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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
380031And then I thought to myself... If there is something massively illegal in another country, to the …[View]
380037How does one reach the level of skill and integrity such as the likes of Rudnick?[View]
380015Vegas lags a lot, when I search video fx list: Well, that's the problem - as soon as I start ty…[View]
380063got an fiverr about minimalist business logo design. I will create you an logo design in your wished…[View]
379654Graffiti: I'm from Europe, share your styles, what's your favourite? Who's your favou…[View]
380035Anon makes a short brief. Anons make a logo based on the brief. Go[View]
380025merry Christmas: What do you think of this pic?[View]
380001if i wanted to get a professional looking magazine printed, what should my page layout look like? i …[View]
379965Starting on GD: I've been with a foot stuck on GD for some years, but didn't do much since…[View]
379613I have a question about printing to paper sizes.: I have both an image and a pdf at size a1. I would…[View]
380011Can anyone point me to a decent Moire pattern removal tutorial? All the ones I've tried did jac…[View]
378865This might be more of a /po/ question but are any of these 'Cutting Machine' brands worth a damn? I …[View]
379211Recruiters: Why are recruiters so narrow minded? Good design = good design Why do they have a proble…[View]
378375Pluto Dripz: looking for Nostalgic, Authentic, Authentic II, Authentic III and Secret Stash... anyon…[View]
379906Is graphic design poor man's work?[View]
379546Is getting a graphic design degree a good idea?: I hope to be a graphic designer in my future but I…[View]
378960Trying to draw a ‘2’ for a logo I’m reworking. I have the concept down, but it’s hard figuring out h…[View]

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