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21719768>you will never be this much of a alpha boomer https://youtu.be/I-CTCooJR-I…[View]
21722571why are boomers so much more likely to know what they got than zoomers?[View]
21716201You have 5-8k in cash to buy a car right now, what is in your opinion the best bang for your buck? …[View]
21717751What ever happened to cruise culture? Why are modern motorists so against being able to remove thems…[View]
21721037>300 mph Is such a thing even possible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcvUx8CVJ-A…[View]
21718571I just saw a shitbox I really want going for cheap online guy is selling it for $500 and said one of…[View]
21722200anyone ever sold a good vehicle and then have the buyer complain?: I sold a motorcycle to a guy back…[View]
21719626Talk me out of leasing a C400 amg package.[View]
21722157I am in the market for a new vehicle >Budget 25k burgers >Must be manual >Must have two do…[View]
21721265BASED BLACK /OURGUY/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igW2tm-QzhQ Cyberfags seething[View]
21722016Anyone ever buy a car through them?[View]
21721770Why do fuel grades typically go 87, 89, and then 93? I always assumed mid-grade was in the middle an…[View]
21718572So a question, /o/, how much cash can I afford for a Jaguar Broadspeed XJC? I want to make it en exc…[View]
21721342Is250 problems: I have a Is250 that wont start even if god himself came down and tried. Nothing rela…[View]
21719648>gen iv nuclear plants being operational soon >concentrated solar power reached its highest te…[View]
21718938thoughts on the Porsche Carrera GT ?[View]
21719619Daewoo Tacuma: Daewoo Tacuma[View]
21715175You're given the position of a CEO in your favorite car makers company. How do you lead it? Wha…[View]
21719214For me it's Aston Martin DBS[View]
21718268Why does /o/ hate the camry?: >30k brand new >v6 engine >300 hp >toyota reliability …[View]
21714643Mods are asleep, post your driving waifu's[View]
21718482What car is peak flyover? Indiana anon here looking for a dirt cheap car that's trailer trash t…[View]
21715838Are modern turbos going to be reliable and stand the test of time? I know a lot of people say nay bu…[View]
21718185Alright guys. So. Everyone has heard about the new cannonball record at 27 hours and some odd minute…[View]
21717229A 2013 Elantra got a million miles.: What is your opinion on newer Hyundai's?[View]
21711513greentext your driving stories: > driving home from work > infuriating CRV soccer mom in front…[View]
21718497What's a good car stereo system for a 1999 chevy blazer?[View]
21720852I have created a monster[View]
21720810Was this the automotive equivalent of a manlet wearing lift shoes?: >Be Toyota, 2018 >Design s…[View]
21717762Maserati: They can't be that bad, r-right?[View]
21720826Where were you when car magazines were kill?[View]
21714218Interior Mods: What are some tasteful interior mods you've installed or want to install to retr…[View]
21719412So my buddy has a 2001 ford focus. Its trash but he cant afford to replace it. Recently it started s…[View]
21721228Matt's talking shit about Tesla <3[View]
21718007Should I lift my tig? I really wanna lift my tig.[View]
21707328/ovg/ - Sign Up For OVGT3 Edition: Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. Previous Thread >>216998…[View]
21715308>switches all of its motorsport activities to the m4 and discontinues the m3 is bmw fucking brain…[View]
21721165My mother drives a 2013 elantra. I would like to upgrade the front seats. Would you recommend pullin…[View]
21718544Do you have nightmares of traffic jams?[View]
21718517>his car is going down in value with each passing day plebs[View]
21717271Why are bald and worn tires considered dangerous, but certain types of Motorsport require slick raci…[View]
21720070Anyone ever drive one if these shitcans? The nipple for my coolant return hose broke off the engine,…[View]
2172030009 accord coupe 3.5 6spd: >pic unrelated Serious question. I've googled everywhere and can…[View]
21720356I need a day to day drive shitbox. Do you think KIA Magnetis a good choice? I’m in the UK so other s…[View]
21720697Worst Drivers: Any /o/ users been on a worst drivers show or contest? If so do you think they still …[View]
21718650What's good for cleaning this stuff fully off of tools?[View]
21717191What is the best way to wash a motorcycle if you live in an apartment?: What is the best way to wash…[View]
21715458*Brake check you*[View]
21717725Honda Beats: Has anyone actually owned one of these things? I keep seeing listings from my local imp…[View]
21716893Why does 'special' gas exist (89 in pic related)? Wouldn't you just pick one or the other?[View]
21711051WebM Thread[View]
21720176>take car to get it repaired >try to look knowledgeable about cars >realize I only know the…[View]
21718729Ideas for better seats: I just drove my wife's 2005 4runner about an hour and a half round trip…[View]
21717796Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/: Fireblade Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling >Mot…[View]
21716166why the fuck don't we have headless engines in cars? they've been around just about as lon…[View]
21719964Help me out what does this mean[View]
21715204Why the fuck are 4-door sedans apparently on the outs with the buying public?[View]
21719856A - Good performance B - Comfort with a nice interior and exterior (plus 4 doors, usable trunk etc) …[View]
21720079can i get an ID on this car?[View]
21719739How many miles have you put on your shitboxes this year? Were they worth it?[View]
21718670What do you guys think of my new 'Stang?[View]
21719096who will be the first to k20 swap this?[View]
21715013What is this?[View]
217147032020 GT500 makes over 700whp on dynojet. That's 50hp more than the $120,000 ZR1 and the same as…[View]
21719995The absolute madman is actually gonna make it.[View]
21716354Should I buy this? I need help. I am not a mechanic. I know a couple people that are and will help m…[View]
21717833I want to learn more about cars and how to work on them but I dont have the time to go to an actual …[View]
21715656Petrol in Diesel car: Hey /o/ Some friends of mine put about 4 liters of petrol into their dad'…[View]
21706156>T-THEY TRIED TO RIP US OFF >NO WE DON'T WORK ON OUR OWN CARS This woman is the epitome …[View]
21719305Most fucked up Peugeot: Opinions?[View]
21716892Tell me this isn't based: you can't >320hp >AWD >LSD >6 speed manual >estat…[View]
21719681Educate me on Galant G8: Is it worth buying with near 155k mileage or it’s a dead horse I should sto…[View]
21719554News : Toyota Having Trouble Keeping Hybrid Car Models in Stock: Especially the Hybrid Models of Cor…[View]
21712429have u ever seen an Arab plated car in your country?[View]
21717519how do i connect my smart phone to my car radio for music? i drive a 2008, theres just a hole that l…[View]
21719498My friend did this[View]
21718533why does every car now look like a wannabe 4WD[View]
21718878non-american here. I often see the scion tC mentioned on American car boards and seems to be very po…[View]
21719205>vw makes their ev rwd >honda makes their ev rwd >mazda makes their ev fwd and an ugly cr*s…[View]
21719293Getting a used car, found these two. Which should I get /o/? 2014 Toyota Camry XLE 103,251 miles - $…[View]
21718732Options for a relatively easy motor swap on a 1978 K10? Just had the SM465 and NP205 trans/case rebu…[View]
21718916K swap: Should I K swap my 190e? I want a reliable daily that I can still enjoy and there isn’t much…[View]
21718331I just acquired pic related. Any tips on how to not die?[View]
21717963Honest thoughts on Sonatas please. I don’t even like Korean cars, but this one looks alright and the…[View]
21708007What is the cheapest shitbox available in Australia? I don't care about looks, I don't car…[View]
21716464So I got a 2002 Camry from my dead grandparents and the car is low milage and pretty smooths However…[View]
21716564>new Cayman prices for a car objectively worse /o/ will defend this.[View]
21712491Any american/o/ actually imported one of these or was it all a big meme[View]
21715391>*parks next to your new car*[View]
21716985ITT: We appreciate the Grumman LLV[View]
21713563Retro Car Aesthetics: I made a thread about retro car stripes and it got some good reactions out of …[View]
21718018crown vic: Im looking to buy a p71 crownvic. I kinda think i dont want the 05+ dbw shit, and wanna m…[View]
21717102porsche 944: these things make my dick fucking diamonds, are they any good would buying one (an earl…[View]
21718794>mfw there are no well maintained mid 80s - late 90s japanese luxury sedans in my area these will…[View]
21717744>LS swap Is this the ultimate pleb filter[View]
21717128which of these 3 cars is the best that I've owned? >04 RX8 6Port >97 Integra GSR >01 …[View]
21714834Im going to college and need a daily driver, what’s the cheapest car I could get that would make peo…[View]
21713058Will late 90s bubble cars make a return?[View]
21716183Any traffic accidents youtube channels you're following?[View]
21713731What does this expression mean? How do you respond to this?[View]
21717120Shit that eats at your soul[View]
21715520That BMW grill looks god awful in person.[View]
21715535I'm planning on buying e46 coupe and swapping 3uz into it.Is it a good idea or a great idea?![View]
21716054bought an ls400. what do: nice car on its own, but it needs more grunt. what kind of power options c…[View]
21717879what the fuck happened for these things to get so expensive all of a sudden?[View]
21717921Alright, an/o/n. I need someone like you, who has a vast knowledge of automobiles, to come up with t…[View]
21709301What do you think of EVs?[View]
21718312Are there any cars made in the past 10 years that don't have spyware (GPS, cell phone integrati…[View]
21713765>Americans make Japanese cars better than Japanese How is it possible? That doesn’t make any sen…[View]
21717747how do i get a good used price from dealers?: im the guy spamming the board about volvo s60's. …[View]
21715880Why has rear visibility on vehicles gotten so bad?: Nowadays back windows seem to be back windows in…[View]
21713228Hey /o/. What are these?[View]
21714673What do stuffed animals in the rear window say about the driver?[View]
21713646what could there possibly be left to do to 'learn' motorcycling? I've already spent 1…[View]
21715620How do you pronounce car brands names? For me it’s: >Toyotee >Hondee >Dodgee >Fordee …[View]
21713960>Koreans have no racing heritage!!11! Prepare to get blown the fuck out for the next decade, fagg…[View]
21713848Fuck you, poorly aimed lights faggots: >driving at night on a winding road >approaching a swee…[View]
21717132>6 cylinder >rear wheel drive >manual >plenty with low mileage and fair prices around me…[View]
21712884Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/: christmas soon edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling …[View]
21717186The cars that feast on gt40s: 1967 24 hours of daytona winners. >1st place Ferrari 330 P3/4 Spyde…[View]
21714956Can i remove the rollcage in the Porsche 911 GT3 ? I want to buy a used one (991.2) i find the the r…[View]
21715157What the hell drives people to do this shit?[View]
21712323What's the most NPC car color, and why is it white?[View]
21716745Poorfag here, just bought this thicc and crusty DeWalt corded impact gun. It's my first power t…[View]
21715706I KNOW WHAT I'VE GOT![View]
21715145>short bed Fucking mall crawlers[View]
21712031What would you choose?: I'm thinking about what car I want to get next, and I'm kinda spli…[View]
21716127The Fiata 124 is no more. Press F to pay respects.[View]
21716537why shouldnt i a 2007 titanum volvo s60 t5? what is the redpill on these cars? is there one thats k…[View]
21716319Why does he hate the tesla?[View]
21714681Why the actual fuck are pedestrian crossings a thing when there's an intersection with lights n…[View]
21715387How does it feel to know that automotive design reached its absolute peak in 1970 and that we haven…[View]
21714253>SUV has cigarette lighter build in >sister uses it to charge vape before school which chink f…[View]
21716129>Looks like your brakes are done >But I changed them not even two years ago >Yeah you know …[View]
21712886>Get an oil change at Walmart >They do absolutely nothing except pop the hood and occasionally…[View]
21707164Dude just buy a used car! >this happens https://youtu.be/8bxTcxQabFI[View]
21715488I failed my 1st drivers license test Didn't stop when there was a stop sign, am I fucked??[View]
21716331Gonna buy a N/A 4.8 Cayenne tonight unless you fags convince me otherwise[View]
21715916Give me just one reason why not to get one of these[View]
21711835Convertible thread: What's the best fast and reliable convertible for under $7k friends? Pic un…[View]
21714242Power steering fluid pump noise: Hello 4C, I just had my mechanic replace the PSFP and now the new p…[View]
21712393I call this the BOOMER WAGON. That's all I ever see driving these things.[View]
21716834my dad a boomer: >dad is looking to get new tires for his tundra >finds craigslist ad >hol…[View]
21705436What air freshener do you use? I am getting bored of nigger trees. Any recommendations??[View]
21716185<10k € fun car: Whats the best I can get? Thinking about pic related, Saab 9-3 2.8 V6. I kinda li…[View]
21714461Kin/o/ Channels[View]
21698988Where would you put your CB radio in your 2002 Ford Explorer?[View]
21715865Is there an idiot's guide to cars? I'm new to /o/ and know fuck all about cars besides how…[View]
21716590I'm looking to get a large work suv. It would be nice to be able to haul a small trailer. So fa…[View]
21708714*brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *brush* *bru…[View]
21715621Rate my winter tires[View]
21708085Do you apply parking brake whenever you stop on red light?[View]
21716318What could possibly be a better system than this? Any infotainment is gonna feel like shit compared …[View]
21715715anyone here live in their cars? what are your tips for the roadlife?[View]
21716226In a 2010 f150 after shifting out of 4x4 to rwd is it required to reverse for 10 or so ft? Or is tha…[View]
21704416ITT: worst car interiors: Is a horribly designed and awfully constructed interior enough to dissuade…[View]
21715853ayy I'm driving lmao get in bros[View]
21714483> ~$8000 > Twin turbo > Makes power instantly with cheap mods > Comfy and quiet > 6 s…[View]
21714623This is Dave Merik, styling director at Honda. Say something nice about him.[View]
21714895What went wrong?[View]
21695731What does /o/ drive?[View]
21714727Do not store your tires in water. I repeat do not store your tires on water. I was reading about how…[View]
21710894Buyers remorse: Sup /o/. Just bought a 2016 v6 mustang, I like the car but I cant help but feel like…[View]
21714934Br/o/s Do you see what I see? Sightings thread[View]
21709686No low ballers I know what I have: I have no words for this honestly. It's a non turbo automati…[View]
21711279Have any of you guys ever driven one of these things? If so how many times did you almost kill yours…[View]
21715597New Car: So BMW 318i got recalled due to faulty airbags, and guess what, mine was faulty so I do not…[View]
21713721Leafs, what happened to all the Pulsars?: Used to see pulsars all the time, like daily Did they all …[View]
21707981best looking family car from the late 90s and early 2000s[View]
21715427Thoughts on the Honda Fit? I've had my 2016 fit over a year and I'm pretty happy. (Upgrade…[View]
21713595Valhalla: Has Aston Martin bitten off more than they could chew? It seems like they are doing too mu…[View]
21708351*is the only new car not connected to the internet*[View]
21715452Anyone Been to the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals?: IMO nothing beats the sound of classic Americ…[View]
21700314Post your insane/cool photoshop creations.[View]
21710201Uchida will bring back Nissan to its former glory, I can feel it.[View]
21713781Am I an idiot?: Got a 03 ram 1500 Sport QC SB 4x4 4.7 auto. It has nearly 295k on the clock (kilomet…[View]
21713361Damn Hyundai has been getting it right lately, while everyone else is going down the drain At this r…[View]
21715256does the car sounds in videos are quieter than in real life ? are cars louder in real life ?[View]
21714435what is the most intimidating car on the streets and why is it the X5 M?[View]
21713925>>>21697730 Out now at your local shitpost peddler[View]
21713016How come you don't see cars with neon lights anymore? Dis they make them illegal?[View]
21714809> tfw realizing I’ll never be able to own my dream car How do you guys cope?…[View]
21712395GF needs new car: GF needs new car, wants something kinds small, ideally hatchback but doesn't …[View]
21701584My fellow Cyberchads: As much we I love the idea of a solid stainless steel frame/body we have to co…[View]
21714984Is there anywhere online that has a complete guide to car chassis components and chassis design? Som…[View]
21713680If anyone is able to vote for my Clio 182 it would be much appreciated:) https://www.fastcar.co.uk/…[View]
21710106I'm not American and I was wondering this. Is the Mustang considered an average person car? Did…[View]
21714862I have an SUV crossover with a 3.7 liter v6. I like it but I want more power. I'm not a car guy…[View]
21711850toughts on the Porsche 911 Turbo S[View]
21713688itt: cursed images[View]
21712082I hate the look of the Suzuki Ignis from the rear. It makes me angry. Share my anger, tell me I’m wr…[View]
21709112Pet Peeves: Rusted bearings[View]
21708459So. Is it?[View]
21712679Chiptuning new Peugeot 208: What's your guys' take on chiptuning? To me it seems like a pr…[View]
21699134Oh boy...[View]
21706602i'm looking for a fun car to learn stick on. budget 5k. what would you guys run with?[View]
21711681>Tfw know EVs are objectively a good idea and the future >Would absolutely get a model 3 as a …[View]
217130272004 Mercedes-Benz E500 w/ airmatic suspension.: Does anyone have any experience with these W211s? L…[View]
21691071Google your car + wrecked: post results[View]
21709939Unjustified Love: Post your most beloved car of your least liked manufacturer.[View]
21714563post stacy mobile so I can avoid these on craplist if I find em for under 100k[View]
21704681Dicking around in the streets: When's the last time you smoked someone from a red light /o/? Wh…[View]
21696174Based or not based?: I’ve literally never seen anyone Mention them on here.[View]
21714419Fl/o/rida: Padoru Edition: https://discord.gg/cGzbShJ What is nibba santa getting you for Christmas?…[View]
21710581How much would a glossy black vinyl wrap job like this cost? On just the hood and roof of a 10th gen…[View]
21714256cheap ignition coils: i was gonna go through this whole process of testing my coil packs to see if o…[View]
21712766First time car buyer with some basic questions I feel silly asking a bunch of car enthusiasts about …[View]
21709171Just scored a '93 4.9 liter 5 spd f-150 for $1500. Clean interior no rips or nothing runs stron…[View]
21711649does it work im in a tight spot[View]
21713605The 996 is the worst car ever made. Prove me wrong. >cheap as fuck because no one wants it >to…[View]
21711608I''ve been looking for some grill trim for my 2016 Mazda 3, however all the listings I see…[View]
21704604Buying a classic: So I’ve come into some extra cash and decided to spend it on one of my favorite cl…[View]
21709974What is the cheapest and coolest looking car you can easily do this in?[View]
21711866>buy brand new Conti Premium Contact 6 tyres >need to go to shitty part of town >hit deep p…[View]
21706379>clutch pedal has no 'bounce' to it, just push it to floor and it stays there, I have to manually…[View]
21710386Will a cobb AP kill my subaru?: I've got a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX with about 140k miles on it.…[View]
21708031what are some cars that are too high IQ for /o/[View]
21687982engine porn: Post dem engines Any engines[View]
21711186I want this over an M2. It's like a baby R8 when you get inside. Please tell me I'm a fagg…[View]
21707967if humans were suddenly invincible what would you do? I'd go out and buy a motorbike[View]
21711949Hyundai/Kia: Just a reminder that the best way to get the Kia/Hyundai shills to fuck off is to ignor…[View]
21704700Do you let your engine warm up before driving on cold days? My mechanical sympathy doesn't allo…[View]
21708979wtf i love drag racing now[View]
21707352now that the dust has settled: we can all agree AWD doesnt actually help with safety in snow and tha…[View]
21707331thoughts on Lego Speed Champions? Are they good representations of the cars they are supposed to be?[View]
21708695Thinking of buying a 12' Supercharged RangeRover Sport 75k miles Only owned by rich whites, on…[View]
21712972please tell me what is wrong with the 2016 hyundai genesis coupe. here is the specific car i am inte…[View]
21711115I hardly see any of these era Dodge cars around anymore. The Stratus and Neon seemed very popular fo…[View]
21709509Where is it?[View]
21702028Tick tock, Miatafags[View]
21703985Why is porsche 924 cheap nowadays? Is it because they're expensive to repair?[View]
21711968Oh my God you guys, quit making such a big deal over the name. BuT iT dOeSnT eVeN hAvE a TuRbO! Like…[View]
21712533If the last 2 Cannonball record breakers were AMG cars, where does the Mercedes Unreliability meme c…[View]
21709234Malibu owner here, why aren't you driving this comfy american kinomobile yet?[View]
21712772I hope whoever invented these things dies, goes to hell, and boils in a lake of demon cum for all et…[View]
21713179>see a car driving fast on wide, straight american road >call police while driving and report …[View]
21711118Are sunglasses needed to look cute while driving?[View]
21710599Well /o/, are you running lean? Or are you running rich?[View]
21708663Do you judge other drivers based on the plate of their car?[View]
21704667post indestructible vehicles: starting with the best[View]
21712184Mazda MX3 V6 for 399€?: Hi guys, I was looking for a car for myself to buy. I wanted either Nissan N…[View]
21712717Im about to move to Italy, what car should i buy?[View]
21708847Thoughts please.[View]
217115381970 Cuda Now that was a car.[View]
21706481h elp!: 2006 Volvo S60R AWD + snow tires, 70k miles this a good every day driver for boston? i wish…[View]
21708666dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: Manlet Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling >Motorcy…[View]
21710210I want to get a van, but I want a old school van. I am debating between a Toyota Van (LiteAce) or a …[View]
21710849Which Fast & Furious car would you most likely want to have sex with?[View]
21707789When did you realize the GMC Typhoon is the final automotive redpill?[View]
21712101is it possible to ls swap a toyota engine on an old merc?: i like the reliability and cheap maintena…[View]
21712094I want to experience a 1000hp pull, how would I find someone willing to let me go for a ride? My car…[View]
21705475Chevy G20: Looking to pick one up, what am I in for?[View]
21711346retard blog donrt read: I want something from the 90s even some kind of shitbox. but I have a 2017 e…[View]
21710640With regard to the actual cars, is Formula One too standardized now?: I don't like how little v…[View]
21711721Imagine the smell...[View]
21712298itt things that mildly infuriate /o/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rc_i7cWdUs[View]
21711497Where can i find these vertical truck mirrors? thanks[View]
21709245Why does it feel good to overtake someone on the freeway? Why does that little puff of endorphins ma…[View]
21709326Are 1990-93 Celicas a women's car?[View]
21711155I've been involved in 2 not at fault accidents in the last week. Retards either not looking and…[View]
21699441I remember when I was a little boy through the 90s cars would have all sort of aftermarket anti-thef…[View]
21708236Camry thread: Post all things 1997 Toyota camry and why you should buy one today[View]
21711581Hi auto anons, I just bought a 77 celica project car, and I'm really excited to start working o…[View]
21710526what car is this?[View]
21700103Why do Americans have such a fetish for oil changes? There is no reason on the vast majority of car…[View]
21711127I personally want to see an electric car that drops all pretenses about range, efficiency, and space…[View]
21708237The E90 was the last true bmw-looking serie 3. they truly fucked up with the newer designs, all aime…[View]
21708205Crossovers are just bad. Like real bad.: I work for a big chain of auto repair shop and I frequently…[View]
21703761Flying J Electricity?: Suppose one were to stop at a Flying J in an RV that required an electrical h…[View]
21711384What's the 2019 equivalent of a MG-T?[View]
21710934Why does this Eagle Talon interior look like a Nickelodeon game show?[View]
21710719What happens to the classic cars when boomers die?[View]
21709184>You must use handbrake every time you stop on a driving test in UK holy shit what a dystopia…[View]
21708458Brake lights: My brake lights light up when I press the pedal even if there is no key in ignition. I…[View]
21701965Looked at customer ratings on 60 models on edmunds and cars.com, and it seems hyundai cars are getti…[View]
21710413i swear casey putsch is losing the plot. every video he seems more and more like an automotive alex …[View]
21709166I really want to buy a cutie rx8 thats under 2k, but the radiator and apex seals are shot. Am i jump…[View]
21711056I know this car gets meme'd on alot but this seems like good car for the price. It looks like t…[View]
21702379I'm fixing up a beater. I took off the heads, disassembled them, lapped the valves and now they…[View]
21699729Engine tuning today: Are traditional methods of engine tuning such as head porting, cams, exhaust an…[View]
21710528What does the Aventador never get a gt/ gt3 version and is raced? Deep down inside does lamorghini k…[View]
21707749is this bike smol or is she a giantess?[View]
21710680*craaack* *sip*[View]
21701154I'm looking at buying an N54 135I Talk me out of it. It sure looks fun, spend the money on goi…[View]
21709191My family and i invested in the cybertruck dual AWD... Is it time to ditch my beaute to save money?[View]
21709738EJ25 mystery bracket: Anyone whos worked on SOHC EJ25s recognize this bracket? Putting everything ba…[View]
21705300I'm sorry /o/, but I think magnetic car mounts are the pill. >easily slap that sucker on wit…[View]
21706336Help me pick a car /o/: So once my car gets back from the body shop, I'm selling it. Some rando…[View]
21698581What does /o/ think about the Kia stinger?[View]

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