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Displaying 67 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
21874599Hackadoll, the personal AI entertainment service that advances you, terminates service tomorrow Augu…[View]
21911095Post em[View]
21761586The cutest umbrella in the world.[View]
21878802Western fangames sure are ugly.[View]
21902932Sakamichi General #423: This thread is for the discussion of Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, Hinatazaka46,…[View]
21875751H!P Thread #589: This thread is for all current and former idols of Up-Front & Hello!Project. …[View]
21883662Someone tried making a Touhou anime thread on /a/ but the thread was deleted multiple times so I…[View]
21908536Virtual YouTubers[View]
21906670I want to email the japanese foreign exchange student and ask if he wants to hang out what do I say[View]
21701259The elegant idol Chihaya is out for a stroll this Monday morning. She's going to go down to the…[View]
21830034Japanese Music: I don't want to be famous Edition what i currently listen : Hakubi https://www…[View]
21850852Elona General: Old Thread >>21767690 >New? Start here: https://pastebin.com/FDv2ATAa >Mo…[View]
21688552I love America.[View]
21904273Dance wan dance! Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h Content Aggregator: https://an…[View]
21903543#DJT - 日本語でお盆休み明けの虚脱感も貫くスレ#2234: Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/ Old Guide: https://djtgui…[View]
21896592How much money do I have to pay to get one of you fucks to roleplay as Remilia for me?[View]
21893796Hey, /jp/ I think I heard of this website few years ago, but now it came again to my attention, it s…[View]
21889247It's friday night on The Jay. Even if you're a NEET, it's still reason to celebrate! …[View]
21867781 [View]
21830546ˢᵐᵒˡʰᵘ ˢᵐᵒˡᵈᵃʸ ˢᵐᵒˡᵗʰʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ˢᵐᵒˡʰᵘˢ[View]
21778861What type of music does ur favourite 2hu like?: When I look at you Oh, I don't know what's…[View]
21893541Let's exercise /jp/! https://youtu.be/VTxDGRN8yGs[View]
21840035エロゲスレ/Untranslated VN General: This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual nov…[View]
21902663Mayumi Joutouguu (杖刀偶 磨弓 Joutouguu Mayumi) is the stage 5 boss and stage 6 midboss of Wily Beast and…[View]
21900008AKB General 1983: Previous Thread: >>21893578 All AKB sub-groups and related *48 groups welcom…[View]
21896865Kantai Collection -KanColle-: Previous thread: >>21881362 [New to the Game? Read first, Ask la…[View]
21886060Love Live! Seiyuu Thread #268: Information for live shows and viewings: http://www.lovelive-anime.jp…[View]
21889231seiyuu thread: >>21871776 ueshama and rieri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTUBZCAosLI https…[View]
21889763/alt/ - Alternative Idols General #325: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq1ZDTrFwgc https://www.yout…[View]
21886649There is no God but Suwako.[View]
21901275Trees are blooming, Grass is painted in red colour, And Akyuu is holding a shotgun, Breathing the fr…[View]
21898869Virtual Youtubers[View]
21850450/mbgg/ - Mobage General #72: This general is for discussing Japanese Mobile Games that don't ha…[View]
21899533Shopping Thread: A place to discuss shopping services, what you buy and from where, and experiences …[View]
21892649BABYMETAL & SAKURA GAKUIN GENERAL #613: CIRCA WAVES GENERAL #1 edition: Girl, We're Going U…[View]
21899005So let it be written! So let it be done! I'm sent here by the chosen one! So let it be written!…[View]
21881338JAV Thread #368: FAQ: https://jav.now.sh/ Previous thread: >>21859818[View]
21854169Visual Novel translation status >Aiyoku No Eustia - 73.99% Translated, 51.97% edited, partial pat…[View]
21869582Aya is here[View]
21882204Make another 3d touhou: Go to https://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/ and make some more touhous. Post …[View]
21896836Hoshizora no Babylon Help: can't figure out how to get main girl CGS. It wasn't getting al…[View]
21882588Sakamichi General #422: This thread is for the discussion of Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, Hinatazaka46,…[View]
21893578AKB General 1982: Previous Thread: >>21887525 All AKB sub-groups and related *48 groups welcom…[View]
21893586Monster Girl Thread: Elves in the modern world! Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h …[View]
21418376Has the bowl loli been forgotten?[View]
21806233Rhythm Games Thread: n-0 edition[View]
21890832#DJT - 日本語を武器にJKと毎日腕相撲で戯れるスレ#2233: Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/ Old Guide: https://djtg…[View]
21849330Touhou Gameplay Thread: Since no one else will make one[View]
21867016Gravure Thread: >Previous thread: >>21837884 Post Japanese gravure here Remember this is a …[View]
21893445What did the kappa do?[View]
21892215I herd you can find 3d girls on /jaypee/? Is it true?[View]
21817827I'm in love with Doremy[View]
21807051VOCALOID Thread: Previous: >>21754895[View]
21880427Happy Touhou 12 day , /jp/. 10 years has gone by quick.[View]
21649080Doll Thread -- Still waiting for that Miku Edition: Are you still waiting for your Volks Miku? Did y…[View]
21841388Any Touhou fans here who have managed to keep their love pure and never masturbated to the girls? I…[View]
21889858Virtual Youtubers: Thinking of better times...[View]
21890479Full list of all medleys here: http://kumikyoku.rintaun.net/ Mine is nico nico skyscrapers Original:…[View]
21870368Japanese music bootlegs: Does anyone know where to find audio files of modern Japanese music online?…[View]
21855614This thread is for the discussion of any and all works by by Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON. Download Links…[View]
2186684507th Expansion: Higurashi, Umineko, RGD, Higanbana, Trianthology, Ciconia[View]
21887525AKB General 1981: Previous Thread: >>21880614 All AKB sub-groups and related *48 groups welcom…[View]
21888808可愛いアニメ女の子ならどれも言語はいい音がする https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBL1quEMoUU&t=0s どう思う?[View]

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