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33750383Reversed Gender Roles Equestria: Previous Thread: >>33734117 /ss/ edition GoogleDoc Pastebin A…[View]
33753395Would you agree to become a eunuch, for the sake of falling into Equestria?[View]
33756226Do Equestria Girls fans have some kind of cuck fetish? Do you think they always watch it for these m…[View]
33750998So, no one has ever pointed out that this song was pretty much just 'You're In My Head Like a C…[View]
33756879>'What do you mean you won't suck on my horn?!??!' >'I did everything right, I wined and …[View]
33752301has Twilight been a Mary-Sue all along?[View]
33751576Theory from DWK video: > Twilight: Hot glue > Fluttershy: You're making me nervous So wha…[View]
33753477Here's your emotional support cat.[View]
33756149Why Is she so fluffy and cuddly looking?[View]
33756540>My Character? We are real ponies![View]
33754332Are we going to ignore the fact that Grogar doesn't use the dark magic of Sombra, Nighmare Moon…[View]
33756493In the rising dawn Just another day to bear Don't know where my life has gone Waiting on an ans…[View]
33752392How does it feel to know you will never hear Winter Wrap Up for the first time again?[View]
33754899Lyra is a carpet munching mega dyke.[View]
33747826Will I get banned for this?[View]
33751008I hope the series finale get leaked just to get our own cringe 'no spoiler please' sticky,[View]
33750561Is it too late to get into MLP?[View]
33755531do you fags still consider yourselves as 'brony'? or still hides your power level? say if someone m…[View]
33742170I T H U R T S: Every time I finish reading a comfy poner story I experience this feeling of all enco…[View]
33752495What are your wallpapers /mlp?: What's your wallpaper /mlp/? Do you have cute pone as your wal…[View]
33666624Pony Transformation General: Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. N…[View]
33622669Bat Pony Thread #300!: Holy shit we did it edition Previous winter bat >>33512733 >Writers …[View]
33752448>Sorry, Anon. Immigration is no laughing matter. We can't let just any clown into Equestria.…[View]
33754242Top 3 overrated ponies?[View]
33755743How do you think the show is going to end Anons? >Last few minutes of the show is a montage of al…[View]
33742449Hey guys I was just having this idea. How about a /mlp/ community game? I was thinking about somethi…[View]
33752178MLP General: Night Gala date edition 903: Uprooted Written by Nicole Dubuc https://www.dailymotion.c…[View]
33755642Baskin Robbins signs with Hasbro to change all 31 of their flavors to pony themed flavors for the re…[View]
33750203Unpopular Opinion Thread: I'll start anyone that got piss that Cozy Glow was sent to Tartarus a…[View]
33748383Will Discord be in G5, like how Q was in Voyager and DS9?[View]
33754599We're not flawless, bigots.[View]
33738010Treehouse of Harmony: This design is better than Twilight's Castle. I like the dome roof.…[View]
33753901Why does it hurt so much that it came true? Reading the leaks and seeing how excited they were reall…[View]
33753162Reminder that Twilight is canonically thirsty and boy crazy.[View]
33753383You're not buying a snuggle buddy, you're buying art.[View]
33748003Will it be good?[View]
33753863Equestria at War General: Olenia Edition: >What is Equestria at war? Why it's a mod for Hoi4…[View]
33740867>'I have use for Discord's magic if it can be reformed to serve good instead of evil.' So wh…[View]
33753841>you see rarity outside your bedroom window muttering >'Leave me high and dry!' >'I'll…[View]
33746578>'You seem to think Equestria's a place for everybody but that's where dirty foreigners…[View]
33746789Equestria at War Thread: Hello folks, here we discuss Equestria at War, a setting and Mod for Hoi4…[View]
33751818Pony toys?: My hand has become very boring. Best pony toys to use for my pleasure?[View]
33748475Good night /mlp/[View]
33749753Do cryptocurrencies exist in Equestria? Are Flim and Flam whales?[View]
33753437How easy do you think Unicorn/Alicorn horns are to snap off? I don't mean taking a powertool or…[View]
33745970How would each of the Mane 6 react to getting a jury duty summons?[View]
33741930Live action MLP ideal cast[View]
33750390Background Ponies Thread: Post some background ponies.[View]
33748052You are now Princess Woona. You are overcome with your own cuteness. For some reason, you find yours…[View]
33725540Wow! The first photo of a black hole.[View]
33746275She's getting an episode this season, right? They wouldn't redeem her and then immediately…[View]
33752353do you like my pony[View]
33751715MLPFEMTORPG: Now *THIS* is Soul Questing! Edition: >2.0 Rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/…[View]
33748128Just found this by an unrelated search. Guess this was true. It was decided long ago that s9 was the…[View]
33734496>'I still love you, Anon' >'No matter how long it's been since you've thought of me!…[View]
33750425Post yfw you let Hasbro convince you that Grogar is the big baddy, but then the Tree of Harmony beca…[View]
33751811Name a bigger whore. I'm waiting.[View]
33745644This pony has so much fan art, I mean seriously, holy shit. (She has more work archived than any of …[View]
33745855There, much better. Fixed Twilight Sparkle for you, /mlp/. You're welcome.[View]
33750523Was the s5 hiatus to long? That was when the fandom started losing people[View]
33679101Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls and Humanized Thread #268 - April Apples Edition: Previous Thread: …[View]
33748459These guys suck: I'm right. Right?[View]
33750631Laughing thread: Post pics (gifs preferably) of ponies laughing[View]
33719966It's her!: WOW Glimmer![View]
33750929What are we going to do?!![View]
33749837Anyone else notice how in different episodes the students represent different elements? What version…[View]
33750927/mlp/ has been around for seven years[View]
33750804Wallflower Blush Thread[View]
33747711MLP General: 903: Uprooted Written by Nicole Dubuc https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x75s7ew https:/…[View]
33750853You know guys I've always hated ponyfags but looking back on your glory years I must say that I…[View]
33750302>Ok, so this is the Town pony rapist? I will take care of him What do you do?…[View]
33744705Daily reminder that Grogar created Discord.[View]
33750392>Winter Wrap Up >cannot use magic >the earth pony way >bringing home the southern birds …[View]
33737673God she's hot. Why couldn't she stay in this form forever?[View]
33734117Reversed Gender Roles Equestria: Previous Thread: >>33720321 Slut Equestria edition GoogleDoc …[View]
33747853>Okay sir, pitch me your business idea. What can your business do for the Equestrian economy?…[View]
33749334How to buy pones without looking like a kissless virgin? I want to collect the toys but can’t even b…[View]
33750019An entire board dedicated to a show that only lasted nine years. Pfft.[View]
33735643>Wat do[View]
33748107>'hehe /mlp/! It was just a prank! See the camera's right there! We only made the show shit …[View]
33742515I want Luna to be my pony mom.[View]
33749930Where are our 3D artists?: So I was bored but also horny last night, and perusing around some old si…[View]
33743241Is this what being a normie feels like?: I feel . . . average like, normal. I don' t like it,…[View]
33701179last ride, folks[View]
33746815If friendship is magic then what is love?[View]
33739754Do you read fan comics, /mlp/?: Any recommendations?[View]
33749723Structurally they only needed Dash, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity.[View]
33746177Sombra never had a chance. Grogar sent him on a suicide mission and never told him that Discord is f…[View]
33743575Nintendo wouldn't treat the MLP franchise this badly.[View]
33740509Anyone here remember this?[View]
33749452Am I high or have I just switched dimensions again?: If I remember correctly when they first announc…[View]
33748959I genuinely thought this ride would last forever. When the show ends I'm not sure how to keep m…[View]
33747519Fluttercord thread: In light of recent news from large jim (Big F)[View]
33741012>'ANON HOW COULD YOU!?' >'Discord and I were truly in love and now you've gone and taken …[View]
33748545>'Yoo-hoo, Anon, over here! Pick me!'[View]
33708886No More Heroes: Rebooted #14 (CYOA)[View]
33746921We're far apart in every way But you're the best part of my day And sure as I breathe the …[View]
33743272Hey folks,two pony-related questions for ya'll. First up is what's your favorite MLP cross…[View]
33747210>I didn't think I'd be explaining this to YOU but we don't tolerate public acts of…[View]
33747729What was her name again?[View]
33744695Is the Tree of harmony really the Trinity of harmony?: > The tree is God > The Twilight is Jes…[View]
33747076Yona is a great friend.[View]
33739622reminder that Vogel wrote one of the best episodes in the whole show[View]
33744448What would a Discord/Student Six episode be like?[View]
33747834Been thinking about getting back into mlp, I stopped at at the beginning of season 5 because I thoug…[View]
33747884Pony Impressions: ITT: Faggots try to do impressions or post old impressions of colorful horses. …[View]
33743914rate the seasons from best to worst[View]
33746708>Episode 200 time for OCs to be canon bois[View]
33747273Could it work?[View]

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