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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 43 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1617547Newer camping tech: Is pic related useful for /out/ or is it just a gimmick? Also, ITT: we discuss …[View]
1615859What are some /out/ approved YouTube channels?[View]
1584684cairn hate thread: found in the wild, gave the salamanders back their homes.[View]
1611863Alcohol Stoves: What's yer thoughts[View]
1612845how do you deal with snakes in the outdoors? or with wild animals in general? always carry knives or…[View]
1615548/v/ + /out/: What videogames do you like to take /out/ with you? Playing Pokemon Gold/Silver on GBC …[View]
1617625Is goretex pro best membrane out there right now or does it have equal or better competitors?[View]
1618047Which jacket should I get for general use? Patagonia Men's Quandary Jacket https://www.patagoni…[View]
1606993Defending My Territory: I just bought the 4 acres pictured here. The plan is to build on the bluff o…[View]
1617470Rural Tennessee: Currently live in the Sierra Nevada. But since my neighborhood is turning into the …[View]
1573214GEARfags: what was the last thing you bought? me: >picture releated…[View]
1616823Carbon Rods found while metal detecting: I don't often visit this board but figured this would …[View]
1615587>first train to the village arrives at 11:00 >next bus to the trailhead arrives 11:45 >last…[View]
1605947*is the best state for /out/*[View]
1588483Prehistoric Hunts: ITT we discuss past big game we wish we could put a sight on. >also what would…[View]
1617520Game time: Alright /out/ let’s play a game Say I’m a total novice at camping and need all the basic …[View]
1615618Navigation skills: >be in college hiking/mountaineering club >really good fun, great group …[View]
1617415Can I just buy an acre somewhere temperate, one of those mifi things for internet, a tent, and maybe…[View]
1617344What’s a good city/state where it’s easy to stealth camp on a bivy and a bike? Bivys seem like the …[View]
1616331Look what I bought!.jpg: Look what I bought!.jpg[View]
1616730>ITT:/out/ issues that are more nuanced than people give credit for Daily reminder that batony c…[View]
1611620what kit do you take /out/[View]
1584325Patch Thread: Old thread >>1566280[View]
1612430noob here, im going hiking for the first time. doing it solo. what should i take with me and how can…[View]
1615985Is bushcraft a meme?: Is bushcraft a meme? I was out on a hike today and found this shit, a fucking …[View]
1615610Asia /out/: Who here has been proper /out/ in Asia? Living in HK for the past couple of years, there…[View]
1609820Florida: Any other pale Floridians with Irish blood running through their veins? It’s supposed to be…[View]
1615112I fucking hate the sun.: Okay, so. I have a fucking question that I have to get off my mind. How the…[View]
1592143What's the most north you've ever been?[View]
1611310What do you think the 'perfect' pack weight is? Is there a goal number you try to hit you know you…[View]
1616847Hey /out/ is this any good for a SHTF/ general camping and hiking backpack. I'm looking for an …[View]
1616867I fished all night last Saturday and threw some mackerel to a sea lion under the pier. How big of a …[View]
1613304Why don’t people dress like this when they go /out/ anymore? Nowadays it’s all fancy sneakers and “m…[View]
1597853What's a good /out/ car?[View]
1605077Well /out/, for months ago I grabbed a backpack, some water and started walking towards the outskirt…[View]
1614626/out/ kids: Field Day Friday edition Post/ask questions about >teaching kids about nature >…[View]
1614469How could I go about either stealth camping in my city, or convincing someone that I could pay them …[View]
1616335Live Bait Thread - Fresh Water: I grew up a jig a minnow guy. Enlighten me dudes. Favorite baits? …[View]
1610338What is the best knife for skinning, quartering a deer. There has to he one knife to rule them all.[View]
1613566As a woman, should I invest in a device that lets me pee standing up for my hikes?[View]
1616222Best items to take out bush?: What are the essentials An Australian should take out bush? That’s not…[View]
1610319Where would you build a homestead /out/?: Alright /out/, I'm working on a plan to build a homes…[View]
1616541h-how dangerous are the dolly sods?: going there next week[View]

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