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21243359>Decide I need a commuter car but want something sporty >MK4 Supra's selling for $70-90k …[View]
21244691Going to snag an 06 RSX today for 6k (gonna try to talk down to 5.5k) this is gonna be my first Vtec…[View]
21234439Do you guys feel safe in your cars?: I’ve seen some videos of crash test and some of them make wince…[View]
21240404>guy cuts me off >not enough distance to stop >crash into him >he's 100% at fault …[View]
21235825Imagine having to pump your own gas.[View]
21243841Help me br/o/s How do I disconnect it[View]
21236782/ovg/ - cinematic 27ish fps: Welcome to the Aut/o/ Vidya General no loli pls Old Thread >>2122…[View]
21228633PLESE HELP ME: I have $4,000 in my pocket right now. I have no idea about cars. I just need a fuel e…[View]
21243503>buy new toyota >on the way home notice that pressing driver's window button sends window…[View]
21239369https://paultan.org/2019/08/19/bmw-to-offer-subscription-for-auto-high-beam-acc/ Why[View]
21242124Why do we need insurance just leave me alone[View]
21244282C8 no have manual reeeeeee: GM didn't make a C8 Corvette with a manual because they want you to…[View]
21239571>leaving store >15 cars in parking lot >five S197 Mustangs Yep, lotta good taste right ther…[View]
21244130When the recommended maintenance schedule says >You should change the oil every 12,000 miles does…[View]
21239512Jaguar Land Rover: Does /o/ have any close experience with JLR products? I'm thinking about get…[View]
21242280Christian, what are you doing?: What the fuck is he doing? How can he make perfectly nice cars and h…[View]
21242920lexus nx300h: looking to lease a nx300h for business. dealer quoted me this. this shit is too much f…[View]
21240458/DBT/ daily bike thread: Horse polo edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >Mo…[View]
21243981r8 my drunk work list[View]
21243957How come noone bothers to replace the o2 sensor, is it that insignificant?[View]
21243537>Hey man how's it goin? >Mind helping me move on your one day off? Any other anons have t…[View]
21243500B8/B8.5 S4/S5 problems: I've read that failure of the timing chain tensioner on the S5s of this…[View]
21243389Gto 05-06/ Holden monaro: I wanna get one... Any common problems with them? Any tips? Are they relia…[View]
21238712Fuck. I just had to watch my buddy get airlifted to the hospital in a helicopter from my front yard …[View]
21243355Couple hours ago I did the biggest fuck up and pretty much the only fuck up I've done in my 5+ …[View]
21242495>press the go pedal and the car moves what the fuck[View]
21240801Let’s play a game /o/ I need a daily driver, requirements: Under $13000 Reasonably comfy and quiet …[View]
21239141why aren't there any side wheel drive caros[View]
21242951Ok guys so I've been itching for a cheap thrill/car to put some money into but wanted something…[View]
21243241I fucked up and got some frame damage on my 300zx. How screwed am I? From what I've looked at t…[View]
21241988and I love to get that blotto[View]
21235923>Drives past you What do?[View]
21243306What is your 'finisher' car?[View]
21242781What car, new or used, is the most luxury for your money? Not luxury as in status, but pure driving …[View]
21240590Humvee: Howdy folks, I'm interested in purchasing a surplus Humvee. Has anyone had experience p…[View]
21241778Is it possible to have an exhaust that is loud and good sounding? From what I've seen so far, l…[View]
21242232Hnnggghhhh: I’m in love with this face[View]
21236521ITT: Stuff you found in the shitbox you bought: >low mileage 1992 Citroen XM >second hand >…[View]
21242900Car question: Would it be an ok buy to buy a 400 dollar 2000 honda accord with 235k miles? Supposedl…[View]
21241766>this is something you could daily DRIVE[View]
21240391Worthy 4Runner replacement: Thinking of letting go of my 99 4Runner after 6 years. Looked into getti…[View]
21239780My clutch squeaks when I press it in/out... What do?[View]
21238554406 Meetups?: I want to do a Montana meet-up at some point. Want to see how many people would be up …[View]
21242722Buying help: Need a pick up truck /o/ >4 cylinders >automatic transmission >4 doors Basica…[View]
21240517ugly car https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/saint-cloud-chevrolet-silverado-reaper/6960097317.htm…[View]
21242857You trolls that live in your mom’s basement don’t bother me(pay driver thread: https://twitter.com/A…[View]
21237432Need help: So basically im being gifted my first car. I have the option to choose between a 2005 hon…[View]
21236372You now remember the Ford EXP: Has anyone seen one of these in the last 15 years? What are some othe…[View]
21238678>2 seater >manual steering >NA engine >RWD >manual tranny >under 50k, which is d…[View]
21242454Trans Am thread: I don't care if the engine was shit all 80's engines were shit[View]
21235116Flooded to the point of mildew: Will insurance total my car for this? I tried clearing the water dra…[View]
21240090thoughts on the new Camaro[View]
21242267the holy grail Jesse Streeter the GOAT.[View]
21235694Small truck, Vee Ate: I have an LQ4 (6L LS architecture smallblock) and transmission that I picked u…[View]
21238397I dont know shit about anything car related so I have this question. We pay lots of money for car in…[View]
21242101What are you guys up to tonight. Eurobeat with this for a couple of hours.[View]
21234737What car would you buy if you had 75K in cash?[View]
212394362000 Honda Civics are the best beaters >Go for 1000-2000 in prime condition >Can be found with…[View]
21237749why is it so expensive?[View]
21237271I have a 2014 Dodge challenger SXT and I'm thinking about doing a muffler delete. (not removing…[View]
21242072>work at tesla as an EE >have an office >elon musk enters in it >he's ripping a fat…[View]
21237538What's the most car I can get for 2.5k canuckbucks[View]
21235535do these even exist??: >manual transmission >four door sedan >rear wheel drive >200+ hp…[View]
21238141Do any of you guys have experience with buying a car out of state and getting it shipped to you? I w…[View]
21240005Can anyone give me a ball park how much this would cost to get fixed to pass inspection, I'm in…[View]
21239889You have collected all seven Dragon Balls, and now, as it is written, think wisely and I will grant …[View]
21236714Is this how to singlehandedly make EVs truly mainstream?[View]
21241848How do I get past anxiety: (22 years old, couldn't start driving school at an earlier age becau…[View]
21241368Is the Mini JCW Countryman a good car for I dunno, an average driver? I live in Canada and have been…[View]
21241635Parts value thread: Car/Parts valuation thread? Post a part/car, where you live, how much you think …[View]
21237863Tezla Fanboys super hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm5iVpt-tbk Why are all Tesla fanboys so e…[View]
21214790Would you watch it /o/?[View]
21236226>ctrl+f >no law enforcment thread its 2011+8, lets do this…[View]
21224542post your first cars anons. what would they say to you today? > Why did you try to make me go 100…[View]
21241401>light turns yellow >try to get past before it turns red >turns red the moment before i go …[View]
21223378What would it take for you to buy one?[View]
21239125>only 11K R34 GTR's were build: wew. Makes sense why they go for 2.5 times the ammount of th…[View]
21241092how long would it take to get from absolute beginner (i can't change my oil, not change a tire,…[View]
21240848best car for touge driving: what kind of car should i get for touge driving,im a motorcycle guy so t…[View]
21241024mid engine veloster: what do you guys think of a mid engine test mule being spotted. https://www.mot…[View]
21236096Wire tucking/engine bay shaving, are there any practical benefits or is it yet another fuccboi mod?[View]
21239470Mustang Sn95: Hey 4chan IDK where to ask, so thats why im here today I just bought a Mustang sn95 Bu…[View]
21236460Redpill me on HINO trucks[View]
21241246Need For Madness?: yall anons ever remembered this car game called Need For Madness? Need for Madnes…[View]
21240828why did the celica go to fwd?[View]
21236048Should I get a Fiero GT or a SW20 MR2 for a project car? I like MR2s more and think they are the bet…[View]
21240611Mini trucks?: Redpill me on mini trucks are they any good at anything? Are they a good buy for a tra…[View]
21237042Thinking about buying a used 2011 335is hardtop convertible bmw from carmax. I want to drive it for …[View]
21239648Driving a tuned e92 335i has made me sterile. It probably has like 370whp and 460tq and the delivery…[View]
21240252Best subaru model for europoor? I want cheap winter beater. 2000 legacys imprezas? Manual or auto wh…[View]
21233040What do you think about this for 'fun driving'?[View]
21237937>Springs don't wear out.[View]
21234962>$30 million starting bid >the auctioneer meant to say 13 milllion >auctioneer was trying t…[View]
21236271Eagle Vision 3.5: Redpill me on the Eagle Vision 3.5. I found a uber mint one for cheap bucks proper…[View]
21235944What do you think of the AMG GT? Why is it so much cheaper than the SLS?[View]
21237889When I worked as a detailer many years ago at a dealership, minivans were some of the worst trashed …[View]
21238192>a nation of soulless bug men creates one of the most vibrant and interesting car cultures in the…[View]
21234470Are there car companies that still produce older models?[View]
21236984For me, it's the Bedford Rascal[View]
21236172Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance 2019: Starts at 1:30 PM California time https://pebblebeachcon…[View]
21231672TFW ALMOST GOT A SPEED RACER GF: >be me going down I-5 from LA >driving the usual 80-85 mph …[View]
21234716is a 1600kg car too heavy to ever make into a sporting device: sedan etc. not some dumb ass truck. c…[View]
21238058/DBT/ Daily bike thread: Land hockey edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >M…[View]
21230076Have i been driving stick wrong all my life?: So i've been driving stick since i was a kid and …[View]
21235370FIA GT1: Favorite group GT1 car?[View]
21238312What happened to reliable engines from Nissan? My Nissan just exploded.[View]
21239909Is this shoe, with a well worn pair of Levi’s blue jeans and a white t-shirt, the most American driv…[View]
21235748Monterey Historics: Every year I go the Historics I regret not taking more pictures, so this year...…[View]
21233064>be me >just a few hours ago >back out of a parking spot >just fucking rear ended this o…[View]
21230872Where are you faggots at?[View]
21237743FUCK I hate the NHTSA: Why can’t these assholes let me own cars that I like in the name of “muh safe…[View]
21238348why are the arabs so wreckless when it comes to driving? https://youtu.be/vg5-jJjsDJo[View]
21230672problem solved. Now what gas cucks?[View]
21217952g/o/re thread[View]
21239513My tie rods are ever-so slightly warped on my Can-Am Ryker. The bearings are intact. There is no pla…[View]
21231478W/o/odward: Are there any /o/tists attending the woodward dream cruise?[View]
21234441So I'm going to uni and I need a car. I got $50k in an investment(chainlink) so $5k for a car i…[View]
21236373Have modern vehicles gone full clownworld? Trucks for insane prices even used, european staples made…[View]
21239687is torque still the best app for obd2? ive tried it recently and it was acting screwy, it could be t…[View]
21226339was he right?: was he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y47Z1tOMgAo[View]
21239645is a 3500 series worth getting vs a 1500?: So a guy is selling a 2002 dodge 3500 rwd, with a 24v, 6 …[View]
21235267I just bought a 2015 Mitsubishi i-MiEV, AMA.[View]
21239549>car started leaking 2 or 3 drops of oil a day[View]
21237479Today, I had to jump a battery for the first time ever and I'm 30 years old. I was literally li…[View]
21237375How long did it take everyone to learn how to drive? Did you have an instructor? If so was it a comp…[View]
21238467Good beater? 2nd gen TSX 4cyl: Lookin for a new DD drive like 300km / wk on freeway (~115kph) Lookin…[View]
212391001 : ur cunt 2 : have you ever pulled up in a ''foreign''? me: denmark yes, ever…[View]
21238578What is BMW thinking with the X6? Why the heck are there only six colors in total available to chose…[View]
21226737i'm about to buy a 1990 ford bronco. the last owners replaced/maintained everything, new tires,…[View]
21237851Motorized bike: I know this isnt car related but would i be able to ride a mototized bicycle in the …[View]
21234790how do i keep cats from walking on my car? are tarps safe to use?[View]
21238796Alright. I want to buy a motorcycle and I want Kawasaki. I was thinking 600 or 650. I've driven…[View]
21236740wheres the fourth car /o/?[View]
21236698Buick Reatta Appreciation Thread: post your best Reatta pics inb4 gay car[View]
21238956Worth a look?: I'm in the market for a fun little manual car that is cheap and mostly reliable.…[View]
21226262Cylinder Head Design: Hey /o/ can you explain to me why 4 Valve Heads aren't made like this?…[View]
21233807Honda built their legacy on high-revving, NA engines. The S500, 600, 800, and 2000 had redlines of 9…[View]
21232616Crossover SUV: Be honest /o/. How many of you are driving a CUV, and how many of you are enjoying it…[View]
21235486Redline me on the 09 Challenger R/T /o/ It’s auto fuck off I know manuals better but I’m getting a …[View]
21238652Truecar?: How useful is it really? A friend recommended me to try but he said I have to give my phon…[View]
21238637I sold my 2008 Suzuki Reno this weekend. The transmission was failing, the A/C didn't work, the…[View]
21228448Why is Ford the only fucking company to offer these? I have one on my car and I swear it’s a godsend[View]
21234851what are some cool classics to keep an eye on when the recession starts in a few months and boomers …[View]
21238546Plastic trim under front bumper: What's the proper name for the strip of plastic that hangs bel…[View]
21236886/a Florida man appears/[View]
21237566I drive this gay shitbox (2012 Hyundai Accent GS) and need a new side mirror. https://www.amazon.com…[View]
21237977Nissan Frontier 2018 S Crew Cab: What are your thoughts on a brand new 2018 Nissan Frontier? 4X4. Mo…[View]
21237983Looking for something as a daily commuter. I don't need anything fancy, but I'd like a sed…[View]
21237764what car is the driver who took this photo in?[View]
21201029Classic Car General- The Coaster's gettin stuff done! Edition >previous thread>>211662…[View]
21219412Corvette C8 Pricing guide leaked out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAjrDtr-MdM C8 Base 59.900 inc…[View]
21237454Should I take the Prerunnerpill for my first car?[View]
21134369/fg/ Ford General: Ford Thread >same time edition >Brands welcomed Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mer…[View]
21237754My rear subframe is bent on my mx-5, how much to get it fixed at body shop?[View]
21237423>flush radiator >fill it with water and radiator cleaner >drove around like I normally do f…[View]
21237534Are Mini Coopers worth it? Half my sources tell me they're shit, half say they're good I l…[View]
21234680broken bolt: I broke a bolt when trying to remove my thermostat housing and now have to pay a shop t…[View]
21233641I went to an auction today, and I bought this: Was home visiting my parents/brother for the weekend,…[View]
21216216Jeep/Offroader thread: What kinda rigs do y'all got? Pic related, my wrangler near Granite Fal…[View]
21234024I have a 1994 Buick LeSabre, I want to modify it. Any ideas?[View]
21236833I'm about to buy my first car. I have a budget of 5000$. Help me decide /o/. I'm thinking …[View]
212282692020 BMW M8 Competition: Have we reached peak M?[View]
21233312Mitsubishi Mirage: Cheapest brand new car on the planet. Had a 1989 model year as my first car and t…[View]
21232315You are aware the the BMW S1000RR is best sportsbike in every area of judgement right?[View]
21237073Vans or SUVs, which one makes a better work vehicle?[View]
21221572The only cars you should be buying are; Toyota, Honda, Ford, Mazda, and Subaru.[View]
21233946>Every mile I drive my car, the only thing I can think about is the number on the odo >Driving…[View]
21237076Lads, what's up with that? Looks fucking amazing if you ask me, I was literally blown away. Lik…[View]
21231540Audi S6 identification: Hey br/o/s! Can anyone tell me if that thing is real. Just asking because th…[View]
21229395720 S: Convince me not to buy this beauty...[View]
21236369Post some art deco.[View]
21234540Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/: aesthetic edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >M…[View]
21236801Nürbürgring question. To my german amigos: Muss man eintritt zahlen um zuschauer bei touristenfahrt…[View]
21235290So here it is /o/ my first and new car the BMW 1 series 11 plate. Looks good? There’s 1-2 minor scra…[View]
21233916Thoughts on the Suzuki Kizashi? >~180hp >6-speed manual >can be had for around $5k…[View]
21236101Okay /o/, let's prove we're not all a bunch of car fucking retards. It's time to look…[View]
21232153Exhaust manifold bolts: Is there any hope of getting these out whole?[View]
21231629I`m going full retard here: Does it make any sense to equip a 1ZZ engine with the following modifica…[View]
21236291Mexican factories now objectively manufacture higher quality products than American auto plants do. …[View]
21235050thoughts on this? It's this or grey, im not sure which to choose. I think this one may be too l…[View]
21236170Racing: Drift Show https://youtu.be/Oro49FnpPFs[View]
21235935ITT: fuck I love this thing[View]
21233535First car project: Anyone with experience with britboxes here? Some boomer is selling a '79 MGB…[View]
21228107Well I hope you're happy, you bunch of troglodytes.[View]
21235014what is the model of this car?[View]
21235023God help me /o/ I'm gonna buy a dead boomer cadillac. There's two dozen estate sale, sub 1…[View]
21234642ITT we post absolute madlad shit[View]
21233751FWD then vs now: As a casual can someone explain how a car like the Civic Type R can get so much per…[View]
21229877How did the miata become synonymous with femininity and homosexuality?[View]
21231404Be honest, did you know this existed before just now?[View]
21233703what do you guys think of the 924s or early 944 models of porsche?[View]
21235074I just bought a 2015 Nissan Leaf, AMA.[View]
21234571Is this movie pure car porno?[View]
21234080Slammed and camber: Try your best.[View]
21235781I wanted some insight on the choices here for a DD. Just need a good shitbox that will take me to wo…[View]
21225479/ovg/ - too much heat for simracing edition: Welcome to the Aut/o/ Vidya General Old Thread >>…[View]
21235621Is it possibly to buy a car in mexico and then registrar it in the US? I'm in Indiana btw and I…[View]
21235252Would you?[View]
21235108Im about to lose my job making car seats for General Motors. ill be getting about 20k in severance p…[View]
21229650My old man is gonna buy me a car BUT he has some rules... New only, no CPO or no title demo car BS …[View]
21235351How many dwarves fit in one Fiat 600?[View]
21231007What does /o/ think about Cadillac's?[View]
21214706S/o/Cal Meet: Very Gay Discord Tranny Dilating at Incredible Hihg Speed Edition: Socal ricers glow i…[View]
21226875Hey /o/ What are some of your favorite fictional car models? For me, it's the Canyonero.[View]
21228852why is there a Z4 at a Toyota dealership?[View]
21229429Group B: Do you remember group b? the one in which the maximum sample of human potential was seen, w…[View]
21228551Ulrich Baretzky, lead designer of the Audi R10 and R18 powerplant, says that loud exhausts are a sig…[View]
21235136Hummer H3: H/o/wdy fellas I'm not an under-the-hood guy. I've done vehicle coordinating jo…[View]
21233003>Manual gear shifter has the shape of an automatic one >Automatic shifter has the shape and bo…[View]
21212874I need an Alfa: My friend let me drive his Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and now i have a hard on that won’t …[View]
21227560How do I get a job where I get paid to drive somewhere, delivering something quickly? I want someon…[View]
21230763Best tool brand: About to start school to become ASE certified and they’re requiring students to pur…[View]
21234370Hey /o/, I'm looking for a fun convertible sports car for 60,000$ CAD or less , I was thinking …[View]
21232201The Stig: Rubens Barrichello was 0.1 seconds faster than The Stig on Top Gear's F1 scoreboard. …[View]
21231719Micro trucks in the US: Do any of my fellow /o/ burgers own one of these? Is yours street legal or f…[View]
212280945.3 swap into a Opel Omega B: Yuro here, want to built a cheap V8 drag car, and thought about 5.3 sw…[View]
21229922Storm: Storm.[View]
21222514Should I get it?[View]
21234378How do I become mostly independent when it comes to car repairs? I know my dad used to work on his c…[View]
21222443Carb or EFI: Is learning how to properly jet and tune pic related worth it over paying out my ass fo…[View]
21234440Thoughts on Lynk & Co?[View]
21233950Hey boys, its here.[View]
21224112What would you name your touge team, anon?[View]
21219972>rb20 has no torque, but pulls like a train under boost. >Rotaties have no torque but pull und…[View]
21212368Post the fastest you've ever driven and the car you were driving. I've only made it to 100…[View]
21231662[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: aaaahhhhhhhhhhh edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmati…[View]
21230596I NEED IT[View]
21230156What's the sedan with the most luxurious interior that you can still drive yourself (as opposed…[View]
21231532I have a 2006 Silverado thats making a ton of noise from the front end >Creaking suspension when …[View]
21231638Hello /o/. I'm considering replacing my serpentine belt. I've recently had my first bad ex…[View]
21231035Silverado: Finally getting one this monday, will make my Fordcuck neighbors seethe[View]
21231427Cars you wish were exported to the U.S[View]
21233756Older Mazda Thread: Looking at a really good deal on pic related. I couldn't find a list of not…[View]
21233303Am I allowed to drive without a left mirror in Florida or will I get a ticket? Still have the right …[View]
21233761>Buys a 370z >Melts the next day What do I do now? Return it to the dealer? Post SCUM memes? S…[View]
21231594What was your first car? Any problems? I have to get one but I am a little timid on getting one on c…[View]
21233738Talk me out of buying a 1990 Civic Wago: My girlfriend's dad has an old 90 Civic Wagon DX (not …[View]
21233398>>May your car never fell on you[View]
21233539GMC or Chevy?[View]
21227286What does everyone think about the new Tiburon concept? I think it looks fantastic.[View]
212336002020 dodge charger leaked.[View]
21231009When is it time to buy a new car?: I've got a 1996 GMC Yukon that needs some work and has been …[View]
21231211Books to read or any resources on cars?: Not a mechanic but need to learn how cars work, the technic…[View]
21233615>heavily considering checking out a 2013 Camaro LS at 92,000 miles Is it a good idea, bros? It…[View]
21232225what is this? saw it on a truck from Louisiana[View]
21231100I lost my jeep uconnect key fob somewhere in my house. After hours of searching, I cannot find it. I…[View]
21218588Hey that looks really comfy and nic-[View]
21220646is he the best racecar driver to ever live, /o/?[View]
21199146Did you fall for the jew lease?[View]
21232972what possesses people to put such gaudy grilles on their car[View]
21229222Thoughts on daily driving a 1992 grand marquis. I see one for sale at 1700 with 100,000km on it and …[View]
21232397Movie Shoot: sup /o/ a/n/on here. I was out walking my dog last night and they were shooting a movie…[View]
21230310is this a good car design[View]
21224122Whats /o/'s preferance >Superchargers >Turbochargers >Prochargers Which do you like be…[View]
21231241Glass roof is fucking retarded: It was hot as fuck inside the car even with the AC blowing hard…[View]
21231414Why do you modify your car? Do you do it so people will notice it? Do you do it in the hopes that a…[View]
21232683Dropped throttle ferrule into rocker body: I was trying to fix my sticking throttle and pretty sure …[View]
21229533what car for you i like the lamborger[View]
21233153Nissan Patrol 4.8L: Why don't we get these in the U.S? https://youtu.be/FZlOgTUcO2Y[View]
21228724https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MckxlP60cnY >plastic intake manifold >plastic thermostat housi…[View]
21230918*overtakes you*[View]
21227224based Chris Harris telling it like it is.[View]
21232612Which roof type.: Which types of roofs do you like /o/? The safe coupe or the virgin convertible.…[View]
21230377Saleen explorer[View]
21231149>factory began construction last month >1 billion+ in funding Where were you when Tesla was k…[View]
21232788I just want an Audi S8 so I can blast down the highway listening to O Sole Mio at max volume whilst …[View]
212310701. Is this nail too close to the edge to plug? 2. When jacking up a manual car, should I use the e-b…[View]
21191661/hg/ 本田 - Honda General: Honda General >taking pics edition >Shitbox appreciation >Lawnmow…[View]
21228830how long does /o/ keep their cars, on average?[View]
21212677What car design looks a e s t h e t i c ?[View]
21232130its all over: where will we go when they shutdown our chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcoQyzitZ…[View]
21218914Sorry guys: >gfs mum wants new car >she wants something that will fit her bike >and she r…[View]
21226419Alfa 4c or bmw z5: I heard very good things about the new chassis design of the z4 but i also heard …[View]
21228624When I go to classic car meets, whether they be weekly or yearly, its always the same stuff - the bi…[View]
21227423What do i look like driving a cinquecento br/o/s?[View]
21231973why does everyone have to sperg out over their favourite car brand or 'oh i own x brand so y brand i…[View]
21232172Wheres the best location to install an oil pressure/oil temp mechanical gauge for an EJ25 engine? I…[View]
21226744It's over, Lexus won: https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1162068942292180992 Also >th…[View]
21226696I want an expensive high performance car that 'looks cheap', I have a budget of around 100…[View]
21226683what would be the automotive equivalent of this creature?[View]
21230119What does /o/ think of the first gen Nissan Xtrail?[View]
21230758Why can't anyone compete with Tesla?: It was such a small company for such a long period of tim…[View]
21212052/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: A dedicated thread to ask all your …[View]
21230526Pls help: The fuel indicator doesn't work on my mercedes cdi 220 (1999). Whenever I start the c…[View]
21230770What happens if you press the gas pedal and the clutch pedal at the same time? My dad used to tell m…[View]
21231687buy car corolla in brisbane now: need something better than a ZR corolla for 15 grand with 5x,000km …[View]
21230021So /o/ today is the day I buy my first car. I’ve got a choice of either a 09 15k mileage Ford Fiesta…[View]
21227060You HAVE deleted your antenna, haven't you /o/?[View]
21231298I'm having some transmission problems My car stalls when I press the clutch in, no matter what …[View]
21230259Proud of my chicken strips: Chinese dax, 107cc[View]
21230079additives general: Hell/o/ yesterday some shill at the gas station asked if I wanted any fuel additi…[View]
21217010News : Toyota to add new anti-acceleration feature to cars.: Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to roll …[View]
21228829I had to replace the thermostat on my 2003 pt cruiser, and I dropped one of the 2 screws that held d…[View]
21230394what are some nip alternatives to a ford crown vic? is a toyota camry 97 or a nissan cefiro 97 any g…[View]
21230314Finally started working on my project car its a 1990 celica I picked up for 500 shekels I took off m…[View]
21229571*blocks your path*[View]
21228928attgatt-gato edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >Motorcycle Questions …[View]
21230534Roadkill: can we get a thread about roadkill and street raving? Ran a turbod s2k about four times..…[View]
21229336How long before tread is 1/8 inch?: I have a 2009 G37x sedan and changed to Michelin Defenders 35,00…[View]
21226312Evo or Sti ?: What's your preference the Evo or sti... State the model and why[View]
21227843Hey /o/, rate my first car? 114k miles for less than 2k[View]

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