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Displaying 19 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
358995Can you help my telling me what is the name of the ilustrator this draw?[View]
359046Traditional art?: does /gd/ draw/sketch/paint using traditional methods? How do I get into it? I…[View]
359050Illustrator - Photoshop technique: Hey guys, im trying to improve my skills and i wast just curious …[View]
358396Is this worth getting? I've been out of the game for awhile now and don't like how I now n…[View]
359039Hilda Cartoon: I made this character based in Hilda`s cartoon, if u know about the cartoon tell me w…[View]
358168Why do so many graphic designers trace things and call it illustrating or drawing skills. If you tak…[View]
359018Do you make birthday cards, /gd/? Personally I enjoy making them by editing pictures to make them sn…[View]
358615ITT: Good design: This is unironically good design, probably the best poster I've seen[View]
358894How do i make this?: How should i make this shape? I do not know how to make the color go from the i…[View]
359003College Portfolio Help: Hey guys I'm making a portfolio to get into college and I'd like t…[View]
358932Someone commissioned me to make them a minecraft logo for their little gay rpg: Due to the lack of r…[View]
356665Critique Thread: Post your stuff and other anons will provide comments, suggestions and improvements…[View]
358922Debate: What is Graphic Design? What's not Graphic Design? Is Graphic Design art? is it Technol…[View]
358875this text effect: Simple question for the experienced folks here How to get this text illusion effec…[View]
358114What y'all think?[View]
358847I need to buy a macbook to study UX dedign in a university. How cheap can it be? Pro is like the saf…[View]
358833Hey guys im going for the subtle 80s slasher horror look. What kind of pieces should i cop? Music fo…[View]

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