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20429298How does old japanese shitboxes work, /o/? My friend have sunny b12 and we wanted to put pioneer rad…[View]
20423813learning manual was so mucb fuckung harder than i expected it to be[View]
20429198Is this the only good looking hatchback under 20k? A fucking rebadaged prius?[View]
20429034Have you ever been in a car crash?: I was in a car crash yesterday, a fucking 18 wheeler decided to …[View]
20424216Sorry ST owners and /o/ in general: Last week I posted an Image that triggered a fiesta ST owner and…[View]
20428382I'm building a turbo car, imagine I have absolutely no gauges but a tachometer right now and th…[View]
20427284>toyota tax post yfw retard americans don't understand that to get a good quality product yo…[View]
20426925Serious WRX thread: I just wanted to make a thread where we can talk about the wrx autism free. I se…[View]
20420795>you're walking down the street when suddenly your nasal passage is assaulted by the smell o…[View]
20414573WebM Thread[View]
20426602why don't americans wear seatbelts?[View]
20419848>be copfag >live in small, rural town in northern Georgia of about 3,000 >given that this i…[View]
20423037Twingo Time: post em if ya got em[View]
20428780Hey o Is this a pussywagon?[View]
20427811Someone convince me not to put a turbo diesel motor in this thing[View]
20428242Redpill me on the Nissan Primera P10/P11 SR20DE[View]
20427248Snow is gay: Having to work a double shift tomorrow, 6 AM to 7 PM, because my pussy-ass coworker ref…[View]
20422706>You are driving along the road when you spot her >on the street. What car do you pull up in?…[View]
20428652With 3D printing and modern manufacturing, is it possible that we’ll see (relatively) cheaply made r…[View]
20426674>rains >temperature sensor fails >check engine light >wipers stop working >lights fli…[View]
20428621What do you think about this br/o/s? It's on sale for the equivalent of 3000usd in my local are…[View]
20428626>brake by wire[View]
20427643Leaked photo of 2020 supra[View]
20424032Opel Kadett GSI, South Africa: Why is the Opel Kadett GSI such a huge thing in South Africa? The car…[View]
20428270Automatic Seatbelts: I'm honestly probably the only person in the world who likes these things …[View]
20427496I replaced my fuel injectors the other day because my car has been sluggish as shit... Replaced rock…[View]
20427416Git Gud, we miss you. Hope you're doing ok.[View]
20428177What are some production engines that can handle ~14 lbs of boost with just a headgasket upgrade and…[View]
20425740Tire hit the sidewalk while I was going up a ramp: Is it bad or can I live with it?[View]
20426010What is it with BMW that attracts so much attention (both positive and negative)? Back in the old da…[View]
20422071What will be the 'beige Camry' in 2030? aka ubiquitous beater shitboxes that won't die[View]
20425847I'm wrapping my 2013 FRS show car (w/ rocketbunny v2 body kit exactly like picrel) with an anim…[View]
20424931>electric cars will never be the futur-[View]
20428150Diesel Mechanic/Technician: Is anyone here a diesel mechanic/technician? How did you start, how much…[View]
20427441I can't understand how a transmission works.[View]
20426491Mo-T-orweek: Hello, and welcome to the Motorweek thread, I'm glad you're here. In this thr…[View]
20426723lower car woes: >think low cars are cool >okay yeah Im gonna modify my car to be lower >'to…[View]
20427340What does it mean if I park on a steep hill (50+ degree incline) and leave it in first gear but the …[View]
20428125Should 'drivers ed' and a license be made mandatory for riding bicycles? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
20425125Why all the hate for Frenchy cars? :3[View]
20425826Was this car sold outside Europe: Was the Opel Manta ever sold outside of Europe?[View]
20414903Share your cars. Rate others. This my 93 Daytona ES.[View]
20425830>He doesn't own one >Doesn't want the immense amount of bitches to coddle his dick l…[View]
20423351V6 Mustang owners BTFO[View]
20425934>modify car for better performance >now have 6 degrees of fuckability in adjustments >nothi…[View]
20426858>Why yes, I would like one base model slightly used Nissan Altima, in white please…[View]
20427655Hey /o/ what do listen to on your way to and from work? ....I live in LA listening to good music is …[View]
20426468Have you ever taken out a bank loan/personal loan to pay for a craigslist car? Is it a bad idea?[View]
20425568VIN Check: Anyone have another workaround for free vin checks? It appears they finally patched https…[View]
20427268Hey battery relocation boys, just wanna know some things >was it worth the price? >was it wort…[View]
20426181Is amateur drag racing the biggest waste of money for the common car enthusiast?[View]
20425537Soft top: Downsides of cars with soft top roof?[View]
20399345What's on your keychain, /o/?[View]
20424501What were they thinking with this design?[View]
20422052>car seems to have foglamps >oops it's actually the turn signals…[View]
20426668Is this a good amount of tread?[View]
20425877Hey guys whats the relation between oil clearance on the bearings, oil pressure, and oil weight? Say…[View]
20427334Haynes or Chilton?[View]
20425155>'ecoboost' trucks[View]
20423400ITT: We post the dumb shit we did when we got our licence,Ill start. Parents are separated,Dad has a…[View]
20417321Trugg Bread: Whats up widdem trucks, boys[View]
20425713I have to get this almost rubber but way harder than rubber but still kinda flexible but fucking ass…[View]
20427198I saw a concept video where a kid was playing soccer 'against' the headlights of a car projected on …[View]
20421185Based or Cringe[View]
20422599ITT: We discuss Trucks/SUV shitboxes to avoid buying at all costs: I see a lot of good deals out the…[View]
20423425Whays wrong with it being slow when driving a Toybaru is fun.[View]
20425443>post yfw you see the blue nerr-nerr lights in the rear view mirror and realize they're for …[View]
20426801Are 'sealed for life' transmissions really sealed for life? Have a f150 that has one of these. Im no…[View]
20426506>advertise car >oh hey by the way it's actually $3000 more expensive why is this allowed?…[View]
20425749I'm ready for war: This is my 2008 armored Rally fighter her names Anna, after my ex wife becau…[View]
20424989Bought a car with rims that has wheel locking nuts ( I think its called? ) well just one on each whe…[View]
20424545Recommend me a cheap coupe for engine swaps that isn't miata >Hard mode:independent suspensi…[View]
20426684>I know what I have[View]
20421866>take car to mechanic >notice damage on the car one week later >can't prove it was the…[View]
20426553>ambient temperature sensor fails >climate control goes berserk and won't stop flipping b…[View]
20426461OURCAR: EXPLAIN YOURSELF >Why don't you drive a practical, good looking, great sounding spor…[View]
20426219abarth v mini: i like the abarth more because it sounds pretty damn good but what do you guys think?…[View]
20426376>car shopping >the car I wanted at the dealership I went to is gone >the manlet salesman ha…[View]
2042388610 billion identical looking buttons: Why do car makers still do this?[View]
20424035Nissan Xterra: My Xterra got SMOD before I bought it. Radiator and tranny was replaced. What are the…[View]
20417347Bought a rusty 240sx...advice: So I bought a stock '91 240sx with less than 100k miles on it bu…[View]
20420859So apparently with the early 2000's Expedition models they have a major defect where the spark …[View]
20426092What does /o/ think of my new car?[View]
20421286why people hate FWD in /o/? Fiat 500, Accord, fiesta, are good cars.[View]
20420363Ab/o/mination thread, because the guy who just started working at the store next to mine forces me t…[View]
20426226Just posted a thread a little while ago mentioning my struggles trying to get this grommet through a…[View]
20424734What do you think /o/? >https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/d/vancouver-1995-toyota-tercel/68…[View]
20425883Imagine thinking Mercedes is a quality brand. Look at the state of the new A class interior, pic rel…[View]
20423600I'm buying my first car soon and am nervous because I don't have much money and know nothi…[View]
20425544>he bought a german car[View]
20423449>has been a mechanic for 51 years >never learned how to pronounce Porsche…[View]
20425437Nissan stuck in park: >be last night >gf's 2009 automatic Nissan Versa shitbox gets stuck…[View]
20420949Porsche boxter 986 Anyone got one of these? They're remarkably cheap, thinking of getting one,…[View]
20424919Are there any good steering wheel covers or are they a bad meme?[View]
20424641Ever had your car repaired by a priest?[View]
20415814/TURK/: Turkish car general, time to come out of the woodwork boys is the turkish car scene the best…[View]
20425736Opel Omega B, good daily?: Is the Opel Omega B a good daily? >sedan >RWD >Cheap as fuck …[View]
20424906coolant pipes: I've got a 1992 Chevy Cavalier with a minor problem. I just finished putting the…[View]
20425635March 7th and we will see the future car of the meme.[View]
20418976Miatas are boring looking and kind of ugly[View]
20424977Old lawn mower engines... what are some fun things to do with them? I have about 4 old briggs and st…[View]
20425551Why do people hide their license plate when selling cars/taking pictures of their car?[View]
20416090Why is the WRX not /o/ur car?[View]
20418005/g/ user here. Is there a way to get started modifying engines and the electronic systems in cars? L…[View]
20418030Martins car mods[View]
20421499I love this man[View]
20409004Name a better diesel engine. i'll wait.[View]
20425308is this aesthetic?[View]
20423244What car would you absolutely pick to drive around during an apocalypse?: Whether that be a super vo…[View]
20424466Post your favorite JDM car: Post your favorite JDM car[View]
20424600Hey guys What are your thoughts on this beast of a car? Opel Meriva 2004 1.7 cdti[View]
20413010BMW is a brand where you pay for the quality and attention to detai...[View]
20424719I want a new luxury car Its too expensive and I already have another car payment I did find a salva…[View]
20415364[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Suzunoki Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand P…[View]
20416976ITT: Cars: Post good lookin cars[View]
20424595You can only post in this thread if you post in this thread.[View]
20413416What went wrong ?[View]
20425071Whats the catch: Ok \o\ whats the catch with these things. I see a ton of the tdi's for sale fo…[View]
20424515What does /o/ think about mild hybrids?: >start and stop that doesn't suck dick >electric…[View]
20424701Henry Ford Dies in 1904 Car Crash: Also posted to >>>/his/6170760 but I think /o/ would als…[View]
20423385M8 GTE released in iRacing.: Finally.[View]
20424621Shitposting: Why is there so much shitposting on this board? Everytime you enter a thread these is a…[View]
20421530Why the fuck it gotta cost so damn much to fix a car. >Slight dent- $4,000 >New tires- $1,000 …[View]
20421768Help me not hate my car /o/: I'm stuck with this 2010 Camry for the for seeable future and I ju…[View]
20424351I'm trying to become a professional wrapper and want to wrap about palyndromes. I can put my ka…[View]
20423265Genesis G70: >6 speed manual(or 8 speed auto) >awd >LSD >twin-turbo v6 outputting 365hp,…[View]
20423416BMW 1 series M140i: Is this controllable for my second ever car? 335bhp 0-60 in 4.6 seconds 3L eng…[View]
20409560/CCG/ - Classic Cars General: /CCG/ - Classic Cars General On last week's episode: >/CCG/ Te…[View]
20423454>but first car >it takes 13.6 seconds to go from 0-60…[View]
204209931999 sti import: Hey /o/, Im considering buying a 1999 impreza sti that was imported from japan. Th…[View]
20421695Preventing remote car hacking by disabling telematics unit: Title, is it possible? My only problem w…[View]
20423662Trucklets BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_q95Ty7aTo[View]
20424284Motherfucking FUCK pollen. I can't wash my car without seeing this fucking yellow tree jizz on …[View]
20419847w220: So what are your opinions on the ol w220. I have one , it's been fairly decent ride. Asid…[View]
20422387Ok so I drove an Audi TT tonight. I’m 6’4”. >tfw have headroom in my fucking Miata >tfw I don’…[View]
20407035>Massive pile up on highway. >People don't seem to be breaking ahead of time >Just wa…[View]
20410590Post your dream car >pic related[View]
20422263AUDI A3/R3: One of the hottest german designs in recent years[View]
20421186I wanna see the best shop fails you got[View]
20422376ITT: we are making another Tokyo drift, it's a direct Han prequel or a Sean sequel set in the s…[View]
20424127Exactly how clunky and loud is a T56 supposed to be? (Manual transmission) Pushing in the clutch to …[View]
20422433Boulevard motorcycle song: This must have been back in 2005 or six. I was but a young anon, 3rd or 4…[View]
20421966Let's talk Ice scrapers: What is the superior ice scraper and why is it the Snow Moover 39' wit…[View]
20420248>Americans love big, stupid SUVs >Knowing this, GM still won't sell the Trailblazer in th…[View]
20415426Mazda: How are they doing these days? I'm thinking about buying a new 2019 CX-5 after this mass…[View]
20423817/CAG/ - Canadian Auto General: A thread for the Canadians in this board. Questions/Discussions/Anyth…[View]
20420385Are you ever worried about parking your car in a public parking garage with normies? How the fuck do…[View]
20423825Post your scariest/weirdest car related stories: Post your scariest/weirdest car related stories. Fo…[View]
20415072Saab: Why did they fail?[View]
20420590DASH CAMERA THREAD: Whats the best (free) dashcam app for android? I'm using my Samsung Galaxy …[View]
20409987Is this the ultimate Daily Driver >Cheap to buy >55MPG >0-60 in 7 seconds >Fun to drive…[View]
20422840Does Nissan know how to make anything besides a fat piece of shit?[View]
204219491987 Ford Ranger 2.9 5 speed >Truck misses and hesitates bad unless WOT after fixing a bad manifo…[View]
20421510Can i replace a 185\55 R15 with a 185\65 R14 tire?: My integra tire got slashed and the pick n pull …[View]
20423493...___BAMM___ CCHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: >roll to the side >inspect car >nothing…[View]
20423355/o/ I recently picked up a 2007 Suzuki swift sport for my first car. Shits amazing, I’m gonna be sad…[View]
204219674WD_MR2: Hi /o/ I'm currently converting a 1991 SW20 MR2 to all wheel drive, using a cosworth M…[View]
20418927How steep do you think the tax and insurance will be for 'off the grid' non-auto pilot vehicles in 1…[View]
20422318im pretty shook after a pretty bad rollover, totalling my car. It was my first accident ever. I feel…[View]
20419983So now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that white is the most patrician car color out th…[View]
20422639Does those mirrors make any sense?[View]
20423181Picture: A friend just sent me that picture.. And i would like to know from what car / generation / …[View]
20420160I'd buy one, but they arent street legal, and with the fucking underbody theres no way you coul…[View]
20417581Why are westerners too technologically incapable to build a competitor to this car? Americlaps only …[View]
20420719I think, with the exception of the new 7-Series, that BMW’s new designs look excellent. Evolutionary…[View]
20419666What would it take to kill dealerships off? I'm sure these massive corporations can figure out …[View]
20422321I love my country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfh40Hy8dUs[View]
20417565Tell me why I shouldn't get a bucket seats for the track car I'm building for $800 bones? …[View]
20412245/ovg/ - clipped wings and flying cars edition: Welcome to /ovg/ the #1 online 'simracing' community.…[View]
20423048>How did you know I drive a Prius, /o/?[View]
20415392>He is past the age of 20 and is yet to purchase his first car Unless you live in a city, what is…[View]
20421154You might not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
20421579Why does Mercedes make such ugly cars?[View]
20418972>mfw EV hippies lost[View]
20422340What’s /o/ version please of this?[View]
20415180Will this shithole ever recover full ownership their auto industry ? And what will happen to it when…[View]
20417017Why haven't you picked up a project car and tuned it to have over 600 hp and race it?[View]
20422705Post yfw double digit redneck mouth breathers call the price of paying for a car that will last 25 y…[View]
20420338This what happens when your miata eats a GMC pickups ass[View]
20414901Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.[View]
20418399New 2020 S-Class Interior Shots: Points to note - >It's got a giant screen in the middle…[View]
20420724UTV Thread: Anybody have one of these? Thinking about buying one of these things. Been doing some lo…[View]
20417379Recently I bought a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and the previous owner painted it with house paint. H…[View]
20409978ITT: post cars that were common in 2009 (10 years ago), but rare today.[View]
20412206Camless Engines & the future of the ICE: Okay I am getting seriously impatient. What the FUCK is…[View]
20420206In your opinion, what is the worst current design trend of car manufacturers and why? Mine is the fu…[View]
20419484Cars that saved your life: I'll start. When I just turned 18, I bought myself a 1999 Honda Civi…[View]
20421486Why are 4th and 5th gears swapped in some vehicles? What is the advantage to this shift pattern? Pi…[View]
20420127Why are most car 'infotainment' systems still so laggy and shit? Surely it can't be h…[View]
20422302Prius anon where did you go? Thread deleted? You smoked the parking brake, probably, but should be f…[View]
20421631Would you consider bmws reliable?[View]
20406263/ORG/ - Off Road General - sending it edition: no copypasta time. post your weapon rigs and send it …[View]
20421855Hyundai: Just bought a 2016 Hyundai Accent SE with 45k miles Was in a fender bender(extremely minor)…[View]
20419169Aluminium flywheel Y/N?[View]
20420276>no car is perfec-[View]
20418291Sup, /o/, I'm looking into older ES300s as a daily. How much would I be looking to spend initia…[View]
204208613000gt VR4: Do these cars have any redeeming qualities at all. I'm in the market for a decent w…[View]
20416064/dbt/ - daily bike thread: start linking the new thread properly or I'm going to keep doing thi…[View]
20421837Let's talk...: Hello /o/, I'm posting this thread to know what you guys think about this o…[View]
20420819>Start engine Left Side light failure Motor Control System Failure >Tap on the gas Car almost …[View]
20421200I need a new one of these, but they went and pissed away their entire factory. What can I get instea…[View]
20418603Americans are so into cuckmobile-crossovers and SUVs that their indigenous car manufacturers are sto…[View]
20418348How could i fix this? It's a backdoor, pretty much difficult shape I have not any special tool…[View]
20394974Auto Sticker General #403 /osg/: Auto Sticker General #403 /osg/ Missing helmet 2nd edition Previou…[View]
20414828What went wrong?: Will they ever get it right, /o/?[View]
20418854What did Opel mean by this?: What did Opel mean by this?[View]
20416508Lookin for truck: Need a truck, looking at 90s-early 2000s US fullsize pickups. Trying to figure out…[View]
20420349I legitimately enjoy driving any car. when people say 'uhh that's a boring car, i want a fun ca…[View]
20419909ok guys I think most everyone on here would agree the 90s Lexus LS400 was a great shitbox and you ca…[View]
20420029Hello all! I’ve got a ‘96 Suzuki Sidekick 2wd 1.6l with a 3 speed automatic transmission. I need to…[View]
20421422I need help finding the previous owner of this old BMW I found and bought... Without a fucking title…[View]
20419193/o/, talk me out of getting a 4runner[View]
20421073How bad are they? Early 2000's model.[View]
20410505>that guy who backs into parking spots[View]
20414190Florida fag here. Moving to Minnesota for a job. Never driven in cold climates let alone lived there…[View]
20419514Buying a Volvo V50 Station Wagon: So I have a few options but would you guys rather go with a higher…[View]
20416941What should I know if I'm looking to buy one?[View]
20419225Would it be a bad idea to have this circulate through the cooling system and heater core for a week …[View]
20420915this has always scared me, the bottom fascia on the new grand cherokee looks like a mustang carcass[View]
20420581How to get off medium sized spots of rust like this? Gonna be repainting soon but want to remove the…[View]
20420608But why when there is a Tercel to satisfy your need?[View]
20419959How do I go about reporting an illegally imported car?[View]
20420729US Tariffs on imported autos and parts: If you were thinking of purchasing a new imported vehicle or…[View]
20420794Carfax Thread?: I'll PayPal anyone $5 that can give me a carfax for this VIN WBSKG9C51BE645447…[View]
20420272Bu siktiğimin boardu neden türklerle doldu amına çakacağım 5 sene önce buraya kaçtım geldim buranınd…[View]
20420572Which of these cars should would you spend 130k on?: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5c6b0a4be4…[View]
20419913>he lives in a state or country where laser jammerd are illegal and you cannot cockblock the jack…[View]
204186951987 Honda CBR xxxx: Hey /o/ /k/ommando here, friend of mine is selling what I believe to be a 1987 …[View]
20413455What should I prepare for when I buy one of these?[View]
20418823So i drive a '92 Miata with 160k miles. It drives nicely but sometimes it doesn't want to …[View]
20418812Oh, no! You're running from the world's strongest man, capable of holding 500kg - that…[View]
20419675Car noob here. Is this a SOHC or DOHC engine? Does it have a turbo? The owner claims its a DOHC twi…[View]
20420199Do night driving glasses really work? Can you just use shooting glasses in their place?[View]
20420398Lucid motors is coming alive https://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/tech/2019/02/18/lucid-m…[View]
20412689Lexus grillefags BTFO[View]
20418885>want to purchase 'ultimate driving machine' >go look at 5 series >bitch barely has cuphol…[View]
20416256I have a question for you anons. Burgerland native here. My cars motor blew up recently and because …[View]
20405275Fuck your opinion: Why don't you drive a practical, good looking, great sounding sports car tha…[View]
20419939JLR and TATA motors: Is it all over for PajeetRover and Jag-u-bar? Maybe a british person can buy th…[View]
20414767Should I buy an engine just to learn how to fix one?: So I was offered the same engine my car has fo…[View]
20416032What was the most embarrassing /o/ thing that happened to you?[View]
20417965Delusional Craigslist Thread: What's up with people on Craigslist thinking their $500 shitbox i…[View]
20414871>over 800 horsepower >auto only Ruined.[View]
20417169Going cross country inna van: A few buddies and I are plannin on getting a van like pic related and …[View]
20419731Hi. I had a problem with my car. Today I measured the voltages on a battery. 11.8 before turning it …[View]
20419154Trips and we get a Daytona general[View]
20419668Windshield replacement: Not smart when it comes to cars. Have a 2017 Audi Q5 that needs windshield r…[View]
20418494TESLA: Asleep in my brand new Tesla, you jelly /o/?[View]
20418969Get smell out of floor: Hey br/o/s, I spilt some coffee and other liquids on the passenger side floo…[View]
20418570You may not like it, but this is what peak automotive design and engineering looks like[View]
20419295Meanwhile in American /o/: I need your help choosing a new car: >Needs to be tall so I can comman…[View]
20409477Why didn’t anyone warn me /o/: >be me >have oil leak >lazy fuck and too cheap to pay shop …[View]
20418162P/o/verty: You're 20+ and can't afford to drive pic related. What went wrong?[View]
20417773What is there to say about the N15 Nissan Pulsar/Almera?[View]
20418822Why don't Burgermutts make licencing as strict as Europe?[View]
20414074What new car are you looking to in 2020 (lets pretend we have 30k). Or would you get one of the cars…[View]
20417699>literally a rebadged fiat 500[View]
20419055Can we all agree this is the best 4wd SUV under 5k? Hardcore offroaders need not show up to whine ab…[View]
20418145Imagine if Chevrolet released a modern Corvair in 2022.: >Rear Engine >Rear Wheel Drive >Co…[View]
20416254Is it worth paying extra for a rebadged Accord to get DCT or save money on regular Accord with CVT?[View]
20418327I'm looking into buying my first diesel truck and have come across alot of information along wi…[View]
20417265I AM A PERFECT HERO[View]
20419016old car smell: Hi /o/ , i've been looking for a wunderbaum of some sort that would be the oppos…[View]
20417775DO NOT USE THIS: Hey /o/ I'm posting this everywhere I can to warn people. Don't use this …[View]
20419019Headlight wipers: If your car doesn't have them you're not allowed to be called a 'carguy'…[View]
20414343316i or celica?: Should I trade my 316i for an 1.6 5th gen celica? I really like the BMW, but it sta…[View]
20404949Post your favorite song/album and /o/ will accurately guess what car you drive[View]
20414673If I gut this exhaust and put a straight pipe in this muffler then seal it up will it pass an non-em…[View]
20414846What is your excuse for not driving a wagon?[View]
20412476Cool 80s cars?[View]
20411286Does /o/ do repairs/maintainance on their cars? Also wrenching thread, timing chain edition.[View]
20416225Ok. So. I'm embarking on a really long, really expensive journey. So I bought an E28 M5 for dir…[View]
20408983Did you guys watch the Grand Tour's Latest Episode? For fucks sake how have western countries f…[View]
20418815me on the right[View]
20414523Thoughts on this? Probably buying and wondering what to check on the truck without tearing apart the…[View]
20416885Thoughts on the Excursion? Just how much practical room is in this?[View]
204179552002 ES300 SHOP MANUAL: Need shop manual for 2002 Lexus ES300. Can’t find it anywhere online in any …[View]
20418749Guys if you look closely, Nissan is going straight to shit while Kia and Hyundai are coming up.[View]
20417262Practical and Fun: Im looking for something practical and fun, im mainly looking at 2001 B5 A4 Quatt…[View]
20417040>Well, I personally drive what I like and am just fine with other people liking things I don…[View]
20415168Alright, let's be h/o/nest here. How reliable is the 328i? I'm looking for a daily that ca…[View]
20412035I cannot believe how badly I have fucked up. The worst part? I'm not even a retard, promise. I…[View]
20418283What do you think of the new wheels /o/?[View]
20415724Anyone here familiar with MC Accents? My girlfriend has a 1.6L 2008 Hyundai Accent and it's rec…[View]
20391162What are some reddit cars?: What makes a car reddit?[View]
20418136buying a used Toyota Corolla: Hello all, I'm looking for some advice on pic related. it's …[View]
20418372How would you go about picking up a drift car for under 1k total investment. I'm thinking my b…[View]
20415617>mom buys me a used car for my birthday >its a fwd crossover…[View]
20410692Boys... I need advice...: Right... So I'm confused between buying a VX Commodore Ute (V6) or a …[View]
20413136Flat bottom sterring wheels are better in every way than round steering wheels. >change my mind…[View]
20418087You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
20412807Oem paint: What manufacturer has the best looking and longest lasting factory paint?[View]
20409256What's the most Boomer car?: What's the most Boomer car?[View]
20418123Winter story thread?: >be me >couple weeks ago >work the overnight at a gas station a coupl…[View]
20411678S/o/Cal Meet: Post-Meet Shitposting: This month we’re going to your mom's house to see her fat …[View]
20418082Fuck cars and fuck this Noarc I will trust the legs the god gave me to get where I'm going and …[View]
20417045sup /o/. i got gifted an lt1 transam that hasn't run in a few years due to fuel issues. engine …[View]
20416507How am I supposed to buy a car without test driving it? I've been looking at an Audi RS3, but t…[View]
20417409Fictional cars based on real ones: Comet - Porsche 911[View]
20417009Looking into getting a vehicle. What do you recommend? >Open to new or used >20-30k$ to spend…[View]
20416137What's the most /o/ car?[View]
20409318>The Porsche 911 is the highest-ranked model in the 2019 study. This is the first year that a Mos…[View]
20415005Thoughts on the Infiniti Electric Racer?: https://youtu.be/PansK_q0t98[View]
20415979Auto Industry Thread: Anybody else in the automotive industry? >Go to 2 year tech school, somethi…[View]
20410057>sports cars with electric steering why the fuck? what is the point? is lane assist really that f…[View]
20417564I have had to do a fuck load of stop-start driving in my car since I started a new job (drive a shit…[View]
20412556>paris hilton has better automotive taste than 99.9% of /o/ wtf?[View]
20417630this may concern /0/ >>>/b/792931528[View]
20406116The AWD Turbo is coming back baby.[View]
20414771You can still buy a brand new Volkswagen Golf Wagon with a manual and AWD. In a dark age of FWD cros…[View]
20411320The year is 1989 and you have founded a small, self-sufficient, communist empire on a sequestered is…[View]
20411933Best songs to listen to while driving please? I'm putting together a playlist. No eurobeat tras…[View]
20415620I love the body style of the 85 corolla hatchback but i refuse to have a daily driver without airbag…[View]
20416175What does /o think about pt cruisers[View]
20416270BMW 5 best BMW: Olum the 5 BMWs best, style and women love.[View]
20415508Finding a car owner: came across the beaut at an abandoned house. how would i go about finding the o…[View]
20408945All licensing tests should be conducted on manual transmission. The Eurofaggots got this one right, …[View]
20413558Does /o/ enjoy detailing?: What is the best process for detailing?(step by step) I want to detail my…[View]
20411640Fastest, best cornering car for track/fun costing the least money. Is it pic related?[View]
20414566Nissan continues to BTFO of everyone else. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/watch-this-im…[View]
20411631Why don't we have air vents like this in cars? These are the worlds greatest air vents.[View]
20416422Tuning a stock car?: can you see gains on tuning a stock car? Also can you void the Warrenty on a le…[View]
20416018Thinking about getting a golf gti, I like the idea of a good mixture of fun and practicality, coming…[View]
20414312Auto Sins: Ok so we post an auto sin I think the Nissan Juke is a fucking cool looking car.[View]
20410921Craigslist thread: https://boise.craigslist.org/cto/d/lake-fork-96-subaru-legacy-awd/6815791041.html…[View]
20415980Based Motor Works: /ourbrand/[View]
20416150Deciding budget for car: I'm getting ready to buy my first car. How should I go about figuring …[View]
20416751Auto repair advice: Hey guys, I had an auto question and I figured if I were to get a straight answe…[View]
20412899Audi/VW gearheads get in here!: I got a 2014 Jetta GLI 2.0. Hands down the best car I've had. S…[View]
20413822Imagine actually owning a Nissan[View]
20415588I've had soft brakes ever since I changed my pads a couple of weeks ago. I just bled them but t…[View]
20408758What went wrong?[View]
20416280Türkiye president loves BMW: Erdogan president of Türkiye drives BMW, best car 4 ever. Death to Kurd…[View]
20390951Your Ideal Automotive Design: Alright, /o/. You can design any car you want. Safety regulations such…[View]
20416077Have you guys ever tried out oval karting? I know karts are a really cheap way to get into racing, b…[View]
20413141I know this isn't necessarily /o/ related. But in a way... Our jobs/careers feed our passion (…[View]
20416312Not sure if this merits a thread, but I'm just looking for some advice. I have an '03 f350…[View]
20406507Name a more based car[View]
20392774This is going to cuck everyone. It feels bad but I have to admit, it looks crazy good.[View]
20411063Do you ever use the 2nd or 1st (low) gear in your auto cars? What do you use it for?[View]
20416087Cars closest to the Regalia.: What cars are closest to the Regalia in terms of aesthetics? I remembe…[View]
20411691Let's be real here, even if the sale of ICE vehicles doesn't get banned in 10ish years, we…[View]
20410090>the perfect car doesn't exi-[View]
20416002Best Machines Worldwide: Why aren’t you driving one? Is it because you are poor and stupid?[View]
20416165>this butthurt civic driver have a meltdown about BMW[View]
20406442why do people buy new cars and why do they always try to tell me to buy a new car?[View]
20414708Post high test cockpits[View]
20415960Hey /o/, Name my piece of shit Charger. It’s a pursuit model previously driven by a fat fuck detect…[View]
20413772>1990 ford probe >pristine condition >100k miles >$2000 broke as fuck, seems like the mo…[View]
20410471do you guys know of any good small pickup trucks? Im thinking about doing something drifty but diffe…[View]
20415949>tfw my gf dumped me for Chad in his BMW[View]
20404426>tfw laser jammers are legal in my state and you can cuck cops out of their speeding tickets Feel…[View]
20415121tfw fucked my gf twice today while you faggots hated each other because of cars My focus mk1 is enou…[View]
20415760pls help: If a wire that goes to the starter looks like this but the starter itself is ok, is the wi…[View]
20412332can anyone guess what hose this is? 2003 vw polo 1.2 gas engine pretty sure air runs through it as i…[View]
20415127Why are some people such cunts when you ask for help replacing or fixing things on cars? They try to…[View]
20411854Lexus LFA: Why is one of the most exclusive and desirable supercars the most slept on?[View]
20412343This brand generates by far the most envy and salt on this board. It's honestly something to be…[View]
20411281Hasbikes LARPing as busrider edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brands Pragmatism >Motorcyc…[View]
20414818noko: It's a shame they never released these cars in the US. Stationwagons are a lovely thing t…[View]
20412522Got first car, need help diagnosing issue: sup guys. I got a 2001 A4 1.8T. 5 speed. Has very low oil…[View]
20412445>Imagine being real american fixin cars with your son[View]
20413188would a 3 cylinder car handle driving 3000+ kilometres over the span of some days? if it already has…[View]
20414718Daytona 500 General: B/o/ogity b/o/ogity b/o/ogity, lets go racing B/o/ys![View]
20414103E46 320i or E39 525i: >Both are $2,500 >Both are from 2003 Which one should I get? Which one i…[View]
20414289>came out 15 years ago and this scum has never even gotten a facelift Why is Nissan so asleep at …[View]
20414657What's the English word for that thing old cars have that (as far as I understand) blocks the a…[View]
20409372>imagine that Paul crashed in actually good car and survive[View]
20414558What insurance do yall got? Im thinking of trying Root insurance cause i pay like $270 for full cove…[View]
20411371why are people bashing Nissan, and posting 'SCUM' all the time?[View]
20411817The chinks know how to design cars[View]
20414063I am an Europoor with an IS200 (these things are so painfully slow it makes me wish I bought a BMW) …[View]

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