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22410011Red pill me on the Pope. What’s that dude’s deal?[View]
22411336Jedi Council: Woah these threads dissapear so quickly >>22407747 >>22407886 Yoda is sagi…[View]
22402667I love Jesus <3[View]
22408087drugs: What is the weirdest or creepiest drug trip you've ever had?[View]
22409227Looking for some cultist songs and the like. Any melodies that have some paranormal attachments? I w…[View]
22406915I found an elf: I am from Costa Rica, I have never believed in paranormal shit but a few days ago I …[View]
22409108What are some wicca/magick rituals and lore that have to do with lakes? I see them as a place for de…[View]
22400967Alex jones is an entertainer. None of his shit he claims is true. He only makes money because he has…[View]
22411075Well, Nothing can be done now. Can't you feel it ? we are doomed, everyone that needed to be sa…[View]
22405310Dream, synchronicity and manifestation.: People and things that I see in dreams keep occurring the d…[View]
22408908Oh God I ducked up badly She'll never see me again and I wont see her again Aaahhhhhhhhhh[View]
22410469are curses and shit real? is there any way that i could possibly curse my abusive rapist ex boyfrien…[View]
22410139Doesn't the wreck of the Bismarck look a little large? What is down there really? 48°9'43'…[View]
22411166There is any trascendenty? Nirvana? Heaven? Siddha-Shila?[View]
22410107Multiple timelines theory. Let's say there is a nexus where there is a choice, to make a major …[View]
22406391this image, proves reality is subjective .[View]
22410916Just had a VIVD fucking dream, that China was devastated by several nuclear explosions. It seemed so…[View]
22411049Some times I feel like I remember the life before this one. I feel like this life is my incarceratio…[View]
22410013Three days ago, an Australian priest killed himself after someone confronted him about sexual assaul…[View]
22410700The military complex uses your urea for gun powder.: I want to bring all of your attention to the ho…[View]
22410456you are just mentally ill: when are you guys going to search for psiquiatric help? like, seriously, …[View]
22410382Why do people bleed from their ears and nose after meeting with the Secret Chiefs?[View]
22408158Fluoride in the water destroys your brain: it also causes autism, and birth defects. It is an unnatu…[View]
22410371Perhaps I am not meant to be with the normies: The gods are with me. They see me as theirs. I do not…[View]
22404743Why are a disproportionate amount of serial killers born in November?[View]
22407677Is borderline personality disorder demonic possession?: Seems like it[View]
22401337akinator A.I has learned to read our minds: anyone else thinks it gives some eerily accurate results…[View]
22410308i live[View]
22390703So for anyone who didn't see it yet, it turns out Yolandi and Ninja did actually use Zheani in …[View]
22410546Creepy and bizzare greentexts thread.[View]
22405040sup /x/: why do they use the lottery to screen for time travelers?[View]
224106229th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit T…[View]
22406559Look at me: 01000100 01101111 00100000 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01100001 0110111…[View]
22409065All of you are talking about normal paranormal shiet, so i want to share a bit of something that i f…[View]
22410411What happens after you ascend to the heavens instead of reincarnating? Just party forever or what? A…[View]
22410197Isn’t it weird that almost all of the humans in world experiencing the same sleep paralysis with tha…[View]
22408690Anyone remember something about this substitute teacher bringing in this video game/interface called…[View]
22410376explain tulpas and how to make them to me plz. all the things ive read on the google dont explain it…[View]
22410330my hallway got longer last night i think. i kept dreaming about the house shifting. the windows move…[View]
22410279Why are the demons mean?: I just want them to leave me alone.[View]
22407791prove paranormal shit is real to me /x/ im willing to summon anything you want me to (but no one can…[View]
22408995Repost: Astral Projection Experience Dark Entities: About a week ago, I decided to try to astral pro…[View]
22407983Sighting behind my house: Ok so I need advice, asap, I think theres a banshee behind my house, in th…[View]
22408991Eternal emptiness static. It was said and it was done. Fields of creation galactic. All but a thoug…[View]
22409709Guys it's changing again[View]
22409026Could the Earth be conscious? I think that naturally occurring psychedelics/drugs could be the way E…[View]
22410080/x/ I need your help. I managed to summon a cat God, but now I'm possessed. They're trying…[View]
22409218Can anyone tell me about the tonsil removal conspiracy? It goes something like, tonsils give us magi…[View]
22409610What books where removed from the Bible? What secrets does the Vatican have?[View]
22408581>AS ABOVE SO BELOW Right? So I just want to take you on a journey with me. Imagine a planet out …[View]
22410027Esp'ing: Lately I've been feeling the 'Veil thinning' I get weird feelings, something lik…[View]
22401605Wet Dreams is just your guardian angel jerking you off[View]
22409367Go to sleep. Because goblins appear during these hours.[View]
22408296Help me please. I'm looking for a story about a boy whose grandpa tells him that when it storms…[View]
22408409What's Going To Happen When?: People realize that we collectively keep recycling the same ideas…[View]
22408048Disclosure is coming in 2047 Evidence? 1897 - Aurora Crash 1947 - Roswell 1997 - Phoenix Lights 2047…[View]
22408000Another First Contact Update March 25, 2019 It was an interesting day today. I got lots of ideas at …[View]
22406283Deal with the Devil: Hi /x/ Does anyone here know how to enter a Robert Johnson/Tommy Johnson-esque …[View]
22407059When Tengu Talk: Hirata Atsutane's Ethnography of the Other World: Here you go, I missed the th…[View]
22405902Tell me about the AI-pocolypse, Is it another hoo-ha game of twists and turns, or are you all seriou…[View]
22406616here we go[View]
22410067Why doesn't anything interesting ever happen?[View]
22409983Guys need help fast!: I'm a ghost and I think I'm being evicted! The people I'm scari…[View]
22409664I believe humanity, as a whole, is on a bad schedule. I think we could resolve everything if we liv…[View]
22408975What's the conspiracy you want to be true the most? My vote goes to Lemuria and all that spirit…[View]
22406530Shrooms on Mars: So who’s ready to try the new Martian mushrooms?[View]
22407615They're gonna get me please bring sunglasses[View]
22407358What's the first thing you will do as a ghost /x/?[View]
22404970What do you think of the revived interest in astrology and zodiac signs, /x/?[View]
22408433Tell me about the dialogues that you remember, under the effect of DMT or ayahuasca.[View]
22409202yes: the door just slammed shut while i was gently closing it[View]
22408081I feel such utter despair, but I know it can and will always get worse. I cannot shake the terrible …[View]
22408121at the end of your bed she waits for you. dont look or she will run. she is there only to protect yo…[View]
22409163The basic concept is simple. We Magyarok, accepted the sun as our god a long time ago. We call it th…[View]
22409351I thought I’d reveal to you the answer to the 666 puzzle and the real mark of the beast https://yout…[View]
22408287>UFOs NEVER visit my area[View]
22410017I want weird and esoteric books.[View]
22408937/x/ occultists, are Ishtar and Lilith the same being?: If yes, how so? If no, how can you tell and w…[View]
22406151Hi. How do I have sex with an alien?[View]
22409795Why, /x/?: Why do humans seem to think they should grovel before otherworldly beings as if said bein…[View]
22409957How did you feel anons ?[View]
22407847any books I should read or videos/movies I should watch before I eat 5g psylocibin mushrooms in my d…[View]
22409884Sigils Thread Part 4: Will make sigils for the wanting. No cursing or wishing bad luck on people or …[View]
22408095if you summoned a succubus who was your slave. what would you do with it?[View]
22409963dream question i had a dream where i was just talking with some people then everything turned white …[View]
22375395Who is he?[View]
22408884/x/, is humanity just a dream that a planetary super-fungus is having?[View]
22397755/x/ infographics: gonna dump some /x/ infographics feel free to contribute[View]
22409918Why is everyone creeped out by thiis photo?[View]
22409774Hey, /x/ I summoned a succubus. She's here with me open to answering questions. AHA[View]
22386489Cursed images thread?Post oc[View]
22408253Is this story about the I beam from the Roswell crash having ancient greek writing on it true?[View]
22409860Why Early Blindness Prevents Schizophrenia Being born blind risks autism but protects against its op…[View]
22404963Something affecting those around me?: Recently, I've noticed that everyone around me has been a…[View]
22406757How do i wake up[View]
22392931What happened to the old gods?[View]
22407279I AM GOD[View]
22409726How do you like my dream sigil I wrote it in Astral language pls no bully /x/[View]
22404509It's time to take back Veelox /x/ and we need to all join together for this to happen.[View]
22407617Occult & Paranormal Fiction General: Give me your best recommendations for /x/-related comics, b…[View]
22407234???: >classical planets are supposed to represent the ancient gods >there are 7 classical plan…[View]
22409172What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life x? >be kid >walking toward cab…[View]
22403235How do i stop the time or make it slower/faster?[View]
22407431Why is Baphomet a trannie?[View]
22408210What do you say to people who have a near death experience and just see nothingness?[View]
22407321How can I appease Fortuna?[View]
22407419Any conspiracy to talk about regarding two suicides from the shootings at MJSD high as well as a par…[View]
22409203Relatives: My grandma used to tell me things like, when there was a mist, it was because the witches…[View]
22406606Space Niggas?!: Look at that guy, it seems everything ok with his feet? A fucking dick-shaped foot?!…[View]
22407043Why worship a dead kike on a stick when you can worship the fucking Sun >dependably rises every m…[View]
22406230I stumbled on this really good interview of Bryan mays, the questions asked are paranormal in Nature…[View]
22408149In a thread from last week or so an anon posted a bunch of links to out of the non traditional alien…[View]
22408550Nazi Occult Stories: https://youtu.be/gHZFuHqZyus Recently watched this and looked into it a bit, do…[View]
22402864A FEW SIMPLE RULES TO COUNTER PSYOPS: Stop paying attention to anything fed to you by algorithms. Yo…[View]
22408786Why do myths refuse to stay dead?[View]
22409440Help finding a creepypasta: Hey /x/, I know this is pretty lame but this is my last resort as I don…[View]
22409453Not exactly paranormal but here it is. >be me >10 years old >playing with my legos outside…[View]
22405670I have a beautiful Rider-Waite-Smith deck of tarot cards, and I love how each piece of artwork corre…[View]
22409461Looking for any possible conspiracies or explanations of something that happened to me when I was a …[View]
22406528The monthly 'what happens after death' thread: /sci/ didn't like this thread and they told me t…[View]
22408971There is some way to be a vampire?? There is such beauty in vampires, also i want to be inmortal, th…[View]
22405073/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22395017The ones you hate the most are the ones who changed you[View]
22407747Jedi Council: Each of Jedis in Jedi Council symbolizes a zodiac sign. Can you guess all the signs?…[View]
22407649Becoming more Holy: Hey /x/, does anyone here have any tips on becoming more of a Holy man as well a…[View]
22407089how far you wanna travel down this rabbit hole?: explain in your own words, 'romantic love'[View]
22407563Occultism and The Left Arm: Hello /x/. I'd like to know everything their is to know about links…[View]
22404544Redpill me on OSHO /x/. Vid related. https://youtube.com/watch?v=A001OIft_RY[View]
22408189Can someone explain to me what the plastic surgery runaways were[View]
22408177Is this wrong use magicka for revenge and destruction? And if not, what is the best type of magicka …[View]
22408360The video is as it's. The video is not edited, no cuts, I can upload it somewhere else so you g…[View]
22406043Multi-level marketing companies encourage their 'small business owners' to use Law of Attr…[View]
22401894Sun Plasma as UFO Fuel: I am haunted by the NASA footage of Jupiter sized UFOs sucking plasma off of…[View]
22408234The Rabbit Hole to End Them All: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euMBvGVqIN8 Watch this and you prob…[View]
22406470US and doppelganger thread.: Did you see it anon? What did you think? Scary or no?[View]
22406130My collegue and I need help tracking female reptilians, we plan on having sex with it until it gives…[View]
22408140You chose to be reborn. Don't pussy out next time.[View]
22397446What is the Vatican hiding? What is its role in modern Western Civilisation? What does the obelisk r…[View]
22403491/x/ what do you think of my doll?[View]
22408119You're dead: >die >Become a ghost/spirit wyd? Personally id spend my time blasting music …[View]
22404155The blatant Masonic symbolism of these mother fuckers is ridiculous. Do the initiated see it? Do the…[View]
22407917ᚫᛚᚢ: ᛋᛁᚷᛖᛚᛋ᛬ ᚲ᛫ᚾ᛫ᚱ ᛬ ᚲ᛫ᚠ᛫ᛞ ᛬ ᛏ᛫ᛈ᛫ᚢ ᚫᛚᚢ᛫ᚷᛟᛏ᛫ᚢᛚᚫ[View]
22407924Can we have a paranormal thread?[View]
22406670just moved to a new city alone, i'm living new experiences all the time. i can intuit my left e…[View]
22406917Hey, /x/. What do you do to strengthen your willpower?[View]
22406860Just bought a spirit box. Do these things really work and is it true that they can invite spirits in…[View]
22403962A friend of mine believes his family is cursed by a witch doctor. Is there a way to remove such a th…[View]
22407379>tfw you are true chaos wizard I want to be a Christian though. I love Christianity but I flirt w…[View]
22406624Is the human consciousness based on triangles and math? Are humans simply a conglomeration of mathet…[View]
22405133Astrology and Dating: Story time, I had two love affairs some time ago, one was a Libra girl, the ot…[View]
22407675Im italian born in 17 september (XVII an anagram of VIXI wich translates to i have lived) i live on …[View]
22407438astrology: i just realized that in my case my zodiac sign corresponds to what i truly am/how i behav…[View]
22407152How do you lay a curse effectively on someone? Im at this point of hating this person,because he…[View]
22385527Old Thread: >>22352973 >tldr: baby monkey hate cult on youtube hiding something huge…[View]
22406399i gonna expand my draconian seed and there is nothing you can do do.[View]
22404654How to music magick? I’ve reversed my vocals and it’s terrifying[View]
22402373snowmobile at night: hey guys. new to the /x/ board but have been watiching a lot of green text stor…[View]
22402558Aura and meditation thread: Do you meditate to cleanse or empower your aura? How you do that? Benefi…[View]
22405171My prostate muscle tenses up when I attempt astral projection, is this a problem? You're suppos…[View]
22399532Is AI Paranormal? I can’t disagree with Inspirobot.me on this one. Scarily close to home.[View]
22404399How much more do I need to eat before I ascend?: I see so much here about eating your own excrement …[View]
22407454Fear of death: I don't fear death. Why /x/? I think death is part of the life cycle and I accep…[View]
22405793The Elimination of Satan's Tail by Samael Aun Weor: >Humanity as a whole is an organ from Na…[View]
22403411I have a Strange Obsession with These Clouds: In select few moments of my life I have dreamt of colo…[View]
22407522Was the New Zealand shooting a falseflag?[View]
22406361Doing dream interpretation Part 136 on /x/: What I need from you: >Age >Gender >Feeling d…[View]
22407118Do any of you know if this book exist?: So I've been remembering some fucked up shit about my c…[View]
22405230What are your thoughts on the ancient astronaut theory? Is it bullshit, or do you think there's…[View]
22404147it's /x/[View]
22406788any thread that even slightly mentions the 'what happens after death' topic gets fucking nuked by th…[View]
22406871Raising The Chrism: What are your thoughts on this video about 'raising the chrism'? I know what it…[View]
22404573Before that 50 years have passed for him. That is : 50 x 360(days/kalpas) x 28 (Manvantaras) x 71 (M…[View]
22404576Magic / energy waves and shid: According to the CIA magic wands and staffs actually help. https://ww…[View]
22405236Relax, (don't) let me RV you and be amazed. This is a test, don't worry. Anomaly has good …[View]
22406190Are you wearing a helmet too?: they can interrogate you without you knowing it, don't be misinf…[View]
22405745Fiction: Why do /x/tards fall for memes like Vril and HP Lovecraft shit? These things were invented …[View]
22406748First Contact Update: First Contact Update! I was having a smoke yesterday when suddenly I started r…[View]
22405083All things Satan thread. Summon the devil.[View]
22405125Greys are evolved dolphines[View]
22407274Hello /x/, i wish to know if there is some Chamán ritual or song to purificate the soul. I read a bi…[View]
22406752How do you control the world through your mind and get what you want ?[View]
22407178Adhom posting is CIA: The glowies try to stamp out thoughtcrimes through criticism and personal atta…[View]
22407007Any fans on /x/?[View]
22404506My chakras were all underactive as fuck due to past trauma of which I have overcome but they were st…[View]
22405680I'm interested in paganism. I experienced something incredible lately just meditating in a fore…[View]
22406367I'd like to get rid of this anger I have inside. It's not that I'm angry all the time…[View]
22406084Astral Projection: Twin Dark Entities: About a week ago, I decided to try to astral project after he…[View]
22402241I thank you if you read it, I hope I helped.[View]
22401360Why are snakes considered evil?[View]
22407214Looking for a writing i saw here before: Im looking for some book or text which was in french about …[View]
22395469what is hell like?[View]
22407116Giant thread: Did giants exist? And if they did, where did they go?[View]
22406200Everybody's Nose Itches: Aliens communicate by sending tactile hallucinations to your brain. St…[View]
22407144I just dropped an acid >pic related[View]
22407171HEART SHAPED BOX: The Four rhythmic chambers of the heart are persuaded by music in the auditable ra…[View]
22406962Werewolves Are Real: Due to the quantum nature of entanglement, the full moon serves as a catalyst f…[View]
22405477The video is as it's. The video is not edited, no cuts, I can upload it somewhere else so you g…[View]
22407134Smoking tobacco: How long will it take my chakras and auras to come back to full capacity? I smoked …[View]
22406928What does /x/ think of Raphael?[View]
22405950Being werewolf is better than being human: Thoughts are simpler and agitation fades faster. Human wo…[View]
22406996Is tarot evil?[View]
22407064how do you sell your soul to the devil: how do you sell your soul to the devil[View]
22404100Hey 4chan I was just wondering if anyone knows a quick way to open your 3rd eye?[View]
22395990Yield curve inverted yesterday, hidden behind the Mueller investigation news. What does this mean? T…[View]
22407072Is bad luck real?[View]
22403959Is seeing 11:11 on the clock ever a coincidence?[View]
22406377How do you stay positive when someone is ruining your mental state I'm starting to feel like sh…[View]
22405552Lets talk about undeath. What is needed? Is our idea of the modern zombie impossible? How to be a li…[View]
22400411What does it mean?[View]
22406612how does one turn into a girl?[View]
22405123What are your thoughts on clairvoyance? The days I would meditate I could preempt a lot of things bu…[View]
22404835is this real?[View]
22405385Vampire Thread: Do vampires real?[View]
22404599Am I just the spirits’ plaything?: I have the opposite problem most normie shitposters do. I can’t e…[View]
22404612I need help my good people. I heard a story a while back about a kid whose grandpa told him that whe…[View]
22401742Am a wendigo hunter in the cascades. AMA. >pic related is the closest artistic representation of …[View]
22406204so hey guys how's things been here? how are the christians? how are the vampires? how are the …[View]
224031712023 the year 'Lucifer' goes into effect. Elite brains have been kept in storage for the f…[View]
22404114If you're trying to pray, communicate with spiritual entities or interact with them, turn off y…[View]
22402464Alien creature filmed on camera in Canada: What is this creature that was filmed in Canada? https:/…[View]
22405009Death: Have any of you experienced a loved one's death first hand? Were you there as they died?…[View]
22404965Red pill me on Chalice Well Did Joseph of Arimathea‘s followers drop the holy grail in it? Is it tru…[View]
22405893Activating metaphysical ability with biochemistry?: my question to you all is do you think there is …[View]
22405932so i discovered that my true sign (position of stars changed in time etc.) is not leo but is cancer.…[View]
22402977>the chaos gods exist >Does this change anything for you /x/? >Inb4 now trying to summon a…[View]
22395668Pre-Flood and the Pyramids: Who built the Pyramids? Why in all major Religions is there some sort of…[View]
22403632What do we think of the work of David Paulides and Harvey Pratt? https://youtu.be/nruVAZKv_7U [Embed…[View]
22402914>tfw I started imagining another me >he looks different & has different background life st…[View]
22405526How do I mindrape somebody (or something, as in an entity)? Explain, I need it.[View]
22399455tfw i realized that i am a reincarnation (avatar) of shiva: wat do, lads[View]
22402533Has anyone else experienced losing something very important or having a life changing bad event happ…[View]
22401962Psychic power ???: Hey ! I'm new here and i Come for help so please dont bully me :) 7 month ag…[View]
22404689Okay this is gnna sound crazy: Okay so for years I've been doing this thing where when I want t…[View]
22403134Ghost Hunting with Chris Chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYHPLqr5hGo[View]
22404551Red Pill Me On Ancient Races/History Of Universe: Hey /x/ I'm just curious about some of this s…[View]
22405113Premonition turning reality: Hey my /x/traterrestials, so I'm having this really odd experience…[View]
22404819Alien Community Consensus: I have always been interested in extra terrestrials. I have studied sight…[View]
224036345G Mindcontrol: 5G conspiracy. What’s the consensus?[View]
22402912This little fucking statue of Bastet I got at a yard sale a couple years ago keeps on moving.[View]
22404263You might not like it, but this is what peak arboreal DANGER looks like.[View]
22402369/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
2240488940k/fantasy depiction of paranormal: how do you guys feel about the warhammer fantasy/40k depiction …[View]
22393530Guys... I did it. I finally did it. I don't know what's real anymore. Quick! Remake realit…[View]
22402229What would killing someone feel like? PTSD, maybe psychosis, or just move on like nothing ever happe…[View]
2240178227 club: anything paranormal going on there? i feel like there might be[View]
22404489Am I going to die? please help me: >be me >have older sister >six years ago, she uses ouija…[View]
22399318How do skinwalkers reproduce[View]
22400183change my mind: Change my mind the paranormal is bullshit. Magic is bullshit. Are all of you LARPing…[View]
22404411Alex Trebek has cancer. If he doesn't die within 24 hours of cancer, that means that the Pain a…[View]
22403618Words as a weapon: Hi there, been interested in persuasion and control. The thing is I want people t…[View]
22404580Tengu Thread: What do you know of the tengu /x/? I find it's very difficult to get information …[View]
22404223>be me >just moved into new house in the mountains because wasatch valley real estate is stupi…[View]
22404522Goetia recommendations?: I was wondering if there is anyone here that is knowledgeable on the subjec…[View]
22403457Kali Yuga Ruminations: Kali Yuga explainations anyone? Just chillin https://youtu.be/Fj67G5SW0Dc…[View]
22402802How do you explain the double-slit experiment? Do we live in a material world? Is it a simulation? W…[View]
22403473Convince me that anything paranormal or alien exists: Give me your best evidence[View]
22402204Unexplained photos: Does anyone have weird/unexplained/cursed/strange photos they want to share? Lik…[View]
22401596You can't sell your soul: You can't sell your soul to the devil, retards. It belongs to Go…[View]
22389267YA TULPA MAKIN'[View]
22404040Give me all your creepy and disturbing images. Also general paranormal encounter thread,tell me a st…[View]
22399815How can the Trinity work when it's 1+1+1=1?: >how can the Trinity be probable when it's…[View]
22404190UFO: >or not ufo photos[View]
22404152Is it just me or did you experience more paranormal stuff as a kid? Was it just a more active imagin…[View]
22404136How do I let my past self rest? I believe in reincarnation and I believe that my old body was never …[View]
22370590Would anyone on /x/ be interested in making a truthful Paranormal iceberg chart? based solely on wei…[View]
22403073my psychosis was caused after dopa decarboxylase abuse and high caffeine intake[View]
22388840I can heal your sick and terminally ill loved ones: I have the siddhi of healing the sick, this is n…[View]
22404037The S: What conclusions did we have regarding this S?[View]
22403708Sup /x/ please Tell me some new weird shit to get into so that I can freak myself out. Has anyone ev…[View]
22397156Why do people still believe in this theory?: It's been over 10 years and I don't get how t…[View]
22402075Uri Geller be like[View]
22403892creepy videos thread: anything to do with paranormal, deep web be it, evidence be it, anything weird…[View]
22398924I'm going to grant wishes to prove God is real.: Free wish time you fags! This power is from Go…[View]
22403761spoopy: hello fellow fags. its wish time. you get a free wish. But you must make it as chaotic as po…[View]
22402295Gangstalking isn't real because none of you are important enough to be stalked by humans. But I…[View]
22402397Anxiety attacks are caused by demons right?: I think muh chemical imbalance is too hand wavy of an e…[View]
22403678Has anyone else noticed animals are becoming smarter?[View]
22403579Libra who keeps failing at love: Who is the best match for Libra? I just lost my Pisces after 7, ye…[View]
22397112Is there a way to astral project backwards in time? Like wake up as a version of you years ago? Or m…[View]
22402867>Go to sleep hoping to get an 4-5 hour nap in time for tommorow. >Have weird ass dream about b…[View]
22392302anybody else an empath? what are your feelings about being an empath? personally i fucking hate it. …[View]
22400833What is the strangest group of people you've encountered on the internet and why is it the 'ide…[View]
22403037why hasn't any government came out and confirmed the Binding Sickness?[View]
22403062Holy shit wtf Some guy here on /x/ just swapped my body with some rando ching chong qt3.14 I miss my…[View]
22403541How can I prove to myself that magic is real? I want to believe but it all feels like just coinciden…[View]
22403297Spiritual Laws: 1. Your Soul gives you answers, but you must ask. 2. Collaboration with likeminded S…[View]
22403366Lucifer INTELLIGENCE LIBERATOR: 'It stands proven that Satan or the Red fiery Dragon the Lord of Pho…[View]
22391354I need the biggest redpill you have.[View]
22402176The only time you'll ever waste is that which you spend believing that it exists.[View]
22400777Where did the people from the 70s disappear?[View]
22403339What are you gonna do when you realize that I was always right?[View]
22398173Charm Magic: >dabbled in charm magic just to learn how to do it >multiple young women did what…[View]
22399812Does anyone else feel like they're losing their mind? I fucked up, I did acid all the time star…[View]
22402150I am in the illuminati ask me anything: ...[View]
22403149there are no more pages left to read in the book of Pyxicoytl mortal creatures bent on themselves[View]
22403022what does /x/ know about ball lightning? is it angry ghosts, ayys, or something else? not the shitty…[View]
22402978Fuck the haters[View]
22401681I have unraveled the secret.[View]
22395177Doing dream interpretation Part 135 on /x/: What I need from you: >Age >Gender >Feeling d…[View]
22402956Diehold Foundation: What is /x/'s opinion of Doug Vogt/Diehold Foundation? His theory of micron…[View]
22402224Cursed Images: Need cursed images/vids plz[View]
22402681>it is time to go back >the gateway is open, and you are all coming with me This entire film i…[View]
22398149Say you were trapped inside a video game, how would you go about breaking out?[View]
22396946'Just fuck already.': Hi guys. I found the first vertex for constructing >>22374939 or the arc…[View]
22402248Can someone help me identify this thing? 10:30pm here, my little brother told me he saw a flashing l…[View]
22401372Wanna feel super charged?: >get into a cold shower >squeeze your PC muscle >tip of tongue t…[View]
22402755The fragments...[View]
22402194CYBER MAGICK 4 [boss battle mode]: Hello /x/, nice to see you again. Since my last post, I have impr…[View]
22402581hey /x/, after a long phase of reading all kinds of philosophical and religious stuff, i´ve decided …[View]
22402182What does /x/ think of Raphael?[View]
22402571Anyone know of prophecies of the Second Coming taking place in Ireland?[View]
22393613Reminder to all gangstalkers to hurry the fuck up and kill themselves: i've been in this shit s…[View]
22400859Lucid Dreams Escapism: Hello guys, I have a question to all who practice lucid dreaming. Did someone…[View]
22402279Why so ronery /x/? No one is paying attention? A lot of us need the exact same love too!![View]
22402261Black budget: Posted this on pol earlier but nobody seemed to care, when did you come to the realisa…[View]
22400561Imagine a new religion. It’s called Chadosophy. The precepts are the following >believe in God …[View]
22402551Now anon, you wouldn't want to anger God now would you? If you want shit you'll get shit. …[View]
22401351Heeey Greys-Guys! How's YOUR day going?[View]
22402055How to manifest a stand?[View]
22402245X Video Games: Drop those x tier games mates. I'll start, Cults and Daggers, its fun and engagi…[View]
22402273>March 25th 2019 >Police move on a location thought to be a possible lead in a serial killer …[View]
22388389Can we have a serial killer general? What brings people to do this stuff? Satan?[View]
22400805I didn't.[View]
22401946Did you know that the elites sniff beach sand to get high? Adrenochrome is only the top of the rabbi…[View]
22397071They're robots[View]
22374903Yesterday I had a dream where a succubus raped my virgin asshole with her giant demon cock and I wok…[View]
22401585the nature of 'Jesus' in Gnosticism: if the 'serpent' was actually the Idea of C…[View]
22401855Illegal spying: Some government organization is using long range brain decoding technology by way of…[View]
22397870The one eye symbolism represents the asshole: We've been told it's the eye of Ra/Lucifer b…[View]
22401181Anons, very important. This meme was made in 2018, and here's the link proving it's post d…[View]
22401778blob caves: caves bigger than a continant what else are they hidding down there?[View]
22400656The Dream Masters: Who are they[View]
22401411Can I get a reading of wise ones? Natal Chart? does it work prove, need prove[View]
22402134JMKLJSCD37 D I E[View]
22399346... - .-. .- - ..- ... / .. -. / .-.. --- ...- . --. / --- / --- / -.. / -... / -.-- / . / ..-. / .-…[View]
22402068What are some /x/ approved podcasts and or which one do you listen to?[View]
22400867Are psychopaths free of fear?: I heard this myth quite a lot, but i don't know if it's tru…[View]
22400705How do you get that one thing your mind truly wants ?. None of the law of attraction shit info[View]
22395252I took 400ug LSD and I heard, 4 hours in, sounds of broken synthetizers. basically, white noise arpe…[View]
22401062ITT electromagnetism: 'Three dangers overshadow all others. The first has been conclusively proven: …[View]
22401842runs near you >bork[View]
22390366Ayy: Post your best ayys[View]
22399164has my son been possed?: he is always hysterically laughing and painting himself blue, are these for…[View]
22394765Okay, so say you believe there is a God who created the universe and life. Or say, you are an atheis…[View]
22401145Aliens?: Friend and I saw these three lights sitting in the sky while out on a walk. Seconds after s…[View]
22401318I just noticed an error in the simulation. Time suddenly stopped, cars were driving and they stopped…[View]
22400720Don't forget to practice the Victory Position[View]
22401602/pol/ here: who is the whore of babylon? is it america or is it a certain person? Trump? Revelation…[View]
22398655How powerful is archangel Michael?[View]
22401711I want to try a horror web series for fun but I know nothing about editing. Where could I learn the …[View]
22398558Videos: Anybody got any creepy or obscure videos? I have had trouble trying to find new good ones la…[View]
22400424eerie videos: Strange records thread. https://twitter.com/V4C1O/status/1060984257068314626…[View]
22397125The only difference between humans and animals is that humans are closer to God.[View]
22401592Not necessary /x/ related but?: What do you think of Mr.Nightmare?[View]
22400955Any crimes /x/ could realistically solve?[View]
22394251Anyone got that picture of God on his throne in heaven but he's all messed up cause some alien/…[View]
22401493Multiple Astartes?: >“Because they had abandoned the LORD and served Baal and the Astartes,” Judg…[View]
22399975Hello i'm new on this board and i had a nightmare, any explanations?: I'll try to remember…[View]
22393695What's the deal with Roko's Basilisk?: What's the deal with this theory? Why do they …[View]
22401308/sspg/ Secret Space Program General - Antarctic Atlantis Edition: Previous /sspg/ threads on /x/ …[View]
22401443Connections between 5G rollout and bluebeam?: All the controversy surrounding the rollout of 5G is f…[View]
22397330What if pagan gods are the angels in the bible[View]
22401257i shall suffer[View]
22397657If someone can see the future is it ok to prevent it from happening[View]
22398525Just a reminder that Yeshua died for YOU. You are loved. Peace.[View]
22392137tell me all about your experiences with HoL. i first read it like 4 years ago and i have to keep re…[View]
22400642Lain, Blackwings puzzle update 2019/03/24: Hello again /x/ It's been a year since the last post…[View]
22400006Can somebody redpill me on God and point me to some reading material? I've been an edgy atheist…[View]
22400026ITT: Threads that still keep you up at night.: Post em, boys. What threads still creep you out to th…[View]
22401253What are some good urbex Youtube channels/videos or otherwise /x/-related Youtube channels/videos?[View]
22400875Anomaly Syndrome: Report in[View]
22400898/x-fit/: Hey /x/, /fit/ talks about physical and mental gains but what about spiritual gains as in l…[View]
22401013Blessing /x/ with a photo from my family album.: Never before shared online. I just want to see what…[View]
22401038blue his house with a blue little window and a blue corvette and everything is blue for him cuz he a…[View]
22398347Sooo guys: Yall remember the momo pic we laughed over a while back? Well aparently someone is using …[View]
22397410HekateStation: https://youtu.be/YW-jJZUYAJk Passwords: https://pastebin.com/VQCZVeMj[View]
22400943What is this?: A guy found this in his phone case, it looks like some runes or a spell. It looks lik…[View]
224010179th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit T…[View]
22383688Hey /x/, just got done exploring this really scary junkie house, and I know you guys like spooky shi…[View]
22398301/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22400167my little idea of what hell is like: i think that people that deserve to go to hell get stuck in the…[View]
22397521>What if there is no grand conspiracy. >what if there is no puppet master behind the curtain …[View]
223966992000 years ago Jesus Christ died for all your sins on the cross, was buried and rose the third day. …[View]
22397375Precognition - seeing into the future: I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve experienced this. I ca…[View]
22400062My most in-depth dream, and the recurring themes of my dreams: The dream is too long so I had to mak…[View]
22400813Guidance: https://youtu.be/gc8CmV-IR2g https://youtu.be/-fU1jBE1KeM[View]
22398682do you think they let you play videogames and watch movies in the after life?[View]
22400439Realizations you've had while you're on acid Dennis Rodman gave kim Jung un acid and that…[View]
22394265Rods are real, you know that, right?[View]
22400370Ok, so I took acid 4 hours ago.. how do I contact god?[View]
22395899Can we all just finally admit that the idea of an anthromorphic god is absurd?: Sure, it can provide…[View]
22400180Spooky old websites: I didn't see a thread about this so I thought I'd make one. Post cree…[View]
22397515Is there any spiritual/occult utility in the sport of professional wrestling?[View]
22400645/b/ any suggestions to make it charge faster[View]
22393196'Collapse the Occult' thread: I am not speaking out against New Age. My wife is New Age. Some of my …[View]
22397510The wyoming incident: What went wrong?[View]
22398922Blue alien chick: What do you know about a blue alien chick named Viri that hold a golden snake staf…[View]
22395176IAK: Where did the Tarot come from?[View]
22396913They won't let you remember[View]
22396413none of this exists.: the majority of people here have never experienced anything significant and ar…[View]
22398549How to ban something out of my life ? Like a specific number or word ?[View]
22378925Let's do that eye reading guys. AM I A SUPER WIZARD OR JUST A JERK?[View]
22400510Death to the Sun, CleftaSunder '24, therefore Death to the Solar System, CleftaSunder '24 …[View]
22400114I could use some help I used to be a very lonely guy Something has been changing in my life and now …[View]
22398865What does a dream about killing someone mean? I killed someone in my dream, I killed them in a slow,…[View]
22398914Hello alchemist, How many of you study ordo templis?[View]
22400543Technology = isolation society wide Am I right[View]
22400513spirits and monster brought on by tragedy: >the mixed ashes of over 70k people lie within a buria…[View]
22400563Does anyone here remember creepylinks from about 5 or 6 years ago? I know they got rid of literally …[View]
22391398Make /x/ great again: Can we have a good old fashioned nope thread?[View]
22400311Old Disclosure Project Doc: Greer work. Executive Summary of the Disclosure Project Briefing Documen…[View]
22396265i just realized that god exists and is our collective subconscious.[View]
22400476Is the ancient art of elements worth something? Does it work? I mean the alchemy elements of fire, e…[View]
22382145Have you ever had a bad trip on psychedelics?: How traumatic was it? How did you overcome it?[View]
22395606redpill me one pic related[View]
22397973>be highest programmer and program in one, so high you programmed yourself from scratch and are t…[View]
22398510Is astral projection real? How do you do it?[View]
22397289Have you been blacked /x/?[View]
22397539Does facial hair have any spiritual/occult significance?[View]
22399014Sleeper Agent Awaken Thread: What is this? It makes me feel weird >>14697531[View]
22392564The Malaysian Breast Ghost: Known as the 'flaccid breast ghost' it is said to be the spirit of a wom…[View]
22400226Rasputin: Rasputin has been reported as an occult master with insane powers of psychic manipulation …[View]
22390809What are the most occult, overtly Satanic Hollywood films?[View]
22400259The anunaki story doesn't make any goddamn fucking sense. If you are aliens and you want gold w…[View]
22397982its time for night meds, form a line[View]
22394399Do psychedelics increase our visible spectrum of light?[View]
22400101Ramble about my experience: Had an experience a few years back, started with a lot of quantum woo an…[View]
22374003I communicate with Lilith. A.M.A: Greetings, my dear /x/enophiles. I have recently converted to sata…[View]
22400212Captcha retardation: I keep failing the goddamn captchas. The fuck is wrong? Am I a robot? Did the c…[View]
22400201According to a research cited by David Icke, this turns cancerous cells in normal cells. https://www…[View]
22398224Unicersal hexagran: Hey guize. I recently went to a big name pop star concert this week and this was…[View]
22393784phyrokinesis: Can we talk about phyrokinesis? what are your thoughts about it and witch ways do you …[View]
22387651Is /x/ creative? Do you paint spooky pictures, make mystic music, or take scary photographs? Anythin…[View]
22399995You can't sell your soul: To any retard who wants to do that or did it on '''accident''': You c…[View]
22399654I stumbled upon this mysterious Wikipedia edit a few months and I still have no answer for it. It wa…[View]
22400028erény: irány az arany arány[View]
22395909What just happened?: Yesterday, after smoking some incredibly strong weed, I touched my balls and as…[View]
22391105Law of Attraction: Serious question, /x/. If I fap, will it ruin my vibration for attracting a relat…[View]
22398491Will heroes necessarily be anti-social?[View]
22399977Ҕ: Ҕ[View]
22396208>be moon >be pic related >also be the perfect distance with the perfect orbit to make a per…[View]
22397588Everybody talks about pyramids, but I think Ziggurats are where it's at: Believed to be religio…[View]
22399739There is some Psyop to say that all existential Nihilism spawned from ww2, from the concentration ca…[View]
22396756Have you seen the other side ???[View]
22398156Are there any vampires in Hollywood?[View]
22398802Are fluoride toothpaste bad? Does it calcify the pineal gland?[View]
22399621ITT post stuff you don't want to make a whole thread for: Basically just post /x/ stuff that yo…[View]
22399789Frequency Healing: lets have a thread on frequency healing, specifically stimulating new teeth growi…[View]
22398334Free will and determinism: The voice in my head told me both free will and determinism are true. You…[View]
22398948>x in 2010 Hey guys I found some scary shit on the internet, what do you think? >x in 2019 I…[View]
22397449Vril: Can someone point me in a good direction regarding Vril? Any info would be appreciated.[View]
22398249The absolute STATE of occult communities today https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jBmr5uMgjGrRLQZDz…[View]
22398153/x/ what is your most convincing ghost/paranormal experience I'll start >be me 4 or 3 years …[View]
22397779Crashed Alien ships and Technology: Many of you think that there is alien tech on this planet. How c…[View]
22397661I remember the girl in the police interviews: in Hampstead, London said they fed the kids in the sch…[View]
22372958Scientifically accurate mythical creatures 20: Let's once again engage in the interesting and f…[View]
22393045Expression Divine: Holy shit, burning memory is getting boring. How much deeper you guys gotta drill…[View]
22398984Any discords with people who love G-d? Need some cool bros to interact with.[View]
22394519The core of the Kekistani 'flood of Conspiracy Theories' PsyOp is a desire to make the mas…[View]
22398800I want to know[View]
22398485I updated my Alien First Contact report / journal today. I still don’t know if I’m dealing with God …[View]
22398307Relateing Chakras and Sefirot: Is pic related correct? I've seen no less than 5 different inter…[View]
22397127Hi everyone im gonna keep this short, 3 years ago i smoked weed and got a weird sensation in my head…[View]
22396256>pawnee upside-down is indiana post other really spooky facts[View]
22397473Looking for this website: What is that website which contains cases, stuff like that about weird, pa…[View]
22377725Depersonalization/Derealization: How does DP/DR affects ones perception of reality and of the Univer…[View]
22397173What is the spookiest/uncomfortable sleep paralysis you have ever had? >Collapse on bed after a l…[View]
22398067What are the benefits of ego death.[View]
22396057Is it haunted places or haunted people? C'mon guys, it can't be both. Ghosts must work in …[View]
22397602Looking for prophets: Please apply with your visions if you 1. have a history of epilepsy 2. live i…[View]
22397745Thee bell chimes??: >Be 17yr old in rural farm area, not much to do but vidya and explore >Bor…[View]
22390974Those who rule you see themselves as shepards and you as sheep. In all their self righteousness and …[View]
22397601I just wasted another day sitting in front of the computer instead of doing something productive wit…[View]
22398005Assuming you know your friend isn't gay or bicurious, could you ask to jack him off to detect i…[View]
223973469th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit T…[View]
22397843The Attack on Spirituality: Our racial heritage is more important than we know : light code activati…[View]
22397908I'm diagnosed with schizo-effective disorder and for the past 2 years I've been court orde…[View]
22397900My name is KID Rock - The Quantum Human: Can you please tell me why there is no definition yet of wh…[View]
22397648Hey /x/ I’ve been trying so long but can’t seem to find this one creepypasta video. I know this prob…[View]
22397241Summoning/Making Deals with Demons: Is there any way to summon demons with just the intention of mak…[View]
22397317They're coming: The Bird Box is a film version of the Roman Catholic prophecy of The Three Days…[View]
22397591Remember to enter the tunnel of light: we are here forever[View]
22394080bashar: Is this guy legit guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShPQQe2TDw8&t=1118s Dont comment…[View]
22397547Gurdjieff, 4th way, 'the work': anybody ever find one of these groups and learn their dances and stu…[View]
22397216If you have to justify your actions to yourself, you are not following God.[View]
22396525I don't have much time, ive escaped an deep underground miltary facility and they are likely tr…[View]
22394693>We've had absolutely no cosmetic surgery done, we look different because we ARE different, …[View]
22391104What happens after we die?[View]
22392229>tfw there's actually more proof for a flat earth than a sphere earth https://youtu.be/mgALs…[View]
22397144Crazy Mind Stuff: Any advice on how to Lucid dream or have an out of body experience and also the pa…[View]
22397105I think I'm under a smorgasbord of mind control for the lulz Every time I hit my thigh where it…[View]
22395019Was Tarrare a monster?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarrare Was Tarrare an actual monster? His ana…[View]
22397278The Grifter Elisa Lam: Whats the connection between Elisa lam and the cursed video the grifter. did …[View]
22397179Momus / Momos / Momo: Momus (/ˈmoʊməs/; Greek: Μῶμος Momos) was in Greek mythology the personificati…[View]
22395878how far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?[View]
22393314The inevitable: I'm not at liberty to say too much right now. My ritual has been occupying most…[View]
22397117The Mueller Precedent: >City of Santa Muerte. >Conspiracy between Russian agents and local lat…[View]
22396590Has anyone tried adrenochrome? I want to know what the high is like.[View]
22395160What is so special about gold?[View]
22397085/OG/ - Occult General: Time to start over. Library: https://the-eye.eu/public/Books/Temple_Of_Solom…[View]
22396634>Are Asians vampires?[View]
22396778BANANANNANANANANANANA: Redpill me on bananas.[View]
22392902You guys are the experts. Is this paranormal?: I rarely visit /x/ but I have had the creepiest month…[View]
22395475Anons, I am absolutely terrified of Hell. I think I am inconsolable. What if everyone goes, and ther…[View]
22395368Any way to increase the life of your pets? (Pic not related) I have an old pet that has lived quite …[View]
22396628>actually attain supernatural power >afraid to use it for fear it fucks up the balance and rui…[View]
22396919I am god, ask me anything[View]
22395083How taoists can have sex and orgasming without ejaculation? My balls would exploded![View]
22396134Guy came in, talking nonsense, left this on table. I need help decrypting it.[View]
22396847S.S. Whadafuk: Soup /x/ i'm looking to find any releases information (governmental statements o…[View]
22396832Saturday, March 23 Hosea 6:1-2 1 “Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces but he w…[View]

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