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23069860do you think blood sacrifice is real/works? ariana grande/paddock shooting[View]
23072363Hä eye: Eye[View]
23073478This is going to sound silly, but I'm part of an experiment where I have implants in my head co…[View]
23066933artificial intelligence knows nothing about our inward journey : it translates this concept as a bac…[View]
23072469Real or fake[View]
23070632I was weeping non stop while watching the ending of close encounter of the third kind Why /x? Is thi…[View]
23069968Any thoughts on Andinia Plan: is an alleged plan to establish a Jewish state in parts of Argentina.…[View]
23074432/x/ Related Experiences: Have any of you actually had experiences directly involving other users of …[View]
23074354Indigo Children: I've been told all my life that I'm an indigo child. I've always bee…[View]
23069228I need sources on ritual murder. Serial killers, mass sacrifice, killing rituals, everything[View]
23074039Why do demons overlap our dimension and feed on us at night? Is nature the devils' church? What…[View]
23071240Is there someone here who is not depressed mentally ill, hopeless etc: Because of this thread >…[View]
23073069Profound Synchronicities Changing The World: This is just too weird, even for me. I've always h…[View]
23073087Sargel18: How can anyone debunk his evidence?[View]
23072755I wish to enhance my psychic abilities: I wish to enhance my psychic abilities[View]
23073863A digital firepit: Does anyone have any stories they wanna share? I have a few from growing up in th…[View]
23064330Today is the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing. Or is it? Post your best proofs of the fake moon …[View]
23074207Any lucid dreamers here? I've noticed that in some dreams there seems to be an immense change i…[View]
23072545People who think there more spiritually developed than other similar can fuck off: Anyone who thinks…[View]
23072669I had an aura analysis taken today. I would love someone to read my aura so that I can hear other in…[View]
23072373Hello /x/. It is I, the prophet of the modern world. You may not refer to me. I have come to besto…[View]
23073442Was the Black Death actually the Rapture?: Was the plague just God taking his good children and brin…[View]
23069037Sigil thread: Post yours[View]
23070072Hivemind.: Start with kundalini, spiral up your spine. Then form left right pillars, while holding t…[View]
23073703What She'd Have To Be: 1) Beautiful to me. Someone I never don't want to make love to. Thi…[View]
23069068Twin Flames General: Pure love. There are billions of people on the planet and only one meant for yo…[View]
23072141>Tfw Its happening[View]
23069524/omg/ - Occult Magic General: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ >OSOA∴A∴ https:/…[View]
23073830What planet are the Mantis beings from?[View]
23067134Convince me that vampires are real[View]
23059355Prayers for the Lady of the Stars: The Lady of the Stars is The Nobody's twin flame. A lot of n…[View]
23073569One perfect god is boring multiple flawed gods are more interesting. Do you agree?[View]
23068617Chaos magick: Is chaos magick of any real value? Is it a good gateway practice to deeper occult ritu…[View]
23073491Any werewolf religions?: Are there any religions that revolve around lycanthropy? There are lots of …[View]
23073008Who keeps deleting threads related to Servant of the Most High? Sir, I do enjoy debating with you, i…[View]
23073382And idea about this? A friend ended up at a church and said it had these strange rooms and tunnels u…[View]
23073204Why does extreme exhaustion make you hallucinate? Is there a spiritual/spooky reason behind this? My…[View]
23072486When you see an Alien you see from its perspective, ayyyyy[View]
23069172Is there really anything wrong with the world moving toward a single unified 'spiritual' r…[View]
23072618DOES ANYONE ELSE GET THIS?: So I was scrolling through my steam account library and came across Shen…[View]
23072583Mahabharata General: Let’s discuss the duality of being a modern Kshatriya and the fascinating histo…[View]
23070827Fever hallucinations: About 4 yrs ago I had a huge fever. My temperature was above 400C and I got ha…[View]
23069522One question: why is TV so garbage? Everyone knows it's garbage, but I don't understand ho…[View]
23072329FaceApp alien raid: So FaceApp learns from every single upload to the app. So I thought why not use …[View]
23067452Having Sex with Demons in my Sleep?: I've been witnessing a strange phenomena lately. It only h…[View]
23064950Crazy wisdom: Let's have an experimental thread about insanity and magick. I believe mental ill…[View]
23071435Gramps' Stories: I've just talked to my gramps and I've been asking him as many quest…[View]
23071011Magic research and advancement server: For those of you who are serious occultists, and those who ar…[View]
23072134So, who here watches ghost adventures? (Inb4 fuck that it's fake) So, last night's episo…[View]
23068363Everything is a weird coincidence???: Is it just me, or has throughout the past year everything felt…[View]
23020954draw thread: hi hello gib spoopy drawing requests or post your own things[View]
23072110Conflict of wills: Tower of Babel. Conflict of wills. If we want to have a world we are conscious of…[View]
23068805How do I know I’m saved? I was born Catholic and left the church, became an atheist, now wants to ac…[View]
23063090Doing dream interpretation Part 172 on /x/: What I need from you: >Age >Gender >Feeling d…[View]
23071978'nirvana' only exists as a concept to cope with the eternal. there is no escape.[View]
23069232How can I contact my local forest spirit: I need some tips on how to contact my local forest spirit …[View]
23064822Since we all know that we're being tracked online all the time and all info can be used to mani…[View]
23069718I Don't Want Happiness, I Want Interests: I AM With this realization, and with the realization …[View]
23071994Ghosts: You’d think if ghosts or spirits, or poltergeist, or demons were real I’d be well documented…[View]
23070550How much do you think a supernatural entity would charge me for the gift of 'focus'? Procrastination…[View]
23068021Leaked Apollo File[View]
23049222im drunk af frustrated and about to reveal everything stop me[View]
23055879Are there secret orders fighting the (((elite)))?: Couldn't imagine that they would have free r…[View]
23043493Cursed Images Thread[View]
23067234We are living in a simulation: what proof is there of this theory, and what's the point of it, …[View]
23070713When I was a kid >14 I would randomly have moments where reality seemed to speed way up. Everythi…[View]
23068113Why is every one acting like there is anything even at area 51? This whole thing is a waste of every…[View]
23070137>ITT we come up with the most cursed place possible >each post adds one more level of curse I…[View]
23066765Is the Ego evil? And should it be repressed?[View]
23069490Adam, you, please ask yourself why the third eye is not on top of your head. I love you, and I want …[View]
23068677ITT: We draw the aliens we're gonna steal from Area 51 badly in ms paint[View]
23069630Is hermeticism influenced a lot by gnosticism? I was reading the Corpus Hermetica and there it was s…[View]
23071376O9A: Anyone has a discord server related to O9A or something?[View]
23066293Tracy Twyman - RIP: It has been confirmed by Clyde Lewis that a day before scheduled to appear on hi…[View]
23064770Is porn a way to keep us in check or is it there because of our evolutionary need to reproduce as a …[View]
23066028Jesus to Satan: I follow. I follow what you’re saying. I I’m even your literal follower. I understan…[View]
23066939So you want to know the secret to the universe? It’s alive just like us and is projecting itself as …[View]
23070752So this isn't normal?: Since I was a kid I've always had a strange,eh...Quirk. At random t…[View]
23071300Gentlemen. How do we free the other boards from their media obsession?[View]
23070489What if the Moon landings happened earlier than we thought? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNLZntSd…[View]
23068392Who is he, /x/?[View]
23067256snek: For those with eyes to see[View]
23069121How would the SCP Foundation deal with an 'In the Mouth of Madness' scenario? How would they infiltr…[View]
23071033Hey /x/, is there a hell/underworld? If there is, what would people have to do to go there? Do anima…[View]
23065168Why is /x/ so anti hypnosis ? I have been using hypnosis for years and have benefitied from it most …[View]
23070082>Rumors on web about aliens/antichrist/monster in Antarctic and the government is hiding it. >…[View]
23067939urgh that change in energy just now when will this shit end? i can not take much more of this shit. …[View]
23068444Anybody Else Encounter These Guys?: I've encountered these once in a series of contacts(dreams?…[View]
23068927A robber stole my laptop and my mom's necklace 1 week ago. The fucker when he entered in my hou…[View]
23066456Hell'o/x/, Hhats/x/ has to say about getting rid of curses? Ever believed? As open minded You …[View]
23070896human intrumentality: Is the Human Instrumentality Project a good thing or a bad thing? Convince me …[View]
23066414KEK: So, like, does the anomaly eventually use the power of ECHS to become KEK and bring alignment t…[View]
23068447you ever feel like you drift out? like really out. I was at work doing some dumb shit, thinking abou…[View]
23070303video game creepypasta thread?[View]
23065709How do we remove evil genes from humanity?[View]
23070781Guys gang stalkers are in my city i fear they might go for me next help[View]
23069392This Epstein Child traffican thing is getting more and more out of hand, i went to deep into the rab…[View]
23070506Potential Plot and characters: This is some recent fanart of the Area 51 raid by dishwasher1910. I…[View]
23068535Alright guys, I've been thinking over what to write. I think I have it down now. The tray is fo…[View]
23064112Inanna: Where is she now anons?[View]
23062215Aliens aren't physical beings from other planets. They are multi dimensional entities.[View]
23064698was he legit?[View]
23069506Y'all got any spooky gifs? Humorous or not[View]
23052219Redpill me on Rasputin.[View]
23069355I'm just having a really hard time being aware. I'm a shitty person I know this, but im st…[View]
23065511I received a weird noise clip and found this spectograph image hidden in it. Wtf is this?[View]
23068660prime example mkultra/subliminal messaging: it's so subtle, and mind bendingly simple at first …[View]
23069288Гoлoвa дaй дeнeг[View]
23067801I found this while browsing the twitch plays category. It seema like a shitty arg, but I thought you…[View]
23067998Any other stuff like this?: I love simple/ancient technology, suppressed and or otherwise. Makes my …[View]
23039069I've been fapping for every day the last 8 years except a month where I was on vacation ad full…[View]
23070150How can I embrace the insanity? I hear things and see things, but my mind doesn't care at all a…[View]
23066940Does someone have an image similar to this that isn't shit? Google isn't giving anything l…[View]
23066469Redpill:: Don't come here, don't leave your echo chamber[View]
23063722>Way distant future >Humanity developed so far, they entered the fourth dimension: time >be…[View]
230703759th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit …[View]
23070278What's the term for feeling like when you become Buddha you realize you were actually always th…[View]
23070258Is there someone here that can introduce me to the Christian faith and be Christian by conviction an…[View]
23068597Only energy remained.: Abandoned seminar house. It was a facility owned by a Japanese university. St…[View]
23067068how to hallucinate without drugs?[View]
23069843free: free[View]
23068329The one is the enemy Why does Nobody know this? (a)I think it's because theyre one in the same[View]
23069084Did you feel it today?[View]
23069919already dead hey? this is hell is it? gee. I don't know what i'd do if it weren't for…[View]
23069417Hi x I was doing a robbery in my dream and then a 40/50 year old keegrow came up to me while I was d…[View]
23069385>At friends house >He's bought a VR headset >I try it out >pretty neat >See a bu…[View]
23065840I have found no explanation for this. >be like 14 >summer >just finishing using the toilet …[View]
23067269I don't feel real[View]
23062920The 23 enigma: Why is the number 23 significant and what examples are there of significant events re…[View]
23067885Are there any far out theories on DNA and genetics?: DNA seems to be pretty important, and we'r…[View]
23065888Collection of true creepy stories for russian anon: hi, I'm Anton from Russia, and I want to sh…[View]
23067365Want to kill yourself Sick of being alone? Schizo?? Well you will be treated like shit here but at l…[View]
23062350Is this bullshit?: I've come across a few posts talking about 'free/alternative energy' stuff l…[View]
23069125How can I summon Bertrand Russell?[View]
23063510>Demiurge Wtf is his problem?[View]
23069115https://docdro.id/VPvlfNx What does /x/ think of this? Apparently these full Wes Penre papers are 'i…[View]
23060729Is Wicca matriarchal?[View]
23048751In what Paranormal rabbit hole are you right now?[View]
23066934It's been awhile. When is the full alien exposure going to happen?[View]
23068066Hey how do I stop being a shitty person? I know that seems simple, but it's anything but. I…[View]
23064836Why /x/ is not Muslim? You will know the truth soon, inshallah.[View]
23063903/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
23068083Objects: Do you own or know where to find objects with unnatural properties? If so, what is the obje…[View]
23068889Help me interpret dream: I had a dream where the world was this semi- factory blended in with a mish…[View]
23068523The Fourth Dimension: Has anyone had any experiences with entities from the fourth dimension? Such a…[View]
23068588I found this drawn in the dirt in a school field where I live. What does it mean, /x/?[View]
23066938RIFT IN TIME: Has anybody recently experienced a rift in time? Just generally thinking its already t…[View]
23056754Ask the Nobody/Anomaly anything.: I am the one, for tonight I'll communicate openly and honestl…[View]
23068448I get anxiety when im happy for example when i do the right thing, when i do everything positive, i …[View]
23068368what happens when i die, does it matter how i die[View]
23068391How do I induce visions? I want to ask my subconscious what I should do with my life, because I…[View]
23067200On a spiritual and physical level what is worse for you? Candy or masturbation?[View]
23063980The rise of combat sports is indicative of the spiritual degradation of our society: Fighting someon…[View]
23066275nope thread: post your scary/eerie experiences here[View]
23065338Are Draugr real? Revanents: They are just legends sure but also said to invade dreams so perhaps not…[View]
23067847Any psychics here that can tell us when and what the next big happening is?[View]
23064501How i save my soul?[View]
23066731Sleep Paralysis & Astral Projection: Are these two linked? Now that I remember, I never had slee…[View]
23063219My entire life I've had this imagination that gravity turns completely sideways >Think about…[View]
23065870Tell me about secret missiles and other nuclear conspiracies.[View]
23063427is mark Zuckerberg the anti-Christ? serious question. think about it. > he has the look about him…[View]
23066404How do I animate a clay boyfriend?[View]
23066980How do I become a space witch?: I am most interested in the cosmos, stars, astrology, extraterrestri…[View]
23066496god is evil love does not actually exist relationship love=tricks people into reproducing family lo…[View]
23061335This astrology thread is dedicated to the planetary conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon whic…[View]
23066622Is reality a loop of slowly realizing what insanity is?[View]
23066538Just found out i'm Jewish on my mothers side, when do I get my powers and how?[View]
23064174Rock/Dick I need you to explain this project superman: and bluebeam deal. How do you know its going …[View]
23065795This game is very paranormal. Nothing should be able to make me feel the way it makes me feel. Anyon…[View]
23066849If I didn't wanna be religious but I wanted something to pray to and ask for anything, who or w…[View]
23063949Big foot red pill: Big foot was a human animal hybrid that escaped from a science military lab. Big …[View]
23067329So this is what I have been through since dec 2016. The energy came and made everyone very aggressiv…[View]
23063576does islam have saints and miracles? i'm looking for something modern, not ancient stories. i…[View]
23059677/omg/ - occult magic general: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ >OSOA∴A∴ https:/…[View]
23065397Hey guys, so me and my gf were talking and I mentioned that since being a kid I would have repeated …[View]
23063816What is the darkest paranormal redpill?[View]
23066899His eyes are upon you.[View]
23066695Did the Greek gods exist?[View]
23066963Math and the Truth: Is understanding maths the REAL final redpill? Are numbers the key to unlocking …[View]
23067009What did the music industry mean by this?[View]
23059572>My religion is the correct one and everyone who chooses differently will go to hell for eternity…[View]
23063867I just had a very realistic, scary trip after snorting 2-FDCK and DPT, then taking a big hit of DMT.…[View]
23060360What other boards does /x/ use? For me, it's /asp/[View]
23063021what are your thoughts on non duality? anyone ever experience a mental state where you thought you w…[View]
23066891THC as cancer treatment: Don't know where else to put this but I went to school with Deryn, and…[View]
23065821I bet none of you can answer these questions.: >1. How do souls manage to exist for eternity like…[View]
23064099Be thankful youre not strolling through the park,when you find that you have to pee badly. there…[View]
23063785is this 282 Heartz heals you or 225 heartz repairs DNA real or just bs? when its real, which frequen…[View]
23066537I don’t know where else to go. I really hope someone can help me. I keep hearing “satan” being whisp…[View]
23065221Can anyone read this?[View]
23066006spooky real stories: post your bests, meanwhile i'll post some of the best of my folder.[View]
23066708Screw you all, I am leaving this matriachal clown world and return to my Superabstact-cubist Ego-Rea…[View]
23066608At what point did you realize that you weren't alive anon?[View]
23066611Do you ever see those escape room buildings in your town? Have you ever thought about how some of th…[View]
23056275Make a wish, there will be no harm done to you or anyone you know.[View]
23066012I used to be able to predict if a thread would update when I refresh the thread watcher. I used to h…[View]
23066550How retarded someone must be to extrapolate human concept of gender onto entire existance? Gender is…[View]
23065831Normies know nothing: >insists Lucifer and Satan are the same figure…[View]
23064145X-Files: April 2018 >Aprox 10 days after >Research start to leak -Android Apocalypse when? -Y…[View]
23066475Dream Thread: I had this sick dream last night where someone was explaining to me how a turtle eats …[View]
23066438try meme: you are all too much retarded we cant be sure you apply for specific job. llright kraut …[View]
23057656So let's say, hypothetically, life is a simulation. What I want to know is, where are the cheat…[View]
23065975Tour De France NPCs: I refuse to believe actual people decide to go camp out on the roadside or make…[View]
23066362Pro tips = the anomaly is the monad: All Hail King Jesus Every knee will bow, every tongue will conf…[View]
23066184https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29qTZWFnlvc 'Oh baby' sounds the same as 'Obey me' Isn't it cre…[View]
23065801When Worlds Collide: The effect on the souls who were inhabiting Maldek was something no one ever wa…[View]
23064462English subtitles for this UFO documentary: I am creating English subtitles for this UFO documentary…[View]
23064676how do i summon jesus?[View]
23062054I need a hyperdimensional post-mortem map to the nearest stable coherent reality construct. I refuse…[View]
23063320There is so much power in sexual energy... I want to tell you all what can be achieved but they will…[View]
23027846I have quick questions...: To old and ancientfags who remembered the unedited image of pic related, …[View]
23065916I had a dream where I was an old lady in a bar: Then five years later I saw the same woman in the sa…[View]
23065791Weird ghost in the simulation ?: Most people picture a decaying or bloodied body when they hear 'gho…[View]
23020633Saturday Succubus Thread: Discuss, share experiences, help each other find succ-cess. Previous threa…[View]
230650369th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit …[View]
23065739Denver airport murals: Going to Denver airport. What should I know about these ?[View]
23064803Before your life begins, an allmighty god talks to your soul and makes you an offer. You must decide…[View]
23062243Man wishes to control; Eve is Control is inherently bad; Eve is inherently good Controlling Eve is t…[View]
23061632Why is buddhism so aesthetic?[View]
23064538Real Proof Of A Ghost: This is a genuine pic of ghost ectoplasm. It's hard to see, but it'…[View]
23062799How do i kill someone with magic? I don't have access to their blood at the moment.[View]
23062061Will happen >A woman will be the next president >China will fall > The circle will become …[View]
23060659Hello, I'd like to start worshiping Moloch, but don't know where to start.[View]
23065515The Great Forgetting: Turnip the lights in here, baby...[View]
23058742>Start studying hermetics >Suddenly having the weirdest fucking dreams every night Uhh bros? S…[View]
23065575I have been studying and reading on the bigfoot phenomenon, for quite some time. I have noticed that…[View]
23064866It was jesus god?[View]
23064274aleister crowley: What does /x/ think of him, and why does he look exactly like Alex Jones[View]
23065048Odd Fellows: I see the meeting places of these people all the time even though i've bearly hear…[View]
23052538Hiveminds murmering: The harvest went well, i have possessed several new people. Now i upgrade them …[View]
23064291Japanese haunted hotel.: Japanese abandoned hotel. There are rumors of ghosts of monks. Certainly, i…[View]
23063644>not a single thread about storming area51 /x/ is dead lol[View]
23064278tryfg rabbithole: Dont know if this has already been covered, went to http://excitementfunzone.xyz/b…[View]
23040676Was Jimmy Savile a wizard? How else did he get away with his bullshit for over forty fucking years?[View]
23062729https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABdxBmve2lM So the entity in the first clip is basically one of the …[View]
23055647Pray for me. This is just my request. I can no longer live with this, I do not want to live anymore …[View]
23064122Is it possible to sell my soul to the Devil or a Demon ? How can I do it?[View]
23064734Today is Data Limite. We'll soon be seeing ETs, cyborgs and stuff.[View]
23064766how much of the stuff here is larp? how much is schizo? how much is legit?[View]
23062267So some friends of mine have discovered a rabbit hole of gore videos on YouTube found by using the s…[View]
23064328>being reborn as a pet dog so you are slave to your human master fetching sticks I really hope yo…[View]
23062479Whats with these theories about the nordic people from space? whats it about and what evidence is th…[View]
23064784Abduction experience: Maybe a hallucination/lucid dream but i woke up in a room unable to move. Thre…[View]
23064721Metaphysical = Bullshit Earth = Bullshit as well Where do we find consolation? Peace? Moreover pres…[View]
23062670Where the Fuck is he? Hasn't uploaded in over a week. Inb4 he gtfo of socal since he knew the e…[View]
23064675Daily reminder cumskins only exist to serve us[View]
23063870What does the end mean for you? How are you dealing with endings? Relationships, work, end of the wo…[View]
23064125Did you guys ever see the lost Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray and the brother have a rape contest…[View]
23062667are there forces out here to make you miserable and not go forward in life I believe something or so…[View]
23062273The nobody agenda is to fuck with people that believe in paranormal and faith. It is a mass targetin…[View]
23063755how i become ghost[View]
23061015Redpill me on chickens: Not shitposting. I want to know why chickens are so frequently used as occul…[View]
23063986Are Shadow Masons real? I learned they're elite entities that sew their architecture in our act…[View]
23061575Carved masks: Does anyone know anything x related about creepy wood carved masks like pic related? …[View]
23062475What is Magic?: What exactly is Magic? And how is it applied and understood in European folk paganis…[View]
23062709How do you join a cult?: not a creepy one, a normal cult like pic related.[View]
23064164I just woke up from a sleep paralysis and I heard the voice of Lord Sauron call my name. I called hi…[View]
23064260Message to the beings who purpoted this shit What did you try to accomplish? Did u try to find the t…[View]
23063522Hi anon remember spring heel Jack and the serial killer from Sacramento. Happened a year ago.[View]
23063450Was chester bennington possessed? >R.I.P https://hooktube.com/watch?v=rU3bMjcvUhE…[View]
23063315How to differentiate a succubus/incubus attack from human attack? I was sexually assaulted by a succ…[View]
23062824Can I buy my own Tarot Deck /X ? Support your answer; show me your favorite deck.[View]
23054169hey /x/ whats going on? everything alright over here? love /pol/[View]
23063749Can dead people speak?[View]
23064011why does it feel like dybbuk boxes are just a get rich quick scheme?: Is there anything paranormal a…[View]
23062458Time travel?: Do you think it's possible? Just curious to see some time travel theories, ideas,…[View]
23061524Mandela/Horror movies/it's Friday and why are you here conversation thread: Ok I know there…[View]
23060732Neil Degrass Tyson a confirmed time traveler?: How does he know...[View]
23063164I've been thing about quantum mechanics cause I can. I already figured out how teleportation is…[View]
23060334Can gangstalking be associated with aliens, demons, or something like that, or this guy is another f…[View]
23063684Hi /x/ I'm kinda bored and thought i'd share this story. I'm an officer in the Artill…[View]
23061857I was out with my friends late into the night a couple days ago, just driving around and stopping wh…[View]
23061840Where do you even find conspiracy theories anymore? Youtube is completely nuked. Can't even fin…[View]
23063078Are there believable informations about neutral/positive reptilians?[View]
23060468/x/plain this shit flat earthers >protip >You can't…[View]
23060584I had the most lucid dream I've ever had.: It was a gigantic spaceship just floating above the …[View]
23061363The demon causes butterflies in the stomach. Then, after you screw up the speech, the demon that cau…[View]
230630254chan McGills: The CIA is a front for the Illuminati, and the CIA in turn sets up fronts. Some of th…[View]
23059051Favourite YouTube channels for creepy videos For me, it's Nuke's Top 5[View]
23062259You're welcome. h t t p s://w e. tl/t-BqF7dcc d N h[View]
23061717Hi, Malkbeth was right again. https://twitter.com/TheWantedEmcees/status/1152248155603374080?s= >…[View]
23062837Give Me Courage: I want to do something, but I am being held back by feelings of fear and paranoia. …[View]
23062913Cryptic: What did they mean by this?[View]
23061012Collective premonitions: I've been noticing something strange lately, /x/. A few weeks ago befo…[View]
23058421Dream interpretation thread: Had a dream last night. This one stood out in particular because it was…[View]
23060604I need some spooky humor. Ylyl (you laugh, you lose) /x/ edition[View]
23062287I’m finally building a wand or a few. Wand thread?[View]
23062424I swear every single time someone dies there's a massive storm. Someone got swept out into lake…[View]
23062755Just read 'The Secret History of the World' which was about secret societies, the common beliefs the…[View]
23060791Cats and Dogs (film) is real footage: While looking at the thread of the iceberg of conspiracies I f…[View]
23061387Tulpa General: How do tulpas work? how do I go about making one? Any success stories? Cautionary tal…[View]
23059157Capt. Bill Robertson: This guy's fascinating. He was the next to take over Scientology after Hu…[View]
23062076Are any of you actual psychics? Can you talk to ghosts or see the future? Or are psychic powers a me…[View]
23059535Wiccan curse backfires on family: I'd always heard stories about this happening, but now I am c…[View]
23063538SCP Off-shoots: I haven't been keeping up with the whole SCP drama shit, could someone please e…[View]
23061906Government MIND/population control: Governments are making people into transvestites to curve the po…[View]
23058876How do I heal my mind? Abusive thoughts constantly in my mind. I had a psychotic episode and a head …[View]
23063626>you will have to go to your fren’s funeral someday[View]
23052551Ghost Sex: Is it possible to have sexual intercourse with a paranormal presence? I think something o…[View]
23061803This board appears to be familiar with schizophrenia and psychosis. I didn't sleep last night, …[View]
23061837Just bought a laptop from Ebay: Bought a new laptop and found this image saved on the harddrive, wha…[View]
23060981Deep Google: Has anyone kn ow anything about Deep google, what are they creating with all that data.…[View]
23061240Iceberg thread[View]
23063220re 9.9M earthquake 7.7.2019 at 38.645, -29.155 energy equivalent 667249.6 atomic bombs : last night …[View]
23063492Discord: UV6h8K Hello friends, come join our discord and scare us with stories and unsettling images…[View]
23061049Lost Media Thread[View]
23063105So i looked down and saw a grid on the ground. Like some video game. What the fuck? This went on for…[View]
23059284Influx of golem population...: Alright so my house is a two story brick house built a few decades ba…[View]
23052173What would your 'ideal' hell be like? By ideal I mean most horrific etc.[View]
23055624((( NEW THOUGHT ))): Illuminate your mind with New Thought[View]
23062288Your soul is a parasite. You are your soul.: All living things are possessed of a spirit. Even your …[View]
23055699That day, a great historical catastrophe will occur, which can be from a Global Earthquake, to the f…[View]
23062825tryfg video links: Anyone have any tryfg video links? Looking for the weird ones that arouse suspici…[View]
23063103Coffee and spirituality: What does /x think of coffee? I used to drink 3-4 cups a day but then got t…[View]
23062426Yokai: I cannot speak english well. I wanted to ask if anyone has ever had experience with yokai? my…[View]
23061838/smn/ spooky movie night general It's Friday night which means spooky movie night is on! House …[View]
23062847God is dead.[View]
23061308Epstein is only the biggest servant of Molech that my ritual has affected. There have been and will …[View]
23058252Scary Music thread[View]
23063409Had a weird daydream: I was sitting at my desk but I knew that I was on my bed still, and when I loo…[View]
23063386I seek the TRUTH: Literally God incarnate? An enlightened man who mastered his consciousness to the …[View]
23057051What's your favorite channel for paranormal content? Personally I can't get enough of Chil…[View]
23063372dream: How do I lucid dream forever[View]
23062335i have dreams that i think predict the future. not the worlds future, my future. i can dream about t…[View]
23061825greentext/stories thread: Greentext/stories thread. share any true /x/-related stories you might hav…[View]
23059980Why did so many ancient civilizations depict their gods holding these so called hand bags? What wer…[View]
23062828Might be nothing, but...: So I came upon this Twitter account, which seems to belong to a fan of the…[View]
23061017the dot: its blue. discuss[View]
23059540JEWS: Jews: What do we think of them /x/? (I highly value our opinion) What do we esteem to be of sp…[View]
23063272Can dogs sense evil “spirits”?: So for the last two days while walking a normal route I’ve walked wi…[View]
23058620We can't all be racist schizos. Where my fellow brothers just searching for knowledge?[View]
23060805Universal consciousness, AMA[View]
23061448Artificial portal making: Hey /x/- How does one make an artificial portal? I’ve found little to no i…[View]
23063250https://youtu.be/WAQIbBKvGfE Is this guy legit?[View]
23063069You are the problem: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1YLrJOIvmOH[View]
23061537Alright does anyone know wtf is happening right now in michigan. Everything is tinted green and our …[View]
23063139How do I get the feminine soles I see when I close my eyes to become clearer?[View]
23058749Vampires: Real or fake? Why?[View]
23062978What will a succubus look like if it’s goal is to dominate and attract the most men possible?[View]
23061374I made another video with my friend Yahweh the entity... This time he created a 4S sign in the cloud…[View]
23055718/div/ - divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
23054456What do you know about Hollywood elite satanic sex cults?[View]
23062145You gaslighting asshole. You are never honest. Always fucking lying[View]
23060526Chico Xavier Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VFZ59f4oY Will higher beings descend to earth…[View]
230602219th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit …[View]
23061887Timeline shift?: Anybody else feel the timeline shift today? I think war was inevitable with Iran, b…[View]
23061124Was the decline of Creepypasta as a 'genre' solely due to it's own popularity and the over-abun…[View]
23059080Can someone predict the winning Euromillions numbers for tonight's draw? Thanks in advance.[View]
23061473so... what was supposed to happen today again?[View]
23060198Please help me and say 'I curse you to forever keep the promise you just made to yourself, or you wi…[View]
23059292what would happen if you tried to rape an alien? assuming this race has compatible genitals, every t…[View]
23058709Hello friends. Anyone in the US ever experience anything with Native American spirits ? I've ex…[View]
23060487Peaches of Immortality: I look half my age. What's my secret? My private peach tree.[View]
23058436If the world if filled with NPCs, where are the ADMINS?[View]
23061145need help debunking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K35h7dZncs&feature=youtu.be&has_verifi…[View]
23057836VARNASHRAMA DHARMA: My Aryan lads, This thread is in honor to Angkor Wat . The temple complex was bu…[View]
23060365[spoiler]All hail the watcher[/spoiler][View]
23061516If we could get enough people together, we could stop time. This is the end goal. Time is an abomina…[View]
23061050Why was this image stuck at the beginning of a Fox News broadcast on my ipad today? Video wouldn…[View]
23059385Stop imagining that the cabal is the good guys.: They aren't. That's the oldest lie in the…[View]
23061295Dreams are fucking insane >Know people in my dreams I never seen in real life, have long past mem…[View]
23060185Anyone feeling more tired than usual: What the fuck is happening Also in my job people is falling Di…[View]
23060311Love is the opposite or entropy. It connects us and grounds us in a universe that is constantly grow…[View]
23059823BOO Did I scare you? No no not you, the man behind you No, no don't turn around Wait actually..…[View]
23057658Ok /x/ how do you get a stand?[View]
23059748Coincidence or something more: So over the past few years ive noticed a small thought will pop into …[View]
23060136Charge: Advance[View]
23036665What a nice little island resort. It even has a tennis court with a dirt privacy wall around it. Tot…[View]
23060752Acting civilized is not the same as being civilized.[View]
23060375photo captured by me. can anyone explain what this is? i came home early from college and decided to…[View]
23060614Did my dream identify my delusion: I had a dream where the world was this semi- factory blended in w…[View]
23061306The Great Forgetting: We going all the way this time...[View]
23057793Ёбaный poт этoгo бытия блять![View]
23060776So I'm trying to find something I used to own. Thing is, I can't find evidence of its exis…[View]
23057409What are your thoughts on Black Pyre, and their new book on voidism?[View]
23060971What does the end mean for you? How are you dealing with endings? Relationships, work, end of the wo…[View]
23059514lurking some more: Can someone would be so kind to link the thread about the higher self, the one wi…[View]
23056363Evolution flaw The concept is that we all derive from micro organisms like Amoeba, and through milli…[View]
23061096organic robotiods/transvestigation thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGKPlygAOdM https://www.y…[View]
23060570You guys gotta start paying attention to this stuff. There is actually non human intelligent beings …[View]
23060480What's your opinion of Jesus Christ?[View]
23058814The Experiment: Me & my friend have an empty house for a week. Looking for rituals/anything para…[View]
23058851What rituals do I need to do to increase the chance of rain this coming week? I'm serious[View]
23060431300+ new pics from Epsteins island. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/cf9q7i/362_highreso…[View]
23060682Any professional mystics on /x/? i.e., people who either partially or entirely make their living as …[View]
23059883Werewoof General: >tell werewoof stories >reveal techniques to become a werewoof >discuss t…[View]
23060898Let us celebrate the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon as a giant leap oh humanity, but reflec…[View]
23060844>be me >wearing my epic werewolf costume >going for a walk in Fælled park in Copenhagen …[View]
23053369When was Godlike Productions sold? Why is this guy posing as Trinity?: Continued from the last threa…[View]
23060054So, my friend has been talking to this male online. Someone he has never even saw. My friend seems t…[View]
23059218Is this an accurate depiction of Area 51?[View]
23060835I am (alive)?[View]
23055862Justin Bieber listens to Tool. This confirms my mind control theory inside Tool music. >inb4 'jus…[View]
23054771WTF: Like, God is CLEARLY an evil character. He creates an infinite of pain and suffering and tortur…[View]
23059280When all the earthquakes that have been happening, how long until giants rise from below and kill us…[View]
23060366Thank you to all units engaged.: Angelfire Code: hctapgod. Exchange complete, thank you. No further …[View]
23057962john titor0s discord: what happened to his discord server is it still around? was bodhi mantra delet…[View]
23058516The world wakes: California, Bali, Western Australia, Greece, Japan. The world is being shaken to th…[View]
23058232Why normies and incels thinks vampires are sexy: Vampires should be portrayed as spooky af creatures…[View]
23055756Classic creepy photos from the internet: Show me some classic images that started creepy stories or …[View]
23060314hi everyone. i've seen three UFO sightings in my life only (i'm 20) and two of them were a…[View]
23060545remembr who you ah[View]
23057545There is a major threat happening tomorrow, a CIA psychological campaign lead by the deep state caba…[View]
23060024Belief in a Biblical God is only a manipulation: Just because there is no Biblical God doesn't …[View]
23059979Throw At Me What You Will, I Don't Care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XsLSXvqO7I…[View]
23060503Aliens: What Will happen During Area 51 Raid On September 20th? https://youtu.be/EkMI_MlZG-0[View]
23050979Heaven or Hell: Given your lifetime actions, do you think you're going to heaven, or hell? Answ…[View]
23059947Psi Wheel: How many of you have trained your telekinesis? I forgot I could do this. When I was a chi…[View]
23060302It's not terribly difficult. I am hopeful for the future. I really am.[View]
23058767Do aliens have their own Messiah? If life exist on other planets , did Jesus , Shiva , Allah , Buddh…[View]
23057115Hey there all. Just dropping by to say I'm probably the nobody. You really shouldn't talk …[View]
23060118>phone's data connection bugs out, I can tell after a while it's definitely loading som…[View]
23048727Are we actually living in a simulation?: post some proof[View]
23056112Ive always wanted to start a secret society like the illuminati. How do I find suitable individuals?[View]
23058218Big huh: I’ve been a paranormal fanatic eversince I can remember and been trying to feel some presen…[View]
23060103That moment when you realize that you're on a planet full of glorified chimps. Most people are …[View]
23060049neuralink: Just how GPS is free, should the internet also be? Part of me thinks we should just merg…[View]
23059387I’m throwing this out there as a random prediction many others probably share with me. Isis, and ot…[View]
23058575It's the 50th anniversary of the Moon fakings. How are you celebrating one of the most audaciou…[View]
23056409The purpose of life is to realize that you are Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Father. And not i…[View]
23059587If I posted this image with no context, /x/ would say it’s fake. The little mothman, fairy, or whate…[View]
23059950Help me, these guys are gonna die, apple sauce. Trust me read this.: Alright so to keep it simple, m…[View]
23057234We are on the verge of a major paradigm shift: The earthquakes in California marked the verge of a m…[View]
23057995How do I tell if my curse is from god or Satan? I mean god LITERALLY follows me and alters the uni…[View]
23059479Today is the (earlier than normal) first day of the summer cup! Come watch at 1:40 EST for memes and…[View]
23058129strange dreams: During meditation using ambiente https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBOeJwf9mEI&lis…[View]
23059524The creepy 'game': In 2004 a Anonymous user posted in this site 'I have lots of fun playing this gam…[View]
23059439STOP THINKING ABOUT ME: These threads make you think about things that will hook you into a mind con…[View]
23052434Did god smite an anime studio to warn the degenerate Japanese?[View]
23059314Tree-fiddy: So I found out how to connect to the higher self, get on the appropriate frequency/timel…[View]
23059464wholesome paranormal experiences: >be me >sitting in chair in room >see door is open >to…[View]
23059499NO you take my meds and stop thinking about me.: (YOU) STOP THINKING ABOUT ME[View]
23058717What's the creepiest thread/forum post you've seen on 4chan or any website?[View]
23049246/omg/ - occult magic general: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ >OSOA∴A∴ https:/…[View]
23055829Do you think that schizophrenics can perceive things that someone normal can not?[View]
23059418Can electronic harassment technologies affect the soul?[View]
23057033He's gonna save us /x/ros[View]
23053314Dear World, How does it feel knowing that Jesus, your fellow man of flesh and blood, is objectively …[View]
23058956There's something exceptionally unsettling about his story[View]
23055484Reincarnation: They became legends in our time...famous...wealthy...top tier in their game that othe…[View]
23058154hi i cant get it off my mind, has anyone heard anything new from worldcorp? (worldcorpo.net)[View]
23052494So what’s inside?[View]
23054209Are we being kept in the dark: Are we being kept in the dark about life in the solar system, to main…[View]
23059265Dreams: Anybody hear good at deciphering dreams Ive been having the same nightmare not every night b…[View]
23051984fake or real?[View]
23057775Any experiences with CIA niggers?[View]
23058617Afraid of hell and heaven: Can someone help me... I feel sad and I don't want to live, but I do…[View]
23058053Proper meditation strategies/ forms of meditation.: also wtf is a tulpa and how the tf do i get one…[View]
23059036Ayy thread?: Ayy Thread Post experiences with ayys, UFOs, MIB and other related entities. Also theor…[View]
23052429ITT /x/ psychics predict Tomorrow's winning Euromillions numbers.[View]
23046637SCP discussion: The scp foundation was a very interesting concept, a mysterious facility housing par…[View]
23052674Are y’all niggas gonna merge with A.I or what?! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lA77zsJ31nA[View]
23053700How do you cope with having an enlightened mind and an evolved soul compared to the average person? …[View]
23058237Planet X Real or Fake?[View]
23058748Nother blog post - schizo or psychic?: I remember at one point I thought I had heard a thing in my b…[View]
23052207What’s your opion on the Area 51 storm[View]
23058891Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Device[View]
230581259.9 earthquake: 9.9 - magnitude 7.7.2019 - date 2.23 - time 29.9792° N, 31.1342° E great pyramid of …[View]
23058475Strange dream: This night i dreamed i was in a place like this(pic related)and a priest(?) come in f…[View]
23057265what if there is no intelligent life elsewhere in this physical simulation and the only intelligent …[View]
23058168re that Epstein thing, it's all recycled mass media data mixed up together to concoct and mind-…[View]
23058660Homunculus: Red Pill me on Homunculus. I want to see how this phenomenon exists in relation to out o…[View]
23057212How to work a Ouija Board?: How do I properly 'play'/'use' a Ouija Board?[View]
23057718Are we already in hell?[View]
23047016When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of good and evil and god caught Adam. Why didn't God end them…[View]
23055689ITT: post sleep paralysis stories[View]
23058576Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis: ITT we'll talk about our experiences with sleep paralysis and/o…[View]
23055259How does /x/ feels about meditation? I have really bad anxiety, like I'm programmed to ALWAYS t…[View]
23053732What if I told you that in 7 days the machine would be rendered inoperable?: It will not be able to …[View]
23054774Liber Null Ultra Low Zos Kia Cultus: Ultra Low IoT sensors for use with sigils Liber null & psyc…[View]
23058276I REALLY fucked up /x/: earlier I made this thread >>23056098 in that thread I said that I had…[View]
23050148Neil Armstrong thread. What was he doing in Los Tayos, what happened in Paysandú and everything else…[View]
23058331https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBBvYdBeu8s Memory Holed! Why? Leftleaning MSM jumped to conclusion …[View]
23056098I fucked up, /x/: >trying to pull shit out of my dream world during lucid dreaming >end up hav…[View]
23058526The matrix was already defeated. All the souls have been freed. What ur witnissing now is merely the…[View]
23058315Remote Viewing group/club: I'm here to start a partnership with people who have big auras who s…[View]
23055610“The mind is endless. You put me in a dark solitary cell, and to you that's the end, to me it…[View]
23052768Mothanon: is he our guy or just death bringer?[View]
23056219Ok so I just smoked a bunch of weed and something tripped me out. I just went into my bathroom and I…[View]
23058405Dream Interpretations?: Hey /x/, hoping someone here can help. I just had a dream and I'm hones…[View]
23058417The ones who read my mind... They weren't human... https://youtu.be/W2kfRgKZKs4[View]
23052294Why is there no female freemasons? Is it because they naturally have more empathy for children and c…[View]
23058084Rip the DAMNED bandage OFF!!!: In the off chance that John Dee was lying to me and I might have a sm…[View]
23056373Rock/Dick tripover: Rock/Dick I need you to explain this project superman and bluebeam deal. How do …[View]
23058258Need some psychic help on this[View]
23058325Happy Friday /x/: I hope you have an amazing and productive Friday![View]
23055148Satan: So whats the deal with Satan? Is he just a big, evil cocksucker who hates us and wants us to …[View]
23057026I believe this site has some interesting paranormal aspects we can have fun with. There is a quote b…[View]
23058045The ski cities and ufos: What do you know about them anons,also triangles[View]
23053673Book recommendations.: I just got a kindle so looking for some good ebook recommendations. I know ab…[View]
23057928Other People's Suffering:: Do you find it comforting to know that there's almost certainly…[View]
23058020Were Pagan witches during the 1500 and 1600s actually killed for being witches? As I understand it, …[View]
23056802Strange Radio broadcasts/signals/stations thread.: I’ll start. 4836.39 kHz USB picked up using websd…[View]
23057913OCCULT thread but focused into traditional LHP/Black/Abyssal traditions[View]
23052352For years now I sometimes get geometric psychedelic mushroom like visuals in my vision when I wake u…[View]
23058215We will retake the sea[View]
23058112Cryptid general?: Can we get a cryptid general going? discussions about reasons why certain cryptids…[View]
23058060/how do you cope with spirits trying to reach you in dreams? Can they attack you? I think this time …[View]
23057977What are your favorite creepypastas?: give me some stories to check out, the scarier the better. pic…[View]
23057914>Got a spirit living in my house Alright /x/ some sort of entity is living in my apartment and I …[View]
23056294weird scars general: anybody know what might have caused this scar on my leg? it's completely s…[View]
23054854Give me a rundown on shadow people. What are they? Where are they from? What do they want?[View]
23049438Is Lana Del Rey occult?[View]
23057618Smile: Spread the word or else i will haunt your dreams[View]
23057579How get backrooms: No Fr[View]
23057611What are the Christian Archetypes? So far I'm only familiar with the Holy Fool like pic related…[View]
23055323What is the most accurate English translation of the Bible?[View]
23057211Corey Goode General [CGG]: Identified as an intuitive empath (IE) with precognitive abilities, Corey…[View]
23056051my tulpa (aka tulpy) keeps pissing on the carpet, How the hell do i put this thing down?[View]
23057550A reminder: As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you…[View]
23057541Levitation: How do? Im talking drifting away. Im open to jet packs but im lazy and poor so im left t…[View]
23056934How to lucid dream: help I really want to lucid dream but I rarely dream in general.[View]
23057189What is this and why did it try to consume me? I knew accepting it was an option, but it felt very n…[View]
23054344>be me >start listening to one winged angel by king sephiroth and really enjoy the latin lyric…[View]
23053568Hello My Jain Friends :-), do you guys recommend me some sacred jain books?[View]
23056579Is Pharrell Williams a real life elf? This dude is almost 50 years old and looks like this.[View]
23057034Cryptid Map?: I'm planning on renting an RV with friends next summer to travel North America ba…[View]
23042710Infographics: Educate yourself[View]
23056704My father and uncle have schizophrenia. This is a no-bullshit thread, I'm tired of seeing misin…[View]
23057014Gather around the campfire 2: tell some scary stories[View]
23056944Taliesen McKnight becoming a catholic priest...: Do you think he's doing this to become a more …[View]
23018553Cosmic Update: I think we've all been feeling it on some level lately but this is not a singula…[View]
23057016John Hendrix, The Tennessee Prophet: What does /x/ think of this guy? He was a real person, and supp…[View]
23056984hey /x/ can you explain what happened to this guy, why did he ran away like that?[View]

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