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68897960post your cinebitch scores[View]
68903342I was wondering, what exactly is stopping us from capturing smells just like we capture sounds with …[View]
68904969Is Einchan still a thing? It's been like 2 years since I've been on it and I don't re…[View]
68900940How many of you have had good/bad experiences buying used parts?[View]
68902285I can hear my hard drive when I scroll through my images What does that mean?[View]
68901007What does /g/ think about movable monitor mounts?: So i have this 27' 4k monitor (Yes 32' is better …[View]
68902583Hey /g/ is your opinion on paypal ?: i want to know more..[View]
68904412So 8700K and 9700K are just about the same price here. Is there any reason to buy the older 8700K in…[View]
68904651AI is a meme? How do I begin in this of the artificial intelligence? Is there any open source?[View]
68900600Who the fuck does this shit? In what situation would you EVER need more than 5 tabs open? Are you su…[View]
68903898We all must serve the cycle.[View]
68895637Press F to pay respects[View]
68904625Earphone thread?: Hey can any of you reccomend any in-ear earphones can be wireless, wired or fully …[View]
68893651Is sysadmin comfy bros? I don't wanna be a code monkey after I finish my CS degree. I just want…[View]
68904455i5-8500?: I'm putting together a new computer for basic web browsing, 4k video playback, and li…[View]
68904337what happened to him?[View]
68904498Sites: Need some interesting sites to hang out at. Bonus points for tech related.[View]
68887759>next generation proprietary memory allocation techniques.[View]
68903923damn, Windows Store Apps start quickly.[View]
68904171My timezone randomly changed yesterday and I thought nothing of it, and just changed the taskbar tim…[View]
68904195GG: >Windows update fails to install, blue screens upon retrying >Windows update tool blue scr…[View]
68902391Does anyone else find touch typing uncomfortable? I'm trying to learn how to type but this is s…[View]
68884236RYZEN LOVE THREAD - THE DAWN OF COMPETITIVE CPU OFFERINGS: >great performance >saves the user …[View]
68901215Zune: ZUUUUUUUUNE[View]
68902851Technology is an amazing thing![View]
68897468>Work in an office where nobody likes me >the moneys good but literally gona whole day without…[View]
68897378What's the best fanless cpu cooler?: anything better than nofan?[View]
68903891Hey guys, this is Austin Is it worth buying a monitor? With Apple's new neural interface priced…[View]
68899792Tech confession thread: Come on, anon, you know it's time share your most hidden tech sins I pe…[View]
68904214He's back.[View]
68901288Looking for my fellow NetBSD users. Last thread >>68890145 Questions or complaints about NetBS…[View]
68903351Why do women do this?[View]
68904176Could anyone direct me on where I could learn something about how to allow the integration of HD cam…[View]
68903318mullvad: this is the best vpn prove me wrong >protip: you can't…[View]
68901310i'm here for the IT engineer job interview.[View]
68903214JUST FIXED MY BATTARY: https://youtu.be/CnvBDXhovkE?t=1m24s IT FEELS F-CKING GOOD![View]
68903939>rejected again I can't seem to get past resume screens because i have no internships. am i …[View]
68894655RIP INTEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReYUJXHqESk Based AdoredTV shutting down all the Intel Av…[View]
68899707red or brown /g/?[View]
68892871What tech youtubers do you subscribe to /g/?[View]
68899659/hpg/ - headphone general: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68901225Anti gravity: Do any anons know anything about Anty gravity and Magnetic Engines?[View]
68903209HDD SSD[View]
68902928Retarded purchases: Hey need help. So just bought pic related headset but i only just realised it wa…[View]
68903040don't update your Android One today[View]
68900971GNU-YEARS RESOLUTIONS: This is it /g/. The new year is coming and we're making all of our techn…[View]
68892633C: Beauty through perfection via simplicity[View]
68903118200mm is the chad fan form factor, if you don't have the space in your home for triple 200mm on…[View]
68899733Time travel is technology. Can you please define time without time for me?[View]
68903170Just a reminder that Intel dig their own grave.: Back then when Intel had manufacturing process adva…[View]
68894615PCs will never look this good again. Why are Normies ruining everything? Is it sadistic pleasure?[View]
689014912080Ti SLI is there a benefit?: So come christmas i will probably get enough money to buy myself ano…[View]
68902597>press back >aks me to out of the app instead of backing out of search FLOENSSSSSSSS…[View]
68902129Hi /g/, I tried to innovate once again and I ended up charging my phone with flat 30 fucking Volts. …[View]
68901296970 SLI - Is there a benefit?: So come christmas i will probably get enough money to buy myself anot…[View]
68893620I'm thinking of upgrading my GPU. Currently looking at Vega64, but it costs $700. Meanwhile, th…[View]
68899592Is there any point of microsoft office outside of school or an office job?[View]
68901769What's the best framework to make cross platform interactive software that has visual effects?[View]
68902919extensions thread: what extensions do you use or recommend? I think i have some unnecessarily useles…[View]
68901232Women in tech meme: Why do people still fall for the women in tech meme? Like the answer for their p…[View]
68902901*lock your voltage and power limit* What is the point of having Nvidia RTX custom card if you can…[View]
68901405No smartphone for 1 year: I bet most of you neets can do this. No smartphone or tablet, just a Nokia…[View]
68902729Hello! Is anyone familiar with Safe Exam Browser in here? I wanted to play around and see how secure…[View]
68900903I want software that can automatically type a word over and over What's the best one /g/ Thanks[View]
68901650My ubuntu os crashed a few days ago from kernal panic. I backed up my hard drive just a few weeks be…[View]
68898384>Not having a mobile phone Does anyone here not have a phone? I was thinking about ditching it, h…[View]
68900667SQLITE: When does this become untenable as a database for an API/service/thing? How big does it have…[View]
68902366So I got myself a new EOS m100 thinking I'll just use it and be happy. Biggest fucking mistake.…[View]
68902319FUCK FOOTIES: check em[View]
68899222Is this true?: After I told my professor that my favorite editor is Vim, he said this: >An advanc…[View]
68895003>write open source software >no one uses it…[View]
68898050>install obscure os >neofetch screen shoot >play around in vim >uninstall os >install…[View]
68901471What do you think of DNS servers?[View]
68901176Anonymous 12/12/18(Wed)16:29:25 No.68901139▶ File: e284d9db41da20417e73a1783(...).jpg (23 KB, 600x35…[View]
68899014openbsd is meme: This FAQ entry addresses the suggestion that Whonix should be based on OpenBSD rath…[View]
68902106prove me wrong: keyword auto function_name (type parameter) -> return type { ... }…[View]
68898861Rate my PC?: Is this a /g/ood computer guys? I built it a few months ago.[View]
68901901This makes Tim cook very angry: Remind me why should i waste 30$ or what ever it costs to buy a new …[View]
68896368Which filesystem will succeed ext4?[View]
68901230>BFQ scheduler out of the box >all the packages I need >some bloat can be removed >no bu…[View]
68901608What the fuck is this thing on my phone? Is this normal on Android? I've only used Apex launche…[View]
68891885Why would you partition a hard drive when folders exist???[View]
68893937Firefox is pathetic, their market share combining mobile is less than 5%. My prediction: Firefox wil…[View]
68897568Gaming/Typing Keyboard Recommendations: What are some good gaming keyboards with MX Blue switches or…[View]
68901700ONEPLUS 6 VS ONEPLUS 6T: ONEPLUS 6 VS ONEPLUS 6T??? Sup, I need a new phone help me pick one. THank…[View]
68900006ip address OSINT: what info can you possibly get given an ip address? all I know about: >google/b…[View]
68896772We have advertisement threads literally every single day. Why don't the mods do anything?[View]
68890506>CS major >Half of the people in my class are taking college algebra >The other 1/3 failed…[View]
68900162Avisynth+ and Vaporsynth: ITT we share our Avisynth+ or Vapoursynth scripts. Here's mine (Avisy…[View]
68900861What are some tips on lying to get a job? All the pajeets do it. I lazily added a year of experience…[View]
68900293Some of the must know elements of programming are things like for loops, Lists, Hashmaps, lambda…[View]
68897930/erg/ - E-reader General: When the fuck will my shitty customs release my Likebook Mars edition…[View]
68892388Is getting a 25inch uw a terrible mistake?: As the title says, I'm considering a UW. Thing is I…[View]
68901307Can someone teach me C++ using waifus?[View]
68900112Why the FUCK does every W10 system I use always display 100% disk usage??!?! It drives me nuts even …[View]
68900439How long until soilicon CPUs?[View]
68896773Why can't amd compete?[View]
68889966>Wireless bluetooth headphones are the future for music listening as companies continue to make w…[View]
68898792>be me >I hate front-end dev, I can't stand non logical shit like CSS >I like back-end…[View]
68899998>he doesn't use Brave yet! Don't be him! Be smart! Be brave! www.brave.com…[View]
68900731Alright this is driving me fucking insane. I originally thought my motherboard couldn't support…[View]
68897989Samsung Galaxy 10+: WEW[View]
68895795Why do people say this is better than Android? Android has much better video players, file explorers…[View]
68897405Are MacBooks and ThinkPads the only laptop computers worth considering?[View]
68890944$100 CPU with 6c/12t soon.[View]
68900693so anon, why are you still using your google account? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrBPRRJbFhU…[View]
68891342Is MacOS as good as people say?[View]
68900429*hits bong* DUDE soft-real time software[View]
68900417/g/ humor thread: string OSEnv = ''; bool PooInTheLoo = null; if (OSEnv == 'Windows%') { PooInTh…[View]
68893413What purpose does this company still serve?[View]
68900173Anyone else feel there's too much information (on any subject) on the internet that you can…[View]
68898148What is used nowdays for feeds?[View]
68889700why don't you want to live in the country side? We have internet and amazon, you can be a shut …[View]
68899560Is an intel core 2 duo good enough for compiling Gentoo?[View]
68892278Facebook Portals: The smart chatting appliance that follows you around the room: Portal Plus: https:…[View]
68898641What do you guys think about Jade laptops? I'm looking for a new laptop and there's one fo…[View]
68899340Is there anything more banal and boring than a youtube channel full of programming tutorials? All th…[View]
68898415What is this object?: Thinking pressure vessel, but I’d like more specifics.[View]
68894468T-Mobile unexpectedly launches commercial 5G network in Poland: >T-Mobile parent company Deutsche…[View]
68899236Early AMD:s: Socket 7 AMD-K6-2, Socket 462 AMD-K7 (Athlone) ah those were the days. Revisit the AMD …[View]
68899745Nnnoooooooo Linus likes the new MacBook Air!? How could he betray us bros. It’s not faiirrrr https:/…[View]
68894124>be graduate >look at jobs online >99% are from recruitment agencies >99% are .NET, Node…[View]
68898781Thoughts on YouTuber AkBKukU: What does /g/ think of AkBKukU (the guy on the right in the picture)? …[View]
68893062>linux allows you to change the root password without knowing it nice security freetards…[View]
68892732Why doesn't PicoTorrent come up in discussion on /g/? Am I missing something?[View]
68897140>this is an acceptable app icon in 2018[View]
68899566TeX editor beta: I need some help. I'll have to demo this tomorrow. Of course I don't a wi…[View]
68895484/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>68887989[View]
68896504Tell me, /g/ What was it like back in the day? Running dual raptors.[View]
68897542ITT we post dead technologies/apps we are glad that they died[View]
68890676Why haven't you transitioned over to artix yet, /g/? It's literally arch but without the d…[View]
68895352Why are normies so obsessed with not being able to see individual pixels?[View]
68899447Is it the cable or the port?: Right So I bought a lenovo think center because I saw it had an i5 232…[View]
68899285Redpill me on KaiOS: KaiOS is currently 3rd most popular mobile OS, why I haven't heard about i…[View]
68893923Noob here. Need help building PC.: Greetings from /fit/. I'm building a PC from scratch mainly …[View]
68893231Will white men reinvent computing again in 2020?[View]
68898745If you are transexual please do not post in #emacs. Trans people are not allowed in #emacs according…[View]
68898878Hey /g/, I'm creating a website, I want to make it community based, with alerts, comments, post…[View]
68892399/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68896824Bumbling retards at CS50: I came across this live stream from Harvard for called 'Low level' program…[View]
68897800What i can do in linux i can`t do in windows?[View]
68898789Wanna install gentoo on a laptop or a interbal hard drive. Which version to install and why?[View]
68898516financial software: What software do you use to keep track of your assets, income and expenses? I…[View]
68885628/spg/ - Smartphone General: Galaxy S10 Lite Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide …[View]
68898018FPS: Best ways to increase FPS (Dota2)[View]
68821430owo what's this[View]
68892128The absolute state of technology. Congratulations, nerds.[View]
68898528Post dumb but useful A/V setups. Anything like pic related or the infamous 4 Swords Adventure LP set…[View]
68898467why does playing on nvidia feel like 'the right way' I cant describe this feeling[View]
68898031Whats the best free usb encryption software? I tryed a lot but im not quite happy. Which one do u gu…[View]
68895075>cucks your captcha Heh, nothing personel, poos Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans >Buster is a…[View]
68898412Fucking why: I'm losing faith senpai how is this still a thing[View]
68898335>they're doing it to fucken drives now[View]
68891766Should I switch from nVidia to AMD? I have a 1070 Ti, I was thinking of selling it to buy an AMD GPU…[View]
688932685G: Will (when implemented) 5G shorten our lifespan of about 10-20 years? How much better is it over…[View]
68890663>Windows 98 was 20 years ago[View]
68885773Are people using $5 earbuds that come with their $999 plus *tip* smartphone even sentient beings?[View]
68898328Hi guys. Im searching for this along the web but i cannot find the answer amidst the paranoia articl…[View]
68896335Anyone in the UK / Leeds area and interested in working on a revolutionary web app? We were looking…[View]
68895872>Agile >Disruptive >SCRUM…[View]
68897897Almost all programs have duplicate shortcuts, and only the shortcuts have icons. What[View]
68897228Explain yourselves /g/[View]
68882918Is pic related as bad...or as good as people say?[View]
68883966DAV1D - THE OPTIMIZED AV1 DECODER, IS NOW AVAILABLE AS 0.1.0: >Today, we release the first usable…[View]
68892165What's the actual use case for this shit? As far as I can tell, its biggest use case is 'you ne…[View]
68891863>press 'close' >34% of programs will close >33% of programs will minimize to tray >33% o…[View]
68888447What went wrong?[View]
68897226Can some anon redpill me on the actual differences between CL and Scheme?[View]
68894712hmmm how can i get a freelance job? t. neet[View]
68887050Tell me why I should change from i3 to dwm[View]
68888240Why are the largest western tech companies run by Pajeets now?[View]
68891806What do you use to cloud-backup your shit? Google Drive? Dropbox? some other service? Do you use the…[View]
68896256>White PC case is beginning to turn yellowish Gray ah~ just like the good ol days...…[View]
68896739Why do you not hide your shit in a hidden volume?[View]
68894935HolyC: Beauty through perfection via simplicity[View]
68893563>Dad asks how's my programming in Python going, because at the office he heard how popular P…[View]
68886104/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
68896571>Firefox ers with custom user.js You just cant beat this.[View]
68885387Thoughts on this guy?[View]
68895551>/g/ is nostalgic for 90s/early 00s websites >Remember that flash was used for just about ever…[View]
68887405WTF did Mozilla mean by this?: Should I allow it?[View]
68892196So my wife let it slip that I will be getting an snk805 (pic related) for Christmas. This watch has …[View]
68881916What are some /g/ approved web browsers?[View]
68893073I'm trying to get a timestamp from a picture sent over to me by Facebook Messenger from my gf w…[View]
68896013>here's your TV bro[View]
68893362Help me get 5 ticks here: https://panopticlick.eff.org/ here you go i have first 3 ticked what about…[View]
68894484Need a bit flipper program, what does /g/ recommend?[View]
68888723>his computer components aren't made in the USA[View]
68890611How do I stop my PC from climbing to 100% CPU ussage everytime i leave it idle? What do I disable? W…[View]
68892978Trying to think of ways to make interaction on the internet more enjoyable again. What do you think …[View]
68893163This is a more productive desktop environment than any modern desktop environment.[View]
68893921o-oh, t-time to Upgrade again, huh. o-okay... https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1477667…[View]
68895167Anyone know any cool IRC chat rooms.: I want to know?[View]
68890741Red or brown /g/?[View]
68896554TSOP7000 Beo4 with Raspberry Pi 3: I have bought a TSOP7000 IR receiver which should be able to rece…[View]
68894054Daily reminder that if you've ever had Windows installed on your harddrive before moving to Lin…[View]
68874140/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
68887008Stop trash talking Linus. You KNOW that with all the work he's been doing and all the stress he…[View]
68886917Convince me to make the switch[View]
68887526Show off your wearable computing gear, /g/[View]
68884698Why is Microsoft Windows 10 so comfy?[View]
68896125Hey, it's the guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=629r1Ud4Cro[View]
68893647Do people actually use these things? All the times I've tried it's actually more annoying …[View]
68895934Aight boys installing Zorin on a usb then going to install it onto a partition i used to used burnt …[View]
68893153Hey /g/ I got a question for ya.: Is there any way to bypass the recovery system on a yahoo email an…[View]
68892909Motherboard Sizes: Is getting a full ATX board like Pic related a meme? I got one and it feels cramp…[View]
68895824Mobile/Cellular ISPs: What the fuck is wrong with people? I'd say 1/4 of the time that I post f…[View]
68895650What do you know about firefox64?: https://tekniikanmaailma.fi/firefoxin-versio-64-on-jakelussa-nyt-…[View]
68895050solve this: 2qazsd4edc xdr5tfgb 76tgbn 8ujijmn *pic not related*[View]
68895008headless browsers: has anybody here used headless Chrome or Firefox for testing, scraping or renderi…[View]
68885543What's the best value GPU I can replace my 1080 ti with that has all round capabilities? Ie gam…[View]
68894430Someones selling 2700x's on eBay brand new for around 100 bucks. 500+ feedback at 100% with rec…[View]
68891314Post phones with no botnet >if you don't get at least 24 hours without charging your phone, …[View]
68891551Salut, my fellow /g/entoomen. I hope you are having a good day/night while reading this post. I hav…[View]
68894795I use a software that loads a license at each start. The license changes sometimes as it is a compan…[View]
68887219They will switch to Chromium by 2020.[View]
68893631Should I attend this uni or is it Pajeet for profit tier?[View]
68887989/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>68881296 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
68894720Can someone explain this?: >you were banned for posting blah in a thread in 2013 >didn't …[View]
68883727Reminder that if you post on 4chan while being logged into Google, Google DOES have a copy of your p…[View]
68893053Are you helping Microsoft save bandwidth by voluntarily seeding their updates?[View]
68889360Downloading music for a car trip: I'm going for a 10 hour drive to see my relatives for christm…[View]
68892448*hits bong* DUDE soft-real time software[View]
68882820/pcbg/ - Pc Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68894834GPU OpenGL Shaders: What is the most efficient way of doing paletted images like the PPU? I.e. have …[View]
68892846Do you believe the Singularity will happen /g/? I do.[View]
68894820>update firefox >removes RSS feeds fuck you pajeet i hope you slip on a fucking sidewalk shit …[View]
68892875Even Wil has been more in touch with the pulse of the cyber than any shit smear on /g/ will ever be.…[View]
68876958Based China BTFOs Apple.[View]
68877535ITT >your distro >why other distros are for cucks and faggots…[View]
68885093Have you ever fucked up the process of building a PC? For all the 'building a PC is the EASIEST thi…[View]
688846093D printing: What's your guys opinion on 3D printing, do you have gadgets you would like to mak…[View]
68890434Oneplus 6t McLaren: Does anyone know if the one plus 6t McLaren will be Limited Edition or will it b…[View]
68893243SUCK MY COCK LENNART: >Tired of my computer being pozzed by freedesktop niggers >want pure als…[View]
68891668Linux: Do you anons ever lose the will to live while trying to install new software on linux or work…[View]
68893480resources for creating decentralized apps or websites: Can anyone point me to some good resources fo…[View]
68893832BEHOLD I fixed GO: >Optionals + guards instead of if err bullshit >Allow yielding from a funct…[View]
68893857Try icecat on xubuntu go to youtube.com >50 different proprietary javascripts, page wont load T…[View]
68893496>my employer uses skype chat and outlook for all communications[View]
68893494CS college students >have notebooks, no charger, running out of battery >put display on lowest…[View]
68893686>Hey guys, have YOU ever wanted SMOOTH, CRISP, GAMEPLAY at the HIGHEST FPS? >Then buy this new…[View]
68893581As a virgin programmer should I learn C or C++? I read that C# is basically Java so I don't wan…[View]
68891482What's going to be the practical implications of IoT when it's everywhere in 10-15 years?[View]
68890828How the hell do I fix an error like this?: I have a source code for a game in Blitz and it won'…[View]
68891378Are startups basically scams at this point?: >Work for stock options >Everybody laid off >A…[View]
68893427>constantly starting new projects >getting bored and never finishing them…[View]
68891233Someone want to /redpill/ me on what a Salesforce developer does? And whether or not I'll hate …[View]
68892796I upgraded Ubuntu, took like 2 hours by the way The new DE is making my T420s slower I think the DE …[View]
68880588System fuck up: Be honest /g/, when was the last time you fucked up your system, what did you did an…[View]
68892053why should i get rid of my current CPU cooling fans for a liquid cooling system? pic related, it…[View]
68891965INTEL IS SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 7nm CPU next year! Intel has booked all spare capacities freed up …[View]
68875313Android defense force in action[View]
68892526My internet is not working. Stupid Comcast[View]
68882094Live: Google CEO testifies on Data Collection: Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies on user data pract…[View]
68892566Need Help On FPC: This is an intex Motherboard[View]
68892941I've been reading a lot of webnovels lately since I'm so burned out. Unfortunately a lot o…[View]
68887794I want a small PC just to play CS:GO. Is a Steam Machine (rip) the best way to go? I’m not looking f…[View]
68890145Arth thou NetBSD user? Last thread >>68872741 Love the activity that spawned in the last threa…[View]
68890896I'm trying to learn to use Arch Linux on an old Aspire one I have just for curiosity, yet the a…[View]
68890603Help identify: Can anyone tell me what type of cable this is? I need to replace it on my surround so…[View]
68892161Security+: I'm working on getting my security+ to gain entry to a accredited online school to v…[View]
68885969/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2018 General #29: Seizure warning edition Previous Thread >>68877220 h…[View]
68889950Why android can't have decent security?[View]
68881345Give the gift of freedom!: Have you consulted this year's ethical tech giving guide?!? https://…[View]
68892462A/V advice for amateur: Hello! On a whim today I replaced my 2.0 stereo system (infinity sm-120 off …[View]
68882965Why can't AMD compete in the GPU market?[View]
68890324Kindle General: Soup /g/. I just bought one of these from criagslist and am working on jailbreaking …[View]
68892226Wangblows is not bearable anyone Wtf man[View]
68891454Are software developer salaries plummeting?[View]
68892248Interesting anaylsis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2uoO_vBUKs[View]
68888401Are there literally any other truly 'unique' search engines besides these 2 anymore? Every other sea…[View]
68892169An anon posted this in the humor thread and I did not have a chance to reoply before it reached the …[View]
68891838guys please tell me the leetcode grind will be worth it in the end...im so miserable and can't …[View]
68890302ITT: Pictured, how the average /g/ goer pictures himself. Pictures of how he actually looks welcome…[View]
68891322General vision: How many hours a day does /g/ stare at there computer?[View]
68890960redpill me on getting a Microsoft SharePoint certification >friend has sibling that's an exe…[View]
68891345rendering engines: >be software developer >all the web rendering engines are shit >google f…[View]
68891215>Thursday last week >order stuff from Amazon >all of the items are in stock and fulfilled b…[View]
68890281worth learning? which companies use them heavily? (i know super exclusive companies like Jane Street…[View]
68886262/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68885175what is best in life?: so /g/ what is best in life?[View]
68889984Weird cracking sounds: I got a gaming laptop a few weeks ago and it has been running great. Nothing …[View]
68877923oh my god based apple. why no other tech HQs look as good?[View]
68891878Do burner phones even exist anymore? Not the kind where you use a card, but the kind where they have…[View]
68889941Can these be counted as technology yet?[View]
68891142why is buying a TV in Europe such agony AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
68891825Malware Analysis Programs: hmmm... basic malware analysis... kinda helpful //// https://www.youtube…[View]
68889032I feel like a vehicle propelled by the distortion of space time isn’t to far fetched. What are your …[View]
68891500tfw gonna have a phone call interview with a google recruiter tomorrow: help me /g/, what kind of qu…[View]
68889754Is picrel realistic portrayal of Silicon Valley, startups, coding and technology?[View]
68891023Impossible Puzzle. Can you solve this?: Your task is to create a Microsoft Word document that contai…[View]
68885901Retro Computing: Post your favourite Retro Computers. One of my favourites is the PowerMac G4. I hav…[View]
68878672IRC: What are some good IRC channels? I'm kinda done with social media. Need a new place to han…[View]
68884804Only post the most inefficient and bloated software itt[View]
68891492Since we're nearing the end of the year /g/ I thought it would be fun to look back on the tech …[View]
68888691Installed Linux Mint today on my desktop b/c I'm tired of Windows but don't feel like rici…[View]
68891120Ergonomic mouse pads: Could anyone recommend me a good ergonomic mouse pad? I don't want a flas…[View]
68888698How I intsall Metasploit without being detected by Avast Antivirus in Windows 10?[View]
68888845>can actually program basic programs no problem >tremendous difficulty reading/making sense of…[View]
68890881Well /g/?[View]
68891213Why is rust so toxic, /g/? Any time I try to learn about it, they keep trying to shove the CoC in my…[View]
68886677Updates 5nm Node Progress: >TSMC continues to focus on its advanced process technology leadership…[View]
68889241Mechanical Engineering is the Chad Engineering.[View]
68890969>novideo >nvidiot >ayymd >intlel What else do we got?…[View]
68889124Hmmm: How do I limit my usage of technology? I think I'm quite addicted to my own computer, I e…[View]
68891017lol what's causing this shit hiromoot telling me to buy a pass or maybe trying to slow down my …[View]
68871302Who requires an new computers?: You can do just about any kind of web browsing with an 3GHz core2 CP…[View]
68890999Admit it /g/. Mi mix 2s did the corner notch better. The garbage that Samsung has now is honestly in…[View]
68888379Thoughts on Ricochet?: >Anonymous instant messaging for real privacy >Eliminate metadata. Nobo…[View]
68886291AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition Releasing Dec 15: 25 new features: https://techlapse.com/…[View]
68884749Bidet General: Bidets are technology. Do you own a bidet? Have you been thinking of getting one? The…[View]
6888481610XX series price cut when?[View]
68881161why do shindows users talk about their files being in KB? What the fuck is that? Kelvin bytes? KiB i…[View]
68890599Scalping Indians: hey /g/, whats the best technology for finding, tracking and scalping indians?…[View]
68887540Dubs decide[View]
68889968What are all the drawbacks of working at a startup? Besides no money - I mean actual work environmen…[View]
68890775Going for my first CompTIA certification soon (Security+ SY0-501). Anyone have any experience with t…[View]
68884097WebP: How do I stop chrome/chromium from saving images as WebP? I want them in the original file typ…[View]
68880073Suckless? More like, Featureless.[View]
68889234Why are street shitters so obsessed with smart phones?[View]
68888454Boys, I am in dire need of help. I need to write some distributed systems code on two nodes for a ho…[View]
68890084Your precious Firefox and its forks are dying, peon! Market share dwindles every year, websites are …[View]
68886926Go hit the damn shower /g/ you're probably stenching like Hell.[View]
68890542Do you think it will pick up?[View]
68890230Ok Jewgle: Is there any way to change the 'Okay Google' voice command for all their Assistant shit? …[View]
68887462Live USB: anyone else here keep live usbs? pic related[View]
68890405What's the best way to steal my neighbor's WiFi? I have hardwired computers so ideally som…[View]
68875155Why are so many programmers gay/trans/poly/bi or some other weird shit? I sometimes go out for socia…[View]
68890259I'm new to what people call 'Botnet' my friend told me to go on this page for like 2 days to le…[View]
68887363sup /g/ let's do an experiment I don't want to do anything cool with this, the pleasure of…[View]
68889580Is Essential-like/Waterdrop the best solution to the notch? >tiny >it only houses the camera a…[View]
68887811>put key repeat to maximum >it's still pathetically slow Welp, guess I have to use Page U…[View]
68880569iPhone SE2: Pipe dream?: Do you guys think that Apple really wants to put out a SE2? Its my dream iP…[View]
68877641/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read …[View]
68879600what ides /g/ uses: What ide you use (for Python, Java etc.). I mostly use JetBrains product (got pr…[View]
68884573>dad really wants me to get into tech >scoffs at my idea of majoring in math instead >makes…[View]
68883028>lets just make the part with the most stress on it a piece of easily breakable plastic…[View]
68886085Help me pick a case for water cooling: as the title says. im leaning toward the nzxt 500i or someth…[View]
68889550*hits bong* DUDE soft-real time software[View]
68888827>sitting at my desk studying letting my computer update >be fidgeting with my desktop speakers…[View]
6888492112.0 is out. Say something nice about it https://www.freebsd.org/releases/12.0R/announce.html[View]
68883984Streaming your own music: Do you know any services like Google Play Music that allow you to upload s…[View]
68885068Unpozzing MacBook Pro: I'm trying to get into tech shit for a degree boys... I got my MBP as a …[View]
68855698/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - two days without a thread edition >Buyer's tem…[View]
68879097*saves your data for 1000 years*[View]
68888807Are software developer salaries on a downward trend?[View]
68871608Typesetting: Let's have a troff,groff, and Latex thread. Discuss languages, macros, templates, …[View]
68886639how was he able to film Mr. Robot? Wasn't he stuck in nazi germany trying to rescue kung fury? …[View]
68883461Why do we hate it again?[View]
68850975Intel is so dead[View]
68885709Why does NASA bother continuing with the development of the SLS when it’s going to be blown out of t…[View]
68888513>jerk off to pics you shouldn't share on /b/ >browse the fb/ig fap threads >stalk cute…[View]
68888991Even today, if you want speed and stability you still use fixed-point values. Floating-point computa…[View]
68860821This can't be correct ... right?[View]
68884889serverfag here what's the goto recommended server distro for linux?[View]
68888949what's the best cordless water flosser?[View]
68887434Smaller phones: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact mainboard is just about to kick it, do small phones with dece…[View]
68888518>old people see machines are harder better faster stronger >try to do what must be done to mai…[View]
68887697Sicker Thread: Sticker thread - No faggy gay shit edition. 1/2[View]
68885332Come back to earth, the leak is fake: I posted this in another thread but believe it deserves its ow…[View]
68884202Protonmail: Just wanted to stop by and ask the nerdanons of their opion related to protonmail. Is it…[View]
68880801How did Apple go from this...[View]
68887186Install debian[View]
68888453Just installed Ubuntu now what?[View]
68886134I just overclocked my SATA controller and PCI-E lanes. AMA[View]
68887372Iphone question: I know crapple products and all that. This is a phone I had for 6 years and have ta…[View]
68883153IRC clients. Discuss.[View]
68887407>he uses pink noise to '''burn in''' his headphones[View]
68887994Will it blend?: If I had connected two PCs using one of these male-to-male connectors, what would ha…[View]
68886470why haven't you into the future, /g/?[View]
68888368Has anyone ever used one of these for non-streaming uses? Can get one for $50 but not sure if there …[View]
68888271MAC: MAC[View]
68886740>Full page pop up >Go to click 'x' >Pop up quickly minimise and makes me exit my …[View]
68886551how can I make 4chan use fit to screen? lots of images and webms are bigger than my screen when expa…[View]
68887358Is it time for the government to do something about them? They've been on top for 10+ years and…[View]
68886066post your speccys waiting for the 2060 desu[View]
68887641What's the mots depressing internet community you've been apart of?[View]
68879551Anyone here ever take/study Linux Foundation's LFCS certification? I just started reading the m…[View]
68887958What's the explanation for YouTube sometimes loading a 1080p video faster than a 480p one?[View]
68881296/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: General Programming Thread edition Previous thread >>6887299…[View]
68884812I got sent a Botnet tracking device. What should I do with it?[View]
68881636Got insta-blocked on Instagram twice. How is this even possible?: >browsing Instagram >I see a…[View]
68887583Intel continues to deliver full 14nm value for all your professional and home computing needs[View]
68887181>allow programs to auto update >they universally remove functionality and add privacy and secu…[View]
68887592>log into website using keepass >'please enter the security code sent to your email/phone to l…[View]
68887197big monitor???: Got a new monitor today. (pic related it's my monitor :^)) haha My question is.…[View]
68887451>dual boot between Windows and Linux >every time I boot back into Windows, the time is reset f…[View]
68859257/wdg/ - Web Development General: What's everybody working on? Previous thread: >>68811640…[View]
68887175Etcher: A whole browser to flash USB drivers: Just kill me. https://www.balena.io/etcher/[View]
68883309how do il linux instal[View]
68883770GPDR: Well /g/? Is anonymized IP collection enough to comply with GPDR? How do you solve the complia…[View]
68882938>Why do you encrypt your computer, Anon? Are you a pedophile?[View]
68873033IT'S FUCKING OVER: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_CPU_microarchitectures (2019…[View]
68887397Palemoon: Is it good? Why would someone use it over others? Can it handle many tabs? What about add-…[View]
68886631I took the Linux pill and am currently maining Ubuntu after being a Windows guy for years. Does anyo…[View]
68887264Is it easy to browse 4chan threads on an ipad? I assume you'll use chrome? do images\webms dis…[View]
68887284Does a cluster computer board work with multithreading using all the compute nodes?[View]
68886135Please don't tell me they actually think anybody would be caught dead wearing a pair of these i…[View]
68884851Getting a tech job without college?: 18 and college isn't for me. I've had a hard time doi…[View]
68885793Yo why does my CPU get so fucking hot when Firefox is open? I literally only have that, Mail and Saf…[View]
68886267What's their end goal? Just being a shitty OSX clone with even LESS options? At least OSX lets …[View]
68886473Suggest me a good high DPI non-gayman mouse. Has to have the thumb thing like pic related[View]
68883680Admit it. This is hands down the best aspect ratio there is.[View]
68883362Is it possible to make money from a vps server?: I am just wondering if it is possible with cheaper …[View]
68869435/g/ humour thread[View]
68885124What Is This?: Hey guys... I was wondering what this was and how much it's worth.[View]
68884995Great offer for shitty unqualified job: I work at an investment bank as a junior functional (quant) …[View]
68886112Tell me how to setup haskell on arch or Ill shoot every last fucker out of their programming socks[View]
68881599Why do Macs still exist?: I assumed that the sole purpose for their existence was during a period wh…[View]
68885245>Jellyfin is a personal media server. The Jellyfin project was started as a result of Emby's…[View]
68877206C is obsolete: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/polkit/polkit/issues/74 Yet another security issue due…[View]
68886395Have you ever seen an SSD being bottlenecked? I have. Send help.[View]
68884758Should I compile the drivers I need inside the kernel or as modules? What is the most redpilled way?[View]
68885349Linux Distributions: Alright I've been searching the web for a good understanding but I can…[View]
68885170>tfw got a job offer as a software dev >pay is pretty good >but i don't want to wagecu…[View]
68877991What are you going to do when Windows 7 extended support expires?[View]
68872890Dell IPS or TN?: Not sure whether to get the Dell U2719D, or the S2719DGF. I'm pretty sure 144h…[View]
68885371C++ learning: Ok /g/uys. I want to learn programming. I'm sick and tired of working as a suppor…[View]
68884593Is there any way to store my browser tabs into a text file so that I can jump from browser to browse…[View]
68881167How can AMD even compete?[View]
68879594File management/organization software?: Is there any software that exists for file management where …[View]
68882579There are people on /g/, right now, who unironically believe NAT was a good idea. Let that sink in.[View]
68880068/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68886150Appchan X is dead, after multiple years of neglect and 4chan updates. 4channel really killed it. I…[View]
68878939I’m thinking about getting a Mac mini and want to use a thunderbolt eGPU with it. Will any GPU be co…[View]
68882413How being a poorfag can turn Zoomer into Boomer: >Born in 2002, eastern europe >First PC has 4…[View]
68885754Are these clip on ear headphones any good?[View]
68885039Hey /g/, what's a good brand of dvr for a security camera setup? We're trying to replace s…[View]
68871972/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
68864669Are ebook readers a meme?[View]
68883804reducing internet dependence: Has anyone on /g/ looked at seriously reducing their dependence on the…[View]
68884312Which of these is the real webzone? http://stallman.org/ http://www.stallman.org/ https://stallman.o…[View]
68885433Sleeper builds!?: Ok /g/tards show me that classic cream/offwhite case stuffed with RGB and RTX 2080…[View]
68883221>he paid 600$ for 250$ card srsly fuck nvidia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2fPWQQSdu4…[View]
68879217What's the best IDE for a total beginner to learn in?[View]
68882627AyyMD drones on suicide watch: https://www.notebookcheck.net/South-Korean-Ryzen-3600X-and-3700X-cont…[View]
68885359'Gimme that Bluetooth cable, son'[View]
68882000Why haven't you told me how comfy it is, /g/?[View]
68885404Looking for some gloves for everyday use. Not something as disposable as latex gloves, but something…[View]
68885514Why is this board infested with free desktop Stallmanists? When are you going to wake up to the real…[View]
68882978IT'S HAPPENING!!![View]
68876709Memes aside, the MacBook Pro is the most aesthetically pleasing laptop ever made. Prove me wrong.[View]
68883272Why do wiNPCs buy Windows in this day and age? Microsoft doesn't even make money on their OS sa…[View]
68882873fuck windows 10: I have gotten 4 BSOD errors this week. I am using my computer normally. It has work…[View]
68872095/spg/ - Smartphone General: Samsung Galaxy A8s Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provi…[View]
68883180Movies and shows: What are some /g/ approved movies and tv shows?[View]
68875134Can we blacklist everyone in the tech industry with an anime profile picture on github[View]
68884383vscode uses AI to assist your code: Why haven't you adopted the most advanced editor of all tim…[View]
68883314Only reason you think windows looks good is marketing, peer pressure, baby duck syndrome, and you we…[View]
68881753I've just started self teaching myself C++ and I'm a little disappointed. The language is …[View]
68884830Intel continues to deliver full 14nm value for all your professional and home computing needs[View]
68861743Fuck C[View]
68874625please redpill me on apple /g/. i understand its part of the board to trash on apple, which i like v…[View]
68882082Were it not Chinkshit spyware Opera would be the best web browser, prove me wrong[View]
68875851Okay, give me your password[View]
68881966Command Line Linux: What is the 'best of' command line software? Did anyone ever make a list? Is the…[View]
68884192What does /g/ think about this guy?[View]
68875989>Windows 10 update >WiFi stops working after installing the update, apparently the update brok…[View]
68883783>We're in like Flynn >That's all she wrote…[View]
68878913Is Brave finally worth using now that it's essentially ungoogled chromium with some extra stuff…[View]
68883473Java assignment: Hi, I have an assignment where I have to build a gui with Java for creating,editing…[View]
68858012/ptg/ - Private Tracker Circlejerk: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it…[View]
68883640How come an open source project have better compatibility than MS themselves? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
68884262What makes Microsoft the most meme-worthy company in America?[View]
68877966>Dude just install windows 10 via USB iso lmao >Dude just pirate windows 10 LmaO >dude just…[View]
68881341Is Google ever going to recover the based top of tech reputation they had in the 2000?[View]
68883830Admit it. This is hands down the best aspect ratio in existence.[View]
68882016GOOGLE CEO ON CAPITOL HILL: OLD PEOPLE QUESTIONING TECHNOLOGY https://www.twitch.tv/washingtonpost …[View]
6888422612TB SSD disc: I have an idea about how to make bigger SSD:s. Looks like all manufacturers are makin…[View]
68882659>next generation proprietary memory allocation techniques.[View]
68883026C: Perfection through simplicity[View]
68874052MSPaint is moving to the Microsoft Store[View]
68881312Chrome tabs look like Toblerone[View]
68879645>Flunked first year of EE with 3/4 creds >Flunked specifically EE basics and signals >Half …[View]
68868005>Self-taught programmers[View]
68883407tfw 90% of your tech knowledge comes from youtube tutorials[View]
68883048/erg/ - E-Reader General: Share and discuss E-Readers Original Kindle Edition Previous thread: >…[View]
688824333d engin on excel?[View]
68883319What is /g/ posture on Data Science?[View]
68883533Do you consider yourself a Dennis Ritchie or a Ken Thompson[View]
68879435How did YouTube get away with it?[View]
68882121> error: enumeration value ‘HURR’ not handled in switch Oh my god, who fucking cares?!…[View]
68882476Let's bitch and moan about our tech illiterate friends and family, or even people we barely eve…[View]
68879954I did it /g/ are you proud?[View]
68881254dubs name our organisation: me and my friend need a name for our github organisation, dubs decide wh…[View]
68883141Hackintosh keeps making crap in my launch bar thing and autolaunching safari. How to fix?[View]
68863011/BST/ Battle Stations: On this episode of /BST/ I stuff more junk into my now crowded office.[View]
68877220/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2018 General #28: Unfiltered edition Previous Thread >>68865536 http:/…[View]
68881750Are there any alternates to YouTube that aren't a meme? I can't stand for their kikery any…[View]
68879834Developers developers developers developers: Good thread https://youtu.be/rRm0NDo1CiY[View]
68881364>the absolute state of trandroid[View]
68871601/pcbg/ - Pc Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68882986Goojeet testifying for data collection. Get in here lads: Google CEO, Pajeet Sundar Pichai testifyin…[View]
68882914One Arch Linux CD please[View]
68880507And I'm Windows 10.[View]
68881901How does Linus store all these repos on github? there must be like millions of them[View]
68878798How come Windows XP desktop is better than anything on Linux today?[View]
68882816ALL THE LANGIAGES IS THE SAME: ONLY MEAN THE >next generation proprietary memory allocation techn…[View]
68882573>Microsoft records everything you do This is the future you chose[View]
68880782hey /g/, I got a question for those of you employed. How do you deal with caring about what you do? …[View]
68881013/EDC/ Every Day Carry: What does /g/ have as EDC? Pic related, but not mine. I carry just the follow…[View]
68881872Samsung tablets and glass back: How much of an issue is it. Obviously I’d get a cover but does it sc…[View]
68880353You're all retarded.: I fucking hate every single one of you. Everyday it's the same shit.…[View]
68870728Thoughts? How does something like this even happen? https://www.vice.com/amp/en_au/article/pa5mng/a-…[View]
68882002Do you encrypt your drives?[View]
68882072>There are people on /g/ right now that unironically use crappy software created by smashing toge…[View]
68880580/SDR/ software defined radio general: RTL-SDR general! what are you doing with yours edition[View]
68880754What are you gonna do when you're eventually gonna have to use a windows computer?[View]
68882192Is this the only way to browse the web without all the bullshit and botnets? Serious question, curre…[View]
68882181Check out my ThinkPad with an anime ~uguu[View]
68879546Chink collects your data[View]
68874961The Athlon 64 *burps* now THAT was a microprocessor[View]
68877961MIPS is fucckin gay[View]
68880449After the last update you cannot change to the 'normal' layout in chrome flags. This UI is…[View]
68879434Say something critical about the new IPhone right now[View]
68881134https://twitter.com/cullend/status/1071884772064944128 When was the last time anyone leaked an Xbox …[View]
68879996what did Microjew mean by this?[View]
68879243Why does this cause so much autistic rage?[View]
68874055No wonder no one takes free software seriously.[View]
68882164>not using liteide[View]
68879762I’m going to buy an apple laptop and am torn between the 2017 MacBook Pro or 2018 MacBook Air? They’…[View]
68881877low.js: Node.js for microcontrollers: What went so wrong[View]
68876995Does nofap tech exist?[View]
68881692What in the absolute christs name is this? How do they keep making their services worse and worse? I…[View]
68874051Best tiling wm?[View]
68879803ASUS ZenFone 5 ZE620KL: Is this a good phone? Should I buy it?[View]
68879710What is the 'English' of programming languages?[View]
68877204worthwhile forums: are there any left? the web is fucking boring man how come its all memestream me…[View]
68880952What happens if one of these cables dies?[View]
68837564RYZEN LOVE THREAD. THE POINT WHERE COMPETITION FINALLY BEGAN: >great performance >saves the us…[View]
68881286Best way to keep a journal on Linux and android and keep then synced? Has to be encrypted. Worst cas…[View]
68881116Why doesn't someone build a completely open hardware sbc?[View]
68880375Hey.: Should make life a little easier for everyone.[View]
68877191cat GPL.txt > /dev/head Glad to become the free-thinking member of the Linux community.[View]
68877607Low-key genious[View]
68875191Google+ to shut early after second bug revealed: *inhales* >Google has found another bug in its G…[View]
68877967Realistically speaking, how could one destroy the world's technology systems?[View]
68876400So what happens after silicon?[View]
68878770Do they not know what a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlet is?[View]
68878725So poweramp is shit now[View]
68877423*sniffs your computer all over for suspicious files*[View]
68875855https://youtu.be/0BQ4bXNdEQI >The sheer amount of cucks literally LOVING the idea of not even own…[View]
68880962>WinRar license key is in a 7z archive[View]
68879849What is the best language for writing a retro 2D platformer that works on modern OS? So far I'v…[View]
68872998/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previously on /dpt/: >>68865509 What are you working on, /g/…[View]
68879132Possible successor to CMOS: Since Intel and AMD are hitting the limits of cmos with 7nm and possibly…[View]
68877860What do you use it for?[View]
68876895Why are CS students so stubborn when it comes to the very basis of STEM: mathematics. Is it still tr…[View]
68876778Are you currently coding with fingerless gloves in this awful cold season? What do you recommend?[View]
68864567So much to learn: Where to begin? I've been wanting to get into programming and software develo…[View]
68874350How easy is it to tell code is plagiarized?: How easy is it to tell code is plagiarized?[View]
68877855Should I absorb some aspects of Japanese culture to succeed in Technology?: Larry Ellison and Steve …[View]
68877989My PC is making me depressed: So around a year or two ago I bought a PC from my friend, Gtx 1050, in…[View]
68873832You would give your encryption keys to your girlfriend if she asked, right? Nothing to hide, nothing…[View]
68880198How is Arch bleeding edge?: What makes it particularly 'bleeding edge'? E.g. compare it to Manjaro t…[View]
68866195Red pill me on standing desks. Are they a meme?[View]
68877809Let's face it. The Internet has become boring since this devices came into our lives.[View]
68871447What is the worst cable/connector and why is it DisplayPort? Seriously what a fat, ugly piece of shi…[View]
68871809Reform Laptop: Thoughts? The guy also made a C/Lisp OS inspired by Plan9 and Lisp machines. I like t…[View]
68878983I'm falling for the Linux meme. My windows machine has been fucking with me for the past 4 week…[View]
68880223When you speak to Siri it replaces bitcoin with ether[View]
68879695/dpt/ nor /wdg/ apparently i don't belong in either one.: >be me >be 37 now >2 years a…[View]
68879352Should I shut down my computer or should I not? There's so much conflicting information. Some p…[View]
68879706There is someone giving away a plotter near me, is it possible to use it for building a pnp (pick an…[View]
68878017Gentoo or Source Mage GNU/Linux?[View]
68874087>Stop button doesn't close the program >Slow button doesn't throttle the program …[View]
68872507Why do iOS '''''''updates''' always break iPhones?[View]
68877515Welcome to another video from ExplainingComputers.com. And today were going to see which one of the…[View]
68875110How do I become a good programmer and not the pajeet CS undergrad meme I keep seeing everywhere? I w…[View]
68873887/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68879405Weird particulates: So, I apologize in advance, but this seems like the only fitting board I can thi…[View]
68871427How come the Wire commies can't fix this and my gf has to keep asking me why are my messages no…[View]
68879590So...whens the last time a failing hard drive and kernal panic fucked up yr day?[View]
68876497I just got gifted a Galaxy tab s3, I can't sell it. Is this thing useful for anything outside o…[View]
68879335Is there a single cleaner app for Android that isn't Chinese botnet malware?[View]
68879046Anons, I need your help. I am looking for a small computer to use for displaying an infowebsite on a…[View]
68871647Gentoo is the most popular distro?: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/ChromeOS >Chrome OS …[View]
68878813Is this thing worth anything? Could I sell it? It was found in the Walmart bathroom and it has a who…[View]
68878738charity as a function of the grieving process: The real reason they sell these is because of how Ste…[View]
68878823RTX 2070: What is the difference between various GPU providers? I will use 12 of them for mining. I…[View]
68879028It's so hard to think about technology or meaningless time wasting amd vs intel arguments or de…[View]
68878651Is there any USB mouse-integrated keyboard so kino? Shame they stopped making these.[View]
68872741Any NetBSD users still here? Last thread >>68860221 It seemed there were many questions about …[View]
68863022New desktop thread, since last one 404'd[View]
68873907Is Adobe Reader Hitler?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=158bJFTETRI Do you agree with his opinion?…[View]
68869608You have 200 GB that you're going to take with you innawoods, forever. What do you put on it?[View]
68878542Tell me 3 use cases of ReactJS (+ any backend) in which it would perform better and be developed fas…[View]
68876983Has anyone used mosh? What was your experience?[View]
68877501How is it possible to acquire OEM Windows keys? I don’t want links - I know where to find these chea…[View]
68878510Pic related is an LED bar that creates pictures when rotating. It becomes effective at around 10mph …[View]
68878401>it is now impossible to save youtube videos at 720p or better It just isn't fucking fair.…[View]
68876956What were personal computers in the 80s used for? what were the most popular programs? was it mostly…[View]
68872013Strange Discoveries from Childhood: Found an old school notebook from 2007 (I was 8) that shows a ru…[View]
68875145What does /g/ think of the 8 bit boomer?[View]
68872053vscode uses AI learning to assist your coding: Why haven't you adopted the most advanced editor…[View]
68876884In machine learning, What is the fundamental problem with DBSCAN?[View]
68878042Fucking HTML emails: I must be a brainlet, because I cannot figure out how to send HTML emails. I…[View]
68875418ElectroBOOM: Is he /ourguy/?[View]
68876504Anyone else here think computers are a big fat lie?How can 0s and 1s create this?I'm not saying…[View]
68877106Adobe CC 2019 Trial Reset: Have they finally patched this? I can't seem to reset my After Effec…[View]
68874988>foo >bar[View]
68876138>Computer only has UEFI boot and no Legacy/Bios option. The state of technology in almost 2019…[View]
68875835ryzen users, post your memory benchmarks. i'll start.[View]
68877648F**king microsoft: >decide to check on updates >click check on updates >immediately get ass…[View]
68872531Currently running debian buster/sid as my daily OS. Always wanted to give Fedora a go. Is it better …[View]
68877373>The new Intel 6900k is AWESOME and here's why you should BUY it NOW…[View]
68877196Hi guys, question. Is Rainmeter still the thing to use if you want to customize your desktop, or is …[View]
68875550How to make money creating software? What software should I create?[View]
68869132Is it just me or Ublock origin is becoming worse and worse? I remember that it filtered every stuff …[View]
68875739Why do I like making useless things? >I make games that no one wants to play >I make music tha…[View]
68875014What's the comfiest path to take after finishing my CS degree? There's a lot of options...…[View]
68874154youtube: What the hell does this mean?[View]
68875525C for large projects: So I've been programming C and C++ for a while and have found the c++ is …[View]
68873864>disable Microsoft Windows 10 Windows Defender SmartScreen Feature >torrent download speeds in…[View]
68874578What am I in for, /g/?[View]
68861268/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read …[View]
68876625what is the most respected tech career[View]
68871721Why do you trust open source software and open source operating systems if you've never audited…[View]
68876908AMD or NVIDIA: People keep telling me AMD is better than NVIDIA, but why? Is it because of the RTX t…[View]
68868479speccy thread? >inb4 your cpu is on fire It's not. Speccy just doesn't detect temps pro…[View]
68870127Mouse hate thread? Mouse hate thread. The best way to operate a computer is with the keyboard. It mi…[View]
68847993/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>68818462 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
68874057Is this good in 2019?[View]
68874313How is this even allowed?: How isn't running Windows for banking against PCI DSS or some other …[View]
68865536/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2018 General #27: Fun easy ascii art edition Previous Thread >>6885628…[View]
68875307what's best VPN?[View]
68876314Is it worth it?[View]
68871033Rate my genetic algorithm/NN code. https://github.com/TylerJohnson44/PyNN/blob/master/PyNN.py[View]
68866892>me and mate pull out 2 128 gb ssds from shithouse school computers >faggot year 8s see us do …[View]
68876668>he thinks he has job security as a meat-marionette coding biped >…[View]
68873233Even during a Xubuntu 18.04 Installation, Chad gets the girl.[View]
68876334I have a 500 word essay on data structures due in 12 hours. How fucked am I?[View]
68876020Is there a pedagogal method for me to brush up on my algorithms aside from just doing Leetcode all d…[View]
68874099Best app 2018 - CB Talk by Midland. For iOS and Android. It replicates the CB radios that you'l…[View]
68876518Why is Louis not removing the plastic from his new computer build? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s…[View]
68876239Is there any way to browse 4chan's red boards without the porn ads?[View]
68875406>Yesterday >I had a bluescreen out of nowhere. >When I restarted I got 'Unknown device is i…[View]
68868782>get IPS monitor >for the first time, my mom catches me looking at hentai through my window at…[View]
68875346try that nigerfags pip install BeautifulSoup pip install selenium pip install chatterbot # -*- codi…[View]
68874863How actually important is it to detach the heatsink before transporting my PC?[View]
68874750Tech job expatriation: Hi /g/, I'm looking to move somewhere exotic (think Berlin, Seattle) and…[View]
68871691Wikipedia deletionists and StackExchange 'opinion-based' close voters: Should we hang them all?…[View]
68875794bsd from hd: so i'm trying to install free bsd but I don't have a USB stick or writeable o…[View]
68872554What went wrong?[View]
68875712So I heard on NPR that Google is now putting self-driving cars on the roads for the first time, and …[View]
68872789How does /g/ decide on a new cell phone?: I currently have an iPhone 7 that's eligible for an u…[View]
68875222what are the best headphones if I want to listen to japanese kpop qts?[View]
68873949Is caseking.de legit?: Any other Euroanons used them before? They have 1070s at much lower prices th…[View]
68874874>Using a smartphone as your primary way of accessing the internet >Using a smartphone as your …[View]
68874504How viable is freelance programming? How good do I have to be to make $50,000/yr from home?[View]
68875941So for Christmas I want to get a nice new monitor to fit in-between my two others. I'm consider…[View]
68870020ITT: LGBT computer scientists/programmers.[View]
68875528shit hits the fan: Guys, I need location of a guy, I only have phone number, he's driving a tru…[View]
68874328How did I do[View]
68869172>he doesn't have a 12 TB drive[View]
68867263/sbc/: New general SBC (Single Board Computer) thread. >QnA >General Discussion >Your fav …[View]
68875738Souljagame: Why dont you buy Soulja Boys game console /g/?[View]
68874569Graphics Tablets: I'm looking for a reasonably priced, small graphics tablet that runs with Win…[View]
68874912How python cucks can even compete[View]
68875319Stop using Microsoft Windows.[View]
68873489A NEW GOOGLE+ BLUNDER EXPOSED DATA FROM 52.5 MILLION USERS: https://www.wired.com/story/google-plus-…[View]
68874031Hierarchy in GUI's: Have any other anons noticed a relatively recent trend away from hierarchic…[View]
68873967Got fired today bois. Pretty shitty, but nothing much I could've done about it. Looking at gett…[View]
68873372Godot vs. Unity3D: Has anyone tried Godot? Is it worth learning at this point or should I rather lea…[View]
68875357Ask a CISO anything: I'm overseeing and guiding policy for the cyber-defense of an internationa…[View]
68869136What are the most retarded password restrictions you've ever seen? I'll start with my job …[View]
68849391Career thread: >age >degree(s) >location >title >salary or >ask for advice on how …[View]
68867074XP the immortal OS: >Be me >Switched to linux for years because win10 is botnet >want to us…[View]
68871627/Pcbg/ - PC Building General: Elite builds Edition >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/…[View]
68872664alright lads, just ordered this monster (refurb+1 yr warranty) for £470 https://www.msi.com/Graphics…[View]
68873362Daaammmnn GNU/Linux looks like that!?[View]
68870898Okay unbiased opinions only is 4k worth it? Gaming and video included Im running with a 1080p monito…[View]
68875021What's the verdict on the best 2D animation program for beginners, /g/?[View]
68874207So I've finally made a Retropie after letting my Raspberry in the drawer collecting dust for ye…[View]
68874606should we throw our phones? or shred the system make it root delete android and install termux... it…[View]
68874994>12-hour time format >analog clock[View]
688727203nm is too small and retarded. All your electrons will leak.[View]
68871658voice chat botnet: Am I overly paranoid for avoiding voice chat in games and with internet strangers…[View]
68874446HP printers are the biggest pieces of shit holy fuck I've spent the past 2 hours trying to get…[View]
68873487>pocophone >it actually packs mucho for a budget phone…[View]
68873617Memory leaks in pyqt5: Have and of you ever had to deal with pyqt5 memory leaks , I have read many f…[View]
68874512Best Phones of 2018: Notice how even the black people in Britain have decency. https://www.youtube.…[View]
68870152>open google >search for something >tab x20 >finally get to first link on page You have …[View]
68874342It's over[View]
68874303What does windows do with all the telemetry on me masturbating to hentai? I have yet to see a single…[View]
68863848I want to believe[View]
68874220Google Plus to shutdown earlier: Another data breach: https://techlapse.com/global/google-plus-to-sh…[View]
68871407How much would it cost to hire a programmer to make an exact clone of Windows 95/98/XP era MsPaint w…[View]
68874187How fucked am i and how do i fix. After maybe 10 minutes of me being inactive on my pc, the monitor…[View]
68873941Why didn't apple remove Twitter from the app store when all the pedos migrated from Tumblr to T…[View]
68862267What did he mean by this?[View]
68871974Robotics in ancient Greece: https://medium.com/@paul.schydlo/chapter-1-imagination-98a3350e47a6…[View]
68867915Why does nobody line up for Samsung or Huawai phones?[View]
68872401Cure to wrist problem/low sensitivity mater race: Hey guys I have been on /g/ since 2011 and have al…[View]
68870338webp: >he doesn't use webp Just because the fucking nip won't enable it doesn't me…[View]
68873932/net/ - Networking Thread: What are you networking on, /g/? Labbing up some VPLS service? Figuring …[View]
68873828>be me >use shitdroid because broke and carrier offering one for free for switching >immedi…[View]
68873821I was looking for a wallpaper of this very famous cros fitter dude named Matt Fraser, he is like the…[View]
68873650FUCKING HELP ME my Nokia 510 is a pile of fucking shit, and I CAN'T delete temporary files, they jus…[View]
68869333Give me a quick rundown on Deepin[View]
68869320Why are they so good at technology?[View]
68871084Who will continue to build the Temple of God now that King Terry has ascended?[View]
68865912/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68865880Void Loonix: redpill me on Void /g/? What's with the my little pony shit on its official site?…[View]
68852829/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
68868347CS majors, mathmagicians and programming wizards get in here. How would you go about solving this pr…[View]
68865158Daaammmnn UNIX looks like that!?[View]
68862727are zoomers actually competent programmers? In 1997 or so I taught myself visuual basic to write aol…[View]
68872462whats a good alternative os to root your phone? i remember using cyanogenmod on my android 4.0 phone…[View]
68872303You will never be this cool: I got a hold of 2 of these... AGP, ok... trashed them Show some cool t…[View]
68868964What is the highest tech you currently possess?[View]
68872521Rate my portable device collection /g/[View]
68873263does anyone here have a note 9?[View]
68870772popular tech-related books that are, in fact, total garbage. I'll start[View]
68872914>spend hours picking a username >finally decide on the coolest I could think of >minutes la…[View]
68872350You are not an interlet are you? The average download speed of US citizens is 18.7 mbps[View]
68867859Any software fags from Singapore here?: Would you recommend moving (from Europe)? What's the a…[View]
68871347Why is this allowed, IO writes on browsers: They don't have shame, what in the hell is even doi…[View]
68872846What is /g/'s opinions on this guy ?[View]
68872968/AID/: Alternative Internet Daily thread! Actual progress edition. /g/ is trying to create its own …[View]
68871590serious question to freetards: coreboot somethimes hangs in OS. Anyone knows how to solve the proble…[View]
68870610FreeBSD is chad OS whole Unix world. Why you not use it?[View]
68872279Samsung sucks. I hope Samsung gets worse than Huawei and ZTE ever gotten. Samsung is the worst Phone…[View]
68869854what is a prep script: hey /g/, I need help for work. What the heck is a prepscript? pls+thx.[View]
68870275/g/ Book Club: Since the semester is over, I have a few weeks of nothing ahead of me, and I've …[View]
68859380this is a pain in the ass to root[View]
68865509/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>68858418 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
68872623Windows UX open source: >https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2018/12/04/announcing-net-core-3…[View]
68870618>want to learn how to 'code' >complete brainlet at math…[View]
68865187so what's /g/'s preferred DNS? I use, basically because it works everywher…[View]
68866729Day 0 at web dev job: What am I in for?[View]
68872224Question. So I'm a broke fella and I got an AM3+ socket. What other sockets that are good for g…[View]
68869509Where do laptop companies source their components? I can't find any mobile processors, mobos or…[View]
68871636Well I tried my guys. But after 10 minutes I guess it's just not gonna load.[View]
68872564Why does my mother's credit card keep getting stolen? Apparently somebody used my mother's…[View]
68872421What is the best android SRS program that runs on my Nexus 7? It would be great if i could import m…[View]
68870633What does /g/ think of using a VPS with openVPN instead of those packet VPN services? I've been…[View]
68869484Advent of Code 2018. Day 1 part 2: I feel like a brainlet. Is pic related correct? In the example +7…[View]
68864077Are stickers still a thing?: Stickers on laptops, I want to get a Tor project sticker and put it on.…[View]
68871422hi /g/ whats a good desktop software for recovering photos from a phone after factory reset and no b…[View]
68871641Big Oh: Can anyone explain to me why proving the big O of a algorithm is important?They are making u…[View]
68872291How much does it cost for someone to not only pay for the hosting of >75,000 separate websites, a…[View]
68869949KDE Qt master race: Eh??? You don't exclusivley use Qt applications Anon??? NANI??? Ahahahaha, …[View]
68868743Containers and microservices and serverless, oh my!: Any of these are not meme tech? https://www.hpe…[View]
68870865>be a western corporation >Outsource projects to India at 1/25th cost >Indin corporation hi…[View]
68870957Just bought an iPhone. Are there not a single 4chan app in the appstore? WTF? How is this shit allow…[View]
68863375Highest you can count.: What's the highest number you can count to using a computer and how wou…[View]
68861359Mika - The Waifu AI: Hey guys. I started a GitHub for Mika, the waifu AI program. There's an ea…[View]
68867790OS without a DE: Title says it all: Using a linux operating system with no desktop environnement at …[View]
68855498/csg/ - Chinese Shopping General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggoo…[View]
68818462/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>68787730 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
68864667Clean software thread: Only people that use clean, nondigusting software are allowed to post here. T…[View]
68870933C11 vs Pthread: What should be preferred: the thread API that came with C11 or should I start using …[View]
68870920Extracurriculars: I'd like to study CompSci at university so I was wondering what extracurricul…[View]
68868823Audiotel Scanlock 2000 replacement antenna?: I recently remembered I had one of these 80's bug …[View]
68869865What are the best platforms for Low power consumption? Android phones? Rpi?[View]
68855560/spg/ - Smartphone General: Pixel 3 XL Lite & 3 Lite Edition If requesting purchasing advice, pl…[View]
68857550Programmers are the scum of society. Did you know many of them can just work from home and take off …[View]
68867426Nvidia next-gen 7nm GPU microarchitecture soon, March 18-21 How fucking mad are RTX cucks right now?[View]
68861491mobile companies are backing out of huawei support and you guys shill the shit out of chinkphones lm…[View]
68862398At what level can you consider yourself a truly great programmer? what do you need to archieve? is i…[View]
68869915Is this what I should use if I want to make simple Windows programs?[View]
68870866This is the BitFenix Enso MESH: say something nice about her[View]
68869511Name a better job than game programmer >in b4 games are for kids Yeah well try programming one…[View]
68865174>/g/ user >router login:admin >password: password…[View]
68868818>Want to know the origins of my uniqu last name >Don't want my DNA to be uploaded onto so…[View]
68864351How do I know if a graphics card is good just by knowing the model name? As an example mine is an AM…[View]
68855586HACKERS EXPLOIT 11-YEAR-OLD FIREFOX BUG: >Bug dealt with in Chrome and Edge, but still a problem …[View]
68859843/pcbg/ - Pc Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68862740What's the /g/ equivalent? Is there anything as bad or worse? https://youtu.be/7yHy0gcZ11Y[View]
68871077i wanna build my own AI slave how do i assemble these? https://deepmind.com/research/open-source/…[View]
68869424Run this and post output timeout 20s yes > test ; sync ; echo 3 | sudo dd of=/proc/sys/vm/drop_ca…[View]
68857476Which subreddits do you follow anon? Some of mines: /r/homelab /r/linux /r/netsec /r/privacy /r/work…[View]
68860178Do you guys think that there's gonna be a movement away from social media or is it just gonna g…[View]
68870717Alright /g/, show me your uptimes: I know u/t in pic is shit. Gimme something to count to[View]
68859762Frontend framework battle: Which of the three do you think will solidify its position as de facto st…[View]
68869575Hey I'm interning at a software company and they asked me to make a presentation on something t…[View]
68868310Stop using OOP, dimwit.[View]
68866603So it's come to this.[View]
68848211Best /g/ approved mp3 player?: No recommendations on the wiki, I checked. Any suggestions?[View]
68870094>sell something on ebay for under 100 bucks >money held for a week Why is this allowed? Fuck P…[View]
68869299bought a kindle fire hd 10. now what do i do?[View]
68869901Mathmaseus Technology Group: Meteorology to be done and forecasted could only mean weather. Do you b…[View]
68867393how to stay anonymous on the internet?[View]
68866578how to save our asses: I have an idea which might change something. Problem: Massive influx of normi…[View]
68868556I’m hoping for a little help here I have this sbc motherboard, goes in a machine i use for work. Th…[View]
68867227New Vega Logo: https://trademarks.justia.com/882/10/n-88210086.html SOON[View]
68868714itt we post retarded /g/ memes[View]
68869922>$550 for an 8c/16t CPU what a fucking joke lol[View]
68859602Is /g/ getting worse?[View]
68863619how do you approach learning? you try to memorize everything? even the small things that you probabl…[View]
68869469Hey /g/, I ordered a T series Thinkpad. How do I remove the Chinese malware from it when it arrives?[View]
68869609iPad and Kobo, which is more suitable for reading e-books?[View]
68857717How come /g/ was spammed with net neutrality FUD but I don't see a single thread talking about …[View]
68869092Hi anon what password did you used to use or what one are you using currently for everything[View]
68869691What's your fav programming snacc, /g/? Pic related, good ole ketchup and 'nanners[View]
68864099ok /g/, no bullshit, what is the best Android music player? Only qualification being it doesn't…[View]
68865137Why aren't you using an openNIC dns? If nothing else just do it for the hidden websites anon[View]
68869165>Tumble WEED lol lmfao XD ROFL blaze it 420XDDD!1![View]
68868034Install Windows.[View]
68869202Meanwhile in /g/'s Bible: >1 Corinthians 13:11 >When I was a child, I spake as a child, I…[View]
68852431/g/ternet: /g/ternet thread! Revival edition. >What is /g/ternet? Quite some time ago, when Net N…[View]
68868193Help me with this bloat Dataset: I got my hands on a Dataset with 18000 entries and maybe u fuggers …[View]
68868505>tfw windows 10 installer now requires three security questions if you make a password for a loca…[View]
68868358Just bought a mechanical keyboard boyys: I've been wanting to buy one for a while now. My frien…[View]
68865627>AI can perform complex tas-[View]
68869068Is this the best website design ever?[View]
68866198>it's a CS final project episode >it's a search engine that uses a bunch of embedded…[View]
68869230is installing windows 7 in 2018 and getting 'security' updates a hassle? I have hardware that was ma…[View]
68866417King Terry appreciation day: Today Terry would have been 49. Say something nice about him. Jannies c…[View]
68868546write me a small predictive text application for my loser nerd class and I'll let you see my fe…[View]
68863778Intel Meme: >TFW friend fell for the intel meme[View]
68868372How would one go about increasing a connection's ping?[View]
68859572Why is Siri so shit? Why is Apple so incompetent?[View]
68865180WE MXM NAO: >'It could instead let the NUC feature a faster discrete GPU over an MXM slot' >Co…[View]
68868882Hi, I'm running Windows 10 and I'm trying to use this C library in a C# program. https://w…[View]
68866743>using android[View]
68864670What are some strategies for blacklisting racial slurs from appearing in the output of my program wi…[View]
68868290pc idiot: help me im a fucking pleb ive set my pc (laptop techicaly) to auto download everything to …[View]
68861178Can someone explain to a brainlet why JavaScript is considered a brainlet programming language? Same…[View]
68865097Is there any way to set the number of lines scrolled each time I flick the mouse wheel on Linux? Win…[View]
68868709Why did battery technology stop progressing?[View]
68867843Alienware case mod: hey, so i found this older alienware in my country but he wants $587 i think tha…[View]
68866716>she uses vim[View]
68868162The best laptop featuring some obsolete tech?: What was the absolute best laptop to feature IDE? All…[View]
68860828Look at it. Look how clean and elegant it is. It's shiny and impressive. Linux still hasn'…[View]
68857370New Gnome Shell theme: This is what the new Adwaita theme and icons look like. What's up with G…[View]
68852470Why is the industry standard using the command line? Why isn't most people using the GUI and th…[View]
68868127Treadmills are technology: I'm looking for a treadmill since it's winter. I hear most of …[View]
68866538Hey /g/ don't really know where to post this so I figured I'd come here and ask for help. …[View]
68866956do you guys know any way to circumvent canvas fingerprint detection?[View]
68866059How do I deal with being a brainlet?[View]
68867037PHP Laravel thread: Anyone using Laravel? Post any good open source repos.[View]
68866965What does /g/ think of using a VPS with openVPN instead of those packet VPN services? I've been…[View]
68866688Hey, what's g matrix server? And I'm concerned about decentralization. Can I delete my mes…[View]
68867155>mindless diehard fanboyism: the board[View]
68868092What is best mp3 player for subway or urban travel?[View]
68868076Phantom Services: Certain services on my computer continue to use CPU despite being not only stopped…[View]
68865009Why is everyone bullying Intel[View]
68866991How do you cope with knowing that each of your passwords eventually becomes obsolete as you make mor…[View]
68867510why is google drive so fukin shite. i wanted to organize my stuff but this retard is so fuckin slow …[View]
68853681Post your old computer cases. Had this back in 2005 playing Dungeon Siege, Diablo 2, and Halo 2. It …[View]
68863099Nepalfag here. Net neutrality is shit. Pic related.[View]
68862657>clang bad >gcc good[View]
68867422>want to buy a new piece of technology >it's a considerable purchase so first research on…[View]
68864540Labtop, or laptop?: I call them labtops, because laboratory top, makes more sense then for the use o…[View]
68843426I don't feel so good[View]
68866583>1 year ago >3 months ago Should webdevs be lynched for this?…[View]
68864915is this accurate /g/? is jewgle evil? im loosing my fucking mind >>>/x/21864427[View]
68866958How do I block all of 4chan except one thread I personally started? Using the host file or something…[View]
68859923Audiofools: >brother-in law is really into audiophile shit >wastes thousands on useless snake…[View]
68866887Why is the URL autosuggestion so shit in Chrome? I didn't even search that shit.. Just want You…[View]
68864634I just ordered this thing, now what?[View]
68865475If you have Windows 10, take a screenshot using snip & sketch. Is the notification sound cut off…[View]
68865257>this triggers /g/[View]
68866280Is learning R programming any useful ? When at uni everyone told me it is. Now in real life I find i…[View]
68862309meme or legit? why is there no widespread adoption?[View]
68864644With Tumblr shutting down should I share my archive program? It pulls down all images and videos...[View]
68866189>Internet of things[View]
68866545AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor 13W - 105W Team - Vulcan 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000…[View]
68844072how old is the kid that designed this? im guessing 3-5[View]
68863033Former apple user here. I got out of the ecosystem around 2016 or so because I couldn't stand t…[View]
68852555Programming tasks/ideas thread. We're all gonna make it edition[View]
68863886What does /g/ think of the 8 bit boomer?[View]
68863972how does one make slowmo webms?[View]
68860221Any NetBSD users out here?[View]
68866795Will ram prices ever be this low again? Bought these in 2016, no sale or promotion. Back then i thou…[View]
68864631Should I still avoid RTX even though it doesn't cost that much for me? Is it true that it cause…[View]
68856516DESPERATE APPLEL TODDLERS: How fucking desperate can they get /g/? Look at these 'statistics' LMAO e…[View]
68865564Getting into engineering: What do I do if I wanna make stupid shit like William Osman, but don'…[View]
68859031Post old shit, software or hardware I don't care[View]
68866239hey so over the last week someone has been giving away my number on a fake tinder account and in you…[View]
68866571import codethatdoeswhatiwant as c def main(): neighbors_wifi_name = input('Neighbors' wifi …[View]
68864507Scratch on a resume?: Should you put Scratch on a resume, under programming experience?[View]
68865209SOS HERE PLEASE!! I've catastrophically committed a terribly stupid mistake and all hope seems…[View]
68865934>gigabit internet >$ sudo apt-get upgrade -y >... >Fetched 77.1 MB in 2min 56s (436 kB/s…[View]
68866360Nanotechnology: Virtual wood[View]
68866331Will there ever be a good tech show again?[View]
68858921give me a quick run down on the Falkon web browser[View]
68830407Desktop thread: show your best[View]
68865181Can /g/ figure out who made this post? >>68864845 A or B?[View]
68865774I want to replace my current Tower, are there any good BIG ones? I want good air flow ofc, rgb shou…[View]
68865685How can I edit my DNA to incorporate basedgenes?[View]
68855590i love IT thread: >get sysadmin job >do nothing about 7 years (play games, watching porn) >…[View]
68865255I have about 6 ssds inside my hdd cache with 4 other hdds, and the cage vibrates a lot. Would the h…[View]
68864977Does the GPL license hinder software devs and companies from contributing and helping the free-softw…[View]
68860639Is calculus helpful for computer science?: Did any of you CS majors also have calc as a required cou…[View]
68865504Daaammmnn UNIX looks like that!?[View]
68865306I am the smartest man on /g/. I have no opinions, only objective truths. Ask me any question on any …[View]
68862547When will this become cheaper?[View]
68858418/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>68852683 Lisp is the most powerful programming…[View]
68863369>Be me >In college getting a degree in a subject that I like but is ultimately a dead end (his…[View]
68863039WAIT HOL UP Did anyone hear of this? http://www.eenewsanalog.com/news/asml-warns-product-delivery-de…[View]
68863213Is gaming on an OS other than windows practical yet? I don't want to use windows anymore but it…[View]
68860281/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68858543Is it possible to learn entire Javascript. This language is huge. Some people think its misunderstoo…[View]
68863381>tfw your router crawled under the cupboard AGAIN[View]
68843634ITT: >your programming language (s) of choice >your fetish I'll start >Java, C++/C# …[View]
68860983/g/ eternally BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A2mWqLUpzw[View]
68858295Simple question for a simple retard. Building computer. Got case from friend's father, Gateway …[View]
68864036Fuck Samshit, fuck LGook and fuck South Korea.[View]
68864071Anyone else hate having to use sms as a default mode of text communication with their friends? Whet…[View]
68862634ITT: Graphics cards that aged like fine wine: This card, at 1080p though[View]
68857786Reccomend me a notebook: Hi! Im looking to purchase a notebook, i've got 1000USD to spend on it…[View]
68863580im sure this question has been asked before, but is free internet possible in 2018?[View]
68859222Is dual-channel memory that important?: I want to upgrade my ram. Currently I have 8GB 3200MHz, and …[View]
68864431Are there proxies that allow you to still browse shit like youtube, flash etc.[View]

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