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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 20 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
370016Boys I'm sick and tired of flatshit How the fuck do we kill this shit? Do we just have to wait …[View]
370681I'm working on some Cyberpunk 2077 fan-art and i need some help - how does he look better, with…[View]
370812Please help me: Hi, am experimenting with this bleeding printer look and I need help to understand h…[View]
370000What flag would the raised fist look best on?[View]
370595dead board: Let's have a /gd/old challenge thread. Pic related for details.[View]
370847Adobe Creative Cloud: Can someone please help me? I've just upgraded to a 2018 iMac and it runs…[View]
369493Are there any /gd/ Discords that aren't run by a 12 year old 'Graphic Designer'?[View]
370216Tux - the Linux mascot: It bugs the crap out of me - those creepy crossed-over eyes. Like he's …[View]
370839Importing strings from external lists: Does anybody know if there is an automated way to import stri…[View]
366458Can ADOBE be replaced?: ADOBE has become EVIL Photoshop = Affinity Photo Illustrator = Affinity Desi…[View]
370084How do you make a good color scheme?[View]
370715>Stefan left >still have to call yourself '&Walsh' in order to stay relevant lmao…[View]
369811Could someone tell me what Font is this? I'm interested only in the font of the word Retro[View]
370795Post your CV. I need some inspiration. I went through so many templates online, but most have pictur…[View]
367775//CONTEMPORARY ART//: Post some contemporary artworks, also if there's a collection please shar…[View]
370759Biggest Historical Scientific Blunders?: What are some of the biggest historical scientific mistakes…[View]
370038Graphic Design as a career: I'm considering going to graphic design in college for a career, ev…[View]
370772my art links: Here is the deviantart for free downloads. https://www.deviantart.com/futonofswabia I…[View]
370711Can anyone send me link to free full version of adobe photoshop. Thank you - Pepsi Epilepsy[View]
370523Redesigning the BBC logo: Round 2!: This time, make a logo for the BBC: Either a redesign of the log…[View]

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