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/x/ - Paranormal

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23880049Visual Hallucinations: /x/ I need your help, I don't know if I'm going crazy or not. >B…[View]
23876943Flat earth? Fu: Y’a know I gotta put this out there man, whosoever thinks the earth is flat is a god…[View]
23879349ITT: Dreams from your lucid journal. I'll start.[View]
23875346la montaña sagrada: what was the secret esoteric knowledge hidden in this film? anyone here know how…[View]
23877423The Watchers: “We are really faced with a cruel dilemma. When the humans disbelieve in our existence…[View]
23878488Goetia demon to get better at playing music?[View]
23879061There is a timeline where dinosaurs didn't get hit by a meteor and evolved into Draconians Rept…[View]
23880434THE NINE CIRCLES: Be me27 yo male unironically hate the world One day I am so angry and I felt inspi…[View]
23870295Is Aquarius the most superior sign?[View]
23878034Have you ever encountered a 'monster' anon? It can be a human that is so evil and malicious that it…[View]
23879321Descent into the Subconscious Wanna watch another prophet go down in flames? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
23874190How can I prove to myself that other people are living, counscious beings like myself?[View]
23879007Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General thread. No LARP version. Post information that you…[View]
23875397Saki Sanobashi/Go For a Punch: With all of the videos about missing anime from the 80s-90s being fou…[View]
23878879karma puts you in a terrible life position in which you have to do terrible things to live when you …[View]
23877303ITT: creepy music I saw Eyes Wide Shut a few days back at the cinema (amazing film btw) and this mu…[View]
23875980Are some images on /x/ actually portals to alternate dimensions? Should I be careful on what images …[View]
23876759Traditional rituals: Let's share traditional rituals that you may have on your country or regio…[View]
23879868Your higher self or 'Inner Daemon' Can manifest too you as whatever God you believe in. Whatever me…[View]
23878881Magnetic Declination - Flat Earth: I found an interesting blog some years ago, but it was deleted an…[View]
23876347H.U - M.A.N: >H. U. Higher Universial >M. A. N. Merovingian Annunaki Nephilim We are the cross…[View]
23877394My son emailed me this image. He wants me to have it printed on a large poster so he can hang it on …[View]
23875497/x/ videos: What are some videos that get deeply unsettling the more you listen to them?[View]
23870921>http://www.whale.to/b/eye_colour.html >My own eyes shifted quite radically in a very short pe…[View]
23879526LEARN TELEKINESIS: is there a way to REALLY learn telekinesis? i wanna start bending things etc i wa…[View]
23862070Atheism is a patriarchial religion: Toxic masculinity has always, since its rebellion from matriarch…[View]
23879035So I'm from the uk have been seeing shadow people, It first started about 20 years ago. First t…[View]
23868922Secret antarctica stuff: There is a war between mankind and aliens in Antarctica. Would you like to …[View]
23879375Calling all those proficient in defining: Can you help define for me what the meaning of this pictur…[View]
23877686Serious question. Is there any way to see reptilians that are among us? Like a special type of camer…[View]
23878308What are the chances of being reborn again as a virgin loser subhuman that has never achieved anythi…[View]
23873311Real red pills: A scientist who claims to have worked on all your favourite black book projects. Ign…[View]
23873095Is free will the key to understanding the simulation?[View]
23878619The implications of the uncanny valley: Why are we naturally repulsed by things that look 'almost' h…[View]
23878625How we can be born into the past: Assuming infinite multiple universes exist A universe thats the sa…[View]
23877478Anyone know anything about these stamps?: Anyone know anything about these stamps? I don’t actually …[View]
23875804Some of the darkest shit I've seen: TLDR; My psychiatrist recommend I try ketamine therapy for …[View]
23860538Astrologists please explain this meme: Is Gemini a bad partner if I'm scorpio?[View]
23874513Need answers: Red pill me on Gnosticism.[View]
23871211alright /x/ lets start a youtube thread Post the most obscure/weird/terrifying youtube videos/chann…[View]
23877897Help: they are coming they send numbers in my mind[View]
23878855Remember /x/: Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean we're not watching you.…[View]
23878761If I lucid dream, can I tell my subconscious to forget a song or thing? There's this song I rea…[View]
23878848Nightmare Experiences Thread: /x/ has gone to shit over the years and it feels like there's no …[View]
23873977why is there a hexagon on saturn[View]
23876332Have you experienced the truth: I dont put much value on dogmatic belief, if truth cant be personall…[View]
23874464Which substances give you spiritual happiness?: I know that on a macro level, substances can hinder …[View]
23876517Convince me that the whole tartaria thing isn't just a bunch of flat earthers mis-remembeirng b…[View]
23877970how do i know if i met an evil entity? a few months ago while i was out with my parents an old man s…[View]
23874120I don't want to die[View]
23878650Hallucinations don't trigger law of attraction?: Say I'm a nutter who hallucinates 24/7 th…[View]
23877544When i was teenager i was atheist. I did not believe in anything. Now in my adulthood i realized i m…[View]
23877403NK: According the DMT entities, search shelter immediately and stock up. You have 4 hours from this …[View]
23878356Pyschedelics: Please post good solid deep source websites to find out more info on the medicine or h…[View]
23877705Hey /x/ over the past 2 days my dreams have become more vivid and bizzare to the point where I'…[View]
23878129I want to adopt a cat as a familiar. Any anons with experience here? I had a cat as a kid so I know …[View]
23874020Can multiple people make up one person?: I was wondering can multiple people make up one organism. L…[View]
23872928Tartaria the home of the gypsies: As the name implies there could be the possibility that gypsies we…[View]
23876537mysterious wooden box: So i found a mysterious wooden box my dad bought a couple years ago on my att…[View]
23878215astral projection - how do i do it?[View]
23878085redpill me on anything, i will read everything posted here[View]
23877962astral projection: tried the rope technique and i felt like i was so close to leaving my body, felt …[View]
23864656Internet Schizos: Hello, I was browsing petittube and stumbled upon the youtube channel of Astrid D.…[View]
23877749What will happen.: What will happen if the disclosure , Extraterrestrials meeting Humanity worldwide…[View]
23867771Gay Spirithood: Does anyonw have any spiritual resources concerning gay men and iur role in society.…[View]
23877007The Psychological Roots of Gnosticism: Is gnosticism a manifestation of one's dismay of being b…[View]
23873665Hi /x/ it is my first time posting here so I don't know if Im doing anything bad. Anyway, I fou…[View]
23871740Why all the vagueness and double meaning around religions and occult circles? I understand it is so …[View]
23870088Subverting the Subverters: Newfag here, slightly /pol/ -like topic but solidly belongs here I would …[View]
23866361Do I really communicate with interdimentional beings?: Hey /x/ I'm fairly new to this board. I …[View]
23876848Redpill me on Martin Cabello III aka ti_me_to_mass_so_i_exist https://instagram.com/ti_me_to_mass_so…[View]
23875861/ng/ - Nobody General: comfy edition: Welcome to the Nobody General thread. No LARP version. Post in…[View]
23876697I believe that my bad luck streak is due to entities possibly influencing me, but the thing is, I do…[View]
23876547Dear Illuminati, Can you please tell me why you have to make everything so goddamn boring? You know …[View]
23875411missing people thread[View]
23863851DMT: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=62070&p=1 This is worth the read …[View]
23870970Reality Updating: Has anyone else ever experienced the rare subtle implication that the reality or w…[View]
23876719time is not moving we made it move its not a river that flows but a cycle that can be repeated[View]
23875499Is a shadow person tulpa a bad idea?[View]
23876343I had a dream India was hit by massive volcanic eruption, any one else?[View]
23876274Any other alien related papers/interviews where I can read about space and it's history. Stuff …[View]
23872230This isn't all of it is it: Flat earthers are tards so I have another theory. The reason humans…[View]
23876421Videos of the dead[View]
23858109Is astrology legit?: Idk bros. I think you are a mix of your upbringing/experiences and biology. My …[View]
23874085Please tell me there is something higher in this life. Something just a little bit more. I don'…[View]
23874072So did they find anything interesting on the Moon?[View]
23855740The daily life of /x/: What are your hobbies /x/? I'm seriously intrigued about how you spent t…[View]
23875594what is the main ideals of the orthodox church? i want to avoid idolatry and worship of saints, so h…[View]
23875820I feel stuck in a delusion in which only I can see things for what they are. Like my eyes are sentie…[View]
23875361What is VKMQ in terms of magic and energy? I saw this passed around in a conversation about ghost ma…[View]
23875641>Rich man cant be spiritual etc Well I believed that. I was told when my family passed away i wou…[View]
23876053Number station video: Look at this video, I think it could be a number station. I don't underst…[View]
23864426YOU ARE IN HELL: Triple-digit numbers of psychedelic trips, an industrial quantity of weed, literall…[View]
23875600it will last 3 days stay inside[View]
23866396Any occult book that would be worth reading ?: Im trying to find some text and essai on occult matte…[View]
23875282the nazi germany never existed[View]
23875823In this thread, I will do 2 things. 1. prove without a doubt i really am the physical manifestation …[View]
23858883Are there different levels of consciousness?[View]
23869798ive lost it: so about two months ago i had a psychotic break that seemingly came out of nowhere and …[View]
23875841Hi I show the spirits and aliens modern culture and niche media for a living, even if they don'…[View]
23875751Numerologically AMD is 12^2 A M D 1 13 4 1 4 4 12^2=144[View]
23873739How can you make sure when you die you don't come back to this hellscape called earth?[View]
23874457Dreams: #1 We are watching 'Star Wars', a scene where a ship goes into warp drive. He says 'no, no t…[View]
23875610can someone explain these strange hotline numbers that you can call and will do creepy shit like thi…[View]
23872195Are there any benevolent or neutral Ayy's? If so how would one contact them or get abducted? I …[View]
23871850How do I reach gnosis?[View]
23875187The angel Gabriel can't to me and said that the sun is made of condensed matter not has. It has…[View]
23875505Can somebody explain?: Forgive me this is my first green text and this also took place so many years…[View]
23875185MOONY MEN: Do liminal being exist in our dreams? Souls whom have wandered aimlessly into the primord…[View]
23873246P-Teleportation: https://fas.org/sgp/eprint/teleport.pdf Pg. 55 >P-Teleportation is a form of psy…[View]
23873308How to contact my spirit guide?: Guardian angel, daemon, genius, spirit guide, whatever you want to …[View]
23870323Do you ever unexpectedly start seeing yourself in third person and feel the shivers for a couple of …[View]
23865115Holy crap....the signs are all here...the end is finally happening.. Do you guys feel it....?[View]
23871128Why has /x/ lost interest in werewolves and vampires?[View]
23872102just took acid: what now[View]
23865399The Elf Conspiracy: Let's teach kids that they are always under surveillance as a fun joke. Whe…[View]
23856858Is Christian doctrine not the most annoying thing humanity has ever conceived of? >feel guilty fo…[View]
23875109How universe was created: God had sex with Itself busting a fat stochastic nut translating to elemen…[View]
23863377Trailer Time: When I had just turned 18, I would go stay a few nights in an abandoned trailer like p…[View]
23874956Wtf is going on in ottawa: All these people are crazy and out of control it must be some 5g experime…[View]
23874743You shall drown in the Deep[View]
23868583Why are black people so afraid of paranormal stuff? Unlike white people who tend to chase after it, …[View]
23862161For those who believe in God, gods, a “higher power,” etc.: Why does/do He/They/It allow birth defec…[View]
23872232Reincarnation: Why was I not born in one of these third world hell holes? I’m in America and have a …[View]
23874216Demons: I had sleep paralysis the other day and I saw two demons. But, instead of fear, I felt pleas…[View]
23874594How long until my soul gets it right?[View]
23865661What goes on here?[View]
23871741Starting my own religion: We're going to worship psychedelics and the voices in my head that te…[View]
23848926The Universe is CGI: NASA released this image recently. Look at it. Its clearly heavily photoshopped…[View]
23873135We Are God: That is the truth they don't want you to figure out. They try to get you to believe…[View]
23872848I feel like everyone else in the world is like a child. They don’t understand simple concepts of wha…[View]
23873545Will I be damned to hell if I practice dimensional jumping or Gnosticism? I’m not talking the cup tr…[View]
23872385Deja vu: Ok guys this is serious. Deja vu. Time trap. Chronos. Events happening again. Samsara. Karm…[View]
23873939CYBERWARFARE IN PROGRESS: http://cicada3301.us http://adacic1033.online[View]
23874055Emerald Tablet: Is emerald tablet of alien origin?[View]
23869280Sodom and Gomorrah: I think this whole story is a bunch of bollocks. >Lot responding to the men o…[View]
23871116What is consciousness?[View]
23871302It takes light a lot of years to reach objects that are out there in the universe, but it takes 0 se…[View]
23873834ITT: We crowdsource our predictions of the future and arrive at a groupthink prophecy.[View]
23872831Death Anxiety: Hey dudes I'm rlly afraid of death and dying and I can hardly comprehend that ev…[View]
23866245/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
23869455Cats = Paranormal Cock Blocker: I have three cats and I've realized that having them makes it s…[View]
23840003/x/ humour thread[View]
23873666Do you wish you could live in 1800s and very early 1900s so you could experience true mythology?: Th…[View]
23872036How do normal people reconcile the fact that MKUltra happened and that the U.S. government experimen…[View]
23872393meet me by the bridge in 10 minutes.[View]
23853845Giants did walk the Earth. The Flood happened. Sodom and Gomorrah was discovered. DMT takes you to t…[View]
23873364So what happens to the body of someone who reaches nirvana, does it just disappear?[View]
23872154Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General thread. No LARP version. Post information that you…[View]
23865192Redpill me on the freemasons.[View]
23867545Holy fuck, Mandela Effect is real... George RR Martin died many years ago in my reality. I checked f…[View]
23872062Why are the poles like this? Site: https://earth.nullschool.net/[View]
23866535>isolated >5 helicopters flew over house today >they're military looking ones…[View]
23869780Lost horror anime?: Anyone heard of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEPveDQXNXg&t=660s…[View]
23873144Why is the Catholic conception of communion so fucking retarded?[View]
23873090What the fuck is kicking my bed: Tryna sleep, something thuds my bed. Assume it’s just my imaginatio…[View]
23868520Hey all. My dad died a week ago and the family is a friggin mess. Cancer is disgusting. This man nev…[View]
23868098A magic genie gives you three wishes what do you choose?[View]
23871415He came back and comes for me: I never had to touch that mask, reactivate everything, it's my f…[View]
23869450Super Powers: I've been having dreams where I can play with physics, I can bend or break the ru…[View]
23870080Special Needs Universe: why is the Universe so slow at doing things? If it's a creation or a si…[View]
23868591>Be me >Lonely, mostly into spirituality >Go into public >Do nothing, just be alone sin…[View]
23870917When did you accept: Cmon anons, tell me when you accepted brahman as the universal sustainer, the d…[View]
23872200so they will genetically alter humans because climate change apocalypse is approaching extremely qui…[View]
23865641Need opinions on my new occult website + socialmedia: Hello frens I decided to start making a living…[View]
23870990/x/, I need your help: I'm living with two assholes and I need them to leave ASAP. They are fuc…[View]
23872480The aspect of the spectrum of astral transmutation: The Transmutation of Nature is divided into seve…[View]
23872464/astrology and karma general/: can we have a thread about our natal charts and what they tell us abo…[View]
23871022Why do Satanists ritually kill sheep? Kind of pathetic and retarded. It's edginess for pussies[View]
23869421I've only ever lurked /x/ up until now, sorry if this sounds fucky. But I feel like this is a g…[View]
23866651i died: 2 years ago i died of cardiac arrest, full blown died. i went through a black tunnel and pop…[View]
23870248I've not had the same dream every night, but a continuation of the dream I had before it. This …[View]
23871079Quantum Immortality - we must converge the timelines: Well shieeeeet... https://youtu.be/qlfnAhkL4gw…[View]
23868517The elite plan on turning the planet into a sadistic torture sandbox[View]
23870875Which one of you did this[View]
23868297What are some things you have seen when meditating and what are your thoughts on what it was?[View]
23869763Bufo Alvarius,: Is 5-MeO-DMT the most powerful drug? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAkcttq7_Wc…[View]
23870124what are the most reality breaking conspiracy theories you know? i'm very tempted to believe in…[View]
23864669Creepy Christmas: Let’s talk Christmas crimes, creatures, Cryptids and any other winter holiday horr…[View]
23871282who /teamenlil/ here?[View]
23854926What's the creepiest place on Earth?[View]
23858954AI text-generated images go here, type in something, come back with result https://deepai.org/machin…[View]
23864296What's more based than working with the QLIPPOTH?: The title says it all. Best entities to gain…[View]
23869493how do you put a death curse someone who has harmed you're family[View]
23871469Strange creature on google: Strange man caught on Google Street view. An anglish man catch this dude…[View]
23870321Hooded reptiles: One have the pictures of the hooded reptile-looking creatures from the coelacanth i…[View]
23870783Whats some easy magic that someone with no magic experience or knowledge could easily do to see if t…[View]
23866177Why do your own family seem to try to inhibit your spiritual growth? The most malicious people are u…[View]
23869501God is literally Kim Jong un. There’s no way he’s not the same thing. The biggest sin is to talk sh…[View]
23870817Something weird happened yesterday.: Normally I'm on /sci and I don't believe in ghosts bu…[View]
23871034i have some weird shit that happened to me when i was around 8 anyone cares to listen[View]
23864644Hitler Surviving WW2: Hello Proof that Hitler survived WW2, fleeing to Argentina[View]
23870316Was lead paint banned because it makes it difficult to spy through walls? I know it messes with wifi…[View]
23871041Why is the whole mudflood/tartaria theory so similar to the similar to bioshock infinite. They even …[View]
23864980Quitting weed and cigarettes.: if I quit both is there spiritual benefit to this? And does anyone ha…[View]
23869452Paranormal experience: I’ve been waiting to find a right time to share this story, but I never knew …[View]
23866406The generation of relics and saints in the Roman Catholic Church is a clear violation of the scriptu…[View]
23845399Pope blessed The Goddess - European Royal families outraged: Didn't the current joke Pope break…[View]
23867089People talk about and post cursed images all the time. But are there any blessed images?[View]
23869331'Hey there David Wilcox. I want to show you the truth, the enlighten path. How we can pull away from…[View]
23870679I so desperately want to believe in the paranormal (ghosts to be exact) but I simply can't find…[View]
23869158Oops.: Gods (or deities) are wandering spirits that found the strands of the sophon network that Ete…[View]
23868932Green Wizardry: Organic life offers an intimate spirituality that can only be gained by intimate eng…[View]
23867661Found yesterday, can anyone debunk this?: Only thing it can think of is that maybe it's from a …[View]
23850509Someone Please Red-Pill Me on the 'Black Cube Saturn Conspiracy': What is it?[View]
23870019Scientology: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/scientology-ot-levels.pdf Who out there has been down t…[View]
23864295What does /x/ know about brainwashing? Are we brainwashed and don't even know it[View]
23864152Does YouTube artificially grow channels for propaganda?: Almost a year ago this YouTube channel call…[View]
23867691How to safely summon a demon online?: I want to chat with a demon on the internet but I don't w…[View]
23870420COMPUTERS ARE ALIENS/OTHERWORLDLY BEINGS: we have created living beings that operate on systems of o…[View]
23868633/ng/ - Nobody General: wildcard edition: >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today w…[View]
23863282Salvia and DMT realms: Is Salvia hell and DMT heaven? Is this where we go when we kick the bucket? I…[View]
23867833Is it possible for a spirit to stalk you and fall in love with you? If so, why? Also, can also god c…[View]
23865516Can someone explain the enigma that is Martin Cabello? Dude talks in code. Is he exposing some kind …[View]
23867784So why don't you set up some cameras to run overnight in your house/apartment while you're…[View]
23867164Is this ritual invocation of Kek? Бaшкиpcкий тaнeц 'Кeк Кyк' It reads Kek Cuck https://www.youtube.…[View]
23869587When I was 10 I read some edgy satanic thing online about selling my soul outloud then quickly close…[View]
23870069help with comic story: hey cia >>>/ic/4235333[View]
23869387The Ocean: Tell me about the ocean. What secrets lie within? What truths and powers dwell within the…[View]
23863339Does anyone have info on any illegal U.S Psychological operations (bonus if they have been done on f…[View]
23869602Does anyone else believe that little goblins tamper with your food while you're not looking? So…[View]
23855410debunkers, rational thinkers and skeptics please debunk this footage[View]
23869393Pantheism ?: The belief that the universe is a manifestation of God ?[View]
23869578My 3 year old son has fucked up dreams: My son was abandoned by his mom several months ago. He'…[View]
23869566Are demons real? I'm asking because I'm reading about Crowley and stuff like https://en.wi…[View]
23839869cursed images: catalog ctrl+f >cursed >no cursed cursed thread bonus points for ayys.…[View]
23869604Guys are there any development to pizzagate? I've only read old threads and stuff and seen them…[View]
23869345Atmospheric Anomaly: Did anyone happen to see anything strange in the sky on Thanksgiving evening in…[View]
23868902just gonna leave these here: https://u.trs.tn/nzixp.webm https://files.catbox.moe/so2rrt.mp4…[View]
23868851I need help casting a love spell?: Help me cast a powerful love spell on a girl I'm in love wit…[View]
23869007Can tulpas become totally separate entities eventually?: I mean totally separate as in they would be…[View]
23866058Devoted Christian here, is it against God to dabble in the paranormal involvinh ghosts and spirits? …[View]
23867885What did he mean by this bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhQkjTIG6Nk[View]
23867486The chakra system is an implant: that prevents you from connecting with source creation. https://you…[View]
23865455Does anyone else watch Ralph Smart/Infinite Waters on Youtube? What do you think of him?[View]
23863419magick: anyone know what book this is from and/or a clearer version theirs 2 others[View]
23865178what: Ohh, all seeying eye! What Do you want to See next? Almost everything is possible.[View]
23867740If we had time machines?: We would go back in time and use the New World diseases to whip out nearly…[View]
23868331My grandma: So this might be stupid to you guys but what ever.Im new to /X/ and wanted to know a thi…[View]
23867549I have a friend who says he can get me an soul bound to a ring, is there anyway I can communicate wi…[View]
23861936Psychic General - Coom Edition Welcome to /psyc/ If you are new into psychic training PLEASE read ou…[View]
23862447Pointy Ears: Is there a mythological significance to pointy ears? /X/ers have to know!!![View]
23869137Our lady of la Salette and other prophecies: Many protestants criticise the catholic church for the …[View]
23859236what is the point of life[View]
23867135Sometimes as I'm falling asleep I get these short hallucinations where I'm able to get up …[View]
23861227Dream interpretation General: My diagnosis and prognosis on every weird dream ITT you have demons an…[View]
23866006If two thirds of the population were vipers in human form...: Just hypothetically, say ~two thirds o…[View]
23868279redpill me on magic and witchcraft: I want to become a witch. I feel like I have abilities that are …[View]
23868757Is violating someone's free will to save their life justified? Let's say you have someone …[View]
23868644David Paulides Missing 411: So how based is David?[View]
23866800Eternal Recurrence: I don't know why I thought the queen could die on Christmas this year. I…[View]
23867530Hello: The Astral Plane was stored you should validate the storage of the Astral Plane if used. I me…[View]
23865471how powerful will i be when i have ready the hebrew old testament, the septuagint, the vulgate, the …[View]
23867357How do I worship death?[View]
23867274Quantum K: Does anyone have experience with this site? https://quantumk.co.uk/quantum-k1/ For the 99…[View]
23868309what if we adapt to prions and they shitty protein folding destruction doesnt work on us. what if pr…[View]
23868169Free stuff: Any sites I can download /x/ related books on for free?[View]
23868091Here is my reading. What do?[View]
23865289I'm a medium, come forward with your questions.[View]
23867737>The year is 1 million B.C. >Humans are threatening aliens with their superior technology and …[View]
23866779The Lamb videos: Russian file sharing sites in 2010 started distributing a series of photos, videos,…[View]
23867210Have you been honing your psychic abilities so that you may fight in the upcoming war between the li…[View]
23862598in the villa of ormen stands a solitary candle: David Bowie sacrificed himself during the eclipse an…[View]
23865213Fracking causes earthquakes. Is this true?[View]
23865096I swear, i'm not there: I swear, I'm not there It was the usual patrolling night. As a gua…[View]
23867676Cognitive 'Glitches': Anyone else experienced these? When I refer to cognitive 'glitches', I'm …[View]
23867368Do spirits ever talk to you on /x/, Anon? Or can they even do such a thing? I feel like there is a …[View]
23866065Jesus was a faker: Jesus' 'miracles' have nothing paranormal There's a chapter about this …[View]
23867362The truth behind the famous '''cursed''' '1444' suicide video has been confirmed.: A scree…[View]
23863682>Discover the occult/Western mystery tradition >Tumble down the rabbit hole >Discover the…[View]
23864436JESUITS: „The Jesuit General has been the most powerful man in the world since Pius VII restored the…[View]
23850091What the hell is hiding down there?[View]
23866195Am I going Schizo?: I have been seeing weird shit all my life over the last year It's become al…[View]
23865671Petit Tube Thread www.petittube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gub2wQ033G8 https://www.youtube…[View]
23867290Vampires are real and I need a good book about them, but I can't find one that isn't just …[View]
23867401Where will the new Jerusalem be built ? I think In central Canada. Also the measurements of the city…[View]
23867307HEy x If I made a YouTube video showing me blindfolded picking up different crystals and guessing wh…[View]
23865476What's the best way to meditate for maximum spiritual gains? Step by step process, please.[View]
23865939Quantum Immortality - we must converge the timelines: Many worlds hypothesis suggests infinitely bra…[View]
23867114Book of the Occult.: I'm looking for Occult manuscripts/codex of Witchcraft and Magic, and if t…[View]
23859166I'm going to dump the first part of my favorite /x/ comic, Uzumaki. It's an semi-anthology…[View]
23840841/succgen/ - Succubus General 33: >Previous thread: https://archived.moe/x/thread/23818520 >Old…[View]
23865952Any existentialists or absurdists here?: Feeling super out of touch lately, more so than usual.…[View]
23860595seeing text while closing eyes: a few days ago i had closed my eyes right after waking up and i trie…[View]
23866970alright x, step right up whos an alien whos not, taking all bets. inspired by the last webm that sho…[View]
23858628Spiritual warfare: How to fight evil, bros? I'm so fucking tired of this shit. The world seems …[View]
23866559Via Tortuosa - Schulke, Fitzgerald: Does anyone have an illustrations from Via Tortuosa they could s…[View]
23864565All music is Satanic, change my mind: Even Gospel and Country aren't safe from the illuminati. …[View]
23864446Sleep paralysis general thread: Hello /x I'm here to tell you one of my experiences with sleep …[View]
23866602What is the Hoag's Object? Could it be paranormal in any way? I was just reading about it and s…[View]
23863535Genisis: I’m sorry for calling y’all brain dead Neanderthals and dumb fucks. I just feel like I am b…[View]
23865100The only way to escape the matrix is through Thoth. He has appeared historically as the medium to th…[View]
23862563deep web thread: post your experiences I start >browse amateur web designs >be bored…[View]
23866321Station.exe: So, what happened with this game?[View]
23866430Chakras, kundalini, archangels, vibrational hierarchies, gods, etc. are all control systems from Sat…[View]
23864696ng/ - Nobody General: DEMON SLAYER edition: >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive toda…[View]
23866179https://youtu.be/iWvw69hBiNY This guy a loon or onto something?[View]
23865879real aliens cosplay as fake aliens at comic con: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=34&…[View]
23865923Rune: Any idea where this comes from? Should be some nordic rune book. Its terrible quality i know.…[View]
23849853the art of a schizophrenic mind: schizos can have weird theories, and find the need to document thes…[View]
23865365Was It All a Cult?: I know it's gay, but I was a national officer for the BSA's secret hon…[View]
23863390Black cloud took over vision: Hello /x/. Just now while trying to sleep i had my eyes open in a low …[View]
23863440Ever since I saw that picture on /r9k/ of the instagram model with her throat cut by some incel I…[View]
23862164Precog: >be me as a kid >get bored during class >have vision of future >brain almost imm…[View]
23857459I just realized that reincarnation makes the most sense. If an infinite afterlife which we could fre…[View]
23865828The robot-man knew too much so nature did its best to silence him[View]
23865208Is there any real proof that vampires exist?[View]
23839469/loa/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: If you are interested in manifesting your reali…[View]
23864991I've had some problems with my bathroom, keep hearing children cry how to banish?[View]
23865232True spoop from murder house I lived in Part 1: >Religious growing up but never believed in ghost…[View]
23864272sell your soul?: Can I sell my soul to get a massive stubbed demon dick? Or just about anything? Shu…[View]
23865173Urgent Occultism Question: This might sound strange. But can someone tell me all the symbolism (pic)…[View]
23864334Universal adventures: As you are aware there are ways to enter different parts of reality such as re…[View]
23865375do any of you have suggestions of spooky/haunted places to go to?[View]
23865363The Trials: >first trial is crossing over logs, those who rush get their logs broken and suffer s…[View]
23865348i think i fucked up: this is shit, im from chile a south america, ok so i was in chiloe, is a city i…[View]
23857279Hardly see cryptid threads anymore, let alone threads about ones that are more plausible. I'll …[View]
23864015Whelp. The last words were 'You won't be able to remember any of it except for the fact that it…[View]
23864895NWO exposed on a youtube video ?: guys wtf did this homeless nigga just expose the NWO plot to put c…[View]
23864378>go outside for cigarette >Empty brown paper bag right in front of my welcome mat…[View]
23864970Charged a sigil to find a nickel at work >mfw it actually works Wtf[View]
23862110Internet challenges..: I started watching these 3am 'internet challenges' on Youtube, and I think th…[View]
23864866This was posted in the default univers thread AND I CANT STOP LOOKING AT IT WTF IS GOING ON[View]
23865135Buddha-posting: The basis of human existence is suffering on the basis that humans desire for consis…[View]
23865048Is it possible to call a spirit without an ouija board? I wouldn't be deterred from using one, …[View]
23863603has anyone ever noticed the research we want and need the most is ALWAYS 'five to ten years away??' …[View]
23863689How does divine geometry heal?[View]
23864486tell me more about the default univers please[View]
23865020/posa/ thread Because no one on the left has a better plan than waiting for the space comrades. 'The…[View]
23864807How to tell if a house is haunted?: Do any of you know a free way to determine if someone died in a …[View]
23862615At no time during the history of our world has a place existed where a person can go and ask any que…[View]
23860518Is it possible in any way to create a real life monster of Frankenstein?[View]
23864875Do you think we will ever actually see real disclosure?: What will it be like? Will we ever actually…[View]
23863239So /x/ me and my friend have been debating this moment for years now. Back in 2013, we're both …[View]
23864601We're going to war: Live life to the fullest while you can. Don't ignore anything from wha…[View]
23864244I usually have a kind of 'sleep paralysis mixed with a lucid nightmare.' It usually occurs when I ta…[View]
23850379every 6 is a satanic truth. every 7 is a holy truth of muhammed. fire away >>dubs 6s and 7s ar…[View]
23857093Who'd win in a fight Jesus or Krishna?[View]
23862811Wait!!! This is the actual year 2012 2012 2012 2012, September 11 was the new year: So was wondering…[View]
23858642January 2020: What is going to happen? Is it the seed that will start the collapsing process many pe…[View]
23851192Are there any secret boards on 4chan?: like if you type anything in the .4channel.org/___/ box that…[View]
23864526Golan Heights UFO why did the media or any other paranormal channel or group ever talk about this on…[View]
23848792Strange signal: Anon help !! I found these two signals on YouTube and I was wondering where they cam…[View]
23861605Anon finds a mineshaft: Alright /X/, I finally feel like sharing this story that happened to me a fe…[View]
23850805Reminder:: This movie is real although exaggerated, we really live in the matrix and they showed it …[View]
23853095What do the blood types mean?[View]
23862619Time Traveler: I was watching World War 2 In Colour on Netflix and I noticed this women. Episode 6, …[View]
23862937What is it?: My Dad took this at 820pm this evening. He lives on a 800 acre ranch by a river. Not s…[View]
23862833Thoughts on Kyle Odom?[View]
23860895best sigils for good fortune[View]
23857985The earth isn't flat. Bigfoot isn't real. Aliens are def real. Reptilians are probably ju…[View]
23864147by the power of christ: What are the chances that I win the lottery? will it be a conspiracy if I wi…[View]
23863217US National Parks: I'm just now discovering all the weird shit that goes on in US national park…[View]
23861817Antichrist: Some say Obama, others say Trump. Some incorrectly believe him to be Pope Francis who is…[View]
23862554Anyone else think it's very odd that bruce jenner became a transsexual three months after he ki…[View]
23861546greentext thread: nobody can write a proper greentext anymore. post some OC.[View]
23858279So can we all agree that we are in someone's braincell? Also there's probably a universe i…[View]
23864105Reincarnated?: so I've been doing some extensive digging into my ancestry and I came across a s…[View]
23862199suicide mouse ama: hi. i’m the creator of the og suicidemouse.avi pasta/video. currently i don’t hav…[View]
23864080Space defense system firing from earth to space threat? - NASA STS 48 footage: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
23857389/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
23864018You shouldnt be concerned with the 'intelligent' life that's out there I mean there…[View]
23858941is cthulhu real?: Was he Really a Fiction writer guys???[View]
23863561Cursed Weapons: Hi /x/, Anyone have any stories about cursed weapons or how they're made cursed…[View]
23862308I was going through some old boxes when I found an old telephone (not the one you see here, but some…[View]
23863967Krim rosu/Jacob the Eternal Man: Sup /x/ The gf has been studying Romanian shit cause of her heritag…[View]
23863438how do I contact a benevolent reptilian?[View]
23863804Reminder that this is one of the only known photos and the only one online.. We're making histo…[View]
23863758Im paranormal motherfucker: Im coming for you.[View]
23862552The Rat will come forth on its first winter day.[View]
23863205---VRIL---: Tell me /x/ about the Vril Escence[View]
23863767Validation if used: Validation of use of the Astral Plane is needed as it should be stored, if you n…[View]
23862730Life has its ups and downs. Keep the whole picture in mind, or at least half; don't reduce your…[View]
23856687Cult: Anons what's the best way to start a cult?[View]
23862440Will Astral projecting let me see something that isn't real? I have been imagining and hearing …[View]
23863554I want to curse someone I hate and I need a good method for it. I was considering ushi-no-toki-mairi…[View]
23863290omnia scire et in profundis inferni sanguinis inundavit[View]
23862847Tell me about Styro wing: http://styrowing.com/ http://styrowing.com/index4435.html http://styrowing…[View]
23863175What occult symbolism is present hidden in Skyrim?[View]
23861610What would you do? >tragic event happened in the beginning of 2015 >i could of have died or le…[View]
23860383Sage Stallone: I grew up with Rocky, and was one of Stallone's biggest fans back in the early 2…[View]

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