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13351727Whats the most cringe inducing book you've read?[View]
13358013>one shot at life >subvocalizer[View]
13359184What do you do when you find a book that you aren't intelligent enough to understand (assuming …[View]
13350459I've heard the term 'burgerpunk' thrown around here, on tv and on v unironically and …[View]
13358009I did a large amount of LSD and wrote a short novel somewhat inspired by Nick Cage. Here is the prol…[View]
13358268Murakami: What do I think of him Also which books of his do you like Murakami thread[View]
13359825A brilliantly lighted express train shook the switchman's cabin as it rushed by with a roar lik…[View]
13359342Blindpill: How would you define blindpill?[View]
13358898What is the most unusual sex-scene you have read in mainstream respectable literature. Have you ever…[View]
13357218what is the best dictionary that isn't $500?[View]
13358397How important is an author's biography / back story to you when deciding which writers you…[View]
13355911/lit/ Humor Megathread: >bout time we had one of these[View]
13358154Where to start with him?: I know this has probably been asked a million times but where should I sta…[View]
13359680brain stopped working how to fix: This is an excerpt from a poem I wrote. Its the closing lines. '.…[View]
13359113> >100 pages into the book >find out you aren't really enjoying the story Do you stick…[View]
13357474He's right you know[View]
13359644What are /lit/‘s thoughts on this publication? Is it better than the WSJ?[View]
13356050>You have learned Latin and read the Vulgate haven't you anon?[View]
13359444Are sci-hub and libgen examples of Peirceian anarchy?: >“Upon this first, and in one sense this s…[View]
13359520There are two virtues; A R T, & ποίησις, and their apparatus is everywhere known as witchcraft, …[View]
13349597/UBC/ THE URTH BOOK CLUB - TCotC - CH 11-15: Welcome to this week's session of the Urth Book Cl…[View]
13358156Is this a good intro to Greek culture/history?: Never learned much about Greece, just picked up for …[View]
13358663How much Gene Wolfe have you read?[View]
13358250Is this a good anthology?: planning to cop one should I?[View]
13358079Where does your literary magic happen /lit/? Study/Library in your McMansion? Notepad while on the b…[View]
13358818Do I really need to read all of it?[View]
13359258'What's the point in reading contemporary novels? What's the point in reading a novel if t…[View]
13358336Ernst Jünger[View]
13357543Who else has read this?: I read this and it instantly became my favorite novel of all time. Does an…[View]
13357437>Anticipates the South Park character Eric Cartman by exactly 100 years…[View]
13358866Have you done your yearly reading of The Brothers Karamazov yet anon?[View]
13358356Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: Where to begin and is it worth it?[View]
13359136Book for this feel?[View]
13358772I like literature that describe fantastical scenes, be it Burton's Arabian Nights, most of the …[View]
13356664Ginsberg poems make no fucking sense: Is he a meme[View]
13359074>Tonight, tonight! Books for this feel[View]
13358911>Moby-Dick? Ahh.. haha. Surely, you mean Mobias-Richard.[View]
13359048*demiurges in your path*[View]
13357158>start to read classic philosophers >all of them are fascist ha…[View]
13357564Is poetry a dying art ? If so, how can we save it ?[View]
13344364>I first get into Buddhism after a relative gifts me Walpola Rahula's book when I'm 15 …[View]
13357047https://blog.oup.com/2015/06/bertrand-russell-suicide/ >be Russell >write a new book >Wittg…[View]
13357527So memes are essentially neo-dadaism?[View]
13358793What books which you've read do you feel contain the most universal, mind expanding thoughts, w…[View]
13351511A Critique of Philosophy: If you read philosophy, you are an unoriginal brainlet. Come up with your …[View]
13357521I hate paintings. It’s just the stupidest shit. What am I supposed to feel when I look at someone’s …[View]
13358025What do you guys do with the book rapper from hard covers? I make book marks out of them.[View]
13358685Ariel's 'Part of your world', Harold Bloom, & the Intellectual sublime: The first part of t…[View]
13353684Don Quixote: Just finished this and enjoyed it a lot. What are your thoughts?[View]
13357932Wittgenstein: >In a nutshell: 'Philosophy shouldn't try to answer questions that can be answ…[View]
13358620ITT: characters in literature that remind you of yourself for me it's Pechorin - intelligent, n…[View]
13357110Light Novels: Is is it just me or do light novels from Japan just suck? Seriously I have read fan fi…[View]
13358609>So the blind slave obeyed its blinder lord; but, in obedience, slew him. So the creator was kill…[View]
13358180What did he mean here in Euthyphro? 'Is the pious not the same and alike in every action?'…[View]
13353740Will I get into trouble for writing filthy smut? Planning on self publish some stories under a pseud…[View]
13356518Education: Hey /lit/izens Which do you think is the best educational system? How would you educate y…[View]
13358249>book has foreign phrases but no translation note[View]
13358053Hello /lit/. I am interested in learning about Chinese culture, philosophy, and history. I also am l…[View]
13343748What do you make of this Bukowski quote? How do you escape?[View]
13357444What are some interesting books on conspiracy theories? Whether conspiracy theories in general or mo…[View]
13358299Should every scene add something push the plot forward? I want to write a psychological novel and ma…[View]
13358295What do you think of digi/lit/ or int/lit/?[View]
13355470Do you have any banned books in your collection?[View]
13354934Is Kierkegaard the greatest Christian philosopher of all time?[View]
13356293Hello /lit/, my name is anon and its my first time posting in this board That said, what do you thin…[View]
13352400poetrytube >>> booktube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHr7Oaxwe5I[View]
13358203It's April in the UK, and you'd quite like to enjoy some online adult content. But before …[View]
13356675Don Quioxte: On chapter 36 or something, enjoying it so far but then Don Fernando doesn't get h…[View]
13357813Old William Burroughs anecdote I found in the archive: >I grew up living a couple blocks from Bur…[View]
13357834Just got this bad boy. What am I in for?[View]
13357983what are some short texts on gluttony and self-lust?[View]
13357121Have been reading this for a little and I might drop it. There are moments where I think it's r…[View]
13357907Training aesthetic judgements: Any kind of appreciation us a judgement. First of all - can mere appr…[View]
13351553What's the best chapter, and why is it V. In Love?[View]
13357929Is Urantia poster still around?: If not I’ll ask the rest of you: is the Urantia book worth reading?…[View]
13355693What philosophical or existential literature exists outside of the Kafka, Dostoyevsky, and Camus cir…[View]
13357915>write smut off the cuff and throw it up on amazon >someone gives a diligent, thoughtful, and …[View]
13356465>My favorite writer is Thomas Bernhard What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
13357359What's a book that makes you think without being boring? For instance, this instantly rules out…[View]
13356714Arthur Rimbaud: “Yes, my eyes are closed to your light. I am a beast, a nigger. But I can be saved. …[View]
13357131>Why of course I am a big Ayn Rand fan my good sir, for it is my belief there is no other worthwh…[View]
13353324I really liked 'the golden asse' for its absurd humor and relateableness and some anon recommended m…[View]
13349999Books on Maculinity: What are some books which have masculine undertones or that may help me acquire…[View]
13357020What's the best Henry James book?[View]
13357514I've been in school my entire life (minus a year or so after high school where I was too depres…[View]
13357603I just picked up a copy of Americanah by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, its about a young…[View]
13356783>dude just be a plumber lmao[View]
13357441>read some works of Plato >understand them relatively easily >move on to Schopenhauer and N…[View]
13355779Games: Books like this?[View]
13357534What are some good places/websites to publicly share and see what other people and you write?[View]
13352181Literature: If your consciousness is a product of the material and it were replicated exactly as it …[View]
13357482>Douay-Rheims fans be like I sure love this translation of a translation of a translation…[View]
13357183Hey there!: I’ll admit, I’m not exactly much of a reader myself but I was told that the people here …[View]
13357429GOT and GRRM: Hey /lit/ what are your thoughts on GRRM and his books.[View]
13353721The Bible is literal dogshit and the only reason anyone who claims to tolerate it as a piece of lite…[View]
13345219>ywn read proust in french >ywn read pessoa in portuguese >ywn read kawabata in japanese …[View]
13356267>african americans can't write good literatu-[View]
13356908Is it defensible to claim that novels are the worst medium for horror?[View]
13355576>'What the thinker thinks, the prover proves' >Goes on to use the unsubstantiated theories of …[View]
13356196Has anyone here read this man? I haven't (yet), but I'm intrigued by the disgust his texts…[View]
13350745ah yes, the sunset[View]
13346284Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control: by E. Michael Jones 'Thus, a good man, th…[View]
13357550>video games can't be as deep or emotionally resonant as literatu-…[View]
13357273Polyphonic Philosophy: >>13357153 >Consequentialism:Irradiation >Pragmatism:Emancipation…[View]
13351115What is your reading schedule?[View]
13357215Aspiring LN Author Here: I want to write a good LN. Don't know how. Any tips or tricks? P.S. - …[View]
13357208annotations: how do you guys feel about annotations? Why do you do it or why dont you do it? And if …[View]
13357049My writing: Hello there, this is my first thread. Please leave creative criticism and tell where I…[View]
13356591What's an author/philosopher/book that /lit/ likes but you think is shit?[View]
133564481. Be Truthful. True to yourself, true to others. 2. Speak with worth. Bring value to your words 3. …[View]
13356490what are some essential volcel books[View]
13356927So, uh...you're pretty big on those doorstoppers, huh?[View]
13356890Stop being happy: >World history is not the place for happiness. Periods of happiness are empty p…[View]
13356980Other sites like pic related?[View]
13353476>I grew up in New England, where I ate at Moby Dick themed restaurants, mini-golfed at Moby Dick …[View]
13355675What did Paddy mean by this?[View]
13354058suggest a book that will convince me to kill myself[View]
13354647I am at a complete loss of words. I don't know if I am just retarded or what. Recently a stupid…[View]
13356301I think that Tocqueville would argue that Democracy and Aristocracy are naturally inherent in nature…[View]
13356846How many layers of autism has it?[View]
13356723Are there any charts like this for Slavic mythology?[View]
13356164I always thought GRRM was a meme but I recently read this book and really liked it. Does he have any…[View]
13356621Who are some authors or philosophers who used marijuana but were still able to produce great things?…[View]
13355907Has he been overcome?[View]
13351594What books will make me more politically astute?[View]
13354283How long until we run out of unique ISBNs?[View]
13345861>be fascist >read all the poststructuralists leftist types like foucault, deleuze, derrida etc…[View]
13356558Thoughts on the Library of Babel? Both the concept and story by Borges, and the website that aims to…[View]
13356447>just be yourself dude Is it really possible? Does such a thing as 'myself' exist? Literature on …[View]
13356435How doth thou fare, cousin?[View]
13354581What are the best novels about the Holocaust? And the best Holocaust fiction in general?[View]
13355196I just had a thought. If we take modern medicine and its organ transplantation into account, shouldn…[View]
13356506Introducing the Supernatural: Hello! So let’s say someone is writing Fantasy or Sci-Fi in a real wor…[View]
13354817What the fuck, this is an absolute masterpiece.[View]
13355857My heart is a beat for you Every beat a second from you A yearning melody of song So you sing the un…[View]
13346019/ThG/ THEOLOGY GENERAL: >Discuss works of theology and apologetics >Discuss their authors …[View]
13355839How readable is this? Is he as iberal with the truth as Marco Polo?[View]
13356283What would he have thought about minions?[View]
13356398Any heartwarming/soulful literature?[View]
13355823John David Ebert: Has anyone here read his books? What do you think? What book do you recommend…[View]
13353811Is Thomas Hardy legit?: I buy my books from charity shops and his works seem to be the most ubiquito…[View]
13356165>presents aesthetically pleasing characters undergoing metamorphoses in a completely unbiased way…[View]
13355264How come when I read pessimistic works I come out feeling delighted and stronger?[View]
13355022Being a midwit is the most pathetic, most retarded group you can be in when speaking about intellect…[View]
13352169This board is shit: Look at the fucking state of this place I want everyone here to die[View]
13356174“I have relatives that look like Margaret Thatcher, and I have relatives that look like Bernie Mac. …[View]
13356114>tfw when he criticizes the post-modernist books I haven't read[View]
13352769You have to fight the main character of your favorite book. How fucked are you?[View]
13354715The Bible as Literature: Hey /lit/. Are there any books that I should read before or during reading …[View]
13355197Lovecraft: >Wrote deeply philosophical literature about fate, religion, fall of civilizations and…[View]
13355526If free will is possible, then that must guarantee the possibility of alternate realities?[View]
13355756>it says here you still think Socrates existed, care to explain?[View]
13353071Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above and t…[View]
13350977Hey /lit/, I've got a few weeks of down time. I'd like to get started with either Greek or…[View]
13352953Is there a term for people who talk a lot without saying anything meaningful?[View]
13350522Entrepreneur Porn: /lit/'s thoughts on the seemingly increasing production and consumption of e…[View]
13355107Phillip dick: I just dont see the appeal in Philip k Dick or frank herbert. Am i dumb? His writing i…[View]
13355852>Why yes my good sir I absolutely agree that Constance Garnett's Dostoyevsky translations ar…[View]
13355241UMBERTO ECO THREAD: What are your favorite non-fiction books of his? I'm loving Foucault'…[View]
13355170Are the Warhammer novels literature? I'm reading Horus Rising right now and really enjoying it.[View]
13351750What are the best philosophical books?[View]
13355335palms are sweaty: How do I deal with this while reading? Every other page I have to put the book dow…[View]
13355025I'm going to give writing a go again, Bought a small notepad that I will use as a common place …[View]
13349341read/expected/got thread: post' em[View]
13350893>Try to start writing a short story >Realize I started 4 of the 5 sentences I have written wit…[View]
13355084Is there a tier list for protagonist motives like pic related? I'd make one myself, but that wo…[View]
13355431What are some good books on the history of programming and machine learning/neural networks. It…[View]
13346515/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: SENTIMENTAL SFF EDITION >What's your favorit…[View]
13355723thoughts on e-readers? do you use them to read obscure work only found online? would you ever buy an…[View]
13352960La Vita Nuova by Dante: Are these the greatest love poems ever written?[View]
13355142What is your favourite typeface to read?[View]
13354387Impeachment of man: This was on several deep-ecology, eco-fascism rec charts which lead me to give i…[View]
13352242best publishing houses: what is the best publishing house in your native language? it has to be Bibl…[View]
13355015Dead book translation: So, I got this book and it seems pretty old. This is not in latin (i can read…[View]
13348333Does he really suck or is it just a /lit/ meme?[View]
13355515Is culture dying?[View]
13354706>writes a postmodern novel 400 years before postmodernism existed was he based?…[View]
13354858Why should we not believe in mythic history?[View]
13353861Is the great acceleration the consequence of the industrial revolution? W-was he right all the time?…[View]
13351074>they thought real life was like Lord of the Rings Why does anyone take these idiots seriously?…[View]
13355482>Drawing on cryptic intimations in the work of J. G. Ballard, Georges Bataille, William Burroughs…[View]
13352053Become Catholic[View]
13355361Are Bolsheviks against official currency or cash in general?[View]
13355106/x/ literature Literature on aliens[View]
13355344>Two years ago, through an unprecedented public crowdfunding, the citizens of Belluno (Italy) acq…[View]
13355322Chungus hypothesis: Thread about book about Meme Dot This is the book. Book about Meme Dot.[View]
13352775How do we help KJV-onlyists with their mental deficiency?[View]
13350937so, is that it for Europe?[View]
13355020Is this actually any good or just racism porn?[View]
13355017Info Junkies: Let this thread serve to aggregate kino publications, blogs, video channels, etc. on t…[View]
13353580Deleuze: Does anyone know a good place to start with reading Deleuze and subsequent further reading?…[View]
13345655/mu/: any book that the main purpouse is about music[View]
13354946Should I read it?[View]
13350838What are the best non-fiction books of the 2010s?[View]
13353419Post better horror /lit/ than this book's first 5 stories. pro-tip: ywn[View]
13344730BASED: https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1142416150254575617[View]
13350979Just finished Kokoro. It hurts lads. Why do people keep to themselves instead of just communicating …[View]
13351810How does the word 'cope' work?: I think this is the right board. You will often see incels…[View]
13352825Just-world hypothesis: >you got what was coming to you >what goes around comes around >ever…[View]
13354199is 4chan basically Fahrenheit 451?[View]
13354732How to shift from plot reading to reading for substance/philosophy?: How /lit/? I’ve always just rea…[View]
13353964Does /lit/ like Pushkin?[View]
13353741literature that will turn me from a rightwing (woman hating) incel to a sophisticated romantic lover…[View]
13352540Rec me good books about the negative effects of egocentrism and self-love. I'm a big fan of fre…[View]
13350879book storage: how do you do it? I built 8' of custom shelves but it's increasingly not eno…[View]
13354537Was she based?[View]
13350954Fight Club: Do we like it?[View]
13344477g/acc - Vagistitional Edition: >Only a degendered market intelligence can verify teleoplexical li…[View]
13353319/Critique/: What the fuck /lit/? Where’s the fucking critique thread god damn it? I’ve got shit to p…[View]
13354388>That fat guy looked at my qt3.14 waifu? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Based or cringe?…[View]
13354025I had a chance encounter, and brief conversation, that I found quite enlightening yesterday. It furt…[View]
13351938Need a book with 100-150 pages preferably about aliens drugs, conspiracies or murder or something li…[View]
13342525WHY I READ YOUNG ADULT BOOKS.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqh6CV-dbE8 /lit/ BTFO[View]
13354270Writing questions: Hey all. I have a quick question about submitting work to magazines. There's…[View]
13351137How do I fall out of Schopenhauer's futility mindset? Jesus?!?!?[View]
13353834Hey, /lit/, I haven't made up my mind yet. Give me a nuanced critique of this guy, curious what…[View]
13350703>tfw wrote a novel at 24 >a good one >tfw the accomplishment no longer means anything to me…[View]
13352743Any good books on the topic of post-acute withdrawal syndrome/brain damage/neuroplasticity/hollistic…[View]
13353488Becoming a Digital Librarian: Hello /lit/, fellow reader here. I tried posting this last night, but …[View]
13349859How do I understand modern art? Or is there nothing to get? Am I looking for meaning where so doesn…[View]
13351399Who are some writers that break the PC mold?[View]
13352801I'm going to jump start straight into the Greeks and Romans. I'm about to spend over £800 …[View]
13351466Essentials thread[View]
13353445/clg/ Classic literature General: Roman, Greek, or any ancient culture's literature is welcome …[View]
13353371*Rants in tomes*[View]
13352811Wheel of Time: >She gave a start. >Nynaeve tugged at her braid. >'Men...' >She sniffed. …[View]
13353262Post books to include in my chart[View]
13353439The Angel of Death[View]
13349159>Holden Caulfield made out with several girls Wtf suddenly not relatable anymore…[View]
13351856What would you say to someone with this kind of a nonfiction collection?[View]
13353160Vietnam War memoirs about life in Saigon: Are there any memoirs that deal with the everyday life of …[View]
13352272>blatantly says that empiricism and a scientific approach to history are bullshit >still makes…[View]
13351973I can't read beyond the tax term text wall. Also the summary behind the book cover, foreward, c…[View]
13344476When does reading start being fun?[View]
13349397Bob Dylan: The kings of Tyrus with their convict list Are waiting in line for their geranium kiss, A…[View]
13352546Gosh what a disappointment that was[View]
13350740Western Novels: So I had been reading Cowboy KINO lately but I feel like its hard to come by, so far…[View]
13349703Have you ever read something that left you reeling for days or weeks on end? For me it was The Last …[View]
13353089Let's setle it once and for all. Is ulysses a masterpiece or just stupid[View]
13352984Post the best critiques of modernity you've ever read. Can be from the left or right, religious…[View]
13350710suggest a book that will convince me to not kill myself[View]
13351447is suicide the most chad thing that one can do?[View]
13352973Books for this feel?[View]
13351419John David Ebert: The best /lit/ youtube channel?[View]
13352188dissident lit: which country produces the most depressing and gruesome anti-government or anti-total…[View]
13352669What type of parent Eleanor's mother is in the book? as a can tell she seems like an overbearin…[View]
13350769Baudrillard, Nietzsche, Lacan, and Ernst Jünger watch some anime together - pic related, perhaps. Af…[View]
13352683Is he worth reading? If so, where do i start with him?[View]
13351028how do you avoid being a YA/pop literature writer? i mean what if you enjoy making simplistic storie…[View]
13350763Character names, what are some of your favorite names and why (for a novel) Pic related is one of my…[View]
13348610John 6: Hello brothers. I just finished reading this passage in John’s gospel, and I must say I am s…[View]
13350959I understand that religion is mostly just a system of values and a giver of structure, community, an…[View]
13350723Short Love Poems: To My Daughter, by Eze Gambo Nigeria, 1996 In my arms Is where you belong Won’t y…[View]
13352076tv series are a better medium than books[View]
13352251Amazone story/ Matriarchy lit.: Is there book in a Matriarchal society or with strong female warrior…[View]
13350478physical or electronic for reading and study?: Which do you prefer? whats the best ereader to get in…[View]
13351815>Friend promises to read my work in progress for critique >Tells me he'll be free in one …[View]
13351854>To say that God is what God is in himself precisely in that absolute nothingness in which God is…[View]
13350169Post some interesting non-fiction that you've read recently.[View]
13351673Adiga's usage of the epistolary form in his novel distracts readers from better understanding h…[View]
13353531/iqg/ - General IQ thread: I've been smoking pot every day for about two years and my iq is rou…[View]
13351467What's your 'Just Right' book?[View]
13352201when do you use first and when third-person narrative? I want to write a novel which is going to be …[View]
13351871Do you think there's a prerequisite list one must read or could someone, for example, read from…[View]
13344278What was Nietzsche’s IQ? I suspect somewhere around 130, as he was smart, but his lack of understan…[View]
13352185>God preserve you, my dear boy, from ever asking forgiveness for a fault from a woman you love. F…[View]
13351405What do I read to find out where I stand politically? I'm 25 and still don't really know[View]
13352017What book can I read for an in depth look into English grammar? I’m a native speaker, but I didn’t r…[View]
13352035Real Nigga facts. Seriously, the older I get and the more things I go through in life, the more weig…[View]
13351570Reminder the Most Noble Koran written by the seal and jewel of the prophets pbuh is the greatest boo…[View]
13352030Will having a soundtrack for my book help at all? I made a few songs already, so I might as well go …[View]
13350487Daily reminder that Muslim twitter is the only patrician twitter >It’s actually very interesting …[View]
13351710Why are Americans so obsessed with ‘proving’ God? Why can’t they just leave it to the domain of fait…[View]
13351590where do I go to learn more about the self, conscienceless, and soul?[View]
13351873Would this make for a good book? >Man and woman get married young >Everything is perfect for t…[View]
13351300>hi ˈdʌzənt noʊ aJ-pi-eJ[View]
13350531Redpill me on Carl Schmitt.[View]
13351887Follow Your Heart bullshit: Does the trend of bashing academia and real labor bother you? I'm n…[View]
13351755What are some good reads on US presidents?[View]
13351620Why was the Star Wars expanded universe so awful?[View]
133498012019 Top Selling Books: >(1) Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens >(2) Becoming - Michelle Ob…[View]
13351306Is it necessary to believe in God in order to be happy? I tried to follow hedonism, but it lead me …[View]
13350949>Anon, if what you say is true... that the material world is only a basis for an ideological crys…[View]
13350333*refutes fascism* Hehe nothing personal mein komeräden[View]
13351730ITT : Prime cut, grass fed, high tier Romance: Hey you lonely bastards, I've been feeling lonel…[View]
13350814Is it considered misanthropy if you hate behaviors 99.9% of people you know exhibit? I'm talkin…[View]
13351683What are some other books like pic related that introduce emotional concepts that aren't common…[View]
13349306Was he a pedo?[View]
13351337“Something can’t come from nothing”: Nothing requires something There’s no light without darkness a…[View]
13351144Becoming a Digital Librarian: Hello /lit/, fellow reader here. I just stumbled across the library of…[View]
13348653>[Native] America has always shown itself to be physically and spiritually impotent—and it still …[View]
13351280Was he right?[View]
13351334Say unto those who abandon the doctrines of truth of the First Mystery: Woe unto you, for your chast…[View]
13351203ITT: Things that make you irrationally mad in writing: >when an essay starts, 'Ahh, the [thing es…[View]
13338922What are your thoughts on Edward Gibbon? Obviously 250 years of subsequent archaeology and historica…[View]
13350629What does /lit/ think of copying a book, passage, etc... word for word in order to both gain an unde…[View]
13349879What's the current meme trilogy for the 21st century?[View]
13348750ITT: We try to help other anons name half-remembered books.: Include a plot description, cover art, …[View]
13350214>That which does not kill us makes us stronger. >There are no facts, only interpretations. …[View]
13345693I don't get it.[View]
13349040why aren't you reading Peirce?: The evolutionary metaphysics as surveyed in his 1890's Mon…[View]
13349731Why are modern Western Intellects charmed by Dharmic religions, or is it just a hippie thing?[View]
13350266How was your weekend, how long you been on 4chan, favorite author: What did you do this weekend fagg…[View]
13351091Is this worth reading or is it just something my grandpa likes to look at on his shelf?[View]
13349464What's a book that will make me fall in love with reading again?[View]
13349574>Get betrayed >Could get angry or violent but what's the point, it wouldn't change a…[View]
133442051. What do you think is Shakespeare's best play? 2. What is your favorite Shakespeare play? I…[View]
13350610How do i start with the stoics? Who do i read? What works do i have to go through? Do you have like …[View]
13349023So, what is stopping from eternal recurrence being true? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EknD3KRtgDk…[View]
13349141What are some books that predict the future like the video game Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty d…[View]
13350384Any /lit/ philosophy podcasts I should listen to? Sometimes I need a break from reading[View]
13350615What did this guy mean with all that psychogeography stuff? Why should someone go out of their way t…[View]
13349620Is Marxism unfalsifiable?[View]
13350137I read the first half of Augustine's City of God and I don't think I can take any more. I …[View]
13346013Friendly reminder: prostestantism is the reddit of Christianity. https://www.inquirer.com/news/phila…[View]
13350802>finish reading iliad >feel enlightened and think about it all the time >finish reading ody…[View]
13350747I am addicted to buying books. Help.[View]
13350412How do I write like Bob Dylan >ask /mu/ I’ve asked them before, those people are clueless. He’s a…[View]
13350743What does /lit/ think of this book?[View]
13348541La Vita Nuova by Dante: How does /lit/ feel about this book?[View]
13350686Catholic Scandal: Best books on the Catholic abuse and corruption scandals?[View]
13350670What is a good book about Jesus Christ?[View]
13350534Swedes (or people with similiar translations in their language) help: Who the fuck is Samjotov in Cr…[View]
13349418Essentialism vs Antiessentialism: Most of the current political issues have the roots into the philo…[View]
13349622How much can you tell about a person by their book collection? (pic related)[View]
13348270What grade level do you read at? For me it's undergrad.[View]
13349386What does lit thinks of this book?[View]
13350625Into my heart on air that kills From yon far country blows: What are those blue remembered hills,…[View]
13350342ITT: Books that will never get the kino they deserve[View]
13350021I assume I'm one of the the only one on this forum of mostly smart well read people who finds D…[View]
13349985I'm at the end of the rope /lit/. Everywhere I look I see my own inferiority staring back at me…[View]
13349370>Here is one hand, >And here is another. >There are at least two external objects in the wo…[View]
13350425>read fanged noumena >became trans[View]
13350193>feel like shit and have an urge to write jesus christ how horrifying[View]
13349246Not sure I understand This role I've been given I sit and talk to God And he just laughs at my …[View]
13350380how do you guys do it? find the motivation to open up your work and keep at it. there are too many d…[View]
13348583Any arabic speakers on /lit/? Are translations worth it or should I wait a few years til my arabic i…[View]
13350196I have tinnitus and it really bothers me while studying. What to do, lit?[View]
13350227Does desensitization set us for failure? aren't we all chasing the next big high? even those wh…[View]
13340471Thoughts on zen philosophy? What should I read to get more in-depth knowledge about it?[View]
13349645>tfw you have another strong bout of depression and can't even summon the energy to read a b…[View]
13348714Oy vey my dad has a huge dick and I like jerking off. I’m an atheist btw[View]
13349583Can someone show me a book which is all about feeling sick and tired of people being fucking garbage…[View]
13350101>solves metaphysics nothing personal kid[View]
13345479The Sound and the Fury: The Sound and the Fury[View]
13350017redpill me on biosemiotics[View]
13349844>tfw just finished the long poem I was working on How are YOUR literary projects going, /lit/?…[View]
13348116redpill me on the blindpill: What should I know before I order all of these books?[View]
13343863Cioran>Nietzsche Musil>Mann Proust>Joyce Bernhard>Beckett Pessoa>Eliot Blanchot>De…[View]
13349886State your taste in literature and defend it[View]
13349877Why doesn't /lit/ ever talk about ee cummings? >one day a nigger caught in his hand a little…[View]
13348971Kid friendly /lit/? What books would you read your kid as they go to bed, or to read together to bo…[View]
13347732>wake up >drink coffee, browse internet >go to gym >have small pain in hamstring which s…[View]
13347934Have sex[View]
13349820>For me, it's Turgenev.[View]
13348138Who is the most important writer in history who has faded out of mainstream and is no longer commonl…[View]
13349407You crack open a new book and are ready to dig in, but instead you're faced with forwards by va…[View]
13347755is it ok: i'm on 16th episode of Ulysses (reading it with commentary) and i'm still not re…[View]
13344369>tfw when writing book I obsess over I can only get out 500 words a session >tfw when writing …[View]
13345206how important are book covers to you? they're pretty important to me because i don't want …[View]
13349725Urban books?: Hey guys, I've recently moved to downtown Toronto and I'm really interested …[View]
13348605What are some good books for a lonely atheist?[View]
13349197What are the best books that criticize individualism and those who believe the individual is the ult…[View]
13348395/qtddtot/ Questions that don't deserve their own thread[View]
13347860Less by Andrew Sean Greer: What did you think of last year's Pulitzer winner? Did you think the…[View]
13348689What is the next logical step after Cosmic Horror?: Can horror go any further than that or is Cosmic…[View]
13349546I wrote a whole 400 page book before realizing it wasn't very good and so I burned the the thre…[View]
13349421What is some advice about that feeling when life is passing me by? I feel like I can't get a gr…[View]
13349485Good writing for beginners: Hello /lit/, what are some stories that just have good fundamental writi…[View]
13348459the cumbrain meme is unironically true[View]
13349598>proves soul existence, soul immortality and reincarnation nothing personal materialists and abra…[View]
13349539who’s your favorite and why: Hussein Onyango Barack Sr. Obongo Barry[View]
13348570How much publicity are (successful) writers even involved in?[View]
13349410Fascism appeals to people who can't commit to the development of an individual ethic, and capit…[View]
13349451Alright bros, I'm writing a short story about a guy who gets invited to an old (female) friend…[View]
13349462Why is music so unique in its ability to immediately convey emotions? What is its closest visual or …[View]
13347903Zines and subversive lit: I handed these around my Australian university (Monash) and began to be em…[View]
13348424Books that tell history 'as it is'?[View]
13349368Let's settle this once and fucking for all /lit/ is a _______ board http://www.strawpoll.me/182…[View]
13347965Michael Ende: Thoughts of this guy? Underrated? Trash? Let's discuss about him[View]
13348611>Create universe >Populate it with beings intelligent enough to ask 'why are we here?' >Pea…[View]
13346393How do you filter books?: The core of everything reading before you even open the book is to have a …[View]
13349061What book will tell me how to achieve a 0 hour work week?[View]
13348227Chart Thread[View]
13348922What is the Mencius Moldbug stuff i need to read to engage with Land's larping reactionary delu…[View]
13348666Anthony Burgess- Nothing Like The Sun: This is good? is better than clockwork orange?[View]
13348903>tfw your potential as a writer will always be stifled by your insecurities and your glass ego wh…[View]
13344176What is reddit: /Yes, this question itself is Reddit/ But I keep seeing POVs described as “Reddit”. …[View]
13348982Why are the most people in real life seem more mediocre than the most mediocre characters in books?[View]
13348727I just became aware of how inept i am. books that can help me with vocation, being a total cumbrain …[View]
13346652How much of becoming a writer is talent vs effort?[View]
13348214Essential boomer-core literature[View]
13347231Have you read Settlers yet, /lit/?[View]
13348551>the author uses sources[View]
13348102>author/philosopher calls someone 'bourgeoise' >this is supposed to be bad why?…[View]
13348785Can a woman appreciate Beethoven? I cannot imagine a woman sincerely identifying with the manly stru…[View]
13348381Writing Prompt: Challenge: write an entertaining story about the three gentlemen shown in the pictur…[View]
13347529Henry James general. Discuss James' genius and you favorite novels by him.[View]
13347004Aesthetic covers: >Penguin Classics has the Clothbound Hardback for Seneca and Marcus Aurelius bu…[View]
13346571Books on the economy of Nazi Germany?[View]
13334068>teleports behind you >traps you in the material world Heh, nothing personal kid.…[View]
13345838FACT: Gnosticism is heretic thrash[View]
13346529>have to read books in portuguese You don't know the hell I live in.…[View]
13348779>In Defense of Women is H. L. Mencken's 1918 book on women and the relationship between the …[View]
13344984Humorous Literature Thread: >not a /lit/ humour thread, fuck off please…[View]
13348355Blinkist: Why the fuck would people pay for this? Just read the book.[View]
13348756What is his favorite book[View]
13346558Why, yes, I think the oeuvre of Céline is apolitical and his greatness lies in his pretty prose whic…[View]
13348631Who is the /lit/ equivalent?[View]
13347015>he reads literature written by polytheists[View]
13348342> German exceptionalism[View]
13347341>Know the statistical probability of me being the only person in the world who isn't a piece…[View]
13347278Strand Book Store Pt. 2: I’m at the book store now and I found the store schizo. He’s scribbling on …[View]
13348668Why is it a woman that writes some of the best stories centered around the issues of traditional mas…[View]
13348391All religions are equally good[View]
13341460Why is /lit/ so useless?: /pol/ elected Trump. /g/ created bitcoin. /biz/ made digital bits marketab…[View]
13346408Any good books about traveling, art, exploration, something evocative and a bit 'out there' I don…[View]
13348568I'm scared.: Is worrying about things that I can't do anything about healthy? I can't…[View]
13347768Stack thread: Okay /lit/, I just got the stack to end all stacks. I got 2 grocery bags full of philo…[View]
13348297>The Red Riding-hood (2019) Are you guys excited?[View]
13348514I find this to be so true but applied to books. 99% of what we find is just thrash, and even those w…[View]
13346613where is the critique thread lets starts one nigger was a faggot man who jumped aboard the spinnaker…[View]
13348420How do I become a better reader? I think I'm dumb.[View]
13346291>that book you had to read in high school that you fucking hated What was it? For me? It's M…[View]
13346247So, does the soul exist?[View]
13346577Do you guys ever think about the fact that we only really need the ancients for literature? Nothing …[View]
13348124Is there a book that explains how unnatural and unhealthy modern weightlifting is?[View]
13347154Why yes I am familiar with Anthony Ludovici's 'A Defense of Aristocracy'[View]
13344809What's the point of reading books if you come out as the same autist when you open your mouth? …[View]
13343109Which Steven King's books are worth reading?[View]
13346296Imagine being this whiny YA is wack[View]
13348390Literature for this feel?[View]
13347674Steven King's School Shooting incitement: http://mileswmathis.com/king.pdf Why is the left not …[View]
13348252ITT: post books you have an emotional connection to. >visit my parents >found a book about din…[View]
13346710>No point in living >No point in killing myself >No point in doing anything >No point in…[View]
13339056What book would you give to an NPC to make them 'wake up,' to increase self-awareness, and help them…[View]
13342344Caananites/Phoenicians/Polytheistic Semites: Can anyone recommend me literature on ancient Caananite…[View]
13348186Has anyone here made money as an “internet intellectual”? https://theotherlifenow.com/an-automated-…[View]
13344717just got this, what am in for?[View]
13346125Source of GOTHIC literature: What are the earliest works of GOTHIC literature? Extra Credit Essay: H…[View]
13347257When reading, I sometimes do not think actively. I merely move my eyes across the page and hope that…[View]
13346073>read book on desktop >keep alt tabbing out or watching videos or browsing the web >read bo…[View]
13347897Shakespeare's best work[View]
13344378>mum found the requiem[View]
13347853How do I start the Celts?[View]
13347937Foundational nazi literature?[View]
13341892Post Pic and Recommend: The same as always: Post a pic, and recommend a book related to pic of anoth…[View]
13347893Making Money: Where can I submit short stories of any genre, including porn,and actually get paid fo…[View]
13348018Should i read ezra pound ? Are the cantos good ?[View]
13347996holding a paperback copy of my own novel in my hands right now after local bookstores ordered it to …[View]
13347991>Spent 5 years with someone who I thought loved me and valued loyalty, companionship and respect …[View]
13347502>Ask for The Hobbit for my birthday >Get this instead…[View]
13346366What is some literature that will help me have a healthy life?[View]
13347186What is consciousness?: What is consciousness, who got it right, and is it even a thing?[View]
13346381>Love, therefore, the higher man, the Aryan worthy of the name: beautiful, good, and courageous; …[View]
13347400>And Lot went up out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountain, and his two daughters with him; for he f…[View]
13347769>go to college for study novel and fairly tales >not for get drunk, parties and fuck bitches a…[View]
13347782What did she mean by this?[View]
13347754How could Nietzsche be so based if he was a NEET?[View]
13346869Hey /lit/, help me out with my writing career. There have been billions of stories out there. How do…[View]
13344357What was Evola’s fifth estate. He’s very explicit about the first four—Spiritual Caste, Warrior Cast…[View]
13340320>You say the Inquisition was a dark part of the Church's history? Trust me, I want to bring …[View]
13347658Gentlemen. I'd like to take this time to discuss with you one of the profound thoughts that lay…[View]
13347654What will the zoomer generation's Montague Summers write about?[View]
13346560Why are Easterlings and Haradrim allies of Sauron? Is there an explanation for this or is it just be…[View]
13332470/lit's view of Jay Dyer.: His knowledge of philosophy and religion always impressed me, but I a…[View]
13346419What is some literature pertaining to the dogpill question?[View]
13343211If we had to send aliens one work of literature to reflect all of humanity, what would that work be?[View]
13347396philosophy: so i want to read (political) philosophy, i also want to understand complex words. where…[View]
13346279Why do people read this misogynistic anti-semitic nazi?[View]
13346928>NO NO NO!!! You're interpreting that poem wrong, the author intended it to be anti-war…[View]
13347534>start with le greeks can this meme die already!![View]
13347463>Where do I start with x ? >I want to read x what should I read before? Why are you globohomos…[View]
13345840It really feels true that there are two types of people--real people and normies. Normies are essent…[View]
13345778Does English lack of subjunctive, le passé simple,gender, distinct second person plural and cases ma…[View]
13347293>leave /lit/ for a day >catalogue filled with frog posts, wojaks, and politics wtf happened in…[View]
13345506any doomer lit, bros?[View]
13345771Anyone else here actively trying to make it as a great writer and poet? I don't post my stuff i…[View]
13346230I can't believe you memed into reading this. It's the most boring, stale, stalling book I…[View]
13345388Does anyone on here have any experience with Lingua Latina? If so, how helpful would you deem it, an…[View]
13347096Is it better to judge an action by it's intention or by it's consequences?[View]
13346944>create airhead character with silver hair >call her Luna bravo…[View]
13345369Mathematical ontology: Can any of you fine gentleman explain to me the ontological implications of u…[View]
13344110Fantasy Book Reccomendations: Hello lads, I've recently read all of the ASOIAF books and the Bl…[View]
13347107martin 'hide egger' hid so many eggs that the nazis changed his name from hiedegger to hide egger. h…[View]
13345468I have a $25 gift card that expires in four (4) days. I want to use it at Barnes & Noble. It doe…[View]
13345134Would you recommend reading Stefan Zweig or is his work just the weekly novella thrash?[View]
13344579lmao imagine being hemingway and getting assblasted by some backwoods moonshine sippin' cousin …[View]
13346631What do you think?[View]
13346824What is nonfiction book that will blow my mind (I'm dumb poopy pants btw)))[View]
13346233was it autism?[View]
13346541Books which will motivate me to get out of neetdom and do something meaningful with my life[View]
13345382Are Lovecraft's books really that good?[View]
13346875What are some good literature on the War on Terror?[View]
13341698What do i need to read before starting Ethics?Only philosophy i've read is the greeks and nietz…[View]
13343883Charts/Books on Individualism?[View]
13346678>hey lois remember when i transcended morality? nyehehehe[View]
13345295How does /lit/ feel about this body of work?[View]
13341742/drink/fight/fuck/ - Hemingway, Miller, Bukowski edition[View]
13345688Why exactly is Carl Schmitt supposed to be so smart? Why does he, a conservative thinker and nazi, g…[View]
13337241The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, 'When three of you are together, two of you must not converse priva…[View]
13346258So what is your reading method like? I'm more of a grazer who'll usually read 10-20 pages,…[View]
13346201Explain: A battle between a spiritual God and some random ching chong families. This can not be a re…[View]
13346636I buy books not because I want to read them, but because I want others to be impressed by them. I co…[View]
13346423Existential crisis: Can /lit/ recommended any books worth reading about existential crises? Whether …[View]
13345994Should I read this?[View]
13345814How do I eliminate my inner voice when reading? I want to be able to scan a page and take in all the…[View]
13340450Do you think if Céline had come out today, he'd still be remembered as vividly and be as influe…[View]
13346068>English 62 - European Literature II >Assigned reading was Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich …[View]
13336295How can we bring back beauty?[View]
13345735All I do is read and writer, but I just graduated with a math degree and need to move out from my SJ…[View]
13342726what are your favourite books about ships and stuff?[View]
13345768Thoughts on Mircea Eliade?: Are there better philosophers of religion produced in the modern times o…[View]
13346301If I already know that I know nothing, and I have the reasoning abilities to critically analyze any …[View]
13345981Is it even worth reading good books and getting into high culture? It seems that, as my taste has be…[View]
13346310This is on the wiki. You can replace three books. What will they be?[View]
13345552I want to read some of either Hegel or Kant. If I were to only read one book, from between the two o…[View]
13346292Copywriters assemble!: Are there any copywriters here? >tfw copywriting has exposed me as terribl…[View]
13346044Recommend me some burgergoth lit.[View]
13345243What sort of chairs are best to be reading from? like due to ergonomics comfort etc improve reading …[View]
13345277A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: cloacal obsession and anti christian why is this hailed as…[View]
13346142I just read this, what did I think of it?[View]
13345044What's some good conservative literature?[View]
13346189poems plebs cannot appreciate: What is the word folly— folly for to— for to— what is the word— folly…[View]
13346137Why are French philosophers so incoherent? https://youtu.be/u2j578jTBCY[View]
13345720Critique thread time boys. Post your work /lit.[View]
13338204have they ever written anything good?[View]
13343383*defeats Nietzsche in your path*[View]
13338470any good literature on struggling with loneliness and making peace with solitude?[View]
13345893>read Stefan Zweig >it's bad-written thrash >read Robert Musil >it's well-writ…[View]
13331511how do I know i am man or superman?[View]
13341364Contemporary Russian Lit: Just read this bad boy, absolute KINO[View]
13345414Stop stealing books, go to the library instead. Most authors are broke and spend a lot of time worki…[View]
13345128Any good /lit/ discords to occasionally talk with about books I'm reading and just shoot the sh…[View]
13346053>mum found the categorical imperative[View]
13345845Aristotle Recommendations: What is a good reading progression for Aristotle? I'm finishing up N…[View]
13345906>It is true that a lot of conservatives are not very bright. https://youtu.be/KUbfMQ91Mps?t=2566 …[View]
13336245/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: MONSTER SLAYERS EDITION >Post books about monster…[View]
13342988As a zoomer, how do I get my zoomer friends into literature?: It feels like no one cares about the p…[View]
13340454Who are the most /lit/ directors?[View]
13343343audiobook finds on youtube: Please post all the surprisingly high-quality or at least non-Librivoxsh…[View]
13345921Are you lonely?: Is anyone here even happy? Does anyone here actually live a fulfilled life? Or is t…[View]
13345580>Islam does not view sexual desire as the main aim of marriage; for marriage is a means to acquir…[View]
13345707>walk into book store >nothing interests me or grabs my eye >still no books to read anyone …[View]
13319748What is the best lit you’ve seen on this website?[View]
13345543Niccolò Machiavelli: Does /lit/ like him?[View]
13343040Does anyone else feel like they have enjoyed almost all of the pleasures of the outer, material worl…[View]
13345684Just picked up. What am I in for[View]
13344607Alright lads, I was broken up by my gf of 5 years, and I'm on a non-masturbatory self-improveme…[View]
13343540Is this right?[View]
13344736Best friend just came home. What books should I recommend him?[View]
13344968Yeah, I'm thinking I'm based[View]
13344144I have severe retrograde amnesia and can't remember ever reading a single book but my parents t…[View]
13345330Has anybody read Frithjof Schuon, or know about him? If so, is it worth it? And what books to start …[View]
13345234Never read a book before, where do I start?[View]
13344284Symbolism: Brainlet here. What can I read, and what exercises can I do, to help make me sensitive to…[View]
13336965I want Nick Land on Joe Rogan now![View]
13345437Anyone else get bdsm vibes from this? Jane feels like a proto-sub & I imagine Bronte herself was…[View]
13345404Are the 2010s the biggest shift in romantic and gender dynamics since the 1920s? Will we see a moder…[View]
13344906What's your primary literary allegiance? For me, I'm a Melvillian.[View]
13341836>What if I made a religion except it's autistic?[View]
13345322why the fuck is reason a necessity for perception, reason is superseded by experience itself stupid …[View]
13345429Henry James general. Discuss the brimming talent in James' novels.[View]
13345227Why is this book called touted as a golden standard for futuristic dystopian literature, when the la…[View]
13344594the west: i want to be able to understand the development of western philosophy as well as read some…[View]
13344146share and critique: Bob Hancock was the wizard of the AM shift. He could stock shelves 1-9 like the …[View]
13345077>high iq gf called me a psued[View]
13344566What is the most /lit diet? Is veganism the most ethical?[View]
13339688>Why yes I do know that Socrates was merely a created character used by Plato and Xenophon…[View]
13345276Is there like a version of Hegel who expanded on himself that speaks English?[View]
13343764Which Bible passages should one memorize?[View]
13343395Best places to buy books online? >inb4 Amazon (had bad experiences with them)…[View]
13345208What's up with this liberal left-leaning feminist jew? How did he become the most famous writer…[View]
13340964>tfw my IQ isn't high enough to understand the greatest literature…[View]
13344992Sell me this book. Do your best.[View]
13345109The Organs of Sense: This is a fucking treasure.[View]
13343231Is there another author that captured the tragedy of our lives so profoundly and beautifully?[View]
13331102Haiku thread[View]
13342165ITT: most /lit/ way to die: I'll start: drowning[View]
13344282Should I become a priest /lit/? I've never been to church before.[View]
13343925Is Salem's Lot worth reading if I liked the short story? I don't usually like longform hor…[View]
13344912What women authors do i need on my shelf? My shelf is oversaturated with men. Give me reccs![View]
13344537Next Nietzsche read... or general advice: Need some help lads. Read Zarathustra and want to hear fro…[View]
13344783I need some Bene Gesserit nookie.[View]
133388823 books that will help me truly understand japanese culture and soul before I travel there in 2 week…[View]
13344719am i the only one who picked up on the subtle hints at dosto's disdain for poles, jews and germ…[View]
13339654What are some paranoia-inducing literature that I should read after reading Thomas Pynchon? I want m…[View]
13343415This weekend should I: Read Pynchon, or test my pullout game?[View]
13344434This is the greatest book I've read in a very long time. It really explains where this whole ne…[View]
13342845What are some books in which a positive portrayal of masculinity takes center stage? It can be eithe…[View]
13343989Why is this picture supposed to be /lit/?[View]
13343991Why did science fiction shift from almost exclusively taking place in the present to almost exclusiv…[View]
13325947/bpg/ - BurgerPunk v.6: Last thread is about to die. 'Routine, repetition, tedium, monotony, ephemer…[View]
13344438>Joyce is most famous for his novels, but his best works are short stories >Hemingway is also …[View]
13333761Which Bible translations do you use and why do you like them?[View]
13344488Is it possible to write a masterpiece with a shit plot? I mean, a simple and too common plot.[View]
13343931>dude weed lmao[View]
13344017Do these three volumes have all of the tragedies I should read or should I get some combination of t…[View]
13343088Is literature and philosophy dying?[View]
13344138>Damn it, how could this have happened?[View]
13344228any good book, that would help me stop living in past/future and enjoy the existing moment?[View]
13343997How do I go to church for the first time?[View]
13343621How do I into Scottish Literature? What are some must read Scottish nonfiction books? I'm consi…[View]
13337317The Kalam Cosmological Argument uses logic and deductive reasoning to argue for the existence of a F…[View]
13343539Can anyone tell me where this quote/poem is from[View]
1334385140 pages in and this seems like the most dull shit I've ever read. Does it get better or should…[View]
13344089What are some good fatawa collections? Not looking for a specific mufti, just perhaps a volume or se…[View]
13343811Why yes off course I'm familiar with the works of Anthony Ludovici and that egalitarianism is n…[View]
13342604eBook: Hello /lit/ I didn't know if write this post here or in /g/ but as I guess more people …[View]
13343496what did it mean: at end when Obama writes a Genesis-like chronology of Obongo?[View]
13343933what are some books on the subject of culture that are written from a more conservative/right-wing p…[View]
13343325Did you like the disaster artist?[View]
13342223This man finished off Western philosophy. Everything after him is superfluous.[View]
13343116>He doesn't realize 'intellectualism' is just an evolutionary cope.…[View]
13343919Your opinion on Caldecott Medal & Honor picture books?: A lot of Caldecott Medal & Honor boo…[View]
13343902OH SHI- https://www.docdroid.net/Bj0oMLa/mainlander-philosophy-of-redemption.pdf[View]
13341035Bleeding edge of philosophy right now?: What is it? Is it non-philosophy, its untouched as of now an…[View]
13342966Gore stuff: Gore book etc... Maybe some story of Blade are kind of gore or Conan but i don't r…[View]
13341105Your favorite authors by languages: Mandarin : Du Fu Spanish : Marquez English : Pound Hindi : um.. …[View]
13341149Togashi's art is the meeting-place of prose-poetry and revolutionary, artistic, craft, surpassi…[View]
13343181>/lit/ complains about how boring Jane Austen's novels are >doesn't appreciate the c…[View]
13343362How do I get an agent to rep my novel? It’s gonna be a bitch, I suspect, given that I’m >young …[View]
13341968What's the HxH of /lit/?[View]
13343589Read the Dresden Files.: (Read the Dresden Files.)[View]
13341895is it immoral if i take a bible?[View]
13342579Are you going to pre-order it?[View]
13342665Give me the lowdown on Stirner. Where does he conflict with Nietzsche? Did Nietzsche eclipse him or …[View]
13343438IQ? Ha![View]
133321181. Proust 2. Kafka 3. Céline 4. Beckett 5. Mann 6. Eliade 7. Gide 8. Joyce 9. Nabokov 10. Hesse[View]
13343555What are the best books on space, galaxies, stars, etc.? No pop sci please, or books on the history …[View]
13343205I'm glad I spent my life doing things I enjoyed, like playing video games, reading, watching an…[View]
13341748Name a better contemporary novel[View]
13343472Which one is better?[View]
13340973Learning Chess: Recs for Chess related /lit/?[View]
13338820Evaluations on This Side of Paradise?: This thread is quite simple. Those of you who have read …[View]
13339598The GOAT modernist writer[View]
13342241>Occupation: Philosopher What is the first image that comes to your mind when you read this on so…[View]
13343397Books for this feel?[View]
13343371Any good literature from Moldova? Is there a single classic from there, even if its from the Bessara…[View]
13343302This man finished off Western science. Everything after him is superfluous.[View]
13341672>wake up >drink coffee on a hot and sunny morning >go to gym and do light cardio >do som…[View]
13343309Have you read any of Mark Z. Danielewski’s works yet? He’s not the next Joyce or Pynchon by any stre…[View]
13343278/lit/ podcasts and youtube channels: What are some /lit/ approved podcasts or youtube channels? Not …[View]
13337642Catch-22: What a gross, degenerate, cowardly piece of fiction. Why is this considered good? Is it fu…[View]
13342692can somebody explain the 'primordial state' to me?[View]
13338978Any books or stories that go in depth about prostitution in the apocalypse?: I’ve always noticed tha…[View]
13342807Relatively noob but I loved Wuthering Heights and I'm about halfway through this now and enjoyi…[View]
13343217Why was he so based? I’m reading Candide and it’s fucking hilarious.[View]
13343218What does /lit/ thinks about this book?[View]
13339006Would you join a classical philosophy club? Would you attend their symposia?[View]
13340172Is this book worth it? it looks pretty interesting.[View]
13342485Good political/current affairs magazines: I'm trying to follow the more intelligent journalism …[View]
13340169How did old philosophers believe in God if they were so smart?[View]
13343160>Indeed it is evident that Christianity, however degraded and distorted by cruelty and intoleranc…[View]
13342969Stop reading barbarian (non-MEDITERRANEAN) authors.[View]
13342790I'm in an MFA program (on a partial scholarship, by the way) and one of the guys here seems pre…[View]
13339964Any food/nutrition autists here? I've been falling down the rabbit hole of reading this stuff. …[View]
13343050Critique my edgy autism: Partial excerpt from page 3 of pic related (a work in progress) --- But thi…[View]
13340967Any good philosophy books about Justice ?[View]
13342981Any good articles about attachment/over attachment to things, people, relationships etc?[View]
13341435Rate it /10[View]
13341300books with this feeling?[View]
13342876How many times have you read your favourite novel?[View]
13337291g/acc - the semidetachable qualia penis theory of value: >Basically, when the column of currently…[View]
13342605Is there a book that takes you to the edge of your seat and depicts constant need for self actualiza…[View]
13342897/stack/: r8 h8 appreci8[View]
13340832>that that[View]
13321860/History/ Books Thread: >Go on /his/ to find good books about history >Only a bunch of troglo…[View]
13340159Language battle: Im about to start learning lit at the university, and i need to pick a language to …[View]
13339979>H. P. Lovecraft was one of the great cat-lovers in history. In his youth he was devoted to his b…[View]
13342780Are there any other science writer's on Rachel Carson's level? The science is outdated, bu…[View]
13340580The Talmud: Is this collection of books book a dangerous deception?[View]
13342523Do you want to read something utterly disgusting and pathetic? It's free! Here it is, take a lo…[View]
13341197Translations: Can we get a thread where people recommend or request the best translations? I’m looki…[View]
13341219What are some books that will help you get fit?[View]
13337238Why don't more people actually read the Bible?[View]
13342288https://talktotransformer.com/ How does it complete your writing?[View]
13340834At what age did you stop being a fucking child and quit reading 'fiction' and started with real lite…[View]
13342451why write literature when you can come up with racetrack shapes[View]
13342524Well that was interesting.[View]
13341996audible is so fucking expensive and not worth it, you only get 1book/month and i don't see any …[View]
13341555What are the reading positions of /lit/?[View]
13340788What is another word for 'landscape' but i don't mean the physical landscape as in nature or wh…[View]
13337361>Eva Braun’s sister, Ilse, remembered Hitler's frequent discussions on Islam, repeatedly com…[View]
13341103where did guenon learn all this shit? i mean obviously he studied sacred texts n shit but where did …[View]
13341885Summer reading: Would anyone be interested in /lit/'s traditional group summer reading? Last ye…[View]
13340858Alan Moore - Jerusalem: So when does this get any good?[View]
13342094Post apocalyptic society idea: Imagine a post-apocalyptic society where the only three books that su…[View]
13334814What's the best language for a native English speaker to learn (for literary purposes)?[View]
13340390Is antinatalism the final red pill? Also Thomas Ligotti general[View]
13314574Critique Thread: Post your best prose or poetry.[View]
13342123Why shouldn't you just take the /irredeemable/ pill?[View]
13339062>I sure am glad I read all that philosophy[View]
13341720Is Heart of Darkness worth a read?[View]
13340462>He thinks there's 'answers' hidden in books or anywhere else in life on how to live >He …[View]
13342076Why do people like this fat fuck's writing?[View]
13341979Where can I download books for free?: I already know archive.org. I used to download from a Russian …[View]
13336514Is Playboy actually lit? Or is the 'reading it just for the articles' just a meme. Is there an issue…[View]
13342030Is this a good book?[View]
13341013more examples of btfo manlets: been noticing in a lot of novels that hate of manlets is ubiquitous…[View]
13341761I finished this today. Has anyone else read it? Thoughts? Want to gab about it? It was a quick read …[View]
13339845How do you overcome writer's block? Any tips or tricks that help you? Pic semi related, it…[View]
13340168>God, I'm so glad I've read all that fiction[View]
13340364Should one read purely for aesthetic enjoyment? Why do you read? Also do you agree with this quote b…[View]
13340565Myth of the 20th Century: Is Alfred Rosenberg one of the greatest authors of all time? This book is …[View]
13324781/shelf/ general: post your favorite bookshelf/bookcase/bookpile/ereader[View]
13341913Broke: Sherlock Holmes Woke: Hercule Poirot Bespoke: Auguste Dupin[View]
13341676>vent to friends about how lack of purpose makes me depressed >bookworm friend suggests don qu…[View]
13339828Question about book/paper quality: Hello /lit/, I've got 2 copies of the exact same book (was g…[View]
13339648Is this chart a good way to get into philosophy?[View]
13341743where can I find Evola's attack on nazism (Notes on the Third Reich) ?[View]
13336079Top 10 books: So, what's /lit/'s top 10?[View]
13340585Ariel's 'Part of your world', Harold Bloom, & the Intellectual sublime: The first part of t…[View]
13341407How does /lit feel about /sci?[View]
13341769Was he right?[View]
13341155Strand Schizos - Book Store: Going to the Strand today because an anon told me that’s where I can me…[View]
13341727Do you guys know of any old film theory books. Stuff that guys in the 1930s/40s would be reading. I …[View]
13337250language is fucking awesome: seriously though senpai what are your favorite words of late?[View]
13341703How do you reconcile misanthropy with your religious leanings? How am I supposed to love like Christ…[View]
13341642How come Aristotle and co. were so based about democracy?[View]
13339502Can you guys recommend any novels similar to The Witch?[View]
13340071What's the Prince vs MJ of /lit/?[View]
13341536I am an aspring aesthete. Recommend me books on aesthetics.[View]
13341266Was he the first postmodernist?[View]
13340448Reading fiction is kind of a waste of time when there is philosophy and psychology to study.[View]
13341501RIP Martin[View]

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