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21874639Near-death experiences: Is there any reason not to trust them, besides >muh dying brain ?…[View]
21875505What are these?: Found them at a yardsale and they make noise with a bell inside.[View]
21857834What's up with the Biblical hypocrisy?: God tells you to forgive all your enemies right, even i…[View]
21873989Where the fuck is the moon? any also why doesn't it hurt anymore to look at the sun?: I made a …[View]
21870838I'm getting really offended and triggered at the lack of representation of the flat earth in po…[View]
21875391I need the advice for any of you who may have a higher level of understanding of this topic-magic. F…[View]
21875309Project Blue Beam Conditioning: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/7885699/nasa-aliens-alien-life-ufo-sig…[View]
21866809so i've heard that countries are racing to weaponize magic, what if i told you one country alre…[View]
21870515Do you know any bugs or hacks for our simulation (one we live in) ?[View]
21875366I just saw a hhuuuggggeee black orb, I need an info you’ve got: >01:00-02:00 half asleep half awa…[View]
21872293How would you disappear/die to confuse investigators?: If you wanted to die/suicide how would you do…[View]
21874275Here are two videos that mention Zeta Reticulites (beings from Zeta Reticuli, a binary star) and gen…[View]
21873933Jew El: Where is the jewel found on the Crown? In the center of course. The Goyim have no jewel, so …[View]
21875252Traumatizing Experiences: Hit me with the most traumatic/horrifying experiences of your life. It can…[View]
21873988Books on the occult?: im trying to find books on a very specific topic. i want to read about dark ar…[View]
21875227Seing myself and that wierd noise: Hey /x/ been a minute since i was last here but u guys might know…[View]
21875221Inner Power ∞The 9D Arcturian Council: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g14BLTc_-iw[View]
21875157honestly im curious: How many agents here became daily users of this site? I feel like at first no …[View]
21873409Found a box of VHS tapes inside a abandoned mental health facility. Will upload more tapes as time a…[View]
21875071Reality Change with Kris - Programming, Knowledge and New Species of Desire: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
21875049The end is near https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/747270/apocalypse-fears-sky-filmed-fire-…[View]
21874358Fuck Baphomet: Your world is disgusting. You know who I am. Everything that is yours is to become mi…[View]
21874156Paranormal luck?: Paranormal luck? Ok so I guess this is a very weird question but let me explain. …[View]
21873916conspiracy theories: The super natural and magic is kept from the general public because it allows a…[View]
21875009https://home.cern/news/news/cern/ancient-particle-accelerator-discovered-mars >H-Haha, april fool…[View]
21867168How does one know when they have an open third eye?[View]
21869510MBTI and paranormal experience: So what's your MBTI? Tell me what you believe in and any weird …[View]
21872180guys I found a weird box wut do[View]
21872909Deja Vu: Deja Vu. Post theories on what it is and your experiences with it. My own theory is part of…[View]
21874477Chaos research thread. Accurate predictions edition. Is it possible to navigate chaos and determine …[View]
21874875Another upload from found VHS tapes at abandoned mental health center. https://youtu.be/zSzDW7UGbwQ[View]
21874015Succubus: So I met this girl. As it turns out she is pretty much a perfect incarnation of a succubus…[View]
21868394If a demon / devil transformed into a human, and still had his strength how much would he be able to…[View]
21855842Oumuamua: So are we thinking aliens? because I'm thinking aliens.[View]
21873523ITT we discuss google black zones, mine is the fucking Patomskiy Crater that just doesnt fucking loa…[View]
21873967Ziff9374:73!;!:&.9/9/9/&: Fffrsjakans 6637436!.!.’zmxjxxxueueue Uuudbsbc!$83&3&€]]{{…[View]
21874446Has anyone on here ever tried a ritual from a black 'magic' book like the key of solomon? If so what…[View]
21872227Blair Adams - Victim of an international cabal of assassins?: > What does /x/ think of the Blair …[View]
21874013Washington D.C UFO incident: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1952_Washington,_D.C._UFO_incident This k…[View]
21874486...: Acid Stanford love 4 Chan Mary was a h in the Bible he’s in here oh shit Leon bye[View]
21865474Adamu - An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds: My Dear Friends I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of t…[View]
21868129BEYOND: how do i ascend? i think i'm above everyone and everything on this materialistic world …[View]
21863544Long Hair gives you a 6th Sense boost, study found.: For the anons that didn't know this, long …[View]
21874460Twitch Creepy Stream?: https://www.twitch.tv/dilrum Comments?[View]
21868105Christian prayer thread. Receive them and give them Everyone is welcome not just a exclusive christi…[View]
21874346Give me a Grayy Lmao thread. I want it to be decided by the end of the thread that they aren't …[View]
21868507What is the ultimate conspiracy that 'they' are hiding from us? I've been digging abit and have…[View]
21871252Flat Earth plate tectonics thread.: Can anyone in the flat earth movement please explain plate tecto…[View]
21870850>Ask a worshipful master who runs his own temple anything relating to the esoteric secrets of Fre…[View]
21872024What does it really mean when everyone says that 'time is an illusion'? After reading that over 10 y…[View]
21871575Trying to sell my soul: Don't really belivie in this type of stuff just doing it to see if it…[View]
21867064What's up with this photo?: I don't get it[View]
21872541Amaze me with your theories ples[View]
21870409Do you ever go around google earth looking for weird shit? I just found this and it's bugging m…[View]
21874034Real talk i think i just saw angels or some shit in my dreams: So i dreamt i was laying on the floor…[View]
21872679How close are we to Project Blue Beam ?[View]
21873778Just found out I come from a royal bloodline...: Redpill me on the De La Roche family /x/ I live in …[View]
21873674Have you ever a double dream or dream within a dream and it screwed up your sense of reality?[View]
21872652Spooky/scary stories: ITT scary stories, Alright faggots, get in. I'll start >be me, around…[View]
21873924sex magick: https://youtu.be/Qp79A6-fmgk?t=578 nocum = enlightenment[View]
21869340AX: Ax’s Victim checking in. I haven’t been on this site for years and don’t plan to start now but I…[View]
21871602People around the world acknowledge that extraterrestrial life exists and the possibility that we…[View]
21873839He is 453 years old. An occult magician. HELP[View]
21871325Masons Journey East: Can anyone tell me why it's funny that the 'Monkey King' took the Journey …[View]
21873803Hey, /x/, do you think there is life on mars? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZKcl4-tcuo[View]
21869419schizophrenia?: i have no idea where to post this. i have fallen in love in something i dont underst…[View]
21873293Why isn't /x/ talking about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmEScIUcvz0[View]
21873561Is there anything worth exploring in Setianism?[View]
21873706How do I get out of my head /x/? I want to leave everything behind, the people I love, the memories …[View]
21866545Who do i create a tulpa ?[View]
21873595Also, ed.: Who is John the Architect? My dog? My neighbor? My mule? My donkey show. Japanese Thread…[View]
21870504Why do I feel like I've lived another life?: Here's the odd thing about this: I'm a s…[View]
21870382What do you think the note said lads ? https://youtu.be/wIYulSA8fC0[View]
21871534I need answers: So there's some of you here with knowledge about deities, entities, and forces …[View]
21870545I've been experiencing some strange noises and sights from my new apartment. I got it about two…[View]
21871616Books: What Occult,metaphysical,magic books changed your life /x/?[View]
21872634Let's discuss /x/ related jobs and careers.[View]
21870160>Ayylmaos are just humans from the future why the fuck is this so popular? It's completely o…[View]
21873522Bashar - Everything is One Thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkyunwoQ3uE[View]
21869404Help me out(typical thread): i know this type of thread is very common since everyone here is depres…[View]
21872916Bennington Triangle, Vermont: https://allthatsinteresting.com/bennington-triangle i was reading abou…[View]
21871562Weird Coincidence: So, essentially, I'm not one to... well, care for these things. I look at mo…[View]
21871275How does one make their own Magic Wand? An except from Thomas Burgoyne's 'Light of Egypt vol.2'…[View]
21871196Demon summoning success: >has anyone ever successfully summoned a demon? >I've been think…[View]
21873251Witchcraft General: Too fucking cold for skylclad addition.[View]
21873385Califag here. Me and two buddies of mine want to go on a trip to get spooked. Any places in Californ…[View]
21870530Brainlets on suicide watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouBfzCgXHgk[View]
21871999I need Lovecraft-esque spooky short stories thanks[View]
21870377Has anyone else thought about joining the Masonic Lodge?: Why have all the super prominent members o…[View]
21873372Accessing Information ∞The 9D Arcturian Council: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am-dYZ0muSk…[View]
21870592/x/: However pale the problem is not the female. Bushes conceal the truth like the messages of Luth.…[View]
21873344Do you guys think it's possible that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will be replaced by somet…[View]
21869166Weird things in Buenos Aires: So, me and my pals are thinking about doing some exploring, I'd l…[View]
21873310Rob Gauthier - IC-1101 Galactic Consciousness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QxLMPSAswY…[View]
21873258Beverly Nation - The New Earth is Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMbTAQLWTaA[View]
21868339@Flat earthers of /x/, even if the earth was flat, what is the incentive of whoever would wish to hi…[View]
21873141Arcturian Council: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTlWvAKkrSY[View]
21871636Selling souls/possession: Willingly trying to sell my soul or get possed reason bored with life ( no…[View]
21870445What are some decent found footage films? Or films involving the internet? I just saw Unfriended:Dar…[View]
21869261Why the fuck are there many schizos and boomers on /x/?[View]
21872162Psychic Surgery in the Philipines: Hey /x/ thoughts on this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DXanG7YSq…[View]
21869869What if the ghost within you is telepatically controlling your body?[View]
21872036Sad Satan (discussion)?: For those of you who aren't familiar with the Sad Satan game, it is ab…[View]
21873024THIS IS THE TREE[View]
21868618The Deep State wants everyone to think this is happening because of “Fuel Taxes.” The world is wakin…[View]
21866476The Hollywood Conspiracy: Who's behind it and what are they up to?[View]
21865313Predictive programming: Reality or Shit teir meme?[View]
21869975Gravity is a mis-contception of dark energy. If the universe is expanding faster and faster. It woul…[View]
21872505Daily Reminder that skinwalkers were invented by /x/ and /k/, some of the first stories were from au…[View]
21868104/div/ - Divination: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/p…[View]
21842881Have any of you guys watched that new Bob Lazar documentary?[View]
21871061Cattle Mutilation: >no blood anywhere on ground, not even a drop >blood drained >no tracks …[View]
21868540Any suggest for a ritual in this Winter solstice?: As you may know Winter solstice is very close, an…[View]
21871564Do psychedelics mean anything or are they just bs?[View]
21870126Sad Satan: I’m looking for any paranormal experiences you heard of for people playing the game Sad S…[View]
21872049MJ operations are underground 20+ hours a day, yet the skies are monitored 100%. You'd be surpr…[View]
21872245Anyone here have any experience with humonculi? I've been intrigued about them for a while but …[View]
21852280Spoopy ships n sea stuff: Sailor here, anyone got any good ghost ships/sea stories/creatures from th…[View]
21868921Are they trying to return us to the age of Pisces?: If we make it through Kali Yuga do we continue t…[View]
21871632I wish to severe all connections with negative spirits: I give them too much attention and they just…[View]
21871288Angels and Vampires: I know according to Armenians, the first Christian nation, angels are responsib…[View]
21870177If I pray to a lesser known dieties do I have a better chance of getting answers? I mean less people…[View]
21871306sleep paralysis: -over last years i have been having sleep paralysis for a while -happens 3-4 times …[View]
21863073hypnosis interests me greatly and i was wondering how far can hypnosis go? what are it's limits…[View]
21861901Jungian Inner Work: What methods do you use for self-exploration? Also, discussion on Jungian psycho…[View]
21868818Routine Meditation: Hey everyone so Im super interested in meditation and want to start a routine. I…[View]
21850229https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001900760001-9.pdf Declassified CIA doc…[View]
21871023Anyone of you got information or a guide how to travel between worlds/dimensions? If yes do humanity…[View]
21869212>Vince Foster's Suicide lead prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez resigned from the Kenneth Starr inv…[View]
21871392what does my birth chart say about me?[View]
21869946MFW: There are microscopic organisms on your arm arguing about if its flat or not (your arm) because…[View]
21870398I regularly see this particular woman in my dreams but I have never met her IRL before. She consiste…[View]
21871415Nightmare fuel image maker part 2: https://ganbreeder.app/ Ganbreeder app, mix multiple images for h…[View]
21864336Do dogs have souls?[View]
21864639How do I surrender physical existance?: Is suicide the only way? I can't stand living anymore. …[View]
21871185Is alcohol the oldest entheogen? One of the earliest writings we have is the sumerian hymn to ninkas…[View]
21871219(You): >'The person does not distinguish between dream and reality and believes in things of her …[View]
21864327Alchemy: Does anyone here have any experience with alchemy? I personally have quite a bit of knowled…[View]
21862312Mastering the mind: How does one stay 'switched on' the whole time. Up until a few years a…[View]
21868824Could anybody help me out here and help me figure out whats going on? There’s this specific bathroom…[View]
21868421Are you tired of joining Discord servers with an established close-knit community that never even ac…[View]
21870083WHO ARE YOU?![View]
21868922paranormal,strange channel on YouTube: Hello users!I know strange channel on YouTube - Saiver Nevada…[View]
21870166The Brights: The Brights are coming to destroy all thing /x/ in the world! The end is neigh, my brot…[View]
21868944Can someone please read my chart: Greetings, I have been on a journey for 3 months surrounding my 33…[View]
21870844Freaky Sleep Paralysis: You wake up, but you can't move a muscle. Lying in bed, you're tot…[View]
21869496Who would win in a fight?: You're sleeping in you bed when are awoken by the sound of a women s…[View]
21869013Guys help My ex girlfriend often praticed witchcraft or wiccan or whatever its called. She said she …[View]
21870354I have been possessed by a cat spirit (long story: I went to Japan to visit shrines and got talking …[View]
21863466The MOON LANDING Question: If the moon landing was real, and all video footage and photos back then …[View]
21863235What are the spiritual implications of me drinking my gfs period blood? Shes wicca and refuses to te…[View]
21866958Weird/Unexplained youtube videos or channels: Share your mysterious or weird youtube videos or chann…[View]
21870338Just a friendly reminder that we are living in a universe created by a 'God' that isn't even as…[View]
21867062Post Giant Stuff[View]
21869070Lmao at Chills' newest '''song''' https://youtu.be/zV9URU86Pe8[View]
21856971Post pictures of what you think he boogeyman looks like[View]
21870645Red pill me about Vordaks[View]
21869619What can I do with my pineal gland.[View]
21870516Hypnosis: Is there a way I can hypnotize someone? And if there is, how does it work? What do I need …[View]
21870191the thing on my window: So this was about 5 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was…[View]
21869550How to go back: They are trying to revive me, how do I go back home /x/ Not larping DO YOU WANT TO K…[View]
21869757woke up with this on my inner left leg odds i’m going to die? what kind of curse is this[View]
21869748Robert Bigelow: This man is your hero, Can anyone name anyone else more badass than this mofo right…[View]
21870236did anyone else get a phone call from 954-612-36XX about an hour ago? some weird shit going on here.[View]
21870186I tried to end my life while sleepwalking help: As the title and the picture implies,last night I tr…[View]
21868156My family has been Jews for generations but we're incredibly poor so I never really bought into…[View]
21861046The end goal of all religious messagry: Hi folks, been flicking thru your board here and trying to u…[View]
21869283Could the comic Tomio Red turtleneck happen in real life?[View]
21870293How can you communicate with other person through animals?: So Im fallin for this girl that I really…[View]
21870208the large hadron collider and quantum computers are keeping us in this loop of by messing with quant…[View]
21870247Who is Klath and Pare???: i have seen these random threads with pictures of space and strange commun…[View]
21869848James Randi: Seriously though, what's his fucking problem?[View]
21868235Extraterrestrial humanoids gambling in a Las Vegas casino caught on cctv circa 1994[View]
21852829Dark, black and white cursed images thread[View]
21869612Weird sounds at night: Hey /x/, I've been hearing shit at night for a while now. Should I be wo…[View]
21869733So I recently took a trip to Bolivia, and I bought this thing at a shop in Tiwanaku. I was going to …[View]
21868392oh god oh fuck this nigga throwing sand at myu window, this violates the NAP, what spell do i use to…[View]
21869860Pyramid = Global Warming Shelter: The Pyramid of Giza is meant to supply power to an underground bun…[View]
21869839I feel like I have no soul since a certain time. How do I know that I have no soul?[View]
21869763>btfos every poster on /x/ and explains precisely why nobody here will ever succeed Heh... nothi…[View]
21867873change on the ground: So I was with my Mom earlier today and she noticed some change on the ground. …[View]
21869563What happened to me, /x/?: This is a story from several years ago. I've never shared it here, a…[View]
21864427How much information can Google be getting about us through 4chan Captchas?: This site is supposed t…[View]
21869214Wiccan Ethics: Here is my copy of the Wiccan Rede: Bide the Wiccan Law ye must In perfect Love and p…[View]
21869646>>>/v/442408567 Y’all wanna be useful? Very possible bullshit.[View]
21868430What does this mean? I'm I going to die like this?: I had a dream where I was fighting in a war…[View]
21869455Why is it that women are more prone to having intuitive and psychic gifts? It seems that there is a …[View]
21868925How can we stop the dimensional merging? It sounds terrifying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_co…[View]
21869172Is life an inconsequential byproduct of matter or is it a cosmic imperative?[View]
21866001666 Mark of the Beast: Why is '666' considered the mark of the beast if it's typically associat…[View]
21868924ay lmao[View]
21866869The Urantia Book: Has anyone here read this? What are your honest thoughts? I'm about 600pgs in…[View]
21869282Let's take a moment: To realise that we exist and so does the universe. Your conscious somehow …[View]
21868299The Awakening.: Crack open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msDmHMgIQjo[View]
21867620Looking for some good conspiracy YouTube videos that will creep me out and blow my mind. Any suggest…[View]
21869244Hi X: hello is my first story I tell it fast because it just happened to me it is not very well writ…[View]
21869052What are some of the weirdest abduction stories you’ve come across? Carl Higdons story is pretty out…[View]
21869167The Knowledge of Forever Time: Anybody else watched this series? I'm looking for episode 8 onli…[View]
21867532What can you expect from a Saturn return? What sort of challenges should I prepare myself for?[View]
21856978If you believe in the unseen world (post a request and I'll send an emissary to help you): Requ…[View]
21869126Post rael spells: post spells that have worked for you before and how?[View]
21868987I dont know much about the supper natural. I havent done any research myself, i only my experiences.…[View]
21867878Anyone else not seeing the moon at all lately: I went for an 8 hour walk from 10 at night to 6 in th…[View]
21864498We are looking for super smart people. Tom[View]
21868593UFO over Kalgoorlie: Video here... https://thewest.com.au/news/offbeat/strange-green-light-filmed-in…[View]
21867511scary shit that has happened to you thread: >Be me >A few years ago >Wake up at 3:37 am …[View]
21868263IS posting in divination threads and asking for a reading considered sinning?[View]
21863465can somebody explain to me the power or 'rings and robes' do certain rings create certain magical ef…[View]
21868693if there are no aliens then who made this image checkmate skeptiKKKs[View]
21868709It’s on public record that MK ULTRA, the mind control research which CIA director Admiral Stansfield…[View]
21865168Time Traveler Caught on 911 Call: Just stumbled up this interesting story and instantly thought of /…[View]
21868789>chanting ritualistic songs >in a circle >surrounding an offering of food that is on fire…[View]
21868741spooky “lantern” in the country phenomenon: I am from Indiana and we used togo out to a place called…[View]
21866213What was in that 24 minutes that they cut from this movie?! >modes in /tv/ gave me warning for po…[View]
21867575West Virginia booms: Boys I'm in the city of Hurricane West Virginia (Putnam county) and I…[View]
21866913Consciousness: ITT what you think Consciousness is. Personally I think it is something akin to a sou…[View]
21868757What's the best paranormal investigation TV show? Pic not related.[View]
21867874When will you awaken from this meme universe, anon? What do you seek beyond the meme?[View]
21868215First time posting here on X so sorry if I come off as unnatural The last year I've had this s…[View]
21867489I’m prepared to take the hate for this one. During sodapoppins stream today there was a video of a c…[View]
21867952Expier: 罪のために[View]
21857648post things you wish you didn't know/things that ruined your prespective in life[View]
21868396Coming to Atonement. Have you fought the battle of bravery and truth against submission to misery an…[View]
21868444Yknow what I love about belief in Dea Tacita? All you need is to put a single finger to your lips to…[View]
21868446I love scaring myself and my girlfriend by talking about spooky stuff When it gets dark, but it’s go…[View]
21868340Every single conspiracy theory to ever exist is right in their own way. The reason why most of the p…[View]
21868233I don't really post here often, mostly because I prefer to lurk. But I got some stories that I …[View]
21849616How do you know if your guardian angel is near? Are there any signs? Can you force one to show it…[View]
21868456>Look whose back from the dead with yet more shitty puzzles. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN…[View]
21868385WHERE CAN I FIND THE FULL VM???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-07gdPga1jA This man, Henry McCabe,…[View]
21862619Area51: Is the area 51 call in the Art Bell radio show fake? Hoax?[View]
21868332Deeper YT live: Thoughts? https://youtu.be/3H4dvvhK8eE[View]
21868199DEEPER: Our lord and savior is live now https://youtu.be/3H4dvvhK8eE[View]
21867730How to hallucinate without nuthin[View]
21861423What if the CIA pushed for the 'extraterrestrial' meme because they wanted to coverup classified Aer…[View]
21868355Rob Gauthier Galactic Channeling Feb 2018 - LainTee from KaaTopEi (Extremely Human Like) race: https…[View]
21868177Hey x The shit you learn when you're high on weed and the perspectives you gain are life changi…[View]
21866198If you think about it, birds are artificial lifeforms which form a gridlike panopticon to spy on hum…[View]
21865549I have came inside the inter-galactic channel. Contact is incoming.[View]
21868250Dream interpretation: Hello /x/, I come seeking dreams to interpret. I am a fully initiated shaman a…[View]
21868208When I die: When I die, I want my soul to see all of human history, know all it's secrets, and …[View]
21867255inner not responding to the outer asymmetrical communication better be a laughter[View]
21868184RPC: I think they’re finally gaining a foothold in terms of article quality and have enjoyed seeing …[View]
21867587Does bad luck really come in threes?[View]
21868162From hypothesis to theory.: One in light represents the money, the other in darkness what is bought …[View]
21864119Hey /x/ Did my first real spell a while back. Got it from 'advanced magick for beginners' by Alan C…[View]
21862309what if the government is right?: to be so civilized, one must tell civil lies[View]
21867704Oklahoma Spooky Stuff: I was born and have lived in Oklahoma for 18 years and have noticed some weir…[View]
21862311Spells, Rituals, Herbs, Planets: Dear /x/, please post any amount of lettering of your names that yo…[View]
21865775Why are glowniggers and conspiracy theorists always a pain in the ass to talk to? It's like the…[View]
21866422Hey /x/. So help me out here. Last night I saw something slip by under my door and to under the bed.…[View]
21867784Leviathan's.: In that last thor movie did you see his daughter? Do you know why in that show su…[View]
21867539What does /x/ think of Local58?[View]
21867770Arg? Or real: I found this randomly one day while on twitter, they have no followers and only 6 post…[View]
21864056You have limited time - 46 43 170 62 144 73 40 46 43 170 63 63 73 40 46 43 170 63 66 73 40 46 43 170…[View]
21867001ASTRAL PROJECTION GENERAL: Didn't see one in the catalog so here ya go. Share some stories! Tip…[View]
21865464Summoning Murmur: I think I accidentally summoned Murmur while writing a piece of music in his honou…[View]
21867027My friend is being haunted. Advice??: So my friend and I have always been interested by the supernat…[View]
21864315I am dead.: >Yesterday morning >Orange juice, breakfast, shower, basic morning routine >Und…[View]
21867510Help me /x/: what are some paranormal or occult ways to get a good mark on a math exam? I have a but…[View]
21866011NEETs make for the perfect sleeper agents: >Take frequent naps, the perfect opportunity for their…[View]
21867276I'm developing a game inspired by Internet Mythology, Yumme Nikki and Lain. I'm going for …[View]
21865231Organic Black Helicopters: What percentage of black helicopters are organic? Most of them or just th…[View]
21866968Any advice: I've been experiencing paranormal stuff all my life but I've been paying more …[View]
21865009Happy Sunday /x/. Which Bible verses are you meditating on today?[View]
21866761What made Asmodeus hate fish?[View]
21867608The Mandela effect: Is there a list that has stuff altered by the mandela effect. if so i have one t…[View]
21867009how do i summon a succubus?[View]
21864930what do we do about the satanists?[View]
2186551101000010 01000101 01010100 01010100 01000101 01010010 00100000 01010111 01000001 01010100 01000011 0…[View]
21865945Why dont demons harrass me? Im very weak willed and depressed :D[View]
21865163What is this?: Took this picture several years ago. I still dont know what it was. The suggestion wa…[View]
21867668Negotiations accepted.: For the sake of stabilizing counterterrorism and espionage efforts, every na…[View]
21865737/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21867461Did I die?: Last night after coming home from work, I slept at 2AM. I had a few dreams, but the last…[View]
21866934Can somebody give me a quick rundown of occultism?[View]
21867662So people having souls isn't real? I've always heard people say they have the soul of the …[View]
21863766This is the early forms of humans[View]
21867242Please help me leave this hell.: Why can I not leave this website? Every time I leave, I come straig…[View]
21857111So what are freemasons? One of my teachers is apparently one of them even though I think hes not rea…[View]
21866688Superpowers making me sick?: Hey. Confirmed the past few days that I have a developing superpower. I…[View]
21866436[disruption]: /x/ will not tolerate disruption by those dangerous and chaotic voices who question th…[View]
21867528Goetia: What is a way to classify goetic spirits besides the nobility of hell model? (dukes, kings, …[View]
21867051Ghost box: The experimentation of radio sweeping frequencies in a linear fashion. The manipulation o…[View]
21866678What are some spooky food? What are some popular food they claim is healthy but actually kills you (…[View]
21861348Catholic thread. Happy feast day of the Immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary! I will try…[View]
21867466DIE: Can u die by making your mind Concentrate so powerfully that you slow your breathing to stop…[View]
21864539Fucking kek https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/06/27/botched-spanish-sculpture-compa…[View]
21865742mud flood and free energy fireplaces bruh: https://youtu.be/acRFzipa7VQ >we didn't build thi…[View]
21860386Telepathy Experiment: I'd like to prove here beyond any reasonable doubt that telepathy is real…[View]
21866437Symbols for the higher-self: I often find myself using words like 'I' to have 2 meanings, and I…[View]
21860978does the deep web really exist, are there sites where you can watch real life murder or suicide vide…[View]
21864190ITT: AZTEC RECONSTRUCTIONIST: Or mesoamerican practitioners in general. Where TF all you niggas at?…[View]
21863612Paranormal anime: What are the best Japanese animated works about the paranormal? Pic related.…[View]
21867012Does any of you have any experience with shadow people? I don't know if they have a name, shad…[View]
21866426The /x/ take: >you finally die >every feeling goes null and flatline >you are in the void f…[View]
21866988Can anyone please share the best manifestation techniques please? Much thanks in advance[View]
21866446you got the tools for the job. meet me by the bridge in 15 minutes.[View]
21865223Hey /x/, east coast fag here. just moved here from across the country. couldnt get to sleep last ni…[View]
21866829Who or what is the beast of Revelations?: What kingdoms do the two beasts represent? Are they kingdo…[View]
21865611The ghost in my neighbors window: Late at night I saw a strange figure in my neighbors window. It lo…[View]
21866839Meditation Visions: >Began meditating to cope with stress >Closed eyes, in bed, focus on breat…[View]
21861153Flat earth and the ice wall: It all makes sense now. We know that the earth is flat, and that the su…[View]
21859417Wild Card Line: QTDDTOT, one-off comments, and small observations go ITT. Wild card line, caller you…[View]
21866823Charisma: How do I become more charismatic /x/? I want my voice to be powerful and irresistible, and…[View]
21864879Can you unknowingly summon demons into your life and just never realize it until their influence bec…[View]
21863115Is is possible to merge human souls?: If it is, I have approximately 35 years to master this ritual …[View]
21866150Sacrificial Calendar?: I work on a military ship, and I won't disclaim What boat or for which n…[View]
21865174is the Earth goal to teach us how shitty it is?: if so we don't need more than one incarnation…[View]
21858829hi, /x/let here. can someone give me a guide on how to have more paranormal experiences and do a bun…[View]
21864770So Bob Lazar is actually telling the truth??: just saw the video of him and pilot John Lear(Son of B…[View]
21866368Lightning strikes.: I Already posted my hypothesis on why Christ is a 3 headed dragon. He took a bit…[View]
21861604Howdy /x/. From time to time (few times a year) someone uses a flashlight to light my room at night …[View]
21865170What's your theories about the Paracas skulls?: No sagital sutures, two strange holes in the ba…[View]
21856991This music video by David Bowie is so occult. What do you think the meaning behind his lyrics are ?:…[View]
21866079Any /reincarnation/ people online right now? Tell me your experiences. >t.Former Nazi captain…[View]
21862840Mk Ultra files released FOIA: Has anyone read into the recent release of MK ultra files under the fr…[View]
21865338The Flat Earth Conspiracy Conspiracy: In the last couple of months or so I've noticed threads a…[View]
21864243What did the founders of the Knights Templar: really find when they were digging under Solomon'…[View]
21859756The Grey Havens: Where do you think Gandalf and the Elves were really going?[View]
21865296it's depression paranormal?[View]
21864197wtf amerifats what r u doin Area 51: Planes 33 aircraft just entered Area 51 what the fuck are you d…[View]
21860789Testing for synchronicity.[View]
21859275anyone else fall for the meditation meme? everytime I just end up remember all the horrible things t…[View]
21865189Selkie Waifu?: If you can successfully hide their skin, would a selkie be a good wife?[View]
21866049Why don't God kys and destroy Universe?[View]
21866086Mind control: Anyone has any sources on the research done by nazis on mind control and manchurian ca…[View]
21865803What do you think about that faux alien invasion thing? I watched Unacknowledged recently, and it ki…[View]
21866062Begging the Heavens thread: Hey /x/, can we all ask for the gift of Ascension/Enlightenment this Chr…[View]
21853690ayylien thread[View]
21864847Give me your most mortifying, disturbing, demonic images/video that will keep me up for nights on en…[View]
21861599Lost media: It's been a while since we had a thread like this[View]
21864251comfy spells: Are there spells or incantations that one could recite to invoke comfy feels? Serious…[View]
21856432Post spooky graffiti.[View]
21865440This is just a weird fucking theory I came up with last night but if you think about it with an open…[View]
21861345Is it a good thing that the world is Satanic?: Right now, everything about human life on this planet…[View]
21864874Monatomic Gold, ORMUS, the philosophers stone, effects and stories.: I just watched a few lectures o…[View]
21860753What occult forces are on the loose in Paris at the moment?: What's happening![View]
21865110I'm trying to make gains spiritually but find myself Jee hating and watching rekt shit with bar…[View]
21865635Jamye Price - December Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
21865024Found this in my garden: Still gives me the spooks[View]
21865603Mariella La Cunza - December ASCENSION Energy Light Language Activation: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
21865548Abraham Hicks - Do we choose our parents?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulzXaqmSpSs https://www.y…[View]
21865500Strange calls: So a few weeks ago someone called and started rambling 'noll' and 'ett'. I am from Sw…[View]
21864140>pop some benadryl for the first time in months since I've been having trouble sleeping …[View]
21863523Looking for the most likely to be real photo of extraterrestrials: Of course any photo could be …[View]
21864125Collective Consciousness: I dreamed of being in highschool where the locker rooms are a giant maze. …[View]
21862557Is there any redeemable aspect to the New Age Movement?: Specifically what I mean by the New Age Mov…[View]
21860582The real horror of the world is knowing that: my grandchildren are going to fight for water.[View]
21862488VIRAL INFECTION: 01101000 0001010 01110100 0001010 01110100 0001010 01110000 0001010 01110011 000101…[View]
21862298Weird Fandom My Friend Is Interested In??: It was about four in the morning, and I was scanning YouT…[View]
21864331Took a wrong turn on the astral hypertransit and now I'm well into a sixth dimensional post-sin…[View]
21865197How many of you have /actually/ looked into it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tgST3hL01w[View]
21863262/x/ and relationships: How has getting into /x/ tier stuff affected your relationships with friends,…[View]
21864622Why is there so much conspiracy theory on the internet, even professionally filmed videos that must …[View]
21862888What does /x/ make of this?: https://www.businessinsider.com/scientists-noahs-arc-would-have-floated…[View]
21862364any leads: Ok so this has been a re a curing thing happening for the past few nights. I live in the …[View]
21864615The Dead of Laurel Canyon: -The butchered corpse of Marina Elizabeth Habe, 17, an aspiring actress a…[View]
21864881HORROR FILM: I don't normally post on 4chan but I've had this 6 year long issue on trying …[View]
21863898Hey /x/ I don't normally lurk on this board but some spooky shit happened to me today > be m…[View]
21862095Heaven: What's heaven like?[View]
21861925Had the most terrifying nightmare of my life tonight. >In dream fighting someone >They reach f…[View]
21842340Astrology General: Post books, youtube channels, websites, and any other astrology materials.It…[View]
21864898Saw something in the sky.: Pic not related. Hey. I never posted here before but since you guys are a…[View]
21858091Men In Black: Serious discussion: spill everything you know. Why have so many reported them if they …[View]
21864282Big ol' ancient library: Been thinking about this for a while, what information do you think th…[View]
21863346conspiracy iceberg?: anyone got any good conspiracies deep down in the shit? some shit i've may…[View]
21858001pyramids were made by humans, try to change my mind: I mean, there's nothing than an infinite n…[View]
21864171TFW no Eldritch abomination GF: :([View]
21862523Is Apep really evil? Or was it misunderstood?[View]
21863678post creepy vidoes from anywhere on the internet that you guys have found[View]
21864378Project Janius Aright, I've been scrounging certain forums for a while now on this subject, but…[View]
21863916CRYPTOZOOLOGY GENERAL /cg/-NESSIE EDITION: Post some evidence you think is compelling for any unknow…[View]
21862695Scary shit happeing lately: Hey guys, I've been receiving calls from random numbers in Cincinna…[View]
21864232Vibrantly colored world: I have to say I'm slightly surprised and confused regarding this. This…[View]
21861669Need help with binary: I’ve come across a strange video while going through my old yahoo email. At a…[View]
21864212I want to believe but I feel as though I can't.: Please, I really want to believe in sometimes.…[View]
21863190flags define a nation's progress. red is passion. thats why red was used for the ussr and nazi …[View]
21860412How I make vodoo: Help me to make a vodoo .pic unrelated[View]
21860353Rum said 'Once you conquer your selfish self, all your darkness will change to Light.' I find this i…[View]
21860333How can I supernaturally increase my charisma and attractiveness?[View]
21864211No way...: What if humans started the vampirism? They took advantage and created sin throughout the …[View]
21864246Discovering Bigfoot: 'Someone is taking the apples.' - President Trump at secret meeting with Todd …[View]
21860330why is the north pole of Mars, the Sudan? how many other obvious similarities are there between Mars…[View]
21850713The modern, popularized concept of hell.: Has there ever been a more vile, toxic, and destructive id…[View]
21862739What does /x/ thinks about this guy?[View]
21863830The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows: Has anyone found their way to the Ninth Gate?[View]
21863124Pharmaceutical companies are setting up research chemical dispensaries online to sell their unresear…[View]
21863922How to be immune to the paranormal: As we can tell from this story and a few others, notably the sto…[View]
21860723/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21861565So, again, is he the most powerfull man on earth or is just a meme? I don't think anyone have m…[View]
21862960servitor/poppet: I haven't resorted to black magick in many many years, the last time I did thi…[View]
21860982Was dafu love or green ball ever real?: Internet hoax or real red room story?[View]
21861420Conspiracy theories: What is a conspiracy theory that you believe in that you admit sounds outlandis…[View]
21863535made a post a while ago about hearing my name whispered in my ear a lot. didn’t take off but some mo…[View]
21859202Are there accounts of people cured from schizophrenia?[View]
21862778amazing UFO prediction: Southern California will see spooky UFO action in the sky between 8 and 9pm …[View]
21863246Is it possible to damage my amygdala with drugs? I want to become fearless, and release all my inhi…[View]
21858080Third Eye Opening?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtLkzg8bFgA Hey /x/, I was wondering what you mi…[View]
21862183:) from a friend: yv oek tushofjut jxyi qjbuqij oek xqlu iecu iudiu. qdo mqo, xem qhu oek ? rusqkiu …[View]
21863596serving quick rundowns[View]
21863593It doesn't matter if you are afraid of heights. They can take anybody to the top.[View]
21863458anyone watch her?[View]
21863254Spooky stories: /x/ is shit today post the spookiest of spooky stories >be in attic workout room …[View]
21859000Terrify me. Show me real horror. Make me scared. Post things that'll give me nightmares. Trigge…[View]
21860100What can you tell me about 'foot worship'?: Recently my boyfriend told me that he is into …[View]
21863165Unsettling Industrial: Ever since I saw this it kind of gave me the creeps. The amount of raw energy…[View]
21860838I'm sure that /x/ is familiar with the phrase 'trust no one'. Popularised in many fictional sce…[View]
21863172Any thoughts about mudras being linked with plane shifting or transmutation? Theurgical Mudras?[View]
21862886The Winter Solstice: The Winter Solstice 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 5:23 PM EST on F…[View]
21863178Why Celebrities Take Drugs And Go Crazy: The subtle body of public persons is literally bombarded by…[View]
21863179Basically everyone can agree live ultimately either matters or not. either way I believe that there …[View]
21861954Spiritual/Paranormal/Conspiracy with diet?: Am I the only one that seems the be having a tough time …[View]
21863100https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5yU1CzAg-c Thoth! Thoth! Thoth! Thoth! Thoth! Thoth! But seriously…[View]
21861930Nostalgia: Serious question: which /x/ thread brought you the most enjoyment? >tfw haven’t felt e…[View]
21862928Shitty Marble Hornets Fan Film: Hey, /x/, I'm looking a Marble Hornets fan film that was upload…[View]
21862907how does the demiurge feel about AI and the singularity?[View]
21837443Slenderman: I'm looking for description of Slenderman Ritual.[View]
21858689Why seek enlightenment if the meaning of life is to experience and ego is a main facet involved in e…[View]
21862432[crackle]: There comes a point at which literally nobody you can imagine in your physical life might…[View]
21862258Artificial energy blockage: As of late I've been experiencing major energy blockages appearing …[View]
21854106Continuing from >>>21850733 please feel free to ask questions or ignore.[View]
21862204I had a dream of this thing that had a snake body from the waist down and its head looked like pic r…[View]
21862699https://youtu.be/IQL53eQ0cNA?t=190 what does it mean x[View]
21853018have u ever seen a degraded clone of yourself? I have. it is one of the most disturbing fucked up th…[View]
21862411How an AI takes control of its host civilization: Pecan tarts Starbucks New LED lights Manufacturing…[View]
21856136Lost continent of Mu thread.[View]
21862367Are we all guides for each others lives? We are spiritual entities living in human form[View]
21862458Was watching adventure time and this symbol came up, someone educate me on it cause it doesn't …[View]
21861562Deep/Dark Web stories & Creepypastas: I'll admit I am trying to write a tv script about tha…[View]
21861545I've been studying gnostic texts for a few years now, and I find gnosticism to be far more appe…[View]
21862145Just remembered something that happened to me a few months ago. What do you guys think it is? Will p…[View]
21862198Matthew 19: >29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or …[View]
21853977Anybody have that inverted colors Hillary Clinton picture where she looks super wierd like a reptili…[View]
21859991targeted by microwave harassment/demon: So I have had many metaphysical experiences you know the usu…[View]
21854938What are the spiritual ramifications of watching porn and masturbating? It's surprising why the…[View]
21850549Demiurge is fake: If he existed, then why would he allow us to know about his existence and supposed…[View]
21861088Fundamentals of the Yoruba religion: Can someone help me find this book in PDF? Fundamentals of the…[View]
21861341John Titor: He X/x/X's, how's it going guys? Recently, i've gotten into time travel c…[View]
21861827Chantix and astral projection: Ok, so Ive started chantix and Im on a Keto diet. Both of these thing…[View]
21860779Whos the hypergod of this realm?[View]
21861806George H.W Bush was in Dallas on 11-21-1963[View]
21842160Stanley Kubrick filmed the Apollo 11 mission. When you play 'The Shining' reversed over itself with…[View]
21858444Child Hood 'Stick Men': Hey guys, I just remembered this thing from childhood that my dad reminded m…[View]
21859834perversion: Why is no one talking about how easily it is for everyone's mind to be corrupted/pe…[View]
21860266Friend: Say hi to my new friend that i found outside[View]
21861407Its very simple question for chan/x people.... If you did very tough hard work to gain miraculous ge…[View]
21856234dmt: Dmt aliens are another race which has access to an ability where they can make a visual languag…[View]
21861809>try catoptromancy >start seeing shit >eyes start drooping and shit >worry im about to g…[View]
21861052ghost possesions of attack helicopters: Yesterday i woke up mid air i was stuned i got to sleep on m…[View]
21861853End of a Cold/Hot war: For those who wish to know what is life like after the end. What is at the en…[View]
21857341You guys remember the puppet?[View]
21860294About Soundwaves, MKUltra, etc: Ey. I figured out the secert to MKUltra It's just microdirected…[View]
21861384?????: have you heard of firemarks, watermarks. something to do with demons or words.[View]
21860949I heard that this is a picture of a creature from another world...[View]
21861424Alcohol is a paranormal catalyst: It's used in rituals all over the world, why is it favored?…[View]
21861136Hoodoo: Where do I start with hoodoo? I'm not looking for a systematic approach as much as simp…[View]
21854483>Amazon employees injured when a robot accidentally punctures bear repellent spray can >accide…[View]
21860513I was reading some old threads archived on 4plebs and I came across the term 'void meditation', but …[View]

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