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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
363833Album Covers You Made Yourself: Took me a quick 20 min to whip up.[View]
363876nada: email:hackgustavo00@gmail.com Password:Veronica_kjdsa[View]
363871Hello, does anyone know if there is a free tool to create this type of dynamic animations from my ow…[View]
363848Mozart effect: Do you guys think listening to classical music or mozart etc. makes your smarter at a…[View]
363800I was hoping there was a general thread where I could ask this but, here it is. Does anyone know wha…[View]
3637348-bit pointers: Hello negros. I was recently Lucky enough to inherit a Pepe tarot deck from a psycho…[View]
363807Share a little attention to your loved one.: https://ardean.github.io/love[View]
363755Experimental film poster concept thing. 1 or 2?[View]
363860How would you create this crystal-esque effect in photoshop or paint.net?[View]
363849I'm too lazy to make simple textures for my game. I need like a tile set of techy stuff for a r…[View]
363565Distortion effects / video censoring: Does anybody know how to achieve the distortion effect shown i…[View]
363754I'm a Sr. Product Designer, and have been working in San Francisco for 10 years. I'll answ…[View]
363567Hi guys, I had to make this dashboard to present some data about world's metros. Do you think i…[View]
360778NEED A FEED BACK ON MY LOGOB FELLAS ! I tried to mix my initials A + F, after countless attempts at …[View]
363750feedback: hello people i'm the creator of mydeathclock.com just recently updated the program an…[View]
363634So /gd/, hows the job search going[View]
363743ITT: We create fan-fic art that will trigger the right type of individual.[View]
363701What do you think?[View]
363707can someone make two seperate compositions depicting the words deep and shallow respectively. you ca…[View]
362548Art & Emotions: How can one add emotions to their work. Struggling with this problem, studying G…[View]
363641Hey, /gd/ I need some help with fonts. Basically, I'm making a translation patch for a game, bu…[View]
363688What is objectively the best website for having an account to post original graphic design content o…[View]

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