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64112704chess: Do I need to know all the openings and gambits, if I wanna be a professional player? By profe…[View]
64113253Made badass barbarian: >be me >join dnd group >roll up Kenku barbarian >at first session…[View]
64111356So Tiamat Smash or pass?[View]
64114783[CRITICAL ROLE] BED, BATH, and DND BEYOND General ['God help us, a Beau arc AND back to Zedash' Edi…[View]
64090195GM quirks: What are your quirks as a GM? The kind of stuff that stamps a setting or campaign as your…[View]
64115917One to One Parallels: Getting you knickers in a twist because a fantasy world does not conform to th…[View]
64115395I need assistance: So I'm doing this text based RP with some friends and one of the female NPCs…[View]
64107039What if Orcs were like Vampires?[View]
64115847/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Never Turn Your Back On The Body Edition Previously: >>64103350 …[View]
64103350MTG Commander/EDH General: Screaming Invasion of Mountains Edition Previously: >>64094156 RESO…[View]
64105262What happens here?[View]
64111653Anon asks for help: Help out me out here please /tg/. Due to depression, I have no inspiration for a…[View]
64040181ITT we tell stories about the worst dms we've ever had >be me >be around 18 years old, fr…[View]
64093640Do you guys like Unknown Armies?[View]
64112773No prostitute tokens?: I am running a Pathfinder game set in the late 1600s and the party has entere…[View]
64088079Tell me /tg/, why do so many god damn GMs do the 'powerful ancient wizard is a cute little girl' thi…[View]
64109653What are the best gameplay systems for theater-of-the-mind? One that has rules for a lot of environm…[View]
64109860What's a good podcast about TTRPGs? And I do mean 'about'. I don't want a podcast of some…[View]
64095501ITT: Prove you've been on /tg/ the longest.[View]
64105358Sandbox prep: Currently in the process of preparing my first 'true' sandbox campaign. I am a bit ove…[View]
64113685Me and my brothers are going to get into 40k via Kill Team. We have nothing. I know I want to play I…[View]
64053249/GURPSGEN/ - GURPS General: Bad character edition Previous thread >>63996452 Thread Question: …[View]
64111783Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Is that a chainsword in your pocket or are you just happy to see …[View]
63992952Help me with my setting? Dungeonpunk Fantasy Ecumenopolis: Long story short, I'm trying to put …[View]
64109793>your party encounters the Sense of Right Alliance What do?[View]
64113749My pathfinder group is doing a one shot. The world is ending, demons are destroying everything, and …[View]
64113714How would you turn something like Demon City Shinjuku into a setting?[View]
64113374whats been your favorite dnd character youve ever played? pic unrelated[View]
64092507Biased dice and true randomization: After buying a few sets of nice-looking dice online I put them t…[View]
64071070Conan or Guts.[View]
64061446/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Cardgames General 34 SHADOW IS OP edition Last thr…[View]
64106395Draw or no?: My opponent just asked for a draw, should I accept? I'm black and it's my mov…[View]
64057241>All elves have pointy ears Okay. But, what other physical characteristics should they have to di…[View]
64112958Fantasy Grounds Update: So Fantasy Grounds updated to 3.3.7, causing a number of issues on my end. N…[View]
64019966/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: 'Hexproof from' edition! >To make cards, download MSE for free f…[View]
64101057Character Ideas: Post your OC donut steel character concepts or ask some questions about character d…[View]
64109413Knights and Legends: greatest TTRPG or best TTRPG: Present time... Just another day at the realm. Yo…[View]
64110916Playing DnD 5E >Making character >Ask DM if I can trade speaking common for another language …[View]
64109048Need Help Identifying MTG Card!!!: I had a MTG card when I was young, around the year 2000, and trad…[View]
64110422Would installing ball-bearing aided joints into a suit of armor ease its articulation?[View]
64107916How comes that fantasy Chaos Warriors look so much better, aesthetic wise, than Chaos Space Marines?[View]
64106127>your party encounters a strange fruit with a weird inscription on it What do?…[View]
64061399>You hear the door open, 'click' 'RYAAAAAAAA' >You hear the sound of horses hooves 'D-guh gunk…[View]
64106139/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: Good Times Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Sidekicks https://media.wiz…[View]
64104167How would you run a game based on the Blackout Club?[View]
64111266Who is in the wrong? The players: >Failed every encounter so far, complaining about the difficult…[View]
64109657Anyone has some tips for making a spell list? I did some of the basics in offencive spells and have …[View]
64073574What are /tg/'s favorite races/species to play?[View]
64108181Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Burn It Edition >Biophagus Preview https://www.warhammer-commu…[View]
64100209Tell me about the demons of your setting.[View]
64101632/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread:…[View]
64106303GM homebrews a major change to the rules on his first campaign: Me and my friends recently got into …[View]
64102765What are ogres in your setting like[View]
64070583>>64069654 If you want to see games with different resource systems to lands but still have op…[View]
64102397What is /tg's opinion of them[View]
64109892sup /tg/ Do you reckon it would be feasible to run a CSI type game in a fantasy setting? Like, obvio…[View]
64099891>the imposing Dame approaches your party, inquiring what is your stance on dragonslaying what do?…[View]
64100735Where the hell do I find a group to play with? I've wanted to actually finish a campaign of DnD…[View]
64106162Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: BASED BOI Edition >Official AoS website ageofsigmar.com/ >Update…[View]
64103409Best historical periods for campaign?: What is a best historical time and place for a campaign about…[View]
64107008Martials in the caster v martial debate will always be at a disadvantage, because they're defin…[View]
64101156>tfw play a rational and friendly rougue who puts himself and his loved ones/friends over everyth…[View]
64109042M:tG Planeswalkers converted for D&D 5e: So I loved the idea of playing planeswalkers from Plane…[View]
64101130How do necromanced skeletons work?[View]
64102805Cursed Item Ideas?: My party has thrown caution to the wind and I kinda want to fuck with them. To d…[View]
64084026>his willing consort is a demon Explain yourself![View]
64059444Paizo Games General /pgg/ What do your characters eat? /pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://p…[View]
64097900Monster idea: A sapient humanoid aberration distinguished by supple, stretchy skin, two large tails,…[View]
64107570>bad guy bring out hostage to try to force an end to the fight >that guy who attacks the hosta…[View]
64090500/WIP/ - Work in progress general: This time in time edition >Citadel Painting Guides: https://www…[View]
64104536Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2740: Ocean Man Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
64101221>'It is the colour of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his should…[View]
64108038BRP and d100 based gamesThread.: >Troves: >https://mega.nz/#F!PrQH2bZb!DPDypHk2_sT27us0uU0ZGA …[View]
64094531>that guy who only plays human fighters[View]
64091254How would the Apothicons fare in 40k?[View]
64095766Have you done any games in a final fantasy world, or taken inspiration from final fantasy? Any conce…[View]
64102678Evoking a Creepy Atmosphere in TTRPGs: What methods do you use to create an effective atmosphere for…[View]
64051710The fifth image in your 4chan/generic image folder is your party's next encounter. How well do …[View]
64088891Whats a good 'end times' setting where I can have the party fighting an ultimately inevitable demise…[View]
64103812Suppose a spore pod with a dozen Genestealers touches down in some poor, war torn country in Africa.…[View]
64092219If you were going to play or run a James Bond / Man from U.N.C.L.E-style spy game, what are some var…[View]
64102220Open and Narrative play 40k: As somebody who only ever played 40k in 1500-2000 basic points games fo…[View]
64101727The Fey Queen wishes to go on a hunt, what sort of creature would make for decent prey?[View]
64103950Stat me /tg/![View]
64106739A&8s: /tg/, I'm searching for a realistic Old West setting to play and was pointed towards …[View]
64091001Why do people seem to get pissy at the mention of realism in tabletop?[View]
64073681/CofD/ & /OwOd/ Chronicles of Darkness and Old World of Darkness General: Magewank Edition: >…[View]
64101533ITT most chaotic neutral characters in any medium[View]
64084521/swg/ Star Wars General: Bringing in Bounties 'Barely Alive' is Still 'Alive' Edition Previous Threa…[View]
64094568Post the musical theme of your game and give five hints about what its about. Other anons must guess…[View]
64099235Ok so... Neverwinter. I'm running a game LOOSELY set in FR but I know next to nothing about it …[View]
64104281Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Spooky OC edition >Biophagus Preview https://www.warhammer-com…[View]
64098795I'm legit curious, what system would you use to run this nonsense?[View]
64104103I'm at a bit of an impasse right now /tg/. I'm DMing for a weekly D20 group with five play…[View]
64105651Warhammer 40k: hey! i'm looking for help on a 2000 point-ish smurfs army. I'm playing casu…[View]
64102109Age of Sigmar General: Comfy Nurgling edition >Previous realm: >>64093344 >Official AoS …[View]
64083183/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: Bootleg edition Previous Thread …[View]
63928749d100/BRP/Glorantha Thread: >Old threads: >>58799947 >>58921422 >>59021443 >…[View]
64094215/m/ here, previous to today i was fully unaware of the warhammer universe. I always assumed it to be…[View]
64105069How does retconning the Black Crusades from twelve failed attempts to capture Cadia to twelve incurs…[View]
64105186Ravnica ALLEGIANCE is out: on Arena![View]
64093286>the party comes across a wandering philosopher[View]
64102411What's the elvish equivalent of 'neckbeards'?[View]
64101717Who is your favorite Ogre /tg?[View]
64101931Can someone explain to me the difference between Pathfinder and DnD? I dont understand. I asked a fr…[View]
64098111/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Good Times Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Sidekic…[View]
64104505>Your party encounters a fluid druid[View]
63983891/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: We talk about Monstergirls and build a setting for them. Though …[View]
64086621Character Archetype: Whats the shortest/simplest way to describe your favorite character archetype. …[View]
64100508Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Genestealer cults edition >Biophagus Preview https://www.warha…[View]
64094156EDH/Commander General: We Got A Great Big Convoy Edition Previously: >>64084385 RESOURCES >…[View]
64092608What's /tg/'s opinion on GURPS? Is it a good system as the book says?: I'm pretty fuc…[View]
64101031Character creation: Do you have a favorite race to play as? Why? Sometimes people prefer different r…[View]
64099987How would you go about creating a Gelatinous Cube player character in pathfinder? If you were a DM, …[View]
64098080Games with a MGS vibe?: What are some RPGS with an MGS Vibe? They don't necessarily have to be …[View]
64067053Magic: The Gathering Standard Format General /stdg/: Jelly overlord Edition MTG Arena / MTGO / Paper…[View]
64097596>spend weeks building a grimdark contro-historical fantasy setting >inevitably stumble upon W…[View]
64098783I am so ashamed of this board[View]
64096879The Glorious Escapades of the All Powerful Zyx Snazzlefrap: Greetings, I was watching some 4chan D…[View]
64100039Stupid shit you've seen being done: >Paladin uses Lay on Hands to attack…[View]
64089240What is cheese?: So I’ve been having some problems with how cheese is defined in tabletop games. Cla…[View]
64076689Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/: We went over 10 minutes without a new thread you bumbling buffoon…[View]
64088625Unstable Unicorns - Control & Chaos: My mates and I have just begun playing Unstable Unicorns. A…[View]
64097594Have you ever played a Brazilian character, /tg/?[View]
64093849Have you ever switched systems in the same campaign before with any success? Or played the same char…[View]
64101028Which would you rather have >The antagonists main mooks are robots with basic intellect, and are …[View]
64096614Tell me of your fallen PCs, Anon Let me hear their stories, so they can be remembered[View]
64089926/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread…[View]
64100646Tiles look fun. Are they worth the investment? I've been using 2D cardboard cutouts for my ga…[View]
64097995Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2739: Frankenstein of Guns Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/…[View]
64061732The /btg/ is dead, long live the /btg/! 'Triple pounding per turn' edition Last thread: >>6401…[View]
64070787Since elves has inverted subspecies in form of dark elves, what if orcs had light orcs? How bad of a…[View]
64077704Character Art Thread: Dashing Old Man Edition[View]
64093344Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Dispossessed Edition >Previous realm: >>64088005 >Official…[View]
64079488Thoughts on Diplomacy?: 1. Your general thoughts. 2. Thoughts on keeping everything the same, but mu…[View]
64087557Hey /tg/, I'm looking for a system to run something in Pic related. The warriors in a gang movi…[View]
64099597Hey /tg/ what kind of inquisitor is this?[View]
64099759>mfw witch hunters are just goth cowboys[View]
64092260What if Chad rolled a wizard?[View]
64096437Advice?: So, I'm in a pickle as I have two conflicting games. Game A: Online Numenera, I'm…[View]
64098462>ancient race that has been around far more than humans >still has toes…[View]
64093261What's the most unusual game you've ever played?[View]
64097732how would a cute bunny race work in an rpg (not anthro just regular bunnies but with human intellig…[View]
64087853Elemental Mechs: >post post apocalypse >existent but fairly hard ruled magic >the previous…[View]
64097574imagine the worst of FATAL combined with the worst of those abominable storygames where you're …[View]
64093753Call of Cthulhu virgin here: Recently my friend wants to run a scp-style Call of Cthulhu campaign wi…[View]
64098364I've got some questions about Broquest: Greetings. See I'm some dude from a 3rd world coun…[View]
64075017>The city has banned adventurers from entering, because nobody likes hanging around foul-smelling…[View]
64093736What's the best way to handle health /tg/? Meat points, stamina, death spirals? What's the…[View]
64094823What if WW1 never ended?: Exactly what it says on the tin- what if somehow, impossibly, WW1 was stil…[View]
64054189>he willingly consorts with demons Explain yourself![View]
64095783>your party wakes up with a headache and no memory of what happened the night before >as you l…[View]
64032332Gamefinder/Game Finder thread: >GM or Player >System(s) >Time availability >Text or Voic…[View]
64095868Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Hive City Edition >Biophagus Preview https://www.warhammer-com…[View]
64093075>The party finds themselves captive in a game[View]
64096510what is a good way to fit death metal in a medieval fantasy?: I was thinking maybe a bard could carr…[View]
64089068>Goblet Grotto is the 'base' fantasy setting What changes?[View]
64094063>the party encounters the lord of hell and the prince of darkness himself…[View]
64097542Connecting to Renraku Public Grid... ... Sleazing Grid ID ... Persona Mask Applied ...Redirecting to…[View]
64085638Why is THIS the one board game GW made that has actually made it past one year? I literally have no …[View]
64097402Tell me about your character's family /tg/. Do you try to keep in touch with them? Send them gi…[View]
64062026Is he a monk or a paladin?[View]
64089995>I can’t tell you about the webway Mortarion it’s confidential >Anyway how’s your sex life?…[View]
64092762/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Italian Stallion Sword Technique Edition >Une…[View]
64075508/osrg/ Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread ded…[View]
64053378/mmg/ Modern Magic General: Remember when I was Tier 3? edition >Playin >Hatin >Brewin …[View]
64074837Why doesn't your character live a normal, peaceful life, but instead raids dungeons to kill peo…[View]
64086320Hey /tg/ I've been DM'ing for a while now and there have been a few things that seem like …[View]
64083774How does one make Liam neeson in 5e?[View]
64087006Continuation of original thread here >>64068094[View]
64046742Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/: 'Why are my thighs longer than my torso' Edition Fun fact…[View]
64046652WArhammer Army Creation Thread: Continuing from >>63973009 I'll post the summaries for wh…[View]
64057087>male wizards are depicted as old men >female wizards are depicted as young and beautiful wom…[View]
64085227Have you ever played an evil character in a non-evil party? Did your party know?[View]
64081124When GMs make debuffs that have no mechanical effect: What do you do when your GM keeps making 'quir…[View]
64094978I want to run a game where two or more parallel parties exist in separate time periods, with the eve…[View]
64089170Lizard-verse 2: Lizard harder.: First thread: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/63632103/#63632103 T…[View]
64093411What about leverage rpg?: I only watched one episode of the tv show, and it looked like an A team sh…[View]
64074095What flaws does your PC have? Not superficial ones like being ugly or weak, but deep-seated personal…[View]
64089834>be me >deathwatch chaplain >on our last expedition some dumbass from the executioners got …[View]
64094355/mtglg/ Mtg Limited General: Ravnica Allegiance Edition. P1, P1[View]
64075857Is marijuana a recreational plant in your setting?[View]
64094337Where can I find homebrew material for TORG? Also thread for your own cosms I guess.[View]
64073230The Great Primark Scramble #10: Old Thread: >>64048193 What once started as a simple smut thre…[View]
64089972Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2738: Continuous Affirmative Consent Editon: >Google Drive http://drive.go…[View]
64062428>Listen Imperium, I don't think you heard me the first time >I did NOT have sexual relati…[View]
64069930Winged hussar appreciation thread[View]
64066947High elves, wood elves, or dark elves?[View]
64087242How would they fare on Warhammer Fantasy?[View]
64093969Is Hackmaster 5e any good? The Character sheet made me want to puke[View]
64070316I don't keep track of warhammer lore very closely. Did Warhammer Fantasy really get retconned a…[View]
64089624Who are you in MtG universe?: Me is 1/2 white Human, able to take down the squirrel but incapable to…[View]
64078147Tau Magic Girl thread: Previous thread: >>63933662 /tg/ comes up with a magic girl group for t…[View]
64090320Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Take A Break Edition >https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019…[View]
64084385MTG Commander/EDH General: By the Power of Beelzebub Edition Previously: >>64073663 RESOURCES …[View]
64090807How deep is your setting, your favourite setting, or your the setting that you use the most?[View]
64068182muh speshul snowflake setting: >well in MY setting, dwarves are extinct and elves are actually ca…[View]
64088566behold, the tale of shittery >character has a death wish >develops his character arc culminati…[View]
64084513What would a human raised by wood elves be like? Would he have a prominent accent? Have a lot of wei…[View]
64093196Russian/Fairy Tale Campaign: I'm thinking of a Campaign taking place in not-Russia, with a heav…[View]
64088776What is life like in an imperial concentration camp in 40K? We know they exist (population from Arma…[View]
64047004Biotech/Biomechanics thread: Biotechnology, biomechanics, genetic modification, cloning, biomancy. I…[View]
64087063Best 40k Race: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH[View]
64058819Do gunslingers have a place in fantasy?[View]
64039627PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
64090958Sci-fi map thread: Going to start a Stars Without Number game in a few weeks, requesting any and all…[View]
64073593/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
64065930How do I shatter the 'noble savage' Orc trope, my players expect in my game? How do I make them as e…[View]
64088616MTG Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease: Which guild is best?: Any member of the Rakdos gang here? I know …[View]
64064835>Medieval setting >Dominant religion isn't monotheistic…[View]
64088364Why does the WORLD ruin everything?: I was thinking about a cute name for my character, and then I w…[View]
64073614>No cane, the one you need to even stay upright because of your necrotic leg. >No make-up, ico…[View]
64085513/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Sidekicks https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/d…[View]
64088005Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: She is coming Edition >Previous realm: >>64083254 >Offic…[View]
64067442One on One RPGing: >One GM and One Player Is it possible? What would you do? Would you even want …[View]
64055292Drawthread: Chocolatey Goth Elf Edition: >Requesters: • Provide good, detailed references (pictur…[View]
63909596/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Intimate Imp Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting…[View]
64067960Are DMPCs ever ok?[View]
64090741What went right?[View]
64090007Classic Traveller: If anyone remembers and played the very old TTRPG Classic Traveller I could use a…[View]
64074246Hand over your Flesh, anon, a new world awaits you. We demand it.[View]
64068789Welcome to the If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Podcast topics.: Make a subjects for The E…[View]
64065910This could very well be the worst GW miniature since 2000[View]
64062423Manaweave: Why bother doing any other shuffle?[View]
64084319larp thread: The ages old question: what are you fellow larpfags up to now that the larp season is c…[View]
64089123Name my kingdom: And the towns within it please[View]
64089484Ravnica Allegiance Pre release thread: Pre Release hype thread. Guild power rankings: S Tier: Rakdos…[View]
64075349/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread…[View]
64087364Low-fantasy cyberpunk: So a couple of days ago, some anon posed the question 'What would fantasy loo…[View]
64059642>that guy who makes ANOTHER fighter-archer trying to make the concept work…[View]
64080937Your character has to deal with emotional trauma. The loss of a loved one, getting declared outcast …[View]
64047716Fluffy-Angel Discussion: Topic- how would you do angels in a non-Abrahamic inspired setting? How wei…[View]
6407667660's mercenary campaign: Hey lads, I'm planning to run a campaign where the PCs are soldie…[View]
64077478I'm looking for a science fiction TRPG that's really tacti/k/al. You know, the kind of sys…[View]
64086185Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: GSC makes good conversion material edition >https://www.warhamme…[View]
64088121PokeRole: ...and other Pokemon RPGs, I guess. Fucking Hell. Our group was tired of PTU for several r…[View]
64010126SPACE FANTASY THREAD!! (aka Science Fantasy aka Sword & Planet) >What is Space Fantasy? A loo…[View]
64087796End All Be All - EABA ?: What is this system and is it any good? It also doesn't have a 1d4chan…[View]
64087695Memorable Campaign Moments: Hey /tg/, have you ever had any very memorable moments or experiences du…[View]
64077157Doed early Naruto's have enough world building to make it a good setting?[View]
64071985WIP - Work In Progress General: Show us your progress edition! Post your first mini and your most re…[View]
64057714>the party enters a painted world[View]
64060729What breath weapon should a yellow dragon have?[View]
64087436WTF did GitzWorkshitz discontinue half of their Wall of Martyrs for?: Only half of the Wall of Marty…[View]
64013362/exg/ -Exalted General: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-…[View]
64086574Which card game has the best waifus?[View]
6404294820TH-JPC00 Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon Level 12 LIGHT Dragon Fusion Effect Monster ATK 450…[View]
64050266Infinity General: John Woo Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus Bell…[View]
64086435Remaking this thread. I know the basics of DnD and other roll based games but I have no where to pla…[View]
64081336Has anyone played this? If so what was your experience with it?[View]
64078086Is there a worse way to introduce someone to Warhammer 40,000?[View]
64084491/swg/ - Star Wars General: Pauldrons Edition >>64065999 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, …[View]
64082136Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2737: Stabbing Each Other With Word Shivs Editon: >Google Drive http://dri…[View]
64083254Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Remember Malign Portents? What a hit. >Previous realm: >>64…[View]
64086279M:tG Planeswalkers converted for D&D 5e: So I loved the idea of playing planeswalkers from Plane…[View]
64081287New DM here. I've had a few successful games by now, but they have been mostly combat focused d…[View]
64068094What went wrong?[View]
64082086Thanks: I invented what I believe is the simplest, rules light, minimalist, easiest D20 system. And,…[View]
64084398Why aren't Exorcists common in fantasy?[View]
64083729Doronai nui: >be me, lv 1 toa >we have to go the the forest village and track down some thugs …[View]
64061600Warhammer 40k RPGeneral /40krpg/: Faith, Purge, Love edition For all your questions on Wrath & G…[View]
64039023Underappreciated settings[View]
64084152The Dog God: What do I do with this?: So I'm running a campaign, and the players are in the pro…[View]
64077650Cyberpunk General: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Cyberpunk http://cyberpunk.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page http…[View]
64082815beholder lore: What's the inspiration behind Beholders? Were they one of Gygax's weird Chi…[View]
64040837Dragon Age RPG: >loved origins and played the shit out of it >tolerated da:2 >refunded inqu…[View]
64082901Why are tyrants lawful evil? When people give examples of lawful evil, they always say 'people who b…[View]
64083523Can you guys help me build a plot and slightly world build. Pic will make sense after[View]
64084419Are there any games where you can play as a modernish military unit? Also, feel free to post pics an…[View]
64082266I think Primaris marines should have just been updated marine models, not a whole new thing. Do you …[View]
64081663Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Always save one round for yourself Edition >https://www.warhamme…[View]
64079216Press F to pay respects edition Previous Thread >>64005194 >News https://www.warhammer-com…[View]
64038631/larp/: Who here is into LARP (live-action roleplay) ? I am. It's a great way to stay physicall…[View]
64073550What are the greatest heights that a human can hope to reach in your setting?[View]
64065999/swg/ - Star Wars General: Good Friends Edition Previous thread: >>64042744 Fantasy Flight Gam…[View]
64073413Why isn't the historically accurate aesthetic more common in fantasy?[View]
64079267>you never have a band of dwarves attack your group bee-style literally why even bother living…[View]
64073663/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Cheating Edition Previously: >>64065267 RESOURCES >Offici…[View]
64072160What rpg systems have some kind of tactical approach for combat? I think 4e fills the bill with the …[View]
64079335/tg/ how would you remake Metal Gear Solid in Shadowrun. Story-wise what would happen. I just got cu…[View]
64064863Literal Name Defintion Creation: Your Name is Your Character: Celebrity Edition Use the name definti…[View]
64075050What are the worst ways to kill off a character or otherwise make them unplayable? I'll start. …[View]
64077343/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Wild Elf Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Sidekicks https://medi…[View]
64085427ITT: We discuss crowpeople, avians and maybe kenku. What do your bird people eat? Where do they live…[View]
64081894How do you deal with languages in your games? Should I actually bother making these relevant, or sho…[View]
64075318Throught the Portal: Another World: Hey, /tg/, I'm going to run a Portal/Isekei style game for …[View]
64076022What are some cool twists you/your GM have pulled on the players? I'm not much of a writer but …[View]
64062100How do you feel about experience based advancement being only one of the advancement systems availab…[View]
64076483Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Golden Boys Edition >Previous realm: >>64070449 >Official …[View]
64080206Filename thread.[View]
64070817Hey fa/tg/uys. My girlfriend wants to run a game of 5e so naturally I recommended LMoP. For whatever…[View]
64064900D6 vs D20: Which one would you choose when designing a game and what's the difference between t…[View]
64080130Do you like running or playing modules? As a player they feel inauthentic to me. As a game master I …[View]
64080693Looking for your best dnd/rp stories. Preferably in picture mode, but everything else is great. I pe…[View]
64079869Tell me about your setting. What game is it for? What super specific subgenre describes its feeling …[View]
64076948Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Oldhammer Diorama Edition >https://www.warhammer-community.com/2…[View]
64075253Modern/Near Future RPGs or Game Systems: What are some good modern day/near future rpgs or game syst…[View]
64076406Which Guild do I go with if I want to win? Gruul?[View]
63996583The 9th Age: >ITT: The 9th Age Dont Worry Lads I'm Painting Edition >https://www.the-nint…[View]
64078132>The setting is in the far future >It's got mechs, robots and A.I >Strange ruins of an…[View]
64079377Drawthread: tacticool edition: Artwork of special forces. Preferably with a modern military look.…[View]
64076373Blog Edition Previous Thread >>64005194 >News https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/01/…[View]
64074287Post people who were/are PCs >Antoine Charles Louis de Lasalle >He was one of the best command…[View]
64076811Is Battlefleet Gothic ever going to come back or is the domain of video games and dead on the tablet…[View]
64072488Hey /tg/ I need some inspiration/ideas. Here's the TL;DR of the story so far; - PCs in cute lit…[View]
64059734Character Art Thread: Young/not old casters edition[View]
64076192How do i do voices /tg/? Im currently preparing for a session and I want to do voices for my npcs, …[View]
64072241/diy/ General: This is the thread for self created content relating to retroclones, microgames, dung…[View]
64060645Multiclassing: Does anyone actually multiclass in any setting? If so, any tips? What did you multicl…[View]
64069982Post-Apocalyptic Weapons: Hello elegan/tg/entlemen and and ca/tg/irls, I'm here to pick your br…[View]
64057325>matriarchal society >depicted as evil Why has wizards not changed this?…[View]
64066348Vex Varvatos, Aja and Krel crash land on your campaign setting. How do they fare?[View]
64077188What is the best way to have the players investigate something without spelling it out for them?[View]
64072389Completelly new to roleplaying, a friend of mine has brought Runequest... second edition I guess fro…[View]
64076869King Jerxes is coming!: King Jerxes is going to come over here with dozen myriads of archers, spearm…[View]
64076600What are all the possible ways one could become immortal in 5e besides just being born as an immorta…[View]
64073715Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2736: Big Fat Cat Tats Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/driv…[View]
64002774/yourdudes/: It's that time again, folks. Let's ring in the new year with a /yourdudes/ th…[View]
64000033Kamigakari Thread: Rolled 5, 4, 6, 1 = 16 (4d6) Kamigakari is a JTTRPG focused on episodic storytell…[View]
64074700Thoughts on this book, /tg/?[View]
64074050Mirror Match: How would your party fair against your own party, /tg/? Mirror of Opposition style: •…[View]
64074970>be me >join a TTG group online for the first time >excited like a mother fuck to get it on…[View]
64075833>Be me, Grey Paladin of Andoletta (Aka Grandmother Crow), playing Pathfinder. >Spent whole lif…[View]
64073671Warhammer 40,000 General Thread /40kg/: Do not fall for the Xenos lies Edition Also, fuck T'…[View]
64058907/osrg/ Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread ded…[View]
64070530In my current campaign i’m playing a Tabaxi monk. My plan is to, by the end of the campaign, break t…[View]
64072627What have been your best uses of illusion?[View]
64054364>innocent grave diggers YEAH EAT EM! >innocent babies YEAH SACRIFICE EM! >innocent women YE…[View]
64059686So what are your biggest flaws as a DM? >get tired of the campaign/system every once in a while a…[View]
64057050/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread…[View]
64070449Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Brutal Edition >Previous realm: >>64063290 >Official AoS w…[View]
64053312Pirates in Hell: I just came up with a cool idea for a campaign and wanted to hear your take on it, …[View]
64063742GW Playtesting and Game Design Revealed: I hope this is just an intern spouting lies, because public…[View]
64065136One thing DnD 5E (retards proof tranny edition) has inferior to the whole DnD 3.5E/fagfinder system …[View]
64072245I really want to get into tabletop besides card games, but none of my friends are even remotely inte…[View]
64065711/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Leisure Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Sidekicks …[View]
64065267EDH / Commander General (edhg): OC is Always Welcome Edition Previously: >>64051411 RESOURCES …[View]
64071878Yet Another Imperial Guard Regiment Creation Thread: I'm super bored and need to pass the time …[View]
64046519/CofD/ & /OwOd/ Chronicles of Darkness and Old World of Darkness General: Arena Edition: >Pre…[View]
64073192Favorite steampunk rulesets?: Hey tg, I want to run a steampunk/magitek dungeon crawl or maybe monst…[View]
63933662>Why do the gue'la keep dreaming up these horrible 'daemons' in their sleep anyway…[View]
64072181I've been out of the loop. Now that Rowboat is back and hanging out with filthy aliens and disg…[View]
64047744She killed millions.[View]
64059249I'm starting to think katanas are a tad underpowered in D20, anon. What are your thoughts on th…[View]
64071004Warhammer 40,000 General Thread /40kg/: All abhumans are beautiful and deserve respect Edition >h…[View]
64048193The Great Primarch Scramble #9: Old Thread: >>64022332 What once started as a simple smut thre…[View]
63983992tell me about your experiences with grognard games /tg/, I've always been curious[View]
64041411>the gods don't even look human Why would humans worship or even want to serve something lik…[View]
64071445The Emperor’s Tarot: I’m considering doing a concept art series for my players of the Emperor’s Taro…[View]
64063790Jobs of /tg/: How do you earn a living /tg/? >Oh well, my chracter- No. How do (You) the person t…[View]
64069090What are some scary situations to place PCs in?[View]
64067359I need evil high elves.: How would you make something like the Asur or Noldor evil? I don't lik…[View]
64064791okay lets do dnd alternatives (other ones): dnd 1e: yeah this is fun, really old but fun dnd 2e: yea…[View]
64062163What are things that can happen during a wedding to kick off a quest line? An NPC wedding is coming …[View]
64070962So I saw that Scion 2e was actually becoming a thing. Anybody have the rules for it or are those sti…[View]
64065806Help me create my Space Marine chapter: These are the Space Marines I've been painting. I need …[View]
64031687/hhg/ Horus Heresy General: >waiting for malevolence edition >show what you got for christmas …[View]
64050580Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/: Big ass stuff edition. Post big ass projects. Reminder: Carnac/Ch…[View]
63969923Old School Art: Previous thread: >>63911690[View]
63948223Nechronica Thread: >What the fuck is this lolibait trash? Nechronica is a role-playing game about…[View]
64070614How do you portray holy or magical protection?[View]
64027513> orchestrates the Horus Heresy > the Imperium of 40,000 is everything he wanted it to be Tel…[View]
64063593Is this supposed to be a ghost rider reference or what?[View]
64005194/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: Warzones edition Previous Thread …[View]
64066427Space pirates or space mongols?[View]
64061096>your party wanders into a village besieged by the plague[View]
64068728PLEASE NOTICE ME TG I MADE A SHITTY WORLD: >kingdom/empire that is 35% Roman, 30% British, 30% Sp…[View]
64061041rant about dumb things in fantasy and scifi i guess: Having four arms as a biped is evolutionarily d…[View]
64068393Warhammer 40,000 General Thread /40kg/: Gamers rise up edition >https://www.warhammer-community.c…[View]
64070265Warriors thread: The last thread on this was fun Post ideas for single encounter, villain of the wee…[View]
64056265>races as a class[View]
64067148give me the most ridiculously convoluted and stupid modern-day apocalypse you can think about. I…[View]
64068356Humblefag/Artfag from that shitty character art thread here. Question for you anons: How do you get …[View]
64011666Sodom 2: feudal bureaucracy edition: >Be lord inquisitor >just got a report from a tidally loc…[View]
64069428/cbg/ Classic Boardgame General: Review them Edition >Sorry >Monopoly >Uno…[View]
64069081Im a noobie trying to into roleplaying games. Where do I start? Ive played them before and have a fi…[View]
64026892/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
63994867Nentir Vale/World Axis General: Because hey, it's been a while. Fans of 4th edition, lend me yo…[View]
63751904Nobledark Imperium Part 77: Fleshing Things Out Edition: Space Pope sub-edition Welcome to Nobledark…[View]
64056869WIP - Work In Progress General: we keep forgetting to make new ones edition >Secret Santa 2018 a…[View]
64068616>be me: child tiefling wizard >be not me: AGGRESSIVE dragonborn monk, human narcissist rogue, …[View]
64061093Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2735: Respect My (Waifu) Authoritah: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com…[View]
64065064D&D advice: I am writing a homebrew campaign for my friends that involves the reawakening a powe…[View]
64060365Any one else have that terrible feel? Cool character ideas that you think of and really wanna play b…[View]
64064587> familiar becomes smarter than its wizard owner[View]
64068122how would he fare in world of darkness?[View]
64066222Warhammer 40,000 General Thread /40kg/: Remember the day that GW bent the knee for Haarken edition …[View]
64066317discuss: You can't use aliens, robots, goblins, zombies or any other non-humans as an allegory …[View]
64059256Your party comes across two tall metal beings that request your help with tracking down a criminal. …[View]
64066838I don't understand why people have this notion that certain fantasy tropes, ideas, and genres b…[View]
64063673Anime Edgelord BBEG: What's your opinion on this? I thought it might be fun to have the BBEG of…[View]
64062478Breaking the market: >Traditionally, in Spain at September/January, new collections begin. >Th…[View]
64063290Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Phoenix Temple Edition >Previous realm: >>64052927 >Offi…[View]
64049329What motivates the mundanefag? The kind of person who insists their fighter/barbarian/etc should be …[View]
64060586What makes for a quality larger-than-life character?[View]
64001418/mnmg/ - Mutants and Masterminds General: Mutants & Masterminds, or M&M for short, is an adv…[View]
64059151>first session >your players have characters styled like these guys What do?…[View]
64037319How do you make a surreal setting?[View]
64060717>Ted the illiterate peasant turns out to be the mastermind behind worldshaking celestial events d…[View]
64064827Some guys have recently asked me to run a Vampire the Masquerade campaign for them. I'm cool wi…[View]
64057674Can I join your party /tg/?[View]
64063187Bloodshed, misery and death Edition >Previous realm: >>64052927 >Official AoS website ag…[View]
64057765So why did you?[View]
64053576What does a lich do in his spare time?[View]
64059231Does it seem funny to anyone else that the class usually least in need of a formal education, the Ba…[View]
64062149LSV limited set review: https://www.channelfireball.com/articles/ravnica-allegiance-limited-set-revi…[View]
64042744/swg/ Ten ply super soft edition: Previous thread: >>64012636 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Ar…[View]
64064462Wildshaping: The Gateway to Depravity: At what point does adapting animal-like traits for the purpos…[View]
64053313Lets Play 'Spot The Redflags' I will start 'Mature Content, 18+'[View]
64060996What do you think of this combat map style? what would it be good for, and what are your personal fa…[View]
64058658What would an RPG based on literary, non-genre fiction be like?[View]
64064235Dwarf Mobility: For thousands of years the Dwarves had a hard time getting from point A to point B o…[View]
64059321Non-typical Races permitted by DM: Im trying to into more roleplaying based games. Only problem is I…[View]
64057333At a glance, what would you guess this man's highest stat is?[View]
64060081/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Renown and Notoriety Edition >Unearthed Arcan…[View]
64064151>what a pity Mr. Bond, it appears you have rolled a natural 1, also known as a critical failure. …[View]
64064191Good RP moments: >playing Stars Without Numbers >great GM but flaky group >switch through 4…[View]
64062238What makes for a satisfying combat system in trpgs/rpgs?: Title. I have limited rpg experience but p…[View]
64051411/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Cheesecake Factory Edition Previously: >>64040696 RESOURCES …[View]
64051973So what are the stereotypes of the fans of the other caster classes?[View]
64055901Wake Up. We're Here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up. Stand up. There you go. You wer…[View]
64060459Warhammer 40,000 General Thread /40kg/: Post your dream city fight tables edition Made early to comb…[View]
64030650Stat yourselves /tg/: http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/terragf/back/xstattest.html[View]
64059513How would /tg/ design an object head playable race? My ideas boil down to: >Some sort of Lich-lik…[View]
64059353I think I've realized why I've not enjoyed tabletop gaming so much, lads. I mix gratuitous…[View]
64060425Stat Him[View]
64034909Magic: The Gathering Standard Format General /stdg/: Soon™ Edition MTG Arena / MTGO / Paper Discussi…[View]
64029459Elves >Either live in the forest, magnificent and grand cities or a combination of both >Eithe…[View]
64054534So, I've kind of grown tired of VtM, and I find DnD boring. I also don't like medieval fan…[View]
64030265Would knowing a troll is weak to fire be considered 'common knowledge' or meta gaming?[View]
64047870How do I justify 'good for the sake of being good' characters without it feeling dumb or one dimensi…[View]
64056307Hey /tg/ I need some inspiration/ideas. Here's the TL;DR of the story so far; - PCs in cute lit…[View]
64061109I'm developing a card game. But I need badass ideas to name it. Any help please? ______________…[View]
64045777TL;DR - What is the most diplomatic way to gracefully bow out of a game you don't want to play …[View]
64053238Is necromancy inherently evil?[View]
64052796Why don't tabletop RPGS have things like tension meters or power buildups or inverse-HP-powers …[View]
64047085Would your DM stand for this?[View]
64052927Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Denizens of the Free Cities Edition >Previous realm: >>640450…[View]
63983087/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Cardgames General 33 INVADERS FROM OUTER SPACE edi…[View]
64060245>Solves your caster/martial imbalance your welcome, kid.[View]
64036031Filename thread: Exploding criticals edition[View]
64045066Anti lightning armor.: To make your armor* proof against wizards with lightning spells, attach it to…[View]
64057095Monks: How does one play a non-eastern/wuxia monk or martial artist? I understand that the idea of '…[View]
64052972Does anyone consider the implications of a fantasy landscape? Like what kind of flora and fauna do y…[View]
64058621Hackmaster Thread: My buddy and I just picked up the core rulebook for Hackmaster from our local use…[View]
64057787Do you prefer your settings and campaigns to be grounded or over-the-top? Realistic power levels or …[View]
64055710It's me, the MC, the number one homie for you the posse. Just checkin' in, just havin…[View]
64019088/btg/ BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead, long live the /btg/! 'We claim your cultures as isorla!…[View]
64037910Shitty character art thread: Post the shittiest character art you or one of your players has submitt…[View]
64059318QUICK I need some good corporate and franchise chains for my midieval fantasy setting. All I have a…[View]
64054927which god is the true embodiment of the meaning of chaos?[View]
64041823>a member of the party was secretly a skeleton the whole time[View]
64057446Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Kali Ma Shakti de Edition >Battlefleet Gothic - Armada 2 campaign t…[View]
64059540What is the most creative way you've ever dealt with a problem in a campaign?[View]
64030334Character art thread: Does anybody have character art of a human with a big bushy black beard, prefe…[View]

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