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Displaying 300 expired threads from the past 3 days

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21502512Car mechanic Simulator: Is this shit worth $20? Kinda looks like shit at a glance[View]
21498922>using Ford instead of VW and BMW like the rest of continental Europe Do Btits really?…[View]
21500325so how exactly does the fcc enforce rules on cb radio? do they really go through all the trouble of …[View]
21500913RIP: And I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forge…[View]
21502942How did I do, /o/: (pic of the ad, will be picking up the car on Friday) 2006 Sentra SE-R Spec V 189…[View]
21504385>The 4-ring Audi logo doesn't stand for its infamous AWD/4-wheel Quattro system >It'…[View]
21504288Battle of The Barges: For the money, which domestic manufacturer made the best land barge? This answ…[View]
21493154>more expensive than the C8 >not even 350 horsepower Why can't Slowbaru make a fast car?…[View]
21495596Post Cars at the bottom of their depreciation curve: Post cars you think will bounce back in value s…[View]
21504138Car dilemma /o/ I recently totaled my AP2 S2000, over steered into a ditch, mashed a bunch of panels…[View]
21490479Automechanic job: How can i become an automechanic? Im a beta numale onions dude with a college degr…[View]
21501182The struts on my car are rusted, but the springs seem new. Can you just throw new springs on worn s…[View]
21503930what's the best brand of tires for a shitbox daily driver?[View]
21503876What car says “I peaked in high school”[View]
21494756S/o/Cal Meet: DEAD MEET: Ayy Cee Aych >When Saturday, 10/19 at noon. >Where Parking lot on top…[View]
21501731Who would buy this slow piece of shit?[View]
21503164Wondering About These Tail Lights: Hey /o/ I'm working on a project and I was wondering does an…[View]
21498740why the FRICK can’t I drive a turbocharged car until I’m 22 fuck Australia[View]
21503979If ford motor company is fo mo co does that mean honda motors is homo[View]
21499875Couple questions: >pick unrelated So I currently own a 2013 dodge charger and have one year left …[View]
21500919What's the cheapest way to make a 2V fast?[View]
21501683Best roads to drive?: In O's Opinion what is the best driving road? For me in terms of fun driv…[View]
21503820Help: I bought this car, it ran alright but everything else is falling apart. The shifter didnt have…[View]
21503553Straight pipe/Exhaust cut outs thread: I want to install an exhaust cut out after my cat so I can fl…[View]
21501847Why are electric cars still seen as a 'rich person' thing despite multiple models being av…[View]
21501565Nice crosstrek bro: Are subarus truly the best production vehicles in snow? Does o/have nothing that…[View]
21503419Should i be concerned?: looking at the used truck with a good price from a private seller he said it…[View]
21498520Tips?: Okay so, I'm dirt poor and I want to get into repairing and riding motorcycles. Should I…[View]
21503310Give it to me straight br/o/s, how bad is this and how much will it cost to fix? The hood end is ben…[View]
21499442They keep upping safety standards but will they ever be satisfied?: Will pedestrians EVER find the c…[View]
21499026This looks great and I dont even like American cars like that.[View]
21496493fucking drift tax: Are there any rwd 90s shitboxes out there that make decent enough power to weight…[View]
21502549Cruisin the Coast 2019: it just ended with a total of 8620 cars and 3 deaths. new records on both…[View]
21503171Any anons here happen to work in the estimator side of insurance? Could use a little help Pick unrel…[View]
21496756>tell female friend I got a Subaru wrx sti >why'd you get one of those they suck >ask …[View]
21496789You are now in charge of the fairlady z cars with your only directive being increasing sales. What d…[View]
21500100A repetitive business model: A westerner imports a shipping container of bottom-of-the barrel 50-250…[View]
21503036automation: It seems the old automation thread died, and no one wanted to make a new one post challe…[View]
21501667Make your case: Ignoring looks, make your case for the best car/truck /suv out there dollar for doll…[View]
21500525have any of you ever ordered from megazip? parts for my shitbox are non existant, but mega zip has e…[View]
21502326Squealing noise on cold starts: Sup O. I have a 7.3 powerstroke( with fuggin manual tranny I love th…[View]
21501900Challenger ACR[View]
21500896what's the deal with the 'cut-out' part of the exhaust tip i see on some trucks? Does it serve …[View]
21502504Increasing towing performance: Ok boys, help me out. I have considered regearing, but have also seen…[View]
21499070daily bike thread - dbt: Superbike edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling >Motor…[View]
21502509Does Front Wheel Drive work well enough with winter tires to get away with it in the winter in North…[View]
21500687/MOD/ General: Thread for all things mod/tune etc. What (cheap) upgrades should I get for my Clio RS…[View]
21499692would you trust a union burger for $50 a hour?[View]
21497460here it is, Golf 8[View]
21502133Pls help: My 1985 prelude s.i. is almost ready but something is draining my battery that ive been tr…[View]
21499635Is this a good first car?[View]
21501860Does anyone else absolutely hate car culture? Every car meet I would go to was filled with people th…[View]
21500994So now that /ourguy/ has made a video praising and declaring the Audi TT a future classic and BTFOin…[View]
21499659>Imagine decimating the status quo so completely that people actually cope to the point where the…[View]
21502234Thoughts about /KIA/'s newest additions?[View]
21502242GLS 580 SUV Price - $97,800 MSRP G 550 SUV Price – $126,550 MSRP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYD…[View]
21500923Porsche doesn't like the comparison between the Taycan and the Model S: Porsche's first el…[View]
21499358You're stopped at a light when this guy pulls up to you and asks what you're hauling. What…[View]
21489799What do you drive /o/? Would you buy it again with your current experience?[View]
21501783Need advice on buying a more recent shitbox pickup. I used to have an 85 f150 shortbed with a 300 6 …[View]
21486809Absolute gems: Only the most beautiful cars ever created are allowed in this thread >hard mode N…[View]
21501649Hello /o/, care to tell me what car this is? It is a Honda (I assume some of you can tell already), …[View]
21497123>gone in sixty seconds car list >$200,000 for the cars 2000 was crazy times even for stolen…[View]
21476124livery thread: >>21466302[View]
21489942What is the WORST car color and why is it british racing green?[View]
21500570Is it a form of cope that all the cars I like are cheap, and in my price range. And all the cars I d…[View]
21497342Underdog Muscle Cars: Post some unknown muscle cars![View]
21500578Changing brakes - open bleeding screw?: I want to change the brakes on my Ford Focus MK2. The haynes…[View]
21501556When are cars going to have massive rear grilles to match the front?[View]
21501557for me, it's mazda 626: what can /o/ say about the mazda 626? junkyard gem or total shitbox…[View]
21500710East C/o/ast Meet 2019: Hey everyone, Lets put together an east coast meet. It has been discussed a …[View]
21500482volvo: >tfw have a tattered T5 we've been using for a decade >reached shitbox status year…[View]
21497932Used Honda Prelude: Guy is asking 1800€ for it, it's a 1989 2.0l 16v Honda Prelude, think it…[View]
21501304At some point if they want everyone to drive EVs they'll need to make an EV for people who don…[View]
21494833>took manual stick driving lesson >fucked it up completely Is this normal for a robot? I cou…[View]
21496646Thinking about buying a used BMW from in the range of 90 - 06. I have a few questions for anyone her…[View]
21498434Poor man S-class: Red pill me on this gen of Avalon. My grandfathers selling his and I'm consid…[View]
21498215Does Chrysler have any redeeming qualities?[View]
21501407Legacy STI? Never heard of this, this a real car or some rice? Sawitin Kyoto Dec 2018[View]
21498953who has the most boring car on/o/: pic related. I have a 2009 Malibu that I hate and been trying to …[View]
21496137how long until we can 3d print our own engines?[View]
2149833488 Fiero: Hey /o/ i'm looking into buying this 88 fiero 4cyl 5spd It's priced at 1.8k USD …[View]
21493186Personal Plates: Who has the best? I'll start...[View]
21485052Unverified Questionable Chrysler Rumors: There are a surprising rumours swirling around what Mopars …[View]
21497708GM: What is it about this company that causes such raging asshurt from this board?[View]
21487059I'm thinking about getting one of these. I always thought they looked cool, and they have a big…[View]
21499822What do you guys have against crossovers? They’re literally just lifted wagons[View]
21494988>he doesn't smoke and drive[View]
21496832How unreliable are Honda automatic transmissions?[View]
21500998Dacia sandero![View]
21498160Childhood is idolizing Moog. Adulthood is realizing Marty makes more sense.[View]
21484958>no hud >no 360 cameras >no adaptive cruise control >barely any features from the last d…[View]
21500459JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
21498243Trends You Hate: ITT: Car trends you hate or think need to stop. For me it's low profile tires.…[View]
21500674What does /O/ think of the Toyota Aurion? Pros: >Toyota, will last forever >6 cylinder >2gf…[View]
21500245hey bros just bought the new G wagon haha[View]
21488190Buying a Mazda MX-5 NC: Hey /o/tists I am looking to buy a 1.8 (125HP) Mazda MX-5 NC hard top (neede…[View]
21496090Car Washing: Post your machines getting a nice clean[View]
21495091Thoughts on the nissan leaf?: Thinking about getting a nissan leaf as my first car. Not an envirocuc…[View]
21500529Convince me theres a better new car for the price[View]
21493263Nightdrive thread[View]
2149985413 and 14 inch sport tires: What are the sportiest tires money can buy, for stock sizes like 175/75r…[View]
21496754Did your car ever have to endure vandalismdamage?[View]
21495855Opinions about the Smart Roadster: For some time I have noticed the Smart Roadster and I know that i…[View]
21494356What are /o/'s thoughts on the 2020 Fiesta ST? I'm in need of a new car in the next year o…[View]
21498749Car haha funn y: Imagine[View]
21492215wtf pickup trucks[View]
21499362New to me S10 blazer driving weird: I recently purchased an 87 s10 blazer for 500 bucks. It runs and…[View]
21499446I am not into BMW but i have some fetish for these old shitboxes series 5 and 3. Are they good to tr…[View]
21493550cursed: how does this make you feel?[View]
21495759eBay valve exhausts:: Have any of you guys heard of / tried any of these? They go from 100 to 200$ a…[View]
21499910Icy roads: Why do slippery conditions fuck up normies so bad? Do they not know how to control their …[View]
21499546Earlier today I dropped off my V6 Accord for a lot of work at the dealership (I don't have acce…[View]
21493051hello fellas. i'm due for an oil change on my golf 4 shitbox. what kind of oil woud you recomm…[View]
21493971So what’s with this /o/ meme about GM being unreliable? 2007 Silverado here with almost 335k miles …[View]
21492372What a beautiful day to be /wrenching/.[View]
21499452Guys...maybe you can help me.. I just picked up a used 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn. I have these 3 switch…[View]
21499218need advice looking to buy this 05 ford f150 with 112k it has a dent in the windshield and the airba…[View]
21496441>driving down a road at night >suddenly pic related drives down the other side >temporarily…[View]
21498791Does Donald Trump have good taste in cars? https://autowise.com/donald-trumps-most-unusual-car-colle…[View]
21497900What does /o/ think of my ride?[View]
21494786Monte Carlo SS: how much power can I get out of mods from one of these? stock is 303~ hp, but I want…[View]
21492984Guys I really want a new cargo van. I have heard many dealers still have 2018s on the lot and the 20…[View]
21498324I'm going to be making some night time fast food deliveries today, recommend me some songs and …[View]
21498889Carb in my motorcycle is fucked: took apart once, ran really well, but only on one cylinder (2 cylin…[View]
21494809>driving aimlessly while smoking weed and listening to good music, also some adrenaline spikes he…[View]
21491593I'm tired of brodozers pulling up to me in my shitbox and thinking they're hot shit. What…[View]
21481244Post car faces[View]
21498328used c class coupe: Should I cop or not?? like 50km mileage, 2014 plate[View]
21496341Why cant we have things like these in nowadays car ?: These rear 'wings' are pure beauty.[View]
21495886Daily Bike Thread. /dbt/. Autobikes. Mechanised two-wheeled automated transporation.: Euro edition. …[View]
21493752abomination thread please[View]
21496166USA >Marauder, Mustang, Cobra, Barracuda, Corvette, Firebird, Impala JAPAN >Skyline, Fairlady…[View]
21484285pickup thread: >no arguing >no crying >no bitching just pictures of pickup trucks…[View]
21495537Valiant, Kingswoodm Falcon, P76, etc: Australian boomer cars[View]
21496974Can this much clear coat damage be fixed with rattle cans in my garage?[View]
2149821312A adventures: Halp. Just bought a 12A to see what I could do with it. Stripped her down to what yo…[View]
21491899Does /o/ know anything about the safety of these wooden cribs? I can't get enough clearance wit…[View]
21498115>Be at a local cars & coffee meet >meet a 23 year old kid with an NE1 NSX >he pays $615…[View]
21492945Power Rankings: https://tiermaker.com/create/usdm-car-manufacturers-193126[View]
21494366What is Subaru known for outside of America?[View]
21492776Does anyone here drive for a living? Any kind of job where you primarily drive Bonus if its not your…[View]
21498402The 2020 Daihatsu Copen GR Sport: You are ordering one, right? https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/toy…[View]
21492672Photoshop Thread: Post your shoops, floating cars, concept cars, funny shit, etc. Pic related is a m…[View]
21498128What if Honda is the actual King of The Sporty Shitboxes? I just noticed that every car it made in …[View]
21497786>buy 220k mile, 2k civic >race anyone and everything >bounce it off the rev limiter at red …[View]
21493444daily thread, post your daily i bet mine gets groceries better than yours[View]
21497134The future of Fiat Chrysler: Why do people even buy cars from them if their entire lineup is 2/5 at …[View]
21489983Why are sedan sales plummeting and not SUVs and Trucks?[View]
21497251>perfection doesn't exi...[View]
21496902>when the dealership mechanic quotes you cam and lifter's for your denali…[View]
21497349So I know you should check and inflate your car tires when they are cold. The problem is that I want…[View]
21497293END SALTING NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fv__V48FXc&t=180s They said it 42 years ago, t…[View]
21495806Engine simulation software: Just learned this was a thing after Jeremy mentioned DeskTop Dyno in the…[View]
21496685Convince me that this isn't a brilliant idea that will sell like fucking hotcakes to normies …[View]
21489813Porsche 911: Which the the best model for every day use?[View]
21496944French bread. Let's discuss the glorious automobiles from the country full of beautiful sights,…[View]
21495692Ford Ka appreciation thread How do I get one in Canada? I want one so bad.[View]
21497353lets do something I have never seen on this place Discuss rims and their manufacturers I have 17 inc…[View]
21492218Toyota FJ Cruiser: What do we think?[View]
21493818Discuss an engine swap youve done that wasnt an LS and what did you put it in to[View]
21494225Porsche's new driver look familiar to anyone?[View]
21497170EcoBoost > EcoDiesel: https://carbuzz.com/news/why-new-ecodiesel-owners-need-to-beware-of-engine-…[View]
21497082you ever just curb the wheels on your dad’s expensive sports car[View]
21494445Best racecars for under 10k: Looking for something cheap and fast that can be my daily driver and wo…[View]
21466065Auto Sticker General #433: Auto Sticker General #433 'Not a BD shill, i swear' edition Previous thre…[View]
21497026>be me >drive only car cause poorfag >lose only key >fuck.mp3 >pic related to car…[View]
21492199>car built for staceys >worst possible rear visibility You are chilling at a parking lot eatin…[View]
21493976Faraday Future Automobiles Founder files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: He owes a total of $3.6 billion …[View]
21496259What does /o/ look for in an online parts store?[View]
21496153F150 shutting off: So I got a f150 Triton 5.4 2005 lariat. It works fine, kinda high miles. I wasn…[View]
21482288Why no more small sized trucks: Everything these days is big, Big, and BIGGER[View]
21494554I was taking apart my very dirty v6 engine for a head gasket job and some dirt got in my cylinder he…[View]
21494841What do you think of Audi TT's?: I want one, but im too poor.[View]
21495358Is Musk finished? I don't even hear his haters talk about him anymore.[View]
21496205New meme[View]
21493831What are some Japanese dual sports in the 400cc range, preferably fuel injected?[View]
21492490Help diagnosing?: Intermittent sputtering and loss of acceleration. Sometimes my car runs fine. It a…[View]
21494375Whats the deal with different colored coolant? I just got a 2nd gen Pathfinder and it was slightly l…[View]
21484392Alfa Romeo Tonale leaked: >The Tonale will ride on the Small Wide 4×4 platform also used by the F…[View]
21487335What were the best full size pickups of the 90's and early 00's?: I personally love the gm…[View]
21490241ITT: **We post SHIT cars only**[View]
21493346Where were you when you realized the Lancer still exist: As you can see, real China strikes again…[View]
21495912Large vehicles are for dull domed shitters: I had the displeasure of driving some large vehicles lat…[View]
21492297This board[View]
21494343reminder that if you've bought any nissan made after 2005 youre retarded. this thread can die n…[View]
21494580I have 7k to spend on a car. What would you reccomend that is both fun and reliable in that price ra…[View]
21478483ITT: Your Dream Car: As the title said. Post it.[View]
21492809Why does my local tint guy want $600 to ceramic coat my car? How hard is it to buy the shit and do i…[View]
21489537SEMA 2019: The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. (PLE…[View]
21492227Mazda is testing an rx8 prototype on the burgerring: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/mazdas-testing…[View]
21492406Why do people waste their money on luxury cars. For the same money as a basic sedan you could be get…[View]
21495492I've been driving FWD all my life, and never got the opportunity to drive proper RWD. I'm …[View]
21488315Is 5 screens enough?[View]
21495145Which car model is the most 'urban'?[View]
21493662Lincoln Mark VII: With the ever increasing price of Fox Body Mustangs I am starting to question if i…[View]
21494257Carvana/Buyong Online: Looking to replace my 07' Caliber... thinking of taking the hassle of go…[View]
21495258Dealer thread archived overnight, but I have a story too. >Be junior lawyer with no idea about ca…[View]
21491363Why don't you own a C5?: >The Birth cradle of the pushrods push gods aluminum block LS1 >…[View]
21493002best mpg small truck: 2.3l ford ranger 4cyl mt produced from late2001 to 2012 the earlier models are…[View]
214917601998 dodge stratus/chrysler stratus 2.5 opinions: Hey br/o/s, eurofag here. Can anyone redpill me on…[View]
21495486Mazda e-TPV: It will come with a Wankel rotary that will be used as a gas generator for the electric…[View]
21491164why arent there more female professional racecar drivers? they generally weigh less than males (allo…[View]
21493098Porsche Taycan 4S - EV: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/10/14/porsche-taycan-4s/#slide-2176527 >The…[View]
21491123Is a nissan d21 a decent first car? Idk how to work on cars. Never even touched a tool in my life. I…[View]
21495177ITT: We name the weirdest things we found in or on our shitboxes.[View]
21495129Got my little honda civic totaled on my birthday, I was parallel parking and a chick hit me. I want …[View]
21493769>spending over 60k for a 30 year old engine Why?[View]
21490238Why did the Jeep Cherokee go from based mountain man chadmobile to tranny soccer mom cuckwagon?[View]
21491150gonna get a van. where dafuq do i start >my budget is 4000[View]
21494935Finally looking to get a new vehicle within the next year to replace the one I've had for 10 fu…[View]
21495014Why the fuck are people going into debt for these things?[View]
21494609Gf was driving to work in her 07 VW Beetle and said it felt like it wouldn't change to 4th gear…[View]
21494564Hey /o/ Im back on my bs again. I made a post earlier asking for second opinions to see if someone t…[View]
21487627GM Strike: The strike is nearing 4 weeks now. Talks about more money, benefits, helping part time wo…[View]
21495002Truggggggggggg: >>>/s4s/8189137[View]
21494936Would it be possible to buy a new P50 and drive it in the United States? They are offered as kits.[View]
21494779Any tips on how to unplug my alternator in my mx-5? Its on too tight i pull hard but it wont budge.[View]
21492180I need to take a photo of my red 80's Japanese wedge to submit to a calendar competition. What …[View]
21493710not american remember 10 seconds car from F&F watching doug demuro talking quarter mile times ht…[View]
21491979[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: Fuck Hurley Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling …[View]
21493888Ey any car audio fags on here? I just got a free jbl 1200 gti and was looking at a skar audio rp-120…[View]
21494015would you buy a corolla if it had a V6?[View]
21490271What kind of car do I get if I don't want to get Michael Hastings'ed?[View]
21494430My car has 6 speakers but the premium version comes with 7. If I wanted to add that 7th speaker, and…[View]
21486218>mfw all these idiots saying the new Vette wasn't going to start at <60k What do you do w…[View]
21494525Based Boomer https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1990-honda-rc30-vfr750r-one-ca-owner/69802721…[View]
21494003Insider info about upcoming Jeep vehicles: I’m an employee at the Jeep plant in Toledo. I received s…[View]
21493861Broke Idiot Needs Help: Bought a lemon of an accord for $1,800. I’ve had it for a month now and the …[View]
21480815Do you acknowledge other drivers who drive the exact same car as you? Do you try and make a little t…[View]
21492877Car Paint: paint or plasti dip? planning on painting my jeep, wondering where the best/cheapest pain…[View]
21494204Looking for car advice: Hello, I'm trying to learn about cars. When people say cars are hard or…[View]
21493337Where does this green wire go? Car is idling rough and the battery was dead I'm assuming it ha…[View]
21494178Grounding: I have to ground a tow module in the back of my car. There are a couple bare screws in th…[View]
21492048I fuck GM in the ASS: And he loves it![View]
21493506Car is probably totalled what do: Was driving a 2016 toyota yaris that I was ahead on payments and g…[View]
21493075How to teach my wife to drive a car?: My wife is 28 years old and he can not drive car because she f…[View]
21490904Can someone explain to me (someone who doesn't know much about car history) why cars don't…[View]
21493697ITT: Badges and Model names: Do you collect badges? If so, what cool stuff do you have in your colle…[View]
21493847Used 5 series: How (un)reliable are these things? Thinking about copping one from 2015 with 40k mile…[View]
21493200Lexus IS 220D: Hey /o/ I want to swap my tired friend Mercedes W203 for a Lexus IS 220D from 2006 wi…[View]
21493938Civic War: Hi /o/, /pol/ here. I have 98 honda civic (pic related, not mine but same model), a short…[View]
21488739Have you ever placed an order for a new car? Or specifically built / customized vehicle? How long di…[View]
21490286Can an old car be continually maintained indefinitely, even for millions of miles, if you're wi…[View]
21493615based flared tailpipe comes stock on a chevy traverse fucking why[View]
21489733Is AWD better than RWD?[View]
21488004/o/ seems 50/50 on financing. But if you can snag a decent car for an affordable price with a short-…[View]
21493528What's the least offensive looking 2020 interior?[View]
21490738Habits of other drivers: What habits of other drivers does /O hate? Mine is when you’re passing some…[View]
21482774Do modern cars have any redeeming features artistically? It used to be cars had unique artistic sen…[View]
21493286Hey there /o/ I could use some help. I was in a pretty bad wreck on Friday, and I'm not sure if…[View]
21493016Water falling from the sky? Yup, better do 60 in the left lane with my lights off.[View]
21486215Scotty admits Mazda is good: He ranks Mazda on the same plateau as Toyota and Honda. The days of 'wa…[View]
21489948>last oil change was 1500 miles ago >noticed yesterday on the way to work that my oil light co…[View]
21492982Sup /o/, college poorfag here, am I a retard for thinking about buying used tires? I live in a froze…[View]
21488897When's the last time your car was in TV?[View]
21492327Hey, boys. I'm thinking getting one. Should I?[View]
214825932018 charger R/T exhaust: I’m looking to get a nice sounding exhaust for my charger, I don’t want so…[View]
21482977What does /o/ think of my first car?[View]
21484190>VAG about to turn skoda into another dacia because they were getting too good: press F to pay re…[View]
21491471Did we ever get the rest of the stories? I've been gone for a while. And I'm sorry for us…[View]
21489610Hey guys my grandma just passed away and I just inherited quite some cash, looking for a nice sporty…[View]
21492058Petrol and diesel: Somehow put a full tank of petrol into my diesel Ford fiesta. How boned is it, br…[View]
21490398Why would anyone in Europe buy a Japanese car when German cars are better and affordable?[View]
214916722009 Chevy impala ss: Are these good or fun to drive? Always wanted these, but scared everyone sayin…[View]
21488933How do you pull and engine if you literally have no-one to help you?[View]
21492910Selling a Car: Hey /o/, What are the best ways to sell a car? I’ve got it listed on Cars.com and I w…[View]
21489967>she drives a crossover[View]
21485011Millions of cars destroyed by typhoon in Japan: How does this make /o/ feel? It's a genocide of…[View]
21491852Car rental Israel: I'll go in Israel soon, and I need a car. But the prices are really expensiv…[View]
21491483Best cheap car battery for a regular shitbox. What is it?[View]
21490585vegetable oil: br/o/s, according to this guys testing: https://540ratblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/m…[View]
21488798Hello /o/. So my girlfriend and I have been looking at a 2016 Mazda 3 with 40k miles from a used car…[View]
21490150VW problem: Hey /o/, first time here. I’m a total car pleb, and I had a question about my 2010 VW go…[View]
21492212I'm not one of the 'lol compensating' libtards Nor am I some sour grapes dork. But, I just gott…[View]
21490636I just finished installing my performance clutch, how should I drive it differently? I get that you …[View]
21492544>shit beater is on its last legs (first car, have owned for years) >no idea how car buying wor…[View]
2148483127 britfag can't drive. It's not too late is it?[View]
21474731Engine bay thread, post your engine bay.[View]
21479675Dream garage: You have 1 million USD to buy 3 cars. One has to be a daily, one a track weapon, and o…[View]
21475702Interior thread the last one died[View]
21492334Toyota E203: Toyota E203[View]
21489650What should I do to my Passat[View]
21492052Ford's sales are down 30% in China: This isn't good news. Since China is Ford's numbe…[View]
21490246Who makes the best rims?: I seriously hope you guys have after market wheels instead of the stocks.…[View]
21491738Rear seats in a sporty coupe: So I did some research And turns out that gt86 has more passenger spac…[View]
21490393Am I causing a lot of extra wear to my beat up 2005 honda civic by flooring the gas pedal all the ti…[View]
21486503What can /o/ tell me about the Cobalt SS? I've read good things about it, only flaw is I'l…[View]
21479002Redpill me on Audi. How come they're never mentioned in the same breath as Mercs and Beemrs?[View]
21485266Choose a sporty coupe--1982 edition[View]
21478660Willys: ive had willys jeeps in and out of my mind a lot the past few weeks. started peeking at the …[View]
21491657JDM imports: I'm looking to import a JDM car. Might even go to japan to look at some shops pers…[View]
214913251992 Jeep Cherokee Thermostat Housing: So long story short I broke both bolts off of the thermostat …[View]
21488226[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: GAMERS RIIIIIISE UP edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shil…[View]
21489044Audi A4 B5 96, 1.9 TDI 1Z: Hello there. I wanted to know, if any of you own this kind of car. I am a…[View]
21491908https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrUD4mSvZms >Retard from California, probably, took 2WD Tucson do…[View]

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