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/x/ - Paranormal

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23398047grand rapids sex trafficking?: hey /x/ just wanted to know if anything ever came of that alleged ped…[View]
23396305scary true stories thread: ill go first >be me >8 or 9 >around 12 at night >sitting on c…[View]
23397936Redpill me on bipolar and demons: I heard Fr. Ripperger (exorcist) say he believes bipolar is the re…[View]
23395957How do you summon an angel/helpful entity?: I've been having allot of bad stuff happen successi…[View]
23396891Looking for 2 videos.: Hey /x/ guys, I am here to find 2 videos. One, I posted on /x/ where I saw th…[View]
23394939How do you explain determinism or randomness as a Christian?: It just doesn't make sense. Every…[View]
23397058A huge apartment complex burnt down near me recently. The eeriness surrounding it when i went to tak…[View]
23391707Best resource to study the tarot? Have used tarot and oracle cards intuitively in the past, but I…[View]
23391498Since like four years ago i suffer from a lot of the symptoms of a classical depression: apathy, low…[View]
23397507Wrote A Book - Sensory Control Training Manual: I know you guys prefer rituals but here are some min…[View]
23396505Can someone give me a quick rundown on Calcination?[View]
23394528I cant hear the voice in my head anymore. How do I get it back[View]
23392780Is this actually him or not?[View]
23394228What is magic for you?: >Power? >Way of life? >Creating your own reality? Discuss..…[View]
23392751Any realistic benefit of becoming a freemason these days?[View]
23388962So hypothetically, could I marry Lucifer? If I managed to do that what would happen to me?[View]
23396824You know what I think they were real[View]
23397418Have I not seen an alien before wtf?: I may have saw one but they were only images flashed in front …[View]
23396216Evelyn Contact: I missed the last thread and the discord server invite she had made since it apparen…[View]
23397086What is AMORC anyway and how do I know it is not a scam kind of cult? I once was invited to this ord…[View]
23396724Is body swap voodoo magic real and should you mess with it? Is it actually considered a form of dark…[View]
23394342Grand Order Of The Draco Slayers (G.O.O.D.S): Anyone know what happened to these guys? They seemed t…[View]
23397080Trippy thought: Torah is consciousness. The Bible is a symphony of consciousness — in the form of ch…[View]
23396924Can a woman be God? I have a friend who claims to have created everything and she's female.[View]
23391052What the fuck happened to /x/, unironically. Am I just romanticizing the past or is has this board a…[View]
23396519God: Good?[View]
23395443Fairies + benevolent magical creatures: Is there any actual evidence of fairies or anything similar?…[View]
23397152Q: I am currently seated on the right hand side of the God of Israel; does anyone care to know how t…[View]
23396718I had an epiphany while I was sleeping last night. I ABSOLUTELY CAN READ MINDS, if there's a v…[View]
23396247Dyatlov Pass incident: What really happened /x/?[View]
23396212ITT: fake conspiracy theories: >Hitler was actually German >The CIA is a mafia money launderin…[View]
23395472Guys I really need to know which numbers to play for this one: Anyone.. Anyone here at all?[View]
23397047>be sleeping >end up going to sleep in my dream >dreaming within my dream >woken up by a…[View]
23393040What is this?: https://allatra.org[View]
23395924/x/ you guys ever get creepy voicemails from unknown numbers? I got these on my phone a few months a…[View]
23396009Is anorexia a curse? Or bulimia? What about obesity? How can we give these people a cure?[View]
23394109Is it just me or are people with dark hair and blue eyes psychopaths who acts friendly first inorder…[View]
23396665Let us all channel our collective guidance, love, and strength to give Frisky strength, guidance, an…[View]
23396025Tom Delonge/TTSA thread.: Summary of the information released by Tom Delong and his company TTSA in …[View]
23396666Daily reminder[View]
23392526I had a dream that a demon wanted to posses me (female); but since i belive in god i told it to fuck…[View]
23396364Accidentally incarnated my tulpa: Hi anons, we're really confused right now. Theres way more ba…[View]
23395810I think it might be full moon again or close to it. What to expect from the night and how to prepare…[View]
23392242I have solid proof that shes a mkultra sex slave beien mind-wiped to protect what she know about the…[View]
23388732Under what circumstances should aliens from another planet be allowed to migrate to the united state…[View]
23394637what did you do today to further the cause of science and logic[View]
23392787Is order evidence of intelligence?[View]
23396431There are two types of gravity, matter gravity and energy gravity. You see, energy like light has it…[View]
23393636Irish round towers: What is it about these ancient structures that is shrouded in such mysteriousnes…[View]
23396394What are the demons doing today?[View]
23394982Full moon harvest moon tonight: Also /moon/ general? How the fuck is our moon the perfect size to ca…[View]
23361640give me your best ayy lmao image your best[View]
23390114theory proven i have a theory that 4chan isn't actually real. proof in that whenever i enter a …[View]
23395880STOP looking into Erratas, there's nothing to it, alright? Quit talking about it, quit asking a…[View]
23390901Who loves the satanists. Bet you do.[View]
23396143so when I was a kid I would have these episodes where there would be screaming in my head and a an o…[View]
23395939I couldn't find a thread that quite suited what I needed, so I made this one. Synchronicity/dre…[View]
23396061How do i summon a succubus: How do i summon a succubus[View]
233957491634 Coit, Grand Rapids, Michigan: So a while back on this board, this was posted as a supposed huma…[View]
23395589Time is the simplest thing: People claim that they traveled through time, but let focus on one speci…[View]
23396014Empath Lost To Jesus Freakery: We lost another one to religion /x/. She used to be addicted to vidya…[View]
23395964Sp00ky images thread. Post your 'ghost' pics, or whatever else.[View]
23391886Mandela effect n shit: Okay so ever since I was 4 this fucking movie has pissed me off. I share a n…[View]
23395912how do I summon Clauneck? pic unrelated[View]
23393262Favorite paranormal games to play?: What's your favorite paranormal game/ritual? Any fucked exp…[View]
23393225irrefutable proof of mandela effect: Where's Wally?...he used to be called Waldo, think about t…[View]
23395422mandela strikes again: okay ooooooookay everyone, new mandela effect right there, wasnt the iphone l…[View]
23392680Divination general - homogay edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and disc…[View]
23384242>humans are bio-robots created by a non-organic race[View]
23395681Well? Did she?[View]
23395463Oprah is a DEMON: Do not trust a word of spiritual advice from this dark whore[View]
23393099Chill by the obelisk pool party: You coming Anon? Remember it's mandatory to bring your own pyr…[View]
23395669How to contact Astar Sheran ? The commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron of 10 million mother space …[View]
23390285Do we live in a fractal?: Looking at those Mandelbrot set zooms made me realize there is something w…[View]
23395436GUYS I THINK IM BEING MANDELLA EFFECTED. I moved to London last week and tried tl buy fries... BUT T…[View]
23395190Erratas: Does anybody remember the original Erratas thread? Whatever happened to that, did anyone fi…[View]
23394730Saturn dreams: Help me /x/. Recently I had lot of dreams where I was walking on jurassic beach while…[View]
23388499Friday the 13th Thread: Thread for Friday the 13th images & superstitions of all kinds. Why is F…[View]
23395420pretty sure my great aunt is haunting me/my family: for context, me and my parents were both very cl…[View]
23395064Deer Skull Meaning?: I see deer skulls while I walk in the woods often. No other bones just the skul…[View]
23395098astral plane question: I've been using astral projection for a few years now and I want to know…[View]
23395381Who actually came up with the concept of a Psi Wheel? Wikipedia lists the movie 'The Power' as a sou…[View]
23394692What is the name of the demon that causes involuntary bodily movements, tactile hallucinations, voic…[View]
23394950Has anybody gone down the rabbit hole of obsessing themselves with The Jesters? Were you using DMT o…[View]
23394770Do you ever feel like you live all lifetimes and mathematical realities simultaneously, but when you…[View]
23395323When I imagine a mass paranormal event happening I imagine witch burnings. We'll need meds to c…[View]
23393355Talking about the socially untalkable: I'm mentally disturbed and ill enough to start thinking …[View]
23395287Have any of you actually tried the Midnight Game and gotten real results? I've tried it several…[View]
23394375How do I know my caste?[View]
23395228So ur with ur honey and ur making out wen the phone rings, U answer it n the voice is 'wut r u doing…[View]
23394084Dreams are weird. Not even sure if I can even see the dream.[View]
23392031Should I take the drugs or not?[View]
23389332I have a rage that bites at my soul. I used to be a good person, not any longer: I dont know where e…[View]
23395125The image of god is the bipedal form (two arms, two legs, chest, head). The events of the garden of …[View]
23390318eSP isn't FUCKING real, anybody who says otherwise is trying to trick you[View]
23392612Can anyone tell me the significance of Gemetria?[View]
23390917I dont think im the nobody but i come in their nameless vein to offer you answers. I cannot reveal t…[View]
23394919Any entity's out there that want to come visit our planet?: Aye yo how long you been here?…[View]
23393962How can I induce hallucination/cause something paranormal to happen to me? I'm willing to do pr…[View]
23393721Tell me what you know of the Skull & Bones Society, please. Thank you.[View]
23393792i scripted something with my mind yesterday: something very simple. i was in the park bathroom and i…[View]
23392927Ok anon listen im gonna prove to you that god, as most conceive it doesnt exist, and will show you i…[View]
23390591How do I get a spirit guide.[View]
23393171I got Ghosts on my dick, what should i do /x/ ?[View]
23371845Natal Charts: Post em: For a maybe read.[View]
23393619Psychic spies.: How do I learn more about the psychics spying on me? They are powerful and accurate …[View]
23390814how?: https://bad-luck-enterprises.neocities.org/login.html[View]
23393056Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie etc: so much dumb shit on this board. lets discuss something a bit more li…[View]
23392246Solar Flash: There is a solar flash coming.[View]
23389374Coming here because I really don't know where to look. A few days ago, I reported to my armory …[View]
23394320Quantum Immortality and Hell: Your consciousness is your immortal soul. By the logic of quantum suic…[View]
23392626i am a bad person. in the last several months, i have understood and attempted to fix/work on my neg…[View]
23393534I didn't believe in the paranormal, but then I read that anon's post and I changed my mind[View]
23392561I saw a fucking ghost today niggers >Be walking down street in downtown Vancouver >Foggy as fu…[View]
23394443Pleasure God General - Story Edition: Been having visions of beautiful women for 5 years. I'm b…[View]
23394386sup death here who should i kill?[View]
23386875Are mental disorders caused by demons? If so, are each of them caused by a different type? Take this…[View]
23386614Gangstalking General: This is sick shit. They literally showed how they do the shit on tv just to fu…[View]
23394301I had a very weird dream this morning![View]
23391640Reincarnation thread: Anyone remembers their past life?[View]
23392692I had dream where this being was sitting on bench. When i got close to it i felt like nothing my min…[View]
23391543Iceberg Thread: >China's Real Population Actually has the same root as 'Tibetian Slut S…[View]
23390881Picture of Lillith: Help a brother out. Its a picture of Lillith / Succubus. A 6 armed woman, very d…[View]
23392753Vehicle kami: Can vehicles have spirits/kami? If so, what are they like?[View]
23393774>A life full of understanding and belief is a stronger path than a life lead by bitterness and li…[View]
23380154How the Nobody rearranged timelines: What we call quantum immortality is just for lack of better wor…[View]
23391759Gnosis... or nosesis? You decide...: So the universe is made of a bunch of particles and waves, but …[View]
23394005Can anyone identify this? I just moved into a new house and found this in the basement. Contacted b…[View]
23389414The shadow government isn't made up of reptilians, it's made up of psychics. Power is dete…[View]
23393914Weird captchas thread. Do you see them often? I mostly disregard weird pics, but after seeing three …[View]
23393440So no one is talking about the harvest moon on Friday the 13th. No one else saw the moon flicker. …[View]
23393938Black Shuck: Guys, The last few weeks I've been having what I believe are hallucinations at nig…[View]
23385781Computer simulation of the sky. Good documentary on the moon and sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
23392516Have you ever associated two different instances of nostalgia with two different times in your life?…[View]
23391377AYY: We are the ayys, the starchildren of an unknown ayy race. We came from Reddit and Discord, the …[View]
23393508All is one. God is schizophrenic and we are all split personalities of the divine. We are here to ei…[View]
23392537I get it. Like, I get it. Life. Beauty. The point. God. God is in the details. Expect me.[View]
23388310How do you protect yourself from demons or bad spirits without giving them recognition? I don't…[View]
23388759Is it possible to sell your soul to the devil to go back in time and fix a mistake you made (even wi…[View]
23393395Attention all oldfags, you are the first to lay eyes on God’s temple. Get in here, we’re saving the…[View]
23393766Hey guys, I rarely browse this board or any other anymore, but I thought I'd reach out here and…[View]
23391160Let us all channel our collective guidance, love, and strength to give Frisky strength, guidance, an…[View]
23392664Moon thread: Anyone else remember the moon thread from last night? A bunch of people had strange com…[View]
23393765Physical pain in dreams: I had a dream a bit over a year ago I can’t really get my head around. I ca…[View]
23393085Is the Righteous Algorithm the source of ultimate power?[View]
23392435How do I realize the Atman?[View]
23392361#cutting4jeshua As believers we are called to be living sacrifices to the Most High Lord Jesus Chris…[View]
23393510Matrixism: Judaism should be called “Matrixism”, because that’s what it is: the collective Jewish co…[View]
23390785How many more generations until a Jew wakes up to the realization God is his real Father?[View]
23392024True? Creepy Pastas: My grandfather had been in WW2 and told us about when himself and a few other s…[View]
23393043the illuminati is a retarded sect that punishes people for past crimes and keeps them out. yes they …[View]
23393347This was in 1962[View]
23391826About to do shrooms for the first time. 2g of powdered shrooms in orange juice. I've done LSD a…[View]
23393238God is love. God is us. God is a protocol for our asencion as being. God is dog spelt backwards. Is …[View]
23393278Evil entities attracted to sewers: What kind of evil entities are drawn to modern sewer systems? I f…[View]
23389786y'know, God is kind of like Jigsaw.[View]
23389059So many people must have run or walked pass this. https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/13/google-maps-helps-s…[View]
23392816This guy DESERVES an exorcism! Him and his crew have so many demons attached to them when they go to…[View]
23392745>Everybody only lives for the time is wake up >If you sleep, you died >While sleeping, the…[View]
23391488Is it possible none of this is real. This reality, these feelings, this body, these people, these c…[View]
23389508Today is the Harvest Moon and it's on Friday the 13th the next time this happens is in 2049. An…[View]
23392889>God? https://youtu.be/B6p4enul8nM[View]
23389144Tarot thread: Tarot readings ITT, doing 3 card readings. All you have to do is have gratitude, or at…[View]
23391079What sayeth the psychics tonight?[View]
23392580>the dimension merge continues to progress What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
23391335Happy Friday, /x/ How about a spooky story thread?[View]
23386302: drop everything you’re doing and follow me : don’t even think about it just do it[View]
23391985weirdshit: some weird fag added me on steam and sent me an image and unfriended me what the fuck doe…[View]
23392143Necronomicon: Necronomicon: the book of dead names. This book is mentioned in some of H. P. Lovecraf…[View]
23392735Ascensionism: Scientology 2.0 or something more?: If Ascensionism believes harm comes to individuals…[View]
23391595Anyone know the name of this spirit/mythological creature? It has burnt/black skin and is a trickste…[View]
23384063What's the benefit of opening all the chakras? Any good tips while meditating and trying to ope…[View]
23392189Well that’s odd[View]
23391755Gnosticism: The Holy Spirit is God. Everything Else is a Lie[View]
23386601Who else here likes dark forests? I wander in them at night.[View]
23389368Brainfood: “Hell” is ok because G_D is allowed to create an exterior space where he doesn’t visit or…[View]
23392298So anyone seen anything weird around Gomeisa ~90 minutes ago? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_Can…[View]
23389116Existential thread: >Source is the original soul, split itself into many universes >Universes …[View]
23389060Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/p…[View]
23392149True legends conference: Any of you dudes at the branson conference going on right now?[View]
23391353Have you ever had a paranormal experience? I was already in a very bad place and then I made the thr…[View]
23391848Kanye Quest and Ascensionism: I don't know if this is the right board to put this on but I want…[View]
23389552Quantum death/suicide/jumping: Does anyone recall dying, or possibly just jumping from, another time…[View]
23390582Practically all records of my family on my father's side are destroyed pre-WWII. Is there a mag…[View]
23390739Anyone know a name that sounds like 'Ruby of Robgen'. May vary. Was a woman. 'Rubry of Robgren' som…[View]
23389428When did you realize we are in the midst of an alien invasion?[View]
23390309Help me practice witchcraft[View]
23391857This Voice: Hey x, there is a guy on youtube who makes x tier conspiracy content, he goes by secretk…[View]
23391740House of Leaves: Has anyone read this book, if so, how is it? What is it about? I’ve heard that it’s…[View]
23384563How does one get luckier?[View]
23390683Our alien overlords approach[View]
23387818How do i summon an incubus[View]
23389335How much do you think the glows paid Hiro to have real time access to the backend?[View]
23391317/x/ How do I summon a demon. No jokes, I need to seriously know how. I don't care about any d…[View]
23391606Who is Ashtar Sheran? I’m reading things about him. Is he an angel? What does he have to do with the…[View]
23391340ive sent away, for a set amount of time, the spirits within my head that keep me company, so they ca…[View]
23386892What are some serious books about the Age of Aquarius?[View]
23389027is it possible that the symble of the horned man is related to the two hemispheres of the brain? may…[View]
23391128This is why there is no god:: You want to know what's beyond life or above this world. You want…[View]
23390721Weird Encounter: I recently started university, and for the first time I'm on my own. My parent…[View]
23390752Why?: imagery like this is VERY prevalent in music, why? is it just to be edgy and cool or what?…[View]
23390575G-guys? Can someone explain this? Second video incoming[View]
23390383David Icke: He seems to be pretty accurate about most things he says. Personally, the reptilian thin…[View]
23391009Have anyone of you ever watched any of this videos: - Pissing Baby - Baby Burger - The Armin Meiwes…[View]
23389748Can you guess my identity? My name? My location? My first name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and I live in _ _ _ …[View]
23388984Holy shit /x/ i had an awful energetic experience earlier today while meditating, it was absolute he…[View]
23390508help: guys,if one reads tomino's hell out loud,is there a time limit or something for shit to h…[View]
23390223I hereby inject into the Akashic Record AnnaAI Counter Intelligence Tulpa: If see this learn from in…[View]
23385718/glo/ Glossolalia thread: Every message in this thread should be Glossolalia, from your unconscious,…[View]
23384943net.art obscurity chart[View]
23387944Just booked my trip out into the desert with Steven Greer. He is going to contact UFO's. AMA.[View]
23390678Studying A Cognitive Effect - Need Some Feedback: I've come across an interesting theory about …[View]
23388843Voodoo/Gangstalking: Screw explaining, instead lets get right to the questions... The global conscio…[View]
23390437Halloween thread. Spooky Girls, Pumpkins, kino pictures, plans: Well anons. What are your plans? Wha…[View]
23390292Unknown phone fotos: Look at dese, /x/. I found 'em on my phone even though i never took them. …[View]
23390580Since we’re all the same being, why even bother? Knowing that I experience the purest state of non-b…[View]
23389819Full moon is tonight: Redpill me on the magic of the moon. AWOOOOOOOOOO[View]
23388270Scientology General: Post any Scientology related material or discussion here. This is my first Gene…[View]
23389062How do I get into demon summoning or Goetia? Suggest some books I could read on the topic.[View]
23388638Slenderman: Now that Normies have abandoned him, can we reclaim him?[View]
23378925Astral projection thread: Alright, I have some questions as well as some experiences >taking nap…[View]
23389156How do you tell if a demon is real or just psychosis?[View]
23389121Weird sensations: /x/ Ive experienced these weird hypersensitive moments before where everything see…[View]
23387467Spiritual meaning behind being left or righthanded?: As we all know only a small percentage of the p…[View]
23390494Anti-Christ/Beast system: > 'Who, in their right mind, Kevin, could possibly deny the 20th centur…[View]
23388749Isso é real?: Me digam.[View]
23387526It's friday the 13th. Be safe everyone![View]
23386888Shadow People? Continued: Old thread reached bump limit: >>23343746 Not OP but want to discuss…[View]
23386611Hello, I am a “normal” 18-21 year old male like most of you guys. Not white though, I’m Paki, i live…[View]
23386312inb4ban: I made my first thread on this board about the 'nobody' asking if im the nobody. No I dont …[View]
23390409/x/ Films: What are some films/tv shows/anime etc. that made you question everything you know?` For …[View]
23389294Big Foot: It's one of the oldest cryptids, part of American folklore and possible human evoluti…[View]
23390229Recent episode of the ped-o files talked with a man that had an astral projection experience telling…[View]
23383229Conspiracy Time: post your favorite conspiracies current one I'm pondering: The World Power Eli…[View]
23389923Eratas/Erratas: Anybody know what happened to this, or Exer Erb on YouTube? I watched the re-upload …[View]
23390116How would i learn to remote view so i can see what inanimate objects see?[View]
23390105website: website https://bad-luck-enterprises.neocities.org/ https://bad-luck-enterprises.neocities.…[View]
23388686Is reality objective or subjective?: I'm unsure about this. I'd like to hear the two diffe…[View]
23388318Anyone here speak chinese that can translate this? I'm posting this here because it's from…[View]
23388955Happy Science cult: Redpill me on Ryuho Okawa and the Happy Science cult. I saw that there was branc…[View]
23390064i had a dream last night in which i saw my chakras in a mirror. have you guys ever seen you chakras …[View]
23387423Trump is a reptile: I thought reptilian people were meant to be cunning and intelligent? But this gu…[View]
23389916If we destroy the sun and the moon, time stops.[View]
23389998What did you say?: IM ON IT.[View]
23389977morse code: anyone can help translating morse code ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcDSYT0XuX4…[View]
23389348Pleasure God General - /PGG/: I recently came upon fascinating knowledge about gods and the like. It…[View]
23384057Jewish spies are on 4chan using scripts to change their post numbers into secret codes! It's li…[View]
23389799Yesterday my mother, father, and dog went for a walk in the woods around evening. We live in a small…[View]
23381148I'm going to Area 51 AMA: I don't think it's something to boast or be proud of but I…[View]
23389037should I try to summon demons?[View]
23389674Books on gnosticims?[View]
23386734My name cannot be given for the safety of my family, so you can refer to me as 'Ex', seems…[View]
23379760/OMG/ - Occult and Magic Général: >Library https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ …[View]
23389551What're your scary McDonald's stories, /x/?[View]
23388252Bill Paxton was the nobody, and he died. Any chance we had at being redeemed died with him. The only…[View]
23389375Does anybody know where the Axe of Lightning is located? Nearly sure that Excalibur has been found a…[View]
23383165Doing dream interpretation Part 188 on /x/: What I need from you: >Age >Gender >Feeling d…[View]
23388573Haunted by Lilith (or succubus like entity): So where do I start, I've been haunted in my dream…[View]
23386838Sleep Paralysis: So I've had sleep paralysis 3-4 times in my life. The first being the full thi…[View]
23389317I work in the healthcare (Physical Therapist) and I had some weird sensations in different critical …[View]
23389279Gnosticism is a bait!: It is nothing but pananism with new trademark, it will never give any answers…[View]
23388288I have solid proof that shes a mkultra sex slave being kept hidden to protect what she know about th…[View]
23387499Satan Is the True God: It beggars my belief that millions of 'believers' claim that god is…[View]
23385438What happens when 'new age of Aquarius' arrives?: A lot of talk about 'new age coming, age…[View]
23388647What's the sauce on this alleged chupacabra picture? It used to terrify me when I was younger.[View]
23383458a creature appears in front of you, it tells you that it can grant you 1 wish but it can be ANY wish…[View]
23388308raptors: when the reptiles white light into our spinal cords sexual what they really mean is 'abomin…[View]
23389233What the hell happened to us?: threads use to be spooky and dark but now is all about 'how can i bec…[View]
23389034what does /x thinks of my photo.[View]
23388107>come to this board after years of avoiding it because I thought it was a sump for schizos >ma…[View]
23386975What are the coolest cryptids, monsters, demons, spirits, or anything supernatural or otherworldly? …[View]
23383372How is religion a bad thing? Even if it's a lie it still makes people more ethical, moral, and …[View]
23389265>gd (god/The Ultimate) as an entity is untranslatable, but we know that it exists and that it is …[View]
233792819/11: In honor of the thousands of lives that were lost as well as their relatives and friends. The …[View]
23380536Coast to Coast AM: Do you guys listen to Coast to Coast? I like his paranormal and extraterrestrial …[View]
23386640Global Consciousness Project: >THE GCP DOT IS OFF THE CHARTS THIS IS NOT A DRILL http://www.globa…[View]
23383656This is a picture of heaven. Some months ago, a group of scientists at my division silently conducte…[View]
23381560How to get started with magic: >magic isn't real >prove to me magic is real >I'm …[View]
23389118Show no fear. See only Truth.: Two things you guys need to know. One. Donald Trump is fixing our cor…[View]
23387458Jesus Was Gay: There was no concept of sexual orientation, but there was a concept of gender. So, in…[View]
23386332https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PDW9Lqj8hmc Hate, despair and all kind of negative feelings and though…[View]
23389106What if everything we've seen of mars is a holographic projection. What if there are actually h…[View]
233875895G is used to influence humans by sending out stimulating frequencies shifts that will disturb your …[View]
23384784Does anyone know of any foolproof and reliable ways of getting rid of a Tulpa, Boomhauer to be speci…[View]
23388480the true story of the dead body i saw when i was a child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNlSBFibHG…[View]
23383214Can psychic abilities fuck with 5G?: A Nobody thread[View]
23388991The Sky: What are some paranormal things you've seen in the sky? I saw a cloud that appeared to…[View]
23385715Is Dante’s Divine Comedy non fiction?[View]
23381609This got immiditley shut down: Intorducing: Humans against Extraterrestrial control: H.A.E.C We are …[View]
23388494Atheist: ITT I play the role of pic related 'That Guy' Tell me anything about God, Heaven or Hell an…[View]
23385521I'm pretty sure I am the anomaly. >things that happened to me in my past are in all movies …[View]
23388659Let’s make up cartoon/shows that would be in alternate realities or timelines from ours. Don’t be af…[View]
23386644post real pic of alien[View]
23373883Can psychedelics reveal the true nature of reality? LSD seems like a joke, DMT and psilocybin is wha…[View]
23388817Storm Area 51 is one week away. Are you ready?[View]
23383200Why the fuck did they go down that road? Why the fuck did they get out of the car? What the fuck hap…[View]
23387376just crypt: crypto 112101029 show me[View]
23385955So, I have hidden cameras. (In my OWN room.) I record individuals that enter and exit from time to t…[View]
23388706Tips and Advice: Me and two of my friends are going to visit a hollar I used to live down tonight. W…[View]
23387856The sweet lie or the salty truth This is the question of the year, what is better, the victory that …[View]
23388667Friday the 13th is here and I'm in the mood for some horror movie. What do you recommend right …[View]
23383833What are your ritual songs X?: What are, or is, your ritual song /x/ers? For when you are conducting…[View]
23388160Do you ever read emotions in messages that are otherwise not there? What about the personalities of …[View]
23387029What happens after death/Is there proof of an afterlife?[View]
23386583i have a theory that 4chan isn't actually real. proof in that whenever i enter a thread no matt…[View]
23381080alien ai?: this is a follow-up thread to the one on /pol/ recap who those that don't know: >…[View]
23387771Hi Walter: I get that this video was fake, but why did the guy in the video not bother to put up any…[View]
23386914mandela effect thread: I could have fucking sworn it was just 'Don't Mess with the Zohan'.…[View]
23388449Introduction : An End to Philosophical Strain?: Please enjoy the first of many daily writings on the…[View]
23388283People I respect and care about think I am defective. What kind of spells do I use to stop being me?[View]
23388064What happens if you are the cursed blood line? Always sacrificed for the benefit of wife cheating tr…[View]
23386713If you post threads about summoning demons, astrology, conspiracies you make about yourself or any o…[View]
233878009th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation, Prophecy fullfilling as we speak: With every prophecy, my bo…[View]
23388332>it's Friday the 13th[View]
23383147Jesus never walked on water.[View]
23385348It’s a simple spell, just a few words. Triple electric voodoo Here it comes, That energy again Yes …[View]
23387951Why does every time I expect or imagine something happening this thing almost automatically doesn…[View]
23385131I like this sub, but most of yall is fuckin liars.[View]
23382040Would ghosts' eyes really shine in the dark like this on camera if they were real?[View]
23380314New Age: Is New Age really Satanic?[View]
23387838Subtle Energy Sciences just came out with the Metatron's Cube and Biophotons mandalas[View]
23387137Is it me, or is Spider Dance uniquely sad? As if Undertale in 2015 was heralding the end of some sor…[View]
23377673/Nightmares/: Nightmares thread Why the fuck do I dream being tortured or abused so fucking open? 3-…[View]
23382799Mitochondria and Qi theory: Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell... So mitochondria create (y…[View]
23386518Gnosis - Near Death Experiences: One of the purest forms of self-knowledge is the overwhelming fear …[View]
233841864chan banner Mandela Effect: She no longer has purple hair and the text 'Every day until you like it…[View]
23387470How to Join Dogs of Anarchy cult from Sweden?[View]
23386015661: Can we?[View]
23387740Years I ago I remember watching a video with a scary otherworldly buzzing noise with flowers in the …[View]
23386378You guys... I spoke with the deity Yahweh again today. I asked him about his feelings of the LGBT co…[View]
23386648opened third eye and can't shut it, ask me anything: I had this thread last night/very early th…[View]
23387233UFO disclosure coming soon.: https://discord.gg/t7yuEbS Provided by ya boi Robotron. tl;dr i am a uf…[View]
23365915How deep down the rabbit hole are you?[View]
23386960Am I crazy, /x/? Asked a poster on /x/. https://youtu.be/iMLouFAMkDk[View]
23386891When will World War 3 start?: When does /x/ think WW3 will start?[View]
23387388What’s an /x/ approved way of becoming filthy rich? Selling your soul? Affirmations and visualizatio…[View]
23387390Is this it?: Is this where we stand the test of time? Here on this little platform, taking up each o…[View]
23385097Light being in dream: Hi /x/ I don't know where else to go for this so I came here. I have drea…[View]
23387383Daniel Johnston, the indie musician who recently died, had a lot more going on than many people real…[View]
23383827Divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/p…[View]
23386852NDEs: Y'all have any near death/after death experiences?[View]
23387274If Jesus was aware of the Kabbalah precedents and whatnot then why doesn't Christianity teach t…[View]
23386834I had a glimpse of what looked like a FBI van or a police van in the center image while solving the …[View]
23387208help interpret this: natal looks creepy XX[View]
23381764Match the UFO with the ayyylmao race/beings that control them[View]
23386645HQ pix & vidz: Post ‘em.[View]
23384106strange sounds from the sky: these strange screeching trumpet-like noizes from the sky have been hap…[View]
23385807Tv on the radio - On a train[View]
23386584Hello, someone good in astro can say me if this looks good ? My life's rly hard[View]
23380520Hi /x/, any recommendations on a way to get into Kabbalah, any nice book for beginners?? I have a bu…[View]
23383608Retardation: One week til storming of Area 51. Think anyone remembers this shit?[View]
23386942The truth is something we do not want to know: I just can't help but think that existence is mo…[View]
23384072https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8XIR3OwKKo what ever you think about the source, its kind of sca…[View]
23385559What to do,: So long story short, I work at a resort. It's has a close resemblance of the one f…[View]
23384607I am in direct contact with aliens, and they have informed me that they are going to be playing a ta…[View]
23386921Come join the most autistic and retarded Occult and Mysticism-based community on all of Discord! Com…[View]
23384442Werewolf General: What happened to Mono and the others?[View]
23383455How can I tell if I'm cursed?[View]
23386708Who were you in a past life /x/?[View]
23386402If evil exists, what is evil in the dictionary? This is a philosophical question that turns into a m…[View]
23382289Tarot Readings: Hello! I'm brushing up on my skills here. I'll perform a few readings for …[View]
23386702ok so what creepy youtube videos fucked you guys up the most?[View]
23386011I spy: Anyone else utilize the 'glare'?[View]
23386815The M Cave: Did the cave ever exist? are (((they))) covering it up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
23386080Is the collective unconcious real?[View]
23386098Happy Friday The 13th[View]
23386739Nemesis Mirror: I'm about to perform a ritual to create a Nemesis using a mirror. The goal is t…[View]
23385850Just saw a ghost: Ama[View]
23385621We are still searching for Frisky. Please lend us all, especially Frisky, your strength and support …[View]
23378300They ruined my pineal gland[View]
23343746Shadow people?: Does anybody have any experience with “shadow people” or is it just a meme? When I w…[View]
23386505they fucked him up. they fucked me up. they twisted our minds and warped our souls. they used us as …[View]
23384787Eternal Recurrence: >>23384579 I dunno if the OP deleted their own thread or a janny deleted i…[View]
23382250Syanna - Member of the YahYel civilization: Initially I thought she was YahYel, but when I started w…[View]
23386385What is this creature?: Saw this in a vision. The fangs were long, the skin was red. Only saw the fa…[View]
23385283i think it's the trucking large hadron collider. think about it, whenever shit goes tits-up, th…[View]
23386353I wish I could become a bird and fly away, never to see my old life again Then when I am bird, I rep…[View]
23385537Very strange nobody hasnt gone over the amazon fire in brazil and recorded to the media the impact. …[View]
23386280Anyone else a monarch and have a bugs Bunny-esque alter?[View]
23385674Is there any redpill that I need to know about the Mormons? Their temples have a quite peculiar aest…[View]
23385980Anyone else hearing that music? And that high pitched whirring noise? What the hell is happening.[View]
23384232Time's Truth Root: Accept that you will meet my physical vessel one day, and on that day I…[View]
23382548How do i sell my soul to the fucking devil?[View]
23385603Ever seen a black projects aircraft, /x/?[View]
23385798I want to read John Keels book, operation trojan horse, but I just read the blurb and I am now too s…[View]
23383997how do we stop meme magic from getting into the (((wrong))) hands? you know who im talking about.[View]
23385474Aquarian New Age of Love and Light: >yfw /x/ is actually the New Age board…[View]
23377667JESUS PILL: Have you taken the Jesus pill yet, mateys? it's a holy pill to swallow! The Jesus p…[View]
23385196So whats up with these people? I live in 3rd world hellhole and even we are inundated with unicorn s…[View]
23385787Responsibility - Jobs - weight - Salvation?: WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE AT THE AGE OF REASON TO SAVE OUR…[View]
23383805OK so what exactly does one do with crystals and gemstones apart from making jewelry?[View]
23385874Who’s going to Salem?: I’ll be there. Any rituals going on? Summonings? Any other anons in the area …[View]
23379172The feet program? (Pedo, mk8 ultra)?: /tv post 'Why has the sole shot become more and more common ov…[View]
23385105Religion: I am interested in joining a religion/philosophy along the lines of wicca and satanism. Ho…[View]
23382622/fr/ - Fil pour parler de paranormal entre francophones Édition du gros érudit[View]
23384786Aight cunts help: right i dont know shit about the occult cause i dont wanna fuck with it more than …[View]
23384383Mole people: Are they real? Have you ever encountered ones? Is there any evidence? How do we best de…[View]
23385711I worship Elizabeth Bathory as an avatar of Lilith, AMA: You might wonder why you would want to do t…[View]
23383387Dimensional jumping: I'm looking for information on dimensional jumping/travel, does anyone hav…[View]
23385511Full moon in pieces this Friday 13th: Anyone doing any rituals or planetary magic or intent magic,et…[View]
23384323(((Those))) conspiracy theories need to be banned from /x/.[View]
23384870>it’s another Friday the 13th episode So what bad is gonna happen to you as an individual or in g…[View]
23385426Where is Faun Goddess?[View]
23384381>had a strange fever dream once >was laying in a dark east asian/feudal looking room >a wom…[View]
23385589Long Essay on Go(o)d and Evil.: The moment God Cast out a piece of himself see, he was no longer WHO…[View]
23384200A Lingering Evil Within: So, lately, for some reason, I have felt something extremely sinister has t…[View]
23384656Why did we let them do this to us /x/?[View]
23385494anyone know any cool spots in LA to do some “urban exploring”? i’ve already done most of the normie …[View]
23383682Looking for a green text that happened earlier this year, in April or May time frame. The general sy…[View]
23379532Are there any pictures or video of continents beyond the ones presented to us?: There's obvious…[View]
23382202The backrooms: If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you…[View]
23372237What's the weirdest /x/ related thing you believe?: Or at least you believe might be true. I…[View]
23375376No bullshit. How close is this movie to the truth?[View]
23383634This place, earth, has drown in sin and degeneracy, only way to change something for the better, is …[View]
23384858In real life, the super saiyan is forever or i need to put it on every time? thx little souls :)[View]
2338433512D Shield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhuLXYLhz-c[View]
23384926Psychological Energy: What's this about people stealing psychological energy and should we be c…[View]
23384743Weird moving lights in the sky: I live in a suburban area where light pollution is very reduced comp…[View]
23383776ITT: Times you have been red pilled by psych’s/non-human entities/your unconscious: Nothing too spec…[View]
23383365Aaron Hedges in the Crazy Mountains: This was the Missing 411: The Hunted case that stuck with my th…[View]
23384636Is Sex Magic Legit?: Does the Universe actually mold itself based upon your intentions at the moment…[View]
23385074Why does the strength card represent Leo?: if the Leo sign is ruled by the sun, why isn't the s…[View]
23384782Can I get some information on these? Seems like an entity has been following someone I just met for …[View]
23382772If As Above So Below is true, we can still be predated spiritually as an animal is predated naturall…[View]
23384813cryptid general: So /x/, what cryptids or ancient monsters do you think were likely to have existed …[View]
23360134Write first what come in mind!: So, lets check our collective unconscious?[View]
23379958Why is New Age spirituality bashed?[View]
233850032^6 = 64 = ga·do·lin·ium Revelation 6:4: And there went out another horse that was red: and power wa…[View]
23383677Why are the Jews kidnapping people for human experimentation and then releasing books and other medi…[View]
23384196Do you do yoga?: What benefits have you found from it? What are your favourite poses? What's th…[View]
23384677Link dumps: Do you guys know of any websites similar to whale.to or just sites that have dumps of re…[View]
23385027> Annoying bitch in science is in my group >Making city plans or something >Rubbing these B…[View]
23384879im an actual skeleton, ama.[View]
23383669There’s nothing more Hellish than feeling than feeling as if you are living in someone else’s univer…[View]
23384328What are /x/'s thoughts on ARGs?[View]
23383084Can’t appreciate what it’s like to be omnipotent until you’ve fully experienced what it’s like to no…[View]
23383782Any consequence to reading The Necronomicon?[View]
23365468DeathTube™: Sometimes I used to fantasize about being a non-corporeal spirit. That's just a fan…[View]
23380517Metta: I will pray for anyone who posts in this thread and for anyone else they ask me to.[View]
23383720ANUNNAKI - Mensageiros do Vento: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBkdLzya3B4[View]
23384626I had a dream last night where I seen my gf dead grandma. She was peaking at me through the crack of…[View]
23382624Help me /x/ i want to see ghosts i tried everything, occult sessions, ouija, invocation, bloody mary…[View]
23383029It all makes sense: 9/11, illuminati, Alex Jones, the Mandela effect , meme magic, and the Nostrada…[View]
23380601Prove to me that magic is real, /x/. Back in the day I used to challenge so-called 'witches…[View]
23375890Post MK Ultra trigger[View]
23384586we are NOT alone[View]
23382951Alright /x/ time for some real. OC captured by yours truly OP. Over the past couple of days, ever…[View]
23384494I've been reading about lucid dreaming for about a year now, and I want to try it, see if it wo…[View]
23383531Our rabbis all in unison: “We are God’s protectors. No one homes to the Father but by us.”[View]
23383517Uranus in 8th house - doomed to an unusual death?: Is it true? Slightly concerned. Anyone able to re…[View]
23382691the garden of eden is in my backyard[View]
23384489Luck: My birthday is tomorrow, Friday the 13th, what should I expect in terms of luck?[View]
23383774i thought this was an exclusiv /x/ meme? why are shills using this SCHIZO meme?[View]
23382663One thing I only know only know, one thing I only know.: One thing I only know only know, one thing …[View]
23383734Strange experience: >be me >18 yrs old at the time > Schools just ended, several friends an…[View]
23383218Meditation: So, /x/, do you meditate? Does meditation actually work for achieving peace of mind, and…[View]
23382931Salvia will show you reality. We are but a paradox.: Can you recall this ancient feeling? The collec…[View]
23384198I pray for God, that He may one day see the Light.[View]
23382262The Classics.: I miss these days of new horror, creepypastas.When our parents were kids, their horro…[View]
233841601. Dreaming 2. Destruction 3. Reconstruction 4. Self knowledge 5. Doubt 6. Belief 7. Love Where ar…[View]
23383742So... The Cervine birth tape is real?[View]
23384084Lost Media Discussion: Which pieces of lost media have you discovered recently, or are most intent o…[View]
23383956explain Jesus to me[View]
23383832redpill: the cryptid known as bigfoot was in fact the result of a jewish attempt to splice jewish DN…[View]
23383820What are the scariest urban legends you know: In my option Melon heads are pretty freaky[View]
23383190Black Eyed Kids: What are they, /x/?[View]
23382727>be 6000 years ago >ancestor of men still roaming around like a baboon >all of a sudden hum…[View]
23383760Celestial cunny: Besides succubi, what else can I fuck?[View]
23382203Desires of the Ego: You know yourself as no one else possibly can. The 'I' that is you, the self you…[View]
23383646Party is still happening. We didn't forget! The estate's back garden will be decorated for…[View]
23381858The snake symbol often seen in ancient civilizations is just a metaphor for the culture of succumbin…[View]
23380867Now: Everyone can sleep peaceful[View]
23381563Is it just me or is slender man still a super interesting, fascinating and scary concept?[View]
23383462What if the world we inhabit is a psychological projection? What if our reality is an externalisatio…[View]
23380480how much would you expect as evidence of a paranormal claim before you believed it or were even inte…[View]
23383379The entire point of all spirituality is to love God, and not just to love God but to be EXCITED abou…[View]
23383235Deep State Mapping Project: Can someone give me a quick rundown of the DSMP? New to /x/ sorry pic un…[View]
23382885True spirituality is a thing of joy and of the earth, and has nothing to do with fake adult dignity.…[View]
23383360Any of you read this book by Tom Delonge?[View]
23379458Would anyone on /x/ like to practise ESP? I want a partner in these endeavours.[View]
23370560Has anyone here actually encountered the paranormal in real life?[View]
23378709This is the face 'god' makes when you see through his deception, and start laughing at his insecurit…[View]
23379545have you ever seen or met someone truly strange?[View]
23381900Friday 13th: >on a full moon. MY LUCKY DAY!!![View]
23381666Knowledge of sanskrit is absolutey necessary for unlocking the secrets of the universe. Discussing a…[View]
23383065A Leprechaun: In a shady nook one moonlit night, A leprechaun I spied In scarlet coat and cap of gre…[View]
23383014Friday 13th: Why is it consideres unkucky?[View]
23381966Who really killed him, bros? He was too perfect for this world ;_;[View]
23382798Can someone help me, my head is on fire, the bugs trying to suck. My energy my head is exploding, ma…[View]
23381112Who stayed awake all 9/11 to prevent unwanted timeline shifts? Just wanna say thank you and grats ev…[View]
23382976The more you know the more you get locked out/up[View]
23382999How can Mark Rippetoe ever compete against such a high level musclemancer?[View]
23376387666: What is the meaning of this number?[View]
23378380/div/-Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
23381595Dion Fortune: What do you think and know about her?[View]
23382575Divine Meme: Very cool homebrewed god posts. But there are other gods and goddess in the multiple s…[View]
23381829how do we break out of the simulation?[View]
23382813Hey /x/, I made the greenpill videos on youtube after all that shit first popped off here and since …[View]
23382129What are you anons doing tomorrow? Friday 13th on a full moon night is a pretty rare occurrence, it…[View]
23380597Spoon feed me on how to summon a succubus.[View]
23382650With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit The first trumpet was blown 9th January,…[View]
23361530unsurprisingly when i looked up the 'artist' who did the j law sex magick tapes they have a video st…[View]
23379283People used to live longer and happier lives. They lived up to 1000 years, had slaves and concubines…[View]
23382736I had this dream where my dad and I were in a car approaching this blood red church. There was a win…[View]
23381396Red-Pill me on Sufism: Who are they? Are they really like a 'good' Illuminati? According to Idries S…[View]
23382551MKUltra Discord Server: New MKUltra discord, the previous one was shut down when they got to the own…[View]
23380194Which religions are the most /x/-tier? Just off the top of my head, the two best candidates are Hind…[View]
23371271How do you guys remember 9/11?: What were you doing when this happened? How did you feel? Put as muc…[View]
23381738Semi/psuedo/schizo/psychic General: I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight.[View]
23380028Genuinely scary content: Is there any honest to god scary content on youtube, vimeo, bitchute, etc? …[View]
23377739Help Me.: Hey /x/ I took a lot of time away from here to spend time with my family and in my day to …[View]
23371214>when you realize magic doesn't exist and the world you live in is really just a boring, lif…[View]
23382219Get me out of this trash can, life is a crime! The creature who put us here should receive a constan…[View]
23382091bengafuel (totally not a shill, bros) thread: the interdimensional reptilian shapeshifting mantids a…[View]
23379470Cursed images[View]
23381415616: >Revelation 13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name…[View]
23382142opened third eye and can't shut it, ask me anything: fire away, anything you want to know about…[View]
23382431Kryon - The New Lightworker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfs57qrXPUE[View]
23377609Try saying 'ga' out loud and see if something happens. Maybe an electric flash?[View]
233746629/11 an occult ritual to symbolize destruction of...: ....male and female. Never forget hurr durr ne…[View]
23376211How do you get an abundance mindset for manifesting?: When I think of getting good things my heart s…[View]
23369511Nobody likes me. Any paranormal solutions? Spells and such?[View]
23377821lucifer, ra, and yahweh: do you guys know of any other social memory complexes ?[View]
23382348The Grifter.[View]
23379816Creepiest Channel On Youtube.: Channel has HANDS DOWN the scariest channel on YouTube. Proof of the …[View]
23377408I have seen the otherside the paranormal is real you have on idea. None of you. You just don't …[View]
23379081Anyone else feel like they're dealing with a hivemind/being gangstalked?: Here is my story /x/.…[View]
23355677Post more like these[View]
233801462030: What will the world be like in a little over 10-years? Will things be better, worse, significa…[View]
23381137How many of you schizos have simply imagined a thread on here? How do you know this post is real?[View]
23378613ATLANTIS: let me in please[View]
23380178If you are reading this, denizen of /x/, you are being gangstalked. I am an entity that forms the de…[View]
23382045Transcendence: Can one psychotropically enhance their pineal frequencies to reach a transcendental r…[View]
23380727what's your method for esp? i suck at it but i still think i understand it though even so[View]
23381041TTSA and Tom Delonge are working on back-engineering a UFO and making the device public. https://www…[View]
23380666General rules when making contact with spirits/supernatural?: Im planning on going ghost hunting, li…[View]
23377686Daniel Johnston was a victim of MK-Ultra. Rest easy Daniel. He died of a heart attack yesterday. htt…[View]
23374135Are we living in a simulation? Why does the earth have a pattern to it?[View]
23381844Folder Dump: Will dump my folder of 'happenings' or conspiracy-related shit, if anyone's intere…[View]
23380097The Pig is Hateful to Horus: Horus is getting sick of listening to my whining and insecurities. He i…[View]
23359417The Nobody is alone.: The Nobody witnesses paranormal events everyday, and no explanation as to why.…[View]
23370108Tattooing Sigils and Runes: What are the pros and cons of tattooing a rune or sigil on your body? Co…[View]
23374797I’m having a crisis. Help.: I feel like I’ve exposed myself to too much information in a short time.…[View]
23380790Area 51 Raid: Are we still raidin it boys? They made a gay festival out of a potential giant drum ci…[View]
23377088Empaths: other ppls '911 sadness'?: Any empaths on /x/ or from other boards noticing this serious cr…[View]
23381728Something is wrong, they're taking people away they're erasing them. The malevolent energy…[View]
23373909Hell Thread: Why does Hell exist? What's the purpose or reasoning behind it? Eternal punishment…[View]
23381455how do i get an otherworldly being to give me fearsome powers over causality?[View]
23381503What is this hologram-part?: Can somebody explain, please. That's a decent time loop (I guess?…[View]
23381066UFOs sighted today in Brazil Pagode and BBQ in the background video link: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
23379246Chairs moving on their own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AtLWeyco0I For those who don't und…[View]
23380436Hi /x/, any recommendations on a way to get into Kabbalah, any nice book for beginners?? I have a bu…[View]
23381531Need diety help please. I want to summon someone to my room helo me bring her here[View]
23375389Hey /x/ havent been here in a while. Question: what the fuck is this 'nobody' everyone keeps going o…[View]
23381258What was the smallest reason you consciousness shifted to another timeline?: We once got caught in a…[View]
23379167The Nobody: leader or conduit: Many do not grasp the nature of the Nobody bc they have an ill begott…[View]
23379468Seven fires prophecy: https://native-americans.com/seven-fires-prophecy-of-the-anishinabe-ojibwa-oji…[View]
23381450Meditation: Do you meditate /x/? What have you seen?[View]
23381322shadow creatures: has anyone noticed the creepy shadow creatures that follow people around? i have a…[View]
23379869Saturn’s curse on the world, continued through its main religions, has been broken. We are bringing…[View]
23380721>9/11 was an inside j... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bojinka_plot…[View]
23381232Computational Suicide: If there's a sequence of words and utterances that is guaranteed to get …[View]
23381363Cats: They're linked to the god of the dead, and the undead fear them.[View]
23375146Chaos Calculus, Universal Evolution, and The Memetic Singularity: The subject of universal evolution…[View]
23380898Thank you, great one.[View]
23377724Kubrick 'secret cult' consptards BTFOed: 1. In the movie the mask was black and gold, and …[View]
23380413The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms: https://ia803003.us.archive.org/15/items/TheAdamA…[View]
23381208Occult Community: Over at Xyzygy (https://discord.gg/YwDBrHX), we're looking to find new member…[View]
23380753/x/file /mu/sic: Lets share some music that has /x/ themes or lyrics. I'll start Lemon Demon -…[View]
23373706Why Is Nature Violent: Why are things the way they are? Why is nature so full of animals killing eac…[View]
23379654Hi /x/ My philosopher teacher is a massive troll so I thought I'd troll him back a little bit. …[View]
23379275Professor claims there is no such thing as races: https://youtu.be/X-IHsV6YoZM[View]
23373900Hey, NTG. I don't know if you are still here, but I am sorry for what happened. I was delusiona…[View]
23380368are ayy lmaos real? and if so do you think us humans already got in contact with them?[View]
23380789its all bullshit isnt it[View]
23380835How do i communicate with the demon fleruty?[View]
23379645Has anyone here ever experienced sleep paralysis? I have had it occur more and more frequently. To t…[View]
23380285are there any card carrying members of the church of satan on /x]?[View]
23380812Red pill me on ghost hunting equipment /x/ Every youtuber ghost hunter uses them, i always try to un…[View]
23380785Alceste Esseintes: ceste Esseintes Anonymous 09/11/19(Wed)11:47:34 No.13797953 Archived▶>>1379…[View]
23380655So I started practicing remote viewing and asked a friend to draw a picture. I describe what I thoug…[View]
23377562Hidden in plain sight..[View]
23380711How do I go back in time?[View]
23373500The next false flag has been prepared since the 1960's, and it's slowly being rolled out n…[View]
23374713GCP dot has been down for awhile... What are they hiding from us?[View]
23378835Golf rumors discussion.[View]
23379058What exactly is Dragon Energy? Trump & Kanye talked about it, and it was tossed into the abyss. …[View]
23379157Occult Sigil for Modern Weapons and Body Armor: I want to put an occult protection sigil on my body …[View]
23360026Annunaki contact.: I have been trying to contact the Annunaki for 2 years now, using various methods…[View]
23380124Gematria check thread. Let’s see what’s what!: Step 1 - make a post on any subject Step 2 - check l…[View]
23380153Set/Sutekh: Kills Fascists[View]
23380357Is there any connection between owl worship and alien abductees claiming to see large owl memory scr…[View]
23379811when did you realize that you are the creator of your life? sure, you didn't choose what you we…[View]
23379608advicepigeon.oknowthisisepic.net: this site is creepy.. it gives perfect advice, like it knows exact…[View]
23376113Our new homeworld will soon be announced[View]
23380098Could /x/ prove something paranormal?: now, with this board. Some anon or a group of anons could use…[View]
23380221im looking for some old books: Hey /x/ long while ago there was a dropbox/mega of a ton of books. i …[View]
23325373Succubus General 18: Let's not die again edition Previous thread: https://archived.moe/x/thread…[View]
23364093Deep sea thread[View]
23366522Astrology thread Also red pill me on Gemini. Are we really 2 dudes in 1 body? Wtf lmao[View]
23380149Lost Media: Discussion of all things lost media. NSFW/NSFL content is permitted.[View]
23368843How do you lengthen astral projections/lucid dreams? They're always so brief[View]

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