEET >rejected contemporary culture >superiorit…[View]
12634564Why did Christopher Tolkien never write any Middle Earth works of his own? He'd be the only per…[View]
12628952Memorizing Poetry:: Give me some good poems to commit to memory guys, I'm in a place where I sp…[View]
12634657Are there any novels or short stories that capture a casual 'Slice of life' style similar to pic rel…[View]
12634827>why yes I've read all the classics The Illiad, Paradise Lost, Shakespeare you know these ar…[View]
12633927Hi frens. For my Classics class I need to propose a topic that relates to Ancient Greek and Roman re…[View]
12628243Has anyone been able to rebut Bertrand Russell's famous argument In Marriage and Morals? Einste…[View]
12634837what did I think of book 6 chapter 8?[View]
12634653>World renowned classic, one of the greatest works of literature of all time >Corrected Editio…[View]
12628890Read this today, did anyone else get really emotional towards the end? The part where Annabelle dies…[View]
12633660*blocks your-sign's way of inquiry* >The reals embody the feels o shid what do?…[View]
12630961Reactionary literature: Reaction is oriented towards order; creating order requires virtue; virtue i…[View]
12634560What do I need to read before Art of War?: What do I need to read before Art of War? I know almost n…[View]
12634675Navajo: Bought these today, any book or online resource recommendations for learning the Navajo lang…[View]
12634701Anyone read this? Thoughts?[View]
12633914How come you don't understand Plato, anon?[View]
12634507Ernie Bushmiller's Virulent Patriotism: Ever read 1940's Nancy strips? The Jap hatred is o…[View]
12634635http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/37134? Thoughts on this? I think it's a valuable resource for a…[View]
12631131Is he literally /our guy/, /lit/?[View]
12634626What is the best way to see how mechanical social interaction is and why is it reading Spinoza'…[View]
12634615any good /lit/ threads/posts I could look over for help with plot construction? if not, what are som…[View]
12634602has anyone here read this? i'm curious about it, but at 944 pages i have to consider if it…[View]
12631799Babies first deep book[View]
12634468do you ever feel like technology and the internet is destroying your attention span/your ability to …[View]
12633437ITT post representative passages from famous difficult books so that people can gauge whether they…[View]
12633202what book would you recommend for someone who hasn't read a book in a really long time (10 year…[View]
12631625What do you use as your bookmark? Found this on Amazon and had to buy it[View]
12633725So it is just a love story, right?[View]
12634452I am a disaster whne it comes to organizing my time, so I dont really have tiem to start reading any…[View]
12632793Are his short stories any good?[View]
12630131How do I write a male chauvinist sociopath that would appeal to women? What lines not to cross?[View]
12630157Are there books of translated Persian poetry in the Khorasan style, or an anthology in english?[View]
12633064you uhh like my stack? which do i read first[View]
12633257Books like Cowboy Bebop?[View]
12631709What is best Slav literature ever written?[View]
12631096Post your best platitude[View]
12633510What makes a book ''difficult'' anyway?[View]
12633431any reccs for scary shit involving creatures/monsters? could be supernatural or more scientific rel…[View]
12634198This 500 page novel is ready to roll /lit/. Obviously I don't have time for this amatuer hour p…[View]
12627521>choosing names for my characters literally impossible[View]
12632821When can a /lit/izen get a break?[View]
12633629>author states that a specific song is playing during scene >don't know song…[View]
12629913Why is no one talking about pic related? Is he good?[View]
12632941What are the best books on degeneracy and hedonism?: What are the best books to help me grasp this b…[View]
12633341ITT writers who would have used 4chan/watched anime/played video games if they grew up today[View]
12628914Is going to the library still cool?[View]
12633293I love this man[View]
12633783Opinions on 'Trout Fishing in America'?: just got the recommendation, thinking of diving into this t…[View]
12622549shelfs: post shelfs, get roasted[View]
12633648ſ: Should we bring back the 'long s' (ſ)?[View]
12633479Is Chuck Klosterman worth reading?[View]
12633548just finished the odysey, and still question the following; >how the fuck did four faggots kill o…[View]
12627723How's the Novel going, /lit/? Did you make any headways in writing it? Have you finished an Out…[View]
12625135How many books do you read at a time ?[View]
12631672What are some good humored, earthy, practical, yet wise and empathy-filled fictional priests, pastor…[View]
12627900Reduce unnecessary suffering[View]
12633295where did you get your main core beliefs and/or where do people in general get them?[View]
12633381imagine not being a post-structuralist btw the gulf war was a 'non-event'.[View]
12633737is he right?[View]
12633798Were they a couple of fags?[View]
12632561Thoughts on Simenon?[View]
12633613i don't want to be anybody, i don't want to do anything in this world.[View]
12630258Have any of you guys read on Adderall/Modafinil? How did it help you get through books? Did it incre…[View]
12629969Why was he such a misanthrope?[View]
12633715>everybody understands the notion of 'being' >nobody understands the notion of 'being' > we…[View]
12633586“Why study when you could just write a shitty a book” Well anon?[View]
12633630I placed a jar in Tennessee, And round it was, upon a hill. It made the slovenly wilderness Surro…[View]
12633635The proud man delights in the company of flatterers and parasites, but hates the company of the high…[View]
12632925when the low, heavy sky weighs like a lid on the spirit aching for the light and when, embracing the…[View]
12633590Who are the best authors, philosophers, and social scientists who treat the Jews and Jewishness as a…[View]
12633294Anyone here read this? Is it any good?[View]
12633093what are some good books about Ancient Egypt?[View]
12632916Is it true that Murakami writes books about weak passive people who have beautiful, meaningful exper…[View]
12633488hey /lit/[View]
12633368Books that'll help me cope being a manlet: It's fucking not fair.[View]
12632753When did you realize Amazon became shit?: Anyone else starting to use Powells? Amazon is falling apa…[View]
12632702The most influential North American philosopher in modern history.[View]
12631449This is one of the deepest and most complex books of the 19th century, no wonder that /lit/ doesn…[View]
12633357what is the tale of melusine trying to tell us? >Raymond of Poitou came across Melusine in a fore…[View]
12631551Order of things- foucault: Can somebody explain what he means by episteme? Has anybody BTFO’d him o…[View]
12633240what book is the genius reading: Since Daniel Hernandez also know tekashi 6ix9ine is a genius of mod…[View]
12630579worth a read?[View]
12626975Good Christian books? I’m hoping to make a reading list for lent.[View]
12632673Cicero: What see the essential works of Cicero to read? What are his must read works? Discuss Cicero…[View]
12630042This guy: >Interupts music >Kills some notable elves >Steals some gems…[View]
12631331Romance novelist failed badly: https://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/2019/02/cristiane-serruya-alleged…[View]
12633127This is a bit of a stretch, but does anyone here have a full access video streaming account to Open …[View]
12632470The N word... it passes my lips... I'm getting witty chills in my bones... I'm saying that…[View]
12630974Where to start with Nietzsche? What is the ideal reading order for someone who's never read a w…[View]
12632105Can you argue against a life of imagination and escapism if it gives you happiness?[View]
12631736Otto Weininger: >'the English have never produced a significant architect and even less an outsta…[View]
12630871Scandinavian literature: Discuss and talk about the Scandinavian literature. Norwegian, Danish, Swed…[View]
12632089Is this true? What Iiterature argues on both sides of this?[View]
12631326Wait, so if the author is dead, then who's writing all these texts?[View]
12632869why do people even bother with this stuff if they're just going to read translations? all the p…[View]
12632479Describe your object of desire in a Lacanian context[View]
12631700Girl, Interrupted is unironically a very good book[View]
12632822Looking for female teacher/male student romance in western novels. I had a boner for my English teac…[View]
12630904Remember to read The Leopard by Tomasi di Lampedusa this year anon...[View]
12628054>read myths from around the world >almost every story features 'the most beautiful woman ever'…[View]
12626995>He leaned and spat[View]
12632775Very good book deal.: I was about to purchase this set of books from eBay for $50 before I realized …[View]
12630977The Silmarillion: I'm like 170 pages in. Up to the chapter called The Ruin of Beleriand and The…[View]
12628529>make shitty 5 minute long breakdowns of entire world-views and simplify them to the point of mea…[View]
12632698best Irish history books?[View]
12630680A way I can remove this without damaging the book?[View]
12632585Is Ignatius the American Bloom?[View]
12632360I'm a slow reader, I relish my books but take ages to finish them.[View]
12629280recs: Books that reflect the authors life[View]
12631308Why is this book so meaningless: >Be me a month ago >14 year old edgelord, who doesn’t underst…[View]
12632428Have you ever read a book that has astounded you that it came from a single mind? This, Moby-Dick an…[View]
12632392Which of these would you burn down first? I'd say the last four besides Hunger.[View]
12630297>I'll tell ta, I'm alright now but last week I was in rough shape, ya know? I woke up o…[View]
12632070Philosophy: Could someone explain the disagreement between Heidegger and Carnap?[View]
12619172Reactionary literature: The other day another anon in a Gómez Dávila thread posted this absolutely w…[View]
12630744>He thinks he can be a writer without being homosexual Never gonna make it…[View]
12622367does your dad read? mine doesnt sadly[View]
12631944About to finish Story of the eye by Georges Bataille. So what should i read next from him?[View]
12631983Rene Guenon: What can I get from reading his books? Where should I start?[View]
12631664>in which the main character whom you now relate to heavily after 500+ pages of reading is strapp…[View]
12630204Hi, I'm leaving for a month. I'm gonna travel around Europe until I run out of money. Can …[View]
12629547Books about transgerism: I want to understand[View]
12631925Scooby Doo and thriller Broken Lives: We don't need a good team to solve mysteries[View]
12631489What's your favorite idea from this guy and what's the worst you heard from him? He'…[View]
12631571just finished pic related and now I feel empty, please help me![View]
12629668Just transcend post-modernism already.[View]
12631510No one on this board reads contemporary literature, why? Most of you just read high school syllabus …[View]
12626377/th/: Goethe>De Vega>Molière>>>>Cuckspeare[View]
12631973im doing a YA book while including sex slavery. mommy daddy role playing and fetishization. will I g…[View]
12631654I wrote out a shitty paragraph on 4chan in my test draft and i want to show it to everyone: https://…[View]
12628452I thought some of you might be interested in another conversation I had with a professor, this time …[View]
12631889ITT we post a chapter from the works we're trying to write and help each other out: I'll s…[View]
12631824What does /lit/ think about Norman Mailer?[View]
12631778What are some books about being tired all the ti....*yawn* *flops into bed* *snooze* *snooze*[View]
12629758I'm going to be studying in Denmark for 6 months. What are some good Danish authors (I only kno…[View]
12630236Books on the Catholic Church.: Post books about the philosophy, history, reforms and the rise and fa…[View]
12623715J.R.R Tolkien: Opinions on this guy?[View]
12630187/waag/ - Writer's and Authors General: Just making a general for aspiring writers (such as free…[View]
12631743Criticize: The story without a name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktGkkunGuXM[View]
12630379Good self improvement books? >inb4 Peterson's 12 memes for life[View]
12629710Books about endurance and hardship[View]
12629137'Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first call promising':: If you want to be a great, not just a g…[View]
12630729What is Eliot's greatest work?[View]
12627936Tell me the most profound passage in the Bible that will penetrate my pistachios and make me want to…[View]
12631540I would like to read a book like Notes from the Underground, A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man…[View]
12631232Few would dispute Vox Day is the most the profound writer/ critic/ polymath/ flâneur/ philosopher wo…[View]
12631436I’m writing a grimoire that I intend to publish. What would be the best digital platform for that un…[View]
12631279weewee: So i have been looking all over the interwebs for a PDF file/book called The cannabis encycl…[View]
12630562Is downloading books written by people who are already dead immoral?[View]
12628958>the french are ba-[View]
12631303Books for this feel?[View]
12629871favourites: Inspired by >>12626676 I decided to compose this test for /lit/. Let's see if…[View]
12631177Nothing to talk about: i feel like i have nothing to talk about, because whatever i might say i am n…[View]
12630156Is this, dare I say it, the most overrated book of all time? It's literally just shock literat…[View]
12631251Japanese tragedy suggestions?: Just finished Kokoro. Need moar.[View]
12631079Can I get an explanation for the ending of The Decay of the Angel for a brainlet? So not only was Ki…[View]
12631270Nahuatl: I'd like to study an American language and after some research it's pretty clear …[View]
12631254Can anyone with a clue regarding scholastic philosophy or at least Aristolean metaphysics explain to…[View]
12630675What are the most romantic of literary passages that can be used to woo a woman?[View]
12629492What are some books about 20 somethings with no direction or purpose in life?[View]
12630598Help me with my amazon list :): I just got into literature recently and I've just finished up t…[View]
12631006Why the fuck is this hack celebrated when he's basically the 'dude science will solve everythin…[View]
12626651So I was reading Deleuze's essay 'Postscript on the Societies of Control' and found it interest…[View]
12630547>read plato >realise how blatantly the character of christ is modeled after the the character …[View]
12630758Which edition? Any supplementary material (such as a reader) that one should have alongside?[View]
12624328name a piece of literature with a better story than bionicle protip: you cant[View]
12630999anyone read The Coming Insurrection or other books by 'the invisible committee'? >It’s well known…[View]
12629999Any recommendations on lit about connections between addiction and the unknown/unknowable?[View]
12630862Don't mind me, just the greatest living author ever. Are you excited for my water book?[View]
12630928*ends philosophy*[View]
12624242They say that the Quran was revealed in Arabic, and that any iteration in English, is nothing more t…[View]
12630922What does /lit/ think of Genichiro Takahashi’s “Sayonara, Gangsters”? Is it a genuinely funny and im…[View]
12629582What are some novels with a wanderer/vagabond/washout motif? I enjoyed Suttree immensely, and I…[View]
12624692woah: woah[View]
12630302>author starts describing the room, the shape and color of the walls, the furniture etc as if it …[View]
12627452So, what do you all think about Jarry's writings? I'm currently reading the Ubu cycle and …[View]
12627896It's been fun /lit/, but I have to move on now. Give me one last book recommendation.[View]
12630076/lit/ what books would recommend to an 18 year old guy who will be starting uni in 2 day? Equip me w…[View]
12629143Ottoman gay poem about a Serbian boy: The Serbian Boy 'I saw a Serbian boy in the local hamam for th…[View]
12629938If I am putting commas in the wrong places, or not utilizing the right language, that can shift my C…[View]
12629128Consciousness: What does lit think of this book? The author believes that until 3000 years ago human…[View]
12629427Anyone here a freelance writer? How do you get started? Any tips? I am planning to do it as a part t…[View]
12630290How would Jonathan Swift address the race problem in Western society?[View]
12630447Is Romanian literature in decline?: When only Blandiana, Cartarescu and Muller get international rec…[View]
12629316Tell me about Stephen King: Why is he loved by so many but hated by 'proper' literati? Is …[View]
12623375Has anyone read this? 'The Origins and History of Consciousness' by Erich Neumann. Wondering what yo…[View]
12630265ITT: Post your top three favourite authors you've read most if not all of and other anons judge…[View]
12627815No one ever warned me that reading literature would imbue me with an aversion to every other form of…[View]
12629462Can we rewrite sections of 'old, bad books' like meinkampf and such with a feminist cultur…[View]
12629441Anons aged 40+, how do you deal with being an aging reader?[View]
12630193I have the best idea ever for a novel but I never wrote before. What should I do next to make it int…[View]
12626720why do we feel sad when we see someone die, even an animal? it's not like we had any survival a…[View]
12630141Hey guys, new here: Does anyone here actually care about self-enlightenment through literature, whet…[View]
12628384Do the Aubrey-Maturin novels set the standard for naval fiction? I've read a couple Hornblowers…[View]
12627848>can I copy your homework? >yeah just change it up a bit…[View]
12629286Refute this[View]
12628519How is he anything more than a coked-up junkie faggot?[View]
12626673Criticize: It seeps in through the cracks, around corners Leaving warnings, reforming into order Tee…[View]
12630075Definition of a scientist:: —'A man who understood nothing until there was nothing left to understan…[View]
12628216Is this really the best America has to offer?: So, I just read this and found it very underwhelming.…[View]
12628840What are some books that straddle the line between genre fiction and literary fiction?[View]
12628500Hey guys, never read anything by Joyce and about to start this one. I noticed Joyce gets some hate s…[View]
12629213What's the most important non-fiction to read?[View]
12629755Now that the Gass has passed, who was America's foremost prose stylist?[View]
12629087Any more recommendations to the bloomer chart?[View]
12628548This is the worst book I've ever read.[View]
12627379I tried to read this pile of shit 3 times and 3 times it bored me to death. How can anyone handle 10…[View]
12626693What makes Don Quixote a masterpies? i know itis good and i like it a lot, but why is it cosidered S…[View]
12629250What are the biggest /lit/ meme books? I have $200 and want to go full memelord[View]
12627989What dd /lit/ think of The Wolf?[View]
12629419Books that will help me get away with murder: The time has come to spread my wings.[View]
12629932How do you feel about the film adaptations of Lolita? For example, do you think the two film adaptat…[View]
12625485*pours himself a cup of coffee*[View]
12629664>tfw i am the dumbest poster on this board please give me time i just started reading…[View]
12629919>In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.…[View]
12629577Some one help me understand >Because, then, it is that through which every good thing is good, it…[View]
12628222What was this silly ho's fucking problem?[View]
12627106Is Marx's Capital worth reading at all? This looks like a dense slog to read. Ive read some 20t…[View]
12612320Okay you fucking cunts, How the fuck do I read Nick Land? What mountain of garbage do I need to read…[View]
12626166Literary Magazines: I tried this already yesterday, but apparently everyone here wants to be a girl …[View]
12625989what am i in for?[View]
12629851>he's just like me[View]
12621652Would you ever get a /lit/ related tatoo?[View]
12629761Is the communist manifesto worth a read? I wanna get acquainted with classic books like that and atl…[View]
12629645Faulkner>Joyce Joyce masterpieces: Ulysses Faulkner masterpieces: The Sound and the Fury; As I La…[View]
12628233How do I write a bestseller, /lit/[View]
12629709What books should I read to understand Japanese culture (work ethic, etc)[View]
12618445Does believing there is no God give any atheists here comfort? Or is it an awful truth you simply ac…[View]
12627844Do I need to read anything before I read literary classical authors like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Joyce,…[View]
12629540The content of a book doesn’t have to be weighty for it to be considered good. Only the writing and …[View]
12625355What kind of people buy the most books?[View]
12629113What are some common pitfalls to be avoided when writing a tragic character? t. writing fantasy sto…[View]
12629132>if you don't like it, don't read it[View]
12627696This is the only book you need to understand everything about the world.[View]
12626293>1000 word essay due in 5 days >have not even started…[View]
12629275what are some books with this feel?[View]
12628745Who are some good philosophers/thinkers without any 'tradition' behind them? Guys and girls who you …[View]
12628531My Secret Life: Has anyone here read My Secret Life by 'Walter'? In 80 pages so far, interesting and…[View]
12625576Be kind.[View]
12629001>Social outcast turning to crime in order to become happy Delinquent stories don't usually g…[View]
12625388>Lovecraft’s three visits to Québec City actually inspired his longest published work, “A Descrip…[View]
12628758>tfw leftists are the actual incels[View]
12621275Dosto: Is the Pevear and Volokhonsky translations of Notes and C+P that bad? This board constantly s…[View]
12623459books to teach an 18yo guy masculinity?[View]
12616869DEBATE WITH ME IN SPANISH Si, eso mismo. Mi propuesta es que debatan de cualquier tema existencial o…[View]
12629027A 30+ year old woman told me she thinks Paul Joseph Watson is better than any Russian author in hist…[View]
12628658Any books to help with my wit?: I accidentally said nigger since it's such a versatile word in …[View]
12628776Post a picture of a Pokemon and the name of an author it reminds you of. Nabokov[View]
12625308poetry general: Post great poems >The day is done, and the darkness >Falls from the wings of …[View]
12625218What's wrong with Plato's theory of forms?[View]
12628945A Long Way Up Front: I knew what you meant when you said you would go sleepless knowing that you wou…[View]
12628894This is the only book you need.[View]
12628900This is going to be a philosophy thread without, necessarily, any reference to text. But well writte…[View]
12628654Post your book ideas and how far you've gotten writing them: Post your book ideas and how far y…[View]
12628881From The Wave in the Minds Eye: >I am a man. Now you may think I’ve made some kind of silly mista…[View]
12628750Subvocalization: Anyone learn to stop subvocalizing? What's the best way? Is it worth speed-re…[View]
12628348Roast my poetry /lit/ thread[View]
12628457The bananas did it[View]
12624527Where do I start with deep ecology and ecofascism. I'm reading Linkola right and and I want mor…[View]
12628509well this makes sense[View]
12627648>has singlehandedly refuted Darwinism and put the Western scientific establishment on suicide wat…[View]
12628737mr: You guys like to read about literature? I'm not talking about philosophical treatises, whic…[View]
12628491book that is most similar to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP5ZVPwP7bg[View]
12628682Thoughts on pic related ?[View]
12627922Am I an idiot or this book genuinely hard to understand?[View]
12627259Define late stage capitalism[View]
12625165William Morris: Just finished reading 'The Well at the World's End' by William Morris. It'…[View]
12627416Want to get into philosophy: Is Bertrand a good writer to jump into philosophy from a fiction reader…[View]

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