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66390724Spacestation13 -D20station: Does anyone still play this? I used to play as Tyrone Freeman but work a…[View]
66398756Help me out, /TG/. I’m running a fantasy campaign of a group of totally new players. Instead of runn…[View]
66393575EDH/Commander General /edhg/: Last time: 66380444 >Official Site: Contains deck building rules an…[View]
66401527Why are medieval settings always shilled as the best setting to play at for fantasy games when early…[View]
66382745WIP - Work In Progress General: Work in Progress: 'Updated Johnny Collage' Edition >How to paint/…[View]
66397782Anybody got a good crafting system? Ideally it should restrict players to have sufficient expertise,…[View]
66372147Why isn't the thompson contender in more games?[View]
66393443Knight House Creation Thread: Welcome brothers! Wherein we craft a Knight House using random creatio…[View]
66394056Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Forbidden Power spoilers Edition >Previous Thread >>6638057…[View]
66368463/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
66392617/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66399065Can someone explain the basics of stat distribution for most tabletop RPG's? I'm trying to…[View]
66393932Human Senate: My fellow humans, a tragedy has occurred. One of our greatest knights, Sir Travis the …[View]
66380449/SIFG/ - A Song of Ice and Fire General: War of the Five Kings Edition Previous Thread: >>6631…[View]
66398455Let's Invent Adventurer Slang/Jargon: Don't forget monster nicknames. Daylies >Cheapest…[View]
66400270What's the most political you've ever gotten in a game? How did it pan out for you? Can in…[View]
66393876/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: it's OUR emperor edition >Regimental standard https://regi…[View]
66369445Spear appreciation thread: The spear is the greatest fucking weapon there is. Has reach, can be thro…[View]
66388750sup /tg/: what if everyone in the party had magic?[View]
66399874Is he real?: Someone can't possibly be this retarded. Is he real? If so are there real pics of …[View]
66347007/exg/ - Exalted General: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
66376182Can anyone refute him?[View]
66397387Is there a dumber deck than mono red?[View]
66398782Thoughts on the new hyper-narrow wizard tower trend?[View]
66395080Herald of the apocalypse: If you are part of AB Western Marches, don't read further. I'm …[View]
66363908/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: Feel no pain edition Previous thre…[View]
66383758Gundog Revised English Guide: I am creating a guide on how to play Gundog revised and need your inpu…[View]
66380257/swg/ - Star Wars General: Voolvif Monn Edition Previous yiffmaster: >>66365512 Fantasy Flight…[View]
66399176Tyranid Hive Fleet Creation thread: A new hivefleet has apeared in this sector, and we need your hel…[View]
66342689How is war waged in your fantasy setting, /tg/? It is fittingly supernatural, magical, and crazy rig…[View]
66389113/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread: >>66381221[View]
66393691Modern Horizons Spoilers: We Ninjas now[View]
66393812Fun times Edition >Regimental standard https://regimental-standard.com/2019/05/22/adeptus-mechani…[View]
66372323Is Magic Online beyond saving? What went wrong and what went right? Do you think that WotC let the …[View]
66355615A largely medieval-europe inspired style fantasy world has views on gender roles roles more akin to …[View]
66388007Surreal & Strange Games: So, how does one pull off a really trippy game or setting without being…[View]
663848615e is getting super popular with my group of friends, but I can't stand the system. Any advice …[View]
66390054So, /tg/, I have a problem. I have a player I think I'm going to kick from the group. They have…[View]
66397900What are some minor balance changes that can be made to 5e classes?: Dungeons and Dragon 5e has it…[View]
66396761>Over half the world consists of magical, paranormal, and supernatural beings or people who know …[View]
66397769Tell us how your PC died. I'll go first, >dnd 5e >Playing a Tabaxi Rogue thief tenth leve…[View]
66392631/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Flames Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://med…[View]
66386247Players have a friendly female AI, sort of housewifey. Said AI slowly becomes more sinister. What ar…[View]
66380865/btg/ Battletech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Doing it right the first time edi…[View]
66384646Allow me to exercise my autism just a bit. I've been fascinated with augmentations and the like…[View]
66393342How would he fare in WoD?[View]
66395012Does anyone here have experience with CoC 7th? Should i even bother trying out the chase rules? They…[View]
66365101Looking most for art with a Hindu Sci Fi aesthetic or anything that looks like a Futuristic India[View]
66386153Why are Elves portrayed so inconsistently compared to other races like dwarves and orcs?[View]
66334785Alchemy: How do you like your alchemists? Potionmakers? Matter transmuters? Basically themed wizards…[View]
66386773Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: ayyy lmaoooo edition TQ: Modern's prices will get ___________ o…[View]
66245162Battle-Mages: What are battlemages or spellswords like in your setting? Are they like the kind of ma…[View]
66386695How much should the GM expect from the players?: >players get send to a magical realmthe 'normal'…[View]
66381700You are passing through a hallway and are stopped by this man and he asks you ones simple question. …[View]
66386481Unpopular opinion: MTGFinance, and trading card investing in general, at least Rudy-era trading card…[View]
66392345Can somebody post some examples of what a 'competitive' thousand sons & ork lists ?[View]
66393261Now that the 1000 year dust has settled, what is the best opening move in chess?[View]
66382663Modern Horizons Spoilers General: 'What other Reserved List cards should get colorshifted reprints?'…[View]
66182376Magic: What would be the most interesting time period to have magic come back? Modern is always a po…[View]
66387429>It's another case of bitching about 'medieval europe' settings[View]
66230638/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Self-bounce edition! (Spells and abilities that return permanents y…[View]
66393370Boyz II Men: Are Nobz Primaris Orks?[View]
66388065Hey /tg/. Im really depressed and i was wondering if we could have an undead art thread. Dark depres…[View]
66364121I'm stressed out and don't know what to do. How does one design and run a campaign for 5e?[View]
66370013MTG discussion thread: /tg/ what do you think about this card and amass mechanic? Also other MTG dis…[View]
66393195I'm going to TPK my players in the first session and have them get resurrected 200 years later …[View]
66387163Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2971: Another day, Another Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/…[View]
66366376/AMG/ - Adeptus Mechanicus General: Discuss admech and admech accessories. Post conversions. Post co…[View]
66391850If one don't like White Wolf systems what is the best alternative for a mage style urban fantas…[View]
66387738I'm running a tabletop roleplay campaign, we've gone through a lot so far as a group rebui…[View]
66386534Death Korps Army: Any tips on making up a DKoK army? Always loved the lore, would like to 3D print u…[View]
66380438Table City: Part 1: Shops and Docks I’m attempting to make a small city out of battle tiles and prop…[View]
66389900Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Fortified edition >Regimental standard https://regimental-standa…[View]
66331329>interspecies relationship >female is monster side Wait,wouldn't relationship between hum…[View]
66383534/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Grecian Edition: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wiz…[View]
66380572Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Twangan' and Bangan' Edition >Previous Thread >>6…[View]
66379438>made a setting document >it's 10 pages, half of which is rules related >put a page in…[View]
66380250Filename thread[View]
66388831Is being a good GM a genetic thing? It seems like all great GMs were great GMs from their very first…[View]
66391122World of Warcraft Tabletop: Has anyone ever created a World of Warcraft tabletop system, probably wi…[View]
66347759How would you stat your self insert?[View]
66384878Stabilized Complexity: Which one is the best classic board game and why is Go, anon?[View]
66384867Modern Horizons Spoilers: Force cycle is complete. What's your rating? Will they see play?…[View]
66380925Test out your ideas here, receive feedback: Okay guys, here me out here... Vampire dragons.[View]
66371256'that guy' thread: I wanna see how much worse other groups can get. Lemme start off. >that guy wh…[View]
66390324Request for old warhammer pdfs?: My apologies if this is not appropriate for this board, but I am lo…[View]
66309156I do t know about you, /tg/ but I'm tired of the same thing day in and day out. It's eithe…[View]
66377435Tropes you love: >Over the campaign the party meets multiple individually recurring rivals >A…[View]
66386253Good 5e charts for dms to show new players[View]
66389284sup /tg/: how effective is a dumpster fire as an improvised weapon?[View]
66390032Kenku ecology: Alright bros i have to dm for a new group of people and one of them wants to be a ken…[View]
66389848Onions: I'm sick of them in my games. Too much goddamn HP.[View]
66375666The 9th Age: >ITT: The 9th Age Fuck Elves Edition >https://www.the-ninth-age.com/ >The gam…[View]
66388705what would you do if a chaotic neutral tiefling bard started ruining your campaign with inane gay sh…[View]
66388753This style is like crack to me I desire more. Steampunk, sci-fi, modern its all excellent when paire…[View]
66387535Turning Eldar into canned meat: So say a minor Craftworld has been purged, a sub sectors worth of re…[View]
66385234Meanwhile on dark fastasy /tg/...: Guys, I'm about to meet my hellraiser gf's family for t…[View]
66380444Commander/EDH /edhg/: Mad Queen Edition Last time: >>66373321 >Official Site: Contains deck…[View]
66370077Are evil dragons more redeemable than demons/devils, or less? Why?[View]
66384325I'm trying to run a game after moving across country, and we all know how to do that, except i…[View]
66386267Warhammer 40,000 general - /40kg/: Gear check for the next hump edition >Regimental standard http…[View]
66386804sorry for spamming cepheus engine but im still trying to get the hold of how this system works. so t…[View]
66382719>An ancient war between the forces of Good and the forces of Bad[View]
66384827Published Adventures: Okay, /TG/, I need an official list of the best modules, scenarios, published …[View]
66361824How well would he do as a planes walker?[View]
66382750/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Veteran Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://me…[View]
66215984how does /tg/ explain the existence of magic in their worlds? >power from god(s)? >runes that …[View]
66381221/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread: >>66370303[View]
66319542Infinity General - Dire Foes edition: Infinity is a '28mm' scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Bell…[View]
66386968So I'm DMing a game tomorrow, and one of my players is going to get a series of flashbacks duri…[View]
66385652Critical Role: It's Thursday again! Regular anon hasn't showed up yet, so talk about the s…[View]
66347002What're the biggest mary sue races/factions: https://springhole.net/writing/marysuerace.htm Din…[View]
66382290Describe your current or previous PC's love interest(s).[View]
66372999>High-Fantasy setting >Magic is common and easy to use. Somehow Kishimoto made it work.…[View]
66380158What the hell is my DM doing?: >be me >level 5 monk >DM says 'people start worshipping you …[View]
66376388ritual significance of clothing: Do you think Shadiversity's fetish for gambison (which is basi…[View]
66380309The campaign I'm running is a sci-fi espionage story, but I'm in a bit of a corner with th…[View]
66384112When the Witch King says 'We Is the Master Race!' We HEIL! HEIL right in the Witch King's Face …[View]
66374421/mmg/ - Modern Magic The Gathering General: Cute fire mage edition Resources: Recent event decklists…[View]
66383987/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: THICC edition >Regimental standard https://regimental-standard.…[View]
66385459New Live action D&D: What do you think on the Live action D&D adaptation, the CG look decent…[View]
66385353Immersion Music for War Destruction moments: 1.For any setting you like 2.Post pic related to the so…[View]
66219022Storythread: Storythread: unlimited respawns edition This is a thread for creative writing of /tg/-r…[View]
66384587This is how I Bard[View]
66385125Oh no: I think this party was a mistake[View]
66348199/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus Generals: >Ah Perfection Edition Previous Edition:…[View]
66377226Poker Dice: What are some good 'poker dice' systems? Only one I know of is CthulhuTech, which is a s…[View]
66381702ARIMAA: Arimaa!! My new obsession after i remembered it one day recently while playing a fourth roun…[View]
66384594A board game ever hurt?: Just scooped this game from my local spot. Played a demo and I love it, but…[View]
66342252/osrg/ Old School Renaissance General: >Trove (Bytee's is more up to date) http://pastebin.c…[View]
66343832Space Amazon Thread 2: Ditzy elf edition Do you like your space elves to be ditzy or just uncivilize…[View]
66239565>the party actually took the bait and are following the swamp loli They ignored the conveniently …[View]
66373010Good Dungeon Traps: Looking for some good ideas for traps other than just darts or false floors or w…[View]
66371584Conspiracies and Mysteries: Need ideas for conspiracies and occult mysteries for a modern era spy ga…[View]
66373871Why does Goblin Slayer have a TRPG now? I thought Goblin Slayer was a dramatization of a D&D 5e …[View]
66382274What's a good website to sell my minis? If you are going to say eBay then how do I get top list…[View]
66379442Which of the following is the best option for running a tabletop RPG? >The GM is using an officia…[View]
66359346/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: Fuck It, More Clowns Edition We talk about Monstergirls and buil…[View]
66379571Why don't wizards hide treasure by teleporting chests deep into the earth?[View]
6638315680's Aesthetics: So some of the roleplays I've been doing with my group have lean into 80…[View]
66375833Why don't the elves just wish for a better world?[View]
66367676>High Magic Setting >Warriors and Rogues don’t use any magic >And no, magic Items don’t cou…[View]
66334769>Villain works to better the world in the long run, but on short-term commits murder and other at…[View]
66373936Five Minute Homebrews: >set your clock >countdown >you have five minutes to homebrew an RPG…[View]
66376796Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2970: Even jumpers can find romance Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.go…[View]
66365034>the party accidently joins a sex cult[View]
66382886How can one man be so based?[View]
66370577One of my players wants to play a mage initiat cavalier fighter and wants to use find familiar as a …[View]
66382412How the hell do you name anything in your settings? I am terrible and I can never come up with names…[View]
66378908What should I do with an elven glaive?[View]
66382673How do I just make better Magic decks? I usually play oldschool and the like, and I'm tired of…[View]
66358774What was the single worst thing you've ever seen another player do?: I'm not talking like …[View]
66372961>a world with functional reincarnation, medieval-with-hidden-high-tech, ultra-powerful but still …[View]
66327750/abfg/ Anima Beyond Fantasy General: Hello again Anons. Looks like the old thread died early after a…[View]
66379246Got any good landscape art of magical gardens and the like?[View]
66362455Aztec Dark Souls style campaign idea: So me and my brother got this campaign idea based with a Dark …[View]
66382191what are some interesting ways to use wobbly slime creatures in environment and combat?[View]
66379713What are some cool games where you can play a robot?[View]
66379778Modern Horizons spoilers: Totally not the Aladdin movie promotion edition.[View]
66377097/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66378930>rolling for Persuasion / Diplomacy Nah, this is shit. It's similar to retard players who li…[View]
66378646>Non-conventional dungeon staircase ideas inspired by the real world[View]
66378255/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: Blue DG edition >Regimental standard https://regimental-standar…[View]
66378096>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3658C2y4LlA >It's only one-on-one with Mercer and Colber…[View]
66379936A shit show: For some background: the people will be T, A, N, and Z. It is Z's party so he invi…[View]
66352118WIP - Work In Progress General: Recast Johnnies Edition >How to paint/modeling tutorials https://…[View]
66375779Can we have a thread for CCGs/TCGs/DBGs that are not popular enough to support separate threads on t…[View]
66378769Settings: >'It's like X but Y' >'not!Setting' There's a general distaste for this, s…[View]
66359599BattleTech General - /btg/: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Rookie numbers edition Last thr…[View]
66368010Lovecraftian Wizards and Witches: So, I have been getting into Lovecraft lately, and even though he …[View]
66367545MTG Cardsmith Creations: As the title suggests..[View]
66368006D&D 4e!: Hey 4e anons, which Dragon Magazine articles were the ones with all the themes? Got som…[View]
66352348Space Marine Renegades: Why are there so few examples of Space Marine rebels in the fluff who don…[View]
66266818/STG/ - Star Trek General: Vulcan Science Academy Edition Previous Thread: >>66162148 A thread…[View]
66373321Commander/EDH /edhg/: yae oldé thread >>66363567 >Official Site: Contains deck building rul…[View]
66380078What is it about reptiles, that makes them the perfect savage, antagonistic, and evil race? Orcs wer…[View]
66378771What’s best for a game, for a GM to let the rolls lay where they fall and accept it if their players…[View]
66379544Theory... Orcus raped Tiamat. Kurtulmak was the result. Argument points... 1. We have no idea who Ku…[View]
66376041Let's have a draw your party thread. Try to reply to at least one other person if you post, I…[View]
66313843/SIFG/ - A Song of Ice and Fire General: ‘So, What Now? ‘ Edition A thread for discussing George R. …[View]
66375814>Mr. ambassador we've tolerated dwarf cities under the kingdom so far but if you continue st…[View]
66370303/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread: >>66360270[View]
66375374It’s Time to Accept Orcs: You can’t deny Orcs have had a cultural revolution in popular culture. …[View]
66377859Would Guilliman try to push on him the title of Imperial Regent the same way he pushed for him to be…[View]
66361395>dm rolls dice behind his screen >begins chuckling to himself…[View]
66357114Drawthread: Maqlicious Intents Aligned edition: >>>DRAWTHREAD RULES<<< >Request…[View]
66354697Where were you when Cynthia Sheppard saved Magic?[View]
66378450DMing troubles: Hello /tg/, I need help I am running a dnd 5e sandbox campaign in a homebrew setting…[View]
66365512/swg/ - Diamond-Boron Missiles Edition: You feel it too, don't you? The Bothans we've lost…[View]
66372523You have been a faithfull servant of Tzeench. After many years of service the God of Change decides …[View]
66359653Have you taken the Seth pill, /tg/? ‘That is salvation, is it?’ said Seth. ‘I say otherwise. I say i…[View]
66375075>only the schizophreniacs can see and fight the monsters tearing the reality of our world How wou…[View]
66321936Radon and Raiders V: Setting-building thread for a post-apocalypse British Isles where things went t…[View]
66371871Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Comfy Edition >Previous Thread >>66359457 Official AoS web…[View]
66376822>Mutants and Masterminds >Champions >HERO System Which of these has the better character cr…[View]
66327635/mg/ - Mecha Game General: All the Warriors (who don't have a thread) Edition Starting prompts …[View]
66371818>COAL FOR THE MACHINE GODS! >BREATH FOR THE MINERS! Why aren't dwarves in your setting li…[View]
66377870New Setting I am working on: I've been working on a new setting. The Languages mostly also doub…[View]
66378121Have you ever played in or run a campaign in which the characters grow up over time? Planning to run…[View]
66377445solo trpgs: Just ended a nice solo Ironsworn campaign and I was wondering if there were other solo t…[View]
66372405M&M: I've been reading about Mutants and masterminds recently, and was wondering what you k…[View]
66377502Space Marine Creation Thread: Hello /tg/. Here we shall create a Space Marine Chapter. Standard 1d4c…[View]
66374142Is Merfolk horror overdone or underdone?[View]
66367119/GURPSGEN/ - GURPS General: Truth Before Lies, Honor Before Betrayal, Justice Before Cruelty, Courag…[View]
66341974/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
66375441dragonborn should have tails they look dumb otherwise too top heavy[View]
66376112Does anyone have an accurate list of all the mechanicus units gw have made models of as of yet?[View]
66370944Modern horizons spoiler: Unbearable truths edition[View]
66374699/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: Don't talk to me or my sons ever again edition >Regimental…[View]
66332285>Oi, up here. >Yeah, I think you know what this is. Coin on the ground, weapons too. >You …[View]
66367625Guys, I think I`ve had it, the investors have finally broken me. I just want to keep playing some ba…[View]
66368459>get invited to play dnd with an old friend >don't give a fuck about the story and just w…[View]
66376516Pokemon Card I made in MS paint for a school project.[View]
66375738>GMing 5E >Party manages to stop mutiny >Leave perpetrators alive >Have hard proof of wh…[View]
66371281/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66375763If you are species X, and polymorph into species Y, and then get a member of species Y pregnant, sho…[View]
66374493>system has high lethality >character creation takes a long-ass time Why is this allowed?…[View]
66349134We had to stop our session because this one guy insists that his custom dice that he programmed to b…[View]
66350645PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
66349909This is how I cyberpunk.[View]
66289429World Building General - /wbg/: Gallery of Rogues Edition Welcome to /wbg/, the official thread for …[View]
66367648character art thead: need some monks and other fist fighters[View]
66347972Hypothetical: Your current character suddenly awakens from a deep sleep, rather than being wherever …[View]
66372715Can you help me with a system for my next campaign?: So, i have an idea to play in a homebrew world,…[View]
66374395Dealing with an annoying player. I joined a playbypost game not long ago. The guy constantly whines…[View]
66323672Beastfolk General 3: Fat Rat Edition: Somewhat picking up from the previous thread. As with last thr…[View]
66373286And what about this game?[View]
66363520What sort of creatures would live in a huge ash desert? Sapient or otherwise. Magical fuckery preven…[View]
66372564>be shapeshifter >have complete control of bodily functions >accidentally stop heart >di…[View]
66370661>good models for 'good' notable empires/hegemons: What the title says. What are are some good sou…[View]
66364231what are some essential cepheus engine books to get?[View]
66333543Magic is basically cheating. If you employ magic, you're saying 'I can't solve the challen…[View]
66366272ROME IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
66371333Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Stehl Rein edition >Regimental standard https://regimental-sta…[View]
66368511How would one run a game in this setting? It doesn't seem like there's much adventure to b…[View]
66362954Campaign Purpose & Design: Tell me /tg/, how do you design and create a campaign? In the case of…[View]
66340120Is there a way to do Hellblazer-style ritual magic without making it obnoxious for the players? Cons…[View]
66372658Is there any monster race that can't be improved by making it more like stupid, stupid Rat Crea…[View]
66366817Heres your party for tonight[View]
66365353Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: EDH Horizons edition TQ: is this what it feels like to be cucked, br…[View]
66370638Was he That Guy?[View]
66360050Procreation enabled every victim and every monster to exist. Every crime, every death, every ounce o…[View]
66363567EDHG // Commander General: quatro edition B4: >>66355900 >Official Site: Contains deck buil…[View]
66371033Stat him[View]
66351687Objectively best table to roll new characters on. Roll on it and tell me what you think.[View]
66358026Would you play in a setting that used Omegaverse rules? Could you make a non-fetish race that used O…[View]
66360603How would one run a Titanfall campaign?[View]
66369231Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2969: Take a look at my big, fat Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.googl…[View]
66290109/bushi/ - Bushiroad Cardgames General: Bushiroad Cardgames General 65 DOMINATE edition. Last thread:…[View]
66351048Warcraft Lore and RPG: Welcome to the army, here's your bikini edition Discuss the lore and sto…[View]
66369384Is Tiamat Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil?[View]
66369090Malifaux General Thread: Seemed worth continuing on. Thread question: Most improved Master since 2e?…[View]
66371017Basic Hex Gameplay/Rules?: Hey /tg/, I see hex/grid movement as a component of a lot of tabletop and…[View]
66349629Do you have a preference to mundane or fantastic backstories?[View]
66327275/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy general: Stay Cool edition >Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantas…[View]
66371393Item conversion to 5e help: I'm trying to convert this item: https://www.aonprd.com/MagicWondro…[View]
66371297Twilight Imperium: Is pic related a /tg/ favourite? It should be.[View]
66359777This is literally d20 D&D at its peak. You simply cannot get better than this. It blows 5e, 4e, …[View]
66369944Some witcher-like content?: Can you advise me adventures that are easily converted into the universe…[View]
66370266Just moved to a new town, I'm going to check out all the game stores around town, anything I sh…[View]
66370063Attributes/Abilities-Combo: In oWoD you usually combine one ability with one attribute when you roll…[View]
66369679Goosebumps Tabletop: You know what just hit me? How cool and comfy a goosebumps tabletop would be. Y…[View]
66351440Powered by the Apocalypse: I really like the ruleset PbtA and the games that use it, the new Kult as…[View]
66361052I want to try Hero System out but I see more discussion and splat books for 5th edition then 6th. Is…[View]
66360251/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66365364What do I do about a DM I know is cheating, he's running a module I have run, he knows I have a…[View]
66370488Does anybody have a free link to testwave 2 of Lasers & Liches?[View]
66361267Best ERP Games?: What are the best games and/or settings for doing ERP stuff? Are there any mods, ei…[View]
66361613Art Programs for the Artistically Challenged?: I am an aspiring author, and I would like to create s…[View]
66369189mtg cube thread: Hey /tg/, I decided to invest in a cube so I could play Magic drafts as much as I…[View]
66359457Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: /pol/ Haters #BTFO Edition >Previous Thread >>66352663 Offic…[View]
66368764Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: No Brakes No Breaks edition >Regimental standard https://regim…[View]
66363859So I'm playing a chick in a 5e campaign, and another player is as well. We're the only two…[View]
66369916Tabletop RPG Puzzles: Anons, what are some of your favorite puzzles used in your RPG games? What wer…[View]
66353345Character Art Thread.: Old one hit image limit. Requesting lithe female adventurers. Thin athletic s…[View]
66365655I went full consumerism: I have 3 of each D&D reincarnated tile sets: City, Dungeon, and Wildern…[View]
66369765Horror thread: Let's have one of these, discuss some horror or creepy stuff you've done or…[View]
66348874How low magic is too low?[View]
66338640Which popular fantasy elements are based on Christian history and lore?: I can only think of >Kni…[View]
66248473Shadow of the Demon Lord General: >What is Shadow of the Demon Lord?: Shadow of the Demon Lord is…[View]
66367775Aquatic Setting: Truth is I've been a bit bored of just depicting deep water civilzations as so…[View]
66367339How am I supposed to find players when the most heavily advertised sources like the gamefinder disco…[View]
66368529Strange Name for a place like this.: Post a settlement that you made with a strange name and a short…[View]
66363687How would you adapt the Monster Hunter setting in a trpg ?[View]
66358242How do you feel about isometric dungeon maps?[View]
66344088/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
66360270/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread: >>66347801[View]
66366304Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: >TFW no big titty wide hip goth Celestine >Regimental standar…[View]
66366546>players find an engraved devil's head on a wall with a gaping mouth with a dark hole beyond…[View]
66350655Inclusive: >Be me >Forever GM >Playtesting PF 2E >Using setting the group made and have …[View]
66367345The last Gamefinder thread was such a car crash inferno of butthurt and autismo that we need another…[View]
66327977Which of the Primarchs was more justified in his betrayal of the Emperor?[View]
66361452Since navigator gene is recesive, it is perfectly possible that a navigator could be born out of now…[View]
66351743So if the warp is full of psychic echos...does that mean memes become physical entitys there? If eno…[View]
66363593Modern/EDH Horizons Spoilers: Post yfw edh cucks win again[View]
66364165Chronicles of Narnia Tabletop?: *I posted this late last night, dumb idea for a weeknight ha* So my …[View]
66337815The 9th Age: >ITT: The 9th Age We Had Girls at Our Tournament Edition >https://www.the-ninth-a…[View]
663514825 minute homebrews: >set your clock >countdown >you have five minutes to homebrew an RPG sy…[View]
66354073Are women warriors a meme?[View]
66343327>it's a science vs magic setting >all the interesting spells are banned to make it fair…[View]
66364205What does /tg/ think about my military campaign? Warhammer Fantasy setting, obviously. Red is beastm…[View]
66349209BBEG/Villain Thread: Who or what was your best villain? What were their motives, strategies, and ta…[View]
66358386Does your character have an arc, /tg/? >If so, what is it? >If not, why not?…[View]
66366068You find out the supposed druid's ent friends are actually plant zombies[View]
66355428I want to try Hero System out but I see more discussion and splat books for 5th edition then 6th. Is…[View]
66359582/trav/ MgT, Ceph & SwN welcome: How do you do, fellow Travelers? What're ya haulin? Where…[View]
66366288Necrons! edition >Regimental standard https://regimental-standard.com/2019/05/22/adeptus-mechanic…[View]
66252146Malifaux 3rd Edition launches next month: >Launches June 28th >6 core boxes, 1 core rules (als…[View]
66360463/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Pet Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.…[View]
66282096Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/: Castlebuilder's Union 102 Edition Rulebooks: https:/…[View]
66336648[MSP] Made - Saw - Played: you know the drill[View]
66360837how do i make a party online, how do i get to be gm and what site should i use >pick related…[View]
66267703/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Mushy Mushroom Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setti…[View]
66249649living armor: I need some images and suggestions for how to bio armor think things like the guyver …[View]
66360005Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2968: Baby Hydra That’s An Elephant Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.go…[View]
66363256Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: The time of Toasters is upon us edition >Regimental standard h…[View]
66360798Comfy: If you could include anything in a setting to make it more comfy, what would you add?[View]
66359324new world blues (prototip): im making a new rpg so im going to post the basic lore of the rpg nobody…[View]
66354085Mind games on 40K: So, I'm kinda of a newbie in 40k and I started like less than a year ago wit…[View]
66357960Any of you nibbas play Go/Weiqi/Baduk?[View]
66351425/swg/ Welcome to Benin Sector: Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion >https://pastebin…[View]
66357204Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: TQ: How many more EDH cards will we see in MH?[View]
66327462Star Pact Edition For Fourth Edition D&D and all the other games inspired by D&D4e, such as …[View]
66363559If the primarchs growup with the God-Emperor of Mankind what are the chances they know about Chaos?[View]
66299291/5ehg/ - Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Homebrew General: /5ehg/ - Fantastical Industrializati…[View]
66358130Sci-Fi Art: Guns edition: None of those pansy laser swords, vibro blades or jet hammers, I want good…[View]
66363321Tell me about the illegal substances of your setting /tg/[View]
66356631/tg/-related shows and films: Other than Game of Thrones are there any other /tg/-related shows or f…[View]
66357080Magic and Guns: Hello there. Im going to talk about Magic in my setting and I wanted your opinion ab…[View]
66355900EDHG // Commander General: i fuckn warnd u dog B4: >>66345940 >Official Site: Contains deck…[View]
66351479What would be a decent system to run basically a rip-off of Into the Spider-verse? Are there enough …[View]
66320335Starfinder General - /sfg/: Starfinder General /sfg/ All things Starfinder Tell us about your latest…[View]
66350005what is your prefered scale of powerlevels when running fantasy adventuring games[View]
66359254Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Always rember hapy tiem edition >Regimental standard https://r…[View]
66361456Murderhobo villains: I thought I'd run my players in a light-hearted campaign, where the gimmic…[View]
66360231I miss it bros[View]
66362189sup /tg/: what rpgs come close to emulating space combat management like ftl?[View]
66351021In autumn 1878 a spray of comets hit the earth. The first of which landed near moscow with the force…[View]
66347043Dropzone relaunch: With the battle for earth set to be launched next month is there anyone still pla…[View]
66355040>fantasy setting >has never had a Rome, a Judea or an Egypt >never had any contact whatsoev…[View]
66359030Hag Thread: How do you implement hags in your games? What are their motivations? What minions/power…[View]
66338253Is it safe to eat foods made from monsters?[View]
66341513opinion on 2d20: thoughts?[View]
66324803>DM keeps forcing his shitty fetish in the game[View]
66358846FLGS thread. In memory of my FLGS closing down. Let's talk about the good and the bad.[View]
66359372How do I make a flirty female NPC without it seeming magical realmy? >pic unrelated…[View]
66332782/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: operational operators edition Prev…[View]
66322958What are some characters that are almost unanimously agreed to be able to win against the shit in 40…[View]
66303470Ancient Africa: >pre-Mesopotamian civilizations just getting the hang of pyramid building >Rel…[View]
66318696>Entire passage is only 4 paragraphs long. >Behavior can be summed up in a few sentences. >…[View]
66346298Order of the Stick 1164: Replication Crisis[View]
66355052Modern/EDH Horizons Spoilers: Slivers. Because that's a modern staple[View]
66358742Begun, the age of 40kino has.[View]
66335897Pathfinder General - /pfg/: Pathfinder General /pfg/ All things Pathfinder What's the deepest a…[View]
66359928Are there any resources or tutorials on how to make your own 10mm (or smaller) miniatures? I've…[View]
66349581>1. Wife doesnt like D&D. >2. Wife likes Egyptology. >3. Wife loses bet and has to play…[View]
66277190/GURPSGEN/ - GURPS General: Endless Edition! Previous Thread: >>>>66157128 Don't lo…[View]
66353707/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66358171How do you do, fellow Gamers[View]
66333404/btg/ BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Choke point edition Last thread: …[View]
66357906Nervous DMing?: I've been DMing for a couple of years now. For some reason, I ALWAYS get nervou…[View]
66356050Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Adeptus Mechanicus Announce New Transport After Running Out of Wh…[View]
66357391Any ttrpgs where you play AS a symbiote race, living armor and/or biomech/vehicle? Or an rpg where a…[View]
66344967Ghosts of Saltmarsh PDF?: Anyone have a PDF for this thing?[View]
66357378Meanwhile on Norsca /tg/...[View]
66347801/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread: 66340470[View]
66352426Space Marine Acid Spit: Has the Betcher's Gland ever been statted? In the wargeme or RPGs?…[View]
66310613Evil? Whose evil?: Who is more evil? A lord and queen who cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands …[View]
66351228First DnD game: Hey, /tg/, I need some help. I've been interested in DnD for a while but I had …[View]
66352739What's a fun superhero TTRPG for fags that like grid-based tactical combat but want to say away…[View]
66355951>It's a campaign setting where players may, with some effort, 'jump' beyond their world in a…[View]
66352620Playing 40krpg online: I will be trying to start a dark heresy games with friends online, what is th…[View]
66348864CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY: Okay, so I got really wasted and high with a group of friends and we played …[View]
66304008Do you try to describe your character going through trauma after his/her first killing?[View]
66355306How do I get my group back, /tg/? >Get a group together for D&D, spend some time coming up wi…[View]
66316965Gatekeeping: Should we have more gatekeeping in the hobbies? It seems now more than ever we have peo…[View]
66351976Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: >unga bunga me play on curve edition TQ: What color did you gravi…[View]
66281008/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: We talk about Monstergirls and build a setting for them. Though …[View]
66350399Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2967: Do you want some fries with that Edition?: >Google Drive http://driv…[View]
66348975Legacy Magic General /lmg/ mtg:: It's Been a While Edition DISCUSSION: >Any cards from Moder…[View]
66348435Character Art: Weeb Edition: We all know you have a folder for weebshit so dump it.[View]
66342238Races that have been ruined by their fanbase: I love Centaur, but there’s two centaur fetish threads…[View]
66352663Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Fucking WHEN edition >Previous Thread >>66338836 >Officia…[View]
66346130>the party waltz in on a massive cultist congregation summoning their wicked god…[View]
66345940EDHG // Commander General: Brushwagg Tribal edition B4: >>66338984 >Official Site: Contains…[View]
66329126Drawthread: Some of us appreciate drawfags edition: >>>DRAWTHREAD RULES<<< >Req…[View]
66351207Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Gets hot edition! >Pride paints: https://www.warhammer-communi…[View]
66320000Elder Scrolls minature wargame announced: https://www.modiphius.com/elder-scrolls.html Newly announc…[View]
66350474Chronicles of Narnia Tabletop?: So my tabletop group wants me to run a Narnia based game—one guy sug…[View]
66339245What is your opinion on blood hunters?: I'm thinking of making a lycan blood hunter that uses p…[View]
66353914>Look up and to the left, PLEASE[View]
66348592My campaign idea: I'm planning a game and the story is the following: The background is a cent…[View]
66346599Did I fuck up? Also V:TM discussion.: I finally introduced my DNDrone friends to Vampire: The Masque…[View]
66346343Getting ready to try Eberron 3.5 for the first time. What the most fun class to play?[View]
66346754I'm getting back to GMing after a break, and I don't know how to break it to our players t…[View]
66345991Has anyone felt like Mortal Kombat is the perfect traditional game universe? I am a little miffed th…[View]
66349253/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66351078Undead PCs: Do you allow undead PCs in your games? Have you played as an undead character? Undead PC…[View]
66348829Gamma World is just Rick&Morty D&D: Prove me wrong[View]
66313126How should a drow male act towards females on the surface?[View]
66351881So the endgame of the campaign I'm currently DMing is going to be something along the lines of …[View]
66348836Modern Horizons spoilers: Turbofrog edition[View]
66349754are [stand powers] a good way to solve a summoner-type class? >doesnt just put another creature …[View]
66346399What are some RPGs or Boardgames I can play to get the same feeling as Dwarf Fortress where stupid a…[View]
66337363>the party encounters Tiamat first session[View]
66344229Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: SOUL edition[View]
66336177Currently brainstorming notes for my next campaign. I think it will generally revolve around a wizar…[View]
66349358I hate control decks so god-damn much!: Seriously. I fucking hate anyone who plays one of these chea…[View]
66336553Battlemaps: Share your battlemaps. I'm looking for orc encampments in desert areas if you got …[View]
66351019how do you feel about PF2? thus far I like what I've seen from the playthrough, combining 3.5 w…[View]
66346526hey /tg/ i trying to make a more unique style of d&d rpg about a livable realistic post apocalip…[View]
66338836Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Offering for the horned rat Edition Previous Thread >>6632527…[View]
66340592When did you understand the weakness of your flesh?[View]
66350708>Well ... Anon ... You rolled up a Doppelganger >Which, ehm ... got Feeds on Fear (3x bonus fo…[View]
66349924Is there an India-focused game out there?[View]
66326004Suddenly someone in your fantasy setting invents the printing press. What happens now?[View]
66338812Who was best character, and why was it thiccrobat? https://youtu.be/c7S5eEJ5ouM[View]
66350241Compelling Challenges to Alignment: What was the most memorable event of you or your dm making a pla…[View]
66302304The Traveler appears in 40k and starts terraforming and changing the worlds of every system it enter…[View]
66341695What system do I use for a solar-system spanning mecha war campaign with deep political and social n…[View]
66336351/swg/ - Star Wars General: Jabba the Hunk! Edition Jabba's Last Meal: >>66325991 Fantasy …[View]
66348385Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Tacticool what does it means - edition. >Pride paints: https:/…[View]
66330959I've got a Masks game coming up and the heroes are kid detectives as well as superpowered peopl…[View]
66347277What system would I use to run Fallout? Literally everything that has ever been suggested to me has …[View]
66342859So who is Urza supposed to be again and why is he supposedly a big deal? I'd rather play JtMS a…[View]
66325829Never forget Tessagog.[View]
66348677Roleplaying a court case: What would be the best way to create a proper court case where each player…[View]
66347959I want to put a civilization of colossal squids, living in the deep ocean, into my setting. I need h…[View]
66321101WIP - Work In Progress General: Work in progress, 'Haven't updated the collage yet' Edition …[View]
66335728Transformers TCG: I can't be the only person on /tg/ that plays it, right? this shit's blo…[View]
66318479Throw it in le trash: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/may-20-2019-banned-and-rest…[View]
66346258Two great artificers. Who was more powerful, who had the better technology?[View]
66348571Zombie Games: Are there any zombie games out there that have tactical combat similar to 5e D&D, …[View]
66296215Game Finder: Game Finder Thread. To help you find games. Mostly online though. >Game >System …[View]
66331322This game blows but it's the closest example I have and I don't want the thread to misread…[View]
66331188What's the 'darker side' of the traditional games industry?[View]
66344975/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Not To Reason Why Edition >Unearthed Arcana: …[View]
66250521Admech have the best babes!: And you all know it! Continuation of the last thread, talk about admech…[View]
66314927Armor thread: Where do you stand on the practicality vs coolness/fanservice armor scale?[View]
66345532Warfare, for most of human history, was about getting 80% of the result for 20% of the effort. More …[View]
66329892Is it justifiable to break the rules and rewrite reality to be a better place for everyone, or shoul…[View]
66307152What's the best kind of immortality that a Mage / Wizard / Sorcerer / Warlock can attain ?[View]
66346780I'm planning on running a long-term generational/societal game that primarily focuses on a nati…[View]
66338221What if mana worked like bank deposits and withdrawals?[View]
66344253Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Squats edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https://www.warh…[View]
66346436hey /tg/ offically speaking in a D&D/pathfinder like do alchemists potions count as magic items.…[View]
66345549Your campaign is being made into a hit tv series, which composer (alive or dead) would you want maki…[View]
66347304Now that GW is giving codex's to everyone again, from Harlequins to Thousand Sons, it's ti…[View]
66343173convince me to play a wizard[View]
66334961A setting is only as good as its waifus. Who is best waifu of your current/favourite setting?[View]
66343959Hello /tg/ I'm trying to create a ten room game for a D&D 5e. Each one them being a big hug…[View]
66345924Where can I find some mech minis that have a WW2 aesthetic like pic related? My brother loves the Di…[View]
66341710Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2966: Easier Than You'd Think Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.goo…[View]
66340829Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2965: Niche Hobby Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fol…[View]
66346149alright /tg/, find me the best way to start an IG killteam DIFFICULTY: No sly marbo[View]
66331314FeAnor Thread: no elf is better than the spirit of fire, the third Tolkeinian embodiment of Loki, ca…[View]
66344978D&D Minis: I'm looking to increase my small set of minis. I have enough for my group to pic…[View]
66325711Why don't you play not kill?[View]
66252328Landscape Art: Fractal architecture. Or just BIG things, whatever[View]
66343046After watching a video by shadiversity on weapons an orc would use it made me realize, elves being t…[View]

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