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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 49 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1540055Footwear for a Jungle hike?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W_YT_QYV78 Sandals, trailers and gaite…[View]
1535009Trainhopping thread?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiZG_eKO6EI Does anon have any good trainhoppi…[View]
1539488Tagging Boulders.: Why do people feel the need to draw on rocks?[View]
1539481DIY outdoor gear general: I have some extra time on my hands. Thinking of DIYing some outdoors gear …[View]
1538569Stains blue, is that magical?[View]
1539405Thoughts on the Victorinox Cybertool 34? Got this beaute yesterday. also /SAK/ general. Post your sw…[View]
1537003Re: urban exploration - what’s the likelihood that security cameras set up at an apartment building …[View]
1537275Fly fishing - true or false?[View]
1539172Farming: I’m a city cuck, in NYC, who wants to try farming. Do you know how I go about finding some …[View]
1537309Part of my work involves surveying tremendous amounts of land on foot; any advice for a durable and …[View]
1539791Do I need to become an experienced hiker before getting into backpacking in the backcountry? My frie…[View]
1538486Mountains in eastern Mass Do they exist? Are they worth hiking?[View]
1535774Anyone know where to get one of these sexy beasts without breaking the bank? Probably the greatest /…[View]
1529455/out/ groups: Is anyone involved in /out/ advocacy groups? I've been shopping around a bit and …[View]
1538637What bug is this? Got a lot of bites digging a hole in my yard and this is the worst of them. 3 days…[View]
1534991enduros: what does /out/ think about enduros and dual-sport motorcycles? have been camping on them f…[View]
1539757Who /innatent/?[View]
1539727What plant is this?[View]
1538493Paragliding: Any flyers here? How long ago did you start flying? Any major accidents so far? What ha…[View]
1539566snowdonia: snowdonia. any of you cunts been hiking around there? heading there in a couple of weeks…[View]
1537556Bivvy: Looking into buying the most compact bivvy possible with a insect protection mesh. So far it’…[View]
1539129New Apetor video: https://youtu.be/9j3Mle8bYdk[View]
1537994does /out/ have any helpful information on working in a yard under the sun in sweltering heat? I…[View]
1535714Defense Against Large Animal: So I'm planning a week trip in an area high in Moose and Wolves. …[View]
1538246How do you avoid leeches while hiking?: Last year I did some hiking in south Asia and the leeches we…[View]
1539173Ants: Are ants bad or are they just helping me keep my house clean?[View]
1535940Have you had any injuries when /out/?[View]
1532724What military surplus equipment do you like to use or recommend?[View]
1537998are these truffles?[View]
1537912/out/ in Arizona: I've been lurking a while and would really like to go on some hikes now that …[View]
1539043Isle Royale: Redpill me on the Isle. Is it really that great? Windigo or Rock Habor? Best things to …[View]
1537951Uphill Biking: My friend lives at the top of a big hill in a city and works at the bottom. He does o…[View]
1538206How closely do you cook next to your tent?: I see pics of people cooking next to their campsite all …[View]
1538710Help Me Camp: That other anon gave me a good idea but since he's a fucking autistic faggot I wi…[View]
1539011Apiculture: Apiculture general. How do you treat your bees, or are you a fully biodynamic apiary wit…[View]
1537590PNW: The mountains in the Pacific Northwest are shit. It's all randomly scattered volcanos with…[View]
1537675Absolute unit. Share your bear encounter stories.[View]
1535652Whats the first place i should go if i become homeless and what is the best place to live in? Park …[View]
1538800Do I even need to worry about animals when camping in the desert? How do I store food/trash without …[View]
1536315A friend is collecting minerals and gems, and has 3 certain stones he can't identify. What are …[View]
1510408PCT: Leaving for my PCT thru hike in two days. And last advice?[View]
1514122city life: Are people who claim to enjoy the city life retarded/conditioned or is it a legitimate pr…[View]
1538356Helko Werk and Axe General: What does /out/ think of the Helko Werk line of axes? Specifically I…[View]
1534818Cheap but durable 'time capsule': Are plastic bottles any good for time capsules? I just had a baby …[View]
1537194what's the name of this sort of hat and where can i get one?[View]
1538257Washington Off-the-grid: It has come to my attention that Washington state has TONS of amazing off-t…[View]
1537630Any Summer Bass fishing techniques, Should i run a jig or a Search bait?[View]
1536534I’m going to go a short hike then camp overnight in the woods tomorrow. it’s due to piss it down tho…[View]
1537666Who else agrees that cabin living is best living?[View]

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