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13674854Go on archive.org and find a good public domain book[View]
13674909A friend recommended him and I didn't really know what I was in for but holy shit did I fall in…[View]
13670465K 4chan, need some help over here. I'm a psychologist and long story short i have this patient …[View]
13673931Casualfag here. Just finished The Illiad and The Odyssey and I plan to read next the tragedies by So…[View]
13672547So is plotting shite or is hating plotting just contrarian nonsense?[View]
13670957I want to write a chick lit novel. What do you think of this start? Life sucks balls. You can medida…[View]
13673922Has this country produced any good literature throughout history? You always hear about the Chinese …[View]
13672697humanism: https://youtu.be/ummd6AFLy3g >humanism will only now be crystalized and also instituion…[View]
13671642Literature Challenge Thread: In this thread we aim to flex our creative muscles by writing a story f…[View]
13672617Did the Arabs or the Persians write better philosophy and literature?[View]
13674553Jewitt's Narrative: >Narrative of the adventures and sufferings of John R. Jewitt, only surv…[View]
13674243Time Wanderers and Noon Universe: Sup /lit/, /v/ here I'm looking forward to the game Death Str…[View]
13666492What is the starter pack on evolutionary psychology/human nature?[View]
13671303Is this good?[View]
13673890>Philosophy professor said if you're reading more than 10 philosophy pages an hour, you…[View]
13671724What are some books on aliennation? non-fiction mostly, i'm thinking Baudrillard. I want someth…[View]
13672980Whitehead is amazing. He has been the only thinker thus far to kindle a new sense of wonder in me. W…[View]
13672663>tfw finished reading all of the major Russian novels >tfw finished reading all of the major F…[View]
13673787That's it I am never trusting a woman again[View]
13674279>find out the company you keep affects who you are >stop browsing /b/ and start browsing /lit/…[View]
13673884Wanted to read Journey to the West but I hear this version lacks much content.What are some good eng…[View]
13668664How do materialist rationalize the abstract nature of mathematics? What, if all things consist of su…[View]
13674376Fringe topics: Any books that teach you stuff you only need to know if you have something shady in m…[View]
13673076Just finished this. Why the fuck is Prince Myshkin such a fucking retard, he could've easily ma…[View]
13674324Any books on tankies?[View]
13672242Zoomer here: >I've never read a philosophy book in my life >really interested in it >a…[View]
13671731This book gets talked to death here, but I don't care. I don't want to talk about DFW…[View]
13671798What would an archeo futurist aesthetic involve? What would a world patterned after Fayes ideas and …[View]
13674257This man was a wizard.[View]
13674007Is it truly possible to be published and make a living off writing today without becoming independen…[View]
13673821What book made you fuck a fruit?[View]
13674070How do you guys discover new books that interest you? I think so far I only stumbled onto books that…[View]
13672608Starting a Buisiness: Are there any good books on starting a business? I don't mean self help m…[View]
13668384ACCELERATIONISM AND THE INVISIBLE HAND: Is the 'capital is sentient' meme just a different way of ex…[View]
13667352Becoming the writer you want to be:: How did you accomplish this /lit/? Through diligent routine and…[View]
13670637Post your favorite book you own[View]
13672564What are some books I can read while on my train ride to flex on people?[View]
13671057Who else here intellectual yet low-IQ? I really like keeping an open mind, philosophically discussin…[View]
13673954>That just warms the 'edible burrowing bivalve mollusc with a strong ribbed shell's of my heart W…[View]
13672581>The merely ‘economic’ point of view as it is understood today is not departed from, it certainly…[View]
13673385>Yeah I read Science fiction. What gave it away?[View]
13672896>read sci-fi novel >AI is sentient well I guess that's where the fiction part comes in…[View]
13673696Books about giving up: Any lit about giving up and just being a door-to-door salesman/Nigerian scamm…[View]
13672889Need prose poetry recommendations thank u[View]
13673607This is Nick Land. Why does no one discuss his fiction? This rules.[View]
13673522Why didn't he become a philosopher instead of a novelist?[View]
13668486China Mieville: I'm reading about China Mieville's books and they all seem really imaginat…[View]
13673491What are some good books on serial killers?[View]
13668620Book haul I ordered just arrived, pretty excited, which one should I dive into?[View]
13669048I can't get enough of this fucking book tf is wrong with me, I'm not a pedo but it's …[View]
13671719Reading your classic books is a waste of time. Do something useful instead, like working. Before you…[View]
13671871Discovered a new Philosopher: Been really enjoying Pierre Grimes work, would recommend, any authors …[View]
13671749Are your favourite novels susceptible to hate speech laws?[View]
13673324Fuck me, I started writing a book. Saw a bunch of reviews of shit YA novels, said 'Fuck it, let…[View]
13673179Why is this cover art so good?: Usually I hate cover art that depicts a person.[View]
13671137What's the ITAOTS of this board?[View]
13673042Is there a comfier writer than Italo Calvino?[View]
13671678ITT: Unpopular literary/philosophical opinions. >I think Dostoeyvsky is better than Tolstoy >I…[View]
13671785Books on beating femdom fetish?: Anyone know if there's any readkng material on beating my femd…[View]
13672957Feedback thread: above[View]
13673045>contact her and go to jail Books for this feel. I’m dying on the inside.…[View]
13672556>wuthering heights nowhere to be seen >book of the new sun at #31 /lit/ was a mistake…[View]
13672988Anti Whig books?[View]
13672147What are some books about embracing hard work? Every remembered writer wrote every day for hours, wh…[View]
13672399'Junk/trash books': I am not sure if there is a propper word for 'brak literature' in English so I w…[View]
13671573Books on how to obtain and maintain a healthy, fulfilling harem?[View]
13672866>But if one person loves on account of one thing and the other on account of another, between whi…[View]
13670777Can we all agree that he was a good philosopher but a shitty writer?[View]
13672529Do you put books back on the shelf when in the library? I never do, since this is what librarians ar…[View]
13672604Recently I've been spending a lot more time outdoors and really like reading on the beach thoug…[View]
13672001Books for an intro to Alchemy? I am reading Dreams by Jung and can't help but feel I a losing m…[View]
13672693Books on Complete/Enhanced Focus?: I need it as a Comp Sci major[View]
13672270What is the essential reading list/charts for Daoism? Where dao I start?[View]
13672616What's the less cringy alternative to goodreads[View]
13670917What works of Iiterature genuinely disprove the statements in this image as guiding principles for r…[View]
13670269Now that the dust has settled, was he really a homosexual? Many articles written about him conclude…[View]
13671364>he still reads physical books in 2019 >he hasnt switched to ebooks yet Hope you enjoy pic rel…[View]
13672508Beyond Upvotes and Downvotes: A huge proportion of human communication is a fancier version of an up…[View]
13663663If he hadn't written it, we would have been in communism right now.[View]
13665504who was the better author?[View]
13668480philosophical texts are garrulous: This is the first philosophy book i plan to actually read all the…[View]
13671535Can I get an introduction into Ancient Hinduism? I’d like to be a little prepped to read the Bhagava…[View]
13671756Recommend me please books like the School at the Frontier from Géza Ottlik. This book is about a sma…[View]
13669270'This is the secret of empiricism. Empiricism is by no means a reaction against concepts, nor a simp…[View]
13672117[obvious political bait thread]: Comment designed to elicit inflammatory responses.[View]
13672356Is this book /lit/ approved?[View]
13672344Books for this kind of feel?[View]
13672340Is Aquinas in anyway original? Or is does he just regurgitate in 100 pages what the later ancients (…[View]
13672130Does literature exist to help stop my severe OCD?[View]
13671331The cock for Alcepious is for the healing of the soul which no longer will be embodied in an alien m…[View]
13670860>Raskolnikov's dream about the mare What a ghastly rigmarole.[View]
13671632Meta-ideological synthesis and publishing.: Morning lads, I am, let's say, an ideological noma…[View]
13668008Technofeminism -tfx/acc: >Feminism between Fish and Future AI: A Geotraumatic Critique of Posture…[View]
13662439Holy shit. This is straight-up the world we live in. Replace soma with entertainment and internet ac…[View]
13664728/esog/: This thread is for the discussion of texts related to Hermetism, Neoplatonism (in its mystic…[View]
13667249>Authors whose work you read in their voice[View]
13668310Read Guenon.[View]
13670791>Read this book, I have no actual argument but read this entire book >Define 'proof', Define '…[View]
13667567*Unsheathes pen* >Women are...big children all their life--a kind of intermediary stage between t…[View]
13668339Post what you're currently reading and what you're going to be reading next :3 Currently: …[View]
13669134Was he schizophrenic?[View]
13657109Is it possible to reconcile Nietzsche and Marx?[View]
13669463>*debunks socialism* heh, nothin personal kiddo[View]
13671672Has esoteric/occult literature helped you? Or has it only made life more difficult? I used to big in…[View]
13669788Scandinavian Lit Thread: Has anyone else read pic related? I thought it was pretty good in a 'my gra…[View]
13670430Which future do you desire?[View]
13668416Thoughts on UG Krishnamurti?[View]
13670805I’m a very affectionate person. I like touching and staying physically close. I heard it called a lo…[View]
13669313If Being and Time is the analysis of the Being of Dasein, then is the Trivium the analysis of the Be…[View]
13666949Looking for stories free of worldly attachments, emptiness, higher planes, calm, alone, in philosoph…[View]
13669597The Cratylus: Is Cratylus really a satire mocking Plato's contemporaries or is he just a massiv…[View]
13670669What's the mechanism behind why religious people are religious? It's not family. It's…[View]
13670155Ken Kesey Biography: Hello I’ve never posted or even lurked here, but recently I’ve been inspired t…[View]
13668321what are some books on left wing praxis?[View]
13671611Ghostwork: Are jannies the future of workingclass?[View]
13671483books that at some point a character attempts suicide, or kills himself[View]
13671389What books should I read as an introduction to ether and magnetism? (prefereably not mainstream)[View]
13668965Thoughts on her?[View]
13671037is ''reap'' ever used in front of another word than ''benefits'…[View]
13670282How to get into Nietzsche as a brainlet without much background? I'm mainly interested in the w…[View]
13670692Books about Nomos and Physis?: I've recently become interested in this concept but i can't…[View]
13671498>Progress. Ha.[View]
13671454Was it autism?[View]
13671404We talk about George Eliot, /eliot/ thread: > Is Elizabeth Gaskell write in saying: 'I think I ha…[View]
13668458>Writing a play >Can legitimately only write while on drugs or a fuckton of caffeine >Train…[View]
13670346the stoic section is the most boring part of this book. it was so difficult to get through[View]
13671252At max I can only read 10 pages per day before getting bored and droping the book? How do better by …[View]
13669247If every society collapsed tomorrow in an apocalyptic event, and the only written literature left wa…[View]
13670997Was Hemingway really a crossdresser or is that just gossip?[View]
13671285If you like literature and humanities, does this mean you will also like being a lawyer? Literally g…[View]
13671199>What's the X of this board?[View]
13671162My girlfriend wants us to read a book together that will 'make her go wow' and blow her mi…[View]
13671097How does the third formulation of the categorical imperative imply anything? Kant just states it and…[View]
13670500>'The wild sheep chase had begun.' Are you fucking kidding me?[View]
13668740What's the literary equivalent of Archieluxury? I need something that captures this vibe https:…[View]
13668383I've been thinking about getting into Malazan. Should I read it or is it purely soi?[View]
13670974Blood Meridian & Schopenhauer: Do I really need to read the whole goddamn thing ? It's 1000…[View]
13670453Is that Bf or an A#? Or minor or major chord? The famous threes company. Are those demons and angels…[View]
13667658/lit/'s opinion on Baruch de Spinoza and his works?[View]
13670760Books for this feel[View]
13670409what's up with stoics and cynics being for sexual communism? i thought this was only an incel m…[View]
13670666Gravities rainbow discussion: Just finished the book, would like to discuss it. What's your fav…[View]
13668175What is the die lit of /lit/?[View]
13669269Who is the biggest bro in all of the Illiad and why is it gentle Patroklos?[View]
13668015Is Jesus God's self-insert protagonist?[View]
13670292What religion/spirituality is founded on hate or anger. What books to read to develop it?[View]
13670043Is he the most based and redpilled writer in history?[View]
13668884Cortez smashing idols: Stopping human sacrifice, and putting an end to native sodomy >based…[View]
13668211does space travel mirror conception, is there some kind of aesthetic law?[View]
13669878Should individuals write outside of their race, gender, religion, social and/or economic status, wei…[View]
13670534Military History/Science General: But first a question: There's a certain kind of strange semi-…[View]
13667612Weird question to articulate but are there any philosophers who recognized and spoke of the archetyp…[View]
13668850Any good historical fiction about the ancient world?[View]
13670350Just finished reading Crime and Punishment and I really enjoyed it. Its probably the best book ive e…[View]
13670062Has any other musicians done such a disservice to their literary source as this twat?: This fella he…[View]
13670260>In 1920, when he was a mere 16, Bertrand began an affair with his stepmother, who was then in he…[View]
13670365What is his philosophy?[View]
13669435Software for writers?: I got a subject matter that I can't stop writing about and I wish to tur…[View]
13667621On the JQ: ITT writers who tackled the JQ well. OyG writes about the JQ in 'Los escaparates mandan'…[View]
13669948Best WWI and WW2 Books, Novels: Educate me /l/istorians, I'm from /k/ WW1 >The Guns of Augus…[View]
13668430Recommendations: Short (novella length) non- fiction.[View]
13667863Philosophy of music/art?: Are there any good philosophy books on music/art? I saw Leo Tolstoy has a…[View]
13669934Is this worth reading? I just finished Catch-22, but don't want to waste my time if it's n…[View]
13668604any books on philosophical pessimism before it became antinatalism?[View]
13669462Books by extremists: What are some books written by political or religious extremists? I'm look…[View]
13668710What should I read before going into Kant's Transcendental Logic? Please recommend secondary so…[View]
13669504What are some books similar to The Things They Carried in terms of theme and writing style?[View]
13664584Lets make a doomer-core book list[View]
13668935I didn't know /ourgirl/ Donna Tartt's work was translated into Spanish. Should I read the …[View]
13669513Latin literature: Salve omni anons! I start to learn Latin language and Latin literature, recommend…[View]
13659930how do i stop being so anxious about life and just start living it?[View]
13667370Is it a good for society if some people have extreme opinions or should everyone be moderate?[View]
13668873Is he right?[View]
13669291What is a good book about a young man who is tormented by cycles of self improvement and self destru…[View]
13669880Nishiki Prestige: does anyone have a backup of his blog/know what's up with him? i was trying t…[View]
13656988/qtddtot/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: >Questions that don't deserv…[View]
13668636Harry Potter (pic unrelated): What the fuck is wrong with women as this fucking book. Almost every g…[View]
13669383Best war-related literature?[View]
13669622#20190820 Ligue 1 : notre équipe-type de la 2e journée - Le Figaro http://tridejur.uy/t123.php?id=27…[View]
13669342Does anybody know a good place to find / download erotic fiction? Places like Literotica, or sexstor…[View]
13668132Any of you guys read Sutter Cane?[View]
13669102I'm about 50 pages (and one thorough outline) into my screenplay and I'm considering scrap…[View]
13658763Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
13669438Thoughts on the Four Horsemen's books (especially those regarding religion)? I'm looking t…[View]
13668483I was thinking the other day about why there didn't seen to be any great black literature in th…[View]
13669139Is he actually that good?[View]
13665994Fantasy recommendations: What are /lit/'s favorite fantasy books? I'm looking for somethin…[View]
13668869Will they ever make a film about your favourite author?[View]
13668551Post Writers that were hyped up and then became obscure: >German mathematician Ernst Schröder, sa…[View]
13662443damit bros I just want to get paid for my creativity, not trying to become harry potter rich I just …[View]
13668639I wrote a poem lads But i have a problem I am terrified of showing it to anyone. I don't even w…[View]
13668260Is this guy, like, the patron philosopher of moderates, conformists, and people who believe in spook…[View]
13669057>Haven't been able to finish a book in years because too addicted to the internet I want to …[View]
13668547Can you recommend me some classical shitposts?[View]
13669211any other books about men troubled about sexual desire?[View]
13667122Can we make a stoicism flowchart?[View]
13663781Has a book ever nearly brought you to suicide?[View]
13668290How do I avoid purple prose?[View]
13668848Which romantic developed the greatest democratized-mysticized visualization of personal hallucinizat…[View]
13669082How do I into aestheticism?[View]
13664900Why do people on this board hate this book? Is it because it's not DEEP like muh republic? Is j…[View]
13667230Mishima: Where the fuck do i start with Yukio Mishima?[View]
13668637How do you read anons? I've always read before going to bed so I'm prone to automatically …[View]
13669004>tfw when want to destroy the invisible hand and live as God intended, but also kind of want to s…[View]
13666864Are there resources for how to connect with people in order to create a society in which everyone is…[View]
13668894>The House of Being what a pseud[View]
13667699Name me the most prominent naturalist, darwinist, might makes right type of philosophers/writers.[View]
13668776so much fun[View]
13668289>tfw 4500 words into my genre-defying, tongue-in-cheek, metafictional, tought-provoking, trope-su…[View]
13668697>Atheshit thinks he can enjoy LotR without being Catholic[View]
13667112Books with BASED prostitutes as protagonists?[View]
13668677How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author: Is this good writing advice? https://www.yo…[View]
13667867>Men? Men are weak. It is because of men the ring survives. I was there. I was there 3000 years a…[View]
13667833Recent purchases: I picked up these books from the thrift store for a $1 each[View]
13668394Daily reminder that once you reach a critical mass of language acquisition it becomes the most fun t…[View]
13667318/lit/ memes: new /lit/ memes thread[View]
13664307>Atheist tells me god isn't real because it's ludicrous to think that every animal on t…[View]
13650822What is /lit/'s plan to stop smartphone culture?[View]
13666948Everybody in this board about writing and publishing their own short story/novel, but is there anybo…[View]
13668386Times You BTFO Posters on /lit/: >Edgy antinatalist sadboy (probably underage b&) is getting …[View]
13667511This guy slaps your gf's ass at the club and proves to you AI will take over the World. What do…[View]
13661389The greatest American writer. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
13667775Stop knowing things.[View]
13668390Nonfiction-fiction rading parings: Does anyone here pair a work of fiction with one of nonfiction wh…[View]
13664956>his thought scares me Why?[View]
13667707Any good vampire kino?: I'm not looking for twilight tier shit I want a novel about vampires th…[View]
13667917Learning old english: I'm fluent in german and wanted to learn for some time now. Can anyone wh…[View]
13661719Are there any good books explaining what exactly 'western values' are?[View]
13668343Buster Scruggs: I need a books for this feel.[View]
13665812Why do they call 40 year old mentally feeble people 'retarded'? It's inaccurate to call them re…[View]
13666902>Dude lets make the last 1/5 of the book just my political essay Why do authors think this is a g…[View]
13668269Stop knowing things, you know nothing, stop searching, stop trying be something other than what you …[View]
13667698Lee Israel: Who was in the wrong, here?[View]
13668153What is the best translation of his fragments?[View]
13667328Why do Christians believe in omnibenevolence? There are many passages in the Bible which suggest God…[View]
13665250Tell me about the hottest sex scene in a book.[View]
13668009Jewish /lit/: any books that could help me better understand and comprehend the ways and motivations…[View]
13667854Consider this[View]
13662946has any one person really fully comprehended his writing?[View]
13667081Which language would give me access to better literature, Mandarin or Arabic?[View]
13666123>In the mid-twentieth century, the only American novel included on a list of Soviet-approved Comm…[View]
13668127Anybody else like reading memoirs? Any recommendations?[View]
13667481Why do intelligent people like this talentless incel when all his work ever amounted to was saying: …[View]
13667934Hi I found this webm and just want an excuse to post this here.[View]
13665422Books only incels or chads can understand.[View]
13667700If life is suffering, intrinsically, as it is, then how is the creation of new human life not an act…[View]
13665255Why the fuck is Mersault such an autist?[View]
13666556Age Favorite work of fiction Favorite work of poetry Favorite work of philosophy Number of sex partn…[View]
13660780>As they write, “We do not face the challenge of a population bomb but a population bust—a relent…[View]
13667144Who is the literary equivalent of Bach? an autistic hermit genius that composed a shit ton of music[View]
13666753Is there a Christian heresy that retains all standard doctrine except for belief in an afterlife?[View]
13667971Death in Venice: >book about fifty year old man obsessing over fourteen year old boy Why was this…[View]
13667207good books: hey guys, newfag from /fit here. I recently picked up pic related, and wish to delve int…[View]
13664253what book do I read to accept my place as a subhuman male?[View]
13667919Solid career versus uncertain existence: Dear /lit/, I am coming to you with a desperate cry for adv…[View]
13666734What's some /comfy/ /lit/erature?[View]
13667912>tfw you realise corporate america, sillicon valley, ivy league universities, the state of israel…[View]
13661215Is it possible to be a writer and gamer at the same time, /lit/? I feel like You get sucked in by vi…[View]
13666662Primary vs Secondary: all right /lit/. Primary Sources or Secondary Sources?[View]
13665669Experienced Anon Philosophers: Those who've really dug deep into all aspects of philosophy, who…[View]
13663070good night frens[View]
13666410Pick my next read out of these: I've been gifted/recommended all of these. Which should I read …[View]
13667829Decline of the West: abridged or unabridged?: Is the abridged version adequate? If not, where can a …[View]
13667821Books about being a Zolpidem addict?[View]
13667541>want to be a writer >don't actually want to write anything Does /lit/ know this feel? Pr…[View]
13667702Normieness and having been written by a woman aside. How good is this book (considering its subject,…[View]
13667687Why do hipsters like him??[View]
13663729This is unironically the greatest novel of the 20th Century[View]
13663554Is it bad that I essentially read the Iliad as the tragedy of Hector?[View]
13666745About to finish my first short story, how do I get as many people as possible to read it?[View]
13667023Should I start with Hegel or the Greeks?: Or both?[View]
13660497im having my debut novel published by penguin press early next year ama[View]
13667487I’m so fucking pissed off and ready I finish this piece of shit[View]
13664265The democratisation of education has killed literature. Mass literacy of the middle and lower classe…[View]
13667059Do you have a book that you consider to be your personal Bible? A work that you go to for truth or s…[View]
13660310I must be retarded: Whenever I try to read any novel from the beginning to later half of 20th centur…[View]
13664186Librarians: Any librarians on /lit/? Is being a librarian the most /lit/ job? It seems so comfy. Do …[View]
13667549The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard: My Architects, say hey, say hey to me (Execute brute force…[View]
13667514Objetivism os pure bullshit since reason can't recognize itself. Yesss Jung wins again.[View]
13667104What are some funny counter-mainstream though defensible interpretations of well-known books?[View]
13667349Start with Descartes[View]
13665568Kafka’s Metamorphosis and porn addiction: Just dropped by to remind you that Kafka’s metamorphosis w…[View]
13664934Can /lit/ explain to me what happens at the end of Don Carlos? Why does it just end so abruptly? Mus…[View]
13667323I have the weirdest boner right now[View]
13667214What is the advantage of writing a philosophical novel over a standard treatise?[View]
13662950ITT: Books people pretend to like to seem smart[View]
13667199what does /lit/ think? worth the read?[View]
13667174Does anyone here know which pieces of the Catholic Church's dogma related to demons (and other …[View]
13658965Infinite Jest: What am I in for? How should I prepare? I don't ususally take notes when reading…[View]
13663954Unpopular positive opinion challenge:: Name a book that... (1) you genuinely like (not 'so bad it…[View]
13662263The Pessoa Pamphlets: I am starting university this semester and I want to have my own campus commen…[View]
13666235Self-help sources that aren't fake and gay: I can vouch for REBT[View]
13662055How the fuck do I read more/faster? I read every day, but can only get through like 20 pages before …[View]
13666508What is the most /lit/ place on earth and why is it Cambridge?[View]
13666378How do we effectively counter the increasing rates of hedonism and debauchery within Western civiliz…[View]
13666883I'm looking for a book about a narcissistic, oppressive mother. Bonus if she's permissive …[View]
13663511Sure Lot49 was a little trippy but nothing could prepare me for this. Really makes you think huh[View]
13666930Books about understanding women as the objects that they are: I have become disassociated from my cu…[View]
13666665Is time travel too overdone to write a story about it?[View]
13664988It is time...[View]
13657075Who would be on the Mount Rushmore of philosophers? >Aristotle >Kant >Descartes >Aquina…[View]
13663422Philosophy is like plumbing[View]
13664593Realised recently that I really do love reading about conspiracy theories and the like. I'm not…[View]
13666749I don’t know much about writing but I’d like to try thinking in that kind of way. I seem to not be g…[View]
13666874>why yes, I am a big fan of YA and have a large amount of sex due to being able to connect with w…[View]
13662409Literary/Philosophical timeline: I'm interested in either finding or creating an extremely comp…[View]
13664272wtf did i just read[View]
13666840Favorite plays thread, I'll start. Mine's Edward Albee's 'The Zoo Story'[View]
13666185I'm struggling with describing grand vistas and scenes, help me out Try as best you can to desc…[View]
13666173What am I in for?[View]
13666086talking > writing: this guy and molyneux's pen is their throat. that is true power my friend…[View]
13666677Good luck this semester![View]
13666651'Never compromise' protaganists: Any lit related?[View]
13665314Finally finished IJ after 4 months of reading How long until I should wait to re-read it? Also, why…[View]
13664871DH Lawrence: Where to start with this guy? Are his books even good? I have been fascinated by the id…[View]
13663407What did you think of it? Someone should make a modern version of this but replace the nihilist with…[View]
13666710Thoughts on George Steiner?[View]
13649314What are some books like Schopenhauer's On Women, Otto Weininger's Sex &, but for our …[View]
13664178what are the best autobiographies to read[View]
13659720whats the best place to buy leather bound books?[View]
13666083How was he able to break the curse of the eternal anglo?[View]
13665839why were there hardly any good commanders to resist the mongol invasions?[View]
13666197The best Nabokov novel[View]
13664890How can I be muslim without having to contribute to society: I don't really see a lot of the mu…[View]
13666533>Let others better mold the running mass >Of metals, and inform the breathing brass, >And s…[View]
13666236How write in first person ?: I'm writer. I want to try that do you have any advice for me, anon…[View]
13662602What is the novel equivalent?[View]
13665691How to poetry: How do i poetry[View]
13666376Otto Weininger's argument for morality is underappreciated. >Man feels ashamed of himself a…[View]
13654503>and in the end, it turns out I really was: The Idiot seriously?[View]
13666347Memory - Lovecraft: In the valley of Nis the accursed waning moon shines thinly, tearing a path for …[View]
13665232Hi lit, I'm a sikh and Guru Gobind Singh Ji tells us to read the teachings of other religions a…[View]
13665986book covers[View]
13663653I don't like the way I talk and I don't like the way I write. It's bland, inexpressiv…[View]
13666128Looking for a book on the reasons for why mass shootings occur. I remember a specific book was recom…[View]
13664860What am I in for?[View]
13665724>stuck on writing the outline for a story >come up with a solution >feel good for a minute …[View]
13651992What's the scariest thing you've ever read?[View]
13664694Is it wrong to reproduce? Discuss: Throughout human history people have described beta males as the …[View]
13660740Reading for people with ADHD: Ive got multiple mental disorders that make sitting still and focusing…[View]
13658625What is accelerationism?: It seems that Marx was wrong and there's been no revolution of the pr…[View]
13665947He'd always remember the fireflies. Soft novas of light punctuating the perfect sentence that w…[View]
13658214Franz Kafka: How can a man who wrote literal schizobabble be so respected? He couldn't finish w…[View]
13665867Works on political theology like pic related? https://discord.gg/zUcQwhq[View]
13660291Jenseits von Gut und Böse by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: Why do people fawn over this book? If you …[View]
13664373I refuse to read pic related because it was written by a woman. What is the best book (written by a …[View]
13665851woah what did I get myself into?[View]
13661914Does anybody have Harassment Architecture on PDF?[View]
13662780I have sudden and almost uncontrollable urges to kill myself. It is as if I am deeply hypnotized and…[View]
13665391>Dialectics Explain this word to me without looking it up. Im talking about the Hegelian version,…[View]
13663590Am I morally obligated to apologize before talking about how much I enjoy Lovecraft's work?[View]
13665005Is he right, /lit/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvhl1Hnse_o[View]
13664348>tfw you realize that Plato was not a philosopher, but a tragicomedian who wrote the character of…[View]
13665671>that moment where Madame Epanchin blows up at the 4 kids asking for money yelled out based while…[View]
13665589Is it just me, or is Tolkien mellifluous?[View]
13665548The post that killed /fit/: they are super down about this rn their spirits crushed thought it was a…[View]
13659174Can someone sum up briefly his thought into different points please?[View]
13665351>be church >stuck on one book for thousands of years…[View]
13665533Political Theology: Works on political theology like Carl Schmitt, Joseph de Maistre, Abul A'la…[View]
13659530Oh Mister Houellebecq, where have you been all my life[View]
13665519I haven't written anything in a very long time and would really like to start doing it again. D…[View]
13663871>I read for the plot[View]
13665497So now that the dust has settled, why did literature die?[View]
13663847What's some philosophy I should read if I want to learn how to manipulate people and use selfis…[View]
13662564I just finished a book on Greek Mythology and legends but I am not satisfied. Is there any book out …[View]
13664231Wrote my first book and published it. Never felt more depressed.: How to cope with feeling emptier t…[View]
136648339 prose writing tips for perfect prose style: >1. Kill Clichés >2. Be accurate >3. Keep it …[View]
13665034Novel in which Kindness is presented as the greates Virtue[View]
13663794Post a picture, get a recommendation, I'm going to finish the idiot tonight, because I have not…[View]
13664998>On the outskirts of the city they came to a supermarket. A few old cars in the trashstrewn parki…[View]
13665153How do I make myself enjoy reading fiction more? I always feel like the writer is being flashy and p…[View]
13664982Writing Prompt Thread: Cave Seduction Edition: What exactly went on in this cave, anons?[View]
13650281/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: >What are you reading >What did you finish rea…[View]
13664363Any good books on hobbies and outdoor activities? Im looking for gardening stuff mostly.[View]
13661481>just bee yourself t-thanks, Chad[View]
13661669What are you reading /lit/?[View]
13664140>some random writefag on /tg/ writes the best fantasy I've read in a while https://1d4chan.o…[View]
13659408Why do people feel they /have/ to be useful for society? Why do some people even get anxiety for 'wa…[View]
13663507>why yes, I do primarily read warhammer 40k[View]
13651587>Cite The Pervert's Guide to Cinema in an essay >Lecturer marks me down saying that it…[View]
13661959ITT: Philosophers that remind you of yourself For me it’s Nietzsche - intelligent, nihilistic and a…[View]
13664676>so much to read >not enough time[View]
13662261any /woke/ boys in here that want to discuss ramana, papaji, mooji, etc[View]
13664680Any books on the dangers of classmixing?[View]
13664503Is this book worth reading and buying ?: JEWISH PRIVILEGE https://culturewars.com/home Sixty years a…[View]
13662844Does anyone actually understand what these guys are saying?[View]
13663280>Tfw you realize that everyone wants to be a Man[View]
13661477Are there any good contemporary English poets, or do they all just write prose and break the lines u…[View]
13660359recommend a /fit/izen something by nietzche[View]
13663437hello are short story fiction contests that have an entry fee a scam? the average first place prize …[View]
13659360Read Bataille[View]
13663635Thoughts on House of Leaves? It's been a good read so far, albeit a little difficult[View]
13662614Vehement god of a steel race, Automobile thirsting for space shuffling and trembling in anguish, pul…[View]
13658836>he thinks he has the moral right to coerce unwitting souls into existence according to his own a…[View]
13664319>Be me, a hardworking honest cyclops >Come home tired after a day from work >Find out some …[View]
13664221Here's some genuine advice for people who want to get into reading and get snarky replies. Ever…[View]
13664309*Destroys French “philosophy”*: I don’t usually want to praise this guy, but I sincerely respect him…[View]
13659843Thoughts on this article on incels? https://www.vox.com/2018/6/20/17314846/incel-support-group-thera…[View]
13663497I've been damning positivists for years and today I find out this motherfucker is the actual cu…[View]
13662542Books with themes like Lain?: Are there any books that deal with similar themes that appear in the a…[View]
13659713Just finished pic related, and it was excellent. Are there any other books that articulate the cause…[View]
13664142A friend recommended me pic. Is it any good?[View]
13664103What language?: What language should I learn next? I am from hungary, so i dont have an ancient lang…[View]
13662123Which is the earliest still extant text on jurisprudence?[View]
13660761Post Goodreads reviews: EDIT: 11/29/2015: Hi. It's been almost five years since I wrote this re…[View]
13663993Is there a word (not nostalgia) for the feeling when you open an old book with yellowed pages and a …[View]
13662302what are your thoughts on this poem?[View]
13663582Does anybody else get really emotional about youth? There's a feeling I get that's somethi…[View]
13663825What is some essential 'post-meaning' lit?[View]
13662940Is studying literature at the university level still worth it these days if you want to try to be a …[View]
13663889I was going to start out this review of Stoner by feigning comic incredulity that the former conduct…[View]
13663862>audiobook reader has a thick accent[View]
13663171what's the most sincere shocking piece of literature you've ever read: Not something where…[View]
13661846How to start the bible: Where do you even start with the bible (old and new testaments)? Should I st…[View]
13663764>tfw your leaf necklace breaks[View]
13662555Just finished this one Didn't understand the epilogue. Someone smarter here would care to expla…[View]
13663716What is the Sartor Resartus of the 21st century?[View]
13662590books for these feels: I think to moderate myself. I think that everything /pol/ thinks is true is j…[View]
13663193Let’s get a poetry thread going. Post poets, poems, anthologies, and so on. Post your own work, or j…[View]
1366222510 pages in, does it get any better. The writing stye is pissing me off.[View]
13662887Anyone read Joseph de Maistre? When I read his work I realize a lot of the criticism levelled at Isl…[View]
13662963just so you guys know Book of the New Sun is better than GoT. The guy made pringles and retired, liv…[View]
13657270Less discussed works: Going to make a thread for less discussed works, my justification for this is …[View]
13663626What the fuck is up with the sex in this book?[View]
13663620It's weird how aware everyone is of Cyberpunk dystopia in fiction, especially with movies comin…[View]
13661475Books to escape ennui?[View]
13663207How did you overcome ADHD so you can enjoy sitting still for 1-2 hours at a time reading a good book…[View]
13662988Fellas, I need to improve my ability to interpret and analyze fiction. I am not sure how to go about…[View]
13663243Hey everyone. I’m currently writing a short story, and I’m currently stuck on ideas. I’d like to hav…[View]
13663066Books about linguistics: Charts or personal recomendations will be appreciated[View]
13661268itt far left books BTFOing crapitalism and neoliberalism[View]
13659034Do you have a book waifu/husbando? Either author or character >Inb4 Anne Frank…[View]
13660690Where is all the experimental literature for the digital era?[View]
13658927>I'm gonna write a book for the reddit audience[View]
13662790Poetry Critique Gen: Post a poem, give some helpful advice to someone else. No rhymes allowed editio…[View]
13662186>Freud on how to deliver a top-notch lecture Good advice[View]
13660030ereaders: Does anyone have any insights into having a good tablet-like ereader? My rooted nook simpl…[View]
13662610The Inner Citadel: Has anyone read this before and is it worth getting? How does it compare to the o…[View]
13662953Are there any papers that analyze the writing style of Thomas Carlyle?[View]
13663188I don't get it. I just don't get it. Hegel, the post-structaralists, Pound, Pessoa, etc. I…[View]
13663253How long would it take me to become fluent enough in a foreign language to begin writing novels? Eng…[View]
13662551Let's get a critique thread going boys.[View]
13663197Three copies of Remembrance of Things Past: Volume I: Swann's Way and Within a Budding Grove pl…[View]
13660602My apartment complex burned down yesterday and all that survived from my room was a copy of The Dunc…[View]
13662012**GORE VIDAL RECOMMENDATIONS??**: Where does one start with Vidal?[View]
13658888I want to start reading books in German. I know a decent amount of German, which books would be good…[View]
13662898Masterclass: anyone else taking Masterclass? The lessons so far have really helped me in understandi…[View]
13662183>someone is writing a masterpiece at this very moment and it's definitely not a /lit/ user w…[View]
13656833Meanwhile at /lit/ bookstore...[View]
13662970What do you think of Bourdieu?[View]
13658311good book covers thread[View]
13661775If I read slowly, take notes, use study guides, and watch lectures by intellectuals and academics on…[View]
13662678was there anything he wasn't absolutely right about? >inb4 jazz[View]
13661221so far I'm 13 chapters in. Any thoughts on the book those of you who've finished it??[View]
13662871Is he /lit/?[View]
13662845Halfway through: pic related. Jimmy and Donkin, NEET heroes?[View]
13661092I’ve never read a work of philosophy before. Is there some sort of flowchart for where to begin? …[View]
13662827what books have had major effects on you?: Gave me a migraine that lasted 7 hours -- the stress from…[View]
13662606The Cardinal Boards of 4chan: So I am reading the republic and Plato says that in order to be a phil…[View]
13660669Brainlet here: How do any of you understand what Nietzsche says? Or old English in general. And what…[View]
13662692Poetry Books: Hey guys, I've been trying to get into poetry but I have to say I'm quite a …[View]
13662754cultivation: Anyone else here read (chinese usually) cultivation novels? shame the government is rui…[View]
13662435I dont know what to read next so I am going to make a book rec thread. List a couple of writers you …[View]
13662544Can /lit/ explain to me what happens at the end of Don Carlos? Why does it just end so abruptly? Mus…[View]
13662271What's some good literature that will explain the Hindutva movement?[View]
13653787Did you know Deleuze's parents were both fascists?[View]
13660931What kind of books do cute girls read?[View]
13662574what are some good preferable fictional books about cults? any genre welcome, horror, mystery, etc[View]
13661717Do you read before sleeping /lit/?[View]
13657414Charles Bukowski: Thoughts on this mans work? Personally it seems absolutely soaked in self loathing…[View]
13658677Besides the goofy style, this book has precisely zero other redeeming qualities. It’s my first Pine…[View]
13661503you're not allowed to post in this thread if you can't read either latin and/or greek at a…[View]
13662431Where should I start with the greek tragedies? I know nothing except they were written by Euripides,…[View]
13662292do you ever skip parts of a book that are boring? it's talking about grammar and dialetics. i c…[View]
13661994I have spent the better part of the last year reading modern philosophers, especially Spinoza and Ka…[View]
13660038Take the Bernhard pill[View]
13661156Any britfags here or otherwise that have read Irvine Welsh? What did you think of his books/use of S…[View]
13662178Ultimate philosopher list according to /Lit/: Base of a question when I asked lit for top 5 philosop…[View]
13658846Dostoevsky's Demons: Tell it to be straight /lit/ -- what is the best translation of Dostoevsky…[View]
13661857Where to get free audiobooks?[View]
13661921What are some books that have a similar feel to The Twilight Zone?[View]
13661852Monsterotica: Well had a book idea called monsterotica, and currently writing it and nearly finished…[View]
13662045Why don't you read historical romance books?[View]
13661961Make sure to read while reclining[View]
13661335What did he mean by this?: 'Like it says in the book... We are both blessed and cursed. Same things …[View]
13661421What can literature learn from videogames?[View]
13662049does anyone know where i can find a pdf or epub of this? libgen has failed me. Also rare ebooks thre…[View]
13659667>tfw monolingual oh my god how has it come to this?[View]
13660211Give me some insightful thoughts about this book that I can parrot as my own.[View]
13660254Is it worth reading?[View]
13661895Most beautiful literature?[View]
13655508Hello /lit/ friends. Let's have a comfy philosophy thread. Recommend philosophy to me. Discuss …[View]
13660513[This really happened, Gilgamesh. You do not have to believe these stories. I understand that the we…[View]
13660712>States that Christ was homosexual >Boldly claims that the New Testament was badly written and…[View]
13661793Bonjour à /lit/ ! J'ai besoin de quelqu'un qui peut m'aider en concerne de apprendre …[View]
13661847What is the essential black sun core?[View]
13660107Confess /lit/: I purchase books, countless books, yet have only read a small portion of them. I plan…[View]
13661792Fritz Zorn: I heard about him recently. Did you read his book ?[View]
13661788fucked to death: The smell of cum and rotten vagina was getting to me, the place was full of cheap w…[View]
13660289How many pages/chapters do you read a day?[View]
13659897I made it to book 8, does this dude keep droning on about the same exact things or does it get bette…[View]
13661697Post-Medieval Islamic works?: Anyone know much about Islamic books and tafseer after the major calip…[View]
13659804Does anyone have an Aristotle chart? Or at least where to start? I followed the normal Greek chart b…[View]
13660781Favourite authors?: Atm been really enjoying Graham Hancock's work.[View]
13661544>in the middle of the second part >barely keeping up with the various topics at hand Am I miss…[View]
13656367Does anyone else also feel like there's nowhere to go in philosophy anymore? As in there's…[View]
13661549Based DeLillo Thread[View]
13661512I'm reading Asimov's Foundation trilogy, and as I read I try to analyse the sentences. He …[View]
13658921Why do women authors write about sex so much?[View]
13661400How did he get away with it?[View]
13661518How does getting published work in a best case scenario? Let's say you only have a few short st…[View]
13660614ITT: pseud-words swaths purview academia[View]
13661273>The merely ‘economic’ point of view as it is understood today is not departed from, it certainly…[View]
13660903Why has dystopian fiction been so badly beaten to death and then raped and then set on fire? I cann…[View]
13659906Do you have an aristocratic lit family?[View]
13660356Enlightenment is physiological.[View]
13658377Least favourite work of Plato's?[View]
13661205When Nietzsche said God is dead, he means Christianity is dead, correct?[View]
13660572Who is the literary equivalent of Glenn Gould?[View]
13657825How would /lit/ change our current educational system in the United States? Looking back at my colle…[View]
13657898Name a better metaphysics. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
13659194>age of consent[View]
13660224>Whoa, Muhammad?? He had a child bride and lead an army to victory and he owned slaves and was ho…[View]
13655263I have just gotten my book published. I published it via my own pocket and ordered 100 books to sell…[View]
13661116Did you enjoy this book, anon?: Well?[View]
13657179What is his best book?[View]
13660041Are there any good philosophical arguments for ethnic nationalism, either white or non-white? For so…[View]
13660677Lorem Ipsum[View]
13660854>prologue about Cervantes being too simple and unlearned to into allusions >followed by a doze…[View]
13660878What have I become?: I literally laughed out loud while reading an online article because I stopped …[View]
13660914>The Call of the Wild What the fuck was Spitz's problem?[View]
13659506''The only convincing love story of our century'' I've been searching for t…[View]
13660412I thought analytic philosophers except Wittgenstein are subhumans until I encountered with this guy.…[View]
13660397Reading thecniques (serious): When I was a child I couldn't stop reading but now (18 yo)i just …[View]
13659622On digital enhancement of human: Perceived (since I don’t know about the actual data supporting this…[View]
13658733Epictetus: Is it necessary to read Discourses, If I've already read Enchiridion? Or can I skip …[View]
13659587redpill me on a creative writing degree[View]
13659365Reminder that if you are browsing /lit/ and didn't do your 100 pages if reading for the day you…[View]
13659991Post your favorite novel.: Simple as.[View]
13660434>Such-and-such novel was originally published in serialized form in such-and-such magazine Why wa…[View]
13654801Arguments for / against free will: I wanna have a good-will discussion regarding free will. I don…[View]
13660460Literature isn't my first choice of artform, my first is music, but it seems to me that writing…[View]
13660265why can’t I read non-fiction books? I really want to. I love history. I love reading. I have read ma…[View]
13660421Esoteric manuscripts describe the shape of the universe as a torus. In this model, the universe is …[View]
13659609Since consciousness is idempotent, never-changing and exists before, how does process philosophy dea…[View]
13652731Opinions on this? Does this have any valuable insights?[View]
13649938anti-democratic literature: I've just read this (a critique of democracy by michael assimov) an…[View]
13658177I'm looking for a book thats been haunting me: I'm looking for a book. Might be a hard tim…[View]
13660290The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Lit approved?[View]
13657090I have no background in philosophy or reading it so I'm certainly not going to read Hegel, but …[View]
13660036ITT: post underrrated, rare, worthwhile short stories, novelettes, easy reads, whatever fits you. ht…[View]
13658410>In the early 1990s Wallace became obsessed with the writer Mary Karr. He considered killing her …[View]
13658936Can someone be a genius if they have no particular affinity for mathematics?[View]
13658609The aesthetizer is interested in the infinitismic collectivitry of formerly monolithicized modalitie…[View]
13658785>mom found the Mishima books >try to tell her I'm not a nationalist who plans to raid a m…[View]
13660075H.P Lovecraft: Is this guy a good author?[View]
13627137Have you learnt Latin or Ancient Greek yet?: What's stopping you from reading the greatest work…[View]
13650963Soren: Bros I love Kierkegaard so much.[View]
13658604Prove me wrong, I beg you.: There hasn't been a good fantasy novel since LOTR. Conan, lovecraft…[View]
13652264What his name again?[View]
13657873What's is the opinion about this book?[View]
13657487What are your thoughts on the Icelandic sagas?[View]
13656304itt underrated writers[View]
13659438Gödel, Escher. Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid: Ohhh boys, what am I in for my brothers, O my Brothers…[View]
13659448I know the meanings of words are always in motion, but it's a bad idea to turn 'cope'…[View]
13657972what is his best work?[View]
13650328was it just a coincidence that many of the greatest minds of the past were mysoginists or incels?[View]
13659468I am running low on motivation. Have dreams, but recently got lazy. May be because the girl I loved …[View]
13657726The Sound and the Fury: The Sound and the Fury[View]
13659561>Faith >Spirituality >Science can't answer every question immediately therefore it…[View]
13659775>yes I feel bad for people who try seriously discuss spirituality, so embarassing lol…[View]
13659641>claims to have read the book >beautiful flat spine >not a single crease…[View]
13656186Is Hemingway really that genius or is he just idolized? I read his 'Farewell to Arms' in translatio…[View]
13659539What is the best Goosebumps book and why is it The Horror at Camp Jellyjam?[View]
13659533What are some general knowledge books that enhanced your life? >pic related, no bully please…[View]
13658791What are some books to help me harness the power of fractals?[View]
13659620What is your learning method for language? Je suis en train de apprendre le français maintenant et …[View]
13659571Any non-English anon here? I've never formally learned English grammar and always went by intui…[View]
13659590BL/acc Mannifesto: (From DeKwami O'gu'Kwiklius' opening speech of the FuturoAfroMagic…[View]
13657180Books to become less pessimistic?: No self-help books, I need solid arguments to see the bright side…[View]
13657484Is Islam the most /lit/ religion? The prayers are rhyming poetry and the Biblical narratives in the …[View]
13659228Should I just go into it with no prior introduction?[View]
13653985Are their any well known philosophers that didn't go to a Ivy League/Historical College? Every …[View]
13658101I'm having a hard time going through Moby Dick. Sometimes, I don't even comprehend what I…[View]
13659525Books for this feel? >Hibernal pastoral[View]
13659303>crash, bang, clash, wham, smack, whomp, whump, thump, bump, zoom, whoosh, swoosh, zing, zip, tap…[View]
13657217>ywn read proust in french >ywn read pessoa in portuguese >ywn read kawabata in japanese …[View]
13657501>mfw excited to be starting at a world-renowned university in a Theology program what books shoul…[View]
13656894Advaita vedanta SUCKS: Why should I read advaita vedanta besides from some NEETs on an image board t…[View]
13655905Buddhism: Hey /lit/. I don't consider myself a religious man, but I'm interested in learni…[View]
13659364This series is top comfy and a fun read.[View]
13659328I see the term 'cosmic horror' being used a lot nowadays when describing contemporary horror pieces.…[View]
13658910>borrowed book from qt tomboy 6 months ago and still haven't returned it…[View]
13659308Juliette: Started reading this a good few months back, frankly I was just after some pure smut which…[View]
13658825Best edition of the Organon: What edition of the Organon should I read? The rest of Aristotle's…[View]
13657780mfw he was right about everything[View]
13657705>Mate was philosophy/history double major >Had fugly but nice gf to talk to >Unironically h…[View]
13657920Book Report: It was good but the ending could have been better.[View]
13656110I dare you to post a comfier book.[View]
13655366I want to make my living writing fiction. What do you have to say on this matter?[View]
13659060Story of the Eye: Any books that are similar?[View]
13659013Yukio Mishima: Where to start with this lad?[View]
13657975Would appreciate some advice. I am going into my third year as a philosophy major and I still can…[View]
13658434For me? It's Dostoevsky[View]
13658613>see word I don't know >check meaning >write it down in notebook >weeks later don…[View]
13656757Best translation of Divine Comedy: Hello, guys. I have three options. Please, which translation is t…[View]
13658309Can we get some Fs for him lads?[View]
13654697Is there any prose which is experimenting on the edge of the realm in which grand unreal symbols are…[View]
13658507Books that use strong foreshadowing and symbolism: Looking for books that use foreshadowing and symb…[View]
13658933Is there a technical name for this kind a chapter table of contents?[View]
13656733Is it worth learning a foreign language just for the literature? I doubt I'll travel much. I li…[View]
13655430>I needs must >Mayhaps >Mummer's farce >Two-and-thirty…[View]
13658291>rationality >logic >truth…[View]
13658810What would he think of Shook Ones, Pt. II?[View]
13655684Better Pynchon Book: Do we prefer Gravity's Rainbow or Mason & Dixon? Gravity's Rainbo…[View]
13656822Why haven't there been any great women writers despite the claim that women are more equipped v…[View]
13657070What are the best books on Greek and Roman mythology? I'm reading Edith Hamilton's Mytholo…[View]
13658790https://youtu.be/HByzmkqi4Ww What does /lit/ think? Particularly Italianons[View]
13658779>The soul is not a dogmatic affair >Like manliness, colour, and light; >But these essenti…[View]
13656171What do you think of book of the new sun by Pringles guy? I like it desu, Severian is very likable, …[View]
13657062What are some books for the feel that i don't really control anything that happens to me? I nev…[View]
13658676>Thus, for example, both a man and a picture are animals.[View]
13658338Does a book cover matter to you /lit/?[View]
13654165English Majors vs Philosophy Majors: which background makes for a stronger and better writer?[View]
13657230>When asked if he missed the early days, the author was clear: “Yeah. Honestly I do. I mean, I ca…[View]
13658503Book of Job: What is the purpose of having Satan convince God to punish Job, rather than having God …[View]
13658391What are the most honest autobiographies that you've read? Of course it's hard to know if …[View]
13657753>he doesn't read in the shower NGMI[View]
13656479This book is the spiritual successor of the Bible and surpasses it in authority, wisdom, and religio…[View]
13656007Have you read the Wake today, /lit/?[View]
13658518dude bro >*lights up bong* what if you know, what is is >*takes a hit* and what is not is no…[View]
13658513/esog/: This thread is for the discussion of texts related to Hermetism, Neoplatonism (in its mystic…[View]
13658439Anyone read Krasznahorkai? What’s the /lit/ opinion of him[View]
13657896Wat books are there on this, I read The Game by Niel Strauss. I know he has his second out where he …[View]
13658050Are there any good arguements against empiricism?[View]
13658379,>The holy Trinity is about cucking Please prove me wrong /lit/[View]
13658422>We live in a Sinosociety[View]
13655992>publisher declined my work because it 'presents an unfavourable view of women and POC'…[View]
13658220any good books or essays on transhumanism? the singularity?[View]
13656290does consciousness beget reality or does reality beget consciousness?[View]
13648644When did /lit/ take the Barbarian pill?: “The noble caste was in the beginning always the barbarian …[View]
13656162Is unconscious mind real?[View]
13657949Had a shit ton of caffeine and plan on staying up all night. Need some quality, night-time reads. Pr…[View]
13658082How would you go about creating the ultimate philosopher from birth?[View]
13658124Psychology/PsychoanalysisThread: So it's a weird irony that the people you tend to hear about, …[View]
13657675Are there any authors similar to Peter Sotos?[View]
13658165Whats the best version of The Iliad?[View]
13658190>Books with misspelled titles[View]
13657149>uhm, sweaty, read The Anarchist Reader[View]
13657722Just finished As I Lay Dying, I'm thinking about going onto The Sound and the Fury, but I might…[View]
13656517Was this guy really a classic author? It was more like Jerry Seinfeld wrote some books and everyone …[View]
13656147Nicomachean Ethics: Anyone know where I can download a free e-book?[View]
13657963Is he the most evil and reprehensible man to ever exist?[View]
13658115>not reading both the original book and its translation in your mothertongue at the same time I t…[View]
13656905Books to get rid of an inflated ego? I constantly think that I am a great thinker destined to change…[View]
13650950Daddy, I-I don't wanna read Hegel anymore.... Can we please stop?[View]
13656590Is music with a story /lit/? https://youtube.com/watch?v=1lsnTQyGI78[View]
13640540Chart thread[View]
13655218How do I acquire a physical copy of Lolita without people thinking I’m a pedophile? I’m interested i…[View]
13657995Short: Thought[View]
13657310Why are there no renown American playwrights?[View]
13657957>La Comédie humaine is the title of Honoré de Balzac's (1799–1850) multi-volume collection o…[View]
13657369Where to get free ebooks? B-ok.cc is down :/: B-ok.cc is down. Where else can I get e books[View]
13657209What should I read before reading Hegel? I read fear and trembling and loved it, but had a hard time…[View]
13652881Is Burgerpank just post-Lovecraftiana at this point?[View]
13656433>have to read 500 words over the weekend for homework[View]
13657022If we have free will then why are we obliged to eat, breath and work?[View]
13657838Should I Read All of It?: I had a class that used this book for a few stories but not much else. I…[View]
13655262Why would god make such a ridiculously vast universe that we'll never explore, if we were so im…[View]
13657389Jung: >Transformations and Symbols of the Libido: “I have sought to allow this shade to drink onl…[View]
13657250Will we ever beat him?[View]
13657687Just picked this up.: Is this a good intro to dostevsky? Did i make a mistake?[View]
13657725Anyone else on /lit/ read this or other books by Christopher Priest? I know he is mainly known for T…[View]
13657719The truth is that there is no truth you have ever professed on this site which is actually true. You…[View]
13657603>As a teenager, I admired Lolita’s choice of a lover way beyond her years, taking the lead in sed…[View]
13655832>he doesn't follow the Fourth Way[View]
13657662Autumn: What does /lit/ plan to read next season?[View]
13654491What do you think of him?[View]
13657271>What is good? >Whatever benefits the majority of us, Plato. >Sorry, but I don't und…[View]
13656838Admit it, we live in the best possible world.[View]
13656929Is this worth a read, /lit/?[View]
13645691As a Russian I feel some sort of pride for national literature and the fact that you guys seem to li…[View]
13655968What makes a millennial novel /lit/? https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/aug/17/what-makes-a-mill…[View]
13653754>He’s not reading Bataille It’s like you guys like being low-iq beta cucks. Maybe you should ste…[View]
13648507>Dostoyevsky is in his top 5[View]
13655692QUESTIONS THAT DONT DESERVE THEIR OWN THREAD: Is there a word for pronouncing something in a spanish…[View]
13657282Has anyone here read The Brothers K? Is it a good book? It sounds like it focuses on similar themes…[View]
13657201Are there any questions that have not been asked in the realm of philosophy?[View]
13656423>all that time reading fiction I could have been reading non-fiction God, give me that time back.…[View]
13657146No book longer than 120,000 words has ever had a justifiable reason for being that long[View]
13656783Could an author, these days, get away with writing a deliberate non-PC story? I'm writing a sto…[View]
13648996Decadent/Aestheticist Literature: I just finished Salome and The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I loved…[View]
13656135>reading As I Lay Dying >tfw it's a Vardaman chapter…[View]
13655081Does anybody remember the external quote from a Montaigne Essay, something about how only someone wh…[View]
13657059>Just read Revelations What does it mean bros? What's going to happen?…[View]
13657056I want to become an anti social manipulative psychopath to exploit others. Books for this feel?[View]
13657030#20190818 Sakitsu: #20190818 Sakitsu, iglesia japonesa que es un tesoro para los católicos - El Univ…[View]
13656862Is The Black Ponderer the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now? >h…[View]
13656251People keep telling me that i should broaden my horizons and read non-white or non-western literatur…[View]
13655148Any literature on Beauty: Philosophy and fiction. Or religious texts.[View]
13656788I'm stuck at home with my family for a week. They never turn the TV off and have it loud enough…[View]
13656713the absurdity of life without god: im still agnostic after reading this. it just made me even more n…[View]
13650040Greenland: What’s underneath all that ice? Recommend me Greenland literature, books about Greenland …[View]
13656536Heathcliff was not a Byronic hero. He wasn’t an antihero. He was a psychopathic villain who enslaved…[View]
13656426Let's say that one day you decide to do some gardening. You mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and …[View]
13655883Non-fiction literature: What are the most /lit/ non-fiction pieces, philosophy and religious texts n…[View]
13656550Fellow Lovecraft readers: If you summoned yog sothoth what would you wish for?[View]
13653502What's the best Goosebumps book[View]
13656273weird ways philosophers impacted your life: Derrida made me teach myself math. His whole deconstruct…[View]
13654570>age >last 5 books you read And other anons r8…[View]
13656508The Governance of China: Has anyone read his book? Is it any good?[View]
13656370German Writers Thread: Has anyone read him (or Goethe) in German? How was it?[View]
13656503>no longer interested in reading literature after having read philosophy Books for this feel?…[View]
13656246Is there actually a Murakami that isn't a complete hack?[View]
13653236>Not amerifat >Always ranked top 5 >Renowned for its philosophy departament >Many great …[View]
13656468>tfw you accidentally hit yourself in the balls with your copy of The Sound and the Fury as you w…[View]
13656151Disturbing books: What is the most disturbing book you ever read? It’s very difficult to deeply dist…[View]
13655470Has there ever been a single Chadder philosopher?[View]
13656335'But thought's the slave of life, and life's times's fool, and time, that takes surve…[View]
13654886It has been a long time I read a fiction book. Any thoughts on this one?[View]
13655889Somehow I feel an intense euphoria reading picrel. It's the book I would feel guilty to skim, I…[View]

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