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63497106/GDG/ - GAME DESIGN GENERAL: MASTURBATION MODE EDITION The one where we talk about dice mechanics ev…[View]
63500706What is the best system for a low-magic, high fantasy campaign? GURPS requires constant GM supervisi…[View]
63478958Is there any particular advantage of a fully covering uniform such as an imperial Stormtrooper or a …[View]
63502976Whats up /tg/? What would you want out of a quality Cyberpunk RPG? Do you like the fantasy elements …[View]
63500250Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2668: Megaman Crossover Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dri…[View]
63487371>It's another big amazoness-esque female character who's jacked *sigh*…[View]
63494837Warlords of Erehwon: New game being released by Warlord Games, written by Rick Priestly. What are w…[View]
63503001Stat them, /tg/[View]
63497907>The great desert stands before you. >You carry only the rucksack and its contents on your bac…[View]
63422353Flames of War Team Yankee: I choose Kursk edition: bunch of cazy lunts around here..... Do you need …[View]
63435529Creature Creator thread: Post an mspaint scribble and artists in the thread will interpret it in the…[View]
63503065Is this worth a shot?[View]
63498259Setting: Ghibili Shared Universe: I wanna do a setting that mix Laputa, Howl Moving Castle and Porco…[View]
63500291Chapter Creation: Haven't seen one of these in a while, and thought I'd start up a thread.…[View]
63502480'''Tis the Season to Stat 'em /the[View]
63503547hey /TG/ im gone be playing a star wars saga game that my friend is posting and I was wondering how …[View]
63495135Do you ever bring gambling into your /tg/ hobbies? If so, how? For myself, I very much miss the old…[View]
63497043The Kings of Nowhere: Does anyone know if A Self Called 'Nowhere' ever posted the continua…[View]
63497132Holiday themed mtg: So some friends and I are gonna play some casual MTG around the holidays. The th…[View]
63501207why is it whenever I see people here or, hell anywhere TTRPG related making a system they always foc…[View]
63502280Help on finding this RPG?: There is a game I played with my cousins years ago, it was about you and …[View]
63467685Since pic related is coming out in a couple of hours, how would the edf boys fare in 40k?[View]
63480661Paizo Games General /pgg/: What fantastical places have you adventured to lately? /pfg/ Link Reposi…[View]
63501914Stat them.[View]
63500995/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Let me play you the song of my people edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: …[View]
63464854/GURPSgen/ GURPS General: GURPS. Last GURPS: >>63406873 This GURPS' pull quote is from GU…[View]
63489856/swg/ Lego Squadron edition: Previous thread: >>63473538 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada,…[View]
63492604Boss idea: I want to make a puzzle boss where the boss’s psionic ability is so powerful that the pla…[View]
63500478/tg/, I recently had a game where we actually did some puzzles and riddles and shit. And I was absol…[View]
63492383Have you achieved that point in life where you are completely comfortable with the fact you like get…[View]
63424494JRPG fantasy is the best fantasy. In this thread, only Japanese-style fantasy is permitted, post com…[View]
63494870When did Guilliman become such a fucking pussy?[View]
63492151>Trail of Cthulhu vs >Call of Cthulhu Which one should I play and why?…[View]
63500916Imperial Guard fiction request (searching): Hey all - I'm looking for a very specific Imperial …[View]
63493484Can we have a thread about Paranoia? It was the last TTRPG I played.[View]
63498131/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Hide yo gear, hide yo loot, the Blood Ravens are coming through your wi…[View]
63496487>Now fantasy/swords & sorcery games need not have any fixed basis for the assumptions made by …[View]
63495601What commercial tabletop game (i.e. not your GM's homebrew or whatever) is the most 'magical re…[View]
63494673Valiant knight, harsh amazon, dwarf cleric, snarky wizard or skyclad elven sorceress, halfling thief…[View]
63500018Stat him tg[View]
63498488Idea for a campaign: So I have been kicking around this idea for a campaign, and am wondering if it…[View]
63498977If each Iron Hand company is a separate and fully independent clan with their own culture,beliefs an…[View]
63490765Sell me on Yu-Gi-Oh please anons[View]
63486469/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqY…[View]
63462001Infinity General: Psychological Warfare Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game b…[View]
63492050Sell me on your favorite game systems: You can pitch up to 4 systems. For each one, you receive poin…[View]
63497134why the FUCK isn't there a Runescape TCG?[View]
63492834Cyberpunk vs Sci-Fi: When picking your setting what is some major and/or minor pros and cons to cons…[View]
63493247/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition general: Eldritch horror edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Shi…[View]
63493816I am wanting to run an rpg similar to pic related: Not necessarily moba like, but one where they all…[View]
63490621Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Hat edition >Pre-order Preview: Wrath and Rapture https://www.war…[View]
63494435Hasbro is opening a water park and holiday resort with MT:G themed attractions: WE DID IT, /tg/!…[View]
63491891Masadan Vigilants: Last night, /tg/ had a shockingly civilized and productive thread in which we cam…[View]
63478117What are some commonly-implemented house rules for 5e? In 4e, there were suggestions like 'grant pla…[View]
63491597Drifter Culture: >The Drifters of the Zahir system are perhaps one of the most unique cultural gr…[View]
63491885Let’s make a WW1 fantasy setting: >Magic is potent, powerful, and is capable of great things such…[View]
63483533Padawan becoming Sith Lord: This story is short, will likely dissapear in a few hours, but I kinda w…[View]
63473330/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general: 7th is shit, 8th is shit, 9th age and kings of war aren't wa…[View]
63495711Buildings for classes: I want to play around with the idea of a group building a city over generatio…[View]
63488809What do you think of players just reusing their character ideas over and over again?[View]
63495483/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Bad Vehicles edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodwin https://youtu…[View]
63495750Warcrimes: Once, I pulled off a really neat thing and I'd like to repeat this thing again. This…[View]
63496591Stars Without Number: Newbie DM here, got a hold of the revised edition PDF and been reading through…[View]
63496478/tg/ is extremely shit at the moment. Has been for the past few days. Who do we blame?[View]
63496743How do I get into Mordheim? Or are there any similar games that do campaign play like it? Me and my …[View]
63491481What happened in September that raised GW's value so much?[View]
63495098>have wanted to play a thrallherd ever since I heard of them >since before I even came to /tg/…[View]
63477977/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: OOPS! All Mana Edition Edition Previously: >>63462822 RESOURCES …[View]
63496809Stat him[View]
63496426Should Kroot be called omnivores or carnivores? On the one hand, a lot is made of their ability to e…[View]
63495167Shinobigami: Anyone got a pdf? Anyone played it yet?[View]
63492932Oh god please help me /tg/: So i have a Dark Heresy game in 2 hours time. And i have no fucking clue…[View]
63496248Yugioh: New Lost Artwork cards[View]
63495634>they are coming >the ancient monster of destruction >Protagonist trying in vain to stop t…[View]
63492287Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2667: Belly rubs for everyone: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive…[View]
63469676Ship Name Thread: You were just given a brand new ship to command! What do you name it? Here is a li…[View]
63484913I heard a lot about how alignments are stupid and don't work But if you HAD to make them work, …[View]
63494455>The Elves of the frozen plains are gathering a vast host *gulp*[View]
63493985Postal / Saints Row Style RPG: I'm planning to start a mass online roleplay session relatively …[View]
63469003what's the closest DnD or MtG ever came to being dethroned? is it even possible?[View]
63492512Remember me, /tg/? Do you remember Christmas 2015? Remember how hopeful you were for things like Mor…[View]
63489565This is the ideal black creature. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
63445295/bgg/ Board Games General: Previous Thread: >>63397623 Pastebin Link: https://pastebin.com/h8T…[View]
63492785Players are trapped in a simulation with a childlike AI. The simulation is like a massive world sand…[View]
63484924sup /tg/: whats the best way to do space opera wrong?[View]
63482340How do you Elf, /tg/?[View]
63492911Warhammer 40,000 General Thread /40kg/: Tau uprising edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodwin ht…[View]
63461795How do you vampire, /tg/?[View]
63492594How would worship of Corellon Larethian be reflected in an elven tribe, living in a large forest? Wi…[View]
63481940WIP - Work in progress general: Chapter Master Kringle is coming to town >Citadel Painting Guides…[View]
63488139Epic6: Best system for Epic6 for number and quality of players, combat speed, fun? D&D 3.5e, D…[View]
63493569Hi /tg/, I'm a new DM here and I want to run either Wrath and Glory or Dark Heresy but I do not…[View]
63494083This is your boss encounter. Say something nice.[View]
63367651/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Mana rocks/dorks edition! >To make cards, download MSE for free …[View]
63493728How to find a group that actually role plays: So I was hoping for some advice on this, long story sh…[View]
63493313What would be interstellar version of 'the empire on which the sun never sets'?[View]
63493137Die: So, I'm not sure how much attention this has gotten here, but I read the first issue of 'D…[View]
63473613Persona as a Tabletop Campaign: Have any of you ever GM'd or played in a Persona campaign? How…[View]
63487877Better 40k Lore Podcast?: Hey dudes is there a good one for someone who's getting into the lore…[View]
63491983What kind of cool encounter locations or gimmicks could really show off a sci-fi setting.[View]
63491591questions from a newbie: Hey /tg/, Bit of a preface- never been on here before, never played tableto…[View]
63490606Oh shit, Carnac's worst nightmare come true has reverse isekai'd into your setting!: The G…[View]
63481597Warhammer 40,000 RPG General /40krpg/: Ork Onions Edition For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st…[View]
63493602Wawawa Fruity Cake: 41st Mwiwemmiwum desu yo~! Im nwot suwe what dvat is, bwut dve sdwoowent cwounci…[View]
63462935/CofD/ & /OwOd/ Chronicles of Darkness and Old World of Darkness General: >Previous thread …[View]
63472958>The innkeeper serves you stew in a strange bowl. You've never tasted anything this good. In…[View]
63492079So I was reading some WHF lore and got to Archaon, holy shit this is brutal and awesome, is there an…[View]
63492182Post your favourite magic For me, it's got to be lightning. Love the fuck out of my lightning.[View]
63484662this fucking thing: what the fuck are any of these[View]
63491393Bad End Thread: >be fighter >party consists of me, cleric, sorceror, rogue, and barbarian >…[View]
63492367Doctor Who style Campaign: Let's face it, DND isn't optimised for random wilderness encoun…[View]
63491980How do you portray a hyperintelligent villain? Not someone who necessarily knows everything there is…[View]
63476814Does your campaign have a theme song? Something to wrap up the session or get it started?[View]
63492327>HFY: How come there's such a positive correlation between complaining about Humanity Fuck Y…[View]
63471760Go thread: >What is it? Abstract strategic game originating from Ancient China circa ~1000 BC. …[View]
63484536The Enemy: Does your setting have a persistent, existential threat, /tg/? Undead, orcs, old gods, ne…[View]
63464513>encounter an easy logical puzzle in a dungeon >know the answer almost immediately, tell DM I …[View]
63482089What's a good one-use spell to give to my players in a dungeon where they are supposed to fight…[View]
63491919>Parties getting into a pocket dimension full of treasure and riches on color-based teams competi…[View]
63466250/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Cardgames General 21 Memelion edition Last thread:…[View]
63489616/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Happy little dreads edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodwin https:…[View]
63490453A thought on worldbuilding.: When you think of it, it makes total sense that elven race is best repr…[View]
63491896Why doesn't your character have a dragon mom /tg/? Also, fuck off donkeycocks[View]
63487685/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Based and STR - pilled Edition >Unearthed Arc…[View]
63491083Twisting the Message?: /tg/, a scenario's recently come up in a campaign I've been playing…[View]
63481330What system would best facilitate this setting[View]
63471334Venting Steam Edition MTG Arena / MTGO / Paper Discussions Watcha >playin >brewin >hatin Me…[View]
63489283Setting idea: >the world was ruled by the high elves >Do to their cruel and tyrannical actions…[View]
63413942Spaceship Thread: My players have requested that we upgrade our ship in our campaign, and I'm r…[View]
63491484I'm looking for really cool battle maps, square grid preferred. I'd really like to get a n…[View]
63490098shadmage: > be me > read shadmage greentext > watch hansen vs. predator after > sudden r…[View]
63468174Character art: How do I link other threads edition requests from last thread: >non-evil, non-mons…[View]
63458104Warhammer 40,000 Novels: What are some really good Warhammer 40k books? I've exhausted most of …[View]
63490648How do I find an online D&D group that would let an autistic mute play with them?[View]
63491224I'm depressed. Just finished with a deep dive on dark, esoteric, or interesting looking games, …[View]
63430388>gets to make a 4e d&d thread I miss the Avenger so fucking much.[View]
63484326A lot of war games on let units have cover if they are a tiny distance from a piece of terrain and h…[View]
63489173ravnica allegiance card: >Illuminate The Stage 2R >Sorcery >Spectacle R >Exile the top t…[View]
63487108How much stuff do you usually kill per combat session? During our last five hour session, we basical…[View]
63480727Your player rolled a natural 20 on an investigation check in an area where there is nothing to find.…[View]
63488145Easiest Cyberpunk for a One Shot: I Have a 5e newbie group and have been on a Cyberpunk anime and mo…[View]
63455143Humanity?: So, /tg/, what makes Humanity special in your setting? Are they tougher? Smarter? More ad…[View]
63492761Am I alone in looking down on players who play video games, especially triple A console games? I fin…[View]
63488726Rope Trick: Good evening people, I'm looking for the complete description of the rope trick spe…[View]
63452002Savage Worlds: Why should I buy/not buy this? What are its main weakness?[View]
63490349Anyone thinking of making anything around this? YGO has involved P&P RPG concepts into their ani…[View]
63476322>he spends time and effort to make deep cosmology and realistic geography for his homebrew settin…[View]
63470102Felinid detachment joining your squad soon /tg/. Remember to at with the proper decorum befitting th…[View]
63478974Flaws in and switching from d&d: I DM and want to switch to a system other than d&d, I am ei…[View]
63490018I'm Bored, Let's Roll a new Regiment: Rolled 3 (1d10) >'Death is the greatest glory ont…[View]
63486487Skill checks are shit: >'I open the door and peek into the room' >'okay you see a hobgoblin si…[View]
63488665How does /tg/ feel about this?[View]
63481188Does anyone have any experience with this? Concept seems decent enough, might be a bit of a mess to …[View]
63482994Have you ever used a movie as a basis for a campaign?[View]
63489508ITT, post some good things about your players! >Show up on time >Ask before rolling skill chec…[View]
63483597Necron Army Generation: Rolled 6 (1d10) https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Necron_Army_Creation_Tables Space S…[View]
63466439Metal Dice: Metal dice bug the crap out of me. They're everywhere these days, and it's eve…[View]
63473538/swg/ - Star Wars General: Remember when we thought he was gonna be the main hero and not the first …[View]
63448918a game about cooking. could it be possible? could it be fun?[View]
63482098Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2666: Do Not Fist Android Girls Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google…[View]
63468425That Guy/GM thread: Tell us about your rpg horror stories. Chaotic stupid drows, table-flipping, rul…[View]
63445264>ITT: The 9th Age Fucking skeletons in my yard edition >https://www.the-ninth-age.com/ >The…[View]
63482587Is it possible to play a retarded character without pissing off the rest of your party? I rolled up …[View]
63485400/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: How do you stroll through the battlefield edition? >VoxCast - Episod…[View]
63412124Adepta Sororitas thread: Question: What do you want to see in the new Sisters Codex and Model range?…[View]
63484554Did you or your party ever win by losing? I've been reading some articles by a GM of certain no…[View]
63474556The Atomic Age Returns: The world is one filled with art deco, chrome, rayguns and ballistic weapons…[View]
63461587Don't worship the empress. Direct mandate.[View]
63480312Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Forgotten Edition >Thread question What does the future hold for …[View]
63461897/ysg/ - Yog-Sothoth General: Wrong idea edition. >'Mandatory' reading http://www.eldritchdark.com…[View]
63483387Mythical fantasy roleplaying game: Has anybody in this sub played myfarog i've seen it getting …[View]
63481435Hard Sci-Fi or Soft Sci-Fi?[View]
63470132Looks like ...: ITT post fantasy race art that you hate or like[View]
63461183STR vs DEX[View]
63484034Biomancy synonyms?: My system has 3 magical skills: Evocation: fire, lightning, frost attacks. Eleme…[View]
63481221Does any book collect detailed information about the specific aspirant trials used by each space mar…[View]
63485387>The gods are really just super powerful wizards/aliens[View]
63477404Mutant: Year Zero: So I was taking a look at the Mutant: Year Zero video game (Road to Eden) when I …[View]
63471379ITT:: /tg/ approved hong kong/martial arts movies looking for recommendations for hong kong/martial …[View]
63482614Have any of your PCs/other party members joined the BBEG of your campaign halfway through, near the …[View]
63432522>long ago humans technologically advanced to the point that biological immortality and fully imme…[View]
63468705What are yuan-ti, a recurring monster race from the popular Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplay…[View]
63483807Can someone confirm Z's email for me? I found a few from google, but I always hear he changes t…[View]
63479530Maccabee Marines: In the spirit of the recently over Jewish holiday of Hanukkah: Let’s create a Spa…[View]
63429282Posthuman thread: How does /tg/ like their posthuman most?[View]
63476708Stat Him[View]
63466891What's a good way to incorporate power armor in to a fantasy setting? An evolution of magic arm…[View]
63484271Nurgle vs Slaanesh: > Which do you find more disgusting? > Which would you rather fight, as a …[View]
63465396The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell: >ZAP! Foolish Man Thing! You are now a Clanrat!…[View]
63480160/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: All Stars Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships…[View]
63478820First campaign on roll20. What do you guys do to improve your games and playing experience? I’m fami…[View]
63482009New Battletomes: Are the factions listed in https://ageofsigmar.com/factions/order/ and the other 3 …[View]
63474122Howdy Neighbors. Tell me the flaws in your favorite system. Any reasonable person should be able to …[View]
63448719Drawthread: I'ma guna poke ya Edition: >Requesters: • Provide good, detailed references (pic…[View]
63483132>Enchanted Gold Body-Chain What does it do?[View]
63483097/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: The 15th image in your 40k folder is what the Blood Ravens are going to…[View]
63467466/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqY…[View]
63476481What is the origin of the meme that elves are sluts?[View]
63481071How come most settings with both dragons and giants insist on making dragons superior when the giant…[View]
63426041/VG/ Vampire the Masquerade/Vampire the Requiem General: >>63355319 >WoD website: https://w…[View]
63477885Where can i find mini-dungeons that i can just plop into my campaigns? Exactly like these https://ma…[View]
63478276>rolling for stats >rolling for race & class fucking why? why are you even playing in the …[View]
63481984What's your next character going to be?: Mine is going to be a wizard/rogue who spell glyphs st…[View]
63474933Inborn Power vs Training: How much of your character's power level do you like to have be the r…[View]
63481586Household Items as Items Adventurer use: Turn items you have around the house, ranging from sodas to…[View]
63477995Stat him, /TG/ https://wiki.spiralknights.com/Arkus[View]
63452884What's the best example of teamwork you've seen in a game?: Enough of the negatives, let…[View]
63482420Forgeworld Titan Certificates: As someone who pirates pretty much all the 40k rule books, and occasi…[View]
63472028/yourdudes/: The Killteam General handles a lot of 40k /yourdudes/ shit but as far as talking about …[View]
63462706Who here still plays in Greyhawk? Any tips for playing the best campaign setting every written?[View]
63481074/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: White Scars > Dark Angels > Imperial Fists > Salamanders >…[View]
63481650ITT:Dumbfuck DM/Player stories.: Hit me with your best one![View]
63469061Do you have any setting that you'd love to play in, yet can't for one reason or another? …[View]
63482312Squats: based space dorfs thread[View]
63473893Playing a Moon Druid: >My wife starts a 5E campaign set in mythic Greece 15 years before the Troj…[View]
63479922League as a setting: https://map DOT leagueoflegends.com/ What is /tg/'s opinion on this? Would…[View]
63457680/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
63443039PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
63476275Looking for a good Sci-Fi system, any sugestion?[View]
63478168>single PC >multiple simultaneous DMs with conflicting views Has an RPG like this ever been do…[View]
63477551What game system is the best to adapt to your own System?GURPS FAGS need not apply[View]
634790541st Map Attempt: First time GM here and I've decided to make my own campaign instead of a prema…[View]
63478589>wizards have more spell options than clerics Like, how does that make any sense? How does GOD ha…[View]
63445871>serving authentic medieval snacks on game night overkill?[View]
63474076Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Thread: Remainder, Trolls are the master race, and Centaurs are a close sec…[View]
63478877What happens to dwarves' souls when they die? What happens to orcs' souls when they die?[View]
63477247GURPS kinda sucks huh[View]
63478967Warhammer 40000 general /40kg/: Why the fuck does the Inquisition have a hate boner for the Celestia…[View]
63474363How should I make this into a CoC / Delta Green / Unknown Armies scenario? https://www.wired.co.uk/a…[View]
63444432Godbound: I don't think we've had a thread for this game in a while. Has anyone been playi…[View]
63479057playing as an archetype: Hey fa/tg/uys, I was wondering if you guys often play the same type of char…[View]
63477796What if Eternia is actually Earth during the Age of Strife?: >psykers? Check >ancient technolo…[View]
63439871how about a tournament thread? I'll start with by throwing two andomized fighters at each other…[View]
63467664Does anyone else here ever draw their own art for their character in D&D? Also I guess a D&D…[View]
63478636What does the Imperium do when it gets its hands on some massive xenos construction, be it a base, a…[View]
63461639Blood Raven babby daddy.: So I got this information from a reliable source. The clerk at my local GW…[View]
63471284So, does anybody have any campaign stories from systems where you ran no spell casting? Early D&…[View]
63475871Upgraded power armors: How would they look if the technological and scientific stagnation never happ…[View]
63470275WIP - Work in progress general: OH FUG I'M GONNA GET GRINCHED EDITION!!! >Citadel Painting G…[View]
63474900/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Fiendish Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships …[View]
63471963Magic the Gathering would be 100% better if they put a hard cap on how many uncommons and rares you …[View]
63478844How would you design a Space Marine Chapter based on Tchaikovsky‘s ballets?[View]
63475828Chaos God Ynnead and Big E: I get what the canon is pushing, that Ynnead is a specifically Eldar god…[View]
63452759Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ Dragon Edition What do you think of Golarion…[View]
63470905/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General: Soup Edition >Thread question When elf soup? >Pre-order Previe…[View]
63468992What’s the best system for a game set in varg’s myfarog setting?[View]
63427468Kaiba is the type of guy who _______.[View]
63471435Fuck the Imperium and fuck the Corpse Emperor[View]
63453300>rolling stats it's like you're asking for an unbalanced party, why would you do this…[View]
63474632>rulebook includes snacks as tool requirement for roleplay sessions Anyone else thinks this is so…[View]
63477780Kilimanjaro Space travel setting.: If in the near future the main nexus of space travel wold become …[View]
63473546Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2665: Autistic Waifu Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/…[View]
63477704This is how I Hide in plain sight https://youtu.be/ocorp8T9ch4?t=108[View]
63477902Is this any good[View]
63475910Warhammer 40000 general /40kg/: Pay Homage to Jes Goodwin edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodw…[View]
63470938Looking for zeitgeist: Yo, the trove rpg archive is down, does anyone have the EN Publishing Zeitgei…[View]
63477409How modular can you make a campaign before players start to notice? Any tips on making a modular cam…[View]
63457749Worldbuilding thread: So I've been sitting around, looking at some of my favorite games to 'Cre…[View]
63452532More of this, is there a name for this aesthetic?[View]
63476003Recommendations for setting set in Fantasy Old Egypt With Neighbors (like Israel): As in: >plots …[View]
63475899>fantasy setting >the continents are similar to those of the real world, just arranged differe…[View]
63463958Savage Worlds or GURPS?: Which one does /tg/ like the most? The people near me prefer SW over GURPS …[View]
63469380What went wrong?[View]
63452503My Kingdom: Haven't seen these in a while. I'll start off with a few templates[View]
63475947fun with deception/persuasion: Ever had fun with deception/persuasion in D&D? > be me, saucy …[View]
63462822/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Can't Keep Down The Clown Edition Previously: >>63448548 RE…[View]
63463525New to Sci-Fi: Any tips or suggestions for running Sci-Fi games? I've only ever GM'd fanta…[View]
63426917Why is it okay for me to be a psychotic murderhobo who only helps people out for a paycheck... but r…[View]
63304635Realistic fantasy/mythical creatures/races: Let's tackle creatures and races from fantasy/mytho…[View]
63475362/tg/ makes a setting one post at a time: Rules: >the setting has to be cockatoo-centric >a pos…[View]
634745734e is the only D&D edition that supported taking a succubus as a companion, redeeming her, and e…[View]
63459739How would the Yuuzhan Vong faiyre in 40k?: Assume they're invading the galaxy at full strength,…[View]
63463019New total war game?: I love the total war Warhammer games. Any other traditional game that can be a …[View]
63467242Guy with no social skills plays a charming diplomat Guy who knows nothing about weapons plays a gun-…[View]
63469224>The queen aims to rule over a race of beings one third Human, one third Elf, and one third Dwarf…[View]
63475442Zombies and viruses in fantasy: How would you go about doing this in an intresting way As someone wh…[View]
63458189Your Party has made a terrible mistake: And now, the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Shr…[View]
63462764What would the cyberpunk equivalent of Genghis Khan be like?[View]
63463159B-Movie Campaign: What would be the best way to run a campaign based off a 1950's B-movie? An a…[View]
63460270ITT: What character concept is your magnum opus? What was the one character that you considered to b…[View]
63472932Warhammer 40k general /40kg/: None Purer Edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodwin https://youtu.…[View]
63450268>hear how great sandbox campaigns are, both as a player and as a GM >Try to run one >Player…[View]
63469633What kind of emotion or scene was the artist trying to convey? Isn’t that an expression you mighg ma…[View]
63473841Up your gaming with this one simple trick!: autism tier: 1 GM runs adventure for himself garbage tie…[View]
63421601Kamigakari Thread: Kamigakari is a JTTRPG focused on episodic storytelling, with simple but tight me…[View]
63412258/osr/ - Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread. The la…[View]
63463025Reddit >buying $20+ Heroforge singles that resemble a ribbed condom for your special snowflake ch…[View]
63472687Dark Angels thread: https://youtu.be/7o7MpG0BgcY 'REPENT! FOR TOMORROW YOU DIE!' Wouldn't 'For …[View]
63472247So, I know that Fulgrim ended up being the sexual one out of all his brothers. However, do you think…[View]
63469666Fifth Edition General - /5eg/: A wizard did it edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships and the Sea ht…[View]
63469480Has anyone here played this game? How did it turn out for you and your group? Does it have multiple …[View]
63450094Can steampunk/gaslamp fantasy be done well or is it doomed to always be Reddit tier cogfoppery?[View]
63287572Warhammer 40,000 RPG General /40krpg/: Pay No Attention To The 11 Behind The Curtain Edition For all…[View]
63473123Mutant: Year Zero: So I was taking a look at the Mutant: Year Zero video game (Road to Eden) when I …[View]
63473068Why are white dragons so shitty?[View]
63461817>powerful wizard launches an ambush on an evil goddess >maimed her and weakened her but didn…[View]
63469534Knock on Wood for luck.: How do you handle minor 'boons' or luck bonuses in your games?[View]
63472728>that guy that always tries to play a ninja and all his characters are wanderers from 'the east'…[View]
63468113>see this at my walmart >hey let's keep selling a product that's actually great valu…[View]
63467903I am planning on putting my players up against some evil mummies in the next few weeks and the subje…[View]
63468944Play-by-post?: I don't often get the chance to hang out with the guys I play tabletop with, so …[View]
63472394Rudy is the current face of Magic. Change my mind.[View]
63452084/swg/ - Star Wars General: TOKUSENTAI TOKUSENTAI TOKUSENTAI TOKUSENTAI! Edition Previous thread: …[View]
63457108>the grand villain of the setting was actually right the whole time Good twist or predictable tro…[View]
63452471A semi east march: So I made a map for my players, and im having trouble filling it out as i need. A…[View]
63467646MTG-Arena Hate Thread: Mono-Blue Tempo is a broken brainlet cancer deck edition Unbalance is the nam…[View]
63469099/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Purging in the hulk Edition >VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodwin https:…[View]
63431028/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general: Boyz boys boys! edition. >Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer…[View]
63463393New factions: Possible new factions for warhammer total war series.Not counting, ogre , chaos dwarf,…[View]
63447622Modern Magic General /mmg/: awful box toppers edition Last Thread: >>63368555 >Playing …[View]
63464458LIZARD: How would primitive lizardfolk societies differ from primitive human societies? Let's s…[View]
63461077>'A wise man, your husband.' Fulgrim sat back. 'I was betrothed, once,' he co…[View]
63459900What does /tg/ think about Kindred Of The East?[View]
63340979Worldbuilding General /wbg/: Welcome to /wbg/, the Worldbuilding General. /wbg/ is a place for discu…[View]
63469578Why do you hate me?: I've written some of your favorite novels. You all claim that my work, an…[View]
63427006/necromunda/: Now that we have a complete rulebook that isn't utter garbage do you think Necrom…[View]
63461571There is absolutely no way that this can go wrong in any way, shape or form. Going from 1 to 19. Giv…[View]
63465572Have you ever built a 'magical realm' and made use of it before? Have you ever played willingly in a…[View]
63456915Question, how often and how long does your gaming group meet?[View]
63460425/e40kg/ Epic 40k general: Implacable advance of christmas edition >Where do I get the rules? Net …[View]
63463629Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2664: Enclave Strong Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/…[View]
63466368How do you tend to organize your sessions, if you play physically? Do you have a table you've s…[View]
63455969Why is it that despite usually being controlled by supposedly great intelligences insect hivemind al…[View]
63448867Yeah is this really what you want 5e to be faggots?[View]
63459709WIP - Work in progress general: Silly Conversion Edition. >Citadel Painting Guides: https://www.m…[View]
63467946That's it. I'm sick of all this 'Masterwork Crossbow' bullshit that's going on in the…[View]
63460291/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General: Soup Edition >Thread question What was your worst match-up ever? …[View]
63451827Have you ever tried setting up a session inspired by Pathologic? How was it? Also, Mor thread.[View]
63466810Homebrew magic item: Mammon’s Lucky dice: a pair of solid, 6 sided dice carved out of pure ivory. Ca…[View]
63466950Would it piss the players off if after they defeat the final boss, they lose all memories of fightin…[View]
63448529>Player demands 'SHNACKZ' Why can't people in this hobby eat like normal adults? A…[View]
63419737/yourdudes/: It's been a while since we had one of these. The Killteam General handles a lot of…[View]
63460317Dwarf Fortress TBRPG: I've wanted to play a RPG system based on the setting and mechanics of Dw…[View]
63464829What TTRPGs have a resolution that uses a deck of cards? Out of them which has in your opinion the b…[View]
63455087People to Shy to Roleplay: Have you ever had a table despise you because you were confident and comp…[View]
63465568/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Just a stroll through Vigilus underhive Edition >VoxCast - Episode 1…[View]
63439402MtG Standard General Thread /smg/: Cards that are never used Edition MTG Arena / MTGO / Paper Discus…[View]
63462188Overnight, a small church appears near a rural town. >Every few days, it gets bigger >Another …[View]
63437180/traps/ general: My players will be breaking into a pyramid and I want to drive them to paranoia wit…[View]
63389251/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General: Der Alte Fritz Edition Previous thread: >>63296647 Get in…[View]
63458614Fifth Edition General - /5eg/: Hex crawl road, take me home edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships a…[View]
63462545How do you organize a fantasy beauty contest that is fair to all races?[View]
63460699Has anyone in your games ever made PCs/NPCs based on another character. How well did they hide it? F…[View]
63457765/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqY…[View]
63464650In our game this passes for 'a dungeon'.[View]
63444173>your party encounters a strange doll on their journey, who says that it wants to help them How d…[View]
63431661Why are modern settings so rare for adventure?[View]
63461835Why do firearms in fantasy make so many people uncomfortable?[View]
63461737Is there a proper D&D class for post-Stratholme Arthas?[View]
63445501Favorite D&D setting?: I've always liked Nentir Vale. Least favorite is obviously the shoul…[View]
63447445Christmas Land RPG: So I'm working on a pet project. It started as a basic setting of fantasy g…[View]
63463928Do you use SPECIAL WEAPONS in your game, /tg/? >Kill a kobold >A red orb appears >A player…[View]
63466008So what are /tg/s thoughts on the game system. Mechanics wise it seems to be like edgy dnd if each c…[View]
63465424>I'm gonna spend a command point to steal the initiative Signs it's gonna be a bad gam…[View]
63415593/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Cardgames General 20 STAND edition Last thread: …[View]
63451128What's the most anime TRPG you know of?[View]
63446621Why do you hate me?: I've written some of your favorite books for Black Library. Why the hate?…[View]
63451698I am angry. ANGRY ABOUT ELVES.: >high elves >wood elves >black elves >snow elves What th…[View]
63406489Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/: Springtime for Utaku edition USEFUL RESOURCES & LINKS…[View]
63463587/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Legion of the Alpha Edition >Preorder Preview: Wrath and Rapture htt…[View]
63449880>Be GM >Campaign is based off of darkest dungeon >Adapted d&d rules with a CoC san syst…[View]
63461930PnP paper miniatures: Lately I've been working on HeroQuest (gateway to more advanced rpg for t…[View]
63447114Science, Mysticism, and Occultism: In your opinion, what are some good ways to properly blend scienc…[View]
63464422What alignment would suit a character planned for the villain? I mean, He’s good at first, helping T…[View]
63460683we are running a homebrew Doom campaign to celebrate 25 years of demon slaying, how many demons is y…[View]
63459735Could an A.I. ever replicate the job of a DM, or at least get close to it?[View]
63463552Is it seriously worth buying an Ultimate Masters booster box just for the resale value alone?[View]
63454857Just thought I'd share this image. Seriously, though, the degenerates who make (and watch) Stev…[View]
63418776>'Human, we could not save the others, and can sustain you only a little longer. But we can remem…[View]
63459363Where and when would you set a campaign in THE ELDER SCROLLS?[View]
63455008What system would you use for a Cool World inspired setting?[View]
63462255/ck/ in /tg/: Food thread for rules, inspirations, and /tg/ recipes. How do you handle foraging, hun…[View]
63458532Bat Goblins: I found these pictures of goblins based on bats, and I seriously like them. I can'…[View]
63458396Who is the best character in 40k and why is it Abaddon?[View]
63460545Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Legion of the Alpha Edition >Preorder Preview: Wrath and Raptu…[View]
63462159>A pyrophilic wizard unleashes dozens of magical fires. What might these fires be like?…[View]
63451380The most GOTH races and classes?: Wanna run a cool goth adventuring campaign only for the coolest go…[View]
63457303Online TableTop: I'm looking for a place online for d20 and Dungeons and Dragons. I don't…[View]
63452600What multiverse settings would make for a good tabletop RPG?[View]
63461336Is pic related any good? Also, Savage Worlds thread[View]
63415858/btg/ - BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Classic Art Edition Last thread…[View]
63448548/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Tasteful Mahogany Edition Previously: >>63438956 RESOURCES >O…[View]
63342672/awg/ - Alternate Wargames General: It's christmas time edition. >What is /awg/? A thread to…[View]
63458637Random Events: What are some interesting random encounters and events that your party has run into? …[View]
63459203What's the optimal way to build a GWM Eldritch Knight? Thinking about not using polearm since s…[View]
63406873/GURPSgen/ GURPS General: I made the fuckin thread edition The OP image is in no way a PDF. Do not q…[View]
63458227Outsider 142, 143: I check every six months, dunno if y'all already saw this[View]
63452820whats tg's opinion on giantfolk? subtype of humans, servants of the ancients, or something else…[View]
63453712should scifi settings include robot cops?[View]
63451088I don't know how to face the next session /tg/ >the following takes place over a few session…[View]
63292347/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Towering Triclops Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Se…[View]
63458724Kobold in space: I recently had the sleep deprived idea, that a kobold is floating in space, going f…[View]
63454904Okay, I need the audience to give me two examples of fantasy races. One per post, please.[View]
63385583/OwOd/ & /CofD/ No Mages though chronicles of darkness & world of darkness general: >Prev…[View]
63460252Recycler and Fabricators in Prey. What are other universes with technology that breaks down items in…[View]
63457993/gdg/ Game Design General: “Return of the Living Dead” Edition What are the best playtesting practic…[View]
63386327/STG/ - Star Trek General: Can you blame him? Edition Previous Thread >>63313721 A thread for …[View]
63451415What are some spells a druid uses?[View]
63449548Who wins in a fight /tg/?[View]
63455700Comfy Art Thread: As the frost descends upon the Northern Hemisphere, and we need comfort in these t…[View]
63455697Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2663: N'wah Please: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
63457917How would you run a Book of the New Sun game?[View]
63452938Hero Forge Miniatures: So with Christmas coming up, I'm considering making minis of my current …[View]
63412604Infinity General: Captain Yu Jing Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corv…[View]
63457458Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/: Crimson Fist Beakie edition >Preorder Preview: Wrath and Rapture …[View]
63394964Dwarf thread: Here we discuss the stout men and women of the Dwarven variety. Continuing from the la…[View]
63436358Character Art Thread: Previous Thread here >>63431110 >>63431110 Looking for kensei art,…[View]
63457254>main antagonist can be saved by giving them the love and friendship they never had What do you t…[View]
63405889>he still does Lovecraft as a horror setting For the most part the things he thought were scary h…[View]
63457540What if: What if the real reason elves and orcs hate each is because elven culture believes in fine …[View]
63439016Stat them, /tg/[View]
63457185DM Bullshitery: >be group of cliche heroes >BBEG keeps sending minions at us >they keep fu…[View]
63456591This is what happens when nobody loves you and you don't get any hugs.[View]
63448756Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: You will be missed Edition >Thread question Are today's change…[View]
63442665Confession Thread: /tg/ related confessions only please, God knows we don't want to hear about …[View]
63456997What power level do you prefer while tabletop gaming?[View]
63411669/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: Dashing Rogues and Dastardly Villa…[View]
63454567Corrupted Nymph: So my group fucked up and are now stranded in an area that used to be known as the …[View]
63443151How is Slaanesh a threat?: Aside from the corruption aspect, I honestly can't fathom how a hord…[View]
63424814What's your opinion on fantasy races in a modern setting with a modern style[View]
63451294MFW Im playing wh40k and my opponent hasn't painted a single one of his models.: You guys reali…[View]
63417575Orcs: Orcs which can be good or evil are better than meatbots programmed to be evil all the time sin…[View]
63457146They don't want your fear. They don't want your pain. They don't want your suffering.…[View]
63456656>Microscope: the worldbuilding game Anyone played it? Did it work? If not, why not? If there…[View]
63428323What do you think about the current state of GW?[View]
63453738Stat her. She can talk to animals, control the wind, and is very efficient at disguising herself and…[View]
63455489How would they fare in 40K?[View]
63443733/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqY…[View]
63430490>Chad Tier: Bard, Barbarian >Brad Tier: Sorcerer, Rogue >Normie Tier: Fighter >M'la…[View]
63431383MANLY RPG: How do you create a feeling of manliness in your RPGs ?[View]
63348751Middle-Earth General /mesbg/: formerly Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game General >Latest Rules: …[View]
63437045Friend is running this and dumped all the books in my lap. I'm kind of having analysis paralysi…[View]
63456047Interesting Locations and stories thread? 1 minute to write challenge. >See a picture, write a st…[View]
63450815/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Back Again Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ship…[View]
63445565WIP - Work in progress general: A joyus Sanguinala to you all >Citadel Painting Guides: https://w…[View]
63454765/40kg/ Warhammer40k general: Imperial Fists edition >Preorder Preview: Wrath and Rapture https://…[View]
63424074Coalesce. What are some words your DM overuses?[View]
63448966/dpg/: Dice p0rn general. Post dice.[View]
63429817>Your favorite alcoholic drink >Your PC's favorite alcoholic drink…[View]
63449134Do the elves from ElfQuest work better as gnomes or halflings in D&D? Also, post more ElfQuest a…[View]

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