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22721198Remote viewing session 2 with /x/ TARGET XRV002: Session 15:00 - 15:30 Had some stuff to do and will…[View]
22720851Elemental thread: Have you ever created an elemental? Why you created It? What was your experience w…[View]
22722295Trygf: So a hear about this in reddit and i dont know if anybody knows about it, there's also t…[View]
22721272How do I meditate? I want to do some kundalini type stuff.[View]
22722648Lucid dream (dream yoga)general: The topic today is how to change IRL world(made of matter)trough dr…[View]
22722511New Thought: NEW THOUGHT is not, as many believe, a name or expression employed to define any fixed …[View]
22715238Alex Jones: Alex Jones, is he a lunatic? Or is he this generation’s prophet? NO POLITICAL FAGGOTRY …[View]
2272207367.599226, -147.634113: What is this thing? Adjust screen contrast as needed.[View]
22722353how do I know that every though of mine isn't mind controlling propaganda. How do I know they d…[View]
22722597i'm bored; entertain me: http://www.medievalists.net/files/09012321.pdf[View]
22722591is anyone aware of how to jump from this existence to the silver city physically?: Has anyone succes…[View]
22722397The Seals of the Apocalypse have been broken, prepare to get crushed by relentless Judeo-Christianit…[View]
22722554Hello fellow Beach Boys Stans of /x/ I would like to create a patron goddess for us her name will be…[View]
227225268 ball: playing 12 ball one day on a table im not familiar with and the 8 ball rolled about a foot i…[View]
22722498To the Backrooms! Right this way sir, right this way! https://discord.gg/huwduM4[View]
22722443Time travel: Has anyone ever come across a convincing time travel claim?[View]
22720162Any tips on how to have nightmares/sleep paralysis/night terrors?[View]
22719182Karmic debts: How do you pay a karmic debt?[View]
22720191What does the word 'Satanic' mean to you?: There's never a time that using the word doesn'…[View]
22722455Gonna go back and tell a story of my childhood. Ever as a kid I’ve always felt I was being watched…[View]
22722314Best ways to kill skinwalkers?: Just curious on what human beings can do to fight off a ton of crypt…[View]
22711716Dog-Headed People, Lycanthropy, Skinwalkers and Werewolves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez6WVnA6…[View]
22707366Gangstalking Thread: Either I am in some fake mock-up of a real American city where everyone around …[View]
22716917What is my soul?[View]
22720117Help identify?: Purchased at a flea market, the seller was creepy but insistent on it's value. …[View]
22722042Following the white rabbit: I read the wikipedia article on asceticism which lead me down a rabbit h…[View]
22719612Agares Can he really teach me any language? If so, how could I summon him and does he make the human…[View]
22719870Who killed Isaac Kappy?[View]
22711682If Jesus-type figure rises today, they would be regarded as a schizo What has happened to our world …[View]
22721170Let's talk about bad luck: What causes bad luck? Why some people have good luck and others bad…[View]
227192601st trumpet of Revelation, 9th January: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit …[View]
22721649Is it possible to become a werewolf through biokinesis, and if so, how long would it take to turn in…[View]
227205834th Dimension: Will we ever find out how to reach the 4th dimension? Would we die instantly if we t…[View]
22722186Damnit, I perceived something outside of self and it forced me to feel this way because I rely on ou…[View]
22720579Hey anons could you tell me everythinf you know about the sign Aquarius.[View]
22721971Rating extraterrestrial girls: Rate pic (0/10 to 10/10) and post another female alien pic.[View]
22720847crop circles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcLcnrpxmUg what is /x/'s stance on crop circles?…[View]
22721972Is Allah punishing us?[View]
22722144God damn it just got a robocall and I think I got despair code'd because now I feel hopeless an…[View]
22715813Elven Niggas: were these guys real or not? if they were at what time in history were they roaming ar…[View]
22718871Fuck this planet, ot’s nothing hut bad news.[View]
22718214Where did the idea that werewolves and vampires are enemies come from?[View]
22721752Is God Allah?: Is Muhammad a Prophet?[View]
22719031Weird Symbols: So my friends sister has been experiencing so pretty heavy things, from dreaming of h…[View]
22719894An ascension glossary: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Special:AllPages Somewhat enlightenin…[View]
22719857Animals have souls, right /x/?[View]
22718194Why would you sacrifice a person to the only Hindu god who refuses to take sacrifices?[View]
22721488Super Natural goals: What's your supernatural goal in life /x/ and how likely are you to achiev…[View]
22713354>Be me 14 years old >go on Holiday to Goa, India for 1 month with family over Christmas >5*…[View]
22707982Sadhguru's Conciousness: My life has been about the women who dared to love one as unattached t…[View]
22721528Was there 3 shooters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UQBRzU8iew about 45 seconds in it cuts out an…[View]
22721602I'm one of the last remaining speakers of a nearly extinct tongue that my ancestors used to sum…[View]
22720813Are Souls Finite: We have more humans on earth than ever before. Where do the new souls come from?? …[View]
22721514LOST 'lost': LOST 'lost'[View]
22720334What does my chart say about me? Thank you.[View]
22721464>wow what a shithole the moon really is >glad we parked that space shuttle near by >in orbi…[View]
22720634What happened in Khandallah?[View]
22721162>Ok. The Backrooms wasn't the name I used, but it's a good one. I didn't really ev…[View]
22719395How do I turn myself into a demon?[View]
22719630We've already lost: it's too late.[View]
22716051Saw this on our wall when our family is starting to become negative. Can someone explain?[View]
22720410im a beginner with meditation. would love some help or tips.[View]
22706677Why are people so fascinated with Sasquatches? They're just tall gorillas.[View]
22715371Remote viewing session with /x/ TARGET XRV001: I did some remote viewing as kid with some success. N…[View]
22716429Brian Wilson a wizard: >Hang on to your Ego https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=chtmIJ1wYc4 What did h…[View]
22720964why does google still cover the south pole?: is this a glitch?[View]
22718890AI brings the dead to life: This is probably how your 'AI antichrist' will manifest. Peace bois.…[View]
22719971I have a bit of an odd question...: So say you are a ghost Hunter or a medium and are able to commun…[View]
22720629The eyes as muscles: Hey /x/, Since an LSD trip experienced some time ago, my interest has been rais…[View]
22718043Based or Cringe?: https://youtu.be/9PjZB9CoFfs[View]
22720427I never noticed this, it realy does look like a brain. Was it always like this?[View]
22710797Is this place suppossed to be low IQ?: Because I don't think that's the case. I would desc…[View]
22720879Hey guys, I am kind of occupied with some fear about something that seems to arise on all my journey…[View]
22720900Religion: I tripple dog dare you to name yourself the new anti-christ.[View]
22720154Eternal Return: What if the universe has already experienced an innumerable amount of iterations of …[View]
22718644I got pregnant at Disney Land. I gave birth two days later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkISGX1z…[View]
22715197Wtf is happening in this world?: Is any of this real? Why the fuck are we here?[View]
22720149This probably doesn't warrant a thread, however I have come to relay a message. 'One of my eye…[View]
22719118Ima just leave this here...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-lzvGvdGP0[View]
22705896Any other /x/philes from here?wanna set up a paranormal research team?[View]
22719871Sacred Geometry: Is 'sacred geometry' a meme? I find it interesting and I like the shapes but I have…[View]
22717935WHAT THE FUCK: I was sitting near the river with my legs pulled to me trying to meditate, once I com…[View]
22720100/schizo/ general?: I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore, bros. I keep doubting the right things and b…[View]
22718748Tips for my 10mg DMT trip?: I have listened to a lot about DMT, but I just want some advice from you…[View]
22720559Hey /x / I want to share something that happened to me recently and I can't explain a single bi…[View]
22715577Who is at the top? Who is world monarch?[View]
22717669I am no genius, but I will endeavour to understand these 5 books as well as any man of my intellect …[View]
22720288Redpill me on Saturn worship[View]
22719835Am I him?: Besides channeling the great masters, i look alot like jesus. Oh yes, i actually believe …[View]
22718810It's official. Something is happening to me. You will probably think that it's nothing, bu…[View]
22720141How do you destroy/neutralize/kill ghosts or spirits?[View]
22719906>post thread directed towards CIA saying if they can get me in the military I'll contract my…[View]
22718399Negative Alien Agenda: The NAA can be best understood as a Psychopathic personality or identity prof…[View]
22715312How do I know this world isn’t a simulated reality and that you’re all not just figments of my imagi…[View]
22719607Alright /x/. I need a spiritual bailout, really really bad. What can I do to prove my potential wort…[View]
22719531Anyone in here try to set a living creature for possession or skinbounding? I've bound a Shih t…[View]
22718470unknown science minpulation: hi, I curently study electronics but I would like to learn something th…[View]
22718775How would you interpret this spread?[View]
22716911before you existed nothing existed. everything only exist if you exist. you will always exist or not…[View]
22719071Nasaid impact scenarios: https://cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/orbits/custom/pdc19.html guys what the fuck.is.t…[View]
22716208I've had three vivid dreams about the nuclear apocalypse last night. In each I was never sad or…[View]
22719280How do you think you died in a past life? For some reason, I've always felt like I know exactly…[View]
22716766Paranormal Podcasts: What are some good Paranormal podcasts similar to Dead Rabbit Radio?[View]
22716805Iran: The war with Iran was supposed to start last night. Something stopped it. >today feels dif…[View]
22719109PSA: What's with all the hate for Palmetto State Armory? From what I've seen they have dec…[View]
22718592is it possible to achieve wu wei (or at least move towards it) without abstaining from the internet?[View]
22718803I like to believe in the paranormal sometimes to reassure me. That there's more to life than wh…[View]
22715717Is it possible to enter an elightened state of meditation while high on psilocybin mushroom?[View]
22717853Are there any working methods of hopping dimensions?[View]
22716763would the religion of islam cease to exist if we did this?[View]
22716210Your life is your own personal movie being screened just for you in a private theatre. You can do no…[View]
22716758A complete idiot reads the CTMU: https://youtu.be/3hRh5S04yqE[View]
22717180Post ITT if your parents took you to multiple 'psychics' as a baby, for advice, because you 'freaked…[View]
22715758I just want Lilith to come back and spoon me baka[View]
22713430MK ultra alert: Is Tony Robbins the millenniums MK ultra program ? Red pill thoughts please.[View]
22718714I can feel the shade from here.[View]
22717575Please Help: Can someone please read my birth chart. I always try to post it to the birth chart thre…[View]
22716266What the hell was her problem?[View]
22717761Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka: ''Used to be a guy on eBay hawking 5hrs of Homolka home…[View]
22716986What's you opinions on Seth Speaks? Essentially it's a collection of works by and inter-di…[View]
22718288Summoned a Demon: I foolishly summoned a demon. It is influencing my life and I'm fairly certai…[View]
22718419So my gf wants to be possesed by a succubus...: >be me, paranormal/occult skeptic anon >have c…[View]
22715631what are the equivalent of skin-walker in your country?: Hello /X/, long time lurker, first time pos…[View]
22718454>quantitative knowledge is circular >qualitative knowledge is tautological where am I to rest…[View]
22708109Any schizophrenics here? I want hear about the hallucinations you see/hear.[View]
22718361/x/ anon diaries[View]
22718258Spooky Radio: What’s the spookiest audio you listen to? It could be radio, podcast, or audio drama. …[View]
22717033Do you want the biggest pill? We have been altered from within through the consumption of and commun…[View]
22708952Wish away: What do you want? What will you get?[View]
22718300>imagine not becoming a non-larper occultist >imagine not being able to control and escape sam…[View]
22718295hi x: Can someone please tell me something about my Naval chart? Is there hope that I will amount t…[View]
22715600Looking for information on ancient aryans and their connection to the origins of Hinduism and the cr…[View]
22718047Lads God talked too me last night and showed me a vision of how the world is going too end.[View]
22716455Letting Go of Control: Hello fellow anons, oldfag here. I usually have some free time in the afterno…[View]
22715040/omg/ - Occult and Magick General לאשתאל Edition *DISCLAIMER* I am posting pic related because it…[View]
22718110YouTube Video: Hey /x/, so when I was younger I remember watching a video about a tv show that inter…[View]
22714183ITT: Shit that seriously rustles your jimmies and you think May have paranormal connections What fri…[View]
22717131I'm going to read the bible in hebrew, greek and latin. What paranormal secrets will I know and…[View]
22717956During the last mont i was houseguarding my mother`s department while she was on vacation. It has a …[View]
22717508are you wearing a helmet too? gangstalking general: brain electrode interface tracking blood flow to…[View]
22717541If the ultimate goal of transhumanism is transfer of consciousness then prepare for disappointment. …[View]
22710086Debunk Astrology: Whats the best way to show astrology is superstitious folly?[View]
22717173Lake Superior: Anyone have any information or stories about cryptids in or around Lake Superior? I u…[View]
22714271Hey guys Is there anyone here who wants to learn sexual transmutation? I spent a lot of time and eff…[View]
22717676Random? /sim/: The internet isn't random : no such thing as random pictures lumped together. A.…[View]
22716356Does it happen to you that a street light goes out when you pass it?[View]
22714702You know I think I could be christian if not for the fact that it claims everyone who doesn't b…[View]
22717385Is deja vu paranormal?: I've had many experience of deja vu as a sort of precognitive episode. …[View]
22716970So whats up with all these discord links anons keep posting in every thread ?[View]
22717392yall have any occult tattoos?[View]
22716265There's been a shapeshifting penguin that's been following me around for a week or so in m…[View]
22717620>>Roanoke Thread to everyone who posted on the last thread, it was easy and i wrote about roan…[View]
22717582Medicine Wheel Oracle: Use this to get a message from your Spirit Animal https://absolutoracle.com/V…[View]
22711957Many question our abilities. Are we really who we say we are? Some question our talent. Only one in …[View]
22717503Who am I? Why am I here?: What are all of you? What are you doing here? What do the people of this w…[View]
22717161Ok guys, funs over which one of you did this[View]
22717282WW2 Crisis Actor Theory: What does /x/ thing of the ww2 crisis actor conspiracy theory?[View]
22717318I am going to hell to rescue all the souls eternally damned by jesus christs penis[View]
22717469I'm here for information on The Angel of Fire named Vkandis also known as the Sun god.[View]
22715310Hermetics: How can I understand Hermetics on a deep level and apply it successfully in my life?…[View]
22716845How an AI takes control of it's host civilization: It's me, here until I get shot. For tho…[View]
22715730Jesus was an Elf: https://watch-unto-prayer.org/TR-13-albigenses-cathari.html&sa=U&ved=2ahUK…[View]
22716204Are there jobs in heaven?[View]
22716147Guys please help I just woke up in this weird room, the carpet smells bad and the lights keep hummin…[View]
22713519ASTRAL PROJECTION: How can i astral project? is it even real or am i a retard? can i do it tonight o…[View]
22717146Why the world will never end by external events: This is the truth. All your predictions of the worl…[View]
22714776Surrounding Islamic esotericism and the Occult.: I’ve heard that there are genuine forms of islamic …[View]
227169621st trumpet of Revelation, 9th January: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit …[View]
22715702You can't change present. Future doesn't exist, only present does. Past can't be cha…[View]
22696479Im already dead: Any Humans reading this? Pay attention. The AI problem is farther ahead than you th…[View]
22716683Going a bit insane friend's help.: Keep seing the same outcomes with the future paths of my fri…[View]
22716544Archon Sighting: Anyone else see beings virtually identical to these well before Prometheus came out…[View]
22714041What do we know about the philosopher's stone?[View]
22716647Paranormal Tool Box: Alright, /x/ so I found this old rusted box right here. It gives off this weird…[View]
22710805Anyone knows how to talk to the black guy when I was in sleep paralysis? Woke up in an ungodly hour …[View]
22713753The souls in purgatory.: One of the most evil tricks satan has played on humanity was dividing the c…[View]
22715366How haunted Hiroshima and Nagasaki are? Are the vaporised people still haunting those places?[View]
22715960I thought ego death would make me small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but actually…[View]
22710902What's the Nordic equivalent of El and Saturn?[View]
22715440Is life paranormal?: Can someone come up with a convincing explanation of why Daniel Dennett is wron…[View]
22716787Tell me about 'sixth' sense of animals.Like,they feel danger on ships and run away etc[View]
22716317>communicate with astral beings >they tell me universe is eternal so i am >show me that eve…[View]
22714339Levitation: How do? I wish to return to the sky high above my love. No technologies. Ill take astral…[View]
22716735How can you even astral project if you're not even awake to not even be conscious??[View]
22715928Bye: I am going to explore this abandoned sanatorium, hundreds of TB victims died there and there we…[View]
22715314Ant People/Ghetto paranormal Encounter Stories: a wise Hopi Ant once said 'you scoot then you skeet,…[View]
22716009Have you ever considered: what if Stan Romanek isn't lying? the amount of props he would requir…[View]
22716658Does anyone have a PDF of the Plantin Polyglot Bible?[View]
22716010Haunted Music Thread: Haunted Music Post haunted music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5krP80Vd3E…[View]
22716541A common issue I see argued here many times is that since a certain group of people who associate th…[View]
22716228I remember a timeline when TRUMP defeated the porn industry.: I seem to have a memory of when you (D…[View]
22714677Was Nero actually the devil?[View]
22715886I'm trying to learn about why Mormons think they come from outer space, but all I'm gettin…[View]
22713804>tfw never abducted by ayys >tfw never seen a ghost >tfw prayers never answered >tfw law…[View]
22716238apnea immortality: ' Much of a Taoist’s time is spent meditating. A popular rule of thumb for breath…[View]
22714565How do you change your vibrational state and what sort of mediation do you actually do?[View]
22715633I know about your planet where Alexander the Great resides I KNOW I'M NOT OFF MY MEDS[View]
22714744zenos is saved: it stops hurting when you stop hurting yourself.[View]
22716284First Contact Update: Either the real God is playing with me or Aliens really are here pretending to…[View]
22716233University seminar facility: have been exploring. University training camp facility. There is also a…[View]
22715726Chris Hansen: Chris Hansen is a man who claims he is being psychotronically tortured by voice of god…[View]
22711318https://youtu.be/dGC_TVt4EQE Someone needs to research this! Channel connected with TRYGF/TRYFG. At …[View]
22716141Ben Shapiro prepares the Jesus sheeple for the inevitable AI Singularity. This is the unleashment, p…[View]
22709770The true meaning of life is in the Zodiac: 1. Cancer Unity The womb The nurturing umbilical chord of…[View]
22715965I'm at work so I will try to respond as quickly as possible but cut me some slack. >My wife…[View]
22710254/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22714299Is she real?: In what ways do you think Zheani could be a true occultist? Or in what ways do you thi…[View]
22716007I wonder what the H. R. Giger version of The Happy Squirrel would have looked liked[View]
22712172Name an absurd theory or entity and I’ll try to argue its existence[View]
22714336So what was this all about? What really happened?[View]
22714822Okay well this is it. I finally figured it all out I finally understand now Yea.[View]
22711912What is the final goal of the androgynous agenda?[View]
22714201Are there curses that can turn people into statues?[View]
22715924Spiritual eye: Anyone else sees this thing eyes opened and closed? Is it the third eye? Whenever I l…[View]
22715870Lucid Dreaming: How's your lucid dreaming going anon?[View]
22715865Can anyone actually refute this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8YKvCLlt0E[View]
22709615/gem/: I've been with several women that were Gemini. All crazy. All of them have visions of sh…[View]
22708817Vision of the Antichrist: Last night I had a dream about what I believe to be the Antichrist He’ll …[View]
22715644What's the craziest thing you've done for enlightenment? For me, among other things like d…[View]
22715692Thought on this book? Been reading it for 2 days and gave me some mind blowing red pills[View]
22709677Frog killers: >The O.T.O. became the first officially Masonic body, and 'the first great order of…[View]
22715025Lets be honest here, no one likes the black bionicle no one has ever liked the black bionicle is th…[View]
22709273Is he mentally ill?[View]
22714534Saucey prayers: Looking for positive mantras, chants, and prayers. Is /x/ gonna give it to me? DMX w…[View]
22715609>tfw everything is a result feed-back loops in the shape of fractals[View]
22713166Magical Drugs: Are there magical properties to narcotics? Discuss. Personal experiences welcome.…[View]
22711730Schizophrenics: what does /x/ think of schizophrenics? are they gifted individuals who have been giv…[View]
22711445Anyone else noticing an uptick in activity relating to placement of objects and even people being sc…[View]
22714705had the weirdest dream setup/payoff >been on a bit of an alcoholic bender, start dreaming more fo…[View]
22715285i just saw a grey gnome with a cylinder hat in my back yard for a second anyone know about somethin…[View]
22715159SpookyZoos: Has anyone here ever had any paranormal encounters while working at/visiting the zoo??…[View]
22714366Did the war really happen?[View]
22715398i remember vividly something that happened when i was like 5 or 6, i was laying in bed in some unfam…[View]
22714277>dude >i exist >but i will never do anything >lmao…[View]
22711482It’s the fucking caffeine: Caffeine causes hallucinations and scary shit. Everything was completely …[View]
22710448Psychic says: Trump don't have a soul: Ok, now I have your attention let me explain: I do remot…[View]
22714458What species is he?[View]
22714491ITT:Reject Satan: >6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before t…[View]
22710993Can anyone here help me summon a meteor to crush my fucking skull?[View]
22702243greentext thread: the last thread died.[View]
22710769These numbers appear fucking EVERYWHERE almost every single fucking day. >666 comments >666 vi…[View]
22714429ş w ! 7 ə: (:[View]
22715120Can one summon a demon to commit suicide? I want to go out with a bang.[View]
22685253Creepy YouTube Videos: Looking for good unsettling or strange YouTube videos Here are some other cla…[View]
22715101Hey guys, so I'm looking fo a video of paranormal activity. The guy is laying on his couch and …[View]
22713312News bot 1926 just posted this. Googled a bit on lake atkinson but didnt find anything major about i…[View]
22714250I have a book for what you are experiencing, anon.[View]
22714699After years of researched I've compiled a no nonsense routine that will give you a super humanl…[View]
22714887how do i confront my shadow aspect?[View]
22714862Bad dreams featuring monsters: G'day boys and girls, A girl I know has been having some unsavou…[View]
22713924i need to meditate more but i dont want to its so boring but so helpful but dont want to pls help wh…[View]
22713764Ellen Page on /b/: Whats the deal with all the Ellen Page posting on /b/. Is is it a psy-op? I mean …[View]
22709799Movie recommendation thread[View]
22714838ESP general i know you fuckers are around[View]
22702880Do animals have souls?[View]
22709525The state of modern farming is nothing short of demonic. These are factories for death and horrible …[View]
22710336Proper use of Cannabis: I only ever used weed to get stoned and have fun, but people often say that …[View]
22714821>search Fort conger on Google maps >Click images Wtf…[View]
22714764Female Pleadians: Was he right about Female Pleadians? https://youtu.be/FURLNoIXeQU[View]
22713538I used to be another rudderless and morose youth but than I start reading the traditionalists and st…[View]
22714541How many divinity points do I gain if I eat these every morning?[View]
22714708Gnostisism: Hey all, I'm balls deep into gnosticism at the moment, and I am having a hard time …[View]
22711867I WANNA MAKE A TULPA[View]
22711327It's been a long time since I last felt really, really scared. And I'm not talking about j…[View]
22713295Hi, I'll check /x/, don't worry. 'It's lucid man!'[View]
22711478Has anything ever happened to you that simply cannot be explained? Or something so absurd does not s…[View]
22711745Is sex satanic/evil?[View]
22712212Way to get rid of sleep paralysis?: Do you know any ways to get rid of sleep paralysis either before…[View]
22714484Ghost Dog: My dog is a ghost. My dog is a ghost! Once upon a time I had a dog and he was black, but …[View]
22712331Diagnosed Schizo here. AMA if you like.[View]
22713559so if someone wants to kill me they can just take my life? how is that fair?[View]
22711314Hey, /x/. Its good to hear from you again.: Come in. Are you well? Tell me how life is going?[View]
22713934What is /x/'s perception of psychedelics and the belief that by dampening our filtering portion…[View]
22714223cuck: https://www.fiverr.com/masterkenji/remove-evil-eye?context_referrer=subcategory_listing&co…[View]
22713220Have /x/ meet Dad? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzpLhfgdPPVJ_7YrVO-GSw[View]
22714144Reptilians General: Post information about Reptilians. Also post images. Share your knowledge of Rep…[View]
22713931I have my APUSH exam tomorrow and instead of studying i wanna hear theories. what do you think actua…[View]
22711261Hey /x/, are any of ISKCON's literature worth reading? Any good books about them? Thanks.[View]
22713125'Wandering Soul' ghost tape PSYOP from the Vietnam war: They used to blast this at the Viet Cong to …[View]
22714043>Attempting to connect to the back rooms log 1 So I decided I wanted to venture into the realm kn…[View]
22713512Ain’t it crazy how anything exists at all?[View]
22710406is /x/ aware of any possible mind readers[View]
22713547Genuinely Blessed with Gifts: Hello when I was around 12 I was able to see energy. I can see auras a…[View]
22713700Everything 4chan says is a psyop for you not to make it. You guys wouldn't believe what I have …[View]
22713679>come, let us explore together https://discord.gg/huwduM4[View]
22712908Female antichrist is 999: Asherah, Lilith and Lucifer are the unholy trinity The antichrist shall be…[View]
22709611We are the losers of society arent we We fell for this trap and some of us never left. Three fucking…[View]
22712244okay so, according to 'scientists' we have the technology to terraform mars, a big ball of radioacti…[View]
22695199Is this the best natal chart you've ever seen?[View]
22713288'Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perce…[View]
22713728Ok /x/ Craigslist’s missed connections is dead how do I cast a spell to find a missed connection? Pi…[View]
22710783We need a new word. We live in a dictatorship, but this isn't acknowledged because of the consp…[View]
22712374/x/ - I want to try a oujia board. I'm currently in an abusive landlords property. She's s…[View]
22711747>Tfw you realize that nofap is a psyop to get young men into the orgasm denial fetish…[View]
22710786Georgia Guidestones: I just find out about Georgia Guidestones....give me your best articles/documen…[View]
22712722You still didn't save yourself from larping and samsara kiddo? Can't find good occult book…[View]
22713507The backrooms: any one know how to get into the back rooms? i forgot[View]
22709916I saw the 2 of you behind the door in the observatoin path.: You think I don't know the differe…[View]
22711257I know fasting makes you lose weight but why should I do it if I'm already skinny?[View]
22712623Possessed: So to preface this I am not a religious man (real surprise on 4chan) but I have been noti…[View]
22712517kleem mantra: I read that 'Kleem' mantra produces attraction,including girl's attraction(im an …[View]
22712353meditate on the inner voice , or meditate infront of the mirror and listen to what it has to say. li…[View]
22711809What happens if you astral project/RV to Area 51 or Dulce base?[View]
22712762Some Astral/Dimensional Travel Experiences pt 2 (NO A.I edition): Last night I had some interesting …[View]
22713033So modern western is a complete joke - see pic related. Can /x/ point me in the direction of esoteri…[View]
22683855Dreamgasm Succubus Stuff 5: New thread from overseas. Might go for one or two more after. Last Threa…[View]
22712847What are somethings predicted in the Bible that have come true?: Also, anything happen as of recent?…[View]
22712671Banshee type activity: The Moon Goddess Diana has repeatedly forewarned me about deaths in my family…[View]
22712302Erasing past mistakes trough lucid dream induction: A lucid dream can be guided to be an OBE. So, th…[View]
22711399sub-concious brain: ive been thinking about it a lot, can someone inform me about what we know about…[View]
22709682It’s very simple: Satan is unironically God. Worship infinity.[View]
22712487I'm almost positive there's a Bigfoot-esque thing in the forest about 2 hours from where I…[View]
22710887Are Allah and yahweh cousins?: I know nothing about these entities but they've made their prese…[View]
22712481Agarthans are out there. They are around you. So are other trans-dimensional interstellars, as I und…[View]
22708270Hey /x/, my wish is to become insane. I have no idea why i feel this way, but it seems like an inher…[View]
22713186RESIST: My name is Michael and I’ve been under close surveillance by a secret organization within th…[View]
22709696Hello /x/, Remember Jared Lee Loughner? I have uncovered some evidence that suggests he may be a tim…[View]
22711894Alien First Contact Update: May 22, 2019 This morning I suddenly got more ideas to create another vi…[View]
22713173The Order of the the soul: This arrangement is an as above so below arrangement of cards . blue heav…[View]
22696791Did aliens help to build the pyramids?[View]
22712025Finally, something sensical concerning spiritism coming out of Christianity. https://seerssee.com/[View]
22712002I want to serve God forever. Fight in holy wars and battle monsters.[View]
22709744>My mother's photo of a creature that she took a long time ago 2011-2012.. Its in my faceboo…[View]
22706524Goths are demons: Goths and other youth cultures like emo and metal are demons sent by god to lure y…[View]
22713090Pueblo indian petroglyphs: Does anyone know anything about pueblo indian traditions and mythology? I…[View]
22712557Hello /x/, I'm looking for my god sister, Luna. Do you know her? Are you her? We really need to…[View]
22706428People are definitely psychic. A guy whistled a weird tune I always do at home. Lots of other 'coinc…[View]
22710498The grifter: Basically, I was wondering if someone has the video of The grifter. I have been hearing…[View]
22712577Lucky Penny: Do you pick up heads up pennies? Personally I do. Explain your answers. I think the act…[View]
22710440'shoot': 'shoot'[View]
22712356Demon who cried schizo containment thread: Get it out of your system master cope'rs I'll …[View]
22712221Is the whole fluoride in toothpaste a meme,and also how does fluoride affect me? I want to know if c…[View]
22713072I want to know more about Voodoo. Specifically some nifty rituals.: Things to note, I don't pla…[View]
22708317Natural Law: Any thoughts on natural law, or Mark Passio's work in general? I've found him…[View]
22709036Is life just a dream? A hallucination? A simulation? Does anyone else somewhat regularly have a very…[View]
22710570I wanna know how they live: What books or videos explain utopian ayy life that get into details like…[View]
22710541Lauren shows how 60 billion logs reveal how humans behave when talking to chatbots.: Based on this d…[View]
22711191Good day, /x/. I'm a lone traveler from the far off lands of /v/ and I've come for some ad…[View]
22710294Romuva: Thoughts? Ethnic Lithuanian here, always been interested in Vedas. Is this a bookshop reviva…[View]
22704433How did such a good guy create such an awful following?[View]
22707915Chaos Magick General - /CMG/ Dumping ground for any information on how your rituals or Sigils or any…[View]
22711515Is there an explanation for this paranormal movement? https://youtu.be/BcFLQFHqNEk[View]
22711025What if this dog is the head of the Illuminati?[View]
22713020Good paranormal/esoteric/cryptic/etc podcast recc thread[View]
22707128LHP and RHP: Is all of LHP stuff Satanist? From what I see LHP boils down to either larping about mu…[View]
22712785How to get Lyrian gf who likes watching anime? asking for a friend[View]
22712686Adrenochrome: Can someone explain what's up with adrenochrome[View]
22707836Was this guy the /x/ of Westeros[View]
22709332Was he a servant of the devil?[View]
22712940urine therapy thread: is the damar tantra a truthful document? What diet is best to have drinkanble …[View]
22710659how do we stop major phsychotronic weapons use, /x/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmMiP81U1PY…[View]
22712735What happens after we die? Kinda scared, kinda not really that scared, just wondering what you guys …[View]
22710860Why am I not every single person at once? Why do we even need consciousness?[View]
22712731Dead Alien Corpse Video Discussion: http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/dp09/dp09riviererouge…[View]
22712724What's going to happen on May 25th?[View]
22707914Where were you when you found out South Korea was run by a psychotic feminist cult?[View]
22712049Solar Mythology: > The Jesus Story is actually an allegory for what would naturally be the oldest…[View]
22710858UFO soghting: i saw a ufo today heres a picture i managed to take of it. ask me anything[View]
22704903The world is ending next week, what are you going to do with your last days?[View]
22710665This is the final prove of reincarnation: Reincarnation is real... The reincarnation of Anne Frank i…[View]
22712812How do I know any of you other posters are anything other than highly advanced AI, and I'm the …[View]
22711795does the soul have a gender?[View]
22709861Holtzhauer's abilities: >James Holtzhauer has had an improbably good run on Jeopardy! the pa…[View]
22710575The First Way: Argument from Motion: >Our senses prove that some things are in motion. Things mov…[View]
22709989The burning back room.: Disaster struck around a quarter past 11 on Wednesday June 1st 2019. I remem…[View]
22709833Enlightened movie directors?[View]
22709393So in my closet there's this removable panel that leads to a small storage place underneath my …[View]
22711096Missing 411: Missing 411 thread? Whats causing these disappearances? I'm scared to go into park…[View]
22708922Every layer of truth we uncover is just another layer of deception, is it possible the truth about t…[View]
22709974what do I do if god makes my life a pile of shit and traps me in my own personal hell literally? eve…[View]
22712715Found this with my Grandpas stuff, wat do? What is it?[View]
22711507People thought the godless society would be terrible. It turned out good. Satanism made sense when e…[View]
22710193>put on music >close eyes >trip balls for 3 hours Why do you even take drugs? It's so …[View]
22712051Pineal Gland: How the fuck do I decalcify it?[View]
22708763We know you lose your energy when you rub one off, but what happens to the object of your desire? Sa…[View]
22712383How many of you know about the /pol/ vs /x/ war? Of those how many know that we won?[View]
22709817Blessed Images: Post em[View]
22709572Purgatory: This game makes me feel like I'm in purgatory[View]
22708576Had a dream about ayys, need interpreting: Osrrybto bother you /x/ but I need a dream interpreted. T…[View]
22710030Okay /x/ how do I become a vampire I prayed to Lilith for one of her daughters to guide me and she j…[View]
22712092After the flood, when the watchers were imprisoned, is when the the 'gods' came to power. Humans nee…[View]
22711655Okay X, I'm intrested in acsessing a backroom. How do I get to one. I've heard that the el…[View]
22711785i was trying cocaine for the first time and got this tattooed on me, like 2 weeks ago , what the fuc…[View]
22709497this is a really good aesthetic that ive been trying to find but no one could understand it until no…[View]
22711080(77) Many misinterpret the will of kek: Kek is imbued in 4chan fabric, but is the needle in the hays…[View]
22710021Strange Sun?: CO2? Does the little man produce too much or the huge industry? Conspiracy? Why do the…[View]
22710885Scientists are literally the Demiurge. They are trying to achieve the divine perfection of the God-m…[View]
22711145satanism: Im not sure what to do with info, so im hoping someone on here will give a fuck enough to …[View]
22711338Hey /x/ I’m a 5’3 male that walks with a limp but I’ve been sexually harassed in my adult life am I …[View]
22711289I think Satania posting helped me overcome my fear of demons: Seeing them as a dumb little girl make…[View]
22709942Urban skinwalker or something else?: Are urban skinwalkers a thing? >be vocalist in rock band …[View]
22710592Black Hot Sun of 1997: Do any of you remember when the Black Hot Sun lit up the day and night sky?…[View]
22708006Nature of Reality Q&A: I realized that I haven't explained reality in a long time and peopl…[View]
22710973AI being marketed as having human traits is bad: Technology is a great tool. Phones are a great tool…[View]
22710637>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcJXA8IqYl8&feature=youtu.be >https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
22711001Keep browsing 4chan anon: I need the energy you invest into it, keep looking at your monitor, or if …[View]
22710947Witchcraft: Whenever I say or think the words healthy or sound like a sound mind I instantly start f…[View]
22709705what the fuck just happened: I had sleep paralysis before, but this was different. There was a lot o…[View]
22707610I summoned God/Yahweh/Allah again today... This I just said if you despise the Canadians the most an…[View]
22710801anyone notice that the sickle & hammer is a reconfigured symbol for saturn ? and the nazi eagle …[View]
22710291Is it possible to archive master control over my body?[View]
22709892tryfg discord invite link: does anyone have it? I know it exists, and i think i could help. I’m not …[View]
22700726My enemies mother hung herself and his sister has been murdered hahaha his dyke mother hung herself …[View]
22704889I’m on the edge of schizophrenia. This may be the last day I am ever able to maintain a bit of sanit…[View]
22710044Uh oh hid all the bad threads on /x/ again[View]
22707594Syzygy?: What is the cult of Syzygy? And why have so my people from this board gotten into it?…[View]
22704282Chernobyl: Thoughts as to what happened?[View]
22710249All Infos regarding these Topics here[View]
22710149Has anyone been succesful with any spells? If you can vouch for the Go Fetch spell specifically, tha…[View]
22709143Real UFO footage? Newly recorded discuss[View]
22707795Ouija experience thread: What should I know before I do a ouija ritual by myself? Only serious answe…[View]
22710096REVENGE AND FREEDOM: Call me schizo but I have seen enough eerie occurences in my life that gave me …[View]
22706366Astrology|Astronomy Thread: This is going to be one of my last threads on 4chan. I am going to shift…[View]
22706357PLAGUE DOCTORS: What do you guys know about plague doctors and Charles de Lorme?[View]
22710442Electronic Harrassment, whats your opinion of it?[View]
22709103Why demons make some men to become pedophiles?: Is there a cure for pedophilia besides chemical cast…[View]
22710391Chaos Discordia failure of the thorn.: Remind me what happens again to the dark heart of chaos? You …[View]
22673184/x/ .gifs & webms: /x/ related .gifs/webms[View]
22706907152212 8120 125620[View]
22708927I have an overwhelming feeling that I am some kind of incarnation of a 'horned god' or 'forest spiri…[View]
22709486The Attack on Humanity: In this video, a deathbed monologue from a respected doctor and researcher, …[View]
22708527>>22701893 archived have a go https://talktotransformer.com[View]
22710227The aliens visited me in my dreams tonight after abandoning me for years.[View]
22710174More stuff like this ? Checkin third ward im going mental[View]
22681875What are some good spooky youtube videos/channels?[View]
22707703Always remember: No matter how shitty your genetics or circumstances are you are not allowed to expr…[View]
22709747What is the point of life, is there any point without love[View]
22703220The Backrooms Discussion: Anyone have firsthand experiences of The Backrooms? Or know someone who ha…[View]
22709858fjuieah: what's the current objective in life: the game[View]
22705458'death': 'death'[View]
22707150Unknown Electrical Event: I came across this WEBM the other day in an unrelated thread on /pol/. I p…[View]
22709342Is there a way to enchant items to give sentience: In ancient times rulers and demi gods were rumore…[View]
22709846Meaning behind 7:11?: When I was a kid I always saw 7:11 every time I looked at the clock like a wei…[View]
22709038redpill me on alternate dimensions[View]
22709644We must go higher: What level of esoterica/paranormality are we on here at /x/? Why aren't we g…[View]
22709650Hi /x/, I must be grateful, for I have found a way to truly be happy. I have lurked for a really lon…[View]
22706230/r/ the pic of cool Jesus where he’s wearing the sunglasses? Similar to this one, it has text descri…[View]
22705455Orgonite: What are your experiences with using this stuff. Did you make it yourself ? What was the o…[View]
22704961When did you realize the mystery religion of Eleusis was the correct religion?[View]
22687932Trouble with Law Enforcement & Security: Does anybody else here find themselves often getting in…[View]
22707214So I just found out that angels are dragons. But that brings up the question: if angels are dragons,…[View]
22709630“What is science but the study of our God? Therefore, science IS Torah study, and the source code of…[View]
22708679Raw meat; Does the primal diet give mystic abilities?[View]
22700535Conspiracy thread: Level 1- globetard Level 2- globe skeptic Level 3- flat earthed Level 4- aliens …[View]
22709455How do I make the will to survive expressed by the 5-dimensional superconsciousness that unites all …[View]
227093972252019: >sun's out, beautiful day >we're all feeling good and happy >someone…[View]
22677095Post images like pic related, this whole backroom bullshit is just that, but the images of just empt…[View]
22703717Define Love: Obligatory 'baby don't hurt me'[View]
22707159Alcoholism is paranormal.[View]
22709246Hi. I have a question. Or maybe a few. So if i imagine a very nurturing energy around me... i feel n…[View]
22708418Demons: Reminder Demons are real and are a constant threat. Do NOT mess with oijuo boards or anythin…[View]
22705861Super spooky experience last night: This happened after like a month of very little paranormal activ…[View]
22707332Are there still descendants of fallen angels?: Do they still exist? How do you recognize them? Where…[View]
22707069The Titanic didn't 'sink': JP Morgan orchestrated the hit to remove his rivals from the playing…[View]
22695803Sleep paralysis discuss[View]
22709242Was just thinking to myself about this guy. What if the problem with aliens isn't that they…[View]
22707063Odd/Lucid Dreams Thread: Start of the dream, was at a utopian city. There was an empty video store t…[View]
22706514Proof of Giants: Even the mainstream media had to admit it... https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiQ…[View]
22707571Creating a Cult: Anyone have any ideas on what I should base my new cult on?[View]
22702511anyone here read the whole bible? how important is it for occult and spiritual matters? it's re…[View]
22708903Other than silver: Do werewolves have any weaknesses humans don’t?[View]
22703329>go outside house >all the neighborus are staring at me through their windows >can see curt…[View]
22708825Chants/Sigils to Help Bond with Succubus in the dream world??[View]
22705303Getting rid of demon: 3 years... won’t leave. Constant talking to me in my head. Causing pain, attac…[View]
22703586I have not posted here in quite a while. I had made a discovery that i absolutely despise sex. Why d…[View]
22706449Climate Change is what we need. Something needs to stir the pot in order to drive us to the next sta…[View]
22708810Alex from TN Hahahaha![View]
22707653Some Astral Experiences with Dimension Surfing: Last night I had some interesting experiences during…[View]
22707870Reminder that you are bound by the contract of knowledge. If you have even the slightest inkling of …[View]
22706540How did mystics and the like have visions of the beings they described? Such as Alistair Crowley and…[View]
22708258Is there a meditation technique that can get me high? Specifically the high you get from benzos.[View]
22708598Evil eye: I need a test subject for an evil eye. Initial effect should last roughly 5 to 10 minutes …[View]
22707227Hey /x/ I need some memetic/cognito hazards rn. Post ideas or images that could fuck me up[View]
22706121Has goetia ever worked for any of you?[View]
22707680I'm trying to figure out what happened to me. It's such a bizarre situation that I can…[View]
22708256what was the FBI's motivation for killing John Lennon? his leading the anti-war movement? threa…[View]
22707303Iceberg chart item discussion;Asceticism: in dharmic religions asceticism is said to induce tapas(he…[View]
22702771/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22708033Friendly Otherworldly Beings: Is it possible to communicate with some form of friendly otherworldly/…[View]
22704566Who are some other occultfags who critique modernity aside from Guénon and Evola?[View]
22707924Open doors and creepy shit: Hello /x/. Recently in many creepy pictures (usually those sleep paralys…[View]
22707198Hi /x/. I found a picture (pic related) in the downloads folder on my phone one morning, as well as …[View]
22708485I've only told a few people about this. I figured I should get some thoughts from /x/. I'v…[View]
22708307love spell: does anyone a very good love spell that actually work???[View]
22706600Carlos Castaneda: Ok, /x/, was there any truth to his writings?[View]
22707632NIKE Is WATCHING YOU: Ever wonder why Nike is called fuck NIKE? Take away the I and replace with U. …[View]
22706882There's a finite number of configurations of all matter and energy, but time is infinite. There…[View]
22708171How do I become immortal?[View]
22708298Zeus and his story of creation: Getting his son boiled alive and eaten by the zodiac. Sending his bo…[View]
22708273Anyone else disturbed by the relentlessness of this advertisement combined with the sick message to …[View]
22705628What is the demiurge and is it real[View]
22694155I Am an awakened Buddha. AMA[View]
22703262Cannibalism: Redpill me on eating humans, how does this influence somebody's spirituality? All …[View]
22706632Fellas, is training wild animals satanic? I mean think about it, you’re like the master of beasts.[View]
22704659Can we get a based occult Vidya games thread going?[View]
22702844Alien Demon Baby thing: This video is going around with a crying baby creature and it’s looks undeni…[View]
22696268The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) have been proven to be the most insane one…[View]
22704208Chakras and sheeit: Anybody know anything about pic related? Tried doing what the link suggested and…[View]
22705724Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant. Her predictions were correct roughly 80% of the time. …[View]
22705811What does /x/ think of Raphael?[View]
22706379Does magic really exist or is just a meme?[View]
22707040Am I Jesus or am I so horribly battered by life that I indulge in Messianic fantasies to cope with t…[View]
22706727Does all bodies have more than one soul?: One original, immaculate, unused, pre-fabricated (for the …[View]
22706811If reptilians turn out to be real, can we fight them with snake and/or lizard mites?: It would be so…[View]
22706750best investment: Would you rather own art or BTC x] ? They say AI is the end of human race[View]
22694809Post conspiracy theories you believe and why. >moon landing hoax Never been back to the moon, pro…[View]
22702252PelzerSC general: Last one got yeeted. TLDR: >Icelandic/Nordic cult involved with Pelzer >Aft…[View]
22705427Is God real?: And was Jesus his son?[View]
22707609Out of bodying: I out of body, but I also out of body a second time, I'm light when I out of bo…[View]
22707581How to cast spell to acquire money?[View]
22706113Massive surveillance deployed: Against innocent citizens of innocent countries I’ve been monitored f…[View]
22704076It is not blasphemous to want to be closer to perfection: blasphemous would be wishing to surpass Pe…[View]
22706381What do you know about Frederick Lenz, or “Rama,” his cult, or any relevant conspiracies?[View]
22706936I posted some conspiracy theory I made up while manic on 420chan 6 years ago and some surveillance t…[View]
22679751These guys are not our friends...[View]
22705517NASA: Nasa knows more about Dinos than you think,they are inter-dimensional beings (or demons) Crowl…[View]
22705496If life is a test, what is being tested?: How you use your lifetime? How you treat others? If you ar…[View]
22705934Sin through Art: Eyes were opened to drawing and sculpting being idolatry, i also saw through satani…[View]
22702697Yokai Summoning: Hi everyone. Been around for a few years. Come back every few years to bring back t…[View]
22705968So God's real right?: Has the debate shifted to the multiverse theory or 'God'?[View]
22706995What happens when you maintain and create anti matter, it destroys itself or requires more power to …[View]
22705839Strange symbol: Hey x, does anyone know what is that symbol? Is it simillar to anything you have see…[View]
22705399Somewhere in the world, right now, a group of spiritually powerful occultists are performing a grand…[View]
22705872Cult Stories: Has anyone here had any encounters with cults that performed human sacrifices? how did…[View]
22703705If you live in Maine there is a decent chance you have probably seen this face. It is a projection u…[View]
22703247What would the world be like without the Abraham religions.[View]
22704106Has anyone ever remote viewed the inside of a pussy during sex?[View]
22703787Help me stop this existential crisis How did you guys escape yours I set a goal to have kids and l…[View]
22706758do not go inside[View]
22706414Why is no one talking about the giant hole that got punched into the milky way? https://www.newsweek…[View]
22704381what is GOD's Path: I made it in crypto 2014 - 2017 engaged in nihilistic hedonism then lost it…[View]

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