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34441236<'Unhoof me at once, you clingy dahling.' >'But Sweetie wanna fuuuuuuuck.'…[View]
34372079Incestuous Relationships Thread: 'Clingy aunts' edition General Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/pTAqf…[View]
34442506What if /mlp/ IS equestria[View]
34442095Honest Apple: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
34441777So how many died?[View]
34442372When did you became an MLP fan? for me, it was 2013, even if i had a brief encounter with G3 when i …[View]
34442618The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that Spike gets a dog bed to sit on instead of a…[View]
34442101I have no idea how the writers thought this was an ACCEPTABLE idea, let alone a good one. And accord…[View]
34442396>gas a mosquito >hear cards shuffling[View]
34442322Gas all the yaks? Well, I mean...I don't know, that doesn't sound like it has a lot to do …[View]
34441698What if we had a Rick And Morty ending? after all, the show's ending was already shit.[View]
34438266Now that it's all over, how has My Little Penis changed your life? I met my little sister and m…[View]
34441196Would you rather have Cozy Glow in hell rotting away for the rest of her life? Or unconscious as a s…[View]
34438832ITT: post ideas for G5: >here's one I found a friendless loner girl with a hard life who get…[View]
34442057As much as I wasn't fond of the Time Skip, there was one aspect of it I really liked. Them all …[View]
34441284Bonbon looks straight here[View]
34441847Now that all is said and done where do we go from here? Despite all the flaws it is highly improbab…[View]
34436509this image pisses me off[View]
34441527She saw Twilight with her friends, saw Twilight giving a long speech about elements… and then there …[View]
34441542how would you explain what 'The Ride' is to a non brony?[View]
34441840Never forget[View]
34441407How many times would you suck Hasbro's cock to make this a reality?[View]
34441410They should do a MLP vidya game to have the world still alive for everyone in it's own way. eve…[View]
34441865I'm catching up on the show to watch the finale I cant believe season 8's villain is this …[View]
34440335Now that the dust has settled, what was the worst fic that gained some popularity?[View]
34440250>these two never got a satisfying ending So they'll just alone forever stuck on the rock far…[View]
34441660>That thread where an anon asked what was probably one of the writers and artwork woman for seaso…[View]
34441456Which member of the mane six has the most insufferable fans? For me personally it's either the …[View]
34441321The weak should fear the strong.[View]
34441572Moments of Magic: An MLPish Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOuARJdOX2A Why could I imagine th…[View]
34440725Watch out, best waifu coming through[View]
34434268Behold the new master of chaos[View]
34441255If G5 gets delayed another few months (or god forbid, years), would that mean that the show was post…[View]
34441206how well has this aged? also what was the video the article linked too?? the video was taken down[View]
34441068>Started out as a shitposting loner on a Malaysian basketweaving forum >Didn't think ther…[View]
34437815who was the true MVP of the finale?[View]
34438668Nothing after MMC mattered, anyway.[View]
34430180You know, Anon... We searched through this whole board to find you. We saw things... if you don…[View]
34440512what a cute boy[View]
34433398Give it a final score[View]
34440847>'Greetings, Anon. My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. As the newest ruler of Equestria, it is …[View]
34440889Weekly Episode Rewatch?: Has anyone thought about doing a weekly rewatch stream of pony? From episod…[View]
34440890Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle aren't the only ones that got married[View]
34439785Just because the show's over doesn't mean the fandom is. Right?[View]
34440600What made them think it would be acceptable to redeem her and then not give her an episode despite l…[View]
34438681Luster Dawn: Was she Starlight/Sunburst's kid? Jim says no Haber says yes Who was in the right …[View]
34437383Now that the show is over, why don't we talk about spinoff ideas?[View]
34439725Imagine: >Imagine being such a fucktarded writer and you think subverting expectations is the pin…[View]
34440730Cozy Glow will be turned to stone. Cozy Glow will be kept comfortable. The filly will be resuscitate…[View]
34433689The day after: How are you guys holding up?[View]
34434985Why yes, I'm the Ambassador of Friendship: How could you tell?[View]
34438155Why wasn't she given wings bros?[View]
34332662Golly Thread 2; Evil is Cute edition: Previous thread: >>34251023 Golly is for unironic worshi…[View]
34439743 [View]
34440476She is my pet![View]
34440120Wow, can’t believe how far this show has fallen. A villain who tried to ruin the lives of everyone i…[View]
34438044What do you think happened to him during the timeskip?[View]
34369855Pony's Quest X (yet another uninspired pixel art CYOA): This is the tale of a young colt who ha…[View]
34438673Not second mlp song: I'm not the guy who made the Gangnam Style MLP parody yesterday. However I…[View]
34439617I want to cum inside Alicozy[View]
34439478why does everyone hate the comics?[View]
34440262So what if Mane 6 meets once per month not because they became more distant and live far from each o…[View]
34440157https://mega.nz/#!peBjyKbQ!raoNyuOHjGPBHnSdBjk1bsmBSpkoyBZXNnk0VdT_TUs I'm working on editing o…[View]
34436590Why are early season characters(1-3) so hated by the writers? Why do they pretend they don't ex…[View]
34426674Press F to pay respects.[View]
34440105AppleDash: Given the pro-lgbt politics of the writers and an explicit intention of somehow giving su…[View]
34438645Like after Glimmer: How did you guys kept on watching after season 5?[View]
34435314>'Hey Anon are you sad?' >Yeah I'm sad because of something important to me >'Really? …[View]
34436903Ponies have existed on 4chan longer than they haven't.[View]
34439915Sup pony fags its been a wild 9 years. I have met some of you in person, my town, town over, Cons a…[View]
34437898Decade back: How different your life would have been if FIM was on during your childhood.[View]
34439744anyone planning on getting an mlp tatto now that the show has ended? as subtle as it can be so normi…[View]
34438933I was going through some old pony pics and bumped into this but forgot all about it. Can some oldfag…[View]
34439449Hey guys, so this still exists. https://twitter.com/mlp_Twilight[View]
34437345Give me a good brony/horsefucker username: Bros, i can't think of a good username/nickname beca…[View]
34436491How many of you always considered themselves a 'brony'?[View]
34438402Brohoof thread: Hey, I keep seeing you anons leaving other anons hanging when they type /). Let…[View]
34439448Homer, stop playing shitty game and give me PTS. I command you in the name of Father White Arrow, th…[View]
34411416Lewd Sleepover: There are sleepovers, there is lewdness at them Previous thread: >>34368092 Gr…[View]
34389969My Little Pony 9th Anniversary Stream.: It's that time of year again, the 9th anniversary strea…[View]
34436665Well, brother of mine, now that those villains are out of the way, I do think it may be time to upsi…[View]
34437813I felt a real sad when the book closed. It was a pretty good run. It was a fun ride and I won't…[View]
34436857RAGE THREAD: Tell us what you are FUCKING MAD ABOUT apropos the finale and/or episode >Discord i…[View]
34438724what do you think its' gonna be about? what if it's set after the show in the future?[View]
34436431tf do I do now? I've been watching this show since I was a teenager and it was my main hobby, n…[View]
34437680Ok so have you guys found some way to numb the pain, or do you have a plan to try something that wil…[View]
34436992the show is over. My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic Generation 4 is finish.: to all my fellow bro…[View]
34434679'Making peace between Diamond Dogs and Abyssynians has NOT been easy' Heh get it? Abyssynia is the l…[View]
34438177SO WHICH ONE IS IT[View]
34438289>still not liking Glimmer after seeing the finale Lmao what?[View]
34431363you ready bros?[View]
34437733Would you be into the series as you are now if you never seen seasons 1 and 2 but still have all the…[View]
34437411I can't believe Cadance and Shining fucking died.[View]
34435654>helped save Equestria >indirectly destroyed the thing that turned him into stone >boosted …[View]
34430632What are you listening to as you face the endgame? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=il1zid5_lnI[View]
34433528Don't worry guys. Larson will make next season better.[View]
34432843Now that the dust has settled, how do you feel about this twist?[View]
34437835Why are we still here?: Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel their presence... and their warmth.…[View]
34437689So now what?[View]
34437029Nicole Dubuc: Seriously who the fuck is this lady and what'd she do? I recognise all the other …[View]
34437724you think in maybe 10 or 20 years Hasbro would bring back the g4 as a sequel to where season 9 left …[View]
34435271Was it a better finale than what we got?[View]
34436649]I'll never forget about her, even when I'm 100.[View]
34436463>moon pony >weak to sun[View]
34437690Rainbow Dash x Derpy canon!: I saw this when I was rewatching My Little Pony.[View]
34437540Show bad: I haven't watched since season 3. Fuck this show[View]
34434825The 2019 Autumn Fetus 4CC Sunday Sunday Sunday: One last day of Babby qualifiers to see who earns th…[View]
34436417How do you feel now that the show is officially over?[View]
34437468If Discord had the ability to bring Sombra back, then he also has the ability to bring AJ's par…[View]
34436104I fucking love all of you[View]
34436882I just want someone to leak G5 already!! I'm still miserable over the finale and the uncertaint…[View]
34436846>used to feel nothing but pure happines while looking at the ponies >now just feel a sinking s…[View]
34437330Since we know Gummy is sapient but just non-verbal, how do you think he feels about all of his frien…[View]
34434583But...where to?[View]
34434749>'Anon! What a pleasant surprise!' >'It's so good to see you again! It's been so lon…[View]
34436870the show is over. My Little Pony - Fiendish Is Magic Generation 4 is finish.: to all my fellow broni…[View]
34329057My Massive Pony: Welcome to the My Massive Pony Thread! Snuggle Edition Check out our slowly growing…[View]
34436198What is Homer going to do now that the flow of posts here will eventually slow in an agonizing death…[View]
34436585>Play my game, anon![View]
34435652'Hurry up with that safe! The cops are gonna be here any minute!'[View]
34436716You cannot hide the clip shows from me forever, Josh.[View]
34435542Second New MLP Song: I'm the guy who made the Gangnam Style MLP parody yesterday. Since you all…[View]
34432660Just look at this DORK[View]
34436541Let's post our favorite episodes as a fond memory of this goofy little show. Applebuck Season …[View]
34436212And Twilight past on God mod beat Chrysalis and past out, Cozy be surprise to see the god mod of a A…[View]
34436258Chaos Cozy and Pinkie: what if these two ponies were willing to learn powerful chaos magic (especial…[View]
34436489>'i already know that you are very lame with girls but don't be afraid, i am here to help yo…[View]
34436078The immortality blues[View]
34433263Now that the dust is settled and the horse is finally dead, cam we all agree that FIM peaked at epis…[View]
34436251I wish the best of luck to Principal Poochie[View]
34436270What to look forward to: Seeing as we’re all pretty emotionally wrecked right now, I figured I’d mak…[View]
34434705You say just because the show is over doesn't mean our time on this board is but it's not …[View]
34435442Thanks for raping my wallet.[View]
34435427Welcome to The Eternal Hiatus Day 1 of 365,250,000,000,000[View]
34435265Why do I always had a fetish of girls with that kind of hairstyle? I really found Rainbow Dash'…[View]
34434163The Kirin's neck is long[View]
34435148They killed the magic. Theres no denying that finale was objectively bad. It gave our girls an endi…[View]
34435929Will they come back in season 10?[View]
34435016I missed her during the last episode. Does anyone know where Granny Smith was?[View]
34426286>Her heartbreak was never resolved[View]
34433661you herd the man lets do this[View]
34433149>tfw I woke up this morning hugging my Spike plush Oh God, why am I so emotional. I told myself I…[View]
34434408Ponyville Day Spa: Don't like how the ponies look old in the timeskip? We can help! Post any pi…[View]
34435771>Reforming Garble and Daring Do's enemies when we've never been portrayed as anything b…[View]
34421396So, how much has nine years changed you, anon?[View]
34434141Since you all hated my MLP version of Gangnam Style yesterday, today I will give you all a different…[View]
34435078>what do you mean they'll turn us to stone? >I don't have time for your delusional '…[View]
34433407These are objectively ugly designs. Spikes is atrocious. Twilights is a laughable reskin.[View]
34434387Memorial Thread: In this thread - we honor those that we lost in the journey to the end. The now dea…[View]
34435565Now that the show is fucking dead and gone maybe finally Them's Fightin Herds can actually live…[View]
34428808Do you agree for once? https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/10/the-show-is-over-but-fandom-is-still.h…[View]
34435397IT JUST FUCKING HIT BROS: I was sitting at my desk and someone sent me the last song of the show (ht…[View]
34431180What will they do now?[View]
34425828Last episode is up https://youtu.be/oejTB7NOpzg[View]
34435296If I was Lauren Faust and I saw what they did to my creation I dont think I would've been able …[View]
34435258The CHAD villain[View]
34433469How they ruined it so hard? Just one fucking job seriously ONE FUCKING JOB[View]
34432722I've been waiting to make this meme for a long time.[View]
34430517So Mike, what did you think of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Well....It was a show....It kind…[View]
34434486There's still one pure waifu left, Anon.[View]
34434611Isn't he supposed to be on the same level as Twilight and Starlight? Why did he job?[View]
34431162'Pinkie Pie doesn't just have sex, Twilight. Pinkie Pie FUCKS.'[View]
34433428Since Twilight is too important to be anyone’s waifu now, would the best thing be to divorce her now…[View]
34430249its kinda amazing how badly he fucked the finale up. i hate this man[View]
34434935/mlp/: Memes[View]
34434437The Future of Equestria and Future Rulers: While everyone is going on about the finale, the leaks an…[View]
34429242Hey guys, did I miss anything?[View]
34426385Luster Dawn Thread: 'Show's over, folks. Whatever happens from here on out, I wish you all good…[View]
34434855The Crystal 'Empire': >called Empire >puppet state of Equestria >ruler isn't even a c…[View]
34434750>'oh FUCK, im late to work...again!' >'hmm, no time to make breakfast, gonna have to stop at s…[View]
34432215>If things don’t work out, she’s Equestria’s last hope[View]
34434580Is it finally fucking over?[View]
34432289>technically, cozy glow at one point was the second strongest character in G4 how do you feel abo…[View]
34434371>Thanks for watching over the little one while I was gone. >No problem Applejack, you can alwa…[View]
34433204I think the saddest thing about the leaks are how they reveal just how little the writers and produc…[View]
34433138music project/collaboration thread.: The previous thread like this got bumped off last night. Thoug…[View]
34433040Essential episode guide: Okay, I'm asking for some major spoon-feeding here but here goes. Can …[View]
34426643>/mlp/, you're on the horn[View]
34433938What are some similar shows/comics I can check out now that MLP is over?[View]
34433451Hi /mlp/ it's been a long while i've been here. i've stopped watching MLP back at the…[View]
34428579Future projects thread: Do you anons have any projects planned for the future? Even just greens or …[View]
34314889Kinderquestria/Anon in Pone Prison Thread #6[View]
34434242I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless internet. I will always be with you. Plant your …[View]
34430995Do you know you're all my very best friends?[View]
34434107I ain't even a Flutterfag, but god damn she looks pretty[View]
34433892At least we managed to get a bingo for once[View]
34433376' Hey, Anon.' 'Your still here?' 'Its been 9 years,anon.' 'Have you made progress on your friendship…[View]
34430540How long till this board becomes /po/ tier in activity?[View]
34432995No Princesses on Trial?: Let's not forget that Cozy Glow and Chrysalis were given a chance at r…[View]
34433887..why? :'([View]
34433541Shows don't just end.: They end because the CEOs made it end. Don't be sad that they cance…[View]
344285279 years later /mlp/... was he right?[View]
34431726Wow! Shimmer[View]
34433515So, what do we do now? Wait for Gen 5?[View]
34427490>Twilight abandons her friends to rule alone and only meets up with them once a month for officia…[View]
34433512Where does mlp live fit in G4? is it set after the series or what? and will anyone here watch it if …[View]
34432256>Oh. don't just stand there with such a sad face, anon! >You're free, now! >Go m…[View]
34433439>See you around kid[View]
34430251>luna and celestia ruled for hundreds of years >luna is still shorter than sunbutt >twiligh…[View]
34431175I've watched up until S5, where would be the best point to stop?[View]
34143001JoJo Thread #36 Derp Tendency Edition: Some ponies take their family lineage as the most important i…[View]
34433206>you will never watch a new episode of Friendship is Magic ever again[View]
34432751What do you think she's up to now? Do you think that she reformed Cozy?[View]
34433221What did he mean by this?[View]
34432943What’s gonna happen to /mlp/ as a board: Is it gonna get axed? I hope it gets axed, we deserve it…[View]
34425451Bye, Anon.[View]
34426860I feel like this is going to unleash some kind of Hyper Curse: You all think this is the end, but th…[View]
34427462It's not fair, she deserved a good stallion in her life.[View]
34430851Share your comfiest moments/experiences you've had with the fandom, /mlp/[View]
34396913Satyr Abomination Thread #268 Traditional Clothing Edition: Previous Bread >>34263780 >What…[View]
34431660I REALLY like this frame I don't know why, it's my favorite in the entire show :^) Very CO…[View]
34431876My Little Pony, My Little Pony[View]
34432889They’re in our hands now, Anons. https://youtu.be/6B224XDJw6g[View]
34427122MLP General: Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson https://www.dailymotion.com/video…[View]
34423691How do you feel?[View]
34427999HI ANONS Your good pal Josh Harber here now that the show is over it's now my job to confiscate…[View]
34431669So, knowing these two...what WAS their sex like?[View]
34431002is Harber in the red or purple?[View]
34429325Quit saying goodbye to your waifus you idiots, they're all gonna be back in about a year and a …[View]
34431386>thinking the ride is over, we just getting started[View]
34432560Daily reminder >tfw they don't visit us anymore I'll do it for them, one last time…[View]
34431649>'How DARE you lay your hand on Trixie?!' >'You shall pay for your transgressions with your li…[View]
34432546>We are entering a stage where a large chunk of the fandom will be fueled by anger alone because …[View]
34431836Gentlemen, it has been a privilege posting with you tonight... https://youtu.be/0VSwka28KVM[View]
34431763Oh dear, Twist didn't age well[View]
34431923Nothing stays the same for long But when it changes doesn't mean it's gone Time will alway…[View]
34431575So now that Jim denied starburst... are they a couple?[View]
34430091In the end they truly were My Little Pony[View]
34428549Goodnight /mlp/ See you tomorrow[View]
34432130Wish them goodnight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZZNDiU9ljw[View]
34425902What's going to happen to this board?: Obviously it's not going away in the next couple of…[View]
34409537Solidarity 9 year anniversary: I try not to shill other peoples work, but I feel this is special. ht…[View]
34431808Friendship is magic: /)[View]
34430887G5: hey look TWA predicted G5![View]
34431860you think in maybe 10 or 20 years Hasbro would bring back the g4 as a sequel to where season 9 left …[View]
34429452Shes dead now[View]
34428832so why isnt anyone discussing this?[View]
34430037Every time that there is a full moon, I will be looking up. When the day comes when the world ends, …[View]
34430791The similarities of this fic ,written in July of 2011, to the finale is uncanny. Set in only what wo…[View]
34431730Everypony but Twilight is dead.[View]
34430601well, what now?[View]
34431441I don't regret a single moment being apart of this ride, guys. It brought a ray of joy into my …[View]
34429292NEVER EVER[View]
34431446The only canon gay couple are a pair of background ponies. Rainbow Dash is, as far as the show is co…[View]
34430938Do you remember when we me? You were looking down and yet we picked you up to dust you off, I still …[View]
34430022So for those of us who are sticking around you interested in talking about G5? Stuff you're exc…[View]
34431371>implying the ride is over There's still the memory book clip shows you know…[View]
34430580It seems that time has come. I've been here since 2012 and I love every single one of you faggo…[View]
34426629well?: what now?[View]
34431150why wasn't she in the finale?[View]
34430701Where were they doing the finale ?[View]
34429792I know they haven’t been as popular here as they once were, but would people like a CYOA thread some…[View]
34427235/mlpol/: I claim this thread in the name of /mlpol/[View]
34430032SHOW'S OVER!! GO HOME!!!!!![View]
34427561The only good seasons were 1, 2, 3, and half of 9.[View]
34431040Just want to say I'm impressed that the show didn't get crushed under the sheer galactic w…[View]
34430803See You Space Pony....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK5KLazC42s[View]
34429782Truly been one hell of a ride. Thank you guys.[View]
34415874The End is Here.: So, after 9 years, the end of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is finally here.…[View]
34429871Who else is ready to visit Equestria on the other side?[View]
34430932if you post the mane 6 in their noncanon form, I'm going to hide your post, this will my proced…[View]
34430788HALT!!!!!! you under arrest for attempting to escape /mlp/, trying to get off the ride, abandoning o…[View]
34429582I can’t believe Rainbow Dash lost her job with the Wonderbolts and Applejack hired her as a farm lab…[View]
34420583what's the chances he's dead?[View]
34429638Let me tell you anon, pinkie... She's a great fuck anon, you really should have stayed with her…[View]
34430493Goodbye, G4, you've had a good run Goodbye, G4, it;s over, you're done Finally set free fr…[View]
34430656See You Pony Girls, Someday, Somewhere![View]
34430626Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/11/why-don…[View]
34428722>slept through the finale FUCK[View]
34429599>Twilight Sparkle has Wikipedia pages in Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, fucking Javanese, …[View]
34429833What will you move on to now that MLP is over? I'm thinking of DC Superhero Girls. I hope it ge…[View]
34429288They’re in our hands now, Anons. All their future adventures are ours to tell. Ours to discover. ht…[View]
34430072Remembrance, part of every life[View]
34427652Why yes, I did like The Last Problem. How could you tell?[View]
34428108ITT: we wait[View]
34430258Been here sice 2010: But what will we do, and how will we live? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9buf…[View]
34427276I hereby announce that The Ride is no longer using a track or rails![View]
34428902I haven't posted here or seen an episode since S2, and now I hear the show is ending. What did …[View]
34429759ITT: Post something really old and obscure MLP related that you're pretty sure 90% of the board…[View]
34397896Bat Pony Thread #307: Kawaii Eggo Edition Previous lewd fruit >>34208853 >Writers pastebin:…[View]
34430084Look what they have done to my boy[View]
34429968>tfw you're a twifag > and also a legman…[View]
34429885Bronies/Juggalos: What are our thoughts on Juggalo bronies, /mlp/?[View]
34429455The End.: Alright, lads. I'll start. A LONG LONG TIME AGO[View]
34418846/FoE/ - Fallout Equestria: A Post Apocalypse Pony Thread: Fallout Equestria, a story that bleeds two…[View]
34429675THANK YOU: for all.[View]
34428883I'm so glad every character in FiM is trans.[View]
34428129So, the show is now over. What is the definitive watching order, skipping all the fillers?[View]
34427857Why are we still here?[View]
34429404I never thought this day would come[View]
34427696What went right?[View]
34428918Here’s a little message from twAIlight. It may be hard right now but she really wants you to know th…[View]
34427449Luster Dawn: So what about Luster Dawn? Whats her story? What friends did she make? What adventures …[View]
34428301Even if you accept that cheesepie is canon, do you accept as canon that Pinkie's daughter is li…[View]
34428682>There's people who have died before seeing this series end[View]
34429377This show helped me cope through the darkest points of my life. Thanks for being there for me, ponyb…[View]
34428197Haven't been here since the hiatus after twilicorn, haven't watched anything past s4e2. I …[View]
34429246I wish that I could turn back time: But a what time?[View]
34427497What uh... what do you think the sex was like?[View]
34283407Fluttershy Thread: Dragon Rider Edition[View]
34428614S1 = S2 = S7 > S6 > S5 > S4 >> S3 = S8 >>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
34428271Well, now that it's over, how about a nostalgia thread? Post your favourite video or song from …[View]
34428726Keeping the community alive: I think I have an idea for keeping this place alive. We should spam pon…[View]
34429043Shame on the House of Celestia for their barbarity. Shame![View]
34414020Why didn't you give me a second chance, Anon? My parents abandoned me when I was just a foal, I…[View]
34428466>'That sure was a great story!' >Twilight grabs the book in her teeth and puts it on the shelf…[View]
34426414Thank you for everything, /mlp/[View]
34428674Dear Rainbow,: I know you seem to be really close with AJ. I don't know what your relationship …[View]
34427366Don't we still have a movie coming out at some point? And the Comics apparently for season 10? …[View]
34427631okay this is based[View]
34428719Chane of fate: How would you guys change the season finale?[View]
34428381>Twilight wont outlive her friends confirmed >Celestia left because after over 1000 years she …[View]
34428027Have you seen this man?[View]
34426492It has unironically been a pleasure, I wish you lot the best. Long live pony[View]
34425189The last waifu thread: So, we finally reached the end of this long, long ride. When I met this pony,…[View]
34427893>'Man, I can't believe it's been 25 years since my little pony ended'…[View]
34428249Chief? Can you hear me!: *huh* I thought I lost you too. ........ What happened? I'm not sure..…[View]
34427776I make this thread because I’m curious, and because this board currently has a lot more activity tha…[View]
34428551Holy shit guys, even Barneyfag is getting off the ride. It truly is the end.[View]
34428397how would you feel in Twilight stayed her small normal alicron self with maybe some wrinkles like he…[View]
34427501Hi guys! What's the name of this purple pony? She's really cute! I hope nothing will ever …[View]
34426772Most realistic portrayal of friendship turns out to be just that, friendship! These are not the gay …[View]
34427726So, was it worth it?: So /mlp/, be honest right now. Have you actually learnt anything from this sho…[View]
34428398Not good enough: No NO this isn't fucking right. None of this is right everything is fucking wr…[View]
34428315Who'd have thought something so little could be something so big[View]
34426369Show is over and everyone except applejack won. Let talk about this.[View]
34428312Difference: How would either FIM or EQG would been different if the Mane 7/ Huamne 7 killed the vill…[View]
34427955It's over... I am sad, but we will have to move on eventually... Someday soon, we will meet ea…[View]
34428248Memories Thread: Now that the show is officially over, what are your favorite moments and memories o…[View]
34427859Twilight is going to watch all her friends die.: We see in the finale that all her friends are fucki…[View]
34426490feel thread let it all out edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZZNDiU9ljw[View]
34420319Memories: Can we get a nostialga thread going? Heres to 9 years my fellow autists /) https://youtu.b…[View]
34420498Does the pony fandom have a timeline chart?[View]
34416875>'Applejack wouldn't like it if she found out ah was courtin' a yuppie. But that just m…[View]
34427536This did not age well.[View]
34427891welcome to the eternal hiatus[View]
34426260Fuck the finale[View]
34421857Who is Best Pony?: Time to settle the age old question. https://www.strawpoll.me/18779922[View]
34425964This was a triumph.[View]
34421176>She will no longer be pure after today[View]
34426248>Well, ah guess this is it then, sugarcube. >It's been one wild rodeo, eh, pardner? >W…[View]
34427270Well, let’s try this. Are you going to stick around or not? Does pony die here for you, or will you …[View]
34425338Is G5 gonna be a continuation of the FIM universe? Or is it a straight up reboot?[View]
34407999Rainbow Dash Thread: Spooky Dashtober Edition Post pictures, write greentexts, and discuss Dash! Pre…[View]
34426965Last stop: >left this godforsaken ride 3 years ago >thought Hasbro would milk the series to n…[View]
34427168I have this had this image for a long time... I guess now it is the appropriate time to post it...[View]
34417802What is one thing you would never forget about G4?[View]
34426953Been a while since we've seen them on TV.[View]
34425832'As you all may know that this will be my last concert before I leave for good. There's so much…[View]
34425956What now?[View]
34427093Dear God if you exist please please PLEASE make G5 be AT LEAST as good as G4. That's all I…[View]
34426888>”Anon! I didn’t expect to see you here?” >”Are you... okay? I haven’t seen you in ages!” >…[View]
34427030Do you guys remember that BronyCon orgy rumor from fucking eons ago? Good times... Good times...[View]
34426712They will never exist again.[View]
34423415https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0xUl_VRCmM what's some songs you're using to cope with th…[View]
34426064>You're still here? >It's over... Go home.…[View]
34300569Pony Preservation Project (Thread 10): >What is this? https://clyp.it/231umvkx [A whaaAAt!?] This…[View]
34423233It's been an honour. Thank you, MLP. /).[View]
34426702Sisters Celebration[View]
34426630>'Just because you get older doesn't mean you should leave what you like'…[View]
34313845The Ending of the End - Love and Tolerance Edition: The story so far: https://pastebin.com/3cMif0D5 …[View]
34424578its shit[View]
34422338>the ride never en...[View]
34425859Aren't you happy your quest is complete.?[View]
34426013It's done...its over...[View]
34423066Fandom Wrap Up Part 2: Part 1: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/34204518/ >'Oh gosh, today…[View]
34425961Can we stop beating this dead horse now?[View]
34420699October 10, 2010 - October 12, 2019[View]
34422749/swt/ thread -- Back in Honor of the Finale: All sorts of waifu creatures, this is the thread for yo…[View]
34425848>Literally the only one who offered to go on the train with Twilight Why is she such a bro?…[View]
34423119The end of G4 begins on the 12th: >Generals will be closed, and no leaks are to be celebrated …[View]
34395152NEETpone #39: Comfy Snuggles Edition Stories about NEET ponies. Previous thread:>>34247457 …[View]
34418873Instead of horses, dragons! Would you watch?[View]
34425509So to those of you who are just stopping by to see the finale, what reasons do you have for leaving …[View]
34425379Canonical transgender.[View]
34425290Nostalgia Thread: With the finale here, now seems a good time to reflect on those things from the ea…[View]
34394143Kirins 4: Breb Harder[View]
34395395/pgg/ - Previous Generation General: Discuss previous generations of pony.[View]
34391726These three deserved a happy ending: Not sure if many agree, but my feelings with this show are dead…[View]
34423628WOW Hasbro EPIC TROLLED us[View]
34424058IT'S HAPPENING[View]
34419563End of the Fandom: With the end of the Fandom upon us, how will you spend your newfound freedom?…[View]
34363966Semantic Error: Semantic Error is about a low life hacker trying to scrape by in a futuristic Equest…[View]
34420708Do you think we will?: I choose to believe, do you?[View]
34417357Let's finish this up /mlp/[View]
34423517https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ck-8pu_opYI I see little ponies Big ponies too Of every shade and ever…[View]
34386812My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 1 Repost: The last storytime for the…[View]
34421312Would he be proud of us, /mlp/?[View]
34420523MLP General: Say goodbye to your girls edition Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson…[View]
34420693Hey. The show ends in just a few hours. Before it does, while it does, or even if you’re finding thi…[View]
34423228/mlp/ Final Stand: All wings report in[View]
34395371/mlp/ weekly rewatch stream: Nightmare Night Spooktacular: >what is this? A weekly rewatch of the…[View]
34414270The 2019 Autumn Fetus 4CC Weekend: Everything's on fire! Why not take the edge off by watching …[View]
34196514The Final Spoiler Bunker: The series finale has been uploaded Not available in English yet but a scr…[View]
34423878>everyday, he daydreams about turning the clock back to 2011[View]
34423876Hotties on a yachty![View]
34381184Sunless CYOA Thread #5: Last Thread: >>34220897 Welcome to the Sunless CYOA, the game where Ca…[View]
34420239Is the anon who was working on singing this parody of American Pie around? I'm not the writer b…[View]
34423638Do you forgive?[View]
34423305https://u.smutty.horse/lrkahjunmtu.mp3 Man Oh Man....[View]
34403136>it will never be 2012 again[View]
34422195'Dear Princess Celestia....[View]
34418348Which of the student 6 is your favorite? Which would you fuck?[View]
34363547Hold up! Who's this precious cutie? She demands our attention.[View]
34420712Post the first pony image you saved[View]
34395774Trixie Tuesday: The old Trixie thread died, a new one is in order. Old thread: >>34223523…[View]
34422616So take your cup and raise it high, just as surely I'll do mine And laugh we will at stories to…[View]
34422463>Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria[View]
34412206Lauren Faust, you could be here today, or tomorrow, or yesterday watching these people digest your …[View]
34357497>'You said you were using protection, Anon. You lied to me!' >'Now my soccer career is finishe…[View]
34423125What if gen 5 is such an shitshow that hasbro ask Lauren Faust to come back to MLP for gen 6[View]
34423112>Twilight and Rarity still aren't the same race >Rarity never got tied up nor gagged What…[View]
34402779I wish to be Rarity[View]
34415260If Faust stayed: Would FIM been better if Faust stayed?[View]
34259581Moth Pony Thread Continuation: Welcome to the Moth Pony Thread. Last one hit the bump limit. We disc…[View]
34419555Military bronies: How many military bronies are on here? What branch and did you join? Did you beco…[View]
34422740Cheers: How are you celebrating tonight bros?[View]
34422905Metal Gear Solid 4 love theme: just for old times snake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGf2b1H91JA…[View]
34422894>always thought AJ and the Apples were boring >shitposted about her being an unpopular backgro…[View]
34422883>tfw it's already been 9 years what happened to you in these years? What accomplishments did…[View]
34420968I haven't watched this show since the first episode, catch me up all the way to the finale.[View]
34421164In a given time frame someone named porn dude did a review of derpibooru: Have I got a treat for you…[View]
34323398Post Crush would probably skip a shower after the whole backstage pass ordeal. It's back. For r…[View]
34420923>All of the animation staff in later seasons are women >Later season animation is worse Correl…[View]
34422334This is a very cozy changeling.[View]
34421836Is there any greentext about Anon going insane over his deceased waifu or any story like that?[View]
34385257Can we talk about the end /mlp/?: So, its happening. A mere week untill the series finale of My Litt…[View]
34422549COUNTRY ROADS!!!!!! TAKE ME HOME!!!!!!!! TO THE PLACE!!!!!!!! I BELONG!!!!!!! EQUESTRIA!!!!! FAUST M…[View]
34422380We'll take care of the rest.: Alot of commotion is going on about the finale that's going …[View]
34355798Slave Pony Thread #231: Previous thread: >>34305202 (Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/34305202…[View]
34421688How do you respond?[View]
34419238These 3 are absolutely adorable! You think the people who designed them are working on the G5 design…[View]
34414103Newfag thread: People that have been into the show less than 2 years, why did you start watching? Ho…[View]
34420966This pic was ahead of its time.[View]
34422021I'm still angry about how much the fucking showrunners fucked up seasons 8 and 9 and the whole …[View]
34421898Place your bets, /mlp/: How long before EQD starts shilling for G5? How long (once the first G5 epis…[View]
34421587MLP isn't a tradgedy, it's a comedy: >Smile, >Though your heart is achin' >S…[View]
34420015I have no reason to stop loving My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I love the characters and I lov…[View]
34421508*retcons a large part of the main character's past*[View]
34421435Am I the only one who doesn't care the show is ending? Season 8 and 9 weren't good. and t…[View]
34421529>It's actually ending.[View]
34419729Been here since 2012, feels surreal that its finally ending. I've hated the direction they have…[View]
34420408After the final episode, will you think about the ponies as if they're still having adventures …[View]
34421387Afterimages: I've been looking at images of them here for hours, and now I see them in the clou…[View]
34403000>Queen Chrysalis tries to seduce you (use you) by saying she can transform into 'anything you des…[View]
34418413Did anyone ever determine what these figures meant?[View]
34421242On October 12, Christopher Columbus spied through his telescope and saw, the MLP Series Finale.[View]
34418242Oh... it's finally ending, huh? That's a shame. You must be pretty bummed out. ...Sorry. Y…[View]
34419557fuck you want, magichorse?[View]
34418554Conservative Sunset Shimmer Thread: >'Hey Anon! It's Sunday!' >'Ready to go to church wit…[View]
34421005So we're what, 6 hours away? That's what ponyclock says but I'm wondering if they…[View]
34418866Today is her big day. Are you excited?[View]
34420567Glimmerchads it's been an honor[View]
34420750New MLP Song: Shitposting pony style Pony style /mlp/ is the place to go see some ponies; fetishes, …[View]
34413542Retrospective thread: Since tomorrow’s the big day, how about we just take a moment to think about t…[View]
34420392If you missed my post yesterday, there will be a new MLP song coming out at 1pm today. Only on /mlp/…[View]
34420351MLP was a good thing but i'm still missing pic related[View]
34335229Pony Transformation General: Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. N…[View]
34420665There will be a new MLP song coming in the next few minutes! Are you excited?[View]
34420605>'Princess Luna!' >'It has been a thousand years since I have seen you like this.' >'There …[View]
34407334So...help me understand: WHY was she forgiven for her actions so easily? Like you watch the episode,…[View]
34419029Apples: >walks up to counter 'Anon, y'all want ah apple?'[View]
34418868is luna goth?[View]
34418370What have you accomplished in the past 9 years?[View]
34419609>'...I don't want to go!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef8TegISO4w…[View]
34419600https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4By8YHOnILo My Little Pony, My Little Pony What is friendship all ab…[View]
34417795No matter what happens tomorrow, I will always love you guys.[View]
34419919Wait for G5[View]
34420126ITT: everything is business as usual[View]
34419780*huff* DESPITE *huff huff*[View]
34420029An ode to /mlp/: come gather 'round Anons wherever you post and admit that the fandom around yo…[View]
34419765Why do I have this odd feeling that something really good, or really bad might happen tonight?[View]
34419914Oh...My...Celestia... Is that THING supposed to be your penis?! Ahahaha! It's so fucking tiny!!…[View]
34419174The finale leaked like 6 weeks ago... Stop getting all sentimental and crying like babies and get ba…[View]
34419650what show are you watching now?[View]
34419525Gentlemen...it has been a privilege.[View]
34419692Cozy: who C O Z Y here? I'm so fucking comfy and cozy, Cozy saturday[View]
34415816What good Season 8-9 episodes can I interest you all in? We have: Sounds of Silence ...[View]
34419656She lived on the apple farm in a little orchard shack Her real name was Ashleigh Ball but we all cal…[View]
34419550How likely is it that people will be divided on the two parter and finale tonight?[View]
34417777THE END IS NEIGH[View]
34416524Did anybody here stop watching My Little Penis a while ago, but came back to see how it ends? If so,…[View]
34419500I'd like the show to have A-list celebrities guest star on it. I'm talking about people li…[View]
34417459She's dead.[View]
34412973>If you just smile...[View]
34414745Is there not going to be a secret santa this year?[View]
34419075Cozy Glow is the ultimate proof that Pony's are the true master species. >Pony's: Bett…[View]
34419202I wrote a short piece of piano music as a tribute to the show: Here’s something very short and simpl…[View]
34417871I'm taking a break from the internet for a couple of days. Gonna try to avoid all the doomsayin…[View]
34418177Do not be sad that the show is ending tomorrow! For tomorrow is a special day! At 1pm there will be …[View]
34414146MLP General: Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson https://www.dailymotion.com/video…[View]
34419180Boy, were THEY wrong... r-right, guys?[View]
34413876Sunsun Shimsham here, quickly dabbing in to remind you the megaleak confirms: >me being canon …[View]
34418388Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever heard or watched Unico? Just thought this might be an ap…[View]
34418958The friendship school and the student six is our punishment for not accepting Starlight Glimmer.[View]
34418681>inb4 the greatest shitstorm on this board happens[View]
34416018So where do you stand going in to this, anons? I'm a Mildest myself, don't think anyone he…[View]
34371111Anyone have a source for this? It's unf as fuck, but I can't find anywhere to read it.[View]
34418922Do your worst, /mlp/[View]
34416957After tomorrow I'm finally FREE!!! FREE, I tell you, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!![View]
34375826>'Sir, all newcomers are required to agree to patdowns for illegal items. Please come with me'…[View]
34418785will mods stop censoring threads tomorrow? no reason for them to spoiler our thread pics after the f…[View]
34418732Even the characters in the show cry with us, for they know that the end of their world is near.[View]
34418516Britbong here I'm pretty sure that, over here at least the Finale is playing 10pm on Sunday, I…[View]
34417094This is a canon pony.[View]
34417070MLPFEMTORPG: 24 Hours Remain Edition: >2.0 Rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHzWLmdeNMdw…[View]
34417170>in a few hours this will happen for the last time.[View]
34417141O-only on The Hub! H-haha...[View]
34415637R.P.E R/W: Either do a rewrite of the entirety of G4, Discuss the shows wasted potential, and/or Poi…[View]
34417863less than 10 hours left. Anon Im scared[View]
34410655>assload of the show's flash assets leaked >Pony Voice Preservation Project starting to s…[View]
34418281So uh, what happens to the board after tomorrow? Is every rule gonna stay in place? Are we gonna get…[View]
34415813I just found out here in Spain there's a promo at McDonald's where they give you a figure …[View]
34416462So tomorrow. It all ends. I don't think I am ready for this guys...[View]
34417371Fan comic: I had an idea for a fan comic- a more mature and serious revision of MLP: FIM with humans…[View]
34416728did anyone record the live stream for the 'decade of ponies' special? i wanna watch it lat…[View]
34417067I don't want it to be over[View]
34410228>So ah went to the doctor fer them 'cramps' I've been havin. >He...he said ah lost the ba…[View]
34417692>Cozy Glow... the fuck kinda name is th- >Oh! 'Rosy Glow', NOW I GET IT! https://www.youtube.c…[View]
34415176What now /mlp/[View]
34344268Some guy requested a reading of this V2: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/34301727/#q34301727 Some…[View]
34417629What... The fuck? Are they trying to make us sad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brkOFfGGCnI[View]
34414612>We've been searching for our cutie marks, for a while now >Trying to find out how we fit…[View]
34416377Sunset is a big meanie. I wish she would stop denying her true self[View]
34417506Holy shit, Did anyone open this. I NEED to see it now![View]
34415916Since the end is here, I'd just like to confess, I like ponies[View]
34417174>yfw people dreading the last episode of a show that ended 7 years ago with season 2…[View]
34413606Posting this for the last time.[View]
34417553Are genitals perceived in a diegetic fashion for the ponies in the show but we, the audience, are si…[View]
34417394Hotties on a yachty![View]
34417295AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: I watched the finale I don't know if I can do this anymore, man I don…[View]
34406594/mlp/ Plays 2: Electric Boogaloo: ITT: People contribute music stuffs and we combine everyone's…[View]
34415746I propose a toast to all the lucky fags that missed the 'Decade of pony' special and avoid…[View]
34410669>both Shimmy and Glimmy ended up becoming school principals oh how the mighty ended up falling…[View]
344092621st episode is up https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x17b2yv[View]
34415859This would've been a good place to end it[View]
34413336I want a happy end too.[View]
34416842Would you watch a spinoff with the Young Six if they aimed it for a slightly older audience? Not tha…[View]
34414313This is a bad: This is terrible. This is a terrible message for children. What Discord did was entra…[View]
34413761Here we go lads, one last time around.: Well, here we are, on the edge of our hopes, at the end of o…[View]
34416474Does anyone remember that sad fanfic about the future of the mane 6? It’s very old but all I remembe…[View]
34391867Request, draw, submit. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the name field or comment field, ‘/d/’ for delive…[View]
34416191We Never Got to See Her Grow Up: Flurry Heart would have made a find heiress, if not a bad ass warri…[View]
34412843So which one of them got creamed?[View]
34406605Last episode is up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3kW7OCUNg8[View]
34414670Season 1 episode premise >Applejack and Rarity are caught in the rain and have to spend the night…[View]
34413153Will Discord be in G5?[View]
34415752>'Can you do that? Can you explode twice?'[View]
34408639Ponyville Ciderfest: Anyone else here attending? It'll be interesting to see how it feels being…[View]
34415170Ponies' End Eve Music Thread: What are you listening to tonight, as the finale approaches? http…[View]
34412443when and where does the's the behind the scenes special air?[View]
34411397I just want someone to leak G5. Is that so hard to ask? We've been blueballed for 2 years.[View]
34403688Monkey's Paw: Post a wish in this thread and it will come true. The catch is, you have to corru…[View]
34415074Do you know you are my very best frieeeeends[View]
34414760MLP_Songs_Of_Leaking_And_Preproduction: I'm making a collection of the best songs from the leak…[View]
34414823Amidst dim candlelight, a single unicorn sat with his head bent down, eyes shut. He sat alone at the…[View]
34409650To everyone abandoning pony after the saturday....FUCK YOU. The finale has been available since Augu…[View]
34414478Well now, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a nice show you have here. It would be a shame if …[View]
34414148Hi, Anon! I just made an edict that all yaks must be rounded up and put in detention camps as possib…[View]
34411127Are there any good Doctor Whooves fanfics/comics or are they all gay and not worth getting into?[View]
34412298>Rainbow TRASH is behind half the main cast's conflicts >Rainbow TRASH's only redeem…[View]
34414426Flurry Heart just said her first word! But, um, what is a 'fagit'?[View]
34393772I want to preen Rainbow Dash's wings[View]
34414042As you know, tomorrow is the 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' series finale, and nobo…[View]
34412538If Twilight had never become an Alicorn, would she have been able to defeat Starlight in single comb…[View]
34411389This board still cancer?[View]
34403610>'The wedding was quite marvelous, darling.' >'By sharing this bed tonight and consummating ou…[View]
34406882This was better than the fim movie[View]
34413203- 24 Hours Remain -: >'Clock is ticking, Twilight. Clock. IS. TICKING' https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
34405758Mitsubishi is now taking pre-orders on these: https://youtu.be/wGzEufq5CkU[View]
34410133Did a 7/10 show really deserve a 9 year run and its own board?[View]
34407443With the official end of the series on our horizon, let's take a moment to appreciate Daniel In…[View]
34413704If God didn't want me to clop to hooves then why did he make them so sexy?[View]
34413647c. 2013[View]
34402540Hi, Anon! I'm a pokeyman now![View]
34413552Local Finnish druglord was seized with this image on his computers. Could someone here identify it? …[View]
34413566Sugarcoat: thread[View]
34412773Obligatory Nation Ponies Thread[View]

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