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12971390/write/ general What are you writing, /lit/?[View]
12972900>Judaism is just monotheistic Canaanism >Christianity is just Judaism + a messiah >Islam is…[View]
12970243So what is actually wrong with nihilism? It seems that people keep trying to set up ways to defend t…[View]
12969849Thoughts on Brave New World?[View]
12971522Is physiognomy real?[View]
12972320Which book of the Bible is most /lit/ and why?[View]
12973746I only really like prose. I can enjoy reading verse in a very detached 'yeah this seems nice' sort o…[View]
12970991>Evola studied engineering in Rome, but did not complete his studies because he 'did not want to …[View]
12973806Collingwood writes of magic in his Principles of Art, so I should think it relevant to the literary …[View]
12970184Guys, I'm going to debate someone about Marxism. Is this the book I should read if I don't…[View]
12973734Pray for Aethists: ch/lit/stians, what can we pray for marxism-ridden, post-modern aethists,who deli…[View]
12973760It's Hitler's birthday: I'll read his book with a totally different state of mind as …[View]
12973268Refute this.: >Jorge Luis Borges is seriously overrated by this board. He lulls you into thinking…[View]
12972136what's the best translation for hugo's hunchback?[View]
12973705How did you find pic related Anons?: I just wished it had been fleshed out more fully. I thought the…[View]
12971912books for or by businessmen? I've got JR so far.[View]
12972904Is there a more evil philosopher than Plato?[View]
12968192ITT: Artificial Intelligence Thread: I'm seeking some fIction and non-fiction about artificial …[View]
12969531DC /lit/ meetup April 27: The next Washington D.C. /lit/ meetup will be next weekend on the evening …[View]
12972905cosmic horror: Where did the comfy Lovecraft thread go just now? I didn't post it, but did mods…[View]
12968691Ok /lit/ I have super specific request which no amount of google fu has let me solve. Which book st…[View]
12972177What did Dr. Seuss mean by this?[View]
12961396Recent purchases. Pynchons bleeding edge and mason and dixon. Both first editions. Plus Tolstoy, £17…[View]
12970666schopenhauer vs nietzsche who did it better?[View]
12973508What books are supposed to be read sentence to sentence with no meaning between each? I wanted to re…[View]
12973360Thoughts on Gustav Meyrink?[View]
12973336What am I in for?[View]
12970981What steps are you taking to flourish your writer/intellectual aesthetic? I picked up smoking a mont…[View]
12971789Quick rundown on this guy's philosophy?[View]
12973392I never believed in the friendship shown me, just as I would not have believed in their love, which …[View]
12968788What are some good books for bloomers?[View]
12971611Ive got some questions about academia and philosophy in general, and i suppose the topic is better s…[View]
12971336Are there any authors similar to Evola out there, like more 'Western' traditionalists who focus on a…[View]
12973016fucboi: make reading list for litarary poser[View]
12971956Are movie scripts literature?[View]
12973004Is Dexter Literature: Don't talk if you haven't read any of them[View]
12973223I want to read fantasy books but I dont want to waste my time on books for kids and stuff and a lot …[View]
12972712Name a more iconic duo.[View]
12972805Why do so many great authors kill themselves?[View]
12972829i love literature and wish i could devote all of my time to it. you can't become a lit professo…[View]
12970940>he bends the corners of the pages Bookmarks aren't that expensive, guys. You can even make …[View]
12966491ITT: We paste AI made literature: Go to https://www.thisstorydoesnotexist.com/ and cherry pick your …[View]
12970733Red pill me on this egomaniac[View]
12971240>shitty writer >boring dialog and pointless subplots >obvious pedo and rapist what did he d…[View]
12972942So is it normal for a 56 year old Academic to not know what the book Kapital is? I mean not read it …[View]
12956751Gene Wolfe Book of New Sun Book Club: In honor of Gene Wolfe's recent passing, I wanted to star…[View]
12972585What are some books where the protagonist is a failure who recedes more and more into escapism with …[View]
12971301What are some other good books on military tactics that is not Art of War?[View]
12972346Are there any other characters in non-shonen fiction that defeat their opponents through the power o…[View]
12971767Is this absolute hunk of a man worth reading?[View]
12972771when authors stopped writing good stories to write books for other writers and critic to read?[View]
12972672'He truly was, inside the miso soup'[View]
12971941>Cypria >Aethiopis >Little Iliad >Iliou Persis >Nostoi >Telegony Has there ever be…[View]
12972035Philosophy is not yet worthy of Pessoa[View]
12971792literally the best horror novel[View]
12970431Why are these books so popular? I mean, it's just rehashed Nordic legends?[View]
12967024best poetry anthology?: I am extremely poor, but I want to get into poetry. I am on a fixed budget w…[View]
12969389>Where do you get this that Marxism strives for an egalitarian utopia, Marx explicitly rejecta eg…[View]
12972499Is he?: >I haven't smoked in more than 15 years now, but I don't think I ever quite esc…[View]
12961862What do you have to say to this /lit/?[View]
12960390ITT : We write the Peterson Zizek debate line by line: >Mr. Zizek so do you really think your pos…[View]
12967114Chomsky: So I’ve seen Chomsky argue that the progress we’ve seen in the social field is simply human…[View]
12972269Post what book you’re currently reading and your thoughts Book - Theory of Games and Economic Behavi…[View]
12971914This book is better than Watership Down[View]
12971154How much philosophy can I read without reading Kant? How much philosophy can I read without reading …[View]
12972131what are funny books?[View]
12959537Whats /lit/ thought on literature about getting laid? Recomend me some books on how to get girls[View]
12970723Every once and a while one must take a step back and put into perspective the purpose of ones pursui…[View]
12970398Getting rid of subvocalization: Hey, I have been trying to get to be reading faster and one of my ma…[View]
12970549Truth seeking erudite virgin vs clear headed chad?: >Here and there we understand it, and laugh a…[View]
12972068Is there a mega filled with good children's lit? I'd like to read lots of children's …[View]
12970363Has anyone here read any works by DAVID ICKE? (Yes, the Lizard Illuminati Conspiracy guy) Is there a…[View]
12971212What should I read by zizek?[View]
12971081>Zizek exposes Peterson as a brainlet >In doing so, he sparks multiple discussions of Marx on…[View]
12961948What's the consensus on this? Does it blow Tolkien the fuck out? >Tolkien got the main symbo…[View]
12971821J. R. R. Tolkien G. R. R. Martin[View]
12968463Do you own a typewriter, /lit/? Does it help your writing process?[View]
12971742I hold presuppositinal axioms of the philosophy of Marxism to be true. But, I do not self identify …[View]
12971202Trying to learn about political leftism: I am lazy but interested. Please recommend me a short readi…[View]
12971677Sally Rooney BTFO, we've got a new Irish bae[View]
12970929/self help/: Please recommend essential self-help literature[View]
12969122/reactionary/: Who are some authors that give right wing thought an intellectual foundation?[View]
12969256Are topics regarding 'reading speed' a meme? Or can you really higher your reading speed while under…[View]
12957692>I cant stand veneration of Greek-Roman culture in this day and age because its usually backed up…[View]
12971292Will there ever be a serious thinker hailing from the american continent?[View]
12933329what is your most controversial literary opinion?[View]
12971225I want to read philosophy but I don't want to waste time reading brainlets who were wrong so ju…[View]
12961667Does an absolute morality exist?: Which authors address this? I am specifically thinking of the Chri…[View]
12963858Name ONE (1): masterpiece novel written within the 21st century philosophical masterpiece written wi…[View]
12969845Thoughts on the Wilson translation?[View]
12960132Thoughts on Baudrillard?[View]
12969527ITT: Objectively correct philosophers[View]
12971270Do I have to read the Grundrisse before I read Capital?[View]
12971160Has anyone tried to take as a project to formulate your own life philosophy after certain years of s…[View]
12971173>write a paragraph of a story >tfw hate it and delete everything.…[View]
12969159fuck it. >Flannery O’Connor’s 'A Good Man Is Hard to Find' shows the hallmarks of the Southern Go…[View]
12971133What do you think about e-books?: Personally like them but prefer physical copies[View]
12971127Dr. Sadler's AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session - April 2019: The Minotaur is live https://www.youtu…[View]
12968916Books shouldn't be longer than a 100 pages. I'm a human being, I have things to do, stop w…[View]
12971023The thing I've found interesting is, how the two speakers were incessantly quoting Dostoevsky a…[View]
12970922whats some good (pro) zionist lit? looking to become a heeb-boo[View]
12970075Hi /lit/ I would like to learn philosophy. not in an academic way, I mean, I'm not expecting th…[View]
12966702What am I in for? I've always wanted to read one of the Chinese classics, but haven't seri…[View]
12971001Is this a good collection? Is it a good translation? Is this separate to his philosophy (i.e. do I h…[View]
12970357which one should i read next?[View]
12967477/g/ has several guides on self teaching yourself a CS degree Why lit hasnt made similars self teach…[View]
12970914Bukowski is the greatest poet of all time[View]
12969964I wrote poem :3: Double night, the illusion of a star Come forth quick, let the altar tremble fair. …[View]
12968488better than Spengler[View]
12968624Doomer thread: The sad truth about humanity is that it has always been a hierarchy of the dominator …[View]
12969748Can you guys recomend some good short fiction about existential horror? Sci-fi, if possible[View]
12970603>War and Peace >the war parts are boring as fuck >the peace parts are compelling and filled…[View]
12962944Which other philosophers are also great literary artists?[View]
12957927Write a poem that is only one line[View]
12966801Name a more iconic duo I'll wait[View]
12969788What was his wife's diagnose?[View]
12970554This was really, really boring[View]
12970557>What if in trying to shet your houshe in order, you dishcover that your houshe ish in dishorder …[View]
12969972>instead of peterson threads now we get zizek vs peterson threads im happy lit is good again…[View]
12970192A couple days ago there was a thread talking about The Office and how Mose has the filming rights fo…[View]
12959482Redpill me on David vs Goliath[View]
12967244/lit/ will unironically defend Howard Bloom: >It is striking how the Apocalypse of John has had a…[View]
12968894>listen to the Peterson vs Zizek debate after reading endless posts about it slobbing on Zizek…[View]
12969254you will never be as capable as him and neither will anybody that will ever exist[View]
12958359So!: Let’s review. “Shakespeare” never 1. attended university which would have been a much bigger de…[View]
12969033Why is this put on such a pedestal? Am I really going to get lost if I dive right in?[View]
12970229Sevastopol Sketches by Leo Tolstoy: What are /lit/‘s thoughts on these stories?[View]
12970058marx? bad[View]
12970018Power of Friendship vs Loners: Any advice on dramatic stories or novels with a theme of loneliness v…[View]
12970048What are sum DND essentials No prophecy shit and chosen one bullshit just good ol adventure and part…[View]
12961623how many pages have you read this week[View]
12968428>first chapter has a severely out of place scat joke >second chapter is entirely written in qu…[View]
12952141How are these books to read? Does it change from character to character every 1 minute like the tv s…[View]
12969270I am looking for examples of literature which does not criticize Imperialism or Colonialism, at leas…[View]
12969727It's /lit/[View]
12950826What the fuck do I read to get over nihilism and the whole 'nothing matters' shtick?[View]
12969577Who here want to learn enough philosophy as to make redpilled chinese cartoons where lolis argue abo…[View]
12959736Read Waiting For Godot on acid: It was a lot of fun, but it took ~5hrs to read 50 pages. Happy bicyc…[View]
12962232Saying 'changing the form changes the content; therefore form is content' is like saying 'killing of…[View]
12953639Now that the dust has settled what is /lit/s opinion on pic related? I just purchased it and I was w…[View]
12968678What are the definitive critiques of Marxism from a scientific (economic, mainly) point of view? Wha…[View]
12969146Recommend me some good homoerotic/full homo books[View]
12959526>Liking a 1,200 page book padded to hell because Tolstoy was a hack and was paid by the word by t…[View]
12951973Penguin Covers thread: https://nullk.github.io/penguin.html[View]
12962966Refute this[View]
12967823Just read Plato: This guy is retarded >can't explain something >muh it exists in spiritua…[View]
12969355What language is mainly used in Science?: What is it and how can I learn it?[View]
12968743How shit is the Knickerbocker Sherlock Holmes collection?[View]
12969133How many of you are going to read this after the debate?[View]
12957461Write a passage of this mans odyssey[View]
12969266My barber shop has pretty good selection of books. There are the Collected works of Goethe, most of …[View]
12966320If you could pick one novel to teach to each grade level of high school English, which books would y…[View]
12969216Genuine thoughts on this?[View]
12966150What has North Korea contributed to literature?[View]
12952993How can one man be so based: This was said in 1920: Spengler presents a memorably glum picture of a …[View]
12949688/write/ general: What are you writing, /lit/? Note: this is not /critique/. You don't need to p…[View]
12962448why is this board so obsessed with incredibly mediocre russian literature? you could have read 10 sh…[View]
12967922Is any science fiction kino? I found pic related at a thrift store and grabbed it out of name recogn…[View]
12966987Is this any good?[View]
12967164What is it that makes truly good prose?[View]
12965999What's your favorite of Lovecraft's many works?[View]
12961006Why can the Bible (the literal word of God) be translated to modern English but not Shakespeare? The…[View]
12961234as one of his reasons for writing in french (rather than english) beckett said that he liked not hav…[View]
12956573what am I in for?[View]
12967423Literally HOW did he drop the ball so hard? I didn't expect much but wow. This is a supposedly …[View]
12962802Where to start with the Fugitives/Southern Agrarians?[View]
12967115Is it fair to call Heidegger a reactionary?[View]
12962445>This guy walks up to your gf and starts talking about how Teosophy is a pseudo-religion What do?…[View]
12968744Now that the dust has settled ''It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents—except at…[View]
12962724Has he made it bros? Can we consider him part of the canon?[View]
12967787I'm 100 pages in. The prose is so good but the '''''story''''' is so bad holy shit. You can…[View]
12958939Anyone read this?[View]
12967719What to read now?: So i have read the greeks. What now?[View]
12965775what a way to go out with a bang. absolutely based.[View]
12961996what are some books on the history of propaganda?[View]
12968382Was Plato right about democracy? >>'SOCRATES: Isn’t it the same, then, with a popular leader? …[View]
12962406What did Mishima mean by saying ethics and aesthetics are the same thing?[View]
12967772Was Wolf Larsen a Nietzschean?[View]
12968475Where do I start with Goosebumps?[View]
12967517Is it wrong to sympathize with a character who is a bad person?[View]
12968325I finished this book in 10 hours during an acid trip: and I understood everything.[View]
12966971Is it based to be Byronic?[View]
12960084/our crank/ Rene Girard was namedropped in a pro-Trump op-ed today in the NYT https://www.nytimes.co…[View]
12963267Are there any books that argue that we are still living in modernity and that postmodernism is just …[View]
12968023Beautiful, all encompassing novels about life and love and the like?[View]
12961550Is Žižek vs Peterson going to be better than Foucault vs Chomsky?[View]
12967612>one of the worst people to ever exist, one of the biggest mass murderers ever >dies in a pudd…[View]
12967324I want to read something from China, but only a few books were translated to my native language and …[View]
12967248is everything just ones and zeros? books that expand on this?[View]
12967143How do I write poetry without being cringy?[View]
12962397You only go around once in this crazy life. God grants no one a tomorrow. So before you shuffle off …[View]
12967433Postmodern neo-marxists: What the fuck does this even mean? Postmodernism is completely at odds with…[View]
12961137Dancing star: What is your interpretation of Nietzsche's 'dancing star'?[View]
12966892Where do I start with Mark Fisher?[View]
12967588FANTASY LITERATURE: How do you make a detailed world history and epic unique battles?[View]
12967378I just left Islam: I'm looking for books about snapping out of a delusion and realizing that ev…[View]
12963127Is he really that bad?[View]
12963312I am ready to begin...[View]
12964843Are there any good books on religious experience and mysticism that don't boil it down to a psy…[View]
12963592Fasting /lit/: Hi /lit/. I'm about to go on a week long water and herbal tea only fast before O…[View]
12962105Are ancient grimoires such as the Lemegeton worth reading?[View]
12967013Georges Sorel: How do you want your civilisation senpai? Sexually-frustrated young men experiencing …[View]
12961120I just read Lolita, what did I think of it?[View]
12966760Novels discussing the judgment of the Neters? >Against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgm…[View]
12964586Bloom's last book: Has anyone picked this up yet? Most likely will be Bloom's last book…[View]
12965785ITT: books /lit/ jerks that suck[View]
12963346Is this chart legit? Richard Dawkins makes me think it’s a meme[View]
12950774>hamlet >not about a little pig[View]
12964775Zizek vs Peterson debate continued[View]
12965327Can jewelry be an artform?: I've been thinking about this recently after reading Mishima's…[View]
12958030Well, do you agree with DFW here?[View]
12964260I lot of avant garde/arthouse literature I look at gives me a certain vibe. I always get the impress…[View]
12959762have any of Shakespeare's works been translated into modern english yet? i want to revisit them…[View]
12963316Is this the Chomsky vs Foucault of the 21st century?[View]
12960934Soldier Poet: My life is already unbearably unreal. My uprooting from the world is total and I can n…[View]
12962572is there a more overrated gang of hacks anywhere else in the canon?[View]
12958650The most influential debate of the decade will be happening today, who's going to win?[View]
12962951What does Edipo have to do with Capitalism?[View]
12962900Is this all I need for his best short fiction?[View]
12961378What is the ideal average chapter length for a novel?[View]
12962809Gobineau: I've been reading Arthur de Gobineau's 'The Inequality of the Human Races…[View]
12961832What the actual fuck did he mean by that?[View]
12959724Books / poems about falling in love with your cousin?[View]
12962683Any books/short stories on overcoming your fears and start living? I’m almost 21 and scared to go o…[View]
12961507How can a man be so based? Also, how is he perceived by anglophones? Have all of his works been tran…[View]
12955060The Upanishads: Is this worth reading? I have a decent understanding of some eastern philosophical t…[View]
12961859A poll of 125 contemporary authors by J. Peder Zane, published in 2007 in 'The Top Ten' in Time. 1. …[View]
12962359>I skimmed the Waterloo Chapters Oh no no no https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO3JPTbscuE…[View]
12960570Why did he hate Shakespeare so much? It was not a mere disinterest in Shakespeare's works, he g…[View]
12962296Mother's day gift ideas: Hey /lit/, Mother's day is coming up and I wanna get my mom a boo…[View]
12956477Is this an accurate depiction of the literature of the various churches?[View]
12956023Great things about the Qur'an No genealogies No contradictions Beautiful and readible even when…[View]
12962142>The history of all hitherto existing geometry is the history of Euclidean Geometry. >Point an…[View]
12963720What’s on your mind: Write what’s on your mind, It’s Friday, how are you anon?[View]
12960144>Śaṅkarācārya is undoubtedly one of the greatest philosophers of the world and a realised saint. …[View]
12960053Is being a good person an act of hedonism? Behaving immorally and selfishly is clearly more practic…[View]
12955851>tfw right wing but find myself completely agreeing with Marxist critiques of capitalism and mode…[View]
12960051ITT: We surmise about the afterlife: I'll start: When one dies, one becomes pure intellect, spi…[View]
12960696The Frankfurt School: Some people claim the Frankfurt School was ultimately the source of the postwa…[View]
12952194Has literature ever made you cry?[View]
12957664Currently Reading Thread. What are you working through?[View]
12961788Imagine getting paid just for owning something... books for this feel?[View]
12960881Don’t mind me, just being right about literally everything and flawlessly predicting the future.[View]
12959650>historical development of human race is the result of dialectics which is embodied in great revo…[View]
12961731Do you read fanfiction? Or maybe you even write it? I'm inspired by this rant over the general …[View]
12957953Which of these intellectual titans would win in a debate?[View]
12959996What is the political philsophy of chaos and disorder?: I'm referring to something where the in…[View]
12961693Winner gets this man[View]
12948803What exactly is wrong with pop-science?[View]
12961484What's the best feel good novel you've read?[View]
12961574What are the best book on European folklore? They can be about a particular country or aspect of it.…[View]
12958249Border trilogy: For those of you who have read McCarthy's border trilogy: which book did you en…[View]
12960734>every idealist in the world is one cancer lump away from throwing all his convinctions out the w…[View]
12961515*succeeds Borges* Nothing personal, kiddo[View]
12959203What does /lit/ think of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid?[View]
12947954What does /lit/ think about writing in a language other than your mother tongue.[View]
12960076/Peterson vs. Zizek/ OFFICIAL: OFFICIAL THREAD: For the Peterson vs. Zizek Philosophy Debate Today a…[View]
12958897An all powerful god with the ability to see the full extend of outcome of his own actions would stil…[View]
12961303Was he right?[View]
12960884Apparently, utilizing outstretched words renders your contemplation conceptually complex. https://la…[View]
12960195>morality is relative[View]
12961160I read The Master and Margarita and Anna Karenina by pic related and while, of course, >translati…[View]
12955879I don't care one bit about religion, history, culture, philosophy, mythology, human condition, …[View]
12960991What are /lit/'s thoughts on the short story 'The Child by Tiger' by Thomas Wolfe?[View]
12958633what are some good gaming books about gaming and gaming cultore lets get some good gaming linteratu…[View]
12958834I swear to you upon the hippocratic oath that weed actually increases reading comprehension and abso…[View]
12961074What's the connection between detective fiction and autism? I watched the recent Big Broadcasti…[View]
12958338Is it worth reading?[View]
12957978Critique this?: kind of an essay or something, I wrote 'carne' at the top. how many fucking naked wo…[View]
12959289Ok, so why do you nerds meme that Holden raped Phoebe? Can someone give some textual evidence? I did…[View]
12960814literally the blackest pill ever it consumes all and every light around. Schopenhauer & Nietzsch…[View]
12959458What do you think he's doing right now? For some reason I'm really curious about that ever…[View]
12955568What's the name for the writing artifact where you put the 'thing' before the other thing? Let …[View]
12953216Why does everyone write in the same way now? Every person on Twitter or Reddit writes like pic relat…[View]
12960478What's his best book?: Enlightenment Now? What did you think of it?[View]
12958967anti-perennial (episodic?) philosophy: any writers out there who think all wisdom traditions contain…[View]
12957925Wonderful Everyday: Diskontinuierliches Dasein: I read this VN because it kept getting posted here s…[View]
12946306Why are the French so fucking based?[View]
12958755Themes in 'a portrait of the artist as a young man': Yo /lit/, I recently read 'a portrait of the ar…[View]
12959019>start with the greeks >read aristotle >it's all basic common sense shit >read plat…[View]
12958596do you have an ulterior motive behind your reading habit? I do it because knowledge will help me con…[View]
12957981>cuck >sexual deviant >drug addict Why can't the West come up with protagonists who ar…[View]
12960258Post an image and other people describe it as their favorite author would[View]
12956453Deuwhat? Deuleuze.: Who is not reading Deleuze yet? Why is there still some brainlet pretending that…[View]
12960246People actually think this is a real debate and not a rehearsed theater performance to enrich them b…[View]
12957698Xeno creatures in modern /lit/: Can you recommend me something like Ligotti's Red Tower? In par…[View]
12958263What are some good copypastas achived publication? >inb4 seething unpublished incels…[View]
12956934Greetings from the void[View]
12960140What's the point of reading, if not to harvest knowledge, when you're a hedonist and deriv…[View]
12959200/clg/ - Catholic Literature General: Atheists and members of other Christian denominations are welco…[View]
12957005How can I compensate for never having been to a British public school?[View]
12958590I've read C&P, TBK, Idiot, Gambler and Notes. I'm getting Demons soon but why is there…[View]
12960156Vocative comma: Can we agree that it's time this comma followed its Oxford cousin? >Good to …[View]
12959853I've read TSZ and pic rel. should I continue chronologically or it doesn't matter? I'…[View]
12959965One copy of the Milinda Panha, please.[View]
12959647books about Hypersexuality: any good book recs with the Nymphomania and the sexual impulsivity subje…[View]
12957860Help: >Be me >12 grade >get my first girlfriend >was beta till 12th grade >1/2 beta,…[View]
129571551984 vs brave new world what do you guy think which one is better?[View]
12959896Having read Crime and Punishment I wonder: when does someone feel remorse after murdering? Is it whe…[View]
12959910Why don't you learn Occitan and read great piece like Mirèio ???[View]
12958800Why is it >I had sex and not >I did sex ?…[View]
12951092What does /lit/ think of Badiou?[View]
12959559What is linguistics?[View]
12959230When will the Socratic, the dominant response for hundreds of years, turn pessimistic?[View]
12958637>tonight is Peterson vs Zizek, Jung vs. Lacan, Kant vs. Hegel >in the right corner, perpetuati…[View]
12959666ITT: Thinkers who accept P^-P[View]
12958061I have a french gf what are some phrases in french that will get her wet or at least impress her[View]
12955850How would you write a horror short story? Advice please.[View]
12958058Let's suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream and you wou…[View]
12959632The new book of Alain Damasio, Les Furtifs just came out. I enjoyed a lot 'La horde du Contre-vent',…[View]
12957338what's your favorite novel that's not on /lit/'s top 100 and you consider it better t…[View]
12959517A Lacanian analysis of memes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIP9mc35HQI[View]
12958436What are some good books about film analysis?[View]
12956386>Be told 'show don't tell' all my life >Read pic related >All he does is tell How was …[View]
12959180What's so bad about empiricism? Is there any counter beyond >hurr you can't know nuffin…[View]
12959401Thoughts on Suskind's 'the Pigeon'? It's fun story, but without actual meaning. Maybe it…[View]
12958481>he doesn't read traditional chinese poetry. yikes[View]
12958280Blanchot: >Thoughts on Blanchot? Most of his non-fiction are collections of essays/articles he wr…[View]
12956975/haiku/: Post or write some haikus Autumn in New York Leaves of warm, vibrant color Cool breeze on …[View]
12959362In Honor of Trump's exoneration: Download my book free all weekend: “Impeach Trump and Die”. (2…[View]
12958997What did the castle come to represent in your opinion?[View]
12958647I have come here to chew bubblegum and post kickass poems: 'come this way' — some say with sweet eye…[View]
12958150What study BFTO reductionism and scientism best? Any introductory book on that studies? I need a phi…[View]
12957889Where is the cheapest place in the world to focus on writing.: Where to go if I just want to focus o…[View]
12953341Which language is the best for poetry?[View]
12959088Easter Literature: Happy Easter, fellow Catholics. What are some of your favorite works about this m…[View]
12958971hi /lit/. ive bought this book and I'm reading it. I'm in the 5th point but ive a problem:…[View]
12958984jesus, when will the chapters with that chick who once fucked bob marley and ate fruit with him stop[View]
12958949Faulkner Appreciation Thread: How can one man be so based? >It takes two people to make you, and …[View]
12958557How come this book never gets brought up when discussing Dostoevsky's works? Does it just suck?[View]
12956524>semicolons in dialogue[View]
12933121Kill All Normies: Is this book worthwhile or is it just another garbage attempt to explain the ethos…[View]
12958851>mfw this is real How was it?[View]
12957650Objectively better than Tolkien, only retarded manchildren disagree[View]
12956688>in Western Lit 101, we're on the Gospels >professor has to explain some of the finer poi…[View]
12958126>Beginner fantasy writter: >Make fantasy map >Destroy map >Make fantasy map >Destroy …[View]
12931473Hello friends and brothers. Might we have a thread on Buddhist literature to expand our horizons on …[View]
12956834thoughts on this? is it a mandatory reading or can i pass it out?[View]
12958434To the Lighthouse: What does /lit/ think of this book? I read the introduction and was instantly hoo…[View]
12957924Do you listen to anything while you read? Whether it be music, white noise, ASMR etc?[View]
12958679how does it compare to other epic poems apart of being partially real? I honestly though it was grea…[View]
12958324>The ship groaned and growled beneath him like a constipated fat man straining to shit…[View]
12957062i'm bored[View]
12957831When the princess disappears.[View]
12958191Demons Dosto: What the fuck did I just read? This book is a version of fight club for patricians. A …[View]
12958602Don't you want your debut novel to be a Pulitzer finalist?[View]
12958579How you read 3-5 books at the same time. I cant start new before finishing current one.[View]
12958525I just marathoned part 1 of this. Is all of Deleuze this fucking good?[View]
12956931Do audio books always sound retarded?: I wanted to start listening to audio books while I work and d…[View]
12958266I have this line in a book here i can't make sense of > see pic google translate puts it a…[View]
12958542looking for books with pic-related tumblr-comfy sci-fi aesthetic[View]
12958498How much words do you write in a day lit? Shitposts don't count.[View]
12958490When did you stop readin for the plot and instead for it's literary value?: For me it was earli…[View]
12952886What non-fiction reads like good fiction? What fiction reads like good non-fiction?[View]
12957524What book should I read next?[View]
12957355What are some books and novels that have absolutely god tier dialogue? I want to get lost in some gr…[View]
12958409Why do nips and spics love him so much?[View]
12949590>95,000 word essay due in 30 minutes >haven't started help…[View]
12957305>Don Quixote is postmodern[View]
12958074shut the fuck up[View]
12957125Are Kant's categories predicates or conditions of the possibility of knowledge?[View]
12958262What (enjoyable) books would you recommend I read to enhance my grasp on writing subtext and witty c…[View]
12958258>ah, hes a fellow romanticist[View]
12958236Any tips on writing a script?[View]
12958204The modern Tolkien. Will there ever be a third man to reach their height?[View]
12958174Rate the Taste of the Poster Above You / Post a Poem: I see a girl dragged by the wrists Across a da…[View]
12957986>reading Schopenhauer >it's another Hegel rant…[View]
12955001Barcelona school removes 200 sexist children's books: They should do this everywhere! >'Sev…[View]
12958076Bradbury and similar authors: Bradbury might not be the most consistent author, but when he was good…[View]
12958089what are (more) good meta-contemporary art book, considering every sides from public gallery and tax…[View]
12957993who would even want to read critique of pure reason? like, seriously, what would that change if you …[View]
12956788>say levy[View]
12956942Slippery Slope: What are some good books about characters who start off as good or neutral that slow…[View]
12956857Hey /Lit/ I started a thread late the other night and didn't get many replies, so lets try agai…[View]
12949235It's out.[View]
12951481ITT: Books you will never read.[View]
12957926Are there any non-fascists third-positionists? Recommend me some reading.[View]
12952317QTDDTOT: Questions that dont deserve their own thread: My question: what is the order for reading ni…[View]
12957899The real jest was on me for getting duped into reading this shit, and it, indeed, felt infinite.[View]
12954973Best Italian novels about the life of the upper classes? Do you guys now more novels about the lives…[View]
12956786Just got done reading part 1 of Notes from Underground. That shit about the mouse and hyperconscious…[View]
12956720how do you bookmark pdfs?[View]
12956749Is the mind physical? Is it like a computer? Can it be modeled and computed? Will the human mind be …[View]
12957783Why does my brain and eyes hurt whenever I read books for too long: Is this some demonic evil plot t…[View]
12956954why can't I finish writing anything[View]
12957776where's your legion d'honneur? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47973357[View]
12956258>and i had a feeling that could well be described as infinite jest yuck, why do we like this agai…[View]
12957728What is the verdict?[View]
12956339>he thinks The Trial is better than The Castle[View]
12957599I am literally reading a tabletop RPG rulebook right now for no purpose other than entertaining myse…[View]
12956770Just got this. What stories do you recommend?[View]
12956093how to pynch: So I just bought a new gf and she's gr8 and all, but we've found a stumbling…[View]
12955920What are some books that will help me unfuck my life? Thanks.[View]
12957369The Jezebel Spirit: anybody read book pictured?? or have anything to share about the jezebel spirit?…[View]
12957010What am I in for /lit/?[View]
12956608What can I do as someone who is friendless and has no connections poorfag (i go to uni for free tho)…[View]
12957589>reads Pseudo-Dionysus once[View]
12956301How do /lit/ scholars and PhDs flirt?: Long time lurker, work in a scholarly profession (research in…[View]
12955640The true demons were the assholes who recommended this garbage to me[View]
12956199For a few months, I will read every single day for hours and hours. It feels great makes me feel ful…[View]
12956057>he reads aloud in his head[View]
12955902Redpill me on Epicurus[View]
12931449Buddhism Revised Chart: A lot of people have found the old chart I made to be lacking and vague as t…[View]
12954672I want to write stories. The thing is, I've never really written anything serious and I dont k…[View]
12957191Start a list of absolutely based books(pic related)[View]
12953369BIG eReaders: I'm apparently late to getting into the idea of having an e-ink reader, because e…[View]
12956943what are some good books on anarcho-socialism to read[View]
12954930Are there any actually good books that use quantum mechanics as a plot device?[View]
12957241John Green is the best author of the century prove me wrong[View]
12956554Hey /lit/, I'm trying to create a sexual fanfiction story that conjoins some of Dostoyevsky…[View]
12956367How does someone with absolutely no understanding of music or rhythm get started with poetry? I know…[View]
129537492666: Why does this book have sentences with parentheses 3 times on the same page. I can't read…[View]
12956652Where should I start with Deleuze?[View]
12956549The kindness of the intellect is forgotten amongst you.[View]
12953627Chart Thread: Somebody have chart about cyberpunk ?[View]
12956932Who was best girl?[View]
12957042Democracy is a spook[View]
12956667Is The Man Who Laughs any good?[View]
12955108If this is true then why was Mishima masculine in many important psychological ways? https://www.new…[View]
12951697Kafka General: Has anyone here ever read Kafka's collected short stories? I've read the Tr…[View]
12956883For my birthday i want othing mkre than to drag dr. Phil by his rapist miststache toward me, and to …[View]
12955288What does /lit/ think of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid?[View]
12956479Does folklore belong in /lit/, /his/, or /x/?[View]
12956828sup contentious cesspool of cunts, what do you think about my man. The big TP. Terry Pratchett can l…[View]
12947056I bought a Rider deck without knowing shit about tarot. Are there any good books about it for beginn…[View]
12955835Thoughts on Blanchot?[View]
12951885How do I remove the smell of cigarettes from books I get from used book stores?[View]
12956707Help with ebook and kindle: I converted a PDF to MOBI using Calibre, and when I open it on the Kindl…[View]
12951939D.H. Lawrence: Are any of Lawrence's works besides Sons and Lovers worth reading? Or did he pla…[View]
12956653where to start with Mishima? I started pic related but stopped halway, couldnt keep reading and bore…[View]
12956499where do i go from here[View]
12956126Is this the end?: >woke up >get an email saying I have a job that looks really good on my CV, …[View]
12956413Is being an officer in the military /lit/? Which is the most /lit/ branch?[View]
12955089Why is the Bible so godawfully written? Had they even tried? I can't read this shit, it's …[View]
12955925What book does Sam need to improve his life? >Makes fun of people who seek funding on the interne…[View]
12950371Espionage fiction: Is there any good literature (emphasis on good, I want quality stuff) with a 60…[View]
12956517Their thoughts were prevalent in the United Kingdom ; the freedom of childhood[View]
12956425/lit/ related (uni) stories: ITT: We tell stories relating to literature and or philosophy preferabl…[View]
12954745Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me find a short story. It was set in Italy I believe, the …[View]
12953340Has there ever been a good LitRPG/MMO novel written? I've tried a few and they all have the sam…[View]
12956474>tfw you read Debord and Camatte and realize that Marxists were the good guys all along Books for…[View]
12954888>Of all divers, thou hast dived the deepest. That head upon which the upper sun now gleams, has m…[View]
12954023On the benefits of reading:: I did not start reading seriously until I was 21, and admittedly I rema…[View]
12956379hey /lit/ can you offer me any life advice? im a 19yo Native American in college[View]
12950594The go to book for gothic restoration literary fiction. If not the only one probably.[View]
12956403The real humiliation is to be seen reading this shitty book, and the real insult is the insult to my…[View]
12956399The real gamble was my will to live and not just kill my self after going through this garbage[View]
12954711ITT authors you could beat in a fight for me? it's corncob[View]
12956166The Consumer: Just read this revolting piece of literature. It's a compilation of disgusting sh…[View]
12956097What is this?: So i got this book overnighted to me and I have no idea where it came from. Costs a …[View]
12954800Art history literature: Which works are essential to understanding art history? What does one read a…[View]
12956011I froze your tears and made a dagger, and stabbed it in my cock forever. It stays there like Excalib…[View]
12955415What's the oldest novel you've read?[View]
12954415Karl Marx ladies and gentlemen: 'It is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his crani…[View]
12956298I don't know how else to say this but this book has caused me to want to kill myself. And no, I…[View]
12956012'Those who place their happiness in pleasure are led by the least worthy of the muses': - Athenaeus …[View]
12955954Start with the Cave Men: Eternal reminder that if you've started with the greeks, you are a ple…[View]
12956049>got bullied by STEM Chads for reading philosophy in public again[View]
12956268Anyone here fuck with travel literature? Specifically, the chad of trav lit, my man Paul Theroux? A…[View]
12956225Why'd he do it /lit/[View]
12956008>pussy out on nihilism >smugly declare how you 'grew up'…[View]
12954279I want to get into Henry James, I've just ordered pic related to start with, what should I read…[View]
12955395low iq pleb books: Hey /lit/ I normally read literary fiction, but I'm in the middle of fairly …[View]
12955975Had a theory, want to make it public. Most of you should leave 4chan, specifically /lit/ for 1-3 yea…[View]
12953873What's some good pirate fiction? Preferably historic, but I'll also take fantasy.[View]
12956095Best book of your country[View]
12955738Here are my thoughts on James Joyce’s novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 87 pages in.: I …[View]
12955225What books should I read to get 'popepilled'?[View]
12955896This is literally the worst book I've ever read. Holy shit this is awful on all levels.[View]
12948767PSA: book-burnings are now WOKE[View]
12951488Aphorisms: /lit/ give me your best and most useful aphorisms that bear repeating to yourself when it…[View]
12954188Why are her books criticized for being nothing more than political soapbox rants, when Cervantes and…[View]
12955976what are some books that will improve my film literacy? I'm talking stuff that gives me the lan…[View]
12955963why are the sentences literally paragraphs long?[View]
12953451Trust me, this book only makes you unhappy in practical life, not the contrary. Truth should not and…[View]
12950111Future philosophy: 18th century >physical/material turn >revolutions in scientific method lead…[View]
12955755Remember not to nominalize, fellow writers! style over academic garbage! https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
12949087Why haven’t you read it, yet?[View]
12955867High intelligence whatsapp bookclub https://chat.whatsapp.com/GM6N5nuBafwBGnRJmmKdTF For 200+iq chad…[View]
12953769So we know the impact he had on martial arts, but how does /lit/ feel about his philosophical writin…[View]
12955517Mason & Dixon: LOL robot duck[View]
12954457Why do people say to start with the Greeks? Is there a lot of allusion to the Greeks in other work? …[View]
12952119Why do Fantasy fans review books like this?[View]
12953324The real Notes from Underground were the shit-stained pages of this book after I wiped my ass with t…[View]
12948002Just finished his manifesto, any recommended secondary literature?[View]
12955800Dorian Gray: Original vs Uncensored, which is the superior version?[View]
12950660why dont more people read more classics I have never been let down by a classic[View]
12954965Has anyone read this? I remember reading it highschool and I couldn't put the book down.[View]
12948406Mistah Wolfe - he dead.[View]
12952865Anybody read this?: I am about 1/4 of the way through, was wondering if anybody had any personal exp…[View]
12953121The real crime was the money I wasted on this book and the punishment is for the idiots that slugged…[View]
12952978>leader of rebellion against a mad ruler >it's the fucking prince Is this the most used m…[View]
12955476Would you read this book?[View]
12955174Buddenbrooks: So, who was the main guilty for their decadance?[View]
12954918/qtddtot/ Questions that don't deserve their own thread: If you're scared, don't be w…[View]
12952396why didn't he move to the middle east if he liked islam so much?[View]
12935114Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
12948572Dreams thread: Write about the last dream you had. I wrote mine in French since it's my first l…[View]
12955127Is Chinese classical literature worth checking out? Specifically the six classical works?[View]
12954937Is there a decent cloud based alternative to this?[View]
12950973Can someone explain this to a brainlet: going to bed soon so might not see until tomorrow stay safe …[View]
12955210I've noticed that I don't like many elements of my character. I would like to work on bett…[View]
12951960Screw all this highbrow pretentious crap. What do you read that’s pure trash but undeniably fun? Whe…[View]
12953717Current reads?: Spring has made me feel optimistic enough to actually start a thread rather than res…[View]
12955254What was he thinking?, he can’t keep getting away with this[View]
12952902Are there any books that deal with and introduce and describe the basics of the most popular worldwi…[View]
12954440Mark Twain on Jane Austen.. Everytime I read 'Pride and Prejudice' I want to dig her up an…[View]
12952999Historical fiction thread. I never see this genre being discussed here and I'm a big fan. Pic r…[View]
12951758This is the greatest American author to have ever lived. Say something nice about him.[View]
12952529Is it even possible to be a great writer if you've never been to war? It seems like the 20th ce…[View]
12950033nobody on lit has ever read a book on this.[View]
12954859>he presented an argument for giving vernacular the same dignity and legitimacy Latin was typical…[View]
12953016Is fagles the best translation of the iliad and the Odyssey? I'm looking to get into Greek lite…[View]
12954935Encrypted Daisy Book: Does anyone knows how open an encrypted DAISY file as a pdf file? I'm tr…[View]
12954107>Dualism cannot be true because it's impossible to do evil for no reason Wwwwwow that's…[View]
12954781guys I really want to read Fanged Noumena, but its such an expensive book and I don't have the …[View]
12952448Is it important to read La Vita Nuova before starting the Divine Comedy? Is it good to read just on …[View]
12939047RIP Gene Wolfe[View]
12954044The scent of a Woman subconsciously triggers the other senses. Read more:: 'Perfume, the story …[View]
12953060I read poetry and short-stories out of spiritual necessity, non-fiction out of interest, and novels …[View]
12952816Book on human nature: I am looking for books that explosively details everything about human nature.…[View]
12954393What do I need to read beforehand to get into Joyce?[View]
12953969>at about 1.8 million words in total, the Mahābhārata is roughly ten times the length of the Ilia…[View]
12919649/crit/ - Critique thread: Post stories and critiques. Last thread: >>12897205[View]
12953807Am I too stupid to read these high rated books? Should I start on easier books?: Am I too stupid to …[View]
12953862What do we think of the poem Zang Tumb Tumb(and futurist lit in general)? Dear and kind mods of /lit…[View]
12953788I read a lot of nonfiction, mostly philosophy. I like some sci-fi but I have a really hard time gett…[View]
12949186The real idiot is the person who bought this shit book, the greater idiot is the one who actualy slu…[View]
12948756ITT: Worst books you have ever read pic related for me, literally just pages upon pages of worthless…[View]
12953712>For six centuries, Plato has held German philosophy in his grip. Based…[View]
12954034This any good?[View]
12951184Where do I go after Dostoyevsky? What I particularly enjoy about his books are the keen sense of hum…[View]
12952861What are some good books on ancient Egypt? Whether their about the history, culture, mythology, or w…[View]
12947953What magazines does /lit/ read? Pic related[View]
12953041Hi /lit/. Hope everyone's fine. So I need help choosing a short story collection of Tolstoy. Ca…[View]
12933315Is poetry just going to get worse and worse?[View]
12952039Raymond Carver: Thoughts on Carver, /lit/? I read 'Cathedral' which I found kind of touching and dec…[View]
12954084Why is he so unknown? His contemporaries praised him to death like Cervantes and von Goathe[View]
12947215This book was good.[View]
12952290Are there any books or authors that adequately explain how ideologies and political movements dogmat…[View]
12952789What was Kant's critique of Spinoza and Leibniz? Especially Ethics.[View]
12954014What does /lit/ think of the Ufo phenomena? Did not want to start this thread on /x/ since I am spec…[View]
12947931I finished Infinite Jest a week ago.Am i ready for it?[View]
12951129Anyone started this/planning on getting it?: What does /lit/ think of McEwan in general? Best/Shitti…[View]
12951775Will human immortality render philosophy obsolete?[View]
12946765Is it immoral to steal a library book? I want this book and it costs like 70 bucks. No one has ever …[View]
12953846Anyone read this? The fact that Pynchon wrote an introduction for it has piqued my interest.[View]
12953853>got four days to read Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival can you give me a good summary, /li…[View]
12952255Spanish horror novels: Any good horror novels in Spanish out there? Preferably ones that haven'…[View]
12953688 why didnt he murder Edith? why didnt he marry Katherine? why is he such a pushover? why didnt he mu…[View]
12953729How do I enjoy this book? It feels like it's saying something profound about life but I just fi…[View]
12951471>author goes on several paragraph-length digressions explaining the conventions of fiction…[View]
12937498Books to understand the psyche of the homosexual?[View]
12949322Books about dating: Anything that trully helped you? I'm getting desperate, I need a girlfriend…[View]
12941208Houllebecq: Ahem[View]
12953168Please, read this book. Harold Bloom rated him >Machado de Assis was included on American literar…[View]
12953238Thoughts on Tomas Tranströmer?[View]
12950406The Greeks: Will the universe ever see a race as powerful and intelligent as the Greeks again?…[View]
12955553What will happen to the world when AI takes over and most people are left jobless? Will we have real…[View]
12946899Goodreads: Anyone here have a Goodreads account? I have one but it's just to keep track of all …[View]
12952061>Bukowski is a bad writ-: https://youtu.be/Mfqbs4UvBfY Born like this Into this As the chalk fa…[View]
12953046Islamic Books: >Whoso wishes to describe anything whatsoever before proceeding to establish first…[View]
12951300Thoughts on Heidegger?[View]
12950285Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Is he worth reading? I've heard that The Phenomenon of Man predicte…[View]
12946655Refute him[View]
12929128lit memes thread[View]
12950825So what is the actual most difficult book ever written? Pic possibly related I don't think it…[View]
12952692What's the deal with Bruno Latour?[View]
12952492Tips for a pleb who hasn't read a book since high school and wants to dive into /lit/? My atten…[View]
12952116I really don't think the entire bible is worth reading with the sheer amount of effort and time…[View]
12952454So what was like the point of Foucault's Discipline and Punish? Did he want to go back to putti…[View]
12949073So Capital = Matrix ?[View]
12919959Have you read Cristopher Lasch? Why not?: > “Our growing dependence on technologies no one seems …[View]
12946391I've just been diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, a rare blood cancer that can later develop int…[View]
12951859So I just started As I Lay dying, and what the fuck, is all Faulkner's prose this overdone? Thi…[View]
12951513Where does dumas rank for you?[View]
12951865Anti-influences thread: Post the writers that you hate the most and why >Schopenhauer Masturbator…[View]
12941257/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: RIP Gene Wolfe edition Monthly Reading for April: We …[View]
12918584Fiction about the Internet: If it exists, I want to hear about it.[View]
12952081Anyone write 2500 words of bullshit just to get a quote and suggested editor? https://nybookeditors.…[View]
12950694Why's non fiction looked down here?[View]
12949913are what I read threads banned now? It's a shame I used to really enjoy them. What have you rea…[View]
12948419fun but easy philosophy book to read?[View]
12950941Any good books related to the philosophy of the Free Software Movement and the dangers of big corpor…[View]
12951132Anyone have a PDF of Lolita?[View]
12951237Are there modern authors underappreciated in their time?[View]
12951835I really like Eliot's verse dramas. Any recommendations for other modern dramas written in vers…[View]
12950838are bookstores that don't allow shelf space for upcoming female authors morally wrong?[View]
12951984everyone jacks off dune but what about his other works are any of them just as good? I know God Empe…[View]
12951801Anyone read this or heard of it?[View]
12947133e.e. cummings: the boys i mean are not refined they go with girls who buck and bite they do not give…[View]
12951887Der Blonde Eckbert: So I just found out that I'm related to the guy who wrote pic related. Can …[View]
12951820Are writer's workshops worthwhile? I've got a plot summary for a novel that I've been…[View]
12939614Can we separate the man from his work?: Is it possible to separate, for example, Kant's racist …[View]
12951753is there any modern travel lit worth reading? I feel like one couldn't write something as comfy…[View]
12950641I think Nick Land SUCKS[View]
12950260Teenager girls absolutely love this guy (at least in my country). Why is that? I've never read …[View]
12936430ITT: Share your most contrarian literary opinions[View]
12951666What does /lit/ think of Galloway?[View]
12951442I have PhD in Philosophy and I had a hard time with this Phenomenology of Spirit. It boggles my mind…[View]
12938968Why does it feel like this guy was the J. K. Rowling/Dan Brown/Stephen King of his time?[View]
12951395Harold Bloom did not approve Lord of the Rings. Do you think it's still okay to read?[View]
12951291i want to read the bible, but which version should i read? i was doing a bit of investigation into i…[View]
12949754So it was a LOTR rip off right?[View]
12951339Did Hegel really misunderstand Kant or is that just a meme?[View]
12950982Deano core books?: What kind of books does Deano like?[View]
12951334So fucking boring. Literally just some boomer showing off his historical knowledge and giving anecdo…[View]
12951445>The question is, is it responsible and moral for public intellectuals and scientific minds to fu…[View]
12948629Suggestions for books or essays that either argue for or against late term abortions (third trimeste…[View]
12950667Stories that take place in simulations while the MC's actual body is in some sort of chamber or…[View]
12948494What should I read to understand Russian foreign policy? >Inb4 dugin[View]
12951019What does /lit/ think of Danny Dennet?[View]
12951427Post comfy books Sorry if the image is sideways or upside-down[View]
12951373Goodreads review thread[View]
12946367Any other book similar to this?[View]
12949119I want more books like this. >an intellectual mystery combining semiotics in fiction, biblical a…[View]
12948639Why does this board dislike English /lit/ so much? There's always someone saying how English is…[View]
12950983Thoughts on this great book?: Sean is GOD[View]

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