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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 40 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1657981Horse thread? Horse thread, share stories anon >Be me 22 yo >loner, engineering student >m…[View]
1675803Snow to water: As a lifelong snowboarder getting stationed in Hawaii this march for the next three y…[View]
1667366Mountain Biking General - MBG: does /out/ ride mountain bikes? what do you ride? pic related is YT c…[View]
1645453Boots/Footwear General: these 3 boot types, do they have different uses, what are they best suited f…[View]
1661866/shred/ Comfy Ski and Snowboarding Thread: I have seen literally zero discussion about Skiing or Sno…[View]
1677770Any /out/ literature, film , youtube channels whatever. Just dump stuff for lurkers, newfags, Chris …[View]
1656827Coffee nectar of some bean: A dedicated coffee maker for hiking/camping (or everyday use) that makes…[View]
1670421Is camping with others worth it?: I have been going /out/side solo since I have no one to invite or …[View]
1671898Should I move to Portland? The Pacific Northwest is my favorite place in the world, but i also love …[View]
1671135patina knife: What are some good methods to patina carbon steel blades. I've heard vinegar and …[View]
1669737Alone: Started watching this for shits and giggles, I know I'm late to the party. How much chea…[View]
1677492Reccomend /out/ books for a gentleman enthusiast to read in 2020: Can include non-fiction, fiction, …[View]
1666783Fishing & Tackle Thread: #300-“SPARTA” Edition Previous Thread: >>1659007 Thinking about p…[View]
1674356I originally posted this in /n/ but was told to come /out/. Does anyone have any experience with inf…[View]
1675518Anons, is it possible to leave society completely, taking legality out of the question, to live like…[View]
1677517Slowing plants: Here's a question for any of you horticultural types in here. What are your bes…[View]
1676368Caving thread: It's been awhile since the last one. Caving is /out/ right? Picture from our cav…[View]
1675943Is this a meme? Why does the shovel have holes in it?[View]
1672282outdoor apps?: I just got a tablet. cheap little fire whatever. thinking of taking it out with me. o…[View]
1677249urban farming and gardening: I have a mid-size backyard and im considering turning into a gardening …[View]
1677093Good evening /out anons. I am a worker of the salty sea and as such, i have found myself in quite d…[View]
1676873Where can I get the /out/ patch that looks like this bear?[View]
1676114Wildcamping UK: Any UK /out/ists here? I'm going to be in the UK visiting some relatives and I…[View]
1673693I got this for Christmas from my little brother. Is it a piece of shit or nah? Its '12 tools' are: a…[View]
1675807What's a reasonable price for a first hiking/camping pack? I wanna start with daytime trailwalk…[View]
1671152Why does milsurp wool suck so much?: I have pic related and some thin US wool blanket and they'…[View]
1674119Wilderness training seclusion: I want to go the wilderness/mountains/forest for 3 months to train. H…[View]
1673387Utility Watch: I want to pick up a utility watch so I can hide my multi tool on my wrist instead of …[View]
1675218Oh yeah it's nature time Stay tooned for less than comfy pictures cause the weather is shit but…[View]
1675940blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub[View]
1676023good /out/ thread on /lit/: Might interest most of you. Is that anon known here?[View]
1676116how are you supposed to eat, /out/? is ordering pizza off the nearest road allowed?[View]
1675728Good morning /out/: Get up, coffee’s ready and weather is shit, it’s going to be a great day[View]
1672015Passive Income On private land: So I'm 3/4 to my /out/ goal I have the land (580 acres in North…[View]
1676039I was laying in my bed last night and I heard a knocking sound coming from outside. I live in a fair…[View]
1673347What are the best knives for bushcraft? Brands, type, size, metal-- what is the best compromise betw…[View]
1674938Best 3 season ultralight jacket?: Pic related. No brand is off limits. Just needs to get around /out…[View]
1664647What are some of the worst plants /out/ there?: Pic related - sand spurs. Going for a nice barefoot …[View]
1675911>go out >see sign >plants grow by the inch, but die by the foot…[View]
1671507What are some good /out/ religions?[View]

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