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209912847/10 dead? Marines. Cruisers. Hao?[View]
20998863Where does /o/ get their parts from? And for calipers will any brand be good? My camry needs a calip…[View]
20998962hello friends this is my 92 cherokee i like it very much i enjoy working on it with my dad i do not …[View]
20999150>2016 Rdx fwd Any tunes I can do to this for more hp[View]
20999301Can we update the buying advice pin[View]
20999428honestly how bad is it to buy a vehicle with a salvage title? the one I am looking at is a 2018 suba…[View]
20990337>'it's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow!' Do you agree with this stateme…[View]
20997935ITT : Cars that give more than it looks.: Cars that look like they are normal but they are actually …[View]
20998994Ford Maverick Restoration: My uncle has a Ford Maverick that has been sitting outside for nearly a d…[View]
20998881Why are there so many fucking soys that are into cars? everytime i boot up a video on cars, its a me…[View]
20998829just bought this for 31k. thoughts?[View]
20985963>your current car >what you want to get next >90s Buick Roadmaster >90s Cadillac Fleetwo…[View]
20997025How unreliable are BMWs actually? Like, if I buy one, will I have to relgiously keep up on maintenan…[View]
20982801Do you stop and help?[View]
20994236Colorado hauling: 2019 V6 Colorado LT crew cab I hauled no more than 450lbs of salt in my bed, and t…[View]
20998507Should I learn to drive auto or manuel? Give reasons please.[View]
20998885We used to have detailing threads fairly regularly. Let's bring it back. I recently used pic r…[View]
20998780retard here whos new to cars, need a new clutch for my supra. anything to watch out for when buying …[View]
20997416What is this thing? I found it in the very back of my basement. It has a Sachs engine but im startin…[View]
20994525Alright, I need some advice. If you were to do a road trip over 2500km/1553 miles with a car that ne…[View]
20992539ITT well designed modern cars[View]
20997854Pic related. I have a one year old Silverado that had developed on the gauge cluster protector. Seen…[View]
20998223First car: Hi /o/. Am about to buy my first car, and after a year and a half of searching i ended up…[View]
20996935Picking this up next week, any ideas for mods?[View]
20997897Kamakazi: Would the American fighters have made better kamakazi planes during ww2? Higher top speed,…[View]
20995368Running LEAN at Idle, but fine under acceleration and WOT: Evo 8, fully built I feel as if it's…[View]
20994077If I have roughly a 3000$ budget what would be the best car to get to learn stick on, I currently ha…[View]
20996564HELP: sup /o/ I recently bought an old car to work on as a hobby and I have a question about insulat…[View]
20985891*inflates prices*[View]
20994322Help connecting with a fellow /o/tist: >Inna michigan >pass by Mount Holly going down Dixie hi…[View]
20998001>not having a jz catera Explain yourself right n/o/w[View]
20997080god is camry and he is still alive[View]
20997373>Yo bro, watch how fast I can get up to 15 mph before having to slam on my brakes for that stop s…[View]
20998147I have like 17k max to spend on a car, should I spend my entire budget on an 05' sti, or get a …[View]
20996837Is there any Swedish /o/utists that know where I can find cheap cars and car parts? >Inb4 blocket…[View]
20991148Listen for once I need this community to come together and not post troll (lurker for 9 years I dese…[View]
20988890What do you think is too old to still be into cars? I'm almost 28 and it's starting to fee…[View]
20989045Kraut /o/: Holländer edition: Welcome to the first Kraut /o/ Germanic countries only!! No Untermensc…[View]
20997730ITT: cars that look more expensive than they are[View]
20991837Thinking about getting a 3rd gen Camaro, either iroc or z28. Trying to get something a touch sportie…[View]
20997439Dealershipfags, i just got hired as a detailer for ford. What am i in for? I've did some DIY st…[View]
20997533Well about a year ago I bought a 16 st. At the time I liked it but as time goes by I do less and les…[View]
20995072daily bike thread - dbt: dbt >motorcycle questions and bad answers >motorcycle pictures and we…[View]
20993279GONNA TAKE MY CAAAAAAR >Do you like... my car?[View]
20997007How much hp does this give you?[View]
20997351local armoured mini bus for sale[View]
20994809what's the most comfortable car? eurofag btw[View]
20996808how often does “such and such car is unreliable” really just result from lack of maintenance and ign…[View]
20996112Should I get one as a beater /o/? Sell me on this car[View]
20986066Name one car youtuber who puts a fraction of the effort into making cohesive, straight-forward and b…[View]
20984489How are you spending your Friday, you’re not actually working right?[View]
20989345Camper thread: What's a good price for a pickuptruck camper? Also, what's a good price for…[View]
20997089The car that got away: Is there a car that you really wanted to buy, but ended up not being able to …[View]
209970843rd car for /out/ and highway use: researching a third car for me and waifu >primary is /out/ stu…[View]
20992041Ausfag thread >we don't have a general anymore genera A place where: >cars are too expen…[View]
20996118What's this car manufacturer's name again?[View]
20996483is the clk a good car?: 2007 clk 280 with 120k mileage. i like the looks of it and i thought about i…[View]
20996889Serpentine Belt: I lost my Chevrolet Spark's (2011) serpentine belt, how can I get its number t…[View]
20996607Loud car whistling: I have an 06 Benz e500 Since 8 months ago I had a weird noise coming from the fr…[View]
20935040ITT: Dream Car/Unobtainable: Post your favorite car that you can't have. >>20904945…[View]
20996514Ok /o, offer is 1€ for this piece of junk, engine works fine, needs new battery since any battery yo…[View]
20988593Please help a brother out; I’m looking for a used car that pleases my parents, but also has things t…[View]
20992741Is it best to first read, study, and memorize the car manual before you actually go driving?[View]
20994487F: Holy shit br/o/s hold me tight, i don't know what to do anymore >Car had issues with thro…[View]
20990157how much money is an generally acceptable limit on car modifications? would someone have to be retar…[View]
20995240Will driving on dirt roads in a car with firm suspension do damage to it?[View]
20996725>his car only has one engine what are ya? some kind of shmuck?[View]
20995403Why do faggots insist on taking either all-new things or all-old things? Both the old and new have l…[View]
20996464What is better for snow /o/ fwd or rwd? I have always thought it was rwd but I keep hearing people s…[View]
20995390American cars are truly a wonder of human ingenuity. Having functioned even after being so wrecked! …[View]
20986649finally buying my first car boys thoughts on this? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=14…[View]
20993356Were these not sold in Europe?[View]
20996323>recently bought a car >absolutely in love with everything about it >the mileage, the featu…[View]
20995853Banana: Does it really stop diff whine?[View]
20994481Any u.t.i niggas in here?[View]
20996447AWD is saf-: https://youtu.be/RgAclhlrNxI[View]
20982444ITT: cars designed to end your life: >1970's technology >1500 horsepower…[View]
20994901Where can i find a free complete repair manual online for a 1987 chevy s10?[View]
20996331Thoughts on drivers?: Do you find them annoying on the road? Sister thread >>>/n/1351271…[View]
20992119Hey /o, i'm thinking about buying a Ford 6.0 powerstroke. Any thoughts?[View]
20993346Should I really spend 8k on a car?: So I got like 42k >42 That I should use for housing and save …[View]
20993966Sports Car Lease: Whats a good sports car to lease? I want something that looks good and has luxury …[View]
20995517Wish I had a SEAT bros.. But I live in USA. Are they cheap in Mexico?[View]
20985720Would a standard automatic transmission have been enough to save the 500 in the US market? Despite h…[View]
20994241Why are there so many Mustang convertibles on Miami Beach?[View]
20995780ACURA RSX 02 Wheel metal on metal hits: I own an RSX 02 at like 240k my wheel on the driver's …[View]
20995190Forget the grill, what the FUCK is BMW doing with their headlights? This unironically looks like som…[View]
20991703>Speeding through the twisties >Nothing crazy, 10mph over >Cop in an explorer spots me, put…[View]
20961098/CCG/ Classic Car General: /CCG/ Classic Car General Rolling Sofas Edition >Cars are considered '…[View]
20990225I need help, /o/. I'm replacing my A/C compressor (Denso part #471-0335, type 10PA20C). Is this…[View]
20935942n/o/rteño donut drive 3: wassup, ya sabes que tiempo es, it's time for the donut drive. We meet…[View]
20989681>driving on dual carriageway >lorry driver decides to overtake another lorry >crawling pa…[View]
20995105Cars for tall people: So /o/ I'm looking for a car that would be good for a tall driver. I alre…[View]
20994002How to conserve a car: Long story short bought a car that probably won't pass technical inspect…[View]
20995672Liveable van: What's a cheap van you can set up a bed in and live in?[View]
20984681Hello /o/, I have 22 remaining. Would anyone like a VIN check?[View]
20993405Making an Ute?: What would be the best way to go about turning a regular crown victoria into ute sty…[View]
20985485Got a speeding ticket bros. How fucked am I? NYC btw. Was only doing 72 in a 50.[View]
209956991-2 Accumulator Spring Damage?: Recently, my truck has been shifting hard only between 1st and 2nd g…[View]
20991945We just about had a chance to get a usdm Twingo, but lost it.[View]
20992371gopro or no gopro: With that many motorcycles, you'd think maybe one or more gopros? If so, whe…[View]
20984633Which car models are good for a large lad?[View]
20994184Is this how it goes /o/? Or does it go under the caliper? I don’t remember having that problem on my…[View]
20995046>he doesn’t live in his car >his car isn’t his primary residence I thought you were committed…[View]
20990659I'm looking to get a car at some point in the future. However, I'm picky about what I want…[View]
209938331987 Second Gen Maxima Rally Ideas?: My grandma just passed down her old maxima to me and I already …[View]
20991458i miss these ass-clowns[View]
20994024Thoughts on the Toyota Cressida?: Found one in great shape for $1600, it's a 1985 with 109k mil…[View]
20993871oh you have your cruise control on for the past 50 miles? let me just overtake you and then slow dow…[View]
20989554How much of a boyracer are you?[View]
20990322Who will win?: >one modern technologically engineered demon >one blue boi…[View]
20995129>late 20s, early 30s >freshly minted yuppie working in tech >fresh off the boat >flat bi…[View]
20990971Cell Phone Mounts: What kinda mounts and where do you guys place them? Thinking about ordering a mou…[View]
20985488Shitty neighbor stories: >Have a shitty 240sx and 200sx >240 in garage, 200 in driveway >Ci…[View]
20990079Dream car: /o/ post me your dream cars. I also love the First Gen Lexus LS 460, but this thing is by…[View]
20978503Former Valet here from American Valet in Phoenix at the hyatt. Its been a year, but AMA>[View]
20994459First car advice - Rebuilt: What do you guys think about rebuilt cars? Looking to get this 2006 Satu…[View]
20994980seems pretty legit to me[View]
20993245my 1996 grand marquis is finally starting to go, 53k miles on the clock, blinkers out, tranny rumbli…[View]
20990441So my heater core is leaking. The only way to replace it is to pull the dashboard and remove the ent…[View]
20988489I'm starting to think that cheap cars are intentionally made to look like garbage by big car co…[View]
20986871why was this design so sexy, /o/?[View]
20991928How do you go from this...[View]
20994803>Carfax says no accidents >Autocheck says frame damage WHO CAN I TRUST…[View]
20992701[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: chebs edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle Tip…[View]
20991459>that late night hoon to super eurobeat it is a thrill[View]
20993780Post your dashcam set up.[View]
20993444How often do you just drive for the hell of it anons? Do you usually take the same routes or do you …[View]
20993700The great genie Twingo grants you the ability to either kill or bring back ONE car company Choose wi…[View]
20992477What are some fun cars within a 12k budget. Doesn't necessarily need to be a fast car but somet…[View]
20988337>automatic transmission starts to slip at 15k miles >dealerships are backed up with orders …[View]
20992083I would be more into cars if they didn't all look like eggs. Show me some modern cars that act…[View]
20992642Is your car fast, anon?: Is your car fast, anon? Post your model, specs and maybe pics.[View]
20994499Auto Intrests: >Tell me about your dream garage, what kinds of brands you follow and what brands …[View]
20990162how can newer cars like the eagle speedster exist with all the crash safety bs CRUMPLE ZONES!!1! etc…[View]
20988668What's the best smaller suv for under $6k? Is it the CRV? The sticky is too old.[View]
20990673Give me a good canyon carver for 10k or less. Preferably something a little more uncommon cause I kn…[View]
20993604https://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/d/harrisville-2004-pontiac-gto/6918446288.html What could I pot…[View]
20992049>cars will never look like this ever again[View]
20978000/ovg/ - Sign Up For OVGr.4 Edition: Welcome to the Aut/o/ Vidya General Old Thread >>20958498 …[View]
20991006Locking Diffs: I want a vehicle that has a center and front and rear lockers. What are my options /o…[View]
20990661Opinions on Corvette z06's?: Hey aut/o/bots, what do you guys think about daily driving a c7 (o…[View]
20993801These kind of pumps were nicknamed after some actress but the name won't come to me Help me out[View]
20993691Is toyotas VVTI system reliable?I rather have a common 7AFE/5SFE in the celica im looking to buy, bu…[View]
20986739You have collected all seven Dragon Balls, and now, as it is written, think wisely and I will grant …[View]
20984616Manual transmissions in Europe and Australia: Now I'm not really sure but I'm always confu…[View]
20993576Nissan Sentra: Thoughts on the mid 2000s Nissan Sentra?[View]
20992623>Family car shopping >minivans >literally 5 choices >midsize/3-row SUVs >DOZENS of ch…[View]
20991366I think my car has some automobile version of cancer. I rolled up the windows earlier and this appea…[View]
20987291When will this board admit it was wrong?: >Tesla will die by the end of 2012 >Tesla will die b…[View]
20992732People love to jerk off the Land Cruiser, but is it really $85k good? You can buy a nice pickup truc…[View]
20990874what are your thoughts on trans ams?[View]
20987283>sit in a car made in the 70s-'90s >it has THAT smell…[View]
20993130how bad is it to dump the clutch? ive been doing it at least once a day[View]
20980998My R34 GTT needs roughly 9 seconds from 0 to 100. Is this normal? From other sites I read that it sh…[View]
20988644why are they doing this and you see that fucking shit on a very expensive cars what the fuck happene…[View]
20987713lemme tell you about my dad /o/ five years ago he bought a crappy old dodge caravan that was on its …[View]
20993354I'm thinking about buying a 2003 Jeep Cherokee with the 2.8 diesel, are there any known problem…[View]
20989879Why don't more cars use column shifters?[View]
20990036>haven't driven a car in three years >drive one a few days ago >realise I cant drive …[View]
20992529Been contemplating a Lexus SC300, wanted to know what I'm in for if I get one and how the after…[View]
20991707What would I be in for? Assuming I know what I'm doing somewhat and have resources?[View]
20992799How are Daihatsu and Suzuki so based?[View]
20992927Why is this board full of normal faggots: >not having your number plate shrunk down and bolted to…[View]
20986489>10th largest GDP >no car companies Explain yourself Diet USA…[View]
20992467Scrapin The Coast 2019: just got back from it. it's an open carshow created to allow cars that …[View]
20992829Daily driver buy: Fiesta ST vs BK2 Genesis Coupe 3.8 vs MK6 GTI. Budget is $15,000. Going for reliab…[View]
20988839Is Dodge the only make that hasn't sold their soul yet?[View]
20991045What is the weakness of an LC300/400? Seems like such a cool car and it still looks great 25 years l…[View]
20978461Trucker general: Salty namefag edition: Continue.[View]
20991325moo gen? moo jen? moog jhen? mah jen? muh gen?[View]
20990215Would this be a good buy?[View]
20983155Is the Century banned in the US for not being bloated enough?[View]
20991058Epic car fails: post em[View]
20989634[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: whats her name edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motor…[View]
20992100Need advice.. bought this Boston g2 12 in sub and hooked it up and nothing.. I cant see anything tha…[View]
20992276>his engine turns counterclockwise[View]
20990846Okay what should I do here. I can buy bike A, a used 2017 Yamaha R3 for 5500, or bike B, a 2018 race…[View]
20991568Why do so many sand niggers drive Mercedes Benz?[View]
20987737Behold the miracle of the internal combustion engine. They really are amazing things.[View]
20988778The coolant level on my miata nb is really low. Can I just add some bottled water to fill it up?[View]
20987808Nürburgring 24h: Why aren't you watching the stream anon?[View]
20989683Cars that could only exist in a cyberpunk future[View]
20989043Tire shop fucked my shit up. How's your Saturday going /o/?[View]
20986675This is a serious question. Why are almost all American cars so ugly? I can honestly think of few ex…[View]
20991411obviously there's no perfectly reliable car, least of all, from ford, but from a lot of what I…[View]
20989082give me one good goddamn reason why i shouldn't buy this ARMOURED 70s series land cruiser for $…[View]
20988809>be me 20 yo >no drivers licence because taking the test is expensive and I don't care mu…[View]
20987347So i need advice from the allknowing 4chan. Im 18 come from austria saved up 8k and though of buying…[View]
20991599Can I learn how to be a professional auto mechanic if I don't really have any natural mechanica…[View]
20991544wish I had a manual transmission car but I live in USA what do[View]
20989614>'Dude just do your own repairs it's easy' >Turns out it's some oddly specific probl…[View]
20991404Audi TT: I've been wanting a tt since they first came out but I was told they continue to be un…[View]
20987992Redpill me on kit cars[View]
20991175Which ford mustang is the best for performance but can also be used as a daily driver? The GT350 see…[View]
20990084>tfw finally bought some cheap beater car to learn stick >stall out like 5 times trying to go …[View]
20991482How many more issues can I except from a Toyota over 200k as opposed to one under that[View]
20986427What's the obsession with making Ferrari out to be the bad guy?[View]
20988359Does nascar takes any skill or is it just flooring the accelerator while turning slightly to the lef…[View]
20990315Can /o/ tell me about Mitsubishi Eclipse? What are their main problems?[View]
20989890Where are some good places to buy RX-7 parts? I bought an '86 a couple days ago and with the ex…[View]
20989402If you had to choose a vehicle to drive cross country and money isn't a issue, what would you c…[View]
20989165Why are newer cars not much faster from 90's shitboxes? My 90's all stock shitbox with a 1…[View]
20989250I just saw a Model 3 with a plate that said 'SO AMPED' Why are teslafags such insufferable retards?[View]
20990943ITT: Cars you’re looking forward to If pic related is anything to go off of, the S40 is going to be …[View]
20986666Why would anyone buy a TESLA model 3 ?: It just doesn't make any sense.[View]
20990949a bike, a car, and a terminator. (who drives a motorcycle)[View]
209902642008 Acura RL My new daily,AKA a top 5 car for under $5000. Anyone else know about these rare gems?[View]
20990444sissyboi here, would this ride get me primo boipussy?[View]
20985724Why would anyone want to drive in Manhattan?[View]
20989168Test Driving Exotics: Need some advice on how to test drive exotic, expensive cars even though I in …[View]
20989705Another week Another car[View]
20989026New Japanese cars are most modern so why are their taxi fleet so old fashioned?[View]
20981146PANTHER THREAD: Tips, tricks, questions, advice, stories. Post it all here b/o/ys[View]
20987926So how does this..[View]
20986063>compact crossover >$60k Someone here who owns a Tesla convice me to get this over say... a …[View]
20988972>his tires need air[View]
20990092>ywn be a DMV agent and troll drivers with unnecessary red tape damn[View]
20989524What are some sporty cars that aren't built for manlets? I want something fast but with plenty …[View]
20989299Looking for a cheap fun car, but weird: As the title says, im looking for weird cars to use as a wee…[View]
20989183Luxury cars > sports cars Prove me wrong[View]
20985054*honk* *honk*[View]
20989643Thoughts on octane boosters?[View]
2098602130 years of 'progress'[View]
20988989I just bought this. How do feel /o/?[View]
20988845Hey /o/ i dont browse here much but mostly /biz/ but recently my 2002 civic is shitting the bed an…[View]
20986545Surely they cant be this stupid[View]
20975754ITT: Cars you will be able to buy for pennies in 10 years[View]
20987828how easy is it to destroy a car while trying to learn stick? I was thinking of treating myself a bit…[View]
20988783Hey /o/ 21 yr old germanfag here, after having an Audi A4, Audi A8 and Audi 80 i've decided to …[View]
20975091/SLOW/: Welcome to /SLOW/ boys! Who is /SLOW/ for? Calm, composed, stately /o/tists who travel at th…[View]
20989001Press F to pay respects[View]
20987620I'd like to know your opinion guys, I am thinking of buying an EP3 for my very first car, howev…[View]
20979664Teslas cannot stop internally combusting, issue gets worst during summer.: How will they fix this is…[View]
20988670Does anyone here work for the DMV?[View]
20986321Lexus to use Mazda i6 and RWD platform for newer cars: https://www.motor1.com/news/355606/lexus-rc-m…[View]
20987455[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: These two pull up beside you at the lights, the pillion slaps you on th…[View]
20983616E36 320i vs S13 200SX European 19 yo here. Was searching for an E36 320i as my first car but my more…[View]
20988721MRW new automobile technologies[View]
20984372miss this lil nigga like u wouldnt believe[View]
20988560Is it only me or does second gen octavia have extremely bad handling? Pic related is my 09 and she f…[View]
20986122Help me narrow down for a First Car: I relied on using other peoples cars my whole adult life. Now I…[View]
20985524Cheer me up /o/: Just failed my driving test to go from novice to regular license the day before my …[View]
20986948I'm retarded: Can anyone help me figure out how to unhook this front tail signal light from the…[View]
20988829At what point should you realize that its time to give up and opt for something else?[View]
20986131Day before yesterday, I picked my car up from the garage. Geezer says 'over there, mate, key's …[View]
20988640You have 10k ($ OR €) to build a fleet of shitboxes. What do you buy? >diesel w123 Mercedes as a …[View]
209833771st car: -$3500 max -United States -Texas -Hatchbacks -Automatic -Year doesn't matter -Used …[View]
20987027Is it possible to fit an analog cluster from a 1996 ram 2500 into a 1999 ram 2500[View]
20988080Car is leaking gas when I fill up the tank. Wtf bros why is this hapoeneing.[View]
20982846WebM Thread[View]
20980508is a self serve garage business a good idea?[View]
20987702My Kia Soul just hit past 30k. What service / check ups do I need? I don't trust the dealer rec…[View]
20980304Hi im a car newbie and I'm looking for information about maintaining your older car. Im 18 and …[View]
20987729Is this a good deal?: Heard the news that a very good friend of a family is selling his '86 250…[View]
20970173>be me >Own delorean, my dream car >pick up my black Girlfriend >She likes the car >S…[View]
20986153It's so pretty! I want it![View]
20984995Does anyone remember car forums?: One thing that strikes me with the facebook generation - all the y…[View]
20982912can you learn to like newer cars? im still stuck on the 90's shit boxes that it is actually pro…[View]
20983707What's the slowest new car you can buy?[View]
20985850>tfw no Christine GF Why live?[View]
20987746Honest opinions on the Audi A6 TDI? I want one. Talk me out of buying one. 240hp/430tq. 0-60 in 6 se…[View]
20987959What are the best motorcycle brands considering their history and models? We all know which car bra…[View]
20987570Car Show Weekends: Quite a few popping up this time of year. Do you guys show? What makes you pick …[View]
20983582Thoughts on copping an e65 bimmer as my first whip?[View]
20978830Big Jewish lawyers win again: If you have an 8 speed GM vehicle with issues GM refuses to fix, know …[View]
20985886What kind of fictional car could or should be introduced for production?[View]
20987840Corolla WRC street version: Why did it never happen? Didn't the homologation rules have somethi…[View]
20987601BMW 528i E39: I found one very cheap. Only $6000. Is this a good buy?[View]
20985592Best car of the 80s[View]
20986397Redpill me on hybrids: >Protip: thou shall be unable to succeed.…[View]
20987616Do it worth the money?[View]
20986450Will they ever update the 370z?[View]
20985328Do any modern cars have good steering feel?[View]
20982122Why are new F1 cars so fucking ugly?[View]
20984869Post the last photo you took of your car /o/[View]
20984846Cyclist runs woman down and is actually held accountable for their actions. https://www.standard.co.…[View]
20987346why don't we see more sc400/sc300s on the streets?: it's so stunning in the flesh, drives …[View]
20983769What's your opinion on the Toyota Avalon, /o/?[View]
20985259Post your best pictures of your car. Pic related is my 1993 Dodge Daytona ES.[View]
20974984What car makers still use glass on their headlights so I can avoid pic related? Also, do you think p…[View]
20981708Where did all the Hummers go? I realize that veeryone say increasing gas prices made Hummers unreaso…[View]
20985697fucking birds[View]
20981620Reminder that this is what your tinder date sees when she gets in your “pussy magnet”. Stop working …[View]
20983877Sup /o/? Some asshole just rear ended me and now my POS hand me down Kia is totaled and the insuranc…[View]
20981891Your MT story: I'm curious to hear where, how, and why you learned to drive a MT car. I've…[View]
20984680What does /o/ think of my truck? No, not the wine red one.[View]
20980372Babys First Ricer: I'm old school. Big block or nothing. But ever since the first Fast and Furi…[View]
20980582Has /o/ ever gotten a car for free? As in absolutely 100% free no strings attached from someone else…[View]
20984723[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: These two pull up beside you at the lights, the pillion slaps you on th…[View]
20983581Help me get over my irrational love of wagons. I've been in the market for sportier since my co…[View]
20983677Ford to unveil extreme version of GT racecar next month: He's in. Finally man up and take on th…[View]
20986275Skylines: Is it worth having them now or in the near future? Is it a meme? The question goes from R3…[View]
20986607So since I have to start with the most difficult car to learn on. What should I know about working o…[View]
20982431Automotive empathy: Do you have it? There's some dude crawling up a steep hill around here to h…[View]
20986015New to this board. Do you guys troubleshoot problems people are having with vehicles? I'm losin…[View]

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