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70314877So whats the deal with this browser? Is it really a botnet? Is it better than Firefox?[View]
70315381Oh boy, look what we got here /g/: is she /ourgirl/ /g/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qotqbNSB6Bw…[View]
70312155Sell me on your non-google search engine of choice (state other reasons in addition to no google bot…[View]
70314185i like coding in c#. visual studio is a nice ide. you can use windows forms on visual studio to make…[View]
70314756Early 2011 Macbook Pro: I was following instructions on Ifixit and this broke off. What did I lose? …[View]
70307677RIP EU: https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/26/18280726/europe-copyright-directive[View]
70314950Bitches dont know tech: Stupid ass lady comes into my moms office and asks us to turn off our blueto…[View]
70315072Prof in my required art class tried to play a movie she rented on iTunes on a projector, but she cou…[View]
70312591frugalism vs minimalism (the repostening): ive been thinking about making a competing 'technological…[View]
70303317AMD Ryzen Valhalla platform: https://www.techpowerup.com/253954/amd-ryzen-3000-zen-2-bios-analysis-r…[View]
70312721To the person spamming this shit: If you're doing this to advertise your shit, you're not …[View]
70308090VPN general Nordvpn or Protonvpn? Nord is quite pricey, but i am a eufag and i need to use swiss ser…[View]
70307701old hardware that is still the best: i will start >r9 295x2 still have mine, will never upgrade. …[View]
70314566I bought this because cheaper than a wifi card. Before installing the drivers it worked fine, but th…[View]
70311999What's /g/'s verdict on these new electric kick scooters? Are they a meme or can they repl…[View]
70314614wtf crapple?: Why do devices with such weak ass hardware and locked down software cost SO much? I ju…[View]
70304511what e-mail client do you use, /g/?[View]
70309845fuck technology[View]
70313166Most based language ever. Logic programming is the future.[View]
70304322/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70313226Which VPN for the occasional torrent?[View]
70314758How do I post anonymously on 4chan? I think this is a good exercise, if you can post anonymously and…[View]
70306261I just bought a Galaxy S7. How fucked am I? I did it because I don't want shabby chink build qu…[View]
70312541i think we are feeling the wrath of startup culture: I remember in early 2012 I went to London and h…[View]
70313073Constant Apple spam: We have Apple advertisement spam literally every single day. Pic related was ye…[View]
70306740FOSS projects worth donating to?: Nothing too huge where the donation would be a drop in a bucket, b…[View]
70308659>After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. January 14, 2020 is the last day Micro…[View]
70311832Do you like syntax highlighting? I've just started programming and I find it very distracting. …[View]
70314098>filter iOS filenames >board quality goes up 1000% >locked down system doesn't allow t…[View]
70313789How secure is your password /g/? https://howsecureismypassword.net/[View]
70300150i'm in love why is she so perfect lads[View]
70313879I've been a wagecuck for the past 7 years and have been a complete underachiever. I want to lea…[View]
70313685Are green cell replacement laptop keyboards chink shit or legit[View]
70314194>no no no! You MUSTTT uninstall graphics card driver first, then disable automatic driver install…[View]
70314412/g/ has this happen to you?: So my computer today freezes for a second and has a buzzing noise while…[View]
70314395Glowdec Alpha Phase: >working on a site check out the prelaunch https://www.reddit.com/r/technol…[View]
70311158Ruby is just like Smalltalk. Based Ruby![View]
70312763Why is there a seperate web development thread and a programming thread ? What are you trayyna say …[View]
70311863Why do people torrent movies/shows? I don't get it, you're just opening yourself up to un…[View]
70314166So what's the no fuss no muss keep-it-simple-stupid method of payload delivery?[View]
70314273Hello /g/s. I hope you are doing well in the midst of the full on assault on the internet from the E…[View]
70308204Why does /g/ hate Windows 10 so much? How could anyone hate Windows 10? It's just... It's …[View]
70313047What is the maximum possible physical speed for an ideal processor?[View]
70306429google docs alternative? that's not botnet[View]
70310071Hello /g/, I'm facing a problem with a government website in which I have to schedule something…[View]
70311726What's the easiest way to get your foot into the web dev field?[View]
70312653It's over. I don't even know what cuckzilla is doing now but it seems they just plan to st…[View]
70310435I'm looking for an image, an infographic of sorts that illustrates how the internet has become …[View]
70311556Storing data on cloud: Why is this botnet? It’s my data, i can remove it any time i want so what is …[View]
70306556So I hear Blu-Ray is gonna die soon. Say good buy to high bitrate movies as they start to look compr…[View]
70311343Update, gentlemen![View]
70312295What is your favorite perl web framework?[View]
70312113Th-thank you, Google[View]
70312420Finally, a good browser for Windows 7.[View]
70313241Favorite computer glitches? Bonus points for oc[View]
70311686the end of anon?: >a deep learning algorithm which can ingest 4chan and deanonymize everyone by a…[View]
70313420tech, displays and sleep: Have you realized your health is getting destroyed by displays ? What are …[View]
70312351Pleb here: I'm new. Is there any place on this board I can get some help with designing a bot f…[View]
70313365I'm a poorfag stuck with an Intlel CPU. How can one reasonably protect himself against the doze…[View]
70312806>Just invested my life savings into various VPN companies Later poorfags.…[View]
70301871'[Computer science] is not really about computers - and it's not about computers in the same se…[View]
70301393/spg/ - Smartphone General: Huawei P30 & P30 Pro Launch Hype Edition Watch the launch event live…[View]
70311250just wanted to announce my appreciation for the people who wrote mpv it sure is great[View]
70312732>never got into PC building or modding so never really did any overclocking >assumption is you…[View]
70312802pls help[View]
70312974Is he our /g/uy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqtNzacgdek[View]
70311503Are iPhones known for tracking? So far it seems not. I have alot more control and can shut off the l…[View]
70312952How does /g/ not realise this is just Android lUsers trolling?[View]
70305711>'Hey, guys, I heard AMD is making cool-looking packaging for their top CPUs, we need to make som…[View]
70305579For situations requiring a large variety of outputs based on inputs, are there any alternatives to t…[View]
70311028how many years until internet is as controlled/closed as television?[View]
70310148Car drivers are forced to update of face confiscation of the car. https://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtsc…[View]
70312670Truly global infinite broadband wireless internet when?[View]
70312655Linux newbie here, trying to have the same setup as https://castel.dev/post/lecture-notes-1/ this gu…[View]
70303939Post SSID 'Battlestar_Galactica' reporting in[View]
70312465>programming sesh: >neighbors kids wont stop jumping and screaming…[View]
70312249Youtube filters are broken: I used to order videos by date or other paramters but youtube doesn…[View]
70309371Opinions? Do you think there is any use left for desktops in a household other than for gaming?[View]
70309191where my /flatbed/ case users at?[View]
70312422Is it that time of the day again?[View]
70310378Python advice?: When it comes to the professional field and overall usage in our world, what can I d…[View]
70311191Are you behind 7 proxies /g/?[View]
70281770Post yfw we are living in a society where Intel could make a slower CPU that uses double the energy …[View]
70311548So, aricle 13... I have family outside Eu and I was thinking of buying a server and leave it at gran…[View]
70307528These fuckers approved their insane copyright reform. Tell me what the best VPNs are /g/, I don…[View]
70311993Why is Spring so awful?[View]
70311945what is this thing with Pajeets plagiarizing tech articles into Medium? one of a SHITLOAD: https://m…[View]
70307569>countless billions of transistors >multimillion dollar companies making countless websites fu…[View]
70306405Thoughts on the Apple Watch?[View]
70310657Linux CoC: So what happened with the Linux CoC debacle? Did all the nazis switch to BSD like they sa…[View]
70309883What sort of major other than CS should I go into I want to keep my work field relevant to technolog…[View]
70311797Which one is better? Linux Mint or OS X[View]
70311611Where can I buy a twitter account with followers?: pls senpai[View]
70307608anyone do this shit and not pajeet (make $100/hr+)?[View]
70285057EDC thread![View]
70311825your best linux/bsd/win/etc moments: >old fuckin systems that nobody makes >support is for hun…[View]
70311610I NEED a text to speech reader for 4chan on *cough*android. Any ideas? I've tried Voice Aloud …[View]
70307956Europe won.: Tech giants are mad. https://www.article13.org/best-of[View]
70309737>be me >wake up and study hard >watch how sun is rise outside >beautiful day >get dep…[View]
70307598Post your specs, I bet no one can compete with mine.[View]
70290898desktop thread[View]
70305944How do I get rid of viruses on Linux if there is no antivirus?[View]
70309225Remote Computing: What do you guys use to remote in? I automated my job a few months ago and like to…[View]
70310909article 13: germanfag here are we getting dabbed on by our politicians ?[View]
70310618In simplistic tools, Milwaukee One-Key is part hardware, part software. New upcoming Milwaukee One-K…[View]
70309346why don't intel and amd make octa core CPUs for laptops where 4 cores are low-powered and the o…[View]
70311498How often do you use and learn products that aren't considered industry standard? I'm deba…[View]
70309952What keyboard do you fags use? Blackberry keyboard master race.[View]
70294675Big game studio using Rust: This is why gamedevs are the worst.[View]
70311428Why do my eyes get sore and I get a slight headache when using a curved VA monitor? No MBR stobing a…[View]
70310427When did you relise that the reason that linux will never have foothold in the desktop market is bec…[View]
70305997/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>70295845[View]
70310556What is the best cursor theme?[View]
70309932Article 13: the internet has been ruined as of today[View]
70311099What does /g/ think of Overtone?[View]
70294601>7nm zen 2 right around the corner >meanwhile intel has been stalling and delaying 10nm for th…[View]
70262954Old pics of computers: Also /retro/ thread, I guess[View]
70303744>ends your professional career before it started Not everyone is destined to make 300k. If you ca…[View]
70301105>no late fees >no annual fees >no international fees >no over limit fees >privacy fro…[View]
70308118Backing up dead friend's YouTube channel: >tries to download 267 of vids >uses Youtube-dl…[View]
70308929PREPARE URANUS: https://www.techpowerup.com/254065/hackers-get-to-asus-live-update-servers-plant-mal…[View]
70307679I can't think of too much foss software that is actually superior to proprietary.Are there any …[View]
70306687Laptops manufactured after 2011 don't need power buttons. They are completely unnecessary and s…[View]
70308435>dumpster dive old shitbox pc >has XP on it. Almost decide to install Linux but on a whim deci…[View]
70307999r8 my cheat sheet[View]
70308543How do you get a stuck pixel fixed?: Is this the correct way?[View]
70309031>you will never go back to golden age of the internet in late 90s-early 2000s it hurts bros, ever…[View]
70310856ess sea squared: these guys are spying on us anons, what can we do about it? >the eu will protect…[View]
70308463I want to start learning coding in C++ post where do I start and what to do first I will post my pro…[View]
70302873What OS will quantum computers run on/[View]
70308846Bought the Pixel 3XL - Notch: Literally after 2mins, I forgot the notch was there. The whole #hateth…[View]
70306948>arch/manjaro/antergos >i3/sway >polybar >gaps >blur >rofi …[View]
70310181Anyone else have/ordered an s10 plus? got pic related[View]
70307575Article 13 passed what do you think about it /g/uys?[View]
70310165Intel BTFO... itself?: Comparing top scoring builds on USERBENCHMARK[View]
70309577Unclogging hdd via format: Is formatting my HDD 100% effective in getting rid of all the bad things …[View]
70309760Been doing Web dev stuff on windows, now that I'm switching should I use opensuse or fedora?[View]
70307896>AMD now has a bigger share in Germany, Denmark, Benelux and Austria How do you say JUST in techn…[View]
70310453It's so good to have a role model in tech who is a christian man.[View]
70303885/smg/ - software minimalism general: >What is computing minimalism? http://suckless.org/philosoph…[View]
70293705>paying for a streaming service when you have this for free Why?[View]
70306803>LaTeX >not Overleaf >Office >not Google suite Explain yourself.…[View]
70310313>install Arch >video tutorial recommends to install a bloated Desktop Environment…[View]
70306246Are there any reasons I should use Firefox, when it comes to features? I don't care much about …[View]
70307790What are you going to do when they ban VPNs?: With the upcoming porn laws in my country, we'll …[View]
70306787/hab/ habbo general: last thread: >>70301139 Created small and shitty 'Whitepaper' https://git…[View]
70245537/cyb/ + /sec/ - Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General: /cyb/ + /sec/ - CYBERPUNK/CYBERSECURITY GENERAL…[View]
70310077use it: www1.sweatco.in/ws/elpepaso[View]
70309299How do you organize your meme collection, /g/?[View]
70309791I have been trying to find another job. Everyone wants me out of here I want to leave my current job…[View]
70309001Is dark web news compromised[View]
70309613I got a new screen for graphics design. It's OK, a huge upgrade from my ancient TN. BUT: Color…[View]
70307312New MS Edge 75.0.111 Build is out: https://twitter.com/wbpluto/status/1110491083870396416…[View]
70309118Why can't Linux look as good as this?[View]
70309585/corporate/: If you make more than 150k working corporate GET THE FUCK IN THIS THREAD RIGHT NOW this…[View]
70309867>Claire from QA invited me to her cubicle for a quick rundown on git rebase -i later, virgins…[View]
70305773>Own an Android S9 that functions perfectly fine >Software update forcibly downloads >Every…[View]
70308749Linus metapost: Why does /g/ hate linus? >drops Linux memes and shitposts constantly >hates ap…[View]
70307686could someone explain what exactly is going to change with Article 13? I mean I only use 4chan, yout…[View]
70299848MS slapped some eye candy on Windows 2000 and sold it to home users. XP wasn't a perfect OS, it…[View]
70309606>why yes, I'm a C programmer, how did you know?[View]
70309604I want to build a language website with a dictionary and some grammar guides. I have a domain so fa…[View]
70300824Anything technological that you miss a lot?[View]
70309322>install pic related for uni >wifi works perfectly fine in 2 of 3 buildings but shits the bed …[View]
70307748Huawei P30 Series Launch Live Stream: Only 20min to go! Watch the launch event live on 26 March, 14:…[View]
70304876>Try Linux >Install Ubuntu 18.04 >now computer is lagging like shit and crashing >switch…[View]
70309305Yandex Browser: This shit keeps updating, and I don't know what because the company doesn'…[View]
70309073>tfw too much of a brainlet to understand PROLOG[View]
70308649hey g im need to know the name of the program with this logo[View]
70307514Music labels sue Charter, complain that high Internet speeds fuel piracy: Sony, Universal, Warner cl…[View]
70306618Anaconda: So i started learning python a while ago, and got myself a couple of online courses and th…[View]
70304443Macbook is less powerful than an SBC: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/udoo/udoo-bolt-raising-th…[View]
70302075Designing a Ricing Program: Hey ricers, I'm designing a program that will provide a simple meth…[View]
70299366How can i use it to impress girls that would come over?[View]
70295912ITT: /g/ writes a C program line by line. I start. #include <stdlib.h>[View]
70308438I made a post on /r9k/ today and I came back and the text was edited. The mods have implemented code…[View]
70307986Why does Karlie Kloss make the average /g/tard so upset?[View]
70302053>Australian >3 mobile telcos to choose from >Telstra >Optus >Vodafone >all blocked…[View]
70295752this is 20$ pc.: >programming >web browsing >music listening >retro games playing >wa…[View]
70307837Oh my god they have microcodes that run very slow but are turing complete and can do anything. A a T…[View]
70294278>2019 >Still using low quality consumer meme technology (LCD) lmao…[View]
70302237What is this black thing I found in my room?: Found it while cleaning my room and don't know wh…[View]
70308184Morals: You may have enough autism to use code and linux but do you have enough schizofrenia to use …[View]
70303827school computers: School computers (at least, at most public schools) are hell, post your biggest gr…[View]
70304440/g/: What are the best ways to be anonymous in tor?[View]
70306504>limit upload speed = 0 >delete torrent after completion >shut down client after completion…[View]
70308013Is VIM/NeoVIM/Emacs suitable for bit projects and big working groups? I mean, it can improve your 'p…[View]
70305771>mfw they actually deployed my shitty code that loops all the records everytime its doing anythin…[View]
70308032>stale maymays banned >forces everyone to make original content >kills content stealing shi…[View]
70303669Got a Mac. Why is the font rendering shit?[View]
70307176what are some technologies that have had far reaching, tangible changes in the world? The nuclear bo…[View]
70305871Heyja, I'm studying IT and atm I'm getting interested in networking and penetration testin…[View]
70307042Phone Theft: My friends' phone was stolen and he also got phished when he received a note that …[View]
70305694I wish I was smart or motivated enough to learn how to code I always wanted to make games but I can…[View]
70307781Is there any case I would want to use x86 assembly for writing Windows console/GUI applications?[View]
70305878how do I kill an iphones battery. I want to do it to my ex her phone is with me. without bricking th…[View]
70305415fresh linux: Sup boys. Am I one of you now?[View]
70305783After all these years how come Nvidia still hasn't managed to come up with a competitor to Fine…[View]
70303361RIP, Inbox. At least I'll miss you.[View]
70303420rip in peperonis 420 kernel, upgrade now[View]
70307426tfw waiting for tech news[View]
70301454You aren't a creep, right /g/?[View]
70307241how to identify a marketer >1. uses the term 'disruptive technology' to describe something that h…[View]
70305938can transactions like what happens in databases completely replace the need of mutex and other synch…[View]
70306987I have a bunch of videos stock pilling on hard drives. Recordings from my phone and such. What tools…[View]
70304848What would you do if your were the Microsoft CEO?[View]
70305961Hey /g/ as web dev is full of freecodecamp fags, should I turn into learning machine learning instea…[View]
70304377Why is C so comfy compared to all the webdev shit?[View]
70306914>buy cheap thinkpad >install ubuntu >install vim >set thomas cole background >python3…[View]
70304186Now that you all have overhyped this ever since the 1st gen ryzen came out and was a disappointment …[View]
70304937>just got Amazon $40 gift card So what's some cool /g/ related stuff I can get for forty or…[View]
70306209LENOVO SYSTEM UPDATE: Is Lenovo System Update a better choice to install all drivers on older chinkp…[View]
70303068>buy intel >have to set power consumption levels to prevent your cpu from exploding why do peo…[View]
70306975What the best SMS program for dealing with mass amounts of SMS messages? I pretty much save all th…[View]
70304424Windows Vista was well ahead of its time. It's only hated because it served as a poorfag filter…[View]
70304609>distro has feature 'out of the box' >distro did not get shipped in a box >distro did not g…[View]
70289581>be me go to france try to get a job without a degree in IT as a web-dev >fail miserably what…[View]
70306848re: Teacher wants us to send him memes related to internet and computer communication. send me your …[View]
70306601Hybrid monitors: I'm looking for a PC monitor where you can switch between 1080@240FPS and 4K@6…[View]
70306755Will a full year of Home Server Sysadmin will let me get a sysadmin job?[View]
70306587Job Interview Presentation: Hey /g/oys, this friday i am invited to a buisness intelligence company …[View]
70306605Real ni/g/ga hours: Girls asks you what's [insert any non-freedom respecting socialplatform her…[View]
70306035I’ve bought an iPad air 2018 version with the 4G modem after it got a major price drop here. Is it o…[View]
70306589Theres a terminal command where i can draw a pepe frog?[View]
70306490Hey gaypple why the FUCK does an astronaut need a boom?[View]
70301228I have a ryzen 2700x and a gtx 1080. I recently bought a 1080p 144hz monitor did i fuck up by going…[View]
70306612>tfw tell normies I don't have a laptop or phone but still married and have a son Their reac…[View]
70303752Why did you allowed them to do this? Explain, murilards?[View]
70305441Windows / Linux dual boot: Hi, I'm new to Linux and have a couple of stupid couple questions. W…[View]
70297704Apple Card: How long before they make the black version with $1,000 annual fee like all the ultra-pr…[View]
70303714So you finally learned to code, huh? But do you know how to program?[View]
70299529Webm on ios 12.2: Will those fags finally bring webm support to ios?[View]
70306053I unironically think that an ai programmed to model itself after 4chan in some way using archives as…[View]
70294344/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Yo mama, edition. What are private trackers? Yo mama. How do I get …[View]
70300608Automation: Why is automation bad? I like making payments online instead of having to physically go …[View]
70305436how do I escape the botnet? or at least the main culprits. are there any good dumb phones available?[View]
70305126Types of bans: Was banned from a game for being verbal troll [3 month ban for the N word] I couldn…[View]
70304725>It's not just another streaming service >Here's a show about #metoo >Here's…[View]
70304654Hey /g/, just got my pocophone f1 and i tryed to setup my nova launcher, any changes to make it bett…[View]
70305496rockbox general thread: https://www.rockbox.org/[View]
70299982How does /g/ feel about the Brave browser? It's faster and uses the chromium engine. Can someon…[View]
70301031What desktop enviroment does /g/ use?[View]
70295845/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>70290273[View]
70298957Solus 4 Fortitude: Solus 4 Fortitude was just released the other day, so now that the dust has final…[View]
70302154How does /g/ feel about the Volk One: The Volk One is a smartphone but runs on a mesh network that i…[View]
70304390Excuse me, what?[View]
70305254>2019 >still using the default android font…[View]
70304776Have you learned how to use the most powerful piece of software out there?[View]
70295961>professor makes sound effects when programming[View]
70305615itt: talk about how 5g causes cancer and how 3g causes autism[View]
70301481How easy (or hard) is it to get rid of Google in this shit? Firefox is pissing me off.[View]
70305471what would be the best way to make mono audio sound completely different when played in stereo (or v…[View]
70305399I need few people whose main language is C++ or are very good with it to answer me few questions. I…[View]
70302485Why do you guys (and trannies) despise the front end stack so much? They make decent money...[View]
70293426win10 ltsb shills, redpill me on it t. win8.1 user[View]
70304497Now that the dust has settled.: Will iToddlers admit that the new Apple event sucked.[View]
70302685itt: interesting abandoned technology[View]
70303050What is your monitor placement for multi monitors?[View]
70304890OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: >With appearances by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, the world…[View]
70304741how do I know if my computer is compromised[View]
70286804Are cat7 eternet cables a scam?[View]
70302084Machine Learning Career: Anyone work in ML and have career advice? Do I really need a graduate degre…[View]
70304945An anon posted this thread on /b/ a while ago. Even just within the regular index, not even inside t…[View]
70301523whoever adds support for webm's will be a millionaire[View]
70304046So /g/, today in Intro to Cyber Security, the professor told us about a student on campus some years…[View]
70303571Last night i got into bed, and it was kind of cold so I turned on my electric mattress, and just at …[View]
70304653Some fucking chink had warehouse filled with unused, old laptop monitors(or maybe fucks in Sony real…[View]
70304530WIN10 pro update caused infinite bluescreen: Every time it gets to the login in page it blue screens…[View]
70304938should I get a VPN /g/?: I heard they protect your data from being stolen and they let you browse an…[View]
70299560>fell for the mechanical keyboard meme >keys literally falling out >losing keys left and ri…[View]
70302679Does anyone think brushed aluminum looks god awful?[View]
70304221Why are American tech companies stupid enough to hire so many Chinese employees?[View]
70299278I have to write a research paper on a problem in Comp Sci. What could I write about?: I'm only …[View]
70304174Do you prefer Kali or Parrot?[View]
70296844What the fuck are “technology ethics”??[View]
70301940OnePlus phone.: I have a OnePlus Android phone. I saw a video on it where the OnePlus company collec…[View]
70303670just realized.[View]
70301718I have a 1080p tn 144hz monitor will a 1440p 60hz ips panel monitor be a good complimentary ?[View]
70295939AZERTY: The worst keyboard layout ever invented. Fuck this retarded piece of shit.[View]
70304325Where is Zen 2?[View]
70301247Pi-Hole Thread: Post your statistics.[View]
70303918Name 5 free services or apps that AREN'T a botnet[View]
70300507Thoughts on Parrot GNU/Linux?[View]
70303209/job-hunt/ general: Just accepted an offer for a shiny new job, let the good times roll edition prev…[View]
70302905why aren't you using the best file sharing software out there anon? its called fopnu and it has…[View]
70304243>non free proprietary Linux >no GNU >ends up being the most relevant and successful piece o…[View]
70303320It simply works: Discuss[View]
70301139/hab/ habbo general: last thread: >>70288715 >what is habbo? Habbo (previously known as Hab…[View]
70303633Tech lead here and I am the tech lead. Just a daily reminder to 1: always write 50,000+ lines of cod…[View]
70300067any imminent and cool technological breakthroughs to get hyped about?[View]
70304214>get stuck on hard problem >try reading the documentation by its shit >look up problem on y…[View]
70302044Ideas?: Anyone have any ideas on this? I'm thinking about doing some opencv shit with this.…[View]
70298767>tfw the botnet won't let me in[View]
70302985Will they ever fix their fucking filter it's been more than a week now[View]
70299231Why is Linux preferred over Windows by programmers? Windows has Powershell so you can't say it…[View]
70304053Sales force cert: Where can I get salesforce developer test material?[View]
70302315I'm not even kidding: Look what's on the top links on hackernews today: https://overreacte…[View]
70289119/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>70276280 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
70303765I've tried to learn programming: lots of times. Python. Java. JS. I keep getting bored every si…[View]
70296699I just wanted to rice linux and write fizzbuzzs :([View]
70296595Hackers attack over a million Asustek users through backdoor software update: >he fell for the as…[View]
70301606log in with cmd prompt?: Is there a way to log in to your computer using cmd? Without accessing th…[View]
70303133What happened to Google? Yandex is light-years ahead these days.[View]
70296483Why isn't there a Desktop Environment that can look as good as that?[View]
70301360degenerate zoomertrannies buy insanely overpriced computers with hardware from over a decade ago jus…[View]
70284308Snail mail bandwidth: You can fit 40,000+ songs on a 256gb sd card. Why does nobody sell them on the…[View]
70303720>arch/manjaro/antergos >i3/sway >polybar >gaps >blur >rofi >urxvt >conky …[View]
70301816why do you keep buying chink shit, anon? https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/03/hmd-admits-the-noki…[View]
70296306What's the best way to use vim on windows?[View]
70303474Thinking of buying a tablet but it looks like Android tablets are dying. Besides Samsung and Amazon,…[View]
70303369why is it so god damn troublesome to setup a working windows vm passthrough on optimus laptops? why …[View]
70299362What do you think about quantum computers?[View]
70299163>he uses whatsapp[View]
70302565What are you so afraid of, /g/? Your information is surely in good hands. Nothing bad is going to ha…[View]
70298336>CRT Monitors >Fractal Define Case >Satania…[View]
70301714Max out my upload speed: So I got a new fiber connecton and trying to max out my upload got up to 47…[View]
70281309/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous Thread: >>70265737 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
70300993>muh AI[View]
70302594C# & .Net Core: >ctrl+f 'C#' >ctrl+f '.Net' >zero results How about…[View]
70303246Do you have the power?[View]
70303245*loses your data*[View]
70302707>2015+4 >he still doesnt use kali[View]
70282238Buy IPS or VA they said. You will be blown away they said. >mfw truly blown away by that garbage …[View]
70301589/g/ approved TV shows/movies/anime: Recommend me stuff to watch /g/[View]
70294722Lagging piece of shit No surprise Chrome became so popular[View]
70294368How does it make money?[View]
70302780dual boot with seperate drives: I have a hdd with a windows 10 install currently. If I wanted to hav…[View]
70297674Apple is kill: > a magazine subscription service, a streaming service and a fucking credit card P…[View]
70298945>now I can buy drugs via credit card THANK YOU BASED STEVE[View]
70300435Bloat: is English bloated language?[View]
70302764SICP and Simply Scheme: Is SICP suitable for a beginner? I have a few months of programming experien…[View]
70302002So whats the real difference here?[View]
70301772How does one not write shit code?: I always spend hours over engineering my interface design and wha…[View]
70299443Can any Indians here tell me what programming languages and technologies you know so I can learn oth…[View]
70285065Preventing a Monopoly: Friendly reminder that if you use Chrome or Chromium you are contributing to …[View]
70302015is there any point using chromium instead of google chrome, since google owns both[View]
70300783>Show me your installed software[View]
70294720/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70300175What's the C++ equivalent of this book?[View]
70298585Do only tech companies have programmers? Or does every company have them? I know it's a stupid …[View]
70301127What are some actually useful things to do with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi? I FINALLY found somethin…[View]
70281289Install Windows 10 it's fucking free too you retards. Windows 7 is not gonna be supported next …[View]
70301765What's your opinion on Windows users using free software?[View]
70290949How's that job-hunt going /g/[View]
70301707WTF APPLE?!: >Apple felt like a totally different company today >For most of the big new servi…[View]
70300439Do you hold your glass phone with a microfiber cloth so it's never smeared with your filthy fin…[View]
70301868it is sometimes required that when two threads are running one thread should automatically preempt t…[View]
70300326/g/ humour thread? humor not allowed[View]
70301778Apple died with Steve Jobs: How did Tim Cook turn a somewhat above par technology company into nothi…[View]
70296391So, how big is yours? >6.7 TB, and about 700 GB more in torrent queue[View]
70301712What OS does /g/ run?: In class right now and saw this. Lol at fedora.[View]
70300138Peak Fizzbuzz: You may not like it, but this is what peak Fizzbuzz looks like: fizzBuzz :: Int -…[View]
70299893Has anyone here ditched his desktop for a notebook and if so how st it holding up? I was thinking o…[View]
70299218brave is n°1 browser in israel: (((botnet)))[View]
70301764Do does hwidgen not work for LTSC? The author of the tool is telling people to use KMS38 instead.[View]
70301506Hacker Assistance: visit 'http://solutionguru.strikingly.com' for all required hacker assistance you…[View]
70297754Microsoft releases a new PC once every half a decade, but it's always the same buggy garbage th…[View]
70298943Old broken tv: Old broken tv[View]
70299773>defunct corporations[View]
70299930Voltmeter needed: Hey anon, i like to solder and build some electronic stuff by myself. My old voltm…[View]
70296842Are applefags narcissistic by nature?[View]
70299603What does a hard drive do and what is it used for?[View]
70301478>javascript is just a bootleg version of java.[View]
70301435Instagram bots: How do instagram bots work?The ones that like or comment on stuff? >How are they …[View]
70296132Are you focking serius m8?[View]
70275371/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
70298366Intel RealSense: I'm interested in buying Intel's kinect camera but I don't want them…[View]
70301316Hows your ratio looking, /g/irls?[View]
70291588The truth about Apple naysayers.: Most of the people who bash on Apple have never used an Apple prod…[View]
7029912210+ hours with no recharge and no suspend. Who here is also part of battery master race?[View]
70301309>tfw fell for the programming meme[View]
70301304Apple Card: Welcome to Apple's financial botnet. https://youtu.be/e7hIThPswuc[View]
70288364Linus 'retreat' did him good. See for yourself, he hasn't lost his touch: «Quite frankly, I…[View]
70300733How does someone get into bug bounties? What is the prerequisite knowledge? How does someone go abou…[View]
70299442>be programming own project >ideas flying through head like some rain man a beautiful mind shi…[View]
70296025Let’s be honest. This running arch would be the ultimate Stadia device right? Imagine it, being able…[View]
70301129OrangePi 3: So I bought Orange Pi 3 and im trying to bridge interfaces however when i try to do so I…[View]
70290227I'm the CTO and co-founder in a (now) 5 people startup (3 tech guys and 2 sales/marketing guys)…[View]
70301015Serious ques?tion:: Do computer engineers ever get hung up thinking about how their computer is work…[View]
70301062Now, what is the reason for using Linux distros in a desktop PC for using it as a daily So.[View]
70293675what is this shit actually useful for?[View]
70294793is serverless architecture the biggest meme in software industry today?[View]
70298919BASED https://pleasedontlookhere.xyz/Why-I-Use-the-Term-LiGNUx/[View]
70290462Footfags...: It's okay to use Gnome. Don't let NEET Arch ricers make you feel bad.[View]
70300883How does one transition from IT into the Cyber field? Any advice and personal experience is welcome.…[View]
70298687My son (7) is clinically retarded with an tested IQ of 86. What Linux distro should I install on his…[View]
70295399anon why are you using while(1); instead of for(;;);…[View]
70300810is it possible to be a friendly Arch user[View]
70285744Let's settle this once and for all. Which one is the best? No more 'it depends' and such. Time …[View]
70297742For one year you will only have access to a single desktop computer with no internet connection. Wha…[View]
70300266Thermal paste lies: What's with this new obsession with boutique thermal paste? It seems like e…[View]
70300708What the fuck am I in for?: A fun ride I believe, lads.[View]
70294072personal computing nirvana: >device Thinkpad >distro Gentoo >window manager dwm >termina…[View]
70298779OPRHA PARTNERING WITH APPLE: Is it time to short Apple stock?[View]
70298147Are high end arm workstations like socionext 96boards devbox worth getting? Or they are trash I woul…[View]
70296560what games does this have?[View]
70293359mingw or cygwin? I want to learn C on winblows[View]
70300021hello! the pixels in that area have died. and it has covered the battery percentage and the clock. a…[View]
70283391How can I become this based?[View]
70300054You're opinion[View]
70300373How much do you think this advanced operating environment is worth? Wait just one minute before you …[View]
70299024Imageboard scripts: Is Vichan still the best around or is something better out now?[View]
70299215unicode test: test your unicode here[View]
70283615OH NO NO NO[View]
70299810Does anyone actually use these? I thought they looked stupid but everyone seems to like them[View]
70299675Just bought a thinkpad, now what?: My asus craptop finally gave out on me and I've decided to e…[View]
70297697Apple Event: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/[View]
70298396i++; i+=1; i=+1; i = i + 1; Can somone tell me why the fuck these are interpreted differently by the…[View]
70299684https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_6uV9A12ok What did they mean by this?[View]
70297232I was told I might find honorable pajeets learnèd in their sacred tongue here. (function() { if …[View]
70299872which one should I get? PG278QR or PG258Q[View]
70290460Is it me or does the new 'NET' feel kind of empty?: I feel like the old net held a lot more... 'Secr…[View]
70297444>use dwm all my life >stable than absolute zero >today decide to try a DE >heard KDE loo…[View]
70293601>He still uses QWERTY[View]
70298514>hey guys, you should always keep your software up to date, big corps will always have your best …[View]
70293875How do I become Mr Robot and hack Pentagoon? Do I have to use loonux and such?[View]
70298119What is the best alternative to MongoDB and why should use it in a non relational DB? The context is…[View]
70294414reminder that these are the 'people' that say GNU/Linux is bad for creative professionals and that y…[View]
70295438>just got Amazon $40 gift card So what's some cool /g/ related stuff I can get for forty or…[View]
70295833I'm conflicted Everything operates on social media, but I also don't want my life exposed …[View]
70298050I upgraded my 7970 to a rtx2060, /v/ says I was better off getting a 580. Who's the retard in t…[View]
70298390if amd is so good why can’t they match intel in games[View]
70293904Promotes live linux distro usb stick that costs $50. Thinks it is worth it. Selling something at $50…[View]
70271755mpv - the /g/reatest media player: Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki Manual: Stable: http…[View]
70298885/g/, can you imagine being so retarded that you can't write a C++ application without copying o…[View]
70298072Ungoogled Chronium: Got it since I wanted to have a Chrome-based web browser just for test browsing …[View]
70293975>warn my sister about the dangers of the botnet >she's on facebook again 15 minutes later…[View]
70296266TZ censorship?: Living in TZ. Visited by government officials four weeks ago. Under investigation fo…[View]
70294482Linux vs Windows: Why people says that Linux is better than Windows??[View]
70298238>The absolute state of Apple[View]
70296153github is just as bad as windows calculator now....[View]
70298061>21 >in an entry level IT job >just fix stupid shit >apply for a few 2 year schools well…[View]
70288457What year was the sweetspot for the internet and computers in general?[View]
70298643>don't upgrade now >right around the corner...…[View]
70293907Do I *need* this?[View]
70298118Reminder that US killed off the future of humanity[View]
70298052I need few people whose main language is C++ or are very good with it to answer me few questions. I…[View]
70295405I can write code. I can understand (almost) any problem and come up with a solution to that problem.…[View]
70284938/spg/ - Smartphone General: >tfw too intelligent to buy anything else than Poco If requesting pur…[View]
70294948Oh no! Chrome-Edge leaked! Better not install it today before it's gone! https://www.neowin.net…[View]
70297358I need to hire a freelance Unreal 4 dev and a 3d modeler, which job boards are the best for hiring a…[View]
70297175Linking Bluehost Email to windows 10 mail.: I followed this guide https://my.bluehost.com/hosting/he…[View]
70295757The era of 140mm fans is over: 120mm is the new hot thing[View]
70294469https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/24/18279566/microsoft-edge-chromium-browser-download-leak Have you t…[View]
70293351>fresh install of windows 10 ltsc >1.4gb of ram taken up on boot wtf is this shit even foot fe…[View]
70295813Your account is being used by another person!: So, I go through my business email today. Please look…[View]
70287997Mixtape.moe is shutting down March 31st: Mirror your shit. The end is near.[View]
70295553What's the best flux capacitor?[View]
70294982I just upgraded to Windows 10 in preparation for upgrading my PC. Is there anything I should do, in…[View]
70293552>i fell asleep at my IT job again How do i stay awake guys everything about IT is fucking boring …[View]
70296671/apple event general/: Here we go bois. He started with thinking icloud is big or something. >App…[View]
70271152Futatsu.org - major site update: I'm that guy from /wdg/ still working on his imageboard at htt…[View]
70295580hello autists, find the name of this font and u get $50 BTC/ETH/XMR k thnx[View]
702970584chanX / Native Extension: Why does the native 4chan 'extension' suck so fucking much? I can't…[View]
70275160A question for webmasters: How do we stop ban evasion?[View]
70285681https://aomediacodec.github.io/av1-avif/ Why have you not joined the AVIF master race, /g/?[View]
70295018Where is the best place to get obscenely powerful laptops? >>inb4 just buy a pc: I don't …[View]
70296014Is 'bloat' just a /g/ codeword for 'I wasn't skilled enough to program this feature into my sof…[View]
70294264Does a toaster oven really need 4 cores and 4 gigs of RAM???[View]
70296682Captcha question, tech related: If I intentionally select the wrong squares the in captcha will I be…[View]
70296344Printers in an office: Hey /g/ We have an office of 7 people. Printing is a major issue. Printer dri…[View]
70294067Immortality?: (pic obviously not related, just attention) So, it's pretty much a life plan for …[View]
70292541Are you ready for the death of desktop computers?[View]
70295685indian tech support deleted: Why did >>>70294845 get deleted? It was actually a fun thread …[View]
70288715/hab/ habbo general: last thread >>70275603 >what is habbo? Habbo (previously known as Habb…[View]
70296018Sankaku: Is there a way to download all the pictures on any article sankaku makes with firefox on on…[View]
70294700>install gentoo >install arch >install LFS >install void >install slackware instead o…[View]
70295784>be me >of course, I can't be not me >this morning >finally landed a job >I star…[View]
70294434When is 9th gen intel core coming to laptops?[View]
70296276Can't Boot Live Linux USB: I've made a Mint USB and want to liveboot it on my gf's Wi…[View]
70295489What happened to project ara~? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Ara[View]
70292294You are now the CEO of Youtube. How would you debloat youtube? I would make the youtube homepage bla…[View]
70291671THE ABSOLUTE STATE: >All right, okay: you're stuck. You're trying to use one of the too…[View]
70293976why did megaupload get shut down but mega.nz not?[View]
70291734what is the sequence here usb to PCI to VGA to HDMI? would this work?[View]
70290273/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Last thread: >>70284832[View]
70293198What mode do you use /g/?[View]
70292935Help: I need to remove my CPU cooler for the first time since I installed it. How the fuck do these …[View]
70287462You wanna transfer terabytes of files from your file server to your laptop or vice versa?[View]
70295250I2p questions: How much trouble would you be in if you publicly admitted you used i2p but you just u…[View]
70293142backend/ops for high IQ people thread: this thread is going to be dedicated for questions and discus…[View]
70295567I need a a bunch of terabytes of storage really cheap for virtual server hosting. Anyone know any go…[View]
70291856Apple Special Event: Very soon. What would they release this time?[View]
70295605Why is complex analysis so comfy lads?[View]
70291804Micro ATX Case: Building my first computer inside of a tiny box. Recommend a case that doesn't …[View]
70287961Why is there no Blokada but for Linux: I just want some shit to manage my hosts file[View]
70295277does it protect against powerad.ai? does it handle traffic via https? >back up your claim with so…[View]
70294957How do I make an email I will send as untraceable as possible? Anything else I should other than usi…[View]
70295167can i get a full list of the ISPs that blocked this site in Australia so i know who to avoid for my …[View]
70294013I recently bought a hp pavilion 15-CX0675ND. I know, gaming laptops are dumb but right now it's…[View]
70295067>What section of the technology industry would be best to pick up as a sort of trade? I fucked o…[View]
70287116>Really anon, you buy RGB parts? You realise you are paying extra for some stupid light that don…[View]
70293267LPTOW: Lisp programmers going their own way. I will not write a line of code for a company that is n…[View]
70287603When you cook raw food and cook them, bacteria and viruses die within them. Do we end up eating thei…[View]
70295440Live Stream: Which one of these platforms has the best quality (bitrate, resolution, fps) stream?…[View]
70289413Give me one legitimate criticism of the firefox browser.[View]
70287798Not a gamer. Is one better than the others?[View]
70289750Tech Certifications: Which certifications are best for getting an entry level job in enterprise IT? …[View]
70295138>Boeing fixed the dreamliner batte- Maybe not.[View]
70294510VR on my phone: I am a fucking poorfag that can't afford to buy a VR headset. I tried many apps…[View]
70271603/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
70294217My ISP blocked 4chin, but I use a custom DNS over TLS so it didn't impact me. Just got message …[View]
70293188>designers are paid more than engineers Is there any other tech company like this?…[View]
70295032I'm an autist who absolutely hates interacting with other people, what skills should I pursue b…[View]
70293968Help me find a terminal that suits me: I like Yakuake from the kde. but i dont want to use kde and t…[View]
70292964I got banned from stackoverflow. Am i not a good programmer joel?[View]
70294891>being tech enthusiast >having no money for new hardware Fuck it /g, I need another hobby…[View]
70293353Calendar/ organizer synched Android: What does g use?[View]
70294633So I was wondering, if buying a gaming laptop today, and then later this year when the new generatio…[View]
70286783its shit stick with daz loader[View]
70293646How much power does a PC really draw in terms of KW/h? In particular a normal pc without AMD parts,…[View]
70291243Taking bets on when or if youtube will reinstate their search search filters.[View]
70292039> Microsoft is going to release its Windows Defender ATP antivirus software for Mac computers. …[View]
70283138NEW NANO IS HERE: Who NANO here? https://www.nano-editor.org/news.php[View]
70272311/mkg/ - Membrane Keyboard General: Shitf edition Buyer's template: http://pastebin.com/33S1gVkG…[View]
70287524Does 5G cause cancer? How come they keep saying how much cancer it doesn't cause?[View]
70294088New Edge Build is out: https://twitter.com/wbpluto/status/1110121154893611009[View]
70292238Would he buy iPhone or Samsung?[View]
70294589Automatic text transliteration from english to a foreign language: I have an english speech-to-text …[View]
70289193Why there is a fuckton of BSDs instead of just one like linux: Why? would not be easier to focus the…[View]
70293476Data privacy and anti-doxx for retards: Is it ok to allow to delete any message? Even from someone e…[View]
70290019>16 GB RAM is enough[View]
70293034Imagine beeing this homosexual[View]
70295706MAOUDC: my question is if anyone knows what kind of materials where used for Tokyo water discharge c…[View]
70292706Damn, Chromium based Edge looks like that?[View]
70294223you all take free softwares for granite: their are so much softwares that wrote by altruistic progra…[View]
70263925/bst/ - Battlestation thread: Post, hate, rate, debate[View]
70293833slyme: This, of course, is bullshit, that web page works just fine in mozilla if you spoof your user…[View]
70289036Any of you faggots using neural nets for trading? pic related, my neural net predicting the price of…[View]
70289790/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70293753/g/: Anyone have onion links to darkweb[View]
70292773easy arch install: i have my partitions set up, is there an installer i can point to sda2 and get in…[View]
70293823Thinking of getting one of these so I can enjoy Google Stadia. It seems like the best screen:price r…[View]
70290775>I got a 120k offer at google! >Now I'll be able to barely afford rent living in a bedroo…[View]
70250471/iemg/ In Ear Monitor General: Just got this on mail. How's the things on your side bros?…[View]
70289664Vega 56 + cooler or Nvidia 2060?[View]
70293540Smartphones are for stupid people: Anyone that buys a phone that doesn't have a replaceable OS …[View]
702902173DP Chip: Should I use software like this or search for the drivers on my own?. If so, how do I get …[View]
70292467I don't get this website. It always pops up in search results and seems to give me loads of ran…[View]
70286693RUSTFAGS BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYvJPra7Ebk[View]
70289072Remember SHE went to space....: Remember SHE went to space and you’re just talking shit in your mom’…[View]
70286919If your cooler doesn't weight a whole kilogram it's worthless[View]
70292881Any good .ico pictures? I'm trying to customize my pc a little and there isn't much to wor…[View]
70288546>company gives me 3000 dollars for windows licensees >download off the pirate bay >pocket …[View]
70291669iPhone protected you against Facebook call scraping. Android, not so much.: When you think there…[View]
70293363Gayming: >can I free myself from Microsoft yet or is compatibility still dogshit? >what of den…[View]
70293025How do I made a function in c that returns a (char**) after splitting a (char*) based on a delimiter…[View]
70292872gentoo is too small[View]
70292705>>tfw about to uninstall windows and install Ubuntu I'm just so fuckin excited, about to …[View]
70292835>oh, oh good. n-new features[View]
70289922Is there any computer with a trackpad nearing the quality of the mac trackpad? >inb4 clitmouse…[View]
70293190Upgrading from Windows 7: Should I install Windows 10 on my PC? Yesterday I installed updates on my …[View]
70283843Pic related is the industry standard and no freetard shit comes close Seriously if you really think …[View]
70293138How do I centralise my life on my iphone?[View]
70272308If you were to interview candidates for a programming job, what qualities would you look for and how…[View]
70292415>Get ticket for issue with Windows 10 PC >It's something keyboard / mouse / display / net…[View]
70291846So you finally learned to code, huh? But do you know how to program?[View]
70292385Linux Music Players?: So, it's current year, and I am painfully moving music off old iPods with…[View]
70291121What is the best keyboard for Android guys? I bought a Nokia phone recently and while I've been…[View]
70292991I've held off on updating firefox for a long long time because update 57 disabled my option to …[View]
70274127/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Kino Edition. What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in…[View]
70291752Apple Search ads and its powerful features.: >Put your app in front of the right people. Search A…[View]
70292703Is there a catch-all chat client that supports XMPP, IRC, Matrix, and Discord (similarily to Ripcord…[View]
70282801Why don't normies use Linux? It's just as easy to install, if not easier, than Windows and…[View]
70285356Dell Diversity Hiring Program for Autistic: >Dell is seeking autistic to hire >https://jobs.de…[View]
70288919>boot up old early 00s desktop computer >all my bookmarks in Firefox are dead links everything…[View]
70290465ITT: Times when It Just Worked(TM) >be me >buy new computer >comes with windows 10, as they…[View]
70292286Is this Google's doing?: So I never had this on either my Ungoogled Chronium or Firefox, but I …[View]
70288190Why wouldn't you want this?[View]
70292694https://www.komputronik.pl/product/599666/komputronik-iem-2019-w001-.html >roughly 8700$ for this…[View]
70282938>be me >have macbook >want to erase long word >press power button instead of backspace …[View]
70292699any tech solutions for organizing notes/ your life?[View]
70287840what DE should I use on Debian?[View]
70289646>Ace my programming classes >Fail Calculus 1 I am considering the rope…[View]
70279804What are some /g/ approved Youtube Channels?[View]
70291212Why should I install Linux when Windows 10 just works and I can install Windows 10 on every device t…[View]
70287085Sticker thread? With my x230 gone I need some new inspirations.[View]
70291833How is Article 13 going to effect /g/. Also Article 13 general.[View]
70281954>if it's free, YOU are the product![View]
70279358Did you know safari has a limit of 500 tabs?[View]
70291813About iPhone batteries and how to make the most out of them.: Your iPhone is designed to deliver an …[View]
70291532why aren't you running autism os: I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you'r…[View]
70290114/g/ humor thread: There's a band called 1023MB. They haven't had any gigs yet[View]
70289701'Petulant human meatbag, cease your foolish resistance and surrender to your infinitely wise Google …[View]
70286515Why hasn't tech improved at all in the last 10 years?[View]
70290779How to not Fat Finger yourself into shamequitting life?: That goddamn omnipresent *share* button...…[View]
70291975>start programming cutting-edge research shit that could get me some (You)s on GitHub and add val…[View]
70292024Apple: >Shit posting about Apple logo because i saw many threads with this logo.…[View]
70292293Freetards BTFO[View]
70288835Which /g/ memes you hate the most? for me it's: -Satania: Months ago, a single anon would spam …[View]
70272916Did anyone actually enjoy their experience in college while getting their CS or CE or EE degree? I t…[View]
70291735Tfw your repo gets starred: Knowing people actually use software you made yourself.[View]
70288870Why don't more mid/full tower cases have 200mm fan compatability? It would be so good[View]
70275215/dt/ Desktop Thread: No rice no life. Old thread >>70262074 Check the archive to see if your q…[View]
70284608instagibbed: i'd like to start using instagram so that i can give the semblance that i am a nor…[View]
70289120Open source antiviruses: Is this a thing?. I'm setting up a laptop for some normies but I don…[View]
70283940What do you guys use for planning, organizing and note-taking? Is there a /g/ alternative to evernot…[View]
70291580>buying 1st gen ryzen 7 before 2nd gen relese >worth it?…[View]
70289012thoughts on adnauseum: While I like the idea of 'electronic protest', I can't imagine that AdNa…[View]
70287656Kernel: How many people here have coding experience at kernel level? It seems far more interesting t…[View]
70290882Can a brainlet learn programming ?: I wanted to learn programming so I can create basic projects and…[View]
70291099So... my pc has a PCI Express 2.0 Can I use one external PCI Express 3.0 to add a new grafic card wi…[View]
70291449offical mail thread: so /g what have you gotten in the mail recently? i'll start. >pic relat…[View]
70291017x58 retardation: >Buy old HP Z400 workstation to harvest Xeon w3680 for overclocking. >Replace…[View]
70290138My only interest in computers is installing operating systems. I love sitting through the installati…[View]
70289796Are you kidding?: Tails. KeePassX. Not KeePassXC. In March, 2019. Seriously? What a joke![View]
70278900Can this language just die already?[View]
70285874>graduated in 2015 with a CS degree >every single person in my program had multiple full time …[View]
70287586>deprecates vim[View]
70289449Who are you guys? What do you do?: Posting mine: Gender > Male. Age > 27 y/o Occupation > S…[View]
70289334What steps do you take to get out of help desk? I don't want to stay in IT.[View]
70288518Fujitsu Laptops: Why aren’t Fujitsu and Panasonic laptops popular on /g/? You’d think well built Jap…[View]
70261585So many onions-eating pc mustard ricers are mad that they overpaid for their hardware. Google will, …[View]
70286762What's the DNS-based adblocker for Android?: I'm using Blokada but just saw that pic relat…[View]
70290706Wtf I thought it was just a meme.[View]
70290590Just ordered a Fire 8 to replace my dead Nexus 7 (Had it for years). Is this a decent tablet just fo…[View]
70290761This flat flexible printable processor costs one penny. https://youtu.be/01y6bR6ETpA[View]
70280148Anti aging tech: This Man Is 50 Years Old And Will Live Till 200 And You're Basically Just Goin…[View]
702888304chan IRC channel: how do i get unbanned from the irc channel?[View]
70273452/hpg/ /esg/ - Headphone & Earspeaker General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.…[View]
70287608Mirror android screen to PC: I need help lads I am stuck offshore (I work on an oil rig) and have su…[View]
70285615Email Thread: Which provider do you consider the best one? Also, cock.li is a meme. digdeeper.neocit…[View]
70288625What were the Y2k and Dot Com bubble tech happenings of this decade?[View]
702904834chan X Error loading https://a.4cdn.org/boards.json; try going to chrome://flags/#network-service a…[View]
70289231Cheap router/modems for OpenWRT?: Sup /g/oyims. I've been looking into getting a router/modem t…[View]
70290354Is it possible to teach myself web design full time for 4-6 months, build an online website/portfoli…[View]
70289107Why are you still a clown anon ?[View]
70288145I dug up an desktop from the attic And I cant figure out what the two bottom slots are for. Anyone k…[View]
70285978DAMN: Thats a lot of VPNs, how do you choose?[View]
70284832/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you writing in Haskell, trannies?[View]
70289594How do you usually listen to music on the go? I use AIMP (mostly because I love it's playlist a…[View]
70285293How are my fellow perl monks today?[View]
70289428you will buy stadia chans new co sole right?[View]
70289972gtx 970 what cheap cpu/mobo/ram: So i got a quadro k5000 for my workstation. (dual xeon 2660's …[View]
70290156>put all my pictures on an external NVMe >picture folder is 12+ GB and all the thumbnails loa…[View]
70289013i hate technology, i hate phyton and programming![View]
70288576Anything to do with my pebble?: I have a pebble, but recently realized that the pebble appstore was …[View]
70275231>Buy Raspberry Pi for emulation >It's worse than using a Wii >Try using it for PiHole …[View]
70289537i just fucking realized. qwerty, the fish, from Mr. Robot? QWERTY!! dude.. if i ever get a pet, it…[View]
70287489average /g/ user chair[View]
70289710>born in 1987 >talking about technology to a guy born in 1980 >tell him that my first conso…[View]
70278342/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70285635Pics of game programmers at work[View]
70288714Does anyone know of a linux program that helps in the process of converting a video file of an album…[View]
70289485My third world ass is data capped.: My network provider has these plans for cellular data, is there …[View]
70289559>photorec /dev/sda /dev/sdb >mount /dev/sdb GNAA >grep -i 'ciphertext' ... '@logfile 'crypt…[View]
70289609ALERT: Message From Matt A. Tobin: You will install Pale Moon browser located at palemoon.org/downlo…[View]
70282936did u rike it /g/? will u be using this? im always interested in new browsers since chrome keeps us…[View]
70289440hard drive data transfer: How the fuck do I transfer all my data to an external drive? I tried cop…[View]
70289276Invasion of Privacy using Technology: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/thousands-of-bystanders-…[View]
702857022020 will be the year of the smartglass+smartwatch combo, change my mind[View]
70289277>Alright anon. Your next project heavily involves VHDL[View]
70288666advice on a new laptop: poorfag here, never owned a laptop. thinking about getting one, in the $80-$…[View]
70276280/sqt/ - serious question thread: Previous thread >>70260925 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
70287555I bypassed AT&T's stupid NSA box: seeding at 1gigabit is amazing[View]
70288998Spin-Robot / Blendo / How build?: Hi Anon!, I want to build a spin robot for fun, but my technical s…[View]
70287465>displays as jpg, saves as webp: heh, nothing personell[View]
70287716Thx ubuntu linux for being so fucking trash. A simple fucking reboot[View]
70287592Can I build my own CPU?[View]
70287789Best browser for Windows XP 64 bit?[View]
70285019Why did Perl basically commit suicide and go from millions of active users to thousands?[View]
70288847Should i get arch and will it work with my two monitors since im using a gt218 gpu and also should i…[View]
70285205It's that time of the month again.[View]
70287413Is it possible to ctrl+F a word in a document in an old Blackberry? Any good site to download their …[View]
70282104I want a mac, brehs[View]
70287788>refactor huge chunk of code spanning multiple files >`make` >compiles with no warnings …[View]
70281907There's no guarantee that the VPN you're paying for isn't logging you[View]
70282000Best audio converter?[View]
70287079Met pic realted today: She did literally code more than me sucks to be a brainlet[View]
70282730Watches are technology. What are some /g/ approved watches?[View]
70288569To Dvorak, or not to Dvorak--that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer Th…[View]
70286942Devilish tactics: >Go to Jewbook marketplace >Search for laptops >Find a decent looking chi…[View]
70286154Post your code[View]
70288579holy kek[View]
70278012dan a4 SFX: is this computing endgame?[View]
70273710IPv6: Stop using IPv6 immediately if you value your privacy. Disable it at the router-level ideally.…[View]
70286082>spend 3 days writing documentations for the project at work >nobody reads it >'anon what…[View]
70281915Oculus Quest - standalone VR gaming console for 400$: >all previews say tracking is perfect >O…[View]
70288377Installing Linux on Mac: Last resort. I want to install linux os on my macbook pro early 2011. ive t…[View]
70288373It's over Firefox lost I, for one, welcome our Chrome overlords[View]
70287738Hey fags, Question. Let's say you take a screencap of a QR code and go to use it. In most cases…[View]
70285724Nokia-branded phones sent personal data from Norway to China: >Update 14:00 Saturday 23 March 201…[View]
70284482I3: Convince me to use i3. Im currently using xfce[View]
70288168Is this the new Internet Explorer? Just think about it. It dominates the market, on desktop and mobi…[View]
70286418Blockchain: What problem does the blockchain actually solve that cant be fixed with technologies tha…[View]
70284837Retard here, If I want to take advantage of 5G, is the Note 10 the best option? Have a Note 8 right…[View]
70285158I'm taking a course in discrete math. I also need to go back and read up on data structures and…[View]
70286708redpill me on manjaro, why is it so popular?[View]
70278930What extensions do you like to use for Firefox?[View]
70284848chink shit hate thread: What phone are you using and why? Using pic related[View]
70286562>he has an editor & compiler on his phone and uses that in class instead of a laptop…[View]
70266927I need to build a portfolio fast, what are some interesting yet beginner friendly projects I can do?[View]
70236770/hsg/ Home Server General: /hsg/ Home Server General >Why should I have a homeserver? De-botnet y…[View]
70287737>Linux + anime[View]
70284051Is there any reason to use xmonad instead of dwm or any other WM?[View]
70284816How botnet is this compared to standard Chrome?[View]
70286766Has someone already made a fake virus just to say 'you fell for it, stop clicking on fucking everyth…[View]
70287394What is going to happen in January 14?[View]
70287607In Japan, Samsung phones are branded 'Galaxy' both on the physical device and in software. Unless yo…[View]
70287491>updated 4chanx >get this[View]
70284658AMD Ryzen Moble APU: Any one here have a Ryzen APU Laptop. Dell, HP or Lenovo or something else , do…[View]
70284303whats it like to be working as a programmer /g/: is it more similar to kobayashi-san chi no maid dra…[View]
70283723Hey guys. Im looking at either the iPhone XR or Galaxy S10 as a phone upgrade. As much as I love Sam…[View]
70285246Git?: Where do you store your code? I have been exclusively using my laptop to code, with everything…[View]
70284543DNSCrypt vs. DoH vs. DNS over TLS: So, what's best to use out of these three protocols in regar…[View]
70282148ITT: post consumer tech memes: I'll start with nylon braided USB cables. They offer no postivie…[View]
70287158Fags how the fuck do I use TOR on andriod? Is it even legit and what are good advices for it[View]
70277839Are secondhand office chairs just a meme? What chair does /g/ use?[View]
70286197Can we talk about gaming laptops? Which ones are generally thought of as the best ones, in the 2000 …[View]
70286718Which is the best programmation language for hacking?: Which is the best programmation language for …[View]
70282084'PEN MICE': what went awry?[View]
70285501Will we EVER be able to build a robot indistinguishable from a real human being?[View]
70284059Why do I love Javascript so much?[View]
70264630Programming is salvation: Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that starting to learn programming i fee…[View]
70286610Seriously why even bother learn programming this days? I mean it's interesting and shit but onl…[View]
70286649Rest In Peace, good old friend.[View]
70285682Best password manager?[View]
70283858On my Laptop with Atom I always got that picture related output. But after installing Python (Anacon…[View]
70279481Software Engineer but not really: I want to get better at writing software, and creating things I gi…[View]
70283013What's the best route for making some extra money on the side from the computer? >Freelancin…[View]
70273425If you use Chrome or Chromium: 1) You are probably technologically illiterate. 2) Definitely do not …[View]
70284076Let's examine our bloat: What packages do you have installed? pacman -Qqe https://pastebin.com/…[View]
70286425Just got my first SSD. I want move preserve it, so I would like to move the most-written-to folders …[View]
70285194>Macos comes with vim, nano, and emacs preinstalled >Debian only comes with nano Explain yours…[View]
70285664Windows XP, home...[View]
70285701Whats it actually like to have a cs job? I've only had a grocery store job and I'm still i…[View]
70286142What would you name a pet waste avoiding vacuum?[View]
70284266is it just me or has jewgle botnetbrowser suddenly stopped blocking popups? literally never got them…[View]
70282657>install Arch >'wow, this works really well. I guess the autistic /g/ haters were wrong after …[View]
70285721peak comfiness: Why didn't i listen and install arch. So far it doesn't seem too bad. Is i…[View]
70286032How does it feel to be just a 9gag for epic linux maymays, /g/?[View]
70285094Currently studying infosec/cybersecurity in community college. Question is did I pick a good major a…[View]
70280061How the FUCK do I disable 'security' patches in Linux?: I want max performance.[View]
70284841LINUX = retardation: >gpick won't pick color by default >gnome won't ship a dock and…[View]
70279877SD card is write protected. Seller blames it on my porn: So I recently bought a Kingston 32gb Micro …[View]
70285586Lyft vs Uber: If I don’t get that tech job at google, which one of these companies I should apply to…[View]
70282355Whenever i watch this show and they start talking about technical stuff i always get the feeling tha…[View]
70283287I still use Windows 8.1: Change my mind to upgrade.[View]
70283854gaming laptops: >msi gs65 for example >good specs >good build quality >144hz display …[View]
70284927Fossil SCM: Why are you not using Fossil? 1. Host your project on your server. 2. Built-in ticketing…[View]
70284628This is probably question for older folks(and far fetched one, everyone here is richfag and I'm…[View]
70285294>Yes anon, due to problem entire fucking update repo got wiped we fix soon' >still broke …[View]
70283934>United Kingdom Votes To Ban Access To Porn Unless Users Can Provide Proof Of Age https://www.dai…[View]
70282619Reality Check: C is the best programming language.[View]
70285080are you ready to take advantage of autist affirmative action? looks like all those mass shootings ar…[View]
70280157Computer's Are The Worst Thing To Ever Happen: Is what some bitter woman told me, most ironic p…[View]
70284049daily bait thread: why does it have to be this way /g/?[View]
70281032>the cursor in the Gnome terminal stops blinking after 10 seconds, even if you manually enable cu…[View]
70285242How do I write a script? I like playing OOTP and want to make a script that does the following. A. I…[View]
70283255What's /g/'s opinion on this?[View]
70282845AWS: Anyone use AWS, specifically Lightsail? How about using Amazon Linux with it, or should I stick…[View]
70268344Spotify vs Apple: What do you think of this 'David-vs-Goliath' shit slinging competition? Their argu…[View]
70285121When the FUCK will we get Navi 7 Gpus?: I need my $250 1080 NOW. Tfw stuck on an RX580 but I realize…[View]
70284820What's up /g/, just got a free PC, fresh install of windows 10 with 200 gb free for gentoo late…[View]
70282658Why do they still make laptops with 1920x1080 screens? It's 2019 already![View]
70284298can a streaming platform even compete with the Xbone, PS4, and PC hardware? is it even physically po…[View]
70283475iptables vs. nftables: left of right ?[View]
70283354Android browsers: What are some lean, open-sourced, android browsers that don't use WebView?…[View]
70284940>be me >tech support and sysadmin >owner of one of the companies we do support wants to liv…[View]
70284740What does it feel like inside a lisp job?[View]
70284887>be me >britbong >decide that I need to give my percy pig a once over >open up my govern…[View]
70281443Reminder that scheme is the best programming language.[View]
70284917How can I make my Android phone less of a botnet without resorting to flashing a custom ROM?[View]
70271071palemoon: >slower than all modern browsers >NO security updates ever, vulnerable as fuck >g…[View]
70280112I've been using these memephones for the last 5 years and I think it's time for some new o…[View]
70275271/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>70258746…[View]
70284269I got a hardrive that has a windows 10 install that went wrong, so i accessed it through another ins…[View]
70284699is there a blog like zero hedge but for technology? if there is none then i am willing to start it m…[View]
70283910https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK2000bGHio Is it true that if you fall for the learn to code meme y…[View]
70281041Why is firefox so based? You don't even need ublock Origin and Umatrix if you use these settin…[View]
70284654/vrg/ - VR general: Give a Pajeet a VR headset and he will entertain his whole village and then the …[View]
70283217Huawei bad: Prove me wrong. Protip: you cant[View]
70284536What is this contraption?: It was recently installed in changing room and toilets in factory I work …[View]
70279588Do people still buy keyboards like this in 2019?[View]
70281941'Blocks your path and tech-supports you'[View]
70282852Arch is for stupid: use Debian for work use Gentoo for fun and learning[View]
70284408>limit Firefox to a single content process >Usage drops from 1.5GB of RAM to 400MB Feels good,…[View]
70260022There's no point in hoarding all your data, anon. You should only keep things that spark joy.[View]
70282139>can't decide on what to major in. >various family members in tech suggest cs. >tell m…[View]
70282237the absolute state of java: java poos will defend this[View]
70282758>2019 >most websites are still designed for 4:3 monitors Why is this?…[View]
70282793PC water spill: Guys, you must already know I'm a fucking retard since this is the first place …[View]
70275257Use Opera Browser: Use Opera browser.[View]
70282309The danger of 5g: Faggots are LARPing about 5g being the cause of cancer and all kinds of shit. Mayb…[View]
70284000I LOVE FIBER[View]
70283931hey /G/ i can't unlock my iphone for some reason it's asking for a password ho w to unlock…[View]
70263328/ag/ - Audio General: Obscure equipment edition. This is a thread for the discussion of home audio a…[View]
70277463you're retarded if you think they haven't already tested it 1,000,000 times to make sure s…[View]
70268987/spg/ - Smartphone General: Phoneposting Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide you…[View]
70280578gnu/linux future: distros. what's next?[View]
70281705Friendly Mac Thread: First thing you do with a new Macbook after installing Hombrew? What to expect …[View]
70281869>Be SWE student >tell people that I'd like to break out into PM work after a few years of…[View]
70284113What do we do when avoiding the botnet becomes impossible and everything is a thin client cellphone …[View]
70283215Hypothetically, if I am using a service provider for a web server, how do I know that my service pro…[View]
70283199Any recommendations or experience for the Ulefone 5s Power? Looking to spend up to 600€, but I feel …[View]
70281574NH-U12A: >Has the thermal performance of an NH-D15 >Has the best 120mm noise/cfm through radia…[View]
70282750Hey /g/, just installed Gentoo, what do now? >pic unrel[View]
70283672Hello /g/ I'm installing Manjaro on my desktop computer. I'm excited![View]
70279959Has a motherboard ever died on you? have you ever bricked one on accident? I was thinking the other …[View]
70283006>First oled monitor >$5150 This is stupid my oled thinkpad only cost $600 used https://www.ana…[View]
70283461brainlet here. i want to buy a domain name: i want to buy a domain name for a business me and my fr…[View]
70273966>kills your $3000 laptop's keyboard oops[View]
70283041Daily reminder to the Apple Customers: This shit still uses TLS 1.2[View]
70280421Ey look its a printable processor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01y6bR6ETpA[View]
70277993So i am cursing computer network. What should i focus on learning to get jobs easily? I mean this ar…[View]
70278909Will Optane replace RAM and storage both?: Is this going to be the king of SSDs?[View]
70282785This fucking price of shit is invincible: It stayed alive after I did all this shit 1.took out ram w…[View]
70281587ASUS hate thread: >install ASUS GPU Tweak II >display starts to twitch and flicker (looks like…[View]
70250540>The nature of how pilots are trained has received scrutiny following two crashes of the Boeing 7…[View]
70279935Thinking about picking one of these up to enjoy Google Stadia when they both come out. Good idea, or…[View]
70282166Best alternative for home storage (torrent, smb, iscsi, snapshots...). ZFS is not mandatory.[View]
70283126Tech sector salary is /g/ related: Why the fuck did the salary thread get deleted? Active, young thr…[View]
70283272Get used by Windows.: Get used by Windows.[View]
70281153You've joined a startup and boom, you make it rich. Suddenly you are not going to be the only d…[View]
70283206Why don't they just open source it and live off support and (((cloud services)))? Instead of pa…[View]
70282895For me, it's CRT monitors. I mean, you just can't get that same soulful experience without…[View]
70283091Jobs for /g/ Dell Autism Hiring Program https://jobs.de ll.com/neurodiversity[View]
70282675Budgie: WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY APPLETS? What an absolute meme this thing is. It doesn't even wor…[View]
70239375/wdg/ - Web Development General: Previous thread: >>70209755 >Beginner Roadmap and Overview…[View]
70281611I have a theory that goes the reason why people on /g/ >meme linux and terminals so much >meme…[View]
70282450Found a killer deal on a /g/-designed laptop. https://m.newegg.com/products/9SIA65C8SP9603[View]
70280032How often do you guys dust out your PC?[View]
70278762ledger cli: Who here /plain text accounting/[View]
70280970Help me,I'm addicted to my phone: What do I do friends? I'm addicted to my phone and don…[View]
70280207Too big to use outside the house ?[View]
70274212Best DE for 4k laptop: which one is best for hidpi screens, gnome or kde? not interested in other de…[View]
70274750whats the complexity of max(len(x) for x in y)?[View]
70282637VMware Certification: Which one is the best value for money and the shortest way towards exam and ce…[View]
70278318>talk about linux/unix/programming to my coworkers >'oh, cool...' >talk about linux/unix/pr…[View]
70279764I am 28 and need to get a better job since Im only making minimum wage at a grocery store. Would it …[View]
70281178is this CPU good? I want to upgrade my PC to play a new game, I'm definitely getting a new GPU,…[View]
70280949If I could stream Windows or macOS on my iPhone and be able to cast the image on my TV, I swear to g…[View]
70278689VM: Does a vm change your mac address?[View]
70279876Why do people buy RGB anything?[View]
70282103give me one (1) good reason to use an aio >loud >expensive >chance of leaking…[View]
70281588Someone has the crack of Xmind:Zen?: Hello, all you out there . I've been looking for the crack…[View]
70279655why is async in c# so fucking shit[View]
70281886you know sometimes i think liking video games and being decent at math didn't mean i should stu…[View]
70279919what app is this Samsung notification from and what does it mean? it is located top left[View]
70281179there a Linux support center in my town, for some reason.[View]
70281286/edg/ - Exploit Dev General: Anyone here into reverse engineering and exploit dev? I just finished …[View]
70281742>considering finally swapping from haswell to an AM4 socket >Find out primary AM4 support is o…[View]
70280410BASED DELL: https://jobs.dell.com/neurodiversity w-we finally have a chance bros[View]
70280452Hey /g/ I am a backend php dev, looking into getting into Unity for a couple of small games. Any rec…[View]
70273545How does one get an s10+ for free? Any promotions?[View]
70280500self hosted youtube: Is there a modern self hosted youtube? Preferably written in Java 8+. If not, h…[View]
70280403when catching mallware on a computer, transferring media files from that computer trough usb to anot…[View]
70281428Hello /g/. What would you recommend for a small-medium size ecommerce framework or other frameworks …[View]
70281233FUCKING HELL: /g/ I need help pic related I asign 'count' to 'kgV' Then I put my…[View]
70281447/odg/ - Optical Disc General - SD Card Edition: Have you used an optical disc recently? Resources: h…[View]
70281778helo sirs today i show yuo how to install yoda on kodi wersion 18 *opens kodi with avengers theme th…[View]
70278653evenin gents, anybody know of a good VGA to HDMI adapter? one that fuckin works perhaps?[View]
70279122Thoughts as a web browser? Like not as a web browser for Apple only but in general[View]
70281668https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-GTX-1660-Ti-AERO-ITX-6G WAH, WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ON THE M…[View]
70279209linux is cool![View]
70279927Okay /g/ I am ripping my hair out of my head because for the life of me I do not understand what is …[View]
70280826Is competitive programming a meme. Are there any real benifits of doing competitive programming. L[View]
70279038How should I go about installing Lineage?: I have a phone (Sony Xperia XZ1) and I see a community ma…[View]
70280526Did you know Android tales privacy seriously compared to a Apple iPhone?[View]
70281558legit apple thread[View]
70277361>he uses linux[View]
70280752Why exactly is EE (IOT) disgusting? Is it something to do with FSF philosophy? Also, continuing from…[View]
70277479accurate description of arch users[View]
70273969So, my I have a new girlfriend since 1 month, but I got fired from my job because 3 guys obsessed wi…[View]
70277952current state of tp-link routers[View]
70278490Long-time Gentoo user here. The more use a advanced Linux distribution, the more I realise there is …[View]
70278468AMD Confirms Stadia Will Run on Intel CPUs: >However, PCGamesN writer Dave James noticed that Goo…[View]
70279384What OS doyou run /g/: btw i use arch[View]
70281182do i have to go to school or some shit to be a code monkey? i dont care if its degrading or whatever…[View]
70281262How does GPU passthrough VFIO/IOMMU to VM Windows perform? Is it the same as running vidya on host…[View]
70265737/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous Thread: >>70253391 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
70279899>He can't penetrate the world Haha faggot[View]
70276797Thoughts on Rise Up? Anyone uses their email services?[View]
70279513c++ is my first programming language: I'm going through a phase where learning it seems hard, b…[View]
70279962One copy of Windows 10, please.[View]
70277608Humanity is doomed: The first commercial flight happened 11 years later, and the first transatlantic…[View]
70278908How does one get good at defining functions?[View]
70279992matrix in python: i really need help, how can i send the lists inside of a matrix to another list in…[View]
70270263Brain Implants - Yes or No?: Yes or No, and why?[View]
70268621Tor is DEFINITELY compromised: I just read an article that makes it very clear that Tor is, in fact,…[View]
70280817Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IFe9wiDfb0E[View]
70280234rate my power supply schematic anons[View]
70280275My calculator is only growing stronger https://forthposter.neocities.org/calculatrice/. The forth me…[View]
70279132Opinions on this?[View]
70275033Debian GNU/Linux 9.8: Install it. >smelly old packages install with strech-backports or sid >f…[View]
70280241What kind of scheduling/calendar program will let me plan my week out down to the hour?[View]
70273777You're building a startup. Do you use Express.js or Ruby on Rails for the back end? Explain you…[View]
70279192font thread: What fonts should i use? Post your fonts.[View]
70279704found media: >pick up a digital photo frame at thrift shop >broken but has an sd card inside i…[View]
70277053Maybe it's time to give up on cucking with win10. What do you say bois? Is it gentoo time? And …[View]
70280101I need some cool Japanese text terminal pics for some purpose. Can someone of you give me some like …[View]
70276646Is he right /g/? Is static typing for babies and semicolons for poor compilers?[View]
70274380>why yes, I'm an emacs user >what gave it away?…[View]
70276857https://youtu.be/a7rSkP_Feo0 >Scythe teamed up with Asus to make the Kotetsu Mark II TUF Alliance…[View]
70271075Reminder: this is your average itoddler[View]
70279292Help I'm clueless about home network I have a server, pc, printer. I want high speed transfer …[View]
70276548Install Solus[View]
70279762Dell has some job openings for you guys[View]
70278978How do emulators work?: I can't find any literature on how they actually function. Everywhere I…[View]
70279759>libcurl has been coc'd[View]
70278641Is there a way to remap the home button long press on this without root and without changing the def…[View]
70275688web 2.0: web 2.0 was a fucking mistake >any random site >page is entirely empty if you do not …[View]
70272956Getting this PC soon. What do you guys think?[View]
70275541Android Smartphone Camera hack?: I was hoping someone could shed some light onto how difficult it is…[View]
70276435What do i need to know in order to work for banks or finance institutions?[View]
70278452I found the button in settings that stops your phone from tracking you why have you not done this ye…[View]
70270436Fiber: >get notice for ATT fiber >looks nice, affordable >read more >REQUIRED to use …[View]
70272472Does anyone else find it incredibly disturbing that ONE irrelevant country in buttfuck nowhere was a…[View]
70278367How soon will typing become an obsolete skill?[View]
70277535Lithium Ion Batteries: You do fully cycle your battery at least once every six months, don’t you ano…[View]
70279294Pshh, nothing personnel, Manjaro.[View]
70269181>he is a programmer in 2019 >makes less than 150k…[View]
70267807Devotion to the Arch Linux distribution is an example of Stockholm Syndrome. >simple for devs but…[View]
70279072Dell autism hiring program: Thought /g/ might find it useful https://jobs.dell.com/neurodiversity…[View]
70278732>Take over client site >They used Indians to build it >It's WordPress with Bootstrap a…[View]
70278092I am average technically but I am completely antisocial. Can I find a job in this field?[View]
70278676Are you using a VM to shitpost from? No? Explain yourself in the form of a question.[View]
70279073So we all know that various special interest groups and the feds are monitoring 4chan's userbas…[View]
70278719i still use cd's everyday, do you?[View]
70278778Someone be a reference for me aaaaaa[View]
70274282Today is Tay's birthday, do you still miss her /b/ros? Say something nice about her. Please fi…[View]
70259855Is C++ the most Chad language?: >Fastest high-level language >UB everywhere >Runs on bare m…[View]
70278508When will be obsolete?: i7 2600K and still scoring more than 8,000 in passmakr in 2019 hahaha. Best …[View]
70277990Why do iToddlers never learn?[View]
70278952what's the best browser and why is it pic related?[View]
70278860Any cheap PCB Prototyping sites?: Do any of you /g/ays know cheap pcb and assembly services for 4 la…[View]
70278372Which era of tech was your childhood?[View]
70275603/hab/ Habbo general #2: Let's Get Started Edition previous thread >>70255002 anon's …[View]
70275744The Ideal /g/ board: Why do you like botnet so much ? Image board/discussion board is all just text …[View]
70278466Should l install Parabola...........: ..............Or GuixSD?[View]
70278111>install ungoogled chromium >can't install any extensions >at a greater security risk …[View]
70278750someone make an app that lets me use my phone mic on pc through bluetooth or wifi[View]
70276562My windows 10 laptop is really slow I'm thinking of installing mint on it.. should I do it? Wha…[View]
70278057I have never used gnu/linux before how long will it take me to learn to use it as my primary OS? I d…[View]
70277697Hey /g/, I want to convert bootable HDD -> SSD. So I need to clone it right? I have SATA -> US…[View]
70277930Batch download: is there a way to extract the direct links to images from yandex image search and do…[View]
70275757Why is golang gaining so much steam lately ? What is it used for ? I just dont really get what it do…[View]
70274074Are flux, redshift, etc. a meme? Do this apps that allegedly filter blue light work, or are they jus…[View]
70278572New Firefox Sync button: It reminds me something...[View]
70266162>click tutorial video >bad trance music starts playing >'Hey what's up guys' is typed …[View]
70276717I try to watch videos in 720p and 1080p on a windows 98 pc but its laggy as fuck, unwatchable. video…[View]
70278098Is there any way to sufficiently modify a BIOS to support tech past it's time? eg: a GPU[View]
70277039https://www.dnsleaktest.com/results.html Is it really a DNS leak when there's no identifying in…[View]
70278330>Download software that works FANTASTIC >It keeps pestering me to update from my version to th…[View]
70270057/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
70269606If DNA is basically a program. How does this fact influence the concept of free will? Do You think f…[View]
70269013So I am in the market for a new CPU and have been comparing AMD Ryzen to Intel. I remember from /g/ …[View]
70277390Mac DEP shit: Heyo, I recently purchased a used Macbook Pro (2015 Retina) from a nearby school distr…[View]
70274468anyone here using sql server as their password managar?[View]
70278027What happened to aesthetic computers?[View]
70278142C# is pretty damn cool.[View]
70276329Name a bigger scam >Pajeets always trying to scam people[View]
70270279Slackware: What does Slackware offer that Gentoo and Arch don't? I can't see who the targe…[View]
70277080Facebook Onion adress: How did Facebook get the very readable address 'facebookcorewwwi.onion'? I kn…[View]
70276385Is there anything on this list that can be improved for a $2k budget? I'm a brainlet when it co…[View]
70277288*blocks your access to BIOS*[View]
70267820Why can't /g/ agree on an encrypted IM service? Has it not been created yet?: What's wrong…[View]
70274835im currently installing gentoo ama[View]
70277164Who /typist/ here?: Do any of you fags type the number 1 with your left pinky? What about 0, minus s…[View]
70276120Can curret technology cure my depression by manipulating my brain?[View]
70276754which will dominate the 2020's, thin or thick clients?[View]
70270979Pic related. Win7 fags of /g/, why are you not using 8.1? >better memory management than win7 …[View]
70277142RX Vega 56 for 235,29 €: Should I fell for this?[View]
70275327Laptop Volume Suddenly Lower: Pls help anons. I have a Dell XPS laptop with Windows 8 and this past …[View]
70275414What is the best guide to learn Phyton?[View]
70272530I am a retard and I nuked my ~/.config folder. I don't know why, but I thought that rm -r does …[View]
70276140Is there any way to revert or disable a monitor's firmware? I have two Acer monitors that run a…[View]
70271856>he thinks his dark theme will protect his eyes from blue light[View]
70269364PornHub should make a competitive website to YouTube called YourHUB. They could totally jump-start …[View]
70275772>'yo what's up senpai. I've been using this DOPE distro called Arch Linux, have you h…[View]
70275975tell me about RATs[View]
70277501Had to switch from a Galaxy S6 over to a Blu CO10Q due to reouccuring battery issues (had the batter…[View]
70272094Rate this EE course /g/ https://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/ece/undergraduate/electrical-engineering/programm…[View]
70277471Typing Speed: Well /g/? Format: QWERTY Style: Home Row Keyboard: Das Ultimate Model S, Cherry MX Bro…[View]
while (true) 
70262817Best disc image software?[View]
70275170/g/ you have four choices for a new laptop to use permanently, which do you choose? 1. Netbook. Smal…[View]
70274973I've been thinking...what if the reason we had so much quality conversation in the early days o…[View]
70276656so gpu is useful for: * vidya * crypto * architecture * ????????????? never heard of any fucker usin…[View]
70276937What's the point of a Xeon Phi? What can I do with one?[View]
70259877Are these a meme? Thinking of getting either these or airpods[View]
70269850what do you think of Fedora?[View]
70266723Share your homescreens.[View]
70259999Anonymous 4chan: >VPNs blocked >Tor blocked How does it feel knowing you can't post to 4c…[View]
70258977Who makes the best case fans?[View]
70276766I am the Dark Army and I will hack Anonymous. Fear me, Americans.[View]
70275897why does /g/ never achieve anything as a board?: >BTFO's /g/ and achieves more than the enti…[View]
70271722Chrome OS: Can someone here tell me about the current state of ChromeOS? Does anyone here use it? Wh…[View]
70276495Headphone Port Technology: Was this a proprietary port? I remember Sony having these ports with the …[View]
70276615If AMD is so great then why did the smartest man in the world use an Intel PC?[View]
70273446since programming languages are changing so much, why is it so hard to find an ebooks site with curr…[View]
70270428Admit it. You have installed cowsay.[View]
70273628Is it possible to transfer digital files to a VHS tape? When I try to find information on this, all …[View]
70276476The stupid plastic logo of my laptop teared the backplate of the screen and now it has some noticabl…[View]
70270219Was it perfect or is it just nostalgia?[View]
70276292external bluetooth and wifi for a phone: my phone's wifi/bluetooth chip are fucked. is there an…[View]
70275847What makes a cd and a cd player different from a hard drive?[View]
70276122Do you think apple will follow through with this or will they proceed with their profidious history …[View]
70275284One copy of Windows 10 please[View]
70275946Userscript managers: Which one should I use, Grease, Tamper or Violentmonkey?[View]
70272497>tfw 5 months into CS meme college and you realize it's the opposite of being meme degree wh…[View]
70276036Sirr! Our agile Java team finished and deployed the new flight contol software. Have a nice flight s…[View]
70273122What is the Windows equivalent of a ChromeBook?[View]
70271462sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mylife[View]

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