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71025397>setting remains intentionally ambiguous about omnipotent god's existence…[View]
71049915I'd appreciate help and advice on this Campaign: Setting: Swamp, massive and vast surrounded by…[View]
71042049/aosg/ Age of Sigmar General: A Cat Is Fine Too Edition Previous thread: >>71036001 >Offici…[View]
70968501/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General: Nelson’s Patent Bridge for Boarding Edition Previous thread: bo…[View]
71048519Rpg of the Norf: How would you write a Norf rpg?[View]
71033282Honest opinions on Starfinder?[View]
71033210I'm just doing a quick 2 question poll /tg/. Question one: what do you think of boob armor? Yay…[View]
71036040>players never have their characters make any plans >not for actual fights >not even for so…[View]
71046734Unironically what is his endgame?[View]
71019015How would Olympus Mons fit into a fantasy setting world map?: Or at least, a similar staggeringly hu…[View]
71049625>At a tavern, bartender hands the food >GM says 'He also places down a three pronged metal ob…[View]
71044446How does Doomguy fare in 40k?[View]
71051399> all the NPC's speak in rhyme > GM manages it every time…[View]
71045784>love DMing >game starts >game ends >hate DMing Sometimes it feels like I should just be…[View]
71032381/ubg/ Ungabunga General: This is a caveman thread, for the discussion of the Neolithic, Paleolithic,…[View]
71049446What was the most fun random event you ever DMed or played ? >'No magic' edition…[View]
71048062My PCs are trailing behind a large group of recently captured slaves, accompanied by some guards. Wh…[View]
71044479Could the emperor of mankind survive in 40k?[View]
71018675Why aren't there guns in your fantasy setting?[View]
71045883Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3502: Chicken Dinner Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/…[View]
71030503Who would your party side with /tg/?[View]
71024018Play Kult Now: >go out there and play it[View]
71048411MtG lore thread: Last nees: Ikoria will have another new planeswalker (most likely a native one). T…[View]
71036028I'm going to be running Risus as a One Shot soon for a bunch of newbies. Any tips or tricks? Ar…[View]
71037252Halt! You killed my father!: Prepare to die! What do you do?[View]
71045604Tabletop game set in Erebonia when? Imagine the sheer possibilities of the campaigns set around the …[View]
71045927Guys if I describe my character using the word 'chubby' will everyone at the table realize it's…[View]
71043009>party finds a merchant selling an egg >IS IT A DRAGON? I BET IT'S A DRAGON I WANT A BABY…[View]
71015090/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance Genera: Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal fidelity to Dungeons …[View]
71045868Who has the best team?[View]
71044490D&D: Any stories about quitting cancerous D&D groups? >be me, former DM and player in can…[View]
71002553which is the most badass animal race and why is it loxodons[View]
71041445/swg/ - Star Wars General: Yandere Edition Previous obsession: >>71028069 Fantasy Flight Games…[View]
71047799Universes Collide in how would it Fare General /HWIFG/: In this general we discuss what happens when…[View]
71015856How would Remina fare in 40k?[View]
71047623What is the most wholesome thing that you have ever witnessed in a campaign?[View]
71040042Fallout: Fallout tabletop What's your ideal game of fallout at the table? Enslaving tribals for…[View]
71040548How do I go about getting everyone to stop playing our GMs campgain and going to mine? Our current G…[View]
71039722>kill someone's character >they start to cry irl…[View]
70994863Character Art: Post your favorite character art as of recent, show me what you got![View]
70998553Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ When was the last time your character's he…[View]
71019142Are women taken as warbrides and concubines in your setting /tg/?[View]
71022247>start playing Kingdom Death a few days ago >things going mostly fine >kill a few lions, ge…[View]
71043905/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Atmosphere Edition >Unearthed Arcana, 2020 Subclasses, Par…[View]
71045167Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Fucking auxiliaries when edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic A…[View]
71046640Anyone here a Guild Ball Fans: Just looking to see what people thing of GB, and see how they feel ab…[View]
71018722/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus Generals: Just as planned edition > Previous threa…[View]
71032501/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: It Was Only Then—To His Infinite Sorrow—That Mark Realized Green Didn…[View]
71043592Aquelarre RPG: Does /tg/ know about this game? It recently got an english translation and its fantas…[View]
71036812/5ehg/ - 5e Homebrew General: 5ehg - Forgotten Worlds Edition >5etools: https://5e.tools/ >5e …[View]
71045504Update 02/15 - BROTRIP EP3, Podcast EP4, EP29[View]
71036739Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: Grave Edition Watcha >playin >h8n >brewin RESOURCES: >Cu…[View]
71036140/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Acid Reflux Edition Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy…[View]
71042530What kind of spells should a wizard geared toward laying siege have?[View]
71044221>walk into the game store >room goes quiet >everyone stares at me >asks me who I'm…[View]
71025762ITT: we post post-apocalyptic names for the apocalypse: >Helter-Skelter >Doomsday #3 >The S…[View]
71037589Party has defeated 2 out of the 3 Bandit Captains in their respective strongholds, while gathering i…[View]
71043357>The very symbol of the king's divine right to rule becomes sickly as he loses his way and i…[View]
71044799Talespire: Beta got delayed again. Has anyone here played the alpha? I wanna know if I wasted by $30…[View]
71031046can you beat the chess computer player at level 4[View]
71035189/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
71036547Order of the Stick #1192: Now, I'm actually enjoying The Words in general, but this one is lite…[View]
71044398Why, yes, I learned everything I know about 40k from Arch Warhammer, HCYT?[View]
71038657Post fun or interesting battles you've had: Regardless of the system or setting. I feel like it…[View]
71035546Why does magic not have as many foils as yugioh?[View]
71039947Games based around bartering & buying and selling: I want to crush my friend’s hopes and dreams …[View]
71040275Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Glorious golden boy edition; >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awa…[View]
71040736Rematch: After the Battle of Green Fields https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/70832734/#70832734 Em…[View]
71043378How do I get better at DMing (besides experience)? Are there any good youtube tutorials or channels?[View]
71030375/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: 'I fixed the OP' edition …[View]
71036892Your setting has interesting monsterfolk, right anon?[View]
71030107What do you think of Fate/FUDGE? I am mildly interested and on the fence about it.[View]
71037716I am only a monster: ...because.....Society made me one.... I shall burn it all. This whole damn wor…[View]
71042948>the combat is just fluff with no guarantee of losing and DM fudges dice >no lethality present…[View]
71038871Downtime for Monk (5e): I'm an half-elf monk (level 3, 1900 EXP) with 14 AC, STR 10, DEX 15, CO…[View]
70997329Haha remember when the emperor said he never wanted superhumans to rule over mankind? Good times.[View]
71036304What's the best system to play in the Chainsaw Man setting ?[View]
71040079>an adventurer with an rather intense adoration of dragons brings his girlfriend into the wildern…[View]
71027698Alcohol: So, I'm doing a bit of the world building It's a sci-fi setting, but I think this…[View]
71016628Filename Thread: Previous thread >>71005277 reached image limit. /tg/ related edition Bonus po…[View]
71042869>The flow of time within the lair is altered such that everything within moves up to 10 years for…[View]
71035894/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Filthy Casual Edition >Unearthed Arcana, 2020…[View]
71039685Darkest Dungeon barks: How about a little bit of Roleplay voice finding? One of your characters that…[View]
71039955Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3501: Instant Loss 2 Koma Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/d…[View]
71038403Greenskin Language: Does the language of Goblins, Orcs, etc. have any eloquence to its native speake…[View]
71041896I've collected a lot of Pokemon D20 stuff and put it in a folder. I will be uploading it to the…[View]
71038615Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Valhallan Edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awakening: The…[View]
71036001Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: CHAMON - edition Previous thread: >>71026256 >Official AoS …[View]
71035649>Meanwhile, around GFGM (Glorious Forever Game Master) Kim Jong-un's gaming table...…[View]
71038748Tabletop game set in Erebonia when? Imagine the sheer possibilities of the campaigns set around the …[View]
71037383Do the peasants every attempt revolts in your fantasy games? If they don't why not? Do they hav…[View]
71039567Dark Heresey Survival Session: In a campaign that I'm running the group will have to survive fo…[View]
71022265Unique Monsters and Mecha Thread: For sharing art to use in your campaigns.[View]
71034686Any HEMA Guy can give me the clue on how this pin on the bottom picture is pulled? Os the guy on the…[View]
71033366Preface: In our real world, all 'gods' are human gods. In the sense that (without this devolving int…[View]
71034384Space Race Punk.: Hey tg, what are the thoughts on a space setting designed around space race era te…[View]
71035768Raiders & Radon thread: Now we've got a tvtropes page for the setting. https://tvtropes.org…[View]
71026792Intrigue and Investigation: The 5e-ening: >I heard you wanted to run an intrigue and investigatio…[View]
71039302>sell soul for magical powers >a few weeks later you discover that you have natural magic from…[View]
71031065>Inquisitor's have more authority than Astardes Chapter Masters >can steal resources from…[View]
71037590I fucked up /tg/ >DMing 5e >new players >ranger hasn’t had many roleplay opportunities …[View]
71036692Is it possible to make an rpg or tabletop game out of Ace Combat or other air combat settings. Or is…[View]
71028069/swg/ - Star Wars General: 28 Rebel Marines Pulling up in black Incom U-Wings Transport's lande…[View]
71031337>if you have a significant debt, defaulted on taxes, or otherwise owed money, after death a regis…[View]
70991241PLAY BLOOD BOWL!!![View]
71034579One of my players plays an albino kobold. (white dragon lineage) Is there any reason for ordinary ko…[View]
71035010Looking for players for a FATE Core game in the Cross Ange universe: I'm not sure if this is th…[View]
71029727How, in your opinion, should magic be balanced to prevent it from solving all problems in a campaign…[View]
71037146Who treats the secondary market better?[View]
71035205>You and your party are scouting through the grueling blizzard when you suddenly hear three blast…[View]
71033727>the villain is a newborn entity and the driving force behind unbelief, literally a 'god of …[View]
70978943Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/: Harrier Edition Rulebooks: https://drive.google.com/drive…[View]
71035468Do skeletons have ghosts?[View]
71036416Shouldn't greed have its own God? I know Slaanesh is the Lord of Excess, but the greed aspect …[View]
71021433>warlord commits astrocities in the name of the greater good >this is Evil >noble woman fan…[View]
71032994Tell me about your mount anon, be it basic or exotic. Your party DOES have mounts, right?[View]
71031993Could they have won if Aragorn had only had a normal sword?[View]
71008096Is the “fast forward fantasy” genre inherently too meta?[View]
71034858/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 general: Fembaddon Edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awakening: The…[View]
71032823Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3500: DC Cosmic Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
71035021well fa/tg/uys, I've done it. Thanks to your advanced shitposting, creative support (and detrac…[View]
71036462>put guns in setting >historytard gets upset that they are just crossbows with more noise and …[View]
71014334I'm trying to come up with some names for fantasy metals, especially regarding a tier list like…[View]
71028912Dice rolling for the intelligent: Are there still asshole smoothbrains out there that don't rol…[View]
71036135What class are they?[View]
71024618Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: >literal dick 'How can they keep getting away with it?' Edition W…[View]
70948567/GURPS GEN/ GURPS General: Survived to the end of the Thread Edition! The secrets of the universe ar…[View]
71023856>rightfully killing the monster causes an ecological disaster or some other bad thing to happen P…[View]
71025488/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
71029343/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Close To Home Edition >Unearthed Arcana, 2020…[View]
71032298Death of a player: One of my best friends and long time players just died. We are unsure of how he d…[View]
71005277Filename Thread: >control+F >No Filename Thread. Let's gooooooooo…[View]
71032607>The party's exploring a ruined garrison-temple to an old Elven god of warfare >Puzzle re…[View]
71022352What even is the point of Humans?: In a setting where Elves, Orcs, Dwarves etc all exist, what is th…[View]
71009006Mythology: Are you inspired by real world mythologies in creating your setting /tg/? If yes, what a…[View]
71032439My party is currently following a group of cultists, who are accompanying a large group of enslaved …[View]
71026168Waste of Character Development: I want to know if anyone else suffers this same issue, so here goes.…[View]
70992130/YGO/ Yu-Gi-Oh! General: Yu-Gi-Oh! General #70 Chocolat edition Previous >>70957443 Non meta, …[View]
71026256Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Warcry has decent art- edition Previous thread: >>71020612 …[View]
71023153ITT: Truly awesome or 'cool' moments in your campaign: Thread name. Weather it be a campai…[View]
71036665Can we get a MTG thread?[View]
71012206/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general: Big fat cat tats edition. Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fa…[View]
71024928What are some fantasy adventure games that encourage diplomacy and guile over violence?[View]
71030754i've been playing a traditional vampire (no sunlight, needs to feed nightly, etc.) in our fanta…[View]
71031173Forum RP's: You ever play one /tg/? Currently or past wise? Any notable stories? pic unrelated…[View]
70977524/exg/ - Exalted General:Love Edition: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game abo…[View]
71028135Is forcing a PC into marriage for losing a duel rude?[View]
70991034Can a god of destruction be benevolent?[View]
71022756Evil STEM vs Evil LibArts: Why are mad artists nowhere near as popular as mad scientists?[View]
71033270Qtddtt: Shitty DMs: Didn't see one of these threads up figured id start one. I've been DMi…[View]
71033797Playing multiple characters: Hey there /tg/. I finished my first session of a game of DDA (Digimon D…[View]
71033423Question on building playable NPCs (wantin' to be GM and Player): Been looking to participate B…[View]
71033288How do you like your magic system /tg/? A: The Corporate Climber >Magic power are defined by how …[View]
71032418Martial V Caster: What systems actually solve the martial/caster problem? Or even in other systems, …[View]
70940677/tg/ literature: What kind of books does /tg/ read for inspiration? I started reading pic related an…[View]
71031149/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: Convert less edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awakening: …[View]
71033249>when the rogue steals all the magic items[View]
71031709The Wizard Tower that can't be seen: In my city that he players approach, there is a tower with…[View]
71031061Kroot Physical Stats: How much do kroot weigh, how tall are they, and when do they die of old age? D…[View]
71009055/WIP/ - Work In Progress: Fucking up edition. >WIP Tutorial Images Mega https://mega.nz/#F!TvQFCa…[View]
71028865Are bald villains superior?[View]
71024623>player drops the die dead perpendicular to the table and it doesn't even roll, just lands o…[View]
71022844Does this game lend itself well to one-shots or is it only worth while if you get to use all the upg…[View]
71029934Can min maxing be in character?[View]
71031606Tabletop game set in Erebonia when? Imagine the sheer possibilities of the campaigns set around the …[View]
71031157How do I learn a new system, as the guy running it since I'm the one wanting to try it out and …[View]
70981338[WARNING: DEGENERACY AHEAD, BACK AWAY NOW] Hey, /tg/. I posted a thread a bit ago about a monster g…[View]
71032038I'm going to be running a wild west Risus one shot in a week. Any tips?[View]
71000683Angels and Heavenly Beings: Every so often, I see threads dedicated to angels and 'Abrahamic my…[View]
71006459Are there any tabletop games that evoke the trippy sexual fantasy stories from Heavy Metal?[View]
71026703Mimics: I'm working on a project involving mimics but I'm having finding interesting or un…[View]
71029476>Spells made by Evard.[View]
71030565Empire of Ash: About a year ago, someone here posted a thread of resources to a board game called 'e…[View]
71013714Hello, /tg/, today we will make a setting that triggers /tg/ in every possible way. The question, of…[View]
70957275What is your favorite fictional nation?[View]
70995865Have you ever played by yourself?: No other players, nobody else to GM you, just you.[View]
71030755Had an experience the other day, playing Edge of the Empire (the Star Wars RPG). I accidentally scre…[View]
70980430Shaman King has an interesting setting that seems like good inspiration for a campaign. Any advice o…[View]
71028070/40kg/ warhammer 40 000 general: >Never ever edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awakening: …[View]
71022874/edhg/ - EDH / COMMANDER GENERAL: The Power of X Edition Previously: >>71007724 RESOURCES >…[View]
71009942DCCRPG General: I ran pic related today. Started with 12 characters and ended with 4 survivors. I…[View]
71026536Your homebrew rules?: What are your house rules common place in your games, /tg/?[View]
71029339Hello! I am not smart. I want to make a lot of randomly generated NPCs, using several tables, and I …[View]
71029410Good night, sweet prince.[View]
710212602020... i am forgotten: Post games that died last year and nobody cared. Example 1: people want batt…[View]
71030104Nishiki stats: Alright /tg/ stat him.[View]
71030043Same Start Campaigns.: relatively new to RPGs, and my group has only played DnD. we always talk abou…[View]
70932988What is the afterlife like in your setting, /tg/? Are they real in-setting? Fake? Ambiguous? Are the…[View]
71015302You help to free the slaves: > crime rates go up > the economy based on slavery declines, gene…[View]
71025769The only black person to play in my table played a tiefling paladin[View]
71025836Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3499: Goetia Goes Back to the Past Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.goo…[View]
71024469>running Dark Heresy >one guy plays a psycher >acts like an absolute dumbass and the most s…[View]
71023455How can PCs catch a villain who can see the future and knows their moves before they do?[View]
70985279/bgg/ Board Games General: Welcome to the 'All of my want' edition of /bgg/ Someone once told me tha…[View]
71026075Doomguy in 40k Tabletop: What would his stats, rules, wargear and point cost be? also lore implicati…[View]
71028981hey guys i need to run salvage operation out of ghosts of saltmarsh tomorrow for 5e. fuck me though …[View]
71027452What the fuck is his problem[View]
71024313The vast majority of the Imperium's population and industry is on Forge and Hive worlds, meanwh…[View]
71005106>gm mentions a swashbuckling assassin is after us >Have to stop the game and explain to him th…[View]
71027885This is my half-orc's momma. Say something nice to her![View]
71023880How the FUCK do you commit Ravenlofts map to memory[View]
71007318/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General: Your Dudes Edition For all your Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Dea…[View]
71016338Hags: What is /tg/‘s opinion of Hags? They’re my favorite monster and I want to use a Coven as the m…[View]
71027035>be me >be hired to kill a vampire >find out he owns a humidifier >empty it and replace …[View]
71024943/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Elemental wall edition >Unearthed Arcana, 202…[View]
71024318How does my space opera setting sound? >Humanity went out into the universe. >Found themselves…[View]
71028244>decide to pull the plug on a long-running online game because it's been moribund for months…[View]
71017574stat him /tg/[View]
71018743I have a child (4) who is becoming interested in fantasy concepts, is there a table top system that …[View]
71008885/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous thread >>…[View]
71025858Whar ancient beings exist in your setting?[View]
71020878Zambo and skeltons: How can I pull of undead, like skeleton warriors and zombies in a low magic sett…[View]
71018403ITT:GM fuck ups: Yesterday I mixed up two rules and this allowed a player to easily kill two mobs an…[View]
70984890Glorantha, Runequest, Mythras and D100 based games General: The place to talk about Glorantha, nerd …[View]
71024981Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Convert! Edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awakening: The …[View]
71020330What are some traits that you gravitate towards when deciding on who/what to play in tabletop games,…[View]
70998046/SIFG/ - A Song of Ice and Fire General: The Laughing Storm edition Last thread didn't go so we…[View]
71012886>Iron completely disrupts magic and magical beings. A knight in armour or a peasant with a few po…[View]
71020612Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Pyramids - edition Previous thread: >>71011591 >Official Ao…[View]
71020706Is there a neutral aligned variation of the Flying horse archetype?: Going over the list of flying h…[View]
70999320Tell me about that lich in your setting. How did they become a lich? Are they a whimsical sort of li…[View]
71009176/swg/ - Star Wars General: Advanced Autism Edition Previous thread: >>70992726 Fantasy Flight …[View]
70975861How do you like your precursor race? their Tech everywhere influencing everyone with info of them be…[View]
71024243The players drink soup with a monster that has become an accepted monstet that had become a minister…[View]
71024790Would Macha want Gabriel as a partner[View]
71024439Do I honestly need to primer my models before painting?: I paint warhammer shit and I don’t use prim…[View]
71025950Are norf uk girls really like this?[View]
70953982/wcg/ Warcry: Age of Sigmar General: More New Warbands on the Horizon! Edition Previous Thread: >…[View]
71013382/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
71023131Do people actually use this? I thought it was a meme to play chess with people online instead of jus…[View]
71017905/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana, 2020 Subclasses, Part II h…[View]
71011822Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: Paulinho Edition Whatcha >brewin >etc RESOURCES: >Current m…[View]
71021039>Air War: Modern Tactical Air Combat (1983) >48 pages of rules, books of aircraft, missiles, p…[View]
71018533Do you think it's possible to run a game with a genderbending theme and not have it descend int…[View]
71012777Any thougts?[View]
71016217If there was a fantasy setting based on 4chan autism what would the races be[View]
71020246What if Boris Todbringer was elected?: Rather than Karl Franz? How would thay shakeup warhammer hist…[View]
71021711RIFTS General: Warning! Violence and the Supernatural! The fictional World of Rifts® is violent, dea…[View]
71001211Name a more righteous and satisfying weapon than hammers.[View]
71023069I want to make a card game on tabletop simulator. Does anyone have any experience with this?[View]
70987772/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls General: Waifu edition Tabletop/P&P RPGs [UESRPG - P&P RPG] …[View]
71021245Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Greatest of Goods Edition >Based PDFAnon's Psychic Awaken…[View]
71006575/btg/ Battletech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! In Memoriam edition Last thread: …[View]
71003899>tfw got kicked out of my group being I didn't let two players smoke pot in my own home…[View]
71010928Oi, you lot. Serious finkin'. Let's say ya gettin' a big shoota. Like, a REAL big …[View]
71018919>Begin an anti-chaos crusade >Kill off anything that isn't Lawful Good >Elves hunted d…[View]
71022852Warforged character art: I'm making warforged character for homebrew campaign. I am looking for…[View]
71013131You wanted the god of death, well here I am. Now why did you Schlemiels summon Hades from the underw…[View]
70993304Humans are beginning to become divine.: Humans are beginning to become divine. We have a limited abi…[View]
71017001Good Game Stories and Chill: Had myself a great game tonight. First time DMing in years. Managed to …[View]
71018231Pathfinder is being Pathfinder: I'm running a Homebrew setting, and using the Pathfinder system…[View]
71019184Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3498: Finally, Some Good Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dr…[View]
71019640Disappoint: >play GW games >ram two armies together >roll to hit >roll to damage >ro…[View]
71010163I've seen alot of people talk about how they play music for their TTRPG games and I was wonderi…[View]
71009926Do you like fast, streamlined, combat focused RPGs? Do you like mecha, but hate being the good guys?…[View]
71009303>As it turns out, the god that's worshipped by the really big church of the world is just a …[View]
71018179Warhammer 3D Prints: Curious owing to the fact that I now have access to a 3D printer. Does anyone k…[View]
71020974Tabletop game set in Erebonia when? Imagine the sheer possibilities of the campaigns set around the …[View]
71012991How exactly does a mixed race evil party work without everyone killing each other over petty issues?[View]
71008586What exactly is magi-tech or 'dungeon-punk'[View]
71018238I need some advice, guys. I have a player playing a new character of paladin.(5e) It is standard af…[View]
71020775Character advice: Hey guys need a bit of advice here on playing my character. Im playing Lawful Evil…[View]
70987725How should you run a pirate game with magic and sorcery?[View]
71020708High versus Low Scale Games?: Do you guys prefer games with higher or lower number scales? Most tabl…[View]
71007724EDHG // Commander General: Border Extension Edition Previously: >>70999371 RESOURCES >Offic…[View]
71014235What kind of games let you Operate Operationally on Operations? My friends want to play some sort of…[View]
71020083DM Problem: I have been running a game since late July, early August. It has had a few problems but …[View]
71016251Players Have unreasonable Fear of Paladins: I haven't DMed for my group for a long time, severa…[View]
71014469>party frees slaves >character takes it upon themselves to see to it they are safe and their n…[View]
70962439/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Cardgames General #126 WINNING Edition Come and di…[View]
71010465/cg/ - CHESS GENERAL: This is the general thread for the vast game of chess for beginners, casuals a…[View]
71013798How does /tg/ like their beastfolk?: A, B , C, D, E, F, or G and why?[View]
71014722>An ancient evil possesses the supermarket at Victory and Winnetka What happens?…[View]
70992635How would people in a setting with flying troops build their fortifications?[View]
71019960Stat him[View]
71013125These guys AWAKEN in your campaign, how do they affect the story and how does your party fare?[View]
71019592What can be done to discourage historically inaccurate work and anachronisms?[View]
71010512FF ttrpg?: So I was wondering, are there any systems with a class system similar to that of Final Fa…[View]
71011196Do any of you roleplay via forums or chats? I feel it's basically table-top except you're …[View]
71016573Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Innocence Proves Nothing edition! >Based PDFAnon's [Psychic…[View]
71011591Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Court is now in session. Previous thread: >>71003800 >Offi…[View]
71018006How the fuck do I find local groups who don't want to play D&D? I'm in a fairly busy a…[View]
71015445How would a few Astartes fare in the Darkest Dungeon?[View]
71010993> GM > game master > giving supreme executive power to one player who has the exclusive pow…[View]
70994128>hurr durr goblins and kobolds are just misunderstood frens.[View]
71008494What's so bad about adventurer guilds anyway? They only make sense. No one's about to let …[View]
71012132>want to wear heavy armor because AESTHETICS >hit with a massive penalty to all of my physical…[View]
71014555What is /tg's take on fallout wasteland warfare? Should I get it?[View]
70924054/ktg/ Kill Team General: Homebrew added edition. Previously, in /ktg/ >>70847049 >FAQ Noobs…[View]
71008724Do you like Pathfinder 2?: It's been a bit. Be civil by say how you really feel. https://www.st…[View]
71008740Polymorph is Fucking Stupid: Is there a spell that destroys a character more than baleful polymorph?…[View]
70977075DnD4e: 4th Edition is the ONLY edition of Dungeons and Dragons I've ever played and I love it. …[View]
71013149/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Poor Roller Edition >Unearthed Arcana, 2020 S…[View]
71012137Gaslands Refueled PDF: Anyone have this, the Gaslands Refuelled PDF? I have a hard copy but have bee…[View]
71012157if you dont think your game is ready to be played even on 10+ pages of setting notes, you will never…[View]
71016462Play reverse trap pc Other players bamboozled every time >why is this ?…[View]
70992901/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance General: Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal fidelity to Dungeons …[View]
71013559Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3497: Mark Rosewater is an Idiot Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.googl…[View]
71011657the rubber duck token is too powerful and monopoly is ruined because of it[View]
71012852Cure spells kill unborn babies And if used repeatedly slow ageing and cause people to go sterile H…[View]
71014421How to transport my army: How in the goddamn fuck am I supposed to carry around 3 Hemlocks and 3 Wav…[View]
71015689On the Subject of Setting Docs: I've run many games, and usually, the group will have a Session…[View]
71006001ITT character sheet ratings[View]
70986113/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus Generals: Knights up for preorder edition Opinions on…[View]
70926870/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Maddening Madness Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Se…[View]
71014692>noble wants what's best for their town, going to meetings, doing diplomacy and trade deals …[View]
71003554Why can't people make continents that don't look like islands?[View]
71011273Back in the day /tg/ got me into King of Dragon Pass and I loved it once I got the hang of it. What …[View]
71011553Frank Trollman, Master Game Designer, created a Pokemon D20 game several years ago. Remnants of it c…[View]
70990326Don't know if this is the right board, so please ignore when it's off-topic, but i'm …[View]
71014960I need all of the best worst element puns for magic of fire, water, air, earth, electricity, dark, a…[View]
71012793Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Cooler eldar edition >Based PDFAnon's [Psychic Awakening: T…[View]
71009188What sort of drugs are in your games?[View]
71013246World of Darkness - Vampire Wrestling: Hello TG. Can anybody help/suggest a vampire wrestling build?…[View]
71011891What's the deal with this game? I've seen it talked about/praised quite a bit here, but fr…[View]
71011987How would The World's Strongest Man measure up in your setting?: In mine, he'd be on the f…[View]
71011376Combat: So /tg/, what is your preferred combat system?[View]
71013764What's a good monster system that you have personally played? The only one I've ever made …[View]
70940288/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: ▼ Settings Mobile Home /tg/ - Traditional Games No new posts…[View]
70945440what ARE demons in your setting? a colorful mix of different spirits, evil jackasses or something el…[View]
70739922/gengen/ - Genesys General: Check The Map Edition >What is Genesys? Released in November 2017, Ge…[View]
71010676Is creating a setting guide for players a little too much? I want it to include the avalible classes…[View]
71007606Necromunda thread: If everything is cheese nothing is cheese.[View]
71010025Is it just my impression or Monster of the Week has gotten suddenly pretty popular? Is it possible …[View]
71010615>a TTRPG where you place dominos onto a grid from your hand to determine rolls instead of rolling…[View]
70996745/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
71005571/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Friends edition >Unearthed Arcana, 2020 Subcl…[View]
71003085Do any of you guys use music in your campaigns/when writing them? If so, then post it: https://www.y…[View]
71010742Betrayal: Legacy: Is it really as unbalanced as people say? I have played the prologue and 3 chapter…[View]
70930326Why do people still play Uno? It's a terrible card game.[View]
71008686Neonverse: I really don't know how to name this genre. but think of john wicky, driver, neon de…[View]
71011825Wastelands: Anon, tell me about your blighted regions, damned battlefields, post-apocalyptic plains,…[View]
71008372Poker Based Western RPG: I’ve had an idea for western rpg with Poker being the resolution mechanic. …[View]
71011586GAR Codex 40k 8th edition: If you read the title that's right I'm working on a homebrew co…[View]
71008167Have you explored any real-world dungeons to improve your Dungeon Master craft by infusing real-worl…[View]
71010470>GM being smug about knowledge the party does not have OR >GM springing consequence on the par…[View]
71004479Outside of running more games, what can I do in my free time to improve my GMing?[View]
71011122Here is the official list of different communities, ranked In terms of hygiene, noise, attractivenes…[View]
71011128Hey everybody. The last thread got avatarfagged, so I'm trying again. What are some good trash …[View]
71010685Running a Multi-Part Enemy: I am trying to work out if it is worth designing a creature made up of s…[View]
71007091Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: THE HAMMER Edition >Based PDFAnon's [Psychic Awakening: T…[View]
70993147>be GM: >first session >have a town ready with tons of interesting npcs and interwoven ques…[View]
71008636Jumpchain Create Your Own Adventure General Thread #3496: 3D Tiamat Edition: >Google Drive http:/…[View]
71009767He did nothing wrong in truth: Death to the False Lady[View]
70993895/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Awesome Underrepresented Characters edition Who's your favor…[View]
70998164How do I really sell an oppressively controlled and regulated big brother city-state to my players, …[View]
70990171Yet Another Admech Thread: Best faction, best lore, best girls. Discuss the machine cult, it's …[View]
71006771I've been considering a setting where players are convicts on a planet which got nuked to hell …[View]
71007780Fighting a young red draong 5e: Me and my fellow adventurers are about to enter a young red dragons …[View]
71000368What is in your swamp?: I've filled my swamp with magic artifacts, as a wizard dumping ground f…[View]
71003928Post your blackguards, black knights, death knights, and unholy warriors. The heavier the armor the …[View]
71010459Okay so this game called Coraabia had five color coded factions Mercenaries Outlaws Guardians Unlivi…[View]
71009311Stats Lina Inverse?[View]
71009755So, is Heavy Gear any good? My usual group is thinking of giving it a shot and it seems interesting…[View]
7100988840k Audio books: Anyone know where to get free 40k audio books? Looking for Armageddon or Blood …[View]
70995090Can we have a kobold/dragon-folk art thread? I need to figure out how to not make my race look less …[View]
71007682'Don't trust this man's word, sire! He can't even read!'[View]
71009228ORE thread: Just found out about the ORE engine, I've been reading through the Wild Talents and…[View]
71006441Realism/Traditional Role Play Vs Fantasy Role Play: DnD is nearly strictly Fantasy Role Play. i have…[View]
71006107>be me culturally stunted elf rogue >find elven druidism temple >bravosixgoingdark.tome …[View]
71009350Is there a way that we can quietly decolonize the fantasy genre? Supporting less Eurocentric IPs lik…[View]
70992179Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: BUYBUYBUYBUY Edition Whatcha >buyin >buyin >buyin RESOURCES…[View]
70996517Has anyone ever played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness? I've been wanting …[View]
70842772/TravGen/ Traveller General: TERRA FIRST Edition Traveller is a classic science fiction system first…[View]
71008060>Virgin Adventurer vs Chad Sellsword Why do we hire adventurers instead of real mercs who don…[View]
71003800Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Fabulous Fatties Edition Previous thread: >>70997705 >Offic…[View]
70935376Has anyone here played in an E6 game? Are the major balance issues of 3.5 fixed, in your opinion? I…[View]
71000121>trade with some other players at my lgs >trade some of my cards for money because they don…[View]
71009224Kaiju Wars: >One side of players plays humans in mechs >level ups allow them to buy upgrades f…[View]
71001954Color pie edition. I've found myself struggling to deviate from the MtG color pie. Green for na…[View]
70987099What are /tg/'s thoughts on Critical Role and what it's done for the hobby?[View]
71005424>Be a light cruiser captain prior to ww1 >Sail the Mediterranean >Get info enemy spy may fl…[View]
70991937Shitty Spaceship Quirks: >All the Screen Windows have clusters of dead pixels in various places. …[View]
71008517Tabletop game set in Erebonia when? Imagine the sheer possibilities of the campaigns set around the …[View]
71008503Flow chart magic item creation: I want to make a system of making magic items that follows the same …[View]
71006414How to paint: Hey /tg/, I’m at a cross roads here with the hobby. I love assembling and kitbashing, …[View]
71005185Is it at the very least a Neutral action to enslave someone as payment for saving their life?[View]
71007707Tasha's Kiss Have any of you played this module? I have and I am in love with the concept of c…[View]
70994075>Your precinct has decided that you are to have a new partner that just happens to be an Orc.…[View]
70999521need help with silver/bronze/dark age comic books campaign: hey there tg, i'm here looking for …[View]
71007561HxH themed 5e campaign: Im trying to run a campaign in 5e using the HxH world and a homebrew class f…[View]
70981330/cg/ - CHESS GENERAL: This is the general thread for the vast game of chess for beginners, casuals a…[View]
71005511Brawl & Bones Thread: Unmitigated quantities of shilling Edition. >What is Brawl & Bones?…[View]
70951232Why haven't you made a trap PC yet anon?[View]
70988028Whats the best system for Magic? Vancian Magic or Power Points?[View]
70999513What's the worst fate you've ever seen a PC suffer? and what is the worst you've see…[View]
71008945>Y-YOU BROUGHT THE SHNAXZIEZ RIGHT? >It pants, seemingly nearing the capacity of its strained …[View]
71005060stat them, /tg/[View]
71001149GM help thread: ITT: GMs help other GMs. Having trouble? Post it. Let's see if others can come …[View]
71003136quick thread: what's a good system / pdf for running a campaign based in a setting very similar…[View]
71002709>send your son out to the local tavern to look for adventurers to come kill the giant rats in the…[View]
70999371/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Holy Vengeance Edition Previously: >>70991148 RESOURCES >…[View]
71004068Half Races: What's the deal with Half Races? How come there's only ever half orcs and half…[View]
70997567Hey, Nagash Baby. Hades here. Just checking in on my favorite contractor to see how you're doin…[View]
71003190Magic with sexual innuendo: Magic play served as one big sexual innuendo.[View]
70999220Dungeon Meshi ch. 61: The drought has ended, get in here lads. It's storytime.[View]
70920133Mecha Monday: It's the best day of the week! A place to discuss assorted mecha RPGs, especially…[View]
71001732Hey guys, what is some trash you might find in a medium/high fantasy city? I am playing a natural ph…[View]
70992498/tg/ makes a fantasy setting: Since the last one was successful: >The patchwork duchies of the Fr…[View]
70992726/swg/ Star Wars General: Valentines Day Edition Grievous Thread >>70977386 Fantasy Flight Game…[View]
70957214You don't make fantasy MENA a monolithic culture, right? You're more educated than that, r…[View]
71006144Why don't you use the surperior 1 axis alignment?[View]
70982205/btg/ - BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Ready for the next contender, e…[View]
71002802The villain brazenly walks up to the party, and tells you that he's not interested in fighting …[View]
71005578What do you think about Koibu /tg/? Is it ok that he's getting paid so much for running games f…[View]
71004201>Hello, adventurer. Rough night, huh? Let's talk ...[View]
70999033What are the Pros and Cons of Different group styles: College club group, discord group, Roll20/othe…[View]
71002962What god does your character worship, /tg/?[View]
70998321A lv.9 party hears rumors about a crypt with a sleeping vampire. It's a bit of a sidequest, so …[View]
70992346/tg/ /CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous thread …[View]
71002742Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3495: Morning Sunshine Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/driv…[View]
70995411Strange tarts laying in ponds distributing swords: What are some interesting fantasy ways of choosin…[View]
70982594/WIP/ - Work In Progress: A real language, edition >WIP Tutorial Images Mega https://mega.nz/#F!T…[View]
70998343/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Want Some Rye Edition >Unearthed Arcana, 2020…[View]
71000373Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: NECRONS! - Edition >Based PDFAnon's [Psychic Awakening: T…[View]
70997875Why do vampires bite people in the neck?[View]
71003625the last thread was successful, so let's keep it going; How do YOU write human civilization in …[View]
70900753/awg/ - alternative wargames general: Nice art edition. >What is /awg/? A thread to talk about mi…[View]
70927535Drawthread: Unsettling Golem Edition: >>>GUIDELINES<<< >Everybody: • Reminder t…[View]
70995567Dice/Card game idea: I'm reposting cause I made this late last night and got no replies, hopefu…[View]
71003016Tabletop game set in Erebonia when? Imagine the sheer possibilities of the campaigns set around the …[View]
70998065What exists in the deepest depths of the oceans, where the sun can't reach. Could life even sur…[View]
70979737In what context is a gender change okay and how do you avoid making it weird or sticking out as magi…[View]
71002468All I ever wanted was the truth. Remember those words as you read the ones that follow. I never se…[View]
71001026Holy shit!!!: Ill just leave this here.... https://youtu.be/d81QmB5gSrM[View]
71002216Talespire on Kickstarter: Hey. Do you heard about it, do you planning to check it out?[View]
70966917'cool' weapons and armor you think are ugly, impractical, trying too hard, etc.[View]
70849519Terrain thread: Got a few days off, seeing as I'll be posting a few more WIPs time for another …[View]
71002377What is your most unusual source of inspiration/source you've stolen from for a campaign?[View]
70998609Help: >Players are going to have an ancient necromancer recently freed from his containment crypt…[View]
70998669What's the dumbest thing you've ever put in your setting?[View]

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