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Displaying 33 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3840922Fate/Awakening Mirror Part X: You are Alberich: knight, serial killer, familiar to two magi, dubious…[View]
3845071Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 32: A Sports Festival Exhibition!: Twitter: https://twitter.com/b…[View]
3840742midlife crisis: the midlife crisis. it is the early 21th century, you are a guy in his mid 30's…[View]
3839427Kancolle Frog Quest 6: (Family Therapy Edition)): >You are Battleship Provence. Currently you fi…[View]
3839222Doppelganger Schism Quest: Suffering the curse of a cruel witch, you find yourself plagued by a grot…[View]
3843945Write A Novel Quest: You're Dung Beetle the novel author. You gonna write a new novel. What kin…[View]
3839901Skeksis Quest 2: Darkening: You are Skekzar the Ravener, half-way to being a full Skeksis, titled ye…[View]
3839552Humanity United #2: You are Eve Star. You are a xenobiologist aboard the dying HUS Sunrise with your…[View]
3838400Modern Fantasy Quest: Thread 13: In the depths of undeveloped forests, in the shadows of dingy alley…[View]
3837836House Reynold Quest Part 11 - ASoIaF: Howdy all, and welcome to “A Song of Duty and Spite; House Rey…[View]
3836861Her Me Too Quest: You broke up with him a long time ago. I mean, you already had to go after him, an…[View]
3836008Necromancer Detective 44: Henry and the Gang prepare to invade the ooze den. Will they succeed or di…[View]
3835431You are a Demigod: You are a Demigod, the hybrid spawn of a deity and a mortal. Simultaneously divin…[View]
3836184Cheater Priest 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB2VIC_-MzY Your name is Beau Ryland, you're …[View]
3834753Fantasy Adventure: (Welcome to the fantasy game I am running. I plan on posting here at least once a…[View]
3835953Reverse Protagonist Fantasy Quest (temp title): Countless stories where humans are the shining beaco…[View]
3838849Mass Effect Quest: New Beginnings, ep.10 pt3: There is a wide range of issues that one can feel stro…[View]
3840230Literally Hell: Oops! Looks like you've died and gone to Hell! Oh well, at least you can pick w…[View]
3837222Monster Slayer for Hire Quest: You proudly flip the sign on your shop from 'closed' to 'open' before…[View]
3833351School menace: You are the school menace. Think Bart Simpson. Eric cartman. Denace the menace. Sid(f…[View]
3839015DC: Henchman Quest: Your name is Sean Clayton, and frankly your life has been pretty shitty lately. …[View]
3831455999 Quest 16: You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And it's about time for …[View]
3832315Do Your Best Quest: Peaceful Times #2: Week 8 – Friday night Last time on Peaceful Times! You worked…[View]
3831303NERV: Second Daughter #14: Previously on NERV: Second Daughter... From the unruly chaos of Avalon Ci…[View]
3830807Pokémon Urban Quest #23: We play as Percival Williams, a socially awkward Pokémaniac with a knack fo…[View]
3831407Saiyan Conqueror Quest 102: Seventeen years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed …[View]
3830485Wannabe Hero Quest #3: Last time on Wannabe Hero Quest Specter Streak(The cape alter ego of mild man…[View]
3839289The Change Quest: Beyond the scope of human comprehension, beyond time and space, beyond the very fa…[View]
3831539Mafia Cape Quest: Huh, strange, is this what death feels like? Where're the pearly white gates?…[View]
3829830Psychokinetic Chuunibyou Quest 5: LAST TIME ON PSYCHOKINETIC CHUUNIBYOU QUEST: -In the midst of a ni…[View]
3829858Fate/Overgrowth - Thread V: You are Edgar Tristan Rood, child of the Executor who happens to be the …[View]
3837159Who wants a wife who can bench press a train?: 'C'mon! C'mon, you got it!' the gym was ali…[View]
3829388Dovahkin on Earth: She could feel the pain. There was just so much pain that she had come back from …[View]

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