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20702989Though of this car?[View]
20704094Fiero 86: >Have a friend who wanted to own a Fiero since he was a little kid >Gets a chance to…[View]
20709040good idea to swap or not: I thought of an idea of doing an engine swap from a D15 to an H22. This is…[View]
20703679Who actually likes these grills. I want to see how how much better these would look without that g r…[View]
20706381D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d] -/dbt/: D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d] - /dbt/ Actual motorcycles, n…[View]
20708548Post your favorite weird rebadges.[View]
20706539Can the engine stall when you are driving (not super slow, maybe over 20 mph) or is that impossible?…[View]
20706330Good Car Memories Thread: >be me >be yesterday >be me after concert with my bro >got to …[View]
20704316Where were you when Chrysler fucked your ecoboost and alloytec? https://www.allpar.com/news/2018/12/…[View]
20708616Whats the coolest service rig out there? I mean like forest service, firefighters, lifeguards, game …[View]
20708458Why does the camaro have such a shit interior? I mean, in my opinion chevy has the nicest interior …[View]
20697661how often do you clean your car do you do a basic normie cleaning where you just vacuum or do you do…[View]
20704256So actual car maintenance question here rather than the regular bullshit I don't know what brak…[View]
20708240/o/, what do you think about these two cars compared to the 2019 accord and 2019 camry?[View]
20708150bmw 118i: Thoughts?[View]
20707833I have a beater 2001 nissan maxima, I have about $350 into it (including cost of the car) and it run…[View]
20707350Used car on Craigslist. Hey all, I found a Chevrolet Impala 2012 listed on Craigslist for only $2000…[View]
20703865Should I buy this Audi /o/?[View]
20704146LINCOLN RWD SEDAN: Lincoln is likely replacing the MKZ with a rear drive sedan built on the next gen…[View]
20708360public transport: public transport will always be better than cars[View]
20708175>dat temptation to do a project[View]
20705090>tfw the only things that keep me from suicide are my car and my bike[View]
20701271>yuropoor here So I took apart this rusty as fuck engine on the floor in college but I've n…[View]
20706923Going to get an outback sport as my next car, manual too. What are your thoughts on these? I hear th…[View]
20704556Toyota - Lexus - Scion USA $6000 budget which one should I get? any models or engines to avoid? w…[View]
20705405Supra or Z4?[View]
20708022Need new car battery: So, I'm pretty sure I need a new battery in my car. Do i just go to the n…[View]
20703020how do I haggle with someone over the price of a car[View]
20708080What's the difference between FWD and RWD in normal everyday driving conditions?[View]
20708139What are your thoughts on this bad boy?[View]
20707646>we want the Rocket League audience[View]
20706960MVAC Issues: So I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my A/C. I have a 2004 Nissan Ma…[View]
20703443rip 3-doors: >3 doors extinct in burgerland >now even yurp is starting to phase them out for m…[View]
20700945Cars that trigger /o/[View]
20695328How does /o/ like their steering wheels?[View]
20707714M3 E36: Anyone want to red pull me on the M3 E36? Looking at getting one for roughly 6 grand hand h…[View]
20703201Cockpit thread.: Post ur cp boys. My '10 cooper s[View]
20701706If you're above the age of 10 and still have a dream car then you should grow up.[View]
20706607Which compact luxury coupe is your favorite? BMW 3 series Lexus IS Audi A4 Jaguar XE Mercedes C-Clas…[View]
20707255Euro here, I'm about to buy a 2016 bmw serie 1, AMA[View]
20706402Why does Subaru not make pick ups?[View]
20706514Why does this brand triggers /o/?[View]
20707300LRA > IRS[View]
20706066Needs some help /o/ deciding on whether I should pick up a 2017 GTR or a 2018 LC500, it's a wei…[View]
20706819>be me >set up an appointment to go look at a car im interested in at a dealership >get a …[View]
20707452Hey guys, my mom just bought a used 3 door 2006 Audi A3 1.6 Attraction Tiptronic pretty cheap for he…[View]
20697910Let's talk about flashing your headlights to warn of speed traps, the greatest thing you can do…[View]
20707509Civic SIR ep3: bout to buy one of these. Anything I should know about them or are they great little …[View]
20703892to the 1-2 anons here who own a car worth more than $40k, how did you make it?: i'd like to kno…[View]
20704480Is the 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo the most expensive kid's car?[View]
20692903/o/ Memes: Post your best.[View]
20707281Cheap ,fun ,shitboxes: Why aren't there any 5 speed , 2 door accords anymore? Does a toyota fag…[View]
20706872Ford Fiesta SE: Are these any decent? I'm going to go look at a used one. It's a 2016 and …[View]
20706284Why did Japs stop driving manuals?[View]
20704497Modern car interiors that you like[View]
20703672What do you guys think of reliable non-faggy hybrids? I was thinking about buying one and going from…[View]
20695231Explain Your Stupidity: Why buy any other car?[View]
20706841Cosmic Girl was /o/ kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-NvQ6VJYtE[View]
20706883>sees listing for an IROC-Z >“cylinders: 6 cylinders”…[View]
20706557Here's your $40k interior bro[View]
20700798Are they really as desperate as people say to unload these cars new? I have no credit, but I'm …[View]
20695483Post the car you’d drive if you had a $5 Million net worth[View]
20700407So hows that car youtube channel working out for you anon?[View]
20702561Well that sucks: 2008 Toyota Corolla 148k Miles Melted ignition coil and spark plug in cylinder 1 St…[View]
20704340ITT: foreign market cars you want in america (hardmode: no japenese) Pic related, honda fit sedan[View]
20693732ITT: Cars ruined by stereotypes: Pic unrelated[View]
20702971>car requires you to tune it and mod it to make it enjoyable[View]
20700006>tfw you shart your boxers post boxer horror stories[View]
20704359what car is this?[View]
20705675Quick story /o/ No shit everything ill tell you is 100% real Be me >NSX dream car as a child >…[View]
20703603This thread is entirely dedicated to the fucking retard teir mechanics and tire shops that tighten e…[View]
20702701whats the point: whats the point of this subsection? the average 4chin user is like 18years old and …[View]
20704204D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d] -/dbt/: D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d] - /dbt/ Reminder that you can…[View]
20704641Runs and drives for $900. How fucked would I be if I bought it, /o/?[View]
20704975Looking at trading in my 13 Tacoma in for a 05 Impreza RS: I thought I would go off roading more all…[View]
20705545This has the same engine as my current mazda shitbox, but it is AWD and looks like a jaguar. Am I de…[View]
20704847I keep seeing a bunch of these Ford Escapes from the early 00's for sale around $1000, whats th…[View]
20703127Your anti-/o/ opinions thread I'll start. I like how the new Camry looks (except the weird nose…[View]
20687484What is the most aesthetic car in the world?[View]
20702777Thinking about this glorious example of Japanese engineering What am i in for? redpill me on the TT…[View]
20704014/O/, what car has the least predictable owner? As in, what car has no stereotype, and could be being…[View]
20695916Quick, I need all your pictures of crashed /o/tists[View]
20705897>tfw you get back into your car first time after days of shitty rentals[View]
20704487What the heck is his problem?[View]
20699038The $2.5 million 1,900-horsepower Pininfarina Battista all-electric hypercar debuts https://www.cnbc…[View]
20699549What's your car (or truck) of choice to be taken across the country?[View]
20701516Why are Americas so obsessed with buying SUVs large or small?[View]
20702301I'm looking at getting my wife a 4wd SUV or similar because we live in the country and need 4wd…[View]
20704599decently fast/fun cars under 25k used: Looking for a decently fun/fast car 2010+ that isnt too expen…[View]
20689872If your car model gets called you have to go to bed immediately, Goodnight, miata[View]
20705382>this is the best selling car in Japan[View]
20695178>He doesn't have new jersey square dancer plates[View]
20696638Normie cancer hate thread: >unironic horsepower per liter arguments >'woah, you can drive manu…[View]
20701238Considering it ( not as a DD ). Should I get it or no.[View]
20704633I'm looking at an '05 Volvo S80 2.5T with 91k miles. Anyone have any knowledge about these…[View]
20705394wrong choices: >get off shift at amazon warehouse >driving home >fall asleep because im bas…[View]
20704027Where can I find people to leech their knowledge or help them wrench/tune. I live in Metro Detroit, …[View]
20704722How can I discretely repair my bumper, hood, and windshield without creating a paper trail that coul…[View]
20703313Hey guys, Can we get a bike crash story thread going today I crashed my bike for the first time and …[View]
20693131Will they ever make good cars again?[View]
20704795Why is there so much hype towards the Kia Stinger?[View]
20701201>only got approved for a $10k auto loan (at 4.25%) despite pic related feels bad man…[View]
20701487A bit over 3 months into owning my 188k mile C5. Been holding up well so far, and really fun to rip …[View]
20704500Is it normal for a little water to trickle from the rear of a sunroof/moonroof? Not until the cab, b…[View]
20703456>out accelerates your shitty Miata >pulls 2 Gs in a corner >more fun to drive than any car …[View]
20699544Should i put side scoops on my 05 Mustang?[View]
20704484Sup cunts. I got to go to the NY auto last night. Mercedes had the best snacks. The Maz booth was la…[View]
20702266In Japan they have legendary street racers and race crews like the midnight club, what are some amer…[View]
20704501wondering if i should get it from my uncle: its beige and looks pretty new, no rust, though hasnt be…[View]
20701434Road Rage Thread: Road Rage Thread I'll start >Road Rage Thread >be me >at drive thru …[View]
20703302One of my tires has a small but noticeable bulge, is this bad?[View]
20704655Looking for opinions on exhaust cut-outs. Installed a Borla exhaust and got a fix-it ticket within a…[View]
20701011>Things you can say about your vehicle but not your girlfriend[View]
20703833Do you think a BMW M760i is too muted an experience for a daily driver (not being chauffeured)? Is t…[View]
20704258https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gayT75JKMPE Based and boxerpilled[View]
20694047ITT: Cars that will significantly go up in value in the next 5 years[View]
20702982Hey there, has anybody ever had a good experience purchasing a salvage title? I see a Nissan Sentra …[View]
20703423Am not wrong tho: What the best looking car ever produced and why is it the XJR?[View]
20703530Now that my car has been deemed toast, I am thinking about picking up a 2016 Prius four as my next c…[View]
20703767Why aren't you driving a 07+ maserati quattroporte /o: >for 10k you get a 400hp Ferrari engi…[View]
20687591How do you handle this situation?[View]
20700137>advertise car for $9000 >it's actually $12000 Why are dealerships so scummy?…[View]
20703506Fifteen Percent[View]
20701838Should I pick up a used JK or just save a bit longer for a new JL? The resale is so fucked on these …[View]
20703307This is the future. Get on board.[View]
20700959The Chevy Blazer returns in 2020.[View]
20701747ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: Will it be any good or will it be /FIAT/ tier like the rest of (((their)))…[View]
20702014Is it true that the louder your car, the more of a man you are?[View]
20701309Cool reliable used car under 7k CAD?: I don't know why but old american barges are growing on m…[View]
20702703How do we stop the CUVs from killing all the type of cars?: From what I've read, the reason why…[View]
20701766[D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d] -/dbt/- FRIDAY NIGHT MUTHAAA FUKKAS!!!: [D a i l y B i k e T h r e a…[View]
20693951/ovg/ - Super Supras Edition: Old Thread >>>>20674770 Wiki >get-good.net Mumble >I…[View]
20703172>tfw my first car is finally on its last legs That thing aggravated me terribly sometimes, but i…[View]
20701227I'm gonna buy a 2004 Jag X-type 3.0 with 94k miles. Thoughts?[View]
20702694Is this car really that unrealible? Is 12k euros good price for it?[View]
20699836Based Car Ads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nppKMomMP-4[View]
20686935>tfw just failed my driving test How many tries did take you to pass lads?…[View]
20702837>open sunroof >rear wiper turns on[View]
20696523>creates a car that is the opposite of sensible design >it becomes the most successful race ca…[View]
20702759>make an amazing car >give it this disgusting fake light bar why are gooks so fucking dumb? a …[View]
20701562Redpill me on the Audi tt[View]
20702526Why do we not put tracks on caravan cars to distribute the weight more? Considering how heavy the ca…[View]
20702751Mark My Words: Here's whats going to happen. The Mustang 5L V8 GT is going to be fitted with a…[View]
20703084I found a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE at a dealer. 104,000 miles, some minor body damage but the engine s…[View]
20703026Any Gatineau fags here? Have you seen OB Prestige Auto?, his collection is fucking wild.[View]
20702636got a 4cyl 2000 honda accord lx coupe in the air without the lower subframe, some guy was suppose to…[View]
2070281545k company car: Hello, I'm getting soon a new company car. Budget is up to 45k.i can pick eith…[View]
20698181Chevrolet Impala: What are your thoughts on this car? It looks like it's a comfy long car. And …[View]
20702510what do you guys think of the a5 sportback? found a 2012 one for 9500 euros. is that a good price fo…[View]
20702827First car might be a Honda CRV old gen. Pros and Cons?[View]
20702619Tesla's exponential growth: Does this trigger you?[View]
20700688NISM/o/ General: - Nissan Motorsports - “The Sentra Nismo, a new addition to Nissan’s lineup that gi…[View]
20689160$10,000 Tesla Model S here we come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BZ2225OJDg Tesla's ultimat…[View]
20698325That's a big screen for a Toyota Corolla. If you remove it, will the car die?[View]
20702476look at this d00d...ahah oh nononono oooooooo... AHAHAHAHHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA[View]
20696851Where can I find a good honest mechanic like Scotty?[View]
20696414Subaru has shitty interio....[View]
20698015/mx5/ General: Welcome to the Miata General! It's Spring time, it's Miata time! >Miata …[View]
20699158Looking for something that can take light off-roading and has reasonable clearance. I'm thinkin…[View]
20701391Does /o/ know about this show? I know it has cartoony vehicles and talking animals, bit portrays som…[View]
20701988Hey /o/. So i have installed aftermarket radio in my old ass VW. Works flawlessly, but theres an iss…[View]
20699619Mitsubishi Mirage 2019: My father somehow got himself approved for a fucking Mitsubishi Mirage 2019.…[View]
20700174The Most Superb Piece of Machinery: The CTS & it’s V trim. There is no other better overall sed…[View]
20695881Boomer bikes can BTFO: >Be Harley Davidson >Be boomer as fuck >lower quality control standa…[View]
20702259Anons, yesterday at my office there were a couple of cars with cameras attached to them like Pic rel…[View]
20698011Tesla vehicle being investigated for starting February garage fire 'spontaneously catches fire' agai…[View]
20701194>Buy alternator online >$70 core deposit on a $300 alternator >Thejewsdidthis >Polish up…[View]
20701148how much shit will i get for driving a car that looks like a cop car? i really like the looks and i …[View]
20702046This is one of the best engine designs.[View]
20701695Good things: >Be me >Haven't seen my baby in 11 weeks >Get home from basic training fo…[View]
20700175Why doesn’t BMW just merge with Mercedes? They would form a huge powerhouse in the car industry that…[View]
20700271oil monkey to Adeptus Mechanicus: Am i setting myself up for failure? I'm about to buy a Mitsub…[View]
20701316Drag racing: caught drag racing today lads >900$ ticket >feelssadman…[View]
20698877Am I the only one who cleans their rental car before returning it? I can't stand showing up to …[View]
20701275Does /o/ build their own battery pack trailers or do you buy them premade?[View]
20701431Hello. On March 16 2018 I said Jeep will displace FIAT in Europe. Since then: >Jeep is selling we…[View]
20701893>your country >do you like rally >is rally popular in your country pic related…[View]
20700400Help me out /o/. I bought a used 2002 VW Passat (GLX 4 motion 4dr with V6 engine): I legit didn…[View]
20701523Why don’t Southern Italians follow the traffic rules? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2ERezCg2CQU[View]
20699604/dbt/ - daily bike thread: Another day, another BO-RUN edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Bran…[View]
2067738519 year old retard here: How do you get rid of a bad car note? Pic may or may not be related....…[View]
20694719Some of the last golden cl listings that are still up https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/nape…[View]
20695279Study finds that Tesla puts out more pollution than a Diesel truck: Look at this dude, oh no non no.…[View]
20701496I must've died and gone to heaven[View]
206972512013 Scion TC, 35,000mi tech pack, 6 speed manual, 8,995$ no accidents is it a good deal br/o/s? Gen…[View]
20691552Truckerfag general potatoes edition: Truckerfag general. Where you can ask the professional road pil…[View]
20701455Anyone know what these black panels would be called? Car is a 350z, hit something on the freeway and…[View]
20699653the cuck/husband sits in the back seat while his wife and the bull sit up front. Datsun was crazy fo…[View]
20693218Do you eat/drink in your car?[View]
20691945These are some of the most popular new vehicles in America. Most people think these look good. Nobod…[View]
20696816Why wouldn’t you buy a c5 corvette?[View]
20694593They're putting bigger and bigger wheels on these designs so you won't notice how unbeliev…[View]
20700989I have an ignition coil that's boot allowed water to leak around the spark plug, ordered new sp…[View]
20682104/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: A thread dedicated to asking the sm…[View]
20700898Where's the best place to buy project cars or cars without engines? Is there any downside for b…[View]
20700095My s2000 clutch gave out. Needs a new master cylinder. How much should this cost me/how much should …[View]
20695460Why do we love cars and driving br/o/s?[View]
20701171Should I be worried?[View]
20699620Boomer shit: Why are they like this?[View]
20698886What is the best OEM red?: And why is it Sienna Red Metallic from BMW?[View]
20700642Ford General: Get a load of this one[View]
20695731Who has the worst taste? Who has the best?[View]
20699350Craigslist ad thread: https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/denver-3-owner-porsche-944-turbo/686339723…[View]
20700779Best-looking cars under $30k: New or used I'll start[View]
20696863Most fun I can have for $5000? I have five grand burning a hole in my pocket and I need a new car AS…[View]
20700997Just bought one of these How do i meet vin diesel[View]
20692730>$97,675 What the actual fuck???[View]
20680176What's the weirdest shit you've seen on the road? Pic related. Gotta love living in Miami.[View]
20698428Honda Accord: About to buy my second car. I was thinking about this 2000 Accord. It's only aro…[View]
20699754Are there any cars that have a way to turn off all of the interior lights? I want to drive at night …[View]
20700434>broke and lazy college student >windscreen reservoir runs out >don’t have any bug bars han…[View]
20691900Scrambler vs Dual Sport?: Any thoughts on the differences between scramblers and Dual sports and the…[View]
20699756Manthey Racing: Now that Manthey has established itself as the AMG of Porsche, what do you think of …[View]
20700516Holy shit, I didn’t realize just how big a F-150 is until looking down from my balcony just now. Tha…[View]
20700302Buying Ultimate Luxury: Would anyone buy one to just drive it and own it? It seems the great majorit…[View]
20698785Anyone know what car has this dash?[View]
20700224I just bought a 1991 Accord Wagon, what am I in for?[View]
20700282What happens if your car gets stolen and your insurance company pays you out, but then the cops find…[View]
20699961can transmissions leak oil?: today i noticed my spot has black spots on the floor, and it's bla…[View]
20699924What went wrong?[View]
20698033Hey /o/ got a problem need help. I have a 98 s10 4.3 and if i turn it on in the day all my dash ligh…[View]
20698567does it /o/?[View]
20699760Post best/worst seating arrangements[View]
20700228Can dealerships lie to you about there inventory? I went to this dealership the other day to check …[View]
20699412Is this kin/o/ /o/ approved?[View]
20698860*Spring Car Cleaning*: Have you done yours? Feels great /o/. I still have to wash my 3k civic. Yes b…[View]
20695192Why no Chrysler V8 in the 90s: Why did Chrysler not have a V8 car in the 90s? Everybody had some, an…[View]
20694385Hail: >baseball sized hail coming to north texas tonight >only protection I can offer my car i…[View]
20696935Car has trouble starting up only in a certain area of town.: I drive a 1985 300zx and it starts up f…[View]
20698783Engine Swap: So I have a stuck lifter in the ole Jimmy. Im going to try an oil change and all the fa…[View]
20698584Ford Escapes. What does /o/ think of these. Reliable enough to be a camping rig and winter shitbox?[View]
20699539Toyota Century: Is this objectively the best luxury car?[View]
206926342020 Z It's fucking nothing[View]
20695640Just picked up my first car. it's a 2007 Honda Accord in nighthawk black. Not bad for an 18 yea…[View]
20699690the new focus actually looks nice. not 'good for a ford' or 'good for a hatch.' just actually good o…[View]
20698505Real top gear UK and grand tour rip: I wasn't ready for these feels /o/ I watched clarkson sinc…[View]
20693665Anyone ever owned a Porsche Boxster 986? I'm thinking of buying a 2003 model in the coming mont…[View]
20698125tesla soyboys will do anything for their precious 2.9: this all happened because i compared a subaru…[View]
20699642Should i be using my left foot to brake?[View]
20689439Okay but for real which would you buy today?[View]
20698542FIND A BETTER CAR: protip: you can't poor faggots[View]
20679637ITT: dumb shit you have heard people say: >spoilers don't work on fwd cars >wings and spo…[View]
20698319The interior of the 'Infiniti' G feels like a shitty Nissan. Luxury my ass.[View]
20686039What killed it?[View]
20698203Is the Toyota Sera the best car ever made for attracting qt grils?[View]
20697438Is Aynone Else here owning a tuned E46?: E46 coupes are like a Religion for me[View]
20697153Is he /ourguy/?[View]
20697583/DBT/ Dog Bike Thread: RUFF Rider edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >Moto…[View]
20698787Forester - worth it?: I'm seeing quite a few of these with sub-20K price tags for base models w…[View]
20698304new car bad old car good[View]
20689113Rarest spots >I probably have the rarest on the road spot, S7 competition >it was absolutely …[View]
20695022E46: I have found a very clean, very well maintained BMW 325ci cabrio with 100k, is 4800 too much to…[View]
20698718Electric motorcycles?: What do you think about electric/hybrid motorcycles? Are the the future or a …[View]
20686787What are the thoughts on pic related? >inb4 >fwd its 970kg[View]
20691908Life is unfair: All I want is a boxy car with a spoiler, Toyota preferably so I can install an anime…[View]
20696047What did Succzuki mean by this?[View]
20694039KIA Stinger GTS BTFO's Toyota 2020 Supra: HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA 2020 Supra BTFO https://www.motor…[View]
20687424>2.3L engine from the RS making 330hp/350lbft >0-60 in 4.5 seconds >front splitter, brake c…[View]
2069261119 year old mentally incapacitated person here, is this a good deal /o/? I texted the guy asking for…[View]
20697738Is this a good car: - 0 knowledge about cars -be 20 y/o neet, looking for a small city car -be from …[View]
20698624CARFAX REPORT: Dudes, I need help. I wanna buy mustang gt 2k14 from this one dude but first I wanna …[View]
20687611Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
20659767Auto Sticker General #411 /osg/: Auto Sticker General #411 /osg/ Icy-boi edition Previous thread …[View]
20698474I'm looking at a few datsun trucks nearby as a daily driver to and from classes. I know these …[View]
20696169what is the most 'beats walking' car you can think of? >pic related[View]
20694481Sticky: When the fuck are we gonna update this? Shit might've been useful 10 years ago but not …[View]
20696720I want to push around 580 to 600 WHP: Evo 8. The engine is fully built with a new OEM block. I am ju…[View]
20694997Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe: Redpill me on this car I don't have a family so I have no need for…[View]
20697677Just saw this abomination on the street. What the fuck were Nissan thinking? Did they really think t…[View]
20698237Dacia Duster: Why don't you /o/wn one?[View]
20695756Newfag here: New/semipoorfag here My trusty 2006 ford taurus is finally dying on me. What should I a…[View]
20695557Are Jaguars any good. How's their reliability?[View]
20692467What constitutes a good DD without being a boring appliance?[View]
20698103Automotive literature: What sort of reading material do you /o/tists have lying around? Got any maga…[View]
20695879Body repair estimate: Vehicle is a 1985 Porsche 944. Trailer accident a few years ago a bolt gashed …[View]
20689960get me out of the M car meme please: Alright so I'm looking into a two seater rear wheel drive …[View]
20693727Can you V8 swap a Chrysler LH car?: The Chrysler LH cars are FWD but the engines are put in longitud…[View]
20697979It's honestly not that bad. And look, you can even tell the last year model already had that ve…[View]
20697477I drive a 2001 honda civic. It has 195k miles on it, bought it at 185k miles. I really wish I bought…[View]
20696657Bought a lemon when I bought used (Passat 2002) so I decided to cut my losses and just get a reliabl…[View]
20697932what is your stance on balancing the now with the future. As in enjoying your money when you are sti…[View]
20696008Gearboxes: I'm doing a RB25DE+T Swap to my brazilian shitbox. Wanted to know what are the best …[View]
20696871When will Subaru stop using boxer engines?[View]
20697645What's nissan's excuse for this?[View]
20691208So yesterday Craigslist dropped the whole $5 per car ad charge on us. Drop those alt 'post for free'…[View]
20697411What income what car?: I was wondering how much autism i have with regards to my car wish. i make 19…[View]
20697129This kills the amerilard.[View]
20694193Hey /o/ I don't know how to describe it, but theres a jeep out there that looks like a wrangler…[View]
20696667>16 years old in class >doodling all the time >THIS IS WHAT I WAS DRAWING lmao what do you …[View]
20695559[Daily Bike Thread] /dbt/: Inside Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >Moto…[View]
20688412who is the best /o/ related youtuber? pic related[View]
20692396>Me poor >Me family poor >Me family wants to purchase car >Me family decide to buy Marut…[View]
20691241The S2000 is a stupid dumb piece of garbage. Its made of cheap plastic, uses vtec to give the illusi…[View]
20697299This sucks: >be me >want rx7 fd cuz dream car >every fd i find is rhd >mfw only lhd cars…[View]
20696656>Nice hood you got there bro[View]
20695049The NPC of car brands: Imagine being so devoid of personality that you choose the most boring, soull…[View]
20696052Realistically, how poorly would this end for me?[View]
20690831https://www.carthrottle.com/post/a5q45x8/ HOLY SHIT WHY AREN'T YOU FAGS ALL OVER THIS SHITBOX…[View]
20694116Why do all cars look the fuckin same now seriously look at that shit. a kia, a honda, and a hyundai …[View]
20692778/o/ MEDIA: What season should I start pic related or should I watch it all. Also other /o/ related s…[View]
20692171is the mk 7 golf unreliable or are the people who say that just subhumans who dont follow maintenanc…[View]
20689373/ORG/ - Off-road general >it ain't summer yet-edition Praise Toyota, shitpost on Fords Mallc…[View]
20696092Is this the best BMW color?: What do you guys think?[View]
20688589A nigger stole both of my mirrors, how can I install new onesthat stop this from happening?[View]
20689708*Blocks your path* >What do?[View]
20692112How much was the cheapest car you ever bought that ran well for a while?[View]
20695475My father just bought an Edsel Corsair and I don't really know what to think.[View]
20696600>ywn be the star in a reasonably priced car[View]
20695690Sports cars that don't sound good? I'll start.[View]
20696253What car is this?[View]
20696276I'm not savvy with cars but is it feasable to body swap a 2000s Camry onto the frame and engine…[View]
20694068Shitboxes: Bought my first shitbox this past weekend, did I do good? >manual >146k miles >2…[View]
20692650Why do so many people hate the styling of the Mk5 GTI? Not talking about performance, reliability, e…[View]
20695126>tfw watching initial d with my 53y/o dad >tfw it has almost convinced him to buy an Impreza l…[View]
20692461/VIN/ general: Can we get a vin check general? Can someone check this one please? About to offer 6k …[View]
20672523How can anyone compete with Tesla? They have so much data for driverless cars, they're going to…[View]
20671016/ccg/ - Classic Car General: Gone on vacation edition >Cars are considered 'classic' at 25 years …[View]
20696035>finally got my dream car >came out of apartment today and it looks like some fat mexican whor…[View]
20695404Lmao...can you really even claim to have a shitbox if your vehicle doesn't have taped seats? Re…[View]
20694621What are the most popular places to hide a wiretap?: I'm suspicious that one of my former famil…[View]
20690340Which 90's car is the best of the following: Integra, Civic, Lancer, Galant And which 90's…[View]
20693439Can the Triton V10 be made to not suck? It seems like a mildly unique swap for an 11 or 12th gen f25…[View]
20695205Based NSX: Is the original NSX the most based car of all time? >manual >RWD >mid engined …[View]
20694073Drift Mower: So I’ve recebtly moved to Florida and upon discovering they hold nasgrass (it’s racing …[View]
20693433GMC JewClone: >The Syclone conversion costs an eye-watering $39,995 and requires a $5,000 non-ref…[View]
20689631thoughts on debadging cars? im talking about doing it just for the looks, not to hide your low trim …[View]
20691173Hyundai Elantra's unimpresive real world MPG.: It is not terrible, but it gets worse than even …[View]
20694958Happy B-Day Nissan! 2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition Pays Tribute to a Legend https://www.…[View]
20693058Is buying a Rx8 a bad idea?[View]

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