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/x/ - Paranormal

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22087355What do you think about Atlantis and it's possible connection to planet Venus, the original loc…[View]
22081006friend sold his soul: my friend is musician. he brags that hes a freemason now. wears his Masonic ha…[View]
22054241Doing dream interpretation Part 116 on /x/: What I need from you: >Age >Gender >Feeling d…[View]
22078743Lets get another good ol /x/ ylyl going[View]
22076779ALIEN RACES: sup /x/ what are your favorite supposed alien races? >GRAYS/GREYS >ANNUNAKI >L…[View]
22087843Kali Yuga: I'm beginning to remember. Who I really am. What I'm here for. There's som…[View]
22087913>9/11 happened to prevent the attack on the george washington bridge[View]
22083600messed up hill folk thread: mutant hillbillies, mountain folk and general freaky stuff from any rura…[View]
22086699Demon/Ghost need help!: So i need some help, you see my sister got some paranormal problems and when…[View]
22087867/sspg/ - Secret Space Program General - DIA confirmation edition: Previous /sspg/ threads on /x/ …[View]
22086781How to know if your cursed?[View]
22083931Kurt Cobain case: What do you think of the Cobain case /x/? I think he was murdered: No finger print…[View]
22086991Can we get a Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy conspiracy theory thread? https://youtu.be/excHbhBwni…[View]
22085960I fell in love with witch, now I'm really interested for occultism, but I don't know where…[View]
22081710any personal mandella effects?: I remember 20th century fox changing name to 21th century fox in aro…[View]
22086758Demiurge simulation qrd: I lurk this board sometimes. Most of the shit on here is fucking retarded. …[View]
22086375We live in the Universe of Technology, or the Scientific Realm, where magick is very sparse. Our sah…[View]
22076232>put my soul on ebay as a joke >someone actually buys it for $1.70 Should I be worried ?…[View]
22085389Chip Chan: still alive and suffering: This poor woman is still alive and suffering horribly. I kind …[View]
22082120Story Time (also help): >few days ago >do some sort of summoning ritual for a succubus or incu…[View]
22080923crazy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5IzTV7oKQg what the fuak this was posted here yesterda…[View]
22077283Time hacker here: future technology: anime vision lenses They alter your reality to make everything …[View]
22085350Hey /x/ so in my spiritual paths I have followed the main religions Hinduism Buddhism Taoism Christi…[View]
22084182Notice the shift?: Did anyone here notice the shift as of late, it seems to have changed everything …[View]
22082955The weirdest thing you've ever experienced?: For me, it was actually also my first memory here …[View]
22082083Cryptids: Reply to this thread with y'alls favorite cryptids. I like popobawas, they're pr…[View]
22081425The owls are visiting me, now. What should I do x men? I want to be friends.[View]
22082480Weird Masonic tool of mystery: I deal in antiques and old oddities and came across this strange thin…[View]
22080960Please save this to red pill people on gangstalking and targeted individuals in the future. Gang Sta…[View]
22083898what benefits do people get from being a mason: what are most peoples' motives going into it?…[View]
22082653Was Kurt Cobain murdered? or is it just bullshit?: honestly curious to hear /x/'s thoughts on t…[View]
22086002Sexiest SCP: Go[View]
22084025Do antidepressants kill my occult abilities?[View]
22086648Hello /x/. I am a collector and an avid buyer of things that are either said to be cursed or that we…[View]
22083691last night is the first time I dreamt I had a gun in my hand. what does it mean bros?[View]
22086601Conspiracy theory thread.[View]
22077328Change my mind: All of reality is a dude having an LSD trip in his apartment. If you think you'…[View]
22085120Gangstalkers gave me a cigarette: A little while back I was offered a cig with a distinct red mark a…[View]
22086549so i live in a sharehouse and cant buy a water osmosis filter or even know so ill get straight into …[View]
22086532Guardian Angel?: Does anyone ever sometimes feel like they've had some divine intervention in t…[View]
22086428What is happening to me: >One week ago I was 74kg, 5’11” >I’m now 80kg and 6’1” >I feel con…[View]
22085060How did Odysseus escape the cyclops? (cyclops - Psychological Operations) By pretending to be a shee…[View]
22080420Ahh. Kos, or some say Kosm.[View]
22085858W.R.W: Hey boys what is your view on the author William wraithe? Do we love his work or does his wor…[View]
22085792Does anyone here know about the 411 missing persons cases from National Parks and such? I'm int…[View]
22084657Essential Films or Media Containing Occult Truths: The Wizard of Oz - 1939 >You had the power all…[View]
22082556Keeping ghosts away.: I'm trying to figure out some methods to keep spirits out of my humble ab…[View]
22085892Hey, /x/. I am coming to you with this, since i dont know who else to talk to. I do not want to talk…[View]
22080636BLOOD MOON SPOOKY SHIT: Why is it so windy, and im hearing weird noises and have feelings of uneasin…[View]
22086045Ok, time for a story. This has been bugging me for the last years, and I would like to know if this …[View]
22084687Cursed, Rare & Lost Movies: Let's discuss some rare, unusual movies you're searching f…[View]
22085328Did Hitler really end up in Antarctica with the UFOs? http://black.greyfalcon.us/[View]
22083961my computer getting hijacked from roblox exploits: >be me at 14 years old >getting bored as fu…[View]
22083771Brownman: Fuck guys there is some weird shit going on in /r9k/ Some mental dude is making post about…[View]
22079564Explain this.: My GD forehead. The patterns on my skin. Wtf is going on? I almost feel like my skin …[View]
22080435he get institutionalized finally? lol[View]
22083405Kids in Chris's Watts footage?: I was watching a video on the subject of Chris Watts and I…[View]
22085584Alright, I don't know anything about this kind of shit, but this seems like a good place to ask…[View]
22085654How does one Break a curse: So I have reason to believe me and my family have been cursed by an ex f…[View]
22084503Countering fear: Fight or Flight is a bullshit concept. If you've ever been scared you'll …[View]
22085701We are all just stuck in a dream. Trapped. And we're not even the ones dreaming.[View]
22056835Scary Webm/gif/images thread?: Post scary Webms, gifs and images that creep you out, can be whatever…[View]
22071944I will kill myself if you delete my suicide topic: How can I bargain with my soul guide after I die?…[View]
22085435Skin Walker Ranch: What are some of the freakiest shit that's happened at Skin walker Ranch! h…[View]
22081966Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice Every method…[View]
22083341Sleep paralysis and naps: Hi there, Today I experienced another sleep paralysis episode. I realized …[View]
22085072creepy book i found: july of last year my dad found this book outside our house on the road next to …[View]
22085693Slenderman: I need to summon the Slenderman, to snuggle me and keep me warm. I want nothing more tha…[View]
22082537First paranormal experience thread? I'll start >Be 8 >Just learned about ghosts while wat…[View]
22083248Why did ancient people build these?: They're all over, and have a lot of paranormal activity as…[View]
22082983So i found this on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKMUiG2DySg And apparently this is a big …[View]
22082916The jaded man lived atop a hill. A small child would often come and visit the jaded man. The child w…[View]
22077590Speculative alien biology: Is it possible for humans to design an idea for an alien species that sim…[View]
22082078Had a lucid dream last night. As soon as I became lucid i had this surge of power vibrating through …[View]
22082827Where's the next Art Bell?: I miss Art Bell guys. I remember as a young teenager listening to h…[View]
22084780Knowledge has ruined my ability to have relationships with others: If you were given the chance to f…[View]
22084105What goes on here?[View]
22083564How an AI takes control of it's host civilization: How have your activities enriched the AI tha…[View]
22084592Trickery afoot: Flex your arm to a right angle and bury your face in your elbow so that your arm cov…[View]
22084594I don't have much time! Red pill me on the tibetan slut stocks!![View]
22083112Why Just Why ?: Why is there so many faggots spamming about How god showed them that world is ending…[View]
22083609Where is the current location of the holy lance and how can we find it? not those half dozen places …[View]
22083487would you like your creepypastas to be read out? im thinking about making a youtube channel recordin…[View]
22084961Weird shit in the sky tonight. (west-US): Earlier I saw a very bright light, very high altitude, and…[View]
22083406The meaning to life.: You are born into a universe with natural law. You can kill anyone/anything yo…[View]
22080474Bloody Moon Crimson Night: https://youtu.be/r2xefI2Fht4[View]
22084710Is Ars Goetia dangerous? What can i ask and what i cannot? Will i be haunted or possessed?[View]
22084825/x/ OC: Post your original content here. Distribute your ideas into the collective madness. First up…[View]
22084429Aliem: Did anything ever actually come from this?[View]
22084404Why do we forgot everything from our dreams so quick. I was dreaming this morning and as I slowly wo…[View]
22083890My dad got fucked over for some property he owned and I want to know if there's some way I can …[View]
22082723What does /x/ think of the Magdalene?[View]
2208464270 101 116 97 108 32 100 101 115 116 114 117 99 116 105 111 110: https://www.reddit.com/u/gaarnaar?u…[View]
22083061Why do Freemasons love showing symbols in Hollywood films?[View]
22084146Audio failing non humans on tape: I'm being mind controlled by the CIA and Freemasons, and they…[View]
22084104Ghost Adventures: Thoughts on these guys? I think they’re legit. Some of their old stuff is question…[View]
22081907Common Addictions: Anything paranormal about smokes, vapes and alcoholic drinks?[View]
22081708Nothing paranormal happened with the blood moon you stinking poofaced poo poo butts. Why do you lie …[View]
22081476how is the magnetic field of the heart affected by abuse? are some of you murderers? why yes, yes. y…[View]
22081275What information lies in the basement of the Vatican: why does this have to be classified[View]
22082728DMT: Going to smoke this stuff soon anons, what to expect?[View]
22060251/omg/ - occult magic general: Ape's library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ…[View]
22083952Gates of Hades: https://img.ifcdn.com/videos/0d8ac02694c8d617fcf1776d5c800384f6afb03835c357d2dedd2a4…[View]
22065466Where do I find young and like minded magic practitioners?: I live in a major U.S. city (east coast)…[View]
22083781Fact: the Super Blood Wolf Moon is a sign of the apocalypse[View]
22082926Ah. Kos, or some say Kosm.[View]
22083883Helmet: It looks like a bunch of fiber optic cables hanging off the back of your head...anything fro…[View]
22083489What is this nonsense thread?: Alright /x/, I haven't been here in 6 or 7 years, but I don…[View]
22081510White smoke: Hello, ive been seeing white smoke appear and dissapear in places where it would be nat…[View]
22083836What do you think about this dream: I want your opinions on this dreams, also, i`m psychologist, can…[View]
22083743Legit alien pic just got 404'd mods plz explain[View]
22083750How to spiritually prepare for total societal collapse?[View]
22083612Hey /x/, /r9k/ here. We have something weird going on with an anon claiming doctors are doing stuff …[View]
22082114Good old fashioned ghost thread: https://youtu.be/OMtBze0ynoU[View]
22080888You can tell they are not planning to revive this economy because there is not another bubble being …[View]
22071134Is fate/destiny real?[View]
22081830>past two days >always at night, around 1:30 ish - 2am hear and see a huge bat flying over my …[View]
22080995Story from Germany: >be me >in Deutschland for the summer >really small village in Hesse …[View]
22082555Found a creepy video on YT!: Today I found a super creepy video on Youtube. I thought the girl is cr…[View]
22083088Hey guys I was wondering: I was wondering what would happen if scp-049 met scp-049-j what do you thi…[View]
22081770What does /x/ think of the conspiracy theory where there are no hills?[View]
22083262Lamest/ Goofiest Cryptids: Fresno Nightcrawler[View]
22083095[Humanoid Creature in Romanian Zoo]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NabesRFC3jU strange sound in zo…[View]
22081088Who else realized long ago that all of this is bullshit? There is no magic. There is mystery to life…[View]
22081494THE END TIMES ARE HAPPENINGw: Every prophecy, i felt the painfull heat of the spirit The first trump…[View]
22081286Does anybody have the comic about the European weakening and stuff? That had a bunch of red pills bu…[View]
22082176Lucid Dreaming: I wanna try lucid dreaming , any tips hints or advice and is it dangerous? and i wou…[View]
22081718Trump was part of an experiment to test how people would react. They rigged the election so he would…[View]
22083066Holorepresentative Inter-universal math and normal universal holographic physics create FEEDBACK: My…[View]
22083002NASA CGI: Hi /x/. I'm looking for a video for someone, showing a guy without a face in the back…[View]
22082733Riddle game - Help!: Do you see any logical sequence here?[View]
22082467Does anyone have anymore information on this at all?[View]
22082970Thoughts on this? Seems quite interesting. https://sites.google.com/site/universalgnosticism/sexual-…[View]
22082344/SMFG/-Smiley Face Killers General: >What are the smiley face Killers The Smiley face Killers (fi…[View]
22083007yEnc: Hello. We are a group of senior tech specialists who would like to provide a forum for discuss…[View]
22082919I understand reality and the meaning of life. I cannot tell it to you in a 4chan post because I did …[View]
22081393What does one needs to become a teacher of the occult arts?[View]
22069648The Binding of the Succubus Collective and the Breaking of All Pacts: We are declaring an end to the…[View]
22082292Any advice on how to lucid dream?[View]
22082565Are there any downsides to summoning a succubus to Take my virginity?[View]
22082906Tulpas: Alright so, I have the vaguest idea on what tulpas are and im currently trying to research a…[View]
22082271Vulfraust: Has anyone here been to vulfraust?[View]
22081664Today I awoke from a terrible nightmare at exactly 4:44 am, I'm aware of the number 4 bad reput…[View]
22078632Are Native Americans the real Israelites? Are/were some tribes in contact with extra terrestrials an…[View]
22081984New lucid dream experiment: Is having 6 periods of 90 minutes of sleep the same as having 9 hours of…[View]
22072099are there spiritual applications for kratom? what do you use kratom for? i've noticed that it m…[View]
22080863Psychotronics in Hungary: Let me start by saying, I’m a skeptic. I’m in Hungary investigating some o…[View]
22072822What are some good /x/-related youtube channels?[View]
22069317ENHANCING DRUGS: Is there any substance I can use that can put me in an altered state which can help…[View]
22077027Anyone here Orthodox Christian?[View]
22081408Magic: Have any of you heard of sexually commending another human being to sleep with you? I read ab…[View]
22082354What are some good /x/ approved books?[View]
22081187/x/tards anyone else seen this/knows what this is?: >be meditating for ~30 minutes >'see…[View]
22082350Were they involved in witchcraft or anything like that? Not coming off of anything, they just seem l…[View]
22079339What's the thing you want disclosed the most? The thing that would make you happiest if they sa…[View]
22081590it's been ages since I've seen a comfy spooky youtube thread on here so I'm starting …[View]
22082113I am in depression help: hello everyone (excuse me for my english because I'm not) as it says …[View]
22079405Meditation advice: Hello /x/, i'm a newbie on this and need some advices to start meditating. H…[View]
22081326Illustrations of the Red Book: For some reason all the illustrations provided inside the book itself…[View]
22080379levitation at a young age: When i was a lad of 3 of 4 i would levitate. It always happened right aft…[View]
22082204Riding the Waves to victory in electromagnetic Water World: Let there be roaring tsunamis Let there…[View]
22079445blue light new york, cataclysm? Or new hope?: I'll drop some crumbs to protect the trail.... I…[View]
22079826The time of the blood moon is upon us...: Let the killings begin![View]
22080468Guess the anon sign vy looking his/her eyes[View]
22081953Is reality generated by subliminal and intent? Can I change it with sigils and autosuggestion?[View]
22078460how go back from atheism back to christianity?[View]
22080045The world record Egg: I know I sound crazy but some inside people I know know the truth about the eg…[View]
22081621alright /x/ forreal: Show me some legit video proof of anything mythical. Fuckin aliens, paranormal,…[View]
22081870Verse 1 of the yet unrevealed book. 'They have pushed all my boundaries to the extreme, like an anim…[View]
22077529dream threads: hey anons- lately i've been having super trippy dreams. has this been happening …[View]
22081906>have a dream last night >night of the blood moon >in the dream, earth gets consumed by a b…[View]
22081858Why are so many esoterics podcasts on pause?: I was an avid listener to all sorts of esoteric-minded…[View]
22081771ITT We discuss the hyperloop https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hQwWaWFjd0Y[View]
22080463Decided to share this with you guys, coz i am bored > frequent nightmares of different sorts, sle…[View]
22080472Dream thread: Could someone analyze a really weird dream I had last night? It was me, my best friend…[View]
22078495Are your anuses ready for the super duper blood moon tonight? I bet the ((illoomynaughty)) is gonna …[View]
22047349Positive Energy Thread: Not really that complex. If you're feeling like you need some light sen…[View]
22081503My dog barked at a weird oval: Sup /x/. Lithuanian here so bad language, but who cares. So, I rescue…[View]
22081620unsettled: http://octagon.lhohq.info/justin-bieber.html[View]
22078809The Middle Pillar: Discuss. What has the book done for you, magically but also practically. I just f…[View]
22074115Do you believe in lady luck?: Because there is something mystical about casinos, and I don't qu…[View]
22081501Anyone have any idea what this is? https://wqgaming.com/index.php quickly made a google account to c…[View]
22079559Alien Contact + Native Americans: Explain the prevalence of extra terrestrial happenings in associat…[View]
22079347UN Troops In America: If the US say had a major rebellion. Of course all that mrap stuff will be tur…[View]
22080012trauma-based mind control: How the Facebook UFI codes internally hook up to the 911 TV archive with …[View]
22061859Antartica Project: Still gauging interest for the Antartica Project. The mission in a nutshell: >…[View]
22081305To whoever may be able to help me.: My name is Sargeant James Fletcher. I was born on April 19th 191…[View]
22080371guys i jerked it during the blood moon: does this mean i'm gonna have to fight the fiends cause…[View]
22079818How do I reach the mental state of sleep paralysis while completely conscious? Is that even possible…[View]
22078819Looking for paranormal/horror/spiritual anime recommendations This is /x/ related and we have had f…[View]
22074853Red pill me on bad syndrome.[View]
22080233/X/ Greetings From /POL/ What The Fuck Is This: >>>/pol/200498618[View]
22078393How to Destroy NanoBots. Your Subconscious is your ENEMY: Do you believe in aliens, /x/? If so, what…[View]
22081216Can Faith win wars?[View]
22081172Fucked up shit at /sp/, thread 404'd: Anyone from that thread by chance lingering around here? …[View]
22080587Paranormal stories from mexico/ USA border cities: Do you have any stories from mexico or USA border…[View]
22077573Why are flickering lights so creepy?[View]
22079905Hey /x/, is everybody alright? The moon doing anything weird to you?: Hey, all y'all alright? I…[View]
22080970Prayers and spells: Hi guys! What are some easy prayers or spells o can perform in a small room with…[View]
22078725Redpill me on the source and WHY if the source is real why doesn't it help us or destroy all th…[View]
22080392How old where you when you found out that phallic cults run this planet to devastating effect?[View]
22080593Why does everyone think the blood moon is paranormal?[View]
22073825what's your favorite paranormal podcast? paranormies is a disorganized clusterfuck 90% of the t…[View]
22081152Body Hacking through Dreams?: Okay, So, I got an interesting story for you, /x/. About 2 months ago…[View]
22080195The blood moon paranormal or not?: Is the blood moon really paranormal or not? What do you think? Di…[View]
22080997astral projection: redpill me on astral projection, /x/ everything how to do it, effects, possibilit…[View]
22081080kiapan project codes?: does anyone know how to solve this? allegedly, there are 10 codes to get into…[View]
22080943What does /x/ think of the Kiapan Project? Where can you find the codes? They can't keep getti…[View]
22080973Elder KumKum of Broken Nest is declaring the status of self. I ask only that you awaken, bloom, and …[View]
22079578Any creepy ufo / alien / x type documentary’s on YouTube ? I’m bored[View]
22080515>when the demons start to invade earth and you need to get the boys back together to drive them b…[View]
22081042Cult and occult: Hey /x/ while browsing /sp/ I got to this thread >>>/sp/90409832 What do …[View]
22080114Saw this on pol. Anyone have an explanation? https://voiceanything.com/posts/35805[View]
22079933As a descendant of the almighty should I fucks with the Necronomicon?[View]
22077482Azazael: When is Azazael and the other Watchers going to return to Earth? Will it be a good or bad t…[View]
22079739Will there be any happenings today?[View]
22075057Which groups have infiltrated 4chan and why?[View]
22079274Does programming, i.e. telling the CPU/GPU what to do in some compiled or interpreted language down …[View]
22080625I need some creepy shit bros! Show me the best you got[View]
22079713BLOOD MOON + Mandela Effect: It is weird. I remember that red moon eclipses were VERY rare, but now …[View]
22077981Scratches - What is attached to me?: I can’t find much info online other than it might be a succubus…[View]
22079985There is nothing supernatural about the blood moon: Prove me wrong /x/ Pro tip: you can't…[View]
22063493Astral Projection: Out of Body Experience Thread! Have you ever accomplished it? How? I have tried a…[View]
22068705The World Order, Mind Control, and AI are good things: >The World Order People are terrified of t…[View]
22076986Can my negative thoughts affect other people?: For a while now I've been having negative and vi…[View]
22080460Have you applied it /x/?[View]
22078094What does /x/ with about Gurdjieff?[View]
22080618I ran into the name Xeon Ra reading about dimensional change and such, but it does not say anything …[View]
22071900Why do rich people do this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_TluGiYfGg[View]
22078550Is rune magick real or is it all just woo? Pic is an example[View]
22080451Kill with sigil: I once tryed to kill someone with the goetia. It did not work. some dude here advic…[View]
22080372Redpill me on the black knight satellite[View]
22079684I made a video series of me and a friend of mine exploring an old theater that's supposedly hau…[View]
22077098Can a human mind overhelm a demon?[View]
22080329any benefits to listening to music that's been tuned to 432hz? been converting my stuff lately.[View]
22079789Super red moon: Can I meditate or do some kind of ritual during the moon so it gives me good energy …[View]
22079374who else /not looking at the bloodmoon/ here? Shit will change you for the worse. Don't look at…[View]
22077497What does /x/ think of this movie? I saw it the other day and thought it was really good. Rare found…[View]
22080433What is the effect of J.R. Bob Dobbs on the universe? What happens when one believes in the power of…[View]
22078070What does /x/ think of the Magdalene?[View]
22069633Akashic library: how would you sort all that knowledge, /x/?[View]
22078265I have some questions and need someone who can predict my future. Not requesting anything, just stat…[View]
22080404>no thread about chrisvids21's new uploads Shameful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt1wx_x…[View]
22074731Would it be possible, through some form of meditation, astral projection, OBE, or something else ent…[View]
22080362Blood Moon right now: go outside and check it out x[View]
22077939WNWN: Simple minds waste NoT want not. The chosen waste NoT want. GRytPj8vyW1THItWQizIo7TwcP8L62Qrih…[View]
22080142OC: The silver tongued savior 'n vampire slayer's puttin' out a new album this year…[View]
22078171Hello. We are a group of senior tech specialists who would like to provide a forum for discussion ba…[View]
22078670was Jesus a wizard?[View]
22079066Finding your Spirit Animal: With google collecting and using so much data on humans, with gigantic d…[View]
22076485succubus collective recruitment: Hey I was thinking about joining the succubus collective, could you…[View]
22079471When you're trying to go to sleep and the trauma memories come back Worst experience is remembe…[View]
22077929Lucid Dreams: I dreamt that I was a baseball player . There were black players and white players, t…[View]
22080179https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvUE9hZ9bfo ALIEN UFOS WHAT IS THIS GET IN HERE SUPER BLOOD MOON UF…[View]
22075802Hatred: I have a lot of anger and hatred building within my soul. Lately I feel it growing stronger.…[View]
22077606Is he right about anything?[View]
22079428Has anyone else watched the new series on YouTube called Hellier? What's your opinion on it? yo…[View]
22078531Watch Out: >Incubi traditionally seek sexual intercourse with living females and succubi with mal…[View]
22070598Dogman: So I haven't seen any thread about this cryptid yet so I figured I should make one. Wha…[View]
22078853Best philosophy/spiritual books? I would ask /lit/ but there too autistic with their “logic”.[View]
22070221TOMORROW IS BLOOD MOON: Post related legends,stories etc.[View]
22079490Anyone on here know anything about this place?[View]
22079285Thoughts on VK Jehannum?: is he a legit occultist/magician?[View]
22077542Spiritual Consequences of using Sigil magic: Is there any spiritual consequence to using sigil magic…[View]
22079283Blood moon super effective on:: Eyo for all whom it may concern, the blood moon tonight is associate…[View]
22077395I had a dream that a bunch of random animals were following me. ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs, sheep, g…[View]
22077198/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22077371Does anyone recognize this symbol (or similar) from somewhere?[View]
22079737Why is everything separated into groups of three?[View]
22079687Moon: Does the red moon affects us in any spiritual way or something like that? I'm just curiou…[View]
22071397Have any of you ever dedicated a full day towards meditation? Is it worth it? For some reason, I fee…[View]
22079678Ya feel that: Lmao[View]
22079592Live Stream The Event With Me 12:12: https://youtu.be/6E7pqfOHhy8 The Super Blood Wolf Moon is upon …[View]
22078788super blood moon: can someone red pill me on what the super wolf blood moon is? conspiracy or not i…[View]
22078538I woke up a few hours earlier than usual, because someone I lived with got up and walked on the stai…[View]
22078930the work of john keel is the ultimate redpill[View]
22079429Are Humans the strongest collective beings?: If most people were able to astral travel, would we slo…[View]
22079367Where did this photo come from? Anyone know the source?[View]
22079350romulus and remus are coming.[View]
22079320Dream Demons: about a month back i started experimenting with lucid dreaming and had a horrid super …[View]
22079288>be me >read about a guy that dream about having a good life with a wife and kids but he wakes…[View]
22077026Anybody practice Santeria here? I smoke cigarettes in my back porch but there is a Cuban family that…[View]
22078368I was waking up from a dream a few days ago and I said something extremely strange in my head and it…[View]
22078870Strange Happenings part 2: I'm not the op from Last thread but I will take the ball and go for …[View]
22079136Why do psychics always say that you're destined to be a great leader??[View]
22079055children and the paranormal: Child ghosts thread? There was this one time that I was watching a sort…[View]
22066661I don't really understand it but bad things always happen after I masturbate. It can't be …[View]
22055021communist tests: this place was found by my friends.probably a lab from 50 or so years ago.my countr…[View]
22078834Sooo... Lazy to greentext this, struggling too much putting it into words in English. I took shrooms…[View]
22078902Wizard squares up: https://youtu.be/YvDrESz7LCQ What is this[View]
22078858Blood Moon Magic: There will be a blood supermoon tonight and Im looking for advice on how to capita…[View]
22077467Upcoming Blood Moon: Hey /x/, this thing seems pretty important, I was wondering if there was any wa…[View]
22078763Blood Moon: What kind of magic is particularly effective during -or requires the presence of- the BL…[View]
22077778Blood Moon Sigils: Post your best[View]
22068724Wtf is going on here: I know some of you have been experiencing the same shit. Seriously though. I d…[View]
22078110Trying to summon fenris during blood moon?: So I was thinking of summoning fenris during the blood m…[View]
22075214'There are two distinct scenarios here. One thing is disclosing the existence of ETI, and quite anot…[View]
22077663Petit Tube / Creepy Youtube Thread: I'll start with this https://youtu.be/wrHwKxZeiRU petittube…[View]
22078593anyone know what this is about: I saw this on Instagram and I'm tryna figure out what it is doe…[View]
22074152How to sell my soul to an entity so I can live forever.: How do I sell my soul to an entity so that …[View]
22075412Red Pill me on MIB (Men in Black): What are they? Ayys? Why do they care about random civilians seei…[View]
22078417Who's encountered some sppoky ghosts lately? I've seen some around, hanging out in the gra…[View]
22076662'they' are coming tonight ,- red moon last moon[View]
22074883anybody have the better one of these, feel like most of the good ones here are in the middle, plus s…[View]
22073982Is there actually any evidence of aliens at all?[View]
22077802Modem: Does anyone know what happened to the Modem threads? They have helped me so many times in sit…[View]
22078258united occult communety: Hello. I am a Occultist and magican that want too make a great forum for al…[View]
22076866Are there any /x/ ebook collections aside from the Occult mega? I'm more interested in stuff li…[View]
22074011Banned occult books: Suggest occult books which were banned by governments and secret organisations.…[View]
22075134Maladaptive daydreaming: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maladaptive_daydreaming >Maladaptive d…[View]
22074546Why do people say Reality isn't real, I was walking along the creek near our place and it seeme…[View]
22076194What kind of stuff to do on Bloodmoon? Any Rituals you can point me towards? Never did anyting like…[View]
22068892/x/pill me on Gary Webb. He was found dead with 2 bullets to the head, mainstream media claimed it w…[View]
22056297Help figuring out story behind derelict hotel: Wasn't really sure where to ask about this, but …[View]
22077508If there were no obstructions, you'd see the back of your own head.[View]
22077926Wtf? Did I get possessed?: >be me >wake up in the middle of the night >see a creepy face in…[View]
22077980Black Magic?: Hello anons, long story short: a witch tried to cast a spell upon my family's sto…[View]
22077425Most recent polytheistic faiths: Besides revival movements has there been any new polytheistic faith…[View]
22077850Magicals alphabet: There are lot of alphabets designed for magical or holy rituals (like Transitus F…[View]
22077705What are some very uncanny facts that are verifiably true and creepy?[View]
22073599Was the Bible a computer code?: What if the Bible, the 'book of life' as its called, was a computer …[View]
22077801Is there a way to summon the ayy's to me? And if so, how? What do I have to do to attract them?[View]
22053801/saki/- Saki Sanobashi Hunt Thread #2: Previous thread: >>22013160 The hunt for Saki Sanobashi…[View]
22077181Im building a time machine: >waiting for parts >test run next weekend >experimentation need…[View]
22077729Does the Military still have paranormal units?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqUpsM-Sf20…[View]
22075142Learning astrologer here, I want to test my skill so go ahead and generate your vedic chart here htt…[View]
22076558ITT we write messages to the mushroom gaia deity as well as the ones in other dimensions Not worship…[View]
22077462What is your interpretation of the meaning of dreams? Do you believe the current interpretation that…[View]
22077512Anunnaki are the best aliens, prove me wrong: Protip: U won't[View]
22065206Is time travel really possible?: So many theories, experiments ...where are the results?[View]
22077365What is this never-ending storm in Birdlands, CA?: I'm using MyRadar on android. I've neve…[View]
22069125When you Add 9's to 9's, the sum seems to always be reducible to 9: Can someone explain th…[View]
22077345Does even one person alive know what reality is?[View]
22075540Why God created gays if their ways are considered improper by the vast majority of religions?[View]
22074538Creepy Faces: My girlfriend has recently told me about these weird faces she's seeing outside h…[View]
22074852Possibly raped by a succubus: So, to clarify I’m not familiar with this board, so my explanation of …[View]
22076885If there's only one true God, why can you exorcist people with holy chants from all religions?[View]
22077340where is modem: Where is the modem guy and his threads they are the best thing on this board[View]
22076652What does this mean: I shot a pigeon yesterday with an airfle but didn’t manage to kill it only woun…[View]
22068551The effect of resonant frequencies on human brain activity: How do I mimic the ancients ability to p…[View]
22074730Is it possible, humanity's collective belief in specific spiritual entities could actually mani…[View]
22074108I think I'm in love with a vampire. How do I cure her so we both go to the same afterlife when …[View]
22076273Billion people harvest on Mars Rebuild the remnants of the obelisk One mile from the pyramid Escape …[View]
22077017Bless all tonight the blood moon loves within[View]
22075410Was the arch of the covenant just an oversized cigaret lighter?: It doesn't seem to be able to …[View]
22074427What did jesus look like?: What purpose did Jesus serve two thousand years ago? Will the christ figu…[View]
22063809creepy street view thread: creepy street view thread[View]
22075781viruses/illness simulation?: What do you guys think of viruses? We don't define them as alive,…[View]
22076992>mom told me she woudn't worry about it[View]
22072238Philadelphia Experiment: What really happened?[View]
22074363How do i induce sleep paralysis? a few weeks ago i had my first interaction with it and seen visual …[View]
22072697/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22073465I’m under the impression that you enjoy mysteries anon. Why don’t you we discuss D.B Cooper?[View]
22076863Any and all, the more recent the better.: Hello again /x/! I'm the dreams and somatic studies s…[View]
22074160what is /x/ opnion of number theory?[View]
22075531/libra/ general: How's 2019 so far, libros?[View]
22076739Occultism in Elder Scrolls: Do you want to discuss the signifance of Elder Scrolls lore being based …[View]
22072714What is the Reptilian agenda?[View]
22076807how close are we to not being able to tell reality from the internet apart?is that even possible,for…[View]
22075824Carin Katherine Waldegrave's FB. Who's behind it?: Karin Catherine Waldegrave's FB pr…[View]
22073647sometimes things turn out the way they do because no one helps you when they could have. they sit ba…[View]
22074043hey /x/ I'm not from around here; what do you think of accelerationism?[View]
22076880Drunk alco /x/ thread Post any stuff, ufo, aliens, black magic. Russian here, I have info on alyoshe…[View]
22075173How to control the flow of /x/ - A GUIDE: > go to Catalog > scroll down to the page 8/9/10 …[View]
22075707Meaning'o'life: What's yours? Why? Absurdism represent.[View]
22076674reminder! super-blood-wolf moon tomorrow! it peaks at about 12:16am EST Monday morning[View]
22074376Show your proof or evidence of an afterlife.[View]
22076482The ruler of this world: The powers that be worship Jupiter/Zeus, he is Satan and his follower on ea…[View]
22073532Moon Thread: Why doesn't /x/ ever discuss the hollow moon theory? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
22075472Psychedelics General: hi there anon. do you even encounter 'curious' object while on psyc…[View]
22074279Don't disappoint me again.: Last thread died. Anyways, how does /x/ feel about the idea of enti…[View]
22074383Hello /x/, Do you all ever see orbs? Is so, are there multiple colors? How do you interpret them? No…[View]
22073835I'm looking for a video i remember seeing in one of those creepy youtube compliations. It was a…[View]
22074678what are the chances that our waking life is merging with our dreamstate? i remember being younger a…[View]
22076510>Be in 1300's have no concrete ideas as to why diseases happen >Be in 2000's have no…[View]
22076440Its 2 am in Australia right now and a white van pulled up across the road from my house with weird t…[View]
22075426im in the south east can we get a thread going for this hairy bastard? i cant view bfrow but lets ki…[View]
22075711Using intention for a girl: How can I use my intent to make a girl think about me and want to see me…[View]
22067759'what if i told you': we're all hooked up to game 3 of the world series between the dodgers and…[View]
22076035what if mars is a projection of earth's future?: the idiots who pretend to run things want to m…[View]
22075245can i shoot lightning?: can I cast spells like a fantasy mage? I really really want to[View]
22072955The Dumper: Found an old drive. Dumping my creepypasta/x folder from circa 2010. Definitely some cri…[View]
22076456Who did they try to hide from? What mythical creatures/faith did they try to avoid?[View]
22074247How do I punish God for making me a hideous monster[View]
22074143Aliens should not be able to vote unless they've lived on earth for at least ten years and can …[View]
22074561bizarre 9/11 - MH370 connection..: the antipode (exact opposite side of the earth) to the world trad…[View]
22075176How do you bros deal with existencial terror?[View]
22076293What do you think about this whole chakras having colors and sounds associated with them. Any truth …[View]
22074881What would it really matter if it turned out to be truely flat?[View]
22076266Was Solomon's shamir a radioactive substance?: The word shamir in biblical Hebrew was used in t…[View]
22075589Male gods as creators of life are nothing but bitter womb-envy ridden males's power fantasies h…[View]
22075527is a bed being completely drenched in water with no rational explain a common paranormal occurence? …[View]
22075856THE END TIMES ARE HAPPENING: Every prophecy, i felt the painfull heat of the spirit The first trumpe…[View]
22076256Is the astral travel experience actually possible or is it bullshit?[View]
22076030Terry A. Davis: Terry Davis believed he was chosen by god to create an operating system. He named it…[View]
22075086Skinwalker green texts or stories: Really fascinated with them so if we could start a dump that woul…[View]
22075560Christians of /x/: This is aimed only at the subset of Christians on /x/ that believe ONLY their bel…[View]
22073807/x/. What is your prediction on how the next week will pan out around the world? This kiwifag thinks…[View]
22073091Runic Magick: This thread is for any practicioners of Runic Magick to share techniques, rituals, sig…[View]
22067901If you were to meet a being akin to what the Christians would call a demon what would you do? Do you…[View]
22075849If everything is connected by consciousness, could a Plant perform OBE's and 'see' it's su…[View]
22071225Josef Mengele: I am working on a theory that Josef Mengele and the nazis in general were working on …[View]
22075394What's the best way to ensure my honey jar love spell will be successful on the blood moon tomo…[View]
22075848Voynich Manuscript: So what's the deal with this book? Alchemical code? Bored alien in medieval…[View]
22074762Did he get his slaves in paradise?[View]
22074996Just ate extremely powerful aminita muscaria: Just ate a small amount of aminita muscaria four hours…[View]
22073301Is my alcoholism caused by demon possession?: ..or is it that I just fucked myself over. Any other d…[View]
22073218Five days ago I tried to use Deleuzian theory of BWO to cure my psychosis. What happened was this: e…[View]
22073028What's with Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of the christ?: Dafuqs inside that shit?[View]
22066088Is Buddhism the most based religion, /x/? Take a look at pic related. It is one of many monks who mu…[View]
22075779happening: Here we go again.[View]
22074075Draconic Astrology...: Can someone give me a rundown on Draconic Charts? Am I really looking at my s…[View]
22064050Does this mean anything to anyone? It keeps popping up in my dreams.[View]
22068835any thoughts on krishna consciousness? is there any legitimacy to it? i've gotten involved in a…[View]
22074778Disappearing object phenomena?: I was hoping some people would elaborate to as why this is happening…[View]
22072888Is depression a psy op by the CIA meant to produce artificial suffering so that creative intensity c…[View]
22071336Question: Well /x/, I have one strange question to ask you. Does anyone have experiences with the Ki…[View]
22074463UFO: If use guys like listening to reports of UFO sightings, I might suggest a few videos that go ov…[View]
22074760I want to read other peoples dream journals: Anywhere I can read collections of dream journals? Is t…[View]
22075156Why are there so many different types of UFO's out there?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yURC…[View]
22060998WTF: >Chinese paranormal scientists spread claims of a man who shows amazing psychic abilities …[View]
22071269If some of you believe in reincarnation what if every living being is killed? Will you still reincar…[View]
22074679BINAURAL BEATS/SUBLIMINALS: Hey /x/ I heard about binaural beats and what they can do and I’m curiou…[View]
22043368weird internet rabbit holes you've found: anything worthy of discussion from social media like …[View]
22070592If this is true, why would NASA do this?[View]
22075549GMod: Torture Scene https://youtu.be/pVOmYfwkB1Q[View]
22074218Me and a others are making an irc known as the Kiapan Project, we have 5+ members on the project so …[View]
22075433Seaching for weird website: I remember that during high school 2 of my friends who were avid channer…[View]
22074360Manga Horror-Gore thread!: Post your favorites mangas about horror, eroguro, etc And link em. Good N…[View]
22074799Weird dream: I was playing a game with my cousins where we hide ten objects and someone has to find …[View]
22038754gangstalking - tech attacks aren't better 2: as usual, gang stalkers can hurry the fuck up and …[View]
22067630Ghosts are real: https://youtu.be/6e5Bc1BZ9YM?t=749 never would have believed in this shit but wow @…[View]
22075141Greetings. My name is Jebuiz y’har. If my calculations are correct, you should be receiving this tra…[View]
22074264I want to talk to my dead mom.: Hello /x/. My mom died in 2016 after being sick for a number of year…[View]
22067432I swear I ve had enough. I cant set the alarm system in my computer store without it setting off fro…[View]
2206955829 scientist were killed by 4 AI robots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scBrVaOP3Mk crazy ass shit,…[View]
22073558Need help identifying this.: Full disclosure: not a 4chan fag, so excuse my normie, but google has n…[View]
22073295what paranormal shit can honey do[View]
22075269Ok so i took ectasy 10 hours and now i'm thinking it was planted in my mouth.... an i schrizo ?[View]
22075224Giant Human Skeleton found at Khao Khanap Nam Cave: Inside Khao Khanap Nam are several magnificent c…[View]
22075240Potions Thread:: Thread for the discussion of any liquids with healing, magical, or poisonous proper…[View]
22074443Why do real demons react or get scared when you bring up the name Jesus Christ? Do this make Christi…[View]
22062799/x/ READING: Post some ESSENTIAL /x/-related reading please. I'm primarily interested in mystic…[View]
22070590Lets PROVE souls exist: Anyone read this?its an 800 page book avaible at libgen. It seems to debunk …[View]
22072510Wtf is this thing / sleep paralysis: So I've seen pic related about ~6 years ago. >be me wat…[View]
22069224Any /x/ things about Mt. Rainier and Olympic national parks: Going there on a trip with 2 buddies. W…[View]
22074156Is there any paranormal explanation for why there are 6 quarks and the 6 quarks are separated into 2…[View]
22074475Guys I think my house is haunted by a mentally handicapped spirit. How do I go about handling this?[View]
22074888Aiwass = ᛇ: So who was Aiwass? A manifestation of Aleister Crowley's subconcious? Or a divine e…[View]
22073329Something pretty weird has happened to me and im not to sure where to post. Now this might get extre…[View]
22074919Creepy live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/brainfunnel Wtf is this?[View]
22072731Re spawn: Do respwan/desired reality subs work? Anybody here who sucesfully changed their body/life?…[View]
22073978Help me help you.: so, I was being hunted by cannibals in Texas... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n…[View]
22074657Alien fight: How to drive the Ayys away? Annoy or troll them to death? Easy or A la Caravan Palace h…[View]
22074625I feel wrong: Hey guys I need help and I figured this was the right place to ask. So basically I wan…[View]
22073579I wrote the Bible, ask me anything...[View]
22073773Chip-Chan General: >ice cream, everybody screams edition her webcam site http://aassd.viewnetcam.…[View]
22053916Bigfoot & other giant hominids: So are there any small chances at all that these guys exist or u…[View]
22074593The Pulse: Does anybody else feel the pulse?[View]
22073184Gangstalking explained: There are no people hired to track you everywhere you go and reach out to yo…[View]
22073705Whose tomb is it,/x/?[View]
22071277Hey /x/. I had a dream and was wondering if you guys could help me find out what it means. I was in…[View]
22073985GMod: Torture Scene https://youtu.be/pVOmYfwkB1Q[View]
22073972Is MrMBB333 actually on to something here? Has he fallen for another fake? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
22072227dell dimension story: I wasn't there when the story surfaced, but i heard a bit of it. Well, on…[View]
22067787Did this ever got resolved?[View]
22070836what the fuck is happening: >>22069970 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IERHpEaxq6Q This guy is…[View]
22072076Hi: Hello /x/ I want to redpill someone that the soul exists, ghosts exists, heaven etc..., that we…[View]
22073843What's the creepiest thing that ever happened to you before ?[View]
22072507Self-immolation rite: Redpill me on burning yourself alive. Is it simply a form of defiant protest? …[View]
22073830Sades parsegiste ec rereteg mali. Ustse viy nijea sutsuga u naya. Nanstsme utsi. Ar /x/ a FL ni uc s…[View]
22073502444: Hello /x/ I was looking through my old college things and I noticed that my Student Number was…[View]
22073068Neville Goddard: I've been trying Neville Goddard's techniques, and, to my shock, they act…[View]
22073639Fresno Nightcrawler: Thoughts?[View]
22073025Mystery channel: FULL 3D OTIS: There is a channel called Full 3d Otis, and it has been uploading sho…[View]
22071992How does one know if they are an anomaly?[View]
22073501GMod: Torture Scene https://youtu.be/pVOmYfwkB1Q[View]
22073492Why are there so many different types of UFO's out there?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yURC…[View]
22073475I am writing a YA series that takes place in the hollow earth. Where can I learn the deepest lore ab…[View]
22069086Esoteric decoding: Prophetic decoding of the future for initiates. Several links and coincidence The…[View]
22073214I finally get it. Thanks /x/[View]
22064613What if Satan is a good guy?[View]
22067231Just three days remaining. What do you guys think will happen?[View]
22063645grey aliens?: Greys aren't aliens, they're demons[View]
22072549t͍̿̽͋͋̉͛͡h͎̭̤͂͑͛̒̽͋̇ͧͩͅê͎̩̑̈́ͫ́͢y͚̮͇͇̜̪̝̏̿͜ ̡̜̩͎̻̼͇͂̍̿̄ͯ̋͛̿̚c̵͙̠͐̇̓ͮọ̵̹͌͗̾́m͔̮̻͈͙̘̺̺̃ͪ͋̈e̔ͧͤ͑̓̏͒ͨ̓͞…[View]
22073079adsss: This is a post on 4chan[View]
22072788my whacky idea about the similarity of DMT trips.: This is all speculation i just did a little bit o…[View]
22071192Hell money?: I found two of these in the alley next to my neighbor's house. He's Chinese. …[View]
22067234it's harder to love urself if you haven't been loved than it is if you have. I think there…[View]
22073070Is worshiping Lucifer the final red pill?[View]
22072393Charging my fortune telling readings IRL: Hey /x/, long time fortune teller for 5 years. I was told …[View]
22072867In a dream I was in front of God who was formless and I was granted a question. I asked what is the …[View]
22069740Help me guys I'm afraid I'll go to hell. I'm a phlebotomist since a few years, so I t…[View]
22072115Hello /x/, first of all i have to thank you all for the great job you are doing. Threads like /div/ …[View]
22072740Killing a Cherubim: What type of ritual is this?[View]
22072792Demonic Influence: Hey, I've lurked like two years and never made a post, but I wanna talk abou…[View]
22065256What did he know[View]
22070922Republican Pedo-Elites Blood Ritual General /RPEBRG/: Now that the other thread is in autosage.…[View]
22071972Dream Time Traveling I think?: Hi /x/ so Iv been having dream in which I time travel in. I think at …[View]
22072424Possessed Food: Anyone experience this? I've got this loaf of bread that's been moving ins…[View]
22072323I'm new To this: Hello i wanna know if anyone of you guys actually experienced some paranormal …[View]
22023356Cursed Images[View]
22068792MECCA LIGHTNING: These lightning strikes shall become more frequent in their occurrence.[View]
22066498Lets be real, serial killers are the most paranormal thing that actually exists. You guys can sit an…[View]
22072485April 4th 2019, don't be late. Must not be allowed, 4 will be followed with 15.[View]
22070530Rate my chart[View]
22070749Share your occult secrets and techniques![View]
22069805Sensory deprivation chamber: Will do it for first time in few hour, a 60 minutes session. Any tips /…[View]
22072329Getting closer and closer Rejoice, brothers[View]
22068919What are the best horror stories about cursed objects? Or true stories even.[View]
22072121What are some bizarre reality slip mysteries? http://anomalyinfo.com/Stories/1954-man-taured[View]
22071947/x/enos i'm in a bit of a tough spot. I'm at the beginning of my spirtual journey and i…[View]
22068373Oh no! UFO! SoCal 1-19-19: Heads up, if launch goes as planned expect Sat. noon PST to see multiple …[View]
22069438What are we doing?[View]
22072068SuperTV2 Discussion: what the fuck is this shit anons Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-r…[View]

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