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12628945A Long Way Up Front: I knew what you meant when you said you would go sleepless knowing that you wou…[View]
12628894This is the only book you need.[View]
12628900This is going to be a philosophy thread without, necessarily, any reference to text. But well writte…[View]
12628654Post your book ideas and how far you've gotten writing them: Post your book ideas and how far y…[View]
12628881From The Wave in the Minds Eye: >I am a man. Now you may think I’ve made some kind of silly mista…[View]
12628750Subvocalization: Anyone learn to stop subvocalizing? What's the best way? Is it worth speed-re…[View]
12628348Roast my poetry /lit/ thread[View]
12628457The bananas did it[View]
12624527Where do I start with deep ecology and ecofascism. I'm reading Linkola right and and I want mor…[View]
12628509well this makes sense[View]
12627648>has singlehandedly refuted Darwinism and put the Western scientific establishment on suicide wat…[View]
12628737mr: You guys like to read about literature? I'm not talking about philosophical treatises, whic…[View]
12628491book that is most similar to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP5ZVPwP7bg[View]
12628682Thoughts on pic related ?[View]
12627922Am I an idiot or this book genuinely hard to understand?[View]
12627259Define late stage capitalism[View]
12625165William Morris: Just finished reading 'The Well at the World's End' by William Morris. It'…[View]
12627416Want to get into philosophy: Is Bertrand a good writer to jump into philosophy from a fiction reader…[View]
12628430Is Hegel the path to Enlightenment? What are some other paths to Enlightenment?[View]
12625071No more than 30 books, anon kun~[View]
12626001is it gonna be lit, /lit/?[View]
12628455Anthology/Compilation recs?: Are there any good collections/anthologies like pic related? Either in …[View]
12628235What are some unique and creative books? Books that are like nothing else in literature.[View]
12627096Norwegian Wood: This is the most hedonistic shit I’ve read in awhile. Seriously What the fuck is wro…[View]
12618328autodidact thread: Have you been taking notes on the things you're reading, /lit/? What about f…[View]
12628437Do you mark up your books? In pen, pencil or highlighter?[View]
12625768/etg/ - Exit Trilogy General: Exit level thread, Golden Bowl edition Monthly reading for February: S…[View]
12628320Today I will remind them.[View]
12627059Books on eliminating the conscience.: A while back I remember going on the deep web and finding this…[View]
12628363what should i expect?[View]
12621677>tfw cured from the cancer and stupidity that is platonism feels good[View]
12626513Excuse me of this sounds silly to some of you but is there a book which really explains well the PoV…[View]
12628149You pretentious fagots wouldn't recognize a good book if it slapped you across the face.[View]
12628164Where can i find some /lit/ erotica? Visual porn does nothing for me anymore.[View]
12628084Every book mentioned in pic related im on my quest to become an ultimate psued and if not a Patricia…[View]
12624170What movies were better than the book?: What movies were better than the book? >pic unrelated…[View]
12627649I was listening to a repetitive sound coming from my speakers, one artist Aube. But then the thought…[View]
12628219What exactly did he do wrong?[View]
12627562Reminder this snorky fuck managed to avoid the media which in turn saved his career. There's n…[View]
12626792What are some books where the bad guys win?[View]
12626853Who was in the wrong here?[View]
12627475Why did Nietzsche love the French so much?[View]
12625024Any books that'll make me sob uncontrollably /lit/?[View]
12627099Anybody here study english during undergrad and rec it? I'm almost done with my stem major and …[View]
12621421Where should one read to meet women?: >Hard mode: no Starbucks[View]
12626193>tfw the last 50 or so pages of any book you read is a fucking slog no matter how much you enjoye…[View]
12627161Hello /lit/. I re-obtained my old concierge job where I can read all day AND I got a part time job w…[View]
12620780what is the best e-reader for viewing PDF files?[View]
12625729Were they the Salieri/Mozart of their time?[View]
12626177How many books do soldiers get to have?[View]
12627781Good Modern Intellectuals: Who are some good modern intellectuals to read/watch that would be the mo…[View]
12627791Itt we discuss about insecure underground hipsters who get a boner at reading Joyce in 2019 and shit…[View]
12623074How is this edition of Ulysses called? I want to buy it. I think it's the most aesthetic.[View]
12627297Rare or Autographed Books / Used Bookstore Finds: Bought this for $6.50US in 2007 at a used bookstor…[View]
12627881What are some books that discuss emergence?[View]
12627439What is there really to fear? Is fear a thing which overtakes us when we’re uncertain, and therefore…[View]
12625191Was he secretly an occultist? I'm reading a book which brings together all his writings about e…[View]
12623303Was he the greatest thinker of the 20th century?[View]
12625796What are some examples of contemporary writers that write in the genre of realism? Writers like Tols…[View]
12625841>is this /lit/? >is that /lit/? >only ___ is /lit/ Is this a board of 12 year olds? What …[View]
12627778The literary lifestyle: you're going to have to get used to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
12627767>Do you have Infinite Jest?[View]
12626518What is the best edition of Paradise Lost?[View]
12625998you are only allowed to post in this thread if you HAVENT had autistic imaginary fantasies about btf…[View]
12616842So... you ARE a Christian, right?[View]
12626352ITT: Kino book titles That do not yet existe.g. Ahab in Jerusalem[View]
12621185>Cervantes >Dante >Homer >Shakespeare Are they the top4 writers of all time? Who could b…[View]
12626913There aren't enough people on this board actively reading books. Too many people are coming her…[View]
12626613Jackpot Haul: No puny stacks in this thread only genuine HAULS Pic related I just fuckin tore up thi…[View]
12627592Boxing: What are good boxing related literary works? a friend of mine likes boxing and she turns 32 …[View]
12626436Has there ever been a novel so ironic that its crosses full circle into being a formal, sincere mast…[View]
12627565This is intense. Man I really hope they don't crash.[View]
12625810Of all characters found in Rus/lit/, who do you find is most relatable? Ppl like to say the Undergro…[View]
12622064'ate socialists 'ate capitalists 'ate nietzsche 'ate protestants 'ate jews…[View]
12627255>he doesnt have a gf >he's NEVER had a gf How do you even relate to the romantic subplot…[View]
12623461Just beat Metro Exodus and was pretty disappointed with the story, has anyone read the books? Person…[View]
12627415I liek poetery[View]
12626246Were my grandparents plebs or patrician?[View]
12625864What am I in for?[View]
12627225original /lit/ humour: don't steal shit losers[View]
12627170My right, or your right? Who's right? Look a building!: Before humans had language we had dance…[View]
12622897How are you preparing for the big debate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrvhFA3hPWA[View]
12626457Isms: Is this image accurate? I'm not into philosophy, I only read fiction.[View]
12624253Anyone notice zoomers have taken over /lit/. After pewdiepie began leading his audiences to this stu…[View]
12627041>Again, this is my link with Kung-Fu Panda Actual quote.[View]
12625526Is the Socratic Dialogue the high IQ-method to discern the turth?[View]
12625693Books on being ruthless: I am looking books on being ruthless, manipulative, cold cunning and calcul…[View]
12624812Heil: First, the bedroom.. Second, your house... Third, yourself.. Fourth, your family.. Fifth, your…[View]
12615515>200 page philosophy book >20 of those pages is the introduction by some third rate academic p…[View]
12626298What should I read to gain enlightenment superpowers? Ideally, I'd like to be able to fly, but …[View]
12626225I'm illiterate when it comes to literature and studying/analyzing works for better grasp of the…[View]
12624922Is there a book that shows someone gradually plunging into depression, with an almost clinical displ…[View]
12624756Does anyone here have any experience with kids's literature? What should I keep in mind? I have…[View]
12626650Where do I start with Böhme?[View]
12626642Only really really dumb people like him or really really smart people. The people in between are too…[View]
12625590Post your favourite malaphors. >there’s no school like the home-schooled! >does the pope shit …[View]
12625268What are arguments for solipsism? What are some good works discussing it?[View]
12626230What is the /lit/ equivalent to this?[View]
12624234Is there anything I should read before this besides the bible?[View]
12623085What I am for?[View]
12622221does /lit/ think free will exists?[View]
12625346Hi guys it's me again. I have class soon and I am sad because I have a test today. Ask me anyth…[View]
12626344Favourite piece of fiction ever written? I'll start.[View]
12626489>tfw to overcome my physical ugliness and impress pretty women I must become a well regarded auth…[View]
12626151Why do you spend more waking hours on 4chan than reading your books?[View]
12625505What does /lit/ think of Tiqqun?[View]
12626164HyperNormal lit: Is there any good /lit/ that captures the themes of Adam Curtis's documentary …[View]
12626093How does rank amoung the best of American Literature?[View]
12626243Are there any non-self-help type books on willpower or self-discipline? Or is it pointless to try to…[View]
12625089>reads Nietzsche once[View]
12626371I know it’s shit tier but I’m just exploring the genre. Recently i’ve read some Nesbo, Larsson and M…[View]
12624047What's the book that has aroused you the most? For me is Norwegian wood, when Reiko tells Watan…[View]
12626323>you will never be as good as him Why live[View]
12624684This book was really good. Did she have a ghost writer? Also, what does /lit/ think of auto/biograph…[View]
12625304I want to get into philosophy, with which book should I start? Without pop-philosophy, please.[View]
12622955>300 pages in >500 pages to go[View]
12625256What separates literature from writing?[View]
12626022What are some books that can help a man understand the female experience? I read the Diary of Anne F…[View]
12625865These are the books my boomer mom and her boomer book club friends read. What can you tell about the…[View]
12624136Is Sonic youth poetry?[View]
12626170>philology >practical criticism >hermeneutics >critical theory >psychoanalysis >fo…[View]
12626174this is so much easier to read than phenomonelogy. how come hegelfags don't shill this?[View]
12624696First Murakami to read?[View]
12624239Books on effective power use: Strategy for power use and thought process...preferably by people who …[View]
12625497Books about the boredom of 9-5 office life? No Heller or DFW, please[View]
12626128The Pale King: Thread for People Who Have Finished It: That book... was absolutely... Just okay. Bl…[View]
12626117SIEGE Thread[View]
12624270What are some books about losing your youth and happy go lucky energy?[View]
12624743Is the Jesse Coulson translation of notes any good[View]
12625683Deep down...: You know he's right.[View]
12625946Sitting in a bathroom stall at work shitting my brains out and forcing everyone else in here to hear…[View]
12625920Hi /lit/, me again. I am done with my first class for today, but I still have one more class. Ask me…[View]
12625325Hmmm... yep, based and redpilled.[View]
12624049*is right about everything* Why haven't you realized that you want to kill yourself?[View]
12623838Fave books of all time thread? I'll start.[View]
12625831>Reads Kafka as messianic >Writes glorified reference books with pictures Pseud of the day…[View]
12624359Critique thread: Narrated edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwFsw8xzQyA[View]
12625812Is this book as brain dead as it sounds?[View]
12625342Kafkaesque: I want my life to be more kafkaesque Where do I start with kafka? Already read metamorph…[View]
12625814reading aloud master race: >he only reads silently Is that the plebbiest thing you've ever h…[View]
12625039itt post sad books[View]
12612396>age >your vocation >current book 21 Software developer Gravity's Rainbow…[View]
12625710>I fucking love Joyce, he is just like me![View]
12624300Harry Potter: What about it makes the fanbase so fucking cancerous? Is it a problem with the books t…[View]
12622621About to start reading this: Wish me luck[View]
12625600Apostrophes should not be taught as possessive until student's know that it is primarily for co…[View]
12625402What's your favourite stage direction.[View]
12617958>There is no foolproof argument that I actually exist[View]
12623783What would Baudrillard have thought of 4chan?[View]
12624168Do any of you feel a pressing need to create something, like a novel, but put it off over and over?[View]
12621120I recently had an interesting discussion with a professor about the greatest American poet. Of cours…[View]
12621971>Someone else keeps checking out the obscure books I want to read from my university's libra…[View]
12623516How's the Novel going, /lit/? Did you make any headways in writing it? Have you finished an Out…[View]
12625556How to Listen to an Audiobook: But I have no listening skills! Look at all our reading techniques! A…[View]
12623512Literary rockstar Stephen King was always a genius. He had a 3rd grade reading level in 2nd grade. A…[View]
12624948Limmy's autobiography: What do you think of Limmy's autobiography?[View]
12620916What should I read: staying at a friends house. this is their library. What should i read /lit/?…[View]
12623492Why is pic related so popular on here?[View]
12623745Hidden Gems Thread: Wow, that one anon wasn't kidding: this book has a lot of necrophilia. But …[View]
12625405I'm selling this idea for a novel to the highest bidder: young couple looks into the abyss. Wha…[View]
12623302>tfw moocow[View]
12625059I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read in high school, it was about a boy getting mar…[View]
12617149How many hours do you spend a week memorizing /lit/ passages and poetry so you can flex on plebs and…[View]
12623760Books on how to fight anti-democratic forces?: What are some books on struggle against anti-democrat…[View]
12624830What's the appeal of short stories?: Nobody likes short stories. Nobody's going to buy you…[View]
12624960>tfw at the age of 24 Goethe wrote The Sorrows of Young Werther >only a few more months until …[View]
12624555Searching for pitch black pessimistic mysantropic literature: Im searching for pessimistic black pil…[View]
12625222Physics reading: suggested reading list for physics. ancient scientists or contemporary books. not p…[View]
12624240Augustine....the Kantian?[View]
12625067Who is this guy?: Could this be the face of the next Great American Poet?[View]
12625063what are some interesting critical and well written books on design?[View]
12625005Have never seen a Boswell thread on /lit/ that I can remember. Would never have thought a diarist wo…[View]
12621843https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smMa38CZCSU&t=230s Has everyone seen this video? It's Orson…[View]
12612208Stack Thread: Post and rate stacks[View]
12623674>try to start reading >have eczema >can't stop scratching myself >therefore can…[View]
12623585books to attract women: title says it all. i want books to pretend i actually have a personality to …[View]
12623315what's /lit/'s opinion on jim morrison's poetry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FMG…[View]
12613284/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: fantasy thread once in a while, magic edition >Ho…[View]
12624733itt: instances of authors btfo'ing their own disciples >extensive marginal notes Schopenhaue…[View]
12621910why haven't you taken the ilyin pill yet?[View]
12624220>What is Misotheism?[View]
12621762What did you think of this book?[View]
12624301The universe is an incandescent drop of ink, suspended in a pool of birth water on a lake set before…[View]
12623400Books on abstract painting written by abstract artists?[View]
12624642>not buying a bilingual edition of the Divine Comedy to enjoy the mellow sound of Florentine Ital…[View]
12623313Was he autistic?[View]
12621790>finnegans wake is the final boss of novels >a thousand plateaus is the final boss of philosop…[View]
12618344>get drunk and start a shouting match with God >yell how life isn't worth the suffering, …[View]
12621072>In the end, it was just a story about the Old man and the Sea. But maybe... just maybe... the re…[View]
12621731>There was an occasion too when, in a quarrel with Cicero, Metellus Nepos asked him repeatedly, '…[View]
12624412Alright, /lit/ gather 'round, gather 'round I'm going to spit out a great fucking ide…[View]
12623603What did I think of it /lit/?[View]
12623277he's so difficult bros. nearly 3 times a line, in the general prologue, I must consult the foot…[View]
12619169What is the best collection of Chekhov's short stories?: I'm talking about physical print …[View]
12624535This book is real weird[View]
12624421Best books to read so I can answer random questions like Jeopardy players?: I always have been amaze…[View]
12624014Well friends, my younger sister just added this on Goodreads. She's been reading a good deal an…[View]
12623611Is this word real?: I swear to god that interpersonalization is a real word. I have seen it be used …[View]
12623698>hello anon, I hope you're well (: >are you going to buy my book?…[View]
12623532Is this worth a read?[View]
12624406Living my life ruined my life[View]
12624461>tfw your gf breaks up with you after you tell her that your favourite author is DH lawrence…[View]
12621854What do I think about Evola and the Grail?[View]
12620540Are there any books about writing that were written by god tier writers? I don't want no Stephe…[View]
12622027Best biography on this fucker?[View]
12621170Classic Japanese Mystery Novels: I want to pick up a Japanese mystery novel to get a feel for what t…[View]
12620200So, I tried reading Finnegans Wake, but it just seems pointless. Are the other two worth trying? I w…[View]
12606929Which academic degrees are /lit/ approved?[View]
12619269Why do STEMlords like reading children's books so much[View]
12622542Are any if Tolkien's posthumous releases worth reading?[View]
12622072I just came back from a rendezvous, and it turned out my date >doesn't read books >doesn…[View]
12621911>uses analytic philosophy to destroy analytic philosophy So what the fuck do I believe?…[View]
12621061Who was right?[View]
12619330What are the best children's books?[View]
12606001The Absolute STATE of Poetry: How in the literal fuck does a poem like this warrant a four-figure pa…[View]
12623171Is art dead? Did crapitalism kill art?[View]
12623347Roadside picnic: What's /lit/'s personal thoughts and feelings on the Strugatsky brothers…[View]
12623873Was Bartleby the scrivener kind? He didn't hurt anyone, but he also didn't really help out…[View]
12620700Holy... GET THIS MAN AN EDITOR[View]
12623426any book to sum up what he was trying to communicate(that's not infinite jest)? I can't ba…[View]
12620908Fifty years ago men reviled him like the fucking plague. Now he's one of the most respected poe…[View]
12623930This is the best CYOA ever written.[View]
12623355I genuinely hate other people what philosophy books will convince me to stop being a misanthrope.[View]
12623343is the truth in this book?[View]
12619429ok bros i read discipline and punish by this pozzed faggot and liked it, but goodreads is telling me…[View]
12622366Is there any point in writing poetry?: I wrote a poem the other night. I felt particularly inspired …[View]
12622569This is boring as fuck.[View]
12623557>tfw my friend and I read poetry over the phone to each other while her husband slept I read Yeat…[View]
12623102Hi /lit/, it is almost time for bed and another day of class is in store for me tomorrow. Ask me any…[View]
12623531>rails against spectacle >by making a spectacle of himself WDHMBT?…[View]
12621187Hello /lit/, yesterday I posted about being sad about having class today, but now I am done with cla…[View]
12622060>steals your Nobel Prize for literature without writing any books what an asshole.…[View]
12621750What are the best western books? >Blood Meridian I already read it, it was ok. A bit too repetiti…[View]
12622815How can one man be so right, yet so under appreciated?[View]
12623116Redpill me on this racist guy: What’s his deal and what of his is worth reading?[View]
12623215sartre in martre[View]
12615175What's with all the hate the Potter series gets? I recently bought a ton of books from an estat…[View]
12622286Paper thread: What type of paper do you enjoy? Do you like thin paper or thick paper? What kind of t…[View]
12622470Writing advice: I am curious as to what advice /lit/ can give to someone who would like to start wri…[View]
12622858Fatal Insomnia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatal_insomnia >Fatal insomnia has no known cure an…[View]
12619887Books you can read one or two pages at a time: Any recommendations? I like to read these on the toil…[View]
12623020what are some good books about sexuality, gender, queer theory, etc. pic related, my waifu.[View]
12622678>he thinks words have meaning Sorry to break it to you but everything everyone said is meaningles…[View]
12616498>his face was [color] with [emotion][View]
12621717>As Faulkner's drinking problem grew worse, it began to adversely affect his family. His dau…[View]
12622664>read wiki and sep articles and watch youtube lectures of philosophy and get a good idea of the p…[View]
12618476Decide to re-read Anna Karenina and take notes - in a separate notebook - of every single detail tha…[View]
12622522Pseudonyms: If I write lewd stories and self-publish on amazon for side income, can I get by on a ps…[View]
12622643>self-publish on amazon >kindle unlimited for $0.00 how the FUCK do authors make money from th…[View]
12622530Who snail speed reader here? I have an entire backlog of books I want to get through as soon as poss…[View]
12621267Books for newcomers on political sciences/politics? Does /lit/ have a guide on that? inb4 mein kampf[View]
12622347>“You have to risk it or you won’t get close to the power or the horror of it,” he says. “You hav…[View]
12622682I'm dating a girl who read Lolita when she was 12 should I be concerned?[View]
12621253He always mentions how his book rivals Tolkien and GRRM. Any truth to it? Any of you read it.[View]
12622279where do i start with deleuze and baudrillard and where do i go from there?[View]
12620673Books or other texts on how to develop absolute courage and resolve in the face of the accelerating …[View]
12622653I read this book a few years ago in high school and found myself thinking about it earlier today. To…[View]
12620157/Mena/ lit core?[View]
12622634Audiobooks: Where exactly does one procure official audiobooks for free? Libgen only has regular boo…[View]
12621833Other books where the female rejects the /lit/ type in favor of boring conformity and a life of quie…[View]
12618066Would it be autistic to listen to audiobooks in languages I don't speak so I can fall asleep wi…[View]
12614459books like this?: I really liked the fact that the book basically shits on our society currently I c…[View]
12617788WRITE what comes to mind when watching this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtUSL3HBaYw[View]
12622025/lit/, I come to you in this time of need. They said start with the Greeks, and I did. Now I’ve reac…[View]
12621869Enough talk of exit tier books. What books would you consider entry tier for /lit/? Pic somewhat rel…[View]
12622193I'm a financial brainlet. What exactly did he leave him in his will? A line of credit he can bo…[View]
12622451screenwriting. do I really need to go into screen writing to become financially successful as a writ…[View]
12622075>Reading Exodus from the Old Testament >First part is absolute kino >Get to the regulations…[View]
12622050Post some good creepy fiction. Books are rarely affecting in this regard, but there has to be a few …[View]
12617639Why didn't you tell me he was based af?[View]
12621628Loathing of Fear and Loathing: You assholes told me this would be good. So I pressed on through the …[View]
12622378Did he never masturbate during his 7 years stay?[View]
12613449Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
12621004/lit/erary magazines: What literary magazines are /lit/ approved? I am looking for counter-culture s…[View]
12622222I'm 20 and my bookshelf is mostly classics, philosophy, plays, poetry anthologies, and a few te…[View]
12622040Who are the best contemporary prose stylists? I want to read things that are mostly style instead of…[View]
12621730As far as the literal narrative goes, anyone care to spell out to me what the ending is supposed to …[View]
12622185Do you think he is taking so long because he rewrote his books since everyone has already guessed hi…[View]
12616830What should I read bwforw I tackle this?[View]
12622194Comfy teir books. I’ll start Also: Leonardo’s notebooks The Illiad The Temple of the Golden Pavillio…[View]
12621212Was Whitman a pedo?: Any proof Whitman was a pedo? Been seeing a lot of implications but no actual d…[View]
12620453how do i improve my grammar/sentence composition? schooling has failed me pic some-what related[View]
12620961How can a desire machine produce something real ? And what is it producing?[View]
12618414>it's a /lit/ wanks off to entry-level western novel thread[View]
12622120>reading this book >second page >'The news reports didn't have a name or age, but appa…[View]
12618649There was a thread just a few minutes ago, but I can't find it. Where do I start with Marx? Any…[View]
12620007Will I always be considered a pseud for quoting things? I just have a good memory when it comes to t…[View]
12622014I. I am the clouds. Pouring my anger out on everything beneath the sky. My voice like the Gale ragin…[View]
12620327I can't do this any longer: Been trying to get published for months, but I ran out of savings m…[View]
12619544Do you keep a diary?: Be honest.[View]
12621888>“As Leonardo, accompanied by [his friend] Giovanni di Gavina, was passing the Spini Bank, near t…[View]
12621926What literary things can I say to a woman to get her panties wet?[View]
12610926How does /lit/ feel about the problem of evil?[View]
12617783best short stories: what are some good short stories to read? alternatively, who are the best short …[View]
12621584Which thinkers and artists influenced your thinking the most /lit/?[View]
12620986Describe the United States of America in a paragraph.[View]
12621813For sale? Dumb cunt's same dumb questions Virgins? Listen, all virgins are liars honey And I do…[View]
12621577Sentence Diagramming: Alright, /lit, I have a diagramming worksheet due in an hour and I need help d…[View]
12617504Cosmotechnics: The question of the day - is intelligence orthogonal to it's goals? How can one …[View]
12621709Ted thought that leftism was a disease caused by feelings of inferiority and defeatism... well how t…[View]
12621655What is the best translation of Georgics by Virgil?[View]
12613545Worthy of being in the Exit Trilogy with Ulysses and Carpenters/Seymour?[View]
12619243Books where the loser protagonist gets a GF: There's a ton of manga and anime with this trope, …[View]
12614283>ITT: Post your favorite literary quotes[View]
12619433Has anyone here read this? I just finished it yesterday and I've got to say I was very impresse…[View]
12620786The philosophy of Rand was deep - change my mind.[View]
12620835Working on a book site: Hello, fellow intellectual anons, I am currently working on a site for shari…[View]
12620901Why is it so hard to adapt Frankenstein to a faithful movie?[View]
12620250>You need a book to tell you what good and evil is? You must be a psychopath! I don't let an…[View]
12621014New book for exit tier: We need this book on all exit tier charts stat. The depression on this threa…[View]
12621168what did yeats mean by this[View]
12621236Is it possible to be a good writer without seeing the world and having lots of friends? What if you…[View]
12618829Formal Poetry Thread: Write & Crit. The form's fleet. Take your hammer. Marble pleasure. Th…[View]
12613919Does practicing writing in a second language reduce your abilities in your native one? Is it possibl…[View]
12620767what books challenged your intelligence in the best and the worst kind >best Gödel, Escher, Bac…[View]
12616988Gentlemen. How do we make Gormenghast /lit/core?[View]
12614571>“You have to risk it or you won’t get close to the power or the horror of it,” he says. “You hav…[View]
12613350A fool saw a camel grazing, and said, 'why is thy form all crooked?' Said the camel, in di…[View]
12621110>technological progress is accelerating >young people have intimate knowledge of modern digit…[View]
12620481What are some good books about Anglo-Judean politics of sabotage and subversion of the German nation…[View]
12617612Am I a pleb/woman for finding Wuthering Heights to be incredibly emotional and heartbreaking? I’ve c…[View]
12620021Is Brave New World worth reading?[View]
12620706romanticization of reality (reality as a fantasy): I find myself guilty of romanticizing everything …[View]
12618984Could we stop pretending to like poetry?: Poetry is at the bottom of the barrel of written arts. Poe…[View]
12620713Which book do I read to learn how to think more deeply about my own life and things happening around…[View]
12618507Where to buy?: I want to buy the Penguin Mini Modern Classics Box Set but it's out of stock. C…[View]
12618185Why does /lit/ think he sucks?[View]
12620842Anyone else just run each idea they have through their mind, experience its highs and lows, basicall…[View]
12617210Anyone else feel like trying to live the literary life has been a tragic mistake, a childish holding…[View]
12620769What are some good books about execution/executioners? I've read the Ballad of Reading Gaol and…[View]
12616868I don't know exactly what to feel, /lit/ ;-;[View]
12618758incel here, what are the different alchohol metaphors for example if a character drinks 1 part gin a…[View]
12618401I don't know about you but reading through this, this guy seems pretty racist.[View]
12620738>Write short story >post it on the iternet >Result impluse not to delete it…[View]
12620210Goosebumps: Anyone grow up with these? What were your favourites?[View]
12619162Any decent novels about witches set in the 17th/18th century?[View]
12614570'I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met' -John Green[View]
12620164Book Goals Thread. How are we looking?: I have to finish 5 books by midnight February 28, and I…[View]
12618884/kondo/ general: Reaction is oriented towards order; creating order requires virtue; virtue is a hab…[View]
12620189What Did I Meme By This?: >A whip to bring the hound to heel >Geasa piled high up to the quick…[View]
12620592Fictional Characters: Identity comes from an Other. We are compelled to perform in order for others …[View]
12620016itt books that can cure autism[View]
12619947>“Then you believe in the New Jerusalem, do you?” >“I do,” Raskolnikov answered firmly >'Co…[View]
12616274Any books on the obsession of Europeans with exoticness?[View]
12620505I define 'good' as simply what I do. In my opinion, it is impossible for men to do things …[View]
12618186>reads up on philosophical literature to prove the christian god >ends up leading to some sort…[View]
12619391i havent seen 1 piece of good lit posted by you faggots. Critique thread where your posts mean nothi…[View]
12618767Is this the greatest piece of literature of our time?[View]
12617752Any examples of vivid Church descriptions: Any excerpts from novels/short stories etc. that describe…[View]
12619218Baby's first philosophy thread: I live in the UK. As you probably know, it's a secular soc…[View]
12616504Will video games ever be able to be divine forms of art? Will they ever match up to the sublimity of…[View]
12618896Dominating ratio: Just spoke a homeless guy who's having a lot of spare time to observe and con…[View]
12619274How does one weigh the ontological necessity of being against the phenomenological abyss that is our…[View]
12620222has anyone read this? is it good/reliable?[View]
12618715The Jockey, by Carson McCullers: Anyone ever read that? I don't understand it, what does it mea…[View]
12618891I want to read Houellebecq: because I want something new and French. What am I in for? Where do I st…[View]
12619256What's lits opinion of this series?[View]
12616376Hey /lit/ i wanna learn more about judaism and jews but i dont know where to start. Are there any ch…[View]
12617433Based? Check. Redpilled? Check.[View]
12620131Roosh V milks trad thots now: Roosh V used to scam beta males with Pick-Up-Artist snake oil. Promisi…[View]
12620238Persona.: Are there multiple levels of persona? Can I have some examples as well?[View]
12618655Ward No. 6: Was Andrey Yefimitch actually ill or did he only get sick when placed in the asylum?…[View]
12620147Are these any fun to read? I see he was going to make 27 but has stopped for now at 5. Do the five t…[View]
12619333What is the literary equivalent of Breaking Bad?[View]
12618456Do you judge people as ultimately good or bad? I am having an existential crisis and believe people …[View]
12618315Does anyone still read physical magazines? Which ones? What are your recommended magazines on any su…[View]
12617154Find a flaw[View]
12619969https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/50580/a-beautiful-young-nymph-going-to-bed More poems like th…[View]
12619901Tips for doing a literature course at uni?: Tips or experience you wanna share. Is it a waste of tim…[View]
12619939>reading bible >jesus does all sorts of magic tricks >look it up >inone of it actually h…[View]
12619767What is it about some works that universally resonate and others that are rejected? whats the secret…[View]
12618729ITT:books that unironically changed your life[View]
12618415Reminder that there's nothing wrong with using thesaurus to augment your sentences with ornate …[View]
12619789Non-Jews books: I'm looking for books on pregnancy and birth, but I only find books by Jewish a…[View]
12618985I was on-board with what he was saying about leftists and social ills, until he started demanding th…[View]
12619840Anything like this?[View]
12614433Does thinking and reading gets easier.: In the sense that you don't spend that much effort to d…[View]
12619694Was he based?: I read somewhere that he pushed a woman down a flight of stairs.[View]
12617425was he an initiate?[View]
12619764>like book >no good website to recommend books based on similar book >hope there's a m…[View]
12619672Sorry if it's OT. Is a philosophical system supposed to be all-encompassing ? What I mean is if…[View]
12618717/night feels/ /night feels/ What are your favorite pieces of writing about the night or works that e…[View]
12618531Is there such a thing as a good work of erotic fiction? Physical, digital, online or otherwise?[View]
12615703When did you grow out of vulgar anti-semitism? I did when I was around 14.[View]
12619347What are the best arguments against neoplatonism?[View]
12619185Can the schizo produce meaning even of 'a cloud of sexless hydrogen'? How can we reconcile Deleuze w…[View]
12618842What percent of normies have Netflix, and what percent of normies have an e-reader?[View]
12616054>author went to Harvard DROPPED[View]
12619351>sitting in my comfy bookstore cafe >enjoying a hot coffee and browsing 4chan, intermittenly r…[View]
12617694I've been listening to Alan Watt's talks a lot recently. Which of his books should I start…[View]
12615680Do you make marks in your books? I was forced to in high school and I hated it. It felt like vandali…[View]
12617564Historical Book Suggestions: I need a nonfiction-non-novel book for my western civ class. It needs t…[View]
12617362What's the verdict on Richard Yates?[View]
12615117What are some good Japanese books for and English speakers learning the language?[View]
12615742Recommend me some bona fide masterpieces published during the last 10-odd years. I barely read conte…[View]
12619060okay, now that the dust has settled, can we have a serious fucking discussion about this book?[View]
12603034Can we have a /lit/ chart thread?[View]
12617539'What's your favorite book, Anon?' 'Well, you've probably never heard of it, but after my …[View]
12618866A Thousand Splendid Suns: What does /lit/ think about this book?[View]
12619072Is there a good collection of his short stories? Preferably all of them but at least most.[View]
12618915Any good books with a spinster as the protagonist?[View]
12618383Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion: is it worth reading this?[View]
12615866I've just start reading Nietzsche. I'm struggling a little with Zarathustra, being able to…[View]
12617292what's the best living non fiction author from your country?[View]
12618943What'd you guys think of this book?[View]
12615440>tfw in the 20th century, Latin America produced a better body of literature than sub-Saharan Afr…[View]
12615990Fight club meanings: People keep saying Fight Club is about masculinity, but I don’t get it. When I …[View]
12613670/LIT/cels on suicide watch[View]
12618821>inextricably linked[View]
12618023What genre fiction book can be considered as true literature?[View]
12618397I want to join a book club but there are none in my area except for ones for women only. What are th…[View]
12618125Communications and Media Studies: What books should I read in these fields? I've read Mcluhan a…[View]
12617676When will you guys admit that literature is a dead or at the very least, quickly dying medium? The r…[View]
12615028Quite literally /ourguy/[View]
12618580Good translation: I was reading notes from underground when I realized I was reading a god awful tra…[View]
12617642Currently reading 'Leviathan' by Thomas Hobbes. I just read Chapter 9, has anyone else read it befor…[View]
12617785I've decided to embrace stoicism, /lit/ What are some required readings? I've already read…[View]
12617834What do you guys think about this book? I'm thinking of buying it.[View]
12618567room prisoning: Imagine you randomly woke up in a familiar room where objects are metaphors of somet…[View]
12618327>“Somewhere in the gray wood by the river is the huntsman and in the brooming corn and in the cas…[View]
12618461>I have never read any of the Harry Potter books >I have never even taken a slight curiosity a…[View]
12617844Does /lit/ have any recommendations for any /out/ related literature?: Pic related should be in the …[View]
12618060How do I adopt the most condusive mode of behavior?[View]
12612852Why are people so obsessed with depression? It's making me sick.[View]
12618261>if I ever wrote a book it'd probably be some forgettable post-modern garbage like Pynchon b…[View]
12617343Help me /lit/. I think I've fallen in love with Emily Dickinson.[View]
12618352Literary historiography: Where 'Decline and Fall' was erroneous it was still illuminating.…[View]
12618360Hello, /lit/. I'm looking for books, literature or philosophical essays about the concept of ma…[View]
12614652books about tragic love?: i wanna feel sad...[View]
12616164I think this just might be the most reddit book I've ever read[View]
12616780Are there any books on internet memes? Preferably recent ones.[View]
12618284What the fuck did I just read: http://cubmagazine.co.uk/2019/02/there-is-no-point/?fbclid=IwAR2Gzxwd…[View]
12615432Will you be reading Yahtzee Croshaw's new book, Differently Morphous? It comes out in 22 days.[View]
12618280I just graduated high school, waiting to go to college. Recommend me something you wish you had read…[View]
12617573was werther an idiot? this isn't a question it's a genuine cry for help: I'm in the e…[View]
12616771Thoughts on this?: I'm not actually an atheist (I'm a panpsychist-pantheist) but it really…[View]
12615958Say we were playing a game of Jeopardy and the answer was 'This author is the undisputed master of d…[View]
12617344>I was looking through your shelf anon and it appears you have some books by Leon Bloy. Why? Houe…[View]
12618214Macbeth did nothing wrong. Macbeth was a patriot and lover of Alba who deposed the weak and unworthy…[View]
12618192Arda: The planet or world that Lord of The Rings takes place on. Can you tell me some geographical p…[View]
12618159Is this translation any good?[View]
12618154Goethe>De la Vega>Molière>>>>Cuckspeare[View]
12617430If every revealed religion follow the same God, then how can they go to war with each other, and sti…[View]
12618150Who wrote this?: Not to jut in and interrupt the room but I read this in some rate thread maybe 2-3 …[View]
12617452Savannah Brown is back in town Her debut novel is out 7 March 2019 who is excited I know I am!!![View]
12615682In our of black history month: Let us remind ourselves that all intelligent people who respect thems…[View]
12617117>“You have to risk it or you won’t get close to the power or the horror of it,” he says. “You hav…[View]
12615166How to stop being a brainlet?: When reading I will read each individual word 'out loud' in my head, …[View]
12617204Melbourne Meet-up: There is a rare book fair on Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of July. http://www.rareb…[View]
12617948If you could pick 4 books to try and best explain humans, their nature, actions, and thoughts to con…[View]
126179281. How high would Joyce's IQ have been to be able to write this? 2. How high does your IQ need …[View]
12615045What am I in for?: I'm thinking of getting into philosophy, so I picked up this book. Any heads…[View]
12615778Has anyone who’s read these want to discuss Leo’s genius with me?[View]
12616710Fixing this trash: /k/ommando here, I have but a simple request. How would you bookfags go about mak…[View]
12617882How many pages did you read before you got bored and went back to shitposting today? I read 12 pages…[View]
12617734Who's the Woody Allen of Literature?[View]
12617856You guys talk about Murakami, Mishima, and Dazai too much. Can we get a thread on the classics of th…[View]
12612628ITT: Post a game receive read book recommendation: I'll start[View]
12615897Hidden Gems Thread: I'll start with Sci-Fi.[View]
12615824Are we all superfluous men?[View]
12604936Refute this[View]
12617429Have any of you ever made a conscious effort to improve your handwriting? My writing isn't terr…[View]
12617739What does /lit/ think about this book?: What is /lit/'s opinion on this book?[View]
12617484Quickly, make up a clever, unique metaphor.[View]
12611970Justify human existence in one sentence.[View]
12617265What does /lit/ do to combat writer's block when composing poetry? Pic related.[View]
12614403Just saw this book at an airport and bought it on a whim to see what the normies are reading. What s…[View]
12617358I wanna write a pro-suicide story, is this doable or will I embarrass myself?[View]
12616992ITT: >favorite book >books currently reading >thing you’ve masturbated to that you’re most …[View]
12615546besides the utopian anarcho-syndicalist nonsense is Chomsky mostly right when it comes to politics?[View]
12616900>The semen samples sent to Hermosillo were lost, whether on the way there or on the way back it w…[View]
12617337>reading bible >jesus does all sorts of magic tricks >look it up >it actually happened…[View]
12608211True philosophy is a vaccine of thought. Ted K and Nietzsche were right about everything: what can…[View]
12617462Limerick Thread There once was a man named John Green Whose fetishes were simply obscene From agepla…[View]
12615988The game that is being played here: The game of /lit/ is one where people like to feel better to oth…[View]
12616050Do you ever realize that the 'normies' are living the same life they would have lived 100 …[View]
12617400This guy sucks.[View]
12617115It feels terrible reading something that obviously comes from a place of being deeply immersed in a …[View]
12617207What the fuck were the Dukes' and Duchesses' problems?[View]
12610175Just finished it and all I can say is cringe[View]
12617266Three questions: How can I improve my reading comprehension? What is the most suitable means to read…[View]
12616604what is the greatest modernist european philosophical novel /lit/?[View]
12614103>Religion is appealing primarily because it's a method of relinquishing personal responsibil…[View]
12617077What should I know before reading Macbeth?[View]
12615671Any books on the imperfect?[View]
12608033What books can help me understand american culture, as a non-american?[View]
12616828Midwestern fiction: What are some good books about the midwest in America or the midwestern aestheti…[View]
12616640Will Playing Tabletop roleplaying games over the internet make me a better writer?[View]
12615036Is NEET the most /lit/ lifestyle?[View]
12616331I went to the gym and did 5 reps of almost 370 lbs, despite not having gone to the gym for a week or…[View]
12612730Does name-dropping strengthen your argument?[View]
12616035How's the writing career going, /lit/?: Pop open any George RR Martin, or Frank Herbert, or Ken…[View]
12616939Any books for this feel?[View]
12616521zizek: Which (audio)book of zizek should I start with? This is your chance to try and convert me to …[View]
12615667Emma Cline: Is she the next big American writer? Her debut novel 'The Girls' received some decent re…[View]
12616800>eng 100 professor gives back creative essay >top of the page she wrote 'What was the meaning …[View]
12615820Literary Theory: Have any of you read much into theory? What are some good books that maybe take a p…[View]
12609540Have you ever read Elliot Roger's infamous manifesto, 'My Twisted World'? Pic related is an exc…[View]
12616734Is Brassier a hack?[View]
12614750>friend is always complaining that she wants a bf even though she is too autistic to see guys hit…[View]
12615470>Pronoia is a neologism coined to describe a state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia. Wher…[View]
12616452books about beeing so afraid of death that you can't sleep? Its past 2 AM where I live and I ha…[View]
12614458Best tranny/queer/straight-edge lit?[View]
12616172I don't know if this is the best board for this, but I thought that the fine fellows here may e…[View]
12616621Why have good mystery thrillers become so rare nowadays?[View]
12615314What translation for a first time reading? Ciardi?Hollander? Musa? Mandelbaum? Any of the vast other…[View]
12615283Any love for Simenon here?[View]
12613258this is some goosebumps shit[View]
12614600Cobain's book?: Anyone know if the book was any good from what I know im pretty sure Kurt was w…[View]
12609360Began reading Houellebecq today, precisely I've bought a collection of all his poetries. I…[View]
12611595What is some literature about the vile nature of the german?[View]
12613868>Bible reviews on goodreads >hahahah one star! I put it in le fiction category aren't I b…[View]
12613073Becoming a psychopath: Is there any book that follows a protagonist's thought progress where he…[View]
12613668Thank you for Lolita /lit/: So being your prototypical STEMlord I've neglected any reading or s…[View]
12616270This is most likely a retard question, but could anyone here give me a bit of an elaboration about …[View]
12615571why does germany only have no talent second rate writers (mann, goethe, hesse, brecht, etc) yet its …[View]
12616343Anyone know books where the narrator or protagonist is bitter/resentful?[View]
12602519I had a horrific Valentine's Day with my (now ex) gf. It is not a matter I savor discussing, I …[View]
12616312Decide to re-read Anna Karenina and take notes - in a separate notebook - of every single detail tha…[View]
12609797/kondo/ general: Kondo-sama > Spengler 'Reaction is oriented towards order; creating order requir…[View]
12615690Is it still worth it to try to go into academia in the humanities? why or why not? It seems like an …[View]
12614713What the fuck was his problem?[View]
12615048Help me: I am a 31 year old friendless virgin. What should I read to become normal?[View]
12615745Read Expected Got: Post 'em. I'll be impressed if anyone gets this one.[View]
12612797According to Freud, how to increase one's libidinal energy?[View]
12614291good alternative history books? no po-mo crap[View]
12616248Is this 'self indulgent'? I like it.[View]
12615564Small town in Canada?: I want to move to a small town in Canada for a few years to write a novel. N…[View]
12614813Question for Spanish speaking -anons. Is it plausible for a Hispanic character (Cuban emigre to USA)…[View]
12615892Any authors with a similar style to Tommy 'The Body' Ligotti? Grotesque, surreal, nihilistic, Kafkae…[View]
12615890'Nevertheless, to the reader of Vergil's Aeneid, Creusa's loss clearly results from Aeneas…[View]
12537487/lit/ Reads The Pale King: Info Thread 2: 'I overestimated my ability to check in on /lit/ every few…[View]
12615936we haven't had one of these in a while.[View]
12613978Poets' golf: >Write a vaguely evocative description of one of the pictures here >Others h…[View]
12615379Where do you start with Houellebecq? I wanted to read Serotonin and I figure I would see what I can …[View]
12615975I'm pretty sure I've seen more semi colons in the first 47 pages than I have before in my …[View]
12615874List of liberal authors and books?: Hello /lit/, help me out here. I'm a liberal (not the retar…[View]
12615171Msg and Literature: Similar novels to the MSG world?[View]
12615840the breath finds its way sneaking between the particles we're told are there it is not slowed q…[View]
12614863what was his solution?[View]
12615755Just got into reading. Picked up some random used books. Which should I read first?[View]
12615068Recommend me good literature (short stories, novels, non-fiction, poetry) on suicide.[View]
12615509Moloch Of Scott alexander: What do you guys think about 'Meditations on Moloch' by Scott Alexander? …[View]
12609463ITT the most aesthetically disgusting words in English >pressurise (as in 'to pressurise som…[View]
12614808what do i need to read to take anything from reading freud? best starting point?[View]
12615350>book title is a parody of another book's title[View]
12615404NHS normie opening: Hey /lit/ers im here trying to figure out how to open up my damn essay since im …[View]
12614908Can anybody please explain the vector of individuation in Lacan's graph of desire? How is indiv…[View]
12615312Worth reading?[View]
12612420*whistles alongside FM radio station song while boiling spaghetti on a gas stove*[View]
12613300Emile Zola: I read through Germinal and I found it amazing, I think Zola made some really human char…[View]
12614122So whats the consensus is on new EU?[View]
12614651why do characters in books seem more real to me than real people and why do i empathize with them mo…[View]
12615025Turn this image into a piece of literature in the best of your capabilities.[View]
12613176>moving from Dante to the Moderns without reading the greatest work of the 17th century Cringe.…[View]
12606598How much does each nation's literature reflect this?[View]
12615482>Weak female character >Previously hurt by men >Very shy and sheltered >Robert swoops in…[View]
12613469Murmur: best song: we walk worst song: radio free europe every other song: a banger but not as inter…[View]
12614072Just finished reading this and it made me realize that Humanity either needs to be destroyed in an a…[View]
12614367I need more books like this. Do you know any ? Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Au…[View]
12615365My girlfriend just picked up this book on a whim. Should I be proud? She usually reads Harry Potter …[View]
12611229I've read Storm of Steel. Where do I go from here if I want to learn more about his philosophy,…[View]
12615333Reminder that learning is for cucks >And as for the disgraces which learning receiveth from Chads…[View]
12613443I've had an obsession for a while about purposely ruining oneself. Indulging in morally abhorre…[View]
12615329What am I in for?[View]
12615319Barlowe's Inferno: I've been looking for a PDF of this full book everywhere for months but…[View]
12612953What are some good Beat works outside of Ginsberg - Kerouac - Corso - WSB[View]
12614597Masters of Library Science: So when I finish my Forestry Degree the USDA Forest Service is going to …[View]
12615145Hello /lit/, I am sad about having to go to class tomorrow, ask me anything.[View]
12615255You're gonna have to change the name of that cat Lovecraft. It's a slur.[View]
12614694>Not only did Relotius’ “exposé” on Fergus Falls make unrecognizable movie-like characters out of…[View]
12609251Are these the most subversive books of the 2010s?[View]
12614990So, people with higher IQs tend to make smarter life decisions on average than people with lower IQs…[View]
12615219This is something of a long shot, but...: a while back a fictional book was recommended on here in w…[View]
12615214The Power of Language: So we pretty well understand that language is responsible for abstract though…[View]
12614198Literature nowadays should reject political issues. To subsane this decadent world, first thing to a…[View]
12614049Is it worth reading 'the divine comedy': Do you recommend reading this work? Thanks in advance for r…[View]
12615146Next year I'll start a degree in informatics engineering. Can you recommend me some books about…[View]
12608365What am I in for?[View]
12615132Any of you guys in the content/copywriter grind? I'm trying to break out of my current job of t…[View]
12614902Hey. I got a simple question. I got offered a few books a while back, and just got around to opening…[View]
12615010Is there a good collection of Tolstoy's short stories anyone can recommend? I want a good trans…[View]
12615075>Be me. >Former fan of John Green. >Seven years ago. >See that he was visiting my city o…[View]
12613053Retard help thread: Can anyone explain the joke in this bit from Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov to me? …[View]
12604726>be JBP >get dismantled by a YouTube atheist How does he still have fans?…[View]
12614394Be kind.[View]
12614928I have enough money to buy 4 Don DeLillo books, which do I buy first? I haven't read him yet bu…[View]
12613897Why is Cambridge University Press so much better than Oxford University Press?[View]
12614451Which should I start with?[View]
12614375How to /lit/ Am i supposed to be enjoying an author's writing style and depth of characters or …[View]
12602443/crit/ thread: Seemingly a lack of a critique thread, so post anything you’ve been working and would…[View]
12614843John Green: Is he a good author?[View]
12614669Do you stop reading if you don't like the book?: I've been working on this 800 page novel …[View]
12614506What a load of shite(pic related)[View]
12613650So did he actually get raped and murdered in an outhouse or was the Judge’s embrace of the kid a met…[View]
12614173Books that have had a major positive influence on the way you see the world or interact with people?[View]
12614677Looking for Hivemind storyies: So how the hell do I find stories which are written from the POV or f…[View]
12611441Spiritual and Temporal Worlds: What are your anons thoughts on this? What makes them different and w…[View]
12614553Few years ago I had read first part of The Game of Thrones. Maybe it wasn't some terrific piec…[View]
12614520Dante's Inferno: This was posted about a week before, and has since then been updated with addi…[View]
12612817Wtf? Does he not get a dime because he chooses not to or because the retarded mutt government does n…[View]
12611405well maybe i should actually try and write a fucking book for once, eh? i'm curious what you gu…[View]
12609590I've read I, Claudius Claudius The God Belisaurius Augustus Julian Is there any other good hist…[View]
12611386>French theorist A cites French Theorist B, claiming that B 'has shown' or 'demonstrated' such-an…[View]
12611732Has a book ever caused relationship problems between you and a loved one?: What was it /lit/?[View]
12610417What are some other examples of books written for people with ADHD?[View]
12606894>that chad who reads pic related in public[View]
12614448>trying to write a short novel for a competition >all my racism and hatred for humanity seeps …[View]
12613362what am i in for[View]
12612323The Castle of Otranto: Hello, /lit/. My last few reads have been originators of genres/styles, and I…[View]
12613465What does a 'desire machine' desire? And what is it producing ?[View]
12613135How do you choose which books to take home with you if you go at any random bookstore[View]
12609752Which essay collections should I get by each of them? What are the essential essay collections other…[View]
12612329>movies get remakes >video games get remakes >music gets covers Why doesn't anyone eve…[View]
12613494Name a video game, get a book recommendation. I'll start![View]
12613436Logographic Thread: In this thread: semiotics, ideography, morphology/phonetics, language games, sem…[View]
12609748Can E-readers compete with paper yet? I real a lot of pirated literature and I'm wondering if t…[View]
12612484I can't understand what Heidegger is about. I don't have the time (or even the prerequisit…[View]
12611197Getting around to reading some philosophy books and realizzed atlas shrugged is like 1000 pages anyo…[View]
12610570>claiming you know western literature >not reading Nathanael West…[View]
12607151Is it possible to break a bad habit after a decade? Or are we stuck in a loop of mediocrity?[View]
12614061Why doesn’t John Fowles get the love he deserves?[View]
12612952According to Freud, how to channel your libidinal energy towards some goal? That is, how to form som…[View]
12605549Books about reversing self-degeneracy?[View]
12608393What are some books about being ugly?[View]
12613422Books that read like a painting or a dream, that I can read on my own late at night and be like 'hol…[View]
12613976Show me a better living writer. You literally can't[View]
12607116I just published my first erotica on amazon/ kindle (technically it has been on the site for 4 month…[View]
12608760What are the greatest books with a political economic moral? Like Les Miserables. pic only semirelat…[View]
12613948I recently had an interesting discussion with a professor about the greatest American poet. Of cours…[View]
12613289books for kv bored shut-in autist losers who empathize more with fictional characters in books than …[View]
12613609Is Peppa Pig a follow-up to 'Animal Farm'?[View]
12613874How would you compare this poem to Rupi Kaur's work?[View]
12613209How do I stop consuming trashy pop 'culture' completely and focus on elevating myself intellectually…[View]
12613843What is the best narrative perspective for writing erotica? Would you say first person present? Norm…[View]
12613396Jews Without Money by Micael Gold: Has anyone read Jews Without Money by Michael Gold? How good is i…[View]
12611234Comical Books: I've read Kafka,O Brien some Faulkner and others and was wondering what are some…[View]
12611924>mom found the toilet paper treatise[View]
12610685What's lit opinion on the marxist argument that capitalism will replace all workers with robots…[View]
12610485>tfw never read the Greeks and probably never will I literally don't care about what some de…[View]
12609188Why did Nina reject Konstantin at the end? She had been played by Trigorin, had an abortion, a medio…[View]
12613691books for this feel?[View]
12613424Is excellence in writing innate or is it a skill you can develop? Can a slightly above average write…[View]
12613266Erowid posting: A while ago an Anon confessed to enjoy reading Erowid experience posts as comfy slic…[View]
12612441>there's nothing better curling up with a good book[View]
12613457This book is a lie, I didn't do any of that. I wasn't even alive during the 80's.[View]
12613369The Impossible Kid: >ywn recapture the feels you got the first time you listened to this while hi…[View]
12612617Rate this philosophy[View]
12612350What's a synonym for 'Hi Mom, I'm on TV!'[View]
12610033How many books have you finished this year? 9 for me but they were all short >a little book about…[View]
12613361this book is dangerous.[View]
12613360Is The Myth of Sisyphus the literary equivalent of Schrödinger's cat?[View]
12613111Is combining dieselpunk with cosmic horror a good idea? I've been thinking about writing a stor…[View]
12611816>common people—rather than caring about their freedom—are only interested in “bread and circuses”…[View]
12611099holy shit[View]
12612941What authors have ideas that would make interesting fictional characters?[View]
12610817ITT: Books that make you want to kill yourself[View]
12612766A men's fashion magazine's opinion literature: https://www.gq.com/story/21-books-you-dont-…[View]
12612926What did Stalin do wrong? Hitler? What do illiterate 'Centrist' pseuds do right? I don't want b…[View]
12613268Pardon my ignorance but is this book about Christian stoicism, if there is such a thing? Or just the…[View]
12612094The Judgement is Kafka's best story[View]
12613264What audiobook should I listen to when I clean my house and plan how to fix my miserable life? I nee…[View]
12610890what are you reading?[View]
12603307*rapes his students then lectures them about living sincere lives*[View]
12611757Greetings! I am here on behalf of the Kimberly-Clark family of brands, we have heard that you recent…[View]
12612241Useful psychology books? I searched the catalog and looked at the wiki. Sorry if I am missing it.[View]
12612968Mystery novel thread: What is your favorite mystery novel?[View]
12610350Make a choice: QUICK! Your bookshelf is burning! You can only save 3 books and reach a safe spot. …[View]
12612263In short, I didn't like it.[View]
12612414Which collections should I get for these two?[View]
12611942What's the most eclectic book you've ever read that's still great?[View]
12612823>Tolstoy, Leo. A favorite between the ages of 10 and 15, and thereafter. Read complete works betw…[View]
12612668>mfw when I am the only woman on /lit/ to have read stirner[View]
12612979classic books: please suggest me classic books that one should definitely read, can be fiction or no…[View]
12612972Is creative writing the lowest common denominator of creativity? Like, if you have no skills in anyt…[View]
12612520ITT we post our reading nooks[View]
12610118>ywn read proust in french >ywn read pessoa in portuguese >ywn read kawabata in japanese …[View]
12611616Books about fuck-ups: Hey /lit/. What are some good books about failures and fuck-ups? Characters wh…[View]
12601123/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: first contact edition >what is your favorite firs…[View]
12612801//COUPLETS//: Post your favorite couplets, Anon.[View]
12611342What's the best cheap e reader?[View]
12612004Is there any reasonable merit to multilingualism for a person who only wants to write in english? Ye…[View]
12611979how do you read with a learning disability?[View]
12612517Anyone read seven types of atheism by John Gray?[View]
12612586Should I be ashamed for reading this? I want to get a good rough top-down picture before I dig deepe…[View]
12611936>tfw born too late to make a living as a Pulp writer, creating stories that are fun to both write…[View]
12610508Where to start with him? Preferably his most self-loathing, introspective book. I here the loser is …[View]
12609263Did this place contribute any worthwhile literature to the world?[View]
12611814itt: poems or passages from literature that move you deeply, to tears or ortherwise ill start >St…[View]
12612431Engineering.: Do you know classic books of the XXth century about astronomy, astrophysics, engineeri…[View]
12612326Books where the main character is a vegetarian or books with a story centered around vegetarianism?[View]
12612287You have 3 minutes to give me the elevator pitch for your fictional story. Go.[View]
12612196Henry rollins: Any of his books worth reading? And any thoughts on him?[View]
12612310Thoughts on this book, /lit/?[View]
12608101what do you think of this thing I wrote? I'll reply with the second half of it[View]
12611577Is this good writing/prose?[View]
12609487Why do authors bog down pages with details that doesn't add anything? When a narrator walks int…[View]
12612218Lads, how do I build a world for a fantasy novel? I've got plenty of characters and I've p…[View]
12612128>make a 'there, their, they're' mistake in a post >close thread and never return im just …[View]
12606794>Me: 'H-Hey I was wondering if you could t-teach me, Mathematics? ' >Her: 'Anon, you know that…[View]
12610699Ethics of politics: I created a plan for a self correcting ethical system of self governance that is…[View]
12611562What's the McLuhen reading order? What if I were to just read one book of his? McLuhen thread. …[View]
12611928rate me writing[View]
12607357Two people might use their phones in very different ways: a man could live in a virtual print cultur…[View]
12611431Post your best memes. I will start.[View]
12610912I have never read any books (except for textbooks for studying). But I will be away from home with v…[View]
12611429is this any good?[View]
12611351Lets Talk.[View]
12611607Can /lit/ recommend an English edition of Les Fleurs du Mal? No, I'm not going to learn French …[View]
12611901>Want to be a Writer >Terrible Writer >Years of working at getting better have not improved…[View]
12611558Juliette Bunoza the Living Book: My name is Juliette Bunoza and I am the living book. Write a piece …[View]
12609352Am i wasting my time with Duolingo? Can I actually become proficient with it? I want to learn Spanis…[View]
12611468Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
12611849Recommend me insincere books: Something DFW would hate[View]
12609957What books would you recommen to someone with fibromyalgia?[View]
12611776Is this book worth reading?: I took an Anthropological Theory course and walked away with an A and n…[View]
12608690Is an English degree worth it? Or would it be better to just get a STEM degree and pursue writing on…[View]
12611740What am I in for?[View]
12605920Words?: ITT: We post words or made up words we are not 100% sure are real words but too lazy to find…[View]
12609808What the hell is this book, actually (and unironically)?[View]
12610028BOOK BURNING GENERAL: For the more spiritually minded of /lit/, do you think that hoarding books, re…[View]
12610219We need a replacement for Fin Wake: ideally something latin american, russian, or Nipponese[View]
12610173Carpenters was excellent: Should it be part of the Exit Trilogy with Ulysses and The Golden Bowl? Th…[View]
12608532I want to become a hermit: Hey /lit/ I need your help. The thing I value the most is knowledge so I …[View]
12611678Books on Human Experiment: i recently came across a video on YT about no sleep experiment, that got …[View]
12611677I keep seeing spammers talk about how Ted was right about everything, or at least his thought was un…[View]
12610484Hello /lit/ I'm looking for books to learn about southern united states from the 40's to 6…[View]
12611067adieu. adieu. adieu. remember meeeee[View]
12611636What does /lit/ think of og mandino?Anyone here read his books?[View]
12611403Has anyone shelled out for this novella? Is it worth getting kindle unlimited for?[View]
12610913Scholastic Philosophy: I’m didsappointed by the lack of love for Scholastic philosophy on this board…[View]
12591102Hey guys, so I met a girl recently and she is my first girlfriend. I am 28 and she is 21, and has pr…[View]
12607809Lets have a conversation.[View]
12610222Reccomend me books that are shocking while simultaneously have nice prose, are comfy and, have power…[View]
12610553How do I convince myself solipsism isn't real? I hate this fucking shit I feel like I'm go…[View]
12610974>Be me >HATE DFW >Driving around the city w/ gf >'Oh God!' >'What?' >She starts cr…[View]
12607808Are there any good books on modern Japanese aesthetics? I'm looking for any interesting literat…[View]
12610235Over the past few weeks I have had to do double takes at an increasing rate when reading text that h…[View]
12609227What are some nice western books that are like Red Dead Redemption 2? I tried Butcher's Crossin…[View]
12610719Love isn't real post literature that proves me wrong[View]
12611052>go on /lit/ every once in a while to see if there are some cool fun threads >everytime I go …[View]
12603699I've just finished and been fascinated by Crime and Punishment. I can't help wonder, are t…[View]
12611013Hello /lit/. I'm looking for recommendations of books that can help me find peace with the imma…[View]
12606645What's the maximum lenght/word-count the New Yorker accepts for a story?[View]

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