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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 53 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1455402Funniest hunting story: I'll start >be family friend >60 yr old farmer >pretty wealthy…[View]
1452375Ei /out/, landlet here. I'm trying to get a grip on all the necessary informations to buy land …[View]
1451528Recommend me a good cold weather cap with a brim[View]
1456087Fuck the winter, fuck the cold, fuck the snow, fuck the ice, and fuck putting on layers of clothing …[View]
1450267Colorado Camping: I’m trying to take some buddies to Colorado this summer. Anybody have any nice but…[View]
1454597P̷a̷r̷a̷c̷o̷r̷d̷: That's my Paracord bracelet what more could I weave into it? recently i saw a…[View]
1455607Remote Location Device GPS: /o/ motorcyclist here. I want to buy something like this SpotGen3 thingy…[View]
1455218Johnny Appleseed: Johnny Appleseed was the most /out/ pioneer. He traveled the country living in the…[View]
1455387So true![View]
1456000If you're ever in Dallas...: >If you're ever in Dallas, get on the Red or blue line. Ge…[View]
1456421Good 3 day hike Backpack: I have been using pic related for a few years now but it always seems too …[View]
1456325Roman Ruins in Tunisia[View]
1432474Tick tips: The one thing that's stopping me from being outdoorsy is bloody ticks. I can handle …[View]
1454415problem with my cooking equipment + cooking general: haven't been /out in years, but I plan to …[View]
1452469Hello /out/, I'm going to Las Vegas in the ides of March. It's a 4 day trip, so I want to …[View]
1454130Raccoon Buddy: >have pet raccoon >he is fully sterilized and etc >he’s a good boy >brin…[View]
1455544sports drinks: hello /out/ i'm fortunate enough to live in a city that's right next to a m…[View]
1455955So I'm considering studying arctic biology or something related in Norway. What are some jobs/o…[View]
1442670Sleep systems - pads, bags etc.: What are you side sleepers using? I was thinking of copping this on…[View]
1447946Hello /out/, serious question - how do you deal with aggresive dogs? Do you have any stories?[View]
1454235/Out/ Generational representatives: Dick Proenoekke - greatest generation Ted Kaczynski- silent gene…[View]
1452020Anyone here car camp? I have a large suv and I’m thinking of throwing some stuff together in it to m…[View]
1455191>Tfw europoor >Tfw when only 'outdoors' are parks and gardens >Tfw theres only Village afte…[View]
1455175Crickets: These noisy fucks are ruining my hearing every night during summer. What are some ways of …[View]
1455376Killing animals with your bare hands: How /out/ is that?[View]
1453605Large bag general Need help with a new pack: This is my kelty falcon 4000 and this pack has always s…[View]
1453868It's getting spooky out there boys and girls.[View]
1455302Does anyone else love these outdoor strolls through theme parks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liB…[View]
1455039What was it like for you when you decided to be more /out/?[View]
1452130/out/ global map: The map on the sticky is dead. I wanted to make a new one. A database with routes…[View]
1454688Im going to be cooped alone for a couple days. I hope to get /out/ a bit, but its doubtful. Please r…[View]
1454161Hunting for sport/trophy hunting: I don't know if this is the right place for this but,does any…[View]
1451087Spent 2 1/2 weeks on the AT during the polar vortex, AMA[View]
1450793US National Parks visitor statistics for 2017: The 2018 numbers are late due to the shutdown, but he…[View]
1454816>be me >be right now >lonely as fuck >try to make fire >want yummy smores and such to…[View]
1450014Dry bags!: Planning a 3 day backpacking trip and planning on hanging my food. What’s a good size dry…[View]
1448319CENTRAL FLORIDA /OUT/: Alright fellas, tell me some good places to go /out/ in central Florida, and …[View]
1450084There is any way to get free printable maps online? Im not american, so getting maps in my country i…[View]
1449038Anyone here ever /out/ with a horse? What was the experience really like? Any advantages or disadvan…[View]
1454664Haha yep![View]
1450630Help to Survive in Venezuela- Urgent: I need to store gasoline, food and water. There will be massiv…[View]
1452387I want to live in the coldest (on average) possible region of the States that also has the most snow…[View]
1442217FIXED KNIFE THREAD: Last thread was fun and informative. What is your favorite handle material and s…[View]
1421451/out/ Flashlight: Previous Thread: >>1386858 Comfy /out/ edition[View]
1452017ID on Jacket: Anyone know what jacket Joe's wearing?[View]
1451352W-why do they put sponges inside waterproof boots, or any boots? If water does get in through the to…[View]
1455928touch raccoony boi?[View]
1450000First time best hunter: >going black bear hunting in late 2019 >Have no equipment besides Winc…[View]
1450942Does anybody recognise this makers mark?[View]
1454153What are the best outdoor stoves for backpacking?[View]
1450391>he doesnt bring a gun while /out/[View]
1447812ok /out/ there are no excuses now, you can enlist and do what you love: https://www.airforce.com/car…[View]
1453507I'm kinda new to this are, anyone know of any cool /out/ places or things to do? I usually hik…[View]

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