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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
367058Font used for Version Names in Pokemon Gen 3 (JP): Is this a commercial font or was it proprietary l…[View]
366863Hi /gd/ I hope this is the right board for this question. I'm planning to work remotely for my …[View]
367795started making my own typeface for the first time but found out someone else had already done nearly…[View]
367837Portfolio?: How does one suposed to build a portfolio? I just got my graphic design degree and that …[View]
364262ICBQ Magazine: Hello people of /gd/ I run a graphic design magazine that provides a platform for the…[View]
366901Goodevening there /gd/ I've just landed my first part-time job at a record label (dreamjob) aft…[View]
366770Browsing this board, I can very clearly see that 4chan cannot into graphic design.[View]
366316What's the best way to go about making one of these?[View]
366970Right now I'm studying to be an adman and in my uni my formation is well hybrid between creatio…[View]
367759Studio or Studios: What's better to use as a freelance company name 'Name' Studio 'Name' Studio…[View]
367765I know you fuckers were a part of this so post some of your favorite late 00's digital pieces y…[View]
367628how can i make those ps1 type illustrations? should i model it and texture in blender and then work …[View]
367665Quit Drawing/Practicing Graphic Design for several years Due To Depression and my skill has atrophie…[View]
367747Internship at a marketing agency abroad: Hey, I have the opportunity to do an internship at a market…[View]
367549Yall ever had old ass clients?: Have you all ever had a client that was of older age and he/she hate…[View]
366696Redesign Flag: Is there a way to redesign the already perfect Indian flag?[View]
367660Hey /gd/, nice board you have here. I'm a retard and need help figuring something out. This mig…[View]
366999New to it: Hello ! This is my first time posting here, ever, but had a nice friend of mine recommend…[View]
367689New affinity designer icon lol why[View]
367017Web team refuses to improve online site: >>Be high ranking position at small online business …[View]
367646How is this style called: i want to make text like this but i dont know how its done or called…[View]
367684I think it's clear which one has the better logo design.[View]

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