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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 51 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1579470What’s the absolute longest YOU can make ice last in a cooler? What are your secrets?[View]
1581204>innawoods right now with two bars of 4G How does /out/ feel about using technology while camping…[View]
1581416Volume - Time: How much time can you safely spend innawoods with your pack and not have fellow /out/…[View]
1581392Black widow?: I found this guy hiding in my mailbox on my porch. I smashed him without thinking then…[View]
1574039Canvas thread: >lifetime durability >easily patch tears unlike modern bags/pants >you can w…[View]
1571110Is going /out/ in Florida during the summer even worth it? Every summer I get a surge of wanting to …[View]
1581581My strawberry plants (harvested, no fruits right now) are full of tiny green bugs. Is this normal or…[View]
1581117Hammock or tent?: For backpacking, does /out/ prefer a hammock or a tent? Everyone who I've tal…[View]
1562444post EDC[View]
1580733Are you /out/ enough to hide from the feds for three years in a self-built bunker? https://edition.c…[View]
1576741Homeless/Urban Camping: What items do you need to thrive as a hobo? Bought one of these: https://ww…[View]
1575551Does skateboarding count as /out/ and if so how are u guys doin. Any cool tricks or cool shit you’ve…[View]
1581194Man fuck these: Wetter hotter summer this year means they’ve overtaken the neighborhood. >DEET-im…[View]
1575538i've been thinking about going outdoors a lot more: maybe lose some weight - - what do you guys…[View]
1579170Chain Pickerel on a fly: I live near a creek full of chain pickerel that no matter what I can't…[View]
1579350Anybody know any good BLM spots in New Mexico? I've never lived anywhere near BLM land and I…[View]
1580363Spider: Help identify pls. Found this little one on my porch and looked everywhere online but can’t …[View]
1580986Liliac spots on leaves.: What is going on with my liliac? Missouri.[View]
1579858Bushcraft camps: Why do none of these camps make use of digging? A half buried camp seems like the m…[View]
1580833Military surplus?: Looking for a good reliable place to buy military surplus. High quality stuff tha…[View]
1563085Is Kayak Camping/touring peak comfy?: >can reach wilderness areas otherwise inaccessible by foot …[View]
1580166Why: When I go camping why can't I poop outside, why, should I take laxitives[View]
1579112Out Photos: I'm shit at taking pics but snapped a good one this morning. 4mb limit is aids so i…[View]
1580794Best /out/ dogs thread: I’ll start >karelian bear dog purebred/mixes >very intelligent, will p…[View]
1577303How hard is backing up a trailer?[View]
1576816what kind of spider is this[View]
1577726Are the Brit bongs allowed to carry knives while camping or is that something that will get you sent…[View]
1571770I found this big snapping turtle last week, what cool stuff have you guys seen?[View]
1579194>temperature >weather >laws Realistically, where would be the prime location for a primitiv…[View]
1577628Time to hit the road.[View]
1579436Camping in the Pine Barrens in NJ?: Me and my friend are camping for the second time I was gonna try…[View]
1563441going to Yellowstone soon. how worried should i be about bears? i have bear spray.[View]
1576229I need advice for climbing Half Dome illegally without a permit? I lost the Half Dome lottery a doze…[View]
1573765Commercial fishing general Talk about experiences Job ops Helping new fags break in Ect ect.[View]
1576664Primitive Weapons Hunting: What is your opinion on hunting with a recurve? I have been saving for a…[View]
1580431Hunting packs: What are some good options for hunting packs? I'm going to be doing some multi-d…[View]
1578478Has anyone done the West Coast Trail in BC?[View]
1579694Hey /out/ what do you guys think of my crappy pumpkin patch? I live in northern California so it…[View]
1576189/fit/ fag here. Has anyone on /out/ signed up for the strenuous life? If so, how do you like it so f…[View]
1578565/out/ music: What are some /out/ albums?[View]
1574333Homegrowmen Thread #191 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1569456 Search terms, Agrarian, A…[View]
1578871Pet Peeves: >when you accidentally pitch your tent on uneven ground, and your head is still above…[View]
1578485Had it with the cities buds. >polluted waters >traffic >panhandlers begging for money ev…[View]
1578166I want to build my own camper van: Hey guys, does anyone have experience retrofitting a van to be a …[View]
1579281What is this?[View]
1578053realistically, how likely is a bear to attack you?[View]
1579321Alaska to Key Largo: Hey /out/, in about a month I'll be driving from Alaska to Key Largo for t…[View]
1551150How deep is your ecology, /out/?[View]
1579834Camping two nights at Hickory Run State Park in PA. Has anyone been there? What are your thoughts?[View]
1575029Insect Sting: whats the worst time you got shit on by an insect.[View]
1578259Has any of you guys ever lived in a cave? How was it?[View]

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