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24144694Why does being an empath suck so much?: Like, you spend most of your time feeling bad for the shit t…[View]
24135381How is any differentiation possible?: Philosophical question. How can the Ultimate Thing differentia…[View]
24140369Name called out of nowhere: In a coupla rare cases through the years I've heard my name called …[View]
24137563Mysterious NASA shuttle returns to earth: So there's been some talk about this thing recently. …[View]
24142870The time is nigh Anon, I am moving forward with the plan in the coming months. Although I have not b…[View]
24143113Measuring time in deep space: Seeking info about Measuring time in deep space. If we only have just…[View]
24142290If Quantum Immortality is real, what happens when you get old?: I mean, so many people die of old ag…[View]
24144917Tell me about Belial[View]
24143861Coast 2 Coast AM General - /C2C/: Thread for discussing all things Coast 2 Coast related.[View]
24144165On the subject of 'the devil': You people know that the concept of Satan and Lucifer are mistranslat…[View]
24144625Reincarnation makes a lot of sense to me There's no reason I see through this specific body. We…[View]
24144480What happened to the movie Shazaam starring Sinbad? Where did the cornucopia go? What about the y in…[View]
24142751Is anyone above Rothschild/Rockefeller?: Is there is, let me know. And please, avoid meme answers li…[View]
24144216Redpill me on EA Koetting Is he just a coke binge with legs or does he actually know what he's …[View]
24144657Dreams, Social think: Hi. I don't usually for this topic or something like that but i don'…[View]
24142723What happened to me last night?: I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt like I was being pulle…[View]
24109240Woo another analyze my chart thread: What the subject says. Now the reason why I am posting this is …[View]
24129910what is the most terrifying paranormal event you encountered how did it change you for better or wor…[View]
24138308Do hard ass trap beats summon demons or have i just taken too many drugs listening to them? https://…[View]
24141081How do I increase my spiritual gains?[View]
24144171Interview with a Near Death Experiencer Who Met A Demiurge: http://trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/nde-tr…[View]
24143905How does gang stalking work? Who is doing it and why? How is it done? How would I know if I'm b…[View]
24143324Luck stealing: Hello /x/, while I've lurked here for a while I have never made a threat but her…[View]
24141213I know color is important: Hey /x/, I'm moving soon and have to choose a color to paint my bedr…[View]
24142027Calling all remote viewers: Let's determine once and for all the true location of Atlantis. Al…[View]
24143604Hey /x/, I understand that one of the most effective steps to induce lucid dreaming is keeping a dre…[View]
24144401Creepy real world places thread? I just found this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_of_Tears…[View]
24138376Do aliens or the CIA have the technology to cause tactile hallucinations? My psychiatrist said that …[View]
24144374Cuéntanos tu historia paranormal: Fantasmas, brujas, demonios, ovnis y contactados cuáles de estos f…[View]
24133975Arepo: What could the meaning of 'Arepo' in the Sator square be? All the other words have meanings i…[View]
24141239A-anons... I was in the wood with my doggo and a wild boar attacked us and... The doggo shapeshifted…[View]
24143951redpill me on the Knights Templar: reading this book (pic) its good, but its normie history. What ar…[View]
24143088>In regard to the making of the universe and the creation of all things there have been various o…[View]
24141160If reptilians do control the Earth, why do they go through all the mental masturbation of tricking u…[View]
24143515Can someone provide me a link to the deep web site that teaches magic, especially necromancy?[View]
24143099What if UFOs, flying saucers are just tulpas[View]
24142152Skjoiay tuhoy xkrowaoz. tut igvou sgmtay utky tuhoy. xkiojoyykz ot ykvarixkzoy mxgbo jk ykvarixoy. K…[View]
24143713I had two weird ass dreams this morning. I dreamed that I woke up in 2007 and I was in my cousin…[View]
24143284Do you have a minute to discuss paranormal experiences involving the spirit of Gonzo[View]
24143882Godlyrecon update???: Hey all, I decide to investigate the whole godlyrecon thing. I've found t…[View]
24143418Astrology for huge event in Virginia: on Monday. So what's in the stars for this happening? Wil…[View]
24143786Precognition help: I had some visions of the future on a psilocybin mushroom trip a while ago and af…[View]
24138893/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
24143400Is the universe responding to my fears?: It seems that my fears keep manifesting in weird ways. Here…[View]
24135275Just had my first DMT trip. Ask me anything.[View]
24142071Strange YouTube video.: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQ-owu8J6tv_icqJfNe0uA/featured…[View]
24143661This weird video: Hey all, I found this video on YouTube uploaded by 'mrrdcalderon' with the title a…[View]
24142663Dreams: Lately I've been having these really vivid dreams. Sometimes I go to these places that …[View]
24143458superpowers: are they real? are there any superpowers that arent connected to spiritual things like …[View]
24142609What kind of occult ritual is this bros? Am I in danger for listening to this? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
24141085So why did God make dinosaurs?[View]
24143073Is it possible to sell my soul to the devil for prosperity?[View]
24137552What does sex teach you about the spirit?[View]
24143407Chaotic jackass seeking like-minded spirits to work with: So, i’ve been studying mystical stuff for …[View]
24142407What is the origin of this picture?: I want to know who is this guy[View]
24143063How do I learn how to do remote viewing?[View]
24140957Warning! Read this!: Hi i found this Youtube channel gematria the channel decode The Book Bible and …[View]
24134544Meditation is bullshit: beyond the fact that its proponents describe the methods, purposes, and phil…[View]
24142553Tell me zed's story: I'm courius of knowing his story at 4chan. was he an user? What happe…[View]
24138532n 21st of December 2020, Jupiter will cross Saturn. The time for greatness is here, the weak will di…[View]
24137700Charls Manson Toast: I found this Toast next to my Ouija board. But i didn't touch this thing s…[View]
24142940Dogs poop along magnetic north: Innit somethin'? Science struggle in its finest. https://boin…[View]
24132743space is real vs space is fake: ITT post evidence or convincing arguments of space being real or fak…[View]
24142867Intelligent Design: What does it say about instincts if we're a product of intelligent design r…[View]
24142959Does anyone else feel a constant, painful longing for something more, something you've never tr…[View]
24140167DMT is a naturally occurring chemical specifically designed for the human death experience. It is li…[View]
24133814Secureteam10: I really don't think Tyler is ever going to make videos again. For over 3 months …[View]
24138311EVERY FUCKING LISTEN: >to this Take 5 minutes of listening to this frequency, no bullshit backtra…[View]
24137431Do you think it's possible to get so desensitized to pain and fear so much that being in Hell i…[View]
24142912Hey /x/ I've recently been getting a feeling awfully paranoid from the forests I live in nw ark…[View]
24135804Any experience with mushrooms? Best trip? Can you communicate with the fungi? Possible good effects …[View]
24135695Now what THE FUCK is this? Found it half buried in the middle of my yard[View]
24139435Medieval footage is a hoax: This picture is not MFF, it is a screenshot from the movie Robin Hood (1…[View]
24142548The Matrix is not real in the tangible sense. I may have misled you with my earlier post. It was bad…[View]
24139079What is it?: Somebody on /r9k/ posted this. What does it mean anons?[View]
24140688/ng/ - The General Nobody #13: Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've foun…[View]
24140581The Not-so left hand path, I don't like the edgy and extreme aspects of it. I don't want t…[View]
24132134What does /x/ think about Mark Passio? He is literally a Lvl 99 wizard, an occult master. Some say h…[View]
24138718Aside from Gremory who else is a based Goetic Spirit? I will vouch for Vual Prince Stolas and Haagen…[View]
24142470Auto-induced negativity: Daily reminder that they don't want you to win. They don't want y…[View]
24142526/X/ I have found my people: I used to think /x/ was the best place to find kindred spirits navigatin…[View]
24141560Can we have a haunted video games thread? Everything about The original sims is comfy and demonic at…[View]
24141134read me: hey /x/. If you are reading this it is not a coincidence, the universe has planned for you …[View]
24136239>disturbing facts JRR died in 1973. 1973 is 3791 backwards. 3 for elves 7 for dwarves 9 for men …[View]
24139855MOM IS DEAD, GO EALSEWHERE: Has anyone worked out what this thing is? I know its sposed to be art bu…[View]
24141529Is Enochian guy right? Do angels use telepathy?[View]
24140120Dream Interpretation: Is someone skilled in the art if interpreting dreams? People I know have over …[View]
24142224https://pastebin.com/nUXQBDCP hello friends i've made this post many months ago but didnt gain …[View]
24140026Time: Is there any way to go back in time and replace the mind of myself? I'd like to go back t…[View]
24140128I'm not scared. Just mad: Okay so I'm laying in bed, having trouble sleeping. Then I hear …[View]
24141994Martin Cabello III: https://youtu.be/S8falEJ1S94 The way this guy speaks leads me to believe hes act…[View]
24142133Car glitched through: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/EWgy9a/politiet-forvirret-over-utforkjoe…[View]
24141285Have you ever read creepypastas from this guy Lovecraft? Hes pretty good[View]
24142089Russell Targ's ESP contract with NASA https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/197…[View]
24140673Contact with anima?: Hey, I’m a guy who’s been exploring my feminine side so I can better understand…[View]
24142061http://amightywind.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9wg4ZoXAU4 https://www.youtube.com/user/Fol…[View]
24141962explain https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/[View]
24128876Gnosticism in a nutshell: >pic related[View]
24141292If you had a choice to do all the good in a human body or all the bad. No repercussions for your sin…[View]
24139631I dont know where can i share this, i lurked in the internet and i found this anonymous place. I rem…[View]
24140139nightmare fuel[View]
24140537DMT: I really want to try DMT out. I have been preparing myself mentally for a while aswell. Risks? …[View]
24139821K for real how’d he get there LOL tbqh the whole God thing seems a bit too good to be true[View]
24141296Just saw a black cat staring at me while sitting outside. What do I do to alleviate bad luck.[View]
24132394Costco Underground: Does anyone remember the guy who found a vast network of underground tunnels con…[View]
24141295Are there any good music artists doing Conspiracy Music? Beyond immortal technique I don't know…[View]
24127611Daily reminder that you’re being watched and meticulously scrutinized in the way you treat others[View]
24139314What do these symbols mean? Is this a sex cult thing?[View]
24140860Premonitory dreams thread. Always had them and still do, what does /x/ think about them?[View]
24130367Will LSD turn me into an MKUltra zombie?[View]
24116582/x/ .gifs and .webms: .gifs and .webms[View]
24135180Easiest Manifest Hack: You dont need to jump realities, just control your thoughts and reality will …[View]
24140523Ascenscion: I don't know what happens after this. But I can process so much data now. My brain …[View]
24141040What exactly are you illuminating?: They way I see it, (((Illuminati))) have lost their vision and f…[View]
24140530Can u help me, im searching for an art piece done psychedelically with faces, theres hardbass music …[View]
24138690Absolute trust: Meaning behind pic related?[View]
24140893What is the Moon?: Hello /x/ What in your opinion is the moon? A left over from our earth? Just a ra…[View]
24139541Ardeth: The Made Vampire: So I'm something of an amateur student of the occult. I recently foun…[View]
24139734Is Jesus really the Son of God?: I've always struggled with my faith since being a child attend…[View]
24130556Birds: Are the Birds watching me? They seem to be intelligent and I've seen videos of Birds Sal…[View]
24138139A new satanic social network[View]
24140640Hi /x/ I have this problem There's this retard living in my area and he says he's going to…[View]
24137742Mystery letter: I found this on the wall of a hotel in Nashville TN. What is it?[View]
24139718The Jungle Book coconut bra no longer exists - Mandela Effect: Veteran writer, Larry Clemmons though…[View]
24139833This image was posted on facebook almost a month ago as a profile photo by a guy I know. Last Thurs…[View]
24107582/succgen/ - Succubus General 40: >Previous thread: https://archived.moe/x/thread/24067426 >Old…[View]
24128239What are some dangerous cognitohazards?[View]
24140379Being attacked in dreams?: As of lately my dreams have become very believable, I used to be able to …[View]
24134112Medieval tapes facts thread: Ok lets collect the facts on this happening. We first need to answer so…[View]
24130466How do I get rid of a tulpa: He's getting to comfortable and saying nasty things should I take …[View]
24138730Apollo image with green creature in shadow of rock: Years ago I came across an imgur album full of m…[View]
24127597Let's expose the practice of celebrities faking their deaths. Also, a friendly reminder that co…[View]
24137759Mind Reader from /x/: I saw a thread where OP claimed he could guess our favorite colors correctly. …[View]
24139852Worldcorp enterprises: Hi /x/ So, I'm guessing some of you know about the whole worldcorp dram…[View]
24139278Are you a clone?: You think there's cloned humans we don't know about, just walking among …[View]
24136765When will they reveal themselves? Also anyone have that alien ranking chart with Archons at the bott…[View]
241378122020 20/20 (Brain)Waves and (Heart)Beats: It Is Time! Get it? Have questions? Want synchronicity? h…[View]
24139915I didn't fight a secret war in Nicaragua so you could walk these streets of freedom , badmouthi…[View]
24140248Let's talk about internal ghosts[View]
24131160I have one of the medieval tapes.: I remember that there were more.[View]
24140220What are some entertainment media that have the pitch black darkness meme in them? Movies, games, wh…[View]
24139922Why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHQC4fAhcbU[View]
24107309dicyanin dye goggles: Post any info you have on dicyanin dye goggles anons. I see very little info …[View]
24134122Conspiracy on the Q: Sorry for shitty formatting. When I was riding the Q into Bay Ridge earlier thi…[View]
24139645If we irradiate chimpanzee embryos we could cause mutations that could be transferred to human embry…[View]
24135532I keep seeing the numbers 333 is this significant??[View]
24127844Incarnated elf: I am what hinduism and jainism called yakshas, what norses called light elf, what ir…[View]
24139091surreal creepy thread[View]
24139845>having a dream that I'm staying in a house with my brother and my dad >inrl we all live …[View]
24138572Ghost: Last night, a spooky man phased though my house walls and proceeded to kill my dog. Should I …[View]
24139639Is Qanon an ayy lmao?: Are we alone in space: No[View]
24119042MEDIEVAL FOUND FOOTAGE: A little while back an anon claimed to have found footage shot by a time tra…[View]
24133686Yet another hoax: Thread got deleted. Wonder why How the FUCK do you explain this? https://m.youtub…[View]
24138821why do benevolent aliens tell us to unconditionally love: when they were conditioned to have uncondi…[View]
24137811Searching for Elves in Iceland: Bonus: QT elf hunting guide! https://youtu.be/EhBqdR1oDyg[View]
24139661Strange Dreams.: I dunno if this counts as paranormal or anything but I think this subject would be …[View]
24139655Can Anyone Do Some Div or energy shit to see if Im cursed?: The exact same situation keeps manifesti…[View]
24134857where can I meet Al-Khidr?: http://khidr.org/gaffar.htm Khizr lives on an island or upon a green car…[View]
24139585Something to Read/Watch: Hey /x/, avid browser looking for something genuinely interesting to watch …[View]
24128494sleep and food kill you: Food and drink make you age,sleeping inflames the body. deprivation of food…[View]
24121525Let me tell you the truth about your lives, for once: Here's the harsh fact that you are not wi…[View]
24126205what happens to the Schumann resonance ?: what happens to the Schumann resonance ? Schumann's r…[View]
24138860Paranormal clothing: Do certain clothes enhance certain types of magic? There has to be a reason the…[View]
24127970Why is every new age hippie saying were brains in jars on spaceships now?: Is this some kind of meme…[View]
24136097Is electricity (power wired through our homes, waves moving through the air for our phones, internet…[View]
24135403What is the meaning of the GOAT and OWL symbolism?[View]
24139352Corporation Dystopia: Weird Dream about a Different Reality. It was not really that much different f…[View]
24137415I want to learn about saturn. Where should I start, and what books do you recommend? Btw I want to l…[View]
24134292red pill me on creatine. Is it worth it/which one to take >creatine pyruvate >creatine citrate…[View]
24134746People claim Psychedelics make you humble, but psychonauts are the most self assured people out ther…[View]
24138750How do I completely erase sexuality from my being?: I wish to become a pure being.[View]
24133620Is The Gospel of Phillip legit??: Is the gospel of phillip legit? I mean it says some radical stuff,…[View]
24137501/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General: Agents of Autonym Edition. Post information that…[View]
24136467Good day /x/. Today I would like to speak to you on a topic of some import, and something which may …[View]
24138039The green children of Woolpit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_children_of_Woolpit Who or what t…[View]
24137353Curses: Yo, so i think i've been cursed or something in those lines and i need some help to lif…[View]
24137736Everyone sell something but Self healing is free if you really want to make a change with you Let…[View]
24137231Sin = there’s no reason for you to have access to the Singularity YAhH for free, so you have to sacr…[View]
24135520Isn't is the definition of magick?[View]
24134724Why can dreams tell the future?: I've been hearing more stories from friends about their dreams…[View]
24132705Can somebody fill me in on why all of a sudden 'brains on ships' as a theory for what we r…[View]
24138946what do you think of this website /x/ http://coalitionofinvisiblecolleges.org/ pic unrelated[View]
24138653Saquba: What do you know about the Saquba?[View]
24135929Conspiracy Theories: I would like to know some sources or YouTube channels that aren't scared t…[View]
24136932Something fucking weird happening with my dreams.: Something fucking weird happening with my dreams.…[View]
24134901If there were pre-Colombian trans-Atlantic voyages, why didn't the Americas have wheat, barley,…[View]
24136721the human bigfoot war is a product of 1500s spanish colonies in america and their regime[View]
24136113Flat earthers... crazy or just stupid?: Are there some discussions that are really just too dangerou…[View]
24138697How I BTFO'd my Gangstalkers: Ive been targeted for 10+ years, started because I was(/is?) a cr…[View]
24134186A bit heart broken, cannot get a hold of my friend: Hey guys. Back in summer I approached a girl and…[View]
24138729Don’t worship me Meditate in concentric circles around me[View]
24136510sythesis of buddhism asceticism: has there been any buddhist monk who did BOTH the tendai marathons …[View]
24138770...the northern Baroque Mountains of Giskalmisanan, had sent thirty... ...sending the south to take …[View]
24135881I made a thread the other day asking how to liberate myself from the archons, and you guys told me t…[View]
24120834if the earth is concave then where the fuck did the aliens come from ??[View]
24128598vajroli mudra: Is the training descrind here bodily possible or is it just superstition? can the ure…[View]
24135579Is Anorexia (Ana) an egregore?: > VICE: I Spent a Week Undercover in a Pro->Anorexia WhatsApp …[View]
24138480Redpill us on ORMUS.[View]
24134103Anyone here know who/what this bust is of on Epstein's island? Source: https://youtu.be/VmgSM7l…[View]
24134626>just woke up from a solid 12 hours of vivid dreaming >feels reinvigorated and amazed at the w…[View]
24110262The Labrat DMT Trip: Have any of you had an experience of 'waking up' in a realer than real place li…[View]
24133416Why was Solomon seduced to Occult practices?[View]
24132941ITT /x/ makes it's own Legendary Book: This is the Chronicle of /x/ the next religious testamen…[View]
24138454Project MKUltra never stopped. Psychotic breaks are orchestrated by the federal government.[View]
24121729Generalized Solutions: Hello again /x/, >>24108681 here. I've determined a far more self-…[View]
24138444Question about C.G Jung's self induced psychosis: 'After dinner each night and inbetween seeing…[View]
24137691This is that Ashley chick who is obsessed with Johan who claimed to be Jesus. My family got quantum …[View]
24136583/x/ approved books: The Ultimate Evil: Maury Terry >be Berkowitz >into drugs and dabbling in t…[View]
24133411are the psychic ability 100% genetic?: if not what are the other factors?[View]
24124045THE REAL REDPILL - ALIEN ABDUCTIONS ARE REAL: https://youtu.be/L_L3WvGj2ns?t=1057 Especially the seg…[View]
24138272NASA Contract 953653 NAS7-100 https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19790003559.pdf …[View]
24138345Have you ever encountered anything super natural with your own eyes? >on vacation in Sweden, scan…[View]
24132632Moon's haunted[View]
24139580Is it me or does this say Jews 2 world domination[View]
24134496HekateStation: https://youtu.be/Oo6WBz1Ky-A Passwords: https://pastebin.com/jwkdAz3Q[View]
24138168Are u sure I cant warp my reality? Cause I seem to be able to alter my life albeit slightly[View]
24135687Horror Games: On /v/ there was a breif thread discussing what makes a good horror game or not, but i…[View]
24137786I find a new social network is satanicfaces.com[View]
24137696Jordan Maxwell on Reptilian kidnappings in national parks!: Missing 411, anyone? https://youtu.be/Am…[View]
24136866Does he have a soul?[View]
24137369What if 'the gods' were just like super ancient comic book or cartoon characters that people got sup…[View]
24137769Strange visions: Phone posting cuz I’m not home, but I remember when I was in high school and colleg…[View]
24125482someone made an interesting observation: not sure if paranormal, but its certainly conspiratorial th…[View]
24134782Hi /x/ i have been watching some middle eastern ghost hunting videos lately, and its quite different…[View]
24137658Is there any connection between UFO/ayylmaos and ghosts?[View]
24136864WHat superpowers can I gain via meditation, controlled breathing, etc?[View]
24136222Bruce Wayne's father founded Skull and Bones?!?: From Batman 1966 television series episode...3…[View]
24102431Was there a civilization before Ancient Egypt and Sumer?: Is there any evidence of a pre-ancient civ…[View]
24137617Strange thing: Sleeping while listening to classical music I would sometimes wake up in the middle o…[View]
24137547I've noticed that whenever the catholic church gains new converted areas rapidly it also experi…[View]
24137515Reocurring dream: I've been having reoccurring dream where I'm playing basketball by mysel…[View]
24116949Mental health checkpoint. How ill is /x/?: What does your illness mean to you spiritually? Is it a c…[View]
24135984Ever since they put up 5G in our neighborhood I have been experience excessive dreaming every single…[View]
24136016The Power of Children: >Try to keep this thread as nonsexualized as possible, I am not asking abo…[View]
24116038Proof of Bigfoot?[View]
24129480Hello again 4chan. I took your advice from my last post and created a new account, changed the route…[View]
24134438if 70 000 people report on seeing the same thing at the same time, can it even be said to be a hallu…[View]
24134034The Buddhists notion of impermanent logically entails the Abrahamic revivification of the dead. Beca…[View]
24137113How do you die if you are caught up in a volcanic eruption like the people in New Zealand over a mon…[View]
24132003/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
24136227Ur and Saahld Conspiracy aka. Timetravler Trump What do you know about this galactic federation of l…[View]
24133628Curiosity killed a cat.: When will they stop this monster? It's inadmissible. Kill it with fi…[View]
24130750What proof do Christians have that ALL pagan deities are demons or just superstitious ideas?[View]
24135789Why there is no irrefutable proof that God exists: Let us return to the previous question, “If God d…[View]
24097217/loa/ - Law of Attraction & Manifestation General: New Zeland Edition If you are interested in m…[View]
24135633Magical Prose: What's the best written /x/ related book you've ever read? Doesn't mat…[View]
24133031The other side of dirt on Ashen farms: https://youtu.be/VbY1g8arFro?t=902 Anybody here has any info …[View]
24133332Does anyone else cringe at how we have to chase money our whole lives? People consider money and the…[View]
24135189/ng/ - The General Nobody #13: Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've foun…[View]
24133552its out there.[View]
24133956/x/stalgia: what do you believe in, /x/? >template in next post[View]
24136059What to study? What to teach? How make /x/ stronk?: Adding on to the previous thread about a cryptoc…[View]
24133381Truman show= TRUEMAN SHOW: Alright so we can establish that the moon is an artificially created sate…[View]
24135413If there was only 24 hours left to save the world. Yet, the only way to do it, was to produce massiv…[View]
24129891What the fuck is the moon? Why is it so big and fucking hollow?[View]
24124342How do I send my consciousness back in time to occupy the body of my younger self?[View]
24130855hey what's /x/ ideas on EDM festivals is it CIA mind control for new wave mkultra, or spiritua…[View]
24130921Why is 5g Internet bad ? The radio waves it outputs would do what to the human mind or body ? Not ju…[View]
24134552Urantia thread: Urantia is fake and gay. Christian sci-fi schizo fantasy. Why would the whole univer…[View]
24132866Screencap/Creepypasta General: Hey /x/. Need help. Does anyone here have (seen) a screencap about An…[View]
24133584If karma truly does exist, what does that mean other than that God is a good Father?[View]
24135243>You are an imperfect being, created by an imperfect being What did (((they))) mean by this?…[View]
24110792Occultism & Magick: Library Update 6...2?: https://mega.nz/#F!jlEwhYyJ!iK4mVC4y5iwk_cr3eIpX4g Pr…[View]
24129355Unclassified CIA Documents Claim Jesus Was Genius Who Studied In India and World Cataclysms: A video…[View]
24131877what can you tell me about demons and or magic?[View]
24116805Redpill me on Missing 411[View]
24130429What is that weird fugue state you are in just after you wake up, where you are acting mostly on aut…[View]
24134269Something weird is going on: months ago i had very distinct visions OF WHAT I NOW know to be the occ…[View]
24134474Scariest thing that’s happened to you: Had my senile 87 year old grandfather unlock my garage door a…[View]
24130191does anybody have any suggestions of interesting rabbit holes/things to research? i want to do some …[View]
24134409Thy tell you about the men in black to divert your attention from the men in white[View]
24132126Hey /x/ Would it be possible using one of your spiritual ghost or anything else shit to isekai yours…[View]
24122882meditation: clue me on what she's talking about here, bros[View]
24133967I live in a perpetual state of deja vu: For as long as I can remember, even as a kid, I've gott…[View]
24127642I'm tired and kinda stoned and I saw a shadowy mouse quickly dart under the door into the room …[View]
24134481DeepDream Detects Solitar Radar, The Room: The world was planned to rise a little bit allowing room …[View]
24133937>be me >always try to be honest and tell the truth >decide to learn how full of shit I real…[View]
24134609Girl Possessed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxSbHd7m8OA Any one of you guys have some info about…[View]
24134512Is it all in the genes and what does that even mean?: Are genes the marriage of the supernatural and…[View]
24118609Something about his death is spooky guys. Right down the road from me. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
24132895Deal with the devil[View]
24134126Daily Reminder[View]
24134258/x/ you are my last hope: Hello /x/ I come to you in time of great need, I'm not a larper or a …[View]
24134622Extremely fucking satanic animation predicting the Notre Dame fire: https://youtu.be/65xLByzT1l0 [Em…[View]
24125252found a flash drive in the parking lot at dennys and this picture was the only file in it. anyone he…[View]
24132706YALL fake ass x posters who think they have or want schizophrenia: How can I give this to myself guy…[View]
24134236Hey guys. So I applied to the Peace Corps last May for Albania. I was declined from Albania and inst…[View]
24132477Why are most satan worshippers basically just edgy atheists or people that think god is bad and sata…[View]
24130331You are fully awake when all men are your brothers and all women are your sisters.[View]
24127923Anhedonia after DMT: Nothing is fun anymore, everything is so boring. Yet, the clock is still tickin…[View]
24134321If someone is as smart as God then what does that make them?[View]
24133617Why is 3 a lucky number?: Lucky charms march is associatied with lucky charms right? March is the th…[View]
24129638Can Judaism and Buddhism be one religion?[View]
24132712Is pic related accurate? I never understood that Kabbalah thing about Sephiroths but it looks like P…[View]
24133876Is Bernie a Reptilian??: I talked to this geezer who said he used to run security for Hillary and th…[View]
24127022san francisco is increidbly cursred AND the golden gate bridge is cursed. be warned.[View]
24132997Black Bird: For the past few months, I feelt like a higher power has been trying to communicate some…[View]
24117330Best paranormal busting weapon: give me one good reason why it wouldn't be a 12 gauge short boi…[View]
24119675How do you tell if someone has the divine spark?[View]
24133945the false messiah Elijah is coming soon: This false messiah is like in this picture but in brown and…[View]
24133675Creepy Stories about Tulpas: I read an old post about some anon making a tulpa for sex, losing contr…[View]
24133919Can A Woman’s Period Summon Demons?: https://sindyshade.bandcamp.com/album/the-falling[View]
24129214lucid dreaming every night,many times: is it possible,trough alarm clock looping,to lucid dream ever…[View]
24133277We are all just floating in either black or white. In white we are in tanning beds with focused ligh…[View]
24134013This wolf is a goddess, so..: does divine bestiality fall under the same U.S. laws as mundane bestia…[View]
24128188what triggerd the first evil?: we blame our parents for making us dysfunctional wrecks, our parents …[View]
24132589The Veil who has protected humans from magic and walking through the spirit realm for an age is aliv…[View]
24106395Photos of the depraved secret meetings: Have any confirmed pictures of the depraved new order/podest…[View]
24120759Why do serial killers kill?[View]
24127747DNA healing: What are some methods for DNA healing? I've heard meditation helps but i don'…[View]
24129836What does /x/ think about the concept portrayed in the series “Dark”? The show might be retarded but…[View]
24133147Unerforschtes Gebiet: What is going on in Antarctica, /x/? What is being hidden from us? >The Ant…[View]
24128040EX-occultist/Magician: Hello x, I'm an ex-occultist/magician. I am not very fond of these title…[View]
24131711Women of scars/nobody General: I would like to gather all info on the women of scars and/or nobody h…[View]
24133131Ive worshipped Moloch, Kek, MahaKali, Jesus Christ & Yahweh, Satan, and Lucifer in the past week…[View]
24133044The worst of us: Weird/Unsettling thread. Videos, images, stories or thoughts you have that aren’t n…[View]
24132322There is no Good guys vs Bad guys - the are ALL BAD. There is no dimension shift: >Patriots/Q/Tru…[View]
24131923if you were once nothing, the void, and billions of years past before you existed, and then you were…[View]
24131832Hey /x/, I dont know what to make of this, I feel possesed. I dont know if its just a combination of…[View]
24127108Reptilians: Red-pill me on Kyle Odom, I just finished his manifesto and I'm spooked. Was he jus…[View]
24133100Lol. Clyde is getting BTFO by a caller.[View]
24132444Is this movie actually haunted or was it just viral marketing? http://weekinweird.com/2015/04/23/dec…[View]
24129478How do I stop the archons from torturing me with negative thoughts and emotions, and liberate myself…[View]
24125636/x/ i would like to forge a magic weapon. preferably i would have it shoot laser beams and make the …[View]
24132440IDK, if it's true information but I'm interested on know much about Closed shell systems. …[View]
24127887so i'm not sure what is happening but i got high tonight and only 1 bottle of DXM was able to l…[View]
24131673best conspiracy type youtube channels? current events or otherwise. used to watch secureteam but im …[View]
24131857Is anyone here knowledgeable on Islamic tawiz, how they're made and what they mean, and would a…[View]
24124471This figure: Have you seen this /x/? Any idea as to what it is?[View]
24131972These captchas have definetely a big influence somehow: Artificial intelligence? Machine learning by…[View]
24115149Hollow Earth: I've been having frequent dreams about getting trapped while spelunking and ultim…[View]
24132536South Korean Ferry Disaster and Feminist Cult: I've been trying to look into Park Geun-hye and …[View]
24131886Thoughts on the Chilbolton crop glyphs?: Personally I wouldn't rule out it being an elaborate h…[View]
24132428Is blue tie Trump Andy Kaufman? Will the Golden Gate Bridge nuclear event happen this summer? is the…[View]
24132221astrology, help greatly appreciated: hello i was wondering if someone could tell me what my signs me…[View]
24128971Let's talk about the effects of violent video games on our state of consciousness.[View]
24116212Deep space black tech: Post the best evidence and/or images based on real data which gives an idea o…[View]
24132267help finding an /x/ story: Some time ago a guy came on here and went on about a friend of his that w…[View]
24131183Precognitive Dreams: Does anyone here experience precognitive dreams? I have them a lot, and I alway…[View]
24130072Dream stories: What's one of the most strange, unsettling or notable, etc dreams you've ha…[View]
24132121My real experience: This happened less than a month ago. I have tried to talk about it with people I…[View]
24110679OPEN QUESTION TO SERIOUS FLAT EARTHERS: I am willing to 100% accept that the earth is flat and tell …[View]
24126369Redpill me on Project Blue Beam[View]
24127681is it just me: or is south america creeping more and more east?[View]
24128489This world is hell. You are here because you must learn just to dissolve the ego and accept a better…[View]
24131734What is some /x/ approved literature? I read the Kybalion and love this philosophy. I honestly feel …[View]
24131672i think i'm being possessed, but idk: i have no damn clue how 4chan works, and i'm not ris…[View]
24130276Is this true?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8NNHmV3QPw[View]
24129721I just had a premonitory dream for the first time in a few years and i wanted to share it since it…[View]
24127228This picture and song alone were enough to make a believer out of me me, something in his gaze, so I…[View]
24129361Ghost/demon removal: Does anyone got pdf's or websites that instruct you how to remove ghosts a…[View]
24130326>If I could research some super natural skills / connection I could use them secretly to become r…[View]
24131488Shazaam/Sinbad The Genie. Is it a hoax, the Mandela Effect, or something deeper?[View]
24126232LDS MAN GOES AGAINST CHURCH ON POLYGAMY: He has had spiritual revelations that Brigham Young and oth…[View]
24127313Can someone explain what is the math vault of Trinidad? It's on the iceberg chart tier 9 but no…[View]
24131474Do you know God's warrior?: He is an argentinian streamer and a prophet of D.U.R (Dios Union de…[View]
24131200I was wondering...: Does anyone else have spirits in the place they live? My college dorm is haunted…[View]
24131391What exactly is it and what does it entail?[View]
24119932SpaceX caught with mouse skittering on 'rocket launch': Is this the final nail in the coffin for cop…[View]
24129694>be neet >relaxed, doing nothing >only stressor is feeling of being useless and dead man wa…[View]
24126843What is the occult/meme magic metaphysical way to stop smoking?[View]
24130709Alchemy/ Crowd energy absorbtion: You need to remember not to shield or attack, but to absorb. In o…[View]
24130638Legend: A true Nagual and Guru of the boomers[View]
24129046Weird twisting rainbow thing: Hello guys, never posted nor followed threads here so excuse.me if I d…[View]
24130744'Maladaptive' Daydreaming>Meditating?: Is MD a better pathway to open yourself up to the astral t…[View]
24126899How to gain the power of precognition? Do you just need to submit to determinism and open your subco…[View]
24130895Don't Ufologists know about Project Bluebeam and the fake alien invasion that will deceive the …[View]
24127572Do you believe in chakras and/or auras? What about soulmates? Do you believe in personal frequencies…[View]
24127679Bubblecraft: What are they?: Hi /x/. There are several options as for the possibility of these: - M…[View]
24129920The meaning of Ragnarök: There are multiple events happening in this era. As far as I know, this kin…[View]
24126213Was david bowie a high level mason ?[View]
24129464Anyone else see really fast tunnels when they close their eyes?[View]
24129796Unsettling Recurring Dream: I don't typically remember my dreams nor do I recall having vivid d…[View]
24130048First Lucid Dream, Lovely Experience: I'm pretty sure this was a lucid dream and not an OOBE. S…[View]
24125237Has anyone heard about the real murders that inspired Halloween? Supposedly took place in some small…[View]
24129278You wake up to this >what do?[View]
24126965Ramana Maharshi quotes. >Grant Duff: “… I do not know what happened when I saw the Maharshi for t…[View]
24129393Just turned 30, should I or should I not look into becoming a freemason?[View]
24128351/x/ music videos?: https://youtu.be/ceW_JH1LhRg Starting off relatively tame.[View]
24125675https://imgur.com/a/4XipY Any 'old' fag from 2016 still here? Anyone remember this? Has the poster o…[View]
24121043Hello /x/, the minds eye is among the things that have yet to be uncovered by neurology and science …[View]
24127824I get it now. Primordial chaos IS God. God is ___[View]
24127740Twin Flame: Can someone channel the name of my Twin Flame? Thank you![View]
24118950Is there such a thing as Islamic left-hand path?[View]
24129380She visited me last night in my dreams. She was terrifying and beautiful. Before she appeared there …[View]
24130158Possible witch?: Growing up my mom always told me not to get into fights and that Jesus wouldn'…[View]
24123490Redpill me on Binaural Beats: For I don't trust a google search to give me reliable info.…[View]
24126126ive had a history of waking up at weird hours of the night my whole life as well as many sleep paral…[View]
24127537Hollywood: Is it possible that there is good as well as evil in the movie industry? It's obviou…[View]
24120456What do you know about ravens/crows. About 25 ravens and crows come into my backyard twice a day to …[View]
24129802What is it about blankets that repel ghosts? Like why do they only get you if your feet aren't …[View]
24125728/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
24128277Alchemy: What are the 7 steps of alchemy to complete Magnum opus and how do they compare to eastern …[View]
24128993amino reality shifting cult: FAQ >what is amino: its an app,kinda like a mix of facebook with red…[View]
24123482MOST RETARDED PSYOPS EVER: Il start >shapeshifting bipedal reptile aliens with large triangular …[View]
24127874Cult leader literature: >Literature for cult leaders Im not talking pseudo quantum Pajeet Chopra …[View]
24129848can someone explain me why despite being born the march the 20th (pisces) this web says he is aries?[View]
24129714how to travel to another dimension phsyically: reccomended reading: >the yoga of time-travel >…[View]
24131373Reddit doesn't value free speech whatsoever. If you even suggest you are varient of 'the assume…[View]
24126495what's with all these sex magik orgies lately? what are they trying to maniferst in elite circl…[View]
24129280being haunted: hello everyone. I live in Italy (Milan Region) and yesterday as i was walking home (e…[View]
24119788The greatest happenings of our lifetime: Betelgeuse will probably explode into a supernova and put a…[View]
24127258can skinwalkers be cured?[View]
24107471Vampire Thread: Thread about supernatural blood drinking vampires. What are they like? What is thei…[View]
24126029Satan being the king of everything from about 33 AD until 2018 a.d. (1,985 years) was a pretty good …[View]
24119599How is it possible that the moon can perfectly match the shape of the sun during the event of a tota…[View]
24128915Marc Dutroux Jeffrey Epstein connection?: Can anyone connect these two monsters? We know that Dutrou…[View]
24122982Are we the beginning of what'll become the next gen. of the hippie CC movement?: I feel like ed…[View]
24127818/ng/ - The Nobody General #11: Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've fou…[View]
24127238The numbers aligned: born in 11/11/1996 all numbers summed all toghehter is 47, which summed again g…[View]
24128378What is true about the manchurian candidate?[View]
24128798tulpa/alternate personality has me doing karate kid type chores to train my magic: had a sorta unint…[View]
24112501Online Shortwave Radio: Listen to online shortwave radio here: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ Po…[View]
24127703If you learn magic concepts like algebra become much easier t. magician[View]
24127104creepypasta threat[View]
24125991Cattle mutilation: ET? Chupacabra? Vampire? Cult ritual?[View]
24126466How does /x/ feel about him?: Is he /ourguy/ or is he just regurgitating basic shit he heard of the …[View]
24128243H+ & the future of humanity: how good will things get after the singularity. will we be able to …[View]
24128072Black Orbs: Just saw two today, I don't really believe the popsci explanation that it's a …[View]
24127322It's happening and it's so scary and very creepy: I can sense it. I can see it with my eye…[View]
24127801Catharsis Thread: Post any of your personal experience ITT that you wanna get out there I'll st…[View]
24126124REAL BIGFOOT FACE: This is a real mother fuking big foot. I'm going to have nightmares tonight,…[View]
24126187video footage of unexplainable events: post strange videos or pictures that cant be explained and to…[View]
24120664jesus was never a real person: Sun worship and the cross of the zodiac. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
24127096Meditation: After I close my eyes and start meditating, moment later there's this itchy feeling…[View]
24123749guys i learned how to hurt god,: Yahway, THE GOD, i learned how to hurt him when i stop both of my f…[View]
24122089https://www.space.com/dimming-star-betelgeuse-red-giant-could-explode-supernova.html Is this an omen…[View]
24127424Night time sightings: So a while ago (about three years) my friend and I were discussing the superna…[View]
24127665Mysterious death: Fellow anons of /x/ I have a new strange mistery in my hands. About a year ago a b…[View]
24125311I wrote a basic summary of what the situation is, like a really short intro to the redpill shit. htt…[View]
24127412I'm hungry but I don't want to eat[View]
24126066deals with the devil: does anyone have record or heard of actual deals going down?[View]
24127538https://youtu.be/y9OLi6A2rzU Any videos that give you a similar feeling? Creepy and frantic.[View]
24127168I haz Alien?[View]
24127464my gf is a succubus what do i do[View]
24124663Universe Jumping: Has anyone atually succeeded in leaping to a parallel Universe? I'm pretty de…[View]
24126758Alternate ID Thread: Post people ITT that changed their identity. Ayn Rand sought to avenge her fami…[View]
24127429The care taker: anyone else listen to the music and feel anything. I'm also at album 4 and I do…[View]
24117206So does shit like this actually happen?[View]
24126394I want to be able to depersonalize at will, without drugs, like a kind of altered state. I know medi…[View]
24118497What's the skinny on David Wilcock? Real deal or fraud?[View]
24122565Dream About Ageing: I had a dream about aging, that I was waking up over and over again jumping forw…[View]
24122703Cleansing myself of impurity: Hello, I am searching for ways to purify myself. I would like cleanse…[View]
24127157What does your phosphenes look like and how they change during Hypnagogia: So phosphenes are the lig…[View]
24123769Quantum Leaps: I saw this archived thread the other day http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/22964529/…[View]
24119638I had a dream about witnessing a mass shooting on live TV: I was watching what seemed to be a live b…[View]
24126695>wake up with a huge bruise on your back Is this a demon?[View]
24127188Galactic Center: Have you guys ever looked at your galactic center in your charts? I recently learne…[View]
24123515Invisibility: Stupid as it may sound, while recalling a certain incident, this idea popped into my m…[View]
24125300I found that advice for being productive all the time in order to fix depersonalisation is fucking b…[View]
24122691How can I lucid dream and astral project? Do I need to induce sleep paralysis?[View]
24126786What's the dark magic behind some 4channel posts acquiring hundreds and hundreds of replies whi…[View]
24118613What if ancient aliens/UFO's are just time travelers from earth so UFO's are time machines…[View]
24111844Searching for it. >>Webcams in hell.[View]
24122199Would you send God to hell to prevent most of humanity from going to hell? Could you be as cruel as …[View]
24126538Was I just summoned: Okay, /x/, active sleep paralysis experiencer, I feel like my latest battle was…[View]
24126580which method is the quickest path to non-dual awareness?[View]
24106455Creepy hacker. Please help.: Guys! I am really scared and DONT know what to do! Please HELP me! I…[View]
24124277Heey: Apparently there was a poster who was going around posting shit like pic related. I missed his…[View]
2412389016 Scientific Facts About The Starchild Skull That Most Get Wrong: Kerry McClure and Chase Kloetzke …[View]
24126973why is it the moment i check on something to do with numbers its usually 3 repeating numbers? Why ? …[View]
24123768Is there any quality creepypasta out there? I just went through the four parts of Borrasca and, desp…[View]
24126430Was he just a schizo, or can you actually use TempleOS to communicate with God?[View]
24126686Has anyone heard of ROBIN? I keep seeing the word ROBIN appear in all caps on some forums. Sometimes…[View]
24124588They used to sell beef with growth hormones and steroids in them in the 50s, 60s, and 70s before reg…[View]
24121889The link between Planned Parenthood and worship of Moloch: Moloch, Molech, Molekh, or Molek, represe…[View]
24124423Good psychodelic Music: Does anyone else know of any good psychodelic instrumental music bands; or o…[View]
24123837how to break the brain washing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx9gQCBVyUQ&t=[View]
24125304Kino /x/ movies?[View]
24124365what is this?[View]
24122250Esoteric Knowledge: Hi, I'll be answering any questions you have about the paranormal. I will n…[View]
24126673What is the dark secret of these aliens in particular?[View]

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