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12217687How do I write better?[View]
12219865Are emojis just kanji for every language? Do you think one day emoji will become it’s own “code” tha…[View]
12218308One of the best series of 2000s[View]
12219743books for children[View]
12219501I'm shit at writing. Is this a good site? Sometimes I don't like the suggestions it makes …[View]
12218871hey faggots, new to lit and to reading in general, english aint my first language but i learned from…[View]
12218836>How could I, you lightfooted ones, be an enemy of godlike dances? Or of girls’ feet with pretty …[View]
12216993>I LOVE William Stoner because he's an unremarkable pussy just like me!…[View]
12218017Hi /lit/, I want to become one of you, i.e. I want to become a book-skimming, posturing pseudointell…[View]
12217927good morning frens: what are we reading today?[View]
12218990What literature can I read to become green pilled?[View]
12218822I just marathoned this book and while I enjoyed the battle royal parts I'm not that sold on the…[View]
12217758What's a non-meme book that explores the differences between the two genders?[View]
12219499Before coming to lit, only 70 books were in my TBR pile. Now look what size it has taken. Thanks guy…[View]
12216560A dream of being a person: Has anyone looked into this guys work https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoma…[View]
12219161Read Machado de Assis, from Brazil.[View]
12219429When a character acts extra nice and innocent to foll the reader but is the bad guy the whole time, …[View]
12218214ITT patrician literary opinions: Seneca was a master playwright, and his essays and letters are wort…[View]
12218122>personally witnessed the horrors of war >didn't have an overly pedantic writing style …[View]
12219292First Edward Herman, then Blum, tick tock Chomsky your times running out[View]
12218471Who are the most courageous figures in all of literature? It can be characters and writers.[View]
12218213What should I read? Dumas or Verne?[View]
12216451MURAKAMI THREAD I have been reading about this guy (I had read about 7 of his books) i really love h…[View]
12218880why do cretinous students write their shitty notes (/attempts at comedy) all over library copies of …[View]
12219194I'm not a native speaker. I'm reading a book about bad writing and he goes to start talkin…[View]
12215677Is there a name or philosophyfor the idea that something literally doesn't exist until it is bo…[View]
12219074is there any point in writing a story that takes place more than 100 years ago in this day and age? …[View]
12216367Pynchman: WTF is this? Can someone relay to me the meaning of this passage? I can't seem to fin…[View]
12214767Can someone explain to me why Deleuze didnt like Bataille?[View]
12215642'Remember... no matter where you go there you are' who said this? was it socrates?[View]
12217119Just a friendly reminder: philosophy cannot be truly understood without the foundational knowledge o…[View]
12216423what do you write with?[View]
12215288Where should I start with Faulkner?[View]
12217846What makes something like ASOIAF so popular?[View]
12215459What is the most underrated Nabokov and why is it Transparent Things?[View]
12209421this novel is eerily relatable. the fear, the lies, the clowning, the double life, the performance, …[View]
12218592why is poetry so fuckin boring just say what u mean nigga[View]
12205144Do Steven Pinker's critics have an agenda? https://twitter.com/sapinker/status/1071852341127774…[View]
12218760what's a good book about friendship? something like tsh before they killed bunny.[View]
12214503Is it actually good or what[View]
12218814I think my dreams are telling me that I'm making a big effort to ignore some aspects of reality…[View]
12217905Longevity of glue: Do you have any paperbacks that lasted you for 50 years? All my books have a glue…[View]
12217745I want to learn how to insult in the most effective and intelligent way possible. Books with lots of…[View]
12217620all jokes aside, is this even refutable? I often find myself stuck in a pit of this sort of nihilism[View]
12217540Books for when you realize society is mass induced stockholm syndrome[View]
12212878Sophie's World: >that public sex scene between the two 15 year old kids to which their paren…[View]
12218079Is there any novel that matches the style and quality of storytelling found in BotNS?[View]
12218234Choosing Edition for Frankenstein: So /lit/ I've been putting together a hardcover collection f…[View]
12218585Climb a mountain, tell no one: Do you think man should overcome an obstacle in order to be respected…[View]
12212963>To submit to nothing, whether to a man or a love or an idea, and to have the aloof independence …[View]
12218423Beat sheets: Do they work?[View]
12214960/night feels/ What are your favorite pieces of writing about the night or works that invoke the feel…[View]
12213272What are some historical or literary moments, such as the Tank Man (pic related) or Antigone, where …[View]
12218314what are good children’s books I can fall asleep thinking about: Gaga Googoo[View]
12214895What were your favorite childhood books /lit/? >pic related[View]
12218285If based and redpilled had a baby[View]
12215044Books on the fall of civilization due to capitalism: Inflation, culture vanishing, hedonism, corrupt…[View]
12213049Of these four, which should I read and without spoiling, why?[View]
12214176itt post some of your favorite quotes from philosophers/literary figures i'll start 'Be kind, …[View]
12217186Give the best poem possible about /b/[View]
12216479Has anyone picked this up yet? I plan on buying multiple copies for friends Friday. I heard it'…[View]
12218086hey lit, two books/series i read as a child have been om my mind lately but i cant remember the name…[View]
12216128Vox Day's Shitty Book: Hey guys, I'd like to read Vox Day's Anti JBP book- but I don…[View]
12216145Norm Macdonald Based on a True Story: Anyone else read this? The prose is shockingly good. Reminded …[View]
12215032I'm a young philosophy teacher and I have no idea what my political beliefs are. First, sorry …[View]
12212133What did he mean by this?: Finished this a few weeks ago. Can someone please explain what he was say…[View]
12216383Why was he so obsessed with insects?[View]
12217873How do you view intelligence? What makes a person intelligent?[View]
12215896Is a Stoner a life-affirming novel?[View]
12217864Lack of archetypes in comparative litterature (I'm a university student): I find archetypes to …[View]
12214121thoughts on bataille?[View]
12214971Best books to get into CBT? + Any other good clinical psych books[View]
12217191What is there in old books to make me cough? I smelled one just now and it just smelled old, not mol…[View]
12210915How high does my IQ have to be to understand this?[View]
12217806all jokes aside, is this even refutable? I often find myself stuck in a pit of this sort of nihilism[View]
12217219Richard Yates: Where do I start and what are his best books? All of his books sound like Mad Men cor…[View]
12215760Catch Her Body In The Rye: So this is the power of /lit/ http://allthingscrimeblog.com/2014/08/21/ch…[View]
12216302Name really good books on the where Germany was mentally from 1920 to 1945. Personally I really lik…[View]
12214597What are some books that present pagan virtues and give a guidline to the pagan masculine expression…[View]
12217301Not sure if I've ever seen this book talked about on here. I just finished it. Quite enthrallin…[View]
12216341What the fuck[View]
12207748write what's on your mind[View]
12217555Have you accepted Plotinus as your saviour?[View]
12217532Heidegger: what to read first?: I want to read Heidegger but don‘t know where to begin. My first tho…[View]
12214638>open book >6 blank pages >publication >4 pages of review excerpts >special thanks fo…[View]
12217537kokoro discussion: what were some things you got out of this text? i’ll start >when suspended bet…[View]
12217524We Parnell now.[View]
12217515Come along, then, you old dung beetle![View]
12217487Some girl just told me Dante's Divine Comedy reminded her of me. What did she mean by this?[View]
12214735Does anyone actually enjoy reading him?[View]
12217398Just bought this, what am I in for?[View]
12217363Can English literature be summarised thus: Shakespeare, Milton, Joyce?[View]
12217401Are these the two most complex characters in all of fiction?[View]
12217247Bearing in mind I’m basically philosophically illiterate, what philosophical movement best aligns wi…[View]
12216512Who completes the triad of great early modern English dramatists? Shakespeare and Marlowe are pretty…[View]
12217031Call me a brainlet but I didn't get much out of it. To me it seemed on the same level as the Al…[View]
12217133>'I'm going to write a book to rival the works of Homer!' *writes a poem about a guy named A…[View]
12216860Space genres and their best examples: Hey /lit/ I am looking for the best examples you can think of …[View]
12214542The Foundation is the only book which is truly unfilmable. Any adaptation to a series will simplify …[View]
12216987Corn: Corn thread[View]
12217102why do some people assume that just because they know how to read that their opinion on all literatu…[View]
12216321I'm writing a blog post. It's for a thing. I don't want to do it. I have to do it. Gi…[View]
12215911Book with a great plot: I've had enough with these pretentious, modernist novels that don'…[View]
12215070Wtf i am a xenofeminist now[View]
12214543Martin Buber's 'I and Thou': Alright, has anyone here read Martin Buber's 'I and Thou'? Be…[View]
12214606The Decline of the West: What is the best English translation of Spengler's 'Decline of the Wes…[View]
12212327ITT: books women will never fully understand[View]
12214505>that feeling of sudden panic when you realize nighttime effectively doesn't exist unless yo…[View]
12212017Book reviews: What do you think about Pewdiepies book review videos? Are they worth watching? For e…[View]
12216183I'm a college student that rarely reads anything besides textbooks. What is one book I should r…[View]
12216823he owned bestiality porn[View]
12216740Presented without commentary[View]
12216729Why doesn't /lit/ give Jonathan Lethem the respect he deserves?[View]
12216376Hey /lit/ Does this make sense to anyone? A to be, not to be; the square circle A naught of not exis…[View]
12216644Hey lit, Medieval-Englishlet here. Can you help me on what this text (and the second stanza particul…[View]
12216741When will verse finally reach the poetic heights of manga?[View]
12215515Books for cataclysmic personal transformations? On the subject of mystical/psychological rebirth, or…[View]
12216725What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Do they impede writing senses?[View]
12216214Les Miserables: Cosette deserved better. She needed someone to save her from the Inn that wasn'…[View]
12215743Self Help/ Motivational gurus: How much of the current culture's encouragement for people to mo…[View]
12216255Is there good literature that touches the topics of social media? In the 19th century you had epist…[View]
12216379I just read the first part of Paul Auster's New York Trilogy, nominally a mystery/detective nov…[View]
12215564>Lilliputians >petty and selfish >Brobdingnagians >virtuous and wise Is this meant to be…[View]
12213189Just finished pic related. Fantastic read. Anything similar that anyone would recommend? I would app…[View]
12215394African colonial autobiographies.: Hi, /lit/. Can anyone recommend me some good autobiographies wri…[View]
12210295What are some books that can save anyone's life?[View]
12212233Is Kafka overrated[View]
12216448Was he based and redpilled? Carl Schmitt thread[View]
12212577Reminder that V. in Love is by far the best chapter of this book, which is by far Pynchon's bes…[View]
12216374>Upon a time when Burbage played Richard the Third there was a citizen grew so far in liking with…[View]
12216250From a scale of 1 to 10 how jelly was he of other writers?[View]
12214609english speakers, wtf is wrong with your reading of poetry, whenever I search reading of some poem, …[View]
12215957Is he the most evil man that has ever existed?[View]
12216006Come on /lit/, recommend me some books about life, getting into trouble with friends, fucking thots,…[View]
12213091Book recommendation based on this movie. Anyone got a book for me with topics of loneliness, modern …[View]
12216127you know in your heart he's the best, just admit it[View]
12216090Inadequate Equilibria: Thoughts on this book? And on the rationalist community in general, they seem…[View]
12213997I brought out a book that got 3 reviews saying they didn't understand a word of it and it'…[View]
12215625What does /lit/ think about the works of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard?[View]
12216072Why didn't they just masturbate?[View]
12215599Is he legit? Whenever I'm listening to him and want to write him off as a religious kook, he su…[View]
12215990Alright, so how many of you have actually been published and how many of you have made money from wr…[View]
12213228Plotinus. Where start? Chart? Thnx. Have read Plato thnx. Thnx. Also general /plotin/us thread.[View]
12214689Any good books on China and what it will do over the next century?[View]
12213984Audiobooks general: Where do you guys find your audiobooks? What is the libgen of audiobooks?[View]
12215798I was in an old bookstore with thousands of unorganized used books and lots of good new stuff. When …[View]
12215766Is this a good place to start with the Greeks?[View]
12215693What was the Greek play where women take power and fuk up the civilization? inb4 Lysistrata[View]
12215027Has anyone written anything worth a shit and believable around unrequited love that becomes requited…[View]
12215236Imagine being an author and this happens![View]
12210954Has there ever been anyone more pretentious in the history of literature?[View]
12215022What do I read to perceive everything around me differently? What unconscious and conscious mindset …[View]
12215620So Dylar=Social media, yes?[View]
12199295Books: Book recomendations?[View]
12214113Guess who's feeling sad as fuck in central London today, alone and with nothing to do? >saw …[View]
12213408On the mindset of law enforcers: Is there any book, fiction or non-fiction, that dwells into the min…[View]
12215622Im looking for hair with time and relationships. I'm in love, but I'm leaving the woman I…[View]
12215578Too loud a solitude: Has anyone here read Too Loud a Solitude? Seems like a nice premise. Sadly it…[View]
12215087>be a slav >never read a single word from Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Gogol, Chekhov, or Pus…[View]
12214012Anyone else here have aphantasia? I was never much into reading simply because I can’t envision thin…[View]
12211992Which philosopher requires the largest intellect to understand?[View]
12215322Any suggestions that can be found at a library?[View]
12215479Paul Laurence Dunbar style[View]
12212259ITT: books everyone has read except you[View]
12215404Baroque lit: lets talk about baroque works such as Don Quijote de la Manche by Cervantes and also so…[View]
12215359Rimbaud at the age of 19 quit off from poetry, after writing various of the most relevant poems of F…[View]
12215238>professor gives me bad critique because he couldn’t understand the stream of consciousness…[View]
12214549so is your writing more extraverted or less extraverted? https://twitter.com/jayvanbavel/status/1069…[View]
12213555Stop thinking in words.[View]
12205101How do people do this? Even if you don't subvocalize I can't imagine reading fast enough t…[View]
12213398What's some good philosophical fiction to read? I've read the main Dune series, Atlas Shru…[View]
12214288ITT: Philosophers who remind you of yourself: for me it's Land - intelligent, nihilistic and wi…[View]
12215251I wrote Dinotendies a poem: Dinotendies Part I There was a time I wandered in the dark down city sid…[View]
12215249I just marathoned this book and while I enjoyed the battle royal parts I'm not that sold on the…[View]
12210691>450 pages in >1/10th of the book worth reading >Rest is a relentless wave of DFW's se…[View]
12213497Naked Lunch: Did you finish it? I found it unbelievably hard to follow. Any suggestions on how to ta…[View]
12214358Japanese /lit/ help: I want to get a book in Japanese as a gift for my mom who used to study Japanes…[View]
12215075Faust, Goethe, Swans: Need help here. David Luke keeps going on about how amazing Goethe's vers…[View]
12209471>In our time it is fashionable to exalt work of whatever sort and no matter how it is accomplishe…[View]
12215010Read, Expected, Got: It's been a while.[View]
12214698Looking for some romance novels, preferably literature, for my gf. Nothing that is particularly diff…[View]
12210661post your ideal gf's hypothetical favorite book[View]
12212596Ja, ja, ja, ja! In Prussia they never eat pussy! There ain't hardly cats enough, There's g…[View]
12210699Solzjenitsyn Thread: So... What's Solzjenitsyn's other book about?[View]
12210992>Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight >Read the ending >'In the end, you are only human' …[View]
12214023Is The New Yorker worth reading? General magazine recommendations thread if not.[View]
12213279>Those who are extremely stupid think that women are merely the objects of sexual desire and trea…[View]
12214801Spoilers!!!: Spoiler alert: Plato's metaphysics is correct.[View]
12213929The French conversation.: At the end of the Walpurgisnacht Hans has a conversation almost entirely i…[View]
12214773Did Ellis read this before he wrote American Psycho? The title story is basically American Psycho me…[View]
12214656What’s your favorite dialogue and why?[View]
12211683Can you imagine a conversation between these two?[View]
12212789How do you organize your books on your shelf? Currently I have fiction and non-fiction on the same s…[View]
12214315I want to get back into Latin, because I didn't have the possibility to keep studying it after …[View]
12214341The GOAT of our time[View]
12211266>tfw you re-discover how fucking amazing james joyce is It keeps happening, and then i get for wh…[View]
12212236What's it like to be in love, /lit/? Is there a novel out there that conveys it accurately?[View]
12214566I need some help finding the name of a book about the holocaust. I've read this book a long tim…[View]
12214297Where is the preposition in the first question? Neither “I” “asked” nor “you” is a preposition. My t…[View]
12212641*predicts incels* *predicts deepfakes*[View]
12209912Dealing with all-encompassing theories or ideas: Ever since I dabbled in psychedelics as a young man…[View]
12212478Recommend psychological books (shorter preferably)[View]
12212075Just finished Blood Meridian, Butcher's Crossing, and Warlock. What's next?[View]
12213681Any good books about redemption?: Just finised pic related. Decent game. But I'm sure there…[View]
12214320Honestly, how was Leibniz supposed to respond to this?[View]
12213455When your writing is so bad that you have to clarify the race of one of your MAIN CHARACTERS because…[View]
12214328War and Peace: Do you know if the 1990 great books of the western world edition of War and Peace is …[View]
12204015Machiavelli: Who is/are the closest to Machiavelli in the West 1750-now? Preferably American politic…[View]
12210085What subtext do I use to insinuate a teenage girl character growing into a slut without sounding lik…[View]
12212874Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian/etc. recs thread please. Hopefully my wife has already bought pic related…[View]
12213454Kant: >You can’t has metaphysics Pic related: >hold my drink…[View]
12214042'Just conjure new books with your mind bro' Defeat this /lit/[View]
12212698Alexander Pope is... a really good poet. Agreed?[View]
12213046Am I retarded?: I have been reading aristotles treatise on rhetoric, and please correct me if i am w…[View]
12213061>reading something that was supposed to be watched Why do they do this?…[View]
12214078Confiest book for winter?[View]
12213935novels with knights?[View]
12212844What is the best translation of the Iliad and Odyssey?[View]
12213918Will you read Chris Langan's books when he releases them? He says he's waiting for the pol…[View]
12214024What are some good literary magazines to subscribe to? Paris Review turned to shit recently, and the…[View]
12212014Why can't asians into literature?[View]
12213597Thought on this? I just finished it and while I did enjoy it, I can't decide if it's a bri…[View]
12213963Anybody here understands ancient Greek and has already watched a play from one of the three great tr…[View]
12212747what words have you learned recently? I recently found out that gook isn't just a catch-all slu…[View]
12213954ITT: /lit/'s very best: I'll start. (p.s. no meme-books please)[View]
12213466Atlas shrugged: Just arrived through the mail. In awe at the size of this lad.[View]
12212939So, are all concepts metaphysics? Like when Aristotle tries to find 1 sense to 'being' by finding w…[View]
12213468Never Forget.[View]
12213076Why are the tales King Arthur and Fionn MacCumhail so similar to each other? >The Knights of the…[View]
12212977>*effortlessly dabs on all of western philosophy*[View]
12213210Is this good?[View]
12213859I've just started getting into crime fiction and really loved this and the entire L.A. quartet.…[View]
12213385Orthodoxy Chart: This chart was made by some repressed orthoboo protestant from the US and includes …[View]
12212098to everyone who read Gravity's Rainbow? Was Katje actually a witch, or just a human process mad…[View]
12212243Hi /lit/ I am a graduate biology student and want to pick up some books for the winter vacation. Pre…[View]
12213738>tfw find more enjoyment in reading summaries and analysis of important literature than actually …[View]
12212037Just finished pic related. I'm supposed to think K is a raging retard, right?[View]
12213768>it's a anon reads Virgina Wolf suicide letter again so he can cry chapter…[View]
12213449writing: Hey /lit/, I've started writing more. Just short stories and the like. I think some of…[View]
12213705>you cant tell from the first page if a book’s going to be good >you can however tell if its g…[View]
12213607pandora's box According to Greek legend, the first woman, Pandora, was actually sent as a curse…[View]
12212264My mom is very bookish. I want to get her a book related present that isn’t a book. Ideas?[View]
12212881How self centered and insecure am I if I prefer to buy books as opposed to getting a cheap ereader a…[View]
12213636Let’s keep fighting about Thomas Ligotti: Conspiracy is a self-help book and he ignores his own advi…[View]
12213131now THIS is a book[View]
12213486New lit discord: https://discord.gg/DqURq9 come join[View]
12213484Revenge/vengeance in Korean literature: Hello, I am looking for Korean books or poems, which are abo…[View]
12213185Why cant' /lit/ accept the insane chasm of intellectual strength that separates post- and pre-I…[View]
12201448what you're currently reading and the last song you listened to In Search of Lost Time by Marce…[View]
12211621This piece of shit is the most infuriating thing I've ever read in my life. Please tell me at l…[View]
12212775I want to read something that explores the enormous corruption of third world countries, about dicta…[View]
12212666books! Yay!: https://www.reddit.com/r/books/comments/a52xmt/i_just_read_hitchikers_guide_to_the_gala…[View]
12210953>The slow round of the engraver’s lathe gains but the breadth of a hair, but the difference is di…[View]
12197745Has there been any good 'millennial' fiction yet? That is, dealing with the themes/concerns of peopl…[View]
12210172Odyssey, book 4 line 219: Helen must have been high off her ass the last 20 years, ever since Menela…[View]
12212085>After a while I destroyed the letter and went to my room, and ruminated, and rumpled my hair, an…[View]
12213135/lit/ crimbo presents: Was back home talking to my mum sometime last year about Bret Easton Elis bec…[View]
12212494How do you manage to do philosophy without becoming overwhelmed with dread and despair? Philosophy c…[View]
12211660>your favourite living author >your favourite living musician Let’s see if there is a pattern,…[View]
12207777Emily Dickinson birthday: >Mr. Higginson --are you too deeply occupied to say if my verse is aliv…[View]
12212204Read this if you want to understand women.[View]
12210795Was he a jelly faggot? >Pound, Ezra: “Definitely second rate. A total fake; a venerable fraud.” …[View]
12212794Is he the most evil man that ever lived?[View]
12191749/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: Worldbuilding edition >what are your favorite typ…[View]
12213147what are some refutations of utilitarianism?[View]
12213148Where do I start with Taoism?[View]
12203039Why does /lit/ hate the beats?[View]
12213021Spirituality will not come to you from the pages of a book. Do not waste your time reading religious…[View]
12213152Logic book recommendations: I'm beginning to prep for the LSAT next spring. Wanted to brush up …[View]
122126341984: Hey, /lit/! I am currently reading the book '1984' by George Orwell, and I like it very much! …[View]
12212776Any good books about an retired guy being forced to stand up for something?: Any good books about an…[View]
12212913harry potter: How did Severus Snape become one of the bigger heartthrobs in the Harry Potter univers…[View]
12210680Post yours Comfy reading spot /lit/.[View]
12209889From a purely literary perspective, how do religious texts (The Bible, The Quran, Upanishads, The Ta…[View]
12210458What the fuck is up with this guy? I literally know nothing about him. Is he a philosopher? A dude w…[View]
12212228My parents are making me get rid of all the books from my youth. Remember lads, give away your books…[View]
12209289Do many Humanities scholars have 'physics envy': that they appropriate scientific terms in which the…[View]
12212970How do I find good literature? I am 18, and I have been reading pic related. I like George Orwell an…[View]
12208359How's that novel coming along?[View]
12211270>Tip of the day >Listen to audiobooks at 60X speed to finish them in just a few minutes…[View]
12212723How to write in [pic related] style[View]
12210512>is better than your favorite english language author[View]
12208686Who do I namedrop on the approach boys? She's reading Flannery O'. pic rough approximation[View]
12211945The Crying of lot 49 sucks. This movie sucks. Goodbye.[View]
12211669>Proust would enter a brothel and ask the Madam if she had a hat pin and any rats. If the Madam i…[View]
12204507What do I need to read in order to understand john green[View]
12211029Trying to face the horrors of life head on and reading philosophy is pretty shit it turns out. Recom…[View]
12212087Player Piano: Is Player Piano worth reading? Considered literature?[View]
12212656How does one into Wittgenstein?[View]
12212615Dante is the greatest Italian wri-[View]
12212678Wheaton College History of Philosophy: I'd like to work through this course but I can't fi…[View]
12211745If my aim of reading is to develop prose/style, with modern audiences as target recipient of my lang…[View]
12211804This Norm MacDonald guy is a genius! Did you know he reads russian literature? Have a stab at what h…[View]
12211449Just finished this. What else should I read?[View]
12211658Say what you will about the series as a whole, but the first one was fun and whimsical.[View]
12211093Is it incorrect to summarize the divine comedy as a self-insert fanfiction?[View]
12211728Without free speech there is no true thought.[View]
12208226Post your cities biggest library.[View]
12212550How did vintage contemporaries end up being the most aesthetic publisher of all time[View]
12210292Best place to start with this nigga?: I’m familiar with some of his ideas but never actually read an…[View]
12210036Is there a pic like pic related but for philosophy?[View]
12197390What is the most boring book you've read? I'm talking about the most enervating, soul crus…[View]
12212208Books for this feel?[View]
12206965reddit: Let's take a look at Reddit's opinion on 10/10 novels. It's as embarrassing a…[View]
12212305Ok fine, I’ll admit it. I don’t “get” Kafka. I don’t understand what the hell he’s writing about. It…[View]
12208503>I'm afraid to become happy, lest I lose my edge. What did he mean by this?…[View]
12212319*predicts everything 80 years into the future with pin point precision*[View]
12212144I'm looking for a literary periodical which doesn't discuss recent works. I currently subs…[View]
12212148>hurr durr fiction rots your brain! When did this lie happened? When did making your imagination …[View]
12210498/lit/ Christmas lists: We had a pretty good thread on this a couple days ago so post the books on yo…[View]
12206762holy...: 'An altogether extraordinary fact is the rapidity with which Medieval civilization was comp…[View]
12212150Books like 'Democracy in America' but for Texas?: Someone who traveled to early Texas and …[View]
12210074Is it /lit/ to have a oneitis?[View]
12212033Why is the bible, specifically the new testament, so anti-Semitic? I've just read the acts of t…[View]
12205568What do I need to read before Plato?[View]
12201393>my favorite book of all time is Stoner by John Williams What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
12211586Hello, I am interested in reading Mein Kampf but am worried about the bastardization of the English …[View]
12211949What are some books where the protagonist has to make a major life decision, but is indecisive and i…[View]
12210030Children picking up our bones Will never know that these were once As quick as foxes on the hill; -…[View]
12210666Bought my first Kindle today: What am I in for, /lit/? What books should I get for this sucker? It…[View]
12210633What is the literary lifestyle?[View]
12198189Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
12211682What are some comfy Christmas break reads? Pic related is first on the list.[View]
12211864Righ', ehhmm... we got a good response from last week, people emailin' in and that, from R…[View]
12210506>One copy of ___________ please![View]
12200788Why did he kill himself? Was he a pussy?[View]
12210781Would he be more appreciated if he (and his critics) acknowledged his work as genre instead of prete…[View]
12209962Is this the definitive argument to why everyone should be utilitarians?[View]
12210722Alright /lit/, so I fucked up. I told someone I'd buy them some books for Christmas four or fiv…[View]
12210544should one read Infinity Jest in a language other than english?[View]
12209839Post high-wit core[View]
12208602/crit/: New critique thread because the old one is dumb. Do not jack off to the stonemasonry.[View]
12210735New York Review of Books Classics Thread: What obscure or out of print books would you like to see p…[View]
12211618>Thanks for lending me your copy of Finnegans Wake. I wrote a few notes in the margins. I hope yo…[View]
12194824Ok fuckers, let's write a Literary Magazine: >A literary magazine is a periodical devoted to…[View]
12209972Great orientalist reads? Could be philosophy, works of fiction, poetry, just looking for something e…[View]
12211349Newfag to /lit/ here, I'll keep it simple, what are some medieval historical fiction out there …[View]
12209950what did nietzsche say are the origins of evil[View]
12211296Childish and innocent stories with disturbing or shocking outcomes: any recs on something like those…[View]
12211481Holy shit when does he get to the fucking point?!?!?[View]
12211491Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins: Have you read it?[View]
12207800Do you consider yourself smarter than Sam Harris?[View]
12209931Is greentext prose or poetry?[View]
12210728Psychology: fucken uhhh what are some good books on psychology. Wanna learn that shit.[View]
12210361Any good books on prehistory? I'm especially interested in the status and treatment of women, a…[View]
12211116>fused direct democracy with german idealism Was Troxler the closest you'll ever get to an o…[View]
12210684I'm new to this board so I apologize for asking about something that probably should be obvious…[View]
12211305WWGOWGA: Dear patroits, I hear people worried about a split in the group but that happened day one b…[View]
12208623A new translation of No Longer Human was released last month, which I only found out today. I immedi…[View]
12208940What is /lit/ thoughts on him?[View]
12211231J. M. G. Le Clézio and Patrick Modiano: Where / how to start with both Le Clézio and Modiano? What s…[View]
12210764Why do bitches major in literature?[View]
12206870Just bought this. All I can say; ., 'WHAT! THE! ¿FREAK' (-Endquote) Well, lit? What am I in for?[View]
12193626Stirner & fascism: >'At first sight, Nazi totalitarianism may seem the opposite of Stirner…[View]
12210495Is there a name for someone who loves their mom, finds the feminine lovely, and is attracted to wome…[View]
12209655are the Witcher books good?[View]
12210135Which book should I start with?[View]
12211022>I like boys a lot, but the girls are even nicer. If I tire of her as a girl, she'll play th…[View]
12210651How would you describe the Pope archetype?[View]
12210451I want to be a fucking bohemian writer. no hipster faggotry, a real bohemian. What should I do to fu…[View]
12209708Just gave up on this halfway. Self indulgent nonsense. It's a meme.[View]
12208803Please recommend books on how to achieve lasting happiness.[View]
12210761>and >and >ash >and >just >just >just >ash >ash >just >It was very …[View]
12210890Is there something wrong with me if pentameter feels and sounds wrong when writing it while tetramet…[View]
12206948How the fuck do people get 80 or even 90 on essays in BA Literature? Seriously anons, these assessme…[View]
12201575ITT pseud cred[View]
12199792/starting CHINA/: I'll have a few weeks off over christmas and want to use it to do /starting c…[View]
12204356I'm sorry if this is frequently answered. But where do you guys buy books online? What's t…[View]
12209218where do i start with foucault?[View]
12210727Unreadable: Am I a brainlet.. or does this book convey almost all of its points in the first 30 or s…[View]
12209834When do you stop?: Do you always stop reading at the end of a chapter or when ever you feel like?…[View]
12210758>Giovanni's Room[View]
12210559Why is Welsh mythology so weird compared to Irish mythology? You have their head god Lleu getting tu…[View]
12210631Its almost the end of the year and it is time for /lit/ to post their favorite book of 2018[View]
12204745Soviet Union: Can somebody suggest me books about Soviet Union? Something like 'Rise and fall of Thr…[View]
12207796>that powerful and unmistakable feel when you realize he was right[View]
12210208Stream of consciousness five minutes: Its funny how strange the world is at times. My friends wont l…[View]
12210614The Grapes of Wrath: Did anyone else find it a little awkward and unnecessary how Steinbeck turned C…[View]
12205106What do you guys think of this book?[View]
12210594Where should I start with Hegel?[View]
12210500Are there any philosophers that speculate extensively about what the afterlife is like? Most of what…[View]
12210600I don't have anyone to show it to so I am showing you /lit/. I bought this today and I am very …[View]
12207801What do you think of Newton Compton books' designs? I have seen people horrified by them, but I…[View]
12203303Is Crary’s 24/7 a better and more grounded take on capitalism than Fisher’s Capitalist Realism? I wa…[View]
12209190was he probably the single greatest intellect: that was known?[View]
12209670Mass literacy was a mistake. Most people don't have the skill to appreciate language and they w…[View]
12208537>Be nasty rich STEMoid >Regardless unable to crush some puss >Instead of realizing that wor…[View]
12210299Writing a book: How do I write a good book?[View]
12206274this looks good im going to buy it what am I in for? is it a difficult read? ive never read a gass b…[View]
12209869Has anyone read this? how is it?[View]
12210127start with the greeks? how?: Start with the greeks huh? So goddamn much brah. It'll take years …[View]
12206191Where do I start with Mishima?[View]
12210209Conversations with Normies: Why is it that everytime I bring up disscusions about problems with soci…[View]
12208760Can anyone recommend me some books on poetry theory? Metres and forms and such.[View]
12210121I just realised how fucking great my best friend is. He doesn't read as quickly as most, but wh…[View]
12210222fuckin nerds: reminder that hard incompatibilist determinists are just reifying a bastardized metaph…[View]
12209407What are the best commentaries on the gospels- either individual gospels or as a collection?[View]
12210079Do you read before going to sleep ? If so what ? I do. I have some tea, listen to Bach and read some…[View]
12210056Does Bacon have any works concerning humanism? Or renaissance thought in general?[View]
12208926Is Marcel /r9k/ or a Chad?[View]
12208729I want to self publish on amazon, I have 4 books finished so far, but theres so much out there how d…[View]
12210057opinions on Rick Moody? His best work?[View]
12205563Shelf Thread: These are always fun. Post your bookshelves![View]
12209928Since you guys like to read, I need someone to do a small assignment for me which is a huge waste of…[View]
12209789>a work born out of pure pedophilic lust is the greatest children's book ever and probably w…[View]
12203902The compatibilist argument for free will is fundamentally the same as the argument that squares A an…[View]
12207450how difficult is it for a modern english speaker to learn old english and middle english?[View]
12209728anyone here read robert walser? I never really see him get talked about here I love his short storie…[View]
12209715Is it a realistic depiction of life in the South during the American Civil War?[View]
12209776I'm a STEMlet sperg with no friends, would someone care to discuss some philosophy? Specificall…[View]
12209851Where to start with John Grisham? His books sound neat but I don't like to be spooked[View]
12209413Which films to I need to watch before going into this?[View]
12209742>Art is not communicative, art is not reflexive. Art, science, philosophy are neither contemplati…[View]
12207418Let's settle this one once and for all, /lit/[View]
12208052Will this make me want to kill myself?[View]
12203499I'm getting tired of reading classics and am thinking of trying a Stephen King novel. Am I a pl…[View]
12208020is he worth getting into?[View]
12209459This series worth it? I finished book 1, i quite enjoyed it, I'm halfway though book two and it…[View]
12209578Is it all trash?[View]
12208457I feel like a sellout /lit/ Instead of pursuing my literary ambitions by settling for part-time work…[View]
12202573Bob Dylan: Thoughts on Dylan as writing? Was his Nobel Prize deserved? >Ain't it just like t…[View]
12208492What’s some good stuff set in Rome/written by romans/travel lit? Particularly interested in pre-empi…[View]
12207284“Man does not strive for happiness; only the Englishman does that.” - F. Nietzsche, Twilight of the …[View]
12207817Greco-Buddhism and philosophy: Was Plato a buddhist? His dualism echoes a lot of the conditioned-unc…[View]
12209465state of /lit/ - self help, shitty unfunny memes, and 'should I read x?': Look at the catalog. This …[View]
12208349>Finnegans Wake[View]
12209366Thoughts on this?[View]
12209442Krleža: How come I never see anyone on here talking about him? Finishing up On the Edge of Reason an…[View]
12208056How can you be 'enlightened' like Jesus in a world full of ego? In order to participate in…[View]
12207597Does lit read book introductions?: Pic unrelated.[View]
12208234What are some good books about mob mentality?[View]
12209314>want to write a novel >can't read existing novels because they're so fucking boring…[View]
12203033>dude like I met this women several years older than me at some bar in tokyo and there was a jazz…[View]
12209184I'm past my bedtime. Who's the Warton that Emerson mentions in his essay Experience? Write…[View]
12208596opinions on joseph mcelroy?[View]
12205924Self-Publishing on Amazon: Thinking about self-publishing a series of brief political books on Amazo…[View]
12204039Do you have to be a brotha to read Malcolm X?: Do you have to be 'down with the cause' to appreciate…[View]
12208701I think people believe what they’re told and re-enact what they see others do. Books for this feel /…[View]
12206853Leaving Books Unfinished: Do you guys ever grow disinterested and leave a book unfinished? I've…[View]
12202430Book Porn - The Peloponnesian War: Holy fuck, I ordered a book on The Peloponnesian war and decided …[View]
12207635Boomer/thriller core? I read a Reader Digest abridged version of this and it was pretty good. Anythi…[View]
12202763I was recently diagnosed with HIV. What are some books that will cure me?[View]
12202939Who is your /lit/fu?[View]
12197959Solomon Was an Idiot: An oversimplification of Ecclesiastes: >just be happy, and also don't…[View]
12208831Is the West really in decline? Are the native Europeans really going to be supplanted, genetically a…[View]
12203702Ahem...: *ting ting ting* Good day, fellow /lit/izens. Today marks 410 years since the birth of the …[View]
12208641It was all me, Anon. It's always been me. The author of all your pain.[View]
12202964ITT: Post an album and get recs for books with analogous vibes.[View]
12207365What books do people like this read?[View]
12208071what are some books to know it all? you know like acknowledge each and every aspect of existence[View]
12205817Will have my first kid in about 7 months. What are some good fiction/non-fiction books that I can re…[View]
12208338any book novels with pic related theme for light reading?(not really light, i'd prefer heavy). …[View]
12205482Tale of Genji: >805 pages >'...written in archaic language and a poetic and confusing style th…[View]
12202993Fuck non-subvucalizers and fuck speed reading people: >he doesn't carefully read every word …[View]
12204058South American here. Next year, I want to read some American books. I'm worried about not fully…[View]
12205363And David danced before the LORD with all his might: Why was David so based? I mean sure killing Uri…[View]
12204013>tfw vegetarians are morally correct[View]
12208528Where do I start with the œuvre of H. P. Lovecraft?[View]
12206265Any literature recommendations related to Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina ?: I want to find some lit…[View]
12204079I work in a library. How can I find expensive books?[View]
12207378Could you tell me where the part is in Foucault's Pendulum, where the narrator has an epiphany …[View]
12207114https://philosophynow.org/issues/45/The_Last_Messiah >When all distractive options are expended, …[View]
12204603>tfw learning japanese this language is kind of fucked as fuck.[View]
12206392About to read this. Any of you read it? The author is a forensic psychologist of some renown in the …[View]
12203084Kolya from Brothers Karamazov is literally the average /lit/poster: How does Dostoevsky manage to hi…[View]
12208372Is Mr. Semen & Engine Coolant the epitome of Anglo writing?[View]
12207828Last Words: >Put that bloody cigarette out! Saki before he was killed by a German sniper.…[View]
12208391>try to think of a world without a higher power >it's shit and terrible Will this always …[View]
12208147Philip K Dick: Where to start, also what is his best work? I've seen A Scanner Darkly / Blade …[View]
12208351Hey /lit/, Just read an interesting article in which the author weighs in on the politics vs. aesthe…[View]
12207978Why don't we just outlaw war?[View]
12208146>Unlike his brothers, one of whom represents the ‘Western’ and the other the ‘Russian national’ p…[View]
12208178Boomers in /lit: Lurked in /lit for a second. It's all about Beats and Dylan. Why is /lit is m…[View]
12207885Ezra Pound: What is your opinion of Ezra Pound? He's most famous for being the guy who helped m…[View]
12208139You know, when you break it down and look at the deeper meaning, it's really a criticism of cap…[View]
12207317Unteralterbach is the most powerful and enlightening experience one can have engaging in literature.[View]
12207151Good Short First Book for A Book Club: Hi, I'm starting a book club with some friends, with the…[View]
12205185there are people posting on /lit/ right now that don't even read[View]
12206236Where should I start with Virgina Woolf?[View]
12201567Was Hawthorne a cuck, /lit/?[View]
12207137Any charts for books on Buddhism? More interested from an academic perspective, not interested in pr…[View]
12204189Life affirming writers: >Orson Welles: I believe that there is no law, and should be no law under…[View]
12207933Do you need to have a thorough understanding of musical theory in order to write good poetry?[View]
12207593Books for this feel?[View]
12203218What are some books that discuss with the link between geometry and beauty? asking for a friend.[View]
12207740Butcher's Crossing: Just finished part 1. The book has now a solid grip on me and I keep thinki…[View]
12205458Robin Ince's 1000 Book Purge: Have you purged your shelves recently, /lit/? https://www.youtube…[View]
12207819/lit/libs: Post an image, gif, or video for every noun in this story. If I repeat nouns assume it is…[View]
12207707Thoughts on Jason Jorjani?: Are his books worth reading?[View]
12200174What book can I read that will shatter my life? I want to be blackpilled. Hard. It can be nonfiction…[View]
12204489Choose what book should I read[View]
12207672What are you guys interested in seing in a youtube video ? A review ? Explaining concepts ? Discussi…[View]
12204442Is Western concepts of time too linear: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Quantum_Futurism '“Afrof…[View]
12203266What pieces of reactionary /lit/ would you lot recommend? Ideally something that isn't pol tier…[View]
12207620>write a paragraph >lose all energy to continue writing >come back the next day and realise…[View]
12206735Literature Podcasts: I have this list of related podcasts, since I can't read while running or …[View]
12206543Why do you read all those old books? Wasn't Aristotle wrong about pretty much everything? What…[View]
12207491Just cracked this bad boy open. What can I expect?[View]
12207493What literary fanbase is the most trollable in your opinion? For me it's the Alexander Pope fan…[View]
12207664Thoughts on books like this being planted on the highstreets of Britain?[View]
12207220>Didn't see an amateur poetry thread and, I do that. I don't read as much as I should, …[View]
12207032Thomas Pynchon: Where should I start with Thomas Pynchon?[View]
12200535How would /lit/ improve the education system?: How would you make literature and philosophy more eng…[View]
12207023Should I read the preface first or later? Objectively true answers only pls[View]
12207399Just me who finds Wilbert Awdry’s The Railway Series, and the accompanying illustrations, stunningly…[View]
12206148Bowling Alone: What are /lit/'s opinion on this? I just borrowed it from a mental health ward y…[View]
12205731What should I read before this nigga?[View]
12207254Hey is my book censored? I'm reading Burmese Days and like half the pages have long dashes as i…[View]
12194529Stack thread: None running right now so here's a new one r8 n h8[View]
12207111'People nowadays think that scientists exist to instruct them, poets, musicians, etc. to give them p…[View]
12206865Riddle #1: Literary Riddle Game. I'll give a scenario and you are to ask yes or no questions f…[View]
12204966I just spent $50 to advertise my book on Goodreads. This better pay off.[View]
12207057Only one great philosopher from Ireland, what gives?[View]
12205179What do you specifically understand by 'bad writing'? Failure of meaningfully connecting s…[View]
12203580Post one (1) example in literature where the story being told from a character's pov doesn…[View]
12206407you've read the arabian nights, haven't you?[View]
12207148>3. Abba Mark's mother came down to see him one day with great pomp. The old man went out to…[View]
12205410wtf im a schizoid now[View]
12206831what do we think of whitehead /lit/?[View]
12206325When and how did you accept that pic related is basically the only book you actually need?[View]
12206884Anyone else have a copy of/remember this?[View]
12204488Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events?: Which did you grow up reading? Which do you prefer,…[View]
12206528Can you imagine the quality of writing produced by someone who hasn't read most of the literary…[View]
12204751Does anybody here have any experience switching academic fields? I have a bachelors in philosophy an…[View]
12204641Best William S Burroughs book?[View]
12203991Is the New King James Version of the Bible any good? Am I, a dumb dumb, better off slogging through …[View]
12203941Where do I start with him?[View]
12206099Mafia novels not by Puzo: Do you know of any good ones?[View]
12206538What do /lit/ thinks of chespirito writing skills?[View]
12204638Literary interest and sex life: Anons, have you experienced difference in your philosophical and lit…[View]
12192244Do you agree? What should be added/deleted?[View]
12206600>One copy of the Course in General Linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure please…[View]
12206704Wtf was his problem?[View]
12205674Are these worth reading for someone with no interest in genre fic? What other genre fiction is actua…[View]
12205352Why did Nietzsche hate him?[View]
12204980Soon approaches my own Grand Tour, visiting Italy, Greece, and Egypt (per request) What are some mu…[View]

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