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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 41 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1496444desert nightwalks: does anyone live near a desert or has been in a desert at night? I am really roma…[View]
1496403Youth conservation corps: Anybody have experience with the ycc? I'm applying to them for a summ…[View]
1495652What does /out/ think of multitools?[View]
1493105Old surplus wool clothing is it it worth getting a few sets? Pic unrelated[View]
1494922Do bagpack frames do anything? Its just more weight to your bagpack. I find that once I connect the …[View]
1488908How to survive in the arizona desert during summer?: I plan on living off the land.[View]
1493414Homegrowmen Thread #171 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1490256 =Search terms= Agrarian -…[View]
1489541Solar chargers: I just want to be able to charge my phone in the bush. There are a million of them o…[View]
1495096Cheap bags ITT: >hotter girls at the cafe/laundromat than in my apartment, so i want to do laundr…[View]
1496157sack lunch general: Best EDC backpack?[View]
1482886Finally have a decent /out/ story to share. Here we go: >be me, Boy Scoot about a year ago >In…[View]
1493480Mt Whitney: Howdy there folks, I might have an extra pass to climb mount Whitney on June 19 and 20th…[View]
1489930Post your /out/ daddy: Mine's Balin[View]
1495584I fish and hike in NYS. In my free time I do metalwork and for the last several years I've been…[View]
1496070I love taking shit in the nature: Feels so natural and peaceful ..mindfully shit got out[View]
1496007Wet weather hiking: Going on my first overnight hike in rainy weather tomorrow. My pack has a rain c…[View]
1492318Considering going /out for good in the uk. Are there any essentials I should take before I go.[View]
1493057Going /out/ on a 6km roundtrip hike with a couple friends on Sunday. What are the basic essentials I…[View]
1494865Long Distance Hiking how times spent?: i am looking at starting long distance hiking 80 -360 mile lo…[View]
1495723Island camping: Pretty soon I plan on camping on an island with a few friends. Not our first time ca…[View]
1495874Hey boys im planning on camping in bariloche argentina, it would be my first time /out/ for long per…[View]
1494281Any FL anons here into air boating and going /out/ into the glades? I've been out there with ac…[View]
1495464Sleeping bag: I couldn't find any sleeping bag thread. I have a shitty simple rectangle bag fro…[View]
1495740AAFC storys?: I know I’ll get like 1 replay but I’ll give context and see where it goes from here A…[View]
1495699Thinking of quiting my job, buying a decent touring bike, then cycling for around 6 months. Was plan…[View]
1494866Hey guys. I was in Arizona and found this while hiking, to me it appears like Pyrite but has a very …[View]
1490748/out/ dogs: Thinking of getting a dog when I move house, any recommendations? I camp and hike a lot,…[View]
1495145Me and my mates were out hiking in the woods when we found this mine. At first we thought it was a c…[View]
1475903backpacking through europe: Hello anons,i m planning to start backpacking but there is a problem. I …[View]
1494454Solo /out/ Planning: I know some of you just walk into your backyards for good /out/ time but I have…[View]
1476000Outdoors wear, mil-surp, work wear, or regular street clothes and why?[View]
1495485Any thoughts on Mount Eerie’s lyrics? Is this the real reason why we go /out/?: The feeling of being…[View]
1481194/out/ cooking thread: im going on a trip soon and staying in the Icelandic wilderness for a few days…[View]
1494542Never been saltwater fishing before. Do I attach the hooks directly to the swivel snaps and the sink…[View]
1491242Does anyone do paddle boarding? I kind of wanted to try it since I like kayaking.[View]
1493112Is Portland an underrated /out/ destination?[View]
1490013BWG - Boundary Waters General: Anyone here ever done the Boundary Waters? Haven't been since I …[View]
1492537Floote day: 2 years ago today the anons of /out/ put aside all their differences and came together t…[View]
1475352/out/bros, what kind of gear is good if SHTF? 60k city, coastal central europe.[View]
1489447I can't hit this fucking box[View]
1494753does /out/ film?: do you film while your out? if yes show us[View]

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