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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 38 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1650377The Department Of The Interior: Is working their kino or is it wageslaving so that others may /out/?…[View]
1646746Is /out/ really like this?[View]
1647355How good of an idea is this? I want to get a Roofnest Sparrow Eye (roof top tent seen in the image) …[View]
1646727Pack weight thread: Is 18.4lbs a good weight for a loaded pack excluding food? My pack currently wei…[View]
1644139Here's your knife back bro: A friend borrowed a bunch of gear back in july, and didn't ret…[View]
1641830I fought this fellow slithering around my kitchen, is it dangerous?[View]
1646421how the fuck do i avoid getting raped by ticks[View]
1649078hachas: en navidad se me ocurrió ir a comprar un hacha al centro comercial de mi ciudad, últimamente…[View]
1650144A view from top of cliff very windy and cold[View]
1648990Thanksgiving blizzard '19: We got a little bit. That's the nice part, it doesn't stic…[View]
1642049Is he based?[View]
1649506Hey /out/, Wanted to get some identity tags to go with me during my solo camps. Thought about the Ge…[View]
1648095Fishing electronics: What kind of fish finders do you guys use? Im looking for entry level device th…[View]
1646061Satellite communicators: Probably the best REI deal for pre-Black Friday is the In Reach mini at 21%…[View]
1647443Hope this is the right board for this. I have the chance to work from anywhere now, and after having…[View]
1642468The Fall of Hunting: I've been hearing about how the number of hunters is declining fast. What…[View]
1648969Just bought a house. This is my front lawn. Any gardening/landscaping tips?[View]
1644265Now after 4 month of technically being homeless and traveling through Europe my shoes are done for. …[View]
1649566does anybody have experience hiking alone from campsite to campsite? im thinking of doing it, but i…[View]
1649824Why do people on the East coast pretend they have anything even remotely comparable to the West coas…[View]
1649000Anyone know what the street is?: I'm trying to decipher this street name. Any guess sould help.…[View]
1649249Is this a warm hat? I'm in the UK and looking for a hat that's at least 70% wool, Somethin…[View]
1642699Fishing & Tackle Thread: #297-“Frozen Too” Edition Previous Thread: >>1633883 Thinking abo…[View]
1649254I spent like $600 today on a myriad of meme /out/ clothing and I don’t even feel bad about it. Bough…[View]
1648564Hiking spots in or near Stanislaus County CA?: Hi there, Anons. I've wanted to take up hiking f…[View]
1645443I'm in the UK. Did I find wood blewits? In leaf litter under ash. The cap seems a little waxy/s…[View]
1646540have you ever /fa/ while multi-day /out/[View]
1647263>“I don't want to be overly dramatic about it, but I think people more and more wonder, is t…[View]
1649516Does anyone have experience on here with long distance skiing? I keep looking at ski to the north/so…[View]
1640556Do you guys have seperate boots/shoes for winter? Is it worth getting dedicated footwear for cold we…[View]
1647573what if you used one of these giant fucking pots as an olla pot: you know those ones that you bury a…[View]
1649401Looking for a new pair of boots.: I'm in the market for a new pair of Boots. They need to be st…[View]
1594096Can /out/ recommend me a knife? I already have pic related so I'm good on a scandi grind this i…[View]
1649041/Beg/ Hiking: Is Grays Peak a good mountain to start hiking on? I'm from Kansas and eventually …[View]
1641697What’s the easiest thing to grow that I could sell to local farm markets? Won the lottery last year.…[View]
1649100Chicago moving to Colorado: Sup /out/? I'm a Chicagoan and it sucks here. Constant bullets and …[View]
1642246/out/ humor thread: Lighten up, sc/out/s![View]
1647148Come to Bulgaria[View]

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