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69459301Why do phones still have only one display?[View]
69441210/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: boomer edition Previous thread: >>69421266 Don't buy anything O…[View]
69463799Does anyone here run a Replicant phone? How is it?[View]
69463838>Selling my pc >Buyer asks me if it runs fortnite what should i do?…[View]
69463670Heya fellas! I've recently enrolled into a coding bootcamp, and I won't be saying which on…[View]
69463991What?: And as far as these boards are considered son >What?? I don't give a damn if it'…[View]
69457205>finally decide to create a Facebook solely to access a local trade/exchange group because people…[View]
69455387If he wasn't mentally ill would he have made significant contributions as a programmer?[View]
69463407Near-perfect online anonimity or how to rank on the NSA list: So /g/ents, leaving aside behavioral r…[View]
69461656Not really /g/ related but what type of hobby can I get with this kind of feel? Mecha figures? Guns?[View]
69438799Guts Thread: Finally cable managed it edition.[View]
69449726>windows 7 ends supports in less then a year >40% of the computers of the world still users st…[View]
69463625Devops: Any system engineers here? Is it worthy of a general? Do you use ansible with terraform? Aws…[View]
69463046What happened to /g/?: All I see when I browse /g/ is posts about hardware, including 'the current s…[View]
69463792>daaaaammmmnnnn linux looks like that?[View]
69462686/g/ Lets create our own autonomus drone for less than 100 usd.: Now we need a drone that is cheap an…[View]
69463758Why use a disc in a solid state storage format?[View]
69461563IntelliJ or Visual Studios?[View]
69463715Why isn't a way to get money with a computer? Seriously,no WAY[View]
69455975desktop thread phone edition let's see yours![View]
69442782i3wm vs. dwm: which window manager is superior?[View]
69463029This really rumbles my jumbles[View]
69435678/wdg/ - Web Development General: Welcome Back Previous thread: >>69411959 >Beginner Roadmap…[View]
69461931Idk what your problem is, I actually like Fedora and the GNOME desktop. Set up the Papirus icon them…[View]
69460993Time Travel is Technology: *BZZZZZZT* >PNNNNT >PNNNNNNNNT >RNNNN >TNNNNN >BWOOBWOOBWO…[View]
69457592What's your excuse for not using it?[View]
69462849Is there a way to pirate Android TV apps?[View]
69463235>i care about smartphone ***security***[View]
69462102How do I make it so flames come out of the back of my PC?[View]
69462084did the linux kill switch actually happens, all the articles say the threatened that linux programme…[View]
69463402So what's with the astronomical webdev salaries? Is this some kind of bubble? Why aren't m…[View]
69461630question about built PCs: hey /g/ about you guy's PCs do you ever get storage problems if not h…[View]
69457851How exactly is slapping two miniature screens onto a pair of goggles in any way true 'VR'? When will…[View]
69456693why dont people call it 'programming' anymore?: .[View]
69459352When did the 'I use Arch BTW' meme originate?: Earliest instance I've seen was in a forum poste…[View]
69460800How to learn hacking?? I dont even know programming hehe[View]
69456484Post old softwares[View]
69462948Do you think that Шindows will be opensource someday?: Do you, anon? https://mspoweruser.com/hell-fr…[View]
69462057What the fuck is this, Hiro?[View]
69459705Backup thread: ITT we talk about data backups How often do you take them? How many drives? ssd or hd…[View]
69457618Western Digital releases an SSD: https://muropaketti.com/tietotekniikka/tietotekniikkauutiset/wester…[View]
69455139I'm reviving 5 Fujitso laptops with centrino processors I've been given for free from a co…[View]
69460114/minimalism/ - software minimalism general: For suggestions on programs that aren't bloat refer…[View]
69459584Python Request Dijkstra pls: Hey peeps, I need some help with coding... I need to code a Dijkstra s …[View]
69459307>He uses a modern OS >He owns a 4K monitor >He owns a $300 graphics card >His computer i…[View]
69457547It takes a certain level of intelligence to appreciate the simplicity and power of *crunch* Arch lin…[View]
69462446how to restart program in python: how to restart program in python? putting my program in a def and …[View]
69456349I personally *crunch* think *crunch* *crunch* that we should halt *crunch* every activity involving …[View]
69462331selfhosted captcha: what are some good captcha solutions i can implement myself without having to em…[View]
69462271Storing data values in Brainfuck scripts[View]
69420693Speaker and audio system general. I have questions about room treatment.[View]
69461292Any good textbooks for Java? >Inb4 pajeet My school requires Java but the department couldn'…[View]
69453208/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69453315I am sick of buying canned air. What is the best alternative ?[View]
69459429Rack mounted switch: /diy/ here. I wired my house with cat6a per your recommendation. What fanless…[View]
69461530wtf im a hacker now![View]
69444582desktop/fetch thread[View]
69445912/spg/ - Smartphone General: LG G8 Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your count…[View]
69456851VPN: Haven't used VPN for a while. Is this still good? If not can you recommend one that takes …[View]
69461535Laptop thread: Which laptop are you currently most hyped in 2019 and what is the best bang for the b…[View]
69460776Is there any software for Windows to change Vcore that isn't bloated skeuromorphic motherboard …[View]
69458525What does /g/ think of Roko's Basilisk?[View]
69458956password managers: /g/, would you recommend one? which one? how am I supposed to be safe online? I…[View]
69457763SSD price droppings: Will there soon be 1TB SSDs for very low price (compared to prices 2 years ago)…[View]
69457381Comfy CLI UIs: I'm writing a command-line thing with python/curses (screenshot attached), and I…[View]
69460041>not using windows XP >not using Linux >t-the absolute state of this board! Hmm...…[View]
69460460did anyone in history can get UEFI working on this pos?[View]
69461447>i fear no man, but that thing... its scares me[View]
694522252D sprite based game dev: Here's it guys. I'll bite the bullet and I'll start a huge …[View]
69458864Is this a meme Looking for dap Phone shit Other rockbox mp3 will be hard to use with large library S…[View]
69460014If he wasn't mentally ill would he have made significant contributions as a programmer?[View]
69458948Is wheel a medieval technology? Asking for a friend.[View]
69454103IPS BTFO: kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJx-53kEJDw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTwnxD14u6…[View]
69461333>mfw lincucks complain about games pre-installed on Windows10 that can't even run if you don…[View]
69459830I can solve cryptograms very quickly. Is this skill useful at all?[View]
69461153Is it true VR makes people vomit?[View]
69441637When will this stupid company die already so we can get some decent GPU's?[View]
69458511How bad are circular references? I'm doing this on a personal project and I'm already feel…[View]
69452690ffplay rocks!: no need for mpv bloat ffplay is the true suckless minimalist media player >muh you…[View]
694582055G Bismuth EMF protection crystals: > What are Bismuth EMF protection crystals Bismuth EMF protec…[View]
69456322Has anyone figured out what algorithm the Amazon botnet uses to decide whether or not to ban you for…[View]
69460901RTX Gay Chasing: Ray Tracing? More like Gay Chasing.[View]
69458428>RGB >Cherry MX blues >lagdroid >wasd hand rest for those epic gamer moments >RGB …[View]
69455005I need to move on from Windows 7 but cleaning up my file system, backing things up, installing a new…[View]
69456821Are elitebooks just as good as thinkpads? I’m thinking of dropping $400 on a 2015 era Elitebook 840 …[View]
69460257it's not even the syntax or math im struggling with, it's straight up the logic part[View]
69458797Who gets laid more: programmers or sysadmins?[View]
69459554Where are they now??[View]
69453857>not using the best file system >ishiggywiggy…[View]
69456207It's clear which one is better. It's not the size of the boat anon.[View]
69458874I'm about to buy AMD >Intel CPU prices are crazy and still rising, who knows if the next gen…[View]
69459957Where can I get that windows 10 version that lets me disable automatic updates. I'm gonna use K…[View]
69460334144hz vs 240hz: Is plopping down the extra $200 worth it for 240hz? For people who own 240hz monitor…[View]
69456149Why is my ISP throttling 4chan? I try to access it normally it is slow to load threads, images, etc.…[View]
69454879Well /g/, theres only three /g/ memes left to fall for for me. Thinkpad, chineseaman general, and in…[View]
69459070How will operating systems look in a few years? What comes after flat design? I don't think it …[View]
69460314>Tfw not pirate scum[View]
69457428How is the absolute trainwreck known as Leo Laporte doing these days? I remember he had to sell his …[View]
69460261Which ISP should I get?[View]
69460222I have this really weird problem with My Lenovo ideapad 300. The screen is rotaded and i tried the c…[View]
69424695is this the best keyboard you can buy in the current year?[View]
69443767gnome is shit: I have just installed kde plasma and this is like day and night. please, leave gnome …[View]
69459473What kind of system so you use as your home server? An old PC? A NUC? Arm SBC?[View]
69457845How to become a Pythom leading developer?[View]
69456042Why exactly is 'bloat' a bad thing? Isn't minimalism just a euphemism for feature-lac…[View]
69459005What happened to Adobe Voco? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3l4XLZ59iw How come there has been no …[View]
69455183what is java commonly used in again?[View]
69459887the absolute state of github >>>/mlp/ btfo…[View]
69451176Why is this reddit circle jerk shitposting allowed? >apple sux, am I right reddit? do these faggo…[View]
69456788Why aren't you using the most redpilled email client, /g/?[View]
69459186Is it really secure? Does proton mail respect your privacy?[View]
69457746I think someone is trying to hack me: My computer had a scheduled virus scan just then which I didnt…[View]
69456655>blocks your path[View]
69452735intel bros ....: ... it's not looking good ....[View]
69455779Is /g/ actually dumber by average in technology than other boards?[View]
69458486Why should I install Linux?: Why would you ever need Linux if you are not a Pedophile or a Communist…[View]
69457877/g/ how long till Joi is real?[View]
69455634Did you ever really watch many DVDs?: for there was only a brief window in time when I had access to…[View]
69454081Nigga wtf[View]
69459000sbral: Covert '''spy''' thread. If you are interested in '''spies''' post image macros in here.…[View]
69458643REDDIT IS BULLYING C++ AGAIN: It's just not fair bros! How do they keep getting away wit it?…[View]
69453967Is there going to be a 16c 32t Ryzen 3 processor this year, or did we all get trolled by some Russia…[View]
69459101I'd like to clear up some erroneous information about where I stand that is circulating on 4cha…[View]
69457837You can do things with your money /g/! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alecaddd/akira-the-linu…[View]
69448257DAW thread.: Redpill me on FL studio.[View]
69453527I started a programming class and it's involving C++. I do my homework on a PC, but I bring a M…[View]
69438220/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69422976 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69457939Gaming on Linux with Wine: What hardware should I get? AMD or Nvidia? How is the performance parity …[View]
69458752WIndows was a mistake[View]
69458450Windows 10 is unironically becoming windows 2000 how much time was wasted? like 15 years or mobile c…[View]
69457349>Ctrl + B for the most common shortcut you need What were they thinking?…[View]
69453908Prometheus --> LaTeX[View]
69420846/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it. C…[View]
69454354what should i REALLY be focusing on ?: > be me > in community uni > just want out 78% don…[View]
69458261Ideas on creating a startup business based in New York from someone who is fresh out of college in T…[View]
69455342should I Install Artix or Void?[View]
69458211What tech stuff have you bought recently?[View]
69455699so this is the power of windows...[View]
69456294NETsec or ML: what does /g/ think is a better career and makes more money[View]
69455432>Must have been using the following primary development languages and frameworks: ASP, ASP.Net, V…[View]
69458213This is a security challenge from a fintech company, there are apparently 7 flags but I can only fin…[View]
69453656Why can't AMD or Intel make an alternative to CUDA?: Probably a stupid question, but why don…[View]
69458244Will this miniDP > HDMI work on my lenovo x240? I'm a brainlet when it comes to computer stu…[View]
69458248Hello /g/ i’m Starting a dividend paying DAO and token distribution begins at midnight gmt tonight. …[View]
69447998ITT: post boomer repellent I'll start[View]
69444260How long do you think your thinkopad x220/t420 is going to last you? What will you use next?[View]
69458132Anyone here have any experience with HDMI capture device? I had a look at the Magewell HDMI-to-USB d…[View]
69457921My friend gave me an old r9 290 he had broken what I assume is a capacitor off the back. I also have…[View]
69456309Has anyone tried a urine cooled computer? I know the acid would corrode but surely it could work wel…[View]
69453622VIDEO EDITING IN LINUX: I have to edit around 5 hours worth of footage, must I really install wangbl…[View]
69451973Facebook allegedly pays for noise-cancelling headphones for employees: lolpen office[View]
69455126Blood Pixels: Which camera will /g/ use to capture blood moon images with? My Nikon is at grandparen…[View]
69457798kiapan project codes?: does anyone know how to solve this? allegedly, there are 10 codes to get into…[View]
69457330What's the best program for model making? I want to make a model of pic related to make NPC out…[View]
69456320Help me /g/: Was wiping screen with a slightly damp paper towel and got water damage. the Computer w…[View]
69457495/g/uys, what if we connected two computers together to transmit data like usual, except we do it ove…[View]
69451640Scientific Linux: Scientific Linux is a RedHat Enterprise Linux rebuild sponsored by Fermi National …[View]
69456246technocratic technology jew: fucking die[View]
69457471ITT: Blocking GDPR countries. So I did a test over the weekend, I just spun up a bullshit Wordpress …[View]
69446215What are some decent hard drive brands? I'm staying away from WD and Seagate because I've …[View]
69443772good tech backpacks: hey there, anons, what versatile, large backpacks would you recommend to carry …[View]
69457319> Do I see the fun in GCC? What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5YokNW7tIs…[View]
69454548Why spend 800 dollars on a computer when you're just going to browse 4chan and play hentai game…[View]
69453340Why haven't you embraced 5:4 as the true resolution yet? You literally don't need anythin…[View]
69456583So, are you anybody's list? https://haveibeenpwned.com/[View]
694562403d Printers: yo, /g/ you guys got any cool 3d printer cad files or g-code?[View]
69455469i need a good internet browser what have you got[View]
69446728ereader thread just yesterday I was comparing kindle and kobo ereaders in the shop, kobo forma and k…[View]
69456079>windows finds errors on sd card >asks me to scan >get pic related after job is complete wh…[View]
69451570/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>69442523 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
69453800Does a laptop with good thermal performance exist? I don't care if it's CPU isn't pow…[View]
69443687FIND A FAULT[View]
69455168Convert Video To Sheet Music?: Hey /g/, so I have a question. Is there any software out there curren…[View]
69455950Could Netscape have won if they had marketed correctly? They clearly had the superior product, but n…[View]
69456367>buy new monitor >have to lower brightness to less than 30% and adjust the color to make it lo…[View]
69455859do you use it?[View]
69456329Domain Specific languages: From wikipedia: Adomain-specific language(DSL) is acomputer languagespeci…[View]
69454925*cracks* Remember when phones had an Ethernet port and 4:3 screen? *sip* Good times[View]
69454170I cringe so hard when I see other programmers using these kinds of keyboards. >muh type sounds …[View]
69428315/iemg/ -- In-Ear Monitors General: In-Ear Monitors General: 64 Audio a12t/u12t buyer remorse edition…[View]
69455352Chairs are technology: need recommendation for office chair $50-100 max, just want it to be comfy…[View]
69447879Meanwhile, in bizzaro /g/...[View]
69450839>mom entered unmatched surrogate characters in the password field[View]
69453994Any ideas on how to make data entry more comfy?: a large part of my job requires data entry. any ide…[View]
69456005If you don't like anime and use Windows, how are you different from a normalfag?[View]
69455566I take it back, KDE is not garbage , installed today and it's actually pretty good. But Gnome …[View]
69456243wii switch cant use: hey random internet ppl please help me i want to play mario party on the switch…[View]
69456026Is there any solution to optimising your internet connection? I have one of these shitty Killer netw…[View]
69452533Is there a way to add a seek bar under the video and also a volume bar?[View]
69452638Why are metal boxes so expensive now?[View]
69455338Advent of Code: Who /advent of code/ here? I'm now on level 3. Pls don't get jealous of my…[View]
69450813Any questions?[View]
69455016Cover letters or just a resume for tech jobs?: So /g/, are cover letters useful at all for applying …[View]
69451866Do developer jobs drug test?[View]
69456069How tf do I do this?: whats up /g/ im in a bit of a dilemma right now. where can I trade technology…[View]
69448492Lazarus: What could be doned with Lazarus? Is using it really such a bad idea as people say?[View]
69453633Hostname thread: Personal laptop is @theunderground because of some old Japanese meme but I've …[View]
69451426Hackerman: is there anyone who can heplp me get into kali and everything ive wanted to learn for a w…[View]
69448328>WAAAAAH Why don't more people use and develop for Linux? Mac and Windows are botnets xP …[View]
69439397What really is the best browser?[View]
69455269What did Terry mean by this[View]
69453459Why did we enter the bad timeline /g/ ?[View]
69455487>how do I do X? >what? why do you need X? do this shitty Y way instead…[View]
69454807Will a bug bomb ruin electronics?: Will a bug bomb ruin any electronics that are in the room when it…[View]
69453962Is there anything worth mining on an 2009 mac mini? 2ghz Intel core 2 duo, geforce 9400. Or is it wa…[View]
69440210People still unironically buy Nvidia[View]
69444714Help I can't decide between 9700K or 2700X[View]
69454969What glasses does /g/ use? the ones in the pic are mine :) got them days ago, really comfy[View]
69455509If robots and tech are so fucking advanced, why isnt their a bot that can clean the streets and my c…[View]
69450575Is webdev the fastest means of /g/ income?: Hey /g/, I finally got some decent psychiatric help and …[View]
69451263How to make 5G BLOCKING CRYSTALS: The U.S. government is blocking this video https://www.youtube.com…[View]
69452555Even thou it's about a game I think this board is the one that fits more of what I'm tryin…[View]
69453652>sent from my ipad[View]
69452921What advice would you give to a 20 year old Zoomer who is just learning programming in 2K19? I'…[View]
69455225graphics cards will be no more: whats the point of a graphics card when there are vega APUs?, the ry…[View]
69455228researching effectively: Everything here just tells me to do my research first but how the hell do I…[View]
69453267Phoneposting poll. https://www.strawpoll.me/17271975 Posted from tapatalk for android[View]
69451385Mediatek: When I opened my windows laptop network window I noticed a device listed under 'Computer' …[View]
69449336Watercooling is trash: I picked up 240mm AIO from NZXT and i swear i hate that thing, pic not relate…[View]
69449700It's only a matter of time before keyboards become obsolete and voice control will take us over…[View]
69453393terry: he was given divine intellect. RIP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uLzaKlZSQQ[View]
69454086Best book to master bash?[View]
69441815Why do you use windows 10? explain yourself[View]
69446100>the only good, intuitive music player on android >constantly removes tracks from my playlist …[View]
69443203here's your OS bro[View]
69448969Well, /g/?[View]
69454782yeet yeet my yeet: yee yee boys[View]
69453671IT'S HAPPENING!! MICROKERNELS!!!: The Genode dev team is going strong, and will be focusing on …[View]
69454360Is ICANN a monopoly? If it is, why is no one taking it down? If it is not, what other domain registr…[View]
69451493Best terminal emulator bros: Alright /g/entlemen what is your preferred terminal emulator and why? I…[View]
69451950What's your strategy for dealing with extra tricky programming logic bugs? I'm stuck on a …[View]
69452815Dear /g/entoomen, Memetics aside, what is gentoo killer feature for you right now that justifies for…[View]
69454451https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FJHYqE0RDg >this was considered top notch technology in 2007 wtf…[View]
69445167What mouse does /g/ use? I'm using the ZA11 for about a year now, it's fine and has no sig…[View]
69438340why do we hate him /g/?[View]
69452903Anyone here have the Logitech c920 or c922 webcam? How good are they? Need a real webcam to replace …[View]
69452928disable javascript: In one hour of 4chan browsing, I used 10% of my battery Then I turned on javascr…[View]
69453362Did anyone else get a CS degree and not be able able to find work? My resume just seems so empty and…[View]
69454002>be me >my laptop's wifi range is shit and doesn't work at my room. I get only one b…[View]
69454224yo, i was watching a yt video on my phone and this shit opened out of nowhere ??? Do i have a virus…[View]
69454213Why the fuck would I ever want to be dev ops? >have to be systems admin, handy man and it all in …[View]
69454138Why is some indian spamming 'this is the best apple product post jobs'?[View]
69454049What are some technologies you never hear about?[View]
69450378madshi - the /g/reatest mad developer: this nigga hijacking mpv development issues The Absolute Madm…[View]
69452410Is there any point in switching to vim as your development tool in $CURRENT_YEAR when editors like V…[View]
69450831Does anyone knows where is a site broadcasting a radio: Where I could listen to military radio or ra…[View]
69453895Random globe icon on kde taskbar?: So, after launching steam onmy kubuntu setup, I noticed a globe i…[View]
69434653/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69441431Programming mega.nz book thread: I'll start https://mega.nz/#F!VgBjzQbA!xUTBqxCK1xfhAOqLHCGFUw…[View]
69451915AMD UTTERLY BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: Based Intel PCIe 5.0 >>> AMD PCIe 4.0[View]
69453678R8 MY DESKTOP[View]
69453197KVM: Hey /g/. If you own a laptop and a desktop, do you use a KVM? I have my desktop but I am int…[View]
69452115I can buy these for $250 AUD, can't find anything online about them. thoughts?[View]
69453750Things that should be illegal: * keyboards with fewer than 100 keys * keyboards with colors other th…[View]
69452094>There are no Apple shills on /g/[View]
69453307>he uses grub lmao[View]
69453203UI Design: 5 years or so ago we went from really detailed 3D icons to completely flat design for bas…[View]
69448863System76 laptops: What /g/ think about system76 laptops? Specially Galago Pro model.[View]
69448789>There are users on /g/ right now who have willingly tied their fingerprint to their identity in …[View]
69453536Bad hacking stories: I once had a friend who was the elitist of the elite hackers. He claimed that w…[View]
69450292Pajeets replace Americans in tech because the modern western educayshun is focused on selling knowle…[View]
69452022OH NO NO NO NO[View]
694449311920x1080p in a 27 it's a meme or the real deal?: Cheaper and you doesn't have to deal wit…[View]
69448846/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69450540Do you believe in Singularity /g/?[View]
69453243How many bloatfaggots are on /g/?[View]
69423302Do you use a dumbphone?[View]
69452942Reminder that nobody cares about Linux except for you faggots[View]
69453191Java amateur communities?: Where are some java amateur game making communities that share code betwe…[View]
69450360Whenever I see custom built machines they usually have just 1-2 hds and a single graphics card, whil…[View]
69451734If you had to exclusively use either Windows 10 Home or CLI-only Linux for the rest of your life, wh…[View]
69452059programmyrs are almost universally retards, prove me wrong[View]
69452542Best personal cloud storage solution? I'd like to buy one of these things that won't forc…[View]
69450938Bad news guys:: Linux is cancelled.[View]
69451411/wrosg/ - Wine & ReactOS General: Wine is an open source compatibility layer that allows program…[View]
69417902/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
69449619Why do people still use this dated format?[View]
69452716Anyone else tried to get UHD frie dly blu ray drives? My only desktop runs on x470 and i cant find I…[View]
69447099Comscore says Tumblr traffic down 85% since porn ban: RIP[View]
69449058If I'm using a laptop remotely via a mobile hotspot to get internet, is there any way I could c…[View]
69443782Anyone else completely hate touchscreens in general?[View]
69444743I'm going to start installing gentoo linux today: wish me luck isn't it supposed to be Gen…[View]
69448154Gentlemen, forget what your courtesans have told you: size does matter![View]
69451419,,: U think government is spying on us ?[View]
69450179*cuts your history in half*[View]
69448138>import .mkv >fucks up its chapter time marks >doesn't let you change the start times …[View]
69451927Need some help here /g/: Does anyone have or know where i can download AROS OS iso? is not available…[View]
69449311https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyOvFSP_IpQ >Getting in debt for uni then you can get same knowle…[View]
69451307Oh no apple bros, I don't think we can stop her[View]
69450808Email forwarding services: Anyone rececommend any good ones? Preferably free and not temporary or at…[View]
69452238PowerVR: what next for them?[View]
69451283have you ever spent all day troubleshooting only to end up right back where you started? what a was…[View]
69451158Unironically the best product Apple has made post-Jobs[View]
69452065Tecsun PL-365: I spent $100 on this shortwave radio. What do you think of it? Haven't received …[View]
69451751>Computer, generate the world's most annoying sentence https://twitter.com/GamesBeat/status/…[View]
69452160well? what's your excuse?[View]
69447750>So one last thing before we wrap up the interview Anon, we just need you to show us how to rever…[View]
69449677How do i create pee repellents?: I want to spray them on urinals[View]
69452079So, do you use HTTPSeverywhere, or SmartHTTPS? Which one offers better performance and site encrypti…[View]
69450372How do I install cmake 3.2.3 on Debian? I'm trying to compile a package that needs a newer vers…[View]
69437378Just let this image sink in for a second[View]
69438058Is this really how synapse mapping works? Wouldn't collective mapping consume energy at a highe…[View]
69451944How would /g/ take over the world? Ie can a person with enough technological prowess gain political …[View]
69451237Unironically the best product Apple has made post-Jobs[View]
69451549Rate my Grandpas battlestation.[View]
69450905help i tried to delete a folder called ~ guys i had all my passwords stored in firefox you have to h…[View]
69443265>fell for the le epic rolling ball mouse meme >it's completely shit…[View]
69451740so much screen space ![View]
69449816whats better HDMI or DisplayPort?[View]
69449955Hey /g/ I'm trying to find a pc case with a psu shroud, space on the top for a 240 mm radiator …[View]
69451380Big Data: Anyone know where to find the big collection #1 data breach? Im trying to get some free ru…[View]
69451681Why are not more subwoofers dual opposed?[View]
69451431Are those certifications worth getting in order to get a job, /g/? I'm a newfag when it comes t…[View]
69451064Cyberpower PCs: My PC pic related is all of a sudden turning on for a second then stopping then turn…[View]
69451481yEnc: Hello. We are a group of senior tech specialists who would like to provide a forum for discuss…[View]
69442523/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>69436113 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
69448007I'm a GNOME user, and i'm going to switch to KDE for the first time. Any advice? Which plu…[View]
69433200How long can Apple keep getting away with it?[View]
69444293Hello /g I wired my house with 6A lan components, and making my own patch cables with leftover cable…[View]
69451140Dual Boot Linux?: I dont know how partitions/volumes work. I have a 120GB SSD for windows and a seco…[View]
69425599Speccy thread!!!: Post your screenshots! :)[View]
69437871Will electric cars stop working after Telsa dissolves this year?[View]
69447664Is wheel an technology?[View]
69426025the absolute state[View]
69447809I'm drunk what distro should I install? >no ubuntu dog meme[View]
69451193Unironically the best product Apple has made post-Jobs[View]
69451148Unironically the best product Apple has made post-Jobs[View]
69445260What technology is Hey Kakao?: At the start of IZ*ONE SHOW-CON there's an advertisement with a …[View]
69450471why are we trying to make A.I when we dont even know how our brain works? current 'A.I' just revolve…[View]
69426116Would you ditch AMD/NVIDIA and buy an Intel GPU?: https://www.pcgamer.com/intel-revamping-its-contro…[View]
69449081KDE is shit: I have just installed Gnome and this is like day and night. please, leave KDE away, it …[View]
69449994People dont actually use KDE right? Its just a /g/ meme, correct?[View]
69447004Who are the best add in board partners? Best service? Best warranty? Best parts/build quality?[View]
69445036youtube has gone too far linus takes apart a 8k RED camera for no reason.: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
69448582ms is dead again. it's even more dead than you think: 'hey its me and ive finally killed any an…[View]
69447868Windows 7 is ok, why do they want me to upgrade to 10 so badly?[View]
69448673What are some good books on JavaScript?[View]
69448871chrome & winkeks btfo?: >buy moar ram guys shit just werx[View]
69449987Is using Tor Browser as a standalone application (via installation on a compromised OS, like any Shi…[View]
69449868i use a mid-2010 MBP on the daily. And it's slower than ever. I'm thinking about doing a 8…[View]
69450672Gnome is shit: I have just installed KDE and this is like day and night. please, leave Gnome away, i…[View]
69449231PDF/eBook Books for Programming: I am currently loading up an old kindle with a bunch of programming…[View]
69450304Join the club. Get in here, rascal![View]
69447617/g/ humor thread[View]
69450295good tech videos: does anyone make good tech videos anymore?[View]
69449551Aynone use mpv to watch youtube videos on their shitbox? is there a way to start videos at 720p rath…[View]
69447924I love my tech job[View]
69440203/pcbg/ PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming builds…[View]
69449423So i have no experience with writing a script ot program or anything. How hard would be to create so…[View]
69448270Hey random question here guys, since a supervisor called me and I don't have an answer so I tol…[View]
69449695Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?[View]
69447589Is there anything more overwhelming that fast internet? Frankly it's too fast and you have no t…[View]
69445790What's the best text editor for Windows?[View]
69449385Why do memes like this exist? I've been using Windows 10 for years and it never did this to me …[View]
69448606What's my best bet for most amount of money, least amount of effort /g/ related? Webdev? Code m…[View]
69449290post your god towers (people you wish to become one day) template: https://my.mixtape.moe/nhdtiq.png[View]
69447272CS Career: Beside a programmer, what other options do I have when I get a CS degree?[View]
69446936Programming on TempleOS: What languages can you use[View]
69445724You can root your phone by following instructions? That is so cute /g[View]
69442989Redpill me on Emacs Orgmode: And why I should use this over Latex for writing papers[View]
69445622So my country started blocking some websites that I use and a lot of people are recommending Google…[View]
69447605You are helping, aren't you anon?[View]
69448466.bash file: I need some help writing a .bash file for Mac that backs up photos on a extern HDD. I ha…[View]
69444896What OS would you unironically install on a tech illiterate family members computer? I installed pic…[View]
69448877>macOS is the OS real programmers use *inhales* HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
69447573If Apple opened their source for iOS would you use an iPhone /g/?[View]
69442416>when you first discovered 4chan after it was just a year or two old, on your single cored comput…[View]
69444295>he couldn't install xmonad[View]
69442307What does /g/ think about pic-related? I use it for C, C++, C# (unity scripts), some Java and Python…[View]
69447038User benchmarks places the 2060 about on par with a vega 56, weaker than a 1070ti IMAGINE actually p…[View]
69443582hey /g my finals are tomorrow and I dropped my new laptop MSI GV62 7RD, it's already expensive…[View]
69447545Opus: This really is a miracle codec. I used opusenc to rip CD in 128kbps VBR Opus, and with Sennhei…[View]
69444672/VRG/ - virtual reality general: What do you own? What do you do on it apart from porn?[View]
69447731It's been years since I last had to work with JS, is pic related still relevant?[View]
69445284Getting into automated software testing: Hey /g/ So far, my team does test our cms after every relea…[View]
69446527Windows Tablet: Within the next 12 hours I will purchase this Surface pro 6 unless you stop me. I am…[View]
69444525What's an easy way to programmatically send Joypad input to a PS4? The buttons are relatively e…[View]
69435662Being a PC gamer in Japan is a nightmare http://niku.webcrow.jp/u/vs0YU[View]
69444604Take the Blue PIll: Have you taken the blue pill yet, anon?[View]
69447224So out of the 2% Linux market share, how much of it do you think is running inside a VM hosted on a …[View]
69446261Why does everyone have these? They are not even that good and a ripoff for the price..[View]
69442654/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69444873based Samsung is about to destroy the screen '''''protector''''' industry[View]
69448546ITT tech company names: Joybin Yakalak Smoosmoo[View]
69440034Picking OS: What OS should I run for a raspberry pi B+[View]
69446058System Call: Generate luminous element RGB LED stick[View]
69448109If you had to do one project revolving around quantum processing at computer class, what would it be…[View]
69444124Why doesn't /g/ make a game[View]
69448533Skills for Career in Tech.: This is the last semester of my MPA. While I intiallly wanted to work fo…[View]
69448531How difficult is it to write bots for console games compared to PC games? A console doesn't see…[View]
69447121Education Thread: What flavour of Linux and what text editor/IDE should I become familiar with in pr…[View]
69445745what does /g/ use for separate dev environment[View]
69445274What's a good Linux-friendly laptop that's easy to transport which isn't ThinkPad (Th…[View]
69448050Redpill me on this book.[View]
69447208Here’s your new office. You can sit wherever. Make your self at home![View]
69444005TFW no unix gf[View]
69444554>question: how do I do x? >answer: you shouldn't do x…[View]
69447054>not exercising while programming It's like you want to be an unhealthy weakling…[View]
69445115Do you like your tech job?[View]
69443431Lincox vs Wangblows: Can we stop this war between Linux and Windows, they're two very different…[View]
69446229>log into Facebook >go to permanently delete account >'We've noticed suspicious activi…[View]
69446598What's the best, most reliable way to back up my music, movies, important data these days in ca…[View]
69447588How do we solve the e-waste problem?[View]
69447061Pic was a real statement from a cryptocurrency 'developer' I loled hard.[View]
69445314Ok shills you tempted me, is Qubes OS worth it? Till now I have used Win 10 LTSC with chromium and n…[View]
69446412I’m going to fr adding after market lights for my car, and that requires wiring. I’m not too knowled…[View]
69445207what's a good free vpn service? there's gotta be autists like me out there who want to hav…[View]
69446771Is there a single printer that isn't shit How do I beat the printer jews? I heard there was som…[View]
69446843>here is your email ervice bro[View]
69446227My job has a thing where they'll pay for a fitness related purchase, so I figured id get a fitb…[View]
69444042antivirus: What antivirus does /g/ recommend (free or sub)?[View]
69445591Besides high end gaming is there actually any reason to upgrade from an i5 2500k?[View]
69444937How come no one has built a software yet that writes your resume and cover letter and fits it to the…[View]
69446144>2 CORES >1MB CACHE >1.6 GHZ LOL AMD ETERNALLY BTFO https://ark.intel.com/products/35641/In…[View]
69444858What's a reliable UK-based online shop that sells hard drives these days? I'm saving up fo…[View]
69445776Lets be honest Firefox is a meme. Why does YouTube lag so much(its painful, fast forward and the vid…[View]
69445010FIND A FAULT[View]
69442599Is Void Linux any good?[View]
69442126>4 years later >still can't replicate jet black gloss finish Are poordroids even trying a…[View]
69444123How fast (or slow) is your internet, /g/? And how much does it cost? >pic related, no cap >CAD…[View]
69443922Your worthless opinion on how bits of code should be written.[View]
69445481alright gentlemen, this question has been asked about a thousand times. lets suppose i want to learn…[View]
6944575510 Year Challenge = Data Collection Scheme: >Me 10 years ago: probably would have played along wi…[View]
69445451https://www.pentalog.com/blog/IT-ranking-world-top-developers/ Discuss.[View]
69444639Anyone remember Hitchbot? That robot that was supposed to travel across America by relying on the ki…[View]
69411765/bst/: /comfy/ edition. Pic related. On holidays.[View]
69445995What's the best programming language to write a functional (*) programming language? I only kno…[View]
69442609Why we are stuck with 5Ghz? You could get 5Ghz even with good 2500k which is 9 years old cpu already…[View]
69444815>Can't be put on a watchlist if you're already on a watchlist >Can't be on a wa…[View]
69445983I'd like to buy a 27 inch 1440p or 4K monitor but I fear 4K is a meme. But my brain is telling …[View]
69445220i bought a basic gaming laptop for my neice who is eight and my nephew who is 10 >pic related…[View]
69442412When I can expect truly next gen GPU's? Going to upgrade my 3570k to Zen 2 when it comes. I wan…[View]
69440156>tells you to use arch linux to learn about linux and how the system works >tells you to use h…[View]
69441449>$8 This kills the CRTfag[View]
69444941How were GIFs ever thought of as 'lossless'?: Look at this shit.[View]
69445257/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Now that jeeb is gone too, is the player finally dead? Wiki: ht…[View]
69442308720p is the most based resolution for quality and storage size PROVE ME WRONG[View]
69443950WSL Thread. Share tips, tricks, workflows and other things relating to the Windows Subsystem for Li…[View]
69445212>Hey Anon, what is that? Is it one of those Huaweis? >What? Librem 5 running TrannyOS? >Oh …[View]
69436779Well, /g/?[View]
69443792>your password cannot exceed x characters[View]
69445384BCS Coding and Logic exam: Hi guys I have my BCS coding and logic (QAN 603/0523/X) exam tomorrow and…[View]
69443740delphi spliceing: I know it is a stupid question for many of you, but im a faqg and i dont know how …[View]
69442522>tfw you will never be a kid again, putting together computers from scrap you found and being hap…[View]
69444041What technological solutions are there for amateur level gold mining? I could participate in it but …[View]
69444618enjoy your shitty android faggots: >spent half a day studying documentation >download adroid s…[View]
69445608What do you guys think of wpa3? Im sad i wonr be able to get handshakes anymore[View]
69436054iToddlers btfo[View]
69444404imagine if this actaully had funding[View]
69440521Who the fuck even makes mice? Why is it so hard to find info on mice without seeing a bunch of peopl…[View]
69445206Why is this still used?[View]
69440747A great man. Prove me wrong >protip: you literally fucking can't[View]
69444586What jewtube channels does /g/ approve of?[View]
69444655Photo steganography?: Looking for a piece of software seen here a few years ago that lets you visual…[View]
69444916Good luck getting a job in the tech industry you fucking Yankees[View]
69443298what does /g/ think about tmux[View]
69444874so is DN dead now?[View]
69439100cmd: You /g/uys are probably going to roast me but what ever. So is the command line really better t…[View]
69444812>tfw using amd[View]
69444447here's your browser bro[View]
69443354Need some help please: i sadly had to sell my RX Vega 64 to what i presume is a middle aged dad whos…[View]
69443833random number not random: i read just now that python random function generate a pseud-random number…[View]
69444621Hello /g/ ! Probably this is not the right place to ask but I will try anyway. I am 21 years old and…[View]
69427279/spg/ - Smartphone General: RIP Windows Phone Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provid…[View]
69443424does anyone here have a working easeUS license code?[View]
69442010Yo /g/entoomen, I've finished reading this book and was wondering if there was another recommen…[View]
69441817Question for people in college: Hello, I'm first year CS student and am wondering how am I supp…[View]
69443432>can't stop distro-hopping, changing reconfiguring and fucking up >can't be arsed to…[View]
69442711Is there any other browser that can beat Firefox? I don't particularly like it, but modern webs…[View]
69444063I want a monitor mostly for reading and watching some movies. What should I look for?[View]
69444393>'Yes, I use Arch. How did you know?'[View]
69440457>I’m an adult[View]
69443798qBittorrent is the best desktop torrent client available at the present time. No other client can co…[View]
69435883>tfw browsing 4chan on windows xp on firefox ver 3.0 Name a feel more kino than this. (protip: yo…[View]
69442631Who remembers Palm?: come back Palm. Where did you go Palm i read the hitchhikers guide to the galax…[View]
69426228review your phone ITT[View]
69431662Intel is dead: Imagine seeing this and being on suicide watch[View]
69442447How do I become a successful coder like Elon Musk?[View]
69444272bow to windows: Look we added bash to windows. Bash programs run on windows kernel. We are unix now.…[View]
69427653>decide to try new browser >pick brave >start reading through their website >look up cre…[View]
69441990>hitting ctrl+c instead of ctrl+v and having to find what you copied again…[View]
69440138I just installed Kodi on my laptop and man it's really beautiful. It organized my movies and mu…[View]
69443524ARrow kEYS: Hey do y'all think that the arrow keys are useless? Not a lot of games now days use…[View]
69443952>not only pajeets use androi-[View]
69435286Archival Computer Storage: Which storage medium does /g/ use to archive REALLY important computer da…[View]
69417790Old computer thread: I just got a TRS-80 model 1 with some accessories. Let’s talk about old compute…[View]
69443884What's the /g/ approved: >laptop >smartphone >monitor >keyboard >mouse >cpu …[View]
69438223There is no good refutation of this, because it's true.[View]
69444137Hackerman general: Learning: http://www.securitytube.net/ http://cybrary.it// http://null-byte.wonde…[View]
69443965It won't be long before bspwm gets fucked in the ass when he and his child army migrate over.[View]
69443501Thank you floens, very cool.[View]
69437288>pacstrap /mnt base base-devel >Total Download Size: 315.63 MiB >Total Installed Size: …[View]
69438582OpenBSD v FreeBSD: Which is better[View]
69443858>troubleshooting windows >google problem >official microsoft answer >'have you tried res…[View]
69442324How long does /g/ think I have before I start seeing data corruption on this drive? Also post drive …[View]
69425593Prove to me you have a /g/ worthy desktop thread and you can come in.[View]
69442016 #include <stdio.h> /* copy input to output; 1st version */ main() { int c; …[View]
69433515>coding exam >'implement insertion sort' >fail: FUUCK WHY IS PROGRAMMING SO HARD I DONT EVE…[View]
69442254I'm looking at buying a laptop, I think I've settled on this one. Seems very good for the…[View]
69440396there is literally no need for the ground wire[View]
69443260Taxes on PC components: What is it like in your country? Here we get taxed 19%, because simply takin…[View]
69443574>be me at Pluralsight >looking for an SEO course >find one of the few on the website >'B…[View]
69439971I'm shopping for a convertible laptop Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 or Lenovo Yoga C930? I have already tr…[View]
69443453Opinion: Before Google makes the decision on whether to hit an old person or protect the driver when…[View]
69430065>Blue Yeti Most overpriced, overrated and bad microphone you can buy[View]
69440663Wrote my first C program. Feels great. #include <stdio.h> int main() { EOF != 300; printf('EO…[View]
69436287Anyone on here have experience in writing in Java with Eclipse neon? Ive got a small university assi…[View]
69440113Based Chinese blowing the fuck out of OLED,QLED and mLED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnJGK3foAd…[View]
69440704Computer bling - then and now: Waas the 8-segmented display screens which showed CPU speed in MHz, w…[View]
69443274Why would a business or factory block people from having cell phone reception? I know this place tha…[View]
69440955The 5-button mouse: Would you buy a 5-button mouse shaped like an hand? What if it had scroll wheen …[View]
69436964for me, Apple computers give me the least hassle and most productivity.[View]
69440364Why do you dislike/hate them and constantly bitch about them /g/?[View]
69441972>hardware (IBM etc.) - 1970's-80's >websites (amazon, facebook netflix) - 2000'…[View]
69436471Describe your life using code int age = 0; bool hasGF = false; Genes genes = Gen…[View]
69442251I need some help with laptops: Hello there I been lurking around the web looking for a laptop around…[View]
69441551are you feeling bloated /g/?[View]
69409514Turns out Apple isn't a quality brand after all[View]
69442612PC case colouration: Why is modern PC case almost unversally black? If you browse an PC-case store, …[View]
694421955.25 hate: Why case manufacturers think that people don't want optical players or memory card r…[View]
69435666>all laptops with good processors and dedicated graphics are either cringe gaymen shit or gay ult…[View]
69441064any former gamearena.com.au forum posters here?[View]
69440961>Higher clockspeed good Lmao at retards(you) who don’t know that clockspeed alone doesn’t mean sh…[View]
69442764Minimal lightweight file manager for Arch Linux Preferably black/dark themed and very simple. Where …[View]
69443207Wjy do the tards on /g/ want to pay more money for less nanometres. Don't you idiots realise yo…[View]
69435448>GPUs have to go through hell just to write to NVME storage >GPUs have to go through hell just…[View]
69442292>'People just submitted it. I don't know why. They just trust me, dumb fucks. '…[View]
69440957>have problem on linux >google it >only one result >the commands you need to fix the pro…[View]
69441130is this guy for real or not? I really can't tell. the fedora, (a literal fedora), is throwing m…[View]
69439712Test Automation General: Test automation general. Because I always see posts on here about obscure p…[View]
69429110What are your tech related and non tech related hobbies anon?[View]
69435487The redpilled power suppply[View]
69441361Windows 10: Imagine using an Operating System with so much empty wasted space.[View]
69440256Best (end user) PC socket of all time?: What was it? In last 10 years the socket has changed very fa…[View]
69442439Seriously, web devs of /g/, how do you find clients? I am sick and tired of having to compete with …[View]
69440400searx: So searx.me is dead searx.xyz similarly sucked when I last used it what now[View]
69440118https://youtu.be/YHOse3Kgjh8 What’s your excuse for still using a loud CPU cooler?[View]
69436113/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>69430518 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
69441137Can you store infinite anime pics in Google's Photos?[View]
694433044chan browsing Code of Conduct: Our Pledge In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming enviro…[View]
69442188Is there any amateur java game making communities who post their amateur games to eachother?[View]
69434818Is it feasible to do all of my development on a VM? I use C# for work, Python for school, and Java/S…[View]
69442250Stylish or Stylus?[View]
69441552Old non-computer Tech: we should more about stuff like this https://youtu.be/9uZ13I2zvfM[View]
69438776>'''''''''''''people''''''''''''' on /g/ still using that little shit called gen2 downloading the…[View]
69440318> my aunt asked me for advice to buy a computer > i tell her that if she wants a fast desktop …[View]
69440736>'sir, your laptop storage is encrypted, could you please unlock it for us?'…[View]
69428120Apple just added sexual activity to its health tracking app. Are you behind on your sexual activity …[View]
69438976Why run Ubuntu, Manjaro, Fedora, etc. when you could just install LARBS and get it over with. Everyt…[View]
69441698Pen-Tesitng laptops?: I am looking to buy an easy to transport laptop with decent specs that i will …[View]
69438424/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69436457FUCK Python dumb piece of shit[View]
69441589Why was this timeline abandoned?[View]
69439782When can I buy the $99 6 core CPU from AMD?[View]
69441477Remember that guy who chimped out when someone told him AMD was better than Nvidia?[View]
69436026*cracks open monster*[View]
69437757Best single socket LGA 1151 server motherboard?: Which is it /g/uys?[View]
69429158Build better < 1000$ PC: MSI B450M GAMING PLUS 84.99$ AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Ste…[View]
69441191Anti Coder-Block Thread: Any suggestions on getting over coder block? Building a Game Engine and I f…[View]
69440928Anyone here actually buying this?[View]
69429514FIND A FAULT[View]
69439686Rate my dumpster diving haul.[View]
69440459Linux is fucking trash. First is SMP. Multi-core on Linux is absolute trash and Linus is fuckin…[View]
69436941Help, how do I get into a password protected rar file? I don't remember the password from when …[View]
69440336I think the winner is clear[View]
69432137Uh oh...: What did Apple mean by this?[View]
69437301FUCK U ADOBE: Finally able to dump Pajeet infested Adobe (their offices literally smell like curry) …[View]
69437333Apple iPhone XS Max Google Pixel 3 XL Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Which one should I get?[View]
69441094'the light from your monitor disrupts your circadian rhythm': it's all bullshit[View]
69437703Genetic engineering is technology. Why haven't we genetically engineered humans to glow in the …[View]
69441007Why is that the best GUI tool was made for fucking webshit?[View]
69440299>Want to hide myself and eliminate spyware >Everything is spyware >All modern PC gaming pla…[View]
69418629What is the state of the art for small form factor gaming computers in 2019? It's not possible …[View]
69438173Hi, its this again Me and a friend are making an irc known as the Kiapan Project, we have 3 members …[View]
69427268Got a new phone, what apps from f droid should I get? Also useful apps thread[View]
69440796Literally why would I use Linux when I could use MacOS or OpenBSD?[View]
69440222Types of Programmers: Stage 1: Just starting out. You think there's not much to programming apa…[View]
69441005High-Speed No Limits PUBLIC WIFI in 2019?: where I can I go with lightning fast internet and downloa…[View]
69437369>meme'd a friend into buying a ryzen cpu >he's pc is slower than my old haswell cpu …[View]
69440906hey /g/ help a brother out my pc is just shutting down almost every hour when i turn it on the power…[View]
69440489Is there just ONE macbook pro that doesn't have fatal design flaws? what the fuck apple? I thou…[View]
69438632Where did it all go wrong[View]
69439906Why do you /g/ooks hate Razer’s Chroma so much. Why do you hate RGB in general.[View]
69440651Will an AI ever: be able of genuine laughter?[View]
69440804*cracks* Ahhh, skeuomorphism. Now THAT is a design language. They just don’t make em like they used …[View]
69440128How the FUCK do I connect 4 monitors to a laptop?: I have a laptop with one HDMI port. I thought I n…[View]
69422976/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69407323 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69439884Can I make a decent living off of an Associates degree in programming? Or is it best to go for a fou…[View]
69440122Windows 10 drives vs Linux drives: Who wins here? Windows: C, D, E, F... Right click on shortcut of …[View]
69438139how come every time you put together a new pc it will crash after 3 seconds on the first boot attemp…[View]
69440450Who decade old CPU here?[View]
69435952>post on old forum post >get banned >reply to old discord message >maybe a few question …[View]
69439640This is Elixir Say something nice about it[View]
69439993REEE fuck these museum websites: I want to download the image from https://sammlung.staedelmuseum.de…[View]
69438281Renting Music? AM I THE RETARDED ONE: >Download Spotify for the first time ever after 7 years usi…[View]
69437350what does this mean for web developers? Will there ever be a WordPress for desktop applications?[View]
69440148Blink and fingerprinting: I keep hearing browser fingerprinting is impossible to prevent when using …[View]
69438231I use Arch. Convince me why i should go over to Artix.[View]
69424626This is an example of good cable management.: Why does your case look like such shit? Fix your cable…[View]
69440089https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8EONokJTdU Jim attempts Navi damage control[View]
69437845Help for SQL python: Hello Mr. /g/! I'm recent ChemE and nojobs made me apply for anything in …[View]
69439898When is the price of SSDs going to plummet?: Should I wait or pull the trigger?[View]
69437347What technology has the best documentation?[View]
69438026Is it really 'free' software if I'm not 'free' to distribute it without the license? hmm[View]
69436988Daily reminder[View]
69438090How did this symbol even become a thing? Next to nobody saw this symbol before the internet.[View]
69439387Best gear modifications?: Whats your best equipment mod so far? I negatively biased the transistors …[View]
69436085Is it possible to run a program purely in virtual memory? ie: scanning the ram yields no information…[View]
69439062Hey /g/, I have an old PC that my dad built about 15 years ago. As far as I know, it still runs Wind…[View]
69430708>was going to learn how to program >spent another day on 4chinz and playing video gaymes how d…[View]
69437672Windows Mobile will kill the iPhone![View]
69432924I have a few.[View]
69439689>you got freedumb in my crapple! >you got crapple in my freedumb!…[View]
69438085Realistically, can CIA niggers ever be stopped? Everytime I complete one of these captcha I feel hop…[View]
69434373Do you see the fun in GCC?[View]
69421266/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>69400165 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
69436224As a web developer, i'll never have my own office. In fact, starting Monday i'm moving to …[View]
69439315Just bought a 'new' Nokia N8 and N9: Yo, I know its 2019, but I wanted to see if I can use these for…[View]
69438234What java IDE should i use?: Eclipse wont install, too many errors come up anyway i try to install i…[View]
69439442So /g/ now the dust as settled why does this browser use 'chrome://' as it's URI scheme? Do the…[View]
69434046Hey /g/. What are some cool projects I can work on to exercise my skills? I'm a fairly new prog…[View]
69417210post your desktops[View]
69439280daaaaaaaaaaamn, MINIX looks like this?[View]
69428247daaaaaaaaaaamn, linux looks like this?[View]
69438800>Tried to set up Syncthing; accidentally deleted the majority of my 4chan downloads folder I woul…[View]
69438431I need help please.: My damn computer has an admin lock on it and I can't download shit to play…[View]
69435531The best thing you can do in your life.[View]
69433483Im trying to get started with void linux on my chinkpad x60s but their website states that you have …[View]
69433045metaprogramming metalanguage virtualmachine java javascript.: >taking a shit after a night of ana…[View]
69438938Used hardware: since everyone is too thick skulled to answer in the /sqt/, what are the best sites f…[View]
69437458What minimal distro should I put on my x220 thinkpad /g/? I been using void linux on it for a while,…[View]
69438908Why is company technical support usually so useless?[View]
69438924Feels good man: Sure the rent is $1000 higher but the TC more than made up for it[View]
69438124What do you guys think about the Anne Pro 2? As compared to something like a G613 or a K63? I want a…[View]
69438639Google search results seem to be 90% marketing of one kind or another nowadays: How do you go about …[View]
69423840Here's your new office, bro[View]
69438623the rain killed my internet again...[View]
69432322So what do you listen to to get in the zone /g/?[View]
69431945What is the best ubuntu-based distribution?[View]
69437673Are vimkeys just a meme? I mean, I get the idea of using only keyboard for input, but why would you …[View]
69435934I think that the reason people refer to GNU+Linux as just Linux is because GNU is such a shit name, …[View]
69437499Envic phone bundle: I don't know how I've never seen this being talked about here when it…[View]
69431666/pcbg/ PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming builds…[View]
69438530No childish logo wars allowed /g/: Getting accurate information from this board is virtually impossi…[View]
69434238Give me 3(THREE) good reasons why double pointers aren't retarded. GO[View]
69437388I want to make a site like voat. Where do I begin anon?[View]
69435768I have an Intel NUC NUC7i7BNH. Specs: Intel Core i7-7567U (dual-core, hyper threading, 3.5 GHz base,…[View]
69438468Get a hackerone invite for bug bounties See some of the payouts >Holy shit Get my first bug boun…[View]
69438225>dad's trying to rip the 87 George Strait CDs he bought today and copy them to his Sansa Cli…[View]
69427099Anyone has the txt file ? https://www.indiatoday.in/technology/news/story/over-700-million-emails-id…[View]
69434993>macbook pro/classic >Software Engineer, Web Developer, data scientist, etc >thinkpad/hp …[View]
69432904/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69438081how do i increase icon size?[View]
69436641Goodnight, sweet prince.[View]
69414030>see someone with this in their room Reactions?[View]
69436116g inc.: Why doesn't /g/ just start a software development company so we can all work from home …[View]
69435622scenario: all website's security measures were reverted to those of the early 2000's: what…[View]
69436640Did i do bad i wanted a case with a lot of room for HDD and watercooling[View]
69436735From whom should I buy my domain name? I'm no programmer, but I think it would add value to my …[View]
69434536Im stuck in a data analyst meme job. I work with SQL, VBA, and excel. I know some VB.Net/C#. What ar…[View]
69434809Got an old shitlaptop for free, it runs linux. what OS should I try, and what can I even use it for?…[View]
69436842What's the reason behind pajeets being omnipresent in the IT field ?[View]
69437548Pythons where its at[View]
69429819Damage control Yikes[View]
69437468>current year >still using irc more than 10 years after it stopped being relevant…[View]
69425647PC gaymen is so stupid. Why does it cost 4X more just to barely get 2X more FPS?[View]
69427607How can one man be so based?: >China's Huawei Technologies will defend itself by producing i…[View]
69436851Best cheap 32' monitor?: My MacBook Pro screen is too small, I want a cheap 32' monitor (200 bucks o…[View]
69437311>alice and bob[View]
69435536can sombody explain the output? thanks in advance fags[View]
69436083Is IObit total bullshit?: Does using bullshit jew money making programs for your computer do more ha…[View]
69437281Computer: >be me >have a computer >it starts to act weird >I turn it off and then back o…[View]
69433863>no strings >characters are ASCII >no 8bit integers,you have to use chars which leads to a …[View]
69437064thank you microshit[View]
69434671Who needs two microwaves at home?[View]
69437259ArrowChat vs CometChat: any /g/oys out there integrate either of these into a community of theirs? C…[View]
69436615is it a meme?[View]
69436573This books comes up to you and slaps your OOP Language on her ass. What do you do?[View]
69431250>'bro, have you heard of this distro called Arch Linux? It is fucking lit my ninja!'…[View]
69435502Would windows be any good if it were completely rewritten from the ground-up and not relying on lega…[View]
69431506Unsurpassed world champion GPU: >year of our lord 2019 >still no GPU more efficient than the 1…[View]
69436765>be me >start college >web programming >have a server running on my old school >mainl…[View]
69436531GNU has no good image viewers: you cannot prove me wrong[View]
69428906>dark mode is better for the eyes is this just a meme?[View]
69432608Here's your OS bro[View]
69431281PDAs: I was born a little too late to really experience PDAs What exactly can you do with the today?…[View]
69435764Anyone remember when Linux actually looked good?[View]
69435554Post your mobile music players.[View]
69433793Desktop threads shouldn't be allowed on /g/ and here's why: As some of you know, desktop t…[View]
69431629I will get a $1800 bonus next month and a pay raise. Suggestion on what technology to buy?[View]
69429951Ray tracing is a meme: http://brechpunkt.de/q2vkpt/ Quake 2 with real time raytracing as an example.…[View]
69431390Who here is gonna make the switch?[View]
69432761Just werks[View]
69436144Just wiped my phone, clearing off the bloat. What are some /g/ recommended Android apps?[View]
69435613About to buy some RAM and SSD. These are the cheapest brands in my country right now: Patriot - Cruc…[View]
69423972is th[View]
69420255I was wrong Applebros - I'm sorry: So for the past few years I've been using a Libreboot T…[View]
69433739*Sniff* *Cough* *Clears Throat*[View]
69436079Apple just put the best smartphone ever made on clearance. I’d get on it if you like small phones. I…[View]
69430217What's the best language when it comes to backend development? Everyone makes fun of php but I …[View]
69427658>working in tech is a good ide-[View]
69430518/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69425317[View]
69434539>itt: things you can't disapprove[View]
69436001the problem with most free software advocates is that they completely reject every new piece of soft…[View]
69434634>go through 3 year comp sci degree >$100k student loan debt >apply for jobs >only have t…[View]
69420804I dare you to hack me, this is my IP:[View]
69425587How does this not look better than Windows 7?[View]
69435042Programing Learning: In this thread we discuss best ways to learn programing using only Internet. Is…[View]
69434549New PC Time: Throwing 1500-2000$ onto a new build, how would anon build it in 2019?[View]
69430372How many years is it wise to invent a new computer? I bought my computer a few years ago and it…[View]
69427383https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2019/01/friday_squid_bl_659.html >As usual, you can also u…[View]
69429521*cracks* DVD *sips* now THAT was a way to watch a good movie[View]
69435260Post /g/ memes you fell for and bought[View]
69435713What do you think about this wholesome Ubuntu budgie install guide? ;) https://youtu.be/Jlu9eMyZy8c[View]
69430178> Yes 60fps does look more real but real is not why we go see movies.: *triggered* That's EX…[View]
69435490I'm working on getting out of the botnet. What does /g/ recommend for: gmail alternative, googl…[View]
69434533Meng Wanzhou arrested over just HP equipment: Huawei CEO's daughter was arrested over just rese…[View]
69429234Just get oled bro. ;)[View]
69435525Machine learning tips: Hello /g/, Could you please give me some ideas or references to interesting p…[View]
69425775Please redpill me. Is this a honeypot?[View]
69435297Issue with desktop speakers: Hi anons, I'm having a weird issue with my R1000T4 Edifier desktop…[View]
69434865gayming on linux: amidoinitrite?[View]
69434926Fallout 3 won’t work: Help me it won’t launch this is my last resort[View]
69435081Is there a way/program where i can block websites by terms/words of my choice?[View]
69433505>Just want to buy a good, durable laptop with discreet graphics, 16 gb of ram and below 1k$ >A…[View]
69433527hey g which provider has the best internet speeds cause I need it for games.[View]
69431133>2060 BAD!! >It's comparable to 1070!!! Hello my fellow NPCs…[View]
69434276PC Part help?: I've never really played pc, right now i use an old 2009 pos all in one desktop …[View]
69433850>400$ DROPPED[View]
69434651What's the best VPN, /g/?[View]
69434674Faggotry in the gayest sense: >partition drive >burn debian ISO to one partition >boot to d…[View]
69433285College books: What's the best place to 'find' college textbooks and reading material /g/?…[View]
69433183NROL-71 launch: GET IN HERE Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxjaRK2S7fw >This afternoon, …[View]
69434426Advice on becoming a CS guy: Since college is a scam, what would be the necesary CS topics to be a t…[View]
69410662/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69433555Broken Earbuds: I dropped my earbuds while mowing and now there's a very loud and annoying crac…[View]
69434316>there are 'people' on /g/ disrespecting American companies right now Fuck off, yuropoor communis…[View]
69432349Im making Skype rip off: Im making Skype rip off, post your ideas how would you improve Skype. I hav…[View]
69430329I don't think I should work for others, so I'm starting a company myself.[View]
69433951With a 4.0 CS bachelors and one app, but no CS work experience, and speaking English, Spanish, and J…[View]
69432265Which Computer Anons?: Gotta a lot of spare change on hand and I was considering buying one of the t…[View]
69434198Post YFW your new gadget has coil whine[View]
69434100https://pcpartpicker.com/product/fmcMnQ/kingston-fury-16gb-2-x-8gb-ddr4-2666-memory-hx426c16fb2k216 …[View]
69432633Human Death & Technology: Have you ever though about what will happen with all the digital prope…[View]
69433539Want to get into cryptography. Where do I start? >pic unrelated[View]
69428071What name is the best ?[View]
69433000Crunchbang... Now THAT was a distro. They don't make'em like that anymore.[View]
69426725Hey /g/. I'm really tired of distro hopping. I have switched various linux distributions on my …[View]
69429923Any recommendations to start programing in IOS in a Windows pc? Inb4 i can't buy a Mac, pc Is n…[View]
69426277You walk into the office and see a new employee, he's using a Thinkpad with a tiling window man…[View]
69424503uptime thread: post uptimes[View]
69430954What OS would he use?[View]
69432075>technology board >people shill 10 year old Thinkpads and 40 year old programming languages …[View]
69431226https://vivaldi.com/team/ jesus christ these people are so ugly I thought Sweden was land of the bab…[View]
69423627What compels a man to do this?[View]
69433020ITT mobile setups. Post um[View]
69431896sup /g/, quick question: the geek squad certified professional is coming over to upgrade my RAM, ins…[View]
69430909Why do people do this?[View]
69428544Why is every linux distro so shitty? Fedora is bloated nsa honeypot, debian is infected with sjws, a…[View]
69433510CPU Heatsink Screws Stuck: Hey /g/, I'm building my own gaming PC for the first time and I…[View]
69430639Here's your new office, bro[View]
69433518What matters more, being able to code like Hotz, or being able to effectively talk to clients and wo…[View]
69433456does deleting your google account exempt you by name from their terms of service? when i was a dumb …[View]
69431149I got a razer phone on ebay, the screen has been pulsating in certain envornments, you can't se…[View]
69433096>AMD video cards can only play vidya >AMDfags tell anons to go back to /v/ Why is this tolerat…[View]
69412601I'll start >LTSC19_02 or LTSB 2015 >Chocolatey and Ninite >Open shell menu >Firefox…[View]
69411959/wdg/ - Web Development General: What's everyone working on? Previous thread: >>69386936 …[View]
69432817variable |> apply_this_function |> apply another function |> do this |> then that Can y…[View]
69430919Can Linux just die plz?: I don't know why the autists with Debian decided on systemd, it has so…[View]
69433105oni chan post your language tan am watching[View]
69433259/blur busters/UFO MOTION TEST: Post 'em /g/ents. does YOUR laptop have the hertz?[View]
69431981Do you use a voice assistant? Which one? What for?[View]
69429888Well, /g/, what are you lot gonna do when CRTs run out due to failure/old age? Tubes do wear down ov…[View]
69432055>The information superhighway[View]
69427312here's your gaming pc bro[View]
69429349so what did you automate /g/?[View]
69432779What does /g/ think of iphone but in jailbroken state? i've been an android user since froyo bu…[View]
69429920I2P: Anyone care to explain the invisible internet project to me? Does /g/ like it?[View]
69429538How the hell do I get hold of this, a crack or anything[View]
69430953Is there hope?: I was using my ES15 Aspire (bought 2 years ago), when suddenly this happened. Is the…[View]
69432784Won't SystemD's increasing scope creep make it so they start working on a kernel soon? I w…[View]
69426923Is working in tech a meme?: Is it even worth getting a CS degree and working for a company like amaz…[View]
69406959Are cats the ideal pets for programemrs?[View]
69432417Modern PS1 dev: Is it really necessary to run XP to use the tools for PS1 dev? Is there something mo…[View]
69431538what's /g/ take on pic related?[View]
69430182can I make this work, /g/?: wireless xbox 360 controller + cut usb cable[View]
69429941god what is a botnet do people here have paranoia[View]
69419275>Well, it's been great to hear about your background and experiences anon. Just one more thi…[View]
69432037>An iPod >A phone >And an internet communicator…[View]
69426259Why is this allowed?[View]
69429601Is the encryption in this as good as truecrypt?[View]
69429938Why did OpenBSD remove support for procfs?[View]
69428739/g/ BTFO by distrotube How will /g/ recover? https://youtu.be/Sw_hPq087J0[View]
69431321So is this still the best browser?[View]
69432180What scam company/type of technology that use perceived obsolescence? (Examples: someone making fun …[View]
69417050>OpenBSD ls.c >616 lines https://github.com/openbsd/src/blob/master/bin/ls/ls.c >GNU ls.c …[View]
69425956are thinkpads a good investment? should i be acculumating?[View]
69430398Is there any /g/ approved camera apps? I hate my default[View]
69430056https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8EONokJTdU New AdoredTV video - more good news about Navi?[View]
69424389/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69425358Any qtchan like application for windows?[View]
69424034Matrix.org: If you have unrepentant normie friends who refuse to move away from Discord, then why do…[View]
69431266aesthetic PC monitor: what is a good PC monitor that is cheap and has a similar aesthetic to pic…[View]
69430211got an advanced model razer blade 15 what am i in for[View]
69429506/g/'s cloud storage choice?: I have been using Megasync (free version) for the past year or so …[View]
69423699What's the deal with these old dell OptiPlex? Why are they so cheap? Are they worth it?[View]
69430174OWL RATE GUI-Z, HOUSE IT GO IN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8EONokJTdU[View]
69428826Is this peak /g/?[View]
69429364# pacman -Syu :: Starting full system upgrade... there is nothing to do # Stay frosty, gentlemen.…[View]
69411899Mechanical Keyboard Thread - /mkg/ - Keyboards and Accessories: Where are the pastebins edition. …[View]
69424892/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming buil…[View]
69425912do the higher end lagdroids not lag as much or are they all pretty much the same[View]
69424132>i fell for the wagie meme how many people here are wagies? How many people got out and how did y…[View]
69426676Prove to me that you've used suckless software before, then I will let you in the /minimalism/ …[View]
69430504Will graphical developments just keep outpacing hardware, making high resolution, high pixel density…[View]
69424966AMD Gonzalo Processor Leaked, Could Power Xbox Scarlett And PS5: The AMD Gonzalo processor has been …[View]
69429887Sup homos, /vp/ here. I've finally come to the realization both Android and iOs suck tits. What…[View]
69429476It's dead, Jim: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4485197/windows-10-mobile-end-of-suppo…[View]
69416547That feel when you are compiling to a hammer.[View]
69427979Tell normie I'm a programmer. Normie then proceeds to tell me about their 'genius' a…[View]
69427771Why would anyone ever want to use a tiling WM on anything other than a potato meant to SSH into shit…[View]
69426801>What is XMPP? Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for …[View]
69430474>mfw winsat.exe kicks in[View]
69430224My boss started talking to us about certifications and gave me access to his CBTnugget account. What…[View]
69430054>watch finance and investment videos on YouTube while logged in >Google Play Store recommends …[View]
69429055Hello mi /g/ frens. Redpill me on the whole systemD matter, i do know the main arguments against it,…[View]
69425317/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69422086[View]
69429634Looking for a way of making all my FB messenger sent messages go like this. Don't care if it ma…[View]
69429795Homescreen thread: R8 edition, you must rate at least one homescreen when posting yours Post em…[View]
69429497>4GB RAM+optane vs 8 GB RAM which works better, /g/? and why?[View]
69418792AMD working on new internally developed chipset for x570, and dropping asmedia. Better wait to buy a…[View]
69427621Ok fa/g/s, what or which programs do I need to use to keep my windows (10 LTSC activated with Russia…[View]
69430025Post YFW zoomers talk about technology.[View]
69430029Damn Son, where did you find this[View]
69427446sitting in some MCSA Course and every time I come here I realise how much bullshit the entire M$ Ser…[View]
69429301i use manjaro + vscode + pycharm is it good stuff for pro code?[View]
69427043Can a computer/laptop/cellphone be tracked even if it was never connected to the internet?[View]
69429460>only 2 years of working after college >already burned out from programming who else fell for …[View]
69427395Is ultrawide worth it for gaming?[View]
69427201>tfw trying to recover a week's worth of work thanks to drive failure w-wish me luck /g/...…[View]
69429650Not sure if this is the right spot to post, but ill ask anyway. I need a tech legend to help me figu…[View]
69422810Why is Apple software such garbage? Do they have zero QA?[View]
69426912So I bought this monitor off newegg last week (VG271U P) and its listed as a 1440p 144hz monitor but…[View]
69429222what are the /g/ recommended VPS? I would run a VPN through a VPS, if I could just find some good re…[View]
69426730best efficient way to learn Python: in the last week i decided to start learning Python. I found mys…[View]
69429466Is there any portable aptX HD reciever, that can justify the sound quality of Sennheiser ie800?[View]
69425597>Yes, I'll take one .iso copy of Fedora 29 Workstation, please[View]
69427691I just finshed to setup my own Synology cloud NAS. Pretty easy and stuff but I feel like I have no r…[View]
69429207Andriod k9 units: SOON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUyU3lKzoio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
69428992He cute[View]
69428941>fontconfig ultimate >infinality I can use these patches on Gentoo but not other distros. How…[View]
69428516Backup software recs: I've got two external HDDs - but as far as I can tell, Windows 7's B…[View]
69428836UNITY: is there a way to make a UNITY game that was compiled for win10 to be playable on XP? like, a…[View]
69428750First time poster on here. I recently bought a new motherboard it's the MSI LGA 1151 300 Series…[View]
69422194what are some good programming snacks?[View]
69423899How bright should a storage activity light be? Also cases general I guess[View]
69425000Will i be able to make games after i finish this?[View]
69425972ZeroNet: Redpill me on ZeroNet if you can, please. I wanna know what this is all about and/or if it…[View]
69427536Can you write a program that uses all your CPU cores? Hmm? Is /g/ capable?[View]
69421115What ultraportable are you using?[View]
69425768>cmd opens and closes[View]
69424765Why are XLRs not popular in consumer homes?[View]
69425684>f-91w >actually a good meme >wrist strap is supposed to be weak but no Thanks /g/…[View]
69427277Hard To Find Parts: Picture related I'm trying to populate a missing USM SATA port on this low …[View]
69428438Are there any free (as in freedom) programs for CAD that are good enough for hobby projects? I know …[View]
69408989Press F[View]
69426101Image viewers: Hello there dudes. I was wondering if any of you guys out there know of any good imag…[View]
69427887How much further can I push this OC?[View]
69428242Will copper heatsinks near inductors cause more intense coil while when under load?[View]
69427901Kodi: PseudoTV Live is the greatest plugin ever. It lets you create surfable channels out of your ho…[View]
69389686ITT: top-tier books, mandatory reading[View]
69423674My video card (Nvidia 780ti) has been crashing my system. Pulled it out, and a capacitor similar to …[View]
69427323>download app that has ads, but doesn't need internet access to work >disable internet ac…[View]
69426104WHY WON'T YOU DIE[View]
69407323/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69396501 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69426395What’s the best wireless headset that won’t break in a week?[View]
69424386Galaxy S7 schematic: does anyone have a copy?[View]
69426503Me and a friend are making an irc known as the Kiapan Project, we have 3 members on the project so f…[View]
69425763Wireless gaming headsets: Hey /g/ What's the best wireless headset these days? Reading so many …[View]
69426610REs and cyber security researchers are BETTER at coding than any software engineer will ever be: Pro…[View]
69424199OpenBSD on laptops[View]
69426241Yo WTF[View]
69424839Where were you when $1000 could buy you 2 high end GPUs?[View]
69425439What distro does he use /g/?[View]
69424372Hey Nerds, Explain this to me or is it because Engineers are smart?: Why was a 2 valued system chose…[View]
69422757Alternatives to smartphones[View]
69427433How do I make the Chrome articles more relevant or at least reset it? I don't give a shit about…[View]
69427318Raspberry Pi: I fell for the meme and bought a Raspberry Pi. I realized I get more use out of my 10 …[View]
69415867OOP haters BTFO: how will they ever recover???[View]
69426692Just ordered the Portal Plus from Facebook on Amazon. Anything I should know before it arrives? Do y…[View]
69420651I'm thinking about switching from Void to Arch, any thoughts?[View]
69426406Ask someone who will be buying the HP Omen X Emperium 65” BFGD anything. It’ll go with my ~$20k USD …[View]
69426726Hey /g/ I need some help finding information about this stereo. I've had it for a good 13 years…[View]
69426282RIP Terry, he was right all along. He was too good for Diana. Diana The Physics girls does indeed fu…[View]
69426171Raspberry Pi 3: I need help picking what emulator I can download for Raspbian. New to linux so... He…[View]
69423459Shure SE535's have got to be the biggest meme. I'm looking to buy some vsonic's from …[View]
69427053ITT: 9gag humor[View]
69426548Is there any damn way to find a ADB to USB Converter under 50$?[View]
69420267>hey anon, want to peer program? >you DO have a macbook we can use, right anon? what do?…[View]
69421316Going to be on a Submarine for 6 months, laptop recomendations.: Looking a the prospect of being stu…[View]
69426196/g/ humour thread[View]
69426146a good majority of setups are half-assed in so far as to simply purchase a brand of products that gi…[View]
69425826>got to amazon.com >ctrl+u >scroll all the way down ??? hhmmm…[View]
69424776Does anyone deliberately do things just to be contrarian to all the insufferable contrarians on /g/?…[View]
69426430Newegg NY Tax - Promo: So after a fap session I come back to see this in my inbox. At least they…[View]
69423803net neutrality: what is net neutrality? what's the point of it and does it really do anything?…[View]
69426694>Dell is purging support on old PCs When did this started happening? I checked a few PCs made bef…[View]
69419715How do you refer to your computer Top tier >cpu >middle tier Computer, chassis, atx Troll tier…[View]
69426746Modern pc cases suck: >remove HDD cage >remove 5,25' bays >remove everything useful in big …[View]
69424498Blast from the past: Found this fused knife switch at an antique store. The branding says 'BARKELEW …[View]
69428590Has Bethesda always been shit? Fallout was an obvious disaster, but all their games are full of bugs…[View]
69424735Tech cringe thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRjdenwZYyA[View]
69395723/iemg/ -- In-Ear Monitors General: In-Ear Monitors General: Soundmagic edition IEM advice request te…[View]
69423960What can I do with my 8+ years of combined ActionScript & Silverlight knowledge?[View]
69422902How do you come up with names for files and variables?: I'm repulsed by the names I give files …[View]
69413766>author many popular github repos with 30k+ combined stars >3 years of consecutive days contri…[View]
69426225>mods are constantly watching everything we do and say Is there anyway to have privacy on the in…[View]
69424382what the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
69426034IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Stop replying to tripfags. Thank you, Anon[View]
69422137Imagine needing hand exercise tools and special keyboards just to use your faggoty meme editor http:…[View]
69424252>intel niggers be like[View]
69426107Why can you rotate the google maps view only on the android: Why are google such incompetent pajeets…[View]
69425023>I think I'm ready to give up >Can someone pick me up and hold me…[View]
69425927I'm gonna say it! I am going to say the N word.[View]
69425493I just watch Revenge of the Nerds and I thought of you guys. Tell me your nerd rediption stories.[View]
69424443Why does the term 'coding' make /g/ seethe so hard?[View]
69426047How are you holding up guys? Is everything fine?[View]
69423246Why are most Linux youtubers literally wastes of oxygen (eg pic related)?[View]
69422701What's the deal with cybercrime?[View]
69425858Say something nice about Microsoft TFS (Any version, not just 2017).[View]
69425555Post anonymously: Hi. I want to write things on public forums - not just here - and make sure that t…[View]
69423815How powerful is say a snapdragon 845 compared to say a core 2 duo E8400? I want to know how powerful…[View]
69419997Whats your reaction time /g/? Only average of 5 counts https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reaction…[View]
69425271https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb23Avij2_s /g/: The Movie[View]
69424566Is this peak /g/?[View]
69415727Tecsun PL-365 / CountyComm GP5 SSB: Has any of you bought this shortwave receiver? Is it worth $100?…[View]
69419838Theory: Discord was literally created as a dumb bet. >I bet I can make a service that destroys in…[View]
69419043What's the cutest programming language? :3[View]
69425300prove me that you know multi threading in any known programming language and i will let you in the /…[View]
69423345Anyone remember fuckedcompany?: Because it's back[View]
69422842OS install fails: Anyone have issues when they installed an os on a clean computer build? What did y…[View]
69425015Shell thread: should I take the time to write my own or keep using bash?[View]
69425310Mmirpd desktop: Need a desktop prebuilt or refurbed for under 500$ is this good? Trying to play popu…[View]
69425103NVIDIA NO AMD YES[View]
69422086/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69413866[View]
69424097>no, you dont need anti-virus software[View]
69422289Hello /g/, what do you think of my computer?[View]
69425058My Vizio TV is spying on me: So my TV is spying on me. It's a Vizio M65-D0 purchased just under…[View]
69410982prove that you can enter the /g/ party[View]
69418290>'are you sure you need all those files, sweetie?'[View]
69419622Is he our /g/uy?[View]
69424924>That 25 year old purpler who says he is a 'self-employed computer programmer' when asked about h…[View]
69418128look what happens when you type in your 4channel password: *******[View]
69423335sup /g/, how does one get a data scientist job in my position? >don't have a strong math/sta…[View]
69421949Why people won't buy AMD products?: Whenever I talk to my friends and or coworkers they always …[View]
69424147I want to learn a language like C#, but I don't want to be sucking microsoft's dick. Any i…[View]
69424103really do be like that sometimes[View]
69424275Why is there no compact, user-friendly analog audio format?[View]
69414323Starting this year S.Korean residents can enjoy 10 Gb Internet speed for; 70$/mo w/o wireless ap, 80…[View]
69421701>PC was laggy the other day >Download malwarebytes to run a scan >Forces a free trial of it…[View]
69423697What do you guys think of having multiple monitors? Is it justifiable? Worth it? Discuss[View]
69421286Lennart Poettering Appreciation Thread: One man has done what nobody has done before him. He made Li…[View]
69422254So are you fagnerds happy with the new season of star trek?: I bet you are![View]
69421948How to hack ftp server: I need help to get into ftp server how to hack it very fast[View]
69423751Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Projects: I'm looking for projects to work with on my Raspberry Pi 3. My orig…[View]
69399855/spg/ - Smartphone General: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please …[View]
69422004who would win?[View]
69423871>tfw spent the last hour reading rfc's on txt records >can confirm there is no restrictio…[View]
69423862How to install Ubuntu >Boot from ubuntu usb >Press install >if you follow those instruction…[View]
69424402Mozilla listens to users for the first time in a decade: https://www.zdnet.com/article/firefox-to-re…[View]
69420647/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69422817>go for a nightly run >get this amazing idea for a domain name >run back asap to register i…[View]
69418673Next is the future of computing[View]
69419709G-Sync was a scam all along. https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/284112-do-freesync-displays-nvidia-g…[View]
694216124chan tech: What do you know about the inner-workings?[View]
69424324Hi / g / I need inspiration for an article that I should write for my programming class in IEEE form…[View]
69423015>he didn't rename his mac address to windows address[View]
69413413Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels.[View]
69423443Trouble with grub on uefi dual boot: I'm trying to dual boot win 10 ltsc and kde neon. I instal…[View]
69414945ms ceo: abandon more products: Just want you to know, Cortana is over. >Cortana will never be com…[View]
69422967I've been working on some video game mods (image shown isn't mine), however the image size…[View]
69422251>What was the last good version of Windows? Trick question; Windows was never good.…[View]
69422364Hacking?: is there an actual site or app that allows me to hack peoples instagram[View]
69422285Does the free software community make bad software on purpose? Like, as a joke?[View]
69423921Do they not teach typing in school anymore?: Interviewed 3 kids for internships for a smaller telco …[View]
69421976I'm thinking of upgrading for all the new games coming out this year. Playing at low/medium doe…[View]
69417238Honest question, why are /g/ neckbeards against inclusivity and diversity?: From practical standpoin…[View]
69423491Say I wanted to build random robots. Robots that can sort hangars in the closet. Robots that track …[View]
69422707>spend years trying and buying a shit load of mechanical keyboards >finally return to basic of…[View]
69422247Newegg Tax: What the FUCK is this shit?? NY faggot here, this tax just appeared literally overnight.…[View]
69422149So now that there's a 1.4 billion plaintext passwords floating around in the open, is it safe t…[View]
69419183does Firefox spy on you: Does it?[View]
69423703Can I find a brand new flagship phone with some spy app to give to my gf? I'm afraid she could …[View]
69423765Hey /g/ I need a good desktop music player that supports scrolling lyrics in multiple languages. Wha…[View]
69423344am i the only one who finds this shit completely unusable? how do literal whos even get a following …[View]
69421264>Segfaults your make -j12[View]
69423394Hello. I wanna know more about informatics and stuff like that, i'm a complete noob so where i …[View]
69413269Which VPN should I get?: I just downloaded UTorrent, but it was suggested that I get a VPN to protec…[View]
69417054Python or C#: So I'm looking to make an application which would start with as a basic GUI for P…[View]
69416802How do you like the new logo[View]
69422763Which distro to choose?: Hey /g/, what do you suggest is the best lightweight distro for my old Tosh…[View]
69418241goddamn, the chinks are absolutely brilliant[View]
69420541>be me >start talking to myself >start LARPing to myself as terry a davis do i have a probl…[View]
69416445just installed the Firefox to escape the Google botnet (I used Chromium before) >inb4 microsoft b…[View]
69421629*ahem* FUCK GUIs[View]
69421831Server thread?[View]
69408765>he doesn't use linux mint what's your excuse?[View]
69419833>bugs: you tell me :)[View]
69422955What will the next iPhone cost? I have no intention of buying one but given the current state of app…[View]
69421697Can anyone help me fix an old laptop?: Hey guys, I have this old HP laptop that I use for school pro…[View]
69419896whats a good tiny laptop: hi. im 5'5' manlet & need a tiny laptop that doesn't outsiz…[View]
69422395Tech puns: Ill start >im coming out as transgender[View]
69422161I'm a Linux programmer in the market for new monitor(s). I use Gentoo linux with i3wm (sometime…[View]
69413141Would you sell your kidney for an iPhone[View]
69422950HP Spectre x360 i7 Silver: The laptop used by Terry A. Davis. How does your ThinkPad even compete?…[View]
69422060Where in the US can I find the best prices for tech and computer parts? Considering taxes, average p…[View]
69418997What did Apple mean by this?[View]
69419107Remote login NAS: Hey /g/, I have a question. Is there a way to create a secure NAS with remote logi…[View]
69417865/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming buil…[View]
69418980Should I go ahead and buy an RTX 2060? It would be a huge improvement over my GTX 770. I'm just…[View]
69422438Looking to build a new 9front PC. Recommendations?[View]
69419186>apple slows down iphones with fake updates every year to generate sales >finally gets caught …[View]
69407593Actual minimalism and why modern programers should be lined up and shot: Alright faggots, a lot of y…[View]
69417033VM vs Wine: When you need to use a Windows software but want to stay on the same machine, which one …[View]
69419898>wanna make games >try to use diferent engines >give up because no clue over how to do anyt…[View]
69422780what was your first smartphone? htc excalibur related[View]
69422773Are private trackers worth it considering the people who run them are literally autistic faggots who…[View]
69421841Why i have the impression that's the half life 3 of tech.[View]
69399252oh no...no no nooo HHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA: https://www.phonearena.com/news/Apple-hiring-reduction-slow-iP…[View]
69415115Curved monitors: Any of you /g/ays use a curved monitor? How is it? Do you like it or regret it? I…[View]
69421630Why the FUCK is splitting files such a popular meme: Case 1: >open file1.language >200 lines …[View]
69422540INTEL BANKRUPT AND FINISHED: >puts intel shills into full damage control for weeks nothing person…[View]
69421905I'm an expert programmer, ask me anything about programming.[View]
69420731Alright, /g/, let's say you're a woman. Now you're dating this guy. He's a 7/10 …[View]
69420198Stop calling it GNU/Linux. It's Linux. Shitty, rotten-cum infested GNU utils don't define …[View]
69421941Rust is the only real dev language. All other languages are for VIRGINS or FASCISTS[View]
69419741hey /g/, I'm depressed lazy fucker who's trying to get his life back together. One part of…[View]
69401782Most of us here, be it NEET or wagie, will be spending the next 60+ years sitting in front of a comp…[View]
69421343I'm going to drop KDE Neon. They don't even have the KDE filer picker for firefox. Why eve…[View]
69417164Common lisp >>> sch*me[View]
69410765ARM: There's been talk for years claiming that ARM will eventually take over, but will that als…[View]
69419414Is it actually possible to clean your C drive like this or will Windows prevent you in some way?[View]
69420928Surface lineup: Which products in the surface lineup are actually good?[View]
69421843Really, why this shit browser can't save settings on 4chan(nel) and I have to set it up again e…[View]
69413866/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69405993[View]
69419915Good chat apps/services: ITT we discuss good chat apps to use that are not botnet. Points if: >ac…[View]
69419967Podcasting: Hey. I'm Australian and a friend in the US has asked me to help him with a website …[View]
69420763Is freesync a meme? Thinking about getting a 1080p 144hz freensync monitor.[View]
69418694Fuck chrome, Firefox is superior: >Consumes less RAM >Has privacy >Is open source >Isn…[View]
69417791You've been hired in a small web dev company... ... you begin your new job full of misguided ex…[View]
69419141Browser War 2019-2023: >Firefox has a simple and pretty design >Microsoft Edge will build on C…[View]
69414793What's the point of minimalism if everything runs well enough on a modern PC?[View]
69412687Yo /g/ I'm gonna try to build a PC that can run Fallout 4 at 1080/30fps with med/high settings.…[View]
69416623Which one of these is the best indicator of intelligence?: >university prestige >which subject…[View]
69415089Have you been PWNED? https://haveibeenpwned.com/[View]
69418206Dell Laptops: Is it the norm for laptop batteries to completely give out after 18 months? It says so…[View]
69421248OSX is the best *BSD and the only actually usable *BSD. Prove me wrong![View]
69420924If a device uses lithium-ion battery, it is trash with no exception. Prove me wrong.[View]
69421421Why isn't Limor Fried the Queen of /g/ ? She is literally geek awesome.[View]
69420912Don't subscribe to anything: >mfw the email I've had since 1999 hasn't been found …[View]
69421403https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup/videos probably one of the most based tech channels othe…[View]
69419981How do I export my email things from a google managed mail? My college mail is managed by google and…[View]
69416692>looking for embedded jobs >see this[View]
69418468> https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/11/africa/ethiopian-ai-tech-coder-betelhem-dessie/index.html…[View]
69418320Any sane person agrees that, psychometrically, manual-guided installation and following use of any G…[View]
69420806What the fuck are these blue arrows on all my folders and files?[View]
69414207I'm in love...[View]
69413335Why is RMS so insecure?: Wouldn't the phrase Linux/GNU, or as I prefer to call it, Linux+GNU ma…[View]
69416057>2018+1 >still not using protonmail whats your excuse…[View]
69420841Rooting an lg k20 m255: I've been trying to root my lg k20, but at&t being the shit company…[View]
69407759Why can't they use robots to pull the Spanish boy out of the well?: Back in 1981, Alfredo Rampi…[View]
69419478best privacy browser for Android: Since google chrome and firefox are Botnet what's the best pr…[View]
69417652/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69420080Gnu/Linux real chad.[View]
69420414What the FUCK does ricing even mean?[View]
69418393Chrome is for normies: >Edge is going to be based in Chromium >Firefox is faster and more attr…[View]
69415522Is it possible to filter “made in China” out of amazon results? The Chinese have been the manufactur…[View]
69418786I had a lot of sympathy and admiration for Terry. I find it difficult to watch that video where he i…[View]
69420045ITT: Post your best/ interesting tech blogs: here's some of mine, * https://blog.hackeriet.no/…[View]
69413351Why is it SO FUCKING SLOW? It takes almost 3 entire seconds to launch it. Eat shit firefox, I'm…[View]
69415157Why can't we make a time machine so I can time travel back to the 80s and acquire cute Japanese…[View]
69418727uMatrix: what do you think about uMatrix? personally I always use it for all kinds of activities, it…[View]
69418985Alright /g/, should I go buy a vt100/vt102 and use it for my desktop? getting tired of all this bloa…[View]
69419817What's the best laptop for Linux which isn't riddled with backdoors (such as Intel ME CVEs…[View]
69400165/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>69385586 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
69420006Fucking boomers[View]

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