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20263910Heated Wheel Wells: Why can't I buy a car with heated wheel wells as part of a cold weather pac…[View]
20263571Why don't car makers start using this pattern for their automatics?[View]
20256433Why are grocery getters becoming more and more aggressive and angry >Camry >Jetta >Civic …[View]
20260708Is there a more capable SUV?: Every crossover BTFO[View]
20264131It's that wonderful fucking time of year again! KING OF THE HAMMERS 2019! WHO'S GOING?[View]
20263498who has historical footage on airbags pretty sure im fucking autism/o/ but god damn, do i love airba…[View]
20263417Is this okay[View]
20262393>tfw its time to take the corvette for a drive[View]
20260102I'm glad Maserati is getting back on track[View]
20263671Ford: We're going to make F-Series all-electric: > https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/20…[View]
20256137They did it better[View]
20263290I didn't know Porsche and Nvidia teamed up.[View]
20262488Do your own goddamn basic maintenance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-avpx8UTakI[View]
20262940-0-60 isn't everything -1/4 miles aren't everything -Lap records aren't everything -L…[View]
20262647'haha you drive a miata? what a fucking homo.' 'nice honda civic grandma' 'wrxs are for vaping retar…[View]
20261883*surpasses 1 million miles with it's original gasoline engine* Why can't Ford, Chevy or Do…[View]
20263377Using a vacuum gauge: /o/ what would the following condition indicate? Steady 20 Inches at idle but …[View]
20263065Im a BMW Fag and even I think this looks disgusting[View]
20249611Why is it so perfect?[View]
20263386Paint Matching: Hell/o/. Im currently working on a 1974 buick apollo and im habing problems finding …[View]
20263424S550 General: All things S550[View]
20252549There is literally nothing Toyota could've done besides literally re-releasing the same supra f…[View]
20263255Kia: There's literally nothing wrong with this.[View]
20263024Red pill me on buying a skoda octavia RS.[View]
20263497TRABANT: does anyone own one? whats it like? i might import one to america at some point[View]
20254777stopping with a manual: >brake >change gears five times >hold clutch down >determine win…[View]
20255470Let's be honest, how many of you have driven a car that isn't owned by your parents?[View]
20262634Is there any real benefit to importing? I mean, I know that your selection is more varied but it jus…[View]
20256887So are you a Palisade or a Telluride man?[View]
20262497ITT: Cars that made you laugh when you saw them[View]
20240205/CCG/ - Classic Car General: /CCG/ - Classic Car General >Green Edition On last week's episo…[View]
20263343MARK V SUPRA[View]
20262605$225,000 - $275,000 six-cylinder Corvette: Is this the peak of what the Corvette world will see? I k…[View]
20261830Imagine buying a Maserati Ghibli[View]
20263248Why would GM make these?!: They clog and cause the interior to flood[View]
20252400>muh touge Why can't retards appreciate the appeal of having a straight-line drag monster?…[View]
20253402If your truck doesn't make a 1000 pound feet of torques, is it even a real truck?[View]
20263003Horror tales of craigslist. 'Hey, I know you want eight hundred, but I only three bucks and a half e…[View]
20261532Getting Worse: Hey guys, just fucked myself out of at least 200 bucks. Replacing a water pump, neede…[View]
20262966Hey someone lend me a few million dollars.[View]
20261341Why don't all cars come with tint standard?[View]
20262998Why isn’t 4WS a thing anymore?: My first car was a ‘95 Lude with 4WS... the 4WS on those cars wasn’t…[View]
20248605Auto Gore: No auto gore? no problem.[View]
20262880Do you think he's guitly, /o/ ?[View]
20256527Well? How do you respond to this?[View]
20262684Would you attempt to remove an alarm system that's giving you problems if it requires soldering…[View]
20254401Manual transmissions are a symbol of toxic masculine hetero normative patriarchy. Often times men br…[View]
20254694I never hated Tesla before they selfishly started this Tesla only parking bullshit and the Tesla onl…[View]
20262246Are services like this bullshit? I have a classmate who says hes bout 4 good cars for under a thousa…[View]
20257865ITT: Madman ideas Putting a V8 in a Miata.[View]
20253386What are some cheap engines/ cars that can handle a lot of boost?[View]
20262717Why can't America into cars?[View]
20260154>new bmw 7 series sniff nose >weird rgb interior in the new s classes looks like the a8 saves …[View]
20261044Lexus grille is ba-[View]
20262044ITT: Ferrari: >ctrl + f >Ferrari >0 results Do people not know a good sports car anymore?…[View]
20261974ITT: /mu/ X /o/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W75adfIGTec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNf5w1I…[View]
20261782>barn find hunter? >now THAT'S a show…[View]
20262564Opinions about crossovers: Are you guys more into SUVs or crossovers? Reviewing a new one today. htt…[View]
20262067>old bitch crashes my stationwagon >rent truck for winter in meantime >massive fucking RAM …[View]
20259887Is Jalopnik good? I hate Gawker and Deadspin. IDK if I should be giving Jalopnik clicks.[View]
20262421Good bye: Someone posted a pic of a white Hyundai in a scrap yard the other day. It had 'Good Bye' w…[View]
20255634New BMW 7 series: *snifff* Are you ready?[View]
20246911/ovg/ - imagine not jerking off to anime while simracing: Don't be a loser, join WEC JUNIOR. Do…[View]
20257362Nürburgring - Track Changes for 2019: https://youtu.be/MbCfhu2MEkM Are you excited?[View]
20248612How do you drive? >acceleration at green lights >do you 'ricer flyby'? >tendency to bully …[View]
20257359What’s your opinion of the mini: Pretty underrated these days desu[View]
20261218Is it possible to negotiate this car down from 20k to 17k? What's the most you ever got a price…[View]
20261728Post underrated FF cars: FWD cars get a bad reputation, but there are plenty of FWD cars that can ac…[View]
20258758Hey /o/. So before I blow $40k, I figured I'd ask. Is there a better conversion van for stealt…[View]
20257069Anyone uses this tires? BFGoodrich All Terrain KO 2 Thinking about using them as an all year tire, …[View]
20258284Why didn’t Toyota and BMW bass the Supra on the M4 platform instead of the Z4? The Supra has always …[View]
20261461Dyno Q: So do you really have to dyno the 2016 camaro ss in 5th gear? is there a conversion to do it…[View]
20261834poopra: now that the dust has settled, do you think the aftermarket will make this thing look half a…[View]
20259060Need money: Theres a miata in my area (approx 4 hour round trip) from me. I'm looking to buy it…[View]
20260101>be me >fail driving test 4 times >''that'll be 656$ sir on top of the 2059$…[View]
202588485 gears>>>>6 gears[View]
20261416If you absolutely need to buy one of those meme performances SUVs, which one will you go for?[View]
20255829Just picked this up in North Texas. Thoughts?[View]
202613182nd Gen RAV4: I recently came across the opportunity to snag a 2004 RAV4 with 100,000mi and in reall…[View]
20261208Hey fatties, what kind of car do you drive? Do you have a hard time getting in and out?[View]
20261429Rolls royce b60: Trying to get to the timing belt but the crank pulley is seized on I've been g…[View]
20249521Horrifying things you've seen: >One time, my bro and I were driving around and there were a …[View]
20259505I'm tired of driving total shitboxes. Opinions?: I live in sacramento, CA and want a 2nd car to…[View]
20261196C/o/mfy Thread: >long car trip >wake up at 4:30, warm car while I pack it because winter >o…[View]
20261287Alright haha, good joke guys. Right? Good joke? This is a joke right? Guys?[View]
20260225Locked my keys in my running truck lads is shelling out $75 shekels to get it unlocked my best way o…[View]
20261174Why do chinks and arabs get better cars for less money than europeans??[View]
20185972S/o/Cal ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶A̶r̶i̶z̶/̶o̶/̶n̶a̶ ̶j̶o̶i̶n̶t̶ meet: Winter Hoon: Here it is, the long awaited ̶j̶o…[View]
20257650>his truck isn't a base model 2WD[View]
20258584Cars under 10k in Australia on provisional license?: I live in Australia and I'm getting my gre…[View]
20260218Virgin Supra vs Chad Mustang GT500[View]
20258303even though nobody here gets along and can never agree on cars: i love you guys and hope all of you …[View]
20256329why can't american cars handle these?[View]
20253664>upwards of 700 horsepower >carbon wheels and active aero >7 speed dct “HURR DURR ITS NO…[View]
20260851I have an extremely low status job as a truck driver. Women wont date me and people just think I mus…[View]
20261100>want to buy new car >want nothing to do with lane assist, safety beeps, all that faggot shit …[View]
20260284Here’s your new S1 bro[View]
20255901Where the hell is the miata general? Well, here's one, I need roll bar help. Anyone had a gcfab…[View]
20261102non-digital/fully mechanical cars thread: At some point vehicles stopped becoming investments and lu…[View]
20259215Dual Clutch Transmission[View]
2026128310/10 Deal[View]
20260553Inb4 cuck: Believe it or not, its a very fun car to drive. Especially the 1.6 hdi. And the looks are…[View]
2023263389 vs 90 vs 91 gas: >pump car with 89 gas cuz its cheaper >realise 2 years later that the car …[View]
20261060Cars that look much better in real life than on photos. I'll start: Volvo 940[View]
20260557>be married for 12 years >have 3 kids >career bitch wife decides to divorce you because you…[View]
20256130Lower center of gravity than 86. More rigid than the LFA. 0-60 in 4.1 secs. Projected nurburgring ti…[View]
20220831thoughts on new California exhaust law https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJnM8pCVGyM[View]
20260500>live on a tiny island >a 7 hour drive takes me to the complete opposide side >i've be…[View]
20260781I just ordered 5 of these and plan to sell them for 15k on ebay, since it's still a huge discou…[View]
20235647Why can't we just build new roads exclusively for self driving vehicles? The tech is already ad…[View]
20259812Hi where are the stray Prius >:Ξ[View]
20259388It’s the future and driving a vehicle has been made obsolete thanks to autonomous transportation. Ca…[View]
20253143What is the coolest mod/kit you have ever seen? Credit for this one @the_kyza on instagram.[View]
20260167Sup fegs I work for a company that provides me with a vehicle to take home and go to service calls w…[View]
20258209Daily bike thread - /dbt/: Yamaha >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling >Motorcycle Que…[View]
20259171How long is it safe to drive with 4/5 lugs? No garage, poorfag, can't fix it for at least 2 wee…[View]
20260574Who wants to go halfsies, br/o/s? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mazda/rx-7/mazda…[View]
20257192Car id: Saw this car outside work, I think it's some kind of Mazda (at first thought it was an …[View]
20259356Thinking of buying a 2008 Hyundai Tiburon TS (limited edition), talk me out of it. >inb4 muh RWD…[View]
20257295Say something nice about the Chevy SSR b/o/ys[View]
20258397I don't frequent this board often, but this is vehicle related, I'm moving off to college …[View]
20253881Any tips for learning to drive? /o/?[View]
20257609post yfw this car singlehandedly btfo soigoys, weebs, gay 15 year olds, brain damaged poorfags, and …[View]
20260363I've got an interview at a dealership to become an entry level technician. I don't have ex…[View]
20255385Can you give me a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
20257510Driving gloves, memes or usefull?: Hey /o Are driving gloves memes, or something people actually use…[View]
20259950Sedan vs Hatchback: Hello my br/o/thers I'm about to buy my first car (current driver is one gi…[View]
20248007Post your seats bich[View]
20255131Chevy shit: Half a rotor? Seriously? A shattered caliper piston? Cmon chevy cucks explain yourselves…[View]
20259211/hg/ 本田: >stage 2 edition H/o/ndur General >Shitbox appreciation >Lawnmowers >More torqu…[View]
20259448Can you put an automatic car engine into a manual transmission car (pic related)[View]
20260133Ze Ultimate Battle[View]
20252974The Ford Raptor is the most alpha production auto.[View]
20257843>I only ride in steam powered trains >I like the sound and tinkering and being in control of t…[View]
20259916Who was in the wrong here[View]
20251126I think what kills EV's is a few things. 1: No cheap shitbox EV's for like 5K that look pr…[View]
20256792Why was he so fucking handsome?[View]
20253855American Cars are Actually Good?: Where were you when you discovered that American cars are actually…[View]
20259703Who came up with the current HUGE gaping grill meme?: This is a 2006 design which looks recent but l…[View]
20244712Why does.......Cadillac give of a feel that their cars are cheaply built? IDK man there's somet…[View]
20252530Is Ferrari going to die if it isn't bought out? Most of the other sexy companies are under the …[View]
20257145Where were you when you found out the new Supra is pigfat: 1520 kg... ffs toyota[View]
20254987is he the greatest collector?[View]
20247011My car has rust on the bottom. What's the best way to stop the rust from spreading? Should I sc…[View]
20258594Who is the target audience of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk? White trash lottery winners? Who wa…[View]
20259168post the most delightfully generic cars of all time[View]
20258071Hey anons, fellow /fit/izen here. Never ever browsed /o/. I need help on buying my first classic Ame…[View]
20257458Would you buy an Electric Vehicle that ISN'T a Tesla or no EV at all?[View]
20255474WTF happened to Maybach? A few years ago it seemed like they were creeping up on Rolls Royce, now I …[View]
20258865Is it time to get new rotors? I noticed a lip on the outside edge on all of them and heard my brakes…[View]
20255307>Buying the same car as my uber driver[View]
20259195/nightdrive/: No nightdrive thread? Let's fix that. Post comfy shots from your night rides. Sta…[View]
20256554How are Mitsubishis? I was thinking about getting a 2015 Lancer SE as my daily. Anyone have one or k…[View]
20258967>people who put the pink sti badge on a 2.5rs that has a USDM NA engine…[View]
20228028/ORG/: winter camping edition: OFFROAD AND OVERLAND TIME Post your vehicles going offroad or in a di…[View]
20256582just remember next time you buy his cars you are supporting a literal fascist[View]
20251493With less moving parts, you'd think these would be more reliable. By any chance would we see on…[View]
20258732An opinion on the North American Car market from a guy in Asia.: I think North America has the most …[View]
20259066Historically relevant or forgotten for a reason?: >awd >turbocharger >plenty in used car ma…[View]
20253560show me you shitb/o/xes[View]
20255833I don't accept that the reason cars are ugly is because of safety laws. That makes no sense. So…[View]
20253889What are your /o/ related goals for 2019? This thread is a little late but whatever. >take baiku …[View]
20258792luxury car/small suv in the $15k> range without high maintenance cost? I love the mercedes glk b…[View]
20258536Fuel Spitting: I purchased a 1978 AMC Pacer last fall. It is, overall, in excellent shape and I only…[View]
20253571haha owned[View]
20258755Anyone have like the dimensions of the 3.5 Toyota V6. Can't find it anywhere. Will give a big h…[View]
20257501Are wheel bearing hubs supposed to have resistance?: I i bought a wheel bearing hub and when i went …[View]
20258508Why is this guy so unlikable? I can't put my finger on it, but I get angry watching his videos.[View]
20258483Is $1895 CAD ($1428.09 USD) a good price for an echo? >2005 >266 KM https://www.kijiji.ca/v-ca…[View]
202566942jz no shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejQkLDm_iJA[View]
20258442Thots on my socks[View]
20257671>tfw i have an eye disease and cant drive when will self driving cares become a thing. I want to…[View]
20256336I'm thinking about buying a 2007-2010 gs350. What are some things I should know about?[View]
20253835Why don't car companies just re-release their old popular cars like they do with Jordans. I…[View]
20258066Daily Reminder: Nissan 10 years ago: >CBA-R35 GTR makes 480hp, which was huge back in 2007 >mo…[View]
20257547Hybrids and Full Electric vehicles: I am a brainlet when it comes to hybrids and would like some cla…[View]
20253797Gonna be living in a car for a while: My boomer parents are kicking me out of the nest, I need somet…[View]
20252621If the new supra isn't priced to compete with the mustang globally this will be dead on arrival…[View]
20255814>2008 Viper Coupe 600hp RWD Manual Median Price $50K USD >2016 Jaguar F-type S 380hp RWD Manua…[View]
20257728Will a powerful sound system reduce engine performance the same way AC will? Or is it not nearly as …[View]
20256436So guys I need your help I bought this 95 supra back in 07 and have had the thing siting in the back…[View]
20250089>new week >new car that's it, I'm mad…[View]
20257553Are aftermarket head units actually an upgrade from stock ones, leaving out all the gimmicky 'featur…[View]
20254990Batteries: What do you all look for when buying a new battery? Name brand, warranty, sealed/non-seal…[View]
20252173Alright Br/O/s I need your help >Be me >taking my friend home >Notice a new speedbump >A…[View]
20256362How do you like the new TOY/O/TA SUPRA?: How do you like the new TOY/O/TA SUPRA?[View]
20249502Apparently this is the best car for beginner drivers. Small to nip in traffic, easy to handle, exemp…[View]
20257009How do you not notice this? I could smell their car being on fire from my own car.[View]
20250835Tell me if I'm being retarded about buying this used car. Used golf r 2012, 97k miles. 15 grand…[View]
20254017So Project D in initial d why do they do it? by the looks of it they are funding it with their own m…[View]
20257534Hey /o/. Got some questions about a possible project car. Currently i'm looking at either an 80…[View]
20255143Land Rover appreciation: Any age any situation[View]
20253611At least there's still Lexus. Once you get past the grille it's really kinda cool.[View]
20255182[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Dual Sport Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand…[View]
20256225is it dumb to buy a used BMW with more than 90k+ KM? (55K Miles to americucks)[View]
20256413What the fuck is this part?: I dont know shit about cars. This morning, my battery was dead, so I tr…[View]
20251504Heheh, honey when you get the oil changed don't forget to ask them to change the blinker fluid.[View]
20255935Redpill me on nanotech coatings. Are they an expensive meme or should I spend $800 for coating the e…[View]
20257462>tfw you have to scrap your old shitbox of 10 years[View]
20249157/o/ humor: No humor thread? Let's fix that[View]
20257121Got my licence today at age 25[View]
20254683Stop seeing faces on cars.[View]
20253406What if you made a car with 2 rotors in the front and two rotors in the back, coupled together. And …[View]
20253750TONIGHT ON T/o/P GEAR:[View]
20256583New car: Alright /o/, Next week it's the autosalon in Brussels and i'm going. I have aroun…[View]
20257270When buying a shitbox, what is the max mileage a car should have to consider buying it. For example …[View]
20244126>Japan is a mecca of auto culture >only built performance car I ever see is owned by furries w…[View]
20241260ITT: utterly flawless proportions[View]
20255461>why yes, I am an adult male still living with his parents, how could you possibly tell?…[View]
20256180I have this 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Custom Biarritz and i dont know what to do with it, I bought it a…[View]
20216556/fg/ Ford General: Ford Thread >messed up edition >Brands welcomed Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mer…[View]
20214604Gas Stations Discussion: Why aren't gas station more funky and cool? all gas stations today are…[View]
20256968Based B58 Owner: Who here F30 340i/335i gang?[View]
20251440>tfw the used car prices in the ex-commie shithole you live in are so inflated that 1300€ for a 1…[View]
20255955is this type of exhaust real thing for the gti?[View]
20255275>General Motors in charge of luxury[View]
20256561/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stop shitting up the board with new Supras, you fags Edition[View]
20251434Manual Driving Lesson: I have a manual driving lesson tomorrow, any tips?[View]
20255279Bmw best car[View]
20255673ITT: Gets[View]
20256443buy FF[View]
20256228hey /o/ are 4x4 rangers any good? I had an older model f150 in highschool, and that thing was pretty…[View]
20252593New Topic: This thing exists solely to sell type 86's. It's actually nothing but a marketi…[View]
20256170Now let me tell how Toyota fucked up the Supra.: At present Lexus sells the LC500, which was built e…[View]
20256238>less power than the Z4 >interior taken from a last gen 3 series The absolute state of Toyota…[View]
20255428So I was bored at school so I made some keychains[View]
20249757GT500: >5.2L V8 >700+ hp >3.5 0-60 >10 second 1/4 >Magneride >7 speed DCT Ford rea…[View]
20253752>have loved the Trabant for years >never been one available locally >finally see one for sa…[View]
20255697How do we kill the SUV/CUV?[View]
20253045Top chest: 72 in. 18 drawer box with an adjustable height/lift up woodgrain top, and power/usb outle…[View]
20254999Any of you degenerates build your own custom design? It's my dream. I watch videos of diyers re…[View]
20255744La creatura[View]
20240890>the car you drive >do you consider yourself an auto enthusiast?…[View]
20254929So now the Supra dust has settled. When will we get the Lotus MR2[View]
20254722Is the Chevy Cruze the new Dodge Neon?: Is the Chevy Cruze the new Dodge Neon? They are very popular…[View]
20255563is he /fa/ ?[View]
20252771Junk, Part Out or Sell?: Hi Guys... I was given a 1997 Toyota Camry with over 270K Miles... I…[View]
20247799GR Supra pricing leaked: Base 3.0 six cylinder: $49,990 Premium 3.0 six cylinder: $53,990 Launch edi…[View]
20255109Air Filters: What company makes the best air filters? Is there any noticeable difference FOR YOU whe…[View]
20243529>Why yes, I do drive a single cab, long bed pickup truck[View]
20255346Alright /b, I'm looking for a good vehicle to turn into my adventure rig and dd. I do cross cou…[View]
20253875Ca.....Cadillac?? https://drivetribe.com/p/gm-will-turn-cadillac-into-an-ev-aWRprLTdR8iBluo64JDPGA?i…[View]
20254829Turbo CRV build: So the motor on my wife’s CRV is on its way out. She loves the car and I’m thinking…[View]
20252920Aut/o/mation: Anyone here play this? Seems like a good place to get those creative autism juices flo…[View]
20254560will a M54B30 engine fit a 1993 3 series bmw?[View]
20252954So after daily driving a hard sprung small loud porsche 911 996. Would a 2006 Cadillac dts with fron…[View]
20254164Hi, I'm from another board but I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I just got a 2nd …[View]
20251566[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Japanese Steel Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & B…[View]
20253452ITT: pics only true /o/tists understand[View]
20233840swing and a miss Looks like shit. How did this car make it to production in this form? What is wrong…[View]
20249377advice plz: Guys dutchfag here, i got around €45.000 to spend Is a LexusIS 300h a good option (compl…[View]
20252030Improve this engine to make it viable again[View]
20253495Are minivans the ultimate utilitarian car?[View]
20247286What kind of person buys this brand in 2019? Honest question.[View]
20254485>HP back then arent compareable to HP now Explain![View]
20251769What car is he driving?[View]
20254180Sup senpai, first time poster here. Im thinking of swapping out my ford laser sr 2002 engine for a c…[View]
20247375Imagine still driving a car without push-to-start and remote start.[View]
20251841>'electric cars are stupid' Why are gear heads so fucking retarded? >no loud noise >no shi…[View]
20252710how does it feel knowing that Hyundai is one of the few car companies left that cares about performa…[View]
20247264Why do Jap cars look so good??[View]
20252017Fuck Boomers: I hate boomers so fucking much https://jalopnik.com/this-is-the-last-year-you-can-buy-…[View]
20253774Who was in the wrong here?[View]
20247345how do i make one of these really fast for < 20k[View]
20244695When did you realize their shows just have cool production value and they don't have anything i…[View]
20254361I'm looking to get a E28 or E30, but don't currently want to spend out my ass for one. Whi…[View]
20243337KIA: Why is there still a stigma against KIA cars? This isn't the 90s or early 2000s anymore. K…[View]
20253710in other toyota news: alright, enough about the nu-supra. what does /o/ think of this? >RWD >…[View]
20253011Toyota Supra fanboy buttblasting thread: ITT: we post cars that are objectively superior to the new …[View]
20252952Is there any super cheap EV to hoon with? I really like they way they sound but they all look like m…[View]
20245913Anti-seize: So, what's the preferred anti-seize composition of /o/? Al, Cu, Ni? I don't ha…[View]
20254196shitbox squeak?: >2005 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 1.8T my car makes some weird squealing sound when I a…[View]
20241124What's the nicest head unit? Obviously it must have bluetooth and aux.[View]
20252341EFI bug catcher: Alright fags listen up I got a LS1 swap done Now I found online a special adapter…[View]
20254023Hi i've had a crash and ive got it booked in to be repaired. the door and front guard need to …[View]
20254102Is my radio or wiring fucked? (Nissan Altima 2004 SE): I got a used Altima in about July last year a…[View]
20251560Nissan's new EV comes with 2d qt3.14: . It also includes something Nissan calls “the Metaverse,…[View]
20247522which prelude is best prelude?[View]
20247879Seems like the Fiat Coupe now has a decent quality made 25 years ago, so they can now be imported to…[View]
20253868Who are some /o/ related youtubers you watch or follow? I tend to watch pic related videos. is it no…[View]
20249258You will never get to own a commodore in 25 years as P platers will wrap every last one around trees…[View]
20253075TOYOTA = SCUM: Nissan 10 years ago: >CBA-R35 GTR makes 480hp, which was huge back in 2007 >mod…[View]
20251799Why doesn't anyone talk about the Genesis Coupe? >RWD >Manual >300-350hp based on year…[View]
20253136Landbarge thread: Basic luxury thread; Post cars that aim to be luxurious in the traditional sense b…[View]
20253439Craigslist scam?: Found a dude trying to sell a used 4.6l v8 mustang with a fuel pump needing to be …[View]
20252452Euro roll call, what do you drive and where do you live?[View]
20253088ITT: Cars that won't exist in 30 years due to zoomers wrapping them around telephone poles[View]
20252822> 4 banger > 197 hp > 99999 lbs > $45k…[View]
20215180/hg/ 本田 - Honda General: >well fuck me, it died edition H/o/ndur General >Shitbox appreciation…[View]
20253224Talk me out of this car. I'm going to be starting a new job soon and want to find a series 5 tu…[View]
20250838>you see this in your rearview mirror Wat do?[View]
20253043>341 Horses >Only 200 are coming to the West Subaru is incredibly based.…[View]
20248926How was Honda, a company that is best known for making nothing but front wheel drive shitboxes, able…[View]
20249263Where and how do you dispose of your old oil? I put it in an old oil bottle. tape it up in a plastic…[View]
20252839Do you remember the ice cream truck, /o?[View]
20251153>350Z HR >~320HP NA at ~3300lbs >'That shit is mega slow doodz' >New Supra >~330HP wi…[View]
20231597ITT: Let's share our /o/tistic pleasures: I fucking LOVE testing cylinder compression. Seeing a…[View]
20251390Total noob here. How does an engine's cylinder count and displacement affect driving in terms o…[View]
20253158tell me you fuckers have heard about the on-ramp loophole. theres no fucking speed limit on an on ra…[View]
20252823>electronic rotor gear selector >electronic parking break >no manual transmission >7 spe…[View]
20252480How powerful would modern cars be with no emissions regulations?[View]
20252220I bought a certified preowned Fiat 500 turbo and after 4 months it's leaking oil. A lot. Servi…[View]
20244555Not a Jeep®[View]
20249372Are UFO type-R's worth considering?: 2010-ish models go for quite cheap here in Europe. Design …[View]
20244141Someone had a 2019 car back in 2001[View]
20250757Why should I not buy this car?: My old rusty piece of shit A6 recently died beyond the point of bein…[View]
20249391Why is GM not making a new Buick GNX?: Why is GM not making a new Buick GNX? GM could use the platfo…[View]
20252789Court Supervision: Day 77[View]
20249447Daily beater shitbox thread: Post your daily beater cars. Wanna see what my niggas are fucking with.…[View]
20251490In a Track setting who has the upper hand? >Slow car with great cornering and braking ability …[View]
20251712How do you deal with the feeling of inadequacy after going to a car meet or show and realizing your …[View]
20241570Lexus GS F: Why aren't you getting one?[View]
20245993*outlasts the Ford, Chevy/GMC, and Ram single handedly*[View]
20252474Lads, what car should I buy my mom? I make good money, and want to get her something nice. Do I go w…[View]
20251419Help Question: I own a 2013 Mazda 3. >For the past couple of months I have had trouble starting …[View]
20252303>fake plastic vents on side of $150,000 car (GT 63 4-Door). Why does Mercedes-AMG do this shit?…[View]
20252186Are there any American muscle people on this board?[View]
20251498Why is GM so shit at building quality cars? Pic related the new XT6. It uses the exact interior from…[View]
20249773Is tesla the car for chads?[View]
20246557Are there actually any noticeable differences between FWD and RWD?: Obviously you can drift with RWD…[View]
20251849post cringe[View]
20252239Supercharger for a 4.6 2v Ford: Are there any superchargers for a Ford 4.6 2V Modular? I have a MN12…[View]
20251767A or B /o/? and why?[View]
20252075Supra: What does Japan think of the new Supra? Can anyone living 'on the inside' give the general th…[View]
20252170If he drove a ford hed be shit carrington[View]
20251412Hello. I am going to start this post saying I know jack shit about cars. However, I have created a s…[View]
20252166>that feel when you switch lanes but you don't hit any of the line divider dots…[View]
20251963What are some things that instantly turn you off of a used car? >aftermarket subwoofer >Si hab…[View]
20250856LS1 swapping an Opel Omega B: Yo my Niggas i want to build my own Holden Commonwhore, and want to kn…[View]
202498012020 GR Supra specs revealed: >Engine: 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbo six >HP / Torque: 335 hp an…[View]
20250488Cadillacs first EV[View]
20251830ebrake BROKE: hey guys if my ebrake broke, is it a good substitute to leave my car parked in gear? (…[View]
20249282what happens when the car is cold and it kicks: is it bad for the car? it keeps kicking if its like …[View]
20250060RIP prelude: All around me are familiar faces....[View]
20216162QTDDTOT: twenny nineteen: sup /o/tists. Just bought my poorfag-dream e36 (95 325i) and my only gripe…[View]
20249202Vin check: Looking for some advice. Loking for some old cars my family use to own, and dont really k…[View]
20251742DAKAR 2019: A spectator has been runover: >As a group of spectators in the path of a Dakar Rally …[View]
20249491Is it normal that the engine on a car goes up to about 3500 rpm or so when you start it, stays that …[View]
20234709'Lifehacks' - /o/ Edition: Share any weird lifehacks you've learned or figured out over the yea…[View]
20245462Cars thread: Is Lightning McQueen a Miata?[View]
20251348>the new “Toyota” Supra[View]
20249734Why do luxury cars use RWD? Most of the advantages of RWD seem to only apply to performance driving …[View]
20249924Post the best looking generation of any car/truck/suv model On a side note, why was design in the 80…[View]
20251557Test driving + Inspecting a BZ-G: Hey fellas so I'm gonna check out a BZ-G (Auto transmission b…[View]
20248472Aging luxury car maintenance: What happens to old high mileage luxury cars, Do they all end up with …[View]
20249118Lexus RC F: Why aren't you getting one?[View]
20251356God when will it end[View]
20250785USED CARS: Fat mustang anon here if you remember me I'm a security officer been driving crown v…[View]
20248906[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Comfy Touring Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Br…[View]
20250397Ok /o/ I need some help with a purchase I fucked up my first car going head first into a tree becaus…[View]
20244529Why don't you own a tesla?[View]
20249506What is the best older light truck for maximum efficiency and utility? Can any of these actually han…[View]
20246588>ford door chime[View]
20250514Switching From a Big Car to a Lil Car: I am in a situation where my 240k mile Ford Freestyle can no …[View]
20248620The Track-Focused RC F is here!: It's called the Lexus RC F Track Edition. >The new Track Ed…[View]
20250396WRX STI S209 debut is being livestreamed today, 30 mins from now. What's /o/'s predictions…[View]
20241199Why are there no cars with bubble canopies?[View]
20248611Car Auction self repairs: Is it possible to buy a beat up car with cosmetic damage at auction and th…[View]
20249432Is it possible to have fun driving a mazda 626?[View]
202504402013 Dodge Grand Caravan-No Start-No Crank-Whirring Noise: I have a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. There …[View]
20245818Are there any good looking new cars left anymore?[View]
202436472019 Avalon: What an awesome grill. It's so big and sporty, how can BMW and Mercedes even compe…[View]
20244717What is the car equivalent of a thinkpad?[View]
20249302I want to upgrade my car audio a bit. which speakers are the m50x of the car audio world[View]
20250275Post your exhaust note r8 each others noise https://youtu.be/4905rBTtfYA[View]
20250570>bmw m4 money for a toyota badge I seriously hope no one is stupid enough to do this…[View]
20250044Damn the M4 is one handsome car, but is it as handsome as my Montero Sport????[View]
20246658/tg/: montageless faggot edition: didnt see one up, and I don’t have the sticky (sorry) Still though…[View]
20246750Give me one reason not to buy a rust-free low milage 80's jap car[View]
20247623General car discussion: So, another one of these threads. What's new /o/?[View]
20244439Rate my new bike >please be gentle[View]
20241475The future of poorfag cars: fake antiques: If something doesn't change, cars will become too ex…[View]
20248746I want to find out more about converting gasoline engines to run on paraffin(kerosene), there doesn…[View]
20245852Just ordered louvers for my 5.0 Anyone else run these? How do they hold up?[View]
20250220What do you think about kit cars, are they worth buying?[View]
20248947How to negotiate a car sale: Lads, I need some help on how to negotiate a good deal for a car. Last …[View]
20245955There is a 1997 Miata with 94k miles ten minutes away from me for $2800. I have $6000, should I cop?…[View]
20248268What do these two wires plug into[View]
20249274Ford Probe GT, are they good?: Found a cheap Ford Probe GT (looks like pic related) in ok condition,…[View]
20242621Tell me why I shouldn't buy Volvo S90?[View]
2024999324h Nurburgring 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhJrh1KURag Who is going?[View]
20249733is a 1995 chevy g20 good?[View]
20249702What is this car supposed to be? >more expensive than a lexus IS >sport styling w/ sit perform…[View]
20248081Any uber/indrive fellows here? What do you do to kill time[View]
20247844What car brand would you like to see return to form? Pic related.[View]
20246050What's your favourite new car?[View]
20242449SNOW BOYS RISE UP[View]
20249101He cute[View]
202478972000 Miata will turn over but will not start after overheating: I just bought a 2000 Miata LS a week…[View]
20248045When selling your car, should you tell about every single fault with the car, even very minor things…[View]
20238837>GM in charge of design[View]
20248153I'm gonna collect 'em all Try and stop me[View]
20247280what 'fun' car should i buy if i have less than 3k? >base RSX >prelude (any year) …[View]
20246842>increased urbanization >decreased interest in small vehicles. What the FUCK is going on with …[View]
20247643This is the ZB commodore. Say something nice about it.[View]
20249176street racers don't need friends too right? ;_;[View]
20246257Just bought a car after being carless for 3 years. >2007 >330xd >Full M-sport >Fully spe…[View]
20249242>0-100 km/h in 8 seconds >35000€ What?[View]
20249080Find a better duo.: Protip, you can't.[View]
20247018My dream car is finally for sale in my country (Australia). Given it was P.O.A I sent in an $8K lowb…[View]
20232799Dat Aussie Thread >Revival Edition Latest Updates >HSP gone full googoo, bought a vf sv6 and …[View]
20229346Name a better car company Protip you cannot[View]
20246894What modern car makes the least amount of beeping?: >open door >DOOLY DOO DOOLY DOO >close…[View]
20244641>180 kilowatt-hour capacity battery >410 mile range. This is going to kill Ford, GM, and Fiat-…[View]
20246936interior of the new Mid-engine Corvette.[View]
20248401Thoughts on the car now? Faster than the STI.[View]
20248303so my daily beater has some rust on it. >pic semi related , almost identical. I was wondering if…[View]
20244320What's this HOAT coolant that Scotty Kilmer often recommends? think it's ok to put in my 2…[View]
202459422011-2014 WRX Hatch: Looking to purchase a 2011-14 WRX hatch. Anybody have tips/opinions on these? W…[View]
20247481It's a Jeep thing[View]
20245600[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Spaghetti Bikes Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & …[View]
20248776cool twin exhaust bro[View]
20247122>What's going on guys Chris Rodknock here[View]
20243062the absolute state of Tesla fags, BTFO'ing themselves for us[View]
20248192>love the look of these 1970-80s beauties >They're all fucking manuals…[View]
20248012what's the easiest swap from a 4afe in a manual 89 celica st? i want somethin with turbos i goo…[View]

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